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Dont Fall For His Bs
I came into contact with this guy on here that I found out is a complete douche and feel it is my civic duty as a bitch to let all the females know to NOT trust this guy at WHATEVER he says....DJ SNAGGLE. He is a wanna be player and a complete douche bag. Liar out the wahzoo. So if anyone wants to talk to him.... you are wasting your time. He will lie to you over and over again and fuck with your head. He'll tell you all these things like he loves you and he wants to marry you.. all this BS. Don't believe him.......  
Im Sorry
Think of the lives that only can sway, I held their lives in my hand and threw them away. I'm sorry I did it, their blood in my hand, But I couldn't help it, I just couldn't stand. If only I awoke to stop myself think, Their lives would be theirs and just me to thank. Now they are dead, it couldn't be changed, Now just for them their funeral arranged. Why me, why me, why did I have to kill? I went to sleep and woke up just to find I was ill. I'm sorry I did it, I'll repay them all back, This knife in my hand and life I will slack. The next time I sleep, I will not awake, The time I will die is the next breath I take.
In Lezz Than 1 Sec
I believe my day has come, But still I wish it wasn't so. I had so much things to live, But now I need to go. The moment the trigger pulled back, The moment that was filled with fear. The bullet blasted threw the air, I knew that death was near. In between that moment of truth, I've realized what I've done. This guy was really serious, There was a bullet in the gun. I thought of my wife and kids, I thought of my smile and frown, Then in less than a second, I fall dead to the ground.
Some people love, And they know it's real. But me and some others, Don't remember how it feels. See, I'm isolectic, A very rare and unheard of disease. That when ever I see you smile, To me it is a tease. See, my neurons in my brain, They don't work at all. I lack of serotonin, Which means I have no emotions to fall. I can't feel happy, I can't feel shy. I can't feel sad, I can't even cry. Though, I wish I could cry, It would be such a relief. I would sell my life to the good, Just for me to be in grief. You might think it would be great, To not know how to love. All I can do is hate, That's all I receive from above. I can't feel emotions, Because my receptors died. Man, I wish this was all a dream, And I could wake up from this lie. But this is real, And it could never change. I need to face reality, I will always derange.
Looze My Soul
I feel upon me, The shadow of death. It shatters my life, It takes away my breath. I know it's too late, I know it is done. I cannot turn back now, I cannot start to run. I would smile, But I'm too weak. I share with you, What I speak. Blood falls to the ground, I no longer feel the pain. What has gone through my head? I am turning insane. There must be something wrong, Now look what I've done. I've ended my life, I will no longer have fun. The shadow of death came upon me, So now I must go. I fear nothing but the darkness, As I loose my soul.  
Love Of Mine
Oh, lover of mine, Tell me where have you gone? I just turned around, And you were nowhere to dawn. I remember the days, Where we used to play, The blue sky would shine, And being sad was ok. I don't understand, How you could ever replace. Those tears in your eyes, With a smile on your face. I wish I could do, The things that you did. Back in the days, When we were just little kids. We would go to the park, We would feed all the ducks. But ever since then, Our lives were forever stuck. Oh, lover of mine, Tell me what do you see? When you look back through your life, And you don't see me. Oh, I loved you so much, But now I hate you so. Now I don't even care, The reason that made you go. I wish I could cry, oh, how I wish I could. I would cry all the time, Oh, yes I would. Now you want to come back, And jump back in my world. I don't want you back, All those wasted moments won't unfurl. Just leave me alone, Please lover of mine, Leave my rotted life, So I could just resign.
No More Love For Me
I have loved many people, I have loved very easy. But the one I loved the most, Went and died in front of me. She took her life away, She also took my tears. I have never loved since then, Nor will I for years. Don't try to love me, I won't ever love you. I don't care about anything, Even if I wanted to. You won't ever make me love, So don't expect a thing. The feeling of love can feel good at times, And other times it stings. Stop annoying me with these emotions, That I will never feel. You might think love is everything, But to me it isn't real. This all might be disturbing, This all might be sad. Don't ever think that not feeling emotions, Can't be that bad. I would do anything, Just to not feel depressed. Why must I be under so much pressure, Why must I be stressed. Even though I seem innocent, I am the culprit and the victum. I have committed the crime of life, Though I can't find the dictum. Love is a talent, That every one can do. Hate is the sum of love, That's all I can constr
Nothing But Hate
Black is all I see, Including you and me. I've heard the devil's cry, I've heard it in the blink of an eye. My hatred keeps me alive, Death helps me survive. Love is all I dream, My darkness keeps me keen. All I want is love, But I wasn't given to me from above. Now it's to late, I only consume hate.
Oh Boy Wat Fun To Do
Make people cry, Make people hurt. Oh, what fun, To treat them like dirt. Make people angry, Make people mad. Oh, what fun to do, To make people sad. Oh boy! Oh Boy! What fun to do! Don't feel bad, If it's not you! Screw all the innocent, Don't wait till they're dead. Let them feel the pain, You can feel good instead. Ruin their lives, Ruin their soul. You can have the power, You can be in control. The sweetness of pain! What fun to see them suffer. It doesn't matter if your weak, It doesn't matter if your tougher.
Only In Tha Moviez
Welcome to America Where everything is fake To the blood that you drop To the breaths that you take That guy got shot twice But he's still strong enough to fight That guy was killed But he was alive to haunt the night I love the brilliantly planned plot And the conveniently places police The highly trained secret agent Always disturbs the enemy's peace The bomb is about to go off But there is still enough time to run Because you won't get out the building Until the ticker counts down to one The mother ship is under attack The space pilots are dieing Lasers are screaming pass the universe And camera trickery are lying Welcome to digital cable Where all magic can be real A man can be immortal And a hero can punch through steel Where's the foolish criminal Who will later become a hero? Where's the crackhead superstar Waiting to be turned into a zero Welcome to hollywood Where the paparazzi crawls And all your money bribery Is hidden beneath the walls
Paradoxical Sleep
I can't stop crying, I've wasted my life. So much pain in my mind, Hurts like a knife. I've tried so hard, But life's not what it seems. The only way I could be happy, Is in my escape dreams... Why does it have to be this way? In dreams it always ends ok... Where's my line? Where's my number? For I'm not bothered, When I'm in slumber. I saw the light, Then closed the door. Now it's too late, My life I ignore. I can not feel pain, When I'm asleep. I can not drop blood, When dreams will creep. Why does it have to be this way? You'll see, it will end ok... Or maybe my life is like reality, No truth in it at all. Maybe this is why after all I've been through, I refused to fall. No, I did fall, Though I stood right back to my feet. No broken bones, Just destroyed dreams burned in hopeless heat. Visions of dreams, No hope to be true. Hidden behind crooked pictures, That will never look new. Once you grow up, Your past is a scar. And once you grow up, You realize who you are... Why
Put Tha Gun Down Kyle
You've really done it now Putting those pills down your throat And that gun in your pocket Hidden deep in your coat Did you think she was cheating Or did you jump to conclusions It's too late, you already fired An attempt to escape this confusion Look at you, tough guy With that empty bottle of booze You have two options when the lights come Now it's time to choose Put the gun down Kyle Your just digging a hole Fuck all that bull shit Your not one bit in control You've taken it upon yourself To shoot your own wife So come with us Kyle We don't want to end your life Don't try anything stupid We can see you're feeling down Try to think for a moment Do you want to die with a frown Put the gun down Kyle Before we feel afraid Becuase you know what will happen then We'll shoot you and get paid Kyle, don't even think about it I can see it in your eyes You standing there ready to go When that gun starts to rise Ok, Kyle It looks like you've made your decision No point in calming you down now T
Have you ever tried to bleed? Have you ever tried to die? No? Are you ever thinking of why? What's the point of living? What's the point of death? Why? Maybe it's just so we have a last breath. It's easy to ask some questions, And ride your problems like a horse. But if you want some answers, You might need to use some force.
Quick Murder
Oh no, Look what you did to my knife! You got blood all over it, my wife. Please feel free to understand your death, While I clean you up from your breath. All those crying pictures hanging from the wall, Anguish that reminds me how you fall. Sweet little child, for your the next in line, Come here I won't hurt you, this gun isn't mine. Oops, I accidently pulled the trigger, boy. I'm so sorry, I hurt you with my toy. Here let me help you and mommy in this ditch, Bye-bye to both of you, life is such a bitch..
Relapse Is Run
I looked up at the sky Dogs ran on the stars Oh the colors I saw Don't remember what they are Retake the pills Uppers in my brain Give me some more So I can be insane Abduct the law Laws are so wrong Let us do drugs Tell them we're strong Heavy users Eat their addiction Take some more Immunize this restriction My drugs never go away Even though I do a lot I think not a day goes by My lungs breath in pot Salvage salvation Open the south Hold the joint Insert it in your mouth Gather all the seeds Harvest your own plants Relapse is so fun I'm so high as I chant Green and purple Higher than the sky Trees of laughter Now begin to cry Open the bushes Why won't this make sense I think I hear the cops Maybe I'll jump this fence Nocturnal eyes Open really wide Towards the day light Leave this side I'm smoking a joint Every word I write I need some cocaine Now or I'll cry tonight Get some cocaine I need some cocaine Acid is fine Meth gives me pain Holy shit I've never felt this good Get high wit
The story on life, Can be described in many ways. Sometimes in the bible, Sometimes in a praise. The Islam Quran, The Hebrew torah. No matter what you read, There's still death's aurora. The Buddha of the buddhists. The priest of a church. They all worship something, But hate still must lurch. Can't you understand, That no matter how much you pray. Bad stuff will always happen, And we'll still be in dismay. You people pray for forgiveness, You pray for world peace. Well who the fuck are your praying to, The death rate won't stop to increase. Tell me why you have religion, And still we are at war. Pray all you want, But still your target will ignore. Religion is something to believe, But there is no proof of it being true. Well, I hopes it just me, But aren't your answers a little overdue? Believe what you want, For this is just what I think. Fuck the whole damn world of hatred, And now this holy water I must drink.
Seeing Something Real
i recently started at my new was kinda like any other day for me at work.there is a resident that is in this facility that her husband comes to see her everyday,however about a month ago he had a stroke and just hasn't been the was the day that i finally got to meet this outstanding person.while i moved thing around in his room for him and his wife to bed there together he just sat in his wheelchair and talked to me about life and why he decided to admit himself to our facility.this gentlemen had some much compassion for his wife that it was almost unbearable, he had lived through the depression,been in wwII, as a young man it was simply amazing to hear this mans life story, as i sat there and listened to him speak of his wife the way he did touched me like i can't even describe.during the process of this convo i realized something this man sitting here talking to me was just like my my eyes filled he said son what's wrong my reply nothi
Leave Me Alone
Get away from me, you make me mad, stay away from me, you make me sad. The words you say are nothing but delight but you can't understand my dispair and spite. These words of happiness these words of joy, the only time I use words are only to destroy. The amount of anger that only I consume, will stay with me my whole life and will be carved in my tomb. I only live for the reason to die, I only feel pain just so I cry.
Funny One Liners
100,000 sperm and you were the fastest? 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. 99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name. A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory. A clean desk is a sign of a cluttered desk drawer. A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory. A closed mouth gathers no foot. A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking. A day without sunshine is like, night. A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you will look forward to the trip. A flashlight is a case for holding dead batteries. All generalizations are false, including this one. All men are idiots, and I married their King. Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else. Always try to be modest and be proud of it! Anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of. Artificial Intelligence usually beats real stupidity.Assassins do it from behind. Atheism is a non-prophet organ
I Haz A Stalker
I got weird phone calls last night and apparently they're from DC in the US! Weirdness.
I Dnt Knw
      the tears fall like rain,all i feel is pain,as the hurt start to stain,me deep down in my soul,where i have a hole,where the hurt takes its toll,on u,as u think luv isnt true,as u sit so sad lonely and blue,u wish luv wasnt a game,but it is all the same,u r told lies, to believe, all men do is deceive, to get in ur heart, and pull all apart,love is a lie,y do we all try,to put our hearts on the line to have them get broke,to have all the pain we feel never be spoke
Stop Human Trafficking!!! My Personal Story Stop Human Trafficking - The Petition Site: via @addthis OK here it goes. I grew up in the Bahamas,on a small Island name Bimini I thought this was the only place that existed in the world until,I mother said she was leaving for America and she will be right back,I  was in shock America?what is it?is it like a beach or something?   I could remember her laughing and that was the last I saw of here in about I will say three or four years,a neighbor kept me along with some other Hatian children.she was not nice at all but that was all we had so we could not complain.anyway one day my mother showed back up,I knew her before she knew me,I called out to her and she looked upon me like a foreginer.I remember having a pail in my hands and I drop it on the ground the water splashing all over the place.   I could not believe she did not remember me at all,she was all decked out with new
Need Friends
Hi everyone,             I am a new author on the block and I need friends and are great too.I love making new friends with like intrest and also different too. I have made friends everywhere and Fubar is no different,I will love to make friends,share blogs,stories etc.and who knows one day I might be a big time Author...:) 
League Of Extraordinary Robots Chapter 1 THE SPOILED PRINCE In the land of Mayfair, lived a king by the name of Alfred and his wife, Queen Jasline. King Alfred and Queen Jasline had two children, the oldest Prince Harry and his younger sister, Princess Cilla. Prince Harry was a very happy little prince because you see Harry was very spoiled and rotten. Nobody, absolutely nobody was allowed to say ‘no’ to Prince Harry when he wanted something, or to punish him when he did something wrong or even to criticize him. Whatever Harry wanted to have, Harry had and whatever Harry wanted to do, Harry did and that was just the way it was. Prince Harry was always getting into mischief, whether it was chasing his sister around the castle with his scary mask or snatching the clothing off the line for the hired help to re-clean them all over again. Harry thought this last was hilarious and he would laugh at all the servants, as he caused their jobs to be much h
Imaginary Friends Chapter One Everyone had or has imaginary friends; what do yours tell you to do? Well, I’ll tell you about my friends. Back in the 1980's, I was living the worthless life of an abused child, one that society doesn’t care about. I was what they called poor white trash; my father was nowhere around and my mother was a whore and drug addict. Every night she would bring different men into the house, hoping to score enough money for a hit, and most of the time she would sell me to them. I was raped, beaten and molested, but she didn’t care; my innocence was making her rich. Instead of the men asking for her, they’d asked for me. Yes, I tried to fight back, but the men were too strong for me. I called out for my mother, but she ignored my pleas; she sat in the room and smoked her cocaine as the men had their way with me. She never came to check on me; she didn’t know if I
Since When Is It Country To Be Pop??
Well, Johnny Cash is dead and his house burned down, down, down. There’s a whole lotta weepin’ and wailin’ in Nashville town, Nashville town. Well the Man in black ain’t commin’ back and Waylon ain’t a gonna come around. Johnny Cash is dead and his house burned down. Chet Atkins & Marty Robbins ain’t here to play, sing and play. Miss Patsy Cline was one of a kind Lord knows, Oh By the way, I got nothin’ against the young Country Stars, but I could use more fiddles and steel guitars, Johnny Cash is dead and his house burned.
All Country.
Peter Carrot-top Chapter 1 Meet the Carrot-Tops A long, long time ago, in the year 1850, there was a man by the name of Sam Carrot-Top. He was a well educated man, slender in build and always wore a dusty old cap that covered his orange hair and broken glasses. He was an honest and wealthy man, but you would never guess that he and his family were well off; he never showed his wealth or bragged about it. He used his money to help the poor and needy. His wife, Jane, was oh so beautiful, with lush red hair, a petite figure, and smooth, creamy pale skin. She loved all the children in the neighborhood, always fixing a broken heart or a scraped knee. She was the perfect housewife, the kind any man could want. They lived in a small town in Georgia called Valdosta. Sam and Jane were the talk of the town; they grew the largest vegetables and fruits the eyes have ever seen. Their watermelons were the size of houses and carrots as long as 2
Creepy People
I can't believe that I finally have come to the conclusion that it isn't safe to take my children to the park without my husband along anymore. We live in an area that is, to quote a friend of mine, " the buckle of the bible belt" To most that would seem SAFE for the most part. Sure we have crime, but not as much as a very large city like Birmingham or Huntsville. In fact this city that I have an address in, (Hanceville, even though I don't actually live inside the city) just recently voted on whether or not to got "WET" For you Yankee's that means that the entire county is DRY, you cannot buy alcohol in this county at all, you have to drive about 50 miles to do that. If you are caught with more than the legal amount for one person allowed in your vehicle you go to JAIL! The vote DID NOT pass, by the way...the city is still DRY. Each individual city, once large enough, may choose to vote for Wet/Dry. It has not passed anywhere in this county, yet. So, my point is this .... The w
In A Good Mood :)
You know.. today is gonna be a good day.  I didn't sleep that well, but I'm in a good mood. Just finishing up my class and I think I'm gonna do my laundry today. I actually payed attention in class today and I feel good. Borrowed my friend's laptop so I could have the slides as my teacher goes over them. Sometimes she goes to fast to write, so I thought I would try it out, having the slides on the laptop so I could write as she lectures. And it worked, so I'm very happy.  Like I said, I think I'll do laundry today. I at least have to wash my clothes for training tomorrow. I rejoined the old kung-fu group I used to be a part of. Didn't realize how much I missed it. The style is called White Crane Silat. It's an Indonesian based kung-fu.  I'm taking out Boots for dinner tonight. I owe her for buying me a book when I really wanted it and didn't have the money to buy it :) She's awesome. Probably gonna go to CPK and share a pizza.  There's a girl in my life I don't wanna be "friends" w
What Would You Do For 100 Million Fubucks?
I'm getting tired of the fu-owned BS on here!  So I was thinking of giving some of my fu-bucks away soon!  Some kind of contest!  So put on your thinking caps all you pervs out there!  What kind of contest should I do?  1) A NSFW Salute to me and Vampy 2) or something else? We'd really like to hear your thoughts on this one :)
You always second guessed or questioned everything I say or do...... Start arguing over nothing when things are going fine..... Treat me like a leper and alienate me like if I was gonna do something to you...... Always saying I was doing something when I'm with you 24/7....... But now I see who you really are!!! Blaming me for cheating when it was you!!!!! Doing stuff online when it was you!!!! Treating you like shit??? No you were treating me Like shit when all I did was try to make you happy, and my kids, acted like they were a nusciance when they weren't doing nothing but be lol kids playing!!! Then acting like I'd do something to you when you are the one that called me asshole to me in front of my kids verbally abusing me a hitting me when I just wanted to hug you...... All just because you were seeing some dumb fuck behind my back while I was living with you!! But fuck you bitch you godamn cunt!!!! You wanted to marry me and shit?? But you miss and love Tony Febles?
Wam Update
Happy St. Patty's DayKiss me I am Irish. Yes I am part Irish. And I love my beer. In this update I don't just drink it, I pour it all over my white dress. You got it. This is a WAM set (Wet and Messy) I even have on my white hooker boots. You will need to come to the member's side to see how wet I get, and not just my cloths and hair. There are over 120 pictures in this update with over 15000 on my site. There is something for everyone. I, alos, have 44 videos on my SCVideo page and 129 video clips on my site. Don't forget you can also purchase individual photo sets for only $1.99 each. You download them right to your computer. Luscious Kisses Exotic Flame-- Hugs and KissesExotic Flame
Pimps & Hoes Auction - Get In Now
  PIMPS & HOES AUCTION FREE TO JOIN IF YOUR INTERESTED SEND THE PIC YOU WANNA USE & YOUR OFFER TO THE HOST & GET YOUR TAG MADE   TERESA Owned By BRATT TJatTheRock@ fubar   AUCTION WILL START NOW & RUN UNTIL SUNDAY MARCH 21, 2010 @ 7 PM FU-TIME   HIGHEST BID WINS   BONUS: THE ONE WITH THE MOST RATES WINS A 3 CREDIT BLING   AUCTION TAG   (repost of original by 'TERESA Owned By BRATT TJatTheRock' on '2010-03-18 17:18:10') (repost of original by 'Bratt Fuowned by jeffdahl' on '2010-03-19 10:46:30')
Need A Laugh Then Read
             These  are real noteswritten by parents in the   Memphis school  district . Spellings  have been left  intact.....      1. My son is under a doctor's care and should not take PE today. Please  execute him.
Today I was talking to my sister. And every other thing is "Im tired of the drama" She has twins and is a single mom. She thinks she needs a man to survive. Every other day she messages me about a guy that she's "with" that's treating her like crap. So I tell her that she needs to worry about her kids more. Less about men. She said to me "I just want to be loved" so I replied "so, what your family doesn't love you and I don't love you?" She said to me " Yeah thats true but Im tired of gertting hurt in the end"   I hate to say this but I think she needs some serious help. Why the fuck does a woman with kids need to be worried about herself and a man. Should those kids not get all her attention. Im really confused here. I mean like does she not have any common sense? Havn't women been doing the whole raising children thing alone for a while? I mean it seems like -- she don't give a relationship time.  She finds 'em and you can clearly see they arnt the right one for her.  Many
  I go threw the motions today like its just another day. I got you on my mind. My visions a haze. I have defiantly seen better days. You move on. Talking about memories. This is that part where I get something in my eye. Your with her I understand. You where the better man. You long for me in every thing you do. Deep down you have this wild side. This side that she never could abide. She could never hold a candle to you. A comment from you. Or maybe that’s just how I heard it. It doesn’t matter, you got what you want. There goes that emotional shatter. You’ve watched me die inside enough times to see this is the way it should be. No good for you is what I’ll continue to be. To much to contain. An adventure every day. Another thing you say. No I didn’t just hear it that way. You miss me you wont lie. Yet still I lay here and I die. Emotional shatter. Watch the life of me as it quickly splatters. Like paint on canvas. This is the way it’s suppose to
My Feelings
I was Sitting Here Thinking And Was Wondering Can Someone Really Care To Much For Someone? I Used To Think So Sometimes You Can't Help Who You Care And Love Your Not Supposed To When You Love Someone You Love Them And What You Feel In Your Heart Shouldn't Die. I Believe If You Want Something Bad Enough You Should Fight For It And Not Give Up Cause Once You Do The Other Person May Feel You Given Up On Them As Well. To Me Love Isn't Just Something You Feel It's The Things You Do And Say To A Person That Makes Them Feel Wanted And Needed. I Realized I Can't Give Up Easily Cause It Might Pass Me By Knowing The Person You Think About Is Always There In Your Heart. I Believe People Can Love Again But Are To Scared To Because Of Getting Hurt But I Try And Look At The Positive Things In Life And The Future Cause There Is Someone Out There Who Will Treat You With Love, Honesty, Respect And Be Loyal To So Don't Give Up On The Person Who Has Showed You All Those Things Because You May Not
The Sweetest Letter I've Ever Recieved!
Crystal,           I'm writting this as you sleep, deep in slumber in our bed we have shared so much of ourselves in. How you captivate me, make a slave of my heart and a servent of my body. You are like wildfire, so unpredictable at times, and I just want to be near your flames. Do you even know how you tie me in knots? I am like the dessert and you are the blessed rain. I drown in your eyes, so full of mystery and promises.      Do you know how much I envy you? your compassion and strength, your courage and heart? How I want to give you the world. I kneel at your feet and pitty those blind to you. Today was so amazing to spend with you, to share with you. I love the sound of your laughter, and cherish your smiles, keeping them in my mind as treasures in a vault.     Wish you could fit me in your pocket, and I would go with you wherever you went. Watching you sleep now, even your snores are cute. I love waking up next to you, and want you to always be what I first see every day. I'
Some Hot Stories From One Of The Sexy Kittens
check out these blogs they are hott!!
My Dream Man
has to be/have:   1. Funny. If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything -Marilyn Monroe 2. Nerdy. I like some computer games, I like Memes, adore sci fi books and documnetaries, I snort when I laugh..... ummm.............8D And nothing is cuter than a nerdy DnD lover ;D 3. Empathatic. If you can help a old lady across the street, you are ace in my book ;D 4. the height. Preferably taller than me, I am 1.75m. 5. love rock music. Because I can't live without it. 6. HAIRY BUTT. MOST IMPORTANT   Haha, just felt like sharing that. Oh appearance wise/age, I can't be arsed :)  As long as you make me feel safe and happy then yeah, it's enough for me :D  
Love Can Make >>>>>
Love can make a common man poet, but a heartache can make even the hardest man a poet. We all do have a heart and we realise it only when we feel a pain of hurt there, other we often forget if it is in the right or the left. But when it aches it
My Son
This past Saturday my son had extreme abdominal pain, then 2 days later pain in his thighs that he described as bad enough to make him puke. Both times he went to the ER, both times told it was nothing more than muscle cramps. My son is 24yrs. old and has always been an athlete. He still holds his High School's indoor High Jump Record and is 4th overall on most recieving yards in a season for their football team, so we're not talking a lazy whiny kid. I post this as a warning... My son may die or have permanent kidney damage or require a transplant due to LEGAL sports drinks and Muscle Mass powders... I don't know how to embed a video in the blog, so there's a video in the comments... pray for him pls. DP
Our Creativity!!!
Naked, walking up behind me, I feel you reach around me with one arm to pull me closer. Then the other hand comes up my back slowly and gently. As your hand reaches the base of the back of my neck, you firmly pull my hair towards you. You start kissing my neck slowly as your breathing gets more and more rapid. I feel your hard urgency to be inside my now dripping hot sex. Turning around to face you, I see the need of entrance on your handsome face. My eyes slowly wonder down your body, stopping at the glistening moist tip of your cock. Taking my finger I wipe the moist tip. Bringing my finger to my lips, I swipe my tongue to taste what you have to offer. Savoring the image of what it will bring. Needing to know how your hard cock fits into my now watering mouth, I get down on my knees. Admiring your cock for just a brief moment. Placing my hands behind my back, I gather your hard, throbbing cock in my mouth with such ease. Swirling my tongue around the tip as I take you deeply as I
My Lost Breath!!
     Waiting for you to arrive, I settle in gracefully. Undressing myself slowly as I pave a path to your santuary. Fingertips brushing my lightly chilled skin as I part clothing. Dropping little evidence here and there. Trying to captivate your thoughts as you enter your castle. From a very long day, you feel the need to relax, but you see something hanging on the doorknob as you stroll up the walk. You get closer and the foreign object becomes clear. A black stocking hangs just barely. You part your lips in a sweet grin, and your imagination starts to play. Feeling your excitement brush the front of your blue jeans. You open the front door to only find a t-shirt lying on the floor. In the not so far distant, you see a black lacy bra. Peeked enticement you follow the path to suduction. Arriving to the bedroom door, your shakey hand turns the doorknob, the door opens. Your jaw drops slightly as I lay barely covered on your bed. Uncontrolable light moans excape me as I ready myself
Am I wrong?Have I run to far to get home?Have I gone?And left you here alone?
Returned Demon
Returned demon that I call my own always with me you keep coming back as if haunting me yesterday wasn't enough you hold me every night playing with my thoughts Nothing ever hurts you Nothing turns you away from me My stares don't penetrate My lack of words never frightens you They fall off you and hurt me more Each time you return you take a part of me stealing tokens from my heart Adding them to your own My precious Demon, With open eyes I willingly submit my heart and
Stay Human By Michael Franti & Spearhead
Starvation is a creation of the devila rebelI'm bringin' food to the people like a widowbrinin' flowers to a grave in the middleof the city isolation is a riddleto be surrounded by a million other peoplebut feel alone like a tree in the desertdried up like the skin of a lizardbut full of color like the spots of a leoparddrum and bass pull me in like a sheperdscratch my itch like a needle on a recordfull of life like a man gone to Meccasky high like an eagle up soaringI speak low but I'm like a lion roaringbaritone like a Robeson recordin'I'm giving thanks for bein' human every morning...(chorus)Because the streets are alive with the sound of Boom Bapcan I hear it once again!Boom Bap tell your neighbor tell a friendevery box gotta right to be boomin'because the streets are alive with the sound of Boom Bapcan I hear it once again!Boom Bap tell your neighbor tell a friendevery flower got a right to be bloomin'!Stay Human!Be resistantthe negativity we keep it at a distanceca
I Get Off By Halestorm
:Verse 1: You don’t know that I know You watch me every night And I just can’t resist the urge To stand here in the light Your greedy eyes upon me And then I come undone I could close the curtain But this is too much fun :Chorus: I get off on you Getting off on me Give you what you want But nothing is for free It’s a give and take Kind of love we make When the line is crossed I get off on you I get off :Verse 2: There’s so much left unspoken Between the two of us It’s so much more exciting To look when you can’t touch You could say I’m different Maybe I’m a freak But I know how to twist you To bring you on your knees
Sitting here I was reminded of the reasons why I lust you your smile, the way it teased at me seductivley your laugh, the way it tempted me your eyes the way they seemed to hypnotize me remided of the resasons why I love you your smile, and the way it brings such life into me your laugh and the way it seemed to make everything ok your eyes how they always sem to read my thoughts Standing here now i can only think of the reasons why i have to let you go your smile and the way it confuses me your laugh and the way it seems to mock me your eyes
My Favorite Game By The Cardigans
I don't know what you're looking for you haven't found it baby, that's for sure You rip me up and spread me all around in the dust of the deed of time And this is not a case of lust, you see it's not a matter of you versus of me It's fine the way you want me on your own but in the end it's always me alone And I'm losing my favourite game you're losing your mind again I'm losing my baby losing my favourite game I only know what I've been working for another you so I could love you more I really thought that I could take you there but my experiment is not getting us anywhere I had a vision I could turn you right a stupid mission and a lethal fight I should have seen it when my hope was new my heart is black and my body is blue And I'm losing my favourite game you're losing your mind again I'm losing my favourite game I've tried but you're still the same I'm losing my baby you're losing a saviour and a saint
Helpful Hints
Today isn't a good day. I feel sick, and its probably due to me chugging that Rockstar this morning but God knows I needed it. So I apologize if I don't get everybody I normally do rated today. However, on that note... If you have some stupid ass profile skin, that either almost gives me a seizure or takes more than 5 seconds of my life to load, I'm not rating you. Period. It's annoying and I know most of you won't rate me back if I don't leave some stupid status comment. I've proven that. My rates and profile views doubled as soon as I started to, even though most of you see me on your page daily. So if you're not going to rate me back if I dont leave a status comment, plz take down your more than likely flashing, ugly, not put together very well, hard to read profile with your 2375302573208 graphics that need to load. Please. It usually freezes my computer on top of things and its annoying! And thank you Mel for pointing out you can turn skins off. I like the profile skins and I li
Club Bounce!
Club Bounce party people made it a great weekend to be at the club! We hit capacity with a line of people waiting each night! Join us this Friday, March 19th for our new theme of Denim and Diamonds! Wear denim and some bling to get in for $5 before 10 p.m.Then Saturday, 3/20/10 is a regular club night filled with the best music and a packed house! We are filling up faster and faster each week so be sure to get there early to avoid standing in line! Dress code is strictly enforced so remember, NO white on your tennis shoes and collared shirts are a must for the guys. _________________________________________________________________Join us next Friday, March 26th for our popular Singles Mingle night! It is one of our most requested themes...and with all the love found in the club, we know why! Come down and find your perfect match!We have a new anti-size discrimination petition, the last petition was accidentally closed early by the petition site, so we had to create a new one, your sign
A Picture I Saw
dark desire'sfires burn,lust from deep within,resist i must,repel these thoughts,for only the weak give inand once sucked inyou are lost to love,unable or willing to fight.a slave to those eyesthose lips her touch i know this cant be righteven in dreams i see her facelost like a sailor at searelease me from guiltfrom lust from lovedo this as a favor to meone may wonder why not just give her beauty is beyond compareeverything single thingall you've ever wanted it all seems to all be therebut you are all fools you do not see one way this could endshe would be my reason for breathingmy personal sliver lininghow can we just be friends?
Flying Is For The Birds - Part Deux
The flight home from San Diego to Atlanta wasn’t as pleasant for me as the flight there. I am not sure if it was because I was sore from surgery, or if there were just some genuinely annoying occurrences. I also get a little…out of sorts….on pain medication so maybe that was the problem. THE GOODWe told the Delta staff at check in about  my surgery and they moved our seats. Our new seats were one row away from the door, and we were allowed to board first. Mom and I were very anxious for a little while there because we were two people in a three-person row and unsure if the remaining seat was spoken for. I really did not want to sit next to anyone. It is very hard for me to sit still for that many hours and I just did not want to deal with fidgeting next to a stranger (who is touching me). This was a smaller plane than the one to San Diego and it seemed more cramped. We were relieved to eventually find that we were the only two seated in that row. We got to spread ou
Swear It On Jagger...
Yes, you make me sing,and dance around like Jagger,My music for you.
Poem For Friend
You are hardly known, yet on my brain you surely sit. My mind wonders all because you are so sweet to me You make me feel so good I smile and your name is upon my lips You kindness has me in awe I never knew a man could be as sweet as thee. Kindness is in your heart that is easy to see. I must say, I am proud to call you my new found friend!
Buffy Musical Episode - I'm Under Your Spell
I lived my life in shadow Never the sun on my face It didn't seem so sad, though I figured that was my place Now I'm bathed in light Something just isn't right I'm under your spell How else could it be Anyone would notice me? It's magic, I can tell How you've set me free Brought me out so easily I saw a world enchanted Spirits and charms in the air I always took for granted I was the only one there But your power shone Brighter than any of I've known I'm under your spell Nothing I can do You just took my soul with you You worked your charm so well Finally, I knew Everything I dreamed was true You make me believe... GIRLS Ahhhh, ahhh, ahhh. (etc...) TARA The moon to the tide I can feel you inside I'm under your spell Surging like the sea Brought to you so helplessly I break with every swellLost in ecstasy Spread beneath my Willow tree You make me complete... You make me complete... You make me complete... You make me...
I Have No Title
So either I'm on here too much (which I don't really think I am) or it's because I was on here right before I went to sleep: I'm not really sure. But I had a dream last night that BabyJesus and I were texting each other. Like..a lot. I need more sleep. Good morning and crap.
The Seagull And The Duck
Screw Her Gently
Dancing Spiderman
Man Who Went To Malta
How Can You Not Fall For Her...shes Amazing :)
I fell for who you are. I fell for what you are. I fell for you. I want to be with who you are. I want to be with who you are becoming. I want to be with you. Consumed by you I am. Consumed by you are my thoughts. Consumed by you, completely. Wishing for you. Wishing for the day. Wishing on that star in the sky. We found each other by chance. We found each other by fate. We just found each other. Roller coaster of emotions. Roller coaster of words. Roller coaster that i never want to get off of. I want. I need. I desire. With you I am complete. With you I am free. With you is where I wanna be. You hold the key. The key to make this more. The key to me. The key to us. The key that no one has been giving, With in you I entrusted my key. My key to all of me. Hold it near and never loose it. With in you is me.
Fuck Everyone
....If you think I'm nice, or think I'm "awesome" or whatever little story you have going on in your head.  You're fucking delusional.  I seriously fucking hate everyone, you may be a "friend" or whatever the fuck it is you consider yourself in you head to me.  But I have serious fucking new's for you...  You aren't!!!  There are four people that I would drop everything I was doing and help/spend time with/do anything for/or hang out with, at the drop of a hat.  Other people I "make time for".  You make think you're the most awesome person I know, but I hate to break it to you, you're really fucking not...  You take no consideration into how I feel, who I feel for, what I want to feel...  It's all about you, you and you...  So I say to thee, fuck off mother fuckers!  You may not understand this diatribe of a rant, you may think you know what it's about, but I can tell you this...  YOU REALLY FUCKING DON"T.  So to reiterate my final point of this.  FUCK YOU ALL, YOU COCK S
My Vows To The World
even after a bad couple of days i will always stay on point and push through the negativity that this new age of technological wars and chaos I will not sit down and watch the world go by i will stand up and absorb only individuality, true free speech, and a world not ruled by greed. violence, conformists, half-assed governments, and closed-minded bible thumping facists these are my vows i have said mine when will you be awake enough to say yours.
How Can It Be?
How can it be that you can love so much but also be hurt so bad? How can one person completely disregard another person as if they were nothing? How can a totally different person care for those they dont even know  and put those people above themselves? For these answers you look inside yourself. Ive looked inside me and i have found that i love wholeheartedly, i hold hope for myself and others. Yet i also found i tend to get hurt easier and worse then those around me. I am willing to go out of my  way to help those in need and forget myself completely. I rather see those other people get the help they need then myself. Sometimes i feel people take that love, nurture, care, and hope for granted. They never stop and look at what they are doing, or who they are hurting. They never realize the love they were given til they lose it for good. I have also seen inside myself that i tend to forgive for things people should not be forgiven for. I leave myself to wonder what if i would have sai
If you are resisting life's goodness, then working harder at it will push that goodness farther away. Instead learn to let go and to allow. Simply generating more activity and energy will not help you if that energy is pointed in a negative direction. Choose to re-direct all the energy and awareness in your life toward those things you value most. If the results you are getting fail to bring fulfillment, do not seek to merely create more results. Instead find the path that truly your purpose. There is nothing to be gained from making life needlessly difficult. See the truth that life is beautiful, and align your energy and your actions with your very own expression of the truth. When you let yourself be yourself, richness flows easily and effortlessly and naturally through every moment. Your greatest accomplishments come from who you are. Let yourself be yourself. And you'll be as rich as anyone can ever be.
Seeing Eye Dog
You're my seeing eye dog and I am blind You take me there every time With that winning combination of loyal and kind Your eyes like wells to the water of your mind I want to take a long, cool drink from your bucket To every thought I could think now, I say fuck it I just want to go with how I feel Like my only job here Is to care for and covet you, dear I love the way your stories seem to fall from your lips With just enough slobber so it sparkles and drips The way you hang the whole room on a word Like a little stick in the beak of a bird First we touched fingers and then we touched toes Then my army surrendered My government overthrown I threw myself a little role reversal and followed you home Just dying to be chewed The dog was chosen by the bone Be my seeing eye dog Cuz I am blind Just take me there One more time With that winning combination of loyal and kind Your eyes like wells to the water of your mind I want to take a long, cool drink from your bucket To every thought I
Tonight i have been up very late..due too the fact im under a lil stress..i seriously need a vacation too like egypt,lol..or las vegas(my favorite spot)i also want too go off too new york oneday sty for about a month just too party hardy,lol..i also need to meet some new friends well im gonna make me some hot chocolate and watch family guy and hang out here:) i love fubar!
The house was quiet; he was sitting there watching a football game on television when she walked into the house. She walked over to him and kisses him softly on the lips before kicking her heals off and sliding out of the pants she is wearing. She folds her pants and lays them over the arm of the couch before curling up next to him on the couch with her feet tucked up under her ass. He leans over and kisses her forehead before grabbing her one leg a pulling it over his lap so that she is straddled over top of him. She sighs and curls up into his chest, her head buried into his neck. She breaths in deeply, taking in the scent of his cologne deeply into her lungs. She again sighs and wiggles into him closer, He wraps his arms around her as she does so, she can feel his cock bounce to life under the lace of her panties. He kisses her shoulder and she lifts her head up to look into his eyes, as she does he kisses her passionately. While they kiss they let their hands explore each oth
My Sister's Keeper 3
My Sister's Keeper Quote #3 "If you have a sister and she dies, do you stop saying you have one? Or are you always a sister, even when the other half  of the equation is gone ?"
My Sister's Keeper 4
My Sister's Keeper Quote #4 "A girl who may not know what she wants  right now, and she may not know who she is  right now, but who deserves the chance t
My Sister's Keeper 5
My Sister's Keeper Quote #5 Extraordinary things are always hiding in places people never think to look.
My Sister's Keeper 3,4,5
My Sister's Keeper Quote #3 "If you have a sister and she dies, do you stop saying you have one? Or are you always a sister, even when the other half  of the equation is gone ?" My Sister's K
My Sister's Keeper 2
My Sister's Keeper Quote #2 "Maybe who we are isn't so much about what we do,butrather what we're capable of when we least expect it." series? click the [♥] , i love this movie, so sad. :(
What people fail to realize is that I do not say the things I do for attention. I honestly believe them with every fiber of my being. I am one of the most self-loathing people you will ever meet. There is no object, or belief, or subculture on our green earth that I hate more than I hate myself. I do not enjoy it. I never have, and I never will. These thoughts cause me no form of joy or pleasure. Every day I can see them pushing the man I love away from me, and still I can not shut the voice in my head that drips these poisons up. I have given her a name- Araea. She is the woman I would like to be. Physically she is flawless- Tall, thin, with unmarred skin and silken black hair. Her eyes are a sharp, cold blue, with a gaze that would chill even the most hearty man to the bone. Emotionally, she is confident and cruel, a borderline sadist. Her pleasure comes from my pain. The voice that issues from her soft throat is deep and elegant, and her accent is aristocratic. I'm not sure when she
My Sister's Keeper
My Sister's Keeper Quote #1 "You dont love someone because they're perfect,you love them in spite of the fact that they're not""who is going to defend her sister"
Random Things About Me
birthday : April 6, 1990 birthday place : anywhere it happens current location : Bayview, ID eye color : blue and brown hair color : brown height : 5'11" right hand or lefy handed : right your heritage : German, Sioux, Cherokee the shoes you wore today : my boots your weakness : gorgeous eyes, nice butt your fears : clowns, ants, shelfish... your favorit pizza : hawaaiin
Howdy Y'all
For My Family
I've realized lately that I'm not the same person I used to be.  I'm growing up, and I'm not sure it's a bad thing either. I'm learning that when I was younger, and trying to change myself to make other people like me, for maybe a glimmer of home of acceptance, maybe for a kind word here and there, that that was completely wrong. Well you know what? Fuck this.I'm learning that life isn't always good, it certainly isn't always bad, and anything else that says other wiseFuck that.   I thought maybe by cutting my hair, losing some weight, and changing how I acted and did things, and in effect, changing myself, that those people who have treated me like shit, who have taken advantage of me, would maybe see fit to be nice to me once in a while.  Maybe I was going at it the wrong way, well you know what? To all of you who think you're better than me, Fuck you.   Mom We've had our blow-ups, or ups and downs, and our all out brawls, but you're my mummie, and I love you
Me Being Misunderstood
OK, this makes the second account that I have had here. The first one I believe got deleted due to a message I sent out. I am a collector of cleavage shots and have amassed quite the collection of pictures. I have collected from a lot of lovely ladies here and on other sites that I belong to. I an up front and honest with what I am askind and not Bullshitting around.  I tend to think that the up front approach is the best way to go. Now I know alot of ladies have misunderstood maybe what I am asking, this I can see and understand.  But to go and block me or have my account deleted, thats a bit harsh. I thank the ladies here  that have replied and said yes to my message and also like to thank the ones that have said no as well.   There I at least got a response. I know its a small rant but thought I would get it out there. I love boobs and I try to stay a gentleman with this and I am sorry to those that dont see it.  
Random Thoughts
The only thing I ever wanted to be in life was a mother. I was given that chance 9 years ago. Then I was given two  more chances at that. I tried my best with what I was given. Which wasn't much. I gave love, uncondtionally.  Looking at those little faces and seeing reflections of loved ones pasted, and reflections of my self, gave me such joy. To hold them, watch them grow, everyday they became my world. I wanted to give them the world. A happy home, and memories that they could look back on and laugh about later in life. Those three boys hold my heart, and everything that I am. I couldn't be more proud of them. But I have failed them. I am not  the mom who can wipe tears away, I am the mom that causes those tears because I am not there to hold them. I am not the mom who kisses the boo boos away, or brushes them off when they fall. I am not the mom who is  able to cook them dinner, kiss them good night or sing that song with them. Everything that I wanted to be, I failed at.
Update On The Medical Stuff
so 3 weeks ago I went to my GYN... and she did a cervical cancer test on me. Yesterday, it came back as a negative. Thank god.... now the problem is that we don't know what is wrong... I went through a full round of blood work today (seriously... 4 vials? wtf is that shit... not little vials either.. BIG ONES...) had cultures done of my vajayjay... and also had 2 freaking ultrasounds... oh and urine test for hormones and stuff... i dunno... lol anyway.. I was watching the lady who was doing my ultrasounds.. and at one point she made a face and was looking at the screen... she kinda startled me when she said "have you been having pain?" i was like yeah.... and she asked "where.." i said left side....and she said hmm... she was looking at my left ovary.... but didn't tell me anything... I go BACK to the doctor on the 7th... hopefully it was nothing... i am a littttttle worried though
Grasping For Whats Gone.
Will you ever speak to me again? I am sorry, for what I said that made you hate me so much, or made you so angry. That wasn't my intent. I was upset and hurt by things you had said and I reacted poorly. Its been months, and still everyday I think of you. I think of how you made me laugh, how you are like no one I've ever met before. I think about all the good times we had vs the bad ones. I miss hanging out, going on nature walks, listening to you ramble on about a weird but awesome theory or idea. I miss you, I miss our friendship before i became so toxic for us. I know I said I wouldn't bother you anymore, but I've wanted to talk to you for so long. If its only a message that you will read and ignore, or not even read and just delete, at least I'll get things out. And if you really wish to be rid of me, please just block me, i can't bring myself to block you.    
This Was Sent To Me By Gatorchomper1984.
Now I know this is a chain letter and I do not normally share these things. But this one hits home for me as it discribes the night me and my Wife met very well. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do and remember, our friends make us strong but being a true friend makes you strongest of all. Enjoy the story:   Let's see if you send it back. We all know or knew someone like this!! One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school. His name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying all of his books. I thought to myself, 'Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday? He must really be a nerd.' I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a football game with my friends tomorrow afternoon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on. As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running toward him. They ran at him, knocking all his books out of his arms and tripping him so he landed in the dirt. His glasses went flying, and I saw them la
"Subdivision" white people are so scared of black people. they bulldoze out to the country, and put up houses on little loop-d-loop streets. and while america gets its heart cut right out of its chest, the berlin wall still runs down main street separating east side from west. and nothing is stirring, not even a mouse, in the boarded up stores and the broken down houses, so they hang colorful banners off all the street lamps just to prove they got no manners, no mercy, and no sense. and i wonder then what it will take for my city to rise. first we admit our mistakes and then we open our eyes. the ghost of old buildings are haunting parking lots in the city of good neighbors that history forgot. i remember the first time i saw someone lying on the cold street, i thought, "i can't just walk past you, this can't just be true." but i learned by example to just keep moving my feet. it's amazing the things that we all learn to do. so we're led by denial like lambs to the slaughter
The Darkest Point Of Light
Sixteen years ago …   Proverbs 12:16-23                                                                                              March 18 58 days [to graduation]                                                                               48, intern! What are we doing right?                                                                               9403.18   A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.  16  
wait my dear ... no jealousies silly thing ... you can't know how i feel come take my hand i will show you the flame burning secrets, burning wishes ... your name don't be insecure, don't be afraid ... i'll hold you tight oh, virgin weakness, infinite sweetness ... that's you so let's dance all alone i want to kiss you, want to feel you deep your silly skin, a tender touch, a sign that promises so much i want to kiss you, want to feel you deep and so we dance nothing ever spoils my joy of loving you, of looking in your eyes ... i couldn't be that blind that i won't crave for you and still we dance all alone i want to kiss you ...
Alone Here I sit, Thinking, Crying, All While Its Sinking In. I Look Inside Myself, What Do I See? I See  A Hole.   The Cold Grip Of Loneliness Grips Tight. I Try To Fight, But The Hole Consumes Everything I am. What Is This Hole?? Over And Over I Ask.   No Answer... Still Alone I Sit, Thinking Of The Past, Present, Future...Will It Ever Change??   Why Am I Broken So?? Then It Hits Me, This Hole Is Nothing More Than The Loneliness That Consumes Me Can I fix It???   No One Knows, Faith In Myself Is All I Have, Then She Appears, Is She Real?? Is She My Cure?? She Glows About Feeling The Darkness In With Her Warmth, Her Light Of Hope.   She Motions Me To Her, I Go Forth, She Begins To Walk. I Follow, She Begins To Leave Me Behind, I quicken My Pace, She Still Seems To Be Gaining I Begins To Run, She Fades Into The Darkness...   Alone Here I Sit...Broken   The End- BuddahTheKlown  
cozen\KUZ-un\transitive verb; 1.To cheat; to defraud; to deceive, usually by petty tricks. 2.To obtain by deceit.intransitive verb:  1.To act deceitfully.
Make yourself necessary to somebody.  -  Ralph Waldo Emerson
Hey You blast all day Soft and hard Ill feel so great Or end up sad In what form you are Your always to be there To change my mood With the energy of your blast
Gardening In The Nude Is Hot!
Boulder, Colorado is one of the most liberal towns in America. Today, it lived up to its reputation. 52-year-old Catharine Pierce was gardening outside her house wearing pasties, a thong and gloves. Incidentally, she lives near a school. Police couldn’t arrest her because state law prohibits exposing genitals which she had covered. For more BlastFM celebrates individualism. That’s what creativity is a persons self expression. Listen to our creative talents 24/7.
Orleans - Dance With Me
Dance with me, I want to be your partner Can't you see the music is just starting? Night is falling, and I am calling Dance with me Fantasy could never be so giving I feel free, I hope that you are willing Pick your feet up, and kick your feet up Dance with me Let it lift you off the ground Starry eyes, and love is all around I can take you where you want to go Dance with me, I want to be your partner Can't you see the music is just starting? Night is falling, and I am calling Dance with me [ break ] Let it lift you off the ground Starry eyes, and love is all around I can take you where you want to go Fantasy could never be so giving I feel free, I hope that you are willing To pick your feet up, kick your feet up And dance with me Dance with me, I want to be your partner Can't you see the music is just starting? Night is falling, and I am calling Dance with me Dance with me Dance with me
Ok So I'm Not A't Mean Some Of This Song Don't Fit Me
I don't know why I act the way I do Like I ain't got a single thing to lose Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy I guess that's just the cowboy in me I got a life that most would love to have But sometimes I still wake up fightin' mad At where this road I'm heading down might lead I guess that's just the cowboy in me The urge to run, the restlessness The heart of stone I sometimes get The things I've done for foolish pride The me that's never satisfied The face that's in the mirror when I don't like what I see I guess that's just the cowboy in me The urge to run, the restlessness The heart of stone I sometimes get The things I've done for foolish pride The me that's never satisfied The face that's in the mirror when I don't like what I see I guess that's just the cowboy in me Girl I know there's times you must have thought There ain't a line you've drawn I haven't crossed But you set your mind to see this love on through I guess that's just the cowboy in you We
[part Epic, Part Case Study]
So I was brainstorming and free-forming this dreamscape I had a few nights ago about this divine representative of another planet.I remember she breathed methane, and wore an ellaborately carved device and ceremonial clothing so she could visit far off planets and scare the ever living crap out of them. She always arrived as a harbinger. Someone that kinda ... closes down doomed planets. But as I recalled that structure, I was reminded of Childhood's end, and decided to take a step to the side What would Heinliein do? I knew she was beautiful, powerful, holy, but from a profane world of wrathful gods and fertility rites. So of course the alien descendant of mankind in an impossibly harsh environment would one day fuck the bio engineered over-sanitized protagonist of the elite terran descendants. And no.I didn't see Avatar. *sigh* And no.Avatar didn't do it first. This is an act of inquisition, not romance or conception."this thing's vaguely like me, maybe I can relate..."Some
The Hotest Poet On The Web Today come check out evil nurseryrhymes, and dark poetry that is updated daily
Hahaha. No.
I now believe drug addict is ruining my life. Not with any intent or malice but by sheer fact of being in her radius. Fucking whore. fucking cow. fucking drug addict. She showed up at school today and they are letting her stay. fuck her. fuck them. She had an instructor all to herself to teach her all the hair cuts she missed. Fuck her. I was sent to nail jail in her place. I was swept away from playing with hair to tickling old lady toes. fuck them. Fuck her complaining about how things might be going faster if her private tutor wasn't getting called away. She got a little defensive when i told her I didn't want to hear about her private lessons going so slowly. Have another vicodin ya bastard. Who says addicts are selfish? It's the worst crew too. the worst of the worst. the whitest of the white trash strung out on everything that is fucking wrong with America. Save Kait. She's ok. she needs to learn self defense though. She needs to learn that those people in charge are paid by her From Bottom Up!!!!!
Bobby: call me please????  To Bobby: awwwwwwwbyeeeeeeeeeeeee Bobby: i'd like to keep talking to you tonight, the ownly way to do that is call me. i have to logg off now... tghey are kiing me off  To Bobby: i have expensive tastes you know.....i lke to be spoiled.... Bobby: i ownly get $632 a month or somethang like that To Bobby: we'll see......  Bobby: fuck the gov. is paying me to b lazy Bobby: text me or call me please? To Bobby: damn.....thats alot of be my sugar daddy??  Bobby: I'm paying over $1,054.00 a month for rent  To Bobby: is????? Bobby: I don't have internet @ home yet.  Bobby: I'm a lil over 7" long, & 1" rond Bobby: & when i get home i'll text you my dick... hard!!!!!!  Bobby: hey, the library is gonna close soon... (308)-539-1154, thats my cell phone #. please call me? yes! text them to me To Bobby: you wanna see my tits honey?? To Bobby: awwww....well im sorry she didnt want you to....  Bobby: i still have a h
I'm Really Not...
I'm starting to think I should let some of you new friends know..I'm really NOT post-op. Never been a offense to my guy friends, but I don't want to be one.
He Thought He'd 'list Perhaps
"But ranged as infantry,        And staring face to face,I shot at him and he at me,        And killed him in his place.         "I shot him dead because –         Because he was my foe, Just so – my foe of course he was;         That's clear enough; although          "He thought he'd 'list perhaps,         Off-hand like – just as I – Was out of work – had sold his traps –         No other reason why.          "Yes; quaint and curious war is!         You shoot a fellow down You'd treat if met where any bar is,         Or help to half-a-crown."
In My Dreams
Dokken - In My Dreams Toss and turn all night in the sheets I can't sleep Night after night don't know what it means In my dreams What can I say or do You won't come back, we're through I've realized too late That, baby, your love has turned away In my dreams--it's still the same Your love is strong, it still remains In my dreams--you're still by me Just the way it used to be Calling your name, but you're turning away Please don't leave Running in circles, waiting to see you In my dreams What can I say or do You won't come back, we're through I've realized too late That, baby, your love has turned away In my dreams--it's still the same Your love is strong, it still remains In my dreams--you're still by me Just the way it used to be In my dreams--it's still the same Your love is strong, it still remains In my dreams--you're still by me Just the way it used to be In my dreams--it's still the same Your love is strong, it still remains In my dreams--you'll always be In my heart and in m
And Map The Battle Chart
All wars are planned by older menIn council rooms apart,Who call for greater armamentAnd map the battle chart.But out along the shattered fieldWhere golden dreams turn gray,How very young the faces wereWhere all the dead men lay.Portly and solemn in their pride,The elders cast their voteFor this or that, or something else,That sounds the martial note.But where their sightless eyes stare outBeyond life's vanished toys,I've noticed nearly all the deadWere hardly more than boys."
I'm The Cure For Wrinkles. Partially To Blame For Your Crows Feet Though... Character Building.
To: The few who have to suffer my company regularly. I've often caused you to choke on some food or beverage substance while reciting a litany of popsicle stick jokes that I may or may not remember correctly. Opps. Let me apologize ahead of time for channeling my inner 12 year old boy as well as the following: The golden retriver who is distracted by chasing smaller animals and barks at the strangers down the street. The construction worker... I really couldn't explain why I feel compelled to whistle at folks. The special needs kid who likes to hang out in windows(car windows, bus windows, store windows, etc) But really... who can resist making faces at people checking thier own reflections? The cartoonist. Is it really bad that I can point out a handful of character traits exhibited by people who are mean to you that remind me of specific cartoon characters or should be characters? The chiuaua. I will hump your leg for cheap thrills. It doesn't take booze and there's no way a p
Sugardaddy/roomate Application
SugarDaddy Application! Please fill out the below application if you want to be a Sugar Daddy for this person. (To be taken very seriously) Copy and paste into a message for me.... ***HUGS N KISSES*** Name: ___________________ Age: ____________________ Phone: ___________ Occupation: ____________________ Height______ Weight______  Single(Y/N)___ How often do u wanna have sex?(check appropriate answer) Daily__ Weekly__ Monthly__ As much as possible_ How long can u last? (check appropriate answer) 1min ___ 15min__ 30min__ 1hr__ all nite___ other (how long?)_____                                 How long is your....member (when erect! lol) ________ Do u like Giving oral sex? (Y/N)___ What could you do for me that no one else could?: While having sex, what do u do? (place "X" in all appropriate boxes) Faint__ Cry__ Moan__ Wiggle__ Twist__ Jerk about__ Pant__ Sweat___ Scream__ Hum__ Whistle__ Just lie there__ List three positions u like:1.2.3. What is ur preferred pace? (place "X" i
the pain of war cannot exceedthe woe of aftermath Led Zeppelin, "The Battle of Evermore"
Crazy Week..where Did It Go???
Just as stated in title....CRAZY!!! Monday~Made my floral deliveries, invoiced for a bit, picked up Mr. Murphy and got him plated...came home and stated the tune up. Tuesday~Worked on Mr. Murphy, went to the auto shop place, took my daughter out to get her car, went to an auto shop place, got home ate and crashed. Wed~Worked on Mr. Murphy for a bit, daughters car wouldn't start, went to auto place, went to driver's liscense place so daughter could take her test to get her liscense, they wouldn't allow it..said some bs about having to take a 6 behind the wheel test along with all the other stuffs she had already done (nobody told us this) came home, called auto school, daughter took bus out to auto school to take driving test, I fixed her car.  Daughter passed test, I picked her up in her car, went to dmv, got her liscnese (with 2 minutes to spare til they closed)car overheated, went to auto store, fixed car, parts store didn't have other part at location...went to other part store
My Bud Did This
I too love jeans and jazz and Treasure Island and John Silver's parrot and the balconies of New Orleans. I love Mark Twain and the Mississippi steamboats and Abraham Lincoln's dogs. I love the fields of wheat and corn and the smell of Virginia tobacco. But I am not American. Is that enough for the Phantom pilot to turn me back to the stone age? . . . America: let's exchange gifts. Take your smuggled cigarettes and give us potatoes. Take James Bond's golden pistol and give us Marilyn Monroe's giggle. Take the heroin syringe under the tree and give us vaccines. Take your blueprints for model penitentiaries and give us village homes. Take the books of your missionaries and give us paper for poems to defame you. Take what you do not have and give us what we have. Take the stripes of your flag and give us the stars. Take the Afghani Mujahideen beard and give us Walt Whitman's beard filled with butterflies. Take Saddam Hussein and give us Abraham Lincoln or give us no one. . . . We are not
they think they can mess with me even sent one of there low level losers to downrate me 1's he's called mkeenan he even had the balls to tell me to go kill myelf i mean serioulsy what are they thinking mkeenan: take ur beating like a man and walk awaymkeenan: gotta suck to be all alonemkeenan: still noonemkeenan: bitchmkeenan: just go kill your selfmkeenan: d-bagmkeenan: i hope somkeenan: anoyed yetmkeenan: i got a big bottle so i am good to gomkeenan: you see all i do is drink and talk shitmkeenan: and then i will be back and we can start all over againmkeenan: i will be kicked off here befor they get here if they are realmkeenan: ha ha fuckermkeenan: you have no friendsmkeenan: oh so sadmkeenan: not one rate on my shitmkeenan: where are thes friendsmkeenan: fagmkeenan: bitchmkeenan: kinda like how i fuck your mom all nightmkeenan: now i am gonna do this all nightmkeenan: i was gonna stop but you couldnt let a dead dog liemkeenan: under ur skin a bitmkeenan: am i starting to get to y
Diamond Rio - I Believe
Every now and then soft as breath upon my skin I feel you come back again And it's like you haven't been gone a moment from my side Like the tears were never cried Like the hands of time are holding you and me And with all my heart I'm sure we're closer than we ever were I don't have to hear or see, I've got all the proof I need There are more than angels watching over me I believe, I believe Chorus That when you die your life goes on It doesn't end here when you're gone Every soul is filled with light It never ends and if I'm right Our love can even reach across eternity I believe, I believe Forever, you're a part of me Forever, in the heart of me And I'll hold you even longer if I can The people who don't see the most Say that I believe in ghosts And if that makes me crazy, then I am 'Cause I believe There are more than angels watching over me I believe, I believe
This And That Ii
Took this blog from yesterday and am writing the story under each I am bored, spinoza told Me to blog I am still bored, but spinoza did not tell Me to post this one... :P So what should I blog about... a blog asking what to blog about.. I am blogging about each thing in this blog from the previous blog for the sake of blogging.. The cum shot face? Oh I would have to ask the women ..the ones who can get Me to cum that is.. what My face look like... though the room with mirrors I have seen My own cum shot face lmao My enjoyment of women in gas mask, leather, rubber, latex? Oh yes, I find there is nothing more fetish pleasing for Me then to see a woman in a gas mask, with latex, rubber, leather and other styles of fetish attires that I find pleasing that need to smoke weed....or get off the crank Yes I am for making weed legal :P My random religious conversation with this Christian couple a week or so ago Yes they did, such a wretched group of people who wa
Fuck That Shit
Dont try to tell me how to talk or how to live my life Fuck that shit, fuck that shit Everytime I'm right, a little part of you dies Fuck That Shit, fuck That shit should I ever be pardoned for crossing the line fuck that shit, fuck that shit it was made for those that cant think for themselvesfuck that shit, fuck that shit   DIE! A little part of you DIE! a little part of youDIE! a little part of youDIE a little part of you   You keep judging my prescence never what I think(fuck that shit, fuck that shit)I'm just another maggot in your world of hate(fuck that shit, fuck that shit)You try to play god, you try to fuck me in the ass(fuck that shit, fuck that shit)consequence-- I'll fucking shoot you in the head(fuck that shit, fuck that shit)DIE! a little part of youDIE! a little part of youDIE! a little part of youDIE! a little part of youREVOLT-- ITS REVOLUTION!BRING OUT THE GUILLOTINE!REVOLT-- ITS A FINAL SOLUTIONBRING OUT THE GUILLOTINE
Who Are You????
I stand in front of my bedroom mirror and admire the way the white lace of my teddy looks against my tan skin. My shoulder-length brown hair falls forward to brush against the fullness of my breasts, and I sigh, eager to touch myself and forget the day's troubles. I slide the straps down my arms and cup my naked full breasts in my hands, liking their texture and weight. The nipples have already tightened slightly in eager anticipation of my fingers. I wet my index finger and slowly trace circles around my nipples, loving the sensations this arouses. There is a slight fluttering in my stomach now, and my pulse beats just a little bit faster. I squeeze my breasts, pushing them together and pulling them apart and imagining YOUR??? wet and wicked mouth sucking and licking and kissing my nipples until they are small peaks of pleasure. I'm getting hotter now... I lie back on my bed and slowly ease the teddy off. I like the way the cool air feels on my nakedness-it is a pleasant contrast to t
I Wish I Can Get Out And Party
i wish i can get out but im very broke for now wish i can go play and party so much
Quote Of The Day
Member of staff asking how to make a white coffee   "Where are the white coffee beans?"   Hilarity ensued, I suspect...
Me Wearing My New Specs.
How I Love Big Titty Thursdays (part 2)
isthisronald: i mean slow until it all goes in isthisronald: call me now...4696856292 Suga Booba...: do you want it slow? it would be hard for me to do..I want to tear your ass up isthisronald: will u go slow Suga Booba...: if you'd let's really thick it might hurt you isthisronald: would u if i was closer Suga Booba...: well you're too far boo isthisronald: oh ya baby....whose ass you thinking? Suga Booba...: I think I'm gonna stick my dick in someone's ass..I'm horny isthisronald: or do you even want to talk anymore? isthisronald: would u want to call me?     Where's Anon?! He's begging me to call lmao!
Fess Parker
LOS ANGELES – Fess Parker, a baby-boomer idol in the 1950s who launched a craze for coonskin caps as television's Davy Crockett, died Thursday of natural causes. He was 85. Family spokeswoman Sao Anash said Parker, who was also TV's Daniel Boone and later a major California winemaker and developer, died at his Santa Ynez Valley home. His death comes on the 84th birthday of his wife of 50 years, Marcella. "She's a wreck," Anash said, adding Parker was coherent and speaking with family just minutes before his death. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. The first installment of "Davy Crockett," with Buddy Ebsen as Crockett's sidekick, debuted in December 1954 as part of the "Disneyland" TV show. The 6-foot, 6-inch Parker was quickly embraced by youngsters as the man in a coonskin cap who stood for the spirit of the American frontier. Boomers gripped by the Crockett craze scooped up Davy lunch boxes, toy Old Betsy rifles, buckskin shirts and trademark fur caps. "The Ball
I Need To Vent......
I am feeling quite terrified lately.. Been having a lot of dreams about what is going to happen when I have my baby. When I let "HIM" come to the hospital to see our son... What will happen when I see him? What will happen when I am holding my baby knowing that the father wants and never wanted anything to do with loving me? Will I resent my son for his fathers actions? Will I feel like I am a bad mom for not wanting to be around "HIM"? I am so scared that I am not completely over "HIM" too... I still look at his blogs about when he said he loved me. I still feel like crying every time I read the blog where he admits to cheating on me and when I read him writing how much he loves other girls... How he blames me for things.. Idk.. I cry almost every time I think about him period... I have a great guy who treats me amazing and I'm truly happy with him but I'm not truly over "HIM"..... I'm scared. I want to be with the father of my child but I know that can't and will never h
I Love Big Titty Thursdays!
isthisronald: mmmmmmmmm yes it is Suga Booba...: it's ok..ass is the other vagina, right? isthisronald: sorry Suga Booba...: oh..well I touch mine all the time. i was hoping you had a vagina isthisronald: my penis Suga Booba...: your penis or your dildo? isthisronald: lol...would you touch mine Suga Booba...: ohh..I was going to call my plastic surgeon and yell at him then lol. I want more than one! Suga Booba...: how many operations did that take? isthisronald: im talking about my toys Suga Booba...: you have more than one penis? isthisronald: my big one is 13 isthisronald: guess so Suga Booba...: sure..doesn't everyone? isthisronald: u have one?
I Miss You..grandma
To my Beautiful grandmother,I love you and miss you everyday I think about you all the time,And everyday it hurts to cry.So much has happened in my life,I'm not sure how hard to try.Tears are falling constantly,My heart hurts everyday.I think about your beautiful smile,That I pray I see again someday.The sweet smell of your perfume,Has slowly faded away.But all your helpful teachings,Are always here to stay.I can't express how much you taught me,So much I can't explain.All the times I can remember,Never once heard you complain.So many hearts were broken,The day God called you home.It seems as though each one of us,Were left to survive alone.I know there was a reason,That you had to leave.To keep us in your watchful eyes,So now you watch us all from Heaven's door above   R.I.P 3-08-2010
Poem Of The Day...031810
Always sense the moments for you never know when life will take them to someone else's life.
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Das Boobies
So I asked Supe what was up with the new chick photo in his default. No, he's not trying to get freebie rates from the guys, he's paying homage to boobies. Well, he has a very valid point, boobies need to have more attention paid to them. Hold on, wading through all this sarcasm is tougher than it seems. So to jump on the bandwagon, I am going to make an homage to boobie blog. Hold on to your teenie peenies guys, it's fap time!       Mmmmm, that is effin sexy time right there! But wait it gets better...     Suprise boobies... has no idea we are watching! So naughty... you naughty boobie!!!! If I had a close pin at hand, mmmmmmmm, bad bad boobie... Oh yeah, two sexy boobies checkin each other out. Just don't get any man juice on your keyboards guys... I don't want to be responsible for such a thing. Finally Supe asked someone to take pics of my green boobies. Well, the green boobies weren't out last night, but I did find a set for ya today.     Those bo
News Story
I just read this news story about a woman who wants to make it into the Guiness Book, for being the fattest woman.  That in itself wasn't amazing, it was the end of the article where they mentioned that men paid money to watch her eat fast food on her website.  Here I was trying to lose weight, no wonder I don't have any money LOL.  I wonder if people would pay to watch me eat... guess it would depend on what I was eating *wicked grin*
Orianthi - Believe
You made it so easyTo fall I had no fear at allI saw you beside meYou never saw me there at allI promised you all thisI made plans thinking this was itI never imagined I'd find you and lose myself insteadI just never pictured it would endAnd I wanna believe in loveI wanna believe in something bigger than the two of us (the two of us)And I wanna breathe againI wanna go back to the days the days I had my innocenceI wanna believe againHe picked up the pieces and put them back where they belongedBut somethings missing but a part of me will carry onI am gonna learn to trust againAnd I wanna believe in loveI wanna believe in something bigger than the two of us (the two of us)And I wanna breathe againI wanna go back to the days the days I had my innocenceI wanna believe again
Dirt Bag!
Poor judgment?! Poor judgment is doing it once, but eleven freakin' months? Give me an effin' break! Kick this douche to the curb.   LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The celebrity husband of actress Sandra Bullock on Thursday broke his silence on reports that he cheated on his Oscar-winning wife, telling People magazine he used "poor judgment" and asking his family to "forgive me." Jesse James, a custom motorcycle manufacturer and reality TV star who married Bullock five years ago, said he took responsibility for his actions but stopped short of admitting that he had an affair with another woman. Bullock, 45, who won her first Oscar last week, on Wednesday pulled out of the London premiere of her hit movie "The Blind Side" after U.S. celebrity magazine In Touch Weekly published claims by a model that she slept with James last year. "It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way," James said in a statement to People. "This has caused my wife and
Ever Notice
Ever Notice ThatThe innocent girlsbecome the slutsThe goodie-two-shoesbecome the druggiesThe smart girlsact dumb The pretty girlsbecome weight-obsessedAnd the average-looking girlsAre forgotten
Flying Is For The Birds - Part I
A couple of weeks ago I flew from Atlanta to San Diego with my mother. Now, keep in mind that I have not flown since my honeymoon over 13 years ago. I have to say, things have changed slightly.Here are some of my observations and highlights: The security checkpoint at Hartsfield International Airport seemed different than I remember. The obvious change, of course, being that we had to remove our shoes and have them scanned. I passed that test with flying colors, but failed the liquid restriction requirements which I was aware of but, as is my rebellious nature, completely disregarded. Unfortunately, my attitude got my hairspray confiscated. Here is how that went: Worker: Whose bag is this?Me: Mine.Worker: *opens bag and rifles through it, pulling out the hairspray bottle*Me: *waits*Worker: What is this?Me: HairsprayWorker: This bottle is bigger than 3.4 ounces. See? It’s 8 ounces *points to wording on bottle*Me: Yes, true. BUT! It’s only two-thirds full so I’d estim
I watch him sleep, touch his lips with my fingertips Lay over him my breasts just inches from his mouth. He sighs A breath that tickles my nipples into life. I whisper into his open mouth- "I love you" I slide my body onto his and lay there, feeling his heat that familiar heat that pulses like electricity between my legs a wetness stirs inside of me as blood flows to that part of him that pushes me over the edge He reaches out from his slumber, eyes still closed mouth still agape still asleep i touch my tongue to his chin and trail it down his neck. he pushes his hips up into me, I moan. low and deep. I inch down his torso over his navel to his hips where i can smell his skin it is calling to me, whispering aching for my touch begging me- "Please" I pull his boxers over his hips, slowly kissing through the expanse of dark hair The breath of his loins is inhaled into me and I taste it with my lips in short loving kisses. The tip of my tongue comes alive trailing over his shaft, t
Silly Auctions
This will probably piss a few people off that I'm posting it, but some of the stuff I see on here just makes me laugh. This site is really starting to get ridiculous. I was looking at an auction, and I was struck by the silliness involved. All these things women are offering up to the person who has the highest bid to purchase them, whether it's fake money or real money. First of all, think about what is going on there. That's all I'll say on that. Second, I couldn't help but notice one person offering her Yahoo ID. What good is a Yahoo ID if she never signs on or is always invisible and never responds to messages? What is really going on on this site? Seriously? You let some ugly guy that you'd never give the time of day to on the street be your close buddy on here because he throws some money in your face so that you can become more popular on an internet site?
One Of Today's Horoscopes...
Yeah, it's probably no big deal to most, but it definitely tells me a lot...        Resist the urge to whimper, whine or say 'if you loved me, you would.'     Guilt may have worked on others, but it's not an attractive technique.     How about brutal honesty instead? I'd rather not have it any other way (right, shithead?) (y) *away doing stuffz*
Car insurance hyttetomt
Could you please donate at least 500k to RAYMONDSDAD96 so he can make spotlight?? If so tell him I sent you and let me know and Ill bling you today and bomb you tomorrow...Thank you heres his link
Left In My Comments...rather Interesting...hmmmm
What everyone wants from their lover, their best friend, their partner.Show them... tell them... Need them... Never let them go... Rainy days and cold nights,These are days I need you to hold me tight in your arms,Hold me close and keep me warm,Tell me I'm your good luck charm,Look me in my eyes and tell me I'm the one for you ,Tell me I'm your every wish come true,Lay me down very gently,Then make love to me essentially,Caress my body from head to toe not missing a spot,Lets play around like connect the dots,Lets make each other hot till our body heat rise like a rollercoaster ride,Take my body on a journey that never ends,It always seems to just begin,Make me climax like i never done before,Do what you want to my body its all yours,Rub me, lick me, kiss me, tease me do what ever you want to my body as long as its pleasing
Holy Crap!!!!!!!!
yes thats right im going for spotlight again so gimme monies please k thanx      
Private Profiles
Do the people that so cleverly make their profile only viewable by friends realize that you can go look at their photos even if you're not their friend? I think it's funny to go to their pics and rate them. Something tells me most of the people that have their profiles like that wouldn't want you viewing their pics either if they haven't approved you as a friend. Yet none of the ones I've gone and rated the pics of have said anything. 
R.i.p. Mom
Got Stubbed
how come I feel like I know what its like ..... to get stubbed right in the middle of my heart, twisted 90 degrees, taken out, watch its pumping blood right in front of me, yet still cant die......
4 Videos.
Wtfe Yo!
I really hate people who talk shit, and block you. How big of a pussy can you be? Seriously? I'd do anything to punch some of these people in face. Anything. Let me break something down fu. FUBAR IS NOT MY LIFE! Sorry. I know for a lot of you, even the majority of you, it is. But it isn't mine. I love rating people. I love being here. I love helping people. I do. But some of you need to grow the eff up and get over yourself. Especially you CHILDREN that shouldn't be on this site in the first place. Mainly, the salute issue. I'm terribly sorry that I'm not sitting on unemployment collecting money for doing nothing because I'm a lazy SOB who'd rather screw the government than take care of myself and my family. I'm terribly sorry that I work anywhere from 60 hours a week to 100. How about some of you assholes try working? Even those of you that work 40 hours a week and complain about how tired you are at the end of the week and how awful it is. Wah. Really. Try my effing job for one D
Beauty Runs
How deep her beauty runs,Someday I hope to know.Through this ones eyes,It must go clear to her soul. Her words of love ring true,When I saw her on this day.I hope like the springs morning sun,Her beauty shines more everyday. In her heart the love she seeks,I truely hope this she does find.Because for this beauty named Hayden,Her heart is a beautiful as her mind.
I wonder how this is going to go. So much stuff going on.
Save You
Simple Plan - Save You Take a breathI pull myself togetherJust another step till I reach the doorYou’ll never know the way it tears me up inside to see youI wish that I could tell you somethingTo take it all awaySometimes I wish I could save youAnd there’re so many things that I want you to knowI won’t give up till it’s overIf it takes you forever I want you to knowWhen I hear your voiceIts drowning in a whisperIt’s Just skins and bonesThere’s nothing left to takeNo matter what I do I can’t make you feel betterIf only I could find the answerTo help me understandSometimes I wish I could save youAnd there’re so many things that I want you to knowI wont give up till it’s overIf it takes you forever I want you to knowThat if you fall, stumble downI’ll pick you up off the groundIf you lose faith in youI’ll give you strength to pull throughTell me you won't give up cause I’ll be waiting if you fallOh you know I&rsqu
The Zen Of Sarcasm
THE ZEN OF SARCASM 1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either Just pretty much leave me the hell alone. 2. It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbour's newspaper, that's the time to do it. 3. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. 4. Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else. 5. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. 6. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. 7. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticise them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 8. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is probably not for you. 9. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. 10. If you lend someone $20 and never see that person ag
Lunch And Learn
The company I work for sometimes holds "Lunch and Learn" seminars for employees during lunchtime. These deal with a variety of physical and mental health issues. If the seminar lasts beyond the normal lunch hour, we're supposed to get managerial approval to attend. So, last week, this flyer came around: LUNCH AND LEARN SEMINAR: WHO'S CONTROLLING YOUR LIFE? (Get your manager's permission before attending) Looks like that question's been answered .......... 
Wal-mart Is Truly Eeeeevillllll
WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) -- A Walmart store announcement ordering black people to leave brought chagrin and apologies Wednesday from leaders of the company, which has built a fragile trust among minority communities. A male voice came over the public-address system Sunday evening at a store in Washington Township, in southern New Jersey, and calmly announced: "Attention, Walmart customers: All black people, leave the store now." Shoppers in the store at the time said a manager quickly got on the public-address system and apologized for the remark. And while it was unclear whether a rogue patron or an employee was responsible for the comment, many customers expressed their anger to store management. "I want to know why such statements are being made, because it flies in the face of what we teach our children about tolerance for all," said Sheila Ellington, who was in the store at the time with a friend. "If this was meant to be a prank, there's only one person laughing, and i
Gamma-ray Sky
Simple Home Remedies
Your Response Game!!
"(they Long To Be) Close To You" (as Recorded By The Carpenters)
Why do birds suddenly appearEverytime you are nearJust like me, they long to beClose to youWhy do stars fall down from the skyEverytime you walk byJust like me, they long to beClose to youOn the day that you were bornThe angels got togetherAnd decided to create a dream come trueSo they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of goldAnd starlight in your eyes of blueThat is why all the girls in townFollow you all aroundJust like me, they long to beClose to youAh, ah, ahOn the day that you were bornThe angels got togetherAnd decided to create a dream come trueSo they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of goldAnd starlight in your eyes of blueThat is why all the girls in townFollow you all aroundJust like me, they long to beClose to youJust like me, they long to beClose to youWaa, close to youWaa, close to youWaa, close to youWaa, close to you.
Fine Again
It seems like every day’s the same and I’m left to discover on my own It seems like everything is gray and there’s no color to behold They say it’s over and I’m fine again, yeah Try to stay sober feels like I’m dying hereAnd I am aware now of howeverything’s gonna be fine one dayToo late, I’m in hell I am prepared now, seems everyone’s gonna be fine One day too late, just as wellI feel the dream in me expireand there’s no one left to blame it on I hear you label me a liar ‘cause I can’t seem to get this through You say it’s over, I can sigh again, yeah Why try to stay sober when I’m dying hereAnd I am aware now of how everything’s gonna be fine one day Too late, I’m in hell I am prepared now,seems everyone’s gonna be fine One day too late; just as wellAnd I’m not scared now. I must assure you, you’re never gonna get away And I’m not scared now.And I’m not scared
A 10 Steps Plan To Qualify Cisco Certifications
The networking industry over the last few years has made exceptional development so has increased the demand of networking professionals. Cisco Corporation is heading the networking industry by offering networking data management and all other highly specialized solutions for networking such as voice, video, and wireless. IT industry and economy are unpredictable and -it’s very important for an IT professional to keep himself updated with the new inventions in IT field. Networking professionals who want to secure their career and want to move up to the next higher level of their career often opt to go for Cisco Certifications. However most of the time they get confused which course they should take and what plan they should follow to competently complete their Cisco Certifications.The issue is not that you complete your Cisco certification but you should try to achieve quality Cisco Certification. High professionals often choose not to go for “paper Certification; paper cer
I really want you to knowThat everything from inside and out is so beautifulDid you know that you're everything a man could want in his lifeCould want for a wife, you wrote your vows cause you know I'm rightAnd everytime that we fight when you cry the tear kill the fire insideWho am I to bring such pain in your eyesAnd as far as all the times that I can't apologizeEnough with just rhymes back to the matter at handI know we're just friends but this is my chance to explain what you mean to meAnd all the things I should have said originallyThe day that we met, the day I regretWhat I should have said was I love youBut instead just how are you doingI blew it I knew it I just couldn't force myself to do itI new at this and I hope you're hearing thisI drop the roses downWould you believe me nowI hope you hear these wordsBefore you're lowered into the groundI drop the roses downWould you believe me nowI hope you hear these wordsBefore you're lowered into the groundI never liked being a little
Please Don't Go
Please don't go away It hurts so much inside Please don't run from me I know the fault's all mine We were so close now so far away And I, wish I could say all the things I really wanna say But I buckle under the pressure how could I let her slip away And I, you know who you are don't think I need to say any names And I don't know if you'll ever again look at my face In your life so now I turn to the knife I wanna embrace this blade Cause I can't imagine a life without you, never did you let something in my way So I write my stupid letter that'll let her know the pain inside Please don't go away It hurts so much inside Please don't run from me I know the fault's all mine I really can't explain how I let you out of my grips I must be out of my wits Cause all your love just had to do just evaporated now I'm back in the place A place that I never really wanted to face again I'm back in this motherfuckin' race again But the pace will never be like it was back then My bats crackin and I
The 9th, Revised, By Me
The Enumeration, (or) The Numbering of, certain Rights in the constitution Shall NOT be construed, taken, or used, to deny, OR to disparage, defame, dismiss, disregard, disrespect, or belittle, other Rights retained by the people. Amen  
Doing The Unsonstitutional, As Regular Business
Just because Congress has made a pattern of doing the unconstitutional Does NOT mean that that makes it constitutional, it does NOT! Is is still an unconstitutional act, and as such cannot be law
Ugg Boots Work In All Season
Ugg boots come in so many styles and colors, it's hard to keep track of them all. Men's Uggs come in more basic, classic colors and styles, but for women, it's "anything goes" in terms of colors and styles. After all, women need a pair of shoes for every outfit, and, with Ugg Boots, you can almost do that. Get some Uggs in ankle-high, mid-calf, and tall versions. You can find Uggs that have flat heels or more chunky and textured soles. Generally, Ugg boots are considered to be a casual footwear, meaning they go great with your favorite jeans. Pair them with a short skirt and opaque tights or a long skirt for some comfortable yet stylish wardrobe choices. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, Ugg boots work. Being exceptionally warm, your feet stay cozy in the cold weather. Because they are made from natural sheepskin materials, the fibers breath and your feet won't get sweaty or smelly in the warm weather, either. Just about the only time you can't wear Ugg Boots is during particularly we
Whoring Streets
"Whoring Streets" Is there anybody here who hears me Crying? I'm dying Is there anybody here, When it's over? Over I'm just passin' the time, wonderin' How you people will ever survive whor- Ing down your whoring streets, killing You while you're killing me It's time, to show all you people You'll never survive Whoring down your whoring street Killing you while you're killing me. Is there anybody here who hears me Crying? I'm dying Is there anybody here, When it's over? Over I'm just passin' the time, wonderin' How you people will ever survive whor- Ing down your whoring streets, killing You while you're killing me It's time, to show all you people You'll never survive Whoring down your whoring street Killing you while you're killing me. Killing you while you're killing me. Whoring down your whoring street Killing you while you're killing me. Is there anybody here who hears me Crying? I'm dying   The End- Scars On Broadway
Chop! Chop!
Chop!...Chop!.Drip, Drip, I Loosen The Grip, Then I Drop, Blood Flows Quick, Enough To Make You Sick, No! I'm Tough.   Lifeless Lays The Body, Hmm? Now Lets Hide This Guy, Quick, Grab The Spade, Digging...More Digging, Sit In The Shade.   Rain Rain, Go Away!! Cant You See Im Trying To Throw Him Away. Blood Mixes In Mud, Oh Crud!! Drip...Drip, Rain Rolls Over My Lips Thrust In, Toss, The Dirt Covers His Shirt.   Walking, Running, Laughing, Talking Wildy To Myself, Asking Questions, But Hold No Answer This Madness Eats Away Like A Cancer, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Who's Next?   The End- BuddahTheKlown
What Is This?
I hear your name. My heart skips a beat. I feel emptiness by my side. My body is isolated from your touch.  You are far, I ache. An urge pulses through my veins. Chills run down my skin. I can no longer stay still. I search for you. My feet moving closer to you. You stand before me. I look in your eyes, I am home.  I reach out pulling you close.  The emptiness disappearing. Filling me with comfort. Your touch warms my cold skin. I hold you closer. My body relaxes. I have you now. I cannot stay away from you. What is this feeling? Is it love? Written By Metessa
Tha-Thump, Tha-Thump... My Heart Pumps The Same, Life Seems Nothing But A Game.. Wanna Play??   Im Sorry Please Stay, Life Can Be Such A Tease, Searching For Someones Touch, Finding No  Love In A Whore.   Walking Down  A Winding Way, With Loneliness Stalking Close, Emptiness Takes Hold, Gripping Tight Feeling So Cold, Laughing In Spite.   Tha-Thump.......Tha-Thump, My Pace Slows, Madness Begins To Glow, Standing Alone, Pick Up The Phone, Still Quite Alone, Is No One Home??   Cold Are The Rain Drops On My Skin, Feeling So Much Pain, Gripping The Blade, Bring The Spade?? Waiting....Watching... NOW!! DO IT NOW!! STAB! SLICE!... That Wasnt So Nice,   The Sweet Scent Of Blood Fills The Air, Taking Away All My Cares.   The End  -BuddahTheKlown
Darkest Hour
Megadeth - In my Darkest Hour In my hour of need, Ha, no, you're not there And though I reached out for you, Wouldn't lend a hand Through the darkest hour, grace did not shine on me Feels so cold, very cold, No one cares for me Did you ever think I get lonely? Did you ever think that I needed love? Did you ever think, stop thinking You're the only one that I'm thinking of? You'll never know how hard I tried To find my space and satisfy you too Things will be better when I'm dead and gone Don't try to understand, knowing you, I'm probably wrong But oh, how I lived my life for you, Still you'd turn away Now, as I die for you, My flesh still crawls as I breathe your name All these years,I thought I was wrong, Now I know it was you Raise you head, raise your face, your eyes, Tell me who you think you are? I walk, I walk alone To the promised land There's a better place for me But it's far, far away Everlasting life for me In a perfect world But I gotta die first, Please god send me on m
My Wolves
White Wolf, Black Wolf, Black Wolf, White I wish I may, I wish I might choose the right Wolf to feed tonight One Wolf, Two Wolf Wolves I see both are hungry both are ME Black Wolf, White Wolf, White Wolf , Black let it be hands not stumps I draw back White Wolf, Black Wolf Black Wolf, White one is DARK and one is LIGHT Black Wolf, White Wolf White Wolf, GREY !? feed the right Wolf turn not away White Wolf, Black Wolf Black Wolf, White which to feed he Dark or The Light? One Wolf, Two Wolf Wolves I see both are hungry both are ME
[my Instincts Say...]
That's the crazy thing.My instincts can't make up their mind.I'm split on two extremes.It's so weird being this far along and not being bugged for a comitment, or to move in with someone and sell my dog. So damn strange. So I'll be honest. All aspects of my life are poised.State of stagnant stability.Or worse, fragile stability. Cups.Coins.Wands.Blades. ... *drops the swords into a trashcan* Who am I even in conflict with?Really. This isn't high school. Cups... cups... I owe my friends more time. I never did call Chris back.Or drop a line to Brandon. Wands... Crazy thing is I'm having these intricate dreamscapes that when I wake up I think "man what a great book" ... and then I go to WORK and never put anything down except on a notepad.What the fuck!? Coins... I'm stable but unsatisfied. Employed but unapreciated, vastly underestimated, grossly underemployed and underpaid, and all around withering. That's where it stands.Let's see where the cards point.That doesn't look good
Kids Program Gets A Dose Of Nudity
You’re watching a children’s program with your kid when the pictures turns to some nude people talking dirty. Can you imagine what you would think? Time Warner in North Carolina accidentally broadcasts some adult fair on the kiddy channel. The good news is the problem is fixed. Click for more BlastFM only broadcasts great sounds. No oohs or aahs. Just get music. Listen for yourself.
Look, Mommy, I Copyrighted Myself!
“The Congress shall have power … To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”   (United States Constitution, Article I, section viii, clause 8)   Saturday when the kids and I were at the North Hill Bowl before I had to go to work, I wrote Sarah’s name on a sheet of paper and urged her to copy it.  Her aunt Mary is likely to be the one commissioned to teach her to write since my daughter and Mary are both left-handed (so is my father-in-law Robert, but he went to school at a time when left-handedness was actively discouraged) and Martha and I are right-handed.  I tried to do it myself, but it’s awkward for both of us.  But she was so proud of my guiding her hand to form S-a-r-a-h she showed it later in the day to Mommy and told her what sounded like today’s title!  She had written out a copy of her name, hence “co
potable\POH-tuh-buhl\adjective; 1.Fit to drink; suitable for drinking; drinkable.noun:  1.A potable liquid; a beverage, especially an alcoholic beverage.
In the long run, we're all dead.  -  John Maynard Keynes
Poem Of The Apache
A million stars were glowing underneath a poet's moon And the desert's shadows watched as I drove by. A gypsy wind was blowing a relentless feral tune As it swept the thunderheads across the sky. I had overtaken midnight; I was in my car alone While driving through the Arizona night. Across the lonely flatlands, no other headlights shone. My speeding car: the desert's only sight. Then the gypsy wind stopped blowing, as though turned off by a switch, And I got this eerie feeling deep inside. Then, from my car, I heard a sound that squealed with alien pitch And the engine in my car just simply died. The Firebird coasted to a stop; I mouthed a silent curse And knew that I was stranded and alone Some eighty miles from nowhere and, to make the matter worse, No way that I could get there on my own. I stepped outside and listened to the silence of the night And wondered why the wind had ceased to blow. Then I saw this cloud formation touch the ground off to my right And approach
This And That
I am bored, spinoza told Me to blog So what should I blog about... a blog asking what to blog about... The cum shot face? My enjoyment of women in gas mask, leather, rubber, latex? that need to smoke weed....or get off the crank My random religious conversation with this Christian couple a week or so ago Whistles... true Fascism or thanks My wanting your blood! We hold these truths to be self evident.,. that science says all men are not created equal. Bitch show Me the nudes!
This Proves I'm A Good Person
Take this quiz too. it's interesting then comment what you get!
Happy Hour Give Away
I am giving away 2 happy hours. now the rules are simple. 1) if you dont talk to me you wont get it 2) if your sb is off you wont get it 3) first ones to rate and comment all my pics gets it 4) if more then 2 people do it then there will be a tie breaker 5) tie breaker will be simple will be 3 questions the 2 who answeres the most wins, if more then 2 tie more questions wil be asked ( they will not be personal nor sexual questions)
I promised to obtain you.Promised to breathe you in.With methane kisses and opiate eyes.A philosopher's lips.A philanderer's quip.And I'm victimized.Just under the tip of your sin.Whispered behind a catchy melody.And a simple, honest riff.Plucked gingerly from the blank stares around the room.Waiting for you to want methe way I want you.
Stepping Out
Who am ITo speak such wordsTo make one feelTo disappearTo be aloneI step out into the lightHold my hand out to myselfTo bring me from my kneesMaking myself cryHolding onto my lifeLooking at the pastTo find nothing that has becomeTo look away makes it that much harderI stand appond the cracks Where my words followTo speak now is to be contentFor who I am, For what I amAm I ready?
Got The World
Look at your selfReflection of lightBring you to open your mindMaking you feel Your still aliveGot the world Speaking riddlesto whom it wasto whom it isto no whereGrab your faceDig your fingers in your thoughtsscream to the deafand write for the blindfor who are is ever so KindHurts to hearwith no earswith no heartwith no soulto keep you here
? Work
PILE the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo.Shovel them under and let me work?         I am the grass; I cover all. And pile them high at GettysburgAnd pile them high at Ypres and Verdun.Shovel them under and let me work.Two years, ten years, and passengers ask the conductor:        What place is this?        Where are we now?         I am the grass.        Let me work.
The audacity of girl friend to ask me if I'm behaving? I told her no. Tells me try to behave and I answered her as I walked away, I'll try my best. Looking at her, she's a beauty, well, unless she has a darker side, her nails are not done as others and no make up. Wasup with that? I can think of many devious things when I misbehave but I try to be a Gentleman. So I'll stop there. Cheryl, is broken. I try to help her when I can but I have my limits. She is not my girl friend and when we get along we get along, otherwise, we fight like a dog and a cat. I was polite enough to say bye before I hung up on her but she's the one that came banging on my door. I answered the phone the second time and went out to see her because I didn't want her to look resl stupid. Figured I'll take the hit. Sooner or later everything comes back to haunt you, no matter who or what you are. So Mote It Be, as I once said. Glory to God Norio  
Speak To Me....
Speak to me for your silence scares me Unsure of what you want Scared you are hurt Speak to me for your silence makes me mad Its hard to react, I just feel alone Speak your mind People tell you not to So speak to me please so im not scared Scared that we together wont speak for all the others who wont Your voice can be heard We all want to hear Dont think its not valid I want to hear
A child found on the battle field, robbed of family, stripped of home, is found by a warrior king. Thrust into the care of the kings spy, a boy begins his lessons at the knees of a master. Will this new found tool grow to fight for the man who destroyed his home or, will he turn in his masters hand?
Links For Info On Fakes
simple blog-- I hate fakes and block them. If you feel the same or are just interested and knowing who some of them are see the following blogs-- Stryker Johnnydevil
Boom Boom Pow-black Eyed Peas
Helly, Pf & Jas In Scotland.
Helly & PF award a ribbon,   Jasmine finds it gruesome.       A Scotsman clad in a kilt, left a bar one evening fair.  
Hey Come Hit My Lounge Up Colorado Jazz The Best Place To Relax
come Join my Lounge I'm Allways looking to meet people & looking for staff i got Cams & Jazz music So come check it out
Barbie's 50th
Its about time this happened to her....    YOU KNOW YOU ARE LIVING IN 2010  when... 1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave.. 2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years. 3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your Family of 3. 4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you... 5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and Family is that they don't have e-mail addresses.6.
Hardy Har Har? Yes Indeed!
*pre-cursor* Please note that person below rates default pic a 1 for no reason at all.'Rogue Of SER RL MARRIED' wrote the following at '2010-03-17 01:20:39'    how nice of you...thanks for the points asshat 'Dustin' wrote the following at '2010-03-17 01:22:38'    your welcome so whats a ass hat?my reply    an asshat is someone with their head up their ass.And he never replied after think I hurt his poor widdle feelins?  All I did was thank him *smirks*
The Journey Begins
A Shay Day
This was sent to me and I wanted to share it....       What would you do? make the choice. Don't look for a punch line, there isn't one. Read it anyway. My question is: Would you have made the same choice?At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves children with learning disabilities, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended. After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he offered a question:'When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does, is done with perfection..Yet my son, Shay, cannot learn things as other children do. He cannot understand things as other children do.Where is the natural order of things in my son?'The audience was stilled by the query.The father continued. 'I believe that when a child like Shay, who was mentally and physically disabled comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature presents itself, and it comes in the way o
Hey You
Scorpions - Hey You Hey you, I'm in love with your eyesAnd the sound of your nameHey you, I'm in love with your smileAnd the way you're dressed todayHey you, well I like the way you walkJust like a star moves on stageHey you, well I like the way you talkYou're really calm for your ageI really dieYou're driving me wildI really dieI'm in love 100 timesI really dieYou're driving me wildI really dieI'm in love 100 timesTo be your loverHey you, I said you know what's going onDo you know what I meanHey you, daddy wants you back homeThis school is up to meI really dieYou're driving me wildI really dieI'm in love 100 timesI really dieYou're driving me wildI really dieI'm in love 100 timesTo be your lover  
My Yahoo..
If anyone wishes to add me please do name there is hope 2 see ya.
Garden Snakes Can Be Dangerous
GARDEN SNAKES CAN BE DANGEROUS... Snakes also known as Garter Snakes (Thamnophissirtalis) can be dangerous. Yes, grass snakes, not rattlesnakes. Here's why. A couple in Sweetwater , Texas , had a lot of potted plants. During a recent cold spell, the wife was bringing a lot of them indoors to protect them from a possible freeze. It turned out that a little green garden grass snake was hidden in one of the plants. When it had warmed up, it slithered out and the wife saw it go under the sofa. She let out a very loud scream. The husband (who was taking a shower) ran out into the living room naked to see what the problem was. She told him there was a snake under the sofa. He got down on the floor on his hands and knees to look for it. About that time the family dog came and cold-nosed him on the behind. He thought the snake had bitten him, so he screamed and fell over on the floor. His wife thought he had had a heart attack, so she covered him up, told him to
There Use To Be No Such Thing As An Illegal Substance In The United States.
Prohibition of cocaine In the United States, cocaine was prohibited in the first part of the 20th century. Newspapers used terms like "Negro Cocaine Fiends" and "Cocainized Niggers" to drive up sales, causing a nationwide panic about the rape of white women by black men, high on cocaine. Many police forces changed from a .32 caliber to a .38 caliber pistol because the smaller gun was supposedly unable to kill black men.[2][not in citation given][unreliable source?] The Harrison Act This was followed by the Harrison Act, passed in 1914, which required sellers of opiates and cocaine to get a license (which were usually only distributed to white people)[citation needed]. While originally intended to require paper trails of drug transactions[citation needed] between doctors, drug stores, and patients, it soon became a prohibitive law. The law’s wording was quite vague; it was originally intended as a revenue tracking mechanism that required prescriptions for opiates. It became legal
E.e. Cummings
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ~e.e. cummings
Family > Fu
today was my 3rd day back in the gym. finally can drag my ass there after the death of my brother stole every ounce of motivation that i had. i have lost another 10 pounds from stress and not eating or sleeping right. on the way back from the gym, my sister called me... shes having a hard time dealing with his passing.   my mom is going back to the docs today to get an update on her cancer my family needs me more than i need fu...   so peace the fuck out   talk about me all you want while im gone. i couldnt care less. im *ghost*
Michael Flatley And Lord Of The Dance 2
How To Fix The American Educational System....
Teachers overseas... do...not...give a fuck. Firefox users click here
Hutch And Relationships
I don't really see finding anyone tobe my soul mate onhere but if I do thats great but I do hope to find many a good friends that one day I may by chance actually meet in person. then we could see what happens from there or not but it would be fun to meet all the people we put down as friends and family curious things we are.
Timing Is Everything
A policeman is out on patrol along “Lover’s Lane” one night, and he sees a couple in a car, with the interior light brightly glowing. The cop carefully approaches the car to get a closer look. Then he sees a young man behind the wheel, reading a computer magazine. He immediately notices a young woman in the rear seat, filing her fingernails. Puzzled by this surprising situation, the cop walks to the car and gently raps on the driver's window.The young man lowers his window. “Uh, yes officer?”The cop says, “What are you doing?”The young man says, “Well, officer, I'm reading a magazine.”Pointing towards the young woman in the back seat the cop asks, “And her, what is she doing?”The young man shrugs. “Sir, I believe she's filing her fingernails.”Now, the cop is totally confused. A young couple, alone, in a car, at night on Lover’s Lane... and nothing obscene is happening! The cop asks, “What's your a
Something Interesting....
Okay, some of you may have seen this sort of thing go around the internet. May have been in your e-mail by way of forwarding or a post on someone's page. Me, personally, I have seen it many times but I've never posted it myself.  Whenever I have read it, one thought always goes through my head, "How exactly was this  put together?". Either way, its definitely chuckle  worthy.  Read it below and enjoy!   Having sex is yet another great past time for burning up those unwanted fat producing calories... REMOVING CLOTHES With partner's consent... 12 calories Without partner's consent... 187 calories UNHOOKING BRA Using two calm hands... 7 calories Using one trembling hand... 36 calories GETTING INTO BED Lifting partner... 1.5 calories Dragging partner along floor... 16 calories Using skateboard... 3 calories ACHIEVING ERECTIONS For normal healthy man... 2.5 calories Losing erection... 14 calories Searching for it... 115 calories PUTTING ON CONDOM With erection... 1.5 calo
Find The One....
  Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep... wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you' re just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have YOU... The one who turns to his friends and says, thats her...
In Honor Of St. Patricks Day
I tried to warn you babyI tried to tell you I was downOh yeah yeahYou would not listen babyYou would not hel pme when I was downOh no noHe tells her "doesn't anybody understand I love her?"That girl she holds my heart in her handsOh baby, oh baby baby baby babyBaby please don't goBaby please don't goBaby please don't goOh no no no no noBaby please don't goI tried to warn you babyI tried to tell you "don't let me down"Oh no noYou would not listen babyBaby you would not leave me go downOh no noHe tells her there is foolish there is wiseThe young ones hold their heart up to the skiesAnd dance the night awayThere is foolish, there is wiseThere is anger in his toneThere is truth behind the liesHis heart has turned to stoneWherever you may be, he loves herWherever you may standHe loves her in this landBaby please don't goDon't hurt me soDon't leave me nowBaby please don't go "Baby Please Dont Go"--Thin Lizzy
Singles And Couples Please Read
Obama Care
As written, the current health care bill before Congress already is guaranteed to face serious constitutional challenges on enumerated powers, 5th Amendment racial discrimination and unequal state treatment. Now the White House seems determined to add a whole new reason courts will throw out Obamacare on sight. Director of the Stanford Constitutional Law Center at Stanford Law School and former federal judge Michael McConnell explains:      "To become law- hence eligible for admentment via reconciliation- the Senate health-care bill must actually be signed into law. The Constitution speaks directly to how that is done. According to Article I, Section 7, in order for a "Bill" to "become a Law" it "shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate" and be "presented to the President of the United States" for signature or veto.  Unless a bill actually has "passed" both Houses, it cannot be presented to the president and cannot become a law.      To be sure, each House of C
Is physical beauty the only beauty?  In Yiddish we say a sheyner mensch which means a  nice human being.  Sheyn and its variants in Yiddish does not refer only to physical beauty.  If a person is not pleasing to look at, but treats everyone with respect, they are a beautiful human being. And the converse is true, if a person is physically pleasing, but treats others terribly then they are ugly, in Yiddish, a mieskeit.
     Well this morning everything went off without a hitch! I got the stems (rods) put on the wheel and got the hub caps put on AND no one overcharged me! Now I made an appointment to get the brakes done on it Monday. Strangely the quote that they gave my husband was $100.00. That included labor and parts and rotating the roaters. For me however when I went to verify the price they want to charge me $100.00 for labor only!! Really??? So I am going to have to go back to the auto parts store (groan) and buy the brakes myself and get them to requote the price over the phone to my husband and I want a name of whoever gives it to him and then the plan is to march in there with brakes in hand (hopefully to save me some money), and give the name of the person who gave the quote and the agreed upon price and demand that they stick to their word, or Ill go somewhere else from now on. Maybe there is a Auto store in my area that doesnt hate women!! lol one can hope!! Hopefully it will all work ou
[round Six, And The Antics That Followed]
So... last night was dinner at wingbat's place (her ex BF). Brace yourself he has nothing but pictures of her on his bookshelf, and a bad ass antique PC tower from the early 90's. The bad news is I think he's going to make a move. Factors:History.Me.Not moving to Texas (changed his mind last week).His jailbait internet fling dropped him. These things all coincide at too convenient a time. I mean, we've talked about him, he makes a great friend but she never saw a future in it so... it trailed off. Anywaythe theme of the evening was "awkward"so he's making curry (ow, more on this later)and he answers the door in this hideous sequined/costume jeweleried sports coatand a hitler moustachecomplete with the Adolf hair part.And rainbow toe-socks. Oh yeah. Pretty damned hilarious. Anyway, the evening goes pretty good, (I think anyway) but I'm mostly engaging roommate and ex-boyfriend. But I catch her smiling and laughing along.So I was in full performance mode, synergetically quippi
Butterfly Spirit
The girl i see in the mirror now is not the same girl I used to know. For she is stronger and more wiser.  No longer wears a disguise just lets him see her.  She carries on each day with a smile because she finally loves herself enough to let another truly love her.  She has started her metamorphosis the day the Butterfly laid at her feet.  It showed her, her path and she chose to follow.  She may never understand exactly why, but she will always remember the day that the Butterfly lay at her feet and the day her love told her life was about changes.  She has a Butterfly's Spirit                                                                              Tink 3/17/2010
Miles Between Us
Thousands of miles between us,Daily your smile I long to see.I hope for this time,Each day you'll show it to me. Days without it turn so gray,My time seems to move so slow.I send my request across this land,My wish you will now know. Please send me your smile,Each day to lighten my heart.And I will send mine in return,And may they never again be apart.
3/17/10 Dilbert
Someday your dreams will be about me,And your morning smile will call my name.My heart longs to make your days brighter,And darkness for you will never be the same. My heart longs to make yours whole,And to fill its empty space.To fill your life with laughter,And always see a smile on yor face. So if I offered you these things,And you give me yur heart so true.I would give you these things,And forever my heart would belong to you.
Computer Upgrades For 2010
COMPUTER UPGRADES for 2010 I really like this one!!!!
Melissa Etheridge - I'm The Only One
Please baby can't you see My mind's a burnin' hell I got razors a rippin' and tearin' and strippin' My heart apart as well Tonight you told me That you ache for something new And some other woman is lookin' like something That might be good for you Go on and hold her till the screaming is gone Go on believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong But I'm the only one Who'll walk across the fire for you I'm the only one Who'll drown in my desire for you It's only fear that makes you run The demons that you're hiding from When all your promises are gone I'm the only one Please baby can't you see I'm trying to explain I've been here before and I'm locking the door And I'm not going back again Her eyes and arms and skin won't make it go away You'll wake up tomorrow and wrestle the sorrow That holds you down today Go on and hold her till the screaming is gone Go on believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong But I'm the only one Who'll walk across the fire for you I'm the only one Who'
Bubbles@ Fubar
bubbles">@ fubar  
Let Go
To hold her just once,It would have to last forever.Once I touched her,Could I let go,never. She brings me the sun,When all I have is rain.If I could only heal her,And take away all her pain. Can she let go and forget,Even if just for awhile.Then I would have my chance,To once again make her smile.
The Slaughter Rule
     As written, the current health care bill before Congress already is guaranteed to face serious constitutional challenges on enumerated powers, 5th Amendment racial discrimination and unequal state treatment. Now the White House seems determined to add a whole new reason courts will throw out Obamacare on sight. Director of the Stanford Constitutional Law Center at Stanford Law School and former federal judge Michael McConnell explains:      "To become law- hence eligible for admentment via reconciliation- the Senate health-care bill must actually be signed into law. The Constitution speaks directly to how that is done. According to Article I, Section 7, in order for a "Bill" to "become a Law" it "shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate" and be "presented to the President of the United States" for signature or veto.  Unless a bill actually has "passed" both Houses, it cannot be presented to the president and cannot become a law.      To be sure, each House o
It Really Is "in My Head"
Come on. Everybody’s looking for love. Oh. Oh. Ain’t that the reason you’re at this club. Oh. Oh. You ain’t gonna find it dancing with him. No. Oh. I got a better solution for you girl. Oh. Oh. Just leave with me now. Say the word and we’ll go. I’ll be your teacher. I’ll show you the ropes. You’ll see a side of love you’ve never known. I can see it going down, going down. In my head, I see you all over me. In my head, you fulfill my fantasy. You’ll be screaming out. In my head, it’s going down. In my head, it’s going down. In my head. Yeah. In my head. Oh yeah. Some dudes know all the right things to say. When it comes down to it, it’s all just game. Instead of talking let me demonstrate. Yeah. Get down to business and skip foreplay. Just leave with me now. Say the word and we’ll go. I’ll be your teacher. I’ll show you the ropes. You’ll see a side of love you’ve never known. I ca
When we look ahead,Our paths look paved almost clear.Sometimeswhen we look back,Always brings a tear. Behind us our paths,Lay worn and scarred.Filled with sullen memoreys,No matter how near or far. New roads open ahead for us all,The choice is ours,no one elses.We must each choose which way,So we remain true to ourselves.
Easter Poem
Today on a day of rebirth,Our hearts should weigh lite.Allour worries of yesterday,Should be gone with the night. Everything today has become fresh,Once again things brand new.To day my heart smiles for my friends,And I thank God I have you.
Please Add Me =]
I Am The Father Of The Year
Why did i up and disappear yesterday afternoon...   well jenn calls me around 2ish..she is in the ER, bleeding out her twat and cant feel the baby move at all.. i get to the hosp to find out that they have been trying for over an hour to hear the babies heart beat with no luck. They were attempting to do a stress test on her. Well good ole me walks in to find jenn hysterically crying(due to the miscarriage of the twins last year) and freaking out. i proceed to tell the Nurse, that a fetal stress test is extremely hard to achieve in anyone less than 25 weeks knocked up. She looks at me as if i dont know what i am talking about. Then she says lets try the doppler...well that didnt set right with i say just go grab the ultrasound already and quit fucking around...the nurse says, but what if something is wrong..of course i say.." No fuckking shit dumbass something is get the fuckin ultrasound already and quit dicking around. oh they love me know...well they get
If I had only one breath,Would it be for you?If I could look one last time,Would my eyes be yours to? If my last thought beloned to you,Would it make it to your soul?If my heart could beat only once,Would you ever know? Abeauty like yours ever so rare,I should offer you nothing less.If only I could see you each day,My eyes would never rest.
Days And Nights
Ever feel like the days and nites are one in the same and you are the only one who gets it
Sorry For The Emo Content...
The blade does linger,teasing like a lovers touch,be sure to strike true.
This pen trys to write,From a hand that weilds nomore.Down to its very bones,Now rotten and aching to its core. It struggles in vain,To stay within its grasp.But just like an old memorey,Soon its hold will lapse. This pen will have to find another,My hand has reached its end.I hope this pen finds another,And maybe there a new poem can begin
Analysis On Solar Power
A concern when considering to use solar power is that, of course, the Sun does not shine at night. However, if we want solar electricity at night we must find some means of storing it during the day. Small machines, such as portable computers, can be powered by batteries that are recharged in daylight using photovoltaic cells. Click here to read more - Make Your Own Solar Panels and DIY Solar Panel Solar energy could also be used to create hydrogen from water for use in fuel cells. Large electric motors used to run a building’s air-conditioning system or to power elevators would need large banks of batteries for operation at night or on cloudy days. When the Sun is hidden the battery bank discharges power. When the Sun shines the batteries discharge less power as more solar energy becomes available. Around midday the photovoltaic cells begin to produce more energy than is needed and start to recharge the batteries. The batteries continue to charge throughout the daylight hours
Life's Little Curveballs
Well its been awhile since ive been on here. So let me send a little update. Shortly after my last entry was posted me and my now ex, lost our house, split up after 5 years and 1 beautiful child together oh ya I got laid off too. So the weight loss was put on hold until now. Dont get me wrong, I have lost about 12 pounds so thats something. But since she has all the money since she has our daughter and I wasn't working I had to do the one thing I didnt want to do. I moved back in with my parents. :( So since i'v been here i've found a job been their about 2-3 months and actually have an interview at another place for more money. Finally starting to save money, so im going to go down to my local YMCA and join. That way after work I can just go and work out (Cause a brotha needs it BAD). Ive actually realized this is good for me because Ive always had a room mate and never really been on my own. So im gonna save some money and get my own place for a while. My ex wants to get back togethe
Emo Kids
Emo's emo kids need to stop whineing and count their blessings,..14 year old guys and girls sniffing and crying because they feel nobody understands when and they feel confused in life,..welcome to fucking puburty kid! we all go through it! u got nothing to be depressed about!, your parents wont let you go to see manson? so you cut up your arms and wish for death because your parents dont love you!!, no kid, they just dont want to see you being trampled to death by real metelers., most of these kids come from good homes, i can tell by the $130 skate shoes they wear!,and the 200 dollar haircut!! and you saying your parents dont love you??? ...please! give me a break, if you think life sucks now!, wait till your 30 buddy, with a wife and bills! you dont know depression!, you dont know stress until its comnig through your mailbox with a big FINAL NOTICE stamped on the front in big red print!, stop kidding yourself.  A lot of parents see these fazes are dramatic life changes and sudden
Friends Vs Navy Friends
...THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FRIENDS AND NAVY FRIENDS... FRIENDS: Tell you not to do something stupid when drunk NAVY FRIENDS: Will post 360 degree security so you don't get caught FRIENDS: Hope the night out drinking goes smoothly, and hope that no one is late for the ride home. NAVY FRIENDS: Know some wild shit will happen, and set up rally points and an E & E (Escape & Evasion) route. FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. NAVY FRIENDS: Will be sitting next to you at DRB (Disciplinary Review Board) saying, Damn...we fucked up... but hey, that shit was fun " FRIENDS: Cry with you. NAVY FRIENDS: laugh at you and tell you to put some vagasil on your vagina. FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. NAVY FRIENDS: Borrow each other's stuff so often nobody remembers who bought it in the first place. FRIENDS: Know a few things about you. NAVY FRIENDS: Could write a book with direct quotes from you. FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if t
Journal Could Be Your Best Friend
Who would allow you to totally ignore, abuse, laugh with, swear at, shed tears on, get angry at and be totally honest with him/her? Your journal does. Your journal is an unconditional friend. It does not reject, manipulate, judge, laugh at or ridicule you. It’s always there for you. So be honest with your best friend and it will help you discover who you are. "The positive thing about writing is that you connect with yourself in the deepest way, and that's heaven. You get a chance to know who you are, to know what you think. You begin to have a relationship with your mind." -- Natalie Goldberg
Welcome To Liberty City
Artist CommentIt took me 9 days to finish the painting of my friend Jasmine, and made her into the Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad Of Gay Tony (fanart) game cover art. Thus I had received lot of messages requested from game site, about this artwork and my other GTA IV artwork. I was totally ignored at time. Life's too busy to make money! I'm glad Jasmine really love this piece of artwork I drew her. She didn't really had a gun, I added glove and add a gun on her. She really didn't pretend like she was holding something. I used my mind creating like she was holding a gun. Her hands are very tricky and hard to draw sometime, but glad I've finished the painting in 9 days. But never submit for any other commercial site or game site as such as like Gamespot, and Newgrounds. Don't mess with her. She got gun and she will kick ya'll ass! LIBERTY CITY POLICE DEPT.Jasmine DrakeSex: FemaleRace: White/CauasianWeight: UnknownHeight: 5'4 - 5'5Eyes: Dark Blue/HazelAge: 24 - 27Hair: Blo
Happy St. Patt's Day? All Snakes Day Is Closer.
Today, folks all over will wear green and hoist a pint in honor of "Saint" Patrick (who was never actually canonized a saint, btw). But if you ask them about the man they celebrate, they actually know very little. "Didn't he drive the snakes out of Ireland?" Well, not literally. In fact, snakes are not, nor have they ever been, indigenous to Ireland.ST. PATRICK & THE DRUIDS OF IRELANDPatrick was a Christian priest whose job it was to convert the population of Ireland to Christianity.. The Druids, however, stood in his way. The Druids were very important people in Ireland at that time, and their symbol was the Snake of Wisdom. Druids could be priests of the old religion of Ireland, but there were also much more. One part of the Druid class were the "Bards", whose job it was to remember all of the history of the people, as well as to record current events. Because the Irish Celts did not rely on a written language, everything had to be memorized. Bards were poets and musicians, and used
The Day
well its just another day. pain and misery feeling so alone . all alone in this town ive lived here or almost two years and still feel alone have everything just that one person has walked out of my life. she cheated on me but yet i still love her why is this?? makes no sense to me . she meant every to me and now dont even get a hi after knowing her for 20 something years just really sucks . i miss her to death and its been over a year . am i insane? i am far from stalker dont even stop by her place and know right where she lives
Footwear And Foot Problems
According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 43.1 million Americans (one in six people) have foot problems. Women are nine times more at risk than men because females are more likely to wear tight or poorly-fitted shoes. During an average day of walking, the feet bear the equivalent weight of several tons. When combined with poorly-fitting shoes, those forces can lead to a number of painful conditions. Two common foot problems associated with shoe fit are bunions and hammertoes. A bunion is an enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe (the metatarsophalangeal joint). It occurs when the big toe is misaligned, with the tip angling inward toward the other toes. This pushes the base of the joint outward. The skin over the protruding joint can become red, swollen and painful. The joint can become stiff and swollen, causing pain while wearing shoes or walking. Hammertoe is a condition in which one or more of the toes is bent upward at the middle joint, causing the
New Turf
I am looking for a few good people to join a new turf. I have been a turf boss before and we had a killer turf; one of the first created. I have extensive knowledge and willing to teach anyone. There will be very few rules if any on how you play. More than likely there will be none and it will be up to you. I would like to keep this a free and fun place. If you wanna sit back and build your character and not attack that is fine. If you choose to go all out and attack all day that is fine as well. I try to look out for everyone in my turf and have their back. I have been on the ranked list for most wins at number one for 2 days now. Even if you do not wish to join I would like your opinions and advice. I will try to update this a little more If I am able and will try to respond as fast as i can to any messages please try my SB if you would like to talk. I am on most times.          
A Funny Joke :)
Bill is a nice guy who has a great job, a nice house, and is generally a happy guy. Everything is going along fine, until one day as he gets out of bed, he hears a voice in his head… “Quit your job. Sell your House. Go to Las Vegas.” He kind of shakes his head and ignores this voice, finishes getting ready, and heads for work. The next morning at the exact same time, he hears the voice again… “Quit your job. Sell your House. Go to Las Vegas.” He again shrugs it off and ignores it, and heads for work. This continues every day that week, over and over. “Quit your job. Sell your House. Go to Las Vegas.” The next week, this voice comes every hour… “Quit your job. Sell your House. Go to Las Vegas.” “Quit your job. Sell your House. Go to Las Vegas.” He’s getting a bit worried and beginning to doubt his sanity, but continues to ignore it. The week after that, the voice comes every minute. “Quit your job. Sell your House. Go to Las Vegas.” “Quit your job. Sell your
It's Like The Air That I Breathe
It's like the air that I breathe. But not in the way that most people mean that. I've always taken that phrase, especially when referring to someone you “love”, as meaning something that is desperately needed. Craved, Searched for. Panicked about losing. Can't live without and in exquisite fear of finding gone. THAT is not THIS. It's like the air that I breathe. When I take a breath, I don't think. It doesn't enter my mind that the air won't be there. I do not fear that the next time I take a breath, there will be no air to breathe. I do not fear that the oxygen I need to survive will suddenly go missing. I don't even stop to think that I know it will be there. I------JUST----BREATHE. His love is like that. I know. I know so deeply that I don't even have to think about it. It is a constant in my life. It has been there so long, unspoken. Just lived, and in living it, he instilled within my heart a deep, abiding faith that it simply IS. Without my even noticing.
Looking For Paradise
Everybody say oh oh oh oh Driving in a fast car Trying to get somewhere Don´t know where I´m going But i gotta get there A veces me siento perdido Inquieto, solo y confundido Entonces me ato a las estrellas Y al mundo entero le doy vueltas I'm singing for somebody like you Sorta like me baby Yo canto para alguien como tú Pon la oreja, nena Oh oh oh oh… Estoy buscando ese momento La música, que cuando llega Me llena con su sentimiento Con sentimiento, vida llena Walking down the sideway Looking for innocence Trying to find my way Trying to make some sense Yo canto para alguien como tú Sólo como tú, baby I'm singing for somebody like you What about you I'm singing for someone Someone like you Tú, dime a quién le cantas 'Cause there's something about you there Speaks to my heart Speaks to my soul I'm singing for someone Sorta like you Yo canto para alguien Someone like you, someone like me Sólo como tú, oh, my sister Todo el mundo va buscando ese lugar Looking for paradise Oh oh o
I Love It When People Or Groups Stand Up For What Is Just Even If It Is Not *popular*
Humanists Prepare to Hold LGBT-Inclusive Prom in Mississippi For Immediate Release (Washington, DC, March 12, 2010) The American Humanist Association (AHA) stepped forward today and offered to plan and fund a prom for the Itawamba County Agricultural High School in Mississippi. The Itawamba County School District made headlines earlier this week by cancelling their prom rather than letting a lesbian student, Constance McMillen, bring her girlfriend as her date. “It’s shameful that closed-minded members of the school board are prepared to deprive an entire class of students their prom over their outdated religious mores.” said Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director of the AHA. "People can hold to any belief or no belief in this nation, but the school board misuses their position when they try to impose their beliefs on the student population in Itawamba.” McMillen was barred from the prom after making it known that she intended to bring a same-sex date. The Ameri
On Religion...
As far as any type of religion goes...well, I guess people will believe what they WANT to believe, and create their own personal reality based on those beliefs, and adhere to it. Hell, because our country adheres to a concept of freedom of religion, I could walk around worshipping a grilled cheese sandwich if I believed in it hard enough. Does that seem crazy? Sure, to most people...but maybe not to the person who HAS that belief. Does that make it a religion? Most people would say no, but who knows? It sure wouldn't be the norm, but maybe somewhere out there, there are a bunch of people standing around a big skillet somewhere watching cheese melt and praying away. Are they right? Is their faith valid? *shrugs* All depends on your point of view, I guess. Just don't try to convince me that I'll find nirvana if the bread is toasted just right... *chuckles* I'm tired, babbling, and getting a bit silly here, so I guess I'll just try to simplfy what I'm trying to say. Point One: You hav
12 Folds
HERE IT IS: The first fold of our flag is a symbol of life. The second fold is a symbol of our belief in eternal life. The third fold is made in honor and remembrance of the veterans departing our ranks who gave a portion of their lives for the defense of our country to attain peace throughout the world. The fourth fold represents our weaker nature, for as American citizens trusting in God, it is to Him we turn in times of peace as well as in time of war for His divine guidance. The fifth fold is a tribute to our country, for in the words of Stephen Decatur, "Our Country, in dealing with other countries, may she always be right; but it is still our country, right or wrong." The sixth fold is for where our hearts lie. It is with our heart that we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States Of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. The seventh fold is a tribute to our Armed Forces, for it is through th
I’ve been doing a little reminiscing over the past few days… My earliest childhood memory was my fourth birthday party. That memory is as clear as day to me. I remember all of my family crammed around our kitchen table…my older brother, my four older sisters, my dad, and my mom, who was holding onto my younger sister, and my aunt and uncle who lived right next door to us. I blew out my birthday candles and then had a huge piece of cake and a scoop of ice cream. I remember the presents I received; a Milwaukee Brewers baseball cap, a wiffle ball and bat set, and a plastic Spider-man toy that was attached to a cheap plastic parachute. The last was my favorite. I loved that toy. I spent hours throwing it up into the air and watching it float down…at least until I threw it a bit too high and got caught in a tree and I couldn’t get it back down. There are many moments in my early childhood that stand out in my memory. I remember my dad taking us kids for walks around the block, tell
I Would Not Of Lived Life Like The Next Day Would Not Come
And I'm Wrong?
Ok so this is just pretty much a CYA blog, nothing of real value besides showing my former hotties that I care about that I do not shit talk them. This is FUBAR it's not real life and it's something apparently that is confusing for others. I was tired of the bullshit and drama. And this is how it was ended....   I have taken out a certain name in here only cause she had nothing to do it with she was just got mixed up in it. To the hotties ~ I love you girls, you know who you are. I'm here for yall if you need me! Thanks for everything! XOXO HOTTIE LOVE!!! ( oh fyi my convo with the other party involved is a lil mixed up in here. lol but work with me. I copied and pasted ~ obviously the copy and paste didnt want to work the way i wanted it to work )     Firechief Chief: I meant what I wrote  Ok peace promiseFirechief Chief: Hey going to offer u due to all the great work u have done and as close as u and I were to come back no ? before I remove your mods we love u and so do the gi
dear friends, need 2 level up by 2nite so 2morrow i can be a green minion, lol. Thnk u all
we come to times of trial and choice through life. What separates a good man and father.. from the rest, lays in the palms. how much blood are you willing to hold? how much of your own? we live in a nation of indulgent bastards dreaming of gold rings.. at the cost of fellow soul. it is no secret that i hold little opinion for my fellow man or their acts.. the actions of a decaying society that has been on a path of destruction far beyond the years i ever took first breath. my poor fellow man and woman of a land corrupt and born to... non has gone without suffering or wrong.. non has not been smited unjustified. but few remain to stand against.. to wily give of thy self in full for a greater good. teh heart has grown weak and inept to see the good in these dark places. our selfishness engulfs like a kerosene fire of lustful dreams. am i the only bastard child of the cold world that will stand defiant? am i the only one that sees a purpose beyond myself wants? TAKE... all my blood.. in y
Fuck Your Society
Doors with plasticine handles fail to open. A selfish brand of selfishness renders logic incomplete. Waxwork friends hold company for a life time. Endless designs are littered with deceit. An ugly belief.. It's just an ugly belief. The blood runs from between your fingers as you hold your hand to your face. ... Stereotyped, rubber-stamped and fit to dance with the cL(one)s. The label you wear, you wear it well but a barcode hasn't much of a story to tell.. An ugly belief. It's just an ugly belief. The blood runs from between your fingers as you hold your hand to your face.. Harangue the mycelium but you may as well be 'speaking' in braille. The myriad's grasp of parables wanders lost at the boundaries of the inane. Their minds but washboards for a corporate lie. What an insensate legacy they leave behind when they die. An ugly belief.. It's just an ugly belief. The blood runs from between your fingers as you hold your hand to your face. FUCK YOUR SOCIETY
Its A Subject
Going back to the way I used to be is harder than being what I became,It hurts to forget and everyday it brings a new feeling of searing pain to my body.I feel every once of the change as my body fights to go back to its former self,Even I hate what I was and I hate what I am,The mind never forgets, just lapses from memory to memory until everything is hidden away,So not even I can find it.I begin to forget who I have become and what made me this way,I begin to mold into my old memory and that was what I wished to lose so much,To feel nothing is the ultimate pain in the world.No matter what they say, feeling no love and only feeling hate is the worst kind of pain in the world.I go back to the way of old and begin yet a new in the way I was to behold a memory or an image of beauty created by the mind,Until that image has no value and everything worked so hard for is forgotten and youhave to fall onto shoulders you would rather let be alone.Sometimes we just cant help what happens and wh
As We Grow Up...
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't suppose to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your b3est friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.
Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother
“Three friends got married.  The first man married a woman from Wisconsin.  He told her that she was to do the dishes and house cleaning.  It took a couple of days, but on the third day, he came home to see a clean house, and dishes washed and put away.    The second man married a woman from Minnesota.  He gave his wife orders that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes and the cooking.  The first day he didn’t see any results, but the next day he saw it was better.  By the third day, he saw his house was clean, the dishes were done, and there was a huge dinner on the table.    The third man married a girl from North Dakota.  He ordered her to keep the house cleaned, dishes washed, lawn mowed, laundry washed, and hot meals on the table for every meal.  He said the first day he didn’t see anything, the second day he didn’t see anything either – but by the third day, some of the swelling had gone down and he could see a little out of his left eye.  His
Costume Makes The Clown
Told you I felt lucky with my humble breastsWell I don'tSaid that I was sure the world was gonna changeWell I'm notBefore I didn't give a damn 'bout what they sayBut I doPromised that I'll never ever lie to youSo you can helpTaking the make-up off my faceBefore I forget my own featuresI'm not here to let you downBut the costume makes the clownIt's just lashing out on meDon't be so hardDon't be so hard on thisIt's your turn nowTo cheat on mePromises I made to you went down the sinkReally hope I haven't harmed your self esteemI'm not a virgin but I'm not the whore you thinkAnd I don't always smell like strawberries and creamSo you can helpTaking the make-up off my faceBefore I forget who I am now'Cause I'm not here to let you downBut the costume makes the clownIt's just life's ?? on meDon't be so hardDon't be so hard on thisIt's your turn nowYour turn now...I'm not here to let you downBut the costume makes the clownIt's just life's ?? on meDon't be so hardDon't be so hard on thisIt's you
Look How People Can Sound So Stupid!
Your stereotypes are  s t u p i d . I'M S K I N N Y , so I M U S T  be  b u l  i m i c  /  a n o r e x i c.I ' m   E M O ,  s o  I   M U S T   c u t  m y  w r i  s t s. I ' m   B L O N D E ,   s o   I  M U S  T   be   a   s t u p i d   d i t zI'm  N O T   L I K E  EVERYONE  ELSE, so I MUST be a l o s e r.I ' m  G A Y ,  s o   I   M U S T   h a v e   A I D S . I'm a L E S B I A N , so I  M U S T  h a t e  m e n .I  S P E A K  M Y  M I N D, so I MUST be a b i t c hI'm RELIGIOUS, so I MUST shove my beliefs down your throat.I'm   an  A T H E I S T ,  so  I   MUST   h a t e   t h e   w o r l d .I  DON'T HAVE A R
The Body Is Natural
Physical Intuitiveness We are all born with natural intuitive abilities, but as we grow it often leaves us through conditioning from adults. So much of the human experience is removed from nature that we tend to forget that we are products of the natural world. At the moment of birth, we are perfectly attuned to nature. Our feelings are an authentic response to the stimulus we encounter. We interact with our environment viscerally, desiring only what is necessary for our survival. And, if we are lucky, we take in nourishment in the form of pure mother’s milk. As months and years pass, however, we discover the sights, sounds, and scents of the synthetic world. Though these often momentarily dazzle us, the dim memory of our naturalness remains. When we embrace the notion that human beings are inherently natural, bringing it to the forefront of our day-to-day experiences, we achieve a new level of wellness that boasts nature at its very core. We innately understand
Well next month it will be two years since my beloved Ben passed on. Where did the years go? I can't believe it has been  2 yrs, can anyone tell me where the yrs went?
hirsute\HUR-soot; HIR-soot; hur-SOOT; hir-SOOT\adjective; 1.Covered with hair; set with bristles; shaggy; hairy.
Cudgel thy brains no more about it.  -  William Shakespeare
hi everyone come join me at naughty babes lounge everyone is welcome
perhaps it wasn't just change that brought you to meperhaprs it was destinedI want to fall asleep next to you againand to be woken up by your kisses your sixth sense longs for meI know we will be reunitedyour smile is stamped in my memorysoon our path will meet againMy heart is in your handsDon’t let me fallMy heart is in your hands here is a poem of my heart felt painhere is a song to youremember our pictures during dinerremember our night in the desert I remember you You are always with meMy heart is yours I hope to see you againIt doesn’t matter what they sayI miss your smellI miss your bodyI will always have you within meMy heart is yours It doesn’t matter what they sayWill you just stay?I want your allyour lips, your caress, your body be carefulMy heart is in your hands  
Car From Hell??
     Okay the car isnt from hell. It just hates me. The car is actually a good car. Drives great it just doesnt want me in it or fixing it. Apparently it likes kota better lol. I suppose just because I tend to do super stupid crap I cant really blame the car. I actually like the car, however, with that being said I am still not fond of the auto parts store guys!!! Im fairly certian that if I was a man I wouldnt be having so many problems buying what I need and of course getting someone to wait on me in the first place! Hopefully tomorrow I will be more successful than I was today and hopefully it will be nice and boring as todays kind of excitement I can live without lol.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Defends Kermie
Elisabeth Hasselbeck of the View has a beef with Rielle Hunter, John Edwards mistress. Rielle did a seminude picture spread for GO. In some of the pictures, pantless Rielle is cuddling some of the childrens favorite characters, Kermit, Barney and Dora. Says Elisabeth, "If you're going to involve Kermit, Barney and Dora, put your pants on, okay?" That’s fair. For more BlastFM is Kermie’s favorite internet radio station. He has great taste.
Late Night Suprise.
She walks into the room and sees him lying there; he doesn't know she was going to show up, He thought she was out of town. He was sleeping, it was about 2 am and she was quiet. She could see that he was naked under the sheets there and knew that she needed what he had. She drops her purse on the chair by the door and kicks off her shoes, she slowly and quietly strips as she heads to the bed on the other side of the room, as she gets to the bed she slides off her panties and pulls off the sheet covering his naked body. She runs a finger down his cheek, he doesn't move, then her palm down his chest and down to his limp cock. Slowly and starts to play with him, rubbing her hand over him, starting to stroke his cock. He starts to harden in her hand. She leans over and licks the tip of his cock and then around the head. He lets out a sigh but doesn't awaken. She positions herself at the side of the bed were she can easily play with him and suck on his cock while at the same time playing
Warped & Twisted
Empty words & Shallow lies Hidden pain that nobody knows Eyes open hands fisted Deep inside im warped & twisted Many tricks  so many lies Too many whens & too many whys Nobodys special, Nobodys gifted Im Just me , warped & twisted Sleeping awake, choking on a dream listening loudly to my silent scream call my mind, the numbers unlisted lost in someone so warped and twisted on my knees alive but dead Invisible blood ive bled so bittersweet im gone my mind is drifted burnt out, wasted empty and hollow today is just yesterdays tommorow the sun dies out, the ashes sifted smiling im here, warped and twisted
Colgando En Tus Manos
Quizá no fue coincidencia encontrarme contigo...Tal vez esto lo hizo el destino...Quiero dormirme de nuevo en tu pecho...y después me despierten tus besos.Tu sexto sentido sueña conmigo,se que pronto estaremos unidos.Esa sonrisa traviesa que vive que pronto estaré en tu camino.Sabes que estoy colgando en tus manos,asi que no me dejes caer.Sabes que estoy colgando en tus manos.Te envío poemas de mi puño y letra.Te envío canciones de 4:40.Te envío las fotos cenandoen Marbella y cuando estuvimos por Venezuela.Y así me recuerdes y tengas presente,que mi corazón está colgando en tus manos.Cuidado, cuidado, que mi corazon està colgando en tus manos.No perderé la esperanza de hablar contigo.No me importa que dice el destino.Quiero tener tu fragrancia conmigo.Y beberme de ti todo lo prohibido.Sabes que estoy colgando en tus manos,asi que no me dejes caer.Sabes que estoy colgando en tus manos.Te envío poemas de mi puño y letra.Te envío canciones de 4:40.Te envío las fotos cenandoen M
Forget Me
I lay here awake haunted by your memories I wish a thousand stars away across the midnight breeze stalking over the remains of a fallen heart Dark eyes and darker hearts broken souls and false tears all the toys of a sinners game where only the loved have lost Id pay a thousand lives to erase the gleam in your eye as you smiled through my tears and said good riddance and not good bye
Very Good Advice
The following are ways to live by: 1. Compliment three people every day. 2. Watch a sunrise at least once a year. 3. Be the first to say, "Hello". 4. Live beneath your means. 5. Treat everyone like you want to be treated. 6. Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen. 7. Forget the Joneses. 8. Never deprive someone of hope. It may be all he has. 9. Pray not for things, but for wisdom and courage. 10. Be tough-minded but tenderhearted. 11. Be kinder than necessary. 12. Don't forget, a person's greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated. 13. Keep your promises. 14. Learn to show cheerfulness, even when you don't feel like it. 15. Remember that overnight success usally takes about 15 years. 16. Leave everything better than you found it. 17. Remember that winners do what losers don't want to do. 18. When you arrive at your job in the morning, let the first thing you say brighten everyone's day. 19. Don't rain on other people's parades. 20. Never waste an opportunit
That Didnt Just Happen!!!
     This really should have been a monday for me. lol. Right off the bat seven this morning I go and start the car up cause it has ice on it and this particular car i need to take to auto shops cause im trying to buy parts for it. Well I go back in the house getting ready and getting my girls ready for school. Nothing unusual. We proceed out the door get to this pain in the ass car and wtf all the doors are locked. Holy Shit! Needless to say at that moment "shit" became my mantra! Not only did I lock the lumnia keys in there but my expedition keys are locked up in there too!! Sooo I had the bright idea of a metal clothes hanger. You know im thinking im gonna pop the lock - not that I have ever done it as I have never locked myself out of my car before. Well that didnt work so I proceeded to have a two year old screaming fit in my front yard ( thank goodness I live in the county with only two neighbors lol) Needless to say the hanger, which took me forever to find as i dont use metal o
Stop And Read Home
Life is pretty normal todayStop and Read Diary Read Home
Alabama - Close Enough To Perfect
*someone sent me this song lyric this know who you are...i am your angel perfect or not :)* Sometimes her morning coffee's way too strong And sometimes what she says, she says all wrong But right or wrong, she's there beside me Like only a friend would be And that's close enough to perfect for me Now she's been known to wear her pants too tight And drinking puts her out just like a light Heaven knows she's not an angel But she'd really like to be And that's close enough to perfect for me She kisses me each morning, and smiles a sleepy smile She doesn't have to say it, I can see it in her eyes Don't you worry about my woman Or what you think she ought to be She's close enough to perfect for me Sometimes she gets down and starts to cry But then again the lady has the right She's everything I've ever wanted She's all I'll ever need She's close enough to perfect for me She kisses me each morning, and smiles a sleepy smile She doesn't have to say it, I can see it in her
Yup Yup Yup
CA was beautiful, I got to stare at palm trees, who knew they grew with christmas lights implanted in their trunks!  The weather was great, the earthquake was nice enough to wait until after I left :).  Bubbles and Photobug came out to see me sunday - we had a great time and cheese pie for dinner.  Yes, cheese pie, I figured they meant cheesecake, but turns out it really was cheese pie after all :-/ I finally got home after midnight last night, without my suitcase.  Right now I'm waiting patiently for my suitcase, and BOB to be delivered to me... ok im only capable of soooo much patience  
New Zealand - A Song By Amanda Fucking Palmer
new zealand new zealand you’ve caught me on a awful daymy little life is all fucked upmy psyche is in dissaraynew zealand new zealandi wish i could enjoy you morei wish i had more time         to see your cliffsides & your blackened shoresnew zealand new zealand i don’t know why i tour this waytrapped inside an aeroplane and twittering the scenerynew zealand new zealand i feel like shit what can i saymy period is 6 days late
Hi there it has been a good while sence my last blog and this 1 here is because I posted a pic of my newest set of snakes my ball pythons, I have and collect snakes because there cool and a diffrent pets the real funny thing is to find out how many pussy macho men are in the worl when they scared of a small snake but they can have a big stupid dog or beat his g/f and or wife a kids huh wow that realy makes him a man huh. I am realy tired of people putting me down about my snakes, I have been totaly alone sence 2006 because of my choice of pets and even worse of a excuse I have even heard from people on here is my looks up close I know im not 100% gorgeous or handsome I am 38 geeze what you expect you don't like my choice of pets then don't come on to my page and leave me nasty comments about them I don't ever put down 1 person at all on this site and I have realy met some hard assholes on here and some pain in the butt women too and still I dont treat no 1 bad all. I collect and have
Promo Codes 1
Promo Banner #1: Large / Bulletin PLEASE CLICK FOR IMAGE Promo Banner #2: Medium / Comment Promo Banner #3: Small / Banner 1 Promo Banner #4: Small / Banner 2
*throws Things At Melzie* Scorpio Truth?
The Scorpio character: The Scorpio will stop at nothing to fulfil their desires. They are power-hungry, domineering and ruthless. But apart from these good qualities the Scorpio can also be very jealous. If you are proud of an accomplishment they will take great pleasure in demoralising you and will undermine your success. Obsession with sex is of course their greatest interest. It's easy to fall in love with them but, like a praying mantis, they will destroy you when it's all over. Scorpios are hopeless as care assistants but they are excellent prostitutes, inquisitors and interrogators. The Scorpio Lover: The Scorpio lover is greedy and intense and takes no interest in his partner's satisfaction. They are completely amoral and display no tenderness or affection. They will sleep with anybody. The year ahead: Jupiter in your sign indicates that you can take advantage of someone else's good luck. Grab what you can while you can. Famous names: Mata-Hari, Admiral Nelson, Hillary Clin
A Memory Not Yet Experienced...
The Cardinal bird,joyful song so bittersweet,red flash torments hope.
So Screwed
well i am screwed 100%.. i got thru to unemployment yesterday and the reason i havent recieved any money, is the person who took my claim was either dyslexic or on drugs...or both..    she had my name spelled wrong she had the numbers in my address jumbled she had picked an employer out of the air, a company i had never even worked for...ever   so my eviction has gone to court, i have a hearing on thursday and will have till then to be out of my apartment, or ask for a few more days in court. i have a place to stay and all, and a place to put my furniture and what not so i guess everything is taken care of for now...   when my money finally gets to me, i will have enough to find a new place and hopefully get a job in the area.  for the time being, come this week end i wont have internet where im staying. so after the end of the week, i wont be on fubar much at all, for an definite period of time. unless im at a coffee shop or something with wifi..   and since some of you mi
Spiff Balln
I'll rarely post anything of weight or moment. As the title says, I’m merely spiff-balln. So please take no offence and feel free to post comments at your leisure. Some of what you will find here is more for me than you, sorry; but true none the less. This will be where I post story ideas, my version of love poetry I right for my wife, and possibly story questions. For all you English teachers who have flinched while reading this, all I can say is, “I told you I needed help.” (*-*)
Zookeeper's Dilemma
A zookeeper wanted to get some extra animals for his zoo, so he decided to compose a letter. The only problem was that he didn't know the plural of "mongoose." He started the letter: "To whom it may concern, I need two mongeese." No, that wouldn't work, so he tried again: "To whom it may concern, I need two mongooses." Is that right? Finally, he got an idea: "To whom it may concern, I need a mongoose, and while you're at it, send me another one." 
I Am One Of The Searchers
"I am one of the searchers. There are, I believe, millions of us. We are not unhappy, but neither are we really content. We continue to explore life, hoping to uncover its ultimate secret. We continue to explore ourselves, hoping to understand. We like to walk along the beach, we are drawn by the ocean, taken by its power, its unceasing motion, its mystery and unspeakable beauty.We like forests and mountains, deserts and hidden rivers, and the lonely cities as well. Our sadness is as much a part of our lives as is our laughter. To share our sadness with one we love is perhaps as great a joy as we can know - unless it be to share our laughter.We searchers are ambitious only for life itself, for everything beautiful it can provide. Most of all we love and want to be loved. We want to live in a relationship that will not impede our wandering, nor prevent our search, nor lock us in prison walls; that will take us for what little we have to give. We do not want to prove ourselves to another
User Names
You ever wonder why some people pick the user names they do?  Mine was easy ,Yitzchok is my middle Hebrew name and Ike is a nicknme.
Sleep Talking......
So apparently last night I was mumbling in my sleep .  This happens sometimes when I drink .  Mrs.Villain says mostly it's always jibberish or strange combinations of words such as " purple monkey buttered babies" or " giant snowflakes on fire" . Anyhow last night as I have been told (she took 10 minutes of laughing about this before she could finally tell me what she had said) that I let out some strange demonic yawn and then clearly said " Must eat brains , mmm Brains" .   I wish I knew what I'd been dreaming.
Analyzing My Life
I realize I have dwelled over things in the past that didn't go as I'd hoped. Analyzing, living frustrated wondering what I could've done differently. I understand now those things just weren't meant to be, and the path that I'm on will lead me to my destiny. So I now use the past as learning experience, the future as of where I wish to be and The present to make the changes necessary for when I get there.
Life deals harsh blowsThe strong always surviveI have had my share of misfortuneYet I continue to strive. What is it that keeps me goingWhat does fuel my willWhat puts laughter in my heartWhat is the one thing to me that is real? Your love is like nothing elseNothing else will ever compareNothing will ever be greater than youNothing would ever dare.
Time here goes slowlyEven as I breatheSeconds feel like hoursThey will until I can leave. If I could see or hear youJust even once during this timeMy heart would remain trueAnd my world remain fine. I hope somehow my wordsFly straight to your heartAnd bridge this distanceThat seems to keep us apart.
Days have gone pastStill I have not heardOn the phone or on paperFrom you not a word. The longer this goesThe more we fall apartJust like the sun settingThe more you're in the dark. Another wall now in placeThat has to be overcomeAnother that has to be conqueredBefore we are all but done. So please keep me in your heartAnd you will stay in mineIt won't be long til I hold youIt's just a matter of time.
Second Try
Delectable Kari">@ fubar
Standing Still
My world stands stillMy mind so sublimeI've lost all conceptOf my reality and time. Where once things were in focusNow all grayish bluesNo longer distinguishing between day or nightNot knowing if my heart was sure. Once you were my beaconMy light from inside the darkFrom out of my ashesYou were always my spark. You gave me reasonWhen I thought I had noneYou made everything brand newLike my life had just begun. Now my meaning is lostI've been without you as days turn to weeksNow lost in total confusionNot knowing what I seek. So if your faith you have in meRuns with your love deep in your soulThen tell me true and tell me nowI will give you back more than you'll ever know. My heart forever yoursMy love for you will never changeThe beat of my heartFor you, forever will it remain.
A Compilation Of Some Of My Poems.
You came into my life one day,with beauty I had never ever seenand swore that you would stay,we would be a king and his queen.You sang your songs of love to meand professed them all to be true,a song of how the future would beif I would just stay stay with you.Such wondrous words I would hearas you wooed me with tender eyes,slowly drawing yourself more nearuntil I felt you, much to my surprise.Then a song burst from my very hearta song of love, I gave it willingly to thee.I swore that we indeed would never part,for you were now the dearest part of me.The ecstasy that swept me took over,my heart had dreams of endless joy.I dared to see you as my one true lover,the way it could be 'tween a girl and boy.It was then that you turned to go away,had I done something terrible or wrong?"Oh please come back!" loudly I did prayunable then to stay composed or strong.You turned and saw me bound therewithin the love chains that I had made.Walking back, I dared hope you did care,that my love and tear
This Years Census, Pass This To Alll Of Ur Friends, Ty
This is brilliant & I'm delighted to pass it along.  Lets see how far we can get it to go.Sending a Message with the Census:I haven't gotten my letter from the Census Bureau yet asking me to fill out the questionnaire. But when I do fill it out, I'll use it to send a message.Fully one-quarter of the space on this year's form is taken up with questions of race and ethnicity, which are clearly illegitimate and none of the government's business (despite theNew York Times ' assurances to the contrary on today's editorial page). So until we succeed in building the needed wall of separation between race and state, I have a proposal. Question 9 on the census form asks "What is Person 1's race?" (and so on, for other members of the household). Lying in this constitutionally mandated process is wrong. Really — don't do it.Instead, we should answer Question 9 by checking the last option — "Some other race" — and writing in "American." It's a truthful answer but at the same time
None But You
Who's voiceHas brought me to tearsWho's faceHas unleashed my fears. Who's heartHas had mine wonWho's eyesShine like the sun. Who's mindDo I hope I'm always thereWho's soulDo I feel that really cares. I hope deep in my heartYou feel this tooBecause my heart knows no loveExcept for loving you.
Can Only Wait.... To Be Hole Again.
Can only wait.... to be hole againThe sun lay upon my skin but i can not feel my arms to enjoy it.The wind may blow across my back but I can not feel its biting breath.The rain may fall upon my face but I can not feel it tears of sorrow. The thunder may clap loudly in the sky but i can not hear its cry's.My body may lay upon my chair but my sole has gone with my love. My heart lay within my chest but it does not beat.My lungs continue to take in air but i feel as if I am drowning in tears.My soul i can hear weep across the winds of time but I can not reach it. I lay unmoving awaiting my loves return.His kiss upon my lips and his welcome embrace.The whisper of promised love and a life we have shared for so long. I can only await for the moment I have become hole again. A long awaited dream that only breakes my heart more.My love stong, my will stronger yet, but his has gone.My arms will remain empty with time as well as my i'm cast down the Oubliette of time to be forgotten, le
Somber are my daysWhen I don't see your smile Unhappy is my heart without your voice It always stays that way for awhile. My beautiful, what would it take To see your smile,hear your voice Without them I cannot breatheMy will against you has no choice.  If you would honor meAnd my request you would grant I would know you were an angel You could only be heaven sent.
One thousand times viewedRequires some acknowledgementThankyou for reading
Another Day
Another day goes by,And still your voice cannot be found.Without you my world is deaf,My ears hear no sound. My eyes can always see you,But I feel still blind to you.I long for you to feel this way,I hope somehow,someday you do. Our lives have changed over time,But still you look no different to me.You have always been,always will be,What my heart needs to see. If this is true for you,And I'm where your heart needs to be.When you are ready,my arms open,Because your where my heart needs to be.
Inner Treasure
You search the worldFor riches you'll never findIs there any way to make you realizeTo open up your mind. The treasure that you seekOn a map cannot be foundAnd it cannot be weighedBy the ounce or the pound.   The wealth that you huntYou've had since the startBuried deep inside youDeep inside your heart.
Stanza 365 Week 8
Week 8 of Stanza 365 is underway. Today's poem is another one inspired by the big nor'easter that hit here this past weekend. Cabin Fever Climbing the walls as they’re closing in, the last of my patience wearing thin. Plotting and pacing and wasting away. My sanity slipping with each passing day. Waiting in vain for a chance to break free and wondering what will become of me. How much longer will I have to stay in this place alone with these scars that time cannot erase? You can find the rest at
The Gaps Between Words
Faith is all I have,In promises made and heard.Though it aches my heart.
Jesus GAVE HIS LIFE FOR MANY   Why did he do that? What MUST you do to benefit from it? We invite you to fine out on March 30, 2010.   You are also invited to attend a special bible talk entitled "Real Peace and Security-When?"   This is what the Jehovah's Witness just left on my door when I wouldn't answer. Should I go? I mean I wuold feel more secure if strange men stopped knocking on my door and lurking around my house in the middle of the afternoon. Maybe they will tell me how to keep them away from my house? This is what i have to say about that... "Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered to, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many." (Matthew 20:28) Follow his lead, ransom your life, so that I am not annoyed by your preaching in the middle of the day.
Figuring this out ya'll
Kinky Horoscopes...whats Ur Sign? Im An Aries!
ARIES (March 21- April 19) LIVES for head massages. ANY part of their head: Lips, Eyelids, Eyes, Tongue, you name it! Aries also likes to fuck in public places during business hours. You need to be open minded with an Aries...If you don't feel like being duct taped to a wall and beaten with live ferrets: Tell Them. Be warned! IF you don't want to be kinky, don't be with an Aries. If you say 'No' too often to them you may lose them as a lover forever. Aries Idea of Heaven Is: Participating in live sex shows for money. Having their favorite human toy win first place in a pony boy/girl race. Fucking as an art form on display in a gallery. They secretly crave to be strippers or Annie Sprinkle. Aries LIVES to be jealous...they also like to coordinate other people fucking. Secretly desire to be fluffers. Aries owned a Violet Wand before it was popular. They are also Sadists. The best gift to give an Aries is designer colored nylon rope in their favorite color. They live to tease and torture.
Too Close To The Matrix...
ok none of this is real...i was a fool to deny it. theres real people on here sure, im one them. but mostly its puffing out the chest (of both genders) to show their wonderfulness via html and icons. i would have to say i have met some good people on here. but im a moron if i think that this is anything more than a lagging soft porn/bullshit rhetoric site. the games are great. some of the djs are awesome. and thats it. haha. so fcuk the emo zombies showing off their new hair and myspace angled boob shots. the "pure race" recruiters who cant leave the house to do it because of house arrest. screw the creeps who pay real money just to see a strangers naked pics. piss off to the mumm creators who spout off their agenda driven explainations kiss my broke ass to all the attention wh0res who NEED my ratings. fcuk off to all the internet tough guys who are ready to come "git" me because of my beliefs. mostly rednecks stuck in barns with free wi-fi. its like high school with a
New Photo's Posted.
New Family Photo's Posted 4 (FRIENDS) & Naughty Ones As Well These R 4 (FAMILY) Members Eyes Only.
Happy Ketch's Steeltown Happy Fest
I just got back from three days in Pittsburgh.Now the old Ketch would go on a three page rant about all the quirky shit that happened on this trip. But no, I’m the new Ketch. You know, the “I’m So Positive and Happy That I’ve Got Rainbows and Glitter Shooting Out My Arse” Ketch. And don't take this as Pittsburgh bashing (Adorable).  Pittsburgh is actually pretty cool - nice skyline, beautiful hills, trees, trees, trees.  So Happy Ketch wants to offer you his uplifting observations from last week – 1) As you arrive at the Pittsburgh Airport, you are greeted by two statues in the main concourse. The first statue is of a young George Washington, poised to command troops into battle during the French – Indian War. A poignent moment in history, no doubt.The second statue is of Franco Harris.Apparently the founding of our country and the immaculate reception walk hand-in-hand together throughout time. I’m hoping they’ll decide the next st
A New Blog
I made up my own mind, and am starting this blog.  i call it mumom, short for made up my own mind. And every few days i will reveal a decision I made, hopefully not too personal.
Made Up My Own Mind
I made up my own mind yesterday.  I asked in a mumm if I should have just cheese or a cheese sandwich for lunch.  I made up my own mind and had french fries instead!
On A Positive Note
I have a few good things happen in the last week and ive been completely unstable as well so i figure ill list the funny times and we can all have a good laugh...   1. Seamus told me im as crazy as him and witchie, as soon as he said those words i laughed and realized maybe we are the sane ones and the rest of you are nutters. 2. Im having a girl.... excitement was profound till i realized that i now will be playing with barbies and soon this girl will have her period... will i be going threw menopause then? most likely 3. Jeff's mom and boyfriend met my parents....This was a scary thought for 3 years.... let me set up the characters. My dad.... a Stubborn traditional Greek man who has brought up a crazy daughter that im sure has given him many grey hairs. He is 6 foot and always well dressed... he can be most annoying but if you get his humor then hes funny... My mom... A conservative English lady, former top model in England... always dressed properly never goes anywhere witho
Across The Land
Can I touch her heart,Bring her closer to me.And open myself,So she can also see. Someone so special,Needs a gentle hand.I'll reach mine out to her,Clear across this land. Whatever she wants from me,Without ever a doubt.To know her heart and mind,To learn what she is all about. How deep will she let me in,Would she trust me with her heart.Never in my life for her,Would I let our friendship part.
Comes The Dawn
After a while you learn the subtle differenceBetween holding a hand and chaining a soul,And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning And company doesn’t mean security,And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contractsAnd presents aren’t promises,And you begin to accept your defeatsWith your head up and your eyes openWith the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child,And you learn to build all your roads on today,Because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans,And futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight.After a while you learnThat even sunshine burns if you get too much.So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul,Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.And you learn that you really can endure...That you really are strong,And you really do have worth.And you learn and learn...With every goodbye you learn.
Trolls, And Gnomes, And Faeries, Oh My!
Last night I had the pleasure of enjoying an interesting conversation from a family friend that I hadn't spoken to in a while. She was quite distraught when she called and said she needed a night out away from her son (a 25 year old who is mentally retarded and unable to live unassisted). Understanding the need to get away from the kid(s) I accepted and met her for dinner. When I got there, she was seated and notably anxious. After persuading her to spill the beans, she told me of an incident that happened last week. My friend is a single mother (the father left when his son was diagnosed) and a teacher. She leaves her son at home while she works, with a neighbor who comes in to check on his from time to time. She got a call while in class last week, and it was her son, very excited to tell her that he caught a troll and needed her to come home right away. Laughing it off, she said that she would be home at 3:30 and to stay out of trouble in the imaginary world. About an hour later,
Ser Spammer & Guest Djs Bulletin
Deformed Healthcare Reform
Many conservatives, including Heritage Foundation experts, have beenarguing that the President's supposedly "fresh" 11-page health careproposal is virtually no different from the Senate bill. It's true.The President's draft includes most of the same bad proposals that theSenate bill does. But there is one key difference between the two: TheSenate bill actually exists.Until the President's proposal is drafted as official legislation, theonly proposal the House can and will consider is the bill the Senatepassed. But the differences between the Senate bill and the one thatcleared the House are stark. To get their bill through the House, Senate                                                                                                   and White House officials are offering some flaky fixes. The "fixes" that the White House is promising wavering House Democratsthey will make all sound easy at first glance: 1) scaling back the taxon high-end health insurance policies; 2) closing the M
Detailed View Of A Solar Eclipse Corona
The First Song Is Called Give Me That Becky- I Heard On Of These Songs Yesterday While I Was Gone, And My Son`s Friend Told Me About The Other One.
O.o Found This Song!
Don't be aroused, by my confession Unless you don't give a good Goddamn about redemption I know Christ is comin', so am I You would too if the sexy devil caught your eye She'll suck you dry And still you'll cry, to be back in her bosom To do it again She'll make you weep And mourn and cry, to be back in her bosom To do it again (Pray) Til' I go blind (Pray) Cause nobody ever survives prayin to stay in her arms just until I can die a little bit longer Saviors and saints, devils and heathens alike She'll eat you alive Jesus is risen, it's no surprise Even he would martyr his mama to ride to hell between those thighs The pressure is building, on the base of my spine If I gotta sin to see you again then I'm gonna lie lie lie She'll make you cry I'll sell my soul, to be back in her bosom Gladly now please suck me dry And still you'll cry, to be back in her bosom To do it again (Pray) Til' I go blind (Pray) Cause nobody ever survives Prayin' to stay i
Shortnsexy Girl Next Door Is 930,101 Points To Go! To Oracle!!
Hey everyone.. can you please help out this beautiful lady get the points she needs to level to Oracle!!! She is running Auto 11's and is less than a million from leveling!  Here is the link to her profile :) Go Show Her Some Love Please!!!Thank you :)  AngL
Mfkn Jc @snake Eyes Radio Dj!
Jibjab By Usmcmarc, Great For A Laugh!!!
I dunno where he comes up with this stuff... LOL Link for those only seeing a white box grrrr Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!
Secret Notes Discovered
Captured in the act.She said he is so worth the Punishment she got.
Yesterdays Wine
I'm the wine-soaked boy,tobacco stained and groggy,Asleep on the couch.
Before the dawn of days,There, borne of light and thoughtWere all the symbols wroughtIn fair and candid ways,Beyond the depths of the great seaElven figures, tall and slender,In all the harmony to gender,Were weaving, writhing, words to be.The one was intertwined with all,And all was intertwined with oneFrom the dark it all then shoneIn true love's embracing shawl For all the wilful eyes to see,Thus celestial chants were sung,And bells of energy were rung.Forevermore, for more to be...
Maxine On Senior Health Care
Senior Health Care Solution   So you're a senior citizen and the government says no health care for you, what do you do?    Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and 4 bullets.  Your are allowed to shoot 2 senators and 2 representatives.  Of Course, this means you will be sent to prison.   There you will get 3 meals a day, a roof over your head, and all the health care you need!  New teeth, no problem.  Need glasses, great.  New hip, knees, kidney, lungs, heart?  All covered.    And who will be paying for all of this?  The same government that just told you that you are too  old for health care.  Plus, because you are a prisoner, you don't have to pay any income taxes anymore.
A Bottle Of Merlot
A man asked a waiter to take a bottle of Merlot to an unusually attractive woman sitting alone at a table in a cozy little restaurant..  So the waiter took the Merlot to the woman and said, 'This is from the gentleman who is seated over there,' and indicated the sender with a nod of his head.She stared at the wine coolly for a few seconds, not looking at the man, then decided to send a reply to him by a note. The waiter, who was lingering nearby for a response, took the note from her and conveyed it to the gentlemanThe note read: 'For me to accept this bottle, you need to have a Mercedes in your garage, a million dollars in the bank and '7' inches in your pants'.After reading the note, the man decided to compose one of his own in return. He folded the note, handed it to the waiter and instructed him to deliver it to the lady.   It read: Just to let you know things aren't always what they appear to be: I have a Ferrari Maranello, BMW Z8, Mercedes CL600, and a Porsche Turbo in my severa
Little Sally
Little Sally came home from school with a smile on her face and told her mother, 'Frankie Brown showed me his willy today in the playground!' Before the mother could raise a concern, Sally went on to say, 'It reminded me of a peanut.' Relaxing with a hidden smile, Sally's Mum asked, 'Really small, was it?' Sally replied, 'No... Salty.' Mum fainted.
The Wiccan Rede
The Wiccan Rede(Full Version) Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust.Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give. For tread the Circle thrice about to keep unwelcome spirits out.To bind the spell well every time, let the spell be said in rhyme. Light of eye and soft of touch, speak you little, listen much.Honor the Old Ones in deed and name,let love and light be our guides again. Deosil go by the waxing moon, chanting out the joyful tune.Widdershins go when the moon doth wane,and the werewolf howls by the dread wolfsbane. When the Lady's moon is new, kiss the hand to Her times two.When the moon rides at Her peak then your heart's desire seek. Heed the North winds mighty gale, lock the door and trim the sail.When the Wind blows from the East, expect the new and set the feast. When the wind comes from the South, love will kiss you on the mouth.When the wind whispers from the West, all hearts will find peace and rest. Nine woods in the Cauldron g
The Wiccan Sabbots
The Wiccan Sabbats, or Holy Days Since Wicca is derived from ancient European agrarian societies, the Sabbats (similar to sabbath) are closely tied to the seasons and the calendar.  Wiccans claim that the Sabbats have been followed for many thousands of years by ancient cultures such as Nordic, Celtic, Greek, etc.  Following is a list of the eight primary Wiccan Sabbats. The dates referenced here are generally accepted by all Wiccans. Major Sabbats Imbolc, Feb. 2, Imbolc (imbolg), which means "in milk", is a celebration of fertility and designates the middle of winter.  Milk was traditionally poured out upon the ground as a type of offering.  Associated with this are the colors white, pink, and red, the amethyst, turquoise, dill, Dragon's blood, frankincense, rosemary, and wildflowers.  It is also known as Groundhog's Day, Candlemas, Blessing of the Plow, Disting, Feast of the Virgin,  Festival of Milk, Beltane, April 30 or May 1 Beltane is the first holiday of su
Becareful of the road you walk on, it may seem short and smooth but in reality its bumpy and long ,and full of holes in it with trees in the path you travel on every day of your journey of the life that you live.
The Rain
My self disapline is delutedI water myself downI cant see through this rainfallall I hear is the pelting soundsThis storm is never endingLighting stikes apon my touchI will no longer keep defendingA person who will not give enoughBear your soul to meand I will stop the painI am the only mother of natureOnly I will clear the rain
Take peace in my embraceNo words can express our extacyYou will not find me when you wakeJust close your eyes; fall into the memoryI will be a ghost that sooths youturning nightmares into dreamsCall me when you are fallingYou will find me when you are in need
When the sky fell I sreamed out your nameI looked for you despretly and found no one remainedI searched through the debri and yelled to the godsOnly lonliness swallowed my thoughtsNo love to my left no faces to my rightThe voices I chaced where only echos in the nightRunning and gasping I fell to my kneesEven the cold earth rejected my pleesMy gaze became hollow and glazedNo sound, no mercy no faithI laid down on the cold ground defeatedI didnt leave when I should have retreated
Everything For Your
I have a confession, something I could never say,I have an obsession for your every way. If you would love me always, I would always love you more. If you love me forever, I am forever yours.If you hold me closely, I will fall into youIf you kiss me softly, I will always be true. I believe your my only, My words my dreams my everything.I want to always stand by you,I want to wear your ring.Stand by me at the alterAnd you will be everything I stand forLet me be your everythingAnd everything I am is yours
Answer This!
Leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember. Don't send a message, leave a comment on here. Next, re-post this in your notes and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responsesWell I hope you all can think of good ones cause if you post me a memory I'll reply to you with a memory that I have of us!
Seasons Of Love Theme Song From Rent
[ALL] Five hundred twenty-five thousand Six hundred minutes, Five hundred twenty-five thousand Moments so dear. Five hundred twenty-five thousand Six hundred minutes How do you measure, measure a year? In Daylights, in sunsets, in midnights In cups of coffee In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife. In five hundred twenty-five thousand Six hundred minutes How do you measure A year in the life? How about love? How about love? How about love? Measure in love Seasons of love. Seasons of love. [JOANNE] Five hundred twenty-five thousand Six hundred minutes! Five hundred twenty-five thousand Journeys to plan. Five hundred twenty-five thousand Six hundred minutes How do you measure the life Of a woman or a man? [COLLINS] In truths that she learned, Or in times that he cried, In bridges he burned, Or the way that she died. [ALL] It's time now to sing out, Tho' the story never ends Let's celebrate Remember a year in the life of friends Remember the love! Remember the love! Remember t
Rise Up
Though we feel discouragedAnd feel we can't go onThe pressures of life mount upAnd hope is almost goneWe want so much to rise upTo that which God has calledBut very little seems to happenThen we cry out to the Lord'Why, O God, do I feel this way?And why so downcast my soul?I feel so very frustrated with lifeWondering what the future holds'But even though we feel this wayGod truly understandsThings don't always happen our wayTo suit our man-made plansFor everything comes into placeIn God's time, not our ownFor he sees much more than weAnd we needn't feel aloneFor in due time we shall ariseAnd spread our wings to soarAbove the clouds of adversityWhere we once were beforeThe cloak we wore of hopelessnessIs replaced with one of praiseOur hope is renewed as we rejoiceIn God's mercies and His grace© By M.S.Lowndes I dont normally read or pay attention to my profile comments, but given the way I've felt lately, this one caught my eye. I think it speaks for itself. I'm not one anymore to real
Just Some Thoughts
Hmmm...       I just got off work, ripped some pictures from my awesome girlfriend and listening to Disturbed. Now don't ask me what posessed me to think of this, but I had a few thoughts that just went thru my head and I thought that I might share them with you all.      Now, don't get me wrong... I have nothing against marijuana at all. I personally don't do drugs nor drink, but I will -never- date another woman who insists on smoking weed every day. I thought I could handle it, and for the most part I really did try.... but in the end, it started to be too much. I wonder if I tried to tollerate it because I loved her, or to try and prove that I could actually do it? I really can't say, but I learned a lesson from that one.       I have NEVER dated an alcoholic, and I -NEVER- will. Period. End of story. I have a profound hatred for alcohol, and I make it well known as my woman found out this past weekend. She has a bottle of kalhua(sp) on her computer desk, and she knows exactl
The Song My Hubby Said Is How He Feels About Me....
Hang up that red dress, let down your hair, cancel those reservations there's no need to go no where. As good as your looking right now, girl bet your thinkin I'm crazy, there's a side of you that I wanna see that never ceases to amaze me. Gimmie that girl with the hair in a mess sleepy little smile with her head on my chest, thats the you that i like best, gimmie that girl. Gimmie that girl lovin up on me, old t-shirt and a pair of jeans, thats the you i wanna see, gimmie that girl. Gimmie the girl thats beautiful, without a trace of makeup of on, barefoot in the kitchen, singing her favorite song. Dancing around like a fool, starring in her own little show, gimmie the girl the rest of the world, ain't lucky enough to know. Gimmie that girl with the hair in a mess sleepy little smile with her head on my chest, thats the you that i like best, gimmie that girl. Gimmie that girl lovin up on me, old t-shirt and a pair of jeans, thats the you i wanna see, gimmie that girl, gimmie that girl
Photobucket Issue And Skins And Albums
Dia De Enero
Te conocí un día de enero,con la luna en mi narizY como ví que eras sinceroEn tus ojos me perdíQue torpe distracciónY que dulce sensaciónY ahora que andamos por el mundoComo Eneas y BenitinYa te encontre varios rasguñosQue te hicieron por ahíPero mi loco amorEs tu mejor doctorVoy a curarte el alma en dueloVoy a dejarte como nuevoY todo va a pasarPronto verás el sol brillarTú más que nadie mereces ser felizYa vas a ver como van sanandoPoco a poco tus heridasYa vas a ver como vaLa misma vida a decantar la sal que sobra del marY aunque hayas sido un extranjerohasta en tu propio paísSi yo te digo ¿Como dices tu?Tu aún dices ¿Que decis?Y lloras de emoción oyendo un bandoneónY aunque parezcas despistado con ese caminar pausadoConozco la razón que hace doler tu corazónPor eso quise hacerte esta canciónYa vas a ver como van sanandoPoco a poco tus heridasYa vas a ver como vaLa misma vida a decantar la sal que sobra del ma
I Wish I Was Your Lover
You know I got this feeling that I just can’t hideI try to tell you how I feel I try to tell you but I’m meWords don’t come easily When you get close I share themI watch you when you smileI watch you when you cryAnd I still don’t understandI can’t find the way to tell youI wish I was your loverI wish that you were mineBaby I got this feelingThat I just can’t hideDon’t try to run awayThere’s many things I wanna sayNo matter how it endsJust hold me when I tell youI wish I was your loverI wish that you were mineBaby I got this feelingThat I just can’t hideI wish I was your loverI wish that you were mineBaby I got this feelingThat I just can’t hideOh I need is a miracle Oh baby all I need is youAll I need is a love you giveOh baby all I need is youBaby you I wish I was your loverI wish that you were mineBaby I got this feelingThat I just can’t hideI wish I was your lover ( I wish I was your lover)I wish that you were mineBab
If Sex Hurts See Your Doctor
Dr. Belisa Vranich says if during intercourse you say “Ouch” instead of “Oh yes baby” then you should call your doctor to be checked out. Whether you’re a guy or a babe, if you hurt then get it checked out. Dr. Vranich says it can be thing simple to fix or something more serious. Check out her advice.,2933,589365,00.html?test=faces  BlastFM is always ready to be check out by you and your friends. Drop in and tune in.   .         .    
Words Of Wisdom
"Beware what you set your heart upon, for it surely shall be yours."      ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) Comment...
When I get home, babe, gonna light your fire All day I've been thinkin' about you, babe You're my one desire Gonna wrap my arms around you Hold you close to me Oh, babe I wanna taste your lips I wanna fill your fantasy, yeah I don't what I'd do without you, babe Don't know where I'd be You're not just another lover No, you're everything to me Ev'rytime I'm with you, baby I can't believe it's true When you're layin' in my arms And you do the things you do You can see it in my eyes I can feel it in your touch You don't have to say a thing Just let me show how much I love you, I need you, yeah I wanna kiss you all over And over again I wanna kiss you all over Till the night closes in Till the night closes in Stay with me, lay with me, holding me, loving me, baby Here with me, near with me, feeling you close to me, baby So show me, show me ev'rything you do 'cause baby no one does it quite like you I love you, I need you, oh, babe I wanna kiss you all over And over again I wanna k
Books That Show You The True Side Of Humanity
     I just finished reading "A Contortionist Handbook" by Craig Clevenger. All I can say is "WOW"!  Clevenger has a new fan. I'm going to find more of his work.  For this to be his first book, I'm almost salivating to read the next one.  I would put him on the same level with Chuck Palahniuk (fight club, choke).       All i can say is that this book is a short read. I read it in two seatings, and truely wanted to read it in one. I was hooked on the first page.  Yet it only got better the more i read.  This is why I'm a huge Palahniuk fan. Short books that get to the point, yet shows you the whole story of why we do what we do.  It's in your face and and steps on your toes.  You will laugh at good guys and love the people you would normaly hate in real life.  You find your self cheering on the loser.       Take it from me, if you think you know people. If you think you have the perfect life. If you think you just have all the answers to life. Think again! Just read Chuck Palahniuk an
gravitas\GRAV-uh-tahs\noun; 1.High seriousness (as in a person's bearing or in the treatment of a subject).
If youth knew; if age could.  -  Sigmund Freud
Have You Ever Been In Love?
“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.”   Neil Gaiman quote
Do You Pledge Alligence? Autism
Hi Yall, I know this one is gonna get people up in arms if they bother to read it.  So I thought I would write a lil bit before writting my version.  First of all, Autism, which is triggered by toxins, in shots and in our environment.  I believe from everything I've read for myself on this horrible mutation of human, that it is genetically predispositioned.  We are mutating, for the worse.  I would love to read how much the pollution levels of the average city has gone up from 100 years ago.  But even more so, look at the immunizations most people feel they are forced to give their children!! Most have lowered or taken out thimersol from their contents, but DEFINITELY not all of them.  Flu and chicken pox are both full of it. Not to mention how many other disgusting things they derived from gorillas and other sources, to make the immunizations.  Did they save lives?  That is a definite yes.  Have they taken lives?  That's a definite yes too.  It's hard choice. But this is what I do kn
I Love You Enough...
I love you enough to fight for you,  compromise for you, and sacrifice  myself for you if need be.   Enough to miss you incredibly when  we're apart, no matter what legnth  of time its for and reguardless  of the distance   Enough to believe in our relationship  to stand by it through the worst of times  to have faith in our  stregnth as a couple and to never give  up on us   Enough to spend the rest of my life  with you, be there for you when you  need or want me, and never, ever  want to leave you or live without you.     I love you baby. Always and forever, Here I am.
Strip Away The Layers And Reveal Your Soul
I said, ?You're all that I have and you're all that I need"Each and every day I pray to get to know you pleaseI want to be close to you, yes, I'm so hungryYou're like water for my soul when it gets thirstyWithout you there's no me, you're the air that I breatheSometimes the world is dark and I just can't seeWith these demons surround all around to bring me down to negativityBut I believe, yes I believe, I said, ?I believe?I'll stand on my own two feet, won't be brought down on one kneeI'll fight with all of my might and get these demons to fleeHashem's rays fire blaze burn bright and I believeHashem's rays fire blaze burn bright and I believeOut of darkness comes light, a twilight unto the heightsCrown heights burnin' up all through the twilightSaid, "I thank you" to my God, now I finally got it rightAnd I'll fight with all of my heart and all my soul and all my mightWhat's this feeling? My love will rip a hole through the ceilingI give myself to you from the essence of
And that's why I love amateur porn.No one there to fake it.Nobody worried about the shot.Just goodold fashionedall americanfun. All the best things are immediately nationalistic.Meat.A big red slab of corn-fed cow.What people don't realise is that local grass fed cattle have a funky complexity instead of that sterile lab shipped and altogether flavorless by comparison bovine. Baseball.The best thing to watch on television.And that's why its only on during the spring through october.Life itself would shut down if we had the time to walk to a ballpark every dayor pile one more hoagy bun with fried onions and a whole kielbasaI'm more of a Brat or red-hot kinda guybut you get the point.Probably because one grampa was southernthe other was about a quarter german. Who cares. American (?)NachoCheesecomes in that big round army surplus cylinder for a reason.Velveeta's too cnotinental, gimme the lil yellow square with the bristley black moustache any day.That man's gonna shut down my arteri
St Patty's Day Fake Eyes Are Not Smiling Here....
Check the blog below and to the left with the same title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
St Patty's Day Fake Eyes Are Not Smiling Here....
Well fake buster friends if this is your thing we have quite a special ride for you tonight. We have a whole bunch of fun ones here…..ready, set, boom…. First off, we have a fake barmaid from a lounge with 10,000 rates. It’s pretty sad when you have to use a fake to get people into your lounge, but that’s another story…here’s the page.. Vanillasky Barmaid The Forbidden Reststop@ fubar
My ex mother in law told me today about Hillary Clinton getting new stemware for all of the US embassies and ambassadors. She contracted it out and some firm in the United States got the winning bid, but THAT firm has now sent the order to a Swedish company.   I don't get it. Why couldn't this American firm find a company here in the states to make this stemware? Wouldn't they know about the status of our economy? One would think. I went looking for some more information about this, only because she's not one to tell you the complete truth. In the article it said that they wanted lead free glass and that no place had it. Ummm, so absolutely no place in the United States has lead free glass? I think that's highly unlikely. I'm sure that there is at least ONE place here that could offer you what you wanted and I'm sure that the almost 6 million spent on stemware would have been very benificial to the United States.   [a few side notes:] I'm sure the "old" stemware looks fine and I
Were To Go...
Where to go? No where to hide Its lovely to feel the heat once more Hoping it wont come crashing down The air breathes life to all who accepts Just to tease but always to remember How blessed the day has been, tommorow always another.    
School Thingy
My school thingy went good today...   As long as I pass the CPAT I'll start April 19th and will graduate Sept. 25th of 11'   Then the plan is to go to Columbus for 2 years so he can go to school.   Then I wanna get the fack outta dodge!   *dances* 
Same Physician
I have an appointment with the very same physician tomorrow to sign documents for him to do this surgery but he told me the last time we met that "I refuse to do this surgery if you continue to smoke." "Why go through all this if you continue to smoke?' Why see me again if I am still smoking? Last time I ckecked it was still legal to smoke in the USA and in NJ? Make it illegal the entire country and it's possesions and DC as well. Don't forget the world. since we lead the world with our very high tech abilities in Heart Illness and Cancers. Do you think it is our water or our meat, that is the problem? Peole from the globe don't have these illness like us until they live here. Unless they're part of something and I'm not, like the rest. Since that Cardiac Cath of March 2, 2010, I have gone down hill and very ill. What happened during the two hours I was unconcious? Did you do something or did you make a mistake? Since the man said we're going to knock you out, it was intended wasn't it
Bc We R Elite N We Wanna Stay That Way...
The time has come to offer a place for anyone in the crew to offrer suggestions as to what we can do as a family to make our crew stronger and better in its entirety... As cofounder i have learned the hard way that its not easy to keep everyone in the crew happy at all times. I know i speak for my cofounder as well when i say that all of u are like our children and we just want u to play nice, lol. Sometimes there are discords or arguments within the crew and our job as cofounders is to try and resolve these issues. Unfortunately, that is not always possible, no matter how hard we try. However, we are hoping that by posting this blog we will have a place for members to go and air thier grievances or give thier suggestions as to how we can make ECS a tighter knit family. This having been said, as always, let's try and keep this a "drama free zone" and let's all work together to keep ECS the  "elite" FAMILY, that we have always represented! We chose elite to be in our name bc we wanted
I Want You
I want to touch your body Feel your nakedness Wrap my legs around you Cover you with my kiss   I want to feel you close Your skin pressed to mine Run your hands down me Slide a finger inside   I am wet with desire Trembling from your touch Pulling you against me Needing you so much   Send me to my knees I'll swallow you with my lips Bring you to the edge Running my tongue to the tip   I want to climb on top of you Slide you deep inside Kiss and caress my breasts Body and soul collide   Every inch and every place I want to kiss, touch explore I fall over the edge with you My body wanting more.     Melissa Lay 3-15-2010    
I wanna start off by saying thank you to all those who stopped by and read this, hopefully it is going to be read by all my BSU family members at some point, because this is who I am aiming this at. I want to thank everyone in Bitch Shut Up who has taken the time and joined up with us and have stayed with us. You guys all rule!!!! Back when I started BSU it was more so started as a joke, not ever thinking anyone would join, altho we are still a small group I will say each one of you are an equal part in the group, and I hope to remain seeing all of you stay and more join us and enjoy being here for a long time. (f)ALSE PROPHET
After Dinner Speakers
People who get together at an event and hire an after dinner speaker for a wad load of cash deserve a good night. I am not writing here to berate the after dinner speakers circuit- I won after Dinner Speaker of The Year and beat 9 men to the title. I like after dinner speaking, to me it's a way of doing comedy in a nice dress to people who normally wouldn't come out to a comedy club and hopefully giving them a taste for it.   What I have encountered is basically horrendous!   I am usually on with two other men, in suits, who get up with a clutch of cards in their hands and launch into 30 minutes of old material which is peppered with gross sexist, racist and unbelievably dull comedy that they either got off the internet or swapped with another speaker. The audience are usually full of nice business people who ask me things like 'as a woman comic do you swear?' but they don't hesitate to laugh out loud at the joke about 'my mother only had two kids because she was told every third c
Stupid Encounter #35 (this Is A Sb)
Oh I Suppose....
since 99.9% of my friends wont read this then wonder why things are happeneing im just gonna let them wonder no one is really around much anymore and so im deleting this weekend its been fun y'all
Help My Friend Level Plz
my friend needs helping to level he has 3,754 to go plz come an help him ou. if you cant click on just copy an past it in your url.
Erotic Story
  The midnight hour approaches. I'm lying on my back, totally naked on the kitchen table. Blindfolded, arms and ankles bound tightly to the table legs. A pose I'm are all too familiar with :) My bound form is already intoxicated with the heady concoction of anticipation, expectation, and total submission. As I contemplate the thought of being at your mercy, my aroused state heightens even further.   I sense that you are near...not sure of where exactly. And then I hear you open and close the refrigerator door. Followed by total silence. Suddenly I feel an ice cold sensation press against my lips. Tracing the opening to my mouth. Super cold liquid staining my lips a deep rich crimson color. The unexpectedness of it sends shivers up and down my spine. Pressing my back firmly down against the unforgiving hardwood of the table. I slip my inquisitive tongue out and lick what I now recognize to be an ice cube. Feeling fingertips tracing over my skin gently. Barely touch
The Man Who Loves Me
One of my deepest, most dreaded fears has always been that I would never know what it is to be genuinely loved by a good man. It is something I’ve thought about often and written about several times. As I aged, I had become more certain that it would be a fear that would be realized; and that I would die without experiencing being the recipient of real, deep, true love from a man. I have recently realized that this fear of mine is no longer valid.   He has only spoken those words to me twice that I remember; and once he wrote them -- in the card he gave me for my 50 th birthday. Not a flowery, mushy card either. It was a funny card, just like I’d expect. Yet, without speaking a word, he says “I love you” every single day. He doesn’t just say it, he lives it.   He makes me laugh. I’ve never laughed so much in my life as I have since I’ve known him. We make each other laugh until I cry AND wet my pants.   He found out that I love to cook an
" see not with eyes, hear with no ears, and speak not with the mouth "
Google - Out To Kill Bicyclist! Lol
Mixed Verdict on Google Bicycling DirectionsPosted 3/12/2010 3:02 PM PST Cyclists across the country are reacting with equal parts support and criticism of Google's new bicycling directions. The complaints are consistent: glitchy routes, sissy routes, and unnecessarily long routes. But riders' commitment to helping Google fix these problems seems strong. One Madison, WI, daily reported that "early reviews among local cyclists appear clustered in the neighborhood of, 'Good start, but needs improvement.'" The hard-core Portland bike community was not as subdued. One rider purported that "Google was trying to kill her," referring to a route that would have sent her onto Interstate 5. A Kansas cyclist with a similar issue exhibited more Mid-West stoicism, "In a quick test, it worked pretty well, though it routed me onto a high-traffic arterial at one point, which wouldn't be my first choice." Not surprisingly, San Francisco cyclists are concerned with the hills. A comment on S.F. Str
Bad Habitz Radio Hiring Information
We are Hiring for the following Positions, job descriptions follow: Promoters - Lure people into the lounge through comments, bulletins, and bartab invites.  Help with graphic design and coding for bulletins and comments would be awesome but not a must. D.J.s - Want to play the songs you want to hear? Here's your chance - the one rule radio station - NO COUNTRY! Security - Dislike douchebags? Do we have the job for you! Help keep Bad Habitz douchebag and drama free!! Cam Girls - Like showing off on cam? or just letting your presence in the lounge being seen? We've got 3 cams for you to strut your stuff on! Corruptors (greeters)- Like helping people be bad?!? The best way is to corrupt them!! Ask us how! **NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE AN APPROVED FUBAR SALUTE TO WORK FOR BAD HABITZ RADIO!** For more details contact: Sinful Rawker, or Rawkaholic. If interested please click below for the application: BHR Application
Peter Graves
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Actor Peter Graves, who starred in the 1960s TV show "Mission: Impossible" and the "Airplane!" movies, died in Los Angeles on Sunday. He was 83. Graves' spokesman said the actor died of an apparent heart attack at his house in the coastal suburb of Pacific Palisades. He had returned home after attending a family brunch to celebrate his upcoming birthday on Thursday. The younger brother of "Gunsmoke" actor Jim Arness, Graves gained widespread recognition in 1967, when he took the role as leader of the "Impossible Missions Force" on popular TV spy drama "Mission: Impossible." He portrayed Jim Phelps, who would receive his team's next mission instructions on a tape that would self-destruct in a puff of smoke. Graves stayed on the U.S. series until it was canceled in 1973, then later reprised the role in a TV revival from 1988-1990. Graves is perhaps better known to modern audiences for his deadpan comedic role in 1980 spoof "Airplane!" in which he played
What Part Of A Fairy Tale Are You?
You Are the Castle You are a bit of a homebody and even somewhat of a loner. You function best when you're all by yourself. Other people see you as mysterious and even a little scary. They don't understand how deep and complicated you are. You have many layers to your personality, and there is always a surprise waiting around the corner with you. You aren't as scary as you seem, but you are intense. You require people to confront things about themselves that they rather not know. What Part of a Fairy Tale Are You? Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!
Celeb Look A Like
I did the celebrity look a like thing, and heres the results... Boops gets Ludacris...and i get Leonardo... wheres the fun in that?   any way, this is who they say i look like lol   i dont know where i look like Jonny Cash but ok        
It's Been A While Wow....
You know... once again.. I am stepping on my soapbox. This time, I do it a different person, a changed person...   Since new years, I have been though a lot of changes... many positive... I have closed one bad chapter in my life, and currently writing in some new chapters as well. Some of it is scary, but this is oh my god it's scary but good scary. I was sitting here and reading back on previous blogs I have written, and also contemplating the treatment I am getting from people lately on the fu. I know sometime back in December and November,  I myself was not a happy person. I wasn't happy with my life, or my surroundings, and the pressure of the holidays did not help whatsoever. I know on here, these outside factors have impacted the way I behaved as well.. I know at one point, I wished people would drown in a vat of hypodermic needles tainted with AIDS for the new year, and I had all these friends and people who adored me for being this way. I would say in the past month or so,
Please Rate This Pic Today!!
Service Master wanted a review from me regarding the estimtes I asked for. Two came and gave me a fair estimate and they received a good report from me and possibly being used to do what I want. One came out for a different estimate and never gave me an estimate. This one recieved a bad review. I suppose he came to look at my house and you know what maybe even to rob me. One never knows with these people. Norio  
Once Again
You my beautiful,Are now tears formed in my eyes,To see so much pain,Should make any man cry. If my arms could hold,And slowly set you at ease.Help cast away this darkness,All this misery you see.   To bring your heart back out,Of all the dark its in.And let that smile shine,Shine so beautifully again.   My dreams and wishes for you,Are from nothing but my heart.When I see that smile come from you,Then once again a love will start.
To All The Girls
Here's to all those girls who used to be his number one. The ones who waited all night for him to call, only to check the caller ID the next morning and be disappointed. The ones who made it through that bitter break up, dried your own tears, and moved on with your life, only to have him walk back in it months later like nothing ever happened. Those of you who cried on the first day you talked again because you knew exactly where this phone call was going. The ones who listened to him say, I only want to be your friend, one day, and the next, listened to him say how much he loves and misses you. We deserve something, and this is our tribute. Here's to the ones that took him back, hoping that maybe this time, he was different, hoping that maybe people really do change. We listened to our friends tell us that we were stupid for even thinking about giving him another chance, caught shit from our parents, and even snuck around to see him for while. We went through the great
My Heart Skips A Beat
My Heart Skips a Beat (by me) My heart skips a beat when I think of youMy heart skips a beat when I get a message from youMy heart skips a beat when when the phone rings hoping it is youMy heart skips a beat when I hear your voice in my earMy heart skips a beat when my eyes gaze apon youMy heart skips a beat when when my fingers touch yours My heart skips a beat when I hold you in my armsMy heart skips a beat when I stroke your beautiful hairMy heart skips a beat when I touch your beautiful faceMy heart skips a beat when my lips touch your lipsMy heart skips a beat when my hands caress your bodyMy heart skips a beat when I lay down next to youMy heart skips a beat when I make sweet love to youMy heart skips a beat when I fall a sleep with you in my armsMy heart skips a beat when I wake up next to youMy heart skips a beat when I watch you walk awayMy heart skips a beat when I think of you
Rainy Night In Connecticut.
so since the lovely state of connecticut loves its wet weather the basement here likes to flood a bit during what appears to be on the outside a nice shower but in reality its a whore.   so there is a sump pump in the basement that pumps out all that whore water and makes this not so wet   well guess what?? that sump pump is a whore now because it decided to quit working so now i gotta use only a fucking shop-vac to get the whore water out of there....emptying it every 5 minutes is ghey   boob me and make me happy or i punch you in the jigglies
Illuminated Cloud Trails Above Greece
Secret Notes.
Secretly you spoke,Hidden from the watchers eyes,Clandestine comfort.
Like Me, There Are So Many People Out There Just Sick And Fucking Tired Of Fake Drama Filled People
the smiles u see, the heart that beats, the tears that stream, the hand shakes, the hugs, the kisses, the praises and the toasts, the loving gestures, the words of faithfulness, the words of caring and love, the feeling of safety and protection, Those 3 words that falls from the lips is all.. FAKE... who really can say they will fully love someone without being able to love themselves who can sit back and embrace my beast or hurt or fears and my walls if they cant ever embrace themselves dont u dare come to me and say * when u cry ill be there to wipe every tear, that when u bleed and hurt ill hold u and protect u when u need love ill give it * dont u dare look me in the eyes and tell me everything will be fine when in ur heart u dont beleive it dont u dare tell me u love me and promise me the world and turn when i need u the most, im tired of lies, betrayals, and disappoinments, just let me be if u cant honestly take my hand look me in the eyes and say * no matter what thi
This Is Funny
Eddie wanted desperately to have sex with the hot girl at work, but she had a boyfriend. One day Eddie got so desperate that he went to her and said, "I'll give you a $100 if you'll let me have sex with you." The girl looked at him shocked and said "Hell no!" He said "I'll be real quick-I'll throw the money on the floor, you bend over to get it, and I'll be finished by the time you've picked it up!" She thought for a moment and told him that she would have to talk to her boyfriend. So she called him and explained the situation. Her boyfriend says, "Ask him for $200. Pick up the money really really fast, and he won't even be able to get his pants down!" She agreed and accepts the proposal. 30 minutes go by and the boyfriend is still waitin for his girlfriend's call. Finally, after 45 minutes, the boyfriend calls and asks, "What the fuck happened?" Still breathing hard she managed to reply, "That bastard had all QUARTERS!!!!"LMAO!
So Hard Not To Rip Her Dog In Phuckin Half
So the wknd sucked balls...sick in bed til sunday..then just when im feeling better...bammmm wknd even more shot to shit..heres how it all went down Friday..worked and Fu'd...went home and died on the couch..still sick Saturday...fuck missed that day altogether in bed dying Sunday..holy fuck im alive...feel pretty good too...ex wife is in for a visit with my i go in the garage and work on my youngest sons dirt bike for him..its all ready for the new i do a few wheelies up and down the street..take lil Mia for a ride on it...then the ex pulls in to drop my sons back off and get her nasty ass back to NYC...As my sons are saying their goodbyes to their mom...Mia tells me its time to come inside...she is only she shuts the front door....jenns fuckin lil faggot dog..Neko...attacks and tears into Mias right wrist and arm...she has 11 puncture wounds and a huge tear into her right forearm....i rush to my daughter...stop the bleeding...ok maybe i gave a lil kick
Figuring Out Who I Really Am....
Guess I felt like writing, or venting, however you want to view it. It's been awhile since I "blogged", so I guess I'll start writing about what's been on my mind lately. I'll be 35 this year, and in my 30-some odd years on this earth, I have experienced a lot. More than most have. And on a daily basis, I'm amazed on what I continue to learn about this world, even more about what I learn of myself. I've been to every state in the lower continental US, Canada, and Mexico. I've held about 20 jobs, and have quit 19 of em lol. I've met almost every type of culture, race, religious affiliation and creed, and still find more to learn. I've always been a person who strives to know more, even though the more shit I learn, the more depressed I get about the world I live in lol. I feel that I do have a vast amount of insight and knowledge that helps me socialize with all types, but still find myself being a rather cynnical and sarcastic asshole. Most times, it's a reflex. I don't even notice h
I Play The Fool Sometimes, It Pays.
You make me smile sir,I hear this said quite often,Liberate mine please.
You Pretentious Arse
Poets complain thatthis verse is not long enough,Shut the fuck up twats!
There Is Nothing You Can Do...
Set fire to my hair,Cut my heart out with a spoon,I will not recoil.
Almost Destroyed
Jack and cigarettes,Secondhand conversation,Better times ahead.
As Time Goes By. Thursday, September 3, 2009 At 2:49pm
The more and more I watch as others walk around me, I realize what I could be doing. It is in my understanding that viewing the world as it is, and seeing the many things everyday that of which I happen, that I am just wasting away time that could be otherwise put to better use. I grow weary of the internet, and all it has to offer me. With my plentiful collection of music and movies obtained throughtout the time I spent clicking and pushing buttons, I realize it is only something I have done to help myself keep out of trouble. Not so much trouble in the sense of the word, but trouble adherently to learning more and more about what it is I have set out a year and three months ago. I am roughing up and rounding off the edges of my timeline, but I am still within the same area. Periodically you shall see less and less of me online, but do not worry too much about it. I may be able to find the simplist of answer's on here to many question's I may ask, but I shall not find all of them. A
Out Of Nowhere
Exstinguished by light, the night does fade An endless cycle, this promenade Through time and space, a cycle unbroken Through each of us this voice is spoken In our bodies, our soul's reside This planet moves a cosmic ride Fear not those things you know are true Ignore that which matter's not to you Our hearts and minds will all collide Our dreams and memories, they will not die Keep them safe and keep them known This kind of energy has no home Its free and easy, yet difficult to grasp This type of energy is not meant to clasp Share thy thought's, thy burden's, thy pain Yet do not give them a proper name Known only by what they will and have done gives them a strength of an uncountable sum Some how, some way, you will all be aware When that day comes, it will Out of nowhere
Deep inside, A child's pride, I want to be able to decide, If I should keep these thoughts inside, My pillow stiff, My blankets cold, Open thine rift, My future behold, Across the stars, Up in space, Not towards Mars, But anotther place, I will not wither, I will not sway, They beckon me "come hither, come hither" The place they call Gallifrey, Its more then true, Almost like new I've seen it so, You all should know, The place is called Gallifrey, It's beautiful during the day, Behold the moons that light the night, They help you see all through the night , Some will laugh some will cry, I see this place in clear night sky, It's true to me, I'm telling you, I share with thee, My current view, In your eyes this place doesnt exist, In my heart it surely fits, I cannot share the joy it brings, When I hear the townfolk sing, I only hope one day you see, This place is very true to me, And on that day when you truely see, You too will
Where Does This Go?
I'm new here so I'm just spiff-balling here.
You were like a bandaid I put to my wounds that turned to a freshly sharpened blade right before my very eyes as you touched my flesh so that I could hurt myself with you instead of heal You’d become an instrument of torture for my very own pleasure Something to ease my emotions and yet to cause my pain Back and forth we’d go again …Again and again You lifted me up higher than the last time… much higher And I let you so that I’d fall a little bit harder this time when you let me go I don’t know why, so please don’t ask- it’s just what you’d come to mean to me …And after all I’ve put myself through at your hands I must admit, there’s no denying, I’ve come this close to hating you And the nearer I get to that so dreaded place… I find I love you this much more.
The Irony
For a moment, I pictured you working...Working your ass off with nails and duct tapeBut how wrong was I in this vision of mine?You just fucked around and played gamesI promise, I promise, I promise..You promised and never came through"I love you, My Love, you complete me,"Like an idiot, I believed youYou asked for my heart and I gave itI thought you had made your own mineYour beautiful words and those sweet complimentsTurns out they were nothing but liesUntouchable, unbreakableBut only in your hands..These walls I'd built around meYou quickly turned to sandI think about that and I just have to laughSo ironic...
Health Care
Let me get this straight......we're trying to pass a health care plan written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn't read it but exempts themselves from it, to be signed by a president that also hasn't read it and who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that's broke.   What the hell could possibly go wrong????
Shamrock's Lucky Charm Auction
          Want to own Lizzie? Now's your chance to bid on me!!!! It's easy peazy =) Bids under 1mill:rate pics, stash, buy gifts of choice 2-3x or more per week Bids OVER 1mill:same as above, but will add to top friends, give yahoo messenger, SFW salute, owned by in my name CASH BIDS:(incl. fubucks, and VIP, bling packs, etc)rate pics, stash, comments, bling owner, top friends, yahoo messenger, top family, owned by in my name, 1 SFW salute, 1 NSFW salute, possibly negotiate phone number IF I get a VIP I’ll rate you 11s!!! Also the person with the highest bid, will get to fu-own me! How easy is that??? click below :)   Brought to you by: TwåunεVålêntïnô™         Fu-Owned Auction™ 11 "Shamrock's Lucky Charm" (running from Sunday, March 14th - Saturday, March 20th" !!!!         bully posted by: Boobalicious Paper Doll@ fubar    

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