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In The Rain
In the rain I can see us on the beach in tha rain. U in my arms kissing you on your neck and shoulders spinning you around to take off your clothes to suck on your breast and kiss you all over your curvaous body. laying you down to make love to you on the sand right where the water meets the land and reseeds back into the ocean. Sexing you with unlimited passion until we both erupt in ecstasy
Love Is The Enemy
Broken Wings
its just another day in the life we lead, nobody feels the way i bleed, im just another angel with broken wings, im tryin 2 forget what these eyes have seen,when i was a child i used wonder what it be like 2 fly, and think if i was good enough i might get wings when i die, but now i see that things are different, aint no wings on my back, the streets of ghosts seduced my eyes, my dreams are now turned black, this glore & happiness is gone, all thats left is hurt on my face, fingers reach 2 find a halo, but find a blue rag in its place, you told me i was special, had a peice of your heart, now its the very thing that made me that tears me apart, and scars show my wounds of war, with a word & a score, and a crown of thorns, gives me hope for everytime i was torn, as these days pass, i see the devilish morals of a stranger, to myself i still know that deep inside theres an angel, the only angel that be's, the only angel that greaves, the only angel that sees, there aint no future for
(sorry )
Together ( I Feel Like Breaking)
Shopping Cart Rage
Shopping Cart Rage Incident at IkeaAfter two hours of shopping at Ikea I think you are legally allowed to attack the first person you see and vent all your frustration from that god damn human labyrinth of Swedish furniture.Get humor videos at NothingToxic
Damn I Need Smoke
i hate when i donot smoke my mind is lil clearer. shot i feel thats something on and donot want to know. so i need smoke so i cloud my mind so the feeling go away. plus i jump on everyone and i hate that feeling too . and if no one like this piss off thats how i feel.
August 15th
To all my friends... Just want to let everyone know I have not forgot about anyone. And I will make it to everyone's page soon. I am in alot of pain right now, so it is extremely hard for me to hang out on the computer for any amount of time. I am having surgery on the 15th to fix the problem. Then I will be up and going strong again. I will then be online more. And I will be able to stop by everyones pages and show some love. If you would like to chat, just send me a private message and I will reply to you. I do get on long enough to check my e-mails. Hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks, Mendy
My Dear Friend Bart!
I lost a dear and wonderful friend this week to a tragic fishing accident. He was a kind man who was always happy and fun loving. He lost his life trying to save other fishermen who's boat went down. Bart Loved playing the Guitar and Singing. Below is a Picture of him playing at my Birthday cookout in April! Barton "Bart" Joseph Zimmerman 10/09/1958--08/04/2008 FISHERMAN'S PRAYER I Pray that I may live to fish until my dying day. And when it comes to my last cast.- I then most humbly pray: when in the Lord's great landing net and peacefully asleep that in His mercy I be judged.......... Big Enough to Keep LOVE YOU BART
New Hottie On Fubar
This girl is new but one awesome person to get to know... Lets make her 1st time on fubar a great one A/F/R her and she will return the love emrldeyedpuppy@ fubar go love her show her Fubar people are really awesome brought to you by: ღ ~Toxic Tears~ღ ~Founder of the Unique Individuals ~ღ ~Married to Skaterboy~@ fubar
Tinas Hh
The Playgurl Penthouse Needs You!
Well's time we do something just for US! Now's your chance to join me & my friends in the "Playgurl Penthouse." Here are the rules to join: ***Rate my Playgurl Penthouse folder either 10s or 11s ***R/F/A all those on this list that aren't already on your friend's list noting "Playgurl Penthouse Resident!" in your request. Anyone who has been added and doesn't R/F you back, please report to me and they will be removed from this list. We're here to help each other out, so be a team player. ***If the person is already on your list, post a comment to them saying "Playgurl Penthouse!" ***When you are done rating everyone, reply to Thru_a_diff_i noting that you are done and include a link to the sexy pic of you that you wish to use for your Playgurl Penthouse Tag. Tags will be made by me and may t
Dj Battle August 16, 2008
Lets Get My Baby Leveled
Dont Wanna Get Hurt Again!!!!
Tv Movies
.............i got that new verizon fios tv thing and stuff, and i was watching xxx: state of the union,the one with ice cube not vin diesel......i don't know what it is but that one was better than the first one......yeah. you don't get that alot excpet with the hulk movie and stuff ........just throwing that out there .....i think imma watch porn now lol
Pimpin Process This
I'm Pimping out one of my other newest owner you might already know her and be real good friends with her, if not then you are missing out. For the time I've known her she is really cool person to know and I'm glad to have her as a friend and my fu owner. And she is She's fabulously sweet & cute!! I'm pimping her out so come and show my new owner some mad FU LOVING she will return it all ......
Dante Alighieri
A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark. -Dante Alighieri All hope abandon, ye who enter here! -Dante Alighieri Art, as far as it is able, follows nature, as a pupil imitates his master; thus your art must be, as it were, God's grandchild. -Dante Alighieri Be as a tower firmly set; Shakes not its top for any blast that blows. -Dante Alighieri Beauty awakens the soul to act. -Dante Alighieri Consider your origin; you were not born to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge. -Dante Alighieri Consider your origins: you were not made that you might live as brutes, but so as to follow virtue and knowledge. -Dante Alighieri Consider your origins: you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge. -Dante Alighieri Follow your own star! -Dante Alighieri From a little spark may burst a flame. -Dante Alighieri He listens well who takes notes. -Dante Alighieri Heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from The Eterna
Looking For Live In Slave
Master William I will have my mobile BDSM studio and rigging equipment on hand as well as my camera gear. Drop a line if my services are requested. Im looking to exercise my creative side by way of photography, digital art, and graphics. I have some work posted online and also showcase other talented individuals that Ive had the pleasure of working with at one time or another. I like making power moves and currently targeting the model industrie as my next casuality. I enjoy what I do, and take pride in my work. I'm very passionate about my biz, so if you are not focused, don't look this way. I'm privlidged to share my work with this community and get some constructive feedback in the process. And finally, Time is a valuable commodity. If you don't like your's, Don't waste mine I must Say Escorts are always welcome as long as they are under the Models Control and stay quite. I am a Photographer with alot of props and workable studio space and good eye for
A Passionate Kiss
A Passionate Kiss Author: Gabriela A passionate night between me and you I can't begin to tell you the things I want to do. First we can dim the lights and get closer..... No, wait, that's too fast, let's go back and move a little slower. I'll kiss your lips that are so soft and sweet, then move on to your cheek that's so smooth and unique. Then I'll move right along that little ear of yours... Whoa... my, my... let me move along your chest... Uh, oh I missed a spot, let me move back up to the neck As I move my tongue around and around you start to feel it as I go down slowly and as I kiss your chest your hands go up ...but I'm not finished yet.... I go further down towards your navel... As I move down past your waist line I begin to kiss.... Oh, I just wake up to realize it's a dream ! A passionate dream fueled by my deep love for you
You Live in the Present You take things one day at a time. And it turns out, that's a pretty great way to live. You aren't consumed by the past, and you're aren't obsessed with the future. You live in the now, and you enjoy each moment. While most people don't live in the present enough, make sure you don't live in it too much. It would be a mistake to forget your past or neglect to plan for the future. Do You Live in the Past, Present, or Future?
I'm Not Really One
You Are 45% Skeptic You aren't exactly a skeptic, but you're no blind believer. You doubt what you hear, especially when you hear it for the first time. When it comes to doing your own research, you sometimes fall short. Question your beliefs a little more. You might be surprised what you find out! Are You a Skeptic?
Playing Card Test
What Your Playing Cards Tell About Your Future Right now you are focused on your internal emotions, including a bit of pain and suffering. Your emotions are currently tied to changes in your home. You may be receiving a visitor soon or changing your address. Your closest friends bring you high social status. You run with a popular, wealthy, attractive crowd. The near future will involve an important message. This message will arrive via a letter, email, package, or gift. Beware of some very bad news. This may mean the loss of someone close - or the loss of a close relationship. The Playing Card Test
I Am Powerful
You Are Sexually Powerful Your attitude toward sex is healthy, safe, and sane. You enjoy sex as much as (or possibly even more than) the average person. You're open minded, intelligent, and adventurous when exploring your sexuality. And while you never take things too far, you take them far enough! Are You Sexually Powerful?
Richard Ramirez
"Big deal, death comes with the territory. See you in Disneyland." -Richard Ramirez "Even psychopaths have emotions, then again, maybe not." -Richard Ramirez "Killing is killing whether done for duty, profit or fun." -Richard Ramirez "We've all got the power in our hands to kill, but most people are afraid to use it. The ones who aren't afraid, control life itself." -Richard Ramirez "You maggots make me sick, I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells within us all." -Richard Ramirez
Ed Kemper
"Even when she was dead, she was still bitching at me. I couldn't get her to shut up!" -Ed Kemper "I certainly wanted for my mother a nice, quiet easy death like everyone else wants." -Ed Kemper "I just wanted to see how it felt to shoot Grandma." -Ed Kemper "I remember there was actually a sexual thrill . . . you hear that little pop and pull their heads of and hold their heads up by the hair. Whipping their heads off, their body sitting there. That'd get me off." -Ed Kemper "If I killed them, you know, they couldn't reject me as a man. It was more or less making a doll out of a human being . . . and carrying out my fantasies with a doll, a living human doll." -Ed Kemper "It was an urge. . . . . A strong urge, and the longer I let it go the stronger it got, to where I was taking risks to go out and kill people--risks that normally, according to my little rules of operation, I wouldn't take because they could lead to arrest. " -Ed Kemper
Come And Chill With Us
Definition: A statement made to free oneself from responsibility. also called hedge clause. A few recent events have convinced me of the importance of publishing a disclaimer about certain behaviors I may at times engage in, thereby releasing me from responsibility of said actions. 1. Accused of being a tease v., teased, teasing, teases. 1. To annoy or pester; vex. 2. To make fun of; mock playfully. 3. To arouse hope, desire, or curiosity in without affording satisfaction. Disclaimer: I occasionally do these things. And by occasionally I mean often. However, the 'you're a tease' comment that is shouted at me is meant as an insult. I believe my skill in vexing and mocking should be celebrated, not demeaned. So this is half a disclaimer...I only take responsibility for the kind of teasing where the 'you're a tease' comment can be met with a 'thank you.' 2. Accused of stalking Disclaimer: Well, this has only happened once. It occurred because I
David Berkowitz
"A 'possessed' dog in the neighborhood won't let me stop killing until he gets his fill of blood." -David Berkowitz "Hello from the gutters of New York City, which are filled with dog manure, vomit, stale wine, urine and blood." -David Berkowitz "I always had a fetish for murder and death." -David Berkowitz "I am a monster. I am the Son of Sam. I love to hunt." -David Berkowitz "I didn't want to hurt them, I only wanted to kill them." -David Berkowitz "I have several children who I'm turning into killers. Wait till they grow up." -David Berkowitz "I turn children into killers." -David Berkowitz "I was literally singing to myself on my way home, after the killing. The tension, the desire to kill a woman had built up in such explosive proportions that when I finally pulled the trigger, all the pressures, all the tensions, all the hatred, had just vanished, dissipated, but only for a short time." -David Berkowitz "I wasn't goin
*some Like It Hot* Train...
Do you?? Rate the Marilyn album in vitamin de~'s pictures to get a tag! Start with this picture. Go r/f/a all these hot fubarians to be added!! re-rate & comment those you already have! vitamin de Unbreakable Jm- ~TEXAS TWISTER~ In my dreams...or yours? [.SouLz.] ♫MscFrk♫~ INDIAN ROSE S3XYCRICKET ~Cengin~
Ted Bundy
"I haven't blocked out the past. I wouldn't trade the person I am, or what I've done - or the people I've known - for anything. So I do think about it. And at times it's a rather mellow trip to lay back and remember." -Ted Bundy "I just liked to kill, I wanted to kill." -Ted Bundy "I want to master life and death." -Ted Bundy "I'm the most cold-blooded sonofabitch you'll ever meet." -Ted Bundy "Possessing them physically as one would possess a potted plant, a painting, or a Porsche. Owning, as it were, this individual." -Ted Bundy "Since this girl in front of him represented not a person, but again the image, or something desirable, the last thing we would expect him to want to do would be to personalize this person. . . . Chattering and flattering and entertaining, as if seen through a motion picture screen." -Ted Bundy "Sometimes I feel like a vampire." -Ted Bundy "The fantasy that accompanies and generates the anticipation that
Girl Survey
LONGEST FEMALE SURVEY EVER -don't be shy, fill it all out- Do you sleep in your bra? Not a chance Do you enjoy drama? causing, yes. being part of, no Are you a girly girl? i have my moments Last person you hugged? Tim Small or big purses? ohhh big Do you dress up on Halloween? abso-freakin-lutely Are you double jointed? my hips Where is the weirdest place you have slept? kitchen sink Has anyone touched/smacked your butt ? almost daily Last person you hung out with? Jen Do you call anybody by their last name? errrrrm. i call julie JNak so kinda How many guys will read this just because it says female Survey? uhm this isnt myspace so shutup Do you wear makeup? not often Ever cried at a movie theater? dude, tv comercials make me cry. i bawled during brokeback mountain Can you put on mascara without opening your mouth? if i concentrate Do you think Ryan Sheckler is cute? who Have you ev
75000 To Godfather!
If hes not on your list rate, fan and add him...and help him level Please!! LarryB - Alien cats are roaming this Earth@ fubar
Charles Manson
Did I kill anyone? Charles Manson From the world of darkness I did loose demons and devils in the power of scorpions to torment. Charles Manson Getting up every day and going through this again and again is hard. Charles Manson How old am I? I'm as old as my mother told me. How's that? Charles Manson I ain't got no magical powers and mystical trips and all that kind of crap. It's kind of silly. Charles Manson I can't dislike you, but I will say this to you: you haven't got long before you are all going to kill yourselves, because you are all crazy. And you can project it back at me, but I am only what lives inside each and every one of you. Charles Manson I can't judge any of you. I have no malice against you and no ribbons for you. But I think that it is high time that you all start looking at yourselves, and judging the lie that you live in. Charles Manson I have killed no one and I have ordered no one to be killed. Charles Manson I have X'd myself fro
**affaiirs **
..:: 1st Affair ::.. A married man was having an affair with his secretary. One day they went to her place and made love all afternoon. Exhausted, they fell asleep and woke up at 8 PM. The man hurriedly dressed and told his lover to take his shoes outside and rub them in the grass and dirt. He put on his shoes and drove home. 'Where have you been?' his wife demanded. 'I can't lie to you,' he replied, 'I'm having an affair with my secretary. We had sex all afternoon.' She looked down at his shoes and said: 'You lying bastard! You've been p laying golf!' ..:: The 2nd Affair ::.. A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters but always talked about having a son. They decided to try one last time for the son they always wanted. The wife got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy. The joyful father rus hed to the nursery to see his new son. He was horrified at the ugliest child he had ever seen. He told his wife: 'There's no way I can be t
Okay i think if you have a crush on someone u need to tell them cause really it is no fun knowing you have crushes and not knowing who they are.or better yet having crushes and knowing who they are and then them not talking to u anymore.well my opinion if u have a crush and u tell the person if u don't want to talk to them anmymore remove the damn crush just my opinion
Male Or Female?
A SPANISH Teacher was explaining to her class that in Spanish, unlike English, nouns are designated as either masculine or feminine. 'House' for instance, is feminine: 'la casa.' 'Pencil,' however, is masculine: 'el lapiz.' A student asked, 'What gender is 'computer'?' Instead of giving the answer, the teacher split the class into two groups, male and female, and asked them to decide for themselves whether computer' should be a masculine or a feminine noun. Each group was asked to give four reasons for its recommendation. The men's group decided that 'computer' should definitely be of the feminine gender ('la computadora'), because: 1. No one but their creator understands their internal logic; 2. The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else; 3. Even the smallest mistakes are stored in long term memory for possible later retrieval; and 4. As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your
Party Pad
I'm Fu Owned By Drew Show Her Love!
*Thump☆Star* just got fu owned Please Show my owner and super sexy lady some major fu love! DREW FAN RATE- her and her pics! ADD Crush •DREW• ™@ fubar Im Yours - Jason Mraz
Robbed From Who Knows
Long as hell I know, so sorry. But bored, and you don't have to read it Time started this:: 2:04AM Name:: Lewis Adam Jones Age: 20 Gender:: Male Birthdate:: October 16th Birthplace:: Islington, London, UK Current Location:: See Above Status:: Taken Height:: 6"0' Weight:: 197 lbs Body type:: Chunky Eye Color:: Blue Hair color:: Brown Hair length:: Short short Skin(type/color): Very white, except elbows down and knees down Sexual Preference:: Female of the species Members in your family:: Mother and Brother Are your parents married? Divorced + dad dead Are you a citizen of your country?: indeedy Pant size:: 36" Shoe size:: 11 Shirt size:: xl Zodiac sign:: Libra - I balance you out Chinese Zodiac sign:: Rabbit Blood Type:: O- Do you exercise frequently?: Hell No If youre a girl, what is your bra size?: Am not, but probably could wear one What is your cellphone number?: 07950 521124 (not like anyone'll use
Your Bedroom Personality: Wild In the bedroom, you are eager to try anything that's new - and even daring. You are up for experimenting. In fact, that's pretty much all you do. And while there's never a dull moment with you, your wild ways can be a bit overwhelming. You may be afraid of being a "one trick pony," but it's okay to keep things basic from time to time. What's Your Bedroom Personality?
Another season of the NFL, and the questions just pile up, Who's was the best draft pick, Who's the best team. Now of course we all think out teams the best, even if deep down we know thier not, but one can hope and dream. I do visit many pages and blogs, and when I see they are calling for the Cowboys to make it to the superbowl and then they go on to say they will be facing the chargers, kinda puts a warm fuzzy feelin in my heart. As everyone knows the Pats did not win the superbowl , and yes a win is a win but at least the blogs state the pats wouldnt have stood a chance if LT wasnt sidelined,Gates with a bum toe and Mr.s shotgun himself playing with a torn ACL. Of cousre I have been a Chargers fan since 1980 when I lived there, and remained loyal to the team that holds no ring, has come close but never closed the deal, So to all the NFL fanatics out there in FUland, Good luck this season with your favorite teams, I wish you the best and the Olympics SUK cause we will be missing mos
Decisions, Decisions....
There comes a point in our lives when we all have to take responsibility for our own actions. At that point, no longer can we blame our parents for how we were raised in their home. The choices we make can affect us and others around us long term, temporarily or permanently. That can be adversely or positively. Either's a choice...a decision and we made it. No one else made it for us. We made it. It will and should be us that deals with the repercussions. So how do you decide to make the choices you make? We can ask for guidance from those who might be more experienced than ourselves or we can think it through, research it to the best of our ability and go on the facts that we have obtained. Sometimes we just go on gut instinct and really it's a 50/50 either way. I, like most everyone most, have made some bad decisions and, for the lack of better words, bad judgment calls in my life, because I always tend to lead with my heart. Going with the heart leaves you o
He Owns Me!
Thanks to my new owner SexySavior!! ♥ He is awesome!! Everyone please go show him love!!!
21 Days
i try and feel the sunshine. but you bring the rain. you try and hold me down. with your complaints. you cry and moan and complain. you whine and tear. up to my neck and sorrow. the touch you rain. you just don't step inside to, to fourteen years. so hard to keep my own head. that's what i said, and you know. i've been the beggar. i've played the thief. i was the dog. they all tried to beat. but it's been fourteen years of silence. it's been fourteen years of pain. it's been fourteen years that're gone forever and i'll, never have again. your stupid girlfriends tell you. that i'm to blame. yeah, they're all used up has-beens. out of the game. this time i'll have the last word. you hear what i say. i try to see it your way. won't work today. you don't just step inside to, to fourteen years. it's so hard to keep my own, that's what i said, and you know. i've been the dealer. hanging on your street. i was the dog, they all tried to beat. but it's been fourteen years of silence. it's been,
scars sometimes you set back in your comfort zone,and you forget how to is okay for you to feel like the world is smothering you at times.perfectly normal.sometimes you look back at the roads you travel,and wonder why didnt i take the other path,and you meet friends that enhance your every being,and some that ends your world.every wrinkle in your skin,and every scar on your body tells of a journey's beginning,and ending.sometimes you wake up and pinch yourself and wonder where time had started for you,and where it will end.sometimes in the coarse of the day,your thoughts,your bewilderment is all due to the path that you have set admidts your convenness,and reach out with everything that you are,and sometomes feel like disappearing,then you die all over again.soemtimes you set your standards so high and let your self-esteem go so low,because the scars of life,cuts at you like the winter cold chills the bones,and you die all over again.sometimes you put on the
Humm, Get Payed To Help
Ok its right. I been gone for a while and now im back. Only thing is, i miss rating ya the 11's..Well want those 11's to come back to you? well then i could use a little help. Click the picture below and leave some comments. Here is a few deals.. Those that leave 100 comments, and they must be numbered, will receive 25k fubucks from me, as well as a full days worth of 11's that is 100 11's in one day. Also, if someone will sticky this im gonna give them 50k fubucks, and they get 2 days worth of 11's If you leave 500 comments, then you will get 5 days worth of 11's.. So please come and show some love..And please remember to rate the pic even. thanks bonnie The Fallowing Get 1 Day's worth of 11's Lucky to have Nola!@ fubar ʣIGHT/ ǺWR@THR MFRT&MRR TRY@ fubar ~I ~F W ߥ ߥ-@ fubar DJ Munchies_.**R/L and FU-Hubby to ~Meagan~**FU-Owned by ღKissMeMtღ**@ fubar
When You Know...
When you know your heart has turned black and blood seeps no more from the various open wounds cause by those you thought you were in love with you realize you need to change again. But let's face it change is an odd thing in this life but other infulence change so easily that sometimes you lose whom you are. Me I still know who I am and what I want but I know that I have to change somehow for something new to happen. I think fate is telling me I'm not ready for anything serious yet I mean every time I try I get screwed and another wound appears on my damaged heart. So yeah I guess it's time to alter myself somehow before I ever try this game again.
The Lil Chill Pill...
Its amazing how this lil round white colored pill works. It has the power to make all bad thingies go away. It has made me so much happier. It is quite addicting, but I need it to make all the baddys go away. Her name is adavan. She is so gewd to me. I can't go a day without it. I may not have a woman in my life. but she makes me feel gewd. She doesn't reject me or turn me away. She loves to make me better. No one else wants to deal with a nut like me right now. but she makes me happy. I think I am in Love :D
Update On Me
Holy Crap Batman! What a frustrating couple of weeks I've had. My old friend Inspiron 2600, that I've been using for nearly 9 years finally up and died on me. I knew it was circling the drain, but I had no idea that it was going to just drop dead without warning. I thought my HD just crashed, which it has done before, but this was the whole laptop that died that awful death. Anyway, I've ordered a new type of Inspiron this time. A desk top. I think I'm done with laptops for a while. Although mine lasted as long as it did, I believe a desk top may be my best bet. I've ordered an Inspiron 350s and now I'm 800 bux poorer. NOT fubux...REAL bux. I wanted so much on it but I had to stop. LOL... Ah well. hopefully it'll be here in the next couple days and I can get off this IBM dinasaur and off dial up. My frustration level is nearly boiling over and all my patience is now at the red zone level. Have a fantabulous FUDAY.
I Got A Crush...
Omg I have the biggest crush on one of my friends on HERE...He is so cute. And he is totally sweet! I can't believe that someone could be that nice and sweet! Love, Susan
The Days Ahead
And I've come to you Seemed like out of the blue You saw me too Then I really knew All things are right Its all worth the fight You and Me Babe You and Me Baby Now the days ahead Filled with days in bed Feels like a dream to me When did I become so free Now the days feel so fine Now that you are mine You and Me Babe You and Me Baby
To My Fu Friends...
After giving this much thought i have decided to delete my fu account. It has been a pleasure meeting new people and making new friends. a few i have added on to myspace profile since i am on there as well. If you wish to keep in contact with me you may find me at either.... book page) or I will stay on here for just a few more days. if this is our last encounter i wish you all the best in life. bloody bites and many kisses... ~Christine~
Raw Magic
Raw Magic
Young Meat :p
Uhh... I caught myself flirting today. With a 19 year old!! Geez, you guys. I'm turning into a dirty old woman. Ehh, fuck it. It's good for the youngin's, pfft! -REL
Woo Hoo..almost The Weekend!
Sorry I havn't been on much lately. Been picking up hours at work. Either that.. or busy watching what gos on in my neighborhood. Been told , I need to get out more other night I went up to the icecream place. The owner..she and I have started becoming friends. She was telling me I was blocking her view. I was like.. wtf? Anyways.. here she was watching the scene behind me. This woman was staggering around..pounding on the windows. Her man kicked her out. I went and sat behind the icecream place..watching. So did another couple. LMAO. such cheap entertainment. I seen the guy carrying out her stuff..and throwing it in the yard..with her yelling at him. She went to follow him in, and he locks her out. It went on for quite some time..then the cops finally came. Anyways, just letting everyone know.. I will be closing my auction very soon. I will give it 2 more days at the most.. then accept a offer. So incase you havnt seen it.. heres my auction i am in.. http:
Thank You!!!
Thank you to everyone who tried hard to help me! I appreciate it so much! I love you guys! ♥ My arms are aching from so much
Respect Demand Or Command
RESPECT DEMAND OR COMMAND When I Demand respect of you because I boast of my accomplishments,deeds,and actions,or take credit for all that I do or have ever done Or instill fear in you somehow It's no wonder that you mightn't Respect Me...Nor I Myself Though by doing for others openly from the heart treating others with respect,giving praise to God for my life,my abilities,my talents,and giving you trust in me,then and only then might you Respect Me...And I Myself By being Humble,Caring,Honest,Trusting,By being faithful to God,to one's values and one's self, by doing the right thing even when those around you aren't...One Commands Respect Respect is something that must be earned It is "NOT" a birthright Let me always remember that to Command Respect one must give and act with Respect and be thankful to his Heavenly Father for the blessings and the life that has been given God Commands Respect
Micki's Pimpin' Me....
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How I Feel An What I Hide In Myself
Hey There FuLand of Fubar. How are You doing this evening fuland? Well I am doing ok... I guess I could be doing a lot better I am sure. But anyways I am writing to express my thoughts Because It's Better for Me. Well I just sit day to day an do pretty much nothing since I have graduated High School. That Was 3yrs ago in June of this yr. 2months ago. But anyways. I struggle every day But I keep my head held High an stay strong on the outside! But really deep in down side of Me. I ask My self that One Question every one asks. Why!! That is the simple question I ask. You Probably are thinking Ok Where does that fit in and why? Well I was born early and I have a mild case of Cerberal Palsy. I have to wear this brace on my left foot (the side it effects most) so I can walk an stuff. But I really planned to go to college right out of High school but no that didn't happen and I didn't speek up and addovate for my self an get help going to college. So Yeah I kick My self for that a
Some quotes from the Hagakure: About the Hagakure Yamamoto Tsunetomo was a samurai in the early 1700s. Forbidden by law from committing tsuifuku (suicide of a retainer after his master's death), he retired to a monestary. Though he never fought in any battles, he nonetheless felt that the samurai of his time had become soft. A younger samurai that visited Yamamoto over the years wrote down his words in the Hagakure. It has been translated many times, including a translation by the famous Japanese author Mishima Yukio. * Even if it seems certain that you will lose, retaliate. Neither wisdom nor technique has a place in this. A real man does not think of victory or defeat. He plunges recklessly towards an irrational death. By doing this, you will awaken from your dreams. * There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves o
Need A Little Help
Okies i just got back from being off of fubar a while. and well im working to get vip back. Please if you could help show a little love..please take a bit and leave a few comments for me..oh hey while your there why not rate the pic! Thanks All, Bonnie
Dj Kidd Rock And Cynzdreams Wedding Live On Air In Copperheads
Thank You Drew
I just want to thank Drew for hosting this auction. She took the time to help others get stuff and also for her putting up the 350k for rates.
Thucydides Greek Historian of Athens, and General in the Peloponnesian War One of the greatest of the ancient historians Lived: c. 460-400 B.C. We must remember that one man is much the same as another, and that he is best who is trained in the severest school." - Thucydides, "History of the Peloponnesian War" (431-404 B.C.) "It is a common mistake in going to war to begin at the wrong end, to act first, and wait for disasters to discuss the matter." - Thucydides, Greek historian. "History of the Peloponnesian War" "The Nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools." -Thucydides "Be convinced that to be happy means to be free and that to be free means to be brave. Therefore do not take lightly the perils of war." - Thucydides "The strength of an Army lies in strict discipline and undeviating obedience to its officers." - Thucydides, "History of The Pel
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare English dramatist and poet Lived: 1564-1616 "Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste death but once." - William Shakespeare ("Julius Caesar") "Cry 'Havoc' and let slip the dogs of War." - William Shakespeare ("Julius Caesar") "In peace nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility; but when the blast of war blows in our ears, then imitate the action of the tiger; stiffen the sinews, disguise fair nature with hard favored rage. . ." - William Shakespeare ("King Henry V") "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. For he today that sheds his blood with me, Shall be my brother; be ne'er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition. And gentlemen in England now abed, Shall think themselves accursed they were not here, And hold their manhood's cheap whiles any speaks, That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day." - William Shakespeare ("King Henry V") "From now until the end of the
Flavius Vegetius Renatus Roman writer and military strategist Author of Epitoma rei militari(s) (a summary of military matters) Lived: around 390 "Romans not only easily conquered those who fought by cutting, but mocked them too. For the cut, even delivered with force, frequently does not kill, when the vital parts are protected by equipment and bone. On the contrary, a point brought to bear is fatal at two inches; for it is necessary that whatever vital parts it penetrates, it is immersed. Next, when a cut is delivered, the right arm and flank are exposed. However, the point is delivered with the cover of the body and wounds the enemy before he sees it. ... However, they are given that double-weight shield frame and foil, so that when the recruit takes up real, lighter weapons, as if freed from the heavier weight, he will fight in greater safety and faster. But when field training was ended through negligence and laxity, the equipment (which the soldiers seldom pu
Does Anyone Have Any?
I saw a show today about strange phobias, ppl afraid of jello, chicken, cotton balls. Does anyone else have any phobias or know anyone that does?
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of the French Lived: 17691821 "Soldiers! Forty centuries behold you!" - Napoleon Bonaparte, July 1798. To his army before the Battle of the Pyramids. "The moral is to the physical as three to one" - Napoleon Bonaparte "My business is to succeed, and Im good at it. I create my Iliad by my actions, create it day by day." - Napoleon (1804), in a conversation with Pope Pius VII at Fontainebleau. "the secret of war lies in the communications" - Napoleon Bonaparte "The barbarous custom of having men beaten who are suspected of having important secrets to reveal must be abolished. It has always been recognized that this way of interrogating men, by putting them to torture, produces nothing worthwhile." - Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon to Berthier 11 Nov 1798, Corres., V, no. 3606 p. 128 quoted in - Napoleon on the Art of War "A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon" 15 July 1815. To the captain of HMS Bellerop
General Douglas Macarthur
Douglas MacArthur American general Supreme Allied Commander of South-West Pacific (1945) Lived: 18801964 "It is my earnest hope - indeed the hope of all mankind - that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past, a world found upon faith and understanding, a world dedicated to the dignity of man and the fulfillment of his most cherished wish for freedom, tolerance and justice." - General Douglas Macarthur "In war there is no substitute for victory." - Gen Douglas MacArthur "I Shall Return" - Gen Douglas MacArthur "The President of the United States ordered me to break through the Japanese lines and proceed from Corregidor to Australia for the purpose, as I understand it, of organizing the American offensive against Japan, a primary objective of which is the relief of the Philippines. I came through and I shall return." "Nine times of ten an army has been destroyed because its supply lines have been severed"
John F. Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th President of the United States (196163) Lived: 1917-1963 "A young man who does not have what it takes to perform military service is not likely to have what it takes to make a living." -John F. Kennedy (JFK) "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." -John F. Kennedy (JFK) "Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind. War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today." -John F. Kennedy (JFK) "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty." -John F. Kennedy (JFK) "I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pr
Love In Friendship
This is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever seen....please go to the website and view. Enjoy.... Jude :)
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Founder and leader of National Socialism (Nazism), and German dictator Lived: 18891945 "Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live." - Adolf Hitler "In actual fact the pacifistic-humane idea is perfectly all right perhaps when the highest type of man has previously conquered and subjected the world to an extent that makes him the sole ruler of this earth Therefore, first struggle and then perhaps pacifism." - Adolf Hitler "The [Nazi party] should not become a constable of public opinion, but must dominate it. It must not become a servant of the masses, but their master!" - Adolf Hitler "For there is one thing we must never forget the majority can never replace the man. And no more than a hundred empty heads make one wise man will an heroic decision arise from a hundred cowards." - Adolf Hitler "There must be no majority decisions, but only responsible persons
Mtv's Top 20 For This Week 8/04/08
Every Monday at 11pm I Will Be Counting Down the TOP 20 Singles of the Week Provided by MTV. So Make Sure you Tune in to See If Your Favorite Tune is in the Top 20!!!! 1. Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl 2. Rihanna - Take a Bow 3. Chris Brown - Forver 4. Rihanna - Disturbia 5. Coldplay - viva la vida 6. Lil Wayne - A Milli 7. Lil Wayne - Lollipop 8. Kardinal Offishall - "Dangerous" 9. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love 10. Jesse McCartney - "Leavin'" 11. Jonas Brothers - Burning Up 12. Pussycat Dolls - When i Grow Up 13. Natasha Bedingfield "Pocketful Of Sunshine" 14. Ne-Yo - Closer 15. Metro Station - Shake It 16. Estelle "American Boy" 17. Plies "Bust It Baby Pt. 2" 18. Miley Cyrus - 7 Things 19. David Banner - Get like me 20. Three 6 Mafia - Lolli Lolli
Frederick The Great
Frederick the Great Frederick II of Prussia King of Prussia (174086) Lived: 171286 "By push of bayonets, no firing until you see the whites in their eyes!" - Frederick the Great, at Prague, 1757 "Without supplies no army is brave" - Frederick the great, "Instructions to his Generals" 1747 "Rascals, do you want to live forever?" (Ihr Racker, wollt ihr ewig leben?) - Frederick the Great, 1757. When the guards hesitated at the battle of Kolin. "A defensive war is apt to betray us into too frequent detachment. Those generals who have had but little experience attempt to protect every point, while those who are better acquainted with their profession, having only the capital object in view, guard against a decisive blow, and acquiesce in small misfortunes to avoid greater." - Frederick the Great "The most certain way of insuring victory is to march briskly and in good order against the enemy, always endeavoring to gain ground." -Frederick the Great "I
The New Me
Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector of England 1599-1658 "I had rather have a plain, russet-coated Captain, that knows what he fights for, and loves what he knows, than that which you call a Gentle-man and is nothing else." - Oliver Cromwell "A man-of-war is the best ambassador." -Oliver Cromwell "Put your trust in God, but keep your powder dry." -Oliver Cromwell "On becoming soldiers we have not ceased to be citizens." - Oliver Cromwell's Soldiers ("Humble Representation") "I had rather have a plain, russet-coated Captain, that knows what he fights for, and loves what he knows, than that you call a Gentleman and is nothing else." - Oliver Cromwell In a Letter from Oliver Cromwell to Sir William Spring. Sept. 1643. "Not only strike while the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking" - Oliver Cromwell
Ruhgeena... I'd Want Somebody To Live With Me...
I went out to rescue my stepfather... after my mother gave up and fled the coop! I know he didn't means he wasnt Jesse Jackson.. the one REAL "SOMEBODY"... he needed someone to stay at the house he'd chosen to rent BECAUSE the rent he was paying for it was EXTREME. Unfortunately that sems to be the trend for everyone or anyone wanting to have their own roof over their heads.. mortgaged or leased.She jumped out and asked us, one at a time, if we might stary there to "help" him out. My son moved into one of the rooms and no sooner than he could begin to register mail to come to the Oxford Drive address, the computer he had on the dresser for college homework was "messed with." It had to go into the shop for repair before he could do any homework on it. I movedmine into the room so that he would not have to UNenroll from classes he'd already started... mine was nuked soon after. By nuked, I mean the computer would not respond to the command promt. I took mine in for repair as well. He une
Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill British statesman, soldier, and author Lived: 18741965 "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. . . . You ask, what is our policy? I say it is to wage war by land, sea, and air. War with all our might and with all the strength God has given us, and to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory. Victory at all costs - Victory in spite of all terrors - Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival." - Winston Churchill in his initial speech as Prime Minister to the House of Commons (10 May 1940) "It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations" - Winston Churchill: My Early Life (1930) ch. 9. "Never in the face of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few." - Winston Churchill "
General Omar Bradley
Omar N. Bradley General, US Army, World War 2 Lived: 1893-1981 "In war there is no second prize for the runner-up." -General Omar N. Bradley ,U.S. Army, 1950 "Only one military organization can hold and gain ground in war-a ground army supported by tactical aviation with supply lines guarded by the navy." - General Omar N. Bradley 1951 "Wars can be prevented just as surely as they can be provoked, and we who fail to prevent them must share in the guilt for the dead." - General Omar N. Bradley "I learned that good judgment comes from experience and that experience grows out of mistakes." - General Omar N. Bradley "I am convinced that the best service a retired general can perform is to turn in his tongue along with his suit and to mothball his opinions." - General Omar N. Bradley "If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner." - General Omar N. Bradley "The world has achieved brillian
Mao Zedong Or Mao Tse-tung
Mao Zedong (Tse-tung) Founder of the People's Republic of China Lived: 1893-1976 "Revolutionary war is an antitoxin which not only eliminates the enemy's poison but also purges us of our own filth." - Chairman Mao Zedong (Tse-tung) "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun" - Chairman Mao Zedong (Tse-tung) "War can only be abolished by war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun" - Chairman Mao Zedong (Tse-tung) "If you want to know the taste of a pear, you must change the pear by eating it yourself. . . . If you want to know the theory and methods of revolution, you must take part in revolution. All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience." - Chairman Mao Zedong (Tse-tung) "Weapons are an important factor in war, but not the decisive one; it is man and not materials that counts." - Chairman Mao Zedong (Tse-tung), 1938 "An army without culture is a dull-witted army, and a dull-witted army cannot defea
Field Marshal Aleksandr Vasilyevich Suvorov
Aleksandr Vasilyevich Suvorov Russian Field Marshal Lived: 1729-1800 "One minute can decide the outcome of the battle, one hour - the outcome of the campaign, and one day - the fate of the country." - Russian Field Marshal Prince Aleksandr Vasilyevich Suvorov "Win with ability, not with numbers" - Field Marshal Prince Aleksandr V. Suvorov "Accustom yourself to tireless activity..." - Field Marshal Prince Aleksandr V. Suvorov "When the enemy is driven back, we have failed, and when he is cut off, encircled and dispersed, we have succeeded." - Field Marshal Prince Aleksandr V. Suvorov "The bullet is a mad thing; only the bayonet knows what it is about" - Field Marshal Prince Aleksandr V. Suvorov, "The science of victory" 1796 "Die for the Virgin, for your mother the Empress, for the royal family. The Church will pray to God for the dead. The survivor has honor and glory" - Field Marshal Prince Aleksandr V. Suvorov. "The Science of Victory" 1796 "The
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
H. Norman Schwarzkopf Retired US Army four-star General. Commander of the allied invasion of Kuwait 1991 Lived: 1934-- "I am quite confident that in the foreseeable future armed conflict will not take the form of huge land armies facing each other across extended battle lines, as they did in World War I and World War II or, for that matter, as they would have if NATO had faced the Warsaw Pact on the field of battle." - General H. Norman Schwarzkopf "As far as Saddam Hussein being a great military strategist, he is neither a strategist, nor is he schooled in the operational art, nor is he a tactician, nor is he a general, nor is he a soldier. Other than that he's a great military man-I want you to know that." -General H. Norman Schwarzkopf 1991 "We need to destroy not attack, not damage, not surround. I want to destroy the Republican Guard" -General H. Norman Schwarzkopf 1991 "I feel that retired generals should never miss an opportunity to remain silent conc
General George S. Patton
George S. Patton George Smith Patton American General Lived: 18851945 "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country." - Attributed to General George Patton Jr (from "A Genius for War" by Carlo d'Este) Click here to read the whole monologue And here for the Patton Speech (Thanks to Mr. Scott Hann) "An army is a team. It lives, eats, sleeps, fights as a team. This individuality stuff is a bunch of bullshit." - General George Patton Jr "Prisoner of War guard companies, or an equivalent organization, should be as far forward as possible in action to take over prisoners of war, because troops heated with battle are not safe custodians. Any attempt to rob or loot prisoners of war by escorts must be dealt strictly with." - General George S. Patton. ("War as I knew it" 1947) It is absurd to believe that soldiers who cannot be made to wear the proper uniform can be induced to move forward in
Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini Italian dictator, and leader of the fascist Movement Lived: 1883-1945 "For my part I prefer fifty thousand rifles to fifty thousand votes" - Benito Mussolini "Blood alone moves the wheels of history." - Benito Mussolini "War is to man what maternity is to a woman. From a philosophical and doctrinal viewpoint, I do not believe in perpetual peace." - Benito Mussolini "War alone brings up to their highest tension all human energies and imposes the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have the courage to make it." - Benito Mussolini Another version of the quote: "War alone brings all human energies to their highest tension, and sets a seal of nobility on the people who have the virtue to face it" - Benito Mussolini
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States (1861-65) Lived: 1809-1865 "I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong." - Abraham Lincoln "Peace will come soon to stay, and so come as to be worth keeping in all future time. It will then have proved that among free men there can be no successful appeal from the ballot to the bullet, and that they who take such appeal are sure their cases and pay the costs." - Abraham Lincoln "With Malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the world we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds." - Abraham Lincoln: Second Inaugural Address, 1865. "The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep's for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as his li
Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Miller Hemingway American novelist and short-story writer Also a veteran from WW1 and WW2 Lived: 18991961 "Once we have a war there is only one thing to do. It must be won. For defeat brings worse things than any that can ever happen in war." - Ernest Hemingway "For a war to be just three conditions are necessary - public authority, just cause, right motive." - Ernest Hemingway "Defense is the stronger form with the negative object, and attack the weaker form with the positive object." - Ernest Hemingway "I know war as few other men now living know it, and nothing to me is more revolting. I have long advocated its complete abolition, as its very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a method of settling international disputes." - Ernest Hemingway "Wars are caused by undefended wealth." - Ernest Hemingway "The sinews of war are five - men, money, materials, maintenance (food) and morale." - Ernest Hemingway "Nev
Confucius K'ung Ch'iu or K'ung Fu-tzu (Master K'ung) Chinese Sage, Philosopher and Reformer Lived: ca. 551479 BC "To lead uninstructed people to war is to throw them away." - Confucius "To see the right and not to do it is cowardice." - Confucius "A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions" - Confucius "An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger." - Confucius "The commander of the forces of a large State may be carried off, but the will of even a common man cannot be taken from him." - Confucius
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Caius Julius Caesar ca. 100-44 B.C. Roman statesman and general "If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it." - Julius Caesar "It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience." - Julius Caesar "Men are nearly always willing to believe what they wish." - Julius Caesar "Veni, vidi, vici." (I came, I saw, I conquered) - Julius Caesar In Plutarch "Life of Caesar", said after the defeat of Pharnaces at Zela in 47 BC This is also said to have been the inscription he had on the sides of his platform which he used in his triumphal parade on his return to Rome. This plaque is likely the source of Plutarchs reasoning that he said it after the battle. "Alea Iacta Est" or "Alea Jacta Est" ("The Die is Cast") Attributed to Julius Caesar when he was crossing the Rubicon in 49 B.C., an action which provoked the start of the first Civil War. This quo
She Needs Help!
This hottie needs lots of love! She deleted her old profile and has decided to come back. Please help her get her level up. She returns all love and is a great person to know! Click on her pic and rate/fan/add her!! luckygirl@ fubar This pimp out brought to you by: Poeichear*Head Promo@Wolfpack* Fuwife2Twizt/Rkkennedy* Owned by Rkkennedy@ fubar (repost of original by 'Poeichear*Head Promo@Wolfpack* Fuwife2Twizt/Rkkennedy* Owned by Rkkennedy' on '2008-08-07 16:40:44') (repost of original by '*~*vlT*~*RL G,u-W & kK T g v*~*c-wr ؃ Th wlpk~ rwr!!! wd B Tb' on '2008-08-07 16:42:19')
Otto Von Bismarck
Otto von Bismarck German statesman, known as the Iron Chancellor 181598 "Fools say that they learn by experience. I prefer to profit by others experience" - Otto Von Bismarck "Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war." -Otto Von Bismarck "Be polite; write diplomatically; even in a declaration of war one observes the rules of politeness." -Otto Von Bismarck "People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election." -Otto Von Bismarck "Politics is not an exact science." -Otto Von Bismarck "The main thing is to make history, not to write it." -Otto Von Bismarck "The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia." -Otto Von Bismarck "When you want to fool the world, tell the truth." -Otto Von Bismarck "Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied." -Otto Von Bismarck "You can do everything with bayonets, but y
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu Quotations Lived: c.500320. B.C The Sun Tzu quotes are from "The Art of War". The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected - Sun Tzu, the Art of War All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him. - Sun Tzu, the Art of War If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put
So yesterday (well, tuesday) a new Scratch off lottery ticket was released here. I had spoken with my parents and together we were going to buy a whole roll. So last saturday I saw my mom and she gave me their half of the money. The guy who was going to sell me the tickets got them a day early, so I was able to get them tuesday instead of wednesday. So we had made plans for me to catch a ride over near where my mom works. She picked me up and took me back to their house. When we got there, my dad was in a whatever type mood, and my mom asked when he wanted to scratch them off and he was like "let's go on." So we did, and got back 2/3s of what was spent. So my dad wanted to reinvest their half of the money. My mom and I went to a nearby gas station and traded back the tickets that had won. I am kinda hurting for money right now, so I got money back for my half, while they got more tickets. We took the second group of tickets back and scratched them off. The second group won another $200
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William Tecumseh Sherman
William T. Sherman Union General in the American Civil War Lived: 1820-1891 "There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but boys, it is all hell." or "Some of you young men think that war is all glamour and glory, but let me tell you, boys, it is all hell!" -General William T. Sherman, speech 1880 from which we derive the phrase "War is hell" I've also found this version "I am sick and tired of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, for vengeance, for desolation. War is hell." From "On Killing" by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman "An Army is a collection of armed men obliged to obey one man. Every change in the rules which impairs the principle weakens the army" -William Tecumseh Sherman "War is cruelty. There's no use trying to reform it, the crueler it is the sooner it will be over." -William Tecumseh Sherman "War i
My Crush...
"Come on, you don't have a Crush yet?" I actually resent that, like its mandatory to have a crush on here or something. Yeah way to go in reminding me I'm single and probably way too fussy for my own good. Now I feel like a failure for not having a crush yet and feel I need to rectify this, if you wanna be my crush apply here.
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel "The Desert Fox" German Field Marshal Lived: 1891-1944 "In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it." - Field Marshal Erwin Rommel "Be an example to your men, in your duty and in private life. Never spare yourself, and let the troops see that you don't in your endurance of fatigue and privation. Always be tactful and well-mannered and teach your subordinates to do the same. Avoid excessive sharpness or harshness of voice, which usually indicates the man who has shortcomings of his own to hide." - Field Marshall Erwin Rommel "One must not judge everyone in the world by his qualities as a soldier: otherwise we should have no civilization." - Field Marshal Erwin Rommel "I would rather he had given me one more division" - Rommel, when Hitler made him a Field Marshall "The art of concentrating strength at one point, forcing a breakthrough, rolling up and securing the flanks on either side, and then penetrating like lightning deep in
General Lewis B. "chesty" Puller
General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller Lewis Burwell Puller One of the greatest US Marines Legends and highest decorated Marine in History Lived: 1898-1971 Recommended Books on Chesty Puller Marine!: The Life of Chesty Puller "Paper-work will ruin any military force" - Lieutenant-General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller "You don't hurt 'em if you don't hit 'em." - Lieutenant-General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller When an Army captain asked him for the direction of the line of retreat, Col Puller called his Tank Commander, gave them the Army position, and ordered: "If they start to pull back from that line, even one foot, I want you to open fire on them." Turning to the captain, he replied "Does that answer your question? We're here to fight." At Koto-ri in Korea - Chesty Puller at Koto-ri in Korea (From "Marine: The Life of Chesty Puller" by Burke Davis) "The mail service has been excellent out here, and in my opinion this is all that the Air Force has accomplished during t
Being Claimed
(Notes by: Master Ravenwolf) this blog is a task i asked of my R/L slave and fiance onyx ice, she wrote in her own words what being claimed by her Master is so anyone interested in the life style as a real thing not just internet kinky would see a slaves point of view. Some may find it offensive but those in the life for real as we are will know, i have been in the life for a long time and i am proud to be so are my slaves wich i love dearly and would do anything for, i am engaged to one in real life i adore her as you will see she is proud to be owned by her poly Master i am so proud of her and love her. Being Claimed 8/1/08 Anyone within the lifestyle knows the phases a relationship goes thru as it progresses. Being claimed as Master's is an ongoing ritual. Testing my limits in all aspects of the life. Master tells me i am learning well and is proud of my progress. For me the claiming ritual is very special. He tests and pushes my limits on what i can take and can't. Moving b
Niccolo Machiavelli
Niccolo Machiavelli Italian political philosopher, statesman. Lived: 1469-1527 "There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others." - Niccol Machiavelli "The first method of estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him." - Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince "I hold it to be of great prudence for men to abstain from threats and insulting words towards any one, for neither the one nor the other in any way diminishes the strength of the enemy; but the one makes him more cautious, and the other increases his hatred of you, and makes him more persevering in his efforts to injure you" - Niccolo Machiavelli War should be the only study of a prince. He should consider peace only as a breathing-time, which gives him leisure to contrive, and furnishes as ability to execute, military plans. - Niccolo Machiavelli "Never do an enemy a small injury" - Niccolo Machiavelli "War is just when it is necessar
Sir Basil Henry Liddel-hart
Sir Basil Henry Liddel-Hart English author and Military strategist Lived: 18951970 "The hydrogen bomb is not the answer to the Western peoples' dream of full and final insurance of their security ... While it has increased their striking power it has sharpened their anxiety and deepened their sense of insecurity." - Sir Basil H. Liddel-Hart In war the chief incalculable is the human will, which manifests itself in resistance, which in turn lies in the province of tactics. Strategy has not to overcome resistance, except from nature. Its purpose is to diminish the possibility of resistance, and it seeks to fulfill this purpose by exploiting the elements of movement and surprise. - Sir Basil H. Liddel-Hart For even the best of peace training is more theoretical than practical experience ... indirect practical experience may be the more valuable because infinitely wider. - Sir Basil H. Liddel-Hart ...the predominance of moral factors in all military decisions. On them
Thomas "stonewall" Jackson
Thomas Jonathan Jackson Confederate General Lived: 18241863 "The hardships of forced marches are often more painful than the dangers of battle" - General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson "Then, Sir, we will give them the bayonet!" - Stonewall Jakcson's reply to Colonel B.E Bee when he reported that the enemy were beating them back. At the first battle of Bull Run, July 1861. "Under divine blessing, we must rely on the bayonet when firearms cannot be furnished" - Stonewall Jackson, letter accompanying his requisition for 1000 pikes. April 1861 "Don't say it's impossible! Turn your command over to the next officer. If he can't do it, I'll find someone who can, even if I have to take him from the ranks!" - General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson "When war does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard." - General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson "I yield to no man in sympathy for the gallant men under my command; but I am obliged to sweat t
Ulysses S. Grant
Ulysses Simpson Grant Originally named: Hiram Ulysses Grant Commander in chief of the Union army in the Civil War and 18th President (186977) of the United States. Lived: 18221885 "I have never advocated war except as a means of peace." - General Ulysses S. Grant "If men make war in slavish obedience to rules, they will fail." - General Ulysses S. Grant "The right of revolution is an inherent one. When people are oppressed by their government, it is a natural right they enjoy to relieve themselves of oppression, if they are strong enough, whether by withdrawal from it, or by overthrowing it and substituting a government more acceptable." - General Ulysses S. Grant "There never was a time when, in my opinion, some way could not be found to prevent the drawing of the sword." - General Ulysses S. Grant "Wherever the enemy goes, let our troops go also" - General Ulysses S. Grant, August 1864. "I never knew what to do with a paper except to put it in a
Callin Al Friends, Family, Fans Of Leapfroget
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Quotations E=mc2 One of the greatest physicists of all time, known for the formulation of the relativity theory. Lived: 1879-1955 "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." - Albert Einstein (contemplating nuclear devastation) "The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking...the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker." - Albert Einstein "The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophes." - Albert Einstein "One cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war" - Albert Einstein "Force always attracts men of low morality." - Albert Einstein "I made one great mistake in my life-when I signed the letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made but there was so
George W. Bush
George W. Bush Quotations George Walker Bush 43d president of the United States (2001) Lived: 1946- Quotes related to September 11 and the Attack on Iraq "Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward. Freedom will be defended!" -President George W. Bush, September 11, 2001 "The best defense against terrorism is a strong offensive against terrorists. That work continues." -President George W. Bush, October 13, 2001 "We will not tire, We will not falter, We will not fail." -President George W. Bush, October 26, 2001 "For states that support terror, it is not enough that the consequences be costly-they must be devastating" -George w. Bush at a speech at The Citadel, Dec 11, 2001. "I gave them a fair warning" -President George w. Bush, Oct. 8 when deciding on military action against the Taliban "These acts shattered steel, but they cannot dent the steel of America's resolve." -President George W. Bush "We must take the battle to the
Emperor Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius Quotations (Marcus Aelius Aurelius Antoninus) Originally named Marcus Annius Verus Roman Emperor 121-180. B.C "Anger cannot be dishonest." - Marcus Aurelius "Execute every act of thy life as though it were thy last." - Marcus Aurelius "The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious." - Marcus Aurelius "Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears." - Marcus Aurelius "The act of dying is one of the acts of life." - Marcus Aurelius "A man's worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions." - Marcus Aurelius
Hate My Life - Theory Of A Deadman
Hate My Life - Theory Of A Deadman So sick of the hobos always begging for change I don't like how I gotta work and They just sit around and get paid I hate all of the people who can't drive their cars. Bitch you better get outta the way Before I start falling apart I hate how my wife is always up my ass She always wants to buy brand new things But I don't have the cash. I hate my job, all of my rich friends I hate everyone to the bitter end. Nothing turns out right There's no end in sight I hate my life! How come I never get laid nice guys always lose. How could she have another headache There's always some kind of excuse I still hate my job, my boss is a dick "I don't get paid nearly enough To put up with all of your shit" I hate my job, all of my rich friends I hate everyone to the bitter end. Nothing turns out right There's no end in sight I hate my life! I hate that I can't tell when a girl's underage, You know, I tell her she's a nice piece of
Karl Von Clausewitz
Karl von Clausewitz Prussian general and military strategist Lived: 1780 1831 "War is the continuation of policy (politics) by other means." - Karl von Clausewitz or "It is clear that war is not a mere act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political activity by other means" This is from a translated version of "On War" from 1976 Given the same amount of intelligence, timidity will do a thousand times more damage than audacity - Karl von Clausewitz "If you entrench yourself behind strong fortifications, you compel the enemy seek a solution elsewhere." - Karl von Clausewitz "Never forget that no military leader has ever become great without audacity. If the leader is filled with high ambition and if he pursues his aims with audacity and strength of will, he will reach them in spite of all obstacles." - Karl von Clausewitz "The majority of people are timid by nature, and that is why they constantly exaggerate danger. All influenc
Installing A Husband
INSTALLING A HUSBAND Dear Tech Support , Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend5.0 to Husband 1. 0 and noticed a distinct slow down in overall system performance, particularly in the flower and jewelry applications, which operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0 . In addition, Husband 1.0 uninstalled many other valuable programs, such as: Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5, and then installed undesirable programs such as : NBA 5.0, NFL 3.0 and Golf Clubs 4.1 . Also Conversation 8.0 no longer runs, and Housecleaning 2. 6 simply crashes the system. Please note that I have tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail. What can I do? Signed, Desperate. DEAR DESPERATE , First, keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an Entertainment Package, while Husband 1.0 is an operating system. Please enter command: ithoughtyoulovedme.html and try to download Tears 6.2 and do not forget to install the Guilt 3.0 update. If that application works as d
Jus'me (1 Of 4)
Lets show my Fu Owner some Fu luv ;) B/A/R/F her good~! ;) Here's her link ;) Jus'Me--Co Founder of the Friendship Circle Pimp Out Brought to you by her Ownee..Micki-Blue-Eyes
...The frost was clinging tightly to the already wilting Summer grasses and flowers. The leaves of the Aspens were turning their brilliant fall colors. I step outside with my coffee cup in hand to take in the fresh morning air. It was cool as it entered my lungs. Almost a burning sensation. Standing on the deck in only my sweat pants, it didn't take the cold long to reach the steel of my piercings. A shiver shot through my body and I retreated into the cabin. Quietly I shut the door behind me. She was still sleeping and I didn't want to wake her. She had had enough trouble sleeping lately and I thought I would give her this morning to sleep as long as she needed. I poured myself another cup of coffee and sat at the kitchen table. Looking out the window I started to reflect on the first time we were here together. It was Spring then. The snows had only recently departed and the Aspens were just budding their new leaves. There was a rebirth in the high country, ever
May Beauty Stay If I Take My Life... Miss Murder
my angry... songs when im not totally happy with everyone just leave the pieces when you go
I Have Arrived!
So I just started this. We'll see how it goes.
You Know U My Girl!
Help this Hottie Level! '**LiL_tar**ERGrεεtĒř-FUŴifeŷ2♥mmeR♥RevEternalAssistant' She needs Comments/Rates/Fans/Adds/ and all the LOVE you can give! GO show her some FULOVE CLick Below
See I met this guy and we've been talkin for around 3 months..He tells me he loves me & that I'm the one & only one for him...I truly believe that this guy is my SOUL MATE, and I've told him that...We don't live close to one another so this will be a Long Distance Relationship, but I am willing to put my all into it...I have truly never felt this way about ANYONE...He holds my HEART in his hands... What do you think???
New Mask...
I got a new CPAP mask today. The old one (nasal pillows) let me open my mouth while I was sleeping. Therefore, the air would come in my nose and straight out my mouth. The new one is a "full face mask," meaning it covers my nose and mouth. Hopefully, it'll work better...
And I'm Tangled Up In You...
We buried an older gentlemen the other day. Years before, his wife had passed from Cancer. The day of the service, his daughter arrived with a beautiful, blue, silk dress. It was the dress she wore for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. In his will, he stated he wanted the dress rolled up and placed under his pillow with him in his casket. Even in death... That's love. -REL
About Giveaways...
Stop Thinking About You
Make Some Fu-bucks
FOR MY FRIEND WHO KNOWS I am trying to level to Godmother by Monday, August 11th (my 25th birthday) SO~ I have a rate-a-thon folder open Rate 100 10's make 5,000 fubucks Rate 100 11's make 10,000 fubucks I also have a photo to comment bomb. 50 fubucks per comment Start here: Spread the word!! Message me when finished to get paid. (repost of original by 'Who Knows is Fu-wd by Radio X Show' on '2008-08-07 15:09:22')
Walking Her Home....mark Schultz
Looking back He sees it all It was her first date the night he came to call Her dad said son Have her home on time And promise me you�ll never leave her side He took her to a show in town And he was ten feet off the ground (Chorus) He was walking her home And holding her hand Oh the way she smiled it stole the breath right out of him Down that old road With the stars up above He remembers where he was the night he fell in love He was walking her home Ten more years and a waiting room At half past one And the doctor said come in and meet your son His knees went weak When he saw his wife She was smiling as she said he�s got your eyes And as she slept he held her tight His mind went back to that first night (Chorus) He was walking her home And holding her hand Oh the way she smiled it stole the breath right out of him Down that old road With the stars up above He remembers where he was the night he fell
From Singledad38 (about Leveling)
*UPDATE - I am still Blinging members to level because there is not enough to rate on your page. Until more is added we will not be able to perform another level up. Please make sure to check your page if you have any questions or if you would like SingleDad38 check your page please private message the Blue home page. Also, If you come to assist on a level up PLEASE rate pics and stash until Member is leveled. What good is being part of a leveling family if we cant level YOU!!!! Here are some tips to set up your page Up to level 16 have at least 100 rateable pics and 100 items in your stash, personally Small pics are the best in stash. Video's and tracks are a pain and nobody listens to them LOL. After level 16 Double your rateable pics and stash at level 18 double again. At level 20 and up you should be working on maxing your pics and stash. Once you get to Godfather you need as much as you can to achieve level ups. Being part of a leveling group it is a good idea ever
Great News (originally Posted On 7/26/08 - Just Organizing Blogs Y'all :d)
My Music - Thunderstruck Thunder & Lightning Levelers The Newest Leveling Family on FuBar Wow, It is with Great excitement that I can tell you that after long, tiring,and exhausting negotiating (Ok, not really)That I announce the Family Club Mystic, founded by CinDragon, are now the Thunder & Lightning Levelers!!!! Yes, they have joined forces with us which will add loads of experience in leveling, but mostly in bombing which will be a huge asset when we start up the give aways!! CinDragon will now be a Co-Founder so please make sure to show her some love and add her to your family. This is a HUGE step for CinDragon, as she has cared for and treasured Club Mystic for a long time. We will be updating our member lists today to include all the new members we ask because this is going to be a big add that you help each other getting added and not treat them as new members as they truly are not :D This is truly Awesome and I welcome them all!! SingleDad38 LET THE THUNDER
Adults Acting Like Children!
Immaturity? Why do adults feel the need to bash people that submit mumms. I feel there has to be a insecurity issue or just craving atention. I mean there are times I post crap to mumms, but it's usually when I am down or feeling low/depressed. I am sure this is the case with most adults. Also, I am sure they think it makes them special, like a class clown seeking attention. Whatever the case my be, I feel everyone should excerise Empathy & Sensitivity before posting.
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS. DON'T BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND OR HUSBAND OR WIFE - REPOST THIS! LET THE FUN BEGIN........ 1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Favorite position: 4.Do you think I'm cute? 5.Would you have sex with me? 6.Lights on or off? 7.Would you have to be drunk? 8.Would you take a shower with me? 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12.Condom or skin? 13.Have sex on the first date? 14.Would you kiss me during sex? 15.Do you think I would be good in bed? 16.Would you use me as a booty call? 17.Can I use you as a booty call? 18.Can we take pictures of the act? 19.How long would we have sex? 20.Would you tell your friends about me?
I Am Riding The Magic Bus
Come on everyone and ride the Magic bus with me and my friends, This is the summertime run, so it will be fun fun fun, Make new friends, get Comments Rates, Fanned, and lots of love.
Current Member List!
Welcome to the the Thunder & Lightning Levelers Member's List All New members Must Fan, Rate and Add to Friends all listed. Please Add Co-Founders to Friends & Family The Co-Founders are: CinDragon CinDragon@ fubar LilBamaGirl LilBamaGirl@ fubar SingleDad38 ~♦SingleDad38♦~@ fubar Blue Homepage Thunder & Lightning Leveler's. Have you been Thunder Struck!!! No Blank Adds@ fubar Blue Homepage 1st Assistant ~Lynne~@ fubar Blue Homepage Team Captain's BrattyBytch@ fubar Pink Homepage Thunder&Lightning Levelers-formerly Club Mystic@ fubar Pink Homepage 1st Assistant G- @ fubar Pink Homepage Team Captain ~SouthernBaby~
Pray For My Sister & Nephew Due 10-08
I wanted to make a prayer request for my baby sister.She is 19 and pregnant.I was just recently informed my baby nephew could possibly have chance of being mentally retarded.He is due October of this year.Please keep us in your prayers!
Introducing My Very First Fu-owner!
*INTRODUCING* I would love to introduce all of my Fubar friends to my very FIRST Fu-Owner!! He is a VERY sweet guy who has always been incredibly nice to me and is always very respectful. Click on the link =) JOHN-co-owner of cooters/ fu-hubby to dj pinkypunk/fu-owned by 'cAUSE iM tHE fCKiNG pRiNCESS..dU@ fubar If you want to know a great guy please go check him out. Add him, fan him and rate him HARD cause he likes it like that!! hehe Click on the link and go show him lots of Fu-lovins!! THIS PIMOUT BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Curvaliciousbbw Fu-Owned By John@ fubar
Transformed By Tachyon
I think you all should truly recognize the truth of my being. I can go by a thousand different names cross culturally My force will bring to me unspeakable enchantments, knowledge, lovers, and full comprehension of what I shall not disclose. Now my subjects, on your knees and bow to your Most High Queen
Friends aways have a smile saved for a rainy day. Friends believe and stay by your side despite what others say. Friends share their strength when you need someone to lean on. Friends hold on to Faith when everything else is gone. Friends listen when no one else seems to care. Friends are loyal and true, they tolerate us when no one else dares. Friends feel your sadness when you shed tears. Friends show you comfort when you experience fear. Friends lend a hand when you need a lift. Friends are precious and a priceless gift....
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Tips For A Better Life - 2008
TIPS FOR A BETTER LIFE - 2008 1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the ultimate anti-depressant. 2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. Buy a lock if you have to. 3. Buy a DVR and tape your late night shows and get more sleep. 4. When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement, 'My purpose is to __________ today.' 5. Live with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy. 6. Play more games and read more books than you did in 2007. 7. Make time to pray. It provides us with daily fuel for our busy lives. 8. Spend time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of 6. 9. Dream more while you are awake. 10. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants. 11. Drink green tea and plenty of water.. Eat blueberries, wild Alaskan salmon, broccoli, almonds & w
The Two Home Pages (blue For Leveling & Pink For Giveaways)
With Club Mystic joining Thunder & Lightning Levelers we have 2 home pages please make sure both are added to Friends & Family. We will be removing comments from each of the home pages. The Blue Homepage is our Leveling Site. This is the site you will see the level ups being bullied from during HH. The comment section on this site will be used for our members to post any level ups they find that fit within our leveling guidelines. There will be occasions where the Homepage and A founder may not be online during an HH. when this happens visit the Blue homepage to check for any posted level ups in the comment section. First come first serve, When the member is leveled please add a comment that "So and so has been leveled". And a note for you bling Lover's: Please don't waste your bling on the home pages. If you want to rate any pictures cool but we are not going to worry about what level the home pages are at and will never ask they be leveled the only thing we are going to mainta
Welcome To The "pink" T&l Home Page (for Giveaways)
Why did he say that... the same thing my mother said... "I am leaving to start a new life." again without me.
your words are like knives, they cut so deep. people say i dont open up, but, this is why, to myself i keep. i have no time for the shit you say. i dont need to hear it everyday. why can't i just find someone that will just be honest. to me, to themselves, dont make false promises. you go in and out like im not supposed to care. i have never done it to you, its not fair. i have feelings, and whether you want to hear them or not, this is me, i am real, this is all i've got. i hate feeling like this, it is crazy to think that i should. i meant truly, who would? you were all that i ever wanted, and that was not a secret. but now i wish i kept it to myself, cause now it is all a regret. everything you told me, the time we spent together, to you, i was just another whatever. i didnt know what i was doing was pushing us apart. you never said anything, now i am left here in the dark. i cant eat, i cant sleep, or even breathe at night, i lay here by myself, i am losing this fight.
Guess What Friends And Family
LOL i just found out that i am about nine weeks prego we are not sure yet but that is how far they are assuming i am. i get the ultrasound on the 19th of august and then we will know for sure how far along i am. oh yeah and i am getting married on sept 6th so dont forget to wish me a happy wedding day LOL. Love u all and have fun
Can you help me level 2 fu-gee?im really wantin 2 add more pics on here but i can't do it til i level :'(. i have stash, blogs, a midgit, & pics that need rating & commented!!!!! plz help & i will try 2 return the favors!!!!!!!!!!! thnks much ~LIL*C~
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Our very own Bratty Bytch needs 20k for a 3-month VIP! She already has over 10k comments, so lets finish it up for her! CLICK PIC BELOW @ fubar
To All That Will Not See The Truth About " Him "
Forget the way he held your hand Forget the way you played in the sand Forget the way he winked his eye Forget the way his smile made you die Forget they way he walked along Remember now that it's all gone Forget the way you kept him warm And stayed together during the storm Forget the calls on the phone Remember how he was never home? Forget how he made you a bet Remember the ring you never did get? Forget the day he asked you out And remember what it was all about Forget the day you couldn't be beat Remember the day he decided to cheat Forget all of the good times you had Forget them all, but remember the bad
Song Of The Day - 08/07/08 - Immortal Technique - The 4th Branch (conspiracy Edition)
The 4th Branch - Immortal Technique The new age is upon us...and yet the past refuses to rest in its shallow grave ...for those who hide behind the false image of the son of man, shall stand before God! It has begun... the beginning of the end...yeah...yeah...yeah, yeah The voice of racism preaching the Gospel is devilish A fake church called the prophet Muhammad a terrorist Forgetting God is not religion, but a spiritual bond And Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the Qu'ran They bombed innocent people, trying to murder Saddam When you gave him those chemical weapons to go to war with Iran This is the information that they hold back from Peter Jennings Cause Condoleeza Rice is just a new age Sally Hemmings I break it down with critical language and spiritual anguish The Judas I hang with, the guilt of betraying Christ You murdered and stole his religion, and painting him white Translated in psychologically tainted philosophy Conservative political right wing, ide
Welcome! Plz Read, Comments Are Welcome!
> > > > > > > My Music - Thunderstruck > > Welcome to the the > Thunder & Lightning Levelers > > > > > > (Note: If you want to join after reading this blog, leave a prvt message that you read the blog and want to join :D) > > The Co-Founders are: > > SingleDad38 > ~♦SingleDad38♦~@ fubar > > LilBamaGirl > LilBamaGirl@ fubar > > CinDragon > CinDragon@ fubar > > > We each have equal say and no changes will be made without each of us in agreement. There is no ONE person in charge here. We are a team. > > We each have experience with leveling and what it takes to level on a daily basis. We each have the same philosophy of having fun with zero tolerance for drama. > > Our goal is to have a family that what YOU put into it you will get out of it. The more you help the more you will be rewarded by easier level ups, being chosen for LOD and achieving your goals in Give Aways. > > BASIC RULES: > 1. HAVE FUN > 2. NO DRAMA > 3.
this happens to be one of my favorite songs, so i thought i'd share it. i know you're all used to hardcore/screamo from me, so..... here's a little something different. Da Rockwilder - Method Man & Redman i'm trying to gain some courage before i harrass the crazy squirrel.
No He Didn't!!
My son is extremely bored. He is messing with my daughter by putting make-up on and painting his nails! She is totally freaking out and telling me.."there is no freaking way I am having a gay brother that can do make-up better than me!" I need to start video taping this stuff!
28 Grams
Wicked Jesters Laughing In My Mind Wicked People Laughing In My Face Always Am I Trying To Find Wondering, Wanting My Place Wanting To Grow Numb Not Wanting To Feel AnyThing Anymore It's Your Love, I Want Some Every Day I Want It More and More I Pray To What Ever God(s) That May Exist I Pray That You Find Me At Times I Just Want To Cut My Wrists Maybe Then You'd Open Your Eyes But That's Too Emo For Me I'd Rather Die Like A Man You and Me, Us, I Want It To Be I Know It's Hard, But Damn I May Never Live To See My Dreams Come True But Most Never Do All I Have In My Life Is My Family and Crew I'm Always Coming Home, Wanting To Come Home To, Guess Who? Just Take My Hand Lets Just Go To A New World A World Of Sand A World With No One Else's Word Just Us And Some Beer xD
Why do I always have to be the way I am? I wish just once I would listen to my heart, Maybe you and I would have a new start.. Why do people get into my business? Seems like everyone knows my weakness I know I should never said what I did--- Sometimes I feel like a kid! Why do things go wrong? I always feel like Im alone And even though you are gone I still can hear our song. Why does time flies by so fast? I think about the past About all the times I had a blast All I know is that you and I are a must Why cant we be together today? I know that I can get my way It might take more than a day, But it will happen someday!
Should I Worry?
My nieces two dogs live with us since she moved somewhere she can't have pets. One of them has been downstairs asleep since about 11 last night. At this point I am worried that one of the kids either drugged her or maybe she is just really damn tired. I worry her bladder will explode at anytime. Maybe I should just pick her up and throw her out the door. Damn dog!
Show This Woman Some Lovin!!
Meet XtM my new owner! Well not only is she my owner, but she's an absolutely gorgeous and amazingly wonderful woman! We haven't been friends long, but I know she is someone that I can consider a true friend and I hope she knows how much her friendship is appreciated as much as the sweet things she does! She's always buying her own happy hours when we need them the most! She could use some extra lovin from everyone else too though!!! Yeah that's right. So have you met her? If not, this bulletin is just going to help you meet an awesome person. So go show her some lovin fu-style! You know what to do! FU lover to (`)HRR PRǀ(`) aka ''XtM **Asad's FU Woman** 1st Asst of Dylon's Diva Mafia* FU-Owned by Asad & *Bedrock @fubar All of this love is brought to you by: suckface @f
Random Thought
Free Flowing Thoughts, Like A Monsoon Through A Desert So Many Thoughts At Once, It's Hard To Pin Just One Down and Write It I Start Thinking About You, All The Wants and What If's Play Through My Mind Not Wanting To Be A Sucker, Just Wanting To Be A Lucky Mother Fucker I've Been Played One Too Many Times, I Just Want To Believe In Your Words But My Head Makes Me Want Other-Wise, My Heart Tells Me Other-Wise As Well I Love You, Make No Mistake About That Bonnie 'n Clyde, My Ride Or Die Chick
The Army Ordeal...
Well I found out that most if not all of the things my recruiter told me were complete lies. I decided not to go into the army and so didn't show for my ship date. I felt it was the right choice for me. Anyone who knows me, really knows me knows I absolutely hate lies. If I give my word then I fully intend to keep it. Unless it directly affects my children. I strictly said I did not want a job that would put me on the roads in iraq. Guess what he didn't tell me? Yep, I'd be in transport. Well I felt it was too much of a risk, considering I have two small children who expect their mommy to come home in one piece. The day I was supposed to show up for ship day is when it all began. They sent recruiters to my mom's house, ones I didn't even recognize. The first one I didn't speak to and instructed my mom to say I wasn't there. Then I left my car and went to stay with a friend. Later that night my recruiter and another showed back up at my mom's when I wasn't there. They harassed my mom fo
I'm Back
hey everyone. i know it's been a while i didn't have the net for a long time but now i'm back. missed u all. hope u didn't forget me. drop me a line *FUBAR ALL THE WAY*
Just Sick Of It.
For anyone who doesn't know music, all of my status messages are song lyrics. So for the dumbasses that think I'm being naughty, get your balls into check. Also, from now on, anyone else who messages me with a dirty message, will get my pointy heel to their taint. -|Smexi| P.S. Without naming names (moose), if you continue to message me in sb and I don't answer, TAKE A FUCKING HINT!
Song Of The Day - 08/07/08 - Queen - Don't Stop Me Now (night At The Opera Version)
Dont Stop Me Now - Queen Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time I feel alive And the world turning inside out, yeah And floating around in ecstasy, so Don't stop me now Don't stop me 'Cuz I'm having a good time, having a good time I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva I'm gonna go, go, go There's no stopping me I'm burning through the sky, yeah Two hundred degrees That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit I'm a traveling at the speed of light I wanna make a supersonic man out of you (Don't stop me now) I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball (Don't stop me now) if you wanna have a good time just give me a call (Don't stop me now) 'Cuz I'm havin' a good time (Don't stop me now) Yes, I'm havin' a good time I don't want to stop at all I'm a rocket ship on my way to Mars On a collision course I am a satellite, I'm out of control I am a sex machine r
My Job
so it turns out i didn't lose my job after all my boss put me on a ploa so i didn't get any points for the time i took off, to be with my mom. go me er i guess.....i was kinda hoping to get fired, cause it would have gave me the kick in the ass to get a new job. not only that.....i've been off for 2 weeks now, and tonight is gonna be a long night. boooooo at night shift!
Why Email Is Like A Penis
Why Email is Like a Penis Some folks have it, some don't. Those who have it wouldbe devastated if it were ever cut off. They think that those who don't have it are somehowinferior. They think it gives them power. They are wrong. Those who don't have it may agree thatit's a nifty toy, but think it's not worth the fussthat those who do have it make about it. Still, manyof those who don't have it would like to try it. It can be up or down. It's more fun when it's up, butit makes it hard to get any real work done. In the long distant past, its only purpose was to transmitinformation considered vital to the survival of thespecies. Some people still think that's the only thingit should be used for, but most folks today use it forfun most of the time. Once you've started playing with it, it's hard to stop.Some people would just play with it all day if theydidn't have work to do. It provides a way to interact with other people. Somepeople take this interaction very seriously, otherstreat
Condom Fun.
My children want me to go to the store and buy Magnum condoms so they can do experiments with mentos candy. I seriously need to limit their time on youtube!! My daughter says "this is a good thing right? We like condoms,so this will be a good thing for us in the future." Holy freaking shit! Ok,I am so trying not to laugh my ass off! This is actually a really good day now! :)
What You Cant Have
You always want what you cant have, and when you try to get what you want you get nothing, becuase you lost what you had and you cant get what you want. then you realize that what you had wasnt as bad as you thought it was, but its too late now you screwed upand this time , its gonna hurt
I Reject Your Reality....
....and replace it with my own
Do You Want Fubucks??
Do You Want Fubucks?? The First One To Screen Shot My Blast And Send It To Me Will Get 5,000 Fubucks
Midnight Illusions
I Love You Hard To Handle!!!!!
I'm not going to write a bunch or make this fancy. Just please come and help my sexy friend level! Click here.... -(`v)-Btifl $$tr~trs P..P Mlti~-(`v)-@ fubar And repost for me please! Thank you so much!!! Michele (repost of original by 'Hard 2 Handle ~ La*La's FuWife~ **Can't Be Owned**' on '2008-08-07 12:51:08')
Desert Rose
I dream of rain I dream of gardens in the desert sand I wake in vain I dream of love as time runs through my hand I dream of fire Those dreams that tie two hearts that will never die And near the flames The shadows play in the shape of the man's desire This desert rose Whose shadow bears the secret promise This desert flower No sweet perfume that would torture you more than this And now she turns This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams This fire burns I realize that nothing's as it seems I dream of rain I dream of gardens in the desert sand I wake in vain I dream of love as time runs through my hand I dream of rain I lift my gaze to empty skies above I close my eyes The rare perfume is the sweet intoxication of love I dream of rain I dream of gardens in the desert sand I wake in vain I dream of love as time runs through my hand Sweet desert rose Whose shadow bears the secret promise This desert flower
How Much Do Americans Know About Europe??;-)
If It Wasnt For You Mom
If it wasnt for you mom, i wouldnt be here to share life, if it wasnt for you mom, i wouldnt be here to say thank you for never giving up on me. you are my friend, my inspiration to help me get through the good and the bad times in my life. if it wasnt for you. Love from your son, Cleon
We Could Use A Little Bombing Help
Lets get on this team come on.. We can get these done in no time.. Hurry ... 20k for a 3 month vip... 20k for a 30 month vip
A Tale Of Three Sarahs And Water Displacement #40
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ... Wait a minute, thats another story. When I got home last night after it felt like Id worn the nerves out on my fingers from scrubbing down some very visible paint spots, I saw Sarah and Jeffrey with their aunt Mary whod been off from work Wednesday with their new cell phones! No, our children arent more articulate than even Mom and I thought at two-and-a-half and one (though Ill admit Sarahs I watch Hannah [Montana] with my Mary before she went to be last night impressed me; she even knows after asking for help to look for something to reply never mind, I found it when she finds it), the cell phones were actually calculators shaped that way that Mary had bought at a dollar store! Im sure our kids aunt Margaret is kicking herself for allowing her twelve-year-old Breanna to buy a cell phone. As I brought Sarah and Jeffrey to Sharons (their grandma, Marthas mom) for the day, Margaret was uploading some files on he
Blood beading like sweat upon silvery blades, mirrored on its face is a stealing blank gaze. Another young woman with a quick spitter fades, her face all in ruby and eyes all in glaze. And just in a flash flesh is left all alone, to wait for salvation in putrid piles. The revenge inside me is not all my own, from the sight of blood my lip curls and smiles. Her vulgar throat held so bare beneath my hand, dead with just a gesture of my silver claw. Sitting ghostly eyes triumphant stand, cast strong and bright over the devilious law. With death my torn heart was finally at rest, my heart rejoicing at the sight of her death. Sleep now my faithful friends for finished is the quest, feel the relief with one bottomless deep breath. (Until the blade falls into anothers heart), Friend you and I shall drip rubies eternal. Well do wonders together and never part, from our strange world draped in darkness nocturnal. Then my eyes find the truth all wrapped up and dea
Casino - Newgrounds Hold'em
Giving Fubucks Away & Making Graphics For Rates
Need Fubucks ? I'm Giving Out Fubucks For 11's & Blings (20,000 Fubucks For 100 11's During Happy Hour) I Am Also Making Graphics For Rates! I Will Make You One Of These In Any Color You Want If You Rate 100 Of My Pictures Or Stash (Rates Do Not Have To Be 11's For A Graphic) I Also Have Two Folders You Can Rate With 100 10's 5,000 Fubucks For One Or 10,000 For Both
i need help on copying and pasting comments pls all help is appreciated ty
Weird - Duke Nukem 3d Slots
Delicious Angel Hair In Tomato, Tuna And Olive Sauce
NGREDIENTS 2 1/2 tablespoons olive oil 3/4 cup chopped onion 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 (6 ounce) can solid white tuna packed in water, drained 1 (14.5 ounce) can whole peeled tomatoes, chopped 1 (4.25 ounce) can black olives, drained and halved 1/2 teaspoon dried basil 1/4 teaspoon dried oregano freshly ground black pepper to taste 1 (28 ounce) can tomato puree 1 (16 ounce) package uncooked angel hair pasta 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese for topping DIRECTIONS 1. Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Stir in onion and garlic, and cook until tender. Mix in tuna and peeled tomatoes; cook until heated through. Mix in olives. Season with basil, oregano and pepper. Cook and stir 5 minutes. Stir in tomato puree. Cover, reduce heat to low and simmer 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. 2. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Place angel hair pasta in pot and cook 4 minutes, or until al dente. Serve topped with the sauce and sprinkled with
The Squirrel God
I have this squirrel in my backyard that i absolutely love. I've even named him. Keith; after Keith Buckley. Anyway this squirrel is crazy and I was telling my sister about him. He likes to get really close to me and just stare and then run away for no reason. She's dared me to hand feed the squirrel and take photographic evidence of said act. Pray that i don't get rabies. :D
I Made New Tags Starting On 8/02/08
Octopus In Tomato Sauce
INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 pounds octopus 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 large onion, chopped 6 cloves garlic, chopped 1/4 cup chopped fresh mint leaves 1 teaspoon curry powder 1 teaspoon mixed spice salt and pepper to taste 1 cup red wine 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon zest 1/2 teaspoon grated orange zest 1 (28 ounce) can whole peeled tomatoes 2 tablespoons tomato paste 1 (8 ounce) can peas, drained 2 potatoes, peeled and cubed 10 whole pitted ripe olives 4 bay leaves 1 teaspoon white sugar DIRECTIONS 1. Place the octopus into a large pot and fill with enough lightly salted water to cover. Bring to a boil, and then simmer over medium heat until octopus is opaque, about 15 minutes. Drain and allow to cool slightly; cut into bite-size pieces. 2. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the onion, garlic, mint leaves, curry powder and mixed spice; cook and stir until onion is soft. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Mix in the octopus pieces, wine, l
Adult - Strip Snake
Brett Favre Is A Jet!!!
Brett Favre is a Jet PDF Print E-mail Written by UsTailgate Thursday, 07 August 2008 BallHype The Brett Favre era in Green Bay is now officially over. The month-long saga has finally come to an end, with the Packers agreeing to trade their future Hall-of-Fame quarterback to the New York Jets, has learned. The exact compensation was not immediately known, but it is believed to be a single draft pick that increases in value depending upon how the Jets perform during the 2008 season. "Brett has had a long and storied career in Green Bay, and the Packers owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for everything he accomplished on the field and for the impact he made in the state. It is with some sadness that we make this announcement, but also with the desire for certainty that will allow us to move the team and organization forward in the most positive way possible. "We respect Brett's decision that he could no longer remain here as a Packer. But
Fucking Drama!
I have no fucking clue why people have to cause so much drama! I mean I help them out and tell them to keep there head up and then they say that I'm right and then they start causing shit that doesn't need to be caused!!! Drama needs to stay out of Fubar! If someone is in a relationship with someone then you should be able to trust them without asking every two minutes if they are ok or if they are leaving them for someone else!
Calamari With Tomato Sauce
INGREDIENTS 3 tablespoons olive oil 3 cloves garlic, sliced 1 (28 ounce) can tomato puree 28 fluid ounces water 1/2 cup red wine 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon white sugar crushed red pepper to taste 1 (16 ounce) package uncooked linguine pasta 3 pounds squid, cleaned and sliced into rings DIRECTIONS 1. Heat olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Stir in the garlic and cook until lightly brown. Stir in tomato puree, water, red wine, salt, sugar and crushed red pepper. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 30 minutes, stirring occasionally 2. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add linguine and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until al dente; drain. 3. Stir calamari into the tomato puree mixture. Continue to simmer approximately 15 minutes, until squid is opaque. Check frequently to avoid overcooking squid. Serve squid and sauce over cooked linguine.
Re: Ron Paul Fears Staged Iran Pretext Could Bring Draft
RE: Ron Paul Fears Staged Iran Pretext Could Bring Draft ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 05 Aug 2008, 18:02 Ron Paul Fears Staged Iran Pretext Could Bring National Draft Congressman Ron Paul fears that a staged incident exploited as a pretext to attack Iran may be the precursor to a national draft, as he responded to Sy Hershs astounding report that Dick Cheney proposed faking a Gulf of Tonkin style incident by killing Americans in the Straits of Hormuz and blaming it on Iran. http://www. prisonplanet. com/ron-paul-fears-staged-iran-pretext-could-bring-national-draft. html
Re: Why Does The Illuminati Eye Infest Christian Churches?
RE: Why Does The Illuminati Eye Infest Christian Churches?
Re: Why Does The Illuminati Eye Infest Christian Churches?
RE: Why Does The Illuminati Eye Infest Christian Churches? ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 06 Aug 2008, 17:51 Why Does The Illuminati Eye Infest Christian Churches? During a visit to a breathtaking, beautiful and ornate Christian cathedral in Lucerne, Switzerland last week, I was taken aback by the sight of something that seemed completely out of context and out of place - a baleful and evil-looking Illuminati eye staring out over a representation of the crucified Jesus. Why do similar depictions infest Christian churches the world over? http://www. prisonplanet. com/why-does-the-illuminati-eye-infest-christian-churches. html
Calamari In A Creamy White Wine Sauce
INGREDIENTS 1/2 pound linguine pasta 2 tablespoons olive oil 3 cloves garlic, crushed 8 ounces squid, cleaned and cut into rings and tentacles 3/4 cup white wine 3 cherry peppers, thinly sliced 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1 cup cream crushed red pepper flakes to taste salt and pepper to taste 1/2 cup shredded fresh basil 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese DIRECTIONS 1. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add pasta and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until al dente; drain. 2. Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add crushed garlic, and cook for a few seconds until it turns golden brown. Stir in the squid, and cook until it turns white. Pour in white wine and cherry pepper slices; bring to a simmer, and cook until the wine is reduced by half, about 3 minutes. 3. Stir cornstarch into the cream, and add to the simmering calamari. Season with red pepper flakes, basil, salt, and pepper; stir until thickened. To serve, toss pasta
Re: Driver Convicted While Bin Laden's Senior Body Guard Let Go
RE: Driver Convicted While Bin Laden's Senior Body Guard Let Go ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 06 Aug 2008, 19:19 Low Level Driver Convicted Of Terror Charges While Bin Laden's Senior Body Guard Was Let Go Sentencing will be passed down later today on Salim Hamdan, a man described by defense attorneys and witnesses as a low level driver who knew nothing of Al Qaeda. The driver will face life imprisonment while it was revealed last week that Osama Bin Laden's most senior bodyguard was simply let go from the prison at Guantnamo Bay. http://www. infowars. net/articles/august2008/060808Driver. htm
Re: Anti-war Website Operator Threatened By Armed Thugs
RE: Anti-War Website Operator Threatened By Armed Thugs ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 07 Aug 2008, 12:28 Anti-War Website Operator Threatened By Armed Thugs The operator of a leading alternative news and strongly anti-war website has become the target of nefarious thugs apparently in the employ of the U.S. government who have continually harassed him and ordered him to shut down his website. http://www. prisonplanet. com/anti-war-website-operator-threatened-by-armed-thugs. html
Re: Bush Lectures Chinese Government As It Apes His Own Policies
RE: Bush Lectures Chinese Government As It Apes His Own Policies ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 07 Aug 2008, 19:17 Bush Lectures Chinese Government As It Apes His Own "Free Speech Zone" Policy In a scenario resembling that of the pot calling the kettle black, President Bush has hit out at the Chinese government for its crackdown on dissent during the Olympics, while the Communist regime is aping a "free speech zone" policy created by Bush's own administration. http://www. infowars. net/articles/august2008/070808Bush. htm
Fun - Naked Melee
My Friends List
Shooting - Sheep Invaders
Skill - Cat Vacuum
A Little Fubar Love Story
once upon a time in Ohio a girl was bored and went on a site that was like an online bar. At the same time in Hawaii, a Navy man was also bored and went on the same site. The girl's then bf played stupid and made a mumm (make up my mind) poll about her and him having "fun" on webcam and who'd like to watch. The Navy man out of sheer boredom left a comment on the mumm and the girl saw it. The girl went to the Navy man's profile to see his pictures because she thought he was pretty damn sexy. She left a comment on one of his "sexy" pictures in which he replied to in her shoutbox. The Navy man and girl then started IMing back and forth about common interests and realized they really started to like each other. The Navy man gave the girl his cellphone number. When she called him, she was immediately hypnotized by his sexy low voice. The Navy man and the girl talked 2 days straight. If not on the phone they'd be IMing each other on their yahoo messenger. 2 days later, even thoug
Puzzle - Castlewars
Marilyn 2
"Women who seek to be equal with mean lack ambition" Marilyn Monroe
Casino - Governor Of Poker
"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle, but if you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." Marilyn Monroe
So, tomorrow (8-8-08) was SUPPOSED to be my wedding day. :( For those that don't know, my fiance and I broke up at the end of June. I talked to him off and on for about 2-2 1/2 weeks after the break up, then I caught him in a lie, called him out on it, and he refuses to talk to me now. It's very upsetting, but with the help of my wonderful family and friends (in RL and on Fu) I'm starting to get over it. I'm sure that it's going to hurt for a while, but it really is for the better. All of the crap that he put me through, if I'd have stayed with him, and even married him, I'd have probably killed him. I will always love you! I'm more or less writing this blog just to vent. Last night as I was on the phone with one of my best friends, he mentioned that the Olympics started Friday on 8-8-08, and that's when I realized what ELSE was supposed to happen. I couldn't help but to just break down and cry. He talked to me for hours and helped me improve my mood a little bit. I'm sure that f
Action - The Great Bathroom Escape
Action - Playing With Fire 2
What's For Dinner Tonight
Here I go again making spaish food for dinner tonight..roast pork and rice and beans..Mind you I am not spanish at all but I learned how to cook spaish food. 3 of my kids have spanish blood in them the other 2 don't and they love it. I love it!!! YUM YUM
[ Uuuh...]
WARHAMMER ANNOUNCED LAST NIGHT! 9/18/08 See you fuckbags... NEVER! I'm out if that game's any fucking good. Hahaha. What? It's just like here, only the environment is polygons, and I get to cut things and SMASH HEADS! instead of "comment bomb". Instead of buying blasts or "bling" I'm paying a monthly subscription and working my way toward RULING THE WORLD! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Besides, I was never any good at this game. Not enough strategy and character customization. But in all seriousness... This game has some promise. See you on the blood soaked battlgerounds of your homeland. And if its not any good, it'll at least carry me until Fallout 3, Resident Evil 5, and Borderlands. Dude, I'm set. Just need a job.
Xile Sucks Or Maybe Its Just Me
i went last night for an hour and then left. its just not fun or maybe its the state of mind im in.i don't know. i was really excited to go too and then i got there and it was just blah.
Hold Me Now
I have a picture pinned to my wall an image of you and of me we were laughing with love in it all look at our life now tattered and torn fussing and fighting delighting with tears and we cry until dawn (oh oh) hold me now (woah) hold my hand stay with me let loving start let loving start you say i'm a dreamer we're two of a kind both of us searching for some perfect world we know we'll never find so perhaps i should leave here yeah go far away but you know that there's nowhere that i'd rather be than with you here today (oh oh) hold me now (oh) hold my hand stay with me let loving start let loving start oh hold me now (woah) hold my hand stay with me let loving start let loving start woah oh oh you ask if i love you what can i say you know that i do and that this is just one of those games that we play so i sing you a new song please don't cry any more and i ask your forgiv
I Am New
Ok...I am new here and don't have a clue where to even start. I am just going to go with the flow and see how it goes....anyone who has any advise just send it to me! Thanks have a great day.
Anyone Who Wants In
I have decided to do a contest..well not decided people are telling me to do one. So i am going to let anyone join that wants to. If you want to be in the contest you have to add me and send me a message that you want in and then let me know what pic you want in. Prize will eaither be 12-25 pack of fubling or a blast. First one to 10,000 comments wins. If you hit 10,000 comments let me know send me in a shout or a message.
Don't Wanna Play .....
I don't want to play "Crush" anymore. My crushes keep leaving and it makes me sad.
'angel On A Mission'
'Angel on a Mission' Angel feathers found in your bed, Their protecting you from overhead. They drop their feathers throughout the night, As they bless your dreams with their wings in flight. Some white, some black feathers you'll see, But making no difference in you or me. Their mission the same, from Heaven above, To bring God's children, all of His love. Unfolding their wings, brushing away all life's harms, Enfolding and rocking you safe in winged arms. So to bed you must go, so the Angels can be, All that God made them, for you and for me. BlueWolf 51 8/2008
You are a great friend I think we could be more You dug so deep within my heart and now you stick to my inner core You're like my true inspiration, you give me the strength to move on You're like the perfect picture but you were never drawn This is not a coincidence and it could never be a mistake Your words and kindness make my soul feel warm, off its embrace I can't wait to see you, for you to hold me in your arms For you to whisper things I want to hear and fill my cup with charm I was so empty and lonely when you weren't with me And now that I have you close, I want us to be so near I want us to be together, even though I don't know you well But maybe we should wait and see if time will tell I think this is the beginning of something strong and true Don't ever go away because I'm beginning to attach to you I wonder what will come of this odd and simple romance Maybe a first kiss and a simple embrace
And You Wonder Why They Call It "practice"
Cyanide & Happiness @
Another Angel Is Going Home
Another angel is going home, the last few years have been tough, we have had our share of tears, the good times wont be forgotten. He is calling for you. Spread your wings, it is time to fly. Another angel is going home. You will be missed, the memories wont be forgotten. It is hard for me to say goodbye. The golden gates will open, and you will be going home. Another angel is going home. The tears are falling, but i know they are calling. My friend dont be sad, you will always be in my heart. Although i wont see you, you are in everything around me. Your smile brings the sunshine, the rain reminds me of the tears, but the flowers will bloom. I know you will be watching from some where up above. I cant imagine life without you here, but i know you wont be in pain anymore. Another angel is going home. I love you my friend, and am going to miss you. another angel is going home.
Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures
Cyanide & Happiness @
You Might Want To Give Him Something Other Than Cookies This Year
Cyanide & Happiness @
Post Moved To Its Proper Group
I have a ticker scrolling on a screen near you. If you happen to catch it, please screen shot it for me! Thanks! :D
This Is Too Funny
A man and his wife went on vacation to Jerusalem.While there, the wife passed away.The undertaker told the husband" You can have her shipped home home for $5,000or you can bury her here in the holy land for $150,the man thought about it ,and told him he would just have her shipped home.The man said why would you ship her home and spend $5,000 when she can be buried here in the holy land for $150?.The man replied Long time ago a man was buried here,and three days later, he rose from the dead...I just can't take that chance.
Making A Difference
Love Iz A Farce
farce - a comedy written for the stage or film which aims to entertain the audience by means of unlikely, extravagant, and improbable situations, disguise and mistaken identity, verbal humour of varying degrees of sophistication, which may include sexual innuendo and word play, and a fast-paced plot whose speed usually increases, culminating in an ending which often involves an elaborate chase scene. Farce is also characterized by physical humour, the use of deliberate absurdity or nonsense, and broadly stylized performances. LOVE IZ A FARCE
Thursday Morning. In Short (sentances)
just woke up. stayed up way late. saw tim for a min last night, for the first time in idk 8 months. my house is a mess. my cats hate me. Its pretty outside. I look like swamp thing. My body hurts. High Heels will be the death of me. DO NOT get Stimulating Pleasure Gel in ur eye, it burns. I'm going to purchase nearly everything my store sells. I wanna go to the beach. I wanna get my shit figured out. I don't wanna think about anything. I don't care anymore. I wanna go dance. I wanna be reckless
"josh Silver,"
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 10:49:52 -0500 From: To: Subject: Comcast's $3.3 Billion Dear colin, Comcast is getting ready to appeal last weeks FCC ruling. We need your help to fight back. Support the Free Press Action Fund right now A few days ago, the FCC dealt Comcast a crushing blow -- ruling that the cable giant had no right to block consumers access to the open Internet. But that landmark victory for Net Neutrality is already in danger. Comcast is working to reverse or dilute the FCCs ruling, and we need your help to stop them. Defend Our Net Neutrality Victory: Donate Now While Comcasts lobbyists look for ways to weaken or sidestep the FCCs 3-2 mandate, its lawyers are getting ready to challenge the ruling in court. They know -- and we know -- that if Internet users win this first major Net Neutrality battle, Big Medias dreams of controlling and
A Very Huge Thank You For Helping Out
DEMENTED187!!!! I just want to thank everyone for all your help on Leveling Demented187... If you helped and don't see your name below plz message me and let me know I will update it...I know he would thank you if he could right now!!! As many of you know he is gone..He is at bootcamp!!! He left this morning for 13-15 weeks!!!He joined the army...And will be gone till sometime in November unless he can get on the pc down there ... I will be checking on his account for him from time to time...Please continue to show him support as he would if it was you !!! The following people are awesome if you do not have them you are missing out go F/A/R them show them some luv ~Sweet~N~Sexxay~ @ fubar Mrs.CuTiE~/Assistant HELPER @ Hard Rock Cafe Lounge/FuOwned BY Demented187 @ fubar DeDe~CoOwner of Exc
The Enemy
Hey! Oh, Mr. backstabbing son of a bitch You're living in a world that will soon be dying And I know, everybody knows you try to be like me But even at your best, as a man you couldn't equil half of me I am realizing, that everybody's lost their simple ways And now that is here, I see it all so clearly I've come face to face with the enemy, oh the enemy! You! You're another shittalking punk to me You're living inspiration for what I never wanna be And I see, you've been blinded by what you believe And now back up and sit down shut up and act like you need to be I am realizing, that everybody's lost their simple ways And now that is here, I see it all so clearly I've come face to face with the enemy, oh the enemy! Come to me, come to me, the enemy, come to me, come to me So predicting, you're the reason why I lie Safehold decision took too much time To fly Oh, check mate, check mate... I am realizing, that everybody's lost their simple w
Straight Out Of Line
There's no reason There's no compromise Changing seasons Living the high life I don't know you So don't freak on me I can't control you You're not my destiny Straight out of line I can't find a reason Why I should justify my ways Straight out of line I don't need a reason You don't need to lie to me I'll confess this You're my tragedy I laid you to rest just As fast as you turned on me Gone forever Banish the memories Displays of pleasure Are masked by your misery Straight out of line I can't find a reason Why I should justify my ways Straight out of line I don't need a reason You don't need to lie to me Lie to me Straight out of line I can't find a reason Why I should justify my ways Straight out of line I don't need a reason You don't need to You don't need to lie to me Lie to me Lie to me Lie to me
My Belief
you're either with us, or against us" is commonly used to polarize situations and force an audience to either become allies or to accept the consequences as being deemed an enemy. The statement can sometimes be interpreted as a false dilemma, which is an informal fallacy; however, it may also serve merely as a descriptive statement identifying the beliefs of the speaker(s), and thus state a basic assumption and not a logical conclusion. It may also be interpreted as a speech act. Some see the statement as a way of persuading others to choose sides in a conflict which does not afford the luxury of neutrality. Only when there is absolutely no middle ground does the phrase hold validity as a logical conclusion.
"let's Give Him Back His 50 Cents"
A new York Divorce Lawyer died and arrived at the pearly gates. Saint Peter asks him "What have you done to merit entrance into Heaven?" The Lawyer thought a moment, then said, "A week ago, I gave a quarter to a homeless person on the street." Saint Peter asked Gabriel to check this out in the record, and after a moment Gabriel affirmed that this was true. Saint Peter said, "Well , that's fine, but it's not really quite enough to get you into Heaven." The Lawyer said, "Wait Wait! There's more! Three years ago I also gave a homeless person a quarter." Saint Peter nodded to Gabriel, who after a moment nodded back, affirming this, too, had been verified. Saint Peter then whispered to Gabriel, "Well, what do you suggest we do with this fellow?" Gabriel gave the Lawyer a sidelong glance, then said to Saint Peter, "Let's give him back his 50 cents and tell him to go to Hell."
I can't see you I can't smell you I can't touch you And I can't feel you But, somehow, I know you're there. A distance, so brutally far A feeling, so uncomfortably near It fills me with want and desire And I realize- I must not conspire. I cannot think and can't imagine I fear if I do it will make me closer While you remain out of reach And probably with someone else... I know I could be her... if I was there. I can't see you I can't smell you I can't touch you And I can't feel you But, somehow, I know you're there. I long to hear your voice once more. In the past it filled me with exhilaration And then left me in despair. Fill my soul once more with your proper tone And then jerk it away, as if to say, "So long". I want to know feelings I never felt before But will I ever experience your gentle touch? Or your warm breath against my neck, As you solemnly whisper, "I love you, I need you." But............. I can't see you I can't smell you I
A man says to his girlfriend, "I'm feeling kinky tonight. How about I cum in your ear, baby?" His girlfriend answers, "No way! I might go deaf." Her guy replies dryly, "Bullshit! I've been cumming in your mouth for 20 years, and you never shut the hell up!"
Needin Some Advice
Hey sup peeps always in need of something huh?? hey my ex back in 06 will not stop calling me ok she has a child and got it taking away from her ok and now she is on anyhting you can imagine she is just dwelling about everything i said to her that change your ways and get a job and get the hell out of your perants house and maybe they will look at you seeing that you you are doing your part. Now she is thinking of killing herself. should i leave it alone you all i ean i dont fell relationshop with her any more like gf bf type and i justr fill like she jsut needs some help with all of this so i am trying but if she dont take it into consideration i guess to some peeps they have to take it the hard way.. (is that to harsh you all)
Caught In The Middle...
I awoke this morning still dreaming. I forgot that I had actualy slept. I forgot that i was still here in my forced prison. My dream was a continuance of my days past, Happy and care free. But I saw all in my waking dream. I didn't want to return to this obsurd world. I wanted to be happy. I was loved in the dream. I was held in such a manner that made me feel so warm. yet I have awoken to this world once again, alone and bitter... when will my love come and save me from this prison? I can only hope and pray...
Oh My
One day a teacher had a taste test, she picked a little boy to do it, she blindfolded him, put a Hershey kiss in his mouth and asked do you know what it is? No, I don't said the little boy, okay I will give you a clue its the thing your Daddy wants from your Mommy before he goes to work, suddenly a little girl at the back of the room yelled, spit it out! It's a piece of ass!!!!
Amazing Life Facts
I become confused when I hear these terms which reference the word 'service'. Internal Revenue 'Service' U.S. Postal 'Service' Telephone 'Service' T.V. 'Service' Civil 'Service' City & County Public 'Service' Customer 'Service' This is not what I thought 'service' meant. But today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to 'service' a few cows. BAM!!! It all came into perspective. I now understand what all those 'service' agencies are doing to us. I hope you are as enlightened as I am.
so warm here i need a cool drink pls :)
Something has to change. Un-deniable dilemma. Boredom's not a burden Anyone should bear. Constant over stimu-lation numbs me and I wouldn't have It any other way. It's not enough. I need more. Nothing seems to satisfy. I don't want it. I just need it. To feel, to breathe, to know I'm alive. Finger deep within the borderline. Show me that you love me and that we belong together. Relax, turn around and take my hand. I can help you change Tired moments into pleasure. Say the word and we'll be Well upon our way. Blend and balance Pain and comfort Deep within you Till you will not have me any other way. It's not enough. I need more. Nothing seems to satisfy. I don't want it. I just need it. To feel, to breathe, to know I'm alive. Knuckle deep inside the borderline. This may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to. Relax. Slip away. Something kinda sad about the way that things have come to be. Desensitized to everything. What b
If I Only Knew
If I Only Knew that this would be the day, the day we would have to look back and remember the laughter and the tears. If I Only Knew, that this would be the day that you would spread your wings. If i Only knew that this would be the day the angels would come to call to take you home. If I Only Knew I'd be saying goodbye, I would have spent more time building up memories. I have enough memories, of the days we did spend. If I Only Knew, this would be the last walk we would ever take. If I Only Knew this would be the last time that I would say I Love You My friend I would have taken more time to be by your side. If I only Knew this would be our last walk in the rain. If I Only Knew. I am going to miss you. If I Only Knew
as many of you know, im moving to wisconsin/minnisota area right on the border, well im going to be staying with my neice for a little bit there while i find a job up there and stuff, and she dont have internet, i will try to find ways to get online in any spare time i have to do that, like librarys or whatever, i will also be on my yahoo from my phone from time to time, but if u dont see me around dont worry, i'll be back as fast as i can love my friends so please dont forget me
~ Simple Kiss ~
A Simple Kiss... You look deep into her eyes, you see the smile on her face, the glow of her inner beauty, all because of you. You embrace her in your arms as if you never intend to let her go. You slowly move twards her, sofly kiss her lips, as you close your eyes, you feel the passion start to boil as you two embrace. You feel her tounge twist n bind with yours, as you twirl it around, you 2 are now connected, both are 1. As of this moment, nothing else in the world matters. Doesn't matter where you are, what is going on in the world, because for now, each other share undivided attention. You are the only thing that matters for this split moment in time, you are all hers. You firmly hold her now, running your hands through her hair, softly around her neck, slowly down her back. Caressing her every body line. You slowly look @ her as you slowly suck her tounge, move your tounge around her lips, soflty kissing them. You take a quik glance, and smile, knowing she is left in Xtascy, f
Sytycd Finale
Going into the Finale last night I really thought it was a two horse race so to speak. I thought Josh and Katee were well ahead of Twitch and Courtney. I really thought that the Foxtrot was going to kill any chance Twitch had at all. So onto last night, I thought it was a really good show. The first number was the Hip Hop with Twitch and Courtney. I thought it was pretty good. Not outstanding but pretty good. I think it kept both of them about where they were in the pecking order. Next was the Wade routine by Katee and Josh. I thought it was masterful. Those two really dance together better then any couple I've ever seen on the show. For me it was the best routine of the night. I can't remember the order but I thought the girls danced together next. The judges seemed to think that Katee was a fair bit better then Courtney in this routine but I thought Courtney held her own. Still, Katee was fantastic as always. Next was the Russian dance routine with Twitch and Joshua which was
This is dedicated to all the beautiful women both on here and whom I know....Love you all Below are just a few, go say Hi and show them fu-LOVE!!! She (Tous Les Visages de L'Amour) Elvis Costello Written by Charles Aznavour and Herbert Kretzmer She may be the face I can't forget The trace of pleasure or regret Maybe my treasure or the price I have to pay She may be the song that summer sings May be the chill that autumn brings May be a hundred different things Within the measure of a day She may be the beauty or the beast May be the famine or the feast May turn each day into a Heaven or a Hell She may be the mirror of my dreams A smile reflected in a stream She may not be what she may seem Inside her shell.... She, who always seems so happy in a crowd Whose eyes can be so private and so proud No one's allowed to see them when they cry She maybe the love that cannot hope to last May come to me from shadows in the past
One Year Old
baby running high temp so wont bre on till he is better check home page for targets thanks take care
As Many Of You Know I Am Beyond Broke So
I was gonna throw up a message asking for a vip,but i am not like so many people on here that beg or say i would do this for it.I don't believe in most ways people do things,but that's just me ,if it works for them great,but just not how i am. I writing this to just say i won't have many things like eleven's to use or pics up or even so many fubucks that i always use on all my friends and family. I am not whining or complaining just saying what will happen. I appreciate that i made so many friends so far it's really wonderful that people actually wanted to be friens with me. Sorry got off track there with this blog. Thank you for reading or even giving it a look. ps.I still will rate what i can and help where i can. Love to you all my great friends and family. Like always BIG HUGS AND KISSES
My T&l Family Rocks!!
My T&L family is so awesome I love them all, this proves how wonderful they are and how special they will always be to me and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being so kind to me.This bulletin was posted this morning after I found out that my Papa at 90 years old has died. ... Some times real life creeps in to affect us all. Some times good sometimes not so good. One of our members Dawnie lost her Papa this morning. My deepest sympathies and well wishes go out to her and her Family during this sad time. Please visit Dawnie's page and show a little Family love & support as she deal's with this loss! DawnieProud Member of Thunder & Lightning Levelers@ fubar Thanks All!! Chuck Tracy Cin
All Of You
All Of You Author: David Norman Meece The sound of your voice is music to my ear So soft, sweet, and clear The kiss from your lips words can not explain It takes away my worries and my pain The caress of your hand sends shivers down my spine Everyday I thank God that your mine. The sight of your lovely face takes away all my fears You're the one I want to love through out the years For an eternity I want to spend in your arms Everyday graced by your beauty and your charms.
Freedom Isn't Free
FREEDOM IS NOT REALLY FREE!!! Freedom is not Really Free! From the first day until now brave men and women pay with their lifes, blood, sweat, tears. They pay with their Kid's and their mom's and dad's, their time and their love. Freedom has to be earned everyday and will have to keep being earned as long as this great nation stands. Here are a few stories of people who have paid for are Freedom! A young boy no more than 13 years old stands in a field beating on a drum. The Year is 1777 the boy is a drummer boy for the Colonial Army. As he stands there leading the march with his drum, a shot is fried from the enemy. The bullet rips into the young boys chest causing him to fall to the ground. He lies there bleeding to death. There is not a thing anyone can do. So the boy dies there on the field. How can you say he did not pay!!! A man walks in a jungle he knows not. The year is 1944 in Japan. As he searches for the enemys location he takes a step forward and his foot comes down
To start this blog, I must explain a little bit about my manly daschaund, named after the two biggest icon's of the 70's. My dog's name is Elvis Knieval. Wasn't Elvis' main fan base women? Didn't women love him? Wasn't he a karaoke singing pedophile? The answer to all these question's is yes. But despite all that, he is a male icon. How? Think about it men. Here is a guy who started off by singing "the black man's music", thus thumbing his nose at conventional thinking. He then shook his hips, dampened many a pantie, and got more ass than a toilet seat. In the height of his popularity, he dated a 14 year old girl, served our country to escape scrutiny, came back, and went back to his old ways. He hired an incredible band, forced people to sign over their songs to him, made bazillions of dollars, gave away extravagant gifts, and got more ass than a toilet seat. He got married, had Lisa Marie, became a junkie, got an honorary badge from the DEA, spied on the Beatl
Bigdaddywillneedssomespankins!! Hard Heheh
Very Important ..hehehe ok well maybe not important but... my dear friend needs some help in his contest for an HH ...He's runnin out of time so if ya can spare a few secs of your time ..plz!! Kisses and Bites..*grins* had to do it! Thanks in advance and much luv to all!!
Last Day And I Am So Close!
Today is the last day of the auction! Drew is offering a bonus to the one with the most rates!! I wouldn't be trying so hard if I wasn't fu poor. :( I love to give gifts to friends and am sometimes generous beyond my fu I am currently behind the leader by only 11 rates! Please pass this on to your friends! I appreciate it!! Thank you lovely people!
Mp3 Music
ok, i am needing some help. I have an mp3 player that I got for my birthday and I have a couple of songs on it, but would really like to have some more without possibly having to pay for the songs. Can anyone suggest a good website that will let me download free mp3 songs? I would really love the information if someone knows anything. thanks
Last Practice At River Falls
Tuesday, August 5, 2008 Afternoon practice, 3:45 5:15 PM THE GUNTHER CUNNINGHAM EXPERIENCE Its fitting that in the last edition of The Gunther Cunningham Experience, we discuss what Gunther Cunningham often oversees at the end of football games prevent defense. This afternoon, Cunningham took his linebackers through drills focusing on defensive formations with several defensive backs but only three down linemen. He wanted his linebackers to line up deep off the line of scrimmage, sometimes as far as 12 to 15 yards, especially if it was the last play of the game. However, Cunningham also instructed his players that they had to worry about conservative calls from the offense in such situations. For example, a screen pass, a draw, or even a quarterback scrambling. Cunningham continued his lessons later in the team walkthrough, which featured linebacker Derrick Johnson lining up as a pass rusher. Thats a clear sign the Chiefs will do everything in their power to
Song Of The Day - 8/7/08 - Supertramp - Just Another Nervous Wreck
Just Another Nervous Wreck - Supertramp I'm feelin' so alone now They cut the telephone un hunh Yeah my life is just a mess I threw it all away now I could have made a fortune I lost the craving for success... And as the Acrobats they tumble So the corn begins to crumble While in the mirror She admires a brand new dress... Live on the second floor now They're tryin' to bust the door down Soon I'll have a new address... So much for liberation They'll have a celebration Yeah I've been under too much stress And as the clouds begin to rumble So the juggler makes his fumble And the sun upon my wall is getting less Don't, give a damn Fight, while you can Kill, shoot 'em up They'll, they'll run amuck Shout Judas Loud, they'll hear us Soldier, Sailor Who's your tailor They'll run for cover when they discover Everyone's a nervous wreck now I used to think she was so nimble Would have bought her as a symbol But now I can't afford the pen to sig
Frienships Never Dies
The Beauty
More Tard-o Things
40 things you didn't know about me until you read this 1) What color is your toothbrush? pink and white 2) Name one person that made you smile last night? Emily 3) What were you doing 45 minutes ago? washing dishes 4) What is your favorite candy bar? ..theres so many to choose from 5) Have you ever been to a strip club? ew no 6) What is the last thing you said aloud? are you hungry... 7) What is the best ice cream flavor? Oreo cookie's and cream 8) What was the last thing you had to drink? dr.pepper 9) What are you wearing right now? haha...a t-shirt and pants 10) What was the last thing you ate? ....yesterday i had burger king for lunch..and it sucked i hate burger king now i should have had taco bell 11) Have you bought any new clothing items this week? No not for me :P for emily 12) When was the last time you ran? wow....long long time 13) Who is the last person you sent a comment/message on Fubar. dr. Octagonapus and my mommy 14)
About Me
Friendship Means
Sexual Awakening
B4 Requesting Friend Add
so ive decided again to make it a lil harder ,, if ur on my friends list currently ur lucky ,, if you think u wanna be on my friends list you might wanna remember the word JUGGALO , as you'll need it to become a friend ,,, im getting a ton of requests from people just wanting to add numbers to the game ,, im not here for your amusement or your numbers,, if your not gonna talk and be social then theres no point in being here ,, im not here for points ,, im here to possibly make a coupla friends ,, note: i dont NEED them so i can set rules ,, if the rules are unacceptable ,, oh well , roll on ,, theres plenty of other points whores out there thatll be more than happy to exchange rates with you all day long IM NOT ONE OF THEM ,,so b4 u add remember the word cus i am gonna ask if u cant find it out or dont wanna theres no point ok ,, good luck with that LOL ---PEEC OWT --JAMES
Own Me??
yall wanna own me don't ya?? AIN'T THAT A DAMN SHAME! BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH sorry not up for sale......just thought i should throw that in there for some giggles and stuff. and besides......not like id get alot of fu bucks and stuff so.........I DON'T CARE
Andy Rooney, Smart Man
In case you missed it on 60 Minutes, this is what Andy Rooney Thinks about women over 40: 60 Minutes Correspondent Andy Rooney (CBS) As I grow in age, I value women over 40 most of all. Here are Just a few reasons why: A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night And ask, 'What are you thinking?' She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 40 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do, and it's Usually more interesting. Women over 40 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming Match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they Can get away with it. Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They Know what it's like to be unappreciated. Women get psychic as they age. Y
Did you know the iphone 3G is for 199 with a new 2 year contract or upgrade :) thats pretty freakin sweet if you ask me. I'm getting one soon! yup yup! At the end of the month i will possibly have it :) I'm tired of phones with buttons! I just want a touch screen, i broke my razr a few months back and have been living with a shitty go phone that i hate so much!!!!! I can see the iphone :( send me money so i can get it sooner? lol jk jk jk jk I hate to wait for it, cuz i want it now, i'll be so happy if i woke up and there was an iphone right next to me ^_^
Are You Democrat,republican Or Red Neck
ARE YOU DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN OR REDNECK? Here is a little test that will help you decide You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children. Suddenly, an Islamic terrorist with a huge knife comes around the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, praises Allah, raises the knife, and charges at you. You are carrying a Glock cal 40, and you are an expert shot. You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family. What do you do? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Democrat's Answer Well, that's not enough information to answer the question! Does the man look poor! Or oppressed? Have I ever done anything to him that would inspire him to attack? Could we run away? What does my wife think? What about the kids? Could I possibly swing the gun like a club and knock the knife out of his hand? What does the law say about this situation? Does the Glock have ap
The Knob
A woman in her forties went to a plastic surgeon for > > a face-lift. The surgeon told her about a new procedure > > called 'The Knob,' where a small knob is placed on > > the top of a woman's head and can be turned to tighten up > > her skin to produce the effect of a brand new face lift. Of > > course the woman wanted 'The Knob.'Over the > > course of the years, the woman kept tightening the knob, and > > the effects were wonderful, and the woman > > remained young-looking and vibrant. After fifteen years, the > > woman returned to the surgeon with two problems. 'All > > these years, everything has been working just fine. I've > > had to turn The knob many times and I've always loved the > > results. But now I've developed two annoying problems: > > First, I have these terrible bags under my eyes and the knob > > won't get rid of them.' The doctor looked at her > > closely and said, 'Those aren't bags, those are > > your breasts.''Well,' She said, 'I > > guess there
I went into the shop to buy a watch today. The guy behind the counter said "Analogue?" I said "No just the watch thanks."
There Is One In Every Bunch
Yesterday, we had a mandatory meeting at work, at 430 PM. It was supposed to be this morning, but that wasn't convenient enough for the VP, and to be honest, he could meet more of us at once at the later meeting, so I'm fine with that. So four groups of us met in Bloomington, and got to listen to his take on where we are. And he layed it on thick, talking up the company he came from (we merged with them), while giving our half backhanded compliments. Since it was a crowd heavy with his old company, he went over well. But that isn't the point of this. He then gets to the point where he does a Q & A. So we go through the usual questions, the me me me questions I call them. Will we get more money? Will I have les work? How will we get laid off for winter? And in reality, we should have gotten out of there in a half hour. The VP said absolutely nothing that wasn't said in the daily emails we get. Or he spun his answer so that we never got an answer, but he got to blab
Cdc Warning For Dangerous Virus
The Center for Disease Control has issued a medical alert about a highly contagious, potentially dangerous virus that is transmitted orally, by hand, and even electronically. This virus is called Weary Overload Recreational Killer (WORK). If you receive WORK from your boss, any of your colleagues or anyone else via any means whatsoever - DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus will wipe out your private life completely. If you should come into contact with WORK you should immediately leave the premises. Take two good friends to the nearest grocery store and purchase one or both of the antidotes - Work Isolating Neutralizer Extract (WINE) and Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter (BEER). Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system.
Today's Quote Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece. -Ralph Charell
Update To All My Friends
Just wanted to let everyone know that I've been very busy lately w/ my kids football & cheerleading, going to appointments, & taking care of my house, etc. that I barely have time to myself. Plus the new school year is getting ready to start and I'm trying to get the kids back on schedule. Of course I'm excited for them to go, but at the same time a little sadden as my youngest will be starting school for the 1st time. But I'll try my best to check in from time 2 time and will return all love.
The Ball Is Rolling
I got in touch with my neurosurgeon, a Dr Dinh, and got my x rays and MRI sent to his office. I answered a bunch of questions over the phone, and they said that I would hear back from them in a few days. Then I go for a consultation, and I find out what he thinks is my best bet. As soon as my wife mentioned who my Dr was, a lady from where she used to work went off, saying that the guy is a hack, and that he's operated on the one lady they work with multiple times, and can't get it right. I had a momentary bit of trepidation, but then remembered who she was, and that went away. I'm guessing she isn't one to follow orders, because she's not the most health conscious person. I mean, the invention of the tooth brush has escaped her, so why would following Dr's orders be a priority? My chiro said that for the most part he likes him. For him, that's a ringing endorsement. So when I find out more, I'll let you know.
Pirate Walkks In Da Bar
A pirate walks into a bar and the bartender says, 'Hey, I haven't seen you in a while. What happened? You look terrible.' 'What do you mean?' says the pirate, 'I feel fine.' 'What about the wooden leg?' the bartender asks. 'You didn't have that before.' 'Well, we were in a battle and I got hit with a cannon ball, but I'm fine now.' says the pirate. 'Well, OK, but what about that hook? What happened to your hand?' asks the bartender. 'We were in another battle.' replies the pirate. 'I boarded a ship and got into a sword fight My hand was cut off. I got fitted with a hook. But I'm fine, really.' So the bartender asks, 'What about that eye patch?' The pirate replies, 'Oh, one day we were at sea, and a flock of sea gulls flew over. I looked up and one of them shit in my eye.' 'You're kidding, ' says the bartende
To Friends
I just wanted to write this blog to let everyone know that I am here for friends and to have fun.. I don't comment/fan/rate because I feel I have to or because you did me, I do it because I want too.And really it don't matter to me that you do me, I enjoy the little comments yes, It brings a smile to my face and lets me know I was thought of today. And I don't always answer everyone,Because sometimes my computer is on but I am AWAY..So please don't think I don't wanna talk to you.The people in my family are always the ones I put first because we talk on a daily basis,And that goes for some I am fans of. I do leave alot of random comments, because I like to say hello to all I can,( I am a nice person) but its nothing more than that, I want to make friends and have fun and if you want to join me I am happy to have you!! THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND, SKYE
Thank You All 4 Helping Me 2 Godmother
I so know I am going to miss someone so I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart who have helped me today It was overwhelming seeing everyone coming to my page and I was trying to return rates at the same time. I dont want to miss anyone and hurt their feelings so I am doing this bulletin to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.. Nay-Nay Owned by & R/L Anna Mae & CG of Ace Of Spades@ fubar (repost of original by 'Nay-Nay Owned by & R/L Anna Mae & CG of Ace Of Spades' on '2008-07-29 18:39:59') (repost of original by 'Ace Of Spades Owner & R/L Ike & CM of Nay Nay' on '2008-07-29 22:53:25')
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I Am Not Sure If I Can Be A Jet Fan...but I Will Try...
Good Morning and happy Thursday to you. Not much on my mind other then my favorite QB is now a stinking JET! Oh well out of the dairy land and into the big apple I guessHopefully they can win more then four games with him this year. Other the me wearing a Black Wreath over my FAVRE paraphernalia my day will include playing golf later on to try and maintain 2nd place or over take 1st place So from me to you have a FABULOUS day,. Me I will be looking for Jets .stuff A huge hug and a pat Mart PS thank the maker the saga is finally overI am not bitteroh no I hope the Packers win ZERO GAMES! Then they can move forward in another direction with a new friggen staff and management.
Here Is One Of My Mixes
Illegal Aliens
From the L. A. Times 1. 40% of all workers in L. A. County ( L. A. County has 10.2 million people)are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card. 2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens. 3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens. 4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal , whose births were paid for by taxpayers. 5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally 6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages. 7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border. 8. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal. 9. 21 radio stations in L. A. are Spanish speaking. 10. In L. A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million spe
Rubber Traits
I want to always be on film, To be caught in the cut coffee sober Ding-di-di-ding-di-di-ding-ding-boom-boom-boulder One scratched lens of... Of a brand new prescription Drawing dates from a stacked deck of cards And doom-doom-doom I should cut down my caloric intake I should go to sleep hungry And wake up with my guts knotted up And ears open like a burnt down hut I want my mouth to always taste ablate But i want, but i want, but (ooooooh) I want to kiss like taffy Hump gentle on a bed of nails and Feel salt to widen eyes like a cut-up clam's tongue does I wanna dump early on that bmt the rest I want a patch of blue sky to follow me Unfold an oragami death mask And cut my dna with rubber traits Pull apart the double helix like a wishbone Always be working on a suicide note I don't want to (oo-ee-oo) When i feel like i could have gone longer (repeat x3) I don't want to (oo-ee-oo) When i feel like i could have gone... Productive, fully-charged, co
Going Fishing
Sometimes it seems as though a friend is fishing here on Fubar. I use the term fishing to mean, hunting, or trying to capture, attract, or something of that charachter, others attention. There are certain manifest ideas, that imply that this is the case. Racey pictures, cute status messages, and encouraging others by leaving them messages that would, or should give them an impression of interest. Oh wait I'm on Fubar...
The Spirit Of Giving...
Why accumulate when there is so much joy in giving? Shaker expression One facet of being rich is to be able to give gifts. No matter how much we store up material possessions, if we are unable to give, we are poor. This is the traditional season of giving. But what are the gifts that do not require a hoarding of possessions, that do not require the exploitation of others? The answer is things that cost little but are pleasing to both giver and receiver: A poem or a piece of music that we feel will bring pleasure; a shared meal, or a recipe; knowledge of a lovely spring, or a way to make shoes that are simple, beautiful, and comfortable; a gift of time, for helping plant an apple tree, dig a foundation, or care for a child. The finest gifts depend on thoughtfulness, sensitivity, knowledge, and caringnot on the material wealth of the giver. Is there a finer gift than receiving a lovely person as a neighbor or friend? What are your treasures? What are your jewels? Wh
Artillery Quotes
"Artillerymen believe the world consist of two types of people; other Artillerymen and targets." - Unknown "There is NO job in the Field Artillery for the weak, the timid or the indecisive." - Unknown "Artillery adds dignity, to what would otherwise be an ugly brawl" - Frederick the Great, king of Germany, 1740 to 1786 "Gunners will always fight together, drink together, laugh together, and morn together." - Unknown A Toast to the Guns By them we live, For them we would die. Whatever the Mission, We'll give it a try. We'll serve them with Honor For they are the ones; That make us Artillerymen, So here's to the Guns: TO THE GUNS!! - Unknown "You can't describe the moral lift, when in the fight your spirits weary hears above the hostile fire, Your own artillery. Shells score the air like wavy hair from a forward battery. As regimental cannon crack While from positions further back, in bitter sweet song overhead crashing discordantly Division's
War Quotes
"Battles are sometimes won by generals; wars are nearly always won by sergeants and privates." -F.E. Adcock, British classical scholar The purpose of all war is peace. - Saint Augustine, 354-430 "To have good soldiers, a nation must always be at war." - Napoleon Bonaparte "Laws are inoperative in war" - Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.): Pro Milone. "War is the continuation of policy(politics) by other means." - Karl von Clausewitz Or "It is clear that war is not a mere act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political activity by other means" This is from a translated version of "On War" from 1976 "War is much too serious a matter to be entrusted to the military." - Georges Clemenceau "I don't know whether war is an interlude during peace, or peace is an interlude during war." - Georges Clemenceau "I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity." -Ge
Military Leadership Quotes.
"There is nothing inevitable about military victory, even for forces of apparently overwhelming strength. The Greeks at Marathon, Alexander against the Persian Empire, the success of the colonists against the British in the American Revolution, Napoleon over the Austrians in Italy... all offer dramatic evidence to the contrary. In the absence of inspired military leadership... the more powerful side wears down the weaker." - Bevin Alexander "Never forget that no military leader has ever become great without audacity. If the leader is filled with high ambition and if he pursues his aims with audacity and strength of will, he will reach them in spite of all obstacles." - Karl von Clausewitz If the leader is filled with high ambition and if he pursues his aims with audacity and strength of will, he will reach them in spite of all obstacles. - Karl von Clausewitz "Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it." -General D
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Lend Me A Shoulder
Lend me a shoulder to rest my weary head, Lend me your ears to hear a kind word, lend me your eyes to see what i miss and take for granted, Help me find the way. Lost in a world of little caring, cold hearts they lead us astray, it seems to me we should be sharing our love in so many ways. When you are feeling down and out please just look my way, a friendly smile and a heart filled hug will help you get through your day. Even in the darkest hours I'll shine a light on you and hold your hand and guide you and help you see this through. So if you truly need a friend reach out and i will be there, side by side til the very end, cause friends they always care i want to have you as a friend.
What Is A Marine?
The USMC is over 224 years of romping, stomping, hell, death and destruction. The finest fighting machine the world has ever seen. We were born in a bomb crater, our mother was an M-16 and our father was the devil. Each moment that I live is an additional threat upon your life. I am a rough looking, roving soldier of the sea. I am cocky, self-centered, overbearing, and I do not know the meaning of fear, for I am fear itself. I am a green, amphibious monster made of blood and guts who arose from the sea, festering on anti-Americans throughout the globe. Whenever it may arise, and when my time comes, I will die a glorious death on the battle field, giving my life to mom, the Corps, and the American flag. We stole the eagle from the Air Force, the anchor from the Navy, and the rope from the Army. On the 7th day, while God rested, we over-ran his perimeter and stole the globe, and we've been running the show ever since. We live like soldiers and talk like sailors and slap the hell
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LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE AND ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) It's going to be a busy busy Thursday today on the Opie and Anthony Radio POgram. We have a ton of funny hanging with the crew today, Starting off with our pal Robert Kelly, who is going to be at the Treehouse Comedy Club in Trumbull, CT this weekend. And as long as he's in studio, let's give him a li'l plug...Robert Kelly has a new CD/DVD called Just The Tip, and it's in stores NOW! Click the pic to order it now! Also coming in to hang will be our buddy Mike Birbiglia, who is coming to a town near YOU (click for tickets!) ...and since he's hanging with us, we'll plug his DVD. Click the image below to get Mike's new DVD, Mike Birbiglia: What I Should Have Said Was Nothing - Tales From My Secret Public Journal: As if that wasn't enough, our old friend and ranting lunatic comedian buddy
Mission Of The Marine Corps
"Mission of the Marine Corps" The mission of the Marine Corps is outlined in the National Security Act of 1947 as amended (1952). There are six missions of the Marine Corps 1. To seize or defend advanced naval bases and to conduct such land operations as may be essential to the prosecution of a naval campaign. 2. To provide detachments and organizations for service in armed vessels of the Navy for protection of naval property on naval stations and bases. 3. To develop, with other Armed Forces, the tactics, techniques, and equipment employed by landing forces in amphibious operation. 4. To train and equip, as required, Marine forces for airborne operations. 5. To develop, with other Armed Forces, doctrine, procedures, and equipment of interest to the Marine Corps for airborne operations which are not provided for by the Army. 6. To be able to expand from peacetime components, to meet the needs of war, in accordance with mobilization plans.
Five Paragraph Order
"Five Paragraph Order" keyword "SMEAC" 1. Situation 1a. Enemy 1b. Time - Time of enemy intelligence. 2b. Size - Size of enemy (i.e. squad, battalion, number of enemy). 3b. Unit - Unit they are serving (i.e. Republican Guard). 4b. Activity - What the enemy is doing (i.e. Preparing position). 5b. Location - Position. 6b. Equipment - Weapons they have access to. 7b. DRAW-D what the enemy will do upon contact (Defend, Reinforce, Attack, Withdraw, Delay). 2a. Friendly 1b. Higher - Next higher units mission. 2b. Adjacent - Other units in reserve or assisting. 3b. Supporting - Supporting units. 4b. Attachments/Detachment - Lists if any units attached to your unit. 2. Mission - A clear and concise statement of mission to be accomplished Must contain the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Wh
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Everyone knows how to please me that's on my family list. I adore Salutes !!! make one for me and impress me - then you for a limited time will gaze upon it. Thank you to all those who have made me a salute mmmmwahs xoxoxox and everyone currently on my Famlie List !!! luvs yas! good journeys, ~milady_J_W
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She thinks of him Of only him Longing for his voice To see his face & hold him close To just be with him near him To kiss him To touch him Would be a dream come true She cant explain these feelings run deep She knows they're true True for him and only him With every minute that passes Every breath she takes She thinks of him Always. To see his smile hear his laugh Watch him sleep Would be a dream come true
1stlt Presley Neville O'bannon
1stLt Presley Neville O'Bannon Presley Neville O'Bannon later known as the "Hero of Derne," was born in 1776, in Fauquier County, Virginia. He was appointed a second lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps, 18 January 1801, and was promoted to first lieutenant on 15 October 1802. After serving at various stations in the United States, O'Bannon was assigned to duty on board the USS Adams early in 1802, and sailed for the Mediterranean in June of that year. He returned to the U.S. in November 1803, and was assigned duty at the Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C. He again sailed for the Mediterranean on the USS President on 25 May 1804, arriving at Gilbraltar, 13 August 1804. He was transferred to the USS Constitution on 22 October 1804, and to the USS Argus on 26 October 1804. While serving as Marine officer in the latter vessel he was selected for a special mission, which was destined to be commemorated on the colors of the Marine Corps and forever recorded in the Marines' Hymn in the word
Colonel Archibald Henderson
Colonel Archibald Henderson Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General) Archibald Henderson, fifth Commandant of the Marine Corps, was born in Colchester, Virginia, on 21 January 1783. He was appointed a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps on 4 June 1806; promoted to first lieutenant 6 March 1807; to captain 1 April 1811; and was appointed a major, by brevet, in the year 1814. As a captain during the War of 1812, he participated in the engagements with the Cyane and Levant on 20 February 1815. He received a silver medal and was included in the thanks of Congress to the officers and men of the Constitution for gallant service. He was later presented with a jeweled sword by the State of Virginia. During the years subsequent to the second war with Great Britain, until the year he was appointed Commandant, Brevet Major Henderson was on duty at such posts and stations as Boston, Massachusetts; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps; and at New Orleans, Louisiana. On
Cpl. Ira Hamilton Hayes
Cpl. Ira Hamilton Hayes Ira Hamilton Hayes, participant in the famous flag raising on Iwo Jima, was a Pima Indian, born at Sacaton, Arizona, on 12 January 1923. In 1932, the family moved a few miles southward to Bapchule. Both Sacaton and Bapchule are located within the boundaries of the Gila River Indian Reservation in south central Arizona. Hayes left high school after completing two years of study. He served in the Civilian Conservation Corps in May and June of 1942, and then went to work as a carpenter. On 26 August 1942, Ira Hayes enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve at Phoenix for the duration of the National Emergency. Following boot camp at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot at San Diego, Hayes was assigned to the Parachute Training School at Camp Gillespie, Marine Corps Base, San Diego. Graduated one month later, the Arizonan was qualified as a parachutist on 30 November and promoted to private first class the next day. On 2 December, he joined Company B, 3d Parachute Battal
Visiting the definition given at, the definition of a whore is "a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet." The word can also be used as a verb: "to corrupt, debauch, or make a whore of." Colloquially, we have used the term to talk about any obsession a person, man or woman, has that causes that person to go out of his or her way to achieve that goal, without care for the consequences. For instance, a Fubar "point whore" will do any and every thing to gain points. An "attention whore" is obsessed with attention. Whores aren't just people you run into online, putting themselves out there to feed an obsession. They're the people you meet in bars who dress in next-to-nothing and must show off some well-developed body part to gain attention. They are also the people who are at the same bar, offering alcohol to these people in the hopes that they can get a little attention, too. I guess
History Has A Way Of Changing
#1 "Just because the solutions of problems are not visible at any particular time does not mean that those problems will never be alleviated - - or confined to tolerable dimensions. History has a way of changing the very terms in which problems operate and of leaving them, in the end, unsolved , to be sure, yet strangely deflated of their original meaning and importance." #2 "The thinker dies, but his thoughts are beyond the reach of destruction. Men are mortal; but ideas are immortal.
Colonel John Herschel Glenn
Colonel John Herschel Glenn Colonel John Herschel Glenn, Jr., the first American to orbit the earth, retired from active service in the U.S. Marine Corps, 4 January 1965, following 21 years, 9 months and 4 days as a commissioned Marine officer. He was promoted to his present grade of colonel by President Lyndon B. Johnson in a special ceremony at the White House, 27 October 1964. Colonel Glenn is the first of the seven original astronauts to retire, and was released from his assignment with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), at his own request, in January of 1964. As a member of NASA's Project Mercury, Colonel Glenn made his now historic flight on 20 February 1962. In his Friendship Seven Mercury Spacecraft, the astronaut orbited the earth three times in 4 hours, 56 minutes-- 4 and � hours of which he was weightless in space. Colonel Glenn was born on 18 July 1921, in Cambridge, Ohio. He was graduated from high school in New Concord, Ohio, in 1939
Major General Merritt Austin Edson
Major General Merritt Austin Edson Major General Merritt Austin Edson, known as "Red Mike," was born in Rutland, Vermont, on 25 April 1897, and reared in Chester, Vermont. He attended the University of Vermont for two years. Military service interrupted, however, and on 27 June 1916, Pvt Edson of the First Vermont National Guard Regiment, was sent to Eagle Pass, Texas, for duty on the Mexican border. He returned to the University in September 1916, but joined the Marine Corps Reserve on 26 June the following year. Thus began a career which was to be characterized by its diversity and distinguished even by the high standards of the Marine Corps. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Regular Marine Corps on 9 October 1917. In September of the next year he sailed for France with the 11th Marines. This regiment saw no combat, but during the last six months of his European tour, 2dLt Edson commanded Company D, 15th Separate Marine Battalion, which had been organized for the e
Master Gunnery Sergeant Leland "lou" Diamond
Master Gunnery Sergeant Leland "Lou" Diamond Master Gunnery Sergeant Leland "Lou" Diamond, who was on many occasions decorated for bravery and offered a commission, lives in memory as one of the most famous of all "Old Breed" fighting Leathernecks. Diamond, who died in 1951, represents a legend, which inscribed a colorful chapter in Marine Corps tradition and history. "Lou" Diamond's face, sun-bronzed and accentuated by a neatly trimmed gray goatee, was well known at posts and stations throughout the world. His comrades called him "Lou," but he was thought of, often, as "Mr. Marine" and "Mr. Leatherneck." Diamond was born 30 May 1890, at Bedford, Ohio. Although he first enlisted at the age of 27, somewhat older than most recruits, the difference never was noticeable. His salty, hard-driving personality soon expressed itself in both word and deed, and no Marine ever showed more devotion to the Corps. Because of the incredible voice, which matched his 5-foot, 11-inch, 200-pound
Sergeant Major Daniel "dan" Joseph Daly
Sergeant Major Daniel "Dan" Joseph Daly Sergeant Major Daniel "Dan" Joseph Daly was once acclaimed by MajGen John A. Lejeune, former Commandant of the Marine Corps, as "the outstanding Marine of all time." MajGen Smedley D. Butler called him "The fightinest Marine I ever knew," and wrote that "it was an object lesson to have served with "him." This kind of praise was generally expressed by Marine officers and enlisted men alike and, according to the record, Dan Daly deserved it. Sergeant Major Daly and MajGen Butler are the only Marines who have ever received the Nation's highest military award-the Medal of Honor-twice for separate acts of heroism. A small man (five feet, six inches in height and weighing only 132 pounds), SgtMaj Daly nevertheless was a fine military figure, erect and well-proportioned. His keen gray eyes looked upon danger without fear. Although a "natural" for publicity, he disdained it and disliked all the fuss made over him. He termed medals "a lot of foo
Pvt. Raymond Michael Clausen
Pvt. Raymond Michael Clausen Raymond Michael Clausen, Jr. was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in Vietnam in January 1970. He was born 14 October 1947 in New Orleans, Louisiana, graduated from high school in 1965, and attended college for six months before enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve in New Orleans on 30 March 1966. He was discharged to enlist in the regular Marine Corps on 27 May 1966. Private Clausen received recruit training with the 3d Recruit Training Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, California, and individual combat training with the 3d Battalion, 2d Infantry Training Regiment at Camp Pendleton, California. He then completed Aviation Mechanical Fundamentals School and the Basic Helicopter Course at Naval Air Technical Training Center in Memphis, Tennessee. He completed his training in April 1967 and was transferred to Marine Aircraft Group 26 (MAG-26), Marine Corps Air Facility, New River, Jacksonville, Nor
Fly Away
Spread My Wings Set Me Free Allow This Child To Soar To The Heavens To Sit On A Star To Watch From The Moon Fly Away Fly Fly Fly Away Fly Away Gazing Up You From The Heavens Guarding You From The Other-Side I Use To Hide I Use To Be Afraid I Use To Be Scared To Fly Fly Away Fly Fly Fly Away Fly Away Being As Free As I Want Not Being Afraid Of Anything Gliding Through The Clouds High Above Not To Be Mistaken For A Dove I Never Had That Love Fly Away Fly Fly Fly Away Fly Away It's Not My Fault I Felt That Way I Wanted That Life That I Could Never Have I Was Never Truly Happy I Was Sick Of That Life I Never Accomplished Shit Fly Away Fly Fly Fly Away Fly Away They Found A Hollow Body Void Of The Life I Once Lived Some Shed Tears Others Rejoiced But For The Most Part, I Stopped Caring Fly Away Fly Fly Fly Away Fly Away Never Was I Truly Alive Nor Did I Truly Live Chained To The Ground By My Own Ways Chained To Ever
Brigadier General Evans F. Carlson
Brigadier General Evans F. Carlson Brigadier General Evans F. Carlson, famed Marine leader of "Carlson's Raiders," was born 26 February 1896, at Sidney, New York. His father was a Congregationalist minister. His long and colorful military career begin in 1912, when at the age of 16 he left high school and enlisted in the U.S. Army. When he finished his four-year enlistment he was a "top sergeant." He had served in the Philippines and in Hawaii. He stayed out of uniform less than one year and returned in time for the Mexican punitive expedition. During World War I he saw action in France, and was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in action. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in May, 1917, and made Captain of field artillery in December 1917. He served in Germany with the Army of Occupation. His spectacular career as a Marine started in 1922 when he enlisted as a private. In 1923 he was commissioned a second lieutenant. After duty at Quantico, Virginia, he saile
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Colonel Gregory "pappy" Boyington
Colonel Gregory "Pappy" Boyington Colonel Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, Marine Corps Ace credited with the destruction of 28 Japanese aircraft, was awarded the Medal of Honor "for extraordinary heroism above and beyond the call of duty" while in command of a Marine Fighting Squadron in the Central Solomons Area from 12 September 1943 to 3 January 1944. He was shot down over Rabaul on the latter date, and his capture by the Japanese was followed by 20 months as a prisoner of war. Gregory Boyington was born in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, on 4 December 1912. He graduated from Lincoln High School in Tacoma, Washington, and majored in aeronautical engineering at the University of Washington, graduating in 1934 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Always an athlete, he was a member of the college wrestling and swimming teams, and was a one-time holder of the Pacific Northwest Intercollegiate middle-weight wrestling title. During his summer vacation
Hurray For Good Karma!
Strange night tonight . I was at a friend's house drinking, big surprise there, but anyway, i ended up passing out til about 12:30 or so, then I woke up and my friend was pulling off the whisky still and just trashed... I talked to my friend from TX on the phone for a bit, then when I got off the phone, the friend that I was drinking with started pawing all over me. I'm not about all that. My heart is know who you are. So, I decide, fuck it. I'm going home. Silly me, didn't bring enough cash for a cab, but I live in the city, so I take a bus. I get downtown ok, so when I get to where I need to connect onto another bus, I realize that I just missed the last bus of the night by 15 minutes. DAMN. Well, nothing for me to do, but hoof it. Which blows because I am at this point like 8 miles from home and it is 2AM. Quite the predicament. Long story short, an angel in the form of a little old lady stops, asks me what I am doing alone in the city at this time of the nig
Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock
Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock Hathcock enlisted in the Marine Corps on May 20, 1959, at age 17 years. Before his deployment to Vietnam he won many shooting championships, including the prestigious Wimbledon Cup � long-range shooting's most prestigious prize � in 1965. A year later he was sent to Vietnam. Widely recognized as the Marines' most proficient sniper, Hathcock had killed a confirmed 93 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong personnel. His actual total is believed to be well over 100, which the official count does not reflect. North Vietnam even put a bounty of $50,000 on his life, which was far more than other bounties put on U.S. snipers�typically only $50-$100 USD. The Viet Cong and NVA called Hathcock Long Tra'ng du'Kich, translated as "White Feather Sniper" in English, because of the white feather he kept in a band on his bush hat. He only removed the white feather from his bush hat once while deployed in Vietnam, and that was for his final mission o
Lieutenant General Lewis "chesty" Burwell Puller
Lieutenant General Lewis "Chesty" Burwell Puller, colorful veteran of the Korean fighting, four World War II campaigns and expeditionary service in China, Nicaragua and Haiti, was one of the most decorated Marines in the Corps, and the only Leatherneck ever to win the Navy Cross five times for heroism and gallantry in action. Promoted to his final rank and placed on the temporary disability retired list 1 November 1955, he died on 11 October 1971 in Hampton, Virginia after a long illness. The general's last active duty station was Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where he was commanding the 2d Marine Division when he became seriously ill in August 1954. After that he served as Deputy Camp Commander until his illness forced him to retire. A Marine officer and enlisted man for 37 years, General Puller served at sea or overseas for all but ten of those years, including a hitch as commander of the "Horse Marines" in China. Excluding medals from foreign governments, he won a total of 14
More Quotes
There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion. Gen. William Thornson, U.S. Army Freedom is not free, but the U.S. Marine Corps will pay most of your share. Ned Dolan We signed up knowing the risk. Those innocent people in New York didn't go to work thinking there was any kind of risk. Pvt. Mike Armendariz-Clark, USMC; Afghanastan, 20 September 2001 As reported on page 1 of the New York Times The safest place in Korea was right behind a platoon of Marines. Lord, how they could fight! MGen. Frank E. Lowe, USA; Korea, 26 January 1952 Marines know how to use their bayonets. Army bayonets may as well be paper-weights. Navy Times; November 1994 Why in hell can't the Army do it if the Marines can. They are the same kind of men; why can't they be like Marines. Gen. John J. "Black Jack" Pershing, USA; 12 February 1918 The United States Marine Corps, with its fiercely proud tradition of excellen
Medal Of Honor
Marine Corps Medal Of Honor Marine Corps Medal Of HonorThe Medal of Honor is the highest award for bravery that can be given to any individual in the United States. In judging men for receipt of the medal, each service has established its own regulations. The deed must be proved by incontestable evidence of at least two eyewitnesses; it must be so outstanding that it clearly distinguishes the recipient's gallantry beyond the call of duty from lesser forms of bravery; it must involve the risk of his life; and it must be the type of deed which, if he had not done it, would not subject him to any justified criticism. The idea for the Medal of Honor was born during the Civil War as men fought gallantly and oftentimes displayed great heroism. George Washington originated the Purple Heart in 1782 to honor brave soldiers, sailors and Marines. From that time until the Civil War, Certificates of Merit and a "brevet" system of promotions were used as military awards. The first military dec
Naval Precedence
Precedence of the USMC over the USN "The Marine Corps has had precedence over the Navy since 1921 because the Marine Corps has been very consistent in citing its origins in the legislation of the Continental Congress that established the Continental Marines on 10 November 1775, but the Navy, until 1972, gave various responses to the question of when it was founded. At the time the order of precedence was established, the Navy was using the dates from the 1790s, when the Navy was reestablished, as its founding, and hence was viewed as a younger service than the Marine Corps. Despite several efforts to reverse the Marine Corps/Navy order of precedence in recent years, it has not occurred. In point of fact, however, the Continental Navy preceded the Continental Marines; both services went into abeyance after the end of the War of Independence; and the reestablishment of the United States Navy preceded the reestablishment of the United States Marine Corps in the 1790s. On 13 October
Marine Corps War Memorial
Marine Corps War Memorial Rising from hallowed ground, the Marine Corps War Memorial overlooks the Potomac River at the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. It is the largest bronze monument in the world. Arguably, it is also the most famous monument in the world. And for all who have earned the title, a pilgrimage to the monument is required. First, a brief historical review: In the closing years of World War II, U.S. Marines fought and bled their way across the Pacific Ocean toward Japan. The Japanese knew their tiny volcanic island, Iwo Jima, would be attacked. Its crucial airfields lay only 650 miles from Tokyo, just over two hours flying time. So, under the command of LtGen. Tadamichi Kuribayashi, Japan's best and brightest mining engineers turned remote Iwo Jima into a seemingly impregnable fortress. In the volcanic rock, laborers blasted out 16 miles of tunnels, connecting 1500 rooms. The engineers built underground hospitals and supply rooms under h
Women Marines
Women Marines In secret, Lucy Brewer became the first woman to serve in the Marine Corps. Disguised as a gung-ho man, she served in the Marine Detachment aboard the USS Constitution during the War of 1812. Over 100 years later on 12 August 1918, the Secretary of the Navy granted authority to enroll women for clerical duty in the Marine Corps Reserve. The next day, Opha M. Johnson enlisted and became the first official Woman Marine. During the remainder of World War I, 305 women enlisted to "free a man to fight." Over 20 years later during World War II, roughly 1000 officers and 18,000 enlisted women served, led by Col. Ruth C. Streeter. During the last year of the war, all available male Marines were battling the Japanese in the Pacific. In their absence, Women Marines represented over half of the personnel at Marine Corps bases in the continental United States. A year after the end of the war, the Marine Corps retained a small nucleus of Women Marines in a postwar reserve. Bu
Marine Corps Band The armies of the ancient Greeks and Romans knew their stuff. Their military drummers dictated cadence -- and, perhaps confidence -- as their legions marched into combat. By the 1700s in Europe and America, fifers added "fighting spirit" as they accompanied the military drummers. The U.S. Marine Corps drummers and fifers evolved into the U.S. Marine Corps Band, the oldest musical organization in the United States. On 11 July 1798 the U.S. President, John Adams, signed a congressional act that formalized the band members as "a drum major, a fife major, and thirty-two drums and fifes." There was no war at the time, so the band concentrated on its music. They held their first documented concert in Washington on 21 August 1800. By December of that year their inventory of instruments had expanded to include two oboes, two clarinets, two French horns, and a bassoon. During the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, he declared the new Marine Band to be "The President's Own,"
Marine Corps Mascot Thanks to the German Army, the U.S. Marine Corps has an unofficial mascot. During World War I many German reports had called the attacking Marines "teufel-hunden," meaning Devil-Dogs. Teufel-hunden were the vicious, wild, and ferocious mountain dogs of Bavarian folklore. Soon afterward a U.S. Marine recruiting poster depicted a snarling English Bulldog wearing a Marine Corps helmet. Because of the tenacity and demeanor of the breed, the image took root with both the Marines and the public. The Marines soon unofficially adopted the English Bulldog as their mascot. At the Marine base at Quantico, Virginia, the Marines obtained a registered English Bulldog, King Bulwark. In a formal ceremony on 14 October 1922, BGen. Smedley D. Butler signed documents enlisting the bulldog, renamed Jiggs, for the "term of life." Pvt. Jiggs then began his official duties in the U.S. Marine Corps. A hard-charging Marine, Pvt. Jiggs did not remain a private for long. Within th
USMC Slogans First to Fight: The media in the United States began using this term to describe U.S. Marines during World War I. And, for once the media was right. Marines have served in the vanguard of every American war since the founding of the Corps in 1775. They have carried out over 300 assaults on foreign shores, from the arctic to the tropics. Historically, U.S. Marines are indeed the first to fight. Once a Marine, Always a Marine: This truism is now the official motto of the Marine Corps League. The origin of the statement is credited to a gung-ho Marine Corps master sergeant, Paul Woyshner. During a barroom argument he shouted, "Once a Marine, always a Marine!" MSgt. Woyshner was right. Once the title "U.S. Marine" has been earned, it is retained. There are no ex-Marines or former-Marines. There are (1) active duty Marines, (2) retired Marines, (3) reserve Marines, and (4) Marine veterans. Nonetheless, once one has earned the title, he remains a Marine for life.
Marine Corps Motto The Marine Corps adopted Semper Fidelis as its official motto in 1883 (Semper Fidelis is also the title of the official musical March of the Marine Corps). Translated from Latin, Semper Fidelis means "Always Faithful." U.S. Marines use an abbreviated verbal version, "Semper Fi," to voice loyalty and commitment to their Marine comrades-in-arms. Previous mottos of the Marine Corps were (1) To the Shores of Tripoli, adopted in 1805; (2) Fortitude, adopted in 1812; (3) From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli, adopted in 1848; and (4) By Sea and by Land, adopted in the 1850's.
Red Trouser Stripe In The Dress Blue Uniform
Scarlet Trouser Stripe (Bloodstripe) The red stripe was first seen on Marine uniforms in 1796. It was used off and on until uniform regulations made it standard on all NCO and Officer uniforms in 1859. It is rumored that the stripe represents the blood shed by Marines at the Battle of Chapaultepec in the war with Mexico in 1846.
The Spirit Of Thehowling Wolves Castle
animewolfboy.jpg picture by SatanxLovesxUs They met in the meadow and they spent some time getting to know eachother near the lake and then they decided that they wanted to go for a swim in the lake so they went and swam and he pushed her in from behind and then they spent the night in a cave near the lake and he stayed up all night protecting her from the cold and stuff cause he was curesed and he could not eat, sleep or feel anything too so in the morning he told her that and that same da ythey were laying in the meadow near the lake and she layed on him and he winced at her doing so and he told her that he had got a deep gash in his side from a previous battle from befor they met and she wanted him to go get it checked out at the clinic and he said he would but just for her. So they went and signed in but the nurse told them that it would be about an hour befor they could get seen by the docter so they ecided to go for a walk to make the hour go by faster and they are now sitting o
Eulogy for a Fallen Marine "Once a Marine Always a Marine" A eulogy to (Rank and Name of Fallen Marine) (Photograph of Deceased Marine) Service Record: (Marines Name and Rank) entered the USMC (date). He served with the (Battalion, Regiment, and Division). During his tour of duty he received (from DD-214 - Decorations, Medals, Badges and commendations) Separation of Service was (date separated). Brief History of the United States Marine Corps Two hundred and twenty seven years ago on November 10, 1775, the Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia passed a resolution stating that "two Battalions of Marines be raised" for service as landing forces with the fleet. This resolution established the Continental Marines and marked the birth date of the United States Marine Corps. Serving on land and sea, these first Marines distinguished themselves in a number of important operations. Who are these Men and Women we call Marines? He is a police officer on the beat who sp
General Orders
11 General Orders General Order 1 To take charge of this post and all government property in view. General Order 2 To walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing. General Order 3 To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce. General Order 4 To repeat all calls from posts more distant from the guardhouse than my own. General Order 5 To quit my post only when properly relieved. General Order 6 To receive, obey and pass on to the sentry who relieves me all orders from the commanding officer, officer of the day, and officers and non-commissioned officers of the guard only. General Order 7 To talk to no one except in the line of duty. General Order 8 To give the alarm in case of fire or disorder. General Order 9 To call the corporal of the guard in any case not covered by instructions. General Order 10 To salute all officers and al
Code Talkers
Marine Corps Navajo Code Talkers Navajo Code Talkers in World War II The Marine Corps� Navajo Code Talker Program was established in September 1942 as the result of a recommendation made the previous February by Mr. Philip Johnston to Major General Clayton B. Vogel, USMC, Commanding General, Amphibious Corps, Pacific Fleet, whose headquarters was at Camp Elliott, California. Mr. Johnston, the son of a missionary to the Navajo tribe, was fluent in the language, having lived among the Navajos for 24 years. He believed that the use by the Marine Corps of Navajo as a code language in voice (radio and wire) transmission could guarantee communications security. Mr. Johnston�s rationale for this belief was that Navajo is an unwritten language and completely unintelligible to anyone except another Navajo and that it is a rich, fluent language for which code words, in Navajo, could be devised for specialized military terms, such as the Navajo word for �turtle�
42 Things
42 ODD Things about you! If you opened this, FILL IT OUT! Learn 42 things about your friends, and let them learn 42 things about you! Send back to me and to several more friends!! 1. Do you like blue cheese?-- no 2. Have you ever smoked?--- Yes and i still do 3. Do you own a gun?--- yes 4. What flavor Kool Aid was your favorite?- fruit punch 5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?--- Yes 6. What do you think of hot dogs?---There ok but not my fav food 7. Favorite Christmas movie?--- Santa Clause w/ Tim Allen 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?-- Water 9. Can you do push ups?---yes but not as many as i once could 10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? my wedding ring its the only piece of jewelry i wear 11. Favorite hobby? fishing 12. Do you have A.D.H.D.?--- no but my son does 13. What's your weight?--- too damn heavy lol 285 14. Middle name?---- Ronald 15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment?--- My wife,
Boot Camp
The History Of Marine Corps Boot Camp The History Of Marine Corps Boot campFor most of the Marine Corps� history, there was no highly structured program of instruction for Marine recruits, such as we know today. Only in the last 90 years have there been centralized recruit depots with the mission of transforming civilians into basically trained Marines prepared to perform on the battlefield. Early Marine recruit training was conducted at various posts and stations by non-commissioned officers who trained recruits in the �principles of military movements� and the use of the rifle. Commandant Franklin Wharton, who led the Corps from 1804 until his death in 1818, was the first to recognize the need for organized training and created a school for Marine recruits at the Marine Barracks in Washington where young men learned the basics of discipline, drill, the manual of arms and marksmanship. The sea-going nature of the Marine Corps, however, coupled with the r
Marine Corps Birthday
The Marine Corps Birthday Marine Corps BirthdayThe U.S. Marine Corps begins preparations for its "birthday party" every summer. Activities become more feverish as the fall hues arrive. By early November, every Marine is either rehearsing his role in the "party" or pressing, polishing, and spit-shining in order to appear at his or her best for the Birthday Ball. This has not always been the case, however. In fact, Marines have not always celebrated their founding on November the 10th. Formal commemoration of the birthday of the Marine Corps began on 10 November 1921. That particular date was chosen because on that day the Second Continental Congress resolved in 1775 to raise two battalions of Continental Marines. Until 1921 the birthday of the Corps had been celebrated on another date. An unidentified newspaper clipping from 1918 refers to the celebration of the 120th birthday of the Marine Corps on 11 July "as usual with no fuss." It is doubtful that there was any real celebra
Birthplace Of The Marine Corps
Tun Tavern Ask any Marine. Just ask. He will tell you that the Marine Corps was born in Tun Tavern on 10 November 1775. But, beyond that the Marine's recollection for detail will probably get fuzzy. So, here is the straight scoop: In the year 1685, Samuel Carpenter built a huge "brew house" in Philadelphia. He located this tavern on the waterfront at the corner of Water Street and Tun Alley. The old English word tun means a cask, barrel, or keg of beer. So, with his new beer tavern on Tun Alley, Carpenter elected to christen the new waterfront brewery with a logical name, Tun Tavern. Tun Tavern quickly gained a reputation for serving fine beer. Beginning 47 years later in 1732, the first meetings of the St. John's No. 1 Lodge of the Grand Lodge of the Masonic Temple were held in the tavern. An American of note, Benjamin Franklin, was its third Grand Master. Even today the Masonic Temple of Philadelphia recognizes Tun Tavern as the birthplace of Masonic teachings in America.
Christian The Lion
Corps Values
Corps Values Why are U.S. Marines considered the world's premier warriors? Why? What puts the Marine Corps above the rest? Other military services have rigorous training and weapons of equal or greater lethality. So, why do U.S. Marines stand head and shoulders above the crowd? The truth lies in the individual Marine. He (or she) did not join the Marines. Roughly 40,000 try each year. Those who survive the crucible of Marine basic training have been sculpted in mind and body. They have become Marines. Once he has earned the title and entered the Brotherhood of Marines, a new warrior must draw upon the legacy of his Corps. Therein lies his strength. In return, the strength of the Corps lies in the individual Marine. The character (often defined as "what you are in the dark") of these warriors is defined by the three constant Corps Values: honor, courage, and commitment. Honor: Honor requires each Marine to exemplify the ultimate standard in ethical and moral conduct. Honor i
Staff Nco Creed
Staff NCO Creed I am a Staff Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps. As such, I am a member of the most unique group of professional military practitioners in the world. I am bound by duty to God, Country, and my fellow Marines to execute the demands of my position to and beyond what I believe to be the limits of my capabilities. I realize I am the mainstay of Marine Corps discipline, and I carry myself with military grace, unbowed by the weight of command, unflinching in the execution lawful orders, and unswerving in my dedication to the most complete success of my assigned mission. Both my professional and personal demeanor shall be such that I may take pride if my juniors emulate me, and knowing perfection to lie beyond the grasp of any mortal hand, I shall yet strive to attain perfection that I may ever be aware of my needs and capabilities to improve myself. I shall be fair in my personal relations, just in the enforcement of discipline, true to myself
Nco Creed
NCO Creed The Marine NCO, the Marine Non-Commissioned Officer. Tales of their combat exploits have become the stuff of legend. NCOs are the Corporals and Sergeants responsible for the lives of their men in combat. They must be leaders of men, but also much more. They carry with them the unbroken traditions of duty and dedication to their assigned mission. Their creed need not be lengthy. It is short, succinct, and to the point: I am an NCO dedicated to training new Marines and influencing the old. I am forever conscious of each Marine under my charge, and by example will inspire him to the highest standards possible. I will strive to be patient, understanding, just, and firm. I will commend the deserving and encourage the wayward. I will never forget that I am responsible to my Commanding Officer for the morale, discipline, and efficiency of my men. Their performance will reflect an image of me.
Rifleman's Creed
The Rifleman's Creed THIS IS MY RIFLE. There are many like it but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. My rifle, without me is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than any enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will.... My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit... My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weakness, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will... Before God I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors
The Marine Corps Prayer Almighty Father, whose command is over all and whose love never fails, make me aware of thy presence and obedient to thy will. Keep me true to my best self, guarding me against dishonesty in purpose and deed and helping me to live so that I can face my fellow Marines, my loved ones, and Thee without shame or fear. Protect my family. Give me the will to do the work of a Marine and to accept my share of responsibilities with vigor and enthusiasm. Grant me the courage to proficient in my daily performance. Keep me loyal and faithful to my superiors and to the duties my country and the Marine Corps have entrusted to me. Make me considerate to those committed to my leadership. Help me to wear my uniform with dignity, and let it remind me daily of the traditions which I must uphold. If I am inclined to doubt, steady my faith; if I am temped, make me strong to resist; if I should miss the mark, give me courage to try again. Guide me with the light of truth
Code Of Conduct
USMC Code of Conduct ARTICLE I: I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense. ARTICLE II: I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist. ARTICLE III: If I am captured I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and to aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy. ARTICLE IV: If I become a prisoner of war, I will keep faith with my fellow prisoners. I will give no information nor take part in any action which might be harmful to my comrades. If I am senior, I will take command. If not, I will obey lawful orders of those appointed over me and will back them in every way. ARTICLE V: When questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I am required to give name, rank, service number, and date of birth.
The Hymn!
The Marines Hymn Marine Corps Hymn Following the war with the Barbary Pirates in 1805, when Lieutenant Presely N. O'Bannon and his small force of Marines participated in the capture of Derne and hoisted the American flag for the first time over a fortress of the Old World, the Colors of the Corps was inscribed with the words: "To the Shores of Tripoli." After the Marines participated in the capture and occupation of Mexico City and the Castle of Chapultepec, otherwise known as the "Halls of Montezuma," the words on the Colors were changed to read: "From the Shores of Tripoli to the Halls of Montezuma." Following the close of the Mexican War came the first verse of the Marines' Hymn, written, according to tradition, by a Marine on duty in Mexico. For the sake of euphony, the unknown author transposed the phrases in the motto on the Colors so that the first two lines of the Hymn would read: "From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Shores of Tripoli." A serious attempt to trace the tune
Emblem And Seal
History Of The Marine Corps Emblem And Seal Marine Corps Emblem and Seal The history of the Marine Corps emblem is a story related to the history of the Corps itself. The emblem of today traces its roots to the designs and ornaments of early Continental Marines as well as British Royal Marines. The emblem took its present form in 1868. Before that time many devices, ornaments, and distinguishing marks followed one another as official marks of the Corps. In 1776, the device consisted of a "foul anchor" of silver or pewter. The foul anchor still forms a part of the emblem today. (A foul anchor is an anchor which has one or more turns of the chain around it). Changes were made in 1798, 1821, and 1824. In 1834 it was prescribed that a brass eagle be worn on the hat, the eagle to measure 3 � inches from wingtip to wingtip. During the early years numerous distinguishing marks were prescribed, including "black cockades", "scarlet plumes," and "yellow bands and tassels." In 1
History Of The United States Marine Corps The History Of The Marine CorpsOn November 10, 1775, the Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia passed a resolution stating that "two Battalions of Marines be raised" for service as landing forces with the fleet. This resolution, established the Continental Marines and marked the birth date of the United States Marine Corps. Serving on land and at sea, these first Marines distinguished themselves in a number of important operations, including their first amphibious raid into the Bahamas in March 1776, under the command of Captain (later Major) Samuel Nicholas. Nicholas, the first commissioned officer in the Continental Marines, remained the senior Marine officer throughout the American Revolution and is considered to be the first Marine Commandant. The Treaty of Paris in April 1783 brought an end to the Revolutionary War and as the last of the Navy's ships were sold, the Continental Navy and Marines went out of existence. Following
Leadership Traits
Marine Corps Leadership Traits * Dependability The certainty of proper performance of duty. * Bearing Creating a favorable impression in carriage, appearence and personal conduct at all times. * Courage The mental quality that recognizes fear of danger or criticism, but enables a man to proceed in the face of it with calmness and firmness. * Decisiveness Ability to make decisions promptly and to announce them in clear, forceful manner. * Endurance The mental and physical stamina measured by the ability to withstand pain, fatigue, stress and hardship. * Enthusiasm The display of sincere interest and exuberance in the performance of duty. * Initiative Taking action in the absence of orders. * Integrity Uprightness of character and soundness of moral principles; includes the qualities of truthfulness and honesty. * Judgement The ability to weigh facts and possible
Leadership Principles
Marine Corps Leadership Principles 1 Know yourself and seek self-improvement. 2 Be technically and tactically proficient. 3 Develop a sense of responsibility among your subordinates. 4 Make sound and timely decisions. 5 Set the example. 6 Know your Marines and look out for their welfare. 7 Keep your Marines informed. 8 Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions. 9 Ensure assigned tasks are understood, supervised, and accomplished. 10 Train your Marines as a team. 11 Employ your command in accordance with its capabilities.
Robert Doisneau Going through my books on my bookshelf last night, and I came across a small artbook on the photography of Robert Doisneau that I picked up in Paris. Flipping through it, I was delighted by the really beautiful and striking images in it. A remarkable visual documentation of Paris, its suburbs and its people. Anyone who likes this sort of thing would be well advised to check out the above website. (It doesn't appear to be the swiftest website out there, but patience is a virtue) "Untitled" "Coco" "Fox terrier on the Pont des Arts"
More Sad Fucking Shit Written By Me
Once upon a time there was a girl who was sad all the time an she didn't know what to do and one day she just broke down she cut her wrist and as the crimson colored liquid ran from her body she cried everyone always told her she was never good enough, never pretty enough so she just gave up trying that night she wrote her mom a note telling her that she loved her an that she was sorry, she left it on the table an went back upstairs, layed down in bed and took the blade to her throat.......maybe now everyone would be happy was her last thought, her mom found the letter and ran up the stairs only to see her daughter laying in her bed with her throat cut, blood all over the bed..she ran over to her an took her by the hand and cried, the next day at school all of her friends filled her locker with notes and cards and flowers as they all stood around and cried for her, maybe if they would have told her how much she meant to them things would have been different maybe if she didn't feel lik
Pimpin Starry
I'm Pimping out my newest owner you might already know her and be real good friends with her, if not then you are missing out. For the time I've known her she is really cool person to know and I'm glad to have her as a friend and my fu owner. I'm pimping her out so come and show my new owner some mad FU LOVING she will return it all ......
All Too Often ...
... I find myself with friends I don't feel I deserve. I'm not the best person to reply to an email, send an email, or especially start conversations. There seems to be something about me that keeps me from fully connecting with anyone. Just tonight, I was reminded about the unconditional friendship. I hurt a friend bad (in my heart) and after months of not talking, she still accepted me. Not that feelings are like they were, but she didn't turn me away. Okay, I'm drunk-typing again, so I better end this one before I spill my drink and short my keyboard ... just got my system running again and don't need to fuck it up again ... LOL
Come Buy Me!!!!
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Intro To Random Ranting.
Okay, this is marked as unsafe for work as often in my random rants there will be profanity. If this disturbs you...I do not really care. In random rants I will often have something that has either happen to me throughout the day or something that just pops into my mind that I will have to share...well...maybe not share as I find the actual amount of people that actually choose to read anything beyond a McDonalds nutrition label is low to non existent. (This could turn into a rant itself, but let me pull back before I get too far into it.) I know a lot of you are probably wondering why anyone would actually go to a bar, such as fubar and create a blog for random rantings. I have the perfect answer for that question. Because I CAN! Seriously folks, why do people do half the shit they do, cause they can. Now what makes it stupid is when people do the same thing over and over and hope for different results. This is stupidity folks, move the fuck on put down the drugs. Right th
So this guy starts talkin to me.. and he never has before.. the name is unfamiliar.. and i swore i've seen his picture before so i asked him if he was sure that was him because he only had ONE picture and another album named dick pictures... and he started calling me a weirdo stalker.. and saying i need to go away.. haha but he is the one that said "i saw your picture n thought i'd "holla" at ya" haha... so please tell me how that works? fuckin weird ppl.. so i blocked him cuz he blocked me and kept sending me shouts.. hahahaha! :) kinda funny.. and i think that meant no... thats not him and his dick...
My C.d. Louder Than Words
Liberty Park Dk With His Drink!
Panorama Fun at Liberty Park... My sister had to do a panorama assignment for her photography class and I went out with her because I did the same assignment few years back, same class. So we went out to Liberty Park and just for fun I told her to take a picture of me on the swings with her camera then mine so I can see the results faster. hehe
Lost Words Of A Fallen...
Do you remember the first time you met that special someone? I do. it was in a time of termoil and strife in my life. In a commanding word she made me feel so welcome. She took pitty on a broken and insane man. she made me feel so good. To me she was an angel heaven sent. I look upon her with so much admiration. she is a beauty unspoken, true, and caring. but as of late, I have become distant... I look to her with such a feeling I wish I would have just left behind. I do not wish to be a burdon nore a hinderance. yes I admire her, but thats all I can truely do. Hearing her words, makes me weak. I wish i could just bow down before her and lay before her all I have locked away within my soul. but a man I am not... I am still a small and unsignificate creature. I have no right to speak of such in anyway or meens. but at least in my dreams, she is still there. I must forgo these feelings and let her
My Letter To My Dad
xDear Dad, > Last night I came to you not as a man in crisis, but > also as your son. The fact that Bea was the one who denied > me over the phone in my time of need. Regardless of > emotional or financial support, you did not feel my life was > important enough to give me the amount of time it > would've taken you to eat a meal. I did not ask for a > specific amount of money, I only spoke of the possibility of > needing a little financial help, what I was counting on was > for your support and to feel like I could lean on my father > in my time of need. What I received, was a messenger, a > surrogate, with the answer of "no". > I am just in shock that, one, I did not talk to you > directly about these matters of crisis at hand. I was > foolish in thinking that I could provide for two separate > lives and make them work. I did my best in what I thought > was the right thing. I failed. > I have been blessed to have had you and Mom as parents. > Both Andy and
Islands Of Adventure (panorama)
This is from Grad Bash 07, This was taken at 2 o'clock in the morning =] the Music was giving me a headache after house of dancing in the clubs at the park. so i walked around and took a shot of the park, what do you think?
Two Cups Of Coffee
When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 cups of coffee. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with an unanimous 'yes.' The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar effective
Missing Child:name: Alyssa Katelynn Webster
Missing From: Flint, MI Missing Date: 8/6/2008 12:00 AM Contact: Flint Police Department 810-237-6801 Circumstances: The Flint Police Department is investigating an incident of an endangered missing child. The child is believed to be in extreme danger. Frederick Smith has a prior conviction for criminal sexual conduct. If you have any information on the alleged victim, abductor, or vehicle, IMMEDIATELY telephone 911 or the Flint Police Department at 810-237-6801. Missing Child Name: Alyssa Katelynn Webster Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Age: 7YO Height: 4FT0 Weight: 65LBS Gender: Female Description: Last seen wearing neon green tank top and shorts. Suspect Name: Valarie Elizabeth Markley Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green Age: 38YO Height: 5FT8 Weight: 220LBS Gender: Female Name: Frederick Lanier Smith Age: 48YO Gender: Male Vehicle Information Make: Chevrolet Model: Lumina Color: Red License Text: BAD8372 Description: Heart with flames sticker
> I just posted a Bulletin for Dylon's Diva Mafia please divas lets keep it Reposted to get the word out. Thank You here is the Link
I Wanna Bleed The Pain Out.
I need to bleed my problem out...Only for my Allen.
True Fu Love Turned 2 Marriage Met On Fu
True Fu Love. Meet on Fu Feel in Love . Got Married in Real life. On Aug 10 (Sun) is our 1 year Wedding Anniversary. Hoping Everyone will help celebrate this special day with US. Since Everyone mean alot to both of US. ♥londie♥ lave & Real Life Wife 2 rDrk Kngh+♥ rDrk Kngh+ londies Real Life hubby
I cant wait to see this movie
Fubars Smexiest Ladyz
***FUBARS SMEXIEST LADYZ*** F/R/A These Amazing Woman!! ☆Wonder_Woman☆@ fubar Mrs.S.@ fubar The Baddest MILF~ Wifey to Fornicates@ fubar Hard 2 Handle ~ La*La's FuWife~ **Can't Be Owned**@ fubar Qtazabutton@ fubar K:M:P@ fubar ♥~MZ.DREAMS~♥CLUB F.A.R *TEAM CAPTIAN**I.B.I.C**
Ty Starry And Spankers
Spazz DoubledD
Gay Guys?
where are all my gay friends at on this site, ive never been so confused on how to find gay people on a website, they make it soo hard, so if your a gay guy, or know how to find the gay guys, someone let me know, im gonig nuts.
okay now this i gotta mention cuz its been bothering me for awhile. i hate it when girls lead guys on and im sure guys do it too but i dont. it just bothers me the fact that when a chick says she likes you but never wants to and makes excuses not to hang out. or when she does hang out with you she completly ignors you... yeah i made this profile to meet girls yeah thats pretty sad of me, but with all my efforts i keep getting chicks that say hey ur cute and start chattin with me like they are interested, and lead me on... so this is a message to all u ladies STOP DOING THAT SHIT! im not trying to be an asshole, but that just really irritating! in fact its pretty cruel. im cool with being friends, im fine with just having fun with a girl, and im game if u wanna have a relationship, but say what you want from the beginning dont LEAD guys on. thats prolly one of the reason some guys are assholes. and i apologize for the assholes that do the same thing. comment me, message me, tell me what
16. Thanatopsis, Wm. Cullen Bryant
Thomas R. Lounsbury, ed. (18381915). Yale Book of American Verse. 1912. William Cullen Bryant. 17941878 TO HIM who in the love of Nature holds Communion with her visible forms, she speaks A various language; for his gayer hours She has a voice of gladness, and a smile And eloquence of beauty, and she glides 5 Into his darker musings, with a mild And healing sympathy, that steals away Their sharpness, ere he is aware. When thoughts Of the last bitter hour come like a blight Over thy spirit, and sad images 10 Of the stern agony, and shroud, and pall,
I do not understand.. and I know this is a subject that every person on this sight will debate or has debated since the beginning of this site. I thought that when I joined this site. I was joining an adult site. there are pictures out there that I find real offensive. but See I am an adult and I know that some one else might like it. and find it funny.. That is why we are individuals. Some of the poses that people do. I have been in upper management.. I know what sexual harrassment is. Even some of the Cartoons can be offensive to some people. give me a break. If you do not want to see something. there is a little thing called CLICK OFF OF IT...MOVE ON.. and think to yourself.. before you report it because you did not like... is there something on my PERFECT site what someone might not like..
I Saw You!!!
Our Secret World A secret world for you and me A magical bond one can not see It wraps us up and holds us snug Ever so tight like a woven rug Blinded by its pixy dust Our eyes gaze at each other in lust Together in its love two hearts beat Both now feeling truely complete Missunderstandings arise along the way With love as strong as this they soon fade away Inocently we share, give and trust Open hearts for this love is a must This kind of love is so rare People see, notice, stop and stare There is nothing in this world we can't take on Together we are bonded so tight from dusk to dawn We truely are each others best friend We know in our hearts our love will never end In this secret world we just floated in Our souls smile for our life together can now begin RSM & T by, Mizz Shady its your vibe at graphics
He Just Gave It All Away...
Thursday, August 07, 2008 12:18 AM - Current mood: crushed Category: Broken and Cold...... Writing and Poetry Tears are all that are left in a lonely heart, peices of something that used to be whole now fall to the floor. Something evil replaces a thing that was once called love, the pian of it all now cracks the mind of what once was a good man. There are things that a heart can never understand, things that were once meant for good now disolve. There is only torment left in this thing called a man? Has he ever really even been close to what he thought he was? What's left twists his mind and blinds his eye, He tries to think of something to do other then cry! The rest of a broken life just doesn't seem enough, everything that has been lost just seems a better reason to call the bluff. So what the fuck! he feels like he's run out of luck, He just gave it all away,Now there's nothing left to say! Except goodbye... """Currently listening t
Come And Tame Me!
Highlighting A Friend...
just wanted to bring to fu lands attention... this young man has some amazing pics he posted he airbrushed! some pretty amazing things he has done ...plz go see his work. follow the link b low. thanks!!! luni@ fubar
A Letter To My Daughter....
how fun to have a daughter. i never thought i would enjoy mothering a female SO much. the prospect, before she was conceived up until the day she was born, seemed very daunting and mostly a large pain in the ass. "i've always related better to boys!", i said. "most females make me want to choke them!", i would growl. "women are so clueless and catty.", i groused. well, all of this is still true, but now i have a female compatriot. i can raise her up with the proper perspective*s*. i will actually give this to her someday. my sweet girl, just a few things for you to hold close and keep in mind. 1) you are not in competition with all other females, so don't go behaving as if you are, 2) you CAN just be friends with a man without bumping nasties...he may very well be fantasizing about that, but as long as you are aware of that fact and don't know for sure if he is or not, who cares?, 3) wear a dress if you WANT to, 4) a quick run to the 7-11 DOES NOT, i repeat, DOES
Wait For Me
All these miles, haunting questions linger in my mind. And all the while, making bad decisions out of line. Still I've tried, to let go of the danger in my life. It's alright, when that's the only thing I've left behind. And there's still time... Wait for me. There's so much more of life for us to see. You must believe, it's not because of you I've had to leave. Wait for me. I only hope that you'll remember me. At this time, I'm counting all the reasons I should stay. Bottom line. I'm missing all the things I gave away. I remind, and see your face every single day. Still I'm blind. I wish that there was something I could say To make things right... Wait for me. There's so much more of life for us to see. You must believe, it's not because of you I've had to leave. Wait for me. I only hope that you'll remember me. Just hold on a little bit longer. Thoughts and memories will be enough My need for you is only growing stronger. I know you don't understand it much
Darn That Faulty Photobucket
Hey friends and fu's your old pal here to let you know that i am in my very first auction Please click on the pic below to rate and put your bid in (i don't mind just fubuck bids at all) Blue Whore now this is the chance to become my first owner so you better act quick. Auction closes on Sunday, Aug.10th at 12 midnight(est) this is what i am offering to my owner: "owned by" in title 100 11's a week for a month during HH's 1 pimpout bully a week for a month all stash voted and other pics rated during HH's 1 pimpout bully for up to 3 friends 1 add a friend tag 2 sfw salutes (lol) yahoo im add 1 credit bling a week for a month (3 credit for any bids with a 3 month Vip or equivalent) Buzz meter full Will help to level a friend within 20k of leveling Bid Breakdowns Thank you for all your help!!!
My Heart Feel So Cold
i so fucking sick of beeing numb and haveing my heart feeling so numb its like i dont feel is this how i want to be for the reast of my life i what to not feel so numb and so cold
Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train
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Lingering here in the past Not knowing how much longer I can last I am the broken doll that no one wants Consuming all my thoughts and dreams Never to hear I love you or know what it means In the heartening shadows I shall now stay Hoping soon that I will fade away Never hearing someone call my name Deafened by the sound of my putrefying heart Desiring nothing more than to go back to the start Longing for someone to show my affection When I am hurting to be my protection Shrouded by the bleakness of my existence Wanting to feel the pureness of your kiss Wanting to share your heavenly bliss Perpetually bewildered by my veiled past Captivating this breath as if it be my last Listening to the confusion of my hearts ode Sitting here beside you as you tell me that you lied That was the night that my wounded heart died Throughout my heart your heartless words did echo My perished heart is beginning to show Do the words I speak taint your diminutive thoughts?
What To Do?
So. I could have a great job in a great state, but IDK if I should leave. I am so lost for words right now it isn't even funny. I don't want to blurt too much here b/c some ppl I don't want to know what's goin on in my life. But in general, I'm hurt in more way's than one. By what or who, don't matter. I just am. I just don't know what to do anymore. In a way, if I do take the job, than in a way it feels I am just givin up and runnin. But in a way it is a great job offer and a great place. I want to take it so bad. It would do me some good. If you know me, you know why I am bloggin this. If you don't know me and know why I am postin this, plz don't ask me. I'm not in the mood to talk bout it yet. When I am, I will come to you and tell you personally. But much love to all my friends and family. Kisses and hugs.
Come Rock With Me!!!!!!! Re Updated
Crappy Day
OK, the day started before yesterday ended. I was on here, chatting with my newest fu-friend... until 6AM. So I fell asleep quickly, when my head finally hit the pillow. But I was not able to stay asleep all 'night'. I kept waking, because of my night sweats. For anyone who is not familiar with this... I was sweating so much, that I had to put a towel under me & change my clothes because my sheets, blankets, pillows, clothes were all wet... and I was cold. Unfortunately, this is due to my current illness. If you know me, you know what it is, if you don't know what it is, feel free to ask. I am not going to put it in here, because I'm not a whiny baby about it, and I don't want to focus on it right now. I woke at 11am, and of course, turned on the computer, before I put the kettle on (it needs time to start). After a little while checking messages on fubar & facebook (etc) I decided to go to the gym and while I was out I'd pick up some bread since I forgot it yesterday when I was
Meet The Most Amazing Woman On Fubar
"> "> HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT THE TRUE MEANING OF A GREAT FRIEND IS?? Well if you click on the picture below you will see the definition of a TRUE friend. "Makin Whoopie" has totally rocked my world lately by showing me unconditional fu-love. She is not only my friend she is my OWNER!! And may I say she is the best owner on FuBar!! If you do not already have this amazing woman on your friends list please click her picture and F/A/R her and show her the love she REALLY deserves. YOU WON'T BE SORRY!! (`♥Măkn ŴhP♥)Tappinit Owns Me~Owner of Radissongirl~Club United Member@ fubar
What Your Friendship Really Means
Just the stone cold truth of our great friendship. 1. When you are sad --I will jump on the person who made you sad like a spider monkey jacked up on Red Bull. 2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile -- I will know you are plotting something that I must be involved in. 4. When you're scared -- we will high tail it out of here. 5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining, ya big baby!!!! 6. When you are confused -- I will use little words. 7. When you are sick --Stay away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have. 8. When you fall -- I'll pick you up, dust you off, make sure you're ok then laugh at you. 9. This is my oath...I pledge it to the end. 'Why?' you may ask -- because you are my FRIEND! Friendship is like peeing your pants, Everyone can see it, But only you can feel the true warmth.
I Am Curious To Know Your Thoughts....
Ok here is the deal... I have been living in Southern California pretty much my whole life... and to be quite honest... I am pretty fed up with the place. Don't get me wrong... the weather is great among other things here... but quite frankly... I am over it... Way to many people here... cost of living sucks and some of the attitudes of people are pretty much sucky too! I am single and don't have anything or anyone holding me here.... So here is my question to you... if you had the choice... where would you move to and why? also... if you love where you live... tell me about it... and why you would want to stay there... whether it be in the US or outside... I am looking for a new stomping ground.. the only place that really kinda interests me is the Fort Collins area of Colorado... Looking for your input... Thanks!!! :)
Things Learned By Hearing My Neighbor Having Sex...
1) It is still unacceptable to use the word cunt while in the throes of passion. For example, saying YeahIm gonna pound that cunt will still get you a swift kick in the balls. Even worse, youre not getting any pussy from the girl whatsoever. You fail. 2) Can I? Can I? = May I please stick my penis in your butt. Now, if youre going to ask this question, you better be damn sure shes going to say Yes, you may. Because if she says no, shell act like you just called her a cunt. You fail again. 3) She would always come home with a guy she met at the bar. And the guy would always have a bag from Taco Bell in his hands. SoGuy and Girl meet at bar. Girl invites Guy back to her apartment. Guy and Girl stop at Taco Bell. Guy and Girl have sex. Therefore, Guy + Girl + Girls apartment + Taco Bell = Sex. So guys, buy a girl Taco Bell and then go to her apartment and youre in like Flynn. 4) Thugs/Gangsta-types last no more than an hour. For the physical act of sex itself, th
About Da Guys.
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your spirit and intuition to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what truly makes you happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle!!! If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, so why would he treat you any differently? Always h
Headlines From The Year 2029
HEADLINES FROM THE YEAR 2029 Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions in the seventh largest country in the world, Mexifornia, formerly known as California . White minorities still trying to have English recognized as Mexifornia's third language. Spotted Owl plague threatens northwestern United States crops and livestock. Baby conceived naturally! Scientists stumped. Couple petitions court to reinstate heterosexual marriage. Iran still closed off; physicists estimate it will take at least 10 more years before radioactivity decreases to safe levels. France pleads for global help after being taken over by Jamaica . No other country comes forward to help the beleaguered nation! Castro finally dies at age 112; Cuban cigars can now be imported legally, but President Chelsea Clinton has banned all smoking. George Z. Bush says he will run for President in 2036. Postal Service raises price of first class stamp to $17.89 and reduces
I Am Who I Am.
I'm a slut because I'll wear shorts and a tanktop. I'm a bitch because I don't let you push me around. I'm a liar because I won't tell you everything. I'm stupid because sometimes I'm wrong. I'm ugly because my face isn't perfect. I'm a whore because I like boys. I'm annoying because I'm not chill enough. I'm a loser because I'm not friends with your group. I use people because I do whats best for me. I'm fake because most of the time I'm happy. I'm weird because I'm not like you. I'm controlling because I get mad sometimes. I'm clingy because I like to be around people. I'm greedy because I like to be satisfied. I'm naive because I'm younger than you. I'm conceited because I'm proud of who I am. I'm rude because my manners aren't perfect. I'm unappreciative because I don't praise you. Don't try to tell me who I am because I already know.
Yay Me
I didnt realize what day it was today, but yesterday was 5 years clean from dope :) YAY ME!
Long Pent Up Writing
The clouds of confusion never clear anymore when i thought things would be better im simply confused again, ive tried an tried but what is it i do wrong? will i forever be cursed with this arm? the choices i make in life always seem to go wrong. but hey ive made it this far an im still alive right? like the saying goes what doesnt kill us will make us stronger.... well if thats the case i should be immune to pain, heartache an everything in between but no i'm not if anything i'm far worse then ever before. All these inner demons of mine jus come out at the worst possible moments i try an try an they still remain kicking me when im already down. i've done so much in my life both good an bad i try doing whats right but always seem to fuck shit up. i wonder could there be something wrong with me am i conflicted by good an evil? why is it that i keep fucking up..... i wonder if that womans curse is true.... if so that has to have some really bad reprocusions cause no one should w
Live Review: Dillinger Escape Plan And Cavalera Conspiracy
last night, thanks to a friend, i went and saw the Infliktour. the headliners were Cavalera Conspiracy,the new band formed by Max and Igor Cavalera of Sepultura fame, with Dillinger Escape Plan, Throwdown, Bury Your Dead, and Incite. here are my thoughts/experiences of the show at the House of Blues, Hollywood. Incite started the show. while decent and pretty heavy they still have a way to go in the live performance. coming across as wanting to go off, but still afraid to just let loose. expect good things if they ever achieve that ability. next up was Bury Your Dead. i've heard a few songs over the years and have never really been impressed with them. live they came across as confident, but it wasn't really their crowd. still not a fan. third was Throwdown. now, i can't stand their albums and live well....they have spent WAY too much time watching the Pantera home videos. and the butchered cover of Alice in Chains "Them Bones" was just wrong in so many words. nee
I Lost My Job In Porno Due To Youtube! Watch The Sory Here!
Lounge Spammers
Ok, so it started out with this guy up my ass about some lounge thing... As always, bottom to top. ->Kybassman-...: Meh, a friend made the pic for me, I thought it was cute. I'm using it as my default as a thanks to him, but nice job at assessing how I am and stuff. Kybassman-...: and begging people to look at your boobs. figured you would like the attention ->Kybassman-...: language?, how about i speak a few words your lounge members woudl understand and profess a desire to see. BESTIALITY.....Necrophilia...Dendrophilia.....4 way mexican gang bangs..Bukakke?...any of these sound familiar to you or your homies? Kybassman-...: lol well your language shows your lack of intelligence so you could not hold a coverstaionwith us anwyays ->Kybassman-...: I've gotten the same fucking message four times in three days. I've told all the others to fuck off, I'll tell the same to you. ->Kybassman-...: you wouldnthappen to be a size 14, would you? Kybassman-...: lol
OMG!!! I'm gonna be a granny... Yup its true... My son is expecting a Jr. But hes not So its a boy!! Does that mean Im gonna be a granpa? I dont think I fit the granny profile but I sure dont fit the pappy one either. Well I guess we'll see when he gets here! The blonde went to the doctor and said her stomache hurt. The doctor asked her if she could be pregnant. The blonde just lookd at him with a dumb look on her face. The doctor then said "I mean are you sexually active. The blonde then replied "No" The doctor went ahead and did a pregnancy test anyway. It came back positive. He then ask again are you sure your not sexually active. The blonde replied... "no I just lay there." The doctor then told her she was pregnant and she asked "Is it mine?" The doctor said well do you know who the father is. She said" No who?" I dont feel like a granny..Do I look like one?
A Pleasant State Of Mind
Happiness can be described as a positive(ʵڵ, ȷ) mood and a pleasant state of mind. A good education and income are usually considered necessary for happiness. But the rich are not necessary to be happier than the middle-income group or even those with very low incomes. People with a college education are somewhat(΢) happier than those who did not graduate from high school; It is believed that this mainly because they have more opportunities to control their lives. Yet people with a college education may be less happy than those with on college education. Moreover, having good health can be very important to people because they can feel happy and have energy to do what they would like to do. Nevertheless(Ȼ), poor health does not rule out(ų) happiness except for the dying or those in great pain. It should be noted that people quickly get used to what they have, and they are happier when they feel they are increasing their level no matter how little it has be improv
My First Time, Or Was It?
I'd never done it before but she begged me to. So, reluctantly I got off the bed and looked in the small bag she'd brought over to my house. I pulled out a set of fur-covered handcuffs. "Oh yea..." she moaned, her body writhing on the bed. I frowned. She was more turned on by the cuffs than me it seemed. Well, fine. I put them on carefully, ignoring her whispers to make them tight. Soon, her wrists were held at the headboard. I took the opportunity to run my hands over her body, groping everywhere on her that turned me on so much. "More, baby..." she begged. I'd been about to enter her, but... Another look in the bag and I found a leather thing. I quickly figured out that it was a stiff collar. Took me a minute to figure out how to put it on her but once I clipped it shut, she couldn't move her head. Her legs were spread wide, an indication of her enjoyment. I decided to tease her, running my fingers and tongue over her pussy until she was crying out. But it wa
Come To Find Out Your Ultimate Desire
> > > > > > > > >
Fake Ass Friends
People are too fake on here. They only want pic comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually repost this. This is to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. I'm not looking for attention....just checking to see who pays attention to stuff on here is all.
To My Family And Friends .
Hey Everyone . First of all i just want to Thank all my Friends and Family For all the love you have shown to me .. I have had a death in the family and I will be leaving for Minnesota on Thursday night or early Friday Morning . And will not return home until late Sunday night or early Monday morning I will Miss all of you . I wish the best weekend ever for all of you . All my best Darlee .
You Can Say That Again...more Fave Quotations.
-The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. Dorothy Nevill -In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell -To know all is not to forgive all. It is to despise everybody. Quentin Crisp -It's so much easier to suggest solutions when you don't know too much about the problem. Malcolm Forbes -The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it. George Bernard Shaw -The keenest sorrow is to recognize ourselves as the sole cause of all our adversities. Sophocles -That's the secret to life... replace one worry with another.... Charles M. Schulz -Careful. We don't want to learn from this. Bill Watterson -The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time. Friedrich Nietzsche -Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other
Do I Have Real Friends On Here....
im really starting to wounder..... caues sum of you on here dont act like it. and there are sum i meet that are and help me out in my lounge and stuff. but my old friends i feel like u all dont bother with me anymore after i help out with lounges and stuff. but when i made my own people dont give a shit... idk i guess im just venting and feel ignored..
Shakira And Aljandro - La Tortura
Song : La Tortura (English Translation) Lyrics : THE TORTURE (English Translation) Ay my gypsy Save the poetry Save the happiness for you I'm not asking that every day be sunny I'm not asking that there be a party every Friday Nor do I ask you to come back begging forgiveness If you're crying with dry eyes, Speaking about her Oh my love, it hurts so much It hurts so much That you left without saying a word Oh my love, losing you was torture I know I haven't been a saint But I can make it up to you Man doesn't live on bread alone Nor do I live on excuses We only learn from mistakes And today I know my heart is yours Better save that for yourself Take that bone to some other dog And let's say goodbye I can't ask winter to spare a rose bush I can't ask an elm tree to bear pears I can't ask the eternal of a mere mortal And go about casting thousands of pearls before swine Oh my love, it hurts so much It hurts so much That you no longer
How Do I Get More Sales?
I have a business mellys corner. Ive been on for over a year now. I havent gotten a single order. Im wondering if theres some way to make it more interesting where people want to buy stuff.
The Origin Of My Screen Name
I've had a couple people ask me where my name on here comes from. Here goes...back when I was younger, I used to let my mustache get a little out of control....never kept it up like I do now. At this time, Magnum P.I. was popular and someone wanted to know if I was trying to look like him (which in a way I did at the time)...also around same time, I am a big wrestling fan and a wrestler by the name of Terry Allen was very very popular. If you follow wrestling, you would know him as Magnum T.A. (T.A. being his initials of course) so while one person would compare me to Magnum P.I., another would refer to me as Magnum A.G. (my initials). It stuck and became a name I would use on some places as a screen name. There you go...simple as that...thanks for your time. :)

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