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The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
The Beatles - Here, There And Everywhere
The Beatles - Two Of Us
Every Night
Every night, when I lay me down to sleep, I want to reach over, to feel your lips so sweet. Although I know I cannot be there, You will always keep me from having any fear. The sheets are very cold; I feel like I'm in a huge hole. What if we never meet? Would my life be any better yet? I long for the day we lock eyes; I want you to be surprised. As much as you may imagine what I'll be, I can only be me. So every night, when I lay me down to sleep, You are in my mind with me. And right before I fall asleep, I wish upon that star for you to be with me.
Made For Me By A Friend
Made for me by: Will "Enforcer"@Naughty Playground
Funny Snowman Comics
I wrote my name upon your chest and cracked apart your ribs to hide; loveisfleetingloveisfleetingloveisfleeting hearts racing, pulses pounding and clothes scattered across the floor "don't let go," you whispered loveisfleetingloveisfleetingloveisfleeting
Help Help That Is Not Me
Is There Meaning In It?
I have a tendency to believe that there is meaning in most of the things that happen in life, I believe that there are many levels to the world around us that we do not see or understand...yeah to some it is mystical mumbo - jumbo but to me I can not believe that life or the universe is as simple as so many people seem to view it. So - today I am having a reflective day, a bit of a downer but not really and then... I was taking out the trash...when I opened the door - I bird flew out of the Christmas wreath on my door, into my house, landed on my Christmas tree and just sat there looking at me. I quickly locked the cat in the bathroom, left the door open and took out the trash...trying to figure out how I was getting that bird out. I came back in - walked close to the tree and the bird flew right out the door. Mind you - the tree is on the opposite side of the room than the door... Come on - is this just some weird thing that happened (I mean a lot of weird things happe
Dj Tiesto-"lethal Industry"
DJ Tiesto - Lethal Industry - DJ Tiesto - Lethal Industry
Im Up For Auction!!!
Dj Tiesto-"just Be"
Dj Tiesto - Just Be - Dj Tiesto - Just Be
The Gummy Bear Song
New Year Fury
It happened as it always does the New Year came at twelve surrounded by my loved ones I am ready to explode can hardly contain the fury wrath consumes me within I quake with held in anger I struggle with my ire the need to hurt is overwhelming the desire to maim overpowering but I must stay my hand control is required desired by all so I hide put myself away from all I would hurt I seek calm peace a tranquility of mind rarely found I succeed for now all are safe from me for now next time I may not be so lucky God help me!
Al Di Meola-"libertango"(live)
Ub40-cant Help Falling In Love
Wise men say, only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you As the river flows Gently to the sea Darling so we go Some things were meant to be Take my hand Take my whole life too Cause I can't help falling in love with you As the river flows Gently to the sea Darling so we go Some things were meant to be Take my hand Take my whole life too Cause I can't help falling in love with you ----------------------------------
Someone Needs Help
Someone shouted this at me, but they have yet to respond to my offer of help! ->playboy_bunny: hey i just let my gf read this and shes very willing to help. she needs your name number and address and she will put u in contact with local agencies that can provide immediate assistance playboy_bunny: im good but my baby girl is hungry and my husband died yr ago and i need help. could or would you be a gentleman and help me out. im willing to do anything for it. shes my everything ->playboy_bunny: hey how are you playboy_bunny: hi sweetie playboy_bunny: you awake?
Al Di Meola-"flight Over Rio"
A Bit Of Humor For New Years
I was out checking my oil today. I live on a cul de sac, and there are a few kids that live down here. Some of them were out riding their new bikes they got for Christmas along with some friends. Their friends wanted to ride there nice new bikes. The following conversation gave me a chuckle: Kid A: I wanna ride your bike, man. Kid B: You can't. My Daddy doesn't want anyone riding our bikes. He spent like $200 plus tax on mine! Kid A: Whoa! How can your Dad afford that?! Kid B: My Dad is a cop. He makes. like, $500 a month! Kid A: Wow, he must have thousands of dollars! Kid B: I even know what a hundred dollar bill looks now! Kid A: Man, I remember what a hundred dollar bill looks like cause I saw one when I was a baby. Kid B: Ah man, the only thing I remember about being a baby is sitting around watching tv and poopin' my pants.
Meet Dark Defender
Since I've met him, he has been absolutely wonderful to me... please go stop by his page and F/R/A him if you havent yet, or drop some rates or bling to him to give him some points. Dark Defender "Fu Hubby To Italian Princess"&"Sweetheart To Pr Mamii@ fubar
Need A Ride
Well yesterday was New Years Eve and I ended up going to the hospital. I found out that I had a kidney stone and that because of the drugs I was not able to drive home. So since I have been helping my one lady friend out I thought she would help. You see she was evicted from her home and had three kids. I let them move in with me putting my business aside to help her and her kids. They did not pay rent or for any food. When she was bale she moved out into a gov't assist home that I found. So when I gave her a call for help. The first time ever since I've known her, she said "I'm tired and going home." She didn't even try to help me. So I will never ask her for help again. And if she ever ask me I may be just to tired for her. I ended up getting a ride home from a nurse I met two days before.
Billy Idol-john Wayne
You know you make me crazy and my mind is racing you're wastin' all my time someone come and save me oh yeah 'Cause when I need you I can see through and I feel you right now All my highway doin' my way and I want you to feel when I'm going down Chorus I am not affraid and I won't go down in fate nothing's gonna be the same and everything you know keep inside your soul tonight I'm gonna be John Wayne Oh yeah our colder Days are chasin' and you're not gonna face it the reason's in the rhyme you walked on what was sacrid Oh yeah And when I need you I can reach you and I feel you right now it's a new day but your skies are grey and I want you to feel when I'm going down Chorus I am not affraid and I won't go down in fate nothing's gonna be the same and everything you know keep inside your soul tonight I'm gonna be John Wayne everything you know keep inside your soul tonight I'm gonna be John Wayne Chorus I am not affraid and I wo
For Someone They Know Who
your hand winded up in my hair my lips wrapped around your hardened flesh staring up in to your eyes moans escape your lips as my tongue dances upon the head of your desire ridden cock. pushing my head further down the shaft till I feel you fill my throat with your steel rod my throat reacting squeezing down and then releasing you over and over making me suck harder. all the sudden you push me back on to the floor cold against my feverish flesh you drive your pole deep in to my core making me scream obscenities many have never heard moans of your name escaping my lips As your moist lips linger upon my hot damp skin my body craves and begs for more hips pushing against yours pushing you deeper yet into my welcoming wetness. you pull my head back as you throw yours back and all that can be heard in the silence of the night is our animalistic screams of the others name. panting as we join together one last time feeling your weight press against me as we regain our breath
Hottie Of The Week Info
ALL 2ND ALARM HOTTIES LOOK HERE!! Management is going to start a new contest. Every week the management will choose 1 girl to be hottie of the week. The girl selected will get extra promotion that week. All you have to do is be an active Hottie. So keep your eyes open, it could be you! Xoxo Annipoo Dont Forget To Show The HomePage Some Love 2nd Alarm Hotties New Homepage 11/6 @ fubar IF YOU THINK YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A 2ND ALARM HOTTIE THEN SEE. *Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess **Chief of Operations of 2nd Alarm Hotties**@ fubar OR ღCllgegrlღChief_Deputyღ2nd Alarm Hotties@ fubar THIS BULLETIN BROUGHT TO YOU BY: *Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess **Chief of Operations of 2nd Alarm Hotties**
Rhonda Is Turning On Auto-11's
GUESS WHO HAS AUTO-11'S? jade&jaksonsmom!!! jade&jaksonsmom,25 To Life,Club Mystic,Owned by DeeDeeMB,Owner of aGem4life, Silverpixi, BBW Goddess@ fubar SHE WILL BE RUNNING AUTO-11'S FROM 7pm FU-TIME, NEW YEAR'S DAY!!! SHE ONLY NEEDS A LIL OVER 1 MILLION TO DISCIPLE; LOTS OF TIME TO GET SOME BIG POINTS AND FUBUCKS!!! PLEASE HELP TO GET HER THERE??? THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY AND ALL HELP!!! FONDLY PIMPED OUT BY THE MEMBERS OF: Club Mystic!@ fubar AND CinDragon-Founder of ClubMystic-PegasusProject-FuAngel-I.B.I.C@ fubar This html code blatantly stolen from (and slightly altered): Ms. Sassy{Shadow Leveler}@ fubar show her some love as well, she RAWKS!!!
Hottie Officers
Attention all Hotties! Hotties, Its important that you are in connection with your officers , if you are a prospect or even someone who has forgotton - here are the active officers of the 2nd alarm hotties Add/Rate/Fan/Bling - these gorgeous powerful ladies sailorchick30~Asst. Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties~@ fubar ღ-Nadia-ღAsst Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties Promotions & Promoter @ FaLLen AngeLs@ fubar AUTO11 ON! Picins420 Dir. Of Svc 2nd Alarm Hotties OwnedByOwnerOf&FuEngaged 2 Fiesty0ne@ fubar Fiesty0ne☆DeputyChief 2ndAlarmHotties/Elite☆OwnedByOwnerOf&FuEngaged 2 Picins420@ fubar Firechief/Founder 2nd Alarm Hotties Ok After The Death If Alli I will Do my best to change for the@ fubar ~* Sweet & Sexy *~♥TONYA♥~XOX~ *Asst Chief ~Capt. of Swat 2nd Alarm Hottie*@ fubar
Punisher-war Zone Trailer
Elvis Presley Vs Spankbox - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Blue moon, blue moon, blue moon, Keep shining bright. Blue moon, keep on shining bright, Youre gonna bring me back my baby tonight, Blue moon, keep shining bright. I said blue moon of kentucky Keep on shining, Shine on the one thats gone and left me blue. I said blue moon of kentucky Keep on shining, Shine on the one thats gone and left me blue. Well, it was on one moonlight night, Stars shining bright, Wish blown high Love said good-bye. Blue moon of kentucky Keep on shining. Shine on the one thats gone and left me blue. Well, I said blue moon of kentucky Just keep on shining. Shine on the one thats gone and left me blue. I said blue moon of kentucky Keep on shining. Shine on the one thats gone and left me blue. Well, it was on one moonlight night, Stars shining bright, Wish blown high Love said good-bye. Blue moon of kentucky Keep on shining. Shine on the one thats gone and left me blue. --------------------------
Nice Guy
We have a pretty close group of people at work that have formed over the last couple of years. Myself, my counterpart who does economic development research, and our budget manager. We are all within about 8 years of age. The other guy is married, and our budget manager is a woman who is recently single. The other day we were having a conversation about relationships. She, of course, is a little tired of everything dealing with dating, but we were talking about what attracts people. She told me that women seem to have this desire for the "bad boys" as she called them. People that make you feel like you live life on the edge, but the trouble comes along when you realize you get the danger, but don't get anything else you would out of a relationship. I'm assuming she just got out of one of these relationships, I didn't ask. She told me she has this weakness, and she knows lots of her friends do as well. I can't argue with it, I've seen it myself. The funny part of the conversation
A Little Info
10 things guys should remember about Women! [one] while you hold her hand play with her fingers. (they think it's cute) two] tickle her & make her laugh. three] kiss her. [four] and dont only kiss her on the lips, kissing her on the cheek and forehead is cute too. [five] hold her waist [six] hug her while your behind her and rest your head on her shoulder. [seven] whisper you love her in her ear. [eight] tell her shes beautiful. [nine] look her in the eyes and smile when your thinking [ten] tell her you never want her to let you go. ******************************************************* "Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings." -- Anais Nin ******************************************************** You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, she is beaut
Work Needed!
So everyone knows that the job market right now totally BITES! My job serious stinks right now. Sales are down horribly! I am lucky to have 2 days a week anymore. Its making me sick. I can not afford health insurance. I can not afford to pay my bills half the time...I don't know what to do anymore. I was wondering if anyone knew of some legal way to make a few extra dollars.
Code Blue-tsol
I never got along with the girls at my school Filling me up with all their morals and their rules They'd pile all their problems on my head I'd rather go out and fuck the dead 'Cause I can do what I want and they won't complain I wanna fuck I wanna fuck the dead Middle of the night so silently I creep on over to the mortuary Lift up the casket and fiddle with the dead Their cold blue flesh makes me turn red 'Cause I can do what I want and they won't complain I wanna fuck I wanna fuck the dead And I don't even care how she died... But I like it better if she smells of formaldehyde! Never on the rag or say leave me alone They don't scream and they don't moan Don't even cry if I shoot in their hair Lying on the table she smiles and she stares
Caa #68
Please pray for a dear friend of mine and angel; and her mother. Her mother most probably has cancer and they need all the angel prayers, healing, support and love. I will keep every one updated as I get news. Doc
Hottie Of The Week
ALL 2ND ALARM HOTTIES LOOK HERE!! The management of the 2nd alarm hotties are gonna start a new contest. Every week the management will choose 1 girl to be hottie of the week. The girl selected will get extra promotion that week. You dont have to do anything else than being an active hottie. So keep your eyes open, it could be you! Xoxo Annipoo Dont Forget To Show The HomePage Some Love 2nd Alarm Hotties New Homepage 11/6 @ fubar IF YOU THINK YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A 2ND ALARM HOTTIE THEN SEE. *Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess **Chief of Operations of 2nd Alarm Hotties**@ fubar OR ღCllgegrlღChief_Deputyღ2nd Alarm Hotties@ fubar THIS BULLETIN BROUGHT TO YOU BY: *Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess **Chief of Operations of 2nd Alarm Hotties**
The New Year
This year is going to be very interesting. 2008 sucked so much donkey dick I thought I was going to suffocate. This year I plan on getting the fuck out of oklahoma once and for all. I have no clue where I will end up this time next year...but I can't wait to see. Hopefully I'll have a new band up and going, be in a steady relationship, have a few more pieces of art on my body and be rocking harder than ever. So here is my advice to everyone for this new year, Have fun, Don't regret a damn thing, Get drunk, Rock the fuck out and tell everyone who doesn't like it to kiss your ass!
I Moved
I have moved to Auburn, Wa on the Muckleshoot rez, even though it shows an Enumclaw, Wa. I'm on the edge of the rez is reason. No phone lines in yet so therefore i must use library or when possible use my daughter's computer. Thank ya'll for still being my friends!! Hugs n kisses!! I'll try n get here more often.
I Will Miss You Yum Yum
My kitty of 11 years passed away today. She was the most wonderful kitty. She was not like other cats. She would go on walks with me and always tried to protect me. She really trusted me and I really loved her. She was always patient and tolerated my kds very well. Over the last month or 2 she wasn't acting like herself. She wasn't energetic, stopped sleeping with me, and wasn't eating as much. She became very lethargic. After I noticed that she started losing a lot of weight and her appetite was diminishing more I took her to the vet. The doctor told me he found a large mass in her intestines and couldn't tell me what it was unless he did surgery. This morning in the middle of the surgery he called me and told me that it was a tumor and it was too large to remove without being fatal. If I would have brought her home she had days maybe weeks left anyway. The cancer was just too far progressed. I gave him permission to euthanize her. I really miss her. I know I will never find another k
Want More Pics?!?!
Guy's if ya want to see more pics check out my site and sign up to be a member it's free and add me to your myspace and facebook it's on my site facebook is on one of my blogs can't wait to meet u and hope u all had a great new years night! xo Amy
Tv People Are Recockulous
i've found myself amused and disgusted, all @ the same time... ever notice how when people are trying to sell you some retarded product on television (that will not, in fact, make life any easier...but it IS guarenteed to take up closet space very well...) somehow these "special" folk manage to forget how to cut with a knife (90% of america would have many less fingers than they currently do...were they to weild a knife in such fashion) or how to answer a telephone, hang clothes in the closet, simply water a plant, anything to encourage laziness. and yes...i watch way too much television.
Annipoo Is Back
Annipoo is back on the Fu-bar after being savagly beaten by her Ex,, she sustained broken bones and is still recovering.. soo this is a Friend alert.. go visit her and leave love..Let her know how special she is. click the link below and show you care. Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess*Chief of Operations 2nd alarm hotties*Daddy's levelers*Abbys G/F@ fubar Brought to you by Abby.xoxo
To Level
Yo just trying to get our level up since we started getting back on here again!!! tryin to figure things out as we go!!
I Once Met A Homeless Man
I once met a homeless man lying on the walk. I had no intents on speaking with till he spoke up. I thought to myself will these be opened ended rambles or a plead for help, or maybe a panhandling scheme it has yet to be seen. None of the above I was now curiously wrong. Now an inquiry something I had to find for myself. At times it was if he were speaking in tongues but sifting through chaos was a message a theory to ponder. He was not miserable, he was just hungry. He was not cold, he was just bit lonely. In fact at first I would have said that this man was mad a bit dirty and just a bit sad. A man taken by his demons. Uncontrollably forsaken. On the contrary I had soon to find. Though he was here cause of his demons it was because he needed a place to hide.
The Spirit_trailer # 3
Auto 11 Two
My Auto 11 Bling Is Activated!!!!! Jan 03,2009 Please help me become Godmother spank me hard Loads Of Easy Rates To Rate Stop By my Page Rate Fan Add Bling me show me some love on my page Your points are doubled too, so come and get your points and level up on me!!! click here B1tch ~The Pegasus Project~ SBG*Club United*FU-Bomber*Click Club@ fubar
Auto 11s
> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > My Auto 11 Bling Is Activated!!!!! > > > Jan 03,2009 > > > Please help me become Godmother spank me hard > > > Loads Of Easy Rates To Rate > > > > > > Stop By my Page Rate Fan Add Bling me show me some love on my page > > > > > > Your points are doubled too, so come and get your points and level up on me!!! > > > > > > click here > > > > > > B1tch ~The Pegasus Project~ SBG*Club United*FU-Bomber*Click Club@ fubar > > > > > >
Lost Feelings
I'm confined, fixed to a dark world of nothing. Lost with no identity, no sanctuary, nothing, nothing at all. I am detained into a subconscious cavity of sorrow and sin. Oppressed by conviction persecuted at the hand of emotion, so much so, that my entity is now and forever eternally numb. Evicted from reality, from my everyday permanence, I have become disoriented and condemned into my own disillusioned reality. Distraught by everyone and everything's misfortunes and goodwill, my sobriety becomes disoriented and cloaked into a state of insanity. Though a confrontation towards my sanity is still adequate, and a fight, in which is fought everyday, what is sought and accommodated, is of no matter nor interest. All in which matters, is when all is concluded, and the thick haze extracts from my dead habitat introducing a caste of light upon my morose existence, guiding me to a province of affection and desire, a place in which well forgotten by me
I am sick and tired of being lied to on this site. I have, therefore, decided that I am going to delete any and all friends who do not have a salute. If you wish to continue being my friend, add a salute and I'd love to keep you. If not, I wish you the best of luck and bid you goodbye!
My Life In 2008
2008 as it was for Me, good bad and ugly... Current mood: loved Category: Nostalgic Life Wow a year full of its ups and downs. I have to say for the most part I'm glad its over. A few major occurrences in '08 .....I got divorced (yay), turned 40, had major family conflicts and changes, lost friends, gained friends, made mistakes, hurt people, have been hurt, re-connected with family, and fell in love. Starting with my divorce, since the beginnings of it were in '07, it was finally final July 28, 2008, and I must say, that was one of the happiest days of my life. To be out of a marriage I should never have entered to begin with. I have no regrets on meeting Joe and becoming part of his kids lives, for that I will always be grateful. We should have never married, but that's neither here nor there. I love his children with all my heart, just as my own, and they still love me despite the fact that I'm not their "step-mom" anymore. The love of family does not know boundaries, its un
Mrs Independent
She has 11's running right now...Has tons of pics...Head over and show her some luv! ~MRS INDEPENDENT~HAPPY HOLIDAY'S TO ALL OF MY FRIEND'S AND FAMILY@ fubar
You know i love some of the shit people attempt to leave on a mumm or something in order to insult a person, or to attempt and insult them. I've noticed a lot of the people here using fakes pictures or attempting to insult people. I'm loving it. Reason being, so much immature kids to watch. It tends to be entertaining. So keep sending me negative comments, and shit like that. It doesn't bother nor affect me, just gives me something to point and laugh at. Oh and keep in mind, don't comment my personal profile unless you have something "nice" to say. Dumbass people and comments will be deleted and blocked. So suck on that alright. =] I can the biggest asshole on here, trust me.
Times Have Changed Alot !
I am close to 35 years old now and I was raised a totally different way than the way things go today. I was rather upset when I listened to Hillary Clinton say it takes a village to raise a child until I thought more about the statement. ber when I was being brought up by my Grandparents in the 80's and early 90's it was a totally different time. From day light to dusk I was no where to be found. I had friends that my folks reallly didn't have too much to worry about. If their was much to be worried about all they would do is call their parents and let them know and it was handled. If I acted a fool in front of my neighbors they had the right to beat the brakes off of me and then when I got home the phone call had already been made and more than likely I had the brakes beaten off of me again and most of the time grounded. I mean hell, the grounding didn't last much more past me getting home from school the next day. I never raised a hand to my folks and I never had a foul word to say t
Far Beyond Driven 35
Click The Picture Below Come see what you're Missing DJ Vampy is On Air Live @ FarBeyondDriven Viciously *Owner of and Head DJ @ FarBeyondDriven*R/L Married To and Fu-Owned by Lirpa Loo Click The Picture Below (repost of original by '~~th3 e3ke **clubfar**' on '2009-01-01 13:20:57')
renewed im not here I've left this shell my soul now travels free i'm not dead it's just quicker a way to find the one for me tired of judging and blaming folks they will be what they will be i've found salvation my way away I have the key let go of the negative vibes the harsh feelings and you can see any and everything you wish to see ever so clearly
Looking For A Little Help
Hello all friends and fans I am looking for a little help , I really would like to be Godfather before my birthday which is Jan. 15th , I will return all the love as fast as I can .
What Do I Feel?
What is this I'm feeling? Is it the same old confusion and pain I've become so accustomed to or is this an entirely new kind of pain and anguish from a loss I've never known before? Was this just another lesson in life, were we meant to be, or was it supposed to be temporary? If you love something set it free... If it doesn't come back, hunt it down and kill it!
A Letter Never Sent
How dare you smile at the thought of another! Why don't I cause that? You have the nerve to call me your soulmate, and yet look at where we are! You said only I know how to calm your spirit and touch your wings. Only I know your heart and soul. And where are we now? No where. You promised your love to me forever. Just another lie. You were ready to take this vow before God! Now there is no more "we", only "me" here and "you" there. Why wasn't I enough? What happened to honor? Pride? All you have is ego. I gave you my heart and soul, things I have kept hidden, protected and shut away always! I handed them to you no questions asked, just a simple request, "Please take good care of them". You said you would but you treated them like shit! I can never take them back, even if I wanted to, they were gifts to you do what you wanted to. All I can do is pick up all the little broken pieces you've dropped and haven't noticed were missing, collect and care for them until I am whole once again. Wh
Big New Changes Coming
Ok Bad Girls.. There Will Be A Few Changes Coming To Sarge's Bad Girls In The Next Few Days...There Will Be A Few Rules All Bad Girls Will Have To Follow.. Also I Will Be Going Through The Roster Of Bad Girls & Those That Show On Their Profiles Haven't Been Online For Longer Than A Week Will Be Deleted & Sent A Message Letting Them Know Why... Also I Have Noticed A Few Girls Wanting To Leave Or Leaving Without Letting Me Know.. I Will Be Giving Everyone A Chance To Let Me Know If They Would Like To Still Be Part Of The Bad Girls ..Those That Do Stay Will Need To Follow My New Rules One More Thing.. I Have Said This Before ..I Do Know That RL Things Such As Illness, Jobs ..ETC. So If You Would Like To Stay One Of Sarge's Bad Girls..But May Have A Reason That Would Keep You From Participating In Everything ...Just Let Me Know And We Will Work Something Out. This Was A Bit Long Thanks For Reading The Sarge To Make Things A Bit E
Ghost Riders Mini Pimp Out For 2009
Happy New Year.
This was from a conversation earlier on YIM. i'm posting it for posterity... i really dont see myself as attractive. i bust my ass constantly for my career. and i never take time for myself. so when some dude finds me cute. i have a hard time accepting that. Makes it harder when boys misinterpret my attractveness, like i'm just another dumb girl they can play.. they get sorely mistaken when i bash their egos. And instantly I'm no longer that cute dumb girl. I'm now a cold hearted bitch.. this is why im constantly in the friend zone. boys dont like smart chicks. cant i just have both?
New Year's Eve 2009 I had a few choices this year. None of them really peaked me but neither did sitting at home watching Dick Clark. I had a few friends come over and we hung out for a bit. Then we hit a local club so we could dance and flirt some free drinks. Hey it works, shut up. Around 11 we decided to go to this one party we were invited to. I wasn't all that into it, but there was this really cute guy I had met a few days before. So who knows, right? Well, needless to say, I drank too much and had a little too much fun. He didn't seem to complain any. But by the time I got home, I knew I had let myself go a little too far. So what about anyone else? Do we do stupid things on New Year's because we're caught up in it or do we use it as an excuse? I know I'm not the only one.
Lest We Forget
I once read lines, I know not by whom, But I thought them all to true; They spoke of things we leave undone As well as things we do. There were the kind words left unspoken, The letter we did not write;The visit we promised but did not make, The forgotten prayer at night. Perhaps the gift of a single rose Would have gladdened the heart of a friend. We can never really measure the joy That is ours to share without end. How sad but true that many a life Could sparkle as noon day sun, Were it not for the loneliness often caused By deeds that are left undone.
Come Check Out This Site Its Hot Fun And I Dj There
Making The Right Choice
Sup Juggalos, Our Lives are fast paced. You wake up in the morning, if you have a job you might have to run to work and then you get off, go pick up the kids at day care or your parent's, feed yourself, feed the kids, go to bed and then do it all over again. Sounds pretty routine, but eventually you are going to run into something that throws you off track. Something is going to come along and hit you like a brick. BAMM. Well shit what do I do now? Your initial impression may be to panic and then get pissed off and want to destroy everything you see. Or maybe you want to just curl up into a ball and cry like a bitch. Take a second, breathe and ask yourself what do I have to do to get through this? What course of action could I take to make this make sense to me? Sometimes it would be a good idea to ask another Juggalo, who might have been through what you're going through. That's what we're here for. No Juggalo wants to steer another Juggalo the wrong way. The role of the older
Lev Me Sum Love , Will Ya?? Muahzz
My Soul # Is 8--what's Yours?
Soul Urge #8 Your soul urge is to "go forth and multiply" especially when it comes to family dynasties and aggregating wealth. The highest expression of your soul urge number is when you are in power and improving the lives of those that work for you or love you. You support anything that brings beauty, meaning and profit to the world. The challenge of this number is to realize that "money isn't everything."
An Evening With Dave Matthews
2009 Sugar Bowl Classic
Ellis Marsallis
Happy New Year
Hey everyone. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and let you all know that I won't be on the internet again till February 1st. I'm going to be fixing stuff in my life and trying to get a few things on my to do list accomplished and the internet is just a distraction. Also I've been messing things up lately.. and I don't want to do it again.
Far Beyond Driven 34
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This Is How New York Brings In The New Year!
Happy New Year!
MyHotComments Hope you have a happy and safe new year! Hugs, Crystal :)
Looking For My Old Fufriends And To Make New Ones
will recently fu deleted my account i dunno now i had to make a new one so i hope to find all of my old friends on here and plus make some new ones.happy new year.
Throwing In The Towel
In life you have to know when to admit defeat and when to throw the towel in. I got the message that my VIP is gonna run out in a few days. Sounds to me like I need to take a break from here. Or at least stop getting on here so much. I really need to focus on myself and my health right now. When Wii fit says my age is 39 then I know I've got some work to do. lol. So I'm going to be going to the gym or out for a walk during the time that I would waste on here. Also, the new semester is starting up and I need to really focus on school and work. I slacked off on my paperwork at work and it shows. I could have done a lot better. Sometime tonight or tomorrow I'll get on here and refund all of you kind people that sent fubucks my way. I really do appreciate your generosity. I just think this is not the time. Not to mention, did you look at the spotlight today? 35 million?!?! And tomorrow's is already up to 35 million. And I really don't like asking for help from people when so many
Hoppin' John
Being that it's January 1, have to eat the annual helping of black eyed peas (the vegetable, not the girl in the band). Hoppin' John is my favorite way to eat black eyed peas and here is a good recipe. I'll be making this later tonight if you want to stop by! Ingredients: * 1 pound dried black-eyed peas * 2 small smoked ham hocks or meaty ham bone (*note, I make mine with sausage instead of ham) * 2 medium onions, divided * 3 large cloves garlic, halved * 1 bay leaf (*note I skip this cause I don't care about bay leaves) * 1 cup long-grain white rice * 1 can (10 to 14.5 ounces) diced tomatoes with chili peppers, juices reserved * 1 medium red bell pepper, chopped * 1/2 green bell pepper, chopped * 3 ribs celery, chopped * 1 jalapeno or serrano pepper, minced * 2 teaspoons Cajun or Creole seasoning (*note I use Tony Chatcheree's his shit is awesome) * 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme leaves (*note I don't know what this is bu
New Year Resolutions
I have... hmm... a few. 1. GET BACK TO SCHOOL! 2. if not school find a good enough job for it 3. work out on working to gain abs. with that said... 4. just tighten up my whole body. I've been talking about but well like that riddle. two Frogs sitting on a log, one decides to jump off, how many are left. two frogs are left because he only decided to jump off he didn't do it though. 5.I need to write/draw more in my journal so I should do that. 6. stop screwing around talking about a book i want to write, and just do it. my cousin showed me her book she made it's like a scrap book but it's a book. you give them the pictures, make the cover how you want it and they'll fix it up. once i work i should do that with all my book ideas. Believe me I have a lot of children book ideas. 7. Stop obsessing over the small things. to me that's the hardest thing I can do. If you know me well enough you'd be shocked shitless if i actually stopped lmao. I don't think I'll stop but I h
Pictures Of You
Sometimes, there comes a band or artist who reaches into your mind and draws out your emotions and runs freely with them to show you what you want to express. Robert Smith is the epitome of a male Emo soul (female is shared among a few) I love the expression of emotional posturing he offers in his persona as lead singer/guitarist.
Far Beyond Driven 33
FAR BEYOND DRIVEN!!!!! DJ Slay is on the air, and he is trading cookies for nookies!!!! Best metal around. Now Hiring!!
Glory Days--bruce Springstein
You Know You Want It
Auctioning off an auto 11...bidding starts 2pm easten on 1-1-09 and end on 1-4-09 at 9pm. The starting bid will be 70,000 fu-bucks...fubucks will be the payment method you may use bling or other cash items but will only be counted for the amount of fu-bucks earned for that your bid in the for of a comment in the auto 11 auction pic folder.. payment must be recived by the higest bidder before i send the auto bling...if highest bidder can not pay the next higest will be contacted...gook luck everyone
Remys Back
New Joke
well we have Washington on the 1 dollar bill and Lincoln the 5 dollar bill now we have a President for the food stamp...............
New Auction Jump On Board
GREETINGS AND WELCOME TO THE FIRST EVER DARKE-HEAVEN HAPPY NAWTY NEW YEAR AUCTION PRESENTATION. Its time to break out the Champagne bottles and wait for the countdown grab your girl or guy and ... WAIT.. WHAT?!?! YOU DONT HAVE A GIRL OR GUY? And that's why we have come together to help you find that next special someone to start this New year off with a BANG! We are hosting this gala auction for 2 weeks... so nows the time to get your best picture ready and all photoshop sexy... get your offer together and drop a line to Damien Darke or to the Sexy Lil Hell Cat when you're ready to participate... the buy in will be a meager $40K in fubucks... tell all of your potential new owners that the initial bids can be no lower than $100K ... make your bulletins and blogs.. get them to all come in and own you cuz youre sexy enuff to make them happy for the new year... All pix should still be sfw because we dont want nada from da FU about con
New Year
happy new year to all my friends....
My Year Ahead
It's time to settle down and stabilize your life after all the changes of last year, when opportunity knocked at your door. Jupiter, the planet of growth, moved through your sign, widening your horizons and showing you a new direction to success. This year expansive Jupiter visits your 2nd House of Self-Worth, offering you a chance to increase your bank account while also improving your self-esteem. Although it can be easy to acquire material possessions now, be careful about declaring what you want, for you might end up with more than you need -- yet still lack happiness. There's no reason to deprive yourself of physical pleasure, but make sure your metaphysical needs are also being addressed. Jupiter is part of a rare triple planet conjunction occurring this year that includes Chiron the Healer and Neptune the Dreamer, peaking on May 2327, July 1022 and throughout the month of December. Letting go of blame and forgiving those who have wronged you in the past are parts of a process
:) My cousin Kayla, and her fiance Kreg are coming to visit today :) He's from around here, and they're up here visiting for the holidays... When mom talked to her today mom said we're looking forward to see you guys.. Kayla said, I can't wait to see that baby! ...we're now chopped liver! but thats ok. :)
With A Little Help From My Friends--joe Cocker Ty Babies Xoxo
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Why Am I...
....When you're small, you care nothing at all. Minutes can seem hours, you're climbing impossible towers. Slowly.. like the cigarette burn, now clocks say it's your turn. You have run oh so fast, yet looking ahead it's only the past. As the tree in summer you stand tall, yet inside leaves begin to fall. Your mind constantly scours, searching youth's squandered powers. All their advice you did spurn, you seek it now to avoid the urn. No turning back you begin to cry, wondering why am I...
Caa #67 - Update
Dear prayer partners, it is with heavy heart that I update this blog that he passed away earlier that morning. Please send angel prayers of love, strength and comfort to the family and friends of this very special person. Me he find peace in his rest. Doc
I'm sitting here pondering the past year and I do believe I've grown up alot. I definitely made some bad decisions and I had to live with those. But something good came out of those bad decisions as well, most of the time for the better. I realized that you can't make someone care for you in the same way you care for them, no matter how much you try. And you just have to realize that you should be thankful they are in your life period, even if it's not in the way you'd like them to be. And if they find someone else, you have to learn to live with it and be happy for them, even if it breaks your heart a little each day. I realized that it's ok to take a chance on someone, even if they do disappoint you and make you want to take that chance back. I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason and I'd rather it happen now than later. I realized that the people that you believe are your friends really are. You might have a falling out and say hateful things to each other, but
I Think I'm In Love With You--jessica Simpson
Far Beyond Driven 32
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Tattoo-jordin Sparks
Hot N Cold--katy Perry
Hny 2009
Happy New Year 2009 to everyone! May this year be ALOT better then last year for everyone!! and I am so dumb.....for those that know me, know I am a coffee freak....I bought creamer last weekend to bring with me to iDaHo's. I forgot it, so I am drinking coffee with just sugar, yuck....
Abunza Web Revolution
Abunza Web RevolutionLearn about making REAL MONEY right nowAbunza offers you two ways to earn your income. The first is through retail sales, though which you earn a 100% commission for every product that you sell to a customer via your Abunza store. The store acts just as an ordinary online store, where a customer picks up a product adds it to their cart and pay for it via their credit card. The second is via wholesale sales, this is where the big money advertised by Abunza is earned. With the sale of a complete digital library package, for $997 you make a generous commission of $797, on the first level and $200 every time the people you sponsored make a sale. The biggest plus point about Abunza is you don't need to make any cold calls or speak to your customers yourself, if you are not a sales person, no problem, the dream team will close the sale for you. In conclusion Abunza is not a scam but is a legitimate work from home internet business. However we didn't like the compensation
Friends To The End
Leveling Blog 241
ThaisBrazil@ fubar 15k to level
Ringing In The New Year Being Pissed Sucks
Happy freeken New YEAR damn new years is kind of pissing me off..... so far in the new year: 1.blew a tire
Auto 11s Running For New Years Day
HAPPY NEW YEAR FUBAR. MAY 2009 BE YOUR BEST YEAR YET I'M RUNNING AUTO 11S UNTIL 9AM FU TIME 1/2/09. COME ON BY AND RACK UP SOME POINTS. ☠♥ChelleBelle♥☠-Tattoo'd, pierced, redhead bbw@ fubar
Car Problems...can U Help
Does anyone know anyone or someplace that would be fairly cheep enought to fix a transmisson in a 91 chevy baretta....i need this car fixed!!! im loosing my mind cause he wont let me drive the van....AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!
Everyone Has A Chance For Success.
Thursday, January 1, 2009 EVERYONE HAS A CHANCE FOR SUCCESS. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- People often handle life as they do bad weather. They while away the time waiting for it to stop. Yet the tide of opportunity comes to everyone. Opportunity knocks all the time, but you've got to be ready for it. When your chance comes, you must have the equipment to take advantage of it. The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, for time and chance happen to everyone. Take a second look at what appears to be someone's "good luck." You'll find not luck but preparation, planning and success-producing thinking. When you're prepared for opportunity your chance for success is sure to come. The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success. Decide that 2009 will be your year for success and prepare for it to happen. Happy New Year Copyright 2008
Star Wars Tribute
Lmao-parody Of Star Wars, Episode 3
Love Song--sara Bareilles
Far Beyond Driven 31
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40 Golden Tips For Better Life In 2009
1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, Smile. It is the ultimate anti-depressant. 2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. Buy a lock if you have to. 3. Buy a DVR and tape your late night shows and get more sleep. 4. When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement, 'My purpose is to __________ today.' 5. Live with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy. 6. Play more games and read more books than you did in 2008. 7. Make time to practice Meditation and prayer. They provide us with daily fuel for our busy lives. 8. Spend time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of 6. - Appreciate their genuine nature, strength, and innocence. For real! 9. Dream more while you are awake. 10. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants. 11. Drink green tea and plenty of water. Eat blueberries, wild Alaskan Salmon, broccoli, almonds & waln
New Years Dump From The Dump
So I went out last night and I went to my favorite little pub down the street. Didn't think it would be that busy but the place was jumpin'! I mean, I had to suck like 16 dicks just to get to the freakin' bar. So, me being me, I of course loaded up on 3 beers at a time each time I made it to the bar. And then came all my pals, including Bartender Bob, buying me shots of the Devil Whiskey. For some reason they love to see the Dumplyn in her utmost mean and shit-tay, not givin' a fuck...hmmm. I had sworn to "take it easy" and by saying that I mean, NO WHISKEY. But what can you do after 3-4 trips to the bar and slamming 3 beers at a time?? And when somebody offers ya a shot, well hell it's impolite not to take it right??? Well, I get to slapping asses and chicks get pissed and of course I get the "What are you gonna do about it bitch?" attitude. I'm lifting skirts, I'm grabbing asses...all with my sweet little Dumplyn smile and my friends of course are just lovin' it and laughing their a
An Average Love Story
She bids him farewell Walking to the side of the man She had just fallen in love with He watched her leave Even if its breaking his heart He kept his silence And, walked away A month later She came to him in tears Full of sorrow, as though she is dying He offered his shoulder And, she cried all night The next day She bids him farewell She's in love Again One day An accident took his life away Standing beside his soulless body She sees his existence His diary was handed to her And she flipped to read the pages ..... Sunny day She, my fantasy, my everything is in love again.The man looks great.I'm happy.Seeing her cheerful smile brighten my heart. As long as she's happy, I'll be happy. ..... Rainy day The guy left her.Tears flow as she leaned on my shoulder.My heart was teared into shreds seeing her in tears. ..... Cloudy day She is in love again. ..... She closed the book She never felt so lonely She could hear him speaking Bu
Ty My Fu Friends
ty to all my fu friends for helping me level i really appreciate it and will rtf HAPPY NEW YEAR
Abunza Pre-launch
Abunza Pre-LaunchLearn about making REAL MONEY right nowAbunza means "abundance" in Spanish. Originally created by Michael Spire and Sebastian Saldarriaga, it is a self proclaimed bi-lingual company. Signing up for the Abunza program does not require thousands of dollars, and you get paid for every sale you make, even the first. Their website provides clear instructions about how much you need to pay to join the program. In our opinion it is another form of MLM or network marketing, although Abunza would like to differ on this point, stating that unlike many of the other programs this is a bilingual program that targets a large segment of the Spanish speaking population.ProductsSoftware, videos and audios along with ebooks make up the majority of products that they sell, all of their information comes in both English and Spanish. The majority of the topics cover how to maximize traffic to your website. Once you sign up you become part of the team and begin selling these products.
Where Would You Most Like To Be?
Thursday, January 1, 2009 A year from now Where will you be a year from now? Where would you most like to be? ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; There is so much you've learned and experienced on your journey to this day. Imagine what you can now do with it all. This new year is a grand opportunity, filled with promise and possibilities. Choose now the very best of those possibilities, and know that you have the power to bring them to life. You will spend this coming year moving in one direction or another. Commit now to making that direction the one that will take you toward what you sincerely desire. Life in each moment is influenced by your presence and participation. As this new year unfolds, continue to make that influence a positive and fulfilling one. Consider today where you would like to be a year from now. For now is the beginning of the year in which you can truly make it happen. -- Ralph Marston
Hny & Bling!
First off Happy 2009 fookers! Second, I wanted to give a bit of an explanation of why I'm not buying bling right now... I wanted latex :D YAY!!! LATEX!!!! I really... really... REALLY need to paint & it turns out that I have 6 fine women to be my canvas'! *so excited* ♥ Postal
A New Year But Not A New Me..lmao
This goes for a very selected or at least the ones that really know me..:P There were many, many times this year when I may have disturbed you, Troubled you, pestered you, irritated you, bugged you, or got on your Nerves with all the e-mails I send out. So today I just wanted to tell you.... TOUGH SHIT ! There are no changes scheduled for 2009!
Pimpout For Brandys By Po' Boyz Kreationz
Sad And Pathetic
i see kids in here with juggalo in there names and i understand everyone in their youth goes through a faze,but is it just me or does anyone think its sad and pathetic for someone in their 30's and up to be into that shit?...i know this is more of a mumm lol but im banned from them.
Fu Gods Or Fu Scumbags ??
here is a nice rant sure to piss some people off, the truth hurts though... just because you own a Fubar lounge does not mean you are of a higher class than anyone else , any asshole with with $15 a month can get hosting for a stations and open a lounge. it seems that people are taking this whole "networking" thing to a whole new level of unbelief, a world where they are "god" because in reality they are nothing, a bowel movement of society if you will a world where they can be the "boss" for once, because in their real world they have no control and are viewed as an undesirable sadly this is what fubar has become, all because of "power trips" from people who are a mere nothing and dont know any other way to socialize but by using a keyboard.
Found In "dear Abby"
The following prayer of St. Francis contains a powerful message: "Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. "Where there is hatred, let me sow love; "Where there is injury, pardon; "Where there is doubt, faith; "Where there is despair, hope; "Where there is darkness, light; "Where there is sadness, joy. "O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; "To be understood as to understand; "To be loved as to love. "For it is in giving that we receive; "It is in pardoning that we are pardoned; "It is in dying that we are born to eternal life." May this New Year bring with it peace and joy. And to one and all -- a happy, healthy 2009.
Hey Please Help This Guy Out
Wizard's Happy Hour! 11's are on... Stop by at 10am Fu-time to join me on my hour of fame!...LOL...11's are on and i have lots of EZ-Rate pics so you can level up even faster... This HH was giving to me by a very special Lady so i would also like for you to stop by her page an show some is her link... ~Tempting Temptress~ *{Fu-Engaged to Wizard}* I hope you will come by an help me get a little closer to find my Lost Soul... Click the link below an lets have a drink an party... Happy New Year to all my friends an family... This Bully Brought to you By:
New Judge In Town!
I guess you can say, in some ways the internet and *real life* are somewhat the same. MEANING: You meet people and you find, there's no difference. You sometimes find friendship and you find people *you just know*...I've run into both here. THERE WILL BE A *NEW* Judge-in-town...With my friends that I've met here *that have been a part of me*, I will keep close, for the *people I just know* you will see a difference, distance and change towards you. This is a NEW YEAR, NEW CHANGES, OTHER WORDS, new deal. MY BEST TO ALL!
New Years Resolution
this yea i think im gonna work on quitting cigarettes
Fubar And Ratings
I haven't been on fubar long, just a few days as a matter of fact, but wanting to get points I have been jumping right on in their and trying to do ratings on people I run across. Therein lies the problem. I'm an honest person, most thing WAY too much so, as a matter of fact. My wife says that I am honest to the point and being cruel and sometimes passing that point completely. But I don't believe in little white lies and I don't believe in calling a pig's ear a silk purse....things are what they are and you might as well accept that fact. There is where the problem is. I have looked all around fubar, rating people and just looking at profiles....mainly of women, since I have no interest in men for either friends nor other distractions in life. What I find disturbs me about as bad as MySpace disturbs me, just in a more adult fashion. To date, I just haven't really found many women on here that are all that attractive and the ones that are, are so stuck on themselves that
2009 And The Plan.
so this year i have a plan.....and im not alone on this 1....... so me n a girlfriend of mine r goin to open a coffee shop in LA,NY and boston MA. it should be up n running by dec of 09.... so this is gonna b an exciting year....and im totally glad 08 is done...lotta fuct up shite in i know 09 will b better. so the plan is this. LA,CA. from march to early may....denver for the rest of may...june-sept in MA. and after th@..its back 2 LA for the opening of the 1st shop.... not to mention a couple movies along the way... so this year is so far badass....well...since we r only in the first few hours of it....but what a fine few they were.....and yes.....i did..... so with th@ said....... happy new year fukrs!
New Year's Resolutions
December 31, 2008 New Year's Resolutions: The Two Lists I was fortunate to spend time with an enigmatic man named Robert during a very special period of my life. Robert taught me many things during our days together, and this time of year reminds me of one particular interaction we had. "Now that you are becoming more aware," Robert said, "you need to begin to set goals for yourself so you don't lose the momentum you have built." "Like New Year's resolutions?" I asked. "That's an interesting idea," he smirked."Let's do that." By then I was used to his cryptic responses, so I knew something was up because of the way his eyes sparkled as he let out an impish laugh. "Tonight's assignment is to make two lists," Robert continued. "The first is a list of all the New Year's resolutions you WANT to keep, and the second is a list of all the New Year's resolutions you WILL keep. Write the WANT List first, and when you have exhausted all of your ideas, then write the secon
Just Hold Me — Maria Mena
Just hold me Maria MenaComfortable as I am I need your reassurance And comfortable as you are You count the days But if I wanted silence I would whisper And if I wanted loneliness I'd choose to go And if i liked rejection I'd audition And if I didn't love you You would know And why can't you just hold me And how come it is so hard And do you like to see me broken And why do I still care still care You say you see the light now At the end of this narrow hall I wish it didn't matter I wish I didn't give you all But if I wanted silence I would whisper And if I wanted loneliness I'd choose to go And if i liked rejection I'd audition And if I didn't love you You would know And why can't you just hold me And how come it is so hard And do you like to see me broken And why do I still care Poor little misunderstood baby No one likes a sad face But I can't remember life without him I think I did have good days I think I did have good days Wh
Who's Blocked On My Page~
You haven't blocked anyone. How nice of you! tues.1-1-09 and will stay this way from now on. I found peace and forgiveness in my heart and want to start off this new year as everyones friend with NO DRAMA,BASHING,HATIN,HURTING, I only wanna be friends with everyone. I hope everyone can forgive and forget,start off a fresh peaceful,blessed,friendly,honest, caring,Helpful and thoughtful 2009 as friends that dont judge,use,hate,name call,cause/bring drama and ALL get along,be friends an love each other as we should and how god would have it~ Thanx 4 wasting ur time reading this,may god bless you with a very happy New Year Full Of Love~Peace~Happieness~n~Friendship~ Peace 2 U My Friend~
~happy New Years~
Old Year's Pollution
There is a feeling deep in my soul; infinity to the power of eight. I watch with starry wet eyes if rage, I feel it well from deep within; it is all I can feel now; nothing but hate. I hate all you have become; From this hell I must escape. From deep within I feel it come; From deep within I feel the rage and hate. The depths of hell my soul doth wage The most darkest struggles against pain and rage. The upheaval of all you left undone upon this stage. The most fierce-some and and unfettered rage; As I and all other dance upon the stage. No longer can I cage the hate, pain or rage. What is done is done, Eternity's course it now must run. With my heart and soul; you've had your fun. The thought of blood runs cool across my skin; Hell no; not like that, you'll never win. Cry as you might; from this ending, a new life shalt begin, Your end of days draw near, The mistakes of your past; painfully clear. Stay far from me and far, far away from here; Go find so
2008 In A Nut Shell
So long 2008...there were good times and rough times... Where did you begin 2008? With Friends and my Sons What was your status by Valentines Day? Single Did you have to go to the hospital? Not this year for once Did you have any encounters with the police? yes,, dang led foot Where did you go on vacation? Cancun and Vegas What did you purchase that was over $100? oh geez I'm sure groceries for one Did you know anybody who got married? Yes......Rob and Jess Did you know anybody who passed away? Yes, Lyle in my arms :( You are missed Chris, Suicide :( Wish I could of done something to save you Capt Tom Tennant, A good man taken from his family by a senseless act of violence.. TY Tom for protecting our community and making the ultimate sacrific Did you move anywhere? Yes What sporting events did you attend? MMA, Wrestling, Baseball, Football What concerts/show did you go to? mmm Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers (boy does this date me or what)
My Muse
I have crossed oceans of time to find you. I have fallen to earth with wings of ash and walked through the valleys of sorrow, to only stand close to you, to be in the presence of such beauty. I have forsaken my immortality. and yet feel content to only hide in the shadows of your soul. to taste the essence of passion that courses deep inside your being, to feel the life that flows through your veins. in your eyes i find solace, in your smile i find salvation, and yet in your absence i am tormented by demons of solitude. to this i am a prisoner, but to you i remain unknown. for you have become my muse
A Mans Lie
To hear your name makes my heart race. To smell your perfume on my pillow case, reminds of times long gone by. To see you brings tears to my eyes. I dont think i can take another day. To feel you close is all i need, it only comes to me in dreams. I pray to god to just see your face. To To hear your name makes my heart race. To smell your perfume on my pillow case, reminds of times long gone by. To see you brings tears to my eyes. I dont think i can take another day. To feel you close is all i need, it only comes to me in dreams. I pray to god to just see your face. To touch your cheek, a warm embrace. A chance to tell you that i've changed. I know that you've heard this all before, but I swear to god it's not the same. I wish you could look deep inside. I have bared my soul with nothing to hide. It is for you that my heart does bleed, and only you will i ever need.touch your cheek, a warm embrace. A chance to tell you that i've changed. I know that you've heard this
Forever Damned
I have fallen from grace with soiled wings and have accepted my fate, to be damned eternally for i have betrayed my heart and loved unconditionally. I have whispered your name on the and begged for you to hear my cries. i have longed for you to see me as i am immortal though you can only feel my presence. I walk in the shadows callin to you, you turn but i am not there. i kiss you lightly on the lips, yet you only feel warm breath. I watch you with eyes of wonder and amazement as you captivate my every thought. you entrance my soul without a word, and leave me breathless. Oh how i long for your touch for your sweet caress, to feel your breath on my cheek, your lips to mine, your hands upon my flesh, to feel anything of you would be worth my fate. Oh lord i beg thee, take my soul, my wings, my very essence of life, my every breath and cast me to thee abyss. I give these things willingly to only hold her for a moment and feel her mortality and taste her bliss. Or shall i remai
My Desire
I feel desire raging inside my soul screaming to be released, yet i fear rejection, I have desired for so long to taste your passion that runs within you, to hold you close to me, to feel your heart beat in rythm with mine, to run my hands through your hair, and trace the lines on your face. I desire to be the one that kisses away the tears that gently streams down your cheeks. I desire to be the man that makes you smile when you feel like life has finally become undone. I desire to remind you every day why you should be cherished and desired every moment you walk this earth. I desire to to softly kiss your lips and and lose my self in the passion and become consumed by the fires that rage in my soul that only you can quench. I desire to slowly run my hands across your sensual body as our skin gently touches and i melt into you. I desire to look deep into your soul, to caress your beautiful face and spiral into nirvana with an eternal kiss, until i become one with your spirit.
My Damnation
I am but alone, lost and unnoticed, screaming inside with rage, yet i am silent to you. I cry alone in the darkness calling your name, yet you walk away. Am i wrong to feel such passion for you. Is this to be my cross to bare, has my heart forsaken me. Has my wings become stained with tears and holds me to the ground, Is my love to strong to be contained within this immortal coil. Does my passion run too deep. And is my soul destined to wander alone without you, through this wretched god forsaken world. As i pass by you, I become intoxicated by your essence, and relish in the thought of you in my arms. As you look up into my eyes just for a moment. I am transfixed for a lifetime. I find heaven in your eyes, as angels dance to the shimmering light that radiates from your soul. You have become so close to me at that moment. If i could only reach you, touch your face, kiss your lips, and taste the tears that fall like rain. and if i could only sho
Ode To My Father
Lying on the floor Body writhing in pain Tasting blood in my mouth As i plead in vain My bones are broken My will as well I feel the sting As my flesh starts to swell I look to you with tears in my eyes As you tell my its my fault AS your fist crashes to my face All your hate and anger has finally found a place As my little seven year old body lays broken, bloody, and numb my conciuosness fades to black I try so hard to take a breath as you grind your knee into my back I reach for my mother as she turns her head with a tear in her eye she wishes him dead as the screaming and the pain start to slowly subside I crawl within my self my only safe place to hide A place without pain,anger or lies A place where you hold me tight a place where you love me and show me your proud A place where you kiss my cheek and tuck me in at night And when im scared with eyes full of tears in you come to fight away my fears And when i look into your loving ey
To Let Go
as i lay here gripping your hand struggling to take a breath every time i inhale another pain surges through my chest i look into your eyes and find no regret only fear and hate as i lay here so close to death my body slightly convulses as i hands grip tighter i can taste the blood in my mouth i dont want to be a fighter the pain i feel is so intense as it shoots through my body i pray it will be quick a tear rolls down my cheeck as you wipe my little face i hear the paramedic say we did all we could he is not gonna make it say your last goodbyes my father holds my mother as she starts to cry i start to pray as you starts to repent you kneel beside me and whisper just let go that i need not hold on and no one will know as the voices fade and the light turns to black and theres nothin left to see i know why you want me to die because you did this to me
Welcome Home
welcome home As i passed through the halls of your soul, and hid in the shadows of your mind. i created the dreams that haunted you, and the fear that grew inside. i tasted the salt from your tears as they fell to the ground. my laughter echoed inside your head. i am enthralled by the pain i brought you, and the torment i unleashed on you. you looked for answers and found nothing. you thought i was not real, that i did not exist. i was only a figment of someones imagination. it is you that is evil not i. i stole your dreams and crushed your hopes. i enabled your children to die. i invaded your heart and desecrated your innocents. i murdered your brothers and sisters in the name of god and country. yet you only feared, what you could see. i am the prince of the air. i am unseen, for i walk in the world of spirits. i was once the most beautiful angelic being, created by the breath of god. cast to the earth, my wings turned to ash. now at war with god. your soul wa
Stop This Pain
stop this pain have you ever wanted to be free do you long to let go of this coil and walk on the wind so take my hand and come with me their is no reason to fight just let go of this painful life we will run away into the night no one will find us and we will betray the light so forget this life and everything that holds you here no ones here to stop you does anyone even care will they even miss you did they ever notice you there so run with me let me set you free from this life hold on to me and dont be afraid can you hear me inside of you calling your name im all thats left please stop this pain
Am I Even Alive
am i even alive all this pain i hide away all these feelings i supress inside all this fear you created i am everything you have left behind i gave you all me and you gave me nothing i gave you everything that i had i believed you wanted me maybe i was the fool maybe i wanted to believe maybe i wanted to be loved and all i got was deceived are you proud of what you have done look at what i have become just a shell of a man so dead inside hollow to the world am i even alive
My Awakening
you look so deep into my soul and see who i really am from you i cannot hide so in you i confide i am so scared and alone bound by my fears and blinded by all these tears so tired of being here hiding these scars away from the world waiting for these wounds to heal to you i have become an open book i am awaiting your touch, to bring me back to life will you walk with me till i am able to stand alone you bring fire to this empty soul you have brought to life this feeling inside, awakened everything i no longer need to live this lie i am no longer dead inside you have opened my eyes and showed me this world wiped away the tears and subdued my fears so in you i find my strength and i have nothing to hide so with you my heart shall always resides
I Love The Way
i love the way i love the way you love me, i love the way we kiss, i love the way you hold me, i love this feeling i cant resist. i love the beautiful things you say, i love the way you look at me, i love you more everyday, our love was meant to be. i love the way you make me feel. i love the excitement you give. i love the life we live. you've opened my eyes to a whole new world. one i never new was real. you love me for my good and bad. and through the ups and downs. all these things are true. so for this i thank you
Is This Life
If life is so good, why does it hurt so bad. If life is so wonderful, why am i so sad. If life is so beautiful, why do i feel so ugly inside. If life is so full, why am i so deprived. If life is what you make it, then i have made a mess. If life is to be learned, then i have failed this test. If life is a new start. when does mine begin. If life is so precious, why do i want it to end.
Truth Be Told
truth be told i said i loved you, but i lied. i said forever side by side, i told you i cared, yet your emotions i denied, now i watch you cry, though its all in vain, for i feel nothing for your pain, as i walk away and you plead with tears of sorrow that i ignore, your love was my toy and with it i got bored, for you did not interest me, it was the chase that i adored. in you i found pleasure, be it only carnally inticed, but now i move on to become someone elses vice. i will blame you, for it's all gone wrong. you smothered me, you dont trust me, your friends are in the way. all lies i will tell you to ease my walk away. truth be told i never really cared it was those hidden pleasures that i truly wanted to bare. yet you gave it to me so trustingly. and i lied so well it comes naturally. my words and charm, and subtle deceit, oh how they paint a picture of wonders and joy. i can be everything you ever wanted and all youll ever need. but once i concour you, i will leave to be fre
Dirty Things I Love
dirty things i love i love the way you look up at me. when your down on your knees. i love the way you beg for more. as you taste my disease. i love the way you scream. while you writh on top of me. i love the way you move your ass. and the way your body grinds. i love the way you hair smells. while im pulling it from behind. i love the way your passion tastes. as drops of you run down my face. i love the way i make you moan. when im deep down inside. i love the way you never say no. yet you pretend to be so shy. i love the lack of self respect. and the things you let me do to you. i love the way you let me press my luck and love it every time we fuck.
My Little Girl
my little girl you were my only passion for life, my only reason in this crazy world to go on, you brought meaning to this life, you were my everything, my existence revolved around your every little breath, i brought life to you, and you gave life to me. you gave me joy every moment your tiny feet walked this earth, to see you smile, gave me such a rush let my heart jump a beat and to hear you cry broke it, you changed everything in my world, gave it new meaning everything i thought and felt before you, meant nothing and could never compare to what you showed me. around your tiny little finger you had me wrapped, and in your eyes i saw my world. and in just one moment in time my world crumbled, and now i feel nothin, a cold memory has been put in place of my heart, i am lost to the world, disconnected from this coil, i have become hollow, my only reason died with you, i seek your face in my dreams, and we play for hours, your laughter oh god your laughter, you crawl in my arms a
as the wings of demons burn with flame and the gates of hell come crashing down as evil thrives in the hearts of man and blashmese spew from the mouths of babes as hell has been unleashed on earth the day of tribulation has begun as you beg for mercy and find none you cannot accept this fate as your own and yet with in you lives the evil that has been poured out upon man as you pray to your fallen master and fall to your knees at the alter of the damned and cry to your god of hate the father of lies and master of deceite and you find that there is no comfort among the decieved while you scream have i been forsaken
As I Bleed For You
slowly as i bleed for you giving all i have till i have bled through as you slowly push the cold steel burns inside from my eyes falls these tears i cried by your words i have become crucified as the venom drips from your tongue you have perverted these truths till my world became undone i become gripped by this fear i am drowning in this sea of tears my deepest and darkest dreams have become so real all this pain that i am forced feel i have become a slave to your misery i have become a shadow of what i used to be i am beyond your prayers
Suicide, "an Apology".
suicide, "an apology". i wash away the thoughts of you so i dont lose my nerve i take another drink as i drowned out all the pain i know i cant keep going on i dont think i can take another day its so hard to say goodbye but so easy to slip away i hate myself for the things i said and for the things i never did for the things i never got around to doing and the things ive done to you for all the pain i gave and the joy i took away for all the times i lied to you and the times i should have i hate my self for all the mistakes i made time and time agian all the times i never listened to you when you took the time to care for all the time that i wasted expecting you to always be there i hate myself for every time i broke your heart and the way im leaving you now i never ment to hurt you or to cause you any pain but i cant live with myself knowing the things i have done so erase me from your memories brush the tears from your eyes find w
I Am What You Find
step into my world look into my eyes see the evil that hides inside this hunger i feel my desires cannot be denied as the angels cry for the death of man and the heavens come crashing down i watch you falter to the ground praying for the end with no forgiveness in mind as you crawl into the darkness hiding from the light there youll find me waiting time and time agian condeming you for your every sin running from redemption you leave it all behind in my hands i hold your fate your soul i shall desecrate and as you cry writhing in excruciating pain realizing all your tears are in vain seeing the life you left behind and without forgiveness i am what you find
To Never Hurt Agian
to never hurt agian she hides away from the world so broken and alone in her room she cries afraid to let anybody in afraid to let anybody see her ashamed of what she has become ashamed of what she has done every thing she ever knew and everything she ever felt has been stolen away from her you smothered her trust and left only tears in its place her innocence shattered living every moment in fear with wounds that never heal her very soul has become scard your hunger has devoured her your passion she had to endure to your lust you made her a slave your anger she felt every day as she lays on her bed curled up in pain you climb off of her and leave your stain her little body so torn and bruised and the blood stained sheets echo her abuse she prays to die with every breath she breathes you leave her so hollow and weak you never looked at her as a child you never seen her as fragile and meek now she is leaving you and you can never hurt her agian
Bleeding For Mercy
bleeding for mercy i know i have already lost my self to you for my will has become a prisoner subdued in chains of passion and bound by my desire for every waking moment my heart bleeds for your mercy i find myself screaming your name into the night begging you too touch my face and ease this pain to end my suffering and take me into your arms to lay your head upon my pillow and look into my eyes to hold my hand next to your heart and tell me forever and in the silence i listen for your voice praying it will be carried on the wind to me i so long to gaze into the innocence of your soul and find my future laying there before me i want to seek my religion in your kiss and wipe away every bit of sadness you have ever felt and cover the scars that have become your cross with the purest of love may i lay next to you my beloved and basque in the glow of your radiance to delve into the very depths of your soul and to die agian and agian in your arms an
In You
in you i trusted in you i gave you my faith, you devoured my soul and filled me with hate. i came to you broken so full of sorrow you fed me religion and forced me to swallow i bowed down at your feet. i worshipped at your alter i repented from my sin and prayed to never falter with hope filled eyes i gazed upon your face i wanted to believe to be touched by your grace i waited for your answers to my tear filled prayers i longed for some comfort yet you prayed upon my fears you filled me full of lies. as you've done through all these years
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bound i am so tired of being alone watching the time pass i stare through this hour glass at the rain hitting my window waiting for you to come home as my sanity fades to when this pain wasnt here when you held me close and told me you cared you looked into my eyes and made me believe that this is all real how easily you decieved but now i am bound to these memories you have left behind i cannot hide these scars they remind me every day that i cannot run away from this pain it seems to just linger haunting my every thought i tell my self that you are gone but i cant believe it is true that i have lost everthing that i have lost you
A Rose On Her Casket
a rose on her casket as i lay the roses on her casket. consumed by sorrow and pain. as my tears fall and my world crashes into the puddles of rain. i know that this feeling shall never pass as my mind races through memories past. this home we made, i thought would last i remember the moment, i fell in love. it all started with a touch, and a glance, a spark of romance and the world was set for the two of us. all the laughter, and the tears, the names in the sand, as we walked hand in hand you held me captivated through all these years. i can still see all the joy in your eyes. at the birth of our daughter. you looked into my eyes with such love and pride and introduced her to her father as i stood there and cried now i lay here alone through every sleepless night with thoughts of you i cann see your face i can still smell your scent on my pillow case the taste of your lips the subtle passion in your eyes all your love i could never deny and
Im Sorry
im sorry i have so many things i want to say but i just dont know where start all these things i feel inside that through the years i have tried to hide have shattered my heart i know i have hurt you time and time agian i know ive broken your heart i know the things ive said cut you so deep your wounds have become scars if i could change who i am i would if i could be a better man i would if i could give my life to take back just one day to wipe away just one tear i made you cry i would i want you to know i live with regret every day i know that all these years have gone bye doesnt erase the things i say and i remember every tear you cried and i know that time is supposed to heal all these wounds but it never has for me the way i treated you was not who i wanted to be i know that you were good to me and that you loved me with all my faults i took for granted every minute we were together and now that you are gone i see w
Every Breath I Take
every breath i take is filled with your memory every tear that hits my pillow is just another memory of the way you left every day that passes is like the day you said goodbye every moment that goes by another peice of me dies i miss your smile i miss the way you kiss i miss the things you say i miss the taste of your lips you left behind all this pain youve taken everything i had to give all my pride all my dreams all my love everything
Winters Cold
as winter comes so cold i run through these snow covered streets to embrace my beloved, and look into the eyes of my captor to become a prisoner to her passion and a slave to her every whim i must push on as every breath i take tears in to my chest as i feel the chill run deep through my bones i feel my life being drained slowly by this bitter cold still i must push forward for my love shall wait only so long i invision her kiss her gentle lips to mine the taste of her nectar from within her skin so warm, so gentle, touching mine her embrace, oh her sweet embrace the touch of silk sheets on our skin as we become one our flesh melting into one another entangled in each others desire. my visions have become my strength my love has given me the will to fight my passion has seen me through to my journey's end. and im my saviors arm i shall sleep tonight
So Far Away
i know i can never have you and it tears my world apart to know i will never hold you or have you awaken in my arms you are so far away and here alone i cry in vain my heart breaks every day with all these miles between us there is no comfort for this pain i will never hear the music or have the last dance i will never be able to whisper in your ear all the beautiful things you deserve to hear to surrender all my passion to you to look into your eyes to kiss your lips and heal all the sadness inside
Pieces Of Me
every time i hear your name another peice of me dies every time i see your face these tears fill my eyes its been such a long lonely year without you here as i try so hard to fill my time to fill this empty space you left behind and every time i try to stand on my own every time that i am alone i find my self falling down as i fall to pieces i take out the pictures of you and spread them on the floor as i think of you i become confused as my reality becomes impaired i picture you holding me tight holding me through this dark and lonely night kissing me softly and telling me that you care that you will always be there you will catch when i fall as i awake alone curled up on the floor the pictures of you still lying in front of me tears begin to fill my eyes as another piece of me dies
Sorrow Is All I Bleed
as i wear my crown of thorns and my wings turn to ash as my world slips through my hands and heaven turns its back as the angels close their eyes and the night sets in as my heart slowly descends into this lonely abyss condemed for a love that i could not deny i cry to you so softly through these pale blue eyes and as you turn your back and walk away my heart begins to die as every minute fades away now i stand here so alone dying of sorrow every day this pain is all i know as i sleep here alone holding on to your memory i just cant let go only if you could see this pain is all i know sorrow is all i bleed
An Angel Of Sin
the days are grey and the nights so cold as the rains fall hard against my window as you take my hand inside of yours everything seems to dissapear behind these closed doors. as you walk across the room like an angel full of sin with a smile on your face as i gently touch your skin my hands trace your body and taste your passion within and every time you cry my name, i can feel your essence run through my veins. and when i pull you close i can hear you breath and i know that i could never leave you have become my truth you have become everything that i want to believe and when i am in your arms you chase away my fears everything else could fade away the world could just disappear and i promise as long as you stay i'll always be here
Forgive Me
can you forgive me for everything i've done i am bound by pride and fear that keeps me a prisoner here all these things i want to say that you will never hear all these things i feel that live inside me every day is haunted by your memory every word you spoke still resonates inside of me every breath i took was filled with your presence and now that your gone this life makes no sense every tear you cried because of me every time you tried to hide all the pain inside another piece of me died and when you look into my eyes and i am screaming inside for you to forgive me but i cant find the words to say im sorry i would give anything to be the one who wipes away all your tears kisses your tender lips and whispers in your ear all the beautiful words you deserve to hear and when your scared and the world closes in and it becomes to much to bear i want to stand by your side and chase away that fear so look into my eyes and see i am screaming in
I Believe In You
i know you don't believe in love anymore. i know its not your fault. i know someone has hurt you before, and broken your heart, broken every promise, they ever made. then walked away from the love, you tried to save. i know its so hard to trust, when you've had to search through the lies, to find some truth. and when your world comes crashing down, and theres no one around, and your left all alone, holding onto your heart, and just trying to hold on. and you can't find a friendly face. in this lonely place. so you try to run away, from all this pain and all those feelings, you hide, that you try to bury, so deep inside. so know you sit alone. hiding in your room, afraid to love agian, afraid to let someone in. so you protect your heart, by hiding it away from the world, and from feeling any pain, from feeling anything. but i believe in you, and, i believe in this love. so when your ready, to feel alive. when your ready, t
Nickelback-gotta Be Somebody
this time,i wonder what it feels like to find the one in this life,the one we all dream of,but dreams just aren't i'll be waiting for the real thing.i'll know it by the feeling.the moment when we're meeting will play out like a sceene straight off the silver i'll be holding my breath right up til the end until that moment when i find the one that i'll spend forever with.cause nobody wants to be the last one there,cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.someone to love with my life in their hands.there's gotta be somebody for me like that.cause nobody wants to go it on their own and everyone wants to know they're not alone.there's somebody that feels the same somewhere.there's gotta be somebody for me out there.tonight,out on the street,out in the moonlight and damn it this feels too's just like deja standin' here with i'll be holding my breath.could this be the end?is it that moment when i find the one that i spend forever with?cause no
Hi Everyone
well today is my birthday i just wish i could have a party,that is something i have never had.hope everyone new years is a great one love sky.
Accomplishments Of 2008
I would like to start off by wishing everyone Marry New Years and Happy Christmas. There is less than an hour to go, before we start 2009. I reflect back to everything I did in 2008. A handful of things come to mind that I can remember. In 2008 I did a lot of things I never done before and I hope to continue this on in to 2009. Here are some of my accomplishments for 2008 January February 13: I took my niece to her first WWE wrestling show. She loved every minute of the show. 18: I did the Great Aloha Run for the first time. I did it in 2:42:50 an average of 19:59 a Mile March 21: I went to my first concert Incubus April 26: Went to my first Chicago Concert May 10: I went to the Populer Filipino game show WOWOWEE June 5: Got my Motorcycle License finally 17: Had surgery on my left shoulder from a torn ligament July 4: EDD was Started and Born 20: My First Girlfriend Te, I Love You babe. August Septem
alone awaiting for that eternal night to close in i feel the heavy sadness overwhelm my soul as i feel the tears swell in my eyes as the heavens open up and the angels fall around me spiraling to their death with wings of fire and ash screams of pain and agony with every seperation of god tearing through their soul as the last breath of immortality passes their lips i hold my breath all my thoughts paralized by fear knowing that my end is near
Spotlight Thank You!
HeartInspector wants to thank all her friends/family and fans who helped her get the spotlight!! xoxo Tappinit the most FuLuved Owner who spoils his pets! I thank you my dear...xoxo! Tappinit XmasBaby73 and Pink0828: These amazing sexy FuLadies! Pimped me, spoiled me & made this so fun! xoxo! ♥xmasbaby73♥DEVOTED 2 the MOST HANDSOME and AMAZING man EVER *TAPPINIT*luv him..I Do * Pink0828* ஐ*ღDangerous Curves Memberღ*ஐ PaPrGrl for Paying it forward with FuLuv! xoxo ty! ♦PaPrGrl♦ *Owned by Tappinit* SinfulBrat who shares her FuLuv freely with us all........ SinfulBrat ~NO SALUTE =NO ADD~ The Donations.....WOW..... I was amazed of the FuLuv and Support to Make Spot possible! From the largest donation to the smallest, I DO thank and FuLuv you all! I will be paying this forward I promise you~ Ok, Autos is to 2009! ~xoxo heart~ ~*ǣMخ*~DEMON CREW
Too Late Undone
i cant let you leave this way i cant watch you walk away let you walk out of my life forever with out a trace leaving me here with just tears and a memorie of your face knowing i will never see you agian so many things i wish i would have said and things i wish i never would have done but its too late now the lights have gone down and i cant change our last goodbye
Heart Inspector Is In The Spotlight!
Heart Inspector wants to thank all her friends/family and fans who helped her get the spotlight!! xoxo Tappinit the most FuLuved Owner who spoils his pets! I thank you my dear...xoxo! Tappinit XmasBaby73 and Pink0828: These amazing sexy FuLadies! Pimped me, spoiled me & made this so fun! xoxo! ♥xmasbaby73♥DEVOTED 2 the MOST HANDSOME and AMAZING man EVER *TAPPINIT*luv him..I Do * Pink0828* ஐ*ღDangerous Curves Memberღ*ஐ PaPrGrl for Paying it forward with FuLuv! xoxo ty! ♦PaPrGrl♦ *Owned by Tappinit* SinfulBrat who shares her FuLuv freely with us all........ SinfulBrat ~NO SALUTE =NO ADD~ The Donations.....WOW..... I was amazed of the FuLuv and Support to Make Spot possible! From the largest donation to the smallest, I DO thank and FuLuv you all! I will be paying this forward I promise you~ Ok, Autos is to 2009! ~xoxo heart~ ~*ǣMخ*~DEMO
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New Years Auction Till 9am Futime
Happy Friggin New Year
well, it's officially 2009. I'm feeling pretty down because usually i'd be hanging out getting shitfaced with my best friend, but he's in maryland and i'm in California. It sucks ass. I'm just sitting around, getting drunk and smoking a lot of pot. woopdy-friggin'-doo
Confused Thoughts...
This is just my random rambleings... Have any of you felt so utterly alone even though you have people around you? Have you ever yearned for what is not there? Have you ever dreamed you could just sleep and never wake up? I do.... I don't show it and only a few, do I allow close enough to see. I try to be strong for those I mentor. But even a mentor has weaknesses. Sometimes I feel I am at my breaking point. I can only carry so much. I am only human...after all...
Loneliest Girl In The World..
You are the loneliest girl in the world Taking your hits as they come You are the loneliest girl in the world And tonight you'd fall for anyone It's in the wall you fall down to bed It's in the way you cry when he's not looking You are the loneliest girl in the world I'll watch you die a thousand times again You are the loneliest girl in the world And I just want to make it go away And I just want to make it go away
So Tll Me Your Plans For 2009...and Dont Be
So since I'm bored as shit , I wanna know what is everyone's New Year's resolution for 2009...and be You dont have to answer if you dont want, and I really could give a . Now please hooooollllaaa back
Read And If You Agree Your In
LMAO we have no rules!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok First you must add the top 6 Friends . 2nd If you would put us in your name Fubars "MOST" Finest You don't have to but we would appreciate it. Like i said there are no rules. when you see a bully from one of the CEO's aka Colonel, MYLF, MS Carolina, Christina Veronica, & Italian Irish Irish Princess and Especially the Home Page try to repost if your not on dont worry about just do it when you can but we do expect see bulletins reposted and love shown to the people they're about. We do not have to be in your top friends or fam but we ask that you do put the Home Page in your top friends somewhere. We have a yahoo group if you go to the homepage click on the link in the about me section and register you can add your b-day to the calendar and set it to remind us the day before and day of so we get the message and make sure we show love. The messenger for that is please add it if you have yahoo and Club Euphoria is o
i sit here looking a new year in the face,why is it alll i wish for is to hold my baby one last time?i had a beautiful woman ask me to dance tonight and all i could think of was rae's voice sayin sheloves me.i know its not healthy but why cant i get past her,was she that special or am i that lost? i wish i knew the answer.because im so tired of being alone.what i wouldnt give to be held by someone that loved it's so taken for granted these days what does one do when they know the true meaning of love? i wisgh i knew tonight all i can say is i love you rae and miss you more then words cn say.what ide give to hold you tonight.......
New Years Auto 11's Come Level Up
Auld Lang Syne (Live in Edinborough) - Midge Ure has AUTO 11
Want 2 Know Y I'm Bringing In 2009 With A Bang?
***Happy New Year 2 Everyone*** January 10th Will be my One year Fuversary! Over the past Year I have met some of the Most Amazing Men & Woman On Fubar That I am Honored to Be able to call a Real!True!Honest FRIEND!They all have these things in Common! They are.... Caring!Giving!Loving!Sexy!Beautiful!Gorgeous! & Have NEVER Once Turned there backs On me!! I love these ppl with all My heart! They are what true friendship is all about! It's not about the points or the Bling Or how many happy hours,tickers,blast etc!With these Men & Woman It is about R.E.S.P.E.C.T!I wish for nothing but Amazing things for everyone in 2009! And i am So glad & blessed that 2008 Brought ya'll to me! ***These amazing ppl are my Fu Family!!*** And they are there for a reason & it's not for bling packs or blast,etc!They are there because they are the ones that taught me that there are real friends out there and they are the true friends that Walked in When the Whole world walked out*** I love ya'll!
Winters First Hard Hit
He has known its been coming since the middle of summer and throughout autumm. He's been working hard through the day hauling hay, getting the barn ready, checking lights and etc. His 5 yr olds without realizing it are being taught a valuable lesson one they will never forget. Its 3pm and a bitter chill is starting to set in. He does one last check and makes preperations for supper. After supper is done and the dishes are done he puts his coat and cowboy hat on and goes back to his work moving the newborn calves and their mothers into the barn, it still isnt cold yet and his neighbors think that he's going overboard. Later on that night the wind begins to howl and the cold hits and snow starts falling from the sky, at first its light and peacefull but then the fist of old man winter hits. The temperature drops to 20 degree's with a windchill of 10 and the snow starts coming down so hard he cant see 3ft infront of his face. He trudges to the barn and checks on his livestock, yep all ali
The Storm
Its been coming, he knows it he's felt it in his bones for 26 yrs of his life his mind and body have been training him and living in the same area. He can tell his knee twitches the air gets gradually cooler and the animals act differently. He's a cattleman for his whole life he's spent it watching how they act move their habbits. Its two days later and his knee is acting up worse than ever this is going to be a bad one he gets his most valuable things together the things that cant be replaced he has placed in a safe that has already been through a torando once it can do it again. The whole day has been in preperation he knows in his mind its coming his children dont understand but they are watching and learning just as he did with his father. These are things that he doesnt realize but he's handing down to his children just as he learned them from his father without realizing it. 4 o'clock and everything is getting cooler the air denser its getting closer its building. Come 5 o'clo
End Of The Year
This year has got to be one of the biggest roller coasters ever. First shit with Ashley went real bad, then got better when I asked Emily to be with me, and then that went to shit, and then back up when I got with Joleen. Life is definitely nothing but a struggle, and things seem to get us both down but then it seems to back off a bit and then hit again. That and a broken finger that set me back moneywise bad and just finally getting back to working towards getting on my feet. After rent, I'll have maybe 174 in the bank and saving up to see my babylove in the summer. And helping her with what she has going on, I've taken on so much stuff than I ever have before but yet not as stressed out by it all or strung out as I used to get when I've taken on too much. I've become so much stonger through out this entire year than I have been most of my life. It amazes even me cause I have never been like this. So here's to hoping that with the year coming up I get even stronger and that me
A Cowboys Thoughts
He's tough as nails so it seems to his children and their dreams. His arms are as red as his blood he bleeds from strechin wire and pullin weeds. When it comes to his kids and family he's a doctor a lawyer, pyschologist, weather man, a truck driver a Marine a warrior a protector and friend but most of he's their daddy. Lives off the land from his labor giving credit to his maker and never complaining bout not having enough. To them those callused hands turn to velvet when he holds them when the cry from a bad dream or a bad day or a bad fall off their horse. Some say he's the last of a dying breed and that his kind will soon be gone but as long as beef is needed him and his kind will be around face it the country was built around em ya cant git rid of em. He seems cool and collected on the surface but inside a turmoil wells that he does not let his kids see. Troubled by inner demons that prey upon his mind and soul but he stays strong and stubborn enough to keep a possion from them occ
I am tired of trying to give and give and give and get nothing but Distrust from someone I have trusted and continue to trust. I understand that we all have been hurt and have lost trust in others throughout our lives, but I for one have never held another man accountable for all other man's actions and I feel hurt and just in pain emotionally and mentally when I have done nothing wrong and yet I am not trusted with anything I do or say. I'm tired of crying....tired of the hurt....tired of the fukin pain...and yet I continue to allow it to happen...Am I fukin stupid?
The End Or The Beginning? (part 9)
So I gave him my heart and soul - let him reach me - touch me - in places no one has ever done before - I felt the love from him - I saw it in his eyes - and yes - one drunken night I heard it - but - i am just another stupid woman among many others in the universe - HE doesnt love me - never has - I was just a convenient and very available piece of Ass! what changed my mind you say? well I will tell you - another drink. yup he wants another drink - NOT me - im not enough - alcohol is his one and only love - I see that now! The thing is - I think i was into him way more then he was into me - I guess - he just loved the sex and the drama - Me? - well - I just Loved him - ------- yes - I Really loved him... OH WEll - NOT ANYMORE! Its now a New Year - and a New Me - So - Im not going to be bitter - not going to be mad - I am going to pick myself back up - Realize I cant help Him or Change him - But I Can help and Change Myself - BECAUSE - I Know - I am DAMNED sex
Sometimes life can be so stressful, so confusing. Ugh, where to start? Seems like you can never say enough. Almost like you can never get through to matter how hard you try. Some days things are Great and others its just another non-stop confusing circle. Ever get tired of showing you care? Especially when it seems to get you nowhere?? Some days I feel like giving up, like all the worrying and trying I do just really isn't worth it. Too often I feel like I'm being taken for granted, like my kindness is my weakness. Maybe I should just say fuck it all and be done, but there is always something that pulls me back. why? I don't know and still haven't quite figured out how to stop it...... ugh
Mummers Ny Blog Parrrrttayyy
the Mumms are killing me ... and I need a forum to convince Ash to hang Sherry's ass so she can call me lets have a virtual party
Uhm Alrighty Then
So I just signed on here after being at work & I had a message waiting in my shoutbox that said "Fuck off." The picture doesn't ring a bell & they blocked me. :) So apparently I pissed someone off before I went to work LOL. I hope everyone is having a safe & wonderful New Year!! Love ya XO.
Happy New Year!!
To all my family, and friends on the FU... WITCHYS WIKKED GRAPHIX
Feelings .. (part 8)
angel eyes that old devil scent - they glow unbearably bright! need i say that my love is mispent - mispent with angel eyes tonight - So drink UP all you want! have fun - you have no commitments - The drink and the Laughs are on me! Pardon me - but ive got to know - do you love me? or No? Ive got to find who is now number 1 - me or the alcohol!? and my my angel eyes (your bright blue eyes) arent shining so bright anymore but know..... Im going to love you! Like no ones loved you - come rain or come shine!! High as a mountain - deep as a river - come rain or come shine! I guess when you met me - it was just one of those things - but DONT ever bet me - cause im going to be true if you let me - YOU are going to love me - like no one has ever loved me - come rain or come shine! Happy together - unhappy together - and isnt it fine! Days may be cloudy or sunny - we certainly are out of money - BUT im with YOU always - im with YOU rain or shine!!!!!!!!!! Because
So I just got done watching the last 15 minutes of the Dick Clark new years count down...Every year it gets more and more depressing. This year especially for me... because coming up in May, it marks the 10 year anniversary of my dads death..I can not believe it has been that long. Why do these years keep going by so quickly? I hate getting older. :-s This is just another depressing babble from me....
A New Year Apond Us
Well in just about an hour from now it becomes 2009. Wondering what the next year will bring as for life lessons that needs to be learned. And to look back at this past year of life lessons that was brought before us to see if we have learned the lesson from them. As for me, lesson of how to handle stress, career, schooling and life in general have been thrown at me from all different directions and now looking back there are only a couple things that I wish I could change but other then that nothing else. Came to see just who I could consider as friends and those as fake. How family realy matters when shit happens. Which in some ways had not changed at all. Guess that what happens when your the blacksheep of the Well to all that reads this, I hope what ever life lesson that you have faced this past year that you learned a lesson from them and best of luck for the year to come.
I'm so lucky! On Christmas Day, I asked my girlfriend to marry me and she agreed! Now it's a year of planning and organising the wedding. We're both so excited. Just wanted to share that with the all. All the best for 2009! Jon xxx
to each and every sec min hr day week month year we must make the best of everything and so to each happy everything :-D
New Beginning
Often as one year ends And a New Year begins We look at it as a New Beginning A fresh start to living As we start a fresh Let us not start with less Let us start with more More Giving More Loving More Understanding More of being a Blessing Let this year be a year That we show others how much we care Let us fill this year with godly cheer By loving on others Showing them that to us they are dear Let us give time to our households To our children To our mates Making it a yearlong mandate A New Beginning Of loving on our families and friends Of encouraging our families and friends Of giving to our families and friends Of believing in our families and friends Of praying for our families and friends Winning our families to togetherness Winning our mates with love and happiness Winning our friends with trust and admiration Let us win this year at giving love And the love we give Make sure it comes From the Father above Make this year This New
People Will Even Take Your Tooth Brush Given The Chance..
Well I learned some valuable info today.. People will even take your tooth brush given the chance.. My daughter who was staying till the last min in her bed bug infested apartment thought she had till 12:00 tonight.. WRONG we left to go get more boxes and while we were not there they came and moved ALL of there belongs to the sidewalk zoes new sewing machine, computer and every stitch of clothes they owned shoes EVERYthing! By time we got there it was all gone! Even there toiletries.. All there meds supposable were flushed (my ass) ADHD meds (speed), Valium, her pain meds for her back, antidepressants Im sure are being sold as I type .. It was one of the most heart braking things to see my daughter and grandchild standing there like a deer in the headlights.. They now have nothing so starting fresh for the new year means starting completely over down to there underwear.
Darkness Begins (part 7)
So I let myself fall in love with him - accepting he is a drunk - we go out and at first its fine - he controls the alcohol - but soon - sooner then expected = the alcohol controls him and he becomes violent - NOT towards me - you have to understand - NEVER towards me - is what makes me love him and stay with him - I want to take care of him..... but soon its clear im not enough - i cant help him - i cant heal him - and i am beginning to think that being with me is hurting him even more.
To You From Me
Happy New Year's to all my beautiful friends. May this year bring as many butterflies and smiles as you can handle. yes im feelin way to damn good and i has boobs
Pyramaze - Legacy In A Rhyme
come fly away with me close your eyes, you'll find a place between dream and reality that's where i live that's where i breathe oceans of creation A heart for the Heartless remember me pain i did not suffer and the pain won't hurt me anymore remember me and i am forever i gave my everything and i still do, my love let me bleed for you i know how to make a sacrifice i am the poet with the bloody knife what i have seen where i have been life that i created a miracle indeed remember me pain i did not suffer and the pain won't hurt me anymore remember me and i am forever i gave my everything and i still do, my love let me bleed for you no time to waste only time to treasure and i do every second of every hour (remember me, my love, i am forever) creating a memory, words of light (remember me, my love, i bleed for you) my love, my life, legacy in a rhyme remember me, my love, i am forever remember me, my love, i bleed for you no time
New Year's
I just hope that everyone has a happy safe new year. I hope that the new year finds everyone happier and more blessed. Much love to you all! I'm sorry I couldn't give every single friend I have a comment, but I have so many great friends. So this was the other way to go! MyHotComments
I Am Gonna Say It Now.
Happy New Year you lovely people! ♥ Oh yes I am tipsy and giggly. That is all.
Bringing In The New Year Here In New Orleans
Bringing in the New Year at Jackson Square with music and fireworks 10:51 AM CST on Wednesday, December 31, 2008 Jill Hezeau / Eyewitness News People around the world are preparing to celebrate the beginning of 2009. AP In New York, they will watch the ball drop; but here in New Orleans, revelers will see a different symbol: a Fleur de Lis. Since Hurricane Katrina the gumbo pot has rang in the new year, but the Fleur de Lis symbol now replaces the gumbo pot that was introduced post-Katrina. Organizers said the change reflects a changing New Orleans. Before revelers countdown to 2009, a couple of acts will entertain the crowd. The festivities take place in Jackson Square, with a D.J. and a couple of bands taking the stage. Soul Rebels Brass Band will close out the set right before Mayor Ray Nagin toasts to the new year. There will also be a fireworks display that will feature the fight songs of the teams playing in the Sugar Bowl. All this begins a
Raindrops Of Passion.
Raindrops of passion My mind a constant race Though my heart lies exceptionally calm Swirling Shimmering In your warmth. Holding close the image of shadows touching the light Basking in the darkness that I no longer own. The silent moment still lying around us Brings me to comfort. The taste of your kisses so soft Infinite in variety. Your eyes dance upon me Clothing me in their mellow acceptance Their mist Ive entitled Rain. For I have been bathed within their gentle caress! This My vivid picture of vision Magical reflection of charming affection Melting within your gaze. A newborn breeze blows in the eloquence of your smile Accompanied by the suns perpetual breath Calming the heart of my troubled spirit. My desires now lie hushed My soul satisfied Within your quiet, fragrant form. ~moi.
Louisiana Against Putting Gay Couples Names On Birth Certificates
Louisiana plans to fight order to put gay couple's names on birth certificate 02:33 PM CST on Wednesday, December 31, 2008 Janet McConnaughey / Associated Press Louisiana officials said Wednesday they plan to appeal a federal judge's order to put the names of two adoptive fathers on the birth certificate of their Louisiana-born son. "The District Court has ordered Louisiana to do more than what the Constitution requires, and we will ask a federal court of appeals to correct that mistake," state Health Secretary Alan Levine said. U.S. District Judge Jay Zainey in New Orleans ordered the state Office of Vital Records last week to put the names of Oren Adar and Mickey Ray Smith, a same-sex couple who adopted a boy born in Shreveport in 2005, on the amended birth certificate that is standard for adoptions. They now live in San Diego, Calif., but the adoption became formal in April 2006 in New York, where officials decided earlier this month that same-sex couples
I Love You.. (part 6)
I opened my door to my very intoxicated love - yes very drunk - but suprisingly very literate. I helped him to the couch and said - you have to stop doing this to yourself - you have so much to live for - he just looked at me with those beautiful sad blue eyes and said - IM IN LOVE WITH YOU - BUT - we both know that im a drunk - and i know that you are lonely and sad - and I hope you understand that im a person that is totall at ease with this - which is not to say that im indifferent or that i dont care - I DO - it simply means that I trust you and your judgement - and you can throw me out - or you can let me stay and hold you - and you can know that at least for this one night - there is a man who wants nothing more then to hold you and let you know that you are indeed loved!
Happy New Year To All
imikimi - Customize Your World! Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year!!!!!! All The Best To All May All Your Dream's Come True. Hope You All Have A Blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwasssssssssssss xoxoxoxoxo
Not What I Do (part 5)
its just really strange - its like things are happening really quickly - and thats so NOT me! ummm for instance - just the second i met him and the way i said my name right away! I never tell my real name when i first meet a guy! I just said HI - my name is Rebecca - Thats so out of character for me! but it just felt so easy - and for the first time in my life - i felt like I was me. I didnt feel like i was trying to be somebody else.
Poetry And Stuff
I feel odly disconected in a way, like life is slippin write past me and even with my death grip Im loosing ground. Life's ladder looming before me daring me to keep climbing. im scared fear coursing through me, I know what i want from this life, yet what if i can never reach it. would it not be easier to settle then to dream, why reach if what you want seems beyound even you. but curiosty will win over my fear, because i will keep climbing keep living keep discovering what life and it ladder will throw my way and i will dream.
So Ya...happy New Year!
you know what? I've been a whiney ass bitch this last couple of months.... damn holidays!!! anyway, fuck it. life is life. I've made so many wonderful changes this past last year and have been truly blessed over and over. *smile* and you have been part of it all... thank you to those that have cared or not ♥ Postal
Quickie ;)
Before i head to bed i wanted to share a snippit of a convo i was having with my best friend. no one get offended, i've had many family mbrs pass away from cancer, mmkay? we're a little warped but this is how we are and we love it. :) p.s. this was via mssnger. HER: eeewww fn lung cancer nasty commercials !!! ME: the one where they go into the fucking lung? yeah i saw that today and went um... lung cancer looks like a wad of gum HER: yeah its fn gross dude ME: i stared at it going, 'and they can't hook that out? they can do abortions but they can't hook out a wad of gum?" HER: thats fn gross dude ME: i know i was like damn dude, get me a hanger, i'll get it HER: eeewww
always the time of the holidays suck being alone and all thing haven't been the same since my mom passed away 4 years ago the holidays use to be heart felt but now then seem just like any old day
I Found Him...(part 3)
So I found him and he asked me out to dinner - not only dinner - but dinner of my choice - so I Took him to my favorite Seafood Restaurant - and BOY was it spectacular -==== except for the fact that i noticed he didnt eat - just kept on drinking and ordering more drinks. So I looked him straight in the eye and said "why are you a drunk" he responded quite intelligently - why am i a drunk? is that what you really want to ask me? I said YES. he said also quite intelligently - well then this is either our first date or our last.... I hesitated - took a sip of my martini - looked at his beautiful blue eyes and said - "its our first!". then he sighed and answered honestly -- I'm just drinking to numb out all the bad in the world. I responded with - very clever - but it doesnt work and believe me i know because ive tried. Then he stole my heart even more by smiling at me and leaning over to light my cig - no lectures about me pulling out a cig to smoke - just smiled and leaned over an
Making Money
If anyone in Texas or Georgia wants to make some easy money sitting at home in your PJ's let me know cause thats what I do all the time.
2008: A Year In Review
Wow I cant believe another year has come and gone and like I do at the end of every year time for my annual a year in review entry. Well I must admit 2008 was not a bad year for me. I did make a lot of changes and I have grown as a person. The first of the year found me making the decision to move out of my old apartment and back home. In September 2007 I decided to move in with a friend to help her out only to find out she was taking advantage of the situation. I was hurting financially, emotional, and physically. I knew that I was going to get hell for doing so from her nosey self centered mother, cause I have seen the old bat in action with others, I was well prepared. Of course I was right and she had so much to say about me to others, I guess no one in real life was paying attention to her so she resorted in saying stuff about me online. Of course they were all lies and no one paid her much mind. And quite frankly I wasnt going to justify her actions or even give her the s
Can You
i just heard that its impossible to kiss your own elbow.. can you?
Open Your Eyes
Into this world we all are born Born and raised at the speed of light Bright entitities of the universe Embers of the vast twilight We live but for a century A speck of sand in the timeline Of the universe that stretches wide Into the realm of eternity Man is born in equality Then made into a souless drone Made to live for all his years In a blissful restless slavery The Earth spins around the Sun In a perpetual motion never to cease People live in a cycle Until the sprocket's time is done Open Your Eyes my young child Your life is now beginning to spin You are on the road to where we all go To a paradise that precedes our demise
Closing My Eyes
I lay here as my strength whispers away from me The powers that puzzle my mind are now in play My body is the dying star in the sky above Mind over matter diminishes and my body wastes away Now in my time of dying is my time to unravel The pandora's box in the back of my mind So those sitting right by my side Listen in and hear my words with which you must bind Life is but a fleeting dream Alpha and Omega beyond the realm of infinity Think and act in the time you are alive In the end, the dream will amount to a blissful abbreviated infinity Into this world we all are born With our minds open and our eyes closed Life is the race we have against the fabric of time Never to win, as we all bow down to it and slowly die Go beyond the pre-rendered game that is made Open Your Eyes before you open your mind We all must walk before we can run Now it is time to reflect back in a flash of light And complaintly close my tired, heavy eyes
Dark Clouds Over An Open Sanctuary
Up in the sky the light dimmed As storm clouds were born out of the bad mood I tried to speak but I had nothing to say Today just wasnt one of my days The words always come out of my mouth With no hesitation about the msiconceptions that may come about Today just wasnt one of those days My mind is frantic with thought But the thoughts wont come out of my mouth Is it insecurity The fear of individuality I am who I am But not anymore Today was the day I lost myself To the perilous gloom of the sick sad world surrounding me Filled with mechanical forms of expression And drones to serve the bidding of their synthetic king Where did all the freedom go to? It went to the back of my mind Where the words are trapped By the confusion of a million trapped thoughts That never got the chance to extract themselves From the fear that lies deep within
Curtained By The Veil
They lurk in the night Not to be seen by those with eyes that are unkeen They walk in they day as we wander alone Below us at times and above and beyond Your fear stands over you Like a shadow of the tower of babel You use this fear to climb very high High above the white light that you refuse to look to The shadows follow your every move And you embrace the deadly darkness It floods your eyes and then your mind Clouding your life and eating away at the time The time you gave up For the love of death and leaving it all behind Swim in the bottomless void Eliminate the white light That still stirs in your subconscious Drown deeper and deeper until there is no more The light will assimilate with the nothingness Life ceases to be You are now the walking dead Never to feel or know or have anymore say
I Dont Know...(part 4)
I dont know - I just - I just Really Like this guy - I mean Ive never felt anything for Anyone Ive ever been with - its weird - I feel Really confused about it. We were with each other only one night - and no sex - but I felt like there was a connection - you know - a realationship being formed and I was kind of scared - and NO I dont think I should see him again. BUT I look for him - I go out sometimes - not often - but sometimes - just to see if I can find him again.
Something I Would Like To Expand On...
Just because you have been there Doesn't mean you feel the same way I do We are the best of friends on separate paths And in the end we will find our dreams alone
Rant For 12/31/08
10:15pm I hate whomever decided on most of the songs on the 100 VH1 Greatest Hard Rock Songs. They should perhaps be shot. Repeatedly. I feel great animosity right now toward men that allow their bitch to type when they step away. If you cannot control your bitch, perhaps you should put a leash on her. My back hurts, and I'm not happy about it, anyone that has pain killers and hasn't given them ALL to me should die. It's not fair. It's just the way it is. I'm not sorry. I have cramps so bad I could probably kill a whole litter of kittens using nothing but a small rock and 3 bobby pins. Wrap your mind around that shit. I think Bret Michaels is a make-up wearing queer and Lita Ford was NOT a wonderful songwriter. I don't give a furry rat's flying fuck how much spandex that bitch wore 20 years ago. "uh huh" is not a chorus. Not ever. Unless I say it is. Then it is. If I want to tell you to fuck your mother, I can. You know why? Because I can. I don't like women t
Years Behind Me
Oh no, what is going on!? I slept 16 hrs once again This seems to be a trend I cannot break Losing every day of my young life The thing is, I dont feel my age Time has no form of concrete measurement to go by As my eyes are as sleepy as my lethargic mind And I dont feel much like trying The best years of my life feel left behind At the tender age of 21 I feel more like an aging old man Than a young man with his entire life ahead I wonder what happened to me From the day I turned 18 To the meaningless day I was old enough To purchase my own drunkenness Was it knowing I had to grow into a man And at the thought, I felt ashamed For when I was in my teenage years I did not know life for I was shelled in my fears The best years of my life were put aside Because insecurity and anger subsided I am physically the age of 21 Though in my mind, I am ready for retirement I'm 21 going on 52 Which to some may seem like I am giving in There are some who would agr
The group will consist of 10 members. Names will be drawn n listed in order. You have 3 days to rate every picture of choosen member. Every 4th day it will be a different member. Please rate during Happy Hour and only rate 10's you can rate 11's but that is up to you. This is for rating pictures only If you are planning on doing an auto 11 please let us know in advance. If for some reason you are unable to rate a member due to being gone, pc or internet problems please let us know. However you will be expected to catch all ratings up once you return. This is only for people who are serious about rating and helping each other level. Slackers will not be tolerated. This is by invite only. If you are interested please leave a comment.
Dream When I Die
Days continue to pass me by As I sleep the hours away In any bed I can find And the pattern doesnt cease I wake up and I feel like weaping For another day has passed me by I feel that sleep is a waste of life My body may be weak But it can still stand the test of time No matter how broken my body feels Or brittle my mind may be I wish sleep would wait until I die There is a whole life ahead of me But in the days I lose to sleep It feels as if I skipped a century While all my friends and family sleep I am awake and alone with only thoughts And then back to sleep I go While the world wakes up outside I feel that sleep is a waste of life My body may be weak But it can still stand the test of time No matter how broken my body feels Or brittle my mind may be I wish sleep would wait until I die Dreams may be good for what we cannot have My desire is my life within my grasp And even if I won't see it all With my eyes open I will get what I can Da
Black Rose
It will take more than a shaman To find meanings in a thing so vague These premonitions perpetuated through fatalism I only consider self-esteem to be a fallacy My state of mind rooted in the subconscious Is watered through thoughts unwanted Through photosynthesis, I inherit a mental disease The one thing on which to feed, the essential poison My brain eats itself And through secretion, my dreams can yell! It has become a habit To inhabit the thoughts of others A healthy meal to ponder Though still starving as I wander Everywhere I tread is like quicksand As confidence sinks lower Still no feeble minds to feed upon Hunter becoming hunted, as others like me tread near With only the option to feed upon myself I indulge in my withering soul The will to live is built on good foundation Though my will to die stems from vanity's tempation
New Years With My Best Friend...
It's 2200 on New Years Eve. My wife went to bed. We're not on the best terms right now anyway. Most people would classify my situation on this celebratory passing of the annum as quite sad. I have, however, one save and grace. My son. We are thoroughly enjoying America's Funniest Home Videos. After this goes off, we will engage in Wii based multiplayer combat. Then, at the stroke of midnight, when the year fades into twilight, and while the whole eastern seaboard raises their drinks and sings Auld Lang Syne, I will hug my son and kiss his forehead. Old acquaintance should not be forgot.
Fighting For Land
Taking a chance on your life Gambling with your soul Which you would gladly sell To the cause they sold you Telling you your life is in your land And to win You must fight with the strength of your very own hands Your life is what you make of it And that is all on you You once had a dream To grow up and make life big Now you have the goal To stay home and live small You dont know what growth is They told you you dont need it Life is here and now And you dont ask them how You just sit idly by and follow the leader Into the tomorrow you are told will never come Where did it all go? At one time you did know The things you wanted to be And how you wanted to get them That is all gone now Nothing matters All that your have is your land The land that every man has So why do you fight When it is not yours But everyone's piece Stop waging wars Over what is not just yours
From East To West
As the bright light rises from the eastward yonder Your eyes are still closed Not quite ready to open As they wait for the dawn of morning to come The light makes it way to the apex of the sky And you are now flailing in pain As you make the motion to get out of bed The day is young But your body feels like it is beyond its years The groginess subsides as you flutter your eyes You awake fully and embrace the light of day As you get ready and get on your way To the tedious repetition of having to be alive And continuously feed your blood to the powers that be The day is no yours yet From 9-5 is your daily sacrifice The sun above has had its own routine to fill Moving from the waters of the east Shifting discreetly while shifting your dark outer shell Until it hits the gateway to the west Where by now You are getting ready to get your rest The sun repels down below the edge of the world And you are now sitting at home Pondering over things you tell yoursel
Into The Setting Sun
Love has always been vague to me I thought I have found it quite commonly But everytime I found that love You didnt find it for me Then one day through my foolishness I found you acting like a fool People say that fools rush in But we were both fools together And with that I found you The feeling was there again The one I thought I knew But you said you knew it And you felt it too And with that said We know who we are And that we both feel the same... It isnt love At least I dont know it yet But I do know that I have fallen for you And I would fall harder for your love You say that we will be together soon And I know you dont lie I will keep my promise to be with you And from there We will learn to love and fly Above the clouds and under the sea Beyond the fragments of reality We will fly together Into the bright setting sun...
The First Solution
I dont know where my mind is going anymore All day long I sit and stare away Into space, the forever infinite Why can't I just do something with the life I have... The problem is always on my mind But it wont get me anywhere in my life The solution is what I need to think about Only then will I have had an accomplishment Time ticks away while my mind is out to play Come back to it later But now I'm back in the now And I will hold my ground until it is time For the first solution The only one I need at all I open my door to the ones I have ignored Common sense and the sense of confidence I said goodbye to my enemy Arrogance And I started to turn back to take one final glance But I had no need for the that I will only walk forward and take advantage Of the first and only chance for my redemption And so tomorrow morning has begun I have finally awakened From the nightmare I created When I chose not to love and to hate Which in the end only brought me miser
The Dream Lives On, A Personal Fave
And so when you think that your life is in check Check your position and see where you're at At the time things may look like they are done Done until something positive comes right along Along the path on which you once walked happily Happily thinking that life is the dream Dreaming is the escape for a lost injured soul Soul meets with mind and your life becomes gold Gold can only last for so long as all things do Do the things in life that you know you can do So now that you know The things that you have Are all you can give To yourself and them Just live with content and always remember That life will be yours to command And when the world tries to bring you down with them Walk away and don't look back at them And then things will shine And the dream will be real You and it will become one and all will be done...
He Who Sees You
The one who we all confide in Sits on his throne biding our time And we all do our bidding Of which we have no purpose of what it all is The one who knows what we dream in our sleep Injects our fantasy with thoughts of fancy And we take heed of these visions of grandeur And we dont know where to start and how to finish The one who makes what the future will be Prepares our minds for a war with no end And we train ourselves with the conquering of all land And we will all soon fall down below the ground
Map Of The Future
I have the plan in my head To make my dreams come to fruition All I need is to map it out And then accomplish the things I want I know it will work I just need the will to make it happen You will never make it work out Your plans are nothing Your dreams are only that Take my advice I have lived life longer I know how things go in this world You have to be real about your future It isn't as gray as you think it is Maybe you're right I might me dreaming And dreams dont mix well with reality Then again, dreams are things that can be made to be real I'm so confused now I thought I walked on water But I can feel myself sinking down now I'm just a figment of my imagination And I don't believe in my existence anymore... You are a kid with big ambition Living in a small small world Your thinking is gray, theres no such thing The world is only black and white... Make your choice You don't have to listen But I have the advantage of mature intuition I know how
Waiting For My Time To Die
I'm sitting here all alone Waiting for the time to go by I have 24 hours ahead of me And I don't want to waste any of that time It is now 2am in the morning And I have a long time to go I feel like sleeping but then again Why do that when I'm about to go? My body is perfectly healthy My mind is as active as ever And I have what I need in my life But all I want Is to die in peace And I depend on the time to die I don't want to end it all myself That would be selfish and it would only hurt others And so I wait for time itself To finally bid me farewell and to let me be... My eyes grow tired more and more My body is restless and it is now very sore Despite theses things, I do not care I appreciate life, and I have played quite fair I just don't feel like I can grow anymore And so the only thing left is to write the final chapter... My mind begins to contradict itself I forget everybody and now I'm all alone I ponder about what will come right after I meet
A New Year???
December 31,2008 9:21 pm and I am sitting here pondering what the new year means to me. 2008 was a really significant year for me. I made the decision to change the direction in which I was headed. My husband of 28 yrs and I decided we would go our separate ways, I met an internet dj, fell hard for him and spent 5 weeks with him in England. It is our hope to be together permanently later this year. On my return to the States I found myself a new home and moved out on my own. Well kind of, my 20 yr old son came to live with me, which is fine. I love him above all else in my life. So now looking ahead to 2009 I am so full of questions. Where will this all lead? My son has enlisted in the Marine Corps. He couldn't find a decent job and we just don't have the finances for him to go back to college. Besides, he has wanted to be a Marine since he was in high school. When he told me of his decision to enlist I asked him what his motivation was. I was not prepared to a
Human Desire
Blast the fool in front of you Before he pulls the trigger first Dont just kill him, make him suffer Show him that you are better In these desparate times, a man must kill Or fall to the fool and be killed You have to put your mind aside And put your instincts to work The frontlines arent so far away The war is in your very own backyard We have to fight to make it right again Put your hands up and give them hell Just the other day I was walking down my street And some man thinks he can give me the beatdown I took my hands and I shook him on down And I fought him right out of town Theres no such thing as friend or foe Everyone can't be trusted I'm the only one who matters at all If you all fall, I wont fall I will stand above you and I will stand tall
The Tallest Tale
Words can really fool the fool Who takes them in and thinks they are all true Words need life to be made real People think they can lie to seal the deal If you think you have me fooled You better think again I know your story to be a tale of fiction I was once like you, using lies to be accepted Some people are like mindless golums And when they fight you, you throw a tantrum I am not so naive and dense I walk taller than you tales and I can see clearly through your mist If you think you have me fooled You better take a better look the second time around My eyes are open and my sight is clairvoyant I can filter your words and I see nothing important A terrible mind is one that is wasted You say I'm a failure, and I am thinking the same But not of me, and instead of you Prove me wrong, and show me the truth
The Paradox
Time goes by as my eyes scan the world highlighted outside I stay in one place as it all passes so slightly Memories the only moving thing in my mind Ever so faint as they fade retroactively into the light Cant these things cease to move? Giving me time to catch up on all that is lost Years I had my eyes closed to And fears that consumed for far too long? When will I ever have the time to get it all back?! So many tears wasted, on so many people long gone Why did they ever say it would last forever? A contract beginning with a handshake and then a bullet in my head A fatal blow I have survived far too many times Cant these things cease to move? Giving me time to catch up on all that is lost Years I had my eyes open And insecurities that consumed the whole of me? When will I ever have the time to get it all back?! The road keeps passing my eyes As I sit still idly, not moving away Then it hits me, as I take my final breath The paradox that eludes all lost so
The Man After The Unwanted Sex. (part 2)
I literally ran into him after running away from hairy man.... and he picked me up - smiled at me and took me to a local cafe to calm me down and talk - we talked for hours - just sipping drinks - smiling - and talking - I havnt felt so adored and so safe in i dont know how long - but is it all in my mind? was he just being kind? I dont know - he left - i left - we both went our seperate ways without exchanging numbers.
Your apathy is what kills me Everytime I cry for your mercy I am given indifference and ignorance Thus begins the path to nothingness My words were a promise from a place I have not seen Deep down in my heart where I am given life to breathe I must have gone too far ahead in the matter Of confessing my love and hoping it is everlasting Is this your way of showing me I am dead? Initiating things of which I can no longer stand My fate is sewn with the fanciest of threads And torn apart to break me down again I know these things that I express are of my own accord The expression of anger toward others is obsolete The words of depression I wish to express Are just mere objects used to further compact and suppress Love was the catalyst for temporary happiness A time of manic madness and faint success Then the bright light blights my vision further And the descent is again where I will tread My subconscious being explodes under my implosion And the morbid thoug
Happy What?
Just a quick message to say Happy Easter from all of us here at the Alzheimer's Society, and we hope you have a happy 1983.
Dynamic Dream
Laying awake in a wash of green I just came up from the underground Eyes stare up into the sun Basking in the color of the sound The winds gently move and carry a tune Light rises above the horizon on the ground The Earth sings its tranquil song To the soothing tune of a 12 string guitar I stand alone in the waking dream Under me comes to life a steady moving stream The waters moves and then it overthrows Drifting through my mind and diluting away my woes Into the ocean my body goes Floating to the endless blue ahead The shattering waves gently caress Giving me chance to lay my head to rest My mind brings up its mighty anchor Memories come afloat my body as a boat They reaquaint and come together Content in the mind they call home Certain shades of black become blue As I see where the ocean is bringing me to The island from which I washed away I return to here after a biblical day A Rip Van Winkle rest comes undone My two feet lift me through the sa
To All My Friends Met In 2008...
I would like to thank you for the times you've helped me level or visited my profile. I would also like to thank those who have become an ear for whatever was on my mind at the particular time I said it...intellectual, smartass, or otherwise. I would also like to thank those who became friends and in some cases became a little bit more lifelong. I would also like to thank those who make this a place worth coming back to where I have met the above. And most importantly, I would like to thank those who have supported the cause and kept a "Think Pink" way of life. Having support for breast cancer awareness and hope for a cure is by far the most important thing in the world to me and I am extremely grateful to those who feel the same. All things said, I hope 2009 brings more of the same, meeting and making new friends, and hoping a "Think Pink" philosophy lives on. So to everyone reading this, have a happy new year, love everyone, and most importantly...think pink!Thank you.
ultimate \UHL-tuh-mit\, adjective, noun: 1. last possible, final; coming at the end noun: 1. an ultimate point, result, fact, or other extreme condition adjective: 1. pertaining to an extremity; beyond which there is nothing or nothing greater 2. fundamental; basic; original
Hollow Earth
How beautiful this truly is To be told how to live By the establishments that be They are virtually on every corner The powers that truly be Above every citizen below them Have taken control of all our souls And we cant buy them back on the black market The church will have you thinking There is no harm in drinking Abuse your body and abuse your mind Your soul is set to only wake on the sabbath Politicians buy and sell our freedom In exchange for their myriad of free perks Woe and behold these fellows know The idea of a free lunch is quite a joke Freedom fighters fight society Yet do not know the reason for all their fighting They are thrown into war with the empty promise Of a future in which the decisions are their own And so goes the flow of souls Which ebb and flow like a Pacific tide Life and death is in itself Oblivious to the goings on of the citizens of the Hollow Earth
Doubt is to certainty as neurosis is to psychosis. The neurotic is in doubt and has fears about persons and things; the psychotic has convictions and makes claims about them. In short, the neurotic has problems, the psychotic has solutions. - Thomas Szasz
Lil Update About Me :)
First off I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, may this year bring u good health, love and happiness. I pray this year is a better one for me..thats for sure, I am having my 4th surgery on my arm next Tuesday The 6th my doc is removing the hardware, fusing the bone together, then putting new metal in to hold the bone together, then that hardware will come out for good in 2 months, arm will be back in a soft cast, the picc line I've gotten used to, the new antibiotic is doing me a world of good, can move my hand and arm more being on it, which is a huge bonus, been over 6 months since I broke my arm..I'm ready to get back to norm. I have also met the most amazing man on here..Dale, I came back to life, when he came into my life, I am a very lucky lady to be with him, hes caring, loving, supportive, great father..all around awesome man! He completes me..thinking I've found the one :) Will post pics of us soon. Much love to u all, will keep u all posted with everything that is goin
Unwanted Sex (part 1)
I Walked into the room and he was lying on the bed - he had his arms behind his head - and there was just hair everywhere - he was really really fat - and he had a large erection - i remember he was so proud of his large erection - and I uh - I asked him where my money was - and he pointed to the dresser - and then I asked him what he wanted - and he said lay down - Im On Top! and he started pounding me really hard - I remember I had to bite my tounge to keep from crying. And He did that for a while - and I started to get up - and he pushed me back down - and he held my hair - and he wss pulling it - Hard - Too Hard - Then he stuck his penis in my mouth. I tried to get up again - and he said - "Stay there Baby I'm going to cum on your face!" So I did - and he rubbed his seman all over my face and in my hair - And Uh - Then he Kicked me off the Bed - and he Told me to Leave.
The One Above All
I'm called the Golden God I stand atop a mountain Above the many walking dead Who all must work so hard I can go anywhere I want At truly zero cost I don't even have to ask This is a real free lunch There are four others in my clan Each one rich but not like I am They may try to obtain my status Somewhat of an impossible task I'm called the Golden God I stand atop a mountain Above my naive minions So faithful and so blind Every god has a weakness It is a problem I have defeated The pen and lens that defeat so many Ceases in the presence of me I am THE Golden God I am the tallest mountain The sturdiest foundation At least I like to think so
Stream Of The Comatose
Gotta fill in the spaces That consume the open places Visible to my blurry eyes Below these dying skies It is written in the stars we buy That we can never live forever So cherish what you see beyond your past And get out into the serene light There are many roads to walk, drive, and drift away And all lead to a certain destination There are the many sites to take in That require a trip or two more The sky, ever stationary Welcomes us the everlasting chance to sit and watch If our feet allow us to stop and look As it displays the beauty of our lifetimes Music is truly man's best friend In the journey of the lonely man He walks alone with his soul singing back As he searches for the place to call it a day The dream begins as we open our eyes To the purpose of such a finite life Care not what your neighbor does Find your dreams out in outer space
One Way Ticket
When it starts, You got a case of the shakes, You lay in bed where you feel yourself falling... And it gets worse, As you get clamy hands, Then you start to shiver and cry yourself to sleep.... Because those voices in your head, Will not cease their nagging, You know you've lost all self-control, When you embrace those dire thoughts Finding things to be used to carve out, Guilty thoughts into your dying walls, Being surrounded never felt so empty, Until this time in which you have accepted... You're almost there, In desperation, grief, pity, despair, You shatter mirrors to shatter your existence... Time to shake hands with death, Not death your enemy, but death your only friend, When suddenly you want new beginnings at the very end... Because those voices in your head, Would not cease their nagging, You submitted self-control, And acted out on impulse Finding things to use as wrecking balls, To destroy the illusion of your walls, An empty field n
Just Another Day
Firstly, happy new year everyone. May it bring only happiness to you all. Secondly, I'm so glad I had no where to go tonight. After football ysterday I ache so much I'm walking like a cripple who shat themself. Along with that the finger next to my pinky on my left hand, is all swollen and bruised between the second and third knuckles, hurts like a bastard. But yeah, nothing serious, just felt like writing something. Have a good night peoples.
Rubber Sex With Tommy
New Years Resolution
Reflection Of 2008 And My Solutions, Plus My New Years Wish
Having time today to reflect on the past year, I have noticed a few patterns that I thought I'd share. Mumms They have disappeared and in their place...polls, surveys, obvious failures at humor, and most disturbingly an increasing amount of real "legal" or "medical" issues that have no business in this forum and should be brought to professionals. My Solution Have an automatic mumm check script created that reads the mumm prior to publishing. If it's a non-mumm, or doesn't fit the forum, it will not be published, and the author will lose privileges for 6 months. Fake Profiles One of the biggest problems on this site. Every day I see dozens upon dozens of 'newbs' scrolling across the top. No verified email, no pics or pics that are generic web pics, no gender, and yet they are not weeded out after a short time period. Why? Because it pads Fubar's membership numbers for marketing purposes. The more members that can be shown to potential advertisers, the more money that can be cha
My 2nd Auto 11!
Hey everyone! I would once again like to that ALL of those that came to my page and rated me during my second auto 11! It was a success once again thanks to all of you! I am finally a GodMaMa! And ofcourse I picked Angel! Such an easy decision! But um.... wow.... so many of you rated ALL of my pics and wow... I couldn't believe how sweet all of you were to me during this past 24 Hours. Once again I wish that I could BLING EVERYONE but just can't. I most likely will BLING those that I didn't bling last time. SO those that returned for a second time to rate me that don't get bling, I"m sorry but I truly appreciate ur friendship and support on here! I have made so many new wonderful friends and I hope that everyone has a safe and happy new year! BLING will be sent within the next couple of days! THANKS YALL! LOVE YOU! And if you haven't fanned or friended me yet, DO SO! And if I haven't been to your page in a while please let me know because I want to re-rate each and every
Is It Time To Go?
Hello everyone I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and the best of luck for 2009. I have been getting itchy feet here on Fubar in recent weeks and months and it was my plan to leave today by just slipping away. I have been feeling that all good things come to an end and have come to realise that many people are only interested in points and levels, (which I genuinely couldn't give a toss about) and not true friendships or more. People who only talk when spoken too and I wonder if I am just a thorn in their sides or just tolerated. Many people have absolutely nothing to say or the time to say it. I have found that many people seem to think(and sometimes its very true!), that the most interesting thing about themselves is their tattoos! I have met some really wonderful people on here though and I hope that they know who they are, but I have also dealt with some scum too, out to manipulate, use and upset anyone without feeling or compassion. (Google "Sociopath
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First A Taste
I'd like to take a minute out of my day to support a cause; Leap stands for many of the very values I feel and I am appalled that there isn't more being done to end the needless prohibition. Today had a highlight of old laws that are still on the books today. It got me to thinking.. What happened to land of the free, home of the brave? It appears we are more geared towards limiting the freedom of others because we are scared of some token end result. We exaggerate this token end result and in turn fan the flames of the phenom we perpetuate. The financial crisis of today is very real. We cannot be wasting tax dollars on broken crusades. We spend over 69 billion a year on this war instead of obtaining tax revenue. The not something you can stop. It is a war with human nature and unfortunately, curiosity got the human high as well as killing the cat. This prohibition mentality stretches farther than just a war on drugs... but that is for
Sex With Bike
New Song I Wrote Today Title Cowboys.....and Here Is One More Called Cowboys Dream
cowboys You can see a lot when you look in a cowboys eyes You see many years of hard work, and rarely do you see lies He has sweat and bleed for everything he will gain He has driven many miles just so maybe you'll remember his name He has sacrificed his body tryin to make that one great ride And when he hears that whistle blow, he stands in the arena with pride He raises his arms in victory, looking to the crowd Thinking about his family, and hoping they are proud He always wears that poor old beat up hat It's been stepped on and kicked and one side is flat But it is full of years and memories that he could never trade For a new Stetson or Ralston of any shape or shade His body aches in the morning from the crashes he has had But you will never know it 'cause he will tell ya it's not that bad He just grits his teeth and bares it, and goes on about his day He has stalls to clean, and fences to fix, and he has to stack the hay He is riding for more than money, buc
Models Wanted
SS Wildside Website is seeking female models.Please contact me for more information...
Robotic Armor
Theft Of Ascension
"He took this from me as if it was nothing and threw it in my face as if it was everything... " The final words of a paragraph ended. She's seen the true side of who she befriended Souless and empty, alone with regret The devil is always who youd least expect A wing dipped in blood and a smile for deceiving. Eyes of false promise and a tongue of misbelieving. Was it taken from her or as easily given? Could she be so jaded of the life she is living? Perhaps all is not lost, some hope may be left. A way to undo this unjustified theft. Maybe a god that cares and can answer the plea Of an angel thats fallen, begging to be set free.
Sight Re-discovered
a single beat from an atrophic heart matched with the treachary of impatience more than enough to cover the eyes more than enough to cloud judgement hurt assumes victory over the lack of feeling but the ego is overwhelmed as instinct passes through the shroud and reason quickly closes the wound the virtue of patience once again personified the atrophic heart becomes silent judgement restored sight rediscovered
Good Bye '08...hello '09
As we sit here wishing 2008 a farewell and welcome 2009, we also reflect on 2008. The year has gone by so fast. We look back on the relationships we have formed and at the relationships that we have failed. The mistakes we have made and the lessons we have learned. We look back and see the people we have been given and the people that have been taken from us, but not forgotten. We look back and see the person we once were and the person we have now become. So as you bring in this new year once again, sit back and take a second to once remember the year 2008. Remember all you have done, people you have met, mistakes you have made and carry it over to the year 2009 and make this year YOURS. Happy New Year all...
Out With The Old, In With The New (2009)
Hello my beloved fu-friends. After feeling much hate towards the Fu, and the game players, manipulators and liars that scurry under rocks when the sun comes up in this place.... I have dropped the gauntlet and moved along in my silly little polyamorous life. 2008, was the most f*cked up year to date for me to say the least.... Travel with my work took me to Orange county and took away my frequent flyer miles, I let my ex-boyfriend from 12 years ago back into my life (against my better judgment of not ever ever letting people who have hurt me back into my life for a second chance and he proved he was not worthy of that second opportunity), The Husband took off for Iraq in May (this isn't usually a bad thing but lots of bad things ensued once he was gone), My house caught fire in July sending me and the kitties scurrying frantically for new living space after the inlaws turned us down, I lost my super lucrative job and have been on the hunt for a new one for 6 months now with no luck,
Two Defining Forces...
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through my home, not a sound could I hear, not even the phone. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, I flipped on the TV and saw a soldier standing there. It was a young man, perhaps a Marine, with a desert in the background, it was a lonely scene. And I thought, Hes so far from home and should be on leave, He should be here with his family on Christmas Eve. Then the soldier said, Its really all right, Im over here by choice; Im here every night. Its my duty to stand, at the front of the line, That separates all of you, from the darkest of times. No one had to ask, or beg or implore me, Im proud to stand here, like my fathers before me. Grandpa died at Pearl Harbor one December, then he said, Thats a Christmas, Grandma always remembers. My dad stood his watch, in the jungles of Nam, And now its my turn, and so here I am. Ive not seen my own son, in more than a while, My wife sends me pict
One More Note On Volunteering...
my last volunteering blog brought up some inquiries about what to do... always check the aclu and amnesty international websites for actions you can take now...usually signing petitions and emailing letters to state representatives, senators, governors, etc. there are other organizations that have the same sorts of information as well as other actions: national coalition to abolish the death penalty campaign to end the death penalty the moratorium campaign and many others...ask if you want to know. writing is also another way to reach out if you aren't comfortable with political actions....especially if you believe that at least some people deserve death and would like it kept as a punishment option. writing helps them all in more ways than you would realize especially in texas. i think there are a lot of myths surrounding time spent in prison/on death row...there is no television, no phone, no real recreation... they are only allowed outside the concrete cells for
Real Life Friend Joined Fubar
Please say hello and welcome one of my 'Real Life' friends to Fubar..He is one of the kewlest people you will ever meet..well lol other than myself...I know He doesn't have alot up to rate but please at least stop by and tell him Gothic Rose sent you HellsCowboy89@ fubar
Oh Yes I Am
We are. I have Ash and Sproet on the phone and we are plotting against people. Be warned.
My Erotic Machine
My erotic machine seems my head is filled with such warm delightful thoughts of you. I can not wait until the days come that I see you sitting in my tattoo parlor chair. ~Loud music pumping stripping away the cares of the day~ ~Comotion and chaos in the background~~ Hypnotic sounds of the machines in the air all attention on me Seems thru all the excitment my voice is the only one heard Shirt off & relaxed ~~Anticipations filling your thoughts and easing all reality away~~ I would to feel your eyes on me watching everything that I do Watching my hair the way it falls around my face so long and dark The way it brushes up against and almost covers my warm full chest I can feel you eyes taking all of me into your sight The one single small breathe and focused attention unfilinching heart strong arm reaching out to me. Pulling me out of the darkness into your range with one touch soft stroke of my redden cheek Hands running through my hair soothing my
Far Beyond Driven 30
A Wonderful Message From A Friend...happy New Years!!
Remember, Happiness is the art of living, the purpose of our existence. Happiness is the true index of quality of life. Without happiness, life is dry and meaningless. With happiness, life immediately becomes fulfilling and wonderful. Happiness is an infectious feeling that immediately lifts the sagging spirits of people. Happy people keep themselves happy because they know the little ways to appreciate themselves and to see the humour and magic in each moment. Live, Laugh Love! One love
New Yrs
Happy New Years Fubar!! Hey well since you took the time to read this make sure you pass it on, This bulletin is just a friendly reminder that Hydaway Radio is having a New Years Bash!! So click the banner below and join our lil family Hope to see you all there!
ya know...everytime i post anything questionable in mumms my comment gets deleted and then i get the loving message from a bouncer that "you can't post that stuff in mumms" but day after day i see people posting shit way worse than anything ive ever posted and nothing! am i being bouncer stalked or what???
Happy New Years
Happy Birthday Blueeyedbrat
My Birthday Is Tomorrow And I would Really Love To Have Spotlight For My Birthday I Have 13,020,873 Fubucks So Far..I would Also Love A Birthday Happy Hour And Some Blings...I Know It's Alot To Ask For..But IT'S My Birthday And It Only Comes Once A Are Really Appreicated...I Was Thinkin Of Making NSFW Salutes For Thoses Who Donate More Then 500,000 Fubucks The More You Donate The Better They May Get! Happy Hour Will Get A Meow Salute...Think About It! Blue Eyed Brat *SBG*BBW*@ fubar Please repost
Happy New Year
hope all have a great new year ,with growth,and new freinds.
Life And Death
Tonight we celebrate the Birth of a new year, we all wonder what will it bring? Well For me it has already brought sadness to my life. I watched my 49 year old Brother Die at 3:10 this New Years Eve Morning. I hope This will make alot of people think about life and death, He died because he loved the bottle more than life, An Ulcer in his Esphogus Ruptured and he bled to death, Please all of you think of the choices you have to make in life, Don't let Booze become your main thing. Their is so much more to life than a Bottle... A friend, A child, A Loved one, A flower, Peace on Earth, Your health , just to name a few. I Want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year, and Pray that you never have to go through what I went through this morning! Be Safe And Have Fun, But Remember Life and Death Are a Second apart, Choose the road to this New Year Wisely.May you Choose to live for something or someone, not Alchol or Drugs...I will miss him and my New Years will never be the same. I find com
Why Do I Add Ppl
why do i add ppl if they dont know how to rate my pics im going to sart taking ppl off my frinds if they dont start helping me out :):):)
OH did u see that I know I sure did and it was big enough it scared me to reality wow to know that is going there oh my.. did you feel that my pants just hit the floor omg thats so good and tasty dont stop... Purrs and moans comes out of my mouth as he goes in deeper I gasp for air as he goes all the way in I purr so loud I feel my voice in his chest as it feels so good omg. Purrs even louder... I think my undies hit the floor.. oh feels his sweat drip onto my forehead.. and run down to my hair.. mm that's it harder, faster and deeper omg gasps for air and lets out lil squeals... as I have to be quiet. Rolls him over gets on top omg.. it goes in deeper as he has to put his hand over my mouth.. for I know in my heart I can't keep quiet.. I shake my head and set my mouth free.. careful not to moan too loud but enough to let him know that I can't go in all the way.. I pull out slowly and roll over and throw my ass in the air. He mounts her and she automatically lets her
May 2009 Be Special For Each And Every One Of You
Just wanted to say ,that I hope that 2009 is a great year for all of you (my friends).It has to be better than 2008,I am wishing all of you ,great joy and happiness for the new year .I also want all of you to know ,that I miss talking to all of you ,and hopefully I will be able to be on more this year coming up .Well that's pretty much all I have to say for now so HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS HOPE TO TALK TO YOU ALL SOON HAVOK :D
Happy New Year
hi all i wanna wish evrybody that is in my list friends fans and family a good, happy, loveable, healthy new year
New Years Anti Resolution
Tell me, what did i ever do to you to require my changing each year? Am I so bad that i need to be changed each January 1st for you to like me or continue liking me? Didn't you like me to begin with? Or was there one or more caveats put on your liking me? Did you tell yourself, "I'll like you until the first of next year unless you remain the same."? Do you have requirements that each January i must change at least a little for our friendship to continue? What if I like me and have no intentions of changing? When January 2nd rolls around will you cease having any contact with me? Will you "disown" me as a friend and avoid me at all costs? Or will you simply be polite to me in that distant manner that everyone is capable of? WELL I'M NOT CHANGING! Kiss my ass. It's taken me this long to get where i am and I'm not changing for any of you fuckers. Sure, I'm not perfect. I've never deluded myself into thinking that i am. I have many flaws, but flaws are what make us unique. I'v
What Would You Do To Be Rich And/or Famous?
Hopefully this will be the first installment of many of the "What would you do?" series. We'll see though, it'll just depend on the popularity of this blog. So, this brings me to my first installment of this blog. The question I'm posing to everyone is: What would you do to be rich and/or famous? Just how far would you go? I'm eagerly looking forward to reading everyone's responses. Happy New Year, everyone.
Introduction And Rules: Read First
So, first the rules. Basically, there are no rules, other than no flaming other posters. No predjudice, harrassing, or hateful comments. This blog is for open and honest communication from everyone who reads it and wants to participate. I have sole discretion as to what I consider hateful, prejudice or harassment and will delete and report any users who post any comments I consider (or are reported to me) to fall within these catagories. On that note I am not liable for any such comments or any other activity a reader, subscriber, poster to this blog may or may not take. Ok, I think that covers everything, thanks for coming by and I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will writing and moderating it. If anyone wants to contact me for any reason, please feel free to do so. Have fun everyone.
Looking For The Answer To Why These Questions Never End
I am so tired of feeling this way..i just want to rip my heart out and finally breath again...i feel like everything in my life has been a failure.. Everywhere i turn people tell me to go for what i love and what i truly want...well its very hard to do that..when all i ever get in return is pain..i cant be true to one really knows who i am ..not because they wont listen..but because i wont tell them...I can never have what i love with the truth...its just not possible... Many people say that they will be there for me no matter what happens and no matter what i say..but that is the biggest lie of them all. I know that there are things that set people off..things that make people walk away...i pride myself on knowing the mind...and knowing what makes people tick..and i see too much evil in this a matter of fact the only good i have seen in this world is in the eyes of a newborn child. Why should i believe people if i have no reason for them to believe me? t
Living For The "now"
Over the past year I've had plenty of time to do some soul searching and introspection. I evaluated and re-evaluated my life and the decisions that led me to where I am today. I found that there are dreams that I haven't realized, but a majority I have. I found myself lamenting the things that I didn't have or that I lost along the way. I mourned them as I would mourn the loss of a realative. It hurt to think that I failed to attain my goals, especially when I compared myself to those around me, from the rich and famous to the homeless man down the street. Slowly, I began to realize something. It's a simple thing, really, but it's one that escaped my notice for a very long time. It may have escaped other's as well, which is why I'm writing about it. I realized that true happiness comes from the "now", not the "then". While this may seem such an obvious statement, can anyone say that they truely appreciate what's happening at this moment in time? What is the "then"? We
Viking Player Moonlights As Guitar Hero
For Chrissy Its A Suprise
An Irish Princess There once was an Irish Lass who was sitting out in the meadows crying. One day, a young Lad walks by and see the young Lass crying asking her why she is crying. She said Im sad because I am alone and my dad wont let me be with anyone but royalty. Not knowing who she is, he says, You should be whoever you want to be with. She looks up at the young Lad and agrees with him. She wipes the tears away from her face and walks with the young lad back to her home. When they got to her home, the young Lad asked, Is this your home? She sighs and says , Yes this is my home. I am the Princess of Ireland and if my father finds out that I was with you, I would not hear the end of it. She walks away and she forgot to ask him what his name was. When she saw her father, he asked her were she was and she said, Dad, I was out in the meadows crying and there was a kind young man that heard my cry. Her father was upset and asked the guards to get this you
My Lil Me
My Wild Horses
My Wild Horses My horses are wild and free Unbridled and never broken Then like a bolt of lightening From a clear blue sky A lovely and lone Palomino Rides across the open plain Causing me to rear and run With a unexpected gallop Like a stormy blast of Western Dessert air Her mane flowing so long and free As if summoning me to follow From the herd I break chasing Her into the Midnight sky as We meet atop a green plateau As we trot down to a stream below Will she break my wild side? To this I wait and hope to see By Mike Bell 01/31/2008
I Omnomnom You
If you were my cheesy garlic bread, I would be omnomnoming you :D How does that make you feel?
Wishing You...
12 months of Happiness 52 weeks of Blessings 365 days of Laughter 8760 hours of Good Luck 31536000 seconds of Success Thank you all for being a part of my days. . May you all find Happiness, Peace and Prosperity and Good Health in the New Year! Cosmic consciousness, please make everyone open his/her eyes, let everyone look around, let everyone recognize himself/herself and God in the next human being, let everyone lay down arms and smile. Cosmic consciousness, please let people see now and for ever... by B.J. Boltauzer Blessings & Hugs
Let Us Resolve.
Let us resolve to let go in every moment allowing Spirit to guide our way. Let us resolve to surrender in every circumstance and allow wisdom to harmonize our life path. Let us resolve to be a channel for love to heal our world. Let us resolve to be an instrument that peace will dominate our every thought, world and deed. Blessings John ~Teach Only Love~
Christina Gonzales
SHe has the Auto 11s and trying to raise fu bucks for a good cause. Please help. :) KCPilar69~R/L Fiance 2 CravenMoorehead ~Protected By Bounty Hunter@ fubar
The Way She Makes Me Feel
The way she makes me feel I sit here, thinking of the woman I long for, The woman I see, makes everything seem right She knows how to touch me, in ways no one else does She makes me feel so warm and peaceful inside I know I want to be near her always To touch her delicate skin, And to kiss such sweet, soft lips I know beneath that gorgeous facade There is an even more gorgeous person inside With her so far away it makes every muscle in my body ache If she only knew how much I need her now with me
The most intriguing butterfly in the world did land, Upon the open palm of an undeserving hand. Captivated I could not help but smile. Calm and serene if only for a little while. In all this darkness her light did shine. An image I will save for the rest of my time. And as quickly as she came, she flew off to wander. A part of my life she would be no longer. A welcome fire for my new friend shall burn, If ever her path should lead her to return.
Thankyou All So Much
Kathys Comments Where to I begin to say **THANKYOU** to all who helped me level to GODMOTHER! My 1st and formsot Heartful thanks goes to Redman..a wonderful friend who worked very hard in bringing his group the Rating Revolution, and to all of you a big loving Thankyou!!To all my friends and family who pimped my bully out, rated and bombed me Im at a loss! Whoever says that the ones we meet aren't truly our friendz n family haven't met mine.!! ~~"FLESH NOR BLOOD..**HEART** MAKES A FAMILY!!~~ SO FOR 2009 MY WISH FOR YOU ALL IS THAT YOU HAVE ..LOVE..HAPPINESS..JOY.&..PEACE..MAY ALL YOUR DREAMZ COME TRUE!! TY ALL AGAIN FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I LOVE YOU ALL! HAPPY NEW YEAR N PLEASE BE SAFE! HUGZ N MAUHZ *DREAMZ!*
The Beauty Of Venus
As i walk into the cold tonight Surrounded by nature's guile. Venus at his hand to the right, The Moon presents a clever smile. His thoughts I read like poetry, His movements are no surprise. An introduction is made to me A vague softness in her eyes. Encumbered I am by this I cannot find the words to say. Overcome by a new bliss I cant seem to look away. She has a beauty so unique but like the others she is the same. And yet the future seems so bleak For us, the past is whom I blame. I gracefully nod and bow, And with a gentle kiss upon her hand, Turn and continue on for now This empty, careless, selfish man.
My Hh On Friday, January 2 At 6 Pm Fst
Emily knows how to FU.... PROPERLY! This Friday, at 6 p.m. Fu-Time, she has decided to Host a Happy Hour! ...and in Fine, Fubar fashion she'll be sporting Auto 11's! But, wait, there's MORE .... In one of her brief, lucid moments, she decided to PAY for Rates! Thats right .... Emily will pay 10k for every 100 rates you give her ! WHAT IS SHE THINKING? Must be lack of sleep from that toddler of hers!! .. yet STILL more !! O M G !! In her sleep-deprived fog, Emily will be randomly BLINGING! Yup, yup .... You have a chance to score even MORE! What are you waiting for??? Hmmmm .... ?? EmilyIMAX Be sure to F/A/R her. Level a few Greenies for her .... ..You know they'd LOVE the attention! Pimped with Love:
A Passing Thought
As always, my thoughts and I are alone Watching the clock hands here at home. And I wonder, if I died How long until I was found? If I fall Will it make a sound? Would emotions that come, For them be subtle? Or would the ripples Disrupt the entire puddle? The thought of suddenly passing, As random as fate can be, Shatters the cloud That was once holding me. And if alone, so be it, when I go. Despite my actions I did care, Just so they know.
Positive Lost
The positive's lost in this verse Only the negative as I rehearse And as the pen touches paper I lose the how to feel I leave you with everything else you took But these words you will not steal When your losing against death At your side I vow to be And when youre breathing your last breath I promise to be who you see The one who said he loved you The one who said he cared The one whom you decided that his life you could not share With all my memories of you Only one will make my day The vision of your tears falling As I turn and walk away There you are left alone By yourself to lose your grasp And as the sorrow fails to reach with apathy Ill laugh
Upon a cloudy day I felt two tears fall away One for compassion, The other for hope. Another dangled from a rope above A rumor known as love. And as the rain flowed They were all washed away. Everything was washed away. But I remain Changed But I sustain Compromised But void of pain Enlightened But thankful For the rain.
Beside my self again The moon has disappeared Never scared of anything But tonight alone I feared The waves roll in endlessly As if unwelcomed guests Their solice I can feel no more And comfort in them I protest A tempting offer to return with them As the cold winds brush my face The thoughts begin to overwhelm I feel I've become useless to this place.
Rain where have you gone, the sun listens as well as i do. Her silence kills me in a way you never could. The moon, his words are as dark as his parent. I'd feel better if you came and rescued me. But it seems that'll never happen. So i wait for sleep, the last resort. Why did you go? Left as quickly as you came. I guess you could say the same for me. Victims of our own pride but i wasn't ready for you to go. Yours is the only voice I await. Althought it's shelter i should seek, your comfort soothes me more. So into the sun I'll stare for necessity precedes my vision. All i needed was your voice and the ability to listen.
A New Dawn
The brightest star appears. When one would be accepting, my ungrateful eyes force my head back into the direction of nothingness. Dialated in the hatred, jealousy of loneliness or one left alone. All this time on this path of darkness. Led by eyes driven by hope only to find the mirage was drawn from past memories, vague recollections of what it felt like to be loved or tolerated. Why when alone do I long to be surrounded but when surrounded I push everything away? The question dances with a mind that once thought itself well prepared to answer. I continue down the known all to well path, eyes to the ground, star on the horizen seemingly lifetimes away. Am i still walking? How can i tell in this darkness. The only reference of conversation familiar to me now is internal monologue filled with questions and false answers or guesses. Sight the only sense I can trust and my trust in this is finite. So on and on I continue. What choice is left? With an immature excitement and th
Wish You Were Here With Me
Wish You Were Here With Me I'm sitting in my room on this lonely night. Wishing you were here, so I could hold you tight. I'm thinking of you and your gentle touch. All I want to do is to kiss you... so much! I want a passionate kiss, from the silky lips, That just send quivers straight to my fingertips. I just want to hold you for the rest of time. And feel your warm and gentle body close to mine. I want to see those elegant eyes, That remind me of the mountainous skies. I only wish, that you were to be. Nowhere else, but right here... with me.
A Dream
A Dream My one dream is to be with this very special girl To me she is perfect in each and every way, and she puts my heart into a twirl I adore her virtues to the point where she completes my world My one dream is to embrace her exquisite body And have it compelled, oh, so snugly against me So she can hear my heart beat, because her touch sends me into a frenzy My one dream is to be able to spend time With this angel I want to be mine And I hope that her love will come within time My dream is to fulfill this girls one dream Whatever it may be, Ill see that is taken care of Seeing as, since day one when I first met you, you have had all my heart and soul All of these dreams fall into My one dream, which is to be with you Maybe now you can grow to care deeply for me, too If not, at least you know my one dream involves you.
Happy New Year
Hope everyone has a very happy and safe New Year!! WITCHYS WIKKED GRAPHIX
2009 New Years Resolutions
In the year 2009 I resolve to: Pray! Believe I am a beautiful person inside and out regardless of my flaws or how others view me. Laugh more and cry less. Nurture the relationships I currently hold with my friends and family and those new to come. Pay down my debt by living cheap. Learn from the mistakes made in 2008 by myself and others.
Border Patrol Fail
Getting Blown Off
OHHH gotta love it when ppl bug you and bug you bout doing stuff then u finally say yea come over for new years eve...they say ok kool...and u have all the plans and food made and bought THEN THEY BLOW U THE FUCK OFF TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE...WTF GIVES??? if u didnt wanna fucking come over why say yes to begin with....i had offers for other places im stuck cant go...THNX ALOT!!
Follow Your Heart
I just read a short story called "A Monarch of a Small Survey" by Gertrude Atherton. It isn't something I would normally read but I had to copy a section here, which does a good job of capturing the frustration of just existing as opposed to living: "Nothingnothing in life can be as bad as life empty, wasted, emotionless, stagnant! I have existed forty-three years in this great, beautiful, multiform world, and I might as well have died at birth for all that it has meant to me. Nature gave me abundantly of her instincts. I could have been a devoted wife, a happy mother, a gay and careless harlot! I would have chosen the first, but failing thatrather the last a thousand times than this! For then I should have had some years of pleasure, excitement, knowledge" I have to say I agree with this character (well except for the mother and harlot part). But I find at this point in my life that I have just existed and not really lived. I know it's not completely true but I find myself w
Years End
Well this is the last day of a rather interesting year. Next year should be a year of change on every level imaginable. For me it will be a year of incredible change and I am so optimistic that my dreams and goals will be met. How so you may ask? Well, after a year of going through the motions of existing while feeling sorry for myself, I found the answer. What makes me thrive is to accept challenges and then prevail. In this year of woe, I have been given a huge challenge as well as the gift of my freedom. The woe was oh shit no job where is my money gonna come from? The reality is I have been making ends meet by this and that and the other, all legal!! THe Challenge is now not that I have to find a job, but to keep being resourceful and to eventually be in business for myself. With the realization that I am surviving and that I am maintaining my expenses, I find that I have time to pursue goals that have long died. I was a pretty good climber and I got to climb with some of the b
Dec 23 - Today In History
Today is Tuesday, Dec. 23, the 358th day of 2008. There are eight days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Dec. 23, 1968, 82 crew members of the U.S. intelligence ship Pueblo were released by North Korea, 11 months after they had been captured.
Whatever Thoughts Come To Mind
Sometimes Life comes at you way too fast... and other times it comes way too slow... Fall in love with the wrong person for all the wrong reasons... and then just wonder if you were meant to be alone, if that was what destiny had in mind for you all along... it makes you think alot when your alone for so long, and especially with the new year right around the corner... I guess my New Years Resolution is gonna be TO JUST BE MYSELF.
December 31, 2008
Here it is the last day of 2008 and I hope everyone has a great evening and a better 2009. Next year has got to be better than 2008 has been. It has been a bit over a month since my husband has had his stroke and he is getting along so much better than last week. His typing has improved, his speech has greatly improved and his balance and legs are getting so much better because he uses Wii Fit balance games for his physical therapy each morning. The use of his right hand is getting better and he is building up his strength with exercises each day. He is going to be better that new in no time. I really have hope for our new year.
Emilyimax, One Night Only ... Yeah, I Wish!!
Emily knows how to FU.... PROPERLY! This Friday, at 6 p.m. Fu-Time, she has decided to Host a Happy Hour! ...and in Fine, Fubar fashion she'll be sporting Auto 11's! But, wait, there's MORE .... In one of her brief, lucid moments, she decided to PAY for Rates! Thats right .... Emily will pay 10k for every 100 rates you give her ! WHAT IS SHE THINKING? Must be lack of sleep from that toddler of hers!! .. yet STILL more !! O M G !! In her sleep-deprived fog, Emily will be randomly BLINGING! Yup, yup .... You have a chance to score even MORE! What are you waiting for??? Hmmmm .... ?? EmilyIMAX Be sure to F/A/R her. Level a few Greenies for her .... ..You know they'd LOVE the attention! Pimped with Love:
New Ratt Playlist Inspired By Danny Boone-woohoo
As Of Lately.. This Is Bs I Have Been Dealing With
OK so I have a friend that hooked me up with this guy only after she did her thing with him. At the time I did what any good friend would do if a guy that the other is either really liking or whatever. I asked her if it was cool if we went out on a date. She said sure there is no real feelings there and I don't care I'm done with him. Well come to find out she did have an issue with it and she lied to me while I was dating this guy by not only still talking to him but setting up plans to either get laid by him or date him. This is only after she said to me that she didn't want to talk to him anymore, so she said. Let it be known I don't do this behind another girl's back thing because the only reason women are not in power in america is we because some have this secret want urge and need to tear other women down. And well that's not how it should be, we should be able to build each other up.. When I did talk to this guy he told me that he was going to talk to both of us and if s
Wow Questions
CAN ANY ONE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS? how in the book of earlier prophets it states that when the messiah comes there would be a flood and it would be the last days and there never was? how come the bible has false information like Herod killing all of the boys under 2 years old when that never happens nor did any king of Egypt in history every order the deaths of boys like it says during the time of Moses? how come Joseph and Mary did not realize that Jesus was missing for 3 days when they went for the census? how come Jesus knew he was going to be crucified yet on the cross he screams my god my god why have you forsaken me? did he not already know his fate? how come the bible involves so many mythological beings like Apollo Hades Baal. god talks about punishing Baal but isn't he supposed to be fictional? how come in the earlier books of prophets they state the messiah (supposedly Jesus) is the one that is, was and will be yet to come? wouldn't this mean w
Hey To All My Fu Friends
i try not to ask much of you, but now i would like some help leveling up. i just want to get to pimp level. that has been my dream since child hood*tears*. if you can do something for me, i would be greatful. thanks. - JER-BEAR
Keepin' My Pimp Hand Strong
This guy is a royal pain in my ass.....please return the favor. Thanks. Α{Enigma}Ω Mel's PITA@ fubar
Boobs? Wha....
she's got auto elebens & she's a hottie too KCPilar69~R/L Fiance 2 CravenMoorehead ~Protected By Bounty Hunter@ fubar and she takes it in the ass, i've seen it :s and cupcakes!!!!!
A Final Farewell
As 2008 draws to a close, I would like to pay homage to some of the celebrities we lost over this past year. Some we lost too young. Many of these people provided my entertainment during my childhood. They will all be missed. Lois Nettleton, January 18 Suzanne Pleshette, January 19 Heath Ledger, January 22 Roy Scheider, February 10 Jeff Healey, March 2 Ivan Dixon, March 16 Arthur C. Clarke, March 18 Richard Widmark, March 24 Charlton Heston, April 5 Dick Martin, May 24 Sydney Pollack, May 26 Harvey Korman, May 29 Bo Diddley, June 2 Jim McKay, June 7 Tim Russert, June 13 Cyd Charisse, June17 Dody Goodman, June 22 George Carlin, June 22 Estelle Getty, July 22 Bernie Mac, August 9 Isaac Hayes, August 10 Paul Newman, September 26 Richard Blackwell, October 19 Michael Crichton, November 4 Paul Benedict, December 1 Robert Prosky, December 8 Bettie Page, December 11 Van Johnson, December 12 Majel Barrett, December 18 Eartha Kitt, December 25
havin too much fun haha
My Theme Song.. Ppl Have Lied To Me And This Is Song Is For Them
Kevin Rudolph ft. Lil Wayne (Let it Rock) :D (Verse 1 : Kevin Rudolph) I see your dirty face High behind your collar What is done in vain Truth is hard to swallow So you pray to God To justify the way you live a lie, live a lie, live a lie And you take your time And you do your crime Well you made your bed I'm in mine (Chorus) Because when I arrive I bring the fire Make you come alive I can take you higher What is this, forgot? I must now remind you Let It Rock Let It Rock Let It Rock (Verse 2: Kevin Rudolph) Now the son's discrased He, who knew his father When he cursed his name Turned, and chased the dollar But it broke his heart So he stuck his middle finger To the world To the world To the world And you take your time And you stand in line Well you'll get what's yours I got mine Chorus: Because when I arrive I bring the fire Make you come alive I can take you higher What is this, forgot? I must now remind you Let It Rock Let It
shadows in the light of time we are shadows pursuing shadows that fade away as we do. make your light shine brightly for the flame is brief, make it intense poet
The Litany Of The Other Sun Keeping Me Awake
Sarah was down in our bed by one this morning again, it seems to happen when Martha takes her up and not me, I say its because I read her a story first and then cuddle her while my wife doesnt read her a story in her bedroom and I must have been asleep because Martha told me what shed said, the other sun kept her awake, after shed taken a shower and before I was going to. This is going to be the last night of Sarah coming down to sleep with us, I promise that; Martha and I reasoned out she was referring to the Christmas tree weve got on a timer that shines at the base of the stairs leading to the kids upstairs bedrooms. I was told also that the timer was set now to one fifteen in the morning; why our tree even needs to be shining that long bypasses my logic circuits. Still up, I have no problem with; I was thinking of formally stowing the tree and the ornaments next Tuesday, the day of Epiphany on Three Kings Day when tradition has it the wise men (how the Gospel of Matthew
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
SEXY & HOT COMMENTSCLICK HERE! Hoping to be back online VERY SOON !!!!!!!!!! SEXY & HOT COMMENTSCLICK HERE! Wove you all ;) Grete
Free Your Mind
Execration is any manner of adversity thought to be inflicted by any natural art and its power, such as a drawing, or oil painting, an imprecation, an execration, of ones art, a natural force, or an internal spirit. The study of the forms of curses comprises a significant proportion of the study of both folk, religion and folklore and there arts . The deliberate attempt to levy curses is often part of the practice of evoking the inter spirit in ones self and others.. In Hindu culture the Fakirs believed to have the power to bless and curse by their arts. Creations Special names for specific types of curses can be found in various cultures along with the art work to go with them. This brings us to symbolic art. That can be rendered as either a curse or a blessing depending on the cultures mind set. icon is also used, particularly in modern culture, in the general sense of symbolsSo dos it change the fact that it is art? That the artist fel
My Beautiful Sister
A Wild Place In California To Celebrate New Years Eve
Wildest New Year's Eve 2009 Wildest 2009 NYE Wednesday December 31st, 2008 Party on the hottest strip! Join us for a New Years Eve 2009 Count Down! One of San Franciscos wildest parties is about to invade Broadway Strip on New Years Eve. With gold, silver and black decor, erotic GOGO dancers, Laser shows, balloons drop, champagne, party favors and much more, this will be the craziest New Years Eve Party in the Bay Area! ... more Wildest 2009 NYE Wednesday December 31st, 2008 Party on the hottest strip! Join us for a New Years Eve 2009 Count Down! One of San Franciscos wildest parties is about to invade Broadway Strip on New Years Eve. With gold, silver and black decor, erotic GOGO dancers, Laser shows, balloons drop, champagne, party favors and much more, this will be the craziest New Years Eve Party in the Bay Area! 2 rooms of nonstop dancing 2 fully stock bars - Cozy bottle service booths Doors open@ 9pm 2am 21 and up Venue: Horizon ultra lounge 498 Broa
Rip Allie We Loved You.. Let Us Remember Her As We Ring In A New Year!!!
=== 'Ms. Mona Doll ღ Dangerous Curves Member ღ' wrote the following at '2008-12-31 09:55:20'.. > > It Has Been Brought to My Attention by Allie's Dear Friend Kim (AkA GatorGirl) " all of Allies friends & family are letting balloons go with a lil note Attatched with it @ midnight In Her Loving Memory there are ppl from FL, CT, NYC, CA Participating>>. We All Feel It Would Be A Great End to 2008 By Allowing Allie Not To Be Forgotten... So If You Loved Allie as We All Did Lets All Please Participate.. Dangerous Curves Girls, 2nd Alarm Hotties, Peaguses Project And All Of Allies Friends and Family From Fubar!!! We Love Her And She will Forever Be Embedded In our hearts as the warm wonderful caring young woman that she was!! thanx So Much for taking time to read this and remember our beloved friend and her friends and family!!! Much Luv
Thank You My Friends
Thanks sooo much my Friends You all Rock It prob be my last one for awhile I hope you enjoyed...Happy New Year...xoxo Mistress Cindalicious
Happy New Year
article photo Source: Quote: "Sweet Dreams! Eurythmics' Dave Stewart is launching a pricey vibrator with the sex toy company Jimmyjane. The married father-of four's wares will sell for Reports The Sun: It is made of solid steel with a satin finish and a band of 28 diamonds -- but bizarrely has a guitar pick attached and the lyrics from Stewart's latest solo song, Let's Do It Again,
We Love And Miss You Allie!! R.i.p Sweetheart!!
=== 'Ms. Mona Doll ღ Dangerous Curves Member ღ' wrote the following at '2008-12-31 09:55:20'.. > > It Has Been Brought to My Attention by Allie's Dear Friend Kim (AkA GatorGirl) " all of Allies friends & family are letting balloons go with a lil note Attatched with it @ midnight In Her Loving Memory there are ppl from FL, CT, NYC, CA Participating>>. We All Feel It Would Be A Great End to 2008 By Allowing Allie Not To Be Forgotten... So If You Loved Allie as We All Did Lets All Please Participate.. Dangerous Curves Girls, 2nd Alarm Hotties, Peaguses Project And All Of Allies Friends and Family From Fubar!!! We Love Her And She will Forever Be Embedded In our hearts as the warm wonderful caring young woman that she was!! thanx So Much for taking time to read this and remember our beloved friend and her friends and family!!! Much Luv
For The Love...
I guess my love goes all the back to how I got into riding. Just trying to pedal and go fast. That's been a constant and I certainly can say I love it. Cruising down to an empty parking lot to spend hours on end to pull a new trick once or twice. YEAH I love that shit. It might not sound fun to many of you dead fucks but I really enjoy it. I love the learning aspect of BMX, just trying to figure out how to make a trick work. I'm not a natural and I really have to work hard to learn. This can be completely frustrating but it's almost always equally rewarding when it does work. I've spent a ricockulous amount of time alone in a parking lot, yet I still go back to do it. Not sure if it's obsession, compulsiveness, love or just a good mix?? I without a doubt love the characters, friends, random situations, weird encounters, unexpected good times, many miles, countless hours, places, stories and the variety of these that is BMX to me. It's plain and simple IT IS FUN. It's a form of expressi
Not Everybody Pays
A little old lady was walking down the street dragging two large Plastic garbage bags behind her. One of the bags ripped, and every once in a while, a $20 bill fell out onto the sidewalk. Noticing this, a policeman stopped her, and said, 'Ma'am, there are $20 bills falling out of your bag.' 'Oh, really? Darn it!' said the little old lady. 'I'd better go back and see if I can find them. Thanks for telling me.' 'Well, now, not so fast,' said the cop. 'Where did you get all that money? You didn't steal it, did you?' 'Oh, no, no', said the old lady. 'You see, my back yard is right next to the football stadium parking lot. On game days, a lot of fans come and pee through a knot hole in the fence, right into my flower garden. It used to really tick me off. Kills the flowers, you know. Then I thought, 'why not make the best of it?' So, now, on game days, I stand behind the fence by the knot hole, real quiet, with my garden pruners. Every time some guy sticks his 'thingy' through
Best Of Dj Benz 2008
Download Mixtape | Provided by my best mixxes this year from me. 4 you. Happy New Year
Love is stong yet delicate.. It can be broken.... To truly love is to understand this... To be in love is to respect this....
New Start
All Fabarians Plzzz Read
New Years Eve!! :)
The Original Dc Girlz Full Fu-pimpout!!
=== 'ஐღRRIღஐ♥F-W B G ♥ஐFNdr.DnGuS CrVS' wrote the following at '2008-12-30 13:15:51'.. Want to know what we are all about??? Dangerous Curves Mission Statement It is the main goal and focus of this group to bring together a group of friends, that can confide, lean on, and trust each other to be there for support, confidence, and guidance... Although there are other groups that claim to be all girl but headed by a male, our group is solely women and is based on your average woman's needs. We are coming together as mothers, full time employees, housewives, single, married, and by all means confident and sexy in individual ways. Sound like something your interested in being a part of? Give us a try and contact any of the 4 founders for details on a membership to the group. Carrie Flirt Paula SexxxyBluEyedBella Congratulations to
Plz Help Me Godmother.. Before The New Year
New Year's
Well first I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and lots of love, luck, wealth and health. So as 2008 ends and 2009 begins, I sit here pondering of the past year. For me, it started hopeful with a fresh divorce and a new boyfriend. The boyfriend didn't last past Valentine's day. That's ok because he was nothing but a liar and a loser and I definitely do not need that in my life. I soon found out that I was pregnant and in July I had a baby. So I have been on this journey of finding myself. In the process of finding myself, an online friend from a dating site contacted me in August and told me about Fubar. So I have been here ever since. I have met some really cool people and then again some real assholes. I have met people that I chat with everyday in one form or another. I love meeting new people and yes I am silly enough to think that I can find love on Fubar. I am not so naive that I don't know that most if not all guys are just looking for a piece of ass. I post
Yeah Not Cool
'Colbert,' 'SpongeBob' may go dark on Time Warner By RYAN NAKASHIMA 1 hour ago LOS ANGELES (AP) "SpongeBob SquarePants" might get squeezed off Time Warner Cable. Media giant Viacom Inc. said its Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central and 16 other channels will go dark for 13 million subscribers at 12:01 a.m. Thursday if a new carriage fee deal with Time Warner Cable Inc. is not agreed upon by then. The impasse would mean "SpongeBob" and other popular shows like Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" and Stephen Colbert's "The Colbert Report" will be cut off on the nation's second-largest cable operator. Time Warner Cable primarily serves people in New York state, the Carolinas, Ohio, Southern California and Texas. Viacom has asked for fee increases of between 22 percent and 36 percent per channel, or a total of $39 million more, an amount that could increase customers' cable bills, said Time Warner Cable spokesman Alex Dudley. "The issue is that they have asked for an exorbitan
A Story Im Writeing Let Me Know What U Think
Sharon is a 29 yr old with the love of science and frenetics and she loves her sugar, she loves wearing black, and has a very sparky life and loves all thats near her.... john a 51 medical examiner that looks at dead bodies is a quiet but kind hearted man that looks for the evidence in the bodies even the ones that are close to him he seen to much in his days that some times hurt him alot... Ameila is a 25 agent that is very wise but also has an attitude that sometimes over whelms her and interferes with her work at times. armando is a 32 and is an agent but follows the example that the head of them all, but at times is stupid and doesn't listen well when he is not concentrating. Barrett a 27 hes an agent smart and well educated, and has 3 hobby's, one hobby is war of 1812 battlefield scale models, 2 hobby is medieval weaponry and armor and the 3rd one is anything on dragons.... and the head of that team is caden hes 41, a serious man and strong headed m
One Of Those Days...
WE'VE ALL HAD THEM The day starts off stellar, you're hyped to ride and then things rapidly begin to fall apart.Maybe you're clocking footage with your crew, shooting pics, excited to do that trick you just learned. Competing in a contest or just out riding like you always do and having fun. Then like a slap in the nuts and no bitches around to give you mouth love it happens. You get a flat, some dip shit walks in front of your line, you eat shit. Your homie filming forgot to press the button, you can't stick the trick! You get the fucken point. Temperatures will boil over that crap no doubt. Well don't sweat it because sooner or later it always turns around. The next block over has a better set up, you still have a second run, you'll pull it smoother on the next try... Tomorrow is a new day and it's going to be a good one now fuck off.
Happy Frickin New Years
I wake up at two am. I dream of him, longing for him, wanting to touch. But cant... oh well, maybe tonight. I want to call but it is WAY too early. Hum de dum my day and mom calls from work telling me that my grandfather is in the hospital with his ticker. My grandfather is no spring chicken. Then get into it with my bf. Onion juice squirted in my eye when I made breakfast... go figure. So~ Thanks for playing boys and girls, I am going back to bed.
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Auld Lang Syne!!!
AIGHT, SO HAPPY NEW YEARS AND ALL THAT JAZZ!! HERE IS THE SONG AULD LANG SYNE, AND THE WORDS TO IT BECAUSE NO ONE EVER GETS IT RIGHT. PEACE OUT AND SHIT.-BILL. P.S. NAKED!!! NOW SING AND DRINK!!! Auld Lang Syne History & Lyrics Auld Lang Syne (The Good Old Days) is a song traditionally sung at midnight when horns are blown, confetti is thrown, and a general party atmosphere is created to ring in the New Year with happiness and hope for a bright and prosperous year. The outgoing year is often represented by an elderly man known as Father Time and the new year is represented by a baby known as Baby New Year. Robert Burns wrote the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne in the 1700's. Auld Lang Syne Robert Burns Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days of auld lang syne? For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne, We'll take a cup o' kindness yet For auld lang syne We twa hae run ab
Danny Explains It Like It Is
DANNY EXPLAINS IT LIKE IT IS It was written by an 8-year-old named Danny Dutton, who lives in Chula Vista , CA . He wrote it for his third grade homework assignment, to 'explain God' I wonder if any of us could have done as well ? [ .... and he had such an assignment, in California , and someone published it, I guess miracles do happen ! .. ] EXPLANATION OF GOD: 'One of God's main jobs is making people. He makes them to replace the ones that die, so there will be enough people to take care of things on earth. He doesn't make grownups, just babies. I think because they are smaller and easier to make. That way he doesn't have to take up his valuable time teaching them to talk and walk. He can just leave that to mothers and fathers.' 'God's second most important job is listening to prayers. An awful lot of this goes on, since some people, like preachers and things, pray at times beside bedtime. God doesn't have time to listen to the radio or TV because of this. Because he
Iowa Huntin'‏
This Is Ridiculous!
To all my friends out there, in case you are unaware, I am having severe computer isses. Which has basically rendered me fu-useless, at this point I am certain that it is my computer and not fubar. I apoplogize for not being able to be apart of many of your Auot-11's....I have tried, beleive me, but when it takes (and no exaggeration) 45 minutes to rate 100 pics that is unbearably slow. Hopefully I will remedy this situation soon. Happy New Year everybody! Love, Jane
New Yeas Eve Plans!
For new years im going to memphis, tn, to my family's bar to a hugh party!A buddy and myself went and picked some shrooms (that still grow wild in arkansas, milking cattle) and all the booze behind the bar at the BLUE MONKEY, ITS SHOULD BE A WILD NIGHT! I have bail $ in my sock! Be carefule you guys and have a fucking badd-ass new year!
By Allen
This was wrote for me by a very special man.. Thank you so much tig.. love you always babe Sometimes you have to cry Before You find your smile Someimes, you have to fight Endure The Pain, For a lil while Sometimes, you have to watch While your love loves another Sometimes, you secretly cry While they're with their lover Sometimes, Your right person Is one you'd never think Sometimes, it's someone who's there for you Would be there for you in a blink Sometimes, you overlook them Writing them off as a friend But in all honesty You know they'll be there till the end Sometimes, you wish it would end That there'd be better days Sometimes, there is no sometimes For I'll love you always Tigg@ fubar
New Years Eve Headlines: Whip 'em Out Wednesday, Adios Rochester And Cape Cod - Listen To O&a On Satellite! Jim Norton In Allentown Tonight, Down
This is the L A S T update you'll get from us until 2009, which (technically) is tomorrow morning, so umm... big F-ing Deal, right?. Even though it's New Years Eve, and the show isn't live, we can still wish you a Happy Whip 'em Out Wednesday ... especially to the Lovely ladies on Paltalk, who, when they have no pressing plans, have been known to flash a bosom or two on their webcams. Oh, who are we bullshitting? They're usually naked, on their webcams, showering, sleeping, screwing, or smoking. If you can manage NOT to be a pushy douche, they might just keep doing it. Look, we're realists. 90% of you are on PalTalk to see CHICKS GETTING NAKED ON CAM, so just fess up, Chesterfield...log in to your Paltalk and check out the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room to see them now!... and umm, Happy New Year. Since the Opie and Anthony Show ins't live again until January 5th, we have some carefully-crafted 'Worst-of' programming (courtesy of our own EROCK) for you to enjoy. If you want
12.31.08 - Nickelback Ft Josey Scott - Hero (happy New Year Fuckers)
SONG VERSION BELOW Hero - Nickelback VIDEO VERSION BELOW HERO - NICKELBACK LYRICS BELOW I am so high. I can hear heaven. I am so high. I can hear heaven. Oh but heaven, no heaven don’t hear me. And they say that a hero can save us I’m not gonna stand here and wait I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles Watch as we all fly away Someone told me love would all save us But how can that be, look what love gave us A world full of killing, and blood-spilling that world never came And they say that a hero can save us I’m not gonna stand here and wait I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles Watch as we all fly away, Hi-ii-igh! Now that the world isn’t ending, it's love that I’m sending to you It isn’t the love of a hero, and that’s why I fear it won’t do And they say that a hero can save us I’m not gonna stand here and wait I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles Watch as we all fly away
How I Heard It.
I was trying to see if my best freind and "soul mate" would listen but he didn't. I have been thinking a lot about my life and what went wrong. So I am going to blog it. This is a bar and Im shit faced so that means I start to talk shit fight and cry. So here I am crying pouring my here for all to see. Ok first off my was living in a home with 1 brother, 1 sister and 1 cousin, who shall remain name less, My parents were dating, this is how it was told to me. They were dating and the cousin liked my dad. My mom was still in middle of a divorce, in that marraige she had two living children, 1boy 1 girl. in that order. Since she was out of luck with her ol man, she started to date my dad. They got seriouse and she was still in love with her husband. She confided in her cousin and her boyfreind (my Dad. She thought they were good people to talk to. No not the cousin. The cousin started to fuck shit up you know like, Lieing and telling my dad things. She was living with my mom and she l
Haveing Fun Drinking
Think about how you are when your drunk and then think about when you aren't witch one you will be at midnite tonite. i will be shit faced and talking to the love of my life.
Man Pulling Away
There are any number of reasons why a man withdraws, and most of these can be categorized under three main headings. Lets talk about these reasons a man pulls away, and how you can respond if he does. 1) Hes Lost Interest This is pretty much the worst-case scenario for your relationship: when your man withdraws because hes become disenchanted with how things are going between you two. Maybe hes found some fundamental incompatibilities between you, or maybe hes simply decided that you arent exactly what hes looking for. He might have even met someone else who has captured his interest. Whatever the specific reason, if your man is withdrawing because hes doubting the future of your relationship, you probably ought to begin to face the fact that this may not be your one, true, love. Were not saying its impossible for a guy to overcome his doubts about you or the relationship once they crop up. But usually, once those doubts become so strong that it makes him pull away a
Sportsmanship And Faith
They played the oddest game in high school football history last month down in Grapevine, Texas. It was Grapevine Faith vs. Gainesville State School and everything about it was upside down. For instance, when Gainesville came out to take the field, the Faith fans made a 40-yard spirit line for them to run through. Did you hear that? The other team's fans? They even made a banner for players to crash through at the end. It said, "Go Tornadoes!" Which is also weird, because Faith is the Lions. "I WOULDN'T EXPECT ANOTHER PARENT TO TELL SOMEBODY TO HIT THEIR KIDS. BUT THEY WANTED US TO!" It was rivers running uphill and cats petting dogs. More than 200 Faith fans sat on the Gainesville side and kept cheering the Gainesville players onby name. "I never in my life thought I'd hear people cheering for us to hit their kids," recalls Gainesville's QB and middle linebacker, Isaiah. "I wouldn't expect another parent to tell somebody to hit their kids. But they wanted us to!
Paul Hunt
Hey Joe Remixed Lyrics
Hey Joe Jimmy Hendrix lyrics remix Current mood: blessed A friend of mine rewrote this it is good stuff!! I remixed jimmy hendrix "hey joe" lyrics for you. you'll have to put the music to it. Hey Joe, where you goin' with that Bible in your hand Hey Joe, I said where you goin' with that Bible in your hand I'm going down to preach to my old ladie. You know, I've caught her messin' around with the Devil man I'm going down to preach to my old lady You know, I've caught her messin' around with the Devil man And that ain't too cool Hey Joe, I've heard you saved your woman from going down, going down, now I said I've heard you saved your old lady. You saved her from going to the ground Yes I did, I saved her You know, I caught her messin' round, messin' round town Yes I did, I saved her You know, I caught my old lady messin' around town And I gave her the Bible I SAVED HER! Hey Joe, alright One more time, baby Hey Lucifer, sa
What Year Should You Have Been Born Under?
You Should Have Been Born Under: Resourceful and practical, you are a quick thinker. You are very observant - and it's hard to get anything past you! A total perfectionist, you are especially picky about looking your best. You're a big dreamer - such a big dreamer that reality can disappoint you. You are most compatible with an Ox or Snake. What Year Should You Have Been Born Under?
Nightmare By Micheal Schenker
Nightmare lying here in the dark Scared like my dreams made their mark I wonder Dreamer always alone Lost in a part of myself I can't find anymore I wonder if it's gonna end tonight I can't sleep alone anymore I need you here with me Even though I closed all the doors There's somethin' holdin' me Never Ending Nightmare Always there instead of you Never Ending Nightmare No escape this time from you Lately been around someone new Needed to fill in the space That once sheltered you Still I worry, if you're gonna be alright I can't sleep alone anymore Need someone here with me All I ever wanted and more My dreams are fighting for Never Ending Nightmare Always there instead of you Never Ending Nightmare Punishing me for the things I do Never ending Nightmare No escape this time from you
I Am Willing
I am willing to give someone all my fubucks to who can give me auto 11s, the reason is because I have never had auto 11s and I am willing to give up all my fubucks to whoever is willing to give me auto 11s. I have never had auto 11s and I would love to have them and give up all my fubucks just for having auto 11s. If you want to and or can, please let me know and I will be willing to go flat broke to pay whoever wants to give me auto 11s. Remember, I have never had them because I have no way to buy auto 11s. Yup, I am willing to go flat broke and pay whoever is willing to give me auto 11s.
To Everyone Ny Wishes
If wishes were like flowers all growing in the sun you'd have a great garden filled with happiness and fun! have a very special Happy New Year have a fantastic celebration everyone and be safe traveling chef
Celestial Show Set For New Year's Eve
Celestial Show Set for New Year's Eve Buzz Up Send Email IM Share Digg Facebook Newsvine Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Yahoo! Bookmarks Print Robert Roy Britt Editorial Director robert Roy Britt editorial Director Tue Dec 30, 11:47 am ETA delightful display of planets and the moon will occur on New Year's Eve for anyone wishing to step outside and look up just after sunset. Venus, brighter than all other planets and stars, will dangle just below the thin crescent moon in the southwestern sky. It'll be visible -- impossible to miss, in fact -- just as the sun goes down, assuming skies are cloud-free. Soon thereafter, Mercury and Jupiter will show up hugging the south-southwestern horizon (just above where the sun went down) and extremely close to each other. Jupiter is very bright and easy to spot; Mercury is faint and harder to see, but it'll be apparent by its location just to the left of Jupiter. Jupiter and Mercury will
Please Rate Kcpilar69
KCPILAR69 has AUTOS!!! One of the hottest chicks on fubar, rate her and you will NOT be disappointed by the multitude of eye candy and ez rates GO RATE HER, LEVEL UP, EARN FUBUCKS!!! KCPilar69~R/L Fiance 2 CravenMoorehead ~Protected By Bounty Hunter@ fubar
Thanks From The Dreaded Penguins
I don't know how to say thank you to all the people, who showed love to me ! I have no words that can express, how I feel towards all of you. You are my family here, whether you're in Omegas, Zodiacs,Shadows,Devils Advocates,daddys levelrs,twilights, Confederates, or my own Git-R-Done. The list goes on and on... I cant even begin to list all of you on here YOU ALL are special to me and always will be so from me to you all... THANK YOU!!! I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year! HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM MY WIFE & I! I will be hitting pages for quite awhile, trying to return what was shown so bear with me, I'm coming soon Terry or as you all know me "The Watcher"
You Make Your Own Opportunities.
Wednesday, December 31, 2008 YOU MAKE YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITIES. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your destiny isn't a matter of chance, it's a matter of the choices you'll make in the coming year. Success isn't something you wait for, it's something you must pursue in the months ahead. Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities to be successful. Seize common occasions and turn them into great ones. Opportunities sometimes come disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. Start where you are. You're at this moment, standing right in the middle of opportunity. If you act on your dreams you can live them in the New Year. You have a lot to look forward to. Happy New Year - Copyright 2008 Free Webinar => How to Thrive in the Down Economy Free Webinar => Weathering The Coming Financial Storm Free Webinar => Beauty To Die For? =============
New Years Drinks
Tell me your favorite drinks for the New Year! Then come have one with me!
Top 12 New Year's Resolutions Made By Pets
1. Have a torrid one-night stand with a street mutt. 2. Try to understand that the cat is from Venus and I am from Mars. 3. I will no longer be beholden to the sound of the can opener. 4. Circulate petition that Leg Humping be a juried competition in major dog shows. 5. Call PETA and tell them what that surgical mask-wearing freak does to us when no one is around. 6. Take time from busy schedule to stop and smell the behinds. 7. Hamster: Don't let them figure out I'm just a rat on 'roids, or they'll flush my ass. 8. Always scoot before licking. 9. Grow opposable thumb; break into pantry; decide for MYSELF how much food is *too* much. 10. Get out of the castle more, maybe swim counter-clockwise this year. 11. January 1st: Kill the sock! Must kill the sock! January 2nd - December 31: Re-live victory over the sock. ...and the Number 1 New Year's Resolution Made by Pets: 12. I will NOT chase the damned stick unless I see it LEAVE HIS HAND.
Newyears Party
tonight byob and whatever else etc. theres still some crash space for those who end up needing it ;)
Need Some Help!
What's up my Peeps! I need some help if ya'll don't mind. I will be in & out for the next few weeks and I need some help in running my lounge while I'm gone. Please get up with my girl Crissy and help her out in there! We have a couple of dj's helping with music but we could still use any help that could be given! Help me out people! Thanks, Zero
Forget About Yesterday And Start A Fresh New Day.
Finish each day and be done with it. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well. --Ralph Waldo Emerson Two of the most useless phrases in the English language are "what if" and "if only." We waste so much time and energy thinking about what we might have done and wishing we had acted or reacted differently. We imagine how things might have turned out "if only . . ." All of us make mistakes. To go back and wonder and wish about our yesterdays prevents us from living fully today. Each day is a fresh chance; a new beginning. We can only squeeze what we can out of the moment and let the drops fall where they may. Some will evaporate and some will form rainbows. Can I forget about yesterday and start a fresh new day?
Reflection Of A Year Gone By
The past 12 months have been very hard indeed for me personally and has taught me a great deal about myself and others, there have been some dark times and even sometimes that have made me wonder how we manage to survive sometimes in this crazy mixed up world of ours. I have lost many things this year, I lost my home and everything I worked so hard for over the years and I also lost a very close and dear friend who felt that they just could not go on any further despite my own efforts to try and convince them that there were many reasons why they should stand up and fight, which in turn made me realise that yes it was worth fighting for no matter how hard it may all seem at the time. Also here in fuland, not all has been plain sailing, I have gained and lost friends, even had my heart tugged a few times and have become very close to a few also, none more so than one who is very dear to my heart and will always remain so.but There have been times, and now is one of th
Depression: Medical Marijuana is a Successful Therapy Dr. Phillip Leveque Phillip Leveque has spent his life as a Combat Infantryman, Physician, Toxicologist and Pharmacologist. He has experience with 4,000 medical marijuana patients. People like these combat soldiers in Afghanistan may face many challenges with depression in the future, but laws prevent doctors from prescribing what is probably the best medicine known to man, cannabis, or marijuana. Photo by Tim King (MOLALLA, Ore.) - The Merck manual includes Depression in Psychiatric and Mood disorders in which anxiety and PTSD are also included. They show several pages of the why and wherefores so I'm not going into a psychiatric tirade. I do feel there is an extensive overlap in all of these psychiatric conditions and I hope my point will become clear to the reader. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Plan, (OMMP) did not include any psychological medical conditions which I felt was a sad
Happy New Years!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hey come party with me in Dolphin and Unicorn Lounge tonight. Let's see how many kisses we can get in the lounge tonight to Rock N The New Year! Oh yeah baby! Drinks on me so come join the fun starting at 6pm EST. Bring your song requests and if you want you can even send them to me early so I can make sure have them. YIM Screen name: Can't wait to party with ya tonight. Sincerely, Kristi aka Co-Owner Dolphins and Unicorn Lounge aka DJ Arielkkh.
How You Can Cure Cancer But The Government Wont Let You
A message from our good friend, Rick Simpson: August 06, 2008 Hemp Medicine Let the Healing Begin When are people going to wake up and look at what the system has been doing to them? In 1923, the Canadian Government in all their wisdom passed laws restricting the use of Indian Hemp for medicinal purposes. Then in the 1930s they renamed Hemp Marijuana and proceeded to try to brainwash the public into believing that hemp was some new, dangerous, and addictive drug. Right up the present day the government has continued their smear campaign against hemp with no evidence to back up what they have been telling us. Hemp is not a drug, it is a plant, and hemp is the most medicinal plant on Earth. Throughout history, hemp has always been known to be mans oldest known and safest medication. Also, the non-addictive nature of this plant has been known for thousands of years. In medicine hemp was known as a panacea, which means cure-all and the old pharmacopeias r
Its A Scam Please Read Ty!!
A BEWARE and FYI SCAMMER ALERT So how about a guy that approaches someone to please fuown owner is deletin her profile ......I will buy you a blast if you do doll.... Cost ONE MILLION So....a friend of mine, buys him. Does he keep the promise and buy the BLAST? No.....he blocks her and runs with the FuBucks! ASH@ fubar
One Sheep, Two Sheep
Here's a little randomness. Like a good number of people, I'm sure, I have trouble 'switching off' at night. (Insert Lunesta commercial here). When I lay down, I automatically start going over the stuff that happened that day, what it means for what has to be done tomorrow, things like that. I've tried several things, a drink before bed helps, I'm just lazy sometimes and don't feel like making one. I did the sheep counting thing and it gave me a headache, it's a lot of work to visualize sheep, oddly enough. For a while I did multiplication tables (they put me to sleep in school) but as I got more sleepy I'd forget where I was and wake myself up so I could finish them. Damn my perfectionist streak. I've settled on just counting. Sheep make it too complicated. I normally get to about six hundred as far as I can recall, though sometimes I start over for some unknown reason. If my mind is really racing I'll just do 1-10 over and over again very very fast. The funny part about it is s
Ladies Beware ..its A Scam!!!
A BEWARE and FYI SCAMMER ALERT So how about a guy that approaches someone to please fuown owner is deletin her profile ......I will buy you a blast if you do doll.... Cost ONE MILLION So....a friend of mine, buys him. Does he keep the promise and buy the BLAST? No.....he blocks her and runs with the FuBucks! ASH@ fubar
Win A 100,000 Dollars
$100,000 Challenge to Prove Us Wrong! If all fossil fuels and their derivatives, as well as trees for paper and construction, were banned in order to save the planet, reverse the Greenhouse Effect and stop deforestation; then there is only one known annually renewable natural resource that is capable of providing the overall majority of the world's paper and textiles; meet all of the world's transportation, industrial and home energy needs, while simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil and cleaning the atmosphere all at the same time... and that substance is the same one that has done it before . . . CANNABIS HEMP!

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