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Wyoming And Me
It turned ugly that day Tried to hide my heart And run away Will it always be this way I can't see the future No way to say You're beautiful but you're flawed You're desperate but you're strong You're lonely but never alone You're empty, like Wyoming and me It's the nature of things Tried to leave a little Of what you bring Let's all join hands And form a ring Cross your fingers Then we will sing You're beautiful but you're flawed You're desperate but you're strong You're lonely but never alone And you're empty, like Wyoming and me You're beautiful but you're flawed You're desperate but you're strong You're lonely but never alone An you're empty, like Wyoming and me Wyoming and me Wyoming and me Wyoming and me Wyoming and me
My Week And Weekend
Hello everyone.... I guess i should jump on here and say thing are going good just been really busy with life... I have been watching my friends kids from the age of 2 to 6 so it has been very busy over here...Well let see we went out Saturday night for the 1st time in mths Beau got off about 6:00pm so we went to the bar for a lil bet with Cassi and Christy Had a great time i think Cassi and i will go out for a lil bet on Wednesday night not sure yet....I hope this find everyone doing well.. I need to close this and go and wash my car and get things done around the house that need to get done...bye bye to everyone Hugs N Kisses Queen Jelly
Monday 2/26/07
Just another boring day for me lol, the weather is yucky so I'm definitely staying in and relaxing and just working on my Cherry Tap page and just chatting online as well. Two more days then DJ Cracker goes live on Crush FM for the very first time!
I Got Arrested Today.
About Last Night...
I think I was all hopped up on goofballs or cold medicine or something. I was almost making sense. Very disturbing for me. Wait, what? I didn't make sense? Ah, false alarm then. Carry on.
Profile Update
Have been working on the about me section of my profile. So, if ya interested in seeing whats going on check it out. Thanks.
There comes a time when being oblivious to things that are obvious is just lame, foolish and OUTRIGHT!!!! inexcusable! Caring, true and loyal friends can serve well in the role of the "canary in the coal mine" pick up dangers that aren't easily detectable! If the canary strarts to give you indicators of problems, it is rather dumb to ignore them! I am quite lucky to have 2 quality and loyal canaries right here- I just need to improve in listening to the warnings, reponding quicker to them and finally learn to do the right thing in responding to them!
011 A Little Bit Of The Mental Side
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're probably right." That saying has helped me through a lot of times when I was having trouble and about to quit. The fact of the matter is that you have got to believe in yourself. The things that you are doing at this point in your life should be what you can do. So you say to yourself that's right, I'll just set it up so I am sure I can make it and stay positive. Good point, you keep your standards low and you will more than likely continue meeting those standards but you won't be accomplishing much. Worse than that, the worst person in the world who could know that fact, will know it. That is you. You will know that you don't go for more and as you make excuses, you will know that they are only excuses. Another saying of mine is "Never practice bad habits." Making excuses is a bad habit and the more you do it, the more you will do it. Get in the habit of taking yourself just a little bit farther. At the poin
Are You Destined For World Domination?
You Are Not Destined to Rule the World You are destined for something else... Like inventing a new type of cupcake. You just don't have the stomach for brutality. But watch out - because many people do! Are You Destined For World Domination?
Helpful Ways To Ease Tension On First Date
First dates for most people are stressful situations, but they do not have to be. Dates should be fun and exciting experiences. If you remember the following things, and use some common sense, your date will have a much better likelihood of succeeding. ē Focus on the other person. ē Remember you're there to have fun, so enjoy yourself. ē Go into it with a positive attitude, after all your first impression must have been good enough for them to go out on a date with you. ē Be yourself. This is very important. Most people can tell when someone is misleading them and it is not an attractive feature. ē Try to be outgoing. This will help make you feel more comfortable around your new acquaintance. ē Ask questions about the other person to start to get to know them better, but stay away from questions that have to do with past relationships on the first date. ē Do what comes natural. At the end of the date, if a kiss seems natural, then kiss them. If a hug seems natural, then hu
Post Office May Issue 'forever' Stamp
WASHINGTON - The sting of rising postal costs could be eased a bit by the introduction of a "forever" stamp that would remain valid for first-class postage despite future increases. The independent Postal Regulatory Commission scheduled a Monday morning briefing to announce its ruling on the Postal Service's requests to raise first-class rates 3 cents to 42 cents and to establish the permanent stamp. If the commission agrees, the matter goes back to the board of governors of the Postal Service, which is expected to schedule any rate changes in May. The commission can also reject or modify the rate proposal and send that to the postal board for a response. A key part of the plan is the so-called forever stamp, which would allow consumers to hedge against future rate increases. The stamp, which would not show a denomination, would sell for the first-class rate at the time of purchase and would remain valid for mailing permanently, even if rates increase. That means folks w
Angel Is The Centerfold
Well not really...Im too fat! But in School this was my song:P You grow up with a name like Angel and geez!
ive added a new guestbook to my profile can you add yourself to it please :-)
Cold, White Void
The winter just gets me down. I don't have the drive to accomplish anything it seems... My creative drive is at a standstill, I still haven't found a part time job to supplement my income as a starving artist... therefor, everything is at a standstill... It is like it freezes me from the inside out. I wish that I could thaw out my core... maybe I could get something done then. I can't call it depression exactly, at least not in the normal sense of the word, I mean, I am not really sad... just lazy. We just got about a foot of snow, and now it is worse. I just feel like it snowed inside my brain, filling me up and making my soul into a vast empty white void. I suppose it doesn't help matters any that I got into the blowout I did with my mother on Saturday. There is nothing more dissolutioning than your own mother, who is supposed to have your back and be a mecca of encouragment, telling you to give up the art because who would want to buy that anyway? Upon the pinnicle of sa
Only Pussies Hit Women...period
subject: ONLY PUSSIES HIT WOMEN...PERIOD (repost) date: 2007-02-26 07:55:16 ~i am a survior of domestic violence. my abuser beat me so bad he busted my ear drum and now i have permanant hearing support the victims and surviors of domestic violence in anyway you can. ~undiscovered soul~ This is a touchy subject for me as well. I suffered an abusive relationship years ago. An ex-boyfriend left me with 3 broken teeth and a broken arm that I still suffer with to this day and that was 15 years ago. Please repost this! Thanks, Melinda REPOST THIS FOR ALL THE WOMEN YOU THIS IS A TOUCHTY SUBJECT FOR ME AND IT HAS TO STOP AS I AM A SURVIVOR OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN PLEASE IF YOU HAVENT READ THIS BLOG PLEASE DO SO NOW MAYBE SOMEONE YOU KNOW NEEDS HELP (repost of original by '~~!!PoeticAngel!!~~ive got new pics woot woot' on '2007-02-24 10:26:49') (repost of original by '~**D3v1l1sh_V3n0m**~' on '2007
I love basketball I love basketball 4 life to i die i play it and watch it you can call me a tomboy and which I am not a boy and my hole family got me into basketball even my brothers and cousin got me into it. so if u watch and play basketball i give u props so what u like basketball or football?if u pick basketball you must be frm tha hood and football to but i am different hood
Can Rate Now! Lol
Well got this computer upgraded to IE 6 which is far as this one can go. The little cherries now work so I can do the ole rate thing!! Big yip!
Hey please stop by my page and sign my slide guestbook thank you.
I Made It Out.....
thanks to those who stayed true to me through it all
Good Thoughtful Words
*************************************************** 10dr.xtc~MEMBER~OF~THE~WOLF~PACK~FAMILY~& MEMBER DARK MOON CT FAMILY & (b&afam)wrote: im sorry for you sweetie, but i think all violence is wrong no matter who it is women, children, and even men.i've seen men who would never hit a woman get beat upon by a woman and you never hear about it, because of male pride and the fact no one takes it seriously. it has been estimated that men are the victims of domestic abuse in 35% of such cases. once again all violence is wrong wether it be human or animal. im gonna repost this because i do agree with you 110% and everyone male and female needs to learn that violence is not the answer to problems ___________________________________________________ Amanda wrote: Well thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. I reposted this from another person. I agree with you on all points. I believe men can be victims of domestic violence by women. Yes, it is all wrong. Forms of phy
Please Comment Bomb My Grandsons Tattoo
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Time Heals
They say time heals all wounds. How much time is the main question. I can only dream of the day I wake up and all the burdens are lifted from my shoulders. Somedays it seems almost unbearable, but I make it somehow. Ever since my ex's passing, I've been going through alot of different emotions. Emotions from guilt, sadness, confusion, hate, regrets, if onlys, and what ifs. Somedays it just gets to be so confusing and overwhelming. As if it's not hard enough to watch someone you love, or even once loved, die once, it's even worse to go through it twice. Especially when you haven't even gotten over the first time. The first time being losing the man I fell in love with and married, to drugs. He was no longer that man I once knew. That man didn't exist anymore. Second time was the losing him for real. I had known my ex for 16 years. Even though he didn't think I loved or cared about him, I did more than he realized. It hurt to watch him suffer and not be able to
Who I Am
I am more of a tomboy than a girlie girl.. I am not catty and never have been. I dont get jealous.. I think EVERYONE is BEAUTIFUL!! If you just keep an open mind and take the time to look and get to know someone you will see it too. I am respectful of everyone..I try to be a good friend to everyone I can. When people do me a favor I try to return it. Yes I have a boyfriend and a beautiful son..but that doesnt mean I am dead..I can flirt and I can have friends I can be a huge flirt and I love to joke around..sometimes people don't get my humor but I never have cruel intentions and I am never mean spirited so you should know I never mean anything purposely harmful. The best people on here in my opinion besides the people i know in real life first are Sexy Alpha Sexy Alpha Female Wolf ... Raven Family& VIC Pres... The Wolf Pack Family@ CherryTAP and Big Bad Wolf THE BIG BAD WOLF~PRES.-OF THE WOLF PACK FAMILY~@ CherryTAP These people are true and real people..They are awesom
It's like a drug, I can't get enough of it!! I'd love to make my own some time.
ONE - Spell your full name without vowels: nn Wrrngtn TWO - Are you single? nope THREE - Whatís your favorite number? 29 FOUR - Favorite color(s)? blue, black, red, purple FIVE - Least favorite color? brown, but it is the most amusing SIX - What are you listening to? I Am Ghost - Killer Likes Candy SEVEN - What do you smoke? nowt EIGHT - Are you happy with your life right now? Yeah most of it NINE - Anyone ever said you resemble a celebrity? someone said i looked like a female version of Johnny Christ but i think they were joking TEN - What is your favorite class in school? Media ELEVEN - Do you shop at hollister/abercrombie/AE? HA HA HA TWELVE - How do you make money? I work at my local CO-OP FOURTEEN - Are you outgoing? not really FIFTEEN - One word to describe you? crazy SIXTEEN - Favorite pair of shoes? either my black and pink sketchers or my black and white skull and cross bones shoes SEVENTEEN- Do you own big sunglasses? nope
Pics Posted 2- 26 - 07
new pics were posted in my more just me, my son and me and the my son 2 - 26 - 07 folder enjoy
Friends And Thanks
Well i was told that love conquers all and well in some cases it does and some it doesn't the love of friends sometimes overcomes alot of the problems that you have in life but then there are friends that you ask to help you with things and then they just shit on you. i have some friends like that but in the outcome it all worked out good. i talked to my BEST Friend that i will ever have in my life this weekend and got alot of stuff worked out and promises were made and the past was somewhat put the the past and hopefully in time just left there and never shoved in my face again. i did wrong and i know i did i am not going to say things couldn't have been handled different and they should have and not with as my mom always says kid gloves so now one would get hurt. too many got hurt in the process of it all. i love my best friend alot always will and he knows it but thats where things are now as friends and i know i have done some stupid stuff one of my promises is not to do stupi
You're Invited!!!!
What All Happened This Last Week
I am soo glad to be back at home :) last Sunday i finally when to the docs to find out i had strep GRRRR! then Tuesday i had to take my girl into the hospital for surgery. well while under surgery her asthma stared up on her :( so they had her on oxygen when i finally got to go back and see her but she seamed to be doing great she was talking, laughing and just having a good o time. well they keep her up all night Tuesday giving her meds plus treatments and they did an x-ray in her bed that night but she quit talking on Wednesday and she breathing was soo bad they had oxygen at 8. so we when and did some more x-rays on her Wednesday and found out her left lung collapsed. and at this point i was really freaking out. so finally they started dropping her oxygen down on late Thursday afternoon and we finally got her off oxygen 2am Friday and we got to bring her home late Friday afternoon. and now that she is back home she has been eating finally bc she hasn't ate anything in 2 weeks.
Been Revoked
no longer bomb squad but whatever if ya peeps have it in ya let me know if ya can help thanx all.... click pic show a lil love...thanx
Some Days
Some days are better then others I like the rain its raining today the sound of the rain and the garbage truck makes this day sound and look ok, Garbage truck you think, well they pick up the trash and the hood is clean again, then I get to see the rednecks trailer across the street normally roof high in beer cans and bottles his yard is clean again and it makes where I am living a fine and wonderful shit whole yet again. I have always hated Mondays they are a start of something, that can make or break you for the whole week, if you call in sick people leer at you, if you make a mistake then people jump all over it and that mistake seems to follow you until Wednesday , come in hungover and the whole work place yells and screams HEY HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND...oh fuck off then... I think this country would be better off starting its work week on Tuesday that way people can re cope after the weekend Mondays suck.
Yahoo Messenger
How To Deal With Ripped Photos?
Many of you email CTS asking us to referee your ripped photos. The following is our policy on ripped photos. If you do not want your photos ripped: 1. Do not upload anything that you do not want potentially ripped or stolen to the internet. 2. OR, you can take the risk and make a new folder and set the privacy settings to your preference. The Tap allows you to set folder's privacy settings so that you can control who views the content of that folder. You have the option to set it for Everyone, Friends Only, Family Only and Only Myself. We do not referee member drama. If you are having problems with someone, please BLOCK and IGNORE them. If someone has ripped a photo of yours and you want it removed, please read our Terms of Service and the following information on how to remove Copyrighted material. How to remove copyrighted material? CherryTAP requires an official DMCA notice. Please read the following information. Digital Millennium Copyright Act It is ou
Seventy-five Years
SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS Ladies and Gentlemen: We are gathered here to join in the celebration of the yearÖ Most commonly marked by the presentation of diamonds. This by the way is what we wanted to do for you today; but thought that Ford, Chrysler or GM would do just as well. I guess in our wee little minds The only way that we can comprehend time Beyond that redundant tick, tick, ticky Of our classic MickeyÖ Mouse clock Is to reach for the oldest thing we think we see Because the wisdom of time is truly the greatest mystery Itís strange how most of the tie we donít understand But wee too have seen it slip through our hands Leaving us with what could have been And remembrance of all those days when Yeah it was good way back then No doubts and I remembers for a dear old friend But this is now and the challenge of today Is to figure how As time keeps slipping away How do you remain so spry? And keep that delightful twinkle in your eye The pessimists woul
Yep. I feel like crap. I had a feeling this was coming. Everyone I know has been sick lately and I was lucky to be the one healthy person. Till now. I had a sore throat on Saturday and yesterday I started the sniffling and general icky feeling. Today it's the head full of wet cotton, sniffling, aching and such. I came to work anyway. Good thing I did. I was the only CSR up here till Diane showed up finally. Nickey and Jennifer still aren't there. Oy. I wish they'd show up just in case I have to go home early. *sniffle* Yes, I feel icky. Bleah.
It's Official!!!!
Well, it is totally official. I signed my lease Saturday and I move into my apt. July 8th down in Athens. I'm so psyched. And I'm moving in right next to Clinton. I actually spent the day in Athens Saturday with Kristen, who showed me some of the awesome places around the town. It sucked that I had to come back to boring Newark! July cannot come fast enough, yet I still have so much left to do. Oh, in April, I'm going to Vegas baby! The EM Club is heading out for some conferences, which should be fun. Hopefully see some good concerts while I am out there. Also in April, my 20th Birthday. Crazy, right? Who'd have thought I'd make it this far. This is gonna be an exciting year!
Daily Prayer For A School Bus Driver.
here at the bus compound that i work at we had a driver that would stand outside his bus every morning after pretripping his bus and start praying. he left awhile ago and i happen to run into him recently and i asked him about the prayer he always made and he emailed me this prayer. hope you enjoyed it as much as i did because it is so true. Please, Lord, watch over me this day. Please help me to remember to watch all 5 mirrors, 2 dozen windows, 8 guages, 6 warning lights, 6 dozen faces, 3 lanes of traffic, and keep a third eye open for the wobbling bicycles and daydreaming pedestrians, especially teenagers wearing headsets who are in another world. Please, Lord, help me hear all train whistles, truck and car horns, police and emergency vehicle sirens and the 2-way radio. Please, Lord, give me a hand for the gear lever, the steering wheel, the route book, the radio microphone, and the turn signal lever. And, Lord, please grant me the self-control to keep my hands away from Johnny
Help Me Out Please
Put up a Guestbook on my page, please stop by and add Yourself to it .....thanks a bunch
Time Passes Slowly
Hello all, hardly anyone on here knows me and thats ok CT is a huge site. I blog on 360 alot and thought I'd give this a try. Recently my wife was injured while serving in Iraq nothing to serious just a broken tibia. Did require surgery and will require extensive rehab due to her age, plates and pins they inserted to help the bone heal. Now its been a week since her surgery and 3 weeks since her injury and we are still waiting to hear when she will return home. The last I heard her unit will be fighting her transfer and will take full responsibility for her AMA. Her unit caused most of the damage by making her walk home a distance of 2 miles in the dark 36 hrs after being released from the hospital. Now your wondering why im telling you this.........i have not damn idea just babbling... and if you've read this far i thank you....have a great day and see you around the cherry tap hot tub ;)
Why We Are Still Here
Most people in the United States hear some dreadful news everyday when they flip on the television. In the back of their heads they are saying,"Why dont we just turn that place into a parking lot?" There are many reasons why, and I will speak briefly on each reason. The first reason is what the president is saying. If we were to just up and leave this hellhole, we would be in for a world of trouble when they regroup and gain their balance. Right now in Iraq, there are a lot of people that need us and actually work WITH the coalition. The Jundi's of the Iraqi Army are clamoring to learn the ways that we run our military to do a better job for themselves. They need us to train them up better so they can work more efficiently. The next reason for not leaving Iraq is because we have too many foreign interests within this country to just jump and run like scared bitches. There isnt much to explain about this one. The last reason we cannot leave this country is simply this.
Walk in silence, Don't walk away, in silence. See the danger, Always danger, Endless talking, Life rebuilding, Don't walk away. Walk in silence, Don't turn away, in silence. Your confusion, My illusion, Worn like a mask of self-hate, Confronts and then dies. Don't walk away. People like you find it easy, Naked to see, Walking on air. Hunting by the rivers, Through the streets, Every corner abandoned too soon, Set down with due care. Don't walk away, in silence, Don't walk away.
Love Will Tear Us Apart
When routine bites hard, And ambitions are low, And resentment rides high, But emotions won't grow, And we're changing our ways, Taking different roads. Then love, love will tear us apart again. Love, love will tear us apart again. Why is the bedroom so cold? You've turned away on your side. Is my timing that flawed? Our respect runs so dry. Yet there's still this appeal That we've kept through our lives. But love, love will tear us apart again. Love, love will tear us apart again. You cry out in your sleep, All my failings exposed. And there's a taste in my mouth, As desperation takes hold. Just that something so good Just can't function no more. But love, love will tear us apart again. Love, love will tear us apart again. Love, love will tear us apart again. Love, love will tear us apart again.
Yay Stuff
When was the last time you ran? yesterday Do your jeans have rips, tears, and holes in them? no What are you dreading right now? not sure Do you celebrate 4/20? no Favorite country singer? Garth Brooks When was your last doctor's visit? january something. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? roughly? umm about 20 minutes for everything. Think of all your exes. Would you take any of them back? Nope, I'm happy with who I have, and i wouldn't trade her for anyone, not even an ex. If anyone came to your house on your "lazy days" what would you be wearing? pj's Do you own a pair of Converse? no Do you eat the cookie dough? yes Have you ever kicked a vending machine? yes Don't you hate when the radio ruins good songs? yeah Would you rather them play the whole video or just a clip of it on TRL? Whole video, i fucking hate TRL because they only play 30 seconds of the song Do you watch Trading Spaces? no How do you e
Cyber Sex In Holland
Music Video:CYBER SEX IN HOLLAND (by Funny Videos)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
I've been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand, Could these sensations make me feel the pleasures of a normal man? These sensations barely interest me for another day, I've got the spirit, lose the feeling, take the shock away. It's getting faster, moving faster now, it's getting out of hand, On the tenth floor, down the back stairs, it's a no man's land, Lights are flashing, cars are crashing, getting frequent now, I've got the spirit, lose the feeling, let it out somehow. What means to you, what means to me, and we will meet again, I'm watching you, I'm watching her, I'll take no pity from your friends, Who is right, who can tell, and who gives a damn right now, Until the spirit new sensation takes hold, then you know, Until the spirit new sensation takes hold, then you know, Until the spirit new sensation takes hold, then you know, I've got the spirit, but lose the feeling, I've got the spirit, but lose the feeling. Feeling, feeling, feeling, feeli
Do You Know Me Part 2
Create your own Friend Quiz here
Something Must Break
Two ways to choose, On a razor's edge, Remain behind, Go straight ahead. Room full of people, room for just one, If I can't break out now, the time just won't come. Two ways to choose, Which way to go, Decide for me, Please let me know. Looked in the mirror, saw I was wrong, If I could get back to where I belong, where I belong. Two ways to choose, Which way to go, Had thoughts for one Designs for both. But we were immortal, we were not there, Washed up on the beaches, struggling for air. I see your face still in my window, Torments yet calms, won't set me free, Something must break now, This life isn't mine, Something must break now, Wait for the time, Something must break.
Twenty Four Hours
So this is permanence, love's shattered pride. What once was innocence, turned on its side. A cloud hangs over me, marks every move, Deep in the memory, of what once was love. Oh how I realised how I wanted time, Put into perspective, tried so hard to find, Just for one moment, thought I'd found my way. Destiny unfolded, I watched it slip away. Excessive flashpoints, beyond all reach, Solitary demands for all I'd like to keep. Let's take a ride out, see what we can find, A valueless collection of hopes and past desires. I never realised the lengths I'd have to go, All the darkest corners of a sense I didn't know. Just for one moment, I heard somebody call, Looked beyond the day in hand, there's nothing there at all. Now that I've realised how it's all gone wrong, Gotta find some therapy, this treatment takes too long. Deep in the heart of where sympathy held sway, Gotta find my destiny, before it gets too late.
* Crystal Seals * Star Crystal Seals * Fire Crystals * Seed Crystal Seals *
********************************************************************************************* Crystal Seals ********************************************************************************************* The Crystal Seals (components of the Level-2 Kathara Grid) are groups of 3-Dimensinal Partiki scalar wave composites that regulate the rate of Partiki Phasing to create the base structures upon which dimensionalization is formed. The flow of frequency between dimensional bands and Harmonic Universes, the fixed expansion and contraction/fission and fusion rates of Partiki, the Vibration-Oscillation Rates of Partiki and the Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS) are all regulated by the Crystal Seals. There are two types of Crystal Seals: Star Crystal Seals & Seed Crystal Seals Star Crystal Seals are positioned between the Chakra Centers along the Central Body Current, and Seed Crystal Seals are positioned between them, and serve as the point of composite frequency
The Website Your Boss Doesn't Want You To Know About!
Do you want to work for 40 years or more to make $40,000 a year or less just so you can retire on 40% of what wasn't enough in the first place? Imagine owning a profitable home business that you could start TODAY without: - Technical know-how, - Large capital investment or overhead, - Jeopardizing your current career, - Any of the headaches of owning a traditional business. What if all the tools and techniques were provided for you instantly with simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions? What if I told you it was FREE to join with NO obligation whatsoever! Interested? FREE INTERNET BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Work at home on the Internet. Free quick courses shows you how. We supply free training to start your business. There is no cost to you. Start part time and make money in your spare time. FREE Internet Business Courseó$295 Value! Free Internet business, training, and support. Multiple income streams. Residual and leveraged income; 95% of the work is automated. Vis
I Hate My Life
Yes, I have some things set up for me in the future, but it hit me last night how very much I hate my life. I'm enrolling back in college, and should be getting a student loan after I do, but until then, I have no money (for bills or otherwise). I have no movies because our DVD player broke, and we have no cable, internet, etc, to keep us entertained. Now, I could very well read books all day and be ok, but my hubby gets pissed off because he doesn't like to read and it leaves him left out. The other thing is, because of our financial status (and the fact that we have a broken window that won't let us get our house above 65), our son is at hubby's mother's house. SO, I have not had my son in our own home in about a month now. So last night it hit me that 1. I feel like an absolutely shitty mother and I miss my son with everything I have 2. I hate being broke, especially when I've been broke for about two years now 3. I'm tired of not having a car (it broke down) and not being able
A Lady's View On Metal~
My opinion on metal ? I think Metal is a variety ( you still have a choice in metal and still accepted in the metal community) You have the battle of the riffs, the fastest, the loudest, the darkest... ( Mr Mustaine) The beauty in the metal ( Randy R and Marty Friedman )But you also have some people with demons in their lives and locked out by society for what these issues have been or it's a problem we don't talk about etc... and there is the music, their serenity, their way to express what they feel inside.....You also have your shock rockers as well, you have to admit, these musicans are geniues's! But we choose what we listen to as fans.. Escape goat for society? We are but metal heads have heavy fuckin shoulders !
Try This For Free!!!
For a few months now, I have been drinking a nutritional supplement called MonaVie. Because of the benefits I have seen, not only with myself, but with my friends, I felt I had to share this with you. I have people in my own circle of friends who have found improvements in energy level, sleep, weight loss, high blood pressure, digestion, moods, immune system, and overall well-being, as well as improvements in the symptoms of degenerated knees, diabetes and fibromyalgia. No one is claiming this to be a cure all, but the significant change has greatly improved their daily living and their health. Briefly, Mona Vie consists primarily of the Acai ("ah-sigh-ee") berry which is found in the Amazon. Nutrionalists have called it the "Perfect Food". Along with the Acai berry, Mona Vie contains 18 other fruits. This combination provides not only a complete nutritional benefit, but also important antioxidants and glucosamine. Mona Vie/Acai Berry has been featured on Oprah, the Today Show an
Best Tattoo Contest
Hey i was wondering if you could help me If you do not know how to comment bomb the right way read WV Rebel Cowboy's blog on it. get to my picture just click the link to the picture belowthanks in advance
Gretchen Wilson
Quiz On The Uk Win A Prize!!
OK - a quiz for my american friends....don't cheat by google searching!!!(ok, go on then) 1) What is the capital of the United Kingdom? 2) What is the UK's Approx population? 3) What countries constitute the UK? 4) Who is the present Monarch? 5) Who is the current Prime Minister 6) Who is the patron saint of England? 7) The Spanish Armada was defeated by which Monarch? 8) How many wives did Henry VIII have? 9) who was the longest reigning Monarch? 10) Who was the First true king of Enlgand? 11) What is our currency? 12) who was Prime Minister during WW2? 13) Who's our most famous Playwrite? 14) Name out 2 most famous Universities. 15) How many countries are members of the commenwealth? 16) When did the great fire of London take place? 17) Who is 3rd in line to the throne? 18) Who is the wealthiest Britain? 19) what is teh tallest building in eth UK? 20) What's our national anthem I know - tough - even for me haha.
Shawn Michaels Hbk
I Have The Power
I have found a new Familly at last.It's a great an Wonderous Familly.Where much Love abounds.Where Dreams can become Reality if you believe.I believe in the Supernataral.I have seen what my wrath can do.I have walked amongth the Dead,I have seen many Horrors.I have done things mere Mortal can't believe,I need to learn to channel this Power I have.So I may use it for Good as well as Evil.I have kept my Powers a secret as Mortals will Persecute me,as they did our ancestors in salem,many years ago.I gave my Soul to Satan in my teenage yrs.I have abused some of this Power, in the Past.The Harvest moon in the Fall,is a very Powerful moon for me.I have 1 spell in my Repitoire,but that is to create harm to those that apose me.Lock of hair,is all I need,to cause great pain an suffering,to all that goes against me.I'm Free an alive,i knowlonger need walk alone,as I now know there might be others like me.
Quick Vidio Of My Cat :caddy (gangsta Citty)'s Got Wet Towel Syndrom!!!
Paige Richards
I've got another lovely model to add to my stocking girls portfolio, Paige Richards, who loves stockings anyway! I've sent her four pairs of vintage stockings and she's promised me some great phots, I can't wait. She also appears in the April, 2007 issue of Leg Show in stockings!
Good Things
There are so many different types of people in our lives. When you come to the point where you think you've figured them all out, a new one pops up and takes you by surprise. My life has had so many ups an downs that I gave up on planning and trying to figure it out a long time ago. I just take what is given to me and make the best of it. Well, I have to say that life has done it to me again. In a good way, that So that's two good things in a little over a week and that's a new record for me and I hope the positives keep flowing my way. Thanks to all that have said a prayer for me. It's really working.... Take Care All... :)
Down With The Sickeness
Drowning deep in my sea of loathing Broken your servant I kneel It seems what's left of my human side Is slowly changing in me Looking at my own reflection When suddenly it changes Violently it changes (oh no) There is no turning back now You've woken up the demon in me Get up, come on get down with the sickness Open up your hate, and let it flow into me You mother get up You fucker get up Madness is the gift, that has been given to me I can see inside you, the sickness is rising Don't try to deny what you feel It seems that all that was good has died And is decaying in me It seems you're having some trouble In dealing with these changes Living with these changes (oh no) The world is a scary place Now that you've woken up the demon in me (And when I dream) No mommy, don't do it again Don't do it again I'll be a good boy I'll be a good boy, I promise No mommy don't hit me Why did you have to hit me like that Why did you have to be such a bitch
Sex Appeal
You Are 85% Sexy Your Sex Appeal Is: Off the Charts! Let's face it... you're one of the sexiest people around. And you don't let anyone forget it. You're crazy hot, and you deliver on what you promise. You are definitely one wild ride. How Much Sex Appeal Do You Have?
Six Affair Stories
Some old clasics One A married man was having an affair with his secretary. One day they went to her place and made love all afternoon. Exhausted, they fell asleep and woke up at 8 PM. The man hurriedly dressed and run out through the front lawn of the house. He put on his shoes inside the car and drove home. "Where have you been?" his wife demanded. "I can't lie to you," he replied, "I'm having an affair with my secretary. We had sex all afternoon." She looked down at his shoes and said: "You liar! You've been playing GOLF!" Two A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters but always talked about having a son. They decided to try one last time for the son they always wanted. The wife got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy. The joyful father rushed to the nursery to see his new son. He was horrified at the ugliest child he had ever seen. He told his wife: "There's no way I can be the father of this baby. Look at the two beautiful daughters I fathe
Double standards!! How can you ask someone to do this or that, yet you do whatever the hell you want. Of course, I am always the nice one who keeps the peace and holds up her end of the bargin. Crazy!! My cell phone went off at 4 am this morning. Fun fun. I roll over to answer. I keep running into a former friend. Someone I dated for a hot second. Basically after a multitude of lies,$3,000, his violent temper and his sleeping with a bunch of skanky women, I was finished. I felt he was owed no explanation. I have known him for over 13 years. You think you know someone. Early this morning, I get a call. Barely awake, I hear someone pleading and asking for forgiveness. Hell I didn't know who it was. Finally I ask, who is this and I hear his name and recognize that voice. I apologize and hang up. I can't believe he had the nerve to call. Praying for him is all I can do. Group projects in class. I hate them. I work hard in school and yep I am a nerd. I make the deans list
Yo Com Mis Amigas
Wind Of Change - Aeldar's Realm
I'm working on a Flash video that takes the Scorpions song "Wind of Change" and animates scenes from my stories to coincide with it. I tried the Korn song "Twisted Transistor", but the pace of the song made the animation a pain.
Please Help My Friends Out In Sexy Lingerie Contest
Hello everyeone out there I am Letting you know that The Sexy Lingerie Contest has started So Please come and Vote for the these sexy ladies that are in the contest. Help them win the contest because they can win a 3 day cherry blast. Please come and bomb, Comment as many times as you can, comment on your self, bomb yourself, Even leaving a couple comments are going to help these ladies. The ladies Have a full week to have comments so please Enjoy.
Gonna Shoot My Computer!
Well after having a lovely weekend w/my best bud that I have known since 4th grade I come home unable to turn on my barely over one year old Compaq Presario. Did all the troubleshooting to no avail. Had to hook up old Dell in order to get online and am only able to upgrade to certain versions of IE, flash, media player, etc., so not everything on CT is working for me which included the little cherries to rate someone. I also don't have yahoo messenger or iTunes so I can't update my iPod which REALLY infuriates me!!!! Just want everyone to know as don't know how serious an issue this will be and how long I'll be out of pocket on yahoo. I can comment folks but no rates but if you are a true friend..that shouldn't matter anyway! KWIM? If there are any wonderful computer gurus out there with any pearls of wisdom I am all ears!!! I am also posting this as bulletin. Hugs, Lavendyr
You Are The Magician
You are The Magician Skill, wisdom, adaptation. Craft, cunning, depending on dignity. Eleoquent and charismatic†both verbally and in writing, you are clever, witty, inventive and persuasive. The Magician is the male power of creation, creation by willpower and desire. In that ancient sense, it is the ability to make things so just by speaking them aloud. Reflecting this is the fact that the Magician is represented by Mercury. He represents the gift of tongues, a smooth talker, a salesman. Also clever with the slight of hand and a medicine man - either a real doctor or someone trying to sell you snake oil. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
Need Ur Comments For Tattoo Contest
Such a fun kid! OMG! LOL! I made the boy do a shot of Tequila Friday night for making me, nati, and alicia, do a shot of Jager the night before. My favorite thing, he looks at me and says, "I'm gonna die. I know it." I also loved his reaction to it. It was like "Kid are you serious?!" And this fits Ryan perfectly; Nati you get it:
26 Reasons Why A Man Should Have A Dog And Not A Wife
1. The later you are, the more excited your dogs are to see you. 2. Dogs will forgive you for playing with other dogs. 3. If a dog is gorgeous, other dogs don't hate it. 4. Dogs don't notice if you call them by another dog's name. 5. Dogs like it if you leave a lot of things on the floor. 6. A dog's parents never visit. 7. Dogs do not hate their bodies. 8. Dogs agree that you have to raise your voice to get your point across. 9. Dogs like to do their snooping outside rather than in your wallet or desk. 10. Dogs seldom outlive you. 11. Dogs can't talk. 12. You never have to wait for a dog; they're ready to go 24 hours a day. 13. Dogs find you amusing when you're drunk. 14. Dogs like to go hunting and fishing. 15. Another man will seldom steal your dog. 16. A dog will not wake you up at night to ask, "If I died, would you get another dog?" 17. If a dog has babies, you can put an ad in the paper and give them away. 18. A dog wil
I Wished You Were Here
I wished you were here, every day that goes by, I wished you were here, as I begin to cry, I wished you were here, on this sandy shore, I wished you were here, knocking at the door, I wished you were here, as I begin to say, I wished you were here, in this day. done by christne
I Miss You
I Miss You I Love You, But do you love me? You say you do, But you have broke up with me more than once, So how do I know you won't do it again? You make me happy, You make me feel safe in your arms, For once I am happy with life, Because I have you, But how long will that last? I'm scared of losing you, You're the only guy that don't hit me, So just to let you know, I love you, And I will never hurt you, Because you are the only guy I ever want in my life, And the only guy I want to have kids with, So I am asking you please don't hurt me! And please don't ever leave me! done by christine
Locked Inside
I use to feel confusion I use to feel happiness I use to be able to laugh until I cried Now all I feel is pure numbness Locked inside I'd give anything to feel a little pain Something to let me know I'm still alive Now all I can feel is pure numbness Locked inside My thoughts are empty, and nothing is right anymore If you opened me up and looked inside my core... All you'd find is hopelessness and fear Locked inside done by christine
Contes Please Help These Ladies
Hello everyone out there I am Letting you know that The Sexy Lingerie Contest has started So Please come and Vote for the these sexy ladies that are in the contest. Help them win the contest because they can win a 3 day cherry blast. Please come and bomb, Comment as many times as you can, comment on your self, bomb yourself, Even leaving a couple comments are going to help these ladies. The ladies Have a full week to have comments so please Enjoy. 1 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.
We Walked Hand In Hand
We Walked Hand in Hand Our stomaches were full of chicken tacos Our minds raced with conversation Our eyes were only for each other. You pull the car over and get out No particular reason just wanted to walk With your fingers laced through mine The sun had just set The night was just getting comfortable in it's chill I shivered in my sun dress You hugged me closer "They stay on the path, and think they are on a 'nature walk'". You smile at me We are off the path We are sitting on the bridge with our feet dangling I smile at you and kiss you again There is a mother duck with her waddlings rolling behind her The wonders of nature We walk back to the car And wish we didn't have to done by christine
your daily horoscope - capricorn Figure out what you want, because there's a good chance that you'll get it. It's important to know the difference between material gain and truly worthy goals. Sometimes they're the same, but sometimes they're not.
Love In My Eyes!!!!!
When I first saw you, I wanted you to be mine. My love for you seemed to be true, As I became impatient my heart started to whine. Now that I have you, it seems that there is nothing more that i can do. The love in my eyes soon became a trance. And I became hypnotized And I can't see how much you cared for me. The love I concieved in my eyes,the love i found in my heart began to tear me apart Now what am I going to do. done by christine
I Love You
When we first met I wasn't sure, that you were the one for me, but the more i saw you the more i knew, When you touch me everything inside of me jumps, So now i just want to say you, That you mean everything to me I love you. done by christine
The Feel Of True Love
what do i feel and whatever i feel is it real? my heart is filled with excitement but i do need some enlightenment i want to show my feelings but when it comes to problems, i just dont feel like dealing are we friends or is it more i never felt like this before can you help me out just tell me what this is about done by christine
Love Is Just Another Word
LOVE is just another word how can i feel this way i think about him every day but how can it be true he left me and found someone new but somehow im still in love its like he was given to me from up above even though he broke my heart i would love another chance just to restart to the one i once knew to the one i thought loved me too done by christine
A Crush
A crush is a ton of mush even though it isn't a rush you luv someone till the end and consider them more then a friend you like there presence and there style being w/ them is worth while you always laugh at there jokes and always offer to share a coke trying to impress them isn't easy when your by them you get queasy there special then all the rest and you hope they think your the best if they ask you out it'll be to hard not to pout because the person you have a crush on is the best guy around just beware there always bound. done by christine .
I Love You Because...
I Love You because... You're attentive and romantic You listen to my interest and worries and you care. You're kind and thoughtful and you see the good in others You're hardworking and derermined yet you know how to have fun You love me and you're open and honest about the love we share Your smile melts my heart and your touch can set me on fire i love you because... You're you and you mean everything to me! done by christine
Love Inside And Out
Love inside and out Love is an obsticle That tangles you in a web Love is the begining And it's the end Love is an arrow That stabs you from behind Love is a fire That burns from in side done by christine
Add Yourself
Please add yourself to my guest book,, I see just a few have already but would love to have the rest of ya'll... Thanks 4 your time my friends!!!
Check This Out
My Personality Neuroticism58Extraversion95Openness To Experience32Agreeableness99Conscientiousness
Meaning Of Love
Love's made up of a thousand things A walk in the moonlight a heart that sings The feeling of sunshine in all kinds of weather The warmth and closeness of being together Cups of coffee in a quiet room Firelight dancing and chasing the gloom A smile that thrills you and tames your heart Just the way it has from the very start Love is tenderness, Love is kindness Love is occasional spots of blindness Love is tears often followed by laughter Love is happily ever after Love is everything good and true And the Meaning of Love is my love for you. done by christine
New Pics
hey people i got new pics on my profile please check them out and send me some comments and tell me what ya think
My Lovers Eyes
Within my lover's eyes I beheld a passion hidden Underneath a veil of disguise Surfacing slowly unbidden Sorrow,pain,hurt,all endured Had scarred our hearts and lives Warmth and joy now lured A love freely given to survive Our souls fight to unite Feeling an invisible strand Reaching out of sight Turning two into one Within my lover's eyes....... done by christine
One Flaw In Women
One Flaw In Women Women have strengths that amaze men. They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up to injustice. They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution. They go without so their family can have. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards. They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding. Their hearts break when a friend dies. They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left. They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart. Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you to show how muc
I Am Going To Back The Way I Was
i am going to grow my hair long again and look like a beautifull mowen again don't get me wrong i am beautifull right now i just want to be more beautifull and get you guys to drool over me i hope my hair dose not take forever to grow in my new pics i will be wearing lip gloss and don't you wish you guys can smell the chery gloss that is on my lips I got pics in my stash and in my blogs go to all those places and check out my pics not just my gallery ok BABY DOLL
In Your Arms
I search for thoughts, that you speak. I find comfort in the emotions that they bring. As you shelter me with, your warm loving heart. Listen to the beat. Shh ! listen ! Each beat takes me away, away from my troubles. Here is where I belong. In your arms. done by christine
Love Unspoken
he has the smile of an angel and a heart as pure as gold his love is like a dream, perfect in every way it never fades or get weaker but only grows stronger day by day his eyes are like a puzzle a mystery to solve I can always tell what he's felling whether he's sad, happy or heart broken I guess that's one of the mysteries of love unspoken by christine
A Pledge Of Love
I think of love, and it scares me, For I know that it's much more, Than the flowers that you sent me, Or the kiss the night before. I hope that from this moment, I will find what true love means, For when found, it lives forever. And outshines your wildest dreams Will you protect me from all harm, When I am old and grey, If so I'll pledge my life to you; Until my dying day. done by christine
Until I Met You
I never thought I'd find someone, Who knows me quite the way you do; I never thoughht I'd find someone, Whose love would be so true; I never thought I'd want to spend, Eternity with another; I never thought I'd find someone, Who would love me more than any other; I never thought I'd find forever, In someone else's eyes; I never thought I'd find truth, Instead of bitterness and lies; I never thought that wishes could be granted Or that dreams could ever come true; I never thought I'd find someone - That is 'till I met you. done by christine
Rainbow In The Dark
Woke up this morning, thinking of you, same o'l same nothing new, looked out my window, through the mist and the dew, I saw a rainbow, reminded me of you,, you are my pot o gold, my treasures untold, I live for the day, I have you to hold, my life was empty, hollow and cold, then I found you, My Rainbow In The Dark Dio - Rainbow In The DarkMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com
Your Love
Your love is as soft as a dove As sweet as you smell As kind as you seem As mean as you act As blind as you appaer As evil as you are Your love is like fire it hurts done by christine
Love Me
Believe in me as I do you Trust in me understand I'll never leave you See in me the person I want to be for you Go with me and together we'll make our dreams come true Stand with me on the ocean shore feel the power describing our love Walk with me and hear me when I utter my words of trust and love Love me done by christine
My Weekand!
I cant help it Im 25,been married 6 years,have 2 kids and last night I had the Big "O" for the first time.LOL I think I could get into this kinda thing.Well till laterz Cherry tap xoxoxoxxo!
Words Vs Meanings
It can be The hardest word To say Because it only means What they hear No matter what Your intentions It rarely defines Itself clear It is more Than what is spoken Gestures, delivery, tone Timing Belief Faith These elements And more Come into play The hardest of All apologies Is Iím sorry That you feel That way Not much else You can do there And it is all You can say
Too Late, He's Long Dead
The orthopaedic surgeon I work for was moving to a new office, and his staff was helping transport many of the items. I sat the display skeleton in the front of my car, and had fastened the seatbelt around it to stop it falling over. I hadn't considered the drive across town. At one traffic light, the stares of the people in the car beside me became obvious, and I looked across and explained, "I'm delivering him to my doctor's office." The other driver leaned out of his window. "I hate to tell you, man," he said, "but I think it's too late!"
You And I
You are day I am sun. You are passion I am love. You are strength I am brio. You are riverbed I am water. You are laughter I am sound. You are fire I am lit log. You are sand I am sea. You are night I am star. You, without me, cannot be I, without you, wouldn't be. done by christine
Im Bored And Want Some Good Web Sites To Visit
im bored and would like some suggestions on which is the best web sites to visit and im definatly over 18 and not shy. please anyone private message me if you dont want to leave a comment
Yahoo Messenger Spam
My latest chuckle... Been a few days since I logged onto YAHOO MESSENGER and usually I get some spam messages saying pretty much the same thingÖ ď I JUST DROPPED MY PANTS ON WEBCAM Ė CUM SEE ME!!Ē My chuckle is Ė I get these mental images of thousands of pants all over America littering the landscapeÖ I think I should buy stock in pants manufacturersÖ
Can I Find This In One Man?
Thought This Was Very Cool
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Try This, Interesting
My Personality Neuroticism96Extraversion75Openness To Experience90Agreeableness77Conscientiousness
To all you cherries.Check you age on your profile.Mine was right yesterday morning but when I got up yesterday evening,I had aged on my profile.I am 53,not 54.Support said it was a glinch in the system.
The Start Of Another Week
Well, school is starting 2 hours late! I can deal with that, lol. Haven't heard the official snow totals, but my yard has a good 30 inches of snow depth! Healthy total, considering what a mild winter it has been. I'm sure the snowmobiles will be out in force, if they aren't already! I used to love to snowmobile. The guys are hoping the schools change their minds and cancel for the day. Several have canceled in the Sparta vicinity! Better get these guys motivated for the day, lol! Moving mighty slow around here, right now. Have a wonderful day and a spectacular week, my friends. Much love and warm hugs, one and all! Blessings all over the map! Later! Mwah!!
Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story By Jedi Mind Tricks Ft R.a. The Rugged Man
Brand New Picture
Feb 26th, 2007
I've been going on 4, maybe 5 hrs sleep a night for the past 3 nights and I feel ready to crash. I don't know whats coming up. I've given up on seeing anyone down in the neighbourhood, but I wish I had closure. I feel terrible, I don't know why, sometimes I'll snap if someone pushes me too close or too much just like last week at the grocery store. I'm still job hunting, writting and everything else. If this lasts all this week, on limited sleep I'll more then likely break and I'm sorry if I snap but if I do try to ignore me.
So Long To Senior High
Days of the school year, Slipping by so fast, Hardly any time, To reflect on the past, Days of times, friends spent together, Making this school year, Just a little bit better, And nows the time, Of 12th grade graduation, A day long awaited, With great anticipation, Regretful and sad, We must say goodbye, To friends and teachers, Of Alhambra Senior High, Written by: Azalia * I wrote this poem when i was graduating high school in Phoenix, Arizona.In 1988,,,(DONT CLOWN AT LEAST I GOT MY DIPLOMA WITH HONORS MIGHT I ADD *GRINS) LOL. The poem was published in the year book for that year,,,,,, *winks
Look To The 366 Friends On My
I have been sending out comments for the past 2 1/2 hours now,,, to most of you and yet only got 7 in re-turn.... Look guys I'm askin if ya love me please do the same,,, Thanks 4 your time!!!
Formula For Achievement
To achieve, you must be able to see the big picture. You must also be able to manage the small details. The big things matter, for they are what give you a clear direction. The little things matter too, for they are what work together to create and maintain the big things. Do you think that the big things are beyond your reach? Then you don't truly realize the awesome power of your own abilities. Do you think that the little things are beneath you? Then you'll continually be frustrated by your lack of progress. Have the confidence to envision a magnificent goal, and the humility to get your hands dirty in order to reach it. Keep the big picture firmly in your mind, while giving your care and attention to all the little details that will get you there. Give clear direction to your efforts, and give sustained effort to your vision. It is a time-tested formula that leads consistently to achievement. -- Ralph Marston
Havn Been On Much
hey everyone,havnt been on much,wanted to say hi,hope we can chat sometime,hugs
We Gotta Look After #1 To Help All The Rest
I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. --Bill Cosby "Oh, how I wish my dad would get sober." "Oh, how I want my friend to get help with her eating problem." "Oh, how I wish I could make my mom understand." When we become obsessed with how we want others to change, we put our own happiness on hold. As we wait, hoping and scheming about how to get others to see their many problems, we are neglecting ourselves. It's almost as if we think it's not fair for us to be happy when others are miserable. But when we detach with love, we still care, we still pray and wish for the best, but we know that other people's problems belong to them, not to us. Today let me accept the fact that if I detach with love, no one will die from it. I'll just be more healthy and happy.
Peter Pan
Candle Box Far Behind
Candlebox - Far BehindMusic Video Codes
I'm not a big fan of winter,Can't wait till spring gets here......I miss going to bon fires.....*smiles*
Whatta Weekend
well i would have to say this was a very good weekend. no fights no nit picks and well someone found out that someone was talkin to a certain someone and well is ready to confront them but doesnt wanna cause they are afraid they will say something they regret and thats not good ...i had a awesome weekend got to see my newphew hes gettin so big i cannot wait til he starts walking and such.... hes so cute unbelieveably cute..anyways no complaints here i think things are finally looking in the other direction well they have been for the past week so maybe things will be better soon i just wish i was able to get my new car but this week i will be able to like friday i will but then maybe not completely til monday or somethng who knows gotta go got to do some work around the place...
What Religion Is Your Bra?
What Religion is Your Bra? A man walked into the ladies department of a Macy's and shyly walked up to the woman behind the counter and said, "I'd like to buy a bra for my wife." "What type of bra?" asked the clerk. " Type?" inquires the man, "There's more than one type? "Look around," said the saleslady, as she showed a sea of bras in every shape, size, color and material imaginable. "Actually, even with all of this variety, there are really only four types of bras to choose from ." Relieved, the man asked about the types. The saleslady replied: There are the Catholic, the Salvation Army, the Presbyterian, and the Baptist types Which one would you prefer? Now totally befuddled, the man asked about the differences between them. The Saleslady responded, "It is all really quite simple.. The Catholic type supports the masses. The Salvation Army type lifts the fallen, The Presbyterian type keeps them staunch and upright, and The Baptist makes mount
Men What To Do With Us?
In a Chicago hospital, a gentleman had made several attempts to get into the men's restroom, but it had always been occupied. A nurse noticed his predicament. Sir, she said " You may use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of the buttons on the wall." He did what he needed to, and as he sat there he noticed the buttons he had promised not to touch. Each button was identified by letters: WW , WA , PP, and a red one labeled ATR. Who would know if he touched them? He couldn't resist.. He pushed WW. warm water was sprayed gently upon his bottom. What a nice feeling, he thought. Men's restrooms don't have nice things like this. Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm air replaced the warm water, gently drying his underside. When this stopped, he pushed the PP button. A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile scent of spring flower to this unbelievable pleasure.. The ladies restroom was more than a restroom, it is te
Drop Your Doo???
I was challenged to write this right quick so i did,,,, lmfaoooooooooooooo i farted on the pillow,,,, on which you laid before,,,,,,, why were you such an ass ,,, to shit without shuttin tha door,,, now my house is full of funk,,, and i dunno wtf to do,,,, you need to stick a can of spray,,,,, where you drop all your doo,,,,,,, *winks
Dunb People.
its been a long fucking night and people at work continue to try my patience every dam nite.. sometime i feel like people are really officially retarded and just dont have a dam clue of whats going on.. sheeeeeesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well Iam Not Sure If I Posted This Before But I Feel Like Shit So Aim Posting It Again
NICE GUYS FINISH LAST It's amazing that assholes can get girls. Actually, now that I think of it, it's not that amazing. They are assholes at heart, but to meet girls they lavish their undying love. IT'S A CHARADE. They act nice, friendly, and they listenÖ until they get into what they're after. Their prey thinks they are in love with them, however when they realize what assholes their predators really are, they pretend like the asshole is really nice inside. The girl tries to change the asshole into a nice guy, but assholes will always be assholes. She gets upset and goes to the nice guy to complain about the asshole. But she claims to love the assholeÖ now this is where the theory begins. She doesn't want to look like she is easy so she wont dump the asshole right away, instead she will stay with the asshole. Girls are idiots. They don't realize that the nice guy has been there all along. He never had to pretend to be a good guy to get girls because he is naturally like that. Ho
The Ex Bf
the ex wanted to see the baby so i told him he could come over. we went to cash my cheacks and to get stuff 4 his car. on the way back to my house we talk about him gettin another job and a place to live. I tell him once he has a place the baby can stay the weekend wth him. He tells me when he has his place he wants me and the baby back. i told him no, i cant go through what he did to me agin. i'm tryin to move on wth my life but he wants to stay in the past. trying to heal the heart that he had broken into a million pieces
women are to be loved women are to be held women are to be cherish women are to be squeeze women are to be spoiled women are to be treated like queens and not harmed
I'm ready to walk from everything and everyone except my promise and the plan. I don't expect anyone to understand it, or to understand me. I've thought of walking and saying "If you need me, I'll be there, until then my dear" but I'm trying to be near. Its not my life, I just live it, these ain't my lyrics, I just write and spit this shit. So as I lay my head down, I wonder if I should fight it, or continue and just hide it.
Updates About Shay
3 hours after we posted this shay had to get another MRI and she is not able to speak they are getting her to form words now but not much words just her name and what she needs so she ha been writing everything down she has finally stopped seizureing after she had 6 seizures today.. they doctors think if everything is good for the rest of the night and into tomorrow that she will be able to come home. they say she might still have problems talking but other then that if everything is good she will be able to come home tomorrow. Shay has told me to tell every one that she loves you guys and misses you guys. and to tell everyone at SSR that shes loves you guys momma, bigdaddy, winny, X, and babi phat and she misses you guys like crazy! and she will try to listen to you guys DJ when she can and she wants Bigdaddy and Momma to know she will be fine!! So thank you everyone that has been praying and keeps on praying for her!!
Alive, Powerful And Sharper
Hebrews 4:12 ďFor the word of God is alive and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword.Ē I have found that when you donít apologize for the Bible but accept and teach the Bible, it goes through the devilís lies like a white-hot cannonball through a crate of eggs. There is power in the Word of God, and Satan does not want you to understand the authority of the Word of God. He doesnít want you to get the power that will divert his fiery attacks away from your heart ó his prime target. When the Word of the Lord and the Lord of the Word become your authority, then Satan and all of his demonic forces will flee, and you are going to have authority for your life. How is the Word of God penetrating your heart? Are you even allowing it? Take a few minutes and ask God to begin a mighty work in you through the power of His Word.
More Kissing
Beautiful Brenda Your Baby Doll
Will You Be My Girlfriend?
> (repost of original by 'spicolisyndrome' on '2007-02-25 13:16:22') > (repost of original by 'Dj Romeo(nsfw)' on '2007-02-25 13:17:28') > (repost of original by 'Lauren Marie' on '2007-02-25 13:53:50') > (repost of original by 'big daddy' on '2007-02-25 14:21:45')
Please Help A Good Friend Of Mine
Happy Monday, This The Last Monday In February
Well good Morning. This the last week of February and just a few days to March seems nice. March brings in the hint of spring, Saint Patrickís Day, March 21st is the first day of spring calendar wise, but most know that there could still be cold winds and nasty things coming down. Mandy and I worked an extra day in the store due to our moving the store in the next few months to a better location. Tearing down shelving and boxing up the slow moving stuff. Other then that not much happening on this end of the world. Hopefully yours was not too eventful on you. So my wish for you is a glorious week ahead and many good things coming your way. A huge hug and a pat Mart
My Ass
My ass is apparently no longer safe for work, my ass in blue jeans no less!!! I'm now the proud owner of a NSFW ass. Ok that's too friggin' funny.
Waz Drunk & Bored Made Up
Roses are red Lemons are sour Open ur legs and give me an hour Kissing Is A Habit Fucking Is A Game Guys Get All The Pleasure Girls Get All The Pain 10 Minutes Of Pleasure 9 Months Of Pain 3 Days In The Hospital A Baby Without A Name The Baby Is A Bastard The Mother Is A Whore This Woulda Never Happend If The Rubber Hadn't Tore!! Sex is like math You subtract the clothes Add the bed Divide the legs And Pray to god You dont multiply Roses are red Grass is green Open your legs And I'll fill you with cream Hickory dickory dock This bitch was suckin my cock The clock struck two I dumped my goo And dumped her to the end of the block Sex is good Sex is fine Doggy Style & 69 Just for fun Or gettin paid Everyone likes gettin laid Sex is evil Sex is a sin Sins are forgiven So stick it in!!! roses are nice violets are fine. ill be the six if you be the nine.
Wanna Know??
You wana know who I am? I am you and you are me: I am your brother,your sister; We are descends of distance tribes that were once united by land. What? Pangaea, the scientist call it. I refer to it as one nation. And so, my brother you know who I am. The genes that unite us are ancient. The same gene that ties us to our mothers: thereby taking care of mother earth is our responsibility. That gene you feel when you hear a native drum, are represented by those chills that runs through your body as the sound travels through the distance. Running through your body, remember, is the blood that units us. That same gene that you feel when you smell the copal (incense); that smell that acts as purification and prayer, which our mother provides us. That ancient memory. The memory that comes through visions that our grandfather peyote provides us to see and remember. Those genes that help me survive Sun Dance every summer. The dance when I walk with the sun for four days
World's Luckiest
A long time ago I knew What I felt inside for you I'm so glad we got the chance To know it was more than a passing glance In you I found a love so sweet A love I'll never mistreat And everyday I know that I Am the world's luckiest guy
Lost Heart
Lack Of Sleep
I just can't seem to get to sleep at night anymore this is driving me and Randy completely bonkers. He is always waking up getting mad at me cause i stayed up all night watching tv again, this morning he didn't even say goodbye to me he mumbled some crude comment under his breath and then walked out the door, if he is gonna be like that i won't tolorate it i will not hesitate to walk out that door. He doesn't scare me but when he mocks stuff like that under his breath all the time when he thinks that i dont hear him, it hurts like hell i figure if you have friggin something to say , friggin say it to my face not behind my back when you think i won't hear you. I'm a woman I just say i can't hear you when half of the time i can its called "SELECTIVE HEARING" I just can't take bashes like that from someone i'm dating it reminds me too much of my ex and i just will NOT tollorate it at all, and i have told him that hurts my feelings but no he goes off on this kick of your just young you don
Deepest Dreams...
My Past
After everything you put me through I looked the other way and stood by you. Accepted you with all your problems,got you through and helped you solve them. I would take your shit even though I had enough of it.You said I wasn't worth it,and I should be happy with the attention that I do get. Countless times you came home at night, you'd see me cry with my swollen eyes, but you didn't bother to ask why. I got told off if I asked too many questions, got a smack against my head if I was too provocatively dressed and you hoped I would learn a lesson. If I did anything that was out of place,that was your reason to fuck up my face. Use me and abuse me, that's what your good at,but wanting love in return,it started getting kind of wack.You beat me down in every way, mentally and physically till I couldn't take the pain. Your a sorry excuse for a man. Laying your hands on the one you claim to be your woman. Using your man made strength to ruin me, you'd hate it if I turne
Quote Of The Day 2/26/07
I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou
My Only Friend
~*~The Moon Is My Only Friend~*~ My cries go unheard, in this lonely place longing for someone to kiss and embrace my only friend is the midnight moon we keep each other company here in this room I hide my pain careful to be discreet nobody knows my soul is weary and weak I put on a show for all to see never letting anyone in, to know the real me Sometimes it feels as if i cant't go on anymore My mind is dying, and my heart is sore I hear the screams of my painful past God tell me how much longer this misery will last
Pretty F*cked Up Weekend
Seeing as how no one will prolly read this, I'll quickly summarize my weekend: I got a stomach virus, my printer took a crap, I threw up twice, me and one of my friends got into a fight, I nearly killed myself, I got like two hours of sleep last night, cops came knocking on my door, and I woke up this morning to someone rating my profile a 1. Yeah, I say my weekend sucked. How was yours?
Devil Lived.
Okay. This is not Satanic or anything of the sort... just bear with me. I was talking to Arthur and it was bedtime and all and I was listening to Johnny Cash songs which depresses me so Arthur sent me a Cake song to cheer me up. Said Cake song got me thinking bout Goats and sheep and good and evil and devil = Lived backwards!!! That got me. So I randomly looked up Devil is lived on google. I got this. It's basically what I've been thinking all the time. >>
Want To Be Happy
just want to be happy just want to smile dont want to be sad dont want to cry just want to have fun just want to be loved dont want to hurt dont want to hide just want to love just want to trust
Responding 101
After much input from a few completely awesome women around here I have decided to help you poor, retarded, neanderthal guys out! Welcome to the class! Today we will be discussing reading and responding to womens profiles, or as I like to call it: "Don't be a FuckTard for Dummies!" Congratulations! You somehow managed to land an account! Look at all of these WONDERFUL women who just cannot WAIT to experience the joys and bask in the glow that is you! Hold your horses there cowboy! Don't give yourself carpal tunnel with machine gun clicky clicky's on the "Priv Msg Link" just yet! Did you even bother to R E A D the womans profile? You know? that thing you are doing now because you think I am a dude and you didnt find me attractive? We both know how hard it is for you to "read" when all of the blood just rushed from your big head down to your little head, now don't we? Actually we are a couple. Tip # 1: Jerk Off BEFORE logging in. Twice if you have to with your horny ass! This
Lieing Sack Of Shit
you left me here all alone so many things happened since then so many tears and so much pain all alone as i cried going insaine inside my head without you here living each night in fear you said youd never leave youd always be here where are you now when i need you the most ?
"vasectomy: $400. Speechless Look On Her Face: Priceless." - Best Of Cl
Read the original article. Score one for the man who wrote this posting. No, it's not me, but it gives me an idea... Date: 2007-02-06, 2:24PM PST I'll try to sum up a funny story that happened a few years ago: I got a vasectomy. I met a girl soon afterwards. She was nice and attractive but with a selfish streak that raised a big red flag. She was 32 at the time and I could practically HEAR her biological clock ticking. Regardless, she was a good lay, easy on the eyes, and reasonably good company. I did NOT tell her about my vasectomy and I always used a condom with her to protect against STDs. She assumed, obviously, that the condom was only used for birth control. Silly girl. We date for a few months. I never made any move towards commitment but she brought it up ocassionally. For me, this was a casual but pleasant relationship. For her - as I was to find out - it was part of life-changing series of events that she was planning very carefully. Four months into
My First Video Blog
Please leave some feedback.
Untold Secrets
A minds capture, rapture of thought Feelings concealed so you thought Secrets untold, secrets unfold I cant help but think about the lie you told Hearts conceal but eyes reveal Why not say how you truly feel My thoughts are open, true and told My hearts breaks while secrets unfold My soul shivers with fear My eyes water and shed a few tears I can not say what the future holds I can't understand because I am not told Strength against lieing yet heres a mirror A window for me..I see much clearer My love is true, passionate and kind My hands tremble as I begin to unwind Thoughts of you throughout the day I come home and in bed I lay I continue to wonder..searching for reasons I can't help but feel betrayed beyond reason Untold secrets can't hide from the eyes Truth is held behind a blanket of lies My heart melts when I hear your voice I can't help but wonder why you made this choice A friendship is dear to a persons heart Truth was told all from the start Why now
Help Me Out Pls
"casual Definitions Of Casual Sex" - Pulled From "best Of Craig's List"
Originally posted on Craig's List. Read the original post. Note: This post is presented in its unedited version, and is reposted here because... well, I don't believe in abusing bulletins, and because I thought it'd be an interesting read. Casual Definitions Of Casual Sex Date: 2007-01-14, 7:54PM PST Far be of it for me to intrude upon our illicit activities here on CL (I am indulging too, there's no need to get uptight now, is there?), but after a few crossed wires in my (and all of our) effort to find a warm, willing someone to touch our soft parts, I find a need. Only us overeducated and neurotic San Franciscans can fuck up something simple as casual sex, and all over definitions. So, as a public service, here follows the definitions of some (some is key here) of the sexual liaisons available to the discerning urbanite: Sex With No Strings. Pretty simple, and to the point - humping. Lots of it. Usually in one session - thus, no strings. In other words, no exp
Not Sleeping....
So Its 0440 hours and i need to be up in time for everything tomorrow but i am awake, I am awake because cannot sleep. I cant sleep because i miss my wife. I cant talk to my wife because she's not my wife anymore, she wants to be with another guy, someone who isnt a soldier. Someone who isnt going to run the risk of being called into active duty. I cant help what i am and she knew it getting into all this, and insted she does this. Some one who isnt a risk... Friday night she swore her love to me, Saturday afternoon and evening she was with him cheating on me. Sunday morning i awake to a text message teling me it was over, by the time i got in contact with her she was shaving her legs, getting ready to see the man she cheated on me with. Whatever happened to for better and for worse. She was suppost to be it, and now i am sitting on a chair infront of a computer less then an hour away from when i know i have to be up. And i am still not asleep
Weekend Wrap Up
Here I am again, sorry it's been so long but I've had a busy weekend. Busy doing what you ask? Most of what I've been doing is classified sorry I can't tell you! But I expect if you use your imagination you can guess! Hey now don't go THAT far! Sheesh what kinda girl do you think I am? Actually that's an excellent question. What kind of girl do you think I am based on my blog entries and my page? Weather is icky, it tried to storm here in Nebraska all we managed was some ice and a little snow. Most of it started to melt the next day anyway Has spring sprung where you are? Let me know! So, read my blog, let me know what kinda gurl you think I am and what's new in YOUR world! In other words, show me some Cherry love! Song for the day: London Calling by The Clash!
Another Fool...
Well Well Well.............
Down The Valley
Down by the salley gardens my love and I did meet; She passed the salley gardens with little snow-white feet. She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree; But I, being young and foolish, with her would not agree. In a field by the river my love and I did stand, And on my leaning shoulder she laid her snow-white hand. She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs; But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears.
A Secret
Never seek to tell thy love, Love that never told can be; For the gentle wind doth move Silently, invisibly. I told my love, I told my love, I told her all my heart, Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears. Ah! she did depart!
False though she be to me and love, I'll ne'er pursue revenge; For still the charmer I approve, Though I deplore her change. In hours of bliss we oft have met; They could not always last; And though the present I regret, I'm grateful for the past.
Thou gav'st me leave to kiss, Thou gav'st me leave to woo; Thou mad'st me think, by this And that, thou lov'st me too. But I shall ne'er forget How, for to make thee merry Thou mad'st me chop, but yet Another snapp'd the cherry.
Wanna See Ghost Rider?
So many of us have pains buried deep in our hearts. The more we try to mask them or fight off these feelings, the more they control us. Hiding hurts will only intensify the pain. Think about it like this, if you cant talk about it, its controlling you. Pick an accountability partner and have the courage to be honest. Dont wait until the pain exceeds the fear of exposure. The truth will set you free.
Ten Things Dumbasses Do On Cherrytap
ONE there is NO SUCH THING as a CherryTap tracker. it does NOT exist. so quit posting stupid bulletins like "OH-MY-GOD this WORKS!!!" no, it doesnt. TWO To the people who have like 100,000 friends, are you serious? You're stupid. Go play in traffic. THREE Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG, I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. And if u do ur a freaking mongoloid. FOUR Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded. FIVE Quit crying b/c you're not on someones top 8. who cares? ITS CherryTap SIX Who really cares if I don't accept you as a friend? MOVE ON!!! Don't send me another request or message asking "what's up with you not adding me?" I don't want you as a friend, that's what's up frui
Silent Wispers.......silent Tears
silent wispers,silent tears everything that you keep to yourself is kept silent silent dreams,silent wishes and even silint love why is it that some feelings,some words someone need to hear is kept inside only for you to know and never to be heard the one person needing to hear.....needing to feel would never know how how you feel inside if everything is kept in the dark depths of your heart silent is like a picture in a artist mind........but priceless if put on the monalisa who is she..?where is she from...? no one knows but her face and what she is thinking at that stage is still a mystery for thousands. but yet her thoughts lives on for she she is a picture of mystery...... say the words that someone needs to hear or you could always wonder what if....... what if i just said the words that could have made changes in my life.......?
Somethings About Me
Who The Fuck Wants To Be Normal?
Everyday I play the game It keeps me somewhat sane An attitude adjustment A fliter for my fucking brain I try my best to stay that way But it's hard for long Why must I comply And change my life To be so called right What makes your way right Normal people don't act that way Who wants to be normal anyway? Normal people don't act that way Who wants to be normal anyway? Everyday it's all the same We buy and sell the pain Societies addictions Injected into every vein I try my best to stay away But it's hard for long Why must I comply And change my life To be so called right What makes your way right Who wants to be normal anyway? Who wants to be normal anyway? We're all on display Animals in a cage We're all on display Animals in a rage We're all on display Animals in a cage We're all on display Animals in a rage Normal people don't act that way Who wants to be normal anyway? Normal people don't act that way Who wants to be normal anywa
It Never
Fucking ends with SRS!! Got back in late friday night and im headed back again this morning! This is the last time i fucking offer to go out of town to work! Now with that being said!! Im getting married! Popped the question to becca Monday and she said yes! We dont have a date yet but i'll let everyone know when we do!
Jeffrey's Crazy Mixed Up Video
This video does not make any sense at all; well maybe my life doesn't either sometimes.
As some of u know ... ive been ill over the past week or so , and had to be on a high dosage of Antibiotics.. to try and kill the infrction i had in my body . So can u please tell me why now ive stopped taking them and the infection is cleared .That i have a bloody chest infection . How ironic is that ? It sucks.. so now i have to spend another week on medication :( xx Poor lil old me ... God i hate mondays ! Hope u all have a better one than me
Feel It Live It
every time your eyes meet,this feelings insides starts to bloom like a flower in the dawn of a new day. like a need thats awoken,but yet no words to start the day like when there is a river, but no water. why cant it be felt,this strange undiscribeable feelings but no reason for what is realy felt. is it like you feel for that person?or is it just plain lovefever at the wrong point of time. strangely eugnough poeple are made that way to feel. you can think of her,you can dream of herand even wish for her,but lifeis a journey,a path of life and you cant decide how things would turn out. but you may save your dreams and wishes for always and keep aclear mind cause everyone will succeed in life at a point of time. just put your heart into itand live your life like each and everyday. yesterday is gone is not over yet and tommorow........well we wil have to see what it has for us..............?
The Wedding Ring
This was in a newspaper in the southwest. Subject: The Wedding Ring Recently a man went to the hospital to have his wedding ring cut off from >his penis. His mistress found the ring in his pants pocket, and she got so >mad at him, she used petroleum jelly to slip the ring on his penis while he >was asleep. I don't know what's worse: 1) Having your mistress find out you're married. 2) Explaining to your wife how your wedding ring got on your penis. 3) Or finding out your penis fits through your wedding ring.
For My Friends And Family
MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts Thank you for being there for me.. the ones who have kept contact lot's of love Alexia xx
Another Great Conversation.
->WhereMyHos...: Really? Well, I am less than impressed with you, and will be abandoning this conversation starting now. WhereMyHos...: like ur attitude already :) ->WhereMyHos...: And the wonderful question of the day is: WHY? WhereMyHos...: lol I read it right but said what I said anyway :) ->WhereMyHos...: Need to go back to first grade and learn to read? WhereMyHos...: hey need sum cum to put the fire out,lol.
Contests (( Rate And Comments ))
would be nice if you could RATE my pic... click pic below... comments are welcome also... thank you very much...xoxoxo...tinytina... P.S. if you already have tyvm...muahhh... IM IN A TATTOO CONTEST ALSO... COMMENT BOMBING ALLOWED... CLICK PIC BELOW...
Castle Of Love
roaming round corners and highways your thoughts comes to a crossroad where you are not even sure wich way to turn.sometimes ones mind set of in a wink to make you think and dream this dreams of compassion. to find this way to where you wil know whats gonna happen next but you dont. what the heart desires and what the mind wants........always a game that your mind plays with your hearts desires. should love be like this?i know i what i want for i have her right now here with me. she is all i live for. even though sometimes we have little twist of love and meanings and feelings and misunderstandings....but nothing a good warmhearted and even the most important.....'sorry' cant heal. understanding sometimes makes us believe that we are different. but we are not that different. just maybe a different way of seeing things and believing things and accepting things. but feelings......thats where we all feel pain and we all cry. desire to have this special someon
Fuck It I'm Done
sometimes the heart isn't so right sometimes I just want to be out of site I can feel my sirit wasting away into nothing If only I could feel love or something The yearning for death seems to be stronger I can't hold in the pain much longer I just want to grab the knife once again And slice deep and the process begin I feel so sick, and the tears a here once more I'm tired of the game, that you have to score To get anywhere in life I just don't want anymore strife Thats why maybe if I'm gone it will too Because I'm just not making it through I've failed everyone Everything has come undone Everything I touch It breaks so much I just can't gone on... Fuck it I'm done...
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Personality Test
..> Advanced Global Personality Test Results ..> ..> Extraversion |||||||||||| 50% Stability |||||| 30% Orderliness |||||||||| 36% Accommodation |||||||||||||||| 63% Interdependence |||||||||||||| 56% Intellectual |||||| 30% Mystical |||||||||||||||||| 76% Artistic |||||| 23% Religious || 10% Hedonism |||||||||||||||||||| 83% Materialism |||||||||||||| 56% Narcissism |||||||||||||| 56% Adventurousness |||||||||||||||||| 76% Work ethic |||||| 30% Self absorbed |||||||||||||||| 63% Conflict seeking ||||
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Support Our Troops
For real some of these guys in this world serously need to grow the FUCK UP. We are women that likes to be treated like women. We treat u guys like a human being. GRRR... FUCK YOU GUYS... (And if you think this goes towards u j, it dont, at full terms)
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To All
Seduction ....teach Me
Teach Me I want you to teach me i'm ready to learn i want you to teach me the warmth of your breath the weight of your body i want to experience the trembles heat sweatfireiceconvulsionsgaspsthrustsspamscaressescriesscreamsuntil... i can barely breathe educate me with your mouth tongue shoulders arms fingers chest hips thight's legs feet toes i want you to teach me i'm ready to learn class begins right now
What Is Your Pizza Personality?
Cheese Pizza Traditional and comforting. You focus on living a quality life. You're not easily impressed with novelty. Yet, you easily impress others. What's Your Pizza Personality?
My Heart
my heart here,... My heart less than a mile or two away And yet my heart isn't all the way there,... Yet I care. It is more than 3,000 miles away It is my heart my love, How do I explain this to my dear heart??? my dear heart you really know where you want to be.---And it is not here. The one I want to be with is with someone else that is hard on my dear heart. Cause I won't say I love him, I won't kiss him,but he holds my heart and maybe unaware.
I Am Your Mother
I AM YOUR MOTHER by Wazi Nagi, 'Pine Tree Soul' I am your Mother, do you not hear my heart beat, Can you not feel the love I send; Was not the air you breathed, my scent so sweet, Is my pain hard for you to comprehend. Upon my body snow lays soft and white, Beneath my skin the future sleeps; My blood flows to nurture and delight, Into the ground it deeply seeps. Mountains tall, clouds wreath my crests, Rolling hills once wooded thick; Gentle prairies too were once lush with grass, Where did my bounty go so quick. Sandy beaches and rock girded shore, Where ocean waters sweep and crash; A land of beauty, once so pure, Marred by man's actions heedless and rash. All this beauty was yours to behold, Your duty was to love, cherish and protect; Feel my anguish, the pain in my soul, All I asked was your respect. I am your Mother.
Chalkboard Prank
One day when the teacher walked to the black board, she noticed someone had written the word 'penis' in tiny letters. She turned around, scanned the class looking for the guilty face. Finding none, she quickly erased it, and began her class. The next day she went into the room, and she saw, in larger letters, the word 'penis' again on the black board. Again, she looked around in vain for the culprit, but found none, so she proceeded with the day's lesson. Every morning, for about a week, she went into the classroom and found the same disgusting word written on the board, each day's word, larger than the previous day's word. Finally, one day, she walked in, expecting to be greeted by the same word on the board, but instead, found the words: "The more you rub it, the bigger it gets!"
In The Dark
Wife: Oh, come on. Husband: Leave me alone! Wife: It won't take long. Husband: I won't be able to sleep afterwards. Wife: I can't sleep without it. Husband: Why do you think of things like this in the middle of the night? Wife: Because I'm Hot. Husband: You get hot at the darnest times. Wife: If you love me I wouldn't have to beg you. Husband: If you love me you'd be more considerate. Wife: You don't love me anymore. Husband: Yes I do, but let's forget it for tonight. Wife: (Sob-Sob) Husband: All right, I'll do it. Wife: What's the matter? Need a flashlight? Husband: I can't find it. Wife: Oh, for heaven's sake, feel for it! Husband: There! Are you satisfied? Wife: Oh, yes, honey. Husband: Is it down far enough? Wife: Oh, that's fine. Husband: Now go to sleep. The next time, it's your turn to get up and turn the thermostat down. Wife: Yes, honey.
Adult Poem About Overtime
Oh Husband, Dear Husband, I tremble with fear. You've been on overtime almost a year, And since you are gone, till way late at night A good piece of ass seems way out of sight. O Husband, Dear Husband, Please don't be a fool, Working this overtime is wasting your tool. For better it is, to be poor all your life, Than to bring a soft peter home to your wife. I used to be happy as your little queen, But now every night you're no where to be seen You come home from work just able to creep, I feel like screwing, but you want to sleep. Each evening, Dear Husband, you crawl into bed, Your intentions are good but your peter is dead. I play with your pecker all wrinkled and dry, I get so damn mad, I could lay down and cry. I have pleaded with you dear, with tears in my eyes, I've played with your balls, but your pecker wont rise, So I'll find me a man who works eight hours a day, And while you're on O.T., we'll proceed to make hay. For in this whole world, there i
Jim Carrey In "the Fist That Rocks The Cradle"
Oil Burners And Life
You know a friend, a very good friend, just made a remark to me that reminded me of my childhood. Now, you have to realize that I never think about my childhood, because my family life was pretty hard. I know others had it harder, but it was difficult for a young child to understand what was going on. My father was a police officer, a very good one, too. However, he and my mother absolutely hated one another. He took to the bottle A LOT. So, my sister and I became the literal punching bags for him to release tensions. My sister more than me, because I stood my ground and told him flat out that either me or my children would make him pay for his inadequacies. The actual words were obviously more forceful and I think that I hit on this topic in a previous blog. But, that is not the central issue around which my mind is currently wrapped. After my sister left, my mother basically shut down. So, I ended up doing EVERYTHING around the house. Now, for a 7 year old boy, this wa
Precious Words
So Nervous
Hubby has been on 45 days of leave after coming home from a year in korea.. Well tomorrow he goes back to work for the first time in 45 days.. sooo sad..cus he goes straight to 12 hour shifts..:( now i got to get a new routine.. its weird once u adapt you got to adapt again.. hmmm.. its gunna be sad alone again... Military life for ya.. but got to luv it
This is for everyone who lives alone or almost lives alone. I had just recently became single as of November of last year. Been kinda scared about living alone seeing as how I hadn't been alone in over 10 years. It was different coming home to an empty house, well except my animals. Sometimes its ok and other times it gets to you. Having a pc really helps though. You start to get to a point where you wonder where your life is going now that your all by yourself. You try to keep busy with work, kids if you got any, mines grown up. But there is always that cold emptyness there. You had gotten used to someone always being there then when thats gone you realize what an open void there is. In my situation it was for the better. It was a relationship where you kept trying to make the other person happy and keep giving and giving. Even to where you were supporting them cause they didn't want to work or help out. Some days you don't know what to do with yourself. There's only so much house
Blah, Just Blah!
I feel so alone tonight.. guess its because I had Michael for the weekend and now he's gone.. He's my cuddlebug hehe.. now it's back to Frogger.. It sucks being a part time parent, and only getting to see him 4 days out of the month. Luckily I was able to have him for my birthday as well so it turned out to be 6 days this month, not even close to enough though. Going from having him all the time from birth to 9yrs old, then to this part time crap, SUCKS! And it sucks BAD! Ah well, Im going to cry myself to sleep.. lol pitiful eh *shrugs* ah well, guess that's what I am tonight. Didn't help that we had a great weekend together, even went and saw a movie.. then to have it ruined by his Dad being the asshole he truely is! Grrrrrr, alright.. enuf im going to bed.. and before 3am.. can you believe it? lol
Drama Queens List
Revised List
ok congrats people we won freakys contest but placed 2nd in ladydeths i know we can do better but its ok just the fact we scaried the liing crap outta the mafia shows were very strong an a force to be reckoned with im proud of u alll an ur committment on that note heres the next tasks ends wens then we have which started sat an runs 4 a fornight night then we have this started sunday an cant remember the rule there is an amout to get to il get back to u on it im only a man can only do one thing at once sorry just hit it an show some love Hosted by an a very good friend im tryin to bring in is in a giveaway an needs to be shown some love too
There is a place for us that no one else can enter. It is a place that holds no secrets, only beauty, peace, understanding. A place that we come to, thinking we are one, only to have our souls fused together for a moment. And in that moment, I know you; every pore, every pulse, every thought, every fear. And I love you more. I feel myself laid bare before you, and I feel content . . . joyous that you are with me, loving me in my nakedness.
My Heaven
I look deep in your eyes. I see there what I feel inside. We share something between us, Neither one of us can hide. I feel your lips touch mine, I loose all my control, All it took was a look and a kiss, To know you were part of my soul. I see your hands on my skin, I want and need you to do more, The passionate look you give me, Tells me heaven is in store. I feel your need against my thigh, I know you will fulfill every wish,. We were made to fit together, And all it took was a look and a kiss. I look deep in your eyes, And I see heaven there inside, You make me feel so beautiful, What I feel for you I cannot hide.
Johns Crackhead Bitch
bitch how dare you send me shit then tell My babygirl bitches r sending me shit? you fucking low down. i have never done nething to u crackheads. i havnt even tlkd to ur crazy ass. that was such a low down thing u did. plz stay the hell off of my page. does john know u were sending me gifts and going to my page everyday?
My Iq... Hmmm... My Mom Said It Was 149...
H2 And Off-roading Updated
OK, so I was told that a Hummer H2 would take my Jeep to the cleaners in a trail ride. I BEG TO DIFFER! First of all, the H2 is a BIG, HEAVY, AKWARD vehicle. The trails I ride have tight turns, narrow passes, and lots of "sugar" sand. Basically, to follow me through the off-road park in a H2, you'd have to stop, back-up, go again, go around to the "other" trail, and then get out your tow strap so I can pull you off the beach. On the other hand, you could get an old jeep, bronco, pickup, or hell, even the Suzuki Samurais do excellent out there. Oh and don't even think of follwing me up Mudder Fudder or through Meandering Meadows.... unless you like carnage. UPDATE: Here's a video of why the H2 SUCKS! This is a BASIC ROCK CRAWL that I could do in the CJ in 2WD! And from the mumm I posted, seems the CT community agrees! Here's the results: Hummer H2: 15.0% (3 votes) Jeep CJ5: 85.0% (17 votes) See the mumm Here
The Start Of My Writing.
I had a typical childhood, perhaps not that typical. I grew up in a stereotypical town where everyone basically knew everyone elseís business. I had a rather strict up bringing that years later I would learn to appreciate. I wasnít a normal girl, yes; I played with dolls, but a lot of my time was spent exploring and learning. I wanted to know things, I wanted to know everything. I would spend hours thumbing through books, reading anything I could get my hands on. I didnít have the regular picture perfect suburban family. With a mother, father, and a few siblings; something you might find in a Norman Rockwell painting. I think that in a psychological way that later effected how I view relationships. Sure, I have a mother, I do care about her. Yet, through most of my childhood I seemed more of an inconvenience for her. I think partially it is my fault; I wasnít some prissy little princess; who enjoyed being dressed up in pink frilly dresses. I was more of an independent child, I spent
This blog is to all my friends who love to hang out and have a good time.....This is to all my friends who are there when no else is....This blog is to everyone that will load up at the last minute when we come up with something stupid to do....This is to all my true friends....
I Am Sick Of One Sided Friends
For those of you that have come by and commented and rated my pics this does not pertain to you because you will be on my list. This is for all my friends that expect me to comment and rate their pics and their half hearted attempts at being a friend. From now on if you dont give an effort to comment AND rate my pics you will get the same treatment. I am done with the whole "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Out of the 7 or 8 peoples pages I hit the other tonight (not only did I rate ALL of their pics I commented on about 80% of them) only 1 came to my page and they rated 7 pics. So...with that said, if you want my attention on your page then you better give it to me also. If I'm here and your stuff hits my alert box I will try my best to comment and rate on it. OH...also if you want me to vote on you in a contest might want to think again specially since of the 3 contests ive been in I only had about 8 or so actually vote for me.
Lasats Dark Covenant Family
Lestat's Dark Covenant FamilyThe Kindred UnleashedNosferatu۩Elder-LOЯĎ۞Dracula۩Lord Lestat-WRR Protector/Convo Specialist@ CherryTAP~Gothic Rose~Aphrodite of The Vile Founder of Lestats Dark Covenant Family Lady of Lord Lestat@ CherryTAPDJ - Dragan -Joint Chief of WRR Army/Second Master to Lestat's Dark Covenant Family@ CherryTAPEmanon~~Forever Fake~~ Dispater of The Steely Moon Founder of Lestats Dark Covenant Family@ CherryTAP�♥Rebel Bitch♥ L.D.C Family Founder~K.O.T. Founder~WRR Convo Specialist~@ CherryTAPLost~~Civeteto~~~Queen Witch Founder of Lestats Dark Covenant Family~~~Member of K.O.T~~@ CherryTAPGothiqueTemptation - Sorceress of Loves Passion of Lestats DC Family ♥ DarkMoon CT Family@ CherryTAP
Grandpa Update
He's oot of the hospital. Talking aboot moving here.
Jeeps, Are They A Girl's Ride?
I was told that my jeep looked like a girl's car. Of course, this guy that said it also thinks Hummer H2's are the best off-road vehicle ever made. (I'll save this for another entry.) I can't believe that anyone would think that a Jeep is a girly ride. They were used in military applications for many years. They are very agile off-road. The CJ5 like I have is very short and narrow, allowing me to make tight trail turns without having to backup. They use alot of the best parts available straight from the factory. The inline 6 engine (4.2L, not the 4.0L) has a lot of torque and gets surprising fuel mileage. It has a great suspension setup and is easily modified. And it's a convertible (of sorts)! I've enjoyed this Jeep since day one and I can tell you now, not many girls could handle it on the trails like I do.
One year ago as I was turning 22: I had no crush as I was really heartbroken. I had fallen in love with someone since Amanda, (Lynda). I had never been engaged. I was in Centennial, Colorado. I was not going to school. I had no job. I had no working car. I had no friends near me. I lived online. I plaed cIV a lot. I rarely played on my XBox. I never went oot. I rarely had fast food. I talked on the phone most with Sheila. My favourite person was Sheila. My favourite songs were "Someday" by Juliet Simms and "Someday We'll Know" by Mandy Moore and Jonathon Foreman. My favourite movie was "Phantom of The Opera". My favourite website was CS. My favourite TV show was American Idol. I had not gotten my tattoo. I had had 2 taxable jobs. I had never gotten a ticket. I hadn't been drunk, despite trying once. I hadn't been oot of North America. Now as I'm turning 23: I have a crush. I have truly fallen in love with someone since Amanda and Lynda, (Sheila). I am
What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
Your Candy Heart Says "Hug Me" A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out. Your heart is open to where ever love takes you! Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you've planned out Your flirting style: lots of listening and talking What turns you off: fighting and conflict Why you're hot: you're fearless about falling in love What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
My Rifle Club
THE ___UNITED _________STATES _______________MARINES ______________________CORPS ___________________________SEMPER FI ____________________________________OOHRAH We stole the anchor from the Navy, The rope from the Army, The eagle from the Air Force. And on the 8th day God rested. We stormed the gates of Heaven and stole the earth from God himself. WE HAVE BEEN RUNNING THE SHOW EVER SINCE. SEMPER FI OORAH OORAH
I haven't been able to get to my PC lately. I fell I broke 3 Ribs. I am healing, but very slow. Missed being in C-Tap & will return soon...I hope!
If I Was Asked To Make You A Morph Please Read!!
ok i have noticed the folder i was putting your morphs in was located in a private folder. how i did that im not sure but if you could not get your morph they are now in the fold called "made for other you should have no problem getting them now. and those of you that have yours already how did you get them some just rated one i had in there and im not sure how or why it was letting select people in. but anywho problem solved have a good day if you need anything eles hit me up
"blinded" My ears have heard the worst to be How your eyes dismised true beautie A dantyline shadow by a rose, denied of beauty from closed minds A divine flower deep in its soil, True beauty hidden in vain, Blinded by the worlds image your eyes coffered Despite the flaws of what you see every wilting peddle inspiration to me. bye Renee weathers March 18, 2005
The Departed
By DAVID GERMAIN (AP) Director Martin Scorsese accepts the Oscar for best director for his work on "The Departed" at the... Full Image LOS ANGELES (AP) - Martin Scorsese's mob epic "The Departed" won best picture at the Academy Awards on Sunday and earned the filmmaker the directing prize that had eluded him throughout his illustrious career. "Could you double-check the envelope?" said Scorsese, who had been the greatest living American filmmaker without an Oscar. He also had never delivered a best-picture winner before, despite crafting such modern masterpieces as "Raging Bull" and "Goodfellas." Scorsese received his Oscar from three contemporaries and friends, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas. "So many people over the years have been wishing this for me," Scorsese said. In an evening when no one film dominated as the Oscars shared the love among a wide range of movies from around the world, three of the four acting front-runners won: bes
To All My Wonderful Friends
The Train
Last week i tried to board a train from saltlake city.the train was 5 hours late, the reason that i could get was 1.A train hit a car in cali 2.lengths of track had to be replaced because of the weather.This was i sat in a bus station all day because my didn't leave until 3:45 am the station did not open until 12:00 midnight.although the mountains and rock roads we rode through we nice to look at.I had no cell service no internet service.was stranded in chi town amtrak did foot the bill for a hotel {very nice i might add}.i wandered around union station carry bags all the way at 1 point i sat down the recharge my cell and laptop.I felt like a fucking was good though for all purposes i was a took me a whole week to get home and for what bullshit. My moral is simple sometimes the grass ain't green nowhere sometimes it's all brown.
Al-hassan Denies Involvement In Najaf
A statement published on Al-Mahdiyoun's website, signed by Ansar Al-Imam Al-Mahdi in Iraq denies any involvement in the events at Najaf. The statement strongly criticises media outlets and "false clerics" for slandering Sayyid Ahmed Al-Hassan Al-Basri, who claims to be Al-Yemani, the vanguard and the descendant of the Imam Al-Mahdi. I can only conclude that Ahmed Al-Hassan is alive and was not the leader killed by Iraqi and U.S. troops Sunday, whose photos are below. Here is the full text of the statement (my translation): Statement in response to media outlets and the Iraqi government In the name of Allah, the One, the Subjugator. Peace be upon Allah and His worshippers, embraced with His mercy and blessings. May Allah curse the infidels, who deny His messengers and their vanguards. Over the last two days, media outlets have waged a vicious campaign to slander the image of Sayyid Ahmed Al-Hassan, some intentionally, and some out of ignorance by reporting unsubstanti
Men Don't Get Them
Well...first of let me start off by saying that I do not understand men sometimes. How can someone tell you one thing and then do another. I don't get why men have to lie to get what they want or to get out of something. To those men that do, just fucking come out and tell the truth. Us women are not hard to talk to or understand. Just come to us and tell us straight out. It fucking bugs the shit out of us (well me at least) when a guy has something to tell you but does not come out and say it. He just beats around the bush or lies to cover something up. So from now on this goes to everyone guys and girls, if you have something to tell me just come out and say it. I hate beating around the bush. I do not play games like that anymore. I want to be told what is on your mind if it has to do with me. Please don't beat around the bush or lie to cover yourself up. Have a good night. UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH! That goes to those men that lie and beat around the bush.
Computer Show
I went to a computer show today with Thore Gundi and it was cool. I got a couple things and he got a neato mp3 player and dvd burner. It was smaller than when I first went to it several years ago. In fact, that is the 2nd time I go to computer shows with people I met from the internet. I sense a pattern lol.
~taking You In~
~Taking you in~ Current mood: awake Category: Writing and Poetry As i lay besisde you~ My eyes take you all in~ Black hair shining in the light~ Makes me want to run my fingers through it~ Eyes as blue as the sea~ Eyes i could drown in~ Soft full lips~ Lips i long to taste~ Your chest, so strong~ I long to have my head there, feeling you take every breath~ Your stomach~ I want to run these fingers and lips across it~ I love everything about you~ Such a strong man~ Such a desirable man~ I want you~ Close to me~ Lips on me~ Tasting me~ Hands all over me~ Touching me~ Inside of me~ Feeling me~ ~Patrice~
Ct Pin-up Girl Contest.
Hi friends! I've joined a contest and I was hoping you would vote for me. Thank you. It's very much appreciated
In A Contest Again Lol
My heart hates the distance between us I know its not your fault I just wish I was there with you when I married you i said I do little did i know the long road ahead of me as the spouse of a soldier but if you truely love someone it is worth the wait I just hope your heart doent wander while your gone or into the arms of another man
I Scored 63! How Freaky Are You ?
Keep Your Fork
There was a woman who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and had been given three months to live. So as she was getting her things "in order", she contacted her pastor and had him come to her house to discuss certain aspects of her final wishes. She told him which songs she wanted sung at the service, what scriptures she would like read, and what outfit she wanted to be buried in. The woman also requested to be buried with her favorite Bible. Everything was in order and the pastor was preparing to leave when the woman suddenly remembered something very important to her. "There's one more thing," she said excitedly. "What's that?" came the pastor's reply. "This is very important," the woman continued. "I want to be buried with a fork in my right hand." The pastor stood looking at the woman, not knowing quite what to say. "That surprises you, doesn't
Love In The Bug World
Three horny Mosquitoes named Joe, Butch & Terry Were hanging out on a tree, checking out the fine Female lightning bugs fly by. They were talking About who could screw the hottest lightning bug. Joe sees a bright light fly by and land, he Flies over and screws it. He flies back to tell His buddies that she was really hot. Butch sees an even brighter light fly by and land, He flies over and screws it. Flies back and tell His buddies she was hotter than Joe's lightning bug. Terry sees a bright red light fly by and land, he Flies over pulls his penis out pokes the light And screams, comes back and both of his buddies Were happy for Terry, but Terry doesn't look happy. Joe asks "What's wrong, did she slap you?" Terry says "No" Butch asks " Did she kick you?" Terry says "No, I think she was a cigarette".
Lestat's Dark Covenant FamilyThe Kindred UnleashedNosferatu۩Elder-LOЯĎ۞Dracula۩Lord Lestat-WRR Protector/Convo Specialist@ CherryTAP~Gothic Rose~Aphrodite of The Vile Founder of Lestats Dark Covenant Family Lady of Lord Lestat@ CherryTAPDJ - Dragan -Joint Chief of WRR Army/Second Master to Lestat's Dark Covenant Family@ CherryTAPEmanon~~Forever Fake~~ Dispater of The Steely Moon Founder of Lestats Dark Covenant Family@ CherryTAP�♥Rebel Bitch♥ L.D.C Family Founder~K.O.T. Founder~WRR Convo Specialist~@ CherryTAPLost~~Civeteto~~~Queen Witch Founder of Lestats Dark Covenant Family~~~Member of K.O.T~~@ CherryTAPGothiqueTemptation - Sorceress of Loves Passion of Lestats DC Family ♥ DarkMoon CT Family@ CherryTAP
Truth Or Dare
TRUTH OR DARE - - - So here's the get to ask me onee question no matter how crazy, inappropraite, or just random, & I promise to answer it 100% truthfully.........(thats the truth part) That's all you get. You get to ask me 1 question. (TO MY INBOX) ANY question Conditions: I won't tell ANYONE what you asked me and I'll answer it honestly. You cant tell ANYONE what you asked me and what my answer was. Now I dare you to repost this & see what people
I Love You And Wish You Enough...
Recently overheard was a mother and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure. Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the mother said, "I love you and I wish you enough." The daughter replied, "Mom, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Mom". They kissed and the daughter left. The mother walked over to the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see she wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on her privacy but she welcomed me in by asking, "Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?". Yes, I have," I replied. "Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?". I am old and she lives so far away. I have challenges ahead and the reality is the next trip back will be for my funeral," she said. "When you were saying good-bye, I heard you say, 'I wish you enough'. May I ask what that means?". She began to smi
Sevendust Coming In April--date Tba!!
hey all guys and girls im so fucking horny cum talk to me
Flyleaf April 30th!!
The Pain Inside Me
Alone So i'm sitting here alone. Without you, not talking to you not hearing your voice for more then the answering machine, Yet i call just to hear it. I wonder what have i done to deserve this, what did i do so wrong to you to make you hurt me like this. You couldnt wait 30 days.. You couldnt be away further then jacksonville. So you took the easy way out knowing how i would re-act to you and another guy. I hope you know what you have done to me. I hope you know you have left a gapping hole inside, where my heart use to be. Where you use to love me, I guess it was not meant to be. I hope one day you wake up and see the pain you have caused me, And the pain i have gone threw not just tonight but over the past week because of you. We were seperated a year and ahalf because of that which i could not control and you swore to me you would not leave me, you would not hurt me so. And yet you have and so i hope one night you lay awake and feel all the pain in one night that
Tour With Journey! Europe Dates...
Lennon Solo w/Journey Karlsruh, Germany/Europahalle March 17, 2007 Lennon Solo w/Journey Cologne, Germany/E-work March 19, 2007 Lennon Solo w/Journey Amsterdam, Netherlands/Paradiso March 20, 2007 Lennon Solo w/Journey Pratteln, Switzerland/Z7 March 22, 2007 Lennon Solo w/Journey Madrid, Spain/La Riviera March 24, 2007
Fill It Out...
Fuck Test.... You will be surprised on all the results you get...Put the [X] which best suits ur answer....or all that apply... () mean explain 1.Where would we be? []My house []Ur House []Pool []Shower []parents room LOL OTHER....please explain in () 2.What position? []Doggy Style []Missionary []69 []OTHER...() 3.What would you use?? []chains and whips []choc. syrup and whip cream []strawberries and whip cream []cherries and chocolate []ropes and hand cuffs OTHER...() 4.Lights? []ON []OFF 5.Where would you take me 4 a date before all of this? ()PLEASE EXPLAIN 6.Givin Head? []Yes []No 7.Gettin some head []Yes []No 8.Protection? []Yes []No 9.Day or Night? []DAY []NIGHT 10.What song would we fuck to? ()PLEASE EXPLAIN...... or bottom []top []bottom 12.Will you repost to see what others say? []YES you better .. REAdY SEt GO!!! []NO
Goodbyr Fake Friends
if your on my friends list and we have never really talked friday you will be off it because i know that you just wanted points and dont try being cool now...people on my family your stuck with me lol
A Deadly Alliance
Lestat's Dark Covenant FamilyThe Kindred UnleashedNosferatu۩Elder-LOЯĎ۞Dracula۩Lord Lestat-WRR Protector/Convo Specialist@ CherryTAP~Gothic Rose~Aphrodite of The Vile Founder of Lestats Dark Covenant Family Lady of Lord Lestat@ CherryTAPDJ - Dragan -Joint Chief of WRR Army/Second Master to Lestat's Dark Covenant Family@ CherryTAPEmanon~~Forever Fake~~ Dispater of The Steely Moon Founder of Lestats Dark Covenant Family@ CherryTAP�♥Rebel Bitch♥ L.D.C Family Founder~K.O.T. Founder~WRR Convo Specialist~@ CherryTAPLost~~Civeteto~~~Queen Witch Founder of Lestats Dark Covenant Family~~~Member of K.O.T~~@ CherryTAPGothiqueTemptation - Sorceress of Loves Passion of Lestats DC Family ♥ DarkMoon CT Family@ CherryTAP
My Tarot Card
You are The Empress Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation. The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You†may†be†good†at†home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful. The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her. What Tarot Card are You?Take the
What To Do
do I know you? sometimes I'm sure I do at times even better than you know yourself other times I don't know you at all something is happening I will agree your words have caught me up in something big and we have made a real connection here in a short time do you know me? you think you do you've read some parts of me those I've sheared off to rhyme or not rhyme but is that knowing? one thing I know for sure my wants and desires scare the hell out of me and my instincts tell me to run and not look back where do we go from here? ... what to do about you
My New Red Hair
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi i was a blond for 34 yr's something happened i decided to change it all end the bad love relationship move cities and change me i did now for a year i have been a redhead and i love it lotz more fun adventure respect makes me happy and thats all that matters sinfully yourz Mz.Shannon
Gifts/ratings 4 Comments In Contest
I'm in this contest ( HAPPY HOUR CONTEST ) 200,000 comments to win If you need Ratings or Gifts I will give them to you 4 comments, 25 comments for a gift or 25 pic rating,stashes, you pick. If this sounds fair to you then let me know. HAPPY HOUR CONTEST Please help me win this happy hour contest - 200,000 comments to win show me some luv click on photo Thank you
Today In The Snow
So today was pretty uneventful. I woke up around 8am and started writing my lecture for Tuesday night. I looked out at the snow, which was pouring buckets, and realized if I wanted to get anything done, it should be quick. At noon I went out, got my glasses fixed, tried to get rock salt (no luck) and purchased three Estes rockets for Tuesday night. Got home. The Hubby called, said she was on her way home from Philly, and asked how bad things were weather wise. At this point I'd shoveled the walks 3 times, and it was still coming down hard. 3pm she called, and offered to cab home, about a 15 minute cab ride. Since I wasn't in the mood to risk an accident, she went ahead and took one home. We spent the afternoon watching the series "Special Unit 2." If you're a Horror/Scifi fan, this is definitely worth a checkout. Spent the evening watching a special on Nazi predections (ala Nostradamus) which was pretty good, then went on to Battlestar Galactica. Now its time
Sylvia Plath's "morning Song" From Ariel
Morning Song by: Sylvia Plath Love set you going like a fat gold watch. The midwife slapped your footsoles, and your bald cry Took its place among the elements. Our voices echo, magnifying your arrival. New statue. In a drafty museum, your nakedness Shadows our safety. We stand round blankly as walls. I'm no more your mother Than the cloud that distills a mirror to reflect its own slow Effacement at the wind's hand. All night your moth-breath Flickers among the flat pink roses. I wake to listen: A far sea moves in my ear. One cry, and I stumble from bed, cow-heavy and floral In my Victorian nightgown. Your mouth opens clean as a cat's. The window square Whitens and swallows its dull stars. And now you try Your handful of notes; The clear vowels rise like balloons. From "Ariel", 1966
My Myspace Blog Doesn't Work So Now I Have To Post Pics Here
I love having a cleaning service to clean my home Photo_022307_014.jpg Photo_022307_015.jpg Photo_022307_016.jpg Photo_022307_017.jpg Photo_022307_018.jpg Photo_022307_019.jpg Photo_022307_020.jpg Photo_022307_021.jpg
I Dare You To Answer And Message Me With It
Fuck Test.... You will be surprised on all the results you get...Put the [X] which best suits ur answer....or all that apply... () mean explain 1.Where would we be? []My house []Ur House []Pool []Shower []parents room LOL OTHER....please explain in () 2.What position? []Doggy Style []Missionary []69 []OTHER...() 3.What would you use?? []chains and whips []choc. syrup and whip cream []strawberries and whip cream []cherries and chocolate []ropes and hand cuffs OTHER...() 4.Lights? []ON []OFF 5.Where would you take me 4 a date before all of this? ()PLEASE EXPLAIN 6.Givin Head? []Yes []No 7.Gettin some head []Yes []No 8.Protection? []Yes []No 9.Day or Night? []DAY []NIGHT 10.What song would we fuck to? ()PLEASE EXPLAIN...... or bottom []top []bottom 12.Will you repost to see what others say? []YES you better .. REAdY SEt GO!!! []NO
Some days you seem so close like you stand right before me But then the next day you seem so far like each other we can't see, Each day is like a roller coaster with my stomach turning upside down You stand there looking but yet you don't utter a sound, I feel so confused and my heart is being torn at its seams And every night that I sleep you seem to linger in my dreams, Every time I look at you I forget all my thoughts And right then and there it's you that my heart has sought, Every time I hope it turns into something bad So for right now I'll stop thinking And maybe things won't end up sad.
The Baddest Lounge On Ct
Cum join in the fun at the SCOOTER BAR! Chat withawsume ppl, listen to awsume tunes provided by the one and only BAD SEED RADIO! Just click any of the images to find out where. center> do you know where the party is? SCOOTER BAR of coarse! Cum jhoin us and have a blast. JUST CLICK ON ANY OF THE IMAGES TO ENTER.
Sylvia Plath's "daddy" From Ariel
Daddy by: Sylvia Plath You do not do, you do not do Any more, black shoe In which I have lived like a foot For thirty years, poor and white, Barely daring to breathe or Achoo. Daddy, I have had to kill you. You died before I had time-- Marble-heavy, a bag full of God, Ghastly statue with one gray toe Big as a Frisco seal And a head in the freakish Atlantic Where it pours bean green over blue In the waters off beautiful Nauset. I used to pray to recover you. Ach, du. In the German tongue, in the Polish town Scraped flat by the roller Of wars, wars, wars. But the name of the town is common. My Polack friend Says there are a dozen or two. So I never could tell where you Put your foot, your root, I never could talk to you. The tongue stuck in my jaw. It stuck in a barb wire snare. Ich, ich, ich, ich, I could hardly speak. I thought every German was you. And the language obscene An engine, an engine Chuffing me off like a Jew. A Jew to Dach
Sylvia Plath's
Daddy by: Sylvia Plath You do not do, you do not do Any more, black shoe In which I have lived like a foot For thirty years, poor and white, Barely daring to breathe or Achoo. Daddy, I have had to kill you. You died before I had time-- Marble-heavy, a bag full of God, Ghastly statue with one gray toe Big as a Frisco seal And a head in the freakish Atlantic Where it pours bean green over blue In the waters off beautiful Nauset. I used to pray to recover you. Ach, du. In the German tongue, in the Polish town Scraped flat by the roller Of wars, wars, wars. But the name of the town is common. My Polack friend Says there are a dozen or two. So I never could tell where you Put your foot, your root, I never could talk to you. The tongue stuck in my jaw. It stuck in a barb wire snare. Ich, ich, ich, ich, I could hardly speak. I thought every German was you. And the language obscene An engine, an engine Chuffing me off like a Jew. A Jew to Dach
My Disease
Deep in the darkness of the eternal night I live, There is no sleep for me here, not even for a moment. Iím wrapped up in the gloom of the coming storm, Unable to move for lest I become unborn, The dust around my astral form is moving, But it does not grant me any peace or absolution, My thoughts are broken in my mind again, The shards of my memories cut me and cause me pain, My heart is splintering in the shadows, Everything that I have loved has faded away, Piles of smoking ash is all that is left of my soul, I have not the inclination now to try and make myself whole, Shuddering in the corner of my suicidal cage, I fear I have reached my final breaking point, Reality has been thrown into distortion, And I have torn down the sign that warns ĎCautioní I have travelled along my long black road, And the air has turned to smoke around me, Still I keep on walking but Iím going nowhere, Iím going in circles in my own personal nightmare, My voice can
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He is such a sweetheart and helped me win my last contest so I'd like to help him with his by asking all my blog readers to PLZ click this pic and comment bomb as much as you can for him!! Thank you all so much! You are the BEST!!!
I have come to the conclusion that I hate the word "But". But is the easy way to say I like you BUT ..... Women dont wanna recieve a compliment follwed by BUT... Dont try to flatter us before commin out and sayin what it is you really wanna say!! I like you but.... Skip the BUTS and just get ta the damn point BLaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!
Please Help!!!!
WIN A BLAST!!! She needs the most comments by the end which is March 24!! Please help her out all that you can! Thanks! Here is the link!
My Ct Hubby, Oifsapper (roger) Is On His Way!!!
Sometimes, people just "click" and then they want to see what happens next. Roger is probably the best thing that has happened to me in a long while. Ever since I started talking to him, I think we both felt a special connection. He's a very sweet, kind and thoughtful person - that special someone that we all wish we could have in our lives. Fortunately, for me, he's in my life. We have been talking for some time and we have both found that we have more in common than any two people could possibly have. Tuesday, Roger will be leaving MN to come visit me here in FL. I am truly excited about meeting him and seeing what our reaction to each other will be. We hit it off on here, so after much conversation, we decided we wanted to see where this friendship could lead. Who knows??? :) Personally, I can't wait to find out.
just when it seemed things were changing and going in a great way....BOOM..right in the face...I feel so nieve and dumb right now...I give up ya know!
You Date Like a Man According to studies on dating, you date like a man. You date casually and frequently, getting serious with select people over time. Physical attraction and chemistry is very important to you. And if there's nothing more than a physical connection, that's okay with you (at least for a while). You are definitely looking for love, but you are in no rush to find it. You figure love will eventually come your way, and you're not going to live like a monk while you're waiting!
It's 1 Minute Long And Creepy As Hell
Roses are red Lemons are sour Open ur legs and give me an hour Kissing Is A Habit Fucking Is A Game Guys Get All The Pleasure Girls Get All The Pain 10 Minutes Of Pleasure 9 Months Of Pain 3 Days In The Hospital A Baby Without A Name The Baby Is A Bastard The Mother Is A Whore This Woulda Never Happend If The Rubber Hadn't Tore!! Sex is like math You subtract the clothes Add the bed Divide the legs And Pray to god You dont multiply Roses are red Grass is green Open your legs And I'll fill you with cream Hickory dickory dock This bitch was suckin my cock The clock struck two I dumped my goo And dumped her to the end of the block Sex is good Sex is fine Doggy Style & 69 Just for fun Or gettin paid Everyone likes gettin laid Sex is evil Sex is a sin Sins are forgiven So stick it in!!! roses are nice violets are fine. ill be the six if you be the nine.
The Reckoning
It approaches as I fall, Speaking its name into my fear, No one's here and I drown deep inside, Choking myself on hidden tears. Hear me screaming your name yet again, This too drives me to lose my mind, Donít close your mind to me now, Iím scared by what I see when Iím blind, Whispering voices echo in my ear, Death looms before my shuttered eyes, Forsaking all the things Iíve fallen for, But I finally truly do realise, It reckons me, this glowing angel of hate, Itís always screaming out my name, Lying in a sea of blood I fear, Iíve finally gone insane, Donít turn out that only light, Donít just turn away, It claws at my skin pulling at my lies, As the reckoning rampages my way, A thousand black tears I cried tonight, Bleeding in agony on the ground, Iím already confused, falling forever, The noises in my ear making no sound, Iíve got to break through, Donít shut me out anymore, Iíll try to wake up, But eventually I will fall to the
Contest Over!!!
It was Aug 2, 2004. A day that should have been in the "TOP 10" of happiest was already the worst and it was only 9am. I was separated from my husband of 7 years. This was our seventh wedding anniversary in fact. We sat that day, in our favorite cafe and signed HIS divorce papers. I emphasize HIS because I didnt want it, then. He married (and divorced) again. Last I knew he stil ached for her and was trying to make thing different so she'd take him back. Good on them both. I recently found this little ditty and today, as I sit planning the new pages before me, I realized I am moving on. This says it all.....">.. src="" border="0" alt=" : 4,000 Graphics and Pics"> MyHotComments">MyHotComments> / HotFreeLayouts">HotFre
Another Weekend Lost
I feel like another weekend is lost. Its going on Midnight and i'm just adding people to see what everyone is doing. Pretty quiet or im just missing the party. Felt like typing. Getting whatever I feel off my mind. Anything that people seem to think or feel they keep it to themselves. I feel like writing it down. I'm not really tired right now. Wonder what lies in the future. The snow was a bitch but it seems to be gone. How much will be frozen. Since I slipped the last time I am extra cautious. I'd like to pretend that everything is good. Put on a happy face and all. Oscars is so slow.. I felt like it was grasping for straws. Nothing really going on. Not any movies.. I know I appeal for those "commercial" movies rather than the artsy ones. Never really got into that art crap. Don't get me wrong..I like to draw but it seems something epople with a lot of time can do. Hence starving artist..hard to find a CeO of a company involved in art. but anyways ill go t
Agp & Riding
Went to Adelanto Grand Prix again today. Had a blast again, but about 2 hours after saying goodbye to one of my best friends (he had to head back to Nevada), my husband, cousin, daughter, and I left to go get my bike and ride behind the house. We rode for about 3 hours or so before it started falling dark and too cold. I ate it twice lol. But given I havent rode a bike solo in a very long time, I considered that good lol. And I opened up the bike too... no slow riding. The second time I went down, I went down hard... so hard that I screwed up my left wrist pretty bad and I was dazed for a minute. But I got back on and went on my way... screwed up wrist and all. Not sure if I sprained or fractured my wrist...I can usually tell a sprain from a fracture...had both before... but this time I'm just waiting it out. Can only move three of my fingers and it hurts to the touch. I have it wrapped right now. Shit happens.
So we just closed on our house in Antioch and started to move in when my father got orders saying we are to report to Ft Rucker Alabama by March 16th. The biggest thing is am I going yo be moving with my family down south, stay in our newly built house or get an apartment in Chicago. I'm kind of excited....kind of not. I'm ready for a change of scenery however I don't want to leave the people I have here. My school is also here and they unfortunately do not have any campuses in Alabama instead the closest campus is Atlanta. Any ideas as to what I should do?
Butt Prints In The Sand
One night I had a wondrous dream, One set of footprints there was seen, The footprints of the Goddess they were, But mine were not along the shore. But then some stranger prints appeared, and I asked Her, "What have we here? These prints are large and round and neat, But much too big to be from feet." "My child," She said in somber tones, "For miles I carried you alone. I challenged you to walk in faith, But you refused and made me wait." "You would not learn, you would not grow, The walk of faith, you would not know, So I got tired, I got fed up, And there I dropped you on your butt. "Because in life, there comes a time When one must fight, and one must climb, When one must rise and take a stand, Or leave their butt prints in the sand." Author Unknown
Piss On You
yeah 40 ounce malt liquor make me wanna tell you something. Rollin round, sittin on dubs. Countin the hours, was high on shrubs. Coolin in my Escalade. Man I'm paid, I got it made! Take me to your special place. Close your eyes, show me your face. I'm gonna piss on it! Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love. I don't even want none of the above. I want to piss on you! Yes I do. I'll piss on you, I'll pee on you. sence your body, your body is a Porta-Potty. And my pee I'd kick, like it know's karate. (knows karate) I'm gonna pee on you. drip drip drip pee on you.piss on you piss on you. And you'll never fell quite the same when u get a whiff of my Hershey stains. I want to poop on u too. I want to pee in your food. Only thing that make my life complete is when I turn your face into a toilet seat. I want to pee on you, yes I do, yes I do I'll pee on you I'll piss on you. Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love. I don't even want none of the above. I want to piss on yo
So I'm Seeing All These Rants...
"boys are jerks" "guys are all assholes" "men are stupid" and so on now let me get something straight i agree, most of us men are irrogant little pricks and assholes, but there are those of us that are nice, friendly and willing to do just about whatever, even go out of his way to help a girl he likes out, isnt that what you girls want anyway? you all say "why can't i find a nice guy for once" or "i want a nice guy" BUT it seems like you all go for the assholes and jerk off's anyway!!! if you really want a nice guy who treats you good usually you dont have to look too hard, try one of the guys your friends with or talk to once in awhile.. chances are their interested in you, and you've already got stuff in common if your friends now that i had my little rant you can quit reading my bitching and go on about your daily everyday lives, if this starts getting passed around then cool, other people agree with me.. if not oh well i still told you and you had to deal with it
Writting My Heart Out.
Wanna know what I really hate? I hate liars. I hate fakes. I hate people who hurt other people intentionally. I hate not seeing the truth. I hate not forgetting. I hate dreaming about the pain I felt. I hate her more than anything. I hate that I hate her more than I used to love her. I hate that I write songs about the pain she caused me. I hate that it happened 4 and a half years ago and that it hurts to think about it. I hate that even though I found the love of my life, she still manages to hurt me. I hate that I can't forget what happened. I hate that I can't forget what we had. I hate that she didn't really leave. I hate hating her.. But most of all.. I hate not being able to write this without tears in my eyes.
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My Company
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All Of You
All of You It's you to me, in whole, I ask you give. When you feel like screaming, I want to hear. You can tell me when you no longer wish to live. Tell me what you feel when life brings you tears. When you need love, take me into you. Let your tears fall on me when you cry. When you're tired, drag me down, too. When you're blind, close my eyes. Hurt me when you feel pain, kill me when you are dead, walk with me in the rain, and remember every word I said. In life and in death give me all of yourself.
I Dare You
And so it came to pass, I was not the first, I was not the last. I came with my army of flame, And burned the gold of godís wall, For I was one who held no blame, But glory was not enough, I wanted it all. My army scorched the angelís homes, And set the fire to the sky, And with my hands I broke Godís bones, And then I watched him die. But heaven was not that great, And so I rode to hell, My legions following through Luciferís gate, Then this story was born to tell, For it must have been coincidence, Satan rode out towards me, And I did not ask forgiveness. And my army was driven to the sea. And avenging angels, joined their might, They had survived the burning fire, And then killed me within the night, And burned my body on my pyre. Then after Heaven cried with sadness, At the death of their saviour, And I was condemned to madness. Forever on my best behaviour. Satan returned to flame, And I watched with glee, You my friend shall
Cool Website check out this website it has all the shows from the 70s till the 90s
The Right Way.......hehehe.
Due to the climate of political correctness now pervading America, Kentuckians, Tennesseans and West Virginians will no longer be referred to as "HILLBILLIES." You must now refer to them as APPALACHIAN-AMERICANS. And furthermore HOW TO SPEAK ABOUT WOMEN AND BE POLITICALLY CORRECT: 1 She is not a "BABE" or a "CHICK" - She is a "BREASTED AMERICAN." 2. She is not "EASY" - She is "HORIZONTALLY ACCESSIBLE." 3. She is not a "DUMB BLOND" - She is a "LIGHT-HAIRED DETOUR OFF THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY." 4. She has not "BEEN AROUND" - She is a "PREVIOUSLY-ENJOYED COMPANION." 5 . She does not "NAG" you - She becomes "VERBALLY REPETITIVE." 6. She is not a "TWO-BIT HOOKER" - She is a "LOW COST PROVIDER." HOW TO SPEAK ABOUT MEN AND BE POLITICALLY CORRECT: 1. He does not have a "BEER GUT" - He has developed a "LIQUID GRAIN STORAGE FACILITY." 2. He is not a "BAD DANCER" - He is "OVERLY CAUCASIAN." 3. He does not "GET LOST ALL THE TIME" - He "INVESTIGATES
Best Tatt Contest Vote For Me Please
I Found The One
I have been on ct since dec. 26th and finally met the girl of my dreams. She took my heart the first day I met her nd no one else is going to take that away. She has a heart of gold and I knew right from the start that it would be forever when she first said hello and me and her have many things in common as well and I will be with this person till the day I die. I love her so much that there are times i cry my self to sleep wanting to be by her side but cant right now but will be soon.
Broken Promise
Lost again amongst the broken promises, Sat upon bloodied stones, My wrists are bleeding yet again, Black Blood spilling from my bones, Skies overhead are heavy with defeat, I cannot breath the air, There are so many choices, But nobody even cares, Trapped again in the darkness of my own making, I'm scratching at my ears, I'm pulling at my skin, Because it's stained with my tears, But it doesn't matter anymore, My original image has frayed, And my once sunny exterior, Now swamped with the blackest shade, I dry my eyes on my torn sleeve, But my despair still leaks out, They say its better to have and lose, Than to always be without, My crimson addiction mocks me, I want it, yet I don't, I know that it has to end, But I convince myself it won't, Talk is cheap from bitter lips, Words mean much, but prove nothing, All eyes are shut and turned away, But in my emptiness I clutch at something, That thing is my terror, My eternal agonis
Do you suppose that monkeys are angry about not being able to get really comfortable pants?
Bad Night!
Thank you all who became new friends today! I'm having a bit of a rough night, dealing with some personal issues and don't really feel in the mood to rate photos. I do however promise I will try to get to most of you tomorrow! Thanks again to everyone for your friendship, rates and comments. *Big Hugs* Irish AKA Jackie
A Touch Of Heaven
I hold you in my arms And I kiss you tenderly I hold you tighter and tighter We kiss more and more passionately I kiss down your neck And I stop to gaze into your eyes You kiss me again Your hands running up and down my back And you slowly pull off my shirt I hold you to my chest And I feel your heart race in beat with mine I feel your hands trembling in anticipation You love that I look in your eyes I feel it in your touch I gently lift you off your feet I carry you to the bed I lay you there gently I gaze at your beauty You reach for me You undo the rest of my clothing And it drops to the floor I pull off your shirt And as I slide off your shorts and panties I gasp at the magnificence of your body You touch me lovingly You pull me onto the bed And I climb into your embrace We lie there together Our bare flesh pressing together And we kiss deeply I run my hands over your body Your skin is hot to the touch And it inflames my desire
For All My Friends
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi it seems i messed up with a recent contest i was in i some how though i had to go to 10 000 pts to win a contest but im told i go to wed now and well i am not sure how i got that 10 000 pts to win so i have made a mistake and all my friends backing me and helping me out omg thank u so much i love u all for that it was was a lil crazy just commenting like that haha..and to RAE ur the bomb girl u and ur dam it i owe u some real dam drinks..cant wait to hit up the peg..wahooooooo and i cant believe i am over the 10 000 pt mark now wahoooooooooooo lol haha so i just keep winning in my own dam head lmao IMAGINE THAT A BROWN GIRL STILL WINNING THE CONTEST...
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Restlessness seeps through these veins this day with a vengeance The need for change entangling my thoughts Movement hampered by things the soul can not explain Wandering eased pain left unhealed Roots require looks to what use to be Haunting memories of things you can not see Moving pictures with disturbing messages Fields of questions with hidden meanings Questions....... so many questions Nixy
Having Sex
Having sex is something People take like a greeting It's physical, it's powerful It's a tremendous meeting Two bodies join together Without a mindful connection Deep thrusts and kissing Shallow touches of affection But making love is something different Something special, up and above Anything you're looking for The best is found in love Touch me with your body now Show me what's in your mind Make me feel anything you think Moving throughout our time Minds connect and feelings are shown That is how it's done When you find that special lover When two souls become one
Out Going Message
This is the message that the Pacific Palisades High School(California) staff voted unanimously to record on their school telephone answering machine. This is the actual answering machine message for the school. This came about because they implemented a policy requiring students and parents to be responsible for their children's absences and missing homework. The school and teachers are being sued by parents who want their children's failing grades changed to passing grades - even though those children were absent 15-30 times during the semester and did not complete enough schoolwork to pass their classes. ___________________________________________________ The outgoing message: "Hello! You have reached the automated answering service of your school. In order to assist you in connecting to the right staff member, please listen to all the options before making selection: * To lie about why your child is absent - Press 1 * To make excuses for why your child did not do
The Tarmac
Another day at the airfield is about to begin. Another deployment is soon to happen. A plane sits waiting to carry them off to war. "How many on this flight?", I ask my aunt. "281 was the info we got." She says as she goes by. After setting up tables of snacks, wipes, books, care bags and a ton of other assorted things..we wait. We don't have to wait long..8 white buses come to a stop outside. " It's showtime ladies and gentleman..put on your happy faces." I say to my fellow USO volunteers. Soon they begin to file in past us. Loaded down with gear they make their way over to their assigned spot. Each one eyeing the goodies laid out for them on our tables. Pretty soon they are lined up in front of us stuffing things into their bags and pockets. They know it's going to be a long flight so they take what they can carry. I make small talk reading the name of each one to myself. I always try to remember each name..knowing I can't..but I try. Hoping I'll never read about them as a KIA in a p
Please Read And Help Make A Difference
2/25/2007 Two U.S. Border Patrol Agents are serving decade long prison terms for attempting to apprehend a known drug smuggler for illegally crossing our border with more than 700lbs. of drugs! Almost as outrageous is that the illegal alien drug smuggler, who was given free medical care, and immunity for testifying against the agents is now suing the U.S. for $5 million--claiming his civil rights were violated! I have just signed a petition calling for the President to pardon these two Border Agents and I'm asking you to join with me by clicking here for the full story and the petition: Thanks! heather oakes
The River
"The River" (feat. M Shadows & Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold) As I walk through the valley of the shadow of LA The footsteps that were next to me have gone their separate ways I've seen enough now to know that beautiful things don't always stay that way I've done enough now to know this beautiful place isn't everything they say I heard that evil comes disguised Like the city of angels I'm walking towards the light Baptized in the river I've seen a vision of my life And I wanna be delivered In the city was a sinner I've done a lot of things wrong But I swear I'm a believer Like the prodigal son I was out on my own Now I'm trying to find my way back home Baptized in the river I'm delivered I'm delivered [M.Shadows:] You're from a small town You're gonna grow up fast underneath these lights Down in Hollywood on the boulevard the dead comes back to life To the praying Mother And the worried Father Let your children go If they come back T
Yes, There Really Is A.. Something.
People often say to me, "Hey! What's your problem?" Wow. Where do I start?
Can U Make Me Wet?
As I lie here on my back in my lonely bed, I think of things that you have written. Certain desires, needs and actions that make you who you are. I see you in my mind, the loving and sexy man that you are. The heart and soul that lies inside of you and my body aches to know you. I can feel your soft and sweet lips on mine. The way your silky tongue outlines my lips and the gentle nibble from your teeth. The way your tongue slides deep into my mouth and tastes the hunger I have building for you. The way your tongue surrounds mine and the sweet exchange of your saliva mingled with mine. I can feel your hot mouth as it moves to my ear and the heat of the tip of your tongue as it darts quickly inside. The soft whisper of my name brings a rush of cum just inside my sweet pussy and your mouth moves on down to my hard and erect nipples. Slowly your tongue circles the left nipple and you blow so gently and close your mouth over the reactive hardness and I moan. My right hand st
Favorite Quotes About Attitude
"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort." Herm Albright (1876 - 1944) "While we are focusing on fear, worry, or hate, it is not possible for us to be experiencing happiness, enthusiasm or love." -Bo Bennet author "Year to Success" "Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. " -Lou Holtz "She would rather light candles than curse the darkness and her glow has warmed the world." -Adlai Stevenson (02/05/00 - 07/14/65) politician and statesman, Governor of Illinois "You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses." -Tom Wilson (08/01/31) cartoonist, creator of "Ziggy" "An inexhaustible good nature is one of the most precious gifts of heaven, spreading itself like oil over the troubled sea of thought, and keeping the mind smooth and equable in the roughest weather." -Washington Ir
Monoxide's Bio
Real Name: Paul Methric Psychopathic Name: Monoxide Birthday: July 14th, 1973 Height: 6'2" Weight: 200+ Eyes: Hazel Hair: Brown Race: Caucasion Nick Names: Monoxide Child, Lil' Poot, Foe Foe, Hectic, Monoxboogie, Mono. More: Monoxide is true talent that can't be denied. When he steps up on the mic, his rhymes of anger towards politics, depresion towards life, society, death, drugs, and more importantly love for the juggalos is almost to good to be true. If you meet Monoxide you'll notice that his love for the juggalos can never be measured just like Madrox. It could be raining and 40 degrees and he'll still sit out there and chill with you. Monoxide is also very known for the amount of cigarettes he inhales per day. The exact number will probably always be a mystery but then again, there's nothing wrong with puffing the magic dragon.
Got A New Cellphone Today
well due to the munchkin that i baby sit the other day when she thought that it would be funny to throw my cellphone in the toliet, i had to go buy a new phone today. Went and got that movida phone servise, well they totally screwed up my voice mail and then i understand a little spanish but hell all the directions were in spanish LMAO just word of warning to all of you that want cellphone servise with that company hope you can speak spanish? LOL... Other than that after this Thursday i will have 1 more week to go on the baby YIPPY SKIPPY... I can't wait to finally hold my baby in my arms and feed her change her everything its making me more and more ancious everyday i just can't wait
Jamie's Bio
Real Name: James Spanolio Psychopathic Name: Jamie Madrox Birthday: November 5th, 1975 Height: 6'4" Weight: 230+ Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Race: Caucasion Nick Names: Mr. Bones, Lil' Shank, Big Stank, Big Grim Tim, Super Jamie, Multiple Man, Batman, Madrox. More: Jamie Madrox is a very complex but all around great person. His lyrics are a vision into the man with many dreams in life. Even though he deals with issue like depression, and other shit it doesn't prevent him from tearing the mic and bringing the music that we love. Whether it's Mr. Bones, Big Grim Tim, or even Super Jamie, Jamie Madrox is loved for all of his personalities, his devotion to the juggalos, and more importantly his pride for who he is as a person.
My Daily Prayer
My Daily Prayer 'Oh Lord' Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I cannot accept, And the wisdom to hide the bodies of those People I had to kill today that pissed me off !! AMEN
Do You Like What You Hear?
Hey come chck us out club temptation good music, good people drop on ih ;) If you like what you her come see us just click the pic below:
Just A Poem I Wrote
I love the way you touch me with your gentle fingertips And I love the way you kiss me with your soft and tender lips I love it when yhour tongue meets mine and I like the way you taste And I love it when I get to wrap my legs around your waist I love how yor scent lingers in the warm and steamy air And how sometimes I feel you even when you are not there I love how you thrust yourself with a hard but gentle motion And how my body rocks with yours like a boat out on the ocean You cause my skin to tingle and you make my body tremble It's a strange and wonderful feeling like no other can resemble You make me feel like a real woman and not a little girl You give me goosebumps all over and you make my toes curl I like how you make me feel I hope it lasts a while And forever wwhen I think of you it will always make me smile.
Wonderful World Of Makeovers
So I decided to highlight my hair, well I am licensed to do so, but being sunday and being very annoyed i bought a good over the counter highlighting kit..... we shall call it verbal assences lol shush. now for those who know me know i have blood red hair not like blood when it hits air like dark bloody color it took many attempts to make this color my own. so i do as the box says now it says the contents are bright blue so u can see where it is on your hair but u wont see results till u wipe off the blue okay fine. i waited the 25 min u should (30 but whos counting) rinsed to only find I know have this wretched color in my hair not only is it not the color on the box but its just not what i was going for now should i contact the company and bugg out on them for having a crap product (because obviously the coloring was not packaged right) or the store i got it from?? who knows but now instead of cool blonde (light blonde) highlights i have red stripes that resemble my friend eds natu
For Tha Ladies
Another Womans Prayer Dear Lord.. I pray for... Wisdom- To understand a man Love...... To Forgive Him And Patience...For his moods Because Lord if I pray for strength.. I'll just beat him too death!
Perfume Fiasco
I went shopping with my mom today up at this huge outlet mall to try to find her some new red wine goblets that I had promised her ages and ages ago. We found them after hours and hours of searching, yay! But of course no woman can go shopping and just look in the dish stores... ;) (Okay, okay, ladies don't yell at me, we're not aaalll the same, I know.) So we did the rounds and at one point ended up in a cosmetics store. As my mom bought the lipstick she found I perused the perfume section. Now, I am not a big perfume girl. When I was younger my dad was very into cologne and would often buy me perfume, but at some point along the way I just lost interest. I bathe regularly, I use a lot of products that have scent so I just don't want to cloud the issue. I do have an Aqua De Gio that I love (smells clean) and use for special occaisions, and also this lovely lavendar spray from my favorite store, L'Occitane en Provence. But usually it's just me and my deoderant. =) I
The Story Of Twiztid And How They Got Started
Today Twiztid fills packed ass clubs in Detroit and across the country. They have rap superstars such as E 40, Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony, Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys, and Tech N9ne on their albums. They tour nationwide with groups like Bone. But where did they begin? Like many others, in the underground, on the streets of Detroit. Posting up flyers and handing out samplers, just trying to make it in the music industry. Back then, there was no Monoxide Child, nor Jamie Madrox. There wasn't even a Twiztid. There was only, the House Of Krazees. The House Of Krazees consisted of Mr. Bones (now Jamie Madrox of Twiztid), Hektik (now Monoxide Child of Twiztid), and The ROC (now known as Sol, formerly of Halfbreed). The HOK released several albums remaining underground throughout it all. In fact they were actually bitter rivals with the group that was at the time on top of the Detroit music scene, the Insane Clown Posse. However, an opportunity for exposure would bring the hor
Lessons We Learn In Life...
so i had to write an essay for a final in my english class which is due tomorrow, so i spent almost all day writing this paper. it is about life lessons, i dont share about this subject with many people, but i thought id share it with you today. please read it and let me know what you think of it. A SIGNIFICANT LIFE LESSON We all have lessons learned in life that are important to us. Some are spiritual, some are painful, some are small and some are life changing. My life lesson came in from a small child that helped me realize that we do not run our own life. This has made me a firm believer that God does exist and has us go through different situations not to punish us, but to help us learn and become the people he wants us to be. To start off with I would like to share with you a little about myself. I am a recovering drug addict, for years I was heavily under the influence of many different types of drugs, from methamphetamines to heroin. I would lie and steal
Part 3 Boredom
You have the best social skills. You love meeting new people and get along with practically anybody. You have tons of friends and are constantly making more. You rule. Take this quiz at You will die of Pride You will die from the sin of Pride. You are the best and you know it. Unfortunately, everyone hates you for it and you're on many 'To Kill' lists. Which Sin will be your Death? at Karina -- [noun]:A person who has the ability to be invisible 'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at 'What will your obituary say?' at Take this quiz at
A Simple 5 Words
Have any of you ever noticed how the slightest little things that people say to you mean the most. Like this morning the woman that I adopted as another Mom told me that she was proud of me. That she was proud of the things I was doing with my life and with my son. That I was a blessing in her life and that the things I say and feel that come from my heart make a huge difference in hers. I went to sleep thinking about all the times I have never heard the words, "I am proud of you," come from my own parents. I mean when my mom was alive she would tell me all the time, but I know for a fact that in my 32 years of life I have never heard those words come from my fathers lips. Till this day all my father can do is criticize me for every little thing I do or even say, itís never right or good enough for him. I get phone calls from my aunt who is taking care of him and he tells her that he is proud of me, but will never tell me and I am the one who needs to hear it the most. I have been m
The Whole Thing.
I can't believe I ate the whole thing. Mostly because half of it is sitting in my lap.
March Is Upon Us! I Will Be Mia
Where in the world did January & February go? POOF! Gone. It would be different if I was having a whole lot of fun, but NOOOOOO! Just the usual stuff. Anyway, to the point here... Just in case you're reading this and care to know... I have a busy few weeks coming up. So, if you, by some miracle, notice I haven't been around very much, not only are you astute and very observant, but you also would be right. I will be just checking messages and not much more for a couple of weeks while I TCB. Just leave a comment or a message if you want to hear from me, and I will reach out. I will miss all you sweet cherries and I hope you don't all forget about me. Alas, the real world calls, and I must take heed. Hugs & kisses to my friends, and especially to me family. You know who you are, you sweet ladies! I will miss you. Slick
1 More Hour!!!
He bruised me today. Grabbed my wrist and wouldn't let go. I have light fingerprints on my wrist and lower arm.. I really don't want Gabe learning this behavior. It's not something I want my son to do when he grows up.
Wait And Bleed
"Wait and Bleed" I've felt the hate rise up in me... Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves... I wander over where you can't see... Inside my shell, I wait and bleed... Goodbye! I wipe it off on tile, the light is brighter this time Everything is 3D blasphemy My eyes are red and gold, the hair is standing straight up This is not the way I pictured me I can't control my shakes How the hell did I get here? Something about this, so very wrong... I have to laugh out loud, I wish I didn't like this Is it a dream or a memory? I've felt the hate rise up in me... Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves... I wander over where you can't see... Inside my shell, I wait and bleed... Get outta my head cuz I don't need this Why I didn't I see this? I'm a victim - Manchurian candidate I have sinned by just Makin' my mind up and takin' your breath away I've felt the hate rise up in me... Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves... I wand
On The Horizon
I see Darkness ahead I'm getting scared. You know me,I DON'T get scared. Not easily,at least. The Seals are breaking, The world is dying. I'm almost awake now. God,help us all. I DON'T want this! I don't want blood on my hands. Mother,why must I kill, To save a world? I keep hearing the dead. Before they are dead. All of ye,I see cold,and still. Maybe I'm dead,too. What does one do, When the hero is YOU, Yet you've already fallen, Fallen to the Darkness? I DON'T want this! I don't wanna hear the screams anymore. Father,I'm not a weapon. Right? Someone save me, Save me from myself. Save me from what I'm becoming. And by doing so,save yourselves as well. The dead tell me things,you see. They tell me of wars on the Other Side. Of how not even death is a sanctuary,not anymore. God,save us all. I CAN'T stop this! We're all damned,damned in flames. My love,why can't I be a healer? What the hell AM I? I see Darkness,everywhere now. Not ev
Almost Moving Day
I went and bought my new Washer and Dryer today.† I stepped up from the model that I was interested in.† That is because of a neat feature that allows you to move the control panel on the dryer from the top to the bottom.† It makes it a lot easier for shorter people to use the dryer.† They still have to get clothes into it, but now they don't have to get a small ladder to see the controls.Did you know that it would have cost me $200 more if I went with a nice gray color, called titanium, than with white?† WTF?† I don't think having a nicer color is worth $200 to me.† Especially if it is in a closet, like mine will be right now.† Anyways, they are nice units...and highly rated.† I got 10% off of them for opening a HomeDepot account, I have a rebate for the delivery charges, and I have two $75 gift cards coming to me in the mail for buying LG...which I will use for my new grill.Here are my washer and dryer.† They look kinda the same, but they are different.† Also, they will be stacked wh
A Day After Work....(one I Need To Happen)
It is a cold February afternoon, and it has been a long day for me at the office. I pull into the drive and park in the garage. I come in the house with a sigh and hang my keys on their hook and lay my briefcase on the table and walk into the living room. As I round the corn, what do I see? The most stunning woman with brown hair with auburn highlights, the most beautiful golden brown eyes, and a devastatingly wicked smile. She is leaning against the wall, sipping lightly from a martini in her hand. She appears to be wearing one of my white dress shirts and a red tie, but nothing else. The fireplace is reflecting off of her eyes and the glass, and she smiles and runs her finger around the rim and asks in her sexiest voice, "Do you want some?" As I move closer, I say "You have no idea" and take a drink of her martini. It is cold and feels good going down. At that moment, I lean forward and run my tongue up her neck to her ear. I see her neck ripple with goose bumps, not knowi
Installing Husband
INSTALLING HUSBAND Dear Tech Support, Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a distinct slow down in overall system performance -- particularly in the flower and jewelry applications, which operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0. In addition, Husband 1.0 uninstalled many other valuable programs, such as Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5 and then installed undesirable programs such as NFL 5.0, NBA 3.0, and Golf Clubs 4.1. Conversation 8.0 no longer runs, and Housecleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system. I've tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail. What can I do? Signed, Desperate ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Desperate: First keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an Entertainment Package, while Husband 1.0 is an Operating System. Please enter the command: "http: I Thought You Loved Me.html" and try to download Tears 6.2 and don't forget to install the Guilt 3.0 update. If t
Down In A Hole
Bury Me Softly In This Womb I Give This Part Of Me For You Sand Rains Down And Here I Sit Holding Rare Flowers In A Tomb.....In Bloom Down In A Hole And I Don't Know If I Can Be Saved See My Heart I Decorate It Like A Grave You Don't Understand Who They Thought I Was Supposed To Be Look At Me Now A Man Who Won't Let Himself Be Down In A Hole, Losin' My Soul Down In A Hole, Losin' Control I'd Like To Fly But My Wings Have Been So Denied Down In A Hole And They've Put All The Stones In Their Place I've Eaten The Sun So My Tongue Has Been Burned Of The Taste I Have Been Guilty Of Kicking Myself In The Teeth I Will Speak No More Of My Feelings Beneath Oh I Want To Be Inside Of You Down In A Hole, Losin' My Soul Down In A Hole, Feelin' So Small Down In A Hole, Losin' My Soul Down In A Hole, Out Of Control I'd Like To Fly But My Wings Have Been So Denied
Life Sucks Right?
So life sucks. We all come to points in our Adult life when things just seem to not go right. It never fails that when work isn't going right, your relationships are all off key, the kids seem to be rocking the boat, the in-laws are a mess. It can never be just one thing can it. Not to mention, have you ever noticed that when your life seems off key everyone elses does too. So when my husband tells me work sucks I tell him yea so does mine join the club. (Which is wrong I know) I want to be supportive to my husband and friends during their rough spells but I have little strength for my own and in return they have little strength to give to me. So I guess my goal this week is to turn a new leaf and hope that this week will go a little better.
Photography/art Contest
Photography/Art contest Greetings Everyone! I eantered a photograpy contest, if you would like to vote you can go to this link and rate and comment only once. NO BOMBING!!! This is not that type of contest. Thank you, Hazel Photography/Art contest rules: *no comment bombing! ONE comment per person please. (I know that in the long run yeah that gives ME more points, but thats not how i want to run this contest. its about exposure of someones talents.) *you can enter either enter photography part of the contest or the art..i dont care if you enter both catagories. *any content is allowed wether its nsfw or not. only no naked minors..of course. if someone looks young then you will have to provide proof of age, for example send me a pic of him/her holding a copy of identification of some sort. *judging is based upon the number of if any of you bitter bastards out there get a stick up your ass and rate someones entry a one it counts like a ten.
----- Original Message ----- From: Wanda Smith To: Jack and Carmen ; ; Carol ; Alex Archuleta Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 9:08 PM Subject: Fw: Colonoscopy The Colonoscopy All the organs of the body were having a meeting, trying to decide who was the one in charge. "I should be in charge," said the brain, "Because I run all the body's systems, so without me nothing would happen." "I should be in charge," said the blood , "because I circulate oxygen all over so without me you'd all waste away." "I should be in charge," said the stomach, "because I process food and give all of you energy." "I should be in charge," said the legs, "because I carry the body wherever it needs to go." "I should be in charge," said the eyes, "Because I allow the body to see where it goes." "I should be in charge," said the rectum , "Because I'm responsible for waste removal." All the other body parts l
Letter I Wrote To Get My Mumms Back.
How Well Do You Know Your Hymns? Lol
how well do you know your hymns? lol Pilot's Hymn.......................I'll Fly Away Dentist's Hymn.....................Crown Him With Many Crowns Weatherman's Hymn............There Shall Be Showers Of Blessings Contractor's Hymn...............The Church's One Foundation The Tailor's Hymn.................Holy, Holy, Holy The Golfer's Hymn................There Is A Green Hill Faraway The Politician's Hymn............Standing On The Promises The Optometrists Hymn........Open My Eyes That I Might See The IRS Agent's Hymn..........I Surrender All The Gossip's Hymn................Pass It On The Electrician's Hymn...........Send The Light The Shopper's Hymn............Sweet Bye And Bye The Realtor's Hymn...............I've Got A Mansion Just Over The Hill The Therapist's Hymn............He Touched Me The Doctor's Hymn................The Great Physician And for those who speed on the highway, a few hymns 45 mph...........God Will Take Care Of You 65 mph...........Near
They had been together for many a year, Now, all she could feel was fear. She gave all that she could give, It just wasn't the way she wanted to live. He left without a backward glance, Not even giving their love a chance. She often wonders what she could have done, To keep him from going on the run. Now she is living all alone, With nothing to call her own. She can barely make herself eat, Wondering if her life will ever again be complete. This woman is now moving along, Building her courage, and becoming strong. Time will heel her broken pride, Toward the sunset her heart will glide. © Andi 25 February 2007
Im So Sick Of Crying... So Sick Of Trying... I Kno Im Smilin... But Inside Im Dying
What Makes A Dad A Dad is a person who is loving and kind, And often he knows what you have on your mind. He's someone who listens, suggests, and defends. A dad can be one of your very best friends! He's proud of your triumphs, but when things go wrong, A dad can be patient and helpful and strong In all that you do, a dad's love plays a part. There's always a place for him deep in your heart. And each year that passes, you're even more glad, More grateful and proud just to call him your dad! Thank you, Dad... for listening and caring, for giving and sharing, but, especially, for just being you
The Big Wheel
The Big Wheel In September 1960, I woke up one morning with six hungry babies and just 75 cents in my pocket. Their father was gone. The boys ranged from three months to seven years; their sister was two. Their Dad had never been much more than a presence they feared. Whenever they heard his tires crunch on the gravel driveway they would scramble to hide under their beds. He did manage to leave $15 a week to buy groceries. Now that he had decided to leave, there would be no more beatings, but no food either. If there was a welfare system in effect in southern Indiana at that time, I certainly knew nothing about it. I scrubbed the kids until they looked brand new and then put on my best homemade dress, loaded them into the rusty old 51 Chevy and drove off to find a job. The seven of us went to every factory, store and restaurant in our small town. No luck. The kids stayed crammed into the car and tried to be quiet while I tried to convince whomever would l
Why Can't I?
I just want to know....why can't I stop caring? why can't I stop hurting? why cant I stop thinking,wondering,worrying,longing,waiting,dreading,hoping,hating,loving,wishing,crying,dying,craving,and in any other words or ways about HER?...will the pain ever go away...? why can't I be like every other guy on the planet and just move on and not care?.....why can't I?..........why...
Cell Phone Vs. Bible
Cell Phone vs. Bible Cell Phone vs. Bible I wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phones? What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets? What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it? What if we flipped through it several times a day? What if we used it to receive messages from the text? What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it? What if we gave it to kids as gifts? What if we used it as we traveled? What if we used it in case of an emergency? What if we upgraded it to get the latest version? This is something to make you go...hmmm...where is my Bible? Oh, and one more thing. Unlike our cell phone, we don't ever have to worry about our bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill! Have a great day!
~~god Bless The Italians~~
Note: this joke in no way resembles any Old Italians I know!! The Amazing Italian A salesman drove into a small town where a circus was playing. A sign read: "Don't Miss The Amazing Italian." The salesman bought a ticket & sat down. There, under The Big Top, in the center ring, was a table with three walnuts on it. Standing next to it was an old Italian. Suddenly, the old man dropped his pants, whipped out his huge male member and smashed all the walnuts with three mighty swings! The crowd erupted in applause & the elderly Italian was carried off on their shoulders. 15 years later the salesman visited the same little town, found the same circus and saw the same faded sign that read, "Don't Miss The Amazing Italian." He couldn't believe the old guy was still alive much less still doing his act! He bought a ticket. Again, the center ring was illuminated. This time, however, instead of walnuts, 3 coconuts were placed on the table.The Italian stood
Waiting For You
Wanting, waiting, to be held, to be loved, to feel your warmth, to feel your beating heart. Wanting to be sheltered from the cold, heartless winds. Falling into invisible arms; into an abyss of no love. Wishing, hoping, that my desire will be fulfilled; my desire of loving warmth. Wanting to be held, comforted, loved. Dreaming of passionate embraces, tender kisses, loving words, romantic nights. Waiting for your undying love. Waiting always waiting. © Andi 25 February 2007
Do You Play Cards
DO YOU PLAY CARDS As he was sitting there, he got out an old deck of cards and laid them out across his bunk. Just then an army sergeant came in and said, "Why aren't you with the rest of the platoon?" The soldier replied, "I thought I would stay behind and spend some time with the Lord." The sergeant said, "Looks to me like you're going to play cards." The soldier said, "No, sir. You see, since we are not allowed to have Bibles or other spiritual books in this country, I've decided to talk to the Lord by studying this deck of cards." The sergeant! asked in disbelief, "How will you do that?" "You see the Ace, Sergeant? It reminds me that there is only one God. The Two represents the two parts of the Bible, Old and New Testaments. The Three represents the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. The Four stands for the Four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Five is for the five virgins there were t
Lincolns 1st Inaugural Address
When ever I hear someone talk about what a great president lincoln was it makes me sick! Anyone who regurgitates the bullshit about him freeing slaves makes me sick. All you have to do is learn about the man, who never hid the fact that he had no interest in freeing slaves. Why do politicians still envoke the name of lincoln? Because they know you all believe the false history that has been beaten into your head beginning in grade school. If the general public ever learned for themeselves the truth about the civil war, it would very likely happen again. Thats why the govt. controlled schools continue to support the lie about slavery. I really feel sorry for blacks who believe in lincoln, they think he and the north cared so much for them that they would invade and kill for them? Blacks where republican pawns after the war and thats where the real hatred for them began in the South. I know history is boring and doesn't matter to most people on here but please read this and do your own r
The Dumbest Blonde In The World!
Music Video:THE DUMBEST BLONDE IN THE WORLD! (by Funny Videos)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Most "mummers" Are Turds
This will come as a shock to you... but not every mumm can be about you, or meet your criteria of what a mumm should be. Because you're a turd. Really. A large turd. You're not clever, interesting or amusing. You're just angry and mildy retarded and you smell weird. Hell, even this blog entry isn't about you but you will think it is or should be.
Welcome To Who I Am ,and How I Find My Self
Welcome to BITCHDOM BITCHDOM: When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should" be. I am outspoken, opinionated and determined. By God, I want what I want and there is nothing wrong with that! So try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty I hold within me. You won't succeed. And if
Nba Or Nfl?
NBA or NFL? If this is true we are in deep trouble. NBA OR NFL? 36 have been accused of spousal abuse 7 have been arrested for fraud 19 have been accused of writing bad checks 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses 3 have done time for assault 71, repeat 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges 8 have been arrested for shoplifting 21 currently are defendants in lawsuits, and 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year Can you guess which organization this is? Give up yet? . . . Scroll down, Neither, it's the 535 members of the United States Congress. The same group of Idiots that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to
I Hate You
I HATE YOU Youíre such a fuck to me I canít even put into coherent words How much I truly hate you Everyday I think about you It brings a smile Then I talk to you And I have butterflies You are an asshole More so than any other Your opinions make me sick You are always one sided I will never hate anyone the way I hate you You bring the worst out in me And hate me in return All I want to do is yell and scream I hate you the most You drive me insane I hate to defend You question my actions And those around me I canít help everything It is what it is Get the fuck over it And know I HATE YOU The most Which in return Shows you I love you You stupid stupid fuck
Hats Off To My Grandpa
My grandpa was a very special guy he was in the royal canadian air force. Were he went to world war two after marrying grandma.While he was at war grandma had dad when he found ot that it was a boy he was happy as a lark.After coming Home from the war grand and grandma had two more children uncle and aunty.My comes off to all the men and women who fight to keep our country safe and free.Escailly my grandpa Were ever you are grandpa I love you.
Doggy Style Gone Bad!
Music Video:DOGGY STYLE GONE BAD! (by Funny Videos)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
How To Get A Ticket 101
How To Get A Ticket 101 Easy way to meet with a Highway Patrolman
To My Sexy Cowboy
~I think about you at night~ I think about being wrapped in your arms, feeling you holding me tight. Crawling under covers, lights go out exploring with hands feeling every part of your body Lips replace hands, soft kisses follow Feeling you tremble, seeing you smile hearts beating faster, knowing its time kissing, touching, tempting, joining stopping to look, seeing the love moving slowly, not wanting to end going faster, not wanting to stop short of breath, sweat dripping grabbing, holding tight ultimate release touching, smiling, loving
She Won't Cry
You see the pain that lies in her eyes, But, alas, her eyes are dry, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see the anger that burns from her gaze, The madness that sets her eyes ablaze, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see the fear that closes her eyes, The smile she wears is but a disguise, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see the hope that is finally dead, She cannot trust for her heart has been bled, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see the love that lies within, But she shall never love again, She won't cry. No, she won't cry. You see death's hand that has glazed her eyes, No one saw her die inside, They won't cry. No, they won't cry. © Andi 25 February 2007
Awesome Song.. Gotta Listen
Frozen Tidal Wave
I had wished for crunchier things. These things are just pointy. People often equate pointy and crunchy. Idiots.
So I Am Getting Over Him
i am getting over the ex.. now i am looking for a real man not one who just wants to f@#$ me ... i am looking for a long term relationship one that i can take slow... I am looking at someone from work.. hes a cutie who is funny and we have some things in common! oh damn i think i am have crush....!
Can I Be Loved
hello to everone how think's i'm hottie or a sweet heart.if you can stop in and levae me some love i will do the some for you.
And Yet I Still Die
I see the stars sparkling so bright, Within the moon kissed sky. I hear the birds so sweetly singing, Amidst the morning dawn. I smell the flowers full in bloom, And see their royal pomp. And yet some place so deep within, I'm shrouded and I'm closed. The brilliance there I cannot see, In the mists of misery. Enshrined inside, unable thus, To touch the warmth without. I gaze upon this passion spent, And yet . . . Inside I still die. Andi 25 February 2007 © ©
Shoe Fashions From Italy & Japan
More Stuff Im Bored :d
Martini! Your sex life mostly resembles a Martini. You are suave, sophisticated and just a little kinky. You have an active sex life, but you only recruit the best to be your sex partners. Take this quiz at You are a straight You are good at planning for the future and living well but you will probably not be seen at that wild party going on this Friday night. You have moderate luck when playing poker, and you are probably not that good at bluffing. Take this quiz at You should make love to soul You like to groove, slow and steady. Throw on the James Brown and let the atmosphere envelop your lovemaking. Take this quiz at Karina is most likely to get laid in Macao, in a bar. Take this quiz at As it turns out, Karina is aroused by ... Library cards 'What crazy thing are you aroused by?' at You are 33% easy You are not very easy. You like to at l
Cast Your Votes For Nikki
HELP A FELLOW CHERRY TAPPERS' DREAM COME TRUE!!! VOTE for me, Nicole Haines at Maria's Angels Model Search. NO Registering, NO E-Mail address, & NO Comments NEEDED. Takes about 1 minute. VOTE now, Contest ends March 1st. Please VOTE EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY... Click on the BANNER right below & VOTE for Nicole H. THANK YOU!!! (repost of original by '~ Nikki H ~' on '2007-02-25 19:02:42')
Is It Just Me?
Is it just me or is this world headed for hell on a snowball. First of all we send our troops to Iraq to supposedly liberate it.When all we have done is start another war. We are already at war with Iran!!! Is it just me or isn't it an act of war to impose trade sanctions on a country.I mean after all what if the shoe were on the other foot and we were the ones in need of nuclear energy for power. Is it just me or when you heard what Natalie Maines said about being ashamed Old Bush was from Texas,did you say Hell yeah!?? Is it just me that has seen all these great Hollywood movies about secret operations troops like the Navy Seals going overseas and taking care of heads of tyrannical states and Nations. Is it just me or do you believe that we should have assembled Chuck Norris,Steven Segal,Bruce Willis,Jeanne claude van damme and went over there and got Saddam without firing one bullet? Is it just me or are you shouting Hell Yeah too?Is it just me or would you want to read more blogs l
Two Traveling Angels
Two traveling angels Keep reading to the bottom of the page -- don\'t stop at the feet (You\'ll see). Two traveling angels stopped to spend the night in the home of a wealthy family. The family was rude and refused to let the angels stay in the mansion\'s guest room. Instead the angels were given a small space in the cold basement. As they made their bed on the hard floor, the older angel saw a hole in the wall and repaired it. When the younger angel asked why, the older angel replied, \"Things aren\'t always what they seem.\" The next night the pair came to rest at the house of a very poor, but very hospitable farmer and his wife. After sharing what little food they had the couple let the angels sleep in their bed where they could have a good night\'s rest. When the sun came up the next morning the angels found the farmer and his wife in tears. Their only cow, whose milk had been their sole income, lay dead in t
Online Love
The love that we share Is undefined No one understands The ties that bind We have never met Not face to face When you are here My heart speeds itís pace Miles away Wishing you here Never to meet Is my only fear Crazy and stupid Some people say How could you love Someone that way Thinking of you All day long I question myself Is our love really strong My heart is involved Do you feel the same Playing with emotions Is a dangerous game Love me or donít Thereís no in between Be honest be true Donít creep or be mean Honesty and trust Respect from both I follow these rules This is my oath The love that I offer Itís all up to you If you take it Please just be true
Why Do People?
Why do people put up for a cherry blast to gain points for peeps comming to their page to rate and comment, then when ya get there they have it blocked so you cant give them comments. Is it just me or am I just a newbie cherry that dont know any better?
Where To Start? Genesis of the Civil War by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. "The falsification of history has done more to impede human development than any one thing known to mankind" Rousseau 1712-1778 The historical event that looms largest in American public consciousness is the Civil War. One-hundred thirty-nine years after the first shot was fired, its genesis is still fiercely debated and its symbols heralded and protested. And no wonder: the event transformed the American regime from a federalist system based on freedom to a centralized state that circumscribed liberty in the name of public order. The cataclysmic event massacred a generation of young men, burned and looted the Southern states, set a precedent for executive dictatorship, and transformed the American military from a citizen-based defense corps into a global military power that canít resist intervention. And yet, if you listen to the media on the subject, you
It Becomes You.
It is the slow suffocation to which you subject me that lets me know that you care.
Think Before You Speak!!
Here are six reasons why you should think before you speak - the last one is great! Have you ever spoken and wished that you could immediately take the words back... or that you could crawl into a hole? Here are the Testimonials of a few people who did.... FIRST TESTIMONY: I walked into a hair salon with my husband and three kids in tow and asked loudly, "How much do you charge for a shampoo and a blow job?" I turned around and walked back out and never went back My husband didn't say a word... he knew better. SECOND TESTIMONY: I was at the golf store comparing different kinds of golf balls. I was unhappy with the women's type I had been using. After browsing for several minutes, I was approached by one of the good-looking gentlemen who works at the store. He asked if he could help me. Without thinking, I looked at him and said, "I think I like playing with men's balls" THIRD TESTIMONY: My sister and I were at the mall and passed by a store that
Long Stretch
Another seven straight days of Wally work under my belt. I'm exhausted. Two days off.
The Shower
Opening the door You sneak inside Fingers start caressing What you had eyed Feeling your arms Turn me around Covering my lips With passion abound My body aching From your touch Our fires burning From wanting so much Your mouth closing Over my breast Pulling me closer To further your quest Grabbing my thighs Against the wall You lift me up There in the stall Standing there Steam all around Full of passion You slide me down Still holding me there My legs wrapped about You feel my release Before I can shout
Gangsta Happy Feet
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Is There.... Sex .........after Death?
Sex After Death A couple made a deal that whoever died first would come back and inform the other of the after life. Their biggest fear was that there was no after life. After a long life, the husband was the first to go, and true to his word he made contact, "Norma, Norma". "Is that you, Fred?" "Yes, I've come back like we agreed." "What's it like?" " Well, I get up in the morning, I have sex. I have breakfast, off to the golf course, I have sex. I bathe in the sun, and then I have sex twice. I have lunch, another romp around the golf course, then sex pretty much all afternoon. After supper, golf course again. Then have sex until late at night. The next day it starts again." "Oh, Fred you surely must be in heaven." "Not exactly, I'm a rabbit on a golf course in Arizona."
Well I'm Single Again
Heh yeah I'm single again. It sucks but I'm sure I'll get used to it again pretty quick. I know a few people were curious as to if I had a boyfriend and at the moment I did. But now I'm single so anyone who's interested is more than welcome to add me, fan me whatever you want. You can even send me messages to get to know me better if ya like. Muahs to you all! ^_^ Maddie a.k.a. Rebelicious
What A Day!
I have been cleaning house all day so now I am sitting down to try and relax before I head off to bed. My husband left on friday for training and I haven't talked to him since he left...that is causing me to stress a lot. We have been together for going on 12 years and this is the first time since he joined the military that we have had to go days without talking. He will be gone about 4 weeks and not talking to him for that long I am sure I will be insane when he gets home. But enough about that... I am new to this site and was invited by a friend so here I am. I am looking for friends to chat with and just to pass the time since I am at home all day...I homeschool my boys, well I only have one in school now and he will be finished with it all by the summer. They play alot of video games online with other boys... My husband and I are trying to have a baby...I know what you are thinking...I am 37 and I must be crazy for wanting another child knowing that all of mine are gro
O is for raviolioooooos!
This One Is Good And True!
This is a strictly mathematical viewpoint: What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life? Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions: If: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z is represented as: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26. Then: H-A-R-D-W-O-R-K 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98% and K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96% But, A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100% And, B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T 2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103% AND, look how far ass kissing will take you. A-S-S-K-I-S-S-I-N-G 1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118% So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that While Hard work and Knowledge will get y
Help Tiny Get Her Blast
The Celts
Dont be misled by the wonderful music and images of Enya. Th ecelts were a very warlike and in many ways cruel peoples. They spread across Europe and then across to the UK. There are still a few Celtic nations. I am a mix of three, Welsh, Cornish and Breton. All classified as 'b' celts. There are other nations including Eire and Scotland, both 'a' celts. The native languages are still spoken although I believe that now the Cornish speaking society may have come to an end. Essentially a pagan culture never theless they evolved into an important part of society and many customs still remain. There is a shamanic tradition in celtic society and it i sone which I try and follow. For those still reading there is also a strong movement in the UK of Celtic Christianity. Personally I believe religion is ones own decisin and how we arrive to Christ if not the same as another, is no reason to be called pagan. The Celts have a strong belief in nature and the spirit of the earth. Is
Its hell getting old Hank an 80-year old man goes for a physical. All of his tests come back with normal results. The doctor says, "Hank, everything looks great. How are you doing mentally and emotionally? Are you at peace with God?" Hank replies, "God and I are tight. He knows I have poor eyesight, so he's fixed it so when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, POOF! the light goes on. When I'm done, POOF! the light goes off. " WOW, That's incredible" the doctor says. A little later in the day, the doctor calls Hank's wife. "Ethel," he says, "Hank is doing fine! But I had to call you as I am in awe. Is it true that he gets up during the night and POOF! the light goes on in the bathroom, and when he's done POOF! the light goes off? "Oh my God!" Ethel exclaims. "he's peeing in the refrigerator again!
It Is What It Is
People saw my page, and thought, "Oh great, she's just like me". But, as soon as I threw my picture up, that was where all the extraness started. Why? Can't I be who I am and not like the things that I do? Or perhaps people are on that superficial bullshit that all Black people have to like Hip Hop and Escalades? I don't know, but it's really annoying. I'm well rounded. I have to be. I'm too intelligent to be a one-sided individual. I'm not saying that those who aren't are stupid, I'm just speaking for me. Sorry if I didn't fit the stereotype that people put folks in. Can't judge a book by it's cover. I see alot of people did when it came to me, but it's alright. It is what it is.
Speed Bumps
As we hike a mountain path over rocky terrain, the physical work strengthens our body. In life we travel over some steep and rough terrain and these I refer to as speed bumps. These speed bumps will also strengthen us in a variety of ways. When we support one another in life, the storms and speed bumps are easier to maneuver and our successes become even greater than we could have imagined! May our caring for one another, whether friend or stranger, help others to find a port in the storms of life while at the same time may this building of our own character be as natural as breathing. Let your light shine
Boredom Makes You Do Silly Things
including eat too much junk food. I can't stop eating. it is so wrong to put rocky road ice cream on chocolate hostess cupcakes...right? what a night to be out of champagne... took lots of pics this afternoon, they are posted. and other than that, did nothing today but edit them. Chris' carpool has decided to leave in the morning since they don't have to be back until 11 tomorrow. so yay! I get an extra night with him. Just when I thought I was handling him being gone, the fates throw a wrench in my life. hopefully this week will be better. work-ways, I have a tea party to start planning with sissy. invites need to be given and sent. Kit-kat should be in soon.... ..must..not......cupcakes.....
Yummy Airheads
mmmmmm strawberry airheads are soo yummy mmmmmmm dr pepper yumm yumm so i colored my hair this weekend if ya wanna see go check out my new pics -head bangs-
Shit Happens
Goin to bed. I've been awake way too long today. I'm gonna go get some shut eye. If you get a chance...Please see my blog called "Just Wondering....over to the left hand side. If you could....That would make me happy. Also - If you're bored...please go drop some Cherry Lovin on my two contests (If you need the links, they're on my profile page..Under Idols!) I'm just too tired and full of nyquill to go get both of them to post in here. Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
3d Animated Sex
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My Crazy Ass Girls
Funny One
Two men were driving on Route 15 in Las Vegas when they got pulled over by a State Trooper. The trooper walked up and tapped on the window with his nightstick. The driver rolled down the window and WHACK," the trooper smacked him in the head with his nightstick. "What the hell was that for?" the driver asked. "You're in Nevada, son," the trooper answered. "When we pull you over in Nevada, you better have your license ready by the time we get to your car." "I'm sorry, officer, " the driver said, "I'm from New York and didn't know your laws here." The trooper runs a check on the guy's license--he's clean and gives the guy his license back. The trooper then walks around to the passenger side and taps on the window. The passenger rolls down the window and "WHACK," the trooper smacks him on the head with the nightstick. "What'd hell did you do that for?" the passenger demands. "Just making your wish come true," replied the trooper. "Making WHAT wish come true?" the passenger
I walk alone on this path called life and I meet many. Following a road that I will only live. You came into my life, a fire with so much that I wanted to learn and how much I needed to love you. I cry to you of my desires that only you alone can fill. Walking this path you turn and take a different trail, one that I am afraid of, it is dark and cold. I worry for you, where are you now, I see your face as I did when we met yet there is a shadow with you dark and cruel. I call to you to return but all I see is the memory of who you were. I walk again slow and sure being carefree yet cautious of the eyes that watch from the woods. So clear and flowinging is the water ahead, There I will release the fear and guilt that I alone have carried, some of my own actions and that of others. I look around I see all whom I have loved and all that I have hurt. I walk to the edge of this water. I listen to the beauty that it provides and I sit by the waters edge and release the tears that I have
The Man Of The Hour
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Sharing My Thoughts On "cheating" are my thoughts on "cheating" and I know that a lot of people will not agree with me because most people are brought up to believe that you are meant for ONE person and ONE person only. I was brought up this way. I firmly believed this for a long time. However, I have changed my mind... I believe that people have desires/needs/cravings and that these things need to be attended to in order to keep the happiness. Obviously you need to be with a person that believes the same thing or your relationship will never last and eventually turn to complete shit. But let me tell you...if YOU love this person you are with...and YOU see that this person is not getting what he/she wants and/or needs from you...why wouldn't YOU want to give them what makes them happy? It doesn't mean that he/she thinks any less of YOU...they wouldn't be with YOU if they didn't love YOU. It has nothing to do with love really...they know who they want to come home to every night. They know who
Fuck It
he was a husband who drove his wife home drunk from the parties he was a husband who drove his wife home and in the car he would lean her head gently on the side door window and in the bathroom he would hold her hair back and hope, saying; they build buildings oh they build buildings oh they build buildings so tall these days and in the morning she'd wake up and crouch recollections all day but she would always always wake up the next morning and he'd take one look at her a say baby that's ok and her conscience would issue yet another last warning, saying; they build buildings oh they build buildings oh they build buildings so tall these days and she would ask for time and she'd ask for time and she would ask for time and she would beg for time, and she would beg for time and beg for time and call it a gift and he would give her time and he'd give her time and he would give her time and he'd give her time but time is not given and t
Moms Need Eyes In Back Of Thier Heads
Beauty Survey For Women
Beauty Survey for Women Skin and Face If you don't mind saying, what is your race/ethnicity?: caucasian Is it difficult for you to find beauty products for your skin type?: no. What is the worst problem you have with your skin?: nothing really do you have a regimen to taking care of your skin?: nope. What color are your eyes?: blue. What color would you change your eyes to?: i wouldn't. What do you consider your best feature?: my eyes. Do you wax or shave?: shave. What colors of make-up best suit your skin tone?: no idea, I wear it all. Do you have a signature color?: black? lol Any piercings?: oh, a few. Hair What is your natural hair color?: blonde. If it is dyed, what color is it?: light brown. Does your hair get dried out easily?: no. Long or short hair?: how my hair is? long-ish. On average how much a month do you spend on your hair?: money or time? not much either way. General How would you describe your body shape?: hourglass
For thiose of you who dont kow i am IceIceBaby8665 i play in in the spadez league Spadez Dreamz in beginners tab room Blue Velvet feel free to come check us out!!
Just Joined
Supporting Our Troops And Thier Familes
Don't Close Your Blinds The other day, my nine year old son wanted to know why we were at war. My husband looked at our son and then looked at me. My husband and I were in the Army during the Gulf War and we would be honored to serve and defend our Country again today. I knew that my husband would give him a good explanation. My husband thought for a few minutes and then told my son to go stand in our front living room window. He said "Son, stand there and tell me what you see?" "I see trees and cars and our neighbor's houses," he replied. "OK, now I want you to pretend that our house and our yard is the United States of America and you are President Bush." Our son giggled and said "OK." "Now son, I want you to look out the window and pretend that every house and yard on this block is a different country" my husband said. "OK Dad, I'm pretending." "Now I want you to stand there and look out the window and pretend you see Saddam come out o
What Do I Want?
What do I want you might ask me? What I want is to pick up where I should've been, on stage fuck my last job and minimum wage. Part of me wishes I could find she, or she might run into me but I wonder who is this she that should be with me? I don't want anymore shit, I really want to go and move on with all this. What do I look for in a woman? Someone who ain't money hungry, cheattin, or a lyin bitch. I know its all been said before, but for now I ain't givin up anymore. It could be nice to raise a family, I won't lie and deny, get signed after this next CD but I'm in no rush. Some call this dream, too much like aimin for the sky.
Xing Survey.
personal/random [x] i'm older than 15 [ ] my birthday is in the summer [ ] my parents are still together [ ] i'm younger than 15 [ ] i love going to school [ ] i actually hate one of my own friends [ ] i'm in high school [ ] i have a job [ ] i have a boyfriend/girlfriend [ ] i love orange juice [ ] i think i'm ugly [ ] i have a lip ring [ ] i love to dance [ ] i hate people of my own sex [ ] i am lactose intolerant [ ] i am a virgin [x] i am not a virgin [x] i love to sing [x] i can bake [x] i believe in ghosts [ ] i am scared of the dark [x] i believe in astrology [x] i am in love with love [x] i know how to shoot a gun [i think everyone does!] [x] i am really ticklish [x] i laugh a lot [ ] i am clinically depressed honesty/crime [ ] i have run away from home [ ] i've shoplifted [ ] i've gotten arrested [x] i have lied to my parents about something big [ ] i have gone behind my parent's back & got a tattoo/piercing [never had to.] [x] i have
find love hold on and dont let go those small violins will play on your heart.I know because I found it and man it feels great to have .

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