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Prep Time: 20 Minutes Cook Time: 35 Minutes Ready In: 55 Minutes Servings: 18 (change) INGREDIENTS: * 1 tablespoon olive oil * 1 small onion, finely chopped * 1 clove garlic, crushed * 1 cup uncooked Arborio rice * 1/2 cup dry white wine * 2 1/2 cups boiling chicken stock * 1/2 cup frozen green peas * 2 ounces finely chopped ham * salt and pepper to taste * 1/2 cup finely grated Parmesan cheese * 1 egg, beaten * 1 egg * 1 tablespoon milk * 4 ounces mozzarella cheese, cut into 3/4 inch cubes * 1/2 cup all-purpose flour * 1 cup dry bread crumbs * 1 cup vegetable oil for deep frying DIRECTIONS: 1. Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add onion and garlic, and cook, stirring until onion is soft but not browned. Pour in the rice, and cook stirring for 2 minutes, then stir in the wine, and continue cooking and stirring until the liquid has evaporated.
The Protector ( Cont )
The Protector ( Cont )
Hey Vote For Me
Right Said Fred - I'm Too SexyAudio Codes From vote for the sexiest big man and show the hostess some love while youre there!! MUNCHKIN ~ Big Tymes Wifey ~@ LostCherry (repost of original by '~~Vixen~~' on '2006-10-01 10:11:52') (repost of original by 'Scooby Doo' on '2006-10-01 11:21:22') (repost of original by '~~Vixen~~' on '2006-10-01 18:09:23') (repost of original by 'MUNCHKIN ~ Big Tymes Wifey ~ IF YOU DONT LIKE ME I DONT F@#K%ING CARE! TIRED OF BEING NICE!' on '2006-10-01 18:31:21') (repost of original by 'Scooby Doo' on '2006-10-01 19:27:33') (repost of original by '~~Vixen~~' on '2006-10-01 19:50:28') (repost of original by 'MUNCHKIN ~ Big Tymes Wifey ~' on '2006-10-01 20:33:50') (repost of original by 'Scooby Doo' on '2006-10-01 21:02:47') (repost of original by '~~Vixen~~is stoned' on '2006-10-01 21:18:04') (repost of original by 'Scooby Doo' on '2006-10-01 21:40:41') (repost of original by '~~Vixen~~is stoned' on '2006-10
~i'm Not Gonna Take It~
Serisously, this site people dont know too much about me yet but if you read my blogs you will soon understand!!! To sum it up I am a Canadian living with my Husband in America with his mom, and two bastard neices, this was supposed to simplify the situation but it is not!!! Let alone the fact that I have been house-sitting, and babysitting for 2 1/2 of the last 4 1/2 months, ignore the constant bitching about bills as if it is our job to support this girls, now I get to find out that instead of everyone doing their chores like it always has been, that "mom" thinks it's gonna be just me and her doing chores from now on, as if she ever did hers before. AND as if I havent just spent the last 2 1/2 months cleaning up after EVERYONE!!! Sorry I am done!!! That's enough of that shit!!!! ~~~
Fuck You
Fuck You I stand on the balcony pulling the last few hauls from my cigarette. I crush and discard the butt as you sneak up behind, sliding and digging your fingers into the hollow between my collar bone and the tendons in my neck. I tell you to place your thumbs on the back of my neck, you comply, and proceed to curl your fingers into my flesh. I reach around and grab you by the hips, pulling you close, your breasts against my back. I lift you up by your hips, and you stand on tiptoe, giving you the leverage to push down hard enough to make my knees buckle. My body shivers and breaks out in goose bumps as my eyes cloud over, losing sight of the world around me. I can’t remember how long we stand there because I’m only returned to consciousness when you stumble slightly, loosening your grip as you steady yourself. I suppose that we can’t just stand here all night, as easy as it is for me to stand here in a blur is stinging flesh on either side of my neck, I figure I could play
Sometimes I wish I had a time machine. So that I could just take it all back, The things I did The things I said I know what I did I wanted it You wanted it It wasnt right Why wasnt it right? Was it because of her That I regret what i did? I'm sorry to her. I'm sorry for this. I'm sorry for these few moments of bliss.
My Candy Heart Says First Kiss
Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss" You're a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship. You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you Your flirting style: friendly and sweet What turns you off: cynics who don't believe in romance Why you're hot: you always keep the romance aliveWhat Does Your Candy Heart Say?
Hey Guys!
hey guys just checking up on everyone? how everyone doing? im really sick guys! i need love! i hope ill feel better soon! i love you guys!! ♥ Manda
All About Me And My Family
Well I am happily married looking for friends for online chat and maybe we can all meet and hang out , I am a mother of 5 kids all boys 18,16,14,12,10 , I am also Bisexual and me and hubby are swingers.
Come Little Children
i love that song its on my my profile on here : its an awsome awsome awsome song...
My Style Of Love Is Agape ...hit The Nail On The Head With This One! Wow
Your Love Style is Agape You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner. Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare. You are willing to sacrfice your world for your sweetie. Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you. For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love.What's Your Love Style?
Raw Part 8
Omg Soo Overwhelmed
Omg...I've gotten like 70 friends requests today and like 50 messages!!!!...Im sooo overwhelmed..Im trying to write everyone back!!!...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...LoL -Ash
Five (5) lessons about the way we treat people. 1 - First Important Lesson - Cleaning Lady. During my second month of college, our professor gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions until I read the last one: "What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?" Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the cleaning woman several times. She was tall, dark-haired and in her 50s, but how would I know her name? I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank. Just before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our quiz grade. "Absolutely," said the professor. "In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say "hello." I've never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her name was Dorothy. 2. - Second Important Lesson - Pickup in the Rain O
On My Way
Well You Guys I'm going over seas on a mission, I Don;t know if im gonna make it back, but i hope and pray i do..that all fer now..peace
S O M E T I M E S Sometimes... when you cry... no one sees your tears. Sometimes.. when you are in pain... no one sees your hurt. Sometimes... when you are worried.. no one sees your stress. Sometimes... when you are happy.. no one see s your smile . But FART!! just ONE time... And everybody knows!! Gotcha!! You thought it was going to be one of those heart-touching stories! "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to Dance in the rain". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Raw Part 7
Thats All Im Worth ..........damn
Your Life Is Worth... $493,500How Much Is Your Life Worth?
Underage Kids On Lc
Just wanted to post this blog to see if we can get rid of all under age kids on the LC they degrade themselves talking older than they really are. There is a lot of adult stuff on here that they should not see & its up to us that they dont? Come on all Cherries lets keep this site adult only.
The Perfect Wal-mart Greeter
The perfect Wal-Mart Greeter A very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman walks into Wal-Mart with her two kids in tow, screaming obscenities at them all the way through the entrance. The Wal-Mart Greeter says, "Good morning and welcome to Wal-Mart .... nice children you've got there - are they twins?" The ugly woman stops screaming long enough to say, "Hell no they ain't, the oldest one, he's 9 and the younger one, she's 7. Why the hell would you think they're twins?........ Do you really think they look alike?" "No", replies the greeter, "I just couldn't believe you got laid twice!"
My Life...
my life is full of ups and downs but i try to make them happy and memorable... sometimes theres a minute that i rather put my hands up and give up and theres also more hour that i like and love my life [SO SATISFYING] even though how hard it is i'll just put a brave smile & continue get going & say thank GOD IM ALIVE AND BE MORE ALIVE...
Raw Part 6
My First blog! yay!
My Friends Fucking Suck!
I only have 2 "maybe" 3 friends that EVER look at my bulitens, vote on my pics or leave me comments! The rest you SUCK! I have always went & voted & commented on your pics, and left you page comments & never get anything in return!
Feelin Rambo
like my default pic haha. decided to dress up in my halloween costume early this year lmao! (for those of you who saw I had rambo up as default pic that is)
A True Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember back then when i couldn't tell the truth but now i can say i am a true man. it was sad when i told my friends i had a 9 to 5 job, but in reality my job was going to the grocery market packing bags. I finally told my friends what i was doing to help my mother to help around, i told them i pack bags, and from that day to my friends i bacame the man. when my father wasn't around i used to not obey my mother because i refused to listen to her due to my father not being around. my pops left home when i was 9 or 10years old, i cried, lie, and sold my own soul. My brother and sister was trying to be a role model by trying to protect me, but i was in the fast to death lane trying to sell that crack,also cutting school to chill with my dudes acting rude. my parents found out and i was grounded and stripped of my activities i normally do. through all my years,sweat,blood, and tears working from 12yrs and up i still became a true man and never gave up. I love my son as well as my wife
Too Funny
Ok, so my fave cousin is dating a mexican guy. I haven't met him yet. The funny thing is....she doesn't speak spanish and he speaks very little english. They go out last night and he kisses her. She says it's an OK kiss. Then he starts kissing her neck and saying something in Spanish. Of course she has no idea what it was, but she melted like butter. I asked her if she had a clue what it could have been. SHe says for all she knows he could have told her he was a killer that enjoyed kissing chubby blondes before slaughtering his next victim, but the way he said it was so damned sexy. LMAO!!!! She wants me to meet him on Saturday. Hell, I can hardly speak english, so you all can imagine how this is gonna go....with my quiet...shy...self. HAH!!!
Are You Realistic Or Romantic?
You Are A Realistic Romantic It's easy for you to get swept away by romance... But you've done a pretty good job keeping perspective. You're still taken in by love poems and sunsets You just don't fall for every dreamy pick up line!Are You Romantic or Realistic?
Tragic It Seems To Be Alone Again. I'm Giving In To You......
I feel lonely tonight for some reason. I hate that feeling. I dunno whats up. I don't really feel good either. I was laying down but all I do is toss and turn. I have such a massive headache all of a sudden. Stephen skipped out on seeing Nicholas for the thrid week in a row. Yeah I know big surprise huh? Atleast I know I'll be the best damn parent that boy will ever have. My title best fits my mood for right now. I wish I didn't have fuckin' school. Id so be outta this shit hole then. Life goes on and so will I....I WANT SOME GUMMY BEARS!!!! LoL At least one person I was talkin to tonight made me happy lol I wonder if he knows who he is....(not that the rest of you dont but you understand)
Raw Part 5
Still Bored Lol
So wheres all those people that wanted to talk? I'm back lol..and still bored out of my mind. Send me a shout box or something, I don't know, lol.
I Like The More Cheetos Part
Your New Year's Resolutions 1) Get a pet wallaby 2) Eat more Cheetos 3) Travel to Russia 4) Study finger painting 5) Get in shape with stripping classes What Should Your New Year's Resoluton Be?
I'm Going To India!
Your New Year's Resolutions 1) Get a pet wallaby 2) Eat more pie 3) Travel to India 4) Study artificial intelligence 5) Get in shape with whitewater rafting What Should Your New Year's Resoluton Be?
What Do Ur Eyes Reveal
You scored as Passion. You are very passionate whether that passion is good or evil has yet to be determined. You have great power over others and they seem to flock to your service. You are very competative almost to a fault. Perhaps you should let someone else win for a change?Passion67%Mysterious58%Diamond Eyes50%Eyes full of Pain25%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with
Raw Part 4
Sometimes, . . .
a person just has to type out stupid shit - so here's some stupid shit! dangly parts! ha ha! pirates, peanut, pirates! didja get that thing i sent ya??? new "Birdman" episodes are coming sooooooooon!!!!!
so what is it about...what do some ppl enjoy in life...the sad thing is some ppl enjoy fucking with ppls minds...others enjoy helping ppl...well its all good eventually the true colors of ppl show and ur stuck in a sense of hopelessness and lifeless thoughts that make u understand u cn only live fer matter how much u even love someone....fuck love fuck life fuck the world cause if this world was so dammn fucking perfect why do we cry...why do we feel pain from ppl who say they care...perfection? ha! more like torture...the world is the hell...when u die ur free...
Dude! What The Fuck?!
I am so fucking pissed off, there just aren't words for it. I'm sick of people manipulating and being fucking deceitful! I'm sick of this bitch talking shit about me behind my back. I'm sick of her always needing to be in fucking control of fucking everything and then throwing a fucking fit when she doesn't get her fucking way. *throws her chair* I am soooooooo fucking pissed off!!!!!!!!!
No! For the last time I do NOT know the fucking muffin man!
This Is So True. I Was One Of Those Women For 5 Years.
I got flowers today! It wasn't my birthday or any other special day. We had our first argument last night; And he said a lot of cruel things that really hurt; I know that he is sorry and didn’t mean to say the things he said; Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today. It wasn't our anniversary or any other special day. Last night, he threw me into a wall and started to choke me. It seemed like a nightmare. I couldn't believe that it was real. I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over. I know he must be sorry. Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today! It wasn’t our anniversary or any other special day; Last night he threw me into a wall and then started choking me; It seemed unreal, a nightmare, but you wake up from nightmares; And I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over—but I know he is sorry; Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today! And it wasn’t Valentines Day or any other special day; Last night he beat me and threatened to kill
Who Cares?
I think it is so funny that I am actually writing a "blog". Lets hear it for boredom! I guess when Im not either fucking, looking to fuck or masterbating, I can come on here and tell ya all how horny I am. It will be interesting to see if anyone actually cares what this slutty little cum whore thinks!!
Man I Am Tired..
So I worked my ass of today, and it paid off. My old partner and best friend will be getting out of jail on bond, so he can get the medical attention he needs, (long story), anyways he's getting out under my supervision, and has a sentancing date in December. He's only doing a couple months, which he could do it standing on his head, but he's out untill then, thank god!!
What The Hell?!
Hmmmm... so that maybe some poor soul doesn't have to go through what I am.. Next time your tooth hurts.. Don't use painkillers til the pain killers no longer work... After that usually equals a root canal. I learned this now.. LOL. Vicodin rocks but pain does not. Learn it, live it, do it right.
Ok now that you have seen my brown hair, curly hair, straight, hair.......What should i do next......??????????? someone doesn't want me to get it cut............:p now i see alot of the men are the same way....... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm why????????? you going to come and brush it for me? lol@ya all.......and myself for posting
Raw Part 3
Attention-deficit Disorder
I would like to tell you all about my Attention-deficit disorder....oh look a penny!
Work. Tiredness, Ect
im rather tired tonight. i had my first day of work and worked from 8am to 3pm. i did rather well i thought. i was showed how to use the register in less then 5 min then started to use it. only took about 5 min for me to get the hang out of it and start to memorize where the diff. buttons. there were a couple things that confused me a little at first and im still a little confused with, but only had a couple problems. for the most part i ran the register by myself from 9 till 2. then i did some stocking for the last hour. i worked the entire 7 hours with out really taking a break. i bought a sandwhich that didnt taste too great for lunch but still kept working while i ate it. did better then i thought i would i was surprisingly comftorable. seems my social anxieties are pretty much gone which is nice. think ive done alot of growing over the last 3 years. i know its still gonna be hard to do this every day and such since i am introverted and people drain me. but i will make myself b
Im Hot
i am so dam horney im fuckn rock hard an it sucks i want to eat some pussy so fuckn bad
I Posted This On Myspace And Got Virtually No Comments. Let's See What Happens Here.
Marriage has always been something that has scared me. It never seemed appealing to me; why would I want to engage in something that has a 50% failure rate? I'm worried that my wife won't relish my hobby of buying cars and learning how to restore them. That's my hobby and I'm not giving it up. However, I think overall, I am sick of being single. It does certainly have some good points though. It is nice not having anyone to answer to. It is nice not feeling obligated to anyone. If I feel like laying in bed all day, I don't have anyone to constantly nag me about getting out of bed. I'm almost 29 years old. I feel as though I should be married by now, or least close to it. Even though I have not quite reached the financial security that I had hoped to reach by the time I get married, I am close enough. I have a lot to offer a girl, if she can see it. I can offer more to a girl than most guys my age in my opinion. I have a lot of potential. I'm an engineer and I work fo
Hello Cherry People
Im a nice cherry and i hope that all you other cherries are nice to me and be good little cherries! I would like to get to know all of you im not bais, so talk to me people and you might just be suprised! Actually i dont really like cherries as much as i like strawberries! lol
Hello Cherry People
Im a nice cherry and i hope that all you other cherries are nice to me and be good little cherries! I would like to get to know all of you im not bais, so talk to people and you might just be suprised!
Local People
hello all. My wife and I are looking for a cpl or single women to be friends with and maybe more in our area. If you live in Northern California and you would like to chat and maybe get together we would love to chat with you. We have a bi bbw friend that loves to join us when meeting others. xoxoxo Darrel btw our IM and email is
Nothing Else Matters- Metallica
So close no matter how far couldn't be much more from the heart forever trusting who we are and nothing else matters never opened myself this way life is ours, we live it our way all these words I don't just say and nothing else matters trust I seek and I find in you every day for us something new open mind for a different view and nothing else matters never cared for what they do never cared for what they know but I know so close no matter how far couldn't be much more from the heart forever trusting who we are and nothing else matters never cared for what they do never cared for what they know but I know never opened myself this way life is ours, we live it our way all these words I don't just say trust I seek and I find in you every day for us something new open mind for a different view and nothing else matters never cared for what they say never cared for games they play never cared for what they do never cared for what they know an
Raw Part 2
Hey, Mister...
Seriously. The comb-over is not fooling anyone. Let it go, sir. Let it go. Embrace the bald as I have.
hi my name is lacey and i am up here 4 friends
My Poem For Lc...
Once upon a time I sat here to unwind stare blankly into the screen so lost in my own little dream I didn't know where to go What to do or who to know My days were long and hard My nights were dull and bored And then I found Lost Cherry SO gratefull and so merry Right there I found a gift That helped my spitits lift I met all sorts of friends And found that friendship never ends Don't matter if they're far or near I sit down and talk right here Comments help me hold my head Finally I don't feel that dead I take it then I give away To those that found the time of day So thanks all my friends On LC once again You guys are with me all the time And I'm so glad that your friends of mine. LUV KATHY
All That I Am- Rob Thomas
I am the one winged bird for flying Sinking quickly to the ground See your faith in me subsiding See you prime for giving in I give you all that I am I am the sound of love's arriving Echoed softly on the sand Lay your head upon my shoulder Lay your hand within my hand I give you all that I am And I breathe where you breathe Let me stand where you stand With all that I am I am the white dove for a soldier Ever marching as to war I would give my life to save you I stand guarding at your door I give you all that I am I am the one winged bird for flying Sinking quickly to the ground I am the blind man for a watchdog I am prime for giving in I'll show you all that I am And I breathe so you breathe Let me stand so you'll stand With all that I am
The Flame- John Pointer
Father forgive me of my sins; you don't know the state I'm in Mother forgive the mess I've made; I don't know just what to say to you I don't know just what to say But if you listen to me I think that you'll see every word I say is true I've sunken so deep that I need you Like a candle needs a flame to see Sweet sister save me from myself Help me become somebody else And as I learn from my mistakes Don't you know tat my heart breaks for you? Don't you know that my heart breaks? So listen to me And I think that you'll see every word I say is true I've sunken so deep that I need you Like a candle needs a flame to see So now I see the scars I hid I see the reasons for the thoughtless things I did Down in the darkness I decide Forgiveness must come from someplace deep inside you Forgiveness comes from deep inside So please listen to me And I think that you'll see every word I say is true I'd sunken so deep But now I'll feed you, like a candle feeds a flam
Through With You- Maroon 5
(this song is so true of someone I knew, back in high school) Can you see me Floating above your head As you lay in bed Thinking about everything That you did not do Cause saying I love you Has nothing to do with meaning it And I don't trust you Cause every time you're here Your intentions are unclear I spend every hour waiting for a phone call That I know will never come I used to think you were the one Now I'm sick of thinking anything at all You ain't ever coming back to me That's not how things were supposed to be You take my hand just to give it back No other lover has ever done that Do you remember The way we used to melt Do you remember how it felt When I touched you Oh cause I remember very well And how long has it been Since someone you let in Has given what I gave to you And at night when you sleep Do you dream I would be there Just for a minute or two do you? You ain't ever coming back to me That's not how things were supposed t
Raw Part 1
Harder To Breathe- Maroon 5
How dare you say that my behavior is unacceptable So condescending unnecessarily critical I have the tendency of getting very physical So watch your step cause if I do you'll need a miracle You drain me dry and make me wonder why I'm even here This Double Vision I was seeing is finally clear You want to stay but you know very well I want you gone Not fit to fuckin' [CD cover says: "funkin'"] tread the ground that I'm walking on When it gets cold outside and you got nobody to love You'll understand what I mean when I say There's no way we're gonna give up And like a little girl cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreams Is there anyone out there cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe Is there anyone out there cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe What you are doing is screwing things up inside my head You should know better you never listened to a word I said Clutching your pillow and writhing in a naked sweat Hoping somebody someda
Dreams....upon More Dreams....
I've seen the sun setting, And the oceans deep blue, The trees looking evergreen, But not beautiful as you. You are the droplet of rain, That glitters in the sunshine, You are the intoxication, That overcomes on drinking wine. You are the rose so red, The queen of flowers I call, You are the snow, so pure, In the winters that fall. You are the distinct horizon, At evening that can be seen, You are the spring that flows, So calm and so keen. You are the wind, the breeze, That appear after rain, You are the music, the melody, That heal the hearts in pain. You are the stars and moon, That glitter in space, You are the only one to me, Who has the most pretty face. Sights of you are to me, pretty, more than can ever be, What they all don't know is, Its heaven in you that I see.
Silent Words- Scars Of Life
Inside alone This world's coming down on me again Nowhere to run to As these twisted thoughts flow through my head I never wanted to break away Can't help that I don't feel the same And now I'm standing here Asking myself if I'm to blame These silent words you'll never hear These frozen thoughts will not appear And I'm breaking down inside of me Still no one sees I stare into myself I'm scared Of what I just might find A reflection of my past Something I've always tried to hide Now my life is coming apart Why must I always be this way? Now I'm standing here Asking myself if I'm to blame These silent words you'll never hear These frozen thoughts will not appear And I'm breaking down inside of me Still no one sees I can no longer take this The pain that lives inside of me Must find a way to erase this So I can finally breathe These silent words you'll never hear These frozen thoughts will not appear And I'm breaking down inside of me Still no one
Turn Me On "mr. Deadman"- Union Underground
Penetrate, Penetrate All the simple minds They adore, what a bore how they stand in line Dilate, Dilate What's my drug of choice? It's okay when they pay they say I got the voice Look at this the motherfucker is a millionaire Realize it's a mask that you wear Violate, Violate Such a simple plan Turn me on turn me on Mr. Deadman Yeah I want it I need it To make a million Yeah I love it A fuckin' rockstar Penetrate, Penetrate All the simple minds They adore, what a bore how they stand in line Dilate, Dilate What's my drug of choice? It's okay when they pay they say I got the voice Look at this the little faggot is a millionaire Realize it's a mask that you wear Violate, Violate Such a simple plan Turn me on turn me on Mr. Deadman
South Texas Deathride- Union Underground
Take a look in my mind and justify Hell, I might even sympathize But why must you fuck with these things In my head for so long that I feel I could break Never forget your lies Hypocrisize Five million might change your mind But why must you fuck with these things In my head for so long that I feel I could break So c'mon c'mon c'mon get up get up South Texas deathride you motherfuck So c'mon c'mon c'mon get up get up South Texas man I'm livin' it up So what if I was your guide South Texas deathride Like I said I might sympathize But why must you fuck with these things I believe Man it's guilt by association
Dallas Stars Season Starts
RELENTLESS PURSUIT NHL 2007 Season is here. That means in 26 weeks and four days the Dallas Stars will again be crowned the Western Conference Pacific Division Champs. As well as accepting their third President’s Trophy on their way to a second Lord Stanley’s Cup. Captain Morrow will lead the Stars into Colorado and battle the Avalanche. This is a rivalry that runs deep with a lot of past history. Whining Roy is long gone, Forsberg has moved to Philly and Foote to Columbus. Sakic is still there and now he has names like Hejduk, Laperriere, Sauer, and a name familiar to us here in Dallas Turgeon. Even though this is not the powerful team that won the Stanley Cup in 1996 and 2001, they are still potent enough to take serious. The Stars have to put the early out from last year’s playoffs and the up and down preseason where they went 3 – 4. Now they need to focus on the overtime win last week over Tampa Bay to end that preseason. The journey to another Championship be
One Man Army- Our Lady Peace
Take these plastic people Read their lips, now let it linger Is there anything that makes them sound sincere? Tightly hold your hand Take a deep breath, give them the finger Are you worried That your thoughts are not quite clear? (Twitch) Overlooked, unfit appearance I remember falling I remember marching Like a one man army Through the blaze I know I'm coughing I believe in something I don't want to remember falling For their lies Unbutton your clothes Undress your soul, show them your vigor Are those inhibitions easiest to fear? Take this gasoline tin Head up high, walk like a winner Let the bare feet be the last sound that they hear
One Day At A Time....
This is my first blog here on Lost Cherry...Ive done many on yahoo but have not had the time to talk to you all in this format here yet. I am usually as most can tell you a happy go lucky, funny, full of piss and vinegar type of gal. I raise my son alone, he is 16 and tend to the other kids my 2 dogs and cat by myself. Single motherhood is a bitch. Kudo's to the rest of you. This past year has been one trial after another...hysterectomy in May, car died, out of work for weeks with no pay. Just about the time i get going i have to have another fix what they messed up in the first one. Life is so hard and sometimes I wonder why i keep shovelling shit against the tide to get no where. But I'll tell you why. Because im one tuff lil tornado bitch thats why. I love my son, my friends and everyone who has touched my life with every ounce and fiber of my being. This includes all of you who are so kind to me. Who listen to me, support me, listen to me rant, rave
Nothing Else To Do Today
My Roommate has been stuck on this lost cherry page for weeks. It used to be myspace, but this is his new addiction, so I had nothing to do and I thought I would check it out. I don't know maybe I'm just used to myspace but I guess this place is ok. I like that you don't have to be someones friend to leave a comment. Okay well I'm going to play aroung and see what else you con do on here. If you have any tips let me know ^.^ sammie
I donno anymore. I was at the mall and saw some really pretty girls and I got to thinking. why can't I be the kind of guy that has the women hanging off my arms, goddness why can't I just find one woman to hang off my arm! its depressing. it really is. maybe I'm lonley or maybe I'm just horny or maybe just a little of both lol I donno.
For The Ladys
if you like what you see come and get it if you can hang
For My Friends
Firstly, I want you to know that I LOVE YOU 2 DEATH, and will always be there 4 you! If I don't get this back I understand :] I have a game for you. Once you read this letter, you must send it to 13 people within five days. Please send this to your 13 FAV0RITE people on lostcherry and if you get this back more than 7 times you're a good friend and you'll know how much others care for you!!!!!
Too Sexy
I am too sexy for this tinfoil hat.
Response To Tranny Cola From Voting Board
it wrote: 2006-10-04 11:55:50 Hey fat ass, call me a tranny all u want.. but in the end ur still fat and ugly. Jeez no wonder why ur being such a bitter little cunt. Oh yea and don't forget u were the one who became my fan. I denied your friend request.. big deal boo fuckin hoo. Quit crying like a little bitch. Response: Tranny, tranny, tranny. I think I will call you Tranny all I want Tranny Cola. Ya see, as much as I am still fat and ugly according to you, I have the potential and means to become which and famous without being a whore. All you are is usable toy with nothing else but your body, after you been pumped by whomever a number of times some hotter chick will come along, new, young, better than you, and adios, your thrown to the side like the trash you are. Girls like you ESPAICALLY ON THE NET are a dime a dozen. Either they have websites whoring themselves or they come on places like this or other sites I once know, boosting their ego and self esteem by
I'm tired of being lonely. I'm tired of auditioning for people to like me. If you can't like me for who I am, fuck right off. I may be unconventional and bizarre. I may be plain and borderline homely, but I am real. Take it or leave it. I'm tired of compromising who I am in hopes that "the newest tried on version" will be the one to entrance all my friends and neighbors. What is wrong with me ?
u know its funny u think u have friends u think u got ppl there fer u and u find out ur wrong...u end up finally caring about something and in the end it was all wh ycare why not say fuck the world...a question until answered and until showed true friends....the only thing i have to say is fuck u!
To My Friends
This morning when God opened a window to Heaven, He saw me, and He asked: "My child, what is your greatest wish for today?" I responded: "Please, take care of the person who is reading this message, their family and their special friends. They deserve it and I love them very much" The love of God is like the ocean, you can see its beginning, but not its end. This message works on the day you receive it. Let us see if it is true. ANGELS EXIST but sometimes, since they don't all have wings, we call them TRUE FRIENDS. Pass this on to your true friends. Something good will happen to you at 11:11 in the evening; something that you have been waiting to hear. Do not break this prayer;
A land of vast distances and rich natural resources, Canada became a self-governing dominion in 1867 while retaining ties to the British crown. Economically and technologically the nation has developed in parallel with the US, its neighbor to the south across an unfortified border. Canada's paramount political problem is meeting public demands for quality improvements in health care and education services after a decade of budget cuts. Canada also faces questions about integrity in government following revelations regarding a corruption scandal in the federal government that has helped revive the fortunes of separatists in predominantly francophone Quebec. CANADA'S AREA MASS total: 9,984,670 sq km land: 9,093,507 sq km water: 891,163 sq km land boundries total: 8,893 km border countries: US 8,893 km (includes 2,477 km with Alaska) (haha adam ) Terrain mostly plains with mountains in west and lowlands in southeast elevations lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m hi
Damned Days
well....Ive been doing so well at my job.......or I think so, my boss even sent me flowers. but I make salary damn them! I can't work twenty four hours a day! what the hell do they think I am? I like spending at least a little time with my daughter and I mentioned this to my boss, wanna know what he said? 'I havent seen my kids since July' (he lives in PA, kinda) I was like wtf! I dont make enough money to sacrifice my life for this stuck between being a single parent, having a professional working schedule and attempting to have a social life, I am drained! this guy Ive had a physical fling with is getting pissed b/c I dont have time to spend with him! (thats a fuckin switch!) I told him when I met him that I was a busy girl.......did he think I was kidding?? god life sucks.......trying to get approved for my home mortgage (second time buying).......I have very little time to find a place now......I guess shit just falls from the sky when you really need an uppe
Crazy Bitch
This is copied and pasted from my blog on Myspace... I just felt like sharing it here as well... Anyway my exboyfriend from the USS KITTY HAWK, Matthew aka Matty, or Laddie recently got in contact with me again. Hes always asking me to get on cam or talk dirty to him which I am NOT comfortable doing. I just don't do that shit. Mind you he is married, and has a baby daughter now (have to mention here, that I am hotter than his fake bad-blonde dye job hispanic wife.. .wait do I have to say she is from the Dominican Republic? whatever)... So when I questioned him about his antics, like uh what if your wife wants to walk in (and I did see her on his cam one day, in the back of the room, always thought I had a large ass, she's got me beat haha)... He would get all pissy. So whatever... Is he feeling guilty? Honestly, I dont think most guys have feelings... So tonight he made another move at me to get on my cam and talk dirty to him again its so annoying... So I told him joki
Sweet Dreams
With a tender kiss I touch your lips As words of love from my mouth slips Expressing to you my heart's content A good night with sweet dreams meant In each others arms we lay tonight Bringing dreams until morning light As our bodies touch and feel complete Tonight we dream of dreams so sweet Together the night takes us far Traveling in dreams from star to star Heavenly places we vision so well Sweet dreams tomorrow we will tell Until the light of dawn we wake With love inside a new day we make Waiting for the sweet dreams to come again As you and I, lay together touching skin to skin
If I love him would he care... she whispers softly to the air. Will he think I'm too bold..... she whisper's softly, words untold. Has he dreamed of me at night... she whisper's softly, at the sight. If he holds me close and near.... could he whisper, words so dear. If he wants me, pull me near she whisper's softly, with no fear. Take from me what you will.... she whisper's softly, as time stood still. Looking pass the window pane, she whisper's softly, to the rain. Will you stay with me tonight..... she whispers softly, "don't say good night!"
Pictures Of David
To all of you that visited my Profile and left Comments on My Sons Pictures You don't know how that it makes me feel. You are all blessed. Thank You so very much again.
Close Your Eyes And Open A Dream
Close your eyes, and open a dream Take my hand to go with my heart Together we’ll fly on a Night Angel’s wings This dream is only the start. Whispers. Morning. Drift up from sleep Holding on to a dream I cannot forsake Out from our dream you reach to me To pull me back before I awake. Ah, the power of lover’s dreams Together, those dreams can come true You take my thoughts, my breath away Now and forever, I’ll dream them with you. But now it's time to sleep once more Let loving hearts do their thing And we’ll ride the night sky as one Close your eyes, and open a dream
Waiting In My Dream Land
I await to fall asleep I know you will be there Waiting in my dream land with special moments to share Everything I've wanted the gentlest of all men Waiting in my dream land to see me again Never do you deny me or make promises, you don't keep You're there when I need you if only in my sleep
Todays Thoughts
A gift is not an investment so don't expect a return. __________________________________________________ Think past yourself.... __________________________________________________ You ever wonder if road kill was an animal sucide? __________________________________________________ Document your life even if your not interested in your life someone one day is going to be... __________________________________________________ It's okay when you have failed to just give up! __________________________________________________
For Someone Know Who You Are
Tonight as I lay me down to sleep, I prayed to the Lord your heart to keep May he hold you gently in his loving embrace May he shine upon you his loving grace While you lay there and dream of how you'd like life to be I pray that his love will help set you free May his angels keep virgil as you sleep through the night As the dawn rises to meet you may your dreams then take flight So Now I lay down beside you As I gently kiss your lips Spooning up right beside you I give him thanks As we touch fingertips
Definition Of An Asshole
What's the definition of an Asshole, you ask? Just look under "Cat's Fiance" in the dictionary. Better yet, I'll explain it right here and now. An Asshole is someone who tells you they're going to work and then to a friend's house to pick up money and they'll be home at 12:30 AM. An Asshole is someone who you wait up for until 6:00 in the morning because they aren't answering your phone calls and you're worried. An Asshole is someone who comes home and tells you they fell asleep on their friend's couch, when they really went out to satisfy their fucked up infatuation with gambling all night. An Asshole is someone who yells at you for trying to make them see how idiotic they're being about their life; when you try to keep them from saying something so stupid that they'll probably never live it down; when you try to make them see how much they're emotional abuse hurts and they just shrug and say "sorry, i was tired" or "sorry, i was cranky" or just "sorry", and then does it again. An
Some Facts An Info For The Ones That Dont Know An Wanna Lol
CANADA LOCATION -Canada is on the continent of North America. -The country stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. -The Arctic Ocean is north and the United States is south. -Canada is north of the 49th parallel of latitude. -The 49th parallel was chosen as a border from the Great Lakes to the west coast. FACTS -second-largest country in the world (Russian Federation is the largest) -ten provinces and three territories (capital cities are in brackets). Alberta (Edmonton), British Columbia (Victoria), Manitoba (Winnipeg), New Brunswick (Fredericton), Newfoundland and Labrador(St. John's), Northwest Territories (Yellowknife), Nova Scotia (Halifax), Nunavut (Iqaluit), Ontario (Toronto), Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown), Quebec (Quebec City), Saskatchewan (Regina), Yukon Territory (Whitehorse) -population over 32 million (2005) -capital city of Canada - Ottawa (Ontario) -leader of Canada - Prime Minister Stephen Harper -Governor General of Canad
Randomness Of Penguins Wont Be The Last To Come Either Lol
A. Social behavior 1. Penguins are among the most social of all birds. All species are colonial to some degree (del Hoyo, et al., 1992). 2. Penguins may swim and feed in groups, but some may be solitary when diving for food. Emperor penguins have been observed feeding in groups with coordinated diving (Marchant, 1990). 3. During the breeding season some species come ashore and nest in huge colonies called rookeries. Some rookeries include hundreds of thousands of penguins and cover hundreds of square kilometers (Marchant, 1990). 4. Penguins exhibit intricate courting and mate-recognition behavior. Elaborate visual and vocal displays help establish and maintain nesting territories (Marchant, 1990). 5. Although king penguins are highly gregarious at rookery sites throughout the year, they usually travel in small groups of 5 to 20 individuals (Marchant, 1990). 6. Penguins communicate by vocalizing and performing physical behaviors called "displays." They use many vo
F.u.c.k And The Meaning!!!
F.U.C.K Stands for : Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll F.U.C.K forever! To know who your true F.U.C.K buddies are haha lol i thought you would like this
Confession by Volz © "I have a confession," she whispers in his ear. "I'd love to hear it," he breathes heavily. Samantha and Jake had been dating for nearly 2 years. They were on the verge of engagement. Recently, their sex life has taken a new twist. It used to be the same old thing, but as that got more and more boring, they decided to spice it up. They'd visited the local adult store and bought a vibrator, something Sam had never had before. They used it together. The first time Jake just let it vibrate on her clit. And as she screamed in ecstasy, he shoved it deep inside her wet pussy. And so, since then, they've been up to trying just about anything. "Are you going to tell me?" he pants. They were getting pretty hot. The second he walked in from work she practically attacked him. She had been horny all day thinking about what she wanted to try, just knowing that Jake would go absolutely crazy. Jake grabbed her nipple just as she was pushing her hand inside his
Police Hunt Breast Enlargement Cheats
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German plastic surgeon who was cheated out of payment by several women has given pictures of their enlarged breasts to police, in the hope the photos will help trace them. "The women registered under fake names," Michael Koenig, a surgeon in Cologne, told Bild newspaper. "After the operations, which lasted about an hour, they just ran away." "Tanja" went out for "fresh air" after 8,000-euro ($10,000) surgery to enlarge her breasts. "She never came back and never paid," Koenig said. He now plans to demand payment in advance. Bild published a five-column picture of Tanja's naked breasts. "It's probably the most unusual wanted poster police ever had," the newspaper wrote. **You just can't MAKE this stuff up LOL
Caught In The Web
Caught in the Web by Frankly © Frank rang the doorbell at exactly 8 PM. He was not a man that was late or unprepared for nearly any situation and pushing that bell was the culmination of two months of planning and preparation. While he waited for an answer his mind allowed a few extraneous bits of doubt to surface. Was there anything that he had overlooked? He was sure of himself, how about her? He was about to confront a woman he had never seen before but felt he knew intimately. They had never met in person before. All their communication had been by Internet and telephone. Frank was cruising through sexual cyberspace one night in search of a deeply meaningful and mutually satisfying relationship with a horny girl, for the next ten minutes. He had done that several times before, found a hot chic, chatted for a few minutes about wild, unimaginably torrid sex, then evaporated into the ether. Sometimes he was relieved of sexual tension, sometimes not. The girls always achieved
Last Night
Last Night by Keli © It was the last night of our visit together. I was lying on the couch with my head in Joel’s lap. His hand was down my shirt, lazily teasing my nipples. I moaned happily and he bent to kiss me. Joel’s hand left my tits and slipped under my skirt. He rubbed my pussy for a moment, feeling how wet I was for him. “Get up,” Joel whispered. I obliged and he bent me over the arm of the couch. He raised my skirt and slowly pulled off my thong. His fingers found my wet cunt, teasing me mercilessly. I squirmed, raising my hips a little to give him better access. “Slut,” he said, slapping my ass hard. He stopped teasing me and gave me a few playful spanks. “Harder,” I begged. Grabbing a fistful of my hair in one hand, Joel spanked me hard. When my ass was glowing red, he released me. I immediately dropped to my knees, eager to suck his cock. Instead, he directed me to remove the rest of my clothing and go wait on the bed. Naked, I watched as he removed his
and of all guys you will be the first I miss and of all guys I will remember your kiss guy of all guys this one is the only that can compare how I loved you how I loved to and how I loved to, I loved me but guy of all guys it was only temporary I wish you the best at whatever you do I will never swim in your eyes no matter how blue I thank you for changing my neurochemistry and look forward to the day another guy occupies my dreams
Taco Pie
1 pound extra lean ground turkey 2 tablespoons taco seasoning mix 2 tablespoons cold water 8 ounces reduced-fat sour cream 2 tablespoons salsa 2 ounces chopped black olives (1/2 a 4.25-ounce can) 3/4 cup coarsely crushed baked tortilla chips 1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese Heat oven to 375 degrees. Combine turkey, seasonings and water and press in the bottom and up the sides of a 9-inch pie plate. Combine sour cream, salsa, black olives and tortilla chips in a medium bowl and spread over the turkey crust. Sprinkle the cheese over the top and bake for 40 minutes. Makes 6 servings.
Indian Tacos
Tortillas: About 2 1/2 cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 2/3 cup evaporated milk 2/3 cup water Oil for frying Filling: 1 lb. ground beef 1 onion, diced 1 pkg. taco seasoning 1 can pinto beans, partially mashed Shredded cheddar cheese Shredded lettuce Salsa: 2 cups diced tomatoes 2 cloves minced garlic Pinch red pepper flakes 1 teaspoon dried oregano Several sprigs cilantro, chopped Salt to taste Diced jalapeno pepper, to taste Mix together flour, baking powder and salt in bowl. Warm milk and water; make a well in the mixture and pour in the warmed milk-water mixture. Combine ingredients, starting with a fork and then using your hands, until a soft, slightly sticky dough is achieved. Keep your work surface well floured. Heat oil to 375 degrees in a deep fryer or deep pot. Shape dough into tortillas about 4 inches in diameter and ¼ inch to ½ inch thick. Carefully lower into hot grease and fry unt
A Tease
A Tease by jazmeine © I kneel in front of you Softly touching your hands with mine Looking up at your face with sorrowful eyes Tears of deep sadness roll down my cheeks With a brush of your fingertips You wipe away my tears I rise quietly sliding into your lap My warm body wrapping gently around yours Arms moving to drape over your shoulders Legs moving to wrap around your waist My body presses tightly against you Your dark eyes seem to lighten As I softly press my lips to yours for a kiss My tongue gently slides into your mouth I taste you and tease you I run the tip of my tongue around your lips Then brush the corners of your mouth Leaning my head down I softly kiss your neck My soft full lips engulfing your bare skin... I softly whisper in your ear, "Its time for me to go" With a wimper and a frown you look away Knowing I'm just a tease...
Soft Vegetable Tacos
1 tablespoons olive oil 1 medium onion, chopped 2 red bell peppers, coarsely chopped 2 large garlic cloves, chopped 1 jalapeno chili, seeded, chopped 2 tablespoons chili powder 1 tablespoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon dried oregano 3/4 cup tawny Port 1 15- to 16-ounce can pinto beans, rinsed, drained 1 15- to 16-ounce can golden or white hominy, rinsed, drained 2 cups chopped fresh spinach 12 warm corn tortillas Heat olive oil in heavy large saucepan over medium-high heat. Add onion, red bell pepper, garlic and chili. Saute until vegetables soften, about 10 minutes. Add chili powder, cumin and oregano and saute 2 minutes. Add Port and simmer until liquid reduces by half, about 10 minutes. Mix in beans and hominy and heat through. (Can be prepared 1 day ahead. Cover and refrigerate. Rewarm mixture over medium heat before continuing.) Add spinach and stir until wilted, about 2 minutes. Spoon 1/3 cup vegetable mixture onto each tortilla. R
Tomatillo Chicken Tacos
8 ounces (5-6 medium) tomatillos, husked and rinsed (see cook's notes) 2 fresh serrano chilies, or to taste, stemmed 1 1/2 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil, divided use 1/2 medium white onion, roughly chopped 1 garlic clove, peeled and roughly chopped 1 cup chicken broth 3 tablespoons roughly chopped cilantro Salt, 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon, depending on saltiness of broth 12 warm corn tortillas (plus a few extra, in case some break) 2 cups firmly packed sliced chard or spinach (all pieces should be about 1/2 inch wide and 2 inches long) 1 1/3 cups coarsely shredded cooked chicken 1/2 to 3/4 cup crumbled Mexican queso fresco 1. Roast tomatillos and chilies on baking sheet 4 inches below a very hot broiler until blackened and soft on one side, about 5-6 minutes, then turn over and roast on other side, 3-4 minutes. Transfer (including all juices) to a food processor fitted with the metal blade or to a blender. 2. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large, hea
Name____________________ Age___ Phone(____) _______ Occupation______________ Height______ Gender___ Married(Y/N)__ Single(Y/N)___ Other_________ How often (check appropriate answer)::: Daily__ Weekly__ Monthly__ As much as possible__ Do you like rough sex? yes ___ or No___ How long can u last (check appropriate answer)::: 1min ___ 15min__ 30min__ 1hr__ All nite___ Do u like giving oral sex(Y/N)___ Do you do anal (Y/N)__ Which do u prefer (check appropriate box)::: One on one__ Doubles__ Group___ While having sex, what do u do (check all appropriate answers)::: Faint__ Cry__ Moan__ Wiggle__ Twist__ Jerk about__ Pant__ Sweat___ Scream__ Hum__ Whistle__ Just lie there__ Go to sleep__ Watch tv__ Read__ Think of someone else___ List three positions u like::: 1.________ 2.________ 3.________ What is ur preferred pace (check appropriate answer)::: Slow__ Fast__ Very fast__ Rigorous___ When is the best time to rea
Tacos De Carne Asada (toasted Beef Tacos)
2 pounds flank steak, trimmed of excess fat 1 cup canned pickled jalapenos, including the carrots and onions that come with it Extra-virgin olive oil for coating the pan 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper 16 corn tortillas 1 medium white onion, chopped 1/2 cup chopped cilantro 1/4 cup salsa 2 limes, cut in wedges, for serving Lay the flank steak on a flat surface and cover it with the jalapeno mixture, then roll the meat up like a pinwheel. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour or up to 8 hours, so the flavors can sink into the meat. Preheat an outdoor grill or a ridged grill pan over a medium-high flame (you can also use a broiler). Brush the the grates with a little oil to prevent the meat from sticking. Unroll the flank steak and scrape off the jalapeno mixture. Season the steak on both sides with the salt and pepper. Grill (or broil) for 7 to 10 minutes per side, burning once, until medium-rare. Rem
Tacos De Cecina (pounded Pork Tacos)
2 guajillo chilies, stemmed and seeded (See Note) 2 pork tenderloins (about 1 pound each) 1 tablespoon white vinegar 1 teaspoon dried Mexican oregano 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for coating the pan 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 16 corn tortillas 1 medium white onion, chopped 1/2 cup chopped cilantro 2 limes, cut in wedge, for serving Bring 1 cup of water to a boil, in a dry cast-iron skillet, toast the chilies over medium-low heat for 2 minutes, until fragrant; turn them and shake the pan so they don't scorch. Put the toasted chilies in a bowl, cover with the boiling water, and let them soak until softened and reconstituted, about 15 minutes. Using a sharp knife, make a deep slit down the length of the tenderloins and open them up so they lay flat. With the smooth side of a mallet, pound the pork between two pieces of plastic to a 1/4-inch thickness. Transfer to a platter. In a blender, combine
Love Eternal
what have you done to me? a cloud of misery as emotions writhe. once we shared bliss, hand in hand and childlike, but your heart soured. a hateful pool of memory - emotions follow hate, follow pain, love taken away. in a rush of bitterness, i still love you.
Couple Contest
I'm going to hold a contest for the best LC couple..... If interested in being in it... let me know and send me your pic.... I have 10 openings......
An Evening At The Bar
An Evening At the Bar by mzvampyre © When I walk in to the bar you instantly catch my eye I think to myself what a sexy guy! I notice your scent as I walk past you I order my beer and decide what to do. You walk to the pool table and our eyes meet So powerful and mesmerizing, I melt in my seat. You know I am interested so you begin to tease Your body language is saying that you are ready to please. Rack 'em up baby and grab your stick You hold a long one that is hard as a brick. You crack those balls with one hard shot Your every move is making me hot. I finally decide on how to make a pass When you lean over I grab your ass. You look up at me and ask my name They call me Kat, how about a game? You give me your stick, I hold it firmly in my hand I gently stroke it while in front of me you stand. In a deep sexy voice, you want to make a bet Then you ask me what prize you will get. Tell me straight up what you desire Will you be able to handle the heat of my f
An Erotic 'twas The Night Poem
An Erotic 'Twas the Night Poem by The Erotic Elves © 'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the net People were horny--steamy and wet; The pussies were dripping as they soon knew That the cocks around them were stiffening, too; The ladies were ready, willing, and spread The men kneeling down, giving them head; Santa squeezed down the chimney, hoping to fuck; But found halfway down that he became stuck. A pole was stuck up his arse with some force, poor Santa thought he'd been kicked by a horse. They tried and they tried, but they couldn't unstick, He was wedged in the chimney by the size of his dick. The poledancers gathered round and had an idea, Perhaps if they sucked Santa's cock he could get himself clear. One by one, they sucked on his knob, knowing this wasn't a one-dancer job. The elves wondered how they could help, too, so they opened their mouths and awaited his goo. While they waited, the elves passed the time, by fuck
Stupidity Awards
Stupidity Award winners Darwin's Award Winners 1. When his 38-caliber revolver failed to fire at his intended victim during a hold-up in Long Beach, California, would-be robber James Elliot did something that can only inspire wonder. He peered down the barrel and tried the trigger again. This time it worked..... 2. The chef at a hotel in Switzerland lost a finger in a meat cutting machine and, after a little hopping around, submitted a claim to his insurance company. The company expecting negligence sent out one of its men to have a look for himself. He tried the machine and lost a finger. The chef's claim was approved. 3. A man who shoveled snow for an hour to clear a space for his car during a blizzard in Chicago returned with his vehicle to find a woman had taken the space. Understandably, he shot her. 4. After stopping for drinks at an illegal bar, a Zimbabwean bus driver found that the 20 mental patients he was supposed to be transporting from Harare to Bu
The Very Latest About My Mom's Illness
The Very Latest Update, About My Mom's Cancer (please read) The Very Latest Update, About My Mom's Cancer (please read) To all of my dear friends, First of all, please let me apologize, for not being online (lately), as much as I would like to be. I do value all of you, who are on my friends list! Also, please forgive the length of this Bulletin, and please excuse any typos, or puntuation mistakes. I am writing this to let you all know, what is happening with my Mom (and me). For the past couple of months, my family and I, have been going through a lot. As for myself, I feel that I have reached my breaking point! I will now, bring you, up-to-date, about my Mom's condition. My mind is a bit "scattered", so please bear with me. It has been awhile, so I will write a quick re-cap, for you. Back in May of 2006, my Mom's oncologist ordered an "early" bone marrow biopsy, because he was concerned with her blood count, and they had found protein in her urine, a sure sign, that the cancer
An Afternoon Delight
An Afternoon Delight by FuckDoll © Alone with myself Only time to consume. Pain-filled pleasures come to mind... My hands feel soft on my tender smooth skin My legs quiver at once Touching myself all over Searching for places to explore... I start with my breasts So round and so firm Breathing in deeply I sigh My nipples harden as I grab at me Pushing me closer to satisfaction Attaching the clips, laborious indeed As the tender bite invokes fire Heat rushing through my chest all my attention is there... It hurts so much, It feels so good I moan as I continue... Naked and wanting, waiting for me Breasts heaving, nipples cinched by these binds My hands roam further down My thighs so pale and white, I smack the inner part of my thigh Seeking to find the pink print of my hand Slowly the blood rushes forth to my skin Revealing a nasty mark Moving higher still up my thigh I find the smoothness that is me Defining me as I lay
Sorry To All!
Sorry to everyone who has posted a comment on my page in the past day or so. I click on your pics to return the favor, and everything freezes up...So when it quits doin that, I will comment ya all!
Need Help 2
hey every one. im try to get people to make mods for me. i had one done and love it. i don have the time are the stuff to make it. if you can please make one fore me. you can be as artistice as you want. like turn me in to something that looks cool. thanks you
Thank You Everyone
I am now out LC I"M MAGIC
My Girl
this girl knows who she is and how important she really is to me and i want her to know i think about her all the time and how much fun we'll have when and if i get out there ive been sayin that for years. but its true vic i love you sweetie and we're goin skiing !!!!
Alone In Darkness
the night falls with a silent sigh, cold and alone are we. the salvation for which you pine flares once, then dies, devoured by a velvet ebon nothingness. all hope must not endure. your love is no more. how could you abandon me? angels surround us, crying, save us from ourselves.
im lost without your touch im lost without your kiss im lost without your love im lost without your phonecalls im lost without your texts but most of all im lost without you i love you and i miss you but theres nuthing i can say or do that will change that, i can dream that u are lying beside me like u did, i can dream of your touch, your kiss your everything and maybe just maybe one day it will return
Roommates Links Check Em Out
dan@ LostCherry zoey@ LostCherry
The Baby Photographer
The Heberts were unable to conceive children, and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Hebert kissed his wife and said, "I'm off. The man should be here soon". Half an hour later, just by chance, a door-to-door baby photographer rang the doorbell, hoping to make a sale. Good morning madam. I've come to...." "Oh, no need to explain. Come in," Mrs. Hebert cut in. "Really?" the photographer asked. "Well, good! My specialty is babies." "That's what my husband and I had hoped. Please come in and have a seat." After a moment she asked, blushing, "Well, where do we start?" Photographer - "Leave everything to me. I usually try two in the bathtub, one on the couch and perhaps a couple on the bed. Sometimes the living room floor is fun too. You can really spread out!" Wife - "Bathtub, couch, bed, living room floor? No wonder it didn't work for my husband and me." Photographer
Bettie Page Is So Cool
Hey all you Lost Cherry addicts out there, its just me Susi Q, As you can tell Bettie Page is very cool in my book, she was a classic beauty and was the star in many mens magazines in the 50s, she took alot of risque photos, bondage, spanking and just great leg shots.She was very uninhibited and was very popular with the men, and I think she was bi-sexual. Theres a movie coming out about her life, it stars a new up in comer, shes blonde, but she wears a wig, I can't wait to see it, the movie is called The Notorious Bettie Page, keep your eyes open for it. Gretchen Moll stars as Bettie Page, I don't really know that much about her, so I want to see the movie to learn more. I believe it will be a good movie, heres an intro to Bettie.She was born in Tennesse, and was a model of the 50s. Cya Susi Q.
only get comments from naked pics, oh well i guess iw ill have to post more then :)
I Love You Jimmy
me and jimmy are back together! i love you baby!!!
What Type Of Car Represents Your Sexual Experience?
Your sexual experience is like a street racer You like to have fun all the time, and if hooking up is a consequence of that then so be it. You are very easy going and have a rocking life. Take this quiz at
Vampiric Angel
Which vampiric angel are you? Alejandro, Angel of DestructionThe need to see death captivated Alejandro a mile from the exit of the Nether Realm. It came close to him and nearly took him alive, until he realized he was dreaming.
Remind Your Kids
This is my first ever blog and its for all the parents, those who are single or married. I would urge you all to remind your children of how important they are to you. How your life has changed for the better since they came into this world. One day they can be in your arms sleeping sweetly and the next theirs and your enitre world can flipped upside down. I plead with you to have patience with them, to always have love in your eyes when you look at them,to laugh with them, and to pray for them...I leave you with this short song that if i had a voice i would sing to my angel everynite: You are like a butterfly A caterpillar's dream to fly So bust out of this old cocoon Dry your tears away, Butterfly Go ahead and fly Go ahead, fly It's always such a lonely loom Or sudden like a broken bone And your luck won't always come along So dry your tears away, butterfly Don't you cry dry your wings off, Butterfly Go ahead and fly
well tonight is the season premire of lost. hmm. wonder what will happen. i am such a dork- everyone managed to get be addicted to that damn show! well let ya know how it was... sure it will just leave me frustrated with more questions. started watching jericho, needed to pass the time til Lost came on... so far seems to be an ok show as well.
Fucking Sweet, Bitches
Guess who's got the new two-disk Platinum Edition Little Mermaid DVD? That's right, motherfuckers, I do! I know you're just boiling with jealousy now! I also got my choice of liscensed plush toy for free with it. So now me and Flounder can watch our favourite movie whenever we want to. So, if you decide that you are worthy of this joy, go to Best Buy to get it. It was five dollars cheaper there than at FYE and you got the toy. I think FYE had some gay movie card or something, and KB Toys didn't give anything with it. Another cause for rapturous joy is that Terry and I shall be moving out of this shitty shit-hole in a matter of days. Three of them, if you wish to be specific. So, as of Saturday, I will have an awesome apartment and you won't, because I'm awesome and you suck. Yes, I mean you, specifically reading this right now, and no one else.
Help Please
I know I have been asking alot of ya'll lately, but I only have 619 more points to go till I level, help this gal out please! Much Lovings.
Where Has The Princess Been?
well.. peoples it has been awhile. actually its been like forever since i have been on this thing. i have had no free time at all. pretty much sucks. with competition coming up monday and battle of the bands saturday night i have no free time at all. but rest to sure i will be back soon after all this is over with. so stay safe and keep rocking out with your cock out muhwahs -the princess
Notihing New Today!!
Well today was crazy!! I am sooo beat!!! If anyone can cheer me up!!! Please Feel free to do soo... Jeannie
Todya Is A Little Better.
I went to school it was ok... I ran for laps today and then did 100 sit-ups they made me feel great! I am so happy for that. I didn't almost die last night... COntrary to my wishes... I am finally starting to see Ben was never worth my time anyways... It hurts but I'll live... I am happy to be SINGLE again.... Tamara share comments P.s. Fish is gross.. I ate chicken at C&c's Catfish and it looked gross so I pulled the skin off and burned my thumbs... Then almost walked out with the glass laughing my ass off.
Im This.....
What Rocky Horror Picture Show Character Are You? You are Janet Weiss!Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
This Pic Is Perron
Do You Need A Man Quiz Lol
You Need a Man! You're the kind of girl who wants a boyfriend at all times... And you're not ashamed to admit that men come first in your life. Because of this, you've been to known to date some less than great guys just to have a boyfriend. But you figure you'll just keep trying until you find the right one! Do You Need a Man?
Bar Talk Definitions -- Funny!!
HERE ARE ALL THE DEFINITIONS OF THINGS YOU MIGHT HEAR AT A BAR AND WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN: "No, really, I'm OK to drive." -- I'm wasted, and I am too embarrassed to have anybody see who I am going home with. "I'm not used to these darts." -- I'm not used to throwing anything smaller than a pool cue when I am this bombed. "Let's go out to my car and get some cigarettes." (male to female) -- You would look great face down in my lap. "You get this one, next round is on me." -- We won't be here long enough to get another round. "I'll get this one, next one is on you." -- Happy hour is about to end.... now beers are a dollar, but by the next round they'll be $4.50 a pop. "I haven't seen you around here for a long time." -- You stuck up little bitch, too good for your old friends?? "Hey, where is that friend of yours?" -- I have no interest in talking to you except as a way to get your attractive friend into a compromising position. "Let's get out of here." -- I just
This Pic Is Nice
Vote For My Pussy
Got Your Attention Huh? Please take a moment and visit the link below to vote for my cat Lucki who has been entered into a Pet Photo Contest for October. This contest is going on for the whole month of October so if you can think of it occassional or daily to visit the site and vote for Lucki we would really appreciate it!! I am also including lucki's picture below so you can spot him easier. Click Here To Vote For Lucki
How Much Of A Gold Digger Are You?
You are 14% Gold Digger You are not a gold digger. Love means a lot to you and you would never compromise your chance of true love by trying to seduce someone wealthy. Take this quiz at
My Poor Wife Suffering 'eves'' Sheryl
**the following is my observation of my wife, in the eyes of my wife...something that takes place every month lol...Donna, is somewhat oblivious to it..but then again she always has that..who gives a rats a## kind of attitude in life anyway!** Don't get me wrong, I love my wife, she is every beat of my heart, but this is too funny, not to share, and yes she does know I'm sharing this with you people... .............the shedding of uterine lining can create a sort of unintentional hatred for the rest of the human population..even friends that are a daily pleasure to conversate with seem to be simply put on this earth to annoy you into suicidal carnage.. maybe its just my uber bitch of the universe moodswings that make everything so mind numbingly annoying that I spend those 5 days of bleeding grinding my teeth because they itch from irritation..but I am sure the rest of the females reading this can identify with this..wait..*shrugs* ok even the men reading this knows that when th
Big News
Create a Myspace LED Scroller
Boyfriend Application. :)
Boyfriend Application Type in your answers IN A DIFFERENT COLOR OTHER THAN BLACK and e-mail this form to me at General Information: 1. What is your full name? 2. What is your phone number? 3. What is your e-mail address? 4. How old are you? 5. When is your birthday? 6. How tall are you? 7. Do you play online games (World of Warcraft, Ever Quest, Etc)? 8. How much do you weigh?\ 9. How tall are you? 10. Describe yourself in 20 words. 11. Do you have a car? If so, what kind? 12. Do you have a drivers license? 13. Do you know how to change a tire? 14. Do you know how to change the oil in your car? 15. Have you ever been outside the US? If so, where did you go? 16. Have you ever been enlisted in the US Armed Forces? If so what did you do? What branch? What was your final rank? Why did you leave the military? Have you ever been deployed to a war zone? 17. Are you a citizen of the US? 18. List 3 of your hobbies. 19. Do you have an
Wat 2 Do Wat 2 Do
ok people check this new here and stuff so im so fuckin lost write now. ok i dont even noe wat the hell 2 put in this blog thingy......
Broadband's Back
I finally got my damn high-speed back! I am loving it too! It sucks trying to surf LC with Dial-up. Not anymore! LOL..
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Yeah For Me
All right, Im the kind of guy that doesn't really give a rats ass what he wears. If it smells or at least looks clean I'll wear it, and the only time I get new clothes is Christmas and my birthday. I thought I did a GREAT job today, went shopping to buy some new pants for work, and as always, I refuse to try anything on at the store. So, I broke the 6 year stretch of not buying myself any type of clothing and bought 8 pairs of pants, yeah for me, I rock. I get home and ripped all the tags off put them in my closet and was done. Then something came up and I needed to run to work so I decided to grab a pair I had just bought, What did I do wrong???? I wear 34W x36L and bought 8 pairs of 36Wx34L and they wont take them back since I removed the tags :( Somebody slap me.
Raisin Cookies
These cookies are great with a cup of coffee for a mid-morning snack. You can double the recipe and freeze half, and just defrost the second batch when needed. Makes 4-5 Dozen 1 Cup Water 1 Cup Raisins 1 Cup Shortening 3 Eggs 1/2 Teaspoon Salt 1 Cup Sugar 1 1/2 Teaspoons Cinnamon 3 1/2 Cups Flour 3 Teaspoons Baking Powder Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. and lightly grease two baking sheets. Place the water and raisins in a small pot, and bring to a boil. Add the shortening, and remove from the heat, stirring until the shortening has melted. In a bowl, beat together the eggs and the sugar until light. Add the raisin mixture to the egg mixture, and then add the flour, salt, baking powder and cinnamon. Mix just until combined. Drop by tablespoons onto the prepared cookie sheets, leaving space between each cookie. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the cookies are set, and the bottoms lightly browned.
Mascarpone Fig Jam Cookies
Mascarpone cheese makes these cookies very tender, and the fig jam adds a delicious sweetness. :Makes 3 Dozen These cookies store well for up to two weeks refrigerated, and freeze well for up to two months in an airtight container. 1/2 Cup Or 1 Stick Unsalted Butter, Brought To Room Temperature 1 1/2 Cups Sugar 1 Large Egg 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract 1/2 Cup Softened Mascarpone Cheese 2 3/4 Cups All-Purpose Flour 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Powder 1/2 Teaspoon Salt 1 Cup Fig Jam, Or Jam Of Choice Beat together the butter and sugar until light. Add the egg and vanilla, and mix until smooth. Add the mascarpone cheese, and beat until smooth. Sift together the dry ingredients, and fold them into the butter mixture, mixing just until combined. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap, and refrigerate 1 hour. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Place sheets of parchment paper, or silicone baking liners on two cookie pans. On a lightly floured counter or board, roll the dough in
Only For Homies
The 4th ~ Judged By How You Dress?
Postedthis in the wrong blog at first sorry! This idea came to me when me and my mum were driving to steves. While in town i saw every kind of person! Chav,Goth,Emo,Greebo And So On! Its funny how you watch peoples reactions to how they dress. E.g Chavs will look at goths in a funny way like how their dressed is wrong Goths will also do the same, like ''Ha!!!,Whatare they wearing that for!'' Basically everyone is entitled to wear whatever the fuck they want!!!! Hey even be naked we were fucking born like it you asses!!!!! Nowadays its becoming more a thing that you judge people by what they wear or what they dont wear!. It doesnt make someone a criminal because they have a hoodie on! Not everyone that wears a hoodie is gunna mug you or rob your shop! Your not a bad person because you wear your trousers low! Not all people who wear trakkies have 'ASBOS' Just because someone doesnt dress like you is no reason to dislike someone!. I have a whole different r
Mostaccioli are cookies created from a dense, honey flavored dough that encases a chocolate, almond filling. This traditional Calabrian specialty is a great addition to any cookie tray! :Makes 5 Loaves 2 Pounds Lightly Toasted Almonds 2 Pounds Honey 1 (350gm) Package Chocolate Chips 4 Egg Yolks 6-8 Cups All-Purpose Flour 1 Tablespoon Baking Powder Melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler with 1/4 cup of the honey until melted. Mix the almonds into this mixture, and set aside to cool slightly. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. Make a mound of 6 cups of the flour on a pastry board or the counter, add the baking powder, and create a well in the center. Add the egg yolks and using a fork, mix into the flour. Begin to add the honey into this well, using a fork to combine with the flour. Continue to use all the honey, adding more flour as needed. Knead the dough until smooth. Divide the dough into 5 equal pieces. Roll each into a ball, and then flatten into a 1
Excessive Livejournal Survey
1. Who is the last person you held hands with? Chris..... 2. If you were drafted into a war, would you survive? good lord no, id feel sad for my country haha 3. Do you sleep with the TV on? i enjoy total darkness 4. Have you ever drank milk straight out of the carton? GROSSSSSSSSS, i hate milk 5. What did you do today? woke up dont think i showered......nope. checked mail bought film ate lunch went to CG111 picked up photos went to lighting ate lunch/dinner whatever came home adn went on the computer 6. Do you like somebody right now? like a LOT 7. How fast can you type? ive measured at 90ish wpm but average id say 7o to 8o 8. Are you afraid of the dark? only if im outside walking the streets alone 9. Eye color? hazel
Where In The World Are You Most Likely To Get Laid?
Cristin is most likely to get laid in Monaco, in a cathedral. Take this quiz at
Often called Anginetti, or Ginetti, these buttery cookies are topped with a lemon flavored icing which is delicious. :Makes 2 Dozen 1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar 6 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter 2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract 1 Teaspoon Grated Lemon Zest, Finely Chopped 3 Large Eggs 2 Cups All-purpose Flour 2 Teaspoons Baking Powder Icing: 1 Tablespoon Unsalted Butter 3 Cups Sifted Confectioner's, Or Icing Sugar 2 Tablespoons Water 2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice Colored Sprinkles (Optional) Preheat oven to 350 F. Line a baking sheet with silicon sheets, or parchment paper. In a large mixing bowl, beat together the sugar, vanilla, lemon peel and 6 tablespoons of butter with an electric mixer until well blended. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Continue to beat for 1 minute. Stir in flour and baking powder and blend just until mixed. The dough should be soft and sticky. Spoon dough into a pastry bag fitted with a 3/8-inch round
Italian Lemon Drops
These lemon flavored little cookies are a great addition on a cookie tray, or with a cup of coffee. They are very easy to make, and freeze well although I would not frost them before freezing. :Makes 3 Dozen f using frozen cookies, frost them just before serving. 1 Cup Granulated Sugar 1/2 Cup Shortening 6 Eggs 1 Teaspoon Lemon Extract 4 Cups Flour 1 Teaspoon Grated, Chopped Lemon Zest 2 1/2 Teaspoons Baking Powder Dash Of Salt For Icing: 2 Cups Powdered Sugar Fresh Lemon Juice Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Either lightly grease two baking or cookie sheets, or use silicon sheets on them. In a large bowl, cream together the sugar and shortening. Add the eggs, lemon extract and grated lemon zest, and mix well. Stir together the flour, salt, and baking powder. Add this dry mixture to the bowl with the eggs and mix well. Roll the dough into small balls about 3/4 inch big, and place on the baking sheets at least 1 to 2 inches apart. Bake th
Venetian Butter Cookies
These tender cookies can be found across Veneto, if not throughout Italy. Not too sweet, they are nice served with coffee after dinner. :Makes 3 Dozen 2 Cups All-purpose Flour 2/3 Cup Sugar 1 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Powder 1/2 Teaspoon Salt 8 Tablespoons, Or 1 Stick Of Softened, Unsalted Butter 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract 3 Egg Yolks 1 Teaspoon Lemon Zest, Finely Chopped 1 Egg White Beat the butter together with the sugar until light and fluffy. Add the egg yolks one at a time, and then add the vanilla and lemon zest. Beat in the flour, salt and baking powder on low speed just until mixed. Shape the dough in a ball, wrap in plastic wrap, and refrigerate for one hour. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Lightly butter and flour two baking sheets. Cut the dough into 3 dozen pieces, and roll each piece into a 4 inch rope. Shape the rope into a circle, and pinch the ends closed. Place the cookies on the baking sheets 1 inch apart. Once all of the cookies are shape
Romeo's Kisses
Baci di Romeo are small almond flavored cookies are sandwiched together in pairs with chocolate filling. Paired with Juliet's Kisses, they make a great addition to any cookie tray. :Makes 3 1/2 Dozen hese cookies are the opposite of Baci di Giulietta. 1/2 Pound, or 2 Sticks Unsalted Butter, Softened 1/2 Cup Icing Or Confectioner's Sugar 1/4 Teaspoon Salt 1/2 Teaspoon Almond Extract 2 Cups All-purpose Flour Filling: 2 Ounces Semisweet Or Dark Chocolate 2 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter 1/3 Cup Toasted Almonds Ground Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. and prepare two baking sheets either with silicon sheets, or by buttering them. In a large bowl, beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the salt and almond extract, and mix until smooth. Add the flour to the bowl, and mix just until blended. Shape the cookies by rolling small pieces of dough into 1 inch balls, and placing these one inch apart on the baking sheets. Continue shaping
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New Photo
First Time (another One I Liked But Didn't Write Lol)
I worked at a summer camp for 5 years. We had a staff of 24 girls and 4 guys. The camp is located in northern Iowa on a beautiful lake. Obviously the odds were in the guys favor and who was I to complain about that. We stayed rather busy during the days working our various jobs and usually didn't have time to ourselves until after 7 PM each day. When we did get some time we usually headed off camp to enjoy the different places and events around the lake. Sometimes, however, on particularly hot evenings some of us would go swimming down at our beach. One of the girls that worked at the camp my last year there was named Jill. Jill was the lifeguard and was very attractive. She had a very slender body and a gorgeous dark tan. Guys were always hitting on her but she didn't seem to like that kind of guy. I, too, was attracted to her but being a little on the shy side found myself staying back a little bit. She seemed comfortable with that and to my surprise seemed interested in me mostl
Red Wine Biscuits
These savory biscuits or cookies are great with a glass of wine before dinner, or after dinner with a selection of Italian cheese and a glass of robust red wine. :Makes 24 2 1/2 Cups All-purpose Flour 1/2 Cup Sugar 1 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Powder 1/2 Teaspoon Salt 1 Teaspoon Cracked Black Pepper 1/2 Cup Dry Red Wine 1/2 Cup Olive Oil 1 Egg White 2 Tablespoons Sesame Seeds Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix together the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and pepper. Add the wine and olive oil, and mix together until smooth. Divide the dough into three pieces, and shape each into a log shape, about 2 inches across. Beat the egg white until foamy, and brush the tops of the three logs. Sprinkle with the seame seeds. Cut the logs with a sharp knife into 3/4 inch slices. Place these slices 1 inch apart on lightly greased and floured baking sheets. Bake for 25 minutes until lightly browned. Cool on wire racks, and store in an airtight container.
Ricotta Cheese Cookies
These are a tasty cookie made with ricotta cheese. They are brushed with a powdered sugar glaze. :Makes 3-4 Dozen 2 Sticks Of Butter At Room Temperature 2 Cups Of Sugar 1 (15 oz) Container Of Full Fat Ricotta Cheese 2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract 2 Eggs, Lightly Beaten Dash Of Salt 1 Teaspoon Baking Soda 1 Teaspoon Finely Chopped Lemon Zest 4 Cups All-Purpose Flour Glaze: 1 Cup Powdered Sugar Milk Colored Sprinkles Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix all the ingredients together until combined. The dough will be moist. Drop by a teaspoon onto a greased cookie sheet. Bake for about 10 minutes until firm. The cookies will be golden on the bottom, but will remain white on top. Mix in enough milk to make a glaze that can be brushed. Lightly coat the tops of each cookie with the glaze and sprinkle with the colored sprinkles. Let dry fully before storing.
Ciambelle With Wine
This recipe using wine and anise seeds is my favorite type of ciambelle, or ring shaped cookie. Don’t worry about being too professional in shaping them, as you want them to look a little rustic so people know you made them yourself! :Makes 24 2 Cups of Sugar 2 Cups of White Wine 1 Cup of Oil (I find olive oil too strong of a flavor) 3 Tablespoons Anise Seeds 6 Teaspoons Baking Powder 8 Cups of All-Purpose Flour Granulated Sugar On a large board or counter top, start by making a large mound using 8 cups of flour, the sugar, anise seeds, and baking powder. Make a well in the center, and begin to add the wine and the oil, mixing as you go along. Continue in this manner, adding more flour as needed until all the liquid ingredients have been used. Knead for a few minutes until smooth. The dough should resemble stiff bread dough. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, and begin to shape the cookies. Break off a small piece, and roll it into a 1-1/2 inch thick rope
Chocolate Meringue Cookies
These cookies are delicious, and store well for at least two weeks in an airtight container. I garnish half of my cookies with a light dusting of confectioner’s sugar, and half with cocoa which makes a nice presentation on my cookie tray. :Makes About 24 Cookies 3 Large Egg Whites 1/ 4 Teaspoon Cream Of Tartar 3/4 Cup Sugar 3 Tablespoons Unsweetened Cocoa For Garnish: (Optional) Powdered Sugar or Cocoa Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. Place the egg whites and cream of tartar in a bowl, and beat with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Begin to add the sugar slowly, and continue to beat on high speed until the whites are stiff and shiny. Sift the cocoa over the egg whites, and fold gently until mixed. Drop the batter by the tablespoon onto parchment lined baking sheets. If you want to garnish them, then sift a small amount of the powdered sugar and/or cocoa on top of the cookies before baking. Bake for about 1 hour, or until the meringues are very dry. Cool,
Yeah... just posting this in some desprite attempt that someone will care enough to help me get to my next level? K, thx, bye...
Sometimes One Writes A Plan In Advance...
to say... may be adding a poem about music, if I can get it done and get it right... and a brief essay-of-sorts about musical form, if I can get it from ideas in my mind to something written. Because sometimes a person (that'd be me, so...!) feels that he can do something well, and that it plays to his strengths, and hey... he needs the practice. (Some of the files that now sit in my image gallery- the Mozart, for example- really have given me practice using LilyPond, the program that created them; I now know how to do this-and-that, a few things I did not know just a month or so ago- and I have been using the program for over a year. Not that a year is so long in context, but... still! Of course, given my habit of not really reading the documentation. And... ... er... just how long the documentation is- it was already a complex program, meant to cover a lot of cases, when "version 2.0.1" came out, and is even moreso now, I think. Complex program, big many-case online manual. So
So....u Out!!!!
You Are 36% Evil A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well. In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil. How Evil Are You?
Level Up
Im almost there anyone want to help?
All About Me
well, for those of you who are actually interested in getting to know me...I'm a 21 year old girl living in washington D.C. I'm very outgoing, bright, cheerful, loving, smart and brave. I may be young but my life has been a long bumpy road so far. I have a boyfriend who i care for deeply however i'm always interested in meeting new friends. Thanks for taking the time to read alittle about me.
Happy Humpday
Does Anyone Have Any Hill Or Mountain Shots
I need to build some new picture tubes for one of my programs so anything to do with rocks I would love to rate so i can use a small part of the pick for my work!!
Was Up
The Human Spirit
I saw the human spirit today. I love it when it happens, its usually out of the blue when it happens. I like to think thats because it is so common. But we both know it isnt anymore. But still, it is something I like to see. I was in a Dunkin Donuts for my morning ritual. Large coffee with a little cream and one Splenda. There was a woman in the front of the line, I guess she got a coffee and a coffee roll. Well she didnt have enough money (for whatever reason I cant presume) but she didnt have enough. The Wilmington policeman behind her gave the cashier a nod and that was it. No big ordeal. She thanked the cashier, and that should have been it right? Nope. The cashier told her it was the man behind her that picked up the rest. Now the cashier could have taken the credit and been her hero for the day, but he didnt. And what was best of all, no one made it a big deal. No one tried to look down thier nose at her, or make her feel less than. And that is what I am talking about! That is
More About Me
Well i am addicted to PSP and making graphices i even have my own msn group where we make tags for otehrs and also have loads of fun and play lots of different kinds of game, tell jokes all around fun group. I also enjoy making friends my on line friends mean as much to me as my real times friends i laugh with them cry with them and also worry with them.....I collect bears, dragons. Im not into the AC type graphice unless they are not showing alot im not a prude cause i have lots of nudes of me........I will help anyone out that asks....i would rather if someone needs sometghing to ask me for it rather than steal it........i would also rather have a friend tell me the truth than lie to me and i find the truth out from someone else.......i like RPG and most majhongg games aldo like playing scrabble and am afirly good at chess........I am also in the lifestyle(BDSM)......Love country music mostly but also like will smiths songs....i love playing lots of differant kinds of games as long
And I Love Water Too...
Your Element Is Water A bit of a contradiction, you can seem both lighthearted and serious. That's because you're good at going with the flow - but you also are deep. Highly intuitive, you tune in to people's emotions and moods easily. You are able to tap into deep emotional connections and connect with others. You prefer a smooth, harmonious life - but you can navigate your way around waves. You have a knack for getting people to get along and making life a little more peaceful. What's Your Element?
My Kids Rock
everyone see's me for me and thats soo great to know i have friends i can turn too and i can lean in sooo deep and now look at us grow !
Its Still Upsetting
I've gone for it. I'm pretty much with him now. And I still don't know How she feels about it. If she cries at my discretion. What can I do. To tell her it will be better. When she sees that she can get someone new. I can't yell at her. Or be angry. I might as well be screwing her ex-man. What to do. What to do. When the only answer. Isn't laying with him.
Sad Indeed..
I can't fathom what it takes for someone to harm a child nor do I wish to find the reason why. Too often these days, that's all the news carries. The worst is the one this past week in Pa. The amish bother no one and as a dear friend in my old home state on LC can attest to, are completely harmless. Why would some simple minded ass decide to take his anger out on a godfearing community, let alone innocent children... It's not the faught of the guns nor the people who are the victims.. it's the mindset of these degenerits who find the need to blame everyone for their misfortunes and mistakes, those who should instead blame themselves..but don't have the balls (this includes the chic who sliced another womans throat open to kidnap her newborn baby) to do so..
My New Philosophy
Alot of things about last night bothered me. But that's another whinefest, another rant. One that will likely be private.Because well.. like any human being, showing emotion to the open world is a scary idea. We dont want people to see who we are, we want them to see our mask, our charade.We want them to see us not for who we really are, but who want to be. But I give up. Im done. Not in a "woe is me" my life blows I wanna kill myself kinda way.Far from it. Anyone who knows me knows thats the exact polar opposite of "me". I was home alone and I was thinking... When it comes to relationships... Im done. Not in a I never want to have another one kinda way, but in a ive seen it all kinda way. No im not arrogant enough to belive ive experienced all of lifes joys and hells, so let me explain. I have been in "love" in one of its three biggest forms with three different people.My first love was the chemical, no explanation for it love. The "love at first sight," just couldnt get enough of eac
Hey...i'm Better Than Jennifer Garner...
Kimberley Renee Natasha Johnson's Aliases Your movie star name: Brownies David Your fashion designer name is Kimberley France Your socialite name is Sweepee Vegas Your fly girl / guy name is K Joh Your detective name is Cats Withrow Your barfly name is Chips Baileys Irish Cream Your soap opera name is Renee Natasha Clephane Your rock star name is Chocolate Car Your Star Wars name is Kimkik Johjam Your punk rock band name is The Mellow Dildo The Amazing Meganame Generator
Perfect Family Verison 2
* first morbid thing I've written since Pure white whore so. blah bare with me lovez* His hands lock around her neck And she knows it's about to begin agian She can see it in his eyes But she has no more tears to cry Too many times she's been here before Laying here taking it as he rips her apart Filling her womb with maggots and blood He doesn't care he's having his fun A rotting body she lays there now But he doesn't care She's the girl of his dreams The one he knows will never scream The eyes of his love forever frozen in fear And the only liqued that comes Is smelly and clear But to him the scent is more then heaven sent His morbid bride Decaying inside A rotting body she lays there now But he doesn't care She's the girl of his dreams The one he knows will never leave Postmortem baby To a maggot filled mother He'll rape the graves to give him a brother The family he loves The family hez wanted So perfect in his mind Twisted in his ow
Just Be Supportive And A Safe Haven
Okay. That last bulletin got me started. I figured I had better continue without taking everyone elses thunder. The bulletin I am talking about was the Help stop the Abuse. I will open by saying that Abuse is a real thing. It is happening every second of everyday somewhere. You cannot close your eyes and it will go away. You cannot sit back and say.....They deserve it...They are stupid because they won't leave. "Why don't they just leave....because when they don't leave they just keep asking for more." Upon leaving my eight years of abuse....I received the worst beating from the eight years. During my eight years I had been in and out of hospitals....had been thrown down stairs...lost two babies...and had been so emotionally abused that it was easier to hear the people say that it was all my fault. My shoulders were big. I took all the blame. I heard people say that it was my fault for staying....and I believed. Because of this lack of help.....and support I stayed fo
What's Your Poison?
Leather, Latex or Chainmail?
Cherry Pickers Contest
Hey everybody, yes it's me again. Two blogs in one night, I'm on a roll.:) I just wanted to say that my ass is on the Cherry Pickers sexy panty contest. You don't have to vote for me or anything, although it would be nice :). Just go check it out and vote for the one you like the best. This is my first and probably only contest I'll be entering in, way to much competition, and I ain't all that. But thanks for reading this love to you all....
Idealist...realist...whats The Diff?
Your Personality Is Idealist (NF) You are a passionate, caring, and unique person. You are good at expressing yourself and sharing your ideals. You are the most compassionate of all types and connect with others easily. Your heart tends to rule you. You can't make decisions without considering feelings. You seek out other empathetic people to befriend. Truth and authenticity matters in your friendships. In love, you give everything you have to relationships. You fall in love easily. At work, you crave personal expression and meaning in your career. With others, you communicate well. You can spend all night talking with someone. As far as your looks go, you've likely taken the time to develop your own personal style. On weekends, you like to be with others. Charity work is also a favorite pastime of yours. The Three Question Personality Test
Hockey Is Back!
YAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Hockey is back. Go Canucks Go! All the way the cup.
Me When I Dont Get Rated
For more funny videos, visit!
Random Crrrrrrap
A mama dying Lil baby crying It's sad we got all these crazy things But the churches still sing This be making a girl wanna think Sometimes when I awake I don't even wanna blink But I know I gotta awake A city girl CAN'T be fake Yeah, we walking. Walking down this narrow street Man, this is a win or lose thing And there's a good chance you gonna get beat Now we unload, We unload up into this life It's sad that little kids feel the need to carry a knife Gangster, yeah man, they really don't care Alway offering you to "sniff this right here"? But why take that dare I'm sorry But that's all I got to say Keep in your thoughts, And have a nice day
I Felt Like This , When I Reed This
Far Away
Nickelback Far Away Music Video Code
* didn't want to put the word so used blanks* ____ ____ scream the name ____ _____ you're insane You think you're right just because you're white But I am taking your world over tongiht Whatca gonna do when black is in sight I've followed your rules I've played your games I've entered your world, been driving you insane But now your stuck in a mind of confussion Don't know what to do Because this girl ain't white So this shouldn't be right You think you right because you're white But that don't mean shit tonight You wear it proud and that's alright Because I do the same and have no shame Cyz I scream his name like anyother I've earned my laces just like my brothers But still you try to fight this fight Just because my skin ain't white So let me say this once to you Just because my skin ain't true Doesn't make you better and true I've earned my right to fight this fight And I am taking your world over tongiht
My Sexual Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
People N Parents Are Fucked
i just love how you look at me , i whisper thru the night knowing everyone hears. you try to stay quiet, you try to stay near. even tho they keep pushing you out, you somehow push ur way back in. people say i dont need you, my head says im the loser and yet for some reason my heart keeps crying out your name even tho your not here , where u are sucks ass, but just think my parents wont be forever written by danielle
For My Paranormal Interested Friends And Family
I have Opened An Msn Group For Ppl Who Are Interested In The Paranormal If You Would Like To Join All You Need Is An MSN Or Hotmail Email Address, And Of Course An Invite From One Of The Admin. So Let Me Know Thru Cherry Mail Or A Shout Out. Thx Venomous Kiss
The Thanks People Give You...
I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this; Ever go out of your way to try to help someone or a group of people to get nothing but shit in return? I am about at the end of putting up with it. I used to enjoy IRC, and many other chat networks. Lately its nothing but idiots and kids on the major networks, and people you thought were friends on others. I am a helping person by nature but, I will think twice about it for many now. (you know who you are) I'm sure this will make its way back to where it was meant for. With that said, Game off. Quotes off. Me off. -sorry guys and gal. I just need a break from all the BS. c-ya when I c-ya.
I'm Not Nelly Furtado
So anyone who wants to send me a message for discreet or casual encounters can forget it! Ew get a life!
Uhh Life? Lol
Just wanted to say that I love this site except that there seems to be quite a bit of freaks on here. I mean not that I'm against that or anything but that's not the reason I started one. lol Well umm so far I like the people I've come in contact with, nice guys and girls alike...haven't really talked to the girls much but that's only cuz I like talkin to guys a lot more. It's more interesting getting a guys view on things...well that's all for now ^_^ catchya later ;)
New Pics
I just posted pics from the 2006 Redwood Run in piercey Ca. SO MUCH FUN!!! Some pics i love, some i hate- but thats life right?
What Is Your Sexual Iq?
You have a sexual IQ of 120 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
So sick of the bullshit that pushes us aside So sick of being a second-class passenger on life's little ride So sick of the fakes and the phonies that lie So sick of the good ones being the first ones to die Remember what brought you and where you will go And follow your heart as it can lead one, you know Be smart about how you hand out love But never be afraid to get up, it'll fit like a glove
A Little More About Me For My Friends And Fans.
At the moment I'm a SAHM, I have a five month old baby boy, who apart from being absolutely gorgeous is also very demanding! If you send me a message or leave me a comment and I don't return it straight away even though it says I'm online, that means I'm attending to him. Please don't think I'm ignoring you or being rude because at the moment I'd love some adult conversation (not as in adult *ahem* conversation), just talk to people and get to know them a little better. So leave me comments, send me messages I will get around to answering or replying, this place keeps me sane.. well sorta. :p P.S. The baby in my photo isn't mine, mines a lot cuter. hahaha! I don't want to put pics up of my kids because you never know who is out there, damn sickos and perverts! Be good or be good at it! ;)
My Brothers Poem His Mother Wrote This After He Drowned
Justin's Poem By Tammy Partridge-Justin's Mother Justin Daniel Mason 3/26/88 - 7/03/05 I want to tell you a story about my life here on earth I spent 17 years among you, but it started before my birth I had two loving parents that loved me before I was born They made me whole as a person they nurtured an kept me warm They never had another child, I was all their dreams come true They knew I needed all their love and freely they gave it to. I guess I am a mixture of what comes from parents like them My mom says im just like her, my dad says im just like him I was never very popular, but I touched lives just the same I remember the time I met Jordan I shook his hand and told him my name My friends and I stuck together we had good times and bad But I can honestly tell you Jordan, Ryan, and Brody are the best friends I had I was never one to put on "What you see is what you get" But I can say my heart was open and my love a sure bet I had the best of everything
The Lake (i Didn't Write This But Liked It)
Each year I take my kids to the lake. We rent a cabin, play a lot of golf, swim and do whatever we feel like. The days are great and filled with activities but the nights are a different story. I've been divorced for eight years and really haven't had time to date much. Taking care of the kids was and is my priority. During the summer the nights are usually fairly warm at the lake. The swimming area is usually pretty dark at night. Lots of times I go down to the docks of the swimming area and sit out on the end of one of them. Sometimes if I get a little daring I take some of my clothes off. I'm a fairly attractive man. I stand almost 6 feet tall and weigh a slender but athletic 190 pounds. I've got soft blue eyes and a quick smile. I get a lot of compliments on my butt and legs especially when I wear shorts. This particular night was very warm. The temperature was still in the high 80's and I couldn't sleep. I had dozed a little but ended up waking up to a sensual dream leavin
Sheila My Baby
Hey Baby, I told you yesterday that I couldn't explain my live for you in words and you asked me to try, so here goes, I'm going to try. I love you with all my heart you are my first thaught in the morning and the last thought before I go to sleep at night. I sleep better and wake up happier just knowing you love me. hearing your voice makes my heart skip a beat and the breath rush from my lungs. The love I see in your eyes makes me believe in love again, I thought it was lost. You make me feel like I never thought I could and never did in the past the feeling inside me now brings a whole new meaning to the word LOVE.Your love amazes me I never thought someone could love me the way you do. the only people in my life that I've ever felt a similar love from is my family. I can see the love in your eyes and hear it in your words it makes my heart flutter every time I think about you. I feel your love with my whole body. You make me want to be a better man, with you by my side I kno
Just Wanted To Say Thanks
Hey to all my friends and Fans and those that have stopped my page, this is my first blog, whoo hoo!!! I just wanted to say Thank you all so much for the comments and the compliments. I really appreciate them more than you can know. i have trouble with my computer being slow(I know personal problem) I try to get to profiles and such to rate and comment, but half the time they don't load right or so slow that i get tired, so I am sorry for that. i have been having an awesome time here and met alot of interesting and sexy people. I'll get to the profiles and rate, just might take me some time just don't give up on me please. And again thank you all so much for showing me love and showing me that I'm very welcomed on this site.
My Porn Star Name
Your Pornstar Name is:Leo Sucker Take this quiz at
What Is The Best Type Of Sex For You?
You prefer Romantic sex! You like romantic sex. For you, it's not all too much about being horny - it's more an expression of how you feel about your partner(s). It's an experience that you can share -- that you can experience and enjoy together. 'What is the best type of sex for you?' at
What Is Your Sexual Zodiac?
Aries You are so full of energy, you constantly attract hotties, and you are always the dominant one in the sack. It is very easy for you approach people because you have so much confidence and you are very forward about your feelings. You are very likely to have lots of sexual partners, (sometimes all at once), and be the most sexually experienced of any of your friends. Sex matches: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius Take this quiz at
Bad Day
just when you thnk it couldnt be worse.... you come home and find your dog had a party with the 500 count q tip box!!!!!!
Og Ingen Tårer Faller
a pain from birth to death made to infest my life and only I can struggle to live right in his eyes that old allfather looking on from above down on his lost son suffering in lands of foreign men lost from blood and faith once on a winter night I heard the old man's call to see the forgotten ways and how I may enter my fathers old hall a brother gone so far from sight a prayer to Allfather and a visit in the night from across bifrost my brother sets me free I will join my fathers someday and the old man i'll see in these lands today the old faith is lost i'll suffer forever if that is my cost my life has been long and I know only pain but in the end in ragnaerok i'll rage to fight side by side with those old ones to the end for glory among einherjer I will ride and the tears will not fall no...and evermore in glory mighty entering the old ways again Our honor and Our blood I will not fail you
What Sexual Activity Will You Go To Jail For?
Crissy will go to jail for ... Using your dildo as a weapon of mass destruction 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
The Journey Home
So many years, now i'm so far away from the land I once called my home brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers i'm in a land where honor's not known old ways of the north are forgotten and the loss is great of our blood the times and faiths of our people are destroyed in a dark flood in a hurry they race for destruction they claim they do what they should meanwhile this world rots itself saying they did what they could people of pure heart now haters of men lost in a world so deranged my faith in this world is all but lost to be good and pure is to be strange left forgotten and to fade I live my life reaching up to that old sky visions of fathers in their halls how I now long to die! this world that hates me one day I will leave my flesh will rot in the soil but I will be with our folk again in Valhalla forever more! hear me Alfather let my cry reach your ears don't forsake your son...who has suffered for years let me one day make the journey home
sometimes i feel so alone even when i'm sitting next to someone. i feel like i need someone to just reach out and hold me. it's times like these i feel eighty million years old ...ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human viens. i often wonder why these feelings come about when i'm surrounded by people. people who love me. and yet this never phases me. i always seem to yearn for that which i cannot attain. i want to be loved more than anything, that is what i desire above all. i think that perhaps my soul is older than my spirit. sometimes i feel i'm only playing grown-up. like this is all pretend. just a fictional world we create as a shell, a filler for our time. do you ever feel like you want to go home but you're already there? like you're waiting for something that feels right? feels like it belongs? i feel like i've been waiting forever.
For All Time
never escaping this world untill all my hope is lost letting go of all suffering into realms of frost back to the homeland so far away lost forever waiting for winters embrace to take me away leading me home after all chance of happiness bleakens and then is gone in dreams hearing the old songs born into a new world where all things are unknown to me and so many are wrong not meant for this day not meant to be forever looking to distant shores begging the old one to set me free those hills and mountaintops and oceans they are for me now gone the love a wanderer knows for a land he calls his home the old knowledge and faith that flows within my veins forever going on so my pain is not always the same hope and happiness from me are so far away beyond this land and time from long, long ago they wait calling forever my name beckoning me to my fate a dark future surrounds me will I be ever lost? not to know the honor of death ever being in foreign homes
As A Child
never told and never known the nightmare of a time of how i've grown pain and suffering never an end no happiness for me and no friend wanting for death at an age so young looking back at all the misery that i've come from such a long and lonesome path love and care is all I ever asked never it was given I remained all alone crying and bleeding my pain unknown a smile of lies I wore everyday trying to hide all my pain and shame my hatred for this world abounds more and more a place full of pathetic souls, weak people and whores I am now disgusted with the race I am of the race that turned away someone needing love they watched all the suffering never lending a hand praying for endless fire to cleanse this sick land destruction of all is now the only way mankind has failed and now they must pay hating this race is also hating myself I would end my life if it wasn't for someone else my only love, still giving me hope confronting the idealogy of a newborn misanthrop
Darkness And Death
waiting for as long as I possibly can though many people attack the strength of a man I've tried I try to not want to die no reward for this battle i've so long had to fight except the release brought by darkness and death taking my hand, and taking my breath away from this world where there was nothing for me on into the shelf of the slain, to be free so much love I tried to give...never anyone to take I grow tired of all my joy being fake the misery within....the disease that I have fought trying to belong in a world where only hate is brought overlooking me, and passing me by I look to the grave....where I sometimes wish to lie to join them in death escaping this life i'm forever torn...and left to decide will I be weak or will I be a fool? to end it is weak, to stay is so cruel still looking to you, and gasping for breath as i'm drowning in this world and losing to death for once in my life I want to be saved maybe just now i've chosen the path of the brave bu
In Death
In my dreams I can feel the chilling cold of an ancient I truly this old? voyaging for glory a seat in their halls conquering enemies till the last drop of blood falls so many journies back to the old time taking me there, seeing a life that was mine I try to collect all those memories though now i'm so far from our mountains and seas taken from homeland taken from faith I have a life of misery now in this place something inside me that's driving me on it could be to my destruction I could be wrong perhaps i've been running in all the wrong ways a force calling me back to the forgotten days I see my long from now a bitter and old man, I do not know how I do not know why the Allfather shows me but for once in my life I walk a path I can see I have seen the end of my life and the events now between I had a sense of it before afraid of what I would see living a life of solitude until death sets me free knowing a long life of sadness is all that'
Today was my son's first day of day care...he refused to go unless it was school so I told him he was going to school. His name is Braden and his is three. I was so sad but when we arrived before he got out the the vehicle he said "bye mommy" I said, "I have to take you in", he said okay. I took him in and signed him in and grabbed my hand and said "mommy bend down here" so I bent down and he said "don't worry I can make my own friends, I ain't scared" I was like WOW! This great but it was sad at the same time but when I went to pick him up he said he liked it and wants to go back tomorrow. All in all it was a pretty good experience.
Welp, Lee's Moving!
I'm so upset because my boyfriend's moving back to our hometown...which is 2 hours away from where I live! :*( So, I'm gonna be up here all alone...I don't know what I'm going to do. It's so freakin weird thinkin about it. But he has to ... he got a job offer that he can't turn down. I'm so upset.
Another Blog
You have a sexual IQ of 152 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Opening Again
in my family. who gets to be special? lol
Spaghetti And Meatball Sauce
Our family recipe for Spaghetti and Meatballs given to me by my Mother-in-law, who makes the best red sauce I've ever tasted, and I have been making it myself for over twenty years! : Serves 6 The trick to this recipe, as in most Italian cooking is to use the best ingredients you can find. Although my Mother-in-law cans her own tomatoes from her garden, I don't have that option, so I buy a good canned, chopped tomatoes imported from Italy. Pomi is one brand that is now available in grocery stores, and is a personal favorite of mine. The choice of meat is up to you, but I try to add a piece of both sparerib, and beef to the sauce, and prefer a combination of beef and veal, or beef and turkey for the meatballs. Here is the recipe; For The Sauce: 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil 2 Cloves of Garlic, Minced 1 Small Onion, Chopped Fine 1 Stalk of Celery, Finely Chopped 2 or 3 Small Pieces of Meat (Pork, Beef, or Chicken) Salt & Pepper 1/4 Cup Chopped Basil 1/2 Tables
How Fuckable Am I?
You are 82% fuckable! Take this quiz at
Somewhere Far Away..
You cant feel its beat and the timing is off You brush against my body warming me with fire You throw tingles down my arm...and in an instant its gone I gaze in the distance feeling detached till you yank me back. questions asked, just dont get answered. You make plans to breathe while my breath is already stolen. How I exist I dont even know. How I am moving who's limbs are these anyway-- I am not here, You want to know me but why do you try. I analyse my reasons, the excuses are just vague. I can't erase my love. I feel my heart is gone, I can't even let you feel it. It's existing far away, too far within even my grasp. So you're not alone, its not just's me too. I want my heart back... but its not mine to give...or take. ~~~~~
Penne With Artichokes And Shrimp
Penne con Gamberi e Carciofi~ This quick and easy pasta dish is delicious and would be great for a rushed mid-week family dinner, or for weekend entertaining. The only trick to making it sensational, is to not overcook the shrimp! :Serves 4 This easy pasta dish combines two of my favorite ingredients, artichokes and shrimp. I added some ripe cherry tomatoes, a pinch of red pepper flakes, and some chopped fresh parsley and mint. The only trick to making this dish sensational, is to be careful not to overcook the shrimp. If you were in a rush, you could use canned or frozen artichokes, although you would lose something in the flavor. You could also add other vegetables in as well if you chose to. 1 Pound Penne Pasta 4 Medium Artichokes, Cleaned, Choke Removed, Cut Into Quarters And Dropped In A Lemon Water Bath 1 Lemon 2 Large Cloves Garlic, Minced 1/4 Cup Good Quality Olive Oil 16 Large Shrimp, Peeled, Deveined And Cut Into 2 Or 3 Pieces 16 to 20 Ripe Cherry
Fried Calamari
Crispy rings of tender calamari are great as an appetizer served with a spicy tomato sauce or garlicky mayonaise. :Serves 4: Calamari need to be either cooked quickly on high heat, or cooked for a long period on a slow simmer. Anything in between can lead to a chewy result. Fried for just under a minute in hot oil as in this recipe results in tender, crispy rings of calamari. Use your favorite dipping sauce to serve, although I like to use a simple tomato sauce spiced up with a pinch of red pepper flakes. If you have never cleaned squid before, you might find their appearance a bit intimidating, however they are actually quite easy to clean. 2 Pounds Cleaned Squid (Instructions Below) 1 Cup Flour 1 Cup Cornmeal 1/2 Teaspoon Salt 1/2 Teaspoon Pepper Vegetable Oil For Frying Suggestions For Dipping Sauce: Quick Tomato Sauce, Or Garlic Mayonnaise Cleaning Squid: To clean the squid, first pull out the tentacles and head. Set these aside. Remove the cart
My First Blog Yay
Aquarius You are very random, changing moods everyday. You are very genuine, and you like to do a lot sexually. When you find something that you like, you like it a lot and want your lover to like it too. Ideally you like to find a partner who is as into sex as you are. You want a lover who is just as independent as you are and you like an equal amount of give and take in the sack. Sex matches: Aries, Gemini, Libra Take this quiz at
Zuppa Toscana
I am constantly asked for this recipe after folks have tasted it at the Olive Garden chain restaurant. Although I have never tasted anything like it with this name in Italy, I decided I better try to come up with my own recipe. : Serves 4 to 6 I used turkey sausages to cut down on the fat, and less cream than is usually called for. I think this version tastes just as good as the one Olive Garden uses with much less of the fat. 4 Links Turkey Sausage (Spicy or Mild) 1 Medium Onion, Finely Diced 3 Strips Of Bacon, Chopped 2 Garlic Cloves, Peeled And Minced 2 Medium Potatoes. Peeled And Cut Into Large Dice 2 to 3 Cups Of Chopped Grenns (Kale Is Usually Preferred) Salt & Pepper To Taste ¼ Cup Heavy Cream 4 Cups Chicken Broth Parmesan Cheese To Serve Cook the bacon in a heavy pan until crisp. Remove to another dish, leaving the baco fat in the pan. Add the sausage links, and cook over medium heat until browned well on all sides. Add ½ cup of water, c
Beef Carpaccio
Carpaccio of beef was created by Giuseppe Cipriani of Harry's Bar in Venice, and has become famous throughout the world as being typical of modern Italian cuisine. : Serves 4 There are many variations of sauce used to drizzle over the paper thin slices of raw beef, but I prefer a simpler presentation using peppery arugula, shaved parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. I'll include the variation which uses a sauce similar to what they still serve at Harry's Bar also. If possible, to make things easier, ask your butcher to slice the beef for you in paper thin slices. This dish is wonderful as a light lunch or as an appetizer for dinner. 1 Pound Beef Sirloin, Bright Red 2 Cups Fresh, washed And Dried Arugula Leaves A Wedge Of Parmesan Cheese 1/3 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil Salt And Cracked Black Pepper Lemon Wedges If slicing yourself, use an electric carving knife and cut the beef into paper thin slices. Arrange the arugula leaves on i
Chicken Marsala
Have you always wanted to try cooking with wine but were afraid to try? This recipe is easy enough for even a novice cook, yet is elegant enough to serve when entertaining. : Serves 4 This chicken recipe is not only delicious and quick to prepare, it is also healthy as it uses only a minimal amount of oil. Imported porcini mushrooms can now be found in many grocery stores, and certainly at Italian specialty stores. To complete this meal, I might serve it with an herb-flavored rice, or garlic mashed potatoes. A tasty sautéed green such as spinach or broccoli rabe would round out the meal nicely. 1 oz. Dried Porcini Mushrooms 8 oz. Fresh White Mushrooms 4 Chicken Breast Halves, Skinned Flour For Dredging Salt & Pepper 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil 2/3 Cup Dry Marsala Wine 1/4 Cup Fresh Chopped Parsley Re hydrate the porcini mushrooms in 1 cup warm water for about 30 minutes. Remove from the water, pat dry with paper towels, and chop coarsely. Strain the porc
Chicken Scarpariello
Pollo alla Scarpariello ~ This is another Italian-American dish that translates as "shoemaker's" style chicken, and consists of golden brown, pieces of roasted chicken that are topped with a tasty lemon flavored sauce. : Serves 4 Scarpariello means "shoemaker-style", and it is thought it's name might have originated as the chicken bones protrude from your mouth as you eat them much like a shoemaker might hold tacks in his mouth as he works. Another southern Italian origin to the name comes about from the fact that even the family of a poor shoemaker in southern Italy could afford to make this dish, while another version is that all of the ingredients in this dish can be easily "cobbled" together. Whatever the source of it's name might be, the dish is delicious. Some versions of this dish add sausages and vinegar in place of the lemon I have used in my version, although all of the recipes I have come across use cut up chicken pieces. Cut the chicken breast into 2 or three pieces
What's Your Sexual I Q
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Rabbit In Red Wine
Coniglio con Vino Rosso ~ This recipe calls for slowly cooking rabbit in red wine until tender. : Serves 4 This dish can be served with a soft pillow of polenta served with the juice from the braised rabbit. 1 (3 Pound) Rabbit, Dressed And Cut Into 10 Pieces 1/4 Cup Sea Salt 3 Tablespoons Sugar 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil 1 Large Clove Garlic, Minced 1 Medium Onion, Peeled And Sliced Thinly 1-1/2 Cups Dry Red Wine 1/2 Cup Chicken Stock 1 Tablespoon Tomato Paste 1/4 Cup Chopped Fresh Parsley Soft Polenta To Serve (Optional) Place the rabbit pieces in a bowl with the salt and sugar, and cover with water. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Drain the rabbit and pat it dry. Season the rabbit with salt and pepper. Heat the olive oil in a heavy skillet that will hold all of the rabbit pieces, and brown the rabbit on all sides, about 4 minutes each side. Remove to a plate and cook the onions until soft, and slightly browned. Add the garlic and continue to cook unt
Sex Signs
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general. You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take. Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces Take this quiz at
Braised Rabbit With Vinegar And Rosemary
Coniglio con Aceto ~ Rabbit is quite popular across Italy, but seems to be particularly so in central Italy in both Lazio and Umbria. :Serves 4 Although rabbit is prepared in a number of ways, my favorite way is to simply braise it in a light sauce after it has been briefly brined in a salt water bath which helps to temper any gamey flavor. 1 (3 Pound) Rabbit, Dressed And Cut Into 10 Pieces 1/4 Cup Sea Salt 3 Tablespoons Sugar 3 Cloves Garlic, Peeled 2 Tablespoons Fresh Rosemary 1/3 Cup White Wine Vinegar Salt & Pepper 1/3 Cup Olive Oil 3/4 Cup White Wine 1/2 Cup Fresh, Chopped Parsley Place the rabbit pieces in a bowl with the salt and sugar, and cover with water. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Drain the rabbit and pat it dry. In a food processor, finely chop together the garlic, rosemary and vinegar. Season the rabbit with salt and pepper. Heat the olive oil in a heavy skillet that will hold all of the rabbit pieces, and brown the rabbit on all sides
How Fuckable Are You? Damn I Didn't Do Well On This Test
You are 55% fuckable! Take this quiz at
Risotto With Arugula, Sun-dried Tomatoes And Goat's Cheese
The peppery arugula contrasts perfectly with the sweet sun-dried tomatoes and the tangy flavor of goat's cheese in this colorful recipe. : Serves 4 Serve a warm slice of goat cheese on top of the creamy risotto to serve for a great presentation. 6 Cups Chicken Broth 1/4 Cup Butter 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil 1/2 Cup Finely Chopped Onion 1 1/2 Cups Arborio Or Carnaroli Rice 1/2 Cup Dry White Wine 1 Tube Goat's Cheese (4oz) Coarsely Chopped, Plus 4 Slices For Serving 1/4 Cup Coarsely Chopped Sun-Dried Tomatoes (Ones Covered In Oil) 2 Cups Washed, Chopped Arugula Lettuce 1/2 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese 2 Tablespoons Butter Salt & Pepper Heat the broth in a pot on the stove, and keep warm on low heat. In a heavy pot, heat the 1/4 cup of butter with the olive oil. Add the chopped onion, and cook until it is translucent. Add the rice and stir it well to coat with the onion mixture. Add the wine and cook, stirring constantly until it is absorbed. Begi
I Am
just so you know I am a very simple honest down to earth guy, alot of fun to be with, party with, or just hang out with, I also take shit to heart very easily, so be carefull what you say to me, I dont want to take anyones comments the wrong way. I also finished the last gig with the oldies band, and am jamming with my 1st band with a reunion in mind, we arent any younger but...... we are so much better singers and musicians than we were. fall is here now and the leaves are changing color, it is awsome during the day, but I'm stuck at work, and chilly at night, other than that I just wanted to pop in and say hi to all of you , thank you for becoming part of my extended family
My Life
.I'm currently going through a divorce and have a son. I got married six months after I graduated and then had my baby boy..see I got married first then had my child, I did everything the right way or so I thought.. I found out my husband cheated on me and left him...not going into details here..but anyway I say that so u know where I am coming from. So, I talk to guys on this and in my daily life not wanting to get with a guy just friendship and as soon as they find out you have a kid..they want nothing to do with you... I'm not asking you to be my babys father or to support me nigga's I'm merely talking to you as a friend...My question is why is it more exceptable for a man to have a child and us as woman except it...but if you're a single mother u are looked down upon and judged? Or is it because you would rather not care for another man's child or show them love? In my case I did everything right and still ended up with a dog and would rather not be with a cheater but in tod
Going Out Of My Mind.....
I am sittin here going out of my mind.....did something i really shouldnt have done today....but i did and i cant change it now......I am bored out of my mind.....need someone to talk to or something.....It has just been a horrible day all the way around. Has anyone ever just felt like nothing can go right for you? I just dont know what to do. LeAnn
Risotto With Caramelized Onions And Roasted Chicken
In this recipe, onions caramelized with balsalmic vinegar are combined with creamy risotto and moist roasted chicken to create an unforgettable dish. : Serves 4 The chicken is optional and can easily be eliminated, particularly if you wanted to use this dish as a first course before an entrée of meat or fish. In that case, I would offer a little grated cheese such as parmesan or pecorino to top the risotto when serving. You may choose to roast your own chicken, or purchase a rotisserie chicken from your local market. 1/4-Cup Olive Oil 1 Medium Onion, Coarsely Chopped 1/4 Cup Aceto Balsamico di Modena (Balsamic Vinegar) 1/4 Cup Dry White Wine 1 1/2 Cups Arborio Rice 7-8 Cups Chicken Broth 2 Cups Roasted Chicken Cut Into Bite Sized Pieces (Optional) 2 Tablespoons Butter Salt & Pepper 2 Tablespoons Fresh Chopped Thyme or Parsley Heat all of the oil except 2 tbs. in a medium sized saucepan, and begin browning the onions over medium heat, stirring
Zodiac Flowers
Ok, so I need to vent. Anyone whoe reads this might thinks its stupid, but oh well. I dont like sunflowers, they are very ugly in my opinion. But it is ironic that my zodiac flower just happens to be a sunflower. anyhow had to vent, so feel free to comment, Thanks!!!
Tuscan Meringue With Mixed Berries
Crisp, sweet meringue cups are a perfect foil for sweet berries and cream in this great spring dessert recipe! :Serves 4-6 Meringue Shell: 5 Egg Whites 1/4 Teaspoon Cream of Tartar 1 Cup Granulated Sugar 1/4 Teaspoon Cinnamon Berries: Three Cups Mixed Fresh Berries 2 Tablespoons Sugar 1 Tablespoon Balsalmic Vinegar Topping: 1 (8oz) Container Whipping Cream 1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar 1 Tablespoon Grand Marnier For the meringue, preheat the oven to 250 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. In a large bowl, beat the egg whites with the cream of tarter until they are foamy. Begin to add the granulated sugar, a spoonful at a time. Also add the cinnamon. Continue to beat until the meringue is very glossy and forms stiff peaks. You may choose to make one large meringue or individual ones at this point. To make individual ones, spread about 1/2-cup of the meringue into a 3-inch circle on the parchment paper. Adding a little more of t
Eternal Hatred
yeah I wrote it, can't you tell? so often do the north winds chill my bones and I feel the longing to go back home i'm trapped in a world where there's nothing for me I long to answer Oðinn's call, for death to set me free broken, hated and how i've lived my life not by my own choice but, I try to do what's right I am ever sinking deeper, no one will take my hand i'm destined to fall from grace, and to leave this land a hate from love, and a pain so great no one will ever care, alone I face my fate I feel so old and broken, as i've live ten thousand years this world has only worsened my pain, and ignored all my tears I have so much pure love to give, there is no one that wants me a long life of this forged my eternal hate, and I delved into misanthropy comfort of undying hatred, is always so shortlived because I guess i'll always want someone for my love to give i'm losing this war, and i'm rotting away all I want is to be saved someday for someone to ta
The Basket (adult)
The Basket I had a night out with Jane and we went out to dinner. The dinner was very nice, I had picked out a nice restaurant and we had some wine and we were getting to know each other pretty good. I took Jane out dancing and danced up a storm. The night was winding down and I offered her a drink back at my place and she agreed. Jane and I had a few drinks and were necking like high school kids on the couch. Jane asked where the bathroom was and I told her down the hall and when she came back she asked what the basket was in my bedroom. I “blushed” and said that was a how you would say a sexual device. Jane just looked at me kind of strangely and then I explained. I told her that I was in the Navy and stationed in the Philippines. That I was introduced into “Basket SEX” and the more I explained the basket the more she started to get excited. At this point Jane had a Big Grin on her face and I gave Jane a Big kiss. I took her into my arms and carried her into the bedr
Almond Brittle
This candy has been very popular for a long time, but this recipe is an Italian version using toasted almonds instead of the usual peanuts. 4 Cups Sliced Almonds, Toasted 3 Cups Granulated Sugar 1/4 Cup Water Use a teflon coated baking pan, or prepare a baking sheet by lightly spraying with oil sprayIn a heavy saucepan, combine the sugar and water and cook over medium high heat until the sugar has melted. Continue to cook until the mixture turns golden brown, about 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from the heat, and fold in the almonds immediately. Pour out onto the baking sheet, spreading to an even thickness. Cool completely, then break into pieces. Store in an airtight container.
Through The Eyes Of Hate
a blind fury within, let it sleep for now the sun has set and the wind draws cold I cannot believe that i've survived I don't know how though in my young age I feel anciently old turned away by a world that for once I had love the blood inside me, every cell courses with hate I am lost and alone, in this new day i'm of the betrayal of men, driving me farther to my fate through tear soaked eyes, I gaze upon this land the pain in my heart the parts never made whole I am cursed to live as a lone wandering man filled with love and hatred to the depths of my soul I am alive, though dead inside and i'm in hell tortured and alone...I raise my eyes from the ground not that there is a willing would take forever to tell turning my back on the world, never joy to be found I do not trust to hope, in the world of men a lonely and forgotten tomb awaits me I feel the wind blowing so strong...away back when my heart was in my homeland, glory my eyes did see I am forever fo
I'm Done
Farewell To My Love
spur of the moment...letting my feelings out in "emo" poems...omg feel sorry for me!!! hahaha Fade into Eternity*my letter to my race when I am gone, I will never have been I pray that I go home, and never live again I love you all so much, and I hate you the same but I will never know how you can cause me this pain to watch me suffer, watching me die and when my life's ended maybe you'll cry but the fact is that while I was here you worsened my pain, and ignored my tears it's all very simple, that no one cares and I love you so much, how you treat me isn't fair loving you has been killing me I wish you could understand and just make you see that what I need and want from you is so very easy for you to do you cannot save someone who is already dead I guess you gave up, but you haven't tried yet I want to go to Valhalla and the old ones to see I want to end my life for death to set me free the Norns keep me here my life thread is woad I belong to this long lones
Baked Honeyed Figs
When fresh figs are in season, this is a delicious way to prepare them. You can serve these figs over ice cream, alongside a slice of sponge cake, or on their own topped with a little heavy cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon. : Serves 4 12 Fresh Black Figs 1 Teaspoon Grated Orange Or Lemon Zest 1/4 Cup Fresh Orange Juice 2 Tablespoons Honey Preheat over to 350 F. Remove stems from figs and arrange the figs in ovenproof dish, pressing down lightly to flatten bottoms so that figs will stand upright. Mix the orange zest, juice, and honey together and pour over the figs. Bake until the figs are tender and the syrup has thickened, about 20 minutes. Cool and serve as desired.
Fig Jam
When figs are in season, I try and find as many uses for them as I can. I recently bought a case of black figs, and decided to make some fig jam to use in crostatas and other desserts. I added some chopped, toasted almonds for extra flavor and texture, and it turned out great. :Makes 5 Pints 2 Quarts Chopped Figs 6 Cups Sugar 1/2 Cup Water 1/4 Cup Lemon Juice 1 Cup Toasted, Coarsely Chopped Almonds (Optional) Combine the figs, sugar, and water in a large, heavy sauce pan. Bring slowly to a boil, stirring until sugar dissolves. Cook rapidly until thick. Stir frequently to prevent sticking. Add lemon juice and almonds, and cook 1 minute longer. Pour hot into hot jars, leaving 1/4" head space. Adjust caps. Process 15 minutes in boiling water bath.
What Up?
Hey, what's goin on? New to this whole thing, so if anybody has any hints or anything on what makes a good site lemme know. Gotta have people checking it out! Peace!
Til Ondskapens Hall Vi Drar!
Broderskapets Ring Kom unge bror Skjenk oss din rene ungdom Legg ditt liv i våre hender Kjemp vår krig med oss La vare sorger formørke ditt sinn La din sjel slites Føl natten som legger seg rundt deg Glem all kjærlighet Ingen tårer skal fylle dine netter Tre inn i broderskapets ring Ingen svakhet skal du finne i din sjel Styrken skal vandre ved din side Kom Del ditt hat med oss Forlat ditt svake legeme La deg ei forvirres av vakre ord I Døden finnes all makt
My Fuckableness
You are 91% fuckable! Take this quiz at
Stuffed Baked Pears
Tender baked pears are stuffed with an amaretti cookie filling, topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce in this elegant recipe. Chocolate and pears are a great combination. This dish is very nice for entertaining as it can be prepared ahead, and quickly assembled at the last moment. You can use almond biscotti in place of the Amaretti if you desire. :Serves 4 4 Large Ripe Pears 3/4 Cup Of Amaretti di Saronno Cookies Made Into Crumbs Crumbs 4 Tablespoons Softened Butter 1 Cup White Wine 1/2 Cup Sugar 2 Ounces Dark Chocolate 2-3 Tablespoons Cream Vanilla Ice Cream Toasted Slivered Almonds Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Peel, half and core the pears. Mix together the cookie crumbs with the butter, adding a few tablespoons of the white wine to moisten. Stuff the cored centers of the pears and set them in a baking dish. In a saucepan, heat together the sugar and white wine until the sugar has completely melted. Pour this mixture i
Playoff Games
Ok, so Detroit had their first game against the Yankees last night. And they lost, like I figured they would. Game two is tonight and I'm not expecting Detroit to beat the Yankees in the series, but it would be nice if we could at least beat them once. Man...I shouldn't watch baseball, it's too much stress for me to see my team lose. Oh well.
Chocolate Dipped Figs
Tender, moist dried figs are stuffed with candied peel and are then dipped in chocolate creating a delicious confection that makes a wonderful addition to a holiday cookie tray, or served on their own after dinner with coffee or sweet wine. :Serves 6 There are many variations of stuffed figs, but this is my favorite by far. The only trick is to buy dried figs that are moist and tender, and to use good quality chocolate. I find either dark chocolate or semisweet chocolate works best. 12 Moist Figs 1/4 Cup Candied Orange Peel 1/2 Cup Dark Or Semisweet Choclate Trim the stems off the figs, and with a sharp knife, cut a slit down the center. Insert a piece of the orange into the slit. In a double boiler, or in a small pot set into a larger pot of simmering water, melt the chocolate, stirring frequently. Once the chocolate is mealted and smooth, dip the figs into the chocolate coating the bottom only. Place the completed figs on a plate or tray, and refrigerate until the
You are 91% fuckable! Take this quiz at
Grilled Pineapple
Grilling does wonderful things to fruit as it caramelizes the sugars creating a golden brown color and intensity of flavor. :Serves 4 All you need to add is a little ice cream, a few chopped nuts, and you will have a dessert your family will ask for time after time. This is a nice, light summer time dessert to enjoy after a long hot day. 1 Large Fresh Pineapple, Peeled And Cored And Cut Into 8 Slices Tablespoons Melted Butter 1/4 Cup Of Liqueur of Choice, or Maple Syrup Vanilla Ice Toasted Coarsely Chopped Nuts Brush the pineapple slices with the melted butter, and grill until they are tender and golden brown, around 4 minutes on each side. During the last minute of cooking brush with the liqueur or maple syrup. Remove from the heat and cut into bite sized pieces. In individual bowls, divide the pineapple pieces, top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and sprinkle on the toasted nuts. You can add an additional drizzle of the liqueur or syrup over the ice cream
Fried Strawberries
Frgolini Fritti ~ This is a unique way to serve strawberries that is absolutely delicious. :Serves 4 Make sure your berries are very fresh and ripe for the best results. 1 Pound Strawberries, Cleaned 1/2 Cup Sugar 1/2 Cup Sweet Liqueur, Such As Maraschino 1/3 Cup All-Purpose Flour 1 Egg 1 Egg White 2 tablespoons Unsalted Butter, Softened Milk 1/4 Cup Brandy For Frying Powdered Sugar Mix the sugar with the liqueur, and add the berries. Mix well, and let sit for about one hour. In a bowl, mix together the flour and butter. Add the egg, and brandy. Add enough milk to make a smooth batter. Beat the egg white until stiff, and then fold this into the batter. Heat the oil to 375 degrees F. Dip the berries into the batter, and fry until golden. Drain on paper towels, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and serve.
Baked Fruit With Crispy Topping
This is an easy dessert you can throw together in minutes using almost any fruit combination found in your refrigerator. Top with ice cream, sweetened whipped cream, or masacarpone cheese. :Serves 6 3 Apples, Peeled, Cored And Cut Into 1 Inch Cubes 3 Pears Peeeled, Cored, And Cut Into 1 Inch Cubes 4 - 5 Cups Mixed Frozen Berries (I Used Blackberries And Raspberries), Thawed And Drained 1 Cup Sugar 2 Teaspoons Lemon Juice 2 Tablespoons All-purpose Flour For Topping: 1/2 Cup Toasted Almonds, Finely Ground 1 Cup Regular Oats 1 1/2 Cup All-purpose Flour 3/4 Cup Brown Sugar 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon Dash Of Salt 1 Cup Unsalted Butter Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. F. Mix together the fruits, white sugar, lemon juice and flour. Butter an oval gratin dish (3 quart size), and place the fruit evenly in the dish. In another bowl, add the dry ingredients and mix. Cut the butter into pieces, and add it to the dry ingredients. Begin to rub the butter
It Is So True What They Say About So Many Of Us Guys!!!
ok, so a friend of mine got the flu the other day, and I think she's given it to me, and you know how women joke about men being like little babies when we get sick? I am so living up to that stereotype! I am sitting here, all hunched up, feeling sorry for myself, moaning and groaning, for... god knows what reason (it's not like anyone is here to hear me and give me sympathy!) I'm lolling about, acting completely out of proportion to my condition, I mean, yes I am sick, but the way I'm carrying on you'd think I'd just lost an arm or a leg! Why are so many of us guys like this? I mean throw a bit of physical pain at me and no problem, I'll handle it, but throw a bout of mild illness at me, a cold, the flu, a headache and I'm suddenly seven years old again, moaning, complaining and wanting mommy to bring me a drink! Guys, I may be one, but I'll never understand us!
Cannoli Siciliana ~ Cannoli are basically crisp, sweet crunchy tubes which are filled with a cream or ricotta cheese filling, often flavored with cocoa, nuts, chocolate, or candied fruits.This is a very traditional recipe for cannoli which are a very popular sweet in Sicily. You will need 3 to 4 metal cannoli tubes to makes these cannoli which are readily available at most kitchen stores. Do not fill the cannoli too far in advance, or they may become soggy. Shells: 2 Cups All-Purpose Flour 2 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter Or Shortening 1 Teaspoon Sugar Dash of Salt 3/4 Cup Marsala Wine 1 Egg White Vegetable Oil For Frying Filling: 3 Cups Full Fat Ricotta Cheese 1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar 1/2 Cup Mini Chocolate Chips, or Coarsely Grated Chocolate 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract 6 Tablespoons Mixed Candies Peel Optional- 6 Glaced Cherries, Finely Chopped To make the shells, mix together the flour, butter or shortening, sugar, and salt. Begin to
Cenci mean tatters, which is what these pastries look like before you fry them. They are great warm or at room temperature, but must be eaten the same day. 1 Cup All-Purpose Flour 3 Tablespoons Melted Butter 2 Tablespoons Granulated Sugar 1 Egg 2 Tablespoons Vin Santo Wine or Rum 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract Pinch of Salt Oil For Deep Frying Confectioners Sugar In a medium sized bowl, place the flour and slowly add the other ingredients mixing well. Form into a dough, and lightly knead for a minute or two. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit for an hour. Roll out onto a lightly floured surface until very thin. Cut into strips about 6-8 inches long and 1/2 inch wide, and gently tie into a knot. Fry in oil heated to 375 degrees F. until golden. Place on a plate covered with paper towels, and lightly dust with confectioner’s sugar.
Rice Fritters
I use a light oil for frying as I find olive oil adds too much of it’s own flavor to these delicate tasting fritters. 4 Cups Milk 6 Tablespoons Granulated Sugar 2 Tablespoons Sweet Butter Grated Zest of 1 Lemon 1 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract 1 1/2 Cups of Arborio Rice 2 Eggs, Separated 5 Cups of Oil For Frying Combine the milk, sugar, butter, vanilla and lemon zest in a medium sized pot and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to simmer and cook, stirring occasionally until the rice is tender and the milk is absorbed. Let cool to room temperature. Add the egg yolks and mix well. Whip the egg whites until stiff peaks form, and fold into the rice mixture. In a heavy pot, fry in oil that has been heated to 375 degrees F. until golden brown. It takes only a few minutes, so watch carefully. Remove to a plate covered with paper towels to absorb the oil. Sprinkle with a little more granulated sugar, and serve warm.
New To This
im a newbie at lost cherry can someone tell me how to change the background and everything that would be soooo helpful
It is said that actually San Guiseppe, March 19th. is the day for zeppole, but they have become a very popular holiday food throughout the year. There are many variations to this recipe, some using a simple dough made of white wine and water while others use a liqueur to flavor, or eggs to lighten the dough. I personally like this recipe as it creates light airy zeppole that are really delicious. You can roll them in a cinnamon sugar mixture, powdered sugar, or coat them in honey. Other regions serve them with a pastry cream, although I personally like the sugar cinnamon topping myself. 2 Cups All-Purpose Flour 1 Cup Melted Butter 1 1/4 Cup Granulated Sugar 4 Egg Yolks Pinch Of Salt 1/4 Cup Vin Santo Wine, Rum, or Marsala Wine 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract 2 Cups Hot Water Oil For Deep Frying Topping: Confectioners Sugar, Honey or Granulated Sugar With Cinnamon In a medium sized pot, place the water and butter, and heat until boiling. Add the flou
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Usually one would use a round, tall sided panettone pan which can be found at kitchen specialty stores, but almost any casserole or bread pan could be used. 10-11 Cups All-Purpose Flour 2 Cups Sugar 8 Eggs 2 Cups Milk 1/2 Cup Warm Water 3 Pkgs. Active Dry Yeast Peel Of 1 Lemon, Finely Grated 1 Cup Candied Fruit 3/4 Cup Raisins 1/3 Cup Oil 1/2 Cup Shortening 2 Tsp. Vanilla 1/2 Cup Anisette Liquor First dissolve the yeast in the water and let sit until bubbly. Mix together the rest of the ingredients, adding enough flour to make a workable dough. Knead until you have a smooth, elastic dough, about 8 minutes. Cover and let rise for 10 - 12 hours. Place on a floured board, and cut into four equal pieces. Place each piece in a buttered pan. Let rise another 8 hours or until fully risen. Bake at 300 degrees F. until golden brown, about 1 hour.
The Brick
THE BRICK A young and successful executive was traveling down a neighborhood street, going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar. He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something. As his car passed, no children appeared. Instead, a brick smashed into the Jag's side door! He slammed on the brakes and backed the Jag back to the spot where the brick had been thrown. The angry driver then jumped out of the car, grabbed the nearest kid and pushed him up against a parked car shouting, "What was that all about and who are you? Just what the heck are you doing? That's a new car and that brick you threw is going to cost a lot of money. Why did you do it?" The young boy was apologetic. "Please, mister...please, I'm sorry but I didn't know what else to do," He pleaded. "I threw the brick because no one else would stop..." With tears dripping down his face and off his chin, the youth pointed to a spot just around a parked car. "It's m
Pear Pecan Coffee Cake
This is a really moist, tasty cake that isn't too sweet. It would be nice after dinner as a dessert warmed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, for breakfast as a traditional coffee cake or as a midmorning pick-me-up. I created this cake one day trying to use up some pears in my fridge that were ripening too quickly, as well as some sour cream I wanted to finish up. I added some cinnamon, pecans and a hint of lemon and ended up with this nice cake. Fruit Filling: Four Ripe Pears 1 Cup Chopped Pecans 3 Tablespoons Sugar 1 Tablespoon Cinnamon Coffee Cake: 2 Large Eggs 2 Cups Sour Cream (or Creme Fraiche or Yoghurt) 1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract 8 Ounces Unsalted Butter At Room Temperature 1 Tablespoon Finely Chopped Lemon Peel 1 Tablespoon Baking Powder Dash Of Salt 2 Cups Granulated Sugar 3 Cups All-Purpose Flour Prepare your pan by buttering either a 10" cake pan, or a 10" bundt pan. To prepare the filling, peel and core the pears.
Nice Day
Wheat Berry Cheesecake
La Pastiera ~ This is an unusal cheesecake that traditionally is made each year around Naples for the Easter season. It is a cheesecake but one that has cooked wheat berries added to it which changes the texture considerably. The pie is lightly flavored with citrus, and cinnamon, and it is absolutely delicious. These days, you can find cooked wheat in many Italian specialty stores, but if you wanted to, you could easily cook your own following the directions below. 1/4 Pound Skinless Cooked Wheat 2 Cups All-Purpose Flour 1/2 Cup Powdered Or Confectioners Sugar 2 Egg Yolks 1 Teaspoon Orange Juice 8 Tablespoons Unsalted, Cold Butter Cut Into Small Pieces 1/4 Cup Milk 6 Eggs 1 Tablespoon Grated Orange Zest 1 Teaspoon Fiori di Sicilia, or Lemon Extract 2 1/2 Cups Granulated Sugar 2 Pounds Ricotta Cheese 2 Tablespoons Candied Citron, Cut Into Tiny Dice 2 Tablespoons Toasted, Slivered Almonds 1 Egg White Beaten With 1 Tablespoon Water For Toppi
What Movie Is Your Christmas Most Like?
Your Christmas is Most Like: A Very Brady Christmas For you, it's all about sharing times with family. Even if you all get a bit cheesy at times. What Movie Is Your Christmas Most Like?
Episode # 1 (ok I Am Gonna Kill!!!!!)
THE TOM .....NO MORE HIS SPACE IM GOIN IN DISGUISE ON A COVERT OP. AS AN EMO KID WHO LIKES TOU MAKE VIDEOS WILL I SURVIVE STAY TUNED..... will our hero survive? find out on the next episode of........ Thoma$(with a bling
Panettone Farcito
This is a traditional Christmas bread recipe from Milano which can now not only be found across Italy, but worldwide. There are many variations to recipes using a prepared panettone and this is one of my favorites. You can also cut out the center and fill with a prepared mousse or ice cream and freeze until ready to serve. 1 (2 Pound ) Panettone (Store Bought Is Fine) 4 oz. Toasted Sliced Almonds 4 oz. Cointreau Or Other Orange Liqueur 1 Cup Heavy Cream 1/2 Granulated Sugar 2 Tablespoons Gelatin 2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract 2 Cups Milk 6 Egg Yolks 2 Teaspoons Corn Starch To Garnish (Optional): 3/4 Cup Sugar Powdered Sugar Slice the panettone into 5 1 inch equal rounds, discarding one layer from the center. Soften the gelatin in a little milk. Heat the milk in a pan over medium heat. Whisk together the egg yolks, sugar and cornstarch in a small bowl. Add a little of the hot milk to the egg mixture and mix well. Add this mixture to the rest
Strawberry Tiramisu
I use fresh chopped strawberries in a layer inside, and fresh whole berries to decorate the top. Strawberry Syrup 1 Pint Strawberries, Hulled 1 Cup Granulated Sugar 1/3 Cup Strawberry Liqueur Put strawberries into a glass or enamel saucepan and mash with a potato masher. Cook over low heat for about 5 minutes or until the berries are soft and tender. Line a sieve with a large square of cheesecloth folded in half. Put it over a large glass measuring cup. Scrape berries and juice into the sieve. Gather the cheesecloth into a ball and allow the mixture to drip through. You should have about 3/4 cup strawberry juice. Discard the cheesecloth. Rinse the saucepan and return strawberry juice to the pan. Stir in sugar. Bring to a boil over medium heat and boil for about 1 minute, until a clear syrup forms. Remove the pan from the heat. Rinse the sieve and strain the syrup through again. Skim any foam off the top. Cool to room temperature, add the liqueur, and chill the syrup
Understanding Peoples Feelings
Personally i think it should be all year and so should all the other cancers should be talked about also. and so should all the incurable dieases that people can get so people are aware of them and aren't going to judge you on what you have because people can be cruel to others and its not fair. i know a few people that have aids and hiv. and they are treated with disrespect and that is wrong. people need to understand most of them didn't know they had it until its too late. one thing i have learned is tollerance of people that are idiots when it comes to deisease we can't cure. just like mental disorders we are judged by what we have. well let me tell you i am the nicest person there ever was but i am diagnoses with post traumatic stress disorder, bioplar II, borderline personality disorder, Sever Depression, and Anxiety. I am normal and I am also Diabetic. One other thing you don't know about me is yes under no fault of my own cuz the guy was a liar and was a abusive man and a cheate
I Don't Understand.
I dont understand why this happened to me. I mean was I such a terrible person that God decided to take the one person who truly loved me for me away? Kyle was such an amazing person and he loved me no matter what I did wrong, no matter how bad we hurt each other we stuck it out. I never imagined in a million years this is the way things would have turned out ya know. I know that I should take the ring off of my wedding ring finger and try to get through this but I can't. Everyone keeps saying to get over it, but you don't get over something like this, you have to try your hardest to get through it! I'm not even doing that very well. I was walking through the store the other day and I smelled his cologne and I lost it. I completely fucking broke down in the middle of the store! It's been 10 months. 10 fucking months tomorrow! I can still remember the pain of when it first happened. I'll never forget it. I just wish I could though, I wish I could forget how bad it hurt and maybe let mys
It's Funny Because It's True
30 things I learned from porn 1. Women wear high heels to bed. 2. Men are never impotent. 3. When going down on a woman 10 seconds is more than satisfactory. 4. If a woman gets busted masturbating by a strange man, she will not scream with embarrassment, but rather insist he have sex with her. 5. Women smile appreciatively when men splat them in the face with sperm. 6. Women enjoy having sex with ugly, middle-aged men. 7. Women moan uncontrollably when giving a blowjob. 8. Women always orgasm when men do. 9. A blowjob will always get a woman out of a speeding ticket. 10. All women are noisy cummers. 11. People in the 70's couldn't cum unless there was a wild guitar solo in the background. 12. Those tits are real. 13. A common and enjoyable sexual practice for a man is to take his half-erect penis and slap it repeatedly on a woman's butt. 14. Men always groan "OH YEAH!" when they cum. 15. If there is two of them they "high five" each other. (and the girl isn't disgusted
Oh Yes!
OK, so let me officially say that I am stepping into the middle of the court and Im takin a shot. Im gonna dance in the moon light nekkid. Then Im gonna take a hit for all the smokers out there. I know exactly wat Im talking about here...if you dont. Im sorry.
Computer Meltdown!!
Hey guys and girls whazzup??? Well not much with me my computer just had a meltdown the other day and it sucks big time. I will not be on here as much for a while. I will check in time to time at my mom's house and I will let you all know what is going on with me at those times. I am desperately trying to get Steve to fall in love with me again and I am working 2 jobs so I am very busy. Keep leaving me cherry love and send that positive cherry energy our way so that our marriage will work out and if you believe in praying that would help too. Because although I do not attend church anywhere I do believe in the power of prayer and I believe that the good lord doesn't want this to end in divorce. Rate me comment me and send ppl to do the same love you all thanks.
Ricotta Lemon Cake With Blueberry Topping
Cake: 2 Cups Sugar 1 Cup Softened Butter 1/2 Cup Ricotta Cheese 1/2 Cup Milk 3 Cups All-Purpose Flour 1 1/2 Teaspoons Lemon Extract Zest Of 1 Lemon, Finely Chopped 4 Large Eggs Powdered Sugar For Topping Topping: 3 Cups Blueberries 3/4 Cup Sugar 1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice For the cake, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Butter and flour a 9" cake pan. In a bowl, mix together the butter and sugar until fluffy. Add the eggs, lemon extract, milk, ricotta, flour and lemon zest, and beat well for 2 minutes on high speed. Pour into your prepared pan, and bake 45-50 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool. To prepare the topping, combine the blueberries, lemon, sugar and 1/2 cup of water, and cook until thickened. Remove and cool. Once the cake has cooled, dust lightly with the powdered sugar. Serve a small slice with a spoonful of blueberry topping.
Torta Di Limone
1/2 Recipe Basic Pastry Dough Lemon Filling: 2 Lemons 4 Large Eggs 3/4 Cup White Sugar 3/4 Cup Heavy Cream Lemon Curd: 1 Large Egg 4 Large Egg Yolks 1/2 Cup White Sugar 1/3 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice 2 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter Garnish: One Paper Doily Powdered Sugar Fresh Berries (Optional) Roll out the pastry to a thin 11 inch circle. Line a 9 inch tart pan with the dough. Refrigerate the dough for at least 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Remove the zest from the two lemons, and squeeze to remove the juice. Place the zest, chopped fine, the juice, eggs, sugar and heavy cream in a medium bowl, and beat until smooth. Pour the filling into the tart pan, and bake until the filling is set, about 30 minutes. Cool. To make the curd, place the egg, yolks, sugar, and lemon juice in the top of a double boiler over simmering water. Whisk continuously, until the mixture begins to thicken. Remove from the heat, and stir in the
My Obituary
Yes, I'm a quiz-takin' fool today. I want to thank you all for reading these (I do notice who does *hug* You guys rock!). I post them 'cuz they amuse me. :) This one especially. 'What will your obituary say?' at OK, yes, it's broken right now 'cuz QuizGalaxy is broken right now. But hopefully it'll reappear later. And, um, it was funny! So... since QuizGalaxy's still broken (stupid site *pout*) guess I'm going to have to write my own obituary. (Unfortunately, I don't remember theirs.) So here goes: Tanya passed away sometime in the past couple weeks. Her body was discovered after they finally noticed she hadn't shown up for work for awhile (mostly because the candy supply hadn't been replenished, and engineers go nuts without a regular supply of chocolate). Her cats survived, despite her bad habit of always putting down the toilet lid, because Toby (inventive as always) figured out how to turn on the faucet. She is survived by her sister H
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okay boys suck kthanksbye!
Italian Fruit Cake
I like to slice it into thin wedges for my cookie tray. Although it sounds complicated, once you get going it really isn't difficult. Filling: 2 Pounds Of Raisins 2 Pounds Coarsely Chopped Walnuts 1 Cup Whiskey 1 1/2 Cups Sugar 3 Tablespoons Cinnamon Juice Of 1 Orange Dash Of Anisette Combine all filling ingredients in a glass bowl, cover and let sit overnight, stirring occasionally. Dough: 7 Cups All-Purpose Flour 1 1/2 Cup White Wine 5 Eggs Zest From 1 Lemon And 1 Orange 2 Cups Sugar 1 Cup Oil 1/2 Cup Whiskey 2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract Dash Of Cinnamon 1 Tablespoon Baking Soda Toothpicks Topping: 1 Cup Honey Colored Sprinkles Make a mound of the flour on a pastry board or counter. Make a well in the center, and using a fork, begin to add in the remaining ingredients until you have created a dough. Knead with additional flour as needed until smooth. Divide into 6 Equal sized balls. Covering the rest of
Chocolate Hazelnut Cake With Pear Compote
This light, subtly sweet cake is created with chopped pears for flavor and added moisture, and is served with a tasty pear compote and a dollop of whipped cream. Cake: 1 Cup Hazelnuts 1 Cup Icing Sugar 2/3 Cup Flour 2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder 2 1/2 Teaspoons Baking Powder Pinch of Cinnamon 1/2 Cup Unsalted Butter 2 Large Eggs Plus 1 Egg Yolk 2 Teaspoons Vanilla 1 Ripe Pear, Peeled, and Cut Into 1/2 Dice 1/2 Cup Mini Chocolate Chips Pear Compote: 4 Ripe Pears, Peeled and Cut Into 1/2 Inch Dice 1/2 Cups Chopped Hazelnuts 1/2 Cup White Wine 4 Tablespoons Butter 4 Tablespoons Sugar 1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon Topping: (8oz) Container Whipping Cream 1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar For the cake, preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Spread the nuts out on a baking sheet and toast for about 10 minutes or until they begin to change color. Place the warm nuts in a kitchen towel and rub, to remove as much of the skins as possible. Raise
Lil Johnny
It was little Johnny's first day in a new school, so his father walked up the teacher. He told her that little Johnny was a good kid but that he was an avid gambler. He warned her that little Johnny might win lunch money from the other kids if he was not watched closely. The teacher did not seem disturbed, and assured the father that she had handled many such problems and was very capable of taking care of little Johnny's urge to gamble. Shortly after lunch, the father called the teacher and asked her how things were going. "Oh, everything is going very well," she said. "I think I may have cured little Johnny of his gambling habit." The father asked her what had happened. "The little tyke absolutely insisted on betting me $10 that I had a mole on my rear," she said. "I finally agreed to the bet and took him to the teachers' lounge to show him that I had no mole, but he had to promise he would never make another bet at school again." "Damn!" the father said. "He bet me $50 this morning
No-bake Cranberry Cheesecake
Crust: 2 Cup Graham Cracker Crumbs 3 Tablespoons Sugar 7 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter, Melted Cake Filling: 1 Pound Cream Cheese, Softened 6 Tablespoons White Sugar 2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract 2 Cups Chilled Heavy Cream (Whipping Cream) 1 Package (2 Teaspoons) Unflavored Gelatin Topping: 1 Cup Ruby Port 1 Cup Sugar 2 Cups Fresh Cranberries 1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. To make the crust, mix together the topping ingredients, and press into the bottom and up the sides about 2 inches of a 10 inch springform pan. Bake until the crust is set, about 10 to 12 minutes. Remove from the oven, and let cool to room temperature. To make the filling, sprinkle the gelatin over 1/2 cup of the heavy cream in a bowl to soften for 5 minutes. Heat the remaining cream in a saucepan, and once simmering, remove from the heat. Add the gelatin mixture and stir to mix well. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature, about 45 minute
Roasted Octopus
4 Tablespoons Olive Oil 3-4 Cloves of Garlic, Minced Salt & Pepper to Taste Red Pepper Flakes 2 Pound Octopus 1 to 2 Wine Corks Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh Chopped Parsley Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. In a large ovenproof pan, mix the olive oil, garlic and pepper flakes. Heat on a stove burner on high, and once the pan is hot, add the octopus. Brown the octopus well on all sides until it has released it's juices. Add the wine corks, and cover the pan with aluminum foil, and bake in the oven for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, or until the octopus is tender. Cool to room temperature. Remove the tentacles from the head and cut into 2 to 3 inch pieces. Cut the head into pieces as well. Season with salt and pepper and mix. Arrange the pieces on individual plates, and drizzle with a little good quality olive oil, sprinkle with the parsley and serve.
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Grilled Stuffed Squid
Stuffed squid are delicious, and can be filled with an unlimited combination of ingredients. As a general rule, to end up with a tender result, squid should be cooked quickly as in this recipe, or slowly over low heat in a sauce of some type. You can experiment with the stuffing adding other favorite ingredients as desired. 8 Medium Sized Squid 3 Plum Tomatoes, Cored, Seeded And Diced 1/4 Cup Fresh, Chopped Parsley 1/2 Cup Fresh Bread Crumbs 1/2 Onion, Finely Chopped 2 Cloves Garlic, Minced 8 Tasty Black Olives, Pitted And Chopped 3 Tablespoons Capers Salt & Cracked Black Pepper 2 Tablespoons White Wine Zest From 1/2 Lemon, Finely Chopped 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil ( Plus More To Brush The Squid Before Grilling) Lemons For Serving Clean the squid, removing the wings and head. Finely chop the tentacles. Heat the 3 tablespoons of oil in a frying pan, and then add the onion. Cook until softened. Add the tentacles and cook just until they begin to
Lane Frost
ON THAT NOTE: ~*~Cowboy Is His Name~*~ ~*~Lane Frost Tribute~*~ There's a hundred years of history and a hundred before that All gathered in the thinkin' Goin' on beneath this hat. The cold flame burns within him 'Til his skin's as cold as ice And the dues he paid to get here Are worth every sacrifice. All the miles spend sleepy drivin' All the money down the drain, All the 'if I's' and 'nearly's,' All the bandages and pain, All the female tears left dryin', All the fever and the fight Are just a small down payment On the ride he makes tonight. It's guts and love and glory, One mortal's chance at fame. His legacy is rodeo And cowboy is his name.
If You're Thinking Of Suicide Read This.
Hey you.. You with the rope.. pills... gun in your hand... Did you have a bad day? Somone make fun of you? Did you lose the person you loved? Well if you do suicide.. just think of the great future you could have. What can go bad WILL go bad. You have fucked up when we can see through your head... when your icy cold body is hanging from a banister.. when your broken heart has shut down due to O.D. of pills. If you suicide.. the child that could come to you in 5-10 maybe 15 years will not be born.. They will not have children. What you do know WILL EFFECT the lives of hundreds.. ma not now.. but think of the human soul that is left waiting to be born.. Do yourself a favor. Talk with somone if you have the feeling of suicide. We love you.. If they don\'t love you.. I will. Fuck it if your made fun of by what you are, celebrate that you are who you are. If your gay and continuously get ridiculed for it. Don\'t let it bother you. Hold your head high and be proud of yourself. i\'m proud th
If You're Thinking Of Suicide Read This.
Hey you.. You with the rope.. pills... gun in your hand... Did you have a bad day? Somone make fun of you? Did you lose the person you loved? Well if you do suicide.. just think of the great future you could have. What can go bad WILL go bad. You have fucked up when we can see through your head... when your icy cold body is hanging from a banister.. when your broken heart has shut down due to O.D. of pills. If you suicide.. the child that could come to you in 5-10 maybe 15 years will not be born.. They will not have children. What you do know WILL EFFECT the lives of hundreds.. ma not now.. but think of the human soul that is left waiting to be born.. Do yourself a favor. Talk with somone if you have the feeling of suicide. We love you.. If they don\'t love you.. I will. Fuck it if your made fun of by what you are, celebrate that you are who you are. If your gay and continuously get ridiculed for it. Don\'t let it bother you. Hold your head high and be proud of yourself. i\'m proud th
Lobster Cakes
You can serve these tasty lobster cakes simply with lemon wedges, or with a dollop of the spicy sauce I have added below. 1 Pound Lobster Meat 1/2 Cup Finely Chopped Celery 1/4 Cup Chopped Green Onions 1 Cup of Bread Crumbs 1 Egg 1/4 Cup Light Mayonnaise 1 Tablespoon of Seafood Seasonings (Such As Old Bay) 1 Dash Hot Pepper Sauce 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice 2 Tablespoons Finely Chopped Parsley 4 Tablespoons Of Butter Lemon Wedges For The Sauce: 1 Cup Light Mayonnaise 2 Teaspoons (Or More If Desiered) of Chipotle Peppers In Tomato Sauce 1 Finely Minced Garlic Clove Salt & Pepper Combine the ingredients for the lobster cakes, using half the breadcrumbs. Form into 4 patties and set aside. Using the remaining bread crumbs, press the patties into the crumbs to cover the outside. Brush with the melted butter, and broil in the oven on low until the fish cakes are golden brown all over. Keep warm. To prepare the sauce, combine the
Still Counting.
14 weeks and 5 days. Sheesh, this is taking a long time. I thought it would go by a little faster. That's what I get for counting down the days. I just can't help it. I'm so excited I can't stand myself. I just know something good waits for me there. I'm not sure exactly what, but I just have a feeling. Anyway, we're having our internet shut off till we move so I might have to count down to myself. I don't know when. Could be tomorow, could be a few weeks. So when I just disappear, don't forget about me and please don't delete me. I'll be back after I get moved. Hopefully this isn't my last blog, but if it is, thanks for reading whether you were interested or not. And to my friends in here, thank you for being my friend and I'll see you soon. That's all.
Octopus Alla La Risacca 6
1 (2-3 Pound) Octopus 2 Wine Corks 2 Cups White Wine 1/2 Lemon 3 Large Potatoes Cut Into Quarters Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh Chopped Parsley Place the octopus in a pot with the wine and lemon. Cover the octopus with water, and place the pot over high heat and bring it to a boil. Turn the heat down to medium, and cook until tender when pierced with a fork. You'll need to check the octopus fairly frequently. Once it is tender, cover and remove from the heat. Allow to cool to room temperature covered. While the octopus is cooling, boil the potatoes until tender. Remove from the heat, skin and cut into 2 inch pieces. Place in a bowl and add fresh chopped parsley and olive oil to coat lightly. Season with salt and pepper. Once cool, remove the tentacles from the head and cut into 2 to 3 inch pieces. Cut the head into pieces as well. Season with salt and pepper and mix. Arrange the pieces on individual plates, and drizzle with a little good quality olive oil, a
Seafood Cakes
These tasty "fish cakes" came from an experiment using leftover seafood in my favorite crab cake recipe. I topped them with a dab of zesty sun-dried tomato mayonnaise, and now have a recipe asked for frequently by family and friends. I keep a bag in my freezer for extra pieces of seafood that I have leftover to use in this recipe. Good seafood selections are any meaty white fish such as grouper or cod, salmon, shrimps, and scallops. Just use a combination of mixed seafood that totals 2 pounds. Shred the fish, and chop the shrimp and scallops coarsely. Although this may not be a traditional Italian recipe, the flavors are indeed Italian. 2 Pounds Mixed Seafood 1 Cup Finely Chopped Celery 1/2 Cup Chopped Green Onions 3 Cups of Bread Crumbs (Divided) 2 Eggs 1/2 Cup Light Mayonnaise 1/8 Teaspoon of Dijon Mustard 2 Tablespoons of Seafood Seasonings (Such As Old Bay) 1 Dash Hot Pepper Sauce 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice 3 Tablespoons Finely Chopped Parsley 4
To All The People That Thought I Didnt Matter
Send away for a priceless gift One not subtle, one not on the list Send away for a perfect world One not simply, so absurd In these times of doing what you're told You keep these feelings, no one knows What ever happened to the young man's heart Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45, Swimming through the ashes of another life No real reason to accept the way things have changed Staring down the barrel of a 45 Send a message to the unborn child Keep your eyes open for a while In a box high up on the shelf, left for you, no one else There's a piece of a puzzle known as life Wrapped in guilt, sealed up tight What ever happened to the young man's heart Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45, Swimming through the ashes of another life No real reason to accept the way things have changed Staring down the barrel of a 45 Everyone's pointing their fingers Always condemni
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there is a folder called things i messed around with , had fun making them . please feel free to rip what you like . thats what it is there for . thanks
Seafood Skewers
Use only the freshest seafood you can find, and cut into the same sized shapes for even cooking. I made this recipe for two, simply double or triple to serve for 4 or 6. 3 Tbs. Olive Oil 3/4 Cups of Seasoned Bread Crumbs 8 Large Shrimp, Cleaned and Deveined 8 Large Scallops 1 (8 oz) Fish Fillet-Choose a meaty fillet such as Tuna or Swordfish, At Least 1 1/2 inch Thick, Cut into 2 inch Chunks Salt and Pepper 1/2 Cup Lemon Juice 1/2 Cup Chicken Broth 1/4 Cup White Wine 1/2 Cup Fresh Chopped Parsley 3 Tablespoons Softened Butter 1 1/2 Tablespoons Flour Place alternating on each skewer, 2 shrimps, 2 scallops and two pieces of fish. Brush with the oil and carefully roll in the bread crumbs. In a saucepan, heat the lemon juice, chicken broth and wine. Mix the flour into the softened butter, and whisk into the lemon mixture a little at a time until the desired consistency is reach. Keep over low heat while you grill the seafood. Just before serving,
Seafood Salad
3 Cups White Wine 5 Bay Leaves 2 Cloves Garlic, Crushed 2 Lemons 1 Pound Calamari, Cleaned And Cut Into Rings 1 Pound Medium Shrimp, Cleaned And Deveined 1 Pound Scallops (or 2 Pound Octopus) 1 1/2 Cup Chopped Celery 1 Cup Black Olives (Optional) Dressing: 1 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/2 Cup Lemon Juice 3 Large Garlic Cloves, Thinly Sliced 1/4 Cup Chopped Parsley Dash Red Pepper Flakes Salt & Pepper To Taste In a stockpot, combine 3 quarts of water, the wine, bay leaves, and crushed garlic. Slice the lemons in half and squeeze the juice into the mixture. Drop the lemons into the pot. Bring the mixture first to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium low. First cook the shrimp, cook 2 minutes and remove from the pot. Cook the calamari 1 1/2 minutes and remove from the pot as well. If you are cooking scallops, cook in the same manner for 2 minutes. Mix the seafood together and set aside. If you are cooking octopus, add it to the pot,
American Soldier
I am an American soldier. I am a Warrior and a member of a team. I serve the people of the United States and live the Army Values. I will alwyas place the mission first. I will never except defeat. I will never quit I will never leave a fallen comrade. Iam disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my Warrior tasks and drills. I will always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself. I am an expert and I am a professional. I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat. I am the guardian of freedom and the American way of life I am an American Soldier. For my best friend Kyle Kent
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So this is my 1st blog! Hmmm i'm new to this, so if anyone has any tips for me,please please let me know!!!
Salmon Cooked In Parchment
4 Skinless Salmon Fillets, About 6 oz. Each 2 Tomatoes, Seeded And Finely Chopped 1/2 Small Onion, Diced 6 Black Olives, Chopped 3 Tablespoons Fresh Parsley, Chopped 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil 1 Teaspoon Balsamic Vinegar Salt & Pepper Parchment Paper Or Tin Foil Preheat the oven to 400 degree F. Mix together the tomatoes, parsley, olives, onion, vinegar, and olive oil in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Cut 4 pieces of parchment or foil about 12-13 inches square. Oil lightly, and place a salmon fillet on each one. Next divide the tomato mixture evenly on top of each. Fold the parchment or foil over the fish, and seal well on each side by folding the edges over several times. Place the packages on two baking sheets. Bake until the salmon is cooked, about 15 minutes. Slide the packages onto a plate and serve. Cooking Tip: The salmon should flake with a fork when done, but the center should remain moist and pink.
Salmon With Lemon Basil Butter Sauce
4 Salmon Steaks, About 6-8 Oz Each 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil 3/4 Cups of Seasoned Bread Crumbs For The Sauce: 1 1/2 Sticks Unsalted Butter Juice of 1 Large Lemon 4 Medium Artichokes, Cleaned, Sauteed, And Cut Into Eight Pieces 4 to 5 Sun-dried Tomatoes, Chopped 1 Large Garlic Clove, Peeled And Minced 3 Tablespoons Chopped Fresh Basil Salt & Pepper Melt the butter in a heavy saucepan. Add the garlic, artichokes, and sun-dried tomatoes and cook 3 minutes over medium low heat. Add the lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste, and cook over low heat until thickened. Just before serving, stir in the fresh, chopped basil. Brush the salmon with the 3 tbs. of oil then sprinkle on the crumbs. Place in a very hot oven, about 380 degrees F. and roast until done, but still moist inside. (cooking time depends on the thickness of your salmon steaks). Or, grill the salmon steaks on a hot grill until cooked. Serve each steak topped with a scoop of the sauce. Cooks
Healthy Pasta With Broccoli Rabe
1 Bunch Broccoli Rabe 2 Cloves Garlic Finely Minced 1-2 Tablespoons Olive Oil 6 Ripe Plum Tomatoes Skinned, Cored And Cut Into Dice Salt And Pepper To Taste Red Pepper Flakes 500 Gram Package Of Your Short Pasta Of Choice Grated Parmesan Cheese To Serve (Optional) Begin by washing the broccoli rabe, and cutting it into 1 inch pieces. If the stems aren't too thick and woody, peel these and cut them also. Put a pot of water on to boil for the pasta. In a small saucepan, heat the oil and add the garlic. As soon as it sizzles, but before it takes on color, add the tomato pieces. Cook just until heated, and remove the pot from the burner. Season with salt and pepper, and red pepper flakes if using. Cook the pasta in boiling water, and during the last 3-4 minutes of cooking, add the broccoli rabe to the pot. Drain both the pasta and broccoli rabe, keeping a small cup of pasta water set aside. Return the pasta and broccoli rabe to the pot, and put on the stove
Crappy Movie
Ok i seen fast and furious and 2fast 2furious and they were both kick ass so i thought what the hell ill go out and buy the third one to finish the set. i get it home pop it in im all excite cause u finally get to to see it.and i WAS NOT happy it sucked bad the only good parts bout it was the races and anything thing that had a car in it. the story line dragged big time the crew omg i guess thats what u get when u have a bunch of newbies in screen. i wasted my money of this crap. trust me if ur readings this dont even waste ur money
Roasted Peppers
Mixed Red, Green and Yellow Peppers Olive Oil Salt & Pepper Minced Garlic Fresh Chopped Parsley Wash and dry the peppers. Cut off the tops, and cut in half, removing seeds and membranes. Place on a baking sheet and put under the broiler until the skin is blackened and blistered. Place them in a plastic bag and let sit for 10 minutes. Remove the skin (it should slip right off at this point), and cut into the size of strips you desire. Place in a bowl with the minced garlic, a little salt and pepper and enough oil to lightly coat. Serve at room temperature. Cooking Tip: Peppers are also great roasted over the barbeque if you are grilling meat for dinner. Just follow the same procedure. If you are interested in reading more about vegetables, as well as learning to cook them in the traditional Italian manner, then please check out my index of Vegetable Articles where everything is discussed from cooking with herbs, to various specific vegetables popular in Italian cu
Thousand Things Soup
This filling soup is chock full of fiber, and freezes well without the pasta. 1 1/2 Cups Dried Broad Beans 1 Cup Dried Borlotti Beans 1/2 Cup Lentils 1 Large Carrot, Chopped 1 Medium, Onion, Chopped 2 Stalks Celery, Chopped 4 Cloves Garlic, Minced 1 Head Savoy Cabbage, Shredded 1 Cup Chopped Pancetta 8 (oz) Mushrooms, Cleaned And Sliced 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil Salt & Pepper Dash Red Pepper Flakes 9 Cups Boiling Water 1 Cup Chopped Tomatoes 7 (oz) Small Pasta Such As Tubettini 1 Cup Grated Pecorino Cheese Soak the dried beans in water overnight. Drain and rinse. Cook the beans in a large pot of water until tender. Drain. In a large pot, heat the oil, and cook the pancetta, onions, carrots, mushrooms, celery and garlic until vegetables are tender. Pour in the boiling water into the vegetable mixture. Add the cooked beans and cabbage, and mix well. Add the seasoning and cook for about 10 minutes longer. Add the pasta and cooked unt
Tortellini Soup
8 Cups Of Homemade Chicken Broth 2 Packages Prepared Cheese Filled Tortellini 4 Cups Baby Spinach 1 Cup Thinly Sliced Carrots 1 Cup Chopped Tomatoes Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese Fresh Basil To Garnish Heat the broth and add both the carrots and the pasta. Cook for about 10 minutes or until the pasta is cooked. Add the spinach. Serve hot, topped with grated cheese. Garnish with fresh basil leaves.
Spaghetti With Shrimp
3 Tablespoons Olive Oil 12 oz. Shrimp - Cleaned & Deveined 2 Garlic Cloves - Finely Chopped 1/3 Cup Brandy 4 Cups Canned Tomatoes - Chopped 2-3 Tablespoons Heavy Cream 1 Pound of Spaghetti Serves 6 1 Small Bunch of Fresh Parsley - Finely Chopped Salt & Pepper - To Taste Dash of Red Pepper Flakes Heat oil in heavy skillet over medium heat. Put pasta on to cook while doing this. Add shrimp and cook 1-2 minutes until pink, then remove into a separate dish. Add garlic & stir once or twice. Next, add the brandy and cook till reduced by half. Add tomatoes, salt & pepper & red pepper flakes, and cook uncovered over medium heat 5-6 minutes. Stir in the cream, lower heat & mix in shrimp just until just heated through. Mix shrimp sauce with cooked pasta, and serve with parsley sprinkled over top.
Fuck Why Does It Hurt So Much
Why Does It hurt So Much There are people in your life that come and go There are some that make a ever lasting impression So why does it hurt so much.. When you think Your best friend would never you hurt Tells you that they feel all fucked up inside Tells you needs to be left alone Needs to figure out things on there own!!! So why does it hurt so much... Why hurt someone so much There heart being pulled out and only hanging by threads When they told you they would give you the world But now has taken it away Why someone thinks they can be a part of your life and just throw it away like you were trash Tell me why it hurts so much??
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Week Ending 10/2/06
I usually leave some commentary or thoughts. I actually missed most games, because I was at the County Fair. All my college teams won - yay! In the NFL, The Pats beat the Cats! Who knew! I'm glad they won though - Go Pats! Played Games: College and AFC East --Tennessee @ Memphis, 12pm (Tennessee 41 Memphis 7) --Miss State @ LSU, 1230pm (LSU 48 Miss State 14) --Purdue @ ND, 230pm (ND 35 Purdue 21) --Bama @ Florida, 330pm (Florida 28 Bama 13) --GA Tech @ VTech, 330pm (GA tech 38 VTech 27) --USC @ Washington State, 7pm (USC 28 Wash St 22) --Ohio State @ Iowa, 8pm (Ohio 38 Iowa 17) --UMaine @ BC (BC 22 Maine 0) --Indy @ Jets, 1pm (Indy 31 Jets 28) --Miami @ Houston, 1pm (Houston 17 Miami 15) --Minnesota @ Buffalo, 1pm (Buffalo 17 Minnesota 12) --NE @ Cinci, 415pm (NE 38 Cinci 13) Other: --NO & Carolina, 1pm (Carolina 21 NO 18) --Giants - OFF --Denver - OFF
I am sad today. My wolf Stratus has passed away. He has been a big part of my life and will be sorely missed by not only me, but everyone who came into contact with him. I'll never forget you boy, goodbye and godspeed! =(
Random Lyrics this song is runnin through my head today... Maniac Michael Sembello Just a small town girl on a Saturday night lookin' for the fight of her life In the real-time world no one sees her at all They all say she's crazy Locking rhythms to the beat of her heart Changing woman into life She has danced into the danger zone When a dancer becomes a dance It can cut you like a knife If the gift becomes the fire On a wire between will and what will be She's a maniac, maniac on the floor And she's dancing like she's never danced before She's a maniac, maniac on the floor And she's dancing like she's never danced before On the ice-build iron sanity is a place most never see It's a hard warm place of mystery Touch it, but can't hold it You work all your life for that moment in time It could come or pass you by It's a push of the world, but there's always a chance If the hunger stays the night There's a cold connective heat, Struggling, stretching
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Ok so I have been working on this most of the day. And Nothing is done lol I cant seen to get things to work the music or background so how exactly do we do this ?
Pentagon Solutions
Dakota Tribal wisdom says that when you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. A recently declassified Pentagon document indicates that people in the Pentagon try other strategies. Specifically there are 23 separate and distinct strategies that people in the Pentagon try when they discover they are riding a dead horse: 1. Buy a stronger whip. 2. Change riders. 3. Say things like, "This is the way we've always ridden this horse." 4. Arrange to visit other sites to see how they ride their dead horses. 5. Increase the standards to ride dead horses. 6. Appoint a Tiger Team to revive the dead horse. 7. Create a training session to increase riding ability. 8. Pass legislation that declares, " The horse is not dead." 9. Harness several Dead Horses together for increased speed. 10. Declare with a policy directive and operating instruction that no dead horse is too dead to beat. 11. Do a cost analysis to determine if co
Volume 3 -- Burst Angel / Click Click Boom
Great job in this one with the lip and beat sync! It was one of the few fast paced amvs I could find to this anime series which is odd considering what an action packed series it is! Very nice song that had me humming the tune for a couple days! ENJOY!
Odd Boss Sayings Lol
"That is the person you'll be replacing. She doesn't know that we're going to fire her yet, so please don't say anything. We need her to train you." "... And this is the beer fridge." "How quickly can you load a handgun?" "Didn't we hire the hot chick in the red dress?" "We dont provide web browsers on the PCs in this agency because people might use them." (employee was hired to build them an intranet and write all their web pages). "Welcome to Microsoft. You know the company name was inspired by a remark made by Mrs. Gates on their honeymoon!" (said to a guy) "Wonder what you would look like in a white sundress?" "This is the best we could find in 48 hours!" "Hey, if you see the new guy, tell him I'm not here. Make up something about a family emergency or some junk. My tee-off time's in ten minutes..." "Did you get those projections done that I asked for on Friday?" "Around here, we put the FUN in dysFUNctual" "If you bring a weapon to work, keep
How To Be The Cultist Hmm Messed
Recently, the Society For Evil Overlords has noticed a regrettable decline in the availability and quality of fanatical henchmen, evil priests, and willing sacrificial victims. We wish to correct this growing problem by submitting the following general guidelines for Cultists. 1. Pick one faith and stay with it. Dilettantism is the mark of the amateur. 2. Avoid needless embarrassment. Practise the correct pronunciation of your deity's name in the privacy of your own room before chanting it in public. Flash cards are often helpful. 3. Never invoke anything bigger than your head. 4. Avoid all cabalistic jewelry over ten pounds in weight -- it attracts unwelcome attention from tourists, policemen, various supernatural creatures, and can be downright dangerous during thunderstorms. 5. Citronella candles may not be used in rituals. I cannot stress this enough. Pastel-colored candles in the shape of cute animals are like beacons to the Powers of Darkness. 6.
my fault, my guilt, my pain, my heartbreak, my fuck up... i hope you can forgive me jimmy. you dont deserve someone who will hurt u like this or who doesnt know wat she wants...i cant ask you to wait for me cuz it would be unfair. *sigh* you'v been the best bf i'v ever known. you treat me better than anyone else ever has and better than i deserve. i couldnt ask for someone better to love me. but, i want to experience life as much as i can, i WANT to experience college as much as i can...u worry about me cheatin on you when i go and to be honest, i worry about it too. you should know that i have cheated before in relationships and i'm trying not to. i do want to be everything you want and everything you need but...we do have some issues we need to figure out and i need to sort out my life. baby...i cant ask you to wait, i cant ask you to keep loving me, especially wit the chance that i might meet someone at college or have bfs here. it's hurting me more than you know
Sexual Hidden Talent??
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
Funny British Video.
A Rainy Night
It was a rainy night,she waited in silence for His arrival. while doing so, she got the room prepared, roses and baby's breath in crystal vase's. she wondered what His mood would Be. Could he be in the Romantic, that took her breath away Or would He be like an Animal, show his Dominate Side,have her kneel before Him. she made the bed up with satin sheets, the wine set out in the ice to cool,while awaiting for His entry. With everything in its place she looked around the room for any thing not being where it is. .but should be, happy with all she slipped into a bath tub with scented oil's, the warmth of the water taking away any doulbts. This night would not be like any other, until He arrived, she waited for her Master.
The Time Of The Crone
Hecate Rising The Time of the Crone As the Wheel of the Year turns and the winter dark approaches, the energy of the underworld and the blood-wisdom of the crone pours through the barren land. Here, Fiana Horne reveals the mysteries of the festivals of Mabon and Samhain, and gives personal rituals to perform to help you work with their power. During the year a Witch celebrates eight important festivals, which are called Sabbats. Four are the Lessor Sabbats which relate to astronomical events - The Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, and the Summer and winter Solstices. The other four are the Greater Sabbats. These relate to agricultural events like the sowing and reaping of crops. Witches of different paths recognize the Sabbats in different ways. Those of the Wiccan tradition use the Wheel of the Year Myth to feel closer to these sacred times. The Myth evolved from our European ancestors, specifically the Celts, as a way of explaining the turning of the seasons and the cycl
Been Very Busy The Past Two Days
Sorry, I have neglected all of my cherry friends... I hope all is forgiving... I have been swamped at work lately.... and it has been late when I get home... but anyways, I wish you i could show you a sample of my work... but it has been very tedious these ads anyways. Enough of that. So how is life treating all of you all out there? RB
Samhain Devotion
Now the eveningtide is here, I do rejoice with all good cheer, my old and ancient friends are near, now it's Samhain-time. This magic now I do abjure, and with great joy I do implore, for now the magic won't be ignored, oh yes, it's samhain-time. I call upon good unseen forces, help me choose and make my choices, with tools of ritual and sweet voices, oh yes, it's Samhain-time. Oh dear ones, accept my token, of our friendship, ring unbroken, and our sacred vows unspoken at this Samhain-time. (Brown/Yellow Candles)
La La
booo .. im sitting here la fucking la.. just thought i would say hi to all the guys. and stop by and lets chat i get board sitting here all damn day
my lost cherries, I'm a person of few words. however like meeting new people. so feel free to drop a line. Dark Angel
Afternoon Quickie
: The only way to pull off a Sunday afternoon quickie with their 8 year old son in the apartment was to send him out on the balcony with a popsicle and tell him to report on all the neighborhood activities. He began his commentary as his parents put their plan into operation: "There's a car being towed from the parking lot", he shouted. A few moments passed ... "An ambulance just went by" A few moments later," Looks like the Andersen's have company", he called out. "Matt's riding a new bike....." A few moments later, "Looks like the Sanders are moving" "Jason is on his skate board...." A few more moments, "The Coopers are having sex!!" Startled, his Mother and Dad shot up in bed ! Dad cautiously called out, "How do you know they are having sex?" "Jimmy Cooper is standing on his balcony with a Popsicle too."
Help My Friend Please :)
T-Bone@ LostCherry A good friend of mine needs some love so he can add more pics and family! Help him out!! Love yas!
Rough Sex
Rough Sex facts Send this right after u read it, something good will happen at 2:25 tomorrow. Get ready for the biggest shock in your life!! Whoever breaks this chain will be cursed w/ relationship problems 4-10 years. If you send this in 15 mins. your safe. Something good will happen tonight at 11:11pm. This is not a joke...someone will either call you or will talk to you online. Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile. Having nice sex burnes 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her clothes with her consent.........................12 cal without......................187 cal Take off her Bra With two hands..........................8 cal With one hand.........................12
I Just Cant...
I cant make you love me I cant make you see I cant make you want to Stay here with me I cant hide the hurt The tears in my eyes The pain that consumes me Because of your lies I cant make you leave Yet I cant make you stay What would it take To rewind today To just be happy As we were in our way You told me so often You would never stray But today I met a woman your other lover You say you love me You say you love her Do you love anyone? Only you know for sure I cant make your mind up I cant keep you here And I cant keep ignoring What is so painfully clear The words you dont say The things that you do Maybe It's not me Maybe ITS YOU
I Love It When....
I love how just a touch of your hand can make my world stand still. I love it when you hold me close, Please, never let me go. I love it when you love me How you know my body so I love it when you kiss me And let you feelings show. I never want to leave you I know I never will For as long as I'll remember I'll always love you still.
Blow Job Revenge (adult)
A woman and her boyfriend are out having a few drinks. While they're sitting there having a good time together she starts talking about this really great new drink. The more she talks about it,the more excited she gets,and starts trying to talk her boyfriend into having one. After a while he gives in and lets her order the drink for him. The bartender brings the drink and puts the following on the bar - - A saltshaker, a shot of Baileys, and a shot of lime juice. The boyfriend looks at the items quizzically and the woman explains. "First you put a bit of the salt on your tongue, next you drink the shot of Baileys and hold it in your mouth, and finally you drink the lime juice." So, the boyfriend, trying to go along and please her, goes for it. He puts the salt on his tongue -- salty but OK. He drinks the shot of Baileys - smooth, rich, cool, very pleasant. He thinks - this is OK. Finally he picks up the lime juice and drinks it. .... In one second th
Baby I can't believe what I have done The pain that I have caused The life I stole that God had bestowed The life that had not yet begun. My Child I could not have you My sorrow is so true, I made a mistake For a life I did take A mistake i can not undo. Please know that I am sorry Please know I wanted you Please know I'll never forget Please know that I loved you.
I Remember
I remember I remember I remember the way your eyes danced when you smiled I remember the way you bit your lip when you teased me The way your hand rested on my back guiding me As if I were the most special person in the room. I remember watching you while you slept Brushing my hand lightly across your face As you dreamt of things unknown And later as you held me close to you Not wanting to let me go. I remember the way we loved and fought So intense, So passionately, so completely. Being so inlove with you that I thought I would explode Most of all I Remember your kiss So tender, so giving, so full of love. I remember even thought you think I've forgotten I remember and I sigh Because we will never have that love again. Lydia Freeman
Well Hello, Hello! I think it's about time for a new blog don't you?! OK so here's what's on my mind today... Why is it that we feel that we have to "dumb ourselves down" for some people to like us? Do we think that if they knew we were smart they wouldn't want to be around us anymore? Do we not want to outdo someone or offend them because we can use our brains? I'm not sure what the problem is, but every young person I have spoken to, girls in particular, are intelligent and articulate and then the moment a man/boy comes around they start giggling and acting as though they based thier existince on The O.C, or Laguna Beach, and the guys LIKE IT. I don't understand why girls just can't be themselves around guys they like. Eventually the dumb blonde (no offense it's just a saying) act gets old afterwhile for both of them, and they find they have absolutely nothing in common. I know I am the first one to get tongue tied around a guy if I am really having feelings for him,
I am not so sure yet what a blog is, so I am just going to write thoughts.... I was just thinking today about friends... there are acquaitences we call friends.... There are life long friends... How many friends should we have? What determines a friend? How do we find friends? I believe a million friends may never be enough, but have one enemy and you have too many, but that is me. A friend is someone who you can chat with, they listen or at least act like they are listening, and then can tell you what they think, and still you both feel the love. They don't dessert in a problem no matter how bad, but they may not lend you a hand up either if it is real bad. Friends know we have to hurt and we have love and all emotions have their place. They just help us make the best of it. Finding friends, I think is the easiest, if we look at everyone as good, and not always for the bad in life. If we be a friend first. A best friend can be anyone, but in my heart it is Ja
Judge Yourself
Do not judge who i am by what I do. I never ment for my actions to hurt you!I am who I am nothing more nothing less.I am not a god do not put me on a pedastal!I am a human.Look!Dont you see my blood?My wounds run deep!My heart loves alot!You have been hurt same as me yet you put me on a pedastal.How could you not see me fall from grace?
Concact Me
So ehm... my spaces on that internet-thingy... You can also find me on the chat at page.... (I'm Jesmo (admin))
My Feelings
ive got a lot of friends some of them r single looking for lovers some of the r looking for friends i try to help my friends out
Dakota Is An Asshole
hi there to everyone.. i have just noticed that i am an asshole.. i do say alot of the same things to the ladies on here.. i know i am wrong for doing what i did.. so if i am an asshole in ur eyes.. please feel free to repost this to let lc know of my ignorance.. i am sorry for the trouble i have caused anyone.. and will be here later if anyone wants to talk to me... take care all you fine peoples.
What Is Your Food Nickname?
What is your food nickname? Skittles Take this quiz at
If Men Got Pregnant
If Men Got Pregnant 1. Morning sickness would rank as the nations number one health problem. 2. Maternity leave would last for two years with full pay. 3. Children would be kept in the hospital until toilet trained. 4. Natural childbirth would become obsolete. 5. All methods of birth control would become 100% effective. 6. Men would be eager to talk about commitment. 7. There would be a cure for stretch marks. 8. They would serve beer instead of coffee at antenatal classes. 9. Men wouldn't think twins were so cute. 10. Sons would have to come home from dates by 9 pm
Another Explaination
OK here it is again. I have two folders one for a Biker Babe Contest. No you donot have to be "perfect" to be in it. You have to have the ATTITUDE for a Biker Babe. No you do not have to be posed on a Bike. No you donot have to be naked... but I won't stop ya LOL Send the pics through Cherry Mail or ask for my yahoo. Also give me the caption you want on your pic.
Last Night? For Pd
A cold winter night, the kind where the snow has a crunch and the air has it's teeth. Windows are frosty with the glow of a candle. The light paints squares on your evenings lawn. I wait as I make my way down your door path, with a knock my lungs take there last invitation from mother natures coldest shoulder. Greeted with a smile I am taken into your eyes instantly. Your lovely dark hair cascades across your lips w/ a damp curl from the evenings shower. "Hello Beautiful" I say.... No words, as you embrace me and pull my hair guiding to those lips that I crave. Over on the couch there is ayound man by the name of Eric who greets w/ a smile. "Dont worry I am just here to watch" he says. Confused by his statement I am overtaken by your hands feeling your warm skin thaw mother nature away from memory. Your robe falls open inviting me closer. Unwrapping me like a present your wishes being whispered to me like little gifts. A glance shows tha eric is enjoying himself tracing a
What Kind Of Dessert Are You?
DESERT TEST---ANOTHER JUST FOR FUN Dessert Test No cheating. If all of the desserts listed below were sitting in front of you, which would you choose? Pick your dessert, and then look to see what psychiatrists think about you! After taking this dessert personality test, send this e-mail on to others, but when you do, be sure to put YOUR choice of dessert in the comments section below. Sorry you can only pick one. Angel Food Cake Brownies Lemon Meringue Pie Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Icing Strawberry Short Cake Chocolate Icing on Chocolate Cake Ice Cream Carrot Cake NO. You can't change your mind once you scroll down, so think carefully what your choice will be! OK - Now that you've made your choice, this is what psychiatric research says about you: ANGEL FOOD CAKE... Sweet, loving, cuddly. You love all warm and fuzzy items. A little nutty at times. Sometimes you need an ice cream cone at the end of the day.. Others
Whats Your Dominant Emotion?
Your dominant emotion is LOVE Your dominant emotion is Love. You tend to always find the best in people and give all people the benefit of the doubt. You love your friends and family and they are what drive you. Take this quiz at
Put Your Sentence Together And Post It In The Comments Section
For Fun Put the phrases together; post your sentence in comments section Pick the month you were born in: January--I poked February--I loved March--I brought sexy back with April--I played with May--I slide my finger in June--I licked July--I spanked August--I had lunch with September-- I danced with October--I tickled November--I made love to December--I got wet on Pick the day you were born on: 1-------a cop 2-------a monster 3-------a construction worker 4-------a politician 5-------a gangster 6-------a ballerina 7-------my brotha' from another motha' 8-------my kitty 9-------my best friend's lover 10-------my neighbor 11-------a Mexican 12-------a banana 13-------Chuck Norris 14-------a stuffed animal 15-------a kitty 16-------a pickle 17-------your sister 18-------a spoon 19-------myself 20-------a football player 21-------a ninja 22-------a fireman 23-------a wet noodle 24-------a super model 25-------an adult
Naughty Horoscopes *i Am A Scorpio*
Body: LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)-- If you fuck up just once with a Leo...That's IT. Don't be expecting them to take you back. They are not willing victims, after all, they CHOSE screwed up? They can UN-Choose you just the same. They live for Menage a Trois...or Qua...or Cinco....anything in a group is okay as long as they are in the middle. Leos also like bubble baths. Once you start with a not think you can just turn their emotions on or off like a switch...they demand satisfaction. NOW. All the stress in the world ends up in the Leo neck...They need neckrubs...they feel like they have the entire weight of the world on their head. If its kinky, a Leo has probably done it..You know Madonna's a LEO, right? She masters the Madonna/Whore/Goddess thing pretty well, huh? I wonder why? Could it be cause shes a fuckin' LEO? yep. Valmont was probably a Leo. They probably have the movie at home. Get out your furry gloves and faux mink whips for this kitten. they love soft flo
Breast Cancer...scary Words
On Sunday I read a bulletin about Breast Cancer Awareness month. I thought you know being as my breasts are my favorite part of my body maybe I should do an exam, I already know I have problem called Fibro Cystic Breast Disease. Fairly common and usually harmless but you're supposed to do regular breast exams because of it. Which I don't. I am however a very sexual person so I know the feel of my breasts quite intimately. So I did the exam...and I found something out of place. Tissue that felt different than it should. I was shocked and completely freaked out. I went to the doctor today and she confirmed that I have a lump. One that she is quite concerned about. So concerned that when she couldn't get me in for mammogram for a couple of weeks I could hear her yelling in the hallway. They worked me in this afternoon. So in 45 min. I have to go have the scariest test I've ever had in my entire life and I have to do it all alone. Please pray for me. I'm sure everything
Just Another Random Quiz!
ARE YOU 1. A Cuddler? Kinda, depends on my mood. 2. A morning person?: Depends on how late I stayed up. 3. Are you a perfectionist?: Insanely so... 4. An only child?: One half sister 5. religious?: Agnostic Theist 6. In your pajamas?: no 7. Left handed?: no LAST 1. Friend you saw: Belinda 2. Talked to on the phone: Belinda 3. Text: Don't use it much 4. Message over mspace? screw myspace 5: Instant message: Jessica and Alycia TODAY 1. Wore: black slacks, dark cream polo w black trim... oh and black calvin klein boxer briefs ;). 2. Was today better than yesterday? Yeah a little calmer still feel like a deer in the headlights though... TOMORROW: 1. Is: Thursday 2. Got any plans: Two meetings and tons of paperwork. FAVORITE 1. Number: 69 ... duh 2. Color: navy blue, then forest green 3. Season: Fall CURRENTLY 1. Missing: My Mind and my money 2. Needing: A place to call my own. 3. Wanting: Lots of naughty things that good boys like me don't talk about *i
Well I am back..ive been sick for teh past few days.. Had a lil scare too.. But all is good now.. I hope.. Still feel like shit.. But no biggie.. Hosted by Sparkle Tags
Back Again
well... i went to the medical service, and doctor gave me a pill for the pain but she said it didn't look like i have an infection inside my ear, and that my eardrum and everything there was ok... what can i say? i promise i'll take an appointment with the specialist, because this didn't convince me i had a serious infection in my ear when i was 16, and this pain reminded me of what i had 10 years ago anyways i feel a lil better, but it still doesn't let me relaxed i'll be around here till i go home (that means in 15 mins :D) hugs everyone much love... Maria
My Picture Albums
So I finally decided to rearrange my pictures. They'e arranged in a semi decent manner..I'm going to try and leave them organized. But I'm not usually good at that sort of thing for very long. My default album will now basically consist of things that were taken by me or with my digital camera. And the rest of my albums will be arranged accordingly. Don't just peek in at my defaults...Check All the albums. Rate the pics, comment on em and all that fun stuff. And as always, have a Humpy Hump Day. ~*Kathy*~
im so fucking pissed. so much shit is going on with me and my mom. i cant take it anymore. i just want to run away. and i dont want to sound all emo and everything cuz that shits retarded. but honestly. drinking, yelling, fighting. not to mention her asshole bf. i dont know what to do. she is nice for like 10 min then SNAP! shes a bitch. Shes even talkin about sending me to a foster home. Or to live with my dad in Texas. which i cant do. i hate my real dad with a passion, worse than i hate my mom. my mom and i used to be best friends. then we moved to vermont and she started drinking and i cant take it. i dont know what to do? i can go live with my dad in NH but she wont let me. im so confused. IF anyone knows what i can do help?!
I Lost Him...
so we'v come to this day in and day out of ordinary shit and we give up a forever too early. black upon my face running in rivers wishing i'm safe from heart break "my lover's gone too early". nothing but pain felt in my shattered heart since i left but i cant return cuz it wont be the same...
Candy Cigarettes
One thing I thought was really swank back in the 1970’s was candy cigarettes. Try to find them at them 7-11 nowadays. In this politically correct and increasingly militant non-smoking culture the US has become these confectionaries are no longer acceptable. While I do not ascribe to being PC, I am not exactly a fan of smoking… save for the special occasion cigar…and after 36 years that tally would be below 10 cigars. Skimming Wikipedia…Candy cigarettes were introduced in the early 19th century and have usually been made out of a chalky sugar, chocolate or bubble gum. Some varieties even smoked when consumed (my guess is via dust or some chemical reaction to moisture). There is a theory that candy cigarettes encourage children to take up real cigarettes. Candy Cigarettes have been banned in a number of countries, including Canada, United Kingdom, Finland, Norway, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. It has been considered being banned in the US in the 1960’s and 1990’s but my guess is soc
Dirty Poems Part 2
Lady named Rhoda There was a young lady named Rhoda, Who lived in a Chinese Pagoda. The halls and the walls, Were festooned with the balls, And the tools of the fools who bestrode her. Lady named Jill There was a horny young lady named Jill, Who fucked dynamite sticks for a thrill. They found her vagina In North Carolina And bits of her tits in Brazil! Dear Nancy Dear Nancy, on children she dotes; Took in five of them, feeling her oats. When her boyfriend came over, She said, "Not now, Rover; The kids will all watch and take notes." Old Man of Ely There was an old man of Ely Who spoke to his wife in Swahili; For as she could speak Only English and Greek, He could use it to swear at her freely. Barmaid in Sale On the chest of the barmaid in Sale Were tatooed the prices of ales And on her behind, For the sake of the blind, Was the same information in braille. Man from Cheaney There once was a man from Cheaney Who spilled so
Soulfully naked I've exposed my essence Absent from presence Taking a good look at my spirit It cries And although my hope dies I wipe my eyes so its not to show I dance this dance, in order to do what I have to For me its not exploitation I was born with only flesh So I gladly shed the clothes of society And comfort you in this strip club So easy how you've misjudged me from my outward appearance To you I'm in all faults Yet you sit and stare with a glare In your eyes that suggest fair foreplay Or a threesome with some other and me But you have it all wrong I only provide the service of a fantasy And if you want more I suggest you go home to your wife Because its not you I fancy its my life And the money in the wallet of which you sit upon Flesh abroad so behold There is not a hole in my heart Or dignity that needs to be filled But one in the stomachs of my family That I've allowed my body to be the attention of mass appeal
Dirty Poems Part 1
On Limericks The limerick packs laughs anatomical Into space that is quite economical But the good ones I've seen So rarely are clean And the clean ones so seldom are comical. Man from Nantucket There once was a man from Nantucket, Whose dick was so long he could suck it He said with a grin As he wiped off his chin, "If my ear was a cunt I'd fuck it!" Man from Alsass There once was a man from Alsass Who had balls made out of brass He rubbed them together In stormy weather And lightning shot out of his ass! Woman from Wheeling There once was a woman from Wheeling Who got a funny feeling So she laid on her back, Spread open her crack, And pissed all over the ceiling. Clinton and Her Clinton just had to meet her; He thought that no one was sweeter. They had sex on the phone, And when they were alone, They played games like "Swallow the Leader". Superman and Lois As a kid, when we rode on the bus, Deep questions we'd often di
Seriousness right now. Whats up with all the jealous females on here, i mean seriously, i never claimed to be any better, or any hotter than any of you. I mean i never once said omg omg im so much prettier. Jesus. Stop with the bitchy comments, and the ignornat words. Its rude, and retarded. I never said i was any different than any of you. Its pretty fucked up. Im sick and tired of hearing guys, and girsl i know coming to me saying, did you hear what so and so said, no i did not hear it, and no i do NOT want to hear it. I don't care about gossip, or rumors, i dont care about what goes on in other peoples drama filled life. It's truly messed up. I have my own life, which i love living, and it's just the internet, so why get so bent out of shape over something someone says? Some of the people on here, exspecially females confuse me. Theres a lot of girls and guys around here, and everyones fighting for attention. Whats the point? Yeah i do have a lot of points, but a lot of them a
Strippers And The Three Stooges
I do not regularly attend stripclubs, there is a fien line between tittilation and patheticness that roams in this pastime. Usually it is for bachelor parties. One memorable time was with my pal Rodg. Rodg is a pretty conservative Indian guy, so I was a little surprised he WANTED to go to a strip club. But after part one at a sports bar drinking and eating dinner off we went to Shotgun Willy’s. I garnished Rodg’s money and paid for his stripper funds. We camped out a randon table and figured to just watch the girls roll buy and dole out dollars as the titties demanded. Rodg and I were both taken with a dancer at another table. He brought this to my attention so I rubber necked and looked that way. “Wow she is h…..” I said my obvious statement being interrupted by the stripper right in front of me. She sorta slapped across our heads akin to the three stooges. Our attention was brought to the front and center. “I like my men faithful.” Decried the stripper. I laughed
Ban Harry Potter!
Was scanning the AP newswire this morning and this popped up; ATLANTA - A suburban county that sparked a public outcry when its libraries temporarily eliminated funding for Spanish-language fiction is now being asked to ban Harry Potter books from its schools. Laura Mallory, a mother of four, told a hearing officer for the Gwinnett County Board of Education on Tuesday that the popular fiction series is an "evil" attempt to indoctrinate children in the Wicca religion. Board of Education attorney Victoria Sweeny said that if schools were to remove all books containing reference to witches, they would have to ban "Macbeth" and "Cinderella." "There's a mountain of evidence for keeping Harry Potter," she said, adding that the books don't support any particular religion but present instead universal themes of friendship and overcoming adversity. In June, the county's library board eliminated the $3,000 that had been set aside to buy Spanish-language fiction in the coming
Buddha's Revenge Music Video
Show Some Love
Hey all my friends and Fans I need so help from all you sexy Cherries. This is one of great friends that has been true to me forever! Please show him some lovings, rate him, fan him and be his friend. He is great. Show him what it is like to be loved on the LC. kitt1103@ LostCherry
Shake (2)By Ying Yang
Okay so Im on my webcam and i got it set up on my LC page under my about me section! So if Im on cam you can peep me out on my LC page my friends! I usually post a bull. when im on it so keep ya eyes out! Love Boo-Boo
What Is Your Seduction Style?
You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at
Hey everyone, Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who welcomes the new ppl! I iam slowly figuring this out! So in time I hope I can make this look cool.
What Will Your Sex Business Card Say?
Khris Fantasy realization expert 'What will your sex business card say?' at
Fall...i Cant Wait
spending a lot of time outdoors loving the new fall colors coming in..look for the new pics of Fall
What Is Your Sexual Hidden Talent?
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at
And I, Your Submissive
And I, Your Submissive He whipped her chest and struck her thighs. He cut her arms and relished her sighs. He battered her box and flicked her lips. She screamed out his name and thrust out her hips. He punished her nipples and flayed her back. He aimed for her pussy and gave it a whack. She begged him for more and let out a cry. Any more pleasure and surely she'd die. She called him her master, he called her his pet. She cried out in passion, he asked her how wet. She opened his legs and allowed him to peek. He leveled his hips, her pleasure to seek. She cried out in exctacy, he moaned out as well. The fire between them was hotter than hell. He thrust himself forward and completed his lover. She screamed in release and begged for another. Five hours later they were panting and soaked. Her kitty he pet, his manhood she stroked. They lay there exhausted, sharing a bed "Forever I love you my pet," he said. And she, "And I y
Rice Cooker Seafood Risotto
Preparation Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes Serves: 2 Ingredients 2-1/2 cups chicken stock 1 Tbsp. unsalted butter 1 Tbsp. olive oil 1/2 cup onioncooked, finely chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 1 cup Arborio or short grain rice 1/2 cup dry white wine 1 Tbsp. lemon juice 1/2 tsp. tarragon 1 Tbsp. parsley flakes, or 2 Tbs. 1/8 tsp. red chili pepper flakes 1/4 lb. small shrimp, peeled and deveined, patted dry 1/4 lb. scallops, washed and trimmed, patted dry Instructions Bring chicken stock to a boil on top of stove or in microwave, and hold at simmering. Spray rice cooker pan with nonstick cooking spray. Turn cooker on and add butter and oil until melted. Stir in onion and garlic and cook 1-2 minutes. Add rice and stir to coat well with butter mixture. Stir in next 5 ingredients. Slowly add hot stock, about 1/3 cup at a time, stirring constantly. When liquid has been absorbed, slowly add more hot stock in same manner. Continue this process about 15 minute
Steak Da Vinci
Preparation Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 1 hour, 25 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients 1-1/4 lbs. boneless beef round steaks, lean vegetable cooking spray 1 cup onioncooked, chopped 1 cup bell peppers, chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 1/4 cup shallots, dried 14 oz. canned whole tomatoes, undrained and chopped 1 tsp. beef bouillon granules 1 tsp. oregano 1/2 tsp. basil 1 tsp. garlic powder 1/2 cup mushroomscooked, sliced 2 cups linguine, hot, cooked 1/4 cup parsley, chopped 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese Instructions Trim any fat from steak and cut steak into 1 inch cubes. Coat large nonstick skillet with cooking spray; place over medium high heat until hot. Add steak and cook until browned. Remove from skillet; set aside. Rinse skillet under hot water and dry. Coat again with cooking spray. Add onion, green pepper, garlic, and shallots to skillet and sauté about 3 minutes or until tender. Return steak to skillet; add tomatoes and next 4 ingredients, stirring well
Basic Marinara Sauce
Preparation Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes Serves: 6 Ingredients 2-1/4 lbs. canned plum tomatoes 2 Tbsps. olive oil 1 cup onionscooked, chopped 1/2 cup carrotsgrated, finely grated 4 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1/4 cup dry red wine 2 Tbsps. tomato paste 1/2 cup parsley, chopped 1 Tbsp. dried oregano 2 tsps. dried basil 1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg 1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper salt, to taste Instructions Drain tomatoes, reserving 1 cup juice. Crush tomatoes with the back of a spoon and set aside. Heat the oil in a saucepan over medium low heat. Add the onions, carrots and garlic. Cook, stirring, until the onions and garlic have wilted, about 10 minutes. Add the tomatoes, reserved juice, wine, tomato paste, and the remaining ingredients. Cover, cook over medium heat for 15 minutes. Remove the cover and simmer another 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Make Someone Else Smile Today
i have tried to make at least one person smile per day for the last year i have been deployed it has kept me happy becouse i have spread smiles through the deployment and helped those around me be happy if only for that moment. just think if everyone tried to get others you do or dont know to smile if only once a day how much happyer the world could be. so go out and help the world be a better and happier place its very rewarding.
Chicken Piccata
Preparation Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 10 minutes Serves: 6 Ingredients 6 boneless skinless chicken breast halves, about 6 oz. each 1 Tbsp. all purpose flour 1/4 cup unsalted butter 1/3 cup dry white wine 1 Tbsp. lemon peel, grated lemon slices Instructions Place chicken between two sheets of wax paper and pound lightly with a mallet or other heavy flat object to 1/2 inch. Melt half the butter in a heavy nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Sauté chicken about 4 minutes per side until just cooked throughout. Transfer chicken to a platter and keep warm. Stir in wine with a wooden spoon to deglaze skillet. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Stir in lemon juice and remaining butter until butter is melted. Pour sauce over chicken and garnish with lemon slices.
Wake Up
DING!!!!!!!!!! The wedding bells sound She clings to her new husband So happy you could hear her heart pound Her new life has just begun DING!!!!!!!!! That special dinner is ready The best night of her life Her nerves are far from steady She was now Mother as well as Wife DING!!!!!!!!! The last note plays Her son's finest hour is here at last She will never forget this day Valedictorian of Harvard's graduating class DING!!!!!!!!! She watches her boy proudly As he begins his new life Vows exchange and she cheers loudly Her boy now has a wife DING!!!!!!!!! Tears flow freely from her eyes As the priest softly says "Amen" Her husband is gone with no reasons why Along with her son, they are both dead DING!!!!!!!!! She lays in darkness, no sights to see Eyes open but not even a slightest light can be found The place is tight, no air to breath Complete silence, except for that one consistent sound DING!!!!!!!!! She tries to move but goes nowhere Sh
Italian Chicken & Pasta Salad
Preparation Time: 10 minutes Marinade Time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 10 minutes Serves: 6 Ingredients 3/4 lb. mostaccioli or small tube pasta 3/4 lb. packaged cooked chicken strips 2 tomatoesraw, peeled and chopped 1 zucchiniraw, trimmed and thinly sliced 3 oz. black olives, pitted and sliced 1/3 cup scallions, chopped 1/4 cup plus 2 Tbsps. tarragon vinegar 1/4 cup olive oil 2 tsps. basil, or 3 Tbs. fresh, minced 1-1/2 tsps. salt (optional) 1/2 tsp. dry mustard 1/4 tsp. pepper 1 clove garlic, minced Instructions Cook pasta in boiling salted water about 8-10 minutes, or until al dente. Drain and transfer to a salad bowl. Add next 5 ingredients to pasta. Combine remaining ingredients in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Shake vigorously. Pour dressing over salad and toss. Let sit 30 minutes for flavors to meld.
Potato, Prosciutto And Sugar Snap Pea Salad
Preparation Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes Serves: 6 Ingredients 4 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into 1 inch pieces 3/4 lb. sugar snap peascooked, thawed if frozen 2/3 cup olive oil 1 medium red onioncooked, chopped 4 slices prosciutto, chopped 1/4 cup white wine vinegar 1/2 tsp. coarsely ground black pepper 2 oz. flat anchovies, drained, halved 2 Tbsps. fresh chives, chopped 3 hard-boiled eggs, quartered 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese Instructions Place potatoes in a steamer basket over boiling water. Cover pan and steam 10 minutes. Add snap peas and steam another 3-4 minutes or until potatoes are just tender and peas are bright green. Remove steamer basket and set aside. Heat oil in a heavy nonstick skillet over medium high heat. Sauté onion 3-4 minutes or until soft. Add prosciutto and cook 2 minutes, stirring frequently. Stir in vinegar and pepper. Remove from heat. Combine peas, potatoes, onion mixture, anchovies, chives and half the eggs in a
Thing To Know About Me...
OK, here's one thing to know about me... I'm mildly obsessed with the TV show Veronica Mars. What? You've never heard of it? Join the crowd! But, now in its third season, it's a critically acclaimed show that regularly makes "best TV shows" lists, and rightfully so. So, last night was the season premiere, and it was as great as ever! Lots of smart-aleck Veronica quips (yeah, I like the smartasses... wonder why?), great daddy/daughter bonding, and, oh, yeah, Logan got half-naked. (For more on Logan, see my Lust List blog entry.) Did I mention Logan was half-naked? Also, last night's episode included a great shout-out to the other astounding series I'm watching right now -- Battlestar Galactica. Rob Thomas rocks! I did mention I'm mildly obsessed, right? But this show is kickass. Great combination of drama and pathos and humor. Don't believe me? Come on over and I'll subject to the pilot... see if you can resist getting hooked! (I even got my sister's 63-year old
Beef Stew Italiano
Preparation Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 45 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients 1-1/3 cups chicken stock 1-1/3 cups water 1-1/3 cups long grain rice 1-1/2 Tbsps. olive oil 1-1/4 lbs. boneless beef for stew, cut into 1 inch cubes 4 cloves garlic, minced 2 cups Italian style peeled tomatoes, chopped 1 Tbsp. tomato paste 1/2 cup dry white wine or chicken stock 1/2 tsp. rosemary, or 2 Tbs. fresh, chopped Instructions Combine stock and water in a saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat. Stir in rice and return to a boil. Immediately reduce heat to low. Cover pan and simmer 20-25 minutes or until rice is tender and liquid is absorbed. Heat oil in a saucepan over medium high heat. Sauté beef, stirring frequently, 3-5 minutes or until browned evenly. Reduce heat to low. Add garlic and sauté 1 minute. Stir in tomatoes, tomato paste, wine, rosemary, and salt and pepper to taste. Cover and simmer 40-45 minutes or until beef is tender. Serve beef stew over rice.
An Invitation
An Invitation by the_butterfly © A soft hiss, matchlight flaring Twin flames dancing on red candlesticks Blue eyes stare back From the silver circle of the looking glass Her window to the unknown To see deeper and reach beyond the reflection To see past copper curls and black lace This sight required special tools Careful rituals First the unveiling Dropping the lace wrap and pinning up silky tresses No shield left to hide her from seeking eyes Slowly each full breast lifted, offered Wrapped in black velvet cord, coiled, drawn tight Biting deep, painting the ivory skin with a red blush Slow deep breaths as the fever builds Fingers gliding down over a long lean dancer’s waist Parting naked lips, pinching, pulling, Turning up the fire in her tight, hot tunnel Making it weep for a lovers touch Turning slowly, kneeling, head and shoulders to the floor Knees spread wide, bottom high Reaching behind to part slick lips Dipping her fingers into the slick t
Pasta With Sautéed Vegetables
Preparation Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients 1 Tbsp. olive oil 1/2 lb. jicama, peeled and chopped 1 red or green bell peppercooked 1 carrotcooked, peeled and chopped 1 small onioncooked, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 Tbsps. tomato paste 1/2 lb. recipe-ready crushed tomatoes 1/2 cup chicken stock 1 tsp. oregano, crumbled 2 Tbsps. cilantro, chopped 3/4 lb. rigatoni, or other small tube pasta 2 Tbsps. grated Parmesan cheese Instructions Heat oil in a heavy nonstick skillet over medium high heat. Sauté next 5 ingredients 5 minutes. Add next 5 ingredients and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally. While sauce is cooking, cook pasta in boiling salted water 8-10 minutes or until al dente. Drain well. Serve sauce over pasta and sprinkled with Parmesan.
Thank You All
I just want to thank all of you who have responded to my blast I posted yesterday. I appreciate you all taking time out to reply and rate me, add me, and comment me and my pics. I try to acknowledge everyone so if I miss you please bring it to my attention.. Thaks again my Cherries and have a great day.. Also don't forget to go to my "New Lounge" blog entry and join us in our new lounge.. Trish
Im dancing around my living room like a loser :D Isnt it great. I love it - I love rock and roll, so put another dime in the juke box baby- Lalalala. Im such a silly girl. You know i was thinking, the world would be a better place if everyone pulled there heads out of there asses, and just told the truth :) Cause liars, never get any where. And players deserve to die. So don't hate :) Oh and for your information, the word "cute" is what you call a puppy. Don't just say to a girl, oh your so cute in a baby voice, it makes them want to kick you in the balls :) But since they're so nice, they would never do that. Atleast i wouldnt, lol.
Spicy Meatballs
Preparation Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 5 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients 1 lb. ground beef, ground turkey, or ground chicken 1-1/2 cups fresh breadcrumbs 1 egg 1 tsp. thyme, finely chopped 1 tsp. ground cinnamon 2 tsps. ground cumin 1 tsp. curry powder 1/4 cup peanut oil 1 cup tomato sauce 1/4 cup chili sauce Instructions Combine first 7 ingredients in a mixing bowl. Form into small balls. Heat oil in a heavy nonstick pan over medium-high heat until foaming. Cook meatballs 3-5 minutes, until golden and cooked through. Combine last 2 ingredients in a bowl. Serve with meatballs.

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