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The Drummer
A young drummer went out quite alone one evening into the country, and came to a lake on the shore of which he perceived lying there three pieces of white linen. What fine linen, said he, and put one piece in his pocket. He returned home, thought no more of what he had found, and went to bed. Just as he was going to sleep, it seemed to him as if someone was calling his name. He listened, and was aware of a soft voice which cried to him, drummer, drummer, wake up. As it was a dark night he could see no one, but it appeared to him that a figure was hovering about his bed. What do you want, he asked. Give me back my shift, answered the voice, that you took away from me last evening by the lake. You shall have it back again, said the drummer, if you will tell me who you are. Ah, replied the voice, I am the daughter of a mighty king. But I have fallen into the power of a witch, and am shut up on the glass-mountain. I have to bathe in the lake every day with my two sisters, but I cannot f
The Master-thief
One day an old man and his wife were sitting in front of a miserable house resting a while from their work. Suddenly a splendid carriage with four black horses came driving up, and a richly-dressed man descended from it. The peasant stood up, went to the great man, and asked what he wanted, and in what way he could serve him. The stranger stretched out his hand to the old man, and said, I want nothing but to enjoy for once a country dish, cook me some potatoes, in the way you always have them, and then I will sit down at your table and eat them with pleasure. The peasant smiled and said, you are a count or a prince, or perhaps even a duke, noble gentlemen often have such fancies, but you shall have your wish. The wife then went into the kitchen and began to wash and rub the potatoes, and to make them into balls, as they are eaten by the country-folks. Whilst she was busy with this work, the peasant said to the stranger, come into my garden with me for a while, I have still something to
The Sea-hare
There was once upon a time a princess, who, high under the battlements in her castle, had an apartment with twelve windows, which looked out in every possible direction, and when she climbed up to it and looked around her, she could inspect her whole kingdom. When she looked out of the first, her sight was more keen than that of any other human being, from the second she could see still better, from the third more distinctly still, and so it went on, until the twelfth, from which she saw everything above the earth and under the earth, and nothing at all could be kept secret from her. Moreover, as she was haughty, and would be subject to no one, but wished to keep the dominion for herself alone, she caused it to be proclaimed that no one should ever be her husband who could not conceal himself from her so effectively, that it should be quite impossible for her to find him. He who tried this, however, and was discovered by her, was to have his head struck off, and stuck on a post. Ninety
R U Who U Say U R???
I Felt Stupid
I felt stupid You had no clue I poured my soul all out to you I put them in an email And clicked send I sat quietly and thought to myself ďOh Dear God, what the fuck did I do?Ē I laid it all out I sat on pins and needles Waiting for your reply Thinking if I read it I would die I questioned my crazy Only to amaze me You laughed and giggled Made me sad I cried some tears You made me mad You came correct Gave me a hug Told me you loved me And your laugh was a cover up You felt the same way You had no words to say I put it all down And you agreed We two peas in a pod And the haters with hate We make the World jealous Anyone can see There is nothing better than you and me
The Spindle, The Shuttle, And The Needle
There was once a girl whose father and mother died while she was still a little child. All alone, in a small house at the end of the village, dwelt her godmother, who supported herself by spinning, weaving, and sewing. The old woman took the forlorn child to live with her, kept her to her work, and educated her in all that is good. When the girl was fifteen years old, the old woman became ill, called the child to her bedside, and said, dear daughter, I feel my end drawing near. I leave you the little house, which will protect you from wind and weather, and my spindle, shuttle, and needle, with which you can earn your bread. Then she laid her hands on the girl's head, blessed her, and said, only preserve the love of God in your heart, and all will go well with you. Thereupon she closed her eyes, and when she was laid in the earth, the maiden followed the coffin, weeping bitterly, and paid her the last mark of respect. And now the maiden lived quite alone in the little house, and was ind
Find The Guy
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The True Sweetheart
There was once upon a time a girl who was young and beautiful, but she had lost her mother when she was quite a child, and her step-mother did all she could to make the girl's life wretched. Whenever this woman gave her anything to do, she worked at it indefatigably, and did everything that lay in her power. Still she could not touch the heart of the wicked woman, she was never satisfied, it was never enough. The harder the girl worked, the more work was put upon her, and all that the woman thought of was how to weigh her down with still heavier burdens, and make her life still more miserable. One day she said to her, here are twelve pounds of feathers which you must pick, and if they are not done this evening, you may expect a good beating. Do you imagine you are to idle away the whole day. The poor girl sat down to the work, but tears ran down her cheeks as she did so, for she saw plainly enough that it was quite impossible to finish the work in one day. Whenever she had a little hea
Ethics ?
Currently, at the behest of a of good friend, I am reading a book on ethics studies, and questioning my morals. Do I actually have any? If I knew a friend was going to lose their job would I tell them? What if my boss told me in confidentiality? Well, for me it's not a matter of ethics... it's a matter of survival. If someone is losing their job- you better believe it's not going to be me. If you're drowning next to me, I'm using you like a piece of driftwood. Hey, doesn't mean I don't like you... but if I have to choose- it's going to be ME, every time. However.... if you throw my sister, or my two kids into the mix, I'd slice my own throat and walk over broken glass to keep them from being hurt. When it comes to winning, I'm probably going to do WHATEVER it takes. I've cheated on tests... and slept through the night. I've cheated on boyfriends... and slept through the night. I've ran red lights, kicked a dog, broken into houses, stole a car, did drugs... am I with out morals???
The Poor Boy In The Grave
There was once a poor shepherd-boy whose father and mother were dead, and he was placed by the authorities in the house of a rich man, who was to feed him and bring him up. The man and his wife, however, had bad hearts, and were greedy and jealous of their riches, and vexed whenever anyone put a morsel of their bread in his mouth. The poor young fellow might do what he liked, he got little to eat, but only so many blows the more. One day he had to watch a hen and her chickens, but she escaped through a hedge with them, and a hawk darted down instantly, and carried her off through the air. The boy called, thief, thief, rascal, with all the strength of his body. But what good did that do. The hawk did not bring its prey back again. The man heard the noise, and ran to the spot, and as soon as he saw that his hen was gone, he fell in a rage, and gave the boy such a beating that he could not stir for two days. Then he had to take care of the chickens without the hen, but now his difficulty
The Nix Of The Mill-pond
There was once upon a time a miller who lived with his wife in great contentment. They had money and land, and their prosperity increased year by year more and more. But ill luck comes like a thief in the night. As their wealth had increased so did it again decrease, year by year, and at last the miller could hardly call the mill in which he lived, his own. He was in great distress, and when he lay down after his day's work, found no rest, but tossed about in his bed, sorely troubled. One morning he rose before daybreak and went out into the open air, thinking that perhaps there his heart might become lighter. As he was stepping over the mill-dam the first sunbeam was just breaking forth, and he heard a rippling sound in the pond. He turned round and perceived a beautiful woman, rising slowly out of the water. Her long hair, which she was holding off her shoulders with her soft hands, fell down on both sides, and covered her white body. He soon saw that she was the nixie of the mill
Eve's Various Children
When Adam and Eve were driven out of paradise, they were compelled to build a house for themselves on barren ground, and eat their bread in the sweat of their brow. Adam dug up the land, and Eve spun. Every year Eve brought a child into the world, but the children were unlike each other, some pretty, and some ugly. After a considerable time had gone by, God sent an angel to them, to announce that he was coming to inspect their household. Eve, delighted that the lord should be so gracious, cleaned her house diligently, decked it with flowers, and strewed rushes on the floor. Then she brought in her children, but only the beautiful ones. She washed and bathed them, combed their hair, put clean raiment on them, and cautioned them to conduct themselves decorously and modestly in the presence of the Lord. They were to bow down before him civilly, hold out their hands, and to answer his questions modestly and sensibly. The ugly children, however, were not to let themselves be seen. One hid h
The Goose-girl At The Well
There was once upon a time a very old woman, who lived with her flock of geese in a remote clearing in the mountains, and there had a little house. The clearing was surrounded by a large forest, and every morning the old woman took her crutch and hobbled into it. There, however, she was quite active, more so than any one would have thought, considering her age, and collected grass for her geese, picked all the wild fruit she could reach, and carried everything home on her back. Anyone would have thought that the heavy load would have weighed her to the ground, but she always brought it safely home. If anyone met her, she greeted him quite courteously. Good day, dear countryman, it is a fine day. Ah, you wonder that I should drag grass about, but everyone must take his burden on his back. Nevertheless, people did not like to meet her if they could help it, and took by preference a round-about way, and when a father with his boys passed her, he whispered to them, beware of the old woman.
Uncomfortable? Nah!
UNCOMFORTABLE SURVEY -Longest relationship: Well I am almost 30 and have had a pretty consistent relationship with myself over all those years -Shortest relationship: Any involvement with the police I tend to cut as short as possible -How many boyfriends/girlfriends have told you that they love you: Now why they gotta be girlfriends or boyfriends - everyone loves me dammit -Have you ever thought that you were going to marry the person? What person? Damn are there people that want to marry me that I don't know about?! -Have you ever made a boyfriend or girlfriend cry?: Well yeah but he stopped after the cop made em remove the knife -Are you happier single or in a relationship? Well there are ups and downs to both - single I need not worry about pissing off the guy or gal at home when I go home with the guitar player but when in the relationship then my wrists don't ache as much form the constant masturbation . . . get back to me on this one -Have you ever bee
The Hut In The Forest
A poor wood-cutter lived with his wife and three daughters in a little hut on the edge of a lonely forest. One morning as he was about to go to his work, he said to his wife, let our eldest daughter bring me my dinner into the forest, or I shall never get my work done, and in order that she may not miss her way, he added, I will take a bag of millet with me and strew the seeds on the path. When, therefore, the sun was just above the centre of the forest, the girl set out on her way with a bowl of soup, but the field-sparrows, and wood-sparrows, larks and finches, blackbirds and siskins had picked up the millet long before, and the girl could not find the track. Trusting to chance, she went on and on, until the sun sank and night began to fall. The trees rustled in the darkness, the owls hooted, and she began to be afraid. Then in the distance she perceived a light which glimmered between the trees. There ought to be some people living there, who can take me in for the night, thought sh
He is her fantasy,in dream's intertwined - She is his rapture enclosed in his mind- He has the eyes that she longs to see- he has the power to set her soul free- she longs to open him, mind ,body ,and soul- Render his senses and take him in whole - he is the moment that ,she's been waiting for-She want's to envelope him, and keep him wanting for more - She yearns to reach out and pull him inside -he pictures his desires played out, un-denied- locked in passion,transfixed in time,reaching heights of exctasy to great to define.... Layout Codes and Myspace Graphics Layout Graphics Dark Comment Images
I Was 10 Ft Away From Will Ferrell, Andre 3000, And Woody Harrelson
What a wonderful time I had. Brandi, Danny, Dad, and I went to the filming of Semi Pro. I cannot give out too much info on it since I had to sign a release form, but I have NEVER been that close to a celebrity before. Will is very tall, and he has beefy thighs and is wacky as usual. Woody is a DOLL, he is sooo nice. Very short as well. Andre is short also, but very full of himself. He did say "What's up, what's up" to me though. lol. It was wild, there are alot of scenes they yell "CUT". Alot of repetitveness, which I don't mind. I mean, come ON! It's Will Ferrell, Andre 3000, and fucking Woody Harrelson! WHAT A BLAST! I will be an extra in a few more and upcoming films. I will let you know.
Strong Hans
There were once a man and a woman who had an only child, and lived quite alone in a solitary valley. It came to pass that the mother once went into the wood to gather branches of fir, and took with her little Hans, who was just two years old. As it was spring-time, and the child took pleasure in the many-colored flowers, she went still further onwards with him into the forest. Suddenly two robbers sprang out of the thicket, seized the mother and child, and carried them far away into the black forest, where no one ever came from one year's end to another. The poor woman urgently begged the robbers to set her and her child free, but their hearts were made of stone, they would not listen to her prayers and entreaties, and drove her on farther by force. After they had worked their way through bushes and briars for about two miles, they came to a rock where there was a door, at which the robbers knocked and it opened at once. They had to go through a long dark passage, which burnt on the
Get To Know Me
I was going to post one of the annoying survey things to tell everyone about me but then I decided rambling on about myself would be much better so this is my autobiographical ramblings.... I was born on a cold snowy day in January the 22 day of January to be exact but we really don't need to go back just that far. Instead of odd paragraphs I think I might just do a list of things I like and dislike and odd little facts and I suppose if you want to know anything else you will just need to ask! -I love to cook -I like almost any kind of music -I have had the same 5 favorite bands since junior high: Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20, Savage Garden and Marcy Playground if you don't like them thats fine but I do not SUCK because I do like them I SUCK because I am SO DAMN GOOD! -I am obsessed with Grey's Anatomy -I have 2 cats, 2 rats and a ferret -My favorite color is Pink -I am a certified sex education trainer -I am married -I have 10 piercings and 1 tattoo -I ha
The Griffin
There was once upon a time a king, but where he reigned and what he was called, I do not know. He had no son, but an only daughter who had always been ill, and no doctor had been able to cure her. Then it was foretold to the king that his daughter would find her health by eating an apple. So he ordered it to be proclaimed throughout the whole of his kingdom, that whosoever brought his daughter an apple with which she could find her health, should have her to wife, and be king. This became known to a peasant who had three sons, and he said to the eldest, go out into the garden and take a basketful of those beautiful apples with the red cheeks and carry them to the court, perhaps the king's daughter will be able to find her health with them, and then you will marry her and be king. The lad did so, and set out. When he had gone a short way he met a hoary little man who asked him what he had there in the basket, to which replied Uele for so was he named, frogs, legs. At this the little
Playin Around!
I donít have to speak I let my Visa speak Words taken from a song Made into mine Itís who I am until I die I am a diva In all that it is I donít care what you think It is what it is My man loves me for who I am Iím true The bitch that is the realist Keeps it straight You canít phase me Because all yaíll are fake Iím done with defending There is no pretending You fuck with my man You fuck with who I am Iíll take you down If I have too You donít fuck with me Because my actions are louder than my words I protect what is mine Till the day I die Youíre my friend for life You canít deny Iím the one that ya want on your side I got your back There is no looking back Iíll take your breath If you take a step Kick rocks
A Wise Rabbi Vs. Tax Inspector
At the end of the tax year, the Tax Office sent an >> inspector to audit the >> books of a synagogue. While he was checking the >> books he turned to the Rabbi >> and said: >> >> "I notice you buy a lot of candles. What do you do >> with the candle >> drippings?" >> >> "Good question", noted the Rabbi. "We save them up >> and send them back to the >> candle makers, and every now and then they send us a >> free box of candles." >> >> "Oh", replied the auditor, somewhat disappointed >> that his unusual question >> had a practical answer. But on he went, in his >> obnoxious way: >> >> "What about all these biscuit purchases? What do you >> do with the crumbs?" >> >> "Ah, yes", replied the Rabbi, realizing that the >> inspector w as trying to >> trap him with an unanswerable question. "We collect >> them and send them back >> to the manufacturers, and every now and then they >> send a free box of holy >> biscuits." >> >> "I see!" replied the auditor, thinking
Lazy Harry
Harry was lazy, and although he had nothing else to do but drive his goat daily to pasture, he nevertheless groaned when he went home after his day's work was done. It is indeed a heavy burden, said he, and a wearisome employment to drive a goat into the field this way year after year, till late into the autumn. If one could but lie down and sleep, but no, one must have one's eyes open lest the goat hurts the young trees, or squeezes itself through the hedge into a garden, or runs away altogether. How can one have any rest, or enjoy one's life. He seated himself, collected his thoughts, and considered how he could set his shoulders free from this burden. For a long time all thinking was to no purpose, but suddenly it was as if scales fell from his eyes. I know what I will do, he cried, I will marry fat Trina who has also a goat, and can take mine out with hers, and then I shall have no more need to trouble myself. So Harry got up, set his weary legs in motion, and went right across the
The Glass Coffin
Let no one ever say that a poor tailor cannot do great things and win high honors. All that is needed is that he should go to the right smithy, and what is of most consequence, that he should have good luck. A civil, smart tailor's apprentice once went out traveling, and came into a great forest, and, as he did not know the way, he lost himself. Night fell and nothing was left for him to do in this painful solitude, but to seek a bed. He might certainly have found a good bed on the soft moss, but the fear of wild beasts let him have no rest there, and at last he made up his mind to spend the night in a tree. He sought out a high oak, climbed up to the top of it, and thanked God that he had his goose with him, for otherwise the wind which blew over the top of the tree would have carried him away. After he had spent some hours in the darkness, not without fear and trembling, he saw at a very short distance the glimmer of a light, and as he thought that a human habitation might be there,
Snow-white And Rose-red
There was once a poor widow who lived in a lonely cottage. In front of the cottage was a garden wherein stood two rose-trees, one of which bore white and the other red roses. She had two children who were like the two rose-trees, and one was called Snow-White, and the other Rose-Red. They were as good and happy, as busy and cheerful as ever two children in the world were, only Snow-White was more quiet and gentle than Rose-Red. Rose-red liked better to run about in the meadows and fields seeking flowers and catching butterflies, but Snow-White sat at home with her mother, and helped her with her house-work, or read to her when there was nothing to do. The two children were so fond of one another that they always held each other by the hand when they went out together, and when Snow-White said, we will not leave each other, Rose-Red answered, never so long as we live, and their mother would add, what one has she must share with the other. They often ran about the forest alone and gat
The Sparrow And His Four Children
A sparrow had four young ones in a swallow's nest. When they were fledged, some naughty boys pulled out the nest, but fortunately all the birds got safely away in the high wind. Then the old bird was grieved that as his sons had all gone out into the world, he had not first warned them of every kind of danger, and given them good instruction how to deal with each. In the autumn a great many sparrows assembled together in a wheatfield, and there the old bird met his four children again, and full of joy took them home with him. Ah, my dear sons, how I have been worrying about you all through the summer, because you got away in the wind without my teaching. Listen to my words, obey your father, and be well on your guard. Little birds have to encounter great dangers. And then he asked the eldest where he had spent the summer, and how he had supported himself. I stayed in the gardens, and looked for caterpillars and small worms, until the cherries were ripe. Ah, my son, said the father, tit
Brides On Their Trial
There was once a young shepherd who wanted very much to marry, and was acquainted with three sisters who were all equally pretty, so that it was difficult for him to make a choice, and he could not decide to give the preference to any one of them. Then he asked his mother for advice, and she said, invite all three, and set some cheese before them, and watch how they eat it. The youth did so, the first swallowed the cheese with the rind on, the second hastily cut the rind off the cheese, but she cut it so quickly that she left much good cheese with it, and threw that away also, the third peeled the rind off carefully, and cut neither too much nor too little. The shepherd told all this to his mother, who said, take the third for your wife. This he did, and lived contentedly and happily with her.
The Stolen Farthings
A father was one day sitting at dinner with his wife and his children, and a good friend who had come on a visit ate with them. And as they thus sat, and it was striking twelve o'clock, the stranger saw the door open, and a very pale child dressed in snow-white clothes came in. It did not look around, and it did not speak, but went straight into the next room. Soon afterwards it came back, and went out at the door again in the same quiet manner. On the second and on the third day, it came also exactly in the same way. At last the stranger asked the father to whom the beautiful child that went into the next room every day at noon belonged. I have never seen it, said he, neither did he know to whom it could belong. The next day when it again came, the stranger pointed it out to the father, who however did not see it, and the mother and the children also all saw nothing. At this the stranger got up, went to the room door, opened it a little, and peeped in. Then he saw the child sitting on
Please Pass On
The Star-money
There was once upon a time a little girl whose father and mother were dead, and she was so poor that she no longer had a room to live in, or bed to sleep in, and at last she had nothing else but the clothes she was wearing and a little bit of bread in her hand which some charitable soul had given her. She was good and pious, however. And as she was thus forsaken by all the world, she went forth into the open country, trusting in the good God. Then a poor man met her, who said, ah, give me something to eat, I am so hungry. She handed him the whole of her piece of bread, and said, may God bless you, and went onwards. Then came a child who moaned and said, my head is so cold, give me something to cover it with. So she took off her hood and gave it to him. And when she had walked a little farther, she met another child who had no jacket and was frozen with cold. Then she gave it her own, and a little farther on one begged for a frock, and she gave away that also. At length she got into a f
Life Is A Bitch Sometimes
yeah its all good the way life treats you at times n others its a pain in the ass you feel the world can revole around you in negative ways where everyone surrounding you makes youfeel so bad in manyways as in my friend today just talked to me about how she had a bad day n her friend she was talking to had one also but instead of tryna be positive about it she went ahead n started shit with her i mean why be that way with somone that has done nothing then turn it around on the other specially when to negatives meet they pull apart you know i mean i don't really have a reason to talk but i just felt like letting something out today cuz on my part it was ok today but the way people get treated just makes you think about everyone..worst part of all is the 2 face people..what can i say...
The Shepherd Boy
There was once upon a time a shepherd boy whose fame spread far and wide because of the wise answers which he gave to every question. The king of the country heard of it likewise, but did not believe it, and sent for the boy. Then he said to him, if you can give me an answer to three questions which I will ask you, I will look on you as my own child, and you shall dwell with me in my royal palace. The boy said, what are the three questions. The king said, the first is, how many drops of water are there in the ocean. The shepherd boy answered, lord king, if you will have all the rivers on earth dammed up so that not a single drop runs from them into the sea until I have counted it, I will tell you how many drops there are in the sea. The king said, the next question is, how many stars are there in the sky. The shepherd boy said, give me a great sheet of white paper, and then he made so many fine points on it with a pen that they could scarcely be seen, and it was all but impossible to c
Just My Two Cents
I would like to know if anyone has seen the "God Hates Fags" video. I watched it and immediately thought it was a huge joke. Is it?? Upon visiting, I'm not quite sure. To tell you the honest truth, I wanted to fucking throw up. If this guy is indeed a "reformed homosexual", as he states, then what a repressed fucktard. I have never in my whole damn life come across some close-mindedness like this. Now, if it's just a joke, it's a damn good one, seriously...the fucker's got us all fooled. If it's not, I seriously want to wage a cyberspace war on this dumb fuck. Many of my friends happen to be gay, and for this dumbass to spout the bullshit he's spouting by desecrating music and the views of any Christian who was already anti-homosexual is completely ri-goddamn-diculous. Normally I'm all about free speech and exercising your right to have that speech, but sometimes, fuckers like that just need a good punch in the face. Or a decent fuck in the ass. Yo
Toe Jam Stew.
a poem by nay: butthole, butthole, coconut rum. shove a stick of butta up my bum. pussy lip, pussy lip, 1 2 3. poo in a cup, and watch me pee. corn dog, corn dog, toe jam stew. If you were a mime, I'd fuck you too.
The Three Sluggards
A certain king had three sons who were all equally dear to him, and he did not know which of them to appoint as his successor after his own death. When the time came when he was about to die, he summoned them to his bedside and said, dear children, I have been thinking of something which I will declare unto you, whichsoever of you is the laziest shall have the kingdom. The eldest said, then, father, the kingdom is mine, for I am so idle that if I lie down to rest, and a drop falls in my eye, I will not open it that I may sleep. The second said, father, the kingdom belongs to me, for I am so idle that when I am sitting by the fire warming myself, I would rather let my heel be burnt off than draw back my leg. The third said, father, the kingdom is mine, for I am so idle that if I were going to be hanged, and had the rope already round my neck, and any one put a sharp knife into my hand with which I might cut the rope, I would rather let myself be hanged than raise my hand to the rope. Wh
The Old Man Made Young Again
At the time when our Lord still walked this earth, he and St. Peter stopped one evening at a smith's and received free quarters. Then it came to pass that a poor beggar, hard pressed by age and infirmity, came to this house and begged alms of the smith. St. Peter had compassion on him and said, Lord and master, if it please you, cure his torments that he may be able to win his own bread. The Lord said kindly, smith, lend me your forge, and put on some coals for me, and then I will make this ailing old man young again. The smith was quite willing, and St. Peter blew the bellows, and when the coal fire sparkled up large and high our Lord took the little old man, pushed him in the forge in the midst of the red-hot fire, so that he glowed like a rose-bush, and praised God with a loud voice. After that the Lord went to the quenching tub, put the glowing little man into it so that the water closed over him, and after he had carefully cooled him, gave him his blessing, when behold the little
Vase Face.
a poem by cake: earthquay earthquay. volcano in yer buh. white socks. black shoes. yer a dumb fuh. lollipop. candy rock. suckin on ma toe. pink vase. red face. you look like a hoe.
Now That I've Listened
to all the most depressing music i could have possibly listened to. I feel better about everything. I came to the conclusion that I am completely and utterly worthless. I'll probably never reach a man that will put up with my neurosis, and that i'll die alone. It's depressing, but theres plenty of valium and vodka where that came from!
The Turnip
There were once two brothers who both served as soldiers, one of them was rich, and the other poor. Then the poor one, to escape from his poverty, doffed his soldier's coat, and turned farmer. He dug and hoed his bit of land, and sowed it with turnip-seed. The seed came up, and one turnip grew there which became large and strong, and visibly grew bigger and bigger, and seemed as if it would never stop growing, so that it might have been called the princess of turnips, for never was such an one seen before, and never will such an one be seen again. At length it was so enormous that by itself it filled a whole cart, and two oxen were required to draw it, and the farmer had not the least idea what he was to do with the turnip, or whether it would be a fortune to him or a misfortune. At last he thought, if you sell it, what will you get for it that is of any importance, and if you eat it yourself, why, the small turnips would do you just as much good. It would be better to take it to the k
The Ungrateful Son
A man and his wife were once sitting by the door of their house, and they had a roasted chicken set before them, and were about to eat it together. Then the man saw that his aged father was coming, and hastily took the chicken and hid it, for he would not permit him to have any of it. The old man came, took a drink, and went away. Now the son wanted to put the roasted chicken on the table again, but when he took it up, it had become a great toad, which jumped into his face and sat there and never went away again, and if any one wanted to take it off, it looked venomously at him as if it would jump in his face, so that no one would venture to touch it. And the ungrateful son was forced to feed the toad every day, or else it fed itself on his face, and thus he went about the world knowing no rest.
The Donkey
Once upon a time there lived a king and a queen, who were rich, and had everything they wanted, but no children. The queen lamented over this day and night, and said, I am like a field on which nothing grows. At last God gave her her wish, but when the child came into the world, it did not look like a human child, but was a little donkey. When the mother saw that, her lamentations and outcries began in real earnest. She said she would far rather have had no child at all than have a donkey, and that they were to throw it into the water that the fishes might devour it. But the king said, no, since God has sent him he shall be my son and heir, and after my death sit on the royal throne, and wear the kingly crown. The donkey, therefore, was brought up and grew bigger, and his ears grew up high and straight. And he was of a merry disposition, jumped about, played and took especial pleasure in music, so that he went to a celebrated musician and said, teach me your art, that I may play the lu
Going A-traveling
There was once a poor woman who had a son, who much wished to travel, but his mother said, how can you travel. We have no money at all for you to take away with you. Then said the son, I will manage very well for myself. I will always say, not much, not much, not much. So he walked for a long time and always said, not much, not much, not much. Then he passed by a company of fishermen and said, God speed you. Not much, not much, not much. What do you say, churl, not much. And when the net was drawn out they had not caught much fish. So one of them fell on the youth with a stick and said, have you never seen me threshing. What ought I to say, then, asked the youth. You must say - get it full, get it full. After this he again walked a long time, and said, get it full, get it full, until he came to the gallows, where they had got a poor sinner whom they were about to hang. Then said he, good morning, get it full, get it full. What do you say, knave, get it full. Do you want to make out tha
Good By Little One.
Good by little one, though you knew not but love around thee, You will be missed, by many. Though you had a name, that non shall know. you are known to us. The world shall be saddened for not hearing you laugh and play. nor see you grow in wonder. We commit you to the ground, Where the Green Man shall watch over you, and the fair one shall guide and play. Until your return to this world. your life was short, and you were loved. Good by little one, though you knew not but love around thee, You will be missed, by many.
Simeli Mountain
There were once two brothers, the one rich, the other poor. The rich one, however, gave nothing to the poor one, and he gained a scanty living by trading in corn, and often did so badly that he had no bread for his wife and children. Once when he was wheeling a barrow through the forest he saw, on one side of him, a great, bare, naked-looking mountain, and as he had never seen it before, he stood still and stared at it with amazement. While he was thus standing he saw twelve great, wild men coming towards him, and as he believed they were robbers he pushed his barrow into the thicket, climbed up a tree, and waited to see what would happen. The twelve men, however, went to the mountain and cried, semsi mountain, semsi mountain, open up, and immediately the barren mountain opened down the middle, and the twelve went into it, and as soon as they were within, it shut. After a short time, it opened again, and the men came forth carrying heavy sacks on their shoulders, and when they were all
The Lambkin And The Little Fish
There were once a little brother and a little sister, who loved each other with all their hearts. Their own mother, however, was dead, and they had a step-mother who was not kind to them, and secretly did everything she could to hurt them. It so happened that the two were playing with other children in a meadow before the house, and there was a pond in the meadow which came up to one side of the house. The children ran about it, and caught each other, and played at counting out. Eneke beneke, let me live, and I to you my bird will give. The little bird, it straw shall seek, the straw I'll give to the cow to eat. The pretty cow shall give me milk, the milk I'll to the baker take. The baker he shall bake a cake, the cake I'll give unto the cat. The cat shall catch some mice for that, the mice I'll hang up in the smoke, and then you'll see the snow. They stood in a circle while they played this, and the one to whom the word snow fell, had to run away and all the others ran after him and c
Domestic Servants
Whither do you go. To walpe. I to walpe, you to walpe, so, so, together we'll go. Have you a man. What is his name. Cham. My man cham, your man cham. I to walpe, you to walpe, so, so, together we'll go. Have you a child, how is he styled. Wild. My child wild, your child wild, my man cham, your man cham. I to walpe, you to walpe, so, so, together we'll go. Have you a cradle. How do you call your cradle. Hippodadle. My cradle hippodadle, your cradle hippodadle, my child wild, your child wild, my man cham, your man cham. I to walpe, you to walpe, so, so, together we'll go. Have you also a drudge. What name has your drudge. From-work-do-not-budge. My drudge from-work-do-not-budge, your drudge from-work-do-not-budge, my cradle hippodadle, your cradle hippodadle, my child wild, your child wild, my man cham, your man cham. I to walpe, you to walpe, so, so, together we'll go.
The Maid Of Brakel
There were once upon a time a king and a queen who lived happily together and had twelve children, but they were all boys. Then said the king to his wife, if the thirteenth child which you are about to bring into the world, is a girl, the twelve boys shall die, in order that her possessions may be great, and that the kingdom may fall to her alone. He even caused twelve coffins to be made, which were already filled with shavings, and in each lay a little death pillow, and he had them taken into a locked-up room, and then he gave the queen the key of it, and bade her not to speak of this to anyone. The mother, however, now sat and lamented all day long, until the youngest son, who was always with her, and whom she had named benjamin, from the bible, said to her, dear mother, why are you so sad. Dearest child, she answered, I may not tell you. But he let her have no rest until she went and unlocked the room, and showed him the twelve coffins ready filled with shavings. Then she said
Knoist And His Three Sons
Between werrel and soist there lived a man whose name was knoist, and he had three sons. One was blind, the other lame, and the third stark-naked. Once on a time they went into a field, and there they saw a hare. The blind one shot it, the lame one caught it, the naked one put it in his pocket. Then they came to a mighty big lake, on which there were three boats, one sailed, one sank, the third had no bottom to it. They all three got into the one with no bottom to it. Then they came to a mighty big forest in which there was a mighty big tree, in the tree was a mighty big chapel - in the chapel was a sexton made of beech-wood and a box-wood parson, who dealt out holy water with cudgels. How truly happy is that one who can from holy water run.
The Three Black Princesses
East india was besieged by an enemy who would not retire until he had received six hundred dollars. Then the townsfolk caused it to be proclaimed by beat of drum that whosoever was able to procure the money should be burgomaster. Now there was a poor fisherman who fished on the sea with his son, and the enemy came and took the son prisoner, and gave the father six hundred dollars for him. So the father went and gave them to the great men of the town, and the enemy departed, and the fisherman became burgomaster. Then it was proclaimed that whosoever did not say 'mr. Burgomaster, should be put to death on the gallows. The son got away again from the enemy, and came to a great forest on a high mountain. The mountain opened, and he went into a great enchanted castle, wherein chairs, tables, and benches were all hung with black. Then came three young princesses who were dressed entirely in black, but had a little white on their faces. They told him he was not to be afraid, they would not hu
Iron John
There was once upon a time a king who had a great forest near his palace, full of all kinds of wild animals. One day he sent out a huntsman to shoot him a roe, but he did not come back. Perhaps some accident has befallen him, said the king, and the next day he sent out two more huntsmen who were to search for him, but they too stayed away. Then on the third day, he sent for all his huntsmen, and said, scour the whole forest through, and do not give up until you have found all three. But of these also, none came home again, and of the pack of hounds which they had taken with them, none were seen again. From that time forth, no one would any longer venture into the forest, and it lay there in deep stillness and solitude, and nothing was seen of it, but sometimes an eagle or a hawk flying over it. This lasted for many years, when an unknown huntsman announced himself to the king as seeking a situation, and offered to go into the dangerous forest. The king, however, would not give his cons
The White Bride And The Black One
A woman was walking about the fields with her daughter and her step-daughter cutting fodder, when the Lord came towards them in the form of a poor man, and asked, "Which is the way into the village?" "If you want to know," said the mother, "seek it for yourself," and the daughter added, "If you are afraid you will not find it, take a guide with you." But the step-daughter said, "Poor man, I will take you there, come with me." Then God was angry with the mother and daughter, and turned His back on them, and wished that they should become as black as night and as ugly as sin. To the poor step-daughter, however, God was gracious, and went with her, and when they were near the village, He said a blessing over her, and spoke, "Choose three things for yourself, and I will grant them to you." Then said the maiden, "I should like to be as beautiful and fair as the sun," and instantly she was white and fair as day. "Then I should like to have a purse of money which would never grow empty." T
The Six Servants
In olden times there lived an aged queen who was a sorceress, and her daughter was the most beautiful maiden under the sun. The old woman, however, had no other thought than how to lure mankind to destruction, and when a wooer appeared, she said that whosoever wished to have her daughter, must first perform a task, or die. Many had been dazzled by the daughter's beauty, and had actually risked this, but they never could accomplish what the old woman enjoined them to do, and then no mercy was shown, they had to kneel down, and their heads were struck off. A certain king's son who had also heard of the maiden's beauty, said to his father, "Let me go there, I want to demand her in marriage." "Never," answered the king, "if you were to go, it would be going to your death." On this the son lay down and was sick unto death, and for seven years he lay there, and no physician could heal him. When the father perceived that all hope was over, with a heavy heart he said to him, "Go thither, an
The Shoes That Were Danced To Pieces
There was once upon a time a king who had twelve daughters, each one more beautiful than the other. They all slept together in one chamber, in which their beds stood side by side, and every night when they were in them the king locked the door, and bolted it. But in the morning when he unlocked the door, he saw that their shoes were worn out with dancing, and no one could find out how that had come to pass. Then the king caused it to be proclaimed that whosoever could discover where they danced at night, should choose one of them for his wife and be king after his death, but that whosoever came forward and had not discovered it within three days and nights, should have forfeited his life. It was not long before a king's son presented himself, and offered to undertake the enterprise. He was well received, and in the evening was led into a room adjoining the princesses, sleeping-chamber. His bed was placed there, and he was to observe where they went and danced, and in order that they
Fair Katrinelje And Pif-paf-poltrie
"Good-day, father hollenthe." "Many thanks, pif-paf-poltrie." "May I be allowed to have your daughter?" "Oh, yes, if mother malcho milchcow, brother high-and-mighty, sister kasetraut, and fair katrinelje are willing, you can have her." "Where is mother malcho, then?" "She is in the cow-house, milking the cow." "Good-day, mother malcho." "Many thanks, pif-paf-poltrie." "May I be allowed to have your daughter?" "Oh, yes, if father hollenthe, brother high-and-mighty, sister kasetraut, and fair katrinelje are willing, you can have her." "Where is brother high-and-mighty, then?" "He is in the room chopping some wood." "Good-day, brother high-and-mighty." "Many thanks, pif-paf-poltrie." "May I be allowed to have your sister?" "Oh, yes, if father hollenthe, mother malcho, sister kasetraut, and fair katrinelje are willing, you can have her." "Where is sister kasetraut, then?" "She is in the garden cutting cabbages." "Good-day, sister kasetraut." "Many thanks, pif-paf-poltrie." "May I
One-eye, Two-eyes, And Three-eyes
There was once a woman who had three daughters, the eldest of whom was called One-Eye, because she had only one eye in the middle of her forehead, and the second, Two-Eyes, because she had two eyes like other folks, and the youngest, Three-Eyes, because she had three eyes, and her third eye was also in the center of her forehead. However, as Two-Eyes saw just as other human beings did, her sisters and her mother could not endure her. They said to her, "You, with your two eyes, are no better than the common people, you do not belong to us." They pushed her about, and threw old clothes to her, and gave her nothing to eat but what they left, and did everything that they could to make her unhappy. It came to pass that Two-Eyes had to go out into the fields and tend the goat, but she was still quite hungry, because her sisters had given her so little to eat. So she sat down on a ridge and began to weep, and so bitterly that two streams ran down from her eyes. And once when she looked up
The Four Skillful Brothers
There was once a poor man who had four sons, and when they were grown up, he said to them, "My dear children, you must now go out into the world, for I have nothing to give you, so set out, go abroad and learn a trade, and see how you can make your way." So the four brothers took their sticks, bade their father farewell, and went through the town-gate together. When they had traveled about for some time, they came to a crossroads which branched off in four different directions. Then said the eldest, "Here we must separate, but on this day four years hence, we will meet each other again at this spot, and in the meantime we will seek our fortunes." Then each of them went his way, and the eldest met a man who asked him where he was going, and what he was intending to do. "I want to learn a trade," he replied. Then the other said, "Come with me," and be a thief. "No," he answered, "that is no longer regarded as a reputable trade, and the end of it is that one has to swing on the gallows
The Iron Stove
In the days when wishing was still of some use, a king's son was bewitched by an old witch, and shut up in an iron stove in a forest. There he passed many years, and no one could rescue him. Then a king's daughter came into the forest, who had lost herself, and could not find her father's kingdom again. After she had wandered about for nine days, she at length came to the iron stove. Then a voice came forth from it, and asked her, "Whence do you come, and whither are you going?" She answered, "I have lost my father's kingdom, and cannot get home again." Then a voice inside the iron stove said, "I will help you to get home again, and that indeed most swiftly, if you will promise to do what I desire of you. I am the son of a far greater king than your father, and I will marry you." Then was she afraid, and thought, "Good heavens. What can I do with an iron stove?" But as she much wished to get home to her father, she promised to do as he desired. But he said, "You shall return here
Ferdinand The Faithful
Once upon a time lived a man and a woman who so long as they were rich had no children, but when they were poor they got a little boy. They could find no godfather for him, so the man said he would just go to another village to see if he could get one there. On his way he met a poor man, who asked him where he was going. He said he was going to see if he could get a godfather, because he was so poor that no one would stand as godfather for him. "Oh," said the poor man, "you are poor, and I am poor. I will be godfather for you, but I am so badly off I can give the child nothing. Go home and tell the midwife that she is to come to the church with the child." When they all got to the church together, the beggar was already there, and he gave the child the name of Ferdinand the Faithful. When he was going out of the church, the beggar said, "Now go home, I can give you nothing, and you likewise ought to give me nothing." But he gave a key to the midwife, and told her when she got home s
The Devil And His Grandmother
There was a great war, and the king had many soldiers, but gave them small pay, so small that they could not live upon it, so three of them agreed among themselves to desert. One of them said to the others, "If we are caught we shall be hanged on the gallows, how shall we manage it?" Another said, "Look at that great cornfield, if we were to hide ourselves there, no one could find us, the troops are not allowed to enter it, and to-morrow they are to march away." They crept into the corn, only the troops did not march away, but remained lying all round about it. They stayed in the corn for two days and two nights, and were so hungry that they all but died, but if they had come out, their death would have been certain. Then said they, "What is the use of our deserting if we have to perish miserably here?" But now a fiery dragon came flying through the air, and it came down to them, and asked why they had concealed themselves there. They answered, "We are three soldiers who have desert
Hey U Hotties!!! I'm Back!!!!
hello to all my friends,family,and fans...i'm back, we on a 2 week trip w/ hubby to washington state,then when i got home i was having some "child getting into trouble" i'm back ... hot as hell and ready to play!!!!anyone up for the challenge???? we'll
The Three Brothers
There was once a man who had three sons, and nothing else in the world but the house in which he lived. Now each of the sons wished to have the house after his father's death, but the father loved them all alike, and did not know what to do, he did not wish to sell the house, because it had belonged to his forefathers, else he might have divided the money amongst them. At last he conceived a plan, and he said to his sons, "Go into the world, and try each of you to learn a trade, and, when you all come back, he who makes the best masterpiece shall have the house." The sons were well content with this, and the eldest determined to be a blacksmith, the second a barber, and the third a fencing-master. They fixed a time when they should all come home again, and then each went his way. It chanced that they all found skillful masters, who taught them their trades well. The blacksmith had to shoe the king's horses, and he thought to himself, "The house is mine, without doubt." The barber
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The Old Woman In The Wood
A poor servant-girl was once traveling with the family with which she was in service, through a great forest, and when they were in the midst of it, robbers came out of the thicket, and murdered all they found. All perished together except the girl, who had jumped out of the carriage in a fright, and hidden herself behind a tree. When the robbers had gone away with their booty, she came out and beheld the great disaster. Then she began to weep bitterly, and said, "What can a poor girl like me do now? I do not know how to get out of the forest, no human being lives in it, so I must certainly starve." She walked about and looked for a road, but could find none. When it was evening she seated herself under a tree, gave herself into God's keeping, and resolved to sit waiting there and not go away, let happen what might. When she had sat there for a while, a white dove came flying to her with a little golden key in its beak. It put the little key in her hand, and said, "Do you see that g
Pet Food Recalls
Received this email from my veternarian docs that I take my pets to. I thought I would share this with you just in case you are hearing rumors of the pet food recalls and/or you haven't quite been privy to them just yet. "We have had many calls about the pet food recall in the news. The problems seem to be affecting primarily cats. The most common signs are vomiting, not eating and lethargy. There is still much information to be gathered, so we will keep you posted of any new developments. As of yet, we have seen no cases at Four Paws that we are associating with foods. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or your pet is exhibiting symptoms. For information on the recall, lists of all foods involved, and a phone number to call, go to Pet Food Recall List". The Doctors and Staff PS: So far Gibson and Moobaby are fairing well. Hope your pets are all doing the same!! :D
Maybe I'll Catch Fire.
This house is full of ears, but I can't talk to anyone. They've heard this one a thousand times. most exciting thing I do, hang half way out a third floor window, Maybe throw lit cigarettes down. and maybe I'll catch fire. something warm to hold me, something pure to burn away the darkness that hides inside my mind. all that evil shit's not hard to find. I guess I only claim to be nice. This house is full of eyes, but I can't look at anyone. they've seen this face a thousand times. most relaxing thing I do, hang half way out a third floor window, And look at rocks if I fall out. and maybe I'll fall hard. something tough to break me, something sharp to rip into my insides and bleed out all that pain. Sorry I don't even know your name. I guess for me it's easy this way. maybe I'll catch fire. something warm to hold me, something pure to burn away the darkness that hides inside my mind. All that evil shit's not hard to find. I guess I only claim to be ni
Donkey Cabbages
There was once a young huntsman who went into the forest to lie in wait. He had a fresh and joyous heart, and as he was going thither, whistling upon a leaf, an ugly old crone came up, who spoke to him and said, "Good-day, dear huntsman, truly you are merry and contented, but I am suffering from hunger and thirst, do give me an alms." The huntsman took pity on the poor old creature, felt in his pocket, and gave her what he could afford. He was then about to go further, but the old woman stopped him and said, "Listen, dear huntsman, to what I tell you. I will make you a present in return for your good heart. Go on your way now, but in a little while you will come to a tree, whereon nine birds are sitting which have a cloak in their claws, and are fighting for it, take your gun and shoot into the midst of them. They will let the cloak fall down to you, but one of the birds will be hurt, and will drop down dead. Carry away the cloak, it is a wishing-cloak. When you throw it over your s
The King's Son Who Feared Nothing
There was once a king's son, who was no longer content to stay at home in his father's house, and as he had no fear of anything, he thought, I will go forth into the wide world, there the time will not seem long to me, and I shall see wonders enough. So he took leave of his parents, and went forth, and on and on from morning till night, and whichever way his path led it was the same to him. It came to pass that he arrived at the house of a giant, and as he was so tired he sat down by the door and rested. And as he let his eyes roam here and there, he saw the giant's playthings lying in the yard. These were a couple of enormous balls, and nine-pins as tall as a man. After a while he had a fancy to set the nine-pins up and then rolled the balls at them, and screamed and cried out when the nine-pins fell, and had a merry time of it. The giant heard the noise, stretched his head out of the window, and saw a man who was not taller than other men, and yet played with his nine-pins. "Littl
The Willful Child
Once upon a time there was a child who was wilful, and would not do what her mother wished. For this reason God had no pleasure in her, and let her become ill, and no doctor could do her any good, and in a short time she lay on her death-bed. When she had been lowered into her grave, and the earth was spread over her, all at once her arm came out again, and stretched upwards, and when they had put it in and spread fresh earth over it, it was all to no purpose, for the arm always came out again. Then the mother herself was obliged to go to the grave, and strike the arm with a rod, and when she had done that, it was drawn in, and then at last the child had rest beneath the ground.
The Blue Light
There was once on a time a soldier who for many years had served the king faithfully, but when the war came to an end could serve no longer because of the many wounds which he had received. The king said to him, "You may return to your home, I need you no longer, and you will not receive any more money, for he only receives wages who renders me serve for them." Then the soldier did not know how to earn a living, went away greatly troubled, and walked the whole day, until in the evening he entered a forest. When darkness came on, he saw a light, which he went up to, and came to a house wherein lived a witch. "Do give me one night's lodging, and a little to eat and drink," said he to her, "or I shall starve." "Oho," she answered, "who gives anything to a run-away soldier? Yet will I be compassionate, and take you in, if you will do what I wish." "What do you wish?" said the soldier. "That you should dig all round my garden for me, tomorrow." The soldier consented, and next day labored wi
The Bright Sun Brings It To Light
A tailor's apprentice was traveling about the world in search of work, and at one time he could find none, and his poverty was so great that he had not a farthing to live on. Presently he met a Jew on the road, and as he thought he would have a great deal of money about him, the tailor thrust God out of his heart, fell on the Jew, and said, give me your money, or I will strike you dead. Then said the Jew, grant me my life, I have no money but eight farthings. But the tailor said, money you have, and it shall be produced, and used violence and beat him until he was near death. And when the Jew was dying, the last words he said were, the bright sun will bring it to light, and thereupon he died. The tailor's apprentice felt in his pockets and sought for money, but he found nothing but eight farthings, as the Jew had said. Then he took him up and carried him behind a clump of trees, and went onwards to seek work. After he had traveled about a long while, he found work in a town with a mast
A Farewell To A Perfect Score.
I feel ill with words of repentance and love. I could never forget what it felt like, to feel my heart drop and watch as, lonely insects swarmed around it, and fed off like a disease to a diagnosed patient. You no longer see me. What am I doing but holding back tears, and thinking of you With this tainted image of me, With no longer love but disappointment. I'm still here. I just forgot I was human for a second, and that I can't just be some image, I have error. I long to hear your voice again, untainted with openness. I'm sorry for what I have done.I'm sorry What have I done?, and for what I have done I am truly sorry. Words for you are like my pot of gold. Let me not have spent my riches, but without this friendship I feel poor. Though I will still reflect on what we had, and all of the potential...
The Two Kings' Children
There was once upon a time a princess who was extremely proud. If a wooer came she gave him some riddle to guess, and if he could not guess it, he was sent contemptuously away. She let it be made known also that whosoever solved her riddle should marry her, let him be who he might. At length, three tailors fell in with each other, the two eldest of whom thought they had done so many dexterous jobs of work successfully that they could not fail to succeed in this also, the third was a little, useless harum-scarum, who did not even know his trade, but thought he must have some luck in this venture, for where else was it to come from. Then the two others said to him, just stay at home, you cannot do much with your little understanding. The little tailor, however, did not let himself be discouraged, and said he had set his mind to work on this for once, and he would manage well enough, and he went forth as if the whole world were his. They all three announced themselves to the princess,
Is There No End To This Shit?? Ha Ha!!
Broward judge in Anna Nicole Smith case accused of smoking pot in Hollywood park By Marlene Naanes and Marlene Naanes South Florida Sun-Sentinel March 20, 2007 Broward Circuit Judge Lawrence Korda is facing a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession after city police officers said they busted him for allegedly smoking pot in a Hollywood park Sunday afternoon. The judge played a role in the Anna Nicole Smith case when he briefly handled a small part of the paternity battle over the former Playboy centerfold's infant daughter. Korda, 59, was not arrested but was issued a notice to appear on April 26 in the satellite courthouse in Hollywood. Court and state law enforcement records show no prior legal problems for the judge so he could qualify for a first-time offender pre-trial drug diversion program. But the allegation he used an illegal drug could result in a complaint to the Judicial Qualification Commission and possible discipline, several legal experts
The Two Kings' Children
There was once upon a time a king who had a little boy in whose stars it had been foretold that he should be killed by a stag when he was sixteen years of age, and when he had reached that age the huntsmen once went hunting with him. In the forest, the king's son was separated from the others, and all at once he saw a great stag which he wanted to shoot, but could not hit. At length he chased the stag so far that they were quite out of the forest, and then suddenly a great tall man was standing there instead of the stag, and said, "It is well that I have you. I have already ruined six pairs of glass skates with running after you, and have not been able to reach you." Then he took the king's son with him, and dragged him through a great lake to a great palace, and he had to sit down to table with him and eat something. When they had eaten something together the king said, "I have three daughters, you must keep watch over the eldest for one night, from nine in the evening till six in
The Skilful Huntsman
There was once a young fellow who had learnt the trade of locksmith, and told his father he would now go out into the world and seek his fortune. Very well, said the father, I am quite content with that, and gave him some money for his journey. So he traveled about and looked for work. After a time he resolved not to follow the trade of locksmith any more, for he no longer liked it, but he took a fancy for hunting. Then there met him in his rambles a huntsman dressed in green, who asked whence he came and whither he was going. The youth said he was a locksmith's apprentice, but that the trade no longer pleased him, and he had a liking for huntsmanship, would he teach it to him. "Oh, yes," said the huntsman, "if you will go with me." Then the young fellow went with him, apprenticed himself to him for some years, and learnt the art of hunting. After this he wished to try his luck elsewhere, and the huntsman gave him nothing in the way of payment but an air-gun, which had, however, thi
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You Are A Keeper !! To All My Friends Please Read!
One day a women's husband died and on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of their bedroom, the wife was struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't any more. No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, no more "just one minute." Sometimes, what we care about the most gets all used up and goes away . . never to return before we can say good-bye, say "I love you." So while we have it , It's best we love it . . . and care for it . Fix it when it's broken . . . and heal it when it's sick. This is true for marriage , old cars , children with bad report cards, dogs with bad hips and aging parents and grandparents. We keep them because they are worth it, because we are worth it. Some things we keep -- like a best friend who moved away or a classmate we grew up with. There are just some things that make us happy, no matter what. Life is important, like peop
The Shroud
There was once a mother who had a little boy of seven years old, who was so handsome and lovable that no one could look at him without liking him, and she herself worshipped him above everything in the world. Now it so happened that he suddenly became ill, and God took him to himself, and for this the mother could not be comforted and wept both day and night. But soon afterwards, when the child had been buried, it appeared by night in the places where it had sat and played during its life, and if the mother wept, it wept also, and when morning came it disappeared. But as the mother would not stop crying, it came one night, in the little white shroud in which it had been laid in its coffin, and with its wreath of flowers round its head, and stood on the bed at her feet, and said, "Oh, mother, do stop crying, or I shall never fall asleep in my coffin, for my shroud will not dry because of all your tears, which fall upon it." The mother was afraid when she heard that, and wept no more. Th
I can tell by the weight of your words that this is over.All the should've but could'ves can no longer be.This is the second death in the exquisite art of forgetting, and I promise this to you i'll burn the devotion clean. Filling every hole in my heart. All of these melancholy moments can sometimes sink. Everything you were is fiction, everything you are is fiction. And if you see me chin down and toungue tied, this is all ihave to offer.I thought i'd never be asking. This is my last laugh in this place of dying. And for you, this is the last goodbye you'll ever hear. It's not suppose to end like this.
Hans The Hedgehog
There was once a country man who had money and land in plenty, but however rich he was, his happiness was still lacking in one respect - he had no children. Often when he went into the town with the other peasants they mocked him and asked why he had no children. At last he became angry, and when he got home he said, "I will have a child, even if it be a hedgehog." Then his wife had a child that was a hedgehog in the upper part of his body and a boy in the lower, and when she saw the child, she was terrified, and said, "See, there you have brought ill-luck on us." Then said the man, "What can be done now? The boy must be christened, but we shall not be able to get a godfather for him." The woman said, "And we cannot call him anything else but Hans the hedgehog." When he was christened, the parson said, "He cannot go into any ordinary bed because of his spikes." So a little straw was put behind the stove, and Hans the hedgehog was laid on it. His mother could not suckle him, for he w
The Two Travelers
Hill and vale do not meet, but the children of men do, good and bad. In this way a shoemaker and a tailor once met on their travels. The tailor was a handsome little fellow who was always merry and full of enjoyment. He saw the shoemaker coming towards him from the other side, and as he observed by his bag what kind of a trade he plied, he sang a little mocking song to him, sew me the seam, draw me the thread, spread it over with pitch, knock the nail on the head. The shoemaker, however, could not bear a joke, he pulled a face as if he had drunk vinegar, and made a gesture as if he were about to seize the tailor by the throat. But the little fellow began to laugh, reached him his bottle, and said, "No harm was meant, take a drink, and swallow your anger down." The shoemaker took a very hearty drink, and the storm on his face began to clear away. He gave the bottle back to the tailor, and said, "I took a hearty gulp, they say it comes from much drinking, but not from great thirst. Sh
The Poor Miller's Boy And The Cat
In a certain mill lived an old miller who had neither wife nor child, and three apprentices served under him. As they had been with him several years, he one day said to them, "I am old, and want to sit behind the stove. Go out, and whichsoever of you brings me the best horse home, to him will I give the mill, and in return for it he shall take care of me till my death." The third of the boys, however, was the dunce, who was looked on as foolish by the others, they begrudged the mill to him, and afterwards he would not even have it. Then all three went out together, and when they came to the village, the two said to stupid Hans, "You may just as well stay here, as long as you live you will never get a horse." Hans, however, went with them, and when it was night they came to a cave in which they lay down to sleep. The two smart ones waited until Hans had fallen asleep, then they got up, and went away leaving him where he was. And they thought they had done a very clever thing, but it
29 Things To Make You Smile
TWENTY NINE LINES TO MAKE YOU SMILE 1. My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was God and I didn't. 2. I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it. 3. Some people are alive only because it's illegal to kill them. 4. I used to have a handle on life, but it broke. 5. Don't take life too seriously; No one gets out alive. 6. You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me 7. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. 8. Earth is the insane asylum for the universe. 9. I'm not a complete idiot -- Some parts are just missing. 10. Out of my mind. Back in five minutes. 11. NyQuil, the stuffy, sneezy, why-the-heck-is-the-room-spinning medicine. 12. God must love stupid people; He made so many. 13. The gene pool could use a little chlorine. 14. Consciousness: That annoying time between naps. 15. Ever stop to think, and forget to start again? 16. Being "over the hill" is much better than being under it! 17. Wrinkl
Stories About Snakes(called Paddocks In This Version)
There was once a little child whose mother gave her every afternoon a small bowl of milk and bread, and the child seated herself in the yard with it. But when she began to eat, a paddock came creeping out of a crevice in the wall, dipped its little head in the dish, and ate with her. The child took pleasure in this, and when she was sitting there with her little dish and the paddock did not come at once, she cried, paddock, paddock, come swiftly hither come, thou tiny thing, thou shalt have thy crumbs of bread, thou shalt refresh thyself with milk. Then the paddock came in haste, and enjoyed its food. It even showed gratitude, for it brought the child all kinds of pretty things from its hidden treasures, bright stones, pearls, and golden playthings. The paddock, however, drank only the milk, and left the bread-crumbs alone. Then one day the child took its little spoon and struck the paddock gently on its head, and said, eat the bread-crumbs as well, little thing. The mother, who was
Wise Folk
One day a peasant took his good hazel-stick out of the corner and said to his wife, Trina, I am going across country, and shall not return for three days. If during that time the cattle-dealer should happen to call and want to buy our three cows, you may strike a bargain at once, but not unless you can get two hundred talers for them, nothing less, do you hear. For heaven's sake, just go in peace, answered the woman, I will manage that. You, indeed, said the man. You once fell on your head when you were a little child, and that affects you even now, but let me tell you this, if you do anything foolish, I will make your back black and blue, and not with paint, I assure you, but with the stick which I have in my hand, and the coloring shall last a whole year, you may rely on that. And having said that, the man went on his way. Next morning the cattle-dealer came, and the woman had no need to say many words to him. When he had seen the cows and heard the price, he said, I am quite will
Bloggin It The Fuck Up (in Am7 Flat)
Man on time I blogged so hard I had to wipe my keyboard down. Sometimes you just gotta blog all over that girls face...because she asked you to that's why. Sometimes I play with "Lincoln BLogs". Sometimes the blog is so thick I gotta turn on the high beams just to sort through the madness of it all. I think sometimes a top eight fux up peoples lives. I mean if you don't put certain people on there they get all "Butt hurt" and they're all sceptical and paranoid and say shit like "How come I"m not on your top 8? that's fucked up. I see how it is." But then I'm all like "Look! didn't do that thing with the paper bag and the goat, so no spotlight for ye!" There's nothin like takin a good blog. Help stop blogging companies from blogging down rainforrests...didn't you see Furngully? I wonder if there's a poison dart blog?..prolly so. I hate it when my cereal get's all bloggy...then I gotta all pick out the typo's and the emoticons n shit. Pfffffffft...wha
Bye Bye, 11s.
No more VIC. It disappeared while I was trying to use all my 11s tonight. Ah well. It was an interesting month! But hey, no more worrying about how to use the stupid 11s. I will miss the pink name and the extra gift options.
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Sweet Porridge
There was a poor but good little girl who lived alone with her mother, and they no longer had anything to eat. So the child went into the forest, and there an aged woman met her who was aware of her sorrow, and presented her with a little pot, which when she said, cook, little pot, cook, would cook good, sweet porridge, and when she said, stop, little pot, it ceased to cook. The girl took the pot home to her mother, and now they were freed from their poverty and hunger, and ate sweet porridge as often as they chose. Once on a time when the girl had gone out, her mother said, cook, little pot, cook. And it did cook and she ate till she was satisfied, and then she wanted the pot to stop cooking, but did not know the word. So it went on cooking and the porridge rose over the edge, and still it cooked on until the kitchen and whole house were full, and then the next house, and then the whole street, just as if it wanted to satisfy the hunger of the whole world, and there was the greatest d
The Willow-wren And The Bear
Once in summer-time the bear and the wolf were walking in the forest, and the bear heard a bird singing so beautifully that he said, "Brother wolf, what bird is it that sings so well?" "That is the king of birds," said the wolf, "before whom we must bow down." In reality the bird was the willow-wren. "If that's the case," said the bear, "I should very much like to see his royal palace, come, take me thither." "That is not done quite as you seem to think," said the wolf, "you must wait until the queen comes." Soon afterwards the queen arrived with some food in her beak, and the lord king came too, and they began to feed their young ones. The bear would have liked to go at once, but the wolf held him back by the sleeve, and said, no, you must wait until the lord and lady queen have gone away again. So they took stock of the hole where the nest lay, and trotted away. The bear, however, could not rest until he had seen the royal palace, and when a short time had passed, went to it again
Keeping Secrets
On the note of the next to the last blog posting in the "Inquiring Minds" blog series, entitled "Stamp Tramps" and "Hook ups", I felt that it is time to start a new blog series called, "Inquiring Minds II"! Of course, it was timely, too, in that there were exactly 300 posts in "Inquiring Minds"!!! :D It was a huge relief to get off my chest a nearly 30 year secret. Amazing how much relief that can be. I have personally taken many measures to ensure regaining my own healthy mind through workbooks and workshops; however, never revealing to another soul my personal interest in being there. Journalling is a huge help when seemingly destined to have to regain one's own strength. As such so is blogging. :) My secret was never revealed to this day to even my parents and siblings. To this day, my parents are puzzled by why their daughter, who graduated from on of the top high schools in San Antonio in the top third of a class of nearly 900 students, was a seemingly "failure" in col
My Court Update!
Well i went in last Thurs for court to make my decision, an i took the deal because its not going to go on my record which is a very big deal for me! So i owe the court 13,000 my fine. i owe my lawyer 1,000 an ive gotta take a 16hr DUI counceling within 10 days or i go straight to jail, an im on probation for another year! YAY... So ive gotta be a good driver for now on i cant get any traffic violations or im screwed. so ya im just happy its all done!
There was once a young fellow who enlisted as a soldier, conducted himself bravely, and was always the foremost when it rained bullets. So long as the war lasted, all went well, but when peace was made, he received his dismissal, and the captain said he might go where he liked. His parents were dead, and he had no longer a home, so he went to his brothers and begged them to take him in, and keep him until war broke out again. The brothers, however, were hard-hearted and said, "What can we do with you? You are of no use to us, go and make a living for yourself." The soldier had nothing left but his gun, so he took that on his shoulder, and went forth into the world. He came to a wide heath, on which nothing was to be seen but a circle of trees, under these he sat sorrowfully down, and began to think over his fate. I have no money, thought he, I have learnt no trade but that of fighting, and now that they have made peace they don't want me any longer, so I see before hand that I shall
Its My Birthday
The Devil's Sooty Brother
A discharged soldier had nothing to live on, and did not know how to make his way. So he went out into the forest and when he had walked for a short time, he met a little man who turned out to be the devil. The little man said to him, "What ails you, you seem so very sorrowful?" Then the soldier said, "I am hungry, but have no money." The devil said, "If you will hire yourself to me, and be my serving-man, you shall have enough for all your life. You shall serve me for seven years, and after that you shall again be free. But one thing I must tell you, and that is, you must not wash, comb, or trim yourself, or cut your hair or nails, or wipe the water from your eyes." The soldier said, "All right, if there is no help for it," and went off with the little man, who straightway led him down into hell. Then he told him what he had to do. He was to poke the fire under the kettles wherein the hell-broth was stewing, keep the house clean, drive all the sweepings behind the doors, and see that
The Spirit In The Bottle
There was once a poor woodcutter who toiled from early morning till late at night. When at last he had laid by some money he said to his boy, "You are my only child, I will spend the money which I have earned with the sweat of my brow on your education, if you learn some honest trade you can support me in my old age, when my limbs have grown stiff and I am obliged to stay at home." Then the boy went to a high school and learned diligently so that his masters praised him, and he remained there a long time. When he had worked through two classes, but was still not yet perfect in everything, the little pittance which the father had earned was all spent, and the boy was obliged to return home to him. "Ah," said the father, sorrowfully, "I can give you no more, and in these hard times I cannot earn a farthing more than will suffice for our daily bread." "Dear father," answered the son, "don't trouble yourself about it, if it is God's will, it will turn to my advantage. I shall soon ac
Its Not Going To Be Easy
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The Water Of Life
There was once a king who had an illness, and no one believed that he would come out of it with his life. He had three sons who were much distressed about it, and went down into the palace-garden and wept. There they met an old man who inquired as to the cause of their grief. They told him that their father was so ill that he would most certainly die, for nothing seemed to cure him. Then the old man said, "I know of one more remedy, and that is the water of life. If he drinks of it he will become well again, but it is hard to find." The eldest said, "I will manage to find it." And went to the sick king, and begged to be allowed to go forth in search of the water of life, for that alone could save him. "No," said the king, "the danger of it is too great. I would rather die." But he begged so long that the king consented. The prince thought in his heart, "If I bring the water, then I shall be best beloved of my father, and shall inherit the kingdom." So he set out, and when he had rid
Confused . . . Am I Real?
feelings . . . what are they? an illusion? a trick of my mind a plot to deceive what is this pain? it rests in my heart is it just me? please . . . disappear i can't take it i'll hide in my mind the world of my dreams something is there hidden in shadows what is it? beneath the moon she hangs in the sky my tortured mind wonders please . . . tell me why the tired night answers a whisper unheard i retreat to myself in deeper and deeper don't come near my shell because it'll shatter the darkness holds comfort the lonely sky darkens watching my plight it cries out the tears that died in my eyes
The Three Little Birds
About a thousand or more years ago, there were in this country nothing but small kings, and one of them who lived on the Keuterberg was very fond of hunting. Once on a time when he was riding forth from his castle with his huntsmen, three girls were watching their cows upon the mountain, and when they saw the king with all his followers, the eldest girl pointed to him, and called to the two other girls, hullo. Hullo. If I do not get that one, I will have none. Then the second girl answered from the other side of the hill, and pointed to the one who was on the king's right hand, hullo. Hullo. If I do not get him, I will have no one. These, however, were the two ministers. The king heard all this, and when he had come back from the chase, he caused the three girls to be brought to him, and asked them what they had said yesterday on the mountain. This they would not tell him, so the king asked the eldest if she really would take him for her husband. Then she said, yes, and the two ministe
The Peasant's Wise Daughter
There was once a poor peasant who had no land, but only a small house, and one daughter. Then said the daughter, we ought to ask our lord the king for a bit of newly-cleared land. When the king heard of their poverty, he presented them with a piece of land, which she and her father dug up, and intended to sow with a little corn and grain of that kind. When they had dug nearly the whole of the field, they found in the earth a mortar made of pure gold. Listen, said the father to the girl, as our lord the king has been so gracious and presented us with the field, we ought to give him this mortar in return for it. The daughter, however, would not consent to this, and said, father, if we have the mortar without having the pestle as well, we shall have to get the pestle, so you had much better say nothing about it. But he would not obey her, and took the mortar and carried it to the king, said that he had found it in the cleared land, and asked if he would accept it as a present. The king to
I Hate Myself.
i hate you. so much. i hate how you do this to me. you hate when people play games with you. but what about me? what about when you play games with me? i don't know if you're telling me the truth. and i so want to believe you. because i'm in love with you. and i hate it.
The Raven
There was once upon a time a queen who had a little daughter who was still so young that she had to be carried. One day the child was naughty, and the mother might say what she liked, but the child would not be quiet. Then she became impatient, and as the ravens were flying about the palace, she opened the window and said, I wish you were a raven and would fly away, and then I should have some rest. Scarcely had she spoken the words, before the child was changed into a raven, and flew from her arms out of the window. It flew into a dark forest, and stayed in it a long time, and the parents heard nothing of their child. Then one day a man was on his way through this forest and heard the raven crying, and followed the voice, and when he came nearer, the bird said, I am a king's daughter by birth, and am bewitched, but you can set me free. What am I to do, asked he. She said, go further into the forest, and you will find a house, wherein sits an aged woman, who will offer you meat and
The King Of The Golden Mountain
There was a certain merchant who had two children, a boy and a girl, they were both young, and could not walk. And two richly-laden ships of his sailed forth to sea with all his property on board, and just as he was expecting to win much money by them, news came that they had gone to the bottom, and now instead of being a rich man he was a poor one, and had nothing left but one field outside the town. In order to drive his misfortune a little out of his thoughts, he went out to this field, and as he was walking to and fro in it, a little black mannikin stood suddenly by his side, and asked why he was so sad, and what he was taking so much to heart. Then said the merchant, if you could help me I would willingly tell you. Who knows, replied the black dwarf. Perhaps, I can help you. Then the merchant told him that all he possessed had gone to the bottom of the sea, and that he had nothing left but this field. Do not trouble yourself, said the dwarf. If you will promise to give me the f
Keepin Secrets
On the note of the next to the last blog posting in the "Inquiring Minds" blog series, entitled "Stamp Tramps" and "Hook ups", I felt that it is time to start a new blog series called, "Inquiring Minds II"! Of course, it was timely, too, in that there were exactly 300 posts in "Inquiring Minds"!!! :D It was a huge relief to get off my chest a nearly 30 year secret. Amazing how much relief that can be. I have personally taken many measures to ensure regaining my own healthy mind through workbooks and workshops; however, never revealing to another soul my personal interest in being there. Journalling is a huge help when seemingly destined to have to regain one's own strength. As such so is blogging. :) My secret was never revealed to this day to even my parents and siblings. To this day, my parents are puzzled by why their daughter, who graduated from on of the top high schools in San Antonio in the top third of a class of nearly 900 students, was a seemingly "failure" in col
The Elves 2
There was once upon a time a rich king who had three daughters, who daily went to walk in the palace garden, and the king was a great lover of all kinds of fine trees, but there was one for which he had such an affection, that if anyone gathered an apple from it he wished him a hundred fathoms underground. And when harvest time came, the apples on this tree were all as red as blood. The three daughters went every day beneath the tree, and looked to see if the wind had not blown down an apple, but they never by any chance found one, and the tree was so loaded with them that it was almost breaking, and the branches hung down to the ground. Then the king's youngest child had a great desire for an apple, and said to her sisters, our father loves us far too much to wish us underground, it is my belief that he would only do that to people who were strangers. And while she was speaking, the child plucked off quite a large apple, and ran to her sisters, saying, just taste, my dear little si
The Young Giant
Once upon a time a countryman had a son who was as big as a thumb, and did not become any bigger, and during several years did not grow one hair's breadth. Once when the father was going out to plough, the little one said, father, I will go out with you. You would go out with me, said the father. Stay here, you will be of no use out there, besides you might get lost. Then thumbling began to cry, and for the sake of peace his father put him in his pocket, and took him with him. When he was outside in the field, he took him out again, and set him in a freshly cut furrow. Whilst he sat there, a great giant came over the hill. Do you see that great bogie, said the father, for he wanted to frighten the little fellow to make him behave well, he is coming to fetch you. The giant, however, had scarcely taken two steps with his long legs before he was in the furrow. He took up little thumbling carefully with two fingers, examined him, and without saying one word went away with him. His fa
The Goose-girl
There was once upon a time an old queen whose husband had been dead for many years, and she had a beautiful daughter. When the princess grew up she was betrothed to a prince who lived at a great distance. When the time came for her to be married, and she had to journey forth into the distant kingdom, the aged queen packed up for her many costly vessels of silver and gold, and trinkets also of gold and silver, and cups and jewels, in short, everything which appertained to a royal dowry, for she loved her child with all her heart. She likewise sent her maid-in-waiting, who was to ride with her, and hand her over to the bridegroom, and each had a horse for the journey, but the horse of the king's daughter was called Falada, and could speak. So when the hour of parting had come, the aged mother went into her bedroom, took a small knife and cut her finger with it until it bled. Then she held a white handkerchief to it into which she let three drops of blood fall, gave it to her daughter
The Singing, Soaring Lark
There was once upon a time a man who was about to set out on a long journey, and on parting he asked his three daughters what he should bring back with him for them. Whereupon the eldest wished for pearls, the second wished for diamonds, but the third said, dear father, I should like a singing, soaring lark. The father said, yes, if I can get it, you shall have it, kissed all three, and set out. Now when the time had come for him to be on his way home again, he had brought pearls and diamonds for the two eldest, but he had sought everywhere in vain for a singing, soaring lark for the youngest, and he was very unhappy about it, for she was his favorite child. Then his road lay through a forest, and in the midst of it was a splendid castle, and near the castle stood a tree, but quite on the top of the tree, he saw a singing, soaring lark. Aha, you come just at the right moment, he said, quite delighted, and called to his servant to climb up and catch the little creature. But as he
The Gold-children
There was once a poor man and a poor woman who had nothing but a little cottage, and who earned their bread by fishing, and always lived from hand to mouth. But it came to pass one day when the man was sitting by the water-side, and casting his net, that he drew out a fish entirely of gold. As he was looking at the fish, full of astonishment, it began to speak and said, listen, fisherman, if you will throw me back again into the water, I will change your little hut into a splendid castle. Then the fisherman answered, of what use is a castle to me, if I have nothing to eat. The gold fish continued, that shall be taken care of, there will be a cupboard in the castle in which, when you open it, shall be dishes of the most delicate meats, and as many of them as you can desire. If that be true, said the man, then I can well do you a favor. Yes, said the fish, there is, however, the condition that you shall disclose to no one in the world, whosoever he may be, whence your good luck has co
Hans Married
There was once upon a time a young peasant named Hans, whose uncle wanted to find him a rich wife. He therefore seated Hans behind the stove, and had it made very hot. Then he fetched a pot of milk and plenty of white bread, gave him a bright newly-coined farthing in his hand, and said, Hans, hold that farthing fast, crumble the white bread into the milk, and stay where you are, and do not stir from that spot till I come back. Yes, said Hans, I will do all that. Then the uncle put on a pair of old patched trousers, went to a rich peasant's daughter in the next village, and said, won't you marry my nephew Hans. You will get an honest and sensible man who will suit you. The covetous father asked, how is it with regard to his means. Has he bread to break? Dear friend, replied the uncle, my young nephew has a snug berth, a nice bit of money in hand, and plenty of bread to break, besides he has quite as many patches as I have. And as he spoke, he slapped the patches on his trousers, b
Your Scent Excites Me..
Your scent encases me My second skin It permeates everything All at once satiating While leaving me hungering for more Leaving me open Right down to my very core Your scent encases me Driving out the demons of memory For new paths to be formed Along their wake Cementing new paintings in place Ignoring the gossamer wings of time So easily torn Your scent encases me My every breath waiting To be set free Time obliging, abiding My whim To be within your breath Within your arms Surrounded by the trail of your secret, your soul Your scent encases me Holding fast their silken bonds And, oh rapture To be held by such luxurious tethers Held fast to your lust, your need Only matched by the flames within my breast The fires that only moments ago were mere embers Slowly, your breath on my skin, your scent in my hair, come to life Your scent encases me I am left in darkness No light does penetrate My only salvation, your whispered words I follow those so
Hans In Luck
Hans had served his master for seven years, so he said to him, master, my time is up, now I should be glad to go back home to my mother, give me my wages. The master answered, you have served me faithfully and honestly, as the service was so shall the reward be. And he gave Hans a piece of gold as big as his head. Hans pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket, wrapped up the lump in it, put it on his shoulder, and set out on the way home. As he went on, always putting one foot before the other, he saw a horseman trotting quickly and merrily by on a lively horse. Ah, said Hans quite loud, what a fine thing it is to ride. There you sit as on a chair, you stumble over no stones, you save your shoes, and cover the ground, you don't know how. The rider, who had heard him, stopped and called out, hi, there, Hans, why do you go on foot, then. I must, answered he, for I have this lump to carry home, it is true that it is gold, but I cannot hold my head straight for it, and it hurts m
Brother Lustig
There was one upon a time a great war, and when it came to an end, many soldiers were discharged. Then brother lustig also received his dismissal, and with it nothing but a small loaf of ammunition-bread, and four kreuzers in money, with which he departed. St. Peter, however, had placed himself in his way in the form of a poor beggar, and when brother lustig came up, he begged alms of him. Brother lustig replied, dear beggar-man, what am I to give you. I have been a soldier, and have received my dismissal, and have nothing but this little loaf of ammunition-bread, and four kreuzers of money. When that is gone, I shall have to beg as well as you. Still I will give you something. Thereupon he divided the loaf into four parts, and gave the apostle one of them, and a kreuzer likewise. St. Peter thanked him, went onwards, and threw himself again in the soldier's way as a beggar, but in another shape, and when he came up begged a gift of him as before. Brother lustig spoke as he had
The Water-nix
A little brother and sister were once playing by a well, and while they were thus playing, they both fell in. A water-nixie lived down below, who said, now I have got you, now you shall work hard for me, and carried them off with her. She gave the girl dirty tangled flax to spin, and she had to fetch water in a bucket with a hole in it, and the boy had to hew down a tree with a blunt axe, and they got nothing to eat but dumplings as hard as stones. Then at last the children became so impatient, that they waited until one sunday, when the nixie was at church, and ran away. But when church was over, the nixie saw that the birds were flown, and followed them with great strides. The children saw her from afar, and the girl threw a brush behind her which formed an immense hill of bristles, with thousands and thousands of spikes, over which the nixie was forced to scramble with great difficulty, at last, however, she got over. When the children saw this, the boy threw behind him a comb
Just A Quote......
The best things in life can never be kept; They must be given away. A Smile, a Kiss, and Love
The Old Man And His Grandson
There was once a very old man, whose eyes had become dim, his ears dull of hearing, his knees trembled, and when he sat at table he could hardly hold the spoon, and spilt the broth upon the table-cloth or let it run out of his mouth. His son and his son's wife were disgusted at this, so the old grandfather at last had to sit in the corner behind the stove, and they gave him his food in an earthenware bowl, and not even enough of it. And he used to look towards the table with his eyes full of tears. Once, too, his trembling hands could not hold the bowl, and it fell to the ground and broke. The young wife scolded him, but he said nothing and only sighed. Then they bought him a wooden bowl for a few half-pence, out of which he had to eat. They were once sitting thus when the little grandson of four years old began to gather together some bits of wood upon the ground. What are you doing there, asked the father. I am making a little trough, answered the child, for father and mother t
The Pink
There was once upon a time a queen to whom God had given no children. Every morning she went into the garden and prayed to God in heaven to bestow on her a son or a daughter. Then an angel from heaven came to her and said, be at rest, you shall have a son with the power of wishing, so that whatsoever in the world he wishes for, that shall he have. Then she went to the king, and told him the joyful tidings, and when the time was come she gave birth to a son, and the king was filled with gladness. Every morning she went with the child to the garden where the wild beasts were kept, and washed herself there in a clear stream. It happened once when the child was a little older, that it was lying in her arms and she fell asleep. Then came the old cook, who knew that the child had the power of wishing, and stole it away, and he took a hen, and cut it in pieces, and dropped some of its blood on the queen's apron and on her dress. Then he carried the child away to a secret place, where a nur
Gossip Wolf And The Fox
The she-wolf brought into the world a young one, and invited the fox to be godfather. After all, he is a near relative of ours, said she, he has a good understanding, and much talent, he can instruct my little son, and help him forward in the world. The fox, too, appeared quite honest, and said, worthy mrs. Gossip, I thank you for the honor which you are doing me, I will, however, conduct myself in such a way that you shall be repaid for it. He enjoyed himself at the feast, and made merry, afterwards he said, dear mrs. Gossip, it is our duty to take care of the child, it must have good food that it may be strong. I know a sheep-fold from which we might fetch a nice morsel. The wolf was pleased with the idea, and she went out with the fox to the farmyard. He pointed out the fold from afar, and said, you will be able to creep in there without being seen, and in the meantime I will look about on the other side to see if I can pick up a chicken. He, however, did not go there, but sat down
My Week
I've had an interesting week. I worked Monday and Tuesday. Had to work Wed. but i called off, so i could go see my uncle before he moved, and instead of going to see him, I went to the hospital to see my grandpa.. He's got Gout... which is some foot disease where, to much Uric acid gets in your blood stream causes swelling and pain... well, he's got it in knees too, so he couldn't walk, and he fell on the floor and laid there until my uncle mike found him... They got it all squared away at the hospital, i've been up there almost every day.. i didn't go up there over the weekend... but i went there today, after he got out of the OR, he had a Pace maker put in because he's got a bad heart. when i left his blood pressure was going crazy, but i'm sure they'll get it all squared away soon. I found out, my dad is going to be getting out of prison in about 2 months maybe less... that made me really happy. I've been having alot of mixed emotions lately, cause i've been having alot of go
So I was just thinkin' while I was takin' a crap, and thought about all those nasty fux who get into "child pornography". So I thought of a solution, so they wouldn't have to go to that jail 4real. All they'd really have to do is get a hold of a really young lookin' midget and dress em all up like a kid and plug the fuck away! I mean it's just that simple. Substancially this method is way more logical and economic than the hey lets fuck ole' 10 year old billy in the asshole and get raped behind bars by Tyrone.
How Six Men Got On In The World
A father once called his three sons before him, and he gave to the first a cock, to the second a scythe, and to the third a cat. I am already aged, said he, my death is nigh, and I have wished to provide for you before my end, money I have not, and what I now give you seems of little worth, but all depends on your making a sensible use of it. Only seek out a country where such things are still unknown, and your fortune is made. After the father's death the eldest went away with his cock, but wherever he came the cock was already known, in the towns he saw him from a long distance, sitting upon the steeples and turning round with the wind, and in the villages he heard more than one crowing, no one would show any wonder at the creature, so that it did not look as if he would make his fortune by it. At last, however, it happened that he came to an island where the people knew nothing about cocks, and did not even understand how to divide their time. They certainly knew when it was m
The Three Sons Of Fortune
A father once called his three sons before him, and he gave to the first a cock, to the second a scythe, and to the third a cat. I am already aged, said he, my death is nigh, and I have wished to provide for you before my end, money I have not, and what I now give you seems of little worth, but all depends on your making a sensible use of it. Only seek out a country where such things are still unknown, and your fortune is made. After the father's death the eldest went away with his cock, but wherever he came the cock was already known, in the towns he saw him from a long distance, sitting upon the steeples and turning round with the wind, and in the villages he heard more than one crowing, no one would show any wonder at the creature, so that it did not look as if he would make his fortune by it. At last, however, it happened that he came to an island where the people knew nothing about cocks, and did not even understand how to divide their time. They certainly knew when it was m
The Thief And His Master
Hans wished to put his son to learn a trade, so he went into the church and prayed to our Lord God to know which would be the most suitable for him. Then the clerk got behind the altar, and said, thieving, thieving. On this Hans goes back to his son, and tells him he is to learn thieving, and that the Lord God had said so. So he goes with his son to seek a man who is acquainted with thieving. They walk a long time and come into a great forest, where stands a little house with an old woman in it. Hans says, do you know of a man who is acquainted with thieving. You can learn that here quite well, says the woman, my son is a master of it. So he speaks with the son, and asks if he knows thieving really well. The master-thief says, I will teach him well. Come back when a year is over, and then if you recognize your son, I will take no payment at all for teaching him, but if you don't know him, you must give me two hundred talers. The father goes home again, and the son learns witchcraft
The Twelve Huntsmen
There was once a king's son who had a bride whom he loved very much. And when he was sitting beside her and very happy, news came that his father lay sick unto death, and desired to see him once again before his end. Then he said to his beloved, I must now go and leave you, I give you a ring as a remembrance of me. When I am king, I will return and fetch you. So he rode away, and when he reached his father, the latter was dangerously ill, and near his death. He said to him, dear son, I wished to see you once again before my end, promise me to marry as I wish, and he named a certain king's daughter who was to be his wife. The son was in such trouble that he did not think what he was doing, and said, yes, dear father, your will shall be done, and thereupon the king shut his eyes, and died. When therefore the son had been proclaimed king, and the time of mourning was over, he was forced to keep the promise which he had given his father, and caused the king's daughter to be asked in
The Hares Bride
There was once a woman and her daughter who lived in a pretty garden with cabbages. And a little hare came into it, and during the winter time ate all the cabbages. Then says the mother to the daughter, go into the garden, and chase the hare away. The girl says to the little hare, sh-sh, hare, you will be eating all our cabbages. Says the hare, come, maiden, and seat yourself on my little hare's tail, and come with me into my little hare's hut. The girl will not do it. Next day the hare comes again and eats the cabbages, then says the mother to the daughter, go into the garden, and drive the hare away. The girl says to the hare, sh-sh, little hare, you will be eating all the cabbages. The little hare says, maiden, seat yourself on my little hare's tail, and come with me into my little hare's hut. The maiden refuses. The third day the hare comes again, and eats the cabbages. On this the mother says to the daughter, go into the garden, and hunt the hare away. Says the maiden, sh
There was once upon a time a king who had a wife with golden hair, and she was so beautiful that her equal was not to be found on earth. It came to pass that she lay ill, and as she felt that she must soon die, she called the king and said, if you wish to marry again after my death, take no one who is not quite as beautiful as I am, and who has not just such golden hair as I have, this you must promise me. And after the king had promised her this she closed her eyes and died. For a long time the king could not be comforted, and had no thought of taking another wife. At length his councillors said, this cannot go on. The king must marry again, that we may have a queen. And now messengers were sent about far and wide, to seek a bride who equalled the late queen in beauty. In the whole world, however, none was to be found, and even if one had been found, still there would have been no one who had such golden hair. So the messengers came home as they went. Now the king had a daughter
The Golden Goose
There was a man who had three sons, the youngest of whom was called Dummling, and was despised, mocked, and sneered at on every occasion. It happened that the eldest wanted to go into the forest to hew wood, and before he went his mother gave him a beautiful sweet cake and a bottle of wine in order that he might not suffer from hunger or thirst. When he entered the forest he met a little grey-haired old man who bade him good-day, and said, do give me a piece of cake out of your pocket, and let me have a draught of your wine, I am so hungry and thirsty. But the clever son answered, if I give you my cake and wine, I shall have none for myself, be off with you, and he left the little man standing and went on. But when he began to hew down a tree, it was not long before he made a false stroke, and the axe cut him in the arm, so that he had to go home and have it bound up. And this was the little grey man's doing. After this the second son went into the forest, and his mother ga
The Three Feathers
There was once upon a time a king who had three sons, of whom two were clever and wise, but the third did not speak much, and was simple, and was called the simpleton. When the king had become old and weak, and was thinking of his end, he did not know which of his sons should inherit the kingdom after him. Then he said to them, go forth, and he who brings me the most beautiful carpet shall be king after my death. And that there should be no dispute amongst them, he took them outside his castle, blew three feathers in the air, and said, you shall go as they fly. One feather flew to the east, the other to the west, but the third flew straight up and did not fly far, but soon fell to the ground. And now one brother went to the right, and the other to the left, and they mocked simpleton, who was forced to stay where the third feather had fallen. He sat down and was sad. Then all at once he saw that there was a trap-door close by the feather. He raised it up, found some steps, and wen
The Queen Bee
Two kings' sons once went out in search of adventures, and fell into a wild, disorderly way of living, so that they never came home again. The youngest, who was called simpleton, set out to seek his brothers, but when at length he found them they mocked him for thinking that he with his simplicity could get through the world, when they two could not make their way, and yet were so much cleverer. They all three traveled away together, and came to an ant-hill. The two elder wanted to destroy it, to see the little ants creeping about in their terror, and carrying their eggs away, but simpleton said, leave the creatures in peace, I will not allow you to disturb them. Then they went onwards and came to a lake, on which a great number of ducks were swimming. The two brothers wanted to catch a couple and roast them, but simpleton would not permit it, and said, leave the creatures in peace, I will not suffer you to kill them. At length they came to a bee's nest, in which there was so
The Two Brothers
There were once upon a time two brothers, one rich and the other poor. The rich one was a goldsmith and evil-hearted. The poor one supported himself by making brooms, and was good and honorable. He had two children, who were twin brothers and as like each other as two drops of water. The two boys went in and out of the rich house, and often got some of the scraps to eat. It happened once when the poor man was going into the forest to fetch brush-wood, that he saw a bird which was quite golden and more beautiful than any he had ever chanced to meet with. He picked up a small stone, threw it at it, and was lucky enough to hit it, but one golden feather only fell down, and the bird flew away. The man took the feather and carried it to his brother, who looked at it and said, it is pure gold. And gave him a great deal of money for it. Next day the man climbed into a birch-tree, and was about to cut off a couple of branches when the same bird flew out, and when the man searched he found a ne
The Golden Bird
In olden times there was a king, who had behind his palace a beautiful pleasure-garden in which there was a tree that bore golden apples. When the apples were getting ripe they were counted, but on the very next morning one was missing. This was told to the king, and he ordered that a watch should be kept every night beneath the tree. The king had three sons, the eldest of whom he sent, as soon as night came on, into the garden, but when midnight came he could not keep himself from sleeping, and next morning again an apple was gone. The following night the second son had to keep watch, but it fared no better with him, as soon as twelve o'clock had struck he fell asleep, and in the morning an apple was gone. Now it came to the turn of the third son to watch, and he was quite ready, but the king had not much trust in him, and thought that he would be of less use even than his brothers, but at last he let him go. The youth lay down beneath the tree, but kept awake, and did not le
Sweetheart Roland
There was once upon a time a woman who was a real witch and had two daughters, one ugly and wicked, and this one she loved because she was her own daughter, and one beautiful and good, and this one she hated, because she was her step-daughter. The step-daughter once had a pretty apron, which the other fancied so much that she became envious, and told her mother that she must and would have that apron. Be quiet, my child, said the old woman, and you shall have it. Your step-sister has long deserved death, to-night when she is asleep I will come and cut her head off. Only be careful that you are at the far-side of the bed, and push her well to the front. It would have been all over with the poor girl if she had not just then been standing in a corner, and heard everything. All day long she dared not go out of doors, and when bed-time had come, the witch's daughter got into bed first, so as to lie at the far side, but when she was asleep, the other pushed her gently to the front, and t
Once there was a miller who was poor, but who had a beautiful daughter. Now it happened that he had to go and speak to the king, and in order to make himself appear important he said to him, I have a daughter who can spin straw into gold. The king said to the miller, that is an art which pleases me well, if your daughter is as clever as you say, bring her to-morrow to my palace, and I will put her to the test. And when the girl was brought to him he took her into a room which was quite full of straw, gave her a spinning-wheel and a reel, and said, now set to work, and if by to-morrow morning early you have not spun this straw into gold during the night, you must die. Thereupon he himself locked up the room, and left her in it alone. So there sat the poor miller's daughter, and for the life of her could not tell what to do, she had no idea how straw could be spun into gold, and she grew more and more frightened, until at last she began to weep. But all at once the door opened, and
Common Sense Quiz...
1.Why is it illegal for somebody living in South Dakota to be buried in North Dakota? (think about it really hard) >>>>> >>>> >>> >> >> >> >> >> >> > > > > > The answer is: because they are living 2. What is greater than god, more evil than the devil, the rich need it, the poor have it, if you eat it you'll die? >>>> >>> >> >> >> >> >> >>> >>> >> >> > > > the anwer is: Nothing 3. There's a farmer and his hired hand carrying sacks of grain to a barn. The farmer carries 1 sack of grain and the hired hand carries 2 sacks. The farmers load is could that be? >>>>> >>>> >>>> >>> >> >> >> >>> >> >> >> > > > > The answer is: Because the hired hand is only carrying 2 "sacks" both empty. 4.OK pretend your a bus driver, 2 kids get on the bus, 4 more get on, 5 get off, 8 get on, 18 get on at the next stop, 3 get off, and 6 more get on. What color are the bus driv
The Knapsack, The Hat, And The Horn
There were once three brothers who had fallen deeper and deeper into poverty, and at last their need was so great that they had to endure hunger, and had nothing to eat or drink. Then said they, it cannot go on like this, we had better go into the world and seek our fortune. They therefore set out, and had already walked over many a long road and many a blade of grass, but had not yet met with good luck. One day they arrived in a great forest, and in the midst of it was a hill, and when they came nearer they saw that the hill was all silver. Then spoke the eldest, now I have found the good luck I wished for, and I desire nothing more. He took as much of the silver as he could possibly carry, and then turned back and went home again. But the two others said, we want something more from good luck than mere silver, and did not touch it, but went onwards. After they had walked for two days longer without stopping, they came to a hill which was all gold. The second brother stopped, took
Vanilla Frostee
my daughter got money from me to go to wendys for frostees,and brings me bac a vanilla frostee. wtf whos bright idea was this?
Little Snow-white
Once upon a time in the middle of winter, when the flakes of snow were falling like feathers from the sky, a queen sat at a window sewing, and the frame of the window was made of black ebony. And whilst she was sewing and looking out of the window at the snow, she pricked her finger with the needle, and three drops of blood fell upon the snow. And the red looked pretty upon the white snow, and she thought to herself, would that I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the wood of the window-frame. Soon after that she had a little daughter, who was as white as snow, and as red as blood, and her hair was as black as ebony, and she was therefore called little snow-white. And when the child was born, the queen died. After a year had passed the king took to himself another wife. She was a beautiful woman, but proud and haughty, and she could not bear that anyone else chould surpass her in beauty. She had a wonderful looking-glass, and when she stood in front of
2nd Crush?
Well I have 2 now, know who the first is, but the 2nd.........
A Fun Test...
> > First Question: > > You are participating in a race. You overtake the > second person. What > position are you in? > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Answer: > > If you answered that you are first, then you are > absolutely wrong > > If you overtake the second person and you take his > place, you are > second > > > > Try not to screw up in the next question. > > To answer the second question, don't take as much > time as you took > for the first question. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Second Question: > > If you overtake the last person, then you are... > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Answer: > > If you answered that you are second to last, then > you are wrong > again. Tell me, how can you overtake the LAST person? > > > > > > > > > > > > >
King Thrushbeard
A king had a daughter who was beautiful beyond all measure, but so proud and haughty withal that no suitor was good enough for her. She sent away one after the other, and ridiculed them as well. Once the king made a great feast and invited thereto, from far and near, all the young men likely to marry. They were all marshalled in a row according to their rank and standing. First came the kings, then the grand-dukes, then the princes, the earls, the barons, and the gentry. Then the king's daughter was led through the ranks, but to each one she had some objection to make. One was too fat, the wine-barrel, she said. Another was too tall, long and thin has little in. The third was too short, short and thick is never quick. The fourth was too pale, as pale as death. The fifth too red, a fighting cock. The sixth was not straight enough, a green log dried behind the stove. So she had something to say against each one, but she made herself especially merry over a good king who stood quite
Rip Gavin Tyler Gray
There was once a forester who went into the forest to hunt, and as he entered it he heard a sound of screaming as if a little child were there. He followed the sound, and at last came to a high tree, and at the top of this a little child was sitting, for the mother had fallen asleep under the tree with the child, and a bird of prey had seen it in her arms, had flown down, snatched it away, and set it on the high tree. The forester climbed up, brought the child down, and thought to himself, you will take him home with you, and bring him up with your lina. He took it home, therefore, and the two children grew up together. And the one, which he had found on a tree was called fundevogel, because a bird had carried it away. Fundevogel and lina loved each other so dearly that when they did not see each other they were sad. Now the forester had an old cook, who one evening took two pails and began to fetch water, and did not go once only, but many times, out to the spring. Lina saw this
Little Briar-rose
Briar-Rose A long time ago there were a king and queen who said every day, ah, if only we had a child, but they never had one. But it happened that once when the queen was bathing, a frog crept out of the water on to the land, and said to her, your wish shall be fulfilled, before a year has gone by, you shall have a daughter. What the frog had said came true, and the queen had a little girl who was so pretty that the king could not contain himself for joy, and ordered a great feast. He invited not only his kindred, friends and acquaintances, but also the wise women, in order that they might be kind and well-disposed towards the child. There were thirteen of them in his kingdom, but, as he had only twelve golden plates for them to eat out of, one of them had to be left at home. The feast was held with all manner of splendor and when it came to an end the wise women bestowed their magic gifts upon the baby - one gave virtue, another beauty, a third riches, and so on with everyth
The Six Swans
Once upon a time, a certain king was hunting in a great forest, and he chased a wild beast so eagerly that none of his attendants could follow him. When evening drew near he stopped and looked around him, and then he saw that he had lost his way. He sought a way out, but could find none. Then he perceived an aged woman with a head which nodded perpetually, who came towards him, but she was a witch. Good woman, said he to her, can you not show me the way through the forest. Oh, yes, lord king, she answered, that I certainly can, but on one condition, and if you do not fulfil that, you will never get out of the forest, and will die of hunger in it. What kind of condition is it, asked the king. I have a daughter, said the old woman, who is as beautiful as anyone in the world, and well deserves to be your consort, and if you will make her your queen, I will show you the way out of the forest. In the anguish of his heart the king consented, and the old woman led him to her little hut, wh
Old Sultan
A farmer once had a faithful dog called sultan, who had grown old, and lost all his teeth, so that he could no longer hold on to anything. One day the farmer was standing with his wife before the house-door, and said, to-morrow I intend to shoot old sultan, he is no longer of any use. His wife, who felt pity for the faithful beast, answered, he has served us so long, and been so faithful, that we might well give him his keep. What, said the man, you are not very bright. He has not a tooth left in his head, and not a thief is afraid of him, now he can go. If he has served us, he has had good feeding for it. The poor dog, who was lying stretched out in the sun not far off, had heard everything, and was sorry that the morrow was to be his last day. He had a good friend, the wolf, and he crept out in the evening into the forest to him, and complained of the fate that awaited him. Listen, gossip, said the wolf, be of good cheer, I will help you out of your trouble. I have thought o
The Juniper-tree
It is now long ago, quite two thousand years, since there was a rich man who had a beautiful and pious wife, and they loved each other dearly. They had, however, no children, though they wished for them very much, and the woman prayed for them day and night, but still they had none. Now there was a court-yard in front of their house in which was a juniper tree, and one day in winter the woman was standing beneath it, paring herself an apple, and while she was paring herself the apple she cut her finger, and the blood fell on the snow. Ah, said the woman, and sighed right heavily, and looked at the blood before her, and was most unhappy, ah, if I had but a child as red as blood and as white as snow. And while she thus spoke, she became quite happy in her mind, and felt just as if that were going to happen. Then she went into the house and a month went by and the snow was gone, and two months, and then everything was green, and three months, and then all the flowers came out of the earth
Fitchers Bird
There was once a wizard who used to take the form of a poor man, and went to houses and begged, and caught pretty girls. No one knew whither he carried them, for they were never seen again. One day he appeared before the door of a man who had three pretty daughters. He looked like a poor weak beggar, and carried a basket on his back, as if he meant to collect charitable gifts in it. He begged for a little food, and when the eldest daughter came out and was just handing him a piece of bread, he did but touch her, and she was forced to jump into his basket. Thereupon he hurried off with long strides, and carried her away into a dark forest to his house, which stood in the midst of it. Everything in the house was magnificent. He gave her whatsoever she could possibly desire, and said, my darling, you will certainly be happy with me, for you have everything your heart can wish for. This lasted a few days, and then he said, I must journey forth, and leave you alone for a short time. Here ar
To All Who Suffer With Unanswered Questions(poem)
TO ALL WHO SUFFER WITH UNANSWERED QUESTIONS What in the world can we do to make this hell hole of a life seem better. Everyday its something new. It could be a simple paper cut while you pour your heart out on paper. It could be the nearest thing to you is now gone forever. Why is it a genius doesnt know the meaning of life. Could it be we wont like or accept what it is. Would it send fear in panic into the hearts of the good as well as the damned. If we knew it , would it change the course of our lives. Would we not be the person we are meant to be. Why must man modernize everything he comes in contact with. If we left life the way is was, would we, could we be happier? Would we kill just to kill; would we love just to love; hate just to hate; or die just to die. If we had that simple life , would kids grow healthy, instead of half dying. Would a teenager or young adult feel so overwhelmed that they would inflict pain and suffering on themselves. Would elders be so unhappy,
Thumbling As Journeyman
A certain tailor had a son, who happened to be small, and no bigger than a thumb, and on this account he was always called thumbling. He had, however, some courage in him, and said to his father, father, I must and will go out into the world. That's right, my son, said the old man, and took a long darning-needle and made a knob of sealing-wax on it at the handle, and there is a sword for you to take with you on the way. Then the little tailor wanted to have one more meal with them, and hopped into the kitchen to see what his mother had cooked for the last time. But it was already served, and the dish stood on the hearth. Then he said, mother, what is there to eat to-day. See for yourself, said his mother. So thumbling jumped on to the hearth, and peeped into the dish, but as he stretched his neck in too far the steam from the food caught hold of him, and carried him up the chimney. He rode about in the air on the steam for a while, until at length he sank down to the ground again. Now
Get Out (poem)
Sitting alone in this dark gloomy room. I think of nothing but you. How do i get you off my mind. Your voice, your laugh, I wish would exit my head. Late at night thoughts of you surround inside me. I cant lay or even stay in my bed. Every word you evver said cloud every part of me. Life is what you are to me. Your love would be the bright sun of my days. That all can no longer be your lies and desciption laid that path. So calmly i ask you only one more thing, please leave my head so i can go to bed
Confusing Feelings (poem)
her body heving from the recent sex she had, she slowly set a cigarette to her lips, she lights he stick of tobacco. inhales then slowly and exhale approaches. her feine is calmed, finally her sexual desires are satisfied. later on she'll realize the mistake she made. whats one more stressful day to her? she remembers the man she loved and how she wishes it was him she was making love to. she realizes he was taken away. wish to take her life. it would only take one slice and shed be gone forever. why must she live in this hell
Godfather Death
A poor man had twelve children and was forced to work night and day to give them even bread. When therefore the thirteenth came into the world, he knew not what to do in his trouble, but ran out into the great highway, and resolved to ask the first person whom he met to be godfather. The first to meet him was the good God who already knew what filled his heart, and said to him, poor man, I pity you. I will hold your child at its christening, and will take charge of it and make it happy on earth. The man said, who are you. I am God. Then I do not desire to have you for a godfather, said the man, you give to the rich, and leave the poor to hunger. Thus spoke the man, for he did not know how wisely God apportions riches and poverty. He turned therefore away from the Lord, and went farther. Then the devil came to him and said, what do you seek. If you will take me as a godfather for your child, I will give him gold in plenty and all the joys of the world as well. The man asked, who are you
Love A Treasure (poem)
love a treasure, each one persons unique pleasure. the treasure, my fallen feather, float down from the mystery above lay so beautiful on hard ground slender fingers reach with caution, inches away love my treasure refuses to stay, there it goes floating away
Untitled (poem)
far from home people all around but i feel so alone no hand reaching out to hold me familiar faces i know they are there no words of kindness to ease this depression across the room, my heart on the floor under my loves feet opression
Frau Trude
There was once a little girl who was obstinate and inquisitive, and when her parents told her to do anything, she did not obey them, so how could she fare well. One day she said to her parents, I have heard so much of frau trude, I will go to her some day. People say that everything about her does look so strange, and that there are such odd things in her house, that I have become quite curious. Her parents absolutely forbade her, and said, frau trude is a bad woman, who does wicked things, and if you go to her, you are no longer our child. But the maiden did not let herself be turned aside by her parents, prohibition, and still went to frau trude. And when she got to her, frau trude said, why are you so pale. Ah, she replied, and her whole body trembled, I have been so terrified at what I have seen. What have you seen. I saw a black man on your steps. That was a collier. Then I saw a green man. That was a huntsman. After that I saw a blood-red man. That was a butcher. Ah, frau trude,
No (poem)
whirling twhirling in my head. i didnt want to find romance but somehow it found me do i keep it or push it away my heart had finally calmed down from the effects of the past then you walked right into it all stirring up so many supressed emotions i'm left standing here no clue what to do or make of you
All To Prove (poem)
crawling across the earth walking on fire laying willingly on nails all just to prove looking at myself making needed improvments turning so many cheeks all just to prove changing my ways, my needs going without my comforts giving it my all all just to prove.... how much i love you
The Godfather
A poor man had so many children that he had already asked everyone in the world to be godfather, and when still another child was born, no one else was left whom he could invite. He knew not what to do, and, in his perplexity, he lay down and fell asleep. Then he dreamt that he was to go outside the gate, and ask the first person he met to be godfather. When he awoke, he determined to obey his dream, and went outside the gate, and asked the first person who came up to him to be godfather. The stranger presented him with a little glass of water, and said, this is a wonderful water, with it you can heal the sick, only you must see where death is standing. If he is standing by the patient's head, give the patient some of the water and he will be healed, but if death is standing by his feet, all trouble will be in vain, for the sick man must die. From this time forth, the man could always say whether a patient could be saved or not, and became famous for his skill, and earned a great deal
The Robber Bridegroom
There was once upon a time a miller, who had a beautiful daughter, and as she was grown up, he wished that she was provided for, and well married. He thought, if any good suitor comes and asks for her, I will give her to him. Not long afterwards, a suitor came, who appeared to be very rich, and as the miller had no fault to find with him, he promised his daughter to him. The maiden, however, did not like him quite so much as a girl should like the man to whom she is engaged, and had no confidence in him. Whenever she saw, or thought of him, she felt a secret horror. Once he said to her, you are my betrothed, and yet you have never once paid me a visit. The maiden replied, I know not where your house is. Then said the bridegroom, my house is out there in the dark forest. She tried to excuse herself and said she could not find the way there. The bridegroom said, next sunday you must come out there to me, I have already invited the guests, and I will strew ashes in order that you may find
The Elves
There was once a poor servant-girl who was industrious and cleanly and swept the house every day, and emptied her sweepings on the great heap in front of the door. One morning when she was just going back to her work, she found a letter on this heap, and as she could not read, she put her broom in the corner, and took the letter to her employers, and behold it was an invitation from the elves, who asked the girl to hold a child for them at its christening. The girl did not know what to do, but, at length, after much persuasion, and as they told her that it was not right to refuse an invitation of this kind, she consented. Then three elves came and conducted her to a hollow mountain, where the little folks lived. Everything there was small, but more elegant and beautiful than can be described. The baby's mother lay in a bed of black ebony ornamented with pearls, the covers were embroidered with gold, the cradle was of ivory, the bath-tub of gold. The girl stood as godmother, and then
**warning To Men That Take The Wife Golfing**
GOLFING WITH THE OLD LADY . . . . . . The Englishman's wife steps up to the tee. As she bends over to place her ball, a gust of wind blows her skirt up and reveals a lack of underwear. Good God woman! Why aren't you wearing any undies?" her husband demanded. "Well, you don't give me enough housekeeping money to afford any." The Englishman immediately reaches into his pocket and says "For the sake of decency, here's 20. Go buy yourself some underwear." Next, the Irishman's wife bends over to set her ball on the tee. Her skirt also blows up to show that she too is wearing no undies. "Blessed Virgin Mary, woman! You've no undies. Why not?" She replies "I can't afford any on th e money you give me." He reaches into his pocket and says "For the sake of decency, here's 10. Go buy yourself some underwear!" Lastly the Scotsman's wife bends over. The wind also takes her skirt over her head to reveal that she, too, is naked under it. "Sweet
There was once a poor peasant who sat in the evening by the hearth and poked the fire, and his wife sat and spun. Then said he, how sad it is that we have no children. With us all is so quiet, and in other houses it is noisy and lively. Yes, replied the wife, and sighed, even if we had only one, and it were quite small, and only as big as a thumb, I should be quite satisfied, and we would still love it with all our hearts. Now it so happened that the woman fell ill, and after seven months gave birth to a child, that was perfect in all its limbs, but no longer than a thumb. Then said they, it is as we wished it to be, and it shall be our dear child. And because of its size, they called it thumbling. Though they did not let it want for food, the child did not grow taller, but remained as it had been at the first. Nevertheless it looked sensibly out of its eyes, and soon showed itself to be a wise and nimble creature, for everything it did turned out well. One day the peasant was getti
I Dont Understand
The Wishing-table, The Gold-ass, And The Cudgel In The Sack
There was once upon a time a tailor who had three sons, and only one goat. But as the goat supported all of them with her milk, she was obliged to have good food, and to be taken every day to pasture. The sons did this, in turn. Once the eldest took her to the churchyard, where the finest herbs were to be found, and let her eat and run about there. At night when it was time to go home he asked, goat, have you had enough. The goat answered I have eaten so much, not a leaf more I'll touch, meh. Meh. Come home, then, said the youth, and took hold of the cord round her neck, led her into the stable and tied her up securely. Well, said the old tailor, has the goat had as much food as she ought. Oh, answered the son, she has eaten so much, not a leaf more she'll touch. But the father wished to satisfy himself, and went down to the stable, stroked the dear animal and asked, goat, are you satisfied. The goat answered, how should I be satisfied. Among the ditches I leapt about, found no leaf
If You Wanna Know More About Me
Name: Date of Birth: Angie Birthplace: 02/24/84 Current Location: flint, mi Eye Color: flint, mi Hair Color: brown Height: dark brown for now Heritage: 5'5 Piercings: i dont know american Tattoos: 3 Favourite: Band/Singer: 4 Song: bullet for my valentine Movie: toss up between " all the things i hate" and "cries in vain" Disney Movie: labrynith TV show: um i dont know little mermaid i guess Color: reba Food: pink and blue Pizza topping: el nopal Ice-Cream Flavor: mushrooms Drink (alcoholic): vanilla Soda: oh goodness i cant choose ummmm......capt Store: diet coke Clothing Brand: deb Shoe Brand: deb Season: skechers though i dont have a pair yet Month: fall Holiday/Festival: april Flower: none Make-Up Item: lilac Board game: cover up This or That Sunny or rainy: up-words Chocolate or vanilla: rainy Fruit or veggie: vanilla Night or day: fruit Sour or sweet: night Love or money: both Phone or in person: CANT I
Clever Elsie
There was once a man who had a daughter who was called clever elsie. And when she had grown up her father said, we will get her married. Yes, said the mother, if only someone would come who would have her. At length a man came from a distance and wooed her, who was called Hans, but he stipulated that clever elsie should be really smart. Oh, said the father, she has plenty of good sense. And the mother said, oh, she can see the wind coming up the street, and hear the flies coughing. Well, said Hans, if she is not really smart, I won't have her. When they were sitting at dinner and had eaten, the mother said, elsie, go into the cellar and fetch some beer. Then clever elsie took the pitcher from the wall, went into the cellar, and tapped the lid briskly as she went, so that the time might not appear long. When she was below she fetched herself a chair, and set it before the barrel so that she had no need to stoop, and did not hurt her back or do herself any unexpected injury. Then she
I Belive -
read this slowly It kinda sums it all up..........Smiles I believe - That we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe - That no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I believe - That true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. I believe - That you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe - That it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe - That you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I believe - That you can keep going long after you can't. I believe - That we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I believe - That either you control your attitude or it controls you. I believe - That heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.
The Three Languages
An aged count once lived in switzerland, who had an only son, but he was stupid, and could learn nothing. Then said the father, hark you, my son, try as I will I can get nothing into your head. You must go from hence, I will give you into the care of a celebrated master, who shall see what he can do with you. The youth was sent into a strange town, and remained a whole year with the master. At the end of this time, he came home again, and his father asked, now, my son, what have you learnt. Father, I have learnt what the dogs say when they bark. Lord have mercy on us, cried the father, is that all you have learnt. I will send you into another town, to another master. The youth was taken thither, and stayed a year with this master likewise. When he came back the father again asked, my son, what have you learnt. He answered, father, I have learnt what the birds say. Then the father fell into a rage and said, oh, you lost man, you have spent the precious time and learnt nothing, are yo
What Guys Should Know And Follow
Guys.... Tell her you think she's beautiful. Play with her hair. Pick her up and pretend to throw her in the pool, she'll scream and fight You but secretly, she loves it. Hold her hand. introduce her to your friends as "the most amazing girl i know." Look her in the eyes. Make her laugh. Let her mess with your hair. Look at her like she's the only girl you see. Tickle her even when she says stop. Push her on the swings. Let her fall asleep in your arms. Call her just to ask her how her day went. Give her space. Tease her. Kiss her forehead. Write her notes. Let her be with her friends if she wants to. And when she's sad, kiss her and tell her everything will be okay. Don't push anything. Make her feel loved. Kiss her in the rain. And when you fall in love with her... tell her
Clever Hans
The mother of Hans said, whither away, Hans. Hans answered, to Gretel. Behave well, Hans. Oh, I'll behave well. Good-bye, mother. Good-bye, Hans. Hans comes to Gretel. Good day, Gretel. Good day, Hans. What do you bring that is good. I bring nothing, I want to have something given me. Gretel presents Hans with a needle. Hans says, good-bye, Gretel. Good-bye, Hans. Hans takes the needle, sticks it into a hay-cart, and follows the cart home. Good evening, mother. Good evening, Hans. Where have you been. With Gretel. What did you take her. Took her nothing, had something given me. What did Gretel give you. Gave me a needle. Where is the needle, Hans. Stuck it in the hay-cart. That was ill done, Hans. You should have stuck the needle in your sleeve. Never mind, I'll do better next time. Whither away, Hans. To Gretel, mother. Behave well, Hans. Oh, I'll behave well. Good-bye, mother. Good-bye, Hans. Hans comes to Gretel. Good day, Gretel. Good day, Hans. What do you bring that is good. I
Feeling Sorry Fo Rmyself
ok heres is the deal i have been with my man for over two years now i trust him completely and in turn he trusts me, we have a beautiful little girl together and everyday with her is for the most part fun all except for fits and such (normal), ok knowing all that people tell me i should be happy, and that, all this is what alot of people want out of life, i am one of those people, but guess what everyone that is just from and outside view! heres the deeper part. we both are out of work collecting umemployment (not fun i dont care who you are that is not a good life) yes our bills are paid but we cant go out and when we do its loaded with guilty feelings.....god that just made me reLize how much i wish to go out and party a little or wait alot. i stated that to state this life is depressing if you only just exist! i need more in my life lately everynight as i wind down i get into a depressed state and i know my friends are probably all sick of hearing about it....sorry but if i cant tur
The Girl Without Hands
A certain miller had little by little fallen into poverty, and had nothing left but his mill and a large apple-tree behind it. Once when he had gone into the forest to fetch wood, an old man stepped up to him whom he had never seen before, and said, why do you plague yourself with cutting wood, I will make you rich, if you will promise me what is standing behind your mill. What can that be but my apple-tree, thought the miller, and said, yes, and gave a written promise to the stranger. He, however, laughed mockingly and said, when three years have passed, I will come and carry away what belongs to me, and then he went. When the miller got home, his wife came to meet him and said, tell me, miller, from whence comes this sudden wealth into our house. All at once every box and chest was filled, no one brought it in, and I know not how it happened. He answered, it comes from a stranger who met me in the forest, and promised me great treasure. I' in return, have promised him what stands beh
This Is What I Want Most Of All
the one thing i want and have been dreaming of i want to be called baby in a sense that makes me fuzzy inside , i want my guy to come up to me no arguing bitching etc and wrap his arms around me and say i love you baby! is that too much to ask or something? i spend one more day arguing over stupid shit i am going to lose my mind!!!!
The Devil With The Three Golden Hairs
There was once a poor woman who gave birth to a little son, and as he came into the world with a caul on, it was predicted that in his fourteenth year he would have the king's daughter for his wife. It happened that soon afterwards the king came into the village, and no one knew that he was the king, and when he asked the people what news there was, they answered, a child has just been born with a caul on, whatever anyone so born undertakes turns out well. It is prophesied, too, that in his fourteenth year he will have the king's daughter for his wife. The king, who had a bad heart, and was angry about the prophecy, went to the parents, and, seeming quite friendly, said, you poor people, let me have your child, and I will take care of it. At first they refused, but when the stranger offered them a large amount of gold for it, and they thought, it is a child of good fortune, and everything must turn out well for it, they at last consented, and gave him the child. The king put it i
My Birthday Celebration
ok well i had a blast for my birthday weekend ...thought it was gonna be a plain weekend ....boy was i wrong! saturday was my 23rd b-day my mom took me my man and my neice to red lobster .....i figured its my birthday be adventurous...opps not good idea ...i tried lobster tail EW well the maine lobster tail wasnt so bad but rock lobster YUCK! so yeah i got a 30 dollar dinner and barely ate any of it.....well then i got home i was going to go up to the shop but my friend called and invited me out to a place called tiki bobs in pontiac....pretty kool place, played a lot of techno....only complaint it was packed and drinks were expesive i got 2 double shots of capt and a miller high life (20oz) it cost 23 freaking dollars eh oh well cantchange it now......well any way we got there at 1130 and i was wasted by 1230....i had total of 8 double shot like 6 or 7 miller high lifes....3 yeager bombs a shot called superman yum! and 3 other shots! i was so shit face.....i rode a mechicinal bull and
The Singing Bone
In a certain country there was once great lamentation over a wild boar that laid waste the farmer's fields, killed the cattle, and ripped up people's bodies with his tusks. The king promised a large reward to anyone who would free the land from this plague, but the beast was so big and strong that no one dared to go near the forest in which it lived. At last the king gave notice that whosoever should capture or kill the wild boar should have his only daughter to wife. Now there lived in the country two brothers, sons of a poor man, who declared themselves willing to undertake the hazardous enterprise, the elder, who was crafty and shrewd, out of pride, the younger, who was innocent and simple, from a kind heart. The king said, in order that you may be the more sure of finding the beast, you must go into the forest from opposite sides. So the elder went in on the west side, and the younger on the east. When the younger had gone a short way, a little man stepped up to him. He held in
Little Red Cap
Little Red-Cap Once upon a time there was a dear little girl who was loved by every one who looked at her, but most of all by her grandmother, and there was nothing that she would not have given to the child. Once she gave her a little cap of red velvet, which suited her so well that she would never wear anything else. So she was always called little red-cap. One day her mother said to her, come, little red-cap, here is a piece of cake and a bottle of wine. Take them to your grandmother, she is ill and weak, and they will do her good. Set out before it gets hot, and when you are going, walk nicely and quietly and do not run off the path, or you may fall and break the bottle, and then your grandmother will get nothing. And when you go into her room, don't forget to say, good-morning, and don't peep into every corner before you do it. I will take great care, said little red-cap to her mother, and gave her hand on it. The grandmother lived out in the wood, half a league from t
Great Irish Joke
A pair of Irish ditch diggers were repairing some roadside damage directly across the street from a house of ill repute when they saw a Protestant Reverend lurking about and then ducking into the house. "Would ya look at that, Darby!" said Paddy. "What a shameful disgrace, those Protestant reverends sinning in a house the likes of that place!" They both shook their heads in disgust and continued their work. A short time later they watched as a Rabbi looked around cautiously and then darted into the house when he was satisfied no one had spied him. "Did ya see that, Darby?", Paddy asked the other in shock and disbelief. "Is nothing holy to those Jewish people? I just can't understand what the world is coming to these days. A man of the cloth indulging himself in sins of the flesh. 'Tis a shame, I tell ya!" A little while later they saw a third man, a Catholic Priest, lurking about the house looking around to see if any one was watching, and then quietly sneaking in the
The Seven Ravens
There was once a man who had seven sons, and still he had no daughter, however much he wished for one. At length his wife again gave him hope of a child, and when it came into the world it was a girl. The joy was great, but the child was sickly and small, and had to be privately baptized on account of its weakness. The father sent one of the boys in haste to the spring to fetch water for the baptism. The other six went with him, and as each of them wanted to be first to fill it, the jug fell into the well. There they stood and did not know what to do, and none of them dared to go home. As they still did not return, the father grew impatient, and said, they have certainly forgotten it while playing some game, the wicked boys. He became afraid that the girl would have to die without being baptized, and in his anger cried, I wish the boys were all turned into ravens. Hardly was the word spoken before he heard a whirring of wings over his head, looked up and saw seven coal-black ravens fly
Mother Holle
There was once a widow who had two daughters - one of whom was pretty and industrious, whilst the other was ugly and idle. But she was much fonder of the ugly and idle one, because she was her own daughter. And the other, who was a step-daughter, was obliged to do all the work, and be the cinderella of the house. Every day the poor girl had to sit by a well, in the highway, and spin and spin till her fingers bled. Now it happened that one day the shuttle was marked with her blood, so she dipped it in the well, to wash the mark off, but it dropped out of her hand and fell to the bottom. She began to weep, and ran to her step-mother and told her of the mishap. But she scolded her sharply, and was so merciless as to say, since you have let the shuttle fall in, you must fetch it out again. So the girl went back to the well, and did not know what to do. And in the sorrow of her heart she jumped into the well to get the shuttle. She lost her senses. And when she awoke and came to herself aga
The Riddle
There was once a king's son who was seized with a desire to travel about the world, and took no one with him but a faithful servant. One day he came to a great forest, and when darkness overtook him he could find no shelter, and knew not where to pass the night. Then he saw a girl who was going towards a small house, and when he came nearer, he saw that the maiden was young and beautiful. He spoke to her, and said, dear child, can I and my servant find shelter for the night in the little house. Oh, yes, said the girl in a sad voice, that you certainly can, but I do not advise you to venture it. Do not go in. Why not, asked the king's son. The maiden sighed and said, my step-mother practises wicked arts. She is ill-disposed toward strangers. Then he saw very well that he had come to the house of a witch, but as it was dark, and he could not go farther, and also was not afraid, he entered. The old woman was sitting in an armchair by the fire, and looked at the stranger with her red eyes.
Cinderella The wife of a rich man fell sick, and as she felt that her end was drawing near, she called her only daughter to her bedside and said, dear child, be good and pious, and then the good God will always protect you, and I will look down on you from heaven and be near you. Thereupon she closed her eyes and departed. Every day the maiden went out to her mother's grave, and wept, and she remained pious and good. When winter came the snow spread a white sheet over the grave, and by the time the spring sun had drawn it off again, the man had taken another wife. The woman had brought with her into the house two daughters, who were beautiful and fair of face, but vile and black of heart. Now began a bad time for the poor step-child. Is the stupid goose to sit in the parlor with us, they said. He who wants to eat bread must earn it. Out with the kitchen-wench. They took her pretty clothes away from her, put an old grey bedgown on her, and gave her wooden shoes. Just look at the prou
The Valiant Little Tailor
One summer's morning a little tailor was sitting on his table by the window, he was in good spirits, and sewed with all his might. Then came a peasant woman down the street crying, good jams, cheap. Good jams, cheap. This rang pleasantly in the tailor's ears, he stretched his delicate head out of the window, and called, come up here, dear woman, here you will get rid of your goods. The woman came up the three steps to the tailor with her heavy basket, and he made her unpack all the pots for him. He inspected each one, lifted it up, put his nose to it, and at length said, the jam seems to me to be good, so weigh me out four ounces, dear woman, and if it is a quarter of a pound that is of no consequence. The woman who had hoped to find a good sale, gave him what he desired, but went away quite angry and grumbling. Now, this jam shall be blessed by God, cried the little tailor, and give me health and strength. So he brought the bread out of the cupboard, cut himself a piece right across t
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PART ONE: YOU and your life 1. Were any other names considered for you at birth? I have no idea but im sure a boy name as Dad wanted a boy! 2. What was the day, date and time for your birth? Wednesday June 25, 1969 1:49 a.m 3. So how old will you be this year?Ahem.. whispers.. 38 4. Where do you dwell? [Where are you from, lol]Indiana 5. What is your astrological sign? Cancer 6. Do you check your horoscopes regularly, and do you believe in them? Check it often, believe it seldom. 7. What are your typical [starsign] qualities?moody, honest, nourishing, devoted , dedicated and faithful.. loves the water 8. Who are you compatible with? Pffffft if I knew would I be single?? 9. What kind of house do you live in? Apartment 10. Whatís the name of your street/close/road? 12th Street 11. Who do you live with? My natives( my kids) 12. What rooms are in your house?ummm I see a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and some bedrooms and lots of closets!! 13. Where is your room? ot
The White Snake
A long time ago there lived a king who was famed for his wisdom through all the land. Nothing was hidden from him, and it seemed as if news of the most secret things was brought to him through the air. But he had a strange custom, every day after dinner, when the table was cleared, and no one else was present, a trusty servant had to bring him one more dish. It was covered, however, and even the servant did not know what was in it, neither did anyone know, for the king never took off the cover to eat of it until he was quite alone. This had gone on for a long time, when one day the servant, who took away the dish, was overcome with such curiosity that he could not help carrying the dish into his room. When he had carefully locked the door, he lifted up the cover, and saw a white snake lying on the dish. But when he saw it he could not deny himself the pleasure of tasting it, so he cut off a little bit and put it into his mouth. No sooner had it touched his tongue than he heard a strang
The Three Snake-leaves
There was once on a time a poor man, who could no longer support his only son. Then said the son, dear father, things go so badly with us that I am a burden to you. I would rather go away and see how I can earn my bread. So the father gave him his blessing, and with great sorrow took leave of him. At this time the king of a mighty empire was at war and the youth took service with him, and went out to fight. And when he came before the enemy, there was a battle, and great danger, and it rained shot until his comrades fell on all sides, and when the leader also was killed, those left were about to take flight, but the youth stepped forth, spoke boldly to them, and cried, we will not let our father-land be ruined. Then the others followed him, and he pressed on and conquered the enemy. When the king heard that he owed the victory to him alone, he raised him above all the others, gave him great treasures, and made him the first in the kingdom. The king had a daughter who was very beauti
Hansel And Gretel
Hard by a great forest dwelt a poor wood-cutter with his wife and his two children. The boy was called Hansel and the girl Gretel. He had little to bite and to break, and once when great dearth fell on the land, he could no longer procure even daily bread. Now when he thought over this by night in his bed, and tossed about in his anxiety, he groaned and said to his wife, what is to become of us. How are we to feed our poor children, when we no longer have anything even for ourselves. I'll tell you what, husband, answered the woman, early to-morrow morning we will take the children out into the forest to where it is the thickest. There we will light a fire for them, and give each of them one more piece of bread, and then we will go to our work and leave them alone. They will not find the way home again, and we shall be rid of them. No, wife, said the man, I will not do that. How can I bear to leave my children alone in the forest. The wild animals would soon come and tear them to pieces
Windows Vista...
Well, I finally got my new computer hooked up to the internet tonight - hooray! The problem stemmed from two things. The first one being the fact that the new hard drive had a slight problem so with the help of 4 different foreigners in what I would guess was India, I performed a system recovery and all was well again. The second problem stemmed from using the USB on my cable modem opposed to the Ethernet. My phone call with Comcast I have to admit, was a very pleasant experience for both of us (lol). I was able to hook up the internet successfully - woohooo! Moments later, I faced another problem but I was able to walk myself through it by exploring. Yay for me! lol So, now, if I can transfer my email over using the transfer cable I bought, life will be great! And then of course, learn all of the ins and outs of Windows Vista. Anyone else using Vista now? How do you like it?
The Three Spinners
There was once a girl who was idle and would not spin, and let her mother say what she would, she could not bring her to it. At last the mother was once so overcome with anger and impatience, that she beat her, at which the girl began to weep loudly. Now at this very moment the queen drove by, and when she heard the weeping she stopped her carriage, went into the house and asked the mother why she was beating her daughter so that the cries could be heard out on the road. Then the woman was ashamed to reveal the laziness of her daughter and said, I cannot get her to leave off spinning. She insists on spinning for ever and ever, and I am poor, and cannot procure the flax. Then answered the queen, there is nothing that I like better to hear than spinning, and I am never happier than when the wheels are humming. Let me have your daughter with me in the palace. I have flax enough, and there she shall spin as much as she likes. The mother was heartily satisfied with this, and the queen took
The Three Little Men In The Wood
There was once a man whose wife died, and a woman whose husband died, and the man had a daughter, and the woman also had a daughter. The girls were acquainted with each other, and went out walking together, and afterwards came to the woman in her house. Then said she to the man's daughter, listen, tell your father that I would like to marry him, and then you shall wash yourself in milk every morning, and drink wine, but my own daughter shall wash herself in water and drink water. The girl went home, and told her father what the woman had said. The man said, what shall I do. Marriage is a joy and also a torment. At length as he could come to no decision, he pulled off his boot, and said, take this boot, it has a hole in the sole of it. Go with it up to the loft, hang it on the big nail, and then pour water into it. If it hold the water, then I will again take a wife, but if it run through, I will not. The girl did as she was bid, but the water drew the hole together and the boot became
There were once a man and a woman who had long in vain wished for a child. At length the woman hoped that God was about to grant her desire. These people had a little window at the back of their house from which a splendid garden could be seen, which was full of the most beautiful flowers and herbs. It was, however, surrounded by a high wall, and no one dared to go into it because it belonged to an enchantress, who had great power and was dreaded by all the world. One day the woman was standing by this window and looking down into the garden, when she saw a bed which was planted with the most beautiful rampion - rapunzel, and it looked so fresh and green that she longed for it, and had the greatest desire to eat some. This desire increased every day, and as she knew that she could not get any of it, she quite pined away, and began to look pale and miserable. Then her husband was alarmed, and asked, what ails you, dear wife. Ah, she replied, if I can't eat some of the rampion, which
Brother And Sister
Little brother took his little sister by the hand and said, since our mother died we have had no happiness. Our step-mother beats us every day, and if we come near her she kicks us away with her foot. Our meals are the hard crusts of bread that are left over. And the little dog under the table is better off, for she often throws it a choice morsel. God pity us, if our mother only knew. Come, we will go forth together into the wide world. They walked the whole day over meadows, fields, and stony places. And when it rained the little sister said, heaven and our hearts are weeping together. In the evening they came to a large forest, and they were so weary with sorrow and hunger and the long walk, that they lay down in a hollow tree and fell asleep. The next day when they awoke, the sun was already high in the sky, and shone down hot into the tree. Then the brother said, sister, I am thirsty. If I knew of a little brook I would go and just take a drink. I think I hear one running. The
The Twelve Brothers
There were once upon a time a king and a queen who lived happily together and had twelve children, but they were all boys. Then said the king to his wife, if the thirteenth child which you are about to bring into the world, is a girl, the twelve boys shall die, in order that her possessions may be great, and that the kingdom may fall to her alone. He even caused twelve coffins to be made, which were already filled with shavings, and in each lay a little death pillow, and he had them taken into a locked-up room, and then he gave the queen the key of it, and bade her not to speak of this to anyone. The mother, however, now sat and lamented all day long, until the youngest son, who was always with her, and whom she had named benjamin, from the bible, said to her, dear mother, why are you so sad. Dearest child, she answered, I may not tell you. But he let her have no rest until she went and unlocked the room, and showed him the twelve coffins ready filled with shavings. Then she said
The Good Bargain
There was once a peasant who had driven his cow to the fair, and sold her for seven talers. On the way home he had to pass a pond, and already from afar he heard the frogs crying, aik, aik, aik, aik. Well, said he to himself, they are talking without rhyme or reason, it is seven that I have received, not eight. When he got to the water, he cried to them, stupid animals that you are. Don't you know better than that. It is seven thalers and not eight. The frogs, however, stuck to their, aik aik, aik, aik. Come, then, if you won't believe it, I can count it out to you. And he took his money out of his pocket and counted out the seven talers, always reckoning four and twenty groschen to a taler. The frogs, however, paid no attention to his reckoning, but still cried, aik, aik, aik, aik. What, cried the peasant, quite angry, if you know better than I, count it yourselves, and threw all the money at them into the water. He stood still and wanted to wait until they were through and had return
Faithful John
There was once upon a time an old king who was ill and thought to himself 'I am lying on what must be my deathbed.' Then said he 'tell faithful John to come to me.' Faithful John was his favorite servant, and was so called, because he had for his whole life long been so true to him. When therefore he came beside the bed, the king said to him 'most faithful John, I feel my end approaching, and have no anxiety except about my son. He is still of tender age, and cannot always know how to guide himself. If you do not promise me to teach him everything that he ought to know, and to be his foster-father, I cannot close my eyes in peace.' Then answered faithful John 'I will not forsake him, and will serve him with fidelity, even if it should cost me my life.' At this, the old king said 'now I die in comfort and peace.' Then he added 'after my death, you shall show him the whole castle - all the chambers, halls, and vaults, and all the treasures which lie therein, but the last chamber in the l
The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids
There was once upon a time an old goat who had seven little kids, and loved them with all the love of a mother for her children. One day she wanted to go into the forest and fetch some food. So she called all seven to her and said, dear children, I have to go into the forest, be on your guard against the wolf, if he comes in, he will devour you all - skin, hair, and everything. The wretch often disguises himself, but you will know him at once by his rough voice and his black feet. The kids said, dear mother, we will take good care of ourselves, you may go away without any anxiety. Then the old one bleated, and went on her way with an easy mind. It was not long before some one knocked at the house-door and called, open the door, dear children, your mother is here, and has brought something back with her for each of you. But the little kids knew that it was the wolf, by the rough voice. We will not open the door, cried they, you are not our mother. She has a soft, pleasant voice, but
Chinese Proverbs
CHINESE PROVERBS *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Virginity like bubble, one prick, all gone. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who run in front of car get tired. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who run behind car get exhausted. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Foolish man give wife grand piano, wise man give wife upright organ. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok . *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man with one chopstick go hungry. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who scratch ass should not bite fingernails. * ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who eat many prunes get good run for money. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Baseball is wrong: man with four balls cannot walk. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Panties not best thing on earth! But next to best thing on earth. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Wife who put husb
The Story Of A Youth Who Went Forth To Learn What Fear Was
A certain father had two sons, the elder of whom was smart and sensible, and could do everything, but the younger was stupid and could neither learn nor understand anything, and when people saw him they said 'there's a fellow who will give his father some trouble.' When anything had to be done, it was always the elder who was forced to do it, but if his father bade him fetch anything when it was late, or in the night-time, and the way led through the churchyard, or any other dismal place, he answered 'oh, no, father, I'll not go there, it makes me shudder.' For he was afraid. Or when stories were told by the fire at night which made the flesh creep, the listeners sometimes said 'oh, it makes us shudder.' The younger sat in a corner and listened with the rest of them, and could not imagine what they could mean. 'They are always saying 'it makes me shudder, it makes me shudder, it does not make me shudder.' Thought he. 'That, too, must be an art of which I understand nothing.' Now it
Our Ladys Child
Hard by a great forest dwelt a wood-cutter with his wife, who had an only child, a little girl three years old. They were so poor, however, that they no longer had daily bread, and did not know how to get food for her. One morning the wood-cutter went out sorrowfully to his work in the forest, and while he was cutting wood, suddenly there stood before him a tall and beautiful woman with a crown of shining stars on her head, who said to him 'I am the virgin mary, mother of the child jesus. You are poor and needy, bring your child to me, I will take her with me and be her mother, and care for her.' The wood-cutter obeyed, brought his child, and gave her to the virgin mary, who took her up to heaven with her. There the child fared well, ate sugar-cakes, and drank sweet milk, and her clothes were of gold, and the little angels played with her. And when she was fourteen years of age, the virgin mary called her one day and said 'dear child, I am about to make a long journey, so take into you
g'nite my friends. i'm off to bed. i will be back tomorrow sometime - after work around 5-6ish. unless of course we are slow and i can come home early.
Native American Wisdom
Friend do it this way - that is, whatever you do in life, do the very best you can with both your heart and mind. And if you do it that way, the Power Of The Universe will come to your assistance, if your heart and mind are in Unity. When one sits in the Hoop Of The People, one must be responsible because All of Creation is related. And the hurt of one is the hurt of all. And the honor of one is the honor of all. And whatever we do effects everything in the universe. If you do it that way - that is, if you truly join your heart and mind as One - whatever you ask for, that's the Way It's Going To Be. passed down from White Buffalo Calf Woman
Damn Women That Are Lazy And Lie
You know from time to time you think your life is alright and you become comfortable with everything around you and then life gives it's little uproar and slaps you in the face. I know if your reading this you have been slapped once or twice. Well what I call life would have to be what I called my wife of 15 yrs , after all of the last 5 yrs come to find out they have been nothing but a whole bunch of lies , and guy's if your reading this take it from me dont do what i did, it will back fire.First off if you suspect something go with your gut feeling and figure out what it is first then get rid of the problem before it gets up and hits you really hard in the gut, just before saying , Ha I told you you SOB, well first off if your old lady stays up all night playing games on the internet and she tells you that she is not giving out information about herself she is probably lying, mine lied for over five yrs and she started becoming real lazy then no house work being done, clothes and dis
The Frog King, Or Iron Henry
In olden times when wishing still helped one, there lived a king whose daughters were all beautiful, but the youngest was so beautiful that the sun itself, which has seen so much, was astonished whenever it shone in her face. Close by the king's castle lay a great dark forest, and under an old lime-tree in the forest was a well, and when the day was very warm, the king's child went out into the forest and sat down by the side of the cool fountain, and when she was bored she took a golden ball, and threw it up on high and caught it, and this ball was her favorite plaything. Now it so happened that on one occasion the princess's golden ball did not fall into the little hand which she was holding up for it, but on to the ground beyond, and rolled straight into the water. The king's daughter followed it with her eyes, but it vanished, and the well was deep, so deep that the bottom could not be seen. At this she began to cry, and cried louder and louder, and could not be comforted. And a
Death. Beauty, Life, Peace & Love To All People Of This Earth (poem)
death may scare some as may not scare other for who am i to judge them or for them to judge i as we collect our thoughts we still yet judge each other by the way we look and not of the person is side of them as many of you would think i am weird, judge-mental, insane, a freak as this could go on but i would rather been known as a true unselfish person at heart as i put others in mind be fore i put my self in mind so may this help you to think of others differently as i do you for i do not judge you by your looks only of the person in side of the body for the body is only the shell of the person for i have said to many in the passed i look you not your body so i bid you fare well if you do not like my kind words but i will still for ever be here if you need a shoulder to cry up on just think of me... and blessed you be to me who ever you are or where you may be... by aj rich on the 20/03/07
Going With The Flow
It is amazing how resistant so many people are to just 'going with the flow' these days even with the obstacles that stand in the way of doing that; stressful jobs, stressful home situations, loneliness, sorrows, regrets, misunderstandings .. the list could go on but what so many people have lost touch with and in turn lost their true selfs and the strength that comes with it .. is that life flows whether we want it to or not and we must learn from it, it is the teacher of change. I do not try to place my beliefs on others but in all of my being I know to be true that what we give out into the world is what we will receive back times 3. if we regret, our lives will be full of regrets, if we send out hopelessness then our lives will become wrapped with it. If we strive to stay strong within ourselfs and own or regrets and change our hopelessness then we will have transformation for the better. This is not an easy thing to do, it means choices, it means losses sometimes as well but fo
Luck O' The Irish
Dating Women WHITE WOMEN First date: You get to kiss her goodnight. Second Date: Yo u get to grope all over and make out . Third Date: You get to have sex, but only in the missionary position. IRISH WOMEN First date: You both get blind drunk and have sex. Second Date: You both get blind drunk and have sex. 20th Anniversary: You both get blind drunk and have sex. ITALIAN WOMEN First date: You take her to a play and an expensive restaurant. Second Date: You meet her parents and her Mom makes spaghetti and meatballs. Third Date: You have sex, she wants to marry you and insist on a 3-carat ring. 5th Anniversary: You already have 5 kids together and hate the thought of having sex. 6th Anniversary: You find yourself a girlfriend. JEWISH WOMEN First date: You get dynamite head. Second Date: You get more great head. Third Date: You tell her you'll marry her and never get head again. CHINESE WOMEN First date: You get to buy her an expensive dinner, but nothing happens. Second Date: You buy her
As you enter you say I cannot touch. Naked with your hands and mouth all over me. Wanting to touch you has never been this much. I am in exstasy from what I feel and see. Our passion consumes us making it hard to restrain. My head is filling with fantasies for us to do. I am overwhelmed and my resistance is pain. Our lips now meet as I expose you too. I worship your body and cannot get enough. We come closer with a connection thats true. I realize why you did this even though it was tough. You made me want you more than I have ever thought i could.
The very word judgement is like a vampire .. it pulls away the very lifebreath of happiness and self. One who judges, who does not see that what they say is really judgement but truth, sees no truth in their own lives and are often the ones that judge themselves the hardest. Life is a balance of both good and bad, without bad we can often overlook the goodness in our lives and become complacent in the negative, becoming lost in it and seeing no clear path which could lead us back to the illusion of happiness that most people build in their own mind. A better job, a better home, more money, more and better group of friends etc etc.. but those things are illusions unless we stop making judgement on others and also on ourselves. Being better in yourself does not neccessarily mean more money, better things .. that is the illusion consumerism(sp) casts upon us. It is wonderful to have our little gadgits and our fancy cars and flashy homes .. yet what do we really have if we think that is w
My Personality Neuroticism9Extraversion81Openness To Experience71Agreeableness78Conscientiousness
You've Been Surved
1.) Name one person who made you smile today. My sister Jess when she e-mailed me today! :o) 2.) What were you doing at 11:00 this morning? Being told by the gyno that I'm std and pregnancy free. 3.) What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Playing SIMS 2 Seasons. 4.) What is something that happened to you in 1995? I gave birth to my son! 5.) What is the last thing you said aloud? Nite 6.) How many different things did you drink today? 2 7.) What color is your hairbrush? black and blue 8.) What was the last IM you sent? n/a 9.) What was the last gift you bought? OMG the cutest thing for Wendy.. 10.) What color is your front door? black with a window in it. 11.) Where do you keep your change? In a huge poland springs water bubbler jug. 12. What was the weather like today? Nicer than yesterday. 13.) What is the best ice cream flavor? vanilla, you can add so many other flavors to it. 14.) What are you excited about? The New
***very Important***new Car Jacking Scam***
Subject: FW: VERY IMPORTANT!! NEW CAR JACKING SCAM!! > >Heads up everyone. > > > >You walk across the parking lot, unlock your car and get inside. > >You start the engine and shift into Reverse. When you look into > >the rearview mirror to back out of your parking space, you notice > >a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window. So, you > >shift into Park, unlock your doors, and jump out of your > >car to remove that paper (or whatever it is) that is obstructing > >your view. > > > >When you reach the back of your car, that is when the > >car hacker's) ! appear out of nowhere, jump into your car and > >take off. They practically mow you down as they speed off > >in your car. > > > >And guess what, ladies? I bet your purse is still in the car. > >So now the carjacker has your car, your home address, your > >money, and your keys. Your home and your whole identity is > >now compromised! > > > >BEWARE OF THIS NEW SCHEME THAT IS NOW BEING USED. > > > >I
Women And Poverty
I took a sociology class in college, and the only thing I remember from that class (besides the fact that white upper-middle-class Midwestern kids think education fixes everything) is that the largest growing group of welfare recipients are divorced women. Divorced women with children. I've seen a couple TV shows lately that have dramatized the plight of poor women with children. Left with few employment-worthy skills, they try to subsist on minimum-wage jobs at places like Walmart, where the corporation stays immensely profitable by fucking their employees (and by being the largest importer of foreign goods in the world... this from a company founded on the promise of "All American Goods" ... but that's another blog). So they end up either living in their cars, basically homeless, or on welfare because they simply cannot support themselves and their children on a minimum-wage job. Wages simply aren't high enough... and we won't get into the lack of affordable housing caused b
Fish Sticks
Fish Sticks One day a little boy walked in on his parents doing it and asked what they were doing. The parents' reply was that they were making fish sticks. So the little boy left it at that. A few nights later the little boy walks in on them again, and this time he asks, "Are you making fish sticks again?" The parents both reply yes. The boy remarks, "Well, mom, you have a little tartar sauce on your mouth."
Wish I Had An Angel...
The song is important but the words are more so. I was graced to have this song given to me from a dear close friend of mine. This person is not so great at telling people around them that they to have it given to me...I was touched, and it only gave my screen name all the more meaning. {hugs} *Dark ShaDoW AnGeL* Jess lyrics - Nightwish Lyrics
My Heart
I have given a part of me Do you see it I have opened up my heart to you Do you feel it I have stood in the shadows and adored you Do you notice I have shared your pain in every way Do you know it I have put my thoughts to paper And sent them to make your day I love you in every way a man can Yet, still i have so much to say And so if some day you can feel my words And know in your heart they are true If the lord permits, I will still be here The one, ....who is loving you.
Another Different One..
Just Blogging
I sit hear thinking about some one in my life, though we have only talked on line.. I woul like to get to know him mch better... should I tell him how I feel or keep my feelings to myself.. Sometimes I wish I was more out going, and I think he takes my shyness for snobbyness, but alass perhaps it is best to let fate take it's own course... for to be honset I'm ment to be alone
If Ur Horny Or Bored Read This
im laying in bed with you lookin into your beautiful eyes. As I play with ur gorgeous blonde hair your lips move closer to mine, then my lips move closer to yours and we begin to kiss passionatly. Im holding you in my arms as you hold me in yours, you whisper I want you into my ear and then you begin to suck on my ear lobe. Then i begin to kiss and suck on your neck makin you so hot as my hand caresses ur body i rub ur stomach, then i begin to rub ur pussy and by now its already warm and damp. I continue to suck on ur neck and begin rubbing ur pussy harder and faster while your paintining i start to caress ur tits and tease ur nipples, makin u go crazy, your nipples get so big i tease them a lil more and the i suck on them and suck hard makin u scream with pleasure. while im doing this i start to give you my 3 finger special and u are having an intense orgasm at this point ur juices squirting all over my hand. as im fingering u u start to play with my cock and u love it. then u start
I Need Some Help!!
Tomorrow we go to court for custody of my hubbies two boys....our two oldest boys... And it could either be wrapped up and over with tomorrow or go on for even please say a little prayer for us...
A Fathers Form Letter To Dump His Daughters Boyfriend For Her
Why you canít date my little Princess Form Letter Dear _______________, I regret to inform you that you have been eliminated from further contention as Mr. Right. As you are probably aware, the competition was exceedingly tough and dozens of well-qualified candidates such as yourself also failed to make the final cut. I will, however, keep your name on file should an opening come available. So that you may find better success in your future romantic endeavors, please allow me to offer the following reason(s) you were disqualified from the competition: (Check those that apply) 1. ___Your last name is objectionable. I can't imagine my daughter taking it, hyphenating it, or subjecting my grandchildren to it. 2. ___Your first name is objectionable. It's just not something I can picture my daughter yelling out in a fit of rage. 3. ___The fact that our first dining experience to date has left MY wallet a little lighter and YOUR pants a little tight
Do You Have A Dirty Mind?
Your Mind is NC-17 Rated You're mind is so filthy... you should should be washing every part of you out with soap. If your thoughts can go dirty, they do. Almost everything is NC-17 to you! Do You Have a Dirty Mind?
At The Memory (poem #273)
At the memory of your touch I realize I miss you so much. At the memory of our love I wonder what ever happened to that dove. And at the memory of your lie All I can do is cry.
19 Questions That Should Make You Think
1. if you could have only one possession in the entire world, what would it be? My pictures of my children.. 2. if you had to choose between your friends and your family, who would you choose?would have to be my children 3. if you could have only one wish, what would it be? to live to see my children live long, happy and prosperous lives 4. if you found out that you had a month to live and only a month, what would you do with your month? spend each day learning something new and video every day of it spending time and doing things with my children that ive always wanted to do so that they would have happy memories of my last days! 5. if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?Italy.. 6. if you got a trillion dollars, what would you do with it?pay off of my debts, family and friends debts set them all up comfortably, give alot to multiple charities, then I'd travel... 7. if you got a trillion dollars and couldn't spend a penny of it on yourself, what wo
Update On My G/f
ust thought that I would let everyone know that Angel came through her surgery very good. We had to be at the horpital at 6am, tey took her to surgery around 7:30 and she was done around 10:30. Right now she is resting, has pain, when she'snot pushing her little button for pain that is. They have her on a Demarol drip, so she's feeling pretty good. The doctor said that if everything keeps going good, that she might get to come home either late Wendesday or maybe eary Thrusday. I will find out more tomorrow and I will try to update everyone again. Until then, Blessed Be. Wildman
For Those Of You Who Have Pets......a Must Read!!!!
Please check your pets food ...Numbers are listed toword the bottom of this Blog ..!!!! Pet Food Tests Kill Seven Animals, Feds Say By ANDREW BRIDGES AP WASHINGTON (March 19) - As many as one in six animals died in tests of suspect dog and cat food by the manufacturer after complaints the products were poisoning pets around the country, the government said Monday. A federal investigation is focusing on wheat gluten as the likely source of contamination that sparked a recall last Friday of 60 million cans and pouches of the suspect food, said Stephen F. Sundlof, the Food and Drug Administration's top veterinarian. The ingredient, a protein source, is commonly used as filler. Agency investigators are looking at other ingredients as well. The wet-style pet food was made by Menu Foods, an Ontario, Canada-based company. Menu Foods told the FDA it received the first complaints of kidney failure and deaths among cats and dogs from pet owners on Feb. 20. It began new te
Shannon Is Here
yeah i hope yall like my page and shit im just geting it together holla at me ok
Looking Back(poem#5)
Looking back you see mistakes and bridges you have burned yet of lifes little lessons there were good things that you learned. Looking back you see the faces of people who's crossed your path some of them you gave your heart and some you gave your wrath. Looking back you see the man you saved that special love for you married became his wife and are happy ever after.
Nighty Night!
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Much love to all my friends and family! Time for me to go to bed! Busy day at work tomorrow! See you all tomorrow night! Hugs and love~Heather
My Hippy Chick Name Is...
Your Hippie Chick Name Is: Bittersweet Hippie Chick Name Generator
The Koolist Thing Happen 2 Me St.patty's Day
I broke my left big toe twice while sk8boarding,1st trick was an aciddrop from the wall's ledge. 2nd trick I nollied down 15 set's of stair's land it both time's so yea I'm a cool ass bad muther-fuker of rock'n'roll u can say so rock on beo-tchie's cuz I'm still sk8ing w/ it brokeing now who's the man ?
Tired Of Hearing Sorry
Without explaing to much what brought this on.Every time the guy I love hurts me he says Im sorry and I say its ok when its not.I have almost come to expect to be in some sort of pain from the guy I love weather it be emotional or phisical and him to say Im sorry afterwards.Im tired of hearing it.I just want the guy Im with to know I love him and I want to be loved by him but have come to expect the pain followed by Im sorry.What am I to do though? I will continue to smile as if everything is ok when its not and say its ok I forgive you when inside I feel as if a knife went through my heart.
To My Dear Wife
TO MY DEAR WIFE: >> >> During the past year I have tried to make love to you >>365 times. >> >> >> I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of once >>every ten days. >> >> The following is a list of why I did not succeed more >>often: >> >> 54 times the sheets were clean >> 17 times it was too late >> 49 times you were too tired >> 20 times it was too hot >> 15 times you pretended to be asleep >> 22 times you had a headache >> 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby >> 16 times you said you were too sore >> 12 times it was the wrong time of the month >> 19 times you had to get up early >> 9 times you said weren't in the mood >> 7 times you were sunburned >> 6 times you were watching the late show >> 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo >> 3 times you said the neighbors would hear us >> 9 times you said your mother would hear us >> >> Of the 36 times I did succeed, the activity was not >>satisfactory because: >> >> 6 times you just
Thinking (poem #338)
I sit here alone, thinking of you Is your love really true? I sit here alone, worried of where you might be This hurts so much can't you see? I'm not sure why you keep me here for I don't know what to believe anymore.
More Sh*t To Stress Over
The Fridge and freezer are working at half normal. It's warm in the fridge and freezer... room temp to be exact.
Idea Of A Friend...
In kindergarten your idea of a good friend was the person who let you have the red crayon when all that was left was the ugly black one. *In first grade your idea of a good friend was the person who went to the bathroom with you and held your hand as you walked through the scary halls. *In second grade your idea of a good friend was the person who helped you stand up to the class bully. *In third grade your idea of a good friend was the person who shared their lunch with you when you forgot yours on the bus. *In fourth grade your idea of a good friend was the person who was willing to switch square dancing partners in gym so you wouldn't have to be stuck do-si-do-ing with Nasty Nick or Smelly Susan. *In fifth grade your idea of a friend was the person who saved a seat on the back of the bus for you. *In sixth grade your idea of a friend was the person who went up to Nick or Susan, your new crush, and asked them to dance with you, so that if they said
Happy Birthday To You!
"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." Dr. Seuss ( Happy Birthday to You!) Today is a day worth celebrating in a sense. (See prior blog.)
STYLE type="text/css"> The Way We Affect Others We may not always realise that everything we do, affects not only our lives, but touches others too. A single happy smile can always brighten up the day, for anyone who happens to be passing by your way. And a little bit of thoughtfulness that shows someone you care, creates a ray of sunshine for both of you to share. Yes, every time you offer someone a helping hand, every time you show a friend you understand. Every time you have a kind and gentle word to give, you help someone to find beauty in this precious life we live. For happiness brings happiness and loving ways bring love, and giving is the treasure, that contentment is made of. I am that one voice, in the cold wind, That whispers, And if you listen, You'll hear me call across the sky". It is in love from my heart and soul to your heart and soul **~RaK~**
One Minute Before The Beating...................
One Minute Before the Beating...................
What Color Heart Do I Have????
Your Heart Is Pink In relationships, you like to play innocent - even though you aren't. Each time you fall in love, it's like falling for the first time. Your flirting style: Coy Your lucky first date: Picnic in the park Your dream lover: Is both caring and dominant What you bring to relationships: Romance What Color Heart Do You Have?
I Need You (poem #217)
I need you to bring me joy Please don't treat my love as a toy. I need you just to be there Sometimes life seems so unfair. I need you thats all I can say Please tell me your here to stay.
So, Spent The Weekend Working Hard.
Sweetie, two of the three teens and I loaded up the cars and headed to our cabin for the weekend. Sweetie had to leave early, but we got the woodstove and doors down there, so next time down we can get started on installing them. Then down to our lakeside lot to clear it so the kiddies can be out there during the 4th of July celebration and away from the drunken adults. We burnt two bonfires on that spot, and began prep on the other bit of land on the other side of the creek/ditch so we can burn it next time. We also shifted/sorted a big stack of reusable wood that, mostly, isn't usable anymore. Bill didn't put it up on a non-biodegradable riser, nor did he cover it and the bottom of the stack turned into mulch already, while the rest was well over 2/3 trash. We got most of that burnt, too, though one stack was so wet we couldn't light it with gasoline! So, I'm a bit sore from all the lifting, shifting, tossing, raking, carting and carrying we did. Feels good to have gotten
My Music
enjoy people, I know I will................
Money Angel
Money Angel This is a money angel.. Pass it to 6 of your good friends or family and be rich in 4 Days. Pass it to 12 of your good friends or family and be rich in 2 Days. I am not joking. You will find an unexpected windfall. If you delete it, you will beg. Trust me!!!
Religion (1)
I can see I'm going to end up writing a few entries on this topic as time goes by; so I'm having to lable this entry with a (1). I'm inspired to write this entry by a certain user who has had a cherry blast up for some time now, who is most obsessed with jesus. My first point for discussion (thru comments on this blog) is, how healthy is it to identify yourself by your belief system? There are millions of people across the planet of all different faiths, who are completely convicted to their faith (me included; and no i'm not christian) who don't identify who they are, by their faith system. I'm not knocking any faith system here, I believe life is about respect, and if someone has a different faith system to me, then thats kool. Nor am I singling this particular user out, I merely used him as an example to kick start this entry. What I am saying is regardless of your faith system, you are your own person. You define yourself through your words, deeds and the people you hang
I Have Returned
oh yes.i will begin the fight,and end it.evolution will be colorized=mou>l _LNOp u f! puv.too bad :(
To Be With You (poem#91 By Outlaw Angel)
To be with you, would be a dream come true Because in my heart there is only you. To be with you, I pray for each night The love we share feels so right. To be with you one day I will be Just wait I'll make you see.
Thank You
thank you everyone for the sweet comments you left on my bulletin.. here is the link if anyone missed it.
Well, here I am. Most any one reading this probably already knows a little about me... but I will elaborate I am a valley resident, have been since 99. I like it here. People complain... but they never seem to move. Sure its a city just like any other city...with the exception of tempuatures closer to places nice peple dont get to go. But here is where I discovered me. So that counts for something. I was set on a search, but the funny thing was... I wasnt sure what I was looking for in the beginning. I just new that it might just resemble me. I am glad to report that the search went well. And I found more than I bargined for. Early on I had taken a shine to certain practices that most people would deem strange... It all started with my dreams.... Very potent, vivid dreams. Then other things would start to develop as I got older. Then there was the people I would meet, it seemed as thought I were drawn to certain types... Definately those the folks wouldnt arpove of......And t
Mental Feng Shui
This is without a doubt one of the nicest good luck forwards I have received. Hope it works for you -- and me! Lotus Touts: You have 6 minutes There's some mighty fine advice in these words, even if you're not superstitious. This Lotus Touts has been sent to you for good luck from the Anthony Robbins organization. It has been sent around the world ten times so far. Do not keep this message. The Lotus Touts must leave your hands in 6 MINUTES. Otherwise you will get a very unpleasant surprise. This is true, even if you are not superstitious, agnostic, or otherwise faith impaired. ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other. THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want. FOUR. When you say, "I love you," mean it. FIVE. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the e
"because I'm A Man"...
Because I'm a man, when I lock my keys in the car I will fiddle with a wire clothes hanger and ignore your suggestions that we call a road service until long after hypothermia has set in. Because I'm a man, when the car isn't running very well, I will pop the hood and stare at the engine as if I know what I'm looking at. If another man shows up, one of us will say to the other, "I used to be able to fix these things, but now with all these computers and everything, I wouldn't know where to start." We will then drink beer. Because I'm a man, when I catch a cold I need someone to bring me soup and take care of me while I lie in bed and moan. You never get as sick as I do, so for you this isn't an issue. Because I'm a man, I can be relied upon to purchase basic groceries at the store, like milk or bread. I cannot be expected to find exotic items like"Cumin" or "Tofu" For all I know these are the same thing. And never, under any circumstances, expect me to pick up anything for which "femin
Relocation Of My Grave
Its been decided that Ded Mike's grave will be relocated to South Carolina. More updates to come
Answers Women Have Always Wanted To Know
1. WHY ARE MEN SUCH JERKS? It's a testosterone thing. Much similar to your PMS thing. We men suffer from testosterone poisoning. Why do you think the average life span of a male is typically 10 years shorter (and it's not just from all the griping and nagging we have to endure)? Hormones modify behavior. We're just misunderstood. 2. WHY DO MEN ALWAYS HAVE TO OGLE AT OTHER WOMEN? Again, this is a testosterone thing. Do you honestly think that all the testosterone just fell out of our bodies the moment we met you? Besides, women do it as well. Women are just much better at not getting caught. I'm fairly certain it's some sort of photographic memory deal. Women take one quick look and memorize it for later reference. Since men lack this ability, we try to burn it into our memory by staring as much as we can. 3. WHY DO MEN ALWAYS TOUCH THEMSELVES, ESPECIALLY IN PUBLIC? We occasionally need to adjust our little friend and make him happy. It's much like adjusting your bra. Being in public is
Love Word Hurts
where does love come from not from words but from the heart there are so many people out there that think cause someone says i love you it means that they do bull shit if they cant show it they dont really love you and to me id rather have action then the words cause those words mean nothing to me cause ive seen it said to easy and people get hurt and thats one thing i dont want to have happen to me anymore so thats why it will take time for me to fall in love again cause i think alot of people plays with peoples heart
To My Dear Wife:
TO MY DEAR WIFE: >> >> During the past year I have tried to make love to you >>365 times. >> >> >> I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of once >>every ten days. >> >> The following is a list of why I did not succeed more >>often: >> >> 54 times the sheets were clean >> 17 times it was too late >> 49 times you were too tired >> 20 times it was too hot >> 15 times you pretended to be asleep >> 22 times you had a headache >> 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby >> 16 times you said you were too sore >> 12 times it was the wrong time of the month >> 19 times you had to get up early >> 9 times you said weren't in the mood >> 7 times you were sunburned >> 6 times you were watching the late show >> 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo >> 3 times you said the neighbors would hear us >> 9 times you said your mother would hear us >> >> Of the 36 times I did succeed, the activity was not >>satisfactory because: >> >> 6 times you
A Nice Girl's Response To The Ode To Nice Guys
This one's for the nice girls... I keep getting this bulletin on Cherry Tap that is a tribute to all the nice guys out there who finish last and are outstandingly sweet and wonderful to their female friends, always offering help of any kind and never, ever taking advantage or pressing their feelings on the girls. Besides thinking, "Where, oh where is this fantastic man," I wonder, "Why are the nice girls not being given any credit?" There are books, movies, songs, and now essays touting the charms of the nice guy. Meanwhile, the nice girl remains a background character until the finale when the male lead finally realizes the errors of his ways and tracks down the nice girl who has been his unrequited love slave since the opening scene. (And then she's expected to drop all for him) Hence, I believe it is now our turn--the nice girls' turn--to receive thanks. THIS, my friends, is a tribute to the nice girls... Those girls that finish far after the nice guys do. That have bee
3 Angels
"Worry looks around, sorry looks back, Faith looks up." 3 angels are sent to you. You must send them to 8 people including me. In 8 minutes you will receive something you have long awaited for. Have faith
Since Some Can't Show Respect To Read My Profile
I have been on CherryTap for quite a long time. I am here basically to chill and have fun. By fun, I mean joke and comment back and forth using the profile comment section as well as commenting and rating pictures. That is ALL I do here and as well as make and made friends along the way that know my style and that I am NOT on this site to meet or hook up with anyone In other worth, I am NOT here for cybersex, to meet anyone in person or have an online relationship. I would like if you respect that and understand that I also do NOT like having conversations using the shoutbox or via CT's private messages. Have courtesy, if you have ANYTHING to say to me, POST A COMMENT TO MY PAGE. Only a FEW I do reply back to that private message me or shoutbox and it is due to the INTEGRITY of the message and of course, anyone that does sends me a gift, I do acknowledge and give thanks for the generosity and do send a gift in return. Now, it isn't such a difficult task to post a comment to
I Figured It Was Time To Update....
& i finally got bored enough to actually sit here & type. life is going a little slow right now...but other than that i can't really complain. as some of you already know sean had his leave recently & i kinda vanished from my online distractions, lol. he was here for a little under 2 weeks & i have to say that those months of loneliness & day counting were well worth the time i spent with him. i swear...if i could have glued myself to him i prolly would have. he left at 5 am on the 13th...our wedding anniversary. now i was sad that he was leaving but after spending so many holidays & anniversaries on my own it was nice to have him with me for this anniversary...even if it was only for a few hours. they were calling final bording call for his flight & he was still holding me...he apologized for leaving me again...i smiled at him & told him he didnt have to apologize to me for anything. his job as a marine holds many challenges...& mine as his wife has its own. he kissed me & hel
How I Am In Love???
How You Are In Love You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time. You give and take equally in relationships. You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time. You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change. You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard. How Are You In Love?
Hey Friends And Family!!!
I just wanted to let everyone know I am sorry, That I haven't been on much anymore. I have found that I there is really a life beyond Cherry..LOL Some of you know and have seen pictures of My Teddybear. He is moving to California, and will be here for Easter!!!!! I didn't really think you could find happiness real happiness online. lucky that we have found each other. So after Easter weekend this profile will be My Teddybear's and Mine so if you have a problem with that then deleted me now!!! He is my life now... he is my world and has my heart and soul!!! I love him dearly!!! And I will not let Cherry drama ruin any of my happiness!!! I will be on Cherry on and off but nothing like I was. I do want to say thank you for all the true friends that I have made on here!!! Thanks To All Of You That Support Our Relationship!!!!
Just A Random Thought
I know that this has happened to everyone at some point. Why it never ceases to amaze me I'll never know. Have you ever put your whole heart into something whether it be a friendship or a relationship, only to get dumped on in the end? With no explanation as to why? I don't understand how those people can sleep at night doing that to others. I get tired of opening myself up to someone only to get hurt in the end. I need to toughen up and be a bitch like so many others can be. I don't know why it still shocks me that people act this way. I expect it, my intuition tells me I'm going to get hurt, yet I never listen. I try giving someone the benefit of the doubt and in the end I should have doubted them. Oh well. Another life experience tucked up under my sleeve I suppose. Doesn't make it hurt any less. My girlfriend told me I have too good a heart and those people don't deserve me in their life. If that's true, why does it still hurt? Hope everyone is having a better month
i guess no one love me on here so i think i might be done if u think u can help let me know
My Birth Month???
Your Birth Month is September Tolerant and inspirational, you are wise beyond your years. You are universally sympathetic and a great humanitarian. Your soul reflects: Devotion, light, and love Your gemstone: Sapphire Your flower: Morning Glory Your colors: Brown and deep blue What Does Your Birth Month Mean?
Hello Ladies
Help This Marine Win Please
please will u all put a few comments down for this marine. he needs are help thanks
Someone Tell Me Why?
Can someone tell me why in the hell do girls go for guys who don't give a shit? I am sick and fucking tired of being crap on by all these damn girls who want to be with guys who don't give a shit about them. I am tired of fucking stupid ass excuse that they give me and then turn around and hook up someone else. You know what I am really starting to hate women big time because of all this shit. It's going to take one hell of a woman to make me change my mind because of right now I swearing off women for good.
For Those Of You With Pets . .please Read !
Please check your pets food ...Numbers are listed toword the bottom of this Blog ..!!!! Pet Food Tests Kill Seven Animals, Feds Say By ANDREW BRIDGES AP WASHINGTON (March 19) - As many as one in six animals died in tests of suspect dog and cat food by the manufacturer after complaints the products were poisoning pets around the country, the government said Monday. A federal investigation is focusing on wheat gluten as the likely source of contamination that sparked a recall last Friday of 60 million cans and pouches of the suspect food, said Stephen F. Sundlof, the Food and Drug Administration's top veterinarian. The ingredient, a protein source, is commonly used as filler. Agency investigators are looking at other ingredients as well. The wet-style pet food was made by Menu Foods, an Ontario, Canada-based company. Menu Foods told the FDA it received the first complaints of kidney failure and deaths among cats and dogs from pet owners on Feb. 20. It began new te
The Archaic Revival
History is ending because the dominator culture has led the human species into a blind alley, and as the inevitable chaostrophie approaches, people look for metaphors and answers. Every time a culture gets into trouble it casts itself back into the past looking for the last sane moment it ever knew. And the last sane moment we ever knew was on the plains of Africa 15,000 years ago rocked in the cradle of the Great Horned Mushroom Goddess before history, before standing armies, before slavery and property, before warfare and phonetic alphabets and monotheism, before, before, before. And this is where the future is taking us because the secret faith of the twentieth century is not modernism, the secret faith of the twentieth century is nostalgia for the archaic, nostalgia for the paleolithic, and that gives us body piercing, abstract expressionism, surrealism, jazz, rock-n-roll and catastrophe theory. The 20th century mind is nostalgic for the paradise that once existed on the mushroom d
Sexiest Eyes Contest Now Open!! Goes Till April 2nd!!
Thank You All
Thanks to everyone who has sent me get well CT cards and chicken soup to help me get well. I am super sick. I am taking nyquil and dayquil and laying in bed motionless because I am in the achy stage. Thanks for the sweet thoughts.
Monday 3/19/07
Just a quick entry tonight as there isn't much for me to write about tonight. I just got the new Phreik chat toolbar and it is so awesome! it has their official radio,site links, weather, mail and everything on it. I like it better than some of the other toolbars out there that I've tried in the past. All this food talk in the Mumms tonight has made me hungry even though I've eaten dinner already, so I'm gonna end this here and go get a snack before bed lol. Good night all.
Save Room...
"Say that you'll stay a little. Don't say bye-bye, tonight. Say you'll be mine, just a little bit of love is worth a moment of your time. Knockin' on your door just a little. It's so cold outside tonight. Let's get a fire burning , oh I know I'll keep it burning bright if you'll stay, won't you stay? Save room for my love Save room for a moment to be with me Save room for my love Save a little for me Won't you save a little Save a little for me This just might hurt a little, love hurts sometimes when you do it right. Don't be afraid of a little bit of pain, pleasure is on the other side. Let down your guard just a little. I'll keep you safe in these arms of mine. Hold on to me pretty baby, you will see I can be all you need if you stay won't you save, save... Oh c'mon, make time to live a little don't let this moment slip by tonight you'll never know what you're missing 'till you try, I'll keep you satisfied if you stay won't you save, save..." Joh
All this week i work for 5 hours. This is bullshit! I need 8 hours to make ends meet. I am calling my boss tomorrow to get more hours.
The thought of you brings sourness to my lips The love you showed brings a taste of blood I'm sick of all the lies I'm sick of all the pain I'm sick of all the lies You bring hatred to my soul You bring all my hate to the surface I destroyed you Somehow you linger on Fuck this broken heart Fuck this shattered soul Fuck you for making me feel this way I hate you
badman2006@ CherryTAP
Dear Mama
Well, today was the 1 year anniversary of my mom's going home. I miss her so much and it is hard to believe that it's been a year already. I tried to go on with my everyday routine, but it was impossible to get the memories from that morning out of my head. I am grateful to have supportive coworkers, friends and family to help me get through the day. Thanks to all of you who helped me get through it. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!
Karma is a bitch And im going to be the bitch to pay you back All the tears All the lies All the broken promises All the nights i stayed up crying Payback is hell Something you will soon find out Forget the love Fuck the feelings I will show you what true pain is Look deep inside of me Take a peak into my soul Tell me the damage you have caused I'll show you what i am Haunted by dreams Rotten words fall everywhere Hope you enjoy life Cause your in for a ride So have a good fucking time
Your Passion Touches Me...
Everytime I am near you I can feel your passionate gaze I just want to let you do whatever you want I feel helpless when I am around you Your kisses are like poison They knock me senseless for hours at a time And your sweet caress is more than I can bear It all makes me feel helpless when I am around you I shouldn't be wanting you like I do I can't help it that you have me under your spell No matter how hard I try to fight it I still feel myself falling for you Every time that I look at you I can feel the toxins of your passion burning through me Now your passion is burning in me too Your passion is like a wild fire It burns deep within your heart and soul I can feel it when you look at me I can feel it when we kiss Oh how I love to see your passion burning so brightly
"without Love" ~"pain" By Three Days Grace~
Music Video:PAIN (by Three Days Grace)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone so yea...i'm gonna be really emo and say this song really says a lot about me right now. i hit a point where i just dont fucking care anymore. if i died right now, i wouldnt care. if i failed school and my college acceptances were taken back, i wouldnt care. granted, tomorrow i prolly care again. homework piles up and the more i get, the less i can do. justice is killing me and we have a practice mock trial this week to get ready for the real mock trial and i'm a prosecution lawyer. OF COURSE we didnt chose our cross-examination witnesses yet so all i have for tomorrow is the cross examination of the eye witness. we'll be scrambling for cross examination questions later in the week which sucks. hannah, the dumb bitch, keeps trying to run my life. first she tries to get me to ground myself with her cuz of her getting grounded for having a party where shit was stolen (the 1st time i was d
Dark Side Of The Moon
Wild And Untamed
Wild, the Untamed.... Ohhh Such Passion roaring inside... Like a Wildcat on the prey for the first meal in weeks My soul is starving for this passion I have missed for so long Untamed I will say I am... Like a starving animal I am after the passion, hot kisses, tangled wildly and untamed I have been waiting so long on someone to roam this Wild, the untamed night with. Ahhh...Just wildly wonders if I would ever find this kind of loving again.... River running wild, Owls calling loud....Nothing like such.... Wild, the Untamed OHHHH....Just Us rolling wildly top to bottom I find myself wondering where this passion went. Wild Nights running the river, loving on the banks and fishing in the Starry night..... MMMMM...All Night, Wild, the Untamed
Please Help This Marine Out
Hey there Cherries , I need a little help in this Contest with all the comments you can give. Would be a great help to get me to win this thing.. Thanks... Be safe and Semper Fi.... Click picture below to comment....
Love The Eyes Of Beauty
Heaven in your eyes My world may crash and burn yet this globe continues to turn In a moments time I seek peace And a solace blessing of release To lift my spirit and carry on hope To never left go at the end of the rope And know the moment soon passes away And all the was lead to a better day A sweet smile that tells me the world is right For in your eyes there shines a light That lifts me up and helps me to believe no matter what comes our love wonít deceive And in your eyes I found my soul And your sweet kisses made me whole A tears that shed for loss and fear Are lost in time and drift away from here Paradise found me and I seize the prize Undeserving the heaven in your eyes By R. Thomas Dinsmore
My Bar Tab Is $300.00...
Smoked pot -- $10 Did acid -- $5 Ever had sex at church -- $25 Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you-- $40 Had sex with someone on MySpace -- $25 Had sex for money -- $100 Ever had sex with the a Puerto Rican -- $20 Vandalized something -- $20 Had sex on your parents' bed -- $10 Beat up someone -- $20 Been jumped -- $10 Crossed dressed -- $10 Given money to stripper -- $25 Been in love with a stripper -- $20 Kissed some one who's name you didn't know --$10 Hit on some one of the same sex while at work-- $15 Ever drive drunk -- $20 Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk -- $50 Used toys while having sex -- $30 Got drunk, passed out and don't remember the night before -- $20 Went skinny dipping -- $5 Had sex in a pool -- $20 Kissed someone of the same sex -- $10 Had sex with someone of the same sex -- $20 Cheated on your significant other -- $10 Masturbated -- $1
Kinky And Perverted
I luv to do things a little different! I'm not a "plain vanilla" kinda gal. I would just as soon break out the toy box & strap one on to bend YOU over the bed...... I've got leather & lace, whips, chains & handcuffs, blindfolds and all the attitude you ever wanted in the bedroom. However, I feel so,,,,,, being married - the talents often go to waste for the sake of a quickie with the kids banging on the bedroom door! One goddamm time I wanna be able to cum in peace, NOT in pieces!!!!!!!
My Mother!!
My mom has had cancer for the last 2 yrs and had half of her right lung removed..we thought everything was going good until recently when they found another spot on her neck which they removed last week..well today I found out that friday she has to have a cat scan done on her brain to see if it spread to there which I hope hasn't but the doctor told her that if it did there wasn't a cure and she was just biding her time now..I would like to ask all my friends and family if they could please say a prayer for her.I would greatly appreciate it!!
Fire Dept. News
Check out Our Fire Dept WebPage At*** Created with: Sexycoolwink Bulletin Editor - CLICK HERE TO TRY IT OUT ***
Could'nt? No! It's Couldn't!!
same goes for didn't, wouldn't, shouldn't, can't, weren't, wasn't and don't. grrrr
Mohawks & Bad Attitude
My oldest son just turned 13! Last week I got to cut his hair......MOHAWK! His attitude is so pissy I could scream. Since he outweighs me by 30 pounds, I sure can't whoop his ass like I used to. Now I am reduced to snatching his Gameboy SP and his MP3 player. Big friggin deal. I grounded him from Myspace & his email for coming home with 2 days detention....... Little turd! Somebody pleese tell me it gets better???? This kid could be a Rocket Scientist if he would quit screwing off..... ANd where did the HORMONES come in?????? He went from having a 15 year old BI "girlfriend" to a 13 year old "emo" hypochondriac, BOY can he pick a winner......... I am never gonna make 4 more teenagers!!!!!Somebody shoot me now!
Why is it, that we as human beings go through so much pain through out life? Society cares nothing of others only themselves. Money is the object of power in this reality of ours. The harsh reality that, without money you are no one. There's so many people now a days that get off on making other's live purely miserable. The horrible truth that we as human beings are selfish materialistic and ignorant. We destroy our own planet, and the creatures on it, for entertainment and for "our own good" when in reality the only thing we are doing is destroying everything we've worked so hard to obtain. Pollutants are destroying our ozone, and we do nothing to stop it. We destroy thousands of our own race, just to fight for something that is completely unnecessary. Why fight over oil, food, and other OBJECTS? Why?... Money.... it's all about money. Power, there are too many power hungry people in this world, that hate others just because of the tint of their skin, just because they don'
My 1st Contest!!
31-a Fool
Ok Friends And Fans
ok here goes, i think the last blog i left was to say that i might be leaving cheerytap and i think now is the time for that, i have met a bunch of wonderful friends on here and a few very close ones also, seams i just dont have the time to be on here anymore, i am going to keep it up for the rest of the week and by next weekend i will be mostly off the air, i have gotten really close to one person on here but i dont know wut has happend to that, i'm really gonna miss the very close ones that leaves me comments and mail all so very often and gifts, i have tried to return the favor more often but i just dont have enough hours left in a day for anything, i havent even started dateing anyone here were i live just not really interested i guess, and hard to find the trust worthy ones also , well guess this is goodbye sparkey39
Help My Friend
i went and took the GRE this morning (the test you take to get into grad school). The good news is I passed, or at least got the score I needed to get into the graduate program I've got my eye on. The bad news is all the stress last night and this morning made me sick :(
Distance is not for the fearful its for the bold for those willing to spend alot of time alone in exchange for a litte time with the one the love its for those who know a good thing when they see it, even if they dont see it nearly enough
For You My Female Friends!!!!!
Beauty is a thing seldom seen No one sees it because no one looks or at least not in the right place beauty is held by all within the soul it lies waiting to come out to the surface only it cant beauty is supressed by the evils of the world only love can bring beauty out once seen beauty never hides again not even hatred can deny beauty of its true design beauty although possessed by all Will only ever be truly seen by few and fewer yet will ever see one of the most beautiful sights the beauty is held by you.
Well Fuck You Right Back!
Dont you just love how lyrics to a song say everything that you couldn't? ;) You know...I just wanna let you know...that I never felt this way about anybody else...I...I...I think I love don't think I'm crazy when I tell you this...but if you ever hurt me, I'll fucking kill you! Chorus: 2x You better go down when you get with me You better realize that I'm what you need You better get here before I count to 3 You better do Right I'll fuck you up!! VERSE 1: You never thought, that a bitch like me, would fuck you up If you cannot please so you betta bow down and get on your knees, pull the diamonds out, gimme what I need. Hold up! Do you see me laughing? You think that it's a joke Imma start harassing, all your little hoes that be trying to pass here, you better tell them imma kick they ass in! WHAT! Who are you talking to? You better hang up or I'm through with you! And who the fuck is this bitch on your page, with her big ass tits up on your top 8? 'c
March 22
A Brothers Few Of The Gathering
I was there yesterday too. Myself and members of my club, Second Brigade MC, and the Viet Nam Vets MC traveled to DC from the state of Kentucky Friday morning. The trip was unpleasant to say the least. We drove thru a nice little snow shower in the Virginia mountains. Rain pretty much the rest of the way. At 4:30 Saturday morning we were rousted out of our lest than sound sleepÖ 13 guys in 3 hotel rooms. We went from there to a quick breakfast and caught the train. Instead of the usual exit point the organizer had asked the we go a bit further than Foggy Bottom station. They did not want any trouble and neither did we. It still got us to the memorial. When we got there it was quite a site. We came in from 18th street on constitution. We went by the place where the Gathering of Eagles set up. It was impressive, but I had friends that had never been to the wall so that was our first stop. The park service had set up security literally on and around the wallÖ S
 March It came with snow and paralysing zephyrs a season or two back when I was isolated. My bones felt the briskness you know even though my eyes were void. I remember now as I walk with my face blanketed beneath my scarf how hostile winter can be to those of us alone. Even if a second passed with the hand of someone- to cling to it would replace all this barrenness. When did we become more than friends an outlander with no face or voice has come to while away a few days inside my hollow existence? He came one night in February when I was lower than my lowest apex and life was a muted embarrassment of walking in circles to be heard. His words pacified my inner voices and brought serenity to the demons within. When does light come from darkness and labours such beauty all around? We seem to intermesh on many levels that reach further than normal- fallible words and emotions. He strokes my peace wi
Another entry from my diary... SHATTERED CHILD She's broken inside, but no one sees The darkness and pain, life's misery A shredded child, that's lost all hope Someone save her, throw her a rope Smiles on the outside, just for show Hoping and praying, that no one knows The depths she feels, never-ending despair For hopes and dreams, can't repair This shattered child, just an illusion Screams so loud, lost in confusion A heart full of pain, tattered and torn Can love mend like patches, where it's worn These are the questions, of this shattered soul Will someone save her, make her whole
My Beautiful Happiness
I wanna leave, can I run away? Run from this marraige that's been my life for so long. It has been cruel to me and it's been unfair. I just want my freedom. Freedom to find a piece of happiness. Surely it's not out of my reach. Misery leads one day into another and I ask-what's become of me? I know this is not all I'm meant to be. Pain and sorrow I have known and I just want relief. Relief from this prison I've called my life. Where is the love I so long for? Where's my joy, where do I find my beautiful happiness?
Soon To Say Good-bye
tomorrow at ten a.m. i am haveing the tattoos on my hands and earlobe removed. it will be the first session. i'm expecting some pain and haveing some trebidation about it. will post pics as it goes.
STOLEN CHILDHOOD I screamed so loud, only to closed ears Childhood lost, forgotten years Blindfolded and scared, oh so timid How much could I take, what was my limit Eyes closed at night, started to dream Couldn't comprehend, what did this mean Destined to feel, nothing but pain I cut too deep, nicked the vein Life's warm blood, began to flow A few breaths left, no one would know Ripped from the light, God's healing hand Back to this world, this child did land Angry and scorned, how should I feel Was this supposed to happen, is it all real Help me please, try to comprehend This innocent child, needs the pain to end I was instructed to write, to help myself heal, so here's a snippit inside me
When You Kiss Me
When you kiss me, I feel so wild and free... When you hold me, I just want it to be you and me... The rest of the world is trying to take us apart, But they wonít get to us by far... When you kiss me, My heart dances with glee... When you hug me, No one can bug me... They can do their best, But they wonít, even with the rest... When you kiss me, My heart wonders happily and free... When you smiles at me, That is my cup of tea... When you kiss me, My thoughts run free... When you kiss me
When you are sad -- I will help you get drunk and plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you that way. 2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile -- I will know you finally got laid. 4. When you are scared -- I will rag on you about it every chance I get. 5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining. 6. When you are confused -- I will use little words. 7. When you are sick -- Stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want to catch whatever you have. 8. When you fall -- I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. 9. This is my oath..... I pledge it to the end. "Why?" you may ask ?, Because you are my friend". Friendship is like peeing your pants: everyone can see it, but only you can feel the true warmth. Send this to "all 10" of your friends, then get depressed because you can only think of four ! ( don't send it back to m
The Perfect Answer
A stranger was seated next to a little girl on the airplane when the stranger turned to her and said, "Let's talk. I've heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger." The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed it slowly and said to the stranger, "What would you like to talk about?" Oh, I don't know", said the stranger. "How about nuclear power?" "OK," she said. "That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat grass, the same stuff. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?" The stranger thinks about it and says, "Hmmm, I have no idea," To which the little girl replies, "Do you really feel qualified to discuss nuclear power when you don't know shit?"
Heading To Slc
brainshare in salt lake city... should be a good conference... i'll post info if anyone wants to know about it...
Second Best
Iím second best To you and the rest Iím always after her Second choice of partner Someone to fall back on So youíre never alone But Iím a sucker I take you in Thinking its donít mean anything But how would you like it If it was never you being picked To know you donít matter And she likes your mate better And compared to him you boring It will damage your way of thinking So donít come to me and say Iím moody Because if you were suffering like me youíd be I just donít want to carry on like this But as soon as you come and say hey miss I fail to keep my word Iím taken into your twisted world But it feels good for the moments You pay me all those complements But then I remember that Iím second best And I sink back into eternal darkness
For My Friends
If you wake up in a red room with no windows and doors, DON'T panic.. you're just in my heart!!! Send this to all the friends you want to keep forever... Today is Bestfriend Day. Send this to all of your friends, and me if I am one. If you get 7 back you are LOVED!!! Here are the numbers of what kind of friend you are based on how many you get back... 1-3 ~ you're a bad friend 4-6 ~ you're an okay friend 7-9 ~ you're a good friend
New Sponsor!
Wooo!!!! I picked up a new sponsor for my first race season! Offroad Girls picked me up!!!
More Words
Desire to hold you close at night For in my dreams you feel so right As we touch and kiss so deep Love the envy of angels who weep Passions that build the hottest fire Swept away both in the moments desire Caught up in the act as the waves consummate The rhythm of lust at climaxes sweet gate Two as one in all ways for all time This is the dream of our love sublime By R. Thomas Dinsmore Dreams Sweet seduction in her smile Lost in the rapture of her style Eyes that call in strong desire Looks that set my soul on fire Wanting, needing, starving for touch Confused as to why I want so much Things in life beyond my reach Learning lessons none can teach Fantasies that run through the mind Satisfaction never to be my find Yet as a moth drawn to a flame The wild heart is hers to tame Submission of the burning soul Giving in and filling the hole Never has one fit desires image so well Envy makes anotherís life a living hell Knowing the one that they care
Beautiful Darkness
My inspiration for this blog actually comes from a mere picture: Such amazing powerful words, such a beautful picture to go along with the dark words. The dark side does tend to creep up more often than not it seems. Grabbing a tight grip, completely consuming and devouring our very beings. The dark side, the dark times we go through I do believe is what makes us the people we have become. Utlitzing the darkness to it's full potential can actually be a positive if we use it as a learning tool so to speak. I, for one am at a fighting stage against the darkness that overpowers. A fight I know that in the long run I can ultimately win. This was really just some rambling of mine as if you could not tell, hehe. I truly just wanted to share this picture that I came across and feel that it is one that each and every one of us can relate to in one form or another. I also believe it does not have to be a negative thing. What I like is the beauty along side the dark words. To me it represen
Lookin For The One
anyone out there that is lookin for true love try me out and see what happens in lost too
Strike 3
this is posted out to no one you know... just a general rant about someone who has wasted my time more tiems than I should have let her over the past monthsso yeah... im not sure what the deal is here but I'm up to strike 3 with you... you've pretty much dicked me around for "shooting" and then backing down on several occasions, locally and in dayton... yanked my chain and pretty much fucked up my travel schedule on more than one occasion... I then got a pair of boots for you in shooting, that I "can" use in the future in shooting someone else... but it was just easier to not have gotten them in the first place... and now after a week of you wanting to work for me and me busting my ass to get you started here... you ditch me again without even a call or anything from you... you seem to be able to get a hold of me when you want to get dick, but you can't when it comes to anything else in life... I was pretty pissed last time in wasting time and $$ on the dayton trip that never h
YOUR LIFE WILL RESPOND TO YOUR OUTLOOK -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Life is largely a matter of expectation. If you want to succeed, you must expect to succeed. When you expect things to happen, strangely enough, they do happen. Expectation energizes your goals and give them momentum. When you believe something good can happen, it will happen. Set your goals high. If you want to succeed beyond your wildest expectations you have to begin with some wild expectations. The dreams you believe in come to be.
I Lost My Last Fight Blah...thats Ok..i'll Live..
I went out there kicked once or twice..then I did a back fist and got put up to the cage and put in a big deal I made the I will learn from it, train harder adn then go back again..I'm not a quiter thats for sure to you all laters
Fuck It
Nothing seems to go my way so I am just saying fuck it all. I have a man who doesn't want to be married anymore and that really hurts. I am so ready to give up on life it is unreal. I can't think straight because I got so many things going on at once pregnancy, divorce, and just being depressed! I don't give a fuck about anyone's feelings it seems because no one gives a fuck about mine. I can only say that my daughter is my number 1 and I love her more than everything in this world. I don't give a fuck who wants to date me if I don't think they will be a good man around her than they can kiss my ass. If anyone EVER puts their hands on my little angel they will get there ass kick serverely because I won't be afaid to go to jail over my sweetheart. If you think that I am going crazy you are probably right. I don't think people understand the serverity of my depression but fuck it all.
Models Needed!!!!!!!!
MODELS NEEDED††††††††† Are you hot and sexy and think you can be a model? If so reply to this now and lets get you all started to see what happens!! You will need a camera and have good pics!!! The KLUB HOUSE is currently working on making a gallery just for this and we have Teen and Adult gallerys depending on what you need to get set up!!! There is no cost or fee to recieve our help and use our gallerys on our website!!!††††††††† Please take note that on Teens gallery that it is non nude and adult gallerys alow nudity but not limeted to!!! Once you get your gallery you can upload all your pics and create gallerys inside gallerys!!!! Then make each gallery searchable by using keywords so that if you want online users to find your gallery by the type and etc, they will be able too!!! try to be profesional looking to grab the attention of others and see if you get s modeling job offer!!! ††††††††† We hope that soon we will be able to make contest out this as well!!! The gallerys are bro
Hello Felow Cherries
Well this is my fist blog, so I am really clueless as to what to say. I am 35, married (going through some rough spots). I am also disabled. I am unable to walk or stand for more then a couple of minutes at a time. Thanks to an uncaring medical system my insurance refuses to cover an electric wheelchair or power scooter so I am pretty much stuck at home 24/7. That is why I am here. To meet new friends to talk to. I am also very heavy into fantasy art and digital art and am blown away by some of the stuff I see here.
Double Points
You tell me I am not longer the one That you are moving on That I will fade away To be no more than some memory To be something of the past To never be seen again My face may fade away And slip away But my screams with always stay My screams of erotic desires Quenching your lust Your need of control and desire With this you thrust Me into your deep dark lust My screams of ecstasy Fulfill your lust Your lust of power Something you so desire As you attempt to walk a way You think of me as nothing more Than a fading memory But you soon realize That my screams have burnt deep down Into your brain For ever will I remain.
A Newer Poem
An epic story of immortal love Sweet perfection blessed from above An unending saga of souls so joined A love for the ages the term is coined For selfless desire to hold one true Such is the love I hold only for you To be a joy in the moment we behold To love without care that canít be sold Or bought from a spell binder in ways of old Ours will always be a epic love story told Of two who love free and forever share This sweet dream of perfection beyond compare By R. Thomas Dinsmore Dreams inspire me
How To Make Love!!!
Ingredients: 4 Laughing eyes 4 Well-shaped legs 4 Loving arms 2 Firm milk containers 2 Nuts 1 Fur-lined mixing bowl 1 Firm banana Directions: 1. Look into laughing eyes. 2. Spread well-shaped legs with loving arms. 3. Squeeze and massage milk containers very gently. 4 Gently add firm banana to mixing bowl, working in And out until well creamed. For best results. Continue To knead milk containers. 5. As heat rises, plunge banana deep into mixing bowl And cover with nuts, leave to soak (preferably NOT Overnight). 6. The cake is done when banana is soft. If banana Does not soften, repeat 4 steps 3-5 or change mixing Bowls. Notes: 1. If you are in an unfamiliar kitchen, wash utensils Carefully before and after use. 2. Do not lick mixing bowl after use. 3. If cake rises, leave town.
Hey All
still a newbie on here soo check me out and hope u all have a kick ass week!!!!
I'm A Passionate Poison Chick!
Are All Men Pukes?
I recently wrote a blog on another website entitled "Are All Men Pukes, or is it Just Me?" I wrote it right after I had found out my ex had been cheating. He's a fireman, and most of his fireman "buddies" cheat on their wives, so I guess he joined their "club". Well, the blog was full of bitterness and pain. It did not picture my ex in a very kind light----but then, he deserved it. Then, I wrote an update, not too long ago. In my "research" I determined that all men really are pukes. Liars, cheaters, manipulators, players. I didn't think I would ever meet a man that wasn't a "puke". I was w.... I was wr.... I was wro.... I was wrrrrrrong----there, I said it. I have met one, just ONE man who is not a puke. He's funny, kind, clever, charming, a complete gentleman----and most definitely NOT a puke. So, I am here to find out if he's the ONLY ONE! Help me out here guys----restore my faith in the male gender!!! Show me there are more guys out there like THAT guy!!!
Whats That Number Again
Don't ever rely on my little brother if theres a robbery happening.. and this is why! OUR CONVERSATION... Me: So if he ever shows up call the police Him: whats the number for the police?? Me: UUUUM 911?! Him: OOOH i thought that was the number for the hospital END OF CONVERSATION! LMAO!!!!!!!
My Kids
forgot my bday............ should i forget theirs?
Monday Night
Finally the headache is almost gone... mostly just feeling a bit groggy and tired. Grandpa Dick is home and doing fine. He even made it to the family lunch yesterday. Had a good weekend with David. Didn't really do anything besides play games and watch movies. We do go out to movies and other things sometimes but I really don't push him to do that when he is here. We kind of do whatever makes him happy. My main reason for that is when he is at home his mother has something planned every night. He has no free time to himself. His summer is the same way. When he is home his Mom sends him off to some sort of camp every week. He has asked not to have too much planned when he is here.. so he can just be a kid and have fun. Make sense? I do need to encourage him to get away from the video games some more though. My ankle has felt a bit better. It still pops a lot, but the pain is less. I don't limp around now. Just when I first get up from sitting or laying around. I
Leather Mask
All I see is black and darkness I kind of fell blind, more or less I can't speak nor hear at all But she just made me crawl On my tender parts lie marks For the whippings feel like sparks Her position is what matters And she won't make it worse I then feel a second body on my hands She too acts all her commands Barking, crouching, crawling, purr It doesn't matter to her Both our heads covered in black Both recieving the same smack We are the ones with a leather mask How we put up with it, don't ask
Double Points Durning Happy Hour!!!
Nettle's Embrace
As I lay her down I pet under her black leather gown She squints and groans And I go further untill she moans I notice her sweet perfume smell She wears it often I could tell Biting her lip as I go further I smile and think "Only her..." But then I suddenly stop And her eyes open up She grabs my neck and pulls me forward I think I mite get my reward My lips touch her And I slighly murmer Whatever I say she understands And follows all my demands Her mouth so soft and wet She enjoys as much as I do, I bet Once she gets the taste in her mouth I then go by her, down south
!!!!! Virus!!!!!!!
if someone by the name of undretakeker_blackthunder wants to add you to their list DO NOT ACCEPT IT!!! ITS A VIRUS !!! tell every one on your list b/c if somebody on you list adds them you will get it too. it is a early killer and a very horrible virus. PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE on your list. right click on the group name of your buddies list and click send message to all. copy and paste this message....PLEASE COPY/PASTE AND REPORT ANY CONTACT FROM THIS PERSON AS SOON POSSIBLE TO YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER OR LOCAL F.B.I. OFFICE..... (repost of original by 'Drkangel6 need down time luv ya gang be back later' on '2007-03-18 10:42:45') (repost of original by 'Sora' on '2007-03-18 10:56:33') (repost of original by 'Twiztid Juggalo 2Dope CT Husband To Twiztit' on '2007-03-18 11:36:32') (repost of original by 'NORMA JEAN MEMBER # 33 OF THE BOMB SQUAD' on '2007-03-18 13:53:11') (repost of original by 'whiteangel2229,lifehubbygranadaghia75,CTWIFEofDixieDarlinfamilymemberof GIT-R-DO
Youth is the gift of nature,but age is a work of art..Garson Kanin Beauty comes in all ages,colors,shapes and forms. God never makes Junk....Kathy Ireland We need old friends to help us grow old and new friends to help us stay young...Letty Cottin Pogrebin sometimes you have to scream on the way down
From Texas To Califorina
from Texas came back and put them on their asses at the bottom. CALIFORNIA: - I can wear sandals all year long - I go to the Beach - not "down to the shore" -Our chicks are WAYYYY hotter than yours. Well...Miami can hang. - I say "like" and "for sure" and "right on" and "dude" and "totally" and "peace out" and "chill" and "tight" and "bro" and I say them often - I know what real cheese & avocados taste like -Everyone smokes weed and its no big deal -We'll roll up 40 deep when something goes down. -I live next door to Mexicans, but we call them American's! -All the porn you watch is made here, cause we're better and thats how it is - I don't get snowdays off because theres only snow in Mammoth, Tahoe, Shasta, and Big Bear - I know 65 mph really means 100 - When someone cuts me off, they get the horn and the finger and high speed chase cuz we dont fuck around on the road - The drinking age is 21 but everyone starts at 14 (legally 18 if you live c
"stamp Tramps" And "hook Ups"
I have delayed writing this blog because I wanted to sort out my thoughts after watching the Tyra show the other day where she had a panel of gals that loved to party and have sex with guys and some guys who offered their opinions on gals who play. It was interesting to hear about the guys' viewpoint. They referred to the gals that had tats in the small of their backs as "stamp tramps" because they feel that the only reason that gals do that is to have guys attention drawn to them and the goods in their pants, hence the nickname of "stamp tramps". Of course, not all gals do that for that reason only, but when you think about it many do. As the show went on, it was further revealed that one of the girls spoken up (unplanned) about how she had been raped long ago and how part of the reason why she has sex with guys is to get back at them with the same non-feeling that they had when they raped her. This part of the show hit me like a brick wall. I had put aside my memories of
Am I Your Fan?
Check and see if I'm a FAN of yours.If so, and you have a smoking hott picture it WILL probably be in my "SPECIAL FOLDER" titled "~~`sEAN tHA rIPPER`~~" CHECK IT OUT!!!!! COMMENT AND RATE PLEASE LET THEM KNOW HOW HOTTTTTT YOU ARE BABE!!!
There is a hole in me right this moment in time........left by the woman that suffered and gave me life. I rejoice that she finally is completely beyond the pain & suffering she went thru..............her last 5 years she devoted to caring for my Sweet Step Dad.......despite her pain, her blindness...diabetes, heart problems, she gave up on her own health to make certain her promise to him was kept. She told us all that for as long as she could, she would love and care for him so he would never have to go to a nursing home. We had no clue this was coming! But, thank God she finally rests and I WILL see her again, soon.she was only 16 years older than I............Please, all of you that still have your Mom's. NEVER take them for granted, do not let a day pass that you do not tel them you love them! Life is a whisper, soon adrift on the breezes
I Was Inspired To Post My Poetry On Beauty While Looking At Pictures Here On Ct
Hair that falls and frames the face Angelic features in their place Catching my eye and hold my gaze Wild tresses that do completely amaze For the set off the beauty so naturally I hold my wonder at all that can be For beauty is only skin deep is true Yet for me only the messy will do No reason and rhyme can ever explain Why wild haired beauty ignites the flame That burns inside with deepest desire That wild hair beauty set my soul on fire R. Thomas Dinsmore The poetry of beauty She sits and looks at me with eyes that do ensnare my soul I think of her and wonder if her smile she does control This silent siren that leads the heart to thoughts of wildness how would beauty feel if I did hold her in my sweet caress on to the next stop and find if the world does rise on her I sit here and stare into beauty's eyes till all the worlds a blur A private world of peace and happiness for only two to share Seeking the wonder of her soul and finding none to compare
My Italian Stallion
Just heard a song in someone's stash that normally makes me smile, but for some reason, tonight, it's making me miss someone I love dearly, but have not seen in years. (I put this blog under this category, because he is the one that told me Virginia incarcerates according to the gender you were born with.) I still miss him, and probably always will, even if I'm in love with someone else. He'll always be my one that got away. He's the only man that treated me with respect, protected me, truly loved me. He treated me like a queen. I never felt that I was in want of anything I didn't have when I was with him, except to be able to always be with him. Life played out in a cruel way to each of us, first by seperating us unwillingly, then by shredding our inner selves, turning us both into people we never thought we'd be, nor could we stand to be. I found him several years ago, but life was not yet done tormenting us. My life has smoothed out, and I'm actually the happiest I've been
Tha Storie That I Am Writing As A Book Right Now
In the 283 B.C. In a far away land, there lived a princess and she worked as a exotic dancer three blocks from her parents castle. She worked from Monday thru Friday and hours she worked were 6pm at night until 8am the next morning and then when the weekend came she would help the homeless around the city and after she got back home and she parents got upset with her and she said calmy to her parents and it is her money and she works hard for it and he princess told her father if he don't help out with the rent and everything else and she will put them out the door and they will become homeless and that scared him and the next day came and he went out and started puting in appts for jobs and he waited and three months and then one of the company's that he put in for an appt as a cashier and he got the job and the next day and he went in and he took tha day shift as he's daughter toke her nights at tha exotic palace where she worked and and he came home one day and he went walking
New Pics
i have two new pics in my default and three pics of my belly in a new folder check em out
Worlds Change Part Ii (formerly Where Am I?)
To reiterate, having strayed from the path I find that I am actually happier than having stayed. Looking back at what I left only makes that fact even more clear in my mind. What I see is actually quite perplexing, and I wonder why did I stay as long as I did? Why did I stay on a path that leads to an untimely demise? Then it comes to me. I couldn't see what was ahead of me. The path I was on had all but blinded me from the truth that is my life. Robbing me of a way to escape what was to come, but somehow I did. And that is the most disquieting detail, the fact that I did. I must find out how. So having found a ray of light in this darkness that is my past, and come to think of it my newly discovered future, I trudge on looking for more. Trying to shed more on this dismal place I've stumbled upon.
Worlds Change, That's Just How It Goes.
My world seems to have turned upside down but by what I can't fathom.The path that I was on somehow disappeared beneath my feet. But I keep on walking, and it seems that straying from the path I was set orginally set on is good. Better than perhaps having stayed in the first place. Everything is new and exciting even though I can't quite get a grip of what I truly want. Maybe it's because I don' know. I don't know what is destined for me, and I find. . . I like it.
Remembering Her
She was the stable of our lives. Threw the good and the bad between the right and the wrong, She made us smile and made us cry We in turn did the same. She was loving and caring she was beautiful and strong. She was our guiding light in times of darkness and was our hand when we fell. She was My Mate in the past, She was the heart that beat within my chest, And was the heart and soul of the packlands. We will not allow this place to fall not ever. This is what she made and we must vow to always keep it up. We must never ever stop loving one another , We are a pack together, The strength of the wolf is the pack the strength of the pack is the wolf. We must be here for one another no matter what happens. So this is my Dedication to a love that will never fade away. To my loving Spirit, We did not always see eye to eye and we had so many problems we might not of worked out but i never stopped loving you, You became my mate here again and i felt as though i was complete once aga
Advice To Young Men
Advice to Young Men Date: 2007-02-15, 9:08AM PST Advice to Young Men 1. Donít pick on the weak. Itís immoral. Donít antagonize the strong without cause, its stupid. 2. Donít hate women. Itís a waste of time 3. Invest in yourself. Material things come to those that have self actualized. 4. Get in a fistfight, even if you are going to lose. 5. Donít join the military, unless you want to risk getting your balls blown off to secure other peopleís economic or political interests. 6. If something has a direct benefit to an individual or a class of people, and a theoretical, abstract, or amorphous benefit to everybody else, realize that the proponentís intentions are to benefit the former, not the latter, no matter what bullshit they try to feed you. 7. Donít be a Republican. They are self-dealing crooks with no sense of honor or patriotism to their fellow citizens. If you must be a Republican, donít be a ďconservative.Ē They are whining, bitching, complaining, simple-minded
My Book Intro.
Flick, Flick, Flick, Flick. The sound cuts as the cards are dealt. The clinking ice in the deep amber filled glasses sends shivers, and the chips being tossed in the pot pound and give a cause to wince. Shifting eyes and sweat drenched faces can be seen through the low lone light that hangs in the center. The air is thick with putrid smoke issuing from expensive cigars resting between tight poised lips. The lips belong to the hard emotionless faces . . . The Bosses. "Vell? . . .Vhat is bet Mekyle?" Mekyle small and shaky looks in the direction from which the question was asked. "Vell. . . I. . . I b. . I bet $250." A deep almost demonic chuckle issues from the largest mans throat, Dominic Karkovich.
Music That I Think Is Cool
My 5 Favorite Bands: 1 Iron Maiden 2 Thin Lizzy 3 Judas Priest 4 Venom 5 Death An Album from each Iron Maiden - Live After Death Thin Lizzy - Fighting Judas Priest - British Steel Venom - Black Metal Death - Scream Bloody Gore A song from each Iron Maiden - Aces High Thin Lizzy - Emerald Judas Priest - Grinder Venom - Countess Bathory Death - Beyond the Unholy Grave
As I Mature.....
I've learned: that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. I've learned: that no matter how much I care, some people are just assholes I've learned: that it takes years to build up trust and only suspicion not proof to destroy it I've learned: you can get by on charm for about 15 minutes. After that you better have a big willy or huge boobs. I've learned: that you should not comepare yourself to others.They are more screwed up than you think. I've learned: you can keep vomiting long after you think you are finished. I've learned: we are responsible for what we do unless we are celebrities I've learned: that no matter how hot and steamy a realationship is at first, the passion fades, and there had be alot of money to take its place I've learned: that 99% of the time if something is not working in your house, one of your kids did it I've learned: that the people you care most about are taken away from you
Be Back Later
gonna go watch a lil bit of tv. Keep on voting for your favorite BBW and/or admirer. time to watch dancin with the stars...i gotta see billy ray cyrus. :)
Blonde With Flat
A blonde gets a flat tire on the Interstate one day. So she eases her car over to the shoulder of the road. Our blonde carefully steps out of the car and opens the trunk. She takes out two life-sized cardboard men, unfolds them and stands them at the rear of the vehicle facing oncoming traffic. The cardboard men are in trench coats, both exposing themselves to oncoming traffic. Not surprisingly, the traffic became snarled and backed up with rubber neckers. It wasn't very long before a police officer arrived. The Officer, clearly enraged, approached our disabled blonde yelling, "What in the world is going on here?!" "My car broke down, Officer, I have a flat tire." she says calmly. The officer asks, "Well...what's with these obscene cardboard men here by the road?!" She replied, "Oh...those are just my emergency flashers!" :-)
All Friends,, Family,, And Fans
I have been very sick this last three days I just came on to tell yall why I havent answered anyone these last couple days Hugs Kyttie
First Sign Of True Love
First sign of true love When I first saw you I was afraid to meet you When I first meet you I was afraid to hold you When I held you I was afraid to kiss you When I first kissed you I was afraid to love you Now that I love you Iím afraid to lose you
Here To
I am here to meet new people because the few people that i do know do not talk to me anymore, because i got sick.
Unity Of Male And Female
Unity of Male and Female The Celtic Cross represents the world axis. The Spiritual Bridge between Heaven and Earth The Cross within the circle Unites the principle of male and female Just as the Yin and Yang Represents the good and evil Of all humanity.
I hope you know I love you- You shouldn't have to guess. That you're my one and only. My life, my happiness... For all my dreams. My hopes and plans. Begin ans end with you- The one who's touched. My heart and soul. With love that's real and true!
Hello To All My Friends D Family U Need To Read It Will Be Worth Your While..ty
hey to u all friends, family, fans, this is for all of u...i likeu all to help me out like i try to do for u all as much as i can....i need u all to rate my pic and comment if u like but rate them at least...and rate all my stashes..plz and the first 20 that do...send me a privite message and i do promise i will buy u a swell gift to thank u for helping me out ..i would reall apprecate it alot if u all would do that for me as i do u ..well i hope u all read this and help me out ..ty and i will chat more with yall later thankz stacie ..lots of cherry love
I Love You
" I Love You " Deeper than the Ocean do I love you. Higher than the sky is my obsession for you. I love breathing you, seeing you, feeling you too. These are my true hearts confessions. You prance through my dreams, it's forever it seems, before i get to see you. prancing through my heart, through every part. heating my soul anew. Inside me burns a passion deeper than anyone knew. It preys on your sway, released when i say. Those soft warm words. " I Love You "
RASPUTIN The mad, Mad Monk of Russia . . . He didnít die in the great revolution Some say he made a pack with Satan himself To do his work here on earth. Some say that he drank the blood of priests And others that follow the church And found the secret of immortality. To this day, he seeks revenge On the blood line of the Royal Family And the Eastern Orthodox Church.
One More Day
Just for this morning: I am going to smile when i see your face and laugh when i feel like crying. Just for this morning: I will let you choose what you want to wear and smile and say how perfect it is. Just for this morning: I am going to step over the laundry and pick you up and take you to the park to play. Just for this morning: I will leave the dishes in the sink and Let you teach me how to put that puzzle of yours together. Just for this Afternoon: I will unplug the telephone and keep the computer off and sit with you in the back yard and blow bubbles. Just for this afternoon: I will not yell once, not even a tiny grumble when you Scream and whine for the ice cream truck and I will buy you one if he comes by. Just for this afternoon: I wont worry about what you are going to be when you grown up, Or second guess every decision i have made where you were concerned. Just for this afternoon: I will let you help me bake cookies and I wont stand over you trying
I'm Breaking The Law.....well...maybe I'm Not...
Yeah, I'm become very lazy at, but here it SOTW 14 and this weeks song is a personal fave of mine...BREAKING THE LAW by Judas Priest Song Name - Breaking The Law Artist - Judas Priest Album - British Steel Song Number - 3 of 11 Song Length - 2:35 Lyrics There I was completely wasting Out of work and down All inside it's so frustrating As I drift from town to town Feel as though nobody cares if I live or die So I might as well begin To put some action in my life Breaking the law Breaking the law Breaking the law Breaking the law So much for the golden future I can't even start I've had every promise broken There's anger in my heart You don't know what it's like You don't have a clue If you did you'd find yourselves Doing the same thing too Breaking the law Breaking the law Breaking the law Breaking the law You don't know what it's like Breaking the law Breaking the law Breaking the law Breaking the law There ya have
Note To Heart;;your Amazing
So I was talking to my beebee & I was talking to him about how I felt about him & he said can I say something? & I said yeah thinking oh shit something bad? Then he sent me a poem that he made. Truly blew me away cus I was speechless & said your weird lol. Him: So? lol. Didnt mean for that to come out like that. But it did. Basicly the poem was an I love you,Diffrent but I loved it. Ive always told him he has talent @ writting. Hes wonderful
Ostara: Spring Equinox
You Call It Easter, We Call It Ostara Author: Peg Aloi [a WitchVox Sponsor] Posted: May 1st. 1997 Times Viewed: 129,282 Try this sometime with your children or a young niece, nephew or cousin: on the day of the Vernal or Autumnal Equinox, just a few moments before the exact moment of the equinox, go outside with a raw egg. Find a reasonably level place on the sidewalk or driveway. For a few moments just before and just after the equinox, you can balance the egg upright (wider end down) by simply setting it down on the ground. No kidding! It will stand up all by itself. Kids love this, and most adults are amazed and delighted, too. This little "trick" brings together two of the most potent aspects of this holiday: the balancing of the earth's gravity midway between the extremes of light and dark at Winter and Summer Solstice; and the symbolism of the egg. The egg is one of the most notable symbols of Easter, but, as someone who was raised Catholic and who was never told ex
La La La
just getting a feel for everything here... but while im at it... i guess i can just say, life sux... but i love it There is an Indian legend which says: "when a human dies, there is a bridge they must cross to enter into heaven. At the head of this bridge awaits every animal the human encountered during their lifetime... The animals, based upon what they know of this person, decide which humans may cross the bridge...and which are turned away".... -Unknown yeah, i think ill be okay til i get to th ants & roaches. peace!
A Tribute To My Dad....
"The innocence slips away." This, for all intents and purposes, is a tribute to the remnants of my Dad and his waning health... He is suffering from Alzheimers and is progressively getting worse as the days go by...Its a rough way to go, especially watching him struggle and strain to make complete sentences and remember all the things he cant...His brain is systematically shutting down and dying and he is losing himself in the process... I have come to terms with the eventuality he will no longer remember who I am and who his granddaughter is...The few times I have gone to see him, he has struggled to recall who I am and has needed help in jogging his memory... I do this simple act, not to release myself from the burdens and suffering I have had to endure over the years at his hands, but to remind myself and never lose the memory of the fact that he was my dad...In simplest terms, he wasnt the best dad in the world but he was all I had... Thru him I have fought the GOOD
For All The Guys Who Say, "why Buy The Cow When You Can Get The Milk For Free"...
For all those men who say, "Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free"? Here's an update for you: Now days, 80% of women are against marriage. WHY? Because women realize, " It's not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage". Men are like.... 1. Men are like . Laxatives .... They irritate the crap out of you. 2. Men are like.Bananas ....... The older they get, the less firm they are. 3. Men are like ......Weather Nothing can be done to change them. 4. Men are like ......Blenders You need One, but you're not quite sure why. 5. Men are like Chocolate Bars .... Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips. 6. Men are like . Commercials ....... You can't believe a word they say. 7. Men are like Department Stores ..... Their clothes are always 1/2 off. 8. Men are like ......Government Bonds .... They take soooooooo long to mature. 9. Men are like .... .Mascara . They usually run at the first sign of emotion. 10. Men are like Popcorn ..... They
Dr. Seuss - Directions
"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." -- Dr. Seuss, (1904-1991) (Oh! The Places You`ll Go)
Subject: Thay Walk Among Us-funny... Taken From Another Email From Tammy :)
-------Original Message------- Subject: Thay walk among us They Walk Among Us - you probably know a few Some guy bought a new fridge for his house. To get rid of his old fridge, he put it in his front yard and hung a sign on it saying: "Free to good home. You want it, you take it." For three days the fridge sat there without even one person looking twice at it. He eventually decided that people were too true, so he changed the sign to read: "Fridge for sale ----- Original $50." The next day someone stole it. Caution... They Walk Among Us! ==== One day I was walking down the beach with some friends when someone shouted...."Look at that dead bird!" Someone looked up at the sky and said..."where???" They Walk among us!! ==== While looking at a house, my brother asked the real estate agent which direction was north because, he explained, he didn't want the sun waking him up every morning. She asked, "Does the sun r
What Are You All Waiting For, Its Alot Of Fun!!!!!!!!!
Diet And Exercise
Why can't we all be born with the perfect size 6 body and big boobs? I guess I shouldn't complain..I got the boobs! However..I've started dieting again...God help us all. This may kill us all..I'm not going down alone damn it. I'll take everyone with me if they get in my way. I'm sooo not a good stay out of my way and don't piss me off...cause the next week or so while I detox from chocolate and go thru pms I'm liable to cut you into small pieces and bury you somewhere. Don't say you haven't been warned.
Anouncment Of A Birth In The Family
My little hamsters gave birth this morning to 8 little hairless hamsterlings WOOT they are all live births and healthy so far BTW this is my first blog here on cherry tap
Love is friendship set on fire....Jeremy Taylor. Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship, never....Charles Caleb Colton. The miracle of friendship can be spoken without words...hearing unspoken needs, recognizing secret dreams, understanding the silent things that only true friends know....Unknown. Friendship, said Pooh, is a very comforting thing....A. A. Milne. Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget....G. Randolf. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend forever....George Fox. The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him....Ralph Waldo Emerson. A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway....Fr. Jerome Cummings. True friends
Mmmmm Hmmmm Sexy Lingerie Contest
Text Message Break Up
Just watch it!
Lets Get Some Shoes!
Come On Over And Listen Its Fun come and lsiten a sweet internet radio station tell them i sent ya
I Can Totally Relate!
AN OPEN LETTER TO MR. JAMES THATCHER, BRAND MANAGER, PROCTER & GAMBLE. Dear Mr. Thatcher, I have been a loyal user of your Always maxi pads for over 20 years, and I appreciate many of their features. Why, without the LeakGuard Core or Dri-Weave absorbency, I'd probably never go horseback riding or salsa dancing, and I'd certainly steer clear of running up and down the beach in tight, white shorts. But my favorite feature has to be your revolutionary Flexi-Wings. Kudos on being the only company smart enough to realize how crucial it is that maxi-pads be aerodynamic. I can't tell you how safe and secure I feel each month knowing there's a little F-16 in my pants. Have you ever had a menstrual period, Mr. Thatcher? Ever suffered from "the curse"? I'm guessing you haven't. Well, my "time of the month" is starting right now. As I type, I can already feel hormonal forces violently surging through my body. Just a few minutes from now, my body will adjust and I'll be tr
Real Newspaper Ads-got This In An Email From Tammy :)
REAL NEWSPAPER ADS FREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER. 8 years old. Hateful little dog. Bites. FREE PUPPIES: 1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's dog. FREE PUPPIES... Mother, AKC German Shepherd. Father, Super to leap tall fences in a single bound. FOUND DIRTY WHITE DOG. Looks like a rat ... been out a while. Better be a reward. COWS, CALVES: NEVER BRED. Also 1 gay bull for sale. NORDIC TRACK $300 Hardly used, call Chubby. GEORGIA PEACHES California grown - 89 cents lb. JOINING NUDIST COLONY! Must sell washer and dryer $300. WEDDING DRESS FOR SALE . WORN ONCE BY MISTAKE. Call Stephanie. AND THE BEST ONE : FOR SALE BY OWNER: Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica, 45 volumes Excellent condition $1,000 or best offer No longer needed, got married last month. Husband knows everything!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote Of The Week.... I decided to start a quote of the week thing. Maybe not every week but whenever I happen to think about it. I've seen a few quotes that I like and you see on yahoo they have a favorite quote thing so, I decided I would start one of my own on Cherry tap! Also, it helps get the almight point too! Enjoy!
My Live Webcam Schedule
In case you're wondering when I am Live on my webcam, I'll provide you with a schedule of when and where. Here's my current schedule: Sunday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude House Show) Monday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude House Show) Tuesday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude Group Show) 3/27/07 11:30PM EST (Rude House Show) Wednesday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude Group Show) 11:30PM EST (Rude House Show) Thursday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude Group Show) 3/27/07 11:30PM EST (Rude House Show) Friday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude Group Show) 12AM EST (Rude House Show) Saturday - 10PM EST (My Profile) 11PM EST (Rude House Show) ***I may not be Live at exactly 10PM EST, it could be closer to 10:30PM EST. It all depends when my kids go to sleep. There also may be a night, I won't b
For My Friends Copy and Paste that.. it's for you and how I feel about my friends. I love you all Cassie
Ok, I've put a guest book on my profile now. So please come by and add yourself to it for me!
Starting Point
have you ever come to the conclusion that some point in your life you have to start being true to yourself and not caring what others think of u in the process. Recently I have. I am learning to be myself and relax in everyday life and i am finding myself more content and happy. I just want to be liked for me and who i really am and i am finding that i have made more friends recently who i really like to be around just a thought.
Don't Let Me Go (poem #352)
Don't let me go, please don't walk away Turn to me promise you will stay. Don't let me go, Don't break my heart Don't you leave and tear us apart. Don't let me go, don't say were thru Because there's no way to get over you.
E-mail Mistake
An Illinois man left the snowballed streets of Chicago for a vacation in Florida. His wife was on a business trip and was planning to meet him there the next day. When he reached his hotel, he decided to send his wife a quick e-mail. Unable to find the scrap of paper on which he had written her e-mail address, he did his best to type it in from memory. Unfortunately, he missed one letter, and his note was directed instead to an elderly preacher's wife whose husband had passed away only the day before. When the grieving widow checked her e-mail, she took one look at the monitor, let out a piercing scream, and fell to the floor dead. At the sound, her family rushed into the room and saw this note on the screen: Dearest Wife, Just got checked in. Everything prepared for your arrival tomorrow. Your Loving Husband. P.S. Sure is hot down here
Kudos To Jeremy
Take the time to read his blogs...fascinating and well written, not many on here actually know how to express themselves. Too many on here playing the popular game...point me add god i can't live my life without making another level. And these bullshit contests if u live on here that much that u have to bomb a person 1000+ times to win whatever "prize" so u have 15 mins of online fame...then go stick your head in the toilet now. This place has some cool people..but these point whores are starting to overrun the place and need to be stopped. Taking the fun out of this folks.
New Fantasy Story
We were having a very fun evening. You were wearing the crotchless panties with the blue butterfly and the beige net blouse. I had tied your hands and feet to the bed so you were lying there spread-eagled. You looked so beautiful. You were smiling at me in anticipation. I pulled the scarf off the shelf and moved up to wrap it around your head, covering your eyes. I kissed your cheeks, and eyes and lips. Then I blindfolded you. I trailed my fingers gently down your body. I started behind your ears. Drew them slowly down your throat. Then up over your beautiful breasts, pausing to excite each nipple. Down over your tummy, while I hummed my Ďtickle song.í You began to giggle and thrash a bit. I let my fingers linger on your pussy for just a moment before I moved away. You heard me leave the room. Your mind was racing as you waited for my return. What was I doing? Where did I go? You heard me come back into the room. I leaned down and whispered in your ear. ďDonít speak. Doní
Nurse Nancy
Two doctors are in the hallway complaining about nurse Nancy. ''She's out of control!'' the first doctor says. ''She does everything backwards. Just last week I told her to give a man two milligrams of morphine every ten hours, she gave him 10 milligrams every two hours, he alomost died!'' ''That's nothing,'' said the second doctor, ďearlier this week I told her to give a man an enema every 24 hours, she tried to give him 24 enemas in one hour!'' All of a sudden they heard a blood curldling scream from down the hallway. ''OH MY GOD! I just realized that I told nurse Nancy to prick Mr. Smiths boil!'''
Why Do You Come Here?
Ya know, I just spent 20 minutes of my life reading a blog by someone I expected to be impressed with... only to find out in the end it's just another "This is an evil person!!" blog. I hate those... especially the ones that someone feels the need to point out that they don't care how evil this person is... just that they've been tracking them for weeks now and gathering all this evil data about thier evilness. Ya uh huh, you spent how long, and you're telling me you don't care? Either you're lying or you're just a REALLY sad masochist. So then I started typing a message here... hit the wrong button... and since the site's not smart enough to help you, my page changed and POOF... data all gone. Happens all the time, usually it's a message coming on the shoutbox and you hit delete and the browser changes back a page... and POOF message all gone. So I started thinking... why DO I come here? I mean really... at LEAST 50% of the bulletins are full of "add me rate me fan me" or "add h

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