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So Sad
I had lost touch with a good girl-friend of mine, her brother found me on line and gave me her number. We started talking again and I drove up to see her and her kids.(about 100 miles one way) We had a great time, and I told her when it got warmer she could come down here and we would cook out and swim in the pool with the kids. We talked on the phone more, but then my mom got sicker and I had not called in a few weeks.... Her brother called me yesterday and told me if I wanted to see her one last time to drive up there and he would meet me at the ICU. I was floored. On Saturday, Nikki mixed up some of her medication and over dosed. She went into a coma, and her kidneys have shut down. They have done brain scans and there is not brain activity.... I drove up there. OMG She is hooked up to all kinds of machines keeping her alive. They let me go in and see her. I wanted to scream...I wanted to cry..BUT I held it together and just talked to her. Her brother has told me they a
Sack Lunchs
The Sack Lunches I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight. "I'm glad I have a good book to read. Perhaps I will get a short nap," I thought. Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle and filled all the vacant seats, totally surrounding me. I decided to start a conversation. "Where are you headed?" I asked the soldier seated nearest to me. "Chicago - to Great Lakes Base. We'll be there for two weeks for special training, and then we're being deployed to Iraq ." After flying for about an hour, an announcement was made that sack lunches were available for five dollars. It would be several hours before we reached Chicago, and I quickly decided a lunch would help pass the time. As I reached for my wallet, I overheard soldier ask his buddy if he planned to buy lunch. "No, that seems like a lot of money for just a sack lunch. Probably wouldn't be worth five bucks. I'll wait till we get t
When time comes to read these words that I have written for you with an open heart and know my words are true. To my first Grand-daughter Emerald my blooming flower shall my heart enrich you to your ending days for I walk beside you always. I wish you to take the time to smell the roses, And collect a pocket full of poseys. Take time to watch the wings of a dragonfly, And go see that a willow really does cry. Go run barefoot through a field of flowers, Know yourself well;know your internal powers. Watch the flames of a high blazing fire, To see the dragons full desires. Never blow a flame to put it out, Should smother without a doubt. Make a wish on a first seen star, May your thoughts be true and up to par. Sing a song out loud for all to hear, You'll always have a listening ear... Take a ride bareback on a Unicorn on its way to a hidden place, Learn the true meaning behind a butterfly..look close for you may see a face. Hold close the true meaning on
Sadness Abounds
Death is but a shadow that takes all that you are, all that you know and all that you could ever be................... I found out late yesterday evening that my uncle passed away. Surprising to me I cried and have been on and off since. I was closer to him as a child, growing up every summer in my home town of Joplin. He was my mother's brother-in-law. But as I grew into an adult I could see him for what he was, a womanizing shit and a cheat/theif. He cheated on my aunt for God knows how long and stole antiques from my grandma. I didnt really care for him in the past few years because of these things. And yet I cried when I spoke with my mother. It really makes me sad when I think of all the summers I spent in my home town. He used to take me fishing as a child and tell me dirty jokes much to the chagrin of my aunt. He was not yet 65 when he died of a heart attack in his sleep. My aunt found him yesterday morning. I found out almost 9pm last night. I didnt like him much, but
I would like to introduce everyone to Becca! ~BECCA~@ fubarYou see, she is how I got to be on Fubar! Yes, it is all her fault. She spawned this Demon y'all are stuck with..mwahaha... so you can blame her! We met on MySpace!Actually I was checking her and had commented her over something or another on her page and found out we had more than one thing in common roflmao!!!!!!! We live in the same city but somehow have never met.She turned me on to the FU and well ya know I've never left. We don't get to talk a whole lot, but as you can see, she can be crazy as hell! So I'd like to give her back some love for bringing me in to this crazy realm of the FU. Stop by her page and Rate/Add/Fan her. Bling/Crush/Pimp her out even. Brought to you by: ♦MsCharlotte2U®~No Rate~No Add~♦@ fubarPlease Re-Post!
Mixed Up
Well this blog is going to be short and all mixed up. I can't help it, that's how I'm thinking today. You all can learn to deal with it. =] 1. I'm not going to explain myself anymore. 2. I still think we should rate with shot glasses, not cherries, since we aren't Lost Cherry or CherryTap now. 3. I want to go somewhere this weekend, but I'm going to be stuck at home. 4. My friends are awesome! 5. My ex sent me a friend request on Myspace. I could have sworn I had him blocked. 6. I may have to make this profile semi private again. 7. Another one of my exes is back on here....well he never left. Which I knew would happen. Lame if you ask me. If a person is just going to start over..using the same damn name, why not just delete all the friends and pictures and just start that profile over? 8. My coffee is amazing! 9. I don't want to work today 10. My neck hurts. I can't even touch it. Best pain I've ever had.
Open In 3 Days T-shirt And What Auction!
"It that time of year for a sexy t-shirt and p_nties auction for the ladies to show only what mother gave them to work with! Taking entries at this time. 20K is the fee and a sfw pic of yourself in a t-shirt and p_anties on pt. 2 auction......!" ** NEW WILL BEGIN ON THE 14TH OF THIS MONTH...........LAST DAY FOR PIC IS THE 13TH TY** RULES 1. NO DRAMA PLEASE! 2. PLEASE SEND PIC SFW ONLY 3. ALL FEE SENT TO E-MAIL AND WHAT YOU ARE OFFERING 4. OPEN TO ALL MALE(IN BOXER) AND FEMALE 5. WILL OPEN WHEN GET 10 ENTRIES............! 6. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE HOST/FAN 7. AT LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE ONE WITH THE MOST RATES COMMENTS A BLING PACK 8. COME ON AND JOIN THE T-SHIRT AUCTION. HOSTED BY:
OK folks.... first up.... Ali is on her way to L22. about 400k left. she has 1300 pix ripe for the rating. if u can help her out... visit her here. ♥BayBay Lette♥ Owner of Suga Drips@ fubar ================================================= Second up... yesterday was my b-day and it was a good one. Special thanks to all the nice people at Suga Drips, esp. Ali, Suga, Pretty, and Lotus for remembering. ================================================= Third up... have a good one everybody!
You Know You Wish You Owned Me!
Ok, I'm sellin myself off again to the highest bidder... ya ya ya but you know you wish you had me for a pet... Go buy me n stuffs.
Agood Friend From My Sis Bev For Us 3 Sisters
My Sisters Bev and Glenda my bother John I love you with all my heart and Soul! A good friend makes you laugh when you are suppose to be crying A good friend makes you feel rich when you don't have a dime A good friend makes you feel hope is there when you feel all hope is gone A good friend protects you when your worst enemy harms you A good friend is there when backstabbers are not A good friend helps you when others scandalize your name A good friend is just like your brother or sister, a knot ties you two together and never comes apart
Leveling Blog#421
♥ DJ♥KARI♥ Owner of G.U&@darkmoon enterprises@ fubar 22,649 to Fu-King
Today may just be another Tuesday but I'm hopng something special will happen. I don't know what or where or when but i'm just hoping for it. Tired of being depressed
This Song My Mum Has Dedicated To My Step Dad
As All My Friends And Family No I Lost My Step Father Last Week This Song My Mum Has Dedicataed To Him !!! Please Take The Time To Listen To It Thank you
Inner Peace (what U Really Did Not Want To Know)
We all can find temporary inner peace but finding substainable inner peace is not easy for most people. This is because we often depend on our surroundings to be peaceful in order to feel at peace. Well, situations are not always such. The key to inner peace comes in the understanding that our own anger causes us more problems then all those little day to day irriations can cause, more problems then what others cause us. Our own anger... which we can control via self awareness if we are so willing to do so. You might say "I don't hate anyone"... if so then you are always at peace. Now anger has different names - getting mad, resentment, being upset with someone, irratated, stressed, hatred, etc. But it is still anger. Judgement not discernment. Each time we react with anger (by any name) we create negative energy in our self, and that energy must find expression. Punching a bag or some other forms of anger management is not enough to release all the energy building up
Love You Forever - Robert Munsch .
Love You Forever tells the story of a mother, actually, here's the complete text... A mother held her new baby and very slowly rocked him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And while she held him, she sang: I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be. The baby grew. He grew and he grew and he grew. He grew until he was two years old, and he ran all around the house. He pulled all the books off the shelves. He pulled all the food out of the refrigerator and he took his mother's watch and flushed it down the toilet. Sometimes his mother would say, "this kid is driving me CRAZY!" But at night time, when that two-year-old was quiet, she opened the door to his room, crawled across the floor, looked up over the side of his bed; and if he was really asleep she picked him up and rocked him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. While she rocked him she sang: I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, A
Tuesday's Auto 11's On
First Time
this is my first time on a site like this. If I say or do something wrong, please forgive me. I will be uploading more photos over the next couple days
Finally Over
Wow is all I can say. I can not wait to permanently get the hell out of Indiana. I know that I have so much waiting on me in Tennessee or wherever I end up. I will tell you this. She does not know what she is going to miss. But I am at a point right now it just does not matter. Yes it hurts like hell. But she has proven she is just like the rest of them. Deb told me the other day that I needed to get with a older woman. Cause they are less likely to try to change me. That may be the case. But I want someone close to me in age and hopefully in height. No offense to shorter women. Want someone totally different than anything that I have ever been with in the past. Will that happen. I do not know only time will tell. Do I expect the perfect woman. No, Because nobody is perfect. Would I take her back. Sorry but I would in a heartbeat because I still believe that she is my best half. Does that mean that I am going to sit here and wait for her any longer. No I am not. I have been told by e
This Make's I Smile N' Izz Well Kool Song :)
(Who-oo-oo-oo is Mr Brown?) Mr Brown is a clown who rides through town in a coffin (Where he be found?) In the coffin where there is Three crows on top and two is laughing Oh, what a confusion! Ooh, yeah, yeah! What a botheration! Ooh, now, now! Who is Mr Brown? I wanna know now! He is nowhere to be found From Mandeville to Slygoville, coffin runnin' around, Upsetting, upsetting, upsetting the town, Asking for Mr Brown From Mandeville to Slygoville, coffin runnin' around, Upsetting, upsetting, upsetting the town, Asking for Mr Brown I wanna know who (is Mr Brown)? Is Mr Brown controlled by remote? O-o-oh, calling duppy conqueror, I'm the ghost-catcher! This is your chance, oh big, big Bill bull-bucka, Take your chance! Prove yourself! Oh, yeah! Down in parade People runnin like a masquerade The police make a raid, But the - oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah The thing get fade What a thing in town Crows chauffeur-driven around, Skankin' as if they had
Marriage License
Can anyone tell me u how u get a marriage license on here for a fubar marriage? It wld greatly b appreciate. tyvm
On Mind (part 3 - The Nature Of Ants)
The prior conversation was more or less wrapped up with this after a lot more nonsense which I have edited out for sake of sanity and brevity.. Do you believe in emergent properties? in what now? ... Nevermind. ok then After this I had a private chat with CaptainJack: Session Start: Fri Mar 06 07:37:47 2009 Session Ident: CaptainJack I'm quite interested in the emergent properties of complex interacting systems which is how I view "mind" actually Heh what is interesting is how you can end up with properties that seem to be greater than the sum of their parts Yeah .. it is interesting stuff, but I won't make any pretense on my understanding it. I just like how when you asked if he believed in emergent properties and saw he had no concept you just gave up :p I'm going back to bed soon anyway, and had not the energy to deal with it. But really, to say cyberspace doesn't exist .. come on. It is real, it exists .. but it's not one computer or even one
I am new here and would like to get to know some new friends because the old ones just keep hurting me
Put Down By Vampirera
"you are pathetic, the little nugget that does not flush & your friends don't count & they have no say in life. I hope you get what's coming to you & you need to be put in the aslyum & need help."
Sh!tty Dream
so i actually made it to bed early tonight/lastnight (depending on when youre reading this)and im having this kick ass dream. its a bbq, im having a good time at someones condo and for some reason someone plays a prank on me while im sliding down the banister on a serving tray, like vin deisel did in xXx. i tumble down the stairs and shit my pants! while I am searching the house for a change of cloths and a shower, theres no bathrooms, or showers available and im running around freaking out, cuz im obviously embarrassed, right? i wake up.... and my son had curled up with one knee right in my butt! so that explains the full load in my pants sensation!! but in trying to analyze my dream, does this mean im afraid my shit really does stink?????
On Mind (part 2)
Continued directly from my last entry.. the mind is what people called the brain before we had the technology to study it * evil-dna has joined #philosophy * bellasleep has quit IRC (Ping timeout) if you want to reinvent language to suit what you want it to mean, then we cant really discuss this not in a person to person sense * filsuf02 has joined #philosophy we rely on shared meaning of basics like understanding what mental means what does 'mind' mean then what does "experience" mean? i have no idea I think you will find this equally difficult to refer to without invoking mental concepts - yet you relied on that too wha does mind mean? now you say you dont even know what that means what* an experience of the brain that was your phrase you say now you dont know what experience means I guess you dont know what you are talking about the brain doesn't have experiences, the brain allows people to have experiences you chose those words rhettboy1
Goddamn Bagheads Anyway!!
Been getting a freaking RASH of these lately and yet, still more! gonna kill whoever is doin it jus sayin
Not Fair Sometimes
ok so i found out today that one of my best friends who is/was 7 1/2 months pregant is going to have to give birth to a still born. Shes torn about it as im sure any mother would be. I cant imagine what it would be like to have to go into labor and birth the child that even though you havent met yet but you love more than life wont every give that first beautiful cry that crashes threw you with such relief. She wont ever hold her baby and wait for him to open his eyes and smile at her..she will never get the joy of his first words or first steps......i was up with her earlier waiting..trying to help her along....and she asked me to be there when she gives labor and of course i waiting for the phone call to say shes close enough to actually have the baby....its just heartbreaking...then at the same time this teenage baby (no im not ragging on teenaged mothers..i was one myself..but some of those girls just shouldnt have babys they havent and refuse to grow up enough to have
12 Pack Bling ,bombing Contest
To Christy From Jared
This is a poem i got from someone in my inbox on myyear awwww idk who he is nor have i ever talked to him Beautiful eyes, beautiful face, I'm shy to talk to you. You're the eagle I must watch No matter what I do. You're the beauty, wild and free, The mistress of my eyes, Rolling through exultant air, Alone in pristine skies. I would take you for my own Could I but have your wings, Could I but go where night begins And frozen sunlight sings. Could I but have you for my love, How might we fly together! But I must watch you from below And long for you forever. But I must be the one below And long for you forever .Beautiful eyes, beautiful face, I'm shy to talk to you. You're the eagle I must watch No matter what I do. You're the beauty, wild and free, The mistress of my eyes, Rolling through exultant air, Alone in pristine skies. I would take you for my own Could I but have your wings, Could I but go where night begins And frozen sunlight si
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Professional Studies
Adult program for continuing education offers classes and seminars for career improvement, training or career change.
On Mind (part 1)
This was the beginning of what became a rather epic day for me in the chat world. For some reason I kept running into these rampant "materialists" all day. How people can cling to such irrational lines of thinking is quite something! Topic: Do we have nonphysical souls or minds? * masticator has left #philosophy no * masticator has joined #philosophy explain rhettboy1 * The_Oracle sets mode: +o Grumpy_Old_Daemon anyway mind is non physical brain is mind is not color is a product of mind - not a property of reality outside of ourselves can you imagine the color for infrared? or ultraviolet? no, because the spectrum as we know it is something we experience only in our minds, and within the limits of our biology brain, not mind * Annie- has left #philosophy * Antony has quit IRC (Quit: Stephen T. Colbert for White House Press Secretary) * bose has joined #philosophy !topic Topic: Can it still be called love if one loves someone but that person does not
Dating Advice Tatat
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. A signal of slight population growth dating back to the start of a population expansion ...... chief/owner/head, ulu (SE4), tatat (ME1), ulu, pule, churi (SA3 ), ho
Dating Advice Tatat
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Dating Online
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Dating Advice Tatat
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Dating Advice Opa Nana
Naughty Friends
At first I thought it was a dream, I loved the feel of someone licking my clit, but I was alone in my bed, or so I thought. Slowly I started to open my eyes, as my clit swelled as it was sucked on. Wait, I am a wake, this doesn’t make any sense, as I looked down I saw long dark hair, but a wave of pleasure hit me, and I didn’t care where it was coming from as I threw my head back, pushing my pussy closer to the person`s mouth. I felt fingers starting to slowly move into my soaking pussy, as I looked down and saw my best friend Emily, licking my juices off her lips. “OMG what are you doing? ” she smirked slowly “come on Ann you know exactly what I am doing” she slowly moved her finger in me again “what you don’t like it? You taste really good by the way, so do you want to play”. The next I knew I was grabbing at my best friends shirt pulling it over her head so I could rub my hands over her breasts, they weren’t as big as mine but they were probably a B cup and responded to my hand as s
Ever Wanted To Own Nefer?
Bid on my auction! {---- Click there to see what I'm offering! I'm offering quite a sweet deal, a big package of Nefer Goodies ;)
Dating Advice Opa Nana
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Dating Advice Opa
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Dating Advice Opa
oap nihuya
Potential Pu$$ycats
  Please take the time to check their pages & even speak with them a little if you want to & then leave a comment on what you think. Please nothing negative written here. If you have an issue with a potential please send a private message to either Last, Damien or Smack Daddy and it will be discussed. That includes if someone has not finished the process. We all know the process is long and time consuming so just have some patience with them. Thanks!! please check out the Potential PlayMatez &  Pimpz album
Luck Of The Irish..
Six retired Irishmen were playing poker in O'Leary's apartment when Paddy Murphy loses $500 on a single hand, clutches his chest, and drops dead at the table. Showing respect for their fallen brother, the other five continue playing standing up. Michael O'Conner looks around and asks, 'Oh, me boys, someone got's to tell Paddy's wife. Who will it be?' They draw straws. Paul Gallagher picks the short one. They tell him to be discreet, be gentle, don't make a bad situation any worse. 'Discreet??? I'm the most discreet Irishmen you'll ever meet. Discretion is me middle name. Leave it to me.' Gallagher goes over to Murphy's house and knocks on the door. Mrs. Murphy answers, and asks what he wants. Gallagher declares, 'Your husband just lost $500, and is afraid to come home.' 'Tell him to drop dead!', says Murphy's wife. 'I'll go tell him.'says Gallagher. *********************************************************** Into a Belfast pub comes Paddy Murphy, looking like he'd just been
Param Pam Pam
oap nihuya
The Ides Of March Auction
Want to own Lizzie? Fu-Owned in my name for a month Rate all pics during HH One SWF Salute/Shout Out Everyday I log on there will be a 2-3 drink minimum if not already drunk Add as a top friend get my Yahoo s/n If VIP everything else the same except with 11s. If bling pack is bought, then will also bling. **will add to family for one month if VIP & Bling pack** click below :) Brought to you by: Radio X Show!!!! The IdEs Of MaRcH aUcTiOn !!!! going on now until March 15th 2009 at 11:00pm bully posted by: Lizzie Doll ~GrEeTeR~ at ViPeR's DoLL HoUsE@ fubar
Ever Wish?
Ever wish you could just go back like 2 minutes after you fuck up so you can 'redo' or 'undo' whatever you did that made someone pissed at you? i'm not having the best luck lately. I can guarantee that i know what the bottom of my shoes taste like. It's not like the stress in my life isnt rich enough.. i have to go and fuck it up by saying something so stupid and out of line... ...sigh... I really hate me sometimes...
Sharing Pain
I've come to a place where i realized the benefit and comfort in sharing pain. So much sorrow passed around in crystal glasses. We sip this sorrow, dip our fingers and run them round the rim. Glory in that piercing tone which deifies the echoes of our souls. We do it daily, two, maybe three times. Some of us don't stop. The comfort I keep is that I've seen the glass shatter, swollen to bursting with the vibration, and it thrills me to see the shattered face of the drinker as their sorrow spills, and they know it can't be retrieved. It's a permanent stain, and a spray of shiny shards that won't be glued back together. From this point we must start to look forward more and backward less. Still, most of us cut ourselves in our attempt to reconstruct the pain or the past, and our blood joins the stain of sorrow as we desperately attempt to recreate what is familiar. I've learned to watch and wait and grin like an idiot as sorrow loses it's shape and becomes something more pervasive. And
What Serial Killer Are You?
You Scored as Jigsaw You are Jigsaw. You dont enjoy killing people at all. You instead love to see how far people will go to live. However if it ends in a bloody death, you still sleep with a smile on your face. You are intelligent, and know how to outwit just about anyone. And that spells bad news for anyone who falls into your games of death and torture. Jigsaw 90% Pinhead 70% Captain Spaulding 50% Freddy Krueger 45% Hannibal Lecter 40% Buffalo Bill 40%
What Kind Of Mythalogical Creature Are You?
You Scored as Demon Demon: Darkness is your sanctuary. Demons are many and are all different in appearence and rank. The most common are the ones that feed off of human souls. They love to make someone fall into their inner darkness. Blood, wrath, murder... You name it they love it. These beings don't care who you are, if they set their sights on you, let's just hope you know a good excorist. They kill any love within you and pull you toward their side. By any means possible. You wish for chaos and hate, you are the Demon. Demon 100% WereWolf 67% Angel 50% Dragon 25% Mermaid 25% Faerie
Beauty Is Within Us
This is a song from the anime "Ghost in the Shell" It's called "Beauty is Within Us" it's a very intense song "O Mother dear Look what you've done To your forlorn and once beloved son Why was i born at all? O mother Dear I'm such a freak A mutant man, A woman underneath? Why was i born at all? It's you i blame for all the shame This anguish and this aching The mirror turned against the wall Myself despised, forsaken You say, 'Beauty is within us, your mother knows; There's a beauty that's within us, just like a rose' You say, 'Beauty is within us, so let it grow' But it's grown so dark and ugly O mother dear, I curse you so For breathing life into your wretched son Why were you born at all? O mother dear I love you so O please forgive this anger in my soul Without you I'm alone It's me who's been eternally damned Trapped inside this cage, a ruined man All damaged and depraved O Mother Dear This misery Has settled like a stain upon my skin -a v
Someday I'll Walk Away
One of these days I'm gonna fade away from everyone and everything I'll put down the phone and leave alone, and no one will ever find me. The keys to my car and to my door and everything within are things I'll leave behind pictures will stay in place and I'll walk down a river and find new skins. I'm going to leave you all and I'm going alone. I'll have no destination and no word for anyone. All the faces I've maintained and bodies I've fed…I will let go. Finally I will be that uncaring thing; selfish and heartless and nameless, too. My name wasn't chosen by myself, so it will be forsaken. I'll be that cold, that disassociated, and I'll sell my compassion. I am going to forget that I was once called an angel. I'll forget that I was once named as a dreamweaver. I'll forget that anyone ever believed in me or claimed to accept that I am what I am. I'll do my best to destroy the good .ive up to the bad and sleep alone. No responsibility. But for now, my babes are
Bravest hearts of purest courage in fear or flames. Noble heroes to be honored in our memories carve thier names. Who would run into such danger when life's sweet and love is true? Who would die to save a stranger? Who would die as heroes do?
What Kind Of Goth Are You?
You Scored as Death Rocker You are a Death Rocker. You think beyond the 80s (cause you really like zombies, psychedelia, and B-movies) and are into the colorful, twisted side of the goth culture (which is portrayed in all your lovely horror-rock shows). Click on my name to take my other tests if you liked this one. Death Rocker 67% Old-school Goth 63% Industrial/Rivet-Head 58% Romantic Goth 54% Confused Outsider 38% Fantasy Goth 33%
Losing Your Love
Have you ever been in a relationship where you wish you could have gone back and changed the past and corrected through the realization that you could fix it by fixing yourself? yea.. me too. but fate has a strange way of stripping your heart and soul of any form of love just to show you what you need to change and fix within yourself..that i do not understand. Why should it take a moment in time when your spouse tells you she does not want to be with you anymore that you realize things you should have done? in the process ripping your heart to shreds because you loved the person so much that you would have given them anything to stop it? I know we all have been through this situation, i myself multiple times. But yet, This must be done... I just wish i knew why? Now don't get me wrong, I have all kinds of people telling me that there will be light at the end of the darkness and things will turn around and life will be all grand... and yet here i sit alone and afraid at the real
Dj aslyum says Running through his own asylum, feeding on the swarrows, of pain bleeding throught the fresh wounds of cuts!! and he wants you to join him in his sanity
Final Goodbeye
I dont know what you will think when u read/get this But i hope it wont be to bad. I jus needed to tell you the way i feel. And i'm srry for what i say. I know you dont want to know me. You jus want me to fade into the past. But i cant jus let that happend As your so beautiful & important to me. When i wake up in the morning Your smile comes into mind. I then remeber i never see you. And my happyness fades away. I am srry for how i used to treat you How u jus gave up on us without tryn to work it out That i wasnt up to your standards. As if you never cared. I can prolly guess what your thinking. Your thinking how immature is he. why cant he jus get over me? Like i got over him. But it seems no matter what i say to you. You always take it the wrong way. And in the end when you talk back. You always make it seem as if i'm a fool So i think i jus have to leave you To your thoughts and friends and lover I know it's over,but i must say. i'm srry.....i
In my 1st auction that lasts til the 20th. Perks for owning me. Click the link to get to the auction. Even if you don't bid just rate the picture.
Gimme Shelter
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Find Out Your Pose...
Find your own pose!
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Can You Hear Me Knockin'
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A Gansey-load Of Deadly Craic For Cute Hoors And Bowsies
Breakin one's shite laughing - (expression) Guffawing uncontrollably a doorful of a woman - (expression) a fine strapping lass Confession : The back door through which we could escape our guilt, especially about sex. As we fell helplessly into the jaws of passion, aware of the inevitability of mortal sin, we comforted ourselves with the thought that tomorrow we would go to confession, say three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys and, Bob's yer uncle, we'd be grand with the Almighty again. So it seems God gave us guilt because he gave us sex, and confession because He gave us guilt. And in the divine plan, all three cancel each other out. Sex : In Ireland this was an eight-letter word spelled m-a-r-r-i-a-g-e. Premarital sex was not so frowned upon as trodden upon. But there was a possible escape clause. If you were chastised for considering premarital sex, you could always inform the priest that it wasn't premarital if you never intended to get married. ~Danny Boy~
15 Minutes Of My Life
The shortest "date" in my life that I ever been on...Chad Lawson from myspace in my top well I met him at 5pm at Rite Aid down the road like I was supposed to anyways Matt went an got milk for us we needed since we don't have a van anyways well he took me and Matt back to the house so I introduced him to mom and dad like I was supposed he was nice an everything but the fact was I thought we were gonna go out to dinner oh no he had to rush back cause one he lived in Parkersburgh,WV and he got lost on his way here so he figured rush back an he was only here 15 minutes so now he wants a second date my opnion I rather not risk it again. Also he had until 8pm.
The Obama Deception
Caribbean Queen
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Time to Crank up your speakers for the one and only Jessa PXR click banner to meet the her
Fucking Ridiculous
Ok, so today on my way to work I stopped in at a local market to get some breakfast. I walked in to look right at a guy and girl standing at the counter with a bunch of pure shit on the counter. Chocolate milk, strawberry milk, twinkies, chips ect... This is about 7am in the morning. I say, ok...let them buy their stuff and be gone. Oh no, doesn't work that easily. I'm standing behind them when I hear the guy and girl start to argue and throw a fit. The guy started cussing about how he couldn't believe that you (the girl) fucking grabbed the wrong card. You fucking grabbed your sisters card then he threw down his card. It was an Oregon Trail card. If you don't know what that is its basically food stamps in card from. So while the guy was throwing a fit and such he yells at his lady how she grabbed her sisters card. Sisters card????? She is on food stamps and her sister is too!!!?? For fuck sake. He was seriously put out by that. Soooooo, he is mad because his free ticket to food didn't
Promotion Bully's
Cheaters, Liars, And Internet Sluts
Cheaters, liars, and internet sluts. They're all the same. Cowardly, Worthless, Scum. If you have a girlfriend, don't flirt with other women. Simple. If you think slutting around on the internet is ok when you're in a relationship, you should be alone. You should go fucking be by yourself, until you learn to respect women and be a fucking decent human being. If you are a liar. You're a coward. If you are a cheater, you also deserve to be alone until you learn to also respect women/men and close your legs, or put away the fuck pole. You deserve a nasty STD and endless misery... OH SHIT I FORGOT! Cheaters, liars, and internet sluts ARE MISERABLE! oh sorry.....keep being a miserable waste of corporeal space. Just don't come around here with your wasteful ass....and stay out of my neck of the woods. You're not welcome.
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Ides Of March Auction Brought to you by Radio X show Go To This Page's Pics To The Ides Of March Folder Radio X show@ fubar My Auction Pic :D This is my first auction and I have no idea what I am doing so help me out people. Bid on me. Here Are The Rules And While You Are There Bid On These Two As Well :D
The Sun On My Side..
Do you see what I see, Coming around the corner. Eyes squint, is it happiness, lets take a peek. Don't look to hard, it may jump and run. It may see you staring, wanting a piece. Stalking it in the sunshine, beautiful rays of light. I've got you deep within my sights, reach out a hand. Yes here is a place your heart can land. I feel like a gypsy chasing the gold, the sun on my face can never get old. Warming my soul, this I hope will never end. The smile on my face, my new found friend. I'm here says the sunshine, to make you smile. I've been chasing you for so long, mile,after mile. Written by: Jessica 3/7/09
Hey I Need Ppl To Help
hey i need ppl to help me level up, rate my pics, and get new friends....hope to hear from ya so leave me a messege....names mike
After The Procedure [medical Blog - May Be Tmi For You!]
So, I have endocervical dysplasia. Yes, big fat medical words. Here's what's going on. [In English!] The cervix is the ending of the vagina and the opening to the uterus. It is a donut shape with a tube in the middle leading to the uterus. In 90% of women, any type of cervical abnormality is on the outer 'donut' part of the cervix. Mine is in the tube leading to the uterus, putting me in that 10% of more difficult cases. Dysplasia is a type of lesion, alerting to a pre-cancerous condition. Luckily, mine was caught early enough. Now since I'm in the aformentioned 10%, I have to have another procedure called a "LEEP". LEEP stands for Loop Electrical Excision Procedure. Basically, it's a little scalpel looking thing with a bow at the end, which electricity flows through. In this procedure, they'll be excising a cone shaped piece of my inner cervix, Removing the lesions and giving me a full diagnosis. It is considered a minor surgery, so there will be 2 weeks recovery
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Ides Of March Auction Brought to you by Radio X show Go To This Page's Pics To The Ides Of March Folder Radio X show@ fubar My Auction Pic :D This is my first auction and I have no idea what I am doing so help me out people. Bid on me. Here Are The Rules And While You Are There Bid On These Two As Well :D
Let's Chill
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Negative Calorie Foods: Foods That Actually Make U Lose Weight From Eating Them
Negative Calorie Foods: foods that actually make u lose weight from eating them cause u burn more then what there worth canceling out good natural sugar carbs ... Negative Calorie Foods: asparagus celery lettuce beets onions broccoli carrots (not baby carrots-added sugar on those) spinach garlic apples cranberries raspberries strawberries chili peppers green beans ice water green cabbage cauliflower cucumbers papayas turnips zucchini grapefruit mangos oranges pineapple tangerines raw bell peppers black berries blue berries lemons limes watermelon cantaloupe prunes tomatoes kiwi
I Need To Get Over Myself
I Need To Get Over Myself One year ago things changed for me. Some for the better, others turned out to be a blessing in disguise and some still suck out loud. The thing about me is that when I find something I love, I throw my whole self into my newfound fascination. True story. Please recall my Nsync loving days as a prime example. When I was introduce to a certain Irish-centric, hot boy featuring, bad-guy killing, comedy by one Troy Duffy, I took interest and found my new obsession. The previously mentioned “hot-boy” I took to most was one Mr. Norman Effing Reedus (as I refer to him). And like any fangirl, once I got a taste, I wanted more. So, the vigilante movie wasn’t where I capped off my quest for Norman. No, I found all his other works and became accustomed. One in particular (a film) was to be screened in Beverly Hills, CA. Now, I’m from Southern California, so Beverly Hills wasn’t too far. I recruited my fellow Norman fans, Liz and Miriam, and set in motion to BH to
Ides Of March Auction
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Tactylics On World Tour?
Tactylics has won the New York City Market in Anthem Entertainment's “International Music Festival!” Now it's time to vote again by going to http://anthemimf. com/Regional_Page. php?region=midatlantic#Tactylics and clicking “Vote for this artist!” Tactylics is a funk-rock band from New York dedicated to making music people can feel; combining the rich lyrics, melodic hooks, and power of modern rock with the hard-hitting grooves of funk and R&B. The group is quickly garnering attention on the local scene and has been named winner of the International Music Festival for the New York market, from which they now advance to the semi-finals in competition for a world tour. Tactylics also had the recent honor of performing on "From the Penthouse", hosted by Tainted Blue Studios and held in the penthouse of the former Quad Studios in Times Square; an exclusive event that highlights the very best of up-and-coming New York City acts. Tactylics is currently finis
Love Me Two Times
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New Phone... Again
I did this over the summer, cuz I had to get a new phone. Well, my phone died AGAIN. It simply wouldn't turn on, which means that I couldn't get the nudies off of it before sending it in to the factory for the refurb thing *shrug*. But, I need numbers again. Mine is 574-952-0355 Hell, I posted it on 4chan when I was bored, I can post it here. So, anyway... Text me with your number, shout me with it, whatever... I need to get all my numbers back.
Shattered Pieces
Inside my sleeve, I pull out my heart, handing it to you, "careful it's fragile, and easily falls apart." Extending your arms, you take the heart in your tender warm hands. It falls into a million shattered pieces - on the floor it lands. You begin to bend down to pick it up, sorrow and sadness in your eyes. Apologies are not enough. Looking at you with tears in my eyes, I ask you not to pick up the pieces of a heart that has fallen apart. I am the one who needs to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart - one by one, piece by piece. I need to put it together again, some how. some way. Each piece of my heart has a memory so true. Each piece of my heart has part of you. You are the one who is leaving to start a new lease on life. I'll just be here on my knees picking up the pieces of a heart that feels like it's being pierced with a knife. All my tears won't keep you near All my tears won't mend what's not here. Again I look at you with a whis
Viruses No More
Thank god for computer geeks....when i got a phone call from my friend and told me that I sent her a virus...I called computer geeks and they came right over. They first scanned for viruses and nothing showed up. Then they scanned with spy sweeper and it found all the probs. I had a virus in the memory along with Kooface. IM glad to say that i have no more viruses
How To View
Ok i'm sick of being asked 20 times a day how to view my NSFW pics so i'm putting it here. if you want to see you need to pay to get in. Bling packs are always welcome Blast VIP or Happy Hour talk to me first before you buy it. i know a lot of you want to see my pics so once you buy your way in i'll try to keep you in as long as i can Ladies talk to me first and i'll give you a discount on entry to family
~life Is Sweet~
Date: Mar 9, 2009 ~Life Is Sweet~ Current mood: thoughtful Category: Life The other day my daughter and i went out with some friends to finalize one of them's paperwork on a used car(a convertable) she was getting... I went along just thinking it would get me out of the house for awhile. I waited for an hour or so, acting my usual self in the parking lot(a big dork) just trying to make time go by faster.... listening to my mp3 player, talking alot, and raising a questioning eye to one the over zealous, over complimenting employees. Finally it was time to go, five of us in a convertable... lol all i could think was damn, i'm about to be a sardine all squished up in the back and in the middle lol... damn i cant wait to get home... those were the thoughts i had while climbling in the back. We all got in and off we went.... and immediately my attitude changed... sitting in the back of that car every problem or care i had seemed to melt away.. the further we went the better
Heartstrings Are Played Upon
It's becoming more evident Much more obvious to me I thought much more of you Than you ever thought of me Was this my biggest mistake Letting myself think you cared Was I just your marionette With heartstrings open and bared With me left here still thinking What was false, what was true So puzzling and so complex I’m left to await another clue On my heartstings you played Each left with a loving memory Yet I still have those questions Do you ever think about me I’m wondering why all the intrigue Now why all of this mystery Why am I left here hanging Your the one that holds the key. By: Unknown
Promises Made
Yesterday's goals, dim memories. Dark saddened eyes, blurring with tears. Painful scars borne; Love's history. Futures crumble when doubt appears. No brightly lit hope envisioned, When following after harsh words. Hurt soul splits in twain, partitioned. Swooned by appeal - when numbness lured. Apologies made, never bought. Price paid turned out far too costly. Though never known what would be wrought - Must walk into the night softly. One wish, only to be released. Granted - now receive this token. Words written in rhyme, love's deceased. When promises made . . . were broken. By: Unknown
For Kristina (i Will Always Love You Despite Our Flaws)
Alone again Haunted by all your shadows And memories Coldest rain Hides emotions that are pouring From me to you Crazy again Forced to face all truth And exist All you had to say Was you want me to Leave this life And I be gone The torturing That I put myself through within Won’t end Dying within Cracking up, breaking down Down to nothing All you had to say Was you want me to Leave this life And I be gone I carry on alone Knowing that my dignity is strong If I catch it all away You’d still be mine today But inside I’d be hollow All you had to say Was you want me to Leave this life And I be gone Then you walked away With nothing more to say I never felt this helpless This helpless… Before You couldn’t carry on I guess you had enough You made your choice And now you fade away The coldest rain Hides emotions that are pouring From me to you
Policeman Killed In Ni Shooting
Policeman killed in NI shooting Police at the scene of the shooting A policeman has been killed in County Armagh as he responded to a call from a "vulnerable" member of the public. The officer was "gunned down" on Monday night as he got out of a car at Lismore Manor, in Craigavon, police said. No group has admitted killing the officer, who is yet to be named. Police chief Sir Hugh Orde called it a "sad day" for Northern Ireland's force. Politicians condemned the shooting, which happened two days after two soldiers were murdered in Antrim. The soldiers were shot dead outside an Army base in Antrim on Saturday, an attack the Real IRA has said it was behind. Politicians from all parties condemned Monday's killing, which Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward insisted would not damage the peace process. Disparate groups Sir Hugh, the chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, said it was too early to identify the killers. Orde: "I
I'm amused and annoyed at the same damn time. Nice eh? First I went through curse of the exes and now its curse of the stupid Internet men. UGHHH! I swear the next one who tells me that he loves me within a 5 minute conversation imma bitch slap. I don't lead these damn men on. I'm quite serious that I don't want a relationship with ANYONE. I barely even like to flirt. Who cares if my pictures can be a bit provocative? That doesn't define who am all the time. I have boobs.. provocative HAPPENS! Sighs... I give up on the few that I had an interest in though. It'll never happen. I'm either just some cute face or their damn best friend to them. God am I that nice? BAH! OH OH OH! Let's not forget Mr. Greg... the oh I'm sorry I can't be there for you this year like I was last... and then when I do need him he can't respond for days! Then outta the blue I get a stupid text calling me neighbor lady? FUCK YOU! I swear I can't take him or his bullshit. Soooo.. he's getting what he's
Touch Me--the Doors
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My Cam Setup!
as serious as this is... i can't help to wonder where the hell we get our ideas about Ohio from... Being a older sibling.. created @ 03/9/2009 08:55 pm expires in: 23 hrs [NSFW] [EVERYONE] My sister and i have different dads.. and she just turned 7.. and i over herd her telling one of her friends that her dad was asking her to do "sexual favors" for him.. and this upsets me beyond belief!... my question is.. should i confront her about it first or him.. Talk to sister.. ** OR ** Talk to her dad
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Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho (you Are My Destiny)
In English: Jai Ho Music theme from Slumdog Millionaire Jai Ho! Jai Ho I got shivers When you touch of a (?) I’ll make you hot, Get what you got, I’ll make you wanna say (Jai Ho, Jai Ho) I got fever, running like a fire For you I will go all the way I wanna take you higher (Jai Ho) I keep it steady steady, that’s how I do it This beat is heavy, so heavy you gonna feel it. (Jai Ho) You are the reason that I breathe (Jai Ho) You are the reason that I still believe (Jai Ho) You are my destiny (Jai Oh) Oh-oh-oh (Jai Ho) No there is nothing that can stop us (Jai Ho) Nothing can ever come between us (Jai Ho) So come and dance with me Jai Ho! Catch me, catch me, catch me, c’mon, catch me, I want you now, I know you can save me, you can save me, I need you now. I am yours forever, yes, forever, I will follow, Anywhere in anyway, Never gonna let go Jai Ho! Jai Ho! Escape (escape) away (away), I’ll take you to a place,
My 32nd Bday!
Supremo Blahmo
I need to shake this funk BADLY! Was so close to walking away from fu and NO this is not a cry for attention, this blog is set to family only. I feel broken, like I can't be fixed. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense but to me it does. I feel like I am totally spiraling, my phone will be off this weekend, the snow that is coming down sucks, I am afraid to tell new people all about me for fear they will judge me. It's all hitting me tonight in a big way. My wrist feels like its getting worse, yesterday, the pain was going up to my elbow. Today when I was cleaning squeezing the trigger on bottles hurt. I so badly want to be out of my mom's and back on my own, yet I am scared there as well. I honestly don't know what I am doing anymore, but the one thing I know are these damn tears need to stop. I should hear from the medical clinic by Wednesday or so to see if I get the medical approved for at least the electrode test with the neurologist. GOD!! //end rant
Our Very Own Springer Show
So Morgan and I were having this conversation about all the Auto 11s and Cherry Bombs being bought and looking at random people who have been buying lots of them. {no one we know personally} Imagine if you will, in 6 months time turning on the television one day to find "On the next Jerry Springer Show: I Done Ran Up My Credit Cards And The Wife/Husband Left Me Because Of Auto 11s And Cherry Bombs!" "Well, HawtLustyMILF promised to show me her NSFWs for a Cherry Bomb!" "StudMuffin said he would pick me over BigBabe69 if I bought him one of them thar Auto 11 Blings!" "I couldn't help it! I had sexyfinething on cam, hotmama4u on the phone, and BBWqueenthing's NSFWs. Them women done broke me!" "So many bewbs! I had to buy 10 bling packs this week alone!" "I traded my kids' food for a bling pack and ticker message!" /DED
Leveling Blog 420
thecheechman@ fubar 11k to level
Well Thisis Mostly Accurate. :p
Global Personality Test Results Stability (40%) moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious. Orderliness (50%) medium which suggests you are moderately organized, hard working, and reliable while still remaining flexible, efficient, and fun. Extraversion (76%) high which suggests you are overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense too often of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity. Take Free Global Personality Testpersonality tests by
Dog Not Allowed In School
Here is one that needs some forwarding to others and is all too true. A dog had followed his owner to school. His owner was a fourth grader at a public elementary school. However, when the bell rang, the dog sidled inside the building and made it all the way to the child's classroom before a teacher noticed and shooed him outside, closing the door behind him. The dog sat down, whimpered and stared at the closed doors. Then God appeared beside the dog, patted his head, and said, 'Don't feel bad fella'...they won't let ME in either'.
A Survey Just Cause.
1. How many people have you had sex with in 2007?? Didn't really go all the way with even the one person I was WITH. 2. Weed, coke, speed, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, x, k, peyote, mushrooms, of these, how many have you done? No interest in drugs 3. Ever been cheated on? yes SEVERAL times. 4. Ever paid for sex? No 5. Ever been married? No, but I would have been if my ex-fiance had never cheated on me! 6. Ever been divorced? Doesn't apply. 7. If you had to pick one whats your fave sexual position? idk, never actually got that far. 8. Do you own any guns? No, but then, with my mental state it's probably best for me not to. 9. Ever done more than 30 days in jail? Not even one day in jail 10. Ever been in rehab? No. A mental/psych ward, yes. 11. Have you ever had any sexual experiences with the same sex? No 12. Ever have sex with anyone that you met on myspace? Never went all the way, but I've done some things with one 13.
Help Me Make Godmother, Pretty Please???
i saw a blog on polagamey , i dont know what the big deal is .. its about more than one life or living with more than one girlfrien or combination of .. im a polagamist . for reasons not mentiond but .. most polagamist isnt like that cult on tv . we live as one familey and can come and go . with rules . and respect for all people involved .. and sometimes theres reasons for this lifesyle .. im just curious on any veiws . but i beleave in the lifesyle one reason im in to these sites to meet new freinds and maybe a new girlfreind.. to take up the slack my wife is unable to. if curuios i mite answer y but i just curious whats the big deal its just another lifestyle . or way of living .. just like religion theres all differeint kinds and flavors .. and if yr wondering im wiccan . pagan. and used to be orthodox roman catholic and a few others for a while so .. all veiws are welcome.
My Personality.
Global Personality Test Results Stability (36%) moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious. Orderliness (43%) moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly flexible, improvised, and fun seeking at the expense of reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment. Extraversion (73%) high which suggests you are overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense too often of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity. Take Free Global Personality Testpersonality tests by
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Millicent's Playlist
Please Note, My Playlists are on my Fu-Profile under the music section. From this list i will make my Fav list.. as in the songs that i Really Love.. and would like to share more with everyone else.. that list would be under Songs foro DJs :: My Favs. *This list will always be edited/updated as i start to like new Artists and Songs.* and yes there are songs and artiests that arnt even on the list. but yes more would come, soon! LOL Artists :: Songs Danity Kane: Damnaged Jordin Sparks: One step at a time, no air, tottoo, Now you tell me. Taylor Swift: teardrops on my guitar Leona Lewis: Bleeding Love Rihanna: Umbrella, sos, disturbia, pon de replay, take a bow, shut up and drive, dont stop the music, hate that i love you, If i never see you again feat maroon 5 Ashley Tisdale: He said she said, last christmas 10000 Maniacs: because of the night Cascada: because of the night, everytime we touch, what hurts the most, last christmas, kids in america Ashlee Simp
Dying Too Young...
I really dont know where to begin with this but the last four days have been an emotional tidal wave. Most of you know i lost my brother almost a year and a half ago which was the hardest thing i ever had to deal with and honestly it almost broke me. My brother was my best friend, my protector and im still adjusting to being an only child, i mean ive been a sister my entire life and some days it still hits pretty hard that im all alone now. Its very sad when anyone dies but my brother was so young with his entire life ahead of him, passing 1 week after his 30th birthday. A year before my brother died my uncle passed away of a heart attack at the age of 40 which was incredibly odd because my grandfather whom ive never met also died at 40 with a heart attack. Well we recieved the call Wed that my other uncle had passed out in his home after a bbq and was in the icu on life support. That evening his girlfriend called to let us know it was due to a stroke and after some tests the doctor sa
Own The Ass Of Doom?
Careful......sometimes I bite.
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I Did It Again
I've entered another auction. So go bid on me..okay. This is the FIRST time I've offered an actual phone call, and anyone that knows me..knows I hate the you better take advantage of it!!
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Turning My Black Heart Too Red
Turning My Black Heart Too Red I put my trust into your hands, And I loved without care or regret. I took my chance to show you I cared, And I crashed and burned in the presses. In my heart I could feel every crack, every break, I’ve felt all the pain, sorrow’s and regrets. I’ve loved and taken many chances to feel loved back, I’ve reached for many though none have reached for me. My once red heart has turned a shade of black, It has slowly begun to die from such damage and hurt. I’ve started to think all the blood sweat and tears, Were never worth giving my heart away from the start. I left part of me a few thousand miles away in a house of gray, That part of me broke off as I began to leave that last day. I took a deep breath as I felt it crack in two, felt the tears stain my checks, As they fell from my eyes with every stab, every crack that was made. I just want to feel something other then pain, other then hurt, Feel something real, something that sho
Sexy Train Updated!!!
calling all SEXY fu's! heres a ride just for us sexy people! its easy to get on this train start with this album rate it and leave a comment on last pik when ur done then R/F/Add me wildonesexywoman@ fubar last but not least R/F/A all below me and above you message me once your done and ill get you added on the train tags will be available here a pik of you is needed or one will be picked for u REMEBER NO DRAMA!! lets get this sexy on!! wildonesexywoman@ fubar Andrea@ fubar ~★RedKandy★~
The Leaprechaun
The Clever Leprechaun A guy has a few drinks at a bar, then heads to the rest room. While he’s doing his business, a very short man takes the urinal next to him and whips out a 10-inch johnson. “I’m sorry for staring,” says the guy, “but you’re huge.” “That’s because I’m a leprechaun,” says the short man. “All leprechauns are well-endowed.” “I’d do anything to have a penis that size,” sighs the guy. “It just so happens that I can grant wishes,” says the leprechaun. “If you let me have sex with you in the bathroom stall, I’ll give you a bigger penis.” The man thinks it over and decides he wants a giant schlong. As they’re going at it, the man cries out, “I can’t believe I’m letting a leprechaun screw me!” “I can’t believe that you believe I’m a leprechaun!”
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New Lyrics For Another Song.
I wrote this at work last week and I like it. Tell me what you think. Sung in the style of "Lamb Of God" -Failure To Sustain- Taking all that you can get You simply just don't give a shit. Despite all the consequences, Your broken logic fails your senses. This beaten battleground That you so selfishly took down, Has now become a place of rest For those who fell, among the best. Chorus: Seeking strength, with lack of power, Bleeding hour after hour, Failure to sustain and control, Now your greed shall consume your soul. And as you walk around this place, With madness written on your face, It's become obvious that remorse Isn't something you'll fake or force. You don't care what it is you've done, All that matters is that you've won. But now there's nothing left to gain, It's time for you to feel the pain.
I had a problem because I was blacking out all the time. And I went and I talked to my doctor, and he said, 'It's not that you drink too much, it's just that after a couple of major blackouts, you blackout easier and easier after that.' So, I would just have a couple of drinks, and my brain would be like, 'OK, I see where this is headed. We're just going to power down now and get restarted sometime tomorrow morning.'
Yes It's That Time Again....
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I'm embracing my whorish ways..cum bid on me.. PLEASE
Extreme Corset Piercing
Are a fans of body modification?? have you heard about Corset piercing before?? Corset Piercing this term also called as ladder piercing.. we think this kind of body piercing are really extreme.. Corset piercings, sometimes called ladder piercings, are a series of surface piercings arranged up the back in two vertical columns. The piercing are located in the spot where the eyelets would be if one was wearing a corset. It is a symmetrical piercing with an equal number of holes on each side. As few as four holes can be used (two on each side) up to as many as the expanse of skin will allow. Most people who get corset piercings use standard captive bead rings which a length of ribbon is then laced through. Although ribbon or lace are the most popular materials, rope and chain have also been used at times. While this all looks lovely, it is only intended for temporary use. If kept in, surface piercings such as these that use this type of jewelry will most likely not heal. The rings w
Huge First!!!!
Last night at 8 p.m., my daughter took her first unassisted step. I couldn't believe it when it happened. I am so proud of her. She will be turning a year old this month!!!! I still have NO CLUE what to do for her birthday! I mean, I know it's her first but I still want to do something for her. If anyone has any ideas, leave them in the comment box. Thanks
Why doesnt anyone actually listen to what I have to say? It's almost like what I have to say doesn't matter. As far as that goes, why does noone come to my place to visit or ask me how I'm doing? No, I have to go to their house to visit. Yet, when any one of them need any help of any kind, I'm the first one they ask?
Oh Boy!
I am so glad I got a divorce. It has allowed me to meet a wonderful girl that turns my crank. She and I just get along so well that I can't understand why it has happened to me. I don't deserve her but she wants me and that counts for a lot. Is it true love? Time will tell. for a great musical experience.
Guiding Light
During the darkest hours of the night, I see myself in a different light. Watching my lover sleeping restlessly, brings out my protective instincts easily. Realizing that I have found the man of my dreams brings me joy and a feeling of peace. And knowing just how much he means to me makes his love the greatest gift I'd ever receive. Small glances and soft caresses from one another, shows us how much we mean to each other. A lingering hug and a long tender kiss are just a couple of things that fill me with bliss. In my heart, I believe his feelings are true because when I look in his eyes, it shines through. All my life my hearts been full of doubt and fear, but it goes away when my baby is near. We've only known each other for a short while, yet he always seems to know how to make me smile. I never thought I'd find a love as great as his, but now that I have, I realize what I've missed. Never again will my heart be thrown away because it is his
3/9/09 Dilbert
Blog #1
i have just got done reading "the heroin diaries" by nikki sixx, which i recommend reading, and it gave me an idea. with all the shit in my life i should keep a kind of journal and see how it looks in one year. so here goes, well my wife has been gone for 4 days now and it sux bad in some ways, and strangely its alot better in others. i think the tension around here has made everyone in my house stressed. she took my 1 1/2 year old with her, and left my other 3 with me. i posted it in a mumm already so if you didnt see it already let me explain. i have a 9, 8, and 5 year old from a previous relationship and while the 9 yearold isnt biologicly (im sure thats mispelled) mine, i have had her in my life since she was a month old. so when things started going bad for my older three girls mom, she got real bad into drugs and i took her to court. i got full custody of my 8, and 5 year old and my ex new in her heart that the 9 year old was better off with me as well, so she let me take her als
A Cardinal Sin? .. No A Cardinal Fake...
Check the blog below and to the left...don't forget to rate and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
Rah Rah Rah This Girl Is A Cardinal Fake...
…looks like this is a good week for fakes and bullshit to be exposed on here my friends…play the video for further entertainment… See this thing? With the Happy Hours and begging for cash and whatever else, but somehow can’t manage to post a salute? Because the person running this page has stolen their pictures they are using for the profile from internet porn girl Becca Mans…here’s the profile she says is “her”.. CardinalGirl Fan&Rate Me b4 you add me please...@ fubar … then as the proof below clearly shows, because these albums from the porn site have all of her pics, even the one “she” is using as a default… …..I wonder when people are going to stop buying things for these fakes. I mean cmon. Use some common sense people. Rah rah. Busted. Peace.
Whats Up People
hey hows it going every one , this a basically a test post I just want the points I'm greedy like that nah just playin , I just really can't think of anything to right about right now , but hit me up if you guys and gals wanna chat. BMak
True Love
I believe that a man can love a million women but a real man only loves one woman a million ways. Please feel free to leave me your thoughts.
Animated Gifs
As alot of yous know by my pictures I do alot of animated gifs of me as you can see I Loves animated as the pictures look more realistic and etc as am just letting yous know as my friends here I'll do the same for you upon a request :) all you have to have is a video of you doing something as it for example Blowing a wet juicy kiss as its your choice as you can get as creative as you want I'll be here for that! for you! *all that is required is a video of you doing that something as then I'll return it too you here as a animated gif small enough in size to upload with your pictures :) Thanks for reading! I hope yous are having a good nite :) Sincerely, Brian*
Potential National Emergency. Thats All They Need! Waste From Blue Grass Chemical Disposal Project Reaches Texas Wednesday, March 4, 2009 The first batch of wastewater produced by a small-scale chemical warfare materials disposal project at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Kentucky has arrived at a Texas incinerator, the Richmond Register reported Saturday (see GSN, Feb. 11). The U.S. Defense Department used mobile technology to chemically neutralize sarin nerve agent stored in three bulk containers after a leak was found in one of the tanks. “Our team has reached the beginning of the end,” said Timothy Blades, operations director for the Army's Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland, which provided the personnel and technology for Operation Swift Solution. “We now are focused on the closure work that must also be carried out with no less strict attention to safety.” Two truckloads of caustic hydrolysate arrived at Veolia Environmental Services in Port
V For Vagina
First time at happy hour. V for Vagina is a must have Love mjk.
Hey just thought I'd give you good folks of fubar a simple hello. Here are some things about me: Sometimes I don't wear matching shoes. I like jumping off walls and playing outdoor sports. I try not to eat anything orange. Close only counts in horse shoes and hand gernades. Drinking comes in 2 flavors, beer and alcohol. You have to fight for your right to party. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around does it make a sound? With great responsibilty comes great power, especially if your a jedi.
Need A Lucky Charm?
Can Never Tell The Truth.
Do you believe in love at first sight? Most people do, I thought I did but that was until recently when I found out that all the other girls that my current fiance was messing around on me with before, who he said he told to stop texting him lved with them texing them when i'm not here. this and that. He's still invo; Knowing in my heart that he had to give them his number or how would they have it. But whatever, I know the truth and the truth is that men are only as faithful as there options. As soon as they have the chance to move on to something better either with or without your knowledge there gone. But you know what thats why you should always set yourself up for the worst so when it does finally happen your alright.
I am here to try to meet some new friends. I am not using my real name here because of all the unfavorable articles I have read on the Internet regarding information harvesting and other issues on social networking sites. I really do like to work on projects and watch documentaries and other more content based programming. I and found that I do like movies the really good ones are few a far between and most everything else even on TV just is not appealing. However, that leaves me feeling cooped up so I try to find many ways to get out even to just walk around. In the dry season I spend a lot more time outdoors as might be expected. Most of the time is spent hiking, mountain biking or going on drives.
Update On My Gram
My gram is dieing. She is full of cancer & its in its advanced stages. She's not comming out of this. I am going to miss her soooooo much. But she will always be in my heart. She lived a long life and gotsee many things. They will be taking the ventalator off after my aunt has gotten to say goodbye andshe will be here tomorrow afternoon. Plz pray for our family. Kitty
New Routine
ok so i made this routine to get more core strength n bulk up some.. day 1 : quads, hamstrings, abs day 2 : back , traps, biceps, forearms day 3 : quads, hamstrings, abs day 4 : chest , shoulders, triceps, forearms day 5 : cardio/abs day 6 : rest REPEAT!!! ** if u want details just message me.
Cherry Bomb
For every person who blings me with a CHERRY BOMB I will add you to this list. What will this do for you? Well let me tell you..... Once you are on this list you will continue to get a folder bombed every time I run a CHERRY BOMB. There is a 60 person limit so HURRY NOW!!! It guarantees you to get bombed more than once. So far this is the list: RonaldAnthony74 fuhusband to KickA$$Bi@tch and RLBF of her too she rocks@ fubar srv3972@ fubar ~~" SWEET MAN KEN"~~@ fubar ☆☆ KaTman ☆☆ #1 Ranked Fu-Owner. Salute Required to View Me@ fubar
Cherry Bomb Drawing - Entries To Date
ST PATRICKS DAY BLING DRAWING All it takes is a little rating…..running through St. Patrick’s Day………….. 1 Entry = 100 rates of 10 or 11 2 extra entries for rating all you could get 4 extra entries for rating all folders of both DVLS ANGL DVLS ANGL@ fubar or IRISHCHARMS IRISHCHARMS@ fubar Entrants to date…….. Viper – 2 Buster Hymen – 1 Chiina Whiite – 1 Devil Doc – 1 Demonic – 1 Learning 2 Fly – 2 Kimberly – 7 The Gov – 1
My 27th Year In Review... You Don't Have To Read This...
Each day I wake up renewed, almost finding promise in what the day may bring me. This is really only a recent occurrence within my life. Perhaps it’s because I finally Find myself truly understanding love and it’s meaning, maybe it’s because I actually Like the job that I have. Either way I find myself reflecting on everything that has Happened in the past year. Being as my birthday is Wednesday I guess I am Considering this my time to reflect. Let us start shall we? I'm sorry this is a long one... March 2008- The non-exsistant birthday… My best friend had surgery on my birthday & to everyone else it was just another day with the exception of my children and my parents (had they forgotten I’d have disowned them) I don’t believe I heard Happy Birthday from anyone except Chrissie whose birthday is the same as mine… At this point I had fallen so far into a depression after the loss of Steven that it was almost as if I could no longer Find myself within the person I had
I can not shake this damn funk today... One of those days I feel like either crying or screaming.... but even I can't make up my mind on that one.... sorry to vent had to get it out for the reason I am being so distant.
A Poem
A Modern Man I'm a modern man, Digital and smoke free; a man for the millennium. A diversified, multi-cultural, post-modern deconstructionist; politically, anatomically and ecologically incorrect. I've been uplinked and downloaded, I've been inputted and outsourced. I know the upside of downsizing, I know the downside of upgrading. I'm a high-tech low-life. A cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, bi-coastal multi-tasker, and I can give you a gigabyte in a nanosecond. I'm new wave, but I'm old school; and my inner child is outward-bound. I'm a hot-wired, heat-seeking, warm-hearted cool customer; voice-activated and bio-degradable. I interface with my database; my database is in cyberspace; so I'm interactive, I'm hyperactive, and from time to time I'm radioactive. Behind the eight ball, ahead of the curve, ridin' the wave, dodgin' the bullet, pushin' the envelope. I'm on point, on task, on message, and off drugs. I've got no need for c
T H E F T...
Theft Problem IMPORTANT MESSAGE: You've heard about people who have been abducted and had their kidneys removed by black-market organ thieves. My thighs were stolen from me during the night a few years ago. I went to sleep and woke up with someone else's thighs. It was just that quick. The replacements had the texture of cooked oatmeal. Whose thighs were these and what happened to mine? I spent the entire summer looking for my thighs. Finally, hurt and angry, I resigned myself to living out my life in jeans. And then the thieves struck again. My butt was next. I knew it was the same gang, because they took pains to match my new rear-end to the thighs they had stuck me with earlier. But my new butt was attached at least three inches lower than my original! I realized I'd have to give up my jeans in favor of long skirts. Two years ago I realized my arms had been switched. One morning I was fixing my hair and was horrified to see the flesh of my upper arm swing to and fro w
2nd Day
Boredom... gloomy and hideous boredom. Just droppin' in and bloggin' bout nuthin'. Gonna go watch some anime now, kthxbai!
For his birthday, little Joseph asked for a 10-speed bicycle. His father said, 'Son, we'd give you one, but the mortgage on this house is $280,000 & your mother just lost her job. There's no way we can afford it.' The next day the father saw little Joseph heading out the front door with a suitcase. So he asked, 'Son, where are you going?' Little Joseph told him; 'I was walking past your room last night and heard you telling mom you were pulling out. Then I heard her tell you to wait because she was coming too. And I'll be damned if I'm staying here by myself with a $280,000 mortgage & no bike.
The Train Trip
The Train Trip We run down the train platform looking for our train. Our flip-flops make clacking noise as they hit the wooden platform. “There it is!” you say, pointing. We run to catch it as the loud train whistle tells us it’s about to leave. Smoke fills the air and we almost choke. Boarding pass in hand and back packs on, we hop on the train just as it starts to move. We hand the conductor our passes as we work our way to the back of the train. We are completely out of breath, panting like dogs. In the last car we find there is almost no one there. We take seats in the last row. You stow our back packs in the over head rack as I start to sit down. I watch out the window as the train leaves the station. I reach out to hold your hand as you put your head back and close your eyes. Now at speed, the train vibrates in a rhythmic fashion, “clickity clack” As it does it gently rocks up and down. I take my hand out of yours and place it in your lap. As the train moves up and
In The South...
Tennessee The owner of a golf course was confused about paying an invoice, so he decided to ask his secretary for some mathematical help. He called her into his office and said, 'You graduated from the University of Tennessee and I need some help. If I were to give you $20,000, minus 14%, how much would you take off?' The secretary thought a moment, and then replied, 'Everything but my earrings.' Alabama A group of Alabama friends went deer hunting and paired off in twos for the day. That night, one of the hunters returned alone, staggering under the weight of an eight-point buck. 'Where's Henry?' the others asked. 'Henry had a stroke of some kind. He's a couple of miles back up the trail,' the successful hunter replied. 'You left Henry laying out there and carried the deer back?' they inquired. 'A tough call,' nodded the hunter. 'But I figured no one is going to steal Henry!' Texas The Sheriff pulled up next to the guy unloading garbage out of his
Who Watches The Watchmen?
Hi All! Today was my older brother's birthday! And to celebrate we went to see the new "Watchmen" movie! Now those of you who've taken the time to check out my pics know that I am something of a comic book geek (and if you haven't checked out my pics shame on you! LOL!), and it should come as no surprise that I've been waiting with anticipation for "Watchmen" to come out. Well, despite some reservations I had about the movie (the "Watchmen" comic had a fairly complex plot with lots of "background" materials that made it an excellent read but also made it very difficult to adapt to the movie screen), I'm pleased to say that directer Zach Snyder did it justice. No, it wasn't a literal translation of the comic to the screen. And there was a lot of background information that had to be cut (and the movie was still almost 3 hours long!). But it captured the spirit of the story far more successfully than I would have dared to hope for. If you're any kind of comic fan, I would highly
My Roses!!
Messing With The Irs
(Internal Revenue Service, an agency of the government to whom Americans pay taxes on their salary) Always put staples in the right hand corner. Go ahead and put a down the whole right side. The extractors who remove the mail from the envelopes have to take out any staples in the right side. Never arrange paperwork in the right order, or even facing the right way. Put a few upside down and backwards. That way they have to remove all your staples rearrange your paperwork and re-staple it (on the left side). Line the bottom of your envelope with elmer's glue and let it dry before you put in your forms, so that the automated opener doesn't open it and the extractor has to open it by hand. If your very unfortunate and have to pay taxes use a two or three party check. On top of paying with a three party check pay one of the dollars you owe in cash. When an extractor receives cash, no matter how small an amount, he has to take it to a special desk and fill out of few nast
March 26th
Im So Happy
My granddaughter is staying with me for a month, so that her mom and dad can get a job and better housing in Texas. I couldn't be happier. So Ill be on and off. Leave love.
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I Love Dragons...My Chinease Symbol is a Red Dragon!!!
Dj Tekneek
Broken Promises
Believe Yourself To Be What You Want
If you think sad, bad, or negative thoughts, you are going to feel bad. If you’re unhappy, you may not realize the relationship between your thought processes and your mood. Need convincing? Try this little exercise: Think of a time in your life when you enjoyed yourself. It might have been a holiday or a trip to the park. As you think about that time you may feel a bit happier. Now think of a time when you were sad, like at a funeral, and you will probably feel quite down. Your thoughts can be your best friends or your worst enemies. They can lift you up, and they can pull you down. If you want to feel happier and calmer, you need to become aware of the way thoughts affect you and to start questioning negative thoughts. You may argue that this isn’t realistic. You’d like to be more positive, but life is tough and chances are things won’t work out the way you want. You’re right. It is unrealistic to expect positive outcomes to everything; when you do, you set yourself up for disa
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Rammstein + Tatu
Neice For You To Know Me Better
This is my profile (this is my profile) Name: yumi Age: 23 Gender: Female Please try the first session: 19 * Blood type: O - * Height: 150 cm (4 feet 11) * Measurements: 85-59-83 inches (33-23-33) * Cup: C65 * Hobbies: Collecting HAROKITIGUZZU Sanrio, reading, watching a movie * Special Skills: Volleyball, piano, Soroban * Character: fine * First sexual experience: 15 years * Favorite Location: Mission, back originally living in japan particulary in kyoto... my own mansion is not yet finish but probably before I go back it would definitely be as beautiful as I want it to be..My company is located in tokyo the capital city of japan. Now I am outside japan doing my work with my boss (yakuza) , my co-models and also with my co-models...without a permanent address,...poor me) well I am an unwanted child my mom is a japanese geisha and my dad is an american business man they have this one night affair and so I was brought to life my dad once told me that my mom wante
Chance Encounter
Just before Christmas, I had the pleasure of serving a customer at work that happened to be a great conversationalist. Normally, I just kind of nod and smile when the conversation turns to religion, but for some reason, I felt compelled to chat with this gentleman about the subject. He's very much in love with Jesus, but not in the way I'm accustomed to. He isn't pushy, or condescending. He is 100% genuine, passionate, and very accepting of the fact that no one on this earth is perfect. We've had several fairly lengthy conversations since and every time I find myself wondering... I don't know that I'll ever believe fully in the Bible. I have no doubt there is some truth to it, but to what extent, no one will ever know. Fact of the matter is that it was written by man and man is inherently flawed. We are notorious for bending, twisting, and flat out breaking the truth to make things seem different than what they are. I believe in a god. I'm fairly convinced Jesus existed
My Awesome March Owner
CinDragon>>>>>>>>>my march owner
Just Venting
I am so sick of pounding autos for some friends and not getting anything back such as a thank you,profile rate. I am gonna be more pickier about who's autos I rate on my friends list.I will never have a auto . I see people activate bombs who's autos I have rated,and very few have bombed me.I will never have a bomb to pay people back. I am getting very close to godmother so any help would be appreciated.. I almost left the site the other night but a couple of friends talked me into staying. Have a good night!!!!!!!!
Music I Love- Manegarm (gillesvisan)
Something I Wrote
wax paper stamps that color your dreams falling asleep lost in the bloodstream crawling towards a silent scream that you'll never hear I must admit theres nothing I wont do to get your attention when interest has fell through bleeding out and billowing smoke when a smile would do..............
Celtic Love!!
More Redhead Love!!
Jay Your A Stalker & Need A Life!!!! Read This!!!!
READ THIS JAY!!!! this is your profile!!! first off ~M~ is my girl and we are happy together!!!! Second you contacted me for what real reason???? because you ass lives way the fuck on the other coast and cant find a woman who is closer to you!!! so your last resort is to stalk my girl!!! what is your deal man!!! seriously!!! GROW THE FUCK UP!!! the you create a fake profile: you created this profile and you have the audacity to write!!! ->Devilman: why are you so interested in my woman when you are a fan of metal!!!! are you that desperate??? or are you that stupid that you think that i dont know your game loser GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU GIANT SEAMEN SWALLOWING 16OZ MARSUPIAL MOOSE COCK WITH NO DICK NO LIFE NO NEED TO ASK EVER AGAIN JERK!!!!!!! Devilman: did you take off? LOL Devilman: so yuo tap that yet? shes fucking hot Devilman: just asking is all ->Devilman: a month and a 1/2 why ???? Devilman: we her? D
Silly Questions
A random Facebook survey that I took a few days ago and found kind of amusing. 1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Paternal grandfather ... I think. 2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? To quote Reagan "I do not recall". 3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Only when I can read it. 4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? N/A I'm a vegetarian. 5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? Not that I know of (sorry, couldn't resist) 6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON, WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? That would depend on how different I was as said other person. 7. DO YOU USE SARCASM? Oh, I would never do that. 8. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? Yes, I always wanted to spend a couple weeks eating ice cream, but alas it was never meant to be. 9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? Despite being phobic of heights, I've always wanted to for some reason. 10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? The Reese's one, can't remember the name (it's been a while) 11 WHAT TOWN DO YOU RESIDE IN? Whiting, NJ 12 DO YOU
More St.patricks Day!!!
Charlotte Perkins Gilman: There was a time when Patience ceased to be a virtue. It was long ago. Chinese proverb: One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life. Ecclesiastes: For everything there is a season, And a time for every matter under heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; A time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together; A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing; A time to seek, and a time to lose; A time to keep, and a time to throw away; A time to tear, and a time to sew; A time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate, A time for war, and a time for peace. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 Franklin P. Jones: Y
Auto's Are On! Come Level Up!! Thank You Teddyt
Abd Er-Rahman III of Spain: I have now reigned about 50 years in victory or peace, beloved by my subjects, dreaded by my enemies, and respected by my allies. Riches and honors, power and pleasure, have waited on my call, nor does any earthly blessing appear to have been wanting to my felicity. In this situation, I have diligently numbered the days of pure and genuine happiness which have fallen to my lot. They amount to fourteen. (960 C.E.) Albert Camus: You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. Albert Camus: But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads? Albert Camus: All men have a sweetness in their life. That is what helps them go on. It is towards that they turn when they feel too worn out. Albert Camus: When you have once seen the glow of happiness on the face of a beloved person, you know that a man ca
it seems that after all these years I have lived, I will pass away without leaving any mark on thw wall of life. so what??!!
Abraham Lincoln: I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice. Albert Einstein: My passionate sense of social justice and social responsibility has always contrasted oddly with my pronounced lack of need for direct contact with other human beings and human communities. Albert Einstein: I regard class differences as contrary to justice and, in the last resort, based on force. Albert Schweitzer: Civilization can only revive when there shall come into being in a number of individuals a new tone of mind, independent of the prevalent one among the crowds, and in opposition to it -- a tone of mind which will gradually win influence over the collective one, and in the end determine its character. Only an ethical movement can rescue us from barbarism, and the ethical comes into existence only in individuals. Albert Schweitzer: The fundamental rights of [humanity] are, first: the right of habitation; second, the right to move freel
My Dieing Roses!!!
Roses Bleed,Roses Die,So Why Are They The Symbol of Love? Bc Out Of Death Roses Are Born Again!!
Something From The Past
Okay so i googled my name just to see what would come up and one of the pages was a poem i wrote about 3 or 4 years ago. This has got to be one of the best ones i've ever done and i forgot that i even had put ot on along with a few other poems that i did. One of them being a poem i wrote back in my SR. year of high school titled I'm sorry which was wrote about 8 years ago. Looking at these i realize that my style of writing hasn't changed much in the past 4 or 5 years. It's still very dark and full of despear and pain as you will see. I am gonna post two poems that i think are the best ones i've ever done. This one i am about to post is called my final breath than after i am gonna post one that i wrote just last year. My Final Breath I feel the blade cut my skin releasing all the pain with in as I see the blood pour out I wonder what my life was all about I feel darkness as it surrounds me knowing in a few seconds i'll be free with my eyes closed as I try not t
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My Birthday Is Comming Up
hey guy my birthday is 5 weeks away and i would love to be more then a level 22....think ya can make it happen for me... if ya could that would be great......xxxxooooxxxx to all
Hey I Got A Question
okay i bought this in a flea market just because it was interesting i've never seen this before I have no ideal what it is has anyone EVER seen this before if so WTF is it !
Blackrose Heart!!
Auction Block
I am up for auction until the 14th. So if you wan't in on it come and bid.
"what You Leave Behind"
A Special Thanks!
I wanted to take a moment and send a special thanks to all my friends who helped me with my Auto 11's. It was my very first and it was very fun as well as helpful, I leveled ! I just wanted to say thank you to all my friends for there love and there kindness you guys are the greatest! Dove~Cherokee Proud@ fubar *L.W.Creations*Morphs,Tags,& Beyond.AKA-LORD WOLF,Fu Married to Just Susan@ fubar 'SpiritWolf' - Twisted Phuckers For Life!@ fubar buggybill@ fubar fourtrax fu married to my crush arctic minx . show her some love@ fubar sherrylicious..mmm..@ fubar
I'm in the "Idles of March" auction! It starts today and runs all this week. Just thought i'd let you peoples know. I'll provide the link when available. hope to see you there
Why Dark Angels Are What I Love...
This Blog is taken word for word from a Yahoo conversation I was having with a friend one nite right before Lent began...My life has been in turmoil for a while now...And the beginning of Lent was giving me pause...Making me consider some things...And as I tried to explain to my friend just what motivates my profiles, my profile names, and what lies underneath the surface of my shattered ideas...I wrote what I considered something very interesting...Something I had never tried to put into words... So for the record...And the sake of many a person's curiosity...I am adding that conversation here to give you the reader a slight peek into my jumbled and fevered brain...One that swirls with thousand upon thousands of thoughts and random ideas... Take a minute or two...And read this Blog...And maybe leave a comment on what you think...Peace and hugs to you.... This conversation begins in the middle of what my friend and I were talking about... it is all from my side as he didn't in
A Typical Day Vs Today
Here's a rundown on a normal day in the life of a Mitek detailer. 7:30am - Arrive at work (official start time is 7:45am). - Unlock all bay doors, unlock trailers, unlock main gate. - Take cars out of shop and put in compound (except during inclement weather, with cars that require cover). - Empty all garbage cans. - Dispose of previous days cardboard if not done the night before. 8:00am - Wait to see if coworker arrives "on time" (remember, start time is 7:45am) - Sweep bays. - Pretend to work, while trying not to die of boredom due to lack of actual tasks to perform. Sometime between 8:05am and 8:30am - Coworker finally arrives. 15 minutes later - remind coworker that he has to perform opening tasks at the other shop (a job he's had for 3 months now). - Try to remember whose turn it is to make a parts run to BMW dealership (often subject of fierce debate, as the trip kills at least half an hour, and helps pass the time unt
Suppose you had someone you considered an almost RL friend. One day you try to contact that person, and fail at doing so. Then you see that person make some really nasty statements to your friends, and upon confronting that person, he doesn't respond. Then finally, in order to reach that person somehow, you make a mumm. Because that is the only way to get him to talk. And then he says all sorts of nasty stuff, hitting below the belt by cashin in on private info and assumptions. When confronted, he says he thinks i'm a POS and that he deleted me from his friends/fan/crush list (boohoo) You tell that person to STFU and cut off any relations with him. Later, he calls and says that he would like to part like adults, and not like fighting kids. He is told to STFU once again. Afterwards, he comments on my mumm with a joking cute comment as an inside joke. To that person that reads this: I told you I always have the last word, and I did. You are vile, and no amounts of
Just Some Thoughts Rants And Other Nifty Bs
so some things I wonder about make people blush some things make people furious some make people think and others just make people turn around and forget they ever heard or read it, there are things that some people have said you know like how come you drive on a parkway and drive on a parkway? or how comes the other side of the street always crosses when i do? why is it that if i do not see the glass as either half full or half empty im ridiculous fuck you it's half, half a glass not a half full glass not a half empty glass it's just half a glass i am a realist i am not pessimistic well at least not all the time nor am i optimistic I try really hard to be realistic my basic philosophy is hope for the best but expect the worst that way you are never disappointed so cigs went up on price again where i live seems to me that no one realizes the tobacco was a big part of why we are who we are as a country it was one of the first things the settlers planted when they got here. it is why
Which Side Wins!!
To Hopeing You Find Your Balance In You and Everything Around You!!
Wolfs Mate For Life!!!
To My Family Out There and My Cubs!! Love You Always!!   
Spread The Love
I ask you my friends. How many of you wanted to become a Godfather and thought you wouldnt make it? This lovely young lady has that dream. She is at 1,780,995 with 296 pictures loaded with more to come. Lets help her become our newest Godfather. DJ T~ * ~pErFeCtLy UnPeRfEcT~*~Dj & Enforcer @Indian Outlaw Saloon~Sarges Bad Girl@ fubar
Precious Moments!!
To The One True Love We All Have Out There!!! 
All In A Drive To New York
i cant take it any longer i thought we were stronger we linger in the room while the snows on the ground we did drive slow while the snow falls we are bound to the same old thing on the drive i see the signs to niagara falls its the same old sexual fling we drive really slow as to lingers while it slips through my fingers it feel really sticky as i cling all i want to do is make him fell like a king the world slows down but my heart beats fast now i know this is the part where the end starts i know he asked me to hold on and carry on like nothing's wrong but there is no time left i see sunset in his eyes cant be what it looks like just to be sympathetic strike he just drove it deep with his spike i know the end of his hunger strike
So Smile For Me Dam It!!
That Day
That day, that day What a mess what a marvel I walked into that cloud again And I lost myself And I�m sad, sad, sad Small, alone, scared Craving purity A fragile mind and A gentle spirit That day, that day What a marvelous mess This is all that I can do I�m done to be me Sad, scared, small, alone, beautiful It�s supposed to be like this I accept everything It�s supposed to be like this That day, that day I lay down beside myself In this feeling of pain, sadness Scared, small, climbing, crawling Towards the light And it�s all I see and I�m tired and I�m right And I�m wrong And it�s beautiful That day that day What a mess What a marvel We�re all the same And no one thinks so And it�s okay And I�m small And I�m divine And it�s beautiful And it�s coming But it�s already here And it�s absolutely perfect That day, that day When ev
chuck salutes me
Not That You Were Wondering
But it is me, I've had a few profiles here before. I believe the most recent one was using the handle 'The O Show' but I've deleted it. Some folks, one in particular, asked me to return here so we can keep in touch. After giving it some thought, I decided to go ahead and create this profile. Some things you should know about me: I live my life the way I choose to and don't expect you to conform to my way of thinking. By that same token, I don't judge you on yours. I like to have fun and that is basically why I am here. I don't join crews, posses, lounges, or (insert random lame name for groups of people on this site). I don't do bling packs. I could give two sh*ts about who is in the 'race to red' and I really could care less about the drama that people on this site thrive on. If those are your kinda things, God bless, but just leave me out of it. If you can live with that, then we can be cool.
Feeling Good
went out friday got f-cking wasted.give some love bored now
Am Bored To Death'
just watching the birds, the ants and butterflies in our giv me sum luv!
Before I Hit The Road! Thank You !
Just a few things to do on the fu before hitting the road! I will log in as I can from coffee houses when I'm in a town. Maybe some one has Internet out that way. we will see! If I settle in well I may stay all next winter. Id like to thanks every one for being as nice as you are too me. I hear all the time how people are mean out here, but I don't really see it much. Much happiness to everyone, and for those that are in my photo collections like my status changes "see Sweet Fu Love" hugs to you all! To all my Fuexes I still Fu-love you all of my sweet fuexes, Even if its so "old news" and its more acceptable now that you can Pay for a real one! You all are in a slide show on my profile! my two muses the making of the art work was a fantastic time for me you gave me so much and your in my heart! I wont ever forget you! Kisses! To the friends who have added me and deleted me or deleted their account and never added me back! you guys are the best! oh the
Gone Wild!!
My Fav Songs
Artists :: Songs Danity Kane: Damnaged Jordin Sparks: One step at a time, no air, tottoo, Now you tell me. Rihanna: Umbrella, sos, disturbia,shut up and drive, dont stop the music, If i never see you again feat maroon 5 Ashley Tisdale: He said she said Cascada: because of the night, everytime we touch, what hurts the most, last christmas, kids in america Ashlee Simpson: invisible, boy friend Avril Lavigne: hot, myworld, complicated, unwanted, girlfriend, im with you, my happy ending, keep holding on Celine Dion: call the man, thats the way it is, to love you more, if thats what it takes Christina Aguilera: Fighter Enya: only time, may it be Eve 6: heres to the night GooGoo Dolls: Black Balloon, iris Jessica Simpson: forever in your eyes, with you, a whole new world feat nick lachey. Janet Jackson: if Jo Jo: too little too late Kelly Clarkson: never again, walk away, breakaway, miss independent, since U been gone, behind these hazel eyes,
The Best!!!
For Her
and u think ur childhood sucked.imagine what ur putting ur own child through. i understand u need help but from what i hear u still not getting it. and thats ur fault. not hers she thinks that because u havent even called to talk to her in over 6 months that ur punishing her for what happened.u grew up hating people for things that happened in ur life now how do u think shes going to feel. u might need mental help but guess what now so will she.
If you depend on someone else to make you happy, you will never be happy. The only person who can make you happy, is YOU!
Don't Worry Bout Me...
On March 17, 2008 I lost a very dear family member that I held very high and very close to my heart... My grandmother had open heart surgery on my birthday, February 19th... Within 1 month, she passed away due to hospital neglect, major organ failure, and a bacterial infection... My aunt and I were on our way to Florida on March 16th to put her into a nursing home for a speedy recovery and transition back into home.... Little did we know the night before we left for Florida, she turned for the worst... We got to Florida about 4 in the morning and stopped to see her... She was on life support... Concious and aware of her surroundings... As I went to her, to hug her and to kiss her, I saw her eyes so large... so scared... so vulnerable... We promised we would be back the next morning... As I left a tear ran down her face... I told her I loved her... The hospital kept calling us all night to give us updates... my aunt and I were up by 9AM and at the hospital... When I walked in
Redhead Love!!
Don't try and be something your not. It's a waste of time.
When you have a child(ren), your heart then walks around you.
Whole New Life, Whole New Blogs
Starting out a whole new life so I'm starting out with whole new blogs. Will be posting more of myself in this blog instead of cut and paste found in my previous blogs. Edgars F
Never give up on someone you can't live a day with out.
More Sexy Pics
to all my lady friends on fubar please put more sexy photos on here
Mzbooti Has Autos On For 2 Day
/> She Has Autos On And Want You To Spank Her Hard Thats right MzBooti2Big Has Autos On, For 2 Days She Will Be Running Autos For You To Spank Her Booti Till She Can't Take It No More. So Come On and F/R/A/C Bling and Bomb This Sexy Lady Straight to Prophet
Irish Beauty!!!
Losing Song.
Our time is short, it's flying quickly by Carpe Diem, the rest of our lives. We can't ever sit down, we just might die. Push on forward, learn to fly. Entirely different shadows cover our souls. We know we can only do what we know. We speed down the road, missing the signs. Too much space keeps us from looking behind. Empty cavities will soon be filled, Bulldozers will have flattened all of the hills. Get anywhere in a second, without knowing where you've gone. Driving harder. We're losing song.
Earn It
hey guys i am trying to earn these silly fubucks on her to buy something, I am a photographer in NY and am going to take "donations" whomever donates the most over a period will get a free portfolio!!!!
A. A. Milne: One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. Abraham Maslow: The key question isn't "What fosters creativity?" But it is why in God's name isn't everyone creative? Where was the human potential lost? How was it crippled? I think therefore a good question might be not why do people create? But why do people not create or innovate? We have got to abandon that sense of amazement in the face of creativity, as if it were a miracle if anybody created anything. Alan Alda: The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself. Albert Einstein: You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created. Albert Einstein: I think that only daring speculation can lead us further and not accumulation of facts. Albert E
Blogging From My Ipod Touch
So I'm sitting outside typing this blog on my iPod touch. My mom locked her keys in her car with the ignition switch in the on position. Needless to say the battery died. The locksmith guy got in the car in less than a minute and then he helped me jump start it, all for $35. To me that was a pretty good deal. He didn't even turn his engine off. Now I'm sitting in my mom's car while it runs. It is 86 degrees out here. But with the windows down it feels nice. I've got to go pick her up from work in a little while. That is my random blog for the day.
My Life, Just So You Know.....
About 13 months ago..... My life was going great, finally... I went back to college at age 47 and got my degree in Medical Billing and Coding, (magna cum laude!!!) got a decent job right away, and then after 18 months got a wonderful job as the Medical Coder for a Medical Health Center, coding for 6 doctors! I began having chest pains and GI problems in February of 2008, so was checked out by one of the doctors, and my liver enzymes were very high, so they did a hep panel on me, which came back positive. Five days later, I was terminated, they said that my work was substandard, and was excorted back to my office to clear it out, and escorted out of the clinic like I was some sort of criminal! This was all bullshit, of course, cuz the Chief Officer of Operations was in my office only the day before, telling me that they were soooo happy with me, and any problems that I had will the Hep C virus, their doctors were available to me. So there I was, lost medical insurance coverage, (c
The Red Hair!!
More Luck!!
Ring My Bell
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Thanks To All Who Attended!
FIRST, I want to give big hugs to Wykkid and her daughter Jace for coming out bright an early to help with setup. Who knew someone so pint size could pack such a wallop! A little bundle of energy that there Wykkid is! I had a blast meetin' not only Wykkid and Jace, but also Darlinlee, Stl Pirate, Phaethon, ZZDawg, GreenEyedBitch and Wyt H2o Girl. I tried to keep an eye put for other FuPeoples but if I missed you I hope you had a good time! We may have missed the 500 mark I had expected, but we still hit a solid 350-400 which ain't half bad! We'll have the chance to do it all again in May so be sure to let your friends know to leave the 30th open! I'll be posting pics over the next week so be sure to check back from time to time. ((( huggers to all ))) and I'm looking forward to another chance to do a shot with you! Shellie aka FBG
Ezrate Picture Folders
Everyone who's been here a while knows the value of having ezRate picture folders! The best ones are about the same size, not too large but not too small (I still like to see what I'm rating!), and usually have a central theme to attract different people to different categories. If you have a VIP you can have 2500 pictures, so you want to set up folders that have 250 pics to maximize on cherry bombing. The max # of pics a bomb can hit is 250 so that # provides the best value to both bomber and bombee. 250 seems to be a good size for click by click raters too, but it helps if you have a variety of categories because that provides some incentive for people who are into different things to rate your pics. Typically they will rate a few folders then move on to help another fubarian, but the easier it is to rate your pics the more likely it is they will rate more. When pics change sizes or take too long to appear it slows down the process and they may get frustrated which means they m
Jd Hunt
MESSAGE VAMPS 2ND HUBBY SENT TO KERI!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ welll i hope u have fun with thAT so called wife of urs lala me i hate her cause she hurt my soon to be wife tammy an beleave me u will get hurt an ditched to i promis u that ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LMAO THANK YOU JD HUNT SHE LOVED THIS MESSAGE!! LEARN HOW TO SPELL PROMISE HAS AN "E" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHOOOHOOOOOO I LOVE MY HOOD RAT WIFEY KERI!!! MWUAH!!!!!! I JUST WANTED TO SHARE THIS WIT MY FRIENDS!!! LOL
New E-scams & Warnings From 02/04/09-03/05/09
FAKE MILITARY TWIST ON VEHICLE SALE SCAMS 03/05/09—The FBI continues to receive reports of individuals victimized while attempting to purchase vehicles via the Internet. Victims find attractively priced vehicles advertised at different Internet classified ad sites. Most of the scams include some type of third-party vehicle protection program to ensure a safe transaction. After receiving convincing e-mails from the phony vehicle protection program, the victims are directed to send either the full payment, or a percentage of the payment, to the third-party agent via a wire payment service. No vehicles are delivered to the victims. In a new twist, scammers are posing as members of the United States military. The fictitious military personnel in the scam have either been sent to a foreign country to improve military relations, or they need to sell a vehicle quickly and cheaply because of their upcoming deployment to either Iraq or Afghanistan. Consumers are advised to do as
Got To Be Real
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You Know It's Going To Be A Bad Day When . . .
. . . your twin sister forgets your birthday. . . . you wake up face down on the pavement. . . . you put your bra on backwards and it fits better. . . . you call suicide prevention and they put you on hold. . . . you see a "60 Minutes news team" waiting in your outer office. . . . your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles. . . . you want to put on the clothes you wore home from the party, and there aren't any. . . . you turn on the TV news and they're displaying emergency routes out of your city. . . . the woman you've been seeing on the side begins to look like your wife. . . . you wake up to discover that your water bed broke and then you realize that you don't have a water bed. . . . your horn goes off accidentally and remains stuck as you follow a group of Hell's Angels on the freeway. . . . you get a rejection notice from the HUMOR Listserver saying that you're no longer funny . . . your doctor tells you, "Well, I have bad news and good news..." . .
Sexy Train
calling all SEXY fu's! heres a ride just for us sexy people! its easy to get on this train start with this album rate it and leave a comment on last pik when ur done then R/F/Add me wildonesexywoman@ fubar last but not least R/F/A all below me and above you message me once your done and ill get you added on the train tags will be available here a pik of you is needed or one will be picked for u REMEBER NO DRAMA!! lets get this sexy on!! wildonesexywoman@ fubar Andrea@ fubar ~★RedKandy★~
More Redheads!!!
Weekend Girl
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Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
St.patricks Day!!!
You are like a four leaf clover. Hard to find and lucky to have! Send to ten friends!!
Always And Forever
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Hot Shit
& View My Playlist Music Video Codes By Music
Looking For A New Owner
Ok I Have Done It Again Put Myself On The Auction Block .... Well This Is What Im Offering .... 100 11s weekly 200 10s weekly shitfaced daily 2 big pimping gifts during the month of my choice permanant blog pimpout weekly pimpout bully owned by in my name for the month your link on my profile for a month all stash rated during the month added to my family added to my top friends profile comment everyday if 65 credit bling pak if offered i will bling u a auto 11 Please Click The Picture Below This Bully Was Bought To You By TRÄÇ¥ {§håÐðw Lêvêlêr †êåm LêåÐêr} Çð Öwñêr Ö£ Èrð†ï¢Ðrêåm§
As Long As I Have Legs...
March 9th
Totally Made Up News: Recent studies have shown that eating certain foods can be bad for your health. The study started by analyzing the different effects foods can have on the body. Immediately discovered was the fact that eating rocks, while high in minerals, is bad for the teeth and could cause digestive complications. Similar tests found that glass has the same side affects, and may cause bleeding of the gums. The study also deemed that Mexican food, while quite tasty, may cause your friends to hate you. No direct correlations can be found as to why this is, but ongoing studies are planned to determine if this could be a reaction to cultural trends. The study found that all foods create waste byproducts that the body cannot use, and therefore must dispose of. That leads me to the question, what is being put in our food to cause this side affect? General concern must be had for our well being and public saftey! Don’t let yourself be trapped, stop eating now to avoid serious co
Take The Time To Check This Out
i watched all of it and thought it worth sharing even though this may not be the forum to present this
Dumb Questions, Even Dumber Answers Part 3
another gem from the show -"What do you think about homeopathic marriage?" -"Isn't that illegal?" ...
Anniversary Happy Hour
It is me! Sexy Skittle Pirate Jolly Roger! And, it is my 1 yr. Anniversary!! Come join the celebration! Happy Hour Tuesday, March 10th @ 10am fu-time! Be there to show him lots of love! Click this link! This blog brought to you by Sexy Skittle girl ¢¾Dragonphyre¢¾
Go Check Her Out :)
Video Freak Bitch
The Economy (political)
Only a few people perhaps will ever read this blog I had a few things I needed to say about our economy here in the USA. Millions now unemployed and the homeless rate is growing. Companies are going broke. The long term plans being put into effect in Washington will take time. The jobs that were outsourced are not going to comeback and none of us want to work for 10 dollars a day to compete with forien workforces. We should ban those products and not buy them... if they don't want us to produce it then why should we buy it? Even if we save a few bucks in so doing. Not talking about produce or stuff like coffee. The stemulation money sent out will be spent but much of that money will aid the economy of China and so forth, or will just be used to pay off overdue bills. Obama will help to create new jobs in the fields of alternative energy, healthcare, and governmental jobs. But we cannot expect everyone to get onto that bandwagon relative to job searches. Ge
did c the game sat. did we fuwin
Army Attack 'brutal And Cowardly'
N Ireland Politics Scotland Wales Business Politics Health Education Science & Environment Technology Entertainment Also in the news ----------------- Video and Audio ----------------- Have Your Say Magazine In Pictures Country Profiles Special Reports Related BBC sites Sport Weather Radio 1 Newsbeat CBBC Newsround On This Day Editors' Blog Site Version UK Version International Version About the versions Page last updated at 18:02 GMT, Monday, 9 March 2009 E-mail this to a friend Printable version Army attack 'brutal and cowardly' Detective Derek Williamson said that CCTV captured "some of the events here". The murder of two soldiers as they accepted a pizza delivery was an act of "extreme brutality", MPs have heard. Sappers Mark Quinsey, 23, from Birmingham and Patrick Azimkar, 21, from London, were shot dead at Massereene Army base, Antrim. The Northern
Hi Everyone,I wanted to update you on what is going on with your gurl so here we go....I have been blessed with wonderful people in my life, who have been amazing support, believed in me, provided opportunities to me that I am humbled and amazed by, held my hand through the *baby steps* and have walked beside me through it all. Thank everyone of you for that.Now, to update EVERYONE on where I am, what I am doing and what I would like for you all to join me in is the following...Friday Nights from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm est (knowing me you know it will probably go on till much later than 11:00 pm)I do my show LIVE on Indie Radio World (the link is below) invite all of you to join us in that chat room, we have an absolute blast. I am serious, I have laughed so hard that tears roll with some of the antics that go on in there. Come hang with some of the finest people I have ever met, and have some fun.Ok Now Sundays (WOW YES SUNDAYS)Be ready for a whirlwind of
As the storm starts to break up lingering droplets of crystal clear water float in the air transforming sunlight in the colors of the rainbow. The droplets have no color but they capture it from the rays of the sun, a different color depending on the angle from which the rainbow is viewed. Within each of us there is also an essence and when it becomes crystal clear through meditations or attitude adjustments it illuminates an aura of hope, joy, and peace to all of those witness it. You become a rainbow, a lightworker.
Episode 96- Sunday Isn't So Special
This show was a complete surprise. I woke up on sunday morning, and doing a recount realized I would not make ep100 on apr 4th unless I did one more impromptu show. Early afternoon, with only 4 total logged in listeners, here is what I covered, alone, lol: Hellcast news Pool league update Top 10- signs your roommate is stuck in the 80's Drink of the week- The Salty Walter KOH- replay of ep 95 Sextalk with TMI Movie Review- The Watchmen by Mad Lib- The New Day On this day in history 60 second science Country of the week- North Korea Rant- Big Daddy Comic of the week- Marsha Warfield There was no trivia, for lack of people, and the show itself went really quick, we barely filled an hour and 20 mins. Now we are back on track, so make sure to check us out ONLY on saturdays from now on.... Until next week....
Yep, This Really Happened.
rgc = redneck gas station clerk. Big fat redheaded ginger bitch me = me rgc - that a tattew on yer arm???? me - yes rgc - wut is it? is that some differnt language or somethin??? me - yes, it's Tibetan rgc - well dus it mean somethin or wut? me - yes rgc - well wut's it stand fer???? me - It says 'I like swimming' rgc - you lahke swimmin? fer real? me - yes, I like swimming rgc - well you must lahke swimmin a lot if you got that tattewd on yer arm me - yes, I do. I like swimming. A lot.
ok, heres the deal, im fiance suspects it, but i havent actually come out to him...he doesnt seem to be one who is real tolerant towards the gay community, and last night when there were things mentioned about past relationships that i have had he was like "thats a good way to make me lose my dinner" should i tell him that im bi or just leave it alone?
The Day I Lost The Most Important Part Of Me Rip Torrey Mitchell 3/19/72 To 3/14/97
What's Wrong With This Picture?
Soup Kitchen Somehow, I think that the guy taking a picture of First Lady Obama with his cell phone is a bit hypocritical, don't you? I mean come on...the guy is standing in line at a soup kitchen, supposedly too poor to find food, but he can afford a cell phone? What's wrong with this picture? Did the nation miss the point? I certainly didn't. Yes she is doing something wonderful, I'll give her that but it really chaps my rear end to see something like that. Is it just me being critical or what?
A Dream
Headlights light up the direct heading of the automobile, with reflections flashing across the lettering of each sign. Entry in to the state of Texas is pleasant as the tired driver looks for a comfortable place to lay his head. Miles go by and nothig is seen, except the purple sky that seems to go on forever, along with the dark flat range that makes up the east Texas desert. As time seems to drag on, eyes beginning to beome heavy, the driver decides to stop along the highway ; in what seems the most secluded part of this United States. Crisp wind blows, as the man steps out of his car, he reaches into the back seat and pulls out a case. He sighs, as he looks out over the emptyness that surrounds him. He sits upon the hood of his car, which is nearly as long as he is. He props up against the windshield and begins strumming an old guitar, and starts humming a tune to the stars above. As he is working on another tune, he hears the rumbling of the highway. A white SUV comes al
It's The Little Things In Life
Get my toast from the toaster and notice a small trail of smoke billowing from inside it. Decide it’s nothing, then notice a small bonfire is going on inside. Wonder what the best course of action is and why the smoke alarm hasn’t kicked in yet. While I’m wondering this, the small fire is getting bigger. Have a vision of being trapped in the kitchen with flames licking at my heels. Think about throwing water on it but unplug it and blow it out instead. Potential disaster averted. Wouldn’t happen if I cleaned it out now and then. Release the trap door of the toaster as it lets out an explosion of messy, toasty crumbs all over the counter…Which is why I don’t do this necessary kind of maintenance very often. I’m not even a clean freak. I still eat toast in bed but not so keen on the bits of crunchy confetti that cling to the sheets and scratch your bum. Go shopping. In the check-out queue overhear a man growl something about remembering a time when everything was much cheaper in the s
Turning Auto-11a On!
My 1 year Fu-Versary is March 15th, I will be turning my Auto-11s ON at 12:01am CST on that day, so for those of ya needing to level, have at it, on me. Love ya all bunches. GOOD LUCK LEVELING!!!! HUGS&MUAHS!!!!
This Is A Test...
Anyone paying attention?
Another one from Jay Brannan. This song. Gah. It's perfect. two bodies pressed together two boys are falling hard the smell of sweat and leather a kinky greeting card crazy about each other we both have fucked up pasts but when we are together we have a fucking blast [chorus:] i wanna be a housewife what's so wrong with that i wanna be a housewife, yeah and that's just where i'm at i'm making guacamole he's working on the car when he grills turkey burgers he knows i like them charred i like to wash the dishes i like to scrub the floors don't mind doing his laundry what are boyfriends for [chorus] i wanna have his baby i wanna wear his ring he drives me fuckin crazy i am his everything [chorus] i wanna be a housewife what's so wrong with that can't wait 'til he's in my life, yeah cuz we haven't met we haven't met yet... we haven't met yet... Also, I want the shirt
Own Me!!
I am being auctioned off!! I know you wanna own me so.... JUST CLICK THE PIC TO GET A CHANCE TO HAVE ME FOR A MONTH!!!!!! Music Playlist at
Llama Leveler Of The Day
notthatbad * Llama levelers*@ fubar all Llama Levelers will kindly leave 100 rates each when done please leave a comment below that you have done so...Thanks
Simple Minded Sicko's
Im talking about that skank 7up aka lil one, who claims it has terminal cancer. This person is a walking contradiction. This person needs to be held accountable for lying about something so serious. The fact that this dissease would have no doubt effected 90% of the people on fu, i think this fucken low person needs to lose something of their own for being such a low cunt. I asked this person why they have 90% nsfw pictures and is constantly up loading new ones when it is meant to be so sick. Now if it was telling the tuth it could have answered this question without question. BUT noooooooooo ... this person cant answer this question and many others, so it blocks me. Now i do not give a fuck that i got blocked, i care about that fact that this low cunt is using a disease that has killed many of my friends and family to gain sympathy and "friends" ... It makes me sick to the stomach. Who is with me on this? Should i start a petition to get this lying cunt booted from f
Two blondes living in Oklahoma were sitting on a bench talking, and one blonde says to the other, "Which do you think is farther away... Florida or the moon?" The other blonde turns and says "Helloooooooooo, can you see Florida ?????" A blonde pushes her BMW into a gas station. She tells the mechanic it died. After he works on it for a few minutes, it is idling smoothly. She says, "What's the story?" He replies, "Just crap in the carburetor" She asks, "How often do I have to do that?" A police officer stops a blonde for speeding and asks her very nicely if he could see her license. She replied in a huff, "I wish you guys would get your act together. Just yesterday you take away my license and then today you expect me to show it to you!" There's this blonde out for a walk. She comes to a river and sees another blonde on the opposite bank. "Yoo-hoo!" she shouts, "How can I get to the other side?" The second blonde looks up the river then down the river and shouts ba
Trivia #16- Episode 95
Every time trivia comes around, we have a housefull. I love it. So here is your results for Saturday's trivia: Sheena------------62 Mchgn-------------48 Xanrose-----------47 MissAshley--------42 MammaHelle--------35 Sassy_Jen---------31 Monkey------------29 Lost--------------28 Punkette----------25 Redlar------------14 Topfueler---------14 Nightshade--------13 Strega------------10 OP_free------------8 Hollow-------------7 Congrats to Sheena and MissAshley both for answering all the questions correct. Now... for the running totals... Xanrose-------------436 Mchgn---------------430 Sheena--------------376 MammaHelle----------345 Nightshade----------317 MissAshley----------299 Lost----------------283 Punkette------------268 Redlar--------------225 SweetAngel----------196 Sassy_Jen-----------182 Strega--------------169 StacyDawn-----------161 Hellermoon----------148 Topfueler-----------132 AnitaDick-----------118 OP_free-------------113 Monkey-----
Full Moon Tonight
CURRENT MOON lunar phase
For Me!
I am pimping myself for once. I'm in an auction, sponsered by Radio X show. It starts tonight at 11pm EST/10pm CST. I will be at work when it starts, but please someone bid on me so I don't look like a gigantic loser!! Here's Radio's link: Radio X show@ fubar The album where my pic is is private for now, but will be open at 11pm EST/10pm CST/9pm MST/8pm PST =D Thank you all. (h) Me
Sometimes sb convos are intriguing, heated, funny, sexy and confusing. Then there are those ones that are unique unto themselves. ->nida: ok...that just looked odd, lol...well i can atest to my being real just as you can nida: keyboard...i typed it badly ->nida: "broad" explain please? nida: not sure you think that others are real or not.,,,i know you are someone pushing the keys on a broad on a computer someplace ->nida: and you think that i am not a real person? nida: lmmfao NO...never upset.....never totally serious..other than i am a real person.....i have nothing to be upset over. ->nida: so throughout this whole sb convo you have never been upset? hmmmm nida: lollk, there ya go again I WAS NEVER to try again?! ->nida: oh i are turning your being upset by my joke into nothing but a joke for yourself to try and cover...i get it. *laughs at your joke* nida: and THAT was a JOKE not real. not insulting it was a JOKE....who took it way too serious an
So, Should I Do It?
So friends of mine have offered to put up a dating profile for me on an internet dating site. I'm not so sure that I'm comfortable with this, while I wouldn't mind finally dating a bit I am not so hot with the people skills. I've never had a blind date in my life and I really think I'd just act like a complete drooling retard on one. I'll probably wind up finding a million excuses not to go even if I do let them do it. Should I tell them not to waste their time? And no, I don't feel like mumming it dammit.
Episode 95- The Ego Knows No End
The audience was slow to enter on this night, but a good turnout in the end. No Hellermoon as he was called into work. Nightshade was there, but not at his best. I had to delay in my drinking as I did not have many, and was waiting until after trivia to get started. Once trivia was done though, I made the state of drunk in a matter of mere minutes. We covered: Hellcast News w/ Nightshade Pool League update Top 10- Miracles Not Mentioned In The Bible Good Deed of the week Drink of the week- Intimate Encounter Haunt of the week King of the Hill- Kid Rock, Creed, and Fuel Hellcast Trivia #16 Sextalk Mad Lib- Roast Goose w/ Apple Stuffing Movie Review- The Watchmen Fractured Fairy Tale Country of the week- Switzerland Slackney's Wisdom On this day in history Comic of the week- Arvin Mitchell 60 second science 60 second psych Once again OP led our aftershow with his zany rendition of being hit on, once his pc problems were eliminated. Nightshade cut out a bit early t
Dumb Questions, Even Dumber Answers Part 2
another clssic from my favorite radio show. -"Who was Albert Einstein?" -" inventor?" -"And what did he invent?" -"The light!" BINGO!
Ode To Juggalos...pfft
STILL banned even tho I was supposed to get them back today...bullshit.
Icy Technology
Not ICY as in cold and slippery, I'm talking about Shoutcast and Icecast audio stream servers. SO Why post all this tech jargon in the blog I normally use to bitch in? Well if you give me a second I'll start bitching k? jeeze people.. +----------------------------------------------+ I started this blog "The Out Going Tide" right after i was *ahem* relieved of my position at RRD. As I find myself still hanging around fuBar naturally I make my way to RRD. And Why Wouldn't I? Thats what I need, a good reminder of everything that's happened each time I enter. Just getting to the lounge and seeing my mods not there is irritating enough, but coupled with the fact that the Stream server is being a pain in the balls, I'm compelled to help. It is what I do after all. So I putzed around with an Icecast server last night, and this mother fucker is COOOL. Not only is it 100% capable of solving the stream problems but it can use multiple mount points to have multiple DJ's runnin
Proverbs 16
Proverbs 16 1 We can make our own plans, but the LORD gives the right answer. 2 People may be pure in their own eyes, but the LORD examines their motives. 3 Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed. 4 The LORD has made everything for his own purposes, even the wicked for a day of disaster. 5 The LORD detests the proud; they will surely be punished. 6 Unfailing love and faithfulness make atonement for sin. By fearing the LORD, people avoid evil. 7 When people's lives please the LORD, even their enemies are at peace with them. 8 Better to have little, with godliness, than to be rich and dishonest. 9 We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps. 10 The king speaks with divine wisdom; he must never judge unfairly.
Mind Games~
Fredrick was ecstatic. He had halfway bullied himself into thinking that the whole thing was just a farce and that it would never get here. It wasn’t that he actually believed that the thing would work, but he half-heartedly convinced himself that it would. It was pathetic; really, here he was a flesh and blood eighteen-year-old senior with an IQ right off the charts, grades that just wouldn’t quit, and a snappy car. He bought and paid for it with his own money, of course. He had several jobs that had lasted him from the age of eight… and each time he would put some of the money that he’d made into the car fund, the college fund, and the fun fund. As he got older though, the fun fund seemed to go slightly awry, and most of it seemed to focus directly upon his getting into college, and getting a car. The car happened first, $27,000 dollars of his hard saved money went into a nice little Ford that he felt mighty proud to drive around in, and yet the dating scene for him was s
Vote For Me Please
Just so that everybody know if you have a message from me please dont open it looks like my comp has a virus. Computer geeks are here trying to figure out what it is. TARA
Chapter 2
Tamer... My Master's touch... Dinner was lovely, as usual, and the kids cleaned the table, stacked the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and put all the pots in the sink then off they all go again to have their last few hours of play before they go to bed. Finishing my glass of whiskey and coke, i kissed my Master and thanked Him for a lovely dinner. W/we went outside for a smoke and a little cuddle then it was back to the kitchen for me to finish last of the pots and tidy the kitchen.. I am almost done when Master Tamer comes in and walks towards me while i'm washing the last of the pots. He kisses me on the back on my neck and whispers in my ear not to move. A few seconds later He runs His hands up along my thighs, one in each of His hands, till He reaches my short dress then my ass. He moans as He notices that i am not wearing any underwear, the way He likes it.. Easy access He says. (hehe!) Lifting my dress up around my waste i started to blush.. He kindly remind me
I Truly Dgaf
To Whom It May Concern: Please don't flatter yourself by thinking that you have impacted my self esteem. Your feeble attempts to create drama and dissent in my life have failed. They have only proved to me the extent to which you will go to manipulate and polute the minds of those around you to get your way. It's true that you have succeeded, but only insofar as those around you are easily influenced. You are petty and pathetic. Your current issues of ineptitude and insecurity are only too obvious to the objective observer. I am sorry your daddy issues have prevented you from leading a whole and happy life, thus far. It's plain that this is the case from watching you jump into bed with any man who shows the slightest interest in you, allowing you to prove how truly worthwhile you think you are. Try therapy, instead. There is less risk involved.
After A Week . . .
I am really happy to be here. In my life I have good friends and family and this site is a really cool addition. I have met some really nice and very interesting people here. It takes a long time in the real world to establish a level of intimacy where you can trust enough to share. So many people are looking to share, looking to trust. For me, I think some of my urge is a form of exhibitionism. I loved getting naked in public as a teen. I love revealing secret parts of me now. I admit, it's a turnon. But it's not all about being turned on. Some of the people I have been messaging and chatting with are fun and cool and just very, very nice. I hope to hear from a lot of people and keep in touch over the next few weeks. One or two I would love to kind of peel back the layers of their personality as much as I would love for them to peel away mine. The process of discovery and revealing is sometimes erotic, always interesting. I'm not looking for a date or the love of my
Mr. Warden, Can I Lend A Helping Hand Via Tutoring Those Rascals?
********BACKGROUND EDUCATION ETC JUSTIFYING TUTORING ETC. EDUCATION math and computer whiz from the get-go, self-taught people skills M.S. plus in math from Rice University and U. of Chicago, esp in differential topology and mathematics of chaos and catastrophe, in 1970s. One year graduate computer science from U. of Illinois, Urbana. Later, self-taught in 4 systems internals specialties of computer science on the job -- database, operating systems, communications, and financial aid. Almost archaic now. Five religious courses from seminaries over the years, including cross cultural aspects. Self-taught 10 years of studies in cognitive thinking styles and emotional IQ enhancement, with goal to be balanced, co-heir ( see Romans 8: 17 ), and live authentically with integrity as much as allowed to express. Natural poetic tendencies from the get-go. Done in intuitive and spontaneous mode usually, partially using material from recent journal notes. Can mix a
Ever Wonder?
Ok I started this thing and now I'm not sure how to get rid of it. Have you ever worried about what this world is truning into? Well for me it is fearful enough for me to go into a large city and wonder around and think about who could do what to me at any time? I know fear drive a lot of us to stay put in our own safe little worlds (mine included) I just want everyone's thoughts how they feel that self-defence (i.e. learning of the martial arts)would help you out in a bad situation. Please be honest but not derogitory on your comments or blog. As I will not read them. Thanks
Threesomes Share
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. Chenny 2. Cece 3. oh god youre tight... Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. Cleanin ma room 2. Cashin @ Farm fresh 3. keep ma uncl happy Three Places I have lived 1. Pilipinas 2. Virginia 3. Pier waitin Aircraft Carrier Three TV Shows that I watch 1. iCarly 2. Vh1 3. Dancing wit stars Three places I have been 1. Pilipinas 2. Cali 3. Florida Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. Lisa mae 2. Melissa 3. April Three of my favorite foods 1. it sure is Chocolate 2. Chinese 3. Tube steak Three things I would like to do 1. Finish college 2. reality show wit ray j 3. really try a different threesum Three friends I think will respond 1. Dave 2. Da
I'm really upset right now. I'm being accused of being a cheater in the contest when I have never cheated ever! I went to sleep last night and had about 300 rates and woke up to 880..I WAS JUST AS SHOCKED AS EVERYONE ELSE!! I DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA WTH IS GOING ON!
Afetrdark 1
The freaks come out after dark. How freaky are you? Cold Drinks - Cool People - The Best Tunes! Why Aren't You Here Yet? Click Any Picture To Join Us Today!
It's Been A Long Time...(somehow This Turned Into The Mother Of All Men-suck Rants)
I now have a very old school song stuck in my head... "it's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to..." SO not my type of musak (misspelling on purpose) and yet stuck in my damn head. Yesterday I had "stand by your man" stuck in my fucking head while playing chess. Do not even ask WHY I am obviously so fucked up today. pressured me into telling you. I'm stressed out because of multiple reasons. Reason #1 I'm getting evicted. Reason #2 I have no fucking job. Reason # 3 I make a grand whopping total of $480 a month. That brings us to Reason # 4 I can't actually afford ANY apartment ANYWHERE and really I could keep going but I think that's enough depressing shit for now. What kills me about my situation is the people I know who don't grasp the sucky-ness levels. They are so happy and content in their little bubble of wonderfulness that they don't actually realize how badly fucked I am. Dude my life was shit circling the drain BEFORE
It's 11am here. I just called home to check on things at the house because all of my kids are home sick. My fucking boyfriend is still fucking sleeping. We'd decided that with the economy like it is that he would stay home with the kids because I make more than enough to pay the bills, but if he can't fucking even get the fuck out of bed, this will certainly have to be revisited. His only fucking job is to take care of the kids and things around the house. Is that too fucking much to ask? I don't even think he knows that the older ones are home, which would mean that the little one was running around by herself with no supervision whatsoever...
Hey all, I know its been a while since I have wrote anything or even been on. Well I have something I have been thinking about & I just wanted to get it out before it festers. For the past month I have been working & have been going over to my former girlfriends house (b4 work & on my days off). We have been talking & I know that we are just friends, but I need to get this out. It does hurt that we are only friends, I miss her like you wouldn't believe & YES I'm still very much in love with her. She is helping me with A LOT & for that I am very thankful. I made a new year's wish that If I had 1 more chance to have her in my life I would take it. Well I guess this is my chance. I do miss saying I Love You, I Miss You, calling her baby, hunny, etc. Its very hard not to say it. I enjoy my time with her in whatever we do. Well I feel better that I got that out. I'm headed to work now so I will chat at y'all later. Dave
Wats Wit Yo Hatas
can yo jst lov peeps wat yo got to hate why yo in ma face when yo hate yo not happy until yo hate does yore mama hate yo so yo hatz ere1 if its beautiful wen yo hate it if yo hatz stay out of ma face
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I Will Only Be Online During The Day
Well My grandfather had a huge fit cause my son was up late 1 night out of 5 and took his dsl box and put it in his room. Went down this morning and found mine. So i can be online while he is at the hospital visiting my gram. If my gram ends up getting moved to another hospital then i will be able to be online as often as i want and whenever i want. I'll be online probably up until 3 or so in the afternoon for now. Won't be on at night unless my grandmother does get moved. I was going nuts without the net lol! I was bored out of my mind. On the weekends there is absolutely nothing to watch on our cable UGH! So if you don't see me on at night time you'll all know why! MWAHZZZ Kitty
Trying To Disciple!
Trying to make it to that next level! Over 2000 pics...Ez Rates and Cherry Bomb Folder!!! Come on by and show some love! )O( Juniper )O( ☆ Fubar's Finest Levelers! ☆ No Blank Friends Request Accepted!@ fubar
3/9/08 - Update On Gram
She had a better night last night then she has had. Waiting for test results back to see if they should move her to another hospital or not. Plz keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Mwahzzz Kitty
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Few Days Before Nora Left!!! Between Nora & Mel
Nora Sue says: omg sis im going nutz Nora Sue says: bored ass crazy Lital says: why sis Nora Sue says: cuz........mindy is at work and rich is well..............ignoring me lmfao Lital says: I see Nora Sue says: i think we at the end of the rodei sis Nora Sue says: *rodeo Lital says: Hmh I see. Nora Sue says: its ok honest just a thang....shoulder the lesson and move on Lital says: he has barely said a word to me Nora Sue says: baby girl he is 5 minuted down the road from me and wouldnt even talk to me in lounge............... Nora Sue says: life happend Nora Sue says: happens Lital says: sis may I sujest something that might help fix this even if it might be out of line. Nora Sue says: shoot hun Nora Sue says: i got nothing to lose Lital says: ok dont be mad ok but it might fix this so it's worth it. out of all the days you have been out there, have you been on the pc alot Nora Sue says: its all ok hun str8 talk me ok Lital says: Ok
Happy Birthday To Me! Lol
anyone else find it odd that fubar will allow you to use bitch and whore in your status, but not ass???
Microsoft Won't Fix Excel Bug On Patch Tuesday
Microsoft won't fix Excel bug on Patch Tuesday
Computers Infected With The Conficker Worm Hackers update Conficker worm, evade countermeasures
Responding To A Blog With One
RESPONCE!!!!!!!! 1. How many people have you had sex with in 2007?? 2007? 1 2. Weed, coke, speed, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, x, k, peyote, mushrooms, of these, how many have you done? Tried weed, not interested in the others 3. Ever been cheated on? yes 4. Ever paid for sex? Nope 5. Ever been married? Nope but i want to get married 6. Ever been divorced? N/A 7. If you had to pick one whats your fave sexual position? Doggy or ridding 8. Do you own any guns? mine brokeded 9. Ever done more than 30 days in jail? Nope i have been in a cell before though Field trip! 10. Ever been in rehab? Never 11. Have you ever had any sexual experiences with the same sex? yes once 12. Ever have sex with anyone that you met on myspace? Nope not saying i wouldnt want to F my number one though 13. Last time you masturbated? Ummmm last week in progress 14. Do you think Arnold could beat up Chuck Norris? Do you
Can you listen to music while reading a book? no Do you think you give good hugs? Do you even like hugging? people usually get restraining orders after my hugs What's something other than a fruit that you love in milkshakes? fecal matter? What is your all time FAVORITE milkshake? feces flavored Is your best friend TRULY a best friend? never asked, hard to talk with a taped up mouth If you see someone drop $5 without noticing, would you grab it? yes, then stab them for their wallet Are monday mornings the hardest mornings to wake up to? I prefer not to wake up on these days Can you really ever relate to song lyrics? Yes, especially Cannibal Corpse ones Have you ever seen a really ugly dog, but pretended it was cute? Yes, when you showed me a pic of your mother Are the teenage years most definitely the hardest years to go through? Go through? I hopped over Can others tell when you're having an extremely bad day? No, since they won't be there any
He who stands behind you, Watches your back. He who stands in front of you,Leads the way. He who stands beside you, Holds your hand. He who does neither, Is not a friend. From Tess    
The Warning
ok for anyone that is going to involve themselves in my rants ramblings and inner thoughts it is to be argued weather or not you are disturbed as much as i am but i will let u figure that one out on your own ... I am the kind of person your parents warned you about but again eventually you'll see I have to lay down the disclaimer so everyone knows I do not spell well i type even worse i do not use alot of punctuation like periods and commas however i do use alot of profanity fuck being one of my favorites. some of the things that i will talk about may be graphic erotic or offensive but usually i am just diggin for a laugh so know that usually it is all for the sake of comedy i dont usually intend to offend anybody and if it is meant to be offensive to someone or some group i WILL let that person or people know at the time I am a moron and i know it i bathe in the fact and accept it openly so i guess read at your own risk anyone can read but only friends can comment but enjoy or dont
Sending Fubar Emails Re: Nsfw's
I received an email today that one of my sayings NOT even a picture was tagged as NSFW and I had the saying in a folder that was marked for FAMILY not even in a folder for everyone to see? I sent a reply as I did have the stinking saying marked NSFW as someone last June sent it in so I marked in NSFW and moved it to a Family only folder. So I guess that means someone within my family sent the email to Fubar. I have seen plenty of offensive things on this site if I don't like it I just move on, I thought we were supposed to be adults on here and that was the purpose of having different levels of friends ship ie; fan, friend, family so if we have something that is more of the adult nature that we don't children to see we can put them in that album. I could be petty and go start sending emails about everything that I see in violation but I am not petty like that. If you don't like it move on. And if you are in someones family and don't want to be or don't even want to be their frien
Grandiose Hobby Counseling Idea -- Project Charter.
NA-ME Project Charter, alias Going in Like Gangbusters ------------------------------- ( C 1996 ) Josie Roberts 1.0 General Charter 1.1 Project Goals and Objectives 1.2 Project Name, Motto, and Theme Songs 1.3 Estimate of Required Resources 2.0 Management Responsibility 2.1 Planning Project Director 2.2 Executive Sponsor and Steering Body 2.3 Review and Approval Authority 3.0 Project Organization 3.1 Primary Project Staff 3.2 Project Support Staff 4.0 Project Scope 4.1 Organization Scope 4.2 Technology Scope 5.0 Planning Approach 5.1 General Approach 5.2 Overview of Planned Activities 5.3 Deliverable Outline 5.4 Germinal Concepts 5.4.1 Foundation Stones for Practice 5.4.2 Diagrams of Simulation Architecture 5.4.3 Career Counseling Process Overview 5.4.4 Hints on Expert System Architecture 6.0 Schedule 6.1 General P
Auction Open To Everyone!!! Come Join!
Vamp Morticia's Victims Group is going to have another auction! This time it's open to EVERYONE to join. I'll be taking entries til the 16th (MONDAY). On the 16th at 10am central I will open the folder for bidding! The fee to join is 30K and opening bids start at 50K. Contact Vamp Morticia on this page or her own! I'm trying to get more involvement going in the group so hopefully this will help! Vamp Vamp Morticia's Victims GROUP PAGE! @ fubar VAMP MORTICIA~RL Engaged & Fu-married to JDHUNT~PuckerZ Wifey @ fubar
Earning 5000 Fubucks Daily By Filling Out Survey Questionairre Of Sponsor
No luck for me so for. I guess my tastes are too mundane, inexpensive, etc. WELL FINALLY I hit the jackpot -- hospital, doctor stuff where they want to "rate" them & know what hospitals I use for various & sundry & reputations I thought of them. It took 40 minutes! YOU HAVE TO KNOW YOUR SUBJECT I ASSUME BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T AND YOU LIE LATER DURING QUESTIONING, THEN THE SURVEY SPONSOR MAY COMPLAIN TO FUBAR ETC ETC.
Just A Loving Reminder To Our Family Members
It has been brought to our attention that there appears to be a problem with all members being added to friends lists and ReRating of members. Per The Pegasus Project's Terms of Commitment, these are items which are required of all members. Normally the adding of the family falls on the shoulders of the New Members. However, we are a family and in that spirit it is felt that if anyone should find another member which has not been added, that they should extend an invitation to Add. When sending an Add request, please include the note that you are a Pegasus Family Member and would like to be added. We have to realize that sometime life gets a little cluttered and things can fall through the cracks, and in this spirit we ask that every member take on the responsibility of reaching out to the others. If any member ignores or refuses your request to add, make a second attempt and if that request is not accepted, please contact your team leader or the home page for assistance in the mat
Getting Closer!
I've got 3 more days to find out whats going on with the tests an CT scan, I just hope that it's not more bad news not sure I can handle anymore at this point, my mother is still in the hospital & everytime I go to call shes talking off the wall shit an it's sad because I have to let her go do to the fact that I can't understand a word shes saying, but anyways guys (((please))) pray for us both. I know ya'll have been there for me and I thank you for that.... Much love always from your friend Jaime!
Wedding Shite
so me and rocky got married on christmas but didnt invite anyone :P soooooo im in the process of putting together shit for the big one this summer, blah, i hate being the girl :O new song added to the list as of last night Soft kiss and wine what a pretty friend of mine We're finally intertwined Nervous and shy for the moment we will come Alive tonight Secret valentine We'll write a song That turns out the lights When both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside Don't waste your time Speed up your breathing Just close your eyes We'll hope it's not for nothing at all Lay down be still Don't worry talk they will I'll be loving you until Morning's first light Breaks tomorrow I'll take care of you tonight Secret valentine We'll write a song That turns out the lights When both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside Don't waste your time Speed up your breathing Just close your eyes We'll hope it's not for nothing at all When guil
Blah Blah Blah
morning, i have gas =] and this song is stuck in my head
Do You Wanna Admire Me??
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My Friend Needs Your Help
HI EVERYONE!!!!! so i need your help with a contest i entered, it runs from march 6th-20th and all i need is one simple lil pic rate....maybe a repost if your not busy??? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE I appreciate it VERY much :) CLICK THE PICTURE LINK BELOW TO RATE ME
Push It
This is another Tool song I love.I really can relate to these lyrics pushit • I will choke until I swallow... Choke this infant here before me. What is this but my reflection? Who am I to judge and strike you down? But you're Pushing and shoving me. You still love me and you pushit on me. Rest your trigger on my finger, bang my head upon the fault line. Take care not to make me enter. 'cause if I do we both may disappear. But you're pushing me, Shoving me. Pushit on me. Slipping back into the gap again. I'm alive when you're touching me, Alive when you're shoving me down. But i'd trade it all For just a little bit of Piece of mind. Put me somewhere I don't wanna be. Seeing someplace I don't wanna see. Never wanna see that place again. Saw that gap again today As you were begging me to stay. Managed to push myself away, And you, as well. If, when I say I may fade like a sigh if I stay, You minimize my movement anyway, I must pe
Confidence Ty 4 Caring About Deb You Are A Special Woman
***Your Prayers Are Truly Needed*** This is my Friend Deb! She is one of the most Amazing, Caring,Loving , Woman i know on Fubar! I am Honored to have been able to meet her on here! She has a heart of gold and is always looking out for me and helping me and many others out in many ways! & This woman NEVER ask for anything in return! Deb has gone through so Much In Life! And has been through many of lifes hardships and has pulled through them amazingly! She is a very Strong Woman!At the young age of 32 She was terribly beat by two men with a baseball bat! This Pain that One night has Continued on to this day! She got severe brain trauma which led to a build up of fluid which requires a shunt to be put in every year! Debs Daughter gave me this information as she knows i'm close to her mom and wanted me to know what was going on and that Deb will be going into surgery very soon and is in a lot of pain right now. This from her Daughter Tasha......... "i
Fourty Six N 2
These are lyrics to an old favortie song of mine. Since I am a tool fan I should post some lyrics. So here is goes. words. forty-six & 2 • My shadow's shedding skin and I've been picking Scabs again. I'm down Digging through My old muscles Looking for a clue. I've been crawling on my belly Clearing out what could've been. I've been wallowing in my own confused And insecure delusions For a piece to cross me over Or a word to guide me in. I wanna feel the changes coming down. I wanna know what I've been hiding in My shadow. Change is coming through my shadow. My shadow's shedding skin I've been picking My scabs again. I've been crawling on my belly Clearing out what could've been. I've been wallowing in my own chaotic And insecure delusions. I wanna feel the change consume me, Feel the outside turning in. I wanna feel the metamorphosis and Cleansing I've endured within My shadow Change is coming. Now is my time. Listen to my muscle m
Bdsm From A Friend
I didnt write this but it is GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!! One of the main factors, for me in feeling truly Owned is to be constantly reminded throughout the day of Master's control. These reminders can be subtle or really obtrusive. The more often a slave is reminded of her submission, the deeper it becomes....and the more fulfilling. So here are some ideas You might want to try... And no matter what rules You decide to make Your own, consistent. If You are unwilling to take the time to enforce the rules You make, then there may as well be no rules at all. There is nothing in the world that will make a slave feel less loved than to have a Master/Mistress who ignores her transgressions and does not exert Their Dominance. 1. Have her wear slave bells. The constant soft jingling of the bells is soothing and a certain reminder of her submission. 2. When she has broken a rule, talk to her as You punish....and make her speak in detail about why what she did was wrong. 3. M
The ex is playing the "good parent, bad parent" game... now both my kids wanna live with her when she moves.. why? because Daddy makes them do things, like pick up their room... they don't remember all the other shit, apparently.. like how their mom rather be with her fuckbuddies, then the kids, and dropped them at "anyone who would watch them's" house.. or the drugs, and the 7-10 ppl living there all the time.. the time my ex backhanded my daughter to the wall, when she was 6... or the time she ripped a solid chain necklace from her neck... how her mom wouldn't clean house... ever.. or the men entering and leaving the house all times of day and night, even when she was supposedly "with somebody" in a relationship.. apparently, the kids feel that i'm too strict.. too many rules, like only a half hour a day on the computer, etc etc..they are 8 and 11..
today's aidenn's bday!! he has autos on...has a couple bombs he may be using...and look for his ticker!! first person to get a ss of it let me know and i'll bling ya :D now go love him!! Aidenn: The Saint of Debauchery Greeter @ Tantra Fantasies@ fubar
help. apparently my lounge is gone. so i need a new one. im a flirt, a perv, a tatted up biker, that lives the bdsm lifestyle as a straight male D. Im also into classic and southern rock, vietnam era, etc. if anyone has a suggestion of a lounge that would fit, and a freak like me would be welcome... please let me know.
The Nicest Gesture Ever!!!
I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Hurricane (check him out in my Family) for "borrowing" the layout to the bully I made for him and making ME a bully right back! (hehe) Your kind words have touched me... thank you so much!! Hurricane© [SCM #4112] ┌∩┐(◣..◢)@ fubar Ok Dusty it’s your turn.. This girl amazes me, probably the nicest girl i know on fubar... She deserves everything she wants in her life... She always brings a smile to my face, She has the best sense of humor, Just a TRUE FRIEND... Regardless of what I say... I told her not to worry about helping me to Godfather... BUT she went and did her own thing anyway... I can’t thank you enough for trying Dusty... You have managed to force me to break my own rules... LIKE No Point Whoreing... No Auto 11's... Only cuz you'll beat my ass if I argue... he he he She went and made bomb folders for me...
Tired Of The Crap...........
So we all know that Fubar is a great fantasy playland for perving and the such…..but sometimes people take fantasy as reality and really try to screw others reality up. For the last four months or so….I have been getting msgs from one of my guy’s fubar friend. Ya know….its nice that you want to send him pictures of your boobs or cooch….I don’t want to see them. If you think you seeing his penis is a special event …. Ummm it’s not. His penis has been all over the internet for many years. I get the msgs. He won’t leave me to come to you… you want me to leave him so he’ll come to you…….well that isn’t happening. The part I don’t understand is……why do you have to create profile after profile to send these to me…..why can’t you just own up to who you are. Ah yes….because then he wouldn’t talk to you anymore. It’s getting really old now. So why not just stop. On the other hand .... if anyone would like to know who the pics are of......I do know their really s
Rating System And Photo Views
It seems that there have been problems with the photo views and my rankings have droppped since Wednesday. The counter resets at 8 pm or like yesterday 03/08/2009 at 4pm in the afternoon, then at 8 pm ,10pm and then again at 11pm so my ranking has gone down but my problem is that you pay this money to keep up with it and the Powers that be can't get it right or you have to prove to them that anyone has looked at your pictures. Well, If I don't spend my life on this site it will keep going down from the top 1000. I choose to have a life. I can't spend every waking hour when I am not working on Fubar only to have the powers that be clear my counter only to start me over again. I understand there are problems some days but to get my rating up again and again it has been over 1500 or 2000 through out the day, only to have the counter go to zero at 11pm. My counter says I had no photo views yesterday. So you can either look at me and my pictures or not, but it is a joke to have paid all tha
I'm Back :)
Hmm...let's see...where to begin? First off I want to thank everyone that thought of me over these past six months (6 months? whew!) while I was gone. When I logged my pager in I had tons of new email to my yahoo account from my fu-friends asking what had become of me and telling me to get my butt back online. So here I am, many days later, finally online again. I could bore you with the details of what has happened and why I was gone so long, but instead will just say that it's been a very busy time for me and internet was the first thing to go in my changing budget. I had planned to turn the service right back on after disconnect, but as they wanted to cheat me so badly (see my last blog post if you're interested) I was pretty butt-hurt about the whole thing and it took a while for it to become a priority with everything else that hit me at once. Easily said, I'm back - and apologize if my leaving abruptly caused anyone some issues (I'm sure some skins and images went down when
Rock Around The World, Part One
Okay, so I have been looking into the world of rock, outside of the U.S. More than likely, this blog is going to turn into the start of a chain of blogs on this same topic, so keep your eyes open for more. If it seems interesting to you all, then I will try to make them more in depth and add more videos of different musicians I've dug up. One of my passions is learning about new music or music that I have not yet heard, at least. At the moment I'm looking at specifically Japan. I was pretty shocked to find that there are actually some really good bands coming from over there. For some reason or another, I just didn't expect to see anything that really caught my attention. I've stashed two videos that I absolutely love. The first is by a band named X-Japan. They were/are, according to my info, the "founders" of the metal scene in Japan. I can see a little of inspiration from people such as Ozzy Osbourne. But these guys are definitely a neo-classical metal band. If you are interested,
Fubucks Are For Contest!!
Yes i want fubucks only... it's for an upcoming contest... so plz don't get angry with me... but i need them, ok? thanks you guys.
Fubucks For Pics Bad???
I'm a slut for asking for fubucks for my pics or a modern fu-businesswoman?
First Blog Ever On This Site For Me
hey everyone here it is my first blog come rate me fan me add me buy me a drink i can repay all help a guy level up and make a name for himself in here the best site ever FUBAR.COM n come check out my gurls djing skills at wicked desires
I finally saw Watchmen and loved it. I'm normally an insane literalist when it comes to movie adaptations, but in this case I think that the cuts and small changes that Snyder made streamlined and, dare I say, improved the story. I even think that the movie ending might be better then the original. Then again, I was never a big fan of the squid. I always thought that it was a bit cheesy and didn't really fit in with the rest of the book. If you've read the book and, for some reason, haven't seen it ... go now (or the next showing). If you haven't read the book ... read it now an then go to the next showing. An absolute must see.
I Can't Stop Sh-sh-shaking.
Just know we are a spec in time. So follow your bliss And destroy the beauty I'll lock myself alone in a room Drink until the clock strikes noon With just a pen, a pill, and some paper And maybe I will write a sad song Or another cliche poem Of the person that I long to be I wanna die like Jim Morrison A fucking rock star I wanna die like god on the cover of time. Just a blink and it's gone So baby, pour some fame in my glass. So kill the forest And destroy the beauty. Colors blind the eyes Sounds deafen the ear Flavors numb the taste Thoughts weaken the mind I'll attack someone with a switchblade knife So that I can see their pain I choose to be a serial killer 'Cause the victims don't get any fame. Just know we are a spec in time
Get Ur Bids In For March
" Come on bid hard on the great cherrys in the auction
Not to sure where to begin on here or if i should even think about doing a blog, everytime i think about doing a so called blog to ease my mind, someone finds it and all hell breaks loose. maybe this is one place he cant find me and i can finally voice or write my thoughts and frustrations down, but right now my mind is a blank cause i am trying not to think about my situation here, what i am going to do with someone that is here or not do with them, am i going to leave or stay..have them leave or stay..just not sure at all right now. til later
My Starsign Thingy
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general.You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take.Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces 'What is your Sexual Zodiac?' at lmao
Good Doctors Advice...
I Love this DOCTOR!!!! HEALTH QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION Q: I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life; is this true? A: Your heart is only good for so many beats, and that's it... Don't waste them on exercise . Everything wears out eventually. Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer; that's like saying you can extend the life of your car by driving it faster. Want to live longer? Take a nap. Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables? A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does a cow eat? Hay and corn. And what are these? Vegetables . So a steak is nothing more than an efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your system. Need grain? Eat chicken. Beef is also a good source of field grass (green leafy vegetable). And a pork chop can give you 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vegetable products Q: Should I reduce my alcohol intake? A: No, not at all. Wine is made from fruit.Bran
Jay's First Blog Here On Fubar :)
Hi I'm Jay "The Funologist" and the Creator of "Steals Deals and Opportunities" This is the portal that allows people from all over the world to source Savings on Products and Services that I have become passionate about because of my innate personal draw to progressive Pro-Active Health Products along with other Interests I have that Inspire me. I created the site in an effort to allow my past, present and future clients the ease inwhich to Bookmark and visit regularly in order to ensure they didn't miss "Time Sensitive" offers and enjoy knowing that when they purchased a product or service from the site knowing that my reputation for offering, in my opinion, the very best the Web has to offer. So let's get started shall we............. What at first looks like Adult ADD Syndrome, Proves to be A Proven Success Strategy  ~ written by Jay "The Funologist" I was preached to at a very early age to focus on one thing and do it well, with the promise that it would lead to prosperity
I am not as pretty as those girls in magazines I am not as beautifull as those womans that walk in streets and whom men keep on whatching I am not as smart as those guys who get best grades I am not as wise as those who keep on loving the whole world I am not as perfect as those who write bestsellers and books which no-one can understand I am not as good as my friends who I say they are my friends but they know as well as I do that they are not I am not as strong as those whom no-one can hurt who never cry I am black and white I am cute and cruel I am beauty and beast I am rock and sand I am nothing and everything I am happiness and pain I am right and I am wrong I am the girl who are dependent on everyone who hurt her I am that who laughs with others and cries when it seems to be time to cry I am the best actress ever the biggest temptress mistress I am the girl who pretend she is breathing while she is dead I am the performer of myself but myself never exists I am the goddess o
Flashback 80s And 90s ( Those Are The Good Ole Days )
Ehhh Frig It
Wishing someone would give a shit Wishing anyone would care Talk is cheap, worthless If in the end you're not really there.
4 Years ago you made your choice, you made your choice to walk out.. to throw my heart aside like it never felt a beat.. i couldnt make you stay.. no matter how hard i tried. I gave up my life for you, my dreams, my heart, my soul.... I was so happy during those years ... 4 years have gone by and i still think about it everyday. I shouldnt , i shoulda let it go along time ago.... but it still hurts.... even to this day. I tried so hard to make you smile everyday and make you proud of me.. and somedays i still do... Ive tried sober and ive tried drinking... ive done everything im suppose to , to move on and forget you...but i still miss you.. Your so deep down in my soul i cant shake the thoughts of us.. It seems so hopeless at times, I sometimes wonder if i choose to be alone for the simple reason of thinking of you... Youve moved on.. I need to. But i still miss you..
All We Can Say Is Wow!!!!
Read upside down, since it's just copy/pasted these two came in to mi shoutbox at almost exactly the same time. Neither are on mi friends list or have said anything prior to me.... bigcal FU ...: no ok thanks anyway bigcal FU ...: oh well i do have a big head on my cock so maybe sometime ->bigcal FU ...: i think LiQuid has it covered.... bigcal FU ...: can i get u turned on real quik bigcal FU ...: i was wanting to play for you bigcal FU ...: wish i was the lucky man ->bigcal FU ...: what for? bigcal FU ...: ohhhh i was wanting to cam for you ->bigcal FU ...: kinda, was gettin ready to log off and get fucked crippled again lol bigcal FU ...: you real busy ->bigcal FU ...: guess so bigcal FU ...: well lets say hand cuffs ->bigcal FU ...: and what is that? bigcal FU ...: u there mikeymyea: maybe i can watch you guys fuck on cam? bigcal FU ...: you like what i like ->mikeymyea: yea... mi fiancee layin in the bed here with me doesnt think thats such a good idea lol ->
Color Therapy
Colors BLUE IS LOVE Do you love someone? Of course. but lately, all i seem to be doing is hurting them. Do you believe in love at first sight? no. love grows in time, not over nite, thats infatuation and lust. Do you believe in Love? of course i do... but sometimes i feel love doesnt believe in me. RED IS ANGER Are you currently mad at someone? just myself Which of your family members has the worst temper? my husband... his temper is strong and unbecoming Have you ever thrown something at anyone? no. well maybe only playfully Is anyone mad at you? not sure Are you usually mad? not at all. i get pissed and it flares hard, but it dies quickly to depression for awhile then passes When you're mad do you prefer to stare angrily or yell? depends on what i am mad at. usually i keep it to myself unless i am desperately tryin to get a point across YELLOW IS SELF DISCOVERY Name: Erin Birthday: February 23, 1980 What's you
Greedy Bastard
How thankful would you be if you were given a house, a small fixer upper, with some good furniture, fairly new fridge and washer....for FREE??? Probably pretty thankful, right?? Well, okay. My husband and I just helped his grandma move into a retirement home recently. We did a quick move. Gathered up some furniture, clothes and some other stuff that Grandma would need and we had left a lot of stuff behind. It's only been me and my husband mostly doing all this and it's been real hard and slow. Anyways, we didn't want the mobile home. It was a fixer upper and right now, we don't have the money to fix it up. So we gave it to 3 guy friends of Richards. For free. My husband and I haven't really had much time to go through grandma's home to get rid of stuff that could be donated to charity, stuff that we could claim for ourselves and stuff I could give to friends that really need stuff because we've been busy with work and helping Shirley getting into this new home. Last weekend
Heart Murmur/ Or Things I Write When I Have A High Fever...
Hey Ghost... "WAKE UP HE CAN'T REMEMBER WHETE HE WAS, HAS THIS DREAM STOPPED". --Jim Morrison and the Doors And a still small voice read the invocation, "Do you see me Do you believe in me..." A Vision Waiting for Her Cermony How cruel I can be to myself. Would I say or judge apply words to anyone else Of course not. But I am forgiving and kinder now. As Albert Einstein said "You cannot solve a problem using the mind that created it" So I must move to a higher mind. If a me could go back to me as that young girl in time I would sit down beside her on the curb of the house she was frightened to step inside So she waited for her parents to come out I would plead, "Would you stop scaring yourself!" You do not know what you program for your life. And what I had to fight. But know in ten years You'll be allright and know You are good. You are good enough". And worry is like a wish for something you do
It Makes You Think!
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Dave 2. A four letter word: Dude 3. A boy's name: Donavin 4. A girl's name: Dorthy 5. An occupation: Drug Dealer (lol) 6. A colour: Dark Red lol 7. Something you wear: Darn Big Cock lol 8. A food: Dorito's 9. Something found in the bathroom: Douche 10. A place: De'Venta 11. A reason for being late: Dick Broken (Beth) 12. Something you shout: Don't 13. A movie title: Don't Stop Daddy lol 14. Something you drink: Draft Beer 15. A musical group: Da' Funk 16. An animal: Dingo 17. A street name: Denison
Tantric Talk
 Tantric Dragon Sexual Health improved naturally through the practices of tantric sex. Besides having a strong body/mind/spirit connection, every loving couple should also enjoy multiple, powerful sexual orgasms, which stimulate and increase the secretion of the pineal and pituitary glands. Tantric Sex Improves Sexual Health Tantric sex has a rejuvenating effect, improving men and women's sexual health. Frequent orgasms, as one of the brain wave stimulations, will alter body chemistry. Depression and stress disappear. Women's sexual health is greatly improved. Headaches, menstrual cramps, urinary-tract problems, weak immune function, incontinence, etc. virtually become outdated. In tantric sex, the brain chemistry is affected by empowering the endocrine glands for more HIGH, serotonin, DHEA, and testosterone. Scientific and medical studies prove that sexual health improves drastically... stimulating blood circulation, detoxifying the body through the brea
I've been thinking alot lately and I think i'm ready for another boy friend. I'm currently sick of being alone. I don't sleep around so it's not the physical comfort i miss..... Like i miss the hand holding the kissing the cuddling the holding the long hugs that mean something you know? Like i get hugs all the time but not those ones i have to friends that kind of give them but that's just the way they hug *sigh* I want someone to be able to call my own..... It sucks a lot to watch other people with their significant others I hate having to plaster on a fake smile i mean i'm happy for you guys and yours it just makes me reflect on whats so wrong with me that no one want's me that way..... All guys that are interested in me just want me for sex they find me hot or sexy and in all honesty that's not a compliment to me Pretty, cute, beautiful, gorgeous, those are compliments Not omg your so hot i wanna bang you wtf like anyone that knows
Come Check Out My Best Friend!!
Hey everyone!! As you know I was recently in an auction and my friend Redneck Btch won me!! So click on the link and check out my new owner for a month and show her just tons of love!!   UPDATE!! So the contest is over, and I'm no longer owned - Doesn't matter though cause Redneck Btch is still my Best Friend, and one hell of a special lady!! GO LUV HER UP!! ☠Řэđחә¢ķ♠ßŧ¢һ™☠@ fubar
The Cries From Inside My Heart
The cries from inside my heart. The tears of blood and pain. My heart it keeps on beating and broken I remain. A woman with hair like sunlight Ripped my heart in two. She took her love from my life. And I don`t know what to do. I`ll wonder through the night. the voices tear me apart. And it`s all because of that woman I hear the cries from inside my heart.
Yod Still Rawking The Fu!
Below is a list of some FuBar Support Blogs I have available. I have included clickable links, so they are easy to find. Please feel free to link through to any blog in this area and also..repost this. The more reposts...the more guidance members have. CherryBomb Bling Options For Site Linking Clearing Cookies and Cache FU Marriage Clickable Pics How to Make Basic Skins SKINS-Ripping/Pasting Code/Generating Simple HTML For Your Bulletins and Blogs Downloading Fonts To Your Computer Site Navigation and Mumming for the New Members
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general.You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take.Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces 'What is your Sexual Zodiac?' at
Got Questions? Need Advice?
Are you a person looking for help in rough times are you struggling in a relationship do you wish the answer just came outa no were. Well then drop me a message i dont promise a perfect answer or to solve a problem but i will do my best to help! So drop me a message and ill get back to you as quick as i can!
The Metal Guru's Movie Reivew (the Watchmen)
The Metal Guru's Movie Review of THE WATCHMEN Set in an alternate universe circa 1985, the film's world is an unstable one where a nuclear war is imminent between America and Russia. Superheroes have been forced to go into retirement due to the government's Keene Act, but the death of The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), an ex-hero commando, perks the interest of one of the country's last remaining superheroes, Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley). ok this movie is really hard to put into a review, so theres a little summery of what it was sorta about...even though they say its in an alternate universe, really doesnt make since because as u can plainly see if u watch the movie Richerd Nixon is president. Ok so it pritty much starts off with the death of one of the former super heros (the comedian) who was murdered...soo Rorschach (one of the masked superheros) is trying to get the Watch men back toghter, disbanded group of superheros the comedian was apart of.. the Watchmen con
Promise Promises
Yes promises we all makethem and we all break them. It seems us guys do it more then the ladies and often times cause problems. Most of the time its promises that seem very small such as; rubbing her feet, neck, and back washing the clothes, dishes, car, siding fixing all the little things u promised a week ago to fix These all seem small but these are the things women seem to really appreciate. At least this is what i have noticed and sometimes there cases were this would all be wrong. Then this all goes back to the dont make a promise you cant keep. My suggestion keep the promises youll score bonus points and show ur gal how much u appreciate her and then shell show that she appreciates you for ecknowledging her and pitching in on chores. If ya think im dumb for this leave a comment or if im totally wrong tell me plzzzz
im here and im lost. no matter how hard i try everything fails seems no one understands my pain. no one understands how i feel. whats going on in my mind. how do u let go pain thats always been there and its like every corner that i turn theres more pain and more hurt waiting on me and its hard cause all i want is for someone to understand me is for someone to look at me and tell me they care or tell me everything is gonna be ok and mean it. i wont that true happiness. tired of fakin all the smiles all the laughes. all i want is for the way it used to be i wont everything to go in rewind maybe just maybe i could fix things just maybe i can be stronger question is can i do it? but its hard. sometimes u want this but u get this and what u get is not what u want and yea i understand u gotta take what u get but somepeople deserve a break and i am sure not gettin that break. theres was a moment were i thought everything was gonna be alright but then that shattered its like i get past
Starting Something New For Me
i'm going to start making daily pimp-out blogs and bulletins. Leave a comment here or send me a private message if you would like to be included Bulletin by †♥pepper♥†{DK}
Your My Lighting
i remember the first time that i saw you broke the ice with body art oh i didnt do much that would impress you i should of had you from the start didn't take much for me to call didn't take much for my to fall into this thing called love you are my light my everything in my dark sky you are my lightning you are my song you played each string you sing along to our lightning time flys when your having fun on western mountains and southern suns you turned me into a better man scuffed my knees when i took your hand didn't take much for me to call didn't take much for my to fall into this thing called love you are my light my everything in my dark sky you are my lightning you are my song you played each string you sing along to our lightning our lightning we came so far now here we are just you and me god and family lets start this show forevermore lets start it right cuz baby you look beautiful tonight you are my light my everything in my dark sky you
New Auction, Anyone Looking For One?
Time for Auction #11!! Starting As Soon As I have At Least 5 entries!! Auction #11 ~ How To Enter: If you would like to Enter yourself in the Auction: Entry Fee = 10k or Salute Made For Me Private mail me your information including what you will offer the winner & a pic (no animations please). I will be making the graphics for the auction, unless you send me one! The Rules.... 1) Must have a salute to bid/enter unless otherwise stated, if its ok with the person being bidded on that you dont have a salute it will be noted. 2) Please no drama! If the drama is with a bidder you will be blocked, and if its with someone in the auction they will be removed. Warning, there will be no name-calling. People who have previous experience with auctions will try to help those who are new at this. I will screenshot & delete all violations & block them from farther access. This is for FUN!! 3) The bidding will start at 60,000 fubucks. Please feel free to be as cre
Made By Brian *wink* *wink* Ty Hun Xox
Can't Figure It Out
I feel horrible. One of my family members deleted their profile and I can't figure out for the life of me who it is. As soon as I figure it out I'm going to feel even worse. But this is driving me nuts. Ugh. I don't know how to figure it out.
Laying in bed, snuggled up in Your arms as W/we sleep peacefully. Slowly, i start to awake. Rubbing my hands along Your chest, feeling Your hair tickling the flesh between my fingers. Carefully, so as not to awaken You, i reach into the nightstand and get out a cock ring. Letting my hands slide along Your body, trailing down to Your cock, slipping the ring onto it. Continuing my exploration of Your sleeping body, i slowly move Your arms into position and cuff them to the corners of the bed. As the snap of the cuffs click into place, You awaken, asking "what are you doing?" Grinning, i reply "having fun with my Master" Shaking Your arms, You demand i release You NOW. To which i reply, "Yes, my Master" Getting the key from the nightstand and inserting it into the cuffs, releasing You. Suddenly, You grab my right wrist, pulling it to the left side of the bed, cuffing it. Copying with my left wrist to the right side of the back, forcing me to lay on my belly. All of a sudden, i feel one
I Do Not Want You...
Last night I prayed to God, That he would take me home. Because the pain I felt That I was all alone. Last night I cried for hours, As you sat down the stairs. I cried so hard I realized, That you don't really care. So I sat and tried to think, How to make you understand. That the words you didn't say, Said more then the ones you did. I don't want you to care, Like you didn't care before. I don't want you to worry As I walk out the door. I don't want your protection, To mend my broken heart. Because your the one who broke it, And tore it all apart. I do not want your love, Like I wanted it before. Cause when I needed it most, You walked right out the door. I do not want your touch, The one that calmed my fears. I do not want your kisses, That dried away my tears. I do not want your smile, That brightened up my day. I do not want your arm's, That held me down to play. I do not want your eyes, That always melted my heart. I do not want y
Just A Poem That I Wrote
Here is a poem that i have been writing for someone that was very special to me - My life, My love, but most important my best friend has left me Cant stop thinking cant stop wondering what if. why didn't it work? was it something i did? something i said? we'll never know! i lost him for good and i want him back in my life for good! it's not the same. can't seem to be as happy as i use to be. he was my smile, my life and most important my BEST FRIEND! now I'm just simple Amanda. i use to be happy Amanda. things changed and i can't seem to get through it easy. he was my 1st love and always will be! nothing can ever change that. he was the light to my day. not once did anyone see me not smile around you. i cared for you more then i did my own life. i know i lost you forever but all i want you to know is that i will NEVER forget you and i will always care and love you and i just want you back in my life. i cant seem to live everyday like the way i use
Ugh! Wtf Man
cowboync: fuck u bitch if i'm a douche...u wouldn't catch me in ur twat if i'm a douche...u smelly bitch. ->cowboync: lol yes i am and you're a douche that doesnt take no for an answer cowboync: well fu cuse me dam...RAGGIN TIME! GOOD BYE ->cowboync: i'm not one of these little bitches running around letting everyone see my naked body. if you have a fucking issue w me refusing to do you an NSFW salute on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS then feel free to downrate me and block me. harassing me and making comments like that is how you DONT get an NSFW salute cowboync: ur in an exotic room and u won't make me an nsfw salute? cowboync: would u make me a free nsfw salute plz? Obviously it's from my sb, so you know how to read it. What the hell is wrong w some people? Why is it that they can't take no for an answer, and when you get tired of trying to work it out rationally instead of blocking them, you're a whore or your pussy stinks? Where's the logic in that? I'm gonna go rant on IM, but th
Listen, baby Ain't no mountain high Ain't no vally low Ain't no river wide enough, baby If you need me, call me No matter where you are No matter how far Just call my name I'll be there in a hurry You don't have to worry 'Cause baby, There ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no valley low enough Ain't no river wide enough To keep me from getting to you Remember the day I set you free I told you You could always count on me From that day on I made a vow I'll be there when you want me Some way,some how 'Cause baby, There ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no valley low enough Ain't no river wide enough To keep me from getting to you No wind, no rain My love is alive Way down in my heart Although we are miles apart If you ever need a helping hand I'll be there on the double As fast as I can Don't you know that There ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no valley low enough Ain't no river wide enough To keep me from getting to you Don'
Never Forget Who U Are
It seems that some of us from time to time lose sight of who we are. I mean who we are on the inside, not some image we try to project to other people. i can hoinestly say that i am a country music lover, a cowboy, an indian, and a recovering alcoholic. These things are what made me who i am today, and despite some bad occurences in my life, i wouldnt trade it for the world. I have a lot of love to give to the world, and i try to share that with everyone in my life. My battle with alcohol isnt one i always win, but i keep trying. And as long as God doesnt give up on me, i wont either.
Im Happy
i got my engagement ring i love it a nd i cant wait to be kevins wife forever
Uhhh this chick just came to my page: · ஐ ♥ՏțőŁëń ķĪšŜ ... just checked you out! · ஐ ♥ՏțőŁëń ķĪšŜ ... left you a new photo comment And left a comment that says "So you're a dude, huh?" I dunno who she is LOL. I thought my boobs gave away the fact that I'm a chick. [shrugs]
First Fubarific Day.
I'm feelin fubar-frickentastic! Hm... That's all. Going for pizza.
Coming Soon!!!
I am going to be very soon transforming in the front of your very eyes!!! As of Monday I will find out when I will be having Gastric Bypass!!! Keep up with transformation when it starts!!!!! center>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Just wanted to wish one of my best friends on here a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! He will be hosting a party on his page 3/9/09 with and back to back HAPPY HOURS 7pm & 8pm FU TIME. Please join me and wishing him a very Jason your the best and deserve nothing less. srv3972@ fubar

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