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Happy New Year My Cherries
just wishing my cherry tap friends a happy new year some of us will ring in the new year before others and as i'm irish and this is my first new years of work in a while i may be to tipsy to see the key board later and as i'm seven hours ahead i would just like to toast you all 'Go mbeire muid beo ar an am seo arís.' May we be alive at this time next year. 'Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit!' A prosperous New Year! In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship but never in want. its an old irish toast love bee. Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Crimson Tears...
Comming Home
Comment And Rate...or Just Show Some Love.
Hey please come and comment, rate, or show some love to my pics. Love Emilie xo
Pick Up
You are flirty. You find it easy to attract people because you are so confident. You also arn't bad to look at which helps. 'What is your seduction style?' at
Supernatural Awakenings
I awoke this morning,angry at the Bitch Cat, that had me sleep miserablely,last night.Christmas day recieved an Indian Dream Catcher,I hung above my head in bed.Prior to that hanging their I did not Dream.I'd take a Trazadone an be asleep with-in 10 minutes.Since the Dream Catcher has been there,have been haveing Supernatural Dreams an my thoughts of the day resort back towards these dreams. being a great majestic wolf chaseing,a young Nympho Bitch Wolf threw this Meadow of flowers with snow capped mountains in the background,as we tousel in the flowers the scent of more wolves approaching,they come wanting to mate with the spiritual shewolf,I have minutes before they arrive should I take her virgin pussy,yes I decide before that Alfa male arrives.We awakem now the form of Human freezeing in the early morning crisp cold air,I pull the Blanket up around us. as the wind whisps outside.
New Year
Bbw's (4)
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from!...The GODDESS LIFE is such a hard one....
Bbw's (3)
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
What Mixed Drink R U
Margarita! Your sex life mostly resembles a Margarita – You are passionate and imaginative and you have a very spontaneous sex life. You are likely to do (or have done to you) a lot of things on a whim. Take this quiz at
Well here I am, a little better than the day before Pages lay empty all twisted and torn Her I am picking myself up Just to knock myself back on the floor Every time I scream its over Always screaming nevermore Time after time I wish I heard you calling But wish as I may it never turns out right So I sit here wondering what to do Trying not to think so maybe I can write Still all these lines get filled With all my thoughts of you I know you’re out there somewhere Under these same stars as I They all shine down so bright And I cant help but wonder what your thinking In the middle of this summers night Now my thoughts drift towards heaven Just wondering what it’s like Wondering if I’ll make it there And if so will you be by my side Are lives go on and on With the day’s just ticking by I’ll wait and see what happens next In the middle of this summers night Now I’ll lay myself down in bed Hope I know will watch me until I fall asleep Who knows what wi
How Easy R U
You are 22% easy You are not easy. You are actually damn hard. (No pun intended) You won’t sleep with someone in less you are deeply in love/married to them. You present a real challenge to the opposite sex, so you probably will have a lot of admires trying to hit it with you. Take this quiz at
Bbw's (2)
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
I Dunno
just looking at bulletins and its getting to where all u c is stuff about how these suck ass excuses for men act..its sickening and give the rest of us a bad name..ladies are special and r suppose to b treated as such..sometimes some of em make me want to reach through these wires and choke the shit out of em...just venting , seen a bulletin about a suck ass dude that pissed me off..LEAVE MY LADIES ALONE..
Dreams Of Passions
DREAM OF PASSION you are sitting on the edge of the bed i am standing in front of you you are allowed to undress me i am allowed to undress you you cannot touch me you cannot touch yourself you can olnly watch after we are naked i move onto the bed, you sit on a chair ther are several candles lighting the room there is slow and sexy music i will touch myself while i imagine it is your touch you can talk sexy to me while you imagine touching me only when i tell you can you get down on your knees i will move to the edge of the bed my legs hanging over the as an invitation to your mouth. i am clean shaven and you like it you can be there for as long as you want until you decide, you sit on the edge of the bed until i kiss you on your mouth then we stand, with my back to your chest you kiss and lick my back and neck and nibble. your hands are on my breast and you slowly bend me down to the bed and gently slap my ass you tease me for as long as u
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Friendship Line
Stars have 5 ends, squares have 4 ends, triangles have 3 ends, lines have 2 ends, life has 1 end, but I hope our friendship has no end.
I Dont Care
The lady that wrote this says she doesn't care.  I don't care, either! WOW ........ is this laying it on the line or what? The lady who wrote this letter is Pam Foster of Pamela Foster and Associates in Atlanta .  She's been in business since 1980 doing interior design and home planning. She recently wrote a letter to a family member serving in Iraq ....... Read it! "Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001 ? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan, across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and, in a field in Pennsylvania ? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet? Well, I don't.  I don't care at all.
Too Late
Too Late (INTRO) And I, I wanted to tell you that I love you But you started to walk away The words wouldn't come out And I was to late I tried to be the man The man that you wanted me to be But I guess I couldn't be, the man of your dreams (Chorus) And is everything supposed to be perfect Or are we supposed to work it out And is there supposed to be problems Or are we just going to give up and walk away You, you try to tell me that you loved me But you started to walk away You thought of turning around But than thought it was too late And you tried to be the woman that I wanted But what you didn't know You already were (Repeat Chorus) (OUTRO) I looked at you and told you Your eyes are tellin me somethin your not sayin Thats when you turned around And walked away I looked at you and told you Your eyes are tellin me somethin your not sayin Thats when you turned around
A sudden change is what happened when I saw her..... A revelation of all the goodness in the world found in her smile..... A barrier broken after a look into her eyes.... A heart renewed at the sound of her voice.... A fear vanished by her touch..... Can love be found in a day? or does it take a journey? A better question, could you have taken a journey already? And in that one day of God designed meeting, find love.... To know her and not be with her, is better than never meeting her.
by Rose Thornwell ((Femdom, spanking, anal)) This young wife knows just how to keep her straying husband in line! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Veronica – Ronnie – is my second wife. She wasn’t aware of all the problems from my first marriage at the time of our own nuptials. Oh, I had been quick to tell her how Suzanne could be such a bitch and how she had eventually turned into the Mother of all icebergs on me a year before the divorce, but I had managed to leave out a few salient details. Like how I was fucking two different secretaries at work, and her baby sister Erica, to boot. It wasn’t that I wanted to lie to Ronnie, or start out under this dark cloud. It’s just that I loved her so much—she’s smart, beautiful, together, savvy, and everything else, and I just didn’t want it ruined by the past. I swore to myself I would change, making my lies one day become truth. I didn’t feel great about it—but a desperate m
Building Confidence
Saturday, December 30, 2006 Building confidence The confidence to do the big things comes from the experience of willingly and reliably doing the small things. Every moment is your opportunity to build that confidence. Others can encourage you and support you, yet no one can build your own confidence for you. True confidence is something created for you by your actions. The confidence you already have comes from the challenges you have successfully faced. Make use of that confidence, and it grows. Every time you act to create value, you also create increased confidence. No task is too small or unimportant, for every result you work to achieve builds more confidence. If climbing a mountain seems out of reach, start by climbing a few gentle hills. The confidence you gain will put you on your way to achieving the goals that once seemed so far away. Today you'll encounter dozens of situations that can build your confidence. The more you choose to do, the higher you'll
~~ Come Sexy Couples Set Up Contest Time ~~
~ Sexy Couple Of CT Contest ~~ Contest will start on 1/3 thur 1/10 Will start at 12 p.m. noon Plz send me a link to the pic u want to use to my inbox! thanks alot ~Maria~
What Kind Of Drugs Are Bush Supporters Taking ?
Do You Believe They Must Be On Some Kind of Drug ? CLICK on The Above Picture To See What Is Good For You CLICK HERE To Check Us Out Today "
~~ People Needed Plz ~~
I need 4 more ladies for my Sexy Lady On CT Contest and I need 9 men for the Sexy Male Body On CT Contest Sexy Lady starts 1/5 thur 1/12 at 12p.m. noon and Sexy Male Body will start on 1/3 thur 1/10 at 12 p.m. noon So plz hurry and send me some nice body pics men and I know we got a look of sexy ladies on this site what u waiting for! send the link to the pic u want to use to my inbox and i'll get you in thanks ~Maria~
This Guy Fuck Head
Ok so I wake up this morngin and this person I guess does not have a life as they left stupid comments all over my pics and pages and sayin the word nigga, which I do not appreciate one bit. We need a way to make our pages private as these immature people do not have a life of their own and sit and home laughing going oh my gosh this is so funny. This is the profile and its so funny because I go to send a message and everything is blocked so come on what a retard.
A Leap Of Faith
I am watching my girlfriends kids for the first time today. She really can't afford to miss work, so I voluteered to watch them for her, She has a 7 year old daughter and 2 year old boy,both good kids though. reason I call this a leap of faith is that I have never watched any kids of any girlfriend that I can remember this early in the relationship becausee I didn't ever want to be one of those guys that are at home with someone else's kids while they're out fuckin' around; I am definitely not wanting to be someone's sucker. It's been 2 months, and I've already met mom and step-dad, bro and sis,best friends and associates. All I know is that if it were reasonable, at this point, to expect a call every ten minutes, I would jump all over it, but as it stands it's quite, they're both slepping, and all is well. If I panic at all, I will probably let you in on a little secret as to why this leap seems to be one that could vault me across a river versus one that would put me just on the othe
New Years
Wishing Everyone out there in Cherryville a Very Happy and safe New Years Eve ! Remember Call a Taxi or a friend to give You a ride Home if You have had to much to drink. We all want to see You back here next Year! Have fun all!
Little Johnny
Little Johnny's father said, "let me see your report card." Johnny replied, "I don't have it." "Why not?" His father asked. "My friend just borrowed it. He wants to scare his parents." Little Johnny came running into the house and asked, "Mommy, can little girls have babies?" "No," said his mom, "of course not." Little Johnny then ran back outside and his mom heard him yell to his friends, "It's okay, we can play that game again!" Teachers never give up, and neither does Little Johnny. She asks him, "Can you name the Great Lakes?" You know Johnny, he is always fast with an answer, and he pipes up with, "I don't need to. They've already been named." The pastor was talking to a group of young children about being good and going to heaven. At the end of his talk, he asked, "Where do you want to go?" "Heaven!" Suzy cried out. "And what do you have to be to get there?" asked the preacher. "Six feet under!", yelled Little Johnny. One day, during
Party Naked
Sons Dad The Love Of My Life
Well not sure what to write but he i go.... Today Dec 30 2006 one year to the day that god took him from us... Was only 38 years old with 4 kids .... Some time i dont understand why people have to die so young .... It is hard now i have to raise the boys by my self and that is the hardest thing i have ever done but i am doing it.... So today is a very sad day for me and the boys and if you want to show me some love then i would love that to I just want to say thank you to all my real freinds on here they show me love every day Have a great day all Tammy
An Issue With My Task Bar
Things To Ponder
Whose cruel idea was it for the word "lisp" to have an "s" in it? Since light travels faster than sound, isn't that why some people appear bright until you hear them speak? How come abbreviated is such a long word? If it's zero degrees outside today and it's supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold is it going to be? Why do you press harder on a remote-control when you know the battery is dead? Since Americans throw rice at weddings, do orientals throw hamburgers? Why are they called buildings, when they're already finished? Shouldn't they be called builts? Why are they called apartments, when they're all stuck together? Why do people without a watch look at their wrist when you ask them what time it is? Why do you ask someone without a watch what time it is? Why does sour cream have an expiration date? Who is general failure and why is he reading my disk? The light went out, but where to? Why do banks charge you a "non-sufficient funds
New Year's Rules I Intend To Follow
George Carlin's new rules for 2007 New Rule: Stop giving me that pop-up ad for! There's a reason you don't talk to people for 25 years. Because you don't particularly like them! Besides, I already know what the captain of the football team is doing These days . . . mowing my lawn. New Rule: Don't eat anything that's served to you out a window unless you're a seagull. People are acting all shocked that a human finger was found in a bowl of Wendy's chili. Hey, it cost less than a dollar. What did you expect it to contain? Trout? New Rule: If you need to shave and you still collect baseball cards, you're a dope. If you're a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you're a grown man, they're pictures of men. New Rule: Ladies, leave your eyebrows alone. Here's how much men care about your eyebrows: do y
Some Choices
You can find me, at the diner of the crossroads, where all signs read 'destination nowhere' I have turned up, so many places, so many faces, asking you an easy question, your heart's desire. When you are alone and wanting, I am right there, When you have that crucial moment, you know I am near. I can look like anything and anyone, what do you want? what do you want? Don't trust your heart, trust only in me, I am truth, I am the only thing you need to know. Find me at any juncture, I am lover entropy.
Holy Shit!!! Lmfao Cuteeeeee
Hell Lastnight
was pure hell for me. first I worked with some lazy ass teenagers then I came home and my ex bitch for a wife called and is holding my son from me then I get a call from my girlfriend and she is drunk off her ass and shit I can't win
Lesbian Game Show Lesbian Kiss Scene 1
Family And Friends
To All MY Family And Friends, I wanted to say happy new year, and i hope its a good one for us all. sorry i haven't been on much, with the holidays and company its been crazy here. i'll be back on here later when things settle down, till then. be safe and happy and i'll see y'all in the new year. hugs and kiss';s to all
Kiss Me
Sexy Blonde
Oh Boy
Well its 730 on my day off and my job called and woke me up ( nothing new) so i cant sleep so now im online and am doing a blog just to try it out. I am pretty hooked on to cherrytap now but im a little confused so if someone could help then cool. first the scrolling pictures along the top of the page are those just random or those are the cherry balst that you have to purchase ?? i see people talking about voting in different contest and stuff what is that all about ? oh hell im just rambling now so whatever ..
Beautiful Sexy Girl Blonde Flexing Back Muscles And Teasing
New Contest
Best looking real friends contest. Must be a verified salute picture. Contest will run Jan 1st to 5th. Winner will be based on Votes only But comments are welcome of course. Winner will recieve a 100,000 cherry buck corvette. Send me a message with a link to your photo to get in this contest. Thanks Kevin
There is a cherry tap member that is in hospital and not feeling well at all. Please sign this get well card. ---------------------------------------------------- To Annonymous Cherry Tapper we wish the best of luck and hope you get well soon. 1 Jason (Wolf) 2 catherine (Baby Bear) 3 Tim (tmiller) 4 Kent (A Kiss So Deadly) 5 Mary (Lady Enticing) 6 LYNN (THE ORGINAL TAZZ) 7Adriana 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Pretty Blonde Dancing And Showing Off Her Beautiful Muscles
Rigged Contest Being Held By Devilishly Cute
Well the day is finally here when I move to TN. My last day of work here is on Sunday, and I leave for TN on Monday. I hate having to say good bye to the family but I'll be back for visits at least once a month. Oh and I have the phone number so I can call when I wish. I think I'll start packing soon. I mean ya know with there only being a couple days left and all I should get on top of that. Though I won't be taking much with me as I don't have all that much. See I lost all of my stuff awhile back in an apt fire. After moving back in with my parents I didn't have any reasong to buy new furniture or anything so my traveling is light. Other then that I don't really have to much to update you about. Love Stace
Have A Great Day, Everyone!
I'm off to work momentarily! I have a client at 9. Then I man the store from 10 to 2. I'll be back online after that, lol! My Dad's doing fine and hopefully will be in a regular room today! Have a good one, everybody! Much love and hugs to all! Blessings all around!!
Pretty Blonde Dancing And Showing Off Her Beautiful Muscles
Wake Up the Pitiful i never knew something like you could grow in a bitter heart that the angry lost would touch the fallen that love could be found in a dark corner cracked my head against your stubborn everything shook me from the passive circle of self neglect and pity shook me from myself You Knew My Heart child of a broken heart you knew me at first touch and love has grown between the lost to turn into so much faith was gone and fallen through a credit to mistake two hearts gone cold but for the pain that constant reminding ache acceptance still, in nature's curse that pulses through dark eyes and took in stride the horrors past was there inside the cries pretend that you ask for nothing in the moments between here and there when the truth is that love burned because i listen and i care
Wow. She Is Hot
Have You...
Have you ever wanted to die?
What Does Your Birthdate Say About You??? ;)
Your Birthdate: April 13 You're dominant and powerful. You always need to be in charge. While others respect your competence, you can be a bit of a dictator. Hard working and serious, you never let yourself down. You are exact and accurate - and you expect others to be the same way. Your strength: You always get the job done Your weakness: You're a perfectionist to a fault Your power color: Gray Your power symbol: Checkmark Your power month: April What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
What Sort Of A Muppet Character Are You??? Lol...
You Are Fozzie Bear "Wocka! Wocka!" You're the life of the party, and you love making people crack up. If only your routine didn't always bomb! You may find more groans than laughs, but always keep the jokes coming. The Muppet Personality Test
New Video...left Tears In My Eyes
I found this video at myspace.... after watching this I had tears in my I want to share this with you!!!!! Tell me what you think. HOOAH
More Tunes
Bo Bice Lie......Its Alright I’ll get you back I’m out of cash You can always count on me Oh, I forgot C’mon baby just believe You’re so good at telling lies I’m like “here we go again” And I don’t need no reason why You could tell me anything Just don’t think I don’t know That I should let you go But you’re beautiful tonight So lie…it’s alright (Keep saying whatever you want to believe, as long as you look like that, she says) I’m over here Around the way You know I’m only stopping by I thought you said You said to me Come on over here tonight I don’t mind I kinda like All the stories that you tell It’s obvious but I don’t care Cause you’re doing it so well You’re so good at telling lies I’m like “here we go again” And I don’t need no reason why You could tell me anything Just don’t think I don’t know That I should let you go But you’re beautiful tonight So lie…it’s alright It’s alright, it’s alright No I wouldn’t change a thing It’
Political Profile
I really thought that this was interesting because it broke it down by different thoughts, besides just the overall perspective - social, personal responsibility, fiscal, ethics, and the defense & crime. It is no surprise that I am 100% conservative on the latter because of my studies I have had in criminal justice. I always knew that I wasn't 100% conservative, although I tended to lean to the republican vote at times. Your Political Profile: Overall: 55% Conservative, 45% Liberal Social Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal Personal Responsibility: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal Fiscal Issues: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal Ethics: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal How Liberal Or Conservative Are You? What is your political perspective???
I love to chat on yahoo either c2c or not so if you want to just add my id oilman18 if you would like to chat either on or off cam.
Ellen Rocche
Just A Taste Is Never Enough
A cold hand guiding me into the night I can't seem to fight as he pierces right thorough my soul as he shows me what it's like No pain No fear I can feel his cold body embrace my every move as i listen to the silence of a heart that is not there I open my eyes and see the moon reflecting myself in his eyes I don't make a sound as I feel the sweet embrace of the holes he is tearing in my neck As the moons brightness fades from his eyes Darkness starts to overcome my being as i taste the sweet nectar of eternal life my reflection fades away from his eyes and so does the pain
Hot Dayummmmmm
What Does Your Birth Month Reveal About You?
What does your birth month reveal about you? JanuaryStubborn and hard-hearted. Ambitious and serious. Loves to teach and be taught. Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses. Likes to criticize. Hardworking andproductive. Smart, neat and organized. Sensitive and has deep thoughts. Knows how to make others happy. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Rather reserved. Highly attentive. Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds. Romantic but has difficulties expressing love. Loves children. Loyal. Has great social abilities yet easily jealous. Very Stubborn and money cautious.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by since the font color is white and u cant really see it here it is again January Stubborn and hard-hearted. Ambitious and serious. Loves to teach and be taught. Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses. Likes to criticize. Hardworking andproductive. Smart, neat and organized. Sensitive and has deep thoughts. Knows how to make others happy. Quiet unless excited
Attention All Haters!!!!
Ok. Ok. OK! I have held my tongue on this long enough, but certain muthafuckas on this site have made me do it. And you better believe when I finish writing (typing) this shit they will receive the full editorial in their Private Message Inbox. That is how serious I am. First thing let me quote one of my favorite rap artist, local Sacramento area legend, Brotha Lynch Hung PLAYA HATAS DIE A SLOW DEATH! And that is what a lot of you people on here are. HATAS! When I was growing up it was standard that you never downed another man to make yourself seem better or else you would be considered a hater. It was said that you better have the social skills to keep a woman interested without trying to down talk another man. If you don't then you have no game. Period….point blank. So it is unfathomable to me how several sorry muthafuckas on this site can continue to do that. I wish these fools could give me an explanation. I have never done one thing to them. Never uttered their names, ne
I Wanna Tear You Apart
Ripping and tearing feeling the skin rip open as the blood rushes out The feeling of a hand around your neck squeezing just tight enough the pain goes through your very soul and it feels so good clawing the flesh off biting a chunk of skin letting the sweet taste pour into your mouth one taste and your addicted Hold me close and take me completely As i whisper in your ear I wanna fucking tear you apart
What Type Of Dog Are You (with Pics)
what type of dog are you (with pics) pit bullCongrats you are a pit bull fun loyal and active love to play and please its owner and truly a beautyfull soulTake The Quiz Now!Quizzes by pit bull Congrats you are a pit bull fun loyal and active love to play and please its owner and truly a beautyfull soul
A Thousand Deaths
Die a thousand painful deaths, a thousand times over A tear of blood dripping on a white rose A pain that feels so good Love almost to much to handle A kiss for each precious moment I've cried enough to fill all the oceans My tears drip onto your palm splattering on our soul Reach inside What will you find? Take what you need, it was always yours Just give me love and i will always be yours for eternity
Nothing Is As It Seems
Blood splatters all over the wall, it gets colder then the feeling of hands wrapped around your throat Slammed so hard the breath gets shoved out of the lungs and the bruises last for weeks There is no pain felt for it has all been washed away with the tears mixed in with the blood covering the wall Dark skies fill the room Shadows are not what they seem Reality is just a dream Memories fade away and there is nothing left to forgive
A Great Song
Stone Sour Zzyzx Rd. I dont know how else to put this It's taken me so long to do this I'm falling asleep and i cant see straight My muscles feel like a malee My bodys curled in a u shape I put on my best but im still afraid Propered up by lies with promises Saving my place as lifes forgets Maybe its time i saw the world I'm only gere for a while But patiences is not my style And im so tired i gotta go What am i suppose to want now What am i supposew to do Did you really think i wouldnt see this through Tell me i should stick around for you Tell me i could have it all I'm still tired to care and i gotta go I get to go home in one week But I leaving home in three weeks They throw me a bone just to pick me dry Im following suit and directions I crawl up inside for protection Im told what to do and i dont know why Im over existing in limbo Im over the myths and placebos I dont really mind if i just fade away Im ready to live with my family Im
You Make Me..
You stimulate to go for the victory You make me take every single fight You are the word “inspiration” in my dictionary You are a part of my pride You make me stand physical pain You made me mentally hard You learned me to enjoy the rain You made me made me a man apart You make me never lose faith You make me never forget you You learned me it’s never to late To make my dreams come truth
Okay Dancing In A Thong..
Just A Friend
Sometimes I Feel Like I Am All Alone, All Alone In This Big World, But When I See You Again, I’m Happy Cause I Know It Isn’t True. You Give Me Te Feeling That Somebody Does Love Me. So… I Wanted To Thank You, Thank You… For Listening T o Me. For Being There When I Needed You. Thank You… For Don’t Judging Me. For Taking Me For What I am. Thank You… For Supporting Me In Every Way Thank You For Telling Me Your Secrets. Thank You… For Never Leaving Me, For Loving Me. I Have So Many Thing I Want To Thank You For, But There Are To Many, And There Aren’t Enough Words, Bit There’s Just One Thing I Really Want To Thank You For: Thank You For Being My Friend! I Love You…
Tears Belong To Life
Tears belong to life, they’re not wrong Crying is a thing every one should do Cause you have to savour to be strong A great model of that all are you We should feel pain and see death We should fight for all our goals So we can cry tears of joy and hurt So we can enlarge our souls You’re not tough when you don’t share a tear You’re not tough when you don’t cry You’re human to cry about the passing years You’ll be respected the day you’ll die Share a tear for your family Share a tear for your man or wife Share a tear to fill up the sea, of all the tears that people cried in their life’s
Memorial Morph
Your Geek Profile: Gamer Geekiness: Highest Geekiness in Love: Highest Internet Geekiness: Highest Fashion Geekiness: High General Geekiness: High Music Geekiness: High SciFi Geekiness: High Academic Geekiness: Moderate Movie Geekiness: Moderate How Geeky Are You?
Keyra - The Hottest Ass On The Net !
New Year
Well, I amposting this early. Although only one person reads it >_< [Thank you, Scott :P] Happy new year Peoples! mush loves
Shamur Let The Music Play
8th Grade??!?!?
You Passed 8th Grade Science Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct! Could You Pass 8th Grade Science?
Sexy Girl
25 Things About Kaosdevice
(Diva & Daddy did it and I thought it might be interesting, not that I could even TOUCH the kind of lives those two lived/live) ------------- 1. Has a degree in Philosophy and wrote 30 page discussion of Free Will vs. Determinisim (I am on the free will side for those keeping score) 2. Has had a work of his translated into Italian, Hungarian, German and most recently French. 3. Has been electrocuted twice. 4. Has fallen off a third story balcony and was uninjured aside from a few scratches. 5. Had a tour of Boston from the passenger seat of an ambulance at 3am on a Monday night. 6. Has been in Lake Superior in the dead of winter in a hole cut in the ice. 7. Spent a large part of his younger life working with people with disabilities. 8. Was a punk rocker in his youth and has helped build stages for Black Flag, DOA and other smaller regional punk bands. 9. Had a car that was hit on the driver side 4 seperate times, yet was still drivable. 10. Grew up i
Taco Girl.. To Professional Taco Taster
You Know Who You Are
i see you in the doorway standing so beautifully i never knew what to say i never knew what to do you haunted me eternally hiding every mistake i made making me feel so infernally i could never do right by you you would stare at me with your ice eyes every moment a death would occur never telling me when its my turn to die hiding myself from yoursoulfull gaze what do you want from me what is it i hide what is it that you see that makes you stare so hard all i wish is you would hide from me making it so i could never see the day that i would die for this i wish youd lie hide from me my dear love hide from me your dead gaze hide me away from my future and all those lonely days
Morphing Pictures
I hate them. That is all.
First Time
So my first time here - thanks Di - this place is a barn burning nut house LOL! So maybe a subbie can find a comfy place to hang errrr hangout *smirk*
Hot Hot Hot
Want 2 Have Some
A good friend will come and bail you out of jail......but a true friend will be sitting next 2 u saying Damn...that it !"""""
What A Day This Has Been!
Hey every one! im puppy love!love that name... my sexy girl gave it to me and i aint lettin it go! so kiss my but! lmao i love this site! cherry....mmmmmmmmmm love feeding them to my princess cherrie blossom! ahhhhh ok... my day! well i been trying not to get drunk as tomorrow night im getting drunk all night with cherrie! but i like to role play so i was on gaia all day too.... and on other sites! tryed to play morrowind but cherrie came online so i had to go cos i love her so much!!!.... lmao.... well im off to explore this place its kool!..... bye bye for now! xxxxxxx
Photo Shoot Session 3
Callin All Comment Bombers Im Last Place In This Contest Need Help Please Comment Bomb
Photo Shoot Session 2
Models Photo Shoot 1
Best looking real friends contest. Must be a verified salute picture. Contest will run Jan 1st to 5th. Winner will be based on Votes only But comments are welcome of course. Winner will recieve a 100,000 cherry buck corvette. Send me a message with a link to your photo to get in this contest. Thanks Kevin
Happy New Years!!!!!
1. Worked at McDonalds? No 2. Ever slept in a girlfriend's bed? Yes 3. Snuck into a movie theater? No 4. Made out in the woods? Yes, but only once lol 5. Thought your cousin was hot? Yes, but not in the sense of me wanting to sleep with him lol 6. Cut corn off the cob? No 7. Slept upside-down? If you mean sleeping with my head at the foot of the bed ... yep that happened. 8. Said hi to a stranger? lol yes I do that, if they stare at me on the street :P 9. Gone over the speed limit? I dont drive, but I did with my moped as teenager lol 10. Painted your room? Nope 11. Drove a car? Yes 12. Fell in public? Yeah :S I can be a bit clumsy sometimes 13. Watched the TV show Charmed? Yessssss love it 14. Been dumped? Several times 15. Stole money from a friend? No way. 16. Gotten in a car with people you just met? Yes, in Italy 17. Been in a fist fight? Nope, I hate violence 18. Snuck out of your house? Nope, I could be honest
~the Body Shoppe~
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"my New Years Resolutions"
ok so i put it in quotes because this list is things that i want to accomplish in this next year and change about myself. this really isnt just because everyone else does it. it just happens to be that this is the time in my life where things need to change after what ive been through. 2007 has to be better for me then this past year and i am going to do my best to make it better. i need a new perspective in life and things have to change or i wont survive to see 2008. so here it goes 1. eat healthy (im not gonna say diet because diets always fail) 2. exercise regularly (join a gym after i loose about 20 pounds) 3. get a job as a pharmacy tech 4. move out of my parents house before our relationships are ruined 5. realize i do not need a man to make me happy (and raise my standards) 6. focus on school and try not to procrastinate as much 7. save money to put towards a new car for when stevie decides to quit 8. spend more time with my friends and family to enjoy th
theres a trend here...none of this is my work but the words really speak to me lol waste by staind your mother came up to me she wanted answers only she should know only she should know... it wasnt easy to deal with the tears that rolled down her face i had no answers cause i didnt even know you but these words they cant replace the life you... the life you waste how could you paint this picture? was life as bad as it should seem that there were no more options for you? i cant explain how i feel ive been there many times before ive tasted the cold steel of my life crashing down before me did daddy not love you? or did he love you just too much? did he control you? did he live through you at your cost? did he leave no questions for you to answer on your own? well fuck that and fuck them and fuck him and fuck you for not having the strength in your heart to pull through ive had doubts i have failed i fucked up ive had plans doesnt mean i should take
Hello everyone.Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I wishing everybody a Happy New Years and may the whole year be good for everybody.Why is when you add a friend,rate them and comment on them,they seem to forget all about you? I used to try and give everyone a comment when I'm on here,but lots never return the favor.Does anybody ever rate a blog? I know I need to start reading and rating blogs..I want to thank the friends that have helped me out on here.Thank You so much and yall know who you are..I hope everyone has a safe new years.
Tattoo Time ...
So, here is what I plan on getting in the next few weeks: it will be better looking than my photoshopped version, lol ... I hope ... ;)
Thick Nikki 2
I Dont Need!
i dont need a boss some one to tell me to so this or to do that! i dont need a "so called" friend some one who claims to have ma back then turn around and stab me in it i dont need alot of people in ma life tellin me what what i need to do i dont need a nigga who's gonna claim that he loves me and then go sleep wit every mary tammy and jane i dont need family tryna run ma life, startin drama and all that i dont need love smootherin me, lyin to me, tyin me down and all that but i will tell you what i do need for maself to be free and not crowded time....time for me to be ma self i just need to be ma self and stop bein who every one else wants me to be!
Hope You All Enjoy
Create Your Own
Transitory Nature Of The Internet
I'm pretty sad tonight. One thing about the internet that's always difficult for me is that I get emotionally attached to people. And interests shift, and those relationships disappear. People move on, leaving me behind, wondering what happened. Unfortunately, I'm the loyal, loving type. And "friends forever" and words of affection and loyalty don't seem to mean the same to others as they do to me. For the record, I don't think there's a problem with me, or my personality. When these things happen (which is all the time), I am sad, depressed, and lonely, but I don't view it as a reflection on me, but rather on them. But somehow, that doesn't always make it easier to bear when people disappear, or ignore me, or move on. It was brought home to me today that someone I care a lot about just ... isn't thinking of me as important anymore. And someone else who was once the main focus of my life has completely disappeared. Sometimes such things just get overwhelming. So, I'll
~ngrom 2~
Playin a game With no name But like always a sickness in my brain Drives me insane And whos to blame Blood and guts for what? sex and fame I may as well snort cocaine Fuck that shit bring the pain Let it rain Whos sane The street life Wheres my knife I could have ran But here i stand Only bitches run Wheres my gun Though i got myself trapped in it i care How the young'll fair Am i the only one to dare Speak it to the young make them aware Of the dangers of the street Till i meet My dying day 19 now will i make 21....or will i lay..... R I P 2008 To this life of hell i dedicate.....
The Miracle Of Friendship
There's a miracle called Friendship That dewells with the heart. And you don't know how it happens, Or how it gets its start . . . But the happiness it brings you Always gives a special lift. And you realize that friendship, Is God's most precious gift.
What Do You Do ?........................
What do you do when all else fails? What do you do when it seems you have no where to run? What do you do when you are up agianst all odds? Everyone dancing around you happy as can be. They all wearing the pretty little smiles and not showing that they are hurting too. You watch and listen when all you really want to do is scream and hollor out help me. What do you do ? You tell your friends that you are alright. And that you are doing good. But deep down inside it is hurting you. It is eating at you. You don't know what it is But you don't know how to find it out the root of it either. what do you do ? How do you cope? Is there any hope? The kids play and ride there bikes and there happy as long as you don't show that your hurting. They laugh and giggle all day long. They cuddle at night with you. But what do you do ? After there in bed all tucked in tight. Sleeping and off in dream land. It is suppose to be your time to relax and rethink the day. But all you can
The Many Faces Of......
The Many Faces Of Dah'Brita Brown I let you see what i want you to see and what you see is a part of me not who i really am but who i want to be! i put on an act and i show you some chick who's invincible who has no fears just so you cant see the million tears i cry i hold it all inside hopin that one day i'll die and it'll all end but life is still goin on at times i just wanna run and run not knowin where to go but it doesnt matter as long as i dont have to deal deal with how i feel! suicide is what i feel only because there's nothin to heal the pain the pain that i deal with every day in life im waitin to see the light joy but all i get is darkness, sorrow which makes me hate to see tomorrow i've never shown the real side of me and that's somethin that i'll never do all because of the pain the pain that will last a life time everyone thinks they kno who i am but they could only imagine.........
Would You?
Would you be my lover? Or duck and run for cover? Would you bring heights of pleasure? Would you love to fullest measure? Would I be your one true treasure? Would you be my lover? Bring me pleasure undiscovered? Would you tease with a kiss? Would you falter if I resist? Would you leave eternal bliss? Would you be my lover? Help my wounded heart recover? Would you love heart, body and soul? Would you tear me apart, or make me whole? Would you follow or take control? Would you be my lover? Take a leap, see what we uncover? Would you keep me, make me your own? Would you know love, like never before shown? Would you make your love for me known? Would you?
Love Is True Blue
say goodbye to the person you love isnt the most easy thing in the world but you get passed it and when you do you ask youreself why you took so long to get over it but i guess they say love is the most passionate thing to experince i wouldnt know because someone will not try love and i feel bad because they dont know what they are missing - Ashley AKA ( sadest gurl to ever walk the face of the earth).
My Mind 2
I pull my vail over my head and wonder if I would ever wear it for him I still see it the wedding we wanted in my head I see the tear fall from my check onto his soft lips as we kissed I see us dancing in each others arms on the floor alone to are song with the look of never ending happyness in are loveing eyes never wanting this moment to end but till he comes home to my loveing arms it will never be it will just remain a dream, a dream of pain. pain I wish I never felt pain I never thought I would be able to live though pain I wish on no one but pain I have pain I'm feeling right now pain I can barly handle. blood dripps from my arm as I try to cut my pain away I witch the blood pour from my arm but still no releaf but just more pain, pain of seeing your face every time I close my eyes every time I look in to are sons eyes I'm hurting in side it feels my mind with thoughts I cant cure on my own but subside every time I hear your voice or read the words u write to me everyday but I hu
Puff Puff Passing
Can Anyone???
yeah i was just wondering if there was anyone on my friends that can draw really freakin good?!?!? and if they would be willing to help me out with a lil sumthing. if ya think you can help and you can draw it would be hella awsome if ya would give me a shout or a msg or sumthing! please and thankies!!! ~heather~
suck whats left of me devour every piece swallow every remnant take in you the beast eat every morsal dont leave a drop un caught taste the pain and ecstacy through the years you wrought feed my little raven drink to your hearts content sip on each pint of love for you there only meant empty me so i can live releave the presure from this brain gulp on my eternal soul until im finally drained
My Mind 1
here I stand looking over the edge not knowing if I want to or not but then I look back in my life and see why I don't want to he's so beautiful so small so needing what would they tell him if I did tears fall down my face I jump, I jump back on solid ground and run in to the arms of a man, a man that look like a gift from the gods what I have been looking for my hole life the man I will marry someday if only I can let my anger go
Irritated to say the least, but I might not be online for a bit. the 1000.00 lap top that i have is currently nothing more than a POS sitting on my desk. Gawd I hope it gets fixed.... Toshiba says.. take it to walmart... walmart says... take it to Toshiba... me.. i say... boot the fukking thing at the tech's head who told me it couldn't be fixed...... MF! I will not tolerate this....... **cries in frustration** So for now.. it's back to sharing one computer with my new roomy...... who isn't going to be real thrilled with that idea.. but then again.. you never know..... So.... if i'm not back on before New Years... please everyone know that I'm thinking of you.. and wishing you all a Great New Year... Sherrie
Don't Let Go
was it all just a game too you did you ever really love me honestly i wonder when you think about me do i brighten your darkest mood do i bring a smile too your lips Do you Know How My heart Aches Because i just wanna be with you You Have Touched the Deepest Part of My Soul like no one else Do You know i Dream about you i wonder do you really know how it is you make me feel so deep inside my soul how even when im crying you can me me laugh and smile is it too much too wish for that one day you would be walking through my door Copyright ©2006 Lisa moran
Happy New Year
Happy New Year to all and to all a great drunk!! Tis better to drink at home than drive alone!! If you are drinking get a Designated Driver!! You know the person who won't/can't or just doesn't like to drink, they make the best DDs, they know when you've had to much and are licking the dog because he licked you first.. So have a great time, but be safe!!
Come vote 4 a little cutie!!!!
The Trip To The Grocery Store
A man walks into a pharmacy and wanders up and down the aisles. The salesgirl sees him and asks him if she can help him. He answers that he is looking for a box of tampons for his wife. She directs him down the correct aisle. A few minutes later, he deposits a huge bag of cotton balls and a ball of string on the counter. She says, confused, "Sir, I thought you were looking for some tampons for your wife?" He answers, "Well, yesterday, I sent my wife to the store to get me a carton of cigarettes and she came home with a tin of tobacco and some rolling papers. So, I figure that if I have to roll my own, SO DOES SHE!"
Softly He Knocks
Softly He Knocks He Know's They Hear Him But they won't let him in softly he knocks but still he gets No reply from behind another door someone ask's Lord Why won't they just let you in? Oh how i wish They could See What You've Given to Me And It's Free! He Slowly Walks Away another was lost today all because they turned me away. Copyright ©2006 Lisa moran
Black As Night
As Black As Night Her Spirit Does Turn Her Heart Crys Out Broken And Torn Shes Far Out Of Reach A Place No One Can Touch. She Hears There Crys As She Looks On With Cold Dead Eyes Reflections Glisten In Her Eyes Days Run Into Night Nothing Seems To Change. She Just Wishes She Could Silently Slip Away.But Here She Sits Day After Day. Copyright ©2006 Lisa moran
Lonliness Surounds Me
sinking deeper and deeper inside myself wishing for the day that i will fade away wishing i could just run and hide away my lonliness surounds me more each day i fall to my knee's begging god to please just take me away from my pain and my sorrow why does he continue to let me stay all my plea's fall on def ears because im still here surounded by my lonliness day after day Copyright ©2006 Lisa moran
Cable Service In Fernley
12/20/06 Wednesday morning. Landscaper cleared the tumbleweeds out of the back yard. No buried treasure or dead bodies discovered in the process. Jimmy, the cable guy, showed up to hook up my television and internet. I told him that the electrician was coming tomorrow to wire a couple more rooms for cable. At that point Jimmy informed me that Charter Communications hasn't yet launched internet service in my area and that contrary to what I'd been told by the morons who answer the phones at his company, wiring rooms for cable is part of Jimmy's job description. He was real apologetic about all the misinformation. I didn't blame him. So while Jimmy is hooking up the TV, I called the electrician to cancel the appointment. The next call was to order DSL from AT&T. Now I have to wait another eight days to get back on line. I got Robert at the Charter call center on the phone to verify that I wouldn't be getting a monthly charge for the internet and he assured me tha
God's Lil Angel
God's Little Angel Got Her Wing's Today As He Welcomed His Lil Angel Home Today Tear's Fell Like Rain As The Angels Heard God Call Her Name. Forever In Our Heart's You Will For Ever Stay You Will Never Be Far Away We Know We Will See You Again One Day When God Call's Us Home To Stay. Copyright ©2006 Lisa Moran
She say’s she’s gone She’s leaving in the morning She says she’s too tired to leave tonight As we lay here in silence And you know I can’t sleep I listen to you breath With the minutes ticking by so slow While my mind races on so fast I can’t help but pray for the light With you leaving Driving off Free for a new start It’s hard believing your over It’s not the first time you’ve said goodbye but With any luck it will be the last I’m tired I say I have to sleep too you know Because you see I’m wearing pretty thin Feeling as old as these jeans on my body All wore and tore to shreds Well she’s gone and I could blame it all on her But I wont Because I know it was my indifference That made all these things go wrong It’s so quiet here Without the expectation of your return It’s empty somehow The cars still go by Just like they always did before Over the tree line and just out of sight Out in the middle of this nowhere I wander thru the stars that f
Where Eagle's Fly
When Your Spirit's Are Low And You Feel Like The World Is On Your Sholder's And You Feel Like You Have No Where To Go Look Above InTo The Clear Blue Sky Where Your Spirit Long's To Be On The Wing's Of An Eagle Flying Free Leaving All Your Worrys Behind. Beaause That's When Your Spirit Soar's Where Eagles Dare To Fly. Copyright ©2006 Lisa Moran
What a fine day today Even though The rain that’s been falling Can’t seem to change me She said she wants me But I think I’d lose my mind Can’t you see I’m lost without you Can’t you see I’ve nothing but time Maybe there is something out there Out there waiting for me But I just can’t find the line To make this life Like the one that was left behind What a fine day today Even though All these empty spaces Thru all these empty spaces Make up this sad little rhym
She lay silently sleeping in the snow One Indiana winters day Such beautiful warm contrast She burns that way Pale in comparison Of the moons reflected light She dances wildly thru the fire The fire that burns all in sight The wind, the rain and the storms that rage thru the night She is all in Gods creation She is life Silently she lay dreaming In this bed by my side Never tiring of the days That rise endlessly with the tide She’s natural and she’s real With no stains running to deep The oceans and the seas She holds in her hands Their forever there For her alone to keep The sun, the moon and all the stars in the sky She is all that is wonderful She is the life I breathe
I Haven't Been Dos Attacked In A Long Time
Got into a really lively debate with this guy yesterday, and finally got into a pissing match of words. So, I let loose with a Mikey-esque barrage of "fuckin what the fuck retarded short-bus ridin what the fuck" ... and POW I get hit with a Denial Of Service Attack (DOS Attack). Knocks my PC cold, frags my Netscape cache, my email, my Norton's (which was a nice learning curve for me, Norton's firewall bites), and a few other things. I'm still rebuilding some of the email folders... Really grown up, take an arguement, and step it up to attacking my property. I confront him with it, and he says "Having troubles, VOID? Want another one?" Sooo... it's been reported to all the appropriate people. I'll argue all up and down, but I will not step to attacking his personal property, that goes right into illegal space, and escalates to the point where I have to go find Teardrop or something nasty to throw at him, and I don't want that. THEN we have troubles... I doubt anything will actu
I went to the mall today. Got my nails done. YAY. Am hoping that after I get a job, I can get a gym membership. Then. I can get a job at Hooters!!! LMAO. I am such a dork. Going back to modeling. I can't wait to get a digital camera!! Sexyness
Tired Of Cherrytap Freezing
anyone elses screen always freezing and not getting any of your messages to go through???? any way if anyone wants to add me to msn it is much easier to talk on there or yahoo
Role Playing
Need Some Info.
How long should you know some one before falling in love with them and wanting to marry them.
Stupid And Walking Right Into It
ok title fits this to a tee and thats for sure. im walking into a huge disaster and i know it is whats so bad. tomorrow will either cause huge problems or make problems go away when i walk in front of this person. what am i going to say? i have no fucking clue. i know this has been building up and talking on the pc is so easy and i can say anything but the biggest fear is im gonna see them face to face and not have one damn thing to say or talk and its going to me so unfortable that im going to just want to run and scream into hidding and then im gonna smack myself for being the way i was knowing im a really talkative person and blunt. but see what i want to talk about is so past and well i seem to be the only one holding that past. well only one from what i get out of conversations. hell i dont know what i get out of conversations. there so completly mixed feelings that im beating my head up against the damn wall begging someone to tell me what to do with all this. more than likly im
My Truths.
It seems life is changing drastically fast, my head is in a whirl wind and I am not to sure what to think anymore. I look in the mirror and see a distorted version of this person I once was. Someone that worked so hard to please everyone around her, that she lost sight of what was important to her. I checked out of my life for far too long now I am slowly trying to find the missing pieces so I can glue it all back together.
You All Suck
This is to those close minded people out there... dont like my sexuality ... cram it where the sun dont shine .....
I Lost #1 Blog
Not long ago I got my baby blog and my story into the #1 blog spot. I just recently noticed that my blog was moved into the #2 spot and it breaks my heart that my story about the loss of our baby has been replaced. I have done everything that I can to try to spread the message about compassion, friendship and understanding. PLEASE help me get my baby blog back into the #1 spot where it belongs so that I can continue to spread the support to other parents that might be going through this very same thing. I know that you all will do the right thing.
Does it annoy anyone else when they have tons of pictures of them selfs and in every caption under the image they say things like "eww" "vommit" "I'm ugly" if you REALLY thought you were that ugly... and showed it in the picture... why would you post it over and over? I mean... I don't think I look great. But Jesus. When they post pictures and then caption is saying they are gross they are just going for attention. Arg. I'm in a bad mood. That might be why I am writing this. But it annoys the life out of me. If you think you look bad in the picture either don't post it or shut the fuck up about it. Yarrr
One of my friends got a cherry blast for x-mas now I am jealous I want one!!!!!
We Used To...
we used to walk the fields of green... we used to sit by clear blue streams... we used to be so happy... me and you... we used to do such silly things... we used to make love in the rain... we used to... yes we used to then you went away... leaving me with the memories we made memories of those sweet yesterdays spent with you ...spent with you and eventhough you're gone i still think so often of you and the things that we no longer do like we used to...ah... we used to... we used to be so much in love we used to kiss and hold and touch we used to find so many things to do we used to laugh and plan and dream we used to own the world it seems we used to... yes we used to then you went away... leaving me with the memories we made memories of the sweet yesterdays spent with you...spent with you... oh eventhough you're gone i still think so often of you and the things that we no longer do like we used to... oh we used to... (lyrics of 'we used to') it's as if
Te Invoco! Hahahaha!
Mi verga machetón está duro, te lo meto Esas putas si nos gustan tráeme la más chichona Concubina chulita, yo te cojo Quiero bruja, Pititis! Te invoco! No Brujo, lo duro, te lo mocho Viejo panzón, no parto, no te cojo Pinche cerdo, mamón, yo te chingo Yo te arranco los huevos hasta la verga Ay! Brujita dame algo, más o menos, yo te amo Esas skankas son marranas, tu eres, más cabrona Ven brujita, chulita, yo te cojo! La demonia, Pititis! Te Invoco! Te Invoco! Te Cojo! Te Invoco! Te Cojo! Te Invoco! Mi verga machetón está filoso, te lo meto Esas putas más baratas, tráeme, la más mamona Concubina chulita, yo te cojo Te doy todo! Pitits! Te Invoco! Ay! Papi brujito, te lo mocho No soy perra, mamón, eres joto Esa cabeza sin mente, pito guango Soy Pititis y que! Soy cabrona Te Invoco! Te Cojo! Te Invoco! Te Cojo!
Trucos! Tranzas! La Traición!!
Que agusto viviendo la vida - Coca "Eres el mero chingón, te cres El Patrón" Con chingo de oro y viejas mojadas Sólo hay una cosa que te manda al la chingada! Trucos! Tranzas! La Traición!! La Traición!! Que agusto viviendo la vida - Cura De rodillas mijo hay va tu bautismo Te ven como rey y te crees Dios Sólo hay una cosa que te manda al la chingada! La Traición!! Trucos! Tranzas! La Traición!!
I Got Kicked On The Face
My lip is busted open and swollen. Happy freaken new years to who ever reads this.
Would You Change
If you knew that you would die today Saw the face of god and love Would you change? Would you change? If you knew that love can break your heart When you're down so low that you cannot fall Would you change? Would you change? How bad, how good, does it need to get? How many losses? how much regret? What chain reaction would cause an effect? Makes you turn around Makes you try to explain Makes you forgive and forget, Makes you change Makes you change If you knew that you would be alone Knowing right, being wrong, Would you change? Would you change? If you knew that you would find a truth That would bring a pain that can't be soothed Would you change? Would you change? How bad, how good, does it need to get? How many losses? how much regret? What chain reaction would cause an effect? Makes you turn around Makes you try to explain Makes you forgive and forget, Makes you change Makes you change Are you so up right You can't be bent If it comes
Paper Doll
Thrown away into the win the paper flies towards the flame. Incincerated, the ash becomes a mark on the carpet. Time passes and the ash dissolves, never to be remembered. Slit my wrists, Let the blood fall. I watch the river flow into the abyss. My eyes become cloudy. I cannot see anymore. As my world drifts away, all I think of is you. My razor-edged folly... My bladed mistake... I fall into my slumber. I fight to stay awake.
Now Friend Just Joined
hi to all my cherry peep's out there i have friend who just join us would be nice of us to go to his site and show him some love his name is qxman28 so please stop bye and sy hi add him or fan him please . thank's coboy11 much love to all my peep;s out there happy new year.
La Ley Del Plomo!
Maquinas del diablo Como cuernos de chivo Cobran precios pesados Escupiendo besos de plomo La ley de plomo - portate bien La ley de plomo - bala te clava Corrale cabron sacate de aqui Tranzeando el brujo te deja bien mocho! hehehehehehe! >:)
Wanna See Me ????
Ten Things To Change In The Coming Year
1. My attitude 2. My personality 3. My attitude 4. My personality 5. My attitude 6. My personality 7. My attitude 8. My personality, did I mention that 9. I want to change my attitude 10. I want to change my personality. While writing this I felt some humor in it. But, to me in reality this is more than just humor. Because I keep to many people at a distance. I even push them out of my life, and over the holiday. The fact that I do this made me sad and feel very lonely. No pity for me is needed, just something that I need to be very conscious of daily. Thanks for ready my little blurb.
I Wanna Get Blunted My Brova..
House parties. I hate how it seems like Im always bringing the blunts. I smoke everyone out, don't get me's the proper thing to do. But when am I going to GET smoked out without having to match, HMM?! From now on, when I hear: "'Ey, Cata! Lets put it in tha air!", Im going to say something like: "Wow! Hey let's NOT and say we did!"
New Valentines Skins
I just made 20 new skins for Valentines Day. Check them out and help yourselves to whatever you want :-) Cindy HAPPY NEW YEAR YALL !!@ CherryTAP
how do i add a backround?
There's Strong ..and There's Army Strong
I have this video up on my profile and i am not sure how many peolpe actually watch it so i am sending it out to all of you , I hope maybe those of whome who are in the armed services present or past will click on this get the link and post it on their own profiles to get it out there because i think this is the one greatest video the army has ever put out. So Enjoy!!
Come Join The Fun In Military_hotspot
Hi everyone, We run a room on Camfrog Chat called MILITARY_HOTSPOT. We would like you to join us and become a regular visitor to our room, all we ask is for you to be over 18 and respect other users of the room. Why dont you come along and join us in having the most fun you could have late at night or early in the morning depending on what side of the world you live???? If you have CamFrog then visit us at MILITARY_HOTSPOT, if you don't have it yet.....WHY NOT??? Get it at Meet all the team: HotSpotPartners@ CherryTAP ~blazinnhot75~@ CherryTAP funboy@ CherryTAP 2cool4you@ CherryTAP Droolalicious69@ CherryTAP That's Funny Right There(AKA) Hammer@ CherryTAP and AMERICANJUSTICE WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ALL THERE!!!
Another One Of Those "get To Know Me" Post
TEN FACTS 01. Hometown? i dont care to share that... but i am in the big state of texas :) 02. Natural hair color? golden blond 03. Initials? SJDO 04. Hair style? usually pulled back into a clip or just naturally tossled 5. eye color? blueish greenish hazel 06. Height: Five Nine and a half 07. pet: i don't have any pets, but my kids have 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 donkeys 08. Mood: at the moment... upset 09. Where would you rather be? i love where i live.. 10. Last thing you drank? water TEN THINGS ABOUT YOUR LOVE LIFE: 01. Have you ever been in love? yup 02. Do you believe in love? yes i do 03. Why did your LAST relationship fail? hmmm.. i don't care to share that 04. Have you ever been heartbroken: allowing my heart to feel again scares the hell out of me 05. Have you ever broken someone's heart: yes, and i regret that, he was a good man 06. Have you ever fallen for your best friend? nahhh.. 07. Have you e
Please Be My Friend
does any ladys want to be my friend
Alone All alone in a room way to cold for my liking Alone with my thoughts my dark thoughts that run through my head Alone wishing nothing more but to have someone stand by my side Alone in a room that seems like its closing in on me Alone with memory's Alone with pain All alone in a big world that seems kinda cruel in some ways and dark with no light Alone staring at old scars Alone thinking of creating new scars........
Guess Who I Look Like Lol...humm
Ryan Phillippe? come on lmao!
is it really Friday? doesn't seem like it... every day is the same in my world. LOL I can't wait to have a job again. I'm applying at convienece stores too. the good ol' Mini Mart job. yayyyy!! I loves me my minimum wage, mmmmmhmmmmmmmm.. in all actuality, though, I will do anything to pay my bills. we didn't go to the zoo today. awwwwwww.. hopefully soon, though. we lazed around, he played GTA: San Andreas, and I played on the 'tap. I LOVE MUMMs about punching babies. & abusing handicapped people.. and blonde twin 8-year-olds having their first 3-some with their big beautiful pit bull while Uncle Davey videotapes it... well, ok, we haven't done that MUMM yet, but we will soon. mmmmmhmmmmmmmmm. LMAO it's so fucked up. I regularly make jokes about running elderly people over in my truck, but I'd never actually downshift & stomp on the accelerator. c'mon. I have a sick sense of humor, but I'm not a fucked-up psychopath. I'd never actually punch a baby, or kick a r
Very Powerful Video
You were almost sixteen when I came into the world. Mom and Dad had you first then 3 more boys I'm the baby girl. I sure have a lot to look up to in you, you're really smart and funny with a big heart too. After one year of college you knew what you had to do. It's just like you wanting to help with the war. So you joined the army when I was only 4. This time of year we talk of big plans but you're over seas in some distant land. You can't be here for Christmas, I don't understand. Chorus: When are you coming home, Shaun? When are you coming home?! We lit up the house like we always do but it doesn't seem bright 'cause we can't have you. In my prayers I ask God to keep you safe. And I'm trying to be really brave. Tell me that the fighting's through. Come home! I really miss you. It's hard to enjoy the holidays without you. But we're so proud of you and all the red white and blue. Remember that Jesus is your best friend, And someday our families will be togethe
A Moment
take a moment and just breath take a moment and just see take a moment and just hear take a moment and just feel take a moment and just touch to breath in the scent of a lover to look at your lover draped in candle light to hear the telltale catch in your lovers breath to feel the satin of anothers skin to touch anothers soul for just an instant to trust another so completely that your breath catches in your chest to see thru hooded lashed and hear your orders to obey or feel the sting of your mistake to know that a healing touch is there as well take a moment and feel control slipaway and smile because you are in good hands
Very Powerful Video
Simple White Envelope
SIMPLE WHITE ENVELOPE It's just a small white envelope stuck among the branches of our Christmas tree. No name, no identification, no inscription. It has peeked through the branches of our tree for the past 10 years or so. It all began because my husband Mike hated Christmas -- oh, not the true meaning of Christmas, but the commercial aspects of it -- the overspending, the frantic running around at the last minute to get a tie for Uncle Harry and the dusting powder for Grandma -- the gifts given in desperation because you couldn't think of anything else. Knowing he felt this way, I decided one year to bypass the usual shirts, sweaters, ties, and so forth. I reached for something special just for Mike. The inspiration came in an unusual way. Our son Kevin, who was 12 that year, was wrestling at the junior level at the school he attended. Shortly before Christmas, there was a non-league match against a team sponsored by an inner-city church. These youngsters, dresse
Imagine A Life..i Couldn't Now Without You
Imagine a life without a friend always there, through thick and through thin with nothing but care. To always lend a gentle helping hand, someone who always tries to understand. [I couldn't now... I've got You] Imagine a life with nobody to share, all the sorrows and pain, the times you can't bear. To pick you up each time you fall, nobody special on who you can call. [I couldn't now... I've got You] Imagine a life without that special gift, of someone to hug you when you need a lift. To let you know everything will be okay, when you believe you can't survive another day. [I couldn't now... I've got You] Imagine a life without a special friend, someone on which you can always depend. A life so lonely, no one to whom you can turn, not having a friend from who you can learn. [I couldn't now... I've got You] [Nor would I want to imagine a life without You in it]
Check Out My Website...
There's not a lot of pictures up yet... but in the next few weeks I'll have a lot more! Check it out and leave me a message in the guest book! Thanks!
From A Friend To Me/feedback Is What I Want On How You Feel Bout This
Courtesy of my friend Maria Milagros. Apparently this appeared in "The Washington Post" some 13 years ago. It was written by a black woman for black women, but it could just as easily apply to women of any color. Women want most to feel secure in a relationship; men want to be respected. If we could all take that to and women...we might just see the trends toward more divorces, more dysfunctional families, and more aloneness in this country broken. As the apostle Paul said in his letter to the church at Rome: For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you. Romans 12:3 The Washington Post By: Joy Jones Have you met this woman? She has a good job, works hard, earns a good salary. She went to college, got her master's degree; she is intelligent. She is personable, articulate, well-read, intereste
Cutest Baby
come on guys ya'll let me down for the last one....she's in 3rd can you help get her higher?
How To Make Love
HOW TO MAKE LOVE Ingredients: 4 Laughing eyes 4 Well-shaped legs 4 Loving arms 2 Firm milk containers 2 Nuts 1 Fur-lined mixing bowl 1 Firm banana Directions: 1. Look into laughing eyes. 2. Spread well-shaped legs with loving arms. 3. Squeeze and massage milk containers very gently. 4. Gently add firm banana to mixing bowl, working in and out until well creamed. For best results. Continue to knead milk containers. 5. As heat rises, plunge banana deep into mixing bowl and cover with nuts, leave to soak (preferably NOT overnight). 6. The cake is done when banana is soft. If banana does not soften, repeat steps 3-5 or change mixing bowls. Notes: 1. If you are in an unfamiliar kitchen, wash utensils carefully before and after use. 2. Do not lick mixing bowl after use. 3. If cake rises, leave town.
well hey peeps! not really sure what this is all about, but it looks like fun. and i love to have fun. so n e ways, hope to talk to yall soon. peace JJ
My Myspace
just incase anyone was interested, my myspace account is check me out and add me as a friend, friends is what i need right now, thanks
To Give
i see me as a broken china doll with cracks and chips missing fragile but with a hint of disdain for all who try to shatter whats left of me. to trust someone else to believe in someone else to let go of the control i have over every little detail to just breathe and be free to liston and obey someone else besides the devils in my mind to have knowledge that although control is gone love and respect is not and when sunlight is streaming all the other masks i wear are on i can still be proud of myself and when darkness comes and i can be feel alive thru pleasure and perhaps pain to see the pleasure in your eyes to hear "yes sir" tremble from my lips to know i am safe for a few hours and unmasked so i can breath and happiness beyond expectations because i choose to give my control to you for safe sweet....
Kot (kids Off Tap)
I strongly support what this group of people are doing (KOT) Kids Off Tap. Bearing in mind that this site is for adults and not under age kids. I am strongly suggesting to all my friends who check out the new members listing on a regular basis that if you see or feel that new members are underage and don't belong here, forward the info to me and or any member or founder of this group. Better yet join this group of people try to keep underage kids off of CT.Any one interested in this contact me and I will forward you to the co-owner of this organization, let's all do our part in this venture and keep the kids off of here and on myspace where they belong.
Can I Free You?
masturbate... he loves to watch her masturbate sigh and moan and penetrate movements of absurd poetry something done only for me by she i see her body twist and heave frustration fights to be relieved one hand moved up to her chest toying, tugging, at her breast moistened finger is replaced body moving now in haste mumbled mouthings have increased growling groaning the ultimate release her single probe becoming two pleasure now begins anew climax reached though passion lingers she kindly offers you her fingers...
Oh Dear
tonight has been interesting and now I am confused. Again. Gah, I hate this. =C
Man Laws
MAN LAWS The International Rules of Manhood 1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2: It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse. (c) After wrecking your boss ' car. (d) When she is using her teeth. 3: Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4: Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. 5: If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6: Moaning about the brand of free beer in a buddy's fridge is forbidden. However, complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable. 7: No man shall ever be required to buy a birthday present for another man. In fact, even remembering your buddy's birt hday is strictly optional. At that point,
Me And My Girl... I Love You.
Tiya my love it has been offically 10 years... Who would have thought that we would be as strong if not stronger than we were as friends in 96/97... You are my rock and I am yours... We have been thru hell and we have still made it thru... I will always stand by your side thru anything and everything, just as I know you will do the same for me... Tiya you are my heart and soul and I love you more than words can express... You are my girl I love you!!!
Musings On The End Of Times
As those of you who are history/education buffs, you'll know that this week is "Armageddon Week" on The History Channel. At the moment, I'm watching a program about the Antichrist, and his coming, based on religious mythology, historical facts, with a few comparisons to current events. Given that the general thought, both biblical and commonly, thinks that the Antichrist would be an educated, attractive, charismatic individual, with the potential to become a living legend, it's probably pretty safe to say that GWB isn't the Antichrist, as many have surmised. Honestly, I'd be more likely to call Al Pacino the Antichrist, after seeing his HIGHLY charismatic portrayal of Satan in "The Devil's Advocate". I seriously doubt that good ol' Al is the Antichrist. If biblical writings are to be believed as far as predicting the Antichrist, I'd say it's likely to be someone in the next election for the highest seat in government (not necessarily American). The biblical hints regarding the An
cowboy11@ CherryTAP
This is for the Mistress of Wolves.... She prowled restlessly in her cage, anxious for her master to return. She lowered her head and lapped from her water dish, the gentle splashing of the cool liquid against her tongue easing her tensions somewhat. She jerked her head up slightly, tilting it to one side inquisitively as she heard the sound of the key in the front door. The tiny bell that hung from her collar jingled from the sudden movement. As it opened, she heard Michael’s voice calling from the hallway, and she began to meow urgently, letting her owner know she desired his attention. He strode into the room and knelt before the cage, sliding his fingers between the bars. He began to scratch her behind the ears. She pushed up against his fingers, butting his hand with her head to maximize the sensation of his touch. “How’s my kitten today? Did she miss me?” Her tongue slipped from between her lips and she quickly and delicately licked his fingers. She lifted h
Updated My Blog
I had time to kill, so... i moved all the movies that were blogged... into my stash. PS Thanks to all the users that dropped by and rated :D
Contest-saxy Cherry
I'm in a contest please vote and rate my pic as many times as u'd like to i will appreciate it alot! click on my pic below and it will take you there Much love and Kisses Lisa
Todays Horoscope 12/29/06
Capricorn - Bring your fears out in the open. Then you can conquer them.
This Year I....
so the year is ending... confess that in 2006 I... x ate sushi x got naked on the beach at night x drove more than 200 miles x played world of warcraft x played matchmaker x met some interesting people on myspace & cherrytap x wrote an articles for the kiteboarder magazine x had some photos published in the kiteboarder magazine x discovered "The Lake Effect" x opened my business to a very successful 1st year x learned coding x made a ton of friends under the age of 18 (skateboarders!) x created a sucessful fundraising project x gave lots of hugs x made people laugh x drank way too much at the Idler x danced a bit freaky at Wayside x went to a strip club x learned to kiteboard better x saw the hurricane damage in alabama x visited new orleans and met dan from the real world x met anthony keidis from the chili peppers @ my shop x got crushed between 70,000 people at lollapalooza x lost my grandmother x made a lot of good friends x realized that not all gir
Yes More Updates On Me..
Well there is alot of stuff that is on my mind and I really don't know what to do..It is ok to get out of your system.. Grandma is getting really worse and I don't know what to do.. Yes I know my life is in living Hell.. Don't know what I can do is be there for my grandma.. I am or going to start praying for me more and try to read my bible.. My be a miracle.. I hope it happens.. Well give you all more updates on me ok.. Virgo24
Private Screening
The balcony of the Tivoli Theater was paradise for a movie lover. The noise from the patrons who sat below was completely inaudible, and the situation of the screen in relation to the balcony seating enabled a viewer to take in every inch of the frame, savoring the carefully composed pictures that danced before them. Those were all important considerations to Karen, a devoted cinephile for whom the atmosphere in which she saw a film was as important as the artistic merit of the film itself. But there was one luxury the Tivoli balcony possessed that no other theater could lay claim to. The rows of seats had been laid out with twice the leg room of any other theater she had ever visited. And now, as she lay slumped in the seat, legs splayed out before her and hands in her lap, that simple design element was more important than all the free popcorn she could eat. The film unspooling before her had been heavily touted as a landmark in erotic cinema, but she had found it to be ro
Things Not To Say During Sex
I have to poop. Smile for the camera! Get off me, i'll do ma self! This is your first time.......right? You're almost as good as ma ex! When it this suppose to feel good? I thought YOU had the keys to the handcuffs?! I was so horny tonight i would have taken a sheep home. Keep it down, my mother is a light sleeper. Hey! ma friends were right! you ARE good! On second thought, let's turn the lights off. I'm soberin up and you're gettin ugly! But everybody looks funny naked! Do i have to pay for this? No! you're too fat to be on top. you'd kill me! Actually, your sister "likes" it like this. What's your name again? Hold on, let me change the channel. It's nice being in bed with someone i dont have to inflate. Uhhh....i think the condom broke 10 minutes ago.
Bike Week..woohoo
I am going to Daytona in March for a few days for Bike Week...something I have always wanted to do and since my bro lives in Fla well I am going to stay with him and enjoy the sun and bikes and of course Goofy!!! I love him hahahaha. Was sitting at my friends house and he's going and shipping his Harley down there I said fuck it went on his computer and bought the tix for myself. My brother is excited bc I haven't been there to see him since he moved so it will be cool to hang with him and catch up with friends I have in Fla as well and maybe go to Tampa hahahahaha and punch someone in the face =) Thats about it for now...hope you all had a great xmas and have a happy new year!! xoxoxoxox
Rude People
It is amazing how I always check the new members and give everyone I have time for good ratings yet they do not bother to repay the act once they get too. Let alone how many times I give good ratings to a crap load of pics and they stop my page and then do not even return that favor. Some people on here are just asses. Just so everyone knows. I am pretty much just talking about those not on my friends list. You on my list are great people that I enjoy associating with.
What Has Happend To Common Courtesy And Manners?
It just amazes me that people today have forgotten the most commone courtesies and manners!! If you say you will do something or be somewhere then do it or be there. If you make plans with someone and can't keep them let who you made plans with know. I made plans for tonight to do something that me and my girlfriend have never done and was stood up. I am not mad that they couldn't make it. I am mad that they didn't let us know that they couldn't make it!!! Shit I am a very understanding person and if ya just talk to me and say ya can't do what we planed it's fine. I would rather be told before hand. Instead of waiting and being stood up!! So right now I'm a little pissed off!! I know by morning and after a few beers I will be fine with it all.
Change The Word
My friends, the time has come to take action on an issue that has been on my mind for quite some time. We, as English speaking people, have been oppressed for so long by the so-called "rules" of pluralization. As you know, the plural of testicle is testes. This is a travesty!!! I propose that we petition Webster to change the official plural to testicles. People often use the word incorrectly so the change would not be a difficult one. Besides, the comedic value of the word is increased 190% with the change. Don't let this issue go unnoticed. While Webster sits in his tower, eating his fancy Kraft dinners, we will be toiling away against the tyranny of modern language. Please, add your name and pass the link along to others. 1. Mike Ellison
well, jus sittin here after i packed and moved in one freakin day. wonderin what the hell i'm doing back in the worst ton in the county. then i realized that it just doesn't matter. the people around me love me and my kids are doing good, i got a roof soooo....
R.i.p. Ray
This is for you Ray... Up In Heaven Drinking Your Beers... Christmas was a horrible day for me; I lost a loved one that I hold dear to my heart. My Moms husband passed away. Until today that’s all I called you, but now I realize you are more to me than that. My Step-Dad Ray was taken from us to early on a day meant for celebrating. Ray you were one of the few that I could fight and knock horns with, and still loved you to death. You were a pain in my ass but I still looked for the good in you and always saw it. You never wanted anyone to know you had a soft side, you put up this tough biker exterior but I saw right through it. I was so honored that you had walked me down the aisle at my wedding, you were a father to me, when I never knew I had one. My own father didn’t even step up to the plate to take his place by my side, but you did, and I will forever be grateful to you for that. I am sorry I never got to tell you I loved you one last time, but I know you are watching over all of
New Years Resolutions
My new years Resolutions .. Eat ..drink and be merry WAIT...WAIT... I change my mind Drink...drink... be merry and eat...uuummm did I mention Drink I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year.. To all the world, as I see it... God I love America , land of the free and brave because of those who have fought and paid a high price for that freedom. God bless you and keep you safe
Interracial Couples
Want To Make Friends
i am new at this site still havent figured it all at yet but hope to make new friends. wishing everyone a safe and happy new year.
Sweet Dreams
MySpace Comments Graphics
My Love
A Poem For All To Read.
Unto my goddess I call unto you The urge holds me within her arms refusing to leave me alone Within the hours I grow weary and long for release Unaware of the reason I can’t be free of this path I’m shown Dear goddess when will my wondering seize Only in my dreams will you come to me Never awake will you allow me to see Is my purpose greater than I am now Must I go in it alone and silent in vow Will there be others by my side Or will I lead them, a lonely bride I call upon you for answers with no reply I walk with no view of what awaits in the night With only the protection of my faith and pride Unto your calling I invoke the with every stride. Sabrina C. Ussery
Happy New Year 2007
Happy New Year Comment Graphics
What Kind Of Sex Are You
You scored as A Romantic. You're a romantic through and through. You may not ever have very many partners, but it's ok. You know that it's about the person who you're having it with, and that the sex is more of a fun biproduct - a very fun biprodict. You know how to make your partner happy, and that's what it's all about.A Romantic85%Sex God80%A Slave To BDSM78%Virgin45%How are you in bedcreated with
Which Of The 4 Of The Sex And The City Women Are You?
You scored as Carrie Bradshaw. Your Carrie Bradshaw! You have an upbeat personality and a great love of life. You love your girlfriends, a nite out in New York City and a new pair of shoes. You have all you need in your life right now, and if a guy falls into place, then the more the merrier!Carrie Bradshaw87%Charlotte York67%Samantha Jones47%Miranda Hobbs33%Which of the 4 Sex & the City Gals are YOU?created with
>Guy walks into a pub and sees a sign hanging over the bar which >reads: > >CHEESEBURGER: $1.50 > >CHICKEN SANDWICH : $2.50 > >HANDJOB: $10.00 > >Checking his wallet for the necessary payment, he walks up to the bar > >and >beckons to one of the three exceptionally attractive women serving >drinks to >a meager looking group of men. > >"Yes?" she inquires with a knowing smile, "can I help you?" > >"I was wondering", whispers the man, "are you the one who gives the >hand-jobs?" > >"Yes", she purrs, "I am." > >The man replies "Well wash your hands, I want a cheeseburger."
Please Let All Your Friends Know You Love Them..please Read
What Kind Of Kinky Sex Are You
You scored as Chains/Handcuffs. Your turn on is handcuffs and chains. You like being cuffed/chained to the bed, or cuffing/chaining your partner down. You love the pure ectasy of being in complete control... or letting someone else have complete control over you. Sex isn't sex without control.Chains/Handcuffs83%Bondage83%Biting67%Whips67%Blind Folds50%Blood0%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
(used By;dominic Ledonne)
Yo Mamma
Yo mama's so big, her belly button's got an echo. Yo mama's so big, she can't wear an X jacket cause helicopters kept landing on her back. Yo mama's so big, she rollerskates on busses. Yo mama's so big, she thought Barnum & Bailey were clothing designers. Yo mama's so big, she uses a jungle gym for a walker. Yo mama's so big, she uses bowling balls for earrings. Yo mama's so big, she uses the interstate for a Slip `n Slide. Yo mama's so big, she whistles bass. Yo mama's so big, that she climbed Mt. Fuji with one step. Yo mama's so big, that they had to change "One size fit's all" to "One size fits most" Yo mama's so big, they had to paint a stripe down her back to see if she was walking or rolling. Yo mama's so big, when I fingered her I lost a watch and two rings! Yo mama's so big, when she bent down to tie her shoes, her face got burnt from re-entry. Yo mama's so big, when she goes in the water at the beach she changes the tide. Yo mama's so
Thick Nikki
CLOSE UP!-06081902-1.mpg
Be Safe
How To Tell If U Need To Pray At Work...
Well yes i missed it plus friend's i have like's CT better so here for good and im just chillin is all say hi if ya like and have fun~~~Nancy
Whack Me!!
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Anyone Ever Think About This Anymore???
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all. ~ I Pledge Allegiance ~ I Promise to be faithful and true (Promise my loyalty) ~ to the flag ~ to the emblem that stands for and represents ~ of the United States ~ all 50 states, each of them individual, and individually represented on the flag ~ of America ~ yet formed into a UNION of one Nation. ~ and to the Republic ~ And I also pledge my loyalty to the Government that is itself a Republic, a form of government where the PEOPLE are sovereign, ~ for which it stands, ~ this government also being represented by the Flag to which I promise loyalty. ~ one Nation under God, ~ These 50 individual states are united as a single Republic under the Divine providence of God, "our most powerful resource" (according to the words of President Eisenhower) ~ Indivisible, ~ and c
Blog Nsfw Flags
hey folks, we've recently added nsfw flags for entire blogs, and for individual blog postings. please use those when posting adult/nsfw content! also, please help us by going back through your existing blogs and flagging any necessary postings. thanks! -mike
Super Bubba
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A Song Of Respect By Pantera
Pantera-walk Walk (Intro) Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistance One step from lashing out at you... You want in to get under my skin And call yourself a friend I've got more friends like you What do I do? (Pre) Is there no standard anymore? What it takes, who I am, where I've been Belong You can't be something you're not Be yourself, by yourself Stay away from me A lesson learned in life Known from the dawn of time (Chorus) Re, Spect, walk, what did you say?? Re, Spect, walk, are you talking to me??? (Post)Are you talking to me?? Run your mouth when I'm not around It's easy to achieve You cry to weak friends that sympathize Can you hear the violins playing your song? Those same friends tell me your every word (Pre) Is there no standard anymore? What it takes, who I am, where I've been Belong You can't be something you're not Be yourself, by yourself Stay away from me A lesson learned in life
"to Realize"(something A Frined Sent Me In An E-mail)
To realize The value of a sister Ask someone Who doesn't have one. To realize The value of ten years: Ask a newly Divorced couple. To realize The value of four years: Ask a graduate. To realize The value of one year: Ask a student who Has failed a final exam. To realize The value of nine months: Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn. To realize The value of one month: Ask a mother who has given birth to A premature baby. To realize The value of one week: Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper. To realize The value of one minute: Ask a person Who has missed the train, bus or plane. To realize The value of one-second: Ask a person Who has survived an accident. Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone special To realize the value of a friend or family member: LOSE ONE. The origin of this letter is unknown
Hott Topic!
1. Why females turn to arms of another female? 2. Why size does not matter? 3. Why people seem to think size matters? 4. What are the 4 types of men? ------------------------------------------------- These's are the four Hott Topics for WCUZ RADIO!!! This is ya gurl D.J. DIVIUS MISS CHIEVIOUS here to answer all questions and hear what you have to say on these four topics! Calls have been comin in all week on these for topics, so let me hear ya!!! And yes this chick here has all the answers, now im not on the air right now so u wont be gettin ya air time tonight, but i will post some words on these topics right here on CT or whatever! Speak to me!!!
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"it's Time"
It's time now to look ahead and not back Another year comes another has past There's nothing you can do to change what is gone Just learn from it and and try to carry on. A love that is lost will not be found But a new love may in time come around If you've suffered the loss of a good friend Remember them fondly so the memory won't end. This new year brings hope to those who have none It brings promises and a new life now begun Happiness can be yours to have in the end If only you remember it comes from within.
Into The Night...
She's just sixteen years old Leave her alone, they say Separated by fools Who don't know what love is yet But I want you to know - CHORUS: If I could fly I'd pick you up I'd take you into the night And show you a love Like you've never seen - ever seen. It's like having a dream Where nobody has a heart It's like having it all And watching it fall apart And I would wait till the end of time for you And do it again, it's true I can't measure my love There's nothing to compare it to But I want you to know - If I could fly I'd pick you up I'd take you into the night And show you a love Like you've never seen - ever seen. I heard this song for the first time ever tonight and it touched something in me that I didnt know it could...I heard it and I thought about that one person that I want to have for ever in my life. That one person that if I could fly I would pick up and take him into the night with me... forever
~~the Lastest Craze Of Complete Idiots~~
"Ghost riding the whip" _ a stunt in which a driver gets out of his car and dances around and on top of the slowly moving vehicle to a thumping hip-hop beat _ has gotten at least two people killed, led to numerous injuries and alarmed police on the West Coast and beyond. A fad among devotees of a West Coast strain of hip-hop music called "hyphy," the stunt has been celebrated in song and performed in numerous homemade videos posted on YouTube. "It did not take Einstein to look at this thing and say this was a recipe for disaster," said Pete Smith, a police spokesman in Stockton. "We could see the potential for great injury or death." Earlier this month, Davender Gulley, a ghost-riding 18-year-old, died after his head slammed into a parked car while he was hanging out the window of an SUV in Stockton, police said. In October, a 36-year-old man dancing on top of a moving car fell off, hit his head and died in what authorities said was Canada's first ghost riding fatality. The stu
Gonna Be Mrs. Sgt Amick Soon
Yup thats right. My hubby is getting promoted to SGT soon. He just has to finish some courses and go to the board. Of course he;s been studying every chance he gets so he'll be fine. Besides he's 1sgts have been telling him since aug that they'd get him he's E5 and they finally "got around" to it. Yay for promotions!
Long Live The Christmas Trees!
Driving along Loop 360 on my way to work yesterday, I noticed a pine tree that had garland around it and a Santa cap where a star would be. Then just a little ways up I saw a man with two children heading back to their truck. I looked at them a little weird and thought - why in the world would they go decorate a Christmas tree, especially AFTER Christmas??? I quickly dismissed it with thoughts of the traffic up ahead. Later, today, I went to my daughter's apartment to receive my Christmas gift from them since I had to work on Christmas day. After spending some time with them, I came down MoPac to 360. I made a quick stop at Taco Cabana for a taco on my way home and then returned on 360 going southbound of 183. When I did, I saw a whole bunch of decorated Christmas trees. Ooooooh, I get it now!!! It is said that once you are done with your Christmas tree, you can replant it for next year. I tried it once, but it died. Perhaps, it wasn't planted deeply enough -
"my Name Is Meth"(something I Found)
My name is meth I destroy homes, I tear families apart, I take your children, and thats just the start. Im more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold, The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. If you need me, remember Im easily found, I live all around you in schools and in town I live with the rich, I live with the poor, I live down the street, or maybe next door. Im made in a lab, but not like you think, I can be made under the kitchen sink. In your childs closet, and even in the woods, If this scares you to death, well it certainly should. I have many names, but there is one you know best, Im sure youve heard of me, my name is crystal meth. My power is awesome, try me youll see, But if you do, you may never break free. Just try me once and I might let you go, But try me twice, and Ill own your soul. When I possess you, youll steal and youll lie, You do what you have to just to get high. The crimes youll commit for my narcotic charms, Will be worth the pl
we live to bleed we live to die we can be mean we can be nice some of us kill for fun some for spite some for revinge some kill ourselfs and some don't realy care we hate we love we lie we cut we bleed we cry we died when we were bron we live to bleed we live to die we're all different but yet we're all the same
If I Had A Wish...
he was taken form me in frout of my very on eyes he was soppoted to be mine we were destin to be together but now im never going to see my happy ending as the mouths when by i relized that he wasnt really mine he doesnt even know that i love him but now i see that it will never be because the love he has with her is something that i can never brake
Saddam Hussein Hanged.
Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has been executed, according to two Arabic language media outlets. Hussein was hanged before dawn on Saturday in Iraq, at about 6 a.m. (10 p.m. Friday ET), the U.S.-backed Al-Hurra television reported. Al-Arabiya reported that Barzan Hassan, Hussein's half-brother, and Awad Bandar, former chief justice of the Revolutionary Court, were hanged after Hussein. All three were convicted of killings in the Iraqi town of Dujail nearly 25 years ago. Earlier, Munir Haddad, a judge on the appeals court that upheld the former dictator's death sentence, and an adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki each confirmed the paperwork needed for Hussein's execution had been prepared late Friday. "All the procedures have been completed," Haddad said. At the same time, a U.S. district judge refused a request to stay the execution. Attorney Nicholas Gilman said in an application for a restraining order, filed Friday in U.S.
"forgive Me"
i miss the way he looked at me i miss the way he held me i didnt like what he was doing to himself so i let him go but now that im far away i really miss him i know people can change i have seen it with my own eyes and when he said he changed i didnt belive him and i dont know why i know i broke his haert he broke mine once befor now i forgive him hopeing now he forgives me
Pretty Eyes Contest
Please vote for me in the pretty eyes contest Thank you SWEET~THING
"mend Her Brokenheart"
there is nothing you can do to mend her broken heart what thay did to her killed her inside she thought they loved her but they lied the bad guys lied to her to get into her pants and the good guys lied to get into her heart shes been lied to all her life and doesnt trust anyone with her heart she locked it up and hid the key a long time ago she wants to be loved and not lied to dont lie to her find her key open her heart and try to fix what they have broken
My Ears!
Just got my ears peirced again. I got two done at the same time...well, one right after the other. My left ear will be rather useless for phone gabbing and such for a while. I am very afraid of needles, so luckily Salyx forced me through it ;p And it's a good thing, because I love them!
"loves Hateful Embrace"
if I dont die before I weak take my life of heaven's sake for you cant see how much you meant to me ill take this dagger to the sky and call upon the gods to help me fly for my heart only lies to you it cant deny the goddess of love sees my fate I will die in loves hateful embrace in which you can only brake
A new sexual position has been invented. Its called the Rodeo. A woman gets on all fours, and a man enters her from behind. Then the man wraps his arms around her waist. He whispers, "You've got the fattest ass I've ever seen," and tries to hold on for eight seconds.
Woohooo I'm Back
Sorry I haven't been around lately, had my internet shut off for a few weeks, because I chose to buy my kids xmas presents and not pay the bill...LOL. Their happiness was far more impoartant then my own. Hope nobody missed me too much. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
"don't Say You Love Me Inless You Really Mean It"
i like you because of who you are to me i hate you because of what you did to me i miss you because you got her,not me i love you and thats how it will always be!! if love was a law, i would be in prison for the rest of my life i wish i may, i wish i miight, be the one for you tonight!!! when you kissed me my whole body shook..i didnt know what to do..i didnt know where to look..i gently closed my eyes..and put my hands on your face..and i felt my heart start to race..we looked at each other..and smiled in bliss..because you were my first real kiss!! i loved you once..i loved you twice..but you just weren't very i moved on with some fear..and all i got was just a tear..but you taught be one thing i'll always remenber..that sometimes life only gives you one take the courage..when it does come take it and dont be like i was..because now i want you back but i really dont see that!! we laughed,we talked and had so much fun..but now we ha
Death doesnt scare me Death is the darkness in which i came the Source of all evil my eyes are black my hair is red and my heart is colder then ice i could kill you with just one look posion runs throw my vains i am Lady Death i feel no love i feel no life i feel only the pain and hate in this world
"it Hurts To Know That I Can't Trust You"
i could of been a good friend to you i would have been there when you needed someone to talk to u need a frined like me in your life why would you fuck it up why would you try to fuck with my life when you know how hard it is for me i just dont understand why you would do that to me what did i do to you to make you what to ruin me i thought i could trust you but i guess i cant i thought i was your frined but i guess im not so ill say my goodbyes to you but i guess you dont care im sorry if i did do something to you i just wish you would have told me instead of doing that to me it hurts to know that i cant trust you
People Are Fucking Stupid
I hate it when people make their yahoo messenger status ", GET ONLINE RIGHT NOW!" ... ... ... Dumbass, like the person can really fucking see that youre telling them to get online, seeing as they ARENT ONLINE. Dumbasses.
My sisters are picking me up from work tomorrow night and taking me to our hometown. But since too many people know the ENTIRE family there (the curse of being a redneck, from a redneck town), we'll probably go to the next county, where we lived for like 6 years. And because I'm cute and little and funny when I'm drunk, this means the Princess gets free drinks! I loooooove my man but he doesn't drink and thinks I get wild when I do so I'm leaving The Warden home with the girls! Mama's getting happy! My only fear is that we'll run into my ex, who is scum from the bottom of the slimiest rock you'll ever see but I'm not too worried. When you're little and cute like me, you have friends that'll whoop ass for you. I'll just make sure Loser buys me a drink first. It's the least he can do. And because I'm feeling the love, I'll make him buy all y'all one too! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! PS: You do know this will mean adorable pics, right?!
Don't Mind Me, Just Venting
Why am I always left alone? I don't know my sin, so how can I atone? I'm still the little boy who cries because noone loves him. God hates me. I'll never see the light. Who wants to see? I've never wanted anything in this world, except to have one day where I could just be happy. I could have been your savior. I could have been your devil. But instead you forgot me altogether. If you would have just loved me, I could have brought miracles back to this world. If you would have just taunted me, I could have undone all that you have made. But instead I wake up without a reason to. You won't let me die, but you won't give me a reason to live. If you care at all just strike me down, please. How can I keep on going? There's got to be more than just hope. I scream at the night and noone answers. I pray at night and noone answers. Let the rain come down, and take me away. Cowardice isn't why I remain. I've got to believe that I don't suffer needlessly. There's got to
is dead!!! woot
blood flows through my body and in my heart black and dead cuts on my skin show the hate within this world around me the dark red blood flowing down my arm I see the red pools on the floor I put a handprint on the bathroom wall and write next to it " I loved u most of all my dreams are nightmares my cry’s are screams this is how u left me shallow and broken"
Jail Time
Thankfully I avoided jail time again. This case , is taken care of but I still have another on the 8, 25, 26. Cross your fingers, though the only one they can throw me in jail for is on the 8 but I am working on getting those charges dismissed.
Her heart has been broken countless times by them who say they love her she thought she could trust him thought he was different but she was wrong he lied to her tried to hide it from her he tried to hide his secrets but he forget that she knows everything he took her heart with his to perfect personality and now he's ripping it to peaces
End Of The Year Survey
year end survey. 1) Where did you begin 2006? At a certain Capt. house, drunk ofcourse! 2) What was your status by Valentine's Day? Fucked (not in the good way) 3) Were you in school (anytime this year)? Yeah 4) How did you earn your money? Firefighting and Working at the central washington vascular institue. 5) Did you have to go to the hospital? Yeah quite a few times, for work. 6) Did you have any encounters with the police? A few but again only for work. 7) Where did you go on holiday? Levanworth, WA 8) What did you purchase that was over $500? Laptop, PDA phone, PS2 Games, ton of DVD's 9) Did you know anybody who got married? 2 10) Did you know anybody who passed away? too many 11) Have you run into anybody you left high school with? Nope 12) Did you move anywhere? I moved to Washington from California 13) What sporting events did you go to. None 14) What concerts/shows did you go to? Megadeath, Jellyneck 15) Are you reg
"dani California On The Radio"
Dani California is the last time i saw you it was the last song we heard has the radio blear out Dani California i am in the back seat im thinking for what i wanted to tell you something i have wanted to say for a while we pull in my drive way "California Rest In Peace Simultaneous Release" and when you pull away im feeling you slip away i am miles away from you now and i feel like its been years since im seen you since i felt you youll never know what i wanted to tell you i just hope you dont forgot about me and will always remender me when Dani California is on the radio
Subject: Changing Times At School - More Truth Than Joke
HOW THINGS CHANGE! Scenario: Jack pulls into school parking lot with rifle in gun rack. 1973: - Vice Principal comes over, takes a look at Jacks rifle, goes to his car and gets his to show Jack. 2006: - School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again, Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. ++++++++++++++++++++++ Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school. 1973: - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends. Nobody goes to jail,nobody arrested, nobody expelled. 2006: - Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it. ++++++++++++++++++++++ Scenario: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students. 1973: - Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by Principal. Sits still in class. 2006: - Jeffrey given huge doses of Ritalin. Be
Happy New Year!!
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Saddam Hussein...
at 10:05pm Saddum Hussein has been hung I hope that that mother fucker goes to hell and hopefuly Billions of torchered Souls will tair him apart....
"love Never Last Forever"
she met him when she was 15 he was someone that Daddy would never like sneaking out late at night doing things that teensagers dont need to do she was 18 when her life changed Mamma was mad and so was Daddy She didnt care what thay said She married him 9 mouths later she held a little girl in her arms as time went by he become violent years go by and her little girl is almost 18 He put her throw alot She left him when he did worge then went back to him not only because she loved him but because she didnt want her kids to grow up without there dad Now she thinks he wants to leave her after all the begging to take her back after all the shit he put her little girl throw he just one day doesnt want her anymore
World Cup Final
A man had great tickets for the World Cup Final. As he sits down, another man comes down and asks if anyone is sitting in the empty seat next to him. "No," he says. "The seat is empty." This is incredible!" says the other man. "Who in their right mind would have a seat like this for the World Cup Final, the biggest sporting event in the world, and not use it?" "Well, actually, the seat belongs to me. My wife was supposed to come with me, but she passed away. This is the first World Cup Final we haven't been to together since we got married in 1966 in London." "Oh ... I'm sorry to hear that. That's terrible. But couldn't you find someone else, a friend or relative, or even a neighbor to take the seat?" The man shakes his head. "No. They're all at the funeral."
My Sister
hey you all my baby sis joined "shorty" is her name or click the link and show her love she is new to our cherry community show her mad love muahhh Shorty@ CherryTAPraylynn
Not Everything Is As It Seems
A sexy woman went up to the bar in a quiet rural pub...She gestured alluringly to the bartender who approached her immediately. Seductively signalled that he should bring his face closer to hers. As he did, she gently caressed his full beard. "Are you the manager?" She asked, softly stroking his face with both hands. "Actually, no," he replied. "Can you get him for me? I need to speak to him? " She said, running her hands beyond his beard and into his hair. "I'm afraid I can't," breathed the bartender. Is there anything I can do?" "Yes. I need for you to give him a message," she continued, running her forefinger across the bartender's lips and slyly popping a couple of her fingers into his mouth and allowing him to suck them gently. "What should I tell him?" the bartender managed to say. "Tell him," she whispered, " there's no toilet paper, hand soap, or paper towels in the ladies room
"she" One Of My Peoms
She yells she screams he hits her he beats her head into the floor she screams again in the eyes of a 10 year old girl she’s scared of him standing and watching has her mom gets beaten she wants to help but can’t she’s still can’t move freighted that he mite kill or hurt her is it my fault this is happening? Did my birth cause this? Was I an accident ? She asks herself this she blames herself for what’s going on I yell I scream is he going to hurt me too? I’m scared I try to reach out for help but no one is there we’re all alone that day I lost all hope all faith all belief
My America
F@#K YOU SADDAM YOU SORRY F@#K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD Bless the USA!!!
Do You Remember?
THIS DOES BRING BACK MEMORIES! This will make you remember things you had completely forgotten SOME OF YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO REMEMBER THESE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you remember?????? Sit back, relax, listen, read, & smile. Kind of of reminds you to stop & smell the roses of life, and to give Thanks to God for Life and Memories!!!! Do You Remember? ? DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN...? All the girls had ugly gym uniforms? It took five minutes for the TV warm up? Nearly everyone's Mom was at home when the kids got home from school? Nobody owned a purebred dog? When a quarter was a decent allowance? You'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny? Your Mom wore nylons that came in two pieces? All your male teachers wore neckties and female teachers had their hair done every day and wore high heels? You got your windshield cleaned
I havent posted one of these in a long ass time. I hope you all had a great Christmas i did! I got a ton of shit, too much to name. And im lazy. Anthony was here for christmas, and hes still here as matter of fact. :) Until i found you :) I have to work on new years but thats okay, im still gonna make it woah fun. Ive been woah amounts of busy lately, i havent been on here much, havent had time to breathe, or nothing. ♥ But its okay im alive. I've got exciting news but i cant say anything for a little while. Grr. My moms doing good, and and i saw danielle today! Ew. Im getting fat, seriously and i don't like it. Im always bloated and shit. AHH. haha really im not! Move on. It feels better. rawr do me a favor make sure u rate this blog and my profile i sooo totally missed you guys ♥
Has It All Been Worth It?
It's official...the world's most feared dictator, Saddan Hussein, has been pronounced dead by hanging. In retrospect, this has been the most expensive man hunt in the history of the United States...and for the world for that matter. Billions of U.S. dollars have been spent, 1000's and military families displaced or broken, and there haven't been this many lives lost since Nixon was president. In the end, what has been achieved? All comments are welcome.
Simply put, you are worthless, you are never there 2 little people need you but think it bothers u, nope, u dont even care You've failed as a mother and dont want to hear it because you know its the truth Just because you're fucked up and had no childhood, you dont have to ruin their youth What was I thinkin', u cant ruin ne thing cuz they got me, Im the mommy and the daddy In their eyes, Im tiger woods, and ur not even on tour, more like a back-up caddy I give my all, I give my everything to these 2 lil people, which is what a parent is suppose to do And just because ur fuckin lazy and havent a clue what ur doing in life, dont ever blame them, this is all on you How can u be so cold and distant to ur own fuckin kids, they are so funny and so beautiful By the time u wake the fuck up and wanna play mommy, it'll b too late, it will already have taken its toll Cuz my kids arent morons, they know what ur doing and it hurts, they'll form their own opinion of you I'll tell ya what
The Sex Fairy
This is hilarious! Be sure to read the warning at the bottom. I didn't change a word! I'm not messing with the Sex Fairy! 1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth. ============= 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. ============= 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. ============= 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscle in the body. It's more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps, and you don't need special sneakers! ============= 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being. ============= 6. The m
Gray Or Grey? (this Holiday.)
There is truth. then, there are answers. while questions exist to challenge truth. they exist to bend black unto white. that is gray. that is life. one answer is derived from reason and sometimes an answer is derived from principal truths. the ones stark black and white unbending unwilling to bend. to refract light, into grey. that is life. life is gray grey as in you have a choice, to smile, to frown. gray to lie or hold the crest, the shield of truth. holding back the 3rd degree. choices backed by grey reasoning make you villainous. choices backed by gray reasons make you heroic. life is to have a choice. whereas death, you cannot choose. death comes in your proudest moment. in your weakest frame. in an instant too fast too short. there is too much loss in grey matters this holiday. wether or not we knew them well. or at all. really. this whole choice is as large as we are tall, in life, but a small man dies as easily as a tall man fall down. its just bigg
Sitting here in the dark Crying whil I make my Mark All the issues of today torment as they heavly lay Pain and strife slowly taken my life Desicions of what to do Constantly Shuffling through I just want it all to end forever my hear to mend
~~man Of The Year For 2006 Award~~
Results are in and this slug has won the award!
Why do you say you care When you really don't Why do you say you love me When frankly you hate me Why do you say you will be there When really you have other plans Why do you say you will never hurt me When you shattered my heart How come the person you love so much, hurts you so deeply that you dont know if you can ever recover......WHY??????
If Tomorrow Starts Without Me
If Tomorrow Starts Without Me "If tomorrow starts without me And I'm not there to see, If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me. I wish so much you wouldn't cry the way you did today, While thinking of the many things We didn't get to say. I know how much you love me As much as I love you, And each time that you think of me I know you'll miss me too. But when tomorrow starts without me Please try to understand, that an angel came and called my name And took me by the hand. And said my place was ready In heaven far above, And that I'd have to leave behind all those I dearly love. But as I turned to walk away A tear fell from my eye, For all my life, I'd always thought I didn't want to die. I had so much to live for So much left yet to do, it seemed almost impossible that I was leaving you. I thought of all the yesterdays The good ones and the bad, I thought of all that we shared And all the fun we had. If I could relive yesterday Just even
Happy New Year
May all the things on the link come be true for you in the New Year
My heart is broken My heart is torn My heart is shattered The blood is pourn I wish you would of told me I wish you wouldn't of lied I wish you wouldn't of told me I was the apple of your eye Why is everything so hurtful Why can't I just be loved Why did you lie It hurts to bad to think of you I wish I could just sleep You were just like the others But you promised me that you weren't You promised me the world Yet youre to scared to come and see me...
Potery(crys Alone)
Part 7 Wake Up Call
I slept soundly until I heard the doorbell ring at about 11:00AM the next morning. I knew I'd have to answer it myself, since my parents and brother would have left for work before 8:00AM, so I crawled out of bed, put on a robe, and walked towards the disturbance of my slumber. I opened the door to discover the bright smiles of Kellie and Lauren, with mischievous glints in their eyes. "Good morning sleepy head, " came Lauren's cheerful greeting. "Looks like we kept him up too late, " Kellie laughed. "Well, aren't you going to invite us in?" Lauren chimed. Still without saying a word, I opened the door the rest of the way and granted them access to the living room. They both looked around curiously, and complimented my mother's choice in furnishings and the like. Then, apparently noticing for the first time that I hadn't said a word, Kellie asked with genuine concern, "Rick, what's wrong?" "I think maybe he's still in shock about last night. Maybe he thinks it was a d
Happy New Year!
Sisters Part 6
Kellie, still blindfolded, called from the bed, "Wow! That was great. It never felt that good when I did it to myself. Rick…where'd you go?" Lauren's eyes opened, and it took her a moment to register that I was staring at her. When she realized that she had been discovered, her facial expressions briefly chronicled first surprise, then guilt, then triumph, then sexual hunger (as she gazed longingly at my tented sweat pants), and finally merriment. "The jig is up Kellie, " Lauren sighed with a grim smirk. "Oh Shit," came Kellie's reply. I was too shocked, and stimulated, to be angry about anything. Although I felt like Kellie betrayed me, I had to admit that it was a stupid sentiment. After all, I was the one who started peeping on the girls, and then blackmailing Kellie into giving me a tape of her sister's sexual exploits. My thoughts were echoed in Kellie's voice. "Don't get mad Rick. Don't forget that you're the one who started this…it seemed only fair that the voyeur
Part 5
Soon Kellie and I were emailing each other multiple times a day. She left her curtains open all the time now. She liked the idea of not knowing when I was watching. She also continued leaving me gifts by the window. Sometimes she left panties she'd soaked with her juices. Sometimes she'd leave me clean panties to jerk-off into, and I'd leave them for her when I was done. She even set another video of her sister by the window once. Her evening performances were always similar, but after watching her every night for three weeks, I still never got tired of watching her pleasure herself. In the forth week I received a one line email from her: "I want to meet you." I didn't know how to respond. I was not a particularly good-looking guy, so even though Kellie was the sweetest, nicest, most beautiful girl I'd ever communicated with, I was sure that she wouldn't give me the time of day if we had met on the street. However, jerking-off was one thing, actually getting to make love to t
For The Love Of A Brother
Prettiest Eyes Contest
Come vote for me. Rate pic and leave as many comments as u want. I would greatly appreciate it!!!! [ photo: 3918670149 ]
I finally made the double digits. Thankyou everyone.
I Love ..........
Just thought that would get your attention so now that your here... 1. If everyone on my list went through and rated all my pis n stuff ratings would be higher. 2. I'd prolly talk to you more too 3. I wouldnt leave as many stupid comments on your page 4. You might get to know me a lil better and find out i am really a bitch 5. you might just realise you hte me and delete me 6. Hey what a great way to clean your list. 7. There is no 7.
50 Things She Wishes You Knew
1. Saying "I love you" immediately before, during, or after sex doesn't count. 2. Real men drive stick 3. I will leave if you lie. 4. You are cute in raglan-sleeved T-shirts (two-toned baseball undershirts) 5. I'm convinced I'm pregnant and obsess about it for 24 to 48 hours before my period, even when i have no reason to think so. 6. I love it when you hug me from behind and whisper into my ear. 7. "Fine" is never an appropriate response when I ask you how I look. 8. Most of the time when I fantasize, it's about you. 9. I'm terrified of becoming my mother, even though I admire her. 10. I get turned on simply seeing that I have an e-mail from you. 11. I expect you to call me. 12. Only rock stars are allowed to wear leather pants. 13. I'm scared of losing my independance. 14. I'm more forgiving of you than I should be. 15. Oral sex is your get-out-of-the-dog-house-free card. 16. You did something bad. I seem cool with it. I'm not. 17.If i
New Web Cam
hey everyone i just got a new webcam and wanna try it out so let me kno if ur up for talking on it
Just For Fun
Would you makeout with me me? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Would you sleep with me? [] In an instant! [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Am I attractive? [] Heck no [] hot as Hell [] Fine [] Cute [] Okay [] Ugly! Do you think I'm a virgin? [] Yes [] No [] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... [] _____________ I look like.. [] A player [] One time thing [] Next bf/gf [] A friend [] A friend with benefits [] A possibility [] A loser If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No [] maybe Would you rather.. [] Hook up with me [] Cuddle with me [] Date me [] Friends [] Friends with benefits On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [] 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 What would you want me to be to you? [] Friend [] Girlfriend/Boyfriend [] Friend with benefits [] Husband/Wife Would you give me a lapdance? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Would
Giggle For The Day
A woman was unhappy with the way her laundry was done at the local Chinese Laundry, so she wrote a note and put it in the bag with the next collection of soiled clothes : "USE MORE SOAP ON PANTIES!" She got the clean laundry back, and was still dissatisfied with the results, so the following week she enclosed another note: "USE MORE SOAP ON PANTIES!" The Chinese laundryman became very annoyed, and when her clean laundry was delivered, it contained a note from HIM: "I USE PLENTY SOAP ON PANTIES!!! USE MORE PAPER ON ASS!!"
The Male G-spot
It is generally thought that the female G-Spot and the male prostate are composed of the same tissue. The prostate, therefore, is often referred to as the male G-Spot. This might stretch the analogy a bit, as the area identified as the female G-Spot is in-and-up behind the her pubic bone and it swells as the woman becomes aroused. The male prostate, on the other hand, is deeper and resides at the neck of the bladder. In fact, it is the "valve" that "decides" if the man is going to ejaculate or urinate... men cannot come and go at the same time! A lot of men are "goosey" about getting a rectal prostate exam by their doctor, but there is nothing erotic about this experience. With sexual arousal and in the course of sexual stimulation, anal stimulation is pleasurable for some men. Some men also enjoy stimulation of their prostate (which does contract some during ejaculation). Physicians often have to push in pretty hard and deep to reach the prostate, so some women with short fingers
50 Things She Wishes You Knew
1. Saying "I love you" immediately before, during, or after sex doesn't count. 2. Real men drive stick 3. I will leave if you lie. 4. You are cute in raglan-sleeved T-shirts (two-toned baseball undershirts) 5. I'm convinced I'm pregnant and obsess about it for 24 to 48 hours before my period, even when i have no reason to think so. 6. I love it when you hug me from behind and whisper into my ear. 7. "Fine" is never an appropriate response when I ask you how I look. 8. Most of the time when I fantasize, it's about you. 9. I'm terrified of becoming my mother, even though I admire her. 10. I get turned on simply seeing that I have an e-mail from you. 11. I expect you to call me. 12. Only rock stars are allowed to wear leather pants. 13. I'm scared of losing my independance. 14. I'm more forgiving of you than I should be. 15. Oral sex is your get-out-of-the-dog-house-free card. 16. You did something bad. I seem cool with it. I'm not. 17.If i
Anybody Know This One?
I heard a song on the radio the other day, and i was hoping that somebody here could could help me. the lyrics go something like this - If loving you could make me rich i'd be a millionare if anybody know s this, please PLEASE tell me. I fell in love with this song! thanks so much.
Words To Live By...funny & True !!!
1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me alone. 2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire. 3. It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbour's newspaper, that's the time to do it. 4. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. 5. Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else. 6. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. 7. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple car payments. 8. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 9. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. 10. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all da
Updates In Contest
Well the first full day of voting was a successful one. Currently in place are in the following order Power Girl 1035 Votes Jami 899 Votes bustyblonde36 589 Votes Summer 419 votes SexyMoma 275 Votes Ok everyone lets show allllll these ladies some true cherry luv!!!!!!!!!! Round 2 begins!!!!!! Repost this, we gotta get some votes for these very lovely ladies in the house!!!!!!
Well went to the mall today. What a Fucking disgrace. I know that many people have said this before, but Jesus Freaking Christ We are the fattest pieces of shit on this planet!!!!!! And I noticed another thing, BOOTS. Have you seen these things? Heehaw boots are bad enough but these things are awful. They look like boot Moccasins with that fury shit on the top, I am telling you man this is the worst fashion statement since that brown lip outliner shit women used too wear remember that shit made every woman’s lips look like an asshole….. What the Fuck is wrong with us? Someone please explain. Really that’s not a rhetorical question I want some fucking feedback. THAT IS ALL THE STERN
I lost everything when i lost you. I lost mylife when i lost you. I lost my senses when I find my self in a deep misery. I lost my pride when I lost my potency of loving you. I never stop my self to love you. I apart my self from your loving thought. I lost everything when I lost you. I am lost in my own world. I am looking at you in my blur eyes. I know you will come to me. And I will get everything I wanted. I will not lose anything because you are not lost for me. Your sweet and tender smile gives me the pleasure of this world. It’s a gift from heaven when I will find you in my arm But I just lost my way to get back to you. I lost everything when I lost you.
Nocturnal Writings
Night after night I lay in my bed I turned off the TV before the 11 o'clock news There is the orange glow of the streetlights There is no noise except a couple people They talk about God knows what But soon they fade into the distance My eyes close I try to drift off to sleep But my mind finds words that go together Poems I have not written Characters not yet seen in my books Actions redone in my mind Did I make a mistake or more than one? Could I have written that better? What was that word I misspelled? I don't remember I used so many words in so many ways How could I remember one? Why did I end that verse with orange? There is no rhyme for orange Why the hell would I write about an orange? What should my next book be about? I haven't finished the one I am working on Where did I leave the main character? Did I kill him off? I hope not No, I would not be dumb enough to do that Who did I kill? I don't remember Damnit, what rhymes with orange I hear a coup
This Kiss
we stood in the doorway his hands on my waist the clock tickling loudly almost in haste he moved in closer his eyes locked in mine I long for his kiss For just a moment in time his lips meet mine and I feel the sensation no longer must I wait to give into the sweet temptation my knees go weak my palms become sweaty I go back to that place I have been so many times already the world disappears all that's left is him and I and as we pull away I feel as though I could fly
What Type Of Sex Catagory To Do Fall Under
Wtf Is Wrong With You People?????
Man Rules
1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2: It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse. (c) After wrecking your boss' car. (d) One hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds into "The Crying Game". (e) When she is using her teeth. 3: Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4: Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. 5: If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6: Moaning about the brand of free beer in a buddy's fridge is forbidden. However complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable. 7: No man shall ever be required to buy a birthday present for another man. In fact, even remembering your buddy's birthday is strictly optional. At that point,
Okay, I'm sitting here just TRYIN to chill out, smokin the Camel menthol wides I HAD to buy, and for some reason I just can't. I'm in a bad mood, haven't been able to shake it since getting caught in traffic this afternoon. Any ideas?
Andrew W.k.-not Going To Bed
Upcoming single from Close Calls With Brick Walls, the wild mother fucker is back, but he never actually left. For the last 3 years, he's been in Japan doing promotional work and recording new stuff while putting out a few dvds featuring all the chaos. Get rid of the coffee and check him out.
i dont understand the blogging on here. Anyway I just wanted to say goodnight and I will see you Tuesday....Im taking the weekend off from the CT to rest. Goodnight
Hope For Life
There once was a little baby that was put on this earth to help us learn what love is... that was thousands of years ago He reminds us of this love day by day, some simple and free, and some long and painful He wants us to be thankful for what he has given us Why be selfish and hold inside what was freely given to us Learn the love that came from Him above, to guide us on a journey to be by His Side.
Cum With Us Xxx
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Part 4 To Tresspassing
Seeing Kellie masturbate was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. Over and over in my head I reran the images of her slim fingers glistening with her cum, sliding in and out of her wet pussy. I desperately needed to see her again, so I wrote another email. "Dear Kellie, I'm sorry about sending you to the mall and not calling you. I think you'll understand when you return the tape to its hiding place. I also left you a little surprise. I hope you enjoy it. I was so turned-on when you removed your panties and twirled around your room, that all I could think about was making love to you. I couldn't help myself. I realize that what I'm doing isn't right. Possibly I'm sick in the head, but the first time I saw you and your sister, I knew I had to see more. I never intended on actually meeting you, so sending you away from the house while I took the other tape seemed the safest way to avoid your ridicule, and hatred (and a potential arrest). I couldn't bear to see the look of disgu
The Execution Of Saddam. (part 2)
When he hangs, I'll cry. Not for the man he was, but for the loss of our innocence...our humanity. And I'll pray to the goddess for guidance and mercy. I have a feeling we'll all need it. Do you actually think this is going to make things any better? Worse times are coming. Brace yourselves.
Out With Old In With The New...again...
Another year endin' and another one just around the corner. I'm happy for this year to be over, and to kinda start fresh once again. I'm not much of a blog writer, but hopefully I will do my best this time around. Cheers to all...
sooo ive been thinking latley .. ALOT ... and i know thats dangerous for me but sometimes i cant help it ... im starting to wonder if there is any nice guys out there anymore?? someone whos not just looking to get in my pants or see whats under my shirt .. dont get me wrong i LOVE sex just as much as the next person .. maybe a little bit more .. but im starting to think there isnt anyone out there like this ... but who knows .. ill stay hopefull .. anyone care to enlighten me on this ?
Here It Alll Is
so yeah i got a shitload of stuff to get out so here it all is. first off why is it when i guy wants to end shit with ya he dont go t the fucking balls to say so just runs and sticks his dick between his legs and hieds? well i was in complete love with someone who claimed he was with me also and well now that he is prolly already home by now from overseas..he is totally ignoring me wont say shit i mean come the fuck on i am a human being i got feelings to i treat others the way i wanna be treated and that is with respect so why is it i am always gettin fucked over. second why is it when someone got a problem with you and you yourself see it so ya say io am gonna find oiut wtf s goin on but to no avail the truth never coes out.. i am goin thru that and i aitna fucking stupid ass i can see the signs i been thru it enuff.. third idiots here in ohio are freakin stealing catalic converters off of cars and YAYYYYYYY i was one of the lucky ones hit boy that made me day...FUCKING NOT. for chr
About Me Leaving
I have had a lot of questions as to why I am leaving CT. I have a lot of things going on in my life right now and the politics are crazy here. Everyone needs to just get over themselves. My friends and fans have all been very nice to me but I'm afraid I am going to have to just stick to Myspace and Tagged. Sorry there is just too much DRAMA here. If you want to talk to me on myspace or tagged just let me know before next friday 1-5-07. I will be happy to let you know how to get ahold of me. Even if it is on messenger. Anyway, you have all been great here and I will miss you if you are not wanting to keep in touch. Take care and God Bless. Serena
Cum One, Cum All, Check Out These Cherries
Hey could you all show some love to my friends. They are awesome. Go rate their profiles, friend them, fan them, rate their pics, stashes and blogs. First off my fiancee Onyx Illuzion of Xxxtasy Onyx illuzion of Xxxtasy@ CherryTAP Now I want to introduced to some of my amazing and wonderful friends. rainbow_kisses@ CherryTAP suzy@ CherryTAP psychowolf@ CherryTAP UBER CHERRY QUEEN@ CherryTAP sexxymomma@ CherryTAP Margo@ CherryTAP Crystal Pallace is going back to bed..have a terrible miagraine!!!!@ CherryTAP sexithing!@ CherryTAP *SexyPanda*@ CherryTAP Kitten D'Light
The Execution Of Saddam.
Ya know, I don't deny that the man is a tyrant and a criminal who deserves to pay for his crimes... But I just have to say I'm a bit disappointed...and see how many people are actually ENJOYING this. It makes me kind of regret the fact that I'm a part of the human race...a race of people who could actually RELISH in the thought of seeing someone put through the horror of hanging. I wonder just how much better than Saddam the rest of us really are...
New Years Weekend....
I don't know what I'm doing my friend wants me to go to Vegas but it is hell over new years in Vegas..So I guess I will enjoy the weekend and hope this year will get better. I just hope that everyone has a great weekend.. please be safe out there!! Happy New Years
Religon Hinduism And Buddism
Who has not had the “warm fuzzies” before? That glowing moment of warm feel-goodness derived from an experience of something undoubtedly good. This would be an example of a numinous experience. In Worldviews: Crosscultural Explorations of Human Beliefs, Ninian Smart makes a distinction between the numinous experience and that of its counterpart, the mystical experience, as related to their roles in world religions. Two such religions are Hinduism and Buddhism; closely related and regional neighbors, these qualities of religion can be observed in them, though if only using the terms with incomplete definitions. The first, and most common among religions, is the numinous experience. This is the “warm fuzzy” or an awe inspiring feeling that is caused by a condition outer bodily. In other words, it is a situation or event that elicits a response from the body, mind and soul of a person that is seen as having Devine origins. A concise elaboration, as Smart relates it, is that the “e
Its Called Rainbow
ITS CALLED RAINBOW...... If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you And share with you its beauty On the days you're feeling blue..... If i could build a mountain You could call your very own.. A place to find serenity A place to be alone... If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the sea.. But all theses things i'm finding Are impossible for me... I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow fair But Let me be....What i know best.. A friend that's always there......
Popping My Blog Cherry
Dear Melody™.... You make me ________. You should _______. Someday I will ______. You = ________. If I saw you now I'd __________. I would build a _______ just for you. I would get your name tattooed on my __________. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. We could drink __________ under the stars. My love for you is like that of ____________. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.)
Rammstein-los (live)
[English Translation] We were nameless And without songs Really wordless We weren't any more Without a good voice We are still But not soundless People hear us, right After a gust of wind A storm broke Simply without example It was time! GO They were speechless Really shocked -Really desperate About what has happened Simply inconceivable And guaranteed Unbelievable They said with no reason The music is a pity So shameless That should be forbidden It is useless What you are trying So tasteless How you are composing It is hopeless senseless helpless You are God ...less We were nameless We have a name We were wordless The words came Without a good voice We are still But not soundless You can hear that We aren't perfect Only a bit uncontrolled You went quiet Don't (let) us go We were nameless And without songs Really wordless We weren't any more Without a good voice We are still But not soundless People hear us, right After a gu
First Time
Hay this is great. This is the first time I've been here, but it's fun. Hope to make lots of New Friends and meet with some old ones. Happy New Year to you all Les XXX
Part 3
The internet seemed particularly slow that day. However, I finally got connected and composed my words as carefully as possible. After about six times of erasing and retyping my thoughts, I finally wrote: "Hello Kellie. You don't know who I am. You've never met me, and you've never spoken to me, so trying to find out, would be pointless. I would like to have a copy of the videotape that you have stashed under your dresser. Please make a copy of the video and reply to this email to let me know when your next trip to the mall will take place. I will let you know how to get the tape to me then. By the way, I hope you're being careful when you borrow Lauren's vibrator. I'd hate for your sister to find out that you've been using her little chrome plaything while you watch her on amateur porn videos you've been making of her and her young studs. Your Captivated Spectator." Amazingly Kellie, replied that afternoon. With no questions asked, she said she'd be at the mall by 10:0
30 Dec 06 – Saturday
30 Dec 06 – Saturday 0039 Titus 10th Roman emperor (79-81), conqueror of Jerusalem 1851 Asa Griggs Candler developed Coca-Cola 1865 Rudyard Kipling Bombay, author (Jungle Book, Gunga Din-Nobel 1907) 1928 Bo Diddley [Ellas Bates] Mississippi, rock 'n' roll pioneer (Bo Diddley) 1935 Sandy Koufax Dodger pitcher (Cy Young '63, '65, '66, perfect-1967) 1945 [David] Davy Jones 1947 Jeff Lynne rocker (ELO 1959 Tracey Ullman 1835 After gold discovery in Georgia, Cherokees are forced to move across Mississippi River 1853 Gadsden Purchase - 45,000 square miles (120,000 km) by Gila River from México for $10 million; Area is now southern Arizona & New Mexico 1894 Amelia Jenks Bloomer suffragist (Bloomers named for her), dies at 76 1926 Chicago Tribune reports the Tigers threw a 4-game series to the White Sox in 1917 to help Chicago win the pennant (never substantiated) 1959 The George Washington, 1st ballistic missile sub commissioned 1974 Beatles are legally disbanded (4 years af
Fro Neil, Angelmaker(greg) And All My Other Osu Buddies Out There
What It Takes To Be A Buckeye Never agree to get married on a Saturday Ohio State is scheduled to play football. There are typically 40 other freakin' weekends to choose from...sack up and make her choose one of those! Never attend a wedding during an Ohio State football game unless you carry a TV......and watch it even during the ceremony. It is OK to wear an OSU football jersey even when old....and fat....and bald. Extra points if you've got an OSU baseball cap on backwards, sit in the "Huntington Club" seats and repeatedly spill stuff on anyone named "Chas" or "Muffy." (Make sure you do so early and often because they'll be long gone by the end of the third period). Maybe some "real" fans will take their seats. Always, and I mean ALWAYS, return any "O...H" with a hearty "I...O." This is true even during funerals, sex, in foreign countries or when witnessing the birth of your child. When driving on I-75 during spring break season (March through April), every fifth vehi
Happy New Year
New Year Comments by
Part 2
I could hear the blonde moving around in her bedroom, but couldn't see anything. Finally I saw her enter the closet wearing a gray sports bra, and a pair of shorts. She grabbed a T-shirt off a hanger without even a glance in my direction and pushed the closet door closed. I was in pitch black, and my heart was pumping a billion times a second. For an indefinite, but excruciatingly long amount of time, my heart raced and my hard-on throbbed. Finally, when my heart returned to it's normal beat, and my dick to it's normal state, I moved away from my hiding place and surveyed my situation. The closet door wasn't actually all the way closed, as I'd originally thought. It was ajar just enough that I could see a slice of light coming into the closet. I carefully moved to the brightness and peered through. I could see that the bedroom door was now open, and I felt it was a safe assumption that the blonde had left the room. With the bedroom door open though, and not knowing where either of
29 Dec 06 – Friday
29 Dec 06 – Friday 1800 Charles Goodyear 19-- Ronnie Younkins rocker (Kix 19-- Susie Garrett Detroit MI, actress (Punky Brewster 1936 Mary Tyler Moore 1941 Ray Thomas England, rock vocalist (Moody Blues 1947 Ted Danson 1955 Neil Giraldo rocker (Pat Benatar Band) 1778 English troops occupy Savannah, Georgia 1845 Texas admitted as the 28th state 1862 Bowling ball invented 1890 US 7th Cavalry massacre 200+ captive Sioux at Wounded Knee SD; Indian "war" in the west 1937 Lou Thesz beats E Marshall in St Louis, to become wrestling champion 1967 Star Trek's "The Trouble With Tribbles" 1st airs 1982 Bob Marley postage stamp issued in Jamaica 1982 Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant ends his career with Alabama (323 wins) 1997 Hong Kong begins slaughtering all its chickens to prevent bird flu
1 Majorly Memorable Night
I have dreamed of this day for so many many years.. Tonight I finally got to chat with my daughter who I havent been able to see or talk to since she was a year old. I can't explain how happy it made me .. the closest I can think of how to describe it is the way I felt the day she was born... seeing her make her way into the world, holding her in my arms and feeling like God himself had blessed me with so much happiness and love that it seemed like it should be almost illegal or something.. I haven't yet seen a picture of what she looks like now but I will soon.. and I am going to send her a microphone and webcam so I can see my lil' angel more often.. or as often as I possibly can.. She knew who I was, her mom had talked to her about me (which I can't lie .. did surprise me greatly) I just wish I could have been more of a part of her life... I wish I could have been there to see her during her birthdays, christmas's , school functions, and well every other day ... ju
Eroctic Story There R Alot Of Parts To This And Some Of U Have Read These Already
It was a smoldering summer morning, normal for Miami, when I chose to climb the wooden, six-foot-tall fence separating our backyard from our neighbor's, to retrieve the basketball that had inadvertently bounced into their yard the previous day. I absolutely hated going over to a neighbor's house, knocking on the door, and requesting something I'd lost in their yard. Looking back, I have no idea why I felt that way. When I was eighteen it just seemed infinitely easier to climb the fence, toss the ball back over, and return the same way. Even though we'd lived next to these particular neighbors for over five years, all I knew about them was that they were a family of four. Two absolutely stunning young daughters lived next door to us with their mother and father. I had never seen either of the girls at my school, but that was no surprise, since I went to a high school about 20 miles away, and most of the teenagers in the area went to the high school two miles south of the neighborhoo
28 Dec 06 - Thursday
28 Dec 06 - Thursday 1856 [Thomas] Woodrow Wilson 1922 Stan Lee 1958 Joe Diffie 1958 Mike McGuire – Shenandoah 1960 Marty Roe - Diamond Rio 1981 Elizabeth Jordan Carr 1st American test tube baby 1945 Congress officially recognizes "Pledge of Allegiance" 1983 Dennis Wilson drummer/singer (Beach Boys), drowns at 39 1997 Sting beats Hollywood Hogan for WCW Championship The best training is to play by ear: trial by fire. John Legend
Wish For 2007
After serious & cautious consideration.....your contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2007! My Wish for You in 2007 May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet of $200 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips! May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires and may happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy. May the problems you had forget your home address! In simple words ............ May 2007 be the best year of your life!!!
My Christmas Present
Galen got me a ruby and diamond ring for christmas and all i got him was a watch. I feel so bad. he said that he liked it and told me not to get him anything, but you know you can't do that to someone that you love
Buying The States Attorney
so i was talking to a guy tonight i dated his brother a few years ago and for some reason he thinks i still want to know whats going on with him,lol anyways i hear he caught a few charges (on probation ans 4 additional violations) is not a good thing right sounds like hard time, he had apparently paid 3,000 up fron for his lawyer and his lawyer came to his father in the court room and said i need an extre grand so his dad asks is it for herman, he replied with i cant answer that so for that extra grand he squashed 3 charges and denied the petitition for revocation of probation and got him off with 20 days lol, good old bureau county where money runs the show
Rammstein-mein Teil (live)
„Suche gut gebauten 18-30jährigen zum Schlachten“ Der Metzgermeister Heute treff' ich einen Herrn Der hat mich zum Fressen gern Weiche Teile und auch harte stehen auf der Speisekarte Denn du bist was du isst und ihr wisst was es ist Es ist mein Teil – nein Mein Teil – nein Da das ist mein Teil – nein Mein Teil – nein Die stumpfe Klinge gut und recht Ich blute stark und mir ist schlecht Muss ich auch mit der Ohnmacht kämpfen ich esse weiter unter Krämpfen Ist doch so gut gewürzt und so schön flambiert und so liebevoll auf Porzellan serviert Dazu ein guter Wein und zarter Kerzenschein Ja da lass ich mir Zeit Etwas Kultur muss sein Denn du bist was du isst Und ihr wisst was es ist Es ist mein Teil – nein Mein Teil – nein Denn das ist mein Teil – nein Yes it's mein Teil – nein Ein Schrei wird zum Himmel fahren Schneidet sich durch Engelsscharen Vom Wolkendach fällt Federfleisch auf meine Kindheit mit Gekreisch “Looking for a well-built
My Life Story As A Best Selling Book Lol
Okay so i have had to do something with my now free time as my life is at the moment drama filled once again like dawsons creek / 90210 / jerry springer.... So here we go you can tell me what you all personally think lol. Hi welcome to my life, If you don't already know who i am my name is Dominic i'm 22 and my life is insane. I've often wondered exactly why my life was so shitty but i figured it out, Because i am suppost to write this book on my life so it can become a best seller that will later be looked at by hollywood turned into a movie staring Jashawa Jackson to play me and Kattie Holmes to play my on again off again love interest Lol. Now i know you are all thinking god this guy is freaking insane but there is a point to my madness so please read on. I'm 22 years old and a member of the armed services,And A duel Citizon between the United States of America and Canada. Starting my life off both my parents worked for a living to make a decent life for me and my br
This Is About Right
1. The more beautiful the woman is who loves you, the easier it is to leave her with no hard feelings. 2. Nothing improves with age. 3. No matter how many times you’ve had it, if it’s offered take it, because it’ll never be quite the same again. 4. Sex has no calories. 5. Sex takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble. 6. There is no remedy for sex but more sex. 7. Sex appeal is 50% what you’ve got and 50% what people think you’ve got. 8. No sex with anyone in the same office. 9. Sex is like snow; you never know how many inches you are going to get or how long it is going to last. 10. A man in the house is worth two in the street. 11. If you get them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. 12. Virginity can be cured. 13. When a man’s wife learns to understand him, she usually stops listening to him. 14. Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself. 15. The qualities that most attract a woman to a man are
My Fine Is $395.50
ADD THE PRICE OF WHAT YOU ALL HAVE DONE. BE HONEST!! Smoked pot -- $10.50 Did acid -- $5 Ever had sex at church -- $25 Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you -- $40 Had sex with someone on MySpace -- $25 Had sex for money -- $100 Ever had sex with the a Puerto Rican -- $20 Vandalized something -- $20 Had sex on your parents' bed -- $10.50 Beat up someone -- $20 Been jumped -- $10 Crossed dressed -- $10 Given money to stripper -- $25 Been in love with a stripper -- $20.50 Kissed some one who's name you didn't know -- $0.10 Hit on some one of the same sex while at work -- $15 Ever drive drunk -- $20 Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk -- $50 Used toys while having sex -- $30 Got drunk, passed and don't remember the night before -- $20 Went skinny dipping -- $5 Had sex in a pool -- $20 Kissed someone of the same sex -- $10 Had sex with someone of the same sex -- $20 Cheated on your significant other -- $10 M
Dear Matt...
Dear Matt™.... You make me ________. You should _______. Someday I will ______. You = ________. If I saw you now I'd __________. I would build a _______ just for you. I would get your name tattooed on my __________. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. We could drink __________ under the stars. My love for you is like that of ____________. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.)
Im Still Amazed At Childishness Guess Shouldnt Be Its The Net
i ve had another 3 pics marked nsw geesh what is up with some and yet same pic is in at least 400 other profiles whats prob and some1 jumpin stealin peeps pw and postin fraud junk how stupid that my god it s supposed to be fun it s the net
Dear Mj....
Dear MJ.... You make me ________. You should _______. Someday I will ______. You = ________. If I saw you now I'd __________. I would build a _______ just for you. I would get your name tattooed on my __________. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. We could drink __________ under the stars. My love for you is like that of ____________. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.)
As you already may know, our beloved Randy passed away on December 27th, 2006. Randy Truly loved his family, friends, and dear customers. He was a well respected Artist, Tattooist, Actor, and most of all, a friend. His kindness and compassion will be dearly missed. Randy Was One Of A Kind. There has been a memorial fund set up in Randy's Honor. The fund account has been temporarily set up in his sister's name until a 501, a donation establisment, can be put into place. A PayPal Account Will be set up for the donations to made to.There will be more information on this within the next 12-24 hours as the family is preparing to say goodbye. Look for more updates on here, Randy's Myspace, and The Olde School Tattoo Website for further updates on this. Randy's Visitation and Memorial Services will be held at: Mayes Ward Funeral Home 180 Church St. Marietta Ga, 30060 Visitation From : 9:30am - 11:00am Memorial Service Starts : 11:00am Thank You For All Of Your Love And S
Hundred Reasons-i'll Find You
What could've happened to take what's become of it choices that he had made moulds to most of it but to hide in the shade will keep the weather out and to crawl into the hole that hides you now he's hidden it all just to cover his tracks sutured what could be described as a fact taken the trail that leads will find you, find you back to the start of it before it will be changed if it's a little weird well then dig in a bit it's more than the sum of all the separate parts suffer the thoughts i had that you will take to heart he's hidden it all just to cover his tracks sutured what could be described as a fact taken the trail that leads will find you, find you fail safe always tends to try and make way while you watch and wait for those to take it on themselves [x2] he's hidden it all just to cover his tracks sutured what could be described as a fact taken the trail that leads will find you, find you i'll find you ---------------- Coming
Dildo Diaries This is fucking awesome! cant put it in my stash though, it might be viewed as NSFW. and i just had a mummm taken off that was thought of as that. I dont agree with that, it was only a question on if i should continue looking for another guy to add to our poly family to make it a quad. oh well...injoy the vid.
You Complete Me....
I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star. I don't think you will ever fully comprehend how you've made my dreams come true or how you've opened my heart to love and the wonders I have learned to understand. You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love that exists in my body, soul, and mind. I don't think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I'm sure you'll never realize you've been my will to live. You are an amazing person and without you I don't know where I'd be. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me.
In a dying world I am alone I reached out for what I thought was a hand reaching for me But grasped only the silent, icy air Realizing too late That it was only a wavering illusion Some dim and quavering memory Of a time when I was whole I weep... Thick, oily, black slime that collects in my chest A miasma of my dreams, my hopes, my thoughts A reflecting pool of everything I've lost A whisper... Sometimes, we're not worth it Sometimes, we don't have the strength anymore Sometimes, it's better to give in Dances through the trees Singing a comforting lullaby as it stirs shadows that dance in twisted lines past my mind THE FACE OF FEAR And yes, it's cold Alone here in the shadows with only you to walk beside Paralyzed by the look in your eyes Feeding off the fear inside Till I am numb again Remove the stain of humanity And strip me down to soul
Everyone have a great New year and make sure you tell all those that are special to you that you love them!! Dont forget to grab that special love at midnight and give them a kiss they wont forget!! Huggs and Kisses to you all!!..and a few nibbles too!
Things You Should Know About Me
~+~*~+~THINGS U SHOULD NOW ABOUT ME~+~*~+~ by babi_pooh10~+~+~ABOUT ME~+~+~NAME: HeatherAGE: 29EYE COLOR: brownHAIR COLOR: brownSHORT OR LONG HAIR: longBIRTHDAY: 9/24/77PLACE OF BIRTH: Johnstown~+~+~FAVORITE~+~+~SCHOOL SUBJECT?: MathSONG?: ridin dirtySINGER/BAND?: Pinic! At the DiscoCOLOR?: blueNUMBER?: 24FOOD?: roast beefDRINK?: PepsiCAR?: idkMOVIE?: Failure to LaunchTV SHOW?: that 70's showBOOK?: idkMUSIC?: any but countryHOLIDAY?: ChristamsSEASON?: SummerPET?: cat~*~*~THIS OR THAT~*~*~JORDANS OR FILAS?: neither / sandlesCUBS OR WHITE SOXS?: neither FRANKIE J OR DJ KANE?: neitherCHOCOLATE OR VANILLA?: chocolateR&B OR RAP?: bothPERSONALITY OR LOOKS?: personalityLOVER OR FIGHTER?:
Happy New Year
Another fresh New Year is here Another year, my life to live, To banish worry, doubt, and fear, To love and laugh and give. This bright new year is given me, To live each day with zest. To daily grow and try to be My highest and my best. I have the opportunity Once more to right some wrongs. To pray for peace, to plant a tree, To sing more joyful songs. Another year to laugh and love, To try again; a brand new start. Another chance to do things right To share the love within my heart. Now that the Holidays are through, Did you do what you wanted to do? Were you with family? Were you with friends? Did it seem that the Holidays would never end? Remember this - let it live in your heart... The New Year is just beginning to start. Keep Family and Friends in your thoughts every day And the spirit of the New Year will not go away.
And I Was Wondering...
if you wouldnt mind checking them out...maybe rate and comment them? I'm sure I've done the same for you already! Thanx, JoeKerr
Hundred Reasons-if I Could
It's whereabouts that won't cave in Scenes of violence protect this In aching heart that will begin To wrestle with obstruction And I'd stay for ages, if i could To wake you I'd stay for ages, If I could To wake you In taking hold to waste within Coping as best as you can with; The way it is does not have to be As long as it stays unwritten And I'd stay for ages, if i could To wake you I'd stay for ages, If I could To wake you Speak to me in tongues And you speak in tongues to me Speak to me in tongues And you speak in tongues to me And I'd stay for ages, if i could To wake you And I'd stay for ages, If I could To wake you And I'd stay for ages, And I'd stay for ages to wake you ---------------- Remember when I said whoop my ass anytime? Well fuck, the ass whooping continues with this awesome beat from Hundred Reasons, this comes from their album Ideas Above Our Station from years back, not sure if they put out a new cd yet.
Our Models
Just a quick note to let you know I uploaded a bunch of new model pics tonight. Our models like to know what you think of them so if u have a few minutes please stop by and rate them as we as comment them This helps me as well as them ad lets us know how you like our work.
Ann Landers' Perpetual New Years Resolutions
Ann Lander’s Perpetual New Years Resolutions Copied from Let this coming year be better than all the others. Vow to do some of the things you've always wanted to do but couldn't find the time. Call up a forgotten friend. Drop an old grudge, and replace it with some pleasant memories. Share a funny story with someone whose sprits are dragging. A good laugh can be very good medicine. Vow not to make a promise you don't think you can keep. Pay a debt. Give a soft answer. Free yourself of envy and malice. Encourage some youth to do this or her best. Share your experience, and offer support. Young people need role models. Make a genuine effort to stay in closer touch with family and good friends. Resolve to stop magnifying small problems and shooting from the lip. Words that you have to eat can be hard to digest. Find the time to be kind and thoughtful. All of us have the same allotment: 24 hours a day. Give a complime
"will You Ever?"
I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star. I don't think you will ever fully comprehend how you've made my dreams come true or how you've opened my heart to love and the wonders I have learned to understand. You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love that exists in my body, soul, and mind. I don't think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I'm sure you'll never realize you've been my will to live. You are an amazing person and without you I don't know where I'd be. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me.
Ok so I FINALLY went and took my ged test on the 18th. I have to wait 3-4 weeks for the results to come in. HOWEVER I have a feeling that I will be going back to retake the essay part. I wasn't happy with it and i KNOW it sucked lol. Ok so on ANOTHER note. most of you don't know this but I (poolkitten) am married. I got married at the age of 17. and well lets say that I grew up and he didn't. anyway I left him almost 3 years ago. well, I am FINALLY getting my divorce. I have an appointment with my lawyer on the 16th. and then it will be started :) damn I'm so tickled pink. I have finally started to get things done. Now I just have to wait for Donnie to decided where he is planning on moving us to, so that I can go back to school..
Friends A friend is someone who is always at your side, A friend is someone who likes you even though you stink of shit, and your breath smells like you've been eating catfood, A friend is someone who likes you even though you're as ugly as a hat full of Assholes, A friend is someone who cleans up for you after you've soiled yourself, A friend is someone who stays with you all night while you cry about your sad, sad life, A friend is someone who pretends they like you when they really think you should be raped by mad chimpanzees, then thrown to vicious dogs, A friend is someone who scrubs your toilet, vacuums and then gets the check and leaves and doesn't speak much English... * no, sorry that's the cleaning lady, A friend is not someone who sends you chain letters because he wants his wish of being rich to come true. Now quick go rate my page and leave tons of comments. Cuz Cherry Tap said If I dont pass this on Ill never be able to have comments again If you don't, you'l
Its Good To Be Sober
hey im finaly off the liquor for those who know me and im feelin good if you want to support my sobrity let me know thanx
Cum With Me
What a beautiful night to curl up and listen to the thunder and see the lightning. We could hear the thunder in the background it was a wonderful sound.. He opened the window to let the cool air in to relieve the heat that they both felt. They did have so much fun fucking each other, they worked up quite a sweat. He stood by the window, she could see the outline of his body, it looked so good, very tasty. He had a wonderful body to her, he was just perfect. The best thing about him was his nice ass, she could just gobble it up all night long. She caught herself getting worked up again, he seemed to do that to her. He started towards the bed when he noticed how beautiful she was at that moment. She was leaned back on one arm, he wanted to run his fingers down the curvy of her body and take her in his mouth. He stood at the side of the bed looking down at her, she had angel eyes, so kind yet seductive. He looked away for only a moment until his attention was requested by her mouth
"Wish" this is the first day of my last days i built it up now i take it apart climbed up real high now fall down real far no need for me to stay the last thing left i just threw it away i put my faith in god and my trust in you now there's nothing more fucked up i could do wish there was something real wish there was something true wish there was something real in this world full of you i'm the one without a soul i'm the one with this big fucking hole no new tale to tell twenty-six years on my way to hell gotta listen to your big time hard line bad luck fist fuck don't think you're having all the fun you know me i hate everyone wish there was something real wish there was something true wish there was something real in this world full of you i want to but i can't turn back but i want to
Hell Is For Heroes-i Can Climb Mountains
Give me some kind of hope give me one honest lie to promote and try to think better days when you choke when blood for profit gain wins your vote and you can fake smiles to make you feel when its time to break the deal cos it's easy now, i'm easy now and buy a new disease when it pays to sell the cure it's easy now, im easy now cos i can climb mountains i can spit further than you can hurl and i can swallow failure just to learn and i can build bridges from, what you burn and you can fake smiles to make you feel when its time to close the deal and it's easy now, i'm easy now and buy a new disease when it pays to sell the cure it's easy now, i'm easy now cos i can run, i can hide i can take a world of pain in a stride and i don't need fairy tales to pretend and i don't need heroes to depend on i can heal, i can regenerate i can give birth and i can meditate and i can hate, i can love, i can fuck i can see the view below from the top with arms around i
Why Are People Soo Rude
The sales ladies are the rudest the people that shop there are the rudest !!!!!! I returned a sweater exchanged it whatever was in line for 30 mins then the sales lady did not help me -- had to go off to find my replacement with another price tag on it ! Thank god for Apple martnins !!!! now i feel much better !
Hell Is For Heroes-you Drove Me To It
Somebody better give me a sting Somebody better make me bleed Fill this vacancy underneath my skin Cos i'm fighting with a thorn in my side I never meant to fall this far I have grown the soul of an enemy But i hold and element of surprise God knows its gonna make you smile Breathin' immortality I'm falling down one thousand feet So lets gather with the gods tonight And play truant for the final time I've been strung from hell Give me birth again Cos i never meant to fall this far My guts are gonna drop like flies Take these promises with a fist of salt Cos i hold an element of surprise And god know its gonna make you smile Breathin' immortality I'm falling down one thousand feet And oh my god one hundred floors Flash faster than my eyes can meet Give me something sacred So deep so high so long so far so good so much pressure building They won't break me they won't ground me Breathin' immortality I'm falling down one thousand feet And oh my god o
Need Some Love For Mr. Chugg!!!
Ladies and Gentlemen, This is my friend Mr. Chuggler... who through no fault of his own O:-) lost his CherryTap account recently. Being the Awesome Cherrytapper that he is... Snicker... he has come back and is starting again. Let's give him some love and I know he will return it. Dump some 10s on him... He was at Level 9... but now is a 2... snicker. Pimp him out to your friends as well...
Come And Call In
Another New Years Eve At Home
Yep.. i am at home with the kids New Years Eve. Whoopdie doo. It's been this way for me for the past 4 years now I think. I wait up til midnight and then I am in bed by 12:05. Exciting isnt it? Tomorrow I am spending the WHOLE day and night alone with my oldest daughter. We never get any time alone together so this should be fun. Fair warning to those keeping track... My diet is off tomorrow. My daughter and I will be feasting on carbs and comfort foods galore while watching movies and playing games on the puter and game cube. On Sunday we will go back to our regularly scheduled diet. I am looking forward to this time with her not only because we need it, but to help me keep my mind off of other things and focused on something really great. My brain needs a break. My heart needs a break. I need a break.
Happy New Year !!!!!!! My Wish for You in 2007 May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips! May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires and may happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy. May the problems you had, forget your home address! May God pour down blessings all around you that there shall not be room to receive them. In simple words ............ may 2007 be the BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!
Cleaning Out List
Just wanted to warn some people that if they are no longer on my friends list, there's a reason why. Some people i have not heard from for months, others just wanted me to add them for whatever reason, or to see my private pics, ya well thats changing. I have over 200 people on my list and i may talk to a handful, and told myself i wasnt gonna do what i did on myspace. Normally i dont bitch about much at all, but this is becoming ridiculous. Even when i leave comments for my "friends" shit i dont hear a thing from them, so ya cleaning time. So to any of you who chat with me, disregard this, cuz i appreciate you all and all of you are wonderful in one way or another, and i thank you dearly for at least saying hi from time to time. k i'm done bitching, have a great night everyone
Another Ipod Question
anyone have a tip on how to get the frickin earbud covers on? seriously! its horrible..
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Almost A Full Day Without
Almost a full day without a Ciggy .. havnt chewed anyones face off yet .. havnt felt the need to attack anyone that had a ciggy .So I think things just may work out in my favor ..
Jade & Couple Of Quizes
You scored as Passion. You are very passionate whether that passion is good or evil has yet to be determined. You have great power over others and they seem to flock to your service. You are very competative almost to a fault. Perhaps you should let someone else win for a change? Passion 83% Diamond Eyes 75% Mysterious 33% Eyes full of Pain 33% What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!) created with You scored as rum. you are rum. you are adventurous and fun loving, but laid back and cool. you like to travel and love good times. rum 96% vodka
Sexiest Pic Contest
come vote for me in the sexiest pic contest comment and rates will be great ty all friends n family at cherry tap!!! happy new year!!!! go to the following link then photo folder sexy pic contest thanks all again mwas!!!!!!!!!! please repost thanks all!!!!
2007 Will Be Better?
I left Austin in 01 after having to file bankrupcy to try and save my grandmothers house after she died.I still couldn't afford to keep up the mortgage on it so i sold it quickly payed off the bankrupcy and we left Austin moved to the Killeen area where houses where cheaper to buy. Bought a house there that turned out had so many problems,rat infestation, a leak we didn't know about till to late then find out the pipes n the house had some major problem and no plumper in town would touch them,then mold the bad kind toxic mold so we just had to walk away from the house. e had flat out payed cash for it and lost everything. We came back to Austin and had to move in with my then mother n law who is a bitch and made my life miserable daily,even would bad mouth me to my kids but my kids alays stood up for me. Out of the blue one night late she kicked us all out on the streets at that time my youngest was 6 months old,thankfully it was in July so we didn't end up on the streets in
what is going on with this dam site,i tried to add some friends of mine to my family says i have reached my limit for my level.when i last looked i was up to level 9,come on get me you should add as many people to your family as much as you want,there is no limit on friends or fans,so how come there is a limit on how many family members you can have?also why does it take so long to view someones profile?it seems baby jesus has some major bugs on this dam site.
A Government Health Warning...
Platimium Cherry
Hey! Its Friday ;)
Get Weekdays Graphics Friday codes Myspace Code Generators Layouts
So anyways. gotmy internet shut off.. So I'm going to the library once a week I guess. Anyways. If ya know my number gimme a call. -Rob
Yay Me!
I got out of Colorado just in time! When I got home to ca, I seen on the news that there was another blizzard. I am so glad I got my window of opportunity and got the funk up out of there. Well thats all I had to say so later people
"perfect Drop Of Sweat"
"Perfect Drop of Sweat" By SZonder © In the small of her back Floats a perfect drop of sweat, No alluring feature does it lack: Musty, tempting, wet. Resting in a lake enclosed by land Surrounding beads threaten to break, But with a light caress of my hand The bead does not join the wake. Drifting across the rise of her hips, Tickling, whispering, nibbling her skin, Goose bumps rise to meet my lips; Shivers, quivers, echo from deep within. With an arch of her back the journey begins, The perfect drop sails over delicate flesh Completely unaware of our delicious sins, It rides over her skin to where our bodies mesh. She turns to her side, it travels around the world To drift down the valley 'tween rising hills And exit again to a new land unfurled, Ready to take part in our sensual thrills. I chase it's descent down her graceful neck, The drop rises then pauses at the crest of her chin Like a sea faring gull aboard a ships deck. But with the top of
"loving You..."
"Loving You..." By Ancient117331 © How my thoughts Are racing soooo... I just whispered aloud - "I love you...” And have the softest feeling - For real, No teasing. You 'get' to me so damnably easy... I don't know or understand why Or how - You just do. It's because... Somehow... we... belong. I know... Silly me. I melt at some awkward times And just shake my head at others. But I want to hold you so tight And make love to you And hold you close afterward And make love to you And just 'be' with you And love you. Woman...the thoughts that just race by Physical... mental... My stomachs a big knot And I want to sing, Smile... just laugh... Shake it off... But can't. I want you curled with me, Around me, On me. I want to be in you - A part of you... Held so very tight and close... And never let go. I want to touch you, Taste... Explore... Mentally, physically... And more - So much more. I want to play And 'be' As only we can. Ho
"knights Honor" (part "three")
"Knights Honor" (Part "three") By LovngStrength © Oh my heart. My fair one. Dost thou tremble? In fear? Or better, Tis it the, Sweet fruit of, Anticipation? Nay, No need to speak, My heart. I see in thine eyes, Such love and trust, It melts this Knights heart, And I tremble with thee. Vibrate with thee. As if two lutes, Strummed, In sympathy. Know my love. How I honor thee. Love thee, More, Then all the celestial lights, In heaven. More than, These poor words speak. That I seek, Forever, To find my heart, In thee. My soul, In thee. My strength, In thee. Your trust, In me. Humbles. Yet, Makes this ache, I feel, A healing balm. A calm, I surrender to. Be strong of heart, My love. As I bind thee, Find thee, Pulse to pulse, To this, Most ancient, Of regal oaks. Feel its wisdom. Upon such, Ivory flesh, As thee's. Bereft of gown, I drown, With, Love besotted eyes, In this vision, Of thy perfection. Fear not, My fair
"knights Honor" (part "two")
"Knights Honor" (Part "two") By LovngStrength © Come my lady. My hearts desire. My Little one. Who inspires, Great deeds. Know that I love thee. Need thee. Will have thee. Show thee, My hearts, True blood. Crimson, As your, Moist lips. Ride upon, This brave steed, With me. Feel his power, Within your, Virgin loins. As he fly's us, As if the wind, To our place, Amongst the bowers. Let your flaxen, Flow as a brook, Within the breeze. Trust and believe, That I am he, Who covets thee? With an honorable heart. A wise tongue. A Passionate soul. He, who has always, Been the specter, Within your, Erotic virgin dreams. Know that I, Am your knight. True of heart, And deeds. That I hold thee, In my palm, Even as I, Build your pedestal. Know that, No azure sky, Can compete, With thine eyes. No spun gold, With thy silken hair. No flower, With thy true scent. No fruit, With the lush, Nor the blush. Of thy lips. No velvet royal,
"knights Honor" (part "one")
"Knights Honor" (Part "one") By LovngStrength © "Knights Honor" (Part "one") My fair one. Like the snow, Draped in sunshine. Alabaster. Smooth as silk. Eyes of sky. So inviting, Sensual. Evoking my smile. Lips, That beg my kiss. How I love thee. Need thee. Feel you, Stirring in me. Want you. Beneath me. Deep within thee. Within my realm. My castle walls, Protect thee. My armor, Shields thee. My sword, Defends thee. My arms surround thee. In coiled heat. My chains bind thee, In your dreams. My collar brands thee, As mine. I wait patiently, Upon my throne. You, Kneel to me. Obeisance, For me. Obey, Me. Give all you are, To me. Trust me, Implicitly. Desire me, Above all others. Your loins, In heat, For me. You breath, For me. You only dream, Of me. Your body dies, For me. As I would, And do, Indeed, Die, For thee. I am your, Lord. Your Master. The one, Who holds? The key. Your hearts, Desire. The one, Who s
"i Often Find Myself Fantasizing..."
"I Often Find Myself Fantasizing..." By Awesomejoe © "I Often Find Myself Fantasizing About You!" Mmmm! They say a picture of beauty can speak a thousand words of pleasure... Well every time a picture of you comes into my mind...damn I find myself getting lost in so much pleasure and desire...that without hesitation I feel my dark cock getting excited for you... Wanting you, needing you...and when you're not here I find myself touching myself for you... I get lost in the realms of wanting my lips pressed against your our tongues begin to explore the hidden pleasure zones... Damn just sitting here with my eyes closed I can feel how soft and warm you are to I gently let my tongue explore the essences of your soft and warm lips...letting my tongue trace your lips, gently resting them against yours... I can feel your body heat warming up to me...wanting to give into the pleasures you're feeling... "I Often Find Myself Fantasizing About You!" I
"the Freak Within"
"The Freak Within" Well if you want a freak then step this way, Because your pussy is gonna scream with what I'm about to say. I want you handcuffed to the bed nakedly waiting, You can't move now so let me help you with your masturbating. You’re licking your lips now getting hella wet, Begging for this dick like a porno vet. Licking on them pussy lips, Making you moan when I get between your hips. Now I gotta let your hands go, 'Cause I'm gonna put you on your knees and fuck you in your asshole. Penetrating now that I'm deep inside, You’re starting to shake on this freaky ride. Your wet pussy is dripping on the floor, Begging, screaming and asking for more. Now how about you suck my dick, Get the whip cream and you can have a banana split. I'm gonna pull on your hair and get hella wild, Jump on and ride me rodeo style. Slapping you on your ass while you jump up and down, You’re my queen now so take your crown. I know you came hard cuz even my balls are wet, And ou
Butterscotch Sunday
Butterscotch Sunday Sunday night with nothing to do, All alone just me and you. I've got an idea that seems just right, Lie down and relax 'cause this is gonna take all night. I've got some "Butterscotch" that tastes so sweet, For you to put on me from head to feet. "Butterscotch!" Yes that's the shit, That'll give you a night you'll never forget. First you can start around my tits, From nipple to nipple with a couple of licks. Then you can smother it between my thighs, Only to hear my "Butterscotch" cries. Down my ankles between my toes, This is where the "Butterscotch" goes. Hold on a second 'cause you’re not done, For we've only begun our "Butterscotch" fun. Then up my thighs you'll start to lick, Not stopping till you reach my clit. I think you should stay right here a while, As I wiggle, giggle and give you a smile. Sucking and nibbling gonna taste it all, It's not just a party it's a "Butterscotch" ball. Rubbing my nipples while sucking my clit, Until a ti
Alternative New Year Celebrations
Last year, one in three people did 'absolutely nothing' to celebrate New Year. If you want to celebrate without spending too much money and queing for drinks all night, here are suggestions. Murder mystery game Role plays for around 10 people, where you all dress up as characters in a plot and you spend the evening trying to work out 'who dunnit'. You can buy these online or in the shops and they can be a lot of fun, and civilised too. Best played over dinner with a bottle or 10 of wine. Warn your guests a few days in advance if they need to get costumes or props together. Dinner party Always a winner, even if you can't cook! Rope a partner or best mate in to help you get it all set up, and pick a dish that isn't too complicated. That way it will be hard to fail. Invite a handful of your good mates over and tell them all to bring a bottle - you could even delegate some of the hard work by asking some to bring a starter and others a desert so you have a slap-up three-coure meal.
Say It Right
in the day in the night say it all say it right you either got it or you don't you either stand or you fall when your will is broken when it slips from your hand when there's no time for joking there's a hole in the plan oh you don't mean nothing at all to me no you don't mean nothing at all to me do you got what it takes to set me free oh you could mean everything to me i can't say that i'm not lost and at fault i can't say that i don't love the light and the dark i can't say that i don't know that i am alive and all of what i feel i could show you tonite you tonite oh you don't mean nothing at all to me no you don't mean nothing at all to me do you got what it takes to set me free oh you could mean everything to me from my hands i could give you something that i made from my mouth i could sing you another brick that i laid from my body i could show you a place god knows you should know the space is holy do you really want to go? oh you don't
Happy New Year!
I hope everyone has a great New Years! Be careful! HUGS TO ALL!
Online Modeling Contest
For all of those beautiful cherries out there, There is a modeling contest, with the prize being $1,000,000 USD...Go to the website and enter it today...what the hell, there is always that chance.
Evenin Yall
Okay I am back up an running however I have had a very shitty day so word to the wise watch what you say to me tonight I am liable to bite your head off an jump in your shit (LOL) I am however in the process of doing updates and downloading my yahoo as for the group changes I am going to hold off on those tonight as I was in a car wreck today now before you go freakin out Im alright just pulled some muscles in my neck yes I had all 3 kids with me bad thing is I wasnt even moving when the dumb bitch hit my car in the ass end lol she was chatting on her little cell phone an when i walked back to her car she was still chatting until I asked her what the hell was she doing but dont freak Im okay an so are the kids Im just moving a bit slower and trying to get shit downloaded on this new pc but feel free to those of you who have me on yahoo message me on msn at as that is the only messenger I have atm and am using so as soon as I got yahoo back Ill give yall a hollar.
British Letter To Americans
i found this when i was mooching and I thought it was amusing Subject: British Letter to Americans Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 11:48:44 -0500 To the citizens of the United States of America, In the light of your failure to elect a proper President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective today. Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchial duties over all states, commonwealths and other territories. Except Utah, which she does not fancy. Your new prime minister (The Right Honourable Tony Blair, MP for the 97.85% of you who have until now been unaware that there is a world outside your borders) will appoint a minister for America without the need for further elections. Congress and the Senate will be disbanded. A questionnaire will be circulated next year to determine whether any of you noticed. To aid in the transition to a British Crown Dependency, the following rules are introduced with i
Happy New Year ;)))
Hello lovelys friends!!! Happy 2007 with much peace, health, loves and prosperity!!! Desire to be together in the next year!!! Thank you for the precious friendship and affection. Loves and kisses, Regina Helena ***see you tuesday***
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Well Deal Or No Deal Male Contest ?
Hope all my friends like my pics ? Maybe drop by and rate and comment? Forward and repost this if you like the pics ? Hope you have a Happy New year ? Above all have a save one !!!!!!!!! So repost Deal Or No Deal ? I would like to thank you all who repost, along with I return all favors ? Ladies your all the best and more !!!!!!! Your worth more than any dollar amount !!!!!!!! Your all wild and free just like me There is a chance we love what we do no matter what the trudge ! I love you all because you are simply you and never judge ! It is great to express yourself no matter what you think or feel! Just treat people with kindness and a good heart Deal or No Deal.
I Am Sick Of Drama, This Woman Is Crazy, Help Me Figure Out What To Do,and Ignoring Her Doesnt Work She Has Been Stalking Me For Over A Month Maybe 2
This is what she posted online currently online & new members Members: 546,324 (36,775 online) Cherry Bucks Spent: $429,167,333 Recent readers: Tom and Jami ~Free2Xs~ tomcat naughtybutshy L... Vixen Lala ( L... *ANGEL~BABY*®™ ... CherryTAP Bulletin!MAKE STICKY! naughtybutshy L... remove friend subject: LADIES BEWARE OF THE PSYCHO!!! PLZ REPOST (repost) date: 2006-12-29 11:22:51 OK , SO SOME OF YOU MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SEEN MY RANT ON THIS.... I CAME ON ONE MORNING TO SEE SOME SCUMBAG HAD LEFT ME SOME NASTY COMMENTS ON MY PAGE AND PICS AND HAD DOWNRATED THEM .... SUCH AS C*NT, WH*RE, ETC. ALTHOUGH I DIDN'T WANT TO, I WAS URGED BY MY FRIENDS TO MAIL SCRAPPER SO I DID... HERE IS HIS RESPONSE You just got to ignore it. Delete the comments and don't sweat it. Block the person and do not communicate with them. === '*HELLCAT*THE CONTEST IS ON!' spewed forth the following at '2006-12-2
Hello There
ok well i put some new pics up veiw if you would like to......have a very happy new year all!!!!!
Does She Love Me...
Fire In My Hometwown.
Hi People, Thursday 27-12-2006 at 04.00am there was a fire in the center of my hometown. A kebabrestaurant, a cafe and a real dutch coffeeshop went up in flames. Luckely no one was injured but 19 people became homeless. The local goverment took care and the well have a new place to live in a few weeks. I heard the sirenes off the firebrigade, police and ambulances but had no idea what was going on. If I had known that one of hour local coffeeshops went up in flames I would have gone watch the fire cause I never smoked a spliff that big. Anyway I wnet today and I shot thoose pictures for ya. Thanks for reading and have a great day. The police investigates how this could happen. The cause is probably fireworks. So be carefull when you are gonna light some. Take care and hace a cracking start of 2007.
Would You Like To Be A Adult Magazine Model?
Hello ladies. Ever had a desire to be adult magzine model. Well...I am a talent scout for Gent and Dcup magazines. They are always looking for busty models to photograph. Not a busty model but still want to model or work in the adult industry? Drop me a note and I will tell you how Steve
Fuckin' Up My Christmas
mc chris (For Coco) Ladies that are fat ladies that are skinny Ladies that are all night on my jimmy Ladies that won't charge me a buck fiddy Just wanna get with me cuz I'm so pretty Bitties who wanna bite off a lil sumpn Best part's the top like a drew barry muffin Bittie's that wanna turn on their love oven And cook up a caserole of stove top stuffin (woo hoo!) Don't stop the suckin cuz you're filled with my gumption take care of my beaker cuz I'm honeydew bunsen Got ya jonesin for my potion, got my finger on the button That's why mc be struttin Wish I could erase this erection Honey's comin at me from every direction Lookin for the love connection I stink of sweaty sexin without protection So line up the contestants I'll open their drawers like the kid in the sixth sense (I see dead people!) I won't persist this distance, gotta get up in this She fuckin up my christmas chorus Fuckin up my christmas is a new way of saying fuckin up my shit This is

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