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All Alone And Standing...cute
Oh's cute.   Cute? Cute you fucker? I sent that picture to 10 people today and cute was not a fucking word that described me but you the one who finds me un-attractive of couse you were cute. Cute like a fuckin little toy doll which I'm pretty sure is what you have viewed me as for the past 5 years.   I'm over it all. I am over you and I am so beyond hurt that I hope that you fall in love with someone and after 5 years they tell you "oh yah Um...I was never really that into you.   I married you.   I bore your child.   I gave up my career, my life, my friends all falling maddly in love with a man who lets face is has no respect of love for me and never did.   Yet all I have in my head lately is all alone and standing pretty in this dust that was a city.   I'm tired of the tears i shed for you and want to be over you so badly it hurts inside. All i can do is pick myself up and somehow find the strength to be there for my son.   I hope years from now you die alone
Add Me If You Like
thats is myspace, you can see it to know me, ok.....add me if you like....
Every Snow Flake Has It's Place
A snow flake falls upon your hand You realize beauty in the land You turn your head the sunsets bright And now the snow is in moon light Glistening , sparkling, it seems so pure It makes you feel like you're  secure Your thoughts they freeze your mind is clean You're so star struck by what you’ve seen Beauty cold and mystic power Just as stunning as a flower Imprint the scene in your mind To leave you bad thoughts all behind Forget them all and have a rest Life is nothing but a test Find yourself unfreeze your heart Before it falls and breaks apart See through glass that melts away With the sunlight through out the day Laugh and smile, life is good Soon everything will be where it should
how is every1 i am ok just tryin ou t new things who ever wants to add me please feel free kk
[man Strikes Bus]
Do what you love long enough, and it can become what you hate. Struggle long enough to get started, and you'll never get far enough to quit. I lost it today.I mean, I completely fell apart. A screaming, midconversation wigout. And while I was pondering this, and hoping with all hope to spiral into a fresh new depression, Tree called. That girl is awesome.  
If We Had Sex
The answers were so FUN Now don't be scared.... you never know who really wants to do you!Here are the rules to the game.. REPLY SO ONLY I SEE IT AND REPOST SO OTHERS CAN FILL OUT!1. Would you be in control?2. Would you pull my hair?3. Would you whisper in my ear?4. Would you talk dirty to me?5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue?6. Would you say my name?7. Would you go down on me?8. Would you let me give you a hickie?9. How many rounds would we go?10. What would you wanna do afterwards?11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly?12. Would you lick and bite me all over?13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point?14. Would you want me to take my time?15. How freaky are you, 1 - 10?16. Would you want fast or slow?17. Where would you wanna "do it"?18. Would you be loud or quiet?19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet?20. What position would we do it in?21. Do you like me?22. Would you call me the next day?23. Would you scratch me?
Sexy Single Summers Auction!
Dear God
Dear God, u made me from a man's soulmate...then u threw the rib into a stack and said find ur souldmate...that is what everyone in this world is trying to do. It might have been ok back in Noah's day or "Adam and Eve's" day...but there are sooo many of us is like 52.0000 pick up.  U even tease us with someone that might be close to what are soulmate is ....but then down the road we find out not... God?? is this funny to u?? that the world all over is searching for that special someone to complete them???  to bring back the spark in their lives???  It is what the world revolves around ..what if our "soulmate " died...then are we to live life alone never knowing forever searching ...and u watch from u laugh or do u cry knowing they will never find that person...or do u have mercy and let us find someone else. To die alone just having a taste of what that love might be like..and never having it.. God, that is not fair, it isn't right. U made women from
Men Of Power And Faith And Their Penis Divining Rod
Comic Sans is the only font proper for this blog. Sans meaning NOT in french. There is no comedy to me in the slew of men of power and supposed powerful faith that think with their dicks. What the fuck. (INNUENDO, PUN INTENDED). I want to know exactly what point in time things were going soooooooo well with the areas these men were supposed to be guarding for the safety and salvation of WE, THE PEOPLE - that they had time to play with winky. Free Willy. Get the Knob Slobbed. Play Hide the Sausage. (insert (INNUENDO, PUN INTENDED) - sexual code phrases ad infinitum... You know, I do not care if the guy down the street that is not in charge of anything that really matters to me, that was not elected by me, that does not tout his pristine faith to me, that does not judge me, nor judge any part of society of which he is so loftily above - screws the neighbor or his wife, or his dog, or his perfectly holed ash tree. I  DO expect people of power, that gain goods and services and access to
BOOBIES! I love boobs, big and small, I love boobs, best of all. I think boobs are lots of fun, I think boobs are number one. I think boobs are really neat, they make me want to beat my meat. I love boobs covered in lace, I love boobs rubbing my face. I love boobs in leather black, those are huge, do they hurt your back? I love boobs in bras of silk, make me want to say "got milk"? I love boobs in a college dorm, and in a nurse's uniform. I love boobs in tight red sweaters, or stretching against a t-shirt's letters. I love boobs in t-shirts wet, hey you with the nice boobs, have we met? I love boobs in skimpy swim wear, I'm sorry, I can't help but stare. I saw your cleavage from above, with your boobs I am in love. Your boobs are giving me a stiffy, I'll have my pants off in a jiffy. Your boobs have given me an erection, I want to do them without protection. Your boobs have made me want to suck them. I even want to titty-fuck them.
If We Had Sex
The answers were so FUN Now don't be scared.... you never know who really wants to do you!Here are the rules to the game.. REPLY SO ONLY I SEE IT AND REPOST SO OTHERS CAN FILL OUT!1. Would you be in control?2. Would you pull my hair?3. Would you whisper in my ear?4. Would you talk dirty to me?5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue?6. Would you say my name?7. Would you go down on me?8. Would you let me give you a hickie?9. How many rounds would we go?10. What would you wanna do afterwards?11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly?12. Would you lick and bite me all over?13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point?14. Would you want me to take my time?15. How freaky are you, 1 - 10?16. Would you want fast or slow?17. Where would you wanna "do it"?18. Would you be loud or quiet?19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet?20. What position would we do it in?21. Do you like me?22. Would you call me the next day?23. Would you scratch me?
Roses Are Red.. Lol Ty Fallen
Roses are Red; Apples areSour; I'll Spread mylegs; and you can show meyour "power
One Flaw
Most men base perfection on a womans physical features but a good woman judges a man on the way that he treats her. I recently had the luxury of  meeting the most beautiful creature and I can only dream of the day that I could be with her. She has a beautiful smile and incaptivating eyes that I'd be lucky to stare into for the rest of my life. If i could I would hold her all thru the night and dream of the day that I made her my wife. She is real smart and has a great sense of humor. Shes captured my heart so theres nothing I wont do for her. She is my life and one day Ill prove to her thar Ill do anything she wants to make sure I dont lose her. Shes my ideal woman, shes perfect to me and unlike most guys I base that on more than one thing. Her good traits outweight the bad ten thousand to one, in fact her only flaw is that I am not the one in which shes in love.
Lets Be Real
Update On Transportation Issue
Ok!  Update on my ongoing transportation issues.   1. Made a call the business that I'm looking to get a car from. I asked them to contact the credit company with what I gave them so far.  As of this evening the credit company ok'd my application. Now, I need to wait for the Dept of Welfare to process paperwork for my special allowance for a car. 2. The car I was borrowing conveniently broke today after I got home from work.  *To tell you the truth I think someone took a hammer to it to make it break.  But that is only my opinion* 3. In order to get to work, I need to take the 2 buses to work, walk the rest of the way to the building and hope I get my 2 afternoon buses home.   I'll try to update if i'm not too tired.  l8r!
Adult Toys, Lingere, Dancewear, Etc...  
Eye Just Had To Look!
  I was on duty last Saturday and had to answer phones and attend to walk-in clients because there is no reception cover on weekends.  Fifteen minutes before closing time a family group walked in and asked about the remaining balance on their accounts.  No worries - I checked the computer records and gave them the info they needed.  The only problem was that the guy is without a doubt the most boss-eyed person I have seen in years. Seriously, this guy's left eye was looking straight at me (Northwards) but his right eye was looking North-Eastwards and up towards the ceiling somewhere!  I'm sure he must have had a 270-degree field of vision with his goat-like occular arrangement. The biggest problem occurred when I looked up from the computer screen and accidently looked him in the wrong eye!  So I started having a conversation with his wonky eye and I found myself strangely fascinated by his wayward orb instead of actually listening to what he was saying.  After I asked him to repeat
She Said
Once you said to me, after performing an incredible act, No dirty mind, I'm not talking about that. It was an act of selfless, kindness, far beyond the duties of a girlfriend, so far above, it could have only been an act of love, But back to what you said,  you told me I should have got down on my knees and proposed that second, to which I say your right, but then again you inspire that feeling in me almost everynight. But if each of those feelings were instantly acted upon, I would have asked countless times, and my knees would be gone. I could sit here all night trying to type, searching for the words that mean enough to me, to say what I've found in you, but instead I'll just close, with the simple and true, I Love You
run sing skip dance just some how wake me from this trance push scream yell shout wake me up I don’t want to pout give take steal away Some how i wish things could stay Changing, changing all the time messing up the entire rhyme look left look right Some how we will win this fight close our eyes things fade away and now we know we can not stay a cut a bruise an only mark it is but my piece of art so sadistic so alone so lost and cold with out a home left out cold drenched by rain I have nothing to keep me sane my eyes are wet my hands are cold my heart is empty love is old my legs are shaking and can not move I just sit down and form a grove the mud is wet and thick as night and now the moon’s my only light so small and round and so far from here it knows nothing of my fear a fear of sorrow fear of pain the feeling I feel falls like rain it disappears under the sun but when sunset comes I have no one no one close to hear me say I wish this lif
Day Of The Tentacle
How I've missed that game.  finally my brother got it back so I was going to install it on here but well... I can't figure out how the soundblaster and compatibles are supose to be set.   Port, IRQ, and buffer... I'm stuck   if you can, please help me?!
Do You Think??
Do you think I will be lost??You think I won’t be alive after you??If my life depends on youThen why and how I was living before you came in my life??For every hurt, thank youFor every lie, thank youDeceiving time wasn’t that longLies didn’t last so longI will remind you one day, one day soonWhen regrets eat your heart and mindThat I am still alive hereAnd I didn’t die because you leftWhy I did break my heart by my handWhy I came over my self Just because I loved youI lived days and days in pain and hurtYour love must get out of my heart, and brainEven if I will be a big woundBut will be alive stillIf my life in your handThen I realize I will die one dayAnd I am ok with that,    You think I will be gone just because you are going??If my life depends on youThen how I was living before youWhy I was alive before you???-------------------------------------------W.B: FM16/june/2009
Caa #112
A very dear old friend and highschool classmate of mine needs special prayers for her step-mother.  SHe is in the hospital after fighting colon cancer and is really bad off.  Let us send angel prayers of healing, love, strength and comfort to her step-mother Janice, and all their family and ffriends.   Love,   Doc
when eaglesfly over head ,it reminds me o grace and peace of being free from a prison of cruel and insensitive people of this world we live in,of todays time
The Government Wants To End Funding For 9/11 Responders
  9/11 Responders Outraged Over Funding Shortage at N.J. 9/11 Health Clinic   E.O.H.S.I clinical center of RWJ Medical school/UMDNJ   facing cutbacks because of lapse in federal funding   Media Advisory: Event Tomorrow at 10:00am Contact: John Feal (Fealgood Foundation),
Being alone can be the hardest thing some times. You can have a thousand people around you and still be alone. They say you find love or what ever it is you are looking for when you arent looking. But what are you suppose to do if you think you have found someone you can conect with and your wrong. Wanting so much to bealbe to have someone to hold, talk just be with. But I guess for some of use we were just ment to be alone. Wanting so badly to believe what someone tells you but knowing deep down it cant be. There is someone for everyone but me. How can i believe someone one when all i have ever been is lyed to. So who is it am i supposed to believe? What am i supposed to believe? Just guess some questions just will never be answered.
Bio Page
34 y.o pro guitar player.Classically trained in Europe and have a degree in music.Started playing guitar sometime at the age of 7.Some 20+ years of experience in music biz between performing,recording and teaching.Have been playing at a russian night club for well over 8 years until Nov,2008.Current acts include"R&R" a classic rock/southern rock/blues cover bandA house band at Waters Memorial Methodist Church An established all-original band "Washington's Crossing" In 2005 a CD called "Dreamers" was released  Acoustic/Electric Duo with Tony Alosi who is a lead singer/songwriter and a guitar/bass player.Have been collaborating on producing and recording Tony's originals "Not Your Man Anymore","Wrongful Kisses","I'm A Liar","Windy December" "Clock Radio" a power trio party band
I Wonder
  I wonder every day whom I will be married to, would she be the right one or the wrong one?Would she love me and care for me,or use me and cheat on me?I wonder every day how my life would end up.Would I become what I dream about?Would I become a perfect dad and husband?I hope so 'cause that's all I want to be!I wonder when I wake up in the morning,will this be the last day of my life?Will this day be the day I meet my true love?But I somehow know that will never happen.I wonder if I have met the right girl,could she be the one, or not?Will she be there when I need it the most?I wonder, I wonder...
Priceless Dog:  Dinner party for 8 $250....Wine for guests $80...   Your parents are thereYour in-laws are thereYour boss and his wife are thereThe minister and his wife are thereYou're all settling down for a nice relaxing eveningdinnerThen in walks the dog...................PRICELESS  
Seduces Me
Seduces Me   Everything you are...Everything you'll be...Touches the current of love so deep in me.Every sigh in the night...Every tear that you cry...Seduces me.   All that I am...All that I'll be.Means nothing at all...If you can't be with me.Your most innocent kiss...Or your sweetest caress...Seduces me.   I don't care about tomorrow.I've given up on yesterday.Here and all that matters.Right here with you...Is where I'll stay.   Everything in this world...Every voice in the night...Every little thing of beauty...Comes shining thru in your eyes.And all that is you...becomes part of me too.Cause all you do...Seduces me.   And if I should die tomorrow...I'd go down with a smile on my face.I thank God I've ever known you.I fall down on my knees...For all the love we've made.   Every sigh in the night...Every tear that you cry...Seduces meSeduces me   All that you do...Seduces Me
Rant #347 Flowers
So whats the deal with flowers and women? I know they're pretty and such. But I guess the thing I have a probem with, is when a woman smells them. Ive put my nose to a few flowers in my time, and honestly, they smell, fresh cut grass, vegetables. I mean come on, its not like they smell like coffee or anything. But for some reason every girl that gets flowers has to smell them. I guess Im wondering...What do they smell? Are my nostrils just uninformed? Do they smell like cherry skittles? I really want to know.
Where I Have Been
Hmmmm...... went to the doctor yesterday to get the referral for the psych eval, have that all taken care of and scheduled for the 29th. The doctor that seen me yesterday ordered blood tests as well, she said she wanted to make sure that there wasn't an underlying medical condition. The MA tried to take blood in two spots yesterday digging around in my arm and hand and couldnt get a vein. I warned him before hand that they ALWAYS have problems getting blood from me cuz my veins are very small, and they move easy. After he tried for about 20 minutes he gave me a referral to get it done at the lab. WELL I went to the lab today to get it done, told the lady the same thing, she played with the needle in my right arm not getting anything. She then switched to a butterfly needle and hit a surface vein with a syringe to get the blood. WELL, when she said she had the minimum amount needed she said piss we just blew the vein.... this was on my upper arm.... I am a human pin cushion :( The doct
I'll Get Over You. It's taking the longest timebut my broken heart will healfor what I once had felt so deeplyis now, no longer real. You played me like a foolbelieving all you saidwhen deep down all that you didwas hurt me more instead. I'd like to really knowif seeing me cry that wayhad any effect on youon any given day? I told you how much I loved youwith each and every dayyet all I meant to youwas someone with, to play.
Only 4.1........Dig it     Hey, I need 300,000 FU bucks..............
Staff Needed
This Is Something You Can Relate To!! Garranteed
Significant other Corruption, devastation of the mind, physical yet more mental pain then anything, love yet not enough, sorrow unforgettably spoken of, life and death. The torment brought unto man under the impression of happiness, the agony of regret for having to endure this kind of pain without remorse or any know-how of stopping it. Who is this person I say I love? Can I love this person who seems to hate so undoubtedly... til death do us part. Michael Edward Coogan Copyright ©2009  Michael Edward Coogan
Bad Ass Frank Show, Live, 8 Pm Pst, Don't Miss It!!
I've missed seeing BAF Live, come see whatcha missing!   ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Bad Ass Frank To: 0 Date: Jun 16, 2009 10:36 PM Subject: 8pm PST - The Bad Ass Frank Show streams LIVE! 8pm PST With guests: Comedian Kyle Cease plus pornstars Joanna Angel & Misti Dawn. The Bad Ass Frank Show LIVE!
Check This Out
Check This Out
Not What You Thought It Was, Huh.
I so thought my 22 month old daughter swallowed a magnet that was about 2 inches long and about an inch in diameter!  Rushed her to the ER and no magnet.  So almost three hours in the ER with three kids ready to rampage around in the hospital--AND NO MAGNET!  But that's a good thing, so no complaints.
salutary \SAL-yuh-ter-ee\, adjective:1. Producing or contributing to a beneficial effect; beneficial; advantageous.2. Wholesome; healthful; promoting health.
Life is a horizontal fall.  -  Jean Cocteau
Arousal from defecating.
Online Biker Zine
Here is another great resource for Biker related happenings, information and fun on the Florida East Coast. The Florida Bikers Digest You can find free magazines at most any biker places along the coast of Florida. check them out.
Taken from their website....  Why should I join Bikers For First Amendment Rights ? For many years our local, state and national government, has been stealing our constitutional rights, those rights guaranteed to us by our nation’s founding fathers rights that were paid for with the blood of our veterans. Three years ago B.F.F.A.R. started a campaign to get these rights back at our local level in Volusia County and the 16 cities within it. It started with one person’s refusal to buckle under to an unconstitutional ordinance, and has grown into a group of over 5,000 citizens standing together to fight for each other’s rights against illegal and unconstitutional rules set by politicians and special interest groups in Volusia County. We have been strong at the polls and in the courts. As a member you get the support and strength of over 5,000 fellow members, 3 of the best law firms in Volusia County and a bonding company. S
Done With It All
2009 The First Half
Isn't it amazing how life is one continuous chain of new beginnings and endings.   I began 2009 unemployed (laid off Oct 17 2008) frightened of what lie ahead and more than a lil depressed over where I had found myself in this new year. The amazing turn of events that have led me now in June to being a full time student at the age of 47 were something that Ifelt the need to share to drive home a point to all of those that are still where I was in January. Back in September I took a low paying nothing job at Foxwoods.  Not much more than my unemployment but it fulfilled my need to be around people and feel productive.  Only six weeks in I was laid off.  Struggling to survive yet again.  Without friends help, I might add, I would not have. By March, going stir crazy and more than a lil fearful of what lie ahead I decided to change direction and inquire on information to go back to school in an area that I was familiar with....medicine.  For 20 odd years I had worked in various hospita
Biker Rights Organization
For anyone who does not know what ABATE is, it is a Motorcycle Rights organization formed to protect the biker community from harmful legislation like banning certain motorcycle from highways, communities, towns, federal and state parks and resorts. Many places have started banning motorcyclist from certain parts of towns or complete banning all together. Re-zoning areas that cause motorcycle related businesses to close or sell out all-together. They also help repeal helmet laws and other restrictive laws like the ones being down in several states on independent manufacturers of custom bikes and aftermarket parts for all motorcyles. If you ride a motorcycle or just want to support the motorcycle community, please join with your locale ABATE group or contact the Georgia ABATE at: E-mail: or and Help us motorcyclist keep our rights o ride what we want because it could be you they restrict your right to
This Has To Be The Single Fucking Weirdest Week Ever...
...and it's only Tuesday. SSSC . THE OATH The lamp post can swear it had seen me before. Instead as I stumble through the motel door. The dirty mirror also thought I looked familiar. But commented only that my suit was brilliant. The TV, bolted to the wall and cracked. Remembered how I cried and said I'd never come back. In the lacquer of the table I had carved my oath. With a burnt butter knife and this is what I wrote: Blaze it up! I pledge. To get their foot off my neck. Instead. I shall demand my respect. I fight. Even if I won't win. Alright. The beginning is the end. I pledge. To make the bosses cringe. Instead. We'll get some justified ends. I fight. 'Til the system is gone. Recite. This ex-losers song. Woo. Alright motherfuckers. Woohoo. Fight motherfuckers. Woo. Alright motherfuckers. Woohoo. Fight motherfuckers. I pledge. To live life as lesson. That said. Even the words are weapons. I'll fight. Show love in motion. Alright. Mountains move the from oceans. I pledge. There
Milledgeville Biker Fest
The Milledgeville Thunder Rally was held on April 24-26, 2009 in Milledgeville, Georgia. This is a great location off Hwy 441 South of the town of Milledgeville. This is a primitive campgrounds, but with the amount of RV's and tent camping that was happening there wasn't a whole lot of empty spaces and everyone had a blast. No-one under 21 admitted due to the adult nature, some nudity throught the campgrounds. This is one event that you should make if you can. It is held three times a year and the Spring and Fall rallies are the best. The next event is: October 3 - 5, 2009 Check them out at:
Dane Cook
Dane Cook...I think he is crazy funny but my bf doesnt. Seriously considering dumping him over it. lol \:||:
I have a headache and I'm kind of cold. I have hot coffee, so I should be fine in no time. I got the greatest email from my Dad. Not that it was anything personal, but it was funny as hell to me. I'd blog it, but I'm not sure if the "new" blogs would eat it or not. I may have to make it a bulletin.   Work sucked for me have you all been?
Leave A Scar
"Leave A Scar"It's not like I made my self a listOf new and different ways to murder your heartI'm just painting that's still wet,If you touch me I'll be smearedYou'll be stainedStained for the rest of your lifeSo turn around, walk awayBefore you confuse the way we abuse each otherYou're not afraid of getting hurtAnd I'm not afraid of how much I hurt youI'm well aware I'm a Danger to my selfAre you aware I'm a danger to others?There's a crack in my soulYou thought it was a smileWhatever doesn't kill you...It's gonna leave a scarWhatever doesn't kill you...It's gonna leave a scarLeave a scarLeave a scarWhatever doesn't kill you, it's gonna leave a scarI'm more like a silver bulletAnd I'm like a gun, not easy to holdI'm moving fast and if I stay inside your heartI'm certain that this will beThe end of your lifeSo turn around, walk awayBefore you confuse the way we abuse each otherYou're not afraid of getting hurtAnd I'm not afraid of how much I hurt youI'm well aware I'm a Danger to my s
Starke Biker Festival
The festival this year was held on June 5 - 6, 2009 and had a smaller than usual biker crowd, but it was due to the horendous weather we have been getting in Florida for the past month. It rain a good portion of the fest, but everyone who attended took it in stride and still had a good time. Good food, drinks and bikers still keep up and even had a good bike show contest. I hope next year the rain will hold off and the festival will be bigger than ever. Check them out at:  
Lugar De Borrachos???
No se porque me da la impresion de que ando entre puros borrachos jajaja, el caso es que no me ha gustado al final de cuentas ninguno de los espacios en los que he andado . . . ahhh me choca la nostalgia del 360 . . . que tiempos aquellos . . . lo que si es cierto que me pongo unas perdidas en esta pagina que de repente digo . . que carajos hice ! !  ! jajajaja Saludos a todos.  
A Few New Ones
It's perfect, and touches me deepFirst thing in the morning, when I hear you speakAnd last thing at night as you bid me sweet dreamsThe brush of your lips lets me know what you meanAnd all of the hours that pass through the dayThose spent together and when you're awayI think of you always, imagine your touchThink how to show you, I love you so muchSo when we're apart, and you long for me nearJust try to remember, you're already hereFor deep in my heart, where no one can seeYou'll be forever, together we'll be --------------------------------------------------- Once I was a beautiful shellGiving life to the creatures of the seaTides and time pounded on me, breaking me bit by bitThen I was stuck nowhere to go...The barnacles found a place to dwellBut Mother Ocean gave me a second chanceThe tides washed me upon the shoreThere I lay waiting in the sun, dull and chipped and uglyThen, you came along and found meThe barnacles were picked, the sand washed offYou polished me up and brought ou
Leveling Blog#460
*~Delicious~*@ fubar 4,322 to level her:)
To Those Of You No Longer My Friend
I may no longer be your friend but this much I know. I'm still me. Away you turn if you are scared. Walk into the black. Yeah, I'm still me. You, forgotten you, forsaken you, forever you! You had the nerve to say, that I've lost the way. I'm still me. After losing sanity, together you and me, guess who still walks free. It's not... You, forgotten you, forsaken you, forever you! This anger, with hunger. You've chosen to hold on to your bitter needs. You lost yourself somewhere. Blamed me for not being there, not loving a stranger, that was... You, forgotten you, forsaken you, forever you! FUCK YOU!
Come On In!!!!!!!
Biker Rally In Leesburg
The Leesburg Rally was held on April 23 - April 26, 2009 in Leesburg, Florida. Next to Daytona Spring Bike Week this is the one of those that really kick of the Spring biking season for our northern biker brothers and sisters. This town really puts out the red carpet and all the bars and clubs look foreward to us bikers coming down and spending our hard earned money at their events. Some of the happening places are: Frank's Place, Sports Time Bar & Grill, Kickstands Saloon, Zellwood Pub & Cafe, Shea's, Jalopy Joe's, The Frosy Mug, Big Dog Saloon, Oasis Saloon, Pirates Pub, The Hideaway and many others. Check out the Leesburg Bike Fest at: See you there next year. Future dates: 2010-April 23,24,252011-April 15,16,172012-April 27,28,292013-April 26,27,28 2014-April 25,26,272015-April 24,25,26
Men's Rules
Now for the men's rules.... We always hear "the rules" from the feminine side. OK - we are now going to hear the rules from the man's side. These are our rules! Please note ...these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE.   1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down.  1. Sometimes, we are not thinking about you. Live with it.  1. Shopping is NOT a sport, and no, we are never going to think of it that way.  1. When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine. Really.  1. Crying is blackmail.  1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one:    Subtle hints do not work.    Strong hints do not work.    Obvious hints do not work.    Just say it! 1. We don't remember dates. Mark birthdays and anniversaries on a calendar. Remind us frequently beforehand.  1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.  1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what y
Tragedy Of Empty Streets
Now buildings are starting to fall, bricks beginning to break. Your steps are leaving cracks in the sidewalks leaving trials of empty streets. And I'm going blind from staring at your eyes because they release the fire of a thousand suns, but I've become so numb I can barely shed a tear, even if you cut the strings that hold my head up. You're pulling teeth, ripping flesh so you can lick the blood from your fingers, so brake these bones; taste my skin, let my death sing the end of it. So you can do no more damage, so you collect no more trophies. Let me be the last, let no one feel how I feel. This tragedy began with me, so let it end with me. From your hell I've become this numb and I wish this pain on no one, behind your smile, beneath your lungs, I hope your darkness comes This tragedy began with me, so let it end with me. I tried to be what you wanted me to be, and I'm sorry that I can never be perfect for you, but every time I look in the mirror I see your eyes starring back at
Biker Festival
The Angel City Spring Rally is usually held the third week of April. It starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday. It is held at a camp site off of Interstate I-75 Exit 122 in Unadilla, Georgia. This year is Thunder Roads 10th Anniversary and they are have parties thought the year in celebration of it. We had a great time and look foreward to the fall rally on October 8th - 11th, 2009. Come on out and join us this fall, you won't be disapointed. Check out the Angel City info at: http://www,
It's been three fucking days since sleep has taken me away I found the remedy to erase you from my head I can't find a pulse to feel this I'll never feel again So say your last goodbyes and I'm taking back my sins I'll take back the heart I should have never let, never let you in. So say your last goodbyes, today I'm not coming back I won't crawl back again I never loved you I never cared. I never loved you. You won't fuck the life from me again Now your hands are filthy with narcissistic identities A slave another junkie, you're haunting the streets You're looking to feed But I won't be your carcass, You cant add me to your pile of dead bodies I'm driving the nails through your hands So you can't fuck the life out of me You won't fuck the life out of me You can't fuck the life out of me I never loved You You can't fuck the life out of me You won't fuck the life out of me.
Long Survey
All About You Name: Stacie Knicknames: I don't really have any Birthdate: June 14 Place Of Birth: Charleston, WV Zodiac Sign: Gemini Status: single Siblings: 2 older brothers and 3 older sisters Animals: None Hair Color? Natural?: Brown/ Favorites Color: green T.V. Show: I don't really watch much television Movie: Boondock Saints, hands down Animal: Puppies Book: I really like the whole Anita Blake series. Haven't read them all though Magazine: None of them Band: I have no clue Singer: Again, no clue Type Of Music: Rock State: North Carolina Place You Have Been:  To see my Dad Store: Here lately it's been American Eagle Food: Christmas Dinner Candy: Dark chocolate M&Ms Fruit Candy Flavor: Strawberry Pizza Topping: Pepperoni Shoe Brand: Whatever is comfortable Make-Up Brand: Cover Girl Scent or Smell: just "clean" Sound: the ocean Soup: Homemade beef stew..wait, that's not really a soup is it? Non-Alchoholic Drink: Coke Alchoholic Drink: Mudslides Candle Scent: Something
Tool For This Shit
Tool is the shit.....For those of you dont know..... Heres a good place to start.... If you know anything about them you know that they are completely spiritual, from their artwork to their music.....its more than just rock....heres a taste... Ænema : Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see armageddon soon. I certainly hope we will. I sure could use a vacation from this bullshit three ring circus sideshow of Freaks here in this hopeless fucking hole we call LA The only way to fix it is to flush it all away. Any fucking time. Any fucking day. Learn to swim, I'll see you down in Arizona bay. Fret for your figure and Fret for your latte and Fret for your hairpiece and Fret for your lawsuit and Fret for your prozac and Fret for your pilot and Fret for your contract and Fret for your car. It's a bullshit three ring circus sideshow of freaks here in this hopeless fucking hole we call LA The only way to fix it is to flush it all away. Any fucking time. Any fucking day. Learn to s
I Could Really Use A Glass Of Wine.
CHARDONNAY, CHARDONNAY, WINE  would really do me good right now.
The Neighbors Need A Cigarette After That......
Who could have known the amount of passion and emotion that overwhelms one all at once.  Two becoming one, intertwined in this dance.  Its like fire touching ice, it sizzles, it steams up the air.  The most erotic emotional roller coaster one could ever ride.  With the quiet moans and a gentle caress nothing can top this sweet gentleness.  It goes on forever this moment of bliss.  Even when its over it can ignite with a kiss.  So I leave you with these words for two, find the one who is meant for you!!!
Interesting Letter
I got a letter today from someone whose last name I didn't not recognize from a town in Kansas that I've never heard of. I thought it might be garbage, but I opened it. I sat there in shock as I read the words from an old roommate and friend of mine from L.A. that I haven't seen since 1993. She said she found an address (and my married name somehow), but no phone number.  How cool is that?!?!?   Who knew the internet was good for something. :O    
Wat Do U Think About Him?
ok i want to know waht everyone thinks about a good friend of mine i think he is sweet kind smart tall and sexy and always knows how to make me luagh he is #2 in my fam and here is his link  MNewb: I'm back Promoter @ Concrete Rose">@ fubar let me know wat u think 
And All I Saw Was Red!!!!!!!
Aparantly at some point in time men assumed that they dont have to stick around and be there for their children.  Apparantly they can impregnate a woman and walk away as if nothing ever happened.  THEY dont have to carry the child, THEY dont have to feed and nourish the child mentally and emotionally.  How is it that they can care for a little while and then walk away scott free with no cares.  As if pregnancy isnt difficult enough to deal with, try having the one you care about and love dispite their faults walk away as if he never even cared.  Wanting nothing more than to be a "Paycheck" father because they cant deal with the stress and pressure of life and family.  It is ridiculous that there are so many men out there(well they claim to be men) that think that this is a socially or morally acceptable subsitute for real family.  This my friend is sad!!!!!  TO ANY MEN WHO READ THIS, if you find yourself falling into the above mentioned category do all of us women a favor and BE A MAN
She Is
She Is My Fire wished a new name My heart began to search for her What could encompass this Fire? She is Desires Lustful Cure How can such beauty be described? All words seem too small to compare What words could shackle her down? She is The Untamed Fire’s Glare I watch her fill the heavens As all the other angels stand aside They all bow to this heavenly creature She is The Fantasy You Can Not Hide Her Angelic voice calls you too your fate Her song a beacon in the night Standing upon the shore wings spread She is Astlik “Little Star” Burning Bright Tittles seem to fall short Shattering myth and legend as the pages fell The stars dim in her beauty She is A Boundless Fiery Angel
Hahaha My Past!!!
Here's a little update for all of you suckers that were trying to hold me back and bring me down.   IM DOING GREAT.  So hate all you want, Im untouchable.  You can give me a black eye, talk your shit, take my money, steal my things, take from my kids, its ok...... just try and hold me back, its like trying to stop the sun from rising.  Im on top of the world and happy as can be and I did it ALL without you.  I got my shit together....where are you???  Sitting in a cell? *OR* IN front of your computer, not spending time with your kids.....  I laugh in your face bitch.  So sit back and stew on that for a minute.    Take your false accusations and shove them firmly up your ass. (_)*(_) Its funny how the truth comes out.....ISNT IT.  Damn if the shit aint about to hit the fan.  HAHA, you dont even know....... Im good though....  I just sit and chill and take care of business while you are up that creek called.....SHIT......Forget your paddle?  I find everyones deceit and lies amusing.  Im
Hello Please Read.
If you add me that is very cool... If you opt to owen me I am a submissive to you.. Something to think about.   Take care and good luck...Only Females no males apply.
Out Bound Call Agents....omg.....assholes
Well here is a little bit of knowledge for all of you lucky people who havent ever been an "outbound call agent", better known as a telemarketer.....You know, the people who call your house and either try to sell you something, get you to fill something out, or collect on an unpaid debt.  Yeah, you know the people that Im talking about...Anyway...put your listening ears on or your glasses w/e because Im getting ready to give you some knowlege....Heres a clue....WE ARE JUST DOING OUR JOBS!!!  So next time the phone rings and you hear that voice at the other end of the line.....STOP.....Dont be a fuckin ass hole.  We are humans too, we need a paycheck just as much as you do.  And in these SHITTY ECONOMIC take what the fuck ever you can get.  IM SURE YOU CAN UNDERSTAND.   IN my case, Im not trying to sell anything....Im just trying to get you the FREE INFO you ASKED FOR..... So stop....Think......and try for once in your life to not be a douche bag.  Oh yeah and if you reques
Who Got The Hooch... Lol
The working day was long And the road is grinding on And your body’s winding down again The tribal fire’s here And the circle speaks so near And the simple truth so very much clearer Who got the hooch, baby Who got the only sweetest thing in the world Who got the love, who got the fresh-e-freshy Who got the only sweetest thing in the world Let’s get real, let’s get heavy Till the water breaks the levee Let’s get loose, loose, who got the hooch The birds and bees will sing The jams begin to ring The good vibes flow from me to you The evening turns to night The fire and moonlight The dance of all who came before Who got the hooch, baby Who got the only sweetest thing in the world Who got the love, who got the fresh-e-freshy Who got the only sweetest thing in the world Let’s get real, let’s get heavy Till the water breaks the levee Let’s get loose, loose, who got the hooch {Music Intermision} Who got the hooch, baby Who got the only s
Who Is Julius Charles?
hit me up on facebook: julius charles
the chaotic day to day rush plunges me into a rapid flowing stream from which i have yet to return the joys and sorrows of everyday life fill my heart with a continious ache tears flood my eyes and fall like rain from sorrows i would like to abstain joy and laughter id like more to gain for the pleasures of life and love should outweigh the heartaches and tragedy yet you insist on causing grief through strife caring not the hearts you crush you sacrifice all for your delight of pain i wish  all could see the shriveled black nugget you call a heart to hear the devilish thoughts that run rampant through your mind for then and only then could they see you for what and who you truly are ...... ........... LIFE......................
The Peephole(work In Progress
  The PeepHole   I am going to die soon. I want to come clean I need to tell someone what I did. Even if no one finds this I need to at lease make some kind of try. My name is not important because I learn my life was never was. The ghosts of my past, of my wife and daughter hunts me. I abandoned them the both of them and I never looked back. This is that story the story of the two people who didn’t need to die.We were at home eating our supper in front of the TV like we have for a week now ever since the news came public with the outbreak. It started in the ghettos of the city no one really cared that bums and hookers came up missing or dead, who would? All and all I didn’t believe the outbreak story anyways I just thought it was some kind of rich vs. poor kind of thing a class riot and being mid class I had no place in this and I didn’t care. How foolish I was that’s me the guy who waits to late. I seen my first murder when I was at the office me and my bes
a poem i wrote after i recieved my first black eye by the bitch lol i walked away from a fight with that was sleepin with my bf lmao .... pensive storm in my mind boils over turmoil turns my insides upside under whispers about you around my ears swirl rumors rumors make me want to hurl fake smiles brighter than the sun they wear walkin around as though without a care darkness steals up in a huge black cloud admist the evil you are in the crowd angry words spew back and forth through our mouths unchecked O'man ive been decked!
Just To Let You Know
I write my own short stories  these five i just posted are some of my favs please i would love input or any ideas on others the write free free to use them but please know that my soul is in each thank you.   tag
Read This---
I once heard this from a friend and I figured that I would share this w/the rest of the world, so I dare all to say this phrase 3x fast out loud or in ur head: II amI am FuI am Fu KingI am Fu King WeI am Fu king We ToddI am Fu King We Todd EdHappy hunting...
  Keeper?   I seen them die. When they were attacked I cheered I knew now that they knew I was not crazy. Hehehe . as the first one came to the door my father braced the door. He sent them all my brothers and sisters to the other room why!? I don’t know they were all going to die by the end of the night anyways I make sure of that.I am not crazy the zombies they talk to me they tell me this is right. They are the new way, this is there world now. So all I am doing is the better part I am giving them immortality what’s would be better then that. I can feel them calling for me they love me they want me to be with them I feel them. The feeling of there energy is all over me. They are in my head I am there’s. I am the keeper of there thoughts and I love them.
Labyrinth Kingdom
Labyrinth Kingdom The solitary predator, stumbles pass pipes and rivers of rot and filth of his labyrinth kingdom.The hot poker like feeling in his gut gets hotter everyday.The flesh of his skin takes up the likeness of his kingdom.Moist ,Green,Dark,And full of hate and rotHis mones get drowned out by steam and the life up aboveAloneWith only the pain to call his companion.Months pass and the solitary guard still patrols his kingdom.Forever will his hunger grow forever shall he walk below?
Prisoners Inside The Void
  Prisoners Inside the Void   Screams and moans fell the humid summers air. Fear and the greave gave birth to the void rot who plagued the night. They destroy all that is living, to be one is only certain doom a fate none can imagine. To be a life stealer a walking rot is to be dead to the world but not in the mind. They walk as a horde but no contact is made, inside they scream to be free but no one can hear a sound. Yes they are dead yes they do walk, but in the inside they go insane with the carnage they put upon the world.To try to block it out is a lost hope all they see is death, all they do is eat . The bodies are not as one with the brain the brain lost all control of the body that rips and eats and kills. No one is safe they remember you yes, they wish to stop of course but the grave has taken over the body and wishes to send more. The walking rot is just that rot they need to be killed the prisoners inside the void wish for it and want to be set free.
Inland Empire & Surrounding Area Artists! New Website Under Construction! come check it out...more to be added. stay tuned!
The New Bride
The New Bride   Watched you for years don’t you remember me we met at johns wedding I stood next to you as your sister went down the aisle I smell your sweet your hair.I brushed up on you when we tossed the rice. Ohh don’t cry honey your with me now all tied up and looking so pretty. Mmmm you look good with this lip stick on. I cant wait until you turn. Do your remember when your dog ran way I am sorry for that he got in my way.hes in the freezer wanna see. I watched you sleep at night after that I touched your hair as you smiled in your sleep I kissed your neck as you drem about me I knew you did didn’t you. Ohh l ove you so much honey…… wake up !!!!!!!!!!Don’t go right now we need to have our honey moon …….mmmm after I feel u go cold as I make us complete I will put you with your dog you will like that right……right!!!!!!!!!! It will be all over in time we are going to be one at last.I will keep you this way after you
More And More Every Day
So Cal Artists! Do You Want To Express Yourself?
The Riverside Art Exchange #4July 12th 2pm-9pm@Back To The Grind Coffeehouse and Art Gallery3575 University Ave.Riverside CA 92501(951) 784-0800We are accepting booth reservations from interested and passionate artists at Back to the Grind.There will be 20+ booths available and there are already some reserved.If you would like to be a still have time!-Each booth will have a benefit fee of 10$ (to benefit Back To The Grind Coffee House and Art Gallery to help with keeping the venue alive and these events growing)-To every interested artists please supply your name along with your booth fee so your reservation will be properly accounted for.*All art exchanged will be up to each interested artists' discrepancy.**NO percentages will be taken from art bought and sold by each artist.**Artists can price their artwork as they see fit.*The Riverside Art Exchange is always FREE to the public and the more they know about it...the more exposure all artists will get!for more info please c
Away   If I died today will all my pain go away ? Will the thoughts fade away ?Then the pain can rot away When the day my life is wasted away. If awake another day Will my pain stay in play My addiction will be great When I awake to face my fate
It Ain't Me, Babe.
I haven't posted a song in a while. Video in the comments. Lots of people covered this song...but I love the Johnny Cash and June Carter version a whole lot. :) It Ain't Me, Babe Go 'way from my window, Leave at your own chosen speed. I'm not the one you want, babe, I'm not the one you need. You say you're lookin' for someone Never weak but always strong, To protect you an' defend you Whether you are right or wrong, Someone to open each and every door, But it ain't me, babe, No, no, no, it ain't me, babe, It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe. Go lightly from the ledge, babe, Go lightly on the ground. I'm not the one you want, babe, I will only let you down. You say you're lookin' for someone Who will promise never to part, Someone to close his eyes for you, Someone to close his heart, Someone who will die for you an' more, But it ain't me, babe, No, no, no, it ain't me, babe, It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe. Go melt back into the night, babe, Everything inside is made of sto
Stuck Today
first comment hate blog format
An Update!!!!
For those you you that actually took the time to look at my friends mumm, thank you. And for my friends that don't know ALL of what is going on with my life I am going to give a small amount of back story. I broke up with my bf after an almost 2 yr relationship recently. We tried talking and being friends but that didn't go so well. He was talking to me on YIM, here and myspace so I blocked him every where. And in some places several times. Well last night I was having some fun and I here him call me a name from outside. I walk outside and see our truck driving away. I call the cops. Today I am working for my friends and he calls and asks if it is ok to drop off the last of my things that he has. After we had a decent talk he tells me to change my passwords. APPARENTLY he figured out my password and has been checking my email, myspace and fubar. I am not sure how often or when this has been happening. He even went as far as to create a fake fubar account so he could still look at m
Im Me
My Love
If I could have just one wish,I would wish to wake up everydayto the sound of your breath on my neck,the warmth of your lips on my cheek,the touch of your fingers on my skin,and the feel of your heart beating with mine...Knowing that I could never find that feelingwith anyone other than you.
Love Is
Love is the greatest feeling,Love is like a play,Love is what I feel for you,Each and every day,Love is like a smile,Love is like a song,Love is a great emotion,That keeps us going strong,I love you with my heart,My body and my soul,I love the way I keep loving,Like a love I can't control,So remember when your eyes meet mine,I love you with all my heart,And I have poured my entire soul into you,Right from the very start.
Ways Of My Life
Every time something good happens in my life, another parts fucks up. I wish I knew what my purpose in life was. I'm tired of the pain....tired of the hurt and tired of the ANGER and RAGE......If I missed my purpose in life, then why am i still here? I ask that everyday. As I watch the storms outside my window, I also think of the storms in my life. Seems like they hardly ever go completely away. I never get to see the "silver lining" everybody else speaks of. Sure I'm happy for a while but then the bad shit of my past sneaks up on me and pulls me back into that abyss I can never seem to get out of or get rid of. I battle my demons every day and am getting weaker everyday in fighting them. One day I will not have the strength to battle the fight anymore.
Is There Life After Death
These Go Back To 2004
This one was written back on Tuesday, August 24th, 2004 and it is untitled Forever lost   searchingFinding   sensing      knowing... Losing all   FaithLove   Hate      Everything Thinking   All AloneForever yours   SincerelyEternally   Forever Lost...In your eyes   Being found Wanting   Being   Lusting  Tempted to LoveIn Your Eyes   Forever LostDying Happy ==================This other one was written on Monday, December 6th, 2004 and is also untitled. Shattered darknessfilled with liesdeceitanger & disappointment Dreams brokenlives lostTeardrop running dryQuivering, Shakingdropping voices ceasing to sound glass dropscracking  breaking falling apartfailing to regroup Love, lust, disappearsToday where there   is no tomorrowReLiving this again... To live, to dieto grow, to whitherAll Eyes Befall on MeLove, HateTrust, DeceitEyes CryTears drop
If A Man Wants You...
 If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he treat you any differently? Always have your own set of friends separate f
Just Another Silly
I was going to go on a rant about religion again but~but my personal diety said I should post a joke instead~ You know you work in Corporate America in the 90's if... You sat at the same desk for 4 years and worked for three different companies. You worked for the same company for 4 years and sat at more than 10 different desks. You've been in the same job for 4 years and have had 10 different managers. You order your business cards in "half orders" instead of whole boxes. When someone asks about what you do for a living, you can't explain it in one sentence. You get really excited about a 2% pay raise. You use acronyms in your sentences. Your biggest loss from a system crash is that you lose your best jokes. You sit in a cubicle smaller than your bedroom closet. It's dark when you drive to and from work. Fun is when issues are assigned to someone else. The word "opportunity" makes you shiver in fear. You see a good looking person a
Perdoname Mi Amor
Well this one dates back to October 29th 2007 :)   Por no saber sentirTodo el amorque tenias hacia mi Perdoname por no saberDisfrutar tu cuerpo y tu sentirTambien tu modo de serSiempre estuviste a mi lado Yo nunca supe como apreciarTodo lo que pusiste de tiAmor, ayudameolvidar el pasado que me hirioDesde siempre supe que eras el unicoY siempre seras para Mi Todo lo que pidas sera para tiNo sabes lo mucho que sientoEstando alejada de tilo mucho que te extra~ome vuelvo loca y me palpita el corazonNo sabes lo mucho que te quieroAmor, ahora lo sabes todoHojala y no te pierda por otra
How Do You Cope
Conformed to this feeling a heart drownding in questions answers and acceptance is slowly fading pushing for what you have wanted all along your not ever getting it time has come, its time to hold back, you were all wrong intentions to forget, burning up every flame of a memory, every picture but it rekindles each second you turn away each second that you see him with her
Never Stopped
You can forget I exist, Care about me no more. Watch me fall crying, Just walk out the door. Break me into pieces, Crush whatever remains. Tell me you hate me, Inflict upon me your pain. Trap me in a room alone, Watch as I go insane. Laugh at my stupidity, Leave me in the rain. Kill me if you must, But don't deny what's true. Even after all this suffering, I've never stopped loving you.
You Can't Crush My Dreams
You can forget I live Leave me sitting alone Push me aside Like I've been disowned You can break my heart Ignore that I'm here Cause me more suffering Your time one day nears Leaving me alone You Play on my fears Each hurtful word stings Whispered, only I hear I look out my window The sun it still shines Birds are still singing When I open the blinds You can't take my heart My love for you is real I lived these moments Those you can't steal You can't take my will Or silence my screams These things are my choice You won't crush my dreams Just be there beside me Keep holding my hand Don't turn away I need you to stand I won't ask for much Or get in your way Just need you with me Till my final day Written By: Sierra N no one can.... Yes he'll never know mwah sexy...
1 I masturbate daily to animals 2 I used to watch my grandmother take a shower 3 I like to stick my fingers in my butt then smell them 4 i bite my nails 5 I was on a date once, and I farted in her food when she left 6 I like Hello Kitty 7 I have a lesion on my penis, forever now 8 I like Japanese food 9 I grew up poor 10 I have a kid that I dont visit
Mumm Comments
  I like to read and comment on the mumms.  I thought that this one person that put up a mumm was being funny. The mumm went like this: just want to show love to my country created @ 06/15/2009 03:13 pm expires in: 32 mins [NSFW] [EVERYONE] i,m geting ready to go up the road later and pay this hispanic girl i know for a blowjob but heres where i need help from all you great fubians. shoul i fantasy about Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama sucking me off     So anyhow, it gave you a choice between Hilary and Michelle.  I thought it was a joke so I put in there for a comment ... just visualize grandma with no teeth. LMAO!  He came to my page and sent me a message telling me this:  Let me be the first to tell you how fucking ugly and stupid you look in that hat. So I gave him a taste of his own medicine.  He sends this girl to my page to tell me that I'm ugly and that I never
Own Me For A Month
So I go to Walmart, and whatdayakno? THe fuckin bitch ex with her bf. She sees me and goes "thats the asshole that used to beat me!" I was like, bitch you CANT not beat you. SHe was like a dirty dog that pees on your carpet. The bf was like . man back off. Its over now, and only I can put my hand on that woman. I was like, shit you can have that beast. The dude laughed, we were alughin about it  for like 5 mins. She didnt hear tho, cuz she was check some shit in a makeup section. I was like 'yeah, she fuckin needs that shit"
Some Fu Loving
Go check out this cool lady. Show her some great Fu loving and tell her Miss Z. sent you. Druivenmeisje@ fubar
I left him yesterday and I know that I did the right thing. I can't handle the crazy fights. But why does it feel like part of me is lost at sea floating away and I can't swim to it. I wanna cry but I'm just to tired I wanna sleep but I'm all outa pills. I wanna be anywhere in the world as long as it's just him and I. But we can't hide away from the world forever. I wonder what he's doing I wonder if he's thinking of me does he feel just as empty? We break up and make up all the time but never like this there's something in me that makes me feel like this times different. I just want to be in his arms but the only time I'm happy is when we are high and I'm tired of being high. I just feel so blah I wanna be happy but don't know if I can or if I deserve it. I'm not sure if I'm capable of being happy. I don't know who I am with him I've always just been his soul mate now it feels like I don't have a soul.
Pimpout Shouts
I need to be pimped out more often!   ->veryhotguy: lmao i dont look at nsfw's I have real life penis to look at anytime I wish veryhotguy: like my nsf wpics sxy ->м@§ŧëя ĐĴ ...: no they need me on here to remind them bitches how they will never amount to anything like me м@§ŧëя ĐĴ ...: hello this is the fu-police and u are way too hawt fo fubar we are gonna have to ask you to go so others have a better chance Tongue2Swe...: for you I would do anything..nice way to die too after eating such a sweet woman ->Tongue2Swe...: such an asskisser....well after I puke I make him eat it up if not I rip his head off Tongue2Swe...: To me anything you do would be beautiful ->Tongue2Swe...: Oh when I cum I dont look beautiful I spin my head around and puke at the same time Tongue2Swe...: I want to eat your cunt because i would love to look at your beautiful face when you cum in my mouth
Cheatin Ways
All this time I thought I knew the heart that beatinside of you!I give you credtiyou done great you captured my heartwith plans to break.You broke it with your cheatin way It'll happen to youtoday I pray.I want you to hurtas you caused me to ache all over till you can't see To stay up allhours of the night just wishing I was there to hold you tight But I wont be and I never will With your cheatin ways
Love.. Ty S1lkéÑélÐêr
Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain.
On The Cumberland-erotic Poetry By Sondra
On The Cumberland   You tenderly, teasingly kiss me in the moonlight While holding me, unyielding and close Secure in the love we feel, together, as One Sheltered in a Lover’s embrace Protected from the cares of the world While in your presence `My Happy Place` Your warm breath brushes my bare flesh Affection substantial in your sparkling eyes
Without warning, like a tidal wave unable to drown you The days like wrecks without them The race of time, The Deepest ravine, full of emotion With them. You don’t know what to do, far out in a frantic sea Unable to think, The echoes of existence between us Can reveal nothing, Belief in reason has gone. Unable to communicate helpless, alive, dead Unable to run from it Unable to fight it Undying love, tumultuous feelings hands in face, tears, panicking What to do? Way to turn? All sacred, reeling Must find a way of knowing Must find spirit Claustrophobic, hurt, hurt, The deepest of the unknown
Breakfast {the Morning After}-erotic Poetry
Early morning Sun Glares through the kitchen window Link sausages fry gently In the heavy cast iron pan Juices freely flowing forth Being turned on occasion Expecting to become a mouthful Of succulent meat As He was for Her Last night… Dark roasted coffee drips slowly Into the glass carafe Strong, yet smooth and mellow No bitter aftertaste Just as He had left no appalling taste In Her mouth the night before… He, ready to face Another balmy South Eastern Kentucky day Yawns lightly Alerted to the aromatic scent of breakfast Pouring himself a cup Before adding water to cool And thin The strong liquid’s heavy taste… Playfully slapping Her derrière He kisses Her 'good morning' His boxers snug against His full to nearly bursting out manhood Very conspicuous to Her devoted eyes His sexy smile and happy demeanor Grabbing Her attention, as is natural… She, a slight smile Playing on Her full lips At remembrances of Last night
Just For Laffs
                      Get This!
I'm sure of what I feel And I know that this is for real,From the moment the our eyes met,I've already had it on my mind NO FANTASIESONLY REALITIESThis thing we have,That we call Love,Should forever be alive,And you my Love,My only Love,Will be the only oneMy heart will ever want...For the true Love that i have found in you!!
Cam Info
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Alone Again
Alone I drift away, Alone I walk a thousand miles, Alone I fall asleep, Alone I stare at the sky, Alone I sit under a tree, Alone I cry.Alone I dream of you, Alone I hope and pray, to God who is oh so merciful and powerfulto let me find my way.Alone I drift away, Alone I live today, and alone I'll die someday. Angela Ferrer 
My Lonliness
Alone I sleep, And alone I wake, Alone I dream, And alone I ache, Alone I live, And alone I cry, Alone I think, And alone I'll die, Alone I try, And alone I fall, Alone I fail, And alone I crawl, Alone I break, And alone I sit, Alone I was, Alone I am, And alone I'll always be. Michael Reynolds 
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Lying, thinkingLast nightHow to find my soul a homeWhere water is not thirstyAnd bread loaf is not stoneI came up with one thingAnd I don't believe I'm wrongThat nobody,But nobodyCan make it out here alone.Alone, all aloneNobody, but nobodyCan make it out here alone.There are some millionairesWith money they can't useTheir wives run round like bansheesTheir children sing the bluesThey've got expensive doctorsTo cure their hearts of stone.But nobodyNo, nobodyCan make it out here alone.Alone, all aloneNobody, but nobodyCan make it out here alone.Now if you listen closelyI'll tell you what I knowStorm clouds are gatheringThe wind is gonna blowThe race of man is sufferingAnd I can hear the moan,'Cause nobody,But nobodyCan make it out here alone.Alone, all aloneNobody, but nobodyCan make it out here alone. Alone by Ma
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Another Messed Up Day
Some times I just dont know what to do. I think that I'm doing good but then again it doesnt feel like I am. I try so hard to make everyone around me happy..but at what cost? My own happiness? I know that's not what I need to do. I need to put myself above all others but my damn, umm hell i dont even know how to describe how my head works 90% of the time. I guess relationships and I just dont know how to exist together. Every time something is going great, fucked up bullshit follows and ruins everything. There are alot of things I've done in the past that My God do I ever regret. One of the biggest I'm finally will be able to legally get away from him by August 1st. He has ruined so much of my life in the past year and he hasnt even been around. Anytime something happens to me that he did in the past my mind immediately goes back to the time it happened to me and the immense fear hits me first and then pure hatred for allowing him to affect me that way. I am sooo tired of feeling that
To My Kinksters
I deleted the Kink Factory. No one was ever there. It is summer time, and I am not sitting in an empty lounge waiting for folks to show up. I thought I had enough staff to keep it running , but I guess not. Since Fu charges fu fees for non active lounges ... it went the way of other lounges that we have loved. You all can reconvine in Cherry's Psycho ward... Love you all and hope to see you around Goddess
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New And Curious
This site seems awesome. I am looking forward to how it all works. By all means, pls msg me with tips and ideas. Anyone up for fun in FL? Don't know if that kind of stuff is said here. Bla, bla, bla. Talk to me! By the way, I'm str8 and 37, for what it's worth.
so this fun girl is hot whats to do on this i am new adont know to much about the computer
Arcadia, European Au Natural Resort
Got no where to go on a weekday. Want some sun and find friendly faces?  Arcadia, is a Romantic Getaway and European Au Natural Resort in Shelton, WA offering day use for hot tubbing and pool, camping and RV spaces and also wonderful romantic getaway lodgings complete with kitchens and microwaves and even propane barbecues all for a fraction of what it would cost at a hotel with far more amenities for your summer fun.  We are offering a poolside gatherings - how about Thursdays to - besides the weekends. $25.00 for full day use 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  OK no swimsuits required.  Go to arcadianaturally at dot com and see what is all there for you.  for singles and couples of course. We are unique.  You will love us.  Kathy
Stand And See
Stand and See TODAY'S SCRIPTURE "...stand and see the salvation of the Lord..."(II Chroniclees 20:17, NAS) TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria Is there something difficult in your life that you are avoiding? So many people today run from anything that’s hard. They run from their problems. They run from responsibility. They run from people they don’t like. They run from the past. They run from anything that makes them uncomfortable. Instead of facing the issues and dealing with them, they just take the easy way out and go down the path of least resistance. But if you’re going to live in victory the way God intends, you have to learn how to face your challenges head on. Notice today’s verse doesn’t say, “Keep running until you see the salvation of the Lord.” It doesn’t say, “Bury your head in the sand until God delivers you.” No, God wants us to stand strong, set our faces like a flint, and fight the good figh
Enough Is Enough
I know I haven't posted in a while but I figured what do I gotta loose. I have been avoiding posting my rants because I figured Id let it get to me until I pop. Well I didn't pop but I feel like Im loosing more of my life. There is more drama on some sites more than anything else. Someone I met on here claimed she liked me and thought I was cheating on them by the 'sexy comments' I made on here, then my other ex complained about the number of female friends I got and the # of calls I got. I dont know what I am anymore, I dont know who really is into me, because Im treated like a yo-yo. Now again, this is a rant, I was attacked for my rant, but you know what I dont care. What does it take to get someone who is honest with their feelings.
Papa Roach -- Looking For A Lifeline
When I was a boy I didn't care 'bout a thingIt was me and this world and a broken dreamI was blaming myself for all that was going wrongI was way out there on the wrong side of townAnd the ones that I loved I started pushing 'em outThen I realized that it was all my faultI've been looking for a lifelineFor what seems like a lifetimeI'm drowning in the pain, breaking down againLooking for a lifelineSo I put out my hand and I asked for some helpWe tore down the walls I built around myselfI was struck by the light and I fell to the groundI've been looking for a lifelineFor what seems like a lifetimeI'm drowning in the pain, breaking down againLooking for a lifelineIs there anybody out there?Can you pull me from this ocean of despair?I'm drowning in the pain, breaking down againLooking for a lifelineYou know a heart of gold won't take you all the wayAnd in a world so cold it's hard to keep the faithI'm never gonna fade away, yeahI've been looking for a lifelineFor what seems like a lifetim
Makes You Think
It is the month of August, a resort town sits next to the shores of a lake. It is raining, and the little town looks totally deserted. It is tough times, everybody is in debt, and everybody lives on credit. Suddenly, a rich tourist comes to town. He enters the only hotel, lays a 100 dollar bill on the reception counter, and goes to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one. The hotel proprietor takes the 100 dollar bill and runs to pay his debt to the butcher. The Butcher takes the 100 dollar bill, and runs to pay his debt to the pig raiser. The pig raiser takes the 100 dollar bill, and runs to pay his debt to the supplier of his feed and fuel. The supplier of feed and fuel takes the 100 dollar bill and runs to pay his debt to the town's prostitute that in these hard times, gave her "services" on credit. The hooker runs to the hotel, and pays off her debt with the 100 dollar bill to the hotel proprietor to pay for the rooms that she rented when she brought her clients th
Well I Got The Job
i went to an interview on monday and i got the job, and now the next step is to get my own place or to have a roommate, and i have something on my record that will provent me from getting a place with some people, but i dont know what i should do though
The Desert Is Patient, Princess. So You Must Be.
This line from Marvel Comics’ eighty-sixth issue of “Star Wars” (they did the comic book adaptations of the “first” three movies as well as a series based on their characters) occurred to me taking a shower this morning.  Those of you who keep coming back here know I work on forming connections pretty quickly.  My daughter Sarah’s name means “princess”, and she could use lessons or keeping her temper – she’s three going on sixteen.  The first-century Roman historian Tacitus has a passage in “Germania” that summarizes the Empire’s scorched-earth policy regarding the German tribes on their border: they make a desert and they call it peace.  That is, the only way peace occurred in the minds of the Roman leadership and military was to wipe out completely any opposition, an attitude that prevailed for the next century. It’s a safe bet we will not live in these bodies into the twenty-second century, but who
Follow your DESTINY Wherever it leads you! There comes a time in your life when you realize that if you stand still, you will remain at this point forever. You realize that if you fall and stay down, life will pass you by... Life's circumstances are not always what you might wish them to be. The pattern of life does not necessarily go as you plan. Beyond any understanding, you may at times be led in different directions that you never imagined, dreamed, or designed. Yet you had never put any effort into choosing a path, or tried to carry out your dream, then perhaps you would have no direction at all. Rather than wondering about or questioning the direction your life has taken, accept the fact that there is a path before you now. Shake off the "why's" and "what if's," and rid yourself of confusion. Whatever was-is in the past. Whatever is-is what's important. The past is a brief reflection. The future is yet to be realized.Today is here. Walk your path one step at a time- with coura
Like It Or Not...
About me..hmmm what can i say? I'm a people person.  I love my 2 children.  I try to think of myself as a very compassionate person.  Always trying to put others before myself.  I have been hurt too many times that it even hurts to love, if God wants to send some my way, I will take whatever God may send me.  I am just me and if u don't like what you see or hear, don't look and don't and my girls don't just turn heads, we break 'dem necks!
Up For Auction
Anyone Want To Help Me?!
For any of you lovely fubar member who want to support me, check me out at (contributions welcome). If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me! Thanks everyone! -Miaaaa
Makes Our Love Grow Stronger. Pfft Yeah Right.
So its been one of them days. And trust me. Since it started i just wanta restart it. I love him. I do. But i cant take the bullshit. I got too much going on to care. Or deal with it. He keeps giving me crap. And more crap. So whatever. Heres how i feel right now :( Another day Without your smile Another day just passes by But now I know How much it means For you to stay Right here with me The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger But it hurt so bad I can't take it any longer I wanna grow old with you I wanna die lying in your arms I wanna grow old with you I wanna be looking in your eyes I wanna be there for you Sharing everything you do I wanna grow old with you A thousand miles between us now It causes me to wonder how Our love tonight remains so strong It makes our risk right all along The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger But it hurt so bad I can't take it any longer I wanna grow old with you I wanna die lying in your arms I wanna grow old with
Hiring Staff!!!!!!!!
My Best Friend Just Joined, Let's Give Her Some Mummer Love!
She's my best girl...and she's mad cuz I forgot to tell her this place is like crack! LOL   Let's show her some love!   Thanks!!              
Alladin was on tv the other night. And I think that the he looks like the guy from Slum Dog Millionaire. Does that make me racist? lol
there is no courage in this sky the air is hot and the ground is dry no stars at night because there is no light no more hiding time to fight death to all under the half moon's light
This Week And Friday Being My B-day(please Read If U Wanna)
as u all know by now my birthday is june 19 pretty sure it says in b-day alerts...i see alot of birthdays in anyways i won't be able to take pics this week cause i am kinda busy gettin ready to have my dad and step mother down for my birthday ...u know gettin house clean and sum other stuff...they are taking me to see Yannie in concert...Im so excited and i am making my own birthday cake too...yellow cake with chocholate frosting mmmmmmmm=) saturday and sunday is a hit and miss for other people comming down sunday..and my dad is staying til saturday...well i wanna say thanks to all my friends that have wished my a happy birthday and BOMB MY PIC ALBUM not sure what that means but cool...mean u like what u see here and that makes me happy...well i am hungry and got to make sum potatoe salad and devil eggs and get me sum breakfast...ill try to get back to u patient..oo yes i am still fanning the people that i haven't fanned yet...much love to u and for those w
Woodstock 1969 is to this day the most historic music festival in history. The festival marked the height of peaceful counterculture revolution, Woodstock sent a message to the world just before the intense wave of dissent washed back to sea. Embodied in this music festival is an entire set of ideals which are just as prevalent in today's society as they were in 1969. This is a celebration of everything that Woodstock 1969 stood for. We aim to support the ideas of peace, love, and unity by any possible means. The Woodstock nation has not forgot about what made the festival more than about the music.
In Good Company With Pedro's Graphics
Do you have a Pedro graphic? If so, you are in good company.  I just made a graphic that will be going on every desktop in the company.  Sadly the "Please Stare At My Boobs" graphic was rejected and I had to go with something a little more tame.  Still its something that everyone will see every day, so I feel a little good about that. 
~*dear Mr. President *~
Dear Mr. President Come take a walk with me Let's pretend we're just two people and You're not better than me I'd like to ask you some questions if we can speak honestly What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street Who do you pray for at night before you go to sleep What do you feel when you look in the mirror Are you proud How do you sleep while the rest of us cry How do you dream when a mother has no chance to say goodbye How do you walk with your head held high Can you even look me in the eye And tell me why Dear Mr. President Were you a lonely boy Are you a lonely boy Are you a lonely boy How can you say No child is left behind We're not dumb and we're not blind They're all sitting in your cells While you pave the road to hell What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay I can only imagine what the first lady has to say You've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine
Caa #111
A dear friend found out that a very good friend of her and her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Please send angel prayers of healing, love and support to them and the families.   Love,   Doc
Caa #110
A dear friend of mine has found out that her husbands cousin has prostrate cancer.   Please send all the angel prayers of healing, love and support to them and their families.   Love,   Doc
As We Tore Down Our Wall
As We Tore Down Our Wall My Fire asked me to speak my heart Her whisper seeped into my soul The promise of soft ruby lips Has my thoughts spinning out of control I crave to study her dangerous curves My finger tips tracing My Fires supple lines Her silken skin drives my passions Her cherries the sweetest on the vine She commands my full attention As I carry her across the threshold Laying her on a bed of roses She is the perfect beauty to behold Slowly we examine each other Slowly we discover our place Slowly our flesh becomes one Slowly our desires build their pace Arms clutch tightly now As if we fear loosing our touch Hard pressed lips tongues probe deep Our hips diving into uncontrolled lust We build to the final climax As the last of our inhibitions fall Our flesh aches and groans now As we tore down our wall
I Thought I Was Cured
I thought I was cured from heartbreak. I thought that I had recovered from it.  I thought that after the failure I finally was able to shut the lock to the door of my soul.  But it seems there was a little opening in my heart, because the sound of her voice, a new feeling was birthed that I knew too well and I thought it was dead.   I was not planning in falling in love again; I was not planning on going crazy for you.  I like to know were I am stepping, but I realize that I have begun to give in.  I was not planning on falling in love again, because when I did, I suffered.  But it is so easy to fall in love with you, and even when trying, I am not able to stop myself from thinking about you.   I swore to myself that I was not going to give in to love, the way that I once did.  I swore that I was going to be selfish for my own good. But I was not counting on you having such a beautiful face.   
View From {hellcat} Tree House
View from the treehouseI love the apartment I picked this time. Sure it has it's quirks because it's an older complex, but most of them only mildly annoy me...The pluses completely outweigh the minuses...Like the squirrels. I am in love with the squirrels. They live in the trees just off my second story patio. I feed them and the birds. All are completely spoiled....but so worth it...At first I had one that I was trying to hand train to come to me, but after talking to my dear Pattykins I became convinced that wasn't the wisest choice...I know better then to try to tame wild animals and I don't particularly want them to feel welcome in my home, so I stopped that...but I still feed them a mix of corn. bird seed and sunflowers...Oh and occassionally some fruit...I tried veggies but they didn't want jack nor crack to do with those...They really like apples.Anyhow I get to watch squirrel TV all the time because they LOVE to swing in the bird feeder while pigging out, or crawl all over/betw
Is The Bible A Christian Novel?
Doesn't the bible teach forgiveness?Didnt Jesus say turn the other cheek?An Eye for an Eye?Isn't that the message in every church?If so, Why are there so many fake christians out there?Why is everything based on the "Christian" way?How do we know how Jesus acted?What if there is no such thing as Heaven or Hell?Could one one person really save us all from sin?wasn't one supposed to be judged by their soul? or by their conscious?No one's perfect RIGHT?Whatever happened to being judged by your actions?Could your own brother stab you in the back?Could you answer honestly?What if there was no "GOD" to judge you?Does anyone know The Nine Noble Virtues?With these thoughts in my headMakes me see how fake "Christianity" issupport the higher powersWe might not be the only ones out there!
Who was the last male you talked to?my justin friend ;)Who is someone that can always make you laugh?justin... he says the strangest things....What were you doing at 10am this morning?wishing I was in bedWhat were you doing an hour ago?see above lolDo you plan on moving within the next year?yesAre you wearing anything on your feet?that almost sounds dirty.... but yes lolWhat are you looking forward to in the next 3 months?being meDo you remember your dreams?sometimesWhere did your last hug take place?at McDonalds lolHave you been to a baby shower?yesWhat cell phone company do you use?t-mobileWhat color is your hair brush?blueDo you watch the Super Bowl?hell yeahWhat about World Cup?ummm noDo you sleep with a teddy bear?I lost him :(What is the last movie you watched?Haven't watched a movie in forever :( who wants to go see one this weekend? LOLWhat movie do you think everyone should watch?Second Hand Lions lolWhat is your middle name?thats MY secret thank you!Do you have your future ch
Buy Soma Direct Online Without A Prior Prescription Needed
Buy Soma Direct Online Without A Prior Prescription NeededBuySomaDirect.comphone: 866-441-3579email: info@buysomadirect.comBuy Soma for a muscle relaxant used to relieve the pain and stiffness of muscle spasms and discomfort due to strain and sprain. Generic Soma is Carisoprodol.Soma is taken orally. The usual adult dosage of soma is one 350 mg tablet, three times daily and at bedtime. Usage in patients under age 12 is not recommended. It is recommended that you take Soma with food, or with milk, to minimize the likelihood that you will suffer an upset stomach as a result of taking the medication.Do not Buy Soma if you have acute intermittent porphyria. Before taking Soma, tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease. You may need a lower dose or special monitoring during your therapy. It is not known whether Soma will harm an unborn baby. Do not take Soma without first talking to your doctor if you are pregnant. It is also not known whether Soma passes into breast milk. Do not
How's Norma?
HOW IS NORMA?--A sweet grandmother telephones St. Joseph 's Hospital. She timidly asked,"Is it possible to speak to someone who can tell me how a patient is doing?"The operator said, "I'll be glad to help, dear. What's the name and roomnumber of the patient?"The grandmother in her weak, tremulous voice said, " Norma Findlay, Room302."The operator replied, "Let me put you on hold while I check with the nurse'sstation for that room."After a few minutes, the operator returned to the phone and said, "I havegood news. Her nurse just told me that Norma is doing well. Her bloodpressure is fine; her blood work just came back normal and her physician,Dr. Cohen, has scheduled her to be discharged tomorrow."The grandmother said, "Thank you. That's wonderful. I was so worried. Godbless you for the good news."The operator replied, "You're more thanwelcome. Is Norma your daughter?"The grandmother said, "No, I'm Norma Findlay in Room 302. No one tells meshit."
Like My Favorite Pair Of Jeans
your eyes are as green as the trees on the mountain. your smile is like the sunrise on the ocean blue. your touch is like an earthquake. the way you smell is like the breeze of wild flowers in the wind. your heart beat is like the sound of cool waves coming in. being with you is like the time stopping for a moment. waking up to you is like life sighing with content. a simple hug is like wearing my favorite pair of jeans.
Being Erotic
Many relationships fail because people end up taking one another for granted and let the romance leave the relationship. Being Erotic and sexual is VERY important 2 me in a relationship. Leave your panties in your mans pant pocket when he goes to work w/out him knowing so he has a nice surprise during the day, or leave him a sexual note in lipstick on the bathroom mirror in the morning......Or for the guy when your girl gets out of the bath bring her a hot towel from the dryer, dry her off then drizzle her body with heated oil and have your way with her HAHA.....dirty talk......role good too!! but ill speak 4 me, dont do that caveman yankin of my hair, if someone yanks my hair during sex im callin 911 hahaha.......anyway the point is when in a relationship dont let the sexual eroticness ever leave...its very important and will keep your relationship healthy!!  
Divine Glory
Divine Glory, you did it this time! I found her there, Good heavens to find her now. She took my loneliness away, as we found ourselves in the same destiny.   
My 1st Time
Since the weather was getting warmer my parents decided it was a good time for a barbecue. They invited the neighbours on both sides of us and a few others from across the street. One of our neighbours was an older man in his mid forties who is unmarried.As everyone came over, my dad started up the barbecue. I was running in and out of the house setting things up. I walked by our neighbour Bill and bent over to put a salad on the table. I knew I just gave him a good view of my butt and I knew he liked it.I continued to set things up and noticed that he didn't stop looking at me. Whether it was at my chest or at my butt. I was starting to feel very violated so I tried to stay away from him.As the night went on, we ate our food and the adults started to drink. They soon got drunk and very loud. I was left cleaning things up. As I walked by Bill to get into my house I felt him grab my butt. I looked at him and he just winked. When I finally got inside I shudder from the grope.I went back
I want the love that everyone envies.....respect.....the laughter....2 be so connected you know what eachother are going to say next.....that you love one another so much you feel that person in your heart @ all times.....   Anyone can say I LOVE YOU but its when two hearts become one that you are true SOUL MATES.....Not everyone will experience that.....But when you do you will know it......
Help Level Bella Contest!!!
I only have 12k to level to ASSASSIN!!!ANYBODY that rates between 12:30p and 9p today, June 16th 2009, will be eligible for my CONTEST!!BUT ONLY IF I LEVEL BEFORE I GET HOME FROM WORK AT 9:30 PM!!!One (or MORE!) Will Win -Personalized SaluteBully/Blog/Status PIMP OUTGifts (only fubucks, I'm too poor for bling... if you buy me bling credits, you will probably get it, haha!)Rate All PicsIF YOU BUY ME A VIP - You will get all of the above and then some!!!Help Me Level Up!!!It'll only help you in the long run!!!Thank you!-Bella Scura-
Phone Pics
if you have a cell phone and wanna send me cool pics to mines? then go ahead my # is in my about me but if you dont wanna go there then here-(832) 660-3681 :D ps.dont worry about what kind of pics to send me..send me anything..and i do mean anything ;)
In Defense Of Michael Vick
In defense of Michael Vick …Ya know, I was one of the masses starting to pile upon Michael Vick for the whole dog fighting scandal. But then, a voice of reason spoke out amidst the haze. A beacon of virtue, if you will, pointed the way for me …His name is Stephan Marbury.Cause when I think “Moral Bellwether” … I think “Stephan Marbury”.  Because Adidas told me to back in 2003.Marbury, in all his yearning for street cred, had the following to say about dog fighting – “I think it's tough,'' Marbury said, according to Albany TV station Capital News 9. "I think, you know, we don't say anything about people who shoot deers or shoot other animals. You know, from what I hear, dogfighting is a sport. It's just behind closed doors.''This statement really got me thinking – yeah, what about those people who shoot deers? I, for one, have shot deers, gooses, and meese and nobody has ever tried to ruin my NFL career over it. How is this
I never needed you to be strongI never needed you for pointing out my wrongsI never needed pain, I never needed strainMy love for you was strong enough you should have knownI never needed you for judgmentI never needed you to question what I spentI never ask for help, I take care of myself,I don't know why you think you've got a hold on meAnd it's a little late for conversationsThere isn't anything for you to sayAnd my eyes hurt, hands shiver,So look at me and listen to me becauseI don't want to, stay another minuteI don't want you, to say a single wordHush, hush, hush, hushThere is no other way, I get the final say because,I don't want to, do this any longerI don't want you, there's nothing left to sayHush, hush, hush, hushI've already spoken, our love is brokenBaby hush, hushI never needed your correctionsOn everything from how I act to what I sayI never needed wordsI never needed hurtsI never needed you to be there everydayI'm sorry for the way I let goOf everything I wanted when yo
Salutes Must Read!!
Me and my big mouth are at it again!! This time I blogged about salutes! Go read the blog and give me your thoughts! Blog URL:
He Needs A Lil Fu Lovin
$@M i$ Bl@ZiN @k@ Mo$T NotoRiOu$
Rough Sex Facts
  Giving .........head....... massages the jaw.... while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a C_CK and save a smile. Having nice sex burns 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her clothes with her consent.........................12 cal without......................187 cal Take off her Bra With two hands..........................8 cal With one hand.........................12 cal With mouth.............................85 cal Put on Protection hard ........................... 6 cal soft..........................315 cal Foreplay Looking for target...................8 cal Finding G spot ......................92 cal I don't F***ing care.....................0 cal Entry Holding her..................12 cal On the floor.................8 cal With Different Position Missionary.......
Salutes (must Read)
Salutes seem to be a hot topic of discussion around here lately. I've come to the point that I feel the need to rant about it. So a blogging I will go. According to the fubar bible "a salute is a candid photo of yourself (showing your entire face, unobstructed by sunglasses, etc.) holding a HANDWRITTEN sign with your screen name, member ID, and proving to the world that you?re the real person behind your fubar profile. Members often write their information on their hands, feet or other body parts. Please do not submit NSFW salutes. You will NOT be able to move up past level 20 without a verified salute." This means that with or without a vip you will not make it passed level 20 without a verified salute. Obviously this is a new rule as we have seen many users passed level 20 without a salute. "Salute requirements according to the fubar bible: 1. Your SCREEN NAME, 2. Your Member ID number, (which is located in the end of your URL address; AND
Sitting Here I Look At The Day
Sitting here I look at the daywondering what the world might say.What once was cold and grey.Has finally gone away.I can't thank you enoughFor helping me with this stuffYou know just what to sayTo brighten each and every dayA touch of your handWill help me standNow we walk togetherLooking toward foreverFlowing like the sands of timeWe take each day one moment at a time.  
Today When I Woke
Today when I woke Life no longer seems a joke Today I start new Yet I haven't a clue I am sitting here thinking of no one but you We have yet to meet Yet you seem so sweet I want to hold you tight As we look into the night The stars above Are spelling out our love Fate bring us together So we can share forever In your arms is where I long to be Please don't set my heart free. Loving you is what I need So I can let this sadness be freed.
communication is useless without follow through. the better we follow though with what we talk about the more valid the time spent talkin about it becomes, the headaches spent discussing things are well worth it if we come to a conclusion and follow through, otherwise...wasted headaches..
My Sammie Girl
My baby Sammie is in trouble and this time there is nothing I can to to help her. The story is longer and more painful for me than I can retell at the moment. As sad as I am I can't help being angry as well. No one. Not one of my friends bothered to tell me what happened. All I knew was that my girl wasn't answering her phone and wasn't home even though her car was there. No one, not Josh, Seth, James, Kaylin, Kaylene, anyone bothered to let me know that my best girl friend was sitting in jail on an accessory to agraivated battery charge. It's the first time in my life i've gotten drunk enough to puke.
New Show Is Up, Judge Sonia Sodomizememore/ The Ghost Of Sam Kinison
In this episode of Right on Right with Christopher Fredrickson, Christopher revisits a prior show on individualism to expose the left's ideals of collectivism which is a direct coalition to the communist ideal, and those of a socialized society, which destroys the civil society.  Judge Sonia SodomizeMeMore's statements display such segregation.  Christopher also talks with the ghost of comedic legend Sam Kinison via phone interview.  Christopher and Sam reminisce on when Sam was alive and what he talked about in his stand up acts and he current state of the United States then and now.  In the final half hour, Christopher talks about big tent conservatism and how it is failed the party, the people, and local and national elections, and explains why moderates have harmed the party and how they are the reason the republican party is having to rebuild.  
To Cute
Article 1: The Kiss1.. Kiss on the handI adore you2.Kiss on the cheekI just want to be friends3.Kiss on the neckI want you4.Kiss on the lipsI love you5.Kiss on the earsI am just playing6.Kiss anywhere elselets not get carried away7.Look in your eyeskiss me8.Playing with your hairI can't live without you9.Hand on your waistI love you to much to let you goArticle 2:The Three Steps1. GirlsIf any guys gets fresh with you, slap him.2. GuysIf any girl slaps you, her intentions are still good.3....Girls&GuysClose your eyes when kissing, it is rude to stare.Article 3:The Commandments1.Thou shall not squeeze too hard.2.Thou shall not ask for a kiss, but take one..3.Thou shall kiss at every opportunity.Here are a few reasonswhy guys like girls:1.They will always smell goodeven if its just shampoo2.The way their heads alwaysfind the right spot on our shoulder3.How cute they look when they sleep4.The ease in which they fit into our arms5.The way they kiss you and all of a suddeneverything is right
Cricket Revenge....
Soooooo!!!!   *does happy dance*  I was driving home from the bar I'm working at its about sunset and I decided to take the long way home to release the presure of my day before walking into my home.... I pass a few feilds and then out of no where i hear a thump on my windshield like a golf ball hit it .. I look and almost pee'd myself with happiness..... Revenge is mine.. or part of it.... :D I killed their cousin(grasshopper) happily.... i also removed him from my window and placed him in my cup holder as a sign to all  chirping fuckers to beware... I will get you .....     
A New Friend
The day I met you my life was sad,People said things that made me madYou talked to meYou made me happyYou make my day brightWith your words of lightThank you for being my friendI hope I can keep you till the worlds end. Dedicated to my new friend.
Want Katiemae At Your Beck And Call?
Everyone Wants To Come To America
This is an issue which can get me taking off into all sorts of different tangents. Most who read my stuff know that I am not an adamant defender of American policies, either currently or regarding the recent past administration or through our history as an expanding nation. We have had our many collective compromises and failures of which few are truly proud. But – as a nation, and I personally believe it is something deeper than nationalism and even deeper than religious dogmas which may contribute to the collective myth, a fundamental drive that has propelled the concept of “America” is the desire and hope of some realization of equality and freedom and all the supplemental associated ideals – justice, individualism, opportunity to name a few.  In recent years we, as a nation seem to have been sidetracked. We have seen the “dream of America” hijacked and redefined as whatever is best for the corporate structures that control and manage the economic
Our First Obama Gate…
Our first Obama Gate…   I say our first, because we are talking a Chicago political hack that came out of ACORN.  The MOST corrupt election fraud organization ever created in the USA, and Americans keep turning a blind eye.   I love the fact that we point fingers at IRAN and say “Election fraud!!” yet right now we have a ANOTHER Democrat stealing another election in Minnesota and people just whistle and sing lah lah lah… So let’s talk about Obama and his hypocrisy.  He co-sponsored a bill to stop an Inspector general from being fired unfairly.  Oblahblahblah put into LAW a rule that states there MUST be a 30 day cooling off, or warning period before an Inspector General can be fired.   I just realized some of you reading this are Democrats and do not even know what an Inspector General is.  These people investigate government run agencies.  Thus if they com
anoher angel went to heaven my biker sister went to heaven this weekendy the eage l  carry her peacefully to heaven
Around The Us.
So I recieved a position that takes me around the US.  This means I might end up in a town near you....  So Friends   BEWARE.  lmao.    
Your Other Side(repost)
You dont think I know youThe side you try to hideBut have seen the soul of you,For I have looked into your eyesThe side you guard so muchThe side that longs for a gentle touchThe side so dark and coldThe side that needs a hand to holdI know the tears you cryFor I have seen your other side
Break Time
As some people who are very close to me are aware, my father recently almost died do to medical problems and a condition he has. My father and I have never really been close up until this point, and while it's been a long time coming, the doctors have finally put a time limit on how much time he has left. Because of that, and because of everything else going on in my life, I've decided to take a break from fubar. I'll still be around here and there by any means, but please don't take it personally if I dont respond to a PM or SB. That's what this blog is for because obviously I can't stick all of this in a status message. There's been too much drama going on on fubar alone as it is, and some of you know I've considered deleting it a few times lately. But I've put too much hard work into building my page to where it's at that it's not fair to me or anybody that's helped me. So for the time being, my time here will be limited. My dad needs me right now, and I need him and that's where
4 Year Ceiling
A young woman, pursuing a graduate degree in art history, was going to Italy to study the country's greatest works of art. Since there was no one to look after her grandmother while she was away, she took the old lady with her. At the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, she pointed to the painting on the ceiling. "Grandma, it took Michelangelo a full four years to get that ceiling painted." "Oh my, "the grandmother says. "He and I must have the same landlord."
got into a hot shower knowing I was worked up so a cold shower is more traditional, but I was enjoying the warmth and relaxation the heat brought.I got the hair wet and groped for the soap. I will do that for you, sean said.pulling back the curtain and stepping into the shower with me. I gasped, just short of a shriek. he had discareded the jeansl. He was also in the mood, the same mood I was in. I was embarresed, horrified and absolutey ready to jump him. I stood still,paralyzed by conflicting waves of emotion, sean took the soap out of my hands and srarted lathering up his own and begin washing my arms,raising each arm in turn to stroke my armpits, down my sides never touching my breast, which were practically quivering like puppies who wanted to be petted. he stated working on my back his fingers were very strong and very clever. My shoulder blades were the only thing relaxed my libido was hopping up and down. Was I really going to do this? It seemed more and more likely that I was,
I don't really understand that rating! I thought this was an adult site. If you're at work why would anyone be on this site!? Anyways if I were to put pics like that on here what would my/our friends want to see if anything?
We Are Soul Mates.
Like a pair of dolphins playing in the waves and following a ship, that’s the way we always find ourselves. Like a pair of doves who are always seen together at a church tower, that’s the way we love each other. We are tied together until the end.  Like two palm trees that grew together alone on the field, that is the way we always are.  Like two stars that look as one in the open sky, that’s the way we love each other.   If you jump I jump, If you fly I try, Nothing else matters if you are by my side.  If you walk I move, if you win I succeed, if you are feeling sad, I also feel the same.  We are soul mates.   We are one, sharing one heart. Our souls always seek each other and you are for me.  There is no doubt I am perfectly for you.  We are soul mates.    You are for me and our destinies are tied together.  We have identical feelings, so I am for you.  Like two rain drops, you are for me.  You are for me because I always follow your way.  I am for you becau
Gone For The Summer
Dear friends, fans and other fu-dudes and dudettes,   This summer your neighbourhood clowny is taking a bit of a break from the internet. From July 12th till August 23rd Im not going to be online. I will be taking a long summer break. I will be at the beach mostly with friends and family. I really had a long work year and could use a good break. I hope im not forgotten. Keep in touch and make sure i get alot of love when im gone.   clowny
She Needs A Good Leveling !!!
Two For Two On Offers
  im two for two today on being blocked though this one blocked unblocked and sent messages what a bitchboy the ultimate cool kidd reloaded : dianmonds for blow jobs must be your slogan : ohh whatever... : more so, you lost.... just with the uppity attitude ->: oviously you are superman since I quote,,you cant handle me anyway" un quote,, Im not boasting there big boy you are : and you haven't shown any reason to have gained my respect ->: its not about getting over myself and Im not better then anyone, I just expect a certain amount of respect, which you havent shown : and i could do that.. i just said yum, meaning you look wonderful hun, but you had to take it the wrong way : not really, but you're the typical woman, i'm better than you type.. and have to put a guy down.. i never said i'm super man, maybe super kinky and open.. but damn girl, get over yourself ->: dont go away hurt, , theres someone in fu who will go
Check This Out!
Hey what's up everyone, I tried posting this as a Mumm,  but for some reason it was considered nfsw. I don't know why, but now I'm posting this as a blog. Take a look at this pic, click on the link: Do you think that this looks like the shape of a heart to you? P.S. While you're at it, rate & comment this pic. In fact, rate, comment, fan, & add me as a friend lol!
Warning To Veterans....
Test May Have Exposed Vets To Deadly Diseases Peter D'Oench Warning To Veterans About Risk Of Infection MiamiVA Healthcare System urges testing because of improperly sterilized tubes used In endoscopic procedures between 2004 and 2009 The Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System (MVAHS) has a warning for 3,260 veterans who were patients in endoscopic procedures during a 5-year period: Come in for free tests because there's a chance you were exposed to hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV. MVAHS says those affected are veterans who had endoscopic procedures between May 2004 and March 12, 2009. Doctors say some of the tubing used was not disinfected according to the manufacturer's recommendations. A special Care Call center has been set up that is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Veterans can call (305) 575-7256 or toll free, 1-877-575-7256 to speak with staff and schedule an appointment at any of the VA clinics in Miami, Broward, Homestead or Key West. Letters are als
for those who are interested to know....not braggin, just info :) married life is wonderful! we are so happy together and i feel so at peace:) nova just got new job so no more driving 100 miles a day for work. i am loving the new nursing unit i am on. all our boys are together for the month and gettin on wonderfully. plans now are looking to purchase a house.   cant wait for the honeymoon in mexico in july. i have never felt so content :)
To All My True Friends Please Listen?
I will be getting another account once this one has been deleted NEW NAME will be Fantasy Rose. Or Just look up the email!
I'm Up For Auction! Auction run by:[[RadioXshow]]™@ fubarRock on!Shawn
I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this but i've been getting a lot of viewers lately with a .com in their status. I've also been getting viewers with .com's in their names and viewers using their profile about me sections to promote other websites. Does anyone else feel like they are being spammed every time they see something like this...or is it just me?
How Could I Resist
  so I got this shoutbox message this morning, and i know your thinking how did i resist the urge to earn those macy gift cards, I thought about it for about .1 nanoseconds then I came to My senses and realized I should wait for at least a offer for a gas card or a walmart card     WOW what an attractive and sexy woman you are...can you please look at my profile and tell me if I am too old to be your real life Sugar Daddy for maybe once a month?....I would love to just taste your pussy for maybe 20 minutes then in return I will give you a Macy's gift certificate so you can buy some new shoes...let me know what you think...PS: I am from   so if your interested in earning a few macys gifts cards contact tongue4sweetclit, hes such a charmer, he almost made me hurl My breakfast damn i need more coffee, laughs
"can This Happen In America?"
Wednesday, May 20 2009|9:18 PM   After reading this letter one can not help but think that the assumption that somehow we are operating under a free market economy is just an illusion. From American Thinker: Letter from a Dodge dealer letter to the editor My name is George C. Joseph. I am the sole owner of Sunshine Dodge-Isuzu, a family owned and operated business in Melbourne, Florida. My family bought and paid for this automobile franchise 35 years ago in 1974. I am the second generation to manage this business. We currently employ 50+ people and before the economic slowdown we employed over 70 local people. We are active in the community and the local chamber of commerce. We deal with several dozen local vendors on a day to day basis and many more during a month. All depend on our business for part of their livelihood. We are financially strong with great respect in the market place and community. We have strong local presence and stability. I work every day the store is
Virtual Vs Reality
You Know You Wanna!! *wicked Grin*
  Can you please rate this pic for me? I am in contest for a cherry bomb! Feel free to bid to own me also If you want! Have a GREAT day!Love up on the host too!:)just click the pic to rate!    
Two Haiku
MistThe soft cooling mist,sweetest breath of the morning.Inhale a new day!++++++++++++++  SunsetThe warmth of the dayslips into the night's softness.Exhaling sunset...
What A Fake!
so i noticed someone on my friends list had ripped the picture of my bike that i built  and they now have it in their default album  ,whats up with this ? i can prove to anyone with a live video the bike is sitting in my carport not only that but if you ask sexlady  from shawnee ok  she can tell you the bike belongs to me so why would someone rip my pic and put it in their default?
To Be Human
To be human is to have the ability to rationalise the concepts of your own personal awareness of the conscious and subconscious mind and how the 5 senses react and interact with the world around us. With this interaction come the self awareness of the interaction of the morals and values that we place upon the ego and the identity of oneself. We have the ability to rationalise and to recreate ourselves into a new life and to rise above some of the baser instincts and limitations that we subconsciously and consciously place upon the psyche and those to judge right from wrong. To understand a view point wit the ability to choose say an act rather for or against the moral being of the character of I or of the ego. So through self understanding of the ego or of the I should bring a self awareness that there is a moral implication in all things that we do, form our actions, our speech and our body language. Only with interaction of our physical selves in the world do we have the fortitu
I Failed
Take my eyes, take my heart, i'll need them no more, if never again they fall upon the one I so adore  
Mexico Or Not
Good Morning, Mexico or not? That is the question. We said not! The reasons for this move. First off it is during the week of April 3rd thru April 10th Spring break in the Coloma School system however that is not a reason for not going with the group. The biggest reason we chose was the money it would cost to attend this trip. $1200.00 per person. Bonnie and I $2400.00 ah that is quite a lot of dollars for this Michigan boy. Secondly or my second reason being is that we have two planning couples in the group. It’s their way or the highway. It is an all-inclusive resort. One price and you eat and drink until your earlobes burst! However these two couples would plan when dinner when lunch when this when that and I would almost expect to have to raise my hand to use the bathroom…Thirdly it is Mexico, drug lord wars and killings daily sure one could stay on the property but then I would be 7 days hostage with couples we like but do not want to hate by the end of the trip. Fort
Sexy Men Contest
The Candy Shop will be holding more contests.  The next contest is for the men. It's the "sexy men" contest. So, men, if you think you got that sexy going on or ladies if you think your man has it (with his permission) get in on this contest!   It will be alot of fun. Pics MUST be SFW and mail the pic link of your choice to the Candy Shop by this Friday.  We would like to start this contest on Sunday.   We will also be holding an aution soon in support of our troops and are looking for military of any branch to join the auction.  A more detailed blog will be posted for that in the future. A salute is required to participate in all contests, etc. Thanks for looking and have a sweet day! When i wrote this blog, I was under the impression the contest was to begin Sunday,it has begun today, Saturday.In order to give EVERYONE IN THE CONTEST adequate preparation time, the folder is shut down for approz. 1 hour. 1 pic is already flagged too! NO BS WILL BE TOLDERATED! ALL pics are going
Better Now, Cheers
As some of you know, I've felt pretty rough the past week or so with some stomach-y thing.  I feel a lot better now though, thank you.  I had my first coffee for a week again this morning, and my appetite's back.  So cheers for teh well wishes and that. Also, I've been at capacity photo-wise for EVER on here, but I just cleared some shit out, so if anyone did a photo that was of them holding up a small piece of paper that said "kins" on it, and I didn't rip it, it's not that I didn't like it or think it was good, it was that I had nowhere to put it, but I do now, so link me, I might be able to rip it now.  Or something.
Ride With The Devil
I saw this film last night.  It is a old film, well, like, not a new one, I don't mean it is in black and white or anything.  It is by Ang Lee who is a chinaman that made 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'Hulk' and 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon'.  In it, Spider-man and Skeet Ulrich off of the Scream movies ride around with long hair, and a lot of other men with long hair, shooting other men in blue coats in THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR.   Things happen, and they call black people the 'n' word a lot, and then Skeet Ulrich gets shot and more things happen, and Spider-man has to grow up and face things.  Jewel is in it, who is a girl that used to be a pop singer.  It is good, because a lot of things that might have happened in other films don't happen in this one.  Like, Skeet Ulrich and Spider-man grew up as childhood friends, but at no point do they find themselves on differing sides of a fight and have to evaluate their childhood friendships, like what often happens.  Also, when people die, they ju
Iron Maiden
ok a blog about me i dont know why but i found myself listing to old iron maiden why i dont know its like 2;30 am and im going out of my mind  
You know there are times when I envy machines. They feel nothing at all. They are unbiased, analytical, calculating, unemotional machines for lack of a better term. They don't feel pain, remorse, heartache, jealousy, fear, hate, nothing. They go about their existance with nothing but the task at hand concerning them. If they ever do something wrong it is corrected in a millisecond and no one is the wiser. When an equation comes along that does not compute it is rejected and moves on to the next in line. Nothing ever confuses or concerns a machine and nothing ever will. It will make a life or death desicsion before it's even thought of in a human mind. This probably does not make sense but at times.....I really do envy them.
Wmd Shoot
The WMD shoot is finally over. Yesterday was spent baking in the sun at the Mojave desert and today was at a sound stage in Santa Monica. Great shoot, footage, crew, actors and good times had by all. I really think this movie is starting to come together.
Pot Of Gold
              WYKD Radio Presents               Pot O' Gold!!     ~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~   There is Currently 500  fubux in the pot to Start off each Week!                                       ~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~ Entries Will be placed in a folder on My Page   It will have the persons Name and Current   amount of Tykts ,also you will find the pot of gold picture with the current amount of fubux.             ~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~
King Of Betrayal
I've had it up to here with you And all the shit that you've brought Into my life, now it ends Just to think I thought you friend How the fuck did you think You'd get away with what you did, And what you said, and what you've done, I'll take no more, come get some I'll smash you down from your imagined state Drag you down from reality Show to you the real way, the real life And what it all means The memory of pain lasts for days But you've not seen the brutality That I'll deliver, and I will The pain you'll feel, will last for years Betrayer King of betrayal Betrayer King of betrayal So if you think your gonna get Away with this, think again I'm on your trail, I'm on your case I'll track you down I will avenge Betrayal is not a thing I take to heart very well Now you've added murder in I'll make your life a living hell
One Day Closer
I never said I wanted this This useless thing called life is fucken full of shit I can't decide if I should die Or contemplate the sins I've seen within the signs I've tried to see, something in me Something that tells me what my future paths will bring But of the paths that I seek They all show me that life is not what it seems One day closer No more ever When evil calls And makes a stand I will be there to hold up my bloodied hands My eagerness for death then shall be put aside I hate you, and your kind Your senseless way of life is fucken worse than mine Your not immortal, and you know this Just one day closer then your life will not exist The time is near, your final breath And soon you'll know what life will be like after death Your lifeless eyes, they stare at me You should be grateful that I let your soul go free I have to make, the most of this This sickness that I have that only death can fix I'm not immortal, and I know this Just one day closer then my life will not exist
Check It Out
  Come check me out. Please rate and comment me. Click on it.      
Prolog To My Book
In nature there exists a balance of all God’s creation; each level of the food chain is regulated by the next level.  The sick and weak are removed from the herds by the predators that stalk them.  This regulates the populations and keeps disease from infecting the entire herd.  This is so with all things.  Many say that vampires do not exist, but they are wrong, there are those who claim vampires are creations of the devil, but again, they are wrong.  Satan does not hold the power of creation, only the power to corrupt, and destroy.  Vampires are the ultimate predators, they exist within the balance.  Their purpose is simple; they prey on the sick, and those who would prey upon Society.  This is their purpose within the balance.  As with all things, there exists the Travita, to ensure they do not, tip the balance in the wrong direction.  The Travita is the ruling class of vampire, the royal family that enforces the laws of the vampire race………..
Hey just giving an update... I'm LIVE at Wicked Temptations Lounge!!!! You should come check it out....
Amazing Applications
Anyone who knows me, knows I love my cell phone. I have probably owned more cell phones in 4 years than an average person will own in a lifetime. Face it, I'm a cell phone geek. I currently own a Blackberry Curve through Verizon. This will be my 3rd time owning one. No matter which phone I go to, I always end up coming back to the Blackberry Curve. It's pink.....and I
R.i.p Lil Angel
he is gone before he even got a chance in this world no little cry no one am feedings gone from everyones life his mother and father sit and cry no comforting words to make their saddness go away he is gone in heaven now he does cry smiles and tears oh lil angel who is gone from us all we will never forget thee you will be in everyones heart till we see you again you are now watching over mommy and daddy waiting for them to come home to you (a poem to my lil godson Isaiah Lee Shepherdson)
Run... Run Away
Alone in my room I close my eyes I see night I see dark Alone in the dark, my thoughts fade away I breathe in and I breathe out The oxygen erasing doubt …. I WANT TO RUN! I want to soar above my self Above my thoughts worries and pain I want to run and run away and let my feet take the reign Let them take me where they must Because my self I do not trust Let them carry me away I see the ground move like a movie in fast forward With my thoughts behind me I have no worry no care I have nothing more than the peace my feet do share I wish that I could keep running Running and never stop Running and running while I’m floating up on top Because the pit pat of my shoes … Erases everything … …And every things ok
Wedding Day Dance
Eyes meet hands touch To feel this feeling…. Such a rush To see your face and touch your lips To feel your hands upon my hips Amazing… Stars shine bright We dance in night Round and round my heart we dance We cant escape this lucid trance Unbelievable … I follow… you guide Two steps forward, one to side Just me and you A love we knew Living a dream… Hearts thumping thoughts a mess You look at me in my white dress We say our vows and then were done Our life together has now begun I love you .
Child Of Abuse
Spinning twisting turning Round and round my bed Spinning twisting turning Fighting thoughts inside my head Yelling screaming hitting I’ve seen it al before Yelling screaming hitting She’s laying on the floor Bedtime nightmares darkness I don’t want to sleep Bedtime nightmares darkness Memories I don’t want to keep Memories flashbacks horror I’m scared to close my eyes Memories flashbacks horror Lost with in your lies Depression murder lost I swear with my right hand Depression murder lost I still don’t understand Confusion grief refuge Listen to what I say Confusion grief refuge I try to run away Hurt despair discomfort I remember every touch Hurt despair discomfort And it became to much Searching wanting needing Answers I cant obtain Searching wanting needing Happiness I cant gain Words knives wounds All hurt so deep inside Words knives wounds Now I know you lied Hopeless death suicide I had to end it all Hopel
A Parents Worst Nightmare
Who Will Trade???
I need about 1.5Mil to level to disciple.' I am willing to make a deal for an auto or vip. I would prefer to make a deal for an auto or cherrybomb bling. I am willing to pay 6 MIL for an auto or cherrybomb bling! If you have any other ideas on making a deal plz feel free to mention them to me. PLease either comment on this blog or pm me if you are willing to make the trade. I hope someone will be willing, I am so close to leveling! Thank you for your time....  
In A Perfect World
They met one night in a crowded room He spoke, she responded Polite banter at first Neither realizing That destiny had begun to loom So many similarities So many interests shared Too many to be coincidence Neither of them cared With every question asked A new layer was revealed Two souls reunited Their fate already sealed A smile, a laugh Words unspoken They knew if not careful Hearts would be broken Their fire burned white- hot from the first No time to waste, so much to say An unquenchable thirst "In a perfect world" he'd gently say And she'd sigh And the time would keep slipping away.
Never Have I Fallen
Your lips speak soft sweetness Your touch a cool caress I am lost in your magic My heart beats within your chest I think of you each morning And dream of you each night I think of your arms being around me And cannot express my delight Never have I fallen But I am quickly on my way You hold a heart in your hands That has never before been given away
If I Could
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.
You Must Refrigerate Your Milk To Prevent It From Spoiling. But How Do We Protect Our Hearts?
A warm sensation fills my body My heart races with every touch The softness of your voice soothes My soul As I lay there hoping the moment Will never end Calling out for you Praying that you'll never let me go The sensation so strong I can no longer feel my body Slowly I fade in and out of reality In an instant the warm sensation Fades away My heart empty My soul torn apart Lying there; wondering where I went Wrong Calling out for you, only to find there is no answer My mind invaded with thoughts So cruel and unrefined The sensation of fear of what's to come Slowly the reality over powering The lust and fantasy Leaving me empty Confused on how to think or feel The loneliness I feel So wretched and compelled Betrayal to myself Revealing the terrors of my love
What Now
I looked forward to sleep. Sometimes I dream, and you are there. And then I realize, Here's the reality of my life I've come to hate. Careless whispers heated the coldness of my smile. Once upon a time, Long sexy strokes of confidence coloured my skin, Because then, You were there. I don't know if I'll ever forget How you made everything to me Seem complete. You were the passion underneath the harshness of those tidal waves. They used to sink me and drown me. And then, You gave your breath to me, And then I tasted the sweet flavor of life. Now, I need to break the intricate web, You have woven around me. Safety cradles me like a soft lullaby. But then, That was the only song I wanted to hear. And then, you threw it away. Bittersweet sensations, Lingered like an unwanted scar. You hid me far away from the painful truth, And then You tossed your heart high into the nighttime sky. Far enough, I cried because I couldn't see it. Now, I look forward to sleep. I can dream, When you were there
Have You Ever
Have you ever cried at night,Thinking it was bad,Have you ever lost a love,The only thing you ever had,Have you ever screamed out loud,From pain that you have felt,Have you ever stopped and looked,At pain that you have dealt,Have you ever questioned someone,Of love and if its true,Have you ever really wondered,If they truly feel for you,Have you ever felt abused,Or worried while you wait,Have you ever made a big huge deal,Over someone being late,Have you ever had them leave,And watched them walk away,Have you ever thought of leaving,But could only sit and stay,Have you ever hurt someone,And looked at what you’ve done,Have you ever been the one that’s hurt,And thought that you were the only one,Have you ever loved another,And never told them so,Have you ever tried to tell them,But didn’t know how it would go,Have you ever been alone,Where no one else could see,So you sat at home remaining unknown,having nowhere else to be.I’ve felt this way before,I
Something Cute!
Fu Weather forcast..... Warm Hugs and Scattered Kisses for TODAY.... Temps HOT and STEAMY... Friendly BREEZES picking up and BLOWING kisses through the EVENING..... SHOWERS of Love expected OFF and ON
Where Do I Even Begin?
The government has gotten out of control. The country is heading down the road to socialism and fascism. "Oh No!! Fascism is bad!! Bush was a fascist!!" Wrong! Here's the deal: most people don't even know what fascism is. They just call bush one because everyone else does. They think that fascism is just about waging war and stuff like that. That, my friends, is a load of bunk. Fascism is when the Government Indirectly controls businesses. Does that sound familiar? Hmm, i don't know, i wonder, oh wait a second! that shit is happening now!! This president promised drastic change. Well i'm pretty sure that an historically massive debt, an intense weakening of our defenses and a government that thinks it can do whatever it wants is drastic change. They promised that the so-called stimulus package would keep the unemployment rate below 8%, well it's already over 9% the stimulus has, in fact, made it worse. Places are going out of business like mad. They treat terrorists
Staph Now...
staph infection...seems to be doing better though...waiting for culture to zero in on the particular one....a day at a time...he is in great spirits just wants to get home certainly...celtic
Leveling Blog 459
  biggun@ fubar       27k to Level  
Suddenly You
a short poem of mine lol enjoy.... suddenly you were in my life my gray skies turned to blue all i wanted was to be near you keep you by my side forever and ever no more tears no more rain and no more soul renching pain forever and ever by each others side till the day we die .  
Millions Of Peaches (if Youre A Girl, You May Get Offended, Be Warned)
So, Im moving to Georgia for the next few months. Kinda sudden but its all for the good. Georgia is the peaches state. And in some ways Im bothered by that.  I went to Georgia a few weeks back and there are some very ugly women there. Im serious. Its so bad that after a few days, the homely ones start to look better and better. I wonder if my standards will go down.  Theres a song by The Steve Miller Band called the Joker, and theres my favorite line of all time "really love your peaches, want to shake your tree". So I use the term peaches alot, in reference to women and titties (some girls out there are going....ohhhhhh, so thats what). But once again, Im worried. Being in the peaches state, will these women live up to the hype? There are many different kinds of tits out there, and only a few that can really be considered peaches. Theres the nipple on the bottom, the extremely oversized nipple (the kind that overwhelms the breast), theres the superbig titty that hangs way too low, and
Our Troops
I saw a picture just now on someone's page that really got to was of a soldier kneeling in front of a long row of army helmets..and the capition reads....his best friend lost his life today...You should thank him..It really hit close to home .I have several friends serving in Iraq right now... So to all our and women alike..I thank you...and God Bless!
Open Your Eyes
I love you Can't you see I'm not trying to hurt you Don't turn your back on me Don't make me cry Don't make me wait Tell me now Don't hesitate Tell me you love me Tell me you care Don't just leave me I need you there More than ever I need you now To stay with me To make a vow To promise me Our love is true So,I'll tell you again I love you!  
Economic Stimulas Plan?
This is from an article in the St. Petersburg Times Newspaper on Sunday. The Business Section asked readers for ideas on "How Would You Fix the Economy?" I think this guy nailed it! Dear Mr. President: Please find below my suggestion for fixing America 's economy. Instead of giving billions of dollars to companies that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan. You can call it the Patriotic Retirement Plan : There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force. Pay them $1 million apiece severance for early retirement with the following stipulations: 1) They MUST retire. Forty million job openings - Unemployment fixed. 2) They MUST buy a new American car. Forty million cars ordered - Auto Industry fixed. 3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage - Housing Crisis fixed.It can't get any easier than that! If more money is needed, have all members of Congress and their constituents pay their taxes...
My Heart, Body And Soul
Understand what's meant by the look of an eye, the depth, the meaning, as beautiful as a blue sky. The feeling of a touch, by a person that means so much, and how it tingles through your spine. When all you can see, is the life with you and me, and knowing no one like this again will I find.   Still I wonder... Is this it?  Am I done?  Have I found what I've been looking for? How will I know?  Where will I go? Am I done with that door? Will I stick with her, for as long as I live, and be happy for all eternity? Or will this all wither, after all the time I'm with her,
A Dream
Sitting under the the moon, Looking into our eyes. They twinkle and shine, Like the stars in the sky.   The touch of your hand, Your strong and warm embrace. The tears start to fall, At the touch of your face.   To feel you hold me in your arms, And tell me how you feel. Means so much to me, It proves our love is real.
Bid On Me!
  Bid now!   GO HERE TO BID ON ME:
What I need... A MAN OR WOMAN A man who thinks I am beautiful.A man who tells me I am beautiful.A man who helps me up if I fall and asks "babe, are you ok?"A man who loves me for me, even with all my immature and childish glory.A man who will go out in the middle of the night, on his own, to get me medicine when I am sick.A man that can stand on his own two feet.A man who is with me because he wants to be, not because I am "the safest bet".A man that is my best friend and lover.A man who will be the first to tell me "Happy Birthday" on my Birthday.A man who respects me.A man who makes me laugh, even when I'm crying.A man who will never make me cry on purpose.An honest man.A loyal man.A caring man.A man who doesn't always have to pretend to be macho.A man who is at least nice to my friends (even if he doesn't like them)A man who will cuddle me all night long.A man who will always show me he loves me.A man I never have doubts in, even if I don't agree with what he's doing.A man I don't
Well the Stommish water festiveal was awsome. Sorry if you missed out. Been home for over a Week now got to visit a good majority of my relatives. Lifes good got a roof over my head food in the fridge and Im going to get my son back after a long and slow process of treatment and court bs!!! But I got God on my side and he is restoring my life to the way it was before I gave it all to drugs and trouble. I got to go to California and Travel From St. John BC All the way to the Boarder of Mexico and Cali. I also been to east as far as Salt Lake City. I have had a good life expierience for the things I been through and Just want to Say I Thank you to all My Freinds and Fans. And everyone God put infont of me to give my Testimoney to. I'm not a Religous person Just chose to live a lifestyle and thank my Creator for every thing he's done for me. Much love :)
Im Scared
Who's Willing To Make A Deal??
Ok i have a deal to make with anyone willing i need an auto but i only have 2,131,917 but i'm willing to give it away for one auto 11 if you are kind enough to help i will not only send you the fubuck's but send you 10K every week for a month if you would like to make this deal please leave a message or shout me  i do pay so don't worry about being ripped off not that kinda person hope to talk soon
Psycho Annoying Horny Birthday Bar Bish
The problem with being a single male, is occasionally a whacked out single female focus's on you.  I just finished my extra long day.  A 10 hour shift, followed by a 4 hour board meeting. Every 1st & 3rd monday of each month is like this.   I hadnt had dinner and decided to treat myself to an order of chicken wings and mini-tacos at the local watering hole.  I just wanted to relax, unwind, have peace. As soon as my food is brought out -this woman comes over, sits next to me, her thigh touching mine, and starts raping my ear.  Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.  My food was there - I would have asked for takeout, had I known what was in store for me.  I tried: Involving other people in conversation Watching the tv which required me to turn away from her Ignoring her When all of these failed -I started to eat so fast, and point to my mouth as to say - I cannot talk -my mouth is full of food.  None of these tactics worked.  Blah Blah Blah Blah BlahBlahBLAHBLAHBLAH I gave short
New Blog
i made a new blog!
Great Customer Service
Brooks, Katie, and I went to gold and silver last night. Sometimes you just need a pussy in your face without the need to yet your face wet, and this was one of those times.  There are a few things that bother me, and usually its the same things everytime I go. So I would like to share.  It seems to me there are three kinds of strippers. There is the artistic dancer - the ones that really get into their role. There are the zany talkers - the ones that are always talking to someone while dancing. And there are the paycheck dancers - I take it these ones really dont like men.  I guess Im not your average guy. I like to watch the dancers face. Dont get me wrong, I look at everything else. But when a dancer is focusing on me, I like to make eye contact, I like a sweet smile. And I consider it good customer service when they make eye contact back, and smile.  Now usually, the artistic dancers give great customer service, and they are great at the lost art of suggestive selling. Some
For Shirlee
FOR SHIRLEE  S = Sexy that's what you are, H = Happy is how you make me feel, I = I & You together for the rest of our lives, R = Ring of love that surounds us, L = Loving you with all my heart, E = Excitement at being your chosen one, E = Enchanting you are to me. ------------XXXXXXX------------
Reasons Why
Reasons Why Our love is the long lasting kind;We’ve been together quite awhile.I love you for so many things,Your voice, your touch, your kiss, your smile. You accept me as I am;I can relax and just be me.Even when my quirks come out,You think they’re cute; you let me be.   With you, there’s nothing to resist;You’re irresistible to me.I’m drawn to you in total trust;I give myself to you willingly. Your sweet devotion never fails;You view me with a patient heart.You love me, dear, no matter what.You’ve been that way right from the start. Those are just a few reasons whyI’ll always love you like I do.We’ll have a lifetime full of love,And it will happen because of you.
Profiles That Really Fuckin Bother Me...still
1. Folks that have there profiles set as private. Whats the point? This is myspace right? A community network. What are these people hiding, and who are they hiding it from?2. The hearts before and after their name. These girls are what I like to call maneaters. Chew em up and spit em out. From my experience they are all the same. If youve seen Heathers, then you know what Im talking about.3. Profiles with no Pictures. What is wrong with your face? Everyone has a camera phone or a scanner. 4. Profiles with bad pictures. Almost as bad as having nothing at all. Lets see, im gonna wake up and take my picture first thing. What are these people thinking? Let me take the ugliest picture I can, I dont have anything to prove. And yet, Im gonna get dressed up to go to the grocery store.5. Bad layouts. I can tolerate most anything. Except when I have to scroll horizontally for 3 hours to post a comment. 6. Body shots. Theres nothing wrong with showing skin to the world. Im just a little bothered
Internet Dating...stupid People
Internet Dating...Stupid people So it seems that Im destined to meet really fucked up people through internet personals. I think I come off as sarcastic and pretty direct. So why are women always so surprised when I say something? And I didnt know people were really that fucked up and ridiculous. Maybe Im an optimist.Fast Food - Weve been talking for awhile. And though she seems a little odd, I figure we meet dinner. She tells me her fiance died from a car bomb in iraq a few years ago, and in the next sentence she says, this pizza isnt too bad. She goes on to tell me she lost her job and started living in her car, and had to sell her engagement ring.  I change the subject because, well, i didnt know what to say (I know, weird huh?). The date ended ok, but I got the feeling something was missing. So we go out again, to olive garden. I order the cheese wedges appetizer. When they come, shes all weirded out. What are they? What do they taste like? What is that red sauce? What does it
Muh Ticker?
I have a ticker....I can't seem to catch it.   Think you could?
testing testing 1-2-3-is this thing on? Or should I just go live on air once or twice a week? Imagine? Stay
Fake People
I was talking to someone today and they said they need to change their life around and get rid of some the people they hang with cuz they are nothing but trouble. Well i have had riends like that, but when i told them that i need to get my life straightened out they just all ignored me. Now all they do is hate on me and give me dirty looks. The way i see it they are just mad at me cuz they just dont wanna settle down they wanna party and do what they do. Some of the girls that hate on me try to talk to me and wanna chill but y should i they just fake. I dont have time for drama or fake ass bitches.
Me And My Husband
As a lot of you have probably noticed my husband and i are going through a very rough spot in our marriage. We are currently seperated in terms of physically. We are however working onour marriage because we love each other so very much and know that what we have is very special. There are just somethings that need to be worked out.   At this time I feel that working on my marriage is the most important thing, therefore I ask there be no more flirty comments, I will be making my nsfw pics private, and I ask that those of you that are my friends please do not try and make our friendships into anything more. I am not single, I am not looking please repsect that. Thank you all that have been there. 
Spiders Come Ck Out New Trial Mamber
Please ck out this new Trial Member and make her feel welcome.  She has some health issues,  so will be out for a while,  she is going to have surgery,  but we have a couple of days to make her feel welcome before that happens.   ~Tigerprincess~25toLife~@ fubar   Hugz to all.
Been So Long Since I Been Here
still alive though lots been happening its 3.50am and i am a bit tired anyway must remember to come back here a bit more, my god they sorted the editing function out for the blogs, good stuff
Buy Rx Online Without A Prior Prescription Needed
Buy Rx Online Without A Prior Prescription Needed phone: 877-479-2455 email: info@BuyRxOnline.orgBuy Rx Online is proud to be able to bring you our wide selection of medicines, all of them are available to you online, 24x7. No Waiting for Doctors, you will enjoy Complete privacy, and you can order anytime, in your Own time, with No prior prescription needed! Now you can enjoy the convenience of ordering from your own home or office at the time that suits you!Let our free online prescription service at give you what you want. Having requested feedback from our repeat customers since 2004 we now have redefined the term Buy Rx Online.When you visit, you can be assured that you are browsing one of the most trusted and respected online pharmacies today. With a team of US licensed doctors to issue you a free prescription with your Buy Rx Online order, and US licensed pharmacies to ship FDA approved medication directly to your doorstep. All medi
Popping My Auction Cherry
[ photo: 872049038 ]
Wanna Reeka Fu-slave?
Yeah, so I'm in another auction... hopefully I get at least 1 bid this time :/
Come Bid On Me
Hey Come Check Me Out And Bid On Me
Up For Sale!!!!
come and place your bid on me
Memory Of Dimebag
"His Permanent Place" A Rock'n'Roll Soul That'll Never Grow Old, He Was SO Good And Died So Young. I Guess It's Like They Say,He Was Too Great To Stay. Dimebag Was His Name, A Childhood Moniker That Stuck. Diamond Was Another Name They Called Him By, But His Real Name Was Darrell. Not Very Rock Was His Given Name,Dimebag Was Cooler. The Best Of His Generation,A Pure Musician That Changed The Scene, Not Since Jimi And Stevie Have We Been So Blessed,With A New Sound From An Old Axe. He Slung It With Rage,And He slung It With Style. Let's Hope He Finds Peace Now And Slings It In Grace. Let's Hope He's Found Heaven His Permanent Place.
The Pact Of The Witch
You have been dabbling in black magicYour ending will be tragicYou will be burnt at the stakeMake no mistake No chance of redemptionNo divine interventionYou have been practicing the black artsThat is where your downfall starts You have been condemned as a witchThe onlookers will watch you twitchYou will be consumed by fireOn your funeral pyre You are going to HellYou have cast your last spellTo your utter consternationYou face eternal damnationShe remains defiant in the face of deathNailed to the crossAccused of treachery and witchcraftShe was only true to her soulShe had a taste for adventureShe could bewitch and beguileShe was fantastic companyA party animal who also had a sensitive sideShe loved romantic trips to Paris and RomeShe liked expensive clothesHer lovers would spend all their money on herBut that was not enough to keep her closeShe always felt the need to moveAlways uncomfortable in one single placeA thirst for excitement which had to be quenchedMany of her partners becam
"god Saves"
Drink Drank Drunk????
you wake up one morning and realize.  did i drink too much or did i just have a good time.. that is my battle.. about 4 times a night.  i work a full 40-50 hrs a week and make pretty good money, but .......... it doesnt stop the thoughts.  fuck the drama.. this is a point in the moment.  juss saying.
With fingers lingering over tempted flesh, you kiss my lips tenderly,Our tongues become one as we slowly tease and taunt each other...taking each other in deeper and deeper..drinking in the sweet nectar. Feeling your lips and tongue caress my neck,my shoulders and my breasts, you lightly brush them with kisses.You tease me with little nibbles here and there, making my skin tingle and long for more. With a brush of your hand, you tease me in such a way that awakens a part in me that i never knew was there. Stroking, nibbling, teasing, tasting each other...We explore every inch of our bodies together..only to heighten what will come. In an instant you have me arching my back, moaning and quivering as the heights of orgasmic wave hits me over and over again. I beg for you to stop, but with an evil grin and a seductive look in your eyes that i knew what i was in for,You kept going and never stopping. You bring me to that peek time after time, untill i am in a little ball shaking and quiver
Lies              andLiars All I ever wanted Was crushed in one foul swoop I trusted you with my entire soul Everything that you told me I now know were lies Thank you for losing my trust in you Those sweet words meant nothing to you I should have known Seen through all the bullshit I can never trust you again Those lies ring in my head Oh how I wish they were true But lies never beget truth Neither do liars, I can see that that now Plunging these red hot words Deep into my person Nothing can make me better Why did you have to lie to me I would have accepted the truth No matter how it hurts me You know I can handle it But what I can't handle Are the words that spew from your lips Deep in my heart, I feel it Breaking slowly but surly How can you do this to me?! I never hurt you, Yet your hand is gripping this blade A pain so strong, so poignant It stays close to my breast I can't even look you in the eye I know you're not like this But you don't want to change Not even for the one
This Sucks
I want something (or someone you'll never know lol) so fucking bad  I can taste it. But I can't fucking have it and it's driving me insane!!!!
I'm in a foul mood today. I'm sick of my life and practically everything that comes with it. I need a serious getaway. I feel like I'm drowning and am not sure how much longer I can stay above the water. 
Someone To Love
Dont't even like to think about itI don't know what I could do without itI only know I live and breathe for your loveBaby you came to me in my time of needWhen I needed you, you were there for meBaby, the love from you is what got me throughIt's because of you I was able toGive my heart again, you gave meSomeone to love, Someone to touchSomeone to hold, Oh someone to knowSomeone to love, Someone to trustSomeone to hold, Oh someone to knowI thought I'd never love againI thought my life was over andI didn't want to face nor even see another daySuddenly from no where, baby you appearedYou dried my tears, you cared for meMaybe your love for me, truely rescued meIt's because of you, I was able toFall in love again, you gave me(hook)For so long in my life, I wouldn't let love insideBut I swallowed my pride the day you arrivedNow that you're by my sideEverything is all rightIt's because of you, you gave me(hook)
Someone....SomewhereDreams of your smileAnd while thinking of youThinks that life is worthwhileSo whenever your lonelyRemember it's trueSomeone....SomewhereIs thinking of you...
How To Get A Default Picture
How to add a default picture Step 1   Step 2   Step 3   Step 4   Step 5   Step 6   Step 7   Once you have a default picture, click the above picture to come back in!
A Little Political Humor
"The governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is angry with me. Fuming, angry, seeing red, and has called me 'pathetic.'...But, I won't kid you. I was feeling a little depressed when I heard that the Governor was mad at me and called me 'pathetic.' To cheer myself up, I went out and spent $150,000 on clothes, and I feel better now." --David Letterman "What an honor it is for you to have me here, and what a thrill it is to bring my show to the men and women in the U.S. military in Iraq. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Iraq. The country so nice, we invaded it twice." --Stephen Colbert, airing his show in front of U.S. troops in Iraq as part of "Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando" "But you know, it must be nice here in Iraq, because I understand some of you keep coming back again, and again, and again. ... The good news is, you've earned enough frequent flier miles for a free ticket to Afghanistan." --Stephen Colbert "You know who was in town this weekend, went to a Yankee game? Sarah
Taken Down
Taken Down Taken down to the cold floor Taken down till our clothes were no more Taken down to feel your flesh burn Taken down through our lustful yearn Taken down to taste your sweet honey Taken down to finally become free Taken down to feel your tongue on me Taken down for you to please Taken down to lick your lips Taken down to create friction between your hips Taken down to hear you scream Taken down to complete this dream Taken down to drive deep inside Taken down so our skin would collide Taken down to be held close and tight Taken down to please My Fire tonight
ok, for all the folks from excito diabolus wondering why i left the lounge, this blog is for you. i left after some shit i was told by some friend i made in excito. and aaron, it's my business that i left, QUIT TELLING PEOPLE TO ASKE ME WHY I LEFT! I am done with aaron's drama. Uzza, you are still my friend. we are both mom's. Sorry to all those i may have pissed off.
You Were In My Dream
You were in my dream last night, you were,Just me and you, and then you met her,But you saw her lies, and that I only wantyou,You were in my dream last night, you were,Just me and you, and then you met her,But you saw her lies, and that I only want you,And you knew it your heart that my feelings were true,We were watching a film in the cinema just messingaround, Nothing naughty, then you turned around,You threw popcorn at me with a grin on your face,We threw sweets back and forth at a harmless pace.Then you say "haha, listen, I don't care about throwingpopcorn at you, I'm just messing around because I fancy you"You said it in an such an obvious toneEveryone else said "Well duh! All evening it's shown!"You said "I want to be your lucky girlfriend please"Then the whole room stood still like it was a freezeI looked at you a little startled and you look at me withyour grin Then after some thought with your lipsperched ready, I lean inThe kiss was something worth waiting forAnd I felt that
Dazed And Confused
what up?  still tryin to create me on here so be patient k?  party on!!!
My Baby Girl Is Having Surgery!
Found out a week ago that my baby girl has to have surgery on July 17th. She was injured at birth and has what is called Erb's Palsy. Basically her bracial plexus nerve was damaged when they pulled on her too hard after she got stuck. She literally had no ability to move her right arm for the first few months of her life. After a lot of therapy she was able to start moving it. I remember the first day I saw that happened I was so ecstatic i cried! She had therapy up until she was about 3 years old and for someone that knew nothing about her birth injury, she looked fine. However, we recently learned that due to a muscle imbalance if we don't do something now to correct it, when she is in her teens, her shoulder could come out of the socket and it could require extensive surgery! So in this surgery they are going to take some of the strong muscles from the front of her arm/shoulder and transfer to the back of the arm/shoulder. She will be in an arm brace 24/7 for at least 6 weeks. She w
Moving On Never Felt So Good.
Thanks   Good idea... I think I will write alittle more.   This was the first weekend in over a yr that I DIDN'T worry about some fuckin lounge.  I spent a lot of time with my kid.  Which I've come to realize that, more than ever now, that I was wasting my time with all the lounge BS.  Tony (my son) and I had a great time at home.  It was a rainy weekend, but for some reason playing inside didn't bother him as much.  Since I am a DJ by heart and trade, I always have the tunes going.  We were dancing so much, I could hardly keep up with him.  Another thing I hadn't done with Tony in a long time. Anyway, I am extremely happy that I'm spending more time with my son.  The last blog I wrote helped me learn who the REAL assholes were.  They showed their true colors and now I have them blocked.   I love the fact if you speak up about a certain lounge.  That the owner YIM bombed me,  LOL.  Shit, I haven't played with a bomber since AOL was cool.  LMAO!   Funny that it didn't do anything t
Feeling Cheeky Today
I guess I am in the mood to set something on fire. If not the house then it might as well be you.  
From a strictly mathematical viewpoint it goes like this:what makes 100% what does it mean to give MORE than 100%? ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? we have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%? what makes up 1005 in life?Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions:If:A BC DEFGH I J K L M N O P Q R S T U VW X Y Z1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26Than:H-A-R-D-W-O-R-K8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11=98%And:K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5=96%But,A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=103%And,B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T-2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20=103%AND,look how far ass kissing will take you.A-S-S-K-I-S-S-I-N-G1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7=118%So one can conclude with mathematical certainty that while hard work and knowledge will get you close,and attitude will get you there, it's the bullshit and ass kissing that will put you over t
Help This Soldier Out
thumper_07@ fubar click link in comment to go to her page! thank you!
Future Car Ride
We are both riding in the carI don't know where we are goingWhen the wheel is in your handsYou always have to surpriseI can't stop looking at your face in the mirrorAnd you feel every movementSending a touch to my lipsWe are both riding in the carYou tell me it's going to be a long roadAnd I can fall asleepAnd after you will tell me all that happened to meI am not sleepingCounting stars through the holes in the blanketAnd with a cigarette in your mouth you sing with the radioA love songKiss me hardKiss me until it hurtsAnd the sun won't go downYou are one of a kindMy wonderful loveAnd I love youWe are both riding in the carI wish we could go on foreverAnd you thinkThat I fell asleep long ago and I am not listeningAnd you are with a cigarette in your mouthSinging to me with the radioA love songKiss me hardKiss me until it hurtsAnd the sun won't go downYou are one of a kindMy wonderful loveAnd I love you
Time To Vent. . . Literally!
Why me!?!  I've been borrowing a friend's car to get to n from work, ok.. . .Now the freind calls me up and tellsme I need to find another way to get to work. WTF!!!!!!  If I was able to afford the cab, I'd be taking a cab to work, but that means I'm basically working to support the cab company, and I have no other friends in the area to let me borrow their car for 3 hours a day.  It looks like i'm going to be losing my job because I don't have transportation and our lovely government refuses to help me maintain my employment! I'm having a hell of a time trying to come up the money to pay my bills that are coming due plus the money for a car at a local  Buy here, pay here place. I'm so tired of the universe screwing me that it's not even funny anymore!  Just for once why can't I be happpy and have something go my way!  WHY????
Rip Cpl Dube
A Canadian combat engineer, described as a great guy to be around, was killed in southern Afghanistan yesterday when one of two roadside bombs he was trying to defuse exploded. Cpl. Martin Dube, 35, was the second Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan in a week. The blast also killed an Afghan police officer and badly wounded an interpreter. SAVED LIVES In making the grim announcement at Kandahar Airfield, Brig.-Gen. Jonathan Vance said the "energetic" Dube was someone who believed in the Afghan mission and was eager to make a difference. "The IED that Martin was dismantling could have killed an entire family, as it was deliberately aimed at passing traffic," Vance said. "His actions, his sacrifice, saved the lives of innocents." Vance praised Dube, who was from the 5e Regiment du Genie de Combat based at CFB Valcartier, as a professional who was always willing to help anyone in need -- one of the main reasons he deployed to Afghanistan. The incident occurred shortly after noo
I Need A Few Referrals
I would like to work a deal out....for each referral you send my way, I would be more than happy to bomb you the next time I run a bomb. Please send me a private message to receive credit for your referral. Thanks !!
Auction Time Again
Hey my sexy fu'z click on pick n BID If you would like to own this CHEVYGRL :)  ALSO I AM OFFERING CAM CHAT AND OPEN TO MORE SUGGESTIONS (pm me)  
Hey Everyone I'm going up for my first Auction ya'll should so come by and show your support. It's at Devils Playground Friday June 19th starting at 8pm EST. Come in and show me some love!!!
Here I Fucking Go Again
i'm running again wild on a thin line borderline mania so profane in a memory of compromise a condition less favorable a feeling so unstable hold on baby here i fucking go again and you never questioned why you just never mind my neurotic ways i treat myself to death hold on baby here i fucking go again and this isnt a dream this isnt me in wonderland im not holding a piece of heaven no i was born a bad girl some say im still a bad girl with my pocket full of pills aand my body full of booze hold on baby here i fuckong go again im unable to show you the real me when im like this hold on baby here i fucking go again
Holy Crepe's
so i walked into the casino with 500$...and left with 60,000....  ho...lee.....shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT!!!!!!   okay....this is awesome....  bbl.... goin to dinner!     RP!
Buy Paxil Rx Antidepressant Online With No Prescription
Buy Paxil Rx Antidepressant Online With No PrescriptionBuyPaxilRx.comphone: 866-441-3579email: info@BuyPaxilRx.comBuy Paxil for an agent in a newer class of antidepressant medication known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Depression and anxiety disorders might be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. One of these chemicals is serotonin, which helps send electrical signals from one nerve cell to another. In the process, serotonin is released from one nerve cell (the sender) and travels to the next (the receiver), where it is either absorbed or returns back to the original sender cell.When you Buy Paxil it comes as a tablet to take it orally. It is usually taken once daily and may be taken with or without food. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor. Continue to Buy Paxil even if you feel well. Do not stop taking Paxil without talking to your doctor, especially if you have taken large doses for a long time. Your docto
I Love My Fries
If you all know the poem by mya Angelou "still I rise" this will be funny I wrote this for a class and thought it was funny and decided to blog it lol  Hope you all enjoy lol much love   I Love My Fries You may put me down as unhealthy with your, bitter, bad taste You throw me in the very grease, but still, like McDonalds, I love my fries. Do my French fries upset you? Why are you overwhelmed as if you bit a lemon? Cause I eat with no care and no dismay. Just like my mother and father with a smile on my face, and the sun overshadowing me, I love my fries. Did you want to see me hungry with dry mouth and with white lips? Hunched over, hurting from my growling stomach. Does my hunger offend you? Don't hate cause I eat as if it's my last meal on earth. I may eat a pizza or maybe even a salad but still, so delicious, I love my fries. Does the smell make you drool? Does it come as a surprise that my car smells like super size fries? From school to work, I love my fries, on my way
so today was pretty entertaining.=) went to the lake an bbq. swimmed an juss chilled . it was the shit.
It's Called...
You know I really do hate to sound like an asshole people, but why do we give others the power over us to dictate how we feel about ourselves??? It's called self esteem for a reason!!! Now I know that I'm not the most handsome guy, the buffest guy, or whatever people seem to hold in such high regard nowadays. However, what I am is, sure that I am who I am, and that there is not anyone else in the whole world like me!!! If that's not good enough for some of you, keep it pushin', have a nice day! Quit listening to other peoples' opinions on who you are and who you ought to be, because in the end it's only you and if you give someone else the power to dictate how you feel about yourself, you're only cheating yourself!!!
Joeli¢½">@ fubar
I just want this hell of a day to end. Nothing is going right at all. I feel like crying. Someone come cuddle and make me feel better!
Bid On 1 Auto11 Or Bomb (fu-bucks)
The highest bid wins ( fu-bucks)
Monday June15th,2009
Started my day with great news my lil brother coming home and I am excited.  Not sure if this is what the blogs are supposed to be.  I am enjoying fubar and my friends rock and so does my cousin.  So excited to see my little brother and having a great monday.
Judgments Set And Match
“Now these are the judgments which thou shalt set before them.”  Moses was not only up on mount Sinai with the LORD to receive the Ten Commandments while the Israelites sat and waited at the base of the mountain.  From the beginning of the twenty-first chapter of Exodus through the first third of chapter twenty-three, the LORD relates to Moses (and he later relates to the Israelites) these ordinances – a better translation of the King James Version’s “judgments” because they’re not meant as punishment in the sense of “pronouncing a judgment” but rather as a guide for relationships – regarding in detail what the final six commandments, the ones regarding our treatment of others from “honor thy father and thy mother” to “thou shalt not covet” touch on.  Note as we read that no matter is exclusive to one family or one household; God’s laws are for all. “If thou buy a Hebrew servant, six years
Together We'll Heal
Stupid People
I understand that sometimes things don't work out the way you want them to, but when a person doesn't know what they did to make you hate them (for some reason) don't you think they deserve an explanation? And if you decide they don't and you want to stick to your decision of not talking to them, then why do you check up on them? You either don't want to talk to them, or you grow up and realize that you were being immature and you do want them in your life. But you can't have both, so effin decide already. Either you are going to hate me forever (for something I apparently did...which I am clueless on) or you are going to grow up and talk to me. You decided...
I Am
No More
NO MORE (written by Ashley Nichole) I once was controlled by a force One bigger than anyone knew I was once bound by chains That I thought would never be loosed   At one point I felt guilty For everything in my past At one point I couldn't look at myself For fear that force would come back   I always longed to be happy And to live like a normal child I always longed for a reason And a hope of a life that was mine   Time has passed and I can see That pain is long gone now Those chains that had me locked away No longer have me bound   No more will I feel guilty For things that I have done I now can look at myself proudly And know that MY battle is won   I don't have to long for a life That is happy or carefree No more will I be controlled By this force that was inside of me I AM FREE
The Sweetness Inside Of Me...
As the say progresses on and I see no end to the bet that Seamus and I have, I have seen how nice it is to treat people with kindness ...   I know some of you are feeling a little lousy today so I give you this blog to swear and cuss and hate everything you need.. please feel free to kick rocks Also it would help me greatly if you would throw in a few choice words for me.... allowing me to live vicariously threw you....   I have to agree with Seamus its not the nice that's painful its the non perverted responses.     I love you all Wicked "the good girl"
My Personal Bill Of Rights
The Fête
“It’s on the counter in the living room.”“What?”Clearly, I was lucid as I offered these directions my mother. Every living room has counters, no? Suffice it to say, the party I hosted last night was fun. Number of people in attendance: Well over 50. Cars & trucks in my yard: Thirty, at any given moment.Glasses of wine in my hand: One. I’m classy, yeah? No more than one. Never, never less than one. Rigid, rigid are the constraints of a very classy gal.Number of stories told of the man with whom I’m supposed to go on a blind date: Two. If he survives the first date, I’m sure he’ll thank me for filling my neighbors in on the ridiculous things he says.Babies I didn’t hold at the party: One.Babies at the party: One.Number of times it was suggested to me that I make babies before I’m 40: One.The place at which my pre-40 conception will occur: On the counter in the living room.Obviously.I forgot to tell the men to pee arou
"give Em An Inch They Take A Mile"
from bob marley yes...but its fitting for this current situation. just 2 weeks ago an opportunity to expand art and artists expressions was brought to my co-partner and i of The Riverside Art Exchange. by a studio in a near by city. everything seemed kosher and on the up and up. but today we found out they want to take our event our idea...and switch it on us. and take it and rename it for them. change the dates we set up with them to better promote their gallery. haha...watching my friend jam a knife into my table as he was on the phone with one of the "studio" runners, made me realize things werent good. we found out about them...their scheme and half assed plan to rearrange what we've done so far. trusting them like men of their word because they said they were men of their word. as we are. seeing that they ruined their words and self image by bullshitting us. trying to get money out of us and the artists we know...with more confusing and rediculous plans. now its too l
A Moment With Miguel Pinero
Miguel Pinero is widely considered the king of the Nuyorican poets. This is a scene from the biographical movie "Pinero" starring Benjamin Bratt as Pinero.  He recites "seekin the cause" probably Pinero greatest poem. Enjoy and listen with an open mind.
Bunnies And Rainbows
this isn`t as easy as i thought it was gonna be. the being nice isn`t so hard the not perving part is killing me,i have had to backspace and retype at least 30 times so far today   i just stood in the back yard and watched the neighbors dog completely destoy a window screen just so he could stick his head out and look around   thats all i have
Who Wants Me
  Ok this is ment to be fun no drama please, I would like to know who all wants me on my friends list, what would you do if you had me all to yourself and could do anything you wanted to me? What would we do, where would we go? What kind of fantasy's do you have about me if any? Please let me know this could be interesting to read what my friends think about me or have thought about me... So let me know peeps now is your chance to tell me how you feel without the drama...
Come Rate My Profile Picture ....pls
Attached in comments is a link...pls click the link and rate Admireme 714 profile....It would just take a second of ur time.....ty
Who Wants To Show Me Around
cant wait to get there
Better To Keep My Mouth Shut...well Then Again
Monday, June 15, 2009 Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22) You are ready to share your ideas and they all make sense to you, until you open your mouth and start talking. Even the clearest thoughts become muddled as you try to explain yourself in greater detail. It would be wiser to skip the words and rely on your key planet Venus as she harmonizes with dreamy Neptune today. You can communicate what's important aesthetically or sensually; save the conversation for another day.
Goal #1: Achieved
I'll be moving into an apartment in Watertown on the 1st. Just me and my son. I've never lived alone like that before. Without a parent, or a boyfriend, or a roommate. Just him and I. Two against the world. I'm so excited right now. I'll be going back to my old job, seeing my old friends. I'll be closer my best friend! He'll be able to see his father every day again, which, even though I hate the man sometimes, I think is soooo important. I fieel like this is step one to getting my life back. Fuck, I never truly had a life. I feel like this is step one to achieving real happiness. I'm so terrified to live on my own. This will be so scary. I can't wait.
I Live To Love You(poetry)
I live to love youIt's what I long to doEvery minute you're awayIs a minute my soul quakesEvery moment you are nearIs a moment I hold dearI cherish every secondFor you my heart beckonsAnd no matter what we go throughRemember, I live to love you
Looking Back To That Day
Looking Back to That Day   Lying on the bed we created Our thoughts focus on the love we have shared We begin to recount the years I remember the first day my heart was ensnared My Fire’s soft voice whispering My ears bask in her ever word Her voice still fills my heart She is the most beautiful song I have heard My Fire smiles at me and I still melt Through the years of learning her touch There is one thing I know for certain An eternity in her arms is simply not enough
Grow The Fu-uck Up
ok heres the thing: women,i dont care if you can put your legs behind your head(curious),but not impressed guys,you need to stop telling the girls what you could do to them if you could,you wouldnt need e-sex,hahaha some people get online just to hang with friends and have fun they dont need the constant bombardment of sleaze do you treat your mother like that,i didnt think so i know that everyone is trying to level up,but people try leveling up your dignity and selfrespect guys,ask a girl how her day was,let her know shes special,let her know that shes unique,but not alone in this world. ladies,stop offering to show your goodies for "fu-cash" or e-bling(WTF?) COME ON PEOPLE GROW THE FU-UCK UP!!!!!!!!!! this place could be alot more fun if we didnt have to worry about whos gonna e-molest us next PEACE AND MMFWCL
Music To Mangle Your Mind...
Music To Mangle Your Mind is a show hosted by me on The show airs saturday afternoons from 2 - 6 PM live. The name of the show is a very old slogan that Nuclear Blast Records used. I do not play anything. I am very picky. I do not play stuff like hardcore, deathcore, metalcore, nu-metal, etc. I also don't touch Glen Benton era Vital Remains. The only era of Vital Remains I do play is the era of 1989 - 1996 when they were a more interesting band. I also provide news, trivia, personal experiences, etc. I've been into metal for over 20 plus years so I know my stuff. For more information on my show and to see my show playlists go to: So if you want a metal show without the same old crap of Pantera and Cradle Of Filth nonsense, then tune in to my show, grab your favorite beverage and thrash out with me. Thanks and keep thrashin'!!
Love Is Temporary, Divorce Is Forever!
The crazy Bitch struck again.  Apparently -she managed to put a bill in my name, back in september.  I found out today when the collection agency called me.  Anyone wanna take care of this recurring problem for me?  I will give ya lots of rates!! 
Together Again
I always searched for someone i thought never truely existed but since i have been home i found him he was mine along time ago. although many years have passed us by and we went our seprate ways. true love will always find a way to thrust you back together again. I never would have believed this if it wouldnt have happend to me. I found my true love and he was sitting right across from me. I recently rekindled a flame that was put out about 15 years ago and since that night my life has changed for the better and Im happier than i have been in a long time.   I know that some wont believe it or they will be upset. I m truely sorry if i hurt you.
Philosophical Conundrum
Lives we make don't get us anywhere but dead. So what would life be like without the threat of death? How much more superficial could people be; How much more chaotic and evil? Without death there can be no life. I've said it before, polarity by Universal Law is bound and governed in such a way that without one, the other can not exist. Could we possibly know what peace is without chaos? How far would a person go without consequence? Staggering.  
The Move Back To Ohio
i went back to ohio because i had to go to court. when i got here i faced alot of issues that needed my attention. my children missed me and I was given a choice to get my youngest son back home with me i had to move back to ohio. and get my life straightend out although i had a good job in florida and my life was straightend out down there it was still one big mess up here so i got a job and decided i was going to do the best i could up here in this small corner of my home state. I know i left some devistated people behind in florida and some that may never understand . there is nothing that can come between a mother and her children. I maybe called heartless crude and uncaring but when it comes to family my children comes first. i moved to get myhead back on my shoulders where it never should have left depression over took me and i just didnt care any more spending a year away from the ones i loved made me realize how important  the lessons was that i learned. no matter how trying
You Are My Treasure
You are my treasure, my world, my fame;I share your heart, your joys, soon your nameI give you love, and peace of mind;You give me laughter and thoughts so kindI give you care, you take it from me;You give me warmth, so willing, so freeI give you a promise to have and to hold;You give me your love more precious than goldI give you my trust, and also my heart;You give me a promise that we'll never part
Whs Radio Help Wanted
When your married and your spouse does you wrong constantly, What do you do? Now i know i should forget about this person but when your married you have to work things out. Ive tried to be an adult, I dont get that in return. Do i divorce her? I want to take her back, i dont want a divorce, am i stupid? Does love really get a hold of people to where they are blind?
Just Wow
Ok so i went and created a friends only blog to put the "other" poetry that I write in there. Apparently my blog is not for my thoughts and whatever I wish to say. I have to abide by what others think. In order to no longer offend those not on my friends list who read and actually understand that I simply write poetry. Often times completely opposite of the way I feel I will only let my friends read it. For those that simply don;t understand me all you would have had to do was ask I could have explained it.
Current Dj Schedule
Staff Needed
I Am Home!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey everyone i am back home in good ol Port angeles. Anyone wanna hit me up from the washington area??
Sick And Tired.
I am so sick and tired of the drama of my life. My ex still wont take no for an answer. He is still trying to get me to come back to him. What part of NO doesnt some people understand. I am just so ready to go into hiding. I am tired of him blaming me for everything that has went wrong in his life in the last two weeks, then to have him turn around and then expect me to get back with him. I just dont understan it. He is not giving me time to get passed the fact that he ripped my heart out and shredded it. Why cant some people just understand that once trust is broken, it is almost impossible to restore. I dont want to go through that kind of pain with him again. I know that is what would happen. So, why would I put myself through that? I cant be with someone I dont tust and I dont trust him. Will probably never trust him again.
It's A Blessing And A Curse
Living alone has it's have nobody to answer to, can come and go as you please, and can have your home look exactly like you want and there is nobody there (well, except for the dog and cat) to mess things up, but there is a downside as well... You eat alone, sleep alone and have nobody other than said fuzzyfaces to speak to, laugh with, watch tv with and we all know you talk silly to your dog and, you may find yourself forgetting how to speak human and may lose conversational skills...LOL.  AARGH!!  I miss human interraction and somebody to share things with.  A man to talk to, cook dinner with, walk the dogs with, fall asleep with, wake up to, hold hands, kiss, and fuck til he is mindless...and that my friends can make you feel rather lonely sometimes.  But not always...nobody yells when you throw your panties on the floor.  But I have learned... don't do it...the dog likes to eat them...LOL  
Caa #109
A dear friend of mines sister, Sandy, is in urgent need of all prayers.  Her liver is failing.  She needs all the angel prayers of help, strength, love and healing that she can get right now.  Also keep her family in your prayers .   Love,   Doc
Leaving Internet Chat
To all my friends and family members:   I know that I have said this before but this is it. I got on internet chat to relieve my boredom when I got sick...well I'm still sick but it is time for me to give this up. I have found thru six going on seven yrs of research that this is no better than watching porn or buying playgirl/playboy. It is degrading to women and men alike and I just don't think that I want to be associated with that stuff anymore. So as of July 1st my accounts on fubar, yahoo, facebook, myspace, hoverspot and any other chat client will be deleted. To those of you that are true friends I will miss you, you don't know how much you all have meant to me. To the rest of you nice meeting you I guess. To those of you that are important to me, my email and phone number are the same and won't change... if you need them just holler.    Love, Christy
Member Of The Week 6/15/09
Keith, the founder of Club United, has worked so hard to make this a great family----so we are making him Member of the week!  Go by and love up on him GOOD!  Congratulations Keith!!   Keith@ fubar
Pervs B Gone!!!
How I handle pervs.... ->whip me, t...: heres ur answer *block* whip me, t...: you ever dominate a man sweetie whip me, t...: hello how are ya -> Idontcareless: heres ur answer *block* next time read profiles!!!! Idontcareless: hey sexy do u have yahoo or msn?   Short sweet nd simple :D .....just sayin....
Am I Cursed???
I think im cursed to only find and be attracted to assholes, jerk offs,  and freaks.  like my most recent ex after 3 years of me sticking by him as he is in and out of trouble he decides he wants to try and find someone else. now a month later i guess his serch  for someone else hasnt gone so good he wont leave me alone. but now i met this new guy and i told him that im just lookin for a friend and we have texted for about a week and hung out three or four times now he wants to go and have freaky ass sex at a park...  cant I  find a normal friend that wants to get to know each other before we start gettin all freaky??
You'd Tell Me Right?
Ok friends ive recently posted some new pics which i think are ok but then i got to thinking...ive seen lots of people post pics that im sure they thought was cute but was actually ridiculously horrid and embarassing. Then people feel bad for that person and say nice things when they really wanna laugh. So friends im asking you that if my pics are horrid...tell me LOL. Sometimes it takes another's opinion to see the truth. Thanks 4 Reading
My Dad
As most of u kno i dont post to many things but i am asking everyone who knows me or even if u dont to please pray for my dad, Frank Frank is a loving man who came into my life when i was 7yrs old. my real father abandond my family right after i was brought into this world and Frank accepted me as his own born. He's been the only dd that i've ever known and i wouldnt trde him for the world. But over these past 5 yrs my dad has developed some serious health problems. He's had multiple strokes, his left leg is completely riddled with mrsa, he has lymphodemia, and other health issues. Over the past week or so my mom and I have gotten some bad news. My dad now has a mass around his bronchial tube and it extenses to his heart (we dont know wut the mass is yet) and he has Fluid in the paracardial sac incaseing his heart, that is slowly putting more and more pressure on his heart. We were also told that he is in Conjestive Heart Failure, which means his heart muscles arent strong enough nemo
My Grandma Information!!!
Patricia J. Kissell Patricia J. Kissell, 72, of Homosassa, Fl, passed away on Friday, June 12, 2009, at Seven Rivers Hospital, Crystal River, Fl. Visitation is scheduled for Wednesday, June 17, 2009, between 11:00 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. at Wilder Funeral Home, Homosassa. Burial to follow at Stage Stand Cemetery, Homosassa. Published in the Citrus County Chronicle from 6/14/2009 - 6/17/2009
Why is it when ur with a guy and you break up caues they dont want to be with u anymore. why do they call you and your friends asking where your at and who you with all the time. its like they cant stand for you to be happy.
Wolverine Me
Create your own FACEinHOLE
Ugh How Dumb
So I've been thinking lately that I wanted to make bread from scratch. So I look up bread recipes on Well. first off theres about 5 bagillion different types of bread, making it almost impossible to find a basic bread recipe. So then I find one for amish bread. Great. Should be somewhat basic. So I start reading the recipe, and it calls for a bread machine to rise the dough. A BREAD MACHINE. FOR AMISH BREAD. Seriously? Lame.
Why do men always like to be on bottom during sex?   Cause they only know how to fuck up!
Carnal Desires, A Brand New Lounge, is currently seeking staff for these positions, Do you have what it takes? Well if you think you do then click one of the images above and find out how to apply
Thats right, a brand new lounge Hiring all staff Greeters Bouncers Promoters Graphic Designers Dj's Carnal Cuties (Cam Girls) Some Management Positions This lounge hasn't open yet, it is in need of staff If interested please click the image below!
Thats right, a brand new lounge Hiring all staff Greeters Bouncers Promoters Graphic Designers Dj's Carnal Cuties (Cam Girls) Some Management Positions This lounge hasn't open yet, it is in need of staff If interested please click the image below!
Thats right, a brand new lounge Hiring all staff Greeters Bouncers Promoters Graphic Designers Dj's Carnal Cuties (Cam Girls) Some Management Positions This lounge hasn't open yet, it is in need of staff If interested please click the image below!
Brand New Lounge We Are Looking For Dedicated Staff, Are You One? If So Then Check Out The List Below For The Position The Best Fits You, Once You Did That, Click The Image Below To Find Out How To Apply Dj'sGreetersPromotersBouncersCarnal Cuties (Cam Girls)Graphic Designers
Before our lives divide for ever,    While time is with us and hands are free,(Time, swift to fasten and swift to sever    Hand from hand, as we stand by the sea)I will say no word that a man might sayWhose whole life's love goes down in a day;For this could never have been; and never,    Though the gods and the years relent, shall be.Is it worth a tear, is it worth an hour,    To think of things that are well outworn?Of fruitless husk and fugitive flower,    The dream foregone and the deed forborne?Though joy be done with and grief be vain,Time shall not sever us wholly in twain;Earth is not spoilt for a single shower;    But the rain has ruined the ungrown corn.It will grow not again, this fruit of my heart,    Smitten with sunbeams, ruined with rain.The singing seasons divide and depart,    Winter and summer depart in twain.It will grow not again, it is ruined at root,The bloodlike blossom, the dull red fruit;Though the heart yet sickens, the lips yet smart,    With sullen savour of
I've Been Workin Out. :p
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"do All The Good You Can!"
Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can.
Blog Worthy Friend Req...
okay hears a lil info im a honest person i am very blunt i believe in everyone knowing where they stand with me and thngs i dont like liars or people who play mind games if i want that i would of stayed in high school for the rest of my life im looking to make new friends not looking for anything serious but believe it can happen when u lest expect it so that door is open but mainly looking i normally dont do this but im gonna take a chance cuz life is short and i dont like it passing me by and missing stuff ????????? and yahoo is not sayin everyone will respond to this or want to its fine and i can respect that but if u do want to i would love to hear from u an chat with you and make a nrew friends well thank u for you time before i forget my name is allan friends call me aj     i recieved the above in a friend request today...the question marks are where he had his phone number....even my mean ass didn't want to spread that all over...his yahoo addy, i couldn
Talkeing To Girl
william slash I will be online all day long
Krαz÷kσnFíDºnT ~ *Fü-båðgrl*">@ fubar
I  am in auction please come bid on me thank you. Click on the picture below and it will take you to it.. thank you so much    
Drunk Blogging
  drunk blooging last night. good thing i didnt post it..but made a new catogory last night as u can tell *points 2da side* how it started: my friend asks me to go out drinkin, i said drinks lol. than he asks if i can help him get this chick he likes jelouse..who happens2waitress at a strip club. so i went to my 1st strip club last night. got drunk, made her jelouse, & got 2 lap dances..which were pretty intresting lol da stripper kept grabbing my tits & i got my 1st girl kiss...alot of firsts last hey im not complaining.
The World...
The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.
Life Can Be So Stressful
At some point our life u almost just want wish the things away, its almost as if you are stuck in a whirl wind and your never going to get out. at some point in your life you wounderful if it'll get any better but then you relize that you made that thought at 23 and your almost 35 12 years later and your still stuck in that whirl wind,     Sometimes i sit back and kinda enve people. only because i wish i could have what they have or seen what they've seen, or even been where they've been, hell look at the multi-millionare's out there. they make alot of money  but yet they are bitching because they might have to paly more on taxes.. well hello share the wealth, i mean yea they might work for thier money but we work just as hard to give them the money right? payin for concerts and movie tickets and all that crap...dont u think we dereve alittle in return.. u dont mind givin to chirty but onces your told you have to give some back now you want to bitch lol kinda double stander isn't it??
I came across this old doc. while i was cleaning out my hardrive. These are ACTUAL QUOTES taken from various anual federal evaluation reports. Hope you enjoy them as much as i did and still do.Quotes from federal employee evaluations1. Since my last report, this employee has reached rock bottom and has started to dig. 2. His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity. 3. I would not allow this employee to breed. 4. This employee is really not so much of a "has-been," but more of a definite "won't be." 5. Works well when under constant supervision and cornered like a rat in a trap. 6. When she opens her mouth, it seems that it is only to change feet. 7. He would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle. 8. This young lady has delusions of adequacy. 9. He sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them. 10. This employee is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot. 11. This employee should go far, and the sooner he starts, the better. 12.
Me In A Nutshell
  I'm a modern man, a man for the millenium. Digital and smoke free. A diversified, multi-cultural, post-modern deconstruction that is politicaly, anitomicly and ecologicly incorrect. I've been up-linked and downloaded. I've been inputed and out sourced. I know the upside of downsizing. I know the downside of upgrading. I'm a high-tech low life. A cutting-edge, state of the art, bi-coastal multi-tasker and I can give you a gigabyte in a nano second. I'm new wave, but i'm oldschool and my inner child is outward bound. I'm a hotwired, heat seaking, warm hearted, cool customer. Voice activated and bio-degradable. I interface with my database, my database is in cyber space. So I'm interactive, i'm hyper active and from time to time I'm radioactive. Behind the eight ball, ahead of the curve, riding the wave, dodging the bullet and pushing the envelope. I'm on point, on task, on messege and off drugs. I have no need for coke and speed. I have no urge to binge and purge. I'm in the moment,
  Well... I think it is apparent now that one of the things I enjoy in life is excess. I like things that are excessive. Excessive behavior, excessive language, excessive violence. It's fun, it's interesting, it's exciting. I like it when nature is excessive, thats why I like natural disasters. All these natural disasters that have been going on, I fucking love em. I can't get enough of em. When natures going crazy, throwing things around, scaring people and destroying property... I'm a happy fucking guy. I look at it this way. For centuries now, man has done everything he can to destroy, defile and interfere with nature. Clear cutting forests, strip minning mountians, poisioning the atmosphere, over fishing the oceans, poluting the rivers and lakes, destroying wetlands and aquafers. So when nature strikes back, smacks man in the head and kicks him in the nuts... I enjoy that. I have absolutly no sympathy for human beings what so ever. None. And no matter what kind of problems humans
Words For Women To Live By Lol
Words for Women to Live By!!  If you don't pass this on in 5 minutes, nothing bad will ever happen. But, you'll rob someone else from having a GOOD LAUGH!  1. Aspire to be Barbie - the bitch has everything. 2. If the shoe fits - buy them in every color.3. Take life with a pinch of salt... A wedge of lime, and a shot of tequila.4. In need of a support group? - Cocktail hour with the girls!5. Go on the 30 day diet. (I'm on it and so far I've lost 15 days). 6. When life gets you down - just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.7. Let your greatest fear be that there is no PMS and
Is There Something Wrong
I was having a conversation with a close friend of mine last night...and we were talking about how we have been treated in past relationships...and so I've come to realize lately every guy I have had a serious relationship with has fucked me over.  Be it cheating or be it just treating me like shit they fuck me over one way or another.  I've been cheated too many times. So the question arises is there something wrong with me or do I just have shitty taste in guys?  It makes me nervous almost to start a relationship with someone for fear that they will do me wrong...again.  I am sitting here struggling with myself because I don't want to be hurt again.  I am so sick of giving myself over completely to a man just to have him break my heart again and again.  My ex fiance cheated on me while he was deployed in bangkok, not once but 4 times.  With 3 different women.  While I was faithful to him over here in the states as I went crazy from sex depervation.  Just the point is that I'm sick of
hi,everbody its me rock a cool guy from india.
A Woman's Heart (repost)
A woman's heartMore precious than all the starsA true gift from Heaven aboveThere's nothing as fierce as her tender loveSo willing to sacrificeJust for you to see the love in her eyesShe will hold back the tears she wants to cryJust to appear strong when everything's not alrightI have been offered such a giftNot one that I deserve, I admitHidden in the shadows of years of painI want to raise it to the sun againGod only knows if I'm doing this rightHow I long for the gift of foresightSo for now I shall startBy knocking at the door of this woman's heart
My Pleasure
I go into the bathroom and light 4 candles. Just enough light. I turn on the water and pour some vanilla bubble bath. I take off my shirt and jeans. I take my bra off, and last my panties. I stand there and look at myself in the mirror. Looking over my body, I start to think about you. I wait for the tub to fill. I turn off the water. I grab a towel and set it on the counter. I ease myself into the bath. The water is hot, not too hot but just right. I lay down till the water is at my neck and lay there for a minute. I close my eyes and think of you. I can see you standing there looking at me. You are naked. I am lying on the bed and waiting. Your cock is hard. I smile and lick my lips. You walk closer to me. I am wearing a black corset and black thongs with my boots. I have placed handcuffs on the night table. I start to rub my breasts. I take my nipples in my fingers and twist gently. I rub them. I sit up so that the water is not covering my breasts. The water runs down my chest. I g
How Did This Happen?
Do any of you have teenage daughters?  Mine will be 18 in November.  My baby girl.  I am a nosey mother but have ignored most things until now.  My little tiny baby girl has a boyfriend.  Why is it that I can not stand this boy? Why every time I hear her speak his name, or know its him on the phone I want to punch babies?  Is it normal?  Is anyone going to be "good enough"??? I don't like my sons girlfriend either.  The said boyfriend and girlfriend are brother and sister that lived across the street from us when we lived in Oregon several years ago.  They must have followed us to Arizona, because here they fucken are!   I told my son not to date her because they were child hood friends and that would ruin their friendship.  They didn't listen to me.  And then here comes her brother sniffing around my house for my daughter.  Get the hell back!  Ugh,  am I just being a normal mother who doesn't want her kids to grow up and move on or??? I know they are growing up, and they will event
Okay, I have no real reason to blog...I just feel like getting some attention....My birthday is Weds and I plan on mumming the hell out of...I'm even gonna ask what color panties to wear for my b-day....Well, maybe not...I won't people are too mean.     p.s. my blogs have been opened up to everyone now...i stopped meeting cool people who blog stalked me...and that really outweighs jackasses who came here to flame me...
Hey everyone.  I hope everyone is getting their drink on.  I am just chilling and relaxing before I have to do some work. 
Greek Mythology Day
Today is Monday morning its a glorious day. I would love to share with all my friends a new theme day in the making. After much deliberation we have come up with Greek Mythology day...   I will post a list shortly right about here:     Artemis= me   Voluptas= Pixie   Medusa= Witty   Ick somethign= Seamus   Poisedon= Chainsaw   Shits& Giggles= Zeus   Hercules= Name Crisis   Hades= Hugh   Eros= Bonz   Haphaestus= Jobob   Uranus= Pedro   Aphrodite= Blue Eyed Soul   Erebus=Husky Redneck   Athena= Amykins    John Stamos= Ketch22   Apollo= Fwee   Diana goddess of the hunt= KcPilar69   Rhea= The Sweetest Bitch   Thor= Craven Moorehead   Dionysus= Rais   Hera= boo   Calypso= Brain Ninja   Cronos= Superman231   Damon= Sparklyballs   Ra= Jai   Helios Naked Sun God= Naked Rocker   Also on a side note Pedro has come up with a brilliant idea.. just picture 3rd Person Thursdays..... Wicked likes this very much, Wicked hopes you will all enj
Going Back To Mobile Settings
just wanna say thanks for all the luv you guys are great! hope i can get on a computer again soon so i can return ya luv! have a good wk and much luv to you all!...   BabyHarkend
About 3 weeks ago I contracted a virus....It's called Guillan Barre,it attacks the lining of the spinal cord and causes temporary paralysis.It causes an interruption in the pathway of the nerves and weakens the muscles to the point that you cannot support yourself.It sometimes affects the respiratory system and the person has to be on a ventilator to breathe.......It can also affect your bowel and bladder functions.....In my particular case it only affected my arms and hands and everything below my waistline also in association with numbness to the extent that I can basically feel nothing.....I am having to learn to walk all over again but my progress is quicker than expected with a 100% recovery rate....rehabilitation and recovery can be from 6 weeks up to a year....My release from the hospital is scheduled for June 22nd......Peace out!
Please Come Help My Friend
Hi all my friend is in a Bling Contest please check him out and vote for him  All you have to do is Rate his picture.   Thanks Kisses Eve
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Shining Star
Since I began this journey long Questing for your spirit strong Discovery of just who you are Heart a blazing shining star A simple thought occurs to me As your great depth I slowly see No person that I’ve ever known Has as much as you have shown Even I with Spirit vast Am swallowed by your shadow cast I have naught to judge you from Cept starry sky or morning sun All that you reveal to me Causes me to surely see That you are far beyond my realm I deeply trust you at our helm So when I underestimate Your skill or heart or spirit great It’s not because you don’t stand tall But next to you, I am so small And this is hard for me to say Cause by your side I want to stay I’m deeply humbled by who you are You’ll always be my shining star
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Lucky By Britney Spears
This is the story about a girl named Lucky. Early morning She wakes up Knock, knock, knock on the door It's time for makeup Perfect smile It's you they're all waiting for Isn't she lovely This Hollywood girl And they say.. She's so Lucky She's a star But she cry cry cries in her lonely heart Thinking, if there's nothing missing in my life Then why do these tears come at night? Lost in an image, in a dream But there's no one there to wake her up And the world is spinning and she keeps on winning But tell me, what happens when it stops Baby Isn't she lovely? This Hollywood girl And they say.. She's so lucky She's a star But she cry cry cries in her lonely heart Thinking, if there's nothign missing in my life Then why do these tears come at night? Isn't she lovely? This Hollywood girl She's soo lucky But why does she cry? If there is nothing missing in her life Why do tears come at night? And they say.. She's so lucky, She's a star But she cry cry cries in her lonely heart Thinking, if th
Baby 1 More Time By Britney Spears
Oh baby, babyHow was I supposed to knowThat something wasn’t right hereOh baby, babyI shouldn’t have let you goAnd now you’re out of sight, yeahShow me how want it to beTell me baby ’cause I need to know now, oh becauseChorus:My loneliness is killing meI must confess I still believeWhen I’m not with you I lose my mindGive me a signHit me baby one more timeOh baby, babyThe reason I breathe is youBoy you got me blindedOh pretty babyThere’s nothing that I wouldn’t doIt’s not the way I planned itShow me how you want it to beTell me baby ’cause I need to know now, oh becauseChorus:My loneliness is killing meI must confess I still believeWhen I’m not with you I lose my mindGive me a signHit me baby one more timeOh baby, baby how was I supposed to knowOh pretty baby, I shouldn’t have let you goI must confess, that my loneliness is killing me nowDon’t you know I still believeThat you will be hereAnd give me a signHit me ba
I'm A Slave For U By Britney Spears
I know I may be young, but I�ve got feelings too. And I need to do what I feel like doing. So let me go and just listen. All you people look at me like I�m a little girl. Well did you ever think it be okay for me to step into this world. Always saying little girl don�t step into the club. Well I�m just tryin� to find out why cause dancing�s what I love. Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA) Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA)(Do you like it) Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH)(This feels good) I know I may come off quiet, I may come off shy. But I feel like talking, feel like dancing when I see this guy. What�s practical is logical. What the hell, who cares? All I know is I�m so happy when you�re dancing there. I�m a slave for you. I cannot hold it; I cannot control it. I�m a slave for you. I won�t deny it; I�m not trying to hide it. Baby, don�t you wanna, dance upon me, (I just wan
I Will Be There By Britney Spears
Oh yeahYou don't have to say what's on your mind'Cause I know where you've beenGive it up and leave it all behindAnd then let me beginCome on over hereLet me show how things should beI will make it alrightLet me make it clearYou can put your trust in meYes I will be there[CHORUS:]When you need someoneYou just turn aroundAnd I, will be thereWhen you're feeling lowBaby let me knowAnd I, will be thereWon't you let me make it up to youNow you know where I amThere ain't nothin that I wouldn't doJust to love once againCome on over hereLet me show how things should beI will make it alrightLet me make it clearYou can put your trust in meYes I will be thereI will be thereJust take a standI'll be here for youNow and foreverGive one more chanceTo show you how much I careI'll be thereWhen you need someoneI just turn aroundAnd I will be thereWhen you're in sorrowJust let me know and I will be there I will be thereJust take a standI'll be here for youNow and foreverGive one more chanceTo show you h
not sure what to do. i think i fornd love and it is too far to touch right now. i did not know for sure untill i did not talk to him for 3 days. i tend to push or anoy everyone away and i am afraid it is going to happen again. when i talk to him i melt inside and my heart is full. i felt surprised happy and hurt all at he same time when i talked to him again. i want to make him happy as i am when i hear his voice.
You Drive Me Crazy By Britney Spears
Baby, I'm so into you You got that somethin, what can I do Baby, you spin me around The Earth is movin, but I can't feel the ground Every time you look at me My heart is jumpin, it's easy to see You drive me crazy I just cant sleep Im so excited, I'm in too deep Ohh...crazy, but it feels alright Baby, thinkin of you keeps me up all night Tell Me, you're so into me That i'm the only one you will see Tell me, i'm not in the blue That i'm not wastin, my feelings on you You drive me crazy I just cant sleep Im so excited, I'm in too deep Ohh...crazy, but it feels alright Baby, thinkin of you keeps me up all night Crazy, I just can't sleep I'm so excited, I'm in too deep Crazy, But it feels alright Every Day and Every Night You drive me crazy I just cant sleep Im so excited, I'm in too deep Ohh...crazy, but it feels alright Baby, thinkin of you keeps me up all night You Drive Me Crazy (You drive me crazy baby) Ohh..Crazy, But It Feels Alright Baby Thinkin of you keeps me up all night Baby Th
Genie In Bottle By Christina Aguilera
Oh... I feel like I've been locked up tight For a century of lonely nights Waiting for someone To release me You're licking your lips and blowing kisses my way But that dont mean I'm gonna give it away Baby, baby, baby (baby, baby, baby) Oh whoa... My body's saying let's go Oh whoa... But my heart is saying no (no) If you wanna be with me, baby There's a price you pay I'm a genie in a bottle You gotta rub me the right way If you wanna be with me I can make your wish come true You gotta make a big impression I gotta like what you do I'm a genie in a bottle, baby Gotta rub me the right way, honey I'm a genie in a bottle, baby Come, come, come and let me out The music's playing and the lights' down low One more dance and then we're good to go Waiting for someone Who needs me Hormones racing at the speed of light But that don't mean it's gonna be tonight Baby, baby, baby (baby, baby, baby) Oh whoa... My body's saying let's go Oh whoa... But my heart is saying no (no) If you wanna be with m

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