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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Australia
The questions below about Australia are from potential visitors. They were posted on an Australian Tourism Website, and the answers are the actual responses by the website officials, who obviously have a sense of humor. Q: Does it ever get windy in Australia? I have never seen it rain on TV, how do the plants grow? (UK). A: We import all plants fully grown and then just sit around watching them die. Q: Will I be able to see kangaroos in the street? (USA) A: Depends how much you've been drinking. Q: I want to walk from Perth to Sydney Ė can I follow the railroad tracks? (Sweden) A: Sure, it's only three thousand miles, take lots of water. Q: Is it safe to run around in the bushes in Australia? (Sweden) A: So it's true what they say about Swedes. Q: Are there any ATMs (cash machines) in Australia? Can you send me a list of them in Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, and Hervey Bay? (UK) A: What did your last slave die of? Q: Can you give me some information about hippo r
Posted This Under Wrong Plog Last Time ... Oppsy
My Bar Tab Was What!!
So it's Sunday and I'm feeling like Shit! The flash backs from last night are pretty fuzzy. And my never ending struggle of worshiping the porceilin God are Wonderful! (That was sarcastice incase you didn't catch the undertone)But boy was I having Fun though! least that's what I keep telling myself. So I went out with a girlfriend to a near by country bar last night to drink some beer. I said I had no intentions of getting drunk because I was going to come into work today. But I'm guessing about the third pitcher I had thrown out the concept of making it to work. So a couple more pitchers, about a dozen shots of rumpelmintz , I was apparently the life of the party. And so was my CREDIT CARD! I was buying shots for the table. I guess it was like 1:45a.m and "Last Call" was announced so I decided to close my Tab out! My freaking bar tab was $185.00 I almost sobered up for a minute! Na..not really! Thank God for Credit!.. So my lesson learned!..Only take cash from
Rooom Names
ok guys me n my otehr half need your help were lookin for room names for the new lounge were gonna make so post them on this blog or send them in a message dont leave them on cometns tho plss
Very Sad Ending To Final Fantasy X
What Kind Of Sexy Girl Are You ?
You Are Fun Sexy You're funny, quirky, cute, and sassy. Guys always have a great time with you, and that alone is sexy. You've got an upbeat, optimistic spirit that totally shines through. Any guy would be crazy to turn you down! What Kind of Sexy Girl Are You?
Nuns & Soap, Enjoy!!
Nuns & Soap Two priests are off to the showers late one night. They undress and step into the showers before they realize there is no soap. Father John says he has soap in his room and goes to get it, not bothering to dress. He grabs two bars of soap, one in each hand, and heads back to the showers. He is halfway down the hall when he sees three nuns heading his way. Having no place to hide, he stands against the wall and freezes like he's a statue. The nuns stop and comment on how life-like he looks. The first nun suddenly reaches out and pulls on his manhood. Startled, he drops a bar of soap. "Oh look" says the first nun, "it's a soap dispenser". To test her theory the second nun also pulls on his manhood...sure enough he drops the second bar of soap. Now the third nun decides to have a go. She pulls once, then twice and three times but nothing happens. So she gives several more tugs, then yells! "Holy Mary, Mother of God - Hand Lotion too!" Lmfa
Blocked People
isn't it funny how when you block someone from your profile, they don't get the picture that you don't want them in it. i mean if i wanted them to have anything to do with my profile, i would not have blocked them in the first place. i left myspace because of certain people and guess what not even 2 days later, at least one of them shows up on here... i don't want to have to leave CT because of those certain people. stay out of my profile/life... worry about your own pathetic life/profile..... enough said......... Make your Comments HEARD using
How Bitchy Are You?
You Are 54% Bitchy Generally, you're an average woman, with average moods. But sometimes... well, watch out! Sometimes, you let your mean side get the better of you. And you enjoy every minute of it. How Bitchy Are You?
Big Mans Winners
Survey From Fes
1) Are you an Aunt/Uncle? Not biologically. 2) Can you do a cartwheel? I think I'd smack myself in the face with my boobs if I tried. 3) What was the last movie you saw in theaters? No idea. 4) Do you eat vegetables regularly? Yep love veggies 5) If you were going to get a body piercing, where would you get it? Probably my hood 6) Do you consider hanging out with someone of the opposite sex behind your significant others back cheating? No, Sean knows any time I'm spending time with any of my friends, female or male. 7) What is the weather like right at this very moment? Snowing like a bastard! Damn noreasters. 8) What is something that you can't wait for? The 2007 New England Rally! Wewt! 9) How many times have you been to Canada? Bunch! I love Montreal, went to Vancouver a lot when I lived in Wa. 10) Have you ever had a reptile as a pet? Bunch of them! Turtles, geckos, snakes, alligator, all kinds of reptiles. 11) What is your favorite fruit?
He calls to me across the miles Night winds carry his whispers They float on the breeze and through my windows Falling gently upon my ears - Hush - I hear him now. He calls to me from the heavens Glittering stars cannot compare to the sparkle of his eyes When he looks at me, I am consumed by the fire I see him now. He calls to me through my dreams Dancing together in the shadows of my sleep Where we laugh and love once again I am in his arms I feel him now. He calls to me Every moment of every day Distance couldn't keep us apart When destiny drew us together I'll hold him for eternity As long as he keeps calling.
Do You Think They Care?
Here I sit sit all alone once again. Do you think they care? I know better. Why do I try try to hide the pain inside. Do you think they care? I know better. Alone I cry cry in silent misery Do you think they care? I know better. Now I die die to finally live. Do you think they care? I know better. Now they realize realize they could have stopped it Do you think they care? They do, but it's too late.
Death Of My Heart
Why must you kill me? Squeeze the life out of me. Drain everything from within me. My flesh hardens waiting for your touch. Silence of your voice deafens me. I wither starving of your taste. Without you I am dying slowly. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Till I am no more alive than our love. An empty shell, blind I sit. Listless in an empty world. Waiting for peace.
Forever Embrace
My heart hurts. A pain which burns so deep, ravaging even my soul. Weeks worth of tears build to insurmountable heights. I am drowning in them. This has to stop. As the darkness fills my eyes, eternal sleep is on the horizon. It beckons to me. It waits with open arms. Welcoming me home. Safe at last I dream of you. A dream from which I will never awake. You, me, our love forever. Nothing or no one can touch us now. Here in our peaceful bliss. You reach out to me. I run into your arms. Our forever embrace.
The First
be gentle with's my first time
Grandma burned the biscuits Nearly took the house down with it Now sheís in assisted liviní We all knew that day would come We knew she was too gone to drive The day she parked on I-65 Found her on the shoulder cryiní She didnít know where she was Itís like her mind just quit Oh, but bring up grandpa Itís like someone flipped a switch Chorus A front porch light and blue Desoto Couple of straws in a Coca-Cola You could see it all goiní down A handsome boy in army green A tear on his face, down on a knee Shaky voice, a diamond ring Sheíll put you in that town Tomorrow she wonít remember what she did today But just ask her about Ellsworth, Kansas 1948 She takes out his medals A cigar box of letters Sits and scatters pictures Black and whites of days gone by We started losiní her when she lost him But to hear her carry on Youíd swear sheís seventeen again Chorus Football games and leaves are crackliní Walking her home in his letter jacket You
Wife's "love Letter" To Husband - She's Really Sorry!
Be sure to read P. S. at the bottom. To my darling husband, Before you return from your overseas trip I just want to let you know about the small accident I had with the pick up truck when I turned into the driveway. Fortunately not too bad and I really didn't get hurt, so please don't worry too much about me. I was coming home from Wal-Mart, and when I turned into the driveway I accidentally pushed down on the accelerator instead of the brake. The garage door is slightly bent but the pick up fortunately came to a halt when it bumped into your car. I am really sorry, but I know with your kind-hearted personality you will forgive me. You know how much I love you and care for you my sweetheart. I am enclosing a picture for you. I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again. Your loving wife. XXX ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? P.S. Your girlfriend called.
Firehouse - Life Goes On
When I met a medicine man, he said, "Don't just lie in bed Every cure for what you need is in your head!" He said, "You don't need a compass or a map to find your way Just don't give up and give it all you got, each and every day!" Chorus: You got to pick yourself up, 'cause life goes on No matter where you end up, life goes on You've just got to get up, 'cause life goes on And don't you ever give up, 'cause life goes on.... Well it ain't some kind of secret or some special master plan Just be yourself and do the best you can And here's a little lesson to get you on your way Just don't give up, give it all you got, each and every day
Cool Thing
We were wrapped up in a blanket Red wine buzz kickiní in A little Sarasota moonlight Driftwood fire burniní She was on break from Ohio State And I was down there selliní parasail rides Just another summer day Till I strapped her in and watched her fly Chorus Talk about a sunset All I could see were purples and reds And her silhouette waviní goodbye She didnít come there lookiní for love And the cool thing was Neither did I and neither did I She dipped down in the water As I slowed down holdiní that line Wet T-shirt on a two piece We ditched that boat and hung outside And we walked ankle deep in ocean You know that place where footprints disappear Just like that eveniní she drove away Itíll be burned in my mind for a million years Woo, woo, woo
What Hurts The Most
I can take the rain On the roof of this empty house That donít bother me I can take a few tears now and then And I just let Ďem out Iím not afraid to cry every once in a while Even though goiní on with you gone still upsets me There are days every now and again I pretend Iím okay But thatís not what gets me Chorus What hurts the most Was being so close And haviní so much to say And watchiní you walk away And never knowiní What couldíve been And not seeiní that loviní you Is what I was tryiní to do Itís hard to deal with the pain Of losiní you everywhere I go But Iím doiní it Itís hard to force that smile When I see our old friends and Iím alone Still harder gettiní up, gettiní dressed, liviní with this regret But I know if I could do it over I would trade, give away All the words that I saved in my heart That I left unspoken Not seeiní that loviní you Thatís what I was trying to do Oooo, Oooo, Oooo Ė
My Wish
I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow And each road leads you where you want to go And if youíre faced with the choice and you have to choose I hope you choose the one that means the most to you And if one door opens to another door closed I hope you keep on walkiní Ďtil you find the window If itís cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile But more than anything, more than anything Chorus My wish for you Is that this life becomes all that you want it to Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small You never need to carry more than you can hold And while youíre out there gettiní where youíre gettiní to I hope you know somebody loves you And wants the same things too Yeah, this is my wish I hope you never look back but you never forget All the ones who love you And the place you left I hope you always forgive and you never regret And you help somebody every chance you get Oh, you find Godís grace in every mistake And always give mo
all friend and fan like comment i am good man.
im 10 weeks prego tomorro and so far so good. there are no problems and everything is going as it should. i plan on posting the ultra sound pics when i go get one done so stay tuned also later on in the pregency im going to do a few poles like if its a boy or girl and what month it will be born. so stay tuned for the fun lmao to thouse i care about love you miss you for thouse i dont know have a good day and if i dont like you what the hell are you doing reading this.
You feel like a candle in a hurricane Just like a picture with a broken frame Alone and helpless, like youíve lost your fight But youíll be alright, youíll be alright Chorus ĎCause when push comes to shove You taste what youíre made of You might bend Ďtil you break ĎCause itís all you can take On your knees you look up Decide youíve had enough You get mad, you get strong Wipe your hands, shake it off Then you stand, then you stand Lifeís like a novel with the end ripped out The edge of a canyon with only one way down Take what youíre given before itís gone And start holdiní on, keep holdiní on Every time you get up and get back in the race One more small piece of you starts to fall into place Ė yeah Yeah then you stand Ė yeah Yeah, baby Woo hoo, Woo hoo, Woo hoo Then you stand Ė yeah, yeah
I'm Here 4 U
~~~ I'M THERE FOR U ~~~ Our friendship means so much to me, Better friends there could never be! We treat each other with the best of care And feelings in our hearts we share. You cheer me up when I am down, And you can take away my frowns! We can always share a special smile, For our friendship has a special style. The secrets we share we'll always keep because our friendship is forever deep. Our friendship will be always true, You're there for me, and I'm there for you! Have A Wonderful Day An Night Thanks For Being My Friend Hugs Trouble
Kanye West Is Da Bomb!
So here I was sitting in front of the television watching mtv when they first announced that kanye was coming to my town ! omigod !! I almost had a coronary..then i pulled myself together and sent a mass email to my girls getting them to watch kanye with me ! After several weeks of anticipation, we finally got to that glorious day. We were like 4 hours ahead of schedule and after eating and what nots came back to Stadium Negara where the concert was at and started lining up. There were like people everywhere!! pushing and tugging (it was free seating where we were LOL) and can u imagine the moment we reached the stadium the crows was awesome ! The floor where there were people standing was open..and gues what?! I went straight up to the front and watched Kanye sing for 1 1/2 hours !! he was so close it was unbelievable !! He was singing, and stuff and the crowd went wild! I think that the highlight of everything was when he stopped the show for awhile and said..
New Playlist
Changed the playlist, unfortunately couldn't find all the songs I had, had, but this one works a lot better.
Horny - Scope's Lol
AQUARIUS - Jan 21 - Feb 19 Ruling Planet: URANUS. The God of unexpected sexual twists and turns Aquarians make much better friends than lovers, but when a typical Aquarian gets some bang-bang, it's more an intellectual experience than an emotional one. Looks aren't important to Aquarians in a relationship, it's the mind and spirit of a lover that turns Aquarius on. They are very entertaining in bed and are probably the most inventive of all the signs. Mental stimulation is more important to them than physical, which means that pornography gets them hot! Aquarians are impatient and like sex to be fast and satisfying. They are very particular about hygiene and contraception and sleeping around holds little interest for them. FAVE POSITION : Mutual masturbation. BEST SEX TOY: A Dildo. Whether gay, straight, male or female, Aquarians will have some fun with this. AQUARIUS FEMALE IN BED She's looking for a lover who will be upfront with her, but until she finds him,
Wondering Thru The Day
as I sit here viewing pics sending comments I wonder? what are the poeple thinking? the people that I'm looking at. are they enjoying the comments? do they get to joke? O.M.G. did I offen someone? maybe that person thinks I'm a freak.... he he I hope soo ....well I am !!!!! lol see that's what I mean... did you get it? AHHHH i get it now duhhhhh!!! I'm thinking too much .... NEVERMIND!!!!
So live life and don't let others judge you as we are all created equal. OOps except women they are to be placed upon a pedestal and worshipped for their inner and outer beauty.
Hold Your Head High!
~~~~~~~ HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH ~~~~~~~ Standing for what you believe in regardless of the odds against you, and the pressure that tears at your resistance Courage. Keeping a smile on your face when inside you feel like dying, for the sake of supporting others Strength. Stopping at nothing and doing what's in your heart that you know is right Determination. Doing more than is expected, to make another's life a little more bearable, without uttering a single complaint Compassion. Helping a friend in need, no matter the time or effort, to the best of your ability Loyalty. Holding your head high And being the best you know you can be when life seems to fall apart at your feet, Fortitude. Facing each difficulty with thoughts that time will bring you better tomorrows, And never giving up... Confidence. I Believe In You Friend, Have A Great Day Hold Your Head High
April 15th!
Just takin a little time to thank all my friends 4 the love! If your my friend and u know it clap your hands! I know, Im silly!
Oral Sex
I went and saw MCR last night. They did an awesome job, I guess. lol. I had more fun at Katy's grandmother's though. :] I'm going to a surprise party in a little bit though to eat some crawfish. :] yum yum yum. my prom shoes are cuteee!
Vampires In Myth And History
VAMPIRES IN MYTH AND HISTORY by Beverley Richardson Vampire myths go back thousands of years and occur in almost every culture around the world. Their variety is almost endless; from red eyed monsters with green or pink hair in China to the Greek Lamia which has the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a winged serpent; from vampire foxes in Japan to a head with trailing entrails known as the Penanggalang in Malaysia. However, the vampires we are familiar with today, although mutated by fiction and film, are largely based on Eastern European myths. The vampire myths of Europe originated in the far East, and were transported from places like China, Tibet and India with the trade caravans along the silk route to the Mediterranean. Here they spread out along the Black Sea coast to Greece, the Balkans and of course the Carpathian mountains, including Hungary and Transylvania. Our modern concept of the vampire still retains threads, such as blood drinking, return from death,
My Soul
You Are a Newborn Soul You are tolerant, accepting, and willing to give anyone a chance. On the flip side, you're easy to read and easily influenced by others. You have a fresh perspective on life, and you can be very creative. Noconformist and nontraditional, you've never met anyone who's like you. Inventive and artistic, you like to be a trendsetter. You have an upbeat spirit and you like almost everything. You make friends easily and often have long standing friendships. Implusive and trusting, you fall in love a little too easily. Souls you are most compatible with: Bright Star Soul and Dreaming SoulWhat Kind of Soul Are You?
~~ Friendship ~~ Many people will walk in and out of your life. But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. To handle yourself, use your head; To handle others, use your heart. Anger is only one letter short of danger. If someone betrays you once, it is his fault; If he betrays you twice, it is your fault. Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people. He, who loses money, loses much; He, who loses a friend, loses much more; He, who loses faith, loses all. Beautiful young people are accidents of nature. Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself. Friends, you and me...... You brought another friend ... And then there were 3 . We started our group .. Our circle of friends..... There is no beginning or end .... Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. Hugs Trouble
Forgive And Forget
Iíll forgive, It doesnít matter what you do, You know this love and all I have, Will always be here for you. Iíll forget, Anything you ask me to, If you donít like when I bring it up, My words Iíll think them through. Iíll love, Even if you donít want me to, Obsession, call it want you want, But this is the one promise that Iíll always keep for you, Iíll live, You know my dreams are all I see, Our life is what its for, Iím going to be the best that I can ever truly be. Iíll trust, Anything you ever say, I put you higher then these fools, And that is where youíll stay. Iíll Forget, Iíll love, Iíll live, Iíll trust and Iíll forgive, My love will never go away, This is all I have to give. -Dennis Mayer
"real Vampires"
"Real Vampires"-how can this be anything but a contradiction in terms? We all know about vampires. Stock characters of fiction, guaranteed box-office draws, the media vampire has been familiar to us since childhood. Generally speaking, our blood-suckers appear with a tongue planted firmly in one toothy cheek-from Bela Lugosi hamming it up in the 1950's, to last summer's teenage "vamp" movies, to Count Chocula breakfast cereal, the media seldom treat the vampire as truly fearsome. The stereotyped vampire traits are familiar to any child: vampires have big fangs, sleep in coffins, are instantly incinerated by sunlight, and are best dispatched by a stake through the heart. But the most important "fact" that we all know of course is that there are no such things. Of course, in terms of the mythical, literary and cinematic conventions, we are correct: there are no "legions of the undead" stalking the unwary. We have explained the folklore with politics, misunderstood diseases, and hyster
News On Kanye~he Was In Malaysia Folks !!
Get ready for Kanye West By VIVIENNE PAL RAPPER Kanye West made headlines recently when he ordered an Indian meal delivered from Wales to New York for a whopping £2,000 (RM13,600) or so. West will soon be making headlines again, although this time in Malaysia and for different reasons. His first time: West will be performing in Malaysia for the first time. Ė AP The rapper will be performing at the Kanye West Touch the Sky Tour concert extravaganza at Stadium Negara on the evening of April 8, and bringing the F1 excitement to a feverish close. This is Westís first appearance in Malaysia. ďActually, Westís performance is the first in South-East Asia and the only one in the region for the moment,Ē said Pineapple Concert chairman Razlan Razali, a Kanye West fan himself. Pineapple Concert is instrumental in bringing in West as well as Earth, Wind and Fire who will be performing at the Fantasy Gala Concert at the KL Convention Centre on April 6. West will
A Powerful Word
The Most Powerful Word? Well, SHIT... Shit may just be the most powerful word in the English language. You can be shit faced, shit out of luck, or have shit for brains. With a little effort, you can get your shit together, find a place for your shit or decide to shit or get off the pot. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit and die. Some people know their shit while others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, crazy shits, and sweet shits. There is bull shit, chicken shit. and horse shit You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, or duck when shit hits the fan. You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle. You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit. Some days are colder than shit, some days are hotter than shit, and some days are just plain shitt
My Down Fall.
aiight here is the deal with my life..... about 8 months ago my and my ex that i have 3 great kids with decides the she is going to cheat on me and leave me. so now i moved out into Erie PA. why? still not sure. I feel lonily because the females that i have been meeting cause me to much drama. or are lyers. so i am wondering am i destined to be alone for the rest of my life and unhappy? no clue but it is starting to seem like it.
Biker Wisdom
biker wisdom Body: Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle. Life may begin at 30, but it doesn't get real interesting until about 60 mph! You start the game of life with a full pot o' luck and an empty pot o' experience... The object is to fill the pot of experience before you empty the pot of luck. If you wait, all that happens is that you get older. Midnight bugs taste just as bad as Noon time bugs. Saddlebags can never hold everything you want, but they CAN hold everything you need. It takes more love to share the saddle than it does to share the bed. The only good view of a thunderstorm is in your rearview mirror. Never be afraid to slow down. Don't ride so late into the night that you sleep through the sunrise. Sometimes it takes a whole tank full of fuel before you can think straight. Riding faster than everyone else only guara
How Hot Are You ??
bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle... How Hot Are You? MY RESULT:3rd-Degree Burns Hot Intense, fiery heat that could land someone in the emergency room if theyíre not careful. Daaaaamn, you got some heat. Itís the kind of heat that begs for air conditioning. The kind of heat that weathermen warn you about and your mom wonít let you go outside in unless youíre wearing sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat. Howíd you get so hot? Well, itís probably your hot attitude, your semi-filthy mind, your love to party and your sexy sense of adventure. Or it could just be a faulty thermostat. Either way, yowza!! Take This Quiz!
Various Meanings Of "satanism:"
When people think of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and many other religions, they have at least a general idea of what the religion involves. "Satanism" is an exception. In North America, many people use it as a general-purpose religious "snarl" word. Others consider a wide variety of beliefs and practices as Satanism: bullet Satanists are followers of a Satanic religion: Most religious historians, mainline Christians, liberal Christians, etc., view Satanism as Satanists themselves do: as a very small religious group that is unrelated to any other faith, and whose members feel free to satisfy their urges responsibly, exhibit kindness to their friends, and attack their enemies. There are perhaps ten thousand Satanists in North America. By far the largest Satanic organization is the Church of Satan. Accurate membership numbers are quite impossible to estimate. bullet Satanists are followers of a religion other than Conservative Christianity: Conservative Christians generally believe th
My Karma
You Have Fantastic Karma You are a kind, sensitive, and giving person. And all your good deeds will pay off - if they haven't already. But you're not so concerned with what you get in return anyway. You have an innate caring nature - and nothing can change that!How's Your Karma?
My Online Friend's
~~~~ My Online Friends ~~~~ Maybe you don't look me right in the eye... Maybe you can't ever wipe my tears when I cry; Maybe we can't share some tea and honey... so sweet, Or walk together down a path... or up the street. But, we can still be good friends because, you see... We met on the internet, you and me. And when you have a "cyber" friend it matters not, How you look, what you wear, or what you've got. I don't care if your last name is Smith or Jones or if your size is perfect, plump, or skin and bones. You're there for me and I appreciate you. You've been a pal through thick and thin... You shared my glad times and in my sad times, you made me grin. So I have sent this greeting to you, dear friend so fine... To tell you, I'm So Glad you're a pal of mine. And here's a hug, though not with arms, For that can't be... But it's a "HUG" straight from my heart... To You From Me. Hugs, Trouble
Satanism is a word which has been used since the end of the Middle Ages to describe a number of different belief systems in a number of contexts. People claiming to be Satanistsóor outsiders claiming to describe Satanismóascribe a wide variety of beliefs to Satanism. These range from the literal worship of a malevolent spiritual being (Theistic Satanism); to a kind of subversive ritual performance stressing the mockery of Christian symbols (most notably the Black Mass); to the claimed rediscovery of an ancient but misunderstood religion (e.g. Setianism, which conflates Satan with the Egyptian god Set); to the exaltation of hedonistic recreation, and the celebration of selfishness and pleasure. The most prominent and widely known Satanist in recent years is, and was Anton Szandor LaVey, who founded the Church of Satan in 1966. LaVey wrote The Satanic Bible (1969) and other works which remain highly influential (though controversial) among avowed Satanists. LaVey rejects the Black Mas
Something More
Have you ever had the perfect day ,or been to your favorite spot ,or just spent the day with that special someone and† all you can think of is that there is something missing . I mean everything is perfect (but) you just know something is missing and it is driving you crazy . I have had that feeling all week and it really bugs me because i can't figure out what is missing i just know it is . I hate feeling this way because i know it affects the people around me and that bugs be even more so i try to act as if everything is ok, but there it is in the back of my mind that something matbe even just a small thing but something is missing. Could it be the lag between winter and spring ,the hopes of warm days and cool night breezes or is there some part of me that just is unhappy with my life . I really wish i could find out what it is maybe it's something i forgot or could it be something in my subconscious that has yet to be revieled .††† Does everyone have these feelings or is it just me
People Ask This All The Time.
People Ask" How can you be friends with someone you have never met?" I tell them, "You have never been online, I bet!". It's something people offline will never understand. You open up your heart to friendship with your typing Hands. It's a world full of friendship at your fingertips - there is so much. Online, it only takes a heart to reach people with your touch. First you start out online, surfing all around. Next thing you know a great friend will be found. You will chat a lot and surf cyberspace. Soon it will be your second home, a comforting special place. A Friend to share your dreams and your tears. And to help each other wipe away life's fears. You will share life together and help each other along. You will make it thru bad weather because friendship is so strong. No matter how far apart you go, your keyboards will keep you together. And in your heart you will know you don't need a face to be a true f
My Celtic Horoscope
You Are A Rowan Tree You are full of charm and cheer. You light up a room. And while you crave attention, you do it without ego. You are an interesting mix of contradictions - and very unpredictable. You are both dependent and independent, calm and restless. You are passionate, emotional, gregarious, and (at times) unforgiving.What's Your Celtic Horoscope?
magick Magick is the alleged art and science of causing change in accordance with the will by non-physical means. Magick is associated with all kinds of paranormal and occult phenomena, including but not limited to: ESP, astral projection, psychic healing, the cabala, and chakras. Magick uses various symbols, such as the pentagram, as well as a variety of symbolic ritual behaviors aimed at achieving powers which allow one to contravene the laws of physics, chemistry, etc. Magick should not be confused with magic, which is the art of conjuring and legerdemain. The religions based on the Old and New Testaments have long associated magick with false prophets, based upon the belief that Satan regularly exhibits his powers to and shares them with humans.* Using powers which contravene natural forces is good if done by or through God (white magick), according to this view. Such exhibitions of divine power are called miracles. If done by diabolical forces, it is evil (black magick).
Wicca Wicca is a nature religion based upon beliefs and rites believed to be rooted in ancient practices. Wicca claims a direct connection to the ancient Celtic tradition, which is thought to be more in tune with natural forces than Christianity and other modern religions of the West. However, rather than see Wiccans as members of a religion, it might be more accurate to see them as sharing a spiritual basis in nature and natural phenomena. For Wiccans have no written creed which the orthodox must adhere to. Nor do they build stone temples or churches to worship in. They practice their rituals in the great outdoors: in parks, gardens, forests, yards or hillsides. According to the Wicca FAQ page, "Wicca" is the name of a contemporary Neo-Pagan religion, largely promulgated and popularized by the efforts of a retired British civil servant named Gerald Gardner [late 1940's]. In the last few decades, Wicca has spread in part due to its popularity among feminists and others seekin
Recipe For Friendship
~~~~ Recipe For A Wonderful Friendship ~~~~ 1 cup Courtesy 1/2 cup Patience 1/4 cup Forgiveness 2 cups Understanding 1 cup Encouragement 2 tsp. Unselfishness Stir in a pinch of Praise. Add a dash of Wit and Humor. Season with Faith and Confidence, Put it in a 16 x 9 pan, bake on 350į for a Lifetime and serve with generous portions of Love and Kindness. Have A Tasty Day!!! Thanks, My Wonderful Friend HUGS Trouble
What Is Wicca?
Wicca is an eclectic religious belief system centering around gods, goddesses, and nature worship. Gary Cantrell, a well known Wiccan author says Wicca is based on "harmony with nature and all aspects of the god and goddess divinity."1 Wiccan practice involves the manipulation of nature through various rituals in attempts to gain power, prestige, love, or whatever else a Wiccan wants. It uses symbols in its ceremonies and follows the calendar in reference to Wiccan festivals. Its roots are in ancient agrarian Celtic Society. It is considered Neo Pagan (based on old European and pre-Christian belief systems). Wicca does not have a structure of clergy and/or congregations. But it does have priests and priestesses which are in leadership positions within covens that have witches. The varying traditions of Wicca have different requirements for attaining the level of priest and priestess. Some of the more common varieties of Wicca are 1734, Alexandrian, Celtic, Dianic, Dicordian, Ec
i have fallen prey to the hands of fate once again i see a road i cant use to make amends i think im finally doing ok sometimes i sit and drink the night away but in this life that we lead sometimes our feelings mislead and the head and the heart don't see the same one hates to lose and the other feels shame so then its right back to the start another lonely broken heart I think this time ill take the blame for the sake of keeping things the same the past is long gone now and ive kept it together somehow its all i can do some happiness is overdue i think its time to go back to the start no more loneliness or broken hearts ive laid to rest all the blame no more sorrow no more shame just a man that is finally free it finally feels good to be me
Pin Up Girl Contest!
i just love when you rate people and they cant even give you a curtesy rate
The New Girl
So....we just moved here about a month ago...and I really have no girl friends here. Hoping to make some....if you're a cool chick in the Tampa area looking for a fun, crazy, free-spirited, drama free and non-backstabbing bitch to chill with then hit me up! I have zero tollerance for backstabbing, gossipy, two-faced bitches. If you're fake...don't waste my time! Holla!
The Risk Of Loving
THE RISK OF LOVING There is a risk involved in everything. Every time you share a smile, Every time you shed a tear, You are opening yourself up to hurt. Some people tread slowly through life, Avoiding the closeness risk brings, Sidestepping the things they can't understand, Turning away from those who care too much, Those who care too long, Those who hold too tightly. There is never an easy way to love. You cannot approach it cautiously. It will not wait for you to arm yourself. It does not care if you turn away. It is everywhere, it is everything. Love is the greatest of all risks. It is not reliable, it is not cautious, It is not sympathetic. It is unprejudiced and unmerciful. It strikes the strongest of mind. And brings them to their knees in one blow. Even in the best of times, love hurts. It hurts to need, it hurts to belong, It hurts to be the other part of someone else, Without either of your consen
So, Just What Is A Pagan?
We are not evil. We don't harm or seduce people. We are not dangerous. We are ordinary people like you. We have families, jobs, hopes, and dreams. We are not a cult. This religion is not a joke. We are not what you think we are from looking at T.V. We are real. We laugh, we cry. We are serious. We have a sense of humor. You don't have to be afraid of us. We don't want to convert you. And please don't try to convert us. Just give us the same right we give you--to live in peace. We are much more similar to you than you think. ~Margot Adler When one defines oneself as Pagan, it means she or he follows an earth or nature religion, one that sees the divine manifest in all creation. The cycles of nature are our holy days, the earth is our temple, its plants and creatures our partners and teachers. We worship a deity that is both male and female, a mother Goddess and father God, who together created all that is, was, or will be. We respect life, cherish the free will of sentient bei
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Are U My Special Someone?
i lay awake at night wondering how u feel wondering if u miss me i hope u feel the way i do my heart is in ur hands protect it as it was ur own my feelings for u are true i really really do like u u bring a smile to my face and happiness to my heart sometimes i wish we weren't apart closer to u is where i want to be
Just mostly chatting online. Just posted new picture check it out! It's raining here been raining past 3 days. Gets kind of annoying cause I don't ever wanna work out at gym when there's crappy weather. Another week of college starts again tomorrow. Bites! I love my weekends.
Why We Need Friend's
WHY WE NEED FRIENDS????? We need our friends for many reasons, No matter what the day or season... We need friends to comfort us when we are sad, And to laugh with when we are glad. We need friends to give us good advice, Someone we can count on to treat us nice. We need friends to remember us when we have passed Sharing memories that will always last. We need friends to help us solve our troubles And to share good times so the joy is doubled That's why we need friends... That's why I need YOU! Have A Fabulous Day Everyone Thinking Of You Today And Always Hugs Trouble
Please Help Reno Navada
Hay everyone,, Im looking for this lady named Natasha Viljoen she lives in Reno Navada. If someone could get her a message to call me it would be cool. I am working in Reno for a fue day and want to see her .. Just tell her Larry form Northen ca. wants her to call him.. She knows my number. Thank You, Larry Barcellus
Love Of Muh Life
this bulletin is for the love of muh life kirstie.....she is the most wonderful beautiful sweetest wife ever an i love her more than life itself...if it wasnt for muh wife kirstie i dont know what i would do i would probably lose it....she has changed me for the better an made me look at life in a whole new way......she has made me a better man an actually made me enjoy life now.....i love her very much an nothin or no one will ever change that.....i love u kirstie
My Map Thingahmabob
put your shit on my map i wanna look popular!
Please Help Reno Navada
Hay everyone,, Im looking for this lady named Natasha Viljoen she lives in Reno Navada. If someone could get her a message to call me it would be cool. I am working in Reno for a fue day and want to see her .. Just tell her Larry form Northen ca. wants her to call him.. She knows my number. Thank You, Larry Barcellus
Need To Level Up But Still Sick
Hi to all my lovely cherry fans, friend and love need some points to level me up anyone care to help been in out of bed with back pain so cant sit 4 too long but i better than i was in the last few days but dont want to over do it thank you all that are sending get well i appreciate all the loving and support you know me i do the same for you love your your good awesome and cool they should be more friend like you guys love ya have a great sunday Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
What I See In A Soldier, You Really Amaze Me.
WHAT I SEE IN A SOLDIER, YOU REALLY AMAZE ME!!:-) Standing for what you believe in regardless of the odds against you, and the pressure that tears at your resistance Courage. Keeping a smile on your face when inside you feel like dying, for the sake of supporting others Strength. Stopping at nothing and doing what's in your heart that you know is right Determination. Doing more than is expected, to make another's life a little more bearable, without uttering a single complaint Compassion. Helping a friend in need, no matter the time or effort, to the best of your ability Loyalty. Being the best you know you can be when life seems to fall apart at your feet, facing each difficulty with the confidence that time will bring better tomorrows, and never giving up... Confidence. Have A Fantastic Day or Night It Makes Me Happy To Know You're Part Of My Life An what u do. KEEP UP ALL THAT
You Can't Change Stupid!!
If I could, I would find a way to get this bitch out of my house!! I swear she doesn't realize that she is a quest, and HIS fuck partner, and he uses her because he doesn't have something better to fuck, other than his hand. She is so stupid, and I believe in this case, fugly and stupid is a nasty combination....Wasn't it Ron White who said you can't change stupid? It's so damned true!! She already cause some grief yesterday morning-I think that this is going to be her way....dumb, untrusting, ignorant and snooping bitch!!! Making accusations before thinking! The female numbers in the id coulda been my friends...or his, she needs to think before being stupid...oh wait, yeah-you can't change what you are!! I know that things won't work out with those two, and I can't wait-it stifles me, because I can't have my friends over, and guess what? I MIGHT WANT TO GET LAID TOO!! I might want my friends to come over too. Maybe I should just invite them over, even if she is here, the
A Week And Counting
no smoking for a week now, but i have to tell everyone about the dreams. they're horrible. I've had three so far that i can rememeber. one of my friends that knows someone who took the same medication asked me if i had started to dream yet. i didn't know what she ment at the time. I do now! since then i have asked alot of people if they know anything about it. about half the people i've talked to know someone who had to quit taking the medication because of the dreams. I figure they are just dreams. but I'm sure that if they get any worse i will have to think twice about continuing the meds.
Men And Their Idiotic Ways
I just don't understand men. They flirt and play hard to get and once they get what they want, they only call you when they want the booty. They're moody, worse than a woman, then they play at the silent treatment. Damn it, I'm just so fucking tired of it! The particular man I am speaking of is a guy I dated in high school and always had feelings for. He sweeps back into my life after almost 10 years, totally comes on to me, everything gets all hot and heavy and then...says he doesn't think he can give me what I deserve. WHAT THE FUCK? And I of course, know what he's going through with his ex and his infant daughter, so I figure, I can handle this. I still remain friends with him then he says well I can't commit, but maybe we could know. And me being stupid (rilly rilly stupid!!!)says okay because I figure maybe if we act on the extreme chemistry we have (which we do and that annoys the hell out of me given the current situation) he'll see that we are good toge
We Salute Our Troops
We salute our troops. picture " a big Flag here waving" People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men and women stand ready to do violence on their behalf. picture "a red , white an blue candle's lite here" Our thoughts and prayers go out to the brave men and women of America who are now in the battle front defending freedom. picture " a cross with roses here" May they come home, honorably and victoriously, before we have been apart from them too long and may they all come home safely into the arms of those who love and miss them. Picture " a helacoptor flying here" God Bless each and every one of our young men and women and may He protect and watch over them during this time of conflict. picture " Red ,White an Blue candle's lite here" Love u Guys, come home safely. "UNITED WE STAND" Hugs Trouble
Helloween - I Can
May I take you higher Feed well your desire We wont be forgotten Foes left slain and rotten I will have my way As once before Others stand in awe Cant scorn at all I can, I can, I can Make it all again I dont wanna lose I dont wanna get drowned I can, I can I can Heed the call again Fulfill my dreams until Im cured Some will leave here shattred Wish us tarred and feathered Show me anyone who doubts our ways I will laught out loud and I will say I can, I can, I can Make it all again I dont wanna lose I dont wanna get drowned I can, I can I can Make the call again Can attain evrything to leave you sure I can I can, I can, I can Make it all again I dont wanna lose I dont wanna get drowned I can, I can I can Heed the call again Fulfill my dreams until Im cured
The World Of Ct To A Newbie.......
In my first entry, of which there will be very few, I wish to address the obvious injustice with in our world. This is an obvious place of popularity Mind Screw first of all. If you are female you can rest assure that you will gain "pointz" at least twice as fast as any male. If your Bi make that a third again as fast. I would say twice but now days men are so jaded by the whole Bi/Les delema in our real world lives that we could care less, if your good looking we will admire you for all we can. Back to CT World. Now if your a guy and trying to gain any small amount of acceptance around here you spend twice as long surfing zipcodes to try and view as many people as possible. Rate the Profile, leave a comment, rate some pics. Oh don't be honest about how you feel about those pics, you rate everything a '10', Showin' Luv', in hopes and prayers that someone will take a second out of their lives to return the favor. Once you have been doing this for 5 hours of your day,
Last Nights Fun Nsfw
So my birthday is this week and we decided to celibrate in grand fassion after learning that some friends were throwing a party at a Club Temptations in Dayton. Off we went last night on the long drive to a fun little joint we havent been to in quite some time. hen we got there it was quote packed so we dropped off our coats and bag in a locker, stowed out booze in the cooler opened up a couple and started to cruse the floor chatting with some friends, and seeing some that we had not seen for some time. After about an hour we just could not wait any longer to leave the group and head to the greatest part of the facility, the pool and hot tub! We headed back to the lockers stripped grabbed our towels and headed to the hot tub. Temptations has a heated pool, and a hot tub that seats 30+. When we got there there was only two other couples there and we slid in and enjoyed the watter and conversation for a bit. Our passions started to burn, allong with our bodies in the hot water so we slid
A Soldier's Prayer, Love Ya Troops
~~~ A SOLDIER'S PRAYER ~~~ Dear Lord, Im just a soldier A protector of our land A servent called to battle When my country takes a stand, I pray for strength and courage And a heart that will forgive, For peace and understanding In a world for all to live. My family's prayers are with me, No matter where I roam. Please listen when Im lonely And return me safely home. Amen...come home safely everyone...hugs an kisses to all... Trouble
Sometimes we just need to be reminded! A well-known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a $20.00 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, "Who would like this $20 bill?" Hands started going up. He said, "I am going to give this $20 to one of you but first, let me do this. He proceeded to crumple up the $20 dollar bill. He then asked, "Who still wants it?" Still the hands were up in the air. Well, he replied, "What if I do this?" And he dropped it on the ground and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty. "Now, who still wants it?" Still the hands went into the air. My friends, we have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value. It was still worth $20. Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and
Attention All Djs!!!!!!!
ATTENTION ALL DJS / MIX SHOWS NEEDEDFOR THE ONE AND ONLY / KLUB HOUSE DANCE PARTYKLUB CITY JAMZ / KICK ASS INTERNET RADIO†††††††††††††† Hi, Im MixMasterMcStorm and I have an internet radio station and would love to have your mix shows if you make them, We would like to have them added to the station Friday and Saturday night KLUB HOUSE DANCE PARTY radio show!!! †††††††††††††† Our format is Maintream, Urban, Dance and some Retro!!! Some of you have already got involved and yet we need more to fill up space so we wont have to use repeats more than once a month!!!! We do try to keep up on all new hit jamz and add new music every month like up to 40 or more!!!! The KLUB HOUSE DANCE PARTY runs from 10 pm to 3 am U.S. CST right now but we advertise from 6 pm to 6 am U.S. CST!!! We are unedited and unsensored so dont worry about that part!!! If you are interested in making mix shows for the station, please check out the listed bellow for more info!!!!!MIX SHOW INFOMp3 16 bit stereo at 44100 K
Hi All!
To all, If you stop by please sign my guesbook. I know i get a bunch of you that do stop by, its really easy!. Also i have a voice comment on Its really easy! I love to hear from you ladies, girls, whomever! Also i do have profile on Talk to you later!!!!! XOXO muah! Tim
I Remember
I Remember, Opening My Eyes, Seeing And Hearing News, Crying, I Remember, My Heart Overflowing With Pain And Mourning, My Prayers Endless, Hurt, I Remember, The Shock, How Many Lives Were Lost, Hundreds Dead, For One Man's Evil, I Remember, Hoping, Praying That Families Have Found Their Own, Pain,
Be Careful All Ye Who Seek To Love Her. The Blood Moon Shall Weep, The Lonely Rose Shall Bear No More. She Who Sleeps Shall Awaken, And The Cursed One Shall Rise. All Ye Brethren Seek Ye Not The Silver Rose, For She Who Walks The Night Shall Embrace Unholy Darkness. The Sun Shall Shine Its Rays No More, The World Plunged Into Darkness. They Who Walk The Night In It's Eternity Shall Be One. Ye Who Are Of The Light, Walk Not Under The Blood Moon's Light, They Who Prey On Us Shall Be One Through The Night.
Blast Contest
WOULD YOU LIKE TO WIN a blast? Contest starts at 2 pm Cherry Tap Time (PST) April 20th (That's 5pm EST) & ends April 27th. 1st place - 1 month blast 2nd place - 1 week blast 3rd place - 3 day blast The winners will be determined by the number of comments, unless there's a tie, then the number of rates will come into Effect. Please private message me the link to the photo you would like me to rip (or I'll rip your default.) Please do not leave comments in the bulletins. Please Repost Thanks ♥ Jade ♥ @ CherryTAP (repost of original by '♥ Jade ♥ - Enter my Blast Contest - See Blog for Details' on '2007-04-15 01:03:27') (repost of original by 'Achilles' on '2007-04-15 01:04:59')
You Drive Me Crazy, You Infuriate Me, You Set My Soul Afire. You Annoy Me, You Make Me Wish I Was Somewhere Else, You Bring My soul To Light, I Wish Some Times To Make you Disappear, I Sigh With Frustration, For I Can Never Get Rid Of You.
A Poem Against Terrorism
Such A Destiny To Be Had, Such A Time We Have To Waste, Do We Have No Humanity? Do We As One Country Let This Stop Us? We stand United, One Under God. We Stand United, As One Nation. We Follow Our Leaders, We Go Into Battle. Our Hearts Are Strong, We Are Not Weak. Such A Destiny To be Had, Such A Time To Waste, We Need More Humanity
Okay myspace is starting to piss me off. First off someone hacked into my profile it got fucked up. And they sent out a stupid comment about Target. And I get a comment from one of my friends to change my password, so I did. Then everyone else kept saying I need to change it. I posted a bulletin for all them to read. But then I go and change my settings after what I thought I got everything taken care of. My profile to where I want it again, added a few new things. But I have my profile where you have to know my last name or email address to request the add friend. Well I took that off, oh big mistake. Man, after I did that all these porn sites wanted to be my friend. Gees don't they check shit out on there. At least here you have to request to be on that porn site friend But really myspace is just pissing me off, I keep getting so much spam mail it's not even funny any more.
Cloudy Day
I Was Young Once. On A Cloudy Day Of The Past, And That Day I Cried, For I Had Lost A Friend, A Pain So Deep Emerged And I Was Young No Longer, This Deep Hurt, A Hurt I Hid So Deep, Began To Build. All My Days Soon Became Cloudy, My Eye's No Longer Bright, My Laughter Once Heard, Resounded No Longer. I Stood No Longer Girl But Woman Too Soon, My Tears Would not shed, My soul no longer light, On That day That I Cried,
The Drunk Dog
Last night was very fun I got my pit with three legs drunk on tequila!! She is a light weight and couldn't handle it. Passed right out after two shots. I had to finish the bottle off by myself. My kids were gone and it was storming. I sat up and watched The Day after Tomorrow. A very good flick by the way.
A Crush On Me???
OK, Someone found out how to drive me crazy! Someone has a crush on me! My hopes and dreams and my whole reason for having a site on CT is almost fulfilled!! Almost..... See, You may find this hard to believe, but I am one of those few men here who set their profile up in the hopes of getting laid. Yeah, I know, who would have thought! Now, someone has responded to my seductive ways! I am so close to getting laid, I can smell it... (er... maybe I should use another metaphor) so close, I can taste it, .... um, no, .... uh... so close I can feel it? .... Well anyway, it's close! Only one problem.... I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!! How are we gonna hook up and exchange bodily fluids if I don't know who you are??? I don't even know who to fantasize over! Oh wait a minute, what if it's one of the guys here? Hey, Boys, I'm not into pole fests... Not my thing... (shudder...) Now I don't know whether or not to have a hard on.... SIGH.........
When hearts intertwine,and cant separate. thats when you know,its you true soul mate. life will beat you and throw you around. make things hard and get you down. but your love for another will get you through. a soul mate is for ever,no matter what you do.
George Herbert
Life is halfe spent before we know what it is.George HerbertJacula Prudentum
Here's The Update You Are Seeking
don't think of it as me being a bitch, so much as it is an opportunity for you to take your time in communicating with me... clearly, some of you have not shown the ability to communicate in real time with a woman and show any amount of respect. you can now send me a PM or you can hit me up on yahoo if you have that. here are some helpful tips for you: -When i say 'no', or in any way shape or form, say that i don't want to talk about it.... that DOES NOT MEAN that you can ask me five more times. -My name is not 'shawty' 'hottie' 'babe'...nor is it bitch, slut or cunt.... Just because your preconceived notion of me is your naughty, slutty sex slave does not make that a reality.... i don't call you 'frumpy, short dicked loser who stalks women online' when i first meet you... i dont dump my preconceived notions on you, please don't do the same to me. -stalkers, haters and fucktards...i actually like the shoutbox to an extent because it usually shows me who is, and isn't, an
Can I Get ?
Can I get a HELLA YAH for all the sweet ladies in here..
Im Getting A Late Start!!
Gf Will Be Signin On My Account Now N Then
k just so you all no their may be times that when it says im here n im not cos my other half is on my account either doin stuff with the room when we make it or doin summit with my page for me just to let ya all no
Update On Bbw Clothing Sale!
Ok here is an update on the clothing I have for sale. Please e-mail me on Cherry Tap if you have any interest in what I still have available or any question on the items. Most have been worn only once for photo shoots or have not been worn at all. I do have some regular size 11 shoes available that have been worn only once but they are not web modeling shoes or fetish/stripper shoes. If there isn't a size listed on an item it is because there isn't a sizing for it so I will have to measure the item. I am only excepting paypal right now as I want to get everything shipped out Tuesday morning in one shipment. Thanks! Big Hugs, ~Nadya~
Ole And Sven Were Drinking Buddies
Ole and Sven were drinking buddies who worked as aircraft mechanics in Minneapolis. One day the airport was fogged in and they were stuck in the hangar with nothing to do. Ole said, "I vish ve had somethin' ta drink!" Sven says, "Me too. Y'know, I've hear you can drink dat yet fuel an get a buzz. Ya vanna try it?" So they pour themselves a couple of glasses of high octane hooch and got completely smashed. Next morning Ole woke up and is surprised at how good he feels. In fact he feels GREAT! NO hangover! NO bad side effects. Nothing! The phone rang. It was Sven who asks, "How iss you feelin' dis mornin', Ole?" Ole says, "I feel great. How 'bout you?" Sven says, "I feel great, too. Ya don't have no hangover?" Ole says, "No dat yet fuel iss great stuff -- no hangover, nothin'. Ve oughta do dis more often." Sven agreed."Yeah, vell, but dere's yust vun ting." Ole asked, "Vut's dat?" Sven questioned, "Haff you farted yet?" Ole stopped to think. "N
What Drug Is Your Personality Like
Your Personality Is Like Ecstasy You're usually feeling the love for the world around you - you want to hug everyone. And while you're usually content to sit back and view the world with wonder... Sometimes you're world becomes very overwhelming and a little scary.What Drug Is Your Personality Like?
This Is Quite Remarkable
THIS IS QUITE REMARKABLE, PLEASE DON'T CHEAT! In the middle of the table is a round food tray with five kinds of Fruits on it. They are: A. Apple B. Banana C. Strawberry D. Peach E. Orange Which fruit will you choose? Please think VERY carefully and don't rush into it. This is great, I was astounded! Your choice reveals a lot about you! Test results: Please SCROLL DOWN If you have chosen: A. Apple: That means you are a person who loves to eat apples B. Banana: That means you are a person who loves to eat bananas C. Strawberry: That means you are a person who loves to eat strawberries D. Peach: That means you are a person who loves to eat peaches E. Orange: That means you are a person who loves to eat oranges I hope you find fulfillment in this new insight about yourself. May it bring you peace and understanding, tranquility and all that other profound stuff. Also I bet that right now you woul
Do You Need Therapy?
There's a 11% Chance That You Need Therapy You almost certainly don't need therapy. You have your life under control - and things are going pretty well. If anything, you would make a great therapist. You have a natural understanding of human psychology.Do You Need Therapy?
The Beginning
I'm finding ways to help make getting on the TAP easier from my cellphone. The first is to use google's translation/adaptation feature. Just point your cellphone's browser to and then select the mobile search. There is always the option to view the page in HTML at the bottom. It really helps with a lot.
Selfish People!
Seems there are tons of them here...........what is the deal with points actually?? Someone Please let me KNOW just what good they are for real!! When I DO take the time to ASK someone to be my Friend, it is because I see something in them of pure Value! Not, just what they can do for my " Standing" in this me that is worth nothing....what matters is being there for each other, listening when needed, give advice if asked....just seeing how things are going for them & honestly MEANING what you say! Not a charade.......people NEED other people,not points and rates and comments guess this will be ignored also..well guess what?? I do not care, I am a friend to those that value me as a person, nothing more or less. So have yourself a Wonderful time, harm no one in your quest for Fame & Blessings to one and all that spare a Moment to read my venting!!!!!!!! Hugs all....
Tourment Leave me bleeding from this knife, Take my soul, take my life. Leave the jagged edge piercing my soft skin, Watch the blood drip as I silently cry within. With every drop of blood that hits the floor, I want you to feel every ounce of pain but 5x's more. I want you to feel all this pain, all of this agony, I want you to watch and see what youve done to me. You took away everything good, I have no reason to be here, I watch the blood spill more, shedding but one tear. One tear for the illusion of what was never there, One tear for this burden I no longer have to bare. Dont run for help this is the way it has to be, You did this to me alive now watch me end my misery.
Your Turn
YOUR TURN How can you say forever, when foreve is just a lie, Made by society its all propoganda, a set up to say goodbye. Ive been lead on by empty promises, my heart filled with deceit, Im so tired of all this bullshit now, I now just want to sleep. My life stays in overexistance, in limbo by a thread, Your life carries on so wonderfully, its all fucking with my head. Sentimental trinkets and faded memories are now just a waste, Simple reminders of you and "what could have beens" have left a bitter taste. You cant get me to play the victim this time, you cant drag me down, An overabundance of needs and wants, I will no longer be your clown. SO now I will run so fucking far away, it will be like you never knew my name, Hidden in the shadows, dressed in apathy, Im now ready for you to feel my pain.
There was a third generation of hookers, the daugther took 30$ for a blowjob, the mother took 10$, while the first generation(grandmother) was happy to get something warm to drink!
Darrell Scotts Message
Guess our national leaders didn't expect this, hmm? On Thursday, Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton , Colorado , was invited to address the House Judiciary Committee's subcommittee. What he said to our national leaders during this special session of Congress was painfully truthful. They were not prepared for what he was to say, nor was it received well. It needs to be heard by every parent, every teacher, every politician, every sociologist, every psychologist, and every so-called expert! These courageous words spoken by Darrell Scott are powerful, penetrating, and deeply personal. There is no doubt that God sent this man as a voice crying in the wilderness. The following is a portion of the transcript: 'Since the dawn of creation there has been both good & evil in the hearts of men and women. We all contain the seeds of kindness or the seeds of violence. The death of my wonderful daughter, Rachel Joy Scott, a
About The And
12 Mar CherryTap in the news Over the last few days CherryTap (CT to the users) has gotten a mention in the Washington Post and on TechShout. The articles are nearly identical. Seems that CT now has a story about how it got started. Wonder if itĀfs true or something they made up for the press release? Also, if thereĀfs no advertising on the site (as stated in both articles) then whatĀfs the CherryBank and all the little links all over the place that lead to other sites? Oh, and then why is there a section in the TOS that says we canĀft cover up the banner ads? I just wonder if the users realize that all the pictures that they put in the CT profiles are being shown on Cherry Photos along with a link to email it to others. Considering how fussy some of them get when someone ĀeripsĀf their photos on CT, IĀfd hate to be nearby when they see this that their photos are being displayed on another site without their permission. Especially since the currently posted TOS says nothing about
Sexy Test
sexy test Body: Just answer and hit reply! Would you makeout with me? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Would you sleep with me? [] In an instant! [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Am I attractive? [] sexy as Hell [] Fine [] Cute [] Okay [] Ugly! Do you think I'm a virgin? [] Yes [] No [] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me..._________ I look like.. [] A player [] One time thing [] Next bf/gf [] A friend [] A friend with benefits [] A possibility [] A loser If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes!! [] No [] maybe Would you rather.. [] Hook up with me [] Cuddle with me [] Date me [] be Friends [] Friends with benefits On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [] 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 What would you want me to be to you? [] Friend [] Girlfriend/Boyfriend [] Friend with benefits [] Husband/Wife [] buddy Would you give me a lapdance? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe
Racisim & Ignorance
I am so fed up with ignorant ass people... 20 mins ago I had some lil punk ass White Power bitch hit me up in my SB with this, So, Your Native huh? I replied with Yup, Sure am. To which he proceeded with the following; You do know that you are a decendant from a bunch of Dirty, fucked in the head, cannible, pieces of shit savages right? So now Im pissed and I clear my SB and now just feel like doing something to ruin every white power skinheads day, I think about my heritage and about how I as a decendent of such beautiful people and about how proud I am as an "indian" ohhh I said it and you know what? I dont care about people using that word, But to go as far and to call my people savages... I must admit, it hurts more than you even know. I feel right now that I am proud to be Native but maybe not proud enough so to all you lil back woods skinheads I say this...
Hillary Clinton Opposing Statements On Iraq War!
Hope Everyone Had A Good Weekend!!
Hope everyone had a good weekend!! date: 2007-04-15 09:39:37 Please keep commenting my my pix i prefer comments over ratings!!! Especially on my just me pix!!!! Fan me!!! And if i have any pending friend requests please accept me!!! Mike
Let Us Know Please
Some One Rated Your Photo S 1
don't you just love those idiots that rate you a 1 but don't have the balls not to sign there name , personally I could care less . I am well over 50 have a sweet woman who loves and puts up with my stupid ways and a group of step and real kids who love me and who I have taught to speak their minds , now a little about why I don't care what I get rated I am ugly and I know it hell after being almost killed twice and lived the life I have I look good for having had everything that has happened to me besides all the looks in the world can't replace the good in side a person my second wife was a model with a body some women would kill for but she was a shallow self centered BITCH and only was with me 6 months after that I went for the more down to Earth women who know what real love is so if you want to rate me a 1 or less please do so but have the balls to sign your name thanks for reading
Tehran, The Government Has Decided Not To Release Five Iranians Captured In Iraq,
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a move likely to irritate Tehran, the government has decided not to release five Iranians captured in Iraq, a newspaper reported on Friday. The Washington Post said that after intense internal debate, the Bush administration had decided to keep the Iranians in custody and make them go through a periodic six-month review process used for the other 250 foreign detainees held in Iraq. The next review is not expected until July, the newspaper quoted U.S. officials as saying. Washington says the five, seized in a January 11 raid by U.S. forces in the Kurdish city of Arbil, are linked with Iranian Revolutionary Guard networks involved in providing explosive devices used to attack U.S. troops in Iraq. Iran says they are diplomats and has demanded their release.
Always Enjoy Recieving!!!
New friend requests especially from the ladies, so keep them coming!!! Mike
My Little Guy, Matt
This is dedicated to everyone who has ever been embarrassed by a child's words or action. My three year old son had a lot of problems with potty training; and I was on him constantly. One day we stopped at Taco Bell for a quick lunch in between errands. It was very busy, with a full dining room. While enjoying my taco, I smelled something funny, so of course I checked my seven month old daughter, and she was clean. Then I realized that Matt had not asked to go potty in a while, so I asked, and he said "No". I kept thinking, "Oh Lord, that child has had an accident and I don't have any clothes with me. "Then I said, "Matt, are you sure you did not have an accident?" "No," he replied. I just knew that he must have had, because the smell was getting worse. So...........I asked one more time, "Matt, did you have an accident?" This time he jumped up, yanked down his pants, bent over and sprea! d ! his cheeks and yelled.... ..."See MOM, IT'S JUST FARTS!!'
Hunt For Taliban
Emo Bastards
I wonder when people will realize that the "scene" has become homogeneous. It's full of 14-year-old girls with uneven bangs, black and white striped shirts, and tattered low-top black Chuck Taylors, who swoon over homosexual kissing and pathetic whiny lyrics and overuse the symbols. Their favorite quote is, invariably, "The truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt" because it like, so totally describes their relationship with that one HAWT sophomore who totally ripped their hearts out when they were like, SO in love with him. Their favorite type of music is, of course, "emo, screamo, and hardcore," three terms which, in their minds, invariably include the bands Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, and Hawthorne Heights. Their AIM screennames often include "x"s, the words "electrikk," "disaster," or some play on their favorite song from their favorite band, you know, the one they saw on MTV like a couple times, but sh
Us Has Extened Tours
Check It Out!!!
Anyone who posts a comment on the 2 profiles below will receive a Cherrytap Keg from Meee! ~X~Just Meeeô~X~S.B.A.B.~X~Maker of Cherrytagz~X~@ CherryTAP Inkd @ CherryTAP Click the banner below to go to
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Come over to my profile and add yourself the my guestbook...
What Do You See
What do you see when you look at me? Do you see the same as most do? Do you see beauty and brains Breasts and ass? Do I need to ask what you see when you look at me. A washed up mother of two An unsuccessful overweight lost soul A broken spirit worth nothing and less When you look at me hat do you see The creative genius A woman of love and kindness Some one who deserves to be respected When you look at me what do you think When you hear me what do you feel When you touch me what is it you want to say When you look at me what do you see? © Biker REDS 2007
Us Waging Covert Lebanon War???
Happy Easter
hope you all had a happy easter i kinda did. i added knew pics and new stash items. i have new suff in my jokes section and new stuff in the news section. read the jokes hope they make you laugh don't just vote tell me what you think. also tell me your opinion when it comes to the news items please and ty. have a good week and weekend.
Black Roses
I try to think clearly, My mind in tatters, I'm a prisoner in my own hell, Black roses laid upon my grave. All I see is black, And all that I touch crumbles, I shrink away from sunlight, And my wounds won't heal. I try to save myself, My attempts in vain, I'm trapped in my despair, Black roses laid upon my grave. All I see is black, And all I love dies, I shrink away from love, And my wounds won't heal.
Tv Shows Hostage Beheading Video
Us Plane Almost Shot Down!
y dose life change so fast.... y dose the things that u need in life neer come to u.... y dose the things u look for so hard never show up when u look for them but as soon as u stop looking it shows up right under ur noise y dose the the ones u love seem so far away y dose lif change....
The Wtc Meteorite!
Cup Of Joes Contest Ends On April 26
[ photo: 2956170346 ] i'll do my best to rate all of your profiles and to fan all of you not to mention checkout your pics and to friend you. if your in the contest to i'll comment bomb you too. send me a message requesting a ty card if thats what you want. cause i can't afford anything else. ty for ur support. i'll try and give you all a ty card if i can't i'm truly sorry.
Just Don't Pump Gas On May 15th, 2007.
In April 1997, there was a "gas out" conducted nationwide in protest of gas prices. Gasoline prices dropped 30 cents a gallon overnight. On May 15th 2007, all myspace members are to not go to a gas station in protest of high gas prices. Gas is now over $3.00 a gallon in most places. There are 73,000,000+ American members currently on the myspace network, and the average car takes about 20 to 30 dollars to fill up. If all myspace members did not go to the pump on the 15th, it would take $2,200,000,000.00 (that's BILLION) out of the oil companys pockets for just one day, so please do not go to the gas station on May 15th and lets try to put a dent in the Middle Eastern oil industry for at least one day. If you agree (which I cant see why you wouldnt, don't you want cheap gas?) repost this bulletin repost it with So Please just don't pump gas on May 15th, 2007. & Pass this to your friends & family to know all along too, please. Thanks.
Still Learning My Way Around
Still learning my way around the Cherry Patch. Seems a lot like Myspace, only better. I still don't like the fact that pages are wider than a screen full, but that's cuz I'm an old techie and seek perfection when possible. As the internet world belongs to the X generation, appears most here are younger than this old geezer. That's ok, as I always seems to have hung with a yournger crowd anyway. I look forward to spending a little time here and see what new adventures this site may bring into my life. Stay healty, Be Safe, and Party On! Life is too short to hate, or let the little bs things we all have day to day get to you. Go forth and grow. Larry - Da Old Geezer
Each morning and each brand new day carries its own emotions of days past. Pain or guilt of some long gone error... Love and elation of the new found light. As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, the chemistry in all of us takes a new turn. The cold no longer seeps into my bones, the damp no longer hinders my joints, and the darkness no longer envelopes my soul. Blank faces of the last moon are now alight with promise and expectation. The dull flesh of autumns gone are now ablaze with ripeness and a new glow of inner hunger. Look to the fire that looks down upon us and see the wonder and life it brings to us all... see the tears of pain dry before the golden rays of hope. If the day seems to dull and you find yourself in the shade... look around you and absorb the colours that surrounds us all. Feel the sun baked earth beneath your feet and relish in this new born glory... for tomorrow could carry a storm! Happy dayz to all. Luke x
A Hectic Week Ahead
This is going to be a difficult week ahead. I have a thing i am going to and another event that was planned today has been postpoined until next week when I will not be here. I have to go out of town...I had already said i was going and have already paid and registered. This is going to be very difficult. Along with this I still have not paid for my bus ticket. And in addition to that there is the problem of money. I still have to find out who I got docked almost 2 weeks pay. It could be one of two things. My last employer (the last school i worked at) or it could be social security. In either case this leaves me with an even more difficult situation. This is going to be a long and difficult week.
Cold Wax
All hair removal methods have tricked women with their promises of easy, painless removal - The epilady, scissors, razors, Nair and now...the wax. My night began as any other normal weeknight. Come home, fix dinner, play with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: "Maybe I should pull the waxing kit out of the medicine cabinet." So I headed to the site of my demise: the bathroom. It was one of those "cold wax" kits. No melting a clump of hot wax, you just rub the strips together in your hand, they get warm and you peel them apart and press them to your leg (or wherever else) and you pull the hair right off. No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be! ? I mean, I'm not a genius, but I am mechanically inclined enough to figure this out. (YA THINK!?!) So I pull one of the thin strips out. Its two strips facing each other stuck together. Instead of rubbing them together, my genius kicks in so I get o
Wow I Need Out
DISCLAIMER ---------------------------------------------------- ok this is a rant about my life i don't want any sympathy for it i'm just writing it to get it off of my chest... ---------------------------------------------------- alright i wake up and the first fucking thing to happen to me is i get yelled the fuck at by my mom... it's fucking raining and i have a leak in my car that i can't find where it's at... also i can't find the sealer now when i had it sitting right next to my dresser near my door... but yea i go to her and told her i'm sorry i didn't put the sealer on... and she was like well i'm sorry you're a failure... shit that's all i fucking heard through life you are a failure, you won't amount for anything, you are useless, you are lazy, no once did anyone that i had any fucking respect for as an adult growing up give me one fucking compliment... so if i see off this date you know why but please don't give me any sympathy i don't need it
Fun With Satellites And Your "privacy"
On Saturday, 15 January 1994, technicians in satellite earth stations around the Pacific were busy tuning their equipment to a new satellite. The first of the new generation of Intelsat 7 series satellites, it had been launched several weeks before, from the European Kourou air base in French Guyana, and then manoeuvred into position far out in space above the Equator at 174 degrees east, due north of New Zealand above Kiribati. The 20 Intelsat (International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation) satellites that ring the world above the Equator carry most of the world's satellite-relayed international phone calls and messages such as faxes, e-mail and telexes. The new satellite, Intelsat 701, replaced the 10-year-old Intelsat 510 in the same position. The changeover occurred at 10 pm New Zealand time that summer evening. At the GCSB's station at Waihopai, near Blenheim in the north of the South Island, the radio officer staff were just as busy that evening, setting their spe
Ok Fine I Got It Now Please Help Me
My Lil Boi!
Just wanted to let you all know that he is in a contest and could really really really use your help!!!! If you have sometime just to drop a few comments and a vote that would be wonderful!!!! Thank you soooo much! I PROMISE TO RETURN ALL LOVE SHOWIN' TO HIM...
ok soo yesterday was pretty fucking busy at work i mean like really cuz it was cold outside soo people want coffee but damn lol..and we also had a christian festival going on ugh...and what made it worse is people asking questions when we were all fucking busy and it was STUPID questions.. like "where do we order"...what the fuck..did people get brought up in the zoo..shit.. i can not deal with alot of all...and then somebody seems like they dont want to talk to me anymore.. OH FUCKING done with trying to talk to people that dont want to talk to me...fuck that
"tiny Bubbles" Singer Ho Dies
Travel Finance EntertainmentYahoo!My Yahoo!MailMore Welcome, levmorganSign OutHelp Make Y! your home pageYahoo! SearchSearch: Primary Navigation HomeU.S.BusinessWorldEntertainmentSportsTechPoliticsElectionsScienceHealthMost Popular Secondary Navigation Movies Music TV Industry Reviews Books Celebrity Arts Fashion Dear Abby Dear Margo Humor Search: All News Yahoo! News Only News Photos Video/Audio Advanced -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Tiny Bubbles' singer Don Ho dies at 76 By JAYMES SONG, Associated Press Writer Sun Apr 15, 7:38 AM ET HONOLULU - Legendary crooner Don Ho, who entertained tourists for decades wearing raspberry-tinted sunglasses and singing the catchy signature tune "Tiny Bubbles," has died. He was 76. ADVERTISEMENT He died Saturday morning of heart failure, publicist Donna Jung said. Ho had suffered with heart problems for the past several years, and had a pacemaker ins
I Got Flowers Today
I Got Flowers Today We had our first argument last night, and he said a lot of cruel things that really hurt me. I know he is sorry and didn't mean the things he said, because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today. It wasn't our anniversary or any other special day. Last night he threw me into a wall and started to choke me. It seemed like a nightmare, I couldn't believe it was real. I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over. I know he must be sorry cause he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today, and it wasn't mother's day or any other special day. Last night, he beat me up again, it was much worse than all the other times. If I leave him, what will I do? How will I take care of my kids? What about money? I'm afraid of him and scared to leave. But I know he must be sorry because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today. Today was a very special day. It was the day of my funeral! Last night, he finally killed me. He b
Good Afternoon My Friends
hope you have a wonderfull sunday and just remeber you all will always be in my heart,love you all :)
Private Pics
Just so you all know, nobody can see my private pics. So if you guys would quit asking or wondering why you can't get into it that is why!
lost in a world of politics own and run by health/medicine companies. Forced by their rules/laws will they just set me free and give me my life &freedom back? as they sit back and gorge on their riches & glory not learning a thing there is more to life than money. But many people dont see it. Im glad I wasnt raised out of greed,to be selfish.But at times I regret MY kindness because it gets me trampeled on. Like a doormat.outside looking in & its sole purpose is to look pretty&Accept its fate.2 bwalked on
Back To The Beach
Got back late last night. Leaving again Wednesday. Rain - pouring rain, blowing sand, beautiful day to do nothing but get knee walking drunk. Think I will call health bitch and see if she wants to join me. later dusty
Read This Very Slowly... It's Pretty Profound
READ THIS VERY SLOWLY... IT'S PRETTY PROFOUND Too many people put off something that brings them joy just because they haven't thought about it, don't have it on their schedule, didn't know it was coming or are too rigid to depart from their routine. I got to thinking one day about all those people on the Titanic who passed up dessert at dinner that fateful night in an effort to cut back. From then on, I've tried to be a little more flexible. How many women out there will eat at home because their husband didn't suggest going out to dinner until after something had been thawed? Does the word "refrigeration" mean nothing to you? How often have your kids dropped in to talk and sat in silence while you watched 'Jeopardy' on television? I cannot count the times I called my sister and said , "How about going to lunch in a half hour?" She would gas! up and stammer, "I can't. I have clothes on the line. My hair is dirty. I wish I had known yes
Ghost Rider
Kuttsar The Colossus
See the game I have been working on. This is only a demo and will be updated eventually. I apologize for the intro movie, and have a version already with a button to skip it. Enjoy (I hope).
Here It Is
Hi Cherries, please come and visit my new website at Have a beautiful Sunday and an awesome thrilling week !!! LoL Phil
Top Ten Things Men Shouldn't Say Out Loud In Victoria's Secret...
Top Ten things men shouldn't say out loud in Victoria's Secret... 10. Does this come in children's sizes? 9. No thanks... just sniffing. 8. I'll be in the dressing room going blind. 7. Mom will love this. 6. Oh, the size won't matter. She's inflatable. 5. No need to wrap it up. I'll eat it here. 4. Will you model this for me? 3. The miracle what? This is better than world peace! 2. 75 bucks? You're just gonna end up naked anyway. 1. Oh honey, you'll never squeeze your ass into that.
Com'mon Guys I Need Help
I Have been entered into the best tattoo contest,,click on the picture below! Please feel free to bomb it as many times as you like,,, thanks in advance fer all the love!!!
Achieving Dreams
A dream is a seed The seed of a tree A tree full of life And the things you can be Your dreams are the windows Through which you can see A hint of your future And the things you will be Each night when you sleep You're feeding the seed The seed of the tree Of who you will be...
Foocking Emo"s!?!
Iím in pain my friends! And nothing anyone sayís makes the pain go away! One of the people I thought where my friends committed suicide a few days ago! I found out when I went to her MySpace page today..... And now I feel so cold inside and just wish I could call down the gods and beg for realess from this hell..... All I can say is fucking little retarded bitch! The weakness of humanity makes me sick! I think I am going to give up being so caring with people.... as half the time I donít get the same back!... I just get put in the corner and talked to when it suits other people! Yet why! For the love of everything dark are there stupid people in this world!!!!! I give my everything to make people feel good about them selves! To make them happy and feel like at least one person in this shitty world others wants to care! I cried for her...... and I donít know why.... she is not in some happy place... she is not finally home.... she.....she is..... Nowhere.... I hurt for my lost fri
Well Well, it has been a few days since I lost wrote I understand, but to be quite honest there is not much to explain. The past week has actually been pretty quiet and uneventful, although I say this in each of my chapters. I have been watching several movies lately, I guess that I just get tired of being on computers 18-20 hours a day, but I suppose it is not as bad as when I am working. When I was working for TWC/RR (Time Warner Cable, RoadRunner), I worked anywhere from 8-14 hours, than came home only to be performing more work on the computer, get just an hour or so sleep and then go back for another 8-14 hour shift. YUCK! I messed up my DragonFable Mage a few days back. I went to train her 3 new stat points, my screen flickered and suddenly I had 33 stat points. I am not quite sure what happened but the computer untrained all of my stats and I had to delete my charactor. She was at level 12, and was carrying several unique items I CANNOT get back. However, I started a ne
Race To The Finish
Picture a scene Two ordinary people Two lives Two loves One desire Circumstances causing urgency Time will never stand still Cruel and precise no man can bend its will So close your eyes and journey with me Focus your thoughts on events born of love Divine and precious a gift from above Long for it Yearn for it Believe in it Never look back Look to the future For it belongs to us Masters of our own destinies Are you tired of living? Do you appreciate it? To have this life means more than just living Itís loving and giving Unselfish and willing Our time is at hand let us embrace With love in our hearts Its joy what we face Our target is clear our passions fuel us Our strength and heart and mind and body and soul Combined and entwined No other option my love, nothing can stop us now Itís all weíve ever longed for, so please Take my hand and run by my side The finish line is in sight, guided by dawns early light So what is it that we eagerl
Is Hell Exothermic?
Is Hell exothermic? Brilliant answer to daft question... (The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington Chemistry mid term. The answer was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, which is why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well.) BONUS QUESTION: IS HELL EXOTHERMIC (GIVES OFF HEAT) OR ENDOTHERMIC (ABSORBS HEAT)? Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's law (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is compressed), or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: _______________________ First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate that souls are moving into Hell and the rate they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul goes to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Some o
Wow here I am single yet again, but wait I'm not complaining whatsoever. Well sort I really hate being single. I hate the fact that I don't have a special someone to cuddle with and share romantic evenings with. I treated my now ex like a queen and in return she treated me like crap. I really don't know why I get stuck with women like that. I'm not your typical guy when it comes to being with someone. I don't cheat, don't see why I would have to do that. I'm honest, faithful and caring and will always be there for my special someone. Ah well, maybe my special someone will find their way into my heart and I will not have to worry about this. I realize this is short, but I really don't have the time to write much more gotta head to work. I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful weekend!
Mother's Day!
Remember to honor your Mother! I have the perfect gift to send to your mom this Mother's Day and I ship all over the country! Whatever your mom's favorite treat is, you'll find it at Dipped Delights! Click the banner to be taken to my site! Choose some of your mom's favorite chocolate covered treats and don't forget to leave a special personalized greeting for her when you order! Remember, Mother's Day will be here before you know it! Don't forget!
It's Me Again
Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Chinese Proverb
Chinese Proverb An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole, which she carried across her neck. One of the pots had a crack in it while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water, at the end of the long walk from the stream to the house, the cracked pot arrived only half full. For a full two years this went on daily, with the woman bringing home only one and a half pots of water. Of course, the perfect pot was proud of its accomplishments. But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own imperfection, and miserable that it could only do half of what it had been made to do. After 2 years of what it perceived to be bitter failure, it spoke to the woman one day by the stream. "I am ashamed of myself, because this crack in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to yo ur house." The old woman smiled, "Did you notice that there are flowers on your side of the p
I Can't Believe...
I can't believe that your treating me this way. I can't believe that you blocked me over a disagreement. I can't believe that you have created so much pain at my expense. I can't believe that you just turned your back on me. I can't believe that you could be so cold. I can't believe that you tried to take my heart just to toss it aside. I can't believe that you could be so cruel. I can't believe that you could lie so well. I can't believe...that it's my heart that aches.
I'm putting the "about me" stuff in a blog because I feel that anyone that i'd want to know will take the time to look :) My taste in music can be described politely as eclectic, some might say more accuratly schizophrenic, lol.... I listen to almost anything and what i'm listening to can usually tell you what kinda mood i'm in. I love everything from hardcore metal to hardcore rap. I was raised on country music and I can remember being in third grade hearing jokes about Michael Jackson and wondering who the hell he was, lol... George Strait will always be my favorite singer, I love his voice... Stevie Nicks is right up there with him too.... (to be continued!!)
The Punisher
New "fungus" Update
They gave Eliath another unit of blood last night shortly after visiting hours ended, because he was down to 7.0 again, but the nurse (Justin, by name) yesterday said he could see an improvement in his vitals after just two treatments. So there was a whisper of hope there... This morning apparently the doctors are saying the same thing. Although they did give him more blood, they say that his labs are looking better. They plan to do another EchoCardioGram Monday to make sure his heart clear of the fungus (and any other evil organisisms) since the last time they ran one they didn't know what they were looking for. Eliath commented yesterday that he could feel the improvements, he wasn't as tired and not in as much pain. And you can only imagine how relieved I've been. There's still a chance that he could flip on us, so we're not exactly relaxing the vigil, but when he started harrassing me about not eating - I had to hold back tears of joy. And just an FYI - I am eating, I've g
Ten Things To Ponder For 2007
TEN THINGS TO PONDER FOR 2007 #10 Life is sexually transmitted. #9 Good health is merely the slowest rate at which one can die. #8 Men have two emotions: hungry and horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich. #7 Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks. #6 Some people are like a slinky... not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you shove them down the stairs. #5 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital dying of nothing. #4 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. #3 Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars, and a substantial tax cut saves you thirty cents??? #2 In the 60's, people took LSD to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal. AND THE #1 THOUGHT FOR 2007: We know exactly
Wet Day.........
I'm so going crazy today,It's raining and windy,and I'm not going out in this weather,so I'm stuck here,but I'll hang out in CT for a while and see what's going on
Comments my pics and all that good shit. I'll do it back.
"A Gasoline Substitute" A man was driving down the road and ran out of gas. Just at that moment, a bee flew in his window. The bee said, "What seems to be the problem"? "I'm out of gas." The bee told the man to wait right there and flew away. Minutes later, the man watched as an entire swarm of bees flew to his car and into his gas tank. After a few minutes, the bees flew out. "Try it now," said one bee. The man turned the ignition key and the car started right up. "Wow!" the man exclaimed. "What did you put in my gas tank"? The bee answered,.... "BP."
I'm A Dj
Hi all. I have yesterday started DJ' ing on one of my m8s online stations. It is new and i need to help spread the word. Please show some support. Please also go to the banner page if you don't mind, copy and paste the banner code onto your websites, profiles, etc, please please please. thank you all Have a bril day
The Lacing Of A Corset
Lacing of a corset In principle there are two lacing methods possible. The first one is the classical lacing, the so called trainer-lacing, the second one is the cross-lacing. The fundamental difference is, that you canīt close the corset completely if laced with the trainer-lacing, because the ribbon runs in between the eyelet bands, so that you always have a gap of a few millimetres. In exchange you can put on and off a corset laced with the trainer-lacing by yourself. With the cross-lacing thereīs no ribbon running in between the eyelet bands, so the corset can be closed completely. Because the ribbon crossings which are on the inside of the corset are pressed tightly to the skin, itīs nearly impossible to open or close a corset laced this way by yourself. Furthermore the pressure of the inner crossings can get uncomfortable on the skin, if the corset is worn a long time. Weīll explain both ways of lacing here, so that you can choose the best alternative for you.
7 Smart Ways To Find New Customers
Get the most from your mailings to potential customers using tips from a direct-marketing pro. FORTUNE Small Business Magazine (Fortune Small Business) -- What does it take to get someone to buy a car? A personalized letter promising a $1,000 discount can go a long way. That's what I discovered years ago in Canada when I worked on a direct mail campaign for Ford, promoting Lincoln's Town Car, Continental and Mark VIII. We told recipients that all they had to do was visit a dealership, negotiate their best price and then produce the letter to save another $1,000. Sales took off. Consumers are bombarded these days with advertising messages. Direct marketers like me are part of the reason. For 12 years in New York and now in Hollywood, Fla., I have run Mason & Geller Direct (, a direct marketing advertising firm with big clients such as J.P. Morgan Chase (Charts), as well as entrepreneurial firms. car_for_less.03.jpg More from FSB 7 smart ways to find new
Subject: Immigrant
A Somali arrives in Minneapolis as a new immigrant to the United States. He stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says, "Thank you Mr. American for letting me in this country, giving me housing, food stamps, free medical care, and free education!" The passerby says, "You are mistaken, I am Mexican." The man goes on and encounters another passerby. "Thank you for having such a beautiful country here in America!" The person says, "I not American, I Vietnamese." The new arrival walks further, and the next person he sees he stops, shakes his hand and says, "Thank you for the wonderful America!" That person puts up his hand and says, "I am from Middle East, I am not American!" He finally sees a nice lady and asks, "Are you an American?" She says, "No, I am from Russia!" Puzzled, he asks her, "Where are all the Americans?" The Russian lady checks her watch and says..."Probably at work."
Excerpt From Nocturnal
It was starting to get late, and to make matters worse, the moisture in the air formed a thin layer of fog on the ground. Finding it a bit strange for this time of year, I figured anything was possible and let the thought slip away. I was certain the best thing we could do was to get out of here. It meant I would have to put my curiosity on the back burner so to speak, at least for the night anyway. Tapping the side of my leg, Rambo took a few steps towards, me stopping at my feet. ďLets go home boy.Ē I began walking knowing he would follow. Noticing the fog, as it thickened further up the road, my eyes found their way down to Rambo. He was taking small cautious strides. They were just enough to keep him at my side. ďYou okay boy?Ē Lifting his head so his snout faced me, I noticed his eyes werenít the same anymore. They held a sorrow deep inside. Looking his frightened face, I think we both had the same feeling that with all the strange things going on one of us might n
Excerpt From Nocturnal
Walking through the darkness, I began enjoying the pleasures of a late night walk more than usual. Embracing the peaceful bliss, something told me it was too good to be true. An awkward feeling quickly rushed through my body, stealing my much-needed enjoyment. It was the kind of feeling you get when you know youíre not alone anymore. It forced my feet to stop dead in their tracks. I was left alone in the darkness with only the sounds of silence filling the air. The sinister atmosphere was suddenly broken by a faint noise from somewhere off in the distance, my eyes scanned the grim surroundings. There, standing close to some trees on the side of the road, was a rather large figure, which seemed to be lingering. My eyes widened from the shear size of it. ďWhat the fuck do you want?Ē I shouted. The shadow moved to the edge of the trees, disappearing from sight. ďI know youíre still there!Ē My words echoed through the darkness, ricocheting from tree to tree. I received
Excerpt From Nocternal
After tossing and turning for hours I turned to the clock, which sat on top of the nightstand, next to me. It was already 10:00 p.m. Obviously I wasnít going to sleep anytime soon. I hated having insomnia. Pushing myself up out of bed, I began getting ready for a little midnight stroll. For one reason or another I had found that walks at night helped me sleep. Maybe it was just that I had always liked the night time. To me, it was an eerie peacefulness, which calmed my soul. Ever since I was a little kid, I had been taking random walks whenever I couldnít sleep. For that reason it wasnít really a surprise I found myself getting ready to take one now. Heading for the doorway of my room, I remembered a bit of my childhood. I remembered my mother. She also had a hard time putting me to bed. She told me many times I would keep her up all night, that is unless she sat on the porch under the moonlight with me. I remember her saying she would sit in her rocking chair with me in
Fan Her, Add Her, Rate Her....
Go on, you know you want to ;) Safftash@ CherryTAP Go show some Cherry love to one of my RL friends that's just joined! Mwaaahs!
Thug Holiday
So its coming up on 2 years with Joseph with being gone and it hasnt gotten easier. maybe one day, but i doubt it. he LOVED this song. FREESTYLE....and he was AWESOME at it!!! Miss Ya Boy!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TRICK DADDY LYRICS "Thug Holiday" (feat. LaTocha Scott) [Talking] Thug holiday, go ahead you can cry it's alright baby Everything gone be gravy later, that's right This the time when we take time to remember All the loved ones we lost in the struggle you know I dedicate this to my brother Hollywood, Toby, Bam My dog Itchy and Lil Trav, I dedicate this to the struggle Everybody in the county jail, state penn, check it out [Trick Daddy] If it wasn't for bad luck, hell I guess that a nigga wouldn't have none But when I think about it, what would I be without my gun How could I, get away from the po-p
The New Bill Of Rights
NEW PREAMBLE TO THE CONSTITUTION: The following has been attributed to State Representative Mitchell Kaye from GA. This guy should run for President one day... "We the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the blessings of debt-free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great- grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiney, guilt ridden, delusional, and other liberal bed-wetters. We hold these truths to be self evident: that a whole lot of people are confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim they require a Bill of NON-Rights." ARTICLE I: You do not have the right to a new car, big screen TV, or any other form of wealth. More power to you if you can legally acquire them, but no one is guaranteeing anything. ARTICLE II: You do not have the ri
Quote For April 15
The essence of romantic love is not the company of a lover but the pursuit. -- Andrew Sullivan Bonus Sunday Quote:It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. -- Elwood Blues Blues Brothers This public service is brought to you daily by CT's Yoda©, speak to you I will!
Please Take Time To Watch This.
Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know, if you even read these things. I'm deleting this account. I never log on here anymore, and when I do log on it's not like anyone is talking to me. I just wanted to thank everyone for the laughs and the conversations, those of you who did actually talk to me. I'll miss you guys. -Love Always, Beth
The State Of My Head
I think Sineaid O'Connor is an idiot for the following reasons: What she did on Saturday Night Live And for PURPOSELY keeping her head shaved. Due to a recent surgical procedure, I have no hair left on my head, to speak of. It is growing out, but is still only about about an inch long, sticking out straight, and bothering the hell out of me). I guess I deserve it, because all my life about the only thing I've been vain about was my hair, which I was always SO particular of. Washing, conditioning daily ( with only the best products I could make my mother afford) genty blow-drying, curling with steam only, I devoted much time and effort learning the Farrah Fawcett tecnique of hair tossing because it was oh so sexy and perfect for my glorious locks. Yes, I was obsessed - to the point of nearly boycotting my second wedding because of a true hatchet job given to me by a jealousy-crazed hairdresser "friend" who refused to get passed the fact that I had once dated her i
In Hopes...
Well today will be my last day online for a short while..and hopefully not long..To all my close friends on here know that I'm still thinking of you..and will truly miss you all..And to my sweetie..know that I am always right with you...and you lay heavy in my thoughts!!! I Love You.. Sandra
Matt's Online Adventures: Vol.3
[Talk]Sheol speaks to All : Then I was like "Bitch! Get me some waffle-fries!"[10:49]
Please Help Me!!!!!i Am In A Contest And Need Comments
Thinking And Venting
hey everyone i just need to vent and so i am here writing this down! i would love to know why some guys love to hurt women, and why some guys dont like big woman?? i have been hurt soo much by guys cuz of my weight.
First Reactions
FIRST REACTIONS Body: FIRST REACTIONS QUIZ Body: Okay this is called "FIRST REACTIONS QUIZ". You have to type the 1ST thing that comes to mind whenever you hear these 40 words. You can't think and go back and change your answers. Here we go: 1. Beer: nasty 2. Anorexia: yeah right 3. Relationship: secure 5. Power Rangers: they still around? 6. Pot: What I cook spaghetti in 7. Steroids: Hulk Hogan 8. Cartoon: Pink Panther 9. The President: Hahaha 10. Tupperware: Wish I had bowls to go with the lids 11. Florida: PENSACOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12. Santa Claus: I still believe 13. Halloween: CANDY 14. Bon Jovi: LIVN ON A PRAYER 15. Grammar: Not used enough (good) 16. Myspace: YEP I AM HERE 17. Worst fear: LOSING MY KIDS 18. Marriage: Been there done that 19. Paris Hilton: Air head, nice Hotels though 20. Brunettes: OK 21. Redheads: The Best!!! 22. Blondes: I hate the skanky ones who take peoples husbands 23. Pass the time this s
Best Kid Contest!
~*~ Kid Contest!~*~ I'm doing a kid contest! Kids any age can join! 1st Kid Is...... with 1 comments 2nd Kid is...... with 1 comments 3rd Kid is...... with 1 comments 4th Kid is...... with 1 comments 5th Kid is...... with 1 comments 6th Kid is...... with 1 comments 7th Kid is...... with 1 comments 8th Kid is..... with 1 comments 9th Kid is..... with 1 comments 10th Kid is..... with 1 comments 11th Kid is...... with 1 comments 12th Kid is...... with 1 comments 13th Kid is......
Rough Sex - Facts!
This is just too amusing! I had to post it here, lol! Yep, played it safe and posted it as NSFW!! Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile. Having nice sex burns 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her clothes with her consent.........................12 cal without......................187 cal Take off her Bra With two hands..........................8 cal With one hand.........................12 cal With mouth.............................85 cal Put on Protection hard .......................... 6 cal soft..........................315 cal Foreplay Looking for target...................8 cal Finding G spot ......................92 cal I don't F***ing care...................
Omg Jamaican Motorcycle Accidents
Chased By Animals
This kind of dream is common among children. Often, it reflects a deeply held fear of the animal doing the chasing. However, it may reveal an anxiety about something completely separated from the animal kingdom. In cases like this, it is important to think about what is chasing you and what your experiences have been with that particular animal. For example, if a relative whom you did not particularly like had a German shepherd dog, you may dream about being chased by the dog. This may reveal either the desire of the relative to obtain your attention and affection, or it may validate your fears and anxieties about that person. If you often use animal characterizations of people's personalities, this may be particularly telling. (He's a bear, she's a momma bear, he works like a horse, etc.) Depending on who the others are, it may be useful to determine what common relationship exists among your persecutors. You may feel indebted to them or simply hated by them. The former may inc
What Superhero Are You
You Are Batman Billionaire playboy by day. Saving the world by night. And you're not even a true superhero. Just someone with a lot of expensive toys!What Superhero Are You?
Erotica: Chance Meeting (very Dirty)
I remember watching her.....the way she moved. Her skirt gently folding to the crease of her ass. Her legs tight from the spikes she wore...the fish nets accenting her calves with a spider web of shadow. As I stood there memorized the world passed me by...lost in my vision of lust..I could almost feel her warmth...smell her sweetness. Her shoulders rocking...and barely a hint of her generous bosom when she moved just right. She must have felt my eyes upon her for she turned and looked straight at me. vision caught with her own. I smiled and she winked with just a hint of a eyes moved down taking in her high lights...letting her know what was on my mind. Her long dark hair floating from around her face...those ruby red lips slightly parted showing a hint of white from within...eyes the color of grass on a warm spring hillside. She stood staring...the tight leather skirt and top suggesting what lay beneath. Long thin arms to match h
Strawberry Wine
He was working through college on my grandpa's farm. I was thirsting for knowledge and he had a car. I was caught somewhere between a woman and a child. One restless summer we found love growing wild. On the banks of the river on a well beaten path. It's funny how those memories they last. Like strawberry wine and seventeen. The hot July moon saw everything. My first taste of love oh bittersweet. Green on the vine. Like strawberry wine. I still remember when thirty was old. And my biggest fear was September when he had to go. A few cards and letters and one long distance call. We drifted away like the leaves in the fall. But year after year I come back to this place. Just to remember the taste. Of strawberry wine and seventeen. The hot July moon saw everything. My first taste of love oh bittersweet. Green on the vine. Like strawberry wine. The fields have grown over now. Years since they've seen the plow. There's nothing time hasn't touched. Is it really him or
How Happy Are You, Really
You Are Very Happy Your life is totally together, and you enjoy every day. And you don't need a quiz to tell you that! You know how to find pleasure in the little things... And even when life isn't so great, you have a good sense of perspective.How Happy Are You, Really?
I Am Inspired To Lust !
Entwined limbs we wrestle as one Me inside you our act begun Deep kisses of passion a tongue tease You on top doing as you please Riding and grinding to your own beat Bucking and slide in and out we meet Holding me tight within you so deep Feel me swell as I am yours to keep Juices that flow and a sweet musky scent We grind and buck faster till passions spent Climax comes hard and moans fill the air The feeling for us both is beyond compare My souls mate, My dreams I share in the night I do this and more as I hold you close and tight Sweet kisses that carry me to the brink of day Always our passions come and go in this way And then I awake alone in my bed Visions of what we did still fill my head And I long to be there in our dream shared only my dream with you is beyond all compared By R. Thomas Dinsmore PHYSICAL LOVE Resistance is futile when lost in the rush passions entwined rapture, breathless and hushed lost in the mixing of your sent with m
Men, You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands.
I'm sorry guys.. I just had to post these.. LOL!
My Happy Ending
"My Happy Ending" So much for my happy ending Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh... Let's talk this over It's not like we're dead Was it something I did? Was it something You said? Don't leave me hanging In a city so dead Held up so high On such a breakable thread You were all the things I thought I knew And I thought we could be [Chorus:] You were everything, everything that I wanted We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it And all of the memories, so close to me, just fade away All this time you were pretending So much for my happy ending Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh... You've got your dumb friends I know what they say They tell you I'm difficult But so are they But they don't know me Do they even know you? All the things you hide from me All the shit that you do [CD version] All the stuff that you do [radio edited version] You were all the things I thought I knew And I thought we could be [Chorus] It's nice to know that you were there Thanks for a
last night i had a wicked dream and i woke up ith this stupid saying in my mind... i was here but now im gone i left my home to carry on those who knew me knew me well those who didnt can go to hell now whatever that means or why i was saying it over and over in my mind i have no idea
Inner Achievement
Everything you achieve on the outside has first been created on the inside. The victories that the world is able to see are direct reflections of the victories that you've already won within yourself. Your biggest obstacle to success can be your own inability to see yourself reaching it. Once you know without a doubt that you can do it, you will indeed make it happen. The most important person to convince is you. Once you are truly convinced that you can do it, others will quickly be convinced as well. Whatever you seek to achieve, achieve it first on the inside. Then, even the most formidable outer challenges will not have the power to stop you. Inner achievement will build your confidence and fuel your persistence. Inner achievement will put the power of purpose behind every action. Work to convince yourself of the worthiness and value of the goal you seek. And from that inner achievement, the outer achievement will surely flow. -- Ralph Marston
Calm Seas Bring True Navigation.
I must keep calm and unmoved in the daily alternating changes of life. I must go back into the silence of communion with spirit to recover this calm when it is lost even for one moment. I will accomplish more by this calmness than by all the activities of a long day. At all cost I will keep calm. I can solve nothing when I am agitated. I should keep away from things that are up setting emotionally. I should run on an even keel and not get tipped over by emotional upsets. I should seek for things that are calm and good and true and stick to those things and let assuming go in the every day breeze of life. Terry
Please Read This Very Important!!!!
How Much Sex Appeal Do You Have
You Are 92% Sexy Your Sex Appeal Is: Off the Charts! Let's face it... you're one of the sexiest people around. And you don't let anyone forget it. You're crazy hot, and you deliver on what you promise. You are definitely one wild ride.How Much Sex Appeal Do You Have?
List #1 Of Current Club F.a.r. Members List - Members
Where's My Bbw?
I just wanted to let all the big girls and our fat luvin friends to come on over and join a new community geared torwards BBW... for ADULTS! about fucking time! It's brand new so come on through and show some support HAVE FUN! sinsexually, Aries LOOK ME UP :)
Well Im Gone
well everybody I'm gonna be gone after today or Monday depends on how fast we get moved out..I'm gonna move in with my grandmother to take care of her for a while.she has Alzheimer and shes needing to be in her own house she has been moved from house to house for a while so..since daddy died i haven't been able to make the rent so i have to move and my family all figured hell that would be the best thing for me because i have 7 years of taking care of the elderly and hell it would be rent free seeing how i can do manual labor for a while because of my back surgery ....but the bad news is my grandma is old and she has never had the Internet so i wont have the Internet for a while ....(i know stop crying lol ill miss y'all too lol but as soon as i get the money saved up ill get it turned on thanks God there is DSL in her area I've done checked lol well y'all i will miss y'all and i hope y'all will miss me too still leave me comments and show your love cause ill be checking in as much as
Best Kid Contest Open Now! Good Luck!
~*~ Kid Contest!~*~ I'm doing a kid contest! Kids any age can join! 1st Kid Is...... with 1 comments 2nd Kid is...... with 1 comments 3rd Kid is...... with 1 comments 4th Kid is...... with 1 comments 5th Kid is...... with 1 comments 6th Kid is...... with 1 comments 7th Kid is...... with 1 comments 8th Kid is..... with 1 comments 9th Kid is..... with 1 comments 10th Kid is..... with 1 comments 11th Kid is...... with 1 comments 12th Kid is...... with 1 comments 13th Kid is......
Divorce My Rebirth
Do we know We know the truth deepest held We know the line where feelings meld We know between whatís wrong and right We know there is a time to fight We know we should sow seeds of peace We know not to let selfishness gain a lease We know that when we force life to our will We know our souls become quite ill We know so little and yet so much We know that life we will all touch We know some will love us as we are We know some must go and be kept far We know that there is only this sweet moment We know that all love is heaven sent We know each our character and who we are inside Do we know life is not a destination that it is in fact a ride By R. Thomas Dinsmore betrayal of the soul A sickness that cuts deep within my shattered soul missing the pieces that make it completely whole The touch that warms me like none that can really be the embrace of the innocents now taken away from me Lost in the petty fight of two who vowed to be one attempts
Hey To All
im bored so hit me back lol
Wanna Fuck Me?????
Wanna Fuck me???? Hi guys... Do you really want the chance to fuck me good? Go get your AIM test and message me ASAP cuz Im starting a new video line and Im only doing first timers and fans. I cant wait to meet you all and get a nice healthy dose of fresh cock. You may think Im doing this as a favor to you all... but it is actually a self serving slutty idea! You must be over 18 with 2 valid IDs {duh!} Aim tested and willing to be filmed. I hope everybody out there isn't all talk and will really cum through for me. I am totally serious and ready to start anytime. Lets do it guys! xxx chel
Lost My Flaming Cherry:(
While i know ill probably never make it to top ten, or at least not for a VERY long time, i was sooooooo enjoying seeing that flaming cherry on my page for hitting top 50 cherries. Not only have i lost 2 spots on that, but I have also dropped 2 spots in legends as well so I'm sendning out an S.O.S. to all my friends to please check to see if you have rated and fanned me. I will make sure i return all love given, if I have already rated and fanned, i will rate some pics, if i have already rated all your pics, I'll rate stash. If i have already gotten those as well, I'll buy you a VIC gift. Please repost to your friends and fans! I LOVE making new friends! Can't have TOO many! Thanks so much in advance, *smooches* ~Temptress~ OHHHHHH and if you are reallllly bored , im about 5,000 comments away from a 30 day blast( I have no active ones at this time)I know commenting is a bitch right now so any and all help is appreciated! heres the link.....
something has to spark my interest. something has to chase the threat of me away. something has to make me change for ever and see the light of day. there are skies far darker than the night i currently dwell in ,but ther are even more skies that shine like the sun and i deprive myself and bathe in sin If i had one wish i would wish for a few more ,because it will take more than one wish to fix what I have ripped and torn.. something has got to give under all this push and pull strain... something had got to make me really want to try again something has sparked me and i feel a swing in my point of view something has gotten me thinking about forever and that something is you
Apples And Wine
Yep I have decided that I must be a moroon when it comes to picking guys, I always seem to pick the ones that are either out to hurt me or are just plain liars. So I need some reassurance that yes, there are actually good men out there, good men that appreciate a good woman. Good men that are not out to hurt me, play me or lie to me.....I really need to know that they exist. Apples & Wine Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they sometimes take the apples from the ground that aren't as good, but they are easy to get. The apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right person to come along, the one who is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree. Now are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it's up t
I just found this shit about 2 minutes ago. WHat the fuck is this?! Someone can actually judge your picture...without a face.....Ain't this 'bout a steamy pile of Bullshit?!......
The Scoop
Well, all, time is flyin' like mad, and it's been hectic in Silverland! I am still workin on my website, when t's finished and ready to publish, yall will gt the link, no worries :) In Wicca-related news, I had a great ostara, didn't do much as far as celebration goes, but the day was nice, and I'm so ready for the weather to catch up with the calendar lol! Not much else happenin'...still rockin' with Hot Rocks Radio...check it out if you haven't already....great tunes and awesome DJs 24/7, and for free? Ya can't beat that with a sharp stick! LOL Either visit their homepage ( or click on the player on my profile and start diggin' the musical sweetness :D
Thought I would try this blog thing out. I love Cherrytap. It's my new addiction. I have met some awesome people on here, and I hope to be their friend for a long time to come!
Thanks To Alll
thanks very much to all of you who rated comented n so on on my stash if you ever need my help or need a picture made or need nythin done i will help you out in anyway i can btut thanksssssssssssssssss guys aprecate the help
Thanx Just wanted to send all my friends that left messages for me while i was away, a big thanx for your support. Without you i would never have made it back. mwaaaaaaaaaah to all
i cannot give myself to you because im not mine to give and i belong to noone and thats just the way it is forever alone inside myself and pushing you away i'll walk in darkness till my death and then i'll walk in day
Hopelessly bound unfettered by the chains of love's grip - greatest gift, fate's cruelest curse. Wherefore do I weep at knowing the joy, the warmth, at feeling the peace, the fire. Wherefore do I weep unable to complete , to be, unknown the kiss, the flames. Wherefore do I weep at loving not living seeing not touching breathing not sharing holding not loving? All, because I, The Fool, am no more
A Much Better Way
There she stands, Her eyes shining blue. A smile to melt all the ice, From a frozen soul. A warm hand to hold mine, Walking through the days. Arms to hold her, When her days are blue. She will always mean the world to me, A treasure to keep safe for all time. Words are so meaningless, When we have so much more to say. Showing her your love, Is a much better way. By INXS421 04/15/07
I Lost Everything!!!! i moved into this house...and when the water was turned on..there were two huge water leaks under the house..when the landlord found out....BAM he decided that to say that we were never approved to move in and we were tresspassing and gave us a week to get out...all because he didnt want to fix the pipes.....then he said I never singed a lease and that the house was not ready to move into..yet there was a for rent sign and he gave me a key...needless to say after my week was up and we had not yet moved our stuff he had the police kick in the doors to the house and all my stuff was ransacked and ruined and gone through by all who walked by...I lost everything i everything I could save fits into my jeep...which goes to show that when your life is sucking just gets worse!!!!!
A good friend will come and bail you out of jail.. but, a really true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn...that was fun!" CARPE DIEM (SEIZE THE DAY!!) Life is precious. Handle with care.
Darkness At The Edge Of Light
Iíve never been much of a winter person. The dark days of December and January always seem a little unnerving to me. Maybe the bears have the right ideaÖ hibernation; but, alas, the human animal has its duties; eating, survival and saving the worldÖfrom the human animal. So, daily, I trudge, half awake, to do my part; but, there are times, in the early, pre-dawn morning, I feel a chill that is colder than the nightÖ and I wonder what it is that is waiting for me in the darkness beyond the edge of light.
Serenity Prayer
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time; accepting hardships as a pathway to peace; taking, as Jesus did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; trusting that You will make all things right if I surrender to Your will; so that I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremly happy with You forever in the next. Amen.
Survey For You!
ripped from whitephoenix & cobwebber ****Now for something interesting**** ****for those reading this far !!**** ****copy n paste , mail replys **** 1. Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Fave Movie: 5. Fave Song: 6. Fave Band: 7. Most Embarassing Moment: 8. Are you a virgin? HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever want me 2 ask you out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talk shit about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)? 17.Do you think I'm hot? 18. If you could change anything about me -would you
Have You Ever??
Have you ever noticed that when ever you are the only one sober at a party, or what not, that it seems like it attracts the a** holes?? That's what happened to me yesterday. My neighbor had a cookout, and there was this guy there, couldn't remember his name, nor do I really want to. And I am not even really sure if he had been drinking or not, kinda hard to tell with pepsi. Anyways, he kept following me around like a lost puppy dog!!! If I went inside, he followed. I went into MY apartment, he followed. I went across the street to deal with my children, he followed. Could NOT get rid of him!!! When he introduced himself to me, he anounced that he is married and all, shook my hand, then went to try to kiss my hand with a lit cig in his mouth!!! HELLO!!!! I don't need to get burned, there buck-o!!! He kept insisting that my friend that was with me was actually my bf, which, what ever works, maybe that would keep him off me. I'm as single as they come, unfortunately. But, wh
About BAPTiZED BY FiRE These days, it doesnt take much to get a F**K YOU! Pretty much anything you like, is being torn apart by someone else on a daily basis. And lets face it - we ALL participate. But what we ALL have to remember is, that hate, does NOT define us. Its what we LOVE, that defines US ALL. Hello, we're BAPTiZED BY FiRE and we love music, do you? We were all born into music. Born to listen to and enjoy it. Hell, we were born to make it. Just MAKE IT. Music. And we will, for as long as our fingers and lungs can take it, without any worry of losing heart. Danny Wacker plays guitar. That's pretty much it. He plays guitar, and sometimes, only sometimes, he takes a break to watch "Three's Company." That's right, guitar and Suzanne Somers. That's commitment. That's work ethic. We're lucky to have him. Dan Carlysle plays bass, parties like a rock star and fights like an an army of one. Sometimes the army turns on itself, but you don't have to be perfect to play rock
04/21/2007 09:00 PM - Blackhole Rock Club 216 German Hill Road, Dundalk, Maryland 21222 - $10 Opening for FUNNY MONEY featuring STEVE WHITMAN from KIX. ages 18 Come on down and check them out Be sure to say your there for BaptizedXFire at the Door. Some of their songs On My Profile Page Enjoy!!!!!!
someone rated your photo a '9'! ∑ someone rated your photo a '2'! too whom evere was so kind i coul not carless so rock on with ur dumbass self oh and by the :p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p
Yay For Snow
It's snowing! IN APRIL! Damn weather. I went to bed around 11:30. Watched a few episodes of house and slept a lil better than usual. Kids are on springbreak this week and tuesday is the 1 year anniversary of my grammas death. Not much else to report that anyone will care to hear. "There is one pain I often feel, which you will never know. It's caused by the absence of you."
Good Morning
Life Is A Journey
Can you please take the time to read and commentI am writting up 3 of these and would love a little feed back Kisses I AM I am a heart, In a flowing sea of hearts. I am a tear, One sparkle, in a million tears. I am a diamond rough, Uncut, yet to be discovered. I am the prize Never yet been won. I am a dream, Undreamed by the one who sleeps. I am a godess, Who yearns for adoration. I am a Slave, Who aches to give herself completley, I am a traveller, Who Journeys still, the undiscovered path. copywrited Ann Lori Cooper
I Need Help With This Dream....
Ok well the dream started fairly safely with me in school helping some old friends set some stuff up around school for i dunno class treasurer or president some bs like that... an one of the girls told me hey go get this an this... knowing that i dont like taking part in this kinda crap i went into the schools boiler room an came across an old rusted chained down barred door an well in my mind i knew i shouldnt have but i broke through it anyway.... but that was something i shouldnt have done soon after i was lunged into a world so dark so evil even now im afraid to sleep again the Gates been opened an i can see it in the back of my mind waiting for me to pass through it again... well back onto the dream when i went through the door i walked into a hall way as i walked i saw through the windows light an water dripping down into darkness.... ikept walking till i heard something approching me from behind i ran busted through several rooms an came across an occupied class room with a man
How Well Do You Listen? Please Take A Lesson
"I can never be sure that what I heard was what you spoke. That what you spoke was what you meant. That how you perceived my reply, was an accurate assumotion of how i truley felt" Ann Lori Cooper LAMENT OF A SON You were my light, The light that kept me walking, That long dark tunnel. You where my security, And How I needed, To feel safe and warm. But where where you? When he hurt me, When I cried out your name! When my tears fell You did not wipe them anymore I thought you could not see me. When I reached out my hand, You did not take it, I thought you did not care enough. When I cried for you You did not answer I thought you could no longer hear me How cursed thease words. That could not be heard. Tragic this Love That could no longer reach out, How painful this fear, That trapped me inside my prison, And shut you outside my gates forever.... copywrited Ann Lori cooper
First One...ripped From Whitephoenix
****Now for something interesting**** ****for those reading this far !!**** ****copy n paste , mail replys **** 1. Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Fave Movie: 5. Fave Song: 6. Fave Band: 7. Most Embarassing Moment: 8. Are you a virgin? HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever want me 2 ask you out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talk shit about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)? 17.Do you think I'm hot? 18. If you could change anything about me -would you? 20.Would y
Do You Like Playing Doctors And Nurses
NURSE She was young and so sweet, her heart bursting with dreams, She was now a nurse And part of the team She felt smart in her uniform, Blonde curls held with a bow, Determind to learn, Give everything a go. She took him his brekfast, Yhough he just din't look well, She spooned him his food, But over his PJs it all fell. So she decided to wash him, And freshen him up, She tenderly sponged him Rinsed his hair with a cup. She patted hin dry, Felling sad at how ill he appeared, And styled his grey hair Gently propped him up in the bed. When the sister walked in, She was busting with pride, And could not wait to be told, How hard she had tried. But unsure of the silence, She asked " Should i dress him now". "Well No" came the reply. He's been dead for an hour. Copywrited Anne lori Cooper
New To Cherrytap
Our Thoughts
This may come as a surprise to some, but the apostle Paul writes that we have the mind of Christ within us. This does not mean that we are like God in the omnipotent sense. We have a finite ability when it comes to mental perception. God is infinite in His ability and knows all things. He is omniscient. However, we are His children. We belong to His family, and we have the ability to think on the things of God. But Satan does not enjoy taking a backseat, especially in the area of our thoughts. He knows if he can get our minds focused on negative, self-defeating, and impure thoughts, then most of the battle for our minds will be fought and won by him. Learn to say no to his foolishness and demeaning suggestions by giving God full control of your thought life. You can reprogram your thoughts with His truth when you: - Acknowledge that you have the capacity to think correctly. (1 Corinthians 2:16) - Seek spiritual issues instead of focusing on negative suggestions. (Coloss
All About The Points
Im not about the points, PLEASE if you are going to buy me a gift do it because we have talked and become friends or at least friendly and something in the gift shop made you think..."Buck would like that". DO NOT buy me gifts because I rated your pics/stash/blogs/ ect. If I have taken the time to rate your pages its because I found you interesting enough to spend my time on, not because I want anything in return. Yes the points are cool, Its nice to be high in the lvls, I love getting a "10" all of that is what makes this site FUN. But if your only buying gifts as "payment" save your bucks. This is a general blog and not directed to any 1 person its just a little insight into who I am. Thanks for takign the time to read this, Buck
Not Much To Tell
from what i hear a blog is where you tell something about yerself. well, there's not much to tell here. i have 4 children, 6 grandchildren, work like hell, pay the bills and collect wolves. simple, short and sweet. rock on cherry tappers!!!!
What Happened
Well you all know something about me. I gonna tell a little bit agin about my past present and future. I am born in a little village. Very small everybody knows each other. My father was known as a very crazy person. He did do outreagous things. Those things i saw when i noticed how my father treated my mum. He chased her wit h an axe and he strangled her before my eyes. He never succeeded in that because my mum still lives. At a certain point in my life i decided to stand in the middle of these things. Bad mistake. Soon i was target and it devastated me good. Now i am 37/38 i dont know anymore. I am divorced, i have no job anymore, i am depressed, i am damaged goods. For people that want to be close to me, you have never to forget that other people welbeing is more important to me. Because i am everybodys friend i cause grieve. NEVER FORGET THAT. Ber sure to befriend me or stay friends with me. I am also sexually abused by males when i was young. Because i was so f
Unwritten Biography...
I received my divorce papers in the mail yesterday. This small paper, 2 the end to 20 years. I was a child 20 years ago. Met my husband when I was 17. I am here to tell you, I was much too young and my brain too small to handle things that were put before me. I reflected back the memories, some good, those however, very few are hard to remember from the past many years of hell which clouds them. I now must decide what to do with the days I have left in my life. I will begin by attaching the divorce paper to the end of the first chapter of my unwritten novel. The first chapter will be short and painful, not only for the author but those who will ever get the pleasure of reading, but getting through the first chapter and understanding and caring enough to continue are the readers I am currently in search of. The chapters that follow I hope you will find captivating, passionate and heart touching...but when you finally lay the book down, remembering the book's author,
k so ive never made a serious blag b4 but i need to vent....... since all the changes with ratin n comment limits n such im just too afraid to rate pics and comment to welcome new ppl incase i get deleted any1 else feelin like this?
I know this is old news for some of you, but excuse me for a moment while I try to reach those that haven't seen this yet. I know from time to time everyone gets a low rating, either from a noob who doesn't understand CT customs or from dinks that are trying to cause trouble, but for a while, (maybe a few months now), I've noticed that I've been getting low rates from unknown users. I'm sure there have been many of you that have noticed the same thing and now we're learning that it's all a part of the changes that have been taking place around CT/LC over the past months...From the NSFW rules, to the newer rate/comment speed limits... I realize that by putting anything on the internet I am placing it in the public domain, But for the most part, when I place something on CT it is for My CT~friends and the CT community at large that I am trying to reach. Up until a few days ago I believed that was what CT was about. Now we've learned, (Some of you may have already excuse
Hard Facts
For those of you who are real,no matter how hard it is never trust anyone but yourself try to learn from your mistakes try not to dwell so much on your past youll never grow forward and end up comming back until you get it right over and over one more time.The more you learn the more you know the more you know the more you can teach. Each time you get closer and closer to freedom of form. The soul is released and set free to rest and grow wings. Peace there will always be I dont know about you but Im already there See you in your dreams because Im the one whos blessed you can only be the best you can be SELF.......................
Something To Chew On
Something to chew on We don't not know what we want, but we are responsible for who we are, no one wants to take responsibility for anything really, their actions, their words, their secrets or their desires and the hardest thing,to be responsible for someone else,thats something you have to work for and you wont know if your ready until you try....
For My Current And My Future Hope.....
Little baby so perfect so new From out of love We made you In your daddys Strong arms Tenderly held A love so deep A need so great Now at last a reality Your sweet soft cheek i stroke While i watch you sleep and wonder what magic things you dream I hope that you will always know Even tho at times it may seem extreme That daddy and mommy will always love you No matter how hard life seems We wanted you You are a part of us That will continue on And forever be
I Love this my friend just sent it to me Current mood: enlighten Category: enlighten Life PEOPLE COME INTO YOUR LIFE FOR A REASON People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a god sent and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent
Call my messages Cuz your phone is dead Just to hear ur voice and let it dance around in my head So many dreams So much love between us No more fears, no more tears We can and will withstand thru the years The headgames others play with each others minds We only use on each others bodies Nothing left to prove Knowing our love is one of a kind Our way to each other is all we need to find......
I Just Got This So Why Stay
This is why ladys cant be on here cause we get things like this and its why some ladys will not stay so wrong iam so upset. from: mypenisislittledamnit date: 2007-04-15 03:02:23 subject: My tiny penis read receipt: No replied: No block user my penis is baby sized. Wanna see? My ultimate fantasy is for a woman to laugh at my tiny penis while she watches me play with myself online. Interested?
People Who Rate One's
This blog is for the person/persons who keep giving me a 1 rating, I'd like to say thank you very much,I'm very grateful. I'm not a super model nor do I claim to be, so it doesn't offened me if for some reason you want to give me a low rating, they all add up and the people who know me, know that ratings are of no interest or importance to me.So if you think your upsetting me your not, and i wont be losing any sleep over it. Oh God I'm such a liar,i just need a make over, I must be revolting and ugly, oh god!!! someone hates me,BOO HOO! oh god ,I'm so not happy, I'm going to drink myself to death and blame it on that mean person/s from cherrytap, for wrecking my life..........................puts fingers in throat and vomits
Im Me
aim is dragongothboy yahoo is racinem4fun msn is email is
Uneasiness, tears, fear, uncertainty Those are all the familiar emotions Churning inside of me All of them frighting for the chance to raise their head To take a glance I shove them down each in turn as i try not to let them return They threaten to overwhelm me To burn and drown me The tears i cannot let fall answer thier masters sweet call and begin to fall anyway no matter what i say They always seem to surface and bring back the emotions to wreak havoc in my heart while they play Time clicks by Each second a minute Each minute seeming like an hour Slowly i feel myself losing control and power All i want now is to escape From insecurities, their grip, the worry Oh how i wish your call would come in a hurry Just as i think that the only release is the sweet surrender of sleep If i can only escape into the good sweet dreams and not the nightmares that haunt me the phone rings my heart pounds its YOU All of my insecurties melt away once more as if they n
Quick Shout To My Friends
Hello again, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to all of my newly made friends. Welcome to my humble establishments. Hope you enjoy your stay. No news really, I did manage to get 12 hours of sleep. I went to bed about 8:30 am and didnt wake until 9 pm last night so here I am on here. I feel like a new person, Wow LOL, amazing what a difference sleep makes . I may actually be able to function now that I have got a bit of sleep. I go and go and go and my body just shuts itself down and then I fall out and it's as if I die. ANY WAYS I will type more later on , trying to get a zillion things taken care of around here, so again love to my friends, hope you all are having a splendid weekend . Remember PLEASE IF YOU DRINK DO IT RESPONSIBLY.
Being Stalked....
You're going to have to excuse me, this psycho texan man is stalking me and now it would seem he has his friends doing it also, so I am taking some leave for a while, meanwhile I hope these children all learn to grow up. My God The Children Do Not Give Up! I have asked politely, I have blocked profiles from contacting me, I have deleted my own profiles on ceratin websites, alas, the stalkers do not give up. It has become quite obvious that these people have such meaningless lives that they need to interfere with other people and caus drama where it is not needed. They are people that lack love and crave attention in any way possible, even if it does mean causing others distress. It is sad. Their latest plan is to put comments on a profile on Cherrytap saying that I hacked it and to send me lots of nasty messages, with a link to my profile. What will this gain? Even these peoples friends are joining in. People who do not know me! I would never ever harrass anybody or send
A Smart Dog In The Pool
Comment Bomb My Pic Pls
I Need all the help I can get on this. Just click on the link below. Thanks 4 ur help in advance.
All Tied Up In Lust
It had already been a fairly long and aggravating day when the intercom dinged and the pilot on my flight informed us in his best ďIím sorry, but not reallyĒ voice that our flight to El Paso was being diverted to Odessa / Midland Airport because of a problem on the runway in El Paso. The chorus of groans that reverberated through the cabin said it all. Nobody who didnít absolutely have to go Odessa or Midland wanted to be there. My mood darkened considerably. I had already been up since one in the morning so that I could get to the airport in Providence for 3:45 AM so that I could be on the 5:45 flight to Chicago to get my connecting flight to El Paso. So the thought of waiting around for another flight did not appeal to me at all. What a silly man I was. If I desired to wait for another flight to El Paso it would mean spending the night in Odessa, there were no seats to be had on any of the puddle jumpers that fly between the two cities today. I weighed my options and decided th
...useless Info Survey....
U S E L E S S | I N F O R M A T I O N Name: Filthee Single or taken: Taken, MARRIED Sex: Yes please! Birthday: 03/21/1985 Sign: Aries Siblings: 3 older Sisters Hair color: Dark red Eye color: Hazel Height: 5'2" R E L A T I O N S H I P S Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Bisexual Who are your best friends?: Michelle, Angel, Sharon, Chris You have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: i have a Husband.:) What is your longest relationship?: with chris on and off for 5 years F A S H I O N | S T U F F Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes: Hottopic,Cool Cat Records, Thrift Stores...wherever Any tattoos or piercings: 2 Tattoos and i had 4 piercings... What is your most comfortable outfit?: Most of my outfits are comfortable... What do you usually wear?: all black and sneakers or boots and my spiked collar S P E C I F I C S Do you do drugs? yes. What kind of shampoo do you use?: Herbal Essence What are you most scared of?: Chris leaving me. What are you listeni
Ski Love
Just Something I Wrote.
I'm not sure if this is the right time to post this are not,but it doesn't matter,I'm posting it for myself. It's aimed at a few people and at the same time it's not aimed at anyone. So take it as it's meant to be the true me out in the open, you don't have to like it and you don't have to hate it. Hell you don't even have to accept it,because I know you never will,so not asking you to. "MY PERSONAL HELL" Your putting me through hell. You really are. One day your close to me , the next day your 1,000 miles away. Your putting me through hell. You really are. Not that it matters. It really doesn't. Your putting me through hell. You really are. I sit back day in, and day out. Your putting me through hell. You really are. I sit back and take it all. I sit back and say nothing. Your putting me through hell. You really are. I take and take. All of it. Your putting me through hell. You really are. I take all your good
Japanese School
Who wishes they have a school like this in America?
Nude Magic
Naughty Girl
Things That Make Me Smile
Picking up a Great Friend at the Airport....... Showing up at a motel, and having your Non-Smoking Room not available.....Going to a new motel, unpacking and leaving so quickly, you don't even know the address.......Leaving a Jolly Roger at Bubba Gump's.........Driving aimlessly around San Francisco looking for your motel that you don't know where you left it........Sharing a bottle of wine with a Great Friend.......Leaving a Jolly Roger at the Motel..... Giving a neck and shoulder massage....... Going to the Golden Gate Bridge and walking it....... Leaving a Jolly Roger on the GG Bridge....... Going wine tasting with your Great Friend in Napa Valley and leaving a Jolly Roger....... Driving around SF looking for your motel........ Sharing a nice lunch/snack with your Great Friend....... Going to a professional baseball game, wondering why there are no cars in the parking lot and looking at your tickets and realize it was a day game, NOT a Night game..... Going to a Karaoke bar and list
When Worlds Collide...
Hellyeah! The Leathur Lair met Eggs-n-Kegs and it was hella good time! Yours Truly got to meet Raven, host of Eggs N Kegs show, while he was back in town this weekend! It started out Friday night, was a long day already, and slated to be an even longer night. See, it was already about 9:30, and I was off to meet Raven at Kinetic Playground way the fuck over at 1113 Lawrence in Chicago. But it was worth the 50min drive out there. Got there, got lucky and found a free parking spot in the back. And sure enough, my name was on the friggin GUEST LIST, just like Raven said. So "BratPrince of World Rock Radio" was on a guest list! Sweet! Now the hard part: finding a large black man at a moshpit concert..... Wasnt hard to do, being that he had his DJ NAME printed on the back of his shirt! This would prove beneficial thru the evening, as the WRR url was printed there too. There were four bands on the bill, all local Chicago and Chicago-area indie bands: Society's Own, Jungle Ro
Birthday Calculator
7 April 1964 Your date of conception was on or about 16 July 1963 which was a Tuesday. You were born on a Tuesday under the astrological sign Aries. Your Life path number is 4. Life Path Compatibility: You are most compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 2, 4, 8, 11 & 22. You should get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 6 & 7. You are least compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 1, 3, 5 & 9. The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2438492.5. The golden number for 1964 is 8. The epact number for 1964 is 16. The year 1964 was a leap year. Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 2/13/1964 and ending 2/1/1965. You were born in the Chinese year of the Dragon. Your Native American Zodiac sign is Hawk; your plant is Dandelion. You were born in the Egyptian month of Paony, the second month of the season of Shomu (Harvest). Your date of birth on the Hebrew calendar is 25 Nisan 5724. Or if you were born after sundo
What Your Name Means
You entered: evis marie (lucas) buchanan There are 22 letters in your name. Those 22 letters total to 86 There are 10 vowels and 12 consonants in your name. Your number is: 5 The characteristics of #5 are: Expansiveness, visionary, adventure, the constructive use of freedom. The expression or destiny for #5: The number 5 Expression endows with the wonderful characteristic of multi-talents and versatility. You can do so many things well. The tone of the number 5 is constructive freedom, and in your drive to attain this freedom, you will likely be the master of adaptability and change. You are good at presenting ideas and knowing how to approach people to get what you want. Naturally, this gives you an edge in any sort of selling game and spells easy success when it comes to working with people in most jobs. Your popularity may lead you toward some form of entertainment or amusement. Whatever you do, you are clever, analytical, and a very quick thinker. If there is too
A Member Of The Armed Forces Please Help Us!
Angie And Another Girl
Alittle Kamasutra
Y69-odg Dumb Fucking Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
y69-odg dumb fucking ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Body: whoever the fuck this is in his piece of shit lil pathetic import needs to grow the fuck up!!! just kuz ya bitch boy lil car cant hang with a stang doesnt give you the right to put innocent peoples lives in danger... especially at 110 mph. since thats apparently all your car can do... so go back to your girlfriend/mom and stay the fuck off my roads... you dont hog all three lanes just because your embarassed you drive a piece of shit... if you cant hang then move the fuck out of my way!!! triple digit speeds are not where you wanna be a dumbass... i swear if you had hit the brakes i woulda made sure you tasted the concrete of the barrier... just because your out driven and out muscled doesnt mean ya gotta be a lil bitch about it... I know this person isn't on my list but i had to vent... and if you know who this is that drives a pathetic lil red civic tell him hes a bitch for me ok venting done...
Kamp Motor Speedway
Well I found out tonight that I am officialy on my way to Boswell Indiana the weekend of April 27th! I'm goin to KAMP! This so totally kicks ass!
Teacher Strip
Kylie Minogue
Should I Continue With The Blogs?
How are they? Good or bad?
Her..... Him To Cum.. Err.. I Mean Come!
Her The library has always been a very erotic place for me. Itís so peaceful. The smell from the books drives me crazy. I think what really gets me is that everyone tries so hard not to be noticed or bother anyone else.. And being deaf I'm extra worried about being noisy. Back in college I was working late at the library, trying to finish up some last minute research for a report. Sitting in one of the far corners, I was pretty much secluded. Periodically, someone would walk by, but for the most part, I was alone. Iíd been working for two hours and needed a break. Getting up, I walked to the drinking fountain and back to my corner. I had passed by one area and seen two teenagers secretly kissing in the corner. The image was strangely erotic to me. The smell of the books, the tension, everything, it was all starting to get to me. Sitting back in my corner, I tried to focus on my research. The pages were blurry to me. My brain didnít want to think anymore. Iíd seen enough sta
My Baby Sized Penis!!!
I have a tiny baby size penis and I am looking for a woman to laugh and make fun of it while she watches me play with myself online. I have a web camera and I really want to show you how tiny my little bitty wienee is. Please instant message me at if you are interested.
My Baby Sized Penis
I have a tiny baby size penis and I am looking for a woman to laugh and make fun of it while she watches me play with myself online. I have a web camera and I really want to show you how tiny my little bitty wienee is. Please instant message me at if you are interested.
Another Angie
The Two Of Them - Pt 7
*Had it ever crossed your mind that maybe just maybe i seriously love you, had it ever crossed your mind that maybe you really are my world? and that doing that to me really did kill me?* "NO ... okay no i didn't but i didnt want to at the time either , you have no idea the thoughts that go threw my head every time i turn to walk away from the two of you, you think this is so simple but its not" "Its not like i get some sick pleasure of hurting you , your the last person i ever wanted to hurt petie, But i know i am and it kills me inside knowing that"....... *Then why Steph why do you do it , why do you tell me you love me and then wonder later on about it, I rather you not tell me at all it makes it a lot easer for me in the long run ... "Why because you can't for a moment think maybe its posible to love two people at once or just the fact its impossible for anyone to love you" .... Quitly he thought to himself for the answer to her question and said calmly... *It's not a
Best Kid Contest Opens In 6 Hours!
~*~ Kid Contest!~*~ I'm doing a kid contest! Kids any age can join! 1st Kid Is...... with 1 comments 2nd Kid is...... with 1 comments 3rd Kid is...... with 1 comments 4th Kid is...... with 1 comments 5th Kid is...... with 1 comments 6th Kid is...... with 1 comments 7th Kid is...... with 1 comments 8th Kid is..... with 1 comments 9th Kid is..... with 1 comments 10th Kid is..... with 1 comments 11th Kid is...... with 1 comments 12th Kid is...... with 1 comments 13th Kid is......
Howard Stern
Poem I Wrote
here i find myself lying awake yet again in the wee hours of the morning. but how can i sleep? how can i sleep when i have so many thoughts, so many demons plagueing my mind? i find myself in this position way too often. so many times i've tried to change it, to turn it around. i fail each and every time. no longer do i find pleasure in life, only misery. i envy other humans, the carefree and content ones, for they are everything i cant seem to be. i try as i might, to sift through this shit running through my head. i cant find the answers i need. why do i always find myself like this? locked away inside my head, where my demons torment me. so many times ive gotten to the suicidal point, but i dont have the guts. so many times when i cut myself, i just want to press down and stop the world. but i cant. im weak. i cant seem to do anything. sometimes i feel like im already dead...
Nichole Kidman
Exotic Massage
Missing You So Much It Hurts...
Time and suffering... Time means everything and nothing It takes so much yet gives so little And therefore gives more grief than joy For the best times are with the ones we love and the worst times are when they're away When they're here we feel complete and whole When they're gone we're lost and hopeless Everytime they come back we feel 10 times better yet with time comes with yet another absence then the feeling we had becomes 10 times worse and then comes the overwhelming questions of... "am I going to make it just one more day?" "am I going to survive the onslaught of missing you?" and then... "WHEN IS THIS PAIN GOING TO END???" "ARE YOU GOING TO BE AWAY FOREVER???" and finally it hits us with the biggest question "Do I really love you enough to stand this pain just one more day?" and that answer you ask... is "YES!!!" I will suffer as much pain as it takes until the next time you are with me. And when that time comes it will be greater
Roll With The Big Dogs
We roll up in Hummers and corvettes , stingrays and mustangs, Supras and skylines. When we want to be seen you see it all you see how we ride and the money we shell out. When we dont want you to see us all you see is our break lights and the smoke from our tires, the smell of premium gas and the blairing music from system. If you want to race us all you you do is lose your car so be smart and dont unless you want to see what it feels like to walk two miles all the way home! You don't fuck with us just under us. thats how it is with us big dogs thats always how its been , thats always how it'll be! All we wanna do is ride in style , we dont want to take your shit but always some silly fool who thinks his daddies cars faster then us, You might be fast compaired to mommies station wagon but we put 15 grand under our hoods. We might look simple but our systems are hooked up. We got NAS in places you never imaginationed and a playstation in the steering wheel. Thats how it is wi
Street Flasher
So, this is all new to me. Here's hoping it is as fun as it looks! :)
Jennifer Aniston
Sure every one saw this
Please Vote For Me, Getting Close, Ends Tonight At 8pm Est
Please vote for me lots. In 1st place, but 2nd place getting close. Will make tags, wanted posters, photo cubes for all who helps. Just email me with what you would like. Thanks so much. xoxox Jen Just click on the pic below. :)
Angelina Jolie
So True
According to studies, the first letter of your first name reveals your sexual identity ... What do you think? Repost this with the letter of your first name. -A- You are not particularly romantic, but you are interested inaction. You mean business. With you, what you see is what you get. You have no patience for flirting and can't be bothered with someone who is trying to be coy, cute, demure,and subtly enticing. You are an up front person. When it comes to sex, its action that counts not obscure hints.Your mate's physical attractiveness is important to you. You find the chase and challenge of the "hunt" invigorating. You are passionate and sexual as well as being much more adventurous than you appear; however, you do not go around advertising these qualities. Your physical needs are your primary concern. -B- You give off vibes of lazy sensuality. You enjoy being romanced, wined, and dined. You are very ha ppy to receive gifts as an ___expression of the affection of your lo
Ok This Is Just The Intro
Where i will post sites and stories i enjoyed so hopefully you will like them too. Just for starters for the horny ones that like porn check out
Headbangers Ball
hot or not? coke or pepsi? beer or liquor?what's for dinner?and the ever popular if a friend is cheating on their partner should i say something?oh and don't forget THANK GOD WRESTLEMANIA IS OVER...isn't it bad enough that mostly all that you see on TV is reruns...even the bulletin board is reposts....and now the mummland is becoming a rerun...oops my bad just people looking for points by posting meaningless or repeats of mumms
An empty expanse. Deadpan eyes. black and white fuzz voices carrying over conversations on the wind Oh how I long to shatter. I walk between two lines. chalk drawn like a dead man outline words broken and forced Choking on the shadows destroying the light And I hide here. Mute and dumb. Drawing pictures in the dust It is all that I am. This image reflected I forget when I fell battered and bruised like I cannot even find my strength It's okay. When you closed your eyes I became blind I was gone anyways. Not like I was ever meant to be seen.
S.O.S lyrics Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find I tried to reach for you, but you have closed your mind Whatever happened to our love? I wish I understood It used to be so nice, it used to be so good So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me S. O. S. The love you gave me, nothing else can save me S. O. S. When you're gone How can I even try to go on? When you're gone Though I try how can I carry on? You seem so far away though you are standing near You made me feel alive, but something died I fear I really tried to make it out I wish I understood What happened to our love, it used to be so good So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me S. O. S. The love you gave me, nothing else can save me S. O. S. When you're gone How can I even try to go on? When you're gone Though I try how can I carry on? So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me S. O. S. And the love you gave me, nothing else can save me S. O. S. Wh
Yeah Sooooo.....
One Of Us
One Of Us lyrics They passed me by, all of those great romances You were, I felt, robbing me of my rightful chances My picture clear, everything seemed so easy And so I dealt you the blow One of us had to go Now it's different, I want you to know One of us is crying One of us is lying In her lonely bed Staring at the ceiling Wishing she was somewhere else instead One of us is lonely One of us is only Waiting for a call Sorry for herself, feeling stupid feeling small Wishing she had never left at all I saw myself as a concealed attraction I felt you kept me away from the heat and the action Just like a child, stubborn and misconceiving That's how I started the show One of us had to go Now I've changed and I want you to know One of us is crying One of us is lying In her lonely bed Staring at the ceiling Wishing she was somewhere else instead One of us is lonely One of us is only Waiting for a call Sorry for herself, feeling stupid feeling small Wishing
Knowing Me,knowing You
Knowing Me Knowing You lyrics No more carefree laughter Silence ever after Walking through an empty house, tears in my eyes Here is where the story ends, this is goodbye Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa) There is nothing we can do Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa) We just have to face it, this time we're through (This time we're through, this time we're through This time we're through, we're really through) Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go (I have to go this time I have to go, this time I know) Knowing me, knowing you It's the best I can do Mem'ries (mem'ries), good days (good days), bad days (bad days) They'll be (they'll be), with me (with me) always (always) In these old familiar rooms children would play Now there's only emptiness, nothing to say Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa) There is nothing we can do Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa) We just have to face it, this time we're through (This time we're through, this time we're through
Can someone please explain to me why the majority of the females on this site are freakin half naked? I mean, seriously. Every where I look there are boobs or a cha-cha hanging out. Did I join a website that is mainly for hooking up and I just didn't realize or what? And let's not forget about the males....I have never seen so many bondage freaks in my life! I see pictures of guys in leather thongs! Now, I understand that that is your cup of tea, but I definitely do not want a sip of that. Whatever happened to being modest? Or am I just extremely old-fashion and just haven't came to grips with yet?
You...can You Just Get Out Of My Head And My Heart?
So I guess I'm confused about where I am in my life right now. I tend to surround myself with negative situations. Situations that I know bring me down, but I continue to subject myself to them. Why? Out of love? Out of want? Pure stupidity? I'm not quite exactly sure. I know I shouldn't do it to myself. I know I deserve better. But I just keep going back for more, knowing it's not going to have the result I want, knowing the situation won't change. I'll still be too clingy, I'll still be not good enough. But I'm still sitting here wanting, sitting here lusting. I'm retarded. I should have learned the first, oh ten times, but I'm still going back for more. I need to figure this crap out. It's bringing me down, I dwell on it everyday. I think about it and him all the time. And my feelings only seem to grow stronger. Why? I'm not exactly quite sure. By this point most people would have written it off, chaulked it up as another lose, but I can't, I just can't. I guess I just sit here with
Good Advice
For those of you who didn't know, Kurt Vonnegut has passed away. If you have never read his work, well....shame on you. Go do it. Vonnegut had published some lovely advice on writing short stories. I try to follow these rules, but suspect I fail often. No matter, I'll get better, and hopefully some of you may learn from this: 1. Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted. 2. Give the reader at least one character he or she can root for. 3. Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water. 4. Every sentence must do one of two things -- reveal character or advance the action.* 5. Start as close to the end as possible. 6. Be a sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them -- in order that the reader may see what they are made of. 7. Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your
Shakira No With English Subtitles
Feeling Much....
I gotta warn you i'm more then 1/2 fried. No not drugs nor booze.Just lack of sleep many battleing felings i'm worst then any pmsing female could be. So if this is a bit unsane sounding welll..I never said I was sane! But As I lie here in this small hosptal bed with my beautiful Gypsy (yeah so? I'm not really s'pose to do this. Looks like I am)my body so tired it's yelling for the release of sleep & my mind so fried it just wants to shut down....Well I feel helpless and I feel the failure. I look over at Gypsy sleeping soundly at last. I know the pain she deals with both of body and mind. I want to make it all better for her. Make that pain whatever I need to do to make it happen..but the one thing that would do that I cannot do for her. It kills me. I'm a man of action. I get things done. And when shit happens and I can't it's hell to deal with. And wellll,Gypsy is my whole fucking world. So when it comes to words can even come close.I h
Whoooooooo Hoooooooo!!
Okay ya'll I have updated my profile!!! Made it less melancholy but more upbeat with my daughters and mine's fave new video!!! check it out!!! OH and i posted the lyrics for those who cant understand what shes sayin!!! Hugsssssss to those who have been standing by me... no news is good news but still havent been in for the next phase another damn mamogram but keeping my fingers crossed that it will be benign!!!! hugssssss and much love, Catherine aka fallenangelteegra
To All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gram at
Birmingham, Alabama.
So, Im leaving. My cousin offered me a place to stay, and a car, and oh yeah, help. Even if your like " ew. alabama" like One particular person i know.. *hums deliverance*, Im fucking going. Im getting out. Escape. New life. or even, just a place to die. more on this later.
Cute Animals Compilation
Cute animals doing cute things.. Cute Animals Compilation
Take A Chance On Me
Take A Chance On Me lyrics If you change your mind, I'm the first in line Honey I'm still free Take a chance on me If you need me, let me know, gonna be around If you've got no place to go, if you're feeling down If you're all alone when the pretty birds have flown Honey I'm still free Take a chance on me Gonna do my very best and it ain't no lie If you put me to the test, if you let me try Take a chance on me (That's all I ask of you honey) Take a chance on me We can go dancing, we can go walking, as long as we're together Listen to some music, maybe just talking, get to know you better 'Cos you know I've got So much that I wanna do, when I dream I'm alone with you It's magic You want me to leave it there, afraid of a love affair But I think you know That I can't let go If you change your mind, I'm the first in line Honey I'm still free Take a chance on me If you need me, let me know, gonna be around If you've got no place to go, if you're feeling down
What Have I? Iv
I dissapear. Like some unwanted. I was never here. I remember how I used to feel. What I could accomplish. The sky's the limit... till they limited the sky. Forever blue was never... never was never. And I'm not here. I never was. Just like you. We're here in nowhere. I feel it in your heart. Because its mine too. I've known it forever. Quiet... like time ticking on a watch in a dark room. Like grass whispering in my ear. The rolling hills of forever. Never. Nowhere. That's where we first met. In the timeless paradox of my nothing. Will you always be here... waiting for me to open my eyes. Will I ever? Will I ever wake from this dream they call real. Finally laying eyes on your quieting smile. Will it finally silence my chaos, when my fingers intertwine with yours... When I finally know you...outside of my nowhere. When I wake... when I dream... promise to be there. And we will have never forever. Everything in nothing. So long as we have
A Pondering Of Sorts
I wish there was some reason to feelings. For if they had reason, I could reason with them... to feel differently.
Shocking! Leopard Attacks Man!
Don't poke the big cat!! SHOCKING! LEOPARD ATTACKS MAN!
come vote ..........and show some luv :D *hugs*
It's Never Too Late! Please Read Friends!
The first day of school our professor introduced himself and challenged us to get to know someone we didn't already know. I stood up to look around when a gentle hand touched my shoulder. I turned round to find a wrinkled, little old lady beaming up at me with a smile that lit up her entire being. She said, "Hi handsome. My name is Rose. I'm eighty-seven years old. Can I give you a hug?" I laughed and enthusiastically responded, "Of course you may!" and she gave me a giant squeeze. "Why are you in college at such a young, innocent age?" I asked. She jokingly replied, "I'm here to meet a rich husband, get married, and have a couple of kids..." "No seriously," I asked. I was curious what may have motivated her to be taking on this challenge at her age. "I always dreamed of having a college education and now I'm getting one!" she told me. After class we walked to the student union building and shared a chocolate milkshake. We became instant friends. Every day for t
Nothing In Particular...
It's 2:23am Sunday morning. I'm still awake. There's supposed to be a storm on the way. Hopefully not too bad. I'll try not to sleep Sunday away. Still new to this CherryTap. Just playing around with it. Well, off for more chillage...Later!
Amazing 6 Year Old Guitarist
6 year old guitar player on Ellen's Show. The look on his face is priceless after Ellen gives him a present. Amazing 6 Year Old Guitarist - The funniest videos clips are here
My Dad And Stepma
Today I got a letter from my dad and my stepma.They have decided to adopt my oldest son and give him a stable home in which he will be able to grow up in.My oldest son his name is Cory has been bounced around a few times in the last few years.Nothing that I am proud of but also I had no control over the siyuation either.But I cried when I read the letter enclosed with the court papers.My dad and stepma have unconditional love and I know that my son will be taken care of and get the attention and love he needs as a growing boy.Even though my parents nor my son will ever be on cherrytap I just wanted to give them credit where credit is due.And yes I thanked them with my whole letter as I signed the papers handing my son over to them.Good luck dad and ma...Love your daughter...
As I stood in my shower watching the water flow over my hand and the razor it held I wondered what it would feel like to rack the razoe accross my veins so dark with my blood. I wondered if it woudl hurt and how my kids woudl take it and then I thought who woudl get my kids? Instead I stood there with that razor in my hand and cried tears. Tears for a love that never was. My husband didn't fight for me why should anyone else want me? I give up. My spirt is gone. My heart broken into. I came so close tonight ot ending it all and why. My life is a circus. I am surprized I made it this far! I thought I had found the one man in this world who could mind my broken heart but now I do not know. He keeps saying maybe or don't know what the future may hold. I need to know if I have a chance. Would I love else where if he said it wasn't me he was looking for? No! I wouldn't look no more. If I can't have him then there is no one for me! I am sorry to be saying all this becasue I k
This is Pinky's sister. My big sis has asked me to post this blog to get a few addresses. She would like to write a few certain friends. She is unfortunatly doing a year in prison. If Scott (Sarrogate Savior), David (Blokhed), and Shane world not mind going to her myspace page and leaving her a message with your address she would really appreciate it. So she can write to you. Her myspace is I check her myspace more often than this account. Or if you would like to leave the message to me I am the top person on her friends. As soon as my sister makes it to a yard I will post her address as a blog. Thank you
Dhl Deliver Everything
That's right, DHL even delivers love (literally) DHL Deliver Everything - The most popular videos are a click away
Golden Harvest
Well, at the pass of the vernal equanox, the bounty is plenty... In much the same situation as always... but I finaly have been able to learn from this...and a way to sum things up, Why am I trying to break through a wall when I am standing infront of a door? It seems I had a few things to learn about myself, before I can truly move forward, and its funny because now I feel just plain silly... leave it to a capricorn to expect everything to be difficult Any one who has ever read anything ive written should have been able to indentify the fact that I was in a bit of a rut... a big one, but hey, no one is perfect... On the eve of the First day of srping, I seem to have been blessed with a bounty that yelded untold delights, and lets just say Saia is VERY satisfied!!! Plenty of work left to do but on the tail end of a few heath issues, I obviously needed to take a little time off per say... So, If you see me, know that Im just enjoying the ride!!!!!!
Beauty And The Biker
this was published in a adult mag written by me a true story >This would be her first Valentine's Day with her new Master. They have been >together since late June and she has never regretted a moment of serving >him > She wanted to make this a memorable one for him, to show how much she >cared for him and enjoyed serving his desires. He had taken the day off >work for her to her surprise and wanted to make it worth his while > So Beauty sat back and thought. Just how could she get her dark prince to >anticipate Valentine's Day as much as her. Then she set to work >She stepped out and went shopping for the few things she needed. The whole >time smiling and thinking about her Master and her plans to entice him >She got home and dumped all her purchase on the bed. Then walking over to >the stereo she put on some relaxing music, lite an incense sat down on the >bed and relaxed. Sitting back she smiled pleased with her self that s
I have just been forced into this. The only people that may rate my photos are friends. It sucks. But it has come down to this. I've been getting ratings of a 1, or a 2, from outside of our CT friends, and family. No more.If we would all quit CT one 1 day? Then they would rethink the policy of outside raters
sphendoinkle@ CherryTAP if you would please add my friend welcome her into the cherrytap family thank you and if anyone needs help on anything please send me a shout
This Shit Cracks Me Up
y is it guys on here and in person even, think they r gods gift to woman and like think weve never seen a cock pix b4.and why do they see a girls pix and think there "hot" then automaticaly think they have more "naughty pix"as if any girl who has any respect for themselves is just gonna show her naughty pix to just anyone especialy after just 2 min of talkin to that person. heres my thing.... if u cant take a min of ur online time to totaly read my profile and see what im about then dont even waste my time. dont look at my pix and say oh ur hot heres my cock pix (specialy if ur a hairy beast)cause i wont be impressed... its a pix i can see pix anywhere. id be way more impressed and interested if u took the time to get to know me. ya i flirt but its flirting, that dont mean im gonna fuck any guy that waves there cock pix at me.
Scary Spinach?
So a couple people die and I can't get spinach on my sub sandwich for a month. In the US, 5000 people die every year from food poisoning and I'm guessing the majority of those are caused my meat contamination. Heck, even the bad spinach was made possible by meat farms. So WTF? People could care less about the fecal matter mixed in with the dozens of cows in their burger but freak out on leaves? Hey, if they aren't organic you should be washing them anyways... Go vegan. Cows Are Too Nice to Eat Cows are gentle, social animals. Each cow has the ability to recognize more than 100 other cows, and they form close friendships with members of their herd. Researchers report that cows grieve when their friends or family members die.
Support Our Troops
SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS I am writing to you and to ask you if you would help me in "supporting our troops"? These soldiers are over there risking there lifes everyday, doing the jobs that a lot of people are afraid to do. They spend many months and sometimes many years away from there family and loved ones and friends. The most that we can do right now is to let them know that we are greatful for what they are doing. At the end of this message will be link to a profile on CherryTAP, to a unit that is currently stationed in Kuwait. This profile was made by the Sergent of this unit . This unit is also one, among many units that have had there deployment exstended another three months. A lot of us wish this would of never happened but for some reason the President thinks that an extra three months overseas is really going to make a differece on whats going on over there. There are many soldiers that will never make it home to see there familys and friends. Theres a lot of people that wish
Idiotic Me....
I stepped on a fuckin Toothpick tonight. it went in my foot about a centimeter and it went in on a slant.. Fuck it hurts.. Bled like a bitch... and Yea Wood in my foot is not good....
Late Night Fun{as Seen In My Recent Stash]
Yeh this is wut Gran & I do when we are bored......Fun Fun
Tuesdays Simple
push ups 60 holding bar. thats it, cant burn myself out ya know
EVER HAD ONE OF THOSE DAYS (or nights) when you are so lonely for some affection that all you want to do is stay in bed all day and hold a teddy bear...and no matter what anyone says or does it doesn't make it better...well in case you can't tell, i am having one of those divorce will be final in 9 days so i guess that and the fact that i have no life outside of work and my kids might have something to do with it...(not for lack of trying) noone is interested and i can't figure it out...i mean i don't think i am that hideous looking and i have been told i have a great personality and sense of humor...and that i am fun to hang out with...can anyone help me...i need answers..WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???
Female Player
You call your self a player Cause it seems you played a few... You didn't seem to realize it was me playing you. It's true you were good at your game and came out a winner... But compare to me,you were still just a beginner! There still lots of learning and you ain't shit yet!!! If you didn't give a fuck,then why are you so upset?? Although you tried to play me,things didn't end up your way,cause your on your knees begging me to stay... How does it feel to Lose? How does it feel to be a Failure? How does it feel to be played... By an O.G. Female Player??
Who Love You
Think Of Those Who Love You. If someone should hurt you and say a thing unkind, Remember what I write to you, and keep these thoughts in mind. For everyone that makes you cry, there are three to make you smile, And a smile will last for a long, long time, but a tear just a little while. Don't let someone who hates the world cause you to hate it too, Behind the clouds is a Golden sun, and a sky that's full of Blue. If someone said a thing that's cruel, don't let it get to you, Your achievements are greatly numbered, and your faults are very few. So if a certain person should act a certain way, Think of those who Love You. And don't let it spoil your day! .
I Trye To Tell You
I tried to tell you I love you but the words were hard to find. I'm always thinking about you you're the only one on my mind. Oh why do I act so shy forever hiding my face I should learn to laugh and not to cry put your self in my place. There were times I tried to kiss you but something told me no. You wanted me to hold you but I kept letting you go. I'm afraid that I am not the guy you've searched for all these years. I will kindly leave now don't you cry try to hold back your tears. It's been so long I haven't seen you for quite awhile When I think of how we me met it only brings back your smile. I remember when I held you then and told you we'd never part I loved you then I love you now and I'll hold you in my heart.
Hi Guys
hello to everyone that viewing my profile now n also my pics... i just wanna say thanks to the guy who gave me this site n joined an hour ago... By the way im milly from phlippines 22 y/old single n never been married i just wanted to try here how it goes n want to meet a new people n to be friends with them... And thanks to those people who giving me a comments n everything. thanks a lots guys LOVE U ALL god bless
Pretty On The Inside?
"I am doll eyes, doll mouth, doll legs. I am doll arms, big veins, dog bait. Yeah, they really want you, they really want you, they really do. Yeah, they really want you, they really want you, but I do too. I want to be the girl with the most cake. I love him so much it just turns to hate. I fake it so real I am beyond fake. And someday, you will ache like I ache. I am doll parts, bad skin, dull heart. It stands for knife, for the rest of my life. Yeah, they really want you, they really want you, they really do. Yeah, they really want you, they really want you, but I do too. I want to be the girl with the most cake. He only loves those things because he loves to see them break. I fake it so real I am beyond fake. And someday, you will ache like I ache..." Hole~"Doll Parts"
Lb- The One
The Music: Reflection: This song brings up memories from like '01. I had just broken up w/ a girl who had nothing to do w/ the song lol. I started out liking a friend of hers and it seemed like everything may work out. I did not break up w/ the girl for this friends either just for the record. Me and the friend became close friends and hung out alot w/ my other friends that were hers aswell. But things did not turn out like I thought, she eventually started to ignore me so I just gave up. I got over it pretty easily though. And now the song kind reminds me of something more recent, indeed right? aahahaha. Anyway not a great reflection so sorries and so mofo just rated me a 1 lol
Vidblog #5
For The Bulletin Non-readers Lol
YOU CAN ASK ME SIX QUESTIONS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. __________________________________________________ No matter how random, revealing, rude, or pointless __________________________________________________ I promise to answer them 100% truthfully __________________________________________________ All questions are COMPLETELY confidential __________________________________________________ [[[Repost this to see what others ask you...]]] as "6 questions?" __________________________________________________ IF YOU DON'T THEN YOU'RE SCARED OF WHAT PEOPLE MAY ASK
Song Frag, And Saves The Day... Hmmmmmm
Baby come clean just say what you really mean. I can take it like a man Cause im not sure what I want, but I know that I canít give, you everything you deserve, She says I love you, he says donít lie to me. I can float to the garden state in my dreams. Awake Im a prisoner of this empire.
Laughing At Myself
So I was at work today,being the cook.(Oh my). When my manager tells me to double up fries. Well you know me, I put another fry pan on top of another. (doubling up the fries) Of course thats not what he wants me to do. He looks back yells and asked me what I was doing. I said doubling up the fries. He says no, pour the fries in one fry pan. I started laughing and I said well isn't that funny. Of course he didn't think so. He told me He didn't know to laugh or cry.
Goose Bumps
What is it about you that makes me feel weak, And gives me the goose bumps whenever you speak? Why does the sight of you fill me with pleasure, Like a spotlight that shines on a glorious treasure? Well hell its "tRue Cherry Tap Rocks" i'm your Saint ' CT 's Guardian Angle' fan/add/rate/ me please ~
The Balloon
A little boy blows up a balloon and starts flicking it all around the house with his finger. His mother tells him to stop it as he's liable to break something, but the boy continues. "Johnny!" Mom screams. "Knock it off. You're going to break something." He stops and eventually Mom leaves for a short trip to the shopping center. Johnny starts up with the balloon again after his mom has left for the store. He gives it one last flick and it lands in the toilet where he leaves it.. Mom comes in and while putting away the grocery gets the urge. A diarrhea run. She can barely make it to the toilet in time and SPLASH, out it comes. When she's finished, she looks down and can't believe what she's seeing. She's not sure what this big brown thing is in the toilet! She calls her doctor. The doctor is baffled as she describes the situation, but he assures her he'll be over shortly to examine everything. When he arrives she leads him to the bathroom and he gets down on his knees a
Race Update
hello friends and fans well my son and i had a good race nite tonite, in the heat race he finished 2nd avoiding wrecks, cars like they were a pinball or something in the feature he started front row outside and lead 14 of the 15 laps, going into turn 3 he went in little too hard and had to back off a little, just to get passed by the 2nd place car so he finished 2nd in the feature also, was a cold nite but fun and wonderful for us, really proud of how he has come along in the driving technic he has been doing, guess all the years of driving simulators of nascar on the pc paid off, really miss u all and hope too be back on here lot more soon.
*crosses Fingers*
I'm waiting to hear back from Chaparral in the morning in hopes they will work with me so I can trade in my bike for a motocross bike. *Crosses fingers* Hopefully it works out. If not, then I have to wait a little bit, then go back. So, we'll see.
Eternal Friends
Once day comes into night the moon fades into morning day break as fall goes to winter once spring blossems My friendship is eternal accept it or ignore I know we are electric because you feel it in your soul when you find your soulmate my friendship won't fade because a connection like ours has, will and always be made
Sometimes I lie awake in bed Thinking about the things you said So lost for words, so lost to tell you how I feel So terrified of changing what I thought was real It's too bad, you're gone It's too bad, you're not alone And I know that you couldn't see That it's too bad that you're gone And not here with me Standing here, trying to make some sense of this There's nothing between us Still I can feel your awkwardness You're so lost for words So you just tell me I'm your friend There must be one reason Only one reason in the end It's too bad, you're gone It's too bad, you're not alone And I know that you couldn't see That it's too bad that you're gone And not here with me So why are you pulling away It must be from things that I say And I'm thinking you're thinking of him So why do I even care at all
Can I Hear A Little Traveling Music?
Just so you all will know (at least those of you that notice! You know who you are...) I will be going "no-tech" for a week, off to the big evil city of Atlanta. At least I hope I find the evil part... WTF, I am going on family business and it will likely be about as much fun as pulling my eyelids up over the top of my head. But I must go, so go I will. No computers, so I will be MIA. Please leave a message for me if anything cool happens I might want to know about. Or just carry on and I will be back next weekend if things go as planned. Everyone have a great week, if I find spring, I will try to send it on back to everyone. Peace and love! Slick
Stars And A Memory
I gaze upon the stars and linger on old memories Ones filled with talk and laughter from you and me I plummet deeper and deeper in this far off land And its just you and me walking hand in hand I just knew nothing in this world could seperate us Untill one day there came a faithful Marine Corps bus I suffered the heartache and perils of bootcamp Everytime you wrote I read with my eyes damp Your words of love and encouragment kept me strong With you I could never go wrong I came home after graduation day But for some reason I felt myself pull away At the time I didn't know why or how I look back with reasoning and I see now The first time hurt so much to let you go The second would have killed me I know I look up at these Illustrios stars and wonder whatever became of this love of ours I sit alone and ponder in the dark Will we be again or did I miss my mark It was a mean trick I played on you For my calls were distant and
so. its 10 pm arrived home roughly an hour ago? perhaps. and after spending approx uhm idk but over $400 big lots is the devil it was the start of it all. went in to check out their tv stands and what not cuz moms huge one makes me completely claustraphobic...and wound up buying a set of the most beautiful shaped weighted and gold edged wine glasses...and the kids some baby dolls n crap cuz Monkey well is Monkey and what kid doesnt need a babydoll at one point or another. then we ventured to target. target really IS the devil. and while still in search of this one particular kind of tv stand...we wound up getting lamps...books...a fan...some monkey paraphernalia for the kids room...and ugh...summer wardrobe for the kidlets... anyone who knows me knows that i detest shopping. so its a good thing we picked up wendys on the way home...and now... i sit...with a glass of cab sav in a new wonderful glass...*sigh* it was delightful getting out of the house tho the 45 minute rid
30 % Weird Hahaha
You Are 30% Weird Not enough to scare other people... But sometimes you scare yourself. How Weird Are You?
What My Dreams Mean...
What Your Dreams Mean... Your dreams seem to show that you're a bit disturbed... but nothing serious. You may have a problem you're trying to work out in your sleep. Overall, you are very content in your life. You tend to be a very productive thinker. Your dreams tend to reflect your insecurities. Your dreams indicate that you have very conflicted feelings. You have a very vivid imagination and a rich creative mind. What Do Your Dreams Mean?
Hot Tattoo Contest
Okay Hot Tattoo updates are...... 1st place is...... with 3476 comments! 2nd place is...... with 3070 comments 3rd place is...... with 825 comments 4th Place is...... with 264 comments 5th Place is...... with 140 comments 6th Place is...... with 114 comments 7th Place is...... with 8 comments 8th Place is...... with 5 comments 9th Place is...... with 2 comments 10 th Place is...... with 2 comments 11th Place is...... with 2 comments 12th Place is...... with 1 comments 13th Place is......
You Are 80% Non Conformist You are a pretty serious non conformist. You live a life hardly anyone understands. And while some may call you a freak, you're happy with who you are. Are You a Nonconformist?
ok.. so i know this is kinda supposed to be like a myspace.. but why isnt it simple and easy like myspace. i dont know what to do or what im supposed to do. what cherry bucks are or cherry points. what the difference of levels are.. all the cherry bull shit. i figured out how to put up pics and how to comment myself. and others. but as far as ims or pms i dont get it.
Need HELP!!!!!!! Please ;)
99 Things Queen Of Darkness Requires From You
99 things Queen of Darkness requires from you 99. DamnÖ.just let me own your heart and soul forever 98.Buying me house 97. Giving me a car 96.Spoiling me 95.Gifts 94.Public sex 93.Raw sex (Mating like two wild animals) 92.Kinky sex 91. Hot and intense passion 90.Give me all my heart desire from you 89.Honor among my realm of darkness 88.Stealing not allowed 87.Beating is not allowedÖunless am using damn whip on your sorry ass 86.Stalking is mine too do 85.NO church 84. My rules, my way, or damn highway of death 83.Am always rightÖ.you are never right 82.Shower for more than two 81.Games 80.Toys are must 79.Kissing (please use tongue) 78.No selfishness allowed 77.No greed allowed 76.No haters allowed 75.Must be wicked 74.Talking back to me 73. Thinking for self is not allowedÖ..gets you kicked out 72.Drop to your knees and worship me 71.You are replaceable 70.Never think you mean something to me 69.Donít ask me if cared about you 68.Give me the world
My Lil Cousin
My lil cousin was killed today. He was run over by truck.... I didn't know him all that well. He was only 4. I am so Sad. Boy, 5, dies after being hit by truck (April 14, 2007) ó Misael Santiago, who turned 5 last week and liked to play video games, was killed Saturday afternoon in Rochester when he was run over by rental truck. The boyís family, relatives and friends grieved at the scene as police worked to determine how Misael was hit at a business that his cousins said is operated by the boyís parents. Misaelís grandmother had to be taken to the hospital when she collapsed after the incident, said the boyís cousin, 19-year-old James Quintana, who struggled to talk about Misaelís April 2nd birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. ďI was just looking at the pictures last night,Ē he said. Gerardina Soto, the boyís aunt, said Misael was enrolled in a pre-kindergarten program at School 45. ďEverything suggests to us at this point itís a tragic accident,Ē said Rochester
My First Blog, Whats Going On Lately
well this is my first blog on here, and i picked the name "the unfortunate" because i'm currently listening to psyclon nine right now and that song is just really really good, and after the concert i was just at, i could use some aggressive music. I just got back from seeing kottinmouth kings, and honestly i'm not impressed, honestly flirting with the two girls i was with and the obnoxious amount of bass was the only thing that kept me awake because it was almost as boring as the kittie concert i went to and god damn that was boring, this one wasn't too interesting, a little background on me, i'm into some very dark elecronic music and quite honestly this rap that i was forced to listen to all night tonight was annoying as hell and i have a gigantic headache because of it, but i'm qquite happy and content right now with my psyclon nine. go check them out by the way, absolutely good stuff. Well looks like tonight was my last night of fun for a while, because i'm going back to school
Artist Contest Starting Monday Morning At 9 Am
Trying to find the ~ Best Artist ~ On CT! HAS TO BE OF YOUR OWN DESIGN WORK ! EITHER BLK/GRY DESIGNS OR BETTER YET ANY ART DESIGN MADE BY YOU. ALL ART DESIGNS ARE ELEGIBLE MADE BY A PC PROGRAM IS ELEGIBLE FOR ENTRY! Morphs are also allowed in contest! 1st Pic is...... with 1 comments 2nd Pic is...... with 1 comments 3rd Pic is...... with 1 comments 4th Pic is...... with 1 comments Comment bombing and self bombing is allowed! Contest will start 4/16 thur 4/23. If u would like to enter Plz send pic link to my messages and i will enter you in contest or tell me which pic and i will rip it for u! Great prizes to be given away! Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~*~SeXxY ~*~ MaMa~*~ MaRiA~*~Owner of A.F.H~*~And ~*~Angel * Family~*~@ CherryTAP
What If I Came Knocking
It had been long time. The thought had been with me since I boarded in the plane in Providence 5 hours ago. Now here I was in Detroit and wondering if she would be happy to see me or not, things had been tense over the last couple of years. You couldnít blame her for being a little bit perturbed with me, I could have told her that it was just friends with benefits long before I did. She didnít shut me out though, not even after Iíd gotten married weíd still e-mailed almost daily and talked once a week since it had all gone bad. (I still wondered if she was hanging on to something. I guess I was about to find out.) Iíd had no intention of being in Detroit, but work had a way of putting me places that I never expected to be these days. I knew when I heard Jonesy, my boss, on the phone saying, ďThis is not a problem!Ē, that I was pretty much screwed. Twenty minutes later he came out of his office handed me a work order, told me to go home and pack for a week, and to pick up my ticke
This Is Funny (and I'm Blonde Too!)
Three ladies all worked in the same office with the same female boss. Each day, they noticed the boss left work early. One day, the ladies decided that when the boss left, they would leave right behind her. After all, she never called or came back to work, so how would she know they went home early? The brunette was thrilled to be home early. She did a little gardening spent playtime with her son, and went to bed early. The redhead was elated to be able to get in a quick workout at the spa before meeting a dinner date. The blonde was happy to get home early and surprise her husband, but when she got to her bedroom, she heard a muffled noise from inside. Slowly and quietly, she cracked open the door and was mortified to see her husband in bed with her boss! Gently she closed the door and crept out of her house. The next day at their coffee break, the brunette and redhead planned to leave early again, and they asked the blonde if she was going to go with them. "No way,"
Love And Hate
In a world you think you may know isn't at all what it seems hidden wonders, hopes & dreams. Tear drops fall from little children's eyes and people ask questions and wonder why? Our minds are clouded with despair why should anyone really care. Fight for what is yours they say but the fight isn't yet prepared. Choose the right and take the time to see what you've been given and not look for what you might get. Take a moment to think Written it is said ‶ Love one anotherĀć Then ask yourself again, why is there so much HATE? By: Secunda
Survey Cause Im Bord....uup.
Body: A - ? A - Age: 20 A - Annoyance: Incomplete thoughts. ================================ B - Best feature: Eyes I guess. B - beer- Guiness B - Birthday: January 11th ================================ C - Crush: Atarahleg C - Car: Chevy Cavalier. C - Candy: I dunno. ================================ D - Day or night: night D - Dream Car: 68 Chevy Chevelle. D - Dogs or Cats: Dawgs. ================================ E - Egg nog: yummy. E - E-mail: Junk F - Favorite color: Black F - Favorite Band//Artist: Hmm Avenged. G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Worms ================================ H - Hair: Dark brown H - Height: 5'9" H - Happy: At times. ================================ I - Instrument: Throat ================================ J - Jewelry: none today. normally dog tags. J - Job: Cashier/soldier/student. K - Kids: Someday. K - Kindergarten: Dun remember allot of it. ================================ L - Longest Car Ride: New York to North Dakota ==========
Pretending Him
If You Want To Help
if my friends want to help me out i am in a mothers day contest. all love will be returned i just havent been feeling too well lately and alot of stress . here is the link dont feel that you have to do it. [ photo: 2663985866 ]
The Year I Was Born..
In 1975 (the year you were born) Gerald Ford is president of the US Evacuation of US civilians from Saigon as Communist forces complete takeover of South Vietnam FBI agents capture Patty Hearst, who is indicted and convicted of bank robbery Teamster Jimmy Hoffa disappears without a trace Marines rescue the crew of the American ship the Mayaguez near Vietnam First Lady Betty Ford says in an interview that she thinks her children have tried marijuana Natalie Imbruglia, Drew Barrymore, David Beckham, Enrique Iglesias, Angelina Jolie, and Tiger Woods are born Cincinnati Reds win the World Series Pittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl IX Philadelphia Flyers win the Stanley Cup Production begins on Star Wars Jaws and The Rocky Horror Picture Show are the top grossing films Soul Train premieres on television in the United States "The Way We Were" (performed by Barbara Streisand) wins the Grammy for best song Saturday Night Live and Wheel of Fortun
Better Late Than Never...
Yeah, I guess I'd better get around to actually introducing myself....unless there's something else I should be doing. You know, there's really not a lot that I care to say right now because I'm sick. Not the 'let's skip rope with the next door neighbor's intestines' kinda sick, but the 'aaaaaaah-choo! *cough* *cough*' kinda sick. Have no idea how I caught it. I think I got sick from being forced to vidi some cockbite's balloon knot on x-box live while playing Uno. My only comment was 'Dude, do you know how to wipe?' So from that moment forward, I was 'officially' banned from playing Uno because Uno is a MAN'S GAME. Just by said moron, not from x-box live. So...yeah...I'll just leave it at that and go back to my Virtual Villagers. (read: crack.) Toodles.
Apparantly I'm Dr. Phil Or A Liar.
Your EQ is 160 50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick! 51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you'd have better luck understanding Chinese. 71-90: You've got more emotional intelligence than the average frat boy. Barely. 91-110: You're average. It's easy to predict how you'll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that. 111-130: You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt. 131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin. 150+: Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar. What's Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?
Join Me In Death Him
Please Comment Bomb This Couple
I entered my sister and brother in law in a contest please comment bomb and rate them...Id appreciate it...
My Mom...
What If We Could
Sevendust-hurt (nin Cover)
I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain the only thing that's real The needle tears a hole the old familiar sting try to kill it all away but I remember everything What have I become? My sweetest friend Everyone I know goes away in the end You could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt I wear this crown of shit upon my liar's chair Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair Beneath the stains of time the feelings disappear You are someone else I am still right here What have I become? my sweetest friend Everyone I know goes away in the end You could have it all my empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt If I could start again a million miles away I would keep myself I would find a way... -------------- Strong side! Double wide!
i know i have more fans and friends to help me out in the contest for sexiest female cherry. click the pic below to help me with votes thanks
John Hopkins On Cancer
Subject: John Hopkins on cancer Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 10:14:27 -0500 CANCER UPDATE FROM JOHN HOPKINS HOSPITAL, USA. Useful Information on one of the deadliest diseases of our time: CANCER (PLEASE READ AND FORWARD IT TO PEOPLE YOU CARE ABOUT) 1. Every person has cancer cells in the body. These cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few billion. When doctors tell cancer patients that there are no more cancer cells in their bodies after treatment, it just means the tests are unable to detect the cancer cells because they have not reached the detectable size. 2. Cancer cells occur between 6 to more than 10 times in a person's lifetime. 3. When the person's immune system is strong the cancer cells will be destroyed and prevented from multiplying and forming tumors. 4. When a person has cancer it indicates the person has multiple nutritional deficiencies. These could be due to genetic, environmental, Food and lif
Help................................ Lol
I did have a 4,000 lead on 2nd place, she caught up real quick, now im 400 something ahead of her, Come bomb me good, almost over, its Happy Hour earn tons of points, while ur helping a friend out. Thanks so much! xoxox Jen Just click on the pic below :)
DARKNESS I am tossed into rhe obyss of my mind . alone in the shadows is where i sit watching from the inside as the darkness takes over. darkness is all i see and all i feel it consumes me . mind , body and soul . ANGER , HATE , and RAGE explode within as i am flung into a feild of mangled and mutalatied bodys. i look up at pitch black skys as the rain washes away the blood and gore the soakes me to the core . i out strech my arms and laugh maniacally for i know all shall know the darkness within.
The Lost Soul
The creature with in is a sad one Never allowed to see the beautiful sun A vampire swells deep inside Waiting to payback all who lied † Dark thoughts run through the soul Yet inflicting pain is not their goal Lost and lonely Though not in need of money † Wanting to be loved Disgusted by a lone dove Unable to sleep during the night It sleeps while you walk in the light † Forever in the shadows of time I wish you would be mine Forever part of a frigid world all thatís heard is the whiskey as its swirled † A lost soul stuck on the planets face Centuries inflicted wonderful grace But only having a midnight mistress

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