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Well, life sucks at times. I just quite a job. Or shoul I say I walked out and never went back. I was getting payed shit. And the tips were really bad. I would work 6 to 8 hours and only make about $40!!! what the hell is wrong with that pic? I am a good waitress. Not the best. But the best there was at that resturaunt. The other girls would come in bitchy, and they would not smile or anything. They were misrable. And the customers hated them. They always requested me. But I wasn't allowed to wait on them becasue they weren't MY table. And the job was taking away from my family time. nd making me snappy at my kids. not a good thing to do. So, since I have left that job, I have been alot better. I haven't snapped as badly as before. And I am looking for another job. I am a sub teacher right now. And I love it. But I really need something else now. I love waiting tables. ANd working with the public. But I am goig in to have surgery soon. So I can't start another job right away. I need to
New Mouse
so I bought a new mouse... it is optical wireless and it has batteries.... I hate batteries! they always die and shit so this is only a god damn test drive. actualy its kinda hard to get used toanother mouse once you have been using the same dell scroll mouse for years and years on end. this mouse make's me feel like I'm 2 fingers shorter and its really heavy with the batteries... hmmm ik don't know if I like it or not.
Family Looking After Cancer Suffer
MySpace Comments Graphics If a person has terminal cancer is it best for them to be looked after at home by family? If the family decide they want to take on the responsibility for the care, what happens when the cancer advances so much that the person who has the cancer can't be left alone because they are a danger to themselves? The cancer sufferer may not be able to sleep more than 2 or 3 hours a night some of the time so one of the family members will have to stay up through the night. What impact is this going to have on the rest of the family? What happens if the family member falls asleep whilst they are supposed to be 'watching' their dad/mum (or whoever has cancer)and their mum/dad hurts themselves? Would any other members of the family portion any blame on that person for the accident because it wouldn't have happened if they hadn't fallen asleep? What if some of the family members can't, for whatever reason, put themselves forward for 'night d
What Will You Do?
WHAT WILL YOU DO Well baby your losing me, Letting me go without a fight Tell me honey what are you doing, does it feel right Being all alone in the winters night without True Love to hold you tight I sit and think about the past, we really having a blast I sit here in the present and see my love you that is becoming trashed I start to think about the future all your games will crash As I am all alone without you in my life, Will you Miss me What will you do when hear angels say my name in the breeze What will you do when see my face in your dreams and the beautiful seas What will you do when you hear people sweetly say my name What will you do when you think about everything you have done to me... all the games What will you do when you think of everything I have done for you.. I should be in shame What will you do when you think about my lovefor you and it's me you suddenly miss What will you do when I am gone and you long to have me to hug and kiss What will you do
The Shoutbox...
I may have mentioned this before, but the Shoutbox is NOT the best way to get ahold of me. Half the time you are probably "shouting" at me and I am not really there, because this thing apparently always has my "Online Now" cherry showing when I'm not even on, since everytime I log on I have a bunch of shouts. Private Messages or Comments are a much better way to get ahold of me. So if you send me a shout and I do not respond, don't take it personally, I'm just not really on-line. :) Also, the only messenger I have is AIM. I don't even really use it. I'm more of a fan of e-mails than instant chatting, and as far as my friends in "real-life" go, I just call them when I want to talk or hang out LoL. For future reference though, my aim is LCSarah79950. You'll probably never see me on it, but feel free to say hello if you do :)
For True Friends
Are you tired of those sissy-ass "friendship" poems that always sound good, but never actually come close to reality? Well, here is a series of 8 promises that actually speak of true friendship: 1. When you are sad -- I will help you get drunk and plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you sad. 2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile -- I will know you finally got laid. 4. When you are scared -- I will rag on you about it every chance I get. 5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining. 6. When you are confused -- I will use little words. 7. When you are sick -- Stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have. 8. When you fall -- I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. This is my oath..... I pledge it to the end. "Why?" you may ask..."Because you are my friend", I say. S
The 8 Most Important Men In A Woman's Life
1. The DOCTOR: because he says, "Take off your clothes." 2. The DENTIST: because he says, "Open wide." 3. The MILKMAN: because he says, "Do you want it in the front or back?" 4. The HAIRDRESSER: because he says, "Do you want it teased or blown?" 5. The INTERIOR DECORATOR: because he says, "Once it's in, you'll love it." 6. The BAKER: because he always waits for his loaf to rise before he puts it in the oven. 7. The BANKER: because he says, "If you take it out too soon, you'll lose interest." 8. The HUNTER: because he always goes deep in the bush, he always shoots twice, and he always eats what he shoots.
A Soldier's Prayer
Look God: I have never spoken to You, But now, I want to say, "How do You do?" You see God, they told me You did not exist; And like a fool, I believed all of this. Last night from a shell hole I saw Your sky; I figured right then they had told me a lie. Had I taken the time to see the things You made, I would know they weren't calling a spade a spade. I wonder, God, if You would shake my hand; Somehow, I feel that You will understand. Strange, I had to come to this hellish place Before I had time to see Your face. Well, I guess there isn't much more to say, But I sure am glad, God, I met You today. I guess the zero hour will soon be here, But I am not afraid since I know You are near. The signal - well, God, I will have to go; I love you lots, this I want you to know. Looks like this will be a horrible fight; Who knows, I may come to your house tonight. Though I wasn't friendly with you before, I wonder, God, if you would wait at the door. Look I a
Man Laws
MAN LAWS 1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2: It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse. (c) After wrecking your boss's car. (d) One hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds into "The Crying Game". (e) When she is using her teeth. 3: Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4: Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. 5: If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6: Moaning about the brand of free beer in a buddy's fridge is forbidden. However complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable. 7: No man shall ever be required to buy a birthday present for another man. In fact, even remembering your buddy's birthday is strictly optional. At that
New Song
This is a great song and its based on a really cool poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Iron Maiden Hear the rime of the ancient mariner See his eye as he stops one of three Mesmerises one of the wedding guests Stay here and listen to the nightmares of the sea. And the music plays on, as the bride passes by Caught by his spell and the mariner tells his tale. Driven south to the land of the snow and ice To a place where nobody's been Through the snow fog flies on the albatross Hailed in God's name, hoping good luck it brings. And the ship sails on, back to the North Through the fog and ice and the albatross follows on. The mariner kills the bird of good omen His shipmates cry against what he's done BUt when the fog clears, they justify him And make themselves a part of the crime. Sailing on and on and north across the sea Sailing on and on and north 'til all is calm. The albatross begins with its vengeance A terrible curse a thirst has begun His shi
My Brother
Come Let Me Bite You
come here so i can bite you please
This Feels So Good I Had To Blog It!
so, like I had these pair of jeans that I've owned since almost 3 years ago and they never fit me. as a matter of fact honestly when I bought them I had to lay down on the bed just to zip them up. Well yesterday I found them and decided to get brave and try them on and guess the fuck what? THEY FIT! Dood, I'm so happy right now, just thought I'd share. It's only 2 sizes but damnit, I feel like I'm on top of the world. KK back to bed, I had a fabulous 3 hour nap and went back to the Job Section in hopes of finding something interesting and alas, I found shit as usual. At least I'm getting thinner lol. xoxo all
One Flaw In Women
Body: one flaw in women Body: Women have strengths that amaze men. They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up to injustice. They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution. They go without so their family can have. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards. They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding. Their hearts break when a friend dies. They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left. They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart.
I just dropped Sasha off at the vets to be fixed. I won't be able to do a thing until after 11 when I know she's alright.
2 Tough Questions
Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion? Read the next question before looking at the response for this one. Question 2: It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three candidates. Candidate A. Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologist. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day. Candidate B. He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening. Candidate C He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife. Which of these candidates would be our choice? -----------------------------------------------------
Spicy Chicken And Star Fruit For 6
Prep: 15 min. Grill: 7 min. Ingredients * 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar * 4 teaspoons olive oil * 3/4 teaspoon dried rosemary, crushed * 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin * 1/4 teaspoon ground coriander * 1/8 teaspoon black pepper * 1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper * 3 star fruit (carambola), sliced * 12 green onions, cut into 2-inch pieces, and/or 4 small purple boiling onions, cut into wedges * 6 medium skinless, boneless chicken breast halves (about 1-1/2 pounds total) * 3 cups hot cooked rice * 1-1/2 teaspoons finely shredded orange peel (optional) * 3 tablespoons peach or apricot preserves, melted (optional) Directions 1. For basting sauce, in a small bowl combine vinegar, olive oil, rosemary, cumin, coriander, black pepper, and red pepper. On twelve 6-inch skewers, alternately thread star fruit and onions. 2. Lightly grease the rack of an indoor electric grill or lightly coat with cooking
3 Day
Had a 3 day weekend, went out and got trashy friday night, played poker with the guys saturday night, watched football sunday my 49ers won yayyy. And yesterday just chilled out mostly cept went and watched the game yayyy Broncos. Hope yall have been well, and hope yall havent forgotten lil ole me
Zesty Skillet Turkey
Makes 4 servings Start to Finish: 30 minutes Ingredients * 12 ounces turkey breast tenderloins, cut into 1-inch pieces * 2 cloves garlic, minced * 2 teaspoons olive oil * 1 cup salsa * 1/4 cup raisins * 1 tablespoon honey * 3/4 teaspoon ground cumin * 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon * 1 cup water * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 3/4 cup quick-cooking couscous * 1/4 cup slivered almonds, toasted Directions 1. In a large skillet, cook and stir turkey and garlic in hot oil over medium-high heat about 5 minutes or until turkey is no longer pink. Stir in salsa, raisins, honey, cumin, and cinnamon. Bring to boiling; reduce heat. Simmer, covered, for 5 minutes. 2. Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan, bring water and salt to boiling. Stir in couscous. Cover; remove from heat. Let stand for 5 minutes. Fluff with a fork before serving. Serve turkey mixture over couscous and top with almonds. Makes 4 servings.
*******these Are Fucking Faker's Beware Of Them******
akasha@ LostCherry Dredd@ LostCherry this guy is a fake and has 2 accts with the same pic, whats up with that! ass@ LostCherry ARIK@ LostCherry CABRIOLET You are such a gay@ LostCherry this guy is a freak- he is totally bashing my name..but he is still on LC??????????? Casey@ LostCherry Kate@ LostCherry IKRA@ LostCherry scrapper@ LostCherry Sax@ LostCherry Sin@ LostCherry nicki
Pork, Corn, And Three-pepper Soup
Start to Finish: 30 min Ingredients * 12 ounces lean boneless pork, cut into bite-size strips * 1 tablespoon cooking oil * 1/2 cup chopped red sweet pepper * 1 small onion, chopped * 1 14-3/4-ounce can cream-style corn * 1 cup chicken broth * 1 cup milk * 1/2 cup frozen whole kernel corn * 1 4-ounce can diced green chili peppers * 1/4 cup snipped fresh parsley * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 1/4 teaspoon ground red pepper Directions 1. In a large saucepan cook meat in hot oil for 2 to 3 minutes or until done. Remove from saucepan; cover and keep warm. Add red sweet pepper and onion to saucepan and cook until tender. 2. Stir in the cream-style corn, chicken broth, milk, frozen corn, and undrained chili peppers. Bring to boiling; reduce heat. Simmer, covered, for 5 minutes. 3. Stir in the cooked meat, parsley, salt, and ground red pepper; heat through. Makes 4 main-dish servings.
Molasses-oat Banana Bread
Molasses gives this bread a rich, deep brown color and distinctly old-fashioned taste. Because of the whole wheat flour and oats, the chewy loaf won't rise very high. 1 cup all-purpose flour 1/2 cup whole wheat flour 2/3 cup regular oats 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon salt 2/3 cup sugar 1/4 cup butter, softened 1/3 cup dark molasses 2 large eggs 1 cup mashed ripe banana (about 2 bananas) 1/3 cup plain low-fat yogurt 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Cooking spray Preheat oven to 350°. Lightly spoon flours into dry measuring cups; level with a knife. Combine flours, oats, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt, stirring with a whisk. Place sugar, butter, and molasses in a large bowl; beat with a mixer at medium speed until well blended (about 1 minute). Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. Add banana, yogurt, and vanilla; beat until blended. Add flour mixture; beat at low speed just until moist. Spoon batter into an 8 1/2 x
Peanut Butter Streusel-topped Cream Cheese-banana-nut Bread
Prep: 15 min., Bake: 1 hr., Cool: 40 min. Warm bread is yummy, but to get perfect slices, let bread cool 30 minutes, and cut with a serrated or electric knife. 3/4 cup butter, softened 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened 2 cups sugar 2 large eggs 3 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups mashed bananas (1 1/4 pounds unpeeled bananas, about 4 medium) 1 cup chopped pecans, toasted 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour 1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar 1/4 cup butter 3 tablespoons creamy peanut butter Beat butter and cream cheese at medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy. Gradually add sugar, beating until light and fluffy. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating just until blended after each addition. Combine flour and next 3 ingredients; gradually add to butter mixture, beating at low speed just until blended. Stir in bananas, pecans, and vanilla. Spoon batte
Orange-pecan-topped Cream Cheese-banana-nut Bread
Prep: 15 min., Bake: 1 hr., Cool: 40 min. Warm bread is yummy, but to get perfect slices, let bread cool 30 minutes, and cut with a serrated or electric knife. 3/4 cup butter, softened 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened 2 cups sugar 2 large eggs 3 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups mashed bananas (1 1/4 pounds unpeeled bananas, about 4 medium) 1 cup chopped pecans, toasted 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup coarsely chopped, toasted pecans 1 cup powdered sugar 3 tablespoons fresh orange juice 1 teaspoon grated orange rind Beat butter and cream cheese at medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy. Gradually add sugar, beating until light and fluffy. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating just until blended after each addition. Combine flour and next 3 ingredients; gradually add to butter mixture, beating at low speed just until blended. Stir in bananas, pecans, and vanilla. Spoon batter int
Marbled-chocolate Banana Bread
Chocolate and bananas are a natural pair. Toast and top with a spoonful of peanut butter for breakfast. 2 cups all-purpose flour 3/4 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup sugar 1/4 cup butter, softened 1 1/2 cups mashed ripe banana (about 3 bananas) 1/2 cup egg substitute 1/3 cup plain low-fat yogurt 1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips Cooking spray Preheat oven to 350°. Lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups, and level with a knife. Combine the flour, baking soda, and salt, stirring with a whisk. Place sugar and butter in a large bowl; beat with a mixer at medium speed until well blended (about 1 minute). Add banana, egg substitute, and yogurt; beat until blended. Add flour mixture; beat at low speed just until moist. Place chocolate chips in a medium microwave-safe bowl, and microwave at HIGH 1 minute or until almost melted, stirring until smooth. Cool slightly. Add 1 cup batter to chocolate, stirring until well combined. Spoon chocolate batter alte
Cream Cheese-banana-nut Bread
Prep: 15 min., Bake: 1 hr., Cool: 40 min. Warm bread is yummy, but to get perfect slices, let bread cool 30 minutes, and cut with a serrated or electric knife. 3/4 cup butter, softened 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened 2 cups sugar 2 large eggs 3 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups mashed bananas (1 1/4 pounds unpeeled bananas, about 4 medium) 1 cup chopped pecans, toasted 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Beat butter and cream cheese at medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy. Gradually add sugar, beating until light and fluffy. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating just until blended after each addition. Combine flour and next 3 ingredients; gradually add to butter mixture, beating at low speed just until blended. Stir in bananas, pecans, and vanilla. Spoon batter into 2 greased and floured 8- x 4-inch loafpans. Bake at 350° for 1 hour or until a long wooden pick inserted in center comes o
Cinnamon Crisp-topped Cream Cheese-banana-nut Bread
Prep: 15 min., Bake: 1 hr., Cool: 40 min. Warm bread is yummy, but to get perfect slices, let bread cool 30 minutes, and cut with a serrated or electric knife. 3/4 cup butter, softened 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened 2 cups sugar 2 large eggs 3 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups mashed bananas (1 1/4 pounds unpeeled bananas, about 4 medium) 1 cup chopped pecans, toasted 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar 1/2 cup chopped, toasted pecans 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon melted butter 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon Beat butter and cream cheese at medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy. Gradually add sugar, beating until light and fluffy. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating just until blended after each addition. Combine flour and next 3 ingredients; gradually add to butter mixture, beating at low speed just until blended. Stir in bananas, pecans
Cardamom Banana Bread With Pistachios
his recipe uses fragrant cardamom as an exotic stand-in for vanilla. Flecks of pistachios add crunch. 2 cups all-purpose flour 3/4 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1/4 cup butter, softened 2 large eggs 1 1/2 cups mashed ripe banana (about 3 bananas) 1/3 cup reduced-fat sour cream 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom 1/3 cup finely chopped pistachios Cooking spray Preheat oven to 350°. Lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups, and level with a knife. Combine the flour, baking soda, and salt, stirring with a whisk. Place sugars and butter in a large bowl, and beat with a mixer at medium speed until well blended (about 1 minute). Add the eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. Add banana, sour cream, and cardamom; beat until blended. Add flour mixture; beat at low speed just until moist. Stir in pistachios. Spoon batter into a 9 x 5-inch loaf pan coated with cooking spray. Bake at 350° for 1 hour or
Good Morning
Because I Don't Wanna Go To Work
1. What is the middle name of the first person you ever slept with? No clue 2. What kind of underwear are you wearing and what color? Who said I was wearing any???? But if you really wanna know then it's boycut white lacey ones 3. What is the song you want played at your funeral? "You can't always get what you want" Rolling Stones 4. Did you tell your parents you're gay yet? Ummm no I haven't even told myself I'm gay yet, WTF kind of question??? 5. What would your last meal be before getting executed? Something chocolate 6. Beatles or Stones? STONES 7. If you had to pick one person on earth who should die, who? Bin Laden...not just die, but a slow tortorous death, like wrap him in a freshly skinned cowhide and roast it over a fire until it tightens and tightens and crushes every bone in his body.....slowly..... 8. Beer, wine or hard liquor? Hard stuff 9. What is the thing most important to you about the opposite sex? Being real, honesty
Samhain Lore
Samhain Lore (October 31st) Samhain, (pronounced SOW-in, SAH-vin, or SAM-hayne) means "End of Summer", and is the third and final Harvest. The dark winter half of the year commences on this Sabbat. It is generally celebrated on October 31st, but some traditions prefer November 1st. It is one of the two "spirit-nights" each year, the other being Beltane. It is a magical interval when the mundane laws of time and space are temporarily suspended, and the Thin Veil between the worlds is lifted. Communicating with ancestors and departed loved ones is easy at this time, for they journey through this world on their way to the Summerlands. It is a time to study the Dark Mysteries and honor the Dark Mother and the Dark Father, symbolized by the Crone and her aged Consort. Originally the "Feast of the Dead" was celebrated in Celtic countries by leaving food offerings on altars and doorsteps for the "wandering dead". Today a lot of practitioners still carry out that tradition. Single
I have created a new album called Poses Requested by Users. If anyone wants any nude pose just send me your idea and i will post it immediatly. Thanks ;)
Really Magic? Tell Me What U Think Plz :)
Modern Women Empowered Lives
MODERN WOMEN: Brains, Competence and Purposed Reasoning with Full Participation Attitudes If savy modern women don't identify and label themselves, some not very positive attitude towards these evolutionary social changes will choice the wording fot them
What's Good For The Goose
A man escapes from a prison where he's been locked up for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns. Inside, he finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair. While tying the homeowner's wife to the bed, the convict gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the bathroom. While he's in there, the husband whispers over to his wife: "Listen, this guy is an escaped convict. Look at his clothes! He's probably spent a lot of time in jail and hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck. If he wants sex, don't resist, don't whatever he tells you. Satisfy him no matter how much he nauseates you. This guy is obviously very dangerous. If he gets angry, he'll kill us both. Be strong, honey. I love you!" His wife responds: "He wasn't kissing my neck. He was whispering in my ear. He told me that he's gay, thinks you're cute, and asked if we had any Vaseline. I told him it was in the bat
Wraith Commercial
Sorry Irish People(i 'm A Lil Irish Myself)
Paddy was driving down the street in a sweat because he had an important meeting and couldn't find a parking place. Looking up to heaven he said, "Lord take pity on me. If you find me a parking place I will go to Mass every Sunday for the rest of me life and give up me Irish Whiskey". Miraculously, a parking place appeared. Paddy looked up again and said, "Never mind, I found one." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Father Murphy walks into a pub in Donegal, and says to the first man he meets, "Do you want to go to heaven?" The man said, "I do Father." The priest said, "Then stand over there against the wall." Then the priest asked the second man, "Do you want to got to heaven?" "Certainly, Father," was the man's reply. "Then stand over there against the wall," said the priest. Then Father Murphy walked up to O'Toole and said, "Do you want to go to heaven? O'Toole said, "No, I don't Father. The priest said, "I don't believe this. You mean to tel
A couple just got married and on the night of their honeymoon before passionate love, the wife tells the husband, "Please be gentle, I'm still a virgin." The husband being shocked, replied, "How's this possible? You've been married three times before." The wife responds, "Well, my first husband was a gynecologist and all he wanted to do was look at it. My second husband was a psychiatrist and all he wanted to do was talk to it. Finally....... my third husband was a stamp collector. I really do miss him..."
You Are My Forever Love
You Are My Forever Love I'll always remember our first days together those magical times when our love was so new I remember the wonder we felt in our closeness, the passion and joy I discovered with you... Somehow it seemed we were meant for each other, you made me feel cherished, complete, understand, And I knew if I walked by your side through the future, I'd always be happy and life would be good... Time has brought change to the world that we share, but the sweet, simple truth that I knew from the start Is timeless and changeless forever and ever I need you and love you with all of my heart. I LOVE YOU BABY!
Just Before I Leave For Work....
i ain't been wanting to be online much lately. i'm pretty much burned out...but i will be back. i just want to take the time i used on here and spend some more time with my family. i still love y'all fuckers. i'll come on for a minute or two in the morning and maybe leave a blog and if time permits, i'll comment y'all and rate yer new pics and stuff. i love y'all. hope everyone's having a great week! GO TUESDAY! ;) ~chaos
Tag Your It!!
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1) I don't like lazy people 2) I believe that there is a reason for everything. 3) The 1 thing I am scared of is giving my heart away and not getting theirs back. 4) My dream is to make the World National Finals. 5) Everybody deserves one chance in a flie time. 6) I have very little patience for people with no common sence.
Be Aware!
Why Fat Fucks Shouldn't Ride Horses
Okay so I’m driving home from work today and passing the usual paddocks with horses in, when I see two people riding horses in an arena next to the road. They are dressage people, you know, where the horses prance around doing pretty movements, “Equnie Ballet”. Dressage is not my thing at the best of times, however I do have a lot of respect for the training and communication between horse and rider to pull of the puncey little moves. It’s not as easy as it looks, and represents the highest level of training a horse can achieve. This blog isn’t on my thoughts on dressage however, but to continue my story I need to give some background information on a few things, then I shall piece it all together with my adventure for today… One specific element that a dressage horse must acquire is the position of head carriage. A horse’s natural balance is its head and neck, and the natural carriage position I will display with one of our horses below. The head is extended out which not only
Omg i am so fucking tired of bullshit it aint even funny. im tired of men playing games with me. im tired of having ppl telling me shit about one of my friends saying they are backstabbing me. im tired of ppl being all goody goody to my face and then talkin smack behind my back. im tired of being a nice person and always getting burned. im tired of BULLSHIT. ive been pushed around, lied to, used, stabbed in the back for to long im not gunna take it ne more. i try so fucking hard to be a nice person to every1 and not judge but you know what ive learned nice ppl r always walked all over by ppl whom they call their friends. NOT COOL @ ALL!!!!! im feed up and tired of feeling like no1 cares what so ever so for now on i dont care what u think of me if you have a problem w/ me deal w/ it im not gunna change. Oh and i dont care what you say about me if you have something to say and ur man enough say it to my damn face or dont say it at all. im not gunna put up w/ ppl lieing about me ne more i
Juggalo Family
hey all check out the best damn juggalo lounge on lost cherry. have any questions about the lounge or the family jus ask...we luv and accept all....MMFWCL4LYF HOMIE THE CLOWN~~Juggalo Homie~~@ LostCherry
For Anyone Who Didn't Read The First One!
For anyone who didn't read the first blog. READ THE FIRST BLOG!
My Honey
my honey is sweet i love you allways she is so kind and makes me smile and luagh thats why i love my honey
Nices Pic`s
Juggalo Family
hey all check out the best damn juggalo lounge on lost cherry. have any questions about the lounge or the family jus ask...we luv and accept all....MMFWCL4LYF HOMIE THE CLOWN~~Juggalo Homie~~@ LostCherry
Forewarned Is Forearmed...
This week, I was smart enough to bring my computer to New Jersey with me - which means I'll have access to the internet again. This leads to the next pet-peeve I have about this hotel: the nearest outlet actually turns off when I turn off the hotel room lights. So, if I want to turn the lights down and watch a DVD, the PC will actually shut down when I flick the switch all the way by the door. It's still kind-of lonely in this room after work, but now at least I can chat or play FFXI when I get back. Hopefully this'll save me a little cash...
I love random people telling me how awesome I am just so they can get to the next level of cherryness. How fucking gay. This site is gay. I thought myspace was for queers, but this one takes the cake! Though my hatred for this site runs thick and deep, I fear I'll be stuck here gawking at it time after time out of sheer morbid curiosity. Great, as if my life wasn't going to be shortened enough by the booze and nicotine. Now I'm going to spend what little time I have left on this forsaken rock full of shit looking at this crap, when I could be looking at porn, or playing videogames, or even watching paint dry. THANKS LOSTCHERRY.COM! Fucking douchebags.
i keep showing love to people but i can get any love back so if i dont hear with 24 hrs you will be deleted sorry take care john
!!!!pet Picture Preview!!!attn: New Announcements!!!7th Day Of !!!hazels Cutest Pet Contest!!!
These are the first entries into my contest. I will have a different preview tomorrow. Get Your Own! | View Slideshow Smokey Hazel Ice@ LostCherry 7th day of !!!Hazels Cutest Pet Contest!!! !!!!Pet Picture Preview!!!ATTN: New Announcements!!! Seventh Day It is the seventh day of the contest and I had just filled all the slots for the contest a few days ago. Luckly I have just leveled up and that has opened up Fifteen new slots for the contest. However I now have over thirty entries and quite a few slots promised out. Speaking of which a few of you have pending enteries few a few days ago and I am waiting for a response back from you. Please respond back by the deadline. So Why Can't I View the Pets? Some people are wondering why they can not veiw all the cute little anmals in the contest yet. Well sorry these photo albums a closed until the voting offically starts, (less than one week away) in order to ensure that every contestant has a fair and equal chanc
100 Fallen Angels
1. Abbadona (Once of the order of the Seraphim) 2. Adramelec 3. Agares 4. Amezyarak 5. Amy (once partly of the order of powers and partly of the order of Angels) 6. Anmael (identified with Semyaza) 7. Arakiel 8. Araziel 9. Ariel (once of the order of virtues) 10. Arioc(h) 11. Armaros (Abaros, Armers, Pharmaros) 12. Armen 13. Artaqifa (Arakiba) 14. Asbeel 15. Asmoday 16. Asmodeus (once of the order of Seraphim) 17. Astaroth (once the order of the Seraphim and the Thrones) 18. Astoreth (Astarte) 19. Atarculph 20. Auza (Oza) 21. Azaradel 22. Azazel (once of the order of Cherubim) 23. Azza 24. Azzael (Asael) 25. Balam (once of the order of Dominions/Dominations) 26. Baraqel 27. Barbatos (once of the order of Virtues) 28. Barbiel (once the order of Virtues) 29. Batarjal 30. Beelzebub (once the order of Cherubm) 31. Beliar (once partly of the order of Virtues and partly of the order of Angels) 32. Bu
My Place
Life's Lessons Learned
Foolishness and Stupidity lead to destruction. Open your eyes! Learn form your mistakes and BAD decisions so NOT to ever in your life repeat them again. Have SELF RESPECT, and SELF CONTROL! with out them NO ONE will respect you. Remain COMPASSIONATE , for give and forget, because What goes around comes around... what you give comes back to you two folds positive, negative!!!! Don't put your entire trust, faith in MAN-KIND, if so you will surely be disappointed and/or betrayed.... Rather put all or at least most of it into the LORD our GOD, who truly loves, understands you and will forgive you and is very relyable, dependable, and will never abandon or forsake you. Everybody's FoolAdd a video to your site FREE Music Video Code
Hello All
Its that time again.But i have nothing to say as i am relaxed and contend with everything at the moment.
MY music reflects my moods and general stuff at that time or place or something.. So.. I'm adding Turn the page - Metallica - I met the woman in the video! hahaha long long story.. She's really nice! Black hole sun - sound garden some oldskool r&b November rain - it has a special sad meaning to me.. If it wasn't so lame here in the usa.. I'd have anime videos to pick from! duh! lmao I'll settle for my "creep" videos creep - radio head creep - tlc creep - stp I hope to add those soon.. And if you notice.. all the creep videos have a different take on the word creep! lmao one is ..its a total classic a man feels unworthy for a womans affection and the other is.. cheating on someone.. kinda obvious.. and the other.. well.. only scott wayland knows! lmao
Made For You Raven
What Are You
Your birth date describes who you are, what you are good at and what your inborn abilities are. It also points to what you have to learn and the challenges you are facing. To figure out your Birth Number, add all the numbers in the birth Date together, like in the example, until there is only one digit. A Birth Number does not prevent you from being anything you want to be, it will just color your choice differently and give you a little insight. Example: March 20, 1950 3 + 20 + 1950 = 1973 1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 20 2 + 0 = 2 Keep going until you end up with a single digit number. 1 THE ORIGINATOR 2 THE PEACEMAKER 3 THE LIFE OF THE PARTY 4 THE CONSERVATIVE 5 THE NONCONFORMIST 6 THE ROMANTIC 7 THE INTELLECTUAL 8 THE BIG SHOT 9 THE PERFORMER 1 - THE ORIGINATOR... 1 's are originals. Coming up with new ideas and executing them is natural. Having things their own way is another trait that gets them as being stubborn and arrogant. 1's are extremely
When a girl hurts me .. I don't turn to booze.. I turn to Jolt cola and a ton of anime and watch it on my dell 20.1 ws!! Now I have an excuse to buy that msi 7900 gtx 512 ddr 3 video card.. And or .. something better.. a dual core and the video card.. or another 20.1 monitor! mmmmmmm Now thats goodness! I could watch anime and.. and.. be i n lc all friggy day! lmao anywho.. The anime i'm currently watching or watched.. Bleach Naruto Blood+ Air gear ergo proxy dot hack the new one.. lol and a ton of others like coyote ragtime show I've been watching anime since voltron.. the lion version not that stoopid car version the power rangers copied! lmao Best usa anime .. the justice league, boondocks,simpsons and family guy.. southpark Best story.. justice league unlimited baby! It mirrors real life very very well.. kinda scary.. Watch season 4 ! Worst usa anime.. waaaaaaaaaaaay too many to mention! i've seen some horrible ones ..
Slumber, watcher, till the spheres, Six and twenty thousand years Have revolv'd, and I return To the spot where now I burn. Other stars anon shall rise To the axis of the skies; Stars that soothe and stars that bless With a sweet forgetfulness: Only when my round is o'er Shall the past disturb thy door.
One Chance
One chance to live One chance to die One chance to share One chance to cry One chance to dance One chance to fly Above the clouds And through the stars To find our place In our true love's arms Dont lose that chance Dont question why Just follow your dreams To a place and time A place where flowers fill the fields A place where rainbows fill the sky To find this chance that we all seek We must look beyond what we see We must reach deep into our soul To find a love that is lined with gold To love another you must love yourself So take the time to find that love To unleash your joys on wings of doves To laugh and cry To share your heart Look first within your very soul Without that love You can never be whole
The Kiss Of A Vampire
i'd kiss your neck and caress your cheeks i can feel your pulse rate go up as i breath softly along your neck we walk to this clearing where the night sky shines trough i turn you and take you in my arms looking into your eyes as i glide my fingers through your hair down the side of your neck down the front of your chest as you close you eyes I look at the vain on your neck pulse harder i run my left hand up your back to hold you as you begain to relax as i kneel before you i undo your blouse reveiling your soft breast in your bra i take them and put my lips on them kissing and tasting them as i remove your bra your hard nipples begg to be sucked and bitten as i take your nipples in my mouth you put your hands on my head pusing me harder on your breast as you start moaning with your desires i lay you down on my vest as i remove your skirt and panties as i admire your beauty my hands caresses your breast and nipples as my mouth kisses and e
Tic Tac Toe
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To All The Beautiful Women
ladys first things first i would like to say stop stop judging your selfs and each other my stupid standards of beauty and start looking beyond that you creat these images for yourselfs men are like sheep when it comes to what they like they generally follow the crowd furthermore stop berating yourselfs on behalf of others and remember that no matter weather you are short fat skinny tall log hair short hair blonde brunnete red head it doesn't matter ther is a guy somwhere that thinks you are the hottest thing he's ever seen all you have to do is look around he'll be the one that follows you around like a puppy dog and does whatever you ask him to do furthermore leave the asshole worthless losers alone and let them either figure it out or burn in hell if your man doesn't treat you with respect and take proper care of you i promise there is someone waiting it the wings to take his place, there always is, they are just rarley afforded the chance. Remember no matter what you look
Goth Toon Pic
Buried at

They say life is made up of a series of singular moments. Most of these moments fade from memory like footprints in the tide, while others remain, in crystaline clarity, like small movies being replayed in the mind. One of these moments was the the afternoon I spent with Jennifer. Jennifer was my first girlfriend. We met in the seventh grade, when she transfered from another town into my class. To say it was love at first sight would be a gross exaggeration. She was pretty, (as twelve-year-olds go) but my seventh grade mentality hadn't yet progressed to the level required to notice these things. She was the new kid, and I, being already the well established man-about-town, was too cool to pay her any attention. By the time we had reached junior high, however, things had changed. Firstly, my awareness of the fairer sex had risen sharply. Secondly, Jennifer had developed from a skinny gawky pre-teen into a beautiful young women, seemingly overnight. Where she had once been
I Wish
I lie on the ground, and stare into space, the stars start to move, into the shape of your face. I see you there now, looking down at me, with that cute little smile, that I like to see. You say "close your eyes", "tell me what you see", I see only two people, just you and me. We're walking the shoreline, with our feet getting wet, the horizon turns pink, as the sun starts to set. We make love through the night, on that white sandy shore, then I hold you while thinking, I could want nothing more. Oh I wish I could be, in that one special place, as I lie on the ground, and I stare into space...
help i'm new and i have no clue how to use this stuff. any pointers u could give me would be very helpful.
India, 15-19 Oct 2006
for all of you who envy me, and think it must be great to travel at company expenses to the four corners of this planet, here's my program for my next trip to India: ° Arrive Delhi on 15th night/16th early hours ° Meet Jindal Steel & Power at 10.30 hrs on 16/10 ° Leave Delhi for Kolkata by IC - 264 on 16/10 : Dep Delhi at 17.00 hrs and arrival Kolkata at 18.55 hrs on 16/10 (I'll have some gin & tonics then, lol) ° Leave Kolkata (Howrah Railway Station) for Tatanagar by Train on 17/10 morning : Departure Kolkata at 06.10 hrs (means getting up at 4 am, maybe i don't go to sleep and continue with the gin & tonic) & arrival Tatanagar at 09.45 hrs ° Meeting with Tata Steel officials on 17/10 ° Leave Tatanagar Railway Station for Kolkata on 17/10: Dep Tatanagar at 20.00 Hrs and arrive Bhubneshwar on 18th Morning at around 08.00hrs . ° Leave Bhubneshwar on 18/10 at 9.00/9.30 for Jindal Stainless Plant at Jajpur. Reach Jajpur by about 11.30 hrs ° Leave Jajpur in the afternoon around
Classic Television Clip
Ernie Kovacs Nairobi Trio
Some News
Depends on your view. I lost some weight I guess. These new pair of jeans that I have fit perfectly when I got them and teh first couple of times wearing them. Now, After wearing them today, I can literally pull my pants over my hips without unzipping 'em. Kinda weird. Means new jeans...
To you i write this .. you know who you are .. you are the one that makes my day a lil brighter even when you are so far away , you make my nights a lil lonely because you are so far away ... i dream of you even when i am awake .. are you real ? yes i know you are cuz i still taste you on my lips , and feel your hands on my hips , smell you on my clothes ... i love when we talk for hours on end but its never enough i always want more , i love when ya mad and ya let it all out , and throw down the law and tell me not to doubt .. i beleieve you . more than ive ever beleived . i want you more then ive ever wanted .. i see the walls i feel them too but brick by brick i am getting to you ... let me .... let me get to you like you got to me ... you gut me so its all there to see .. open i am to thee ... trust me .. trust me .. its hard you say cuz i am just a man ... and you have been hurt to many times . but look at me cant you see that the hurt it wasent from me ... give me what ya go
Another Poem Of Mine
Brief Encounter She enjoys the fist encounters He 's addicted to the rush She smiles He smiles backs People see the glance on the bus Some do double takes She drops something He picks it up THOUGHTS OF LUST BEGINS THOUGHTS OF LUST BEGINS She says "Thanks" He thinks WOW She takes a step towards He turns to Someone pulls the stop rope The bus stops She stares after him He looks over his shoulder as he gets off THOUGHTS OF LUST LINGER THOUGHTS OF LUST LINGER She just smiles He cursed 05/05/06 Teddy
True Friendship
True Friendship Are you tired of those sissy-ass "friendship" poems that always sound good, but never actually come close to reality? Well, here is a series of promises that actually speak of true friendship: 1. When you are sad -- I will help you get drunk and plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you sad. 2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile -- I will know you finally got laid. 4. When you are scared -- I will rag on you about it every chance I get. 5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining. 6. When you are confused -- I will use little words. 7. When you are sick -- Stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have. 8. When you fall -- I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. 9. This is my oath..... I pledge it to the end. "Why?" you may ask; "because you are my friend".
Because You Loved Me
As some of you may know, the 4th of July has another meaning to me.....This year marked the one year anniversary of my step-fathers death. But Daddy Reid was more than a step-father to me, he was a friend, my inspiration & my hero. I never considered him my step-father, He was by all accounts....MY DAD. so i just wanted to post something in his memory..... I Miss you everyday of my life Daddy Reid! Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion For all those times you stood by me For all the truth that you made me see For all the joy you brought to my life For all the wrong that you made right For every dream you made come true For all the love I found in you I'll be forever thankful baby You're the one who held me up Never let me fall You're the one who saw me through through it all You were my strength when I was weak You were my voice when I couldn't speak You were my eyes when I couldn't see You saw the best there was in me Lifted me up when I couldn't reach You gave m
Unicorns And Noah's Ark
The Promise
I promise not to hurt you I promise to never make you cry I promise to always trust you I promise not to lie I promise you forever I promise you tonight I promise you my respect I promise to do things right I promise to always be there I promise until the end I promise to always love you I promise to be your best friend I promise you my love I promise you my life I promise this forever I promise our LOVE is my life This is for that Special Someone too!
Today ( I Wrote It )
Today I awoke with a memory of the year past, how I've lost this time so bitterly fast. With eye's open or closed I see the man as he was of the year past. With heart and soul I feel the love we shared taken so bitterly fast. Today I awoke from a dream thats been of the year past, how this dream fades from me so bitterly fast. With tears in my open or closed eye's I see the smile of the year past. With broken heart and heavy soul I wish to dream again so bitterly fast. Today I awoke with only myself moving on from the year past, how I've lost so much of us so bitterly fast. With eye's open forward and closed to the year past. With my heart on the mend and my soul lighter it's not so bitterly fast. So shall all pass with time. teddy 6/4/05
Caught By A Smile
your voice has travelled miles, pieces of mosaic tile unraveled from its pile and deposited in my mind. each word put down on file as our dialogue stands trial after cracking false denials we hesitate to find. when moments are defiled our silence lasts a while you catch me with your smile I pick up on your designs. you part with grace and style like silt brushed down the nile I stare through the redial and think of you as mine.
She Touches Me Dead
Her fingernails scrape against the callous balls of my feet, searching for feeling in an orchard of dead nerves. She pinches the ashy dead skin gloving my elbows; ancient prognostications of a leather retirement. She cuts my follicles drooping, a deadly example of inanimation delivering life, like an unorganized stork. She trims my vine racing toenails, so the her sleep with no longer be pierced, like a mischevious soldier's prank, sounding reveille at the dead of night. The coffin we share bekons your fleeting touch.
The Other Girl
intoxicated under ugly lighting she shoots darts like pennies into a fountain. the smoke breathes heavy brushing uneven paint strokes made beautiful in ugly lighting. her unspoken thoughts interest me like dog shit interests flies in ugly lighting. she beckons me like the corners beckon dust in ugly lighting. we compete for sordid affection like siblings fight for mother's attention in ugly lighting. our blemishes become exceptional in ugly lighting.
To Ink Or Not To Ink?
I've been thinking of getting a new tat....but, when I told eric he was dont do it!!!! I dont know why he doesnt want me to get anymore tats...he really hasnt explained and I really havent asked (because I dont care) I have the attitude my body my buisness you anyways but there are like two tats I have in mind the fairy that I posted on a earlier blog and or a triquatra.(look people I can not spell I dont even pretend to act like I can) anyways I thinking my ankle for the triquartra and my shoulder for the fairy....any suggestions?
I Gotta Pee
I really have to pee. And as I sit here, tormented by my need to urinate, I thought about a relevant psychological theory I learned about in college. In my personality theory class, we studied Maslow and his theory of self-actualization. He theorized that we had a pyramid that was comprised of human being's basic needs leading all the way to self-actualization. At the bottom of this pyramid lies a foundation built with, hunger, need to relieve oneself, breathing, basic survival mechanisms. As you move up the pyramid more semantic ideas begin to emerge, the need for love, friendship, family. Maslow believes that if each level of the pyramid is fulfilled you reach the peak, or what he referred to as self-actualization. Self-actualization resembles a sense of being at peace with everything. The achievement is by no means permanent though, and only appears in sporadic intervals. At this moment I have to pee, so fuck self-acualization. I have a better chance of getting struck by lightening
Okay, it wouldn't let me link to this family member's profile so I am just going to leave the lost cherry link here. Hopefully you can get to it. Sorry Kat!
My Transcendence
Communication manifests itself in a variety of forms. I believe it to be dangerous to attempt to qualify these forms as more or less real, or as more or less meaningful. My recent correspondance with a beautiful young lady has sparked a personal renaissance in my life that cannot be devalued in my own estimation. She dispells my insecurities with her kindness and unlimited selflessness. Sometimes sports journalists write of exceptional athletes that have an unnatural ability to perform above and beyond what we believe to be capable of a human being. However, the athletes that transcend their sports are the ones who act as a catalyst for the potential around them. This woman that I write of is my transcendent muse. She elicits a creativity in me that sometimes I forget that I possess. We bounce off each other like ten cent super bouncy balls. When I'm on the phone with her I feel electric and exceptional. The effect she has on me has not been nurtured by her hand brushing my skin or the
Who Am I?
I'm the sound of a ripped piece of paper. I'm the guy who let's you onto the highway. I'm the first sip of cold water on a sweltering day. I'm the aroma of a Dunkin Donuts as we pass in our car. I'm the relief of taking a piss after you've been in the car for three hours. I'm the scratch that finds the itch. I'm the bottom of an unstrirred fruit yogurt. I'm hitting a nail cleanly into a piece of wood. I'm getting an unsolicited smile. I'm your car starting after ten minutes of trouble with the engine. I'm buying the last tickle-me-elmo on Christmas Eve. I'm a child saying thank you. I'm a bonfire on a beach. I'm done for now...
Moment Of Clarity
A writer at work. An ashtray graces the corner of a left-handed gentleman's desk. My father's memerobilia hovers in whisps like cob webs and skeletons in my father's closet. I take note of my compulsive utilization of his Office Max swivel chair, like a sailor making his bed a week out from the fantasy of seeing his daughter for the first time. My mind bubbles with comic book quotations, guided with mini marshmallows to either side of my head. floating like a halo or a statically charged balloon. Wham! Zap! shhhhhh! My pops wakes himself up with a ripple of snorts, gurgles, and deep nasal snores. Sleepwalking towards the kitchen (he could find the place in his sleep...wait?) his robotic gestures appropriate his necessities. Wearing my shades inside I conceal the evidence. Venturing into sin, I reach for the mouse.
My Last Thoughts
When there's nobody on the other line, he feels betrayed with spite. When there's nobody on the other line, he reflects on questions still sheathed. When there's nobody on the other line, he lets the nicotine calm his nerves. When there's nobody on the other line, he replays scenes from B-rated sci fi movies in his head. When there's nobody on the other line, he itemizes his grocery store necessities. When there's nobody on the other line, he curses his debilitating compulsions. When there's nobody on the other line, he writes his own eulogy. When he's not on the other line, he is gone for good.
becca6597@ LostCherry
My Peach
In a room, laid under stucco, isolated from rebuke. My innocence tastes her experience, like the farmer's son in his father's peach orchard. Ripe fruit in hand, her juice drips twice to the thirsty soil.
A Portait Of Loving Hardships
Running to the cell, my hands quiver like a dollar in a strip joint. Her lips curl at my approach. Our embrace synchronizes the pumping of blood, while the jailor's keys remain silent in the lock between iron bars. Her fragrance lingers among the jealousy of fatigued criminals like a fallen angel among deadly sins. Her glance reveals her intentions, as she returns my flask to my breast pocket. We stagger down the empty sidestreets intoxicated by the glare of a bipolar traffic light. Our Passions and clarity coalesce in the guise of a tumultuous rift of broken glass and rancid guttersnipes. My breath on her soft neck whispers my misguided lack of regret and screams my sincerest gesture of love.
kissgirl@ LostCherry
Random Funny Quiz
Kansas City On My Mind
dark highways with naked shoulders speeding blurred with a clock set two minutes fast trepidation stashed away in the glove compartment. a whisper off your lips plays hide and seek with an anxious inclination to turn back. yesterdays bleed through tomorrow while shadows are cast beneath midnight soaked trees. when you wake i'll be home.
Bleeps Sweeps And Creeps (nate My Idol)
In a manner of speaking I have been sucked into a virtual world. Mock me if you must, but I have been thoroughly enjoying the addicting world of the chatroom. I have stuck my finger in the proverbial outlet and have shocked myself into consciousness even if it may be a ginormous fraudulent endeavor. For the past few weeks I've been accruing these friends like scattered salt across the Thanksgiving dinner table, building an army of Loraxian minions hesitantly reluctant yet willing to do my bidding. If someone wanted to start a revolution and take over the world...or at least America, they could certainly do it through the internet. On another note ( possibly a C sharp), I have completed my Teach For America experience. Woo! If gas didn't cost so damn much money and I'd refill my teacher's tank and go for another year, but my fumes will carry me to Massachusettes to engage in collegiate debauchery with Corey. Jack and I will make our cross country trek in two weeks, with a h
Blurry Formalities
The atomic clock keeps ticking like a metronome and the days fall off the edge of the earth the the fallout. These days I feel like I'm driving the streets of San Francisco. One day I'm winning beaucoup cash at the casino and falling into a new relationship, and the next I'm dreading going to school and losing a person I care about through no fault of my own. Nothing feels catastrophic, but I feel like the weather is mocking me and my fluctuating moods. Even though I've decided to remain in New Orleans for the next year, I will not return to teaching next year. I've checked out, burnt from the daily toil. I plan on entering a year of resurgence. I can regain myself, who I was through a coddling of my social life. The summer will cut off my excrutiating stress like a french guillotine. I'm intentionally being vague, because I feel ephemeral right now, like I'm floating. While my intentions are in no way cloudy, I like wading through this mist. I've catalogued the next few mon
Sussman's Back, Back Again
There I was, rubber gloves gripping my talc covered hands, desperately avoiding scratching the itch on my nose, washing the dishes, when it happened. My dedication and desire to continue to update myy blog slipped out of my hands and whirred down the drain. To make matters worse, I accidentally flipped the wrong switch and set off the garbaged disposal tearing my "blog consistency" into a million pieces. You can imagine my surprise when I heard a knock on my door. I apprehensively opened it to find my lifelong idol, Punxatawny Phil. I staggered back and whispered, as if the FBI were ready to converge from their sting positions, "Phil! What are you doing? I thought the Groundhog's Day post-party lasted at least a week?!" He glanced to his left. He glanced to his right. "The heat is coming down on me Garrett. Apparently even a mild winter is more disturbing than Judge Alito and an Iranian Nuclear Holocaust combined! I had to get the hell out of Pennsylvania." He then proceeded to ramble
Cookies For The Cryptkeeper
I've become pretty flaky about posting. I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. I use to be a complete scaredy cat. Rollercoasters terrified me ever since my parents tricked me into going on Space Mountain in Disney World when I was six. I had nightmares just from a television trailer for the Fly II. I hated being in the presence of bees, spiders and snakes. As I got older, my fears dissipated kinda like the dead armadillo in my driveway. Before long, I was seeking out the biggest amusement park rides. Speaking of which, Six Flags New Jersey can cut off your favorite amusement park's head then make him/her eat it! I even developed a desire to go sky diving. Haven't done it yet though. I recently invested in the first season of the television show Tales From the Crypt. I remember with a great sense of nostalgia having my friends sleep over and staying up till 11:00 to see the horrifying tales. Sometimes I feel pity for antiquated horror movies. Of course I'm referring to those depende
Charlie And The Mta
An old Favorite from the Kingston Trio done with puppets in 2002 Are you old enough to remember this?
...or Laugh
Almost two weeks have passed since I last updated my blog and I am ripe like a fruit. This post may seem tainted because I am in a strange state of mind at this moment. I have just watched a movie that I found randomly when browsing movie trailers on The movie is called Chumscrubbers, an unfortunate title. Described as a dark comedy, the film rehashes many thematic cliches that explore the consequences of subrubia. How the desire to attain a cookie cutter life with a nuclear family and financial success leads people to ignore the chinks in the armor and develop emotional holes that lead to behaviors that affront "normalcy." The tone and the odd characters left a disturbing taste in my mouth and yet I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I grew up in two different types of suburbia: the big house suburbia where you don't actually know any of you neighbors but they know you and the town house suburbia where you know your neighbors, but they don't know you. The former occurer pre divor
So This Is The New Year, I Don't Feel Any Different...
Time for the awaited New Year's Eve exploits of one Garrett P. Sussman. After bumming the day away, I drove to New Orleans to Andy and Jake's house. There, we enjoyed a delightfully well prepared pre-bash dinner of salad, butternut squash soup and a brilliant apple pie for dessert. Jake happens to be an excellent cook. The guys live pretty close to the French Quarter, so it was no time before we found ourselves amidst the hectic neon lights and precarious bead tossing of Bourbon Street. Our first drinking game involved predicting how many underage children were present among the destitution that triumphed the glory of the street. Needless to say, we were hammered only three blocks in. When he had our fill of the debauchery of tourists beckoning drunk sorority chicks for a brief flash, we headed towards Jackson Square. Jake and Andy were taken by the extensive mist that hovered in front of us, but I felt strong feelings of Deja Vu, considering the weather was much the same last year. T
I Am A Raving Rabble Rouser...
How funny is the beginning of the song Age of Aquarius? I imagine the singer on a ladder about to lose her balance, swaying back and forth. What is old people's obsessions with little crystal figurines? I was in a random truck stop driving home from New Orleans the other night and saw an entire glass case of such figurines. There were a variety of dolphins, small animals, medieval swords, dragons and guitars. Who goes into a truck stop and sees the case and says to myself..."Oh my Lordy! I've been searching truck stops across America, from Chatanooga to Alberquerque, for that little porcupine with the beady black eyes! Here it was all along, sitting in this glass case right outside of La Place, Louisiana! Thank my lucky stars. You know that at some point in that individuals lifetime, there will be a comical event ivolving some uncoordinated doof taking an awkward step and instantaneously smashing the priceless/worthless collection of little figurines. I must admit though, the crystal
DV8DVAMP@ LostCherry
Existential Fireworks And Urban Planning
Last night was a blast, literally. Headed into New Orleans around dusk to meet up with my good friend Jacob. Before the trip, I stopped at one of the fireworks tents that has popped up around La Place and invested in a nice little arsenal of black cats, parachutes, and roman candles. Finding a place to set them off without drawing attention proved to be tenuous, but we trekked over to the barren neighborhood where I my old apartment stands and set up shop. After realizing the precarious postioning of power lines that gridded the street, we picked a relatively safe spot, placed our wine bottle/ launching pad on the ground and lit up the night sky. All in all, it was a good time. When we returned to Jacob's house in mid-city, we spent an hour engaging in beautiful conversation. I've been feeling quite intellectual lately and thus have jumped at any opportunity to initiate philosophical and political dialouge. He told me about his adventures in Morocco and Egypt studying anthropology in
Microcosm-macrocosm; School-world
The day after Christmas and all through the house, Breanna and Alyssa were stirring, so was a beagle-pitbull-catahoula pup named Jack. I don't know Jack's official birthday, but I know that I got him around the first or second week of February when he was already six weeks old. So I am declaring today, Jack is one year old (or seven in dog years)! Last night I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the Iannone family, the wonderful people I've been staying with. We had a beautiful array of salad, meatballs, eggplant parm, lasagna, orange cold drinks, and pumpkin pie for dessert. After dinner, Jon, Mr. Cici, and I engaged in a fairly intense intellectual discussion spanning religion and politics. Breanna and Alyssa were desperately wrestling for our attention. They already had the pretty princess board game set up. Jon kept saying how this was the first adult conversation he had had in the house for months and they needed to be patient. We were a regular multicultural melting pot, the three of
susistrawberry@ LostCherry
Mothers, And It's Not Even Mother's Day...
My mother used to remind me of Carolyn Burnham, the mother character from the movie "American Beauty." Even though the woman, played by Annette Benning, is a contemptible representative of Americana circa the late 90's, I never made the connection between her and my mother with any contempt. I was just aware of a professional ambition that catered to a pretense for fake presentation. Never in a million years would my mother admit her superficiality in earnest, but I sensed that her maudlin marriage to my father always seemed fragile and combustible in her opinion unless a spotless image was maintained. I inherited her need to be accepted. It's not something I am proud of, yet it can feel consuming. That's one of those things I would have difficulty saying out loud, but purging of it through writing seems safer, even if I know anybody could read it. Living with a cut-and-paste social network down here, I feel even less burdened by it. My mother has gained persepective over the years. Sh
I Take Some Things Wayyyy Too Seriously
obviously...(And why am I up at 3 again when i need sleep and need to be up early? Not a clue. Erm.) Should really consider returning to LJ more; can think of many reasons. I'm overextended between three sites and risk losing my good acquaintances and my friends, especially at LJ where I have several friends and have made the mistake of spending least time...Also, only blogs there, no bulletins, so when someone bulletins about their "latest blog" and doesn't, say, link to it (as many times on MySpace and here)... no such frustration on LJ. Just lots of other, more site-specific ones.Really need to use a text editor when writing blogs here because the parade-marquee cannot be easily turned off, and slows down my machine at inopportune times. Despite all that, the people here have on the whole been so friendly, the support helpful and professional, and I am really not in a hurry to leave. (Whitman would kill me, mostly peaceful man that he was, if I wrote "Do I gripe? Well then, I gripe
Lo5t Soul
lo5t soul@ LostCherry
Bustin' Some Trustin'
I find myself tete-a-tete with a moral quandry that I am not at liberty to divulge. A classic struggle of intellectual rationality versus emotional irrationality. The answer seems simple when presenting it in its purest simple form, but my heart still challenges me. The consequences of making the right decision would be minimal. The wrong choice would lead to a path of inevitable deceit. I don't like secrets yet I always feel like I am buried in them. My family has a lot of skeletons, some dead, others ongoing. It's not healthy to grow up in a house of secrets. The ability to trust someone who hides secrets is a difficult task. I don't want to be someone who people cannot trust. To be able to trust somebody is perhaps the deepest form of communication. Trust cannot be handed over with kind words. Trust needs to be earned over a great deal of time. Through ours' and others' actions we gain or lose that trust. I hate those things that are so valuable to us yet so fleeting. We can spend a
Addressing The Address
Before watching Family Guy this evening I endured the Presidents address to the nation. Now I have declared before that I am not a fan of W., but I felt obliged to give him credit for the speech. I don't consider myself a "defeatist," and I didn't agree with the war in Iraq in the first place. One criticism of I had of the Bush administration has always been the constant evasion of culpability. Tonight I felt like even though he didn't account for all the mistakes he has made in office, and I believe there are many, he did express that he was aware of the consequences of the decisions he has made. If I were Dr. Phil, I'd give the old guy a big hug and tell him how much progress he made in his benediction this evening. I understand that once our country did commit to the affairs in Iraq, we could not very well just leave the vulnerable new governtment to the dangers that would inevitably exploit it. I was pleased that the President at least slightly articulated a plan to deescalate our
Married To The End
Married to the End do you know that i tried when you asked the dreaded question in that moment of intoxication tried not to cry over the tragedy of my days when i was comfortable in my loss you fed me the poison of hope that there was somewhere for belonging but it was an illusion and i can't hold on to this empty cold life any longer.
Baby Blue Eyes
baby blue eyes@ LostCherry
Barrels And The Tender Trio
I used to have a seminal theory involving the two films "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch." I had interrogated many a movie-goer as to which film they enjoyed more. More often than not, the first of the two that had been seen would be their personal favorite. There have been a few tempremental individuals who sabotaged my theory, yet the initial prediction would usually be upheld. The theory is inconsequential, but I cite it, because I recently saw the latest production of Matthew Vaugh, "Layer Cake." He actually helmed this movie in his directorial debut. While the characters' dialects make it difficult to understand at times, I found Layer Cake to be on par with his two previous endeavors. The movie was smart and cool highlighted by the same cinematographic nuances and sentimental grittiness that epitomizes Lock Stock and Snatch. I highly recommend it. This weekend consisted of two pilgrammages to the Big Easy. Friday night, I hit up Frenchmen Street accompanied by a
xprettyinpunkx@ LostCherry
Education Revolution
So I'm feeling a bit controversial. Here is my proposal for the future of education. Let's implement a radical regiment of computer integration into the public school system. Kids spend as much as eight hours watching television or playing video games these days. Society is becoming increasingly sterile to basic intimate communication, oral conversations, face-to-face interaction, etc. Why shouldn't we sacrifice social development altogether and utilize the teaching power of computer programs. Developments in technology could design scripted interractive programs that aid in learning and are far more effective tools than the dinosaur age human teacher method. Students would be enthralled by the computer screen as many already are only they'd be learning. The programs could introduce new material in a variety of ways that address the different learning styles, visual, aural, kinetic. I'm imagining more than just a computer station, but a fully functional manipulative equipped cubicle pr
Virgo24@ LostCherry
Forgotten Ruins And Broken Levees
A friend sent me a recent article from the New York Times. . The article did an excellent job articulating some ideas that have been floating around in my head. No one will deny that both the federal government and local and state governments are at fault for the lack of preparation and response to the disaster. My biases still remain with Mayor Nagin. Even though Nagin made a variety of huge errors in his lack of preparation and does not deserve re-election, I have more of a problem with Governor Blanco and President Bush. In discussing the situation with my mother and the lack of action by all the governmental bodies, she pointed out the political corruption that has tainted the city of New Orleans forever and still remains in the forefront of the American psyche. The New Orleans levee board that voted to build a ceremonial fountain as opposed to putting that money towards the levee is inexcusable, is a prime example of such politi
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The Times They Are A Changing
By Peter, Paul and Mary, John Sebastian The Time They Are A Changing
~mojo Risen~
~Mojo Risen~@ LostCherry
After producing my morbid post yesterday, I received startling information that a friend of mine from college had died in a car accident. Meg had come down to Louisiana from Maine a couple of months ago to help in the post-Katrina relief effort. She had rounded up some do-gooders who intended to commit their services in Mississippi, Alabama and finally Louisiana. All thirteen had come down in a vegetable oil running van and probably had a blast of a road trip. Traveling down Poydras, the van swerved indecisively onto the I-10 on ramp. My other good friend Peter was on the van and suffered some injuries. I still don't know the extent of his condition. My heart goes out to you, I had known Meg in college and spent a good deal of time with her my Junior year. I'd like to share one of my favorite memories of her. It was founder's day at Vassar, a festival of spring where the collegiate population of the bubble in Poughkeepsie released their hedonistic needs by the pleasantries of sunset l
The Mystery Of The Safety Pin
There is a fascinating tradition for birthdays in Southern Louisiana. When it is an individual's birthday, a safety pin is attached to the shirt of that paerson. Friends and family then contribute one dollar bills that are placed on the pin. I've seen various children and adults participating in this ritual. I've been searching online for some insight into the origin of the tradition, but have yet to find any success.
Jumping Around In The Bouncy Castle In My Head
I've admittedly fallen into a rut. The blank screen has been staring me in the face the last couple of days and I've seen care bears running across. I remember being younger and when people would tell me to clear my mind, I'd imagine a great white blanket like a polar bear in a blizzard and then ever so randomly tiny little care bears of all colors run across the whiteness trailing little cartoon clouds of dust. When I clear my mind, that is what I see. I guess my malaise centers around the approaching winter break. With only a week and a half until it arrives, instead of being excited about it, I'm already thinking about how quickly it will pass. I have ambitions for this much needed time off. I intend to use it as a planning period for the next semester. I feel that if I get a head start, I will be ready for the district and state tests that my students will need to embark on. I will be staying in Louisiana for this reason. While I will be able to catch up on sleep, I will fill my d
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Watching A Tree Grow And Counting The Rings
Some people can spend weeks at a time without talking to another person. Some people can handle pressure and tension building up like a balloon ready to burst. Some people can cry at the drop of a hat. Earlier today I said "thank you" to a person, and it meant more to me than it ever possibly could have meant to her. My voice seemed to be synchronized with my purpose, which rarely happens, and I felt genuine. Sometimes I set my phone alarm and something goes wrong. The phone runs out of batteries. I set it for P.M. when I meant to set it for A.M. There are times when I sleep through it by accident and other times when I sleep through it on purpose. In television and the movies, there always seems to be a definitive turning point, an unmistakeably identifiable event, that leads to a timely revelation or well placed epiphanie. I find that those same moments rarely happen in real life. Often, the changes occursover a period of time that's invisible to the naked eye. It's like the never e
Minicourses And Invisibility
When I was in middle school, every January we'd have one special week that outclassed every other week across the entire school year: mini-course week. There were eight different themes to pick from and we'd spend the week doing various activities that revolve around the assigned theme. The week would end with an epic field trip unprecedented in the realm of middle school. In fifth grade, the theme I was assigned was flight. It happened to be on the bottom of my list. We learned about airplanes, rocket ships and even competed in a kite making contest. I made a massive kite using balsa wood and a black hefty bag. It was as majestic as a falcon, but being the fifth grader that I was, I had little to no chance of placing in the competition. I suffered minimal disappointment already knowing my predetermined fate. In sixth grade, I got a gem of a mini-course, Amish Country. The thrill was snuggled away in the disguise of the field trip. We had a fantastic dinner at the home of an Amish fami
Geminitwin1 (my Uncle)
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Skipping And Faking All The Way To The Bank
Let me explain why I chose not to write a post yesterday. It wasn't because I didn't have time. I actually feel like I had more time last night than I've had in a cool while. I just stumbled across some writer's block. There was nothing going on in my head that felt pertinent to a post. When I got home from school, I passed out for about two hours and woke up fully clothed and a bit disoriented. I didn't feel like discussing school, because the day had been extremely stressful. I could not possibly relive that by expressing my frustration. I hadn't been apart of any pop culture that made me vent. So thus, I let it go. Today, I feel refreshed. I didn't necessarily have any more energy than yesterday, I just felt more put together. When I finished tutoring a few Fourth graders for the leap, I went to Walmart and picked up a beautiful pair of gray starter sweatpants, a memory stick for my camera and a new leash for Jack. He had gnawed right through the old one so that I had to create a m
Random Musings About School Shootings
I just read that another kid fired a weapon inside yet another school. This time it was a kid in Missouri who fired an assault rifle inside his middle school. Now, when I say that I read this, what I mean is that I read only the headline. I don't know if anyone was injured or killed. I assume there were no injuries or fatalities, though. I guess that would have been mentioned in the headline if there were. No, I saw only the headline and a picture of a shocked-looking mother standing outside the school building. I don't suppose I really even need to read the story. I mean, I think we all know it, by now. And this is actually the fourth incident of it's kind in about ten days, I think. Did you ever notice how these school shootings always seem to happen in clusters, like that? It's an interesting phenomenon. I guess it's probably not even true. My brain registers it like that. Maybe it makes it easier to process. . . Sort of turning it into a freak phenomenon, like a to
To Rise And Fall
Broken you raised me into hope with words of love in those drunken moments when i was allowed to see the man you hide inside you let me see the beauty deep and walked away let me see and think that it could be real that perhaps i was worth anything and then you were gone so now you may witness the rise and fall of my heart and sanity
Body Spray In Xmas
I get such a thrill from seeing the Christmas decorations going up around the neighborhood. I now live in one of those neighborhoods that ferociously competes with their light and other paraphenalia. I thought Halloween was excessive, but Christmas here is completely over the top. For Halloween, one house had a massive spider web covering the door with a giant spider hovering in the corner. Driving down Somerset, I saw at least three nativity scenes, four snowman stand up statues and one giant blow up Santa Clause. I feel like every family thinks they're the Griswalds from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I ran some errands this evening and made a stop at the local Winn Dixie. After collecting my usual groceries, I realized I need deoderant and casually made my way over to the appropriate aisle. As I was searching for my reliable Gillette Cool Wave, I found the recent phenomenon that is body spray. I must admit that I've been sucked in by the Axe and Tag commercials. I took a de
Puff, The Magic Dragon
Hey I'm a dragon, I had to put this somewhere Performed by Peter Paul And Mary
Kinda Like The Way Kevin Smith Feels About God...
Ah the joy of being super productive! Finished updating the electronic grade book and have been conducting the reading train like Casey Jones on crack...wait he was on crack. I'm chugging through The Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. Fascinating story this guy writes and even more interesting is his story. After he committed suicide, his mother brought the finished manuscript to a professor at Tulane University. The novel was published posthumously and went on to win a pulitzer. Another brilliant mind suffers by the slings and arrows of depression and society. His novel centers around a fat, flatulating, obnoxious, savant, Ignatius J. Reilly, who cruises the French Quarter quixotically with an obsession fixated on Boethius. An attempt to adapt the book to the silver screen has been thwarted on two accounts. The first actor to potentially portray the protagonist was John Belushi. We all know what happened there. The second victim of the Dunces' curse was John Candy. Thus I fe
Home And Back Home
Always a satisfying hike out to the Wachovia Center as long as the Sixers win. The game Monday night was over by halftime and I could not be happier. I felt a bit weird walking around the complex though because everyone was focused on raising money for Katrina victims. I was wearing my VooDoo fest black hoodie, but no one commented on it which was fine. I just felt like my presence should be known, that the people that these Philadelphians were supporting was me. Well not directly, but indirectly. I walked around wondering how many folks had a face to put on the tragedy. Before the game began, I ran down to courtside to try to get the attention of Chris Anderson. He really had no reason for recognizing me, but one night four months ago we had played poker at the same table in Harrah's for about two hours. Not only was he one of the tallest men I've ever seen in person, but he was a true celebrity celebrating. He was throwing his cash around, spilling tequila shots on the carpet. It mad
WARSAW@ LostCherry
I always seem to gain a small amount of perspective when I visit the Big Apple. While there are hundreds of appealing idiosyncracies that make NYC distinctive, this weekend reinforced that I could never live there. I just can't bring myself to deal with how exhausting it is to get where you want to and see who you want to. A forty-five minute subway ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan just seems excessive. I did get to reconnect with a bunch of college friends. I also missed a bunch of people who were either out of town or busy. That's the problem, everything is too busy in New York. The cold weather doesn't help either. People race around clenching their teeth and avoiding eye contact. Saturday night I went to celebrate Jocelyn's birthday at Absolutely 4th. A typical club scene awaited and while there were plenty of attractive women and strong drinks flowing, there were a lot of people and the noise was oppressive. I didn't know anyone except the birthday girl and the three friends I arri
i hate people. just received a message from an ex, she's all self-righteous and was in the mood to give me some advice. for real, why should i care what she has to say? she ditched me for a guy and made me want to slit my wrists. i'm done. i'm done caring about everyone.
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A Poetic Moment...can't Help But Be Saccharine
Disaster averted! Dr. Motaghedi successfully fixed me. My ears are clean and clear and my pounding headache has subsided. Definitely got a little motivation to quit smoking. They had one of those "The consequences of smoking" posters hanging in the room and the lung of the smoke looked pretty nasty. If I had to spend one more moment imagining how similar my lungs were, I would have taken my pack and threw it out the window. I dropped off Jack at the kennel today. Everytime I put him up for a week I get serious heart pangs. The new kennel I took him to made me a bit nervous. It's no Pooch's Palace. The guy who took him was gruff and grizzly. If I get any indication that Jack was hurt during his week, I will never bring him back to that place. He was so scared when they led him to the back. He was literally shaking. It made me really sad. I can never lose him. I went back to New Orleans today to pick up Jack's vaccination papers for the vet and I must say that the city is back in full
Old Friends And Dirty Jersey
Hi! How are you doing today? I'm fine, thanks for asking. I just got a fucking ear ache that's driving me insane! To make a long story short, I couldn't hear much on Tuesday and this morning my ear hurt pretty badly. Naturally, I hit up the local emergency room. After filling out the necessary forms (the receptionist personally asked me what religion I was, I answered Jewish, and she gave me an odd sort of look like I was from a different planet, which is true down here) I sat patiently in ER ..1. I felt like all the hype of the ER is completely overrated. The room did not look particularly sanitary and the doctor seemed lathargic, but I guess that makes sense when you're in there to treat someone with an ear infection. He was generally a nice guy though, and didn't seem too busy anyway. He filled up a syringe with warm water and tried to clear out my ear to no avail. I've got an appointment tomorrow with a good ear guy. I hope it works out, because I'm supposed to fly home Saturday, a
Scorpio_One@ LostCherry
fucking hate this .. i hate feeling like this, cant shake the mood .. not happy not sad , not mad .. i just am .... i cant stand this just want to do something be somewhere or be with someone ..the one.. i dont want to be here now i want to be there .... anywhere .... i dont know why i am like this i have never been like this .... feel like i lost something , someone . . has anyone ever felt this way ? tell me please .... why is it when ya try to do whats right .. its so hard .. why is it when ya let go it never comes back ... ahhhhh .. lol i laugh caus im weak ... i cry caus im lost ..... i want to be found ..... fucking find me...... i write because i could never talk like this in life ... i smile i nod . i do ...... but what do i do ? nothing that means anything to me ... i want to be great in her eyes i want to do the things that matter in her life .. ahhhh this just fucking sucks ...
Stay Clear...i Be Whining
Attention: If you want to avoid me bitching about my job for a while, stop reading this post now! I've held my job out of this as much as possible but soon enough there will be a term equivolent to "going Postal" for the public school system. (that is extreme and not true, just trying to sprinkle in humor) The past two weeks at school have been beastly. I am struggling to find a solution to my dilemmas in classroom management. I am not one to cry from the tribulations that I've encountered, but I'm pretty damn close. Don't get me wrong, it is in no way comparable to my experiences last year with my special ed students. But this year, I am going it alone without the aid of a seven year teacher veteran. I have twenty-six students with a variety of personalities that seem on the verge of spontaneously combusting. Ten of the students are pure angels. They work hard, follow directions, and generally carry themselves with a positive demeanor that helps me drive through those days that I wan
I Can't Spell Corey Without A Y
Jack once again has sabotaged my powerbook. After clamoring for attention he has ripped the "y" button right off of my keyboard. How am I still able to type such essential words as today, dichotomy, and Yukon? I expertly applied my basic knowledge of computer keyboard technology and reassembled the disrupted key. Success! I just need to press a little harder when I wish to use the dysfunctional letter. I forgot to update everyone on my exhilerating weekend and plan on accomplishing this in three seconds... Friday night included a two hour car ride to Lafayette, Louisiana. I had plenty of time to reflect on the next few weeks ahead as I sat in traffic under the metropolis street lamps of Baton Rouge, listening to Saves the Day and sipping on a chilled coffee. Upon arrival at the Marriott Courtyard, I drove to the Blue Moon cafe to meet up with the scattered leaves of Teach For America. We enjoyed small talk and the repeated question of "What the hell have you been up to the last two an
Nostalgia Of A Thanksgiving Lost
This weekend seemed to be a reminder that only one week remains before Thanksgiving. I plan on detailing the story of the pilgrims to my students this week. I'm interested to see if they know anything about the voyage to plymouth rock. At this point the story of Thanksgiving seems like a fairy tale. I guess it always has been. When you think about the possible reality of the situation and the eventual reprocussions of the event it's hard not to desentimentalize the holiday. The Native Americans were victimized and exploited while the puritans set the stage for the paradox of sin and virtue that envelops the modern day state of our country. I don't want to deconstruct the poweful tradition that has developed over time: time spent with the family eating our turkey dinner, watching professional football, giving thanks. However the nuclear family has become a thing of the past and holidays, including Thanksgiving become a more ambiguous celebration. These thoughts come to me with the passi
Where Do We Go From Here?
Since I am documenting all the crazy opinions and ideas I've been feeling over the last month, I would like to continue with a few predictions I have for the near future. We will all be able to come back to them and see how right I am. Some will be safe bets, others a bit more daring. 1) There will be a black male president before a woman or hispanic. Give Barak Obama (spelling?) ten years. 2) Nobody will ever figure out what to call the decade from 2000-2010. Aughts? Zeros? First Decade of the 21st Century? 3) Blue will become the new black. 4) The movie going experience will become extinct in the next 15 years. 5) Skynet will become independent at 1:31 pm August 7th 2085. 6) Someone will create a computer virus that actually infect Macintosh computers. 7) McDonalds will become synonymous with good nutrition after a 200 million marketing campaign that gets its food established as a public school cafeteria staple. 8) The moon will go missing for two weeks and return with a very
Zydeco And Scurvy
I feel light, like wonder bread. Humor is my choice elixir. Can somebody explain to me the idiocy of television commercials that claim to have a better picture by displaying it in a commercial? This just doesn't make any sense to me. I guess the marketing team is just expecting us to trust them, because the picture they are claiming to be superior to the one on my television screen is being broadcast on MY TELEVISION SCREEN! If I am watching the commercial on a 1970 brown box with the static competing for incompetence with dials that are falling off, how am I supposed to see the crystal clear picture of a plasma television? Don't mock my intelligence television commercial! Shame on you! Let me tell you why it's better to be a teacher than a pirate. Pirates get scurvy; Teachers get migraines. Pirates have to fend off sharks and other pirates; Teachers have to fend off students and administrators. Pirates might lose an eye or a leg; Teachers lose the will to live. Pirates have to clean
let it go i know livin with me aint easy but im still standin here wondering when youll come back again I dont mind waiting on you if your heart is mine for the takin ill wait on you I know some people say love aint easy but i think its damn near dead its a good thing we love with the heart and not with the head cuz id be leavin on the next train the next train out of your life id take the last seat stare out the window maybe then youd know how i feel
THEY SAY IT TAKES A MINUTE...... .......TO FIND A SPECIAL PERSON, ....... .....AN HOUR TO APPRECIATE THEM, ...... .........A DAY TO LOVE THEM, ........ ..........AN ENTIRE LIFETIME......... ..............TO FORGET THEM............. .......SEND THIS TO THE PEOPLE...... .............YOU'LL NEVER FORGET.............. .........IT'S A SHORT COMMENT.......... ...........TO LET THEM KNOW............. ......THAT YOU'LL NEVER FORGET THEM...... ...IF YOU DON'T SEND THIS TO ANYONE... .......IT MEANS YOU'RE IN A HURRY....... ..........AND THAT YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN......... ...............YOUR FRIENDS If you get a dozen, you're loved!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .* . . . . . . . . . . .*. . . . . . . ** * . . . . .. . . . . .*** . . * . . ***** . . . . . . . . . . .** . . **. . . . .* . . . . . . . . . . ***.*. . *. . . . .* . . . . . . . . . .****. . . .** . . . ****** . . . . . . . . . ***** . . . .**.*. . . . . ** . . . . . . . . .*****. . . . . **. . . . .
The Lake House
Made me sob like a little bitch!
Chapter Iv Part 6
World Of Pain
ive been sitting on the step watchin the cars go by play a few notes on my guitar but its hard to keep a dry eye cuz every note I play takes me back to you and in the song im singin im wonderin what to do cant you see it in my eye im broken down again I dont think i have to try im sure that its the end ill bet you take a look at yourself and like what you see all i can do is hide my face and keep the world from me I think I saw a ghost today one from long ago it scratched my skin I bled within and now the whole world knows
Someone To Send Flowers To
I sit here everynight watching tv to the porch light its quiet in here as I sit here and sip my beer no ringin from my telephone as i sit here all alone no one to send flowers to no one to turn to when im feeling blue or to walk with in the sand or to sit and hold my hand no one to send flowers to no one to share the things I do or to make everything alright I cant take another night noone to talk to now its 2 am and im still up again nothing on the radio except a song from long ago I used to know how it went happy without a cent makes me think of better days i keep thinkin of a way to find someone to send flowers to to help me when im feelin blue to walk with in the sand someone to sit and hold my hand someone to send flowers to to share the things i do someone to make everything alright and to share every night someone to talk to
Teasing: Part 2
Your body is so warm You have been waiting for this You’re so excited Wondering where I’ll place my kiss I come towards your lips And then back away I’m such a tease But you know you like it that way I work my way down I feel your body shiver I kiss you softly on your stomach Be patient babe, I’m going to deliver In between your legs I can see your lust for me I kiss your thighs You say, “stop teasing me” Don’t worry baby The teasing is done I taste your desire But we’ve only just begun......
12 Types Of Women Read All
1. Ms. Gold-Digger Advantages a. You have some one to manage your money. b. She always looks good. c. She makes your other niggas jealous. d. She makes you look good. Disadvantages a. When you get broke she'll be gone and take what you have left. b. She makes sure she has a child by you to sue you for child support. c. Once your nigga comes up she'll be on his arm the next day. 2. Ms. Freak (secret lover) Advantages a. She knows all the right positions. b. She'll try everything more than once. c. You're never unsatisfied. d. She'll do all the things your girl won't do. e. She doesn't mind being your freak, as long as she catches one too. Disadvantages a. Eventually, b/c she's a female, she'll end up catching feelings. b. She starts to act like she's your "main". c. She fucks wit ya boy and act like you in the wrong for telling her that she's a freak. d. Eventually her shit gets old. And you need a replacement. 3. Ms. Independent Advantag
Anticipation: Part 1
This is the first poem in a series of four that i wrote a long time ago when i was a member of a poetry site, i figured i would share. They get better just for the record. _______________________________________________ Anticpation: Part 1 I’m looking in your eyes They are filled with so much lust You’re trying so hard to contain it I know you’re about ready to bust I see you looking at me Can you see my lust for you This waiting game is killing me too I’m about to quit and get inside of you But I’m gonna wait it out Just a little bit longer Because every second we wait Our desire only grows stronger This is guaranteed To be a night we won’t soon forget My body is screaming enough So lets get to it.......
21 Rules
ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other. THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want. FOUR. When you say, "I love you," mean it. FIVE. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye. SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married. SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight. EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have dreams don't have much. NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely. TEN.. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling. ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives. TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly. THIRTEEN. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?" F
Ragged Ol' Flag
By John R. Cash, © 1974 House of Cash, Inc. I walked through a county courthouse square, On a park bench an old man was sitting there. I said, "Your old courthouse is kinda run down." He said, "Naw, it'll do for our little town." I said, "Your old flagpole has leaned a little bit, And that's a Ragged Old Flag you got hanging on it." He said, "Have a seat," and I sat down. "Is this the first time you've been to our little town?" I said, "I think it is." He said, "I don't like to brag, But we're kinda proud of that Ragged Old Flag. "You see, we got a little hole in that flag there when Washington took it across the Delaware. And it got powder-burned the night that Francis Scott Key Sat watching it writing Say Can You See. And it got a bad rip in New Orleans With Packingham and Jackson tuggin' at its seems. "And it almost fell at the Alamo Beside the Texas flag, but she waved on though. She got cut with a sword at Chancellorsville And she got cut again at Shil
My Thoughts Part1
why is it when you walk around this crazy world you realize that people have become shallow and unkind to the women who are not barbie inc look alikes. god forbid a woman might have some meat to her bones. then she is considered FAT. god forbid she has any kind of scar that isnt hideable. then she is UGLY. to bad if she isnt perky in the tit area and have a perfect ass and/or thighs. then she is just plain flaby. when you turn your tv on all you see is skinny models with a perfect face and body with great hair and skin tone. but yet alot of women dont look like that and dont want to. they want to have something to them besides skin and bones and fake tits. they want a guy to notice them for who they are not what is completly on the outside. yes women want to be told they are beautiful in the eyes of the man they want to be with. but they also want a man who is willing to look on the inside not just the outside or what she can do for him in the sack. and why is it that most men want a g
What To Do...
I flat out refuse to be involved in drama, here just to CHILL OUT from everyday bullshit. So I just come on here to relax and get bombarded. Hopefully, everything is over and done with now... sheesh The good news? Well, I'm in a contest, we'll see what happens with that. Sexy legs woo hooo. More good news, off tomorrow! I want to chill out tomorrow night and actually ENJOY my lc time, visit with my lc friends, etc. I might even start a different blog, depending on what happens, and dabble in my writing and/or poetry which I haven't done in years. A few have inspired me (Vegas Wanderer, Desiredevl, thanks guys! Whether you know it or not, you did!) to give my own little corner of lc a whirl at it. Right now, time to eat! lol
The Window Of Shame
i can only hide inside the hatred for so long back to the things ive felt were so wrong never feeling love or pain a feeling of numbness replaced with shame I can see in the night you crawling to me I reach for you but you never see the things im trying to say or do I cant believe its really you a hole in the story of life a feeling of emptiness cuts like a knife the season of forgiving has long since gone a forgotten soul has been done wrong he sits in the electric window and stares his feelings are thought of but never declared he will always be cut to the bone forever in this world he'll be alone
Lets Cha Cha
Such An Awesome Anime
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. Do not try to feed me soul food. I will punch you in the neck!! 2. I look like a thug but I'm really a nerd. 3. I have a 135 IQ (5 points from genius) 4. I'd rather pick my nose than blow it. 5. Spider webs freak me out. 6. I'm EXTREMELY forgetful! Ok Here There Are All My Werid Things or Habbits. Now... Mags, Tiff, Falcon, Izzy, K-girl, SexyBiBBW Tag Your "IT"!!!!
Who I Wrote This For Dosent Matter Now ;(
You know that there is that special person that comes into your life, that means the world to you, a person that you love with all your heart and soul, a person that you cant see yourself ever living with out. That person to me is you my darling. I breath you, I live for you, will die for you, because I LOVE YOU!!
yeah take me down burn my flesh with your stare break my spirit cut my skin my love for you ill confess what does it mean nothing but pain return back from where you came wound in my side spilling the blood from inside letting you know im still here foresaken and taken by your path of fear a river of blackness a pillar of salt night after night ive sat and thought wondering how or why sometimes things in this world must die
New One
Just wrote this tonight. Still a work in progress, but I like how it works right now. "Looking" Looking down... The shame I feel again Birthed in a conscience unseen Lives within emotional pain From a mind so keen Looking down... I have again failed Left without someone to help me Still my soul is staled By all that I cannot see Looking down... I see my feet untraveled Striving to carry me to a future anew Where my life will be unraveled The place where I will find you Looking up... I walk as though I haven't before Towards this new life I hurry To see what I have in store In the future so blurry
Stolen Heart
Like a thief, unexpectedly you robbed me No more coldness within my heart You changed it from dirty stone Into a beautiful piece of art To passion I had no vision But you kissed my eyes and let me see Another part of my rigid being You so graciously set free Emotions which I found foreign, Seem to be a second language today You taught me how to speak them Within my heart they'll stay Like a thief, unexpectedly you robbed me Stole my heart without a peep I thank you for being so silent My heart you shall keep
Watch This
For All My Lady Friends
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends". A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he treat you any differently? Always have y
Chapter Iv Part 5
Why Do I Cry
Sometimes we argue, I don't know why. Then I sit and wonder, why do I cry? I cry because I love you, I cry because I care, I cry because I feel we have a love so rare, sometimes I'm afraid I'll turn around and you won't be there. I love you every minute, I love you every day, I even love you when we argue, I love you when we play. Sometimes I've wondered do you love me too, then I look in your eyes and I know it's true. So when I say something a little crazy or I do something you don't feel is right, Please, let's try to work it out so we won't fight. Some people take relationships for granted it's sad to hear but true, I don't want this to happen, not with you. I want our relationship to be completely from the heart so we both know, no matter what we go through we will never part.
Never give up on what you believe For no matter what you shall achieve Sure you may falter and stumble At times the weight of the world may get to heavy and you may begin to crumble Pick yourselve up and trudge onward Never lose sight of what you are striving for For when one door slams shut another opens Never give up the fight That may lead you into the darkness of the darkest abyss For i'll lend you a rope Leading towards the light Never lose faith in what you believe in Never succumb to the pain and anger you feel within For you have a voice You have a choice Reach out your hand To someone whom will understand Never lose sight of your goals or your dreams No matter how hard it may feel For your friends will always help you to heal Just believe You're sure to achieve Anything you set your mind to
Burn Of Power
youve taken all you can no one comes back again no hiding from the past the river of truth comes at last weve been waiting here for you never again pulling you thru break me forsake me walk the streets cant break free choose to meet your maker a burn of power will always foresake her ill bet you think my time is thru ive never in my life seen someone like you
Blonde Joke
A Brunette, a Redhead, and a Blonde escape a burning building by climbing to the roof. The Firemen are on the street below, holding a blanket for them to jump into. The firemen yell to the Brunette, 'Jump! Jump! It's your only chance to survive!' The Brunette jumps and SWISH! The firemen yank the blanket away...the Brunette slams into the sidewalk like a tomato. 'C'mon! Jump! You gotta jump!' say the firemen to the Redhead. 'Oh no! You're gonna pull the blanket away!' says the Redhead. 'No! It's Brunettes we can't stand! We're OK with Redheads!' 'OK' says the Redhead, and she jumps. SWISH! The firemen yank the blanket away, and the lady is flattened on the pavement like a pancake. Finally, the Blonde steps to the edge of the roof. Again, the firemen yell 'Jump! You have to jump!' 'No way! You're just gonna pull the blanket away!' yelled the Blonde. 'No! Really! You have to jump! We won't pull the blanket away!' 'Look,' the Blonde says, 'nothing you say is gonna convince me that you're
2 Am Ravings
The Answer To Why loved you with the scrapps of a broken heart natural failure because when you needed something more she couldn't bring miracles or hope in the darkness and you're lost with the girl soon to follow but this is the end for the fallen angel the last days of sanity when breath is too expensive to bear much longer so it's time to leave the "brother" who tried to guide the biologics who found dissappointment the young lover she failed into the darkness to start again and perhaps find less failure in the next life When It's Done you have turned in your cold moment away from truly seeing that the clues are written in words you used to hear so when it's over and you must know why it's because there was nothing but loss and mourning when the tears had to stop she went for the bottle Resentment and Death give the last of your love to save every one of them because you chose to believe that she was stronger drive into the
Wise Words For Women
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends". A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he treat you any differently? Always have y
Longing For The One You Love
For the longest time Have I longed to touch thy face To kiss thy beautiful lips And feel the warmth of thine embrace. For the longest time Have I longed to hold thee near And whisper sweet caresses From my mouth into your ears. For the longest time Have I longed to sing out loud Of the passion that I'll feel When we dance beneath the clouds. For the longest time Have I longed to be with thee To join my heart with your soul Until you're the greatest part of me. For the longest time Will you and I be together Until our fantasies have become realities And our spirits have become one forever.
Conspiracy Rock
Remember Schoolhouse Rock? This is Conspiracy Theory Rock. This aired on Saturday Night Live....once and once only...because General Electric owns NBC. Just watch.
28 WEEKS LATER Six months after the events of the first film, Britain has been abandoned, and the Americans attempt to reintroduce life back in the country, but something goes wrong. 2002 MANIACS: BEVERLY HELLBILLIES After the sheriff refuses to cover up any further for the maniacs causing all the missing persons in the area, they're forced to hit the road in what's dubbed the "Pleasant Valley Traveling Road Show." where the maniacs head across country in hopes of gathering more victims. We'll follow a young TV crew called the "Road Rascals" as they find themselves mixed up with another one of the maniacs' deadly festivals. BOOGEYMAN 2 No official plot yet, but the first film told the story of a young man who goes to his childhood home to face his fears of the boogeyman head on. BUBBA NOSFERATU (PREQUEL) No official plot yet, but it's said the King will be in his 30s as he dabbles in the world of black magic and voodoo. CANDYMAN 4 Set in New England in an all-gir
Upcoming Horror
Here is a few movies that are scheduled to be made soon, some remakes, some prequals.. etc. 01 Saw 3 02 Friday the 13th 03 Resident Evil: Extinction 04 Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning 05 Halloween 9 06 Wrong Turn 2 07 The Hills Have Eyes 2 08 Day of the Dead 09 The Grudge 2 10 Underworld 3 want some more?? i have lots let me know
I Love You, Need You, Miss You, Want You
I love you more than all the stars in the sky. I love you more as each moment passes us by. I love you more with every breath I take. I love you more with each promise we make. I need you like a flower needs the rain. I need you for you can wash away my pain. I need you more each day I need you for you are so wonderful, in every single way. I miss you more than ever now. I miss you because I really need you somehow. I miss you and your touch. I miss you for to me, you mean so much. I want you to caress my lips the way you always do. I want you to look into my eyes and see my love for you. I want you to hold me close to your heart. I want you to know that I love you, need you, miss you, and want you And I have for every single moment, right from the start.
What Is Wrong With This Site?
Whole Lot Better
well seems to of sorted its self out and is going back to normal,for now,still got pins and needles in my legs but that cos of how im sitting,pity was gonna ask iff any one wanted to come rub my back ? lol
To All
goodnite all and i love ya.
Ezra Good Lay
I swear Ezra is the best lay ever, She really knows what to do with my lever. Her techniques the best, better than all the rest. Her pussy is sweeter, she sucks cock meaner, she is always up for anything, She is always eager.
This Is Funny
Red Skelton Making Up As Freddie The Freeloader & Theme Song
Unfortunately this clip is not available for embedding, but is available at
Blogs Awayyyyyyyyy
I Can't Have You
If loving you is wrong Then my heart knows not what is right I cry myself to sleep Every second of the night What is there to do? What is there to say? I know I can't have you But still I give my heart away I’d walk a thousand miles And cry a thousand tears Just to know your love Will be waiting for me But what is there to feel? When you don’t feel the same? I know I can’t have you But still I give my love away You are my dream come true I wished upon a star for you But what am I to know? If you really love me so I know I can’t have you But still I give myself away
I Am Missing You
Why can't I speak when I have so much to tell? Why can't I write when I have so much in mind? Why can't I sing when there's music in my heart? Why can't I dance when there's rythm in the air? Too many words left unspoken Too many things left undone Why can't it be and why can't I? For all I know this pain deep inside Took the gladness from my heart. Is this the pain of missing you? Is this the reason behind it all? Hear the agony of my heart Longing for you and for your touch Feeling your lips, feeling your face Missing your kisses and warm embrace. When will the waiting ever be over? For as long as were apart I can never be whole Oh! My Dearest Love I just want you to know That my heart is aching because "I'M MISSING YOU!"
Pledge Of Allegiance
As recited and explained by the late, great Red Skelton
when Hailey (my daughter ) was very young think she was 4 i had no choice but to enroll her in daycare .. and after several weeks of checking every daycare out in my area i decided on one ... very secure very safe very profesional place .. a few days before she was supposed to start there i would take her down there and we would spend the day there getting used to the kids and the new atmosphere ... Hailey would not stray too far from my side .. would just look up at me with a worried look in her eye .. .. so when the day came when i was just dropping her off so i could go to work i worried she would be upset .. walked her in and the teachers greeted her as if she has always gone there ... again she just held my hand and looked at me with those worried eyes .. i kissed her and said my goodbyes as a tear welt up in my eye ... the teacher took hailey to a window that she could wave to me from as i left ... as i walked out i turned to see her there .. her lil face in the window just wa
Tribal Cross On My Sternum
Recently I got a Tribal/Celtic cross on my sternum. You can read about it here:
I Hate My Mind
I just read some shit I shouldn't have read. Now I am hurting
Special Someone
This is for that special know who you are!! Nickelback~"Far Away" This time, This place Misused, Mistakes Too long, Too late Who was I to make you wait Just one chance Just one breath Just in case theres just one left Cause you know, you know, you know That I love you I have loved you all along And I miss you Been far away for far too long I keep dreaming youll be with me and youll never go Stop breathing if I dont see you anymore One my knees, Ill ask Last chance for one last dance Cause with you, Id withstand All of hell to hold your hand Id give it all Id give for us Give anything but I wont give up Cause you know, you know, you know That I love you I have loved you all along And I miss you Been far away for far too long I keep dreaming youll be with me and youll never go Stop breathing if I dont see you anymore So far away Been far away for far too long So far away Been far away for far too long But you know, y
Chapter 2
Midsummer Nights’ Dreams - His side How much longer could this go on? For the third night in a row, he woke up so hard that all it would take to finish would be touch it. Damn, but she was hot! Her voice rang in his head: Please! Please fuck me! Her hands were so smooth, her mouth was… inviting. Man, he’d like to meet her, whoever she was, to see if she was as good as he thought she’d be. He got out of bed, went to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, took a swig from the soda bottle without getting a glass. The bubbles exploded in his stomach, sending tingles through him. He made his way back to bed, thought he could smell her, the musky scent that only warm pussy can give off. He closed his eyes, saw her face, imagined her pink lips open, waiting for him to put his dick between them. He took hold of it, sliding his fingers up-and-down, like she would. Like she would, faster, faster, he could even see her gorgeous hair as it lay on his legs, feel her breath on his s
Just Wanting To Say "hi"
Hello Cherries... Just a note to say that I haven't forgotten about any of you...Work has been hetic, and getting worse..(the end of the quarter). Maybe, soon I will be back. I thank you for stopping by... Hope to catch ya later... bye for now...
Life As Some Know It
now the begining to another long night, its currently 1:17 am. ide love to pretend id sleep, have someone to talk to, lay with, kiss, hold, but the truth is that im going to sit here,watch some law and order, smoke WAY to many ciggarrettes, and then finally conk out to do it all over again. the life of an average twenty year old male amazes me. the constant activity of teens and adolescent years brings the false identity of a fullfilling life. then you get the full time job, still the activity lays however a little more seldom now. then your pressured by your peers, schooling system, parents ( of course) as well as society around u to go to school for another 2 to 10 years. like the first 12 werent enough. after the futile attempt at something u didnt really agree with u decide that the working man is the one u admire and strive for. u buy all this useless materialistic lifestyl to fill the ongoing void of bordem and loneliness. as the bills pile up and the events come more few and far
Don't Leave
What would I do if you leave? I'd miss you, I believe That's what I'd do if you leave Emotions are kept under my sleeve So my prayers to you I'd give Please stay a bit longer For I may see you again never And you leaving isn't for the better Surely I'd miss you sooner or later Everyday I miss you more and more It makes my heart feel so sore Thinking of the way things were, I'd like to go back to the times we had before.
Give Back My Jaded hole in the heart where you should be just a fool in love lost in the dance we're in more lost in the life lost hungry for the dream clinging to the notion sheltered in your thoughts a rare moment at a time contrasted with your icy indifference when alone takes on a new meaning love has made me helpless a victim to the empty place where you hide tourmented by the moment you gave me hope again that there was one listening feeling, loving that there was a place to call home an angel to watch over that there could be peace... and i want my happy jaded ways back so help me fall from love to where i can rest in peace
Because Of You
I awake each day with a smile And greet it with a laugh; The world is a treasure to me Because of you. Every time I think of something sad, I replace the thought- with you! My mind is instantly changed And my heart is filled with gladness. Every breath I take is meant for you, I live this life surrounded in joy And I bathe in the promise of your love, My soul belongs to you. Each time I see something beautiful I want to take it and bring it to you; My life has so much meaning now All because of you.
Some History
HISTORY TEST Please pause a moment, reflect back, and take the following multiple choice test The events are actual cuts from past history. They actually happened. Do you remember? 1: 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by: a. Superman b. Jay Lenno c. Harry Potter d. Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40 2: In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by: a. Olga Corbett b Sitting Bull c. Arnold Schwarzenegger d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40 3: In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by: a. Lost Norwegians b. Elvis c. A tour bus full of 80-year-old women d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40 4: During the 1980's a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by: a. John Dillinger b. The King of Sweden c. The Boy Scouts d. Muslim male extremists
Keep Away
Keep AwayBy
My Greatest Fear
My Greatest Fear Is: Part 5 PART FIVE: Oct. 9, 2006 1:40pm 5th entry: (This entry is by itself instead of with the first four added, eventhough it is part of the same series of blogs) I had a job interview today at 2:00pm and I had about a half an hour maybe a little less before they got back from lunch to talk to me, so I sat down and took out my pad and pen and wrote this down so I can place it up on this blog area along with the rest of my blog entries. And by the way, I got the job! Training for the next three days from 6am until 2:30pm and then I work swing shift, or second as the case may be because there is no third, from 11am until about 7 or 8:30pm and it will be at least 40 hours a week. YAY ME!!!!  And now it’s time for the entry at hand. Whenever I think back on what happened on Saturday morning, this past weekend, I see a frightened, defiant little girl trying to keep herself from falling and disappearing into something she is not going to be able t
Was a long night , been an even longer day, no road signs here to show me the way . lost something today . part of me went away .. feel different but as to how i just cant say ... kind of like sitting at a rest stop when you are only part of the way . car and people go , but you just stay .. tired today . tired of getting lost along the way ... no road signs here to point the way ...

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She Still Can't Spell
Well, It was monday.. Nice day out.. and I was in a good mood from the weekend.. Then it happened.. that evil nameless thing.. I used to date due to BB . A very serious case of BB I might add.. Was at the vogue... she was drunk and let ghetto fab boy hit on her and give him her number.. well she's ghetto too so they match.. I'm so glad I fired her 3 weeks ago or was it 5 .??? lmao I have to remember this is the shameless shrew that stood me up on my birthday! to get drunk! lmao I deserve much better and I'm wayyyyy to nice to curse someone like that out. Notice I didn't say "chough" her.. lmao For once in my little life i'd like to meet someone nice and not pushy.. ohwell.. I did tell a friend that if I get BB again.. I'd become a lesbian.. I have new rules.. A woman must be able to read a newspaper and find movie listings at least. and she has to spell somethings.. Don't ask me how I got stuck with a girl that couldn't spell and hated r
Just Me
peaches@ LostCherry

Sasha Recreational Lover 'What will your sex business card say?' at
Don't Close Your Blinds
I just read this in a Bulletin -- Guess what -- I had to BLOG IT (After a tear or two) The other day, my nine year old son wanted to know why we were at war. My husband looked at our son and then looked at me. My husband and I were in the Army during the Gulf War and we would be honored to serve and defend our Country again today. I knew that my husband would give him a good explanation. He thought for a few minutes and then told my son to go stand in our front living room window. He said "Son, stand there and tell me what you see?" "I see trees and cars and our neighbor's houses." he replied. "OK, now I want you to pretend that our house and our yard is the United States of America and you are President Bush." Our son giggled and said "OK." "Now son, I want you to look out the window and pretend that ev ery house and yard on this block is a different country" my husband said. "OK Dad, I'm pretending." "Now I want you to stand there and look out the window and
Okay I Don't Know What I'm Doing Yet, But I'll Returnthe Favors Once I Do!
Thanks for everyone being so nice on here, but I don't know how to work everything yet and i'm being bombarded with stuff so as soon as I figure this system out, I'll return the favors and comment on peoples pages. Thanks and goodnight :)
Hee Hee
A man and his ever-nagging wife went on vacation to Jerusalem. While they were there, the wife passed away. The undertaker told the husband, "You can have her shipped home for $5,000, or you can bury her here, in the Holy Land, for $150." The man thought about it and told him he would just have her shipped home. The undertaker asked, "Why would you spend $5,000 to ship your wife home, when it would be wonderful to be buried here and you would spend only $150?" The man replied, "Long ago a man died here, was buried here, and three days later he rose from the dead. I just can't take that chance."
Update On Me
I am half way though the 1st quarter and I have 2 A's one B and a C in my classes. I have a new boyfriend. We have been together for over a month now. We go up to the college together. We have known each other since 9th grade. My kids are going good. Growing like a weed. I play on a bowling league for the college and softball team. My first game is in Hillsboro, Ohio. It is at 1 pm if you want to come and watch it will be on October 29, 06. Also my Birthday I will be 27. It is held at he college. I will try and update more but college, kids, sports, and my man also.
Chapter Iv Part 4
The Homeless
I dont think enough is being done for the homless in Australia the Govt always uses money for useless things like ticket take parades for sporting heroes etc when there are more homeless on the streets every day going without food shelter its disgusting. The shelters are full most times & more ppl have to suffer. I think more money should be put into these shelters rather than being wasted on immaterial things. I just hope ythat one day there will be no homlwess ppl anywhere
It is Monday and I am putting in 10 hour days so I won't be able to spend that much time tonight. I will tell you that I sometimes write to get comments. I sometimes write to relay a message to someone in the way of a parable. I sometimes write just to air the thoughts in my head. Last night was a little of all of those. As for my subject matter and the comments I got let me say just a few things. 1. Four rules from Christ: A. Love everyone or the doors of heaven won't open for you. B. Forgive everyone or the doors of heaven won't open to for you. C. Obey these two commanements. Love and worship God first. D. and second..... love your neighbor as you love yourself......... the rest will fall in place. IE: Would you steal from yourself? Would you murder yourself? Would you commit adultery against yourself? See what I mean? 2. Don't judge anyone until you have walked in their shoes. I tell this to my kids all the time. 3. O
Contest I've Won
entered The Sexiest Undies contest "Sexiest Undies WINNER" and so id like to thank all of my friends that have supported me throughout this contest. i couldn't have won it without all of you. MWHUAAAHHH loves you all!!!
Dog Hugs
ATTENTION ALL DOGS!!! THE FOLLOWING ARE IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR EVERY DOG TO KNOW : Instructions for properly hugging a baby: 1. First, spy a baby. 2. Second, be sure that the object you spied was indeed a baby by employing classic sniffing techniques. If you smell baby powder and the wonderful aroma of wet diapers, this is indeed a baby. 3. Next you will need to flatten the baby before actually beginning the hugging process. **Note: The added slobber should help in future steps by making the "paw slide" easier. 4. The "paw slide"- Simply slide paws around baby and prepare for possible close-up. 5. Finally, if a camera is present, you will need to execute the difficult and patented "hug, smile, and lean" so as to achieve the best photo quality. Dogs, if this is properly done, it will secure you a warm, dry, climate-controlled environment for the rest of your life. Good Luck to all of you! awww cant put pics in here well check read this then check
For You
Happiness found me, the day you said you loved me. I close my eyes and vision, how things could be. I never knew i could find, someone so perfect in every way. The smile on your face, has me singing throughout the day. I dream about you nightly, your love carries me away. To a place i never been, i so thankful i dont know what to say. The thought of your touch, drives me to peaks i never knew. The look on your face, has me thinking of things i would do. I want to wrap my arms around you tight, and never let go. I want to say i love you so many times, so that you will always know. I want to experance life at its greatest, with you by my side. I want to share with you my fears, for you are my pride. I wish i could be with you, all through the night. Your love has taken ahold of me, flying me higher then a kite. Your lips look tasty, like a drug i am hooked. Your eyes so sexy, i go crazy when you give me that look. I could spend forever just looking at your face. My body
Hidden Flames ( Cont )
~*~Tag ~*~ Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. I think Pirates are sexy!!! 2. I still chew on my finger nails!! :P 3. I get something in my mind. I stick to it until someone or something proves me wrong. So I am very Stuborn!! 4. Very short temper!!! 5. Absolutely, Positively Do Not Like ANY seafood!!! 6. Extreamly afraid of all bugs and insects!! Ok Here There Are All My Werid Things or Habbits. Now... Choco, Smokey96, Cystic Fibrosis SUX, Tina, Enraptured, toodles Tag Your "IT"!!!!
Hidden Flames ( Continued )
Hidden Flames
Part 4 And More To Come
Feeling the bites and tears of her skin, giving it all that she had, running toward what she thought was safety. There was always that thought of something waiting for her at the other end of the room. But it was to dark to see what it was. Jumping over rocks, small puddles and others that have fallen she held back her tears. All the death of the ones that were strangers yet there was a feeling of friendship lost. Five feet away, three . Wait there was something blocking the door. It didnt seem real. But there was no way that she could stop. Climb over it, a voice whispered. She stared climbing. At first she thought she felt rock yet there was something strange about the way it felt. It was more like scales, not snake scales, nor fish scale. Yet there was something familiar about the texture. Thinking again that it was all a dream this huge head whips around out of the darkness, teeth thrashing and shining in the dark. All she could think of was getting out of the room. The door wa
A Description Of The Five Ages Of Sex
1) The first is Smurf Sex. This happens during the honeymoon period; you both keep doing it until you're blue in the face. 2) The second is Kitchen Sex. This is at the beginning of the marriage; you'll have sex anywhere, anytime, even in the kitchen. 3) The third kind is Bedroom Sex. You've calmed down a bit, perhaps have kids, so you gotta do it in the bedroom. 4) The fourth kind is Hallway Sex. This is the phase in which you pass each other in the hallway and say, "Fuck you!" 5) There is also a fifth kind of sex: Courtroom Sex. This is when you get divorced and your wife screws you in front of everyone in the courtroom.
Part 3
All he did was stand there with a slight smile on his face that kind of made Kris feel like something was going to happen to her she will never forget. Boy did it ever. All of the people in the room with her were silently praying that nothing bad would happen, yet there was a ahora about the room that made Kris feel there was something bad going to happen to a few of them. Priests kneeling and praying to their lord to help them through their trials, nuns doing the same. Yet with every passing minute Kris just stood there thinking to herself. The thoughts were only about living her life without fear, without harm, and with a love that would last a thousand years. Kind of in a trance she was brought back to reality with a ringing of a gong. At first she realized that Andrew was not at her side. She almost panicked yet something told her she would be safe. That ever present feeling that she was not alone in this, what ever it may be. Looking to the left she noticed the ot
Part 2
Almost jumping out of her skin she jumps up and starts getting everything she had brought with here gathered up to head back into the building. One last look at the gargoyle. It winked again. Wondering what is going on she shakes her head, takes Andrews hand and they both start running to the building. Still hearing Dicks yelling they run faster. Pushing through crowds of people and trying not to trip running up the Greek style stairway to the huge doors. On these doors there were very beautiful mosaic carvings of demons and angels. The angels looking toward the skies and the demons looking at the people walking through the doors. This was a very beautiful piece of art work on any other day but today Kris was noticing other things. The eyes of the angels looked as though they were crying and the demons looked as though they were looking right at her while she walked through the archway. How could she know what was in store for her when she entered the huge building. In the foyer the ai
Two Looses Her Virginity The Other One Is Unlikely To
There were 2 old-maid sisters... both virgins. It's Friday night and Gladys looks at Betty and says, "I'm not going to die a virgin... I'm going out and I'm not coming home 'til I've been laid!!" Betty says, "Well, make sure you're home by 10 so I don't worry about you." Ten o'clock rolls around and there's no sign of Gladys... 11 o'clock...12 o'clock... Finally about 15 after 1 the front door flys open. In runs Gladys... straight to the bathroom. Betty goes and knocks on the door, "Are you okay, Gladys???" No answer, so she opens the door and there sits Gladys with her panties around her ankles, legs spread, and her head stuck between her legs looking at herself. "What is it, Gladys??? What's wrong?" asks Betty. "Betty, it was 10 inches long when it went in... and 5 when it came out. When I find the other half you're gonna have the time of your life!!!"
A Work In Progress
In a room large enough to be a hospital waiting room, Kris sits at her desk listening to the boss yell over the phone. Granted not every boss is this way all the time but unlucky for her this one was. Every five minuets it seemed he was yelling at someone new. Be it her or someone else it seemed Dick was never happy unless he was yelling. Poor guy to be named Dick, although it sooted him well. As to try to keep him from yelling at her Kris sat at her desk typing letters and other documents out for Dick. Trying to zone out the yelling in the next room and listening to the clicks of her keyboard. Here and there stopping to answer the phone and directing the calls to his office, then the yelling would start again. The hours seemed to go by so slowly when it was like this. Nothing but typing and yelling to listen to. Again the phone rings " Quality Business Products, this is Kris, Hold a moment while I direct your call ple…" "Please wait. " the voice said on the other
just another monday.. Current mood: weird uh, yah, just — Monday, October 09, 2006 Not too much going on. I kinda had a long discussion with my teacher today, no one else was participating, so it was just me and him talking basicly. How fun. I felt kinda weird afterwards. Ohwell. That girl dissapeared right after class. Into a void or something. Then I went up to my psyche class and rememered, I didn't have class today, I had a test instead. So I reviewed the first chapter we went over agian, and then that always messes up how the last chapter is in my head, so I just really can't win. I don't think I did well on the test but ohwell, just have to do better nextime. I have tons of math to do before thursday. I almost did some today, then I got lost in thought for a while. Sometimes it seems like my mind is a record player and it gets stuck on certain grooves and has to play out ( somtimes more than once ) before any other think;ing or anything else can take
Damnit Shit Fuck...!
My single biggest pet peeve about being single...its not the sex...or any of that shit. Its waking up in the middle of the night because of a bad dream all shaken without a firm grasp on reality for the first few minutes...and NOT having someone in bed next to me to tell me everything is ok, ask me what it was about,and hold me until i fall asleep again. I mean seriously its not like i have bad dreams a lot, shit i dont even have any dreams very often at all, but when i do it would be really nice if i had someone around. where where where is my one and only prince or princess? does anybody know. *yawn* time to try to go back to sleep.
Wow, this is new, I have tons of comments and stuff, idk if I like it better than myspace or not yet. keep me interested!
Excuses For Not Doing Things
Ever need an excuse to get out of doing things? ;-) I'd love to, but having fun gives me prickly heat. I'd love to, but I changed the lock on my door; now I can't get out. I'd love to, but I did my own thing, and now I've got to undo it. I'd love to, but I don't want to leave my 0zone. I'd love to, but I feel a song coming on. I'd love to, but I have left my body in my other clothes. I'd love to, but I have some hard words to look up in the dictionary. I'd love to, but I have to answer all of my "occupant" letters. I'd love to, but I have to be on the next train to Bermuda. I'd love to, but I have to bleach my hare. I'd love to, but I have to check freshness dates on my diary products. I'd love to, but I have to draw "Cubby" for an art scholarship. I'd love to, but I have to floss my cat. I'd love to, but I have to fluff my shower cap. I'd love to, but I have to fulfill my destiny. I'd love to, but I have to feed my Ongbun. I'd love to, but I have to go to court for
A Selection Of Examples Of How The Media Would Handle The End Of The World
USA Today: WE'RE DEAD. Wall Street Journal: Dow Jones Plummets as World Ends. National Enquirer: O.J. and Nicole, Together Again. Inc. Magazine: 10 Ways You Can Profit From the Apocalypse. Rolling Stone: The Grateful Dead Reunion Tour. Sports Illustrated: Game Over. Playboy: Girls of the Apocalypse. Lady's Home Journal: Lose 10 Pounds by Judgment Day with Our New "Armageddon" Diet! TV Guide: Death and Damnation: Nielson Ratings Soar! Discover Magazine: How will the extinction of all life as we know it affect the way we view the cosmos? Microsoft Systems Journal: Netscape Loses Market Share. Microsoft's Web Site: If you don't experience the rapture, DOWNLOAD software patch RAPT777.EXE. America OnLine: System temporarily down. Try calling back in 15 minutes.
9 Level's Of Submission
1. The outright non-submissive masochist or Kinky Sensualist Not into servitude, humiliation or giving up control; just pain and/or spiced-up sensuality, on the masochist's own terms and for the masochist's own direct pleasure (i.e. turned on solely/mainly by one's own bodily sensations rather than by being "used" to gratify one's partner's sadism). 2. Pseudo-submissive non-slave Not into even playing "slave," but into other "submissive" role-playing, e.g. schoolteacher scenes, infantilism, "forced" transvestitism. Usually into humiliation, but NOT into servitude, even in play. Dictates the scene to a large degree. 3. Pseudo-submissive play slave Likes to play at being a slave; likes to feel subservient; may in some cases like to feel one is being "used" to gratify partner's sadism; may even really serve the dominant in some ways, but only on the "slave's" own terms. Dictates the scene to a large degree; often fetishistic (e.g. foot worshippers). 4. T
Yes...a Cynicism
Cynics regarded everybody as equally corrupt... Idealists regarded everybody as equally corrupt, except themselves. Robert Anton Wilson
A Collection Of The Many Different Types Of Penis
The Excedrin Penis - it's ttthhhiiisss big The Snickers Penis - It satisfies your craving The Magnovox Penis - Smart.Very smart. The Life-Call Penis - It's fallen and it can't get up. The American Express Penis - Don't leave home without it. The Tootsie Roll Pop Penis - How many licks DOES it take...? The M&M Penis - Melts in your mouth, not in your hand. The Lucky Charms Penis - They are magically delicious. The Energizer Penis - It keeps going and going. The Right Guard Penis - Anything less is uncivilised. The Campbell's Soup Penis - Mmmm mmmm good The McDonald's Penis - Over 8 billion served. The Tombstone Penis - What would you like on yours? The Ragu Penis - Comes out chunkier than the rest. The Cobain Penis - It blows itself away. The All-State Penis - You're in good hands. The 7-Up Penis - The un-penis. The Bud Lite Penis - Great taste, less filling. The Barq's Penis - The one with bite. The Beef Penis - It's what's for dinner. The Transformer Penis - It's m
Dominant Vs. Domineering
Dominant vs. Domineering The two terms, Dominant and domineering, are often misused and mistakenly considered interchangeable. In the first instance, a Dominant is part of a lifestyle. One in which there are certain expectations and responsibilities (unique to each relationship). An important part of that lifestyle is the recognition that it needs to be mutually gratifying. That is to say that the happiness and well being of a submissive is equally as important as the Dominant's. One thing that distinguishes a domineering person from a Dominant is a lack of this recognition. People that are domineering are selfish, and serve their own interests. It's sad to think that being overbearing, loud and demanding might be confused with being Dominant, but the fact is that it often is. Guess that doesn't say much about us Dominants and the image we project. Another way that domineering people differ from Dominants includes an inability to "earn" things
Lost Cherry Club
well first off let said hi to all those lost cherry and let all them know that i really loves there profile's and i really enjoy loging into lost cherry this wed is my birthday and i know where i will be at the lost cherry yah
A Joke Telling The Pitfalls Of Taking Too Much Viagra
A woman walks into her sex therapist's office and tells her that her husband is not a very good lover, and they never have sex anymore, and asks what to do about it. The therapist tells her that she has an experimental drug called "Viagra" that might do the trick. She tells the woman to give her husband one pill that night and come back in the morning and tell her what happened. The next day, the woman comes in ecstatic telling the therapist that the pill worked, she and her husband had the best sex ever. She asks her therapist what would happen if she gave her husband two pills and the therapist says she doesn't know, but to go ahead and try it. The next day, the same thing happens, the woman comes in telling the therapist that the sex was even better than the night before and what would happen if she gave him five pills. The therapist says she doesn't know, but to go ahead and try it. The next day, the woman comes in limping but happy, and tells the therapist that the sex ju
Level's Of Dominance
Levels of Dominance Author Unknown In the D/s lifestyle you will find there are as many definitions for "Dominant" and "Master" as there are people to talk with. When a Dominant says "I want to be your Master", the words may have a different meaning to the one hearing them than to the one who uttered them. At one end there is the person who only means I want to tie you up, whip you, have scenes and sex with you, when they say they want to be your Master. At the other end of the spectrum there are people who mean they want to become your full-time Master, your protector, your teacher. They only feel fulfilled when they can own your heart and soul. Between the two definitions you will find many gray shaded areas completing the meaning of Dominant / Master. Again you need to examine yourself and give the words true meaning. Once you are sure what the Dominant expects and offers to you, you will be ready to give the gift. When you speak of becoming a Master to someone commun
Cynic To The
The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it. George Bernard Shaw Irish dramatist & socialist (1856 - 1950)
An Explaination Of Dating Terms
DATING: The process of spending enormous amounts of money, time, and energy to get better acquainted with a person whom you don't especially like in the present and will learn to like a lot less in the future. EASY: A term used to describe a woman who has the morals of a man. EYE CONTACT: A method utilized by a single woman to communicate to a man that she is interested in him. Despite being advised to do so, many women have difficulty looking a man directly in the eyes, not necessarily due to shyness, but usually due to the fact that a woman's eyes are not located in her chest. FRIEND: A member of the opposite sex in your acquaintance who has some flaw which makes sleeping with him/her totally unappealing. INDIFFERENCE: A woman's feeling towards a man,usually interpreted by the man as "playing hard to get." IRRITATING HABIT: What the endearing little qualities that initially attract two people to each other turn into after a few months together. NYMPHOMANIAC
Ah Yes...the Bane Of My Existence...
To see close, and tell truthfully what I see... -------------------- A good friend can tell you what is the matter with you in a minute. He may not seem such a good friend after telling. Arthur Brisbane, "The Book of Today"
Love?? ....Is there really a true meaning to that word"? I dont think alot of ppl know the true meaning.....cuz everyone has there own meaning for it and diff ways of showin it. To me Love comes from the soul not from the heart.Love is when u give someone ur all and wanna keep givin it forever. Its when u know u can tell that person everything about u and they will never judge for who u r and what u wanna be. Sometimes Love can be fate and walk right into ur life outta no where and then u just know they r part of u ..ur soul. Like I have always been told Never look for Love ...Love will find u.Love those who really give u the true meaning of it in life and everything u do. Never take someone for granted in Love....cuz if u do it can ruin someone for a long time or even maybe forever. Live,Love and Always Laugh..... ~Dawnie~
When You Say You Love Me - Josh Groban
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I'll Return The Favor Soon!
To everyone commenting and giving me 10's, thank you! I'll return the favor, I just haven't figured this out yet and as soon as I do, I'll return the favor. I've only been on here for about 20 minutes so I don't know how to work everything yet and I haven't gotten my page set up either, but thanks for being so nice :)
I've come to the realization that life is just what it is. You can't change it, so you have to learn how to deal with all the things it throws at you. The things that happen to you are the things that make you; you. So there really isn't a point to hold grudges. If you don't like me? That's fine.. I don't care.. it's probably over something trivial like a guy.. who really wasn't worth it anyway. I'm nice.. I've always been nice.. and I have always done for others before I'd do for myself. I realize there's no point in that either because most of the time it goes un-noticed.. along with other reasons. I say it's pointless.. but I won't ever be able to change who I am.. I will always be that nice girl who does everything for everyone that gets the shit end of the stick. But that's life I guess. And it's so hard to trust people.. maybe it's just the people I am trusting.. I always seem to pick the winners.. but even my own family.. (excluding my mom, dad, sister and brother) they can't ke
Glad To Be Here!
Well I'm glad I got invited I had never heard of this site before, I sent out invites to all my friends so hopefully there will be more. I think its great all the things that are in place like earning points and being able to give other people virtual gifts. Well thats about it just wanted to say Glad to be here and THANK YOU to all the ones that added me and sent comments. *hugs* Barb
Hey ya'll.. Im bouts to go to sleep but just wanted to update a min. Im oOo soOo freakin bored, my life is just nothing these days!! I hardly hang out wit friends & I have no job.. but dont remind me of that, i get bitched enough about it all the time.. & i needa get my L's.. But my parents be trip'n sumtimes & it makes it real hard. I made 30$'s yesterday baby sit'n.. Ahhh.. i had fun tho. Tha lil girl was pretty good, it was my cousin's daughter chelsy. She's only 1, and she slept most the time away ne ways. Other then that playin sims & watchin tv is what i be doin.. *haha* cept saturday i went to the Mck VS Perry game. McK won of course.. Blah! AnJ
Just Have To Add On More Cheese
Now That I Found You-terri Clark
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You could give me a kiss, that would sizzle to the core; yet I'd not be appeased if you gave me a dozen more. You could hold me close to warm this heart of red yet you'd find that my desire had not fled. You could visit me at night and please me with your touch. yet come the dawn, I'd want you just as much. You could try something old, or something new and improved, yet my hunger for you could never be removed. You could kiss me, hold me, and vow your love so true, but no matter what you do, I'll never get enough of you.
Scream Or Cry? Fucking Snake Died
Ekar May 1 2005 to October 10th 2006 My daughter knocked over his cage almost a month ago, he got a nasty gash behind his left jaw, was stitched up promptly.My brother force fed him tonight, smallest baby mice we could find, since he hadnt eaten in almost a month and half... I checked on him a short bit ago, and he's done. Im not sure if I want to scream about it, or cry about it. I probably wont do either. At least he doesnt hurt anymore. -Loyal
More Chesse
My Ruin - Terror
this is what you call me... i strike terror among men i can't be bothered with what they think i bare my cross, my soul, myself i forgive... but i never forget i've been put upon this earth in female form but i can handle myself with the best of you as well as the worst and i often have i have the right to remain silent but i choose to speak, sing, scream i am lips, hips, tits... i am the power of a woman strong like music true like friendship but without my friends there would be no music... only spoken word fucker! i am able to change so i live without regret, without remorse only a remix i am drunk, i am sober heaven doesn't want me and hell's afraid i'll take over don't bother trying to censor me or shut me up because it won't work i am cold and distant yet warm and close to those who deserve to see that side of me part of me... the heart of me you find me so hard to understand in your world the world you perceive to be so normal i am deformed... scorned
He Does Not Know
He is speacial and he doesnt know.He makes me laugh yet he still does not know.He makes me feel beautiful whenever he is around.He also makes me feel comfterable with him yet he does not know.I have told him how much I like him and that I will not leave him.Either he does not know just how much or I am a fool that is falling in love.
well friday i leave for iraq yea i know i said the 20th but it is now friday i lil earlyer than expected and i will bw there from 6 months to a year i will miss everyone here and talk to ya if i get a chance well later and thanks for the support
*80 Things U Probly Don't Know Bout Me (whether U Care Or Not *lol*)* Scroll Down. Dunno Y Its Like This
80 Things You Might Not Know About Me Whats your middle name?Rose How big is your bed?Big Enuff 4 2! What are you listening to right now?HipHop Nation on Sirius Satellite Radio What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number?Nunya What was the last thing you ate?*Blush* A Hostess Ho-Ho Last person you hugged?Immy, My Coworker How is the weather right now?Chilly But Nice Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?Shawny\'s Voicemail..Seriously, My Last Coversation Was Wit Brandy What is the first thing u notice in the opposite sex?Eyes & Smile Favorite type of Food.Pasta! Do you want children?I Did Til I Turned 30 Do you drink?Yes Ever get so drunk you don\'t remember the entire night?
Men ?????
ok men are so confusing i try to understand them but i am better off trying to figure out what the hell the dog is saying when he barks... i try to see and understand guys or certain ones they dont want you or want to be with you and you give them every chance you can and then when you have enough of the bulllshit you tell them to stay away and what the hell happens they show up at your door and act like its nothing and then leaves smilein and gives you a hug and a kiss and sometimes a tongue kiss that to me is intamate ... and only ones you truely care about or love gets those not just anyone... but anyways i think i will go lezbo that way i know how a woman feels and what we want and not have to worry about guys shit not saying i dont like dick cause i love it and well the other i dont know had my tongue there and to chicken shit to do anything lol it was a joke for a assshole... but god do you know what im sayin guys why you got to be so difficult ???
Its Not So Bad!
I was a lil skeptical about this site at first but I think I kinda like it. Had a long ass day! But its over now! Off to bed......... Gnight!
Sex Anyone?
1.Would u have sex with me? answer: 2.What position would u ........ me in? answer: 3.Would u suck me up/eat me out? answer: 4.Would u sex me hard? answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me? answer: 9.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 10.What makes u want 2 have sex with me? answer: 11.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed? answer: 12.Where would u do me @? answer: 13.Would u do me in front of people? answer: 14.Would u do me again and again? answer: 15.Would u do me in the rain? answer: 16.Would u mind if we did it like ........ stars? answer: 17.Would u have phone sex with me? answer: 18.If i gave u my heart would u love it or let it go? answer: 19.Would u do me once then leave me the next day? answer: 20.Would u tell me the truth no matter what it i
Wtf Celiberty Bullshit
Shall We Gather At The River
Hymn #365 A southern Baptist minister was completing a temperance sermon. With great emphasis he said, "If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river."With even greater emphasis he said, "And if I had all the wine in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river." And then finally, shaking his fist in the air, he said, "And if I had all the whiskey in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river." Sermon complete, he then sat down. The song leader stood very cautiously and announced with a smile, "For our closing song, let us sing Hymn #365, Shall We Gather at the River."
Cats!! Gotta Luv Em!
Free Myspace Pics
Me.... I am a Beautiful Woman. I am Witty I am Intelligent I am Spiritual. I am Meaner than Shit. I am Demanding. I am a Brat. I’m a Sadist. I am a Hedonist. I am Pagan. I am a Goddess. I am a Child. I am Love. I am Me.
What Should I Do
Ight so heres the situation Im bisexual and for the past 6 months I have been fuckin around with my best friend Shawna Josh has been in the room so that I couldnt be accused of cheating on him Well everything has been going good that is up till now Its 1155 pm here and I am debating on knocking her the fuck out/ leaving him I am so hurt See up till now they have both not ever thought of touching each other They have completely concentrated on me Well now she wants to fuck him she gave him head and he aint say shit I am torn because I dont wanna lose a friend but if I dont say somethin and it continues Josh and I will be thru ANY ADVICE ON WHAT I SHOULD DO
A little over a year ago I learned about this website called "Myspace". I joined and met some cool people I liked it allot at first, and then the "popularity" contest started to begin it was pathetic. I stopped using Myspace for obvious reasons. I recently learned about the LC from a friend (thanks Tanya) and thought it was a way better website. People are more open and friendlier here. Yet again it is becoming a popularity contest; However, I shall not fall victim to it. I will not stop using the LC just because some people who don’t have real life friend’s think that they are cool in cyber-space. If you had no intention to learn about me then why did you accept or request to be my friend? I am here to meet interesting people to talk to. I care nothing about your one time comments and your "10" rates just so I will come and return the favor. So now I am going to be cleaning out my closet. Within the next couple of days I will post a bulletin and will delete the want to be cool people
Military Vs .............
(the last sentence is the best) Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes. He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. __________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He walks the streets, searchi
Invader Of Dreams
You thought you were only a slider In fact you’re an invader Invader of dreams Sometimes it takes a unique To open the true physique Of ones mind Yes, the body and soul Through the eyes of an invader Invader of dreams Two dreams have since past It’s very passionate they may last Frolicking, dancing while laughing With a temptation to be sappy Invader of dreams SedisticCharm (jj), written: 2006
Black White Relationships
Fishing Trip
when my hubby goes fishing I usally just lay out in the sun on the boat while he fishes. but when I seen this pic it made me enjoy fishing lol hope u like...a href="" target="_blank">
Heartfelt Strings
Caught between the strings of life Cutting deep like a jagged knife Listening to the sounds of a beautiful melody Thinking as if it were only yesterday Knowing it must have only been lies You hear the thoughts as the child cries Weeping deep and sighing low Is it a friend or just another foe? Thinking of the others as if on judgment day If only I knew of the strongest way Carry me through the strings of time Playing as if it were only mine Written by: JJ 073002
Philosophical Psychobabble :p
Maybe the point is, that you need to lean forward and love with all you have. Even if you arent loved back. That would add more color to our lives for sure. And to be honest, love isnt about what you get out of it right? Its about giving freely. Not being selfish. I know alot of people that are jaded. They will tell you and have told me that it is also what you get back. But these people also blame the next person for the sins of the last. The way I figure it, there has to be a middle ground? No. Not with love. Love isnt something we can change. At least I really hope not. If we could change what love is, Im afraid we would pervert it like everything else we have "fixed" over time. So if I hold true to what I really believe, I will love unselfishly and completley without reservation. Big gamble if you ask me. So many people are so gun shy anymore it doesnt seem like a good mix. Or, I could shut up and just post sex jokes and blowjob videos. :P
Aguement Bout Sex
A man and a woman were having drinks when they got into an argument about who enjoyed sex more. The man said, "Men obviously enjoy sex more than women. Why do you think we're so obsessed with getting laid?" "That doesn't prove anything," the woman countered. "Think about this... When your ear itches and you put your little finger in it and wiggle it around, then pull it out, which feels better-your ear or your finger?
I Would Have Gotten Out Today
A woman awakes during the night, and her husband isn’t in bed with her. She goes downstairs to look for him. She finds him sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in front of him. He appears to be in deep thought, just staring at the wall. She watches as he wipes a tear from his eye and takes a sip of his coffee. "What's the matter, dear?" she asks. "Why are you down here at this time of night?" The husband looks up from his coffee, "Do you remember 20 years ago when we were dating, and you were only 16?" he asks solemnly. "Yes, I do," she replies. "Do you remember when your father caught us in the back seat of my car making love?" "Yes, I remember," says the wife, lowering herself into a chair beside him. The husband continues, "Do you remember when he shoved the shotgun in my face and said, 'Either you marry my daughter, or I'll send you to jail for 20 years?’" "I remember that, too," she replies softly. He wipes another tear from his cheek and says, "I
When I Get Big Fat And Juicy
There was a cucumber, a pickle, and a penis sitting around talking about how their lives sucked. The cucumber "Man, my life sucks. When I get big, fat, and juicy, they cut me up and stick me on a salad." The pickle looks at him and says, "You think you have it bad? When I get big, fat, and juicy, they stick me in vinegar, put spices on me, and stick me in a jar." The penis looks at him and says, "You think you have it rough? When I get big, fat, and juicy, they stick a rubber tarp on my head, stick me in a dark room, and bang my head against the wall until I throw up and pass out!."
Cant We Just Make His Legs Longer
There was a young man who was so well-endowed that it was bothering his knee. Three doctors and one nurse were in the operating room to remedy the situation. The first doctor said, "We'll just take a big hunk off the end." They discussed it and decided that would affect his sensitivity. The second doctor said, "We'll just take a big hunk out of the middle of it." They discussed it and decided it would change the texture and feel of it. The third doctor said, "We'll just take a big hunk off the base of it." They discussed it and said that would give him erection problems. The doctors looked at the nurse who had tears running down her cheeks. The nurse cried, "Can't we just make his legs longer?"
Hell Yeah, I Want A "bowflex Body", Who Doesn't?!
OMG, I SO need to blog for a minute to release some of my inner "cobwebs". My mind get's filled with all kinds of crazy shit and I just need to let a few devious things out every now & again, or I'll burst! I am sick and tired of seeing all these freakin Bowflex commercials with scantily clad hotties showin off their "Oh so svelt" bods...ugh. Promoting that certain diet pills or exercise machines will build a better me. What's wrong here? Everytime I turn on the television, the radio, hell, even with stupid pop-ups on the internet...I'm bombarded by images of these unrealistic bodies! It's messed up people! Men with abs that look like they were chiseled out of stone, arms so big, they resemble tree trunks, rather than human limbs...women with extremely tiny waists and ENORMOUS fake breasts, all preaching to my lazy ass about fitness...sigh. WTF?! Like ANY of those people share common ground with Jared (That subway guy). They don't even look real!How am I, or any of you
Some Insight!!!
Free Myspace Pics
A Tramatic Time
SOULS Swishing with blood, dripping from an open sore The days doom at the edge of a sword Souls escape in the mist of the night Only to see, the darkest of skies With the cutting edge of a jagged knife Ready to take my one and only life Souls are searching in every corner By night mist and over the shoulder The blood draining from a broken heart The soul is seeking out every tart To bind them to the souls of hate Why must it always end too late? Written by: JJ 12-18-01
What Do A... Have In Commmen Roflmao
QUESTION: What do a clitoris, an anniversary, and a toilet have in common? ANSWER: Men always miss them!
Voice Commenty Thingy What Not Thing
I now have a voice commenty thingy what not thing on my profile that you can leave me voice comments on if you wish, or just ignore, if you prefer, and make me look like I have no real friends, and that I am just a sad desperate loner, and maybe drive me into depression and to much drinking and a ruined life. So no pressure guys...
Another Women
David finally found the nerve to tell his fiancee that he had to break off their engagement so he could marry another woman. "Can she cook like I can?" the distraught woman asked between sobs. "Not on her best day," he replied. "Can she buy you expensive gifts like I do?" "No, she's broke." "Well, then, is it sex?" "Nobody does it like you, babe." "Then what can she do that I can't?" "Sue me for child support."
Im Not Eating Any More Chicken
A little boy and girl at school were having lunch in the shelter shed. "Tommy," she said, "I'm not eating any more chicken sandwiches." "Why?" he asked. "'Cause I'm starting to grow feathers down here," she said, pointing to the bottom of her tummy. "I don't believe you," he said. "You'll have to show me." Behind the shed they went, where the inspection took place. "You're right," he said. "I've been eating a lot of chicken also. Perhaps I'm getting feathers too." "Well, I'd better have a look," she said. After a lengthy examination, she looked up and said, "Oh, I think it's too late for you. You've got the neck and giblets too."
21 Questions
21 Things You Might Not Know by bluedayspassWhat are you listening to right now?: RHCPWhat was the last thing you ate?: a hamburgerIf you were a crayon what color would you be?: purpleWho was the last person you talked to on the phone?: my momThe first thing you notice about the oppostie sex?: that they were hotFavorite type of food?: mac and cheeseDo you drink?: occasionallyEver got so drunk you don't remember?: yesWhat color are your eyes?: blueSingle?: nopeFavorite month?: december because its my birth monthFavorite day of the week?: what ever day Im offAre you too shy to ask to ask someone out?: no commentHugs or kisses?: kissesChocolate or Vanilla?: chocolateAny pets?: yes a cat named halAIM?: nopeDogs or cats?: catsHow many pillows do you sleep with?: oneAre you missing someone?: best friendsDo you love to eat?: yesTake this survey | Find surveysPimp My Profile
What Is Pink And Hard When....
QUESTION: What's pink and hard when it goes in... and soft and wet when it comes out? ANSWER: Bubblegum!
Katt Williams Clowning Michael Jackson
Top 20 Reason Chocolate Is Better Then Sex
1. You can GET chocolate. 2. "If you love me you'll swallow that" has real meaning with chocolate. 3. Chocolate satisfies even when it has gone soft. 4. You can safely have chocolate while you are driving. 5. You can make chocolate last as long as you want it to. 6. You can have chocolate even in front of your mother. 7. If you bite the nuts too hard the chocolate won't mind. 8. Two people of the same sex can have chocolate without being called nasty names. 9. The word "commitment" doesn't scare off chocolate. 10. You can have chocolate on top of your workbench/desk during working hours without upsetting your work mates. 11. You can ask a stranger for chocolate without getting your face slapped. 12. You don't get hairs in your mouth with chocolate. 13. With chocolate there's no need to fake it. 14. Chocolate doesn't make you pregnant. 15. You can have chocolate at any time of the month. 16. Good chocolate is easy to find. 17. You can have
WOW Check out the new pics I got now and let me know what U think THANK UUUU!!!
My First Post On The Lc
So I am reading my random text messages and emails from last night.... maybe I should cut back on the rum. I mean, I'm not going to. I just probably should. But then again, I should also probably get a driver's license. There are a lot of things that we should do with our lives, how do you prioritize which ones to do when? I know! As a wise man once said, "I'd rather have this bottle in front of me than a frontal lobatomy." So that decides it. I will continue my journeys in and out of conciousness while still trying to become famous or rich or whatever else makes life easier. With all of the dumb things that I'm told I do now, imagine if I had limitless funds. DEAD IN A WEEK! But what a way out it would be. What was that Bon Jovi song? Blaze of Glory. Or, do the James Dean... "Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse." But, I'll probably end up an old man in a retirement home needing someone to change my diaper and feed me Jell-o with a straw. Where the Hell di
Would All My Friends Do Me A Favor ...pretty Please
will ya'll vote for my good friend blossom rose...i'll love you forever if you do
I Can Tell How A Man Makes Luv
I can tell how a man makes love... John and Jill were about to go into his apartment, and before he could open his door, Jill said, "Wait a minute, I can tell how a man makes love by how he unlocks his door." John says, "Well, give me some examples." Jill proceeds to tell him, "Well, the first way is, if a guy shoves his key into the lock, and opens the door hard, then that means he is a rough lover and that isn't for me." "The second way is if a man fumbles around and can't seem to find the hole, then that means he is inexperienced and that isn't for me either." Then Jill said, "Honey, how do you unlock your door?" John proceeds to say, "Well, first, before I do anything else, I lick the lock."
A Personal Poem I Had Written About My Lost Child
FORGIVEN SOUL Cries out loud as I begin to sore As the sounds of a crash begin to roar Around the clouds with a thought in mind It started out as an awful crime Counting the moments before we hit Wondering where it might make me sit As my arms begin to fold Praying O'Lord don’t take her soul In moments so many around Laying there on the ground Gasping at each and every breath Knowing this is going to be a mess Prayed for months and days on end Till one day she came to rest Who was it that I needed to forgive? The Lord 'O Mighty was it him? No, it was my lil angel Come to say…… I love you Mom, and all is ok Written by: JJ 063002
Drunken Question Of The Day...
ok, some one explain the whole pic in the mirror thing, have we not friends to help? may be a timer? lol i just think they are the most unflattering pics ever, but i love 'em all the same... hehheheh
New Clothes
Sweet...I just got back from Hot Topic and got a new clothes. I fuckin' love them! My shirt is black with a skull and says Morbid on it... here's a pic... And I couldn't find a pic of the shorts..but they're long black shorts with bondage straps with skulls on them as well. They're a bit too baggy, but that's okay... I love them...
Military Life
I use not even care about the military and didn't understand any of it. But I just got married to the greatest guy in the world and was still young. I mean me and my husband almost got a divorce because of all our fights we had bec I couldn't stand him being gone all the time. Fortunately he is a very loving man and actually understood my side. Then he got orders to go to Korea yet again and I was so upset and pissed bec he just came back from there. UGH!! Well I will tell you from what I have learned it will make you or break you. It will make either very stong and just wait forever for your spouse to come back home to you or it will make you go insane and feel that you would rather be with someone else that doesn't have a traveling job. I feel there are so many women that can't handle there husband being gone and that is totally understandable but is it enough to go out and cheat on him knowing that he is the love of your life and the father of your kids..not that wise people. I know
Any Volunteer For The Next Cumshot Tribute?
Who want to be on the next picture? (like this one) Remember, I'll send you the high resolution video. Let me know, you have 3-4 days, time to refill ... Kisses Nice Boy
To The Wastelands Of My Home
I stand on the shore, after so many years the familiar wind blows, I am finally home I see the land of my fathers, falling are my tears I have returned to the soil we once owned I walk for miles, into the heart of my land my heart is still empty, now this is the end here were fought many battles, a time of pure man I stand here now on bloodsoaked earth, I hear men the occursed invasion, of foreigners to my home slaughtering our weak, taking those who couldn´t fight the return of the northmen, let our hatred be known preparing for war with the sons of the god of love tonight with fire in our hearts, and steel in our hands burning and killing all those in our way we reclaim from you unwelcome our right to our lands fear in your eyes like the women you raped, slaves you die today a disease you were, you spread so wide and far led by the evil in the Vatican, on his high throne we welcomed you here, now slaughtered you will be as the demons that you are your god sends you
Lc And All Of Us
Thought I'd ask....Have we lost the fine art of communication, face to face? Do we choose to hide behind a screen name or pictures that may or may not be us? Is this just the new median to meet people and communicate or have we all been jaded and fear of rejection? I prefer face to face conversation. I love to read body language and am quite adept at it. Due to work and family schedules, I am relegated to this median to stay intouch with friends... Just wondering how you'll feel
In a world where tension is coiling, the feelings are kept deep they never unravel until just one little thing hits the button I thought i'd be okay but sometimes i'm just not then the moods change I can't tell one from the other Happiness turns to sad Sad turns to angry angry turns into depression depression turns into places i don't want to go, This is my life to deal with things the best way i can But there are times when i just need something.... Wish i knew what it was Thats when depression gets me and i realize its not my depression, thats the problem its loneliness Cause deep down I'm never a piece of the puzzle that fits in with everything I'm the solitary piece that is in the wrong puzzle box So I make do with what i can and try to go on not feeling those parts and be what i'm expected to be Something other then truly being me
But Yet Another
...SCORPIO... .Can be mean. .EXTREMELY sexy. .Intelligent. .Energetic. .Predict future. .Most erotic. .(Freak in bed.) .(GREAT kisser.) .Always get what they want. .Sexy. .Attractive. .Easy going. .Loves being in long relationships. .Talkative. .The sexiest ever.... .Romantic. .Caring. .Outgoing .Knows how to have fun .Horny .Fun to be around with .Hard 2 forget
Fun Fun Fun
hey there again, well who wants to have fun and vote for king and queen? cant go wrong, its fun and there are heaps of contestants in, have a look at the link below's pics, they are in there under king and queen folders respecfully lol Contest Duo@ LostCherry
Dont Feel Soo Good:(
So im back here again blogin it up but i really dont fell like myself tonight:( which really sux:(i dont kno y though:S i was great when i left my place cause i was talking to some1 that i really really really really like:D*MUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*and then i went to my sisters and one of my good friends called me and i havent talked to them since like last year and it really suxed cause its like were falling apart like we used to be soooo close like talk to eachother till 2am and today we talked for like 5 mins and all they said was just to say hi and all that thats all i can say.and its like...... How come, we don't even talk no mo', And you don't even call no mo', We don't barely keep in touch at all, And I don't even feel the same love when we hug no mo', And I heard it through the grape vine we even beefin' now, After all the years we've been down, Ain't no way, no how, This bullshit can't be true, We family, aint a damn thing change unless it's you ya
What Kind Of Person Are You?
What kind of person are you? (shy,outgoing,fun,mean,immature,dramatic or nice?)
What Kind Of Gothic Girl R U ?
What kind of gothic girl r u ?
What Do Your Eyes Reveal About You?(pics!)
What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)
What Breed Of Music Are You?
what breed of music are you?
What's Your Ideal Drug?
What's your ideal drug?
Damn Right! Tunage!!!
Finally got my tunes back on, had to reload and shit, didnt really feel like it for a while but I went ahead with it and they turned out pretty good. These are just a taste of the music I enjoy so much.
Good Link
oops sorry, here is the link: Tribute Kisses
Tribute Online
The result is online: Don't forget to comment ;) Kisses
Womb Jacked
WOMB JACKED Open up the whole just a little more Pass through me like a rabid wild boar I lie open and waiting on the floor I fold Who told you? This underscore the need For all of you to keep quiet please You’ll be released as soon as you get greased squeezed Pushed out from between the knees Fresh birth, stink already, attracting flies The aroma’s in the skies, the stench is in my eyes Consume the mother as she, recoils in horror At what she has made, you’ve given life to your waste Tell me how does it taste, the blood you’re coughing in your face The smooth marble surface of my composure Is cracked with a blunt force Boast of how deeply you’re impaled By the sharpened white picket fence post I call a toast to those who will fall victim To parasites becoming hosts Begin the cull Thin your ever growing settlements Build up with glass steel and cement Disease is the only treatment Take full form and shape Implant the seed with the rape You force breed
i am fairly new to the lost cherry scene and just wanted to say hi to all the people out there. I would love for you all to check my profile and if you rate me ill be sure to ruturn the favor to the best of my abilities. Anyone who is crazy, physco, and a little nutty is very welcome and i think we all apply to that at some point and time. hahahahahahahah anyways hit me up and let me know what you think of me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here I am sitting in a home with my 3 babies wanting and waiting for you. Wanting you here... in my arms. I see you online, speak to you on the phone, and see images of your beautiful face... and I grow sad... very sad... Because, for now, you so far away and I long for you touch, your caress, and your love. Some baby.. some... I keep telling myself that but SOON does not come SOON enough. I need a friend, lover, compainion... My children need a friend, ... are you that right person? I know your reading this... and I am sure your not going to reply to it... but just know, your in my thoughts... and sense I was a little child , you have been in my prayers... Love, Tony
To All
" She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that's best of dark and bringht meet in her aspect and her eyes" You walked into my life like a beautiful angel, with your caring ways and loving heart.. You've filled my life with all your love. Sweetheart...I fel so blessed to have you in my life!to all friends
You Wanted The 2
What I meant by the first blog was that alot of times I wished I had a little more nerve that what I do...What I meant was that Im not the type of girl to go after the guy (ok well thats how I ended up with eric cause lord knows he wasnt making the first move!!!!)Or go after the things that I truely want like and this is going to make my friends roll...sing in a band....or, just flat out tell complete strangers that to fuck off!(granted that would get me a pink slip) What I meant was that I see things in my buds that I wish I had a little more of....cody has his guitars and can play the hell out of them...barb has her screaming kitty attack (rayne if you read this beware of the screaming kitty!!!!)lol lynn is kinda like me in college....brazen and a total heathen....I just felt the need to say that sometimes we are better when we flat out say I am the best! geez louise people!!!!
Texas Chainsaw Review
What do you get when you watch a rehash of a remake? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. Truly lacking in originality, this prequel to the 2003 remake is everything that its predecessor was not: plodding, uninspired, gratuitously violent and just all-around disgusting. That's not to say that the two films -- and, in fact, the 1974 masterpiece that started it all -- do not share some of these qualities, which in some measures can prove effective. But TCM: The Beginning stands out more as an example of the current trend in horror -- unrelenting and not frightening brutality -- rather than the next-gen installment of a more than 30 year-old franchise. The film follows the increasingly formulaic tradition of horror movies made at New Line where the villains rather than the victims are the focal point of the story. As with Freddy in the Nightmare on Elm Street series or Death itself in the Final Destination films, the storytellers are far less interested in who inhabits the "
The Art Of Love
A frightened girl sits next to a demanding boy and in his strong hand he takes her face and turns it to his own they share a hasty kiss composed of bumping teeth and exploring tongues as thoughts flash awkwardly through her mind with Attention tuned only to one another confidence grows and hands slide to undiscovered places like an unknown fear spreading to cold limbs Arching fingertips and forceful whispers go unheard Leaving helplessness to fend for itself against surging prurience which has no regard for the soul's quiet demands His Force throbs and threatens to make him a thief until A knock at the door allows an artful escape into trembling darkness Leaving the dissatisifed to glower alone wrapped in ice
A sordid glance Across a crowded room And I?m captured Glued to the floor By roots of unsurpassing strength As blue eyes find my gaze Discovery igniting flames in my cheeks A creaking door Confident steps Fade quickly as the realization Drowns all thoughts a face appears in my line of vision Lungs force A nervous squeak As a turn on the heel Violently pushes me out the door But A warm hand Expels the ice from my blood A gentle smile And a knowing nod Bring dissolution Of all doubt
Psychiatric Evaluation
Candy Passable Extremely Insane Passable Passable Click Here to Find Out YOUR Psychiatric
I Got Sounds Again!!!!
You folks on here do not know this, but back in MAY before I moved back to Florida, my stereo was stolen from my car. So I had a 6 HR drive from GA with no music. ANd I have been without ever since. Until This past Sat that is... I FINALLY got a stereo!!!!! NOw anyone who has ever had no radio, or a fucked up radio can relate! It sucks when ya got no music in the car! So I got my soundz back, and I also copped Meffs new album. (THATS Method MAn for the ebonically challenged; LOL) If you are a WU/Meth fan go get tha album!
Leave comments on my pictures... that's what they're there for! (Unless you already have... then don't worry, you're safe) They're all old... the newest ones are from last April... Gotta get the new pics up soon. I'm a loser and I don't have a digital camera like all the cool kids, so I have to take my film in to get developed. Good thing Walgreen's has a photo center! I can drop it off before work and pick it up after. My hair is longer and a different and much more attractive color. I will get to it someday. When... I don't know. You will just have to deal for now.
Just Me Words
Another exact copy Strides along in a frilly skirt Parts her gleaming lips Bares her sun-tanned thighs Repeats the same phrase And I?m taken back to a place I?ve been before As I find myself drowning in a sea of disappointment and frustration Listening to a broken record Its dissonance slicing through my ear drums Its needle scratching across the same tired chords The whistle for the ultimate game is blown again The competition is stiff Composed of ruthless female minds Scrambling for a modicum of success On the cutthroat field Of golden floorboards and sweeping staircases Where they?ve been thrown To fight for their lives Their strategies are loyal however; Sweeping glances Absorption Like a child who knows only how to mimic Or an exotic bird Kept in a cage and Taught to repeat everything heard Never to think or To allow its gears to turn and produce Upon every exit, Or uncomfortable car ride, I feel the rumblings in my stomach spread throughout my
For All Friends
A simple Friend thinks the friendship over when you have an argument. A real friend knows that it's not a friendship until after you've had a fight.
if anyone want's to add me again look at the name Greatwide that is also me
Why do they call them APARTments if they are all together???? Why is it a TV set or a pair of pants if you only get one???
Past Couple Days...
basically the past couple of days have been crazy. last week around like idk thursday i started to get sick and slowly it just started to get worse and stuff. homecoming was saturday. i didnt wanna go and the only reason i did was because they bought me the ticket and shit and like i had my dress and all that so i was like what else is there to do on a saturday nite. the entire time i was there all i thought about was him and like i know thats why the entire thing just blew...i wanted him there and he obvisouly couldnt be there...i danced a little bit but other then that i just sat there and talked to a couple people...i left like a hour or so early and shit too because i had this amazing plan to talk to andy and guess what IT WORKED! woo! i felt bad tho because like me and nikki hadda go back to get everyone and cole was being fucking retarded and like everyones being REALLY retarded in the car and like i think andy got all pissed a bit cuz i was basicaly ignorning him...i w
I Believe In Magic...magic...
You Are 88% Intuitive Your intuition is so spot on it's scary! You can learn a lot about people and situations, simply by listening to your gut. And you've even wondered if you can predict the future at times. Just be sure not to always listen to your intuition... someday it could be wrong! How Intuitive Are You?
Yep I Am
On Average, You Would Sell Out For $790,244 At What Price Would You Sell Out?
Biker Kitty
Walking thru life without you by my side sends shivers up my spine of loneliness and doom wishing it wasnt true past mistakes are perfected with every step we take misery is the path we recieve to blacken wit hate filled anger is time we shared thinking of happy things reality can't bare desiree brown 2005
276 To Go
needin some luv from all my lovely cherries! any one up for help?
Are You A Paranoid Schizophrenic?
You Are 28% Paranoid Schizophrenic You're pretty grounded, though you have your occasional paranoid moments. Just make sure to ignore those voices in your head!Are You A Paranoid Schizophrenic?
My Vacation Trip
well it has been about 2 or so year's since i had a vacation an it's about time again i have another one so on this one i am going up north an spend a few day's up north with my brother an be a bestman for him i'll be there beside him. my last vacation was in texas when it was hot had fun for about a week oh yes it was nice then an i still wanna go an have fun in texas to the fair there but i guess it's not gonna happen this year oh well life goe's on my life here at home is gone crazy now day's lol trying to find something an can't seem to find it now darn it it's a pair of lace up roper cowboy boot's that i got put back. well anyway's i am gonna get going so i can try an find those darn pair of boot's for me for this weekend. take care all...hotwheelers...Brian
We All Need Votes For The Queen And King Contest
Hey everyone one come vote for mamaj and ericdaddy and blossom rose we all need your votes please and ty
For All
Happiness keeps You Sweet, Trials keep You Strong, Sorrows keep You Human, Failures keep You Humble, Success keeps You Glowing, But Only God keeps You Going! You are so special!
And I've Read Most Of His Plays....go Figure
Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well. An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly. You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view. A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary. You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator. What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?
Battle (demon Part Ii)
I stare face to face My adversary Not seen before Has now taken form Before my very eyes Thinking about it It's always been there Hidden from me Yet right there with me Blinding me to the truth I am not alone But cannot be helped I alone see My adversary No-one else can help me He's held me so long It's time to break free To take control And let me be me I slept for so long Oblivious to peril I find it hard To don my apparel A breastplate, a shield Of course my sword Easy to use now I face the demon horde It never is over, Because they don't die They never give up But neither do I I can live now Free from their chains My spirit cleaned From all their stains
I Have Found The Lostcherry King
The Nut Bra For Men
rotflmboooooyou just goota leave me a comment and a rating all......huggies and i hope ya all had a good laugh today "))
My Personal Demon (demon Part Iii)
It looks beautiful From so up and close That's how it works A wolf in sheep's clothes I fell for it again Same way as before The illusion controlled me And destroyed me once more It's singing again "Let me free" It's pleading again "Set me free" It's demanding again "RELEASE ME!" On it's knees again "Will you free me?" I see it's true face now It can no longer hide Here for so long now No more to abide No more illusions No more sheep skin No more diguising The fire within It's singing again "Let me free" It's pleading again "Set me free" It's demanding again "RELEASE ME!" On it's knees again "Will you free me?" You've ashamed me so much Why should I let you free? You've destroyed all I've loved I will not set you free! You're not master of me And you will never be I've had enough You will never be free! It's face twisted with rage As my face it sees Showing no fear For I hold the keys It's singing again "Let me free
Diseased (demon Part I)
It infects me still Raging through my blood Controlling my mind My body It started so simply As a common cold Then it became the flu Now. . . It burns within me Twisting, destroying As it takes over me Then it releases me for a moment . . . I look around I see for the first time The damage it has done And I weep . . . For I am diseased Diseased . . .
i am new to this one sight, i got myspace worked well lol or i know how to use it well but not this one it's different but im sure ill get use to it
The Wall
The wall has tumbled down it once was a pile of rubble- Through my faith in God rebuilding it was no trouble. It was the low point in my life as I stared at a pile of rocks- It was at that point in time I decided to climb out of my box. Piece by piece I rebuilt my wall tall is how it now stands- Through new found strength and faith I've rebuilt life with my own hands. Mine is a wall of courage it symbolizes all I stand for- This wall I will never have to climb because God has opened the door
* Rain Sensations * Exotic X Rated *
Rain sensations is soothing medicine to the human skin As the rain drops continues to pour down upon the both of us , as our body colided so close together in pure bliss great loving that we could not resist not to miss your delious rasberry lips i love to :*) kiss u make me want to scream for more :*) as your extotic hands unbutton my short skirt u spread my soft thighes for the best ride of our lives As the rain drops completely soaks the both of us my breast & soft thighes are your pie delious and satifisfying to feed your hungrey alibi ooooo babe the tempertures just rose up to 105 burning hot to come inside as you soothe and work over my speacil spot mmmmmmmm babe i beg and plead with you not to stop
Josh Groban-remember When It Rained
I am looking for a really good Trustworthy woman that is secure in herself and Very Honest
Rough Sex
You prefer Rough sex! You like it ROUGH. Hard, great, wonderful slamming sex is your type of sex. More the product of lust than love - and utterly horny - rough sex is what satisfies you. 'What is the best type of sex for you?' at
I smile alot more when I'm with you That's what he said And he meant it I saw it in his eyes I heard it in his voice Felt it in his skin In his embrace An embrace I never want to break I want to stay in his arms for an eternity and more What happens when this is over What will I do? I couldn't bear it I wouldn't survive. I don't want to think of it.
The mirror reflects the image Of everything I'd hate to be Everything I am I try to look through the mirror, Through myself To see what I'm supposed To be, feel and think But all I see Is the cold, hard surface of my soul The other side of the mirror Represents the way people see me The act I put on I hate both sides I pull my fist back And destroy the images Wanting to destroy myself
My Story
I look around at everybody Having a good time And wonder if theres anyone Whose heart hurts like mine You see each time My tender heart was hurt The scars withing Grew worse and worse And so I began To keep my feelings in I didnt want to open up I knew Id get hurt again I felt so empty and lost I thought Id go insane But I continued my life Full of a strong ongoing pain It was then that I relaized Life was never fair And so I decided I had no reason to care Id pretend I was happy And nothing was wrong Even though my life became A deep dark hate song I couldnt figure out how no one Ever asked me how I was I didnt think never hearing those words Would hurt, but it does I figured everybody was Too busy with their lives to care about mine So I didnt go to them with my problems I pretended everything was fine Id think whats the point of life Do I have anything to give? I found the answer to the questions And realized I didnt want to live I felt there were
A gentle breeze and a sunkissed sky I sit and think wondering why Holding your memories close to my heart Wishing we were not so far apart You have become a part of me In your heart and arms is where I want to be I long to feel your tender embrace I dream of waking to see your face The distance that keeps us apart Is only physical but not in our hearts Wanting to hold you as day turns to night Knowing to follow our hearts is what is right Praying our future holds all that we feel Knowing in time it can all be real May 14,2002
She finally gave in to the temptation Lost control and couldn?t resist Such a feeling of satisfaction Made her feel like she?d just been kissed And in fact she had Been kissed by one so true Who never lies, never cheats Never tells her what to do Though his lips were cold and hard And his kisses left a blood red mark She never tasted any better kiss All alone, in the dark
I Have Found The Lostcherry Queen!!!
Here Are The Keys...what R U Going 2 Do?
The Keys to Your Heart You are attracted to good manners and elegance. In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved. You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring. You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic. Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets. Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment. You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred. In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily. What Are The Keys To Your Heart?
You Are 100% Paranoid Schizophrenic You have almost all of the paranoid schizophrenia warning signs... But you may just think this quiz is out to get you! Are You A Paranoid Schizophrenic?
Please Dont Say You Love Me
Please don't say you love me I have heard those words before Those words have lost their meaning Just caring says much more I am not looking for a lover I would rather have a friend Being friends is a place to start Because true friendship never ends If in time it becomes much more It was really meant to be But if in time we are still just friends We will be happy you will see
True Love
True love finds us but once Finding us in unexpected places In unexpected ways Having a true love means Sharing even the hardest of things Knowing that the bond of love will carry you thru Even the worst of times Having a strength behind you That never waivers A flame that never fades; that only burns brighter When you have that kind of love Only then will you know that the truest love of all is the love you have to give A love that never questions A love that never dies
Fuck You, Daddy
This is for you Daddy Though I dont think you deserve than title anymore This is the last time you leave me Bruised and battered on the floor You're not man enough To take your emotions out the right way So all your "parental rights" Should be taken all away You disgust me, you fuck I hate you so much Your hand right there- Thats not a fatherly touch God, I cant stand you You deserve to die How much you hurt me The many times you made me cry Shit, you piss me off Anger me to the point of tears I hate myself sometimes For trusting you all these years Just leave me alone You're wasting your time Fuck it, I dont need you Without Im just fine
Best Comparison Of Illegal Immigrants And Criminals
This is, without a doubt the best comparison of illegal immigrants and criminals that I have ever seen. Let's say I break into your house A lady wrote the best letter in the Editorials in ages!! It explains things better than all the baloney you hear on TV. Recently large demonstrations have taken place across the country protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration. Certain people are angry that the US might protect its own borders, might make it harder to sneak into this country and, once here, to stay indefinitely. Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these protests. Let's say I break into your house. Let's say that when you discover me in your house, you insist that I leave. But I say, "I've made all the bed s and washed the dishes and did the laundry and swept the floors; I've done all the things you don't like to do. I'm hard-working and honest (except
Mind Over Matter
Mind over matter They say thats all it takes Can get past anything Mind over matter... Reliving the tortured past Every crushing blow Every salty tear Knowing that every step away from it Only takes me one step closer To an unknown future Not knowing where safety lies Does it lie in the haunting dreams of what was or Is it in the fantasy of what could be
I'm becoming numb Too many pills To ease the pain
Like a frightened child I trembled inside Not knowing what to expect Not knowing what I would find With every breath The fear grew The undeniable feeling That danger was lurking in every shadow Would arrive on every breeze My senses alert, my mind racing All the questions None with answers The fear of the dismal past The terror of the unknown future What will it bring Will it be nothing more than the past re lived The pain and hurt brought back to the surface The numbing past never far from my mind Always there Always reminding me of a pain that never dies
The Booze Didn't Work So I'll Write
First off let me say I really dig the LC and I don't really remember how I found it. I have made some great new friends! Now I believe in God, but I do not attend church. I guess I am more of a spiritual person than religious per sey. I do like I said believe in God. It is very hard sometimes though, when a person you have grown to know is faced w/ things, mutiple things in their life that would make many give up. And if you are reading this, you know who you are, please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. CP
The Rules Of Bedroom Golf
The Rules Of Bedroom Golf 1. Each player should furnish his own equipment for play - normally one club and two balls. 2. Play on the course should be approved by the owner of the hole. 3. Unlike outdoor golf, the object is to get the club in the hole and keep the balls out. 4. For most effective play, the club should have a firm shaft. Course owners are permitted to check the shaft stiffness before play. 5. Course owners reserve the right to restrict club length to avoid damage to the hole 6. The object of the game is to take as many strokes as necessary until the course owner is satisfied that play is complete. Failure to do so may result in being denied permission to play the course again. 7. It is considered bad form to begin playing the hole immediately upon arrival at the course. The experienced player will normally take time to admire the entire course with special attention to the well formed bunkers. 8. Players are cautioned not to mention oth
Lost Little Girl
She has the perfect life or so it seems Good grades, looks and realistic dreams Always smiling, surrounded by her friends Not wanting to leave her whenever school ends So envious they say, "I'd die to be like you" She quietly replies, "I wish I would too" Unsure of her remark they slowly back away And try to forget about what she had to say They tell her shes so lucky to have whatever she desires But inside she knows its not the truth, everyone one of them are liars Her life isnt perfect not even close to great Self -esteem so low even herself she hates She hates being at home feeling so afraid Being blamed for all the problems shes made Her father's love is sexual and mother says shes lying With every conversation someone always ends up crying In her parents eyes she a failure and no good But within public view they treat her like they should No one at school would understand why shes so depressed Not wanting to seem selfish her true feelings have never been exp
They say the eyes are the window to the soul Look into my eyes Can you see the pain The dull lonely ache The lonely emptiness begging to be filled Look deeper Look beyond the pain Can you see the shattered remnants of my heart Waiting Waiting to be made whole again Can you see the anger The black mass slowly eating away at my inner being An anger that needs to be released Let go Left to slowly fade away If you look into my eyes and This is what you see Then and only then can you truly love me
Just Thought I Would Share
When I first Joined LC, I had posted some of my own writing on my page and over time, i decided that it was best not shared with everyone because some chose to criticize ...For that reason I removed all of my writing. Tonight I received a message from someone that has been with me here in LC from the very beginning that asked if I would again post some of those poems so i decided here away from the general eye would be a good place to put them...Hope that you enjoy them. Feel free to comment even constructive criticism is welcome. But please remember that each of these is a part of me...Happy Reading
Im searhcing for an answer To a question i dont know Im looking for a reason I want to make it show They tell me to trust In something I cant find "You could make it better if you want Its all just in your mind" Why believe in myself When I have every reason to doubt I get so frustrated at something I know nothing about My thoughts are so irrational They make no sense to me They ridicule and criticize Its only then I see The only way To stop feeling so low Is to stop searching for the answer To a question I dont know
My Mask
I dance through life wearing a mask One that can only be removed when no ones around I face each and every one of you With fake smiles and empty laughs BUt you don't notice I swallow back my tears Saving them for myself Knowing you wouldn't care If you saw anyway I hide behind my mask Showing the feelings Everyone wants to be shown Concealing the ones that cause me guilt I wish maybe my mask Could transform me Turn me into what others see - Because I'm tired of hiding.
I am soooo sick of eating applesauce and soup...maybe some real food tomorrow...and ya know what I havent done in a while? Told y'all to go listen to NoiseCollector
Tied Up (18++)
She lay on the bed, tied to the headboard waiting for him to come back. She was tied on her stomach with her hands tied up at the corners of the bed. Her knees were drawn up against her chest, displaying her ass in clear view of everyone that decided they felt like looking in the doorway of her bedroom. She could feel her pussy dripping from the sex her and Rob had just had. She let out a big sigh as she wondered where he was and what he was doing. She started to get slightly pissed when she heard someone at the door. "Are you ready??" Rob asked her the question in practically a whisper. She tried to look back at him but found it difficult to do tied up in that position. She felt him climb up onto the bed right behind her. "Yay." she thought, doggy style was her favorite. He grabbed her ass hard and squeezed as she felt him getting in the right position. She looked back at him, confused, as he pulled her cheeks apart. She started to ask him what he was doing as she felt som
Secret Love
I see the way you look at her And wish that it were me Wish I could make you smile For all the world to see I love the way you listen And the way you understand But I can't help but look away When you grab ahold her hand I cherish all the laughs we have And the secrets that we share But you have eyes just for her Can't see how much I care You make everything make sense And life just seems alright But my world falls apart When I see you hold her tight I never heard a sound so sweet Until you spoke my name You tell me you're in love with her- With you I feel the same.
White And Nerdy
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Unheard Words
he words tumble around me, I'm lost in a memory So your thoughts fall upon deaf ears. You touch my arm, A jolt back to reality. I concentrate on the sound And the way your lips move. Your words are like poison Leaving bitter imprints on my mind So passionate about what you speak, But still, to me, the words make no sense I drift back into a daydream, Oblivious to all around me. You sigh, turn and walk away - I'm so sorry.
Another Good One
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Are You Drawn Out?
Drawn Out so our lines are lost on the smallest details of a life that you tossed pushed out over your rail and my wounds run deep through the one that's so sad heart's fallen beneath the touch of your hand and its all drawn out there's nothing inside and nothing to hold nothing to find its wearing' me out this feeling inside I'm all drawn out and the promise we break it and the reasons we fake it bring us farther apart from the love that we make as the poisonous time leaves us gasping for air we run for the past but were already there and its all drawn out there's nothing inside and nothing to hold nothing to find and its wearing me out this feeling inside and its all drawn out its all drawn out I'm all drawn out
I know there are things From you I cannot hide And I promised In you I'd always confide But there are just some words That cant be spoken No way to express the unknown Or explain a heart thats broken You know I love you I really do BUt the things I cant tell myself I cant even tell you
I keep fighting with the demons in my head And I try to block out everything they've said I want to make them stop but I have no choice So I stay up late at night and listen to their voice With every painful word they say A piece of my pride slowly falls away So I have nothing left to do but listen to them taunt me And each and every night, the words come back to haunt me "You suck and you're no good, Everyone would kill you if they could No one really likes you, their feelings are all fake that you trusted was such a big mistake Nothing you do is right, everything is wrong People talk behind your back you really dont belong The world would be better if you were not here You shoudl find a way to make yourself disappear Everyone is praying that you will slit your wrists You should, you know, its not like you'll be missed" And the tears they fall because I know everything is true But once I'm dead maybe I'll have a different view Cause I cant take it one more day So
Darkness moves in And settles over me Darkens all the colors Until I cannot see TUrns sound of music Into nothing but noise Lingers around And takes away my joys
This Is Funny
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This is the definition of friend from friend (frnd) n. 1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. 2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance. 3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade. 4. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement. 5. Friend A member of the Society of Friends; a Quaker.   We all know that is crap.  A friend is someone that can piss you off to no end...because you actually care.
She looks just like an angel Crying tears of blood Looking back and thinking Of the person she once was Her dark hair Floats around her face Scars decorate her arms Like lace Her eyes are like a maze In them you could get lost She wants so bad to be happy No matter what the cost She sits upon the hill HIgher than the rest Ashamed of all the feelings She has just confessed She told them she wasnt happy She was more than sad And thoughts she had been thinking Are really, very bad She dreams of a life Where she can be happy and free Dreams of the day When she just She wants you to know That you are not to blame She just cant take the hurt She cant handle the pain She not here to see The pain that she brings For now shes An angel with broken wings.
Could you be the one for me? Could you be my find? Could it be, after all this time, Fate is going to be kind? Could you be the one for me, The one to help me forget The man that broke my heart, my soul The man that haunts me yet? You tell me that Im beautiful Something ive never heard But the one still lives here in my mind That couldnt spare a kind word Its going to be hard to forget And pick up the pieces he left Could you be the one to teach How to love again and forget? Could you be the one to come And mend my broken heart? Are you willing to piece together What another broke apart? It wont be an easy job you see My road has been long and rough And the heart that was once so soft Is now shut, locked, and tough But I can feel my heart open again Its opening for you Just come in and love me back Thats all you have to do I must ask you one small thing Before we kiss and part Please be nice and kind to me Im tired of broken hearts
A World Called Perfect
Sometimes you dont know whats real or fantasy. You seem lost in the world that you made up in your mind. A world where no one dies, no one ever sheds a tear, there are no wars or fights. A world called perfect. A world which doesnt exist. A world so opposite the one you live in now. You wake up in the mornings and your eyes are blurred by the tears that come from the thought of living through annother day. You walk around so silent when inside you're really screaming, crying out for someone to save you. You can't end the pain. You can't stop thinking about that day that started it all. You can't forget the words he said or the way his hands felt moving across your body. You're still disgusted by it all. You hate him so much that it hurts. But it hurts even more that your mother wants to bring him back into your lives. Sometimes you hate her for not believing you. But mostly, you hate yourself, for letting it happen. As if you could help it or stop it. But somehow, in s
After avoiding a dog, three deer on the road to and from work, I couldn't avoid hitting one little squirrel. In the morning I have to face it passing by the little thing.. I feel horrible never hit anything.
(sort Of) Love Poem
She's beautiful to him Which she refuses to believe Scared he'll hurt her Of the pain she could recieve The things he says Take her breath away And just hearing his voice Makes her whole day She knows he'll make her happy BUt the last guy ruined it for the rest She feels she's not good enough He deserves the best She thinks of him all the time Although he doesnt know Scared to get too close Scared to let her feelings show To him they're perfect FOr eachother BUt she wants it To last forever

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