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Who I Am
I am the one who's at there side, the one they talk to when someone lied, so weather it be on the phone, in person, or on cam, I am there, I am who i am...  I see the things they wish to hide, all the things they keep inside, I understand the feelings they don't know, even the ones they do not show, I hear the things they want and see the things they need, I offer only what i can, in hopes they will succeed, so weather it be on the phone, in person, or on cam, I am there, I am who i am...
A Simple Task For The Single
This is for the single guys and girls who cant seem to find a good bf/gf, now this may not work for every1 but its worth a try, its a simple task so listen and do as i instruct. 1. Think of all of the ppl you kno. (for guys think of the girls you kno and girls the opposite)2. Go over this entire list and put a check buy everyone you'd date.3. Erase those names.4. Go threw the list a second time, put a check buy everyone who has ever done sumthin rly bad to you or rly hurt you in sum way.5. Erase those names.6. Look at who's left put a star by every name that has been friendly and nice to you.7. Erase all names that dont have a star.8. Read over your list, see who's left?  Why not try dating 1 of them...
I'll be sitting in the back waiting for whoever to notice me again... If you do find your way back, I'm sure its only temporary. I'm not going to speak over everyone to get someone's attention. I've tried, its tiring, and very unhelpful. Are you wondering who you are yet? You could be wrong.
I Want By Recoil From Liquid
I want to know how it'll end. I want to be sure of what it'll cost. I want to strangle the stars for all they promised me. I want you to call me on your drug phone. I want to keep you alive so there is always the possibility of murder later. I want to be there when you learn the cost of desire. I want you to understand that my malevolence is just a way to win. I want the name of the ruiner. I want matches in case I have to suddenly burn. I want you to know that being kind is overrated. I want to write my secret across your sky. I want to watch you lose control. I want to watch you lose. I want to know exactly what it's going to take. I want to see you insert yourself into glory. I want your touches to scar me so I'll know where you've been. I want you to watch when I go down in flames. I want a list of atrocities done in your name. I want to reach my hand into the dark and feel what reaches back. I want to remember when my nightmares were clearer. I want to be there when your hot black
Do It Do It.
The "F" Word
My Opinion!
Ok i just need to say that if someone is going to buy me gifts, drinks, rate my pics, fu-own me or make something for me does NOT mean that i am or goin to fall head over heals for them or vise versa, nor does it mean that i'm going to be upset with anyone if they were to do the same thing for someone else!  It just simply means that when i do receive something i am going to do the same for them in return no matter what because that is who i am!!  It's called being respectful & i feel that there is just ABSOLUTELY NO REASON  why anyone should get excited or upset in anyway!! FUBAR is an online game/chat site to meet & talk to new people & most importantly to have fun!! 
Hang on y'all.I gotta clean house, prioritize my fams, and go on another date this weekend.Uh, with any luck at my place. Why does that thought get me nervous again?Oh... because it'd be hilarious if I got food poisoning and made embarassingly loud gut rot in my tiny house for her mortification. *sigh* No privacy in this house.One of the many things I hate about it. Anyway this is my unblog that absolves me from all other responsibilities til the dust settles again and yeah, I used fresh roma tomatos for a very decent sauce, served with fennel/rosemary turkey meatballs.Wanna fight about it? I probably owe my readerbase a summary of the first date... Probably. But seriously, bed time. I've had the Kampfer 85% done for over a week now, I've barely made any progress in Fallen Earth meanwhile I think my besty's about... halfway to the level cap. I have been going full speed all week. Lemme catch my breath, and say something long, artful, and longing about her smile.  
Vampire's Heaven
Come visit my website its new and still working on it so please dont be to cruel
Just Say No To Jobs
A comment posted on a NYT article about the jobs bill: Pollution is destroying us. When we look at pollution, there is no disputing that we are destroying our world. We cannot adapt to polluted air, land, water and food; we are a diseased planet with diseased people and animals. Jobs bills will only continue our destructive oppressive lifestyle and continue to make world problems worse.The only reasonable solution is to retire from the employment lifestyle that is causing the pollutions and other world problems like the energy crisis, disease, war, immigration, reoccurring financial crises and social needs for young and old, etc. Real change is a garden paradise lifestyle with trees, plants and pets that provide fresh food around us; it solves the world problems at the same time. It is the only sustainable lifestyle and the employment lifestyle is unnecessary. We are enslaving people to enrich others. That is evil, not just wrong. It is time for real change; a
My Demons
Once long ago, a wise person told me something that has come true.   That person told me that "My Demons" will be the one to cause me the most pain in my life.   At the time I didin't want to belive what I was told, but it comes to fact that yes they have come to be a big part in my life and have caused me the most pain.   My Demons, are all from my past, and it is a past that I am not very proud of.   I have hurt the person that means the most to me, and I am sorry for that.  But now that person knows what my demons are and is going to help me try to conquer them.   Now if I wish to brings things back to how they used to be, I have to learn to be more patient, and not let my past come back to haunt me.
  Match the comment to the person who said it... If you get them all, I will bling you.   A. Are you suppose to be Islamic... B. See I could manage a fuck buddy C. get your fu monies ready D. So you wouldn't mind me smokin a pipe? E. Sticks dick in salad! F. Kicks your Idle sign and lays at your feet... G. I'm a big fan of your nudity H. LOL...nope. No crash dummies or rugrats. I. Yes Miss raven, anything else to please you? J. I would like to immediatly wake up from all this... K. oh nothing ....just thinking about meeting you on friday*EG* L. I never defy my desires   1. Emanon 2. Wicked Raven 3. Keenan 4. Trendkiller 5. Superman231 6. Rob Floyde 7. Lord Spinoza 8. Lil Bitch 9. Wrath 10. Twisted Woflie 11. Bob 12. One person is quoted twice...   Let's see how well my friends know one another.
Taking A Break
Im taking a break from fubar as long as I need to. I doubt there is anyway that you can change my mind. Im tired of being ignored by ppl when I need something but when I do something for them I get no thank you. Specially being ignored by my so called "friends" So if you know me pretty well, and we're close or know how to get ahold of me. Im not whining..Im just saying, I don't much want to be here anymore. Also-- The new rules that fubar is putting in place is rediculous, and Im just not into it anymore. Also, I will NOT be buying bling for anyone anymore...Not even my boyfriend. So don't ask
Fu-owned Auction 11 Preview " Shamrock's Lucky Charm"
And The Winning Hot Body Is?
Who among us hasn’t wished we had a hot body. It’s safe to say most of us have. We can always fantasize about having one. The Wilhelmina modeling agency is choosing a couple of hot bodies on the 23rd from a contest they started. Want to be envious then check out the finalists. All body shapes and sizes can be a part of BlastFM. We don’t discriminate. We want all to enjoy our music.
What's Going On In C51's World?
Hey all I know that alot of you are worried or concerened about me so I figured I would just make a blog about it sence I prolly won't be on as much anymore do to alot of things. I'm in a hard place in my life... some of you know that I was Agorephobic for 5 years of my life and finally God has rerleased me from that. After praying alot and I mean ALOT! My Mother, Surreal & DJ Deoblo from Fubar have been trying like hell to get me out at much as possible so that I can get use to once again being able to cope with the outside world. Well recently I have been having God awful pain's from hell in my chest, lungs, heart, and Ovarys... (yeah yeah go to a doctor... I know I've heard it all before) A. I have no health insurance it will cost for a single person 2K for 6 months to get it and I've honestly only had about $35 to my name for 5 years! B. Agoraphobia, Hypercontriac, you name it. i know most of you won't understand all this being that you would have to live it to know it! Anyway's
My Boyfriend
My boyfriend  went to the doctors today, he has high blood pressure which he is taking medicine for.  He was getting the results of his blood work and it turns out he has a fatty liver.  Didn't know what that was till I looked it up now I am a little worried about him.  He is overweight but I dont care about that appearance wise but I do want him to lose weight so he will be around a lot longer.  He said he will try for the sake of his health.  I started crying thinking about what could happen.   I just hope everything turns out ok but I tend to think the absolute worse, ugh this sucks.
A Demon Needs Help To Level!!!
Hey Everyone!!!   A Demon on my Friend's List needs help to Level!  He is a Level 37 @ 99.99% and needs some temporary Demon Family Adds to help him level.  If you could help him out, I would appreciate it greatly!!!   Thank you...   Here is the link to his profile!!!
Did you know that dinosaurs never existed and their bones were just manufactured to trick people into believing in evolution. It's true, just ask any Christian. lol Why can't we all just have an open mind and an open heart? Why do most humans feel the need to force their beliefs on others. I am the type of person that will listen to others view and state my own. I have no issues with people having their own beliefs, I just don't want those beliefs pushed on me. I will gladly listen to what anyone has to say whether I agree with their beliefs or not. Everyone has their own opinion and I feel that each opinion should be heard and thought over. None of us knows who is right until that day comes when we cease to breath. Does life continue after death? Who am I to answer? I have my beliefs. I will not judge others for theirs as I hope they will not judge me for mine. Someday we may all have the decency and respect to allow others to have their own opinion and give them the respect to he
Story 1
I called you to tell you that I was going to stay late at work, something came up and we all had to stay late. I told you not to worry about me I would get home late and you didn't have to wait for me. "Ok, baby I will see you when you get home." When you walked in the house everything was ok, the dogs were doing their normal thing, nothing! Marley is just sitting on the couch being lazy and Bingo was standing right by the door waiting for you to come home and start going crazy jumping and spinning around because he is so happy to see you. You do the regular every day thing, drop your bag somewhere, take your shoes off, change your clothes, and you put on an oversized shirt that reaches your mid-thigh. You walk in the other bedroom to get on the internet, as you are about to turn on the light something grabs your hand before you are able to turn on the light, and suddenly grabs you spinning you around and holding both of your arms down as if in a bear hug from behind. You scream of fe
Why Do I Always Get These Assholes?
Kloverlynn...: not your doll either BigAcer ;]...: i will read it after iam done here ok doll Kloverlynn...: yeah well I woul like you to read my about me.. Your approach sucks and I am not your fucking baydoll BigAcer ;]...: ok but you look a baydoll ']~~ Kloverlynn...: WELL I am truly happy for you..bu I am not your babydoll BigAcer ;]...: well babydoll iam deff not 16 lol ;]~ and i get mine '] Kloverlynn...: mmkay well you should read my about me. Speaking to me like a 16 year old street thug does not impress me at all BigAcer ;]...: nope i seen u go by and i couldn't help my self to holla" at your fine sexy ass self you go gurl ;]~~ Kloverlynn...: did you read my about me? BigAcer ;]...: oh hell yeah baby you got some real stunning looks grrrrrr ;]~~ Kloverlynn...: wow do lines like that ever work? BigAcer ;]...: add me sexy ass ;]~~ ouch!! very fine looking ']
By God, All This Procrastination Is Finally Going To Pay Off.
Or not, as the case may be. The exam is tomorrow.  And the next day.  I have to show up at the test center at some ungodly hour (seven) that I'm not even sure exists.  I'm not certain of this, but I don't think it's light out at seven.  In my opinion, there are only a handful of things that you can do when it isn't light out, and taking a godforsaken test isn't one of them. I will lodge my protests in the morning.  In the dark. The last time I took this test, it was in a different state, and it was proctered in a fine american city, and I stayed in a fine hotel.  You know it's a fine hotel when there are glasses in your room.  Glasses made from glass.  Glasses that you could steal, but for the fact that people who stay in fine hotels have their own glasses made from glass at home, so they do not steal the ones in their fine hotel room. There are two plastic cups in my hotel room. 
35 Things A Girl Probably Doesn't Know
1. Guys are more emotional then you think, if they loved you at one point, it'll take them a lot longer then you think to let you go, and it hurts every second that they try. 2. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about. 3. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. 4. Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. 5. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're goin for the let-her-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method. 6. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. 7. Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved. 8. Guys are more emotional than they'd like people to think. 9. Giving a guy a hanging message like "You know what?!..uh...nevermind.." would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking. And he'll assume he did something wrong and he'll o
Why do I even care? Trapped in a hell i cannot escape. Shapeless, meaningless, A shadow of what I once was.   Crying, dying, longing for what may come. Longing for you my sweet mistress. Mistress of the dark, mistress of pain, Mistress of death, my last true friend.   So take me now, lead me away Bring me the peace and serenity I so long for.  Take me to the place i so deserve.   Darkness my companion, Cloaking my true self, Now I walk fearless into your embrace Falling into the deep abyss of you.   No more pain, no more hurt You cannot touch me anymore Your lies, and deciet are things of the past. You have lost your control to stain me anymore.   By KC Zimmerman (2/22/2010)  
The Long History Of Ugg
The sheepskin boots of UGG Australia have unquestionably come a long way. Starting from the shepherds of the country, the boots were supercharged to popularity when they were practiced by war pilots in World War II. These pilots were depending for footwear that could provide them passion and comfort during their high-altitude flights, and they observed it in the Uggs.However, it was during the 1960s when the sheepskin boots of UGG Australia were imparted to a different degree of fame that carried on to step up up to the present. This was when surfers and swimmers postulated over the expend of the footwear and wore them after their cold ocean adventures. This was the first time that the Ugg boots were set out seen being worn in public, after having just been worn close to the home or within the cockpit of a warplane. It was surfer Brian Smith who originated the vogue of affecting the UGG Australia brand mark name well known all over the world. This was because he took home a pair of the
This Will Blow You Away...just A Tad Spooky!!
Thiswill blow you away...just a tad spooky!! Now send itto some of your Friends, so they can have funalso.    
Alrighty Then..........
ok listen if any of you dumb mother fuckers have anything to say or ask or want info on me then just fucking ask me...   dont be a stupid douche and go asking people about me behind my back because it will get back to me one way or another and when you tell others not to tell me well they may not tell me but some people THEY ask may ask me why they are being asked about me     we are all adults so dont be a pussy
What Is Your Definition Of Happiness?!
So many ways to define happiness. Here are some definitions of happiness to inspire you.   Finding happiness is like finding yourself. You don't find happiness, you make happiness. You choose happiness. Self-actualization is a process of discovering who you are, who you want to be and paving the way to happiness by doing what brings YOU the most meaning and contentment to your life over the long run.   Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.   How do you define Happiness?
Stages Lounge....come Check Us Out
Hey everyone!!!!.....come check out the newest lounge in town.....Stages Lounge......where you can just hope on stage and get crazy ........and also there are many "Stages" to our if that's what you're lookin for.....come on in and check us out.....kicken tunes rock hip hop new age and metal
Tears And Rain
"Tears And Rain"How I wish I could surrender my soul;Shed the clothes that become my skin;See the liar that burns within my needing.How I wish I'd chosen darkness from cold.How I wish I had screamed out loud,Instead I've found no meaning.I guess it's time I run far, far away; find comfort in pain,All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.Hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray.I've heard what they say, but I'm not here for trouble.It's more than just words: it's just tears and rain.How I wish I could walk through the doors of my mind;Hold memory close at hand,Help me understand the years.How I wish I could choose between Heaven and Hell.How I wish I would save my soul.I'm so cold from fear.I guess it's time I run far, far away; find comfort in pain,All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.Hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray.I've heard what they say, but I'm not here for trouble.Far, far away; find comfort in pain.All pleasure's the same: it just
I Just Wanna Be Free
Life is never good for me and that is what I wish you would see. Just let me end it all for I'll be happy in the end. I'll finally be free.Free from all the pain and torment and the never ending battle.No more dealing with arguments and tears. I'd finally be through with it all.You just don't seem to understand that by keeping me here you're making it worse.If I were dead and gone by now I'd be happy, I wouldn't have this life, I wouldn't have this curse.I'm already considering doing this even without your consent. I know for sure that once it's all over with my heart will be content. So here I am sitting on my bed with a knife to my wrist.Please everyone don't be upset, don't be pissed.You just need to know I love you all but I couldn't handle it anymore.OK here I go, I'm doing this for sure. You just need to let me go to heaven now.Hopefully god will understand and accept this.Just tell my baby I love her and I'm sorry I couldn't give her one last kiss.Tell everyone I love them and t
R.i.p. Bryan
I have only just lost you the pain is hard to bareDo I have to go through life knowing your not thereplease some one explain to me why he had to goare there any reasons I really need to knowI sit here and remember all the lovely times we shared the talks the laughter of every one you caredI am told the pain will ease in timeand I will think of him without a tearbut that will be impossible as I need to have him hereHe was my very world to me my ever guiding starJust kiss me softly on the cheek and tell me where you are
Music Monday 19
50 Ways to Leave your Lover - Paul SimonUnlock The Door - The Little OnesFeel The Pain - Dinosaur Jr.Hell - Tegan and SaraPossum Kingdom - The ToadiesLandslide - Dixie Chicks (though any version will do)Gone Daddy Gone - Violent Femmes
Stupid Computer
ok, my computer is being a fucking bitch, i have no idea why its doing this shit to me, if it dosent cooperate soon, im chucking it out the window.
Sit With Me
  If I were to say to you, Lord please take me home. If I were to say to you, Lord I dont give a damn anymore. Would you sit beside me my lord, And remind me it is all right. Remind me that you carry me, Through the darkest night. Tell me I can't come with you, Cause my purpose here is not yet through. Heal me with your loving light, To make it through, Yet another life. Could I ask you to take with you, This gift that is hard to bear. To take my heart and change it, So I just don't have to care? As you sit with me here oh Lord, I hear you say it would never do. You are an example my precious one, I know  I can count on you. As much as I hate it sometimes, I know that you are right. Just stand with me lord, And keep guiding me with your light. I love you more each passing day, Our bond ever stronger grows. I will wait patiently, And do that which you want me to do. Until you take me home with you. Just remember Lord one more thing, Before you go if you d
Bullet Sponge
With every one being on the military bandwagon lately I am a little concerned as to what I am about to say, or how it will come out. With that being said here it goes: For the past 8 years I have been an Infantry Marine, have reached the rank of Staff Sergeant in 7 years, and have done 2 deployments to Iraq, 2 to Afghanistan, and 1 to the Horn of Africa. Recently I was asked what my MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) was. I replied “in a nutshell, ‘infantry’” to receive back the “oh so you are bullet sponge.” I must not be a very good bullet sponge because in my 5 deployments I never absorbed a single bullet. I have never been the type to tell war stories, post pictures of myself with guns, or even put pictures of myself in uniform on line (although I have done all of the above to with a select few).  Marine infantry is what I do, not who I am. I have found that those who talk too much and bolster about their heroism are phonies or exaggerators at
because it rains when we wish it wouldn't because men people often do what they shouldn't because crops fail, and plans go wrong- some of us grumble the whole day long. but somehow,in spite of the care and doubt, it seems at last things work out. because we lose where we hope to gain, because we suffer a little pain, because we must work when we'd like to play. some of us whimper along life's way. but somehow, as day will follow night, most of our troubles work out all right. because we cannot forever smile, because we must trudge in the dust awhile, because we think that the way is long,some complain that life's all wrong. but somehow we live, and our skies grow bright, everything seems to work out all right.  so bend to your trouble, and meet your care, for the clouds must brake, and the sky grow fair, let the rain come down as it must and will, but keep on working, and hoping still, for in spite of the grumblers who stand about, Somehow, it seems all things wor
Grandma's Story
Desarae Barnes             My Grandma has been sick with lung cancer for three and a half years now. She made the decision last summer that she no longer wanted chemo treatments. I guess for most people this would be hard to hear from a loved one but I understand. With the chemo she didn’t get out of her recliner and that’s not much of a life. So I visit her as much as I can and even though she stays in her chair she is still the strongest woman I know. She only has a little while longer with us but she’s ready when the time comes. When I visit, we talk about my schooling is going but mostly we talk about our memories.             I don’t remember much about my childhood but what I do remember most of the time involves my grandmother. My strongest memory is of every Sunday. First grandma started cooking dinner before the morning church service. It was most of the time the same thing Roast Beef slightly seasoned and cooked for hours in the crock pot. The sides
Half Naked Pics And Breast Shots And Missleading Body Jester Pics
EVERYTHING TYPED HERE IS MEANT WITH ALL THE RESPECT IN THE WORLD ladies do me a favor make up ur minds. this is for all the ladies that have anything that was covered in subject and post in there about me area no yim no cam and dont shout me. pls pic a side to be on the tease and sexy side or the just want to make freinds and help each other make points there is no stradling the fence here so to speak u ithere atract with simple type pics to get simple freinds or racey pics and u attract racy type friends. the pics in the subject sugest sex and playfyllness u dont want it dont post it.
Darkness And Light
Two souls join to never to part. Love fills the heart. Knowing that Love last forever. Never to be severd. One heart consumed in Darkness. Never really knowing love or its likeness. The other consumed in Light. Always there for the other never to take flight. The ying to the others yang. Filled with so much love that it hits with a bang. One hoping that the other opens to receive. Never to be deceived. One heart wants to give the other something to believe in. The other believeing they live in sin. Two souls balancing each other. Never to be parted by another. Reaching to be held. Never to let the other down to fell. Two hearts beating as one . Can you hear their hearts song? Two souls join in the bonds of love . That is blessed from above. Two souls now belong. Oh how they waited so long. Love can touch the Darkness. Now you can say you know the likeness. For love brings the Light. Oh what a sight. poem by : Paula
For All Us
Even when you're crazy about someone, it can often be hard to know if he or she is "right" for you. How do you know you won't feel differently in a year? 10 years? A lifetime? Deciding if you can commit to someone is a deeply personal determination, and everyone has different criteria. As in any verdict, you have to start by assessing the evidence. With that in mind, YourTango has come up with 15 signs that you're dating a soul mate. You don't have to check off all of these points to be sure about someone -- but if you can say yes to several, you've found a very special mate. 1. You tell him things you don't tell anyone else. We don't mean blurting something out when you're emotionally unstable, but the desire to tell him intimate details about your life means you trust him -- a major component of successful long-term love. 2. You let her see you in moments of weakness. It's easy to be happy with someone when you're feeling good about life. But what about when you're not doing s
..Walk the shadowsWave your hand through Speak the words of a lost angelMake it all to knowLift yourself on higherFly on higher groundLook to the stars Land upon your groundWalk the thin lineOne foot after otherSpeak the words of a Lost SoulMake them all BelieveWalk the RoadTears after TearsSpeak the words of your fatherMake it all come true
First its not a blog about the Shit Hawk Second I owe some special people a salute but im blah... Today is my Sons 13th Birthday Tommorow is my fetuses 18 weeks in the womb IM CRAZY Seriously it just struck me .... Im not sure whether i should run ( more like waddle) away but this doesn't solve anything. Quick Question around 13 do boys become dumb? Wicked the carrier and the mother of a puberty experiencing 13 year old boy....   / wrists
Galaxy Group Hickson 31
For Fun Tell Me What You Think ;)
  POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU . Be honest with your answers0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww!?1 = Definetly not attractive.2 = Decent3 = Cute4 = Fine as hell!5 = I'd do you.6 = Pretty damn sexy!7 = Lovable, I LOVE YOU!!!8 = I wanna make you my man/girl.9 = Just a friend.10 = Sexiest person I know!11 = Fuckin amazin12 = Ya, I've checked you out a few times.13 = i wanna fuck
Response To Subway Rant
So this is from The Best of Craigslist and is pretty old but it still slays me. It is written by a Subway employee in response to a customer's rant.   > When you ask me what type of sub I would like, please be ready to make it so I don't have to repeat myself 5 seconds later. I understood what you said. I want you to repeat it in great hope that you will finally realize what you are ordering is the most disgusting piece of shit, walk out of the store and into oncoming traffic... then I'll have one less of you shitty people to deal with. Unfortunately, this has only happened 3 times since I worked here. > If I ask for lettuce, that doesn't include that extremely visible olive that came with it. Please don't pretend like you can't see it. If there is a large lineup, it's my boss's orders for me to move my ass. Deal with the olive princess... If you are the only one there, then it's cause I feel the olive will add flavour to that rancid piece of shit veggie-patty that you ordered
My Shaking Pen....its Been A Long Time
The strength to the pen Is the outlet of the mind Writing in any form Is distinguishing from the divine When one writes of inner woes They release what haunts there mind There memories can disappear And reform on the lines Any pain put to words Any sorrow set to rhyme All your life's ambitions Are only to be defined A word is worth only as much As the purpose for it use So all who read what you have written Can't comprehend whats to confuse For how much of a life can really be deduced From a simple word or phrase Set upon a line or two?If you guess you don't matter Then I guess I was wrong To think That you mean the world To a horrible loser Like me But you do mean more than Anything that life has To offer If you decide that I can help You to hang on a little longer Then talk Talk to me and tell me that you Feel like you don't matter To me I will listen than tell you the Simple truth of life, that you Are wrong You guess you don't matter? Well, I guess you do... To me. Dazzling... T
aking a tall stance ready to fight it off   Just maybe i can resist   Taking a seat and falling into a feeble state   Damn it, again   It's hard to recall where the demons entered   They pay there dues with force   And a stern discombobulating   Aches hit   A frantic yet lurking shot exits my eyes   Get it together   Stop   Quit  I need some relief  Closure opposes me  It's me vs. me  The room is silent the insanity screams  Eyes gleaming into madness an ambivalent masochist feeding on ego living the ways of a narcissist phantasmagory settling in visions i never quite knew that this could exist uncertainty is making things ambiguous i dont think you quite grasp the complexity everything now cryptic i can tell you are evasive dont believe in your cunning manner it wont go far with me the others, they were dumbfounded but not i, my dearest... i am enlightened. observing your masquerade i become now of it part of your carnival of deception the pitfall led me into your artifice once i
Lust & Rain And Halloween Treat! 2 Erotik Stories!
It is a starless night, thunder in the distance, flashes of lightning as a storm is about to roll in.  Just finished dinner for a nice romantic quick getaway, when I see the look in his eye that says the night is far from over. Feeling daring from half a bottle of wine, I see an alley just up ahead, and pull him with me.  He's looking at me confused, until I start to unbutton my blouse.  We are not far in and there are people going by but I don't care.  The wine has made me bold, and that look in his eyes makes me want him right that very second.  Going back to the hotel is not an option at this point, because I just have to have him.  I grin at him as I continue to undo my blouse and he stands there, stunned.  "Don't you want to go back to our room, baby?" he asks me.  I shake my head no and finally get my blouse undone.  "I want you now, sweetness," I say to him, pulling him closer to me.  I kiss him hotly and press my body to him.  Wrapping my arms around his neck, deepening the
A Movie "review"
This really isn't much of a review as it is me just saying that I liked a movie. Shutter Island was really good. I seen it Friday night, the theater was packed!!! Anyway, the twist in the plot was good. Some people say they seen it coming, but I didn't. The ending was kind of weird and will make you think. Like I was telling a friend of mine...if my thought on how it ended is wrong, I like my thought. It makes it much better than either of the other 2 options. That is all.
Penis Pants?
Yeah, you read that right. Looks like some designer thought it would be a good idea to make pants with a dick on the front. It's made out of cloth so it's not really all that "life like", but anyway...copy/paste the link and play the video. It's around the 57 second mark..or so says the article that goes with it. The other "fashions" look like shit too. Do people really wear this stuff out?
Flipping Psychos
Well here is a prime example of why I don't pay money on this site to help anyone. So Call Me PDiddy... I bought dude a 3 month VIP, $25 bling pack, AND a auto 11 because he WAS an awesome friend. SO I talk to dude on here, text, and on the phone and now all of a sudden I'm supposed to answer my whereabouts to him! Ok just because we joke about you being my "fu boyfriend" does not mean you can tell me I have to answer to you about MY personal life. Seriously guy you're drama. My son was sick all night and he texted me 32 flipping times! Well you're damn right I shut my phone off! And fyi.. Will IS an ex and still a great friend. YES he drives me places I need to go and hangs out. So fucking what!!!! You seriously need to grow up. You come near me again and I'll nail you with harrassment, plain and simple. Calling my phone every 5 minutes and sending texts to me every 2 minutes IS not cool. Get some help.
Here I Go Again - By Whitesnake
All-in One Furniture Store
Sharon-walnut veneer dining table w/2 extensions Sharon Dining Table
Photos Of My New Houston Dungeon & Opportunities To Serve
I wanted to share a few photos of My new dungeon with you guys It's fully functional and I'm very proud of it but it's not even close to how I want it yet. There's a ton of stuff still left to do before It's what I might consider "done"... Here's a small, incomplete list of what needs to be done before then: Paint the walls gray Lay new flooring (the present flooring is ugly and was not done properly) Build or buy a St. Andrew's Cross Build or buy a spanking horse Install more suspension points in the ceiling, spaced as needed for a sling Build a horizontal cage to mount the top of the current bondage table on Fix the windows sills and frames so you can put in an a/c and seal the gaps Get new floor lamps and mood lighting of some sort Make more wall racks for the restraints and mount them on the opposite wall Buy more drawer sets that match the current ones Buy an IV/enema stand (and eventually get an ob/gyn exam table) Mount wall shelves in the equipment closets and on
August/september 2010 Update
Around August 19th 2010 which will be a thursday i will be heading back to Ringwood/Melbourne Victoria Australia for a 4 week holiday but there's a twist to it this time,this time is different because this time  i am house sitting as a favour to my sister and her boyfriend as they're taking a well deserved holiday  and i go back to sydney around about 20th of september 2010 from Bruce
February/march 2010 Update
FEBRUARY 26TH i Bruce will be out for the night  and it's a friday night and i will be at a concert for a Australian Country Musician Called Lee Kernaghan at the Lyric Theatre in Sydney 10  i will be heading back to Ringwood Victoria Australia for my sisters 30th birthday party just for the weekend until monday 15th of march sydney australia/melbourne australia time from Bruce      
My Midget
Constant Chasing
 I dont have to assume when its right there in front of ya the whole time, people seems to be looking at u when really they just looking past u, never seeing the obvious. most people misses the obvious til its too late. like seeing people chase things they never gonna catch, whats the point in chasing it when it just runs faster apparently to get away from you but most keeps chasing something they never gonna get. maybe if give up n wait itll go back around the block again then ur ahead of it- so that is my option now is to give up n wait maybe if by luck itll apear to be chasing me instead.
~ My So Called Life~
My life has been so hectic almost crazy like. Their has been drama, pain and strugging. I'm trying to get my life together. There have been good things going on course. right now Im just so indifferent feelings so much left up int he air and unsaid. Alot of emotional stuff and bs has been going on... I don't knwo what to think nymore about things and people expecially certain ppl... I feel like I am on my own most of the time and everyone who was close to me is falling away and becoming so distant for me. Ppls advice is confusing my life is confusing and relationships are very weird/odd with people... I realy hope that things will get better for me soon and that things will get sorted and figure out cuz Im just tired offeeling the way I have been feeling, so indifferent, confused and left with things all whatever up it the air... My life is what is though and I can only control so much of certain aspects of it and the rest is left to "fate" I suppose annd whatever things will be they w
Lost In Hope!!!
I fall for someone They treat me harshly I am wanting to love someone But what is love? Is it someone who makes you have butterflies? Is it someone you known your whole life? Is it someone you know your happy with? What is it? I have lost so much hope Knowing what that word means I have cried I have stressed I have been emotional Over one little word Love I have lost hope on it An seem to not know what it is Is love even out their for such a young woman Like myself Even being Bisexual or Lesbian
New Pics
I really need new Pics...LOL
Yea.. So..
i'm in a strange mood and felt like saying this:   do what you say you will.. be who you say you are... if things change, oh well... please don't feel the need to lie.. no matter where you are, be happy with who you are..
bombast\BOM-bast\  noun; 1.Pompous or pretentious speech or writing.
We are what we believe we are.  -  C. S. Lewis
Dont Care Who Thinks Differently
ATHF on ADULT SWIM MON-FRI. @12:30&12:45 a.m. then:    4:30&4:45 a.m. (eastern and pacific time)    check it out and behold the new age of toon royalty !!!!!!!                                             
23 By Jimmy Eat World
23 by Jimmy Eat World I felt for sure last night That once we said goodbye No one else will know these lonely dreams No one else will know that part of me I'm still driving away And I'm sorry every day I won't always love these selfish things I won't always live... Not stopping... It was my turn to decide I knew this was our time No one else will have me like you do No one else will have me, only you You'll sit alone forever If you wait for the right time What are you hoping for? I'm here I'm now I'm ready Holding on tight Don't give away the end The one thing that stays mine Amazing still it seems I'll be 23 I won't always love what I'll never have I won't always live in my regrets You'll sit alone forever If you wait for the right time What are you hoping for? I'm here I'm now I'm ready Holding on tight Don't give away the end The one thing that stays mine You'll sit alone forever If you wait for the right time What are you hoping for? I'm here I'm now I'm ready Holding on tigh
Tothose Whose Time Ive Wasted
I wasted so much time on so many irrelivant things. I tossed aside what's most important  with an arrogant fling. nonchalantly i held my head up high. I was ignorant and blind to the truth and not caring if i lived or die. i didnt care for me so i definetly didnt care about you. I know thats sad to say, but what's even worst is that it was the truth. Thank God that's all past tense,and it doesn't matter if you don't believe. Nothing will cut me short and sucsess i will achieve. Actions speak louder than words so i know i have more work to do. I'm sorry for those whose time ive wasted, i'll make it up to you.                                                                                  mp                                                                                                                                                                                                
Cannot, breathe think... stutter/shatter The walls are breathing for me.   Steady. steady... It's damned, doomed. Remember when I was stable?     (me neither)
All My Fellow Metalheads Its Ok To Like Other Music
hi everyone nicole here now i love metal music  rock on ha but everynow and then i like to listen to pop music and hair bands ha 80s music right now on my ipod is slipknot of course . lady gaga bad romance ha lol and pink and many others i always feel its great to listen to other styles of music because if i listen to metal music 24/7 i might drive my self crazy lol so its always great to open your mind and heart to music lets just face it music is what keeps our minds leveled    nicole  i hope everyone is enjoying there day
Need You Now By Lady Antebellum
Need You Now by Lady Antebellum Picture perfect memories, scattered all around the floorReaching for the phone 'cause I can't fight it anymoreAnd I wonder if I ever cross your mindFor me it happens all the timeIt's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you nowSaid I wouldn't call but I've lost all control and I need you nowAnd I don't know how I can do withoutI just need you nowAnother shot of whiskey, can't stop looking at the doorWishing you'd come sweeping in the way you did beforeAnd I wonder if I ever cross your mindFor me it happens all the timeIt's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you nowSaid I wouldn't call but I've lost all control and I need you nowAnd I don't know how I can do withoutI just need you nowWoah, woahGuess I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at allIt's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you nowAnd I said I wouldn't call but I'm a little drunk and I need you nowAnd I don't know how I can do withoutI just need you now, I just nee
It Sucks To Mean What You Say....
You know what sucks? When you say something and you really mean it.  When I say that, I don't mean everyday things look nice today or great hair cut I mean things like I want the best for you and really mean it. I'd told someone, for a very long time, that I would always want the best for him no matter what happened with our relationship.  Everytime I said it I meant it but I always believed that we would be together.  He convinced ME that it was what he wanted and because I wanted that too I was very happy. Two years of me saying it and meaning it.  Now he's gone, no reason other than telling me within a week of being away from me and home visiting/grieving a death his heart suddenly or not so suddenly belonged to another.  He came, got his things and left. No goodbye.  Just a text from the new love, saying "he" wont be talking to you and he wont be giving you closure.  After 2 years...that was the best I got. The sad part is...I still mean what I said. I want nothing
Im here for guys in the Atlantic City area only!
The Drunken Bastard Tavern And Inne Description (for The Rp Lounge)
Situated in the town of Rhys (an odd town magicked to be invisible to those who don't know how to find it), sits The Drunken Bastard.  A fairly medium-sized Tavern and Inne.It's a beautiful Tavern, with two large windows on either side of the entrance double-doors.  Upon entering, one would see a large room (seemingly bigger in here than it looks from outide).  The floor is hardwood.  Scattered intermittantly throughout the Tavern, are several round and square mohogany tables, with a couple of chairs at each.At the far wall of the Tavern, directly across from the entrance doors, sits the bar.  It stretches almost from one side of the Tavern to the other.  Made of Elven cherrywood, and magicked to never dull, with several runes of protection carved beautifully along the front of it.  Several small crystal bowls line the bartop at intervals, to be filled with whatever snacks are on hand, and several cherrywood stools line the front of the bar.Behind the bar hangs a large, beautifully orn
So, as my status said the other day, I was going to be a dad. That is no longer so, she miscarried.   As much as I was never ready for it, when I knew, I looked forward to sharing this joy and responsibility with the woman I love. Now that it's gone before it even began, it's an odd sense of shock and loss that I've not felt before, and I don't care for it.   All I know is, we have time to make this right, and we will.
Lieing To Yourself
What happens when all feelings are lost? Do you turn icy cold like everyone already thinks your to be, or just turn away from everyone. Whats the point in trying to care for someone else or helping them when you feel it doesnt make a difference. My favoret is when you are being fed a bunch of bullshit that you know you shouldnt believe, but insted of lissioning to your inner voice you say fuck it. Its those feelings. So thats why i ask why care. No one cares for me so why care for others. To make myself feel good fuck that got enough on my plate. Its the begging of a cold hart in the making if it has not gotten there yet. How can you ever learn to trust someone when all they do is lie and bullshit you into believing something that in the back of your head you know is a lie, but wanting it so badly to be truth. So my question to everyone is how do you know when its not a lie. Prob never get the true anwser to that question cause there doesnt seem to be anymore truthful people around any
Role-play Terminologies And How-to's (for The Drunken Bastard Tavern And Inne Rp Lounge)
RP - Role-Play Character - The persona you create to play as.  Think of an actor, and the character he playes based on a script he recieves.  This is the same thing, except there is NO script.  You create your character, and play that character. Free-Form - In RP terminology, it means "without a set StoryLine, or Plot".  Essentially, any 'plot' or 'StoryLine' that you play is, in essence, created by who and possibly whomever else you're playing with.  This also means, in the online RP chatroom world, that there is no dice used to plan out actions, etc. IC - In Character.   Essentually, it's you, the player, as your character.  When you play as your character, you are 'In Character.' OOC - Out Of Character.  Any dialog, 'actions', whatever, that you do AS YOU, not as your character. ~~~~~ Excerpts from a discussion I had with a freind online, explaining online RP and such: Terran Nytefyer: With online Free-Form Rp - all actions are performed in action colons ::action goes her
Cold By Evans Blue
Hello, I'm your martyr.. Will you be my gangster? Can you feel my trigger hand moving further down your back? When you hide, hide inside that body but just remember that when I touch you the more you shake, the more you give away.... [Cold]but I'm still here. [Blind] 'cause I'm so blind [say never] We're far from comfortable this time. [Cold]now we're so cold.[mine] and you're not mine. [Say never] We're far from obvious this time. Wait, another minute here, time will kill us after all Can you feel that second hand wrapped around your neck? So fall into my eyes, and fall into my lies but don't you forget the more you turn away the more I want you to stay. [Cold]but I'm stil
The Drunken Bastard Tavern And Inne (role-play Lounge) Rules
Lounge RulesThis is an RP (Role-Play) Lounge1 - Do not come into the lounge to cause drama or bullshit - i.e. coming in ranting and raving about shit that has nothing to do with anything going on in RP, or coming in to bitch people out.  Unless it is SPECIFICALLY part of a StoryLine you are involved in with another character, etc.  Do not cause trouble for the sole purpose of causing trouble.2 - As stated, this is an RP lounge, so no OOC chatter in the room unless it's important - i.e. ((BRB)).  Keep OOC chatter to shoutboxes, private messages, or e-mails.3 - If you do not know how to RP, or haven't quite got the concept, there is a dropdown box to the right which explains.  If you are still confused, send me (Terran Nytefyer) a private message, or hit my shoutbox.  I will be more than happy to help.  We were all 'newbies' once.4 - No typing in ALL CAPS!  All Caps for a word or two, here and there, for emphasis, is quite fine and understandable.  It's even acceptable for you to use All
Fly To The Angels
Pictures of you-- oh, theyre still on my mind--you had the smile--that could light up the world--now it rains--it seems the sun never shines--and I drive--down--this lonely lonely road--oooo I got this feelin'--girl I gotta let you go--(Chorus)--'cause now youve got to fly--(fly high)--fly to the angels--heaven awaits your heart--and flowers bloom in your name--you've got to fly--(fly high)--fly to the angels--all the stars in the night--shine in your name--though it hurts me--way deep inside--when I took a look--and found that you're not there--I tried to convince myself--that the PAIN--the PAIN is still not gone--but still I drive--down--this lonely lonely road--oo I got this feeling--girl I gotta let you go--(repeat chorus)FLYYYY!!!--(musical interlude)--oo yeah--(musical interlude)--and still I drive --down--this lonely lonely road--oo I got this feelin' --oh--I can't let you go--BUT I KNOW that youve got to fly--(fly high)--fly to the angels--heaven awaits your heart--and flowers
Little Bird
Little Bird Written by ,Marsha C Wohlhieter There's a little bird that perches On my front porch near my door He sings to me a sweet songOf the days that came before. He brings to mind our childhoodAnd the games we used to playHow we thought we'd live foreverAnd that things would never change. He sings of friends and familyOf good times and of badHe sings of joy and sorrowAnd the triumphs that we've had. There's a little bird that perchesOn my front porch near my door He sings to me a sad songOf the days to be no more He sings to me of special timesWhen some we will not see.And the plans we made together That simply said were not to be. There's a little bird that perches On my front porch near my door.He sings to me memoriesMade so recent ...And then wait there is more! This little bird that perches On my front porch near my door He sings to me a promise of days that are yet to come. He sings to me of joyAnd the things I've left undoneHe reminds me I must keep goingUntil my wor
Do You Know What It's Like
Do you know what it's like...To be called a failureTo see yourself as a failureI doDo you know what it's like...To walk on the white line on the roadTo wish someone wouldn't see youI doDo you know what it's like...To want to stop triengTo want to stop liveingI doDo you know what it's like...To wish you could be happyTo cry yourself to sleepI doDo you know what it's like...To feel like you're really good at somethingTo find out it's the worse thing you've doneI doDo you know what it's like...To truely miss someoneTo know you will never see them againI doDo you know what it's like...To love someoneTo be loved by that same personI did
Wickedly Silent Before The Kill
Im a necessary evil, sickened and sinister, the voice and mind for the feeble. Contaminated and infectious in many different ways walking through life with virulence and proceeding in a haze. Vile and venomous thoughts inhabit this vagrant vessel putting on my mask as if it were a dress rehersal My life was hopeless my dreams were dead and then i was lifted by darkness instead. the evil brewed in me gave me my strength creating an armor and weapon of length. demonds devoured my soul and i reamained dancing the last dance of sin entertained. we are all vile sinnners who deserve to die and dont expect anyone to cry...   in the case of attrocities its unlike destiny or a fate the atrocities brought before us are carved into our body of sins through the hands of wickedness robbing of innocence and releasing a darkenned soul from an abyss long forgotten reopened in time and space to fufil wat purpose for the purpose remains unknown i hold no grudge to those who have harmed me but
The Battle
the hunger can never be sorrows lie deep and hidden .. the urge to strong to fight.. i try and try with all my might.. in the end it always wins.. a empty vessel to fill a hollow pit that can not be fed .. its a sadness that needs to surface for my life depends upon it..i look into the mirror and do not recognize myself .. just a person hidden deep within.. a peson dieing to be set free again.. i traveled this road alone letting all who have failed me do me in.. now i turn wanting out... the mountain is so steep i feel overwhelmed with defeat..i take the first step and breath deep.. years of pain to overcome.. this will take a while to fight..each day is a battle .. a tiny baby step in the right direction.. day one is today..the ending so far out of sight.. i close my eys and pray someone hold me tight hold my hand urge me on make me do this to live .. my children i see i know i dont want them to be like me.. all the kisses ,hugs, and love i give to them means nothing without
Radiant warmth encircling me opening within a darkened door illumination on, and I see my own beauty from inside in but a touch i shall awaken  
Words I Need To Learn To Live By
From my sweet friend Star Child~ It's better to have loved and lost, than to have to spend the rest of your life with that crazy f**ker  
2nd Alarm Hotties Code Of Conduct
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!! 1. All 2nd Alarm Hottie Prospects must have a verified salute and 10 recently updated pics of yourself 2.All Hotties Must Be Female NO EXCEPTIONS 3.Must sign the COC (code of conduct) agreement below as a comment o"I AGREE " in order to be placed into voting 4.Shout Box & Fu Mail must be open to all Officers for communications .You may be able to set your profile to friends only if you have added all officers this allows us to communicate with you when necessary. 5.2nd Alarm Hotties Homepage must be added to Your Family while being considered a Prospect remain in your family after admittance.Fire Chief (Founder) must be added to your family as well but doesn't have to be in the top 7, just as long as he's in family so that he can contact you at anytime when needed. 6.All new Hotties will be assigned a Team Leader who we ask to be placed in top friends but don't have to be in top 7. But would be nice so you can represent the Hotties for more exposur
With Him
she yearns to feel Him to give over her control she needs to please Him see the desire reflect in His eyes one touch a caress of fingertips One kiss a brushing of soft sweet lips she offers up everything trusting Him with her heart and she knows with Him her life is complete
Breakeven By The Script
Breakeven by The Script I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing Just prayin' to a god that I don't believe in Cos I got time while she got freedom Cos when a heart breaks no it don't break even Her best days will be some of my worst She finally met a man that's gonna put her first While I'm wide awake she's no trouble sleeping Cos when a heart breaks no it don't breakeven... even... no What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you, And what am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up that you're ok I'm falling to pieces, yeah, I'm falling to pieces They say bad things happen for a reason But no wise words gonna stop the bleeding Cos she's moved on while I'm still grieving And when a heart breaks no it don't breakeven even... no What am I gonna to do when the best part of me was always you, And what am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up that you're ok I'm falling to pieces, yeah, I'm falling to pieces, yeah, I'm falling to pieces (One still in love while t
Please Read
all of the poems i wrote and they mean something to me and i woud appreciate it if nobo took them and used them as their own.feel free to comment and rate what you think is a good rating and whatnot.
Just A Rant
It is so sickening how we keep sending troops over seas to fight a losing war that doesnt seem to be coming to no end. Its time we bring our troops home already. Enough said.
Poem Do Not Copy 7
 thoughtlessThoughts of suicideToo much rageConsume my life Stage by stageI lay here staring At the blackness of my heartKnowing that we've grown too far apartI want to speak To tell you how I feelYour voice makes me weakYour eyes make me killWorrying about us Was all I seemed to doI know its overAnd I'm gladI won't waste anymore tears On the good times we hadI wasted my breath Saying "I love you"All of a suddenCrying is all I seemed to doNow that you're goneI finally seeThat you are better offWithout me
Poem Ddo Not Copy 6
  ProblemsI can't escape the dramaEven though I tryI can't escape the painIt's etched too deepI just hear screamingI try to block it outI just want it to stopNothing is workingThe yelling echo's in my thoughtsI turn my music up louderThey say it not my faultI know they are lyingI want to leave this lifeAnd never come backThe needles go through my skinPiercing away the painThe cuts bleedI feel betterA razor through my skinReleases my angerI lay my head back and close my eyesI hope that I don't wake upI am sick of causing people painI should just disappearThe hurt in my heartJust can't be numbedI take a drinkThat's only a temporary fixMaybe a few more will helpI look to strangers for comfortThey don't care about my painMy anger gets the best of meI punch a wallMy broken and bloody knuckles numbI act like nothing is wrongI sit in the corner knees to my chestCrying black tearsBlood dripping from my handNot caring whether I live or dieMy life flashes before my eyesAm I dead yet?I hear peop
Podcast! The Tale Of Hightly Reccomen: Renegade Film Reviewer
For my blog at Netflix Reviews of Doom Please let me know what you think if you listen! Yes, it's supposed to be funny.   Comment | Copy This   If you'd rather, you can download the mp3 here- hightlyreccomen.mp3  
Poem Do Not Copy 5
  EmotionlessShattered pieces of my heartLay on the floorI just stand there cryingWaiting for happinessI get a needle and threadHoping to put myself back togetherI look for love in all the wrong placesMy heart getting shattered more and moreSlowly over timeMy heart turns to dustMy emotions are no moreJust a cold stareAnger is the only emotion I haveThe days go by and it gets worseSelf mutilation and alcoholAre my best friendsMy hands bruised and scabbedMy anger takes holdIt wont let goOne by one my emotions returnDepression, rage, griefHappiness never comes backMy facade slowly sinkingMy true self showingMy friends leave meI am cold hearted and numbI run far awayHoping that nobody finds meI trip and fall over my stupidityI lay in the open fieldChoking on my tearsI scream until my throat is raw and bleedingI punch the earth knowing it won't hit backSuddenly I stopLike a zombie I walk homeI pour myself a drink and take a sipIt burns my bleeding throatI go upstairs to my room and lay in b
Poem Do Not Copy 4
DrowningI sit in the corner and cryPointless black tearsRemembering the pastAnd the life that I hadI had love and happinessI just threw it awayI go out to the lakeAnd look at the moonI say out loud "I'm sorry"I jump inI take a deep breathAnd let the water fill my lungsI want to come up for airThe rocks in my pockets weigh me downI close my eyesAnd listen to the silenceRegretting nothingI feel my heart slowingI feel my lungs tighteningI clench my fistsMy heart is barely beatingI have one last thoughtThe thought of himI open my eyesJust in time to see my life flash before themI am silenced foreverAll that is left of meIs a puddle of pointless black tears
Poem Do Not Copy 3
Lonely girlShe sits in her roomCrying over her lonelinessNobody loves herNobody caresshe was once the happiestNow she just criesShe wears nothing but blackShe never speaks out loudShe is constantly mourning The loss of the ability to loveWhere did it go?Her ex must have ripped it out of herShe writes morbid poemsHoping that will helpNo matter how hard she triesThey all end in deathShe thinks about her friends And the one she lovesShe wants to call himMaybe he will cheer her upHe doesn't pick up the phoneShe slams down the receiverShe gets so pissedOne by one she punches holes in the wallsOne by one her knuckles shatterWhen all of her knuckles are broken And blood is dripping from her handsShe starts to scream Until she cant scream anymoreShe grabs the rubbing alcohol And pours it on her swollen bloody handsShe doesn't feel the painShe goes outside and looks at the starsShe collapses and criesNot our of sadnessBut out of frustrationAll she wants is the love of anotherThe comfort of anot
King's Of Leon....cold Desert
I'm on the corner waiting for a light to come onThat's when I know that you're aloneIt's cold in the desert, water never sees the groundSpecial unspoken without soundTold me you love me, that I'd never die aloneHand over your heart, let's go homeEveryone noticed, everyone has seen the signsI've always been known to cross linesI never ever cried when I was feeling downI've always been scared of the soundJesus don't love me, no one ever carried my loadI'm too young to feel this oldHere's to you, here's to meOn to us, nobody knowsNobody sees, nobody but me
Poem Do Not Copy
Unwanted loveShe dresses in short skirtsAnd low cut shirtsGaining unwanted attentionAnd losing self esteemOlder guys offer her nice thingsShe nicely refusesUntil one horrible dayWhen one man much older than her Followed her homeHe knocked on her doorShe answers it questioninglyThe stranger walks in without askingHe shuts the door and locks it Then pushes her to the groundForcing himself upon herHe muffles her screamsSo the neighbors don't hearShe cries as he slaps herShe clenches her fists While he has his way with herShe sees the hate in his eyesShe feels the fear in hersShe wishes that this wasn't happening to herShe tries to get freeHe puts his hand on the throatMaking it hard for her to breatheSuddenly he stopsHe lets go of her throatShe lays there to scared to moveShe wants to scream for helpShe can't muster any strengthShe tries to fix herselfHe threatens herShe runs to the cornerAnd pulls the switchblade from her purseSuddenly she feels this sharp painAnd hears this loud crackBl
Poen Do Not Copy2
Ex BoyfriendStanding in the showerShe lets the scolding hot waterRun over her beaten bloody body And slit wrists"This is the last time" she says"I will never let him hurt me again"She watches the blood and water mix As it goes down the drainShe hears him knockingOn the bathroom doorHe yells at herTelling her she better Get out of the bathroomThe warm tearsSting her faceShe's getting weakerHer eyes getting heavierHe is still knocking at the doorStill yelling and threatening herShe gets dizzy and sits downThe water stillBurning her skinShe wonders why she everStarted dating him againShe's dealt with the abuse beforeShe thought he'd changeShe lays her head back On the edge of the tubAnd draws in her final breathIn the moment her bursts Through the doorHe holds her limp bodyCrying over his stupidityShe just lays thereLifeless and limpHer lips turning blueThe slits on her wristsWide and still bleedingHe finally realizes howMuch he hurt herHe grabs a hunting knifeTakes a deep breath and Slit
Lenny Kravitz - Calling All Angels (thank You Baby...i Love This)
Calling all angelsI need you near to the groundI miss you dearlyCan you hear me on your cloud?All of my life I've been waiting for someone to loveAll of my lifeI've been waiting for something to loveCalling all angelsI need you near to the groundI have been kneelingAnd praying to hear a sound All of my life I've been waiting for someone to loveAll of my lifeI've been waiting for something to loveAll of my life I've been waiting for someone to loveAll of my lifeI've been waiting for something to loveDay by dayThrough the yearsMake my wayDay by dayThrough the yearsDay by dayThrough the yearsDay by dayThrough the yearsDay by dayMake my wayDay by dayThrough the yearsDay by dayDay by day
Lifes Questions
1) How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? 2) Why do you have to "put your two cents in" … but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to? 3) Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity? 4) Why does a round pizza come in a square box? 5) What disease did cured ham actually have? 6) How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage? 7) Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours? 8) If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing? 9) Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground? 10) Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They're going to see you naked anyway. 11) Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural 12) Why do toasters always have
Haha Marriage Application Lolz...
Husband Application for Marrying samantha....Name:Age:Birthdate:Height:Weight:Eye Color:Hair Color:Address:Phone Number:Email:Myspace:Please attach DNA Samples, and copies of your social security card, birth certificate, drivers license, and a recent photo of yourself to this application. Also include your medical record, criminal record, and driving record.Mother's Name:Age:Birthdate:Occupation:Address:Phone Number:Father's Name:Age:Birthdate:Occupation:Address:Phone Number:Sibling names and ages:What is the most recent school you attended?Did you/ will you graduate?GPA?What are your following sizes:Shirt:Jeans:Shoes:Most important do you know Samantha's sizes? (To buy her gifts)1. What are your religious beliefs?2. Do you have a confederate flag?3. What does the confederate flag mean to you?4. In detail, what do you drive? Include VIN?5. Are you a trust fund baby?6. Do you go fishing? How often? (attach fishing license)7. Do you own a boat?8. Do you hunt?(attach hunting license)9. Wh
Devil.s Bad Boy Rawks The Fu Too!
imikimi - sharing creativityThe lights dim, Bad Boy steps out on stage. The crowd goes wild, various items of woman's lingerie pelt the stage. A shrill female voice rises above the crowd "Bad Boy I want to have your babies!" Bad Boy motions to one his roadies and tells him, "Have her cleaned and brought to my dressing room." Steps to the front of the stage and quietly begins to sing, "Don't know what I'm gonna do about this feeling inside Yes it's true Fubar took me for a riiiiiiiiiide iiide ya ya yeeaaaah Without your rate I'm nothing but a begger Without your rate a dog without a bone What can I do I'm out here fuing all alone Baby, baby, bay ay baby You're my angel come and rate me tonight you're my an ay ay an angel come and rate me allright you're my an ay ay an angel come and rate me tonight rate me little girl you're my an ay ay an angel come and rate me allright come and rate me tonight" Throws up a double rock on and screams, "THANK YOU & GOODNIGHT FU-LAND YOU RAAAWWWK!!!"
Learning To Fly
Free of GravityFlying Home We take flight when we rise above our habitual ways of thinking about things and experience new insights.   As earthbound beings, humans have always had a fascination with winged creatures of all kinds. The idea of being able to spontaneously lift off from the earth and fly is so compelling to us that we invented airplanes and helicopters and myriad other flying machines in order to provide ourselves with the many gifts of being airborne. Flying high in the sky, we look down on the earth that is our home and see things from an entirely different perspective. We can see more, and we can see farther than we can when we’re on the ground. As if all this weren’t enough, the out-of-this-world feeling of freedom that comes with groundlessness inspires us to want to take flight again and again. Metaphorically, we take flight whenever we break free of the gravity that holds us to a particular way of thinking or feeling or being. We take flight mentally
He Is No King......he's All N@rly
Narly Night's @ Snake Eyes Radio
this morning i woke up and rolled over to hold her. i could not resist myself i slid my hands down the back of her undies and rubbed her bottom gently god i was so excited. i moved closer to her and you couldnt get a match between us. i rubbed her bottom more then moved my hand over her thigh god she is so beutiul i am so lucky to have a woman like her in my bed. but even tho i was that excited she wasnt feeling it so we begain our day. maybe next time
Was it friends by accident,Or maybe even by chance.Or did fate itself step in,And begin our little dance. Visiting one and send to another,Somehow lead me to you.It started slow,but today it changed,One leap,one jump brought me again to you. A friend now met,A seed has begun to grow,How or where we will go,It's in the wind.Becauseof you,I thank another through another,Now our frindship can now truely begin.
There is a soul in everyone. Their life is their story and song. If you sit and listen you can hear their beautiful melody. And at times you can heart their heart break a million miles away. It doesn't matter if it's night or day. It doesn't matter what part of the world you live in to find your true love. Love is pure from above. it see's no wrong in another. You could be from Heaven or from Down under. When love hits you it is a blessing So open your heart and let it sing . Don't run nor hide from what you feel . For love can heal . So take that minute out of your day . And listen to what the Soul has to say.
Be My Valentine
To love someone is the best thing a person can do . It is fresh as the morning dew. The heart is the greatest gift that is given freely. It can make a person in love act silly. When love is returned to the other person that is True Love . It is a gift from above. Take me heart as your own for all time . Will you be my Valentine?
Valentine Day
Valentine Day is here. What can I say that is Dear? As I sit here thinking of all of you .  I am not as blue . I am thinking of all my friends near and far . I am thankful for all of ya'll. So take this day and think of everyone.  Even the ones that are alone . You never know who you might make smile . So pick up the phone and just dial . And just remember it's never a wrong number. But watch out someone might grumble. This day though is about love . So guys don't forget to wear a glove.
Baby, I Am Always Beside You!!
If you ever get lost, I’ll be there to shine my lightYou’ll see I will always there by your sideLighting your darkness, helping you see what's rightAnd lift your head up high, get back your strideIf you find yourself walking down a lonely roadWondering endlessly with despair in your eyesI’ll be there to shine my light, to take the loadOff your heavy heart, I’ll left you up, help you riseWhen ever you feel you’re questioning the truthAnd the struggles cloud your feelings insideI’ll shine my light down and bring back our youthWhere there are no tears, when you never cried I’ll be here until the end of time just for youForever by your side to always shine my lightTo see you smile, to feel a love so strong so trueI’ll give my soul to help you make it through the night
I Can Be Happy Dwarf? :)
You Are Happy You are an inspiring and uplifting person. Your positive attitude has taken you far in life. It's important to you that everyone gets along. You can't stand confrontation. You are outgoing and friendly. You naturally put people at ease just by being around. You want to make the world a better and happier place. You are willing to work hard to make things better. Which of the Seven Dwarfs Are You? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
Harley.....a Sad Story That Needs A Happy Ending
Hello everyone, We have a very special girl here in Ohio who is in desperate need for a long-term foster home or a forever home.  Her name is Harley and she is 14 months old and was an owner surrender.  She is a SUPER sweet girl.  After having her here in Ohio we noticed that she seemed a little "drunk" in her rear end.  Long story short, I had her examined by a veterinary neurologist because I was concerned about her condition.  The neurologist has determined that she likely suffers from cervical vertebral instability, or "Wobblers Syndrome".  She is is no pain from this condition, but there is compression of her spinal cord which causes her to have some weakness and ataxia (drunkeness) in her rear end only.  We can't be 100% on this diagnosis without an MRI, but this is $1800 and rescue doesn't have the funds for this as it is only a diagnostic tool.  The other possibility is that she has an old spinal cord injury, but this highly unlikely due to her breed, age, and symptoms.  There
The most important thing I have learned in life is nothing is more important than being happy & having a sense of humor. Follow your dreams and your bliss always and no matter what anyone tells you and be sure to be happy along the way. Because happiness is not attained from achieving your goals, it's the fuel that propels you toward them! And there is too much serious shit in this world not to laugh at all of the absurdity of it! Such as the dynamics of sex and male to female relationships. Surely GOD has a twisted sense of humor to play this joke on us! Besides have you ever seen a platypus I rest my case! Don't think you know me from 1000 words on a page...this is only the tip of the iceberg, only one facet of me, the part I allow you to see at this particular moment in time.
Ngc 2440: Cocoon Of A New White Dwarf
A Very Old-fashioned Love Poem
A Lover’s Plea Shall I come, sweet Love, to thee,When the evening beams are set?Shall I not excluded be?Will you find no feigned let?Let me not, for pity, moreTell the long hours at your door. Who can tell what thief or foeIn the covert of the nightFor his prey will work my woe,Or through wicked foul depite?So may I die unredressed,Ere my long love be possessed. But to let such dangers pass,Which a lover’s thoughts disdain,‘Tis enough in such a placeTo attend love’s joys in vain.Do not mock me in thy bed,While these cold nights freeze me dead. Thomas Campion 1567-1620
Jason Wood
  Jason Wood the lovely comedian aged 38, died on Saturday 20th February 2010.   He transcended all the bitching, all the jealousy and all the clichés that comedy generates and actually made us better people for knowing him.   It’s not often in comedy you meet a gracious lovely human with no bad words to say about anyone and Jason Wood was that man. He was a great comic and amazing singer who worked the circuit all over the world. I met Jason years ago through a mutual friend and then we renewed the friendship years later when I got into comedy and it was as strong as ever. You see that was thing about Jason he touched the heart and made a connection with everyone he met. We all had a special friendship with him.   He twittered me on Friday afternoon to encourage me to play a game on IPhone with him and always sent wee uplifting messages when he instinctively knew you needed them. That’s who Jason was, someone who always had your back.   We last spoke on the phone
Man This Gets Ugly
 I just wish the bouncers cared enough to answer my questions where i ask the question but recently and lately man it gets ugly when i go in there these days before i even reached godfather level the bouncers cared about answering my questions when i ask a question but these days the bouncers in the fubar support lounge just think let's purposely ignore  BrucethecoolsexycatRomanis and upset him by not even answering any of the questions i ask in there in the beginning 3 soon to be 4  years ago i could trust the bouncers of fubar and of recent times  i feel as if i am just a broken toy forgotten on the shelf that gets thrown out after a while and it takes the bouncers forever to answer my questions or even notice i am in the lounge to ask a question then sometimes i get answers and sometimes  i get pushed aside like i am the invisible man  so  i decided  finally  i had enough of being treated like a 2nd rate person and officially left the fubar support lounge after 3 and a half years of
Get Nekkid!!
Join me for my Serene Sunday morning radio show at 7am eastern!!! ((4am SLT) Get connected & happy listening! Of course Stay Nekkid!
Work In Progress: Operation Trojan Horse: Part 7
Operation Trojan Horse: Part 7 The group of underlings listened intently to the heated exchange from beyond the heavy door. It had all started pleasantly enough but there was no doubt that things would become heated rapidly once the king and the fat man were behind closed doors. "We all know exactly who she is and thats why her antics have been tolerated up till now but this time shes gone too far. " The fat man was furious and made no attempt to hide it. His entire body shook with rage as he bellowed at the king. "John, I'll pay you the cost of whatever was on that ship. And I give you my word this will never happen again." "You're right it will never happen again because she won't be left in any condition to do it again." "You know I can't do that." "Its up to you. You might well be the king. But without my support........" The fat man grinned. It was an evil grin, full of malice. The king shook his head in a gesture of sadness and defeat. "Ok John, I'll make the arrangements.
About... Myself Lol
Question #1: Age soon to be 24.. then 25... then 26...... and so on Question #2: Sex yes please! ... oh i mean.. well female.... Question #3: Current Location germany... Question #4: Hair Colour umm brownish... sometimes black.. red... purple Question #5: Eye Colour blue/ yellow Question #6: Do you smoke?
Poem Of The Day...022110
Sleep doesn't come When it does It's like thunder and lightning Nightmares flash Tears fall Morning can't come too fast.
Stress What is stress? is it pain? is it drama? is it tears? really what is it?to me stress is life,life is stressi mean you work so hard for one thingand you try and try and trybut in the end u end up hurt and aloneand so stressed out that u dont know what to do with yourself anymoreyour world has crumbled down and your left helpless
Lonley Road Alone
Lonley road alone Its always a one way ticket,Never the two way street alone on the bus to nowhere, Empty seat next to me,No place to call home, The open road laughs at me i hear it as the bus pulls away, we leave empty seat still beside me, The road of life is best traveld alone..No lies, No tears, No hurt, And all the dreams of a lifetime have never dreamed with eyes wide open on the lonley road alone
Late Night Thoughts
Sitting this desk, letting my mind wander to so many wrong roads taken to all the time and love and energy wasted, to what lies ahead, to the night and the cold, remembering the sun on my face, the feeling of being cursed to never see it again, thinking aching wanting, hearing a lone coyote call was it in the night or in my mind as it echoes over the frozen ground wishing this damn chair was my old saddle, remembering a better time in my life a quieter time, when my bear slept, and now he consumes more of me daily till I fear naught will be left of me the next time he slumbers. My spirit has become tormented, and my balance almost completely gone, I wonder sometimes if I am not totally mad, I wonder if this nightmare will ever end, but like any animal I shake off the cold center my mind and continue on my trek of life, needing only food shelter and companionship, like any animal isn’t the last why all of us are ultimately here, for all other venues of connection have failed, and
You Can Make A Song Out`a Anything Now Days, This Is A Guys Type Song.
Sex Survey
Do you like it rough or sensual?:  BOTH Do you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?:  OPPOSITE ONLY How often do you like to have sex?:  AS MUSH AS POSSIBLE Is sex a top priority for you?:  YES AND NO Do you have sex face to face with your partner?:  YES  How often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?:  NOT LATELY :(How do you feel about one night stands?:  OK AS LONG AS ITS FUN How many one night stands have you had?:17 What's your favorite position?:  DOGGYWhere's your favorite place to have sex?:  ANYWHERE  Do you prefer to make love or f*uck?:  BOTH Have you ever watched porn while having sex?:  OOHHH YEAH  How long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the deed?:  DEPENDS ON HOW HORNY WE BOTH ARE  Do you get off first or do they?:  USUALLY THEM A FEW TIMES FIRSTDo you like kissing during sex?:  YES Do you moan? If so, are you loud or quite?: I DUNNO IF YOU'D CALL IT MOANING, BUT THE VOLUME VARIESDo you prefer your partner to be l
Fubar History 102 & Where Are We Headed?..
Well, it’s been awhile since I ranted and all that good stuff, so I figure I feel like hell thanks to this mid winter sickness so I may as just well write something , yanno just in case anyone was missing their reality check…because well, I think a lot of people are missing a reality check… Yanno, I’ve been here a long time. I’ve seen a lot of shit. Good, bad and everywhere in between. Every generation of people that come through this site ,leave their mark and then leave completely has a theme or so. This is what I’d like to recall as the 5th generation that we are currently in. Here’s a quick background of what I consider the first four… Gen 1: The Los
I Cry Lyrics
When I cry, you cry,We cry, togethersaid I cry, you crywe cry, togethersaid I cry, you crywe cry, togethersaid I cry, you crywe cry together[Ja Rule]I love my life, I love my wifebad time to prevail, it overwhelmed meI'm livin in hell, but livin wealthyand know these hoes love me because I'm a starI can't even cop a drink at the barget me some bottles of that Remi Mar-tinLet's get the partyCracking right here fuck V.I.PNow when my baby loves me Home wit tears in her eyesand when I get in, I hurt her more by tellin her liesShe ain't surprised at mejust surprised that we been together for this longAnd I can beThe one to mistreat herThought it last forevercuz if I cry, you cryWe cry together[chorus][Ja Rule]From, what I recall we was lil' niggasCuttin school gettin high wit da hottest bitchesLIVEN LIFE SO FREE That we ain't fearinThe, ills of the worldIn heat of drug dealinYou and I then made a killinAnd stuck togetherIn this land of forbidden treasureLove is the only evil seed that could
Proof Read This You Donkeys
Was the role of women on the Home Front 1940-1946 a Positive or Negative Experience?   It is often thought that the event of WW2 was what brought about progressive thinking towards equality towards women. Most people would assume that it was because of the ability that women showed during war times is what brought about this new wave of thinking. During WW2 women were working in jobs that were traditionally applied to men.  Most women were volunteers but soon they were conscripted into joining the war effort. Women worked in areas that were traditionally confined to men; they worked in areas such as iron and steel working, engineering and vehicle building. During this time, the presence of women in more traditional roles of domestic and textile services was on the decline. Women enjoyed the extra income that they could bring into the family, not only that but they were able to enjoy a new type of social life too. Women then could enjoy the company from their fellow workers instead o
Love Life
How many sex partners have you had? Is it easy for you to orgasm? One night stands or relationships? Craziest place you've had sex? When's the last time you got some? Lights on or off when you do it? Nice and slow or hard and rough? Do you like bondage? Do you like role playing? What's your fantasy? Does size matter? Ever have a threesome or would you consider it? Do you like giving or recieving oral? What's your favorite position? Do you masturbate? And if so how often? Someone ever walk in on you guys? Do you like sex toys? Ever have phone or cyber sex? What kind of condoms do you like? Or do you not prefer them? Favorite place to do it? Spit or swallow? Moaner or screamer? Do you watch porn and if so what kind? Ever fool around on your period or do someone on their period? Do you ever fantasize about someone else when your with your partner? Ever call out the wrong person's name? How often do you want sex or think about it? E
one day you will grow up  and question everything  and i know you will think  why didnt she want me?  and why didnt she fight harder?  baby, oh sweetest child of mine  if you only knew how i live in regret  but no i keep my anguished thoughts quiet  i will not speak ill of those who bad mouth me  they know of nothing else  i hide my sadness in layers of mystery  but Devon, i think of you  i cry for you  i would give my last drop of blood for you  my son...  tho you are far and too young to understand...  Mama loves you  if i could change my nationality i would...  but i was born an American  and so were you,  even if now you are Canadian  blood of my blood, my lil pomme de sang  you will always be my number one man  and one day...  you will search out the answers to your questions...  and i will be here an open book with open arms  cause whatever they say  whatever time takes place  whatever hurts or happiness  I am always your  Mommy...  I love you Devon
Philly School Spys On Kids
Can you imagine someone able to activate the webcam on your computer without your knowledge. Lower Merion School District in Philly was doing just that to its students who had school issued computers at home. Superintendent Chris McGinley says they have stopped spying on kids. That’s reassuring. Read more,2933,587034,00.html?test=latestnewsBlastFM doesn’t spy. But you can watch us all you want.
Today Whats On Me Mind
you know once i ws holding my baby as she fell asleep after a short nap she rolled over and gabbed me. we began to kiss passionetly. she mde me fell like i was the only man alive that could be with her and the only one that she wanted. over time we lose that fire . i sooo want that fire back i soo long for her to rol over and go for what she wants everynite. i would give my life for her and she knows it. i  LOVE HER SOOO MUCH !!!!!! SHE HAS BECOME MY BEST FREIND MY LOVER MY EVERYTHING I THANK GOD SHE IS IN MY LIFE. we will get that fire back this i am sure of well i have kept you all long enough gn fu land sleep well
My Observation
so i've noticed, over the course of time - that we make friends.. and we lose them. sometimes, it's the people we never thought we'd fall away from, that shock us the most. there are days that i log on here, and visit the pages of certain "past friends" and wonder what the hell happened? but then i realize that this is just the way life is. we fall away from our school mates after graduation. we stop being so close to our siblings after we move out of the house. its a lot like the honeymoon period of a marriage, i suppose. so, can anyone shed some light on why it always sucks so much? cause i'm at a total loss... you'd think that we, as human beings would be totally used to this progression of things.   thanks for any insight!
The Road Not Taken
My favorite poem, by Robert Frost...  an assertion of individualism.            The Road Not Taken     TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,  And sorry I could not travel both  And be one traveler, long I stood  And looked down one as far as I could  To where it bent in the undergrowth;            Then took the other, as just as fair,  And having perhaps the better claim,  Because it was grassy and wanted wear;  Though as for that the passing there  Had worn them really about the same,            And both that morning equally lay  In leaves no step had trodden black.  Oh, I kept the first for another day!  Yet knowing how way leads on to way,  I doubted if I should ever come back.            I shall be telling this with a sigh  Somewhere ages and ages hence:  Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—  I took the one less traveled by,  And that has made all the difference.
Spanning The Gamut From More To Less
My husband is upset with me right now. This makes me sad. My vision is good, perhaps my delivery is whack. All I wanted was to see one more quarter in the CURE LEUKEMIA board that sits at the local Kroger service counter. Just one more quarter that I had not put in myself. In conjunction with this desire I have a moment in time arriving soon in which my husband tells me to "just be honest" - well if I am honest then that would require me to expose a whole lot of things that make no sense in the mundane world. They tell me my grandson is dead, I went to his funeral; but I do not believe it. My friend says it is so cute that his ashes sit on his favorite spiderman couch. I find it vile and I do not believe it. What sort of person would think that is cute? Would you think the ashes of your child or grandchild "cute" no matter where they were placed? So is it they that are odd or me? Mostly it doesn't matter. But I do have a dream and a practical mind. My husband says I am "assuming I k
What Do You Expect When Posting Pics Like That?
I dont understand something.Now,correct me if I'm wrong...but,if you post pictures of yourself,that are of a sexual nature....and even show a little of your stuff...wouldn't you be "expecting" to get comments that are perverse and sexual in nature?How can anyone get aggrivated over comments left on sexy pictures?Thats kinda being a hypocrite.I mean,to me,I dont give a fuck...i think its fuckin stupid of those people.But,y'know...I just wanted to bring it up,cuz it seem to happen a hell of a lot on here,by all sorts of people.
*blank Stares*
22 year old - "Hi.. I added you because you looked familiar, but once I checked out your profile I knew I was mistaken.. but you seem like my type so i'll just introduce myself :) I'm quirky, funny, and always down to have a good time.. I recently moved here about eight months ago from a small town in Idaho for work and love it so far! Take a look at my profile.. if you want to I would love to meet up sometime for lunch. Anyway.. I am trying to attach more photos of me but its giving me some stupid error! If you message me back your email addy I can just send them to you that way. Hope to hear from you soon!"     ...........*blank stare*..............................  
Went to the doctor today. Good news is I don't have prostate cancer but I do have a prostate infection, a torn muscle in my back and a hernia which I will need an operation to repair. No wonder I feel like crap
Back Ground
Starry Night
I want to sail away Into the sunset Drifting through timeOn an ocean of glass Gentle breezes Kissing my skinDewy raindropsof diamondsFloating away on Caressing dreams Lapping waves consoling my mindSoft salty kisses Enveloped withinthe diamond stars I sail away. . . . .    
For All The Writers Out There...
Really awesome post at The Guardian's book blog, based on Elmore Leonard's (Out of Sight, Get Shorty, etc. etc.) "10 Rules for writing fiction". A bunch of great writers compile their own lists, including Margaret Atwood, Roddy Doyle, Richard Ford, Jonathan Franzen, A.L. Kennedy and more. Seriously awesome tips, and it's been a trigger for me for my own writing since I read it. Definitely bookmark worthy. Part two- (Part 2 includes Joyce Carol Oates, Annie Proulx, Philip Pullman, Zadie Smith, Colm Tóibín and more)
Awwwwwwwwwww Poem To Me
A Dream As I'm laying here, ready for sleep, I'm thinking of your beauty as you see.. I can't help but wonder what you're thinking about, but I'm very certain its me. As I gaze into your eyes, I long for your kiss, a kiss, a key to eternal bliss I shall close my eyes, and fall asleep. And dream of you. A dream so deep. I long to be with you, night and day. I'll get my chance, hopefully someday. My green eyed beauty, you are mine, someday our souls shall intertwine Goodnight my love, and may you dream, I will see you, in my dream.
Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm
"Disarm" Disarm you with a smile And cut you like you want me to Cut that little child Inside of me and such a part of you Ooh, the years burn I used to be a little boy So old in my shoes And what i choose is my choice What's a boy supposed to do? The killer in me is the killer in you My love I send this smile over to you Disarm you with a smile And leave you like they left me here To wither in denial The bitterness of one who's left alone Ooh, the years burn Ooh, the years burn, burn, burn I used to be a little boy So old in my shoes And what I choose is my voice What's a boy supposed to do? The killer in me is the killer in you My love I send this smile over to you The killer in me is the killer in you Send this smile over to you The killer in me is the killer in you Send this smile over to you The killer in me is the killer in you Send this smile over to you
A Year Or Two
A year was all I had and of making it was 50/50 chance. If a year wasn't enough perhaps two years. A year or two their gods are worthless. God is God. May the Glory go to God. Norio  
Mobile Upload
how the fuck does it work?   I sent one to where it says, but it came back. =/
From Someone Very Special...right Baby?
"Chasing Cars" We'll do it all Everything On our own We don't need Anything Or anyone If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world? I don't quite know How to say How I feel Those three words Are said too much They're not enough If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world? Forget what we're told Before we get too old Show me a garden that's bursting into life Let's waste time Chasing cars Around our heads I need your grace To remind me To find my own If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world? Forget what we're told Before we get too old Show me a garden that's bursting into life All that I am All that I ever was Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see I don't know where Confused about how as well Just know that these things will never change for us at all If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
( Block Of ) - Van Halen ( Old Time Partying Songs ) Mmmmm Like How He Can Move His Hips In Circles And Back And Forth At Same Time,
just had to slip this Led Zepplin in,
As I watch the rain fall I wait for someone to call Someone to call my name Someone who feels the same As the rain drips down the glass I think about my past All the things people have said to me How all I want is to be free Free from all the pain and fear I've suffered too much these past few years I wish that I was different in so many ways Life has been so hard these past days As I listen to the rain fall I wait for someone to call Someone to say they love me Someone who can set me free Free from worry and pain But tight now I'll just sit and watch the rain.
Let the rain poor down I will be your cover Let the winds of fear try to push you over I will be your wall to block it   Let the hail fall I will be the streanth to keep the pain at bay Let the cold try to fill your heart with rage I will be the warmth you need to keep it calm   Let my love for you take hold For it will be there when you need it Let our memories flood your mind with happiness For it will be there to be your light inthe darkest hour   So take my hand , hold it tight We will get through any kind of harsh weather life may bring to us So take our love and hold it deep in your heart
Well, it seems I've been getting really busy lately. There's several reasons for this. But I feel bad cause I have so many wonderful friends on the fu and I hate to think I'm ignoring you all. First off there's my schooling. I've made my switch of majors and while I absolutely adore my classes, the work is starting to pile up. Which means I'm spending more time studying and less time on the net in general. Which in itself is a good thing. I just wish I could rmember what I study lol. Let's see.. what classes am I taking.. Basics of Social Research, Resource Management for Individuals and Families, Living the Creative Life (which is a bs class if I ever knew one), Understanding Food and Lab (where the lab is a freaking work load in itself), and because I needed 1 freaking unit I'm taking a Dance Aerobics class. Which is in the top 3 of classes I actually enjoy the most. Weird how that works. But I will say one thing about the Aerobics class, it kicks my ass and in a way, I'm glad to b
Want My Points
The One - Poetry
The One We've known each other for a long , long time And all that time I never realized all the magic in your eyes All the while I couldn't see Now I feel that you're the one for me When I'm around you I feel I can fly And you make me feel all tingally inside Late at night all I think of is you There are times I feel like giving up So for you and for me I keep on going and soon you'll see... The reason I do , Is because of you  
Though I love you so much I want you to know Though you mea nthe world to me I'm learning to let you go. You can only become so close to someone befor you let then fall I didn't want to admit it It was easier to lie To hide the hurt and emptiness To smile, instead of cry Because things are very different now and you are not the same For every time you hurt me, another scar is gain... Is this only a game you're playing or is this how it's always going to be? One day you say it's over and the next you're saying how much you need me. I've decided that I'll try, try and find another But the feelings I have for you I'll never feel for any other I just have one more question, Are you willing and ready to sacrafice our love so that we can be just friends?
The Nobodies By Marilyn Manson
"The Nobodies" Today I am dirty I want to be pretty Tomorrow, I know I'm just dirt Today I am dirty I want to be pretty Tomorrow, I know I'm just dirt Fear the nobodies Wanna be Somebodies We're dead, We know just who we are We are the nobodies Wanna be Somebodies We're dead, We know just who we are Yesterday I was dirty Wanted to be pretty I know now that I'm forever dirt Yesterday I was dirty Wanted to be pretty I know now that I'm forever dirt We are the nobodies Wanna be Somebodies We're dead, We know just who we are We are the nobodies Wanna be Somebodies We're dead, We know just who we are Some children died the other day We fed machines and then we prayed Puked up and down in morbid faith You should have seen the ratings that day
Lame Poems I Have Just Pop Into My Head From Long Long Ago..
Once a day , Sometimes more , You knock upon my day dream door. I say warmly, Come right in I'm glad you're here once again Then we sit and have a chat, Recalling this , discussing that Until some task that I must do Foces me away from you Relucktantly I say goodbye Smiling with a little sigh For what reality can't ever bring I have but only to close my eyes and see you again.
I think my stress level and irritation level will sky rocket if that ends up happening. I have another cyst again. I'm on medication to see if that will help but if it doesn't work, I get sliced open. Yay!!!! Not. Not to mention, whatever is causing my side pain isn't looking good. Still haven't seen a doc for that and I don't know that I want to after seeing my gyno yesterday. It doesnt sound good at all and she's just as baffled but it's been narrowed down to 4 possibilities because the symptoms are so oddballed. Guess I wont know till I get my x-rays and shit done. Anything else want to happen this year? We're only a month and a half in, and I don't appreciate my level of patience being tested this early... -Mz. Iowa
Just The Facts!!!!!
BabyJesus is never going to charge for Fubar. Why? Because it is advertiser supported. The more people who are on here, the more money Fubar (and its parent company) makes. If there is ever going to be a change in Fubar it will not be announced through bulletins. Why would any company trust its future to idiots, who "test" their friends, and think that the phone rings because they've re-posted a bulletin. And there is NO way to attach a fucking tracking device to a godamn bulletin!!! So you are not going to Recieve Shit for Reposting Spam. Come on people!!! Don't act offended if someone asks to be your friend. If you don't want friends you don't know in real time, then change your fucking settings, stop acting like a fucking drama queen. Not everyone will like you. That's life. Grow up. Even Hitler had pals, you'll find someone too! If someone denies your 'add friend request', move on. Don't pester the shit out of someone to be your friend, it's not going to work. Don't act offended
Beautiful Explanation Of Death
~DEATH~ WHAT A WONDERFUL WAY TO EXPLAIN IT ..     A sick man turned to his doctor as he was preparing to     Leave the examination room and said,   'Doctor, I am afraid to die.   Tell me what lies on the other side.'   Very quietly, the doctor said, 'I don't know.'   'You don't know?  You, a Christian man,   Do not know what is on the other side?'   The doctor was holding the handle of the door;   On the other side came a sound of scratching and whining,   And as he opened the door, a dog sprang into the room   And leaped on him with an eager show of gladness.   Turning to the patient, the doctor said,   'Did you notice my dog?   He's never been in this room before.   He didn't know what was inside.   He knew nothing except that his master was here,   And when the door opened,  he sprang in without fear.   I know little of what is on the other side of death,  
Perfect By Hedley
Perfect by Hedley Falling a thousand feet per second, you still take me by surprise. I just know we can't be over, I can see it in your eyes. Making every kind of silence, takes a lot to realize Its worse to finish then to start all over and never let it lie. And as long as I can feel you holding on. I won't fall, even if you said I was wrong. I'm not perfect but I keep trying cause that's what I said I would do from the start. I'm not alive if I'm lonely, so please don't leave. Was it something I said or just my personality? Making every kind of slience, It takes a lot to realize Its worse to finish then to start all over and never let it lie. And as long as I can feel you holding on. I won't fall, even if you said I was wrong. I know that I'm not perfect but I keep trying cause that's what I said I would do from the start. I'm not alive if I'm lonely, so please don't leave. Was it something I said or just my personality? When you're caught in a lie, and you got nothing to hide
Look, Concert Pictures
Some pics from Guidopalooza last night. Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace in Newark  Three Days Grace   Breaking Benjamin   This is the 5th time I have seen Breaking Benjamin, the 3rd time for Three Days Grace (all three of those times they were with Breaking Benjamin)  I do like their shows, but I hate going to them.  I always am afraid that I'm going to be the weird old guy in the audience, but whenever I go, I always have a good time because I like both of those bands.  This show wasnt as good as the last one, (Asbury 2008) that one included Seether and Red, but still a very good show indeed.  My ears still ring.  The floor was GA and i wasnt far from the stage at all.
My Life Thanx For Being So Rude
They could be the death of you.  I once made a bad decision that almost ended my life.  I was young, stupid (not that THAT has changed any), and desperate for attention.  One day in my sophmore year of high school, my "best friend" and I decided to skip school. She and I were fifteen at the time.  We walked to her 21 year old boyfriend's house.  From there we went to the liquor store to pick up vodka, peach schnapps and orange juice.  Then we headed to his friend's house.  The first half hour was spent sitting and talking.  Then drinks were made.  I had a fuzzy navel, o.j. and peach schnapps.  Everyone else was happy with screwdrivers, o.j. and vodka. My friend and her boyfriend went off to a back room, leaving me alone with a total stranger.  He and I talked for a bit, then he offered some of his drink to me because I had never had it before.  From that moment everything went dark.  I don't remember anything of what happened until I woke up face down on the floor.  Throwing up w
Geostationary Highway
Saturday Morning Coffee Reading Part Ii
VictimX-27 VictimX_27: Hi there! cheesedog: HEYA! VictimX_27: What u up 2? cheesedog: Nice English. cheesedog: Did you learn that on the short bus? VictimX_27: Get fucked cheesedog: I'm just joking relax VictimX_27: :) cheesedog: What's your name? VictimX_27: Whats yours? cheesedog: I asked you first. VictimX_27: I asked you second cheesedog: Did I time just warp to middle school? VictimX_27: huh cheesedog: Never mind. My name is Johnny cheesedog: Johnny Cheesedog VictimX_27: Thats not your real name cheesedog: Why isn't that my real name? VictimX_27: No one has the name Cheesedog as a last name cheesedog: Well I do. Whats wrong with it? VictimX_27: Nothin i suppose VictimX_27: Is that your real pic in that av? cheesedog: Yes it is VictimX_27: Very handsome cheesedog: Thanks VictimX_27: You kinda look like eminem cheesedog: Fuck you. VictimX_27: HEY! I meant that in a good way VictimX_27: I think eminem is hot! cheesedog: Oh. You think I'm hot? VictimX_27
Saturday Morning Coffee Reading
Bloodninja: I lick your earlobe, and undo your watch.Sarah19fca: mmmm, okay.Bloodninja: I take yo pants off, grunting like a troll.Sarah19fca: Yeah I like it rough.Bloodninja: I smack you thick booty.Sarah19fca: Oh yeah, that feels good.Bloodninja: Smack, Smack, yeeeaahhh.Bloodninja: I make some toast and eat it off your ass. Land O' Lakes butter all in your crack. Mmmm.Sarah19fca: you like that?Bloodninja: I peel some bananas.Sarah19fca: Oh, what are you gonna do with those?Bloodninja: get me peanuts. Peanuts from the ballpark.Sarah19fca: Peanuts?Bloodninja: Ken Griffey Jr. Yeaaaaahhh.Sarah19fca: What are you talking about?Bloodninja: I'm spent, I jump down into the alley and smoke a fatty. I throw rocks at the cats.Sarah19fca: This is stupid.Bloodninja: Stone Cold Steve Austin gives me some beer.Bloodninja: Wanna Wrestle Stone Cold?Bloodninja: Yeeaahhhh.Sarah19fca: /ignoreBloodninja: Its cool stone cold she was a bitch anyway.Bloodninja: We get on harleys and ride into the sunset. -
Fav Poem
Do not go gentle into that good night,Old age should burn and rave at close of day;Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their end know dark is right,Because their words had forked no lightning theyDo not go gentle into that good night. Good men, the last wave by, crying how brightTheir frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,Do not go gentle into that good night. Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sightBlind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. And you, my father, there on the sad height,Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.Do not go gentle into that good night.Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Midget Swan Racing
Now i know what your thinking.... you don't get Midget swans well thats true, unless you count white ducks, but then there not swans proportion size there neck is no way near long enough to even be mistaken for a swan either a midget one or one that is seen from far away. Any way you have got me off the point.So Midget swan racing isn't the process of racing a midget swan , i mean what would you race it with... other Midget swans I suppose , but there could only be a few of them not really enough to start a proper sport . Any way it is the process of getting NORMAL size swan placing a Midget on his or her back and racing along a pre determined course, perhaps a river or canal ( Spectators would get a better veiw that way ).Now the problem that we have is although Midgets are small  this is clearly highlighted in any good confectionary store, that sells a sweet. Gem like in colour and apearance and small oooo very small. These fine chewy sweets are know as MIDGET Gems. They might not be
Deep...deep Deep
Ok once again a padre at work has sparked off another blog, well this time I was in a sort of disscussion based forum.. a few of us there. The padre produced a sheet of paper for us all. Basically this sheet was so you can split your life up into segmants and answer questions according to those segements.  So I split it 0-14, 16-18, 18-20 and 21 to present. The questions were along the line of who do you resepct at this point of your life, who do you listen to , whats happening in the world that innfluences you and the question I am wanting to talk about now " what is your belief of god, and what else do you believe in" The reson why this stuck out so much is because I have never believed in God, but it took writing it down to see that from 0-14 I never believed in God...but why ?? My family are not religious so to speak but they do beleive in God...I even used to go to Sunday school when I was younger.  Noboday that I recall has ever said God doesn't exist I just never believed.  So
Poem Of The Day...022010
Inside words Beyond fears Within feelings Love blooms.
We've gotten our taxes back an it's good to say that it was 7G we're planning on buying myself a car/suv whatever plus I'm gonna get my new tattoo soon as well as I said before in one of my blogs it's gonna be a wolf print an it's going on my foot seeing daddy believes that it looks hott, I need room to get some more photo's up so ya'll can see me & the new tatt an eyes as well...
Yesterday I went to the eye doctor & got myself some new glasses & purple contacts but they do not have my script in em although having these make my eyes look a little grey but rock so fucking Can not wait till I'm able to uplod some more pictures so ya'll can see!
Poor Poor Tiger
I think it is terrible that Tiger Woods had to say sorry to America for having a sex life. Give me strength how many guys dont have extra marital affairs? I am not aware that he ever put himself out there as being Saint Tiger and he is only a golfer when all is said and done. He has had more publicity than Monica and Clinton. I dont think Tiger lives in the White House. In England we have a different point of view, Tiger Rocks :) Get off his case.
it sucks when you awake to the same day the same disappointment the same heart ach. Day in and day out you try to make sence of this saddness and felling of lonelness and the saddest thing is no one really has the answer to happiest its just al tires and opions not facts so day in day out i seach for my happiness as the light fades cant sleep cant eat i have nightmares bad enough to bring fear to stone i guess what i am saying is im doin my best to fight depression but it feels like im fighting a up hill battle and im just wonderin when exactlly i'll stale and fall. Life is funny the way it works one day your on top of the world the next day your bein crushed beneath it.somedays i wonderin is the porsuit of happiness really this worth wild i dont even now what to do anymore i want to just give up but the other side of me is bent on the fact it will get better the truth is i dont have the answer to happiness to a fun fill life i dont all i can say is find something you love and fight th
Lets Get Nekkid!!!
Join me for my Saturday morning show at 7am est (4AM SLT).  Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid! you know you could connect from our website?  Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
Love Is Strong Yet Delicate....
Love is strong yet delicate.... It can be broken.  True love is to understand this, But, to be in love is to repect this.
When You Know Your In Love.....
You know you are in love when.... You see the world in their eyes, & their eyes everywhere in the world.
Your result for The Intellectual Sexiness Test ... Intellectual Inferno You have an intellectual sexiness factor of 83! Who am I to give you advice? You already know everything you need to know, and if there's something you don't know, you're eager to check it out. You are among the few special minds in the world that are truly free, totally creative, and absolutely sexy. The downside is, it's hard to find partners who can keep up with your quick, vigorously sexy mind. You often find yourself bored with anything less than exciting sex, and only those who equal your intellect, your openess, and your creativity can provide that excitment. You're an avid reader, a deep thinking, and a sexually liberated person. You enjoy learning for its own sake just as much as you enjoy sex for pleasure's own sake. Your partner, if he or she is able to keep up with you, is extremely lucky to have you. link to test:
ENTP - The Inventor You scored 64% I to E, 26% N to S, 62% F to T, and 79% J to P! The single word that describes your type is "inventor", and you belong to the larger group called rationals. You love to tinker with things and come up with new ideas. You are outgoing and curious with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. You have no real desire to lead, only doing so if there is no other way. 2% of the population share your personality type.You are a flirtateous and energetic romantic partner, fun and engaging, always looking for something unusual to try. In your enthusiam, you may make promises you can't keep. Your competitive nature and need to be perceived as an expert can be daunting to a romantic partner at times. You so enjoy the tug of a good debate that sometimes you act as if you don't take anything seriously. You are usually very supportive and helpful to your mate, but somewhat scattered and unable to devote your full attention there. You feel most appreciated for your g
Knee Replacement
After all these years, Im finally going to get some relief for the pain Ive been having in my knees for 30 years.  Praise God. When I was about 15 years old, I went tooling out on my 10-speed, craving a slurpee.  Along comes a drainage grate ( I didnt see it because it was overgrown with grass) and my front tire collided and Janice went oopsie over the handle bars.  After limping home, Mom took me to the ER, where I was diagnosed with torn ligaments and cartillage  (sp?).  Mom refused to let them go in and repair the damage, so instead I was placed on crutches and in a knee brace for 3 weeks. Skip ahead a year or so..and I went out for the high school track team.  Running was something I loved to do, so I trained for distance and stamina.  On this particular day,  we were competing with an area school..and I was lined up for the 440 relay.  On the 3rd turn, I hit the hurdle head on..but my left foot got tangled in it, and down I went.  Well here we go again, BACK to the ER, back to t
I Miss The Feeling By. Big Daddy
Ladys here is a lil poem I wrote about having loved and lost Enjoy As she left I realized, I missed the feeling………….. I missed the feeling, Of her fingers running through my hair, Of Her tiny hands gently resting in the palm of my hand, Her cool kisses on my neck I miss the feel of a warm hug At the end of a long day, I miss the feel of her eyes slowly watching me, Waiting for me, Longing for me, To come and hold her once again, I miss the feeling of Her warm body laying Next to mine on a cold winters morning, The feeling of knowing she's safe, Warm, Satisfied, Mine. I Miss the feeling of Her Just being with me and knowing That she's not going anywhere. I miss the feeling of warmth, Purity, Wholeness, Commitment, And Love, I miss the Feeling of Love In my heart, In my mind, And in my soul, I miss all those lovely feeling I miss them every day, For the feeling that are brought On by a lover can neve
What Happen To Us
Legend For The History Of Uggs
Ugg, a legendary brand, ugg boots for sale at first glance to see who will be the shape of the Ugg simple-minded cartoon is not cold, but is such a boot, Uggs snow boots pretty popular in Europe and the United States look like the earth, Ugg whipped up sustained winds of popular Madden, in Japan, Taiwan, Ugg have a lot of fans. Uggs Australia sheepskin boots on the history dates back to 1978, and a young Australian named Brian Smith surfing once brought a group of members of sheepskin boots to the U.S. In the past many years, Australia's craftsmen have been used to sew the beach in New Zealand, sheepskin boots, however, is that this business-minded young people with a bold attempt to bring the United States that Australia's traditional products. At that time, he only brought a few sheep, a few pairs of Ugg boots, a bosom of blood and self-confidence and began selling streets. However, he did not start so good luck, one day down, did not sell a pair of boots. However, he did not becom
You Found Me Out
You found me out, a slip of my tongue and now you know what lies beneath, a shallow shell of what I was. Jaded and mislead by trusting eyes. Can you keep a secret? I guess we'll see... Truth be told I wish I could spit out to the world and let the repercussion come smack me back in the face. Instead I stay below the radar of society's judging glare fake a smile and say it okay. If no one knows then they can't change.. become that fake robot thats always searching looking to see if Im gonna break today. Mini psychotherapists with their conclusion and 5 minute therapies of let it go and just dont do it. they'll never understand this drive in me to self destruct. just remember though behind blue eyes lies everything.....dig through the mess and eventually you can find me
Lol :d
So here's the story, this guy randomly messages me on Facebook (I have never talked to him before) and this is our convo. Enjoy! John you're not the hottest girl but id seriously just love fucking u idk theres just something about u 12:46amKristin uh wtf? 12:46amJohn lol well i meant that as a compliment 12:47amKristin uh fuck off. is that enough of a compliment for u? 12:47amJohn well that wasnt exactlly a compliment u just told me to fuck off 12:47amKristin maybe u should read it and follow the instructions. 12:49amJohn well i dont think i wanna cuz really i just want u to giv me head cuz ur a beautiful girl 12:49amKristin uh maybe i want u to? o do you? 12:50amKristin Yuup. Ty 12:51amJohn but i dont wanna fuck off i wanna fuck you 12:51amKristin r u a dumbass? yes, yes u r 12:51amJohn =/ no im not 12:51amKristin so take ur dumbass self and gtfo of my Facebook 12:52amJohn im not on ur facebook tho im just chatting with you 12:52amKristin Uh could
Fuck Your "lovey Dovey Shit"
Man, I'm so sick of seeing all these people sayin "I LOOOOVE My Wifey" or "I LOOOOOVE My Hubby" YOUR NOT FUCKIN LEGALLY MARRIED THIS IS ONLY THE FU!!! And if you are legally married then what the hell are you doing posting it on a random website??? Nobody cares what you and Prince Charming did today. Do I look like the type of person to comment on a fucking MUMM asking "What Should Me And The Love Of mY Life Richard Do Today? Six Flags Or the Zoo??" How about you take a leaping dive off a fucking bridge. Into traffic. That's not backed up. ANYWAYS!!! You may be saying to yourself "ahh fuck Dyzzy hes just jealous!!" Maybe I Am Maybe I'm Not. I know one thing tho, I'M NOT jealous of the fact that you adopted a fucking puppy today and named him Jacob or some bullshit cause you two can have kids. Probably because he can't get it up or you can't have kids. WHO CARES!!!!! Fact is, I'm sick of seeing everybody and their mothers in "Relationships" and then go blabbing it to the entire world li
Pro Wrestling America....february 21st
Hey folks, come on out to Pro Wrestling America's next show on February 21st.   WHAT: Pro Wrestling America WHEN: Sunday February 21st          2:00 PM bell time WHERE: Fastlap GoKart,            4288 South Polaris            Las Vegas, NV 89103   Come see me, Jason McConnell take on El Pinche Loco and Shaka....come see Damian Graves take on Johnny Logan for the PWA World title. Come on down and show your support!!
Thought This Was Funny
How to satisfy a woman with 2    1/2 inches How to satisfy a woman with 2 1/2 inches?  
Dreams I Have A Lot More Now Then Before:
Does anyone have a dream of skinning people and decorating their house with all skin and body parts and such? I do a lot. Could it be because of all the hate I have built up inside of me from past things? I honestly find horror movies or pain and torture to be exciting like porn is to others.
Given To The Rising.
You break right through me, pierce through all I've built Like it's nothing. It's an absolutely unnatural disaster.   Hold me lest I bolt away in fear. I don't want to escape, but the feeling is there. I won't let it reign.   Hope holds me together with its tenuous threads. So I'll let it overtake me until the morning comes.
You're All I Need
Rugged style, it's enough to make a hardrock smileHa ha ha, cheeba cheeba y'allCheeba cheeba y'all, and you don't stopYeah yeah, cootie in the chairCheeba cheeba y'all, and you don't stopYeah yeah, cootie in the -- check TicalChorus: Mary J. Blige [sample: Notorious B.I.G.]You're all, I need[Lie together, cry together, I swear to God I hope we fuckin die together]to get by, ahhhhhYou're all, I need[Lie together, cry together, I swear to God I hope we fuckin die together]to get by, ahhhhhVerse One:Shorty I'm there for you anytime you need meFor real girl, it's me in your world, believe meNuttin make a man feel better than a womanQueen with a crown that be down for whateverThere are few things that's forever, my ladyWe can make war or make babiesBack when I was nothinYou made a brother feel like he was somethinThat's why I'm with you to this day boo no frontinEven when the skies were grayYou would rub me on my back and say "Baby it'll be okay"Now that's real to a brother like me babyNeve
Ensign: You Know
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 19 February 2010   Right now in my read-through of the Bible I’m reading the Old Testament book of Second Kings.  Monday I came across chapter five in which the story of Naaman, the captain of the Syrian army, comes down with leprosy.  In those times (and it still is in parts of the world, I understand) as a social disease it was the much more visible equivalent of AIDS today.  The story of Naaman and how he was cured of his leprosy by trusting God’s word through His prophet Elisha and bathing seven times in the Jordan River gets cited – to me, I’ve heard the story many times since I was a kid – as getting past your pride and doing God’s will.   But there’s more to it than that.  Right after Naaman is cured (and Elisha doesn’t witness the e
So... as I stood naked in the showeras I've been known to do when sober I had this terrible thought about my cheating abusive psycho whore of an ex What ifthis goes somewhereand I do something stupid like bear every soft spot necessary for this girl to destroy me? It was the first time this really entered my mind.I had to stop and ask myself"what can go wrong""am I ready to do this again?""is it worth trusting this woman?" I didn't really have a satisfactory answer.I knew I was getting ahead of myself.Way way way ahead of myself. To think- what brought this onwas dropping the soapand immediately flashing back to that bright yellow cellthat polyester velcroed schmockthe pencils made out of waxthe phones that never workedthe cricket chirp of that awful checkpoint baton         what brought me back was how cold the shower had becomeand the big thick heaving gasps pounding out of my lungs. I thought back to entering her number in my cellphonethis big black story I had to tell he
More Gunk.
Well, the doctor said that the facial swelling's normal, along with the hands and feet. She said to drink more water... So i'm drinking ONLY water and finding it's not helping. -sigh- oh well. three more weeks...   Apparently the baby's in the correct position and I'm 1 cm dilated. Boy, checking that is so invasive >.> I mean, my doctor's nice to me and all, but her hands must be made of razorblades xD
Grandma's Attic ! (repost)
Welcome to Granma's Attic. Here is where you get to rummage around and see what you can find. This area is meant to reflect variety and some old fashion remedies that are still just as valuable today as ever. Why put chemicals and derivatives into your body to alleviate common ailments when there are numerous natural and time-honored methods and ingredients that can do the job as well, and we dare say better, because they leave no toxic residues .   This page is dedicated to Helene Hugron for her inspiration.   Skin Rejuvenator : Two tablespoons of sesame oil, one tablespoon olive oil, two tablespoons avocado oil, two tablespoons almond oil, 2000 IU vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol), 100Thousand USP units vitamin A, a drop or two of your favorite perfume.(optional) Pour the oils into a small jar or empty bottle. Take 10 gelcaps of vitamin E (200 IU ea) and 4 caps vitamin A (25,000 units ea). Puncture the capsules with a needle, and squeeze out the contents into your
Epiphany [an Excerpt]
By: Trans-Siberian Orchestra And the night and the darkAnd the hopes and the dreamsAs we all play our partsWhile ignoring the screamsSo we lie to ourselvesAnd we just carry onNever stop, never turnDon't admit what is...Gone in to this twisted storyAll these things so clear before meEvery path we've ever takenCan't admit we were mistakenIn this nightOf my devisingNever liveAnd never dyingEach escapeI've never takenNever dreamAnd never waken...SomewhereSomeone's looking to deceive andSomewhereYoung men die and children bleed andSomewhereSome have too much while others need andSomewhereSomeone's looking to believe and...
gastronome\GAS-truh-nohm\  noun; 1.A connoisseur of good food and drink.
Love is love's reward.  -  John Dryden
The Apology
What did you think of Tiger Wood’s apology? It seems most people haven’t changed their minds either way. What did this apology accomplish? Not much of anything except maybe paving the way for his return to golf. Oh, and one of his porn star sweeties is about to sue Eldridge. How much more can happen? Stay tuned and see. For more on the poll The poll for BlastFM shows BlastFM is #1 in its genre.
As some already know. I passed my Military physical for the Army Wednesday, just a couple more paperwork details to work out, and I could beback in uniform in a month or so. Sooner the better.
Hmm I Dunno
i am so convinced that you are the most beautiful death,you are erratic., uncensored. raw.i want to read you over and ever again,i want to watch distilled sound seeping out of your lips,i want to feel your words bubbling out of your mouth and dripping onto my body like hot dispose of my clothes quickly, efficiently, articulately,they roll off me like polygons and triangles and sometimes a circle.they collect on the floor.i must remember them in the morning, or you will.first i study your anatomy, a torso, a hand on my stomach, my leg, my face, my hair, a strand of hair that cuts the blue of your eye, fingerprints, toes (all 10), a neck, warm wet lips, pulsating, delectable.there are parts of you inside me now, and itmakesmefeeldelicious.cuts my mouth and my throat as I swallow.  then i think about you. but only for a momentand it never lasts very long.plant within me, seeds of what would never grow between us.a good morning kiss,a static phone call, a wednesday, q
Sex Me
Your kisses are so soft,as they trail down my neck.I no longer can think,my mind's now a wreck.Your tongue moves so slowly,as it lingers on my skin.I bite down on my lip,just eager to begin.I bring your lips to mine,cuz I love how you taste.We keep things going slowly,there's no need to make haste.Whether we're on the bed or the wall,I don't care anymore.All I know in this moment is,I've never needed you more.We undress each other,bare and bodies glistening.Baby we can scream as loud as we want,no one's here or listening.I can see that you're hard,and hunny I'm so wet.But I want you to tease me more,please don't fuck me just yet.You play with my clit,making my muscles spasm.It feels so damn good,I can't wait to orgasm.I gasp in your ear,my voice now quivers.I bite down on your neck,making your body shiver.My fingers glide down your back,as I trace your spine.Your voice is so sultry when you say,"I'm gonna make you mine."I love how you make me beg,and tease me 'till I break.Push me furt
Vampire Sex
He times each suckWith the rhythm of her heartThe best damn fuckShe's ever had...Her last.Shudders of climax peak then wanAs palor grows palidHer struggles in vain.Weakend and limpShe rests in his armsAs gently he drawsWith tender, hot lipsThe last of her lifeIn loving sweet sips.
Devour This Extacy
Devour This ExtacyPenetrate MeFeel The Inside Of MeThrust In MeTrust In MeI Will Never TellI'll Show You A GirlYou've Never Seen BeforeThe Innocent WhoreWith Thoughts Of Sex, Blood, GoreAnd The Most Sorrowful TearsFor What I've Endured For YearsI'll Scream And Moan Away My FearsDon't Worry Baby, They Can't HearSo Hold MeAnd Fuck MeWhatever You PleaseUntil DaySometimes I Hate ItBut I Crave This Kind Of PainPull My HairWork Your Way ThroughCause I'm A Little KinkyAnd I Think You Are TooFuck MeI Want To Always BeDevouring This Extacy
Sinful Sex
He lays me down & spreads me out on his bed.He tells me he wants to relieve my stress & help me rest my head.He runs his fingers through my hair & he kisses my lips,He takes away the tension by playing with me below my hips.As my legs are up high in the air,I feel like I have no worries or cares.He plays me so hard I let out a slight yell,& I wonder if something this good will put me in hell.
Wetness does not always pertain to waterin an ocean, river or lake;Sometimes it refers to how I feelwhen I remember your embrace.I only have to think of youto remember me in your arms;My legs quivering, my mouth moaningI have fallen captive to your charms.I long to feel your body on mineto know the taste of satisfied love;To lie quietly in your armswe fit together like a hand to a glove.You are the sweetheart of my lifeyou are my one sure bet;You never have to wonder babe . . .you can always keep me wet.
Part Two He Is Going Away On A Heart Is Totally Breaking Right Now
I Love you. Three most strongest words i know. My heart is yours for life i won't forget you i want to be with you and build a future with you..... Don't forget that. Your in my heart and thoughts constantly im yours baby yours and only yours im not going anywhere all i want is to make you happy and be wi th you... I can't wait to be together with you. I hope you come down to live with me when i get home from deployment.. I know its a long way out but i really want a home with you.
Message For Pr Members
Hi Guys! So, I see that there are many of us who are still rating every day, even though the group was officially ended. Since I always worked from the list that SweetOne made for her stash, I know that I'm not rating everyone from the group.  So I thought that I would make this blog, and if you want to continue receiving daily rates from me, please leave a blog comment.  That way, I'll have a permenant list of people to keep rating!  And naturally, ratebacks are always appreciated! And if some no good dirty non-PR members ended up here, I might just be willing to rate them too if they're nice about it! :)
Look A Likes
A great collection of “Look Alikes”         
Where Do Babies Come From
Where do babies come from? Don't bother asking adults. They lie like pigs. However, diligent independent research and hours of playground consultation have yielded fruitful, if tentative, results. There are several theories. Near as we can figure out, it has something to do with acting ridiculous in the dark. We believe it is similar to dogs when they act peculiar and ride each other. This is called "making love". Careful study of popular song lyrics, advertising catch-lines, TV sitcoms, movies, and T-Shirt inscriptions offers us significant clues as to its nature. Apparently it makes grown-ups insipid and insane. Some graffiti was once observed that said "sex is good". All available evidence, however, points to the contrary.
Gold For America
It turns out that Evgeni Plushenko is as gracious after the men's figure skating competition as he was before it. Despite the fact that it was Evan Lysacek who had the gold medal around his neck during Thursday night's, Plushenko says Lysacek is not the champion because Lysacek didn't attempt a quad jump. “Just doing nice transitions and being artistic is not enough because figure skating is a sport, not a show,” he said. It's true that Plushenko completed a quadruple jump, but Plushenko probably should have looked at the score sheets before commenting. If he did, he'd see that he earned the exact same score as Lysacek in program components, the score that meansures artistry. Both skaters scored 82.80. It was the technical component score that won it for Lysacek. You know, the score that measures things like jumps. What won the gold for Lysacek was execution and strategic choreography. He executed his jumps near flawlessly, earning high grades of exe
Tiger Woods (my 2 Cents Worth)
First. If it had been anyone reading this blog, myself included, I wouldn't even be writing this blog. Nor would you be reading it. Why? Because it isn't not any of our buisness. The only reason any of us know about his issues with infidelity is because the media has decided it is our buisness.   Second. The only person he is obligated to apologize to are those his actions had a direct impact on. Not the millions of us who sat around the T.V.   Third. As to those who looked up to him as a "role model." He doesn't owe them an apology either. If you had not put him on the pedestal of "role model" to begin with, he wouldn't have fallen from that pedestal. Get over it. Remember, the higher the pedestal you put someone on, the farther they have to fall.   I do not condon his actions. But nor do I expect him to apologize to a public that his actions did not have a direct impact on. It isn't any of our buisness just because the media puts it on our televisions.  There are far more impor
2/5/10 Dilbert
The Waste Land By T. S. Eliot
The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot "Nam Sibyllam quidem Cumis ego ipse oculis meisvidi in ampulla pendere, et cum illi pueri dicerent:Sibylla ti theleis; respondebat illa: apothanein thelo." I. THE BURIAL OF THE DEAD    April is the cruellest month, breedingLilacs out of the dead land, mixingMemory and desire, stirringDull roots with spring rain.Winter kept us warm, coveringEarth in forgetful snow, feedingA little life with dried tubers.Summer surprised us, coming over the StarnbergerseeWith a shower of rain; we stopped in the colonnade,And went on in sunlight, into the Hofgarten,    And drank coffee, and talked for an hour.Bin gar keine Russin, stamm' aus Litauen, echt deutsch.And when we were children, staying at the archduke's,My cousin's, he took me out on a sled,And I was frightened. He said, Marie,Marie, hold on tight. And down we went.In the mountains, there you feel free.I read, much of the night, and go south in the winter.    What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow
Bogus Support Messages Alert
Some asstard is sending the following PM  to users posing as a fubar admin or staff. Please NEVER give out your account password to anyone. 1. Yellow highlighted names are fubar family. Only a select few of us work on the site and NONE of us would send an email like that. 2, Orange highlighted names are volunteer bouncers. They are here to answer your support questions. 3. Send anyone posing as a fubar staff member or support bouncer to me or a bouncer.  Again, DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD INFO TO ANYONE! _______________________________________________     We have tracked you down with making fake accounts giving others fake referral and saving the crushes for your self and buying yourself tickers, you have violated the fubar agreement and your account it's at risk of being deleted, however before we proceed with our derision we want to give you a fair chance to explain your self for your action. First off, if we do proceed and remove your account you will be posted up in our
2/7/10 Dilbert
2/8/10 Dilbert
2/9/10 Dilbert
2/11/10 Dilbert
2/12/10 Dilbert
Lost in her eyes,Lies a thousand of my dreams.My heart wanders endlessly in them,For forever it would seem. So lost in her magic,Her gaze has me spellbound.Though my heart would not resist her,Against her never a sound. Beautiful keep your spell on me,Cast your magic into my eyes.For one day without you,dreamless,And dreamless my heart would die.
2/13/10 Dilbert
2/15/10 Dilbert
2/17/10 Dilbert
Hi Its Just Me
Whats happinin guys dont be afraid to say hi
2/18/10 Dilbert
A Poem I Wrote For My Daugher
This was a poem I wrote to my youngest daughter aka "the boss" during a very difficult time in our lives..plz get over the fact of the 1st line:P To You, My Child Here I sit, locked up in jail I long to hear your voice To hear you cal me "Mommy" again Would make my heart rejoice   I'll send letters every week I hope they make you smile I want you to be happy Cause I won't see you for a while   I long to take you in my arms And hold you oh so tight I want to say how sorry I am I wish to make this right   I pray one day you'll forgive me For bringing this to your life I want you to know happiness And live without this strife   My love for you will never end And I just want you to know You're my one and only girl Even if it doesn't always show   Soon
2 Block Or Not 2 Block?
I am normally not one to block people on FUBAR; I've never had to,until now. Some douchebag by the name of "Mac" decides to pay my profile a visit, and leaves a smartass comment on 2 of my pics. No big deal, i'm a big boy. As I said in my about me section," if you don't like what you see, keep steppin', but I can take a negative comment or two. Your opinion is like your asshole, it's yours and you're entitled to it. What pissed me off is that when I decided to pay HIS profile a visit, HE BLOCKED ME. This asshat gets a chuckle at my expense, then blocks me so I can't retaliate. So I left a message for him in my status and blocked him in return, just in case he decided he wasn't done. I have never been one to downrate or leave nasty comments, but I would at least be man enough to let you have your say if i did. I have no respect for cowards, and this waste of sperm is definitely a coward. I handled it the best way I knew... what would you have done?
A Touch Never Felt
How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When you have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows more each day I have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know That I really do love you When the day comes and we are together You will always know and feel this I will always hug, kiss and love you Every m
Just Sayin
As I sit on this blasted website and play my little game of fu-mafia passing the time at my office at a very stressful job, I have been entertained more so with the fools and clowns on this place.  First of all, how does one become an ECS member, or a 2nd Alarm Hottie, or whatever fun and cutesy letters follow the names on here. And who determines this.  Are there a panel of judges like Simon Cowell and Paula….!!??  If so, I want to see the ones who didn’t make it.  They are so much more fun.  Why on earth not go to college if you like letters after your name.  I have some, it’s MBA.  No that does not stand for My Booty is Awesome.   So much fun to have those letters and oh my goodness to have your name in red, pink or blue  must be the equivalent of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize of Fubar.  People, here's what I have to say, which because I don't have the following requirements necessary to be ranked on here, will go ignored.  Those requirements are:   1.     I m
Why is it that us BBW & SSBBW are regarded as nothing more than playtoys for those cold hearted SOB's who chose to play with our emotions.  None of us is perfect, we all have different tastes, but we are all human and deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. Will this world ever go back to when someones word meant something?  Will the day ever come again when you can trust another persons word?  When will man ever judge us for the content and not the package?
Mafia Drama.... Lmao, This Is So Funny....
I am NOT a 2 faced punk like you are Vlad. I have no desire to have an asshole like you in my mob. I've told you before and I'll tell you again, NEVER SPEAK TO ME YOU SELF CENTERED COCK SUCKER. FUCK OFF VLAD. YOU'RE A PIECE OF SHIT Go fuck your fist Vlad you stupid bucket of abortion. Don't speak to me and I won't speak to you Go fuck your fist Vlad you stupid bucket of abortion. Don't speak to me and I won't speak to you As soon as Vlad learns to not speak to me I'll "behave". You ALL know that I get along with people in here. I don't like that 2 faced maggot and he needs to learn fuck off and leave me alone. I will NOT back down against that punk
The Fact I Get That This Man Is The Most Amazing Person On The Face Of The Earth Makes Me Happy
THESE WORDS WERE SENT TO ME TODAY VIA TEXT MESSAGE FROM THE LOVE OF MY LIFE....I HAD TO SHARE THIS....EVERY GIRL SHOULD BE THIS LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND WHAT I HAVE FOUND...MY SOULMATE, MY BEST FRIEND....... You know what i dont tell you enough just how much i love you and appreciate everything you do for me. You take time out of your day everyday to just send me some love or just let me know that your thinking about me and it means the world to me. The fact that you support me and accept the challenge of my work situation without hesitation is unreal. You know ill be gone but you keep your eye on the prize and your optimistic about it and i Love it. I promise you forever. I don't know what i can offer you You know im no lawyer or accountant.. But i do have a heart and a lifetime full of love honesty and commitment to give to you i want yo be the man of your dreams and your happily ever after. One day your husband and years later an amazing family to look back on. Im so in love with you.
Wise Infrared Andromeda
Two Jokes.... Anal Sex And Las Vegas
A  woman went to her doctor for advice. She  told him that her husband had developed a penchant for anal sex, and she  was not sure that it was such a good idea. 'Do  you enjoy it?' The doctor asked. 'Actually, yes, I do.   ''Does it hurt you?' he asked. 'No.. I rather like it.'   'Well, then,' the doctor continued, 'there's no reason that you  shouldn't practice anal sex, if that's what you like, so long as you  take care not to get pregnant.' The  woman was mystified. 'What? You can get pregnant from anal sex?'   'Of course, ' the doctor replied. 'Where do you think people  like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Frank come  from?   Ok - 1 more....   Las Vegas Churches accept gambling chips THIS MAY COME AS A SURPRISE TO THOSE OF YOU NOT LIVING IN LAS VEGAS , BUT THERE ARE MORE CATHOLIC CHURCHES THAN CASINOS.           NOT SURPRISING
Life In Colorado Is 95% Over
looks like the wife and i are moving back to pittsburgh area next month (march) unless we get kicked out of our trailor b4 that or a mircle happens.the wife needs back surgery and hasn't worked since xmas i lost my fulltime job at the nursing we worked at and i'm only getting 9hrs a wknd at part time job and that's not cutting it for bills and living conditions.her parents were going to move out here but it won't work if the wife can't work and i don't find a fulltime job so it looks like we have to move back to our house just outside of pittsburgh pa.i'll let u all know when i'll be off line though nobody will miss me.
2 Reasons Kervins A Douche!
now you gotta title it, "2 reasons Kervin comes off as a douche" lol. ~!TP!~Mr.P...: hahahahahaha captain al...: you just had to go there didn't you? ~!TP!~Mr.P...: thats fine.. i dont mind havin a cock meat sammich in guantonamo bay captain al...: yeah go ahead, its only 2 years in jail I think, not like I got plans right? lmao captain al...: you're an ass, if I go down, I'm taking you down with me, lol. ~!TP!~Mr.P...: you really want me to post it? ~!TP!~Mr.P...: exactly!!! captain al...: you can title it "why Kervin always comes off as a douche". lmao ~!TP!~Mr.P...: hold on ~!TP!~Mr.P...: ok captain al...: why don't you just post this whole conversation up why don't ya? ~!TP!~Mr.P...: i knew that would make you say some shit like that lol ~!TP!~Mr.P...: haha
Poem Of The Day...021910
Last night my slumber was peaceful Across the world some were not This breaks my heart No child, woman or man Should ever sleep in fear.
New Sources Of Alternative Energy
Everyday, we make use of energy to assist us in our lives. For example, we use it for electricity, for heating, and to travel. Energy makes our lives easier. Click here to read more - Building Solar Panels and Renewable Energy The Energy Supply Most of our energy comes from fossil fuels – oil coal, and gas. We use billions of tones of them every year for fuel and to produce electricity. Today, there is just about enough energy to go round. Demand is growing, however. Eventually, supplies of usable fossil fuels will run out. So what about the future? We will have to conserve our resources and develop new ones. Scientists and energy experts are developing power from renewable sources. Renewable Sources A renewable energy source is one that doesn’t run out, however much we use. There are certain processes that always take place on Earth. Somewhere in the world, the wind is blowing and the Sun is shining. Living things are growing everywhere. Water is on the move in rivers a
New Tattoo
I may be going in to get yet another tattoo hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures taken of it, although I do not have room to post just yet so it'll take sometime b4 ya'll see it!
Unfortunately, I have taken rather ill here and won't be around that much, I do apologize. Please message me with your excitement and I'll catch up when I return, thanks everyone, catch ya later!
If I Died Tonight?
If I died tonight would I be missed?Would anyone care? How should I go?Razor blades, hanging, drive by or even suicide.Or should I have it ended in a car crash?Who knows how we are going to go.As for on earth I already have died.My heart ripped from where it lies,Over and over again, they laugh and rub it in my face.Only if they knew I've been dead for years.So the pain is very shallow and weak feeling.Does anyone care if I'm here tomorrow or the next day?They say they do but do they really?Nobody knows, until tomorrow.Tomorrow we shall see who cares if I existed.If I died tonight, I wish you all the best,Don't even shed a tear.I'm not worth it nor do I want your pity if you have read this.See you on the other side.Remember the day I loved you and you didn't careJust remember that day for eternity.
I Dnt Get It!!!
What iz wrong wit tha woman n tha cityz that i lived n there r no hook upz, now i have many woman from all around tha world that wud love ta get wit me but tha woman n my own city wnt give me tha time of day " i dont get it" now maybe sum1 can tell wtf iz up wit thatcuz i wud like ta know i mean iz it me or maybe they just dnt know a good man when they c 1, what eva tha answer iz i wud like 2 know cuz cumin home 2 a empty apt every night aint fun!
Broken Hands
I can feel your fear and weaknessI see my own in the mirrors of your eyesCaught into a corner, hopelessNear death ahead and truth behindThere's a bad storm blowing inAnd most of us won't make itThe wreckage of your pastMeans nothing now, forsake itThe memories cripple youYou're torn apart, your dumb mistakeIt only fell apart 'cause you let itBlood of all you had to losePick up the pieces with your broken handsIt only fell apart 'cause you live in itBlood of all you had to losePick up the pieces with your broken handsWell, there's those that doAnd those that just do talkin'We're all going through hellLet's burn or keep on walkin'The bigots sink their shipsAnd fuel death riding the windRight now it's do or dieHow will you choose to live?The memories that ruined youYou're torn apart, your dumb mistakeIt only fell apart 'cause you let itBlood of all you had to losePick up the pieces with your broken handsIt only fell apart 'cause you live in itBlood of all you had to losePick up the pieces
We Die Alone
Verse 1]A moment in time worthy only of solitude.A stranger not meant for another to see.Are we the abandoned?Are we the deserter?Lived in the night so his wickedness way.The faces light up their screens,as the wealthy cash in on the war.The body counts rise, the ratings will soar.Another deceiver.The liar, the patriot.Counting the lies and keeping the score.The score.[Pre-chorus:]Look at the light based on faith that deserts you.You are the hunted, the victim, the prey and the fallen.[Chorus:]We die alone.[Verse 2]A lamb in the line has been lead to the slaughter.Another to join all the ghosts from before.(Join all the ghosts from before.)Another believer, another casualty.Can't tell the way out from a drain to the floor.The floor.
Week 5 Weigh In :d
I lost 6.25 pounds somehow... GO ME! soo.. in 5 weeks... I am down 19.25 pounds... I have 7 weeks to lose 10.75 pounds to reach my goal of 30 pounds in 3 months :D I guess i better start thinking about what I want my next tattoo to be!
Ive Been Gagged Again
So, I posted my mumm about mumms going to was a recycled mumm actually and i have it on my list of mumms... the first one that said the same thing was fine, this one someone posts a pic of terds having sex, and instead of deleting the fucking comment that was offensive or nsfw...the bitch ass bouncer deletes my whole mumm!!! fuck it... I might just be done with this site.. this isnt a fuicide blog or anything, im not deleting...but whats the fucking point of coming here anymore... ah whatever   heres the mumm i recycled   I remember, back in the day yo, when mumms would be made by the minute. it was nearly impossible to keep up with when you were talking to multiple people in various mumms about, you can go some where and come back hours later and there had been 10 new ones total.this doesnt seem that long ago to me, but maybe it was. but im trying to figure out, was it a sudden decline in mumms or did it taper off gra
The Lounge Wildwomenrocking
So I Enjoy Fantasy Sports Do You??
I have decided to put a Fantasy Baseball league up on Yahoo.  Now it is available to anyone who is interested only thing you win is bragging rights.  It is open to anyone interested just leave a comment and i will get with you at some point.  Hopefully a few of my friends on her are interested and wanna have a little fun and maybe meet some new people.  Must get with me before Sunday March 28th to join league i can have a max of 20 people but must have an even number for this thing to start.
Feeling Depressed......................
Wednesday, June 13, 2007  Graves........... In a grave we try our bestTo give our love enternal restIn the coffin bitter and cold we wish for them once more to holdIn the coffin all alone There flesh falls off from the bone Stuck out here fighting an endless warOnly god knows what were fighting for We all hate to love, and love to hate that crused thing we call fate They're the ones that leve us hollow.                                                                                                                    We're the ones that will soon follow.
Would You?
 If you woke tomorrow to find  everyone you ever loved was gone, would your  life still have meaning? WOULD YOU still carry on? WOULD YOU sit down to cry not knowing what to do? WOULD YOU lay down to die? or just start life anew?  In loving memory J.E.H
You Will Never Understand!!!
                                                            Wednesday, June 13, 2007                                            The life of a slasher Ill tell you of the life I once led, As you lay on your soft bed,The need to feel pain, To see the crimson blood flow from my vein. You tell me it is wrong, You tell me it is not wright, But im the one that is there all alone, Im the one that has to fight. And so its there, That silvery little square, it beckons to me, it makes me where, I seam to float to it, as if I drift on air..... My hand shakes,And I know of the pain that is yet to come, But I draw that silver demon accross my arm, I see the red line it makes, There. The blood floes. The cut is done. But do I stop, as the blood makes it winding trail? It is as if I am a baloon that needs to pop, But im affraid at that too I will fail. The cuts have been made, The blood has shone, All the pain that once weighed, Has been lifted and I am once again alone. But I k
A Dream I Had..........
My Demon Lover.......   He comes to me late at night, as I sleep wrapped up so tight.   His hair is long, his skin is white. His eyes sing a silent song, He can kill with just one bite.   He approaches me, but never touches the ground. His touch is so cold, He never makes a sound.   His lips are so soft, His kiss is so cold, Just a moment of pain, Is what I am told.   His lips brush my neck, His hand cups my breast. I am feeling so dizzy, As my heart pounds in my chest.   I feel his fangs, Pierce my neck. I feel as tho time is standing still, Just like before a wreck.   He tells me I am special, There is only you and me, He tells me he has given me a gift, When in fact, he has set me free.   By day we look, just like everyone. But by night, A Vampire we shall become.   By: Moketta 2008
New This Summer!
Their new song 'cryin like a bitch is great,i can't wait till it come out,Godsmack is one of if not my favorite bands today!ManSully kickz azz!Shout out to Godsmack!
Two Lovers (unfinished)
Fiery passion engulfs her heart as she feels her touch against her skin, Smooth like silk, the soft embrace sends shivers into her very core. She brush her hair slowly out of her face and smiles at the beauty before her eyes, Her eyes glimmer with such love and desire, a longing for every moment to last forever. Her lips look inviting with the plump pout of eagerness for her lovers kisses, She presses hers up against them and locks in the taste that she enjoys so much. Her arms wrap around the amazing goddess standing before her, Pulling her closer with each and every kiss, she is more inviting then before. Pushed chest to chest the two lovers embrace in a passionate long kiss, What seems like it will last forever end suddenly when she pulls slowly away. Lost in her eyes she gasps at how lucky she must be to be with her, How every moment is a blessing and one she treasures with all her heart and soul.
Calling All Milfs
Attention Are you a MILF or do others consider you a MILF? Do you enjoy MILFs? Looking for a social networking site geared to MILFs and those who appreciate them? If the answer is YES then you need to surf on over to MILF BLOG and see what is in store for you! We are starting it up now and looking for testers and the like, so come on by and have some fun and lets see what we can do
This place hasn't changed enough.Faint whispers of then. Trace exotic scent of orange blossom.Anise, jasmine, and sweat dancing on the still dust hung in the air. I can still feel the cobbles through my sneakers.The cool wet morning spray as the sun peeks.The gears creaking on Sutherland's bicycle.The muted cracked red finish that rubbed elbows and tipped hats to Churchill.Shook hands with Sinatra.Quieted quills and correspondence of a widower with crumbs in his bristly white moustache. The man I aspire to be, a tip of his cabby, and he's halfway to the market before I open this first envelopelapped by a far more motivated geriatric.Took a moment to ponder the particularly crisp paper in my fingers.Something specific, about a girl with skinned kneesand the very dry grit at the bottom of the bottle. Oddly my favorite part.  
Unpredictable - Jamie Foxx Featuring Ludacris
Band Playing Out Again
So, loves, Pandoras toybox will be out an playing once again! We have a tentitive booking at the BlackMoon in Belchertown Mass, come April. Lets cross our fingers. It's a bit closer this time. Once we get to booking I will send invites! Oh on a side note. For those with myspace, and are interested in the band or want a listen add us
Phone Pet Peeves...
I work in a call center. I have found that the general public has NO maners. This disgusts me. Do I call your job & ask you why you do your job like you do? Your boss told you how to do it, so that is how you do it. If you call a company, do not eat, burp, fart, pee or anything else while on your business call. If your child is screaming, put the phone down & tend to your child. If you call someone, & ask them questions, guess what?? They are gonna ask you some back. Don't be surprised by this. If you are calling for the price of something & the answer is not what you expected or what you want to hear, just hang up. I really don't care who else gave you a better deal or why you don't like my price. I don't make the rules, just kindly go away if it does not meet your needs. It doesn't make you a man, a better woman or anything else if you flip out on the phone at me. I am probably playing an internet game & not listening to your stupid rant anyhow. The letter R is pronounced R. Not
Climategate Claims Another Liar
In the wake of climategate, a U.N. honcho is resigning from his climate change position. Yvo de Boer is leaving July 1 for greener pastures (no pun intended). Why the rush to quite after 4 years on the job? Because he knew what we all know now. That global warning is a hoax. I think he wants to spare himself the embarrassment of being criticized for promoting this lie. For more on this sad case of a man BlastFM is on the up and up. Listen and see what others have discovered. Great music.  
Empy Heart
I dreamed of you.....   At night you would sneak in my dreams. Lay next to me. Your arms around me. Your breathe on my neck. Feeling the heat of your body warming my skin. Feeling your hand move, as your finger tips run down my side. My skin tingles from your touch. The softness of your lips on my ear. The fire of your words as you whisper "i need you. I want to feel our bodies melt into one." You press your body harder into mine. You legs slips between mine Letting me feel the desire you have. You hand roams over my breast. Teasing my hard nipples A slight moan escapes my lips. The strength of your hand kneading them. Moans get louder. Lips pressed against each other.Lips parting as our tongues dance with each other. Your hand grab mine. Pulls them above my head. Holding them there. The full weight of your body on mine. The next sensation is the feeling of you slowly slip into me. Pushing until you can go no further. Holding tight against me. The wetness caressing you. Pleasurabl
Mother's First Biopsy
Well my mother just recently went in for her first biopsy on a lump the doctor found in her right breast. It was about the size of a quarter. It was an out patient procedure where they numbed the area and stuck a needle half the size around as a pencil in and removed the tissue for testing. When the doctor took the first sample, a large portion was removed so when he began to take another sample he removed the rest of the mass. The doctor believes that he got all the mass and now we are waiting to hear on the sample. Hopefully it is benign and not malignant at all. If it is malignant then my mother will have to have chemotherapy. When they do a biopsy they also put a metal marker in the area of the mass to mark where there was a mass. If another mass shows up later in the same spot then it is very likely the mass was not all removed, if a mass forms in another area then it has probably spread or there is another cluster of cancer starting.
That Sounds Like An R2 Unit
I missed my walking at the Dome this morning because I forgot to turn on my alarm (it’s already set; five-thirty is pretty much my default setting for waking up) last night, but I made up for some of it walking up and down our stairs when Sarah and Jeffrey under Martha’s direction were packing one basket of toys for each of them and opting to sell or give away the rest.  Truth be known, Sarah’s room has been an obstacle course the last week and a half because we’d started to clean (again, under Martha’s direction since she’s usually off work on Thursdays) before but didn’t get back to it except bit by bit.  And to be fair, I haven’t been successful at keeping the dishes from piling up and up except by the same sink full at a time.  But it’s looking better; I have to confess to a preference for the “lived in” look.  Should I be concerned if my house is TOO clean?   Today’s title refers to something I heard on Past
Are You A Peggy, A Betty Or A Joan?
You Are Joan You are sexy, sassy, and smarter than people realize. You know how to work a situation to your benefit. You are constantly getting underestimated, especially at work. That's okay, because you always get the last laugh. You are one tough cookie. You will do what it takes to survive, and you have the men of the world wrapped around your little finger. You put on a brave face, and no one really knows the true you. You're a lot more complicated than you seem. Are You a Peggy, a Betty, or a Joan? Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings!
Just Getting A Little Better
Just coming back after a week and a half battle with a terrible flu. I was vomitting, aching all over, fever of 104 degrees, delirious, super migraine headaches and severe weakness. I didn't know if I was coming or going. I do know that my fiancee was such a godsend to me and was so worried for my health that he was barely able to sleep at all. He watched over me faithfully and without  thought for his own health. He fed me, helped me to the restroom, bathe me, get me things to drink, took my temperture and gave me my medicine.  I do not know what I would have done without him because most the time I felt like dying. It was that bad. I just wanted to let everyone know where I was at and to say thank you in writing to my baby. I love you so much baby and I am so glad you were there for me. I love you with all my heart baby.
Your Profile Layout! A Directory If You Will.
Welcome! And I'm glad you're showing interest in learning to edit your profile yourself! This is the directory, I'll start from the top of the LostCherry/CherryTap/Fubar profile, and divide it up into sections, and further in depth on those! Happy Hour and the Who's Online Marquee:   This is the entire top section. Who's Online is no longer a marquee, but it periodically shuffles new users in. The Live Feed:   This is where all your updates are. The Chat Box:   AKA SB or ShoutBox, this is where users instant chat with you. The Blast Box:   This is where users are for 30 days that have bought or been given a "Blast". The Ticker:   This is a short message that users can purchase. As it now appears on the homepage instead of the user profile, I'll be skipping this. Name, Action links, and your URL:   Pretty basic, this section also included the Ticker at one time. Welcome / Header Pic (The space between the Chat Box, and the rest of your profile.):   Your welcome mat, se
Notties Go Wild
from: Firechief/Found... New Hotties of the Week United States subject: RE: 2 Alarm Hotties   received: 02/18/2010 06:35 pm replied: no    block this member    Flag as spam   Well 1st this is just like a Maryland lady I have yet to meet one that I liked. But I suppose you are like others trying to start a girls group. Well I didnt know you were one so for that Im sorry, We dont want nor do I want our girl asking you or anyone with you so I will put the word out.Enjoy the snow=== '•• . .ΜFĸŋ JÇ. . ••. . §ëЯ. . ••. .Ðเr±y Ðøzεn TART. . ••. .' wrote the following at '2010-02-18 18:25:15'..>> Hello - Fire Chief,> > Within the past month, many of your officers have approached more than 1/2 of the Dirty Dozen members in regards to joining the 2nd alarm h
The Butterfly Test
You Are Intense Yet Happy You are a pretty tightly wound person. You can be extremely passionate and dedicated. And while you definitely have a lot of intensity, you don't take yourself too seriously. You still have a good time. Whoever first said "Work hard - play hard" was thinking of someone exactly like you. That's pretty much your personal motto. You never do anything half way. You always go full force - whether you're working or having fun. The Butterfly Test Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
This "nice" Guy Will Finish Last At Least With Me
I don't get it!! You approach me with an attitude of a genuine guy and feed me line after line about how you want a real relationship and how you want all these qualities and how I poses them. But when it comes down to the follow through your no where to be found. I am not gonna be your part time anything or your target to try and manipulate I'm too good for all that bull. Maybe this tactic of being a "nice" guy has worked in the past but it hasn't worked on me what r u not getting I need more than empty promises. Obviously you keep coming back for something but if I wasn't right before then I'm not right now and I'm over this and over you as of now .
Stop Denying Your Sexuality After You Pull A Gay Move.
all dudes dats denying that the utter fact of your sexuality, im tellin you now, even though im not gay,doesnt mean you should deny that you stop hittin on me and denyin your sexuality just say it and have a little respect for yourself.
More Then Just Friends
I don't want what I'm about to say change the way things are, I'm a little scard of what you'll say 'cause I'd rather have you in me life as my friend then not have you in it at all.I feel so comfortable around you yet it's so hard to tell you how I feel about you, our friendship means so much more then that to me.I'm not sure where she stands with you all I know is that the time you spend with her was with me instead.I act like it doesn't bother me but, truth is I spend all my time wishing you were mine and I was in her place.It's hard to keep these feeling inside when all I wanna do is kiss you.I love how we can talk for hours, you just get me on a whole nother level, or how can sit in a room without saying a word and it still means so much.You're laugh makes me laugh and you're smile makes me smile.I bet you couldn't tell unless I told you but I wanna love you the way I want to, I want to be more then friends and I guess I was just wondering if you felt the same.
Hate Him
She wants to hate him, but she just can't find the way,Whenever he's around she doesn't know what to say.Her chest tightens, whenever he is near,She doesn't know why she even cares.He's hurt her before, but she still can't let go,Why she still likes him, she'll never know,He makes her breathless, but he makes her sad,She doesn't know why and it's driving her mad.She doesn't understand why she just can't let it be,She whispers to herself,"Why does he do this to me?"She hates herself for being so weak,Whenever he's around she can't seem to speak.Her heart beats faster and she finds it harder to breathe,Will he ever understand why she wants to leave?He leads her on and expects her to be fine,But he doesn't know she's nearly crossed the line.Her cuts get deeper, she finds it harder to bare,Where ever she goes, he seem to be there.She hates seeing him when he's with his girlfriend,It hurts her so bad, and she wants it to end.She's tearing her self apart, she has no control,She doesn't know
Slip into the nightCaught on a dream.Rip yourself awayAnd don't look back.It's time for freedomAnd time to love.It's time to leave behindEverything you've held onto.Don't be afraidAs you slip through the trees.The moon and stars will guide youAnd lead you safely to me.Softly, I whsiperAnd hope that you can hear:'This is it, my love,No turning back.'But even from miles awayI hear your heart beating in your chest.I feel the fear in youThat I know you've been hiding.You don't want to come here tonightAnd I understand why.But I want this last chanceTo look into your eyes.Soon everything will changeAnd we will drift apart.So tonight, let's hold eachotherAnd whisper in the dark.
My Uncle Jerry
My uncle has been living with a brain tumor for a while because its so embedded in his brain the surgeons just didn't want to mess with it. He has been going through radiation and chemo and it had shrunk down quite a bit but it has started growing again and its almost doubled its size in a very short amount of time. Hes had surgeries to cut off "feelers" that are trying to grow from the tumor. Unfortunately,because his tumor is growing so rapidly  he has now lost his sight, among many other problems. They have to do something about it now because the tumor is causing so much pressure to his brain. Sadly, his survival rate isn't very high due to where and how big the tumor is. Please pray for him. Miracles do happen everyday:)
This is an end list of equipment until they add new ones.... Weapons 40 wrenches 50 techs 25 At4 750 brownings Armor 750 Ba 750FBTA  (until disposal suits become available) 750 disposal suits ( for every disposal suit you buy sell one FBTA) 750 reinforced shelters ( for every rein. shelter you buy you can sell one disposal suit) Vehicles 750 TUV
Bones Needs Love
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Why Not To Run Up On A Crazy Man On The Bus....
Clicky Theres an amazing amount of discussion going on regarding the girl who eggs the guy on and then films HERSELF picking up the white guys grocery bag, Kinda funny how she pulls her own card... And now we have her video reply via youtube.... Clicky Hmmmmmmm.......Im not gonna touch on her horribly scripted reply.....anyways... point is...dont fuck with crazy old men! muchless swing on one....
The Bible Or A Diamond
The Bible or a Diamond Ring?   > A married lady was expecting a > birthday gift from her husband.  For many months > she had admired a beautiful diamond ring in a showroom, and > knowing her husband could afford it, she told him that was > all she wanted..   As her birthday approached, this > lady awaited signs that her husband had purchased  the > diamond ring. > >     Finally, on the morning of her birthday, her > husband called  her into his study.  Her husband > told her how proud he was to have such a good wife, and told > her how much he loved her..  He handed her a beautiful > wrapped gift box. > >   Curious, the wife opened the box and found a lovely, > leather-bound Bible,  with the wife's name embossed > in gold.  Angrily, she raised her voice to her >  husband and said, 'With all your money you give me > a Bible?' > >   She stormed out of the house, permanently leaving > her husband.  Many years passed and the lady was very > successful in business.  She managed to settle fo
The Naked Truth
I don't understand what the big deal is about seeing persons NSFW pics. Are people that desperate to see a nude photo that they bombard everyone wanting to see a gloy shot of something. I love human body and all it's glory but if I really want to see someone nude I look at my wife or maybe a porn flick of sorts. I don't bother other people with private photos they are private for a reason. Yeah their are those on here that have no problem showing off the goodies and thats fine. But don't think just cause it has a NSFW that your going to see an auctual nude shot. have respect for your friends but also for yourself and don't act like a dick. Does a true friend hound you to see you naked? I don't think so, or maybe I'm just old fashioned? I get pyst off when I see on a profile I don't have nude photos the only reason why they have that up is beacuse some douche has asked for them. Now excuse me while I browse the internet all this talk about boobs has me wanting to see a few.   Paul
Just Wow
As most of you know I work for an accounting firm. I have this one client that I do payroll for that believes that not only do I have do their work, but that I am to be their delivery service as well. Please do sit down before you go on. I will wait while you do this. Okay, so though I look sweet and innocent (stop laughing you tard) I am German, Irish Gemini and a female piss me off and well you probably will want to seek shelter. So this client calls and states she has this tax booklet I have been requesting and that I can come and pick it up. I said “Would it be possible for you to mail it or have someone bring it to me”? She said “what”? Why you come get it? I said I am sorry but I can not this time. Our clients bring in their work and pick it up when its done or request how it is to get to them. She said something in her native tongue I am sure it was how great I am. As my phone rang and another client walked in, so I politely requested to place her on
My Playlist
My Playlist
Nail Clippings
It was a sunny day in the frozen barren land.... A day that seemed like a perfect day to get new phones. As i drove towards the mall listening to a variety of music and really no one pissing me off while driving. All seemed well..   I get to the mall and woah look an actual expectant mothers parking spot. I am in luck, there is good in this pregnant world. Im glad I wore runners because walking the cement floors of a mall is a nemesis to a big pregnant lady.. I make it to the store, Im standing in line hes there with another client so i find the nearest wall and lean on it... Oh looks hes done my turn, Hes my guy... the guy you make your store buddy cause you shop their so often they know you... He grabs my phone I tell him what i want he says it will be 20 minutes do you want to sit in the lounge ill turn on the tv. My stomach is growling so i tell him im going to run and grab some food... I make my way to the bread and saucery company, a cute little coffee shop. I grab a sausage
The long road to Oracle is finally over. I could not have done it without a lot of help.  Thank you to everyone that ahs helped me along the way. I truely have the greatest fu friends (am R/L) a guy could ask for.
A Message To Them, From A Lone Marine.
Who is "them"? Them are the people who are not us. (sorry Dr. Beal I know you taught me better grammer than that but oh well)   Dear Them,       You asked me today why I served my country, what could justify serving a country that kills poor innocent civilians in a far off land. You could not see my reason for doing what I do. In your eyes I am a killer, yes I have killed men, and probably women maybe even children. My bombs do not discriminate on gender, or age or color or creed. I have killed my own Marines, not directly but what else will you have me call it sending a young man into a firefight? You asked what can justify this? What reason could I have to do what I do?       This is what I say to you, my home is in a land where brave men fought, brave men died and brave men killed. While in our native homelands we asked for freedom to worship, we asked for freedom to speak; our cries landed on deaf ears. We left our native land in an effort of peace, to remove ourselves from the
Fourth Rewrite Cris..............
Today a battle rages,Deep within her soul and mind.Away from hr inner demons,A true peace she longs to find.       I bet if she ever tryed,Mountains she could move. She could have the world,And hearts she'd never lose.       Though hers is in turmoil,And her stress beyond belief.I can see her drive,Theres nothing she can't achieve.       In her heart and her eyes,Her will is strong,no bending here. To all others hearts during her life, Cynde's heart Will know no fear..  
when you're drowning in your own world ... then there are parts of the world that will go away ..... like a stone into a glass of water ..... then there will be water coming out left cup
Warning Only For The Super Audio/record Geeks
Fuck this interface sucks.... just check it out here... Vinyl grooves under an electron microscope....         Click Here Sound Geek
American Freedoms Motorcycle Rally
It's the American Freedoms Motorcycle Rally and Event - 2010 at The Arena in Corbin, June 30 thru July 4, 2010. Lots of entertainment, bike rides, bike show, AVTT "Moving Wall" Vietnam memorial, huge military appreciation ceremony, Louisiana Crawfish Boil, mud bog, national vendors, pig roast at the Wednesday night Kick-Off Party. We're going to rock Corbin!!! That's Corbin, Kentucky at the South Corbin Exit [#25] on Interstate 75 Will Pass along any New Info as it comes along...but here is the link to the website if you want to take a look...Corbin American Motorcycle Rally We just received this information and do not yet have all the details on it but will gladly pass along any info we get as soon as we receive it. Within the next few days we will add to the post a list that contains info about local hotels, bars, restaurants, attractions, sights, camping areas, etc. Any questions about the general area, feel free to ask and we will fill you in. Paul & Sondra IMPORTANT NOTE: No
For Widows Friend? Better? Third Time A Charm Cris???? Hmhhhmmm???? Lmfao
Today a battle rages,Deep within her soul and mind.Away from hr inner demons,A true peace she longs to find.   I bet if she ever tryed,Mountains she could move. She could have the world,And hearts she'd never lose.   Though hers is in turmoil,And her stress beyond belief.I can see her drive,Theres nothing she can't achieve.   In her heart and her eyes,Her will is strong,no bending here. To all others hearts during her life, May Cynde's heart always be held dear.    
My Heart
The blood now flows from deep inside my heartthe hand that holds it shall keep us far apartand place my love in a box to stay for yearsuntil this heart may love again sans tears.My heart is cracked, so worn by years of painThe fragile monster shall not again be plainOh, the tears I've cried, the blood I've shed for loveThe pain I've felt the Hell I've known from aboveMy thought my hopes so dashed so torn, so meekThat hate has burned my heart so black and bleakIt is my hand that holds this heart so frailI'd rip it from my chest to stop my wailI've loved, I've lost I've cried the tears of whiteI bleed this white and prepare for coming nightIn the night I'll stay, in the night so dark I'll lienever to taste a kiss of love I'll sighbut never again shall I cry...
All I wanted was to hear you saythat you loved me and wouldn't swaybut your words came from far awayto remind me I'll be alone today All I wanted was to see youAll I wanted was to be with youAll I needed was to reach youI had all I needed to complete you But holding your heart I'll be stronghumming the bars of the same old songit feels so good it can't be wrongBut every day now seems so long I want to hold you so I can say I can feel your touch every day It's a strange caress from ghostly handsscratching my skin like grains of sand I don't know what I would do if you were hereexcept whisper to you my dearthat for you I would gladly dieand carry your words to where I lie But I'm left longing for the kissfrom the boy who's touch I missIf I could I'd take your handand walk you through the shadow land and when we came through the other sideI'd make a spot for you to hideand there on the edge of darkness we'd completethe circle that was meant to be
Want Me? Own Me For A Month
"sex. Sex Sells." I Knew I Liked Zombiemonkey For A Reason.
Favourite position?  It depends on my mood, really. Sometimes I like being the supervisor. Others, I am perfectly content with something entry level. Whatever pays the bills, I guess. What turns you on the most? I have a thing for a yellow rubber raincoat on a guy with a beard. It especially helps if he stands under a fake weather machine and holds up a box of breaded, processed fish product.   Does size matter? Well, of course. I hate it when I can't fit all my furniture and knick-knacks into a room. I really deplore clutter, so I need a lot of space.   Most times in one day? What's the square root of 525,600?   Most orgasms in one session? Zero. I didn't know that sound checks gave other people orgasms...I'll have to check into that....   What do you think about during sex? Laundry, how much I would like a new puppy because they are so gosh-darn loyal, and sometimes, on special occasions, what drawings I can mentially pull out of the popcorn on my ceiling.   Ever had a t
Discovery Channel By Bloodhound Gang
Ha-ha, well now, we call this the act of mating But there are several other Very important differences Between human beings and animals That you should know about I'd appreciate your input Sweat baby, sweat baby Sex is a Texas drought Me and you do the kind of stuff That only Prince would sing about So put your hands down my pants And I bet you'll feel nuts Yes I'm Siskel, yes I'm Ebert And you're getting two thumbs up You've had enough of two-hand touch You want it rough, you're out of bounds I want you smothered, want you covered Like my Waffle House hashbrowns Comin' quicker than Fed Ex Never reach an apex Just like coca-cola stock You are inclined to make me rise an hour early Just like daylight savings time Do it now You and me baby we ain't nothin' but mammals So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel Do it again now You and me baby we ain't nothin' but mammals So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel Gettin' horny now Love, the kind you clean up With
Do I? Memory Of The Beautiful Life Of Gina.
*The following paragraph contains graphic descriptions of two tragic and unnecessary deaths. If you are sensitive to these things, spare yourself and read no further. I cut no bones about the details, because people need to see what can happen when we ignore people with real issues and feed healthy kids huge doses of ritalin. This blog is pretty much my own therapy, but feel free to read it. Maybe you can make a difference for someone that will be just big enough to save them from themselves.*   **I know this is unnatrually depressing for your favourite perky goth. This was written by a dear friend just a few days before she passed away in December. She took her own life. She tortured herself to death, quite literally. She mutilated her own vagina with a curling iron, cauterizing her body parts off beyond repair. She had third degree burns on various other part of her anatomy, including her arms, stomach and face. When her 31-year-old sister found her body, her face was so destroyed
Best Massage And Escort Services In Cebu City,philippines
Massage and Escorts in Cebu City,Philippines.Everything you need in One Package!   Let our Massage Ladies entertain and take you on a pleasant and unforgetable day,evening and night. For all your occasions,such as events,parties,travelling,sight seeing and more.Our Male and Female Escort and Massage available upon your request.   King's Massage Cebu City Philippines Tel. # : ( 032) 5833 453 Cellphone: +63927 2877 743
I Wish You Enough.
This is beautiful, and a tradition I intend to start with my children, should I ever have them.       “Recently, I overheard a Mother and daughter in their last moments together at a regional airport. They had announced her departure and standing near the security gate, they hugged and she said, ‘I love you. I wish you enough.’She in turn said, ‘Mom, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Mom.’ They kissed and she left.She walked over toward the window where I was seated. Standing there, I could see she wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on her privacy, but she welcomed me in by asking, ‘Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?’ ’Yes, I have,’ I replied. ‘Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?’ I asked. ‘I am old and she lives much too far away. I have challenges ahead and the reality is, the
One Artist Survey Game.
Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title. Do this if you like. Pick a band that has a lot of songs. My Artist:Tori AmosAre you a male or female?Cornflake GirlDescribe yourself:Abnormally Attracted To SinHow do you feel:Girl DissappearingDescribe where you currently live:I Can't See New YorkIf you could go anywhere, where would you go:Beulah LandYour favorite form of transportation:Taxi RideYour best friend:Professional WidowYou and your best friends:Almost RoseyWhat's the weather like:Snow Cherries From FranceFavorite time of day:Sleeps With ButterfliesIf your life was a TV show, what would it be called:She's Your CocaineWhat is life to you:Blood RosesYour current relationship:Sorta FairytaleYour fear:1000 OceansThought for the Day:Tear In Your HandHow I would like to die:Me and a GunMy soul's present condition:Silent All These YearsMost Faithful Companion:Liquid DiamondsMy motto:Secret Spell
13 Things You Never Gave A Damn You Didn't Know About Me.
1. I was born on Friday, 13 February 1976, at 11:58PM. Yes, this makes me an Aquarius.    2. I'm a modern gypsy. The longest I have stayed in one place in my adult life is two years. Places I've stayed long enough to call home: Paterson,NJ; Tampa,FL; Orlando,FL; New Orleans; London; Tel Aviv; Calcutta; New York City; Oklahoma City; Chicago; Atlanta.   3. I am allergic to pennicillan, coconut, bees, and most laundry detergents. I found all of these out the hard way.   4. I am a daredevil, a show-off, and an accident magnet. This combination has led to almost 100 broken bones and nearly 1000 stitches over the course of my life.   5. The first physical feature I notice about other people is their hands. I'm a sucker for elegance and long fingers. Boys who paint their fingernails get me hot.   6. I have changed careers three times. I started out my life in the entertainment industry...modeling, singing, dancing and acting. Then I switched to the funeral industry. Now, I'm an arch
Green Is The New Black.
Ok, so this going green thing has become a trend of epidemic proportions. I took some easy steps to green up my world. And prove that you don't have to have a huge budget or an HGTV special to save our planet. Being green doesn't have to be about turning into a patchouli wearing pothead or an overtanned health freak. So here are my 10 EASY STEPS to going green and staying awesome. 1) DIGITIZE YOUR LIFE. Not only does it make you look cool and all hip and up on the latest technology, it's also good for our planet. Since this is a website!! I thought I would point out that digitizing is one of the best ways to go green today. Ask for online credit card and utility statements. Ask for online checking. Digitize your books, CDs, movies, art, hell, even your Book of Shadows and save up to 100 acres of forest a year all on your own, just by using the tool you are using to read this blog. Don't print anything you don't need to. Reuse the other side of the paper. And use recycled paper. Make su
I Love Living In The Future
So there's this document that I'm working on for work. I'm a technical writer/editor, for those of you not in the know. Anyway, in part of this document, there are a ton of mathematical formulas for statistical sampling which were done via the MS Word equation editor. All well and good. Part of my job, though, is getting the documents ready for publication on the web. As part of this, the document has to be converted to HTML, which turns all those equations into image files. Now, the problem with that is that, for screen reader/disability compatibility, all images have to have an alt text with a textual rendition of what's in the image. So I find myself in the unenviable position of having to spell out, in words, what those formulae say. Now, I'm okay at math. Not great at math, but I get the job done most times. Still, it's been a long, long time since my last math class, and some of these are pretty complex. I asked my coworkers, but no one was able to do much better. Well crap, I
10 Things I Hate About You.
In response to the "tell us 10 things about yourself" phenomenon that is fubar blogging, I thought I'd reciprocate with 10 things about humanity that I am generally unfond of.  If you hate the same ten things, please, come take me out for dinner. We can be misanthropic and hate the world together. I might even buy you a drink. Something with bitters in it.   1. You gotta be the girl with the most cake. Seriously, in a century, when you are worm food, that iPod won't mean a thang, sista. Neither will all your bling (real life here people, not fu) or the game you talk or the hotties you bed or your swagger. ALL that will matter is the impact you left on your world or the legacy you handed down. So shut up and DO something. Stop trying to collect happiness and find it in what really, kindness and compassion.   2. Being the best liar is what gets you to the top of the heap. Honesty counts for shit. It's seen as bitchiness. Yeah, ok. The better you are at pretending to be
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If You Have A Fubar Tshirt Photo Post It Here
Please post our tshirt photos in my blog. Thanks
Happy Anit- Valentines Day
Heart and roses and kisses galore, what the hell is all this crap for? :P People get all mushy and start acting queer, It's definitely  the most annoying day of the year. This day needs to get the hell over with and pass, Before I shove something up Cupid's ass. I'll spend the day so drunk I can't speak, And wear black all week. Guys act all sweet, but soon it will fade. For all they are doing id trying to get laid. The arrow Cupid shot at me must not have hit, Cause I think this love thing if full of shit. So, here's my story.. what else can I say? love bites my ass... Screw Valentine's day
This Is Deep But So True
This is deep!     LETTING    GO   This is beautiful. Read it to the end...the message is awesome!!! By T.. D. Jakes  There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. The bible said that, they came out from us that it might be made manifest that they were not for us. For had they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us. [1 John 2:19]  People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. Let them go. And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in you
Say Hi To Susie For Me.
I'm headed off to an All-inclusive, smoking cessation resort. I've stayed there before, but I have a 90 day credit to use up. They really want me to come back. So much so, That they have sent representatives to come pick me up. For free, even! I've ignored their pleas and door knocking thus far, but realize that the persistant buggers will not allow Susie, Myself and the munchkin any peace until I Succumb to their charm and go relax at the resort. They are persistant.         So, to Allow us as a family to move forward as a complete unit, Without having the shades pulled down constantly, we've decided to grace them with my presence at their designated place of leisure.          This is where you kind people come in. I Ask you to stay in touch with Susie and provide a venting outlet in her stressful times. Check in occaisionally, say hi and muss up her hair, or pat her on the ass. She's strong, but I know she'll need support. I love her very much and want her to keep her chin up while
Poem Of The Day...021810
Sometimes a poem Might be just words Others might be real deep Some may make you think While others may make you weep.
We Are,
What I am is not something I really hide from people. True, a lot of us in the community do NOT make it known what we are; but, some of us do. I have it stated clearly in most of my online profiles exactly what it is I am. I don't hide it. By stating what it is I am in my profiles, it helps weed out certain individuals who are closed-minded, mocking, or just complete assholes. Those who wish to continue talking to me after reading my profile(s), do. Those who don't wish to talk to me after reading my profile(s), don't. Now, even though I was interviewed for a documentary, most people I meet in life, on the street, etc., do not know this, nor do they know what I am upon first glance/talk/meet. That's fine. In most situations, I do not volunteer the information. However, I don't really go to extreme lengths to HIDE what I am, either. If the topic comes up in conversation, I am completely honest about it. If they are interested to know more, to be informed, I gladly
Carpe Nocturnum
Seize the Night. That's my motto. I . . . am a vampire, and the darkness is my home. I can hide from you in plain view, and you'd never know I was there. My senses reel with every scent, every sound, every emotion that floats upon the midnight breeze. I have a memory spanning several hundred years past, through different lives . . . And I can remember each death I've recieved. Throughout these years, much knowledge has been imparted to me. I know more than I wish to, at times; and yet, it seems that I do not know enough. I can feel your emotions reach out towards me before you ever realize what it is you're feeling. I can smell you on the wind, and hear your footsteps on the grass. I can see you in the distance, and know why it is you come. I have a thirst for blood, but rest assured, you are safe. I do not take from those I do not know. I am not a thief in the night, and I neither have a want nor a need to be. Your life essence is entirely safe, unless you give t
Generating Electricity Using Wind Energy
When the wind blows, kinetic energy is being create. If kinetic energy is captured, it can be turned into other forms of energy. Wind is a renewable source of energy because it never runs out. It is clean because it does not produce pollution or carbon dioxide. Click here to read more - Home Wind Turbine and Magnet Motor Windmills in history Windmills have been used to mill (or grind) flour for more than one thousand years. The first windmills were probably built in Central Asia in the 9th century. Hundreds of years later, people began using windmills to pump water out of the ground. Capturing and converting energy Windmills are machines that convert (change) the wind’s movement into the power to move machinery. A wind turbine is a type of windmill that produces electricity. It has blades to catch the wind. The turbine converts the movement of the air into power for a generator. The generator uses that power to make electricity. Producing power Large wind turbines are very
Camera Operator London | Lighting Cameraman | Director Of Photography
I'm a freelance Camera Operator London & Director of Photography. I've been working out of London for more than 10 years. I've been lighting & filming dramas, promo's and corporate videos for sometime now and know that we can get the best for the mood of the piece and I'm happy to work with the director to get the best from the time we have. Not a problem checking out locations & working with other crew. I have worked on many projects including many pop promo's also corporate, commercial, dramas, short film and live productions. I'm reliable, punctual and easy to get on with.  
Dear Diary
Dear Diary,               I stand half naked in front to the bay window, I reach into my bag, I pulled out my book and pen, I being to write to you, diary. This is my resource to keep my wicked deeds straight. I no longer know how many I have killed or will kill in the mere future. All I know…             I have killed again today. I found it thrilling. But I guess I will tell more to you. All my hidden deeds that brought death to men and women, who mistreated others, I choose them…because of my past. No one has to the divine right to hurt someone else. I can no longer stomach what is going in life, so what I had to become is now…             Is no longer lightness or goodness in life, it has become darkness seeking out justice for those who can’t fight back like….me at one time in my dark past. I am no longer sure….I’m making the wrong or right choices, but do know…             Give those back what they place others…is
Accused Of Stealing Staff
Allright, Let me get a few things clear. I was just accused tonight of stealing staff from another lounge. This is something I did not do , nor have I ever. The person who accused me I will not name at this time, but they know who they are and so do others. He has informed me that " supposedly" others have came to him and said I steal members and attempt to steal their staff as well. This is something I am not sure whether to believe or take as just another ploy. So I wanted to write this in case. I have never, nor will I ever feel the need to lower myself to stealing another lounge owners staff. If you feel I am like this or have done this please feel free to come to me. There are many lounges on my lounge list, and many I support adn know have good honest ppl in them. And some know I would do just about anything to help. This is coming up because I hired a Dj who I was told quit. Who came to me and asked for a job. This is wwhat happens, ppl change almost like
My Night
Well.. my night started out crappy.. kinda   I went and met my mother for drinks since it was her bday. had a blast with her :D shes insane... after that me and this guy from work (shannon) were supposed to meet up and play pool at this place called hard rack at 1030. I get there at 1035 and he isn't there... I text him and ask where he was.. no response... 20 minutes later.. i ask him if he is still coming.. no response...  20 minutes after that i say fuck it and text him telling him i was going to ANOTHER bar (only reason i stayed that long was because i knew a girl there and was talking to her) I was FURIOUS (hence the status from my cell) I start pounding down shots... then.. i get a text message saying something like "omg i am sooo sorry.. i fell asleep.. i am going now.. if you don't come i understand" I text him back saying i was at AJs and didn't know if i wanted to leave... well at midnight my friend laura and i are getting restless and tired of watching slutty bitches dr
Ok so I live in Sun Brook Apartments, in St. Charles the 63301 area, and I work in Schnucks, in Brentwood St. Louis part time, so those of u that know the area, understand my feelings. Last night my best friend's Mother died, and im debating on moving down there to be closer for her...I Love her dearly we are like sisters...but she is the onlyone out there, and my grandmother is not doing well either, and I am a Grandma's girl through and through, and the rest of my friends, and family are near me right now, so i dont know if me moving will benifit me or be worse than where im at now...   any thoughts???...feel free to let me know Marsha
Larryland - Part Deux
Once upon a time there was a place that was alot like Fubar. Except it didn't have people in underwear, it just had really stupid names for you to don like a fine pair of leopard print banana slings (for men), and I am not sure there really were any real women there except for me - but I always put on a name that was vaguely violent. It was called LARRYLAND - and you had to PAY to PLAY there. Anyway...
Close Friendships
An Angel's Suicide
Memories are flooding into my mind, Wrenching my heart with sorrow. This pen is pouring my soul into a note; 'The pain is too much to bear, The angel has fallen; So send up a prayer That she may be guided, the fallen.' My signature is found at the bottom, If anyone finds and cares to read it. With tears streaming down my face, I hold the blade to my wrist. Each moment I push the blade harder And each moment I cry all the more. Completely numb, I take the plunge. Suddenly I recall your words, 'The tears you cry are like a thousand knives to my heart.' But they come to me too late for as I collapse to the ground All I see is red and feel nothing. It is done, an angel's suicide.   Written by Danielle K.
10+ Foods For A Super Body, Satisfy Cravings, Fight Stress, Build Immunity
Recipes for the Mind, Body, Soul, Fitness, and Health!! Facts of Life: Stick to the List and watch the definition happen: Eat 6 small meals a day Eat lean protein and complex carbohydrates at every meal Lean protein can come from lean poultry, fish, egg whites, soy beans, legumes, lebtils, and limited nuts (remember we are going for defined abs) 2 handfuls a day is suffice Complex Carbohydrates come from fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains Drink plenty of water everyday at least 3 liters almost a gallon avoid all processed refined and chemically charged foods avoid sugars except for naturally occuring sugars in fruits avoid trans and saturated fats avoid sodas and juices since they contain loads of sugars,either real or fake (I just cant seem to follow this one well) Limit treats to once per week rather than an entire day.. What to eat before you workout??? Eat complex carbs for energey before a workout and lean proteins afterward for tiss
The Cancer Journey
Cancer is a journey - both medical and emotional. You leave the life you know as soon as you hear the words "you have cancer," not knowing what lies ahead for your body or your soul. While each journey is unique, there are universal stops and turns for every cancer patient and caregiver/co-survivor. Understanding this journey will help you maneuver the obstacles and prepare for various possibilities as you juggle new information for yourself and your family or community. The first step has been decided, whether it is surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or experimental treatments making their way into clinical trials. There are things you can do to get ready for treatment to take control of this part of the journey. Diagnosis Cancer. In the coming days and weeks you will be required to make life-changing decisions at a time when you are grappling emotionally with the life changes that cancer brings. We are here with information that will help you take control of this time. Breathe,
Unexpected & Unique The Challenges Of Breast Cancer In Women Under 40
Breast cancer is usually the furthest thing from your mind when planning for your 30th birthday. But for Jeannine Salamone of Alexandria, Virginia, a breast lump was an uninvited guest. She actually noticed the painful lump a few weeks earlier, but by the time she saw her gynecologist it had gotten bigger and more painful. A mammogram showed suspicious signs of calcifications in the breast and she was sent to a surgeon for a biopsy. “I got the results the next day,” she says, “the day I turned 30, and it was positive for cancer.” Before her diagnosis Salamone says she had no clue that someone her age could get breast cancer. But she quickly learned that young women do get this disease. In fact, although breast cancer is more common in older women, about 13,700 women younger than 40 years of age will get breast cancer this year in the United States. A few of these women, like Salamone, will learn they carry mutations in one of the two known breast cancer genes, called BRCA1 and
What Is Cancer?
What is Cancer?BY THE American Cancer SocietyMEDIAView Illustration:Cause & EffectAlthough there are many kinds of cancer, they all start because of out-of-control growth of abnormal cells. Normal body cells grow, divide, and die in an orderly fashion. Because cancer cells continue to grow and divide, they are different from normal cells. Instead of dying, they outlive normal cells and continue to form new abnormal cells.Cancer cells develop because of damage to DNA, which directs all activities in each cell. When DNA becomes damaged, the body is usually able to repair it. In cancer cells, however, the damaged DNA is not repaired. People can inherit damaged DNA, which results in approximately 10 percent of all cancers. More often, though, a person's DNA becomes damaged by exposure to something in the environment or random cellular events.Most cancers originate almost anywhere in the body and usually form as a solid tumor, while others, such as leukemia and myeloma, are sometimes referr
Hazards To Your Heart! Protecting The Heart From Toxic Side Effects Of Cancer Therapy
Hazardous to Your Heart BY JAMIE SPENCER Protecting the heart from toxic side effects of cancer therapy. How Heart Damage Occurs At the dizzying moment when a patient first receives a diagnosis of cancer, the side effects of treatment to fight the disease may seem insignificant. That was certainly true for Adriana Jenkins, who found out in 2001 at age 31 that she had inflammatory breast cancer and the disease had already spread to her lymph nodes and chest wall. “Quite honestly, my situation was so dire,” she says now, “if they had said hydrochloric acid would help, I’d have spread it all over my body.” Instead, she entered a trial for Herceptin® (trastuzumab). But after 12 weeks of treatment, despite her cancer responding well, she had to withdraw from the trial because of potentially dangerous changes in her heart rhythm. Adriana Jenkins was removed from a Herceptin study after experiencing injury to her heart. Photo by David Gordon. While many side effects o
4 Exercises To Sharpen Your Brain
4 Exercises to Sharpen Your BrainBy Dr. Maoshing Ni - Posted on Fri, Jun 19, 2009, 1:12 pm PDT Dr. Mao's Secrets of Longevity by Dr. Maoshing Ni a Yahoo! Health Expert for Alternative Medicine Visit Alternative Medicine Home » More By This Expert 4 Exercises to Sharpen Your Brain8 Commonly Used Herbs and their Healing Properties5 Secrets to Preserve Your Eyesight All Blog Posts Did you find this helpful? Rate this blog entry: Sign in to rate!Sign in to rate!thumbs up thumbs down 95% of users found this article helpful. Think of your brain as a muscle: It gets stronger with exercise. Your everyday mental tasks are like walking, but how about a real workout? Try these simple exercises to boost your brain power and clear away the fog of forgetfulness. 1. Use your non-dominant hand Tackling new tasks improves brain capacity in younger people and has a restorative effect on mental faculties that are declining. Boost your brain power right now by performing everyday acti
What Kids Need And Want To Know When A Parent Is Diagnosed
What kids need and want to know when a parent is diagnosed. Little Joanie had a hard question: “Who’s going to be my mommy?” “I’m your mommy,” answered Janice Hayes-Cha. But that wasn’t the whole question. “I’m too scared to say it!” said Joanie. “Can you whisper it in my ear?” She could: “Who’s going to be my mommy if you die?” Kids ask hard questions all the time, but for parents facing cancer it can be even harder. Fortunately, Hayes-Cha was ready. “All I could think of was my kids,” she says of her initial diagnosis with advanced breast cancer. “I was really freaked out.” Then her doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center suggested the Parenting At a Challenging Time, or PACT, program. “It was a huge relief to have that expertise at my disposal.” Joanie wasn’t even sad that day, says Hayes-Cha; she was just working things out. “Her main issue was, ‘Who is going to take care of me?’ ” Hayes-Cha countered that she didn’t think she would die s
Bone Cancer
Definition of bone cancer: Primary bone cancer is cancer that forms in cells of the bone. Some types of primary bone cancer are osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma, malignant fibrous histiocytoma, and chondrosarcoma. Secondary bone cancer is cancer that spreads to the bone from another part of the body (such as the prostate, breast, or lung). Estimated new cases and deaths from cancer of the bones and joints in the United States in 2009: New cases: 2,570 Deaths: 1,470 1. What is bone cancer? Bone cancer is a malignant (cancerous) tumor of the bone that destroys normal bone tissue (1). Not all bone tumors are malignant. In fact, benign (noncancerous) bone tumors are more common than malignant ones. Both malignant and benign bone tumors may grow and compress healthy bone tissue, but benign tumors do not spread, do not destroy bone tissue, and are rarely a threat to life. Malignant tumors that begin in bone tissue are called primary bone cancer. Cancer that metastasizes (spreads
20 Superfoods For Weightloss
20 superfoods for weight loss It's time for a new slim-down mantra: Eat more to weigh less. No joke! The right foods help you drop pounds by revving your calorie burn and curbing cravings. We consulted top experts for the best picks and asked leading chefs for easy, tasty ways to prepare them. Add these eats to your plate today and you'll be slimmer and healthier in no time! 1. Steak Beef has a rep as a diet buster, but eating it may help you peel off pounds. In a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women on a diet that included red meat lost more weight than those eating equal calories but little beef. "The protein in steak helps you retain muscle mass during weight loss," says study author Manny Noakes, Ph.D. Try to consume local organic beef; it's healthier for you and the environment. Eat more Grill or broil a 4-ounce serving of top round or sirloin; slice thinly to top a salad, or mix with veggies for fajitas. 2. Eggs Dig in to eggs, yolks an
30 Foods That Fight Fat
30 foods that fight fat Want to peel off pounds but can't handle the hunger? Dig in to SELF's new bag of diet tricks, one that shows you how eating more of certain foods (even pizza!) can help you lose. The women here shed weight effortlessly—fill up on their picks, and you'll stay satisfied and get slim, too! Breakfast Cottage cheese "It's the perfect breakfast because it keeps me full until lunch," says Melody Abedinejad, 22, of Weston, Massachusetts. "I lost 40 pounds in 10 weeks!" Why it works Cottage cheese has whey protein, which releases hormones that tell your brain when you've had enough to eat, says Dave Grotto, R.D., of Chicago. Look for lowfat versions, which have 80 calories and 1 gram of fat per 1/2 cup. Egg whites "I eat them every day," says Jennifer Ruff, 36, of New York City. "I throw in a little cheese for flavor." Why they work The amino acids in egg whites help build lean muscle that may in turn help rev metabolism. Lowfat cheese will curb calorie c
Shooting Stars
Shooting Stars For my brother Jeff   As with every cloudless night, My eyes are drawn to the sky; Tiny diamonds sparkle in my sight. I make a wish as a star begins to fall in reply. Pleading that my wish be granted, My heart starts to burn. My eyes glued to the sky, feet planted; I'm waiting for my turn. Waiting for the graceful stars To grant one simple wish, On this beautiful night of shooting stars.   Written by Danielle K.
Save Your Pet From A Lonely Rapture
For $110, Earth-Bound Pets' "network of animal activists are committed to step in when you step up to Jesus." If the rapture happens within 10 years of your first payment, your pet will be saved. There's a limit of one pet per household, and additional pets are another $15. Sadly, they are only equipped to handle dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, small caged mammals, and horses, camels, llamas and donkeys in certain states. Tough luck for the reptiles. I'm sure you have a lot of questions, like how do we know this said atheist care giver won't convert and get raptured away at the last minute? Also, what if Grandma gets left behind, can she take care of my dog over a stranger? The site answers all these queries in their FAQ section. Q: How do you ensure your representatives won't be Raptured. A: Actually, we don't ensure it, they do. Each of our representatives has stated to us in writing that they are atheists, do not believe in God / Jesus, and that they have blasphemed in a
Alone.... crying in the middle of the nightno one to stop the painheart screaming for attentionno one can hear me thoughcuz I am  Alone.. Alone.... wanting, needing, desiringto fell the warmth of a touchplaced upon my bodybut reality calls me backcuz I am Alone.. Alone.... knowing that in the endwhen all is said and doneI will leave this world broken-hearted and Alone Alone.... Carla K.
Get Together
I think i've mentioned this before, but, now it'sfor real. I'm proposing a get to gether for the Fu's. It should be a simple BBQ or something that will be on a weekend, maybe July 1st or something. It's a chance for everyone to get together and meet each other, and just hang out for a day or two. I do this in another game i play once a year, and it has been a really great experiance. So, if you are interested plz let me know where you live, so we can find a central location, (where someone has enough room to accomadate everyone, yard wise at least...)  I my self live in N.E. Arkansas.  I have the yard, but no accommadations. Unless u bring a tent lol   So, let me know, we'll see if we can get this thing going. and tell your Fu Friends, see if they are interested. I should also say, this is not a 1 person pays for everything. everyone contributes to what they want to eat, drink, ect. the rest is just being able to acually meet each other and having fun.. (note: we generally get mot
Believe Me
Human predators abound, preying on the weak, the helpless. These lions do not need taming. they need to be put down.
For Thou Art Dust, And Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return
Until I moved to North Dakota and went to and joined Bethany Lutheran Church that Martha and her family grew up in, I did not know very much about Lent.  I always thought of the verb meaning to give to someone for temporary use with expectation of reimbursement, and it’s often interchanged with the past tense of the verb “borrow” along the lines of, “I borrowed her twenty bucks.”  But this season in the church leading up to Easter Sunday may have a new meaning for me this year as I write this.  I get stymied about what to give up and will I make it to the first Sunday of April this year?  I tried coffee last year and lasted two weeks; Martha tells me that when she was growing up she and her best friend Rachel gave up Mountain Dew for Lent and succeeded.  But it doesn’t have to be something you’re tied down by, does it, to be given up?   Unto dust … I remember the capitalized form is central to the plot of Philip Pullman’s His Dar
Hard To See - Five Finger Death Punch
Hard To See lyricsI'm growing so distantNothing makes sense to me anymoreI'm learning to resistBecoming more than you ever wereCan't explain, whats come over me (come over me)Can't explain, why it's so hard for me,So hard to see your side.Projecting all my angerI can't seem to get this through to youThe walls are closing inI dare you to walk in my shoesCan't explain, whats come over me (come over me)Can't explain, why it's so hard for me,So hard to see your side.Your side..I won't see your sideCan't explain, whats come over me (come over me)Can't explain, why it's so hard for me,So hard to see your side.Can't explain, whats come over me (come over me)Can't explain, why it's so hard for me,So hard to see your side.I won't see your side.YOUR SIDE
Where Mona Lisa Goes
Mona Lisa is in overdrive a smile cracking across her lips puppet strings pulled across the constraints of time I am the flame of my perpetually artistic flame burning finger tip tracing out my passions with razorblades I name my scars, the crimes I commit against myself are ghosts Mona Lisa looks on with a smile attempting to harness my mask delicate deliberate deviant detrimined to derail details with dignity. Mona Lisa takes a vacation with in the confines of her mask etched across her own morbid history recreating fables answering questions with questions.    
~Start~ 1. Your gender: M 2. Are you liking someone: yea 3. Are you hungry: Yes 4. Are you bored: Yes 5. Your birthday: November 23 6. Age you wish you were: 21 but already am 7. The color of your hair: dirty blonde 8. Color you wish your hair was: no diff 9. The color of your eyes: Blue 10. Got any piercing: no 11. Want anything pierced: yea 12. Tattoos: not yet 13. Who do you like: a girl 14. Any siblings: yea -​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-R
I was wondering why the smartest people in the world doesnt use common sense in dealing  with people or real life problems .
Still Need Lots Of Prayers
My son went to vanderbilt on dec 22, and they did some breathing tests on him and xray... the xray didn't show anything but he didn't do well on his breathing tests.... they are testing him this coming monday(feb 22) for cystic fibrosis and doing an ekg on him..... In the meantime he has been diagnosed with kohler disease (somehow not getting enough blood to his feet)....they did an mri on his foot today to check him further on that and they are planning to test him at some point for marfan syndrome as well.......please pray for him that he can be treated and start getting better....  
Luv It!!!!
BILL FUKKIN MURRAY!!   I know that is not your middle name....but I fukkin love you       Zombie Land Woody Harrelson
Save Yourself
Turn out the light.Just say goodnight to yourself.May I remind you,when you find you're all alone's when you,you've got to be strong.Thats when they call you in the night.He's got your picture in his mind.He's got your number on a paperat his disposal anytime.Is it really true? Could you save yourself for someone who could love you for you?So many times we just give it awayto someone who, someone who...You met in a barin the back of a carand for a moment you felt importantbut not in your heart.'Cause my self esteem, its been lowgo ahead and count, its been lower than low And I know the feeling of it stealing life out from under me....cause i wanna learnBY SENSE you save yourself for someone who could love you for you!So many times we just give it awayto someone who couldn't even remember your nameCould you save yourself for someone who loves you for youand loves me for me?We give it away to someone whosomeone who'd cherish you.'Cause I wanna learn how you save yourself for so
A Promise To Mom
  Now that you're gone,.. I'll remember you with smiles and laughter And if I need to cry, I'll cry with our family who walk in grief beside me. And when I need you, I'll put my arms around anyone and give to them what I need you to give to me. There are so many who need so much. You have left me something... something much better than words or sounds. I'll Look for you in the people I've known or those you helped and touched in some special way. You will always live in my heart as well as my mind. I will love you most by letting my love reach out to our loved ones, by embracing them and living in their love. Love does not die, people do. So, when all that's left is love, It will be your love that lives on forever.   I love you Mom... rest in peace.
God Sent Me You
You lay there asleep. And I watch you.  I fight the sudden urge not to cry.  I want so badly to wrap my arms around you.  But I don't for fear that you will wake.  My eyes are heavy. My heart worn.  I fight the want to drift to sleep.  Reality is now so much better than my dreams.    I Thank God for you daily. How I have been blessed.  I wonder if you know. How lost I use to be.  How sad and lonley I was. Before you found me. I am good at hiding it.  But tonight in this light I can not help but cry.  My heart is overwhelmed , By the reality that you are mine.    I see you in my space.  Through out the house , doing your thing.  You try to help in every way. I've never had that before.  Its hard for me to adjust. So when you think that I look sad,  Thats not it.  Its just ,    I've searched for you ,  As far back as I could remember,  This space in my heart , empty. My will , growing thiner.  I knew eventually , You would find your way to me ,  So I waited
My Theme Song 187 By Senses Fail
It's so nice sitting very still,in a room where no one else can feel the pain that breaks my heart each day,I'm not ok.Sunlight shining through my window,let's me know that I'm still aliveWhy did I ever let you inside my heart? I'm such a fool.Paint my face in shades of bloodand grey and take a seat right next to meBut I should have known that you were a killer.But now I'm dead.A gaping hole, shot through my heartA lost connection from your poison dartShot from your tounge to end my life. You're blowing at the fire to light your strife.You'll never know.The hardest thing about dying is,knowing you'll never see the light of day.A gaping hole...(shot through my heart)A lost connection from your poison dart.My head now spins and my ears bleed gold.I try so fucking hard, but I can't fit your mold.The hardest thing about dying isknowing you'll never see the light of day(x2)You ripped my heart out,you tore my eyes out, now you're gonna payI'll stab you one time.I'll eat your heart out so you
Want My Points For 12 Hours? Well This Is How It Is Gonna Work!  I Am Gonna Auction Off My Points!   The Bids R Gonna Start At 1 Auto 11!   If U Win U Get 2 Pick What Day & What 12 Hours U Want!   I Will Promote U In My Status & Will Promote It In A Bulletin & A Bully! I Will Also Bomb During The 12 Hours U Get My Points!   So Let The Bidding! =) This Auction Will End On Thursday Feb.18,2010
Callin All Cars
Calling all cars we've got another victim'Cause my love has become an afflictionWhat did you expect from me?What did you expect from me?I'm sorry but I think I failed to mentionThat I lied at my very first confessionWhat did you expect from me?What did you expect from me?'Cause this has been building since I have been breathingAnd I know how it's going to endSo will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found?I kept my word when I swore that I would let you downAnd now that I'm goneTry to forget me and just move onSo will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found?I kept my word and you hate me for it nowYou knew all alongTry to forget me and just move onOh my dear, what have I gone and done now?It's curtain call, I'm about to take my last bowWhat did you expect from me?What did you expect from me?Without giving away the entire endingI ruined the evening againSo will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found?I kept my word when I swore that I would let you downAnd now that
Fireworks At Dawn By Senses Fail
Fireworks at dawn, as I sit for assistance.This flask keeps me calm, it reflects back my bent imageof someone who's lost, getting older by the minute.Laugh lines are like growing scars; someday they will be finished.I've got so many places that I wanna see.And I've got so many faces that I wanna be.So get on your feet, wipe the dirt off and get with it.Destiny waits at your door(all wrapped up with ribbon).It's time to move on, cause the past can't be your passion...So what if you did something wrong?Find someone who hasn't.I've got so many places that I wanna see.And I've got so many faces that I wanna be
Britney Does A Threesome
Britney Spears is riding high again. With her new single “3” toping the charts and a Las Vegas run what else can she do to top it? What she did is pose for three of the top photographers in the biz. Annie Leibovits, Mark Seliger and Terry Richardson all shot photos of the pop star. Want to see them? Check it out Although you won’t hear the pop diva on BlastFM we still love her persistence. Check out BlastFM and you will hear lots of music you like!
This Is What I Call Romantic
Traditional and fairly failsafe, the candlelit meal for two can be very romantic. Dress up for the occasion, eat, drink, talk and be merry.
Answer Me This
Maybe you've always secretly fancied them, or perhaps love has blossomed out of a long-term friendship? How do you find out whether they fancy you too and should you even try in the first place. Can anyone answer this?
Family Tradition By Senses Fail
I tried to be the one that everybody loved Where has that gotten me? I tear myself to shreds to prove that I'm someone That I could never be Now these unsightly marks define me So help me, please someone come quick I think I am losing it Forgive me, I inherited this From a stranger I'll never miss... I'm sick. My father taught me first hand how to be set free Give up and runaway I wish I could drain out his half of blood in me But I'd still have his face I curse reflections, everyday So help me, please someone come quick I think I am losing it Forgive me, I inherited this From a stranger I'll never miss... Here is my own family tradition Following footsteps into addiction So is there a way that I can find peace While still numbing my pain Is this my fate? Cause your only son still can't seem to find his way So help me, please someone come quick I think I am losing it Forgive me, I inherited this From a stranger I'll never miss. So father where the hell are you now? I think that you wou
Yes, i'm bored! when i'm bored i think...   Like,   - Why do they have to pay 7ft men "who can jump" ...millions when they just have to lower the net? -  Why is the main new story on Yahoo this morning telling me about Angelina Jolis new hair style when there are more news worthy stories happening right now? - Why is it when you're open and honest with someone they either slap or block you? - Why on dating sites with the females over 35 who are after a "relationship'...state only males 21-38? - Why are they waiting for the 'end of the world' to begin before they act and do something?   ummmm...back with some more in a moment.
Five Minutes....
....something you can't get out of your head right now. Go. **** From the time I saw the guy on the subway this afternoon, I knew I wanted to write about him. Trying to describe him in a few words, under the heading of Funny People Sightings, I've been dying to own him in the pages of my notebook. Bald as a cue ball, taller than the sky, he was sleek and slim like an otter. But the reason that he stuck out in my mind, the reason I need to make him part of my "someday" stable of characters, was the way he was dressed in the middle of the day on the subway at Queen and Yonge, in a tight black catsuit and flip-flops. I would say he was wearing a wetsuit, but it definitely didn't look like it was waterproof. He had the most aggressive nipples I have ever seen on a man, protruding rock hard through the fabric and tipping a pair of amazing pecs. Heavily muscled abs and thighs that were corded and gorgeous. The objectionable part, at least for some of the people who could not take their ey
A Thought
wondering if anyone reads these things ?
Happy Hump Day For Us Lady`s, Took Me All Day To Find Something. Click On Photo Takes You To Bigger Photo.
Slips In
quietly n then screaaaaaaaaaaams in frustration ahhhhhh that feels lots better now!!
going to play pool with a guy friend from work... cleavage shirt or not? that is the question!
Why We Lie
The dictionary describes the word “lie” in the following way: v 1. to say something that is not true in a conscious effort to deceive somebody, 2. to give a false impression; n 1. a false statement made deliberately, 2. a false impression created deliberately. In all four of these descriptions, one thing stands out clearly: that lying is something we do deliberately — that our purpose for lying is to intentionally deceive. Obviously, this type of activity seems at odds with being “nice.” How is it that we can consider ourselves good people and include lying? We may think our lying is for a good reason: to keep from hurting someone’s feelings, to smooth over conflict or to make someone happy. After all, what does it hurt to tell a little white lie every once in a while? What lying does, as a rule, is to create multiple realities. When you lie, reality splits — it “dis-integrates.” You now have one reality that you kn
Me Singing!!
10 Things You Should Never Say To A Redhead
  10. “Do your drapes match the carpet?” Thank you for annihilating any naughty thoughts I may have had about  showing you my interior decorating. 9. “Carrot-top.” If you are the first, second or third adult ever to say this to a 6-year-old redhead, congratulations — a first-grader finds you clever! Otherwise, you just appear to possess all the mental maturity of a first-grader, and I expect you’ll shortly be peeing your pants in public. 8. “You know what they say about redheads ...” No, what do they say? No,really, what? You’re not going to tell me? I really wanna know, what do they say, tell me what they say about redheads ...Ohhhh, is this one of those reverse psychology things where I’m supposed to giggle aloud about what a bad girl I am? You wanna know what else is reverse psychology? Your thinking this is gonna work. 7. “Are you a natural redhead?” Yes, are you a natural retard? 6. “Firecrotch.&rdq
General Rules
LET GOD SORT 'EM OUT TURF BYLAWS (PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW) Soldier Spots: To keep your soldier spot, you  must be active. That doesn’t mean bringing in huge bounties or running missions. This means you that you log in regularly to check on your mobsters, make sure they are alive and well, invest their money as appropriate to increase cashflow and generally try to improve your mobster. If you don’t log in for three days, you will lose it. We don't expect you to have the biggest and baddest mobster EVER but we do expect you to at least be fully mobbed. That is 5x your current level (ie: level 10, your usuable mob is 10x5=50, level 20 x 5= 100 and so on), usuable mob maxes out at 750 usable mobbies at level 150. Don't drop links in turfs and expect them to add you; you could just get listed for your troubles. Instead look on our turf board, each of the allies listed is a link, go to their turfs and send out mob requests. You usually get a hefty amount of the accepted withi
Look At What Hugh The Word Definer Can Do! Lilz!
  1. lilz 2 thumbs up   buy lilz mugs, tshirts and magnets lilz = little laughs. "that was sort of funny but you don't deserve a full chuckle"a sort of diminutive form of lolz or lulz. "lilz, that joke was even funnier when I told it to you last week." lolz lol lulz lul asshat clown square knot fleabase lollette lolletta by Hugh the Word Definer.
The Not So Life Of Being A Mother... Thoughts On My Life In Motherhood Thus Far
I know this is silly, as a mom I've pent up a lot of stuff for the past five and a half years, money trouble, fights with the kids' father, and now the emotional turmoil that goes with leaving him. After almost seven years of struggles financially and emotionally and trying to grin and bare all the stress and turmoil that goes with being a blossoming family, I left him, for personal reasons that, no, I don't want to talk about.  We still live in the same house for now, though summer is creeping up on us.  This all started with one stupid choice, moving to Virginia, which turned into moving to NC for a bigger home.  Now we're fighting out custody, not in a nasty way, but in a way that deadens the soul.  I want to move south, with the kids, he wants to split them up, which in my book is a nono.  Our oldest has autism, well, Aspergers, and he's made some great strides and progress since we found out two years ago, he seems almost completely "normal" which I happen to think is over rated.
Im This Girl!
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she's sleepy, but because she wants to be closer to you. I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain more than inside your bedroom or in an expensive restaurant. I'm the girl who says,"Okay, but you owe me...", not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you. I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will have fun because it means I am spending time with you. I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms. I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for her. I'm the girl who never gives up hope even when I tell others I have. I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. And even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you. I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss. I'm the girl who you can ta
Test Bullly
If Men Wrote Women’s Magazines
If Men Wrote Women’s Magazines Women get all kinds of advice from magazines from how to dress to how to please a man in the bedroom, and even what to cook for us. And while it’s not all bad (with hotties like Kristen Bell and Jessica Alba on the cover) these mags are lacking much needed male insights. For example, we’re actually not that interested in your hair and we definitely don’t care about your shoes. Don’t get us wrong, we love the heels… we just don’t see why you need so many pairs that quite frankly, to us look the same. But if Women’s magazines were actually written by men, there wouldn’t be so much confusion about what we want. Here are some article titles, written by men that get straight to the point.  
Heres The Deal
ok i feal i need to explane my self yet again.... it must be beacuse i dont even understand my self half the time..... but here we go.. I am in fact in a relationship.... we have a open relationship meaning we swing with women that thats out there ill say this genn i love you  and i dont care who knows it you are beautiful smart sexy and my out and out best friend no woman will ever come close to you.. i am a nympho and i do flirt to the ones i do flirt with i do find you sexy but im taken and unless genn clears you and we in fact do hook up for some fun that is all that it is and will ever be.... moveing on and getting back to me and my love ........ im putting this out for you to see im not scared of us any more love nor am i scared of the haters...ya all are punk ass bitchess and if you cant step to me like a man....or woman.....dont start shit im done with games and bullshit im to old for it and i dont have time for it i have enough on my plate as not the s
Hmm, This Proves I'm A Man Of The World, Love It, Thanks Again Claire!
Someone On My Other Site Has Had 2 Losses In A Short Amount Of Time, And I Sent This To Them My Husband Played This A Lot Before He Passed, Think He W
- he was telling me not to cry to much, but it made me think of him and my mom, and then had me crying to.
How Do I Say It?
Every day I say I love you I realize I am falling deeper and deeper in love but honestly how can I even start to describe the way I feel for you when no word seems quite good enough? I'm always good at expressing my self though words. Words is my art form they are my blade that slays any and all enemys that have ever dare step into my path. They have been my art to realize who and what I am in this world. But for them to fail me in this's really not so bad. In a way it makes it more powerfull that even I can not obtaine the correct wording for how much I love you. So ultimately I leave you with that simple statement my dearest Minid and I hope that this will bring a smile to your face.
Fumafia Questions And Feedback
Enter FuMafia Questions and Feedback Here
Fumafia Wishlist
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What Is A Credit Card/paypal Authorization Form And How Do I Fill It Out.
Social Concepts and Credit Card & PayPal Authorization Form If you are asked to fill out a credit card authorization form, please do not be alarmed. We developed this form in cooperation with our merchant account and paypal to prevent fraud. The best way to explain is the analogy the paypal fraud department used when explaining it to me. What business can a person with a bag over their head spend over a hundred dollars without an Identification check. The process is simple and painless.    You can fill out the form and email or FAX or screen grab and send back. We check the information and note in your account and you rock on with your bad self.    Thanks  Download Form Here or copy and paste the one below.   First of all we just want to say thank you for your support! We wouldn't be here without folks like you. Because we care about your security and the security of fubar, we request that you fill out the following transaction authorization form. Your purchases ha
Fucking Pissed Off.
I am tired of all of it ok? I will make a salute when I want to, don't ask me when or how I should make one, it's my FUCKING salute. As for proof if I am real. honestly? if you think I am fake, report me and block me. If you ask for a salute, I will think about it but do NOT fucking pester me every fucking day for one. I will make one for you if I want to, you stupid desperado. Urgh. My yahoo/msn/skype/number, I don't fucking know you, do you think I will share it with you? Cam sex/cyber sex? If I said no once, I mean it. Can't get a real woman offline, need to get a woman who might be a fake online?  Just because I don't wanna go on cam to flash you my breast I am a fake? HOW STUPID ARE YOU? If your fu-man comes flirt with me, send me shite, blings me, do whatever with me, don't fucking come after ME. I NEVER initiate flirts with random strangers that add me. Grow the fuck up, it's the fucking internet you cunt bag. If you can't handle your man online, you shouldn't have a man
  Well contrary to popular beliefs I do not have a screw loose. It was merely a wire the technician didn’t properly tighten. Sighs. So now that I am fixed okay not me  my car is finally fixed so I suppose I won’t be appearing on one of those ghost hunting shows. I know, I know I am crushed too. However, on an even happier note though you all may laugh at my love of my Focus. I so missed it. I mean it was okay to drive a Lincoln MKX for a day. Yet this girl loves a bit of get up and go a bit of speed if you will, and that I have. And as of this morning I have my car back ghost free so they say. Yay….:D
Should Be A Status But I Am Not There Yet.
I thought the Happy Hour Host,  *~Alley~*Co-Owner ofbigbucksweetride, was in fact Alley Cow.  That is how I read it.   I don't like the name *~Alley~*Co-Owner ofbigbucksweetride.  I love the name Alley Cow.  It would make a great FarSide cartoon. Sorry to bother you with my status update of a blog.  50 some days left.    
Wavy Me (thanks Claire!)
I Need Help
Sooooo Im in a contest thingy and I really need help here... I help everyone as much as I can when its asked sooo this is where you can thank me and show me some love... All you have to do is follow the link rate my pic and then leave a comment thats it that easy...
I'm Number 1
All checked in for my flight tomorrow. In Group 1 for boarding. Yeah baby! Aisle seat...I RULE THE ROW! LOL
Radio Reqest
And Welcome To Our Lounge Where you as the member and guest are, the V.I.P Of the lounge so you matter and so do your input and idels and we want to hear theme So come Join Today and Tell all Your Friends And Yes Right Now We Are Looking for All Staff Postitions Available Are Head greeters /Night&Day Promoters Dj's Bartenders Bouncers Also We Will Be Having Many contest and events coming up soon for both members and staff so keep your eyes on the bulletins to see what we are up to So come and Apply Today! Ask For Dog The bounty Hunter Or countrygirl Have A Drink On Us Let Our Awesome Staff Take Care Of You And Show You A Good Time
Poem Of The Day...021710
Love blooms Love flows Dreams fly Dreams grow Life moves Life goes
You can smile to hide the tears, laugh to hide the pain, but a true friend will always see through the act.   says u know who ya best friend is when they know something is wrong without you telling them   People make mistakes, sometimes over and over again. Forgive them, because if it's a mistake then they were confused about how to do the right thing
Medical Distinction Between Guts And Balls
Thereis a medical distinction between Guts and Balls. We've all heard about people having Guts or Balls, But do you really know the difference between them? In an effort to keep you informed, here are the definitions: GUTS - Is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being met by your wife with a broom, and having the Guts to ask: 'Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?' BALLS - Is coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the butt and having the Balls to say: 'You're next, Chubby.' I hope this clears up any confusion on the definitions. Medically, speaking there is No difference in the outcome. Both result in death.
Saturn's Calypso
Tons & Tons Of Cute Emotioncons And How To Do Them
3:) Devil  :( Sad >.< or :@ or >_< Angry ^-^ Happy  :D Excited/Smile D: Sad  :O Surprised xp Sick  :3 Cute (-_-) Sleeping/Annoyed/Face-palming *_* Dizzy or starry eyes. Can also be interpreted as impressed. (not sideways) T_T Manga sad face (not sideways)  :^) Happy (profile)  :¬) Happy (with cool nose), Alt+0172 ☺ Happy, Alt+1 ☻ Happy, Alt+2  :-/ Perplexed, frustrated :*( or :'( Sad (crying)  :-x Speechless or sick  :o Surprised  :0 Surprised, OMG  :-& Tongue tied  :-S Worried ( ^ 3 ^ ) Kiss ♥ also .< angry ♪ ♫ music notes (alt + 13) (alt + 14) ☼ :D< Hug  :-‡ Keeping a secret (my lips are sealed) :* Kiss  :W Blowing nose  :D Laughing XD Laughing crazily or "ZOMG" X-D Laughing out loud (LOL) \:) Raised eyebrow  :' Smirk  ;) Wink ^_^a Wiping tears away p^_^q Ipod headphones q[-'.'-]p reg. headphone (old school)  :-@ Yelling, screaming :-# My Lips Are Sealed  :| or :\ Confused face w(o_o)w Rocker gu
Listen To Us Play
  Below is our music player. Feel free to give it a click and hear some of the music we have been playing as of late. The tracks were recorded live so forgive us for it being so raw. We are sure you will still enjoy what you hear.We will also be releasing or first original "I See Your Face" soon. So keep your ears open.

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