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Typical Messages To Women????
Thank God For The Congressional Black Caucus!
Obama signed a bill today banning ALL flavored tobacco.  All flavors, except menthol.  According to the Associated Press, menthol flavor was allowed to remain, since members of the black congressional caucus spoke in favor of menthol flavored cigarettes.    The caucus stated that 75% of African Americans who smoke -smoke menthol cigarettes.  Menthols are my fave -Thank You Black Congressional Caucus!!!
One Half Of The Battle
Look away from me, you don't want to seeAnd so you try to forget, your own insanityBut now I watch you bleed and now I watch you dieBut for the pain that you feel, not a tear I will cryLook away from me, you don't want to seeAnd so you try to forget, your own insanityBut now I watch you bleed and now I watch you dieBut for the pain that you feel, not a tear I will cryWhen I was sixteen, I remember that timeWhen we fell so deep in love and dedicated our livesTo each other cause we both really had nobody elseWe had some crazy fucked up lives but somehow we always dealtWe'd take exacto blades and slice our tongues into threesSixty-Nine each other under trees in the local cemeteryBut mommy she fuckin' hated him so muchSo he'd sneak in through my window every night so we could fuckAnd take two tabs of acid in the name of Charles MansonGave a toast to G.G. Alin, slammed some Beam, then I started dancingBeneath the black light with the love of my lifeAnd I kept telling myself, that bitch is g
2nd Half Of The Battle
Shhhh, daddy's homeHoney?You know you never did see meAnd you never needed meYou never even cared to hear meIt looks like you're the next one bleedingYou know you never did see meAnd you never needed meYou never even cared to hear meIt looks like you're the next one bleedingI remember that time when I killed my motherThere was no ill intension believe me I loved herBut I loved him more, he was my reason to liveAnd all the things she did to me I could never forgiveSyringe filled with bleach into her arm I injectedThen I stabbed her in the stomach till the bed turned redAnd now she's dead and then daddy comes homeHe's coming up the stairs and then he opens the doorHis face was filled with fright, he knew I took her lifeHe looked into my eyes and then he started to cryNo need to cry daddy cause you'll join her soonBecause she learned from you which is why I gotta kill youYou know you never did see meAnd you never needed meYou never even cared to hear meIt looks like you're the next one bl
The Wicked Bitch Is Back
The wicked bitch is back, So what the fuck you gonna doThe wicked bitch is back, Queen bitch of the SKR crewThe wicked bitch is back, And I ain't ever going awaySo all you dames back the fuck off I'm keeping what I claimThe one and only wicked bitch is back showin' you what the fuck is upI've been observing again all I can say is what the fuckSilly bitches coming out the woodwork tryin' to spit this wickednessCheap filthy imitations get the fuck back in the kitchenI ain't bitchin' I'm just claimin' my shit, the wicked shitI'm the queen, learn to like it or I'll leave your fuckin' neck slitWatch it drip, take a sip in the name of the DevilI'm so evil I will bleed you to achieve that higher levelWelcome to my hell, I bring madness and despairI feast on human flesh and get turned on when you're scaredHope you're aware, when you hear that voice it's most likely meI bring that blaspemy so sweetly I'm the girl of your screams, can't you seeR-A-Z-A-KELRazakel the wicked queen castin' curses a
L1ke Sad1e
From the darkness I emerge once againHell sent from the Devil here to spit wicked shitI cast hexes and curses, lay spells in my versesBlaspheme the Lords name when I'm burning Christian churchesDown. can you hear that wicked soundThere's these voices in my head And they make me want to cut throats outSo I carry a knife by my sideCause I was always taught that murdering is a part of lifeNo lie, I, like to make bitches cry and screamI'm the real murder scene queenListen up, don't you disrespect the mistress of deathIt's quick to shove a shank into your neckAnd carve an R in the center of your chestAnd watch your blood drip drip, drip, dripListen to me I'm a deadly diseaseYou'll never get rid of meI'll even haunt you in your dreamsHow 'bout you shut the fuck upAnd let a real bitch spit thisCause all you other hoes are too afraid to get wickedI'm here to spread the sickness (Sickness)You best believe thisI'll stab you and your crewAnd every other fuckin' witnessNo competition (No competiti
Murder Potion
Listen up ya'll I got a little story to tellStraight out the pierced lips of RazakelSince I came out the womb mama knew I wasn't quite rightDaddy was a minister I was never good enough in his eyesSo I stayed up late at night with my voodoo dolls and black candlesHexing and cursing and casting evil spellsStarted touching myself and fantasizing about the DevilStarted sinning left and right so when I died I could burn in HellMama could tell she got scared and told daddyThey pulled me out of my room, sat me down and started askin'Why are you so evil and why do you blasphemeBecause I hate your God and I'm possessed you seeThe Devil fucks me in my sleep and in my dreamsWhen I orgasm he strangles me and says I'm his wicked queenCome here and take a sip of my murder potionFeel the effects and put your hate in motionPoisoning your brain sayin' God's name in vainI'm a plague, I'm here to stay and I'ma sin every fuckin' dayDouble, double, toil and troubleFire burn and caldron bubbleWith the eye o
Arousal from person/s of the same sex.
Away In A Manger (hope)
[SickTanicK]Twas The Night In Noel As The Black Snow FallsAnd The Expression On My Face Is Nonexistent As My Skin CrawlsRed Ruby Lips With The Trickle Of BloodAway We Take The Little Child Away We Take The Bastard SonOn This Solstice We Will Call All Who Appose ItThe Antichrist Has Come Accept The Mark And Don't Lose FocusTriple Six Crucifix GoddamnThe Worm It Now Evolves To Maggots Rotting In The Holy LambYour Faith Is Shit Eat You Up Like QuicksandThe Little Bitch Was Born Tonight In The City Of BethlehemRock-A-Bye Baby Wit My Dick In Its MouthMay My Seed Bless It's Throat As Raz Tears It's Heart Out[Chorus]Away In'a Manger No Crib For A BedThe Little Lord Jesus Is...Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead!The Stars In The Sky Look Down As He LayThe Little Lord Jesus Has BeenTAKEN AWAY!Away In'a Manger No Crib For A BedThe Little Lord Jesus Is...Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead!The Stars In The Sky Look Down As He LayThe Little Lord Jesus Has BeenTAKEN AWAY![Razakel]Twinkle, Twinkle Great Big StarGod Has Place
Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, those are life-altering lessons.  -  Jessica Lange
What Isn't Said
dear you, there are days when i absolutely do not fucking get you at all. today is one of those days. it drives me crazy. i shouldn't have to just know that you think i'm some list of wonderful adjectives besides 'pretty''s nice to actually hear them--from you instead of the people who wish they were in your shoes. every time i climb a wall, a raptor waits trying to ass rape me while simultaneously attempting to eat my face. scary. me p.s. you mean the world to me.
copse \KOPS\, noun:A thicket or grove of small trees.
He's Dead (peace)
Twas The Night Before Christmas I'm Huntin' ChristiansTrippin Acid, Sippin Beam, Destroyful SeasonIf He's The Reason For The Season I'ma Come To You KillinAll The Blessed Ones Till I Complete My Unholy MissionI Feel Sickened As The Christmas Lights GlistenI See A Couple Under The Mistletoe KissinMy Vision's Twisted So I Creep Up Very SlowlyStab 'Em Both With Some Icicles Because The Devil He Controls MeTEAM DEATH IS HERE!So All You Bitches Just Step The Fuck Back NowWe Ruinin The Holidays, Hallucinate And Slayin BabiesAll For Satan And The Wickedness Is What We ClaiminLike Sadie, Like Charlie, Creepy Crawlin In The NightInstead Of Presents To Give We Comin To Take Your LifeSo Merry Black Christmas On Behalf Of Team DeathWe Forever Burn In Hell The Wicked Never Get No Rest[Chorus]Team Death Has Come To Destroy Your HolidaysTake What Is Sacred And Burn It All AwayYour Savior He Is Dead Because We Took His Breath AwayAnd We Say: He's Dead, He's Dead, He's Dead, He's Dead, He's Dead[SickTa
Gallery Of Grotesque
You will never get awayYou you'll forever stayAnd you won't see the light of dayAlways remain on this dayStep inside but you may never leaveAnd all the things that you're gonna see are gonna haunt you in your dreamsIn this Grotesque Murder, Grotesque MurderGrotesque, Gallery of Grotesque MurderStep inside but you may never leaveAnd all the things that you're gonna see are gonna haunt you in your dreamsIn this Grotesque Murder, Grotesque MurderGrotesque, Gallery of Grotesque MurderWhat you bitches really want to know about this shitExpect the best in my gallery of grotesqueDisfigured children hanging by broken necksDeformed, eyes carved out with their hearts ripped out they chestMy methods of death will leave you breathlessBlood soaked, head caved in with your skull left in fragmentsYes, we got them lovely painful pleasuresBody modifications and your flesh and limbs severedIt's always and forever you are mine, there's no escaping meUntil your dead and on display up in my galleryI'm sick
Doctor Who: The Next Doctor - U.s. Premiere Saturday, June 27th On Bbc America
  The Next Doctor - Saturday, June 27th at 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT with encores at Midnight and 3:00am ET/9:00pm and Midnight PT on BBC America. It is Christmas Eve, 1851, and Cybermen stalk the snow of Victorian London. When the Doctor arrives and starts to investigate a spate of mysterious deaths, he encounters a woman named Rosita (Velile Tshabalala) and another man who calls himself "The Doctor" (David Morrissey). After failing to capture a Cybershade, the two men talk and the current Doctor thinks the other is a future regeneration of himself. However, "the Next Doctor" seems to be lacking many of the current Doctor's memories. Meanwhile, the Cybermen are planning an attack on Earth, helped by their human ally, Miss Mercy Hartigan (Dervla Kirwan). The two Doctors must combine forces to defeat the ruthless Miss Hartigan. But are two Doctors enough to stop the rise of the CyberKing?  
Love For A Season
Once you open the receptors to receive what the Universe has to offer, the eyes to your soul will be opened wide with amazement. There is a love at first sight that only comes once in a life time... in the blink of an eye. Guided by the beacon of the lighthouse directing their course, two souls join together as ships passing in the night momentarily joined together, moored to adjoining piers.This is a love not often experienced by most, regrettably. Whether it be for a lifetime, a season or a moment, it's a love to cherish for it's gift brings harmony and peace sought by many, yet found by so very few.Your eyes meet, and you are gazing into the vast beauty and richness of eternity. You feel the tenderness of the touch, hear the softness of the voice, and embrace the compassion of the spirit.Your souls have crossed paths in the Universe at some point prior to this moment, which brings a comfort in knowing this journey will be enhanced and enlightened by their presence again, in it's spa
does anyone feel the same way when you think everything is going good that the one you care about but you can feel so alone, that ones self is just ment to be alone or feel like no matter what happens you are alone and feel alone no matter how much you love someone or they love you......
Newfound Happiness
Whenever I see youWhenever you pass me byIt's your beauty that blinds my eyesYou're as beautiful as beauty can beWhen I catch a glimpse of your sparkling eyesThey make me cryCry tears of joyYour sweet lipsSo gentle So sweetThey must be honeyAnd to touch those sweet lips Must be the deadliest sinI'll take that chanceAnd give you romanceShow you what beauty isAnd you will seeHow beauty can beNever felt loveNever saw what it could doUntil I felt it about youEvery day and every nightYou're always on my mindA beautiful image to beholdOne that soothes my soulLoveOh, LoveI have fallen down To the groundOn my kneesBegging you please...I hope you like me
True Love Is It Real
Do you believe that everyone has a soul mate? Do you believe that there is someone for everyone? Do you believe there is such a thing as true love? How many times through the years did you feel like you were in love? When we were younger our parents called them crushes or puppy love. As teenagers we found what we thought was our first love. As we grew into adults we all experienced what we thought was real and true love. Question is was it? How do you know your in love truly? How do you know its real and not just lust or a crush that will be outgrown in a few months?What signs do you see, feel, think that would make you feel like you have/had found true love? Was it a twinkle? Was it a fluttering heart? Was it sweaty palms and your tongue tied? Was it the uncontrollable urge to call that person back only minutes after hanging up with them? Is it the emptiness you felt/feel in your heart when that person isn't around?Many people theorize on what true love is.. What it feels like.. Looks
Women Of Fubar Beware Of This Man!!!
ok ladies i am going to tell you all the truth about a man here on fubar named dalreace a.k.a. his real life name is richard. first and foremost i will start out like this.he is a predator of women and he is a rapist and beater of women.he has held a close friend of mine hostage and in fear of her life and the lives of her children.he has a rap sheet in the state of missouri for domestic assualt and sexual assualt on different women.i urge all of you women here on fubar to block him if he tries to contact you and warn other women of the things he has done,so this way he can't harm any other women ever.PLEASE LADIES I BEG YOU HELP KEEP OTHER WOMEN ON THIS SITE SAFE FROM MEN LIKE HIM.i am posting a link at the bottom of this so you all can see what he looks like." target=_blank>" border=0>   [ photo: 2082780276 ]
One Last Kiss, Before I Go...its Time To Let You Go.
In the brightest hourOf my darkest dayI realizedWhat is wrong with meCan't get over youCan't get through to youIt's been a helter-skelter, romance from the startTake these memoriesThat are haunting meOf a paper man cut into shredsBy his own pair of scissorsHe'll never forgive her...He'll never forgive her...[CHORUS]Because days! Come and go!But my feelings for you are foreverBecause days come and goBut my feelings for you are foreverSitting by a fire On a lonely nightHanging over from another good timeWith another girl... Little dirty girlYou should listen to this story of her lifeYou're my heroine-In this moment I'm lonelyfullfilling my darkest dreamsAll these drugs, all these womenI'm never forgiving...this broken heart of mine[CHORUS]Because days! Come and go!But my feelings for you are foreverBecause days come and goBut my feelings for you are foreverOne last kiss...Before I go...Dry your tears...It is time to let you go...One last kiss(One last kiss)Before I go(Before I go)Dry you
No Gifts For Me (love)
We Were In A House With No LoveOn This Christmas NightSomebody Please Save UsAnd Preserve Our LivesWe In A House That's ColdCause The Electrics Cut OffAnd Daddy Didn't Pay The BillBecause He Bought Them Crack RocksI'm So Lost And HungryI'm Starving For AttentionBut Next Time I'm In TroubleI'll Have My Fathers InterventionCigarette Burns On My Hands And GenitalsLocked In The Closet Wit No Water Like An AnimalAnd Then My Mommy ComesAnd Puts Her Hands Between My LegsWhile She Touches HerselfOn What She Calls Her Special PlaceAnd I Cry And I Ask Her Does It Feel RightAnd All She Says In Return Is"This Is Just The Love Of Mine"And So I Curl Up And HideI'm Only Six Years Old And I'm Thinkin Bout SuicideAnd On This Night I Will Get No GiftsInstead I'll Get Raped By Mommy While My Dad Sits And Tapes ItSo Cold Is This WorldWhere The Tears They FallSoftly Like Winter Snow There'sNo Gifts For MeONLY HATE!No Love For MeONLY RAPE!Learn To Keep Fucking MeSo Cold Is This WorldWhere The Tears They Fal
The Sound Of Fear (joy)
Do You Hear What I Hear? Demons Tellin' Me To KillThey Won't Stop Till They See The Blood SpillThey Scream And They Creep And They FiendAnd They Need The Souls Of The Living So I Keep On KillingBe On The Lookout This Holiday SeasonWe'll Leave You Raped, Killed, Hung And BleedingTeam Death Be The Only ReasonWe're Killin' Kiddies In The Name Of DemonsHow Bout That Yummy Little Boy Leaving Out Cookies And MilkWaiting On Santa's Arrival And All Wrapped In A QuiltI Just Killed His Parents So Now It Looks Like His TurnI Set 'Em On Fire While They Slept And I Just Watched Them BurnHe Shoulda Learned No To Stay Up So LateI Gagged Him And Depants Him And Into Penis I Shoved candy canesGod Is Pain, Accept It And Enjoy It SweetyWithout Some Suffering How Do You Know You're Really Breathing?I'm Stealing Innocents And Loving Every Moment Of ItHe Passes Out Then Shits Himself So I Rub My Face In ItStab Him In The Guts While I Fondle His NutsTake A Sip Of His Blood Mmmm Merry Fuckin' ChristmasDO YOU
The Invitation
I renounce every God and every Holy BookI renounce every God and every Holy BookI'd burn your Gods out their Kingdoms If I truely couldI'd burn your Gods out their Kingdoms If I truely couldI renounce every Pastor and PriestI renounce every Pastor and PriestI'd rather live and take the mark of the BeastI'd rather live and take the mark of the BeastI am a Sinner and I give my SoulI am a Sinner and I give my SoulSo take from me everything that I holdSo take from me everything that I holdI consecrate my body in the name of Team DeathI consecrate my body in the name of Team DeathI declare on this day that God is deadI declare on this day that God is dead
Eyes Of Hatred
Look into my mind, get lost inside, my eyes of hatred, of hatredEverything I do and everything I say is in the name of the blaspha, blasphemeLook into my mind, get lost inside, my eyes of hatred, of hatredEverything I do and everything I say is in the name of the blaspha, blasphemeEverything I see is just another hypocrisyAnother lie to make us weak and make us all sheepAnother lie to make us bow to your Saviors feetWell keep your lies cause your lies not the answer for meEverywhere I look another church another streetAnother family caught up in a web of Holy deceitAnd all of this makes me sick to my stomachI'm always runnin' from Devils because Devils make me want to vomitSuffer this, for your God, your tribulations and liesMake me sick, want to blind my eyesI'll never see the light of your loving ChristSo take this, my BaptistAnd give it back cause the sheep are about to dieI will reject the lies, instead of lead I will run your sideLook into my mind, get lost inside, my eyes of hatr
You Are Sooo Cute!
Kill The Xtians
Blaspheme of the Holy SpiritThe Sin unforgiven you're about to hear itKill the Xtians, Fuck yeahKill The Xtians, Fuck GodBlaspheme of the Holy SpiritThe Sin unforgiven you're about to hear itKill the Xtians, Fuck yeahKill The Xtians, Fuck GodTeam Death in two thousand and eightIs like a terrorist attack on your prison stateWhere ain't no prison plenty and we're chained down by ChristiansReligious ass bitches shut the fuck up and listenYou wanna put blame on the Devil for your problemWhen you and only you has the power to stop themYou're pathetic for your pacifist waysWithout violence in the world how would the world changeThat's why you've got Disciples pissing on them burning BiblesThat's why the Minions are so quick to kill off any rivalsThat's why the Slaughterahs bring the chainsaws with 'emThat's why the birds jack off and spit the semen on the church wallsFuck the system, wave your middle finger in the airJust like my homie Razor Rukus once said hell yeahTeam Death and we're kill
Check It Out!
Today's Rank:#1 Tooltip Views: 174 so far today, 17,230 yesterday. (vip only) Photo Views: 31 so far today, 5,583 yesterday. (vip only)   Wow! Check out that rank! lol   PLEASE LEVEL ME! I only have 234,000 points to go!
Excess Baggage
To youWell mine are the wordsBut I can't really speak themTo youAnd I hide all the painThat I think with my wisdomFrom youAnd I'm eaten aliveBy what I hold insideAll the things that I live withI can't easily hideAnd I'm left here with nothingNothing to live forBut youIt's not easy to hideAll this damage insideI'll carry it with meUntil I'm not aliveWhen you look at my faceDoes it seem just as uglyTo youI can't seem to eraseAll the scars I have lived withFrom youI'm so sick of this placeAnd this taste in my mouthCause of you I can't figureWhat I'm all aboutAnd I'm left here with nothingNothing to live forBut youIt's not easy to hideAll this damage insideI'll carry it with meUntil I'm not alive
Take a cup of patience And a big heartful of love Add a bowl of generosity To blend with the above; Put in a dash of laughter And some understanding too Sprinkle it with kindness And memories old and new. Add some faith before you mix it Till the dish is rich and sweet Then enjoy a heaped up portion With everyone you meet!
Burn Burn Burn Burn AwayI Hope To Never See Another DayFuck It All Just Bring The SufferingAll of You Mean Nothing To MeBurn Burn Burn Burn AwayI Hope To Never See Another DayFuck It All Just Bring The SufferingAll of You Mean Nothing To MeThere's No Hope In This WorldCause This World Is ShitA Big Toilet That's About To Be FlushedYo Aren't You Sick of ItI Look Around Me, I Feel DisgustedSometimes I Wish The Whole Damn World Would Blow UpAnd People Are Stuck In A Fantasy LandBut What They Don't Understand Is We Got The Upper HandFuck It Anyways It's Survival of The FittestCan No One Tell Me Shit Or Try And Act Like A CriticDon't Like The Way I Look, Then Don't Look My WayOr I Might Take My Fist And Make A Target Out Your FaceI'm Sick of All The Waste of The Air I BreatheSo Please Kill Yourself It's More Air For MeAnd Please Kill Your Children And Stop The Over PopulationYou Baby Boomers Make Me Sick Across This NationAnother Piece of Shit Born In A Piece of ShitThat's Why I Wrote This V
My Very Entry Into An Auction
I'll be going up for auction starting on Wednesday, June 24th and running thru July 4th. Watch this spot for more information :-)
Unforgivable Sin
I still remember it allI remember when I needed youI remember how you masked the truthI would speak but you weren't listeningYou would just turn your cheekThen I asked myself how could I believeWhen you've never done a thing for meYou were trying to mislead meBut now I see everything was a lieEverything was always a lieNow my eyes are open wideNow my eyes are open wideThy Kingdom come thy will be doneI will watch thy Kingdom burnThe ashes fall onto my skinIt's my unforgivable sinUnforgivable sin, my unforgivable sinI deny the Father and the SonThe Holy Spirit and the Kingdom aboveI know I'll never be forgivenI will live forever in eternal sinThere's still one set of footprints in the sandI still refuse to take your handI'd rather walk all aloneCause now I see everything was a lieEverything was always a lieNow my eyes are open wideNow my eyes are open wideThy Kingdom come thy will be doneI will watch thy Kingdom burnThe ashes fall onto my skinIt's my unforgivable sinUnforgivable sinYe I
Team Death
Our Names Are Spoken Wit Tongues Like RazorsDissect Upon Us But You'll See Nothin' NowSo Then They Look And Decay Like VaporsYou Wanna Hate But You Can't Keep Us DownPeople Fear What They Don't UnderstandAnd So They Hate Without Thoughts ProvokingAnd Yet We Rise Till We Reach Our EndEvery Place Has A Face That Will Never Despise UsWe Are The Wretched, We Are The Ones That You HateAnd All Your Children, They Feel Our PainSo You Can Hate And You Can Try To DestroyBut We Will Always Rise And Never Look Back NowWe Are The Wretched, We Are The UnlovedBastard Children Of The Streets Speakin' Out NowWe Are The Ringing In Your Ears That Will Never DieSome Say The Saviors Of The Underground And So We're CrucifiedAnd So You Hate MeBut You Know That I Love YouYou Give Me Strength To Appose My FearsYou'll Never Take MeAccept What You Shall DoI'm Here To Stay Even Through The TearsWe're A Match Made In Hell With A Contract In BloodCheck The Scars On The Bodies And You'll Know Where We're Comin' Fro
Never Deceived
You can preach all day but your words fall on deaf earsNever forgiven, our words bring Christ to tearsIt's been a thousand years you've caused a thousand tearsAnd now the cure for the cancer is right hereNever deceived your Bible is a burning scriptureSo take a picture because we are the rippersOf Bibles and pages from your sacred bookReligion is a lie just take a closer lookAt this world that we live inWhy must we be forgivenFor being what we are every day by sinningI'm grinningAs you hand me a rosaryI'm like the Devil and like Jesus I will never beWhy don't you see I will never believeWhy don't you see that your Savior is a bitch to meYou are the weakAnd only strength prevailsAnd if I'm wrong then I guess I will see you all in HellFor realNever deceivedYou'll never take away my life, my sanityNever believeI've got no faith in anything unless it's meWe will never see the light, no neverAnd be tied to a fake, must severWe will never believe and we will not be deceivedBy a book of lies
Heaven Bleeds
Devil shit is in our veins, It's takin' takin' over overDevil shit is in our veins, It's takin' takin' over overDevil shit is in our veins, It's takin' takin' over overDevil shit is in our veins, It's takin' takin' over overDevil shit is in our veins, It's takin' takin' over overDevil shit is in our veins, It's takin' takin' over overDevil shit is in our veins, It's takin' takin' over overDevil shit is in our veins, It's takin' takin' over overThere is no Heaven for meThere's no salvation for meThere's no forgivenessI laugh as Heaven bleedsThere is no Heaven for meThere's no salvation for meThere's no forgivenessI laugh as Heaven bleedsI awaken to a staircase that leads up to a bright lightThe Demons inside of me they keep on telling me to be full frightI can't resist as I climb up topI hear a choir singing loudly and the singing won't stopAnd then I drop to my knees on a street paved of goldEveryone watching and laughing because they don't know about all the Hell that's about to unfol
Resurrection Undone
Kill, kill, kill the SaviorKill, kill, kill the SaviorIf He rises in three days we'll put Him back againIf He rises in three days we'll put Him back againKill, kill, kill the SaviorKill, kill, kill the SaviorIf He rises in three days we'll put Him back againIf He rises in three days we'll put Him back againIf Jesus was alive you know we'd kill Him againRope around His neck and throw Him off a ledgeWatch His body hang just like Saddam HusseinAs the minions and disciples dance around and praise the Devils nameIf Jesus was alive what would I have to sayYou're a hypocrit bitch and tell your Father the sameWho the fuck is He and who the fuck are youTo judge my life, my thoughts and everything that I doIf Jesus was alive I'd make Him fuck Mary in her assWhile I'm jacking off SickTanicK during Sunday MassIf Jesus was alive I'd tie Him to a fenceLike Matthew Shepherd beat Him senseless and leave that fagot for deadKill, kill, kill the SaviorKill, kill, kill the SaviorIf He rises in three days
Bleed 4 Me, Bleed 4 U
I bleed for youYou bleed for meCome save meI give you my life, my love, so make the cutI bleed for youYou bleed for meReplenish meI give you my life, my love, so take my bloodI was in a dark room with only black candles litTwo bodies one mind and my soul to giveWhat happened that night I will never forgetI gave him everything I still have no regretsI offered my life, my body and my loveHe took a razor blade to my left wrist and made the cutI did the same to him and we bagan to suckOn each others blood all in the name of SatanThis ritual is sacred I will never take it backI accept you as my Savior as we make this blood pactNo turning back, what's done is doneForever linked through blood, undying, unholy true loveFuck wedding vows and meaningless ringsIt don't mean shit to me it's just part of the sceneI only need his blood it fulfills and feeds my cravingSo fuck God cause the Devil truely saved meI bleed for youYou bleed for meCome save meI give you my life, my love, so make the cutI bl
How I Feel Bout Things... For The Hell Of It!
 The main issue with me is I'm so use to getting hurt by others and hurt in general that I tend to hurt everyone around me... trust me if I could be warm and loving it would totally rock.. but because I'm only human getting hurt and then lashing out is really the only thing I can do! Do I feel better about myself when it happens HELL NO... but what are you gonna do? Not a whole lot someone can do in my situation... I still give alot because I believe that some day when I need it the most I will receive not that I haven't recieved already for the things that I have done but I'm hoping one day that I will get what I've always wanted and that is to be free... >   They say in order to get something that you always wanted that you must work hard in order to achive it... I would love nothing more then to get out of this house and all though I have tried as little as I can... Its still not to the best of my ability and I know that! I'm not good at change at all, hey some people arn't some
Dark Poetry
Dark angel , what shall I do = My dreams are haunted by the image of you = Raven hair, deep brown eyes = blackened soul, that hides behind a smiling disguise = You keep your feelings locked up safe inside an inner wall = Afraid to open your heart, your fear brings your downfall = I want to wrap my arms around you, hold you in a close embrace =  Kiss you softly on your cheek, transport you to another place = My Dark angel , it makes me want to cry = I want to see you spread , your wings =  I want to see you fly...
Candy Hearts
(Answering Machine)Four twenty eight pmHi cutie, um, I'm just calling to ask you if ahh,Mmm, fuck it, wanna be my valentine?I promise to watch over youI promise to provide everything you seekYou see, I know exactly what you're running fromAnd the sin your pretty red laced heart hidesI can see it all, night and day, I can see youAnd, and I see that you need meEven though you may not know it, I can fuckin' see itI'm here to help you discover your true selfI'm here to help you learn how to weap, haahaaSo what do you say, will you be my valentine?Ohhh, why not? Don't you want to play?Valentines Day year two thousand sevenI thought I was your boo, but I guess you were just kiddin', huhYou've got no time for me, why haven't you returned my callsI'm crying and shakin' runnin' my head through brick wallsYou say I'm a psycho and you won't do this againBut that ain't cool with me, I won't settle for being just friendsCome here and hold me close and tell me what I want to hearCause when I'm in yo
I Give Up
i'm sick of being alone. i'm sick of caring, when no one else ever does. i'm sick of his voice ringing in my ears. i'm sick of the fake smiles. i'm sick of pretending. i'm sick of being someone i'm not. i'm sick of hurting. i'm sick of working. i'm sick of school. i'm sick of being here. i'm sick of doing everything, and gaining nothing. I'M JUST FUCKING SICK OF IT ALL! so i give up. i can't take anymore.
Pornographic Blasphemy
I can see us killing thingsEverybody dies when you feel the painI can see us on the country sideSippin' red rum killing people side by sideWe are the Devil and we're here to do the Devils deedsThis is that shit we bring, that pornographic blasphemyI bringing Satan back in my very own wayLet's fuck on the alter girl what do you sayYou ain't never gonna find another motherfucker like meTry me bitch and I'll make you bleedI want your period blood on my lipsAnd when you grind me bitch you better work your hipsJust let me be puttin' my hands on your neckAnd be squeezing the breath out of you till you're deadLight the candles and the incense nowJust spread them legs and let me show why I wear the Devil's CrownI'ma fuck you till you bleed and give you special golden showersClose your eyes bitch and let the Devil show you all his powerI can see us killing thingsEverybody dies when you feel the painI can see us on the country sideSippin' red rum killing people side by sideWe are the Devil and w
Live Auction Friday Night July 31st @ 8pm Fu-time
Come & Hang Out With Us At!! We have friendly people, good music, random bling for new members and live auction! So come on in and start to have some fun and make some new friends! We Are Having A Live Auction: In Purple Magik July 31st, 2009 @ 8:00 PM Fu-Time If You Want To Join The Auction Just Click On The Pic Below: We will also be holding a drawing, Prizes will be: (3) 1 credit blings (2) Ticker (1) 1 Mil (2) 500k (2) 250k (2) 200k YOU MUST BE PRESENT FOR DRAWING & A MEMBER OF THE LOUNGE YOU MUST AGREE TO THE RULES ABOVE & CLICK THE PIC ABOVE TO POST YOUR OFFERS & YOU WILL BE SOLD AS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED STARTING AT BOTTOM GOING UP Any questions pm/sb any Purple Magik staff member. Thank you. So come on in and start to have some fun and make some new friends!
Life is funny.  Life is tragic.  How we perceive Life, determines our take on it...  There is no set standard, no "right or wrong", beyond our own perspectives...  Many things influence our Lives, dictate to us who and what we are to become, but in the end it is how we choose to act/react that determines our own success and/or failure, and our perceptions that define such things.  A loss to one man, could be a gain to another.  Never judge another for their perspective, consider them for who and what they are, and decide how best to respond from there...  not everyone is meant to be a friend, but, really, how many of us truly act like and/or treat others like friends?  To be a TRUE friend, and/or to be TRUE to another, we must first understand the meaning of the word LOVE, and sadly, not many do.  Were you aware, that before it became "Love", it was "Charity"?  Consider the consequences of that ONE word/understanding/meaning being changed...   Still think you know what's real, and wha
In My Hands
(Preaching)He ascended into heaven and sits on the right hand of the fatherHe will come again in glory to judge the living and the deadAnd his kingdom shall have no endI ask you one question brothers and sistersAre you ready to abort the second coming of ChristOr will you just stand there and wait to be judged?These demons beneath my chest are feeding more thoughts into my tormented headThey said the son of God is coming back again but not while I still stand I'll be damned if that happensThey told me exactly where she was and that the baby's been conceived for about three monthsSo here I come bitch I fuckin' hope you're ready, I'm gonna kill you and your baby and it's gonna get messyThe bitch lives all alone and she's very pretty too, I'm watchin' her from a windowAt the most perfect moment I sneak into her home, Creep up behind the bitch and got her face with chloroformThen I throw her body on the bed, shoved a straw inside her pussy then I sucked the chunky redMy tongue felt somethi
Last Weeks Flowers Dedicated To And Inspired By....
woooooooohooooo I finally posted it...KINSI... ♥ YOU! His arrangement *grinz*   ♥ PoStaL
Night Of Mordum
Sick twisted images is what I'm fantasizingI find myself always thinking about death and smilingI try to quit but it's like a drug and I'm addictedWickedness flows through my veins I'm the motherfuckin' queen of sicknessBetter get a witness or look up to God and find religionThe shit I be spittin' is so fuckin' wicked these bitches I kill in a quicknessI'm like that sick bitch in Augusts Undergrounds MortemI'll make you cut and seperate your dick from your scrotumI'm recording this ugly bitch gettin' beaten and rapedI used her fingers forcefully so I can masturbateShotgun Bucked to her fuckin' faceShe starts cryin' and screamin' and pissin' all over the placeNo time to waste honey, I grabbed her lovers severed dickSucked on it, spit on it and fucked her cunt with itI know you like it bitch no need to run awayThis is my night of mordum won't you come out and playFind 'em, snuff 'em or leave 'em for deadCause in my night of mordumSomethin' always takin' over meViolence, death and nothin'
Isolated Feelings
Isolated feelings, it's like my heart is bleedingI can't escape it, inside my head it keeps repeatingIsolated feelings, it's like my heart is bleedingI can't escape it, inside my head it keeps repeatingEvery time I seem to close my eyes I feel so dead insideSo I cry myself to sleepAll I ever do is think of the pain feels like I'm going insaneSo I cry myself to sleepI don't want to be talked to, I don't want to be touchedI don't need your advice, I don't want to be fuckedPeople think I have it all, but I don't have muchI just want to fly away, but to the ground I'm stuckI'd just rather walk away, but you don't seem to understandWhy should I voice my opinion, when you have the upper handIt's kind of sad I'm right back in the same positionI got so many eager ears but still nobody ever listensAnd my friends, yeah man I ain't got much of thatJust people dying to be in the presence of that bitch RazAnd that's fine cause in reality I'm ugly insideIf you really knew the truth I bet you'd quit
Wicked Bitch Of The Southwest
I ain't the one you wanna mess with (Mess with)I'm known for leaving bitches headless (Headless)But if you got what it takes, step up bitch (Step up bitch)Don't test the best wicked bitch of the southwestI'm that sick bitch killa from the 505And with my gauge by my side you ain't leavin' aliveI take pride while you die just like the restDon't test the best wicked bitch of the southwestI'm that dead bitch that you probably heard aboutMy rhymes shine red cause I chew razors in my mouthWhen I spit I bleed all over mainstreams shitI'll fuck your bitch, bite off her clitBecause I'm a sexual demented lunaticTock, that's the sound of my glockTo the side of your dome bitch you're about to get (Gun Shot)Don't mess with the best is what I highly suggestAnd don't provoke the six demons that dwell inside my chestAnd possess me, to go on a murder spreeAnd destroy cunt bitches that pretend and want to be meWhere's your creativity, quit looking up to meBut then again bitches can't conceive indivigual
Definition Of Perception
In philosophy, psychology, and the cognitive sciences, perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. It is a task far more complex than was imagined in the 1950s and 1960s, when it was predicted that building perceiving machines would take about a decade, a goal which is still very far from fruition. The word comes from the Latin words perceptio, percipio, and means "receiving, collecting, action of taking possession, apprehension with the mind or senses."[1] Perception is one of the oldest fields in psychology. The oldest quantitative law in psychology is the Weber-Fechner law, which quantifies the relationship between the intensity of physical stimuli and their perceptual effects. The study of perception gave rise to the Gestalt school of psychology, with its emphasis on holistic approach. What one perceives is a result of interplays between past experiences, including one’s culture, and the interpretation of the perceived. If the p
Types Of Perception
Types Two types of consciousness are considerable regarding perception: phenomenal (any occurrence that is observable and physical) and psychological. The difference everybody can demonstrate to him- or herself is by the simple opening and closing of his or her eyes: phenomenal consciousness is thought, on average, to be predominately absent without sight. Through the full or rich sensations present in sight, nothing by comparison is present while the eyes are closed. Using this precept, it is understood that, in the vast majority of cases, logical solutions are reached through simple human sensation. The analogy of Plato's Cave was coined to express these ideas. Passive perception (conceived by René Descartes) can be surmised as the following sequence of events: surrounding → input (senses) → processing (brain) → output (re-action). Although still supported by mainstream philosophers, psychologists and neurologists, this theory is nowadays losing momentum. The theory
Thanks For The B-day Wishes
I just wanted to thank everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday.  Sorry I did not rep;y sooner but I was not on here during my b-day.   Hope all my friends have a great week.
God Is Imaginary (am I Sick)
If I soak my hands in others blood am I sickIf I wash my hands in others blood am I sickIf I drench myself in others blood am I sickIf I bathe myself in others blood am I sickNo life, no mind, nothing left insideLiving for the lies (I am the walking zombie)Brainwashed, so lost, what's the point in tryingWhat's the point in fighting (You'll never understand me)No votes, no choice, no true realityMentally controlled, never to be set freeNot me, I'm addicted to sinnin'Killing everything you believe (God is imaginary)Babble, babble, bitch, bitch and break the fuckin' crucifixTake a sip of this potion that be so murderousThese verse ain't for the religious or the weak at heartI represent the wicked and I'm creepin' out from the darkI got a story to tell, so kiddies listen up wellI've been through hell and I think I know it very wellThis ain't no fairytale I never had it easyConstantly harassed and brainwashed into believingStealing money for drugs, name it I've tried itSlit my wrists for th
Dead To The World
I'm addicted to the way you got me feelingI'm fiendin' for your love and every night you got me dreamin'I'm lovin' everything that you do to meForce me down on my knees and make me call you daddy (Daddy)Am I a good little bitch to youHit my pussy from the back and hit my triple 6 tattooI won't break honey listen up closelyI want you to hurt me, I want you to scold meBlindfold me, lick my pussy to the right, lick my pussy to the leftDon't stop you ain't finished yetTaste my sweet cream filling, don't wash it offSavor the taste plus it makes your skin softI be that sick bitch, everything you wishedPornographic blasphemy and self indulgance bitchYou know you want to overdose on thisBut you can't handle it that's why I'm called Mrs. SickI'll be your lover, I'll be foreverI'll be tomorrow, I am living without herI'll be your lover, I'll be foreverI'll be tomorrow, I am living without her(Talking)Remember when we fucked while your ex was at workShit, hell yeahThen she got home you started to
ok so seabreeze and i are hosting an auction on my page if you would like to be in it let me know. 30k entry fee 20k pic fee 500k minimum bid and all bids must be placed by commenting on pics or the bid wont count payment will be made to the person being bid on by the biddee. collecting from your winner is your responsibility. be prepared to do evrything you offer dont offer anything you cant or wont do
My Boyfriend's Back
My Boyfriend's BackMy Boyfriend's Back BackMy Boyfriend's BackMy Boyfriend's BbbackMy Boyfriend's Back And You're Gonna Be In TroubleHey La Hey La My Boyfriend's BackI'm A Dead Bitch Looking For Some Dead ShitDead Guys Dead Sex Gotta Have That Dead DickI Seen This Dude Walking Down The StreetI Crept Up With A Bat Swung Hard And Put Him To SleepI Told Him I Want You I Need You I've Gotta Fuckin' Have YouI Want You I Need You I've Gotta Fuckin' Kill YouStuck A Knife In His Neck It Came Up Outta His ThroatDrug Him To A Cemetery For Some Spirits To InvokeBlack Candles And Incense Now It's Time For Some FunI Pulled The Knife Out From His Neck And Started Sucking His BloodI Said, Rise My Love I Conjure And Command TheeObey The Sacred Ceremony I Demand TheeRise My Love I Said Rise My LoveIt's Time To Show These Motherfuckers What We Capable ofAnd Then All of A Sudden The Air Got Thick And GreasyHe Started Breathing Then He Stood Straight Up On His Two FeetYes I Got So Happy That My Eyes Start
Bitches Ain't Shit
Bitches ain't Shit (4x)Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks (6x)Bitches ain't Shit (4x)Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricksScandalous, attention whores suckin' off my non-existent dickSince you can't keep my fuckin' name out your mouthDo what you're best at doing and fuckin' swallow it downI spit the sick shit and I'm living it all day bitchWhile you're slaving from nine to five for shitty paychecksI'm gettin' paid bitch to sit and write some lyricsI'm fuckin' bitches in the face to make them feel my Holy SpiritFuck that unity bullshit, I stand up on my ownFuck some fantasies, I'm casted out and all aloneI'd rather have it that way, my motivation is hatePlus you bitches only use my name to get some fameLet me explain I'm the beginning and I am the endEvery bitch just tries to jock this Razakel trendI've got no competition let it be knownJust cause I'm down for the track don't mean I love them hoesBitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks (6x)Bitches ain't Shit (4x)Who would have guess
Filler Pics
This is gonna sound like Andy Rooney, but here goes...Ya know what really irritates me?    Photo after photo after photo of 'screen shots' or pics of various cartoons, logo's, and worse; pictures of other people not related to the persons profile at all!     If I wanna see cartoons, logo's or unrelated pictures of beautiful people, I will cruise a different place on the net.     I know it's just my own opinion, but when I started on Fubar, I always enjoyed reading about people and seeing pics of their lives, or situations they have been in.     When I open a folder in someones profile I wanna see pics of them, their funny/sexy/or at least RELEVENT pics of their life, not generic crap that they downloaded just to get points..... That's all, I'm just one guy with an opinion that says, "HEY!!  Let's keep it REAL!!"
Let evil sleep (x10)Blood drips from crucifix's when I walk byI've been cast down all I hear are Angels cryYou can not save me all these Demons can't be exercisedNot even if you crucify me I won't diePushed away separated from the BlessedUnforgiven which is why I bare an inverted cross upon my chestThese religious bitches keep trippin', from the Bible these pages I'm rippin'I'm so sick in my vision it's twisted, I'm needing a dose of Unholy prescriptionThere's no Salvation I'm eternaly cursedI remember groping alter boys behind my father's churchAnd watch them grow (watch them grow), so fast (so fast)Whisper Jesus loves you into their ear before climaxI'm drinking Holy Water spittin' a rat bitchFuck her ass with a crucifix till it's covered in her blood and shitI'm sick, there ain't no Heaven for meI continue blaspheming and leave them all bleedingThis is why I'm the Queen of BlasphemeLet evil sleep (x10)Blood drips from crucifix's when I walk byI've been cast down all I hear are Angel
Goodbye...Goodbye, Goodbye.... (Whispers) GoodbyeGoodbye, Goodbye To all the artificial people in my life,I never wanted you around me so be on your wayNow that I finally got a name all of a sudden you want to stayNow everybody wants to come around B town and be my homie, rightNow everybody rides my shit like I got a fuckin' dick, rightBut I know who's got my back and who's been here the entire timeI got my own family behind me and we're ready to fightI'm so sorry I'm not that bitch that you wanted me to beI'm so sorry it took me this long to finally seeI'm just your prisoner held captive how I long to be freeBut I never will be, because you own that part of meI'm only 22 years old and all I ask is to be happyBut I can't cause you play daddy and constantly hover above meIt's gone, it's non-existant, it's finally deceasedLove died inside of you and then you killed it in meGoodbye, Goodbye To all the artificial people in my life,I never wanted you around me so be on your wayNow that I fi
True Lies
I see through youI see through youTrue lies and so she goes and takes another lifeI try but nothing can stop her living a lieTrue lies and so she goes and takes another lifeDespise her madness eats her up from insideSo it starts about a girl who's dying to be seenBlood stains her soul, she feels so uncleanShe was unnoticed and unattached from the worldA loser, a freak who was pretty much ignoredShe pops in the cd by that one wicked bitchThat helps release all of her anger and that built up stressBut not this time she couldn't cope with the pain no moreSo she takes it upon herself this time to settle the scoreWith all the people in her life who only put her downAnd made her feel so worthless but the time is nowShe goes downstairs grabs her mother's hair she ain't scaredSlits her fuckin' throat and into her eyes she deadly staresTrue lies and so she goes and takes another lifeI try but nothing can stop her living a lieTrue lies and so she goes and takes another lifeDespise her madness ea
I bet you do not even really know me at all.
Into The Past
Hello my friend, Come on in. Your chair is waiting, So we can begin. This is a front row seat into the past, To review your life, To see what it has been like. The early days of child hood. The teen years, Young adult hood, Up till now. What will we find? Are you scared. We will see it all, Can you handle it? As a child you receive lots of love. A family that loved you, And was always there. As a teen you rebelled, Refused to conform, So you could fit in. As a young adult, You married and had kids. When it all fell apart, Your family was still there. Now later in your life, What have you become? A person more caring, More loving, More forgiving.
Shes So Close!! Hit Her!!!
yes hit her!! ...with a bag of rocks and a sock of locks... Okay if you came here thinking this was a point slut blog i commend you for being a fucking moron, you may kindly take your fubarian intellectually inferior ass back to the point sluts page and do not forget to kiss her ass, you know how they loved to be worshiped like  the morons that they are...well your worshipping them so i suppose that makes you a moron as well... Okay as you can tell i am bored, and i just realized i use okay to much at the beginning of sentence... I also noticed today that my left nut is bigger then my right nut... I also noticed that fu enjoys messing up what works perfectly fin... Lets see today, a guy came in my shout and asked if i wanted to suck his dick... what the fuck... i am just not having any luck since they took off gender and age off the shoutbox window... Okay i also realized today that there is a squirrel couple that is planning to kill me I also noticed a bird is buiding a nest ou
What I've Learned
What I've Learned...   There is no "Normal" People are generally good, People are helpful,
The Blinding Ball
The Blinding Ball Can you feel what I feel? You can't see until the fog clears. There it is right in front of you, It's blinding bright, I shade my eyes It comes with a high tide. Sit on the beach and lay down looking up,
Tear Drop
Tear Drop   A childs tear is one of many for his life time A tear for his first skined knee A tear for his fall from a tree
My gran died this morning, and the funeral is on friday so I'm flying out to Cyprus early wednesaday morning, won't be back until saturday evening, maybe sunday.   Just thought I'd let you all know why I'd disappeared for a few days in advance.   Everyone take care.
Rain I like it in the rain no one can see I'm crying, All the pain is hidden while I'm slowly dying, The streaks on my face I can blame on the rain, Holding the lies and masking the pain, The fear in my eyes is the only trace, As the rain clears away every tear from my face,
How It Is
How It Is There is no substitution for time Use it wisely for it may be gone Hate not, but feel joy and see beauty Smell the rain, fell the wind, taste the sea. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone. , make peace with your past so it won’t disturb your present
When It Rains
When It Rains   When it Rains it feels like little drops of heaven touching your skin. A feeling like no other, A calming warm rush of comfort that you only feel from a loved one’s hug or a gentle kiss on the cheek.   When you smell the flowers the scent dances across your nose, tickles your insides with a giddy sen
The Place
The Place There’s a special place that I love to go, It’s somewhere I get to see a rainbow. It’s oh so peaceful and calm, I place I feel safe from harm. There are light breezes that often blow, Or in my chair I catch a glow.
The Beacon
The Beacon     Its Light shines so bright, but only seen at night. It glimmers off the water, some fish you can see. For it stands tall, tall enough for all to see, The boats follow its path to oceans shore, All by motor, floating or by oar. The sand wet from incoming waves, The light still shines in every way. It comes from a building mighty tall, sometimes Very bright, sometimes not at all This light that I so love, is always there, In my heart and the beach it gets shared. This light could be of many, a star, a flashlight,
Rain Is Pain
Rain Is Pain I like the rain so no one can see me crying, All the pain is hidden while inside I’m slowly dying. There’s no physical pain just that of an emotional strain. There are brighter days to come, This I know for I will push ahead in the right direction. My life is filled with all my choices and decisions,
Come Soft Rain
Come Soft Rains   There will come soft rains and the smell of the ground, And the swallows circling with their shimmering sound; And frogs in the pools singing at night With wild plum trees in the tremulous white.
T In The Road
There are days that we have when doors slam shut and supposedly others open.  Since I'm short on patience I don't wait til the others open on their own, I kick them open. As my close friends know I am in the process of moving, actually catching me on here for any length of time is hit and miss.  Looking at the next few months it will length on my quiet time. I can't say I'm taking a break for any noble reason as far as fu is concerned (insert sarcasm  here)only that real life has taken over and is demanding I deal with it.  My closest friends know I have been dealing with issues as they and trying to make the best of it.  My alter ego has assured me I am not doing a very good job of this.  So in order to keep from causing any damage to anyone that isn't a guilty party I feel the need to step away. I can't even give a time limit, as I know this is just heart breaking (again sarcasm).  Possibly a day (laughs), but at this point I would guess it will be more than that. For my friend
How I'm Doing
TYSM for caring about me you guys. I've gotten tons of support the last few days cheering me on. For those who don't know, I had oral surgery today. It was the best surgical experience I've ever had so far. The doc is very nice. He explained everything well. Made sure I knew all the risks and complications. He gave me nitrous oxide and oxygen, after 5 or 6 deep breaths my whole body went numb and I didn't care anymore. I felt absolutely nothing, don't remember anything either. 35 minutes later I woke up feeling good, great even. They had given me versed, a medication we give patients when we're going to intubate them (put a tube down their throat)...they monitored my vital signs and everything went well. I was wheeled out to the car, my mama took me there. I came home and put ice on my face and slept and sopped up the blood with several 1x1 cotton pads. I am suffering from a complication of the surgery though. A video I watched several weeks ago said that there's a small chance t
Insisto . . . No Es Esto Una Borracheria??
Cada vez que entro se me antoja una coronita jajaja, que barbaridad he dicho si yo ni bebo jejeje. Como sea en este lugar me siento totalmente bombardeada visualmente . . . definitivamente como que no ando a tono con nada, extranio 360, me choca perfiles y me espanta fubar . . . multiply seria la otra opcion . . . en fin . . . vamos a ver
My Life Is Over!
I got my fricking Mexican food with NO SALSA!!!!!!
Is Everyone On Fubu Sick?
Am I the only non-sick Fubu Member?
America For Sale
sell the statue of liberty for dollars in scrap copper because we lost tradition.
What's Up With Me
Hey everyone...I know I have been barely around here lately but I'm here to explain why. With the kids out for summer and one of my sons making allstars again this year leaves me hardly anytime. They practice everday and then we do the tournaments on the weekends. Baseball baseball baseball LOL To top it all off I registered in college. I am taking a few classes while I wait to get into the nursing program. Something I have always wanted to do. As you can see I have my plate full with things. Once things begin to calm down I will be around more. This doesn't mean I won't be around for awhile just only for a few here and there. Hope this finds everyone doing well. Susie xoxo
Must Read!!!!!!!!!!
Please tell everyone who wants organic foods..... US House and Senate are about (in a week and a half) to  vote on bill that will OUTLAW ORGANIC FARMING (bill HR 875). There is an enormous rush to get this into law within the next 2 weeks before people realize what is happening.> >Main backer and lobbyist is Monsanto – chemical and genetic engineering giant corporation (and Cargill, ADM, andabout 35 other related agri-giants). This bill will require organic farms to use specific fertilizers and poisonous insect sprays dictated by the newly formed agency to "make sure there is no danger to the public food supply".  This will include backyard gardens that grow food only for a family and not for sales.If this passes then NO more heirloom clean seeds but only Monsanto genetically altered seeds that are now showing up with unexpected diseases in humans.> > There is a video on the subject.>> > And another one:>
This is a poem my son gave to me for Fathers day                                        I'm so happy                                       That you're my dad                                         you do things                                       that make me glad                                      you read me stories                                      you sing me songs                                      you ask me often                                         to come along                                      you teach me how                                         to do so much                                          I love to feel                            &n
Up For Auction!!!
AUCTION NOW OPEN!!! COME OWN YOURSELF A LIL BABZ!!!! Click on the pic to bid!!! Remember show lots of love and repost often please!!! Auction Ends June 28th!!!
Obama/netanyahu Deal?
Ok, so maybe for a first post this is a bit "conspiracyish", and it might just be me, but it's a thought. For the past week, I've began wondering to myself if maybe there wasn't some kind of behind closed doors deal between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamine Netanyahu, and President Obama. I find it interesting that Netanyahu's endorsement of a two state solution, (which, for the record, I am against) came after the Iranian "elections" and their announced results. Obviously, we were all hoping to see the opposition party win the elections in Iran, although truth be told, there isn't a lot of difference between the current regime and the opposition, still, some change would've been a good sign. However, as events have unfolded in Iran, it's become increasingly clear that the old revolutionaries in Iran are determined to stay in power, and I fear mass bloodshed in the coming days and weeks as they attempt to quell the opposition. It is my belief that we will soon witness another Tiennema
The Truth: I Could Use Some Of It
So some people do things, extreme things, as a cry for help. Others keep it all locked up inside while it slowly eats away at them. I’ve been a follower of both schools of thought on the matter. I started out as more of an extremist, more recently I’ve tended to just keep it to myself and not let it bother me at all. Sometimes it has worked, other times… Well not so much. Now I’m trying a more direct alternative: just asking for it. There’s things that have happened recently and that I foresee happening in the near future that I’m not sure I can handle anymore, or be able to handle. So I’m writing this now, while I still have some degree of clarity and sanity left. If and when the time comes to make the call, I need to know who I can go to and more importantly who I cannot. So with that being said. If I can count on you, let me know. If I can’t also please let me know. Either way, I’d really like honest responses. Whatever the trut
Douche #4
  325429@ fubar->HELLCAT: and again never spoke to him before that momentHELLCAT: PFFFT->HELLCAT: no response to that one lol i guess now IM THE BITCH??? hahahahah>HELLCAT: 325429: ok sorry for asking->325429: im so poor thats all i got to eat->HELLCAT: that gets an A+ on the dumbness scale for today325429: ok sorry for askingHELLCAT: SAY YAY UR SO POOR ITS ALL U GOT TO EAT LMFAO->325429: oh brother325429: seriously ?->325429: ya i just sit around all day doing that325429: you fingering your pussy ?Have a great day!  :)  
Ratings And You
Some of you have been rated by me and have a grievance against the rating I chose. I find this resentment perplexing, as there is no standard by which ratings are based leaving me to create my own standard(s). For example, what exactly am I rating? Photo quality? Personal appearance? Your fubar profile page? I don't know most of you and therefore my ratings are not personal. So if I give you a one (1), it's not because I think you suck, I just don't have enough information about you to make an educated rating. If you think a one (1) is a personal attack against you, then you're an idiot. So what constitutes a higher rating? I've adopted my own standards for giving out ratings. Pictures of women lying around in their bra and panties  IS NOT an automatic ten (10), nor are the showing of one's muscled physique. You're in shape, so what? You want a ribbon or something? Pictures of babies, pets, and kids will not "awe" a ten (10) from me either. I admit to being biased. My real-life frie
Now I'm totally feeling like I missed out on something....I totally should have used my stint with cancer to score some serious swag around this place...     What is with ticker after ticker and every other blast begging for shit because someone is sick, or in the hospital? I don't even believe half the stories I hear anymore about someone being sick or even dying...Its ridiculous that people are using unfortunate circumstances as a way to climb levels.
Simple Man
could you look in my eyes n know what i was thinkin, could you love me when i did things that hurt you,when i told you to go away,would you hold on to me tight n say no. would you move with me anywhere with no money in my pocket n still be by my side. can you can you beleive in me when i didnt beleive in myself.will you let me fight for you,even though i know you can take care of yourself.would you listen to me ramble on and still find me endeering.could you know that theres no way you could take away the pain in my heart but still find a way to ease it.can can i listen to you while i look in your eyes for hours,can i open every door for you.can i kiss you underneath the missletoe, take you outside so you can throw snow balls at me... really hard lol.can i put a flower behind your ear n kiss you softley in the woods in the fall n let you throw pine cones at me. can we jump in the leaves in the fall n just laugh. can we make snow forts together n hide in them n kiss.can i watch you make
Hey Gang, Ok looks like I now have something else to become addicted to!! I love meeting new people and these are some cool digs to do it in. So school me peeps... Give me the 411 and let me know the dos and donts of this fubar thang. Catch ya later! Jerzgal
Ark Of The Covenant Revealed This Friday June 26th?
Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark"> Though the story was entirely fictional. The Legend and Myths surrounding the Ark's energy are not they are taken directly out of accounts of the Old Testament. In the 1970s and 1980s Ark researches built several small models of the original ark for testing. Out of gold and forms as discribed in the bible. What they found was rather surprising. The Ark functioned very much like modern day electric compastiors. Storing and directing electrical energy. Also the models generated their own electrical fields (with no outside source of energy.) In the bible the Ark was built by Moses and Hebrews at the direction of the God Yahwah to store the ten commandments and ritual items. And to store "the Voice of God".. It was also the Ark that Hebrews carried into battle and with it able to defeat impossible odds in battle. If indeed June 26 the Ethopians (which
Getting Laid.
Holy shit.  I can't keep track of all that's happening here.  My eyes are crossing more than when I play with myself. Hey you want to hook up just email the fox at I prefer one on one or two babes and me not this stuff moving too fast.
My Panties
so here it goes. if you want a pair of my panites from my recent pictures heres the way to go. private message me and let me know what you would trade and we'll go from there. now anyone posting a hurtful comment just because im doing this will be blocked so please be nice im doing this as a request from quite alot of you. bi bi
Last Day Of Auction
wicked has the high bid on me in radio x`s auction   i know she`s gonna make me do a poo video for her, someone please save me from having to do this     please     i`m seriously begging here
Book Update
Why is it, when you attain and meet someone who fulfills all the qualities you could ever ask for, that someone who's jealous or territorial wants to bring you down? I care about her and thats that. She's presented who she is to me. if thats a lie then of course ill be heartbroken, I've already poured a lot of my soul and feeling into her. Shared some things and well to be honest, I understand her situation. If you'd had a life like hers or mine, you'd want people to listen, and sometimes there isnt much you can do about it. And people need to get off her ex boyfriend issue as far as the one she still wears the ring for. Dear god people, if you'd been so close to tying the knot for the rest of your life with that one person, wouldnt you be a little depressed or upset too? So stop rushing her to get out of it, Ill be honest, I hate every single god damn perverted sex driven male on here. And regardless of how she talks to you guys, or what she shows you or what she does, shes important
Sexiest Man Contest
Please to go the link below and vote for him. He is in the fubar's sexist man contest. Lets help him win!!! Pass this along so we can max. coverage plz!   Please & Thank You!!
My First Web Cam Pics..dec.2006
Caught The Cawk Who Killed My Friend
A Pennsylvania man has confessed he is responsible for the fatal shooting of a Lewis County hunter, and now prosecuting attorney Gary Morris is waiting for evidence to determine what charges the man could face. Shawn Stewart, 32, of Walkersville was shot and killed while he was hunting at Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park back in April. Crews found him dead the next day of a gunshot wound, and now state police in Lewis County say they've found the man responsible. Robert Tobias, 58, from Millersburg, PA has confessed he is the person responsible. Tobias was hunting in the same area as Stewart and allegedly accidentally shot him. Tobias never came forward about the incident. Morris tells 5 News that Tobias could be facing charges of wanton endangerment, which is a felony, or involuntary manslaughter, which is only a misdemeanor. Depending on facts from the case, he could face both charges. If convicted of wanton endangerment, Tobias could face 1-5 years behind bars. An involunt
Parking Wars!!!
My Parking Dilemma all started when I moved to my current location # years ago. My house is in one of the “cool” neighborhoods and my street at the time allowed for 2 hour parking. This was a problem because anyone who lived on the street could not find parking and would be forced to carry their belonging half way up the block.   I being of leadership material phoned the city and asked what could be done to make it a zoned street where only the residents would be allowed to park. I was told to get a petition from all of the residents on both sides of the street. And it required that 80% of the people agreed. So every night for a week I stalked the neighbors. Most at first thought I was selling things and would hide from my ringing of their door bell. The word spread like hot fire “there was a lady trying to get resident only parking” the doors started opening and I was surprised I wasn’t being paraded around the street. I was there Hero…   Not
Time To Check Out!
When all you feel is hurt and anger,there is no point writing about it,because really.nbody cares.   see you when I feel good again!">
Love People And Use Things
“If a man shall steal an ox, or a sheep, and kill it, or sell it; he shall restore five oxen for an ox, and four sheep for a sheep.”  The twenty-second chapter of Exodus opens rather prosaically, continuing an exposition on matters of breaking the commandments the LORD set down at the beginning – the Ten Commandments, recorded in Exodus 20:1-17.  The first section of this chapter deals with the repayment of someone you stole an item from, and not all of these sentences are fatal!  Verse one quoted above requires a thief to return five oxen for one they take and four sheep for a sheep.  I expect that’s due to a sheep hardly being able to pull a plow, but I could be wrong.  Lest you think that the death sentence upon a thief breaking in one’s house (what “breaking up” in verse two means) is harsh, remember a point we covered in the previous chapter – no jails. And if said thief got out of the house alive with something he or she had stolen
Anyone feel like following me around all day and smacking me every time I try to stuff my fat face? Seriously....I was more than happy to sit in the pool w/ the kids today because I'd be weightless for a little while and my kids already call me fat mom so I wasn't afraid of them seeing me in my suit. I was almost in tears this morning because my eating has gotten out of hand...Yet, I still stocked up on crappy ass foods at the store earlier....I think my metabolism is defective...
As Of Now.....
Well I am all on the mend from the accident.  One broken toe may have to be operatedon, depressed about not being able to run, I do get to the gym now but not the same as a nice jog. My oldest son is once again trying to drive me crazy so he can control my bank account! My daughter is going to her Dad's every other week and it is really hurting her spending the week with him and his girlfriend in which she hates. I just miss her......
Poem For Me
"Sueanna"   Through life's deceptions flowering gracefully above the decay A beautiful Amerind flecked southern rose made her way How harsh the weather, upon one place for so long a time Tho the same weather that made her strong in her prime   The fairest of flowers, open hearted in all she sees The fairest of tears rolling in the cool Spring breeze With each passing second and each passing year Until those she truly loves move from far to near   Beholding her against the sunset sky is perfection's will And those who flowered from her will know her still Through all the facets of life and all the faces of love May they behold her once more with God's grace from above   Richard Martin  
Crazy Girl
hi im new here single and looking to have fun and make new friends
Older Stuff
A little boy inside screaming to be free. Not knowing what he's become. Not knowing of the man he's already grown to be. Trapped inside, death his only way out. Yet he stays inside trying to shout. It's a great pain that refuses to let go. A great burden thats begining to show. His soul weakens tearing him down. In this pain he begins to drown.
Love And Dating 101
I have fount there are lots of rules or guidlines to follow in a relationship that are very important like it or not. Here is my list of must do’s to save any relationship. So if you truely love someone please read and try to apply what you can. These go for guys and girls. 1. Never go to bed angry! this is very important. Always discus and try to solve any problem as quickly as possible.2. NEVER lie to your partner. no matter what honesty is very important in any relationship. it is better to tell the truth and earn trust than to be caught in a lie. Honesty is very important. it solves problems and lets the other person know what is on your mind and how you feel.3. I love you should only be said if you truely mean it. never say it to make things easier. if you feel your love for someone is fading talk about it with your partner before its gone and all you have is resentment twards the other person.  If you dont want to fix or save the relationship then go your seperate ways do
Lbb Entry 8
More By Me
Queen of Sanity, her name fits not. indecicive she is a lot. where she's going, she does not know. you'll always be wondering, will she stay or go.  Queen of Beauty, she is so fair. about anything else she does not care. all your love she will take. what she returns is completely fake.  Queen of Patience, i do attest. it is her patience i love the best. sticking by me through it all. she picks me up when i fall.  Queen of  Perfection, perfect is she. not a single flaw that i can see. there is nothing about her i would change. for her love, my life i would re-arrange.  Queen of my Heart, is all the above. it is her most i do love. with her i could be free. if only this she could see.
Im Just Gonna Keep Posting Them :)
 She loves butterflies and flowers. She loves the rain and showers. She loves beautiful sunsets and stary nights. She loves books and candle lights. She loves kisses and hugs. She loves coffee and mugs. She loves dates and romance. She loves music and dance. She loves laughs and smiles. She loves to get away and drive for miles.
whatever you've broken, unbreak it whichever you've taken untake it all the lies that were spoken, unspeak them the battles you lost, defeat them the pain that your heart holds, unfeel it the secret your life is, reveal it the rainbows your dreams have, follow them the truth that your lies are, swallow them
Even More Im A Dork I Know
A Forlorn Hearts Cry A woman I love, my heart she did offend. Its wound by her, I do wish to mend. Without her my heart grows weary and weak. My future becomes dreary and bleak. She is wonderful, caring, fair, and true. For her love again, there's nothing I will not do. We both had carried faults unknown. In our sorrow a void had grown. Mistakes were made, and I fell from her gra
More Of My Poetry
Her hair is beautiful and golden like the setting sun. Her eyes so blue like the rivers run. Her smell is like the sweetest floral breeze. Her smile can make time itself seam to freeze. Her lips are beyond all that's soft and fair. Her heart is delicate and needs much care. Her lightest touch a heavenly embrace. Nothing is more beautiful than the morning sun upon her face. Like her, in heaven or on earth there is none. Attempting her hearts capture I have begun.
The Next Time
The next time i read your text i will smile.The next time i hear your voice my heart will skip a beat.The next time i see you, you'll take my breath away.The next time we kiss the world will stand still.The next time i hold you i will be in my heaven.The next time i ask you i hope you say i do.The next time i make love to you, you will be my wife.The next time i say i love you its because my heart is yours.The next time we fight i will say im sorry.The next time you smile it will be because of me.The next time you hurt i will make you better.The next time you cry i will wipe away your tears.The next time we are together nothing shall drive us appart.The next time will always be forever as long as im with you.
The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration. ~ Pearl S. Buck Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so.~ David Grayson There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. ~ Mother Teresa You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly. ~ Sam Keen What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose.~ Henry Ward Beecher I have loved to the point of madness,That which is called madness, That which to me, Is the only sensible way to love.F. Sagan It is best to love wisely, no doubt; but to love foolishly is better than not to be able to love at all. ~William Thackeray You can't buy love, but you can pay heavily for it.~Henny Youngman We can only learn to love by loving. ~I
How Many Friends
"How many friends have you" The old man turned to me and asked,"How many friends have you?"Why 10 or 20 friends have I,And named off just a few. He rose quite slow with effortAnd sadly shook his head"a lucky child you are," he said,But think of what you are sayingThere is so much you do not knowA friend is just not someoneTo whom you say "Hello" A friends a tender shoulderOn which to softly cryAs well to pour your troubles downAnd raise your spirits high A friend is a hand to pull you upFrom darkness and despiar...When all your other "so called" friendsHave helped too put you there A true friend is an allyWho can't be moved or boughtA voice to keep your name aliveWhen others have forgotBut most of all a friend is a heartA strong and sturdy wallFar from the hearts of friendsThere comes the greatest love of all!!! So think of what I've spokenFor every word is trueAnd answer again my child"How many friends have you??" And then he stood and faced meAwaiting my replySoftly i answered
Need Lounge Staff (lounge Opens July 4)
If you've been looking for a TRUELY drama free lounge on Fubar to become staff in, but have yet to find it....The Myst is probably the place for you. We understand that Fubar is secondary to your real life. We do not wish to make Fubar a second or third or fourth job...just simply a place to relax, enjoy some tunes, and goof off on cam! We are looking for people to help us keep the Lounge exactly that. The Myst is themed after Gorilla In The Myst, and is owned by Nyfallen. You may have seen him around, goofing off in other lounges on cam in his rainbow clown wig...drinking rum and  ROCKING THAT BEAT! DarthTazz is the DJ Manager, and is constantly playing the best tunes to keep those of us on cam rocking out (himself included!)  We are also graced by the lovely SouthernStunna, who designed the lounge and is amazing  in countless ways! Not to mention GORGEOUS! So check us out and see if you'd like to goof off on cam and/or chat with the GORILLAS IN THE MYST! We are looking for ALL
In Need Of Vip! Plz Help Me
I Need Your Rate!
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forever isn't real to me, it feels just like pretend, I think about the days ahead, and where it all will end. The future changes everyday, depending which path you choose, sometimes you will win but almost always you will lose. Thoughts are swirling through my head, not knowing where to turn, the only thing I'm sure of is that I can feel the burn, everytime I look and see a different choice to make, not knowing what is stopping me, happiness I fake. Now I lay here all alone, no one to hold tonight, no prince charming in my life, to make everything all right...
Update On The Interview
I just spoke with the Recruiter. The DM  I interviewed with was on vacation all last week and has not yet discussed her decisions with the COO.
Ugh... Indeed
Just another day of sitting around waiting for something to happen.  This is getting old fast.
Lyrics of Devour Marilyn Manson I'll swallow up all of you Like a big bottle of big, big pills You're the one that I should never take But I can't sleep until I devour you I can't sleep until I devour you You're a flower that's withering I can't feel your thorns in my head This is no impressionability You're not crying, this is blood all over me You're not crying, this is blood all over me You're not crying, this is blood all over me And I'll love you, if you let me And I'll love you, if you won't make me starve I used to hold your heart to neck I know I'll miss you if I close my eyes But this is loaded with an open film I'll see you and I'll blow your heart to pieces I will blow your heart to pieces I will blow your heart to pieces I will blow your heart to pieces And I'll love you, if you let me And I'll love you, if you won't make me starve Oh oh oh oh... Oh oh oh oh... Oh oh oh oh... Oh oh oh oh... My pain's not ashamed to repeat itself Pain's not ashamed to repeat
No Body Shot...
ok, im not trying to be an asshole, but if you have to take pictures of your hands and feet and head and have no actual pic of all of you...its probably because it wont all fit in one picture to begin with. at least not without your fat rolls hanging off the edges getting stuff all slimy on my moniter. wtf! no one gives a shit if you have cute feet and a humongous cottage cheese ass.
For the last week or two I've been stripping wallpaper. I hate wallpaper. Not only is it hard to put up/match the lines, but it's even more difficult to remove. The wallpaper I'm attacking is original to the house. It's 7 years old, and outdated in my mind. Pastel floral prints and blue with baskets of apples isn't my taste. Personally, I'd be a giggling fool if the world of wallpaper crashed. To make my dislike of wallpaper even deeper, one of the rooms has TWO layers of the crap. Instead of going about how I have been with the other rooms, I have to ensure that the second layer of vinyl is removed before wetting down the backing. Even further madening, is that none of the walls were primered. Yep, they put up the drywall and slapped on wallpaper. There are 5 rooms and two hallways to remove wallpaper from, primer, and then paint. I'll be lucky if the project is completed by the end of the year. BTW, if you're a wallpaper person, I hate you.
Denial is a friend of mine, we know each other well, each time I look I find myself,  trapped within this hell, nowhere to go or run and hide, no one there to save me, looking for the answers, and searching for the key, running from tings beyond my control headed towards something I don't even know, I close my eyes and jump right in, don't care about the beginning or end, losing all the battles, done lost all of the fights, now I sit here waiting for  someone to turn on the lights, so tired of the darkness, pain and  fear, someone come and wipe away this tear...
Being Yourself
ya know i get really tired of ppl who arent themselves. they always try to be a better person on fu cause they dont want ppl to know who they really are in real life.. the sad part is they dig themselves into a hole that they cant get out of.. amazing enough when you are yourself on here, some ppl find you interesting and then some ppl dont.. but thats how life goes isnt it. whether its make believe  or not.. When im on here i am loving carefree honest and open thats me. about my feelings my past and even  my thoughts of the future i try to plan out.. when people try to tell me that i am something i am not. or try to tell me about my past and they dont know jack about it. i get so angry and frustrated and want to tell everyone to go to hell. but then again  i am simpley a little voice on here. nobody listens to. unless of course they need help with something lmao. then im fubars lil helper and explainer lol not that i mind cause i dont.. i want people to get the best out
One Who Imitates!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One who imitates what is bad always goes beyond his model; while one who imitates what is good always comes up short of it.
Lbb Entry 7
Since the screenshot showed up so small and i'm lazy...   "Hello,my name is Tim.I live in bushnell.I lived in bushnell florida for 13 years. I look like a cross between Tim Mcgraw n stone cold Steve Austin.Im a very sexual man and im a very Maturn intimate and Passionate lover.Yes i have a very high sex drive but im very selective who I make love to.I believe that intimate and passionate lovemakeing goes way beyond just intercourse, it involves alot of sensual massaging n alot of touching n caressing.No Im not an old pervert.Im not out for my own pleasure n I wont make or force you into doing anything that you dont want to do.A pervert is only out to please himself and will force his sick n perverted ways on you.I love making love and yes Im a very sexual man but that dont make me a pervert.Your not a piece of ass or a slab of meat to me.Your a woman with a good heart and a good head on your shoulders who has feelings n thats how i will treat and respect you.Please dont be ofended to
my name full name is roger harold, blain, hannah, boswell. i actually got an account on this website for one person.. but most of the people i meet on here are cool too. i play the bass guitar, and people SAY i can sing pretty good (i dont see it) and im just now learning to play guitar..sorry to say, i'm actually 16 years old. as much as nobody believes it. i live in nortch texas... blah blah blah.. i once jumped off a stage (attempting) a stage dive... broke both my wrist and cracked a rib... lol. whata a loser right. i guess thats all i have for now
Justice Anyone?
Yesterday I saw a video of a young woman in Iran that was shot and killed.  What was her crime?  Her crime was the desire to be free!  Thousands of people in Iran are hungry for freedom!  It is sad to see how the state police are taking down the names of the wounded arriving at the hospitals.     I have so much to say about this, but for this time I will be brief.  Don’t we as American’s stand out for freedom?  We are the greatest nation for a purpose, I believe.  It seems now that the administration is more interested in dealing with corrupt governments than helping the innocent crying out for help.  All I can do now is wish and pray for justice!  Those young people protesting in Iran are truly brave.  
searching for you knowing you are there feeling strong emotions hoping that you care wanting our dreams together to come true wishing you needed me as much as I need you keeping things locked up inside from you my feelings I will hide wondering where the future will lead deep in my heart I feel love breed seperate lives but shared desires thoughts of us as the day expires...  
6/22/09 Dilbert
Evil Rankings...
Ok, you may or may not have noticed; and you may or may not care, but I've eliminated the "Top family" and "Top friends" classifications from my profile. Yes, I do believe they are evil. That may sound extreme, but hear me out first. Does it not create jealousy and drama? Would the fu-world not be a happier place if no one was whining (whether out loud or to themselves) about where they rank, or don't rank in someone's family?Is that what "family" is about?Is this really a competition?!Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm pretty forthright about my feelings... I talk about them. I tell people that are close to me how I feel about them.So I won't play the ranking game...If we are close, you already know it, I've told you! If we're not close... Either we just don't hit it off, or we don't know each other that well yet? I don‘t know, I suppose there are many possibilities. Anyway, if you want to change that, let me know... If I want to change it, I'll let you know...Is it really so
A Day With You
I'm having a great day(sarcasm).  I had some asshole customer come in and start trouble so I had to call the cops to get him to leave.  Two more steps toward me and I would have laid his ass out.   How is everyone else's day?
More Random Poetry By Me :d
It's all a game, don't be a loser, or you'll be a life abuser, when you get your cards, strategize your attack, or you'll get my regards, stabbing you in the back...   -----   selfish, heartless, immune to your touch, I'm starting to think this life is too much, bending, breaking, can't take anymore, wishing it could be like before...   -----   It starts everyday when you open your eyes, without even knowing you've planned your demise...   -----   which way to go? there's nowhere to run, your starting to realize that life isn't fun,  there's no games to play, and you'll never win, you are waiting for hell on earth to begin...   -----   you can run but you can't hide, when you keep your thoughts inside, on the outside nothing shows, but in your heart the anger grows, all the hateful, hurtful words, start to flow like soaring birds *unfinished*   -----    
Dont Know
I always tell people never to write as soon as they get mad or the wrong things always come out or things are misconstrod. Everyone has a different definishion of what they think love is. I dont know. Why dont you tell me what you think it is, is it something that has to grew with time or somthing you can get right away? That is my question i present to you. Have fun later on
Heart Determines
It's ok to kiss a fool,It's ok to let a fool kiss you,but never ever let a kiss fool you....It's still best to wait for the one you wantthan settle for the one available.Best to wait for the one you lovethan settle for one who's around.Best to wait for the right one.Life is short to waste on the wrong person....It is better to meet the person who will truly love you later,than meet someone now who promises to loveyou but sooner or later leave you forever.....Never try to impress someone to make him/her fall in love with youIf you do, you will be expected to keep the standard for the rest of your life...Fate determines who comes into our lives. The heart determines who stays...
The Basic Details
I have never considered myself an addictive personality.  I started acting a fool while drinking so I quit.  No big deal.  Yeah I started up again a couple of years later, but its not like I ever really NEED alcohol.  Same deal with smoking.  Casual smoker at best.  When I got a gnarly resperatory infection, I just quit.  Now its becoming painfully clear that I am literally addicted to sex.  I realized the last time I did it that my entire personality changed after.  It wasn't just the release of endorphins and whatnot.  I slept well for the first time in days.  Finally felt like eating.  Suddenly the world was right on its axis.  In general this probably wouldn't be a problem.  The fact that I'm not in a safe, stable, secure relationship with someone who wants sex all the time is a problem.  And the fact that self-inflicted orgasms do not have the same effect is an issue as well.  I realize that putting so much value on something I have to get from someone else is the unhealthiest
What I Am Up To
I am starting to do theater again.  For 14 yeas I was the assistant conductor and principal clarinetist for the musicals done with my local theater group in Hammond.  i also ran the lights and sound boards for the plays during those years.  That ended 15 years ago whenI moved from that city. This week I am starting all over with a new theater group in New Orleans where I have been living for the past 16 years.  I have volunteered to work with the local theater group and when they found out about my experience they asked me to run the mixer and special affects for the show they are doing with their youth organization.  The name of the show is Smokey Joe's cafe. I start tomorrow with the rehearsals - Tuesday the 23rd of June with performances running Friday night and Saturday afternoon I am excited about being back in theater again and look forward to this production.
What Now...
Where do you go when there's nowhere to turn? when the tears that you cry are starting to burn... How can I survive this fall? who will help me through it all? Why do things not go my way? Maybe it's the things I say... Or the games that led me here, hiding in shadows, from my fear. Never knowing which way to go, hoping that these fears don't show, try to be strong, keep the feelings inside, looking for someone in which to confide. Sometimes you can to hide the pain, but in your heart it pours like rain. h.k.
We Put U There
April 17, 2009> The White House> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW> Washington ,  DC  20500> > > Mr. Obama:> I have had it with you and your administration, sir.  Your conduct on your recent trip overseas has convinced me that you are not an adequate representative of the  United States of America collectively or of me personally. > > You are so obsessed with appeasing the Europeans and the Muslim world that=2 0you have abdicated the responsibilities of the President of the  United States of America .  You are responsible to the citizens of the United States ..  You are not responsible to the peoples of any other country on earth. > > I personally resent that you go around the world apologizing for the  United States telling Europeans that we are arrogant and do not care about their status in the world.  Sir, what do you think the First World War and the Second World War were all about if not the consideration of the peoples of  Europe ?  Are you brain dead?  What do you think the Marshall P
Car For Sale
1995 cutlass supreme, blue 4 door, V6 new battery, brakes and alternator minor issues drivable and runs great! 1000.00 OBO call 517-505-1303 for more information ask for moe
Maybe it's me but can you make really good friends from the site. Some ladies contact me only to lure me out of fubar and go to a show and tell site with them on display. Other are very impersonal when it comes to chats. Is it all about points and popularity. Some ladies say ask me anything and it will be cool but it's not that way. How many of us know all the friends on here. Is the family stuff for real? How about the marriage stuff? We need to get real!!!
Sex Questionnaire
FILL THIS OUT AND SEND IT TO ME PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE!!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION" CUT AND PASTE AND REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN.........1. Your Name:2. Age:3. Favorite position (s)?4. Do you think I'm hot?5. Would you have sex with me?6. lights on or off?7. Would you have to be drunk?8. Would you take a shower with me?9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me?10. Would you leave after or stay the night?11. Do you like cuddling afterwards?12. Condom or skin?13. Do you give Oral pleasures?14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures?15. Have sex on the first date?16. Would you kiss me during sex?17. Do you think I would be good in bed?18. Threesome?20. How many times would you like to cum?21. Would you use me as a booty call?21. Can I use you as a booty call?22. Do you like foreplay?23. What is foreplay to you?24. Can we take pictures of the act?25. Phone number?26. Will you post this so I c
Sex Application (also Stollen From Bewbs Lol)
Me , I Guess
I just had me a talk with some folks here(Thanks for the ear you 2. You know who you are.)  I guess I need to tell more about what makes me tick. What ticks me off.What I really like and dislike.  Or maybe I just need to get some things off my chest. Well......I'm just gonna start here. I hated myspace because of all the fake ass peeps there. I got that feeling that nobody cared. I had friends on there that I actually knew. Co-workers. school friends and wrestling buddies. People started to just ignore the mess out of me and it hurt my feelings. I deleted my profile there. They asked why and I told them because ya'll suck. As far as me.....I'll do anything for a friend. I'll be an ear if you need to talk. I'll be your shoulder to cry on. Hell, I'll even let ya hit me if it might help. I guess I was always the friend who would be there no matter what. But.....when I needed was me, myself, and I. I guess I have lots of pent up anger from years of getting jacked up
Sex Test Please Fill It Out !
Angels & Demons Updated 6-22-09
Ever wanted to be a Angel or a Demon but not Yet a Godfather, Or maybe you wish you picked the other choice and wish you can change it. Well Now is your chance but unfortanitly no Special Abilities or Special Icon. Back By Popular Demand From the Creator of Fubars #1 Train in the Past Now Brings You Angels & Demons. Basically Just a Normal Train But  Can Also Be used as a Leveling Family. Rules & Qualifacations  1.   Must F/R/A The Founder and All other Members 2.    If Already A Friend Must Leave Them a Comment on thier Page Saying Joining Angels & Demons 3.     Dont have a Salute Not A Problem This Time Pay The 25k Fee and your on Send it through Fupal  to The Founder and mention Angel & Demons Fee 4.     Have A Salute Then No Fee Needed to Hop on 5.     In The Request Need To Mention Angels & Demons and Also Must Messege the founder when your done or you will not be added 6.   Must Also Add Angels & Demons Member To Your Name or A&D Now For The Fun To Begin  
Every time I close my eyes, your face is all I see. It keeps me in a funnel cloud, of thoughts and mystery. The words I hear don't mean a thing, they don't come from your heart. Each time we talk I realize  how far we really are apart, I've cried at least a thousand tears, you never even knew. I thought the feelings that we shared, were of a love come true. No matter where you are tonight, wherever you may be,  whoever you are holding tight, I sure wish it was me...
Knocks You Down
Heh, not againOhh, this ain't supposed to happen to meKeep rockin', and keep knockin'Whether you Louis Vuitton it up or Reebokin'You see the hate, that they're servin' on a platterSo what we gon' have, dessert or disaster?I never thought I'd be in love like thisWhen I look at you my mind goes on a tripThen you came in, and knocked me on my faceFeels like in I'm a raceBut I already won first placeI never thought I'd fall for you as hard as I did(As hard as I did, yeah)You got me thinkin' bout our life our house and kids, yeahEvery mornin' I look at you and smile'Cause boy you came around and you knocked me downKnocked me downSometimes love comes around(Love comes around love comes around)And it knocks you downJust get back upWhen it knocks you down(Knocks you down)Sometimes love comes around(Love comes around)And it knocks you downJust get back upWhen it knocks you down(Knocks you down)I never thought I'd, hear myself say, ooh, ya'll gon' headI think I'm gonna kick it wit my girl today,
Happy Hour!
Thanks to my awesome new owner, I will be hosting my very first Happy Hour here on the Fu.   Saturday, 8PM PST. BE THERE. Or, be HERE, rather...   Save up your autos, your bombs, and your lovin!   Just don't forget to come love on me and my owner.
Dearest Monday
My dearest Monday, We've got to stop meeting like this. I think you need to step up your game and be more like Saturday & Sunday. Let's face it, they are far more fun then you. If you keep this crap up I am removing you from my calendar all together. Tuesday will be my new go to. Rock CandyP.S. Those holidays like Memorial and Labor Day, I like those. Keep up the good work.
Mmmm.... Sabbath Tickles Me Where It Feels Good.
BLACK SABBATH . WARNING now, the first day that i met you. i was looking in the sky. when the sun turned all a-blur. and the thunder clowds go by. the sea began to shiver. and the wind began to moan. it must have been a sign for me. to leave you well alone. i was born without you, baby. but my feelings were a little bit too strong. you never said you loved me. and i don't believe you can. 'cause i saw you in a dream. and you with another man. you look so cool and casual. and i tried to look the same. but now i got to know you. tell me, who am i to blame? i was born without you baby. but my feelings were a little bit too strong. now the whole wide world is moving. because there's iron in my heart. i just can't keep from crying. because you say we got to part. sorrow grips my voice and i stand here all alone. and watch you slowly take away. a love i've never known. i was born without you baby. but my feelings were a little bit too strong. just a little bit too strong. now the whole wide
The Obama Nation
  by Pam Geller    I am a student of history.  Professionally, I have written 15 books in six languages, and have studied history all my life.  I think there is something monumentally large afoot, and I do not believe it is just a banking crisis, or a mortgage crisis, or a credit crisis.  Yes, these exist but they are merely single facets on a very large gemstone that is only now coming into a sharper focus. Something of historic proportions is happening.  I can sense it because I know how it feels, smells, what it looks like, and how people react to it.  Yes, a perfect storm may be brewing, but there is something happening within our country that has been evolving for about 10 - 15 years.  The pace has dramatically quickened in the past two.  We demanded and then codified into law the requirement that our banks make massive loans to people whom we knew could never pay back?  Why?  We learned recently that the Federal Reserve, which has little or no real oversight by anyone, has "loane
Tuesday Is It!
Graduation is tomorrow (June 23) and it marks a graduation of sorts for me too.  After a 30+ year teaching career (yeah, I'm one of those weirdos who graduated from both high school and college early), I have to call it quits; long story, but it has to do with contract language. So now, what to do.  I already have 4 offers to conduct different musical ensembles.  I need some time to "recharge my batteries", so to speak, so I will take some time to decide which one to accept.  However, I will NOT just be sitting around all!  I still have fun coaching one of my son's baseball teams and watch him play on 2 others.  We are into all-star season for the team I coach and our first game is Sunday. As far as the "Fu" is concerned, as soon as I get some time, I am gonna celebrate my retirement here by running an auto and blowing up a TON of  The question is, when will time permit?  Nevertheless, I have a great group of friends here and I guess I'm just giving ya'll a head
Hidden Desires~a Poem By Me
Hidden DesiresNew day dawning.Wake up yawning.Feel it only deepening.No risk of it cheapening.Teasing banter.An enchanter.No words will ever expresswhat my heart longs to confess.© June 22, 2009 by Lori
The Purest Of Pain.
I'm sorry I didn't mean to callbut I couldn't fight itI guess I was weak and couldn't even hide itand so I surrender just to hear your voiceI know how many times I said I'm gonna live with out youand maybe someone else is standing there beside youbut there's something baby that you need to knowthat deep inside me I feel like I'm dyingI have to see you it's all that I'm asking.Baby, give me back my fantasies, the courage that I need to live and the air that I breathe.  Living without you, my world becomes so empty. My day's are so cold and lonely and each night I taste the purest of pain.I wish I could tell you I'm feeling better every daythat it didn't hurt me, but to tell you the truth I can't find my way.Deep inside me I feel like I'm dyingI have to see you it's all that I'm asking.  
Dogma I - Metaphysics #2
Meanwhile, at the Chinese laundromat...     DOGMA I - METAPHYSICS #2 "COSMOLOGY" THE BOOK OF UTERUS from the Honest Book of Truth revealed to Lord Omar 1. Before the beginning was the Nonexistent Chao, balanced in Oblivion by the Perfect Counterpushpull of the Hodge and the Podge. 2. Whereupon, by an Act of Happenstance, the Hodge began gradually to overpower the Podge and the Primal Chaos thereby came to be. 3. So in the beginning was the Primal Chaos, balanced on the Edge of Oblivion by the Perfect Counterpullpush of the Podge and the Hodge. 4. Whereupon, by The Law of Negative Reversal (see below), the Podge swiftly underpowered the Hodge and Everything broke loose. 5. And therein emerged the Active Force of Discord, the Subtle Manifestation of the Nonexistent Chao, to guide Everything along the Path back to Oblivion - that it might not become lost among
Sleeping Awake (repost)
Why are you sleeping awakeRefusing to get rid of your hateSo what if they are different then youThat just makes you different tooYou justify killing your own kindJust because they don't share your frame of mindCountrymen killing fellow countrymenYou wake up and do it all over againYou stone a woman for defending herselfBut the men who tried to rape her aren't going to hellBend religion to fit your actionsYou're no better then Hitler with your hate factionsOur DNA is the same, less a cell or twoYou may not like it, but it's trueIgnoreing the truth won't make it go awayStop going through life, sleeping awake
I had love for him... he was once a good man. Then he broke my heart...   Our conversation this morning: Philemon has this as a status"*inviziblez* So I message him "I see you" He comes back with some weird scooby doo saying, and I was like huh? he says no worries its from a scooby do cartoon I'm old....   Now this is where he went wrong. A. never ask a woman if shes pregnant b. Never tell someone you are old before you know how old they are.. Golden rules men should live by don't need to know why just live by them...... Also if I ask you if my ass looks fat don't reply with anything other then this You are beautiful and your ass is fine!!! It may be a lie but will serve you better then this: I still love it.....(which means to woman your ass is FAT!!!!) so note to Philemon when stating your old (at 34) make sure the woman your talking to is not (35) BASTARD   love Wicked
Sometimes.....   Sometimes I wonder, Sometimes I fear, Sometimes I don't even know why I'm here, Sometimes we're friends, Sometimes we're foes, Sometimes I feel like nobody knows, Sometimes we fight, Sometimes getting along, Sometimes I don't know if I can stay strong, Sometimes I feel weak, Sometimes I'm not sure Sometimes I just want to walk out the door, Sometimes you don't know me, Sometimes you can't tell, Sometimes I wish you would just go to hell, Sometimes you ignore me, Sometimes it hurts, too, Sometimes I wish I knew what to do, Sometimes I feel helpless, Sometimes feeling blue, Sometimes I don't know why I put up with you, Sometimes you are caring, Sometimes you are there, Sometimes you just look at me with a blank stare, Sometimes I can't tell if you are inside, Sometimes I wonder if part of you died, Sometimes you act selfish, heartless, and cold, Sometimes I think that this game has grown old, Sometimes I am tired, Sometimes can't take anymo
Really Bored
Hey ladies, i really want some attention today while my unfortunate significant is off to school. Who wants to come over and have fun?
R/f/a/pamper Meeee...............
       R/F/A   OWN MEEEE PAMPER       ME!!!!  COMMENT MY PICS AND PROFILES  , I WANT YOU TO TAKE CARE OF ME.............            IF YOU WANT TO?????                 SINCERELY,                                   BLONDIE2222           
More Nosey Stuff
If you were in the hospital on life support, would the last person you kissed come see you?--i would like to think so Whats the relationship with you and the last person you texted?--barbara!my GIRL! my best bud!love her Have you ever kissed this person? nope Have you ever showered with someone? If so who?--i have. and im not tellin u. Strawberry Milkshake or a Banana Pancakes?--milkshake Last movie you saw in theaters?--mall cop and i left there piss cuz it SUCKED! Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?--i would love to be anywhere but here. somewhere where its hot and sunny!! Ever kissed a blonde haired, blue eyed person?--yes... Who last called you babe/baby?--everyone calls me hon/babe/sweety or baybay so lol Where did you last sleep other than your house?--damn it's been a long time since I slept anywhere else I can't remember people bum out at my house 24/7 but i never do there's I guess about  well over a year ago rose and jerry's house lol Would y
Cetirizine Hydrochloride Information
Cetirizine Hydrochloride InformationCetirizine-Hydrochloride.infophone: 877-479-2455email: info@Cetirizine-Hydrochloride.infoCetirizine Hydrochloride is an antihistamine. Antihistamines prevent sneezing, runny nose, itching and watering of the eyes, and other allergic symptoms. Cetirizine Hydrochloride is used to treat allergies, hives (urticaria), and other allergic inflammatory conditions.Cetirizine Hydrochloride (Generic Zyrtec) comes as a tablet to take it orally. It usually is taken once a day. It may be taken regularly or when allergy symptoms flare up. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand. Take Cetirizine Hydrochloride exactly as directed. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor.Before taking Cetirizine Hydrochloride, tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease. You may need a lower dose or special monitoring during your therapy
Come Support My Friend Goob
hey everyone do me a huge favor and show some love to my awesome friend Goob, he's got a new lounge and he needs membs so please join and tell him Damien Darkchild sent ya.
Normally This Would Be Mclovin's Job...
So this is my friend Larry. You should rate him and stuff cause he's helping me get my apartment and I kinda owe him. He's super lame but hey, everyone needs a little help sometimes. Drink Four Designs@ fubar
Leveling Blog #468
OC ~ Enforcer @ Buxom Barbie's, Enforcer @ The Hunee Pit, Fu-Owned by TexasSweetie!@ fubar 13,437 to Godfather
Come Own Me
plz come bid on me thanks 
hello if you are a beautiful woman that dosn't know how amazing you are. then email me and send me a picture and i'll describe your beauty.
Nice Guys
:Beginning Rant:How long before a nice guy stops being nice? After how many hurts, rejections, and false hopes does the nice guy say, maybe its really not worth it anymore?For it seems in this era that the nice guy is no longer the good guy. For some strange reason while it is asked upon us to remain respectful, caring, loving, and chivalrous, it seems that those same people who ask it are in fact lookin for the opposite. While every woman may claim that they want someone truthful, and faithful, and loyal, it seems that in fact they much prefer the beater, abuser, screamer, and cheater.While women can claim that they want the nice guy, it seems that by the nice guy being nice, he has in fact become too nice, and the woman is no longer constantly fighting, getting hit, etc. so she decides he is not what she wants. Instead she wants the challenge. So this begs the question, how can the good guy ever win?And while many may say, why don't you just give up on the nice guy attitude then and
What Is The Meaning Of Love?
What is the meaning of love? Most people who claim to love someone don’t really love them, because they don’t know what love actually is. What is love NOT? Possessiveness is not love Jealousy is not love Lust is not love Fear is not love Keeping people all to yourself is not love Expecting something from someone is not love Real love is unconditional. All other “forms” of love are not really love. Most parents and kids don’t love each other, most people in relationships don’t love each other, most people on the planet never experience unconditional love in their entire lives… or at least it sure looks that way. To love someone unconditionally means that you love the person exactly as they are, exactly as they were before, and exactly as they will be in the future - because people change all the time, so if you love the person, you will love them even if they become something you disagree with. How many parents can say that about their kids? How many people can say
Leave me alone I dont want to be with anyone. Whats the point if all your going to do to someone is play a game with them. So my words are fuck off not in the mood. Ive said this many times if all you have are lyes to give me then fuck off i dont want you i dont care and dont fucking make me.
I am tired of all the relationship/cheating/etc shit. People are so fuckin foul in general, they should fuckin die.Its like the only fuckin thing that ever matters is FUCKING and more FUCKING. Fuckin animals
My 21st Bday!!
Shopping Plan
In the frozen foods department of our local grocery store, I noticed a man shopping with his son. As I walked by, he checked something off his list, and I heard him whisper conspiratorially to the child; "You know, if we really mess this up, we'll never have to do it again." 
What Is Considered Nsfw?
A photo is deemed NSFW if it is: Explicitly sexual in nature (suggestive) and includes real photos, cartoon drawings, and all styles of animations Overtly tasteless Slandering to any person or ethnicity Contains exposed body parts and no face (chest, etc. for both men and women) In addition to the above criteria, if a photo is a primary photo, it will be flagged as NSFW if it also contains a suggestive body part without the member's face in the photo. If you have a borderline photo that is not considered NSFW and it was marked as such, there's a chance someone who has ripped that photo is using it as a Primary Photo. Remember: The Bouncers will be MORE STRICT with those used as Primary Photos. Accounts will be terminated for abusing the adult content policy. This includes your Home page, Bulletins, Comments, MUMMs, Stash, Blasts, Spotlight, and Blogs.fubar will not dispute photos that they have marked NSFW as it is at their own discretion.
At The Harbor
She went with his love to the port, and there she said goodbye.  He swore that he was going to return, and drenched in tears she promised to wait.  After a thousand moons she always remained at the harbor. Waiting for him many afternoons she lingered and made the dock her home. The afternoons made her hair and her lips it’s home. She was always there with the same dress, just in case he returned, he would recognize her.  The crabs were biting her clothes, her sadness, and her dreams.  And time trickled with her eyes filled with many dawns.  She fell in love with the ocean and her body took root in the harbor. Her hair became white through the years as no ship was able to give back her love.  In town the people started to call her “the crazy woman from the harbor”.  Even one April afternoon they tried to move her to the mental hospital.  But that was an impossible task, because none could root her out.  They were unable to separate her from the sea. She was lonely
New Net Pet Peeve
I have a new NET PET PEEVE: people who use images that are NOT of themselves or that they have NOT photographed/created themselves This is image theft. Somewhere there are artisans not being credited for and paid for the use of their work. As one of the millions who do create images, I find it downright rude. I HATE seeing it. You are all bad for doing it, for the guilty ones. Like the guy who wrote me yesterday and said, "Nice pix. I truly enjoyed them." I went to his profile. ALL IMAGES OF FEMDOMS STOLEN FROM SITES. What does that tell me about him? That he is a theif. Plain and simple. Does it show me what he is into? Yep! He's into yanking porn off the net for his person use. That would make him a wank-miner. PERSONALLY, I think that makes him a waste of my time and the space of a social networking site. If I were single would I go for someone with a profile that showed me what they liked rather than who they are and what they look like? God I feel sorry for those of you who d
Link To The Fubar Bible
Sts-125 Launch
STS-125, or HST-SM4 (Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission 4), was the fifth and final space shuttle servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Launch occurred on May 11, 2009 at 2:01 p.m. EDT. Landing occurred on May 24 at 11:39 a.m. EDT, with the mission lasting a total of just under 13 days (next post). Space Shuttle Atlantis carried two new instruments to the Hubble Space Telescope, the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph and the Wide Field Camera 3. The mission also replaced a Fine Guidance Sensor, six new gyroscopes, and two battery unit modules to allow the telescope to continue to function at least through 2014. The crew also installed new thermal blanket insulating panels to provide improved thermal protection, and a soft-capture mechanism that would aid in the safe de-orbiting of the telescope by an unmanned spacecraft at the end of its operational lifespan. The mission also carried an IMAX camera and the crew documented the progress of the mission for an upcoming IM
First Day
do you know  what fubar stand  for ?
Sts-125 Landing
STS-125, or HST-SM4 (Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission 4), was the fifth and final space shuttle servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Launch occurred on May 11, 2009 at 2:01 p.m. EDT. Landing occurred on May 24 at 11:39 a.m. EDT, with the mission lasting a total of just under 13 days. Space Shuttle Atlantis carried two new instruments to the Hubble Space Telescope, the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph and the Wide Field Camera 3. The mission also replaced a Fine Guidance Sensor, six new gyroscopes, and two battery unit modules to allow the telescope to continue to function at least through 2014. The crew also installed new thermal blanket insulating panels to provide improved thermal protection, and a soft-capture mechanism that would aid in the safe de-orbiting of the telescope by an unmanned spacecraft at the end of its operational lifespan. The mission also carried an IMAX camera and the crew documented the progress of the mission for an upcoming IMAX movie. I
90# On Your Phone
90# on your telephone I dialed '0', to check this out, asked the operator, who confirmed that this was correct so please pass it on . . . (l also checked out .. This is true, and also applies to cell phones!) PASS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW I received a telephone call last evening from an individual identifying himself as an AT&T Service Technician (could also be Telus) who was conducting a test on the telephone lines. He stated that to complete the test I should touch nine(9), zero(0), the pound sign (#), and then hang up. Luckily, I was suspicious and refused. Upon contacting the telephone company, I was informed that by pushing 90#, you give the requesting individual full access to your telephone line, which enables them to place long distance calls billed to your home phone number. I was further informed that this scam has been originating from many local jails/prisons DO NOT press 90# for ANYONE. The GTE Security Department requested that I
Rating For Fubucks
I am paying 100 fubucks per picture rate, minimum of 100 rates per sending fubucks.  Any time of the day, 11's or not.  Happy Hour or not. The catch?  You MUST PM me with the exact number of pictures you rated to get paid.  :)   Also, when I level, whoever is the last 'active' person on my page, that shows in my bartab, will get 1 million fubucks. Happy Rating. I want Oracle. You want fubucks.  Lets get it DONE!  :)
Wow, Much Drama
For those of you who know me. I wont get personal, ok well all that much personal.   But over the last few weeks and all I have been dealing with some MAJOR drama on here.   A friend of mine ( or so i thought). Her man was coming on to me big time. And was asking me to come to STL and have sex with him before he met up with her for the first time. He also stated that he would pay for me to come out there for a weekend.  I tell this friend of mine, she was said this... Oh i knew he was like this.. and i should had never trusted him. blah blah blah. And how she was gonna play him for the fool he is. and all that other freaking bull.   Turns out, she desided to believe him, and stay with him, which is her choice, might i add. But I woke up this morning to being blocked by her and a few other people, because, her fu-hubby didnt want her talking to me anymore..   I HATE DRAMA, and I dont care if you block me. But I would like a reason why you block me when you do.
In Another Auction. Please Come Place A Bid!
In another auction!  Come place a bid on me.   Click on the above link.  
Thankful For Him
So I finally let him know how I really feel about him.  It wasn't easy on me because I'm not good with words verbally but I found a way to let him know.  Last night him and I had a heart to heart talk and I learned everything that I needed to know for right now.  We still aren't a couple but I'm ok with that.  He told me that he does have feelings for me but he's not ready for a relationship yet.  And he adores Heaven but he's not sure he's ready for all that comes along with having a child.  But he is helping me out with her birthday and when they are together he is so good with her that you would never know we weren't together.    Last night I broke down because I ain't gonna be able to do everything I wanted to do for Heaven for her birthday and he's the one who calmed me down and brought me back to the reality that as long as she's happy that's all that matters.  And that she isn't going to really care about everything she gets as long as she has fun and the people she loves are
Basic Rules For Classic's Lounge
Rules for Classics lounge i think we are all adults in here look at a few simple rules to lounge by  1)DO NOT GET NAKED ON OUR CAMS we dont wanna see how WET you are how BIG  you are DO THAT IN PRIVATE simple FLASHING is ok just dont be the one who does it to extreme's you can get EJECTED AND BANNED for your nudity! NO CAM DIRECTING you are not our master dont try to be one You can get SILENCED, EJECTED AND BANNED by doing so 2 RESPECT OUR STAFF AND MEMBERS if you have a issue with a staff member take it up with rocks tom or luna DO NOT PUT DRAMA IN OUR LOUNGE also we wont put up with any one making fun or negative name calling THIS IS NOT HIGH SCHOOL 3) NO DRAMA !  We don't need it, won't put up with it,  so take it elsewhere!  (That goes for guys and/or gals!) your drama will get you SILENCED EJECTED and BANNED if needed 4) NO GRAPHIC SEXING please dont show off for your man or woman by graphic sexing others dont care or wanna see it GOOD WAY TO GET SILENCED EJECTED AND BANNED I
I want to fly into the dawning Horizon's sun. Burning,Purifiying yesterdays eyes. Heading into the future. When I make one revolution around the world back to my home. it will be the future. Or will it just be my same old home. Home is for rest. Rest is for the Dead. Everyday im dead. And I want to live again. I want to live until Its time for Rest. While im dead,I channel to the living world through the internet. Like spirits channel through our reality. I see what the living see. I want to live too. And when its time to Rest. I will.
Just Don't Understand...
Ok, for those of you who were real enough to get to know me, should be the only ones who really give their unput on this, because they took the time to get to know me...unlike most people I know on here.   OK, now, for those of who you wrote who actually got to know me, will know how I am. I am ther guy that will tell you something no matter how much it may anger you, depress you, or make you cry. I SIMPLY, CLEARLY DONT GIVE A SHIT. What I do care about though is being real with you, no matter what. I am hard on people because thats the way I was never raised. I was always told what I wanted to hear, and in the long run, It hurt. So, my problem is..a friend of mine, does some things, just know what, I am not sure ecatly why. This friedn is an amazing, sweet, beautiful, loving, and caring person. They are always there to talk to you....but, this person degrades themselves with some actions in which are none of your business. I felt the need to express how I felt about it, and
I couldn't help but think of my adventures lately I've had with being a part of the firefighter team and such and having my wonderful husband by my side to give me this strength:   "In times of terror, In times of fear, Remember you got two strong legs You should get up and use them walk forward. Should you find your unable to do this hold out your hand Someone will always and surely extend their warm hands to you."   As long as you smiled and held my hand,I felt like I could go anywhere and do anything.   -Ayumi
Changing The Game
I've been away from fu for a while but I've been back on recently more often and in my time back I've noticed that it's time to change the game with how I treat others on here. The one thing that I've noticed is the lack of gratitude on here has dropped to epic propportions and in saying that I DO realize that this is fubar and unless You're a dude that can make cool graphic pics for people on here or CONSTANTLY buy people're a female with big tits and flirty personality for the MOST part you will get little to NO attention on here at all. That seems to be the case almost throughout fubar save the people that are in my family list THOSE people are really cool people who do return love whether I was here or not,I'm tired of buying people drinks,tored of reaching out to people that are having bad days buying them gifts and leaving words of encouragment,rating their profiles and fanning them and not even getting as much as a fucking THANK YOU in return,so now its time to
What A Weekend...
3 days of slangin/bangin...and hangin...  i can prolly say th@ the last 3 days are the best in the last few yrs....   so.... new transformer movie on wednesday... who wants to go?     rp
Place It Here
There are different paths to follow each day.  Each path will a result in a different outome.  If your path is not well mapped,  you will come a dead end.  Do this enough, and eventualy you just be at he end.
The Realest
Let me start off saying that this is not intended to be pointed at anyone or to offend anyone. These are only my views and opinions. In the gist of life this shouldn’t be a nothing but a hill of beans to you. I am sorry though if I offend you.   Fubar is a social site. It’s made to be like an internet bar. People meet and greet at bars all the time. Just like at bars, all you have to go on is what you see at first. I know there are tons of women that want you to give them soo much respect on here. I say you have to respect yourself first. Just like if you’re in a bar, if you wear slutty clothes then people will think you’re a slut. Visual perception is one of the strongest human senses and used mostly on fubar since it’s a multimedia based site. There are pics, vids, background coding, and ect. I say this to women that want respect. How can I respect you, when you’re not really respecting yourself? It’s the same principle as at the bar. You d
Something To Ponder?
Is this me, or the person I think I should be ? Are these my real feelings,  or my lifes past reviews ? Intuition and insight,  or my prejudgement and narrowmindedness of  ? My reality,  or my collaboration of the dreams of others ? Self esteem and individuality,  or pride and total independence ? Is this love,  or just the fear of loneliness ? The true meaning,  or just my perception of the concept ? A learning experience,  or just another mistake ? Is there life after death,  or just death after life ? Does all this make sense,  or is it just another part of  the second guess ?    Glenn Tage Peterson III
Girlfriend App..
Name  Whats your birthday/age  Height  Hair color  Eye color  Piercings/Tats  If no, do you want any?  Do you drink?  Do you smoke?  Do you do drugs?  What would you say is your best quality?  Whose your favorite band?  What kind of music do you like?  Do you like kids/want any of your own?  How do you feel about marriage?  Where do you work?  Do you go to school?  Do you live at home/on your own?  Do you prefer cats or dogs?  What do you like to do in your free time?  What do you think is my best quality?  Are you Spontaneous?  Are you afriad of commitment?  Are you into romance?? Would you make me feel like im the only girl you want to be with?  What would our first date consist of?  Whats the sweetest thing you've done for a girl?  What movies/TV shows do you like?  Do you like your family/family oriented?  Have you ever cheated?  Why did your last relationship fail?  Do you like to dance?  What do you look for in a man?  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Are you honest?  Do yo
Would You Stop?
A black cat, lifeless in the road. A bright orange cat dodging the rest of the cars, to stand guard for it's fallen  friend. Risking it's life and limb, to see that it's friend wasn't hurt again. A friend is someone who would do that, no matter what it mean't. For the driver that hit her, and the one's who were too busy to stop. I ask you. If you were hurt or worse, do you have a orange cat to help you in the end ?
Are You?
They are you and me. The people that stop to help at a car wreck to see if they can help. They are the people that volunteer their own life and time to helping others without asking for praise, or monitary gain. They are people that help others in danger, while holding back their own fear. They are the true "First Responders".
To All That Heard The Bell.
 Silent Code 10/8 A Tribute for the fallen on 9/11." May we learn with love and wisdom to forgive. We as humanity must never forget though what was lost besides the heavy cost of human life. It was our innocence that was also taken on that fateful everclearsunny day. written on 4/22/09 by GTPIII,
Looking 4-a Good Time
im looking 2-talk 2-someone & have fun
I Hate You
Do you admit you are missing out that the best part of you is somewhere else does it hurt to know that for the last few months these scars and heartaches that you left me with are in vain and i hope they serve you well you had your chance dont you act like youre the first with so much to offer you sure know how to waste the better part of two lives does this quinch your thirst? PRE CHORUS first blood, first love, drawn from the weak ive been a fool for allowing you to even let me think maybe this is it... maybe loneliness would leave me alone but i guess that this is more accurate than the look in your eyes and all the lies that would leave your lips CHORUS these scars heal but my heart never will not until you are where i need you but these butterflies are smashed by all your lies ignorance is bliss and it causes the innocent to miss out on what true love really is What will we do tonite? bread knives or theatrical lines? my heart crawls to you but
Shot In The Dark
Well lately I have confounded the wise and I have laid my emotions to rest. my heart in shambles, picking up the pieces isnt easy, but im not alone. and with every new endeavor comes a new outlook in life. im tired of this, and i will let it die. amidst the darkness... comes light. in the most beautiful of kinds. my dear friend i love you. armed with a flashlight and that dazzling smile i came to you with my doubt and my fears the heart i pinned to my sleeve had become a mess of tears on the floor as you bent to pick up the mess i had made our eyes connected and our hearts touched you have changed my life. late nights become our emotional burial grounds riddled pieces clutter the floor the sounds of laughter drown out the breaking of two hearts that had once been long tarnished hope flutters, leaving our heads spinning wishing this night could last forever the dimming of our eyes tells us its time ill be waiting, wishing, hoping to find love in the eyes that l
My Personal Thoughts
A person's spirit is not bound by time and space. It is controlled by thoughts of happiness and fears. The stand is made when your soul loses love and hope. You find yourself on the bottom of the stream looking up. In nature as in life, only the strong of will can only survive. To float without swimming leaves you open to ebbs and tide. Rise to the surface kicking with all your might. Reach for the rocks you once stepped upon. Then you will see the person you deserve to be. Faith in yourself will be your stepping stone.
"better Off Without You"
So Im better off without youdont you try to change my mindabout the things that were saidthe thoughts in your headits a waste of space to write a song about youso ill keep it to myselfdrastic changes in weatherdetermine whether she is in a better mood todaythan she was just yesturdayi dont know what i should do about her"youre better off without her"i try to push you awayits so ideal (we're better off this way)and now we know we're throughive come to terms (im better off without you)im better off without you
The Past, A Distant Memory
Love, now THERE'S a scary thought. A brand new mindset and thought process has brought me to this crossroad, the past is over, i cannot dwell on it anymore. As much as i loved who i loved..theres nothing i can do to make it work. i failed at trying to fix things.. now im ready to start over.. to obtain the same person i was before 3 3 short yrs ago. Before i knew "love", marriage, and a friendship that would break me. My life is new again, i look forward to all that God has for me... in the future i dont know where it will take me, whether its to college, touring in the music field, or a family life. (things i had all longed for at one time or another) one day i will meet you , my dear.... my best friend, my better half all the moments of darkness dissipate in the light of the angel God had sent me past "loves" a distant memory... past pain the catalyst to who i have become well deserving of the best, nothing short of perfect, you walked into my life and the honor fell upon my s
Are You That Lame?
While scrolling threw the mumm's I really get a sense that some fu bar peeps are idiots! and very ignorant towards others. Its amazing how they feel the need to call woman a series of names or be little us.  Why?  Does it make you a man? NO!!! it makes you look like a little boi who lost his toy and throws a fit. Do you think it makes you look attractive to call woman bitches?  I dont think you will score many points that way.  Less you find a woman with low self esteem that will take your BS. Then,  sighhhhh you see woman or suppose to be woman talkin trash ..for example,  one young lady (cough)  Wanted to know if a man could suck his dick would he be gay? Ya that scores points right up there with the dude calling woman bitches, shrugs. First off I think thats virtually impossible,  but hell what do I know. It never ceses to amaze me how low the standards of the younger set of peeps have dropped. Hell who knows maybe thats the way things are now a days. Sad really,  to fit in
Im Back ....
You Are Who You Are, Not What You Do
Becoming Your Wrong Decisions Our perception of the traits and characteristics that make us who we are is often tightly intertwined with how we live our life. We define ourselves in terms of the roles we adopt, our actions and inactions, our triumphs, and what we think are failures. As a result it is easy to identify so strongly with a decision that has resulted in unexpected negative consequences that we actually become that "wrong" decision. The disappointment and shame we feel when we make what we perceive as a mistake grows until it becomes a dominant part of our identities. We rationalize our "poor" decisions by labeling ourselves incompetent decision-makers. However, your true identity cannot be defined by your choices. Your essence—what makes you a unique entity—exists independently of your decision-making process. There are no true right or wrong decisions. All decisions contribute to your development and are an integral part of your evolving existence yet they
A Question Of Balance - One-sided Relationships
One of the most beautiful qualities of an intimate relationship is the give and take of energy that occurs between two people. In the best-case scenario, both people share the talking and listening, and the giving and receiving of support, equally. Occasionally, within any relationship, the balance shifts and one person needs to listen more, or give more. Generally, over a long period of time, even this exception will take on a balanced rhythm; we all go through times when we take more and times when we give more. However, there are also relationships in which the balance has always felt one-sided. You may have a friend whom you like, but you have begun to notice that the conversation is always about their life and their problems and never about yours. You may also have a friend who seems to require an inordinate amount of support from you but who is unable or unwilling to give much in return. Over time, these relationships can be draining and unsatisfying. One option is simply to en
Angry Video Game Nerd Ii The Power Glove..
As promised I am posting another AVGN link. So this video is funny on it's own however seeing the Top Gun episode "Check Previous blog." first will make the episode that much funnier. I was a jealous poor child who had few accesories with the my NES "providing it was not sold for drugs that week" as well as few games so when I saw exacally what I missed out on I felt that much more greatful for what i did have and no longer felt like I was missing out on something cool as a child. Hope you enjoy! ~Brodie Also check out AVGN's other videos at   As always, Feel free to check out MY videos and links.
The Things We Take For Granted
The Wonderment of Life Most of us begin our days with a continuous list of things we need to do to keep our lives running smoothly, but we rarely take time to note all the things we don’t need to do. For example, we don’t need to figure out how to breathe. We don’t need to find a way to make sure the earth continues to revolve around the sun. We don’t need to concentrate to ensure that our heart beats and our cells regenerate. All of these things, and many more, take care of themselves without our having to think or do anything at all. This is the miracle of life on earth. Beyond the wonder of the natural world, we have the wonder of human-created conditions such as indoor plumbing, electricity, automobiles, airplanes, telephones, and the Internet to name a few. Someone living just a hundred years ago would be overwhelmed by the ease with which we can communicate with people all over the world. Every day, millions of us jump on airplanes and fly to distant
Me,myself And I
A dream?A lie?True love?That's what I intend to find. A broken heart Thats the thing of the pastI believed in us when times got toughBut I am afraid that love is not enoughAt least not this timeCause now It's Me, myself and I I took it day to dayNight to nightHolding my pillow tightTrying to find my fairy taleI have had it with this small town. Dreaming happened the moment I met youThinking you were my prince charmingBut come to find out love was just what you wanted to play So now I'll sit here With me,myself and I A lie??When you said you'd come backA lie?When you told me I was all you ever wanted! True love??That was the definition of you... But true love can die....Right?? I hope not But if it canthan I wish you the best..I wish you the worldI wish you could realize that You meant the world to mePlus so much moreBut I guess love does dieTime to move onNothing lasts foreverSo I'll move onFind someone who can love me and only me Someone who wont let me sitWith me,myself and
Healing With Hurt
Using Your Pain To Help Others Pain is a fact of being and one that permeates all of our lives to some degree. Since the hurt we feel may be a part of the experiences that have touched us most deeply, we are often loathe to let it go. It is frequently easier to keep our pain at our sides, where it acts as a shield that shelters us from others and gives us an identity—that of victim—from which we can draw bitter strength. However, pain’s universality can also empower us to use our hurt to help others heal. Since no pain is any greater or more profound than any other, what you feel can give you the ability to help bring about the recovery of individuals whose hurts are both similar to and vastly different from your own. You can channel your pain into transformative and healing love that aids you in helping individuals on a one-to-one basis and spreading a tide of curative energy throughout the world. The capacity to heal others evolves naturally within those who ar
I Wish I Could...just One Time
I wish I could... just one time , say what I feel,without you feeling its a crime. Will you ever be someone that I can fall into?Or will you remain someone that never knew? I care for you, more than you care to know.Why is this something that makes you say "whoa"? Everyone in this world needs someone to care;Even if it's someone that's unaware. Maybe its me that you can't feel for...if this istrue, then don't show me no more. But, If this is something you need to explore,then know right now, how much you're adored. I wish I could...just one time, take your handand see what we might find.  
When You Were Mine
Every single momentHas stayed in meYears without you Haven't changed anythingStill living with the memories Keeping them close to my heartFinding piece with the thought I once had you by my side There is no consollation For this sadness deep in meNothing could compare To what we once hadRemember how you were mine And just slipped awayMy heart beats harderFrom the day you have left me Will I ever get over the needTo have you by my side?Will I ever accept the fact that You are never coming back? The burden of my painHasn't eased as time passes byLiving goes on, but I stay back in timeStill living in the years when you were mine.
Greeting The Divine Spirit - Bowing
Bowing is a universal gesture of respect and reverence. In many cultures, it is the predominant form of social greeting, and most religions incorporate it into their rituals of worship. In many cases, bowing signifies not only respect but also an acknowledgment of the shared divinity between the bower and the recipient. Bowing can also be a turning in toward our own divinity when we bow our heads in prayer, contemplation, or meditation. Bows range in form from a slight forward nod of the head to a full body prostration on the ground, and range in meaning from a simple greeting to a complete giving over of the self to the divine. If you have ever bowed or been on the receiving end of a bow, you know that it is different from a handshake or a hug. Bowing has the quality of consciously evoking spirit and conveys a sense of reverence for the people involved. The word "Namaste," which accompanies bowing in yoga, actually translates as "The divine spirit in me acknowledges the divine spirit
Special Messengers
Reconnecting with Friends - dedicated to my friend James... Every person that passes through our lives makes a contribution to our life stories. There are those who play large roles and make deep impressions, but sometimes a brief special appearance before life takes them in another direction creates a meaningful connection. It is a rare gift when they suddenly reappear in our lives after a long absence. Though the world may seem full of more people than we could ever know, we are often drawn to people with similar energy, which brings us together time and time again. On first meeting, the characters in our life stories may seem familiar. We may know each other from past lives or perhaps we merely recognize the energy of a kindred spirit. But when fate brings old friends back into our lives, there is always a reason. They may act as messengers, reminding us of a part of ourselves we have forgotten to nurture. They might appear to give us a chance to react in a new way to an old si
Broken Hearts
Where do they gowhen they have no place to call homeLive and be brokenor hope they'll mend on their own ****Time heals woundsand enables us to forgetWait! Time has no value to aching broken hearts****I long for your smiletender touch, and strong arms Arms I run to, throw myself between your charm ****You weren't there when desperation and emptiness accompanied me No more tears to wipeyou are not aroundand you'll never be ****You ran away and left me aloneI looked, no one was thereI was alone in this worldlooking aroundfor your care ****Why did you leave me on my ownI was sad not for missing youI realized I've been always alone ****I cried not because its overbut for the missing part in my heart No! I wont say I am in loveglass doesn't mend once shattered a part****I'll keep pain inside from now onwith my brokenheart I,ll roam loneliness taught my heart to singyet aches for a place to call home
Dedicated To Miriam
i have known this woman since i was now 45 and even though her daughter and i have parted ways i never stopped loving this woman...she was a great person.....she gave my son a home when he chose not to move with us...and through her illness my son has become a man and stepped up and took care of both his very proud of him...miriam was a lady very set on her ways....she had sponk...she was very opionated but thats what gave her her unique prospective on life itself..she always had a way to make me with her passing my heart cries for the void thats left in all our hearts.....Miriam thank you for being there for our son and giving her the love that groomed him into the man he has become
Naked Desert Storm
I’ve always wanted to spend my birthday in my birthday suit. Usually I do some kind of b-day show or soirée with clothing (albeit skimpy clothing), but since June 10th fell on a Wednesday – not a great party night – this year, Max and I decided to get away from “it all,” including all of our clothes. So we took a trip to a place we’d never been called Sea Mountain Resort, even though it’s nowhere near the sea. Nor is it in the mountains, though it’s nestled at the dusty toes of the Santa Rosa foothills. But how to get there from here? We weren’t about to drive from Downtown LA to Desert Hot Springs. Nor did we want to pay someone else hundreds of dollars to chauffeur us. Having one of our friends drive seemed to defeat the purpose of “getting away from it all.” Trains only run every other day, and not the days we wanted to travel. As for flying, the security lines and drive to the airport would have taken just as long a
Manifestation Of Hate
 Manifestation Of Hate All you have left is your soul to sell I'll take that from you and damn you to hellEternity rotting in the ever rising flamesScreaming for mercy , you scream my nameYour screams fall upon deaf earsThe realization of all your darkest fearsFears of being cold, alone, and dead Now it's your life, no longer just in your head My only desire is to drag you through hell's gateThe perfect place to manifest my hateGreed, seduction, manipulation, and lies These tools heralded your demiseYour screams of agony bring a smile to my faceKnowing you have been put in your final resting place For All Eternity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     copywrite 2009 visionarymetal music
Words That Make You Bleed
Torturous words utter from thy mouth sending me screaming from within. How many days and hours must I suffer such torment. My brian starts  to weaken and crawl back wityhin itself so it does not have to suffer any longer. I can not take much more of your torment to my weary soul. My world has changed and I have started to feel alive again without you in my life. Why must you continue to haunt and plague my existence with your foul stench of putridness. I can not escape from you anymore because you follow me where ever I go. Your spirit of affliction is one of total despair and it destroys my hope of a bright future. I try to break the bonds of desecration and desolation that you bring to my home but once I get you away and peace resumes once more, something else happens. Why won't you die to your foulness and start to give me peace again? Is it because you love to torture me and bring me down. I can no longer bear to see you destroy your life and try to take me with you because I will
My Bar Tab Is $845
This is real fun to do! The only catch is that you cant ask the person who posted it anything about it! :) Just read the "offense" and if you've done it, you owe that fine. Keep going until you've read each "offense" and added up your total fine. Title your bulletin "My Bar Tab is$........" You don't have to confess your answers, just the amount of your fine. Smoked pot -- $10 Did acid -- $15 Ever had sex at church -- $25 Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you-- $40 Had sex with someone on MySpace -- $25 Had sex for money -- $100 Ever had sex with a Asian -- $20 Vandalized something -- $20 Had sex on your parents' bed -- $10 Beat up someone -- $20 Been jumped -- $10 Crossed dressed -- $10 Given money to stripper -- $25 Been in love with a stripper -- $20 Kissed some one who's name you didn't know --$10 Hit on some one of the same sex while at work-- $15 Ever drive drunk -- $20 Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk -- $50 Used toys whi
Sometimes U Smile Unexpectedly
somone sent me this...... IF I WAS YOUR MAN... If I were you man And you were my woman You..d have no other man You..d be weak as a lamb If you had the strength To walk out that door My love would over rule my sense And I..d call you back for more he tears you down Says nothing at all But I..ll pick you up When he lets you fall like a diamond And he treats you like glass AND TRUST ME ITS NOT ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU GOT A ASS Damn i see no flaws lovely skin, pretty eyes,loving the hair style thats tight",lickable lips very very kissable. , eye brows laced, fingers touched up and yes your PERFECT for me!!! "Meeting u was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, falling in love with you would be beyond my control. " "True love does not worry about the distance between, for the heart and soul travels through one's words. " Beautiful     this was my reply   IF I WAS YOUR WOMAN if i were your woman and you were my man you'd have no other love that'd make u fly
In  the  dark  Of   the   Night   I  want to  die With   what Im  dealing  with  All I do is Cry I hide My  thoughts  and  Feelings  WellI choose  to  Suffer   My  peronal  Hell Torn  By  feelings  I dont  Dare  Speak They  are  My  secrets  to  KeepHurting  and  Suffering  I do it On my  own Wondering if I will ever Find A true Place to call  homeWondering Why I  live  this  way Wondering  why  They  never  Stay Loveing and  Leaving Im  just a  stop on the roadLeaving me alone to  bare  this  LoadI give all that  I am, till theres nothing Left to give With all of thses wounds my Soul has become a  Sive  The Anger the  hurt and the  Fear  I cant  escape that  much is  clear   How  Can  I love  you,  When  I  Know  your not  for me Again   I  Hide it  well   You  will never  See It  Kills me  to  Love  you  and not  Be with you But  i  know its not  Possable  with all  we have  been   throughI will  Be in your  corrner The  bitch that has  your backWaitig in the Shadows  for the Next  t
Crushed and really confused, left wondering.
Boldly Growing Into Your Own
Fear of the Future Though much human fear is based on uncertainty, foreknowledge does not always ease the mind. It is often when our futures look brightest that our resolve crumbles and we veer off course. We can recognize that success is on the horizon, but we cannot discern how it will impact our lives. Because success can affect us in complex and unpredictable ways, taking us out of the status quo and pushing us into new circumstances that test our limits, the mere idea of attaining the life of our dreams can shake us to the core. Fear of the future is often closely intermingled with the fear that growing into your own potential will both change you irrevocably and force you to face situations that you aren’t ready for. It is normal to unconsciously project ahead into the future and see success as a great weight bearing down on you. It is important to remember, however, that all the life changes the future will bring will be implemented into your life slowly and gradually.
Southern women appreciate their natural assets: Clean skin. A winning smile. That unforgettable Southern drawl.Southern women know their manners: "Yes, ma'am." "Yes, sir." "Why, no, Billy!"Southern women have a distinct way with fond expressions : "Y'all come back!" "Well, bless your heart." "Drop by when you can." "How's your Momma?"Southern women know their summer weather report: Humidity Humidity HumiditySouthern women know their vacation spots: The beach The rivuh The crickSouthern women know the joys of June, July, and August: Colorful hi-heel sandals Strapless sun dresses Iced sweet tea with mint Straw hats and big sunglassesSouthern women know everybody's first name: Honey Darlin' ShugahSouthern women know the movies that speak to their hearts: Fried Green Tomatoes Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Steel Magnolias Gone With The WindSouthern women know their religions: Baptist Methodist FootballSouthern women know their country breakfasts: Red-eye gravy Grits Eggs Country ha
Too Funny
A Life Of Learning
Earth School Life is the province of learning, and the wisdom we acquire throughout our lives is the reward of existence. As we traverse the winding roads that lead from birth to death, experience is our patient teacher. We exist, bound to human bodies as we are, to evolve, enrolled by the universe in earth school, an informal and individualized academy of living, being, and changing. Life’s lessons can take many forms and present us with many challenges. There are scores of mundane lessons that help us learn to navigate with grace, poise, and tolerance in this world. And there are those once-in-a-lifetime lessons that touch us so deeply that they change the course of our lives. The latter can be heartrending, and we may wander through life as unwilling students for a time. But the quality of our lives is based almost entirely on what we derive from our experiences. Earth school provides us with an education of the heart and the soul, as well as the intellect. The scope of o
Come Bid On Me
hey im up for auction go by the link and check me out
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New In Dallas Tx
Hi New to Dallas TX looking for some new friends to show me around.
attention all fubar friends family and all if you are reading this plz take procautions for your accounts on fubar and on yahoo messenger down load zone alarm on ur pc change ur passwords and definately do not give out ur info to anyone at anytime cuz hackers have been gettin into peoples accnts on both fubar and yahoo so protect urself and download zone alarm on ur pc thx
Effort And Understanding
Having It Easy Our lives are an exercise in facing challenges. We dream the grandest of dreams as youngsters only to discover that we must cultivate copious inner strength and determination in order to meet our goals. Our hard work does not always yield the results we expect. And it is when we find ourselves frustrated by the trials we face or unable to meet our own expectations that we are most apt to take notice of those individuals who appear to accomplish great feats effortlessly. Some people’s lives seem to magically fall into place. We can see the blessings they have received, the ease with which they have attained their desires, their unwavering confidence, and their wealth. But, because we can never see the story of their lives as a whole, it is important that we refrain from passing judgment or becoming envious. Throughout our lives, we glimpse only the outer hull of others’ life experiences, so it’s tempting to presuppose that the abundance they enjoy i
Small Gestures Make A Big Difference
Common Courtesy We often feel that we don’t have the time or energy to extend ourselves to others with the small gestures that compose what we call common courtesy. It sometimes seems that this kind of social awareness belongs to the past, to smaller towns and slower times. Yet, when someone extends this kind of courtesy to us, we always feel touched. Someone who lends a helping hand when we are struggling with our groceries makes an impression because many people just walk right by. Even someone who simply makes the effort to look us in the eye, smile, and greet us properly when entering a room stands out of the crowd. It seems these people carry with them the elegance and grace of another time, and we are always thankful for our contact with them. Common courtesy is a small gesture that makes a big difference. An essential component of common courtesy is awareness and common sense—looking outside yourself to see when someone needs help or acknowledgment. As a courteou
Keeping Our Minds Supple - Questioning Everything
A lot of people feel threatened if they feel they are being asked to question their cherished beliefs or their perception of reality. Yet questioning is what keeps our minds supple and strong. Simply settling on one way of seeing things and refusing to be open to other possibilities makes the mind rigid and generally creates a restrictive and uncomfortable atmosphere. We all know someone who refuses to budge on one or more issues, and we may have our own sacred cows that could use a little prodding. Being open-minded means that we are willing to question everything, including those things we take for granted. A willingness to question everything, even things we are sure we are right about, can shake us out of complacency and reinvigorate our minds, opening us up to understanding people and perspectives that were alien to us before. This alone is good reason to remain inquisitive, no matter how much experience we have or how old we get. In the Zen tradition, this willingness to questi
Fanning The Creative Flames
Boredom The human mind thrives on novelty. What was once a source of pleasure can become tedious after a time. Though our lives are full, boredom lurks around every corner because we innately long for new experiences. Yet boredom by its very nature is passive. In this idle state of mind, we may feel frustrated at our inability to channel our mental energy into productive or engaging tasks. We may even attempt to lose ourselves in purposeless or self-destructive pursuits. While this can be a sign of depression, it can also be an invitation issued from your mind, asking you to challenge yourself. Boredom can become the motivation that drives you to learn, explore the exotic, experiment, and harness the boundless creative energy within. In Hindu and Buddhist traditions, boredom is perceived as a pathway to self-awareness. Boredom itself is not detrimental to the soul—it is the manner in which we respond to it that determines whether it becomes a positive or a negative influence
Reclaiming Your Power
Insecurity There is an innate awkwardness to being human. With each decision we make, there is the potential for self-doubt and it is this-self doubt that forms the root of insecurity—a complex emotion that is a mix of equal parts inadequacy, isolation, fear, and hopelessness. Yet these feelings of insecurity that prevent us from fulfilling our potential by inducing us to abide by arbitrary self-limitations are nothing more than erroneous perceptions. We feel unconfident and unsure of ourselves because we judge ourselves to be so. Banishing insecurity is often simply a matter of challenging ourselves in order to prove that we are indeed intelligent and able. When we feel insecure, we not only perceive ourselves as incapable of meeting life’s challenges but also fraudulent and unworthy of true happiness. We move through life plagued by a sense that others have judged us and found that we are lacking. As a result, we are robbed of our personal power and rendered unable t
Start With The Heart
Checking in with Your Heart Daily Every day we experience a magical twilight between our dreams and waking state. During this brief period of time, our minds still remember that all things are possible. We can smoothly transition into our physical world without losing a sense of hope when we check in with our heart center first, before we even get out of bed. Our heart center is the link between body and spirit, instinct and inspiration. It doesn’t take long to hold a thought of loving gratitude for the heart that beats within us. In a mere moment we can review all that we want to accomplish in the light of love. When we get into the habit of beginning our day from the heart, all of our activities glow with the infusion of conscious intent and all interactions are done with compassion. We can restart our day right now by imagining how love and inspiration feel. As light glows from our heart center, radiating out through our bodies into the space around us, any feelings of st
The Power Of Perspective - Hawk Medicine
Hawks have the power to soar high above the earth, giving them a perspective previously only available to the inhabitants of the heavens above. Because of this, people from various cultures throughout history have seen them as messengers of spirit, bringing wisdom from the heavens and the value of their higher vision down to earth. From their vantage point, riding on the wind and sunlight, they remind us today that there is a bigger picture to be seen. When we get bogged down with the details of what is right in front of us, hawks help us remember that we are part of a larger plan and that everything fits together beautifully and perfectly. Once in this expanded frame of mind, we can harness their reputation as visionaries, using their keen eyesight to focus on the exact spot that truly needs our attention. With inspiration and focus on our goal, hawks teach us how to interpret and then follow our personal vision. Hawks were thought to be able to look directly into the sun and see wh
Please Tell Me...
The days are passing by and I am not able to talk to you.  Each morning I attempt to forget you, but I can’t.  Your memory hits my soul hard every time I get careless. Like a Stealth Hunter it seeks me throughout all my solitude.  When I finally think that already forgot you and I’m able to love again. Your memory appears out of nowhere and then I become undone.   Please someone tell me.  How you forget.  How can I snatch away forever this feeling form my heart.  Please someone help me because it is urgent.  I am looking for someone to remove this pain from me.  I am looking for someone that is able to love me for ever, someone that accepts me just as I am. Who ever it is, please hurry.
P Is For Prick
So you know when you want something for what seems like forever it becomes like this driving force in your life. You do everything you can think of to make it happen. Only you forget why it is you started wanting it in the first place.   I know you know what I am talking about. That wanting something you dont have thing. Thats something we all have done atleast once in our lives. I have not wasted so much time. Not really. But I am done wasting it on something that foolish. I do appreciate men. Most of my closest pals are MEN. Only a few of my closest friends are women. What I think has me perplexed is why I have been trying to make something happen when it is just not time for it. My kids are growing up so fast. I don't have a ton of time for wasting. This summer I will be without my little ones...and mommy is going to the beach! Taking long walks! Eating ice cream for breakfast! As for looking for a boyfriend...I think KNOT!   Oh and if I ever make it to the gym...I will pos
A Soulful Cure
Working with a Shaman Since time immemorial, certain men and women have felt called to heal the sick, to safeguard knowledge, to guide the lost, and to commune with the spirit world. These unique individuals, known as shamans, were mystics and seers, repositories of wisdom, and keepers of herbal lore. During those periods when ignorance loomed large in the world, shamans across the globe bided their time, peacefully practicing their practical yet refined arts in the jungle, mountains, deserts, and tundra that protected them from those who misunderstood shamanism. Today, however, shamanism has reemerged, as modern men and women feel the same call to service that their ancestors felt long ago. Also, as more individuals explore the notion that healing necessarily involves the soul as well as the physical self, people are consulting shamans in their search for wellness, wisdom, and guidance. The word shaman literally means "he or she who knows." Shamanism is an art that has not changed
Im Up For Auction
Im up for auctionthis is the link if you want to check it out bid or just rate its up too you.. Thanks Guys   added things to what i was offering, check my comment
i confess i wish i felt half as pretty as people tell me i ami confess i wish that i could find a guy to love me i confess that i wish i dont feel like such a screw upand that i wish people would stop letting me down i also confess that i put on a front around people i act like i'm always happy but i'm not. i wish i could be as happy as people think i am. i confess i'm so tired of being fake with people and pretending to be something i'm not. i'm sorry im not a size 5, and i dont have big boobs and that my butt is to big. and that i eat. i'm sorry that i dont have blonde hair and blue eyes. and that i'm smart and i'm not afriad to show it . i'm sorry that i can have a "blonde" moment or two. i'm sorry that i'm not perfect. some more confessionsi confess that i'm sick of people pretending to be something they're noti confess that i always think people are lying to me i confess that i wish i was another person sometimesi confess that i'm a bitch, and i push people away but i dont mean to
Disturbed And Angry
starting sunday of last week, a girl i knew from school was taken hostage by her ex boy friend. after a 26 hour stand off, somewhere in that time, he killed her.  he stabbed her to death, cut out her heart, ate it, then puked it up at the jail once cops got him there.  then the stupid fuck fakes a suicide attempt to try to escape jail by tryin to leave the hospital.  he ended up gettin shot by and officer, but yet he still lives.  she was a very beautiful person.  nice to everyone for as long as i can remember.  she had 2 kids , a very brave daughter who escaped out a window to call the cops to try to save her mom, and a awesome son.  these kids are now robbed of their mom.  the world is now one less good person.  yet still has the evil life that took hers.  i am grateful for what i did know of her.  maybe one day there will be some kinda forgiveness, but for now i just cant do it.  not after knowing how she suffered, and how he is still alive.  things like this make me wish wv had dea
June 22nd
    Sarge's Bad Girls June 22nd, 2009 Edition Show The Sarge And These Fine Bad Girls Lots Of Love! S3XYCRICKETThe Sarge a/k/a Sarge's Bad GirlsTxDutchess
Join The Best Juggalo Lounge On Fubar
This lounge is the best juggalo lounge in all of fu-land so join today and be part of the juggalo revolution
Held Against My Will
my will is not my own,my life is not my own,to be able to have that i would be excape from this life.but to run i always end up back in this room you keep me in.i try to run from you but i cant get away from you, you keep me chained to this room where i cant get out of it.In this room chained for your use only no other can touch me but you.i am your prisoner to do with whatever you want to do to me. You keep me here to whatever you want of me,and so that i may serve you only.As i try to get away from you i always end up back in this room chained here.i try to get away from you and you always being me back here to this say i am yours and that  you will never let me go.i have ask to be let go and you always say no and then tell me i am yours to do with as you please for all times     by kim McMindes
Yet again I'm getting THAT feeling. That feeling being that something is going to go wrong. Every single time I get that feeling something happens. The only thing that sucks about getting them is that I don't ever know what it is going to be. I just know when it happens, I'll be completely let down. There's been a few times that it's been on here, in front of everyone. Other times, it's been things at home. I'm thinking that this's going to be something on here. I'm way too attached to people I think. Can someone teach me to not care? And no, it's not about what happened a few days ago. I'm over that. I've realized that I didn't deserve "friends" like that anyway. Go me..right?  
Hard Rant = Hr - Decency + (thanks)
People only see what they are prepared to see...     ... Ralph Waldo Emerson         Fable... The mountain and the squirrel Had a quarrel, And the former called the latter, "little prig": Bun replied, "You are doubtless very big, But all sorts of things and weather Must be taken in together To make up a year, And a sphere. And I think it no disgrace To occupy my place. If I'm not so large as you, You are not so small as I, And not half so spry: I'll not deny you make A very pretty squirrel track; Talents differ; all is well and wisely put; If I cannot carry forests on my back, Neither can you crack a nut." ... Ralph Waldo Emerson   So though I am not a nut, I do sometimes make mountains out of mole hills - but I never quarrel with them. Nor do I miss seeing the forest for the trees - but sometimes its just so much more interesting to stop and take the time to really look at a tree. For instance: The oak tree in the front yard of my ex-husband's home. We
Time Flies By.
About 5 years ago my brother and sister in law came to me and asked me if I would do them the honor of watching and babysitting their children while they got their careers on track. They have two children and at the time they were babies... a 3 year old girl and a 3 month old baby boy. Tomorrow that baby boy graduates from Pre-K and I find myself feeling so proud of the little man.  Just like his dad and mom...I feel like my babies are all grown up now and I am ever bit as proud as their parents are. I am strongly bonded to the two kids...but he was much more of a baby being that he was only three months old. Now 5 years later I know that they have been the most meaningful of my life....but it's happening too fast! Sighs. Anyway...tomorrow is his day and i told him I would take him out to his favorite place to eat which is TGIfridays. He said McDonald's! LOL...Oh well...McDonald's it is!
Be Aware...
Dear friends,   Please be aware of my status. I am going to be deleting my account one week from today (the 22nd). If you are my friend and want to keep in contact with me. Let me know and I will give you the email address(es) you can reach me at or messengers. I have decided to do this cause of some problems that have arose. Maybe soon I will come back on but as for now...I do not see that happening.I hope that I don't lose alot of friends but something tells me I will. Take care everyone and hope to hear from every one letting me know.
What Im Thinking Now
As I sit here wondering in darkness the moonless night the howlings of wolves seems closer as I walk the never ending road to perrish and never be seen again, tears flow like the river of blood as I lay motionless to wait for my end to come nothings more satasfying than to lay and bleed til the grim reaper starts talking never to be afraid. Is it only a nightmare or is it reality? Seems like eveywhere i go destruction and hate follow. Am I hated that much or am i just a spec of dirt that everyone wipes off? I no longer feel that im wanted here on earth or anywhere by that matter maybe i should let the moon cry and my flesh die either or it dont matter soon it will all go away.    
Going For Another
So Im finally dating again and actually having a good time...Some dates not so good others great....Actually have had several dates with differet friend over the past 2 weeks and I have to say...Some men in this world are gentlemen....Hmmm....stay tuned...for the dating blogs...Lets see if this will get crazy like the last time I was dating regularly.....blah...
Add Me On Stickam!
For real people...Cant you be the same all the time instead of being wishy washy from one moment to the next....There...Ive said my peace...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
The Site
I think the point sytem is unique. I like the gifts you can buy with the points. I think people here should be more real because you have a chance to do something good. The family concept is great for those who are close to somebody.
Seriously.. You're Whoring Yourself Out Again?
            I'm whoring myself out *YET* again. And I swear, this is for the LAST time this summer! Here's what I'm offering: 2 Salutes 2 Tags 500 of my 11's during HH, or if you run autos often 1500 total pic rates 500 Stash Rated during HH Owned by in my name Added as top Friend and Family Miscellaneous Drinks and Gifts Weekly Profile Comments Weekly Personal Pimpout on my page 3 Pimpouts per week All items are negotiable based on the amount of the bid. Click above to place your bid! w000000000t
Rob Zombie. Sherimoon Zombie. Malcom McDowell. Ugh. I want to see this movie so goddamn much. This, Harry Potter and Inglourius Basterds should be the best movies all summer.    
I am STRONG because I am weak. I am BEAUTIFUL because I know my flaws. I am a LOVER because I am a fighter. I am FEARLESS because I have been afraid. I am WISE because I have been foolish...and I can LAUGH because I have known sadnes
Another Sunset, Another Kiss!!
If I seduce your mind.  You say I can have your body. But if I find your soul, how can I not but set you free?
The need to fantasise about a more desirable partner in order to orgasm.
Obama Vs The Fly...
  I am totally FOR the president killing that fly!! Call me cruel, but I would have killed that fly with extreme prejudice myself. That fly was invading the Presidents' airspace! He was ATTACKING our President!! I want to know where the secret service was? Who was with him? Why did he have to take out the threat alone? Shouldn't a secret service agent have stepped in between the President and the offending fly and taken him out? I hope this action by our President shows terrorists that he is not above killing. Take note Kim Jong Il! Barack Obama is a blatant killer. Do you think he will be kind with your ilk? I think not! Bin Laden, where are you? Hiding no doubt from our brutal fly-killing President. Hide! Never come out again! If you do....beware the MIGHTY hand of OBAMA!!!!!
To My Friends
To all of mine and Heart Of Golds friends if you would please take a moment of silence and pay your respects to Heart.She passed away during the early morning hours on Fathers Day (6-21-09) in her sleep.We were supposed to have been fu married on 6-28-09.Thank you all that read this.
tutelary \TOO-tuh-lair-ee; TYOO-\, adjective:Having the guardianship or charge of protecting a person or a thing; guardian; protecting; as, "tutelary goddesses."
Im Up For Sale
Im being auctioned..  Check me out and bid big..go to ΤhΣ ßîg ΜîκΣ ™*Salute Junkie* page and look at folder and make's the link
Recent Events
This is the third time i've tried to post this. Okay everyone knows that summer is here, and if you've ever been to Memphis mosquitoes here are like b-52 bombers, I'm sure you're all wondering what this has to do with anything? Well if you took the time to read my profile or talk to me on a daily basis you would know that I am homeless and i was living under a bridge in a tent until about 48 hours ago. Here's what happened over the last two days. There had been other people staying down at my campspot but when the drinking started I was like meh whatever, but then the guy brings some chick that looks like shrek down there and for the past month i've gotten very little sleep due to them drinking and screwing and being loud at all times of the night and waking me up, well the other day it was like 110 out with the heat index. I went back to camp early cause I was tired, well for once the guy down there was sober which I like the guy when he isn't shitfaced and messing with me. anyways h
A great many men's gratitude is nothing but a secret desire to hook in more valuable kindnesses hereafter.  -  Francois de La Rochefoucauld
1ST Fathers Day Without My Kids....Make Me Forget That Today YET AGAIN™, Waverly, IA     how lame and his status is begging for tickers to help him not miss his kids.
~shooting Star~
Through these brown eyes, I stare at the night sky, Wishing you were here curled up by my side, Casting wishes onto falling star, I wait for the day when i can catch your heart, Raise you up and steal your pain away, I dream of you through endless nights, To be close to you, For a moment brings meaning and peace to my life. Babyface said it best when he said, "I only think of you, on two occasions, that's day and night" But i miss you more than ever, So i close my eyes and wait to see you in my dream tonight.
Always On My Mind
  You're always on my mind A love so kind that's so hard to find The sweetest things u do for me Is what i do see And when we touch Is what i do see And when we touch Is what i like so much When i go to sleep at night I think of you holdin' me tight So i look up to the sky to see the brightest star And i ask myself i wonder where u are
Sexy Men Contest Day 2
A Letter To My Life.....
My love, I have tried with all my beingto grasp a form comparable to thine own,but nothing seems worthy;I know now why Shakespeare could notcompare his love to a summer’s day.It would be a crime to denounce the beautyof such a creature as thee,to simply cast away the precisionGod had placed in forging you.Each facet of your beingwhether it physical or spiritualis an ensnarementfrom which there is no release.But I do not wish release.I wish to stay entrapped forever.With you for all eternity.Our hearts, always as one.
I Dont Give A F**k
I just don't give a fuck!!!   YOU HEAR THAT??????? I just don't give a FUCK!!
Mystic Moon Light
Truly our eyes reflect The unspoken words we keep In our heart as we  look deep Into each others eyes  our sweet kisses Holds the nights bliss of happiness Casting an intriging picture in the mystic moon light The unsaid emotions we feel In our heart as we touch A tight hug and squeeze Lying in each othere arms gazing at the  shadows Cast by the mystic moon light Uniting our heart and body as one
The Art Of Kissing. Lol
Want to get down to the nitty gritty of kissing like a sex goddess? First, start with the key elements to a great kiss -- pressure, duration, texture, and relaxation. Pressure When it comes to pressure, you don't want to smash your lips into each other, but you don't want to feel like you're kissing air either. Find a happy medium that allows you to vary your intensity from gentle to passionate, depending on the mood. Duration The duration of the kiss should correlate to the mood you are trying to create. If you want to be a teasing tart, quick and suggestive kisses would be a better choice. If you want to fill them with wanton longing and need, a longer, more passionate exchange would fit the bill. Texture The condition of your lips is a very large part of your kissing experience. Make sure to keep them from getting overly chapped by using chapstick or lipstick regularly. Also, if you know you're going to have a heated exchange, save his lips and avoid the extra lipstick. Relaxation
Spotlight Help
PLEASE HELP FOR SPOTLIGHT!   Greetings all.  I was recently, very generously, gifted an auto-11.  I don't tend to get a lot of traffic to my page, so I thought the best way to take advantage of this gift was to go for a spotlight. Currently I have 26.5mil.  I might be able to get one for as low as 30.  SO CLOSE :D. I am asking for your donations.  Any ammount is appreciated.  When you donate, your name and picture (with a clickable link) will be added to my page, as those who have donated already are.  This link and thank you will last on my page until and during the Spotlight I get.   Please help, and thanks in advance! -JoeSomebody
Why can't life just be simple and easy? I'm trying to find a place to live 'cause my family's house just went into foreclosure. Well I got a little money saved up and now everything just blew up. I need almost $2,000 to move in to an apartment and then I still need to get a car for transportation. And on top of all that the job I have is through a job service agency so I never know when they'll take me off the place I'm working at now, and if they do that it could be weeks before they send me to another job. Everything just seems to get over whelming from time to time and it just totally wears me out. I'm writing this mainly just to vent, but if you want I could use all the advice I can get.
Need To Vent
I'm going to vent right now, so if you don't want to hear about it, I will give you a few seconds to click off this blog.........   Ok, so life is becoming a bitch right now. Work kids and school are leaving me very little time for anything else. I was seeing this great guy for awhile, but now I'm not even sure we can consider ourselves dating anymore.I feel so damn alone because of this. It doesn't help that he "doesn't know what he wants" either. Which is his way of saying, "I know what I want, but it's not you." Now I know that I have alot that gord on in my life, and it's hard for men to understand just how close I am to my friends and family, so when something happens, I NEED to be there. If for nothing else than as moral support. He doesn't have that closeness with his family and friends like I do, so he doesn't understand why I take on so much.   Please don't get me wrong, I love my girls with all that I am, but trying to be there for them and still be me is not happeing any
Father's Day Prank
April 29, 2009 And Now
April 29, 2009 Life it seems, will fade awayDrifting further every dayGetting lost within myselfNothing matters no one elseI have lost the will to liveSimply nothing more to giveThere is nothing more for meNeed the end to set me freeThings are not what they used to beMissing one inside of meDeathly lost, this can't be realCannot stand this hell I feelEmptiness is filing meTo the point of agonyGrowing darkness taking dawnI was me, but now He's gone And today Christine has brought my heart back to life. I love you SO MUCH babygirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Ink
Because she was the only one that spoke up she wins. my lil shorty picked it and the ink is just about dry. now lets see what is next a redo of my left arm or the start of my back. thanks for the support shorty it means alot.
Fake Ppl Suck
I'm so fukken tired of fake ass ppl. what good r they for, just taking up space and annoying the crap outta me. like take for instance all these lovely women that think they wanna hook up w/ my viking ass.One of the first things i tell ne one that wants me, keep it real, and always be honest w/ me.  Can ne of them keep it straight. I know i can be crass but that is really who i am neone that takes the time to truly befriend soon realize that  i'm a self sacrificing warrior on their side until the end. so many women get caught up in my viking like ways and instead of just being who they truly r they try to be what i  want, trust me ladies. if u think to urself man a viking let me make him mine then u have no idea. U dont make a viking urs a viking takes what he wants and makes it his.. i'm very simple to understand if u can comprehend warrior ideals then u can understand me. Put that in ur pipe and smoke it!
Father's Day
Well Today was father's day.  I didn't sworn at but bit get bitched at, got a card that's sincerity I question, was brought to a restraunt that I liked purely by chance and was given 6 pairs of socks. I guess it's better tan a poke int the eye with a sharp stick....and it was better than last year's.
People Who Can't Spell
I seen a ticker, I don't remember whose it was though. Anyway, the last I knew, neighborhood was one word. I was going to tell them that in a profile comment, but it's comment approval.  =/
Almost Done
Let me say something I never thought I would say:  I am ready to get back to Texas.    I got 1 week from tomorrow left in Georgia!
Daughter's Father Day Gift.
A framed paper with some clip art, a picture of lil girl troll, and the following text>  My Dad is the best! You are the best dad because you take care of me.  You are the best dad because you are nice. You are the best dad because you are a great cook. You are the best dad because you are creative. You are the best dad because you are strong. You are the best dad because you are funny. You are the best dad because you help me when I'm sad. You are the best dad because you are smart. You are the best dad because Have a good father's day.  
After a nice chat in someone's blog, I felt the need to explain my reason for disliking the whole idea of legal marriage.   First things first, my parents divorced 7 or so years ago.   Back story, my dad was a waste of space. Pretty much never worked, was an alcoholic, always in trouble with the police. We only managed because my mom worked full time.   Now, the point of this blog. When the divorce went through, he was awarded three hundred thousand pound, or something stupid like that, even though he deserved fuck all.   That, is my gripe with the whole ideal with marriage.    
Florida For A Week
Tomorrow morning i'm gonna be taking off to Florida for a week. I hope everyone has a great week coming up and please, show me some lovin!
Pat 1 Of My Erotic Story In Italian
Essere la persona che altamente sessuale sono questo pensiero è venuto alla mia mente. Amerebbe trovare un uomo che è tanto se non più sessuale quanto me, per disegnare il mio bagno aggiungono l'olio e lo trasportano poll. Allora mette a nudo giù per me e mi entra nella vasca con. I miei occhi stanno esaminando il suo detto che profondo li desidero ora! si siede e mi levo in piedi in modo da posso sedermi lentamente su lui, ritengo quanto duro il suo penis è ed io lentamente me l'prendo. Parte due che viene presto!
Leveling Blog #467
Razor's Photography{Fu-Engaged To Saberoph}{CWP Promoter}{Axl's Fu Daughter}@ fubar  
Next Weekends Bbq:)
Steak & tomato Kebabs w/avocado cream! Sirloin steak, cut into 1" cubes, dry rubbed with garlic, salt, chili powder, paprika, coriander and cumin, A couple dozen cherry tomatoes, A dipping sauce made of avocado, cucumber, sour cream, scalliaons, tobasco, lime juice, and kosher salt.  There are four seasons -fall, winter, spring, and BBQ season!
In This Heart
My Crazy Meanderings
Ok my friends. I was trolling through the mumms, and noticed all the alternate accounts playing. Those of you that really, truly know me.. know that I view this as a fun game. I like to read their "About me" or check out their friends, pics, fans... etc. So, i have noticed this one asshole in particular, and wanted to check him out. The following, was his "about me"   I nearly DIED!!!     HERE GOES:     There is nothing more beautiful to me, than a woman cumming. The way her body flexes, stomach muscles tighten, hips rise up, then she squeezes.   I'm 6'2 and over 200 pounds. All women are small, to me. I've always heard that they feel safe when they are with me. I like it when women are reserved and quiet, yet i know the dirty thoughts that go on in their heads. I want to exploit EVERY fantasy she has and make it happen. I can fly you to see me, with only two calls. So don't think i'm just another flake on this site. I AM looking for the ONE that can fulfill every fantasy
Auto 11's And Bombs
My NSFW pics are set to family only and I only have a few people in my family! Those people in my family are there because they are good friends and have already seen all of it in person! I will open them to who ever buys me an auto 11,bomb,1 month blast,bling pack or a 3 month vip. It will be open to that person for a month. I'm trying to make it to level 25. I see people all the time with auto 11's and so on,so I figured I would give it a try. Thanks
Happy Father's Day
I was Daddy's girl for many years. He still means so much to me! Happy Father's Day to all other Dad's as well. Some Dads are no longer around.....
Leveling Blog #466
«Jęń» CWP PromoTions Team - Owned By Tach@ fubar about 20,000 to level
Justifiable Cause
the words heard in the street creep thoughts in your dreams can things truely be believed if heard or seen
Time is priceless, yet it costs us nothing. You can do anything you want with it, but you can't own it. You can spend it, but you can't keep it. And once you've lost it, there's no getting it back. It's just ... gone.    
ß æåëàþ ÷òî âû ïîíÿëî êàê ÷åãî âû äåëàåòå ïîâðåæäåíèÿ ÿ è äåëàåò ìíîé ÷ûâñòâî íåâàæíî. ß äåéñòâèòåëüíî èíòåðåñóþ åñëè âû çàáîòèòå î ìíå èëè êàê ðàç ñåêñå.
One Wish Lyrics
Damn babyJust don't understand where we went wrongI gave you my heartI gave you my soulI gave you...As a matter of fact I was the one who said I love you firstIt was about eight years ago, don't act like you don't knowWe were sittin' at home in your mama's livin' roomCause, we couldn't be aloneSee your mama knew I was something else, she knew how I feltBack then we were in school; and that's your favourite excuseGrowin' up I was a fool; and I can't lie I'm missing youListen and don't tripI think I need a bottle with a genie in itHere's my wish listFirst one, I would create a heart changing loveSecond one, I'll take yours and fill it all upThird one, but I don’t need a lot of wishes cause I’ll be okay if I get oneIf I had one wish, we would be best friendsLove would never end, it would just beginIf I had one wish, you would be my booPromise to love you, trust me I'll trust youIf I had one wish, we would run awayMaking love all day, have us a babyIf I had one wish, I’d make you my whole
So Sick Lyrics
Do do do do do do do-doOhh YeahGotta change my answering machineNow that I'm aloneCuz right now it says that weCan't come to the phoneAnd I know it makes no senseCuz you walked out the doorBut it's the only way I hear your voice anymore(it's ridiculous)It's been monthsAnd for some reason I just(can't get over us)And I'm stronger than this(enough is enough)No more walkin roundWith my head downI'm so over being blueCryin over youAnd I'm so sick of love songsSo tired of tearsSo done with wishing you were still hereSaid I'm so sick of love songs so sad and slowSo why can't I turn off the radio?Gotta fix that calender I haveThat's marked July 15thBecause since there's no more youThere's no more anniversaryI'm so fed up with my thoughts of youAnd your memoryAnd how every song reminds meOf what used to beThat's the reason I'm so sick of love songsSo tired of tearsSo done with wishing you were still hereSaid I'm so sick of love songs so sad and slowSo why can't I turn off the radio?(Leave me a
You Got It Bad Lyrics
Oh, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, nonuhooooooooo[Usher]When you feel it in your bodyYou found somebody who makes you change your waysLike hanging wit your crewSaid you act like you're readyBut you don't really knowAnd everything in your past - you wanna let it goI've been there, done it, fucked aroundAfter all that - this is what I foundNobody wants to be aloneIf you're touched by the words in this songBaby...[chours]U got it, u got it badWhen you're on the phoneHang up and you call right backU got it, u got it badIf you miss a day without your friendYour whole life's off trackknow you got it bad when you're stuck in the houseYou don't wanna have funIt's all you think aboutU got it bad when you're out with someoneBut you keep on thinkin' bout somebody elseU got it bad[Verse]When you say that you love him,And you really knowEverything that used to matter, don't matter no moreLike my money, and my cars(You can have it all then...)Flowers, cards and candy!(do it just 'cause i'm)
Appearantly annapolis dates back to the late 1700s.  Holy crap.  The ice cream in the annapolis ice cream shop is made on site and is very good.
Neda Revolution
Have most of you seen the news,what is going on in other worlds? The terrible recent atrocities going on in Iran,so many people suffering from the violent onslaught of their government. If any of you are directly involved,related to,feel in any way to what is happening,my heart goes out to you. If there was a local protest where I was at,I would express my opinion,thank-god for the social sites out there that are getting the word and images out!!
Construction Guys ;)
haha theres some construction guys who have been staying with us for 6 weeks and everytime 1 of the guys sees me he tells me im gorgeous and asks me out but he seems like an alcoholic... and hes from a diff town, pretty far away. but anyways he sleep walked to his truck and came back at like 4:30 am and was tryin to get me to tell his friends he sleep walked naked everywhere haha.. but i was like im not telling them THAT haha. I guess im going out to the bars on thursday and have to call all those guys to meet us out! that should be fun.. they are hilarious.
This Is The Shiz!!!
I'm Done With It All!
I'm done with it all! I'm ready to die. I feel like anything I do doesn't get compeleted... All my friends are slowly pulling away from me. I'm at a deadend job. My car keeps breaking down. I tried everything I can to change the outcomes, but it doesn't change. I feel that I'm hated by everyone. I swear people are hiding things from me. I ready to just crawl in my grave and wait to die...
If I Could Leave Just One Piece Of Wisdom To My Sons, This Would Be It...
This is a song that I've sang to my two sons since they were just babies.  I've told them that if can leave them with only one piece of advice that they truly take to heart... it is the msg in this song.   Mama told me when I was young Come sit beside me, my only son And listen closely to what I say. And if you do this It'll help you some sunny day. Oh, take your time... Don't live too fast, Troubles will come and they will pass. Go find a woman, oh baby, you'll find love, And don't forget son, There is someone up above. And be a simple kind of man. Be something you love and understand. Baby be a simple, kind of man. Oh, won't you do this for me son, If you can? Forget your lust for the rich man's gold All that you need, is in your soul, And you can do this, oh baby, if you try. All that I want for you my son, Is to be satisfied. And be a simple kind of man. Be something you love and understand. Baby be a simple, kind of man. Oh, won't you do this for me son, If you can? Boy, don
For My Fufriends
Here's something that could be fun. If you saw ME in a police car what would you think I got arrested for? LOL Okay, hit me up with my "crime"!
Drunk Family Brawl
There was a guy at the desk so i walk out to the front from my office and he was laying out on the desk.. he got off n played it off like he was kidding.. he started talking to me complimenting me and then his brother walked up yelling at him to go to bed. The guy looked old enough to know when bedtime is! Well then this girl started talking to me n she was like so how many days a week do you do this? i was like umm i work full time 40 hours so 5 days.. she asked me "and you're ok with that?" i was like yeah. shes like you dont go to school? i said no. she asked and you're okay with that? haha i was like well yeah i didnt WANT to go to school so OBVIOUSLY im okay with that. Then she asked me did you graduate from highschool?? i said YES... then she walked way.. haha. Thanx bitch. You have a man that pays for everything and you dont do shit but get drunk and act stupid and you're okay with that???? hehe then they all went away.. about an hour later a lady came down to the front stating
Lil Red
I have to say a few words about Lil Red co owner and Founder of Red's Hot Spot and also a .com of the same name.  She tries to be a great friend to all. She listens and holds no punches back. Tells it as she sees it and as she has been told.  She suffers from fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Raynauds.  All cause her a great deal of pain but I know for a fact hurting she has went on cam and been there to listen to problems.   Many offer and some are there for her.  But lately seems the crowd in lounge went poof when she took a much needed vacation from the cold of Michigan. She has worked hard to get the lounge going.  Even going on cam cause no one else would or could although she felt like hell. Today has been a rough one she is hurting and her hubby is ill and she has to tend his needs. Plus I know for a fact they dont get along well and that stresses her.  So for those of you that think she ignores you dont rate back like she should keep in mind. She does the tunes tries to
15 Stiches
I went into work.. decided i was going to walk down to the bar to get some reports i have to go through.. there was a guy there looking very good in a suit but as soon as he stood up i knew he was wasted! The bartenders had him drinking water but he was still f'd up. I went back to the front desk where the girl i used to work with, Jenna, was doing our work. We started talking to a guest who needed to know if there were any restaurants open still so we were showing him menus and then somehow it went to him showing us his tattoos.. probably because he was irish and so is jenna. but anyways the guy is showing us his tats when all of a sudden this guy and the bartender come walking to the front desk we took a second look the guy was fullll of blood... and he was wearing a nice white button up shirt! me i sprint into action right away calling 911 and filling out the accident report and calling managers, while jenna goes and gets a towel and stays by the guy asking him questions like his na
Sex Offender On Fubar
Hey all this is the Naughty Playground renowned DJ Phantom bringing yall some much needed info... i was told that a sex offender resides on fubar... not sure how true it is and i am not trying to scare you I just want to warn you all as friends and family of whats out there... especially my floridian homies and ladies... here is the link to check him out... Check it out and be careful!!!!!!!
My Son
In just a few days my son will be back home with me.  I technically have 100% percent physical custody of my son but he has been finishing up school in San diego...I didn't want to uproot him.  I am so excited to have him back..
New Hotel
I guess its not very new to me but it is to the Fu-world. I've been working at Holiday Inn for over a year now, I love it. I still work nights... so im still dealing with a ton of weird/bitchy/tired/drunk people. I love the perks with the job though.. free rooms, discounts, swimming for free whenever, discounts when i travel... free stuff once in awhile. Its pretty nice.... i probably get asked out 1-5 times a week or get asked for my number. And of course i get asked to rooms. Or just sometimes i have to deal with drunk fucks! which really sucks... but these are my hotel stories :D
Back Then
I got an email from my past. A woman I knew called Maria when I was 14 years old got in contact. We knew each other through a friend of mine, but we didn't attend the same school as she was a Catholic and because I am bereft of a religion so therefore assumed as a protestant (this is normal in east end Glasgow) - we never really moved in the same circles. Anyway she emailed me to say hi and that she enjoyed my comedy set when she saw me at Tron Theatre back in March. Anyway it got me remembering about her. I was always in awe of Maria as she wore thick black kohl pencil eyeliner and bright blue eye shadow. We were the same age but she had a curvy possibly plump demeanour with big 'woman' type boobs, which always made me stare at her. I had two very less -than -perky nipples that sat completely flat against my teenage ribcage with breasts that threatened to defy my sexuality and make me possibly the famous man/girl of Glasgow. She had bigger back boobs than me and always had an 'adul
sometimes its hard to think of the future and how it will happen or what will happen with yourself somedays it seems great the next day it seems like everything that just happened is going back to how it was before, being alone all the time is sometimes great at others times makes one wonder why it seems that now at this point in life we are alone. no one to talk to no one to see no one to hold or kiss.
An Outline Of Love
An Outline of Love   First the experience about to unfold And then enrichment at being so bold The joust of two characters feeling their way Announce the beginning of this erotic play   He said, she said banter at best Eclipsing the point above all the rest Others intrude upon the dulling couple Inciting resentment counting double   Ah, but emotions erupt and then do flare Bringing to surface the truth that they care Animal instincts tug and push Convey the lust and heated blush   A mistake in statements makes it hard
Confessions I run away from hurt I run away and hide Hoping against hope That I need not decide You talked so sweet You heard and cared How was I to know Or even dared I gave so much I tried to not lie Hoping you would not see The tears I cry You knew the lies You knew them well So much so That I needed to tell I hated myself I railed and ranted Cursing myself For taking you for granted We talked and shared We spoke and learned Honesty works for us So long as we turned To each other   Original by Cheryl Gould ©
Go Ahead Piss Me Off
Go Ahead Piss Me Off   Go ahead and piss me off The one thing that I can say Think about who is boss And who is going to pay   They said it was oh so wrong To use this type of activity But go ahead and before too long This act is done in sweet simplicity   So go ahead and piss me off Cause I will take you down At no great pain or loss You see, making you a clown   It didn’t make too much sense To me, to have this action happen
Depression:   Condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by any objective reason.   This is my state right now I want to run, this is what I found But there is no place I can Since I have been bound   You take away my pride And give back nothing You take away my choice Giving sadness gathering   It is times like this I have a hard time to trust But you demand it Almost like it was lust  
Chance   To take a chance is one thing To face it is another Chances are its not to good So why even bother   Each day itself is a chance You take the chance to live That bus coming at you It’s you or it, just give   Step on a crack break your back A chance sung by little ones Forget that stuff, never happens Unless you go for puns   “Chances Are,” is a song About love and mushy things So give it a chance i
Computer Problems (again)
Havig problems with the damn charging cable again. I'll need to try and find a new one as soon as possible.. I know that not many will see this, but I only have enough power to write this before I get shut down, so if you do please let folks know what is happening. It's not that I don't want to be here, I just can't at the moment.   Take care and hope to see you all again as soon as I can.   your friend Adam
Surgery Went Ok
Hey all, I just wanted to finally let everyone know that surgery went ok.. It was 5 1/2 hours long and it was an alright surgery... After I got really sick and I was throwing up after a few hours.. I slept all night and then all the next day due to being sick and not feeling well... They ended up doing an "L" skin graft to get everything healed up.. Then tomorrow they are goin to do more surgery and they are going to go in and just debride it out.. I am not that worried about going in and just cleaning it out ,but i'm still a little worried about it.. So, keep me in your prayers still please.... Thanjks! ~Ash~
Dragon’s Creed
Dragon’s Creed Call to me and I am born Ocean swept, sea foam torn Rise above the astral plane To drive all men totally insane The heat of ice and cold of fire Is all I wish and do desire We reside betwixt all time Home for me and all that is mine Intelligence alone cannot defeat Nor brute force can cause retreat I am more then you will ever know Magic and science crafts this show A maid of virtue more then pure I will lie down and rend a cure This alone will stop my flight Until then man run, take fright A tear from mine eye is a tear of health A claw that is shorn is a claw of wealth Half my heart can stop all death The other half can stop all breath I am all and know all, man beware Search for me and do take care Tally not within my nest For it becomes for you a grim test I am born of stars and moon and sun The Gods themselves have been outdone They did not see what they have unfold For I am all as has been foretold Original by Cheryl Gou
The Calling
©  Lonelygirlxoxo The waves whisper to me, calling me to the soft sand.The water sweeps over my feet, surrounds where I stand.The breeze caresses my face, whips my hair.The wind encloses my body, acknowledging I'm there.The clouds clotting out the sun, turning gray with anger.The sky no longer blue, a clear warning of danger.The rain pelting my skin, as cold as ice.The water seeping in my bones, undeniably concise.The world calling to me, pulling me out.The atmosphere thicker, it's my sorrow no doubt.The waves grew higher, crashed over my head.The breath blown away, unmistakably dead.
Wild Horse
©  Trish Beckwith Aloft the windI ride the night skyI see the world through a much different eyePower, beautyStrength and graceI feel the spirits of ancestral spacePride of herdSisters and brothersI live ever watchful standing by othersA kaleidoscope of colorsNo two ever the sameThe short, the tall, the long of maneI know the chance I know the fearI live on the edge for death crouches nearOn my back I carry a loadThrough storm and calmEver vigilant and boldI have died in battleKilled by manHunted by predator as I roamed the landNo more roomNot enough grazingCaptured, shot, sold by pound on bills of ladingYet I surviveSometimes an insurmountable courseI am feral, I am Mustang, I am Wild Horse
I find the people hard to get to know. The Mumms never seem to stay with the topic. People are rude and some use it as a chat line. Answer the questions. How can you have 14,000 friends and keep up with them. The Lounges are clicks that I have know interests in.
Drowning In A Lake, Flying In A Dream...
Drowning in a lake, flying in a dream... I have a new ambition, I have a sacred dream, a storm eyed wonder, has cast her spell on me, I am lost within her waters, I thirst , she is my need, my soul smiles in wonder, my heart has found its wings... My eyes have found the morning, after midnites evil schemes, my heart has found the meaning, for each and every beat...
A Love Like No Other
©  Paula M. Newman From the time I was bornI guess you would knowTen perfect fingersTen little toesWhen you first put your finger in my tiny hand that's when I first knewYou were my papa no one else would doAs I grow olderand reach for the skyMy Papa is still thereto keep that twinkle in my eyeWhen I need someone to hold meyou never say I'm too bigYou pick me up and squeeze meand whisper you're my little kidMost other people don't understand meor maybe just not as wellThat's why you're the one I run towhen I have something to tellI love you Papaas you can seeI'm so gladthat you're a part of me
Honey And Fire...
You speak to me with Lightning Eyes, A kiss of honey'd fire, you set the flame so deep inside, igniting all desire, You speak to me with shinning smiles, much brighter than the sun, with each and every thought of you, my solitude's undone, You soothe away my secret pains, my hidden tears you dry, you lend me strength and heavens wings, that I may grasp for you the sky, for all the joys that angels sing, are hidden in your smile, and all the flames that passion brings, are burning in your eyes, that you would spare a glance for me, is far more than I could dream, that you did speak three words to me, has brought me to my knees.  
A Soldiers Reason
©  Jason E. Rose I can remember the first time that Isaw your smiling face,I held you close to my heart you couldprobably hear it race.I changed your first diaper, and I knowit took a while.youre daddy's baby boy and youre theperfect child.It's been about two months now, and Idon't have much to daddy must leave for a while so thatyou may live.When I come back son I know you won’tremember me,but we'll build a bond at the fishingpond with unforgetable memories.It's time for me to go now son to builda soldiers legacy.To fight a war in another land somedayyou will be proud of me.Not so much for country, not so muchfor pride.But for you my baby boy, for yourfuture I would die.
im selling pimpouts pm me tommorow ty
Any Musicians??
Whats going on people?? Im Big sexy d-rock of Locals Only Radio. You can find me at If you are interested in playing live shows or having your music get promoted then hit me up. Listen to my tracks as well and let me know what you think. Or send me your music at : 7816 Marconi court Springfield Va 22153. Feel free to message me with any questions!!
I'm In A Bad Mood
I'm in a pissy mood. My mom is being a bitch and doing things just to get on my nerves. So if I snap at you...I'm more than likely sorry.
I Really Hate Tattoos...
I really wish i wasn't so picky. It's getting harder and harder to find anyone i'm attracted to anymore because everyone and their dog is fucking covered head to toe in tattoos now days. I hate tattoos, I mean i really fucking hate tattoos. They are absolutely repulsive to me. And almost all of them are completely tasteless.  People take their beauitful bodies and ruin them by covering them with permanent graffiti. It makes me sad, so many girls i would be so very much attracted to, and they end up being covered in that awful crap. To me it's like looking at a burn victim. it's just awful tasteless scarification.  Tats are the biggest turn off ever to me, and i seem to be the only one that doesn't have atleast one, if not ten.  It's really depressing when i guess i'm the only one that thinks this way.  Sure wish i could find a nice, sweet, girl with no tattoos... Haha yea right i can't even find anyone that will talk to me period.  Fuck, people suck... :(
Just A Thought
Inslaved souls darkend by greed n lust firey screams wishing to live again. The sword cutting an slitting throats for the river of flame flows like the crimson bood of the guilty. The Mighty Hammer Smashing the heads of the ones who disobey  and the sword taking the souls to the fiery pit of hell.
I cant seem to figure this system out hell I cant even find the help section LOL
Happy Fathers Day
HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE FATHERS IN THE WORLD!!! and thank for a warm welcome from everyone thank you
And I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.
Hi,I saw your pic and would love to know what are you looking for here. I got this in a private message yesterday. Of course it's from someone no higher than grasshopper. Of course they live in Florida. And when I went to their page, I found they only had one picture and their friends list consisted mostly of women from Florida and the usual points whores. They didn't send the question with a drink or a rose or a teddy bear. They didn't rate all my pictures and leave a bunch of comments. Very unusual. He is obviously new here. This isn't how it works Mr. Grasshopper. You're doing it all wrong Mr. One pic. guy. You'll never get any where with this sort of thing. I just thought I should let you know that. You have to first rate all my stuff and leave comments about how pretty I am and how my dog is just the cutest. You have to read all the captions and the come up with clever responses. And when you come across the "please stare at my boobs" picture you have to say, "can do" or some
A Sad Father's Day
they pulled the plug on JT DJ DRAGON'S son today... pray for him... he goes to a better place and is safe in the hands of god... JT u will be miss dearly u r in our heart and in our thoughts... we will keep u live in our memory...
1 year ago today it seems so far away wouldnt belive the time has past proof lies in your letters and pictures of photographs reading your words seeing your face seems like breaking down is the hardest habit to break being so full of emptyness not knoing right from wrong stareing at the looking glass chaseing rabbits down the hole had a chance and watched it pass wont be the first wont be the last hindsights 20/20 when your looking at the past see a thousand smileing faces when smileing at broken glass you tell to relax when i dont sleep at night but i need that feeling to feel alive the choas is my peace its all that keeps me right..                                                                                            Valdascar
dogs of war its 3 am and has been for daysas the same damn thoughts they flood my brainit starts we are dog the dogs of warwe are cast aside have a home no morewe fight for peacea peace of mindwe fight peace we'll never findthe same damn thoughts they flood my mindit 3 am and has been for daysthe picture of you its starting to fadefirst your eyesthen your smileI'm left with a taste on my lipsone i cant defineits 3 am please don't leaveif only for the night i need you to stayplease don't go your all that keep me saneits 4 am and somethings wrongi feel a bit offI'm left and that's not righti try not to thinkits going to be a long nightits 4 am I'm alone in the darkdog of warwith no voice to barkI a dog a dog of warI bow my headI say no more
To The Scum Of The Earth (thats You Men)
To all the sum of the earth who thinks its ok to play with a womans emotions...... Current mood:  angry Category: Life You think its nice to play with emotions? What if the situation was flipped and we played with yours? You think its fun to make a woman feel like shit? You think its funny when a girl cries? what the fuck does a woman have to do to show a man shes interested in him not what he has? Fuck i wish i knew all these answers if you do please share.
Help Me By Loving On Faba Members!!!!
Hey peeps! Okay so heres the deal.. Go to this link rate all the pics in the folder and comment the last one saying FullOfSurprises sent you to do it. When you do your helping me earn bling as well as making you points and showing love to the FABA Family!! Hell while your at it, go ahead and F/A/R all the FABA Fam and join in on the fun! *Muah* .x.FullOfSurprises.x. aka Myranda
Take Over Me
you don't remember me but i remember you i lie awake and try so hard not to think of you but who can decide what they dream? and dream i do... i believe in you i'll give up everything just to find you i have to be with you to live to breathe you're taking over me have you forgotten all i know and all we had? you saw me mourning my love for you and touched my hand i knew you loved me then i believe in you i'll give up everything just to find you i have to be with you to live to breathe you're taking over me i look in the mirror and see your face if i look deep enough so many things inside that are just like you are taking over
My Last Breath
Hold on to me love You know I can't stay long All I wanted to say was I love you and I'm not afraid Can you hear me? Can you feel me in your arms Holding my last breath? Safe inside myself Are all my thoughts of you Sweet rapture and life, It ends here tonight. I'll miss the winter A world of fragile things Look for me in the white forest Hiding in a hollow tree (come find me) I know you hear me, I can taste it in your tears. Holding my last breath Safe inside myself Are all my thoughts of you. Sweet rapture and life, It ends here tonight. Closing your eyes to disappear You pray your dreams will leave you here, But still you wake and know the truth No one's there. Say goodnight, don't be afraid Calling me, holding me, as you fade to black. (Say goodnight) Holding my last breath (Don't be afraid) Safe inside myself (Holding me) Are my thoughts of you Sweet rapture and life, It ends here tonight.
2 Weeeeeeks
give or take a few days. the art exchange will happen then. brain storming on a blog haha... need to make non-internet flyers. signs. find out if all the spots are filled. need video for this one. a band is supposed to play...i dont know who yet. gotta make more pieces. more more! got to make some money this week to do all this. i need my pills refilled too. the end of the week yes..gotta write that down. this heat is getting to me. need to go out like a vampire at night. havent been feeling too well lately. cant let that stop me. yeah...
Weight Of The World
Feels like the weight of the world,Like God in heaven gave me a turn.Don't cling to me, I swear I can't fix you.Still in the dark, can you fix me?Freefall, freefall, all through life.If you love me, then let go of me.I won't be held down by who I used to be.She's nothing to me.Feels like the weight of the world,Like all my screaming has gone unheard.And oh, I know you don't believe in me.Safe in the dark, how can you see?Freefall, freefall, all through life.If you love me, then let go of me.I won't be held down by who I used to be.If you love me, then let go of meI won't be held down by who I wasIf you love me, then let go of meI won't be held down by who I used to be
The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
Sparkling grey, They're my own veins. Any more than a whisper, Any sudden movement of my heart. And I know, I know I'll have to watch them pass away Just get through this day Give up your way, you could be anything, Give up my way, and lose myself, not today That's too much guilt to pay Sickened in the sun You dare tell me you love me But you held me down and screamed you wanted me to die Honey you know, you know I'd never hurt you that way You're just so pretty in your pain Give up my way, and I could be anything I'll make my own way Without your senseless hate... hate... hate... hate. So run, run, run And hate me, if it feels good. I can't hear your screams anymore You lied to me But I'm older now And I'm not buying baby Demanding my response Don't bother breaking the door down I found my way out And you'll never hurt me again.
Father's Day
Just want to wish a happy Father's Day to all you special dads out there! Cheers to you!  Much love, The Princess
Guy Drowning
There's this guy and he's drowning. So. a cow walks by and says " hey do you need any help"? and the guy says " No thanks God will save me". so, the cow leaves. A couple of seconds later another cow walks by and says " do you need me to save you"? and the guy says " No thanks God will save me". so the cow leaves. The guy drowns and goes to heaven and sees God and asks Him " Why didn't you save me"?  God replied " I sent you TWO talking cows what more did you want"? .
My Immortal
i'm so tired of being heresuppressed by all my childish fearsand if you have to leavei wish that you would just leave'cause your presence still lingers hereand it won't leave me alonethese wounds won't seem to healthis pain is just too realthere's just too much that time cannot erasewhen you cried i'd wipe away all of your tearswhen you'd scream i'd fight away all of your fearsi held your hand through all of these yearsbut you still haveall of meyou used to captivate meby your resonating lifenow i'm bound by the life you left behindyour face it hauntsmy once pleasant dreamsyour voice it chased awayall the sanity in methese wounds won't seem to healthis pain is just too realthere's just too much that time cannot erasewhen you cried i'd wipe away all of your tearswhen you'd scream i'd fight away all of your fearsi held your hand through all of these yearsbut you still haveall of mei've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gonebut though you're still with mei've been alone all along
What To Watch Out For
1. They immediately act like they're your Dom and  they have expectations for you before you've even met them.2. They act like submission is supposed to be given to them simply because  you're a sub. Remember: Your submission is a gift to be given to a  deserving Dom. Expectations for you to be submissive to them prior to  you accepting them as your Dom, is a bad sign.3. Instead of  learning about you and getting to know you, their first conversation  includes topics like bedroom play and how they'd love to take advantage  of you or use you.4. They demand to meet you in person before you've  had sufficient time to get to know them and get comfortable with them.  5. When you do meet with them, they are physical without any prior  agreement, or act like you should give yourself up just because you're  a sub.6. Someone who refuses to meet for the first time in a public  place. 
Everybody's Fool
Perfect by nature, icons of self-indulgence Just what we all need More lies about a world That never was and never will be Have you no shame, don't you see me? You know you've got everybody fooled. Look here she comes now Bow down and stare in wonder. Oh, how we love you No flaws when you're pretending But now I know she Never was and never will be You don't know how you betrayed me And somehow you've got everybody fooled. Without the mask Where will you hide? Can't find yourself, Lost in your lies I know the truth now I know who you are And I don't love you anymore Never was and never will be You don't know how you betrayed me And somehow you've got everybody fooled. Never was and never will be Not for real that you can save me And somehow now you're everybody's fool.
hi how are you guy doing
All That I'm Living For
All that I'm living for, All that I'm dying for, All that I can't ignore alone at night. I can feel the night beginning. Separate me from the living. Understanding me, After all I've seen. Piecing every thought together, Find the words to make me better. If I only knew how to pull myself apart. All that I'm living for, All that I'm dying for, All that I can't ignore alone at night. All that I'm wanted for, Although I wanted more. Lock the last open door, my ghosts are gaining on me. I believe that dreams are sacred. Take my darkest fears and play them Like a lullaby, Like a reason why, Like a play of my obsessions, Make me understand the lesson, So I'll find myself, So I won't be lost again. All that I'm living for, All that I'm dying for, All that I can't ignore alone at night. All that I'm wanted for, Although I wanted more. Lock the last open door, my ghosts are gaining on me. Guess I thought I'd have to change the world to make you see me, To be the one. I could have run forev
The Sad Life Of A Vagina
Hair is a mess... Relatives are lippy... Closest neighbor is an ass...Best friend is a dick... And my owner keeps giving me the finger... 
Snow White Queen
Stoplight, lock the door. Don't look back. Undress in the dark, And hide from you, All of you. You'll never know the way your words have haunted me. I can't believe you'd ask these things of me. You don't know me. You belong to me, My snow white queen. There's nowhere to run, so let's just get it over. Soon I know you'll see, You're just like me. Don't scream anymore my love, 'cause all I want is you. Wake up in a dream. Frozen fear. All your hands on me. I can't scream I can't escape the twisted way you think of me. I feel you in my dreams and I don't sleep. You belong to me, My snow white queen. There's nowhere to run, so let's just get it over. Soon I know you'll see, You're just like me. Don't scream anymore my love, 'cause all I want is you I can't save your life, Though nothing I bleed for is more tormenting. I'm losing my mind and you just stand there and stare as my world divides. You belong to me, My snow white queen. There's nowhere to run, so let's just get it over. S
Sweet Sacrifice
It's true, we're all a little insane. But it's so clear, Now that I'm unchained. Fear is only in our minds, Taking over all the time. Fear is only in our minds but it's taking over all the time. You poor sweet innocent thing. Dry your eyes and testify. You know you live to break me. Don't deny. Sweet sacrifice. One day I'm gonna forget your name, And one sweet day, you're gonna drown in my lost pain. Fear is only in our minds, Taking over all the time. Fear is only in our minds but it's taking over all the time. You poor sweet innocent thing. Dry your eyes and testify. And oh you love to hate me don't you, honey? I'm your sacrifice. (I dream in darkness I sleep to die, Erase the silence, Erase my life, Our burning ashes Blacken the day, A world of nothingness, Blow me away.) Do you wonder why you hate? Are you still too weak to survive your mistakes? You poor sweet innocent thing. Dry your eyes and testify. You know you live to break me. Don't deny. Sweet sacrifice.
Lithium, don't want to lock me up inside. Lithium, don't want to forget how it feels without... Lithium, I want to stay in love with my sorrow. Oh, but God, I want to let it go. Come to bed, don't make me sleep alone. Couldn't hide the emptiness, you let it show. Never wanted it to be so cold. Just didn't drink enough to say you love me. I can't hold on to me, Wonder what's wrong with me. Lithium, don't want to lock me up inside. Lithium, don't want to forget how it feels without... Lithium, I want to stay in love with my sorrow. Don't want to let it lay me down this time. Drown my will to fly. Here in the darkness I know myself. Can't break free until I let it go. Let me go. Darling, I forgive you after all. Anything is better than to be alone. And in the end I guess I had to fall. Always find my place among the ashes. I can't hold on to me, Wonder what's wrong with me. Lithium, don't want to lock me up inside. Lithium, don't want to forget how it feels without... Lithium, ...s
Bring Me To Life
how can you see into my eyes like open doors.leading you down into my corewhere i've become so numb, without a soulmy spirit's sleeping somewhere colduntil you find it there andlead it back...home.(wake me up.)wake me up inside.(i can't wake up.)wake me up inside.(save me.)call my name and save me from the dark.(wake me up.)bid my blood to run.(i can't wake up.)before i come undone.(save me.)save me from the nothing i've that i know what i'm withoutyou can't just leave me.breathe into me and make me realbring me to life.(wake me up.)wake me up inside.(i can't wake up.)wake me up inside.(save me.)call my name and save me from the dark.(wake me up.)bid my blood to run.(i can't wake up.)before i come undone.(save me.)save me from the nothing i've become.bring me to life.(i've been living a lie, there's nothing inside.)bring me to life.frozen inside without your touch,without your love, darling.only you are the life among the dead.all of this time i can't believe i couldn't seek
Fckn Idiots
Anyone else here sick of bs that people are throwing? I have a friend that bought another friend they are of the same sex. He is yelling at me cause I know this guy that bought him and now has blocked me because of this-- how stupid is that? I think its homophobic-- people on Fubar are constantly buying each other same sex or different sex. We have been friends for just a couple weeks now and I know i dont need friends that act like that towards me or my friends. But i am pissed that i am in the middle of defending my friend and he just blocks me even though he started the drama-- i feel like blasting is homophobic assuming azz all over Fubar--- GRRRRRRRRRRR I know i am venting--sorry I dont even know if i have a point for you to respond- i think im just angry!!
Should I Stay Or Go??
OK so this is just simply a question for myselfmy brother is in the navy and he has received his new orders.. he will be moving to Connecticut by December 11th of this year.. he wants me to move with him.. if i do i would be there for at least 4 years if not longer.. i would be getting away from our controlling mother.. but if i decided to move back to Minnesota then i would have to make my daughter go through what i went through as a child.. leaving all of your friends behind.. but all of our family except for my brother lives in Minnesota or Nebraska.. so i am some what torn on what to do.. i think it would be a great opportunity for me and my family (my fiance, my daughter and i) to move.. but at the same time i would have to leave all of my friends and family.. which would be really hard.. so i don't know what to do.. should i stay or should i go??
Bad Day.....agghh
Ever had a really bad day that lasted more than a day lol.  I been having one of those this last week lol.  My AC went out on my van and with 3 little ones and over 90 degree heat and errands like crazy that is never fun. My husband was offshore so it was hard to bring to get fixed. I needed it so I couldn't be without it. We had a weeding to go to 3 hours away do I didnlt want to drive in the heat all dressed up. So my mom was like meet me 1/2 way the day before the wedding I will take your van you take my truck. My truuck had AC. She also live 3 hours away. It was ok if we sweated the day before just not all dressed up. She said she would take my van to get fixed she had another wya to get to wedding where she did not havd to go in hot van. OK we thought problem solved. So we thought...... So we go to the wedding yesterday. Was nice we had fun. We head on after wedding there is a back up in interstate do to some construction so we take some back roads home.  We are in my moms truck s
Girls Girls
Plz Read plz rate and comment this photo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Fathers Day
happy fathers day 2 all out there
There Is Only One Of Us All.
As many on here know we are all on fubar to have some fun .Some harmless flirting.With our imagination running wild looking at all the photos of many people.Being bought and sold.Young old male female.But there is something different about everyone of us.We all may like some of the same things.Such as sports or hiking or good food.But when we are alone at our homes .Thinking to ourselves our minds are all different.Some may think of the heavens and worlds above.Some think of some form of higher power .Then others believe something else.Yet when all of our minds are seperated we still are all different. When we leave this place to go to some other place .Some think of a heaven.Not all then will be in the same place.For why would I who would not like to fish all day be with others who do.And when we do leave the people behind threw our death.There will be different memorys we have left.Not all good but mostly good.At least for most of us.I hope anyway.I guess the only thing we can hope f
The Heat
  Well summer is here and this month of June has been pretty tough. My temp job ended at Wrigley's June 10th and the same day my debtor hearing was at 8:30 am at the Federal courthouse. I saw my lawyer there and the proceeding went well. I just have to finish the 2nd financial mgmt. course online with 24 pages to go. A week later I get a speeding ticket in the morning for doing 60 in a 45 mph zone going north to my Sister's house. I was going up there to get my Phish dvd my Nephew borrowed from me.  I haven't got a speeding ticket in like 19 years. It sucked. Well back to finding another job and I applied at Home Depot online last week. Gotta call them to see if they have my job app to work in the lighting dept or hardware. Take care friends and stay cool. Cheers,Paul
My Comfort Zone
  my comfort zone I used to have a comfort zone where I knew I wouldn't fail. The same four walls and busywork were really more like jail. I longed so much to do the things I'd never done before, But stayed inside my comfort zone and paced the same old floor. I said it didn't matter that I wasn't doing much. I said I didn't care for things like commission checks and such. I claimed to be so busy with the things inside the zone, But deep inside I longed for something special of my own. I couldn't let my life go by just watching others win. I held my breath; I stepped outside and let the change begin. I took a step and with new strength I'd never felt before, I kissed my comfort zone goodbye and closed and locked the door. If you're in a comfort zone, afraid to venture out, Remember that all winners were at one time filled with doubt. A step or two and words of praise can make your dreams come true. Reach for your future with a smile; success is there for you!
Hypnotic Possession
    A Perpetual abysmal dream Transforms into reality Minutes shift into hours Hours morph into years Barely stirring in sleep Dream is now my nightmare From which I cannot awake Time passes at speeds that mystify Yet I stand still  
Oh So Bored
Ok - I've been good -- I cooked brunch for father's day, I have cleaned the bathroom and made up the bed... and I'm taking a little break.  COME TALK TO ME --- it's so dead here --- waaaaaaaaaaaas  up fu's??
Your Own Protection
I do not usallu bother with this,but this guy is on a mission to take out mummers.   you should block him  right away!   ty and Have a nice day!
Happy Father's Day Dad....i Miss You
You Never You never said I'm leaving You never said goodbye You were gone before I knew it, And only God knew why A million times I needed you, A million times I cried If Love alone could have saved you, You never would have died In Life I loved you dearly In death I love you still In my heart you hold a place, That no one could ever fill It broke my heart to lose you, But you didn't go alone For part of me went with you, The day God took you home.     Miss you Dad.....Happy Father's Day.
today is fathers day, and my dad is actually happy for once in his life on this wretched day. it never fails, he is always upset on fathers day and his birthday, which are only a couple weeks apart. james and i did good this year so that makes me happy!! what  a weekend. got drunk last night. realized i miss someone thats been gone a couple days a whole lot. god killer daggers from eyes thrown at my by bridget yesterday. managed to be on the back of a motorcycle that got pulled over on our way to sturgis. lol. that was great!! seen rob. seen his cousin jim, whom informed me in NOT the only one that knows rob made a mistake but marrying bridget. that was nice to hear. tried to tell him, and then he is going to divorce her and well we will see where things go from there. i dont think a day in the last couple weeks have gone by where i havent heard from him. its werid. but nice. kris called, yup paid on the debt THANK GOD! nowi just needa STOP blowin my money and save so i can get the fu
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Wth? Everyone Else Is Doing It...
...I'll be a sheep.   Ask me anything, you might not like the answer, but I'll answer honestly.   So what are you waiting for?
Ok all you gorgeous women of fu..... now's your chance to vote for the sexiest man on fu.... you can vote for me if you wanna :P........ here's a link to it..... You don't HAVE to vote for me... but if you do, YOU FUKKIN ROCK!!! :D go vote!!!
No Title
Have you ever felt so hopeless that you don't know what to do or think? Lately that is how I have been feeling. I haven't been on here a lot, trying to get my real life situated. I feel like such a burden on everyone in my real life, like nobody believes in me nor do I have any moral support in real life. For instance, yesterday was my daughters graduation bbq, I went but none of my family even talks to me, they make me feel like I am totally invisible.  I feel like the hate drips from their veins when I am around. I am so close to getting into the transitional place, yet a few weeks out still seems like a long ways away when you are living like I am. I thought family was suppose to be moral support and love unconditionaly,but not mine. Depression has been hitting me hard, but yet I still try to do what I have to do every day. I am hoping that once I get into that place I will finally have the moral support and backing I need to get my life back on track. It's so hard to be positive wh
Are You Really That Cheap?
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Giving In
Will you, walk me To the edge again Shaking, lonely, and I am drinking again Woke up tonight and no one's here with me I'm giving in to you Take me under I'm giving in to you I'm dying tonight I'm giving in to you Watch me crumble I'm giving in to you I'm crying tonight I'm giving in to you Caught up, in life Losing all my friends Family has tried, to heal all my addictions Tragic it seems, to be alone again I'm giving in ... to you Take me under I'm giving in to you I'm dying tonight I'm giving in to you Watch me crumble I'm giving in to you I'm crying tonight I'm giving in to you I look forward, to dying tonight Drink 'til i'm myself, life's harder every day The stress has got me I'm giving in giving in, Giving in, no! Take me under (I'm killing all the pain) I'm dying tonight (I'm sick of all this faith) Watch me crumble (I'm killing all the pain) I'm crying tonight I'm giving in to you Take me under I'm giving in to you I'm dying tonight I'm giving in to you Watch me, crumbl
Lbb Entry 6
Submission Story
she looks up into his eyes... the man she hates so. His eyes are cold he smirks whip in hand she grimaces holding into bounds. Each lash into her body is her tribute to him. To serve him to care for him. She smiles through her gag sweat dripping off her face he removes it and commands her to speak."Thank you master" She says " Im glad to be yours.

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