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When Life Spins Out Of Control
Swirling in a mist of confusion, Never quite able to finally reach the absolute solution. Everywhere I look is instability, Yet, I keep seeking for others to reach down to me and to show compassion and humility. I may not be what this world finds as ideal, But I wish people could see what I'm faced with is horrifically surreal. Even if a soul can't empathize with my reality, Can't they take the time to try to understand the cause of my complicated mentality? It's easy to judge and easy to shun, The only thing not so easy is when you feel trapped with nowhere to run. I can't find any peace with all of this pain, And I can't understand why I can't find a way out of the rain. Others find their days of sun, All I find is that I wake up to is a body that leaves me feeling drained and done. They all live in a different world with what they believe to be true, Meanwhile, I'm being mainstreamed when my color has a completely different hue. Can I be who I am without bein
Ne Plus Ultra
ne plus ultra\nee-plus-UL-truh; nay-\noun; 1.The highest point, as of excellence or achievement; the acme; the pinnacle;  the ultimate. 2.The most profound degree of a quality or condition.
Chance favors the prepared mind. - Louis Pasteur
Well Done
  Suffocation wrapped around my neck Tearing the flesh at my throat I found myself a total wreck As I began to choke This panick stricken heart of mine It fought for a way out Struggling, it pounded much harder each time But your lies, they kept shoving it down Spoken I love yous And kisses like stars Blinded me from the truth Should've known from the start But you played the game so well my Luv I might have never known  
There To Lift Me Up
I'm always hanging by a thin thread, It's surprising how my body is still fighting, even though it should technically probably be dead. Hanging my head down low, I'm always ready to go.... Sometimes, I scream to God to take me, To show me the light at the end of this tunnel of life to end the suffering and finally let me just be. Sometimes, I just want to go to a better place, To abandon this weak body and hope others can remember me fondly with grace. In that moment, there you appear again, With your gently, comforting nature, you offer me a hand. Even when I want to just be bitter and hate the world, You excite feelings and unleash a spirit inside of me that I haven't seen since I was a young girl. It seems you'll never really allow me to completely drift, It would be an understatement to say you care, because it's apparent you have a unique gift. When no one else really knows what to say, You listen to me and comfort me in every way. Your words are like fingers s
So, at the hospital today, i dreamed that Flight of the Conchords came through our town. And, I'm crazy for Jemaine. Well, Brett asked for a kiss, so i kissed him, all sweet like. He kinda had a thign for me. And then for some reason jemaine was like "Ooh, I want one too." so he grabs me and starts making out with me. and i'm like "Aw, poor brett, but, FUCKYEAH!" So then brett started romancing kala. We chatted, and cuddled, and it was a ton of fun. then they had to leave. they gave us their addresses and numbers and went to the airport.   I had a pet algae eater. it ate a rabbit.     Then some fat guy was arguing with the mob of conchords fans, and i told him to fuck off, and so he came after me. I ducked, dodged, and weaved, and ended up beatign the crap out of him via duck-and-punch techniques.     wtf.
My Bf Is In An Auction!!!!!!!!
Alright Ladies, lets see what you got!!! DAMNITJIM is in an auction, show him what he's REALLY worth!!!
Fubar Knows My Name
The fubar admins know my e mail address too, woot woot!
Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?
Tell any non-Pagan with a sense of humour that you are a witch and this familiar question from the Wizard of Oz is usually the response you receive.  The familiar reply of Neopagans is “none of us are bad witches, we are only good! We worship the Earth Goddess, eat vegetarian, and hug trees!” Your average arm-chair Pagan with their nose in a book will say: “That’s just a myth, there are no divisions in witchraft and there’s no such thing as bad witches and there never were! Witches were village wise women and men, healers, diviners, and they would never hurt anyone!”Well those are both lovely if naïve viewpoints akin to removing all the negative cards from a tarot deck and leaving only the positive ones –you can still perform readings, but they will not be complete, truthful, or balanced. A short peek into history as well as local folktales shows these viewpoints come up short on truth. Look to the classic works of the founders of modern witchc
Gay Rapper?
Singer Rufus Wainwright is urging rapper 50 Cent to set the record straight about his sexuality - insisting he knows the hip-hop star is "gay." The openly-gay singer is a huge fan of the "In Da Club" hitmaker, but insists there is something the superstar is not being honest about. He tells Details magazine, "I love, love 50 Cent. I think he's just the sexiest (guy), and a brilliant writer. And I know he's gay. "It's okay, 50 Cent. Feel free to call me anytime. My boyfriend and I are experts. You can come over for dinner. And maybe dessert."  
Jennifer Hudson - If This Isn't Love
I'm calling his phone up just to tell him how muchI really love him 'cause he's everything I wantHe listens to me, cares for me so I truly believeGod sent me an angel from aboveThat's gonna love me for lifeMight as well be perfect only becauseIt's the only way I can describe, soIf this isn't love, tell me what it is'Cause I could be dreaming or just plain crazyIf this isn't love, tell me what it is'Cause I never felt like this babyIf this isn't loveL O V E, what is in me?L O V E, oh, if this isn't loveL O V E, what is in me?L O V E, oh, if this isn't loveI'm selfish 'cause I don't wanna share him with nobodyNot even those people that came before meBut see, I never believedGod would send me an angel up from aboveThat's gonna love me for lifeMight as well be perfect only becauseIt's the only way I can describe, soIf this isn't love, tell me what it is'Cause I could be dreaming or just plain crazyIf this isn't love, tell me what it is'Cause I never felt like this babyIf thi
A New Path
Last Friday I went to court with my ex husband.... to say this decision was easy is far from the truth as I never wanted it to go this far.. The History... I got married and stayed married for nearly 10 years for the sake of my children.  The man I married was controlling, abusive and cruel.  It was so hard to break the cycle of abuse that I had not only been subjected to throughout my marriage but my entire life in one way or another.  As a mother, I did not want my sons to think the was I was being treated was okay or my daughter to some day find a partner who abused her.  I left.  Oh, but I was punished severely for that choice but I chose not to retaliate for the sake of my children.  My ex comes from a large family who has always taken care of him since the death of their parents.  Nothing will ever be "his fault" because it will always be one excuse or another. I walked away from our marriage with nothing more than my few personal belongings and my vehicle.  He threatened to t
Imagine a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, “This is an interesting world I find myself in, an interesting hole I find myself in, fits me rather neatly, doesn’t it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well, must have been made to have me in it!” This is such a powerful idea that as the sun rises in the sky and the air heats up and as, gradually, the puddle gets smaller and smaller, it’s still frantically hanging on to the notion that everything’s going to be alright, because this world was meant to have him in it, was built to have him in it; so the moment he disappears catches him rather by surprise. I think this may be something we need to be on the watch out for. (Douglas Adams)
Kellie Pickler - Didn't You Know How Much I Love You
I remember the way you made love to me Like I was all you'd ever need Did you change your mind Well I didn't change mine Now here I am trying to make sense of it all We were best friends now we don't even talk You broke my heart Ripped my world apart Didn't you know how much I loved you Didn't you know how much I loved you, baby I gave you everything, every part of me Didn't you feel it when I touched you Didn't I rock you when I loved you, baby Baby, tell me Didn't you know how much I loved you I can't get you out of my head I still feel you in this bed Left me all alone You couldn't be more gone From falling apart to fighting mad From wanting you back to not giving a damn I've felt it all I've been to the wall Didn't you know how much I loved you Didn't you know how much I loved you, baby I gave you everything, every part of me Didn't you feel it when I touched you Didn't I rock you when I loved you, baby Baby, tell me Didn't you know how much I loved you One day justice will com
Speed Dating Event
Speed Dating @ Howl at the Moon Ages: 24-34 Thursday, April 22nd 7:30-9:30 Check in at 6:30 Drinks for $ingles!!! ($1 drinks) TICKETS ARE $30.00 PER PERSON IF BRINGING A GUEST LET ME KNOW CAN HOOK YOU UP WITH SPECIAL DEAL   IF INTERESTED CONTACT EITHER MYSELF OR WWW.CONNECTINKC.COM
[after Minutes Of Consideration]
I've decided I do in fact want a Nu Gundam and a Hi-Nu Gundam.     I know. I just arrived at the buffet, have everything I want scoped out, I haven't even loaded my plate and I'm already planning dessert. Let's reviewthis time in order of priority Gouf: Black Tri-starsGouf: Black Tri-starsZaku I: custom cannon and custom paint job Backburner:Zeta C+: Custom colorsDeath Scythe Hell: "Opposite day" angel of war motif, surface mods, custom panels, custom additions. So far nothing has any planned panel lining or decaling. That's probably a problem. *scrunches his face in contemplation*DSH doesn't even need it.I don't even know that there's room for it on the UC kits...bull shit there's always room.And there's always room for superfluous paneling and armor plating. I should sketch.  
Speed Dating Event
Speed Dating @ Raoul's Velvet Room Ages: 30-45 Tuesday, April 20th 7:30-9:30 pm Check in at 7:00 pm $5 Top Shelf Cocktails!!!   TICKET PRICE PERSON IS $30.00 UNLESS YOUR BRINGING A GUEST THERE ARE SPECIALS FOR THAT. CONTACT EITHER MYSELF OR WWW.CONNECTINKC.COM FOR RSVP  
Styles Of Cell Phones-which One Will You Select
Are you considering buying a cell phone? Nowadays the demand of mobile phone is on a rise so much so that people prefer mobile phones to landlines. You can choose different styles of mobile phones available in the market. Different cell phones operate on different systems and each has its own positive and negative side. Today I will talk about the styles of Cell Phones from China Wholesale so that you can choose the best style of cell phones. How many styles of cell phones can you choose here? What type of cellular phone will best suite your needs? That is up to you and the way you are going to use your cellular phone in the first place. You may find that you need what I call an all in one phone. There are Dual SIM Card Cell Phone, web enabled cellular phones, Blackberry personal digital assistant cell phones, Touch Screen Cell Phone, digital phones analog phones and the list is endless. It is also a tough decision that getting the best cell phone
Event On 4/15/2010 At 5:30pm
Surgery Date
Well on 4/29 I will have carpal tunnel surgery for my right hand.  After 6-8 weeks I will be scheduling the surgery for my left hand.
This Fake Rocks The Casbah...
Wow. Ok. This is going to be pretty funny….ready, here goes…. This profile… With this really, really bad fake salute it uploaded below… Has pics of this person in their albums claiming it’s them… That’s interesting, quite so, because this exact same pic as well as many others can be located on this, yes this, site below…
A Thought............
No matter what you say, no matter what you do,it doesnt change me and it doesnt change you. Take it how you will
A small smile disappears   Shadows crossing lowering,   darkening   And my mind weighs heavy.   Pushing my very life away.   breath gone, so very still.   envade me, teach me.   thoughts criss cross   through a dark garden   winding through the mind   grabbing the heart   beats slow, darkening still.   And I push my very life away...      
Tattoo Contest!! Bling Awards!
I decided I want to do a tattoo contest!!1st place will get a cherry bomb or auto 11.2nd will get a 10 credit bling.3rd will get a 5 credit bling.The winner will be chosen by rates AND comments added together!! It will start at MIDNIHGT (est) on Sat April 25th. I will take entries until 10pm on April 24th! (I will postpone if I don't have enough entires!!) Thanks and good luck!!! 
thanx 2 all who gave a nice warm welcome, 2 the rest of u we"ll get up later
The Wicked Innovative Spitting Craziness
I'm that insane wicked motherfucker kris. & there ain't no one you know good or wicked as me. So don't think that you could try to copy play cat a g. I gotta fine lovely dyme milf name kelly & none of you bitches can't fuck wit. So back off cause none of you can compare. Ya just raggedy with crooked old hair. 1 2 ticky ticky tock. Its the wicked fine g back to spit with nother rhyme. So don't cross it between a line. Get yo ass way out lined or flat straight on yo back. I'm on the prowl for the attack of wack mc's. Who think they can hang with these. Best be off somewhere else with ya shit. Ain't got time for ya punkass bitchness. It be no witness to how i spit this. Without a gift or a curse. It gets worst as i get deep into shit. Rip ya in half there be no pass. You just straight ass out the garbage. I just discarded how you try to get shit started. Half no brain like you retarded. Who it is the straight wickedest ill insane craziest. Mr. innovative & creative with no formative or at
A Part Of Me, (truth Not Fiction)
I'm no doctor, I am not going to sit here and tell you 'hey this is you'. I will tell you, this is me. For better or worse. It's something I struggle with constantly, but it is something I'm working on. It's a slow process and a lot of people with AvPD and social phobias such as this, do not deal well with people as a whole. I am not entirely sure why I'm posting this but maybe, for those that actually want to get to know me a little better... it'll help you understand a bit about who I am. People with AvPD often consider themselves to be socially inept or personally unappealing, and avoid social interaction for fear of being ridiculed, humiliated, rejected, or disliked. AvPD is usually first noticed in early adulthood, and is associated with perceived or actual rejection by parents or peers during childhood. People with AvPD are preoccupied with their own shortcomings and form relationships with others only if they believe they will not be rejected. Loss and rejection are s
Sibling Rivalry...epic Win
This kid has a heart of stone and balls of steel and no conscious what-so-ever... I am talkin' Hero Material.
Another Year Gone By
The 14th of April is here, and it never gets any easier. My little brother was taken in a car accident from us. He was only 25 years old when he died. There was never a man out there that was as good as he was. He lived each day like it was his last, which is why he has left such a lasting impression on people. He always took the time to talk with people. He never rushed anyone. He even made time to call and bullshit with me on Saturdays to chat with me. I miss him terribly. He was a great man. I wish I had more time to talk with him and just hang out with him. He was years ahead of everyone else out there when it came to living life. His faith was unshakable. He never backed down from what he believed in, but he always listened to someone else's perspective. He was a much better man than I, but each day, I try to be better than I was the day before. I know I have a long way to go to live up to what he was. I love my brother, even today. His name is Shawn, and he will be forever missed
[as I Contemplate The Next Day]
I really need to get off my ass and start priming."Maybe tomorrow" is slowly creeping on "maybe next week" what am I afraid of? There's no way I love Berserk this much. I'm already halfway through 20 years of content. I dunno. I need to mow the lawn.I need to clean my house.I need to trick my dog insto not eating her tail. I need to find a reason. That bloodlust I used to feel.Soothed by the smooth descent of the sword. That wanderlust I used to feel that first step out the door. AdventureI cried with small torn bits of grass and soft gravel falling from my hand catching in the gentle plains' wind Now barely a whisper.       I guess I'm feeling a little lonely.  
Have You Ever
Have you ever felt you’re all alone? With an empty space within your heart And where you are, it never fells like home It’s like a cold place, it’s always dark Have you ever cried by yourself? Late at night with no one around And you feel your soul tearing apart itself As your tears fall with a deafening sound Have you ever felt lost not knowing? Who you are and what to do Not sure of where you’re heading or going Everything you had wasn’t so true Have you ever felt something’s missing? And no matter where you looked Nothing ever looked very promising It all seems as if it was all mistook Have you always kept this piece of hope? That would somehow someday Pull you through and help you cope While fate shows you the way Have you ever looked at anyone? And known that this is where you belong Like the way I know you are the one With a Heart fill with love so strong
Lesson Learned Not Decayed.
im real to a few people in "real life" but for the most a character...a novelty. that made my mind snap finally to not made for the new world order of the internet. i make music with technologically advanced machines at times but i use my real voice with real beats for real people. but i can be anti-social in front of a group of people haha. i dont need this. true emotions and "bonds" dont work for me here. at times i wish they did but thats a wish. and i'd rather wish my epilepsy away then find some wonderful connection online. im back to who i was...hands stained with paint...voice strained with singing. heart open and mind open. if there were any real feelings towards me...there must have been a relapse. to me...its all personal choice. its not torturing to seem unwanted online. hahah...ive been Jerm long before i had the internet. im a tangable being. im not someone hiding behind a matrix handle to say what i "really" want to. i do that daily
Locked Out Of Love
  I'm locked out of love, please let me in , i shall no longer pretend i see that you still have your key, open the door, so that i can mend i have done all i can, and still it wont budge , it just won't open for me i know what i said , I'm done for good , and I tossed away my key But I'm locked out of love ,I left on my own ,yet I still hear its call I just can't seem to block it out, nor can I get through this wall, helpless ,hopeless, anger just doesn't even begin to explain, why did I toss away ,my only key,I must have been insane, but I'm back, and feeling better after being reminded just how much, I need love in my life, like a one legged racer, needs a fucking crutch, or cane, or staff, a walking stick, I'm so useless with out affection, i thought it best to discard my key, foolishly for my protection, but I'm locked out of love ,and life to me now ,is not as it should be, I'm locked out of love, if you let me in ,that would mean the world to me..
Laughing Boy
The people call him laughing boy with a painted smile on his face   Simply because he has this title he gets invitations to every place.   He doesn’t seem to mind at all when they call him character or clown. He always has a smile to share when someone’s feeling down But truly he doesn’t like to be alone try reading between the lines   he plays the part of Laughing boy but when he’s alone he cries…
Why The Naked Pictures Were Removed
I just wanted to say to all that there were several reasons why my person NSFW pictures were removed from this site.  One, they were like eight to nine years old and I've changed a lot since then.  I've lost like almost 100 pounds since those pictures were taken, reason number 2, somehow those pictures were stolen from me and used against me in a place called Encylopedia Dramatica in embarass mee and me look like a monster to my underage friends who were NEVER meant to see them.  They were a mistake and I regret ever making them.
Drip Considered
What I put on these Bolgs are just a drip considered to the oceans of all the worlds! Glory to God Norio
I pour my heaart out like a broken clocks guts to get a better viewI our out my heart to make it better but really I have no clueWhat I am looking to fix I know it's broken but how to repairI pour my heart out to hear your thoughts pretending I am not awareA fool in love is a fool indeed in need of a lesson or twoI proved my self to be this fool for no one else but youI poured my heart out and there it sat you chuckled and passed it bylike a trash can full of flys not once or twice but every time I tryand every single time I pick it back up and shove it in my chest  I ' ve poured out y heart for the very last time you have shown me it's for the best
More Cancer News
Well mom came back from the doctors today and she recieved her cardio clearance for her surgery. They put urgent need for surgery and listed her stage as stage iv breast cancer. I did some research and although the doctors say they caught it early and she will be fine, it is very hard to focus. My mother say she is not worried but I have been crying all morning. I know that my mother will be sick for a while and that she will probably have to have radiation and chemo but hopefully what I read is not all true and she may be the exception to the rule. I am handling it a lot better then my brother though, he refuses to deal with it at all. He says he can't. Well what happens if something happens, he will have to deal with it then huh? I do not know what he expects, it will not just go away if he ignores it. Nothing ever just goes away if you ignore it. If you pray, please keep her in your prayers. Below is some info links on cancer and the stages.
A heart is so fragile so easily broken. yet we give it so freely. Freely given to make are meager existence worth liven. Freely given just to be torn apart. Torn apart, ripped and or shredded in to millions of tiny pieces. Then to be sheltered and guarded protected until you find the trusted one who rebuilds that fragile thing. Then rips it from your chest and tosses it to the ground. Grinding it in to the dirt. That fragile beating bit of life. You sit and wonder how you will go on. How will you find all the pieces. Buried in that tub of ice cream the tears fall like rain a heart so easily broken yet given out like candy.
So Sweet
If you were packaged and shipped to be sold, C&H would soon be poor From the inside of that beautiful toned skin , deep inside to the core If measuring you was a job to be done, and it was left up to me one drop of your sweat would be sweet enough, for any recipe If we were caught out in the rain, I would lose all my clothing to help cover my love from head to toe, to be sure that she did not melt and if you did I would lick the ground clean, as if it were my dish as the world watched they need not know, this was our final kiss If I could take all the birthday wishes and combine them to make one wish they would all be combined , so that I could find out how , you got as sweet as this
I Am
a stretching yawning bumbling fool   up with the morning sunhe struggles to focus and gather whats needed   for his day has just begunenough time to finish off a hot meal   and wipe away eye droolhe grabs his bag double checks his books   then this lad is off to schoolhe did ok in science and math   history was some what of a mysteryyet he some how managed a c+   in that the one true source of him miserythe English language, the nouns pronouns proverbs   it all made him sickthe teacher just looked at him her only advice   maybe you should just quitbefore disappointment before even trying   and he almost listened that moment of denyingdieinginside for if she was right   that would mean the end of his dreamshe consoled him by adding your quite good in math   but that hurt even more it would seem   years past no more class for our lad his math skills pay bills hes nearly reached the age of 30he often thinks of the low class t
Dj Kalibar
  Direct link is:  
what is wrong with my hands they move on their own as if they were possesedhammering out yet another short , yet rest is what I suggestthey wont listen to me I need to sleep but some how between wrist and mouthI have a bad connection perhaps I need to just cut both these bad boys off????they heard THAT I think they stopped moving for a second and then again , maybe notthe left extended a finger at me idle threats is all that I've gotwhile the right did a drum roll , as if he was waiting , comunicating with his life long comrademy head is so heavy , my eyes want to close so I will rest them on the mouse padif someone could please help me figure out how , to make them cooperate with the rest of my being , I am seeing no peace , and it's getting pretty lateim suprised though it seems , I have control of the keys they hit yet they wont stop typingthey are happy it seems as long as im up wide awake and I contiue writingso this is my cry for help from you all SOS mayd
Stanza 365 Week 13
Week 13 of Stanza 365 has started. Today's poem was the result of a bad case of writer's block. Day 85 Get Over Yourself Stop letting your thoughts get in the way, fear and self-doubt can only lead you astray. Just trust in your instincts and let yourself go. You know what your doing much better than you know. As always, you can find days 1-84 at
If lounge coding is not restored by 10 am pst I will be deleteing my lounge and my fubar acount I am tired of this crap why dont you all screw with the coding for blast and for happy hours screw u fubar I had it I take my 15 bucks a month and the money I spend on bling packs and invested some where else but wont mention names righ tnow
Mentally Wrong
I think I have a severe mental problem when it comes to doing any type of schoolwork. I have barely 4 weeks of classes left and I've managed to procrastinate a semester's worth of work into these last 4 weeks. Usually I start to feel a sense of urgency about now and start getting things done. Not the case right now. I don't want to do any of it. I feel very uneasy because if I don't I'll get kicked out of school. All the money and time my parents have put into me will have been wasted and I feel shitty because of it. I wanna cry. I feel a little more than slightly depressed. I shouldn't. I'm super excited because I've managed to find a new job. When I'm there I'm happy and try my best. When I'm doing anything related to school.. I dunno. I don't feel as if I'm doing anything. I'm wondering if I'm just lazy and selfish. I feel as if education is being forced upon me. I have no choice. That's not right though, because you can't force anyone to learn anything. I don't know what to
Hi There
well, so i have started my blog, now i dont know what to write about why don't ya'll gimme some things you would like to hear my point of view on
Blog Or Webl?
If blog is short for web log, couldn't it be easily called a webl as well?
A Politically Incorrect Joke, Funny Or Not :p
A teacher is teaching inner city school kids about farm implements with pictures and explains each one.  She gets to the hoe, and says"This is a hoe."  a little kid in back says "That ain't a hoe, my sister's a hoe, and she don't look nothin' like that!"
When A Fubarian Types
When a fubarian types, should they try not to have constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the fingers?
Dj Al On Air Pic
  Direct link is :  
Guys Online
Meh, Why does every guy that talks to you online and might be interesting have to ask for your number instead of asking if they can just add you to their buddy list? It is like you might have at some point later actually wanted to talk to them because they seemed alright but then they have to go and blow it by asking for your number. I do not get guys.
Im From The Stupid
smoker1134: i show you a pic of my dick and tell me what you think? me: Let me save you the time *laughs and laughs and laughs*
Muslim Swimwear
This was at a recent fashion show spotlighting the latest fashion in Islamic Muslim swimwear. Call me crazy, but it looks more like something you would wear for snow boarding or skiing.
Week 2- Day 1
What's up people?  Hope you had a good weekend. So it would seem that not a whole lot of people are interested in this, but I don't care so I'm gonna keep posting.  Lets get to Monday of week two.  I started with a good breakfast, some veggies, a slice of toast, and a couple of poached eggs.  1 glass of grapefruit juice, a glass of water, and a multi-vitamin.    Started with my normal warm up routine.  15 minutes doing that.  I don't recommend any specific routine, just anything that stretches your muscles and joints, as well as get's your heart pumping. After my warm up I moved on to the workout obviously, with a half liter thing of water.  Always be prepared.  I stuck with friday's routine to get me back into the swing of things for the week, so those of you who have read last weeks already know what i did.  For those of you who didn't here it is. 5 sets of 15 pushups 5 sets of 12 situps 5 sets of 16 squats 5 sets of 8 Pullups 5 sest of 8 Chinups 10 minutes of stretches 10
Lighting Cameraman
Lighting Cameraman Lighting Cameraman Bob McGowan - London based Professional Freelance Lighting Cameraman, Director of Photography & Camera Operator. I've been working out of London for more than 15 years. Visit my website here: lighting cameraman I've been lighting & filming dramas, promo's and corporate videos for sometime now and have extensive experience in all sectors of the media production industry. I have worked on many media production projects including many pop promo's, corporate work, commercials, dramas, short film and live productions. Have no problem taking direction and am reliable, punctual and easy to get on with. I come with my own kit which includes a Sony EX1 and a Z1 aswell as a whole bunch of other equipment including my own (congestion zone free) car. I also have extensive experience with many professional formats, including Panasonic / Sony / Ikegami Digitbeta, SX, HD and am confident working with 35mm or Super-16mm in addition to Standard Definition. I
the neighbors pit had puppies 2 days ago and this little guy was a runt and was being pushed aside so we were doggie sitting for a bit today and he got hungry
A Certain Someone
A certain someone complained that I have NO bbws in any of my folders, I put a few up, but should I put more?  A . Yay  B. Nay
Because Seven Eight Nine
“Come Lord Jesus be our guest, Daddy please sit down!”  Not the expected ending to Sarah’s prayer before she and I sat to eat breakfast this morning, but I need to be caught off-guard once in a while too!  I’d been up for a few hours since Martha and I worked out for forty-five minutes at Anytime Fitness, her on the exercise bike and me on the treadmill, and my wife had lain back down while I got ready for my day.  Now when I write in my journal and don’t write or paste anything else, I will not leave a gap that I’m planning to fill out later.  Later usually doesn’t get there for me, or at least I can think of things I’d rather do than later … but on another issue, since I was away from work as well as my usual online hangouts (sometimes I think hang-ups) that I would work backwards telling my interested readers about it.  And remind me how I felt.   Sunday night, we left Jeffrey with Grandma and Grandpa due to his getting out of
To Manually Set Fu Own Price
People have asked me how to manually set Fu own prices... Like the old way you go to own me then Buy member now just like before then set your own price...there you have to click in the price box and backspace, then add the new price... I hope this helps everyone Hugs Dana
Yeah. See Ya.
If you're wondering why you're being taken off my lists (here, and fb), you should focus on who's ass you're kissing, and who you're running and reporting to. I'm too old, too wise, and too busy with real life to entertain the idea of welcoming more drama into my life. If you're one who spreads it, or causes it, you're gone. Simple as that. Don't like it? Stop being a fucking two-faced, backstabbing cunt (that applies to guys, too).     UPDATE: I've deleted basically everyone, aside from a few that have proven themselves a friend to me. I will add back as I see fit.
This Needs To Be Said
Ok..I am so sick of the fucking haters on this site!..For fuck's sake this is a social site...I am no longer going to play anymore of the games that lil boys and girls play...deleting my pic..sending friends to scope me out..etc...     GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!   you know who you are!   and if i have offended you...good   i was actually being quite nice in the blog..the next time I cant guarentee that!   Mara  
Eating Better
copy blog Lately I have been feeling sick and hoping I could catch a trend at the timing and/or food intake now, I'm thinking of just going on a diet of sorts which hardly anyone follows so I probably wont stick with this plan either being pregnant, I wonder if following recipes on a diabetic cookbook would be a bad thing or a positive thing PM me or comment with healthy food ideas oh and btw I may be anemic but not diabetic, in case you are wondering what the hell is up with the blog settings?
Staesmanship Vs. Gamesmanship
There was a rare occurance yesterday and it actually began in the MuMMs.  One of the very conservative MuMMers and i exchanged a 'beer cooler' gift with a note of enjoy and cheers... We had skewered one another well and both chuckled over one another's jokes.  Here's the thing, it reminded me of our nation's history.  Until modern times, being members of the opposite party never meant hatred.   Both sides of the political spectrum used to be able to find commonground and compramise.  Winning meant helping the country not an agenda and folks used to be able have beers together regardless of political perspective.   Mean spiritedness was often left in the chambers and not in public.   Of course there were exceptions.  But on the whole our natiopn was built upon the principles of comprmising.   Would that that spirit would return.
Special Lady
the walks on the beach that we've shared are very nice altough we've only walked it twice everytime that our eyes may meet i want to stare into them and get lost in your eyes. I Feel that if i maintain the stare i will get lost in your soul i've thought about holding you in my arms keeping you warm and safe from harm as we sit and talk about this and that i often wonder how it would feel to kiss those warm soft lips. then i snap back to this world. I Think You Might Be The Girl For Me That I Can Keep By My Side And Share My Love And Friendship With I Think That you will be a very special gift To My World i Want To Hold You In My Arms and smell your lovely secent as we watch the sun set over the horizion as the sun says goodnight i want to lay a soft kiss on the side of your neck to say thankyou for shareing this lovely momment With Me. As We Sit Here And Talk About Small Things As We Leave The Beach And Head Back Home This Wonderful day With You Should End With A Very Soft Sweet Short
April 1st Is No Laughing Matter
So as most of you have heard, I got fired on April 1st. "Like," as the kids say, "for realz." I know a lot of you probably thought the status was an April Fools joke, and I can't blame you. If I'd been more clear-headed, I probably would have added something to the effect of it not being a joke, but it was all so sudden that I was totally off-guard. So what happened? Well, I'm still trying to figure that out myself, exactly, but here's the facts as I see 'em. Wednesday, March 31st, I got into a verbal confrontation with my boss over the phone. Without going into details, she heavily implied that I was lazy and lying to her (but of course, not in any specific wording that could be traced back to her). This isn't the first time that something like this had happened, and I'd had enough. I called her on it. I told her directly that I felt harassed and she was calling me a liar. She kind of hand-waved it off, but never strongly denied it. I very nearly walked out that day over it, but aft
Unimportant Randomness
I have very little vanity and a very self depreciative sense of myself... but yesterday a stranger here on fu paid me the one compliment i'll accept... she said i have nice eyes. so this morning as i was shaving i began to think.  I do have nice eyes and they're the one trait that time can not rob me of... too much smoking, drinking and weight have robbed me of any other physical quality that may have been attractive...(ok god robbed me of a pretty face at birth)... but my eyes still persist... they're my father's, mostly... anyhow, like the title says nothing important just a passing thought... DP
Walls Make Me Giggle
Okay, so I'm doing some spring cleaning and I've got these stains on the walls....yea, I know laugh it up...I have no idea what it is, as some of it made it to the top of my vaulted ceilings (about 12 ft) I tried Magic Eraser and it doesn't work on it, and I really don't want to rub the paint off, so any ideas on what else to use? I am thinking about painting the walls, which is a whole other ordeal, but I need the walls to be clean first.   Also, cleaning chemicals are the poor man's drug of choice  :D
Married Men, Naked, And More
Let's get this straight. You will not be seeing my naked. You may not know if my boobs are real or fake (figure it out yourself). I will not tell you what size they are. I will not cam with you. If you are in a relationship, married or whatever don't talk to me sexually. I don't want to hear it. If your wife isn't giving it to you, don't run on here thinking that you'll get something, especially from me. Because it's not going to happen. Maybe from a slut or a whore that has no self-respect. Maybe she will give you something. But I won't. I am a mother and I have a lot of respect for myself. I don't have time for games, so don't tell me that you're divorce or single when you're not. I'm not an idiot, I will find out. I'm looking for friends first above anything. Second, I like nice guys. Honest guys. If you don't like what i've said here, just delete me and go fuck yourself. Grow up people. Seriously.
No, Not These Morons
I gave a coat of primer yesterday and it dries in about 30 minutes to an hour. So this morning I'm doing laundry in the basement. I thought it's time to check these paint cans. They're all white meaning there is a tint that was added. Often there is a tag on top with what was used and the ratios. No, not these morons. I had to cut and pry the lid off of one and thank God there is paint. I stirred it good and placed some of that paint on a shim. I'll wait until it dries and take it to Home Depot since its their paint and try to match it. I am hesitant to use a Latex finish and I'm thinking of a oil based counter to it. I'll see what the young lady or a guy tells me. Never know, they might know what they're talking about? My mother would say that's my son doing hes nonsense messing with their head but in reality I'm curious and if there is no curiosity in you, hang your hat and take off your shoes. Sit and watch TV until that time. I did notice something. It was 73 degreese in here lat
The Losers Are Out
Thanks for the Thumbs Down. Hope you appreciate the #1s I gave ya and the buzz kill.  
Today I woke from a dream in which an unknown man had taken me by the hand and was leading me deep within a dim & hushed copse of trees. When a stranger leads you within a forest, you expect fear. However, there was cricket song, and moss soft beneath my bare feet and warm sure feeling that I would follow wherever he may lead. A stray sunbeam warmed my cheek, and life beckoned me. Waking was not at all what I had in mind. These days, I feel like I could sleep through the rest of eternity and never miss a thing that goes on without me. Each day seems to break with little more than the promise of survival to the next. Even in my bleak demeanor, at times, I realize that if you are not thriving, that if you are simply surviving, then in some ways you are dieing. Knowledge only brings joy when it pertains to art and stars. Knowing the dismaying gravity of my sanity does nothing to uplift me. It simply sinks me deeper, further. A soothing wash of grey that overcomes me as little blue pills
Pwease ( Puppy Dog Eyes)
 she had to make a new account they cant fix her old password for some reason shes real been on my list a long time with her old page can u share her out maybe pimp whatever u can or are willing to do
So here I am choseing to not go to school today because I want to get out there and find me a new job.  Nothing wrong with the one I have except the lack of management skills.  Me and a few others were taken off the schedule and the managers response was that were going to play it by ear this week because he needs to move stuff around schedule wise.  How much bull is that, I mean seriously dont schedule me to come in then when I come in take me off that day tell me to go home.  So I go home then 3 hrs later he calls asking me if I can come in.  Hell no you sent me home dont call me up to work when I should of worked in the first place.  So needless to say I need to find me a job with more compitent managers, the only reason I came back to my old job is because I needed something quick and they are supposed to start my management training back up from before, but I am not impressed with how things are going.  I guess we will just have to play it by ear and see what happens.
Very Realistic If U Dont Like Dont Read (i Wrote This)
  Fall From Grace Sister Caroline was troubled. It was late Friday night, and she lay in bed, unable to shake the multitude of thoughts running through her head. She had been a nun, and a teacher, for fourteen years now, and until recently it was all she ever wanted to be. She loved the church. She loved the children she taught at St. Mathews. Lately though, she began to think she had missed something. Six months earlier, as she sat in her favorite coffee shop as she did every Saturday morning, she met a man whom she recognized from the parish. He had approached her, and asked if she could spare him a few moments of her morning. His marriage was failing, and he needed someone to talk to. He had already spoken to his priest, a counselor, and sought the advice of close friends. She could tell he extremely depressed, and she listened to him it was apparent that he truly loved his wife. He told her of the advice that others had given him, that nothing he tried seem to work. They talked f
One More Lie
Just one more lie You try to tell One more bullshit story  you try to sell I will show you true pain Deeper still then even you have shown me My tears shed Will never compare to your blood bled I will make you pay For this heartache  and misery In every possible way It has taken me forever but I see the truth I see through you More then you can ever see me I know your passions your weeknesses Everything you want to be Of me you know nothing You've alwayz been blind to me So self consumed Simply driven by desire It's come the time to douse your fire As you bleed before me You'll finally know pain I will return every "kindness" that you've shown me I will do so slowly With a smile on my face  
Just Me Writing
The life is a play that does not permit trials... Therefore, it sings, laughs, dances, cries and each moment of your life lives intensely... ...Before that the curtain descend and the work finish without applauses. Hey, hey, smile! more you do not hide behind that smile... It shows that that you are, without fear. People they exist that dream of your smile, as well as I. Lives! Tries! The life does not pass from an attempt. It loves! It loves above all, housewife to all and to all. Do not you close the eyes to the filth of the world, do not ignore the hunger! It forgets the bomb, but before do something to fight it, although you do not sit down capable. It seeks! It seeks what there is of good in all and all. Do not you do of the defects a distance, and if, an approximation. It accepts! The life, the people, do of them your reason to live. It understands! It understands the people that think different to you, them do not reproach. Eh! Looks... Looks to your back, as many as friends...
Just Need A Break
     why is it when everything seems to be going great and u have all u can ever ask for life seems to rip everything from u and leave u to start over... i mean im engaged to a wonderful women and a great life then i deploy and the girl decides she loves another guy and cheats on me with him i lose 4 of my best friends in combat and am sent home blind in my left eye and now when at my lowest just trying to find someone honest and true the doctors tell me i have a either a brain aneurysm or a tumor... life just sucks im seriously at the point were i think i should just give up that im not ment to have a good life
Drinking Games
F.U.B.A.R. DRINKING GAME Shuffle a full deck of cards and scatter them in a pile in the middle of your table. One player goes at a time picking one card. They flip over their card, displaying it to everyone. Each card has a different rule as follows: Ace: Take one drink 2: Take Two 3: Take Three 4: Questions - You look at the person of your choice and ask them a question, they must answer your question with a question and it keeps going until someone screws up. Ex. What is going on? Why do you touch yourself? You don't have to question the person who questioned you either. Make sure to make eye contact. 5: Give five drinks 6: I never. This is where the person who flipped the card says something they have never done and anyone who has must drink. 7: Thumbmaster - This person puts their thumb down on the table whenever they want and the last one to put theirs down drinks. The thumbmaster can do this as many times as he wants until the next seven is picke
Amber Alert
I Heart You
I do not say I love you, For want of other words, Nor because I think, It is what you wish to hear.   When I say I love you, It comes from deep inside me, From a place that you have opened, A place that you have made.   So now I say I love you,
The Heat Is On
My nose is burned and the heat in Glasgow is mental. I mean its scorching, it's serious - that big burning ball of fire in the sky- 'The Sun' is making a comeback and Glasgow is its opening season.   We haven't seen 'The Sun' in ages, in fact we REALLY gave up on it, much in the same way we gave up on Madonna after she started collecting babies from dead mothers in Africa, we knew she couldn't go back to singing after that. Luckily Lady GaGa made a hat out of a fish tank and flashed her minge whilst singing big songs, she's great.   Anyway 'The Sun' hasn't been on tour in Scotland back last year, maybe August? It was a sell out show back then, everyone came out to see it and people were totally worshipping it, but for some reason - it gave up on public appearances in Scotland and left us for a better hemisphere. We got 'The Snow' - Yes that came and entertained us for a while, it was amazing, I mean it killed, it was a showstopper but we like 'The Sun' better.  
Uk More Than 1000 Website For Copy Uggs Closed Down
According to the UK news report, recently UK police closed down more than 1000 copy uggs website, due to many website made copys for ugg boots and sell to all over the world. Causing many customers damaged their rights. Reading above news, many people concerned that their buying uggs if those are authority. Now I will tell you some ways to difference the authority for the ugg boots. The first one: a very important one that is smell taste. Authenticity of pure wool, sub-straight hair and curly-haired, look smooth feel good, very soft and comfortable, made with sheep's clothing surface, the surface looked a bit plush feeling swept to one side, then there will be a different hair feeling, and then grasping points wool burned down, without the kind of taste like burning hair, it is certainly false wool. The second measure: is also very important move, UGG shoes, all of the yardage marked on both the security lines embedded in the inside, using ultraviolet light detectors can be according
12/30 - The Last Smile
  The Last Smile   I would die happy if... Many thoughts rush to be first in line to finish that sentence. Like kids clamoring around the ice cream truck, or racing to the next amusement park ride. Hell bent on just getting there and damning the consequences.   Sound familiar? How many sweet visions do you miss by keeping your eye on the prize? First place ribbons and trophies gather dust as do your memories of what made those victories worthwhile.   When was your last smile? No, not that one. Just being polite doesn't count. The smile I'm talking about is not just lips open wide chock full of teeth.   The smile that sends your blood rushing like river rapids toward the edge of a waterfall where sensations are too numerous to name. The one where everything stands still just to enjoy the deluge of happiness.   Climbing my favorite tree to find my special spot; Walking into any library or bookstore; Every time I step onto a plane heading anywhere, everyw
Bbq Bbq Bbq
watch and learn!  
How To Select The Most Appropriate Microsoft Certification
These certification programs do not only provide a new career Include Microsoft Certification to your resume and notice how it helps your career path. Microsoft has introduced many targeted certification programs. choice to those who are in search of a career, but also offers expertise improvement knowledge to those who are employed in different career fields.In case you are a Software Application Developer, you must consider adding MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developed) and MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) certifications to your resume. MCPD will sharpen your skills related to software development on a variety of platforms using Microsoft NET Framework 2.0. Those who want to improve their analyzing and designing expertise must certainly go for MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer). This will let you grab the chance of having complete knowledge of the application lifecycle from analysis through design, testing, development and maintenance.If you are a
ty 4 all the happy b days everyone
Join My Mafia !
Men Are Just Happier People
MEN ARE JUST HAPPIER PEOPLE   NICKNAMES    If Laura, Kate and Sarah go out for lunch, they will call each other Laura, Kate and Sarah.   If Mike, Dave and John go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla and Four-eyes.     EATING OUT   When the bill arrives, Mike, Dave and John will each throw in $20, even though it's only for $32.50.. None of them will have anything smaller and none will actually admit they want change back.   When the girls get their bill, out come the pocket calculators. MONEY   A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs.   A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn't need but it's on sale. BATHROOMS  
Rip Lee Ann
Ill always Miss you Lee Ann, You were by far one of the best people Ive ever meet. Your forever in my Heart, an you will neve leave. RIP  My Angel! you may be gone but you will never be forgotten in the hearts of many... as you told me word for word it apiles to you to quote "You are as precious as the air we breath,as fresh as a mornings rain, and as hot as a summer day." I Miss You Girl. RIP  My Angel. "Death is a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can steal" This song is called heaven was needing a Hero,  Just reminds me of Lee Ann
"ocean Of Love"
waves crashing into the night, swaying back and forth until it's light. don't sleep yet my love, i'm not finished yet. together we'll make a perfect storm, one you won't forget. deep into your ocean, i've traveled so far. as i gaze into your eyes i can see the shining stars. the tide is coming in, the shore is no longer bare. and we watch the sun rise together as i gently stroke your hair lbc
All About Attention
The only reason I post blogs, mumms, and even photos is attention, half the stuff I post is NSfW anyway, so no points, dayum!
Kitty Kelley Drops A Bomb
Author Kitty Kelley wrote that John Tesh and Oprah lived together. Who would have thunk it? Stranger things have happened in the world. I just can’t think of anything right now. Here’s the link BlastFM live with who ever is listening. 24/7 streaming music to your computer or smartphone.
Tired Of The Changes
I may be new to all this, but I decided to give it a try b/c a lot of people I know told me it was a great place to be. I am a member/staff of 3 lounges. How can we keep them maintained and in order if the site keeps changing things on us. Not just to the lounges but to our pages as well. I say put it how it was and stop playing with everything b/c your bored. Put it one way and leave it alone!
Miss. Confederate History Month ignores slavery By EMILY WAGSTER PETTUS, Associated Press Writer Emily Wagster Pettus, Associated Press Writer – Mon Apr 12, 6:50 pm ET JACKSON, Miss. – Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour drew criticism for proclaiming April as Confederate Heritage Month without mentioning slavery, the second governor this month to come under fire for the omission. Rep. Robert Johnson, D-Natchez, who is black, said Monday that people need to learn about the "abhorrent, violent, depraved actions of slavery." Virginia's Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, also named April as Confederate History Month but his original proclamation didn't mention slavery. After coming under national criticism, McDonnell last week revised it to denounce slavery as "evil and inhumane." Barbour, also a Republican who helped campaign for McDonnell last year, said Sunday on CNN that slavery was bad but a fuss over McDonnell's original proclamation "doesn't amount to diddly." B
The Skank Is "sorry"
From: I'm not buying what you're selling, Michelle. You KNEW Jesse James was married when you repeatedly slept with him. Sandy should take your apology and spit on it!Michelle ‘Bombshell' McGee is, like, really REALLY sorry that she had an affair with Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James. And - probably to extend her dwindling fifteen minutes of fame - she's now apologizing for her slutty behavior! "I'd like to say, ‘Sandra, you know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for your embarrassment, I'm sorry all this is public," the tattooed stripper told Australia's Today, Tonight show. She added, "I feel bad for Sandra, you know, I know what she's going through. She must be hurt, devastated, upset, embarrassed." Yeah, no kidding, Michelle. Because of YOU (and that dirtbag Jesse) Sandra, 45, feels that way. Nice going. The stripper's sob story continues...she says Jesse, 40, claimed his marriage to the Oscar-winner was on its last legs. Really? Because if a married dude
Too Bad
It is just TOO BAD that I am upsetting you with my status changes! (fu) anyway!  lol
neologism\nee-OLL-uh-jiz-um\noun; 1.A new word or expression. 2.A new use of a word or expression. 3.The use or creation of new words or expressions. 4.(Psychiatry) An invented, meaningless word used by a person with a  psychiatric disorder. 5.(Theology) A new view or interpretation of a scripture
Habit is the nursery of errors.  -  Victor Hugo
Twisted Reality
For my X~wife started December 11, 2007 finished January 27, 2008   Before you become interested in me. You might want to search your darkest fears. There you will see death. You will be looking at me.Your soul is the only thing that I do lack. When your life ends, trust me, I will not slack. When I retrieve your soul I will just be taking it back.   It was just for you on loan. Time for it to come back home. Cant have it wandering aimlessly, cant let it roam. Not like you, that mindless drone. Careful where you go, you wandering to close to my zone. Turn away and leave, this I dont condone. Stay away from me, I will show you true reality.   You come near me, your throat I will slit. Your blood on my face, it will spit. The look in your eyes , it will make you shit. Your soul when I do pull, that wasted life becoming eternally dull. Your life, pety and pathetic. You fucking make me sick. Your wasted soul from your chest, cant wait to rip. Your life soon, I will strip Your time,
The Sun Aint Got Nothing On Me
Sitting here inside my headDreaming dreams here in bedRunning round inside my thoughtsNever seeing what's in frontTossing, turning round and roundDrowning in the sorrow I foundDreaming of you the one I seeDreaming of times never thereDreaming of happiness, love and lifeDreaming of things no one can fightWhy do I sit hear in my head?Why do I care bout what's not there?Why do I dream of the one I see?Why do I care that person's not there.Will I wake from this painful dream?Will reality sink into place?Or will I lay here dreaming of things not so?Is He the devil setting me up?Sitting here inside my headDreaming dreams here in bedFinally the morning's comeAnd now I wake the dream is done.
What Is A Friend?
Here's some definitions of the word friend: 1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. 2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance. 3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade. 4. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement. 5. Friend A member of the Society of Friends; a Quaker. Now definition 1 is what I consider a friend.Here is how I feel a friend should be:A friend is there for you through thick and thin, a friend is a person you talk to on a regular bases not once a month or once in a blue moon. A friend doesn't talk about another friend behind their back. A friend comes to another friend with a problem or concern or question and not to someone else. A friend doesn't run away. A friend is always honest with you. A friend doesn't test a friend in ways that could incriminate them. A friend stands beside you no matter what, whether you're in the right or i
Sinful Pleasures Auction
          Want to own Lizzie? Now's your chance to bid on me!!!! It's easy peazy =) Bids under 1mill:rate pics, stash, buy gifts of choice 2-3x or more per week Bids OVER 1mill:same as above, but will add to top friends, give yahoo messenger, SFW salute, owned by in my name CASH BIDS:(incl. fubucks, and VIP, bling packs, etc)rate pics, stash, comments, bling owner, top friends, yahoo messenger, top family, owned by in my name, 1 SFW salute, 1 NSFW salute, possibly negotiate phone number IF I get a VIP I’ll rate you 11s!!! Also the person with the highest bid, will get to fu-own me! How easy is that??? click below :)   Brought to you by: SinKitti IDGAF at Club Destiny         Fu-Owned Auction™ 11 "Sinful Pleasures Auction" (running from Sunday, April 11th - Saturday, April 17th" !!!!         bully posted by: Boobalicious Paper Doll@ fubar    
How To Make Your Cell Phone Conversation Secure
With the development of science,hackers,eavesdroppers and thieves are all out there-however,you can prevent them from accessing your secrets. So,how to make your cell phone conversation secure is very important. I came into my favorite coffee shop and found myself about 12th in line for some much-needed caffeine last August. The man in the front of me answered his Blackberry Cell phone which is from China Wholesale,his voice booming all over the crowded café as he ordered last-minute gift. Suddenly, he reached the counter and clearly recited his name, the card’s security verification code, credit card number and full address -- twice. He launched into a third call, sharing the same details after paying for his order. It’s hard to say whether his credit-card account was in more jeopardy from the laptop-equipped customers at the next table who might well have been quietly typing down the information as he repeated it-- or from s
** Auction **
The Color Code
The Color Code Definitely Blue Congratulations, April, you are a BLUE personality. The Core Motivation that drives you through life is "Intimacy". It is important to note that this does not mean sexual intimacy. BLUES need connection - the sharing of rich, deep emotions that bind people together. As a BLUE, you will often sacrifice a great deal of time, effort, and/or personal convenience to develop and maintain meaningful relationships throughout your life. BLUES seek opportunities to genuinely connect with others, and need to be understood and appreciated, especially by their partner. Everything you do as a BLUE has to be quality-based, or you won't do it at all. You are incredibly loyal to friends, employers, employees, and above all to your significant other. Whatever or whomever you commit to is your sole (and soul) focus. As a BLUE, you love to serve and will give freely of yourself in order to nurture the lives of others. BLUES have distinct preferences and are the most co
Flea Market Tupelo Sundau - M4m - 45 (flea Market)
Saw you at the flea market Sunday afternoon. It was in the second bldg front restroom. There is not a seperator between urinals. You were very hot !!! Tell me something so I know it's you We did chat a little. Thanks   How much conversation is going on at the urinal?? What do you talk about? Men: have you ever 'peeked' at the guy next to you? P.S. I copied and pasted the title as it is on craigslist. :) I think he meant 'Sunday' though ;).      
A "thank You" For An Amazing Weekend...
Check the blog below and to the left with the same title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
A "thank You" For An Amazing Weekend...
Well, it was a pretty crazy weekend to say the least. About 2 ½ years ago I hit level 28. To most these days, that’s pretty well , normal. So my birthday was this past Saturday. Usually when people say they are going to do things around here, or help out or whatever, I give the usual “cool ok” speech and really don’t expect it to ever actually happen. Call me jaded but that’s just the way I am and have kind of been used to being for a long time. Blah Blah right. It also saddens me to hear that so many don't even take the time to say "thank you" when someone does something for them around here...So anyways with that in mind, I would really like to thank everyone that did anything, from an ability point , to a rate, to a blast to a Happy Hour, whatever it may be that you did to help me get not only to Level 30 on my birthday but Level 31 within the same 24 hour period. I’m actually still kinda shocked about it really. So if you’re not on the list below, don’t be offended in any way, hop
Sarah Moir Home
Sarah bursts into the room playing virtuosic and well known pieces, accompanied by an upbeat backing track which engulfs your guests with dramatic, gorgeous sound. She wears a stunning outfit of your choosing depending on the formality of your function, costumes ranging from a full length, fully sequined evening gown with a train to a playful electric violin, short, red ruffled number. Sarah performs her show both on and off the stage, roving around the tables of your guests and engaging them personally.
Sexy Pagan Nymphs United Against Priest/eses Of Political Correctness, Meeting At 9pm Est.
**taken from**   Types of Pagans   Now for those of you who are new, and have never encountered persons calling themselves pagans, witches, goddess-worshippers, here's how to tell us apart--with a healthy bit of tongue in one's cheek.Is this the first time you've seen this many pagans together? Well, you're in for a deflowering, young earth-worshipper, and you've come to the right place. However, you should realize that there are many, many types of pagans. In the old day's, we old farts just had to keep making the rounds until we either found a group that wouldn't kick us out or founded our own clique. But now, progress has brought us many different flavors to choose from.    1. Bright-Eyed Novice:    You just read this cool book about a religion where there's a Goddess and a God, and they meet outside in nature, instead of some scary old building. They think sex is GOOD not evil, and you want to know where to sign up.    Distinguishing Signs:    Mispronounces god/de
This Devil-worshipping Crap Is Hard Work.
**taken from**   Tips For Evil Cult Members   -Pick one faith and stay with it. Dilettantism is the mark of an amateur. -Familiarize yourself with the specifications for sacrificial victims, and ensure that unacceptable substitutes cannot be unexpectedly introduced into the ceremony. If the penalty for not-to-specs work is death and/or mutilation, consider working for a more fault-tolerant deity. -Avoid needless embarrassment. Practice the correct pronunciation of your deity's name in the privacy of your own room before chanting it in public. -Flash cards are often helpful. -Before agreeing to impregnation by a supernatural being, investigate the survival rate of the other women who have undergone the procedure. -Never invoke anything bigger than your head. -Eschew deities whose followers are all young; such faith groups usually employ an unpleasant retirement procedure. -Avoid all cabalistic jewelry over ten pounds in weight -- it attracts unwelcome attention
My Mother
Today is no different than any other Monday. My mother will tell you, I love my son, but he is nothing but trouble. He was born exactly as I was told. Demons and ghosts separated company. Devil could not be found. The Masters instructs him but he hunts them as prey. I could never tell a lie without him knowing or with hold anything before he would force me to tell him. Hes God is not the god I follow. Hes God demands no excuse but each and every time he has got it right. I love my son, but no one like him, I worry how he'll make out? I wonder how I'll make out? Jerome and Opthillio, how am I making out? Expectation met or am I a failure? Does it matter? Hell and Damnation doesn't follow me does it? I wonder how I'll make out? Glory to God Norio  
I R Reel Witchy N Stuffz
**taken from**   How to Become A Witch in Nine Easy Steps   In the 20th century it was fashionable to be interested in the New Age. This is now a dreadful faux pas within the alternative scene, and in order to be accepted in the 21st century metaphysical social set, one must have an interest in Witchcraft or Paganism. Of course, you don't have to actually belong to a coven in order to be thought of as a Witch, you can bluff your way into being accepted as a fully fledged Witch simply by knowing a few terms and dressing accordingly. This brings us to... Rule # 1: Image is Everything. After all, what's the good of being a Witch if nobody knows you are one? You must therefore wear black at all times. If possible, stay out of the sun until you become really pale, as this makes the effect even better. For women (and adventurous males) dark eyeliner and black nail polish can enhance this look. Also wear crystals and cheap occult paraphernalia at all
[+1 Magic Box]
My gubment monies came in.So did my paycheck andmy big box o' magic. (one hour later) Man these new tools Ro~ck. The diamond treated files were worth the extra ... $3. Seriously. So precise, so sturdy! And pretty fine too considering I'm using surfaced metal with a treatment to file plastic. I may have wasted my money on a couple things though. The pin vise I have comes with six (unlabeled) drills. The largest one in the set is TINY. And its slightly bigger than the set of drills I have. I have 30 drills each one incrementally smaller than the last. The smallest is about twice the width of a strand of hair. Seriously. So the 30 drill bits I ordered might be overkill, but I'd rather have over than under. If I could thread some metal or fiber glass filiments through the holes... MADNESS! Anyway, if I run into a situation where I need a BIGGER bit I'll have to special order em. I think I did the conversion on these things though I have up to five milimeters I think.On a mediu
This Is A First For Me So Im Just Going To Type Something
To rise and fall to shine and shimmer to clammer shield and sword umong the mightiest. The sight of gushing blood the feel of shattering bones the sound of clattering steel and the smell of blood sweat and shit upon the sand. Surrounded by titans in armor evading countless strikes blocking continuous blows. Shields bashing blades clashing throuts slashed skulls bashed until only one stands the victor the gladiator the champion of Rome.
To All U Beggers Whiney Sons Of Bitches
You Tell Me
I wonder...what is the difference between love and infatuation? And can infatuation turn to love?   All you wordly wise people out there...enlighten me.
Umm How I Lost It?
Well guess I will blog about this...seems a lot of yall want to know how I have lost the weight...honestly its just working out and running/ walking 3 or 4 days a week, watching what I eat, (portion control works, lol). As for the other question it has taken me 3 years to lose 153 lbs and as of today 2 years to lose 100 inches! I am excited cause I just bought a new swim suit :D and it's 2 sizes smaller than last year! It has been a long road but I am a size 13/14 for the first time in 8 years! Anyway, I hope that answers your questions! 
Hate List
The following in no particular order are things that I hate: 1. People who allow their children to do as they please to avoid having to deal with them 2. Bad drivers...a turn signal is there for a reason. FUCKING USE IT!! 3. People who smack their food. 4. Mushrooms - not the magical kind that gets you high but the other kind 5. People who say "I've never had a headache." I will kindly stab you in the head with an ice pick so you will have a headache. 6. "Cliff" hanger episodes of my favorite shows. 7. "Cheerleader preppy" people (Go, fight, win. FUCK YOU DAMMIT) That's all I can come up with currently, I'm sure there will be more to come. Feel free to list your hates in your comment.
My Craptastic Poetry, Part 5, Disturbed And Twisted.
MORBIDby DAMAGODDESS"She's not a normal child" they say."Too precocious, too intellectual.Why does she talk that way?" they say."With no emotion, no inflection?"The other toddlers finger paint.She draws and colours in the lines.She creates scenes of death and gore.Something is wrong with this child."She's just a little Morbid" they say."From such a good Christian home.Such a shame, such a shock" they say."Did Satan mark this little angel's soul?"The other girlies giggle and point.She reads of ancient battles and graves.She imagines she is a queen or king.Something is wrong with this child."She's just a little Morbid" they say. "Something might be wrong with her mind.She won't grow up to kill" they say."Jesus will save her from shame.".The other children grow and talk. She does not try to reach out.She's a beauty but they do not touch her.They all steer clear of Morbid. "She's just a little Morbid" they say. "It's just a phase that will go away. She'll stop flirting with the devil so
I Go With A Black Hat
I go with a black hat to pray in synagogue, I am what is known as a black hatter. To be politically correct, should I be known as an African-American hatter?
Dear Fubar
Dear Fubar ... I am not trying to be difficult or even accusatory I am just trying to understand so that I and others can make sure not to cross you mumm restriction lines again. In the past I have attempted to email and ask for clarification as to why these things happen however that has not turned out very well for me and I never get an answer or direction   Today I posted the following mumm       the result being it was removed for violating your rules and I am banned from commenting As this is not the first time I have had this happen for a mumm of this nature and I am not the first one I am hoping someone from fubar would be willling to address our questions as to what it is we are doing wrong so that we can avoid doing it in the future   thank you        
Now researchers at Tulane University provide the strongest evidence yet against the use of spanking: of the nearly 2,500 youngsters in the study, those who were spanked more frequently at age 3 were more likely to be aggressive by age 5. The research supports earlier work on the pitfalls of corporal punishment, including a study by Duke University researchers that revealed that infants who were spanked at 12 months scored lower on cognitive tests at age 3. "I'm excited by the idea that there is now some nice hard data that can back up clinicians when they share their caution with parents against using corporal punishment," says Dr. Jayne Singer, clinical director of the child and parent program at Children's Hospital Boston, who was not involved in the study. Among the mothers who were studied, nearly half (45.6%) reported no spanking in the previous month; 27.9% reported spanking once or twice; and 26.5% reported spanking more than twice. Compared with children who w
Saying Thanks....
To often we don't say thanks to our friends,family or some1 that does something nice for us. I regret not being able to be online hardly ever,anymore,to say hello n thanks to old and new friends. So I'd like to thank you all,new and old right now.To the old friends,I miss you n haven't forgotten about you,thank you for being my friend. To the new friends,thank you for the kind words and the interest in having me as a friend. I will try my best to be around at least occasionally and to return messages/gifts.To those that requested an add that I didn't accept yet,I'm sorry and it's only because you either have no salute or only one or 2 pics,some of them not even of yourself,in some cases.I will gladly accept friend request if you have a salute,or add more pics of yourself.I'm very sorry for that,but since ex hubby is back out on the street,I'm very careful as to who I add as a friend because my friends here have access to just about everything I post. Thank you all for understanding. I
Where Are All The Married People
I am married woman looking to create friendships but no takers on here cuz most of the people on this site are under 30...what is a older woman suppose todo? Plus this site is confusing..anyone want to please!!!
If stupidity were a crime, at least 85% of the American people would be in prison!  A. More B. Less
To celebrate their graduation from College, once every ten years a group of buddies get together to celebrate their friendship. In their 30's the question becomes: Where are we going to go for dinner? Answer from the crowd: Let's go to Franchesco's. Their waitstaff wears really low cut tops. In their 40's the question becomes: Where are we going to go for dinner? Answer from the crowd: Lets go to Franchesco's Their waitstaff wears really tight outfits. In their 50's the question becomes: Where are we going to go for dinner? Answer from the crowd: Lets go to Franchesco's they serve a really good steak. In their 60's the question becomes: Where are we going to go for dinner? Answer from the crowd: Let's go to Franchesco's. They have the best Martinis. In their 70's the question becomes: Where are we going to go for dinner? Answer from the crowd: Let's go to Franchesco's. They have handicapped parking right by the front door. In their 80's the question becomes: Where
Rude Remarks
Why do fubarians of a certain stripe feel they need to leave rude remarks in someones's chatbox  or mumms??  Rude as in sexually charged, or in my case Antisemitic remarks?
My Bs...
I have a knack, a special talent, if you will... Now, now. Those of you with minds in the gutter likely believe that I am about to reference some depraved thing of muscled limbs or slick orifices. I wish it were something that petty, that amusing.   No, I have what I refer to as a "freak beacon". The wounded, the emotionally maimed, the psychologically clumsy seem to flock to me. Often, this is good for a laugh. Occasionally, one will seem particularly poignant to me. My sympathy aroused, I will take the poor soul under my wing and offer my meager strength. Like most wounded creatures, these people have a tendency to "bite". I am not afraid of a few teeth, but the wounds bleed faith, and I am getting weary.   I tend to agree with the people here who have noted that posting a ton of silly rules on your profile is vain and annoying. Anyhow, not many of you lovely folks tend to stick to your own rules, so you can assure when I see them on your "about me", I grant them the same respect
My Craptastic Poetry, Part 4, Twisted Fucks Who Read Too Much.
STITCHESby DAMAGODDESSShattered nothings, fumbling in the dark for the chaotic pieces of their yesterday. Answers dance in the shiftless void, waiting to be chained to reason.Syncophantic fissures consume them, feeding on their twisted web of fate.Pieces of the whole, bound in a million different broken promises.The body succumbs with ease, desire the primal scream to which attaches no cognition.Clawing fiercely from the undertow, drowning in the rhythm of being taken.Anything for oblivion, for a moment's reprieve from the weight of the pain, the burden of the broken.Serenity is a distant dream, so the fallen take their solace in the turbulence.The mind resists the body's urging, begging to be left within its hell.Tortured genius is no pretty companion; she is a cruel Mistress with a heavy hand.Monsters born in countless waking nightmares, mutilating the synapses with greedy fangs, Making it weep blood and vomit agony and succor on the hopes of impossibility.The heart strains against t
She Wonders
She wonders of my ability,As the sun shines on her hair.Can I get in her mind,Secure my place in there. To be in this beautys thoughts,For her to think of me and smile.To have her wonder of me,Across these hundreds of miles. For this beauty,With hair that came from the sun.Today I enter her mind,My journey to her heart has now just begun.
It's been too long, home at last home at last I brush back your hair and gaze down at youQuietly watching you curled safe in our bednuzzling your neck, softly I whisper in your ear.My sweet loving pet, your Master is homeyou lay deep in slumber wrapped in my robe, peacefully dreaming of pleasures sharedA smile like a wolf's flickers over my lipsI sit next to you feeling your warm fleshI slowly expose your silken skin to my touch.I wet My finger in My mouth to write my namebetween the mounds of your full ripe breasts,warm letters spell out my love upon your skin,I blow gently over them, My breath cooling. . .soft tingling breeze, like mint on the tongue.smiling, wriggling deeper into your dreams,you quietly sigh and part your legs for me,I watch over you in the flickering candlelight,like a wolf watching over his sleeping mateMy sweet loving pet, your Master is home
Warm breeze blows into the bedroom window, the moon is pouring over us in a silver wave. aching I watch it's flowing gentle movement rippling slowly over your pale smooth skinThe beauty of your glowing body beckons me to touch, to taste, to love it's graceful expanse, from your forehead to toes, fingers to noseHow I hunger to know you so completelyTo gladly find all the wondrous places that bring you such sweet pleasure. forging bonds that tie your heart to mine,two hearts beating wildly together as one.
The best way to get territories is by 10 at a time. Problem is planning ahead. So this should help some of you. With this, you'll know what to save up for in advance. Skyscrapers: 10 costs 200M 20 costs 400M 30 costs 600M 40 costs 800M 50 costs 1Bil 60 costs 1.2B 70 costs 1.4B 80 costs 1.6B 90 costs 1.8B 100 costs 2Bil Casinos: 10 costs 500M 20 costs 1Bil 30 costs 1.5B 40 costs 2B 50 costs 2.5B 60 costs 3B 70 costs 3.5B 80 costs 4B 90 costs 4.5B 100 costs 5B Outlet Shopping Strips: 10 costs 750M 20 costs 1.5B 30 costs 2.25B 40 costs 3B 50 costs 3.75B 60 costs 4.5B 70 costs 5.25B 80 costs 6B 90 costs 6.75B 100 costs 7.5B Office Buildings: 10 costs 1.25B 20 costs 2.5B 30 costs 3.75B 40 costs 5B 50 costs 6.25B 60 costs 7.5B 70 costs 8.75B 80 costs 10B 90 costs 11.25B 100 costs 12.5B
Mercury And Venus Over Paris
Naughty Application
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s) 4. Do you think i'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Three sum? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Do you like fore play? 23. What is fore play to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
Come To Angel Face
Walk Naked In America Day
            WALK NAKED IN AMERICA DAY Don't forget to mark your calendars.
Friend N Family
Just Making This Lil Note 2 Let U Know I Wont B Doing My Daily Comments 2 The Ones The Wont Repay Me U Will Get A Rate n A Comment When I See That u Did Me N  I Know That U Do Them Daily u Will Get Them Daily From Me Its 2 Much Work For Me ..Why Help When Ur Not Going 2 Help Ur Self I'm Here 2 Help Others As Much As I Can I Try 2 Get All The Auto's On My List 1st But Sometimes There Are 2 Many But If There Are More Then I Can Rate I Try To Get The Ones That Dont Hardly Get Auto's 1st . Then The Ones That Has Auto's All The Time I Rate Atleast 250 too 500. If U Know Me Well I Do As I Say. And Another Thing If Ur On Family List U Would Get A Bling Each Week If I Have It That Week .It Might Not B Much But Hey Its the Thought That Counts. . I Have Been Cleaning Out My List So I Will B Reranging Friends 2 Family Or Family 2 Top Friends . I'm Just Going By What I See... If i See U Bomb Me Each Time U Have One U Will B On My List 2 Get Them Bk XOXO
Manditory Staff Meeting
Manditory Staff Meeting 4/18 - 9:00 pm EST. Please leave a comment below stating if you will be there. No comment & no show means you no longer have a position with Bad Habitz until you can find more time to come in... I have sent this to you in both yim and fubar... there is NO reason for no responce.   Meeting will be held in here Please subscribe prior to the meeting... it will be changing to members only. Thank you
Please Help
I am putting my business to the side for a while because i am trying to raise 1300 dollars for my buddy angel who has an arachnoid Cyst on her spine and needs surgery within the next 3 months or she will be wheel chaired for the rest of her life as well unable to have children. I will be donating as well. Hit me up if your interested in placing donating to my cause. I have set up a pay pal account and she will receive every dime. I will have pics of her soon enough so people can see her. Everything helps even a dollar. For info on Arachnoid Cyst go to
we have grown into adulthood with many different veiws and opinions. we have a deffinition of immortality but is it meant in the sense we think? maybe not.    ive thought long and hard over a theory of immortality and it turns out it is immpossible for the body and mind to withstand the destruction of time.   however it is very possible the immortality is in the name itself. for instance:  george washington will be in our books and teachings forever. he, through his actions and accomplishments, has achieved immortality.  adolf hitler did great things, terrible yes but great. he will be one of the many tyrants whose name will live forever.    so do u think that the meaning of immortality is wut we have grown to think it is?   give me your input wether it be positive criticism or it be an arguement against my theory. it will be appreciated
World's Deepest Known Undersea Volcanic Vent Found/was Posted By Expedition Logo Scientist Rrs James Cook
  LONDON – Scientists using a remote-controlled submarine have discovered the deepest known volcanic vent and say the superheated waters inside could contain undiscovered marine species and perhaps even clues to the origin of life on earth. Experts aboard the RRS James Cook said they found the vent more than three miles (five kilometers) beneath the surface of the Caribbean in an area known as the Cayman Trough, a deep-sea canyon that served as the setting for James Cameron's underwater thriller "The Abyss." Volcanic vents are networks of small cracks that penetrate deep into the earth's crust, where temperatures can reach 750 degrees Fahrenheit (400 degrees Celsius). Sea water seeps into the openings, where it's heated to extreme temperatures and expelled into the icy cold of the deep ocean. Minerals in the water precipitate as it cools, creating a smoke-like effect and leaving behind towering chimneys. The spectacular pressure — 500 times stronger than t
I came online to this little tidbit: Suga Lips: what in the fuck? BIGSEXXY: let me introduce you to my lizard.if you are interested e-mail me back BIGSEXXY: hi there sugar lips
Frightening Visage
So I went and donated blood a little a while ago. As usual, it didn't particularly go well for me, but something else happened that made me laugh.   This other woman was in there, and it was her first donation. She looked over at me at one point, apparently I was rather pale, almost made her not want to go ahead with it.   Ok not "that" funny, sue me.
I find it strangly trying that Most of my blogs draw very little attenion and reamin largely unread.  It seems the only time they really draw any readers and/or comments is when they are angry and hurtful towards folks here on fubar... and those are the entries I'm least proud of, whether i feel i was right or wrong. When I first joined fubar it was to blog, but I had hoped to blog mostly about politics, maybe some poems and stories.  So I am going to try to get back to that, it's more of who I am and I hate being taken out of myself. To conclude... I will try not to let Fu be real enough to get wrapped in it...  I'm going back to doing what I love writing... editorials, poems and stories.  If I've pissed you off fogedaboud it... that was yesterday and I'll probably do it again, if you've blocked me..., what do I care... and why the hell would you be reading this? Have fun, and enjoy... embrace chaos whenever you can. DP   P.S.: no one will ever again tell me who i can or can't b
Lay There And Hate Me - Ben Harper And Relentless.
Lay there and hate me Lay there and burn One side to the other You toss and turn Never trust a woman, never trust a woman Who loves the blues Mistake number one, I made it three times a day We'd best talk over how there is nothing left to say I feel like an underpaid concubine Who has overstayed her welcome You gave me an eight-page letter front and back Written in your favorite colors, blood and black Choose your words as careful as you'd choose your own gravestone You lay there and hate me, better than being alone Had to fight your way in, you got to fight your way out Ain't no fool like the fool you love So let me hear you shout Shake down, break down Just can't sit still You cut off your hair and sold it For your pretty little pill I've learned some things about myself I wish I didn't know You gave me an eight-page letter from front and back Written in your favorite colors, blood and black You choose your words as careful as you'd choose your own gravestone You lay there and hate m
Mayer Music Monday
I've talked about my love for John Mayer before.  I know people think he's a douche.  I think he's honest and has every right to be proud.  Anyhow, my love was rekindled this weekend after seeing him for the 6th or 7th time on Saturday night...first time in 8 years, though.  It was as great as I remember.  So here's a John Mayer playlist to get you through Monday.  There's at least one song from every album, I think (Inside Wants Out EP, Room For Squares, Heavier Things, Contiuum, Battle Studies and even a version of Something's Missing with John Mayer Trio).  These are some of my favorites, popular and not. 1.  Neon (acoustic)2.  Comfortable3.  Victoria (it says Inside Wants Out, but that's the name of the EP)4.  City Love5.  Something's Missing6.  Who Says7.  Man on the Side8.  Assassin9.  Sucker10.  Daugthers11.  Gravity12.  Stop this Train13.  Great Indoors14.  Why Georgia Also, pro
My Love
  Pure of heart and soul he flew in like the wind from the North.  His heart like mine in ways that not even I can explain.  He became that knight in shining armor that every woman dreams will save her from the destruction of a world so cruel and unkind.  Dreams that were only fantasy for so long have started coming true.  Finally have I found the things in life that I can cherish and deserve?  Will he finally show me what love is and how to love others in ways that have always eluded me?  How can this finally be happening to me?  Have I finally done the right things and made the right choices that those above have finally noticed me and gave me something and someone deserving of a fallen angel?  My love has grown deep for a man I barely know and fear rises everyday wondering if he will finally turn into that monster that all others have shown in time.  I expect what always has been yet stay open minded enough to know that maybe this time things will be different because I have finall
  I sit alone listening to the silence of my tears as they flow like rivers from blue skies.  The sound of my voice just thunder echoing through the hollowness of the empty room.  My heart shattering like glass upon the cold hard ground of winter from the hurt that I have inflicted upon a love I have loss.  The daylight poison like the venom from a black widow striking its prey.  The moon losing its glow as each day comes to an end.  The empty space beside no fault but my own.  I long to have him near me as my skin grows cold.  A love had is now a love lost from words that never should have been spoken.  As boxes get packed and lives rearranged nothing said or done can be erased.  His love was pure and kind as the rain on summer’s day.  I took it for granted and misjudged what was give.  In the end I’ve caused a loneliness that I can never explain.
Funeral Lies?
The company that donated money to help pay for Corey Haim's funeral stopped payment on the check it sent the family ... claiming the money wasn't being used for Haim's funeral at all. Startifacts, a celebrity memorabilia company that had been auctioning some of Haim's stuff, had donated $20,000 to cover funeral expenses. But after a series of back and forth emails with Haim's brother-in-law, Mark Alexander, the company learned the funeral had already been paid for by the funeral home -- and its money was going to be used for Corey's mom's cancer treatments. A rep for Judy Haim, Corey's mom, tells TMZ Judy's medical bills are completely covered and she has no idea why Alexander gave Starifacts the wrong idea. Haim says the funeral costs were indeed all covered by the funeral home's donations fund -- and she was raising money to reimburse them. Either way, Startifacts feels burned by the whole ordeal and, as of now, has no intention of sending another check.  
Please Check Out My Video On Youtube!
Check out my first video, let me know what you think. Rate, comment & share with your friends. Thank you -Diamond Dave
A Note From Peyton
Hello WORLD!!!   Peyton here & I have a few things I would like to say or discuss if need be. I hope I don't offend anyone when I do this.I just would like to clear the air.I hate to know I have hurt anyone. Its about my friends and family list. I have had some come to me and say wow I went down in ranks when I should be going up or that the one in first are usually the ones you love the most. I am writing to clear all this up now. Fujeff will always be my number one don't know how I put him 2nd in family unless one of the other girls got on here,point is this,he will always be number 1 in both areas. He is very dear to me and has been since I come here I think around a couple of weeks ago now.We are going bike riding next month and I think it will be awesome.He stole my heart with his charm and intellect in talking to me.Very smart man.He is very cool. As far as who is after that has nothing to do with how I rank our friendship. I wished I could put all of you first but I can
Free Enterprise
Been working on my website  
sooo bored i just moved down five weeks ago and theres nothing to do, does ne one no if theres ne theing fun to do here??
Real Men...
This is from the second movie. It's got Rocco from the first one. Enjoy [video in comments]
Then There Was That First Little Bite....
As of this moment, I just saw someone upload a mobile picture so I'm wondering if there is a FuBar app I could get for my IPhone. I only joined a few days ago (well duh, num nuts), and I'm finally figuring the ins and outs of the site. I've started making some friends, some on account of random questions, and others because I don't mind answering the pervy questions. It's not like drunk guys in bars don't ask the same things to your face, and it's a lot more comfortable online. I am always online, and no I'm not some loser with nothing to do, I just work on my computer all the time, or my phone. And yes, it is very boring! I'd rather be somewhere, anywhere, even another part of my house. Oh well, tough shit. Back to work.
Friends Only Blogs
My blogs are friends only now but I am tired of morons with no pics of themselves and/or salute coming into my blogs and treating them like the MuMMs. If you do not like it then you do not have to come to my blogs anymore. I don't give a fuck either way. Just trying to cut down on the bullshit because I am seriouslly not in the mood anymore.   I am not here for your popularity contest nor do I give a fuck about being in one myself. I took my GED the day I turned 17 because I was sick of dealing with it then and I really do not have time for it here anymore either. Either you like me or you do not. 
Proposal Of The Priestess Of Fire !
(I Want To Become A Bird Then Soar Away High Into The Sky With Hope Has My Goal Although It Seem's To Lie So FarAway...) (If I'am able To Face What Lie's Ahead And What I See Before Us Now,I Won't Have To Fear What Tomorrow Bring's Or Being Hurt....) (I Want To Fly Away High Atop This Breeze With These Wing's Called Courage,Toward's The Ocean's Of My Dream's...) (I Want To Become A Bird,And Hang On To What I Feel For You,Then When I Look Down And See The Reality Of Our Passing Day's...) (If We Give In To Our Dream's Like Bird's In Cloudless Skies We'll Become One...) (On A Moonlite Starry Night,We'll No Longer Have To Fight,And Our Heart's Will No Longer Be Sore,Then We'll Be In The Light Of Our Love!!Just Like The Bird's Amongst Us in Our Life Our Heart's Will Be Bound So Tight Then We Will Be Able To Take Flight....) (Amongst The Bird's Of Life With A Love So Bright And Pure We'll Never Want For More In Our Lives And Kingdom Of Our Dream's My Love.......)   (Written By:: "XvS
to go to the gathering i need 1200 .... its either the gathering or  back to texas
Nightmare's Of Old !
("Welcome" To The PlayGround Of Eteral Serenity ....You May Worry, You May Run,- But You May Never Escape The On Coming Dusk And The Spirits Witch Guide...) ("You Will Find A Garden Where The Water Flows And The Flowers Bloom In Many Hues But Remember To Give Reverance To All And The Mother Of The Few..)                                                                            ("Fore" We Are Many That Live In The Dark "Fore" We Shall Not Join Those That Follow Or Fall..So Hence We Remain  In Dark And PainFilled Serenity Until The Day Of Our Dawn Once More Arises Of The Ashes Of Alls Mind's...) ( You May Say I'am Black And Morbid But I Shall Remain Calm And Stay On The Path The Mother Has Laid Before Me In The Vision Of The Calm Night Sea While I Sat Upon The Cliff Watching The Waves Of Spirits Crash Into It's Face Under The Light Of The Blood Moon She Sent My Guide The Phantom Of Longevity To Show Me The Way...) ( "Hence" I Will Follow With Praise And Rejoice At This Gift However
The Goddess's Voice !
(I Live In My Own Darkness And Wear It As If It Were A Second Skin..) (You Can Do Whatever You Please"Fore" It Will Not Phase Me..) (I Welcome The Pain Of Unbearable Life And The Joy Of Inevitable Death "Fore" You Cannot Destroy This Dark And Brooding Soul!!!) (You Just Feed Me With Your Pain And Fear..) (I Will Feed Upon Your Soul"Darkness And Pain Created By Your Sin's And Secret's...) ("Fore"I Will Bite The Hand That Feed's Me An Then I Shall Bring You Within Me And Destroy Your Tattered Soul. So Beware Of Me!!!) (I'am Everywere You Go And I Watch And Wait,My Eye's Will Glow Crimson With Blood As I Ready Myself To Tear And Rip Into Your Soul..) (You Can Not Be'rid Of Me "Fore"I'am In Your Mind And Within Your Forsaken Dark And Pain Filled Soul... "Fore" All Eternity!!!) (Written By: "XvSilverLeafvX")                                           (October,2,2009)
What To Look At
I always look for another day. Life is boreing on ur own an nothing to wake up to everyday an to hold in my arms i love the affiction I get from a woman when I am in a relationship but it has been awhile since i had that
Sometimes I wonder if people actually read. I accused someone of being antisemantic, which means one not knowing or caring to use proper grammar, sentence structure or meanings of words!  not Antisemitic, which means antiJewish, No one gets a pun anymore?
What Was Lost, Will It Be Found?
Im feeling unusualy deep tonight, staring out at the night sky and just thinking over everything that has happened through my life to put me where I am right now and it just suddenly hit me like a freight train that my whole life I've thought I've been miserable, but looking back on it, every moment of my life thats affected me I have a deep well of pride for having gone through it because it's made me into the person I am today. Every broken heart or sundered relationship, every painful act and wrong decision has shaped and molded my character into the person that I am today, one of honor, integrity, pride, and self-power.  And yet, having looked back with the gift of hindsight I can't help but wonder....would I make those decisions again if I TRULY was given the oppurtunity to change my own future and I can't say with 100% certainty that I would. Maybe I'd have kept myself in better shape than I am now. Maybe I'd have stayed in highschool instead of dropping out in the 10th grade and
I Never Accuse
Antisemantic, does not mean antiSemitic
Theres this endless view of maundane in the window.  You just can’t take it ne more.  You scream at the top of  your lungs. You  doubt that would effect this silence.  The average of every day is enough to bring about insanity.  You cant even feel your  heart beat ne more. You just cant stand the idea of being like the rest. Living that everyday repetative life.   You miss the race of it the feeling of that sudden rush of adrenalinm,  the crazy nights.  Your stupid fights.  The carelessness that was always you.  You have this fire hidden deep down begging to be free.  Set her free just let her be.    Its really just not you any more is it?  No longer the girl with a dream. You lack self esteem.  The bitterness of life has beat you down.  The old you shes no longer around is she.  Invisable to the new you.    Just walk away your use to it anyways.  Continue longing for the excitement.  The passion that once was you. Crying inside is a restlessness.  You'll find it again. You'll al
Dark Death Of My Inner Soul !
(As I Sit Here With Black Tear's Silently Falling...) (I Feel All The Hatred For This Life Well Up Inside Me And I Feel The Need To Drain Myself Of This Pain...) (But Alas I Bask In The Depth Of This Pain...) (I Will Slowly Wrap All Of My Being Soul And Body Around My Inner Darkness...) (As I Draw A Silver Blade Across My Wrist The Pain Of The Cut Would Feel So Good As My Black Blood Flowed Free...) (Then Maybe I Could Overcome The Visious Light Of Happiness That All Other's Dwell Within...)  (Written By: "XvSilverLeafvX")                                                 (October, 24,2009)
Some Of My Writings
SWORD and SHIELD alas im found longing for the days of old fantastic wonder the stories are told days of dragons of knight and of mage ancient sages and the elves that never age duels by sword,by tooth and claw , by wizards spell honor and courage your deeds shall tell alas i was born much too late a world filled with technology is my fate oh to swing my sword at a monstrous foe cut by tooth and claw blood shall flow my shield arm weary but still guarding my side the ebb and flow of battle, luck has turned the tide subtle attacks stopped by a skillfull parry to win the day we must not tarry acrid smoke and horses breath hearing the shouts of pain and of death lances raise the charge begins tourney of the lords the best knight wins but dreams are false promises, my soul strings sever oh to escape this world and flee through the never for the days of yore my soul screams where dragons roar and gold and silver streams my
So...i'm Feeling A Little...not Wonderful Tonite...this Too...shall Pass...just When...i Will...
How To Protect Mobile Phone Theft And Fraudulent Charges?
With the improvement of living standards,almost all American have Touch Screen Cell Phone -- most of us can't live without them. Yet the Better Business Bureau reports that mobile phone providers are the No. 1 cause of complaints among consumers. This is mostly due to confusing fees, incorrect billing,deceptive contracts and unexpected charges. These can certainly add up, however,I was shocked to learn that the most significant -- even devastating -- monetary damage can occur when your Wifi Cell Phone is lost or stolen. An estimated 600,000 Cell Phones will be called lost or stolen this year. Here are the 10 things you need to know to protect your cell phone from China Wholesale theft and fraudulent charges: 1. Password-protect your device. Check the user guide which came with your phone and start using the "password" or "lock" feature to potentially prevent a thief from making unauthorized calls. There are ways to rewrite passwords, but at least you mi
dishabille\dis-uh-BEEL\noun; 1.The state of being carelessly or partially dressed. 2.Casual or lounging attire. 3.An intentionally careless or casual manner.
I read part of it all the way through.  -  Samuel Goldwyn
I saw us curled tight and sweet. Two dreams made one, somehow, within a heartbeat. Twin hurt and fear coiled in perfect sympathy, healed. Complete. Or... As much as they can be. I saw a future! Hours, days into weeks... Time turning into forever. Two hands clasped. Promises. Dreams. Something so warm, so sweet, held in the tiny spaces between us. Hugs, kisses, whispers in the small divide between eternity... And you... And I. A bliss of fantasy lived each night while you promised to be mine. Vows I recall as dark falls, As stars shine and hope wrings cries. Never. Never has been. Never was. Never now. Never mine.
Point H04r!
As you know I'm very selective as to who I add on my friends list. I got an invite from a young girl, but she was local so I accepted.  I had never said hello to her, until today.   · friend MissJaclynn Cherry Bombed Lukethighrocker and earned 58,750 points!· MissJaclynn and Tainted Soul became friends!· friend MissJaclynn Cherry Bombed PuNkINPiE and earned 58,750 points!· friend MissJaclynn Cherry Bombed Angelf... and earned 58,750 points!· MissJaclynn and DeViLbRiNGeR became friends!· friend MissJaclynn Cherry Bombed submis... and earned 58,750 points!· friend MissJaclynn was Cherry Bombed by DJ DB AT DDR... and earned 12,455 points!· MissJaclynn and MOBIUS became friends!· MissJaclynn and AmandaCar... became friends!· friend MissJaclynn was Cherry Bombed by ssAyMssiK ak... and earned 12,455 points!· friend MissJaclynn Cherry Bombed Crystal Godd... and earned 58,750 points!· friend MissJaclynn Cherry Bombed Epic Diamond... and earned 58,750 points!· MissJaclynn and mister adorable.
Ex-nba Star Says No, Court To Decide
This is a weird request. Cristina Rice, the ex-wife of retired NBA star Glen Rice, asked a court to allow their daughter, Brianna, to be in Mrs. Rice’s reality TV show. Mr. Rice say no. Now the court will have to decide. What do you think? BlastFM concurs with the court of public opinion. BlastFM is a hit. Listen for yourself.
Literally lyrically illiterate sycphants Full of sway and ways of arroganceRiding plastic buring elephants In the early dawn  
How To Really Love Yourself Now
blue lotus nυμφαία   (115013010)(243484504)How To Really Love Yourself NowHow To Really Love Yourself Nowwritten by Stephen RussellWhen you really love yourself, you naturally elicit a state of joy and when you continue really loving yourself, you perpetuate that joyful state.This obviously doesn’t preclude wobbles. Wobbles are inevitable. The entire universe is comprised of moving parts, from the subatomic level upwards. Everything is in flux. This is without exception. Everything and everyone manifest is in flux. Flux gives rise to wobbles at various points in the grand motion of reality, as your system accommodates inevitable rushes of new information, against which it has to swiftly recalibrate itself.However, joy-depleting discomfort arising from wobbling can be profoundly lessened by loving yourself as you wobble, rather than castigating yourself for it.Take yourself back to the first time you recall having a serious wobble in your life. Reca
Anne Frank
So I have decided that out of all the famous people in the world that have gone and left us that I would really like to meet Anne Frank the most. I just watched a recent remake of "The Diary of Anne Frank" on the public broadcasting station and it spoke to me in this way. Have you ever thought to yourself that you are alone and then heard to story of a celebrity and just known that they would be that person that understoood what you are going through? Is this arrogent to think this about someone that you have not nor never will meet or is that the purpose of these kinds of media in the hope that this person's story will speak to the masses? I had never read the book as in high school I had the oddball teacher who had us read "The Hiding Place" instead of "The Diary of Anne Frank". It is a different view of the same wartime story with another family. I think I want to read Anne Frank's version now. So what famous dead person would you want to meet and why? What do you imagine that
Emotional Tidal Wave
  A lonely heart in torment and sorrow like the galaxy in the universe of stars yet unborn.  Sadness seen with the eyes blue like a clear summer sky.  Lost in fear and tears and my words fall upon deaf ears.  I’m screaming within the silence yet no sound is escaping these trembling lips.  My eyes need to dry from the stormy days that need to pass.  Wanting it to end but still there is no end in sight for the earthquake upon my knees.   Betrayed like storm clouds closing in just to release pain and destruction.  Anger builds inside like a contractor builds the skyline above city streets.  Wanting to lash out and bring pain to others the way they’ve brought it to my innocent heart.  Wounds start to heal as if covered by the band-aid of hope just to be reopened by the carving knife on Thanksgiving Day.  When does all the pain stop just to feel comfort within one’s self?  Is hurt, suffering, and sorrow all that this body will ever feel while it gives love to other&rsqu
A Great Lady Needs Your Help!
  CAN YOU HELP HER COMPLETE HER MISSION WITH SOME RATE ADD FAN LOVE? Please go show my old owner BBW Princess some love... Let's rain on her Fu love today and take her to the ??? level!!! ... BBW PRINCESS X OWNED BY BARNETTJR X WPL X CTL X OWNER OF PRINCESS LEIA AND ANGEL SNAZZY CHICPrincessLeia PLEASE SHOW THE LOVE
False Friends
    False friends with lies and betrayals.  Nothing true in a world spinning out of control.  Head spinning out of control.  There’s no where to turn and no where to go.  Learning that I’m in a world of lies, sorrow, and despair.  A place that I have never belonged.  The days drag into nights like cars on a drag strip.  Nothing making sense in a world of loneliness.
  Lost within a world of hatred and despair. There is no where to turn and no where to run Roses wilt even on a spring day There is not enough rain to quench my thirst Thunder echoes through the silence that I hear Lightening doesn’t even begin to brighten the darkness around me I am losing control and there is no one there to catch me I feel the air around me as I begin the decent from the sky The concrete seeming so far away I just want it all to end The lies and accusing eyes need to disappear Games were fun at a time but now they have become hurtful I can’t deal any more Let me wilt and die like the leaves in the fall I know that I am no one to anybody What I say hasn’t mattered in so many days The years drift by like the seasons changing There is no time to get used to anything any longer My life is driven by the hate that lives in me That will never change or it will change me I need to find that lonely place to belong and not be judged But
Days Go By
  Days grow long and cold as a woman treads through the trenches of a dreary heartache.  A heart pure like wintry snow. Hair as black as the midnight star struck sky.  Loving and caring for all around.  Asking and wanting very little from life that flutters around her like the soft delicate wings of a butterfly.  Destined to find a place to belong within a world of darkness, hatred, pain, and selfishness. Where does a fallen angel find a place among the chaos of disrespect?  Does this woman deserve to belong no where or be appreciated for the things that she tries to do for others?
  I sit alone crying but why? Is there no need to concern thy own self? Why do you need to cause such pain? Was my heart not worth caring for? Was everything about this fallen angel to much for you to handle? You said you wouldn’t leave and run yet why are you running now? Why did you have to lie to me? Can you not face the truth that the abuse was really that bad? Was it to hard for you to take precautions and use a light hand? Was my apology just too much for you to take? My questions deserve answers now will you answer them?
Raging War Of The Heart
  My heart sits pounding out a song in rhythm A rhythm to the sound of a war it rages upon itself Thunder shuddering through my veins Lightening making my aura grow brighter Stars falling like a comet shooting through the sky Skin milkier than that of the Milky Way There is no end in sight for the raging war Silence begins to grow as the sounds of nature die Hair becoming that of the days of fall Changing colors until it slowly fades away Darkness surrounds the eyes the color of rain No spark or song to any longer sing The heart breaks for reasons unknown Loving a person that will never know Hating it self because of what it has become Before this heart was full of love and compassion Now it rings only pain and destruction The heart has reached to the limits and back Knowing that it is ignored it continues to try In the end the feelings never change This is the raging war of the heart
Tears Of Heartache
  The tears fall like rain in the spring for a love hidden deep as a corpse buried in the sea.  To tell him would be to push him away like a kite in the wind.  I am lost with feelings of love like debris flying upon the crowded streets. Storms upon the ocean waves crashing around a heart. Thunder echoes through the ears of the deaf as lightening flashes on eyes of the blind.  Missing the tenderness of a heartbeat that feels my senses with aromas of rose gardens.  Longing for that slight touch that slivers through my body like a snake through the tumbleweeds of the desert.  Reaching towards the wounded heart that pulls away like the anchor upon a ship.  A fight to reel him in like a trout on a fishing rod.  One wounded heart reaching for the other to hold each other down from blowing away amongst the winds in the eye of a tornado.
  As days go by and the nights grow dark and weary my heart sinks with the sadness that seems to want to consume me.  The tears want to fall from the darkness surrounding the pupils of my eyes.  When the tears fall a waterfall they will become without an end to the dreariness that my heart feels inside. There is an emptiness that seems to hide away in the shadows of a Fallen Angel.  Life is like a star that twinkles and slowly fades away to evaporate into the universe.  Life is short for those that live however even shorter for one that will never breath upon birth.  People take the breath given and take it for granted but innocence robbed before it can have a chance.  Self centered and self consumed people seem to forget that they are not the only ones that hurt, feel pain, cry, care or even love.  Relationships that seem to fade with each blossoming of the roses that fill a room of scents unknown.  Changing for everyone around you to become who you may never have been meant to be. 
  Her smile has faded There is no spark in her eyes Her hair dingy brown She sits waiting For all that isn’t found She fights to win But she only loses Most of all now she has lost herself What others have seen she doesn’t The glow is diminished to not even candle light And still she is waiting
    Fire burning deep within Pain burning under the skin Lightening flashing from my eyes Don’t touch me as I despise Despise the way you look at me Even the touch of your hand You say ask and you shall receive What have I gotten? I ask and am denied every time Take your pity and shove it up your ass Take your selfishness and throw it in the trash There is no room here for you any more I have no time for your half truths and lies Don’t cry to me no more As my anger burns with wrath of fury Enough to burn your being to the ground Take your one way ticket to hell Leave me be to be the hollow you turned me into I am no longer innocent and precious But fire and rage of no independence I will not be there to help you when you need As I sit alone wondering why Only to fuel the fire that burns my skin Only to hear the thunder as it rages through my ears Only to feel the lightening that can no longer be controlled in my eyes You have been the death of me
Broken Wing
I have soared the skies above searching and waiting Seeing nothing but the emptiness around me Rain falls upon my wings Thunder clashing all around me As the day grows old and the dawn becomes dusk I begin to fade Fading into silence and despair Losing all my flight to the storm that threatens the air Eyes clear like the daybreak sky Skin milky white like sparkling stars A smile of innocence, pain, and torment Hair like brown spun silk All these things fall crashing to the ground Cement meeting wings of feathers and air Blood dripping from injuries unknown Crystal tears begin to fall A stranger walks up and tilts her face Looking into eyes of the clear blue sky Wiping tears away Carefully lifting the broken winged fallen angel He protects her and keeps her safe Wiping tears and blood from her face Placing bandages gently upon the feathers of fate He fixes her broken wing just so she can fly away
From My Buddy
 i like my body when it is with your body. It is so quite new a thing. Muscles better and nerves more. i like your body. i like what it does, i like its hows. i like to feel the spine of your body and its bones, and the trembling -firm-smooth ness and which i will again and again and again kiss, i like kissing this and that of you, i like, slowly stroking the, shocking fuzz of your electric fur, and what-is-it comes over parting flesh ... And eyes big love-crumbs, and possibly i like the thrill of under me you so quite new
hey this just an exspression ive been wantin to let out ... if u take it to heart then u guilty .... why do people say this then that but then neva keep they word...... im here for u and i have always been here .... but u let other things get u excited .... so the lines an the bullshit miss me with it .... im finna show u this an that an give u lovins but neva really cared .... so let me tell u this .... u can skip the bs tell it to the next ....... so when u smile just no i got yr game .... i feel sorry for the next .... im happy now cuz ive found my true love .... maybe someday u will notice its to late
I Am Pissed And There's Nothing I Can Do
      Last July my company had an abrupt and unwelcome change in management. The new management were overbearing bullies who used unethical and sometimes illegal practices to achieve unreasonable goals set by the board of directors. I found another job and quit in December. I wasnt nearly as obnoxious as I could have been but I did burn bridges with management (still friendly with previous management).       I had a party last night and invited my friends from my previous job. The bully management overheard talk of it and in a company meeting told all employees that they would be fired for socializing with former employees. None of them came. I am pissed off and sad at the same time.
What's Up
I sent a pic here from my phone LAST NIGHT, and it's still not uploaded. Anyone else having this issue?    
A Final Good Bye
A Final Good Bye By: April Terry   You said I’d always be yours. You said that you loved me. You said that you would never hurt me. Then why are you looking elsewhere? Why wasn’t I your number one? Why am I hurting so deep inside?   All I did was love you. I gave you all I had and then some. I would have done anything for you. And all you did was cause pain All you gave me were empty promises. And all one lie piled on another.   How could you be so cruel? How could you leave me for dead? How can you live with yourself? I never understood why people could be evil. I never understood why someone would push away love. I’ll never understand how your mind works.   I must stay strong for our babies. I’m all they
The taste of your lips on my tongue The memory of our love that was so strong   So unbearable to think about now The blood on your hands are unwashable now  My heart on the floor such a terrible crime   I cannot believe you said don't cry  Left here for dead all broken and blind I pick up the pieces and walk away unkind  On my feet again he gives me the strength that you took away he builds me back up and takes away the pain No longer do I ache No longer do I cry  No longer am I blind
Drugs Are Bad..mmmkay?
Suga Lips: not hard enough Dropped At...: ive tried Suga Lips: yeah, this is a reason to maybe stop doing that Dropped At...: lol sorry i smoke alot Suga Lips: okay..I don't know if you take drugs or just have a bad memory. you have asked me this TWO other times. it's even on my profile. no, I am not single Dropped At...: u single Suga Lips: what do you want to know? Dropped At...: im good so when do i get to no bout u           I have a previous convo with this guy in here. I'm sure there will be more.
I try to pay attention to what is being said by someone and if I do not fully understand, I ask for more details. Just because I want to understand fully what is being said, some people just take a bite here and there and sware they got the whole story. Wrong is what I say. All I have to do is listen to what another repeats back to me when the conversation involves me. Example is when I ask my sister what are you doing because of sounds I am hearing on the phone and she tells me she has to raise the volume up on her phone which is in her pocket. I ask where are you because you sound like your in a kennel. She says outside and I say the dog is your neighbors far away giving the effect like a kennel. I'm a part of a conversation and I want to fully understand instead of just guessing. Some go that distance and others fail to do so due to life or their desire is different than mine. My desire is the truth. I will not blindly place my faith or belief because of an outside force tells me
Spirograph Nebula
Fictional Cyber Money
I got mildly upset at the fubucks fiasco, but a certain fubar basically said it is only fictional cyber money.  She was right or wrong?
Part 2 In The Girl Friday Series... Players: Girl Friday, The Boss
Girl Friday spends the day researching at the Bosses request and anticipates practical application     A little nervous, I arrived at the office unsure of what my day would reveal. The Boss was there busy on the computer and did little more than nod at me and returned his attentions to what he was doing. I smiled and nodded before quickly putting my things away and going to my desk. There I found a large manila envelope with forms and employee handbook. I took them and opened my desk drawers to find a place to put there for further inspection and noticed beneath it there was a legal sized envelope also addressed to me. I opened it thinking it would be something else from human resources but instead found my itinerary.Girl Friday,I was looking through our training information on your new uniform addition, and realized we needed a bit of updated information. I have two websites that I've found that talk about the subject. I'd like for you to read both articles, and also find at least
Real Or Fake?
Should I try to grow new teeth to eat cats, or get dentures?
The Only Comments
The only comments I ever delete on MY mumms or blogs are my own, dayum!
Helly Kitty Whine?
Should I make hello kitty whine? By saying hello kitty and almost eating it?
I S It So Wrong?
Is it so wrong if I make some people laugh with my weird sense of humor?
No I never wonder why, so stfu and gtfo!  Just kidding, dayum!
Looking For T And A
Anyone got nice pictures of t and a?
Would You Ever?
Would you EVER post your telephone number on fubar, on a global mumm?
Are Some
Are some on fubar ready for the Metamucil treatment?
A Friend's Question Answered.
WHAT'S THE ONE THING YOU WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING? (a question a friend of mine just recently asked all of her friends,my answer follows, you are welcome to write or comment your answer, it is an intrigueing question.) What do I want more than anything? Your happiness, and I use the word "Your" both in reference to you specifically and the rest of the world as well. See I figure if You, and the world could all just find happiness, then perhaps I could find happiness as well... Isn't that really what anybody wants? Happiness? We as a society throw that word around loosely, as if we know what it means wholeheartedly, but can any one of us truly, without a doubt in our minds, say that we have experienced true happiness? Your favorite place is on the back of your horse, but that moment of bliss that you feel while you are there, is it truly the REAL definition of happiness? And, If so... how do we take that brief moment of bliss and learn how to experience it for the rest of our live
Someone Is Not Too Happy
Someone is not too happy that the mumms bcome chat rooms, I used to feel that way!  But now, a mumm, a blug, a status, a bulletin and a primary comment are springboards for chatrooms, good!
Part 1 In The Girl Friday Series... Players: Girl Friday, The Boss
Girl Friday reports for her new job, meets the Boss     Dear Sir,   I want to thank you for the opportunity to take employment with your company. It is my desire to be a valued asset for the team. I must admit I was unsure of what it would be like to work under your supervision but I find it to be both exciting and satisfying. The interview process was unlike any I have underwent and I find that your hands on approach to training to be quite refreshing if not breathtaking. I feel it will not take me long to learn the fundamentals of the job. With you looking on and directing me the entire way ensures mutual satisfaction and a job well done.   Thank you again, Girl Friday         first day on the job... I was not anticipating this. I am still surprised to have been accepted into your employment. It seemed like business as usual. Meeting the new Boss, discussing office policies and going over my skills all seemed to be like most pre-employment screenings
Return Of The Regal. The base version is officially available. I myself am looking forward to the GS version which should be a lot more fun. I really hope that GM can pull this one off, the niche that Buick fills needs a serious American-brand competitor (I know it's based on the Opel The specs for the GS version can be found on this page: While I don't think that the 6-speed manual will remain the only transmission choice (a lot of the target market for the car live in areas that make manual transmissions a lot less enjoyable). I think I could (gladly) live with a manual (in Los Angeles) to own that car.
[the Manliest Man To Have Ever Done Manly Things As A Manly Man.]
    Gatts gets me hard :3 what can I say?   Also, I looked into kits for Berserk (which I now have volumes 1-33) Those kits range from $95 to $400 to $1000. *sigh* don't think I'll partake for a while. Other than that I don't really have any kits I'm just gagging to put together. DSH's cleaned smoothed and sketched. I really just need to break down and start priming my 1/144 Gouf... which I'm probably going to start right after this. Friggin royals are down five runs :/ umm ummmm um um um um um um *shrugs* I dunno I lost a little momentum after Neue Ziel was finished, but I can't expect more out of that than what I got, it was practice. Now here's a fair question:why would you seed and proliferate an unsubtitled DVD rip of something? Second one I found in a month.Cocksuckers.  
No One Would Believe This
No one would believe this so I have to post it: NOT INTO THE DRAMA, DAMMIT!  lmmfao!
Llama Member Needs Help With Rates" target=_blank>MRS WARLORD65 WPL CoOwner Sexual Intentions Owner Intentions RadioWife 2 Warlord65">href="" target=_blank>@ fubar
Are You Enjoying
Are you enjoying my mumms?  If not, too effing bad
Too Hot Too Cold
It is either too hot or too cold. Alive or dead. There is going to be but not. What am I crying about? See, if there was medication given to me to clear the blockage and a stint placed in me while I was knocked out, then there is no surgery. I don't see a whole lot prosecution going on and everyone is silent about this, then that's the case. Surgery was to prevent a death due to a Heart attack and the AAA is taken care of by a stint durning a Cath while I'm knocked out. Can't have the quality of life getting better because of it due to the damged Heart muscles, so it stays the same. The surgery would of been done but it never was. Why is that? Read above. See ya
Beckoning Hate
Submissively I seek out your torture, the pain indulged to a gluttonous extent. As the worry, woe revolve in my head do I repent? The sins have already wove the tale of demise into my core. Shiver, quake my body quivers uncontrollably as I yearn for the taste of the hate you bring me. Succubus come, lull my eyes to slumber..fill me with your insecurities, build them soundly within me. I will allow them to fester and grow, you will see this gift unfold.. Wait, the explosion is close at hand. Expanding, the tension steeps, the seams are ready to go... Your tears do not portray this what you asked of me, amazed and stunned no where to hide. Tell me, now is it worth it? Do you seek me for its sole purpose? Do you like the self-destruction brought on by the flowing ebb of uncertainty, unyielding in the wake of the chaos again?
She's My Everything
Title: She's My EverythingBy: Shawn ForemanI realize now, It's not a dreamI've come to find,This is the real thingWithout her,I don't know what I'd doShe's my sun, my sky, my stars, my moonMy future wifeSometime soonShe's my morningShe's my nightI'm the dark,She's my lightI'm the wrongShe's my rightShe's my favorite songShe's this poem I writeShe's my sparkle,She's my shine,She's the only one,I want to call mineShe's the only one that I adoreShe's my everythingI could not ask for moreShe's the joyThat fills my heartShe made my life wholeWhen it was torn apartShe's the smile to my frownShe turned my world upside downI didn't know from the start,That I'd love her With all my heartI didn't knowThat she'd be mineAnd I'll love her'Till the end of time
Written By A U.s. Soldier
Hope Rides Alone By Eddie Jeffers I stare out into the darkness from my post, and I watch the city burn to the ground. I smell the familiar smells, I walk through the familiar rubble, and I look at the frightened faces that watch me pass down the streets of their neighborhoods. My nerves hardly rest; my hands are steady on a device that has been given to me from my government for the purpose of taking the lives of others. I sweat, and I am tired. My back aches from the loads I carry. Young American boys look to me to direct them in a manner that will someday allow them to see their families again...and yet, I too, am just a age not but a few years more than that of the ones I lead. I am stressed, I am scared, and I am paranoid...because death is everywhere. It waits for me, it calls to me from around street corners and windows, and it is always there. There are the demons that follow me, and tempt me into thoughts and actions that are not my own...but that are n
Food Is Sex
When I was a young cook working to support my growing beer habit; it never would have occurred to me that there was anything sexy about food……..well other than getting one of the waitresses in the sack(servers for the p.c.) As I’ve gotten older, and some may say wiser I’ve been fortunate to have that view forever altered.Hunger like desire is a primal need we all have. We correlate many of the same sense memory with food and sex. As far back as man dates civilizations have made the connection. It’s recorded that ancient Italian, and Greek cultures enjoyed fresh fruits and dishes that awakened their senses and playfulness with their lover.Food and sex share things like aromatics, texture, taste, and color. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at a ripe peach and gotten aroused. All kidding aside the visual effects of food and that of people finding each other attractive are not that different. There’s a saying “You eat with
The Crisp Cold Morning
The Crisp Cold MorningI walk into the crisp cold morninglooking at the flickering lights which signify my neighbors Christmas cheerI wonder this morning does she think of meor are we nothing but a distant memory faded by the miles which separate usWill we meet again under the flickering light?Kissing embracing whispering thoughts of desire in each others earsHer my lost lover who was driven awaydoes she remember our un-kept promises or have they faded in her mind like her picture I keep in my mindWhile turning to go inside I hear her whisper my name the wind is cruel in the crisp cold morning
I love nice behinds!
You Know What I Love?
thats right.  boobies.
One Extreme To
All fronts are silent. It has gone from one extreme to another. I know now that there are awful lot of people completely out of control. By going to these extreme you show me your hands. I should be dead according to 2/20/09. Had you left it alone with me going back to my apartment next day and come back for surgery we'd be looking back. This has gone from one isanity to another. Who do I trust now regarding this? No one at all! I tend to be honest truthful but you all are nothing but a lie. Not one of you are trust worthy. Look in the mirror will you? Be proud. Norio  
Irritated With Fakes
I don't know about the rest of fubar, but I for one is totally irritated with ppl being "FAKE"! I'm talking about all these that claim to be COWBOYS OR COWGIRLS And they do not have a freakin clue! Let me give you a example: MrCowboy(name made up) has even a few photo's of him riding. There is NOTHING wrong with loving horses, country or that way of LIFE!!! HOWEVER... there is a HUGE difference to being a horseman, cowboy/cowgirl or a horse lover. This particular guy couldn't come up with even 5 good events you do with horses... shit I know some ppl that aren't even in the horse world that know that! He couldn't name but 2 bits, and 3-5 breeds of horses.There are approximately 50-100+ different types of bits/head apperatus's and about 40+ different breeds of horses!!!!!! I just wish people would QUIT making themselves out to be someone they aren't! The person is probably just fine the way they are... so why make up things? Play on the unknowing? Why just say I like horses, I li
Dixie Carter
LOS ANGELES (AP) — "Designing Women" star Dixie Carter, whose Southern charm and natural beauty won her a host of television roles, has died at age 70. Carter died Saturday morning, according to publicist Steve Rohr, who represents Carter and her husband, actor Hal Holbrook. He declined to disclose the cause of death or where she died. Carter lived with Holbrook in the Los Angeles area."This has been a terrible blow to our family," Holbrook said in a written statement. "We would appreciate everyone understanding that this is a private family tragedy."A native of Tennessee, Carter was most famous for playing wisecracking Southerner Julia Sugarbaker for seven years on "Designing Women," the CBS sitcom that ran from 1986 to 1993. The series was the peak of a career in which she often played wealthy and self-important but independent Southern women.She was nominated for an Emmy in 2007 for her seven-episode guest stint on the ABC hit "Desperate Housewives."Carter's other credits incl
Who Am I???
Even though I am 1crazyfcker I was given a name a long time ago and that name is Will. I'm a 38 yr. old full time daddy and it has been just David and I since he was 6 months old (he is 7 yrs old now). My entire world has revolved around David and it forever will, and I made a promise to myself when I became a full time single daddy that I would remain single and not allow a bunch of different women to come in and out of David's life causing him further unnecessary hurt and confusion. I have even stayed out of any sexual relationships so as not to break that promise and until fairly recently had done so 110%. David is a special little boy and has needed and demanded so much of me that I have been unable to have any social life at all so I decided to join FUBAR when a buddy told me about it just for the social interaction and outlet. I wasn't looking for a "hook-up", or relationship or anything intimate with ANYBODY. Then one day I went into this lounge (as music is one of my biggest pa
Time Honored
Time Honored Truths   Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. One nice thing about egotists: They don't talk about other people. To be intoxicated is to feel sophisticated but not be able to say it. The older you get, the better you realize you were. I doubt, therefore I might be. Age is a very high price to pay for maturity. Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. Women like silent men, they think they're listening. Men are from earth. Women are from earth. Deal with it. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.   a friend sent this to my email
a sweet poem for me.....       I'll dream a little dream of you and I.  Catching fireflies amongst the summer sky. While the little creatures light your pretty face. I'll hold you close in my warm embrace. The moon is bright up in the sky it sits. I'll gentaly lean in and kiss your lips. But I will be sad when I awake. Cause this dream wont last at daylights break. So I await for darkness fall. To drift in dream and hear your call. My heart is heavy for your return. for it's only you my heart does yeurn. So give me dreams of you for now. Or please be here, some way, some how.   by M.L.
Get Nekkid With Me~
Join me for my Serene Sunday morning radio show at 8am eastern!!! ((5am SLT) Get connected & happy listening! Of course Stay Nekkid!
I Won The Mtv Hottie Thingy Haha Looky
The Best Sex Of Your Life
Is my libido too low?   Lots of things can affect libido—everything from outside factors such as stress, emotional issues, and even childhood issues, to medications and exercise. Don’t let it be a drag on your sex life. Here are some ideas!unhappy coupleLibido isn’t staticA change in your libido can be surprising. You may not have had much sexual desire before, but now suddenly find yourself interested in sex at every turn, or you may experience a lowering in your libido where you used to crave sex a fair amount of the time and now you feel disinterested.How to improve your sex driveIf you feel your libido is low, take a look at the factors in your life that could be having an effect. Are you on any medications that could lower your sex drive? Are you eating, sleeping, and exercising enough? Are you going through tough emotional times? All of these factors are possible culprits, and you might find that a combination of them is wreaking havoc on your sex life.Here ar
"And even though I know how very far apart we are, it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star. And when the night winds start to sing a lonesome lullaby, it helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky. Somewhere out there, if love can see us through then, we'll be together ... Somewhere out there, out where dreams, come true."
I dream a dream of you and I as one A dream of you and I at last together I dream of walking, laughing hand in hand And of a love I know will last forever I dream of gazing into your blue eyes And getting lost within your loving gaze I dream of feelings that must then arise And love that keeps our two hearts all ablaze I dream of special smiles meant just for me And knowing looks that say “ I love you too” I dream of reaching out to touch your face And knowing all my love is just for you I dream these dreams they’re always on my mind They never let me rest or so it seems I dream these dreams and yet I know inside They are not real they’re just my hopeless dreams
Dear God   you are a reflection of God's love for me I turned and set you free Dear God hear my plea I am sorry for throwing away the blessing you gave to me His smile shinned as bright as the sun light Eyes that twinkled like the stars on a clear night I found a piece of heaven when he held me in his arms Now all I feel is harm The pain cuts like a knife Because he's out of my life Dear God will you ever be so merciful and kind To shed your grace upon my face Or do you disgrace me because of my mistake My heart is now harden and the world seems so cold And know matter how hard I try My soul say's there's know letting him go Dear God hear my plea Please send my soul mate back to me
Fcuk You Fu Rank Fu Skank (poem/rant) I Worte
FUCK yOU FU SKANK FU RANK FCUK YOU step offFUCK YOU bounce off Step off my page jump da fuck backYour a selfish lil cunt and str8 up wack So you wanna be fu famous you wanna be adoredall it cost u was ur self respect now ur a mother fcukin fu whoreill hand u the throphy hand u a bling your all red nowyet everyone watching is green with envy your so cool Or a you just a nother mo fucking fool ur profiles just right but be careful falling from such a height ur ego trip ur about to slip You step on toes became a hoeu caused some pain cause ur to mother fucking vain vainty is a sin and ur giutly the drama here will never set u free  the sin is what u feind  the greed is what u need stardoom is what u claim taking pics in the mirror , whos the one to blame you cant see beauty cause ur so fucking blind rating pics  only cause ur points behindride off in the sunseton ur fupony i hope that fills ur void cause in reality ur just so lonely lower then dirt soon ur gonna be the one to hurt  
*leveling Up*
Pls help me level up, ty
My True Love
joshskeens@ fubar      
Its Not Nice . . .
TO LEAVE SOMEONE                                                                                                 HANGING . . .
10/30 - Fractured Psyche
  Fractured Psyche   I'll always wonder when lightening struck your psyche with a bolt of despair so profound even the Earth gasped in dismay.   Was it at the tender age where you were home schooled in terror? The syllabus consisting of hypocrisy, abuse and ignorance had you excel in reading the signs to survive. Is it any wonder the lessons taught in school never had any room to lay down roots with all the weeds of sorrow there?   I imagine that is why you can never whisper now. Years of a garrote around your voice box would make me want to be heard too. Besides, maybe you think raising your voice will drown out the echoes of a childhood lost. Lost as the footing you attempt to gain maneuvering through the labyrinth of manhood.   No one told you the odds of lightening striking the same spot so to you those rules did not apply. Each additional blow darkening your vision in direct proportion to the narrowing of your safety zone.   Those who blew out their own c
We are looking for attractive models (amateur or professional) that are interested in being filmed. The type of shoots range from R to XXX and are determined by what the model is comfortable with. Travel and lodging are also taken care of. If you are interested in this opportunity please either email us 3 pictures of yourself. All models MUST be over 18. Try and take one picture of your face and two of your body (from the front and behind). Please include your name, contact info and birthdate with the pictures. email: People From the United States and SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY this is a new porn modeling bussines in that windy city chicago and i hope that u like that modeling world .....
Song/poem I Wrote ...
Im like cocaine I make u high ,I bring u to da ground on ur knees beggin baby plz but..... FCUK DAT GET BACK, FCUK DAT I HAD DAT.. Im like coccaine i made u high but now im just to mother fcuking fly so....... fuck dat get back you fcuked up what u had Im like coccaine im nice and slick but the drama u lay is way to thick , So lay a line let me blow ur mind To bad baby Im lein u behind Im Like cociane You fend me but why cant you just let me be ... You say you loe me more then ill ever know , I say baby its time to let go I say.... Fuck dat get back Fuck dat dont come back Im like cocaine You cant give me up bow down baby ur queen has had enough You tell me all the thing that i wanna hear but i wanna make this clear whispsers fuck dat get back fuck that leave dat Now Im like cociane ill bring you down ,so step back baby i dont need you around Im done with ur trickz,cause the games u play just make me sick .. Sick and tired of all ur lies empty
Divorce Agreement
DIVORCE AGREEMENTTHIS IS SO INCREDIBLY WELL PUT I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT'S BY A YOUNG PERSON, A STUDENT!!!WHATEVER HE RUNS FOR, I'LL VOTE FOR HIM.American liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists, Marxists And Obama supporters, et al:We have stuck together since the late 1950's, but the whole of this latest election process has made me realize that I want a divorce. I know we tolerated each other for many years for the sake of future generations, but sadly, this relationship has run its course.Our two ideological sides of America cannot and will not ever agree on what is right so let's just end it on friendly terms. We can smile and chalk it up to irreconcilable differences and go our own way.Here is a model separation agreement:Our two groups can equitably divide up the country by landmass each taking a portion. That will be the difficult part, but I am sure our two sides can come to a friendly agreement. After that, it should be relatively easy!Our respective representative
More Of Things Missing In My Life
i find it romantic , but some may just find it sappy... Honestly I believe in you Do you trust in me? Patiently I will stand by you I will stand beside you faithfully And through the years I will be a friend for always and forever Call on me and I'll be there for you I'm a friend who always will be true And I love you can't you see That I can say I love you honestly Call on me and I will be there for you I'm a friend who will always be true And I love you can't you see That I love you honestly I will never betray your trust in me And I love you can't you see That I can say I love you Honestly
Tink/debbi's Soon To Be Ex On Her Yim.
skein_of_chaos (4/10/2010 11:37:39 PM): You really are the worst human being alive. debbilaucella (4/10/2010 11:37:51 PM): who is this? skein_of_chaos (4/10/2010 11:37:59 PM): Fuck you douchebag. debbilaucella (4/10/2010 11:38:24 PM): well u can have the hoe skein_of_chaos (4/10/2010 11:38:32 PM): You go into someone elses shit and delete accounts, and change her passwords. skein_of_chaos (4/10/2010 11:38:38 PM): Thats invasion of privacy moron. debbilaucella (4/10/2010 11:38:48 PM): what r u talking about skein_of_chaos (4/10/2010 11:38:57 PM): I know who you are dumbass. debbilaucella (4/10/2010 11:39:03 PM): and ur point skein_of_chaos (4/10/2010 11:39:31 PM): And my point is YOU are not Debbi. skein_of_chaos (4/10/2010 11:39:42 PM): You are being malicious toward her for something YOU fucked up on. debbilaucella (4/10/2010 11:39:44 PM): deb is my wife debbilaucella (4/10/2010 11:40:01 PM): and she is logged on, on my comp debbilaucella (4/10/2010 11:40:04 PM): ur point
[the Problem With Having An Idea...]
Is that I've got 20 other ideas that will eventually turn into projects. All of which probably involve fewer intricacies and require less practice than this one. Sooooo Deathscythe. I put down some preliminary sketches, and I decided to stick with the whole wings/redemption thing. And Out of my brain popped a seraphim. Why not? He has all the hinges necessary for six wings and a sword (what I often interpret the 7th wing to be in my work :P) So I have... Huge.Plans. For this kit. Color scheme is light metallic trimWhite body (pearl finish if I can get it)and dark purple panels Torso/waist mods:planning to reshape the panels to resemble a crusader's tunicpaneling some of the cockpit and less organic designsmay remove back-skirt, current design impedes maneuverability. limb mods:none planned at the moment Wing mods:extensive.Possibly scrap building all new wing/armor plates (or just sanding off some surfaces) and crafting "feathers" and attaching to the outside of all six win
One Of Many Things Missing In My Life
this is lyrics to a song , but if you know me than you know im a hopeless romantic. It's amazing How you can speak Right to my heart Without saying a word, You can light up the dark Try as I may I could never explain What I hear when You don't say a thing [CHORUS:] The smile on your face Lets me know That you need me There's a truth In your eyes Saying you'll never leave me The touch of your hand says You'll catch me Whenever I fall You say it best When you say Nothing at all All day long I can hear people Talking out loud But when you hold me near You drown out the crowd (The crowd) Try as they may They could never define What's been said Between your Heart and mine [Repeat chorus twice] (You say it best When you say Nothing at all You say it best When you say Nothing at all) The smile on your face The truth in your eyes The touch of your hand Let's me know That you need me [Repeat chorus] (You say it best When you say Nothing at all You say it best When you say Nothing at all
The Truth About Liberals And Democrats
History 101 From Patriot Nation And The Truth About Liberals and DemocratsFor those of you who slept through World History 101 here is a condensed version.Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter.The two most important events in all of history were:1. The invention of beer, and2.The invention of the wheel.The wheel was invented to get man to the beer, and the beer to the man.These facts formed the foundation of modern civilization and together were the catalyst for the splitting of humanity into two distinct subgroups:1. Liberals2. Conservatives.Once beer was discovered, it required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can were invented yet, so while our early humans were sitting around waiting for them to be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery.That's how villages
Pres. Obama's New Nuclear Policy A Good Idea?
Pres. Obama's new nuclear policy a good idea? Posted: 05:00 PM ET FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty: Iran continues to thumb its nose at the U.S. - this time by ridiculing President Obama's new nuclear strategy. A landmark nuclear arms treaty between the U.S. and Russia imposes sweeping cuts on deployed Cold War-era nuclear warheads and missiles. Pres. Obama and Russian Pres. Dmitry Medvedev will sign the new pact in Prague tomorrow. In a speech to thousands of Iranians, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said: "Mr. Obama, you are a newcomer to politics. Wait until your sweat dries and get some experience.... American officials bigger than you, more bullying than you, couldn't do a damn thing, let alone you." He was referring to Mr. Obama's new nuclear policy - in which the U.S. pledges to stop developing new nuclear weapons and not to use existing weapons to attack non-nuclear states that follow non-proliferation agreements.
Patriot Nation Applaudes These Words From Andy Rooney
Patriot Nation Applaudes These Words From Andy Rooney I myself have been grumbling and wondering how a handful of people have been able to take our right to pray in public places away from us. So, agreeing with Andy, I GLADLY will forward this message AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN. Folks, this is the Month that we RE-TAKE AMERICA Get Ready Andy Rooney and Prayer Andy Rooney says: I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I'm not going to sue somebody for singing a Ho-Ho-Ho song in December. I don't agree with Darwin , but I didn't go out and hire a lawyer when my high school teacher taught his Theory of Evolution. Life, liberty or your pursuit of happiness will not be endangered because someone says a 30-second prayer before a football game. So what's the big deal? It's not like somebody is up there reading the entire Book of Acts. They're just talking to a God they believe in and asking him to grant safety to the players on the field and the fans going home from the game. But it's a Chris
Take Care Of Our Veterans They Gave You Freedom
Take Care Of Our Veterans They Gave You Freedom Thank A Veteran As I came out of the supermarket that sunny day, pushing my cart of groceries towards my car, I saw an old man with the hood of his car up and a lady sitting inside the car, with the door open. The old man was looking at the engine. I put my groceries away in my car and continued to watch the old gentleman from about twenty five feet away. I saw a young man in his early twenties with a grocery bag in his arm, walking towards the old man. The old gentleman saw him coming too and took a few steps towards him. I saw the old gentleman point to his open hood and say something. The young man put his grocery bag into what looked like a brand new Cadillac Escalade and then turn back to the old man and I heard him yell at the old gentleman saying, 'You shouldn't even be allowed to drive a car at your age.' And then with a wave of his hand, he got in his car and peeled rubber out of the parking lot. I saw the old gentleman pull
Patriot Nation On Senator John Glenn
Patriot Nation On Senator John Glenn SENATOR JOHN GLENN: Things that make you think a little: There were 39 combat related killings in Iraq in January. In the fair city of Detroit there were 35 murders in the Month of January. That's just one American city, About as deadly as the entire war-torn country of Iraq When some claim that President Bush shouldn't Have started this war, state the following: A. FDR led us into World War II. B. Germany never attacked us; Japan did. From 1941-1945, 450,000 lives were lost ..An average of 112,500 per year. C. Truman finished that war and started one in Korea . North Korea never attacked us. From 1950-1953, 55,000 lives were lost ...An average of 18,334 per year. D. John F. Kennedy started the Vietnam conflict in 1962. Vietnam never attacked us. E. Johnson turned Vietnam into a quagmire. From 1965-1975, 58,000 lives were lost ..An average of 5,800 per year. F. Clinton went to war in Bosnia without UN or French consent. Bosnia never attack
New Pledge Of Allegiance
 New Pledge Of AllegianceWRITTEN BY A 15 yr. Old SCHOOL KID IN ARIZONA : New Pledge of Allegiance (TOTALLY AWESOME) ! Since the Pledge of Allegiance And The Lord's Prayer Are not allowed in most Public schools anymore Because the word 'God' is mentioned.... A kid in Arizona wrote the attachedNEW School prayer : Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be pink, purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks.. They've outlawed guns, but F
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Love is not anger... Love is not hateful... Love is not jealousy... Love is not ungrateful. Love is beauty... Love is kindness... Love is precious... Love is pure blindness. So why do I see the ugliness? I see it in others close to me. I do not understand it. Can they not just let it be? Let love be love. Sweet and pure... Honest and true... So strong and secure.
Obama Again Disrespects Our Veterans
Obama Again Disrespects Our Veterans If the below statement bothers you, just drop down and see our Commander in Chief's comments. I beleive you will then agree. THAT SON OF A BITCH! THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENT EVER MADE BY A PUBLIC OFFICIAL LET ALONE BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.. AND THIS GUY IS OUR "COMMANDER IN CHIEF". HE IS A DISGRACE. UNBELIEVABLE PRESIDENT???HERE IS HIS RESPONSE WHEN HE BACKED OFF FROM HIS DECISION TO REQUIRE THE MILITARY PAY FOR THEIR WAR INJURIES. WHAT AN EMPTY HEADED PERSON HE MUST BE.... Bad press, including major mockery of the plan by comedian JonStewart, led to President Obama abandoning his proposal to requireveterans carry private health insurance to cover the estimated $540million annual cost to the federal government of treatment for injuriesto military personnel received during their tours on active duty. ThePresident admitted that he was puzzled by the magnitude of theopposition to his proposal. "Look, it's an a
In God We Trust Not Obama Or The Usps
Patriot Nation In God We Trust Not Obama or The USPS WRITE IT ON THE BACK OF YOUR ENVELOPES or front WE THINK THIS IS A GREAT IDEA. WE'LL START WRITING IT ON THE FRONT OF OUR ENVELOPES, TOO! ----------Including Bills You may have heard in the news that a couple of Post Offices in Texas have been forced to take down small posters that say 'IN GOD WE TRUST,' The law, they say, is being violated. Anyway, we heard proposed on a radio station show, that we should all write 'IN GOD WE TRUST' on the back of all our mail. After all, that's our National Motto, and ----- all the money we use to buy stamps. We think it's a wonderful idea. We must take back our nation from all the people who think that anything that offends them should be removed. If you like this idea, please pass it on and DO IT. The idea of writing or stamping.......... 'IN GOD WE TRUST ' on our envelopes sounds good to us . SOME PEOPLE ARE HAVING A STAMP MADE TOO......... lets use it as our signature on e-mails, too
I am STRESSED.  I have been off work for 5 weeks now because of my health.  It is not anything major.  I do not have cancer, nor do I have heart diasease.  I do have high blood pressure and diabeties. The federal DOT is starting to crack down on health issues with truck drivers so the doctor is being extra careful. But I am not making any money, my doctor has had my paperwork for my short term disability for 3 days...and I found out he is not going to be in the office next week. It's getting to me, I can tell, my friends can tell.  They are asking if I have a headache, or why I am not smiling or joking around like usual.  It's affecting my blood pressure adversely.  I want to punch something.  I need to get laid, lol.  I need a good cry.  I am getting to the point that I don't give a fuck. But.  I hope you're having a good day.
Fashion Designer Lagerfeld Against Same Sex Marriage
When I think of men fashion designers I assume they are homosexuals. That attitude has change now that I read what fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld said about gay marriage. He’s totally against it. Imagine that. You could have blown me over with a feather. For more BlastFM is does not have a bias bone in its body. BlastFM doesn’t have bones just great rock music.
Haven "sizing" Up
"Haven. My name's Haven." I think he smiled, but it was hard to tell on the lionish face, from the angle Ihad. "Though Cookie Monster works just fine.""I said Cookie, not Monster.""You haven't seen me at my best, yet" he said, and smiled for sure.I did not understand the comment. Micah did. "He's implying he's big.""Oh," I said, then had to smile up at Micah. "He shouldn't brag until he's seen the competition."The lionman rolled his face to look at Micah. He wasn't looking at his face. Micah said, "You aren'tseeing me at my best either."Even through the lion's face I could see the arrogance as he looked up at me, not at Micah. "Trust me,I'll measure up. Auggie was shopping for size, not just talent."
Anita Meets Haven
Taken From Danse Macrabe   "Taste Haven," Auggie said. "If you don't like him, then I'm going to have to send home for some less dominant take-out."I looked up at the tail man in front of me. He looked down with that soft, laughing face, and I just didn't buy it. It was like the smile and sparkly eyes was his version of a cop face. A way to hide everything.He dropped gracefully to his knees. Which made him not that muchshorter than me. I added at least another inch to his height. He laughed, that joyous laugh that seemed so sincere. "You should see your face, so suspicious.I just thought that this way you have your choice of wrist or neck.With me standing, you can't reach my neck."It made sense, so why didn't I like it? No answer other than the one I'd had since I saw him. Being close to him reacted with that primitive part of the brain that keeps you alive if you don't argue with it.Touching him was dangerous in some way, but in what way? The trouble with the primitive brain is that
This Is Actually Funny
  You Stupid Bastard!  You cheated on Sandra Bullock? How in the world can you be so stupid?  You are married to one of the most beautiful women in the world.She has a body to die for and her current wealth shadowed only by Oprah.  Your wife recently beat out Julia Roberts in the polls and is now named "America's Sweetheart."   You also remember, she just won an Oscar and praised you up and down in front of the world while you were porkin’ away. You are really a piece of work!  You are the most hated asshole cheater on the planet!    How can you live with yourself?! I only have one thing to say to the despicable, miserable, cheating piece of shit that you are: Thanks for taking the heat off of me. Let’s do lunch.  ~Tiger Woods
Area Codes Lyrics
I've got hoes (I've got hoes)In different area codes (area) area codes (codes)Hoes (hoes...hoes) in different area codes (area) area codes (codes)[Ludacris]Now you thought I was just 7-7-0, and 4-0-4?I'm worldwide,GET act like ya'll knowIt's the abominable-hoe man Glob-trot international postmanNeighbor-dick dope man7-1-8's, 2-0-2's I send small cities and statesIOU's, 9-0-1, matter fact 3-0-5, I'll jump offthe G4, we can meet outsideSo control your hormones and keep your drawers on'Till I close the door and I'm jumpin your bones,3-1-2's, 3-1-3's (oh), 2-1-5's, 8-0 tree's (oh)Read your horoscope and eat some horderves Ten on pump one, these hoes is self serve, 7-5-7,4-1-0's, my cell phone just overloadsChorus[Ludacris]Now everyday is a hoe-ly day, so stop the violenceand put the 4-4 away, skeet shoot a hoe today, 5-0-4,9-7-2's 7-1 tree, watcha gunna do? You checkin' out the scene, I'm checkin' a hot tonite with perpendicular,vehicular homicide 3-1-4, 2-0-1 (hey)Too much green, too much
Haha Ok.. Second Crack At The Wall That Is... The Door... On The Roof?
O.K so i figure that the last blog i did was "serious" and im gona ballance it out with this one, well here it goes.     soo im about to turn 21 and i dono i can act profesinal and all that jazz but i dono about anyone elce but why dose growing older mean growing up.. i mean why cant i progress in age and still have fun with out being looked down on by the moral majority? if i want to get my lip pirced, God danm it i will, if i was to get a sleave done.. dose that make me a bad person? fuck no! so i came to the desesion that i will never be a stiff in a suit.   so in schools your tought to be one in a heurd of sheep, mindless and uniform.. but is that how life is ment to be lived? i know that alot of people are happy with where there at and have metured / grew up, but is it wrong of me to want both the perks of age of majority and  being pants-on-head retarded with friends? i mean that why dose society look down on me for thinking, dressing and acting outside of said heurd? and citic
Raining Here
       The rain is falling softly now     a gentle hush among slender   spring limbs heavy with blossoms    that fall with no sound like snow.           Drifting down the hill      tender floral boats that carry     prayers to the mother stream.     Far into the mists of this night          they will float towards             home in the sea...        I linger here in this place       of baptism...annointed with           the tears of Angels    who set free harbored dreams
Im Back
its been a while since i been on here... this place has not changed but its good to be back though.... u can also find me on well later yall
question? if you are in a friends yard just petting their pitt bull and it isnt the older dog thats agresive towards other people as well as you do they have the right to call the police on you when they ask you to leave and you are doing what they ask you to do .
The Day My Vagina Died!
My vagina died the day i found out i was pregnant... Someone up there is punishing me for being a sexual deviant...   NOW I LEARN THAT I HAVE RUBBED OFF ON MY LESBIAN LOVER   WITCHIE   We should take a moment to morn her vagina   Im goign to a movie in an hour... ill entertain you fuckers till then!
Have A Question You Alway's Wanted To Ask Me Write Your Question Here
Sooooooooo I need to relax.  I'm thinking alcohol is the way to go tonight... so should I go drink alone at the bar, or drink alone at home and do drunken snapvines and mumms?
My Craptastic Poetry, Part 3, Self-referential Prophesy.
ARCANA by DAMAGODDESS I am the Fool. I am the blind, the vulnerable, the outcast.Seeking, losing, never knowing. Play me with all you are, I will follow.I am the Magician. I am the mystical, the enigmatic, the hidden.Twirling, dancing, always learning. Know me for what I am, I will not acquiesce.I am the High Priestess. I am the esoteric, the strong, the Goddess.Sharing, shining, never dying. Love me with your purist heart, I will reflect.I am the Empress. I am the noble, the detached, the Queen.Looking, waking, always persisting. Take me for all I've been, I will not relinquish . I am Arcana, the natural and the divine. I am the Emperor. I am the ruler, the tyrant, the wisdom.Leading, winning, never breaking. Want me for all I've seen, I will take.I am the Hierophant. I am the learned, the arrogant, the ascendant.Wondering, thinking, always growing. Teach me all you have heard, I will not forget.I am the Lovers. I am the desired, the yearned for, the needed.Wanting, burning, never t
Unsure ,lushy Will Have Too Resize It I Think!!!
check out the link it will let you know what happened the other day with allthe fubucks. i had absolutely nothing to do with it. I thought i hit the fulottery or something. i had been rating my hind end off that day. i entered a lounge with a friend of mine, the ppl didnt like me talking to her (i guess) and they booted me out. when i got back to my home screen i had ten-thousand trillion dollars. so not knowing that it was an error i starting buying my good friend ZOMBIE. sry if anything that i did caused a problem it was 110% unintentional. i tried to post the above comment on the blog but i am not allowed. FUBAR ROCKS!!!  
Lady Antebellum - I Run To You
I run from hate I run from prejudice I run from pessimists But I run too late I run my life Or is it running me Run from my past I run too fast Or too slow it seems When lies become the truth That’s when I run to you Chorus This world keeps spinning faster Into a new disaster so I run to you I run to you baby And when it all starts coming undone Baby you’re the only one I run to I run to you We run on fumes Your life and mine Like the sands of time Slippin’ right on through And our love’s the only truth That’s why I run to you This world keeps spinning faster Into a new disaster so I run to you I run to you baby And when it all starts coming undone Baby you’re the only one I run to I run to you This world keeps spinning faster Into a new disaster so I run to you I run to you baby And when it all starts coming undone Baby you’re the only one I run to I run to you
Antebellum - Need You Now
Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor. reaching for the phone, cause I cant fight it anymore. And i wonder if I ever cross your mind for me it happens all the time Its a quarter after one im all alone and I need you now said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now, and I dont know how I can do without i just need you now Another shot of whiskey cant stop looking at the door, wishing you'd come sweeping in the way you did before And I wonder if I ever cross your mind, for me it happens all the time Its a quarter after one im a little drunk and I need you now said I wouldnt call but I lost all control and I need you now. and I dont know how I can do without I just need you now... wooh oo wooh oh Yes I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all Its a quarter after one im all alone and I need you now and I said I wouldn't call but im a litt
Love Triangle
you call me on the phone by the tone of your voice i can tell that somethin jus aint right,you tell me baby no matter what im about to say to you right now,just remember i love you and i never meant to hurt you,but this is somethin i cant keep inside no more,its gonna be hard for me and it gonna be hard for you when you hear the truth, baby ive been goin behind your back,ive been seein this girl for the past 12months,now shes havin my baby and we gettin married,i didnt mean for it to turn out this way,but we fell in love,please dont hate me,you go to understand i didnt chose this path,this path chose me.. tears start runnin down my cheek,its gettin hard for me to breath,i feel like im about to lose my mind,tell me boy why you had to do this,when i gave you all of me,you promise you would never hurt me so,and now im sittin her all alone,i wanna hate you,but deep down inside i know i can,its crazy how you broke my heart in two but all i got is love for you.. baby,here comes the hardes
My Heart Is Broken
I wasn't with my boyfriend for very long, 5 monthS but I cared about him so much and I wanted a future with us.  He broke up with me last night, told me he had too many things in his life going wrong and his life basically sucked and he needed to work on himself.  I was devasted, I didn't want to break up.  I don't understand.  We had NO drama, got along GREAT, never fought, had a few minor disagreements, but nothing major.  He was on my facebook page and I had in my status that I was heartbroken.  Well I was.  He didn't like my posts, which were not angry by the way, just posting I was heartbroken without going into details of why we broke up.  He deleted me and told me he had to let go of me for good.  I am so hurt and confused. What did I do to deserve this?  Its one thing to break up with me I can accept that but to just banish be from his life forever?  I did not cheat on him, I was a loyal and faithful girlfriend.  I was there for him when he needed to talk about his life.  Why d
[let's Talk About French Toast]
Well this morning I realized I had (among other things) a lil block of rock solid sourdough, 2 eggs, and of course the world's best ham:3 So when I got back from ... going ALL OVER THIS F*CKING neighborhood looking for pins, I finally got back home and made french toast. I cut some stale bread into about 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick slices, whipped the two eggs with about 8 drops of vanilla extract, and one tablespoon of agave nectar (or honey) I then soaked each side of each piece of bread for 1-3 minutes each sideextracted and let sit while I cooked my ham. Once my ham was crispy I grabbed some old granola I had sitting around, the bagged kind with sweetened oats. and dusted the top side of each piece of toast. I started frying the toast and it occured to me that I could dump the excess batter over the granola to kinda hold it into place, flipped and fried the other side extracted let cool for a couple minutes, plopped on some apricot preserves, a slice of ham, and some cool camembe
Just Another Day
Today has been just another ordinary day in my life. I try not to complain too much. My life is not a bad one at all. I have a great fiance and wonderful children. I am a stay-at-home mom and also an AVON Independent Sales Representative. My fiance just got out of the military and is currently looking for part-time work while he prepares to go back to school to be an EMT. We just moved to Florida to stay with my soon to be father-in-law while we are trying to get our feet back under us. The only small dark spot on this picture is the oldest son I had no choice but to leave behind with my parents in North Carolina. Someday though I know I will get him back. But no matter how good life is, there are always low spots. My fiance and I do have some pretty wicked fights at times. It sucks but I guess that is just how it goes. I have never known anyone who never had a fight with their significant other. My fiance also has a tendency to hide things from me... either because he thinks it is no
Trying To Move On..............
The anniversary date is coming up of my husbands passing.  It is less painful, but still I grieve for his loss.  My mind and body tell me to move on, but my heart is not listening.  I know some day someone will come along and touch my heart again.  I have to believe that or what would be the point of looking.  I stand by and watch people who move on quickly after a loss or a divorce and wonder what I am doing wrong.  I want to wave my hands frantically and yell, " I am over here, look!!!".  I just am not sure who I am waving at, maybe one day I will.  He will see me and wonder why he didnt see me before.  I dont want to just settle, I want romance and a zing in my step.  I have an abundance of passion and understanding in me.  When he finds me, he will see that and think how lucky he was looking at the right moment that I saw him.  I am not a perfect woman and who would want to be?  I have my faults, but doesnt everyone.  If you look into my heart you will see that I am what I appear t
I Just Want To Know
I was looking around online and found a quote. I just want to know if it's really true. I'm thinking I should probably say, that I don't ask here because I think everyone on here is/was an addict...just that I really don't know anyone else here, in real life, to ask. I for one have never did drugs or drank, so I wouldn't know personally. At any rate, is this statement true?   "Once you are an addict you will never not be an addict. You'll be an addict until the day you die. I think about it every single day. People who say they don't think about drugs any more are dirty liars who are probably still using." -Kelly Osborne.
I Hope
I hope your eyes never leave mine,I hope your smile never goes away.I hope your heart will love me,For all the rest of my days. I have given you my heart,And yours is in my hands.I will treasure it,More than anything since I began. I doubt I'm worthy of you,But forever now I will try.To make your love for me,Go beyond the furthest sky.
Silly Kids...
So, yesterday I was driving to work, and as I passed McDonald's I noticed someone walking toward me on the sidewalk.  He wore a horizontally striped shirt with very wide stripes (of random different sizes), in multiple colors, and it came down to crotch level.  As I got closer, I saw that THAT shirt was on over another striped shirt with different colors, this one going down to what I think was his knees.  I couldn't tell for sure, because the pants were.... well.... when I saw him in the rear view mirror after I passed him, the butt part went down to about a foot above ground.  I tried to get my iPhone out and take a picture, but I was so busy laughing hysterically that I couldn't grab it in time.
Breaking News...god Is A Sock!
...and the Devil is a Hawaiian shirt. Or maybe a tube top. Or perhaps spandex... *chuckles* Well...if God IS a sock, I guess that would explain why my prayers to hit the lottery were never answered. I was praying to the wrong place. So, if God is a sock, would that make your sock drawer a holy place? A church per se? Because if that is the case, I'd like to start church services...and the donation box is right as you walk in. Maybe I could become the first Sock televangelist, and broadcast live from my sock drawer. Call 1-800-GOD-SOCK, and send in those donations, Folks...and I'll heal all your ills in the name of Hanes knee-highs! Hmmm...and that brings up another question...there are MANY socks in the sock drawer. Obviously, the others MUST be FALSE socks...Which one is God? Is he in MY sock drawer, or in someone else's? Or perhaps God is the missing sock you always end up having with after you go to the laundromat? (Nahhh...can't be. The missing socks in the laundry aren't
Only If Love Could
Quiz About Me.
Alright kiddies it's time for a Quiz about me so please answer the best you can. No cheating or fishing for answers cause I wont give them. When you are done please copy and paste the answers to me and send it to me! I will let you know who gets the most right.   1. Name (Extra points for the one(s) who get my middle name) - 2. Favorite Band- 3. Favorite Movie- 4. Favorite Color- 5. Favorite Pastime- 6. Favorite Pet- 7. Favorite Food(s)- 8. Right handed or Left handed? - 9. Favorite old school video game- 10. Mothers name- 11. Fathers name- 12. Favorite superhero- 13. Favorite supervillain - 14. My fetish(es)- 15. Born and Raised in- 16. Currently live in-
Things I Dislike.
1. People who are ignorant and stubborn. 2. Sterotypes, Racist, Hypocrites, Judgementally and just plan lazy people. 3. People who cheat. 4. Men who beat women. 5. Child molesters. 6. Fake people. Who all know who you are. 7. People who press their beliefs and religion on you. 8. People who can't keep their mouths shut who have nothing worth while to say. 9. People who waste my time. 10.  People who simply cannot see out of the box. I am sorry things are not simply black and white. There is more to life that most people cant wrap their heads around. 11. Most celebrities. Just watch any day time tv, late night news, or pick up a magazine at the store. Then you shall see why they put a bad taste in my mouth. I don't care who has a new outfit, hairstyle, pair of shoes is comming out. 12. Twitter! I swear this was created by something dark and wicked. I do not DO NOT CARE OR NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING EVERY THIRTY SECONDS! 13. The news. Very depressing. I just change
Things I Like.
1.Pink Floyd my all time favorite band. 2.People who are real and stick to their morals and beliefs. It's not just enough to say you are and do. Show me. 3.People who have a brain. 4.People who are not drama queens. Highschool is over kiddies time to grow up. Oh also the world don't revolve around you and your petty probelms. Really I don't care . 5.Drawing, Writing, Playing, and Listening to music. 6.People who can be humane. 7.True friends. If you are a true friend when shit gets thick you won't turn away or tell me there is nothing you can do. When we are down is when we need those closest to us the most. And sometimes simply talking and listening is enough. 8.Books. Sometimes the best exscape from reality is a good book. 9.The smell of fresh cut grass. 10.The smell of the pavement right after it starts raining. And don't say it is the same smell as wet pavement no cause they're really two different smells. 11.The smell of coffee brewing. 12.Going somewhere with
Begin Again
Her beauty shines in my mind,Long after I close my eyes.The memory still lingers,Long after our goodbyes. Even beyond her smile,Deep does her beauty run.Each night I see her,I learn more about this one. I will look for her smile,As each of my days end.And learn more behind her smile,And each night begin again.
Rate For Collabs, Production, And Audio Engineering With/by Khaoz
Apply To Be On The Bmhe/ir/kp Street Team Or Graphic Artist
Apply To Be A Artist, Group, Producer Or Audio Engineer On Bmhe/ir/kp
Music To Have Sex By
I have NEVER had sex with music playing in the background, unless you count a quickie in the truck when I was a teenager. :P Anywho.....I was talking with a friend and he told me about this song and it just oozes sex music. It's sultry and makes you wanna get naked. Enjoy :)   Lyrics | Puscifer - REV 22:20 lyrics
Raters Needed
CALLING ALL RATERS!!! This is a downrating contest Please only rate it a ONE!! ↓ Click the Link to help!!↓ [ photo: 4201188068 ] ↑ Click the Link to help!! ↑ I really need everyones help to downrate a picture for me All help is appreciated!! x0x * Please Repost - ♥ - Thank you *
Hottest Gals& Hottest Lounge Ser Is #1
Very Sad
The Cheaters Who Are Going To Ruin The Fu Mafia Game
  This is an open letter to the cheaters who are running scripts to gain an advantage. Why? Do you get satifaction from cheating? Do you feel better about yourself as a person if you win virtual money in a virtual game? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, I feel sorry for you.    What are you going to do when we lose that feature of the game because of the cheating? I bet you will be the first and loudest ones to scream like hell.  Why not try acting like normal adults and play fair. You'll still get some bounties just not all of them.    That's all I have to say. You know who you are, we know who you are, and the proper people know who you are.  When you get caught please don't further shame yourself or the fu bar community with lame denials like, "I'm just a really fast clicker", or "I have the touch screen" or "my PC is just way way faster than everyone elses".  Save the lies for your buddies at work when you tell them how you got with that hot seceratary last nigh
And The Winner Is
So we have a winner...the beautiful and smart (way smarter than you bastards) LilTease" target=_blank>LilTease">href="" target=_blank>@ fubar (Thank you Hellyion for showing me how to do that...again)   To clarify for the slow ones (MOST OF YOU) 1. When Lord of the Rings was filmed here, I was refused a part as an extra because I was too tall. LIE, I coulda been an Orc if I'd wanted to.   2. A few years ago I initiated adoption of an 11 year old girl. True. 3. I am the only member of my immediate family who hasn't been on television. LIE. My mother holds that dubious honour. 4. I was once arrested for trying to correct the grammar on a shopping mall sign. LIE. I was never arrested for it. 5. When I was six, I was awarded the school prize for excellence in literature. True. I didn't name the award. And for the fucker that thought 13 would make me 'a bi
Greta H. (Bender) Tauscher Greta H. Tauscher 1914-2010 HOLYOKE- Greta H. (Bender) Tauscher R.N., age 95, of West Holyoke, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at the Holyoke Health Care Center. She was born in West Holyoke, daughter of the late Karl and Hattie (Berger) Bender and graduated from Holyoke High School and the Holyoke Hospital School of Nursing. A Registered Nurse, Greta worked locally at Holyoke Hospital, Skinner Clinic, and Brookwood Court Nursing Home, retiring in 1980. During World War II, she was a Nurse with the American National Red Cross. Greta had worked all over the country, including Niagara Falls NY, Chicago, San Francisco, Alaska, Eureka CA, and Blue Lake CA before returning to Holyoke. She worshipped at Saint Peter's Lutheran Church in Holyoke, and was a member of the Saint Peter's Ladies Guild and Quilting Club. Greta also was a member of the West Holyoke Mothers Club. Her husband, Walter L. Tauscher, predeceased her in 1986.
Random Facts!!
ok, just thought I would share some "facts" about me that I dont think anyone knows,  well maybe they do, cant remember lol..anyways,  here they are....... 1****** I love to wear mens cologne on occasions, it makes me feel SEXY, if anyone has a certain one they wear, tell me and I might wear it, heheheh... 2******Im NOT scared of bugs....I usually dont kill them either, just take them outside and set them free lol 3******Does not believe in ghost, UFOs....unless you can SHOW me in person, then I might change my mind lol 4******doesnt believe in "true" love or love at first glance, give me a break... 5******loves CHINESE food,  sooo freakin yummy, I can eat it 24/7;} 6******wants to rule the world, come on, who doesnt.... 7******Im the only one on my block who has a  NHRA drag racing tire as their tree swing......I got it from NHRA Nationals in Joliet, IL.. 8******Loves watching Scooby Doo cartoons;} 9******my handwriting type is Hippo writing...   Hippo writi
Meinhardt Raabe (wizard Of Oz Munchkin)
  As coroner, I must averI thoroughly examined her.And she’s not only merely dead,She’s really most sincerely dead.   Meinhardt Raabe, who played the Munchkin coroner in "The Wizard of Oz" and proclaimed in the movie that the Wicked Witch of the East was "really most sincerely dead," has died. He was 94. His caregiver, Cindy Bosnyak, said Raabe — pronounced RAH'-bee — died Friday morning at a hospital in Orange Park, Fla. He was one of the few surviving Munchkins from the 1939 film. Bosnyak said he complained of a sore throat at his retirement community before collapsing and going into cardiac arrest. He was taken to Orange Park Medical Center, where he later died, she said. "He had a headful of hair at 94 and he ... remembered everything everyday," she said. "To me he was a walking history book, very alert." Raabe was one of the 124 Munchkins in the film classic and one of only nine who had speaking parts. He was 22 years old and a show business vetera
Right now I am not taking anything for my Heart or the Cardiovascular System. What I am feeling is slow death. The shortness of breath is always after movement while at rest in laying, reclining, or sitting I am well enough. Even with rest as the day progress and my pace does not stop or change I am becoming weaker and to do less. Afraid? No, but at least I know, because of other occasion seemed just like death was imminient. Eventually we all arrive at the same place. As for life it self, I cannot come up with any reason for it. Is God as explained in The Bible, a God with Human emotions? We maybe blindly following The Bible instead of this One True God as shown to us in The Bible by The Christ and others within The Bible and else where. I have some work to tend to. Glory to God Norio  
Go Eagles Fans! (assclamps)
From The Onion: WASHINGTON—During an emotionally charged press conference Monday, newly minted Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb expressed gratitude to the unappreciative, abusive, and intolerant fans of the Philadelphia Eagles for their total lack of support over the years. "I'd like to thank all the Eagles fans who were always there to demand the whole world from me every week, who expected me to do everything with almost nothing, and who blamed me for the team's every failure," said the six-time Pro Bowler, who also apologized for his failure to shore up the Eagles defense and his inability to keep Brian Westbrook healthy while leading the team to five NFC championship games. "I can't thank them enough for the constant insults or tell you what their lack of support meant to me when Rush Limbaugh made racist comments about me. My only regret, besides every fucking awful moment of the past 11 years, is that I couldn't give these people what they wanted most: drafting Ricky Wi
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A True Friend
A true friend is very hard to find Someone you can tell exactly what's on your mind Someone you can be true & for real with Someone that doesn't just take..they also give Someone who is always going to be there Someone that showes they actually care Someone you can cry to when you're sad Someone you can talk to when you're mad I found this friendship when I found you I'll always be here for you no matter what you do   SexyBiChris =)  
Sleep, My Dove.
When a MAN that truly loves HIS woman, sees her sleeping so soundly, so peacefully Angelic, HIS Heart, Mynd, Body, and Soul all intermingle. It's indescribably magical. Words flood HIS Mynd, Love engulfs HIS Heart, Need scorches HIS being, and Completeness consoles HIS soul. HIS universe is contained totally within the confines of her dreams. HIS imagination caress the galaxies as IT escapes time and space on it's journey to something beyond that which HE knows as HEAVEN.   ~~~mystic~~~
The Big 5 Of Me - Pretty Dead On Minus A Few Points
Big Five Test Results Extroversion (40%) moderately low which suggests you are reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and private.Accommodation (66%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly kind natured, trusting, and helpful at the expense of your own individual development (martyr complex).Orderliness (58%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly organized, neat, structured and restrained at the expense too often of flexibility, variety, spontaneity, and fun.Emotional Stability (20%) low which suggests you are very worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.Inquisitiveness (36%) moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly small minded, traditional, and conventional at the expense of intellectual curiousity, possibility, and progress. Take Free Big Five Personality Testpersonality tests by
Never Alone
I was mesmerized the first time that I saw youwords failed me then I will admit that it is truebut you were sweet and made me more at easeand I found we fit together pretty as will pleaseAs time passed the feeling grew ever strongeruntil I found that I could not deny it anymoreI had to overcome my fears and say it to youthose three little life changing words "I love you"We have had more time and still love growsmy loving feeling for you constantly showsI will not promise you that there will be strifefor it will always be a part of everyone's lifeI can promise that as you face the unknownthat you will never have to face it all alone.
Sympathy For The Player
I once had myself the most wondrous fantasyno it was not real but it seemed so real to meI dared to dream that you were in love with mebut now what a fool I am is plain for all to see I gave you all I had, it was not enough thoughyou used me for a while and then let me golooking back now I can easily see it was so but living in that fantasy, how was I to know? I know that I will find the right lady for meand loving each other, how blessed we will beBut you will spend you life always on the gonever finding the one that you could love so A pity that you will never know the gift of loveor realize that it can be a gift from up aboveThat in the end all you have you surely will losebut it is the kind of life that you did choose
The Journey
The Journeyby Bob Geesn4/10/10 I went to walk along the wayIt was a bright warm sunny beautiful dayThere were many people bustling about in a hurry, angry, and many shoutThings were not pretty on that roadI felt as I were being prodded with a goadThings got uglier along that wayI felt destruction emanated for me that dayThen up a head I saw off to the side a narrow gateStanding there was a friendly faceHe invited me in with a warm smileAsked me to walk with him for a couple of milesHesitantly I turned to accept his offerI was afraid that I get lose my and never profferIt was peaceful and calm as we went our wayEach step felt guided as a new peace surrounded me that dayThe road was straight and easy to walk as I followed HimI noticed that is was quiet and there was no longer a dinSo I looked back to see where we had beenTo my surprise I saw only one set of tracksMy burdens felt lifted from off my backThen I looked into that smiling faceI knew then I had found my Savior that dayWhat see
Endless Sea
A beautys heart wanders,Like being lost in a sea.Looking for a love,That she still cannot see. In time beautiful,Your heart will see the shore.And leave those empty waters,To drift in them nomore. Close your eyes beautiful,And reopen your mind.Someday when not searching the waters,That shore your heart will find.
Building A Magnetic Power Generator
Basically, a magnetic power generator is created with the aim of tackling the same objective as alternative sources of energy. This is principally powered by magnets and these tackle are assumed to take place perpetually. They can survive on behalf of eternity and their strength of character will not break off. Click here to read more - Magnetic Power Generator and Magnetic Generator This type of magnetic energy generator has started becoming very popular due to the fact that it can be hooked up to a home in order to save money from the electric company. As this generator is able to run for many years without stopping, it can supply that home with a constant supply of free energy. Reports show that someone who uses this type of magnetic generator in their house saves 50%-100% on each electrical bill. How does it work? If you have ever held to magnets next to each other then you must have felt them either pulling together or pushing apart, this is proof of their very powerful magneti
Peter Gabriel (kate Bush) Don't Give Up
in this proud land we grew up strong we were wanted all along I was taught to fight, taught to win I never thought I could fail no fight left or so it seems I am a man whose dreams have all deserted I've changed my face, I've changed my name but no one wants you when you lose don't give up 'cos you have friends don't give up you're not beaten yet don't give up I know you can make it good though I saw it all around never thought I could be affected thought that we'd be the last to go it is so strange the way things turn drove the night toward my home the place that I was born, on the lakeside as daylight broke, I saw the earth the trees had burned down to the ground don't give up you still have us don't give up we don't need much of anything don't give up 'cause somewhere there's a place where we belong rest your head you worry too much it's going to be alright when times get rough you can fall back on us don't give up please don't give up 'got to walk out of here I can't take an
Peter Gabriel - Come Talk To Me
The wretched desert takes its form, the jackal proud and tight In search of you, I feel my way, though the slowest heaving night Whatever fear invents, I swear it make no sense I reach through the border fence Come down, come talk to me In the swirling, curling storm of desire unuttered words hold fast With reptile tongue, the lightning lashes towers built to last Darkness creeps in like a thief and offers no relief Why are you shaking like a leaf Come on, come talk to me Ah please talk to me Won't you please talk to me We can unlock this misery Come on, come talk to me [Chorus 1:] I did not come to steal This all is so unreal Can't you show me how you feel now Come on, come talk to me Come talk to me [x2] The earthly power sucks shadowed milk from sleepy tears undone From nippled skin as smooth as silk the bugles blown as one You lie there with your eyes half closed like there's no-one there at all There's a tension pulling on your face Come on, come talk to me Won't you please
Peter Gabriel - I Grieve :(
it was only one hour ago it was all so different then there's nothing yet has really sunk in looks like it always did this flesh and bone it's just the way that you would tied in now there's no-one home i grieve for you you leave me 'so hard to move on still loving what's gone they say life carries on carries on and on and on and on the news that truly shocks is the empty empty page while the final rattle rocks its empty empty cage and i can't handle this i grieve for you you leave me let it out and move on missing what's gone they say life carries on they say life carries on and on and on life carries on in the people i meet in everyone that's out on the street in all the dogs and cats in the flies and rats in the rot and the rust in the ashes and the dust life carries on and on and on and on life carries on and on and on it's just the car that we ride in a home we reside in the face that we hide in the way we are tied in and life carries on and
A Love For All Time
Breathless kisses Burning touches Soft-spoken words of love Urgently spoken words of passion. A man and a woman One complete love Since time began Predestined to be as one. We've been together before In other lifetimes We've fought dragons And have been torn from each others arms Yet our love prevailed. We've walked on this earth many times together Perhaps for a moment Perhaps for years But our heart is one heart And we were meant to be. So when our time on earth Once again comes to a close Have no worries my dear For we will find each other again And again And again. For our love is ageless Love for all time.
Lets Get Nekkid!
Join me for my Saturday morning show at 8am est   Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid!  Did you know you could connect from our website?  Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
The Life Of A Coal Miner
It starts out early.. Way early in the morning.. It's still a little dark at 5:30 when the door swings open. I grab my eyes off the battery that charges it, my belt that holds the very breath that i breathe, my clothes that will reveal me from being invisible, and my hat that keeps the ceiling off my head.. I get to the playground where i meet up with many men.. Men whom are like none other.. These people are a different breed of human.. They're not like you.. These men are mentally the toughest and bravest men you will ever meet along with soldiers.. We suit up by 6 and head out the door.. One gets to the edge of a cliff where its like your standing in line for a tall rollercoaster.. You look down and see the the steel plated floor, but thru this floor u see the ground which is around 200 feet below you.. I always try to step on the steel beams that support the floor because while waiting for this ride, all i can do is think of what would happen if this floor fell.. We load onto an
Thank You Reality Tv...
Reality tv has its fans and critics and has since shows like 'Survivor' has made it prime time entertainment. It is all very similar no matter what show it is, a group of fairly diverse people are put into some sort of odd circumstance and feuds and friendships develop and drama ensues. This is all well and good as long as people keep paying attention. The thing that caught my attention as I am a reality tv watcher on occasion is how well it captures some aspects of our culture. On two different occasions I have watched people have been voted off for being 'the biggest threat' aka hardest worker/best player. This perfectly portrays what happens in a real workplace. Instead of the hardest worker being praised, more often than not they are brought down but other clicks and stabbed in the back by various means. So, on a small scale, reality catches this aspect of our culture quite well. And I know what most will say...'it's just a game'....'I would for all that money' ...My only point is
They Call It Love
They Call it Love, they say it's good but then it hurts, as it should Because it's a lie, it's fake, untrue and in your heart I know u kno this I kno you do. a fantasy, of another time an outdated concept, and sometimes a crime so fall IN LOVE yes play the game, and when you lose it's all the same, we're all losers, we just don't see it, loves an addiction and we cannot release it. I say to hell with love, it's antiquated No longer jonezin no longer jaded, to hell with love, and then I cry I'll love you till...the day I die I LOVE YOU
The If You's
  If you dress nicely, he says you're a snob. If you dress sexy, he says you're a slut. If you argue with him, he says you're stubborn. If you're quiet, he says you're stupid. If you ca
Dj Smart Azz
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Dj Sabotage
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Dj Vixy
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How To Choose A High Quality Mobile Phone?
More and more people are using cell phone from China Wholesale at present. It is convenient that a cellular phone stay in touch with family and friends, and you'll need to choose a high quality mobile Phone and service plan based on your individual needs. How to choose a high quality mobile phone? Decide How Much You Will Use the Phone The most common mobile-phone service plans include the purchase of a "block" of minutes per month today. What this means is that you will pay a flat fee for a set number of minutes. Putting aside extra charges like taxes for a minute, you can spend your entire block of minutes talking on your phone in a given month without paying more than your flat rate. You can use the following rule to decide how many minutes to block off for your plan: 1. Multiply that by the number of calls you make and receive in one month. 2. Estimate the length of time you spend on an average phone call. 3. Add another 50 minutes. Choose from the Four Main Ty
9/30 - Coinage
  Coinage   Picking friends or lovers Either way the ascent and descent of the heart's coin toss is watched with bated breath.   Heads, they won't play with yours. Tails, it's between your legs. Somersaulting wishes plentiful as fountain's littered base. You'd think your nimble fingers could mask the tremors by now.   Yours is not the only one taking flight, landing among both nickel-plated and sterling silver souls alike; with a few wooden ones for good measure.   Show those gratitude for they make no bones about their halfhearted attempts at playing impostor. Bask even more in the shine of those unabashedly real, for once you catch them, they will never be tossed again.   As for the dangerous ones, the only ones who over time lose their cover by showing their true colors; the green mark left on your skin is just their stamp of envy, and it always washes off.  
8/30 - Untitled Haiku
  Untitled Haiku   Flexibility Central to your survival Remove knife from back  
My Big Five Personality Test Results:
Big Five Word Test Results Extroversion (80%) high which suggests you are overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense too often of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.Accommodation (68%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly kind natured, trusting, and helpful at the expense of your own individual development (martyr complex).Orderliness (32%) moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly flexible, random, improvised, and fun seeking at the expense of structure, reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment.Emotional Stability (48%) medium which suggests you are moderately relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.Inquisitiveness (68%) moderately high which suggests you are intellectual, curious, imaginative but possibly not very practical. Take Free Big Five Word Personality Testpersonality tests by
Anyone Want To Make Me Cumanyone Want To Make Me Cum
anyone want to make me cum
Please Take The Time....everyone And Anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This song is always an emotional fall back song for me no matter what emotion I am feeling or need to feel... Ani Difranco Swan Dive cradling the softest, warmest part of you in my hand feels like a little baby bird fallen from the nest i think that your body is something i understand i think that i'm happy, i think that i'm blessed i've got a lack of inhibition i've got a loss of perspective i've had a little bit to drink and it's making me think that i can jump ship and swim that the ocean will hold me that there's got to be more than this boat i'm in 'cuz they can call me crazy if i fail all the chance that i need is one-in-a-million and they can call me brilliant if i succeed gravity is nothing to me, moving at the speed of sound i'm just going to get my feet wet until i drown and i teeter between tired and really, really tired im wiped and im wired but i guess its just as well because i built my own empire out of car tires and chicken wire and i'm queen of my own compost he
Dj Sixx
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Sex Pistol Manager Dead
  I remember when the Sex Pistol shook the music world with their outrageous antics. Punk became a music and fashion statement. Now the manager of the original group is gone. Just goes to show you, life is short and sweet. Read more. is a mover and shaker. Listen and get your groove on.
[first Custom Sd Neue Ziel]
Well it took two airbrushes, an epic retail sagahundreds of dollarshours of procrastinationand pretty much learning the entire process from one or two people and a few hundred pictures with japanese captions but my Super Deformed ("Chibi" or cutesy) Neue Ziel is complete.'ll get pictures later. I learned a few thingslike... even though you think you're done, you should do a spot cover coat. And the extra mass from the paint does make the sockets rub funny.Also...dribbley bits. Y'know... when the paint dries you need to consider where/if it'll pool and how best to keep it from pooling. I probably need to get a higher grade paint... hehmaybe when I'm being more serious. So modifications for this kit ...HAH   2 1/2 coats of primer 3 1/2 coats of black high gloss acrylic. ...That's it. I pulled it apart at the major parts, colored all the parts that were previously green and replaced the gray panels, and put her back together. There's some rough edges, some parts where
i beleive we are all here to have funs in fubar, but i'm exsperiencing some negative things coming up every day in fubar. for me, i beleive in moderation~~~~perhaps i still don't think if fubar is a dating site....
Dj War
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Mon Cher...
New spring blossoms rage burns beyond sun's holy fire eyes drink thine beauty  
Dj Dave
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Missing Fubucks
Well, I went into Support Moments ago to ask why we have missing fubucks. It was the first i heard of missing money. They gave me a speech about going back to the fu-bank Etc etc! So then i said Well why did this happen? they said take it up with support so thats fine i ask the same question and Kramiza said " shes here to help not be harassed etc.. then said have a cookie .... A cookie? then they booted me .. talk about crazyness!  This Angers me that you can't ask a question and its called harassment.. what THE heckk??  and the fu money issue .. they should have left it alone it was fine the way it was .. Just leave things alone! Please Feel Free to Comment / Rate! :)
Thank You
I want to thank everyone.  I think that I am going to leave.  I can not be on here.   I like fubar very much, but I can not be here and not help people when I want to help.  Thank you and happy hunting.
Today I Went Bankrupt
It feels like the diagnosis of terminal Cancer. To know that no matter how hard you work to avoid it, you aren't immune!  I don't know if I will lose my car yet, but if I do that means I'll also lose my job. Its been awhile since my last blog.  I wish I had something better to write about.
A Link To The Story About What Happened To My Son!
Here is the link to the story and a pic of my sons leg after a dog attacked him at school. Some stupid kid thought it would be funny to tease the dog, so my son had to pay for it! Another link: 11 students and 1 teacher in all were injured, but my son ended up getting the worst of it all. I am saddened by this cause he is traumatized now! The owner of the dog is in big trouble though! My son is holding his own! He has not yet cried over the pain or anything. He is just scared and affraid to be around dogs now! If any of you would like to send him a get well card, sb me for address to send it to! I have uploaded the before and after surgery pics. they are bad so if u have a weak stomache I wouldn't look.
Proposal For Workplace Safety Regulations
Proposal for workplace safety regulations, fines imposed, the appeals process as in such instances as Massey Energy and it's affiliates.Any company that has been cited workplace safety violations that is in the appellate process should be held accountable to it's stock holders by not being able to pay dividends until such instances have been settled in the proper court of law. Implementing authority:(a) OSHA(b) SEC (white papers, prospectus and financial disclosure for legal fees as well as underwriters having to disclose present litigation expenditures and projections)(c) Justice DepartmentProvisions:(a) Implementation of Federal Whistleblowers status for employees who come forward with concerns of workplace safety violations.(b) Increase of workplace inspectors (proportional to employee count?)(c)   People help me get this through to someone that can help pass legislation to balance the scales of justice once and for all...
Just A Song I Wrote
    You’ll never know how much you mean to me You’ll never know how great our love could be You’ll never hear I love you baby And you’ll never feel my touch If you don’t open your heart       If you don’t open your heart If you don’t open your eyes Try to feel this love so deep inside Baby please don’t say goodbye     You’ll never know what a best friend I can be and You’ll never know what your love does to me and You’ll never know if you don’t take the chance Take my hand, this is our last dance I’m standing before you My love is strong, my love is true But you’ll never know     If you don’t open your heart If you don’t open your eyes Try to feel this love so deep inside Baby don’t say goodbye   Inside my heart lies a pot of gold for you to have and you to hold In this life you’re all I need you keep me safe, make me complete It’s all right
    I can understand about Salutes to a certain point.  But please,  I can not even talk to people or ask them to be friends.  Because of the salutes.  I wish that people would just put their petty differences aside.  Oh well, such as life.  Thank you.  
Hello All!
Hi, I'm Shae. This is just a first posting, kinda an outline of what you might find on this blog. I will probably post prose and ramblings of my own creation. I will likely rant and vent as well. I have kids and a partner that i plan on marrying as soon as I can get a legalized license. I am a horrid typist in regards to capital letters, but i have a thing for e e cummings just be glad grammatically correct punctuation is one of my OCD things. I am an adult with ADD and OCD so you will find all kinds of oddity rants and raves on here. Hope you enjoy my personal ramblings.
Moving Toward A Career Online
I have kicked and scratched away in moving into the 21st Century lately. I felt comfortable back in the 20th. I've owned businesses before, and failed twice. Neither made it past the second year, and neither were on the internet. It seems to me that this new strategy may have some upward mobility if it were to catch on. So, I finally sat down and entered into the Internet business line. Being new at this, I imagined that it would cost me an arm and more to get started. Although it costs, it wasn't as much as I expected. Yet, I still have to shop around for marketing and advertising and coming up with the funds to handle this most important aspect. I'm still shopping around on this, but the site is finally up and running. I've gone into the gift shop career, and for some reason I am always trying to make a successful career in retail. Maybe it's the one area I have yet to succeed in. I like art, and in many respects gifts can be considered as such. So, if you're interested, check out 2
We fucked all night till the dawn You smacked my ass & it was on I got down on my hands & knees Had you begging please please please Fuck me hard & fuck me fast Oh please let this moment last I feel your dick going in & out You make me scream you make me shout Oh my god it feels so great Your dick is something I can not hate You've got my pussy so hot & wet This night is one I'll never forget I start 2 cum & you keep going The juices & fluids are truly flowing We are sweating more & more each minute
Abortion / Pro-choice Reasons
Notice: I do not expect most people who happen to come across this to actually read this all, it was originally written for Deviant Art; but I figured I would post this here. I know it is a touchy subject so ... so if you cannot take harsh truths and differing opinion then just go back to myspace and whine with the rest of the babies. If you are pro-life and wish to comment, I welcome it. But please do not comment asking Me somethig that I have already addressed in the writing.====================================== Abortion; such a word that when it is even said in mixed company can provoke such revolting responses, such a simple yet complex word and act that calls into question the very meaning of a person. A word that just the mentioning of it calls into questions the very make up of a society, provokes debate on religion, upbringing, faith, beliefs, gender, politics, background, economics, and every other variable within a society that one may hold dear to themselves, or others. Su
Don Not Know Any Of
I do not know any of the members. All of the Core members know who is The Grand Master. All of the Inner members know all of the Core members except one. Members know at least two of the Inner members. As I remeber it. Movement out side coming closer to me. I will yield each and every time until the Trump Card is used. I may walk. If that's the case then a stone has more Heart than me. Ice has more warmth than me. Glory to God Norio  
My Perspective On Being Alone
I've spent the last 3 years of my life on my own...I do live at home with my dad and brother but have not been in a relationship. Ive been travelling the world, re-evaluating myself, learning more about my personality, my strengths & weaknesses, and increasingly enjoying my own company.......I'm a homebody. I'm one of those types of people who prefers to stay home alone on a Saturday night with popcorn and DVDs, or a good book. I love being alone. I'm a solitary entity. I've always been fiercely a fault. As an ex graciously put it, I'm a 'hermit'. So, I'm experiencing the exact opposite dilemma than most - I'm desperately trying to learn how to be around people, re-learning how to exist in social situations. One of the most difficult things I've ever had to do is reach out, initiate communication, and ask for companionship.....I'm more than okay being alone. As of right now, it's actually my preference. :) But, lonely I am not. Despite what I just said, I do have frie
Ugh Ugh Ugh
Is it wrong to hate your parents?   Ok maybe hate is a strong word.   But I'm really just sick of the way they treat me and my family!   It's to the point where I don't even pick up the phone anymore, I only respond to emails cause I don't wanna hear their voice!   All they do is set off my chest pains and raise my blood pressure!!   I'm so mad right now I can't even get the words out about how mad I am!
A young man from WV decides to ask his girl friend to marry him. So after the question is ask and she says yes they both run to there parents and break the news to them. So the two families get together and plan a big hillbilly wedding. So the wedding day comes and they have a beautiful wedding by hillbilly standards. After the wedding and the reception the newly married couple decide to go to there new home and constimate there marriage. So the young groom goes in the bathroom to get read while the young bride gets ready in the bedroom. The groom comes out and climbs into bed with his new bride. After playing and kissing for a while the groom jumps up out of bed grabs his pants and runs down to his parents house. He bangs on the door screaming "dad dad dad" finally the dad domes to the door and ask "boy what you doing down here you're suppose to be up there with your wife being on your honeymoon". The boy says "I know but I crawled in bed with her and found out she
Darkness Of Night
Her beauty came to me,In the darkness of night.I stared in awe of her beauty,Till the dawns early light. To hold such a vison,Would be any mans dying wish.The hours I spent holding her,For me was endless bliss. I see her image again now,With beauty endless for all time.And I wish for the night to come,So once again this beauty I might find.
Have I Ever
Have I Ever ♥♥♥♥ Have I ever told youthat if I sit really still and silent,sometimes. I like to thinkI can hear your heart beatingin time with mine?Have I ever told youthat when I watch you speak to methrough lines and cords,and bytes and ram,I imagineyour voice,whispering into my ear?Have I ever told youthat I wait out each dayin anticipation,wantingonly an hour or two,just a second in space and time,to feel close to you?Have I ever told youthat there has been times,when I ached for you,ached for you so badly,that the emotions overwhelmed me..and so I sat and cried?Have I ever told youthat sometimes,I will reach out,touching your nameon this cold screen before me,wishingI could reach inand pull you to me?Have I ever told youthat after the first time I heardthe sound of your voice,thousands of miles away,I sat up all night,turning the conversation over and overin my mind,examining it,like some newly discovered species of flower?Have I ever told y
The Fubucks And Fu Owned Crisis....
Check the blog below and to the left with the same title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
The Fubucks And Fu Owned Crisis....
So over the past few days there was some kind of a glitch or something in the Fu-Owned that what appears to have pulled an early ObamaCare and took billions and billions of fubucks and what seems like redistributed them to lesser level people. It didn’t effect me personally and I really wasn’t all into the “fu-owned game” like a lot of people were apparently. What I do know from what I’ve seen is that there were a lot of people cheating. With making fake accounts that they knew would get “bought back” because people are stupid and don’t look to see if people are real before buying them. I know, it’s really that simple but hey, what’s the IQ around here anyways? At any rate, check out these screenies from a notable one that was located, I’m sure that there were others. Please note that this “male” profile with no salute was a mere level 9 at the time of this all happening… It should be noted tha
Grrrrr Fml!
He held all of me in the palm of his hand. One word, One look is all he had to do. He would have anything I could give. But he walked away Turned his back and forgot it all. The endless nights we shared, The countless times we smiled. How does one walk away from something they say was a match made? How does one never look back? And yet I'm compelled to know if I ever cross your mind. Do you still see me when you close your eyes. Does my voice echo in your head. Do you see my eyes still staring at you while you ramble on to me. So I say go ahead walk away. You and I both know you will never find another like me. And you will compare what we had with all you search for. One day you will see that the small things are worth more than the larger picture. But by then you will have ran me off to the arms of another, who seen them when you wasn't looking. Never walk around with your eyes closed for when you do you never see whats standing in front of you. And by the time you s
Bruce Springsteen - I'm A Coward When It Comes To Love
I ain't afraid of no lions I ain't afraid of no grizzly bear I got in a wrestlin' match with old King Kong He didn't even muss my hair There's just one thing in the whole wide world That make me doubt my stuff I'm a coward when it comes to love Now bring down old Hulk Hogan King Kong Bundy too Bring down old Big Mike Tyson I'll show them what a real man can do They say the tougher' get goin' Now baby that's when the goin' get tough But I'm a coward when it comes to love I'm a coward when it comes to love I'm a coward when it comes to love You can bring on a different sexy girl At every night of the week Buddy that's okay But I start tremblin', my knees get weak Whenever I hear her say "Do you love me baby?" "Do you love me baby?" "Do you love me baby?" I got a muscle of iron I got another muscle made of steel But when we start kissin' 'n' huggin' You may be the bravest man in the whole wide world But Buddy, that ain't enough I'm a coward when it comes to love I'm a coward when it
A Breath Of Sunshine
Lost myself in an endless goodnightKept the time by the patterns of the streetlightCouldn't get it rightI could never get it rightSadly, this is a wasted conversationLost on you, lost on youThis is a test of my patienceYour blue eyes are so cruelI can't escape all the things we saidI'm taking years off my life with the weight of regretNow there's nothing leftThere is nothing left to loseShouldn't I feel alive?I swear that I tried To be alrightTo sleep at nightShouldn't I feel alive?The night fades with a breath of sunshineI'll do my best to adjust to the morning lightI cant keep my placeFeels like I've been awake for daysSadly, you turn away and now I'm facedWith the harsh truth, the harsh truthMy cold heart is a place where true love cannot bloomShouldn't I feel alive?I swear that I tried To be alrightTo sleep at nightShouldn't I feel alive?There's static on the airwavesI'll try to find the light through all this hazeI can't find the words that I'm trying to saySo try to forget me as
Perfect We
When it comes to lovin' couples,don't we make the perfect pair-There's romance, love, and laughterin the friendship that we share.We care enough to listen,to trust and understand.To build a life together,side by side and hand in hand.We both know that we're luckyand we've got a good thing going.Through ups and downsand give and take,our love just keeps on growing...'Cause I bring out the best in you,and you the best in me-I guess it takes the two of usto make the perfect "we."
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.Shine on you crazy diamond.Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.Shine on you crazy diamond.You were caught on the crossfire of childhood and stardom, blown on the steel breeze.Come on you target for faraway laughter, come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine!You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon.Shine on you crazy diamond.Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light.Shine on you crazy diamond.Well you wore out your welcome with random precision,rode on the steel breeze.Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine! -Pink Floyd
We Will Rock You By Queen
Buddy you're a boy make a big noisePlayin' in the street gonna be a big man some dayYou got mud on yo' faceYou big disgraceKickin' your can all over the placeSingin' We will we will rock youWe will we will rock youBuddy you're a young man hard manShoutin' in the street gonna take on the world some dayYou got blood on yo' faceYou big disgraceWavin' your banner all over the placeWe will we will rock youSingin'We will we will rock youBuddy you're an old man poor manPleadin' with your eyes gonna make you some peace some dayYou got mud on your faceYou big disgraceSomebody better put you back into your placeWe will we will rock youSingin'We will we will rock you Singin'We will we will rock youWe will we will rock youWe will we will rock you
You Don't Own Me
You don't own me, I'm not just one of your many toys You don't own me, don't say I can't go with other boys And don't tell me what to do And don't tell me what to say And please, when I go out with you Don't put me on display, 'cause You don't own me, don't try to change me in any way You don't own me, don't tie me down 'cause I'd never stay Oh, I don't tell you what to say I don't tell you what to do So just let me be myself That's all I ask of you I'm young and I love to be young I'm free and I love to be free To live my life the way I want To say and do whatever I please A-a-a-nd don't tell me what to do Oh-h-h-h don't tell me what to say And please, when I go out with you Don't put me on display I don't tell you what to say Oh-h-h-h don't tell you what to do So just let me be myself That's all I ask of you I'm young and I love to be young I'm free and I love to be free To live my life the way I want
Competition For Stuffs
Yeah I know right? But I'm bored...and I'm kinda sick of people thinking they know me based on their impaired intellect and my interactions in a MuMM or 70gazillion. No I'm not whinging, I'm proving a point...STFU AM TOO...and people say I don't share so pfffffffffffffft   So, what's in it for YOU? Winner gets equivalent to a HH for them or someone they care about (or just want to get NSFW pics of, I don't judge) - ie if you would prefer a bomb or whatever, I don't care...yes it's about time my whoring friends earned their stuffs...   What's the competition? No, you don't have to rate me, or find innovative ways to call me smexi without getting nauseous (no it doesn't increase your chances if you do that anyway, it'll probably just make ME nauseous).   Anywayyyyy below are 15 'facts' about me...which none of you know. Six of them are lies. If you guess the right SIX SIX SIX I am SO DUMB SIX first, you win. Kinda simple really. Like most of my friends. 1. When Lord of the Rings w
My Social Network
well it has do with independent musicand people who love it so it can be for every body who respects itiplan onhaving alot independent music.right now igot video hat with voice.i plan on doing live feeds for this sie as wellbut if u like check it out meet me @ alteregos dot ning dot com i had spell the address fubar wont let me spell out the whole adress so i hope u can figure out the adress ( dot= .)  
Auctioning Myself Off
I am gonna auction myself off.. here is what I got to offer:   11s on your pics.. twice in the month u own me pimpout daily when I am on here... a salute.. a nsfw salute if given a bling pack comments your name with mine on my page you on my page.. and just me.. showin u some love :D
Ok.. I am slightly irritated on here. Irritated over the popularity contests that go on..etc.  Irritated cuz i lost 20mil fubucks.  Irritated ..seeing this contest for a las vegas get away for the top promoters.  Seriously.. If people are inviting over 300 people to fu.. they got some kinda spam bot thing goin on etc. I freakin dont even know that many people in real life. LOL.  It always seems to be the same top people..etc.. to.  Or how about these people who have 1000s of crushes on them? I really find it all amazing BS! Anyways.. thats my oppinion. I know oppinions are like assholes..everyones got one! :D
Dakka!!! (or, An Intro To This Blog).
For those that don't know, haven't googled, etc. This blog will be dedicated to the exploits of my Warhammer 40k Ork Amy. Epic battles, funny characters, etc. All will be told here. Enjoy!   "We is gonna stomp da universe flat and kill anyfink that fights back. We're da Orks, and we was made ta fight and win." -Ghazgkull Thraka (Prophet of the WAAGH!!!).
I Think That
I think that some are purposefully Antisemantic on this site, a play on words, ha ha ha!
Is My Humor
Is my humor over some people's heads?
La Roux...i'm Not Your Toy! (damn Straight!!!!)
Love, love is like a stubborn youth That you'd rather just deny I'm walking on a broken roof While I'm looking at the sky It's all false love and affection You don't want me You just like the attention Yes it's all false love and affection You don't like me You just want the attention I'm not your toy This isn't another girl meets boy x2 Love, love hides in a smoky light And I can never find the truth Boy, your touches leave me mystified And I wish I could believe in you Yes it's all false love and affection You don't want me You just like the attention Yes it's all false love and affection You don't like me You just want the attention I'm not your toy This isn't another girl meets boy x3 It's all false love and affection You don't want me You just like the attention Yes it's all false love and affection You don't like me You just want the attention I'm not your toy This isn't another girl meets boy x4
La Roux - Bulletproof
Been there, done that, messed around I'm having fun don't put me down, I'll never let you sweep me off my feet, I won't let you in again, the messages I've tried to send, my informations just not going in, burnin' bridges shore to shore, I'll break away from something more, I'm not turned off to love until it's cheap, been there, done that, messed around, I'm having fun don't put me down, I'll never let you sweep me off my feet, Chorus: This time baby I'll be bulletproof This time baby I'll be bulletproof I won't let you turn around, and tell me now I'm much too proud, to walk away from something when it's dead, do do do your dirty words come out to play when you are hurt?, there's certain things that should be left unsaid, tick tick tick on the watch and life's too short for me to stop, Oh baby, your time is running out, I won't let you turn around, and tell me now I'm much too proud, All you do is fill me up with doubt, Chorus: This time baby I'll be bul
So I had been feeling pretty down and such. Someone gave me a Xanax last night to chill out as I did need to chill out a bit. I think I must have been visited by the xanax fairy last night  (not the person on here with that handle) because wow I feel a lot better today. I feel more like myself. I have been very lonely due to not knowing anyone in this area and had given up actually on meeting anyone. I had given up on trying. There is dry karoake tonight that I was also told I should go to by the person that gave me the Xanax. I had saw no point in even going as I was going to just sit there by myself and be bored waiting for my chance to sing. I think I will go and take my knitting and knit while waiting between songs. That way I shall be entertained if no one talks to me. I do not considermyself anti social but I guess am not the best at just saying hi to new people sometimes. I am also very used to having people walk up to me and say hi. I was always doing Tarot for 20 people or
Thought For The Day....
There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, 'If I could only see the world, I will marry you.' One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend. He asked her,'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him. Her boyfriend left in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine.'
                       Trust is like a crack in a mirror u can fix it if it is broke but u can still see the crack in that mother fuckn reflection!                
Should You Go First And I Remain......
Bill Anderson & Jan Howard Pat Boone           The Gaither Vocal Band Tommy Hunter Jimmy Rodgers Hank WilliamsUnnamed Organist Beyond the sunset, O blissful morning. When with our Savior heaven's begun. Earth's toiling ended, O glorious dawning Beyond the sunset when day is done. Should you go first and I remain to walk the road alone, I'll live in memories garden, dear, with happy days we've known. In spring I'll wait for roses red, when faded, the lilacs blue. In early fall when brown leaves fall, I'll catch a glimpse of you. Should you go first and I remain, for battle to be fought. Each thing you've touched along the way will be a hallowed spot. I'll hear your voice, I'll see your smile, though blindly I may grope, The memory of your helping hand will buoy me on with hope. Should you go first and I remain, one thing I'll have you do: Walk slowly down that long long path, for soon I'll follow you. I want to know each step you take, so I may
Taylor Swift...tell Me Why...yeah...tell Me Why Don't You
I took a chance, i took a shot And you might think I'm bulletproof, but I'm not You took a swing, i took it hard And down here from the ground i see who you are I'm sick and tired of your attitude I'm feeling like I don't know you You tell me that that you love me then cut me down And I need you like a heartbeat But you know you got a mean streak Makes me run for cover when you're And here's to you and your temper Yes, I remember what you said last night And I know that you see what you're doing to me Tell me why You could write a book on how to ruin someone's perfect day Well I get so confused and frustrated Forget what I'm trying to say, oh I'm sick and tired of your reasons I got no one to believe in You tell me that you want me, then push me around And I need you like a heartbeat But you know you got a mean streak Makes me run for cover when you're around Here's to you and your temper Yes, I remember what you said last night And I know that you see wh
That Night
On that night I died They all thought I committed suicide Turns out it was a double homicide Acted out by that demon inside A man with hair as dark as night His hatred plagues the land with plight This abomination is a hideous sight His darkness is a terrible blight On that night the angel warned Of the impending hellish storm That would bring about A terrible drought Of light in the land It was to be by my hand On that night he died They thought it was a suicide I committed a double homicide He and that angel died Committed by me, that demon once inside
Day 3
I started the blog a couple days later than I started the exercise, so just need to get everything caught up with my routine. So I stated before, breakfast is the same.  Always remember to drink plenty of water.  Vitamins are a useful tool too for keeping you going.   Warmups-15 minutes (same old same old) Pushups- 5 sets of 15 situps- 5 sets of 12 squats- 5 sets of 16 Pullups- 5 sets of 8 ((again)) Chinups-5 sest of 8 10 minutes of stretches 10 minutes of cool down   I know I said before 15 minutes of cooldown, but I have decided to take it down a notch.
This Is What To Expect When You Question About Your Fucks
=== 'The Naughty Knight FanRateAdd' wrote the following at '2010-04-09 08:51:46'..>> I understand that you had to reset fubux due to over payments in the Fu-owed department. But until the reset I had just over 24 million. I was given back 7 million. You can't seriously expect me to believe you took 17 million bux from me because of fu-owned over payment? 17 million? And even if it was due to over payment in from Fu-owned, why should we as members of this site who put money into this site, have to get shorted because of the system screwing up? Granted I know this won't get rectified. And I will more than likely get a scripted answer. Just like the one I got in the support lounge. THEY WROTE BACK- we adjusted the fuowned system and this might have effected you. If so the new total is your total fubucks to date  
Day 2
Breakfast was Blah...Blah...Blah.  Pretty much the same as day 1, and will probably remain pretty similar.  I added some vegetables is the only difference.  So lets get onto the workout   Warmups the same Pushups-5 sets of 12 Situps- 5 sets of 10 Squats- 5 sets of 14 Pullups- 5 sets of 8 Chinups-5 sets of 8 10 minutes of stretches 10 minutes of cooldown exercises.
Stephanie Sizzle @snake Eyes Radio!
The Uncler
The Uncler w/ Uncle Sam and Alyssa Milano from Alyssa Milano
God Vs. Satan
And God populated the Earth with broccoli and cauliflower and spinach and green and yellow vegetables of all kinds, so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives. And Satan created McDonald's. And McDonald's brought forth the 99-cent double cheeseburger. And Satan said to Man "You want fries with that?" And Man said, "Super size them". And Man gained pounds. And God created the healthful yogurt, that woman might keep her figure that Man found so fair. And Satan froze the yogurt, and he brought forth chocolate, nuts and brightly colored sprinkle candy to put on the yogurt. And woman gained pounds. And God said "Try my crispy fresh salad." And Satan brought forth creamy dressings, bacon bits and shredded cheese. And there was ice cream for dessert. And Woman gained pounds. And God said "I have sent you heart healthy vegetables and olive oil with which to cook them." And Satan brought forth chicken-fried steak from Cracker Barrel so big it needed i
Random Acts Of Mindlessness
Well not really. Just random things about me. I feel like typing stuff, Im sorry. here goes: i was born in patterson, la where my great Uncle jimmy is still the mayor. i can eat sunflower seeds all day long and not get tired of them. i swallowed a quarter in 2nd grade when i lived down by houston and it got stuck in my chest and i had to have surgery. if i could find the xrays id show you. from the side i look like i have a coin slot haha. [when the quarter was there, not anymore] i like to hibernate every so often. i can sleep ALOT. if im having a bad day i like to get a haircut or buy new eyeshadow. i prefer lakes & rivers to the ocean & swimming pools. this whole wisdom teeth surgery im having today terrifies me. i have a thing about teeth stuff. remember that old horror movie The Dentist? yeah, i still have nightmares. i dont know why but my voice raises several octaves when i talk to people from other countries. i really wish i was musica
Looking For Some Djs
ok we r looking for some djs we have a lot of sets open if interested plez leave a comment or shout box me or u could stop by the lounge and join the family if dj sandman or myself r there ask about djing for us and we will be more then happy help u out we will train if u have sams that is a plus but we can get it for u if need be we r doing training all day tomorrow come in and chill talk get some good tunes   thanks again DJ Bitch
a less than attractive trait, but we all carry it in some form or another. I tend to think that there are levels of jealousy.  You know, more like being envious of a neighbor and his car, or accomplishments of a friend.  You are aware that they worked hard and deserve what they have, but we all get that twinge. And then there is your standard run of the mill jelaousy, more than envy. That piece of bling a friend received from a man, the bike that the kid down the street got for his birthday, the vacations and adventures others get to experience while you are at home watching the kids...all jealousy...more than envy. Then there is Romantic Jealousy. A whole different experience. One I tend to dislike immensley because I can and will suffer from it should a nice man become part of my life. You can have your rules. No committment, no promises, no love, etc. But you are enjoying the ride. Enjoying your time well spent together with the NON-complicated arrangement and BAM!! He eyes and as
Too Much
Can you count all the times That you've mended my heart Just so you could again Crush it, Break it apart? Yet, you've got no idea That I'm hurt all the while Cause I hide all my pain With a laugh and a smile All my rage and frustration They are secrets to you I'm a pretty good actor Cause you don't have a clue I have made it an art It's greatest learned skill Hiding all of this damn Fuckin pain that I feel Yet sometimes it leaks through Sometimes I botch my act Sometimes you see my pain Sometimes I can't hold back I regret if you noticed I didn't wanna seem shallow But sometimes it's too much It's more than I can swallow
Reba Says It Best!!
Verse: 1 Every time i turn the conversation to something deeper than the weather i can feel you all but shuttin' down. And when i need an explanation for the silence you just tell me you don't wanna talk about it now. Bridge: 1 What you're not saying is coming in loud and clear we're at a crossroads here... Chorus: If i'm not the one thing you can't stand to lose If i'm not that arrow to the heart of you If you don't get drunk on my kiss If you think you can do better than this then i guess we're done Let's not drag this on Consider me gone Verse 2: With you i've always been wide open like a window or an ocean. there is nothing i've ever tried to hide. So when you leave with me not knowin' where you're goin' i start thinkin' that we're lookin' we're lookin' at goodbye. Bridge 2: How about a strong shot of honesty don't you owe that to me... Chorus: If i'm not the one thing you can't stand to lose If i'm not that arrow to the heart of you If you don't get drunk on my kiss If you th

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