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Migraine Of Mine
Migraine of mine Just pyss off! I am weary and cross My brain soft Migraine of mine Go away Were you invited? Why do you stay? Migraine of mine You are a curse And a blessing too What the hell Do I do with you? Migraine of mine When I die and Blow that vein Then you will cry Migraine of mine I'll take you with me Life of your own? I think not! Migraine of mine Now I need sleep Fooled your azz And took a pill Mirgaine of mine Now it is you Who looks a wee ill slgm8.18.06
Kisses, Licks & Nibbles!
MySpace Comments
Wisdom ripens into silence And the lesson she does teach Is that thought is more than language That words are more than speak Wisdom ripens into silence And as she grows more truely wise She wears a mellow sadness In her heart and in her eyes
I'm Your Man
If the Good Lord himself was down and out...needing shelter...I'm HIS man! If the Good Lord himself was hungry for food..for love...I'm HIS man! If the Good Lord himself needed help to write his book..I'm HIS man! If the Good Lord himself had fear and needed a shoulder...I'm HIS man! If the Good Lord himself slipped into ego....I'd kick his butt with love... ........I'm HIS man! If the Good Lord himself turns away...I will wait...I'm HIS man!
Seventy Buttons
From the base of her neck to the bottom of her spine Glimmering stars by candles flame a fragile spider's chain Curvey and schimmering dropplets of rain, seventy Borealis Crystal buttons float on a net of sheer salmon lace Seventy buttons the maid hooked with great pains To be undone by her man alone when the time came This flower of evening now groomed,open and scented Wise this daugther Eve and vessle of the artist's hand Thru divine revelation she alone understands this man His spirit needs,his body craves nocturnal delight How he too anticipates an enlightening gift of body Adoring the notion spirit wrapped and tied in bows She runs thru ice crystals to the waitng cab Bundled in fox furs that skip on the snow swirles Thus begins the music prelude to the dance His fedora,voice and touch, tools of this encounter He won't welcome her with words or his eyes The tools of this encounter and game Oh! How he loves to begin at her feet, untie and taste Midnigh
The Art Of Teasing
Source: California PsychicsWhile the act of sex itself gets a lot of (well-deserved) hype, sometimes it's the prelude to the actual deed that's most excitingÖ And as the most highly skilled lovers will tell you, that prelude begins way before foreplay. A steamy, satisfying and surprise-filled sex life is all about the art of the tease. Think about it. Unlike sex itself, teasing can begin in public or at home, at any time of day and with (or without) anyone else even knowing about it. It's the power of a glance, a touch or even a well-timed text message. A little exchange that may seem like nothing to an outsider, but gets your lover's imagination working and their blood†boiling, which enhances the experience for both of you when the time to get down to business comes. And the best part is, if you want to drive your lover wild with desire, it may be easier than you think. Remember, the key is not to be lascivious or test your boundaries (though of course, if you're feeling advent
Summer Solstice
The Sun moves into Cancer on the evening of June 20, ushering in summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere. At the time of the solstice, the Sun's rays are directly over the Tropic of Cancer, which is at latitude 23.5 degree north and passes through Mexico, Africa and India. For those of us who live in the northern hemisphere, it will mark the longest day and the shortest night of the year. In the southern hemisphere the opposite will be happening, with the shortest day and the longest night of the year. This is also the time of year when the Sun moves from the air sign, Gemini, to the water sign, Cancer. In astrology, Cancer is represented by the crab, who carries its home everywhere, and is focused on home and family. Not so coincidentally, summer is packed with family activities, picnics, reunions, kids returning home as schools let out for the summer -- fitting pursuits for a sign known for its focus on family, hearth and home. Midsummer has hist
cut,cut,cut..said the voice in my head fingers fumble around in the top drawer ahhhhh,there is the cold steeley lover cut,cut,cut...said the voice in my head razor strap song,as warm fall winds roar hurtfilled soul,promise pains soon over cut,cut,cut..said the voice in my head one more time that's all,the silent call my endtime began far away from here cut,cut,cut..says the voice in my head release binding moment,blood and tear no place to run to,no human will care cut,cut, whisper in my head it is done,your voice silent betwen us your mistake.not so,my going home cut,cut,cut...hear a voice in your head? now do you know, you are alone? that I only came to visit you for awhile? cut,cut,cut..and when your time comes do something never done by you... pray and mean it,from your soul...cry
H Or H?
When faced with tough decisions, you're selfless and kind. Yeah, sometimes you have a weak moment or two - who doesn't! But your good deeds outweigh your bad ones. When the time comes, you're sure to be fitted for your very own pair of Angel wings Heaven or Hell Quiz by Funny Quizzes!MySpace Quizzes | Stupid Test | Fun Quizes.
I haven't the foggiest fucking clue, Why she does the things she do.
Friday Opie And Anthony Links: Mike Myers, Bree Olsen, Tippy Tom, Dr. Steve, Big A, New Boobs On Ratemywow, Lots Of New Videos Online
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE AND ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) Check out the DateCrash: The Antholini Blog that the folks at CW 11 put online. You'll see our own Anthony Cumia and Jill Nicolini having fun at Dave & Buster's Thank God it's Friday and Good Lord it's BUSY today on the Opie and Anthony Radio POgram. We are proud to welcome the one and only Mike Myers to the show this morning. He's promoting his new film The Love Guru. Also joining us will be our gorgeous friend Penthouse Pet Bree Olsen, who you might remember from her last visit alongside the beautiful Kayden Kross . Also joining us will be our own medical guru and host of Weird Medicine (airing this Saturday night on XM202)... Dr. Steve. At some point, we're going to get a visit from our homeless pal Tippy Tom (probably on the XM side) as well as the one and only Big A. Remember, if you want to see any of these fancy people LIVE, in-studio...or maybe you want to stare at Bree Olsen's tits...
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If U Can't Support R Troops Plz Do Stand In Front Of Them!
i write this blog very pissed off i write it out of anger n' frustration but i also write it out of standing up 4 my brothers n' sisters in uniform. i was just talking with a jerk off who doesn't support r troops or their cause as to which they lose their lives.i warn u i have pics. included in this blog if ur on of those ppl that can't handle this i'm sry but it needs 2 be said n' shown for the record that they do n' give so much for ur freedom as an American... they put themselves in danger in unknown places n' unknown 2 them territories... u go to work n' come home for them were they lay their head when they can sleep is home... they put their life on the line everyday they work... somedays tho they don't make it 2 the next day... they watch as the carnage of war wounds n' kills their best friends that have even become like family 2 them...
S Africa Chinese 'become Black'
"The High Court in South Africa has ruled that Chinese South Africans are to be reclassified as black people. " BBC news story
If You Think It's For You....c'est
So It's Like That, Huh?!?!?!
This is Loe's sister once again. Yeah, I think it's real shitty that when he was out ya'll was frontin like ya'll was cool. But now he's locked up and can't get not a note, or nothing?!! Ya can't write a brother and at least say keep yo head up? Fake as frontin ass bullshit.
R. I. P. My Best Friend Of 13 Years....
Well I guess I should tell you all why I am even writing here before telling you what the hell actually happened but I feel so sad. I am going to write this because, I feel it might help me get through, one of the most saddest times I must now have to remember. well now on to my story I have this best friend him and I met in middle school in fact as luck would have it we met while I was playing football he mostly plays basketball but I suppose back then he wanted a change of pace. So he ended up on my team I think we even won that day too so... anyway we ended up going through middle school and high school and even some college too although, eventually he had a child and I encouraged him to join the Navy which really he excelled at very much he loved his son and loved the Navy all the same of course some two years later I myself decided to give the Navy a try and as I learned from my best friend on what to do while being so new to the Navy he helped me a lot but anyway I just came bac
My Blog Proper
Cos a li'l self-advertisement doesn't hurt...
One Word
Only one word.... You can only type ONE Word! This is very difficult!!!! Now copy into new email or forward, change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Return it to the sender too! 1. Where is your cell phone? DESK 2. Where is your significant other? OZ 3. Your hair? BROWN 4. Your mother? BANGKOK 5. Your father? DIE 6. Your favorite thing? DESIGN 7. Your dream last night? FORGOT 8.Your favorite drink? WATER 9. Your dream/goal? HAPPINESS 10. The room you're in? DESIGN 11. Your hobby? Art 12. Your fear? None 13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? SWISS 14. Where were you last night? HOME 15. What you're not? STUPID 16. Muffins? BANANA 17. One of your wish list items? M
Love Is Just Pain, Y Do I Even Try To Deal
I Love Her More Then She Knows
i been seeing someone on here and i want her to kno i love her with everything i have and want her to kno i wont hurt her... ill be her everything do anything in this world for her her name is beilal69 is her name on here my soon to be my fu wifey and real life gf and want her to kno im her babbybooookinss for life
Giving Up, Or Putting Out?
When life sucks, sometimes you've got to swallow your pride. Not all the robots are coming to kill us. Not all the holy men are here to save us. Have not. Will not. Had not. Woke up with an imaginary stripper. Candy canes and lollipops were everywhere. The sheets the ceiling the sock drawer where I keep my condoms. I think it was symbolic of something. Not sure what. Diabetic shock. Black pigtails. Striped stockings. Ruby RED Lipstick. Wet- Like- Plastic. Nothing nowhere knowhow. Unqualified. In a brave world of service industry. And factory workers. On a professor's salary. Grinning like a lunatic despite just that. That same sugar shell smile. I'm smiling back because she's not really there. Like the boogey man. Or tax collectors. Men from the draft board. Men in stiff uniforms- picking me up by my bad shoulder off my bad floor from my bad life. Boys from the middle school shower: Hey show
Nsfw Pics
Now I want to start off by saying that this whole nsfw category has gotten blown way out of proportion by the bouncers. I have seen them mark kitten pics nsfw and threaten to delete a user's account just because the word pussy was on there somewhere. That being said I did, however, want address some of you gals posting true nsfw pics. While I am dearly grateful for all the countless "entertaining" artistic expressions one can browse on here, what the hell is this hypocritical B.S. where you post nudes in you folders but tell guys not to flirt in your "about me" section? I mean come on, talk about mixed signals! While I admire a gal who has the balls to post a pic of a glass dildo up her hooha to the entire web, one has to ask the question, where the hell did morality and etiquette come into play? You basically issue an all-call to the pervs, (my peeps btw), and all the other horny little typists out there wishing their monitors had a built-in scratch and sniff! While I am on the
6/17 & 6/19
where the fuck am i supposed to find out which interstates are flooded? i can't find that information on all these pictures of cleavage and tits and thongs. someone go do it for me.
Calling Part 13
With the few words spoken that night between us both but yet the other already feeling the pressure pressing down on us both from what we had done in the past week to cause life to come to both of us and all the fear that was building up inside of me from carrying these two unborn creatures of the night within myself was reaching it's boiling point within myself. Even though I was fighting this fear that was inside of me I never let it show to my Husband and if he was having any fears about our unborns then he never showed it to me either but always showed me nothing but deep love and how much he wanted to always be with me. If he had any fears they never showed for at night when he was with me and we would walk out under the Moonlight and he would make his transformation so he could be at ease as he was drawn to the Full Moon on the nights that it was Full and high above us in the night sky over Delrita. The nights we spent together as a couple under the skys at night made all the
Auction At Lost Souls Lounge
Theres a new place on Fubar for all the lost soul's to go...Lost Soul's Lounge. Its co-owned by Dj Soulstone and Dj Tattmaster. On Thursday, June 26th, we are having a party in the lounge. Four of the top staff members are being auctioned off...and I am one of them. Come bid on me and help keep Dj Tattmaster from owning me for two weeks. Also, someone will win 50,000 fubux that night...want them? Come in the lounge that night and find out how.... XOXO to all my fans, family, and friends here on Fubar.....
Ok Members...time To Come Together!
We have the power within us to make this group the best tight knit family on FubarÖLetís come together and raise up a new memberÖ she has 28k to go to the next level! Help me welcome one of our newest members to our Gaia Spirit Family!!! Blessings upon you Nikki and welcome to our family!!!! nikki@ fubar
Why Guys Like Girls
Hereís a few reasons why guys like girls 1. They will always smell good even if its just shampoo 2. The way their heads always find the right spot on our shoulder 3. How cute they look when they sleep 4. The ease in which they fit into our arms 5. The way they kiss you and all of a sudden everything is right in the world 6. How cute they are when they eat 7. The way they take hours to get dressed but in the end make it all worth while 8. Because they are always warm even when its minus 30 outside 9. The way they look good no matter what they wear 10. The way they fish for compliments even though you both know that you think she's the most beautiful thing on this earth 11. How cute they are when they argue 12. The way her hand always finds yours 13. The way they smile 14. The way you feel when you see their name on the call ID after you just had a big fight 15. The way she says ďlets not fight anymoreĒ even though you know that an hour later you will be arguing about so
One And Only
I've been wishing on a star but I could never have imagined I would land just where you are after all this lonesome traveling Took one look in your eye, reach out to hold your hand This is when I realized that I could never understand Do you want to be my one and only love? Do you want to be my one and only love? So you wanna be my friend, so you wanna be my lover With you I do confess I can't be one without the other That was hard for me to say, I hope I said it right Which ever, come what may, you see I need to know tonight Do you want to be my one and only love? Do you want to be my one and only love? Do you want to play these cards, do you want to lay them down? DO you want to run away or do you want o stick around? Do you want to be my one and only love? Do you want to be my one and only love?
Vacation - Leave Love Please
Hello My Dear Friends... I will be vacationing the 22nd through the end of the month and perhaps a few days I have a lot of work to do while I am gone... pedicure, pampering, shopping, get my tan on.... drinking, swimming, partying with friends, etc....etc! lol Sounds miserable, doesn't it?! Big LOVE to y'all...hope to find lots of love waiting for me when I get back! xoxoxxx Your SuperGirl
Best Friend
Someone I can talk to Someone I can trust. Someone who will be there When my relationships rust. Someone who will save me, When everything goes wrong. Someone who will comfort me And help me to be strong. Someone who listens At any time of day. Someone who will brighten Any sky thatís gray. Someone who will always Want to be my friend. Someone who will fight for me, Until the bitter end. Someone who will cry with me Whenever I am sad. Someone who will laugh with me Whenever I am glad. Someone who will understand My every weird emotion. Someone who will always be At my side with their devotion. Someone who will always think Of me before themselves. Someone who will care for me And put their own worries onto shelves. Someone who will always let Me act like the true me. Someone who will always be Just like I want to be Someone who will always remain Incredibly beautiful and true- Someone who is my best friend. Someone just like you.
Ever Feel Like A Complete Dumb Ass?
Ever Just feel like a complete dumb ass? Well Hell I do. I've tried to talk to this one person... leaving them messages and so on. And, No answer... feels like I'm getting blown off. And, U know what it really hurts. I couldn't be here for a little while.... cause I didn't have any net for a month or so. Ugh, I really don't get it.. and I don't understand any of this... so If you want me to leave you alone. You got your wish. I'm gone!
You Need Fu Bucks
Do you need Fu Bucks?? I have them will trade 100 comments for 10,000 Fu Bucks i am in a contest and need all the help i can get ... If You Every Wanted One of the Best People On Your List You Need To Meet Jami So Go Show Her Some Luv and Help Her Win This ConTest
Mini Contest Has Been Scrapped!
My Coke Rewardsģ M, 41North Syracuse, NY MINI CONTEST HAS BEEN SCRAPPED! Barq's Root Beer, Coke Classic, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Dasani Water, Diet Coke, Fanta, Fresca, Minute Maid, POWERade, Pibb Xtra, Sprite, Vault
Dream Team Weekend
Effin Tv!!
You wanna tell me WHY with 4 different movie channels there's STILL nothing on but a Lindsay Lohan WRECK of a movie!? I've resorted to watching "I Know Who Killed Me". Please someone stab my eyes out with a rusty fork!!!
"gave Up"
perfect little dream the kind that hurts the most forgot how it feels well almost no one to blame always the same open my eyes wake up in flames it took you to make me realize it took you to make me realize it took you to make me realize it took you to make me see the light smashed up my sanity smashed up my integrity smashed up what i believed in smashed up what's left of me smashed up my everything smashed up all that was true gonna smash myself to pieces i don't know what else to do covered in hope and vaseline still cannot fix this broken machine watching the hole it used to be mine just watching it burn in my steady systematic decline of the trust i will betray give it to me i throw it away after everything i've done i hate myself for what i've become i tried i gave up throw it away
Thank You
Let me start off by letting every one know what hapened. Wednesday my lil brother broke his arm. He was rushed to the Hospital, and had to spend the night at Umass. To day he went in for Surgery at 11. Around 6 I did something I have never done in my 24 years on Earth. This part is where the NSFW comes in. I do not belive in God, Satain, Heaven, or Hell. But I do belive in a Heavenly creator. After hours of waiting and not hearing anything I went to the Hospital Church, and Preyed. I didn't prey to God, Jesus but instead I preyed for his safty and a speedy recovery. While in there a nice woman asked me what religion I was and when I explained my situation and belife to her, She lite a candle for me and my brother. I would like to say to all my friends, family, and every one else who visited and preyed for my little brother.
One Wish
If wishes did come true then I would already have you one wish is all I ever ask one wish to complete this task one wish and all my dreams come true one wish and I could be with you.
First Time
The first time you smiled at me I became weak in the knees The first time I heard your voice You took me to a place I had been resisting I never thought I would see existing The first time you leaned in and I breathed in your scent I knew you were heaven sent.
The Fragile
she shines in a world full of ugliness she matters when everything is meaningless fragile she doesn't see her beauty she tries to get away sometimes it's just that nothing seems worth saving I can't watch her slip away I won't let you fall apart she reads the minds of all the people as they pass her by hoping someone can see if I could fix myself I'd - but it's too late for me I wont let you fall apart we'll find the perfect place to go where we can run and hide I'll build a wall and we can keep them on the other side ...but they keep waiting ...and picking... it's something I have to do I was there, too before everything else I was like you
Resentments, Regrets, Resolve
I'm trying to figure out what it was I clung to all those years... what kept me going deeper and deeper into the emotional sink hole of our relationship? I thought you were what I was going to lose if "I" failed at our marriage! I'm SO sickened by how blind and ignorant I was all of those years... all of those moments I spent in the agony of my own personal hell, crying, hurting; for your foolishness! I didn't lose you because I never knew you... I lost me...I gave up my entire identity to conceed to you and your bullshit ways which I was SO brainwashed by you to believe were better than everyone else... especially my ignorant, backwards, never fucking good enough for your standards family and friends! I can almost taste the vomit in my mouth as I choke on the disgust and shame I feel for treating everyone that loved and cared about me like they were lower than me... lower than us, for all those years! Fuck you for making me want to "be better" than what I came from! What and who I cam
My First Glog
Well wat to talk about for my first blog. for one it was long overdue cuz i only have about a month and a half left to write or do anything on the net. well i finally got to level 10 which took a long time so tonight i should have my first salute up. yay for me lol. ive made a lot of new friends on here in the last month and appriciate everyone fanning adding and rating me this last month. also wanna say thanks to lounge ck2 cuz the lounge is just the shit and i like to spend my time there. well anywho if ur reading this bunch of rambling jibberish then thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
Okay, so basically I'm just ranting because I'm pissed, depressed, bored, and well bitchy. Anyways, I'm getting really sick and tired of being the ugly little shadow to all my friends, I swear, everytime I go somewhere with them, they get the attention from all the guys and I'm stuck in the shadows un-noticed. It REALLY pisses me off...GRR! I'd put this on myspace but that would just start unneeded drama. ANNYWAAAAAAAAYS, I guess thats all I wanted to rant about. Pointless, yes I know. But I have no life, and as I said before, I'm bored, and bitchy...etc etc yo. Die...
"something I Can Never Have"
I still recall the taste of your tears. Echoing your voice just like the ringing in my ears. My favorite dreams of you still wash ashore. Scraping through my head 'till I don't want to sleep anymore. [Chorus:] You make this all go away. You make this all go away. I'm down to just one thing. And I'm starting to scare myself. You make this all go away. You make this all go away. I just want something. I just want something I can never have You always were the one to show me how Back then I couldn't do the things that I can do now. This thing is slowly taking me apart. Grey would be the color if I had a heart. Come on tell me [Chorus] In this place it seems like such a shame. Though it all looks different now, I know it's still the same Everywhere I look you're all I see. Just a fading fucking reminder of who I used to be. Come on tell me [Chorus] I just want something I can never have
You Skeered Say U Skeered
I DON'T GET ATTACHED....I don't want a relationship unless you can prove to me that not all men are the same. No your words dont mean shit to me. No I can't trust you. No I don't beleive you. Promises are nothing but spoken words to me. I know I'm not your one and only so don't say so. No I'm not the world. No my beauty doesn't make your day. No my laughter isn't music. No I'm not a rebound so I'm not going to sit here and wait till you're ready. And no I wont wait on your call. No you can't see the world in my eyes. No my smile isn't magic. No I'm not too good to be true....none the less your wishes can come true. I am a princess....but not yours. I don't need your money. I'm not me. Really I'm not looking for a fairytale. I don't wish to be your everything but I do want to be major. I don't need you to be thinking of me every second of the day. Make me beleive we can forget about the world by holding my hand. Tell me I'm beautiful, but only if you mean it. Mis
Explain To Me Why....
Women complain so much about their not being any nice guys out there? It's not like they don't exist. Nice guys are everywhere. They just aren't the kind of guys that most women care for. Most women want the "bad boy" right? The guy whose gonna treat them horribly and put them down to no end. The guy who goes out with his friends, gets drunk, and fucks some random chick behind their back. Of course, these women tends to forgive the asshole and then wonder why her friends think she's stupid for staying with him. I might be way off here, but I'm only speaking from experience. Most of the girls I've dated would rather I party and get drunk as fuck every weekend. Apparently thats what people my age do. I thought it was a good thing these know, being responsible and having some sort of common sense. I swear, I wonder sometimes whether being a dickhead is the way to go. I wouldn't be able to go that route though. I was raised a little better than that. I guess I'll ju
Come Through
I'm so sick and tired of making excuses for why things are how they are I know I'm the reason but I hope you're not thinkin that I can't turn this boat around. Now in every love story there are moments of glory and times when "I tried" just wont do You've lost all your trust now you dont expect much from me but I'm gonna prove this to you Oh that I'm gonna come through for you lalala la la la, lalala la la la la la la, lalala la la la Take my on sister song and try to believe in this something cuz its something worth holding on to I know you've waited so long but try to believe in this something cuz it wouldn't mean much without you and I promise someday I'll come through. Steve Perry once said "lovin a music man it ain't all that is supposed to be" After all of these years and a river of tears I'd have to say you agree You say you've sacrificed spending years of your life waiting on promises and maybes It couldn't be more true all the pain's been on
Off Shore Oil Fights...
States weigh options in offshore oil fight Some governors promise to block attempts to tap energy reserves PENSACOLA, Fla. - Governors in some coastal states promised to block attempts to tap offshore petroleum reserves, citing concerns about the environment and tourism. Others agreed with President Bush's call to lift a 27-year-old federal ban on offshore drilling but said states should decide whether to allow it. Bush on Wednesday joined Republican presidential candidate John McCain in calling for the lifting of a prohibition on drilling along the East and West coasts and in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. As the battle to lift the moratorium began to play out in Washington, states debated their stance. "As Governor of California, I will do everything in my power to fight the federal government on this issue and prevent any new offshore drilling," Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a McCain supporter, said Wednesday. Another McCain ally, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, reverse
'nuther Auction
OK, here I am in another auction. Will you come and bid on me, please? This is what I'm offering: Here is my offer: All SFW pics rated during HH (11ís if available--I can use my guy's account too, so there's lotsa 11's available). Owned by in name for one month Added as #1 friend for a month Keep you shitfaced for a month Link to your profile on my page Rate all stash during HH Blog about the owner with link to the page SFW salute If bid is more than 20.00 cash Five custom graphics One movie with pictures and song of your choice
Nights Like This.
We clasped hands. I tightened my left and then my right. So thankful for this moment. "Who's turn?" I murmur. "It's Emma's turn. You went last night." Shane declares I look at Emma. Her small hands are clasped in my own and her brothers. Her cheeks pinken, and she shakes her head vehemently. "I can't go...I can't do it." She whispers. I smile at her. And know that everything inside of me, that was ever beautiful is in this little girl. Her eyes flash at me, such a light blue. Her hair waves in the innocent way of children. I turn my head to her brother. "Shane." He shrugs his shoulders and begins. "Dear Lord...Thank you for this food we are about to devour.." I smile at his words, keeping my head bowed. I peek between my lashes, simply to look at them. As he speaks his deep dimples flash. The light shines off of his glasses and my hand tightens involuntarily on his. He is tall and beautiful like his father. His hand squeezes mine, and he peeks at me. His shoul
Please Read
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? TABLE 2. Your significant other? DOMINO 3. Your hair? RED 4. Your mother? PITTSBORO 5. Your father? ASHEBORO 6. Your favorite thing? FOOD 7. Your dream last night? NONE 8. Your favorite drink? COFFEE 9. Your dream/goal? PROSPERITY 10. The room you're in? LIVING 11. Music? OLDIES 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? MARRIED 14. Where were you last night? OUT 15. What you're not? RICH 16. Muffins? BLUEBERRY 17. One of your wish list items? KIDS 18. Where you grew up? PITTSBORO 19. The last thing you did? SHOUT 20. What are you wearing? PAJAMAS 21. TV? YEP 22. Your pets? NONE 23. Your computer? LAPTOP 24.
Grandfather Died Today
My grandfather passed away tonight at 11:45pm georgia time. he has been sick for quite sometime now. Mama has been in Kentucky for a week and a half with him in the hospital. she came home tonight after he was relesed then he couldnt breath and went back and when mama got home at 10:30 she got a phone call saying he had to be put on a machine to breath. they put the ventalator in and he died. so shes going back tomarrow in the morning, He didnt want her to leave and now she feels bad. She thinks its her fault. She feels like if she stayed he wouldnt have died or at least she could have been there when he did. Thanks for listening, He will be in a better place now hes in gods hands.
A Must Read!
ok, as some of you know, a couple months ago, i decided to go back to school to earn my GED. Being a High School drop out has had its affects on me, and for the longest time, i've felt bad about not graduating. Especially after seeing both my brother and sister graduate.. But, i did however take a GED test Last Tuesday. and here are the results...
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? dresser 2. Your significant other? gone 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? home 5. Your father? heaven 6. Your favorite thing? hugs 7. Your dream last night? sex 8. Your favorite drink? tea 9. Your dream/goal? love 10. The room you're in? bed 11. Music? jazz 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? loved 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? content 16. Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? pool 18. Where you grew up? Louisiana 19. The last thing you did? type 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? no 22. Your pets? missy 23. Your computer? slow 2
New Game Posted - Ladybug!
This is a solo project I did. It is a basic casual game made for everyone. Check it out HERE!
Tag Ur It!
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? Desk 2. Your significant other? bed 3. Your hair? black 4. Your mother?home 5. Your father? Heaven 6. Your favorite thing?music 7. Your dream last night? fucked 8. Your favorite drink? tea 9. Your dream/goal? nonexistent 10. The room you're in? Living 11. Music? rap 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?better 14. Where were you last night? computer 15. What you're not?Mean 16. Muffins?dry 17. One of your wish list items? Happiness 18. Where you grew up? kempton 19. The last thing you did?this 20. What are you wearing?capris 21. TV?nope 22. Your pets? cats 23. Your computer? POS
sucks nuts. can't find a place to eat that isn't fuckin crispy fat god damn fried, and almost almost all the people here are slow.
"i Am" Campaign Reminder
From: Pagan Unity Campaign Subject: "I am a Pagan" Post card campaign--last minute reminder Date: June 19, 2008 Contact: Adam L. Labonoski ( PUC would like to encourage all Pagans on Summer Solstice to send postcards to their elected officials in Washington DC with the simple but powerful message; ďI am a PaganÖfill in the blankÖ.(i.e. parent, citizen, soldier, voter)Ē Contact information for elected officials below: (House of Representatives) (Senate) Barack Obama Post Office Box 8102 Chicago, IL 60680 John McCain 2211 East Camelback Road Phoenix, AZ 85016 President George W. Bush The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 ###
My Wife
Hi I'm a pig. My wife just found my third account on here and at adult friend I have only been married a little over a year and have a 2 1/2 month old baby girl. I chased my wife for 15 years before she would be with me and become my wife. Now I'm breaking her her heart and riping our marriage apart. Over what? A sneak peak at ghetto ass. I clam to love my wife very much and I would never leave her. I also tell her she is everything to me. And I don't want anyone else. I think I'm in deep shit and I may be getting a divorce and she may be moving back to her home state(VA)365 mile away and taking our little girl with her and I won't see her because my wife is taking screen shots of all my account to use in court. cheating bastard
Own The Sexiest Italian On Fubar!!!
Own me I'm Italian I'm Up for auction and I'm hoping to get something out of it... Would you like to help this lil Naughty Italian girl??? Ok here is the deal... This is what I'm Offering: - Own By __________ in my Name As long You own me - All Stash and Pictures rated - One daily Drink - Acceses to my NSFW Folder - 1 SFW Call - 1 SFW Camara Session on Yahoo messenger - If bling pack is offered I will Spend Half of it on my Owner Here is when it gets Sweet If offers are: 1 Year V.I.P. or Happy Hour: - What was mention you get it plus: * Camara Session Becomes NSFW * A boob Salute - From The VIP You Will Get 25 11's Daily for a hole month! - From the Happy Hour I will Get you Half of the Fubucks Earned. And add to that an extra 500k
Praying For Baby Mya!!
Today was quite a day! Along from this MONSTERS arraignment we also found out that he had done such HORIFIC injuries to our beautiful Little angel. There will be more news reports that we will try to link and share. Mya suffered not only brain hemmoraging from him squeezing her to hard but they also found an old Broken rib and both her Femur bones and lower leg bones had been broken. The Doctors believe Mya may suffer Visual and hearing Damage due to the injuries. BURN IN HELL MORGAN GARLICK!!! Here is the so called daddy to our Beautiful angel. YES He has a fubar account!!! chico@ fubar Today my daughter will be going to court and facing this monster. Please keep her in your thoughts. As of yet the only update on Mya is that she is eating again which is a blessing all its own. As long as the Blood clot liquifies no surgery will be necessary. I will be updating my Blog and Bulletin again later today as I find out mo
I"m just lookin for one thing, And that one thing is . A MOMENT THAT WILL LAST A LIFE TIME
Tag You're It!
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? purse 2. Your significant other? crushed 3. Your hair? curlz 4. Your mother? deceased 5. Your father? love 6. Your favorite thing? chillaxin 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? coke 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? kitchen 11. Music? rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? sleepy 16. Muffins? banananut 17. One of your wish list items? stereo 18. Where you grew up? WV 19. The last thing you did? type 20. What are you wearing? panties 21. TV? kids 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? dell 24. Your
In Over My Head...
I. Am. An. IDIOT. One of these days, I'm not going to keep making the same mistakes over and over. One of these days, my brain will come back to me, and I won't be such an idiot. One of these days. One of these days I'll learn not to listen to my heart, but instead focus on what I deserve. UGH. Now, once again, I've gotten myself in over my head in something else. I have an inability to say no, and damn it gets me in trouble. I need to learn how to look out for myself and not what other people want. I have spent all my life trying to please others, and I need to learn how to look out for myself. Because I sure haven't gotten anywhere doing what other people want me to do. *sigh* My depression keeps getting worse. For the last 5 years it just gets worse and least I haven't had the urge to harm myself...that's an upside I suppose. UGh. I just need a looong nap.
Reality Check
Not many people can fully grasp the meaning behind that phrase. As simplistic as it is. If you have interest in someone or even claim to be in love with someone, it should show. I do not merely mean from time to time. No, it should be obvious in everything you do. Many people like to throw the "L-word" out, but there actions do not back up their claims. They may not even use the word love, but express great feelings of emotion and attraction instead. Despite what it may be, it is still emotions. Emotions are fine when they are your own. However, when your emotions become intertwined with another's, it takes on a different meaning and transcends to a different level. There is more than just one party involved at this point. So many times here, I get messaged or approached with compliments or someone taking an interest. I do appreciate that very much so. However, when that is the only message or contact you have with me, I have to then chalk it up to a brief encounter. Why is that? W
Honesty Lol
∑ I don't suf... rated your photo a '7'! 3 hrs ago ∑ I don't suf... rated you a '9'! 3 hrs ago ∑ I don't suf... just checked you out! 3 hrs ago
Tag You're It!
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? purse 2. Your significant other? blah 3. Your hair? multi 4. Your mother? cool 5. Your father? passed 6. Your favorite thing? son's 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? Diet Dr Pepper 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? living 11. Music? Alternative 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy 14. Where were you last night? numb 15. What you're not? hungry 16. Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? pipe 18. Where you grew up? Alaska 19. The last thing you did? smile 20. What are you wearing? clothes 21. TV? cartoons 22.
Just Back Off
Ok..I have a myspace account too. I try meeting people through places on here and there because I still don't know hardly anyone around here and I just don't go up to people and say "hey whats up?". I prefer to meet people through talking to them first, or a mutual friend. Well..I tried that on myspace and I have learned people are generally assholes. People make plans, and then break them on the cusp of going out. It's fuckin' aggravating. I'm fuckin tired of people that make plans and break them habitually. I am supremely fuckin pissed!! I have had times where I had plans and passed on other things I coulda done because I had those plans. I kept my end of the bargain. or people that say they're gonna call and I just wait. WTF!!?? From now on if anyone wants to know me, get to me first and know I won't put up this shit!!! THE END!!
Thank You Letter..
This letter was sent to the principal's office after an elementary school had sponsored a luncheon for the elderly. An old lady had received a new radio at the lunch as a door prize, and was writing to say thank you. This story is a credit to all human kind. Forward to anyone you know who might need a lift today! Dear Faculty and Students, God bless you for the beautiful radio I won at your recent senior citizens' luncheon. I am 84 years old and live at an assisted home for the aged. All of my family has passed away. I am all alone now and it's nice to know someone is thinking of me. God bless you for your kindness to an old forgotten lady. My roommate is 95 and always had her own radio. Before I received this one, she would never let me listen to hers, even when she was napping. The other day, her radio fell off the night st and and broke into a lot of little pieces. It was awful and she was in tears. She asked if she could listen to mine, and I said fuck you.
List Of 25 Things......
A List of 25 Things That Would Make Me Punch You in the Baby Maker. 1) You take sloppy showers, and I step in the water with a fresh pair of socks on. 2) You scrape your teeth on your fork. 3) You say ďI could care lessĒ. 4) You donít understand why Iíd punch someone in the baby maker for the previous list item. 5) You still write checks in the check-out line. 6) You make the rest of us wait in the check out line while they scan your 134 coupons to save $3.85. Iíll pay you $5.00 to get the fuck out of my way. 6) You drive 10 mph below the speed limit. 7) You wait ten seconds to accelerate after the light turns green. 8) You blast the #1 hit in the country at the stoplight. Way to be original, fuckface. If youíre going to play music loudly in an attempt to show it off to me, at least play something I havenít heard 7 million times. 9) While weíre on the subject, if I hear you playing the song Hey There Delilah, humming it, singing it, or maybe even stan
Hh Now
I'm having my 1st HH tomorrow(thurs) @ 8PM futime. I'm going to be giving 5 people 50k fubux during it. To have a chance to win all you need to do is rate the "my 1st HH" folder all 10's or 11's and send me a pm when you are through. I will return the message with the order # you turned it in. After my HH I will open the folder with the already preselected winning #s. If one is yours hit me up and I'll get you your bux. I need a bully made about this, so if you can and want to, make me one up. Thanks, Mickey HOPE TO SEE YOU TOMORROW @ 8!!!! ALSO JUST CLICK THIS PIC BELOW AND YOU CAN GO RIGHT TO HIS PAGE
Want To Own Me? Auction Details Inside!
Kat0nine ~The Fallen Angel~ Flaming Hottie Is up for Auction! Get your bids in to own me! If you do not want to bid then please rate the linked picture =) Luv yas! Click pic of me to bid and rate photo Currently offering to Highest bidder.... 100 pic rates a week #1 Family for the month Top Friend for the Month 3 daily gifts daily profile comment R/F/A you if I havent already 1 NSFW salute with "Owned By__" up to 500 Stash rated during the month added to my ?Name "Owned by ___" Link to your profile in my About me as My Owner
Two As One
Two as One by LateNiteFantasy© The enchanted solitude of two lovers where sensations of each random touch of finger tips and tongues and salt of salt is the avenue to consummation Breathing in each musky odour my flesh, your flesh fuels desire upon desire the passion which burns born of each frustration is denied, beyond reach written on our bodies by each others nails and teeth our emotions brought higher by groin fire screams to be touched to death and is finally gorged and spent in mad hopeless love They lay in each other's arms, Bodies exhausted and spent, Tenderness abounds, They are, Two as one.
What The Army Things
An Army grunt stands in the rain with a 35 lb. pack on his back, 15 lb. weapon in hand, after having marched 12 miles, and says, "This is ****." An Army Airborne Ranger stands in the rain with a 45 lb. pack on his back, weapon in hand, after having jumped from an airplane and marched 18 miles, and says with a smile, "This is good ****!" A Navy SEAL lies in the mud, 55 LB pack on his back, weapon in hand, after swimming 10 miles to shore, crawling through a swamp and marching 25 miles at night past the enemy positions, says with a grin, "This really is great ****." A Force Recon Marine, up to his nose in the stinking, bug-infested mud of a swamp with a 65 LB pack on his back and a weapon in both hands after jumping from an aircraft at high altitude, into the ocean, swimming 12 miles to the shore, killing several alligators to enter the swamp, then crawling 30 miles through the brush to assault an enemy camp, says, "I love this ****.‚€Ě The Air Force NCO sits in an easy
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come on friends rate and comment my pics PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE
I Am Yours Completely
I am Yours Completely Tomorrow you will call for me and tonight I start my service. You will call for me early and all night I will yearn for your voice. I know you have plans for me; you know I will please you. As I get in your car I try my best not to speak, not looking into your eyes, my punishment begins. I want to grab your shirt and beg for your touch, there is nothing I want more than your attention. It is as exciting as the first time, your lips to my ear, but it is not to whisper I love yous, instead it is a direction. My clothes fall off of me and I kneel to approval, your hand strikes my face, I give you my body. With your hands around my neck and as a tear beads down my cheek, I know you have accepted me and now I belong to you. Your hand is firm, guiding me, helping me to be my best; you put me in my place. I crave what you want me to, things I used to hate, and pleasing you has given me purpose, I give you my mind. So much more than roses and chocol
Indirect But No Corrections
Indirect but no corrections...*u* in love where is da connection...if ya girl treat *u* wrong let me hold *u*.....cuz at da end *u* can see who likes *u*...I will do things dat make *u* smile....but wait im sayin dis indirectly.....yes I **luv da way *u* look and da way *u* walk...when *u* kiss me I cant talk....if ya girl dont want to be by ya side I will be here....yes I will ride.....and I look in ya eyes and make love to *u* with my eyes welcomin *u*.....and my warmness awakin *u*......and I will do what I please....if im sayin something wrong please correct me.....oil and lotion and makin bath water....yes just 4 *u*....just sit here and look at my point of view....can *u* just see dat I want to be what she cant be...and da way *u* wear ya hat to da side and *u* hair on ya chin shaped up so lovely.....damn I just wanna make *u* my hubby..... when *u* read *u* know its 4 *u* indirectly I like *u* 4 you
Love Works
Love Works by LateNiteFantasy© Her knees wide apart Hips bent outwards Her smell of arousal enters my nostrils The heat from her groin warms my face I draw closer The feel of my breath Arches her back In Anticipation. My tongue parts her moist lips Juices dance across my tongue Her flesh so soft and warm Her body pushes harder against my mouth My tongue explores, Slowly circling her entrance Running along the inside of her lips I discover her Vulnerability Her weak spot I quicken my pace Her body tenses Her cheeks squeeze tight Hips rhythmically move with my tongue Slowly building Back arched Knees drawn Then Tiny explosions erupt inside her Filling the air with Ecstasy
My First Hh, Friday 6/20/08 7pm Est!
>MY VERY FIRST HAPPY HOUR 4 PM FU TIME....6PM Central...7 PM Eastern HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE FOR MY VERY FIRST HAPPY HOUR...RATE FAN AND ADD ME If you Havent already Given to me by a SUPER founder of CLUB UNITED!...Please show him some FU LOVE also....He is One of A kind when it comes to TRUE FRIENDS SHOW ME MAD LOVE This Bulliten brought to you by ©ßnIpEr ģ H@rleyBaby69s SECS SLAVE I want you to want me - Garbage
Lap Of Luxury
Lap of Luxury i really like the idea of this
When We Make Love
When we make love; Bound to the bed, my body is yours, flat on my back or on all fours. Take me hard or take me slow, Coming together our juices flow. When we make love; Whip me, flog me make me feel, your loving touch makes me heal. All my fears fade away, when we begin to play. When we make love; Naked bodies grind against each other, youíre my friend, my partner, my lover. Passionís ignited within our heart, our love is true, never to part. When we make love, your body fits me like a glove. With love and care you enter my hole, weíve now merge, body mind and sole. We are one when we make love.
Love Hate But All In One
If I love and I hate How can my love be so slow paced... If I fall and I crawl... Y is love my downfalll.... My love I create it turns to hate....when *u* get me mad....and I feel so blue and sad........but hate is so strong....dat I feel I ya arms dat I touch....and we have time there's no can I see what *u* want me to see...if *u* keep lovin me....and never let me .....get in ya heart ...I dont know where to start....and im hurtin inside.....I just want to hide....and please let me love is so graceful and has *u* open but hate is all *u* showin.....and I see what I am.....*u* no longer my man...and dis is off da top of da head....and my hate consists of *u* not bein around.....and *u* lost contact and I cant be no longer in love.....and I admit it was pure like a dove....but we fit like two gloves....and I hate to hold a grudge....y **r** *u* so mad....did I hurt *u* dat bad....*u* left now *u* glad....I sit here like
Thank You Shadow Levelers (and Others)
I'm a RockStar now thanks to Mikey@ fubar Simply Unsatisfiableô ....*Completely Undeniable*.....Pu$$yCat Playmate@ fubar ♪£ŪłβαмαGŪг£♪ ~Shadow Leveler~@ fubar Sassy Redhead*~*Shadow Levelers*~*Convoy Driver*~*@ fubar GARY~SHADOW LEVELER~owned by Happy Country Girl &MťmļÓģŤô~ FUMARRIED & R/L ENGAGED TO~ BooBoo@ fubar ♥ Bebe ♥ {Sinful Angels}~Shadow Leveler~@ fubar ★Purry ★Co-Owner Purrfect Sin★@ fubar ۞♥Sultryô Girl Next Door♥۞ ♥Fu Angels♥OWNED BY JAK@ fubar ōTÓ—ŚM„ģÔň**2Ů– ŇLŇģM HōTTI…**♥♥ßH¬–’W L VňL ģ♥♥ô@ fubar SingleDad38 {{{{{ SHADOW LEVELERS }}}}} R/L BF to JeSS & owner of £Ūłβαмα@ fubar
A Little Bout Me!
50 ODD Things about you! If you opened this, FILL IT OUT! Learn 50 things about your friends, and let them learn 50 things about you! 1. Do you like blue cheese? love it 2. Have you ever smoked heroin? no 3. Do you own a gun? uh no i think the things are awful...and i have small children and am no willing to take the chance... 4. What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic? cherry....MmM....limeade baby yea! 5. Do you get nervous before Dr. appts? always....doc's suck 6. What do you think of hot dogs? vile and disgusting really 7. Favorite Christmas song? Begining to look alot like xmas 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? coffee!! 9. Can you do push ups? sure.....not any good at the girly kind lol 10. What do you order at starbucks? MmM....starbucks...carmel espresso frappucino venti w/whipped cream.....yummy! 11. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? my collar....thank You Lord Fury! 12. Favorite hobby? Lord F
I Like This Story, A Friend Sent It To Me.
Once upon a time a bird fell in love with a white rose. One day he (bird) proposed to her (white rose), but white rose refused. White rose said I don't love you. Bird daily came and proposed to her. Finally, white rose said when I will turn red, I will love you. One day bird came and cut his wings and spread his blood on the rose and the rose turned red. Then the rose realized how much bird loved her but it was too late because bird was dead. So respect the love and feelings of the person who loves you. Thank you Rob for sending this to me.
Tag You're It
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? Desk 2. Your significant other? Dogs 3. Your hair? Black 4. Your mother? Home 5. Your father? Attorney 6. Your favorite thing? Hockey 7. Your dream last night? Cocaine 8. Your favorite drink? Vodka 9. Your dream/goal? Success 10. The room you're in? Office 11. Music? Rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happiness 14. Where were you last night? Home 15. What you're not? Cheap 16. Muffins? Slut 17. One of your wish list items? DD 18. Where you grew up? New York 19. The last thing you did? Masterbation 20. What are you wearing? Nothing 21. TV? Porn 22. Your pets? Dogs 23. Your
You Think You Know
You think you know what you'd do when the world is ripped out from under you You think you know what you'd say when you see someone you love that way You think you know how you'll react when you hear the shot go off You think you know how long it'll take to "get over it, and get on with your life" You don't know
&hearts Contest
The Re-wire!
For those of you that don't know what's been going on, I had to have my house re-wired electrically. The house was built in 1940 and I think most of the wiring was original to the house, it was on 100amp service with no ground wires. It's been converted to 200amp service with grounds...It started yesterday morning about 915am and they quit about 7pm last night, but in the process...was unable to rehook my fridge/freezer to electicity (major bummer) Lost a half gallon of Blue Bell chocolate ice cream (the best) and of course the Klondike Bars...and other assorted perishables. That was thanks to Entergy, the power company here, that wouldn't do an emergency for the one outlet, they refused, said they need 3 days notice to grant it. That's BULL!!! They came back this morning at 9am to finish, they finally finished at almost 4pm...I'm so glad it's done and over with. Now if I only had Bob
Searching For The Real Me
Searching For The Real Me{4/95} Searching for the real me is not easy for me. There is a world of hurt and sorrow behind me. My family is not like others but i am still trying to get used to it. I want to find the real me and that is a long hard journey. I have dreams and hopes and yet they are far from me. People dont know me and neither do I. I am creative and not a famous poet but I get things across and feeleings out. My poems and writing may not seem like much but to me they are part of me, my soul and life. To really know me you must get to know me Really give me a chance to explain certain things to you. Though it may take time it may be worth your time. Dont judge me from what I look like on the outside there is a lot more beauty and jewels inside of me.
Sweet Rose Ad
Not Feelin Any Love :(
Ok so I wanna be pink and Im thinkin that someone on this site may love me enough to buy me a month V.I.P. If someone will the person that does will get: 50 of the 100 11's during H/H Owned By (there name) In My Name Profile Comments 3 a day for the month A V.I.P. Gift Once A Week 100 Pic Comments I'll Rate There Stash During Happy Hour Pimp Out There Profile And Up To 5 Personal SFW Salutes If Wanted If your interested let me know.... Please Repost For Me **This is thursday night I won't be back on until saturday.... maybe sunday!!!** ♥SexyMel♥ ♥SexyMel♥CaptainOfSexyMel'sSexyTrain♥GoRateX-Dealer♥@ fubar
Lil Fart
Lil Fart This is a tale of a skunk named Lil Fart. How he got that name, oh where do I start? It happened with his father and mother. And it doesnt help he has no brother. His mother, at first, it was a joke And so did their birthing coach. The skunk was named another,however, The name was meant for his twin brother. His twin brother died in the womb. The name was given lil fart Cause thats how his birth was marked. When his mother had him born, That lovely morn. The doctor got him out And the baby let out a big fart. So that is how a skunk named Lil Fart And how the name came to be.
defenestrate dee-FEN-uh-strayt, transitive verb: To throw out of a window.
It is not length of life, but depth of life. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
This is the craziest thing I've seen in a long time. You also have to get out of your seat and walk away from your computer. But it's well worth it. When you look at this picture close up you see Albert Einstein. But if you stand 15 feet away, It will become Marilyn Monroe. Give it a try!
Well, Times For Me Are About To Change
Hello once again. I wanted to talk to you all today about what has recently happened to me. Just last week, I had a job interview with an insurance company called Combined. Now, I did not know what I was applying to, until I got the interview. At first, I thought it would be just an office job working at one of their offices. But, as the interviewing process happened, there were four parts to the interview I might add, I realized I ran into what it looks like a blessing. I saw I found myself in a wonderful opportunity; a job that is going to be my last job ever, and a job that is IBO friendly as well. The job I will be doing is going to our customers, picking up payments, extending their plans, and even selling new plans to them. This insurance company really caters more to huge companies and businesses, but also have some personal plans for people as well. I am very grateful for landing something like this, being that I have been wanting to get a better job for the past few m
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? desk 2. Your significant other? what?? 3. Your hair? look 4. Your mother? box 5. Your father? dunno 6. Your favorite thing? him 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? coke 9. Your dream/goal? love 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? any 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? involved 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? married 16. Muffins? stud 17. One of your wish list items? 18. Where you grew up? Chicago 19. The last thing you did? eat 20. What are you wearing? boxers 21. TV? Yes 22. Your pets? dogs 23. Your computer? slow 24. Your
Unfaithful All this time that I waste, has blackened my heart turned into haste. Looking back is all I can do, the earth keeps shifting through and through. Strength and courage are like a disease, I've lost in this war, down on my knees. Begging for mercy, hell bent on trying, can't see straight, no end to my crying. Any idea what it's like to care? For a person who's dying cause they've had their share. Living this life is not but a curse, it doesn't get better it only gets worse. Little white lines a glimmer in his eye, is she your true love? Why can't it be I? Offered you my life, gave you my heart, only for her to tare us apart. This fucking game, you now play alone, you want to die, your on your own. I hope she is worth it and please don't lie, I'm just not enough, you'd rather get high...
Will be leaving to see my family on June 26th thru July 3rd..Lots of things have happened in my life the last several months..My husband had knee replacement surgery which forced me to put school on hold to become a certified veterinary technician so I will be starting school in the fall to make that dream come true.I also within the last month started on a very tough workout program to lose weight I have so far dropped 10 pounds.I will not be on the fu quite as often in the coming weeks as I have a lot just going for those of you that really need to stay in close touch with me my email is please feel free to write me there.To my handsome guy you know who you are I will miss our morning chats..will try to get on sometimes to send you those special gifts..LOL..To the Chief..I have not forgotten, will happen when I get back the first of the month so hang in there I will always be here to try to help my hotties.Hope everyone has an awesome summer..I will
Two Hands Held
Two Hands Held by LateNiteFantasy© She watches over me like a vulture waiting for her pray undressing my cloth covered skin as well as the flesh tasting my mind, deep within to a core long forgotten. Lips focused on ignoring her internal thoughts, pressed tightly A rare smile blossoms on a picturesque face, current. Warm, sudden flood inside, rushes over solid bone quenches the thirst to which my body constantly aches. Cool breezes part the air between her gaze and mine for only a moment our sight does grasp the others hand, yet the spark is not only felt from this side of the wire. Thin, glistening bolts of energy ignite- halting as our attached gaze quickly departs and our eyes adjust for an indirect view- She watches over me like a woman wanting- a divine dominatrix with erotic musings in her mind, bittersweet concoction of confusion and anxiety- Two hearts finding themselves as one- and passing on the chances of enchantment with nothing more to hold on to b
And More
let's have fun together. Experimenting with BDSM if othe is interested as well....
Tag You Are It!!
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? here 2. Your significant other? none 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? gambling 5. Your father? deceased 6. Your favorite thing? mickey 7. Your dream last night? love 8. Your favorite drink? Diet Pepsi 9. Your dream/goal? love 10. The room you're in? living 11. Music? rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? inlove 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? rich 16. Muffins? tins 17. One of your wish list items? happiness 18. Where you grew up? hometown 19. The last thing you did? showered 20. What are you wearing? nighty 21. TV? Yes 22. Your pets? Hemy 23. Your
Hahahaha Mumms! Lol
so I mummed before work this morning and there was a mumm from someone asking if it was wrong to bring in snacks to the movie theater. I answered it honestly and got unholy hell for it lol. I said yes it IS wrong to bring in your own snacks, because every movie theater (along with most county ordanances) say its a health risk to bring you own snacks (it may be a crappy rule or law but hey, they are what they are) now where I got shit was everyone that that i was thinking i was some high and mighty person telling them all what to do because I called a spade a spade. Now I KNOW everyone sneaks snacks into the theater, hell I have. Does that make it right? HELL NO Am I wrong for sneaking snacks in too? HELL YES I AM but man o man, to try and make it morally right just to feel better about yourselves...... theres ALOT more people on here with confidence issues than I originally thought. anyway done with my lil rant.... and to you mummers who raked me over the coals for being r
Unselfish Lover
Unselfish Lover by LateNiteFantasy© Unselfish Lover unselfish lover you there is no other intent only on my needs my pleasure you love unselfishly your body incredibly smooth I roam you everywhere complete while you roam back my body unselfish lover time we do not abide just so into your marvelous eyes unselfish lover our love with no ties just what we feel for each other inside slowness movements cannot truly describe your pacing the pleasure you give to me only wanting it to be mine unselfish lover everything passionate how very true cannot get close enough to you tightly together our bodies do fit slowness love ultimate gentleness unselfish lover missionary style as your eyes still yet on mine hours pass us by making love stays within you and within me this certain intimacy vulnerable love yet with a strength that runs still so deep unselfish lover only you and only me Indulge All of Us
My Family Roots
1888: On December 18, Richard Wetherill and his brother-in-law, Charles Mason, rode out on what is now Sun Point in search of lost cattle and first saw Cliff Palace. That afternoon, Richard found Spruce Tree House, and the next day, the two men discovered Square Tower House. Al Wetherill, Richard's brother, saw Cliff Palace sometime the year before, but he did not enter the dwelling, so the credit for "discovering" the dwelling has been given to Richard Wetherill and Charles Mason. 1889: Four of the Wetherill brothers returned to Mesa Verde to explore and dig in the ruins. In a 15 month period, they claimed to have entered 182 cliff dwellings, 106 in Navajo Canyon alone. 1890: In the January 1, 1890 issue of the Durango Herald, there is an article on Montezuma County, expressing the idea of setting aside the Mancos Canyon cliff dwellings as a National Park. Between 1887 and 1892 the Wetherills made several trips into Mesa Verde primarily for collecting archeological material.
One Angry American
Im sure alot of you have seen this in an email before. I like it so I posted it.. don't really care if some of you don't agree with it. Letter from one 'Angry American' > > I don't know who wrote it but they should have signed it. Some powerful > words. This woman should run for president. > > Written by a housewife from New Jersey and sounds like it! This is one > ticked off lady! > > 'Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not > started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, > 2001? > > Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally > murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from our > nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ? > > Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, > burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? > > And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was 'desecrated' when > an overworked American
How Much????
GUESS WHAT IM UP FOR AUCTION !!! YOU KNOW YA WANT TO OWN ME !! TRY ME !! YOU MIGHT LIKE ME !! JUST CLICK THE PIC !! BIDDING ENDS !! SUNDAY !! ~**.. ImPerFeCTiOn..**~..~**Co-Owner of Club Sweet Thing**~@ fubar (repost of original by 'DJ KIDD ROCK~LOVED & OWNED BY DJ DEVILISH DESIRE' on '2008-06-19 16:25:56')
Deepness Divine
Deepness Divine by LateNiteFantasy© deepness divine entire heart body soul and mind love in unison together pleasure ultimate deep forever we love you and me close together as two souls can ever unite looking into each other's eyes silent love to forever be unspoken love we feel in our bodies deep volumes of love words can never describe the intense pleasure of love inside and outside feeling every move every breath we ever take the love the beauty of love you and me create we make love such sweet divinity your body and my body total unity One Soul we are wrapped in love for all of eternity nothing left untouched we love each other thorughly the depth of love so fathomless deep I give you my love and you give your love to me harmony balance deep aligned on a spiritual plane unending love always feeling the same deepness divine expressing love so naturally time does not exist at all to you and me wanting needing alway forever true only me and only you unc
Thoughts Today
For most of you that are close to me you know that my mother has cancer and has been fighting it for several years, well I had a disturbing and numbing talk with my stepdad today...The doctors have said that they are going to do one more round of chemo if this doesnt work there is nothing more they can do..I cant even explain the pain I feel inside. I want to stay optimistic but the loss of my mother is overwhelming, I feel so confused right now the hardest thing is that she did not tell me I asked her how things were going and she said that they were changing her treatments but thats all I know she didnt want to upset me. I love her so much she is my best friend if I lose her I am not sure what or how to go on. She is my strength she is the only person other than my best friend D that I can trust in and truely feel safe. I would appreciate all of you to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
North Wing At Broomfield High Comes Down
North wing at Broomfield High comes downBy Michael Davidson, Enterprise Staff Writer Originally published 12:39 p.m., June 16, 2008Updated 12:16 a.m., June 17, 2008 Jeremy DePinto had been waiting for this day to come for a long time. The former Broomfield High School student was one of about 100 former and current students, faculty members and area residents who watched this morning as a demolition crew tore down the north wing of the high school. DePinto even got in the act. Before the crew started its work just after 9 a.m., he joined a handful of teachers and their families as they threw rocks through the windows of the abandoned classrooms. He joked that it was a way of settling old scores. "I was tingling. That was a refreshing feeling given how much trouble I was in when I was here. It feels like a little payback," he said as he recorded the demolition on video. "
Intimate Lovers
Intimate Lovers by LateNiteFantasy© Intimate Lovers (sensual) intimate lovers always there for each other forever love breathing inside looking into your beautiful eyes intimate lovers complete we are you and me gliding roaming each other tenderly emotions in every movement we do intimate lovers only me and you intimate lovers your smile I see waiting then drawing out deliberately intimate lovers divine love hours pass us by intimate lovers we belong to each other you and I sliding sweety your body curves into me tight moving slowly your body with mine intimate lovers your chest your back your head tosses from side to side ontop of you you watch as I ride intimate lovers you hold me in place our eyes on each other in our intimate embrace craving closeness unconditional feelings with no cease what we share together only you and me intimate lovers your face nestled in the crook of my head intimate lovers recovering ontop of the bed intimate lovers flowin
Another Contest
> > > > > Hey Everyone! Come by and show your support. First person to 40K wins! I know so many of you have been helping me with my other contest, but I had agreed to do this one a while back. If you have a chance come back and help me out! If you aren't able because you have been bombing my other contest, I understand and appreciate all of your help so far. I love all of my Fubar friends and my Force 3 family. You guys are the greatest! ms2dmngood2u (repost of original by '~ms2dmngood2u ~~ FORCE ~3~BOMBERS~' on '2008-06-18 11:28:09') (repost of original by 'broken_hearted420 proud bbw~{shadow levelers}~ owned by Seamushardcore' on '2008-06-18 11:37:16') (repost of original by '~ms2dmngood2u ~~ FORCE ~3~BOMBERS~' on '2008-06-18 12:12:45')
Thank You All!!!
I want to thank the Shadow Levelers for helping me level up twice today and still showing me love!You guys are the best!!!A special thanks goes to BooBoo for making me Leveler of the day...I highly appreciate that and I feel honored :) Show her much love cuz she is an amazing person! Thank you again to all that helped and still do!!! Love you all! :) Mone
061908 Fluffy Starr Blog
Fluffy Starr Live! *MEGA-PHOTOS* Here are some live shots from the various shows.... This was from our New Music West music festival showcase that my friend took. There are a lot more photos from that nite, from another friend, but she won't give them to me! Anyways, enjoy this one. Isn't my dress supercute? (That's all that matters, right? ) The next ones are from a recent show at The Biltmore Cabaret. It's such an awesome bar! Newly updated, so not everyone knows about it. Vancouverites, get your damn asses to The Biltmore Cabaret!!! Look at me. I look like I'm getting my groove on, right? Just go there, or I'll squeeze your effin neck. This was taken during this weird ragdoll robot dance thingy I like to do during the bridge of 'Sinister'. Everytime you see a photo of me hanging like that, you know it's 'Sinister'. (Cute outfit, eh?) And finally, just me being my bad self. I have a lot more photos and fun things that I may post... Or not. Please fee
Hello World
I don't have a clue what i'm doing ! Please help me ?
My world once again Lays about my feet In shattered pieces My heart which I truly believed To be safe Has once again Been ripped From my chest Only to be given Back in a zillion Tiny pieces They say that time Heals all wounds I am not sure This time i I am strong Enough to pick Up the pieces. 6/18/08
The mushroom The unfolding instant of creation (fertilisation) not an instant seprate from breakfast It all flows down & out, flowing but that instant: not fire & fusion (fission) but a moment of jellied ice, crystal, vegetative mating merging in cool slime splendour a crushing of steel & glass & ice (instant in a bar; glasses clash, clink, collide) far-out splendour heat & fire are outwards signs of a Small dry mating
Litha - The Summer Solstice
Litha is the celebration Summer Solstice. The Solstice is the time when the sun is at the height of its power. It is the longest day of the year, midsummer. This is the time when the gardens are producing fruits and vegetables of summer. Wildlife is flourishing and the trees are covered in green leaves. On this day we celebrate the God at his highest point. He is strong and vibrant. Together with the Goddess who is in her Mother aspect, he rules the summer. However, it is also a time of transition. After Midsummer, the sun begins its yearly descent. The days will get shorter and shorter until the Winter Solstice when it begins its rise to power again. There are two basic myths that accompany the Summer Solstice. The first is the mythology that follows the wheel of the year and the agricultural cycle of the lands. In this myth we see the Sun King who was born at Winter Solstice, now grown to power. He rules the summer, but in the fall will give himself to the land in an endless cycle
I Am Human
Some may say I am arrogant and strong, others may say I am fragile and insecure I can be strength and knowledge; I can be fear and innocence I am me, I am human Some may say I am unjust and cruel, others may say I am compassionate and caring I can be cold with vengeance; I can be warmth in a touch I am me, I am human Some may say I am detached and bitter, others may say I am gentle and passionate I can be ice that cuts your soul; I can be fire that melts your heart I am me, I am human Some may say I am spite and fury, others may say I am love and serenity I can be the mouth to lash wounds; I can be the embrace to heal pain I am me, I am human There is no strength with out weakness There is no innocence with out knowledge There is no hate with out love There is no pain with out pleasure This is the beauty of being human
Hold Me Tight
Hold Me Tight by LateNiteFantasy© Holding you tight & rocking you slow Take me deep and don't let go The music of our moans and sighs Accompanied by our muffled cries Share with me a soulful kiss Your succulent lips fill me with bliss Tongue wetly part your lips Into your mouth it does slip Lost in the heat of desire Igniting our soulful fires Aching for your supple breasts Pressed to my sweat slick chest Hands upon your rolling hips Into you my manhood slips As you rise and fall upon me From my lips escape a plea Squeeze me hard milk me dry Until we tremble, gasp and cry Sweet release bodies flushed As to our orgasm we rushed Warm and spent joined as one Our love has just begun Indulge in Us
WHY- Do I feel so alone? WHY- Are people who claim to love me being so fake? WHY- Is my heart being overlooked for my body? WHY- Are some people so shallow? WHY- Do some people see a sign of weakness when you're a genuinely good hearted & giving person? WHY- Do some people look down on others, when we are all created equal?
Of all the friends I've ever met, You're the one I won't forget. And if I get to heaven Before you do I'll cut a hole And pull you through I'll give the angels Back their wings And risk the loss Of everything Just to prove My friendship is true I'm thankful to have Family and Friends like you!
LilMsMa... wild18 grandpa... *KÔŮkˇ ... idk . .... Mike Th... Christy... Little ... 'th... Mr.MAB tuppygirl Heartis... DJ K-Ma... LilMsMa... wild18 grandpa...
Awww Memories....the Kelly Family
When i was like 13...idk i just know it was in the 1996 our family received a video tape (yea it was the 90s thats all they of a band called 'The Kelly Family'. well my whole family liked them. it was sorta weird..but it's a family tradition thing that we sorta just listen to u'll hear why when u hear there first cds of there from england i believe. it's a big family of like 9. all in the band and all sing & play. there parents died when they were young. i guess just the fact that they stuck together..and still was a family is what we liked. also my fam is a fam of neways saw a recent music vid of them today. and wow they have grown..older of gave me some very old memories.. idk why i'm doing this blog..but i just like there music still..from top to bottom starting with the old to the newest..enjoy:)
Thanks to everyone for making it a great HH. ♥ And for the couple of people who got me "extra special" gifts. ;)
Just Want To Touch You
Just Want To Touch You by LateNiteFantasy© I just want to touch you From your head down to your toes I want too so much And I will take it slow Oh how I want to touch your breasts To see how they arch and swell Your body becomes so hot Where my fingers dwell I want too trail my fingertips Setting you on fire As you arch your body Fueled by my desire I want you and need you As you open your legs wide Please just let me touch My fingers will slide inside How good you do feel And I hope you know it is true It is you I really want And how I just want to touch you Indulging my feeling for You
My world once again Lays about my feet In shattered pieces My heart which I truly believed To be safe Has once again Been ripped From my chest Only to be given Back in a zillion Tiny pieces They say that time Heals all wounds I am not sure This time i I am strong Enough to pick Up the pieces. 6/18/08
Party All Weekend!!!!!
Going to party all weekend at the upperdeck!!! will have more pics of my wild and crazy self
Question For Everyone
I'm trying to figure something out...for those who have "bought" someone from a Fubar auction, what kinds of "slave duties" do you come up with?
Delete Them They Are Fake!
They are all the same person using someone elses pictures. Miss Diamond ( Marie~Princess ( Lady Wizard ( IF THEY ARE REAL WHY NOT POST A SALUTE!!
Ill Be ill be the light when you cant see and be understanding when you cant be. I wonder if love lasts forever,if promises never? ill be true to this love. and promise that this love will never die. Why? why does love have to die? by cleon
Wild West Rules.
I cannot believe some od the crimes that are happening these days, and the criminals are getting away with them! In Terrell, Tx a couple of days ago; a 93 yr old woman was attacked and beaten in the head with a hammer, robbed, and her car stolen! I am outraged at this crime, and i really think that this country would be better off if we just went back to the code of the old west.. When the attacker would be found, and he WOULD be, all that would be needed is a rope, and a tall tree! Ther are too many criminals getting away wtih horrendus crimes, it needs to STOP!
I Really Want To Get Frisky With A Girl
who would??
Borders Here I Come....
Where is the person you miss most? 1998. Where will you be 2 hours from now? WATCHING BURN NOTICE. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? IN A HEART BEAT. Does your ex miss you? NO, BUT SHE KEEPS TRYING TO TALK TO ME FOR SOME REASON. Does anyone love you? NOT THAT I CAN THINK OF. Can you make yourself sneeze? YEAH, BUT THE SHIT SUMMER WEATHER WORKS JUST AS WELL. What are you doing tomorrow? ANYTHING I CAN FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES. Are you easily confused? NOT REALLY... Would you make a good wife/husband? GOOD BOYFRIEND, DON'T THINK ANYONE WOULD WANT TO BE AROUND ME FOR LIFE THOUGH. Where were you at 9am this morning? BLACKED OUT IN BED. Do you fall for people easily? YEAH, BUT THEY DON'T FALL BACK. Everything happens for a reason? BULLSHIT!!! YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN. What does your last text message read? WSUP?... When is the last time you saw number 1 on your top friends?. BOUT A
Here are five different options for having more sexual fun in the bedroom that you may not have thought of attempting as of yet, but will after I tell you how to do them. I assure you I have tried these myself with highly satisfactory results (at least for me). First, a proviso. Do not attempt these movements if you have high blood pressure, emphysema, a dislocated shoulder, erective dysfunction, need to experience a major bowl movement within minutes, cannot control psychologically explosive orgasm, suffer from prostate or liver failure, have a bad case of unexploded pimples, have a dysfunction in which you enjoy playing with loaded guns during sex, have recently had braces put on your teeth, belong to a church in which anything except mindless emotionless procreation is viewed as sinful, have a bad back, expect respect in the morning, have a gall bladder problem, major torso stiffness, or rheumatism. Everything else is okay. First. The ďKarma Sutra Wow Iím Losiní My Mind Pos
Friendship is a priceless gift. It can't be bought nor sold. It's weight is far more valuble than a mountain made of gold. Gold is cold and lifeless. It can neither seen nor heard. And in times of trouble it is powerless to cheer. It has no ear to listen, nor heart to understand. It can't bring you comfort or reach out a helping hand. So when you ask God for a Gift, Be thankful if he sends not diamonds, Gold, or riches, But the love of a real true friend... MY LIFE TODAY IS BLESS WITH HAVING SO MANY...
Sneak Peak - Truth Rising: The 9/11 Chronicles Part One
Sneak Peak - TRUTH RISING: The 9/11 Chronicles Part One Trailer for TRUTH RISING: The 9/11 Chronicles Part One
Do What You Can Thanks
no time limit have to keep these active and help them out please they can use some help on this . so lets give them some ~Cherokeelady~USER#611065 needs 55000 comments for a 1 year VIP HELLCAT USER#282584 needs 55000 comments for 1 year VIP and ?? 45000 for a Happy Hour?? ~DJ KASEY~USER# 1340351 needs 62500 comments for a 1 year VIP and 3 bling packs Karen878806 USER#576140 needs 7000 comments for 1 month VIP MĽΣ☺ЯΣΛΠUSER#1194885 needs 62500 comments for a 1 year VIP and 3 bling packs ~~The Watcher~USER# 1691670 needs 50500 coments for a happy hour and 2 bling packs Domking123 USER#951274 needs 55000 comments for a year VIP DJ NICCI USER#1102219 needs 58000 comments for a 1 year vip and a bling pack ~Princess~ USER#1799590 needs 45000 comments for a Happy Hour JONLEE74 OF SHADY'S SUP USER#1365403 needs 45000 comments for a Happy Hour GothicPrincessUSE
Just A Taste
Just A Taste by LateNiteFantasy© I desire to take you in my loving arms Let me hold you so close and tight Our sighs rising high into the heavens Rocking wrapped up in sweet delight You know I'll never ever let you go I yearn to kiss your lush warm lips Till we melt blissful in love's wild fire In a dance eternal, joined at the hip I want you to know my heart's pure desire Hear me pour out my feelings for you To shout them at the boundless sky So strong, so deep, so clear so true Love's feast calls us to this moment No reason needed for what we do I have a gnawing hunger in my soul Always aching for just a taste of you Indulge in the Taste of You
My Last Auction
i am in my last auction here is the link plz click the pic to place your bids thank you so much :)
The Angel And Her Lover
Ok so i want to share some of my work with my new friends and family! so im gonna start posting my poetry in this blog! Hope you like it! The lover sleeps and amid his dreams His angel comes on sunlit beams. To awaken him with kisses sweet, for her love for him is oh so deep. She wakes him with her caresses light, upon his skin and smiles so bright. And in her eyes, he sees the love, she feels for him neath the stars above. He comes to her to gently place, kisses upon her neck and face. To caress her body and touch her soul, for together two become a whole. The love they make is deep and true, and in this embrace their love is renewed. When all is done and all has been said, upon her breast he rests his head. And hears her heart beat for him alone, a greater love, he has never known. By: Amanda Reagan
Re: Iowa Checkpoint Arrest Cops Praised
RE: Iowa Checkpoint Arrest Cops Praised ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 19 Jun 2008, 12:22 Cops Who Arrested Man For Attempting To Re-Enter His Own Home Praised Cops who arrested a man at gunpoint for attempting to re-enter his flood-wrecked home in Cedar Rapids Iowa will not be disciplined and were in fact praised for acting "appropriately" as the man they apprehended was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and faces five years behind bars. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/june2008/061908_cops_praised. htm
Oars are an archetypal sign of man against nature struggles. It is our labor against the elements that represents what we are striving toward. To dream of rowing a boat or anticipating to do so is to dream of your struggle against circumstances. You may be feeling overworked or outright overwhelmed by trying to keep your head above water financially, relationally, or vocationally. Are you straining in life to make progress? Do you feel as though you are working with inadequate support in your vocation, marriage, or other relationship? Are you rowing against a prevailing wind of negativity or distractions from your aspirations?
Poetic Angel Needs Us!!!
Come help her out she's a great friend!!
Together...the Clasp
Together...The Clasp by LateNiteFantasy© Our hands are entwined And exploring each other Our eyes see nothing But the eyes of the other Closer we move Still hand in hand Till face to face Nearly touching we stand Eyes finally close Waiting till the last But our hands never break Their sensuous clasp At last lips meet Softly and tender The feelings pass through Both giver and sender Hands break their clasp Now they hold the body Closeness is needed And sought after wildly Lips are entwined And exploring each other One seeks nothing But the feel of the other Close as we can Locked in loveís embrace Minds are a whirl Hearts start to race Lips finally part But close we remain Eye are reopened The connectionís regained Slightly we part But only to see The light in your eyes Is it there just for me? The feeling rebuilds I cannot refrain From holding you close And kissing again
=( Blah
I think I need a long break from all this online shit. Because of bullshit drama, I actually got blocked from someone I considered a friend (and know in real life) This site used to be fun, now I am being pulled into bullshit all around. I like who I want to like. I don't dislike someone because another don't like them or visa versa! I have done my own thing on this site for so long and now its coming down to this. Grrrr..... this saddens me a lot. I shouldn't let it but it is.
Check Out A Reallly Cool Friend Of Mine
>DO YOU KNOW ME???? DO YOU WANT TO DO MORE THAN KNOW ME?? CAN YOU HANDLE ME?? IM UP FOR AUCTION!!...DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES ?? Click the LINK BELOW and lets see how deep your pockets are SHOW ME MAD LOVE And don't forget to love up the hostess of this auction!! She RAWWWKS!!! THIS IS HER FIRST TIME HOSTING AN AUCTION Hot&Fluffy~RL/FU GF to DJ_Lette~Fubomber@Cl ubFrat~fuownedbySupe rDave@Bubba: This Bulliten brought to you by ©ßnIpEr ģ H@rleyBaby69s SECS SLAVE I want you to want me - Garbage
And This Matters Why?
I was asked why I deleted my original account on fubar... to be honest..I was mad. I was frustrated with some of the people I kept closest to me here for being oblivious to the fact that I was lonely. I was also trying to delete people on my friends lists because I accepted nearly every request from the day I joined..leaving me with over 6,000 people as friends. It became a daunting task to daily go through page after page after page to remove people I knew I never spoke to in the first place. I am prone to moodiness. Not that I should have to state fact...but I am aware of it incase you aren't familiar with me enough to know this yourselves. I am HIGHLY opinionated, and some of my opinions tend to keep me on a tangent for long periods of time. I try to avoid drama, though it invariable finds me from time to time...I prefer never to deal with it. I am not confrontational, but I do not like twisting in the wind emotionally when I have something vested. My time is pe
You & I
You & I by LateNiteFantasy© mutual pleasure deep strong feelings we feel together always immense pleasure every stroke every caress joy complete as love a brilliancy ever so deep felt entirely between you and me hearts lay open in our eyes a loveliness so very inside incredible feelings of intense sensations deep this blessing of love we feel you and me entertwined spirits forever colliding with love so true gazing into the beautiful soul of you long gentle glides of the skin such warmness within intimate embracing with smiles so very wide and deep your body and my body complete mutual pleasure every move deepened by moans so low into your eyes what a lovely glow ecstacy deep as your body covers me eternal love hearts forever beat with love in total unity seeing breathing feeling you and me intensity as sweat on my fingers I feel our bodies and hearts a foreverness to never fade the beauty of love we made everywhere our hands can be your hands and body l
First Glance
First Glance There is a moment when you first meet, The eyes connect on that two way street, Straight into the soul the look does lance, That special moment of Love First Glance. Your eyes meet from across the room, A single light in all the gloom, And you feel there deep in your heart, That this is the place where life will start. You have this feeling, not knowing her name, You pray to the heavens she feels the same, In that Glance your heart skips a beat, Thanking the Fates that let you two meet. Through the crowd you both draw near, To speak the words she longs to hear, You try to speak but your words do stumble, For in her presence you now are humble. The Glance now becomes a stare, Time stands still for you to share, The windows of your souls are now open, Finding you one, you both have hope in, With a blink the moment is past, The spark that's started now will last, Growing strong now into the flame, That nothing on earth ever will tame.
Im So Loved Not
Kitty paradoxs'...: your girlfriends are acting like high school cowards, tell them to stfu Are you sure you want to block 'Kitty's Paradox' ??? They will no longer be able to comment on you or your photos, rate your profile or your photos, or even send you a message! YES, Block User | NO, I changed my mind! im so sad lol if any one finds my girl frend ill give them a bling pack ps no cheating and possing as her ok :-P
My Lover
My Lover by LateNiteFantasy© Serenade you baby, Make you feel. Make you feel something that is real. Watch you dancing, Wild and prancing. Staring at you, Not just glancing. Come over here, Breathe into my ear. Kiss on my skin, Feel me from within. Smell of your passion, Feed on this attraction. Lick your lips, Go down to your hips. Fresh eyes, Wet thighs. Drink this, Feel my surprise. love her more... A lovers' touch could mean so much if it's done in the right way. A lovers' kiss could be such bliss if it didn't fade away. A lovers' word could always be heard twenty-four hours a day. A lovers' eyes could never tell lies unless its a look away. A lovers' lips upon your fingertips could leave you with nothing to say. A lovers' heart is where you should start if you really want her to stay. But lovers' we're not although...I love you a lot Maybe someday?!
Show These People Love! They Helped Me Get Henchman!! Wooooot!
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This Week
been a knackering week, not sleeping properly (i.e. waking up band been working 13:30 - 22:00 from monday til today and have day off tomorrow!! been a bit stressy i think and ive not had a lot of time to sent mails on here which is poo as im just getting into this site.. have booked my accomodation from my retreat which will be from 14th to the 19th of July. so quite looking forward to that, ive more or less come up with a daily routine now so thats going to be very enjoyable, i will not have any technology with me except for my phone to kee in touch when needed.. got back just before midnight and pretty tired and have stuff planned for tomorrow during the day. right excuse me for a momen im going to pass out in a moment so will *big cheshire cat style yawn* think about going to bed. gonna get rount to emailing a few of you soon, apologies guys ive just been really knackered :) catch you later :)))
Doomsday Videoes
When Superman first left Fubar; he made a video about him leaving and modeled it after the famous "Death Of Superman" comic books... This is that video... Superman Is Dead After Superman came back... he made another video for his return... This one has been said to be the best video Superman has ever done... Superman's Rebirth
Life Or So Its Trying To Be
First off I'd like to say that last saturday my beautiful first grandchild was born. It was truly one of the most awesome and amazing days of my life. I was my daughters labor coach and I also got the honor of cutting the umbilical chord. I wasn't expecting that part but I did it! I would post photos but I made that mistake a few months ago with posting pics of my kids and the fact that my daughter is very pretty brought some very sexual and rude comments from people I thought were my friends I even posted "No sexual comments about my child please" and still got them. So from that day on I vowed not to post photos of kids because of the sickos on here. If you are also my friend on Myspace you can see her photos there. The ones I have on myspace can view her from their profile only. Anyway,- Brienna Elise was born Saturday, June 14th at 9:01 am weighing 7 lbs 11 oz. I am in baby love like you would not believe. This baby already has me wrapped around her finger. Thats the good news.
For Craps Sake
Holy shit, i'm so amazed right now. I got my first person blocking me on here and its funny as hell. I sent a friend request today to a lady that looked interesting. Right after I sent it I noticed she had a part in her name about being married and doesnt want to talk to any guys. Ooops, my bad. Soooo, that was this morning. I get home and have a shoutbox from the lady saying "it does not please me". I tried to click her name and say sorry but no, i'm blocked!!! ahahahahaha. Oh sigh, just had to share. What with insanely anal people?
Naughty App
"!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!! Your Name: Age: Location: 1.Favorite position: 2.Do you think I'm cute?. 3.Would you have sex with me? 4.lights on or off? 5.Would you have to be drunk? 6. Would you take a shower with me? 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 10.Condom or skin? 11.Have sex on the first date? 12.Would you kiss me during sex 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? 14.Would you use me as a booty call? 15.Can I use you as a booty call? 16.Can we take pictures of the act? 17.How long would we have sex? 18.Would you tell your friends about me? 19.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 20. Will you fill this out & send it back to me?" Also < IF YOU HAD ME ALONE, LOCKED UP IN YOUR ROOM FOR A WEEK & I HAD TO DO WHAT EVER YOU WANTED ME TO DO, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH ME? TELL ME IN MY INBOX... CUZ ITS A SECRET
11 Rules Of Fubar
Lets See Who Is paying Attention THE fubar RULES ONE If you're ugly, stop acting like you don't know it. The captions under you picture that says "top model pose" "sexy bitch" "arnt i hot" doesn't convince anyone. TWO To the people who have like 25,000 friends, are you serious? Nobody in this universe can keep up with that many friends. You're stupid. Go play in traffic. THREE Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG,I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. FOUR Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded. FIVE Making 20 bulletins a day about how you have new pictures and begging people to comment on them is pathetic. Make the bulletin once if you have to, and those who actually care about you will comment on your pics. SIX If all your pictures look
Dj Demonwolf Vip Contest 2
WELCOME TO DJ DEMONWOLF'S VIP CONTEST HERE ARE THE RULES 1.NO CHEATING Any one cought cheating will be pulled from the contest 2. GOOD SPORTSMENSHIIP IS A MUST Any bomber cought bad mouthing other contestens will be pulled from the contest (this includes bombing family members and friends) 3.ALL BOMBERS ARE WELCOME BOMBER FAMILYS AND FREELANCRES 4. AND PLEASE REMEMBER TO RATE AND FAN THE HOST LAST BUT NOT LEAST GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE CONTEST WILL BEGIN 9AM CENTRAL TIME ON TUESDAY THE 17 AND END AT MIDNIGHT ON SATURDAY THE 21ST DJ DEMONWOLF DJ DemonWolf ~ Kindred2WhiteWolf420~ FuWifeOfDragonPoet@ fubar ***CLICK ON PIC TO TAKE YOU TO YOUR CONTESTENT*** '''RKMrBig'' aka~FU-BOMBERS Dragon Poet SoldierBoy666 Ace's Angel Taintedrage
Night Life
Bomb Fest 2
WANT TO JOIN A CONTEST, BUT DONT HAVE DAYS OR WEEKS TO BOMB? 2 HOUR FIRECRACKER BOMBFEST WE HERE AT CHAOS & MAYHEM CREATIONS IN PARTNERSHIP WITH USA KING OF THE FUBOMBERS WOULD LIKE TO TO INVITE YOU TO BOMBFEST time will be 8 central to 10 central 9 pm eastern to 11 eastern 6 pacific to 8 pacific Thursday JULY 3rd thursday 1st place gets 1 month vip or week blast plus bling pack 2nd place 3 day blast or bling pack 3rd place 1 day blast 3rd place 1 day blast if there are 5 or more entries a surprise real gift as well to winner ***PLEASE SEND THE LINK TO THE PIC YOU WOULD LIKE TO ENTER IN A FUMAIL TO THE LINK BELOW*** U S A KING EARL FU BOMBERS SIGN MY GUEST BOOK PLEASE@ fu
I Wanna Be Pink!!!
Ok so I wanna be pink and Im thinkin that someone on this site may love me enough to buy me a month V.I.P. If someone will the person that does will get: 50 of the 100 11's during H/H Owned By (there name) In My Name Profile Comments 3 a day for the month A V.I.P. Gift Once A Week At least 100 Pic Comments during H/H I'll Rate There Stash During H/H Pimp Out There Profile And Up To 5 Personal SFW Salutes If Wanted If your interested let me know.... Please Repost For Me ♥SexyMel♥CaptainOfSexyMel'sSexyTrain♥GoRateX-Dealer♥@ fubar
What Has Happened ?????
Accounts Receivable Tax Building Permit Tax CDL License Tax Cigarette Tax Corporate Income Tax Dog License Tax Federal Income Tax Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) Fishing License Tax Food License Tax Fuel Permit Tax Gasoline Tax Hunting License Tax Inheritance Tax Inventory Tax IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax) IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax) Liquor Tax Luxury Tax Marriage License Tax Medicare Tax Property Tax Real Estate Tax Service charge taxes Social Security Tax Road Usage Tax (Truckers) Sales Taxes Recreational Vehicle Tax School Tax State Income Tax State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) Telephone Federal Excise Tax> Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Tax Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax Telephone State and Local Tax Telephone Usage Charge Tax Utility Tax
Pit Bulls 4 Sale
chocolate male with white on his chest and toes hes a year and a half old goin $400 o.b.o jus message me 2 get in contact
*~*check It Out!!!*~*
I'm up for auction!!! Wanna own me? I'm well worth it! This is my first auction!! Help make it a great one!! I could really use a VIP!! Go check it out and rate the pic and bid if you'd like! And don't forget to show some love to the hostess! SexyGranny1967 Ęĺ Shadow Leveler Ęĺ Club FAR Ęĺ S*U*P Ęĺ fu~owned by JONLEE74@ fubar Wall To Wall (Original) - Chris Brown (repost of original by '♥ Bebe ♥ {Sinful Angels}~Shadow Leveler~' on '2008-06-19 16:11:57')
Open Till The 24th Come Help Me Please
leave like 100 comments each please
More Unfair Fubar Shit
Hahahaha fubar has once again screwed me I just learned that I must have referrals to level up anymore or get anymore points.. However, remember, I am one of those accounts that was deleted for no reason at level 21.. On my old account, I had 22 peeps join.. Now I have to do that shit all over again. I just said the same exact thing in support lounge, and they deleted my fucking comment... Nice one fubar.. Keep fucking the good ones, and sooner or later, we wont want to come back..
Didn't We Almost Have It All
Remember when we held on in the rain The nights we almost lost it Once again we can take the night into tomorrow Living on feelings Touching you I feel it all again Chorus: Didn't we almost have it all When love was all we had worth giving? The ride with you was worth the fall my friend Loving you makes life worth living Didn't we almost have it all The nights we held on till the morning You know you'll never love that way again Didn't we almost have it all The way you used to touch me felt so fine We kept our hearts together down the line A moment in the soul can last forever Comfort and keep us Help me bring the feeling back again (Chorus) Bridge Didn't we have the best of times when love was young and new couldn't we reach inside and find the love of me and you we'll never lose it again cause once you know what love is you'll never let it end Chorus: Didn't we almost have it all The night we held on till the morning You know you'll never lov
Family Feud?
OK, first off, I used to work in a dog grooming salon. I am licensed groomer... My mom asked me a week or so ago if I would do a total clip (completely shave) one of her dogs this coming weekend, and I agreed to do it, and not charge her anything. Normally, for the breed and weight of this dog, i would charge between 80-120 depending on the coat condition. Well, we were talking about it tonight, and she up and decided she would rather just take the dog to a different groomer and pay him/her to do it. I am pretty upset / hurt about it, after all, i know what im doing, and i wasnt going to charge her anything. So I am thinking that I just shouldn't offer to help or do anything for her anymore. Not even trim her dogs nails. If she wants to take the dog to a different groomer, someone who is going to charge her as much as possible... so be it. She can take her dog there to get everything done, and not ask me for anything anymore... 15 bucks for a nail trim that takes 5 min
Away Sometimes I wish he'd call upon me and take me away For myself I have no choice I'm torn between whether to leave or stay I look back on it all, everything Feeling detatched and languid again A perminant reminder of how it began Did I do something wrong, or was it right? I feel like i'm in the fight of my life So much pain unavoidable Just another story to behold One last thing I wish to be discernably clear I try to choke it back and replace it with courage But it slips through the cracks and covers me It tears always ends with fear
Top 3 Steps To Popping Out Of A Life Funk:
1 - About feeling alone: get out there and give something to somebody else! Call a friend and rather than talk about yourself, ask them about their day, their life, their worries. Listen, listen and listen some more and soon, you'll feel like you Made A Difference in someone's life today. Listen first to other people's problems and get off your own. You will feel so much better so fast, and talk about self esteem, value and self worth's exactly how you learn to feel better about yourself. If you feel depressed, it's only because you don't feel like you matter. Don't have any friends? Get out and get involved: churches or community services that help those more needy than you! Make A Difference in someone else's life, and suddenly your life starts to make sense when you feel your purpose coming through you. 2- Stop putting your life on hold while you wait for other's to mentor you. Get busy and start studying books that lift you up and show you the way. If money is an issue,
I Learned From The Best
"I Learned From The Best" Did you really think that I would really take you back Let you back in my heart one more time Ohh. No. No. Did you think that I'd still care That there'd be more feeling there Did you think you could walk back in my life. So you found you miss the love you threw away. Baby but you found it out too late. Too Late. [Chorus:] And so now you know the way it feels to cry The way that I cried when you broke my world in two. Baby I learned the way to break a heart I learned from the best. I learned from you. Oh baby now. I learned from you I remember cold nights Tears I though would never dry How you shattered my world With your goodbye.Your goodbye baby Would've sold my soul then. Just to have you back again Now you're the last thing on my mind. Now you say your sorry and You've changed your ways Sorry but you changed you ways too late. [Chorus] So when all you've got are sleepless nights When those te
Im putting myself up for auction to help a good friend. This will be my first and only auction! So dont be greedy .. lol link :
Heartbreak Hotel
This is the heartbreak hotel (9x) You said that youd be here by nine And said you took your time You didnt think to call me boy Here I sit trying not to cry Asking myself why you do this to me Chorus 1 (sung by faith evans) Since youre not around for me to tell you baby face to face Im writing you this letter, and this is hat I have to say: All I really wanted was some of your time Instead you told me lies When someone else was on your mind What you do to me Look what you did to me I thought that you were someone who would do me right Until you play with my emotions and you made me cry What you do to me Cant take what you did to me Now I see that you been doing wrong You played me all along. And made a fool of me, baby You got it all wrong to think that I wouldnt find out That you were cheating on me. How could you do it to me? Chorus 2 (sung by kelly price) This is the heartbreak hotel (9x) Chorus and ad lib I aint goin to take it no more (4x) (kelly price
It's Not Right But It's Ok
It's not right, but it's okay Verse 1 Friday night you and your boys went out to eat Then they hung out, but you came home around three (yes you did) If six of ya'll went out then four of you were really cheap Cause only two of you had dinner I found your credit card receipt CHORUS It's not right ,but it's okay I'm gonna make it anyway Pack your bags up and leave don't you dare come Running back to me It's not right, but it's okay I'm gonna make it anyway Close the door behind you Leave your key I'd rather be alone than unhappy Verse 2 I pack bags so you can leave town for a week (yes I am) The phone rings and then you look at me said it was one of your friends down on 54th street boy So why did 213 show up on your caller ID? I've been through all this before Don’t think about it, don’t think about it Head on out that door(aint gon get yours) Things have got to change baby(Things have got to change baby) You dont sta
Have I Told You-please Forgive Me
Written By Lady Katherine Have I told you that from the morning sun,to the midnight moon,you wonder through my mind.Did I ever say within my thoughts,I see your strong arms around me,and I never wont to let that go. Have I told you,that it is because of your tender voice that touches my soul,I have given you my love freely.Have I told you,how my heart aches,the thought of you so far away from me.Have I ever said because you love me,I now am so complete. If I haven't please forgive me.My day isn't a day ,unless I hear your voice whisper,in my ears.When you speak my name my heart pulsates lacking a beat.If I haven't told you this today please forgive me.If I forgot to mention you are my everything,my all.Please forgive me.Did I send you a message across the wires,letting you know I will always be here for you.Please Forgive me.If somewheres in the coarse of the day,I didnt tell you how much I love you more to day than I did yesterday.Once again darlin Please forgive me.There
Want It?
You Let Me Go
My hand begins to tremble as I write this to you, And tears begin to stain the paper underneath my finger tips, Smearing the ink that spells out my heart and soul. The candles are beginning to die down Mimicking the feelings I had for you For so long, but you always left me alone. Every love song I hear will remind me of you, The lyrics calling out your name In this torn and dying heart of mine. When I look into eyes the color of the sky, I will see the reflection of the dreams within my soul And the beauty you once made me feel. The brush of the summer wind against my cheek, Tortures my mind with the memories of your gentle kiss, And all the days I spent with you. I never wanted to let you go For so long I held on with all my strength But I have grown tired and weak, There is nothing left I can do.
Cause At Once Upon A Time It Was You
Cause at once upon a time it was you i adored. you disappeared & left me here, out in the cold. & the abscesses of you is hurting my soul. didn't know there was an end of the road. it was so easy for you just to let it all go.
Inside Of My Heart
No clouds in the sky, but I feel the rain, For it's raining inside, inside of my heart. No pain do I show, but I feel the ache, For I'm aching inside, inside of my heart. No one sees the tears, but I feel them fall, For they're falling inside, inside of my heart. No one hears my heart, but I feel its song, For there's singing inside, inside of my heart. No one do I have, but I feel him stir, For he's stirring inside, inside of my heart. No words to be said, but I feel there's hope, For I'm hoping inside, inside of my heart.
Love is a confusing thing It makes you happy and it makes you depressed And on my heart you will forever cling But I don't think my love will ever regress I loved you for so long And I really don't see How "you and I" is wrong To my heart, you'll forever hold the key This love is a contemptuous feeling And I really wish you loved me too Because my heart will never be healing And now depression is what I'm leaning back into I need you in my life And thats a fact Everyday to stay alive is a strife And I need you to come back If your out there reading this poem Just know that I care for you Sitting in my home And know that I'll always love you
Bid On Me
I am up for auction 1.200 11's within a month 2.stash rated during HH 3.add u to my family for a whole month 4.I'll put your name next to mine as u owen me for a month 5.crush you for a month 6.I'll leave you a daily profile comment for a month'll be first on my friend list 8.random gifts through month 9.the link to your profile in my about me section 10.your buzz bar kept at 100% with fudrink for a month
Passions Uknown
Passions Uknown by LateNiteFantasy© No single word can articulate, the emotions she awakens in my soul. To dream of sensual ecstasy, that binds my body, tormenting my soul, fuming inside me. A feverish thirst yet to unfold.. I have no power, that is in her hands, Her wish is my command.. The music that plays is hauntingly erotic. The rhythm inside me, quite exotic A throbbing desire fuels the flame, ready to explode. My soul blazing, as I hold tight. While wave after wave of ecstasy consumes me. Her name upon my lips as it escapes, up into the heavens, as she explodes, into a million droplets. Quenching my thirst. Then falling back simultaneously, Before we become sated, satisfied to the very soul Oh how I love her more than sheíll ever know... My Body glowing, As I softly sigh !
Sanskrit Salutation To The Dawn
Listen to the salutation to the dawn, Look to this day, for it is life, the very life of life, In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of our existence, The bliss of growth, the splendour of beauty, For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, But today well spent makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look therefore to this day. Such is the salutation to the dawn.
3g: Auctioning Herself Off.
Alright. I'm going to be auctioning myself off to the highest bidder. I entered a contest to be auctioned off, despite the fact I can't STAND contests after what happened in the last one, lol... FYI: I will *NOT* degrade myself for you... so fuck off if you think I'm going to whxre myself out. You know I'm classy with a big ass dash of sassy. I still rule at burping contests. This is the auction I entered: Zee auction bully/bulletin ********Be on the lookout for more bulletins to come, sugar cubes.***********
We Give Away
We give-away our thanks to the earth which gives us our home. We give-away our thanks to the rivers and lakes which give-away their water. We give-away our thanks to the trees which give-away fruit and nuts. We give-away our thanks to the wind which brings rain to water the plants. We give-away our thanks to the sun who gives-away warmth and light. All beings on earth: the trees, the animals, the wind and the rivers give-away to one another so all is in balance. We give-away our promise to begin to learn how to stay in balance with all the earth.
Praise And Thanksgiving
Gratitude to Mother Earth, sailing through night and day Ė and to her soil, rich, rare and sweet in our minds so be it Gratitude to Plants, the sun-facing light-changing leaf and fine root-hairs; standing still through wind and rain; their dance is in the flowing spiral grain in our minds so be it Gratitude to Air, bearing the soaring Swift and the silent Owl at dawn, Breath of our song clear spirit breeze in our minds so be it Gratitude to Wild Beings, our brothers, teaching secrets, freedoms and ways, who share with us their milk; self-complete, brave and aware in our minds so be it Gratitude to Water: clouds, lakes, rivers, glaciers, holding or releasing, streaming through all our bodies salty seas in our minds so be it Gratitude to the Sun: blinding pulsing light through trunks of trees, through mists, warming caves where bears and snakes sleep Ė he who wakes us in our minds so be it Gratitude to the Great Sky, who holds billions of stars Ė and goes yet beyond tha
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Heavenly Bodies Auction
Egyptian Prayer To Sun God
Now this day, my Sun Father, Now that you have come out standing To your sacred place. That from which we draw the water of life Prayer meal Ė Here I give unto you Your long life, Your old age, Your waters, Your seeds, Your riches, Your power, Your strong spirit. Of all these, to me may you grant.
Lafferty Completes Rangers Move
Lafferty completes Rangers move Lafferty has been a Rangers supporter since his boyhood Northern Ireland striker Kyle Lafferty has agreed a five-year contract with Rangers after making the switch from Burnley for a fee in excess of £3m. Rangers had offered Alan Gow as part of the deal and the midfielder remains in talks with the Turf Moor club. However, Lafferty's move to Glasgow is not contingent on Gow's decision. "The move has been a long time in coming and I'm thrilled to be at the club at last," Lafferty, 20, told the Rangers website. Ibrox manager Walter Smith has already bolstered his attacking options after signing Kenny Miller and Andrius Velicka. Now Smith has captured the 6ft, 4in forward, who can also operate on either flank. "When I heard Rangers were looking at me, I really wanted to join them," added Lafferty. "But there was a point when I thought they had lost interest. "Hopefully, I can now show the fans what I can do on the pitc
My Daddy
New Godfather List
♥BooBoo♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned By Lynne Co-Owner of Cutterbum@ fubar MishNumber1 ♥ Owned By Sherry ~ Of FWC SUP ShadowLevelers & SBG. Club FAR Team Captain146,000 to Disciple I own: ☆ô©CantSleepClownsWillEatMeღღ~ ☆Just Me☆Fu-Owned By MIKEY!@ fubar ~Shelly ♥John's Wifey~Mikey's Lil Shelly FuFu~For Fu-Life~3,384,000 to Disciple Mrs.Bubblesô Last Day On Fubar is 7/10/08'@ fubar ~ Jenn ~ Owned by Orangebananas101,000 to Fu-King Bull *I always rate. If you don't, forget about adding*140,000 to go "Queen of Hearts"223,000 to go Tumsfun Fu Wife to Slippery & Brit Bomber 7 & Owned By SLIPPERY332,000 to go ♥tastyflutterby &#
Summer Solstice Elemental Calling
The following is part of what I plan in a solitary ritual at dawn to welcome Summer... O Great Spirit of the East, Radiance of the rising Sun, Spirit of new beginnings, O Grandfather Fire Ė of the Sun Power of life-energy, vital spark, Power to see far, and to Imagine with boldness. Power to purify our senses, Our hearts and our minds. We pray that we may be aligned with You, So that your powers may flow through us, And be expressed by us, For the good of this Earth, And all living beings upon it. O Great Spirit of the West, Spirit of the Great Waters, Of rain, rivers, lakes and springs, O Grandmother Ocean, Deep matrix, womb of all life. Power to dissolve all boundaries, To release holdings, Power to taste and to feel, To cleanse and to heal, Great blissful darkness of peace. We pray that we may be aligned with You, So that your powers may flow through us, And be expressed by us, For the good of this Earth, And all living beings upon it. O G
My Very First Auction
*~*Sch1z0phr3n1c_Psych0~*~Curvy~Beautiful~Confident!!*~*Greeter@FarBeyondDriven*~* is in her very fist auction!! come show her.. you want her!!! (repost of original by '~*DJElmo - FallenSaintsIrishRose - KarmasElmoBug - SugasCandyStripper - KD*~' on '2008-06-19 14:59:33')
My Prayer(s)
Dear Lord, I thank you for this day. I thank You for my being able to see and to hear this morning. I'm blessed because You are a forgiving God and an understanding God. You have done so much for me and You keep on blessing me. Forgive me this day for everything I have done, said or thought that was not pleasing to you. I ask now for Your forgiveness.. Please keep me safe from all danger and harm. Help me to start this day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude. Let me make the best of each and every day to clear my mind so that I can hear from You. L et me not whine and whimper over things I have no control over. Let me continue to see sin through Your eyes and acknowledge it as evil. And when I sin, let me repent, and confess with my mouth of my wrongdoing, and receive forgiveness. And when this world closes in on me, let me remember Jesus' example -- to slip away and find a quiet place to pray. It's the best response when I'm pushed beyond my limits. I know that when I
Pawnee Hako Ceremony
Behold! Our Mother Earth is lying here. Behold! She gives of her fruitfulness. Truly, her power she gives us. Give thanks to Mother Earth who lies here. Behold! On Mother Earth the growing fields! Behold the promise of her fruitfulness! Truly, her power she gives us. Give thanks to Mother Earth who lies here. Behold! On Mother Earth the spreading trees! Behold the promise of her fruitfulness! Truly, her power she gives us. Give thanks to Mother Earth who lies here. Behold! On Mother Earth the running streams; We see the promise of her fruitfulness. Truly, her power she gives us. Our thanks to Mother Earth who lies here.
Used To
"Used To" You used to talk to me like I was the only one around. You used to lean on me like The only other choice was falling down. You used to walk with me like We had nowhere we needed to go, Nice and slow, to no place in particular. We used to have this figured out; We used to breathe without a doubt. When nights were clear, you were the first star that I'd see. We used to have this under control. We never thought. We used to know. At least there's you, and at least there's me. Can we get this back? Can we get this back to how it used to be? I used to reach for you when I got lost along the way. I used to listen. You always had just the right thing to say. I used to follow you. Never really cared where we would go, Fast or slow, to anywhere at all. We used to have this figured out; We used to breathe without a doubt. When nights were clear, you were the first star that I'd see. We used to have this under control. We never thought. We used to kno
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A Favorite Quote....
That friend, given to you by circumstances over which you have no control, was God's own gift. Frederick Robertson
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MY NEW FU-OWNER CLUB MYSTIC ONE OF THE GREATEST FAMILIES ON HERE SO GO CHECK THEM OUT. THERE AWESOME AND WORTH THE TIME TO GET TO KNOW THEM CLICK ON THE PICTURE AND F/A/R Club Mysticbarrylicious^Owner Of AngelDawn N R/L BF n Fu-Owned By Club Mystic^@ fubar (repost of original by '*AngelDawnKris*Fu-Owned By Barrylicious,Guidomedic, SweetThing ,Tappinit & '~♥~£!£ –ŽV!£ģ~' on '2008-06-19 14:35:22')
Drifting....non Bdsm
Summer is here now, the heat practically unescapeable; might as well enjoy it. How lucky am I to spend an evening drifting lazily down the river with you in a cozy rubber raft? We're practically alone out here, save for a few ducks and geese that honk our way as we pass. But it's not the wildlife that catches my eye; I can't stop looking at you, and the hunger that seems to accompany any thoughts of you grows and grows with you right there in front of me. Any man would be drooling at the vision in front of me, and I'm no different. A tiny little bikini that barely covers your smooth skin teases me. I can tell you've been in the sun a bit before this, hints of pale flesh that are in stark contrast to your tan keep peeking out at me as you move about the raft. Oh how I long to feel that flesh next to mine. We start out on our journey with you sitting right in front of me, your warm body pressed against my chest, and my arms and legs around you. I always feel so strong and powerful
Perfect Sex
It's a perfect combination: those seductive, almond-shaped eyes, with their deep brown or black irises The beautiful , smooth, ususally virtually hairless olive or tanned skin. Nice slim hips Firm, pert breasts. Petite lttle mouths. And most of all those cute, tight almost hairless little pussies. And boy, do these Oriental gitls know how to fuck! They might act all shy and sweet in public, but get them alone and naked, and boy do they know how to satisfy a man like a wild thing . I like to start off licking and sucking their breasts. I do this for about 10 minutes until the nipples are hard and erect and the girl is starting to groan in ecstacy Then I move dowm to the pussy area, and start licking and sucking this too. At this point the girl usually starts groaning and panting REALLY loudly and nthusiatically-realising that she is in for an unusually good time. Once she is nice and wet and horny I get my asian babe to start sucking my cock . By following this formula I've never
Iroquois Prayer (adapted)
We return thanks to our mother, the earth, which sustains us. We return thanks to the rivers and streams, which supply us with water. We return thanks to all herbs, which furnish medicines for the cure of our diseases. We return thanks to the corn, and to her sisters, the beans and squashes which give us life. We return thanks to the wind, which, moving the air has banished diseases. We return thanks to the moon and stars, which have given us their light when the sun was gone. We return thanks to the sun, that he has looked upon the earth with a beneficent eye. Lastly, we return thanks to the Great Spirit, in whom is embodied all goodness, and who directs all things for the good of his children.
Sioux Prayer
O our Father, the Sky, hear us and make us strong. O our Mother the Earth, hear us and give us support, O Spirit of the East, send us your Wisdom. O Spirit of the South, may we tread your path of life. O Spirit of the West, may we always be ready for the long journey. O Spirit of the North, purify us with your cleansing winds. *NOTE* An excellent invocation for ritual and calling the elements I like to use on occasion.
Lay By Lady Katherine
Lay Lay upon my thicket bed share my flesh tangle sheets-dampen pillows Lay upon my wicked body share my soul Desire my lust Hunger for my thirst. Lay upon my spirit. feel my gentle breathe carrassing your every want. Lay upon me needs feel my flame,my inner heat, Scorching,enduring my fire within. Lay upon my passion, Bite upon my skin feed my darlin-like the master of the nite. Lay upon my chest,hear the rumbling of my heart. Pumping my blood,within the molton lava of seduction.within my burning womb. Lay upon the thicket bed_feel what is insdie me. Flesh of my flesh. Desire of my desire. My life within yours. Give unto me all of your desire. Unite me with your passion,burn me like a scorching river of erotic stream. Savor me with your hunger Dig into me with all of your essence.Do with me,as a master to a slave.Chain me,tie me,till I can't breathe,Smother me with your greatest power.Make me yours_bring me to my knees. Make me beg for that place I need to
Had A Perfect Day
So check out this story, I went to school one day wearing a shortened whip as a belt I really was just wearing it to let anyone who pays attention to me what I am into and the way I do things and of course to be doing something different. Well midway into the day a teacher of mine noticed it and thought that it maybe used as a weapon so she sent me to see the dean of discipline. Well letís shed a little light on this lady 40 years of age or so red hair and so fucking hot it was a wonder she did not choose a different path of employment. Anyways back to the story so I go and see her well the first thing she asked was why I was wearing such a belt anyway well I explained to her it was a lifestyle statement and that she would not have any idea of what I was talking about (little did I know what was in store for me later that very day) and I assured her it was nothing of the sort meaning was not meant as a weapon. So she told me that was fine and she believed me to leave the belt with her
Traditional Native American Prayer
O Great Spirit Whose voice I hear in the winds, And whose breath gives life to all the world, Hear me! I am small and weak and need your strength and wisdom. Let me walk in beauty, and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect the things that you have made and my ears sharp to hear your voice. Make me wise so that I may understand the things you have taught my people. Let me learn the lessons that you have hidden in every leaf and rock. I seek strength not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy Ė myself. Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes. So when life fades, as the fading sunset, my spirit may come to you without shame.
Sioux Prayer Ė Blessing & Invocation
Grandfather Great Spirit All over the world the faces of living ones are alike. With tenderness they have come up out of the ground. Look upon your children that they may Face the winds and walk the good road to the Day of Quiet. Grandfather Great Spirit Fill us with the Light Give us the strength to understand, And the eyes to see. Teach us to walk the soft Earth as relatives To all that live.
I Just Had A Sausage Wrap.
It has enacted cataclysmic horrors upon my gastrointestinal system that defy human comprehension. The unspeakable aberration has torn asunder that which I once believed to be impervious to such culinary aggression. I say thee back! Back to the depraved depths of dietary hell! No more will I tolerate your insolent onslaughts upon my god given flesh and soul! Heed my warning mortal reader, though this simple sausage wrap my appear quite innocuous indeed, the conniving and cowardly manner of its duplicity is not to be taken lightly or easily. Rather, examine the meat parcel with the utmost care and concern. Beware this sausage... this Sausage Wrap of Doom!
In & Out
Hey all I'm sorry I haven't been on in awhile and I truly Miss all of you....They disabled me at work and its hard for me to get on at home but will make the time because as I said I truly Miss all of you! Please keep leaving the love I love it and love you all for thinking of me! To the Lolli's I started making tags for us and have to finish all of them I will be doing that over the weekend.....
Club Mystic
Prayer For Understanding
Great Spirit, Give us hearts to understand, Never to take From creations beauty more than we give, Never to destroy wantonly for the furtherance of greed, Never to deny to give our hands for the building of earthís beauty, Never to take from her what we cannot use. Give us hearts to understand that to destroy earthís music is to create confusion, That to wreck her appearance is to blind us to beauty, That to callously pollute her fragrance is to make a house of stench, That as we care for her she will care for us.
Prayer For Healing
We join with the earth and with each other. To bring new life to the land To restore the waters To restore the air We join with the earth and with each other. To renew the forests To care for the plants To protect the creatures We join with the earth and with each other. To celebrate the seas To rejoice in the sunlight To sing the song of the stars We join with the earth and with each other. To recreate the human community To promote justice and peace To remember our children We join with the earth and with each other. We join together as many and diverse expressions Of one loving mystery: for the healing of the Earth and the renewal of all life.
Prayer For Forgiveness
We have forgotten who we are. We have alienated ourselves from the unfolding of the cosmos We have become estranged from the movements of the Earth We have turned our backs on the cycles of life. We have forgotten who we are. We have sought only our own security We have exploited simply for our own ends We have distorted our knowledge We have abused our power. We have forgotten who we are. Now the land is barren And the waters are poisoned And the air is polluted. We have forgotten who we are. Now the forests are dying And the creatures are disappearing And humans are despairing. We have forgotten who we are. We ask forgiveness We ask for the gift of remembering We ask for the strength to change. We have forgotten who we are.
Thursday Opie And Anthony Links: Otto & George, Louis Ck, Lisa Sparxxx, New Boobs On Ratemywow, Dana White Audio Online, Great New Videos Online
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE AND ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) ANIMATION FESTIVAL VIDEOS AVAILABLE ON iTUNES!! (So far, there is one clip of videos from the festival.... ONLINE NOW!) Animation Festival Continues: The first Opie and Anthony Animation Festival was such a success, we're going to do it again! It's probably going to happen sometime in the fall, so you have PLENTY of time to get your asses animating if you want to create a masterpiece. Go to iTunes for some examples of animations that were featured in the Animation Festival ...and if you MISSED the animation fest, you can still get a shirt... OFFICIAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL SHIRTS: Opie's brother Elmo designed a special shirt JUST for the Animation Festival and you can get them online while supplies last! CLICK THE PIC TO GET YOUR SHIRT NOW!!!! It's going to be another busy, busy day on the Opie and Anthony Radio POgram. First off, our pal Louis CK is going to call in to explain why we're havi
Prayer For The Earth
Great Spirit, whose dry lands thirst, help us to find a way to refresh your lands. We pray for your power to refresh your lands. Great Spirit, whose waters are choked with debris and pollution, help us to find a way to cleanse your waters. We pray for your knowledge to find the way to cleanse the waters. Great Spirit, whose beautiful earth grows ugly with misuse, help us to find the way to restore beauty to your handiwork. We pray for the strength to restore the beauty of your handiwork. Great Spirit, whose creatures are being destroyed, help us to find a way to replenish them. We pray for your power to replenish the earth. Great Spirit, whose gifts to us are being lost in selfishness and corruption, help us to find the way to restore our humanity. We pray for your wisdom to find the way to restore our humanity.
Had A Great Night
So I go to the club the other night and I am talking to friends having a few drinks having a good time and playing pool when I noticed this sultry older lady admiring my ass as I go to take my shots so I decide to amuse her by bending over even if I did not have to. We made eye contact a few times. I finally decided to go over and talk to her and she walks off. This happened not only once but twice. Yet she kept making eye contact and looking me up and down. I was not going to do this again yet it really intrigued me to want to talk to her, I guess its all about a game to her. Not real sure what she was thinking, but I was going to get to the bottom of it tonight. So I was keeping an eye on her for the rest of the evening which was not hard to do considering she was hot. Wearing a short red silky dress that screamed take me big boy! That's exactly what I was going to do. I later caught her at the bar ordering a drink and I offered to pay for it for her, and she gave me this bit (while
"I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for eternity and always in my care."
Killswitch Engage - For You
The finest parts of me Are only shades of you To put aside the ties that bind Is the goal of man I give my word To stand the test of time No more wasted days The past must perish The line is drawn I pledge my devotion There is no turning back This heart is yours I sacrifice for you For you For you This is immortal The finest parts of me Are only shades of you With each passing day This heart is endless No more wasted time We are immortal The line is drawn I pledge my devotion There is no turning back This heart is ours I sacrifice for you For you For you This is the everlasting This is immortal Your words are my inspiration Your life, the image of perfection For all you are For all you've done I strive to be in your reflection The line is drawn I pledge my devotion
i've had a fever for 2 days now ppl so don't think i've forgotten about everyone cuz i haven't so uniil prob 2 morrow i won't be on =[ tty then the julster peace i'm out
Dj Towman Is Hiring For Dj's
I am troubled Immeasurably By your eyes. I am struck By the feather Of your soft Reply The sound of glass Speaks quick Distain And conceals What your eyes fight To explain ~Jim Morrison~
Once Upon A Time...
This is how all the stories start, right?? "once upon a time...." Well....once upon a time, in a Magic land there lived the most beautiful creatures God ever created. Their name was a curse or a blessing... People couldnt even spell their name for fear they might get they called them Fairies. Much easier to hide their powers behind an earthly word. The fairies ruled the Earth and brought their magic in everything they touched. They used to walk in the forests dressed with clothes made of Moon rays, they used to whisper to the rivers that carried their words to the mortal souls... For centuries their dance enlightened the world bringing light and magic into the tortured souls of the living! But the people started to be envious on the Fairies' powers. They thought they could steal the magic by cheating and spreading lies... The Fairies started to visit the mortals less and less...till one day they when they didnt come at all into their world... The world of lies
If vodka was water and I was a duck I'd swim to the bottom and never come up! But vodka is not water and I'm not a duck. So slide me the bottle and shut the fuck up!
I Did It!!!
I finally got the hood of my clit pierced!!! WOOHOO!
My First Blog
Welcome to my first blog. Please visit my friends at Sunset Cafe Lounge. Bring your friends with you and join the great party. Sunset Cafe Lounge Now Sunset Cafe Lounge has joined forces with Fu Luv Bomb Squad, join up with them also. Fu Luv Bomb Squad
>BigDaddyMi...: with a mouth full of teeth like mine a cock like yours better hope the man attached knows how to romance me BigDaddyMi...: with a cock like mine u dont need romance...u just need to hold on! ->BigDaddyMi...: lol BigDaddyMi...: thanks! ->BigDaddyMi...: how romantic BigDaddyMi...: okay....rephrased....i'd love to fuck the shit out of you! ->BigDaddyMi...: thanks, but I'd like to stay in one piece please BigDaddyMi...: sexy as fuck ->BigDaddyMi...: I'm sorry, but tear what up? oh how I love crazy ass dudes...
Alright folks...heading to Ohio tonight. Be in Springfield after about 10. Ugh!
Cum Here Me I Sound Hot!!!!!!!!!!
EVEN THE MOST ANGELIC MUST SIN COME CONFESS YOUR SINS! AT ~'UnHoly ConfesSions'~ *(UCR)* ~click the pic to enter~ !!!
Shadow Levelers Ids
I am pleased too announce that Frozen Mystical Dreams is making the whole team new Leveler Ids. She is working on one for everyone.. All members need too rate all of them. It takes alot of time too make these. Show her the love for putting the time in too doing these for all of us. The best part is you dont have too order on she is just making them for all. Please show her lotsa love and thank her for the work and the time she is putting into this for each of us. Frozen Mystical Dreamzzzz@ fubar
Philosophy For Life...
Be patient, Be open minded. Smile often, Savor special moments. Make new friends.... Rediscover the old ones. Tell them that you love them... And when you love them, Feel it deeply. Ignore worries, forget problems, Pardon enemies, keep promises. If you get more than one chance, try again. Prize your good ideas. Try not to make mistakes, And if you do, learn from them. Be crazy. Appreciate miracles when they happen. Notice where the sun is in the sky, Listen to the rain. Watch for rainbows and falling stars. Look for the beauty around you. Smile with your heart, Confide in others. Give to others, And be gentle with others, always. Hope, Desire, Grow, Work hard.... be yourself. Be understanding when it's needed. Have confidence in life, have faith Comfort a friend Have confidence in yourself. "ENJOY LIFE!!"
36 Truths About Guys And Also Myself
1. Guys are more emotional then you think, if they loved you at one point, it'll take them a lot longer then you think to let you go, and it hurts every second that they try. 2. Guys may be flirting around all day, but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about. 3. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. 4. Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. 5. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're goin for the let-her-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method. 6. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. 7. Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved. 8. Guys don't care how gorgeous you are
Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?
Thereís a moment in time And itís stuck in my mind Way back, when we were just kids Cause your eyes told the tale Of an act of betrayal I knew that somebody did Oh, waves of time Seem to wash away The scenes of our crimes But for you this never ends Can you stay strong? Can you go on? Kristy are you doing okay? A rose that wonít bloom Winterís kept you Donít waste your whole life trying To get back what was taken away Though the marks on your dress Had been neatly repressed I knew that something was wrong And I should have spoke out And Iím so sorry now I didnít know Cause we were so young Oh, clouds of time Seem to rain on Innocence left behind And it never goes away
i am as 23 year old white male looking for a single white female around the same age. i am bored with being single and am willing to do anything in order to meet someone special. i like to do everything as long as i am doing it with someone that i care about. If u wanna talk more email me at ( )
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
Show me how to lie Youíre getting better all the time And turning all against the one Is an art thatís hard to teach Another clever word Sets off an unsuspecting herd And as you get back into line A mob jumps to their feet Now dance, fucker, dance Man, he never had a chance And no one even knew It was really only you And now you steal away Take him out today Nice work you did Youíre gonna go far, kid With a thousand lies And a good disguise Hit Ďem right between the eyes Hit Ďem right between the eyes When you walk away Nothing more to say See the lightning in your eyes See Ďem running for their lives Slowly out of line And drifting closer in your sights So play it out Iím wide awake Itís a scene about me Thereís something in your way And now someone is gonna pay And if you canít get what you want Well itís all because of me Now dance, fucker, dance Man, I never had a chance And no one even knew It was really only you And now youíll lead
Stuff Is Messed Up
Now I donít know, and itís hard to explain But it seems like things are just kind of insane Because the world is crying But nobodyís listening So please leave a message on my cell phone I see bullets getting better Biblical weather And that guy on TV is like a total asshole Who are you wearing tonight? Celebrity fundraiser, tight! Black ties making wrongs right Howís your social Band-Aid? I donít know much I donít know too much But I know this Shit is fucked up! I guess itís all about the dream The ends justify the means You know itís all about the dream The ends justify the means Now thank god for the media, for saving the day Putting it all into perspective in a responsible way With more celebrity news Typical bullshit views I think weíre losing this fight Sponsored by Bud Light And now weíre rockiní the casbah And taking the flak The genieís out of the bottle, and we canít put it back All this stuff Itís overwhelming my brain Can you see th
One is for envy And one just for spite The cuts in my heart They show in your eyes Donít make it better The twisting knife Turns all by itself Move on to someone else Your self-liberation Will leave this behind Beyond slings and arrows That rain on our minds Youíll make it better Shake it off It never mattered anyway If we donít make it alive Well itís a hell of a good day to die All our light that shines strong Only lasts for so long And itís ashes to ashes again Should we even try to pretend? All our light that shines strong Only lasts for so long The banner youíre waving Is burning and red Itís blocking the sunlight That shines overhead You against the world Diamonds and pearls Voices inside you churn Watch the city burn Your own liberation Will leave them behind All the slings and arrows That rain on your mind Donít make it better Break it cause It never mattered anyway
Pimp My Ride - As Of June 19th '08
DO YOU LIKE CARS? WOULD YOU LIKE SOME NEW FRIENDS? JUST FOR RATING 100 CARS?.... CLICK THIS PIC AND GET BUSY RATING . AFTER YOU RATE ALL 100 PIC'S Add The Other Riders I WILL ADD YOU TO MY PIMP MY RIDE BULLY SO OTHERS CAN ADD FAN AND RATE YOU THEN THEY RATE THE CARS AND Add The Other RIDERS I WILL ADD THEM AS WELL AND SO ON our first riders are as follows Jůηίpєr FU-Owned by Ladee and PROUD owner of Ņ*~~ģ~~Poetic Angel Princess~~ģ~~@ fubar *~*Nyne*~*{DevAngel}@ fubar robisue(Club F.a.r.)**Lollipop GUrlz **Fubar World Cruise**Shadow Levelers**Fu-Owned By Miss Crys~@ fubar #1Jon ~ FU/Husband to Mistress Dragon FU*Bomber@ fubar Abby♥Normal@ fubar Ľ--ĽkrysĽ--Ľ@ fubar FU- Owned by "Super Dave"Sissy owned by "Kevo"~ Promoter for "lost radio"~~@ fubar Vicky
True Beauty Lies Within!
I've came to realize that in this world today ppl have lost sight of the things that should matter most in life.. and what I mean by that is ppl are more concerned about appearance and outter beauty than to realize that what really counts is who you are on the inside.. honestly if you think about it back in the day the reason ppl were happier is becuz they didn't put that much effort into making sure they were wearing the latest fashions or making sure that their asses were hanging out so they could attract the opposite sex.. ppl actually had a personality .. now ppl date based on a sexual attraction rather than a real whole hearted attraction to the person underneath all that clothing... and yes i know that you do have to be attracted to a person.. but that shouldn't be all that you base it on.. and ppl lose that person they really are to try to impress other ppl.. it's sad really .. cuz this is why we have more and more divorce every year.. girls need to forget about trying to impres
Closed Auction~ty Every1 For Making My 1st Auction A Huge Success
"HEAVENLY BODIES" AUCTION IS NOW OPEN!!! It will end on July 3rd. HERE ARE THE ENTRIES SO FAR: (if you can bid at lest rate your favorites pics please~~the one with the most rates wins a gift bling pak at end of the contest)
I'd Lie
"I'd Lie" I donít think that passenger seat Has ever looked this good to me He tells me about his night And I count the colors in his eyes Heíll never fall in love he swears As he runs his fingers through his hair Iím laughing cause I hope he's wrong I don't think it ever crossed his mind He tells a joke I fake a smile That I know all his favorite songs And.. [chorus:] I could tell you his favorite color's green He loves to argue, born on the seventeenth His sister's beautiful, he has his fatherís eyes And if you asked me if I love him, Iíd lie He looks around the room Innocently overlooks the truth Shouldnít a light go on? Doesnít he know that Iíve had him memorized for so long? He sees everything black and white Never let nobody see him cry I donít let nobody see me wishing he was mine [chorus] He stands there then walks away My god if I could only say Iím holding every breath for you... Heíd never tell you but he can play guitar I think he c
may an angel lay beside your soul a beautiful gathering is about to unfold the light, the trees, the shining bliss surrender to my soul within this wish your magic, may it be told, deep in the silence forever to mold true to your soul i promise you this bodies embraced minds connected love will soar as one will live arms stretched wide wings will flutter to lift you up from this clutter your angel appears in lights unknown keep your eyes open for she will be shown when you see and know she will always be laying beside your soul © Angel
Tag!!!!! You're It!
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? nope 2. Your significant other? mmmmm 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? Betty 5. Your father? Jim 6. Your favorite thing? chocolate 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? Diet Coke 9. Your dream/goal? Happiness 10. The room you're in? office 11. Music? classic~rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? alive 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? rich 16. Muffins? carrot 17. One of your wish list items? convertable 18. Where you grew up? Ottawa 19. The last thing you did? slept 20. What are you wearing? tshirt 21. TV? Yes 22. Your p
Screen Shot Instructions
for all of u who arent sure how to do a screen shot. here are the instructions to do it click on link to see a larger image
People Are Really Not That Nice On Here!!
I have found that whenever I have posted a bulletin or a mumm asking for assistance or making a request, I don't get the response that I see other people do. Is it because I am hideously ugly? Or terribly unfriendly to others on here? I posted a bulletin yesterday asking for "friends" to show some love and welcome my lil bro to Fubar. Not ONE single person looked at it. I answer the call to show luv to new members or help with contests and all that stuff. Why do others not give me the same in return. Maybe I am too nice a person. I seriously appreciate the people I sent personal messages to who responded!! You have my utmost gratitude!! For all the people on here who "Support Our Troops" I asked that you show a lil luv to my lil bro, serving in Iraq right now and only a few I asked have done so. What does it take to get people to respond? I am a nice person and am only ruffled when treated rudely. Does it take that long to send a "Hi" to someone new? Thank
The Heat Of My Desire
The Heat Of My Desire by LateNiteFantasy© to lady katherine In the still of the evening Without sunlight to intrude I see the twilight in your eyes As the moon sets up the mood Playing music soft and low While romance fills the air I can't help but feel arouse The very moment you come near You submit to my embrace While candles flick their flame And the smell of sweet perfume Seem to drive my lust insane As I look into your eyes And run my fingers through your hair I taste the sweetness of your neck As I nibble at your ear I then whisper words of love As you answer with a sigh And in a very sexy way Your sweet body comes alive You're the heat of my desire As we slowly come undress I then start to lay you down While you welcome my caress With your luscious sexy curves You have a taste I can't resist And your breast show some response When I touch them with a kiss As I soak inside your love To a sexy love condition Feeling passions sta
Helpful Thought
I was looking back at my life and all the people i have met over the years and one thing kept sticking out to me the amount of people who all said the same thing "I am not afraid to be alone!" BULLSHIT. Every single one of them be they male or female who said that to me was full of shit cause I watched them jump from relationship to relationship with little or in some cases no down time in between. Nobody wants to be alone nobody it is our nature to be with others to reproduce to love. I myself at one time said this and I was full of shit too, the truth is I have faced my mortality twice, i have had cancer twice in my life already and it scares to shit out of me and I know that i will not be around forever and i want a family i want kids, it is important to me as it is to everyone while or not they want to admit it. And that was one of my problems I was afraid of being alone so even though I'd see problems with the girls I was dating be it they were cheating on me avoiding me or ot
Annie Lennox - No More I Love You's
Annie LennoxNo More I Love You'sMusic Video Codes By Music WELL GOD DAMN THIS WAS A HARD FUCKIN VIDEO TO FIND U BETTER LIKE THIS ONE BITCHES LOL Do be do be do do do oh Do be do be do do do oh I used to be a lunatic from the gracious days I used to feel woebegone and so restless nights My aching heart would bleed for you to see 1-Oh, but now I don't find myself bouncing home Whistling buttonhole tunes to make me cry No more I love you's The language is leaving me No more I love you's changes are shifting Outside the words No one ever speaks about the monsters I used to have demons in my room at night Desire, despair, desire So many monsters (rpt 1) 2-No more I love you's The language is leaving me No more I love you's The language is leaving me in silence No more I love you's Changes are shifting outside the words And people are being real crazy And you know what mommy? Everybody was being real crazy And the monsters are crazy.
I Really Do Need Advice Please
Im 25, and i moved across country to be with someone.. now that im here i feel like he doesnt want me around. he always asks me when im going home but yet when i threaten to leave he gets upset a tells me he needs me and doesnt want me to go. wont look me in the eye barely touches me and it kills me! when i try and show him affection he pulls away or tells me not to touch him. he tells his family that he care about me and that we get along really well and hes happy that im here but he is really distant from me. i have tried talking to him about everything and he doesntsee it as i do. I am falling in love with this man but im holding back because i dont know if its worth breaking my heart by getting attached and realizing that i truly am not wanted. please some insight from anyone would be great...
Show Luv To My New Owner Bedrock!
Lounge Background Photo
Hello, I just recently created a lounge called Dark Menagerie. The idea of which is to give is members a place where we can hang out and listen to some cool goth-industrial music, like an online club. The next best thing to being there! Thing is, it looks kinda plain. I have no idea how to put a background photo to it. Oh, I can do HTML, CSS style sheets? Have no clue. If you can help, please lemme know... Thanks,and don;t forget to stop on by and hang out with me! Michael (aka Charon)
Your Not That Fine
Ok so I am gonna let off a little steam.. 1. You are not that freking hot that I will spend all my fu money or real money on you 2. If I do spend anything on you it is cause I actually think you are a decent person and fun to chat with 3. Just because I fan and rate and add you does not mean I will write you everyday. I just dont have the time. 4. I will do something in if you send me a Profile Comment I will either send you flowers or booze etc.... I may not get to it that day but be patient 5. No I am not here to look for the next love of my life..BUT yes I wouldn't mind a hool up 6. No I am not gonna beg to hook up not my style... 7. I don't care that you belong to some lounge I do not do Lounges... 8. Yes if your nice I will give ya my Personal Email or Yahoo...Some even have gotten my Cell..Hours of operation are from 8 am to 4pm PST monday thru friday...Do not call or text me after 4pm or saturday and sunday.. 9. And if you
My Channel please pass this link around! Would be much appreciated
Nekked Pics For Comments
Nekked Pics For Comments To Keep Me Ahead Of ArchAngel ... 200 Comments Gets You Nekked Pics If You Every Wanted One of the Best People On Your List You Need To Meet Jami So Go Show Her Some Luv and Help Her Win This ConTest
I have a crap net connection so I will not be on as often, yeah I know I was missing for some time because I had no internet. Thanks everyone who said happy b-day 3 weeks ago! See you when I can get something a little speedier than what I have now!
Come Vote For Me
Ancient Breed I Am
What ancient breed are you?created with You scored as SorceressYour a sorceress. You cast a spell on people the first time you meet them, and you love for them to depend on you. You get upset when things don't go your way. Well, guess what, your in for a shock, 'cause you don't always get what you want. Sorceress 100%Goddess 92%Dragon 83%Drow 75%Vampyre 75%Shadow Spirit 67%Elf 58%Wolf 58%Faerie 33%Zombie
Bluff Jumpers
A friend of mine is always posting blogs that contain scenarios and interaction between two people. She always explains the way she imagines the conversation would go. I do the exact same thing, maybe we're messed up in the head. Anyway, here's an example. A couple city slickers at the top of a bluff on a river I grew up on, contemplating jumping. I've just finished yelling to them to take a good run, and jump out and to the left to avoid the rocks that lie beneath the surface of the water. They confirmingly nod, and I see them start talking to one another. Imagined Conversation- Harold: Do you think he means our left, or his? Joe: I'm not sure. Do you think we should confirm? Harold: I dunno man. I'm sure he means his left. Besides, we're city slickers. He's probably just fucking with us. Joe: You're probably right. He's trying to scare us so that we won't jump, and we'll look like pussies in front of our girlfriends. Harold: It looks safe. You go
Jealousy Is Never Ever Justified....
There are a lot of sentiments and emotions that fly around on this website, but probably the most prominent emotion on here is JEALOUSY! No matter what reasons you have for it, jealousy is never a justified reaction or emotion. It is internal, and you should never take it out on someone externally. The foundation of jealousy is pure insecurity. Whatever is wrong with your confidence or ability to trust is your responsibility, no one else's. Everyone has been hurt or betrayed in their past. It doesn't mean that anyone who shares their gender, or race, or they have similar qualities, is going to do THE SAME WRONGS to you. "If you don't learn from your past, you're doomed to repeat it". A wise quote, and should be heeded throughout all our lives. I had to learn the hard way just recently. No matter how much you try to ease their paranoia, or try to calm their emotions, if the person doesn't try to do it theirselves, they will never change it. They will always be jealous and insecure
Rules - Read Often
INTRODUCING~OMEGA BOMBERS~We are a new family here on the Fu and want to have some fun.BUT...As with all families, we have to have some rules.#1 - Everyone is required to Rate/Fan/Add ALL family members. This can be easily accomplished because their is a folder that has every members picture in it. Each one is ripped so that you can go directly to their page. If it is found that you haven't done so, you will be asked to correct the situation or submit your resignation. Those are the only 2 choices.#2 - If you are CURRENTLY in a contest or have one coming up in the near future, DO NOT ask to join this family. The reason is, we are about fairness to all family members and if you are just joining for help, scroll on by.#3 - There will be NO MORE THAN 2 family members in a contest at the same time. Before you enter into a contest, please submit a request to the homepage for approval. ALSO, before submitting a request, you MUST be actively bombing for no less than 10 days before hand
My Sexual Zodiac
Your Sex Sign is... You're a 22nd century lover - without any rules or hangups. You're a typical 'trysexual'... well versed in the bedroom and curious about everything you haven't tried. You give everyone you run into the most exotic sex ever. Aquarius, you are a 22nd century sexual being. Your tastes and attitudes are totally futuristic. You are very adventurous and curious about everything. Aquarians are the 'seekers' of the Zodiac. You aren't posessive or materialistic - and you make your own rules. Your sexual personality is exotic and bohemian. You love to talk about sex - anywhere, anytime. You enjoy hearing about other people's sexual exploits, and you completely unshockable. You reached sexual maturity at an early age. You have had many varied sexual relationships, and you have dabbled in just about anything - if only for the experience. Above all, you aspire to become better and better in bed. You love to be taught new sexual tricks. You l
Some People Just Cant Handle The Truth
Aw Look Mumm Comment Deleter who can't take the truth... Original Mumm My Comment (After deleting my comment came to page and blocked me... yea real mature) Deleting comment and blocking only proved what i originally said.. fubar emo (thanks you for proving my point) To any one... If your going to post a global mumm WITHOUT comment approvals dont then act like a little school girl when some one says something that you dont like.. its the net, like real world your not going to like everything someone says.. And if by chance some one says something you dont like be an adult and reply back dont try and delete comment and shut them out as if it never happen your only showing your own immaturity, only children try to block out things and act as if it never happen
Its Official
the doctor called today and told me that i have PCOD yippee
Im there im there whenever you need me. im there whenever you need someone to talk to. im there whenever you need a shoulder to cry on. im there. im there to keep it real with you. im there to play no games with you. im there for whatever. im there whenever. im there to be true to you. im there and always will be there. im there by cleon
So, on Tuesday we took the kids to play mini-golf. I beat my guy my ONE stroke... but I still won. Last night we played Phase Ten before bed. Had I not forgotten to lay my cards down before I discarded I would've completely pwned him there too, but I forgot, he got lucky, and beat me by like 80 points. *sigh*
Welcome My Best Friend To Fubar!
That's right this woman has been my best friend for 25 yrs! We've been through good times and some really bad times together, honestly can say I dont know what I would do without her! So stop by and show her just how awesome Fubar is and show her some luv!!!!!!! sunshine_stars@ fubar
Whats The Point
whats the point in adding friends and taking time to create page if no one wants to converse?
To My Ex Wife
My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife: Marrying you screwed up my life. I see your face when I am dreaming. That's why I always wake up screaming. Kind, intelligent, loving and hot; This describes everything you are not. Love may be beautiful, love may be bliss, But I only slept with you because I was pissed. I thought that I could love no other -- That is until I met your Mother. Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you. But the Roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowls empty and so is your head. I want to feel your sweet embrace; But don't take that paper bag off your face. I love your smile, your face, and your eyes -- Damn, I 'm good at telling lies! My love, you take my breath away. What have you stepped in to smell this way? What inspired this amorous rhyme? Two parts vodka, one part lime..ZZ..
Djing On Fubar
I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned Staring at the blank page before you Open up the dirty window Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find Reaching for something in the distance So close you can almost taste it Release your innovations Feel the rain on your skin No one else can feel it for you Only you can let it in No one else, no one else Can speak the words on your lips Drench yourself in words unspoken Live your life with arms wide open Today is where your book begins The rest is still unwritten Oh, oh, oh I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines We've been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can't live that way Staring at the blank page before you Open up the dirty window Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find Reaching for something in the distance So close you can almost taste it Release your inner visions Feel th
My Kind Of Chain Letter
Hello, my name is Billy and I suffer from guilt for not forwarding 50 billion f*cking chain letters sent to me by people who actually believe if you send them on, a poor six year old girl in Scotland with a breast on her forehead will be able to raise enough money to have it removed before her redneck parents sell her to atravelling freak show. And, do you honestly believe that Bill Gates is going to give you,and everyone to whom you send 'his' email, $1000? How stupid are you? Ooooh, looky here! If I scroll down this page and make a wish, I'll get laid by a model I just happen to run into the next day! What a bunch of bullsh*t. Maybe the evil chain letter leprechauns will come into my house and sodomize me in my sleep for not continuing a chain letter that was started by St Peter in 5AD and brought to this country by midget pilgrim stowaways on the Endeavour. F*ck 'em!! If you're going to forward something, at least send me something mildly amusing. I'v
me singing in Russian (again). I hate singing in English since my accent comes out so strong, and it sounds ghey.
Dmx - X Gonna Give It To Ya!
Arf arf Yeah, yeah, yeah (Grrrr) Uh, Yo don't get it twisted This rap sh**, is mine Motherf***er, it's not, a f***in, game F*** what you heard It's what you hearin (what you hearin) It's what you hearin (Listen) It's what you hearin (Listen) It's what you hearin (Listen) [Verse 1] X gon give it to ya (what) F*** wait for you to get it on your own X gon deliver to ya Knock knock, open up the door, it's real Wit the non-stop, pop pop of stainless steel Go hard gettin busy wit it (whoo) But I got such a good heart That I'll make a motherf***er wonder if he did it Damn right and I'll do it again Cuz I am right so I gots to win Bake bread wit the enemy (what) But no matter how many cats I bake bread wit I'll bake who you sendin me (yeah) You motherf***ers never wanted nothin But your life saved, bitch, that's on the right day I'm gettin down, down Make a n***a set free But i won't be the one endin up on his knees, b**ch please If the only thing you cats did is
Guess Who Was There :d
who is this one ? hmmmm and any idea about this one ?
14,000 Comments For A Vip
Check It I've Been In This One For Awhile Now I Still Need Help lol Bomb's Away
One For 100,000 Fubux
Rates/Bombing Needed Ends Soon I Think lol Click Teh' Pic and Rate/Bomb It!
seems that no one knows what that is anymore now days. i got to noticing comments that ppl have left on either my friends pages and pics or friends of theirs over the last few days.(because ppl point them out to me) you cant help but see them when you go to comment or what not. anyway some are just things that you wouldnt say to someone if you or they were taken. i mean its one thing to tell someone hey your pretty,beautiful,handsome,or w/e. its another to leave a comment saying what you want to do to them and shit. i for one if someone leaves me that i tend to delete it and so do my friends that are in relationships.and i also tend to not even socialize with the one that left it. but others on here who have gfs/bfs/hubbies/wives they tend to just leave it on there for the whole world to see including their S/O. (significant other for you slow ppl). and then they wonder why they get in arguments or get left. and why ppl think they are a whore a slut or cheating. i mean its common sense
Please Take My Survey!!!
as most of you know I am a political geek. Well I have a theory that of something I think would improve the way elections are conducted. I will never know for sure unless, I test it out. Please take the anonymous survey below and help me. http://survey. constantcontact. com/survey/a07e2bdepm4fhlz46xy/start Click Here
Chocolate Bunny Has Me Up For Auction
I'm up for auction for my first time... wanna own me?? Click on the picture!!! And this is what I'm offering.... * make my crush for one month * rate all stash during happy hour for one month * join any lounges you'd like, and promote those lounges * put "fu owned by" with my name * buy drinks daily for one month * #1 family for one month * #1 friend for one month * Rate all pics during happy hour * Comment all pics during happy hour * Daily comments from me * Pimp out on my page, blogs, and bulletins * Gifts through out the week * up to 5 SFW salutes * up to 2 NSFW salutes (if bid is adequate enough)
Help Me ! First Contest!
I'm In An Auction!!!
I'm In An Auction!!
Want to own me?? Come show me love! (click the pic) This is what I am offering: * make my crush for one month * rate all stash during happy hour for one month * join any lounges you'd like, and promote those lounges * put "fu owned by" with my name * buy drinks daily for one month * #1 family for one month * #1 friend for one month * Rate all pics during happy hour * Comment all pics during happy hour * Daily comments from me * Pimp out on my page * up to 5 SFW salutes
Ensign: Pray Without Ceasing
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 19 June 2008 The story goes that when Renaissance artist Albrecht DŁrer painted what's come to be known as the "Praying Hands", the model was his brother. Of the two DŁrer children, the family could only afford to send one of them off for higher education. The brothers agreed among themselves that Albrecht would go and years later, with his brother's hands marred and calloused by practicing their family trade of goldsmithing, he used them as a model for the work he's probably best known or at least most recognized for, even if you know nothing about the man. Am I the only person who forgets who to pray for? I doubt it's onsetting senility on my part, but all of us can get so busy that it takes something dramatic in our
Do You Wanna Get Jet Blinged??
> > I wanna know just how bad you want it! On saturday, june 21st, i will hold a mini contest during lucie in the sky's hh @ 8pm fubar time... send me a link to your photo and the person w/ the most comments will get jetblinged The contest will end at 8:55 fubar time so i can award the bling.. So what are you waiting for? Contest being held by: broken_hearted420 proud bbw~{shadow levelers}~ owned by Seamushardcore@ fubar This bulletin brought to you by: ^sin^@ fubar (repost of original by 'broken_hearted420 proud bbw~{shadow levelers}~ owned by Seamushardcore' on '2008-06-19 10:22:22') (repost of original by '^sin^' on '2008-06-19 10:27:00')
i've been getting headaches for the past 3 days at the same time everyday. add loud children and a video game thats driving me nuts and i forsee no chance of recovery.
Follow Your Dreams
when you know that what you found is what must be; when you feel that nothing else can be; when you realise that many problems are here to make you just go back but you have the willing to pass through anything; when you start to think that it 's just a dream... well, follow this dream, never give up because dreams come true i have many dreams, and i will make them come true, because these dreams are shared. So this is a pic for all the ones who have dreams, so you know that you have to follow your dreams, always...
Making Up New Words
If a plane slides on a wet runway, is it considered hydro-car-ing?
The Lists...
I'm not a list maker. I'm not overly organized. I'm not what some people would call "anal retentive." And im definitely not the kind of person that makes air quotes when she says "anal retentive." That said, I've made two lists in my life that give a little insight into who I am. Not much, but a little. One list is the "People I Hate" list. The other is the "People Who Are Not Invited to My Funeral" list. I used to update and revise the "People I Hate" list, but truth be told, it hasn't been updated in years. It's been so long, I don't even know who is on it or where it is. Except for G.E. Smith. I know he was definitely on it. So I can (probably) safely say it hasn't been updated since G.E. Smith was a part of the Saturday Night Live band. I don't know him personally, in case you are wondering. I just always hated the way he mugged at the camera like a skeleton in heat. The whole funeral thing isn't as morbid as it sounds. I don't have a disease or a death wish. In fact, I
Want In?
AUCTION!!! THE SLUT IS HOSTING HIS VERY OWN AUCTION! WANT TO GET IN? ENTRY FEE IS 50K FUBUXS WHAT CAN YOU WIN? 100K TO THE PERSON WITH THE MOST RATES 200K TO THE PERSON WITH THE HIGHEST BID *of course you win whats bid on you as well* AUCTIONEE CAN REFUSE ANY BID THAT IS MADE *in case of stalkers etc...* ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA IS ALLOWED! IF YOU START DRAMA YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT OF THE AUCTION. AUCTION STARTS FRIDAY 20TH AND RUNS THREW FRIDAY 27TH! THE SLUT NEEDS 10 TO START! IF INTRESTED SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE WITH WHAT YOUR WANTING TO OFFER ETC THE Slutô-BrandisPookieBear! Memorys&Sweets4ever,Spanker@Fetish owned by HypnoticStarr FuBomber@ fubar (repost of original by 'Sweets.Design Manager@CK2' on '2008-06-18 23:47:02') (repost of original by 'THE Slutô-BrandisPookieBear! Memorys&Sweets4ever,Spanker@Fetish owned by HypnoticStarr FuBomber' on '2008-06-18 23:48:55')
Basics To A Relationship
1. Communication- A relationship to me is based on it. If there is no communication there is just feelings, and with out communication there is just no real physical emotional connection. I want to know how my mates day is going. I would love for them to call me and just ask "How was your day?", "Hello", or just "I love you". In return I would do the same for them. Commnication is the biggest part of a relationship, when we argue and or have a disagreement. I dont want to be the one to just run off and hide, and I will stand my ground as much as i would want my mate to do the same. But once stated our points and opinions. I would still want to talk and work it out, and who knows we may laugh about it later.... 2. Feelings- Theses are the second biggest thing in a relationship. I am very emotional person and can be at times. But the feelings need to be mutal, not to fast but also not to slow. But if you feel that those 3words are what u want to say, no matter who, what, when, or
Diffent Types Of Gasms :)
Orgasms Sex in a boat = Oargasms Sex with a nerd = Dorkgasms Sex at the entrance to your house = Doorgasms Sex on the carpet or linoleum = Floorgasms Sex at the supermarket = Storegasms Sex with wild pigs = Boargasms Sex at a Stephen King movie = Horrorgasms Sex with a prostitute = Whoregasms Sex with a storyteller = Loregasms Sex while sleeping = Snoregasms Sex with Arthur = Dudley Mooregasms Sex with cartoon donkeys = Eeyoregasms Sex while broke = Poorgasms Sex with a lion = Roargasms Sex for hours and hours on end = Soregasms Sex on a golf course = Foregasms Sex with a nymphomaniac = Ready for Moregasms Sex in a gold mine = Oregasms Sex with a dermatologist = Poregasms Sex with the vice president = Al Goregasms Sex with chocolate marshmallows = S'moregasms Sex on the beach = Shoregasms
Take A Walk With Me.
Take a walk with me...Talk with me...And I will show you that no matter how tough life gets there will always be something beautiful to look forward to...In bad times look forward to the future because it will bring good times...And when you're brought those good times let those memories carry you through the tough situations you will find yourself in...No matter what, always remember things change so don't let life shock you to the point of having no life at all...Fight through the struggles, love through all the troubles, and appreciate all the the lessons life forces you to learn...Don't let them harden your heart, allow the forced lessons to strengthen your charactor & your soul with love because that's what we are here for... To give Lots of Love
The Final 3, Who Will It Be
Please upgrade your Media player (repost of original by 'Joyridin2w -C/O of Rejects in Rafters' on '2008-06-19
Which Is Better?
or ?
My Complicated Life...
For all those who know me well, you know how well this song fits me. For those getting to know me I am on a rollercoaster in my life, going through changes that are hard but necessary. This is a song by Crossfade and fits me well. Broken Like An Angel Lyrics She was a queen Lost within a dream Misconceived that he was fit to reign Lies take victims Separate them at the seams Cause them to fall apart Then move along to better things now She Wants to fall in love again Don't you know that He's Satisfied to own her No time permits to open up When you've been hiding thoughts so strong She's been holding out for an angel to come along No reply from the sky But she just keeps looking up She just keeps looking up now She Wants to fall in love again Don't you know that he He's Satisfied to own her She'll never know love's true potential Lost in the open wind To his impatience Never feeling they would fall apart She let he
Captain's Log 10
I have really become more aware over these last few weeks how necessary it was for some of the events in my life to have happened earlier. The fact that I (almost) died in my sleep and that I was completely alone that night was key. The reason I know it's key is that so many memories from that experience are coming to me as things that must be shared. God gives us these ideas to show each other our way home to Him. I'm so bull headed he had to virtually kill me in order to get me to see what He's trying to say. For those of you who are not familiar with my dream of death. I will explain again: I was burned on my head and back when I was 20 or so years old. They gave me a shot of medicine straight into my scalp. The nurse had me sign a waiver stating I would not sue the hospital if I had nightmares from this medicine. So, I signed the waiver because I wanted that pain killer BAD! I figured I'd see some monsters or something. No. What I saw was my life flash befor
My Friend, Misery
You just stood there screaming fearing no one was listening to you they say the empty can rattles the most the sound of your own voice must sooth you hearing only what you want to hear and knowing only what you've heard you, you're smothered in tragedy and you're out to save the world misery you insist that the weight of the world should be on your shoulders misery there's much more to life than what you see my friend of misery you still stood there screaming no one caring about these words you tell my friend before your voice is gone one man's fun is another's hell these times are said to try men's souls but something's wrong with all you see you, you'll take it on all yourself remember, misery loves company misery you insist that the weight of the world should be on your shoulders misery there's much more to life than what you see my friend of misery you just stood there screaming my friend of misery -Metallica
On Cam Tonight
I will be on cam tonight by midnight EST, for all you night hawks. MyFreeCams Go sign up, it's free for a standard account, just need a valid email addy. Also, I will be on tomorrow around noon EST, if you can't make it tonight. My name on there is AthenaH
A Lil Update
Hey all,, I just wanted to inform everyone that i will not be on here for a couple days. But PLEASE still luv on me! I will be going to the Kansas City Royals game on Friday as well as Worlds/Oceans of Fun on Saturday! So i will be back on here Sunday at the earliest. Until next time my Beautiful Friends/Family/Fans... Stay Sweet! XOXOXOXO
My Birthday
my birthday is june21st any birthday wishes for me will be greatly appericated !!!!!!!!!!!! love you marsha
Carl's Garden
Don't know if this is a true story or not but the message is still a good one. Carl was a quiet man. He didn't talk much. He would always greet you with a big smile and a firm handshake. Even after living in our neighborhood for over 50 years, no one could really say they knew him very well. Before his retirement, he took the bus to work each morning. The lone sight of him walking down the street often worried us. He had a slight limp from a bullet wound received in WWII. Watching him, we worried that although he had survived WWII, he may not make it through our changing uptown neighborhood with its ever-increasing random violence, gangs, and drug activity. When he saw the flyer at our local church asking for volunteers for caring for the gardens behind the minister's residence, he responded in his characteristically unassuming manner. Without fanfare, he just signed up. He was well into his 87th year when the very thing we had always feared finally happene
Thong Law Suit
Macrida Patterson, a 52 year old Los Angeles woman, has filed a product liability claim against Victoriaís Secret claiming she was injured - ready for this - putting on her low-rise thong! Thatís right you read that correctly. Marcinda claims that when puttig her her sexy little thong a decorative metallic piece flew off and hit her in the eye. First of all if you put on a thong and pieces coming shooting off with enough force to damage your eye you should not be wearing a thong and secondly a 52 year old in a thong is just wrong!
Rope N Ridin Rodeo
Saddle up for the... Rate/Fan and Add each of the following people listed below. Please DO NOT just accept the persons friend request...visit their page, rate and fan them back and leave them a comment. When you have rated everyone message (aGEM4life) to be added to the list and for your tag to be made. Rate Cowboys folder of Rodeo Pics to receive your personal Rope N Ridin' Rodeo tag. Start with this one.. 1. UnknownCowboy~Husband of Learning2fly 2. ♊aGEM4life♊ {Shadow Leveler} ღFounder Of The Life-Savers Familyღ 3. HersheyK 4. Outlaw Loader/CLUB F.A.R./ Club United/Friendship Circle/ Please Sign My Guest Book 5. ~~Twisted Whispers ~~ 6. vitamin de~ get your daily dose::fu~owner of ~SazzyGal~:: DSC~ I.B.I.C. ~ N.A.P **Fu Angel** 7.
The Affair
The 1st Affair A married man was having an affair with his secretary. One day they went to her place and made love all afternoon. Exhausted, they fell asleep and woke up at 8 PM. The man hurriedly dressed and told his lover to take his shoes outside and rub them in the grass and dirt. He put on his shoes and drove home. 'Where have you been?' his wife demanded. 'I can't lie to you,' he replied, 'I'm having an affair with my secretary. We had sex all afternoon.' She looked down at his shoes and said: 'You lying bastard! You've been playing golf!' The 2nd Affair A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters but always talked about having a son. They decided to try one last time for the son they always wanted. The wife got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy. The joyful father rushed to the nursery to see his new son. He was horrified at the ugliest child he had ever seen. He told his wife: 'There's no way I c
Die N Wish
Subject: Fwd: FW: Slow Dance > > >Don't know if this is for real or not but I'm sending just in case. > >subject: FW: Slow Dance > >Slow Dance > >This poem was written by a terminally ill young girl in a New >York Hospital. > >It was sent by a medical doctor - Make sure to read what is in >the closing statement AFTER THE POEM. > >SLOW DANCE > >Have you ever watched kids > >On a merry-go-round? > >Or listened to the rain > >Slapping on the ground? > >Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight? > >Or ga zed at the sun into the fading night? > >You better slow down. > >Don't dance so fast. > >Time is short. > >The music won't last. > >Do you run through each day > >On the fly? > >When you ask How are you? > >Do you hear the reply? > >When the day is done > >Do you lie in your bed > >With the next hundred chores > >Running through your head? > >You'd better slow down > >Don't dance so fast. > >Time is short. > >The music won't last
My Redneck Family
PLEASE COME SHOW US SOME LOVE AND JOIN OUR FAMILY:-) cricket aka 'S3XYCRICKET(SARGES'BADGIRLS)(FWC)(CONVOYDRIVER)(FU_ANGEL)(FANTASYFLYER)(BILLBOARDHOTTIE)(PIMPMYR' S3XYCRICKET(SARGES'BADGIRLS)(FWC)(CONVOYDRIVER)(FU_ANGEL)(FANTASYFLYER)(BILLBOARDHOTTIE)(PIMPMYR @ fubar '*Redneck Angel* "Club Far, *DSC*, "Bdgrlz",*Lollipop*, *Fu-Bom* !Redneck Family! Owned' *Redneck Angel* "Club Far, *DSC*, "Bdgrlz",*Lollipop*, *Fu-Bom* !Redneck Family! Owned @ fubar '~Dust Me Pink~ Owned By *Redneck Angel* ~Club F.A.R ~ SBG'S ~The Lollipop Gurl ~Redneck Family' ~Dust Me Pink~ Owned By *Redneck Angel* ~Club F.A.R ~ SBG'S ~The Lollipop Gurl ~Redneck Family @ fubar aka 'BAD A$$ TX COWGIRL -SARGE'S BAD GIRLS -- MEMBER -REDNECK FAMILY CIRCLE' BAD A$$ TX COWGIRL -SARGE'S BAD GIRLS -- MEMBER -REDNECK FAMILY CIRCLE @ fubar 'Breakn71 THE TOUNGETASTIC WONDER member of the redneck family circle' Breakn71 THE TOUNGETASTIC WONDER member of the
The Affair
The 1st Affair A married man was having an affair with his secretary. One day they went to her place and made love all afternoon. Exhausted, they fell asleep and woke up at 8 PM. The man hurriedly dressed and told his lover to take his shoes outside and rub them in the grass and dirt. He put on his shoes and drove home. 'Where have you been?' his wife demanded. 'I can't lie to you,' he replied, 'I'm having an affair with my secretary. We had sex all afternoon.' She looked down at his shoes and said: 'You lying bastard! You've been playing golf!' The 2nd Affair A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters but always talked about having a son. They decided to try one last time for the son they always wanted. The wife got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy. The joyful father rushed to the nursery to see his new son. He was horrified at the ugliest child he
Innocent Years
Innocent Years Pretty little girl, with a ribbon in her hair, Born out of love, that we once did share. I'll try to protect her, so she'll have no fears, Because these are her innocent years Happy little girl, with a smile upon her face, Plays with no cares, in a dress full of lace I'll do my best to keep her from tears, Because these are her innocent years Sad little girl, with a frown upon her face, Her mommy has left, disappeared without trace. Now it is me that is left, to dry all her tears, what is happening to her innocent years? Depressed is my girl, woe, are the things she keeps inside, She is only fourteen, but imagines how to die. She needed her mom, in her changing years Gone now forever are her innocent years.
In Love With Me
Why the hell is everyone coming out that theyíre in love with me? Iím nothing really special that should be easy to see. I donít want to hurt any ones feelings. But my love is not worth stealing. I donít want you to hate me or think that I donít care. Itís just I always screw up love and Iím sorry if thatís unfair. I want you all to be happy and thatís really true. But the happiness you want I just canít give to you. You want me to choose between you and the rest. Just the mere thought has got me totally stressed. Hurting anyone is just not in my plan. But eventually I must choose who will be my man.
Return A Heart Give this heart to anyone you don't want to lose in '08 including me if. Try to collect 12, it's not easy! ; 'Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.' A sharp tongue can cut my own throat. If I want my dreams to come true, I mustn't oversleep. Of all the things I wear, my expression is the most important. The best vitamin for making friends..... B1. The happiness of my life depends on the quality of my thoughts.< B> The heaviest thing I can carry is a grudge. One thing I can give and still my word. I lie the loudest when I lie to myself. If I lack the courage to start, I have already finished. One thing I can't recycle is wasted time. Ideas won't work unless ' I ' do. My mind is like a functions only when open. The 10 commandments are not a multiple choice. The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime! It is never too
Breast Cancer
WARN YOUR MOTHERS/WIVES/GIRLFRIENDS AND DAUGHTERS Bottled water in your car.....very dangerous, woman!!!! This is how Sheryl Crow got breast cancer. She was on the Ellen show and said this same exact thing. This has been identified as the most common cause of the high levels in breast cancer, especially in Australia . A friend whose mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The Doctor told her: women should not drink bottled water that has been left in a car. The doctor said that the heat and the plastic of the bottle have certain chemicals that can lead to breast cancer. So please be careful and do not drink bottled water that has been left in a
Come Join Our Family:-)
PLEASE COME SHOW US SOME LOVE AND JOIN OUR FAMILY:-) cricket aka 'S3XYCRICKET(SARGES'BADGIRLS)(FWC)(CONVOYDRIVER)(FU_ANGEL)(FANTASYFLYER)(BILLBOARDHOTTIE)(PIMPMYR' S3XYCRICKET(SARGES'BADGIRLS)(FWC)(CONVOYDRIVER)(FU_ANGEL)(FANTASYFLYER)(BILLBOARDHOTTIE)(PIMPMYR@ fubar '*Redneck Angel* "Club Far, *DSC*, "Bdgrlz",*Lollipop*, *Fu-Bom* !Redneck Family! Owned' *Redneck Angel* "Club Far, *DSC*, "Bdgrlz",*Lollipop*, *Fu-Bom* !Redneck Family! Owned@ fubar '~Dust Me Pink~ Owned By *Redneck Angel* ~Club F.A.R ~ SBG'S ~The Lollipop Gurl ~Redneck Family' ~Dust Me Pink~ Owned By *Redneck Angel* ~Club F.A.R ~ SBG'S ~The Lollipop Gurl ~Redneck Family@ fubar aka 'BAD A$$ TX COWGIRL -SARGE'S BAD GIRLS -- MEMBER -REDNECK FAMILY CIRCLE' BAD A$$ TX COWGIRL -SARGE'S BAD GIRLS -- MEMBER -REDNECK FAMILY CIRCLE@ fubar 'Breakn71 THE TOUNGETASTIC WONDER member of the redneck family circle' Breakn71 THE TOUNGETASTIC WONDER member of the redneck famil
Crazy People
I am so sick of crazy bitches who think that they only want married men. I know that they don't have none of the headaches with it, but they don't stop to think what they are doing to the other people in his life. Men are weak, if some crazy bitch keeps throwing herself at them, they will cave eventually. Just letting off steam.... AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH
Come With Me....
Take a walk with me...Talk with me...And I will show you that no matter how tough life gets there will always be something beautiful to look forward to...In bad times look forward to the future because it will bring good times...And when you're brought those good times let those memories carry you through the tough situations you will find yourself in...No matter what, always remember things change so don't let life shock you to the point of having no life at all...Fight through the struggles, love through all the troubles, and appreciate all the the lessons life forces you to learn...Don't let them harden your heart, allow the forced lessons to strengthen your charactor & your soul with love because that's what we are here for... To give Lots of Love
Blooming Of A Red Rose (straight)
The Blooming of a Beautiful Red Rose (straight) Julie had seen what seemed like one bad relationship after another, thinking she was destined to either spend her life alone or stuck with some loser. Neither thought was too pleasant, in her mind. Like many others in similar situations, she found herself spending hours online, just to chat with a thoughtful friend, from someplace across the country. Her past relationships were always, just one more guy, trying to make her think, no one ELSE would ever want her. She is worried, that before she knows it, she will be 40 and how she has become accustomed to a lot of time alone. She was looking through her emails one day, when one seemed to peak her interest, more than the usual lame lines. She thought to herself, ďwhy notĒ and replied thanking him for his compliments. His next mail told her his name was Jerry and 48, living about fifty miles away. She was thinking he must be nuts, to be impressed with her. They chatt
New Town, New House (straight)
New House, New Town (Straight) It had been a year since Saraís divorce became final. With her 45th birthday just a few months away, she felt a new job in a new town, was be just what she needed. She sent resumes to a several different cities, to see what offers she would get. She had spent her last eight years, as the office manager to an accounting firm in Chicago. After a few weeks, she was getting offers from coast to coast. After looking over a handful of nice offers, she decided to give Nashville a chance. She found a nice big frame house, just about 20 minutes from downtown. She knew it would take a bit of work getting it as she wanted it. Being on her own now, she figured she could take her time and fix it JUST to suit her. She was settling into her new job as office manager, for a downtown publishing company. The people seemed nice enough and the hours were great. She spent her first few weeks unpacking and trying to organize things at home. With sp
Memorable Walk In The Park (straight)
Memorable Walk in the Park (Straight) I was be out walking through a park, down a long, winding path. It was at dusk, nearly dark. Being late in the day, most people have already gone on home. About a mile down the path, I see a rather attractive lady, sitting there reading a book. She is wearing a light blouse and loose-fitting shorts and tennis shoes. I slow my pace, taking my time approaching her. I want to get a good look at her. I am almost to her, as she looks up. I just smile and say, " you are almost out of light for reading". She smiles back saying "I got lost in the story, not realizing how late it has gotten". I tell her my name, she does the same. We chat about how warm the weather has finally turned. I ask if I may join her on the bench, she smiles and nods, pointing to the empty place beside her. We sit there watching all the different birding fluttering around. I tell her it looks like the birds are appreciating the end of the cold evenings. She
Happy Birthday To Everyone Whos Has A Birthday In This Month
Happy 23rd Birthday to me and to whoever birthday is today too. MyHotComments
Her Day Off (straight)
Her Day Off (Straight) I see you in the kitchen, early one morning, at the stove. I walk up behind you quietly, gently lifting your hair from your neck, slowing kissing my way around your neck. I continue kissing and nuzzling your tender neck, as I work up to your ear lobes, lightly sucking on each one. I slowly wrap big strong arms all the way around you. I pull you firmly back against my chest. Then I work my way back down your neck to your shoulders. I place my hands on your shoulders gently turn you around, to where we are facing each other. I now GRAB you and pull you close to me, as I began kissing you firmly and passionately, your lips to mine. Next, I take you by the hand, leading you into the living room. I walk you to the couch sitting down, as I pull you into my lap. I once again wrap my arms around your Beauty body and we sit there endlessly caressing and kissing each other, as if nothing else in the world could ever stop us. I have you move and la
Her Birthday Gift (straight)
Her Birthday Gift (Straight) I show up at her door one evening, with a dozen red roses. As she opens her door, she looks down, to see me on my knees. I am holding your roses up presenting them to her. She accept my roses, I stand and follow her inside. Once the door closes, I lift her into my arms and carry her to the bed, laying her down gently. I slowly remove her shoes, then her socks. Ever so slowly kissing her tender skin, as I expose it inch by inch. Kissing and nibbling her toes one by one. Then I would run my lips over the bottoms of her feet and across the backs of her ankles. Next, sliding her slacks off, I continue to kiss my way up, paying extra attention to the backs of her knees. Sliding my face up and down her calves. Feeling her warm skin against my face. Next, I remove her blouse, then have her lay face down on the bed. I get on my knees, across her waist. I begin to run my big strong hands all over her back. Rubbing deeply at first, then change
Friends Know Best (straight)
Friends Know Best (Straight) Barb, had just gone through a really bad divorce and was trying to get on with ďlife on her ownĒ. Facing the world as a single lady, she was nearer to that dreaded 50, than she liked to think about. Her friends had been very supportive through it all. What she did not know, is that they had also been scheming up a plan too. They wanted to give her a vacation, where she could relax. They knew she needed time, out of the city and far from work. As kind of a joke, they wanted to make it someplace this city girl, would never go, on her own. Her friends got together the money and paid for it all, so she could not back out. She was due to start a new job at the end of the month, so they ganged up on her, telling her she had to take some time NOW. Her best friend, steps forward handing Barb an envelope. She looked a little puzzled, as she opened it up. It contain round-trip airfare to Denver, then a chauffeured ride from the airport, about
Our First Visit To A New Park (true Story) (straight)
First Visit to†a New Park "True Story" (straight) After a few visits to the same park, we agreed to meet at†a new park, which we had talked about. She didn’t want to go to the same park, too often as a couple, with her being married too. Once at the park, we drove into the park a couple miles. We left our cars at a pull off and walked down a path. The path wound along a creek, for half a mile or so. Seeing a nice big sand bar across the creek, we took off our shoes to wade across. She had brought a blanket, which we spread over the ground. I pulled off my shirt and laid down on my back. She laid down next to me and snuggled up close, cuddling and kissing. After a while, she moved to sit on top of me, at my waist. I reached up slipping her dress over her head. She surprised me, by wearing a new pair of Blue Lace panties, which she bought just for today. I pulled her face to mine, kissing her. She moved her kissing to my neck, then down to my shoulders and across my chest. She kep
A Snowy Morning (straight)
A Snowy Morning (straight) It had been snowing most of Friday night, so when Michelle peaked out her bedroom window at seven Saturday morning, she was tickled. She enjoyed living in Winchester, as it always got a plenty of snow. She loved sitting at her big front window, with coffee in hand to watch the snow fall. She went to her kitchen, only to realize the one thing she had forgotten, on her last trip to the store. She looked out to at the street, it seemed there had been little traffic yet. She thought she would just go by the local diner for coffee. It should be nice, since they have big windows looking across a field. She showered, then put on jeans and a sweater, then grabbed her keys and headed out. This was one time, she really appreciated having a garage. As she backed out, there was already about four inches of on the ground. She took her time, enjoying the empty streets, where all she could see, had been covered in a clean white powder. As she turned o
A Lonely Road (straight)
A Lonely Road (Straight) It was an early spring day, when Jenny decided to skip work and take a long drive in the country. She had been really busy at work lately and felt she deserved a day to herself. A few months back, she had bought a convertible, she was eager to put the top down for a relaxing day of driving some back roads. All she had known for the last 8 months, was just the freeway and downtown traffic. She puts on shorts and a sleeveless top and tennis shoes, then headed out the door. At the edge of the city, she stopped off to fill up and grab a map. Once she was about 50 miles out of the city, she took the next exit she came to. The map said it was a scenic highway for about 60 miles or so. She pulled over and put the top down, tucking the map under the other seat belt, so it would not blow out of the car. Being a weekday, there was little to no traffic that far out of town, at least compared to what she has dealt with these last months. She has bee
Bulletin Made By Nicci
What Is Love?
As the ones you love give you the DAGERS of Pain, Hate, Darkness, and Fear you wonder why they want you to die. Then it hits you. You are not wanted "just die" they say to you as your life drains out of your body and you lie motionless on the foor. As they wach you die............ IS THAT LOVE?!? I DONT KNOW!!!!
To The One I Hold In My Heart Dearly
this apology written to dear loved one in the fleet. i know his days are filled with boredom and i can go anywhere i might want to go. he is at the mercy of the present mission which he can not tell me about. less he has to kill me. i know i have been awful lately i had done much the same my dad was gone for months even though i missed him dearly i did not write as often as i should i had found some tapes in my closet my dad's voice was on these tapes as he was on the enterprise. tells how long ago from the time that he was on the enterprise the tapes had a small buzz which changed in intensity at reg intervals (asked about the buzz it seems it was the radar) many times on the tapes there was blank space sometimes hear clicks as the recorder was turned off and on as this blank space so is the email not sent why this blank space the space is a lack this lack of things to say i know what to say back careful not to say the things to make him more h
Screw You
I can't tell you why i feel this why or why i get so jeallous but i do. So fuck that bitch that thinks that she can have wats mine.Screw you and the high horse you came rinding in on.
A Mr 7000000 Primer
I'm going to have recurring themes throughout my blogs, so I thought I'd put someof the basic ones in a primer, so you can tell early my views, and if you even want to bother reading them. 1) Oprah is the anti-Christ. She is leading her followers down the path of ruin. She has all the Oprah zombies reading what she says, doing what she says...she's a cult within herself. She's a snooty fake, who's forgotten where she's from as far as I'm concerned. Over the years, if there is an American affliction, it has touched Oprah personally. 2) Dr. Phil is the Devil. Where else but America can a fat man have a best selling diet book? Where else can a man who's been divorced have a best selling relationship book? He is living proof of #1. He spouts off common sense, and the Oprah zombies think it's like the first time Jesus spoke. Use your head ladies, he's a moron. 3) PETA is an ecoterrorist organization, spreading false propaganda. I admit, some of the previous anima
Geez What Else
yeah so i know its been forever since ive posted a new blog i had decided to go get myself a "family" doctor the first appointment he put me on prozac claritin and told me that i needed to get a pap done cause id been bleedin for like 2 months so a month later i get my pap done he tells me that i have an irregular shaped cervix.... and afterwards tells me he thinks that i may have this PCOD thing polycystic ovary disease where i have more of one hormone than the other so then we talk some more and he prescribes me some blood pressure medicine for migraines and prilosec that makes 4 tells me that i need more blood tests and to have a pelvic ultrasound and to see him in another month i read up on that disease thing and most ppl are givin a mix of birth control some hormone medicine and metformin so taht will make like 7 pills if i need to take all of em yippee skippy just wanted a doctor that i could go to when i needed and now i have appointment after appointment unfortunately i wont f
Run Toward The Challenges
Thursday, June 19, 2008 Run toward the challenges Of course it's difficult. That's what makes it so valuable. The time, effort and commitment you put into reaching the goal have their own rewards, over and above the achievement itself. They make you stronger, more disciplined, and more effective. When great effort is called for, great opportunities abound. When challenges and difficulties surround you, there is much value to be created. Instead of cursing the need for sustained and focused effort, be genuinely thankful for the chance. For you are designed and equipped to get things done, and life is superbly rewarding when you do. When difficult work is called for, step quickly forward with enthusiasm. It is truly your moment to shine, to grow, and to create according to your best expectations. Run toward the challenges. It is in those challenges that you will fulfill your greatest dreams. -- Ralph Marston
I has a HH at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Just to let you know.
Let Us Get This Right.
I don't like drama on here, I see it in the mumms and I don't care for it, to be quite frank. I love mumming, but I am im no ones clique and if you don't care for me, you only have to read my status, because I don't care for you either, unless you have actually got to know me. Now all this crap has to stop now, i've been deleted as a friend from so many accounts, and I don't give a fuck, but they are from the same people who say 'hello' one minute and who class me as a sheep the next.... i'm neither. Then you have to go back to read my status, blah, blah. Now I must be exceedingly boring here, but I don't care. We all have problems, and we judge ... I know I do. But if you are exceptionally cruel and mean ... go back to my status.
Murray Letter
Murray letter Body: David Murray This is a letter copied from another Rangers website,Vanguard Bears,on David Murray's legacy at Ibrox. Now I agree with everything written and the treatment of Donald Findlay and Campbell Ogilvie should be added to the list. Anyone else have anything to add to the list or do you disagree with the letter ? As owner of Rangers Football Club you sir are an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment to all those men who made Rangers what they WERE. I refuse to use the word in the present tense as you have totally and utterly ruined the club i love and grew up with. Now you may not agree with the "FTP Brigade" as they were so eloquently labelled but there is no denying that your Chairmanship has resulted in Rangers FC becoming a laughing stock and a parasite in UK footballing terms. Getting rid of this element seems to be your sole focus regardless of the damage it does. Let me remind you though that there is a world of difference between the grat
Thursday, June 19, 2008
Monday night, my dad woke up with terrible pain in his ankle and foot. My mom saw him jump out of bed (which is very bad with his BP) so she followed him towards the bathroom. He was extremely wobbly, so she put her arm around his waist from the back. When he got into the bathroom, he collapsed and she couldn't do anything to break his fall. Andrew and Shane (in my family list as the Beer Guy) went running and immediately started first aid. I heard the crash and went flying upstairs to see what was going on. My dad had lost consciousness and Andrew and Shane were trying to bring him out of it. At first we thought it was his sugar, so Mom checked that, but it was fine. Andrew checked my Dad's pulse, and Shane checked his eyes and kept talking to him to get him to respond. Once he regained consciousness, Shane and Andrew tried to get him to stand up, but he couldn't. So I called 911, in a panic, and waited outside for the police and ambulance. I sent the first cop and medi
I'm trying to think, But nothing great comes out Maybe some other time?
New Same Old Bs
man i am so sick to death of the games that so called men play...have a great week and birthday for it just to b thrown into the garbage...even decided to give up on a dream and went for the reality and reality bites me in the a$$ and not in the good way...all i wanna know is WTF!
Moon I (written Before The Other One :)
I am looking at the sky. Fractured by the feathered clouds Floating by like opal orange ice caps through a purple ocean, Tattered edges reveal slivers of a glowing disc, Lighting up the cosmos many miles away. Like ancient longboats they slowly move in order, Same calm pace, same distance in between; Slowly, the last night cloud passes by, Exposing a full moon that is hiding behind them.
The Moon Ii
Driving, I see you follow me, Peek your orange glowing face through the branches, Hoping I won't see you. I turn, and you are gone- Hiding behind a leafy fortress rising to my left; But I know you're there. The glow gives you away, Lighting up my path as I plow through the dark, On my way to the unknown. I know you beckon me, You want me to know that you are there, But don't want me to see yet. Finally, the trees are gone, And you reveal yourself in all your shining glory; My lone companion-the moon
The Painful Wind Of Men
I feel the wind And it rattles me within So the shivering begins Sadness always wins The harsh sting on my face My blood pumping is a waste Because I could never be the case No smell No taste Hungry hands hungry for you Hurt people do what they do But they can't love like I do Lonely eyes cry for you I'm sitting in the sand Real life I can't withstand Broken hearts can't understand The painful wind of men
Dmx - Slippin
Ha ha ha ha ha ha uhh See to live is to suffer but to survive well that's to find meaning in the suffering. Chorus Ay yo I'm slippin' I'm fallin' I can't get up Ay yo I'm slippin' I'm fallin' I can't get up Ay yo I'm slippin' I'm fallin' I gots to get up Get me back on my feet so I can tear shit up! (Repeat) -1- I been through mad different phases like Masons to find my way & now I know that happy days are not far away If I'm strong enough I'll live long enough to see my kids doing something more constructive with they time than bids I know because I been there now I'm in there sit back & look at what it took for me to get there First came the "Howll!!" the drama with my mama she got on some fly shit "What!" til I split and said that I'ma be that seed that doesn't need much to succeed strapped with mad greed and a heart that doesn't bleed I'm ready for the world or at least I thought I was baggin' "Uhh!" when I caught a buzz for thinking about how short I wa
Taking Entries For Wet T-shirt Auction
Wet T-shirt Auction Taking Entries Now
A Special Shout Out To My Peeps
Hey ppls. These are some special friends of mine that i would like you to show some luv to. Just click on there pics to get started on them. My Homeboy Dj Pierced Damnation My Fu-daughter and new 2nd alarm hottie Bella My really good friend Dlphnlover76 My Fu-Cousin Filthy Cute I'm still not sure of her but i know that she is cool as hell, Sailor Saturn I am just glad that this hottie talks to me, WARNING!!! LMAO, thats all i can say about this girl 3G
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My Video Clips Via Niteflirts Ppv Buttons
MISTRESS GENEVIEVE'S NITEFLIRT PPV VIDEOS NOW $10 : Skinhead Racist Butt Blasted By Nubian Goddess clip 2 The skinhead goes through some heavy changes in this clip. He gets a condom shoved in his mouth, gets reamed by Goddess Camille Stryke, "Gansta Style," ass smothered by Mistress Genevieve, and receives some heavy cbt. His cock and balls, already bound to the Stockade, Mistress Genevieve takes another piece of rope and pulls it in the other direction. He screams like a stuck pig throughout, and yet still talks a couple of times. More punishment is clearly in Goddess Camille unleashes one of the most brutal canings ever filmed, west of the Mississippi!!! : Submiss ann 3 As a final thrill had at submiss ann's wet and willing expense, Mistress Genevieve puts the petite anal freak submiss ann ass up on the spanking horse for a strap-on pegging, spweet messy anal play with a proudly pounded open whole to show for it all in the end... the rear end.
Morning Blogging
Ok, so I woke up too early this morning. I normally don't get up before 7, but I guess I was trying to beat ATT. See, I learned that if you catch them early on a day they say they will cut you off, then you can make payment arrangements before they can send the local guys to chop ya. So I got that done...but now I'm woke with no one to talk to. Hubby and kids are still asleep, and I don't want to wake them by turning on the TV. I think I wanna enjoy the one one up trying to raid the fridge, or playing in the bathroom....just the hum of my A/C..... I woke up early yesterday, and by noon I had the house tidied up, kids dressed, and washed everyone's hair...except But that's par for the course, I find myself denying myself to make sure everyone else is taken care of. I'm not complaining though, because I know I'm so very blessed to have my family, and would do anything for them. LOLOOLOL....hubby must be dreaming something..because he's talking.....
Come Own Me
hello ladies, i just entered a new auction for some lovely lady to own me for a month. if u r interested in owning me for a month please click my pic below and place ur bid. auction starts june 21st to june 29th at midnight this is wat im offering: - (20) 11's a day for a month - a SFW salute pic - put on my page as "owned by" for a month - put in my family and top friends for a month - a pic made for the top bidder - rate all stash during the month - a gift a day for a month plz click pic below and start the bidding
My Brother
Updated As Of 19 Jun 08
I have created a list for Fubarians who are Rockstar, Fuberlord, Henchman or Insider and would like help leveling. You want to be on the list? Just send me a private message. Please be sure to let me know when you level so that I can keep this list as updated as possible. Thank you. Please Add/Fan/Rate these people. And if you feel like it rate some of their stuff, anything helps on their journey to the next level and all love will be returned. The List has helped 10 Fubarians become Fu-King so far! Insider... ☆DJēKakēTease♣Snake♥Eyes♦Radio♠HeadPromoterēNgC☆@ fubar 224,000 To Fu-King *Pink0828*~*~Owned By ♥jeff_dahl2000 & Bleuskyhere $$$♥~*~Owner of RavinJuggalo~*@ fubar 266,000 To Fu-King CinDragon~Founder of ClubMystic~IBIC~FuAngel~Owned by/Owner of HisSweetObsession@ fubar 276,000 To Fu-King SheBledGlitter@ fubar 359,000 To Fu-King Rated N for Naughty@ fubar 384,000 To Fu-King *ߍX•_£Ó£_ŖĶg* ōwŮŤģ ļ
Auction Link
This is the first auction I have ever I am really excited...plz stop in and bid on me...just hit pic link and come on down!!!! WOOHOO Thx All and Thx Chocolate Bunny for inviting me!!!!!! Come buy urself a Bad Girl :)~~
Had Enough
Well I am leaving Fubar even though I've only been here a month. This site among others has helped ruin my marrriage along with countless others(I'm sure). I am now a single father of three and no longer have time for this crap. For the ladies please be smarter than the guys on here think you are and only have fun with this cause if you beleive their lines you will have nothing but bad things come from it. I tried to fit into this world and I just ain't that kind of a**hole. I beleive in the truth. If any of the people on my freinds list wish to contact me, my e-mail is That is the only thing in these chat rooms I am keeping. Have a nice life and don't let it ruin yours.
The Vacation............
Ed and Lori went on vacation to Orlando with their three kids and Ed's parents. At the last minute Ed had to go on a business trip the week leading up to vacation which included the first night of the vacation. His firm booked his return flight direct to Orlando so he could just meet his family on the second day and enjoy the rest of his vacation. The resort they stayed in was a timeshare resort several miles from all the major theme parks that had a nice mix of amenities to attract both families and couple hoping to relax and reconnect. Having not seen his wife for a week, Ed planned for his parents to stay with the kids at night so he and Lori could take in some of the night life in the area, including the hot tubs at the resort. On his first night there, Ed got the kids off to bed while Lori made herself a drink. When he joined her after the kids were asleep she told him that the night before she went to one of the hot tubs that were open late hoping to unwind. She went on to say t
Metal Muzik
Come TEAR SHIT UP with Jesus 666 and the rest of the Excito Diabolus Family, where it's 100% Metal 24 Hours a Day! CLICK on Excito Diabolus to Join the Party!! (repost of original by 'Jesus 666 @ Excito Diabolus' on '2008-06-17 15:31:28')
Unicorns And Hippogriffs
Unicorns and Hippogriffs Suddenly a group of centaur guards raced by them, leaving a cloud of dust un their wake. As they disappeared in the distance Jola heard them say, ďThe hippogriff stables are under attack, get Velocity and the warriors.Ē Uni had heard of hippogriffs, a rare breeding between griffins and horses, their front halves were of an eagle, rears of horses, with eagle wings too. They were temperamental creatures, always willing to peck their owners, but not very good in either attack or defence. They backtracked back the way the guards had run from until eventually they saw the hippogriff pens, large covered pens, many had been smashed, and a group of minotaurs were busy chewing on the bones of a few that they had already killed, eating the meat raw as minotaurs never bothered to cook their meat, preferring it raw. As Uni asked each of his herd to remain well out of reach, Jola could see something in his eyes that she rarely saw. Fear. She knew in her
As I wake up in the morning, cotton mouthed and achy, I realize that the hangover I expected is much more severe than I anticipated. Groaning, I roll over, only to find your not there. Puzzled, recalling our intense and slightly frenzied lovemaking the night before, I wonder where you had gotten to. I slide out of bed on shaky legs, see my torn and crumpled clothing on the floor, and smile. You were so upset when I got home last night, from an evening out with the girls. I listened with sadness as you told me how worried you were, cried a little when I realized how stupid it was to drive in my condition, and then we went to the bedroom. Your embrace had been passionate, the hurried removal of our clothing the cause of such disarray on my floor. I felt all had been forgotten and forgiven, but as I stumbled to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I recalled the last thing you said to me before I fell asleep. "You worried me terribly tonight. In the morning, we will discuss your punishment." S
Thursday Opie And Anthony Links: Otto & George, Louis Ck, Lisa Sparxxx, New Boobs On Ratemywow, Dana White Audio Online, Great New Videos Online
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE AND ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) ANIMATION FESTIVAL VIDEOS AVAILABLE ON iTUNES!! (So far, there is one clip of videos from the festival.... ONLINE NOW!) Animation Festival Continues: The first Opie and Anthony Animation Festival was such a success, we're going to do it again! It's probably going to happen sometime in the fall, so you have PLENTY of time to get your asses animating if you want to create a masterpiece. Go to iTunes for some examples of animations that were featured in the Animation Festival ...and if you MISSED the animation fest, you can still get a shirt... OFFICIAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL SHIRTS: Opie's brother Elmo designed a special shirt JUST for the Animation Festival and you can get them online while supplies last! CLICK THE PIC TO GET YOUR SHIRT NOW!!!! It's going to be another busy, busy day on the Opie and Anthony Radio POgram. First off, our pal Louis CK is going to call in to explain why we're havi
The Incredible Hulk
Quiz question, on the subject of famous quotes : "Don't make me (blank), you wouldn't like me when I'm (blank)..." Exercising? Sexy? Scared? Hungry (haha)? If instead of any of these, you answered "angry", then award yourself a biscuit, you're already smarter than the makers of 'The Incredible Hulk'....
God Mother Updates Let Me Know If You Made It
☆Minou Minou☆ and i have been trying to help other women godmother i post it over and over again 1 of the main prob's im having is i got no idea who's close to it and by close i mean 2 mill or less seems like alot to some of you but its really not that bad so if your on my list and got boob's not moob's let me know so i can add you to this list ill revamp it here and there and post it out i will not add your friend's just the women on my list These Ladies Need YOUR Help!!! These are just some of the ladies from my list that are getting close to God-mothering Check them out, hell pick one or two to help on your way. [Disclaimer: This is not the godfather list this is just some from my own list. The godfather list is still done by Mikey] Show These Sexy Kittens Some Lovins: 613,352 Points to go! theprez77 Fu stalker of Dfresh007@ fubar 339,989 Points to go!
Mirror , Mirror
Mirror, Mirror on the wall Will I take that fall Should I try or would it be better to say good-bye Mirror, Mirror on the wall I don't think I like who I see at all I see a tear streaked face, and someone who wants so many things to take place Mirror, Mirror what is fair Why do I even care I should just walk away and save the pain for another day Mirror, Mirror set me free Let me become the person I long to be Mirror, Mirror on the wall I want to become strong and stand tall Help me if you can, try and lend me a hand Mirror, Mirror on the wall....
So Good
I started changing the way I eat some time ago but since I need to pass a PT test to get back in the Army I have to loose about 40 pounds give or take. I also have to be able to run 2 miles in about 16 and a half minutes then do sit ups and push ups. I have the sit ups and push ups down but the run is what worrys me. I started an exercise program almost two weeks ago after I put out a mumm on whether I should start slow and walk then run or just start running. I weigh a little over 250 so I started walking a mile every night, after several days of that it was getting too easy so I moved it up to a mile and a half. I have been doing two miles the last couple days. I will finish out the week with two miles and then on Monday I will run a lap and walk a lap. The running is complimented by lunges, pushups, situps....and LOTS and LOTS of stretching. I am also taking pictures once a week and keeping a food journal. I hope that it's enough.
Complete Bliss...Excitement, hours of talking on the phone, the day draws closer... It's here. My heart races as I stare at you as my foot touches the ground... I'm speechless... Our lips meet, the world stands still. It is just us and the world is silent.. We make love upon crisp clean white sheets, my heart,body melts into yours... It starts with a single tear of joy,love,happiness and then more come... The days past.. I am in love....but yet something is tearing at me. But what! The calls keep coming but I hold my tongue,for you love me and only me... Then the messages start to flow... they are just friends, no worries... But I'm secretly suspicious... I can't handle it anymore... It's to much, I love you but it is to much so I look.... Pictures...I miss many... I speak.. we fight...then weeks pass with the same thing over and over.. Silently we we gradually drift apart, neither one truly saying the words that should be said... just anger hel
She Needs You...
can someone please donate a VIP for this sweet little newbie.... carrie@ fubar
Come On Peeps Show Her The Love
Part 2! Still Not Finished!
The first major American punk album to debut was the Smithsí Horses, which was released in November 1975. This seemed to be the break-through year for American punk. Not only did the Smiths release their first album that year, but also the inaugural issue of 'Punk' appeared that December. In the beginning of 1976, Robert Hell left the Heartbreakers to form legendary punk group the Voidoids; who were called ďone of the most harshly uncomprimising bands on the scene.Ē Just a few months later the Ramonesí debut self-titled album had dropped, which contained the hits: ďBlitzkrieg PopĒ, ďNow I Wanna Sniff Some GlueĒ, and ď53rd & 3rdĒ. These string of events were some of the most detrimental times for American punk. Not to mention, that around this time the term punk was being used to refer to the New York scene in general; and not just the sound. The New York punk bands represented a huge variety of influences. Besides the Ramones, bands included in this statement were the Heartbreakers, th
Not Finished!!!! Thought I'd Throw It Up Here Anyway
PUNK ROCK: The History and Origin of Punk Punk Rock, what does it mean? Where did it originate from and how has it impacted today's musical society? These are just a few of the questions that I will attempt to answer with this thesis. Oxford states that punk is a rock style that emerged in the late 1970s. It was a "back to basics" rebellion against the perceived artifice and pretension of corporate rock music-a stripped-down and often purposefully "non-musical" version of rock music. states that punk rock is a genre of rock and roll and a movement that was based around the values of anti-establishment. The "punk rock movement" was established between 1974 and 1976. Now, ever since Punk has hit the mainstream, people have debated on whether Punk started in the United Kingdom or in the United States. In my honest opinion, punk didn't start on any specific continent; it started in the hearts and minds of rebellious men and women who didn't see the world the same as ever
Have you ever had a dream and then woke up freaking out?This is going to sound stupid so just go with me ok? Alright I am married and when I have a sex dream about a guy that is not my husband,I wake up freaking out and wondering if by some magic way he knew I was dreaming of someone else and I fell guilty.I feel so bad and I know its stupid.The last 3 nights I have dreamed that I was dating someone other then Dave.The first night I dreamed about my ex Gary.Gary and I dated for 7 years off and on.The next night I dreamed about my ex Randy who I dated for like a week in 8th grade.WTH?And then the last dream bothered me the most.I dreamed I was dating my ex brother in law Kevin.Kevin is like 6'4" and I am 4'11".In my dream lol I had to stand on something to kiss him.And all 3 dreams were heavy with the sex.Is it stupid to feel guilty over a dream?And I know it is stupid to wake up thinking"Oh god I hope Dave doesnt know I dreamed about someone else!" Like he can see what i am dreaming on
Happy Country Girl
I am in a give away for a Happy Hour. Lots of comments are needed, so I need your help. If you aren't busy leveling and have some free time, please stop by and drop a comment or fifty. lol All love will be returned. Just click on my mugshot below and BAM-A-LAM-WAM..... you're ready to comment. Thanks & Spanks, Mary (repost of original by 'Happy Country Girl~~Shadow Leveler~~{{Fu-Owned by Gary & Passionman71}}' on '2008-06-19 00:30:48')
Auctions ends June 26th 10pm... Go show some luv... *Rate photos and stash 11's during HH *3 Autographed 8x10's *2 weeks free membership to *Add to Family for month owned *Add to "About me" Section a photo and link to my FU-Owner *50 11's during HH for 1 month *Stash rated during HH *Crushed for 1 month *#1 Friend for a month *#1 family for a month *Daily Gift *Owned in name for 1 month *Shitfaced daily for 1 month *50 11's during HH for 1 month *Stash rated during HH *Crushed for 1 month *#1 Friend for a month *#1 family for a month *Owned in name for 1 month *Yahoo Messenger Name or AIM for private talk *Phone number to talk on phone *Possible Zombie Nation Creation *personal salute to the winner! if a HH is purchased, gifts everyday for a month, and 11s on nearly everything Blasts will get special treatment. we can discuss by PM the more you offer, the more incentives. Women only. please. *family ad
Three Kisses
The three kisses The Three Kisses © The kiss of hello The kiss that is never just a kiss The kiss that spikes vein with precision orchestra The kiss that heals in entirety The kiss that hides the relent of vex The kiss that suffocates rusting man The kiss without detail/ed system) The kiss that pounds each pore to state of heroin The kiss that Hiroshimates euphoria The kiss that approximates/parallels living The kiss only The kiss, the kiss The kiss of neither hello nor goodbye The kiss for the sake The kiss to save face The distracted kiss for/of domestic bliss The kiss to bathe mania in generic valium, the kiss of the motions The kiss of searing content, hindering suffocation and blasť defection The default kiss, the efficient kiss, the alteria (motive) kiss The kiss that makes sense The new language of kiss Le kiss, le kiss The kiss of goodbye The kiss that is never just a kiss The ki
This Is It For Me
well everyone i have lost to much to the net im done with it.... here soon i will be deleting everything yahoo fubar myyearbook and myspace.... im sorry to all the great ppl i have met on here and have brought here from other sites.... but i cant do it anymore... the last straw is now... i have lost everything once and for all... love u all and hope to meet up with u in the future.... if u want to stay in contact.. leave me a e mail or phone number and i will get ahold of u when i can ty ok everyone the only way im keeping my account is if someone says i can if she says no im deleting love always dragon
How do you know when you really love someone. You think you love them one second, and the next everything feels like its ruined. You think about them when you wake up, when you fall asleep, and even dream about them. You just sit there and wait to talk to them, you want every chance possible. Then you realize its all fake, nothing was real. None of the conversations were ment to be special. They must think your an idot, thinking somthing could possibly happen in the future. They never truly cared.
Love Ya!
LOVE YA One morning you will never wake up Do all your friends know you love them? I was thinking...I could die today, tomorrow or next week, and I wondered if I had any wounds needing to be healed, friendships that needed rekindling, or three words needing to be said. Let every one of your friends know you love them. Even if you think they don't love you back, you would be amazed at what those three little words and a smile can do. And just in case GOD calls me home before I see you again...... I LOVE YA!!!
Not About This Ex's..................
drunk and just thought I'd let you know, I've made like 8 mistakes already that I had to fix, that's bad for how short this is..............
Dj (s)aint
OK, so i don't really post blogs that often ,but i just have a lot on my mind so i was told to do this to see if it helps. well my life has been so hectic lately. It's kind of driving me nuts. so many emotions running through me to the point where i just want to scream. very close family members that love a lot are moving. That's kind of sad for me. They have been around in my life since i was born. I'm going to be sad if we lose contacts. my aunt who babysat me when i was little has cancer again. she is not going to have any treatment. She says "I've lived a long enough life."i understand what she is talking about she is 87. I'm just tired of losing people in my life. I've lost so many people already . I'm finally 21 my birthday was Monday June 16th . honestly was the worst birthday I've ever had. none of my friends called me no one said happy birthday to me besides the one person i love with all my heart. she knows who she is :D. she's pretty much the only thing that m
I Want
Make me feel your anger Make me feel your smile Make me feel anything For it has been a while Give me one more challenge Give me that which I demand Give me just one chance I want the upperhand
kiss kiss *Kiss*.......*Kiss* *Kiss*.....*Kiss* *Kiss*...*Kiss* *Kiss**Kiss* *Kiss*...*Kiss* *Kiss*.....*Kiss* *Kiss*.......*Kiss* *Kiss*.........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* .........*Kiss* ...*Kiss*...*Kiss* .*Kiss*.......*Kiss* ...*Kiss*......*Kiss* ......*Kiss* ...........*Kiss* *Kiss*......*Kiss* .*Kiss*.......*Kiss* ...*Kiss*...*Kiss* .........*Kiss* .........*Kiss* ...*Kiss*...*Kiss* .*Kiss*.......*Kiss* ...*Kiss*......*Kiss* ......*Kiss* ...........*Kiss* *Kiss*......*Kiss* .*Kiss*.......*Kiss* ...*Kiss*...*Kiss* .........*Kiss
Desperate Meaures
Intimate is the dark of night Personal demons begin the fight I fight to get out I fight for my mind I fight for my sanity Leave nothing behind I revel in the chaos The devastation of life Enthralling this passion For irresistable strife Its fight is the rush My wounds, the appeal Watch my life seeping How slowly I heal Tell me how one Could run from such pain When through so much angst One can only gain
Mercy Forgotten
The death toll is tallied Blue fires still rage As the killers rally Turn the dead man's page See his memory beaten The happiness we stole His heart has been eaten And spat over the coals His being now seared By the flame of mankind Our hatred so severe Humanity - left behind
Yup, Here's My
Well, Life is pretty good. My mom is starting to feel better... YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I'm engaged to the most WONDERFUL man in the world! SHAWN I LOVE YOU BABY!!!! Life is doing ok. I still get a bit depressed every now and then. Especially when I find out that some one I called friend decided to be two faced. I had given her respect and friendship. What did she give me? SHIT! She cant even respect me enough to say this stuff to my face, but she will post it on here for ALL the world to read. No, she didnt say my name, as I will not name her either. Still screwed. Oh well, I don't need some one in my life who tramps all over every one's feelings not caring about who she hurts because she "likes the highs" too much to get on meds for her bipolar! Screw you too. Any way, my man is so wonderful. I have my own issues....things that would surely drive a man away, but nope...he's right there by my side. Helping me through them and loving me more and more as the days go by. I fall even more in
*under Construction*
FEEL THE LOVE AND JOIN FU LUV BOMB SQUAD! WE WANT YOU!!! TO JOIN US PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE TO THE OWNER, THEN YOU HAVE TO FAN, RATE AND ADD ALL CURRENT MEMBERS!!! YOU WILL BE ADDED ONCE THIS IS CONFIRMED. KISSES TO ALL AND LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!! RULES ARE BASIC AND WILL BE ADJUSTED AS NEEDED. 1. No Drama Allowed! 2. All must fan, rate and add ALL members. **New Prospects send a note when u add stating Fu Luv Bomb Squad. 3. Must add owner and main page to family. 4. Become member ouf our Lounge. 5. Officers will decide on who to bomb. 6. Any member not actively involved in helping others will be removed from team and will receive no help in any contest or giveaway. 7. Blog will be updated as new members join. Please Check on Owners page daily and repost the new blog onto your profile. 8. A blog will be updated daily , with the member that is currently in a contest. Members MUST read to keep updated. 9.Must be a member of the Squad for 2 weeks before
Just Another Sad Poem Written By Me
i dont know how to explain the way i feel inside its like everything i do comes back to haunt tired of feeling so useless an losing contol i just wish someone would love me an make it all disappear i know people think im crazy an you know what their right im crazy for ever thinking that my life will ever turn out the way i want it to be i'll never be the person i want to be i have to many emotional wounds and many memories that haunt me everyday to many people around me telling me i need to act a certain way.... im tired of all this bullshit i wish my life would just be the way i've dreamed where everything was perfect an no one could hurt me...but then i realize that all that is just a dream and there is no way in hell i will ever be normal.....that i will ever be who everyone exspects me to be..who everyone wants me to be i cant please everyone ...and you know what i cant even please myself my life is NOT like a box of chocolates its not sweet and gooey in the mi

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