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                                               I have been waiting for so long For you to come along As I am thinking of our younger years then When I am in love with you But I am too hesitant to let you know Though I know you feel that way too And now that I have found you And I know you love me too I know I am in heaven When I am with you Honey, you are all that I need All your love in you heart I can’t almost believe That we are together now Nothing could change what I am feeling now What you mean to me For no words could express How much I need and love you I know I am in heaven When I am lying besides you Because all I need is you Your love , and nothing  can ever change that Now that our dreams will come true No matter what happen Through good and bad times I’ll be there standing by you For I don’t wanna let you go….
in need of a good turf hit me up if thats u
Special Someone
If I could have just one wish,I would wish to wake up everydayto the sound of your breath on my neck,the warmth of your lips on my cheek,the touch of your fingers on my skin,and the feel of your heart beating with mine...Knowing that I could never find that feelingwith anyone other than you.
Dream Girl
Dream Girl... ! You come to me in a dreamStepping out of the computer screen Those starry eyes gleaming Warming up my heart racing Your face lightend up in a bliss Those lips asking for a kiss Oh yes you are mine and mine and only to be mine        Round and round we go       Oh let the music flow        My girl you are mine       Yes forever you are mine        Yeah till the sun dies catching a cold      &nbs
Update To The Blog About The New Site Changes...
This is what Easter Weekend 2010 on will be remembered for more than anything else. Feel free to post your comments here regarding the changes, as I do not filter them. With that, I am also making some updates as to the previous communication blog I posted: I turned everything back on. It’s functionality and use will be limited by me personally, but that’s just my own personal preference. For those of you who use Face book ( I don’t) I guess it will be easier to use. I do have a myspace for free and open discussion as well, just do a search for username JohnnyDevil if you feel you cannot communicate here freely or have something else you wish to say. The thing in the earlier blog about “not replying to non bling messages.” That was in regards to the 713 furonas clogging up my inbox. Since that stopped , I will go back to using that system as well for communication. It will still be slow, so I hope no one gets offended if instead of a day or
Dream Girl
Dream Girl... ! You come to me in a dream Stepping out of the computer screen Those starry eyes gleaming Warming up my heart racing Your face lightend up in a bliss Those lips asking for a kiss Oh yes you are mine and mine and only to be mine Round and round we go Oh let the music flow My girl you are mine Yes forever you are mine Yeah till the sun dies catching a cold Yeah till the moon explodes in a fiery boom Yes my girl you are mine and mine and only to be mine In the dead cold of the winter You bring me the smiles from spring On the snow that covers the grass You wake up little flowers to sing This dainty head that rest on my chest Looking up asking me to kiss your forehead My little baby yes you are mine and mine and only to be mine Yes you are mine and forever and forever mine....!
My Country Isnt Screwed At All, Right? Hahahaha
Mexico around the World 1st largest North American auto producing nation 1st supplier of trucks and autoparts to the United States 1st supplier of consumer appliances to the United States, 25% 1st largest number of US citizens’ abroad home with more than a million 1st culture that use the concrete, rubber vulcanization, and wheel 1st culture that use the zero number, and astronomical observatories 1st largest Spanish media company in the Spanish-speaking, Televisa 1st largest bread producer of the world, Bimbo 1st largest producer of corn flour and tortillas in the world, Gruma 1st richest man in the world, Carlos Slim 1st place where the vanadium was discovered, Andrés Manuel del Río 1st place where the color-wheel color television was invented, Guillermo González Camarena 1st place where the contraceptive pill was invented, Luis Miramontes 1st place where the glove, that can translate sign language into speech, was invented, José Hernández-Rebollar 1st place where the method
Song I Wrote 3 Yrs Ago
Here is a song I have written on Jan. 4, 2007 Losing Control Is it me or my false truths killing me off I swear I hear voices calling out to me Claiming my every move Grasping at my ever so darkening soul A fear begins to engulf my confidence CHORUS: Am I losing control of my reality Decapitating my less eerie disquise Losing control of myself Causing the evil in me to unbind Can't think of all the control I had Feeling my insanity claiming me I can't reclaim the life I once had The once beautiful rose I have is now black CHORUS: Losing control of my concience, even worst than before. I'm afraid that I'm completely losing control I can't take it anymore This loss of control is driving me insane. The darkness has come stronger than before Where is all this going to end up taking me? Why does this hell have to burn? Wanting this madness to end Fucking me over and ruining me CHORUS: I'm really losing control of myself This all hurts too much inside Causing me to cry tears of my own blood
Wibbly Wobbly Website
check it out, it's just something i whipped up in photoshop that i will be expanding a little more as time goes by.
Normandy Beef Stew
3 Tbsp oil 2 med. onions, thinly sliced1 lb. boneless chuck, round, or sirloin, cut in 1” cubes 1 1/2 Cups shredded cabbage 1/4 Cup dry red wine 1 15-oz. can kidney beans, undrained1 tsp salt1/4 tsp pepperdash Tabasco sauce1 14.5-oz. can diced tomatoesHeat oil in large skillet or Dutch oven. Sauté onions until tender, about 3 min. Remove and set aside. Add beef - a few pieces at a time - browning on all sides and remove as they are browned. Keep warm until all pieces have been cooked. Return beef and sautéed onions to kettle. Add remaining ingredients. Cook over moderate heat until vegetables are tender and stew is thickened, about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Serves 4
Bauernfrüstuck (farmer’s Breakfast)
2 Cups frozen cubed hash brown potatoes 2 Tbsp oil 1/4 Cup chopped onion 1/4 Cup chopped bell pepper (any color) 10 "Little Smokies" sausages 4 eggs Fry the hash browns in oil in a large skillet until they start to become soft. Add onions and bell pepper, and continue to cook a while longer, just until potatoes begin to brown. Slice the little smokies into small pieces and add to the skillet. When potatoes are brown, crack the eggs into the pan and stir until eggs are cooked.
Slowly, I go into slumber. Almost there...Uggghhhhhh!!! The neighbors are fighting again. Looks like sleep is not an option. Oh well, I might as well go into cyberspace. The world wide web is almost as fun as the dreamworld. Maybe I'll have a new owner tonight...nope. I am forgotten yet again. At least there are no sirens tonight...oh, wait there it is; someone is hurt. Wow!! I am more worried about not sleeping than not living. Okay back to virtual living. Maybe I'll bump into someone who will make this insomnia more bearable. Here's hopin'...
Emanon Forever Fake Father of the Fallen OnesName: ClassifiedRank: El PresidenteFriends Since: October 2009Likes: BDSM, Kink, Nature, Photography, Writing, Debating, the female form, Information/KnowledgeDislikes: Snitches (rats), blueberries, close mindedness, sorry“Never make the mistake of thinking you know any oneFor it is the ones in which you think you know that shall betray you first.” ~ EmanonEmanon and I were friends prior to October 2009 but we didn’t speak much. After my break from FU we refriended and started communicating on a more regular basis. My first thoughts on him were that he was either1) A tall skinny white dude from Nebraska who dreamed of a more exciting life and created the online persona of No NameOr…2) Exactly who he said he wasAfter a while I came to accept what he said about himself as fact and have a great deal of respect for who he is and what he holds true. Trying to tackle Emanon’s little bio here was more difficult than I
Since Baby J Is Being A Pussy And Wont Post My Response To His It Is...and Nothing Is I Still Get Crap Over It
hmm i wonder if this will even be posted..but here we go..the problem i and others see is half your bouncer staff with too much control and on major power trips and the other half doing "fixes" on the site when its not broke.first your staff,they have too much power.they think their orange name makes them a god.they use that power for their own personal power and others have had features blocked for no reason,without warning,and no response as to why...mainly scrapper.after the lounge changes was made i pointed out what and why the was screwed up..beyond the bogus px thing..and after getting ignored..was told too bad basiclly.the lounges that we code keep getting screwed up...and no reason given as to say how to fix it and it dont...we create these lounges and at any time you up and change the formats of them.its all in an effort to control..coding these places isnt hard and shouldnt need this much changing..if your gonna have a major site like this..have a decent prog
Lost in the universe, thats more frightening than fear,Lost in the Earth, where i feel as if nothing is near,Lost as a person, Lost as man,Needing to find myself, but i dont think i can.Lost to all feeling, that is felt inside,Lost to the sea, and its longing tide,Lost to the people who really care,All these people, never lost but always there.Lost somewhere, all alone,Lost with the world, and its pityful moan,Lost in love, lost in hate,Just waiting for a chance to lead me with fate.Lost for words, that i should say,Lost for thoughts, even when i pray,Lost in mind, lost in hope,Help me lord, i cannot cope.
Ah It's Almost Easter!
Sping is a perfect time for new beginnings, and for Christians and Hebrews around the world this week is especially sacred.  The pesach and especially the Seder, marking the beginning of the Hebrews freedom given to them by G-d to become a great nation.  For them a new beginning, but many years wandering in the wilderness for purification. Easter, actually celebrated as Triduum, from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday, for christians commerate the sarifice of God's son, Jesus Christ, to bring the gentiles to God and forgive the sins of man, rising on Sunday.   Wishing all a very Happy Passover/Easter, and a new beginning for the rest of 2010.   Doc
" where we start thinking about myself .... solitude and there he began to surround our lives "
hey so if you read the above post, you can disregard it...the things are true but i just have to learn to deal with it, there are people who are worse off them me right
Love Cards
Hi Betty! Here is your Daily Love Tarot Card for Saturday, April 3 "The Ten of Chalices card suggests that you should celebrate the completion of a journey, transformation or commitment. It's time to back up the ones you love while giving them roots and wings. You can expect the collective sensation of having finally made it as one big happy family. Perhaps the most important lesson to be gleaned from this sense of fulfillment is to simply enjoy being in the moment. Honor and recognize your inner child through spontaneous and passionate expressions. You know that home, happiness and family are where the heart is. This sense of pride and joy may come from a focus on common values, a romantic desire sated or a dream achieved. Either way, you have an opportunity to share the love, express gratitude, expand your relationship and appreciate the stormy road that might have led to this renewal and wholeness."
Suckish People That Hurt Me
suckish people that hurt me your nothing to me your mean you think your so cool so awsome you think your the man you brag to your friends that you had me lol gess what you i didn't give in your all all lame suckish  men that are little boys that need a mommy your just as lame as you you claim to be men thats a laugh haha your not your a bunch of little suckish babies that need a bottle and a nap and mommy yea i said it you can never love a girl for who she is and you only want her body that's as lame and suckish as it gets im not that type of girl so you all got played how does it feel to b so suckish and mean and date like a man so you don't get played like a bitch    
The Stat No One Thinks About...
Ready for some simple math kids... 3,876,133 in relation to (which is bogus) 40,803 = 0.0105% The truth is in numbers as nothing else is. Happy Easter. Peace.
The Full Convo
she said :-lolz thats why people sent me messages saying you requested them ;) whatev :) i said :- get over your fucking, 90% of the people on facebook added me not the other way around deary.> so fuck your paranoia she said :- You know, you are not the only bipolar person I have ever known so you can take that bs and fuck off.   I dont want or need you to understand anything period. My mistake was thinking you could ever care about someone else more than yourself.You can down me, say any fuckin thing you want llsht no other person on the face of this earth would ever tolerate the shit you've done to me.  And yeah, I take my share of the things that went wrong so dont go starting that shit either. All you can ever do is blame it on an illness and not the fact that you need to learn to take responsibility for shit you have done and KNOW full well what you were doing.  This is the last time Im ever having this conversation with you. Going through people on here im friends with, going to
Don't Talk Like That
Far from me being the one to point the finger, but I did have a woman who worked for a huge corporation in London come to Glasgow to tell me that the people I might be speaking to will not understand my accent as some of them are English. Now had I been of Asian descent that comment would have been considered racist - but because I am white it's considered just information.   I ignored her comments and decided to speak to these whacky foreign folk from England in my perfectly wonderful Scottish accent, funnily enough they understood every word I said and before long we were interacting like proper English types without the aid of an overhead projector and finger pidgin words to help us.   It does infuriate me when people come to Scotland to work then assume you wont be able to talk to the visitors from London...I am doing a tour of Canada next week and am off to Soho Theatre for my fourth run in their lovely venue. I also do BBC radio 4 'Just a Minute' and we don't need a diversity
An Explanation
Normally I don't explain myself or my actions, but last night I was an absolute ass on here and i think it merits explanation. Regretablly I broke sobriety and then to make matters worse, I signed onto Fubar only to find out I missed someone I REALLY care about and was pissed at myself. Then i went on to pick a fight with some people that I find rather phony and droll only to have some other folks, whom I typically have the utmost respect for, jump into the verbal fight. Then after being blocked the fight got carried into someone else's status.  Like I said, I was being an ass and that was wrong... But, one person said I am always whiny and inappropriate.  If that's true, sorry.  Tell me and I'll leave you be.   My sense of humor is often very off beat and I'm not going to try to explain it... DP
Come Step Into My World
Come step into my world, and feel the anguish and pain rush over you like the waves of a ocean. I am not the person you wish I would be,  for the only one that truly knows me is me. I try and put on a good face, while tears spill down upond my pillow case. Look into my eyes and what do you see, but memorys  and pain of trying to do what others want of me, and doing  nothing for me. I am no super star, but now I look down on earth from a far.  I just wanted to be loved, not smacked in the face with my diamond covered glove.  Will someone please reach out and give me a hug. I am just human, and have made mistakes,  only to be dammed and ridiculed and feeling like I just got punched in the face. While people from town to town ,country to country, talk smack behind my back.  I just continue on and try not to look back. My life has now ended, and I am at peace.  One find day I hope to come back to earth and become a better man , the man I want to be. My music will rise again, and o
I was literally run over by a car 2 years ago, and among my many new things to adjust to I have traumatic brain injury which means its hard for me to remember or learn new things.My daughter, Trinity (here on fubar) has been doing stuff for me to get me started here. I kinda had it figured out a little , but now I'm hopelessly lost again. "sighs"
[how The Hell!?]
So I was just going through the blog of that japanese kid that did that AWESOME gelgoog, and I was thinking to myself "my, what technically sound kits, but they sure do lack imagination" Then I saw a yellow gouf and I said "hey! A custom Gouf- nobody does those- OH MY GOD!" It got an out loud "Oh my god!"   That kiddies, is a HELL of a lot of studding, and I don't know how he did it.   Oh- and I knew I could make fins out of scrap plastic :P   This is the 1/144 Gouf. I can tell from the poseability of the hand, and the shoulder construction. Here's your reference point henceforth referred to as "before"   God damn... this kid is good, but he only has a few scrap built custom kits, the rest are primarily just very sound paint jobs.   Found his progress page... any one read japanese? It looks like he took the legs and head off an OLD (like early 80's) Gouf flight type kit and drilled all those rivet holes... dunno how he filled it.
I'm not the one who's so far awayWhen I feel the snake bite enter my veinsNever did I wanna be here againAnd I don't remember why I cameCandles raise my desireWhy I'm so far awayNo more meaning to my lifeNo more reason to stayFreezing feeling, Breathe in, breathe inI'm coming back againI'm not the one who's so far awayWhen I feel the snake bite enter my veinsNever did I wanna be here againAnd I don't remember why I cameHazing clouds rain on my headEmpty thoughts fill my earsFind my shade by the moon lightWhy my thoughts aren't so clearDemons dreamingBreathe in, breathe inI'm coming back againI'm not the one who's so far awayWhen I feel the snake bite enter my veinsNever did I wanna be here againAnd I don't remember why I cameI'm not the one who's so far awayWhen I feel the snake bite enter my veinsNever did I wanna be here againAnd I don't remember why I cameI'm not the one who's so far awayWhen I feel the snake bite enter my veinsNever did I wanna be here againAnd I don
The Best Ever Emoticon/faces Feel Free To Copy There Really Cool And Differnt Dont Make Me Shoot The Smiley Guy** (◢___◣) ̿ ̿&
 ٩(×̯×) \(^_^)/ ٩(●̮̮̃●̃)۶ (◕_◕) {•̃̾_•̃̾} (ʘ‿ʘ) ٩(×̯×)۶ (◢___◣) ̿ ̿ ̿̿'̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪●)=/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ _ _ _ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ [^_^] ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ _ _ _ (-.-)Zzz (^_~) (o.O) d(^_^)b ♫♪ (◢___◣) ̿ ̿̿'̵͇̿̿̿̿
Holy Saturday
Looking Friend
" It's easier to find an enemy .... instead of looking for a good friend "
Get Nekkid!
Join me for my Saturday morning show at 8am est (5AM SLT). Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid! Did you know you could connect from our website? Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
Pa Artist Climing To The Top
  Local Artist featured at Marisa’s Boutique A Huge Success! By Ann Marie Mulhearn The works of artist Jamie Decker were showcased at Marisa’s Boutique in Nazareth on March 25th. Boutique owner, Marisa Snyder, opened her shop in the evening for a special "wine & cheese" event featuring Jamie’s hand-painted eggs. Jamie is an artist and her specialty is hand-painted and blown eggs. She also paints slate and blue stone. Her eggs are unique and can be personalized for any occasion. They make wonderful Easter, Mother’s Day or special occasion gifts. Jamie is a young mother of two small children living in Bangor and is currently struggling to provide for her family. Her talent was recognized during a client holiday party hosted by Slate Belt Pregnancy Support Services, Inc., a local pro-life ministry providing free services to infants and women such as Jamie. Jamie came to the party with gifts for each of the volunteers- her beautiful hand-painted eggs! Th
2/30 - Getting Here
Getting Here How did this happen? How did I get here? I have slept many times during my waking hours, but have never been more aware than when REMs force me to see behind closed lids, tearing the roof off of the auto-filter.   Movement is perpetual, inevitable, even in the self-imposed prison of the willingly comatose. Silly childish games we claim to have abandoned are just wearing camouflage now. We laugh when tots cover their eyes so certain that you cannot see them. Are we any different? Ahh, the more things change... No! That is just another blindfold.   Ludicrous to wear a blindfold when driving, right? Quick we are to point out the folly of such an act as we endure the never-ending craving of being in the driver's seat of our lives, while we back seat drive our excuses and justify our side seat views. There was ever only one occupant, one pair of eyes in that rearview glued to the road behind. Then we are absurdly shocked as we arrive at aimless desti
I've Got An Art Showing All Through April!
I've got a showing at Bennu through April. It's on the wall now! Go get your ass down there and check out some of my work on the wall! Ya know, if you want to. It's for sale too. Hint, hint. Just kidding... Kinda... to get there on the coffee shop's website
Dedicated To The Many Females I've Met That Would Mistakenly Call Themselves Women :-)
I'm Not Your Type   I'm sorry but I'm not your type,You see I have no destructive needs,That come into you life and cause it to bleed,So you see I'm not your type,I have no kids and no baby mama,To always come between us and cause drama,So you see I'm not your type,I have no crazy stalking ex,Prank call your job and make you vexed,So you see I'm not your type,I have no costly addictions,That would end up causing us an evcition,So you see I'm not your type,I have poor examples of rage from my childhood home,That would cause me to live you with any broken bones,So you see I'm not your type,Yes i do have a job so you never will,Have to worry about going into your pockets to pay my bills,So you see I'm not your type,I have an open mind always ready to grow,Not a closed block that is only able to say no,So you see I'm not your type,Yes a strong carnal hunger is indeed part of me,But it's not like SEX is all i can see,So you see I'm not your type,Yes i do believ out beauty if os fo fine,Bu
Lounge Code For After The Update
Hey everyone. There has been alot of changes with this update. here is some help I got from the fubar lounge coder DX. DX is a great guy and has helped me tons. This is my attempt at helping him and all the coders. This is the skin code just make the changes to the url's and the sizes. remember all your sizes must have a unit such as: margin-left: 5px; /* V:1 */.new_lounge_wrapper a {  font-family: eras demi itcc;  color: ffffff;  font-size: 12 pt;  font-weight: bolder;  text-decoration: none;  font-style: normal;}.new_lounge_wrapper {  font-family: eras demi itcc;  color: ffffff;  font-size: 12 pt;  font-weight: bolder;  text-decoration: none;  font-style: normal;}.new_lounge_wrapper a:visited {  font-family: eras demi itcc;  color: ffffff;  font-size: 12 pt;  font-weight: bolder;  text-decoration: none;  font-style: normal;}div#pagecontent {  visibility: show!important;  background-image: url()!important;  background-color: 000000!important;  background-attachment: fixed!imp
Pray For You... Lmao
I havent been to church since I don’t remember when Things were goin’ great ‘til they fell apart again So I listened to the preacher as he told me what to do He said you can’t go hatin’ others who have done wrong to you Sometimes we get angry, but we must not condemn Let the good Lord do His job and you just pray for them I pray your brakes go out runnin’ down a hill I pray a flowerpot falls from a window sill and knocks you in the head like I’d like to I pray your birthday comes and nobody calls I pray you’re flyin’ high when your engine stalls I pray all your dreams never come true Just know whereever you are honey, I pray for you I’m really glad I found my way to church ‘Cause I’m already feelin’ better and I thank God for the words Yeah I’m goin’ take the high road And do what the preacher told me to do You keep messin’ up and I’ll keep prayin’ for you I
Cut Throat
Apr 24 2010 10:00P Hangovers Saloon Jonesville, Illinois May 1 2010 9:30P Knight Ryders Pub Spring Valley, Illinois May 15 2010 9:30P Pagan O’ Leary’s Granville, Illinois May 29 2010 9:30P
Time To Say Good Bye
there are so many words to say when your happy, there are words that you express with out talking, there are days your soul keeps searching, there are days you stop searching, there are times you dont want to be here, there are times that you must, there are times that your really lonely, like right now, then there are times that your happy, like yesturday, there are times that i love you, there are times you dont love me back, there are times i just want to say good bye, like right now. bedrock
About Fuzal Shopping was founded by a group of online entrepreneurs to provide a fun shopping e-commerce platform with a unique model....We devoted to make shopping online easier and more efficient than ever before. We provide you with the best price on electronics, clothing, shoes, bags, and many more at very low prices.What make us different?Well, one of many things for sure: is our low prices...The price you see that's the price you will pay(no hidden fee at the checkout page).. Unlike our competitors we don't hike the shipping price to make huge profit.. Our low price come with free shipping.Second of all, We want you to shop with a smile. That's why we'll give you 2% back on everything you buy..We are the first online eCommerce site to pays users back with money.Finally, One thing we want our customers to keep in mind is that Our # 1 rule: is to do everything we can to make sure customers are satisfied and happy.Why our prices so low?We team up with the best manufacturers and wholesalers pro
Poem #2
late nights so tired eyes shut   the thought of you races through my mind   when you say that you love me my stomach just ties up   its  the best feeling in the entire world knowing that i have you in my life   never in so long have i  felt this way you make me go crazy without  you   i could talk to you for hours to days and id  never get bored   you make me so  happy to a level that i cant explain   i cant promise forever but il promise the idea   i dont wanna know what life after  you  is thinking about it scares me but  knowing that your my everything and im your life is enough to get me through each day   each and every day  i fall more and more in love with you   you are what makes me.
So Ya...
I really wasn't here last night as I just signed up for this crazy site. Hey everyone how are ya?   How many metalheads are thrashin over here?
please dont hate me cause what i did cause i hurt to and somewhat hate myself for hurting you that was the most hardest thing i ever had to do but if could still have in my life some how i would i do miss you and i do love you just i just burnt myself with everything in my life going but what we had did make me happy you made happy and nothing can change how i do and did feel bout you i just wanted to say i dont heart you I LOVE YOU!!!!
Its about the same thing as sanding. So tonight I-*pops his spine and rubs his eyes* tested out my razor saw(and I've already got a few dozen ideas that may or may not work with the tubes locking in with plates, fins etc like making a custom hinge by drilling a plane, and gluing a small rod so it'll slide) ... that makes no damn sense, but I could show you on paper basically dig and cut a groove into a solid piece of plastic right?then drill a hole in sheet plasticglue a small rod and wait for it to setslot the rod into the groove, you now have something guided in that grooveputty over the original part and you have captured the custom part in that groove. it was the idea I came up with when I was trying to make some claw atachments actually move (rather than just glueing talons) onto the Gouf's heat rod. I also found that I could cut right down the middle of a very small tube by moving the piece against the saw. Very dangerous for your fingers, but I like the results, I managed
4/2/10 Dilbert
An Open Letter To The Idiots Of The World
                Okay, I think I’ve had enough of all the rhetoric and sheer idiocy of so many people in the world who not only wish me and mine ill, but wish to control every aspect of my life. As an American, I’ve been blessed by God (yes, GOD – you know, that Supreme Being we’re not allowed to talk about anymore?) to have been born in a nation where I have certain rights that were given to me by Him. Yes, my Creator, God, not a panel of idiots who have managed to get themselves elected to office so many times they feel they know better than I what is good for me.                 So, here’s a list to those who wish to tell me how to live my life, and just what my response to them is. If you don’t agree, I truly don’t mind. You see, that is your choice, and whether you believe in Him or not, that choice is the gift He’s given you. You will deal with the consequences of your own choice.   To President Obama: You are not the “Proph
We The People
If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he may write something along the following lines.                 As the popular saying goes, “Once upon a time,” we, the founding fathers, created a document that would live through the ages. We fought amongst ourselves, trying to imagine every possible scenario that the future could bring. In the end, we felt that no matter our differences, no matter our political beliefs, the document we created would last through the ages.                 Because the document we created would be simple enough that all men, regardless of color, creed, or religion would be able to understand it.                 The document we created would limit a federal government. It would keep its powers so simple, that any man would understand that only he, or she, would be the sole one that could dictate its powers. A document that would put the power in the hands of the people, and made the government one that would be “of th
Jesse Did You Get Her Pregnant?
Oops! Jesse! Did you impregnate one of your girlfriends? There is a report that Jesse is a broken man and wants to get back with Sandra. Doesn’t look like that will happen. And now the reported pregnancy. See you in divorce court Jesse. For more BlastFM is impregnated with loads of great songs. Tune in to hear them.
Pretty Amazing!!
Mount Rainier  in Washington State .  Amazing pictures.  14,500 ft.Those of us NOT living in Tacoma or surrounding areas will appreciate these pictures.    It was so amazing people were pulling over on the freeway to take pictures.Mt.  Rainier  puts on a show!Our little dry streak is about to come to an end.  But if you looked at 
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Dont Take Life Seriously
Don't take life so seriously! DANCE KISS A LOT! RELAX IN NATURE HAVE FUN   AND BE HAPPY!!!!  
I was computer-less today & my boredom led me over to one of the several magazine racks situated about the library. In my quest for something meaningful and thought-provoking, I came across the Smithsonian portion of the monthly publications: Bosnia's Ancient Pyramids, Handel's Messiah, Animal Trafficking...Darwin And Lincoln.I had to read it--even if it took up my next class's work time, I was going to get into it.I found it coincidental and intriguing that Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day (February 12, 1809). The two men that contributed largely to what is seen & accepted in the world today--their genius, their legacies, and their humanity--were born on the very same day nearly 201 years ago. I skipped over Lincoln's article inside and worked my way through the 8 pages of "What Darwin Didn't Know," by Thomas Hayden.As I read and looked through the various pictures and captions, I noticed something different...Unlike most scientists in the 18
The Threshold Of Sexual Stimulation By Jeffery Sanders
THE THRESHOLD OF SEXUAL STIMULATIONS BY JEFFERY SANDERS AKA-CALI-ISMS Critical but smooth Orgasmic manifestation Relevant to the brains Specifiable material Particles That plays havoc on Her sensory motors Snapping her Incorporated energy input From within her womanly Motives That drives her wild As she is touched Lick finger fucked And stimulated In her intellectual Humanities that plays Extensively In her romantic faculties Sentiments Moving her into the Realm of irrational Displacing concepts Filling her with my Contents and Complexed themes Letter her mind wander Into the hypothesis Of insanity Affecting her wet Space ummm! Pineapple sexual taste In the aspects of Coitus activities Associated with being Possed Leading and eating her total Desire With intricately organized Components capable of Anything Integrated inputs To innate drivers To a higher level Of body stimulation
The Third Gate Of A Jeffery Sanders
The Third Gate of a Woman By JEFFERY A SANDERS SR. Aka—Cali_isms Baby this has to be The ropes of total cooperation So we can totally process this Ex perience So let me take you on This beautiful natural high im feeling you baby Just as you are feigning Me As I activate the course Of pure aesthetic enjoyment At the threshold of your Third gate Where we open up Initiating another release That one you have never Experienced in the mystery of Your golden zone Yes baby that right there so I can increase Your confidence and Explore your converted Cervical organ Probing deeper and deeper into the realms of your Third gate unlocking Its emotions and transcending Deeper into the Ultimate peak of all Your pleasures Stimulating and creating An emotional explosive release those one's you thought so Elusive but an Exclusive profound Pleasurable spiritual ecstasy A high that makes you Feel and taste delicious Making me take you Day
The Second Gate Of A Woman
THE SECOND GATE of A Woman By Jeffery sanders Ahhhhhhh! Lil miss aggressive tigress I see! Responding to the Strength of two Strong splayed fingas Feeling my Absolute, unbending Steady intentions Precisely placed in an optimal way Massaging her clit to a Come hit me motion Softly touching stroking the pudendal nerve Making her pelvic Nerve situate making her body shake spreading her legs out Creating the warm lovely free flowing sensation Stroking her masterfully making her swell and respond Taking control making her emotional Components prerelease multiple orgasms Edging her into trust and Surrender Catching as she falls As I my self prepare for the intensity of what is about to come Screams tears and oooh! That Intoxicating taste of her womanly fluids Lifting the tones of all her internal muscles What follows? Well you have to wait on the Final piece... From the pages of Cali_isms
The Forbidden Jeffery Sanders
THE FOREBIDDEN GATE By Jeffery sanders Aka Cali_isms Can I squeeze and Massage the circumference Of you butis maximus External anal Sphincter muscle Assisting your bodily Motions with effort Influencing the movement Of my fingers to slide Into the recesses of your Nooks and crannies Of your Anal canal Spreading K-Y jelly In your venous plexuses Under the cover of Intrigue Escaping into your Umbilical ligament Fore-bidden gates Like a mental patient Driving into The dark caverns Without hitting An imaginary Brick wall As the adventure tells This unsanatized Dynamic Story of Easing into her Her ninth circle Defying the archaic Strictures hallucinations Of her anal canal Refashioning Her thicalicious Butis membrane Consuming the Pleasures Beyond the threshold Of her fore-bidden gate Using precise steering and Instant throttle response With microscopic dedication To enter Pandora’s box With a clear visual Making her comfor
She Thinks Ima Crack Her Jeffery Sanders
She Thinks Ima Crack Her Heart By Jeffery sanders Aka Cali-isms Sweetie it’s impossible For me to crack Your heart So please evaluate your Activities I am not that one Is that clear Who is going to? Crack your heart Your perspective is on Impulse control im not That cold Haven’t you realizes I was created as an Exact distinct Piece of priceless Art Ms.Valuable In the depth and breadth Of your natural energy Connecting your fondness Silky Fineness with my parallel Independence of An Artist who has been Drawn into the Consequences/outcomes of Perfectionist expectations Your female life’s Fabrics It’s only in the modifications of Your mental villas Bedrooms and Educational chapters Just Formalities in the Vast arenas of Ideas and themes Instilled in a human Beings Prowness That always return to its Initial theme She unzipped me Ripped me She thinks That im going To crack her heart Ms.Valuable One
Just An Idea.....
Looks like fubar is looking for a new way to lay thingz out. Well wake up FUBAR STAFF! I just recently posted a blog about stacking TOOLBARS all up and down the screen. WE HAVEENUFF TOOLBARS goin across our screenz!! Herez a novel idea.....since most of our screenz now are 16:9 (wider than tall) why not put the icons for the toolbar u made and our bar tab (live feed) and the shoutbox on the SIDE of the screen! TRY THIS FOR A CHANGE!!!
A Slave's Heart
To My Master … from your baby  girl How can I tell you what I see When I look to you And you look inside me Your eyes hold the wisdom of ages As they reach into my soul. How can I tell you what I feel When you order me to you And I sit at your feet You hold me there like a butterfly, fragile At your mercy, I trust and adore you. How can I tell you that heart stops When your scent permeates my senses
New Rules And How I'm Handling The New Changes To The Alerts.
This has been some week for change. First we get Obama Care and now these changes on Fubar. So with these changes come some new rules regarding contacting me. Since I cannot use this bar at the bottom at all, I feel like I‘m trapped in here and can‘t carry on a conversation. - After posting this blog, my chat box will be turned off. I can’t use this frustrating thing or keep track of a conversation. - If you have my yahoo, please use that to contact me. - If you do not have my yahoo, feel free to message me with a private message, those will be returned. - I will also not be reading any messages enclosed with non-bling gifts, the first thing I will do when I sign in, like I have been all week, is to delete them all. - Messages with Bling will be returned. - Comments left in reply to mine be it a bulletin, blog or status will be returned if I can, once again, know it happened somehow since there are no more alerts. I do not use faceboook, I do not know how to us
Ha Ha
Twat did you say, I cunt hear you? Tits alright, bare-ass me again!
In The Belly Of
The Christ was dead in the belly of the Earth for three days and three nigths. I believe That The Christ was dead and raised Himself from deaths grip and rose out of that grave. The Christ walked amongst us. I believe that The Christ is The Son of God and to Him alone do I bow. I do not wear the faith on my sleeve or chest as a badge. It is personal between Him and me. Glory to God and The Son The Christ Norio  
Love is like magic And it always will be. For love still remains Life's sweet mystery!! Love works in ways That are wondrous and strange And there's nothing in life That love cannot change!! Love can transform The most commonplace Into beauty and splendor And sweetness and grace. Love is unselfish, Understanding and kind, For it sees with its heart And not with its mind!! Love is the answer That everyone seeks... Love is the language, That every heart speaks. Love can't be bought, It is priceless and free, Love, like pure magic, Is life's sweet mystery!!
The Bullshit Gets Deeper
so because i have a facebook and some of the people i have on there are friends of my wife i am trying to turn them against her. my subvertive tactics of accepting farmville gifts is underhand and turning her friends against her. fucking woman has lost the plot entirely.
Tired Of Waiting
The Truth is in the airthe feelings i just cant bareyou left me when things got hardu sit there like u dont careyou lost something great in ur lifeand all u can do is ignore itYou sit there in the dark feeling sorry for urselfWhen there is 2 lives growingHalf of u n half of meU will never really seeLooking into those eyesAll i can do is feel sorry for themThey will never know who u areFor the fact U dont want to be thereu say u do but u truly dontIf u truly did u would be here no matter whatLife is short n u dont careThey need u in their lives butU make me feel like u dont want anythingSit there in ur darkness n feel sorry for urselfI guess u will never understand what its likeMake ur excusesI don't care anymore Im tired of waitingfor u to grow upI guess u will never truly see how great these 2 can be  
Caught up in ur darknesswaiting for u accept melost in your pressence taking a step closer to be pushed awayi dnt understand what i have to doto be close to uuse me when u feel the need for somethingthrow me away when something new comesIm just the girl in ur lifethat u can run to when u need somethingLost in the tracks u have made on my backlooking down at the hole in my chestbleeding away to nothinglost in my miseryyou did it againyou took my heart again n u threw it awaywhy did i come backwill i ever learn I keep going back each time hoping to end withthe same results as beforeHole in chest bleeding dying from the painlost in the darkness u created
No More
Again here i stand hold my bleeding chestanother piece is gonelittle by little my heart disappearsLeft in the darkness of my hurtfeeling what i didnt want toknew it was wrongbut did it anywaysi should have listen to my alarmsstuck here trying to figure outwhat i did so wrongWhy did i let u do this to mei thought u were realbut u were fake like all the resti meant it when i said i loved ui can see u really didn't feel the samegod i hate myself for this shiti do this all the timeno more i have had itim done with everything
Two souls bound together by 2 livesnever apart but never really togetherFeeling n touching Anger n Lovetwist together to form what is boundLost in wordsLost in sightNever truly feeling the otherLost in the painTogether they standfacing one anothernever touching never breathingJust watching n waitingWaiting for the spark waiting for the lightWaiting to feel the touchbut never getting itLost in sorrow Drowning in painLeft alone to endure it againThe paths we choosecome bk to bite us in the assbut all we can do is brush it offand move passedWaiting for the soul to come alongto make u feel wat u truly wantLost in timetrying to figure outwhat u can do to changeand make things right
What The Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
               Ok look this is supposed to be a fucking place for us to escape all the children and ridiculous regulations that we have on myspace or facebook right? So why the fuck are they making it soo much like facebook. I hate this new shit. I keep lookin for the shoutbox I cant tell when someone is SBin me and does anyone else feel like a "blonde" today cause of this new shit. I WANT MY OLD FUBAR BACK DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone else feel like they are getting the shaft here about all this change and no ch ecking with us. THE USERS THAT PAY to keep it up and running. Seriously though we have to pay 100 dollars for a happy hour and pay out the ass for blasts so dont we have a say so on if you get to make the site shitty or not. i mean shit on facebook they dont have a say because well its FREE COMPLETELY. no need to enter in your credit card info for shit. thats why you dont have a say on there. so if your gonna make fubar like facebook then stop chargin for blasts a
Trust No One, Words To Live By!
I wrote this poem last night after talking to a guy on here that met a woman online that played him.I hopped upon the internet and not true love to ever seekmore out of curiosity, just wanting to have a quick peekI have met some people there from all over this grand earthand a few have become close friends, for what it's worthI have counseled people from far away and others nearall most need is someone that will not judge to lend an earjust a trusted shoulder to cry on when life gets too tougha sympathetic soul that'll listen when they have had enoughI never thought about thing like if their profile was realbecause their pain and emotions were, that I could feelThen one day quite unexpectedly I happened upon youand now I find myself wondering all the time "What is true?""What do you want in life and what are you trying to do?""Is that exquisite picture that mesmerizes me really you?""Have I been seduced from afar by your grace and charm?""Why am I thinking these things and will you do
I Promise
"I promise you my love, I promise you my heart, I promise you my life, I promise well never be apart. I promise not to hurt you, I promise to never make you cry, I promise to always trust you, I promise not to lie. I promise you forever, I promise you tonight, I promise you my respect, I promise to do things right. I promise to always be there, I promise until the end, I promise to always love you, I promise to be your best friend. I promise you my love, I promise you my life I promise this forever, I promise our LOVE is my life.   Wow, I Got This In A Mail Not Sure Why But How Lovely Is This "REALLY"?
Have To Say Goodbye..............
I will be leaving Fubar, my last day will be April 13th. My health has regretfully taken a turn for the worse and I will be trying new medical procedures that will keep me from continuing being on Fubar. I will miss all my friends that I have on here but for those that know about my illness I know you will all understand. For anyone who would like to stay in touch with me please PM me for my Yahoo email. Will miss you all, and will be giving out my fubucks to friends randomly.                   Muaaahhhhh
Just To See
whether anything i post will illicit 10/11's from people.
If You Ever Did Believe (stevie Nicks & Sheryl Crowe)
You've left me now and it's seasoned my soul. And with every step you take I watch another part of you go. I continue to build the wall. You were so strong, I fell to my knees. And I don't think I can handle this at all. Well one more night I'd like to lie and hold you, yes and feel. To make you smile I'd like to be there for you, Have you forgotten, me? And the days go by, doing nothing about them. How much time, will I have to spare? My mind won't rest and I don't sleep. Not even in my dreams. If you ever did believe for my sake. If you ever did believe. And the days go by, (whoooooaaaaaa) doing nothing about them. How much time, will I have to spare? And the days go by, (whoooooaaaaaa) doing nothing about them How much time, will I have to spare? Well one more night I'd like to lie and hold you, yes and feel, to make you smile I'd like to be there for you. Have you forgotten, me? o, baby dont leave me o, baby dont leave me o, baby dont l
Lyrical Irrelevance, Flow
I’m a P.i.m.p so you no what that means I stay flossy fresh and keep my grill clean Got diamonds in my mouth while I puff on that green Stacks of my money in the bank so you no what that means @ I’m a P.I.M.P. still keepin’ it G I’m tired of these niggas mean muggin on me Step up to the mike I’ll show ya what i mean   Cuz I’m nithin but a doped out lyrical feind verse 2 I move heavy weight like a elephant Blowin so much smoke people think its my element blazed flyin through the sky higher than a jumbo jet I get money from tha streets so rappin’s irrelevant @ But still im in tha club rippin my slang while you punk ass niggas still spittin the same That lame game you all think its tha shit but when i step to tha mike you all decide to quit so you fall of the stage like a bitch im so blazed smokin dro somewhere in a ditch and thats the life of a real G still livin like a motha fuckin P.I.M.P.
I Am Death
Only fools cannot decide When to live or when to die But when they atone for their first sin Only then will they begin To comprehend life’s truest pains While I grab Death’s scythful reigns For only then can you really see What it is to truly be   An ember in the blackest sky Waiting on Death to pass you by From his blade comes a drop of blood Drowning you in a crimson flood My scything hand yee not dishearten The soul of my nearest fellow Spartan But what it is to truly see My soul calling in misery   A life of death is my greatest sin A sorrowful tone my soul should hymn So act a fool and you will see Just how sharp my blade will be Cut you down with no remorse Setting sail on blackest course To understand what lies in my mind Circling the universe with unending time For what I know and what I see Is not for you and made for me   Reaping souls is my accursed gift Killing on every millennia’s fifth To see blackest death and crimson red
A Young Fellow From Sparta!!!
There was a young fellow from sparta. A really magnificent farter. On the strength of one bean He’d fart "God save the Queen," And Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. He could vary, with proper persuasion. His fart to suit any occasion. He could fart like a flute, Like a lark, like a lute, This highly fartistic caucasian. This sparkling young fella from sparta, His fart for no money would barter. He could roar from his rear Any scene from shakespear, Or Gilbert and Sullivan Mikado. Nobody could play the classics finer, As he showed me one day at the diner, I had a bagel with lox While he played from his buttox: Chopin’s Etude #12 in C-minor. He’d fart a gavotte for starter, And fizzle a fine serenata. He could play from his anus The Coriolanus: Oof, boom, er-tum, tootle, yum tah-dah! He was great in the Christmas Cantana, He could double-stop fart the Toccata, He’d boom from his ass, Bach’s B-Minor Mass, And in counterpoint, La T
Be Over
Crucifixion would be over and the asking from the Roman Governor for The Lords body to prepare for the burial. Glory to God Norio  
Landing Strips
Times When You Just Have To Trust The Pilot....Good thing the passengers can't see out the front of the plane!! 1. Tioman Island , off the coast of Malaysia 2. Wake Island, Pacific Ocean3. Macao International Airport
John Forsythe
LOS ANGELES — John Forsythe, the handsome, smooth-voiced actor who made his fortune as the scheming oil tycoon in TV's Dynasty and the voice of the leader of Charlie's Angels has died after a year-long battle with cancer. He was 92. Forsythe died late Thursday at his home in Santa Ynez from complications of pneumonia, publicist Harlan Boll said Friday. "He died as he lived his life, with dignity and grace," daughter Brooke Forsythe said. Despite his distinguished work in theater and films, Forsythe's greatest fame came from his role as Blake Carrington in the 1981-89 primetime soap opera Dynasty. Forsythe lent dignity to the tale of murder, deceit, adultery and high finance, which often brought Carrington into conflict with his flashy, vengeful former wife, Alexis Colby, played to the hilt by Joan Collins. Forsythe was an important part of another hit series without being seen. From 1976 to 1981 he played the voice of Charlie, the boss who delivered assignments to his beautif
King Of The World
I'm 65k away from leveling.  Guess I'll prolly need the spotlight.*  = ] * The smiley face, yes that's a smiley face, at the end signifies my sarcasm. Please save your fumonies for all the wonderful wimminz. = ]
God new fubar coding a headache this sucks leave me your comments
This That And The Other
Wow just seems like I had my surgery yesterday or so but in realaty its been a week still hurts like hell when I do certain things
Demon Inside?
Flames shall devourShadows will embraceHide from them allThy beautiful faceDarkness must holdDarkness must bindHide from your loved onesThe Cataclysm insideWhat hearts will I break?What destruction will come?One thing is for sure, I must face them aloneHelp me if you must, Tis worth a tryRemember one thing, and one thing onlyWith you by my side, i can never Die
Family Or Just Familliar?
For all the people who think I'm okay You know me not so please go away You say your love for me is strong and true But all you do is make me feel blue   Betrayal of trust is what I've known False to me you have ever grown The ones I love and their trust I have gained Are not my blood but I wish were the same   To the family on who I am supposed to rely If I trust my life in your hands I would surely die The ones of new this I can say Youre love for me is as plain as day   A shoulder to cry on is what I can give But my heart and soul torn, how am I able to live  The reason I'm alive, the
The One That Got Away....
The one I love, the one I'll keep In your arms, I will ever be To hold your beauty, should be a sin Then sin I will, again and again Like a burning Phoenix, flames of bright Be by your side, till the day I die My love for you can never end Erernity with you, I shall ever spend
What Lies Beneath
The rage that consumes the fire that burnsMy heart cries out for what it yearns Causing more than pain this mark of despairFor these things i create I should not care My mind is hindered for things of loveFeeling less than innocent dove My true power the world must not seeAided by the deadly force of the sea My heart is gentle and soft as pure goldBut a dark abbyss envlope my soul The mark of a demon is what I possessDeath to shall come nonetheless My left hand that carries the painYou shall meet it when you see the end All who claim to love me hypocrites they areFor I have seen no love hus far My family is what should support me with careBut money meens nothing when they ceep you in a snare Trapped forever in the rules of my family's gameBrought to nothing but eternal pain The anger that consumes my soulThe destroyer that will destroy you all -The Cataclypse
Through The Eyes Of A Fool
Only fools cannot decide When to live or when to die But when they atone for their first sin Only then will they begin To comprehend life's truest pains While I grab Death's scythful reigns For only then can you really see What it is to truly be   An ember in the blackest sky Waiting on Death to pass you by From his blade comes a drop of blood Drowning you in a crimson flood My scything hand yee not dishearten The soul of my nearest fellow Spartan But what it is to truly see My soul calling in misery   A life of death is my greatest sin A sorrowful tone my soul should hymn So act a fool and you will see Just how sharp my blade will be Cut you down with no remorse Setting sail on blackest course To understand what lies in my mind Circling the universe with unending time For what I know and what I see Is not for you and made for me   Reaping souls is
Back In Tha Game, Flow
Its your boi J.Cizzle spittin hot fireWhile all you other fools step back and retireMy poetry roars louder than a hurricaneAudible signals penetrate your inner brainIts been a while since I been in the gameBut when I came back these niggas looked lameI am here to exact my revengeSo grab a couple of bottles and lets start to binge!™
I Must Be A Moron!
I can't use the gd chatbox, people send to me, and I don't know how to send back and I know they receive.
Shatter, A Flow Not A Poem...
Like a seizure i be shakinWhen i step the ground be snakingAnd as the earth be Quakeingpeople all around they be wakinto all the noise i be makini shatter my foeswith an unlimited flowso quick u wont even knowwhat hit u in ure soulso be ready for some moreHot fire is what i spitso intense it makes u wanna quitall these fools think they lagitbut they see everythinig that i lita super natural flow is what im equipped
My Name? Is Pain...
Pain, that is my name and let not you fearOver and over I choose to appearI come in all shapes and all sizes tooI promise in time I will make my way to you.....Pain is alive wherever you goI run through your bodies and minds like the snowJust one time I would like you to seeHow terribly painful it is to be me.....So intense is the feelings that i unwillingly bringBut pain can be such a wonderful thingAt the least you know that you are alivePushing you past the will to survive.....Pain is My name and I always get in the wayAll that I love will soon go astrayBlame me not for it's not my faultI mostly do things that I do not want.....Such is the curse of the love that I shareSeeping further to those that I careA infection that spreads like the tides of the oceanI cause an eternal perrilous comotion.....I am Pain and my own suffering is infiniteBecause I recieve the pain ten fold that I gave itStep a day into my sorry little lifeAnd for once realize that i really do try.....In the end ther
What is Reality? One can dream something so real they think its real. When the only dreams you can remember are the ones that actually happen, what does that make them? Real as they are in the dreams, what makes them happen in reality? The line is too blurry for even me to see through.Yet things that we think are real are often not. Each person percieves things differently, so who is to say what is real or not?
Toolbar / Chat Feedback
Feel free to leave it in a comment here. Please try to be constructive. :-)   -mike
Great thing today.. So ill be brief.. Just found out that by 2012.. Ill be graduating from college.. and its exciting for me. I will be the first in my immediate family to graduate, so to me its a exciting thing indeed.. I hope I can perform well enough for it.. Just gotta push on through... Wish me luck!!
Rockin' It Skitzostyle Takin you through 40 yrs of rock and metal but MY style :) enjoy! (y)
Queens Of The Stone Age - The Sky Is Fallin'
Perfect song for today. (y)
Taking A Break From Fubar For Few Few Days
If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!
fubar was perfectly fine, why so many changes?
this is an attempt to get people to sign kinda like a petition  so copy this blog and sign your name  and put in your blog, lets get rid of the new tool bar                                         Longlegs069me
Lets Get Rid Of The New Futool Bar
this is an attempt to get people to sign kinda like a petition  so copy this blog and sign your name  and put in your blog, lets get rid of the new tool bar  here on fu. Fzy69me (Dale)
Silence Isnt So Golden...
My hands are tied and my mouth sewn shutthe silence they put me in keeps me stuckthe more i try the more i diewondering what i did wrong and whythe thoughts that i have are made by youmy anger flowing forth like a flood its truelock up my soul and silence my heartwhen will you all see that its black and darktry as i may to get myself heardsilenced again when i shouldnt be hurtmy say in life has never been truebecause in the end i am to you but a foolbut the pain you cause me just to be rightkeeps pushing me furthrt into the nightstill i keep silent for tis a golden rulestupider i get for listening to youi see the world for the evil that it bringsbet when i share it away they all springmy soul entrapped needs to be set freeyou wont like it when my mind can seeyour true faces of doubt and shamein the end it is you, not I to blame
Last Marathon
Last year I entered the New York City Marathon. The race started and immediately I was the last of the runners. It was embarrassing. The guy who was in front of me, second to last, was making fun of me. He said, "Hey buddy, how does it feel to be last?" I replied: "You really want to know?" Then I dropped out of the race. 
My Crew Shines True - Supernatural (bkps Reps + Guests)
  My crew shines true - supernaturalSAVV Brass Knuckle Poets Society said:My crew shines true - supernatural, like the third eye on a blind dude. Let me remind you - B-K-P-S is a life-style; fuck a rhyme, fool. I'll blow the hand off the sign you throw up, if it ain't mine: schooled. Like a mine field and if it mine - screwed. Kinda' rude, hella nice - tried and true, immaculate, like Jesus Christ to a ripe bruise.. Each1Teach1 of Brass Knuckle Poets Society Said:fuck is up with the lack of nice crews? need to take heed and some advice too, if you aint coming hard as fuck you aint spitten to the right dude, better hope you catch yer boy in a nice mood, cause i crumble flakes into the water like fish food, B is to the K like its P into the S, synonymous with ridonkulous when we rockin this...youd need the 3rd eye and an eagle or a hawkeye with a twist, to even catch a spy report before you conquer this...Teach1 sponsors this, and any and all brodcasts, download it to yer eye phone,
Narly Beast Tattoo You Only @snake Eyes Radio
Narly Beast Tattoo You Only @snake Eyes Radio
My Yearly Easter Post.
"I was over in Australia during Easter, which was interesting. Interesting to note, they celebrate easter the same way we do, by commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus by telling our children a giant bunny rabbit, left chocolate eggs in the night. I wonder why we're fucked up as a race. Anybody? anybody got any clues out there? "Where do you get this shit from? Y'know, why those two things? Y'know, why not gold fish left Lincoln Logs in your sock drawer? Y'know, as long as we're making shit up, let's go hog wild. Y'know? At least a gold fish with a Lincoln Log on its back going across your floor to your sock drawer has a miraculous connotation to it. mummy, I woke up today and there was a Lincoln log in my sock drawer. 'That's the story of Jesus.' "Who comes up with this shit? I've read the bible, I can't find the word bunny or chocolate anywhere in that fucking book... "Did you all have different books of the bible than I do?" -Bill Hicks
Weight Loss Program
A guy calls the company and orders their 5-day, 10 lb. weight loss program...The next day, there's a knock on the door and when he opens  it, there stands a voluptuous, athletic, 19 year old babe dressed in nothing but a pair of Nike running shoes and a sign around her neck... She introduces  herself as a representative of the weight loss company. The sign reads, 'If you can catch me, you can have me.' Without a second thought, he  takes off after her. A few miles later 
Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon
Rhiannon rings like a bell through the nightAnd wouldn't you love to love her?Takes through the sky like a bird in flightAnd who will be her lover?All your life you've never seen a womanTaken by the windWould you stay if she promised you Heaven?Will you ever win?She is like a cat in the darkAnd then she is the darknessShe rules her life like a fine skylarkAnd when the sky is starlessAll your life you've never seen a womanTaken by the windWould you stay if she promised you Heaven?Will you ever win? Will you ever win?RhiannonRhiannonRhiannonRhiannonShe rings like a bell through the nightAnd wouldn't you love to love her?She was alive like a bird in flightAnd who will be her lover?All your life you've never seen a womanTaken by the windWould you stay if she promised you Heaven?Will you ever win? Will you ever win?RhiannonRhiannonRhiannonTaken by, taken by the skyTaken by, taken by the skyTaken by, taken by the skyDreams unwindLove's a state of mindDreams unwindLove's a sta
Frienemies... (h)
You hurt me so good... You're the most non-supportive of my supporters The most supportive of my non-supportive friends You love me so much but it feels like spite You're so spiteful towards me, but I can tell its cause you want my attention I love you so much, it drives me insane so I tell you that I hate you And I hate how you can make me fall in love with you over and over again Missing you and being without you is one of the worst pains in the world But having you there to miss is such a wonderful gift We argue everytime we talk so I try not to have long conversations with you... Yet I like hearing from you because then I know you're ok and safe I wish that you would meet someone and take your attention off of me I love knowing I'm on your mind as much as you're on mine
Refinery Fire
There was an explosion at the Tesoro refinery in Anacortes, Wa. last night. 3 workers were killed, 4 severely burned and 3 are still missing. I grew up in this town and know a lot of people that work there. I'm asking you, my friends, to pray for the injured and missing workers. As of yet, I don't know who were hurt or killed. The same thing happened 11 years ago. 6 people were killed. I knew 3 of them. So please pray for them. If you don't pray..cross your fingers??
Hank Johnson Worries Guam Could "Capsize" After Marine Buildup US REPFROM GA.WHO VOTES FOR THESE FOOLS?
Serene Paraselene
Poses as a young female student.... and wants to see you on cam immediately, believe its a guy posing as a girl.
Good Friday Norio  
At Wits End
This note is about my hubby. For the past while he has been acting very emotional and hard to get along with. Every time one of us ask something, or tell him something , he just flys off the handle making our lives hell. What I find annoying is he will believe his co-workers when they tell him, hes being a ASS HOLE, but not his family. Derek my oldest just ignores him for the most part, but there are times he just fires back at him. He is just draining me and I hate when hes home right now, I feel more at ease when hes not around. He makes me think back to how lousey my life was at home with my mother always on my back. Forever walking on egg shells. I can't live like this and I refuse to. I most times think hes trying to piss us his family off so much so we will hate his fucken guts and end up packing his bags and telling hiim to get the fuck out. He is always complaining about his back hurting, and we feel sorry for him , however...he is on meds every dam day. And I said if these med
A Veteran/soldier
A Soldier is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check made payable to the United States for an amount up to, and including, their life! That is an honor, and there are way too many people in this country today, who no longer understand that fact! Thank a soldier or a veteran !
How To Get Microsoft Certification
Everyone knows the importance of Microsoft exam dumps and so the trainings for such certifications are getting popularity with each day passing. A small number of people still wonder what exactly the Microsoft certification is; it actually is a kind of diploma that reveals to future employers that you have attained special skills for a specific job. So many opportunity fields can be opened up when a person looks for the schooling and training essential to achieve a Microsoft certificate. There are many different ways that you can climb on with obtaining this piece of paper.The first method to get this certificate is to register in a traditional college and take particular courses to achieve this goal. If a person has Internet access, he or she might be able to find colleges online that specialize in this degree. On the other hand, you will discover that you do not need to return to college with the intention of becoming a Microsoft certified professional. There are a lot of online reso
A Love / Hate Letter (crying As I Write This So Its Very Emotional) *read And Comment *
dear my beloved best friend, i luv you cause ur prefect i hate you cause your too perfect i love you cause ur flawed i hate you cause ur so flawed your eyes are beautiful but yet ur blind your so beautiful your so ugly i luv you for making me feel beautiful i hate u for making me feel ugly I love myself cause im perfect I hate myself cause i dont messure up I speak my mind yet im slient i wanna say goodbye yet i cant wait for u to come say hello im dying to let u in yet im dying to keep you away i wanna say fuck you yet i wanna make love to you im not good enough for you yet im too good for you your my best friend yet ur my worst ememy i wanna hurt you yet i want nothing more than to love u u say u love me yet u dont wanna love me im perfect for you but im flawed because im not destroyed you destory me yet u hold me up im geyying over you yet ill never let you go your in my heart and your now lo
Dont Play With Matches
"Don't Play With Matches"I stand engulfed in bitter flame, I taste the heat it burns the same.Another time where i remain, Quite unable to ascertain.The Simple Notion Burns Me Whole, charring Body Scorching soul.And yet i keep a happy face. For i still know ive got my place.I follow blindly hearing cries, i cannot see they've burned my eyes.And When i find out whats amiss, A Demon offers me a kiss.Hard to turn or look away, Burning is the price i pay.But in my mind cant be erased, i still know ive got my place.
My Uncle
This is in answer to a couple of things that were raised with me today...I didn't explain very well at the time so...   When my uncle lived, he had a lil house, mortgaged. Car and motorbike, not paid off.  No wife. No kids. The only woman he'd loved, he'd met when she already had cancer and he looked after her for six months until she died. To outward appearances, a decidedly average, nothing life...observers would probably have felt sorry for him or, if he was on fubar, probably mocked him. When he died, there was literally standing room only at his funeral. Over 500 people from all over the country had dropped everything mid-week, not for appearances, but for him. 500 true mourners. We had to minimise who could speak so we didn't have a day-long service. People who had not seen him in ten years came up to me afterwards and told me of the things he had done for them. One-off kindnesses that they had never forgotten. In the eulogy I focused on what he had meant
Boogie Man
12:05 AM ain bed but not asleep// you've been bad all day long suddenly the floor has creeked// the closet door has been left open suddenly you start to think// your eyes peeled open all the way you are too afraid to blink// Who is there you say aloud of course no answer back// you see two eyes glowing by but maybe it's your cat// I'm not scared is the only thing your brain can conger up// but it's friday the 13 and a full moon you're damned to have bad luck// nothings specail about today you believe that all you can// but tonights the night all bad little kids meet up with the boogie man
A Poem That Gives You Goose Bumps...
A drunk man in an OldsmobileThey said had run the lightThat caused the six-car pileupOn 109 that night.When broken bodies lay about"And blood was everywhere,""The sirens screamed out eulogies,"For death was in the air."A mother,t=#@^^$ inside her car,"Was heard above the noise;Her plaintive plea near split the air:"Oh, God, please spare my boys!"She fought to loose her pinned hands;"She struggled to get free,"But mangled metal held her fastIn grim captivity.Her frightened eyes then focused"On where the back seat once had been,"But all she saw was broken glass andTwo children's seats crushed in.Her twins were nowhere to be seen;"She did not hear them cry, ""And then she prayed they'd been thrown free, ""Oh, God, don't let them die! "Then firemen came and cut her loose, ""But when they searched the back, ""They found therein no little boys, "But the seat belts were intact.They thought the woman had gone mad"And was traveling alone, ""But when they turned to question her, "They discovered
Dark Widow...4bdsm Lovers
a sick sadistic smile, mesmerizing from every angle its as if the darkest being, has taken the form of an angel to prey on the weak, the strong ,the fools, that happen past her way a black widow in a butterflies skin, patiently awaiting the day she can have her chance to show them all, how deadly love can be to heavens gate she alone knows the way, she has the only key ask her she may let you in, but be careful with your tongue have respect she loves suffering and pain, you may think her wrong but with no pain there is no love, this is common knowledge to most to truly be free one must know suffering, in hells fire you must roast then and only then, will you know pleasure from pain and then and only then, heavens key can be obtained...
LOOK at me pierce my soul deeply show me I have your complete attention like a burning crucifix in a church full of people floating in mid air suspension all eyes on me every time I spark except the two I desire comments from every direction I turn truly I meant to inspire only 1 just you my love yet I seem to have failed at this on a scale of 1 through 20 I wonder if I even make the list and if so what place 16 17 maybe even old spot number 20 I have no reason to act as if I were so shallow and empty no one need know where I fit in or where my place would be nobody should care if I WAS 1 no one but you and or me
My Angel
Did He Just Tell Me I Can Cheat?
Hubby: anyways, i love you. all i ask of you as a wife is that you love me, work for now, kept an organized home, go to school and never deny me when i want to be intimate with youMe: What about being faithul? And I love you too.Hubby:I could care less if your faithful. as long as you im the only guy you dont use a condom with and you dont fall in love with them. I'm just saying that i understand the physical need of comfort from another and i dont fault anyone for it. I only have one rule. Be discreet. Dont get caught, by me, friends, or the military. Whatever happened to being faithful? Ok, yeah I'm not really one to talk on that matter. But at the same time part of me wishes my husband cared! Is that so wrong? I mean seriously, is this how relationships are now? Or is it just in his own little world that all this makes perfect sense. I mean I'm over here thinking, what the hell?! How do you respond to that? Not that most of my friends would give a rats ass who I sleep with, the mil
To Honor Our Heros
This is for my friend..Free...who is in Iraq today !!Red ShirtIf the red shirt thing is new to you, read below how it went for a man....Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together.. After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home.No, he responded.Heading out I asked? No. I'm escorting a soldier home.Going to pick him up?No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq , I'm taking him home to his family. The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn't know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier's family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, Thank you Thank you for doing what you do s
Laying trainqually Eyes fixed upon her memoirs Intensly drawn to the piece She submits her words No sense of difficulty Eagerly transitioning line by line No intent on waisting time Beauty often rests reticent Only omitting here or there For what is seen when gazing upon her Serene yet potent What is she supressing Does she lay somber Or slumber frail It is only to be seen Dark in appearance Sheltered by a spirit Stripes hide this figure Distracting us from truly viewing Total realization is obscure No longer enchanted with self expression Her body exhibits motionless conduct now Mysterious seems to be her game This is one who shall not be tamed Eyes set with ambiguous purpose Distracting and misleading She remains composed She remains enticing She remains a figure
happiness is nothing more than a dream foolishly chased by man I sleep so even I may peruse this dream and catch it if I can unsure if I will ever succeed but I know with out you I am lost so through my dreams I shall follow you till the end at all cost
Good Guy, Bad Guy
Do women like good guys or bad guys, or it depends on the women and the guys.
1 Of A Kind
the shell in which that beautiful soul of yours is encased in is pure perfection/// so perfect in fact the rest of the world is cut off to it's own section/// and that's why my dear ,you are lonely inside , because no sane person would dare/// try standing next to, the most beautiful , and ask how they compare/// only a fool, a true buffoon, a moron's tale the sequel/// not your average idiot, but the offspring of 2 would consider themselves your equal///
Old Man
Neil Young.................... Pointless shit       Why is it that self inventory is so hard.?   I am going to try to stop being such a self richous bitch..........but the people around me are not willing ..................     fuk u   fu me   sorry
1/30 - Charades
  April is National Poetry Writring Month. 30 poems in 30 days. This is my 1st time participating. And here we go...number 1.   Charades We play this game as kids, Silently evoking emotions, dancing with caricatures, trying to be heard without speaking. Charades.   No, I've never stopped playing, but now it is so I can skip on the surface of reality. I am the pebble that knows not where it will land, nor what will trigger the next projection.   As in charades, the more people the better. The better I get at placing the mask just so. Just so you won't see. Then I wonder who else is playing with me, and who will finally guess right.  
Revenge Of The Nerds!!
Movie is on, and I couldn't resist sharing the great them song from the beginning. :p
Homesick In My Own Home
i just moved back to D.C. from KEY WEST, FL after 14 and a half months............ damn  it feels good to be home, but shit has changed, me, D.C., and my addictions..... maybe it's just apart of growing up.....maybe not.... i'll never stop drinking my patron margarita's though!!!!
Slow Misery
Guy: Babe You Mean Everything To Me, I Love You. Girl: Awww, I Love You Too! Guy: I Heard This Song, It Reminds Me Of You, Here Listen...... Girl: Omg I Am Crying Thats The Sweetest Thing Ever. Guy: Be With Me I know I Can Make You Happy, And I Want Nothing More Than To Be With You.. Girl: :( I Cant Right Now... Guy: Why?? Girl: I'm Not Over My Ex.... Guy: I Will Wait..... Girl: :) Weeks Later.... Guy: Hey Babe...I'm Still Waiting... Girl: :( I'm Not Ready To Move On Guy: But I Love You.. And You Said You Love Me Too... Girl: I Do Love You..And I want To Be With You.. In time... Guy: :(     What Do You Think "Guy" Should Do???
Everybody has 'em. Not everybody makes 'em other people's problem though. It is for the above reason that not too many days ago, I was told I should "play it ditzier and dumber" know, so men didn't feel inadequate. It is for the above reason that people manipulate, lie and cheat...and then use the other person as their excuse for their action. It is for the above reason that people on the receiving end of domestic abuse blame themselves...because the abuser makes sure they know it's their fault...they don't understand, they make them feel bad...blah blah fucking blah. It is the above you see in action every bloody day on this website and, yes gasp, in actual real life. People making other people feel bad because they can't live with themselves.   And yes, it is very different from calling someone on their bullshit.   Own your actions. Own the consequences. Or fuck off.
Ensign: What's So Good About Friday?
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.  Isaiah 18:3   AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                    2 April 2010   [Wow … I wrote this THREE years ago?  I’m not in the habit of repeating myself – indeed, I had another topic in mind entirely until noon yesterday and the title of this devotion I’d written before crossed my mind.  Actually, I say it hit me like a spiritual two-by-four, but doesn’t that get our attention?  So does Good Friday.  –  David]   When I was growing up, the church I attended didn’t deal with Holy Week, just the culmination of it on Easter Sunday (sometimes called Resurrection Sunday because Easter and its symbols have some non-Christian associations). Indeed, until recent years I didn’t know very much about Holy Week itself. Tonight at the church I’m a member
Mobile Phones In The Classroom: Should They Be Allowed?
At first banned by schools as an unnecessary distraction, events such as?the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and the Columbine tragedy have made most districts reconsider the place of mobile phones in middle and high schools. Cell Phones have been a ubiquitous accessory of high school students since the late 1990s. Initially banned by schools as an unnecessary distraction, events such as the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and the Columbine tragedy have made most districts reconsider the place of mobile phones in middle and high schools. Although many districts have struggled with these policies, most have removed the bans at the behest of students and parents alike. Parents want to be able to reach their children before and after school hours. Students use TV Function Cell Phone to extracurricular activities and schedule rides and call parents. Administrators also maintain that in an emergency, students could contact family members—or e
hugger-mugger\HUH-guhr-muh-guhr\noun: 1.A disorderly jumble; muddle; confusion. 2.Secrecy; concealment.adjective:  1.Confused; muddled; disorderly. 2.Secret.adverb:  1.In a muddle or confusion. 2.Secretly.transitive verb:  1.To keep secret.intransitive verb:  1.To act in a secretive manner.
Artists, Pariahs, And Mothers To Love
“We’re artists, not athletes!”   “We’re also pariahs in need of assigned comrades and mandatory social interaction.”   I read this in today’s “Sally Forth” comic strip where three kids are on a softball team who don’t want to be there, and I could so relate!  For I was not very athletic growing up myself, and I didn’t join any sports teams.  When I did play sports I was usually the last person picked.  Not the grandest motivation; my parents were a little insistent on my not playing contact sports (particularly football and soccer and wrestling, I remember) because they feared my getting hit on the head.  I had surgery when I was five to remove a benign tumor – in pre-radiation days – and install a shunt that drained a fluid.  Important safety tip: this is why I cannot have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan done on my head, for the shunt is plastic but the pins holding it in place are metal.  The M
What I Feel About My Love
*..¨..*•.¸??¸.•*..¨..*•. ¸??¨..*•.¸??¸ If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you .•*..¨..*• .¸??.•*..¨..*•.¸ And share with you its beauty On the days you're feeling blue. *..¨..*•.¸??¸.•*..¨..*•. ¸??¨..*•.¸??¸ If I could build a mountain You could call your very own; .•*..¨..*• .¸??.•*..¨..*•.¸ A place to find serenity, A place to be alone. *..¨..*•.¸??¸.•*..¨..*•. ¸??¨..*•.¸??¸ If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the sea, .•*..¨..*• .¸??.•*..¨..*•.¸ But all these things I'm finding are impossible for me. *..¨..*•.¸??¸.•*..¨..*•. ¸??¨..*•.¸??¸ I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow fair, .•*..¨..*• .¸??.•*..¨..*•.¸ But let me be what I know best, A woman you love who's always there. *..¨..*•.¸??¸.•*..¨..*•.
Birthday Gifts
So a friend of mine talked me into making a birthday wishlist on amazon. I picked out a few things. Well low and behold a few friends bought me gifts from my list. I got four beautiful rings today, but.... I have NO IDEA who sent what. LOL There is no packing slip in any of the boxes. The return address is the company. etc. etc. So FESS UP! Who sent me what? haha If you're interested in seeing the wishlist, here it is: Wishlist
Lykke Li-possibility
There’s a possibility There’s a possibility All that I had was all I gon’ get There’s a possibility There’s a possibility All I gon get is gone with your step So tell me when you hear my heart stop, You’re the only who knows Tell me when you hear my silence There’s a possibility I wouldn’t know Know that when you leave Know that when you leave By blood and by mean You walk like a thieve By blood and by mean I fall when you leave So tell me when you hear my heart stop, You’re the only who knows Tell me when you hear my silence There’s a possibility I wouldn’t know Tell me when my sigh is over You’re the reason why I’m close Tell me if you hear me falling There's a possibility It wouldn’t show By blood and by mean I fall when you leave By blood and by mean I follow your lead
Fubar Mafia Rules Maybe I Can Get It All Here :)
FUMafia Rules: 1.NO whining! 2.NO drama! 3.You were attacked because you logged onto FM! 4.You were hit 20 times because I couldn't kill you in 19!
This Is Exactly How Me And Itsneverenough09 Are And What We Have Proved Over And Over Again!!!
I was so emptySelf loathingBefore you awoke meLived in transgressionFeasted sinDestroying all I stood forA world of spreading diseaseLegs up for infidelityThe force feed of their stiffened sicknessThe promised hiding their ringsTo suck down some of the thingsThat cheat this world into lovelessnessAll the pain in this world won't stop us nowFor we have each otherAll the hate in this world can't tear us apartThis love is foreverIn arms we'll turn awayFrom their waysWe'll live like no otherTogether we're hopeAbsoluteThe only thing that mattersA world of spreading diseaseLegs up for infidelityThe force feed of their stiffened sicknessThe promised hiding their ringsTo suck down some of the thingsThat cheat this world into lovelessnessAll the pain in this world won't stop us nowFor we have each otherAll the hate in this world can't tear us apartThis love is foreverAll the pain in this world won't stop us nowAll the hate in this world can't tear us apartAll the pain in this world won't stop u
 Okay I'm at it again.  Recently I bought a wireless headset from freetalk.  Oh my god this thing is awesome!  I can't believe how well this thing works.  There's just nothing in the world like it.  Not only is the sound quality superior, but it is such a lifesaver for the fact that it is so easy to use and did exactly what I expected.  If you ever wanted or needed a reason to be able to use your computer without using your hands this is exactly what you need!  Today while reading the news I noticed Apple's IPAD was all over the headlines.  I even watched a video of a gentleman demonstrating the IPAD.  Basically the IPAD is just a large iPod.  The only thing that you can plug into the IPAD is a camera.  There are no USB ports for a microphone or a web cam and the only keyboard you have is an onscreen keyboard which could be very tedious in an Airport with trying to hold the IPAD and type at the same time.  Add apple and thinking a little further down the road they would've included a U
Easter Thoughts From Shyone
WOULD LIKE TO WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY EASTER AND MAY YOU ALL BE BLESSED   SHYONE     Bless this day the joy of life, The revelation of the flesh, The paradise of man and wife Joined to share the gift of bliss. Bless this day the pain of life, The passion that redeems the flesh, The love between a man and wife Beyond all agony and bliss. Bless this day the end of life, The peace within the dying flesh, The bond between a man and wife That long outlasts their bit of bliss. Bless this day the whole of life, The grace of being more than flesh, The voyage of a man and wife Across the mystery of bliss.
When Did This Become Okay?
I'm sure if it were a "white" group singing/rapping about black people saying a racist term they would be told how horrilbe they are.   So why is this any different?   Is it funny? In some parts. But overall I think it's very tasteless. But he will hide behind the "It was a joke" cover and be fine. [shrug] Video in comments.
Business As Usual
Wednesday was a very busy day. I negotiated terms for the second office and took care of business. I visited with family and friends. I even had dinner with a lovely girl that I embarrassed with gifts of pretty panties and wine at the table. She had no doubt where I was going with this little exchange. :D   I am really happy with the current changes and I am looking forward to even more...    
Youtube Can Make Your Kid Famous
YouTube sensation Justin Bierber became a pop star for young girls. It was his mother who posted his performances for his family member all to see. Former marketing manager Scooter Braun was perusing YouTube and saw Bierber and the rest as is said is history. Now moms all over the place are using YouTube to promote their kids. Read the pros and cons. BlastFM plays musical talent you may not hear in any other station. Give a listen for a musical experience.
My Blogs And Youtube Page
Hey it's Jana. Been very busy with EVERYTHING! (Job, stories, etc.) I recently have two new blogs on Blogger and I'm also on Twitter.
Vote To Legalize Marijuana!
On CNN News today. Our president said that with one million votes he would consider the legalization of Marijuana. Call 973-409-3274 press # and please pass this on! This is NOT A JOKE!
cocaine in every gangway guns on every block prostitutes on every corner but worst of all there's cops for they are the ones taking the dope and guns with no hesitation by the end of the day the dope and the guns are right back in circulation given to us to make our way for our family's in need you just cant fathom how many times pizzas were bought off weed the same pizza place that i myself once put in a application to any one working in fast food that takes true dedication keep your head high your better than me and any who look down on you if i didnt have the knowledge i have i dont know what i'd do and this is how it's designed to be believe these words are true the only man that does not have a plan are the ones i now speak to their plan is to beat us and blame us until we claim the sins of another for the life of me i just cant see how a badge means more than a brother yet a badge and a gun in anyone's hands is a dangerous combination i figure so go look in the mirror come back l
[at Least My Robots Still Love Me]
Picked up some extra jarsand skewers (getting frustrated with the ones I have)and a cutting surfaceand a razor saw ... I should've gone to the hobby store first. Because I now have an ASSLOAD of scrap building materials.Tubes and sheets primarily That dude resupplies his styrene every week and was pretty knowledgeable about his materials, and his supplies and he had a couple airbrushes for 70$ that I usually saw for 150$ Their pin winch was too damned expensive (twice as much as the one I saw online) and he didn't have drill bits, but I think I now have a supplier. I picked up stuff I knew I wanted, and an extra super fine set of rods. I'll guage what I need for my builds further from these supplies. I could've even got a bigger gage of tubes but I was looking for something that would look realistically howitzer in reference to a 1/100. ooh... and a 4 pack missile launcher. I think I found my airbrush upgrade once that day comes. And my scrap supplier. And enamel supplier.
April Fool's Day Fakes...
Well, my friends in today’s episode of Real Vs. Fake, I bring to you on this first day of April, two funny fakes who have run such a con game, you’d actually think that they were blonde, and hot and actually hung out on fubar. This is such a manifested con scheme that it almost defies words, as it has gotten to the very heights of Fubar. And with that, I bring you today’s fakes : xxDoukaWhorexxWCBxx@ fubar and what you think is..
devilbtch">@ fubar
Found My Reason
"you Can Start Something": Q+a With Matt Mason, Godfather Of Pirate Radio
Recently, we spoke to Matt Mason, London’s pirate radio god-daddy and the host of Vice/Palladium’s new documentary about that daredevil, building-scaling underground music culture. (Watch it above.) Getting into jungle, drum n’ bass, garage and grime music growing up in London during the hardcore acid house era, Matt Mason became a pirate DJ running record labels and club nights. He then started writing about it in magazines like Vice [Grimewatch] and founded UK’s largest urban music magazine RWD. Today he’s leading the discussion on piracy with his critically acclaimed book The Pirate’s Dilemma: How Youth Culture Reinvented Capitalism, proving the point that, in this new Darwinist market economy, creativity is by far our most important currency. To him, piracy is just part of a new business model that can be used to improve and add value—like when Bathing Ape appropriated Nike’s Air Dunks to their own devices, which eventually led to Ni
Why Wont I And What Is Keeping Me Back
Someone here today helping me and she says to me why don't you go to church to which I replied for what? She sadi for friends. Exactly, why wont I and what is keeping me back? I do not know? I'm at loss to say anything beyond that. Something isn't right and I cannot place a finger on it as of yet. I may never be able to. Resignation is to the self and to God. Only God knows everything, while I know very little of myself and what is truly out here. For what ever the reason I walked away from The Order and the Roman Catholic church. What ever is this Brotherhood I am trying to pay attention as not to get doped by them. Whack boy says, there are temptations every where. I see it a little different. One temptation alone exist for me. As long as I remain alert to this I may do well. I know that I will fail this one temptation, but I will fight. What ever is compelling me is forcing me to an almost a solitary life. I'll see very soon for the future is coming up for us all. Holy Thusday e
Alright, as promised, my update. Last night... *backs up* Monday she asked me to make her and her roommmate dinner. I made marinated lamb- 1/2 cup of tomato sauce1 1/2 tbs tahini pastesplash of balsalmic1/2 a teaspoon of honeya heavy pinch of salta few grinds of peppera dusting of red pepper per pound and a half of cubed lamb meat. 2 cups of couscous in 3 cups of chicken broth chopped shitake mushroomsjulianed red onioncrushed garlicused the remants of the marinade in the cooking liquid You get the idea. Served a cheese plate while I made salad salad was 1:2 ratio balsalmic vinegar:olive oiland 1 tbs of creamy horseradish sauce an ass load of spinach (technical measurement)rinsed dried torn finely minced red onion, finely minced garlic (scant finger fulls)grated goat-goudachiveskalamata olivesfinishing saltcracked pepper And for dessert I diced some mango with the same nice I cut the onions with... and that made an interesting flavor. Then it was story time all around.
A Lil Taste
Here's just a little sample. Of how i kick spit the wicked shit. You bitches ain't shit but fake & phoney. You don't know me so stay your fake groupie ass off me. I'm killing 'em softly. I'm not mr.frosty better hard spitting a thousand g'z. & thats just only a lil taste of what i'm giving you. I spit nothing but the illest wicked creative shit. You don't know nothing of it. Suck it like my big 9 inch dick. I'm hard ain't soft i'm terrible the way i just come wrecking on shit. Fuck you & you & your so called fit. Shit is ish you wish that you could hang on this. But you can't cause your ass stank. Don't fucking think. Cause i can say whatever. & you know how i do this wicked shit so better. Whether fuck the weather. What you pulling switches like levers. You ain't clever. I'm back realer then ever who it be. That fine wicked g. That you thought would go away. Instead didn't. So fuck it here i am. The insane wicked spitter back on some shit. You never could fuck wit. I'ma dismantling sh
Rubbing One Out.....
some of you have been wondering where i have been and its kind of a shitty story but arent mine usually like that???? well you all know i was living in CT but im not anymore and heres why..... so y'all know i was living on a friends parents farm helping out...well when there is nothing to do i would browse the interwebz to stifle the boredom...last wednesday afternoon i was partaking in some quality andy time in my room when her mom decided to barge in and im there with my dick in my hands...yes thats right i was flogging the hog when i got walked in on because apparently a closed door means to just walk right on in..apparently the word respect doesnt apply to the bish but oh well she was fuck crazy as it is so its kind of a good thing apparently what i was doing was wrong because she wanted me out that night but thankfully her dad gave me an extra day to get stuff taken care of...the following day he dropped me off in downtown hartford with $7 and said good luck... so i w
Why The Need To Fake?
TEACHER   Sooo I get a friend request out of the blue. A 25 Year old Female. No message, nothing. "Her" Profile image is...   I figure, right on... a teacher. I add and check this person out and I see photoshopped pics of the same chick over different model bodys and *very* poorly done. All face pics are in profile and repeated. I am thinking this had got to be a joke. I click through and I see things like flowers (which I can only assume somone sent "her") and pics of some dude that might be a boyfriend... as it has the MO of it... cheesey image generator protrats etc. Now in this folder of pics of the same chick's face plastered over modeling pics with totally different coloration, lighting, and tone.. there is a pic that appears 2x... reversed-out mirroring one another. I can only assume it is there as "tell" whom might be the real person behind the profile.           Needless to say... blocked softly after. And the world is none th
Lyrics To A New Song I'm Working On
                                 Chasing Shadows   Everyday that's a new one,'supposed to be easier than the last , But memories of what used to be,prevents cutting loose the past, Each day and time I try to move forward,I only end back where I begun, I'm trying hard to fight a pain so strong,its a dilema I can't outrun.   All I ever wanted from you was everything I used to get that and all that you could ever bring All I ever wanted from you was everything the same things I gave inside,to fight to keep our love alive but that another place in time,now in my heart and mind I'm chasing shadows, I'm chasing shadows,I'm chasing shadows, I'm chasing shadows of what used to be   I only wanted to be able, to love you as I always had, I only wanted time to say thinking of you, truly made me glad, But instead I had to deny these feelings,feelings that I can't hide, You can't possibly realize how much doing this,truly ate me up inside,   All I ever wanted from you was every
Is It Real??
  You tell me that you love me, but how do I know for sure,is there any way known that can show your love is pure?Is it a matter of faith that I must just assume to be truemust I go through life hoping that I am still loved by you?I always do my best to show you how much I truly careit is my every thought to make you happy and be therein hopes that you will never have a doubt about my love.I always want you to think of me as a gift from up above.I see all the things that you do for me and do appreciate,I worry so much that I will miss a sign until it is too late.We all have heard of the man who has sex just beforethen he leaves his house to go out and find some whore.There are women that will kiss their husband and thenthey will head off to have sex with some strange men.So I am left to wonder if there is a sure way to ever know that your partner will be faithful and still loves you so?
Mind And Matter
Many I've met say they're "entitled to their own opinion." This is true indeed, but at what point should you really keep that "entitled opinion" of your to yourself? Many of these people try and justify that phrase with "The truth hurts sometimes." Both quotes are true and used quite often, but when you attempt to substantiate one with the other, you make a big mistake. Opinions are NOT truth, no matter how you flex it. You show your ignorance when you insult or criticize another or another's piece of work and then say "the truth hurts." Your opinion, if you see it that way or not, is not truth. A decent, respectful person would state their "opinion" and be KIND about or not state that opinion at all. Just because you ARE entitled to an opinion, does not mean you SHOULD be. Small things have the potential to have a very strong impact on anyone. Before you say what you "think" you're empowered to say, do just that: THINK.  
This Is A Test
maybe sorta but not really a test this is me again saying that I wanna get spotlight and I don't have the fubucks to do it on my own I fail, I guess ya I'm whiny and cranky and hormonal and wanna feel special and shit so I want the darn spotlight and I try every day and usually I have enough for about 12 hours until someone bids way over what I have available since I haven't begged before and haven't really paid attention when others asked for spotlight donations or what ever it's called I'm kinda at a loss as to how this all works damn this blog is long um I'm gonna guess that I want to get spotlight for next week sometime like around wednesday or whenever I have enough fubucks so this is me kinda but not really asking for your help yet. there should and may be another blog thank you very much to those that have helped be nice and stuff please
According To You...
It's been in my head. Enjoy?   According to you I'm stupid, I'm useless, I can't do anything right. According to you I'm difficult, Hard to please, Forever changing my mind. I'm a mess in a dress, Can't show up on time, Even if it would save my life. According to you. According to you. But according to him I'm beautiful, Incredible, He can't get me out of his head. According to him I'm funny, Irresistible, Everything he ever wanted. Everything is opposite, I don't feel like stopping it, So baby tell me what I got to lose. He's into me for everything I'm not, According to you. According to you I'm boring, I'm moody, And you can't take me any place. According to you I suck at telling jokes cause I always give it away. I'm the girl with the worst attention span; You're the boy who puts up with that. According to you. According to you. But according to him I'm beautiful, Incredible, He can't get me out of his head. According to him I'm funny, Irresistible, Everything
The Wolf SpiritIt is in my nature to be gentle, and lovingBUT KNOW THISWhen it comes to matters of protecting my friends, family and my heart. Do not trifle with me for I am the most powerful and relentless creature you will ever know
An old chief was teaching his grandson about life..."A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy."It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves."One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, self-doubt, and ego."The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith."This same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too."The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather,"Which wolf will win?""The one you feed."
I Had That Smile Once Before:( A Smile That Would Always Be There :( But Is Lost And Gone :(
 Paint a perfect smile Straight onto my face Wash it off good  Don’t leave any trace Of our happy  times The days we shared Hours of  togetherness Back when we cared But we lost touch My hand slipped  from yours We went our ways And  closed open doors Then times got  tough I needed you My heart was  empty My sadness grew I silently wept  As you left me there Lost and alone I  just can’t bare Another lost heart Or  even more crying I can’t handle much  Of anyone’s lying I need someone here  To do what you never would Paint a permanent smile The way you  never could♥ *Screams Why*  Maybe It Just Wasn't Meant To Be:(
The Incredible Macro Bug Portraiture Of Thomas Shahan
A Song My Best Friend Wrote For Me. Rebuild Me By Alex M.
Coward behind the rock and roll dream Thats not me thats not my scene Too many actors play the part of fools If i had them, I'd give you jewels Come with me and never look back I want only scars to show your past I will try to not let you bleed Don't relapse I wont accept defeat 12 hours away but i hear you say Can you rebuild my puzzle, can you rebuild me? How are you doing how have you been Look up to God not that sin Your gone but your still haven't Left You've walked throught the valley in the shadow of death 12 hours away but i hear you say Can you rebuild my puzzle, can you rebuild me? For my help I look to the sky I'm no puzzle master but i'll try So nice, so sweet, so kind You too far away but on my mind 12 hours away but i hear you say Can you rebuild my puzzle, can you rebuild me? 12 hours away but i hear you say Can you rebuild my puzzle, can you rebuild me?
First Battal Bully
HEAR YE ALL DJ,S IF YOU CAN USE A 100,000 FUBUCKS AND WANT TITLE AS THE BEST PLEASE READ & REPOST If you want to enter the battle hit my SB at DJ-LOST SOUL OR DJ GAMBLER Our next battle is on April 10th unless we need Friday the 9TH in The Gamblers Den click below on tag to enter. Gambler It's Almost Battle Time! YES APRIL 10,AND 11TH SATERDAY AND SUNDAY 2PM TO12AM HOSSTED BY THE GAMBLERS DEN AND HELD IN THE DJ'S BATTAL LOUNGE That Means,we have 20 open slots for battling djs so if you think you have what it takes to be the best contact dj Gambler @ the gamblers den and join the battle... 1ST PRIZE WINNER $100,000 FUBUCKS 2ND PRIZE WINNER $50,000 FUBUCKS 3RD PRIZE WINNER $25,000 FUBUCKS ALSO THE SHOW WILL BE OPENED & CLOSED WITH A MYSTERY DJ THERE WILL BE A $25,000 FUBUCK PRIZE TO THE FIRST PERSONE THAT GUESSES THE NAME OF THE MYSTIC DJ....... IF YOU LIKE GOOD TUNES COME TO THE BATTLE OF THE DJ'S AND OR THE GAMBLERS DEN LOUNGE COME IN A
A Little About Me... Ask Me!!!!
Ok.. It's been a while since I did this.. and warning.. I'm really ... uhm ... p*ssed off.  FYI - This blog/note will be posted identically on 3 websites where I frequent or am a member of.  Wherever I may post a status, or comments on others... This is posted.  This is not AIMed or DIRECTED at ANY ONE person.. or ANY GROUP of people.  This is just... HOW I AM FEELING RIGHT NOW!In the past week, I have posted status messages on all 3 websites.. and yes, some of those, were aimed at one or two direct individuals.  Those that the status messages were aimed at.. would know who they are.  They did know who they were aimed at.  I will randomly put status messages that are just what entered my mind at the time i was posting it.  Meaning.. not aimed or directed at anyone, just something I may have been feeling at that moment for whatever the reason.  MY actions.. and i do mean MY ACTIONS, on whichever site, are just that.. MINE!  If anyone has a problem with any of these.. actions, status mes
Wishing Everyone A Happy Easter
    imikimi - sharing creativity     To all our Family and friends here on Fu:         We would like to wish all of you a very blessed Easter.  You are all in our thoughts and prayers.     Love:   Doc G. and Mare
Atheistic Rant
I am bored, so when I am bored I generally go on myspace Atheist groups [since fubar do not have forums and things like that] and was talking about politics with a few fellow Atheist, and a few “secular Christian” meaning they believe in god and Jesus Christ yet have no use for churches and things of that nature. Well the forum itself was rather slow so a fellow Atheist and one Christian and I started talking through private messages, well anyway when speaking of public schools I just decided to blog…so from here on out is just what I decided to blog for here to get responses from, Atheist or Theist [during My last belief blog, seemed most of the people I spoke to daily were Atheist so I am sure it will be mostly them weighing in.Well let us start with schools, thanks to the landmark case mentioned below, school prayer and bible reading/preaching was outlawed in public schools as it violated our constitutional rights of separation of church and state. Edward shempp,
Oprah, Barak, And Michelle
Flying on Obama's private plane.  Obama looked at Oprah, chuckled and said, 'You know, I could throw a $1,000 bill out of the window right now and make somebody very happy.Oprah shrugged her shoulders and replied, 'I could throw ten $100 bills out of the window and make ten people very happy. Michelle added, 'That being the case, I could throw one hundred $10  bills out of the window and make a hundred people very happy.. Hearing their exchange, the pilot rolled his eyes and said to his co-pilot, such big-shots back there. I could throw all three of them out of the window and make 56 million people very happy.' If you're one of those 56 million, pass this on!!
I have seen an add for e-something-e  E chemistry? E Harmony? whatever, its not the point.  This commercial shows a bevy of slightly odd, but not psycho odd women on a date with this guy (the blonde talks about magic of some such nonsense.)  The commercial goes on to say if the guy had used their service he would have gotten a much better date.  I don't know if one service is better than another, but I can lay money that if it was an actual guy, he would have nailed all of those lesser chicks.   Guys rule! Another thing on dating sites is a radio ad I have heard a few times.  They have a Woman and a Man talking about the service.  The woman goes on and on about how she has looked for men on other sites, and what she is looking for in a man, and how she once did a whole truckfull of men in one night (ok, I threw that in to see if you were still reading.)  Meanwhile, the guy talks about how he is looking for a person, and how he wants to me the right person, and how he likes the person
This Poem Is For The One Person In My Life I Think About All The Time
NEVER HAVE I FALLEN   Your lips speak soft sweetness Your touch a cool caress I am lost in your magic My heart beats within your chest   I think of you each morning I think of you each night I think of your arms being around me And cannot express my delight   Never have I fallen But I am quickly on my way You hold a heart in your hands That has never been given away
We Is All Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
Results are in and Absofuckinglutely nothing wrong with her no CF, no Allergies, no nothing...looks like she is just a kid whom gets really sick when she gets sick...her immune system is fine...110% healthy...whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thankyou all in advance for everything i do care
Today turned out to be a beautiful Holy Thursday. Glory to God Norio  
Wow Now That Takes Some Balls To Do . . .
The Whole Enchilada
Stolen from the comments of Cammy's blog...a recipe by her...I can calculate the nutrition information should you want it. My enchiladas go a little bit like this:1 whole cut up chicken (you could use boneless skinless breasts too but I think a whole chicken gives it way more flavor.)1 large can of Rotell (whatever spice level you prefer - also a note, if you feel better about yourself at night you can stew fresh tomatoes and peppers and the like yourself rather than using a can... I find it makes absolutely no difference the taste so I stopped bothering.)2 cans of garlic infused chicken brothCorn tortillas1 large can of enchilada sauce and then 1 regular can (again, you can make the stuff from scratch if it makes you feel better and more productive but it tastes the same to me.)Cheese - either mozzarella or actual Mexican queso works best. Queso is harder to shred.So you put the chicken in a large stock pot or dutch oven with the rotel and the garlic chicken broth. Cook it for at le
Poor Jeff
I was considering asking Jeff (not the Jeff I banged last night... inside joke) the one who impregnated me to join Fubar. I mean seriously if he can live with me I think he can handle all of you. My only hesitation is that he usually is the brunt of all my jokes.I mean for April fools today im thinking of spilling water between my legs and start screaming out his name. How will you ever find out the tighty whitey blog i was going to do if hes here.. I mean really i cant pick on him in front of him. There goes the days of Jail Bait 1, 2 & 3.... Also i figure we need a good laugh every other day cause fuck the shit is starting to get thick on this site. Ok so im totally telling you the tighty whitey story now...   For my birthday I thought it would be totally hilarious for Jeff to walk into the room in tighty whiteys.. Because im pregnant and evil he decided it was best to go threw with this plan. In my evilness I figuired that tighty whiteys are the ugliest things in the worl
The Perfect Man The perfect man is gentlenever cruel or meanhe has a beautiful smileand he keeps his face so clean The perfect man loves childrenand will raise them by your sidehe will be a good fatherand good husband to his bride The perfect man loves cookingcleaning and vaccuuming toohe'lldo anything to conveyhis feelings of love to you The perfect man is sweetwriting poetry from your namehe's a best friend to your motherand kisses away your pain He has never made you cryor hurt you in any way......OH SCREW THIS STUPID POEM............THE PERFECT MAN IS GAY!!!!!!  
hey, so i have become perpetually bummed. if you are reading this i hope you are ready for a pity party. so as it turns out i am utterly hopeless, i am a bilateral bke amputee, meaning i have 2 amputations below the knee, i had my feet amputated at 13 months old. i was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 2 years ago...with the onset diabetes i lost about 160 pounds leaving me with the amount of skin a 300 pound person should have, so as i have no confidence because i was fat for so long and now i dont want to be seen without my clothes on i dont even approach women offline. im unemployed and due to my disabilities i cant get a job.....whew, so thanks for reading this, i felt more comfortable putting it here than telling someone in person because if im judged on here at least i can blow them off as internet douchebags. sooooo, hows your day going?
Love Those He Gave Me Other One
I look into your eyes of crystal bluey green so clear and bright the sexiest i've seen every line on your face lights up your smile as I sit and look and gaze for a while your hands are so tender and fit perfectly in mine oh! to be together till the end of time your body curls around me, so warm and snug tender enveloping me with a passionate hug I miss your loving when you're away from me would be so nice if we were both free and I love the closeness we have between it's deep, it's sensual you know what I mean but I'm happy with what we have both got cos when we're together we're seductive and hot
Everything And Nothing.
There is no ending,All that we had was your lies.No substance at all.
First Entry
Im up layin in bed and my mind cant relax even though im really tired. i dont know what to do to calm my mind down and try and see the light at the end of the tunnel. my words will come out more later on. im about to go to bed
Love Her
I met a girl who hated the world - she used her body to sell her soul Everytime they'd break her and pay - tear out her heart, and leave her in pain I never found out how she survived all of the sadness she kept inside I never found out how she could lie with a smile on her face, and the scratches she'd hide [Chorus:] You could love her if you paid, you could have her everyday You could love her if you prayed, you could have her every way Down on her knees, she wept on the floor - this hopeless life she wanted no more Dead in her mind and cold to the bone - she opened her eyes and saw she was alone She never found out how much I tried - all of the sadness she kept made me blind She never found out how much I cried - the rope so tight on the night that she died... [Chorus] I never found out how she survived - a life lived in lies is a life of denial I never found out how she could lie - with a smile on her face and the darkness inside [Chorus x2]
Who Am I To Say...
Love of my life, my soulmate You're my best friend Part of me like breathing Now half of me is left I don't know anything at all Who am I to say you love me I don't know anything at all & who am I to say you need me Color me blue I'm lost in you Don't know why I'm still waiting Many moons have come & gone Don't know why I'm still searching Don't know anything at all & who am I to say you love me I don't know anything at all & who am I to say you need me Hmmm hmmm mmm Uhhh oohhh aahhh Hooo aahhh ohh ohhh Now you're a song I love to sing Never thought it feels so free Now I know what's meant to be & that's okay with me But who am I to say you love me & who am I to say you need me & who am I to say you love me
Rusty Luce Benefit Dance Featuring Mfb
if your in our area,and would like to know more about this dinner, dance, poker run, and more, drop me a line for details
Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.  -  Unknown
Ric Edelman Says Life Got Harder
Health Care Reform: Life Just Got Harder The health care bill is now law. As a result, taxes are rising. Many middle-class working Americans will soon incur greater expenses for services they have already been receiving. As a humanitarian, I don’t believe anybody can argue with the principle of providing health insurance to 32 million Americans who have not had access to it. But those benefits have a high cost, and middle-class working Americans will be the ones paying for it. Let’s take a look at the new taxes that the 2010 health care law has created. Most will be phased in over the next few years and are as follows: 2010 Starting July 1, indoor tanning salons will charge a 10% sales tax. 2011 Pharmaceutical manufacturers will collectively pay a new excise tax, starting at $2.5 billion and rising over time. The drug makers will no doubt pass this new cost onto consumers. Non-qualified distributions from Health Savings Accounts will be taxed at 20% inste
Angry In Bed
Stairing deep off into, the black abyss, HOW MUCH CAN ONE MAN TAKE! I've drank water ,counted sheep, done all that I can . WHY THE FUCK AM I STILL AWAKE ! A NEWPORT ! strike one, A JOINT? strike two, WAIT THE WEATHER CHANNEL OF COURSE ! 2 STRIKES 1 BALL! wait what? my body is sleep, but my eyes are peeled this BS is just my luck . doomed to die, from lack of sleep, & at the hands of the weather people...{lol} well not really the flesh, but im losing brain cells, and that to me is the equil, and why cant I sleep? lets focus on this, rewind the events from that day and I laugh I it is not me !!!! the reson for this tourture !!!! something is wrong with my other half !!!!   {who is of course sleeping right now....}  
Economical Ugg
There is a brand mark name that is getting more masterly and smarter when it falls to modern sheepskin bootsand this is UGG Australia. Originally specified for shepherds, the sheepskin boots of Uggs was crafted to respond the want for strong footwear in the countrys farming areas. The popularity of the footwear escalated more when it was identified by pilots and then by surfers. And now they are being worn by male and female celebrities and models as well. The Ugg boots have unquestionably arrived a long way. Starting from the shepherds of the country, the boots were boosted to popularity when they were employed by war pilots in World War II. These pilots were looking for footwear that could supply them warmth and ease during their high-altitude flights, and they ascertained it in the UGG boots.So if you want to have a pair of uggs that have emphatically arrived a long way, then the ones created by UGG Australia is definitely the one for you. You will not only benefit from the fashion
Parking Lot Stalking
Parking lot stalkers I dont normally write these things but this has been bugging me for some time. I feel the need to vent. Parking lot stalkers!!!! These people really piss me off. True they are not really hurting anyone or doing anything wrong they still piss me off. They roll around the parking lot scanning the lot for a space to park. They wait for someone to walk to their vehicle and leave. They will stop and just wait till that space is vacant. The people getting in their cars now feel rushed cause this jerk off is just sitting there staring at them. Not to mention that they are holding up any others that are behind them. If you have a medical condition that requires you to need a close place then that is all well and good. But otherwise park and walk your lazy ass up to the store. If you are a parking lot stalker and you try that with me I will do one of two things. I will either sit there till you move on or just walk back on the store. Mean? maybe so but I could care less. I
It's Just The Internet
Those words...along with "just saying" and "it's my right" have to be three of my most despised phrases ever. (Side note: "should" is still my most despised word, but that's a whole other blog).   These are used by people to excuse what they already know is crappy behaviour. They are used to move, in their tiny little minds, their actions from the 'vile' category into the 'ok' category.   DOES. NOT. WORK.   It's just the internet...who's using the internet? People. If you've lost your sense of humanity then it's you that needs the help, not the people you laugh at. Just saying...if you can't own your own actions, you own nothing. On the internet, your words essentially ARE your actions. If you want to disclaim whatever you've just said as soon as it's out of your metaphoric mouth...go suck a big one, cuz you just lost all my respect. It's my right...with right comes responsibility. If you don't understand that then it's my right to take away your rights and hit you over the hea
Crazed2apoint Rips It Legit
                            "You might say that I'm apathetic.    I don't care enough to dispute that"ANT the RANT Brass Knuckle Poets Society said:Apathetic to protect what beats so fragilely,Pathetic to think I could defeat feelings that I truly believe,Sympathetic to such a degree, that other people couldn't care to see,When a heart bleeds, what pours out is what we unwillingly concede,We hold fast to our dreams, and don't speak of these things that make us weak,We wear our masks, and conceal our true selfs, for fear of being a human being,Emotionally upside down, so much that we can't tell the floor from the ceiling,So we sit spinning on ceiling fans, grinning ignorant and feeling grand,Watching the coffee table circle around our dangling hanging hands,reaching for the remote for a semblance of control, over our daily demands,In this digital world, of holograms, and personality scams it's hard to be a man,My keyboard holds the key to my plans, I hit.. Option, then Esc
Rhyme Session With Ant
You might say that I'm apathetic. I don't care enough to dispute that ANT the RANT Brass Knuckle Poets Society said: Apathetic to protect what beats so fragilely, Pathetic to think I could defeat feelings that I truly believe,Sympathetic to such a degree, that other people couldn't care to see,When a heart bleeds, what pours out is what we unwillingly concede,We hold fast to our dreams, and don't speak of these things that make us weak,We wear our masks, and conceal our true selfs, for fear of being a human being,Emotionally upside down, so much that we can't tell the floor from the ceiling,So we sit spinning on ceiling fans, grinning ignorant and feeling grand,Watching the coffee table circle around our dangling hanging hands,reaching for the remote for a semblance of control, over our daily demands,In this digital world, of holograms, and personality scams it's hard to be a man,My keyboard holds the key to my plans, I hit.. Option, then Escape, with Command.Abort ta
How To Do Reverse Mobile Phone Checking And Turn Ikt Into Your Own Detective
It is obvious to use a reverse cell phone from China Wholesale online searching like the work of a detective, where you do not have enough details but only the callers cell phone number and you will do back-ground check of the prankster. Reverse Mobile phone lookup becomes necessary whether you want to have background check for known and unknown person or you are frequently disturbed by blank calls from the pranksters .Once contacting a detective was the only way to find solution but now you can trace back pranksters easily by a reverse Hiphone lookup directory. So far , It is difficult to track back the kind of Wifi Cell Phone numbers either a mobile phone or landline numbers. The general myth about the mobile numbers is that they are easily available from White or Yellow pages but the fact is that they do not cover limited landline cell phone numbers and mobile phone numbers. Reverse phone lookup websites are more accurate and offer authenticated and reliable informatio
Just Me
Hi to those of you who are taking the time to read this  blog, its about me my likes, dislikes and just plain randomness.  Where to start hmmmmmmm what about when i get up,  how come i switch on my PC??? am I the only one? I wonder how many guys would think WTF is she doing putting on her PC even before she has any clothes on ;).
He's The King Of Fubar~he's Narly~april Fools Day Has Begun!
Name Change Voting...
    Hottie Name Change Voting   In regards to our meeting, we are voting on changing the name of our group....   Please put the number of the 1 you will like us to use.... EVERY hottie and prospect vote counts.   1.)  Hotties 2.) Ultimate Hotties 3.)  Rider's Ultimate Hotties   Thanks so much for being loyal, dedicate hotties... We will be known as the classiest, sexiest group of ladies on fu!
My Logic Was Not At Fault, But I Was
The closest I remember “Star Trek: Voyager” chief of security Tuvok receiving a dressing-down from Captain Janeway in the whole series ends with this admission on his part.  (For full detail, it’s in the first season “Prime Factors” … the funny thing is, I know more about Voyager from the Internet reading about it than from actually watching it.)  But it’s just as well, as I made the point on yesterday’s broadcast of “Making Life Work” with Pastors Mark and Steve; I quoted Henry Jones Senior (Sean Connery’s character) saying at one point in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” that “I wrote [what I wanted to remember] down in the diary so I wouldn’t HAVE to remember.”   I’ve got a lot I need to remember too; yesterday was my day off so I took the opportunity to bring Sarah and Jeffrey to the Depot Museum on north Main Street.  I had originally intended to bring them Saturd
" dreams exist only in time to sleep .. and the fact that there is if we have awakened "
For Lisa
people come people go but every now and than theres ones u dont want to let go u will do anything to keep them close to show how u feel u give them ur heart u give them ur soul just to keep them from going but if they go u really cant stop them but u can always hold them with in ur heart for love is what i give and ask u not to go but its all up to u
I do not seek. I find.  -  Pablo Picasso
bedizen\bih-DY-zuhn\transitive verb; 1.To dress or adorn in gaudy manner.
For My Love
Tho your many miles awayI can still feel youin my dreams is where we meetand for now that will have to doand when I hear your voicemy heart longs for youfor your touch,for your kiss,for a glimps of that sparkle in your eyeTho your many miles awayI can still feel youin my dreams is where we meetand for now that will have to doand when I see your facemy heart skips a beatfor your touch,for your kiss,for a glimps of that sparkle in your eye
Made Me Giggle...yes
I just got this in a friend request. Can't help but laugh at it.... lombardinstanley: u'r fukin' hot!! wus up!?   [edit: I left out part of the guy's name so you all can't search him]
Windsurf Battle Video.
Struggle weighs...     As much as the battle itself     Or as loose as the grip     That holds the fight together Struggle is...     A conflict between two sides     A situation of slipping out of control     Losing the ability to hang on Struggle smells like...     A rotten pile of garbage     The strange eroma of vomit Struggle tastes like...     Empty stomache acid     Toxic air Struggle...     Is one big headache     Is stress at its finest     Sucks the life out of you
Hey.  I would like feed back.  I want to start up a lounge with new age music.  Like Enya, Huun Huur Tu, tibetan throat singers and etc.  I would like to know if anyone would like to join and be a d.j. and help me set it up.  It will be where we could talk about new age items.  Exchange spells, insites, and the like.  Could you please help.  Just send me a message and let me know.  I would really appreciate it.  It would really mean a lot to me.  Thank you.   Elena
Fudge With The Bull, You Get The Horns.
Strong Enough To Be My Man......
God, I feel like hell tonight,Tears of rage I cannot lie.I'll be the last to love you understand,Are you strong enough to be my man?My man...Nothing's true and nothing's right,So let me be alone tonight.Cause you can't change the way I am,Are you strong enough to be my man?Lie to me,I promise, I'll believe.Lie to me,But please don't leave, don't leave.I have a face I cannot show,I make the rules up as I go,Just try and love me if you can, Are you strong enough to be my man?Be my man...Are you strong be my man (2x)Are you strong manWhen I've shown you that I just don't care,When I'm throwing punches in the air.When I've broken down and I can't stand,Whould you be man enough to be my man?Lie to me,I promise, I'll believeLie to me, but please don't leave.
Westlife - Flying Without Wings
Everybody's looking for a somethingOne thing that makes it all completeYou'll find it in the strangest placesPlaces you never knew it could beSome find it in the face of their childrenSome find it in their lover's eyesWho can deny the joy it bringsWhen you've found that special thingYou're flying without wingsSome find it sharing every morningSome in their solitary livesYou'll find it in the words of othersA simple line can make you laugh or cryYou'll find it in the deepest friendshipThe kind you cherish all your lifeAnd when you know how much it meansYou've found that special thingYou're flying without wingsSo, impossible as it may seemYou've got to fight for every dreamCos who's to know which one you let goWould have made you completeWell, for me it's waking up beside youTo watch the sunrise on your faceTo know that I can say I love youIn any given time or placeIt's little things that only I knowThose are the things that make you mineAnd it's like flying without wingsCos you're my sp
After All........................
P: Well here we are againI guess it must be fateWe've tried it on our ownBut deep inside we've knownWe'd be back to set things straightC: I still remember whenYour kiss was so brand newEvery memory repeatsEvery step I take retreatsP+C:Every journey always brings me back to youAfter all the stops and startsWe keep coming back to these two heartsTwo angels who've been rescued from the fallAfter all that we've been throughC:It all comes down to me and youP+C:I guess it's meant to beP:Forever you and me after allC:When love is truly right(this time it's truly right)It lives from year to yearP+C:It changes as it goesC:And on the way it growsP+C:But it never disappearsAfter all the stops and startsWe keep coming back to these two heartsTwo angels who've been rescued from the fallAfter all that we've been throughC:It all comes down to me and youP+C:I guess it's meant to beP:Forever you and meP+C:After allP:Alway just beyong my touchYou know I needed you so muchC:After all, what
Mummers Gone Wild
a few of the mummers had a party over the weekend ....just thought you would like to see some of the pictures     someone told Peacey is was an Easter party...ooopps     Rio had just a tiny little bit much to drink....dont judge     you can ask Jai about this yourself ... when I did he got kind of defensive     Skully grew his hair back.... just be nice and tell him it looks great he is sensitive     Boo is SUCH an attention whore !     it was nice that Boops had a weekend pass and could show up    
Easter Surprise
Since its Easter this reminds me of an Easter of easter past. i always love to do something special and this time it was for a boyfriend i had been seriously dating for awhile Though we had problems (he was a major stoner lol) we had  a hot sex life  or  so i though heheheh that easter i decided to arrange to have his easter basket delivered to him along side with me  looking very hot! all decked out I picked up  at this special basket delivery place  a guy  who was like 6"2" in this hilarious rabbit outfit  we drove to my boyfriends house early Easter morning to deliver the goods  When we got there I hid and the easter bunnie rang the door bell  No one answered so since i had a key i though oh well hes probably asleep so me and peter Rabbit  let ourselves in snuck upstairs  to his bed room I told peter to open the door and shout out Happy Easter!!! Happy easter then Id pop out from behind him Well! Peter opened the bedroom door shouted out Happy Easter I popped out from b
Going To Indiana
So I am going out to Indiana for Easter Weekend. Driving out with the BF tomorrow afternoon. This all should be very interesting being a Jersey Girl.  I'm looking forward to doing a little cow tipping..Making sure I pack my little Powerbook with me.   It's a 12 hour ride, I am damn sure through farms and other miscellaneous Homeland USA huge expansions of land with nothing on it. Wonder if they have any malls other than Walmarts within a 10 mile drive. Corn Dogs & Pig Roasts here I come! (Give me a Taylor ham, egg & Cheese sandwich on Hardroll anytime)
I Have A Happy Hour
It's on Tuesday, at 5 PM PST , or 8pm Eastern
Puscifer - Rev 22:20
Don't be aroused, by my confession Unless you don't give a good Goddamn about redemption I know Christ is comin', so am I And you would too if the sexy devil caught your eye She'll suck you dry But still you'll cry, to be back in her bosom To do it again She'll make you weak And mourn and cry, to be back in her bosom To do it again (Pray) Til I go blind (Pray) Cause nobody ever survives Prayin' to stay in your arms just until I can die a little longer Satyrs and saints, devils and heathens and lies She'll eat you alive Jesus is risen, it's no surprise Even he would martyr his mama to ride to hell between those thighs The pressure is building, at the base of my spine If I gotta sin to see her again then I'm gonna lie and lie and lie She'll make you cry I'll sell my soul, to be back in your bosom Gladly now please suck me dry And still you'll cry, to be back in her bosom To do it again (Pray) Til I go blind (Pray) Cause nobody ever survives Prayin' to stay in her arms just until I c
Simple Bitches
1. A simple bitch will take u where u need to go.2. A Real Bitch throws u the keys & says it needs gas.3. A simple bitch will tell u not 2 fight, iit aint worth it.4. A Real Bitch will say beat her ass!5. A simple bitch wonders who ur new man is.6. A Real Bitch knows that mutha fuckers 1st name, last name, his bday, where he lives, who hes related 2, wat kinda car he drives, where he works, how many babies mamas he has, & how many bitches he's tlkn 2.7. A simple bitch will let another bitch know she can back the fuck up or get knocked the fuck out.8. A Real Bitch will just knock her the fuck out!9. A simple bitch tells u when shes had enuf 2 drink.10. A Real Bitch tells u we need another shot, we bout 2 get fucked up.11. A simple bitch reads this & realizes Shes a simple bitch & deletes it.-A Real Bitch passes this 2 her Real Bitches without thinkin..
The Sound Of....
**~~The Sound Of**~~ The sound of ocean and wind makes me to think what's on my mind,The sound of the wind make me feel touch...The sound of ocean makes me feels like I'm touching dolophins.The sound of god makes me that i'm talking to lord.The sound of rain i'm soaking wet...  
What A Crock
Not much really pisses me off, but I came across this....and I have a hard time not wanting to cause bodily harm to these people. **Dad of a fallen Marine perseveres against protests at military funerals** Washington – A father of a Marine killed in Iraq says he won't pay the legal fees of a protest group who picketed at his son's funeral in 2006 – at least not until he hears from the US Supreme Court on the matter. Albert Snyder, whose son, Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, was killed in Iraq, learned Friday that a federal appeals court is requiring him to pay more than $16,000 in legal fees to the Westboro Baptist Church, a Christian fundamentalist group that demonstrates during military funerals to gain attention for its antigovernment, antihomosexual message. The group rallied at Matthew Snyder’s funeral in March 2006 in Westminster, Md., chanting antigay slogans and carrying signs such as “Thank God for dead soldiers,” says Albert Snyder’s attorney, Sean Summers. The group
Ant And The Grasshopper
THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER This one is a little different.... Two Different Versions................. Two Different Morals OLD VERSIONThe ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.. Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed. The grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold. MORAL OF THE STORY: Be responsible for yourself! MODERN VERSIONThe ant works hard in the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away. Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving. CBS, NBC , PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a
Damn Survey
 yea so like copy and paste this then send it to me in a private message and shit. ok? thanks 1. Your Name:2. Age:3. Favorite position (s)?4. Do you think I'm hot?5. Would you have sex with me?6. lights on or off?7. Would you have to be drunk?8. Would you take a shower with me?9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me?10. Would you leave after or stay the night?11. Do you like cuddling afterwards?12. Condom or skin?13. Do you give Oral pleasures?14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures?15. Have sex on the first date?16. Would you kiss me during sex?17. Do you think I would be good in bed?18. Threesome?20. How many times would you like to cum?21. Would you use me as a booty call?21. Can I use you as a booty call?22. Do you like foreplay?23. What is foreplay to you?24. Can we take pictures of the act?25. Phone number?26. Will you
Application For G/f's
NameWhats your birthday/ageHeightHair colorEye colorPiercings/TatsIf no, do you want any?Do you drink?Do you smoke?Do you do drugs?What would you say is your best quality?Whose your favorite band?What kind of music do you like?Do you like kids/want any of your own?How do you feel bout me having a kid?How do you feel about marriage?Where do you work?Do you go to school?Do you live at home/on your own?Do you prefer cats or dogs?What do you like to do in your free time?What do you think is my best quality?Are you Spontaneous?Are you afraid of commitment?Are you romantic and treat guys the way they deserve?Would you make me feel like im the only guy you want to be with?What would our first date consist of?Whats the sweetest thing you've done for a guy?What movies/TV shows do you like?Do you like your family/family oriented?Have you ever cheated?Why did your last relationship fail?Do you like to dance?What do you look for in a guy?Where do you see yourself in 5 years?Are you honest?Do you e
"the Raw Brutality"
The Raw Brutality   Today I realized I had a soul- Truth be told…I never knew that I possessed one. Today I saw myself for the first time and I was stunned at the monstrous reflection that stood before me. When did I dissolve? When did I devolve into a speck of ash and dirt? When and how was my blood drained? When did I become a vampire? A beast A nocturnal fiend petrified of the sunlight? When did my dreams expire? When did I lose my humanity? I had somehow shed my skin. I had somehow shed my smile and traded teeth for fangs- A reptile with vile venom in its hiss -the kiss of death within its bite-
How could you do it?Stroke my ego into loving you,All the while your intention,was a faithless lothario Your oath is as faded as my jeans,Your smile deserves its falsehood,Your eye will see in your reflection,Your eternal remorse.
Too Late The Haiku.
Your pants are on fire,How to control a liar,Just put out the fire.
Truly Madly Deeply
I'll be your dream I'll be your wish I'll be your fantasy. I'll be your hope I'll be your love Be everything that you need. I love you more with every breath Truly madly deeply do.. I will be strong I will be faithful 'Cos I'm counting on a new beginning. A reason for living. A deeper meaning. Chorus I want to stand with you on a mountain. I want to bathe with you in the sea. I want to lay like this forever. Until the sky falls down on me... Verse 2 And when the stars are shining brightly In the velvet sky, I'll make a wish Send it to heaven Then make you want to cry.. The tears of joy For all the pleasure and the certainty. That we're surrounded By the comfort and protection of.. The highest power. In lonely hours. The tears devour you.. I want to stand with you on a mountain, I want to bathe with you in the sea. I want to lay like this forever, Until the sky falls down on me... Bridge Oh can't you see it baby? You don't have to close your eyes 'Co
Because In Truth, I Will Never Beg You.
In one single moment,your entire life turns around,you said it was eternal,and that was your vow,with one simple act you let us,simply crash and fall down. I can't imagine a lifewithout you and me,There's things I can't imagine doing,things I can't imagine seeing,It was never supposed to be easy,surely please, please, I beg you please.
Almost A Defeatest Attitude
It would appear as though my decision of no to surgery is almost a defeatest attitude. It is the only logical decision to be reached. Nothing is gained by me what ever is done or not. I took the safe attitude. I may go on another day or month and a day. Who knows a year and a day. Perhaps as long as the surgeon and all said. Ten years or longer? After reaching that decision and actually carried it out, things like to cancell and looking at it now I feel a sense of great Peace as if God is with me. Glory to God Norio  
Healthy Choice...
“what cookware should we use?” It’s a great question because apart from being aware of the pesticides on produce, the mercury in fish and the chemicals generally in our food, it is important to realize that your choice of kitchenware can make a difference too because the materials can contain chemicals which can leach into your food–Teflon in particular but also aluminum and lead and even PVC Plastic. Here are guidelines: Avoid non stick pans, pots, bakeware and utensils because they contain Teflon. Although non stick kitchenware is very convenient, Teflon is made from perfluorinated compounds which have been linked to cancer and reproductive problems. If you use non stick kitchenware and the coating is coming off, you should not use it. Get new ones. If you use non stick kitchenware and the coating is intact, avoid heating them above 450F because above this temperature, they release toxic gases. Avoid aluminum pots and pans as it may cause alumi
Wicked, Tricksie And False.
You liaryou cheatdis-organized,un-neat.Your soft mouth,no longer makes,my head spin.
Little White Lies
Little white lies,smooth the path that leads to each other.Little white lies,make it easier to slip into our mutual comfort.Little white lies,Are the softness of our worlds.Little white lies,make smiles that last until we next speak.Little white lies,are the kisses that traverse any distance.Little white lies,Make the heart flutter and...Little white lies,Are not what you told.
Chose Your Deal.
  Would you sell your soul,for a few shiny things,and the flattery of a shark.Have you offered your body,for the empty promises,of a counterfeit Romeo.Is your heart blinded,to the truth before your eyes,that will always remain.If he reached to touch your soul,His fingers would burn,In the fire of my presence.If you chose his embrace,reflected in his eye, you would will always regret,what you cannot repair,Be more careful with your playthings.   My thanks to Witchie for her help with this, and with so much more.
Left To Wonder
Wondering what to write, what to think. Theres life then there is living. Two different things yet they are the same. Understand my way of thinking you never know what you mean beable to relize on your own. People talk of nothing but everything. Where have we gone when the biggest thing to discuss is what is in fashion. What ever, those people dont matter much any how. Now back to what to say? What has become of us. If you think about it nothing has really changed since the 1550's ha isn't that something. Sure we have this the computer but so just another form of comunication. Even though most of us use these things for other reasons then to get out what someone may think. Well i dont know what to say guess you tell me.                                             Later
The Angel Of Death....who Was He? A Figment Of A Demented Mind..or A Demon From The Past...
it's been too long...i haven't wrote in my blog for a long time...and maybe that's why this shit is eating at my mind, my heart, my soul.......shadows from the past keep overshadowing my days...when i least expect it another one darkens my day...the known...the unknown...all flow together anymore to tear me apart...bring the past to the present...and the ones who are closest don't understand why i keep avoiding the truth...avoiding all the ways to rid myself of those shadows for ever...friends try to ease the pain...but to let them in means opening the filth to the light...allowing it to become who i am...and that person does not exist anymore...but the ones who appear in the light of day...the ones who shared that darkness keep it fresh in my mind when all i want to do is forget...the human mind is a forget those memories you wish to hold close...and the ones that torture you remain fresh...there every day to haunt the happiness you might feel...and lately it seems that
What Breed Of Horse Are You?
You Are an Appaloosa Horse You are extremely independent and even a little stubborn. You always do your own thing. You have an amazing endurance, and you can soldier on through almost anything. You're one tough cookie. You are quite intelligent and resourceful. You enjoy solving problems, and you've definitely got some street smarts. You work hard and never give up. You are loyal and reliable... you always get the job done. What Breed of Horse Are You? Blogthings: We Have a Quiz for Almost Everything
What's Your Shopping Stereotype?
Your Shopping Stereotype is Balanced Unlike most people, you don't really obsess over shopping. It's a chore, just like any other. You crave a simple, stress free experience when you go shopping. Convenience is very important to you. You tend to know what you want, and you're willing to pay to get it quickly. You probably enjoy shopping online. You enjoy taking time to pick out what you want, but once you're ready to buy, you don't want to drag out the process. What's Your Shopping Stereotype? Blogthings: Learn Something Surprising About Yourself
What Flavor Are Your Kisses?
You Are a Cherry Flavored Kiss You consider yourself an expert kisser, and you try to kiss perfectly. You feel like you have the technique down, and you take kissing very seriously. You are always making sure your partner is comfortable and having fun. You're quite considerate. You don't kiss and tell, yet somehow you've got a great reputation for your kissing skills. What Flavor Are Your Kisses? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
Are You Earth, Fire Or Air?
You Are Earth You are a patient, reliable, and solid person. You tend to be a strong influence and stabilizing force in people's lives. While you are quite serious, you are thoughtful in all ways. You tend to be a big dreamer, and you can be very laid back. You prefer to observe and stay in the shadows. You don't crave the limelight. You only seek your own approval. While you don't like to show off, you should let yourself be the center of attention every now and than. You have what it takes to shine. Are You Earth, Fire, or Air? The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings
The Cafe Test
You Are Expressive During your downtime, you like to develop ideas and work on creative projects. You secretly wish that you could be a more successful person. Being rich is a dream of yours. You are realistic about the world. You may have challenges that come your way, but you can overcome them. You are inspired by high energy. Being around other creative, productive people really motivates you. The Cafe Test The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings
How Low Lyrics
[Intro: Chuck D. sample]How - low - can you go? How - low, can you go?How - low - can you go? How - low, can you go?How - low - can you go? How - low, can you go?How - low - can you go? How - low, can you go?[*sped up*] HOW - LOW - CAN YOU GO? HOW - LOW, CAN YOU GO?HOW - LOW - CAN YOU GO? HOW - LOW, CAN YOU GO?HOW - LOW - CAN YOU GO? HOW - LOW, CAN YOU GO?HOW - LOW - CAN YOU GO? HOW - LOW, CAN YOU GO?[Ludacris - Verse 1]Hahaha, LUDA!She can go lower than I ever really thought she could - Face down - {ASS UP!}The top of yo' booty jigglin outcho' jeans, baby pull yo' pants up!I like it when I see you do it, better than I've ever seen I done befo'A lot of, women, drop it to the ground, but HOW - LOW - CAN YOU GO?Lower, than yo', mama's, ever, seen it, in her, life-timeNever, would of i-magined it, not even in her right mindPractice in front of that mirror, now you, doin it, on the dance flo'Mad 'cause I can't get wit you, "Chick, just show me how to dance" {OHH!!!}I may not wanna get low,
My Chick Bad Lyrics
[Chorus]My chick badMy chick hoodMy chick do stuff dat ya chick wish she could[repeated]My chick bad, badder than yoursMy my chick bad, badder than yoursMy my my chick bad, badder than yours[Ludacris - Verse 1]I’m saying my chick badMy chick hoodMy chick do stuff that your chick wish she couldMy chick bad, badder than yoursMy chick do stuff that I can’t even put in wordsHer swagger don’t stopHer body won’t quitSo fool pipe down you ain’t talkin bout shitMy chick babe, tell me if you seen herShe always bring the racket like Venus and SerenaAll white top, all white beltAnd all white jeans, body looking like milkNo time for games, she’s full grownMy chick bad, tell your chick to go home[Chorus][Ludacris - Verse 2]Now your girl might be sick but my girl sickerShe rides that dick and she handles her liquorShe knock a bitch out aaaand fightComing out swinging like Tiger Woods wifeYeah she could get a little hastyChicks better cover up there chests like pas
Spring Break!!!
Ne'er Cast A Cloot Till May Is Oot
There is an old Scottish saying 'Ne'er cast a cloot till May is oot' which means don't throw off warm clothes until the month of May ends and how true it is. I have been in London for a few days and the weather was bitterly wet and cold. I decided I needed a warm hat as I left my tawny Tammy bonnet behind in Glasgow.   The shops on Kensington High Street were full of spring flowers, mannequin's semi naked in strapless frocks and giant photo images of young women lying beside rivers in a sunhat and see through top. I want to know who these people are and what country do they retailers actually think they are in? AND who decides that 'spring' is a time for flip flops and bra-less gypsy tops? NOT in the UK it isn't...and never has been to my knowledge....we are damn lucky we get enough sun in the middle of July for that type of fabric and fashion and even then it only lasts about three days maximum!   I needed a bloody woolly hat to stop my scalp from freezing off Shackelton - style,
This Is One Other He Wrote For Me
When I close my eyes, I hear a voice Deep inside me, I hear you calling me Whispering softly; expressing your rejoice For the love you could now set free I have no doubt, the deeper inside I look I see your presence around my soul You know my heart wasn’t all you took It wasn’t the only thing you stole So deep in my thoughts at night I hear you whisper my name as I dream Don’t be afraid; everything’s alright No matter how things might seem Whispers is what I hear when I am alone Coming from your soul and your heart Telling me that I’m not on my own There’s nothing that would keep us apart
Looking In The Mirror
Looking in the mirror I ask myself who I was. I walk around with my head up & chest stuck out, is this my problem.?! I look you in your eye when I talk to you, it's hard to lie looking me in this face. I am even a psychopath now from what's told, I am a miss understood person. I stand six feet three & a half inches tall, my weight is two hundred ninety seven pounds & dark as midnight. Fear not what you see from in front of you, but what sits with in that vessel. My cup over flows constantly, I have enough to share. What's wrong with what I see, I have to apologize for being me. I had to take a look and see what you see, scary looking individual. Looking in the mirror I still love me, maybe you should look in the mirror to see what you see.
Young Lust
I am just a new boy A stranger in this town Where are all the good times Who's gonna show this stranger around? Ooooooooh I need a dirty woman Ooooooooh I need a dirty girl Will some woman in this desert land Make me feel like a real man Take this rock and roll refugee Oooh Babe set me free Ooooooooh I need a dirty woman Ooooooooh I need a dirty girl. Ooooooooh I need a dirty woman Ooooooooh I need a dirty girl.
A Friend Wrote This For Me.....
think I've finally found my soul matewas it destiny or was it fateyou touched me softly and reached my soulwe are as one, we are as wholeI love your touch and tender kissand your loving arms is sheer blissyou're my miror image my inside outit's definitely kismet, of that there's no doubtyou put love back into my lonely heartwe know it was meant, right from the start
It was raining hard in 'Frisco I needed one more fare to make my night A lady up ahead waved to flag me down She got in at the light Oh, where you going to, my lady blue It's a shame you ruined your gown in the rain She just looked out the window She said, Sixteen Parkside Lane Something about her was familiar I could swear I'd seen her face before But she said, I'm sure you're mistaken And she didn't say anything more It took a while, but she looked in the mirror And she glanced at the license for my name A smile seemed to come to her slowly It was a sad smile, just the same And she said, How are you Harry I said, How are you Sue Through the too many miles And the too little smiles I still remember you It was somewhere in a fairy tale I used to take her home in my car We learned about love in the back of a Dodge The lesson hadn't gone too far You see, she was gonna be an actress And I was gonna learn to fly She took off to find the footlights And I took off to find the sky Oh,
A Better Place To Be
It was an early morning bar room, And the place just opened up. And the little man come in so fast and Started at his cup. And the broad who served the whisky She was a big old friendly girl. And she tried to fight her empty nights By smilin' at the world. And she said "Hey Bub, It's been awhile Since you been around. Where the hell you been hidin' ? And why you look so down ?" But the little man just sat there like he'd never heard a sound. The waitress she gave out a cough, and acting not the least put off, She spoke once again. She said, "I don't want to bother you, consider it's understood. I know I'm not no beauty queen, but I sure can listen good." And the little man took his drink in his hand And he raised it to his lips. He took a couple of sips. And he told the waitress this story. "I am the midnight watchman down at Miller's Tool and Die. And I watch the metal rusting, and I watch the time go by. A week ago at the diner I stopped to get a bite
I have heard it said that happiness is not a prize to be won. It's a journey not a destination. You don't get there and stop, you are always moving along with it. Some say the purpose in life is to be happy and to help others be happy. I think that minute by minute and day by day we can choose to be bubbly and smile no matter what or we can choose to be a sad sack. I don't always let things go and stay in the present but I try. I can't always stand firmly where I am and sometimes I catch myself looking too far forward or looking backwards in my life. I try to be aware of everything going on and every day I get better at it. I don't fail at anything, I just do my best. I think my happiness is a direction and I'll be bouncing towards it.
Feelings Of Love And Pain
The feeling of love, How do you describe it? When your soul feels like it's flying And there's no way to tie it to the ground When your heart feels like it could burst And there's no way to calm it down When your mind races all day And just one person runs through it When your body lays against that one person And you feel as if you are just one person When they're all you seem to care about And your own feelings seem to matter no more When you give your life to them And they take every last bit of it out of you When you find out that they have others And you just take the pain and accept them back When you know you only want that one person And they might not just want only you But you keep on going with it Cause you can't tell your heart what to feel!
Big Hello To You All
Hey all, Lee & very new here   I thought i would open a new blog as everyone else has one lol..
Lunch Time
An old nun Who was living in a convent next to a construction site Noticed the coarse language of the workers And decided to spend some time with them to correct their ways.   She decided she would take her lunch, Sit with the workers And talk with them.   She put her sandwich in a brown bag And Walked over to the spot where the men were eating.   She walked up to the group and with a big smile said: "and do you men know Jesus Christ?"      They shook their heads and looked at each other very confused.   One of the workers looked up into the steelworks and yelled out,     "Anybody up there know Jesus Christ?"   One of the steelworkers yelled down     'why'?   The worker yelled back,     "Cos his wife's here with his lunch"
Barack Obama Has Awakened A Sleeping Nation!
Barack Obama Has Awakened a Sleeping Nation! Gary Hubbell -  Aspen Times Weekly      Barack Obama is the best thing that has happened to America in the last 100 years. Truly, he is the savior of America's future. He is the best thing ever.  Despite the fact that he has some of the lowest approval ratings among recent presidents, history will see Barack Obama as the source of America's resurrection. Barack Obama has plunged the country into levels of debt that we could not have previously imagined; his efforts to nationalize health care have been met with fierce resistance nationwide; TARP bailouts and stimulus spending have shown little positive effect on the national economy; unemployment is unacceptably high and looks to remain that way for most of a decade; legacy entitlement programs have ballooned to unsustainable levels, and there is a seething anger in the populace.  That's why Barack Obama is such a good thing for America .  Obama is the symbol of a creeping libe
The Government Announced Today
The government announced today the they are changing their emblem from an eagle to a condom, because it more accurately reflects the governments political stance... A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of dicks, and gives you a sense of security when your getting screwed.
So Simple, Yet So Complicated
I use to think life was so simpleGod how nieave was I.I had fallen in love with a man, He was my every dream.Our cemetery was so strong so intense.I could not deny my feelings for him, nor could i lie to my heart.I had traveled a distance to be with him on so many levels,But he was scared, afraid of what he was feeling. Of what was happening. I was pushed away, my heart still in his hands.I was torn in half, One half had to go home though the other stayed.That half watching unknowingly as his heart too was torn in half.But little did he know a part of him was forever been placed against her heart.The space of time had separated them from what they had known.A life both was to afraid to admit, to afraid to commit. Words had been said in hurtful anger and pain. of jealousy. There was no stopping them from turning away from what they had, what they shared. Still longing for each other they both moved on. She had found another who had said he gave his heart.He had found a woman he wanted t
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The Look
The Look   With no words spoken, One look can express so much. She wonders what this look means? Disdain? Worried, she looks away. Longing? Wondering if He might caress her cheek. Disappointment? Imagining what she may have done. Affection? Her soul begging for just that. Sadistic desire? She hears her voice softly whisper "please".      
The Ache
  The Ache   So tired of the ache... So tired of the pain... Dying for more, So much more than the mundane.   Ordinary life... She is not meant to live... She is not average, She has too much to give.   Love along with passion... Animalistic lust... Giving all that she is, To One she completely trusts.   She doubts He is there... Out there in the mist... And still she seeks, For One who doesn't exist.   She WILL continue... Her search will endure... For that one piece of happiness, For love so secure.   To find the One... The One above all... He shall accept all of her, Especially her faults.   The search continues... He has not shown Himself yet... And even if He has, He hasn't passed all the tests!  
Ture Love
 I never knew there would be a better tomorrow But you've come into my life and taken away all my sorrow My days of sadness are a thing of the past Because I have found true love at last My days of emptiness are gone for good Because you fill a void in my heart You've opened a window You've shown me the light And my love for you will continue to burn bright.
Stupid People #1
To LilBoops: Do you get it now? Fuck you're stupid. To LilBoops: there were no bouncers To LilBoops: English translation: You asked why I got deleted. I was telling you that *I* went into the support lounge, took it over, and was linking newbies to the delete link for about an hour LilBoops: You're who showed up in my sb, and I'm the one who needs to shut up? LMAO. Thanks for the laugh. LilBoops: "They frown upon regular users hijacking the support lounge and sending new people to the delete link I guess." Please translate that into English, Dana To LilBoops: you're fucking retarded To LilBoops: for fuck's sake would you shut your hole? that's not what I said and that's not what went on, you're a moron so just skip it. LilBoops: and by the way...account deletions don't happen through the support lounge, hon. LilBoops: again, who is going to the support lounge, or having others go to the support lounge to have you deleted? LilBoops: lmao To LilBoops: because you're an idiot L
I just want to beat my ex.... It's taking forever to get this divorce going...Yes, I"m not completely divorced yet. It's been taking FOREVER to get together with him to go over the divorce papers...I been emailing back and forth with this chick at the court house to schedule a appointment to go over the papers works to make sure it's signed correctly. It's taking forever now again cause she's not replying back to me as fast, he can't make the schedule for the appoitment and there's times he's ignoring me....So I email the chick again yesterday cause she never replied back to me in a week....asking when there was an opening and if my ex really had to be there because of this whole scheduling is taking forever. She emails back saying that he didn't have to be there but would have to work around with some things and there was an opening on thursday. So I told the shitnerd (his nick name) that he didn't have to be there if he didn't want to and if he wanted to see the whole email conver
Blame It On Kyle.
We were talking in the shout box and he was talking about when he first met me. I asked him a question. I'm going to ask all of you =]   Was your first impression of me right?
First Time In 7 Years I Am Under 300pounds !!!
i am 297pounds i was 385pounds last year  i have not been under 300pounds since my mom passedaway i am so happy right now along way to go befor i am 200pounds but not giving up on that...
Bado Goes Naked
Have you ever wanted to walk through your town naked? Years ago there was this thing called streaking. It was a person running naked in front of people. When they caught the culprit they were arrested. Not true for Erykah Badu, who took off all her clothes where JFK was assassinated. Watch the video BlastFM doesn’t resort to pranks for listeners. We just play great music 24/7 for you.
There sits a fire, a flame Eluminating surrounding life So bold yet elegant A tendency to reach out and Spread itself among boardering trees of old It can provide heat, warm oneself up But it can also Melt them down Currently the flame awaits transition As in turn it will move along Winds pass and stay Just one breeze can influence it's direction For this flame has caught wind Now it spreads across opportunity Taking its intensity to a fresh scene This flame embodies another stage now It no longer sits The flame ignites once more
10 Random Questions A Strangr Sent To Me..
1 .Where is the strangest place you've ever fallen asleep? Since I rarely sleep this one took me awhile.  I went to a UB40 concert at Merriwether Post, sat on the lawn and smoked a lot of grass.  My girlfriend and I got under a blanket and she got on top of me.  Next thing I know it's 2 hours later and she's telling me it's time to go. 2.Who is the last person you spoke to on the phone? One of my clients setting up a meeting at The Capitol Building tomorrow at 2 pm 3. What are your summer plans? The kids and I will hit all the musuems and the Zoo.  I might take a trip to Savannah to see my sister. 4. Where is your favorite place to eat on campus? Since I never went to college I will say my favorite place to eat is any local diner at 2 am. 5. What was your first pet? An Irish Setter named Jenny.  She was black and white and was the best dog I ever had.   6. What was your first Halloween costume? I was a clown.  My mom got a super cheap costume at KMart and satey pinned it so
Oh Give Me A Freakin' Break! Lmao
A member of the medical team at a Tucson rehab facility tells TMZ Jesse James is a patient there. The facility -- Sierra Tucson -- specializes in drug, alcohol and sex addiction, as well as other disorders. Multiple law enforcement sources have told TMZ when a CHP officer stopped Jesse last Friday on the 10 Freeway near Blythe, CA. -- for driving without a front license plate and driving with tinted windows -- James told the officer he was going to Arizona to try to save his marriage to Sandra Bullock. We have now learned from our law enforcement sources that James was specific -- that he was going to a rehab facility in Tucson. A TMZ producer called Sierra Tucson and spoke with a therapist, who told us Jesse was at the facility and in fact had a 6 PM treatment Tuesday night. Jesse's rep acknowledged he's in rehab.  
Only Bouquet
stay away or be arrested no bull-shit on my wall
New Stuff
popinjay\POP-in-jay\noun; 1.A vain and talkative person.
For Fellow Geeky Gamers
Hold up your badge of honor geekazoids! As it turns out, gamers excel in a lot of skills in other areas apart from gaming due to well, gaming itself. Multi-tasking. Oh yeah, you are a master of this art more than Picasso ever was. I mean, all the guy did was paint. You, on the other hand, can take no prisoners in PvP, flirt on chatroulette, check your mail, download new tracks, grab a bite and let your tanning lotion dry all at the same time.More brain power. Games give you the smarties! Who knew? Additional hours spent playing keeps your brain working overtime when your non-gaming buddies use their spare time to sleep or eat or relax. It’s fairly simple: the stronger your brain gets, the more intelligent you become.Enhanced reflexes. Geeks got moves too! Countless days and nights of gives you better hand-eye coordination as the only way to play and advance to the next level is by getting the two―your hands and eyes―to work together.Increased stamina. When watching lo
In music the passions enjoy themselves.  -  Friedrich Nietzsche
Just Thoughts
I thought before I first saw you,I knew what love was.That, I later found, to be false.You showed me the meaning of True love.I loved you with all my heart,I gave you everything I had to give.I thought our loved would last a lifetime,I was the only one, though,You already knew it wouldn't be forever.You tried to tell me.I always chose not to listen.I only heard what my heart was telling me.If I could go back in time and change things,I wouldn't. I always want the memoriesof you and I together, the way we were -Happy for the most part.I love you still,And I always will.But today my life starts over,Starts over without you.This will be a tough journey for me,But I know I will make it.Life does go on.
Icp On Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Everyone tie your wig down tight because we have some news that is sure to make it flip straight into next week. The Insane Clown Posse and the Juggalos will star in a brand new, super hilarious episode of Adult Swim’s dope ass hit Aqua Teen Hunger Force! Violent J and Shaggy 2 dope on television? Wow! If it’s goin’ down we can’t think of a better place for ICP than Aqua Teen Hunger and Adult Swim. No diggity bitch, it’s gonna be the shit! Whoop Whoop! As of right now the tentative air date for this episode is April 4th, but if there are any changes to this you know we’ll keep you in the loop! Don’t miss it!
The 10 Basic Functions Of My Iphone
The iPhone is made by Apple lnc. It is multimedia-enabled and a line of Internet smartphones.Development of the iPhone began with Apple CEO Steve Jobs' direction that Apple engineers investigate touchscreens.Time magazine named it the Invention of the Year in 2007.Released July 11, 2008, the iPhone 3G supports faster 3G data speeds via UMTS with 3.6 Mbps HSDPA, and assisted GPS.Apple released version 3.0 of the iPhone OS for the iPhone on June 17, 2009. I like the tybe of cell phone.I am using iphone at present and already has been it for two years.My iphone is excellent in quality and reasonable in price . I suggest everyone should buy iphone.The 10 basic functions of my iPhone follow as: 1.Dual SIM - Dual working(Dual standby).You maybe have two Mobile number. one is personal affairs,and the other is official business. It is very convenient. 2.FM Radio - Pick up your favorite FM radiostations wherever you are.I like the function very much because I
Drinking Games
So I'm talking to a friend of mine, about the fine things men and women do when they are shit faced drunk. We were reminiscing about last summer when I came in to work at 5 am,  after a long night of partying, still completly out of it. So much so that I had to pretend I was sick to go home and sleep off my intoxication before I got fired. So the topic of the night is drunk sex. We decided there are 3 types of drunk hetero sex: 1) The guy is drunk and the chick is not. This drunk sex is lousy, stinky, and utterly nauseating. For some reason sex with a drunk dude, when you are sober, is just not a fun or interesting affair. 2) The chick is drunk and the guy is not. Men seem to like this for some reason, I am supposing because the decreased judgement makes him more likely to get laid, and/or more likely to get things that the lady doesn't usually do. Whatever it is, guys are quick to get a chick drunk. 3) Both parties are drunk. Now this is some crazy sex. Im most cases bost parties
Twice As Good
February was full of changes for me and thus far am quite happy with the changes. March has been much the same and now April is coming.   April is another month of changes as I make the decision to expand in one of my offices. The person I share an office with is not going to be able to continue to offer services and I agreed to welcome to my practice. I will be taking care of business tomorrow and set things in motion for April. I am going to be very busy between the two offices and am looking forward to the challenges I will be presented with.     I will post pictures as I get it all put together. I must thank Wiz for his contributions a long time I will have the beaches poster in my Ft Wayne office and natures heart in my office in Muncie. If I ever reopen one in Indianapolis I will need another one :) (right now i am hoping to get them to come to Muncie)          
Dj Cuppycake@ Snake Eyes Radio
Lounge Entry
I just got done running/walking for 45 minutes. Woot! I got home and poured a big cup of water and sat on the patio while I drank it. Then I got in the shower. I think the shower was my favorite part. That was the most relaxing shower ever. The warm water felt wonderful. I think I got sunburned on my face. I got to remember to wear sunscreen tomorrow. By the way, it's sunny and 72 degrees outside. The humidity isn't bad, but when you're in the direct sunlight it feels HOT. Dinner is cooking right now and I'm starving. I have to say, today has been a wonderful day. :) And guess what? TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!
Cant Stand It!!!
baby, i love you i never want to let you go the more i think about the more i wanna let you know that everything you do is super fucking cute and i cant stand it. ive been searching for a guy thats just like you cause i know that your heart is true baby, i love you i never want to let you go the more i think about the more i wanna let you know that everything you do is super duper cute and i cant stand it lets sell all our shit and run away to sail the ocean blue then you'll know that my heart is true baby, i love you i never wanna let you go the more i think about the more i wanna let you know that everything you do is super duper cute and i cant stand it you-ou you got me where you want me cause ill do-o anything to please you just to make it through another year you-ou i saw you cross the room and i knew-ew that this was gonna blossom into something beautiful you're beautiful baby, i love you i never want to let you go the more i think about the more i wanna let you know that everyt
Narly Rockin Ed Hardy Special Edition
Super Easy Slow Cooker Recipe
Sorry I haven't updated this blog... I have a mini crockpot.  It's adorable and I've been wanting to use it so badly! I found a super simple recipe and here it is: (note, this is how much I put in my small can adjust as needed)   1 can black beans, drained.5 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breast, cubed12 oz salsa.5 cups of brown rice Throw it all in the slow cooker and let it cook on low for 5-6 hours or until the rice is soft.  Next time I might partially cook the rice before putting it in because it still could have been more tender. makes 4 servings nutrition per serving   Calories                                     206.8Total Fat                                         1.6g         Saturated Fat                         0.3 g           Polyunsaturated Fat                  0.3 g        Monounsaturated Fat                 0.3 g  Cholesterol                              32.9 mg  Sodium            
Life Is Good!
I Posted A Suggestion To Scrapper.....
I suggested a  2 second delay between hits on the hitlist due to MANY times trying to collect a bounty, only to see "This player is already dead" on my first click of the fight button. I was told before by someone "Thats why they brought the enter button back" the issue that I have with this is that i'm pretty good at putting my mouse right on the fight button, but the hitlisted person is still dead in less time than it takes to blink! Please, my Friends that play FuMafia consider this as an idea & if you like it suggest it to Scrapper as well. Here is the link to the appropriate blog Thank you all
Ok...ive Lost It Its Alright I Got This
last night i wanted to jump in front of a bus. obviously i didnt haha and i ended up jamming with minus fyder. the music keeps me alive. insanity? who fcukin cares?! im alive. my art work has been health has been so so yet...its still there. its time to pick myself up with the full knowledge that its not changing. i wont have a that "moment of clarity" that some get in life. ive tried...i fought...i cried...i blamed...i drugged myself... thinking something would crack and i'd get to be normal. its not happening haha. theres nothing i should be ashamed of though...for how many people WANT to be out of their minds, im one who actually is and DOESNT want it. i wont have to be a tough guy about it. I dont need the image or opinions that make the regular person seem crazy. crazy is what crazy does! my brain is medically damaged. which makes my daily mind follow suit. there will be no wife..there will be no regular job...there will be no kids...there will be no
Love At Near-light Speed
Time surely does fly. I've been chatting online since 1993. That's longer than some of the kids online here have been breathing. At that time we used to use dial-up modems to connect to centralized BBS's (bulletin board systems). Over the years online speeds have increased remarkably. The software is far more sophisticated than it was back then. Some things haven't changed, though. Online romance happened then and it lives on today. I've always thought it was completely illogical and almost laughable. I mean, seriously, how are you supposed to have any kinds of feelings for someone you haven't met? What's the attraction of words on the screen accompanied by what may or may not be an image of the person with whom you are conversing? Who are these idiots, anyway? Well, whoever they are I have to count myself among their idiotic ranks. Yes, I have experienced online infatuation(at least) more than once in the seventeen some-odd years I've been chatting. I consider myself to be otherwise r
My Body Hates Me
Damn fucking arthritis decides to flare up today, just about everywhere. my knees are on fire, my ankles feel lick someone has kicked them. shoulders, hands, wrists, elbows you name it, it fucking hurts. AGGGGHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While Logic Sleeps
While logic sleeps I reach out with my heart's hand to feel her mind as we share some of the same dreams. While logic sleeps her mind's eye sees me reaching out to her and sees my heart beating faster. While logic sleeps she allows us to be, to share, to love and to laugh, all in beautiful living color. She lets me hold her, protect her from the cold and to dance with her as one. While logic sleeps I know peace. But when logic awakes I feel the rush of embarrassment and foolishness and inner turmoil for ever having thought I could have such a beautiful soul in my overly-complicated life. When logic wakes she remembers why she withdraws and mistrusts and she focuses on the real people and the real circumstances in her well-established life. Unfortunately, logic always awakens. For me, when logic sleeps an unlikely, unreasonable and impossible love awakens and lives. It becomes real enough to taste. It is powerful and palpable. But when logic awakes it remembers. It remembers the love th
Hundreds Of Miles
Hundreds of miles away. For all this time it may have well been a million miles. For all this time it may as well have been only a few feet. Too far to touch and at the same time close enough to feel. The waiting. The indecision. The doubt. And finally, the flight. I barely noticed the crowds of impatient travelers waiting in winding lines to have their belongings searched for explosives. I didn't care much about the uncomfortable seating at the airport. The crowded flight didn't bother me as it normally would. My mind was occupied - wondering if there was anything real waiting at my destination. I drive in the rented car. I follow the robotic female voice of the GPS. I sit through evening rush hour in an unfamiliar city. At least it isn't like Los Angeles rush hour. I find the hotel and check into my room. I shower. I shave. I iron. I pace. I try to decide the best time to leave in order to be on time for my 9 o'clock dinner date with a woman I've not met. I wait. I pace some more. I
How Freakin' Vile!
Tokyo, Japan (CNN) -- The game begins with a teenage girl on a subway platform. She notices you are looking at her and asks, "Can I help you with something?" That is when you, the player, can choose your method of assault. With the click of your mouse, you can grope her and lift her skirt. Then you can follow her aboard the train, assaulting her sister and her mother. As you continue to play, "friends" join in and in a series of graphic, interactive scenes, you can corner the women, rape them again and again. The game allows you to even impregnate a girl and urge her to have an abortion. The reason behind your assault, explains the game, is that the teenage girl has accused you of molesting her on the train. The motive is revenge. When does a video game go too far? It is little wonder that the game, titled RapeLay, sparked international outrage from women's groups. Taina Bien-Aime helped yank the game off store shelves worldwide. "This was a game that had absolutely no place on
Its Mikeys Birthday!! Here !!
its the scrawny fuggers birthday...lets look back on some snap shots of his life     Lordy lordy at that fro hair !     some day he will be a man ..... I think     we all know about his work ethic and his ablilty to think thats just fine     he sure does love spending time with his older ex fighter dude friend     good thing every dog has his day ....even Mike          
Forbid They Get This Wrong So Let Me Help
You know I started thinking no matter what we all end up dead. God forbid they get this wrong so let me help them get this right. I started to die on January 14, 2009. I had 50/50 of making it a year on February 20, 2009. I heard physician after another tell me, if you don't have this surgery your dead, meaning me. 50/50 of making it 5 years with med and no smokes and yet I'm smoking and taking a little bit of a beta blocker. December 4, 2009 a physician tells me you'll be back in a day or two. What's wrong with me? Die will you? Just keel on over dead will you? What's wrong with me? Get with the program will I and just drop. God forbid I live just as long or longer as predicted with surgery but I never have it due to a problem. The problem is God. I know it's not me. God is the problem. God is in charge. Don't blame me but blame God. Amen Should be dead Norio  
Only In Pennsylvania
Only in Pennsylvania ...   People in Schuylkill County ,   Pennsylvania  have a warped sense of humor. It must be something in the coal-infused water.This is the pull off at SR 61 and Adamsdale Rd. A  deer was hit there. The couch was dumped there previously. Day two the deer was on the couch. Day three the end table and lamp showed up. Day four the TV and TV stand showed up.   The Trooper had to call PENN DOT because of all the people stopping to take pictures.The cardboard caption in front of the deer on the couch reads,   "Sorry Hunters. Obama ruined healthcare. We can't afford to have injured hunters on our conscience,   so I'm staying home! Sorry, the Deer."
Dj Dark Artist...the Man W/ The Metal@snake Eyes Radio!!!!
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Better A Thief Than A Liar.
T'ief no love fi si t'ief carry long bag.
 It seems as of late there are more and more going wrong with my head .  I have been suffering from more and more headaches than usual , went to the doctor and at first they thought it was a simple headache, no biggie , then i went again and now they are telling me that there  might be some blockage .  I wish they would decide on whats wrong other than trying top second guee themselves
A Big Mistake Chapter 5
Missy got off the phone and called Larry to her room. She didn't want him around when her mom came home, so she told him that he needed to leave for the evening. She ordered him to go get some dinner and catch a movie. Larry did as Missy instructed, and left the house. When Claire got home shortly after, she was a mess. She obviously had been crying and she began again almost instantly after Missy asked what was going on. Claire explained how she had gone back to work and was very frustrated with Larry's performance at lunch. She explained that she and Drew had been flirting for a while and how when she had seen him, she had lost control and pulled him into a conference room. He had had his way with her. She told Missy how he had taken control and fucked her better than she had been fucked in a long time. She told her how he had made her feel alive again and made her cum more than once. How he made her feel sexy when he talked dirty to her. Then came the quote that made Mi
A Big Mistake Chapter 4
Now that Missy felt she had Larry sufficiently under her control, she decided she would let him have sex with her mother. The next day after Claire left for work, Larry showed up in Missy's room to perform his morning task. Missy was still in her panties and no top. Larry gazed longingly at her perfect body. She walked up to Larry and pushed his head down as he dropped to his knees. She pressed his face into her panty covered pussy. "Lick me." She commanded. Larry licked at the silky material of her thong. His cock immediately sprung to life and filled with blood as he pleasured his mistress. He grabbed his rock hard cock and began to stroke it slowly. Once Missy's panties were nice and wet, she pushed Larry back and pulled them to the side. Ordering him to continue, she pressed his face to her sex roughly. Larry was really becoming good at this she thought to herself. He lapped up her juices and stimulated her clit expertly. Her pleasure caused her to grind his face ha
A Big Mistake Chapter 3
Claire arrived home and was as horny as could be. All afternoon she had been thinking of her lunchtime activities and how she was going to continue them that evening when she got home. On one occasion she had even slipped her hand under her skirt while she was at her desk and rubbed her hot sex through her silky panties. The moisture of her pussy had soaked through the material and she felt its warmth. She slipped a hand into her blouse and fondled one of her large heaving breasts.. She found her clit and manipulated it with a finger. She panted as her pleasure mounted. She was really getting into it when she was startled by a knock on her office door. She regained her composer and called out. "Come in." In walked Drew the mailroom attendant. He had an interoffice memo that needed Claire's signature for proof of receipt. Drew was a student working his way through college. He was a good looking boy and seemed to work out, by the looks of his strong muscular arms. Before C
A Big Mistake Chaper 2
"That's not begging!" Missy snapped at Larry. "I don't think you really want my pussy. Convince me!!!" "Pleeeeeeeeease may I have your pussy." Larry pleaded. His cock was rock hard from the scent emanating from the folds of her uncovered sex just inches from his nose. "Please may I have your pussy Mistress!!" She corrected him Larry already felt a tinge of humiliation. How could he be here? Just a week ago, he was the one making the woman beg him for his cock. He didn't need this. He could have Claire's pussy anytime he wanted. However, her daughter who stood in front of him commanding him to beg for her snatch, had the sweetest tightest pussy he had ever felt, and he did want it badly. Discounting his shame, he again pleaded for the right to have it. "Please may I have your pussy Mistress." "This pussy?" she asked, spreading the lips so he could see her clit. "Do you want this sweet pussy?" She slid her finger inside to coat it with her juices. "Yes Mistress." Larry
A Big Mistake
Missy was the hottest thing Larry had ever seen. Just 19 years old, she stood nearly six feet tall, a trait inherited from dad's side of the family. Her long tone legs were swallowed up by a spectacularly firm round ass. Her smooth flat stomach gave way to a perfect set of D cup tits (a gift from mom's genes) that she loved to show off. As Larry knelt in front of her begging to lick her sweet shaven pussy, he thought back to how he had gotten to this situation. Larry met Missy's mom, Claire, at a wedding reception of a mutual friend. A typical 38 year old divorcee, she lacked confidence in her appearance. Her husband had not complimented her on her looks for many years, and when he left her for a younger, hotter woman, she began to believe she was not desirable. She was attractive, but not stunning. She stood 5' 5" and carried a few extra pounds. Her butt was round and her legs just a tad thicker than she wanted them. However, her stomach was pretty flat and of course her
Take one step back, step away for me. find of what you lack, show with decentcy. Let it all stack, most indescrimatly. then push, pull, and pack, and just enjoy your glee.
Feeling Good Again.
Loving the sounds of spring, the sun shining and the weather getting warmer slowly...finally went fishing on Saturday...ahhhh it was a bit cool but did catch some...glad to be able to get outside finally!  Peace on peeps!!!
I Am Not Wise If I Dont Take My Own Advice
I wanted to tell you how good of friends you have been the last 6 months, I know that my moods have been slightly up and down like a roller coaster ride. I appreciate those who have stuck it out and just laughed it off when obviously im bursting from the seams. I can honestly say that normally I believe im a fun loving individual but this enveloped sized baby growing inside of me has left my tolerance of ignorance slightly below all normal levels. I wanted to say that Im sorry for those of you who have listened to my rants and just let it slide. I also wanted to say sorry for those I might have pissed off or deleted because i probably could have handled the situation better.  I wanted to say that Im sorry for being irrational at times. Maybe it was for the best but i handled it completely wrong. For that Im truly sorry. I figure I preach allot to everyone on how to behave on fubar, how to handle situations and its about time i took my own advice. I haven't really been doing that. L
whats the point in living when i cant live a life with you, i want to be ur everything, i want nothing more then to be ur girl, i bleed inside everyday, it hurts all the time i just want to make it go away, nothing will heal this broken heart of mine 
Our Own Fault
Let us start a war, one we can not finish. send thousands more, watch as they deminish, Bleed our status dry, with all those who care. become the worlds suply, of hatred everywhere. Most of us will die, still you without a care. all you do is lie, and tax us a death tare. Our wages you have won, on bended backs you stand, We have no place left to run, crushed by our own hand.
Inside Perseption
Make a mental note, include yourself and I. Like long letters wrote, cleverly and sly. Take no time to gloat, there you go awry. We are of one boat, will sink before we fly. So put this one to vote, for the answers scry. With your insides coat, with loves alliby.
Silly Ass Stuff 2--you Know Who
After yesterday's FU-drama, it just occurred to me that perhaps I need to explain some things to some people, about me and themselves. First off to the first guy I mentioned: if you had waited and been patient, I would have more than happily gotten back to you. Instead, you rated me a "1" because I didn't jump on your page and start rating right away. Like I said, that was just totally fucking evil and completely uncalled for. As for the second guy, what the fuck was your problem? One day you're singing my praises and buying me gifts, the next you block me? You throw a tantrum like a 5 year old child because I didn't pay attention to you when you thought I should? Honey, I got one word for you: NEEDY. I had just befriended you and given you plenty of good rates and comments...I'm starting to think perhaps that was a mistake. Anyone who needs attention like that just smacks of desperation to me. Let me tell you how I do things... A) I DO NOT FREAK THE FUCK OUT WHEN MY FRIENDS DON'T GET
Stupid Boy
I broke up w/ Doug....and about last weekend we were talking and he asked if I would get mad at him if he started "messing around with other people" when he's at parties and shit. I said i didnt care. Anyways...later he texts me....and asked if I had any condoms to give him so he can be "safe". WTF!!
Waiting never states, the soul left to wait. A game of peoples fates, where never is to late. Even some of loves greats, lived through this debate. To have two full plates, can drive one irate. For time passes slow, and life leaves you dry. If love is all you know, less your life you cry.  Goes just to show, love is not a lie. It lives enough to grow, don't let it pass on by.
Typical Fubar (or Just Online Anywhere) Chick
27 and this: "who is a single mom by choice to three of the most incredible children you would ever want. I'm currently working 2 jobs & going back to school while still being a mom and dad since their dads are douche bags with nothing to do with the kids." No sympathy.  YOU picked them, YOU chose to fugg them, YOU chose to have and keep the kids.  Fuggin up once, maybe.  But twice?  Thats ALL because of YOUR failed choices, bad decisions and most likely desire to have a "bad boy".  Wtf do you think "bad boy" means?   Hes going to be bad everywhere else BUT you?  So pathetic. Bottom line, you get what you get, bitches.
So You Want Some Help With Your Relationship Read Comment Have Fun
children- well this is a key to alot of problems. You love the gir,l but... she has children from a past relationship. Well this is a very difficult position for you , her and the children. I'm not telling you to run as fast as you can but to resolve a problem you need to understand it from all aspects. You need to understand that you cant fix this problem over night. You may think your macho man but your not even if you love kids you have to understand that kids to have stress its a slow process, and hard work. First you have to fix you, you can say oh its fine i love kids yadda yadda yadda but if your not a hundred percent sure you need to find out if you can deal with a child ! I would recommend going to a family member or a friend that has kids and spend a day or two with them. So you know how to deal with certain behavior problems or how to reward your new child when they need it. The second problem to having a spouse that has children from a previous marriage or bf is. Dealing wi
Galaxy Ngc 1313
"love Bug"(love Letter)
Dearest Psyche88, I have been hit by an arrow shot by Cupid, but the arrow didn't hit you. I've been bitten by what they call the "LOVE BUG" but the bug didn't bite us both. This, darling won't do. I'm blaming nobody, and it's no fun complaining. Your driving me mad and you know it, and now I've been robbed of the heart I own. If the arrow had hit you and the "LOVE BUG" had bitten you, I could steal your heart away from you,too.Remember that. With Love, Mr.Spiderman
Brand New Dj Bulletin For Minxy!!!!
Okay, so I'm seeing that people are annoyed by the new 'buy a round' feature. I'm not really sure why, I think it's fun. I've seen statuses of people threatening to delete others for sending them a drink. That's your perogative; i don't understand it, but it's your page. I'm just curious how you decipher if someone is just sending you a drink because you're low or to be nice, or if they sent it to everyone. But whatever. On to the reason for the blog: if you have made it clear you do not want anymore fuRonas, I will not be sending you anymore fugifts (zOMG!!! I know lol. Fake gifts, who cares?) I am not going to try and figure out what is okay to send when. :) On a side note: after reading Mel's blog about the MuMMs (go read it if you haven't), I've tried to be a little less mean. I forgot the reason I come on here. To have fun. It seems like a lot of people have lost their sense of humor and their sense of fun. I'm sure I'll get people in my blog getting on their soapbox trying
Mia Update
first off thankyou all so much...that was very nice of ya   ok so this Tursday Mia goes for a sweat test to rule out the cystic fibrosis..that is highly unlikely...then gets a series of lung tests, then allergy basically she is no better nor any worse as of yet....
Personal Support Worker Program
Personal support worker program
"the Chase"
The moment left them breathless.A beautiful couple, they locked fingers and touched togetherpalms of two hands, one belonging to him and one to her. He was sure that she returned as much as he gave.Her dark, yet loving eyes said so.Raindrops fell around the two, glowing in the lights that moved around them with the quickness of several lightning strikes.“Tonight is our night,” he told her. She replied with a warm smile.A rounded tear slid down her cheekand he was afraid that denial had set in.That worried look must have clicked in her mind, as she assured him that she was fine.Her voice quivered when she let go of the words “just a little confused”.That simple notion brought him to tears.“Do you think you could live without me?” he asked her. “I’m not sure,” she said with a deep sob. She leaned in and kissed him.He tasted the salty tears that her lips had absorbed.It was nice, probably the best since the first time.They stared at on
Who's Your Classic Film Alter Ego? Test
Your result for The Who's Your Classic Film Alter Ego? Test... Humphrey Bogart 38% SexAppeal,  42% Comedic and  100% Gender! You are Bogart! Bogart started out playing hoods and villains and moved up to an unlikely leading man. Like Bogart, you have an uncanny sense of style that is all your own. You tend to be reserved and intraverted, but like Bogart, these qualities make you magnetic to others. Take The Who's Your Classic Film Alter Ego? Test at HelloQuizzy
Things Have Changed.
The last blog i posted i think was in 08 so yeah its been awhile. Ive been out of a serious relationship since November due to my partner now trusting me with one of my best friend which is totaly understandable with how close we were. Ive been spending alot of time playing D&D now and also playing guitar and singing in a band. The friends i have nwo are the most important people in the world to me and make sure im still ok after a long drunk night. Things are really good compered to what they used to be. ive raelised i dont need a partner in my life. yes i do miss the cuddles more than anything and that whole feeling really specal but my friends make me feel a different kinda specal now :)
Egotistical And Arrogant But True
Yes, I am the best,Offered to you if you can,prove to me your worth.
I’m in this to winThe knife you aimed at my back is impaling my progressDead last, baby!What are your regrets?I’d list mine, but fuck if I’ve got all that time.Take this last kiss to your graveWhenever that may beRemember me, remember meThe ending assures I’ll think of you foreverWhat are your regrets?I’d list mine, but fuck if I’ve got that kind of time.With heartfelt professionalismI end this affair.Should I apologize or know you’ll be alright?Does it even matter if I care?What are your regrets? I don’t have any fucking time.
Blinded- On her first step outside, by the lights in the sky Attention deficit kicks in, Once her eyes are finished adjusting. So much to see, a lot more to do She’s done with you--passing fad Be glad she kept you for the time she did Your former “Almost Everything”. She opens her umbrella and skips away Hums to the beat created by the rain That falls from your face while watching her go There’s more to life than love And loyalty doesn’t last much longer than the Fall season does On your own again, kid Look upward and try to see whatever she saw Maybe being blind isn’t so bad after all Blissfully traveling through life unaware of all the pain Falling off the cliff just like the other lemmings of today Compromise yourself, boy Do all the things you said you’d never do This is life, there is no amount of glue To keep you together during this roller coaster ride This humpty dumpty lifestyle: broken on the inside. Numb it and live in denial Forget
"the Break Up"
Have you ever woke up blind?Unable to see inside,the truth that really lies in someone.Caught up because you think you're in love.But that's not what it is, now is it? In reality, you're grasping and clinging,trying to hang on to the side of the mountain without falling.Nobody wants to hit the rocks below.But sometimes that deathblow opens your mind to a calling.She's not perfect.What the fuck is wrong with you?A clear head is something you could never do.We are fallible creatures, we're all meant to lose.Evolutionary process? Probably not. Losers are pre-destined.Two options for this one, Mister Problem Solver:Think with your cock.Think with your blocked mind.Think it's about time you turned away from the sky.Put your boots back on the groundThe clock says the march is on again.Up hill, up stream, against the wind.Whatever could stop you will probably try.Any fear you have will probably dieonce you confront it.Put it in a box and shove it under the bed.When you're stuck inside your he
You Killed Me With Your Smile
Your Personal Oligarch
Nothing can stop me,I kick down all barriers,I will not relent.
Driving Me Mad
I can't fvuckin bear it.  I am currently sharing my office with an over paid and under busy consultant.  Problem is, he makes so much noise when he eats.  Biscuits, sandwiches, whatever he has for lunch - oh and he has biscuits all the friggin time. Gah, I'm pretty tolerant, but this drives me mad.  chomp chomp, slobber, heavy nose breath. Not a good thing in my current mood which swings between dejected and horribly angry. I need a punch bag.
Here Is An Article I Found That Is So Freaking Right.
In "Twister," the movie opening today, stars Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton stand in an Oklahoma cornfield. Wind whips their hair back and debris flies toward them as the husband and wife tornado chasers, eyes keen, look in awe at a monstrous, growling, oncom ing tornado. "My God," they say. In a preview screening Wednesday, two real husband and wife tornado chasers, meteorologists Richard and Daphne Thompson of Kansas City, were saying practically the same thing: My... What a bunch of hooey. It's not that the young chasers thought "Twister" was bad. Not at all. The special effects that created the tornadoes were great. "The effects were better than I thought for the tornadoes," Richard Thompson said. And in terms of excitement, Daphne Thompson, 23, who's an Internet WebMaster for the National Weather Service, and Richard Thompson, 29, who tracks storms for the National Storm Prediction Center, thought it was pretty intense, maybe ranking an F3 on the F0 to F5 torna
Storm Season Is Here Again. Just A Quick Explanation Of The How And Why I Love It.
How can I as a storm chaser see beauty in something that causes suffering? It turns out that I have been interested in weather for as long as I've known how greatly it can affect people's lives, including my own. I chase knowing nature will always have her way with us. I can't control this, and although I don't enjoy witnessing some of the terrible consequences of severe weather, I accept that that we will probably never be immune to the ravages of nature. I never look forward to the day I directly witness (or undergo) suffering caused by the storms I chase, but I expect such an experience would only intensify my desire to chase and learn. What is it about storm chasing that appeals to me? It is often a stressful and exhaustive undertaking that demands long hours and many miles of driving, with little time to rest, eat, or use the bathroom. However, it turns out that storm chasing is always an aesthetic, unique, and educational experience. This is what makes it worthw
Stupid F'n Gaaa Last A Little Longer Please!
Piece of caca mother effer. WTF? AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGH Im am very thankful for futopia right now. But, i gotta say it's not a happy thankful. I swear - no more foreplay... Any chatting or build-up of eachother's abilities is just crap. It only leads to disappointment. So yay futopian bliss of sexuality - BOO stupid fuckers that cant fuckin put out for more than 5 fuckin minutes! Mother Fuckers! My vagina swears revenge! Those bastards will all rupture a fuckin nut from blue balls i plan to give - if they hold out long enough for that! GAAAAA I dont kno whether im crying or plotting murder... I'm so crazy pissed - just need good booty - glad i can say it here cuz ya'll dont kno me... lol k... really hope i can look back on this one and laugh...
been sitting here wondering why i have choosen some of the things i have in my life lately.  i love my boo with all my heart yet we cant be together.  i wish there was a away for that yet everything seems against it.  maybe if things were different i wouldnt be so worried about him all the time.  boo i love you... love babygirl
My Tagged Profile denotes my religion as an athiest - thats a cop out because it is easier to say that than to really try an explain my perceptions, thoughts, ponderings and views on the subject of religion and all that the word is associated with. Is there a God, for lack of better word, and why ask me - I'm just as ignorant on the answer as any one of the billions on this planet. Sometimes a part of me also thinks - and so what if there is - does he live my life for me? Hell no! According to the bible and the Priests, Rabbi's, Pastors and what ever other name a religious man may have - God gave us free will so that we could come to Him of our own Belief in his love for us.  I was raised as a Catholic - don't ask me what particular denomination of catholic, it was so long ago and i no longer care. I was an altar boy for a few years, went to a catholic school, did the religion classes - holy communion and holy confirmation and all that stuff. In my hitch - hiking years I explored a fe
Lost means loosing your mindLost is when you become a stranger in your life Lost is when you can't tell the difference between black and whiteLost is when day looks just like nightLost is when you can't remember the person staring back at you in the mirrorLost is when you don't know if you are a boy or a girlLost is when your room looks like a whole new worldLost is when you can't recognize your own familyLost is when you can't tell what is an illusion and what is realLost is when you're scared and lonelyLost is how i feel
Best Buns Contest ( Help)
Hey to all my friends, i am in a best buns contest an i need your help, need you to rate an comment on all three of my pics plz. the contest ends on april 4 2010. you have to be his friend to rate so you will have to add him. plz go rate an comment all three of my pics, send me a message when you have done it an i will give you some of my 11's. thanks here is the link to my first pic the other two are right after it. also feel free to comment bomb the pics to need as many comments as i can get.      
A Day In The Life Of Fu Princess
Hiyas fu its your favorite PhYnE Princess DaYuM...... Today was rather stressful I had haters attacking me ...I know they want to be me but impossible! To much of a good thing and all that *flipz Hair* Fu Life was fairly busy today I had to first wake up and give out my daily rates which seem endless and challenging I have no idea why I should have to rate people they should just flock to my page! I decided to give my points to someone less fortunate and not nearly as wonderful as myself I think it was successful....... I ran 2 bombs today and OH the bomb beggars HELLO....get a grip people you should feel blessed if I grace your page with my presence let alone if I, out of the goodness of my heart, decide to bomb you should certainly be a lil more loving towards me after all it takes an effort to click my mouse over to the bartab a little gratitude would go along way!!! Later in the day I had to gossip with one of my bff's Tann sometimes I have to buy her love with bling but its so w
More Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life
The curiosity never subsides. It never gets old talking about it and it stimulates you when ever you think or talk about it. The it, of course, is SEX! Men think about sex every 15 minutes or so. At least that’s what we are told. What about you babes? How often do you fantasize about the hunk in the office or next door? Read what Belisa Vranich says can spice your sex life up.,2933,590062,00.html?test=faces BlastFM is stimulating 24/7 without having to think about it. Give your ears and brain a treat and listen.
Fictitious Sins
- 1- I can see that I've been busy..Runnin' round on you.I wish someone had told me..I'd like to get in on it too.I'm on you like a blanket..Every single day.You clearly show no interest..In what I have to say. - chorus -In these silly mind gamesNo one ever winsSo please don't crucify me for myFictitious sinsHelp me figure out thisKobiashi MaruI hate being accused of thingsI never did to youIn these silly mind gamesNo one ever winsSo please don't crucify me for myFictitious sins- 2- I told you we're exclusiveYou could take it to the bankI let you put the chain on meYou didn't need to yankTwice damned if I didn't Thrice damned if I do I hear the crow is excellent You have so much to chew.
neophyte\NEE-uh-fyt\noun; 1.A new convert or proselyte. 2.A novice; a beginner in anything
What fresh Hell is this?  -  Dorothy Parker
One Memorable Thing
      Today the weather is very sunny, I got up at eight o'clock because I made an appointment to go shopping with my classmates for nine o'clock.then I put on the clothes,brushed my teeth,washed my faces,and made up and so on. Today it is common that women and girls make up in  public for goog-looking.At last I ran out of the house to keep the appointment. My classmates arrived earlier than me.So they were very angry,then it took me a long   time to  get accross.   And a lot happen on the road but there is one thing which I will never forget .     This is how it always starts. I and my classmates were plan to go a supermarket to buy  a shirt.While we are pleased  suddenly  we heard a nosic and wondered what was going on .Then one person aloud said ''robbery''.We all  were very frightened .Of course, so were  others .Then that man called that cashier opening the  drawer, said "put all money in  a bag.Then take  me."We saw all the things but we don't know what to do. We also saw  that c
Re: Jrotc May Be No More For Lindhurst High School
This is a followup to the blog i had posted earlier. There is a meeting to be held @ Marysville High on Tuesday, April 13th @5pm. Please for those who are from Yuba/Sutter areas please come and show your support. Thank you.
Sorry in advance to my friends that aren't interested in politics... Click "Back" now. I received this as an email, and other than "Cleaning it up a bit" from the C/P process, I've not altered it in any way.New Pissed Off Party (POP) It's not Democrat, not Republican, not Independent.  It's called the "PISSED OFF PARTY" (or POP).  This party is dedicated to vote every incumbent out of office in the next elections.  If you're Democrat, vote Democrat.  Just don't vote for the incumbent.  If you're Republican, vote Republican.  Just don't vote for the incumbent and so on.  We need to send a message to all politicians that we're tired of their B.S.. If the country votes out all of the incumbents, the new incoming politicians will get the message.  It's pretty simple.  Nobody needs to change parties and let's face it, there's plenty of blame to spread around.  A few good politicians will lose their job but they probably have better retirement and insurance then 95% of the American public.Yo
Holding Out My Hand
“Palm Sunday?  At the end of August?  Yep!”  Until recent years, I had only heard of Palm Sunday, seven days before Easter that commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem (five days before that crowd is calling for His death, but that’s another story), as part of a joke in MAD magazine from an article called “The Lighter Side of … Summer Camp”.  The last panel had the counselors, coaches, and staff at a summer camp holding out their hands for money that a grumbling father was getting ready to give them.   Well, I’ve learned quite a bit more about Palm Sunday since … though that last panel comes to mind in light of a joke Pastor Frank of United Congregational Church of Christ made yesterday when he urged us all on the Palm Sunday pilgrimage yesterday to stay together.  Ecumenical ministries do not have much bail money!  Two hundred eighty-one people participated in yesterday’s pilgrimage with two gentlemen carryin
[the Next Big Idea]
    This is what I was working on Sunday. Linearts to test out a color scheme before I actually post it. Sees I gots these goufs.... and I wants to dos me some custom colors And I'm... pretty lazy. Well, thats not really the problem, the real problem is I'm also still stockpiling for a workshop, and I'm always planning other builds. And people keep calling me for 10 hours of every weekend. The purple one on the right is the original concept... which I arm wrestled for hours then I turned around and did the one on the left based on the same team's older custom colors. Left is the fan favorite on the robot forum I joined. You would NOT believe how hard it is to find black and white linearts for these fuggers. That was half the battle. I broke down and picked up a flat red and a glossy bright yellow for a couple other builds... what the fuck was the red for? ... ... ... uuuuuuuuh... And I picked up some sandpaper glue and squeeze bottles. Seriously what was the re-OH!Duh. The gr
I have not been online much lately.  Not even on fb very much really.  Here's why.  I found out today that I have carpal tunnel in both wrists.  I was referred to one of the top orthapedic hand surgeons in the country.  Lucky for me he is here in St. Louis.  I will call to make an appointment this week.  My hands have been swollen and painful nonstop for over 2 weeks now.  I am on naprosyn now to see if it helps the swelling.  So far, not working yet.  I also have wrist braces to wear to bed.  Hopefully this will give me some relief and I will actually be able to sleep! Will update more when I know more.
Just Like You
Just like u  I can honestly say ill never be like u. In todays cookie cutter world its seems like everyone is in a big race to be just like the next guy. same shoes same shirt same lip service. Im glad to know that i have surrounded myself with less then cookie cutter friends. I have managed to collect bits and pieces from every type of background and there are probably only two things they all have in common. Drinking & Me. Sorry but i just dont trust someone who dosnt drink. I haves to say that im truly unique in my own way and ull not find anyone like me anywhere else and thats fine with me. Im not striving to be any different that i am and im not looking forward to a much brighter future where i will somehow miraciously become someone im not.
i was sitting here thinking basically we hire peopkle to represent us in the government i.e. senators ,reps so on . that makes the american voters their bosses right now correct me here can you go to your boss today and tell them that from now on you get paid this amount think about it .    and i havn't really followed the healthcare thing but if the dems had to change the rules to get the thing passed i think we are going to be more screwed than we were when they started this mess . got to love lobbyist i guess
Impression Was To
My impression was to leave out the fornt but ny lock is kind of hard to install from the outside. My sis will tell you that dead bolt cannot be opened even with the key but I worked on it. You'll need a pass key right now. I went against what I felt and a stuffed animal was on the floor. I retaced my steps as I went out and no, I had the Jac Shirt on but unbottened until the kitchen. I did the usual since that dog was never knocked down by me. I'm sorry Mr. Doggie but I have to sit you aside for awhile. For now that's where it stands. Tomorrow never comes and look more into it. Strange day this has been and it is not finished. Not a drop of truth as of yet. Candle no longer will illuminate me. Too many mistakes by others at this point and Cheryl is absolutely right. I trust no one. I was in Cooper Hospaital for six days and five nights but Insurance has me down as three days? I thought about this and I would think it was for observation, otherwise, they have to do something like sur
Vote For Me As Best Buns
Please vote for me on BEST BUNS Contest Just add Bronco to be your friend in order to vote  Then go to his Best Buns Contest folder and rate and comment all you can on all of my 3 pics as shown below. The number of rates and comments corresponds to the number of votes I get.  Contest will run until April 5 so please vote/rate/comment everyday. Thanks for your help!!!!!!! XOXO,Candygirl
Vagrant Live In Dallas Deep Ellum Arts Festival
My sons band Vagrant has been selected to play in Dallas's Deep Ellum Arts Festival. This is truly exciting for them since many bands apply but there are only so many time slots available. They expect over 60,000 people to pass though the festival. That is a lot of exposure, perhaps the right person will see them. After all it only takes one person to launch a career. Here are links to the event and to their web pages. If you happen to be around the Dallas area this coming weekend, stop by the festival on Sunday  at 2pm to see the band live.  
Silly Shit
Lookout below!!!!!!!
Ya'll Ain't Going To Believe This Shit!!!!!!
 Please allow me to set this up for you. I drove a truck for about 5 years with a flawless delivery rate, always on time alwys found my way from point to point, I have lived in my current location for the last 3 or more years, i have been able to find my house in hard rains, dust storms, you name it, and have never lost my car at Six Flags. i just went over to my friends house and he offered me a bowl of some stuff he had aquired. I being the good friend I am and not wanting to offend... I smoked it. It was good. It was nice and smooth the way you would expect it should be before it knocks the fuck out of you like a velvet hammer. When the bowl was finished I looked into the bowl and thought ,"wow." I didn't realize how right I was. I was driving around the circle because i don't live too far away and I saw a police officer sitting in his car at an intersection. I checked my speed, seatbelt, and looked straight ahead. As soon as I passed him I glanced at my mirror to make sure he wasn
A Brief History Of Mandalore
    The Mandalorian culture began with a warrior race known as the Taungs, from the Roon system, that conquered the planetary system of Mandalore sometime before the 7,000 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). Mandalore the First led them to drive the native mythsaurs to extinction and use the remains to build their cities. The Taungs then used the main planet of Mandalore as their base of operations as they began the conquest of as much of the galaxy as they could.    The militant Taungs fought in the Great Sith War under the leadership of Mandalore the Indomitable between 4,000 and 3,996 BBY and swore their allegiance to the Sith when the Indomitable was defeated in combat by Uliq Qel Droma, a fallen Jedi and chief Lieutenant of the Dark Lord Exar Kun. This led to further Mandalorian expansion and the beginnings of False War tactics under the leadership of Mandalore the Ultimate and his chief Lieutenant, Cassus Fett around 3,960 BBY. The Ultimate was defeated and killed by the Jedi Revan
Lyrics I Like
I thought i saw your eyes, laced in smoke & cigarette curls. I thought i saw your eyes, but I'm seeing ghosts tonight. She haunts me. 'til my bitter end. She haunts me. i swear i heard your voice, overwhelmed by conversation. i swear i heard your voice but im hearing ghosts Tonight, the bars turn out there lights. & i drink away the day as it decays.
On A String...
Remember all the things we wanted Now all our memories, they're haunted We were always meant to say goodbye Even with our fists held high It never would have worked out right, yeah We were never meant for do or die... I didn't want us to burn out I didn't come here to hurt you now I can't stop... I want you to know It doesn't matter where we take this road Someone's gotta go And I want you to know You couldn't have loved me better But I want you to move on So I'm already gone Looking at you makes it harder But I know that you'll find another That doesn't always make you wanna cry It started with the perfect kiss then We could feel the poison set in "Perfect" couldn't keep this love alive You know that I love you so I love you enough to let you go I want you to know It doesn't matter where we take this road Someone's gotta go And I want you to know You couldn't have loved me better But I want you to move on So I'm already gone I'm already gone, al
Psychiatrist Vs Bartender
 Psychiatrists vs. BartendersEver since I was a child, I've always had a fear of someone under my bed at night.  So I went to a shrink and told him . . . 'I've got problems. Every time I go to bed I think there's somebody under it. I'm scared. I think I'm going crazy.' 'Just put yourself in my hands for one year,' said the shrink. 'Come talk to me three times a week and we should be able to get rid of those fears..''How much do you charge?''Eighty dollars per visit,' replied the Doctor.'I'll sleep on it,' I said. Six months later the doctor met me on the street. 'Why didn't you ever come to see me about those fears you were having?' he asked. 'Well, eighty bucks a visit three times a week for a year is an awful lot of money! A bartender cured me for $10. I was so happy to have saved all that money that I went and bought me a new pickup!' 'Is that so!' With a bit of an attitude he said, 'and how, may I ask, did a bartender cure you?''He told me to cut the legs off the bed! Ain't nobody
i really need help. i love this person so much i feel like they don't want me to get close cause of their own personal reasons but how am i to make this work please me. i really need it please leave comments  
New World Order
I just saw an advance for the new Clash of the Titans on G4 and in it one of the producers suggested it'll be an "entirely new world." This got me thinking; What were the worlds we've already seen? Tatooine Eternia Wonderland (Apparently) my anus The Land of Milk and Honey Middle Earth Lythion Waterworld Wonderful World of Disney Elmo's World World of Warcraft World of Darkness Otherworld Small World Flatland Underworld Counter-Clock World The World According to Garp Afterworld World of Hurt Land of the Lost Legoland Dante's Inferno Bobby's World Dragonland Boobs Zombieland Porno Skankville Neverland Zombieland Oz The Matrix
Okay this message is not for all the lounges i am in just some of them.     Okay I am part of 4 lounges and i love them all but it is hard for me to help people run them if the owner is not in them to help me.  i know some people work and all that. But if i am going to be in the lounge with out the owner please let me know i know my fu brother that runs the Ctrl Alt Delete Lounge is not in it for pivet reasons. But this one lounge i am in no one goes in it besides me. All i ask is that u just message or Shout Box me saying hey i am not going to be in the lounge for this many days w eeks or months.
For All Of You Freaks,faggots,geeks,savages,rogues,rebels,dissidant Devils,artists,martyrs,infidels!
This is for all of you who are like me!!! Do we sit still under attack? Or do we start pushing back? I say we start pushing back!! I won't stand for their bullshit any longer! I'm done, so stand beside me brothers and sisters! Fight with me! Never Back Up! Never Back Down! AND FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! We are all stronger together than we are seperate! Give them hell! Everyone who has pushed you down, spit in your face, raped you, beaten you, destroyed you, Stand Up NOW and FIGHT them! We have the power, the strength in numbers, we have felt all of the pain, the rage, the hatred, the shame, the horror. For all of us who have been afraid. I say ENOUGH!! I will not be held down by you. I don't care if you say you "Love me" or say to me, "Don't you love me?" No, I don't love you enough for you to do that to me, to rape me, belittle me, destroy me. I've had ENOUGH!!! I will never be weak again! It is time for all of us to say in loud clear voices "IT IS NOT MY FAULT!!" bECAUSE IT ISN'T OUR FAULT!! i
A Rose Without You
With this rose, I not only give you merely a rose, but I give you my heart and soul. I send to you all the love I have to give,and anything else that would give me the chance to touch your heart. With this rose, I reveal all mythoughts and feelings about youthat I have withheld for so long.I feel when I am with you... I am like a rose, not because of it's beauty, but because I am able to bloom and grow with you. To me you are like a rose's sunshine, so full of energy and light, that never does it fail to lift my spirits. Just by the sound of your voice and that look in your eye. I could never tear my eyes from you,you are able to make my life worth living. But, without you, just like a rose, I would wither and die. Not all at once, but little by little, petal by petal. Slowly at first, because you have made me stronger and stronger each day you're with me.But eventually, without you, I will loose all those beautiful petals you have given me.
My love is like the sun that warms me when I am cold,And like the cool water of the brook that refreshes me.My love knows the secret pleasures of my soul,And delights with me in fulfilling them.Who is my love but the soul of my soul,And the reason for every beat of my heart.Who fills me with life in the joy of her presence,And returns to me more than I have given.Come to me, my love, I die without you.Each day is eternity, waiting for your touch.Remove the tears from my eyes and the ache in my heart,Be closer than my breath, all my days, all my nights.
Why is it… that in chat, when a guy says something that I perceive as rude, and I answer as nicely as I possibly can (with a twist of sarcasm I’m sure) that person gets all butt hurt and has to go all negative and asinine on me? Maybe its assumption that I am in turn being as rude to them as they are being to me (however I highly doubt this as I don’t honestly think they know the difference between being a rude as prick to being polite with manners). I try really hard not to stereotype but I really think that people don’t “know” how to communicate via this mechanism or any mechanism that doesn’t involve body language, tone of voice and all that other stuff people use in conjunction with the spoken word to draw their conclusions (aka A$$ume what the person is trying to say). In the age, of emails, instant messages and texting via cell it seems that people might have carried over some of the etiquette and manners over to these means of communica
My Broken Heart
Poem 1
my heart is given, my heart is weak, will i be forgiven by those who seek, will they help me yo forgive myself for all the things i hate of myself, can i change them, can i share, the feelings i have inside that i am not aware, the anger i have the fear that i carry can i be forgiven can i be free
  Invisible!!! A feeling I am sure we have all known at one time or another. A feeling that can make you feel alone in this big world. A feeling that can make you become depressed. Right now that is just about how I feel. Yeah I’m a bit emotional these days, Well duh, I’m 18 weeks pregnant, And my husband is in another state. But still, I shouldn’t feel as if I’m invisible, But yet here I am, feeling more alone then ever. And the one person who can ease this feeling, Well is no where in site. A random phone call would be nice, Or even a random I love and miss you comment, Maybe a text or an offline message. But instead I get nothing of the sort. I get to feel invisible. I get to be depressed. Feeling so alone in my time of need. And no one quite understand, What’s going on deep within. It brings tears to my eyes, To feel so down, in what should be, One of the most happiest times in my life. Not only am I pregnant, But I&rsqu
Ok, I'm Back...
and this time I'm here for fun with great friends that I truly missed. Someone is working thier way into my it's NOT available! Life is good people and I love ya!
What On My Mind..........3/10
I have come to realize i would make the worst dear jon publishir. I can't write or speak to ppl that come to me reguarding their lives unless the mood is right. Seems to happen once a month around this time. Silly I know but I not only one who has noticed. lol But yet again just another unexplain event that seem to happen to me and no one understands or can relate. Secretly i like that! he he on the outside i am who they see or hear. Not cause they know me! My tatoo's are memeries and personal expression. Just a look down when i am sad, depressed or angured. Like insperation or material items. Gives me instant possativity to not stoop to others negativity and imaturity. To others it's trashy or makes me look easy and trampy. Being judgemental is one of life's biggest and ugliest personality traits to have...... Hardest habbit to control and eliminate in everyday life, friendships, religion ect. One key step to over coming my past was this. I grew up nieve and misguided, abused and mini
Snake Eyes Radio 4 Lyfe
Guy (for Women)
" Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep… wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you’ re just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have YOU… The one who turns to his friends and says, thats her… "
This Name
Apparently having an honest name works, lol. I came home from work with 14 new friend requests, lol. Also, this was in my shout box. User 1: mmmm hey sexy   User 2: well that's enough for me =D User 2: nice rack pretty eyes..u arent lieing lol     Should I keep the name?
Military Songs :d
AIR FORCE SONG Off we go into the wild blue yonder, Climbing high into the sun; Here they come zooming to meet our thunder, At 'em boys, Give 'er the gun! (Give 'er the gun now!) Down we dive, spouting our flame from under, Off with one helluva roar! We live in fame or go down in flame. Hey! Nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force! Additional verses: Minds of men fashioned a crate of thunder, Sent it high into the blue; Hands of men blasted the world asunder; How they lived God only knew! (God only knew   US Navy Anthem (Anchors Away) Words And Music: Capt. Alfred H. Miles U.S.N. and Charles A. Zimmerman (1907) Anchors Aweigh, my boys, Anchors Aweigh. Farewell to college joys, we sail at break of day-ay-ay-ay. Through our last night on shore, drink to the foam, Until we meet once more: Here's wishing you a happy voyage home.   Stand, Navy, out to sea, Fight our battle cry; We'll never change our course, So vicious
Getting Worse And Worse
My aunt is scheduled to go in for a triple by-pass tomorrow. She has 90%, 70% and 99% blockages in areas of the heart and now a 70% and 50% blockage in the sides of her neck.  As much as I'm hoping things will turn out for the best, I just have a really bad feeling about this. I hate it, but realistically, the odds aren't in her favor. Guess we'll just have to wait, see and pray.
Music Monday 23
Only one song Erykah Badu - Window Seat The video is on her website and I highly recommend that you go watch it.  While watching it, know that it was filmed guerilla style in downtown Dallas.  There was no closed set.  It was done in one take.  Once they finished filming, they literally ran like hell.  Enjoy the song.  Her new album drops tomorrow.
Apocalypse 2012
Imagine for a second the affects of a toxinWith widespread panic all around people marchin'In defense of what they serve and protectBut what they serve and protect is full of lies that they disrespectImagine for a second that the people marchin'Were zombies infected with a neurotoxinDeveloped by thoseWho never seemed to opposeThey only seek to have us locked up and treated like animalsThey're hannibals, the political vandalsThe worse kind of people that you have in your scandalsThey're called humans, but I like to call them zombiesLocked inside a world lies their televisions what they watchin'Little do they know the man who stands all up on the buttonIt's just two years as a traitor for our final consumptionWhile the beast is in the sea, he's away in the bayAnd California disappears and we're left in dismayApocalypse year 2012Armageddon approaches because we're all going straight to hellApocalypse year 2012Ain't got no money, that's fine, why, cause you got a soul to sellApocalypse yea
Mother Hood
I've been a mother for almost 5 years and have learn very interesting things about myself through my children and what kind of creatures they really are..funny little people I may add. I have a daughter name Ayla that will be 5 5/24 ..she is a DIVA oh my god! If its not dora crap its this princess kick. I was a tomboy growing up and still am.. I'm in construction..but its cool to watch her, at this exact moment she has built a tent using her and her brothers toddler beds, which looking behind me wasnt such a good idea..I'll have her help me get the beds back together but shes an angel. Now my son lol, Johnathan is one of a kind. I think he's going to be a drag queen which is cool, whatever floats your boat but I swear when I say this..its not even joking, the boy got ahold of my make up and did a good job. Needless to say I put the box up higher. My experiance with children is slim but I've notice that when its bed time, they wake up more. When its time for dinner they are no longer hu
How Can We Live?
As I sit here a terrible injustice is bestowed upon me by will. Just recently I embarked on a Abstinence program for myself, Which included going 40 days without anything sexual in nature to happen during those 40 days. That rules out anything self gratifying, Pornos etc... Ive been on this task for about 7 days now, talk about having a rough 7 days... Where most men communicate with the wrong end of there brains in conversating with females.. Has anyone reading this ever had to go through such a ordeal.. I am very strong willed and im very dedicated to conquering this 40 days plastered in front of me. It helps me better understand that everything doesnt have to revolve around sex or does it have to involve sexual undertones.. Im sure ladies understand a guys approach from the very start and know how the conversation is going etc.. Im just wondering if this ordeal is gonna help me overcome such a long stretch without it.. when it was 2-3 times a day to 0.. I hope I have the patience an
Stanza 365 Week 11
Week 11 of Stanza 365 is underway, only 41 left to go. lol Today I try to keep things upbeat.   Begin AgainTrying to see what could be,not just what I've known before.Trusting possibilityno restrictions anymore.A daunting new perspective.Hopefully it all works out.I think it may be an improvement,but I do still have some doubt.   You can find this one as well as days 1-69 at
Help Us Please
PRAYING FOR KARSON proudly sponsored by FAYK FAYK has used the Sponsafier to create a custom Cup car. If enough people vote for this design, FAYK will experience never before seen glory and fame as it’s showcased at the 2010 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race.   Hey Guys..we need your help to help with votes of Karson car..karson Is very sick with a rare type off cancer and this will help his Mom and dad pay all the medical bills..So just Click on the link and it will take u where u need to go and vote for is car...anf thanks alot
Please Help Us!!
PRAYING FOR KARSON proudly sponsored by FAYK FAYK has used the Sponsafier to create a custom Cup car. If enough people vote for this design, FAYK will experience never before seen glory and fame as it’s showcased at the 2010 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race. Hey Friends..Please help us out.In my hometown.we have a Little boy who has rare type of cancer and WE need alot votes for his car design For a care to be sponsoed in the nascar...SOOOO please help us out...and thanks
Atheistic Randomness
I am bored, so here is a random blog of random things Twilight fans, yea, WTF is wrong with you? Sparkly vampires and this appeals to you why? Oh hey look My vampire does not eat human, he never sleeps, he fucking sparkles in the sun light like a little fairy... Okay hm, I am seriously considering typing this out on "Sticker paper" and then pasting it on My front door. Seems someone was bothered by the Free Palestine pic I have in My album because they rated it a one yeserday...and rated the Islamic satire pic an 11, Oh people the freedom of Palestine does not equate to a hatred of Jews, if you think that, you are just a fucking moron. Ever wonder what creates terrorist? .. I don't know... how about being oppressed since birth? .. that is just a thought... This picture, is just cause of what Spinoza and I were speaking of in his picture. I read a poll a while ago that said 53% of religious people under the age of 30 have NEVER read their own religious text, in that same poll, th
Questionable Content
Those who find true love,will also find such delight,tempered by heartache.
Please don't hate me if I stairJust look the other wayAct like you don't careJudgements of you have not been madeI'm probubly not thinking about you anyways!In my head are files that for many will scareFiling cabinate like objexts I see in theirI'm just starting to sort them in their spotsThe evaluation of my thoughts.Learning and evaluation is what I doMy thoughts and ideas I hope will someday be read How deep is to deep? Caution ahead!

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