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God Bless The U.s.a.
Schools Done For Summer
Wrote my final test today, four months before I go back. What to do what to do.
For My Friend I Own :p
this is for a friend i own,, and she knows who she is your my frienship buddy, it was a gift from heaven, i prayed for a miricle, and i found you, im glad has happened, when its cloud i see your face, when its sunny i hear your voice, i cant stop thinking about my friend, im glad your my friend, things happen for a reason, and your it hun.. love ya bedrock
This Is Really Important!
this is sumthing i want everyone to see! its sad and scary and really fucked up. everyone can u pls leave a comment on this, and if u can, try and send this 2 other ppl. because i feel that this blog is really important. and every1 needs 2 c this
More Lyrics...
BREAKING BENJAMIN LYRICS "Until The End" So clever, Whatever, I'm done with these endeavors. Alone I walk the winding way. (Here I stay) It's over, No longer, I feel it growing stronger. I'll live to die another day, Until I fade away. [Chorus:] Why give up, why give in? It's not enough, it never is. So I will go on until the end. We've become desolate. It's not enough, it never is. But I will go on until the end. Surround me, It's easy To fall apart completely. I feel you creeping up again. (In my head) It's over, No longer, I feel it growing colder. I knew this day would come to end, So let this life begin. [Chorus] I've lost my way. I've lost my way, but I will go on until the end. Living is hard enough Without you fucking up. [Chorus] I've lost my way. I've lost my way, but I will go on until the end. U-uh, u-uh The final fight I'll win, The final fight I'll win, The final fight I'll win, But I will go on until the end.
Its All In The Eyes
For A Personal Friend...
Saturday, Kenny Chesney (which isn't one of my favorite singers) is having a concert here in Columbia. He and the local radio station are having a contest for some local small town bands. The band that gets the most votes, will get to open for Kenny Chesney's concert on Saturday, which could be a big deal. Anywho, a very good personal friend of mine and his band is one of the bands that is competing. All I need you to do is go to the radio station's website and click on their band to vote for them. There are a few videos there if you would like to watch them. David has been singing all his life and personally I love his singing. If you do take the time and go and vote for him, please leave me a comment here and let me know. Thanks so much!!! Mary He is contestant #2: David Cooler from Bamberg, SC. Woot! The little tiny small town I grew up in. Please Please show him love!! This is the link to the page.
What Been Happening To Me The Last Few Days
have you ever been someones friend because you felt sorry for them for the life they lead or because they are lonely? I did that and got screwed over for it. I was talking with someone for almost 2 years and toward then end they tryed to manipulate me into trying to leave the man i love. they also tryed to tell me what to do with my page, tell me who my friends could be or who i could talk to on my own phone. I hate to say this but that was the biggest mistake of my life. I got to where i trusted this person and told them some personal information, to my great surpise they used it against me. Even when they swore that they would never do that. I dont need someone like that in my life. in the past few days i have had to delete the person from my yim, change my phone number and delete this person from my life. yet they come back under a new acct and try and start the cycle over again. Im done with it. the last few days have been me most stress free days i have had in almost 2 years. if s
The Pain Inflicted
this cuts deeper then you will ever know. your selfishness and pride is preventing you from ever knowing the two greatest treasures ever bestowed upon you. all you want to see is me lashing out, i assure you that is not the case. me lashing out would be her in a hospital bed or worse. this is me protecting the things i love the most. but you don't want to see that. you think it is still all about you. it isn't anymore, now its about those two. those two beautiful innocent shining faces. the untarnished love that fills their hearts is being tossed to the side... and for what? they are a joy you will never know if you continue along this path... you break their hearts everyday. family is so much bigger than just you and me. how dare you think it otherwise. how dare you think you can just walk away and everyone be OKAY. WE ARE NOT OKAY!!!!! but you don't care...
Love Poems
First Blog
Well I am obviously new here but I am ScaryDAve of thechurchofdave I am an online comedian/musician. You can find my videos on or you can download my music for free at I am certainly up for makin new friends but I can do without the web spam whores. They killed myspace and looks like this place will prolly get killed by them as well but oh well. I only gotta type this stuff once right ? :) I make my living as an artist. I create custom leather artworks and also build custom red, aromatic cedar furniture as well. Well that's it for today. If this place don't suck ass as bad as it looks so far (too many web spam whores to weed through)I might even come back once in a while. Sincerely DAve
PARAMORE- LET THE FLAMES BEGIN! What a shame we all became such fragile, broken things. A memory remains just a tiny spark. I give it all my oxygen, To let the flames begin To let the flames begin. Oh, glory. Oh, glory. This is how we'll dance when, When they try to take us down. This is what will be oh glory. Somewhere weakness is our strength, And I'll die searching for it. I can't let myself regret such selfishness. My pain and all the trouble caused, No matter how long I believe that there's hope Buried beneath it all and Hiding beneath it all, and Growing beneath it all, and... This is how we'll dance when, When they try to take us down This is how we'll sing it. This is how we'll stand when When they burn our houses down. This is what will be oh glory. Reaching as I sink down into light. Reaching as I sink down into light. This is how we dance when, When they try to take us down This is how we'll sing it. This is how we'll stand when,
Mar 29, 2008
So I finally got to watch LOST for the first time since I have been in here, and um, well, I think it's a re-run. OH WELL, not going to tell them I have seen this one already. This is the first time I have been able to watch something I wanted to watch. That totally sucks though. 4 weeks I havn't gotten to see it, then finally it is a damn re run. I didn't take a nap today, so hopefully I will sleep very well. LATER THAT DAY Damn. I did sleep good. I fell asleep at 9-9:15pm. woke up at about 5:30. would have slept longer but one of the girls in here tends to wake everyone up when she gets up. OH WELL> i'm going to try and stay up all day again. Once again I will say, I'm so ready to go home. I had a dream that mom and serena built a second level to the house, the whole upstairs was another house, like 4 or 5 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, dining room. ( i know way too big but it's a dream) well spur had one room, samatntha wood had another, roxy had another and i was g
Common Sense..... It Aint So Common Anymore...
Common Sense..... Obituary Common Sense Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm, why life isn't always fair, and how, on occasion, maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you earn) and reliable parenting strategies (adults, not children are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Se
If you are what you say you are, a super star, THEN HAVE NO FEAR.
Its not fair, I just want someone to love me, to love me madly, deeply, truely, no matter what. I just want to cry because I feel like I will never find it. I just want to be held, kissed on the forehead, told I'm beautiful and loved. Is that too much to ask? Is that too much to look for?
I feel like I have bugs in my ears. They hurt so bad. agh! my throat feels like I smoked all day and night. I might be getting sick. I woke up and my whole body was hurting. Everytime I sat up, my abs, felt torn for some reason. My back feels like I am going to have another "cycle" but that better not happen. Ms. Bonnie told me to make earplugs and wear them. That has really helped with the noise level, but not with the pain. It almost feels like I have an ear infection, but I know it's just the pain from my tooth traveling up my jaw to my ears. I'm SO ready to go to the dentist. I have decided not to go to rec or law library to just stay in here. I can't afford to get in trouble in here. It's really not worth it. I'm just trying to get out of here. I cried last night. I am really scared I'm going to be here for a really long time. Ms. Bonnie made me feel a lil better. So did Twila. I had a dream about Joyce and Wade last night. I guess that is a sign I'm fawking u
233,238 Points To Go! Help Me Level
233,238 Points to go!
As I sit here at night recalling the past... I wonder how did it all go by so fast??? One moment Im tiny running to you for a hug.. The next moment Im 26 and handing you a prescribed drug.. You taught me so much throughout the years.. From cooking to cleaning and to conquer all fears.... You were an anchor when times always got rough... You taught us that nothing or noone was ever to tough... But the Greatest thing you taught me is the right way to Love... To not be selfish and to let it go if I have to...that if its true it will return like a lost Dove... As I lived my life the last few years I took a lot of this for granted... I forgot some of the seeds you had planted... My regret is not telling you how truly thankful I am for all that you brought into my life... But even the words "Thank You" would never suffice... Because to do the things that you did you had to make more than 1 sacrifice... Ill just try to do my best to teach the lesso
Help My Friend !!
MORE @ fubar
Plzzz Come
LocNLoad67 & CCA would be honored if you would attend the celebration of our love together by the joining of our hands in Fu-marriage. Friday, April 25th at 10:00 eastern standard time In Aces up lounge. We look forward to celebrating our union with you!! Ivory Tigress will join the to in happiness so be sure to be there down below are the links to both lounges be sure to subcribe
Live On Cam And I Need A Man..
The $2 Bill
The $2 Bill. Everyone should start carrying them! I am STILL laughing!! I think we need to quit saving our $2 bills and bring them out in public. The younger generation doesn't know they exist. On my way home from work, I stopped at Taco Bell for a quick bite to eat. In my billfold are a $50 bill and a $2 bill. I figure that with a $2 bill, I can get something to eat and not have to worry about anyone getting irritated at me for trying to break a $50 bill. Me: "Hi, I'd like one seven-layer burrito please, to go." Server: "That'll be $1.04. Eat in?" Me: "No, it's to go." At this point, I open my billfold and hand him the $2 bill. He looks at it kind of funny. Server: "Uh, hang on a sec, I'll be right back." He goes to talk to his manager, who is still within my earshot. The following conversation occurs between the two of them: Server: "Hey, you ever see a $2 bill?" Manager: "No. A what?" Server: "A $2 bill. This guy just gave it to me." Manager:
Update 4/24 On Jewels' (member Of Club F.a.r.) Condition
I am making this bulletin on behalf of Jewels, his step daughter messaged me two days ago with the news that he has had a mild heart attack and is in the hospital. He had surgery yesterday they were planing on doing it in two parts but thankfully it went so well they were able to take care of everything today and he is doing well and resting. His step daughter wanted me to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes. Please keep him in your prayers while he is still in the hospital. Pray for a for a full and speedy recovery so he can go home to his loved ones. :::"JEWELS"::: * Club F.A.R. *.. Plz ...Fan + Rate = Add !@ fubar
Check This Out
Im in an auction!!! If you want to own me go here!!! Even if you don't click on the pic and rate me!! Most rates wins 100K fubucks!!!
Maybe Not Love, But You Get The Picture
This was an accident Not the kind where sirens sound Never even noticed We're suddenly crumbling Tell me how you've never felt Delicate or innocent Do you still have doubts that Us having faith makes any sense Tell me nothing ever counts Lashing out or breaking down Still somebody loses 'cause There's no way to turn around Staring at your photograph Everything now in the past Never felt so lonely I Wish you could show me love show me love 'Til you open the door show me love 'Til I'm up off the floor show me love 'Til it's inside my pores Show me love, show me love, show me love, Show me love, show me love 'Til I'm screaming for more Random acts of mindlessness Commonplace occurrences Chances and surprises Another state of consciousness Tell me nothing never counts Lashing out or breaking down Still somebody loses 'cause There's no way to turn around Tell me how you've never felt Delicate or innocent Do you still have doubts that
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Life Is Short Live It Fast
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Will Be Missed
Christine Sherrill Christine Bumgardner Sherrill, 66, of Valdese, went to be with the Lord on Monday, April 21, 2008. She was born on Feb. 27, 1942 in Cleveland County to the late Homer Dale and Mavis Nancy Hudson Bumgardner. Survivors include her son, Harold Paul Norman and his wife, Donna, of Valdese; her daughters, Deborah Norman and Mary Sue Norman, both of Valdese; brothers, Carol Bumgardner and Melvin Bumgardner; sisters, Melvine Carpenter and Mary Tyree; seven grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; and one expected great-grandchild. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Donald Otis Sherrill; a son, Walter Dale Norman; twin daughters, Thelma and Velma Norman; and a brother, Dale Bumgardner. A graveside service will be held at 2 p.m. today at Catawba Memorial Park with Pastors Tom Church and Phil Case officiating. The family will receive friends from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today at Amazing Grace Community Church. In lieu of flowers, donations may
I have had several people ask me if Luke is my son... Just to fill everyone in, Luke is not my son, but my friend Cav's son. I spend alot of time with him and love him, and would take him in a minute if I could.
Update On Jewels...
I have heard from both JEWELS and his step daughter Nikkita he is back home doing ok but needs to rest more than he has been so he can get stronger. Thank you from them and myself for your prayers and well wishes too him. :::"JEWELS"::: * Club F.A.R. *.. Plz ...Fan + Rate = Add !@ fubar
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Your Game... Written By Me
YOUR GAME 4/22/08 Im sitting here watching you Play your game Like the fool in love that I am. I know what youre doing, But yet I still cant Walk away from you. You dont think I know whats Going on, but I do And Im just letting you do it. Im so used to it being done to me I guess Ive just come to Except and accept it. Im watching u break my heart into Tiny pieces Till one day there wont be anything left But a shadow of what Used to be there. I dont even think you realize how Much you are really Hurting me Or see the tears that I cry That never fall To which are drowning my soul. Why must you Make every woman pay for your Exs mistake? Are you just so blind that you cant see When someone truly loves you Wants to be with you And will do right by you? Or do you just simply not care because Of the one that made your heart Grow cold? Maybe one day youll wake and realize Neither she or the others That you toy with are Like me. Ill st
Faber Drive - Tongue Tied Lyrics
Faber Drive - Tongue Tied lyrics Bright cold silver moon Tonight alone in my room You were here just yesterday Slight turn of the head Eyes down when you said I guess I need my life to change Seems like something's just aren't the same What could I say? I need a little more luck than a little bit Cuz every time I get stuck the words won't fit And every time that I try I get tongue tied I'll need a little good luck to get me by I need a little more help than a little bit Like the perfect one word no one's heard yet Cuz every time that I try I get tongue tied I need a little good luck to get me by this time I stare up at the stars I wonder just where you are You feel a million miles away (I wonder just where you are) Was it something I said? Or something I never did? Or was I always in the way? Could someone tell me what to say to just make you stay? I need a little more luck than a little bit Cuz every time I get stuck the words won't fit And eve
Attn Ddr Members: Lets Get Them Leveled!! Level 1 To Level 20
Calling all DDR members!! And everyone else who may see this!! These awesome ppl need some help leveling!! Lets all go spank their pages and get them to the level!! Don't forget to F/R/A !! Pm me to be added!! Requirements: Must be a member of Dirty Deed Radio Must have at least 1 verified Salute pic 50,000 points or less to level up to level 20 250,000 points or less to level up for 21 and up *Exceptions can be made depending on situation* This message brought to you by Dirty Deeds Radio resident leveler/perver: Silentlizard - Greeter @ Dirty Deeds Radio
Don't Know How Often
I'm sort of back i may not respond for a couple of days after a post but i am now able to get on once in a while.
Mr. Mac Goes To Washington... Part 2
Well tomorrow I head back to Washington DC for an interview... hopefully this time I don't get sick all morning and screw it up. Please wish me luck, I really want this job and I really want to start the next part of my life. Take care and I will catch you on the flip side.
The Truth
"A girl has 4 different types of girls.. 1. Wifey 2. Boo 3. Bitches 4. Ho's 1)Wifey is irreplaceable.. but she is the only one that is irreplaceable.. She is the girl that the girl loves and will always loves, and she never wants to see her with another girl.. But.. she will cheat on her with Boo, Bitches, and Ho's until she is mature enough to realize that if she loses Wifey she would be screwed, and NEVER be happy again.. 2) Boo is replaceable, she thinks she's Wifey, but will NEVER be Wifey because Wifey was made Wifey is irreplaceable.. she can NEVER replace her.. Boo tries to take Wifeys spot, but once she attempts, the girl allows her to get a TASTE of Wifey's spot... but will NEVER achieve her spot for any longer than a few months, then the girl goes back to Wifey.. And Boo either gets replaced with another Boo, or, the girl matures and decides that Wifey is the one for her.. (Ladies.. you don't want to be BOO) 3) Bitches.. A female that a fe
Let Me Know
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND OR HUSBAND OR WIFE - REPOST THIS! LET THE FUN BEGIN........ 1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Favorite position: 4. Do you think I'm cute? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8.Would you take a shower with me? 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12.Condom or skin? 13.Have sex on the first date? 14.Would you kiss me during sex? 15.Do you think I would be good in bed? 16. Would you use me as a booty call? 17.Can I use you as a booty call? 18.Can we take pictures of the act? 19.How long would we have sex? 20.Would you tell your friends about me? 21.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you
Hvac Tech My 2nd Fu-owner Go Show Him And His Sexy Friends Some Love Plz *mwah
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The Egyptian Princess Is Back!
To Whitney
Your the one that breaks threw it all. The wall fell the moment you walked. Into my life. Sarrow , pain, emptiness. Quickly faded. I feel you. Even when your not around. My heart beats, because of you. My mind, body, soul, belong to you. Im the strongest man around. Yet powerless around you. Im witty around others. Yet speechless and dumbfounded over you. When your hurting I feel the pain and shed the tears. I lived a darkend life. You brought in the light. I get stressed or mad. I take a breath. I look at you. Instantly it dissappears. Id shed a thousand tears. So u dont have too. I'd spend all my effort to make u happy. For you bring me happiness. By just saying hi, i missed you. You say luvs ya, as in friendship . Yet I feel in my heart. That love is pure, dedicated, never ending. I worship you like a queen in my heart. Yet treat you as a lady. Your my baby and I could never know. Till now what true happiness was. Until I met you.
7 Years Ago...i Lost Him...
Earlier today I was in such a great mood. I did not realize the date until I called my mom and she told me to say a prayer for my dad. I sat and thought about it. Today is April 22nd. He died 7 years ago today. While I did pray I felt horrible for almost forgetting. I felt guilty as though I had forgotten my father and the memories I had of him. Right now I am sitting here just reflecting and I miss that man. He was such an amazing father and such a great husband to my mother. This day when we lost him I shall never forget it for so many reasons...but mainly what plays in my mind is how cold he felt when I said goodbye to him and I saw the life leaving his body and he got that pale color soulless bodies take on as a person dies. I remember wondering what we were going to do now that he is no longer with us. I still have days where I wonder how we are able to make it. I look at my mom and wonder how she must feel to have lost him. Rest in Peace Dad, Jesus Lopez, known as
Love To All! :d
I HOPE I GET THIS BACK I believe that without a friend you are missing out on a lot!!! But don't just send it back, send it on to everyone.. Have a nice day, and I'm glad we are friends!!!"" ......... , . ~ . ~ , ~ , ........... ......... ).. - ~. . ' ..( ............ ........ ( . . . ...(......) ........... .........| . . . . . ).....| ........... .........{.. . . . .(. . ./ ............ ............ =(.. /.)= ............... ............... -;..;-' ................ .................)|( , ................. ................. || _.-'| ............. ............. , _|| .._,/ ............. ....... , ... ....|| .' ................. ......|...|...,...||/ ................... ..../...| /|., |Y|| .................... ... '-...'-._....||/ ................... ........ >_.-..Y|
Just Something To Think About
De wrald is goed, de minsken koene better. the world is great , but the people could be better. De slimste pleagen foar in skipper binne in lek skip en in lilk wiif. the biggest threat for a captain is a boat with a leak and an angry wife. for the new readers the first part is the thought in dutch and then translated into English for you to read there will be some funny ones later as i keep practicing my dutch and i will share them with you as i go along i am having fun at it
My Master's
MASTER'S pain, i too suffer; but MASTER'S strength pulls me through MASTER'S fear i have yet to see; but MASTER'S soft words have set my own fears free MASTER'S directions i will follow; MASTER'S will i choose to obey & know MASTER'S love is such a treasure MASTER'S heart i strive to pleasure MASTER'S the sun and the moon above MASTER'S my soul mate, my one true love. Thank YOU MAITRE doux for being such a beautiful part of me, for bringing this world back to life, for awakening my very faith in humanity and for putting the music back into my heart. i will always adore YOU. (muah!)
I want to apologize to all my friends who read my last blog. I am not going to admit I am the one totally in the wrong. But I did not go about things in the right way. Yes I let my kindness get taken advantage. And I do have to stop. Thank you for your support and God Bless
Dirtmans View
they follow you from the second you make them and they mold you into who you become Once made there is no hiding them and there is no running from them For they have become YOU!!! CHOICES
Keep The Faith Baby
The Black Veil (a Voluntary Code Of Ethics For Vampiric Groups And Individuals)
1. DISCRETION This lifestyle is private and sacred. Respect it as such. Use discretion in who you reveal yourself to, and make certain that your motives are to truly communicate about our culture and to engender understanding. By no means should you talk to others about yourself and our community when your motives are for selfish reasons such as self-promotion, sensationalism, and attention-getting. Do not hide from your nature, but never show it off to those who won't understand. 2. DIVERSITY Our paths are many, even though the journey we are on is essentially the same. No single one of us has all the answers to who and what we are. Respect everyone's personal views and practices. We cannot let petty differences of ideology prevent us from maintaining a unified community; there are enough who would attack us from the outside. Our diversity is our strength. Let our differences in viewpoint enrich us but never divide us upon ourselves. 3. SAFETY Use sense when indulging your
R.i.p. Cherokee Xoxoxo
What Is A Friend?
What is a friend, i sit here and ponder Is it someone who says they are, or makes you wonder Someone who is there day or night Listening to problems. giving advice Is a friend sometimes hard to find, lost in the masses Hidden among two faced backstabbers in rose colored glasses Ask yourself, what is more important to me Painted pretty pictures, or brutal honesty Traits like that are hard to find ill admit But life is much better with friends like that in it
Masturbation Is Good For You: May Prevent Prostate Cancer
SUMMARY: Researchers find that men who masturbate frequently are at a reduced risk of cancer. ADVERTISEMENT Frequent masturbation may help men cut their risk of contracting prostate cancer, Australian researchers have found. It is believed that carcinogens may build up in the prostate if men do not ejaculate regularly, BBC News reported on Wednesday. The researchers surveyed more than 1,000 men who had developed prostate cancer, and 1,250 men who had not. They found that men who had ejaculated the most between the ages of 20 and 50 were the least likely to get cancer. Men who ejaculated more than five times each week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer. Sexual intercourse may not have the same effect because of the higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, which could in turn raise the risk of cancer. "Had we been able to remove ejaculations associated with sexual intercourse, there should have been an even stronger protective effect of ejaculati
So Sorry
I have been having computer problems and not been able to leave comments lately. I can stay on here for awhile at times then it kicks me off had to download firefox to be able to even stay on some but still get kicked off especially when I start sending comments when I get kicked off loose internet for a while says I do not have a valid IP. Just wanted to let everyone know what is going on and reason I have not been sending comments or love out. Hope everyone understands I even put my comments to approval for a while to see it that helps. Huggles everyone and if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know Ladee aka Tammy
Two Face Friends
Bet there are plenty of you on my friends list that wont even read this or even give a shit about the bulletins that are posted. People are too fake on here. They only want pic comments or to see how many friends they can get. So lets see who will actually repost this. This is to see whos paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are and i think i know who you are. Repost if you are a friend... dont reply... just copy and paste this in a new bulletin as "two faced friends"...i posted this because im not 2 faced or a hater!!!
RACISTS? Someone else besides me finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You call me "Whiteboy," "Cracker," "Honkey," "Whitey," "Caveman" and that's OK. But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towelhead, Sand-nigger, camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink you call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Yom Hashoah You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi You have the NAACP. You have BET. If we had WET(White Entertainment Television) we'd be Racists. If we had a White Pride Day you would call us racists.
Feeling You Near
Waiting for you to call my name, waiting on you to bleed a tear. Your emotions are hard to follow and see when I'm trying to get near. Your smile is as rough as a jagged edge sword. I can't seem to make you happy anymore like we use to be. My heart is in pain when you turn away. It hurts so deep I feel you slipping out of my fingers. I want to hold you for the rest of my life, in my heart and in my arms. You have shown compassion and love to me, that I've never seen or felt with anyone else. Everytime we touch I'm left speechless and needing you more. I feel safe at night with you laying near me holding tight I feel so right being with you and noone else. Say you feel the same, keep loving me with a deep desire and never let go.
I'm Looking For A Boyfriend Or Fu Husband That Won't Chat On Me Please MEssage Me Or Shoutbox Me
Makes You Think
Something EVERYONE should think about To Kill an American You probably missed it in the rush of news last week, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American. So an Australian dentist wrote an editorial the following day to let everyone know what an American is . So they would know when they found one. (Good one, mate!!!!) "An American is English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Cuban, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American may also be Canadian, Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Iranian, Asian, or Arab, or Pakistani or Afghan or any other. An American may also be a Comanche, Cherokee, Osage, Blackfoot, Navaho, Apache, Seminole or one of the many other tribes known as native Americans. An American is Christian, or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim. In fact, there are more Muslims in America than in Afg
For Fans Of Gossip Girl (gotta See This)
Anger Management
Anger Management When you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out on someone you don't know. I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I'd forgotten to make. I found the number and dialed it. A man answered, saying "Hello." I politely said, "This is Chris. Could I please speak with Robyn Carter?" Suddenly a manic voice yelled out in my ear "Get the right f***ing number!" and the phone was slammed down on me. I couldn't believe that anyone could be so rude. When I tracked down Robyn's correct number to call her, I found that I had accidentally transposed the last two digits. After hanging up with her, I decided to call the 'wrong' number again. When the same guy answered the phone, I yelled "You're an asshole!" and hung up. I wrote his number down with the word 'asshole' next to it, and put it in my desk drawer. Every couple of weeks, when I was paying bills or had a reall
Evanescece - Lies ( My Favorite Song By Them)
: Deep Heavy Speaking : Bound at every limb by my shackles of fear Sealed with lies through so many tears Lost from within and persuing the end I fight for the chance to be lied to again You will never be strong enough You will never be good enough You were never conceived in love You will not rise above They'll never see I'll never be I struggle on and on to feed this hunger Burning deep inside of me : Deep Heavy Speaking : But through my tears breaks a blinding light Birthing a dawn to this endless night Arms outstretched, awaiting me An open embrace upon a bleeding tree Rest in me and I'll comfort you I have lived and I died for you Abide in me and I vow to you I will never forsake you They'll never see I'll never be I struggle on and on to feed this hunger Burning deep inside of me They'll never see I'll never be I struggle on and on to feed this hunger Burning deep inside of me Ohhh oohh ahh oohh ahh ohh (x4) :Heavy Scream: Rest in m
9 Words Women Use
9 Words Women Use 1.) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2.) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3.) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4.) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5.) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6.) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding h
My New Dj Bully
Lost A Pet Today
my lil Pesto had to be euthanized today... she's the cute calico in my "cats" folder... she was fiv+ and got very sick verry quickly, over about 48 hours, and would have required a blood transfusion and some other things that would have just prolonged her suffering, so we decided to put her down. she died in my arms looking me in the eyes... she knew she was loved.
Emptying The Brain
rambling mind i usually can ramble at the mouth. tonight, i am going to ramble at the blog. has your mind ever just filled up with to many thoughts, you dont know what to do with them? i sometimes let things build up to much. i am so use to handling things on my own. i dont confide in to many people. it is all just normal shit too. i am worrying about my son going to college. i know he will be ok, but i am his mom and he will going to NY. i am worried about making sure it gets paid. i will do whatever i have to. i am worried about my financial situation. i am not poor, but by all means, i am not reach. i live from pay check to paycheck and i hate it. i am thinking about my job. not sure i want to stay,not sure if i should go. i work for my stepdad and dont want to disappoint him. my mother and him have done so much for me. i am scared he would get pissed at me. but, its getting hard for me to work for him. there are reasons of course, but i wont get into those now. yea believe th
In Honor Of My Stepson, David & All That Fight For My Freedom
If you don't know GOD, don't make stupid remarks!!!!!!! A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan . One of the courses had a professor who was an avowed atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, 'God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes.' The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, 'Here I am God. I'm still waiting.' It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him; knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold! The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor eventually
My Love
Well, To make the long story very short. I miscarried. I would go into detail, but I've had to tell so many people today, I just dont feel like going into more details... Adam and I are discussing trying again though. So I'll keep you updated.... Keep us in your prayers
There Must Be An Angel
Ya know ya want to sing along LOL No-one on earth could feel like this. I'm thrown and overblown with bliss. There must be an angel Playing with my heart. I walk into an empty room And suddenly my heart goes "boom"! It's an orchestra of angels And they're playing with my heart. (must be talking to an angel) No-one on earth could feel like this. I'm thrown and overblown with bliss. There must be an angel Playing with my heart. And when I think that I'm alone It seems there's more of us at home. It's a multitude of angels And they're playing with my heart. Chorus repeats. I must be hallucinating Watching angels celebrating. Could this be reactivating All my senses dislocating? This must be a strange deception By celestial intervention. Leavin' me the recollection Of your heavenly connection.
I live on a secluded farm of 70 acres. As if I weren't alienated from the natura;l world, there was a gate just put at the entrance to the property! I'm stir crazy! I just got new boots to wear during the day and night while I rest to help my foot pain to give me a break. I bet I paid a fortune for those damn uncomfortable things and they aren't evewn Jimmy Choos. My walker is worn slap out and I'm refusing to use a granny cane or wheelchair. I'm 36 and my body hates me. If I'm not swaying forward and back or side to side, I'm falling. I thought I was doing all right for what I have to deal with, but it occurred to me tonight that I don't have much quality of life. That's a dangerous revelation. My family and my closest friends sustain me, but I can't help feeling like I'm an emotional vampire. I hate being so damned needy. I miss sex and everything fun and pleasureable I used to do. Ok, I'm done with my pity-party; I'm off to swallow some xanax, klonopin, valiu
Fed Up!
Ya know i understand this industry of towboating isnt a bag of cookies with a glass of milk but damn im sick of getting my ass chewed out for doing the same job as someone next to me who is lazy as hell and for some god forsaken reason he makes twice my wages. they bitch about what goes on at home wont help with the job yet somehow mysteriously keep their jobs. seems to be no end in site with this drama hence i have begun applying at every damn boat company i can think of to get away from wkn and all their bullshit. what good does it do when a captain puts you in for a raise saying you need to be making top deckhand pay and they continue to pay you green (inexperienced) deckhand pay because some guy on a power trip is a dispatcher and controls your wages? i cant seem to win for loosing its bad enough being stuck on a boat for 28 days but when you add in the lower pay and whining ugh im ready to throw my hands up.... any suggestions?
Come Check Out Sunset Bay
Kick off your shoes and get ready to relax! Click any of these Pics they will take you there. This is brought to you by... *X__ߵg* w $ wd b FU-Daddy & hkb Memb. of "Dream Girlz"@ fubar
Cheating Partners
Cheating partners - How to find out if your partner is cheating 1. Starts working late very often If your partner is normally always home at a particular time from the office and suddenly starts coming home consistently late. It could be a new project that's keeping him/her busy but it wouldn't be amiss to casually ask him a few questions about it. If he/she is evasive or vague about the reasons, the alarm bells should ring. 2. Is against you calling the office If he/she wants to keep work life separate and doesn't want you to intrude, there could be a reason. I know of one such husband who got furious when his wife called the office. It seems he was having an affair with his colleague and was petrified his wife would find out if she got talking to the receptionist/staff. There are, of course, people who don't like to be disturbed at work but they rarely get paranoid about not calling at all. 3. Gets defensive if you ask questions Beware if he/she acts guil
Stolen From Reeka Kitty ~ Graficzgrl's B*tch ~ Fu-owned By Desert Taz
A - Available: no A - Age: OLD.....45 in a few days A - Annoyance: cheaters B - Bestest Friend[s]: Kennette, Vickie and ofcourse ~SHANNON~ B - Birthday: May 6 C - Crush: grumpydan C - Car: Buick Century C - Candy: jelly bellys D - Day or night: night usually D - Dream Car: Charger E- Easiest person to talk to?: Donald F - Favorite Month: November F - Favorite color(s): black and pink F - Favorite Memory: anything with my grandmother G - Gummy Bears or Worms: worms G - Giver or taker: giver.. H - Hair Color: auburn H - Height: 5'2" H - Happy: I was until that damn ex called him tonight I - Ice Cream: Vanilla I - Instrument: piano J - Jewelry: belly ring J - Job: financial analyst J - Jail: close once...that damn guy from LA K - Kids: one son K - Kickboxing or Karate: neither K - Kindergarten: a long long long time ago L - Longest Car Ride: Chicago M - Milk Flavor: none M - Most missed person: My Granny M - Movie: Pretty Woman
Thank You Everyone
> > This Bulliten goes out to all the people who without presidence or prejudice came to my aid. My Fuking level account got hacked on the night of april 21 at about 2 am and everything was deleted from it....within 2 hours my friends that were online Banded together and made a plea on my behalf. I created a new account and the response was OVERWHELMING to say the least. For 15 hours straight my page got hit by many people..some old friends and some now new friends. The amount of dedication from several families including mine" RISING STARS" and many independant users at one point had me in tears. The Generousity, kindness and relentless bombing helped me travel from New FU to Rock star in 17 hours. THIS HAS TO BE SOME KIND OF FUBAR RECORD !!! thats 20 levels in less than a day. I am Leaving at 330 am for a Turkey Hunt in Ohio for 2 weeks, but rest assured when I get back each and every one of you will get 110% in return for your hard work and effort. I can not
Certain People
There are some people that just don't get it! They think that because you don't display your life history on your profile page that you MUST be a fake! I don't display certain things for certain reasons, as I am sure a lot of others do the same. Don't presume I am something I am not just because I don't show something or write something on my profile page. If you think something is amiss or you want to know something, it's called ASKING A QUESTION. I know a lot of folks have gotten used to just making accusations instead of showing common courtesy by asking. And if you don't like my page or if you disagree with something on my page then don't look at! It's that simple!!
Somewhere Over The Ocean.
i try to listen to calming music before i go to sleep at night and this evening, i decided to listen to some of the hawaiian music, i have collected over the years. for those of you that are actual life friends, know that my soul lies in those islands. every time i go back, i feel alive and when i leave, i cry as my plane makes its way down the run-way. im actually tearing up a little right now as i write to you and listen to the legendery IZ. all i can think about is the breeze coming off of the ocean from the Winward side of Oahu.. the waves crashing against the white sands of Lanikai with its islands tucked off the azure coast line. papya and guava shaved ice from Matsumotos and chillin on the North Shore watching the boys on those amazing waves. plumeria and palms littering the land and lush green mist covered mountains. how i long to be back on the islands. my toes in the sand, my hair gracing a floral piece and my skin sun kissed by the tropical equator rays. i think in two year
I Need My Friends Help
After 7 years of not seeing and barely ever talking to my real life son I have finally gotten to where we are friends again. I just got him to join Fubar since he is now 19 and I would like to ask all my friends to help me help him get acquainted with Fubar and to R/A/F him. His link is Please do what you can to make him feel welcome.
I'm On A Poll To Be The Wicked Dollz Of The Month!!!!
Hope you all are having a happy and safe 420!!!!!I have a spankin fresh, never been seen set for you all to enjoy on this lovely day!!!! It was also entered on the Wicked Dollz of the Month for June of 2008!!!!!!Please vote for me on this month's Wicked Dollz of June 2008 Contest on If I win I get to featured on the site for the month of June 2008, and also am entered in the WickedDollz Calendar Fans Edition!!!!!Much Much Apprecciated. Just go to the site and click on the Featured Dollz section, scroll down until you see the poll and vote for me!!!MUCH WICKED LOVE!!!!And Remember!!!!WE ARE NOT YOUR AVERAGE GENERIC DOLLZ!!!!WE ARE THE WICKED DOLLZ!!!!!xoxoxoxSkye
The Tailor's Needle
A tailor was at work. He took a piece of cloth and with a pair of shining, costly, scissors, he cut the cloth into various bits. Then he put the pair of scissors at his feet. Then he took a small needle and thread and started to sew the bits of cloth, into a fine shirt. When the spell of sewing was over, he stuck the needle on to his turban. The tailor's son who was watching it asked him: "Father, the scissors are costly and look so beautiful. But you throw them down at your feet. This needle is worth almost nothing; you can get a dozen for an Anna. Yet, you place it carefully on your head itself. Is there any reason for this illogical behavior?" "Yes, my son. The scissors have their function, no doubt; but they only cut the cloth into bits. The needle, on the contrary, unites the bits and enhances the value of the cloth. Therefore, the needle to me is more precious and valuable. The value of a thing depends on its utility, son, not on its cost-price or appearance." Simila
Fog Vs. People
Because i'm really bored i thought i would share something that happened yesterday. A woman on the fu that i've never seen before came to my page and started rating my pictures. I didn't really pay attention at first, but then i saw a 9, then another one...and another. I moved my cursor over the photo she just rated and it was of me of course. So I Started paying closer attention. A 10 would come up, then a few 9's, then another 10. Every picture of mine with my face in them she rated a 9. Soon, i knew she was through with my personal pictures of me. She continued rating. And all of the rates were 10's. I checked the pictures...they were ones i had of fog. Now i have no delusions of my looks. I'm an average, at best, looking man. Yes, that's right. Yesterday, i found out that i'm uglier than fog. I can only hope i have more substance than it does. :-8
New Picx In My Nsfw
hey ladies how have u been i put a few new nsfw picx up for u
It's All In The Game......
Sits, Waits, Contemplates, For why I know not, the door ajar, head pops in, Looks, smiles, a word, a gesture, stoney silence, turns heals, Off again, good bye, 'til the next time...........
A father watched his daughter playing in the garden. He smiled as he reflected on just how sweet an innocent his little girl was. Suddenly, she just stopped and stared at the ground. He went over to her and noticed she was looking at to spiders mating. "Daddy, what are those two spiders doing?" "They're mating," her father replied. "What do you call the spider on top, Daddy?" she asked. "That's a daddy-long-legs," her father answered. So, the other is a Mommy-long-legs?" the little girl asked. "No," her father replied. "Both of them are daddy-long-legs." The little girl thought for a moment, then took her foot and stomped them flat.... "Well, we're not having THAT sort of shit in our garden." :D hope this tickled you some.
My Car And I
I took this picture of my new car and I. Which It is a chrysler 300M wanna go for a cruise? hehehe =P
Re: We Are Change To Release Assault Videos
RE: We Are Change To Release Assault Videos ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 22 Apr 2008, 13:38 We Are Change To Release Assault Videos After months of tolerating verbal and physical abuse from a fringe group of emotionally unstable "no-planers" at ground zero, Luke Rudkowski and We Are Change have had enough, and are set to release video showing the assaults and attempts to smear We Are Change as being complicit in the Times Square recruitment center bombing. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/april2008/042208_assault_videos. htm
At the end of the tax year, the Tax Office sent an inspector to audit the books of a synagogue. While he was checking the books he turned to the Rabbi and said, 'I notice you buy a lot of candles. What do you do with the candle drippings?' 'Good question', noted the Rabbi. 'We save them up and send them back to the candle makers, and every now and then they send us a free box of candles.' 'Oh', replied the auditor, somewhat disappointed that his unusual question had a practical answer. But on he went, in his obnoxious way, 'What about all these biscuit purchases? What do you do with the crumbs?' 'Ah, yes', replied the Rabbi, realizing that the inspector was trying to trap him with an unanswerable question. 'We collect them and send them back to the manufacturers, and every now and then they send a free box of holy biscuits.' 'I see!' replied the auditor, thinking hard about how he could fluster the know-it-all Rabbi. 'Well, Rabbi', he went on, 'What do you do with all t
New Treatment For Sunburn - A guy fell asleep on the beach for several hours and got horrible sunburn,specifically to his upper legs. He went to the hospital, and was promptly admitted after being diagnosed with second-degree burns. With his skin already starting to blister, and the severe pain he was in, the doctor prescribed continuous intravenous feeding with saline, electrolytes, a sedative, and a Viagra pill every four hours. The nurse, who was rather astounded, asked, "What good will Viagra do for him, Doctor"? The doctor replied,"It won't do anything for his condition, but it'll keep the sheets off his legs."
Re: Sock Puppet Zawahiri Claims Iran Behind 9/11 Theories
RE: Sock Puppet Zawahiri Claims Iran Behind 9/11 Theories ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 22 Apr 2008, 18:14 Al-CIAda Sock Puppet Zawahiri Claims Iran Behind 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Al-CIAda sock puppet Ayman al-Zawahiri was quoted in an audiotape released today accusing Iran of behind behind 9/11 conspiracy theories, in another crude public relations stunt designed to generate hostile opinion towards the 9/11 Truth Movement. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/april2008/042208_sock_puppet. htm
Please Join Tha Fun!!!!
I got my first tattoo about a month ago. It was something that I thought long and hard about and that I knew I really wanted. It represents me and who I am. I posted a pic of it in my pics album, please comment on it and let me know what you think. lj
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I'm Back
Well i have been gone for a while now but I think i am ready to come back. Hope to talk to everyone real soon. Huggs to all.
Thank You
I want to thank the 10 or so friends (out of over 500 mind you) that rate my pics. I really do appreciate you.
Come check out Wicked And Join the Family!! DjDemoni is Live.....
Video8 Xxx Ouch
Please Help She Going Crazy
Please help this awesome lady she's going crazy Go R/F/A and rate her pic's .... Let get here to Godfather before the men in white come and get her and take her away She's a great mate...So come by and show some love Cute Sexy Aussie
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just trying to get some love
New Dvd Reviews Online - Jewel De'nyle, Love African American Style, Strap On Sally, Don't Let Daddy Know
Boys and girls, I've been jacking my udders all month to bring you some reviews of the FINEST adult entertainment the bossman has ever sent my way... Check out some of the filth I've got for you: Notorious Jewel De'Nyle and Shelly Martinez Love African American Style 2 Strap On Sally 23 Don't Let Daddy Know 4 It Takes Two 5
why is when your heartbreaks it usually deals with family? i really wish that i had the answer to this question because i know that 99.9% of the time when i want to cry it is over my family. i have never been close to any body in my family before. well that isn't totaly true, i have always been close with cousins who are close to my age but other then that i have always felt like an outcast and it has gotten to the point where i don't really care any more, but every once in awhile it does hurt to know that those who should love me don't. i just don't know what to do any more. i wish that i had grown up in a loving family but i didn't i grew up in a family who always told me how bad my father was and a family who looked at me with hate because i reminded them of my father. i just don't know what to do any more. even now living with family there are times i feel that i am not wanted and i just don't know what to do any more. i have those bad thoughts again and i really don't wnat them a
Video6 Xxx
I'm Not One To Be Left Out....
Your Autobiography Part 1: The Birth of You: Were you a planned baby?: Yep, mom's last chance to have a kid before a hysterectomy Were you the first?: Nope. Who was present at your birth?: Mom.. dad & sis were in the waiting room Were your parents married when you were born?: for a little while What is your birthdate?: May 23, 1973 Part 2: The Family How would you describe your family?: Dysfunctional to say the least Siblings or an only child?: well this will expound on the last question: 1 sister 11 years older, 1 half sister from the affair dad had with his secretary when mom was pregnant with me, 2 stepbrothers, 1 stepsister If you have siblings are you oldest, middle, or youngest?: youngest except the half sister What are your siblings names and ages?: Pam age 45, Serge age 43, Steve age 39(?), Kim age 41ish, Crystal age 30 Which parent do you get along with best?: mom, i don't talk to my dad Wat do you fight about?: depends which family member yo
New Way To Have Sex
Email He Sent Me On 16th
Flag this message If that is how it's going to be, I'm leaving hun, this second. I won't be treated like that ever again. Wednesday, April 16, 2008 5:24 PM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "Steel" View contact details To: Chenny, You want Mellissa, go get her, but do NOT think I am going to fill her bad points in with my love and my poems and just be LIED to and totally ignored when she arrives. Your mom would be SO PROUD of you, yeah, cause that STINKS. I see the future clearly now, no matter how much you love me, or I love you, it will be PISS OFF as soon as Mellissa arrives. I'm NOT looking for an engagement ring, I'm so ANGRY and HURT, i don't even want to talk to you. You think it's jealousy, but you are WRONG you could have said you were NOT taking a nap, Mellissa was online you would NOT be back and anything I said would be TOTALLY IGNORED, and I would have understood, instead you chose to break my heart as bad as Thunder ever did. I'm g
did you ever have a time in your life when u feel so in control yet so vulnerable... a person can set standards and try to live up to them to be different than everyone else... i want to believe that the one i have dremt of has finally come to me... but in my heart there is a hesitation...i am not like the others...and i strive to prove this point... but still i wait...
I'm Owned!! Hahaha
Someone on fubar owns my picture on another site... I'm his sexy mama {smiles} Cute!
Comment Tagging And Inconsiderate People
I was promoting Snake Bite Radio today and I seen allot of stupidity and inconsiderate people. When we tag a profile we tag it with text and a picture link, More and more we are seeing the ignorance of some DJ's and Promoters Tagging a profile with an Ungodly Huge Pictuer with text and even embedding a player some even removing the buttons where you cant shut it off. If this was my profile and it has happened before is I immidiatly Block the user and remove the Comment off my profile. Myself I can not stand Ignorance, You load up your profile and 3 or 4 players start up with the one on your own page. Stupid Stupid Stupid, Im done bitchin now.
A New Lounge For Bbws
Time Away
I'll be gone for a few days. TC everyone, keep me in your prayers. TY
Video3 Xxx
Married Life
Three women: one engaged, one married, and one a mistress, chatting about their relationships and decide to amaze their men....that night all three will wear a leather bodice S&M style, stilettos and mask over their eyes . After a few days they meet again..... The engaged girlfriend said: 'The other night, when my boyfriend came back home, he found me in the leather bodice, 4' stilettos and mask. He said, 'You are the woman of my life, I love you, then we made love all night long.' The mistress stated: 'Oh Yes! The other night we met in the office. I was wearing the leather bodice, mega stilettos, mask over my eyes and a raincoat. When I opened the raincoat, he didn't say a word. We just had wild sex all night.' The married one then said: 'The other night I sent the kids to stay at my mothers for the night, I got myself ready, leather bodice, super stilettos and mask over my eyes. My husband came in from work, grabbed the TV controller and a beer, and said, 'HeyBat
So Over Chat
I say this every now and then; but Im saying it again today. I am SOOOO Over chat... and chat ppl and chat arguments and the inability of some ppl to actually relate to people on the internet in a HUMANE manner. This might be the internet (which is merely just another means of communication like phone, letters, face to face conversations, etc) but the people here... whether they act fake or act real... are real people. And real people deserve a certain amount of respect until they have proven themselves unworthy. Respect for their opinions and thoughts whether it jives with your own or not. Respect for them taking the time to communicate with you here when there are hundreds of other things they could be doing. Respect for the fact that they are trying to get to know you through a mechanism that isnt the easiest to work through or interpret through. Conversations here, can be as light hearted and comical as you want them to be or they can be the means in which you communicate your tho
This Is What Someone Is Writing About Me
subject: How To Kill a Romantic post date: 2008-04-22 15:34:11 views: 27 comments: 4 ratings: 0 How To Kill a Romantic This ia written about and for Chenny, once C3C3, whose lies and twisted friendship have at last been put on block. Guess you can't have it all baby. Weve all heard of them, those men who will love you and only you, will never betray you, believe in you, help you to achieve your dreams, will honestly believe you are beautiful, are not just interested in sex, but interested just as much in your personality, will always be there for you, no matter the time or the day. Many no longer believe they exist, but just what do you do when you find one? It wont be easy killing someone like that, but here are my ex fiancs personal tips and tricks, all tried and true. Firstly, never admit to having any feelings for him in writing, this will give you enormous power later, if he tries to draw this information out of you, choose something he does well and claim that
Free Money No Kidding
My hunny already got a check so I know its for real. You get $25 for signing up and $10 for each person you refer. Try it.
Women Who Read
One morning, the husband returns the boat to their lakeside cottage after several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap. Although not familiar with the lake, the wife decides to take the boat out. She motors out a short distance, anchors, puts her feet up, and begins to read her book. The peace and solitude are magnificent. Along comes a Fish and Game Warden in his bo at. He pulls up alongside the woman and says, "Good morning, Ma'am. What are you doing?" "Reading a book," she replies, (thinking, "Isn't that obvious?") You're in a Restricted Fishing Area," he informs her. "I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading. " Yes, but I see you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up." "If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault,"says the woman. "But I haven't even touched you," says the Game Warden. "That's true, but you have all the equipment. For all I
Vampyres, vampires, nosferatu, the undead . . . Humans raised from the dead to spend eternity in constant quest of ruby-red, warm blood. Human blood is food of choice, but animal blood will temper their hunger. They are neither fallen angels nor demons sent by Satan to temp or corrupt. They can be evil, but the evil they do is their own. But first, on earth as vampyre sent, Thy corpse shall from its tomb be rent: Then ghastly haunt they native place, And suck the blood of all thy race; There from they daughter, sister, wife, At midnight drain the stream of life . . . Wet with thine own best blood shall drip Thy gnashing tooth and haggard lip; Then stalking to thy sullen grave Go - and with the ghouls and afreets rave, Till these in horror shrink away From specter more accursed than they! by Lord Byron from The Giaour (1813) My thanks goes out to the alt.vampyres newsgroup (web site located at for the information provided by the m
I'm Really Ripped Out Over You
WHAT have you done to me? You got me twisted over you and we haven't even met up. I'm dedicating a song to you. It's a song from Justin Timberlake w/ Beyonce. I can't get you off my mind. Maybe death is the only option for me..word up. I will never find you.....I don't want to start over. I'll pay a P.I to find you. If that doesn't work I will kill me a favor..find me by the moon at night when the stars are bright in Connecticut. I'll be there waiting. I thought if i moved back in January I find you again, I just wanted to have some of my life together..since we're close to get into 2009.
i need ladies in my lounge for auction so come bid on the guys at 9
In Dream
u want someone but u can have them in your dreams and thats it and u talk to dirty to them and do the some to u . the lust is there all the time but all u can do is dream of them . can the two person meet day will the lust go or will it still be there. u want this person but all u have is the dreams and u know they will be there.
Bad Habit !!
I have now for along time believed in someone who just keep's playing game's with me....BUT that's okay I have given him plenty of chance's he know's who he is. He know's I do care for him so he has used that against me it's ok I won't be around much longer so he can go play with the other's. He cannot hurt me no more. Good luck to you Jon.
so i am bored and i havent done a blog yet so i decided to do one....this one isnt reallt about anything its just that i wanted to make one so here it is....i dont know what to say....well lets see what happened today?? well my sister found out that she is having a baby girl...i'm excited about that....and my other sister is freaking about her pregnancy....and i only have 25 days left of school...that is exciting...and i'm kinda bored still......i love my bestest friends hollie and ashley....they make me well that is all i have to say for now....its kinda boring but its what i was just thinkin about so yea there it is....
Twin Sister
hey you all, i would like all of my friends to meet my twin sister her as much love as you all have shown me please.
The Back Door
this is a way a good friend said My blog can be read. Check My other blog post for the one I wished to be read. comments bad or good accepted
Help Could Prove Interesting Huh?
Baaad Drama
Well i thought i would call my hubby today. No, we're not divorced cause i didn't want to get re-married and staying married was a pretty good plan for now... and you have to be seperated a year and so on and so forth so... anyway ring, ring, RING... female, "Hello?" me: "lemme talk to bj" female: "why" me: "CAUSE I AM HIS WIFE AND I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO TALK TO HIM WHENEVER THE HELL I WANT TO, YOU LITTLE HOMEWRECKING SLUT!" female: "this is his sister stephanie" me: "ooops, my bad. let me talk to bj please" steph: " can't, his little brother just died" me: " what? which one?" {he has three} steph: "JW" {his 16yr old helf-brother} bj:" hey" and it went from there... but, i found out that JW actually died on BJ's birthday, april 17... last thursday (i was having my "me day" and completely forgot that is was his birthday, wooops, lol) but i have been having this nagging feeling to call him all weekend. anyhoo... he told me that he was getting ready to go to the fune
I Am White. I Am Proud. [i Did Not Write This]
You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You call me "Cracker", "Honkey", "Whitey" and even "The Man" and you think it's OK. But when I call you, "Nigger", "Kike", "Towelhead", "Sand-Nigger", "Camel Jockey", "Beaner" or "Chink" you call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You say that you want to make a change in this country. How? By protesting everything that we believe in? By trying to change everything that has made this country run fine for centuries? You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Yom Hashoah You have Cinco de Mayo You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi If we had a White Pride Day you would call us racists. In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists. Yo
Roommate Needed...
Roommate needed!! I am asking for $500/month and that is all-inclusive. If you know of anyone looking for a room on the NW side, please send them my way. I am pretty laid back and looking for the same in a roommate. The house is about 1800 sq ft, a two car garage and a patio. The room is not huge but has a queen bed, dresser, TV, DVD player, phone and small nightstand. The house has free, unlimited long distance, digital cable, high speed internet with a wireless router plus desktop and laptop computers, 2 HDTVs and nice surround sound stereos (plus almost 400 CDs and 250 DVDs to keep you occupied). The neighborhood is very nice and quiet and has an attached park with both natural and paved walking/biking paths. I would like to find someone that I can talk to or hang out with occasionally but that is not required.
Damn... The Shit You Find In Old Computer Files...
New Lounge Synful Dezyrz
Come join me in this great new lounge Synful Dezyrs. Come join me invite your friends brand new cool place to hang out and chat, have fun. Tell em Donnie01 and ~**Theresa**~ sent ya. XOXOXO
Google-backed Solar Startup Picks Up Steam, $130m
By Alexis Madrigal Email 04.21.08 | 6:45 PM Rising oil prices lift all alt-energy boats. For proof, look no further than the fat $130 million investment scooped up by eSolar, a company whose basic solar power strategy -- using sunlight-reflecting mirrors to generate steam -- was all but abandoned in the 1980s, and has recently recently caught investors' attention again. The money, from Google's philanthropic arm,, and venture capital firms Idealab and Oak Investment Partners, will go towards the construction of eSolar's first functioning solar power plant. "ESolar's long term is to become a viable replacement for all fossil fuel," said Robert Rogan, a Cal Tech Ph.D. and eSolar's executive vice president for corporate development. "The reason Google invested in us is that they saw the potential of this technology to beat the cost of using coal." The company's core technology is an implementation of concentrating solar power, which uses mirrors to turn liqui
Rip - Grandpa
Everyday we lose a person we love dearly. You never know a mans worth till there gone. He was a great man loved by everyone, as i walked through the community everyone one i met offered condolences, every restaurant i went to my money was no good. he was a great man loved by many and touched alot of peoples hearts. I will greatly miss him and he will always be in my heart.
Second Grade
Hello all! I am requesting help. I am trying to find an old friend of mine. We were best friends back in 1985. We did everything together, including fought about her then (shortlived) relationship with Michael Roberts. Her name is (or was, depending on if she got married) Tanya Price. We went to East Primary School, in Kermit, Texas during our second grade year. And then transferred to Purple Sage Elementary for third. But, I moved to Odessa, Texas half way through the school year. The last thing I remember of her was her dad picking her up at the school playground where we said our goodbyes so long ago. I went back to visit that summer, and found out that she moved to Oklahoma after that school year ended. So, if you know her, let her know that an old friend from second grade is looking for her. Please, help me.
Just Ramblin
Confusion, dread and no desire to live to die or just survive. I've live my life a dying soul with no ambitions or a goal. I hate the day,despise the night and dread the rise of the morning light. There is no pleasure,only pain and in the end there is no gain. Surrounded by many,loved by few, i fade away like the morning dew.
There's no point in posting your Marital status on ANY site that has to do with making friends or finding a significant other cuz the majority of the people on these sites DON'T look at the status and message the person asking to hook up or on a date not KNOWING that the person they're asking is already taken.. ..and that's what really "Grinds my Gears"
I Knew It Was Never Perfect
Ok so my boyfriend, whom i love told me somthing on the phone today. He knows im insecure about my looks and everything. And well i told him i worry because hes around so many women in Korea. I trust him, im worried hes attracted to them and everything though. I mean i know thats normal but it just bugs me. he said that im the one that he knows would still love him regardless of his mistakes and would take good care of kids. and he loves my personality. i sai i just wish i were the pretty one, and he said that not everyone can have it all. Im so sick of it i wish i for once was the pretty skinny girl.
Ebonics Version Of Windows 2000
Microsoft has announced the release of a special Ebonics version of Windows 2000, titled "IT BE A FRESH WINDOW." There are numerous differences between standard Windows 2000 and the Ebonics version. For example, when opening the Ebonics version it will have several gangsta signs, slogans, and "shout outs". On the main screen, My Computer is replaced with _"Dis My Shit." The Recycle Bin has been replaced with a Goodwill dumpster. The network is replaced with "Da Hood." Users of the Ebonics version will notice several command and dialogue box changes: 1. Break Back In = Re-entry 2. Aww Shit, = Error 3. Itz All Good = OK 4. 4 Real Doe = Yes 5. Hold Up, Dawg = Cancel 6. Do Dat Shit Again = Reset7. R U Crazy = Are You Sure 8. Hunt Dat Down = Find 9. Put A Cap In It = Delete 10. Games & Shit = Programs 11. Letter Shit = Documents The Ebonics version comes standard with a special edition of Microsoft Works entitled "Homi
Abby-my First Fu-owner!
Check out my sexy new fu-owner!! Abby~Screw the Roses, Send me the thorns~ She rocks the fu!! Abby ~Screw the roses, Send me the thorns~@ fubar Get lost in her eyes!!! Look at her smile!!! get to know her many sides!!! Believe me you won't regret it!!! This pimpout brought to you by: luTin♥{fu-owned by Abby~Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns~}r/l wife&submissive2^Titan65ϖ@ fubar
Hoping To Return Soon!
Just wanted to let all my friends know i'm doing ok...not great but i'm ok lol. Hoping to get back online soon. My moms undergoing cancer treatment and is finishing it up next week. Thank you all for your words of kindness and support during this time. She is doing great and is almost painfree!! Thanks again and take care! miss you all!!
Corrupted Love
A warm sensation fills my body My heart races with every touch The softness of your voice soothes My soul As I lay there hoping the moment Will never end Calling out for you Praying that you'll never let me go The sensation so strong I can no longer feel my body Slowly I fade in and out of reality In an instant the warm sensation Fades away My heart empty My soul torn apart Lying there; wondering where I went Wrong Calling out for you, only to find there is no answer My mind invaded with thoughts So cruel and unrefined The sensation of fear of what's to come Slowly the reality over powering The lust and fantasy Leaving me empty Confused on how to think or feel The loneliness I feel So wretched and compelled Betrayal to myself Revealing the terrors of my love
Stolen From.. Well Lewis But Everyone Else Is Doing It :p
A - Available: no A - Age: 34 A - Annoyance: Liars B - Bestest Friend[s]: Marty, Sara, Danielle B - Birthday: May 23 C - Crush: sir*licks*a*lot C - Car: Toyota Sienna or Prius C - Candy: Cadbury Creme Eggs (is it easter again yet?) D - Day or night: yep D - Dream Car: Mustang convertible E- Easiest person to talk to?: Marty F - Favorite Month: July F - Favorite color(s): purple, blue, pink F - Favorite Memory: trying to think of one... G - Gummy Bears or Worms: bears but i don't really like gummies much G - Giver or taker: giver.. H - Hair Color: strawberry blonde H - Height: 5'3.5" (yes the half inch counts when you're this short dammit) H - Happy: I try to be but not right now... I - Ice Cream: Blue Moon I - Instrument: guitar (although cant play it) J - Jewelry: Love it - 'specially long dangly earrings that brush against my neck ;) J - Job: Engineer J - Jail: nope K - Kids: got 2 K - Kickboxing or Karate: neither K - Kindergarten: my da
New Look
Last Chance!!!!
I've decided to do a contest! This scavenger hunt requires u to take pictures of items (on a list I will provide at a later date). U must be in the pic with the item. U may have other people help u and they may be in the pics with u. But it will be a competition, so obtaining some of the items maybe challenging. Each item is worth different points. The person who has the most points at the end of the contest wins! There is nothing gross on this list, I promise. *Admission fee is 5, 000 Fu-bucks *Must submit entrance fee by 4/23/08 at 12:00 a.m. *Contest will end at 12:00 a.m. on 4/30/08 *Prize will be 50,000 Fu-bucks and you will own me, [~The Masters Whore~] for one month (this will start on 5/17/08 because I am already owned by another Fu-friend until then) *I will send the list of scavenger hunt items out in a private message to each contestant after midnight on 4/24/08. *Each contestant must post each of their pics as a comment under their picture in my Scave
A Womens Prayer
"A Woman's Prayer: > Dear Lord, I pray for: Wisdom, To understand a man , > to Love and to forgive him , > and for patience, For his moods. > Because Lord, if I pray for Strength I'll just beat > him to death" WROTE FOR MY DAUGHTERS SO CALLED b/f grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
A Broken Heart....!!
It is raining heavily outside, my heart is crying silently inside The night is dark and cold, My heart is waiting outthere for u to hold. the sky is scary with thunders and lightening, the way u left me alone is frightening, The world is running around here and there, My heart is not running,it is just waiting for u to care. There is an end to the falling rain, but is there an end to my eternal pain. there might not be anymore rain in the night, but the pain in my heart,i will have to always fight. My Life is coming to an end,i guess by loving u,i made my life a big mess, You meant the world to me, and the love u never even tried to see. My love is like a fairytale story That ended even before it could see it's glory. Across the globe,love will come again and again, and the pain in everyone's heart will forever remain.
Where to begin.... I made one decesion out of hurt and anger, and simply being tired of bullshit, wich completly changed my life. I broke up with Mike, and called my best friend Ashley, and she came and got me and the kids, and took us to Arkansas where she lives in Springdale. I was there a little over 2 weeks, and needed to get back to Topeka to deal with 1 of two tickets, so I got one sorta delt with, still have more with that one, and my other ticket is due the 25th. So im up here with Mike, and NO, WE ARE NOT BACK TOGATHER! But he is trying to help i think....but he goes through moments where hes rude, mean, and hatefull. I know because hes hurt, and he has alot of stuff going on too, stuff that has nothing to do with me. Not that its a excuse, because their is none. I know with no doubt, that Mike will pay whatever I need paid, and get stuff taken care of that I wouldnt have a chance at if I went back to Arkansas right now. And dont think im taking advantage of him, because he is
ok so i am not one for blogging, what can i say. well in Sept. of last year my daughter moved in with me. so now thats right...single dad with custody. i love it too. she just turned 12 last week so ya the fun has just begun. (need to get a gun rack for the living room!!!) all joking aside i really haven't been online that much so everyone sorry been busy in the real world.... later JOHNNY
Please Help Me Win This
I have been selected as one of 100 finalists for the summer job of a LIFETIME with the Chevy Riders! What I have to do to prove I am the best of the best? I am asking my friends, relatives, classmates, even people you meet on the street, to text YOUR unique keyword MichaelL to the number: 28546. thats all just one text. please vote for me Voting begins on 9 AM 4/23/2008 and ends on 5 PM 4/28/2008 I dont know alot of people but this might reach a few. If I win Ill post the pictures on this site
::come Home Safe, Soldier!::
Well, if you looked at some of my mumms, I typed one not too long ago about my Army friend not contacting me for a loooooong fact, last time we spoke was in August....weeeeeelll, on my way to math today I get a text from him saying he was on R&R and I was about to text him back when before I knew it, the phone was ringing...holy crap, it felt good to talk to my [[big bro]] again!!! It definitely was the highlight of my day =] Gosh, I just had so much to tell him but we didn't have too much time...he's coming home soon and hopefully for good so prayers are definitely going his way not just to him but for our troops fighting as well
I Have Nothing
wut to do when u have nothing to lose?? wish if i knew think u could tell me
My Son...
Looks Like I'll Be Going Offline For A Time.
Many of you know about my rants about my retarded roomates. Well today it has come to my attention that they have decided to cancel our internet service because they have no access to it.They destroyed their computer.I wont allow them to use mine because they have no idea how to use one and I don't want my brand new computer to get messed up.This is their little way to get payback for So I'm not sure when the DSL here will be disconnected.It could be today or a month from now. I'll be back eventually.You can't keep a former Scrawny Pale Guy down for long.I'm not too worried about it because since my VIP ran out,my page has been relatively quiet.
Personal Iliad
Personal Iliad A cold heart That is broken still Beats steadily on By strength of will A heart hidden away From tortures of the past Mistreated and abused With scars that will last Safe and secure In solitude it hides Away from the pain In a fortress it resides Closely guarded Impenetrable walls Like the gates of Troy The defenses must not fall On the horizon Not an army,but one A mans achilles heel Not the sword but love Disguised by beauty This one woman force Into mens hearts Comes this Trojan Horse Open the gates,Troy Allow her in The city is burning Another scar begins
Political Correctness
A little crude, but nevertheless, makes a strong example > for a term that has become a watchword in our society. > > > > Definition of Political Correctness > > > > > > > The following is the winning entry from > an annual contest at Texas A&M > University calling for the most > appropriate definition of a contemporary term. > This year's term was Political > Correctness. > > The winner wrote: > > "Political Correctness is a doctrine, > fostered by a delusional, illogical > minority, and rabidly promoted by an > unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds > forth the proposition that it is > entirely possible to pick up a turd by the > clean end."
Ballz To The Wallz
Want To Meet Cool and Funny People ? Look no Further Than The Snake Bite Radio Lounge A Group of funny down to Earth People Who Like To Chat and listen to good Music. Make music request to Live DJ's and have a good time. For a Limited Time Everyone with A Saluted Profile that Joins Snake Bite Radio will be entered into the drawing for a FREE 15 Oz. Snake Bite Radio Coffee Mug. We will draw one a week for 4 weeks. First drawing will be Friday April 25th. Must be Lisntning to Snake Bite Radio or in a Lounge Streaming Snake Bite Radio to conact The DJ within 5 Min when the winning name is called if drawed name does not contact the DJ within 5 Min another name will be called. Click on the Picture Below to enter the Lounge.
What do you think? You scored The Physical suggestible traits are: 1. Tends to learn or take information in directly and literally. However, they speak inferentially. This means if you ask a Physical a question, they will have a need to give you all of the details leading up to the answer. 2. Physicals tend to put their physical body out in front to protect their emotions. They can sometimes appear to be very demonstrative and center of attention. They will dress to draw attention and like to touch others while communicating. 3. A Physical likes team sports; enjoys working with people; heart ruled; sexually responsive at all times; prefers to fix things themselves; prefers a sporty car rather than a practical one; feels emotional and physical pain at the end of a relationship; and easily expresses affection openly. The Physical suggestible priorities are: 1. Relationship (and this equates sex with love). A Physical can be very ambitious, however, if their per
Karma Test
You have scored 957 karma points out of 1000 potential karma points. Of all the ways you've been building your karmic future during this time, your compassionate nature is your strongest asset. In fact, you seem to have a real knack for both understanding what people are going through and finding ways to support them during difficult times. By being a sensitive person with a keen sense of empathy, you can do much to alleviate others' pain. This has been an important way you've earned your karma up to this point. You're likely to be the one friends turn to when they need to talk or want a shoulder to cry on. This is because you're the type who can usually be counted on to listen and comfort those in need. This kindness not only strengthens your current relationships but will also come back to you positively in the future. Through your concerted efforts to care about and tend to the needs of others, you generate good karma for yourself and the universe.You might be asking yourself, "How
Romantic Pattern
Your romantic pattern is Romantic Rescue! Love is all-powerful in the Romantic Rescue pattern. It is the catalyst for change within yourself as well as the means through which you discover if your partner is who you want and need them to be. But, here's the recurring pattern you may see in your relationships: A desire to save your partner from his own self-destruction, or the desire to be saved by someone for the same reason. Some people adopt the hero role in this pattern nursing an ailing partner back to health, saving them from a string of previously destructive relationships, maybe even saving them from a physical danger. Others cast themselves as those in need of rescue relying on their partners to swoop in and save them from whatever ill-fate's been visited upon them, either real or imagined. It also sets up one of the parties as a savior. Though perhaps not as epic as seen in the characters in novels or films, this is significant nonetheless. In Hemmingway's tragi
The Love Test
The Love Test more romantic You just love to love, don't you? We can tell that you're a die-hard romantic who appreciates the deep sentiment that loving, meaningful words and actions bring to life. Love and romance go hand-in-hand for you, so you adore pouring on the terms of endearment, the hopeful promises, and the doting acts you think your fella deserves. Whether you're in an idealistic and caring mood or being sweet, playful, and impulsive, you're a giving partner who's eager to express how excited you are about your relationship. For you, love is all about sharing your feelings and making your significant other feel cherished. After all, the more often you reassure him of the strength of your emotions, the better, right? And you love tapping your creative side to express how much he means to you and how important you think his needs are. Congratulations you really know how to celebrate your love.
15k Give Away For Wonder Woman
she rawks and needs to level I'll give you 15k fubucks for every hundred pics of hers you rate a ten or higher If you bling her I'll add 15k SO PLEASE RATE HER PICS AND BLING HER AND DROP HER A COMMENT SAYING MASTER SENT YA WONDER_WOMAN_PROUD_FU-OWNER_OF_~MASTER@ fubar then let me know you have ~MASTER~OWNED BY~LYNNE~& WONDER WOMAN~SWEET&INNOCENTS~FU HUBBY~ SHADOW LEVELER~@ fubar THIS PIMP MADE BY MASTER
No Butterfly Today
I sit and wait all alone everyday For the butterfly to again come my way But I guess it was not ever meant to be She is still not anywhere that I can see I guess she flew away to grass much greener Still I guess I was blessed to have once seen her She was such a beauty beyond all belief Yet I should not suffer any pain or grief For butterflies are meant to always fly free And not stuck behind glass in someones study Still I wish that I too could go soaring high Floating in the winds breeze like a butterfly And not having a single care in the world Just hoping to be admired by some girl Instead I am stuck behind this pane of glass As each day after day slowly comes to pass My case is now sitting here collecting dust Its joints and hinges have all begun to rust Leaving me yearning for the days long gone by When I could go soaring like a butterfly
The First Ever Fu Owner Of... Me!!
Yes folks, this man broke my FuCherry so to speak when he bought me in Ellie's auction.... Please give it up for....... ΤhΣ g ΜκΣ @ fubar Now go show him some love... FAN/RATE/ADD/STALK him...ok,maybe not the Stalk part, but make is FUBank overrunneth!!!
Gifs at
Frustrated At Incompetence...
Get used to it! The norm is boring. People who stay at home and their whole life revolve around work, television and sleeping disgusts me. You have two legs, so get off your ass and do something for yourself. Yes, I am a fat chick. Deal with it. Yes, I have an attitude. I never said I was a nice person. I am honest and have my own opinions. Getting a tattoo does not make you wild or different. If you want to be different, pick up a hobby. I like fire. No, I LOVE fire! Yes, I put it into my mouth. No, I will not put you into my mouth. You are not worth it, nor have you earned it. I am a very sexual person and do flirt while talking. That does not mean you can get into my pants. Loyalty and Friendship are something to be earned! Learn what holding to your word means. If you promise something, that mean following through and in the time promised. Yes, I am old fashioned. Too damn bad! I demand respect from everyone I know. I hate ignorance. If you are too lazy to learn proper
Changing Seasons
Writing today's piece inspired me to combine it with day three's and two more that I just dashed off into a cycle of haikus. Enjoy :) Changing Seasons Bitter chill recedes as the birds reprise their songs, brightening my mood. The mercury soars, tourist sightings have begun. The days grow longer. A chill in the air, the sound of abandoned leaves. Play time is over. Bringing cold stillness, the veil of white obscures all. Darkness comes early
Gifs at
Best Friends
Ever since I was little, I've dreamed of that one friend, the one that is always there and had a hand to lend. Someone that is loving and is always by my side. Because I've had some troubles and my tears I could not hide. I needed someone to hug me when I needed it the most. Someone to be honest, and know when not to boast. People here are fake, the friendship is a joke. I needed someone real, then the friendship finally awoke. I never thought it would come, since my friendship always suck... I wanted things to change, I needed better luck. I'm not sure when it happened, and not sure why it did, but you walked into my life, and I knew I found that friend. You took me in for who I am, you put your trust in me. I've finally met that person, who can set my spirit free. I'm able to talked to you without ever feeling ashamed. This friendship is for real, not just a temerapy game. Unlike most people, you know what's deep inside, you know the real me, and in you, I can confide. I've never tru
Getting Married Contest
We are getting Married on May 2nd (in real life) . AND Want to celebrate it with all our friends and their friends So what we are doing is holding a contest. The person with the most comments over 10,000 in a week wins. Well we cant just let one person win so there will be 3 winners The prizes are as follows: 1st Place 7 day blast or One Month VIP or a Blingy Pack 2nd Place 3 day blast or a Blingy Pack 3rd Place 1 day blast THE RULES 1. NO DRAMA (you will be removed) 2. NO DOWNRATING will be tolerated 3. Must have a salute 4. Must self bomb and bombing families are allowed. Send me the link of the picture you want to use THE CONTESTS starts Thursday April 24th at 6 central time and will end Thursday May 1st at 6 central time. Make sure you send me a private email with the link Club FAR TEAM CPT--DSC--I.B.I.C.--FuAngels--Lollipop Gurlz Club Thanks ahead of time all
A Smile
smile something I haven't done in a long time so long I forgot how unit you now I smile a new smile a goofy smile a smile I cant fight off my face a smile I dont want to fight it away a smile I enjoy every second of a smile I never want to lose a smile because of you!
Gettin Married Contest
We are getting Married on May 2nd . AND Want to celebrate it with all our friends and their friends So what we are doing is holding a contest. The person with the most comments wins. Well we cant just let one person win so there will be 3 winners The prizes are as follows: 1st Place 7 day blast or One Month VIP or a Blingy Pack 2nd Place 3 day blast or a Blingy Pack 3rd Place 1 day blast THE RULES 1. NO DRAMA (you will be removed) 2. NO DOWNRATING will be tolerated 3. Must have a salute 4. Must self bomb and bombing families are allowed. Send me the link of the picture you want to use THE CONTESTS starts Thursday April 24th at 6 central time and will end Thursday May 1st at 6 central time. Make sure you send me a private email with the link Club FAR TEAM CPT--DSC--I.B.I.C.--FuAngels--Lollipop Gurlz Club Thanks ahead of time all
Smile Always
Smile man, smile! Always smile! Smile all life and smile in style; Smiling makes one unworried; And makes you happy and less tense. Let your smile be spontaneous; Smiling keeps body relaxed, And makes your mind fit and composed; Smile man, smile! Smile always! Smile from dawn to until dusk; Thats one way to beat lifes stress; Smile to all who come across; Smile man, smile! Smile always! Smile and get forever praise; It will help you pass your days; You will never feel malaise; Smile man, smile! Smile always! Four muscles help you to smile; Sixty-four help you to frown; Smile man smile! Smile all days! Smile man, smile! Smile always!
I Can't Live Without Your Smile
Smile at me for good morning - I cant live without your smile. Give me the morning blessing, Please, give me the little while. And smile at me for good night To make my night dreams come true, And smile at me by moonlight - Your smile is of great value Smile at me for all my life, Dont stint on your smile at me, And each day be nearby To make my days and nights sweet.
Psychotic Radio
PSYCHOTIC RADIO IS BACK WITH A VENGENCE... COME JOIN IN THE FUN. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN! WITH THESE LOUNGES: AND THESE SEXY, CRAZY, UNPREDICTABLE, DJ'S: DJ PSYCHO~trinas dong~SULTAN of the harem~fuhubby 2 DJS dark angel,kasey and nicci@ fubar DJ Dark Angel/fu-wifey to DJ psycho, DJ nicci and DJ kasey co-owner of the harem@ fubar DJ NICCI ~*~DIRTY BITCH CREW~*~SNAKESKINTA2 & SWEET REVENGE OWNER@ fubar ~DJ KASEY~DIRTY BITCH CREW~R/L G/F TO NICCI~CO-OWNER OF SWEET REVENGE~@ fubar DJ Brian ~BarStud for Jens BBW Fortress~Sonya's Fuhusband &R/L BF
See.. Told You I Was Disturbed
You Are Profoundly Disturbing You're weird, freaky, and maybe even a little psycho. You aren't just attracted to darkness - you thrive in it. Your interests are downright creepy, and you may even lack normal human empathy. While there's no harm in enjoying the macabre, remember to keep your vilest thoughts to yourself! Are You Disturbingly Profound or Profoundly Disturbing?
You Make Me Smile
You make me smile You make me smile whenever I see you You make me smile whenever I hear you voice You make me smile whenever you kiss me or cuddle me I felt warm and comfort just knowing you are on my side Every time I think of our memories its makes me smile Even though have few Thats what makes me smile
Gifs at
< ^ > A Smile Would Have Made My Day
A bouquet of flowers An expensive gift A lavish dinner Was there really a need for all this? I appreciate every efforts of yours, but Will it break your heart if I say, That even a Smile Would have made my day? A smile that says 'I love you' and 'I care'. A genuine smile to melt me A smile to take me to the stars A smile to make me all yours. For love has no measure, its a poison of pleasure. For love is not what money can buy, It's an emotion, an emotion that makes you laugh and cry. And I say this again, that I appreciate every effort of yours; But don't go breaking your heart, when I say That even a smile would have made my day. For you don't need to bother much, with you I will forever stay Because you've already taken my heart away. Your Smile has made My Day!
Love Is
What is love, Love can't see you and you can't see it Love is a sneaky thing I guess sort of slick Love can hurt and Love can heal Love can be born and Love can kill Love has won and Love has lost Love can catch and Love can toss Love can stand and Love can fall Love is small and Love is tall Love is right and Love is wrong Love is weak and Love is strong Love is up and Love is down Love can smile and Love can frown Love is good and Love can be bad Love is quite and Love can brag Love is a little and Love is a lot Love continues and Love stops Love can hope and Love can dream Love can talk and Love can sing Love can be a word or Love can be a ring Love can be nothing or Love can be everything So where is this thing we call Love I don't know the only real love we have comes from above...
Queensryche - Doubledoze ! Viedo Of Marty Kays Live On Drums' !! Queensryche- I Dont' Belive In Love & Eyes' Of A Stranger ! This One Does
French Cuisine Part One
Today, we're going to learn how to prepare a " croques-monsieurs " Type of dish: entry Nb of covers: 4 Preparation: 10 mn Cooking: 10 mn Budget: Economic Origin: Europe Difficulty: Easy Ingredients: 8 sandwich bread sections 8 sections of swiss cheese 0.22 lb of cheese grated 2 large sections of boiled ham butter 0.11 lb Pepper of the mill Nutmeg 4 milk teaspoons Receipt: Cut the ham sections to the same size as the bread. Made in the same way with the Swiss cheese sections. Butter the bread sections. On the bread section, lay out a section of ham and a cheese section. Pepper between each section. Put the last bread section and butter it. In a bowl, mix milk and the grated cheese. Sprinkle on toast. Put it on a baking dish in the oven at 260F (th7-8). Let cook for 10 minutes, good to eat with a salad.
Please Welcome.....
Just wanna say sorry I have not been around much, I have been sick and just laying low. If anyone needs anything please leave me a message and I will get back to you ASAP. I want to take the time to welcome our newest DIVAS. First we have BabyGirl Dj~ ~~*BABYGIRL DJ ~~*OFFICIAL HOT MOMMA'S CLUB MEMBER~~*THE FREE STYLE DREAM TEAM BOMBER~@ fubar Second we have Peekaboo~ .ஞPeekabooஞ@ fubar PLEASE take the time and welcome these new DIVAS to Dylons Diva Mafia. Hope you all have a great week!! Peace and Love~ MsMaine & Dylon {The Godfather}
Stolen From drew Owned By Violets & Tywebb
Your Autobiography Part 1: The Birth of You: Were you a planned baby?: don't think so...i was born 1 year and 1 month after my parents married Were you the first?: yes Who was present at your birth? my mom and the doctor and his staff...i'm so old that nobody could go in with the mother WAY BACK THEN Were your parents married when you were born?:yes What is your birthdate?: 05/06/1963 Part 2: The Family How would you describe your family?: very loving...i'm of course the black sheep Siblings or an only child?: 2 sisters and 1 brother and 2 step sisters If you have siblings are you oldest, middle, or youngest?: oldest What are your siblings names and ages?: Angie - 42 Gretchen - 41 Russ - 37 Amanda - 36 Merry Love - 26 Which parent do you get along with best?:My mother What do you fight about?: we try not to fight Do you have step parents?: yes Part 3: The Friends Do you have more than one best friend?:Yes Who are your best fr
My World, Today.
"im talking bout things that i know...." Current mood: confident the other post was from early march, when my heart was breaking and my life seemed in shambles. you need that to understand my words today... there's a saying that when a door closes, God opens a window. i've had a lot of doors close on me this year and last, people that have turned their backs on me when i called them friend and forever. i admit i've turned my back in turn, to protect myself and to keep from being made a fool again. i have worked hard over these past years to find my happiness in me, and so easily did i let people take that away and in turn starting shutting others out, never letting friend or love get close enough to me to count. i got used to feeling alone, and preferred it. when those doors closed on me lately, i think i started changing right then. it took being broken by those i thought i could count on for me to see what my true worth is/was. i'm mad cuz i'm back to that place
2 Dealerships
Okay so this event has grown at an alarming rate over the last 3 years. This year I am working for the hosting dealer, Roeder Harley Davidson. The problem is that I work in the old Dealership and the majority of the activities happen in the new big pretty dealership in Sandusky, Ohio. The event is typical of the big bike weeks like Daytona and Myrtel but here we can actually get around and do some riding so I think it is better. We here at the old dealership are trying to get people to come and see us. The ride from the new to the old is only about 20 minutes, but the reason to come out this way is what we need. So I guess I want some fubar responce to let me know why you would take the 20 minute ride if you were here. What type of event or draw would you like to come to. Please give any idea you can think of so we can be busy too, or better yet just come and visit me here.
Stolen From Iced Again Oh Noes
A - Available: no A - Age: 31 A - Annoyance: ppl who try to make you believe what they do because they don't like what you think B - Bestest Friend[s]: Meg and Lewis B - Birthday: July 28 C - Crush: they know C - Car: 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo C - Candy: gum D - Day or night: both D - Dream Car: 68 Shelby Cobra fastback *drools* E- Easiest person to talk to?: myself lol F - Favorite Month: any in the winter F - Favorite color(s): green F - Favorite Memory: the boys being born G - Gummy Bears or Worms: eew and eeewer G - Giver or taker: idk...but my opinion is i am a giver H - Hair Color: brown H - Height: pocket sized according to lewis lol 5'3 H - Happy: most of the time :) I - Ice Cream: chocolate I - Instrument: drums...i am all about a drumline J - Jewelry: nada J - Job: Financial Coordinator for a Synagogue J - Jail: not thinking I wanna go anytime soon thanks K - Kids: 2 Jacob Daniel(12) and Kaleb Alexander (11) K - Kickboxing or K
Here We Go Again...
RFBs Bi-Weekly Photo Blog Caption It Done deal! I will start back NEXT WEEK!!! Tell your friends! The more people who participate the more fun it is. Please and thank you. xo (Start sending in your pictures and I will feature them in a round of "Caption It") I will be doing these bi-weekly now so keep an eye out! The name of the game is Caption It and the rules are simple. 1. Check out this blog twice a week for a new photo and hysterical captions. 2. Comment with a caption of your own! (As many as you would like!) You could caption the photo in general or quote the person/people in it. (rude, funny, gross, sarcastic, political etc ANYTHING GOES!) I will be making this blog NSFW so post whatever you like. 3. Have fun!!! If I can get enough people into it I will start awarding gifts for the best caption every week as voted on by the blog participants.
Crossfade, "breathing Slowly"
Who am I to save you, To try and tame you, And now that you are free of me, But next time when you break down, Is it me you'll take down, With you on your knees? So who was I to hurt you, To desert you, When you needed me there, So now that you've learned to hate me, You're finally set free, I fall to my knees, And I'm breathing slowly, Like you said to do when you had lost control, My head spins from God's wind, That carries you away from me, Looks like you got away from me, This time, For good... And since those days have passed me by, I'm in and out of life, The way you used to be, You know I always was the strong one, But now I've come undone, Sweet Release...(come to me) And I'm breathing slowly, Like you said to do when you had lost control, My head spins from God's wind, That carries you away from me, Looks like you got away from me, This time, You got away from me oh yea, You got away for good...
Symphony Of Death
Blissful pain shall set me free Logical Intentions cause decree Blind kings sit on thrones of glass Shattered by stones of redemptions mass Blood curdles beneath elastic skin Making me more human then Ive ever been A slithering serpent my savior he is Mourning my death forever Im his The devils advocate he claims to be Like a scream of lost in a forest of one tree Are my words irrelevant and haze you so? So that you scratch your head and cry in woe Is it fair that these words lack to represent The pain Ive encountered through lack of merriment If so then I have done my task Of allowing a dazzled prince to in my blood bask Now I smile in my hand a broken cask Drinking of your confusion, I hide behind this mask
April Poem-a-day Challenge Day 22
April Poem-A-Day Challenge Today's prompt: "Write a nature poem. This can about how much you love or hate nature. It can be optimistic or not so. You can write about global warming or about that time when a deer walked up so close you could almost pet it. I'll leave the specifics up to you, but it should be about nature." I decided to be lazy and wrote a haiku. The mercury soars, tourist sightings have begun. The days grow longer.
she still keeps his sweatshirt a scent from the past that echoes neatly-- her ears ringing from his promises, her lips still tingle from kisses so sweetly shes loved him so long in those secrets places of her heart her mind still circles painfully, Six years and her worlds still torn apart. all this time and shes been lost never once giving up on love and letting go then one day shes waking up... the years have gone by and shes nothing to show love becomes just another word, no vacancies, just emptiness without a home its sad, cuz well live to regret it, its getting old to still be waking up alone. she still keeps his sweatshirt, falling asleep surrounded by a piece of sad this isnt the way it was supposed to go... the best weve never had. -me (march2008)
Just Being Informative
Bed bugs can live in your new mattress Bed bugs are in bedrooms, hotel rooms, dorm rooms -- but they may also be lurking in mattresses you buy at the store. TRANSCRIPT By Victoria Corderi Correspondent NBC News updated 11:03 a.m. ET, Tues., April. 22, 2008 This story originally aired Dateline NBC on April 20, 2008. BROOKLYN - After decades in obscurity, bedbugs have returned to the United States to take up residence in a place where they can live long-term, rent-free and have all the food they need -- in mattresses all over the country. "I would say it's spinning out of control," says veteran entomologist Rick Cooper. Cooper hadn't even seen a live bedbug until 1999. Since then, treating them has become almost a full time job for his company, Cooper Pest Management in northern New Jersey. His colleague Jeff White says these small, blood-sucking pests sneak out during the night, feed, and then retreat. Sometimes the only evidence they leave behind are hideous welt
sorry to all my friends . i have been off for a while because i had surgery but will be back in short burst till i fully recover
Tito Fernndez - La Casa Nueva
Why Can't This Be Me?
MOONLIGHT MADNESS The sun was beginning to set and I still had not met up with Kerrie. We were suppose to meet at the creek at the bottom of the ridge two hours ago. I was hopeful she would show up and I was quite some distance into the woods. Now my hope began to fade as I was leery she wouldnt come tonight, and I didnt bring my cell with me so I had no way to confirm this. This isnt the first time she had gotten side tracked and stood me up. She is my very best girlfriend and I could forgive her anything and wouldnt trade her for the world. We have been comrades in crime for a very long time and knew each other well. Camping alone in these woods was nothing new for me. Besides I sat straddled on my best stud horse and I had Zeke, my overprotective Border collie at my side. I think I was quite safe. There wasnt a cloud in the sky and the moon was already up and it was full, bright and majestic. It looked like a huge shining jewel pasted against a royal blue drape held in
Thieved From Iced
Your Autobiography Part 1: The Birth of You: Were you a planned baby?: yes Were you the first?: yes and only Who was present at your birth?: mom and dad for a while...36 hours is a long time to be in a birthing room lol Were your parents married when you were born?:yes What is your birthdate?: 7/28/1976 gawd im old Part 2: The Family How would you describe your family?: be nice although my mommy is awesomely fantasterific ... I ♥ Her Siblings or an only child?: 2 Stepsisters (I fell right smack dab in the yeah the step and the middle yay me) If you have siblings are you oldest, middle, or youngest?: middle and step ^ ^ ^ see ? above What are your siblings names and ages?: Jaime 29 Leigh 33 Which parent do you get along with best?: mommy Wat do you fight about?: not much Do you have step parents?: yes Part 3: The Friends Do you have more than one best friend?: no Who are your best friends?: meg What
I sit and wait does an angel contemplate my fate and do they know the places where we go when we're grey and old 'cos I've been told that salvation lets their wings unfold so when I'm lying in my bed thoughts running through my head and I feel that love is dead I'm loving angels instead CHORUS: And through it all she offers me protection a lot of love and affection whether I'm right or wrong and down the waterfall wherever it may take me I know that life won't break me when I come to call she won't forsake me I'm loving angels instead When I'm feeling weak and my pain walks down a one way street I look above and I know I'll always be blessed with love and as the feeling grows she breathes flesh to my bones and when love is dead I'm loving angels instead Chorus x 2
Lmao... Ya Think?!?!
"You should enhance your feminine side at this time" *snortz* Is there a reason I got this one right after I started softball practice?!?!?
On Request :-)
Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Women #12 And 35
Making A Trip To Connecticut To Find Matt
well I decided I am going to find him. He was last seen in Jewett City so I'm going there first. The only thing is his uncle who lives in Danielson keeps hitting on me.I have his number and IM and he is now saying things like, "I like you, you keep going until you get what you want." HELL YEAH. I do. But then he wants to send me pics n' shit. He has Matt's eyes but he is chunky like. I'm disgusted. I could be his granddaughter or daughter! but then....I am a yeah..if Matt doesn't come through I might as well get it on with someone who ls related to him. I'll moan Matt's name when I get my tight pussy banged. I'll even make Milton wear fucking clown paint and growl n' shit hahahaha... But that is the last thing. but that is only if I don't find him. Damn I am so horny right now. I only got horny b/c of my stupid fantasies. I can't get them out of my head. Daddy's little slut....omg...listen to me...Daddy's little girl gone wild...."FILF" "father, I like to fuck." ahahahah
A Messasge And Thought
A message of peace, When mankind begins to understand, we will learn to love as a child loves, and when this love is understood there will be everlasting peace. unknown
Joe Cocker "lets Go Get Stoned"
What Happin To Me
I know a lot of u want to know where i been. My House was brakin in to march 30,2008 My laptop and a lot of other stuff was takin. SO as of right now i am not on. I well be back as soon as i get a new lap top. I miss you all and i cant wite to be back on here. Take care all.
To All My Friends....
Joe Cocker - I Put A Spell On You
I'v Got A Job Now!
I'v been waiting for a call back for this job I had an interview a couple Thurdays ago....I thought it was going to be a lost cause till yesterday evening...they called me and set up orientation for wednesday at 10a.m.! so now im not going to be a broke hooker anymore! lmao!
Christy Moore ,the Raggy Taggy Gypsy
What is your name?: keith How old are you?: 33 When is your Birthday?: june 27 What is your zodiac sign?: cancer Where were you born?: kansas Where do you live now?: kansas What color eyes do you have?: hazel What color hair do you have?: hair? How tall are you?: 5' 11" How much do you weigh? (Be Honest Ladies): 155 What is your race?: human What is your worst fear?: i had a re-curring nightmare that lasted throughout my childhood. the thought of it still scares me. i can't describe it with words. Do you smoke?: no longer Do you drink?: beer - as often as possible. but i rarely get drunk. Do you cuss?: only at work Do you use drugs?: once upon a time Have you ever or will you ever steal?: when i was a kid Are you dependable and/or trustworthy?: am i suspect? Do you play in a band or play an instrument?: brass and (somewhat) guitar Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?: 2 tattoos, 4 piercings If you had a favorite serial
I Dunno Man, But, See It Never Phased Me...
Kid Rock with the lyric... How is everyone? I hope this finds y'all well. I have a few things to say so, let it now be on like Donkey Kong! I was origianally gonna take y'all to school with this one but, a very wise friend whom I trus with my life showed me that might not be a good idea. Schooling you guys on the do's and don't of words used to discribe a disabled person would just be overkill and wouldn't help the situation any. Thanks Tiff! So, I found out Jeremy's radio show is now on 12-4 monday - Saturday. This excites me because it gives me a reason to get up early and have a somewhat normal sleep pattren. By the way, you can listen to purrfect sin radio by clicking this link. Also, check out the DJ schedule to hear all the great DJ's on staff. Every request is played so stop by and see why I no lomger listen to regular radio! The request line on yahoo is djrequestpurrfectsin. Add and enjoy! People can write you off, leave you for dead, and tell you you're n
Judgement Day
Over the many years of my life I have heard this expression said I am not afraid of dying But only that of being dead As I lay here in my discomfort The end has finally come for me I can see my world slipping away No more lonely feeling can there be My loved ones are around my bed Words of comfort to me they bring Reliving memories of them each My heart opens wide my love to sing I will take my final breath now No more pain do I want them to bare Rejoice in that we had our times together With all the memories we will ever share I close my eyes one last time now One final breath I take in deep I ask the Lord to take me fast My soul in his garden I ask him to keep No more pain do I now feel As I know my life is now done No more do I hear the loved ones around me In my memories now they will live on I feel my soul rising from where I lay My last journey I will now make this day From the living to the heavens above Many before have traveled this way I see the
A Picture Of Where We Knew Each Other
to the left of the house was my room and the way right was his. we used to play with water guns and he had a goal set in mind. lol. it was funny and absolutely erotic for me. But we were friends..none the less.
Caught In Between
I've got no one to talk to so I'm writing this to get stuff off my chest because I feel so many emotions running through me all at once. I recently found out that someone I view as a nephew,I love as family did something or may have been part of something he should'nt have been involved with,that being said he's given people he respects and knows his word that it's not what it appears to be and with that I will believe him because he's never lied to me before. I'm disappointed in his actions after the said event occured,he could have notified people but he did'nt,I've had to worry about that in the back of my head for a few weeks now,people asking me on here about him,calling me at work,I don't know I'm just frustrated by the whole thing and because of this I've taken time away from someone that I honestly tried to keep time for,I just feel that I'm being pulled in two different directions with my life at times in that regard,it's like I feel it's either 100% commital to one end or the
The Perfect Date( Written By:fumaster Poet)
She breathed in deeply of Patchouli oil leaning back in the tub. Her eyes were closed and her muscles began to relax. Tonight was the night she thought to herself and she wanted it to be perfect. She ran her hand up to her breast caressing it absent mindedly as her mind wandered on what tonight would entail. She pinched her nipple smiling at the delicious sensation it caused. She imagined it was his hands that rubbed over her body. His hands that slipped over her abdomen and lower. Her eyes closed as her fingers found her warmth. Her breathing began to accelerate and her body heat rose. She slipped a finger inside herself stroking in and out in even thrusts. Her hips began to move in time with her fingers which in turn began moving faster. She could see him doing this to her. Her fantasy so intense it bordered on reality. She located her g-spot and began pressing and releasing. Her lips parted as she drew in her breath sharply. Then moan escaped her lips as her free hand began care
The Matt I Remembered Intimate Details♥
Taking the time to go into the past into the stars you were special to me what did I do to be denied and left alone? I thought what we had was strong I guess I am a naive bitch and I am wrong I'll bleed out for you, cut my wrist throw myself away; forget you and realize you were never mine it was a moment in the past, a moment in time when you kissed me don't forget it was you who had it were anxious but it was lovely yet...don't you remember what I wearing when you reached for me? I had clothes on but you wanted them off..I told you no we might get caught. you shrugged your shoulders and pushed me on the fridge kissing...kissing it lead to your bulge...a word you taught me I'll never forget.. boner..yes it was strong firmly against MY THROBBING PUSSY..HOW YOU WANTED IT IN...but I wasn't told me you were a freak..and you were coming in. I was yours and this was my sin. I was so wet...and ready for you...never happened because were caught.. w
Ok so I'm going to be as nice as I can, because I really like this website. Lately I've been getting a few nasty people who think that just because they're on FUBAR I automaticly have to rate them a 10. I know that the point of Fubar is to make friends. I also know that not EVRY1 will be my friend and I'm fine with that. If I rate your picture lower than a 10 it's not because I'm a bitch or want to offend you, it's because that what I felt you deserved based on the picture that came up in the ratings game. Dont be offended, evry1 has different ideas of what attractive is. Not every1 finds me attractive, but I'm not on here crying about it. Move on! Get a life! Leave me the hell alone. I dont lie, nor am I a kiss ass, so if you dont derserve a 10 I'm not giving it! Get over it. If it's that big of a deal maybe you should get Fubar to put a skip button in the ratings game so I can skip you and comment on someone who deserves a 10. Then you can be happy and keep your high school mentality
Naughty Application
"!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!! Your Name: Age: Location: 1.Favorite position: 2.Do you think I'm cute?. 3.Would you have sex with me? 4.lights on or off? 5.Would you have to be drunk? 6. Would you take a shower with me? 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 10.Condom or skin? 11.Have sex on the first date? 12.Would you kiss me during sex 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? 14.Would you use me as a booty call? 15.Can I use you as a booty call? 16.Can we take pictures of the act? 17.How long would we have sex? 18.Would you tell your friends about me? 19.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 20. Will you fill this out & send it back to me?"
I Do It!
This weekend I got to watch our kids Sarah and Jeffrey by myself. Martha went with her sisters Mary and Margaret to a bowling tournament in Bismarck, and always willing to welcome guests as I am, I invited Margarets kids to stay with us Saturday night. It works out great when they do; the oldest girl Breanna loves giving baths and she bathes Sarah and her sister Josceline without being asked to do it. And Sarah doesnt need much of an excuse to take a bath because she seems to be growing gills Breanna even bathed Jeffrey! Not that Im not willing, by any means. As Marthas told me a couple of times when Im really in doubt, Im the only male in the immediate family wholl even offer to change diapers or give baths, etc. Her dad never did for her and her sisters, and as far as she knows my brother-in-law never did for his two boys. I thought thats part of what a dad was supposed to do! Maybe I feel unappreciated sometimes and Im a little too vocal about it, but Im getting
A Keeper
A Keeper Their marriage was good, their dreams focused. Their best friends lived barely a wave away. I can see them now, Dad in trousers, work shirt and a hat; and Mom in a house dress, lawn mower in one hand, and dish-towel in the other. It was the time for fixing things: a curtain rod, the kitchen radio, screen door, the oven door, the hem in a dress. Things we keep. It was a way of life, and sometimes it made me crazy. All that re-fixing, re-heating leftovers, renewing; I wanted just once to be wasteful. Waste meant affluence. Throwing things away meant you knew there'd always be more. But when my mother died, and I was standing in that clear morning light in the warmth of the hospital room, I was struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't any more. Sometimes, what we care about most gets all used up and goes away...never to return. So... While we have it, it's best we love it... And care for it... And fix it when it's broken... And heal it when it's s
My Wishes For You
These Are My Wishes For You May you find serenity and tranquility in a world you may not always understand. May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with courage and optimism. Always know that there are those whose love and understanding will always be there, even when you feel most alone. May a kind word, a reassuring touch, and a warm smile be yours every day of your life, and may you give these gifts as well as receive them. May the teachings of those you admire become part of you, so that you may call upon them. Remember, those whose lives you have touched and who have touched yours are always a part of you, even if the encounters were less than you would have wished. It is the content of the encounter that is more important than its form. May you not become too concerned with material matters, but instead place immeasurable value on the goodness in y
Learning Karokie :p
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Another Pointless Day
The sun rose as the clouds built Possible rain to wash the fears Cold, dreary Blank grey Skies of bland crystals Denied abilities to shine. Voided blackened swirls and no electricity unwind Pronouncing life.
Without You
Life Is Good.....right?
It is Tuesday and I just got done doing sales tax while my friend took a walk with her son. I am going to pick them up in a little bit and then we are going to have lunch. I thought I would sneak on here real fast before I head off again. Lots has been going on. Some good, some....not so good. I just wish my son would get it. Get that he is hurting himself by doing bad in school. We went to my friends Dad's memorial last Sunday. It was a little emotional and a lot of people showed up! People I have not seen for like 20-30 years! It was great seeing my absolute favorite teacher there. Mr. Mendle was my 5th grade teacher and he was the best! Loved him. He walked up to me and said, "you must be Cristi Rinearson!" (my maiden name) I have not seen him in a good 20 years. It was so good seeing all those people. An old friend gave the greatest Speech about my friends Dad and it just summed it all up perfectly. Now, Tricia and her son are staying with is although we ar
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My Favorite Books
These are all my favorite books... These books have helped me in more ways then one... All the books I've read are good... But these are my Favorites... To read more books that help go to my myspace Go to my Photos Under Album Books... A wonderful Book about Dreams, Coincidence and Imagination...By Robert Moss For More Info. Click Here This book is like the Angels, Jesus, God and my Spiruitual Guide sending me numbers through sequences. For More Info. Click Here The Bible I started reading again in Aug. 2007. I read 2-3 chapters a day. Do what feels best to you. Also has a movie I reccomend to watch. It shows you the differant stages you go through. For More Info. Click Here The Bible is based on numbers GOD has for us to learn from.. For More Info. Click Here This bo
The Moving Process
OK everyone has been asking HOW the move went welllllllllllll where do I start lol. First of all we had planned to leave Wed. afternoon it was FINALLY Thurs. morning at 12:15 am before we finally were loaded and left. We stopped at 4:30 am to the surprise that the tarp over the bed of the truck was totally shredded. Once we got up stopped and bought another tarp. THOUGHT we had it tied down perfectly BUT guess what within just a few miles it was totally shredded too. Stopped and bought duct tape but that didn't work either. Eventually bought 2 tie downs and yes once again ANOTHER tarp. FINALLY we had everything tarped and tied down properly and were actually able to drive on the expressway and shock AT the speed limit. What a birthday present :(. It took us as long as whole trip should have been JUST to get out of the state of IL :(. Our total driving time was about 23 hours :(. Have to go back to IL still have enough stuff to fill a 16 foot truck and get it down here. Between th
Cell Phone
i am in need of someone helping me pay my cell bill for this month only can someone help me
Have We Run Out Of Cheesy Pick Up Lines?
axelq2: whatever occupies your time ->axelq2: thanks for the blog material axelq2: forget it. bye. ->axelq2: wtf?? what does that so for you? axelq2: not trying to get to your husband's dick. did not ask for his size, did I? Ultimately wanted to know if he cums on you at all. ->axelq2: why do men ask me about my husband's dick?? if you're gay, that's cool, but you don't need to act like you're straight just to get to my hubby's dick axelq2: ok, does your husband do that? ->axelq2: I have a husband, not a bf axelq2: bf put his tool between them a lot? ->axelq2: thanks axelq2: nice chest
Why Ppl Are 2 Faced
just a small rant, but i have to get this out in the open... in this lifes journey i realize ppl cross paths... and we learn positive lessons and negative lessons... but honestly... if a person has something to say to me or about me at least have the balls to say it to my face... dont act like a friend...avoid me for months...then pop back up again cuz i r jelous for what ever reason... dont be the pansy foot work for a "friend either" come on...grow up
Off And On
I am not on here as much as I used to be.I will rate as I can. Things have gotten busy here and I have much to plan and take care of. Take Care. Talk soon. Some I will see soon...YAY!!!!!!! Cheryl.....Sweet Addiction :)
Mr. Perfect
I have decided to give up looking for him for now. It seems like all I ever find are assholes and insensitive pricks. It sucks; I'm not even looking for the perfect guy. Just the one I feel is perfect for me. I gave the nice guy a shot and he pissed me off to no fucking end. Im just fuming over that still. I got over the fact he has some sort of sick panty fetish (who doesn't like a little kinkiness right?)and the fact he isnt what I usually consider my type. Just to get some guy thinking he's a wanna be pimp. I get my hopes up that I'm going to meet someone fun, interesting, intelligent, capable of holding a conversation...but alas I find none of the above. What gets me is Im not even one of those money hungry, looks are everything bitches. I treat my man with respect; give as much love as I get most of the time I give more actually but noooo. I am smart, work and don't need a man for his money, just a man who can be a man who can be himself and not some asshat loser. I wonder some
Harry Potter 6 Peek
Omg This Is The Best Gift Ever I Love U Wet Ty Ty Xoxo
This is the story of my lil vacation with Sherry and Cubby Well, I get there and me and Sherry go out for a nice dinner and a few drinks,,,,,word of advice here,,,,NEVER let Sherry drink in public,,,OMG,,,she will embarrass you so bad After dinner we had fun playing piggy back rides and laughed like hell Well, then she wanted to show me around where she lives and she took me to the main town attraction LOL Then I hear a weird giggle and saw her bag move,,,,low and behold, she brought Cubby with her He wanted out of his bag, he said he had to use the bathroom, so she let him go. Well, it was taking him forever,,we started knocking on the bathroom door but all we heard were his weird lil giggles, so we busted the door down and look what we found,,,,,I swear, you can't let him go anywhere alone
Remember Me?
Do You remember Me? Like I remember You? Do you spend your life going back in your mind to that time? Because I, I walk the streets alone I hate being on my own and everyone can see that I really fell and I'm going through Hell Thinking about You with somebody else Somebody wants You Somebody needs You Somebody dreams about you every single night Somebody hopes that one day You will see That Somebody's Me How could we go wrong It was so good and now it's gone and I pray at night that our paths will cross and what we had isn't Lost Cuz you're always right here in my thoughts You'll always be in my Life Even if I'm not in your Life Cuz you're in my Memory You, Will you remember Me?
want to meet people
"you're It"
This is really very simple and can be alot of fun. Once you have been Tagged you write down a blog of 10 interesting, radom,weird, fantacy or hadits about yourself. At the end choose 5 to 7 friends to be "tagged" by listing their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment on their profile "You're It" And to have them read your blog. 1 LOVE SUMMER TIME 2 I am on the shy side. 3 Many times I speak before thinking can often get myself in to trouble. 4 Never been married but have 2 boys 10 years apart! 5 Could live in Flip Flops, bathing suit and live on the beach 6 I think I am in love with someone I have known for 4 years but only met once for 3 hours. 7 Hate to be ingored. 8 I am a cousin to Abraham Lincon 9 I have been very blessed by the Lord to live Just One More Day. 10 Love Tattoos and Motorcycles..... I tag, Lord Raven,Headhunter's,Candy,Billy449, Jeep Man, Fireman,and Gone
Come Welcome Back Djwicca In The Sixth Sense
Support Our Troops On Red Friday!!!
Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together. After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. No, he responded. Heading out I asked? No. I'm escorting a soldier home. Going to pick him up? No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq ; I'm taking him home to his family. The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn't know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier's family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do. Upon landing in Chicago the pilot stopped short of the gate and made the follow
Here's a quote from the Terms of Service, paragraph 5, about our policy on dealing with posts with racist overtones: ... reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action in its sole discretion against anyone who violates this provision, including without limitation, removing the offending communication from the Service and terminating the membership of such violators. Prohibited Content includes Content that: i. is patently offensive and promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual... It shouldn't even have to be said on a website where the membership is from very diverse backgrounds. That said... At this time, we have 32 bouncers (33 if you count "fubar support"). What is it about the thought process behind some members that makes them believe it's perfectly okay to report all racism issues to me, directly? Let's examine a shoutbox conversation witih one such socio-butterfly. Her:
Ive Been Washed Up, Ive Been Put Down, And Told Im No Good
M-Pact and Rockapella with the lyrical content...the latter is actually cover of the former... There's a reason I am writing this blog as I am on the air. I played the above song about 15-20 minutes ago, and, like it did to my bro Mikey, it got me thinking. People have told me I am nothing, that I'm no good...but I know better. I'm a great person, nobody is gonna tell me I can't do something, because I am gonna do my damnedest to prove them wrong. And then I played Rascal Flatts - Life is a Highway...and then I went deep on everybody on the radio. Fact is, life IS a highway, and when you're on it, you gotta stay on it! So there's my deep thought of the day...have a good one all!
Dieting Diary V1.0
Well, its not like anyone reads these things but I feel better writting stuff out. I went hiking Sunday with a few girls. I know I am a big girl, but I really didn't realize how out of shape I was until I tried to hike up all these stairs at Starved Rock. So that was my motovation to start getting into shape and making myself healthy again. I am sick of being that fat chick that none of the guys want to date. Maybe thats why I am still single. I don't know. And don't think I am doing this just because society says I should be skinny. I am doing it for myself, to make myself feel better. I am just sick of being so over weight. I meet guys and they seem to not want to talk to me after they meet me for the first time (aside from one so far). Am I that fat and disgusting? I would like to think that I am not, but maybe, just maybe I am. I just don't feel good about myself anymore. It makes me depressed to think about it really, that people can only judge me by the way I look.
Help Me Out!!
If You Can't See Them
you can't rate peeve...
Queensryche Live ! Welcome To The Machine ! New Cd! Take Cover !
Love Or's Written All Over Your Face...right?
Okay I was doing some reading the other day and found this....I have my own opinions on this but I really want to know what you think. Do you have a love face or lust face? Posted by Ria Ever wondered why you get hit on by guys who just want some hit and run? Or women just want to have a one night stand with you? Here is the answer You have a lust face! Apparently, facial features tell whether you are looking for love or lust. If you are looking for a one nighter, then quit trying too hard coz it might just be written all over your face. According to a recent study by by U.K. researchers, one can tell just by looking at someones face whether theyre interested in casual sex or long-term commitment. And something that may not come as a surprise to you is: women have a propensity to be more drawn to the guys who look like real boyfriend material, while men are attracted to faces that scream ONE NIGHT STAND. The researchers created combined images of college student
Today On World Rock Radio
Click banner to enter lounge WRR PIMPOUT OF THE WEEK: ROCK ANGEL has until Sunday at Midnight EST to join the World Rock Radio Lounge for 20,000 fubux!!! If you know Rock Angel, make sure you join the lounge & tell her about this bulletin. When she joins before Sunday at Midnight EST and let's us know you sent her, she gets 20,000 fubux & you receive 5000 fubux!!! 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at jrmoose75 Click banner to visit Moose's MySpace page! 2:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at mystic_druid_777 Click banner to visit Mystic's MySpace page! 4:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at rockin_rebel65 Click banner to visit Rebel's MySpace page! 10:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at anthraxbio Click banner to visit Evil's MySpace page! 12:00AM EST (Midnight) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at krayzeecreeme
Updates For Tuesday 4/22
Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone! Profile of the Week: crazybitch83''MEMBER OF DEMON CREW''Drop by her page and show her some love! She needs 2K to level. If Crystal levels and you would like to help others also level. Please visit my blog at and start working on everyone else. I have them in order from fewest points needed to most. I will also update it each morning. We also have an unofficial contest going on at the moment. Scooter is in my contest where the top prize is a 30 Day Blast or a 3 Month VIP Since round 2 of the Battle of the Sexes has not started yet please help them out with some comments as much as possible! These are Unofficial contests/giveaways so you are not obligated to, but it would be nice. Please welcome our newest member.... Mystic Wolf Woman(Demon Crew)~CLUB F.A.R.~@Dylon's Diva Mafia @(Fu-Angel)[Lollipop Gurlz Club]Make sure you drop by and welcome her to the family if you have not done so a
If Iclosed My Eyes............
If I closed my eyes, would my heart stop breaking letting me love again. If I closed my eyes, would it ease the pain, would i feel free again. If I closed my eyes, would my dreams be for real or just another fantasy in my head. If I closed my eyes ,in the darkness would I see my future before me or would my past forever haunt me .. If I closed my eyes , would all my sorrow and pain go away. If I close my eyes, sometimes I wonder if I'd be better off not opening them again.......
Point Of View
A thought that was coursing through my mind last night like cars on a Nascar race track was Point-of-View. I like to fancy myself as an objective person that is able to remove emotion from a situation, not to hard since I am a guy, and put myself in the other persons shoes. I got to thinking that this is a fallacy. That it is not possible to truly see through another persons eyes. That would require you to have the mind, genetics, and experiences of that other person and completely void your own. Even knowing every intimate detail of the other person would still not give an accurate vision of the other persons thoughts because they would always become muddled with your own. So does this become a futile attempt or is it like that Christmas present of socks that you get from your parents of Its the thought that counts? It seems to me that trying to add point-of-views to a situation creates more depth. Starting with two points, your personal POV and the situation, and drawi
Life Rules Lol
There are two sides to every divorce: Yours and the Shithead's. > >2. The closest I ever got to a 4.0 in college was my blood alcohol content.. > >3. I live in my own little world but it's OK, everyone knows me here. > >4. I saw a rather large woman wearing a sweatshirt with 'Guess' on it. I said, "Thyroid problem?" > >5. I don't do drugs 'cause I find I get the same effect just by standing up really fast. > >6. A sign In a Chinese Pet Store: "Buy one dog, get one flea." > >7. Money can't buy happiness but it sure makes misery easier to live with. > >8. I got a sweater for Christmas. I really wanted a screamer or a moaner. > >9. If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the "terminal"? > >10. I don't approve ofpolitical jokes. I've seen too many of them get elected. > >11 The most precious thing we have is life, yet it has absolutely no trade-in value. > >12. If life deals you lemons, make lemonade. If life deals you to
Want To Meet New People
looking forward to meeting new friends on Fubar. If you are wanting the same thing add me so we can chat.
For All Military And Their Families
Best graphics, layouts, and more for your profiles! Click Here!
New Here
Hello fellow bar goer's I'm new to this so please be kind and gentel up till I know you better then you can be ruff
Now Wtf?
so I'm going through, returning pic rates, come across this lady who has one of those little fan/rate/add flashing I do. rate a few of her pics, she rates a few of mine, then I get this message from her: nice meetin ya hun...ur private closed album worries me a lil..also the fact u seem to know a lot about the net an how to do things...if ya know wut i mean..which im sure u do.. I try to message her back...she BLOCKED me...WTF? LMAO
Jann Arden - I'd Die For You
Ive never seen this kind of love The kind that wont wash away And then leave you in the dark I would die for you I would die for you I would die for you Ive never kissed a sweeter mouth Ive never been swept away Its what dreams are made up of Dont you know I could not survive Without you in my life I would die for you I would die for you I would die for you Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ya ya Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ya ya Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ya ya Yeah yeah yeah Ive never seen this kind of love The kind that wont slip away Yes Im soaring thru your heart Dont you know I could not survive Without you in my life I would die for you I would die for you I would die for you Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ya ya Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ya ya Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ya ya Yeah yeah yeah I would die for you I would die for you I would die for you
Holy Prostitutes.... Lol
Holy Prostitutes A man is driving down a deserted stretch of highway when he notices a sign out of the corner of his eye....It reads: SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION 10 MILES He thinks this is a figment of his imagination and drives on without second thought....Soon he sees another sign which reads: SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION 5 MILES Suddenly he begins to realize that these signs are for real and drives past a third sign saying: SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION NEXT RIGHT His curiosity gets the best of him and he pulls into the drive. On the far side of the parking lot is a stone building with a small sign next to the door reading: SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS He climbs the steps and rings the bell. The door is answered by a nun in a long black habit who asks, "What may we do for you my son?" He answe
This Keeps Getting Better And Better Like An Orgasm..slowly Seeping Thorugh My Skull
I went looking for this "guy" I knew from back in the day like 96 I think. Well we were in the foster care system together. And well I thought I found him. We were good friends...but feelings were there. I felt a connection with him that I didn't feel with anyone else. Well....I was told by his girlfriend that it wasn't him and basically he said the same thing. I felt doomed. I didn't understand why he was denying me. Well I thought..maybe he is diguising himself from me...hiding in a dark cloak...wanting to feed on his desires in the most meaning way...well anyway I decided to investigate and look for the real "guy" he had a record! and is on the run. GRRRRRRR..... back to square one.
An Alphabet Of Me
A] - available? HELL NA I AM HAPPILY MARRIED B] - birthday? NOVEMBER 22 C] - crushing? UH DUH YEAH ON MY HUBBY D] - drink you last had? LEMONAIDE E] - easiest person to talk to? MY HUBBY F] - favorite color(s)? BLUE G] - gummy bears or gummy worms? GUMMY BEARS I GUESS H] - HOMETOWN? logan ohio I] - favorite ice cream? mmmmm chocolate i wouild say J] - a word/phrase you say very often? shut up bitch K] - killed someone? in my mind.....of course L] - lime or lemonade? lemonaide M] - money or love? money is just an object..i gotta say my love for my family N] - number of siblings? 2 sisters O] - one wish? a new house P] - person who you last commented? i cant remember Q] - quiet? not all the time R] - reason to smile? my kids and family S] - song you last heard? i dont have a clue T] - time you wok
Dp Tag 1
Who Will Run Our Country
It is interesting and remarkable to hear everyone's views and comments on who is runnning this year. It is about time that America has finally come to their sences to have the 3 people running such as Obama, Clinton and McCain. The question I have is who are you voting for and why?
Keep Your Fork
There was a young woman who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and had been given three months to live. So as she was getting her things 'in order,' she contacted her Pastor and had him come to her house to discuss certain aspects of her final wishes. She told him which songs she wanted sung at the service, what scriptures she would like read, and what outfit she wanted to be buried in. Everything was in order and the Pastor was preparing to leave when the young woman suddenly remembered something very important to her. 'There's one more thing,' she said excitedly. 'What's that?' came the Pastor's reply. 'This is very important,' the young woman continued. 'I want to be buried with a fork in my right hand.' The Pastor stood looking at the young woman, not knowing quite what to say. That surprises you, doesn't it?' the young woman asked. 'Well, to be honest, I'm puzzled by the request,' said the Pastor. The young woman explained. 'My grandmother once told me this story,
so i have a broken down car, no job, and no money how much worse can it get, right? anyways my son is at the age he doesn't want to do anything, he just whines about everything, my daughter is at the age where she gets in to everything, and picks on her brother. she likes to play around more then he does, she falls all the time and doesn't cry, he bumps his head and starts screaming. its weird how that works huh? well anyways i'm hoping my luck is going to change pretty soon i don't know how much more of the bad luck i can take.
Erotic Stories Cd (i Am Reading Them)
For those who wish to order the 1st CD of Erotic Bedtime Stories read by me you can now place that order now and the CD will be in your hands next week. The cost for the CD is only $16 and that will include the postage back to you ... so postage is free. For right now I am only taking orders with Money Orders. When sales picks up I will be creating another web site and be able to accept credit cards. This is for volume 1 of the series of CDs... volume 2 will be released shortly. When sending the MONEY ORDER be sure to leave the PAY TO line Blank!!! I will fill in that area from this end. You can send your order to Douglas Fir Dist. Attention: Dawn P.O. Box 1201 Roseburg, OR 97470 OR I can send you an invoice via Pay Pal if you would prefer. If so, send me a private message here on Fubar and give me the email address you would like it sent to. Be sure to send me your email address also so I can email the Pay Pal invoice to you on it. Be sure to li
My Friend Wrote About Me..
Starting from when I first met her in middle school. I thought she was the coolest girl ever. I dont know what "it" was about her but I was mesmerized by her way of being. She was only a year older than me but I was convinced that she was so cool. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she was practically the first girl I knew that wore full blown make up...the eyeliner, the lipstick, AND lipliner always leaving her mark wherever she would go...thinking back now it sounds silly but its true...she was my first "girl-crush" to speak...but not the weird kind, more like the she's so beautiful and cool I wanna be just like her kinda crush...innocent and true. As the years passed I always admired her. Frankly she was the shit...the kind of girl that I looked up to.... Many girls tried to be like her, myself included, but you couldnt be like her, you just couldnt. She is and always will be one of a kind. Maybe thats the "it" that I so much admired, maybe thats the "coo
Voicemail Comment
hey all i got a voicemail comment thing on my page woiuld like to hear from some of my friends
Songs To Him
All I can ever be to you, Is a darkness that we knew, And this regret I had to get accustomed to, Once it was so right, When we were at our high, Waiting for you in the hotel at night, I knew I hadn't met my match, But every moment we could snatch, I don't know why I got so attached, It's my responsibility, And you don't owe nothing to me, But to walk away I have no capacity He walks away, The sun goes down, He takes the day but I'm grown, And in this grey, in this blue shade My tears dry on their own, I don't understand, Why do I stress A man, When there's so many better things at hand, We could a never had it all, * * * Complimentary "Tears Dry On Their Own" Ringtone! * * * Download Amy Winehouse Ringtones > We had to hit a wall, So this is inevitable withdrawal, Even if I stop wanting you, A Perspective pushes thru, I'll be some next man's other woman soon, I shouldn't play myself again, I should just be my own best friend, Not fu
Crimson Lovers
crimson drops fall like rain teasing your lips leaving a stain flesh shall meet bodies do join a sweet retreat from tongue to loin i love you dear a whisper is spoke gasps and moans escape our throats bodies entwined blood escapes runs down skin with great haste passion ignites eyes do flare gazes meet unearthly stares breath is short bodies shake buried deep earth begins to shake collapsing now covered in life smiling now a kiss in the night...
Caboose Is Loose
Update 21 will be up today. I am at the park playing on a caboose. You will see me get naked as the cars drive by. Cum see close ups of kitty, round ass, and huge tits. I am wearing a black mini skirt and a white blouse that only ties in front. I got really horny as the wind blow on my wet pussy. I have over 1300 photos there and 5 videos -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame
Gypsy Flame
a gypsy moth dancing to a flame a love that will eventually end in pain both live but do not know why one will burn as the other dies
Leave Me A Voice Comment Thingy :d
Hey hey....I just got one of them snapvine comment things. It is located under my music player. You can either use ur puter mic or call the phone number to leave me a voice comment. I would love to hear everyones sexE selves or if u just want to hear me...take a listen I guess. Oh and Fox is not talking about Fu people. She is talking about snapvine staff who leave u annoying messages about snapvine crap. I delete them when I get them so it sounds like Fox is referring to fu people but she is So when u get a chance...I command u to leave me a voice comment. That is all ;p
The 504 Where Are You
Fox Fur Nebula
Stolen From Jedi Master Goatse
Your Deadly Sins Greed: 100% Sloth: 100% Envy: 80% Wrath: 60% Lust: 40% Gluttony: 0% Pride: 0% Chance You'll Go to Hell: 54% You'll die in a shuttle crash, on your way to your resort on the moon. How Sinful Are You?
He's The Best!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥
so...EVERYBODY needs to go show this man some major love, for me! he is fantastic, and deserves every last bit of it. lol so do it! please :P i'll return the favor, for sure. mike_inindy@ fubar xoxox Miranda
My Poetic Fairytale Pt 10
She has caught his eye This devil in disguise He will have his trophy She is easy prey, since she is lonely He will decieve with evil cunning She won't even see it coming He will bait her with gifts and sweet hollow words Like culling the weak from the herd Possessor of wealth and master of lies She better beware this devil in disgiuse
Earth Day
"Happy Earth Day!" she proclaimed. The bees are mysteriously dying, the ice caps are melting, the rainforests are disappearing, and were suckling up every natural resource on our planet, Happy Earth Day! I so enjoy watching the lazy halfwit who is more concerned with their media inspired "uniqueness" than to walk the extra 10-feet and put their soda can in the recycling bin as opposed to the garbage. (but at least they didnt toss it on the ground) Happy Earth Day? "The worlds vanishing crop biodiversity worsens global hunger. Well, maybe if we stopped over producing everything, perhaps the world's biodiversity wouldn't be trampled on by mindless fools. It's Earth Day, alright. It's more like the countdown to impeding doom that we brought upon ourselves. HAPPY is not the word I would choose... especially for the one day of the year we hope people are conscious about their planet. Everyday should be Earth Day. AS ALWAYS Kristin
2.5lbs Down
I made it to the gym last night. I spent a little over an hour on the elliptical machine. It seemed to pay off this morning. I have fencing tonight for a couple of hours.
Come Bid On Me In My First Ever Auction!!! I Will Make It Worth Your While!!! ;)
Princess RBK is auctioning off her DJ's!! Come bid on your favorite DLS DJ! Up for sale are... Princess RBK DJ Corey Angel Montana Cowgirl Nathan DJ Bubba DJ Dirrdy J DJ CookieMan BrandiWine DJ Mom DJ Lette Dj Kronic DJ Bearnekkid DJ SweetDreams DJ Flaseron Duey Due DJ Deelicious Dee Cinco DJ Crazy*Bitch DJ PhoenixxRising Get your bids in early!!!AUCTION ENDS SATURDAY 4-26-08 CLICK THE DLS PIC TO GO TO AUCTION PAGE This auction brought to you by * Princess RBK *DLS Owner* Property of DJ ~Insanity!*@ fubar
Queensryche - Jet City Woman ! My Home ! Seattle,wa. (jet City ! )
Sorry, It's Been Awhile...
Sorry, it's been a while since I've been on but have been very busy gettin' house back in order and working.... Will try to get on as I can, but working wierd hours kinda makes it a little hard... Hope everyone understands and keeps the love comin'... I truly miss each and everyone of you... Huggs and Kisses and Much Love to ALL, ~ Sadie Grace ~
Insomniatic Episodes
Every once in awhile, more often then I would like, I have insomniatic (yes I know its not a word, but its a good album by Aly & AJ) episodes. It creeps over me like a black cloud moving through the night pushing its curse through my veins. They usually happen when my mind gets away from me and too many thoughts go roaming. There was a time that the thoughts were innovative and I would purposely stay awake so that I could act on them. Slowly, like Neapolitan ice cream in the hot sun, those creative and innovative ideas melted away and swirled together in a jumbled mess. From time to time I am able to pull out some semblance of a cohesive thought. There are times that I like to share some of these thoughts. If nothing else, to get them down and draw those apples out of the barrel of water and get to the refreshing cool clear water of sleep. I have thought that if I keep adding more apples to the barrel than what I take out, then what is the point? Its
Just F*(king F*(k Me Alread
Author Unknown~ I Love this!!! Feel free to copy this & use it where you want to, it is too much fun not to share! Look, I know you men have it difficult. Women are just about impossible to understand, much less please. In a post-feminist society, you never know exactly what you should be doing. Women are bloody picky, I know we are. It can be scary, too, when women freak out about what appear to be benign issues. And men who do their best to be respectful, female-positive humans, I salute you, I do. But please, please just fuck me already. Honestly, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I like that you want to take things slow. I can totally get behind the idea of emotional connection, but dearjesusinheaven, FUCK ME. We've done dinner and drinks. We've gone dancing. We've cuddled and watched a movie. I'm wearing a low cut shirt and you've been staring at my breasts all night. Goodgodalmighty, get to it and fuck me. When we get hot and heavy, please take charge. Please, please
My Speaking Skill...
Your Linguistic Profile: 65% General American English 25% Dixie 5% Midwestern 0% Upper Midwestern 0% Yankee What Kind of American English Do You Speak?
Crazy Halo 3 Betrayal!
Halo Videos
Scott Rockenfiled Interview - About Queensryche !
What My Birthday Means....
Your Birthdate: May 30 You have the type of personality that people either love or hate. You're opinionated, dramatic, intense, and very outspoken. And some people can't get enough of you - they're totally addicted. Others, well, they wish you were a little more reserved. Your strength: Your flair Your weakness: If you think it, you say it Your power color: Scarlet red Your power symbol: Inverted triangle Your power month: March What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
well here i am once again writing my lil heart out! lol. well my cousin casey has been on my mind alot here latley and i can truthfully say i miss her so much. i ran to her with everything with problems heart aches all of it. and i catch myself tryin to call her and relize damn i cant call her. i wish heaven had a phone because best belive i would be callin her everyday!she was like my sister but i know she is in a better place. im tryin to find a job!! as soon as my fed taxes come back im gettin a new tattoo i cant fuckin wait!!! im gettin it on the back of my neck. hell yeaz lol shit i worked hard for that money so im gonna spend it how i want!! well im out i am going to play with my new puppy!!
Your Deadly Sins Wrath: 80% Envy: 60% Sloth: 40% Greed: 20% Gluttony: 0% Lust: 0% Pride: 0% Chance You'll Go to Hell: 29% You will die, after conquering the world as an evil dictator. How Sinful Are You?
I Am A Lil Weird Lol....
You Are 40% Weirdo You're a little weird, but you'd be even weirder if you didn't have a few quirks. You are just strange enough to know it, but nobody else seems to notice your weirdness. That's because, deep down, everyone is a little freaky! Are You A Weirdo?
Thinking About My Dad!
My Dad is dying of panceras cancer and spreading rapidly. I know the Lord is watching over him. I know he will be in a better place where he can breathe well. He is a amazing guy! He adopted when I was 2yrs from Siagon Vietnam. He put mke under his wing. I want everyone to put my Dad in your prayers! I love you Daddy and always will!
Your Deadly Sins Envy: 20% Greed: 20% Pride: 20% Sloth: 20% Wrath: 20% Gluttony: 0% Lust: 0% Chance You'll Go to Hell: 14% You will die at the hands of a jealous lover. How ironic. How Sinful Are You?
Motley Crue Busted!!
Dj Nilla- Hot & Live @ Dirty Deeds Radio! Come Check Her Out & Party!
Almost Play Time!
I'z excited. Myself, Rubeth, and Chriseth, shall have tons of fun next weekend for three days. Beer Pong Championships. Dodging guys in booty shorts. Making friends with drag queens. Oh yeah and ETID's gonna be there. :)
Sorrow Struck Sunshine
She lies awake contemplating what a difference it would create to be happy.. For one solitary moment to smile a truth that shines through the clouds and hear the words all too sappy.. To walk into her home after stopping on the side of the road to sob and find the single stemmed rose and a heart filled note.. Yet reality strikes hard and her eyes fill with tears falling to her sadness soaked pillow.. Still thinking what it would be like sitting not alone holding true love deep in her arms under the wind swaying willow.. Sometimes to be lonely is a burden when days on end dreams always fall short.. Of reality within these beautiful eyes her wanting proof inside her heart she will have to sort..
I hope my lovely lady friends read this. I love to cam and am getting ready to do so now on yahoo. Please add me; my addy is kerrymeijer. Hope to see and chat with you all there!!
Queensryche Live- Operation Livecrime Part #1 ! Operation Livecrime !
Your Name: Age: Location: 1.Favorite position: 2.Do you think I'm cute?. 3.Would you have sex with me? 4.lights on or off? 5.Would you have to be drunk? 6. Would you take a shower with me? 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 10.Condom or skin? 11.Have sex on the first date? 12.Would you kiss me during sex? 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? 14.Would you use me as a booty call? 15.Can I use you as a booty call? 16.Can we take pictures of the act? 17.How long would we have sex? 18.Would you tell your friends about me? 19.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 20. Will you fill this out & send it back to me?"
Ever Wonder Who Lives Next To You? Thank You For This Sonny
National Sex Affenders Regesty.... All you have to do is type your street, city State and zip code. (repost of original by 'Hurricane' on '2008-04-22 00:23:01') (repost of original by '~FAT SONNY~' on '2008-04-22 01:46:06')
She's A Man-eater
You're a Part Time Maneater While you're not a black widow, you've definitely left a few guys feeling used and abused. You're only out for fun, but sometimes you get a little carried away with your flirting. Cute guys tend to make you lose control. You really can't help it! You're a good girl at heart... you just can't help but let your bad girl side out sometimes! Are You a Maneater?
Hmm..apparently I'm Easy.
Men See You As: Not a Challenge When you're in love, you lay it all out on the line And while men do appreciate your honesty... Do you ever wonder if you're being a little too available? Pull back a little! He'll be wanting you even more. Do Men Find You a Challenge?
How Good Are You?
You Are 68% Good You are a good person. You do the best you can to be ethical, fair, and moral. And as you know, being a good person means making hard decisions... and following them through. If you're confronted with an ethical dilemma, you will usually do the right thing. Of course you do slip up. No one's perfect. But you do your best to correct your missteps. You are also probably: incredibly honest, especially with yourself Right now you are on track to being: A respected leader To be a better person: Be kind to someone who is not very kind to you How Good Are You?
Queensryche & Ronnie James' Dio As Dr. X ! The Chase ! Live From Seattle,wa. At The Moore In 07 ! I Was There & A V.i.p! Intesnse!
I really dont understand men! Maybe its not for me to understand. I wonder if ALL men cheat? Y is it that alot times they dont take a girls feelings into consideration? Y dont they stay single if they just wanna flirt and look at a bunch of nasty whores?! I guess thats why they have the saying, "Date like a man so u dont get played like a bitch!" Ive always been taught to express my feelings but when it does no good should u keep expressing them?! Im tired of being lied to and treated like I'm stupid! God knows my heart and knows what I need and desire. I just gotta keep faith in HIM and HIM only!
Green Eyes
Green Eyes By: Deborah Boyd Oh go away you ugly beast I welcome you not Its not whom you seek You feast upon my mental being Bring out the person For whom I hate seeing You start the wheels That makes the mind whirl To thoughts of obscurities That leads to being insecure For why you come I do not know You make me think irrational Then it starts to show You put me in a slumber Fester on my mind Burn a hole in my soul To who I am is hard to find So go away And leave me be Let me be the one I see
A Title Sounds Like A Bad Idea
i sat up and stared at you last night. it's funny because i always found "that person" to be a bit creepy. but things change so damn fast. i realized last night that your snoring doesn't bother me. and that your moaning is actually kind of cute. that i get upset when you turn over in bed, and that one's not even your fault. that your morning breath doesn't really smell that bad. and that your hair looks way goofy but way cute when your sleeping. but you know what the biggest things that i realized were? that you didn't get mad at me when i probably kept you up all night. that you may have turned over, but the second i touched your shoulder you were back with your head on mine. that every time i went out for a cigarette you shifted over to my side of the bed and attempted to hold onto me... and that when i wasn't there you sank back into the pillow. and that when i kissed your forehead... you immediately told me that you loved me. every single time.
Noble Savage Wisdom,
noble savage wisdom, tidbits of wisdom, sarcasm and other contrived utter bullshit from the mind of a madman when wishing/praying ,be careful ,your wish/prayer may bring harm to somebody you care about, ASk yourself is it truly worth it? it can always get worse if god didn't exist people would not spend such effort to prove he/she does not! love comes and goes but a real friend is a value beyond measure. the heart gets just as much vote as the brain, to deny either is foolish. 6 billion plus on planet earth and nobody has yet to invent a better shovel, we aren't as smart as we think we are everyone lives in a different reality, its amazing we can communicate at all. bullshit and wisdom share many common traits, if its good advice it probably doesn't apply to your situation. when life kicks you in the balls you curl up and fall down, the measure of character isnt in getting back up, survival requires that you get up, its in not being embittered by t
Queensrche Live ! Operation Livecrime Dvd In 91 ! Suite Sister Mary! Pamela Moore Included As Mary !
Please Leave Jewels Love
Earlier today, Jewels suffered a minor heart attack. Please.. Please.. Everyone that knows him, go to his profile and leave him some fu-love. He is one of my best friends here. Please fan rate add him if you want an awesome friend. He's always been there for me... Without further ado... JEWELS :::"JEWELS"::: * Club F.A.R. *.. Plz ...Fan + Rate = Add ! LETS SHOW HIM HOW IT'S IT DONE ~/~'Sassy Laurie'~/~Club F.A.R.~Rising Stars~D&DC~Independent Fam.~
Have You Made A Difference?
If you can't see this please go here... Don't wait. You never know when tomorrow never comes. Let everyone in our life know how important they are to you.
A Salute To My Comrades In Arms Past Present And Future
This Is Me Mizz Shady! I'm A 2nd Alarm Hottie And Proud Of It.
Penis Tax? Wtf...
2008 Tax Code The only thing that the IRS has not taxed yet is the male penis. This is due to the fact that 69% of the time it is hanging around unemployed, 10% of the time it is hard up, 20% of the time it is pissed off and 1% of the time it is in the hole. On top of that, it has two dependents and they are both nuts! HOWEVER, effe ctive January 1st, 2008, the penis will now be taxed according to size: The brackets are as follows: 10 - 12" Luxury Tax $300.00 8 - 10" Pole Tax $250.00 5 - 8" Privilege Tax $150.00 3 - 5 " Nuisance Tax $30.00 Males exceeding 12" must file capital gains. Anyone under 4" is eligible for a tax refund. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR AN EXTENSION
Sooooo, I am the camper in the family but I didn't get to go on the little campout with my son this past weekend so that was not good. However, I did stop by to help set up and after work. I just have to say this one man is just so fucking hot. I cannot help myself. He is a good person through and through and looks very nice too. Far as looks go, he is my type, far as being super nice and good, not so much my type or I should say, not the type I normally go for. I am seriously rethinking this one lately though. I should ditch the bad and go for a good one. Hmmmmm Wonder why women tend to go for bad ones? Well, just had to let it out. I could fantasize about this man all day long. He is awesome and I am pissed I couldn't stay all weekend and talk to him at the campout.
Hug War
HUG WAR YOU BETTER HUG ME NOW! Pass this hug to all of your friends and back to me. See how many you get back! 1-5 HUGS....You're on someones mind! 5-10 HUGS...Someone likes you! 10-15 HUGS..Someone wants to be with you! 15-20 HUGS..WOW! you are really loved by alot!
Hershey Kiss
You've been blown a KISS. If you get 1-3 you are sweet, 4-6 adorable, 7-9 freaken hot. So start blowin them kisses If you get 5 back your spoiled __________, .-'Y _^-, ______, .-'^H E , -^_^-, .. _, .-'^ R S , .-^_______..| _.. H E , .-^____________k __.., .-^_________________i ________________________ss ________________________kis _______________________skiss _______________________kissk ______________________isskiss ____________________kisskisskis __________________skisskisskisski ________________sskisskisskisskissk ______________isskisskisskisskisskiss ____________kisskisskisskisskisskisskis _________skisskisskisskisskisskisskisskiss _______kisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskissk ______isskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskiss ______kisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskis _______skisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskis ~*~*~YOU'VE JUST BEEN KISSED
Learning To Trust
I have been thru a shitty week and I am hoping to get past the bad things that happened, so far, I have been disappointed, hurt, and not able to trust. I am willing to learn to trust again but its going to be hard because he still wants to talk to this cunt that he betrayed me with. He did not cheat, let me make that clear. What happened was enuff to make me skeptical about our engagement tho. I want him to be my husband more than anything and I know that he wants it too. Its hard to understand how someone could love me so much and not want to be with only me. He is trying really hard to convince me that I am his everything. I am trying really hard to believe him. I have to let this shit drop and in turn he knows he can do whatever he wants and the only consequence is me bitching all the time so im not sure what is going to happen in the future. I would hope that he wont do anything to harm our life together, and I have not done anything harmful since the start of our relation
Send This To All Your Friends, And Me If I Am One. If You Get 7 Back You Are Loved 1-3 You are a bad friend 4-6 You are an ok friend 7-9 You are a good friend 10-& You are a great friend ____0000000000______0000000000_____ __000________000__000________000___ _000___________0000___________000__ 000_____________00_____________000_ 000____________________________000_ 000___________THANKS__________000_ _000____________FOR___________000__ __000__________BEING_________000___ ___000__________MY_________000____ _____000______FRIEND______000______ _______000______________000________ _________000__________000__________ ____________000____000_____________ ______________00__00_______________ ________________00_________________ ________________ 0_________________ With LOTS of Love!
I HOPE I GET THIS BACK I believe that without a friend you are missing out on a lot!!! But don't just send it back, send it on to everyone.. Have a nice day, and I'm glad we are friends!!! ......... , . ~ . ~ , ~ , ........... ......... ).. - ~. . ' ..( ............ ........ ( . . . ...(......) ........... .........| . . . . . ).....| ........... .........{.. . . . .(. . ./ ............ ............ =(.. /.)= ............... ............... -;..;-' ................ .................)|( , ................. ................. || _.-'| ............. ............. , _|| .._,/ ............. ....... , ... ....|| .' ................. ......|...|...,...||/ ................... ..../...| /|., |Y|| .................... ... '-...'-._....||/ ................... ........ >_.-..Y| ................... ............. , _|| .................... ................. || .................... ................. || .................... ................. || .................... .......
Playboy Bunny
YOU WERE VOTED ONE OF THE SEXIEST PEOPLE ON FUBAR....WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN HIT, YOU MUST SEND THIS PLAYBOY BUNNY TO ALL THE SEXY PEOPLE YOU KNOW INCLUDING THE PERSON THAT SEND IT TO YOU... ___$$$$$$$___________$$$$$$$ _____$$$$$$$$_______$$$$$$$$ ______$$$$$$$$$_____$$$$$$$ ________$$$$$$$$____$$$$$$$ _________$$$$$$$$$__$$$$$$ ____________$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _______________$$$$$$$$$ __________$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _______$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$$ ______$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ______$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _______$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ___________$$$$$$$$$$$$$ __________$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1-3-YOUR UGLY 4-6-YOUR FINE 6-8-YOUR HOTT 8-10-YOU ARE Freakin SEXXXXXXYYYYYYY
I have had a burden fall upon me, in the recent days. It is saddening and most of all tragic. A few days back, my Aunt and I were having a conversation on the phone, about life in general. My uncle has been sick for sometime now and in and out of the hospital. His illness is caused from a path he had chosen to take back when he was younger (Alcoholism), his WBC is extremely high and has caused for serious alarm. He is slowly dying. His wife (My Aunt) says she cannot do this anymore and is thinking about leaving him. Mind you My uncle has been sober for over 2 years now. He has accepted that he will most likely not make it through the end of this year. The rest of the family including his own mother (My grandmother) refuses to even consider with the cost of funeral costs when it comes to that. So that is how the burden came to fall on me. I am over 2,000 miles away from him and the rest of my family. Should my husband and I be the wonderful neice and nephew-in-law and help m
The Soft Touch Of My Fu Wife Ashley
I lay in bed and feel the anassuming soft touch of your delicate hand as it carresses my back up to my neck. I feel you move ever closer to me as if it were possible to get closer. You lean in and softly kiss my ear lobe pushing your tongue inside. You back off and I feel the soft breeze flow from your gorgeous lips. It that point I am wide awake. The fire burning with in me is raging and only you can quench it. I roll over to face you and I look in your eyes and I see love and adoration, along with a little bit of spirit. You ask me not to move. I stay still. You lay me on my back and you pull the blankets and sheets off. You start at my lips kissing me softly, never being agressive. I let you do everything you wish to do to me. I feel your mouth and tongue glide like a feather from my lips to my down my neck. You kiss and suck my neck gently. You react to my shallow breathing. It drives you on, because you know you are pleasing me. You slide down a little bit further andI feel your k
Cup~a~ Joe....
You Are a Plain Ole Cup of Joe But don't think plain - instead think, uncomplicated You're a low maintenance kind of girl... who can hang with the guys Down to earth, easy going, and fun! Yup, that's you: the friend everyone invites. And your dependable too. Both for a laugh and a sympathetic ear. What Kind of Coffee Girl Are You?
Never Again
Never again will you be alone. You have gone through this life as a victim, and that has now changed. I have fallen truly in love with you and my love for you will never die. Your heart is a fragile thing and with all my being I will protect it. I will fight death itself to save you. I will be your teacher and show you what it means to live again. You are never going to feel alone ever again. I am the one person that undertands your deepest feelings. I embrace them even when they scare me. I will walk with you hand in hand, heart to heart to fight through the demons within you. I am here to stop the bleeding in your heart, to end the once never ending pain. You have healed me and I will heal you my love. To release the pain you feel inside, you need a man that will take that pain for you and let you release it into me. As the man that has fall so deeply in love with you, I have that ability and desire to do that for you. Release it into me and I will let it go for you. I will not hold
My Day
Its been a hard day. If you have read my previous blog you all know my brother died 3 years ago this month. Today is the first time that on this dreadful day that I have smiled. I have always been alone on this day. Even on the day we committed my little brother to the ground. I, for the first time had someone that was there for me. I have fallen head over heels in love with her. She has made this day so much more bearable. The sound of her voice has soothed me. She knows how i feel about her, but she will never know how much she really means to me. All my life I have been looking for that one that would be there for me in my time of need and now I have her. This is the real me, the one and only. I will never change who or what I am and she is happy with me just the way I am. I love my Angel.
Its Been 3 Years
Its April and it has been 3 years since my brother was killed in a car accident. People think the passage of time makes it easier, but it doesnt. I just returned home frome the cementary where I was visiting, and I cried because I miss him. My brother, Shawn, was only 25 years old when he passed on. If ever there was a person that you could count on it was him. I like to write about him because I dont ever want to forget him. I try to take a lot of his ideals and apply them to my life today. The biggest one that I found the most important is to make time for the people in your life. No mater how busy he was he always made an effort to visit with friends, family, and to occassionally chat up a stranger. He never took a single day for granted, and neither do I anymore. I was not always like that. I was so busy that I used to put my friends and family last. I payed the ultimate price for that by losing out on the chance to talk to my brother one last time. You always think that there will
I Am A Naughty
Your Inner Child Is Naughty Like a child, you tend to discount social rules. It's just too much fun to break the rules! You love trouble - and it seems that trouble loves you. And no matter what, you refuse to grow up! How Is Your Inner Child?
A Journey
Life has been a bitch to say the least, but the journey has shaped my life as such to where i am able to recognize when I have found her. I have seen the worst that humanity has to offer. I have hated, despised, wanted to see the people that have tried to ruin me suffer, but through it all I have not let those urges change the basic core of me. I have a passion that is unyielding and I have been trying to find the one to give it too. I found her...she is my Angel. When I found her I knew she was the one...I love her with all that I have to give. A moment away from her is painful. It just not becasue she is a new girl. I have had many new girls, but not a single one of them have elicited the emotions I have for her. I know that I can tell her anything and she will not judge me or tell me I am being stupid. She is very beautiful, but there is more to her than her physical beauty. She amazes me with her words, the kindness in her voice, the fire in her eyes, and how she makes time for
Loosing My Job :(
Well, had the meeting with the boss's yesterday and it is official, I will be loosing my job as soon as my license suspension goes into effect. Being 2nd offense in 5 years, its mandatory 12 months before you can get an occupational license, and our company policy is that if you cannot maintain a valid drivers license or be insurable, you cannot be employed. Kinda sucks, been with the company 9 years, I am there 2nd highest billing employee, and have references from all kinds of customers, but, its out of my boss's control, whats in policy is in policy and nothing they can do. So, if anyone knows of any job openinings, preferably IT related and doesnt require a drivers license/driving involved, please let me know, I could sure use it because I dont have long. Sometimes things happen for a reason though, 9 years ago I quit my old job in which I was working twice as many hours and making litterally 1/2 the money, so, who knows, maybe something better can come out of this, here's to hopin
My Love
Embraced deep in my arms feel the fire of eachother passion in eachothers kiss dive withing the lust of eachothers touch and get lost withing eachothers desire and live within eachothers love for all of time my love my submissive this is my calling for you to be at my side I love you so.
Sbradio - Promotion Contest
Heres the Deal - Promo Contest Starts Now Until Friday at 8 PM CST. EVERYONE IS ELIGBLE WITH EXCEPTION OF MY BLOCKED LIST AND BANNED MEMBERS Heres the deal link or invite as many people as you can to Snake Bite Radio Lounge have them send a message to me that you sent them THEY MUST HAVE JOINED THE LOUNGE, I will compare them to the members list. Must be a Level 2 Or Higher to count in the promotions contest, If they do not send me an E-Mail that they Joined and Who sent them it WILL NOT COUNT. DO NOT GO INTO OTHER LOUNGES TO LINK PEOPLE. Acceptable methods POST BLOGS / BULLITENS / FU MAIL / SB LINK / COMMENT DROPS have the decency to at least rate them when Promoting it will get their attention more if you do something for them. PRIZE IS A 15 OZ SNAKE BITE RADIO COFFEE MUG. Good Luck!!! P.S I will try to keep an updated Tally here on this blog
Civility And Incivility In The Scene (reposted With Permission)
Civility and Incivility in the Scene: By Chris M [Black Rose of Washington DC] and Lady Medora [New Orleans Power Exchange] (The authors hope that everyone and anyone will send this through any boards you belong to including the authors names). One of the most grave and inexplicable problems facing our community in general is the continued presence of downright rudeness. It takes many forms: gossip, arrogance, slander, ingratitude, interpersonal cruelty, Rumor-mongering, the propensity to snub, shun or belittle, a refined Sensitivity to slight paired with strident disregard for how ones actions And words effect others. It is astonishing, and terribly sad, how poorly we Get along from the viewpoint of interpersonal relationships. Why a community like ours, whose members strive for a mature outlook on power, consent and tolerance should feud with such violence and monotonous regularity is a true mystery. In our community, we see behavior one would never dream grown adul
Micheal Wilton ! Of Queensryche !
Girlfriend Application Job Opening in Office of External Affairs Name: Age: City & State: Phone Number: Children: Yes or No Currently Employed? Yes or No Multiple Choice Arts/Entertainment 1 Literature a) I don't read much. b) I read as an escape. c) I read about subjects that interest me. d) I read so much for work/school that I have little motivation to read anything else. 2 Television a) I watch a lot of Nascar. b) Sports. c) I love American Idol. d) Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Adult Swim, etc... e) I watch PBS mainly. f) I don't watch much TV. g) I am without a television. 3 Classical Music a) I can hum a theme to a Beethoven piece. b) I can hum a theme to a Stravinsky piece. c) I can hum a tone row OR I can discern between an oboe and an english horn by sound alone. d) A symphony is with a bunch of people, right? 4 Other Music a) I listen to whatever is on the radio. b) I listen to whatever my friends are listening to. c) I like
In a summer day, I look into water and remembersuch love in the summer of your heart, When the highest temperature existed in bodies, and the sweat of your summer was the most wonderful unexplainable thing, But, all of a sudden the winter existed in you and all of the heat turned to ice, The heat of our bodies no longer felt the same sensation, Your breath turned into a cold kiss, I don't know why the winter exisy in you, if you were only suppose to be summer. Even if you stay winter my summer heart will wait for you with the same heat.
Gonna Get Naked Tonight
I'm going to the spa tonight!!!! Wish you could come?
Earth Day Tribite
I am the Earth and the Earth is me. Each blade of grass, each honey tree, Each bit of mud, and stick and stone Is blood and muscle, skin and bone. And just as I need every bit Of me to make my body fit, So Earth needs grass and stone and tree And things that grow here naturally. That's why we celebrate this day. That's why across the world we say: As long as life, as dear, as free, I am the Earth and the Earth is me.
OK So it is tuesday and I am already all excited for going to orlando this weekend.. I am going down on friday to see Panic At The Disco.. Then I am spending the weekend down there just relaxing and enjoying being away from home and in a city.. I miss city life soo much.. I miss every aspect of it.. From the traffic, to the woman, to the qulity of life, to the oppertunity that is down there and not up here.. So if U live in the area and want to chill while I am down there drop me a line.. If not drop me a line anyway.. I am a nice guy and pretty cool to get to know.. Well I will catch U all later..
Job Description
Girlfriend Application Job Opening in Office of External Affairs Job Title: Girlfriend Reports to: President (gratefulguy75) Job Description and Responsibilities: As Girlfriend, you will be expected to communicate with and partake in activities with gratefulguy75 on a regular basis. Qualifications: The ideal candidate for this position is an independent, attractive female residing in the eastern Iowa area (outside of area will be considered on a case by case basis) with sex experience and no sexually transmitted diseases. The abilities to prepare food, play an instrument (voice counts as an instrument), and legally purchase alcohol (meaning you are able to go out) are strongly desired. Compensation: This is an unpaid position but offers a great opportunity for anyone looking to gain experience in a relationship with a man of rising importance with established social significance or for anyone looking to add to their resume. Benefits package includes frequent interesting
I feel so alone and confused, sit and wonder what have I done to, the man that I love. Why all this madness, Why all this hatred, Why must I feel so alone, Why so inlove, Why so confused, Why can't we just make up, Why do I love him so much, Why can't we just be the way we used to in the beginning. The love, compassion, and the fire that burned in our eyes. WHY?????????
Auction Updates
Lots of fun, fu bucks,friends to be had. 25K of my personal fu bucks raffled off :). In addition there will be 11's auctioned off :D. Im gonna up the bar on the 11's The one who wins my 11's will not just get the points, they will also get gifts every day for a week,drinks and other fu gifts. To register for the raffle you must be a Firehouse Lounge room member. Must be in the auction on May 3rd @8pm est and be present for the entire auction. Comment on my auction raffle or Private message Me by May 1st for your chance. I am asking Art Baby from the lounge to write down everyones name in the auction. she will then draw randomly the winners for the 11's and the gifts , and the 25k fu bucks :D
Still Looking For Fu-bucks? Points? Rates? Comments?
You have all heard the opinion that cheerleading is not not a Sport,well... The fact that we don't tackle our opponents to the ground for a ball does NOT mean that we are not athletes. We work just as hard as "real athletes" work. Our practices are just as intense, 2-3 hours of repetitive running, jumping, tumbling, and lifting. Our competitions are even more intense. Cheerleaders have 2 1/2 minutes to show a judge what we have worked on for weeks. We only get one chance! There is no half time, turnovers, timeouts, or officials to give you a second chance. Our defense is against ourselves. Our points are given as a unit and taken away as a unit not as an individual making goal, making a touchdown, or homerun. This is teamwork to another level, a "second level" such as a flyer. She depends on those below her, the bases depend on her balance and mindset and skill. What is it that qualifies an activity to be a sport? Is it the ball? No, wrestling and track are known sports that do n
Half Life
Styling your shroud Infecting the crowd Steady letting the fruit of her thrill Fool you so well Fictitious styles of living We've expected to work But this is all your giving Half of what your worth Pigeon hold in battles Overtones of snow in her clutch Falling through lines One more breath destroys the best of you The death of you Styling your shroud Infecting the crowd Steady letting the fruit of her thrill Fool you so well A precious gift embedded deep within your skin But parasitic pleasures are closer than kin Please expose your shadows Such concerns are products of love Falling in lies One more fraud destroys our trust in you Our love for you Styling your shroud Infecting the crowd Steady letting the fruit of her thrill Fool you so well As you kiss the abstract And pray it's everything you'd hoped for The smell of her, the thrill of her The fruit of her, the use of her Is killing everything that you've worked for The smell of her, the
Still I Rise
Still I Rise by Maya Angelou You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I'll rise. Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? 'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells Pumping in my living room. Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still I'll rise. Did you want to see me broken? Bowed head and lowered eyes? Shoulders falling down like teardrops, Weakened by my soulful cries? Does my haughtiness offend you? Don't you take it awful hard 'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines Diggin' in my own backyard. You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I'll rise. Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise That I dance like I've got diamonds At the meeting of my thighs? Out of the huts of history's shame I
Fault Line
I felt you cut free turning cold shoulders to me Growing blame lines communicating lies Nothing more to trust fallacies of love Killing all that holds you Bring me back to this what you said useless Leave me I'll shed my skin these scars will mend Don't worry about me the heart is supposed to bleed Purity is drained Help each other die I see it, I see it in your eyes Killing all that holds you Bring me back to this what you said useless Leave me I'll shed my skin these scars will mend Eyes twitch and lies itch of nervous Eyes twitch and lies itch from a nervous ending Innocence is ugly in the one who is guilty Bring me back to this what you said useless Leave me I'll shed my skin these scars will mend
Footprints In The Sand
TAG YOU'RE IT!! YOU HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED ONE OF MY SWEETEST FRIENDS ON MY LIST. ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED YOU HAVE TO TAG 5 OF YOUR SWEETEST FRIENDS AND LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE SWEET... FAKE FRIENDS: Will ignore this Send this to at least 5 people including me if you care 4 me!!! ......oooO............... .....(....)................ ......)../.....Oooo..... .....(_/......(...)........ ..............(_/......... ........................... ......oooO............... .....(....)................ ......)../.....Oooo..... .....(_/......(....)....... ...............)../........ ..............(_/......... ........................... ......oooO............... .....(....)................ ......)../.....Oooo..... .....(_/......(....)....... ...............)../........ ..............(_/......... ........................... ..........I WAS ............. .......... HERE............. ..........Leaving my ....... .......Footprints in your ...........SAND..........
Relationships On Fubar
Wow another Blog in my brain...I have been thinking bout this subject for days..Listening to others talk and I listen to alot of people..( I love it that I can listen helps them think things thru and fix the problems)So this blog is NOT aimed at anybody..Its very general cause I have to say that I have and am living these relationships myself as well. Relationships on Fubar..this is a very interesting place to meet people I mean if u think bout it..this place has sooo many kinds of lives running thru it. He and She meet..fall for each other is it real or is it just Fubar?He and She meet he falls hard she plays the it LOVE?is it fair she played him? He and She flirt falling she is hook line and sinker she runs around looking at clouds with future names and china maybe...she gets back on Fubar to send sweet comments and Bling he has 5 other girls on his fubar and she isnt on the list...He and She meet on fubar going well...the love is blooming..behind the scenes? he
Geoff Tate Of Queensryche !
Flight Attendant
My flight was being served by an obviously gay flight attendant, who seemed to put everyone in a good mood as he served us food and drinks. As the plane prepared to descend, he came swishing down the aisle and told us that "Captain Marvey has asked me to announce that he'll be landing the big scary plane shortly, so lovely people, if you could just put your trays up, that would be super." On his trip back up the aisle, he noticed this well-dressed and rather Arabic looking woman hadn't moved a muscle. "Perhaps you didn't hear me over those big brute engines but I asked you to raise your trazy-poo, so the main man can pitty-pat us on the ground." She calmly turned her head and said, "In my country, I am called a Princess and I take orders from no one." To which (I swear) the flight attendant replied, without missing a beat, "Well, sweet-cheeks, in my country I'm called a Queen, so I outrank you. Tray-up, B****."
Please Help!
Please go to this website and donate to the march of dimes. I am walking for a little boy named Oakley Friend who was born 10 weeks to early, but thanks to the MOD he is a very happy and healthy 14 month old! Thank you so much.....Goody
HUGS There's no such thing as A bad hug, only good ones And great ones Hugs are... Non-fattening and They don't cause cancer or cavities... Hugs are... All natural With no preservatives, artificial Ingredients or pesticide residue... Hugs are... Cholesterol-free, Naturally sweet, 100% wholesome And they are a completely Renewable resource... Hugs are... Easy to care for, they don't require batteries, Tune-ups, or x-rays... Hugs are... Non-taxable, Fully returnable and energy efficient... Hugs are... Safe in All kinds of weather... In fact, Hugs are... Especially good for Cold and rainy days And Hugs are... Exceptionally Effective in treating problems Hugs are... Like bad dreams or Monday blues... Never wait until tomorrow to hug Someone you could hug today, Because when you give one, You get one right back Your way ! Send someone special, a hug today!!!!
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Georgia Releases Footage Of Mig29 Attack
Sleep Apnea
04/22/08 I've been to the sleep study and have been told that I in fact do have sleep apnea. The doctor told me that I stop breathing more than 6 times during the night. I didn't know or realize but when I heard that, it freaked me out. So as of this morning I just got this new breathing machine (supposed to help me when I sleep at night). I'm not looking forward to something being on my face while I sleep, but if it's gonna help me then I try it. Since I normally toss and turn all night due to losing circulation in my arms & legs, I'm also hoping this machine will help that area of trouble too. I'm looking forward to being able to sleep better through out the night, and wake up feeling fresh w/ energy too.
So Like Ya...
This made me speechless and totally made my day.. April 21, 2008 @ 10:46 pm I wasn't sure where to put this, either here or on my own page as a blog. But I figured you would see it here first. So with that said, here goes...... I don't know if i could ever make it through a day without you in my life now. In such a short time you and your girls have come to mean so much to me. I cant explain it, so I wont even attempt to. I have images of you running through my head. I see you dancing through my mind, with the words I want to tell you, the words I use to tell people about you. Beautiful, sexy, funny, sweet, intelligent, my one. I see you in my head, and I have conversations with you about nothing and everything all at once, like we usually do. But there is nothing I would rather do, then share every moment I have with you. Telling you all my secrets, my dreams, my fears, and listening to yours. Building our dreams, fighting our fears, being happy with you. I dont think I have e
Tuamotu-butterfly Fish
Women Carrying Logs In China
Scott Rockenfield- Drummer/percussionist Of Queensryce ! Invention For Drummers' Sets With - Rocken Wraps' !
Broken Wings
My wings have been broken, I cannot fly, all i can do is cry. I want to die. I walk away with a sigh. Cant get rid of the pain, or stop the rain, I feel so in sane, not much more to gain. I hide behind these walls, can you hear me call, as i fall. I hit the floor as i close the door. Why do we say goodbye. Broken wings, i cannot sing, or hear the bells ring. I say a prayer, but i know you dont care. Can someone fix my wings, so i can fly and i wont have to cry. Broken wings.
New Special Forces Unit
The Pentagon announced the formation of a new 500-man elite fighting unit called The United States Redneck Special Forces (USRSF) These mostly Southern boys will be dropped off into Iraq and will be given only the following facts about terrorists : 1. The season opened today. 2. There is no limit. 3. They taste just like chicken. 4. They don't like beer, pickups, country music, or Jesus. 5. They are directly responsible for the death of Dale Earnhardt. The Pentagon expects the problem in Iraq to be over by Friday Applications are available at your local Wal-Mart sporting goods counter.
Little Johnny
Little Johnny's at it again..... A new teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses. She started her class by saying, "Everyone
Well today looks like a good day to delete some folks I never hear from on here. Seems like i only have a handful of folks that actually take the time to stop by and say hello when they see me on. So please stop by and let me know if u want to stay on my list. If i delete u by accident dont take it personally just drop by and let me know and I will add u again.
Well, I'm getting a divorce. It really sux. But hey, when you get pushed around and get someone throwing things at you, you kinda have to let them go. I love my soon to be ex hubby with all of my heart and this divorce is going to kill me, but I'm also not going to let it get even worse. I hate that I have to put my daughter through it too. I guess that I will get over it.
I Could Get Used To This ~ Everlife
A dozen roses arrive What a perfect surprise You greet me with a kiss I could get used to this You think I look the best When my hair is a mess I can't believe you exist I could get used to this Because you know you're too good to be true I must have done something good to meet you 'Cause you wrote my name all across your hand When I freak you understand There is not a thing you miss And I could get used to this I'm feeling it comin' over me With you it all comes naturally I've lost the reflex to resist And I could get used to this You love the songs I write You like the movies I like There must be some kind of twist I could get used to this Because you listen to me when I'm depressed It doesn't seem to make you like me less 'Cause you wrote my name all across your hand When I freak you understand There is not a thing you miss And I could get used to this I'm feeling it comin' over me With you it all comes naturally I've lost the reflex to
'nother Stolen From Crystal
A - Available: no A - Age: 20 A - Annoyance: impolite people B - Bestest Friend[s]: Jen, Erika, Tharna B - Birthday: oct 16 C - Crush: they know C - Car: dodge viper (dont have one, just like it) C - Candy: too many to name D - Day or night: both D - Dream Car: see above E- Easiest person to talk to?: Erika F - Favorite Month: N/A F - Favorite color(s): green F - Favorite Memory: not answering this G - Gummy Bears or Worms: bears G - Giver or taker: giver.. H - Hair Color: brownish H - Height: 6'0 H - Happy: yes sir I - Ice Cream: rose I - Instrument: guitar (although cant play it) J - Jewelry: 1 gold chain + greek eye medallion thing on it J - Job: security guard...soon...hopefully J - Jail: never K - Kids: am one K - Kickboxing or Karate: whatever i'm not on the receiving end of K - Kindergarten: dont even remember it L - Longest Car Ride: london to blackpool, dunno exact time M - Milk Flavor: erm...milk flavoured M - Most miss
Inga Dam On Congo River
Banks meet over 40bn plan to harness power of Congo river and double Africa's electricity Hydroelectric dam is largest one conceived Activists fear output will not help local people * John Vidal, environment editor * The Guardian, * Monday April 21 2008 * Article history This article appeared in the Guardian on Monday April 21 2008 on p16 of the International section. It was last updated at 10:41 on April 21 2008. Inga dam on the Congo River. An aerial view of the semi-functional Inga dam on the Congo River. Seven African governments and the world's largest banks and construction firms meet in London today to plan the most powerful dam ever conceived - an $80bn (40bn) hydro power project on the Congo river which, its supporters say, could double the amount of electricity available on the continent. G8 and some African governments hope that the Grand Inga dam in the Democratic Republic of Congo will generate twice as much electricity as the w
Micheal Wilton/soulbender Of Queensryche ! 4 Ya!
Writing Is What I Do Best..
Solitude have I to endure, seemingly held with disclosure. A fellow left astray, as yet from yesterday. Flashing your dainty, disarming smile, warms my heart every once in a while. Our longtime kinship will always bloom with friendship. It has never been so profound, a lifetime friend have I found. Let our friendship be a bond, which can never be like a dry pond. Let us not forget the dreams we share, forever like sisters or brothers we care. You'll always be a friend to me, and that's the way it should be.
Mike Wlton Of Qeensryche !
Just So Tired
I've been working as a CNA for the last 14 years...It wasn't my intention to stay in it so long...I wanted to go on and become a nurse...Being single...and the kids small at the time...I put it off...Having to work full time and go to school full time..when would I be home with my kids...Yeah..that's the excuse I've always used...Just no time... I worked psych for 10 yrs of that...I loved it...I believe that those patients brought me out of my shell that I was comfortable in...Let's just say I was a doormat to most anyone that came in contact with me...But with psych can't be that way...They are a tough bunch of people...Whether it be physical or mental...either way...they came at you full force... Now..I'm back in geriatrics...And it's quite the change...I like it...It's ok...A little bit more slower paced and the residents aren't ready to kill you every time you turn your back...In fact..they're grateful for any kind of help that you give them... But with both.
The greatest Gift, in the end was a family and a Friend. An ear to lend a hand to hold, and you, my Friend - your heart of gold.
A Poem
We all need someone To talk to in our life, A friend to whom we run In times of stress or strife A friend who's always there Throughout the years, A friend we know will care And take away our fears. A friend who's always near, Waiting for our call, To wipe away our tears, And lift us when we fall. A loving friend indeed, On whom we can depend To fulfill our every need - Thank you, precious friend
Hey friends I have lots of people to rate and stuff. I have a pounding headache. So will take me a while to get to you but i will try my best to get to every one of most today...JUST A SPECIAL THANKS TO SONNY FOR PIMPING ME OUT AND OZZY FREAK FOR THE VIP.
Come check out this hottie! She is the sweetest woman! Rate/fan/add her! You won't regret it! Oh and when u get there! Check out her blogs! Very "interesting"
Pamela Moore New Cd Information !
Houdini's wife in the throes of passion decides to handcuff him to the headboard...
A Poem For My Friends
~~~~FRIENDS~~~~~~ Friend: that one special person who makes life a bit easier by just being there and listening to your problems and difficulties. Friendship: a special bond between two people. A bond that time cannot break. It is strong like a chain, with linking hearts
Liz Hurley And Husband
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My Trip
Well I finally made it back from my trip. The plane ride was okay I guess, something I don't wanna do on a daily or weekly basis. I will say that I like the landings better than I do the take offs. Well gotta go bomb the contest my family is in so chat with ya later. If ya wanna help or just leave a rate here is the link.....
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Liz Hurley
My All
You are my all Everything that makes me smile Keeping me happy We may fight Yet we always pull through Hopefully it works this time Its not looking good But I dont want to give up Dont want to think we're not strong enough You've changed me Made me better Everyone can see That something is different with me That something is you babi You are my all

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