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How F%$#able R U?
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Hidden Talent
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at Important Are They 2 U?!
Some say friends come and go amd friends aren't that important in your life. I disagree with that. My saying is: Real friends are there for you and they can be forever if they if you treat them right and they in turn do the same. They are important to you. They're like your family if they're true. If my friends aren't important in my life, then why is it that when they're sad I feek it. When they're hurting I feel their pain. If there are any any true friends left, you should hold on to them. They're rare! A real friend doesn't judge you, talk about you, abandon you in time of need, will give you the shirt off their back and they don't lie to you. A friend should be able to tell you anything... especially if it's going to help you or destroy you. There has to be trust and honesty in a friendship. A friendship is like a marriage, except it's lesscomplicated . Well, I guess it can be complicated. I only have a few friends who I can put my trust in and they know who they are. That's what
Cumm Show Me Some Love This Friday Night For Me Please
Sherry Kama Sutra Master 'What will your sex business card say?' at
True Story!!!
So, my bestfriend Keamilee goes to ATL for the weekend. Not to mention without me , but that is another story. Newaze, for the first time in the long time she buys some white polo tennis shoe. Those of u that know her know that she always wears heals or whatever never tennis shoes. Well Newaze. She gets her shoes on Saturday, comes home Sunday night. She tries to tell me that her shoes are brand new. I look down and start laughing.This bitch looks like she's been running from the cops. Her shoes were all scuffed up and dirty. She's fucked up and she starts reaching in a bag for some shoe polish. She gets it and tries to open it. While she's opening it....she is pouring WHITE shoe polish on my black office chair. She starts trying to paint her shoes with some shoe polish. I look at her and say NO! I don't think so. Your supposed to wash the dirt off first. She starts laughing. Gets a wash cloth and tries to get the dirt off after she had painted it. TRUE STORY. Well my other bestfriend
Like Pussy? I'm Looking For Girls Who Like Girls!
If you are a woman who would like to talk with other lesbian women then add me as a friend!!
No More Baby Ima Do Right Is All He Kept Sayin
I was gettin real tired of his broken promises lookin at his pager seein different numbers! I told him that i wasnt the one so i let him go, he told me that he would do right! but i didnt believe him! But I just wanna know What happened to our love We used to be best friends Where did it go wrong When you gonna see How good it is with me I'm tired and I'm through With all your "listen baby" Listen what, playa chill now Tell me how you gon' cite me when I found out Honey gotta break it down, down I said it ain't no thing Girl, what's my name? Dah'Brita Look me in the face and tell me What the dealie, dealie Oh, you wanna go shade now But I'm paid now, I know that you hate that Oh, you got the one now, you warm now Cuz you thought you'd come right back, save that You could do whatever to me, and be together with me Like you do better than me (you do or you don't) No more, never for me
I'm making my christmas wishlist from I used to have one of these....They're fun to make, even though most of it won't ever get bought, unless of course its by me.
Z On Cherrytap Says
i have both a myspace and cherrry tap account.. i like cherry tap better because itís more fun for one. like was said you can get rated and rate others and earn points. you can give and get gifts which is cool.. the only thing i donít like about cherry tap is itís hard to make your own html code for their skins. myspace is easier to make their profiles for.. however myspace has a lot of strange people protending to be normal that stalk you. i havenít been on cherrytap that long, granted there are some odd balls but so far i havenít been attacked or stalked on cherrytap like when i first joined myspace. another thing with myspace is the wild pre teens who are under 14 posing as 16 or more with sexual pictures up. on cherry tap you can mark your pictures as adult and make them private. myspace is also full of more spyware. ďtomĒ as they call him, lol who ever runs myspace needs to change it. there are as many adults on there as kids.. i donít get on there for all the music bs myself.. an
Show Me Some Loving
i am in the gift give away contest come and show me lots of love and ill trturn the favor bomb comment and vote
Judge Me Not!!!!!
To all the people that has ever judged me. This is for you! I like to have fun, I like to cut up, I like to make people laugh, so hows that different from you! Oh....I know your a tight ass and you probably have a dry sense of humor. You probably have more enemies than you have friends, so that makes us different. Oh, I see now that makes you jealous. Now I know! That IS how we're different, because I have friends. The only enemies I have is......Huh, I don't know......YOU! So, this is for you! FUCK YOU ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME!!!!!! No! really, I mean this from the bottom of my heart! Remember this..When your judging or talking about me, and if your talking about me, that means your thinking of me. So, I'm on your mind. Another thing to remember, I will probably be having fun with my friends while your thinking about me and I will probably amount to something. What about you?
Mellow Yellow
Well the weekend is upon us..I'm staying in all weekend I must kick this cold !!! Practice has been cancelled this weekend .. Nice how this works out I'm doing percussion and backup singing for this band ... Had a great day in the salon ..I wish it was a saloon but I'm sure I don't need the liquor. That brandy in the cupboards is very tempting..Little honey little lemon hot tea.. yum!! Be right back....Yes I do say that does hit the spot ...Its just past high tea time so Im not too late lol.. A friend has called, Donovan is playing close by..Should I go? I don't know most don't even know who he is anymore but us true beatnick's will never forget Why now of all times I have the cough from hell and I would hate to cough all over everyones good time..Its settled I stay home I've seen him a few times.. This is just a very small place to see him a perfect setting, oh well...I guess I will stay home and drink tea and watch the TV or maybe I'll play a little..Im kinda hyper so I
A Message From A Friend Concerning Our Missing Pilot
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: NEVER FORGET Date: Dec 1 2006 3:56 PM A Message From a Friend Concerning our Missing Pilot in Iraq. Please say a Prayer and Repost. Thank You NEVER FORGET. Please keep Major Troy "Trojan" Gilbert in your thoughts and prayers as well as his family and 5 children. My husband and I are stationed here at Luke AFB and Maj. Gilbert as well. His jet crashed in Iraq and his status is listed as unknown at this time. They are waiting for DNA identification. Think of his family during this difficult time as well as all the other families who are going through such a difficult time. > NEVER FORGET - List of Soldiers Who Died in Iraq ADD NEVER FORGET AS YOUR FRIEND NEVER FORGET A VERY SPECIAL PLACE YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS MUST VISIT"
Well I Am Sitting Here...
Im hoping to get off, praying i can take care of this nagging bulge. Some times I wish i had a sex toy that I could just stick my dick in and it would get me off, so I could continue with my day...
hey im in a contest can any one help me by voting for me?
Something To Think About...
Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two 1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry. 3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. 4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them. 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. 8. Don't waste your time on a man / woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you. 9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we final
Guys Suck!
OK...I have decided that the SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP game is not for me for a while! I have been engaged 3 times! number one: He dumped me for my best friend, who dumped him for me! :P number two: Was shipped off to Iraq, then I met number three. Now number two denies our engagement, but is one of my best friends and is secretly madly in love with me, he just doesn't realize it! number three: OHHHH number three is a doozy!! We actually made it to the alter...HOWEVER...1 week shy of 7 months into our marriage, he left me because he felt he was too young to be married. Well, guess what...3 weeks later hooks up with the girl he moved in with that he supposedly had NO feelings for. Now she is pregnant. And I am left with a COLD broken heart! YEAH for me! And his mother is tickled pink about that one! Congrats to the whole bunch! Good luck I hope you ROTT IN HELL!!! I know very dramatic! I really wasn't about drama till I met number one! And then that was only
*wanna Pet My Kitty???*
adopt your own virtual pet!
Being A Smart Ass
Two couples were playing poker one evening. John accidentally dropped some cards on the floor. When he bent down under the table to pick them up, he noticed Bill's wife Sue wasn't wearing any underwear under her dress! Shocked by this, John upon trying to sit back up again, hit his head on the table and emerged red-faced. Later, John went to the kitchen to get some refreshments. Bill's wife followed and asked, "Did you see anything that you liked under there?" Surprised by her boldness, John courageously admitted that, well indeed he did. She said, "Well, you can have it but it will cost you $500." After taking a minute or two to assess the financial and moral costs of this offer, John confirms that he is interested. She tells him that since her husband Bill works Friday afternoons and John doesn't, John should be at her house around 2 p.m. Friday afternoon. When Friday rolled around, John showed up at Bill's house at 2 p.m. sharp and after paying Sue the agreed sum of $500
Back To Work In A Fun Way....
Hey So I'm just taking a break here and checkin up on the mail and thought I'd drop an update on yas. This weekend I hope to finish up a majorit of my calendar. I'll still have to do one shoot after this weekend.. (Damn pink wig hasnt arrived!) But should be ready before 2006 is over! :P Best, VJ
Bitches I Used To Call Friends
i sent this to a few old bitches i used to hang out with: Okay...I'm tired of being the only one trying to do anything. I'm gonna delete you and a lot of other people from my phone too. I know telling you will accomplish nothing but i just wanted to see if you had another lame excuse for ignoring me THIS month... My sister said this and it's all true: I think that alot of your friends suck because you used to bust your ass for them and to hang out with them and now they can not even take one night even every two weeks just to come and hang out or pick you up. It is very true that you really learn who your real friends are when something bad happens. I understand that everyone has a life and things they need to do, but you are a good friend to everyone and your old friends kinda suck ass. So i feel what you are saying....and you aren't crazy...well maybe a little but you can barely notice.
What Said?
I donít know if I can say it Does not matter anyways Theyíre just words Things people use for play I just need to show you Let you feel it each day So you have no doubts And everything is clear If I said it I would mean it But it seems like something You don't wish to hear I could tell you in an instant Or wait a thousand years Whatís the difference Since you know it And I know Itís what you fear If I do ever say it It will be just loud enough So you donít hear
What Is A Vietnam Veteran
I am 3 time over, but this may help. Vietnam veteran is a phrase used to describe someone who served in the armed forces of participating countries during the Vietnam War. The term is usually associated with veterans who were in the armed forces of South Vietnam, the United States armed forces and countries allied to them, whether or not they were actually stationed in Vietnam during their service. There is sometimes a distinction made between those who served "in country" and those who did not actually serve in Vietnam by referring to the "in country" veterans as "Vietnam Veterans" and the others as "Vietnam Era Veterans." The U.S. government officially refers to all as "Vietnam Era Veterans." [1] In the English-speaking world, the term "Vietnam veteran" is not usually used in relation to members of the communist People's Army of Vietnam or the Viet Cong. [edit] South Vietnamese veterans Although exact numbers are difficult to ascertain, it is safe to say that sever
"i Eat Players Fer Breakfast!'
... If yer a player ... Stay away ... Ya won't last long with me ... I have had many adventures . When you fall in to a deep blind love that is uneven ... always expect the worst. Expect lies, excuses, stories, & cheap love in motels & hotels. The truth is most important, vital, & yet difficult at times. Someone is bound to get emotionally attached then hurt when the relationship starts out with a lie. Never be blind as a fool going into something your not sure about. Always keep a protective shield that is hidden to help you see clear. Yes there are two sides to every story. Only one is backed with proof, facts, & evidences. Even when the liar gets caught they still try to believe they were in the right. A player comes in many forms. A player is more successful playing someone who has never been played. The key is to keep your calm. If they know your on to them you will never get the facts to build your story against them. When they say that they love you while loving someone else
Constipated/doctor Jokes
Constipated Doctor Jokes A man was constipated, so he decided to go to the doctor. The doctor examined him and explained, "I'm going to give you some suppositories. I'll insert one now, and then I'll give you another one for later this evening." Later that evening, the man asks has his wife to insert the suppository. She agrees reluctantly, then puts one hand on his shoulder and inserts the suppository. Suddenly, her husband shrieks, "Aahhhhh!" "What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" she asks. "No... I just realised that the doctor had *both* his hands on my shoulders!"
My recent study has revealed a very disturbing fact: A female bulletin post will draw (on average) 40 views in 6 minutes or less. The average male bulletin post will draw 1 or less in 30 minutes. Now, the hotter the babe, the more views can be expected in the same amount of time. Is it that men don't have anything to say? What do all these beautiful women really think about us men? These and many other questions remain to be answered by the powers that be. One wonders will we ever know why. Za. lol
Only A Day Away...
Well Tomorrow is the big day. I am taking the LSAT. Wow, I can't believe it is finally here, the test that can break me or make me. I have to admit I am nervous but at the same time confident. I think what is making this a bit difficult is the fact that the person who encouraged me to do this has not spoken to me in almost 2 weeks but I understand why. I also know he is proud of me and believes in me. Today was a relax day for me. I spent the day out with Kristina. Now tonight I am going to brush up a bit on some stuff and just relax. I am hoping to be in bed at a reasonable time and not wake up in the middle of the night like I have been for the past few nights. I hate these nightmares I am having and I wish I knew the reason behind them. Kelly is spending the night cause she is going to drive me to the exam and then pick me up. We are also spending the weekend together, so it should be fun. Anyways I will keep you all posted on how the test went... Loves, Hugs, Kisse
What Drug Best Suits You?
Your Personality Is Like Acid A bit wacky, you're very difficult to predict. One moment you're in your own little happy universe... And the next, you're on a bad trip to your own personal hell! What Drug Is Your Personality Like?
Hillbilly Name
Your Hillbilly Name Is... Bobbie Jean Harley Hillbilly Name Generator
What Does Your Candy Heart Say About You
Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss" You're a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship. You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you Your flirting style: friendly and sweet What turns you off: cynics who don't believe in romance Why you're hot: you always keep the romance alive What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
Which Reindeer Are You?
You Are Dasher You're an independent minded reindeer who never plays by the rules. Why You're Naughty: That little coup you tried to stage against Santa last year Why You're Nice: You secretly give naughty children presents. Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?
Hard To Have
HARD TO HAVE You look at me with eyes that want to hold me I quickly look away so my heart canít see. You turn my head back to you with asking eyes I look back to turn you away, my heart wonít tell you lies. You grab my hand and tug with the notion to be yours I pull my hand back and look for the door. You graze my arm up and down pleading, please baby please I let you caress me but the moment will only end as a tease. You tell me that no other can compare and will you be mine I tell you I could possibly love you but with that comes time. You ask how long, because time is all you want with me I reply with there is no answer for that, my heart decides what will be. You give me flowers, cards and teddy bears to entice my heart I thank you but none of these materials will speed up the taken part. You sing sweet melodies to put a love spell over me I listen with delight but this can not and will not be. You throw your hands up and ask just what will it take I lo
All Soldiers Should B Adorned With This Set Of Patches
What do you think?
Feliz Navidad!
°Hola personas! Pondrť mi Šrbol de Navidad. Nunca tema que regresarť pronto. Adore a todo. xoxoxo el Amor Inmortal
30 Lies About Porn Movies
30 Things Porn Producers want you to think 30 Things Porno Producers would have us Believe... 1. Women always wear high heels to bed. 2. Men are never impotent. 3. When going down on a woman 10 secs is more than satisfactory. 4. If a woman gets busted masturbating by a strange man, she will not scream with embarrassment, but rather insist he have sex with her. 5. Women smile appreciatively when men splat them in the face with sperm. 6. Women enjoy having sex with ugly, middle-aged men. 7. Women moan uncontrollably when giving a blowjob. 8. Women always orgasm when men do. 9. A blowjob will always get a women off a speeding fine. 10. All women are noisy fucks. 11. People in the 70's couldn't fuck unless there was a wild guitar solo in the background. 12. Those tits are real. 13. A common and enjoyable sexual practice for a man is to take his half-erect penis and slap it repeatedly on a woman's butt. 14. Men always groan "OH YEAH!" when they
How Much Do You Know About Me?
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What Reindeer Are You
Times, serif" style='color:black; font-size: 14pt;'> You Are Vixen Sexy and sultry, you're the one all the other reindeer dream about. Why You're Naughty: That fur pulling spat you got into with Dancer over Santa. Why You're Nice: Because even when you're nice, you're still delightfully naughty! Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?
I opened up all the pictures that I have to friends, so that they can all see them, comment on them and rate them (please!) I would like to know what they think, and if there are any picture requests...I would probably fulfill them. oh, and just thinking about my friends looking at me naked makes me hard as a rock, and ready to go...wanna help me out with that?
The Battle For Hill 64
Statement by Col John Mitchell USMC Retired Date of birth .............., Commander, 1st Battalion 9th Marines Regarding Feb 8, 1968 .... The Fight for Hill 64 as told to Mike "Doc" Coonan The 1st Battalion 9th Marines was hurriedly moved from Camp Evans and transported by helicopter to the Khe Sanh Combat Base on January 22, 1968. It was an unexpected move and some of our units were out in the field and needed to be brought to Camp Evans by chopper to get ready that day to saddle up for the chopper flight to Khe Sanh. By the time we got to Khe Sanh it was late afternoon. I directed that the men find whatever shelter they could and hunker down for the night. The next day we went to the Rock Quarry where we set up the battalion perimeter. While on that movement Alpha Company was moving in the front and found itself on a small knoll about 500 yards in front of our battalionís main lines. I wanted to put a company out there to be our trip wire when the NVA started their attack on th
Help This 40 Yr Old Out ..
Questionable Follicle
I am so smart SMRT computer brain inside of thee. Anyone out there?
Show My Puppy Some Love
He is entered in the Best pet contest, please go and show him some love
My Online Friend
Friends Are Like Gold! My Online Friend You are always there for me, Yet you know so little about me. You don't care about my looks. You only like my company, My friendships and my chats. You send me cute notes To cheer me when I am down. You send me jokes to make me laugh. You tell me your secrets, And I tell you mine. And we both know the secret is safe. You send me url's to cute pages, And I send you some back. You tell me funny stories about your life, And you share your sad times. You send me roses, hugs and smiles. I cherish every one. You send me thoughts to help me Get through another day. At the end of the day, You are still there to make the day Seem so much better. When I need someone to talk to, You are always there for me. Thank you for being my Friend!Dene
Just A Thought
Sometimes I think we all need to be reminded that we are all important in life.... Have a good one all YOU ARE WORTHY Do not undermine your worth by Comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different That each of us is special. Do not set your goals by what Other people deem important. Only you know what is best for you. Do not take for granted the things Closest to your heart. Cling to them as you would your life, for without them, life is meaningless. Do not let your life slip through your fingers By living in the past nor for the future. By living your life one day at a time, You live all the days of your life. Do not give up when you Still have something to give. Nothing is really over until the Moment you stop trying. It is a fragile thread that Binds us to each other. Do not be afraid to encounter risks. It is by taking chances That we learn how to be brave. Do not shut love out of your life by Saying it is impossible to find. The q
Hello, Its my Birthday tomorrow and I find myself in a weird mood i should be happy that Im getting older. And that I will be spending it with my houston family and friends. So that means the world to me. Im just sick of all those friends that say there there for you,,,, but never are or the ones that say the day before Ill take you out but then some thing always comes up. Dam people don't u understand that maybe just maybe I was some what looking forward to spending time with them. but I guess not I was put on the back burner last night and I always will be with that person. So I leave it at this, those people need to stay out of my life I don't have time in my life for flakes and this to me looks as if they could progress into some thing like that.
Passion Storm
She lay back into the chair as she could hear the door opening and closing behind her. His soft foot prints push against the floorboards making them groan slightly The atmosphere in the room was dark and mysterious. The wind howled outside and from an open window flew a breeze chilling her. Or was it the person coming up behind her, she felt unusual. Was it the cold of the breeze, invisibly penetrating the fabric of her cloths, or was it the mans intentions towards her as she felt his attraction like a thundering train slowly moving towards her. She shuddered slightly as his hands rested on her shoulders and his fingertips brushed slightly against the side of her neck. His large mass began to move slowly behind her as he lowered himself and crouched down behind her. as she sat on the chair facing away from him out of the window. The wind was howling outside and a clap of thunder illuminated the sky for one loud moment and all was quiet once more, save for the howling wind She
Christmas Stocking Stuffers
RED HEART G-SPOT AT DO ME PUPPY! Purchase A Red Heart G-Spot Dildo Retail Price: $199.99 On Sale for $169.99 MINI ADULT NOVELTIES FOR THE HOLIDAY Purchase A Mini Novelty Keyrings Retail Price: $21.99 On Sale for $14.99
holy moly....can u believe that its already dec 1??? good lord...this year has flown by sooooo fast!! as i look back...i've noticed that i've changed quite alot this year....i've come out of my shell more... i'm not as self-conscience about myself....i'm getting the attitude that if u dont like me or the way i look..THEN DONT TALK TO ME OR LOOK AT ME!!! i'm tired of the way the media tells everyone that they have to be skinny to be liked...BS!! you know something, yeah i would like to lose weight...but i want to be healthy..not skinny!!! grrr... anyways...that was off the yeah...what are ur guys plans for the holidays? *MUAH* much love!!! -nessa
Any Ideas?
Just wondering what is up with considered 'Not Suitable For Work' since someone keeps marking my kids pictures as unsuitable even in my default folder...
Feelin Poetical....
Iím suppose to be glowing and swollen anticipating motherhood Lullaby verse rehearsing to soothe cries to come as any mother would I should have your name picked out and your crib assembled Experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions and kicks; full of life, my womb should resemble But my temple of gestation was raidedÖIíve been robbed of the worldís greatest joy Now Iím sobbing as I pay homage to what would have been my little girl or boy For two months I enjoyed the essence of your presence within my garden Feelings dropped in my dealings with your pops; because to him, you wasnít part of the bargain Towards him my heart could harden only so much Part of him was youÖand for you, I tried to pardon the disgust I felt like a martyr when we discussed possibilities of abortion But I refused to concede because I believed what I helped to conceive was important Even if it meant ďdivorcingĒ the love of my life in order for you to breathe It was a hard decisionÖBut my mother gave me
Winter Sex
From the pages of AskMen, here are the top 6 places to have Winter sex... It's winter and you want to have sex. But you don't want to head to the bedroom and get your groove on. No. You want to head out in subzero temperatures and enjoy sex, Eskimo style. This winter, turn ordinary sex into something extraordinary by testing out these locations with your woman. 1- Gondola Whether you plan to ski, snowboard or head to the top of a mountain for any reason, use the opportunity to engage in a quickie in the gondola. The ride up the mountain will take on a new meaning. 2- Top of a mountain If you're feeling bold, head to a secluded spot at the top of a mountain and get your groove on. She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes. 3- Cross-country skiing/Snowshoeing If you opt to take the scenic route on a winter day, you're bound to find a spot where you can stop and penetrate. Sex in a winter wonderland will definitely leave you with a new appreciation for th
My Video For The Troops
first video
Oasis Of Lust...
We walked into the garden hand in hand; such a beautiful day. You picked a flower, we shared the smell, then placed it in my hair. Your pause, stand back and look at me, which took me by surprise; I wonder what you see... You took me into your arms and squeezed me with desire, your lips finding my neck, and claiming their place. Your hands fonded my breast on my clothes, and then found their way to the buttons yet you stopped. You look around and spot a place in the tall grass, lead me to it, and tenderly lay me down. Leaning over me with the sun behind your head puts a bright halo into effect, and the tender way your touching me feels as a dream might. The sun warming our bodies, the bees buzzing around us. The smell delighting us. You slip your hand under my top and instead of unbuttoning, you lightly pull my top apart. Without a bra, my breast beam into the sun light and your mouth moisten my nipples as a plant might need water. Your hands drift to my short and pull them off withou
Target (since No One Read It In The Bulletins, Maybe I'll Post It Here So No One Will Read It Here As Well)
1. Target Posted by: "Markie Dee" mydarlingmarkie Wed Nov 29, 2006 7:10 am (PST) Wasn't it last Christmas that Target refused to let the Salvation Army ring their bells in front of their stores? Dick Forrey of the Vietnam Veterans Association wrote. "Recently we asked the local TARGET store to be a proud sponsor of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall during our spring recognition event. We received the following reply from the local TARGET management: " Veterans do not meet our area of giving. We only donate to the arts, social action groups, gay & lesbian causes, and education." So I'm thinking, if the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and veterans in general, do not meet their donation criteria, then something is really wrong at this TARGET store. We were not asking for thousands of dollars, not even hundreds, just a small sponsorship for a memorial remembrance. As a follow-up, I E-mailed the TARGET U.S. Corporate Headquart
*another Sex Iq Quiz*
You have a sexual IQ of 153 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Video I Made For The Troops, Let Me Know What You Think
Still Alive video for the troops.wmv
Randomness. ♥
I miss having someone to make out with when drunk. Oh, lust. How you occasionally rule my life. When is it accepting someone for who they are, and when is it putting up with too much bullshit? I guess it would depend on the intent behind the actions. Which must be interpreted on an individual basis, to the best ability of the individuals directly involved. And, no one else.
This Is Y I Havent Been Myself Lately
Police identify man found dead in burned car at Wis. Dells WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. (AP) -- Authorities have identified the man whose body was found in a burned-out sport utility vehicle after it crashed into a tree last week. Police said Thursday that the body was that of Joseph M. Prott, 27, who had been staying with friends after moving to Wisconsin Dells from the Racine area in July. According to police, the SUV was stolen but it's unclear if Prott was the person who took it. Evidence showed he was alone in the vehicle and was driving very fast Nov. 23 when the SUV went out of control, hit an oak tree and burned, police said. A friend came forward last Friday and told police Prott spoke to her a few minutes before the crash and indicated he would see her later in the day, police said. and we all wonder y i havent been myself for a gunna miss him...i can say this there were alot of good times wif Joey, he taught mii alot in life and how to handle and deal wif t
Learn To Love Yourself
Im 21 years old and im just now realizing that i cant realisticaly expect someone to love me the way i wanna be loved if i dont love myself the way i need to. i thought this was something worth sharing with the world. if u agree u know what to do and if not,....sorry we dont see eye to eye on this one
Question: You realize that if you do something stupid and hurt someone, then call to apologize, but keep doing the stupid thing over and over, your apology is basically NULL AND VOID? Am I making any sense? I will have trouble trusting anyone romantically in the future. Sounds bad, right? Iíll become a bitter twisted picture of anger and sadness that people will use to feel better about their own lives. Iíll die alone in my apartment, eaten by an Alsatian. MY OVARIES WILL BE WASTED. But no! It just means that someone amazing will have to earn my trust as no one has had to before. If they can do it, then they deserve to be with me. If they canít, too bad. I donít want to waste my time on someone who canít meet my challenge. P.S. Swashbuckling is such a sexy word. ♥
Schoolgirl Senior Tale
Hi my name is Daneka Iím 20 yo here is a tale of a lesbian encounter I had when I was 16. I had often thought about having a sexual encounter with another girl but that is all I had done, just thought about it. Then one day the most extraordinary thing happened to me. This is my story of my first lesbian encounter. I was still at school in Sydney; it was an all girlsí school they called it a Ladies College. There was this particular group of girls and everyone suspected that they were Gay and that they were lovers together! The ringleader was Rachel a 16yo brunette with brown eyes. There were sometimes stories of how Rachel had seduced other girls from school. I didnít believe those stories until it happened to me! I was on my way to my next class Physical Education (PE) for 4th & 5th period I was running a little late and I knew that the gym teacher would crack a wobbly if I was too late. I was running to the gymnasium when I saw some of Rachelís friends (Annette, Lucy and E
1st Contest... Bathing Suit (expired)
here's the link babies... please vote and comment as much as possible!!! love you all and happily will return the favor however u need!!!! love, hugz, kisses.... CRYSTAL
Love And Life
This just made sense. The consequences of life and love "Maybe God wanted us to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe when the door of happiness closed, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us. maybe the best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had. Maybe it is true that we don't know what we have got until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love is never assurance that they will love you back. Don't expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart: but if it does not, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, and hour to like someon
Ok. I added a few new things to my profile. I hope everyone likes it. Still trying to get the hang of this site. :) So please forgive me for any screw ups and hope everyone has a good weekend. Mary
Thats It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why are all my photos being marked NSFW? what the hell their not even that bad Fuck weak man weak
About Melissa
Ok, this one is about me. Didn't want people to think that I am only on here to sell sex toys. I am the real one-woman person behind Sugarplumsonline. I am also co-host of a podcast called "The Me and B Show". It is a side project/hobby that my husband and I do. We basically drink quite a few drinks and then rant about how wicked retarded we are. Where to start...let's see. I am 30 years old. Like to "soak it up in the hot tub with my soulmate". Sorry Napoleon's Uncle Rico possessed me to say that. I am married to my best friend. We are sooo alike that sometimes I wonder if we are related. Hopefully not. Because that would be incestuously disturbing. Kinda like Joe Dirt "I'm your sister, I'm your sister!!" I own 3 little yorkie dogs. Oldest is Sassy, and then there is Jobe and Maeby. Yes, I am an Arrested Development fanatic. I named my dogs after 2 of the characters. Sassy is almost 7 and Jobe and Maeby are almost 1. No kids, because I am still a big kid m
War On Sex Offenders
This blog was originally posted by Our Missing Children On June 17, 1971 President Nixon declared war on drugs. At a press conference Nixon names drug abuse as "public enemy number one in the United States."On August 9, 1974, President Nixon resigns.Since then the flow of drugs into our country has continued to increase. The sentences for drug offenders has also continued to increase.Our prisons are filled to capacity with all level of drug offenders serving stiff mandatory sentences. Meanwhile predators flourish in every region of our nation, preying on our women and children. I do not buy the arguement that drug dealers prey on our children too. Our children have a choice when it comes to using and buying drugs. What it all comes down to is how well of a job of educating and parenting the parents did. Of course all the educating and good parenting is still not going to stop teenagers from experimenting, but we have to trust that the values we instill in them will help them make th
Some Much For Everything?
Ah.... there are times I'm mad I stopped drinking.... Well, I didn't completely necessary stop all.... Just Whiskey drinking and all the hard stuff. Some of you might know what happen as to why I stopped... But sure I still have beer and such... but even that I stopped doing a whole lot of... Like wine a glass maybe for a social occasion or something now.... I guess my vices since I quit smoking besides girls..... is cigars. I don't know.... I sure could use a glass of Johnnie Walker right now. I mean to the top! of the glass. Due to reasons.... But oh well... Hope you all have a great month! Xmas is right around the corner. So I hope you all have a great holiday be safe.... Enjoy your time.... Let the people you love or like and care about them.... let them know you do. So well, that's been a minute and I've be me. Signed me.... Jim...
Any Ladies Around The Louisville Ky Area
How is everyone out there today ? Looking for friends and what ever else comes out of this ? hope to hear from you soon
Just A Dog
Second Chance Humane Society You are the reason rescues exist, why thousands of dogs die everyday in shelters, homeless and unwanted. You are the backyard breeder or puppy miller, who looks at a dog and sees dollar signs, who cares nothing for the inevitable decline in the dog's health after having litter upon litter of puppies, nor for the countless dogs who will now die in shelters because the puppies you breed have taken up their homes. You are the supporter of these backyard breeders and puppy mills, willing to pay $500 or more for a puppy rather than $90 for a rescued dog, because having a pedigree to show off to friends is more important than saving the life of a true and loyal companion. You are the one who trains dogs to fight, whether for sport or protection, thus abusing your dog and bringing the call for the extermination of an entire breed of perfectly wonderful dogs. You are the one who thinks nothing of putting your dog to sleep because it doesn't go with
Psycho@ CherryTAP
About Sugarplumsonline
Well, Sugarplumsonline is a business that I created almost 2 years ago. I had worked in the medical field for almost 10 years before calling it quits to sell adult sex toys. Got to say that I am much happier selling sex toys, than I was working at my last job. And the perks are much better. I get first dibs on all of the new toys. Get to try them out and then decide if they are worth selling on my site. It is a win-win situation. I will keep this one short. Just thought that I would explain the business. Will post another blog about me. ;) Melissa
How To Do What Needs Done.......
How do you do what needs done when what needs done is a evaluation of everything you are. How do become the people think you are. How do you see what they see when they look at you. How do you become what they see and think you are. When in all reality you are nothing like what they see or think.
Rofpmsl...anyone Want A Good Laugh
To Those Keeping Up With My Writieng.
Alright guy's I still haven't decided upon a name for now we have decided to call it the Lasher I mad e a description of what it looks like though. Lasher Description. A being of paled bleach bone skin and deep empty eye's dark as a moonless night. No nose nor mouth at upon it's face slit's along it's neck of utter darkness which allow it to speak in it's haunting, beautiful, and chilling voice. Sharp arrow pointed ears sit near the top of it's head making them look much like horn. Slim and slender body type looking slightly more girlish then boyish. Small mounds of fleash rest on it's chest in the shape of breasts but they are in fact two black lipped mouths filled with sharpend teeth. Tyndrals of white barbed tnetacles run down the back of Lasher's head looking much like hair. Long slender finger's with razor like talons at the end of each one. Very figuer eightish frame. To Me
As you got up this morning, I watched you, and hoped you would talk to me, even if it was just a few words asking my opinion or thanking me for something good that happened in your life yesterday. But I noticed you were too busy, trying to find the right outfit to wear. When you ran around the house getting ready, I knew there would be a few minutes, for you to stop and say hello, but you were too busy. At one point you had to wait, 15 minutes with nothing to do except sit in a chair. Then I saw you spring to your feet. I thought you wanted to talk to me, but you ran to the phone, and called a friend, to get the latest gossip instead I watched patiently all day long, with all your activities, I guess you were too busy to say anything to me. I noticed that before lunch you looked around, maybe you felt embarrassed to talk to me, that is why you didn't bow your head. You glanced 3 or 4 tables over, and noticed some of your friends talking to me briefly b
I'm Home.....
Not that anyone gives a damn....but I'm home! TGIF!!!!!!! I NEED A DRINK!!!!!!
What Makes A Woman Round 2
> Do you know what makes a woman special? > Well I'm not an expert but let's see if I have the right idea..... > It's not always what you see on the outside... > It's not in the clothes she wears.. > It's not the size of her backside... > Or the what she does'nt wear.... > A woman can be alot of things... > A daughter,a mother,a wife,a friend, or a fling.... > But to me what makes a woman special is the beauty that God gave her on the inside and outside....We spend a lot of time judging a woman by the way she looks....Thank God he made them ALL beautiful....But we should be looking in their eyes to see what they are really made of..They may come off as a b.t.h but deep inside there is the heart and soul of a very special person....I believe that all woman should be adored and loved because they are created with a piece of us men..therefore if we treat them wrong we are lacking respect for us... Always show every woman the respect they deserve.....because without them we'd all b
Im tired. Seriously but im not ready to sleep. I am ready to just take a deep breathe and relax though. I think i wanta take a shower, but my hair will come out curly cause im to lazy to straighten it. Ive got work tommorrow hopefully it goes better than today. Cause today was hell and i was one moody bitch. I kept getting puked on, and kicked. Some old lady cut me with a knife she had in her purse. She was all drugged up and attacked me as i was trying to put a bandaid on her iv thing. My hands all cut to hell and my wrist is bruised. They're making me wear a santa hat and they want us to wear the candy stripper like uniforms but thats not happening. Im not walking around 12 hours a day in a mini skirt doing my job. Just isnt happening. They will get over themselves. Seriously. Im excited. I get to see nick on sunday. Which makes me woah amounts of happy. Cause he rocks < 3 And i missed him ♥ He better get here early enough though cause i got work monday. And i wanta spe
Just Me
i wrote this ppl and id greatly appreciate if someone would not rip this from my blog and repost it. i write cause i love to write , not for others to take credit cause they lack the ability. JUST ME By:Heather Writen:12/1/06 i woke up this morning and i wasn't the rich or skinny model i dreamt about all night long. i was just me. i woke up to that frizzy hair and that not so cute look that most ppl run to the bath room to hide b4 someone sees you. i was just me. i wasn't famous or popular or on the worlds top 10 singles list. i was just me. i had bad morning breath and sleepy eyes. i was slouchy and nonshlaunt and not even awake good. i was just me. and then came the mirror that stood in front of me. showing me this god awful look that i was even scared to see such a sight. i was just me. i had dark circles under my eyes from not enough sleep and too much stress to kill anyone. i was just me. i knew that the makup i would put on later wouldnt change me from bore to star in 1 t
A Late Night Surprise
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere hidden by the dark of night, a beautiful young woman is on the prowl. She is armed with only her long blonde hair, big brown eyes and glimmering smile to entice the male she hunts. Her body and mind make her feel almost animalistic in her yearning for a man that can please her. She spots the unsuspecting male under the street light at the only intersection for miles. He's standing tall and confident and has no idea that she is watching him from a distance. She watches for a minute before she decides to make her move. She walks slowly out of the darkness, allowing the light to dance across her every move. She is wearing only a long, sleek, black over coat, with the right side drooping off her shoulder to expose just enough skin to make him aroused. She bats her eyelashes at him as she moves closer. A slight breeze catches her hair and lets it flow in the night air. He leans up against the light pole and lights a cigarette as he watches her move clo
Bye Bye!
I am going to Little Rock with Moonfire, Jack and Reddemon for the weekend. So show me lots of love...i will miss ya all. Vamp
Passion's First Time
My mind wanders to the first time I ever slid my hands between my legs and discovered the design of my body. I remember my first kiss, soft and innocent as it was. Short sex scenes and pictures flash in my head from movies and magazines I've gotten my hands onto. Sordid fantasies steal my thoughts and all this as I hear the doorbell ring. My heart beats as I open the door and I see you there. Standing tall and confident, a warm smile on your face and eyes that pierce me so. I stare for a moment and then finally, I invite you in. Suddenly the once enjoyed silence of the house feels heavy and thick. I find it hard to breathe but I walk casually behind you as you make your way into the living room. Our small talk gets us through the first awkward moments and well into dinner. As you sit across from me I find comfort looking deep into your eyes and soaking in your face. I feel as if I'm falling off of highest building even though I know my body sits still. A relaxed smile holds my face
Decoding Dictionaries
DICTIONARY FOR DECODING PERSONAL ADS: 40-ish................................49. Adventurous.......................Slept with everyone. Athletic...............................No breasts. Average looking.................Moooo. Beautiful..............................Pathological liar. Emotionally Secure................On medication. Feminist................................Fat. Free spirit...........................Junkie. Friendship first...................Former slut. New-Age............................Body hair in the wrong places. Old-fashioned.......................No BJs. Open-minded.......................Desperate. Outgoing............................Loud and Embarrassing. Professional..........................Bitch. Voluptuous...................... ...Very Fat. Large frame........................Hugely Fat. Wants Soul mate..................Stalker. DICTIONARY FOR DECODING WOMEN'S ENGLISH: 1. Yes = No 2. No = Yes 3. Maybe = No 4. We need = I want
Our First
I knew tonight was the night for us. You and I have been going out for some time, but never have made love before tonight. I have been begging you for weeks to make love to me, but you would always smile and say "good things come to those who wait." Finally, you call me in the middle of the night, awakening me from sweet dreams, telling me to come to your apartment, and please hurry. Not knowing what to expect, I jump out of bed, throw a pair of blue jeans on, grab an old T-shirt of mine, and run out the door and drive to your apartment as quickly as I can. I run up the stairs of your building, not wanting to wait for the elevator, and by the time I make it to the fifteenth floor, I am out of breath and sweaty from my fifteen story run. I make my way to your apartment and unlock your door and step inside, expecting some kind of emergency. I don't expect what I see. The lights in your two-room apartment are out, but your living room is dimly light by several candles around the apartm
the bandit that steals the sparkle in the sky he will finazzle and debazzled you and make the day pass by He's the Raeman drummin that cherry beat Pimpin' daddy, tho he hates that:) looking suave in the street.. To the man with the magic of glitter To the man who puts the twinkle in my eye Buried at to the bandit with a crush on a poet who lies xoxoxoxo Wicked Dollface
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I have decided to call out all the fucking loser guys who pose as women on profiles. The story goes like this- I get home from the gym and low and behold is another girl talking to be because I like women. I look at her pics and they are of all different women! Yea she is a master of disguise! Like I'm Nikki Sixx's wife! I'm so over it. If your a guy and want to chat with women who are Bi-at like a human for gods sake and act like a man! So I have created a section in my pics for pics of people who are fake! If you like it and want to contribute please do! Just message me on here and I will send you my email so you can send me whatever you want me to post! To all the lovely REAL ladies on here have a wonderful Friday! *SMOOCHES*
yup got my first one.
Lost Friends
today is a friends birthday. He passed away about 5 1/2 years ago, but I light a candle for him every birthday. and even though I know he is in a better place, I miss him a lot. so today has just been kinda sad. it has reminded me how quickly precious people can be ripped from our lives. so today I want everyone to just hug someone they love for no reason. or that person you aren't sure if you should tell them how you feel...tell them, tell them with everything you have. let people know you care for them. if professing your undying love is just too much for you to handle, at least tell them you care. the last time I saw my friend, we argued over something stupid, we agreed to disagree. our visit ended with a make-up quick kiss and he said he cared for me, goodbye. I was such an idiot then for not listening to him, he was right and the words he said were in my best interest. I took his advice against my will, forever glad that I did. He knew that, and I know now. funny how it takes y
First Time Stories
knew tonight was the night for us. You and I have been going out for some time, but never have made love before tonight. I have been begging you for weeks to make love to me, but you would always smile and say "good things come to those who wait." Finally, you call me in the middle of the night, awakening me from sweet dreams, telling me to come to your apartment, and please hurry. Not knowing what to expect, I jump out of bed, throw a pair of blue jeans on, grab an old T-shirt of mine, and run out the door and drive to your apartment as quickly as I can. I run up the stairs of your building, not wanting to wait for the elevator, and by the time I make it to the fifteenth floor, I am out of breath and sweaty from my fifteen story run. I make my way to your apartment and unlock your door and step inside, expecting some kind of emergency. I don't expect what I see. The lights in your two-room apartment are out, but your living room is dimly light by several candles around the apartmen
Wana Come Over ?
i have this friend that likes to get high she came over yesterday and stuff anyways the only thing i dont like about her is that she is so strate like a telephone pole i wanna play around whith her and she just gets mad cuz she says that i aready know shes not like that i tell her i know that shell like it then she just gets even more mad well i think i want my omi now here is she
ok thinking about buying a ring and proposing to my really nervous about it so should i just do it or should i wait???? let me know what u think???
Jason U Will Be Missed
&&. After Everything This Is What I Get.
all i ever fucking did was love him. and he goes n says i dont mean shit to him? together for almost 10 months and he goes n says that shit? and the worst part of all he was serious.. and it hurts so bad.. plus him n his 14 YEAR OLD girlfriend go n say im an ugly bitch??? when shes the one that weighs like 250 lbs and looks like a guy? or atleast my friends think she does... he has no idea how much he's hurt me this tyme.. and everyone else is just like oh well.. it like no one cares at all...
Ok Ladies
Cummmmmmmmmmmm Show Me Some Luv!!!!!!!!!!
What A Magician
My Great Nephew Had His Second Surgery Please Pray For Him
BRAYLON HES BEEN LIKE THIS SINCE HIS BIRTH HES HAS SEVERAL SURGERIES He's done! Surgery went great. Dr. Ohye was able to use a larger mechanical valve than anticipated which will give him a longer period to grow into it (prolong future replacement.) He also had a better view into the Left Ventricle and was able to remove some more EFE (scar tissue.) Lastly, he was able to reduce the stenosis forming below the Aortic Valve by 50% to prolong its replacement as well. We are waiting for them to let us back into PICU to see our little Michelin Man. Thanks for the prayers. We woke up with supernatural peace today. God Bless Us All, The F Family
Let's see, what to talk about in my first blog...I've just recently joined Cherrytap, and I like it pretty well. I'm still a little confused on it, but whatever. I'll try it out for a while and see what I think :) Hmmm, about me: favorite tv shows: family guy, heroes, scrubs, the office, 24, Sopranos, and many many more. favorite movies: comedies like Tommy Boy, Anchorman, Grandma's Boy, Princess Bride, Space Balls, and serious ones like Gladiator, Aeon Flux, Green Mile, and Tombstone. (and many more here too) favorite music: Rap, Rock, Classic Rock and Country. Just about anything within those genres. I love late night with Conan Obrien and I can't wait until he replaces Jay Leno on the tonight show. I love playing soccer, indoor soccer, basketball and volleyball. I have always been really athletic. My favorite model is Marketa Belonoha, she has a site marketa4you, but you can also just type her name into google images and see her. She's dreamy lol. I can't
My Dog
My Dachshund ran away this morning. He was last seen by a neighbor at 10:00. I have driven all over the place, and been to the pound twice. I am at my wits end. This isn't the first time he has taken off. I just hope he doesn't end up dead somewhere. I love that little dog so much. I have cried almost all afternoon. My first dachshund ran away and got killed by a car, and I am the one that found her. I am so terrified that history is gonna repeat itself. I have tried everything I can to keep him in our yard but he always finds a new spot to dig up. I can't afford an electric fence, and I really wouldn't wanna put that up anyways.... I don't know what to do. I am so depressed right now.
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Gonna Kick His Ass On Down The Line
Which Rent Character Are You?
Which RENT Character Are YOU? Roger - the musician. You're a sad soul, and you know it. If only you could express yourself in the way you long to! Let some love in, it'll help.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Get To Know Your Dallas Cowboys
Need Ponits Everyone
Hay everyone im new and im trying to get throw the frist level. I want to get more in to this so please help me out
A Moment Of Silence Please
Please God as we say our silent prayer please keep the Jameson Family in your arms lead them right lord show them that Jessiah will forever be an angel in their heart. Help them understand and help them realize there are many of us out here sheading tears for she not only lost a husband, friend, and Jessiah Jr not only lost a father but our men and women serving everyday lost a brother. Please god I say all this in your Name Be with Erin and the family lord -amen-
Just So Everyone Understands :)
Create Your Glitter Text
Jessiah Jameson
From: Pray Jessiah Comes Home Date: Dec 1 2006 5:28 PM So. I don't even know where to begin. This is hard to write. So many positive thoughts and prayers were said but I am afraid the outcome isn't good. Those that live in Clarksville probably already have the news if they watched today. Jessiah was found in the river. I don't have words. It simply doesn't make sense. I guess there is closure to a certain extent but I can't help but cry. We lost a husband to my sister, a father to his son, a son to his mother, a grandchild to all his grandparents, a cousin, a friend, a family member. Forever we will remember Jessiah in our hearts. Keep praying this is a very very very hard time for Erin, Tracy and the rest of the family and friends. If you live in Clarksville the memorial service will be on Wednesday of this coming week. I don't know time yet though so look in the paper or I will try and find out. There are no words. Just prayers for strength and understanding. Thank you all for
Coke Advert!!!!
Over here in England, when the christmas coke advert comes on you know its getting close to my shock (about 5 min ago) i found that this advert has changed...and its compleate and utter shit!!!!...the one best thing about christmas has been gonna complane to coke....ok im officaly sad -_-'
Why can't life be easy? I know what I want out of life yet it seems so unobtainable. Everytime I think I find it the beast comes out of the shadows and the truth is unearthened. Is there no one on this planet that that believes in the thesis of being honest and true? Why must everyone carry on such fake fascades. I am tired of people acting a certain way then you start to believe that is how they are then they flip fascades to another personality. That really gets on my nerves. Its like when a friend asks for 20 dollars and you give it to them with the promise to return it the next day with no return then them ask for your car. Im not about to give my car to someone who can't return 20 bucks, I mean come on I may be overly friendly but I'm not about to be walked over I did that for the last 3 years of my life. I wish for once in my life I could find someone who was real, with not alot of drama, a little is okay but not overwhelmed. I have enough drama of my own, I want a person who is
Rip Jessiah Jameson
From: Pray Jessiah Comes Home Date: Dec 1 2006 5:28 PM So. I don't even know where to begin. This is hard to write. So many positive thoughts and prayers were said but I am afraid the outcome isn't good. Those that live in Clarksville probably already have the news if they watched today. Jessiah was found in the river. I don't have words. It simply doesn't make sense. I guess there is closure to a certain extent but I can't help but cry. We lost a husband to my sister, a father to his son, a son to his mother, a grandchild to all his grandparents, a cousin, a friend, a family member. Forever we will remember Jessiah in our hearts. Keep praying this is a very very very hard time for Erin, Tracy and the rest of the family and friends. If you live in Clarksville the memorial service will be on Wednesday of this coming week. I don't know time yet though so look in the paper or I will try and find out. There are no words. Just prayers for strength and understanding. Thank you all for
I Kinda Like It In A Coma............all I Needed Was Someone To Tell Me What The Fuck Is Goin' On!!
Hey you caught me in a coma And I don't think I wanna Ever come back to again Kinda like it in a coma 'Cause no one's ever gonna Oh, make me come back to again Now I feel as if I'm floating away I can't feel all the pressure And I like it this way But my body's callin' My body's callin' Won't ya come back to again Suspended deep in a sea of black I've got the light at the end I've got the bones on the mast Well I've gone sailin', I've gone sailin' I could leave so easily While friends are calling back to me I said they're They're leaving it all up to me When all I needed was clarity And someone to tell me What the fuck is going on Goddamn it! Slippin' farther an farther away It's a miracle how long we can stay In a world our minds created In a world that's full of shit Help me Help me Help me Help me Bastard Please understand me I'm climbin' through the wreckage Of all my twisted dreams But this chea
Everything Happens For A Reason?
i hate that everything happens for a reason..... im soo burnt out and i keep having more bad things all around me... its so depressing its hard to stay happy when all there is is saddness. I love my friends to death but there is only so much negativity one person can handle in a day and ive almost reached my limit... But never the less i will be there for them all... but back to everything happens for a reason... Maybe everything that happened today was for a particular reason. To be more specific.. to make me a stronger person... who really knows for sure... i sure as hell dont.. But the only thing i kno how to do somewhat is to look on the bright side, even when its buried. I love all of my friends out there. I hope that everything turns out the way it should for them... good.
My Arsenal
My latest collection of "Homeland Defense Weapons". Gotta love the Second Admendment.SKS Norinco w/ 5,10,30,&55rnd clips*Taurus 24/7 9mm 4-10,1-17rnd clips*Brazilian Side by side 12g. sawn-off shotgun*AR-7 .22lr Survival*Ornamental Saber (Not for BU)*Fiskers ax*Smith&Wesson hand-ax/skinning knife combo*Spec-One Fighting Tanto*Gerber: Mark1, (2)Pocket, Multi-tool*1080- 7.62x39 Wolf FMJ*500rds 9mm Winchester HP*300rds .22lr Yellowjackets*20slug Remminton 12g*80 shot Remmington 12g*Various pyrotechnical devises (smoke,rockets,missles,crackers=)*Two more are in the skunkworks. A .22 revolver and an old 12g pump shotgun.Future purchases: Taurus .357 Titanium revolver, .308 bolt action rifle.
Oooooooooooh, It Was The Best Time That I Can Remember.........
Say baby you been lookin' real good You know that I remember when we met ItśäĮ funny how I never felt so good It's a feelin' that I know I know I'll never forget Ooh it was the best time I can remember Ooh and the love we shared - is lovin' that'll last forever There wasn't much in this heart of mine There was a little left and babe you found it It's funny how I never felt so high It's a feelin' that I know I know I'll never forget Ooh it was the best time I can remember Ooh and the love we shared - is lovin' that'll last forever I think about you Honey all the time my heart says yes I think about you Deep inside I love you best I think about you You know you're the one I want I think about you Darlin' you're the only one I think about you I think about you You know that I do I think about you All with love - only you I think about you Ooh, itśäĮ true I think about you Ooh, yes I do Somethin' changed in this heart of mine An' you know that I'm
Adventures In Lingerie Shopping
So its the holiday season. Which means Christmas parties, frilly drinks, presents and did i mention Christmas parties? My staff party is this sat night. Due to ticket problems we cant bring dates unless we are married or living with someone. Which is complete bullshit but oh well. My plan is to eat supper, have a few drinks and watch the show as quick as possible then have my date pick me up early and continue a party on our own. Anyways........... Today i braved the mall for some last minute party clothes shopping. I know i should have done this sooner, but i cant seem to get that organised. I invited my mom to help watch the kids which i thought would make it easier. WRONG!! My mom gets there and she is in a rush and bitchy as anything. Anywho, she is watching my 2yr old as im in the change room of the 1st store. You know i hate not being a size 5. Nothing fits right when you have any amount of body fat!! I finally found some clothes that flattered my non size 5 figure and
Need Help
I just need help with some things message me k
So this is going to be my first Christmas away from family and friends. Never take them for granted.......
But Still The Wars Go On As The Years Go By With No Love Of God Or Human Rights
"What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach... So, you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it! Well, he gets it! N' I don't like it any more than you men." * Look at your young men fighting Look at your women crying Look at your young men dying The way they've always done before Look at the hate we're breeding Look at the fear we're feeding Look at the lives we're leading The way we've always done before My hands are tied The billions shift from side to side And the wars go on with brainwashed pride For the love of God and our human rights And all these things are swept aside By bloody hands time can't deny And are washed away by your genocide And history hides the lies of our civil wars D'you wear a black armband When they shot the man Who said "Peace could last forever" And in my first memories They shot Kennedy I went numb when I learned to see So I never fell for Vietnam We got the
Sexy Name...
Get Your Sexy Name
Yeah!!! Christmas...but Don't Forget To Donate
This holiday season, as you enjoy the company of your loved ones. As you sit down and breathe in all that is 'Holly and Jolly'....don't forget those less fortunate then you. The down trodden, the physically unsettled, the massively debted ones. I am starting a new charity, for all those who would like to donate, please message me. The charity's name is 'Ebok Choy's Financially Challenged'. Now, you maybe asking 'Exactly who will benefit from my kindness?'. And you have every right to ask that question, you beautiful person you. The people who will benefit are the people that call me everyday. I want to bring them some joy this holiday season, they seem so upset when they call me. They are always asking for money. And they don't stop calling until you give them money. Also, the factory workers will benefit from this. I will give them money, via buying cigarettes, I like to support our blue collared workers. My husband shall also benefit from this, no more will he have to live through th
To Debbie
this message is for debbielee.. if you can read my messages.. im unable to send you messages back that you have been sending me.. im not sure if you have accidently blocked me or what not.. but i have been trying to send you messages and send you a gift but says that im unable to.. just letting you know that im not ignorning you..
* Source Energy *
Source Energy On a core level, when we get right down to the most basic building blocks of everything, there is only Source. Source is everything: everything in creation, everything on an energy level, everything you look at, everything you imagine. Source is everywhere: on manifest levels, on astral levels, and on every level of conception. Energy can be vibrating in alignment with pristine Source energy, or energy can be disconnected from Source and can be vibrating at other frequencies. Everything on a manifest or a non-manifest level is Source energy in different vibrations and frequencies. For example, a tree is vibrating at a different energy frequency than a cloud. These two aspects of manifest reality are both made of Source energy but are operating at different frequencies. There is no limit to the number of different frequencies that can be created. The same concept applies to spiritual beings. When a being is in alignment with pristine Source energy, they will
What Is The Internet Coming Too??
we are supposed to,all of us,be online to make friends,have a good time,etc.,etc. why is there always someone comes along,with a wee too much time on their hands,and MAKES A MOUNTAIN OUT OF A WEE MOLE HILL? Is the an actual course offered,to become "AN ASSHOLE,or BUSY BODY,or SHIT DISTURBER"??? I have seen alot of sites,with alot of crap on them.some stuff incredibly bizzarre.and not a word spoken,BY ANYONE. I really dont know now,if any of this ONLINE STUFF is even worth it?? ARE WE ALL HERE TO HAVE FUN??? OR ARENT WE???
Saga Of The Web-mantic Iii
Saga of the Web-mantic III A Confessions Supplement Re: Tainted Lover In the midst of a relatively quiet Summer-Madness, I find reason to pick up a pen and weave the tale of a wayward soul a man who struggles against his own inner demons, for the sake of the better good. I ask you reader, what is one manís struggle in a world that lacks compassion. Iíll tell you, futile. Still, I travel on in search of that perfect romance. So far this search has yielded nothing. So, I swear my path was cursed by Eve. Mayhaps she has a personal vendetta against me. I stand ready for her. I was knighted just for this cause. Eve seems to be compassionís greatest enemy. Ngozi Adanna? Lost among these pages. I tell you its grim out and about in this fray we call dating. A weekend excursion back home had me sorting emotion about Nikki Lake. I came to the knowledge that this could not ever happen; due to etiquette (Nikki and Charity were friends,). Mrs. Right is probably my friend. Remember K
To All Soldiers...
My Pic...
Damn, if I had thought I would have offended anyone by my pic, I wouldn't have posted it. They took it off. This sux....always censored!!! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?????????
Cum Show Me Some Love!!!!!
Trick Or Treat!?!?!?!
TRICK or TREAT? I cast a spell tonight to become the magnet to your temptation; And sprinkle an appetite in you to crave my pleasing sensation! But, before I clear the cloudiness in you Iím gonna have some fun; Seduce you in every way youíll be stiff with satisfaction when Iím done. Lure you into my enticing garden and flatter you with lust; Iím gonna nurture your needs and charm you with my trust! Sit you down to observe true beauty before I let you frolic about; Make you itching to touch & while you imagine Iím arousing your senses inside and out! Iíll dance all around your mind and yet remain a mystery; Persuade you to give in and pursue this one night fantasy! Invite you to indulge with pleasing delight and end it with a bang; Then, kiss you unconscious and let your mind and body regain! When you awake youíll find....I am no where to be found; Beware though when you sleep Iíll be around! This spell I created for amusement to knock you off your feet; To make
Love Song--tesla
lets see here i was told last night i have a dark personality... hummm do i or is it just all the bullshit i have been threw since i was a lil girl... there were things that have made me this way things that have made me so bitter and unhappy at times like trusting guys .... yeah something happened to me that no one knows about... that has made me very bitter.... and my family life growing up has made me unhappy and hateful at times... i have became a better person in most ways because of it but i seem to get stuck in the same fucked up ordeal at times not meaning to ... you read my stuff you take it one way when it was ment another... i gave my heart away two years ago and he total fucked with it then broke it... i try not to put it there anymore... i am a real loving person i never met a stranger i could sit and have a real good chat with... i have my moments and my days... like any normal person does... i know im not perfect and i know i have my faults god who doesnt. so if yo
All Alone
For many years she attempted to be the best she could be But for whatever reason she failed bitterly Few things had gone well more bad than good Her life had never been as she hoped it would So she just gave up preferring to be alone With no expectations no more failure would be known Her animals her companions no need for anything more They alone will protect her just like before Free as the wind but nowhere to go Her solitary existance is all she'll ever know
Spicy Oatmeal Crisps
Spicy Oatmeal Crisps Pepper might sound like an odd ingredient for a cookie, but it actually compliments the other spices in this cookie mixture. You can however, omit it, if you don't want to use the pepper. 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon ground allspice 1/2 teaspoon grated whole nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper (optional) 1 cup packed brown sugar 5 tablespoons butter or stick margarine, softened 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 large egg 1/2 cup regular oats (like Quaker Oats) Cooking Spray Preheat oven to 350* Lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups; and level with a knife. Combine flour and the next 7 ( seven) ingredients (flour through pepper) in a medium mixing bowl. Beat sugar, butter, and vanilla into a LARGE mixing bowl, with a mixer at medium speed until light and fluffy. Then add your egg and beat well. Stir in all the dry ingredients now into the LA
The Promise.
Several weeks ago, I stumbled across a piece composed by Rolf Lovland and I must say that it is haunting me. There is a sadness that caresses each note as it flows, soaking one's very soul. It's beautifully enchanting, though. I've listened to it throughout the day and my mind has been full of thoughts of a certain person. The sadness of this piece is reflected in the gentle sadness of his smile. It's strange how music has the ability to stir our minds, as well as our respective emotions... Secret Garden - The promiseMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com
....and One Of These Night S Soon, I'll Be Comin' For You.---natural Born Killers
What The Fuck
Ya Nigga
liljezzyfbaby@ CherryTAP
Hey Guys
please come vote for my wife in hottest military wife contest, she needs those comments like a few hundred of them, she so deserves this win! what'd ya say! ,.-~*ī®Į®`*∑~-.ł-(_s™přhÔģÍ_)-,.-~*ī®Į®`*∑~-.ł@ CherryTAP VOTE FOR ME INTHE HOTTEST MILITARY WIFE CONTEST!!CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!!! send a few hundred votes !
Bored As Hell
HEY everyone have you ever been so sick of doing the same thing everyday? well if so...... I know how it is because everyday I get up at around 10 a.m and smoke a cigerette Then right away I start cleaning the house and It's like why can't thier be something more exciting to do? lol I'm so bored and I just get so stir crazy. Can anybody help me? IM SO FRICKEN BORED!!!
Black Eyeliner Smeared On Your Heart
If you kiss me its all over Poison lips such a fiend Broken bottle tongue picture perfect smile with fangs Kiss kiss kiss me its all over The mirror is stretching across the wall itís so greedy what an attention whore I want to be draped in glass Instead of the bed sheets dripping with flowers I donít want to be beautiful You canít erase me Iíve left my stain And youíll come crawling back to me I fucking hate you for it Shove the worms down my throat I want to be medicated medicated and numb Iím a gargoyle and youíre a bird Youíre such a star now And I want you up! up! up! my skirt Shoved into my skin too rough for love making Weíve already fucked with words You want suicideĎs touch I can show you heaven Bloody wings limp halos and all Worship is nothing but an excuse to die Too toxic such a fiend I want you torn and tattered Licked by broken bottle tongues If you kiss me with poison lips Iíll bite back baby Youíre such a pretty
Tell Her You Love Her Without Abuse...
Hate Was Just A Legend And War Was Never Known
Cortez The Killer by Neil Young -------- He came dancing across the water With his galleons and guns Looking for the new world In that palace in the sun. On the shore lay Montezuma With his coca leaves and pearls In his halls he often wondered With the secrets of the worlds. And his subjects gathered 'round him Like the leaves around a tree In their clothes of many colors For the angry gods to see. And the women all were beautiful And the men stood straight and strong They offered life in sacrifice So that others could go on. Hate was just a legend And war was never known The people worked together And they lifted many stones. They carried them to the flatlands And they died along the way But they built up with their bare hands What we still can't do today. And I know she's living there And she loves me to this day I still can't remember when Or how I lost my way. He came dancing across the water Cortez, Cortez What a killer.
Vote For My Neice Cutest Kid Contest
please vote for her she is so cute and in lastplace she needs help comment up please heres the link
Your Biggest Regret
What do I mean to you? Am I something? Or am I nothing? Darling I feel torn You destroyed my beauty I never was beautiful to you I whispered softly Nothing says I love you Like black and blue Add some more black The color of your heart Do you lust me or do you love me? I'm just a toy to you easily broken Love should not equal misery I feel like a butterfly The caged one though Awaiting to fall and die Time continues to tick away What do I mean to you? I know I know absolutely nothing Sorry for failing you darling With hate Your biggest regret
If i told you what i had to do to make me feel as if i cherish you would you let me fall into your arms would you gracefully accept my scars? can you care enough to ask me why if you saw the tears that i have cried? did you wonder if I thought of you? Looking out to the sun I will reach out for you.. and these things i wish i said to you but i found out that its too late moving forward now I'll regenerate
ok im REALLY bored and REALLY cold and im feeling PRETTY down-which is so weird cos im also v happy-this is all so stupid. Anyways Hope the heatin comes on soon!
Help Me Outn Here Please Cum Vote For Me
I Mentioned In The Last Blog About Having Truth And Undebatable Info...
Ok maybe I didn't make myself clear enough in that last blog, although Im pretty sure I did. Let me spell it out again for those who still dont get it! RACISM IS WRONG FOR ANYONE, ANY COLOUR!!! Like I also said, you broadcast your beliefs in a bad or offensive way, others may get pissed with that and retaliate. As for the race mixing omg lol How far into your family tree do you know? Any body in your family sleep with a slave or native in their travels way back? Now lets stop and think of the possibilties of why North America might have mixed races in it, shall we? Hmmm where to being....Ok Natives are here first, land stolen, raped and killed and forced to live on reserves. Africans stolen and made as slaves. Being brutally raped at any age by their masters or whoever needed to get some at the time. During that process many babies were conceived to 2 different raced parents. Both Presidents Jefferson and Jackson had mixed offspring from Slaves. Who created the whole rac
Wtf My Life:)
well my life doesn't change much from day to day..... i work and then i come home go on the comp for a while and talk to friends on here... then i go to bed..... wake up spend time with the kids and then go back to work again.... i work night shift in a nursing home taking care of 40 ppl.... at work when i am there i do the same thing over and over again 5 nights a week and 1 lone dayshift i do something different!!! so basically i work 6 shifts in 5 days.... i have met some really awesome ppl on here and they have become like another part of my life only this part changes from day to day.... sometimes it is in a good way and some times not, but i have learned that if you are willing to listen most ppl will share a part of themselves with you..... i know that when a friend needs me i want them to know never hesitate just call me, txt me, pm me, shout at me, or email me and i will be there for them.... and i have to thank cherry for that gift to me of so many awesome ppl.....
Dance In Dreams
Come sing me love songs as soft as falling snow Come dance in my dreams and never ever let me go Twirl me in love's limbs upon lands painted white Spin me Winter Wonderland on this cold clear night Kiss me in quiet promise of fairytales come true Embrace me in satin smile under skies of darker blue Let me gather the stars to sparkle in your eyes Let serendipity find us in shades of sultry sighs You're more than dreams that smile in my sleep You are more than wishes I'd buried so far so deep Wrapped in answered prayers you're a gift from up above Blessed in magical moments washed pure in all your love You are more than promises kept within passion's play More than happy moments that will never fade away
From Nc
hey all you cherry tapperz...if your from the raleigh, NC area give me a shout.
Sometimes i wish that i was a lesbian, cuz you guys out there can be such heartbreakers. i know i'm just ranting, but i wish i had a boyfriend a [normal] boyfriend, cuz my last one was a gangbanging tweaker who is now in jail for 5-10 years. no more psycho's. i just want a cute boy to go out with, to hug, and cuddle, and fuck, and talk to when i'm down, and all the other things you do with boyfriends. :( o well. i 'm done complaining. xoxoxoxo sandra
Apparently Yall Cant Read!!!
Since I just got 4 more requests for the private pics...SEE MY LAST BLOG!
For London.
Stock Trading | Video Hosting | Funny Videos | Secrets Artist - Rigoletto Soundtrack Album - Rigoletto Lyrics - The Melody Within Music boxes have within, melodies they carry with them, once they open music fills the air. Every person you have known, has a song of their own, once they open up you'll hear whats there. It's not easy you must listen with your heart for what lies hidden. There was a melody, locked deep inside of me but now its free, it found a place embraced by harmony, sweet harmony, Love more than anything, Teaches our hearts to sing, Only love, could break the spell, now I know, very well, the love within myself. (music) There was a melody, locked deep inside of me but now its free, it found a place embraced by harmony, sweet harmony, Love more than anything, Teaches our hearts to sing, Only love, could break the spell, now I know, very well, the love within myself.
All Good Fairy Tales
When moonlight peeks through the curtains and the clock strikes twelve I realize that my smile was only a dream holding your hand and flowers in the other that you picked from my imagination There is a price to pay for Angel wings gentle born to be clipped I am torn with feathers tattered I only want to fly to softer places where silence shatters the pain and love conquers all I can't rhyme anymore for those were happier times when I danced to his sweet serenade I find myself crying in ink uninspired Perhaps all poets are born to weep So I just exist waiting for his smile to stop this heart's fluttering for days reborn in shiny new stars that glisten awaiting a kiss to awaken as in all good fairy tale endings I hear whispers in the wind calling my spirit to secret places where dreams never die holding one glass slipper
Watch the way she looks at me Acting like I can't see Twirling her hair and licking her lips Strutting around swaying those hips I try to ignore her but the feeling is too strong Can't hold back for too long Maybe go and ask her name See if she likes my game I know it can't be serious But damn this lady got me delirious
Cutest Kid Contest
Trying to enter my daughter in contest
To Me
I'm always assuming the worst, but you're going on nonetheless and there's nothing to cushion your heart led fall. Letters from further away keep pulling me close to home. And there's something to cushion my callous sighs. And I know that you hope for longer good-byes embracing for forever and falling in your eyes. (In your eyes, your eyes) Pouring over photographs. I'm living in your letters. Breathe deeply from this envelope it smells like you and I can't be without that scent. It's filling me with all you mean to me. (To me) Continually failing these trials but you stand by me nonetheless and you won't let me sink though I'm beggin you, I'm begging you Phone calls from further away and messages on my machine, but I don't ever tell you this distance seems terrible. There is no need to test my heart, with useless space. These roads go on forever, there will always be a place, for you.. in my heart So I'll hit the paveme
Just The Facts
Looking at life with despair trying to beat this fear each day getting better following the plan to the letter when drama comes I aint dipping give up now you must be tripping keep spitting them lyrics on fire cant stop cause I never tire the flow comes from inside me I don't question just let it be
I shine brita dan a supanova In deh ghetto deh ain't no 4 leaf clova The battle gettin heavy like murda, Next come the war like freakin taking ova Chorus Like Sephiroth I'll beat you with my supanova spell Spell like a book wiz from hell Hell hath no fury like a woman's anger Anger of the century Man if its too hot, Deh no where you run from my supanova I rhyme like its going out of style I kick ya in the gut mek ya spit out bile Trick ass hookas gonna be bending ova Broke ass fools gonna need a 4 leaf clova When justice comes the war is ova
Check This Out
YOU! you you are in my dreams you say all the right things you are on my mind constantly you make me feel free you know my feelings you know my taste you know my place you look at my face you see the things i see you see my eyes you see the fire that burns inside you look within you are my best friend you stick with me you love me you want me you need me you please me you tease me you hugg me you kiss me you talk to me you breath me you cherrish me you think of me you crown me as your king you set on my thrown as my queen you play all the right games you picture all the right frames you want to be together You stay with me forever you are my lover just me and you!!! jo$hua
The Sum Of Infinity
Can you measure the sum of infinity? Or reach the heavens and question divinity? Can you go where angels fly and there is no fear Where justice reigns and sin is brought to bear We are stuck on this speck of a home Unable to build machines to roam We can only guess at what lies in the vastness of space Will we find happiness or another race? Or will we find that we are all alone With only Earth to call our home The best minds have tried to solve these times But all I can do is write these rhymes
They are tired and can't take another day, time for the people in charge to pay, trampling the people under feet, the poor living a life that's bittersweet, it starts when one man won't back down, then it builds to cover the whole town, its hard to stop it when the people are united, say bye bye to those who are uninvited they take to the streets demanding their say, no more will they stand for the ruler's way, the revolution just keeps rolling on, it won't stop till the people have won.
Outta Da Ghetto
bulldozers coming to knock the ghetto down, people tired of seeing that s**t around, no more 40s and dirty stained masses, clean it up and get rid of dem gasses, how you gonna be proud of being poor, why must people always want more, everybody and they mama wanna live fly, make a lot cash and get paid by and by, hit da club and buy out da bar, lites flashing all around cause they know a star, If ya in da ghetto find a way to get out keep on fighting ya'll find a way there's no doubt.
Sorry Guys
i just want everyone to know in case your mad that im never on or never respond. my computer is very gay and every time i try to do anything it freezes or locks up. im doing my best to keep up but right now it just sucks. i just wanted anyone who cares to know thanx.
In The End
In the end there is sin, In the end we all win, Its true that death is for all, But through our Lord's gift we stand tall, In the end we will be judged, The fence sitters will be nudged In the end you'll be either right or left hand, So nows the time to take a stand, In the end we will get our perfect place, But some will choose fire what a disgrace, In the end all things will be shown, In the end you will reap what you have sown
New To This
kinda new to this and lookin for friends....only married with a 6 yr old and 1 on the way!! any questions leave me a message
To Be The Best
As Sergeant Collins laced up the boxing gloves for him, Chad said, 1. "The Marines don't wait for anyone, right Sergeant?" Collins smiled. "Where'd you hear that?" "My father, his favorite phrase." "And yours?" Chad thought about it for a second, he didn't really have one but he wasn't gonna tell Collins that, "Hoo Rah!" "Thats more like it, no fear, get out there and show Jackson what you're made of." "Maybe I should have waited before taking Jackson up on this boxing match." "You can handle Jackson, if you keep your mind on the task at hand. The last thing you want to do is start getting second thoughts. He'll sense your fear and then he will pound you into the canvas, don't let him, you hear me, Chad?" Chad knew what Collins meant but his mind was elsewhere thinking about Stacy, his father, and surviving boot camp. How was he suppose to juggle all this, while watching out for a left hook from Dennis Jackson, who seemed to dislike him from the first day at
Daddys Poem
Daddy's Poem Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees a dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently , anxious in their seats One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them was searching, a man w
Echoes Of The Maya
There are only remains of their glory We only can tell their story Of their greatness and might Battle cries sounding through out the night Ball games played for the right to live The losers without a prayer to give Time foretold by a calendar of sun They knew in advance what must be done The people were fed through slash and burn When the food was gone no where to turn Temples and hieroglyphs tell of their wars Observatories abandoned where they watched the stars
Dancing In The Rain Alone
Dancing in the rain alone leaves me wet and cold I dream of the last dance with you holding me close On summerís soft breezes smelling sweet pheromones I can almost sense you by my side, though reality says weíre in different time zones Sweet strawberry wine upon your sensuous pink lips, I long to taste the fruit of the vine as I hold two crystal cups take two solo sips Delighting in poetic verse upon lines as we converse are not enough to fill the void Longing for closer whispers as I love you The past has left scars though you bring out stars in my eyes Iíve heard your manly voice and quickly made the choice that without you a life of cloudy skies Star light star bright wish I may wish I might have you in my arms one night
Down By The Riverside
Down by the riverside Where the water flows Flowers grow from its banks Breezes blow with no resistance Sun shines against the river's surface What a way to spend the summer chasing dragon flies to and fro Idling the days away
Support Please
Save The Pit - Save The World!
PITBULL GENOCIDELETS STOP MAN'S BEST FRIEND FROM BECOMING ONE OF MAN'S RECENT MEMORIESThere is currently a bill going through that will ban the dog breed pitbulls from the United states. A breed who has gotten a very bad name, of all dog bites from all breeds of dogs, pitbulls rated number 4 FROM THE BOTTOM. So to eradicate a species based on something that is not the fault of its own, like any animal it learns to adapt to its environment. Any one who owns a pit bull know that he breed is one of loving and caring nature.Breed / Percentage of BitesMixed Breeds - 34%Shepherds - 7%Labs - 7%Rottweilers - 6%Boxers - 4%Chows - 3%Pit Bulls - 2%As you can see, pit bulls are extremely low on the list compared to other breeds which do not have the negative reputation which society has given pit bulls. Approximately 77% of all dogs pass the temperment test, while a whopping 95% of pitbulls pass. As a breed the pitbull does better on the temperment test than retrievers, labs, dalmations, and almo
A Spure Of The Moment Poem
On the winds of the morrow I hear whispers of faeries Calling out to those who are lost Hoping they'll follow their mischivious voices Into the trap they laid Watching the lost and weary Wondering when one will follow For I've been trapped long enough In this village of the faeries I hear the whispers and I watch on Knowing that the musical sound will bring My replacement as the faeries fun Though part of me will miss all the mayhem I see a lost wonder She hears the whispers only those lost can hear I then add my voice to the whispers Only wishing her go on Hearing the whispers of the faeries I don't want to share I believe I've found a home As the faery that was lost one morrow long ago I hope you all enjoy this it was a spur of the moment poem. Love Stace
The Republic
They came to these shores with a single purpose Freedom from monarchy and The Church To live their own lives in peace and quiet Only to find others already living here So they went about setting up a government And taking what did not belong to them When the King wanted his taxes They rebelled and went the path of independence Checks and balances and a representative government With a constitution where no king ruled the republic
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I Like This One
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Basic Friend Etiquette
Hello Newer Friendly type people. Heres a few things you should know about me. I am 30 years old. I have four children. I DO NOT HAVE ANY DAMN NAKED PICS SO FFS PLEASE QUIT ASKING! I joined this site for FRIENDS not to partake in the Meat Factory that some ppl think this place is. I have been here nearly six months and in the last 2 months I have gotten the private pics question at least 5 times a day. MY "PRIVATE" folder is an animated avatar that I upped for my friend Krista. It is Private because I dont want points for her pic. Now If you would like to be a person I want to talk to and associate with on a regular basis treat me as a lady and not your one way ticket to boobs and ass. I am a good girl. I dont put up anything I wouldnt want my mom to see.
Answer The Prayers
PITBULL GENOCIDELETS STOP MAN'S BEST FRIEND FROM BECOMING ONE OF MAN'S RECENT MEMORIES There is currently a bill going through that will ban the dog breed pitbulls from the United states. A breed who has gotten a very bad name, of all dog bites from all breeds of dogs, pitbulls rated number 4 FROM THE BOTTOM. So to eradicate a species based on something that is not the fault of its own, like any animal it learns to adapt to its environment. Any one who owns a pit bull know that he breed is one of loving and caring nature. Breed / Percentage of Bites Mixed Breeds - 34% Shepherds - 7% Labs - 7% Rottweilers - 6% Boxers - 4% Chows - 3% Pit Bulls - 2% As you can see, pit bulls are extremely low on the list compared to other breeds which do not have the negative reputation which society has given pit bulls. Approximately 77% of all dogs pass the temperment test, while a whopping 95% of pitbulls pass. As a breed the pitbull does better on the temperment test than retrieve
Snow falls, white and soft Cold air warms the children's hearts Playtime is fun time
I'm new to cherry tap, got tired of all the teeny boppers on myspace!! leave me your comments and show me some love!! Tell me if I should upload an actual picture of myself for all to see!!
Answer The Prayers
> > PITBULL GENOCIDELETS STOP MAN'S BEST FRIEND FROM BECOMING ONE OF MAN'S RECENT MEMORIES > > > There is currently a bill going through that will ban the dog breed pitbulls from the United states. A breed who has gotten a very bad name, of all dog bites from all breeds of dogs, pitbulls rated number 4 FROM THE BOTTOM. So to eradicate a species based on something that is not the fault of its own, like any animal it learns to adapt to its environment. Any one who owns a pit bull know that he breed is one of loving and caring nature. > > > Breed / Percentage of Bites > Mixed Breeds - 34% > Shepherds - 7% > Labs - 7% > Rottweilers - 6% > Boxers - 4% > Chows - 3% > Pit Bulls - 2% > > As you can see, pit bulls are extremely low on the list compared to other breeds which do not have the negative reputation which society has given pit bulls. Approximately 77% of all dogs pass the temperment test, while a whopping 95% of pitbulls pass. As a breed the pitbull does better
Sweet! Fucking Awesome!!!
So, I just called SU again. And guess what I found out??? National Portfolio Day counted as my official review! That means I kicked fucking ass for my SU review! Now, she didn't know when I'd find out my exact review score...She said it'd definitely be in the packet I get when I send in the rest of my application. One kicked-ass-and-took-names review down, one to go. :) This kinda makes up for a lot of things :D
Contests ?????????
How Do you enter these ? I vote, but have no idea how you enter these things.
A Questioner? I Got $195.00
here is how you figure Okay so here's the deal. you look it over and see how many of these things you have done, BUT you have to add up the money amount along the way, then post the amount that you are as the title of the bulletin such as "$15" or "I'm worth $78" or something like that. Smoked pot-- $10 Got drunk, passed and don't remember the night before-- $20 Went skinny dipping-- $5 Had sex in a pool-- $20 Kissed someone of the same sex-- $10 Had sex with someone of the same sex $20 Cheated on your g/f or b/f -- $10 Cheated on your g/f or b/f with their relative or close friend--$20 done oral-- $5 got oral-- $5 done / got oral in a car while it was moving --$25 prank called the cops-- $5 Stole something-- $10 Stole something worth over more than a hundred dollars--$20 Had sex with someone 10 years older-- $20 Had sex with someone under 21 and you are over 27--$25 Cried yourself to sleep-- $5 Cried during sex--$20 Been in love-- $25 Been in love with two p
Looking for fun and interesting people to talk to because I'm super bored :)
People Come Into Your Life For A Reason
People Come Into Your Life For A Reason People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a god send and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on. Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has co
Vote For My Daughter In The Cutest Kid Contest
vote for my faith in the cutest kid contest she is very adorable if you have time comment away thank you for your time
Day 4.......results Of Last Final Exam
I Am A Good Men
i'm agree with those girls they don't like to ask for #'s or to see ther pic just to let you know i'm not like that i'm here to have friends with i can talk or make coments of any thing if you don't believe me please left me a comment thaks for all.
Firefighting Survey
FireFighter Survey How long have you been a FireFighter? 22 years What Department are you with? Sidney Center Fire Dept What is your rank and certifications? Past Chief/Life member Have you ever been first in on the attack line? yup Have you ever been in a flashover? No Have you ever saved someone from a burning building? No Have you ever been to a Fatality MVA? Yes Have you ever extricated someone from a wrecked car? Yea Which do you prefer riding, the Engine or the Ladder? Engine seems we dont have a ladder How many fires have you been in? Alot How many medical calls have you made? Alot not emt to help ems Have you ever given CPR? No,I am trained though Are you Paid or Volunteer? Volunteer How many stations does your department have? One Which station are you run out of? The same one I jus t said How Many trucks does you that station have? 3-2 pumpers/1 pumper tanker Which truck is your favorite? Attack Truck When the tone goes out, do you get exc
Floating Thoughts
somewhere there was a moment of one one thought one look one tear one wish then another one came with a thought a look a tear a wish ... somewhere the two became as one both thoughts both looks both tears both wishes melding, and emerging growing and blooming seeing and being crying and dreaming pulling another moment in trying to gain leverage adding time wanting tomorrows that would fill the mind with desire so deep and wants so strong dreams to come real life to become the song moment by moment the melody plays adding another moment till they become days .. wishing and hoping dreaming and casting bringing the days into months everlasting smiling and singing knowing for sure as one moment goes another is in the lure sunlight and moonlight clouds and stars countless wishes seeming ever so far .... letting go coming home knowing now im never alone ..... 12-01-06 3:13 am ~*~ Pix~*~
"love" your smell.... the warmth of your touch the glow of your smile.. your eyes light up my day i wanna hugg and kiss you i don't wanna miss you i wanna feel you can i be next to you will you let me be me can we just be free to do what we please when i see you here i just wanna be near closer to you alive your eyes meeting mine your hands touching my skin our bodies molding together as one when i fall i fall hard beautiful you and all the things you do i know this love is true i feel it in my heart from the start this beautiful art that we create a painting a wonderful poem a song to be sung for generations to come forever and ever please dont go away and believe everything i say these feelings are true i wouldn't lie to you i cherrish you i worship you real and true pure love XoXo Jo$hua
"red Dreads"
"Red Dreads" "Red Dreads" the darkness creeps in shadows hide eyes of spirits burn with fire pure and alive sulfuric breath sounds of silence in the streets lurking death lingering thoughts of desire what you need i can get the smell of iron and steel you will regret I have been here ever since the beginning of time Red Dreads immortal and real hard to find not a man or spirit can stop me hated by all befriended by one master of poetry vampire on the run atlanta sewers is were I hide look for me and you will find any man any gun any substance for the right price the taste of blood is what i seek then back to the shadows is where I creep JO$HUA
A Different Christmas Poem
A Different Christmas Poem: The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some
"dreaming Of You "
"Dreaming of You" i'm watching you do your thing you're in all of my dreams like candy, toys, and all those fun things i feel like a little boy wanting to sing giddy like the love you feel for silly string sweet like the purest sugar cane strong like the purest hemp fiber fueling the strongest burning fire lasting till all of time expires you make me smile when i'm around you when i can't find you i turn blue i knew it was meant to be when i first met you it was plain to see i was made for you and you where made for me so cherrish this moment we have together for i wish it would last forever but forever is in my dreams eternally dreaming of you Jo$hua
Just To Let Y'all Know......
SomeOne I've met through the Cherry is moving to Georgia from Texas to be with me next Friday. That's a week from today. He is my Master, and I am His from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. If you'll wander through my photo comments, you'll figure out who it is.... Thank you, CherryTap/LostCherry.... Without this site, I'm not sure how we would have met. I'm finally healing from my back going out and the sinus infection I came home from my family's with, so I should be sending love to my friends again soon with random comments. *Smiles* Y'all have a great day!
what do ya think of pat people just walkin around naked
Flying Without Wings
Everybody's looking for a something One thing that makes it all complete You'll find it in the strangest places Places you never knew it could be Some find it in the face of their children Some find it in their lover's eyes Who can deny the joy it brings When you've found that special thing You're flying without wings Some find it sharing every morning Some in their solitary lives You'll find it in the words of others A simple line can make you laugh or cry You'll find it in the deepest friendship The kind you cherish all your life And when you know how much it means You've found that special thing You're flying without wings So, impossible as it may seem You've got to fight for every dream Cos who's to know which one you let go Would have made you complete Well, for me it's waking up beside you To watch the sunrise on your face To know that I can say I love you In any given time or place It's little things that only I know Those are the things th
Stress And Holidays
I am very stressed at the moment. I am having an issue with the transfer I need. I don't want to leave before the holidays, but if I did I would be home for Christmas. That would be a major stipulation I'd put on the transfer. I am hoping though that I can get a transfer after the holdiay. Please keep good thoughts please. I'm trying to keep the waters smooth with my family and walmart. I want to be with my family on the holidays and spend it with them the whole time. I don't want to have to move early that will hurt me alot. Even if people don't believe me it's true. To have to move before would hurt because I wasn't with my family one more time. I just hope that it is understood I'll be here no matter what. Even if I have to buy a ticket that cost alot. Love Stace
My Pics And The Public At Large Here..
I dont make policy or the rules here but I understand why they are doing the things they are doing here....I may not agree with some of the things but I understand why nevertheless.... Earlier I took my NSFW pics and made them so only those I made FAMILY could see them....Im of the opinion that if we arent going to get points for them being rated, they serve no real purpose anymore so they dont need to be public.... Since I did that I have been flooded with messages from those that think my action was unfair and unjust to them....Guess what guys...I dont care.... Those are MY pics not yours....I made this decision based on the new policy here....I dont need you messaging me whining and begging to see my OTHER pics....And Im not going to let you see them when YOU want to see them.... You want to see them so bad, go join my website and PAY to see them....I was just being nice and trying to show that Im just as human as everyone else here..and I will decide when and IF I want
Dont Call Me A Killer...
Family should understand. You do everything for someone, but others dont understand the situation. I understand my grandmother is worried about her daughter and dont want to except shes dieing. But you dont take care of her, and for the love of god dont criticize me for accepting it. So now im stuck with trying to explain to someone that refuses to listen, and wont even go in the next room to talk. First off, im not gonna speak of this in front of my mom, but she and i know shes getting alot worse and when all her doctors dismissed her a few years back and if shes on hospice they know. now my grandmother is on a mission to get her taken off and put her in the hospital to try to do everything they can to fix her, even though they know you cant, shes had the best people there is, and we cant pay for all the work if shes removed from her care takers now, this makes no sense, why wont people listen to me, you can hate me for not doing a damn thing. And call me a dumbass and a slut like eve
Porn Title
The porno of darrius's life will be called ... "Life of a sex addict" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at
Infamous Scientists Reunion Show, Club Hasienda 1983-09-25 A couple examples of the way the scene in Victoria, BC Canada used to be, however it was. You've got Infamous Scientists (early NoMeansNo) Reunion gig at Club Hasienda (now non-existant) for 1983-09-25 and also RaNDom Thought Volume 1 (which has a few NoMeansNo and Infamous Scientists tracks on it). Your's for the taking, so enjoy them. I'm hoping to add a bunch of music to this website/page, so here goes *crossing fingers*.
Sucky Mcsuck
So the first time in a week that I have properly sat down in front of the computer for a good hour or so and the one person I want to talk to isn't on msn. Hmm Well I've got no one to talk to that doesn't piss me off because most people on my msn list are complete knobs. To top things off I have to be in work tomorrow for 8:30 am. I'll have to have a early night if I'm to get up in time for work in the morning. Damn shame having to work.
My Nsfw Photos
Enjoy them while you can I'll be deleting several of then shortly. I hate a lot of them. I promised myself that I would NEVER post photos of myself that I didn't like on the internet and in my need for points and leveling I changed my opinion on that knowing what sells on cherrytap. Thanks to CherryTap's new laws I no longer receive points for those photos. I wish that I could say I was removing them because I re-discovered my morals or something equally as classy, but really its because I like my tits but I don't want to share them with the internet. Some of them will stay because I think they're pretty, but probably not the ones the majority of you want to see. Thanks as always for your continued friendship. There will be plenty of cleavage, smiles, and eyes for those that you that like those too.
Hey There, Look Meez Over!
Hey there faithful Meezers,You asked for it - You got it. Meez has updated not only our look, but also our features! Swing by today to: ADD boyfriends & girlfriends! (Do the names "Brad Pitt" and "Jessica Alba" ring any bells? Huh? No? Please, allow us to introduce you...)ZOOM & SPIN your Meez - Bring those details to life with these oh-so-necessary options.SEE the new colors! Very chic, very post-millennium, always snazzy.BROWSE with ease! We've made navigation easier and changed a couple of names.MeezMall is now MeezMaker and Beenz are now Coinz. (We've kept your favorite Meez export and forum intact.)BETTER SAVINGS - No, we're not talking banking, here. Now, you can save smaller versions of your animated Meez! There's even an undo button! (Now if only we could add that to real life...)So there you've got the incredibly abridged list of the latest ways Meez rocks today. Please come by and drop us a line. We'd love to know what you think!Have a lovely weekend and happy Meezin'!Now if
Privacy Statement & Our Chaplains
Privacy Statement & Our Chaplains Privacy Total loyalty is to the individual, no matter who pays for the services, and for free services. We will not divulge anything to others that has not been agreed upon by the individual. Chaplaincy and other similar services can be very personal and private experiences, and must remain so to be effective. We protect and honor the total confidentiality and privacy of our services. Confidentiality is maintained between the individual and our Chaplain team. Information regarding discussions will not be released unless by written permission of client, by court order, or in certain instances, to protect the health or safety of the individual or other persons in accordance with city, county, state and national law.
This Love, This Hate Is Burning Me Away.
my black dahlia -hollywood undead I wish I could I could have quit you. I wish I never missed you, And told you that I loved you, Everytime I fucked you. The future that we both drew, and all the shit we've been through. Obsessed with the thought of you, the pain just grew and grew How could you do this to me? Look at what I made for you, it never was enough and the world is what I gave to you. I used to be love struck; now I'm just fucked up.
Lmfao @ This Family Post... These Morons Think They're The Mafia...lmao!
Just A Quick Hello
you know when you get the feelin when you first wake up -- that nothing is going to go right today - that is me today!!! i feel so sad one min and cranky the next grrrr so im going to crawl back into my lil hole! so if u dont see much off me today that is why But i just want you all to know THANK - YOU for the comments and the ratings - i am hoping to catch up with them all by my time tonight!!! i really do appreciate the nice ppl out there that take the time to do that for me TAKE CARE PPL AND HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND
My Girl
Betty.... sometimes girl.... I just dont kno what to do. I love you so much and i wanna be there for you for everything. But i cant. I wish i could make all the bad just disapper but since we are in real life i cant. I dont know what to say about last night/this morning except i love you with my whole heart and i never want anything bad to happen to you. Im always goin to be here when i can. I can only say that ill do my best... I can only hope its good enough. Ive been with you since Kindergarden and i dont plan on leaving anytime soon... just remember that babe.... I LOVE YOU!!!!
An Ode To Jugs
Just sitting here and gazing off At Breasts What a wonderful and beautiful Diversion To the everyday mystery of life Rounded, Supple Large or small Some have too much Others None at all They can be natural or Enhanced I would choose either If given the chance Their purpose is to provide Nourishment For a young life Yeah! Right! They are for playing with All day And All night I love to see pictures When they are bare For hours and hours I sit and I stare If you believe in a God Of all creations Then you must agree The best thing he made Was the pair of titties
Lisa Stanfield - All Around The World
Scientists Have Gone Stupid.
Scientists in my home state of Wisconsin, have made a new discovery, although not conclusive yet. They have discovered that fast food, in rats, is like drugs. Therefore, people eating this food, are victims of addiction instead of just not ordering the super sized meal 4 times a day. So basically, fat people can't help bein fat, it's not thier fault. Oh wait, I don't eat fast food and I am overwieght........Hmmmmmm, could it be other fucking reasons? Maybe it is not addiction after all. Just maybe I need some goddamn excersize! I'm done.
Goodbye Friends!
I have really had a fun time on CT. I've met some very sweet people. I want to thank everyone that has been very nice to me. I've made some very nice friends and I hate to leave you. I just don't have the time to be on here like I have. I have been neglecting my family and my home. My family is EVERYTHING to me and I can't believe how much time I have spent on here when I should've been taking care of them. I've let CT get the worst of me! I've done some things that I'm not at all proud of! It has affected my family in a horrible way! I can't take back the things I've done! All I can do is to try to make the best of what has happened and work on getting things straightened out with my family! Take Care, Sandy
i'm confused, how do you know if some one is your soul mate? and how is it possible to love one man that you have nothing in comman with and then scared to leave him because you dont know whats out there an dyou dont know if its gonna be worse or better then what you got. How do you just let go? ecspecially when you feel guilty for leaveing him even if you know shit aint right between yall. How do you deal with crying yourslef to sleep each night with all this shit racking your brain and having to make up a storie so he doesnt find out and he dont worrie about you. How do you let go of someone you have been wit for a year and a 1/2 knowing hes a good man and you dont wanna let that go cuz you dont know about the next man.How do you get yourself to just move on?
Ck Contest Part 2
Due to the vast amount of people wanting to enter the Ck contest I will be having another one that will Start on Tuesday afternoon.. for those intrested in entering a child into this contest plz send the pic to me asap... voting will not be based on comments the second time around.. it will be based on ratings.. :) ( to send a pic- go to the pic you want to use and click on link photo.. copy the link and send it to me in a private msg.. thanks :) JO JO@ CherryTAP
This Is To Good Not To Blog
A Letter From Jesus Christ, concerning His birthday celebration Dear children, It has come to my attention that many of you are upset that folks are taking My name out of the season. Maybe you've forgotten that I wasn't actually born during this time of the year and that it was some of your predecessors who decided to celebrate My birthday on what was actually a time of pagan festival. Although I do appreciate being remembered anytime. How I personally feel about this celebration can probably be most easily understood by those of you who have been blessed with children of your own. I don't care what you call the day. If you want to celebrate My birth just, GET ALONG AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Now, having said that let Me go on. If it bothers you that the town in which you live doesn't allow a scene depicting My birth, then just get rid of a couple of Santa's and snowmen and put in a small Nativity scene on your own front lawn. If all My followers did that there wouldn't be a
Dedication To Char.....
Make an online slideshow at Made this awhile ago and took it off my page to add here. Will be updated later.
Who Thinks Im A Good Cherry Friend I Would Like To Know From Everyone....
thank you for being mine as well
Macadamia Butter Cookies With Dried Cranberries
Macadamia Butter Cookies with Dried Cranberries * the dough is much easier to work with if you chill it for a short time. 2/3 cup Macadamian nuts 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup light brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 large egg 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1/2 cup sweetened dried cranberries, chopped 1 tablespoon granulated sugar Preheat oven to 375* Place nuts in a food processor; process until smooth ( about 2 mins), scraping sides of bowl once. Combine Macadamia butter, 1/2 cup granulated sugar, and brown sugar in a large bowl;beat with mixer at medium speed.Add vanilla and egg, beat well. Lightly spoon flour into measuring cups;level with a knife. Combine flour, baking soda, salt, and ground nutmeg, stirring with a whisk. Add flour mixture to sugar mixture, beat at low speed until just combined( mixture will be very thick). Stir in chopped cranberries. Chill for 10 minut
Careless Whisper
I Wish You All
She Is Living My Life With My Husband
< Back home | Subscribe | rss | add to blog group | sign out Jenn Last Updated: Nov 21, 2006 Send Message Instant Message Email to a Friend Subscribe Invite to My Blog Gender: Female Status: In a Relationship Age: 25 Sign: Pisces City: Middleburg State: FLORIDA Country: US Signup Date: 03/21/06 Friday, December 01, 2006 Christmas Tree Current mood: bouncy We put our Christmas tree up last night. It was fun watching Steven put all the little things on it and undo the lights. My daughter was so cute. All she wanted to put on the tree was candy canes. She didn't care about anything else. She was so cute. The tree is now up and the lights are on it. I need to add some color to it. I am not sure how I want to do it. I hate garland but its so colorful. I like ribbon but I don't know what kind I would like. I will have to find out but for now we will keep working on it. Steven and I will go somewhere this weekend and
Depression Perception
Public Perception of Depression. I donít know about he rest of the world. But lately I have been getting extremely aggravated with the publics perception and pre-judgements of anyone who falls under the category of ĎDepressedí. Whether someone suffers from Major Depression (Also known as Clinical Depression), Dysthymia, Bipolar Depression (Also known as Manic Depression), Atypical Depression, Psychotic Depression, Postpartum Depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder. The general public just automatically places them all under the category of ĎDepressedí. I know what am I am saying is summarising the entire general public and that is an unfair assumption. Lots of people do actually know a thing or two about depression and take more time to look at the individual. Despite this it seams that a lot of people still donít know about depression. Or put any effort into learning about it. We teach school children about sex education. About drug education and other matters along similar t
Im Dreaming Of...
This Is About Jenn's Husband And Her Getting A Divorce Here Is The Thing He Is A Pastor For A Church.
< Back home | Subscribe | rss | add to blog group | sign out Jenn Last Updated: Nov 21, 2006 Send Message Instant Message Email to a Friend Subscribe Invite to My Blog Gender: Female Status: In a Relationship Age: 25 Sign: Pisces City: Middleburg State: FLORIDA Country: US Signup Date: 03/21/06 Friday, December 01, 2006 Divorce Current mood: calm I just wanted to let everyone know, especially Heather because she kept telling me I need to get off my duff and do it but we have finished our divorce and now have a court date. I am sad and excited about it. Sad because I am closing a chapter on something thats been for the last seven years. Though we are now best friends and get a long great its still very sad. We will be riding to the court together so I am happy about that as well. I know I will cry even though this is something that I want. I feel like part of my life is leaving me though I know we will still talk ever
Hoorah For Those Men And Women
Love Those Men And Women You stay up for 16 hours. He stays up for days on end. You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tag. You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He walks the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. You complain about how hot it is. He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow. You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaura
About My Work Place
I work for the Brighton Hot Dog Shoppes. It's a father and son owned group of restaurants in Beaver, Allegheny,Lawerance counties. We have 9 locations to serve everyone. We have won the "Best Breakfast" Award by the readers of the Beaver County Times for the past 7 out of 8 years. I work in the Beaver location. It's the top store in the company. We have hot dogs and burgers( we make our own). The burgers are "freshly" made everyday. We never freeze our bugers. That's why they are the best. Our chili is made at our commissary in Bridgewater, and delivered to our stores daily. We use the best products. If you would like to see our menu, go to This has a copy of our menu and other information.
Should I Post More Pictures?
So what do all you ladies think. They won't be NSFW though... Let me know!
Sex Freak Quiz
Sex Freak Quiz 1. Have you ever had intercourse? (5pts) 2. Oral Sex: Giving to Orgasm (5 pts) Receiving (5pts) 3. Licked an ass? (5pts) 4. Had your ass licked? (5pts) 5. Stuck your tongue in their ass? (10pts) 6. Swallowed Cum? (5pts) 7. Practiced Bondage or BDSM ? (5pts) 8. Had anal sex? (5pts) 9. Had an orgasm from anal sex? (5pts) 10. Ever squirted or made someone squirt? (10pts) 11. Squirted from oral or made someone squirt? (5pts) 12. Had sex with someone of the same sex? (5pts) 13. Did a threesome? (5pts) 14. Did a foursome? (5pts) 15. Been in an Orgy? (5pts) 16. Been in a gangbang? (5pts) 17. Had sex in public? (5pts) 18. Snowballed (swapping cum) with someone? (10pts) 19. Had your toes licked or sucked? (5pts) 20. Licked or sucked someone's toes? (5pts) 21. Had sex with more than one person (one on one only) in a day? (10pts) 22. Had sex with more than one person (one on one only) in a week?
*~wiccan/pagan*~ And Proud!
How To Put Ur Kid In Time Out!!!!!!
What Do U Want 4 Christmas?
Hello all my cherries!!What would be your ideal gift 4 christmas?Mine would be 2 find a man who would love me and my kids,and want 2 build a long-term relationship.
Bored This Morning
Clearly I was very bored this morning... so there's a bunch of new pics. They're all of me before I hauled my ass out of bed. They're not nudes or anything, but Maddox prolly ain't gonna be into them. ;) Rate em if that's your thing... I'd appreciate it!
I am so excited cos its Friday and I had the rubbishest week in the world and and and ...... Who cares its Friday let's party and I can't wait to see what is behind the first window ">YIPPEE!!!
Hello All
hello all.. just wanted to say hi.. and was wondering if anyone wanted to chat kinda bored.. and im really hoping still that nobody on here is mad at me.. i never meant to hurt anyone if i did like i said before.. im just really wanting to make friends and be there for others when they need a friend.. and just to have fun.. i hope nobody is mad at me though
Family Issues
I will be gone for a few days due to family issues, so I have had to put off my contest until next week. I will talk to you guys next week. Everyone have a safe and fun weekend and feel free to stop by and give me some love. Chris
I Feel Like An Idiot
I met this girl a year-and-a-half ago and even though we never dated we talked about it, albeit not often, but she told me she would definatly consider dating me. heres why i feel like such an idiot. I found out 20 minutes ago, she's married. I don't think she should feel obligated to tell me that (by the way, she got married before we met), but I really dont know what to do. I would post a mumm about it to see what people think i should do but i exceeded my mumm entries for the day. so now im going to blog asking for peoples opinions and then i can mumm it. so should I remain friends with the bitch or should I try (emphasis on try!) to move on?
This Is Hell
This is hell copyright 1994 all rights reserved Call the soldiers in To the graveyard within And behind these wire gates Lays a million men's fates To live is to die In this land of the lie Stolen in the night Was all that is right Pains of a child Born to be wild Mentally drifting From a chance of uplifting Military Artilary Put in a child's hands To wipe out lands No salvation For a lost generation Patience has been driven For the devil has risen Total intoxication Via satan's medication This is hell
God Is Watching
This will give you, chills I was walking around in a store. I saw a cashier hand this little boy his money back saying "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll." Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?'' The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.'' Then she asked him to stay there for 5 minutes while she went to look around. She left quickly. The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand. Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to. "It's the doll that my sister loved and wanted so much for this Christmas. She was so sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her." I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus will bring it to her after all, and not to worry. But he replied to me sadly. "No, S
Enjoy This My Friends
I'm SO excited right now! Kenan just called & we're moving! Twin & Woman, I'll fill you in on details!! My face is flushed & I can't get this grin off my face! =D
And They Say Smoking Does You No Good
In work you have to go outside, (they have a bike shed, makes me feel like being back in school, i suppose its a bit ironic all the smokers with the cyclists hahahahahaha) and have a fag and whilst i been out there for a while and ended up speaking to one of the IT guys, today I just managed to save a couple of hundred quid on software that I have been wanting for it as he said it would be no bother and would just cost me a few cigars, so if I hadnt been a smoker I wouldnt have been outside in the first place. It has been a very good day apart from a couple of ratty females who been on the phone.
Givin A Shout!
Thought I would say HAPPY HOLLIDAYS and MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone... since Wallmart probably wont again this year!
Well, I Wasn't Going To Make A Big Deal Of This
But now it's got me roped in a little. I'm in the most unique picture contest. I honestly think that mine is one of the most unique pics there. Please stop by and rate the pic and comment bomb it: Thanks!
bitches get stiches
Good News Folks
Mel the guy who I went to see on Tuesday is going to help me with the posters and stuff. Hes put the feelers out to a couple of printers and is going to get me a good deal and also arrange a way of getting me the money to print the posters out and get them out. I spoke to him today and he has other ideas up his sleeve which fit in with what I want to do as well. I am really chuffed.
Dysfunctional Section At The Hallmark Store
1. I always wanted to have someone to hold, someone to love. And now that you've come into my life... (Inside card) - I've changed my mind. 2. I must admit, you brought religion into my life... (Inside card) - I never believed in Hell until I met you. 3. As the days go by, I think how lucky I am.... (Inside card) - That you're not here to ruin it for me. 4. Congratulations on your promotion. Before you go.... (Inside card) - Will you take the knife from my back? You'll probably need it again. 5. Someday I hope to marry... (Inside card) - Someone other than you. 6. Happy Birthday! You look great for your age.... (Inside card) - Almost lifelike! 7. When we were together, you said you'd die for me... (Inside card) - Now we've broken up, I think it's time to keep your promise. 8. We've been friends for a very long time... (Inside card) - What do you say we stop? 9. I'm so miserable without you... (Inside card) - It's almost like you're still here. 1
Blog From Jenn Off Of Myspace Oct 25th 2006
< Back home | Subscribe | rss | add to blog group | sign out Jenn Last Updated: Oct 25, 2006 Send Message Instant Message Email to a Friend Subscribe Invite to My Blog Gender: Female Status: In a Relationship Age: 25 Sign: Pisces City: Middleburg State: FLORIDA Country: US Signup Date: 03/21/06 Wednesday, October 25, 2006 Yay, Its Over Current mood: ecstatic Finally Its Over!!! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have now blocked Steven's Psycho ex wife from my profile so I can Blog whatever I would like. She can no longer read the blogs and I blocked her girl Toni as well. For you that don't know about Toni she is the one that was always flirting with my boyfriend. I just wanted to let everyone know that I don't have to worry anymore about what is going into a blogÖ.Jenn 8:24 AM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment
Once I had a little game I think I'll crawl back into my brain I think you know the game I mean I mean the game called go insane Now you should try this little game Just close your eyes forget your name Forget the world forget the people And we'll erect a different steeple This little game is easy to do Just close your eyes no way to lose And I'm right there I'm going to Release control we're breaking thru.
Wicked Weather . .. Probably Wont Be On Tonite
As of Noon we were at 68 degree's . the local weather ppl are saying by 3 we should be in the 20's .. which will probably spawn some more lovely Tornado's . so .. more than likely I wont be online tonite .. if we lose power .. ( which being on the mountain we'll probably lose) so I wanted to wish everyone a good weekend in case I dont get to see ya'll .. Stay safe for all those that are within this weather crap.. :)
I Love This Song
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Colored People
An Indian man walks into a cafe one early morning and noticed that he was the only dark skinned man there. As he sat down, he noticed a white man behind him. The white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here." The Indian man turned around and stood up. He then said: "Listen sir....when I was born I was brown. When I'm sick I'm brown. When I go in the sun I'm brown. When I'm cold I'm brown. When I die I'll be brown. But you sir, when you're born you're pink. When you grow up you're white. When you're sick, you're green. When you go in the sun you turn red. When you're cold you turn blue. When you die you turn purple. And you have the nerve to call me colored?" The Indian man then sat back down and the white man walked away...
Whew dodged the bullit on that one I had to take a 3 hour bus ride to take care of a traffic ticket just to be told I can take care of it via phone on Feb 7. Just in case you wanted to know that is the day after my birthday. (give me shiny stuff) thank you for you support
Blog From Jenn Off Of Myspace Oct 27th 2006
Friday, October 27, 2006 - 7:22 AM Children Learn What They Live By Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D. If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn. If children live with hostility, they learn to fight. If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive. If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves. If children live with ridicule, they learn to feel shy. If children live with jealousy, they learn to feel envy. If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty. If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence. If children live with tolerance, they learn patience. If children live with praise, they learn appreciation. If children live with acceptance, they learn to love. If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves. If children live with recognition, they learn it is good to have a goal. If children live with sharing, they learn generosity. If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness. If
Blog From Jenn Off Of Myspace Nov 29th 2006
< Back home | Subscribe | rss | add to blog group | sign out Jenn Last Updated: Nov 21, 2006 Send Message Instant Message Email to a Friend Subscribe Invite to My Blog Gender: Female Status: In a Relationship Age: 25 Sign: Pisces City: Middleburg State: FLORIDA Country: US Signup Date: 03/21/06 Tuesday, November 28, 2006 This is hard. Current mood: sad It is very sad. Everyday I have to watch Steven hurt more and more because his bitch of an ex won't let him see his kids at all. She won't even let him talk to them. He has tried to call her for the past week trying to get in touch with his kids. She didn't even have the gall to let them talk to him on Thanksgiving. So while she and everyone else was sitting down with they families eating dinner Steven was wishing he could just speak with his kids. He even called her mother to try to get them to talk her into letting him talk to them. Because of her hate for me she wi
Blog From Jenn Off Of Myspace Dec.1st 2006
< Back home | Subscribe | rss | add to blog group | sign out Jenn Last Updated: Nov 21, 2006 Send Message Instant Message Email to a Friend Subscribe Invite to My Blog Gender: Female Status: In a Relationship Age: 25 Sign: Pisces City: Middleburg State: FLORIDA Country: US Signup Date: 03/21/06 Friday, December 01, 2006 Life stays interesting!!! Current mood: depressed As life would have it Steven is going back to driving a truck sort of over the road. He found a really good job where he will at least be home every week. The closer he gets to it getting time to leave the more troubled I get for some reason. I know it will be fine and the company tells us he will be home every couple of days and have the weekends off but I still have that strange funny feeling. It's like since he came in back in July off the road we haven't spent a day apart. Steven has been awesome through all of my complaining and worries though. He
Daddy's Cunt Whore
k so i'm interested in something new and fun. I wouldn't mind having an older man who is dominate to use me as his little fuck slut.(it's just a fantasy) like i've never tried that b4 but i desperatley want to. Someone who"s huge hopefully 10 and on bcs the biggest i've had was 6 inches not even joking..........the reason why i want someone older is bcs there more experienced of course. Never had anal sex but willing to try, and i would love for you to bring friends along and just run a train on me. Message me back! PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(only if you are serious)
Is Anger An Illness Or Behavior???
I have been, throughout the years of my life, always believed that ANGER is more of a behavior that can be corrected if one wishes it to be. Today, though, Dr. Keith Ablow on his show presented scenarios that the "Anger Illness" could be conceivably be an illness that contains symptoms of rage, changes in sleep and appetite, decreased ability to concentrate and decreased self-esteem (See his Web Page on Anger Illness.) Do you agree with Dr. Ablow, or think that it is a behavior?? I would love to hear from you....
Read This First Before You Read This Blogs!!!!
if you are just now opening this blog site then you need to know that you will be reading things that are not true about me. it is just things that my ex husband's new girlfriend wrote because she is made at me. ok in this blog entire you well read somethings that my ex husbands new girlfriend wrote so sit back and enjoy the things that you read. i had to put this up so that i don't get mad.... i can with her ass later i just need vent on her and to ahow the world what kinds person she really is. i have kids so i can't get mad... if you would like to know the truth about them then i will be more than happy to let you know what really happened 6 months ago.
Your All Gr8
My first blog just wanting to say thanx to everyone that has visited my profile and left comments and other stuff. Thanx Again Kreator805
Stupid Sayings Your Parents/you Use
stupid sayings your parents (& you) say..... think about it, does ANY of this make any sence when you look at it? Daft as a ships cat (why would a cat on a ship be daft?) Thick as two short planks (how thick are these short planks anyway?) Thick as shit (is that a runny shit? a firm shit? & how thick is the said shit?) Quick as you like (I like s-l-o-w thank you very much) Sick as a Chip (when did chips feel ill?) Shit Tip (tip? shit? tip it on what? is that like tip top?) Just look at your ears (sure, ill just remove my eyes 1st) Shut your mouth & eat your tea (hmmm, maybe liquidize it & snort your sunday roast?) Not as green as your cabbage looking (WTF?) I wasnt born yesterday (if you were, you speak FUCKING good english for a 1 day year old) Mark My Words (with what? said shit from above?) You Get on my tits (well, if i lie down & let you STAND ON MY FOOKING CHEST YOU DO!) Boils my Piss (please wait in a cue at the toilet for it
How I Truelly Feel About My Man(lyrics To The Song Stikwitu)
Ohhh.. Oh Oh.. I don't wanna go another day So I'm telling you, exactly what is on my mind Seems as like everybody is breaking up and throwing their love away But I know I got a good thing right here That's why I say Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick wit u You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u, my baby Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick wit u I don't wanna go another day So I'm telling you, exactly what is on my mind See the way we ride, in our private lives Ain't nobody gettin' in between I want you to know that, your the only one for me Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick wit u You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u my baby Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick wit u And now, ain't nothing else I can need And now, I'm singing.. 'cause your so, so into me I got you
2 Guys... One Girl!
Ok, so what do you do if you are torn between two people? I have an older friend and a newer friend... I love both guys with everything that I have but each one I love for different reasons. I mean like the older one lives an hour away and it's hard for us to see eachother, and the newer oneI see every Sunday or Monday. And the newer guy, we've had our relationship end because he and I are both stubborn and hard headed but we both have strong feeling for eachother and the older one we were ripped apart because he moved and after 2 years of looking for eachother we have finally found eachother... so if anyone has any advice... I would greatly appreciate any advise.
My Love !!!
Sweet Lady, song of my heart, Hold my hand, as this journey we start. Lift me up in spirit of joy and gladness; And shield my soul from heartbreak and sadness. Steadfast, honest and true; Your partner is here and will forever love you. It is my prayer that I will always be; The one who brings you joy and sets your spirit free. With my love Iíll cover you and warm your soul with mine; Give you pleasures Ė like none you will find. Your Sweet Lady, song of your heart; Will love you forever, together or apart. So hear me Sweet Lady, and know in your soul; That there is no better future than with you to grow old. Endless caresses, touches and kisses; Our passion a banner for our loveís true existence. My hand I extend and my honor I offer; For being with you my love, there is no greater pleasure. Your hand I accept, and all your love as well; My heart sings so loudly, all can tell I am loved and in love with the man made for me Hold my hand; let us walk thro
My Life
Hi! I am a single mother of two daughters 11 and 14! I am in enrolled in college online to earn my associates degree in business. I thought I had met "the one" but it turns out he was just like the rest a user and a here I sit again waiting for my "Prince Charming". I am moving back up to our states capitol to be near my friends as the last few years near my family have proved to be truly a nightmare! I want to at least be near the people who treat me with respect and are true to me and do not lie. The girls and I love to camp, hike, swim, ride bikes, pretty much anything that involves the outdoors. We also love movies! We have our family night where we get together eat pizza and watch movies! LOVE IT!!!
Pythia@ CherryTAP
"PAINT" sitting here thinking alone with the sounds mezmerizing my mind surrounded by everybody but yet still by myself my thoughts the wind music the end the beginning what will it be old or new me or you fast or slow how should i know could this really be are we free is this all just art for you and me it could be a beautifull painting a piece fo blank canvas ready to be stained or is it better plain i can't stand it i must know where will we go when this painting is through what wall will we hang on or will the art be gone will it be strong and last for long or will it fall on the floor to get stepped on trampled under foot boot after boot to be turned into root these questions we'll never know untill it's time to go so i'll just follow the road and let it lead me where it knows i should go lifes a painting let the paint flow Jo$hua
I have always wanted a dog but I'm not allowed to have one :( My gramps saids I can get one when I move out. My childhood was boring. Liesl
im sittin here at home watchin the rain come down waitin by the phone to see if youre comin around ive left you alone because thats how you wanted it time moves along and i cant handle it are you coming or goin out of my life I wish that you would make up your mind cuz eveytime i see your face my world comes crashin down and everytime it takes me back to a moment where im free these chains on my broken heart are keepin you from me
New Here
So this is not a bad idea... espeically if it gives ya the ability to not be flodded by porn and kiddies like "the space". Its a little hard to navigate but i guess i will adjust
The Many Reasons To Date Me..lmfao
This has been borrowed from a friend of mine, though he is a male and i have changed my reponses, I am sure you will find it quite humorous.. The many reasons to date the mistress... 1. I can change your tire if we get a flat, and wont make YOU do it just because you are a man. And i could probably do other minorthings to my or your vehicle.. but i charge for that 2. I dont care where you take me out to dinner, as long as you feed me. And i wont order a side salad, i hate rabit food. 3. Red heads always have the most fun. 4. I could make a nice counter part to your arm. 5. I love potty humor, so dont be afraid to offend me. 6. I dress is style, so I just might make you look good. 7. I would take the time everyday to tell you how wonderful you are, .... and mean it. 8. I wouldnt be upset with you if you come home late, or dont call. I will just want to know why and move on. 9. I am a kid at heart, and would always keep you on your toes taking
I swear I am not ignoring anyone. For the next couple of weeks I will only be able to pop in and out from time to time. Sorry.
I'm Confused
Ok I am a 32 year old that has lived in the Chicago area his whole life. That means I have seen 32 winters and 23 snow falls. Now the thing I am confused and have been confused since I was 16.. is why people who live in the Chicago area seem to forget how to drive in snow every year. I mean any point in the winter when we have snow fall there are cars wrecked everywhere. Why? Because people drive like morons. I mean seriously how do you live in an area that has snow storms every single fucking year and forget how to drive in them? I am driving into the office this morning and the roads arent plowed. See knowing this I left work early so I would have extra time and not rush.. one of the first rules of driving in this shit they all seem to fucking forget ... leave fucking early. Now I go to get on 290/355 north so I can jump on 90 west, well the entrance ramp is closed.. this time because there is a Tractor Trailor who was driving to slow to get traction on the steep grade. The state
Life In The Slow Lane
The midwest is definitaly a lot slower paced than back east. I am used to being on the go from morning to night. Now I am in the midst of unpacking and not doing a whole lot else. The business has taken a definite hit with the move. I am hoping it will pick back up here soon so I can spend my weekends doing something I love to do- selling sex....well not exactly sex but toys and stuff to help with it. HMMM I wander if these mid-westerners are as kinky as those people in NY. Can't wait to find out!
I'm Just Bored In French Class
yea, yea, wut eva. just sitting here bored in class. and i mean it\'s just so stupid. the level of stupidy is off tha charts. i mean really it makes no sence. and i didn\'t spell that right. and i 4got wut i was going 2 say cuzz this thing is so stupid and i\'m getting sick of sitting here doing this i mean really. wow, i\'\'m just typing wut comes to my mind. like i\'m hungry and i want sum wendy\'s. really really bad. i\'m want a spicy chicken sandwhich. i\'m so so so so bored. i 4got that i was so bored until i just became bored again. omg i just found sum i candy on the internet. wow, that is really nice. hey last night i was up in the valley and the walk it out remix came on and i started walking it out when i was driving. and when i got to a red light. i put the car in park and started doing it in the car. i was so so so so so stuipid. it makes no type of sence. once again i spelled it wrong. speaking of wrong, i saw WRONG TURN last night or wait a minute it wasn\'t late nite it
God I better pray for some snow as I loveeeee snow and who has snow?, better send me one here and I will return a favour hehehehehe ;-)
how the HELLLL do i navigate through this 'CherryTap' site??? im used to 'myspace' and am completely illiterate to this site? someone clue me pic's, friends, etc. thanx, e.Sqd
Why Couples Dont Have Sex..
Dear Wife, During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of once every ten days. The following is a list of why I did not succeed more often: 54 times the sheets were clean 17 times it was too late 49 times you were too tired 20 times it was too hot 15 times you pretended to be sleep 22 times you had a headache 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby 16 times you said you were too sore 12 times it was the wrong time of the month 19 times you had to get up early 9 times you said weren't in the mood 7 times you were sunburned 6 times you were watching the late show 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo 3 times you said the neighbors would hear us 9 times you said your mother would hear us Of the 36 times I did succeed, the activity was not satisfactory because: 6 times you just laid there 8 times you reminded me there's a crack in the ceiling 4 times you told me to hurry up a
Subject: WD-40 WHO KNEW? I had a neighbor who had bought a new pickup. I got up very early one Sunday morning and saw that someone had spray painted red all around the sides of this beige truck (for some unknown reason). I went over, woke him up, and told him the bad news. He was very upset and was trying to figure out what to do probably nothing until Monday morning, since nothing was open. Another neighbor came out and told him to get his WD-40 and clean it off. It removed the unwanted paint beautifully and did not harm his paint job that was on the truck. I'm impressed! WD-40 who knew? Water Displacement #40. The product began from a search for a rust preventative solvent and degreaser to protect missile parts. WD-40 was created in 1953 by three technicians at the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company. Its name comes from the project that was to find a "water displacement" compound. They were successful withthefortiethformulation, thus WD-40.
This Is My Dad. His Life In One Short Tale
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I GIVE TO YOU,.... MY DAD. Keith William Haywood Keith was born on 3rd October 1929 in Nottinghamshire to his mother lily and his father Arthur, into a family with his sister Edna and his brother Derek who survives him. His childhood was spent in the village of Tollerton, which was the location of one of the wartime airfields where his mother worked repairing damaged aircraft, and it was this village that he went to the local school before the family subsequently moved into Nottingham. One of the familyís early memories of those days at Tollerton was the occasion when Keith took the familyís tin bath down to the local brook and set sail in it, which gradually sunk until he disappeared under the surface whilst still paddling with his home made paddle, much to the delight of his brother Derek. Upon leaving school he joined the ground staff of Nottinghamshire county cricket club as a groundsman which gave him the skills to be employed later by Loughborou
Cancer Stole My Family
Dad. Words are few, thoughts are deep memories of you we will keep In tears we saw you suffer we watched you fade away our hearts were almost broken you fought so hard to stay But when we saw you sleeping so peaceful free from pain we could not wish you back to suffer once again We sat beside your bedside our hearts were crushed and sore we did our duty till the end till we could do no more Your presence we miss your memory we treasure loving you always forgetting you never Sad are the hearts that love you silently tears will fall living our lives without you is the saddest part of all Our family chain is broken nothing feels the same but as god takes us one by one our chain will link again. In loving memory of Keith Haywood 1929 - 2005
24 Hours
hey im Alexz Johnson pls listen to the song playin on my Background it's my own Video im so pround on it hope you all will like it Love Alexzandra
This Is Me...
This is me, if ya dont like it, then dont talk to me, hell ill still sleep well at night. Hi all, hope everything is ok with you. i am here to tell you about me, some of you allready know enough about me but hey what the hell you might learn something new. I have few friends but the ones i do have i hold close to my heart. i have aquaintences and of course people that i know to speak to but they are not in my heart nor would i want them to be. Right, i am 5ft 2in Brown shoulder legnth hair, brown eyes and have a fuller figure size 14 to 16 but more the 16 size lol and ive now joined a gym. i am a happy person but i tend to be very paranoid and let things get to me, i wish i was chilled out. i am happy when my friends and family are happy. I have a sister named Yvonne who lives down the road from me, dont see her much though. A brother who i hate and wish all the hate for him, he lives in Wales, and Wales can keep him. i lost my mum to cancer 4 years ago, (time flies)
A Letter From Jesus Christ
A Letter From Jesus Christ, concerning His birthday celebration Dear children, It has come to my attention that many of you are upset that folks are taking My name out of the season. Maybe you've forgotten that I wasn't actually born during this time of the year and that it was some of your predecessors who decided to celebrate My birthday on what was actually a time of pagan festival. Although I do appreciate being remembered anytime. How I personally feel about this celebration can probably be most easily understood by those of you who have been blessed with children of your own. I don't care what you call the day. If you want to celebrate My birth just, GET ALONG AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Now, having said that let Me go on. If it bothers you that the town in which you live doesn't allow a scene depicting My birth, then just get rid of a couple of Santa's and snowmen and put in a small Nativity scene on your own front lawn. If all My followers did that there wouldn't be a
Yea! I Got A New Job!
Ok, I've been kickin this around for a LONG time and trying to make something happen with my current job. I drive 90 minutes each way to make this job, and I am SO not happy with what I'm doing... but I love the people and the atmostpehere. Well I did anyway... the people I still like, the atmosphere has changed alot... So, I applied to a place a friend works. One place, one time, one job that I REALLY want. Had to wait a long while to find out what's goin on... I interviewed first in the line. Sooo...... I just got the paperwork in the mail today, I GOT the job!! YEA BABY! I give my notice on Monday after I sign everything and send it back (cuz I'm just a lil paranoid about details) and 2 weeks from Monday I'm on to bigger and better things... FINALLY!!!
West Virginia
West Virginia Because of our mountains, we have rivers. The oldest river in the Western Hemisphere, the New River (quite appropriately named, don't you think) ends in West Virginia. We have the Gauley River, which confluences with the New River in a magnificent cascade to form the Kanawha River and which in turn flows through the center of the State and directly through the capital city of Charleston, the largest city in West Virginia. These rivers in addition to the Cheat, Blackwater,Tygart, Monongahela, Ohio and countless others offer tremendous recreational opportunities. The tallest building in Charleston is barely 25 floors tall! Which, if you think about it, is a plus. How could you possibly build a skyscraper more beautiful than a mountain? The capital city stretches throughout the long river valley encompassing both hill and dale. The Charleston airport, the largest in theState,sits on top of a mountain. The crime rate in Charlest
It's Friday!
Friday Funny
A teacher noticed that a little boy at the back of the Class was squirming around, scratching his crotch, and not paying attention She went back to find out what was going on. He was quite embarrassed and whispered that he had just recently been circumcised and he was quite itchy. The teacher told him to go down to theprincipal's Office. He was to telephone his mother and ask her what he should do about it. He did it and returned to his class. Suddenly, there was a commotion at the back of the room. She went back to investigate only to find him sitting at his desk with his penis hanging out "I thought I told you to call your mom!" she said "I did," he said, "And she told me that if I could stick it out till noon, she'd come and pick me up from school."
Hi Guys
CherryTAP Images at
Call Me Crazy
But as im getting older i tend to like all the wrong things about a person. Is that normal? As much as i enjoy a great ass, beautiful body, I get more turned on by attitude? is that normal? I seem to like a seasoned woman whos been through more in life then some others, is that normal? How bout a woman who just tells you to shut the fuck up and does it herself, cause she doesnt need a guy to help. That normal? My heart gets stolen somehow when i see a beautiful girl trying her best and gets hurt somehow. that normal? Relationships always seem better to me after the first big fight. Is it the making up that makes it worth it? now is that normal? How bout seeing your partner get upset or bothered when another guy/girl comes through and is pretty aswell and you give him/her some attention. dont know what thats about but i always get a kick out of it. is that normal? lmao im just buggin out, having some fun. FRIDAY woot. rach we going drinking!
It Came So Quick
Another year where Christmas is just around the corner. I still haven't even started my shopping yet. My habbit is waiting till the last minuite. For all of you who wait till the last minuite to do your X-mas shopping, don't lol. either the items you want are sold out already or the stores are jam packed with people pushing and shoving to get the last item on the shelf.
What's Your Elf Name?
Your Elf Name Is... Sassy Tinsel Toes What's Your Elf Name?
"THANX" Thank You... For being yourself and not trying to be somebody else thank you... for listening to what i had to say and not just blowin me away Thank you... for staying one more day and not wanting to run away Thank you... for playing the games I wanted to play Thank you... for saying the things you wanted to say Thank you... for giving me the time of day Thank you... for wanting to come and play from day to day!!! THANX!!! Jo$hua
Sand Tarts
Sand Tarts Sand tarts are delicate, and though they take a bit of time and patience, are delightfully tasty and elegant party treats. Ingredients: 1 cup butter, softened 1/4 cup,plus 1 tablespoon powdered sugar 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 2 1/2 cups four 1 cup chopped pecans ( make the pieces pretty small) Additional powdered sugar Directions: Cream the butter and the sugar together until light and fluffy. Stir in the vanilla, flour, and chopped nuts. Mix until just combined. Shape the dough into balls and place 2 inches apart on the cookie sheet. Bake at 350* for about 10 minutes, or, until the bottoms are beginning to get LIGHT brown. Do NOT overcook! Remove from the cookie sheet and IMMEDIATELY roll into the powdered sugar, and then onto a fancy platter to cool.
A Must
My Thanksgiving Horoscope?
Thanksgiving Horoscope for Aries You're the sign most likely to host Thanksgiving in your home - and invite a huge crowd! Your signature dish: Any and all! Your signature dessert: Any and all! This holiday: Hit the mall super early for the sales - you have the energy What's Your Thanksgiving Horoscope? Amazing!!! That's just what happened too.....LOL
Update On The Morph Contest
Well everyone it's been a long week... fear nomore the contest will end at 12 midnight easten standard.. get ur last votes in .. the time is getting there... well good luck to all .. reminder there will be 2 first place winners one for comments and the other for will receive gift to the value of 10,000 cherry bucks... and if we come to one person takes all they will recieve one big VIC gift worth 25,000.. so once Again i thank u all and goodluck .. see ya'll at midnight with final results... Ben OHHHHH!!!
How Perfect Is Your Life?
Your Life is 63% Perfect Your life is pretty darn perfect. You don't have much to complain about. Of course, your life is occasionally less than perfect. But you're usually too happy to notice. How Perfect is Your Life?
Just Letting U Know What He Said To Me On Yahoo Messenger. And Let Me Know If Part Of This Sounds Like A Threat
b33rs3rgio_with_issues (12/1/2006 9:41:27 AM): remember i have numbers and know where u live > > beerchic (12/1/2006 9:42:31 AM): cute profile > b33rs3rgio_with_issues (12/1/2006 9:42:41 AM): ty im not done with it > beerchic (12/1/2006 9:42:53 AM): ok > b33rs3rgio_with_issues (12/1/2006 9:43:19 AM): lol have fun u wore out old whore > beerchic (12/1/2006 9:43:24 AM): ok > b33rs3rgio_with_issues (12/1/2006 9:43:55 AM): no wonder ur ex left ur ass > > b33rs3rgio_with_issues (12/1/2006 9:45:39 AM): well net whores usually arent lonely > beerchic (12/1/2006 9:51:35 AM): k > b33rs3rgio_with_issues (12/1/2006 9:57:54 AM): oh and btw im not mad vickie me and others think the way ur acting if very very funny > beerchic (12/1/2006 9:58:24 AM): i dont care what they think > b33rs3rgio_with_issues (12/1/2006 9:58:35 AM): hey my buddy seen ur pics that is here he wants to know if he can have some old whore meat to > beerchic (12/1/2006 9:58:56 AM): whatever > b33rs3rgio_with_issu
From Erin, Jessiah's Wife
From: Pray Jessiah Comes Home Date: Dec 1 2006 12:50 PM Thank you everyone for your support. Unfortunately the mystery of Jessiah's disappearance still exists. Thank you to everyone that came to the candle light vigil in Clarksville, it was nice to meet you all. Thank you to everyone who lit a candle around the country and around the world. It means a lot. Your support has been wonderful and helped me through this time. Thank you for your prayers. There will be more updates as I hopefully find out more information. Thank you again for your support, prayers, and help you have given me and my family.
I Got Sober, Now Its Over, And Its Back To Drinking Again.
Jesus has my heart, and whiskeys got my liver. I float through life like a raft on a river. I know whats right and I know whats wrong. I know how to quit but now its been too long. Just the other day I was thinking to myself: "at least I still think to myself". Everything works except me of course, but I've still got some of my health. I grit my teeth and I wish that I could stand up and ram my fist right through this wall that keeps on keeping me in. I got sober, but now thats over, cause I'm back to drinking again. You see the time before I quit, I quit quitting the very next day. So many times I've lost count, I guess it just works that way. I forgot how it feels to feel good in the morning, well the mornings worth going to bed. Id roll out of the rack, a monkey on my back, I'd need a drink to ease my head. I'm not saying its the right way, hell its really no way at all. But it seems I'm never gonna get to tired of feeling 10 feet tall. So you may want to watch what your doing,
Christmas Recipes To Share
Please feel free to post your favorite winter/ Christmas recipe(s), and feel free to copy any recipes that you find posted into this blog. Anna Gingerbread People Cookies These classic cookies make great holiday treats and ornaments: Prior to baking, make a hole in the top of each using a wooden toothpick to be able to add your strings or hooks for hanging. 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 teaspoons ground ginger 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves 6 tablespoons granulated sugar 1/4 cup butter or stick margarine, softened 1/2 cup molasses 1 large egg white cooking spray 2 tablespoons dried currants 1 1/4 cups powdered sugar 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract Lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups; level with a knife. Combine the flour and the next 7 ingredients ( flour through the cloves) in a bowl and set aside.
Daddy's Empty Chair
DADDY'S EMPTY CHAIR A man's daughter had asked the local minister to come and pray with her father. When the minister arrived, he found the man lying in bed with his head propped up on two pillows. An empty chair sat beside his bed. The minister assumed that the old fellow had been informed of his visit. "I guess you were expecting me, he said. "No, who are you?" said the father. The minister told him his name and then remarked, "I saw the empty chair and I figured you knew I was going to show up." "Oh yeah, the chair," said the bedridden man. "Would you mind closing the door?" Puzzled, the minister shut the door. "I have never told anyone this, not even my daughter," said the man. "But all of my life I have never known how to pray. At church I used to hear the pastor talk about prayer, but it went right over my head." "I abandoned any attempt at prayer," the old man continued, "until one day four years ago, my best friend said to me, "Johnny, prayer is just
American Dental Association
MEN have 2 heads and WOMEN have 4 lips The American Dental Association says semen cuts plaque and tartar by 77%. Suck a dick and save a smile... If u have sex 365 times a yr and u melted down all da condoms 2 make a tire what would u call it? a fuckin goodyear! Sex is like playing spades. If u don't have a good partner, u better have a good hand. Big Bad Wolf told lil red riding hood lift ur top so i can suck ur tits. no, she said while lifting her skirt, eat me like the fuckin book says! A rooster and a cat were playing by the pool. the cat fell in and the rooster laughed. The cat said, a wet pussy always makes a cock happy! Girls have unique magic tricks, they get wet without water, bleed without injury, and make boneless things hard. Send to 10 freaks in 30 mins. or u will have bad sex. You're it! This is the sexy train, if u receive this it means ur fucking sexy if u get it back you're even sexier. Send 2 ten people or miss the train
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
come find me on one of the messenger's geneoh69
Cancer You are shy and mysterious. Hotties are always trying to unlock your secrets, and figure out what makes you so cool. You have to have trust in your partner, so youíre not really into randomly hooking up. You really like the intimacy that comes with sex and you wonít take no for an answer when it comes to after sex cuddling. Sex matches: Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces Take this quiz at
It's A Word.
Wherein lies the offense? In the word spoken, or the word heard? Word herd? moooooo
The Road Not Taken
wrote by robert frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it is grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads onto way, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
Frequently Asked Questions For Bands
Frequently Asked Questions for Bands What is The Entertainment Industry Chaplains? The Entertainment Industry Chaplains (TEIC) is an organization that places chaplains in companies, with bands, on set, on location, and provides personal services to individuals in the Entertainment Industry. Through TEIC, companies can offer a Chaplain Assistance Program (CAP) as an employee benefit, outsourcing stress management and employee care to a business that cares for businesses. How will the program be introduced? Before a TEIC chaplain starts work with a client, an orientation meeting is held to explain the ground rules, including chaplain confidentiality. This meeting is similar in tone and function to other benefits orientation meetings, with a time for questions and answers. At the end of the orientation everyone receives a business card with the chaplainís toll-free telephone number. How do I deal with people who may not want a chaplain? At the orientation they learn tha
Thank-god It's Friday!!!!
I just got back from a lengthy trip to see the relatives in another state last Monday, so this week has been playing catch-up. I am behind on my blogging, but that isn't as important as catching up on emails. I can't believe that I got 293 emails in my personal email account. It takes me almost 3 hours to read all my emails. Most of it seems to be junk mail. I am currently looking at getting a job or two for some quick Christmas cash...anyone got any ideas. I already have some work at home going on. I might consider writing for a resume service...everyone needs a good resume. Speaking of...I just happened to have a service that is interesting for those of you that are in the market.....
My Two Cents For The Day!
I still dont get it, guess I never will. I still have no intentions on reloading my page. I did stop by the fool's page last night to see what wonderful greeting he had that shouldnt be allowed this time (guess he's an exception to the no offensive stuff rule) and was very happy to see that his being bothered by people who were on my side was showing and thats just awesome! I also read a very interesting bulletin last night about a white girl being attacked by a black girl and how she was blocked when she went to fight back. I think if people dont want to receive that negative attention on their beliefs shouldnt be broadcasting it anyways. Besides that, when you have those beliefs there wont be many who agree with you anyways regardless of where you come from! Everyone has the right to be proud of who they are and to have the "marry into your own" belief, I however dont! I encourage racial mixing, look at my kids and I! Oh's cant lol Well I shouldnt say encourage it
Missing My Sis. . .
Just got up early to get some work done and I was missing my little sister. Although, she is back from Iraq we are stationed in different states. She said she will be home soon but I still miss her. I admire her for her dedication and loyalty to this country and for the sacrifice she has made. She dedicated to her job and her family. Hats off to her for who she is. I know our mother would be proud. BLESSED BE!!!!!!!!!!! NOW & FOREVER!!!!!!!!!
Gothic America: Narrative, History, And Nation
ďClaiming that the gothic is intensely engaged with historical concerns, this study contests traditional asseessments that classify it as an escapist form. Instead of fleeing reality, the gothic registers its culture's contraditions, presenting a distorted, not a disengaged, version of reality. While this study addresses a number of sites of historical horrorórevolution, Indian massacre, the transformation of the marketplaceóit is especially concerned with how slavery haunts the American gothic.Ē Goddu, Teresa A. Gothic America: Narrative, History, and Nation. New York: Columbia UP, 1997.
The Gothic Flame: Being A History Of The Gothic Nove
ďThe element of terror is inseparably associated with the Gothic castle, which is an image of power, dark, isolated, and impenetrable. No light penetrating its impermeable walls, high and strengthened by bastions, it stands silent, lonely and sublime, frowning defiance on all who dare to invade its solitary reign. Through its dim corridors now prowl armed bandits; its halls ring with hideous revelry or anon are silent as the grave. Even when presented in decay, the castle is majestic and threatening: a spot where we encounter the mysterious and demonic beings of romance. ďThe grandeur of these relics recall the scenes of ancient chivalry and whispers a moral of departed greatness, inspiring us with a feeling of melancholy awe and sacred enthusiasm. It awakens musings on those who lived there in former times: if those walls could speak, they could tell strange things, for they have looked upon sad doings. It is an emblem of life and death, and the ruinous walls seem still to echo tremo
Love And Death In The American
ďThere is a place in men's lives where pictures do in fact bleed, ghosts gibber and shriek, maidens run forever through mysterious landscapes from nameless foes; that place is, of course, the world of dreams and of the repressed guilts and fears that motivate them [i.e., the unconscious]. This world the dogmatic optimism and shallow psychology of the Age of Reason had denied; and yet this world it is the final, perhaps the essential, purpose of the gothic romance to assert.Ē p. 140 Fiedler, Leslie. Love and Death in the American Novel. Rev. ed. New York: Stein and Day, 1966.
A Lick And A Promise
A Lick And A Promise "I'll just give this a lick and a promise," my mother said as she quickly mopped up a spill on the floor without moving any of the furniture. "What is that supposed to mean," I asked as in my young mind I envisioned someone licking the floor with his or her tongue. "It means that I'm in a hurry and I'm busy canning tomatoes so I am going to just give it a lick with the mop and promise to come back and do the job right later. "A lick and a promise" was just one of the many old phrases that I remember my mother, grandmother, and others using that they probably heard from the generations before them. With the passing of time, many old phrases become obsolete or even disappear.This is unfortunate because some of them are very appropriate and humorous. Here is a list that I came up with that I remember my parents and grandparents using that we don't hear much anymore. Perhaps you have some memorable old phrases of your own that you could add to the list:
Well Now Jared Twisted_natas
he has made two profiles of me on yahoo now..i have reported him. he keeps getting new yahoo ids and calling me all kinds of names. he just wont go away and leave me the hell alone
Weekend :-)
I hope you all have a wonderfull weekend and remember the only weekend is peaceful time together with your family and friends and don't drink and drive, just pick a person who willin drive you home safely and I know I don't go on like this so come all and have fun and make new ppl new welcome and make them a good friends or family and have a good time here in CherryTap and don't forget don't fight over anything if you dont know anything about it and dont get involve so therefore hope this weekend is the best except the rain make you shitty so don't worry, it will go away and your or mine day will be more merrier than ever. Have a Good one everyone ;-)
White House Guidelines For Religion In The Federal Workplace
THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release August 14, 1997 GUIDELINES ON RELIGIOUS EXERCISE AND RELIGIOUS EXPRESSION IN THE FEDERAL WORKPLACE The following Guidelines, addressing religious exercise and religious expression, shall apply to all civilian executive branch agencies, officials, and employees in the Federal workplace. These Guidelines principally address employees' religious exercise and religious expression when the employees are acting in their personal capacity within the Federal workplace and the public does not have regular exposure to the workplace. The Guidelines do not comprehensively address whether and when the government and its employees may engage in religious speech directed at the public. They also do not address religious exercise and religious expression by uniformed military personnel, or the conduct of business by chaplains employed by the Federal Government. Nor do the Guidelines define the rights and responsibilities
Work Excuses
TO: ALL EMPLOYEES SUBJECT: SICK LEAVE POLICY SICKNESS: No excuse...We will no longer accept your doctor's statement as proof. We believe that if you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to work. AN OPERATION: We are no longer allowing this practice. We wish to discourage any thoughts that you may need an operation. We believe that as long as you are an employee here, you will need all of whatever you have and should not consider having anything removed. We hired you as you are, and to have anything removed would certainly make you less than we bargained for. DEATH: Other than your own: This is no excuse for missing work. There is nothing you can do for them, and we are sure that someone else can attend to the arrangements. However, if the funeral can be held in the late afternoon, we will be glad to allow you to work through your lunch hour and subsequently let you leave 1 hour early, provided your share of the work is ahead enough to keep the job going
New Group
Click to join bbws_n_kc Come Join Me!
Scenes From My Backyard This Morning...
I'm not too fond of winter storms, and here's why. The first pic is of the tree that conveniently cut my power briefly last night while I was relaxing in the bath. The second one is of my power line resting neatly on my phone line. I still have power, but for how long? I don't want my dogs to get zapped when they go to take a piss.
Well, I Meant To Schedule Portfolio Reviews Today...
Called SU, the chick is in a meeting and might not get to call me back before lunch. I think I'm going to call back around 3 if I don't hear from them. Called Oswego, they're not even THERE today...So I left a message for the chick to call me. I'll call back at 11 on Monday if they don't call me sooner because they're only there from like, 9:45 to 12:15 on Mondays. So yeah. I dunno. Everything's still fucked up...Money issues are getting better though. Atleast that damn credit card thing is paid off. Now I just need to find a way to deal with bipolar parents and find time to finish all my assignments.
Day 2 Plus Cool Christmas Video
We are having a 12 Days of Christmas sweepstakes. PRIZESNovember 30, 2006 Prize = $20 CafeCash Voucher (Approximate retail value of $20)December 1, 2006 Prize = $40 CafeCash Voucher (Approximate retail value of $40)December 2, 2006 Prize = $60 CafeCash Voucher (Approximate retail value of $60)December 3, 2006 Prize = $80 CafeCash Voucher (Approximate retail value of $80)December 4, 2006 Prize = $100 CafeCash Voucher (Approximate retail value of $100)December 5, 2006 Prize = $150 CafeCash Voucher (Approximate retail value of $150)December 6, 2006 Prize = $200 CafeCash Voucher (Approximate retail value of $200)December 7, 2006 Prize = $250 CafeCash Voucher (Approximate retail value of $250)December 8, 2006 Prize = $300 CafeCash Voucher (Approximate retail value of $300)December 9, 2006 Prize = $500 CafeCash Voucher (Approximate retail value of $500)December 10, 2006 Prize = $750 CafeCash Voucher (Approximate retail value of $750)December 11, 2006 Prize = $1000 CafeCash Voucher (Approxim
#18 Of The 88
I was just sitting here, reading through the 88 precepts, when one in particular caught my attention. You see, I am on a quest to learn as much as possible. I believe that information is a powerful weapon, and in our struggle to fulfill the 14 words, we need every weapon we can get. So I've made it my goal to become as well-informed as I possibly can. Part of my search for new knowledge has been a commitment I made to myself to read the 88 precepts every day, to absorb them and the truths they hold. But for some reason, today, #18 stood out. It reads: 18. There exists no such thing as rights or privileges under the Laws of Nature. The deer being stalked by a hungry lion has no right to life. However, he may purchase life by obedience to nature- ordained instincts for vigilance and flight. Similarly, men have no rights to life, liberty or happiness. These circumstances may be purchased by oneself, by one's family, by one's tribe or by one's ancestors, but they are nonetheless purc
Friday Update
well, its friday. i have accomplished everything i set out to do. all my belongings are packed in a big yellow moving truck. today i hook up the car tow and finish a few errands. either tonight or in the morning i will be on my way west. i looked at a map of the U.S.A. and its a frkn loooong haul! i know i didnt have time to say farewell to everyone in virginia. i sincerely apologize. i will miss you all. at times like these i realize i should have seized each and every opportunity to be with you all. it is the people in my life that are the most important, not my self, not my job or other things that get in the way of quality time with the ones you love. i will make more of an effort to change that in the future. i havent been much of a blogger but this may be my last till i get across. i will write when i get there if anyone cares to be updated. i should be in california by next weekend if not the beginning of the week after next. if you have my phone #, you are free t
Sad Day
We are having our dog put down today. He is a 14 year old retired seeing eye dog. He has cancer and has not been eating. I'm ok with it but the wife and daughters...not as ok with it.
The More I Listen To Kill Hannah...
The more I love them, and I can't wait to see them on Sunday! "Scream" I saw the clouds forming tornadoes in the sky The winter winds blew on lake michigan that night I carved your name into my arm So i would remember you Sometimes it hurts so bad i don't want to know what to say Enacting sybil vane in some tragic way So afraid that i can't ever explain So now i Scream And hope it's a dream It's hard just to breathe When you say goodbye I wanna sleep but there are nightmares when i try The birds are circling I know the reasons why Maybe a sad song some time I will make you remember me Somehow i feel that it's my destiny to fail Get dried and hung upon a gallery wall Holding on by just a thread to my heart So now i Scream And hope it's a dream It's hard just to breathe When we say goodbye Scream It's not what it seems I still cant believe That we said goodbye
Holiday Laugh
Three men die in a car accident Christmas Eve. They all find themselves at the pearly gates waiting to enter Heaven. On entering they must present something Christmas-y. The first man searches his pocket, and finds some mistletoe, so he is allowed in. The second man presents a Christmas card, so he is also allowed in. The third man pulls out a pair of panties. Confused at this last gesture, St. Peter asks, "How do these represent Christmas?" He answered, "They're Carol's."
Depending On Family
I wrote this on my other blog. It was a huge hit, people loved it and such, so I'ma place it here. Depending on Family like depending on a drugged up alcoholic to become sober in 2 minutes. Anyone who has ever dealt with the disappointment of a family/family member, can really begin to grasp what I decided to blog about. I am sure, that if any of you have paid any attention to anything that I say... you'll know that I've talked about how I've disowned my family, or maybe, they disowned me...? I'd like to think I won that battle, so we'll go with the fact that I disowned them =) me=1 family =0. Yes, I used to be the druggie loser of the family, while everyone else is rich, has great jobs, made something of their lives, etc. I am the low-life, so-to-speak. The only people in my family that have come to accept me and the things that I've done in the past, and those whom also know that I've changed drastically in the last 5 years, would be my parents and m
For My Kids
Good Charlotte
Deleting Account
deleting the account so if ya wanna be freinds veiw the post before this one and hit me up at my new profile thanks Lost soul
Its That Time!
Wasssup 2 all my peeps well part 1 of handling my biz 2 move is done! as much as i dont want to say this but unforuately i'm goin 2 have give up my computer so i'm not going to be on dat much anymore only during day, my flight leaves mon morn! but i won't forget mone of y'all much luv always and forever tomorrow will be my last day on for awhile if any peeps would like to holla hit me up on my cell, i know i have whole new experience dat i'm going to be dealing with n being so far from where i'm from , i ask dat you keep in ya prayers and wish da best for me! ttyl tomorrow hit me up! 509-443-3797 Ya Boy Yah!
There's A Wrong Way And A Right Way...
Two married buddies are out drinking one night, when one turns to the other and says, "You know, I don't know what else to do." Whenever I go home after we've been out drinking, I turn the headlights off before I get to the driveway. I shut off the engine and coast into the garage. Take my shoes off before I go into the house, I sneak up the stairs, get undressed in the bathroom, stick my foot in the toilet and pee down my leg to prevent splashing sounds. I ease into bed and my wife STILL Wakes Up, and Yells at me for staying out so late! His buddy looks at him and says "Well, you're obviously taking the wrong approach. I screech into the driveway, slam the door, storm up the steps, pee hard into the toilet water, then use the full flush, throw my shoes in the closet, undress in the bedroom, then jump into bed, slap her on the ass and say, WHO'S HORNY?!? and she acts like she's sound asleep."
Do The Barracuda!
-- It's time to learn...The B.A.R.R.A.C.U.D.A -- Everybody do the... Do the BARRACUDA... Everybody do the... Do the BARRACUDA... --BBBBBBBBB- --BB------BB --BB------BB --BBBBBBBBB- --BB------BB --BB------BB --BBBBBBBBB- ------A------ -----AAA----- ----AA-AA---- ---AA---AA--- --AAAAAAAAA-- -AA-------AA- AA---------AA --RRRRRRRRR-- --RR------RR- --RR------RR- --RRRRRRRRR-- --RR-----RR-- --RR------RR- --RR-------RR --RRRRRRRRR-- --RR------RR- --RR------RR- --RRRRRRRRR-- --RR-----RR-- --RR------RR- --RR-------RR ------A------ -----AAA----- ----AA-AA---- ---AA---AA--- --AAAAAAAAA-- -AA-------AA- AA---------AA --CCCCCCCCC-- -CC---------- CC----------- CC----------- CC----------- -CC---------- --CCCCCCCCC-- -UU------UU-- -UU------UU-- -UU------UU-- -UU------UU-- -UU------UU-- -UU------UU-- --UUUUUUUU--- --DDDDDDDDD-- --DD------DD- --DD-------DD --DD-------DD --DD-------DD --DD------DD- --DDDDDDDDD-- ------A----
Pics From Iraq, Graphic!!! You've Been Warned on the front page the man being taken out of the helo is my hubby. on the right hand side pictures 1 & 9 are also of him, & pics 3 & 10 are of my hubby's friend SGT Price. they are graphic pictures & not for the weak of heart. The guys were hit by an IED blast June 22 2006.
Slight Improvement And A Question...
Okay, now I have four fans - I guess that's getting a little I'm just sitting here taking a break from work. I have to be careful though because as you all know a little break on CT can lead to a couple of hours of this. I have yet to receive any comments on my blogs yet though; so I am assuming that all my complaining is a bit So here is a question to you all - what is the most disgusting thing that you have ever seen in person? My answer to that one is that I once saw a marathon runner take a dump on herself and keep going. Ugh. Talk soon. BLAZE
Almond Banana Smoothie
I cup blanched almonds 2 small bananas 2 1/4 cups water a pinch of cinnamon 2 tsp vanilla extract 2 tsp honey Place the almonds, bananas, and water in a blender and whizz until smooth. Add the vanilla extract, honey and cinnamon and whizz again. Serve. Almonds These strongly flavored nuts contain healthy oils and other vitality-enhancing nutrients. Almonds are one of the top sources of cancer-preventing antioxidant vitamin E, containing 24mg per 100g as well as being a good source of the anti-viral mineral calcium. They also provide laetrile, thought to be a powerful tumor-fighting compound, and are rich in zinc, which helps to build up immune strength and improve wound healing. Rich in nutritious monounsaturated fats, almonds can also help to lower cholestrol levels. Almonds are an excellent skin food, providing vitamins E and zinc which are both crucial for a healthy complextion. Nutrients Vitamins B2, B5, E, biotin, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, pota
Wow! A Long Time.....
Wow. It's been a minute since I have been on the Tap. I've been so busy with everyday things and trying to graduate on time. Add the holidays, and you have chaos! Lmao! Anyways, I'm just going to make this brief since no one really stops by on my page but a few of my friends. It's alright. I guess people are only in it for their own self-pleasing purposes. Whatev:) Well, it's been real;)
I'm New
hey everyone who reads this..i am new on here and am looking to make new friends and chat with if u like my profile..picture whater...comment and rate please..and dont be afraid to send me messages..i will ALWAYS return and talk :) -Zach
An Open Letter....
An open letter to that one guy over there, picking his nose in traffic: Dear Sir, Congratulations on managing to get that very impressive booger from the depths of your left nostril. If you eat it, I will run you off the road. Thank you.
Van Morrison
Hey I have seen a bunch of the lil picture box things that rotate and the picture slide show things but have no clue how to do them. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it! thank you!
To All My Family And Friends
Modest Mouse
Killer Whale Attacks Trainer
A killer whale at the Sea World theme park grabbed a trainer by the foot and held him underwater during a show Wednesday.The trainer escaped and was in good condition later, park officials said.Kasatka, a 30-year-old killer whale who is a veteran of many performances, grabbed the trainer and pulled him underwater, said Mike Scarpuzzi, head trainer at Sea World "She has not done this particular unwanted behavior to this extent," Scarpuzzi said. My Take: Ok now that I have done about 3 hours of straight laughing allow me to throw my thoughts out there. SHES A KILLER WHALE!!! What the hell did you expect??? It's not a Cuddly Loveable Whale its a freaking KILLER WHALE. I'm going to let you in on a little secret Mr Scarpuzzi...there is a reason they call them Killer Whales. Somehow I dont think Shamu's cousin is all about shaking hands or talking the problem out get my drift? My guess is that if something that big gets pissed off you arent going to want to be within 500 miles of it. Thi
Frequently Asked Questions For Studios & Production Companies (television/film/music/agencies, Etc).
Frequently Asked Questions for Studios & Production Companies (Television/Film/Music/Agencies, etc). What is The Entertainment Industry Chaplains? The Entertainment Industry Chaplains (TEIC) is an organization that places chaplains in companies, with bands, on set, on location, and provides personal services to individuals in the Entertainment Industry. Through TEIC, companies can offer a Chaplain Assistance Program (CAP) as an employee benefit, outsourcing stress management and employee care to a business that cares for businesses. How will the program be introduced to my staff? Before a TEIC chaplain starts work with a client, an orientation meeting is held to explain the ground rules, including chaplain confidentiality. This meeting is similar in tone and function to other benefits orientation meetings, with a time for questions and answers. At the end of the orientation people receive a business card with the chaplainís toll-free telephone number. How do I deal
Dire Straits
Rain On Roses...
Photo Comments
Why is it that soo many people can rate your photos a 10, but they can't leave comments to show who they are?? I think that is total BS! If you think the pic is hot enuf to leave a 10, then you should be able to comment on the pic, i love hearing good things about my pics, it makes me feel so good about myself....and I am sure it does the same for others...
Billy Idol
Black Or Blue?
Black Or Blue? Fucking Stone Cold This woman goes into a funeral home to make arrangements for her husband's funeral. She tells the director that she wants her husband to be buried in a blue suit. He asks, Wouldn't it just be easier to bury him in the black suit that he's wearing? But, she insists that it must be a blue suit and gives him a check to buy one. When she came back for the wake, she sees her husband in the coffin and he is wearing a beautiful blue suit. She tells the director how much she loves the suit and asks how much it costs. He says, "Actually it didn't cost anything. The funniest thing happened As soon as you left, another corpse was brought in, this one wearing a blue suit. I noticed that they were about the same size, and asked the widow ift she would mind if her husband were to be buried in a black suit. She said that was fine with her. So.... I switched the heads."
Deep Purple
Groucho Marxisms
Some wit and wisdom from one of the greatest thinkers of our time From the moment I picked up your book until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it. I could dance with you until the cows come home. On second thought I'd rather dance with the cows until you come home I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception. I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it. Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy. Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read. I don't have a photograph, but you can have my footprints. They're upstairs in my socks. A man's only as old as the woman he feels.
What Do You Wanna See
I'm due to upload some pics soon ..... Can you give me an idea of things you would like to see. i'll try my best. xxx
Life Here In Miami Beach Florida
David Bowie
Christmas Card
Chaplaincy: Frequently Asked Questions For Corporations (general)
Frequently Asked Questions for Corporations (General) What is The Entertainment Industry Chaplains? The Entertainment Industry Chaplains (TEIC) is an organization that places chaplains in companies, with bands, on set, on location, and provides personal services to individuals in the Entertainment Industry. Through TEIC, companies can offer a Chaplain Assistance Program (CAP) as an employee benefit, outsourcing stress management and employee care to a business that cares for businesses. How will the program be introduced to my employees? Before a TEIC chaplain starts work with a client, an orientation meeting is held to explain the ground rules, including chaplain confidentiality. This meeting is similar in tone and function to other benefits orientation meetings, with a time for questions and answers. At the end of the orientation employees receive a business card with the chaplainís toll-free telephone number. How do I deal with employees who may not want a chapl
Oh My God!!
Oh my God, it's December 1, 24 shopping days left. The kid's shopping is relatively finished, only have to pick up stocking stuffers. And the wife's, I have the detailed list of what she wants, what she needs for her votive candle collection, and the spawn and I will take care of that next week or so. On the writing front, I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to continue to write both the nice and the naughty stories. Why not? I just will use a 'num de plume' for the erotica. And hey, if Anne Rice can, so can I!!!
Nsfw Magazine!
For those who enjoy NSFW material, check out the following new cyber-mag!
Blue Oyster Cult
What A Kiss Means
*Kiss on the stomach-----"lets have sex" *Kiss on the Forehead ----"Forever you will be mine" *Kiss on the Ear ---"I'm horny" *Kiss on the Cheek ---"We're friends" *Kiss on the Hand ---"I adore you" *Kiss on the Neck ---"We belong together" *Kiss on the Shoulder ---"I want you" *Kiss on the Lips ---"I love you" OR "I want you" What the gesture means... *Holding Hands ---"We can learn to love each other" *Slap on the Butt ---"That's mine" *Playing with the Ear ---"I can't live without you" *Holding on tight ---"Don't let go" *Looking into each other's Eyes ---"Don't leave me" *Playing with Hair on Head ---"Tell me you love me" *Arms around the Waist ---"I love you too much to let go" *Laughing while Kissing ---"I am completely Comfortable with you" --Advice-- *Dont ask for a kiss, take one. *If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love. --Requirements-- *Post this again after reading!! Or you will have a bad year of Relation
My First Cherry Tap Contest!
> CHRISTMAS TAG CONTEST Im having my first ever contest for the best Christmas Tag designed by you! Koogerbabe~ RIDER ~@ CherryTAP Lets see how creative you can be. The contest will start Saturday December 2nd at 12:00pm EST and finish Tuesday December 5th 2:00pm EST 1st prize will be a Mens ring or a Ladies Diamond ring 2nd prize 5000 CB gift and 3rd prize 3000CB gift If you're interested in participating in the contest please send me your Christmas Tag in a pm. Winner will be the one with the most comments GOOD LUCK
My Card.
amanda Porn Star 'What will your sex business card say?' at
Please Help
Bristol- Myers is donating a dollar to AIDS everytime someone goes to their website and moves the match to the candle and lights it. It takes one second to raise a dollar.
Why ain't there any real guys out there these days? Guy my age that have a good head on thier sholders, and ain't into all them mind and head games? Why is it that every 'man' has to go cheat, and run around acting all big and bad? When to their girlfriend their acting like a fool. Why can't a guy just be real with who he is? Not a player, not a hardass, but not fully sencitive..Why can't they just be their normal selves instead of a loser trying to be cool? Why do all men think their players and can have any girl that they want? Why do all men lie and decive? Why isn't their any REAL men? Why can't they just settle down with one that they think they love? WHy do they have to play? What kind of pleasure does it bring to you guys knowing that your tearing some girls heart out? Does it even faze you any that you tear our hearts out and stomp on them? Guys. Stop acting so tough and like you don't care. Your scaring girls into being single forever. And making them lose
ok so christmas is how many days away? is there anyone else that could care less if it was skipped this year? for some reason i am not in the spirit at all this year. could be i have no dman money to get anything for anyone, including my kids...or the fact that once again i have to spend it without my man...but whatever it is i dont even wanna go and buy a tree. my daughter keeps pestering me about it...mommy when we gonna get our tree? when we gonna put some lights up? im so tired of hearing it..making me feel like shit cuz im not in that spirit...and i dont know what to do to make myself feel like something other than scrooge!
The Most Difficult Question I Have Ever Asked Myself
for what profit is it to a man, that he should gain the whole world but lose his own soul? i still don't even understand this question. and i can't answer it truthfully to save my life but maybe. my friends on here will know.if you do please comment on this
For you to do the job you was sent to do And may aGod keep you and bring you home safe To your friends and family Your always in my thoughs and prayers
Sum1 Save Mii?!
blah its a blizzard outside now and da kids r home frm school!!!! HELP Mii!!!!! This isnt cool u kno...too many kids...and they r all gettin on my nerves not listenin to mii or my ma! grrrrr so tell mii again y I moved back north in 97?? Oh well I gotta deal wif it I anyways my latest obsession is Rob Dyrdek...u cannot tell mii dat man isnt hawt?! LoL fawkin Bubba is alwayz glued to da tv or computer to watch him skate...he says hes gunna be jus like him and Tony Hawk...y cant my children take up sumfin dat aint gunna hurt em??? Oh well Rob Dyrdek became a pro-skater at 16 maybe theres hope for Bubba? LoL.....on another note Im bored I'll be here allllll fawkin day cuz of da snow and these fawkin kids!! So hit mii up on MSN, YAHOO, or AIM for all of those who kno my sn's on there.....ahhh remember kiddiiz NEVER EVER eat yellow snow, no matter how much they say its jus lemonade chances r its piss!!!!! lmmfao later fawkerz!
Good Morning
Good Morning
Number 20
The awards for the 2006 season are on tnt @9 pm on TNT.
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