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More About Me
Ok here goes well I am a mother of two wonderful but sometimes aggrevating children whom I love with all my heart. I have been married to the same wonderful man for 9 yrs come this december whom is also the father of our wonderful children. Yes Happily Married though we do have our problems but it wouldn't be marriage otherwise. I am 5'7 165 lbs brown eyes brown hair big ghetto booty and big tits thanks to hubby lol i swear he's miracle grow for them. At the moment we live in North Carolina ( me and the kids that is) and he is in Georgia. I am a very outgoing person tries to make friends with everybody but don't take my friendliness as a welcome mat do me wrong and there will be hell to pay trust me. The saying goes I don't get mad I get even well I get both because I am a vidictive bitch and trust me i mean that in all of its essence I am a bitch. Well thats bout it other than I love to sing play pool and go swimming oh and I dable in poetry and writing erotic stories.
Just thinking, of the ladie that someday i might fall in love with. I want the love to be everylasting. I want passion. Neverending glory for the both of us, on how we feel for eachother. I truly belive, that their is a Woman out there that can love like me.
for the Copa America... well i have to tell that we won the soccer game :) sorry hehe Argentina 4 - United States 1 before the game and the results :P
Just got REALLY back in a month
My Car In Ten Years
what kinda car are you gonna be rollin in in 10 yearsferrarivery fast and everyone will be watching you drive byHow do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Powers That Be
So I woke up to power this morning, yay, and a bunch of stuff backlogged here and at work. wow...i just read my comments. wow. I'm off to try to get some work done... S
Broken Mower
The Broken Mower When our lawn mower broke and wouldn't run, my wife kept hinting to me that I should get it fixed. But, somehow I always had something else to take care of first, the truck, the car, playing golf - always something more important to me. Finally she thought of a clever way to make her point. When I arrived home one day, I found her seated in the tall grass, busily snipping away with a tiny pair of sewing scissors. I watched silently for a short time and then went into the house. I was gone only a minute, and when I came out again I handed her a toothbrush I said, "When you finish cutting the grass, you might as well sweep the driveway." The doctors say I will walk again, but I will always have a limp. Moral to this story : Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right, and the other is the husband.
Ok Ladies Get Naughty
lets see how naughty you can get.
Here She Is
The USS New York, made from the World Trade Center! USS New York It was built with 24 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center. It is the fifth in a new class of warship - designed for missions that include special operations against terrorists. It will carry a crew of 360 sailors and 700 combat-ready Marines to be delivered ashore by helicopters and assault craft. Steel from the World Trade Center was melted down in a foundry in Amite, LA to cast the ship's bow section. When it was poured into the molds on Sept. 9, 2003 , "those big rough steelworkers treated it with total reverence," recalled Navy Capt. Kevin Wensing, who was there. "It was a spiritual moment for everybody there." Junior Chavers, foundry operations manager, said that when the trade center steel first arrived, he touched it with his hand and the "hair on my neck stood up." "It had a big meaning to it for all of us," he said. "They knocked us down. They can't keep us down. We're going to
I Find My Place Among The Ashes.
Well, I'll Put it this way. I Have Been Hurt so Bad in the Past. Then Here Lately I Stared to care about a guy. As Scared as I Was I Still Cared. But it Turns Out he Did not feel the same. Even If he Acted Like it. Now Once again. I Am So Scared, and I Am Such a Softy to him. I Could not even be mean to him, despite the fact that he hurt me so bad. =[ Because I Don't want him to feel bad for hurting me. Even my Dog can tell that I Am Hurt. Every time I Talk to him it hurts, but I Don't Let it Show. It Feels Like a 100's of Cuts all over my Body, and then a stabbing pain in my heart. I Wonder What turned him away, If it was my Secret Or my Looks, was I to Sweet or did i not show my Sweet side As Often as I Should had. I Guess its Like this Song. "I Guess In the end I Had to fall I Always Fine my Place among the Ashes"
2 Days
Alright guys... I've got 2 days left to enjoy being 21. I dunno why this is such an issue for me. Maybe because the year has gone by so fast. I'm completely unprepared for it. Which totally sucks. Infact, I'm not happy about it one bit. I don't think it's the age thing that's bothering me so much. It just seems like life is passing me by just a little too quickly. It makes me think of when I was younger and wishing I was 18. Like it wouldn't come fast enough. Well...clearly it did and I left it in the dust. But that's all gloomy and depressing. Let's look on the bright side. I get cake!!!
Out Of Town For The 4th
Hey folks, I am going to be out of town for a week so I may not have the internet access I usually enjoy. If you stop by and leave ratings, please leave a message too so I can make sure to return the favor. I hope everyone had a fun and safe (at least in the right ways) 4th of July :-D Talk to you all later @};- Paul
Funny Afternoon
geez I have not laughed so hard in a long time! in class today bec' asked me to take part in video recorded interview regarding her assignment which is on Macdonald's. she knew full well I loath maccas' but still she pressed on and made me do the interview. hardly anyone was in class today and the lecturer was bored so offered his help in the shooting of the video interview. now I was fine ... until daniel cracked the giggles, followed by the lecturer then bec! was all over red rover at that point, I had the giggles and they were not going away! bloody, daniel asks me in the interview (only just holding the laughter in), do I like Macdonald's and I responded, well no, not particularly. I meant to say something else but I paused ... then everyone just exploded with laughter, the lecturer lost it totally and ended up in tears. I know it doesn't sound funny but fuck! should see the video hahaha !!! anyway finally after several hundred takes finished the damn interview. the big premiere is
In The Late Of Night
Alway's Thought Your Promice Was For Life I Did Not think That I Would Hear You Say Good-Bye And I Alway's Heard you Led Another Life I Doubted Every Time I Guess My Love Was Blind Cause In My Eyes Love Was alway's Somthing Magical But The Feeling Is So Tragic For And All I Know Is In Love. The thing That I Want most I cant Possess Theres Only emptiness In The Late Of Night Just Before I Closed My Eyes You lied As You kissed Me Good Night In The Late Of Night Just Before I closed My Eyes I Cried As You Kissed My Lips Good-Bye In My Eyes You Will always Be The Lucky One Cause You Know you will Always Have My Love For All The Times Untill I Die Through The End I Gave To You My Best You Gave,You Gave Me Loneliness. The End !!
Nascar Driver I Would Be
Which Nascar Driver Are You ?Dale Earnhardt JrHow do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
This Totally Sucks
20 Reasons To Have Sex .......
20 Reasons to have Sex ....... 1. Because you said so Even though you may not have promised to “love, honor, and have sex once a week” when you made a commitment to your relationship, it was understood that sex would be part of that bargain. Imagine how the marriage rates would go down if people said, “I’ll marry you, but don’t expect sex.” If you polled one thousand people on the street and asked them, “Is it reasonable to expect to have to have sex when you are married?” the overwhelming majority would say yes. If you expect a monogamous commitment from your partner, then it stands to reason that you will be a cooperative sex partner. 2. Sex helps you forget Oxytocin, which triggers orgasm, has an amnesic effect that lasts up to five hours. So for a period of time you forget that he maxed out your Visa card or she was an hour late getting home from work. Women get an additional benefit. During orgasm that parts of the brain that govern fear, anxiety, and stress are switche
Comment Bombers Needed!
So I'm A Whore....
Last night in a mumm, I was tod that I am an internet hour because I flirt with guys in the shoutbox....I find this extremely hilarious, and it was great to have a good laugh over it. If you want to see what I'm talking about, go to this link and you will see... I think the funniest part about it was who said it...I mean come on!!! He was not even the person it was said to...I guess the people on here can't fight there own battles and as for the person who called me a whore...well lets just say, i have been called a lot worse by people who are a lot better than him..... Oh, and I also found out that I'm not the only one that he has classified as this, and i had some very sweet women contact me to let me know about how much of an ass he is....To those women,you know who you are, Loves ya and hugs & kisses!!! Oh, btw, if there was ever any question, the only man on here that I ever want to meet is Greg, and as for the rest, if I fli
Family And Freinds I Need Your Help Pleaseee !!!!
Pain Ray
"Pain Ray, Please," Says Exotic Weaponeer By Sharon Weinberger June 29, 2007 | 7:01:00 AMCategories: Bizarro, Lasers and Ray Guns, Less-lethal This is part 2 of a dinner interview with John Alexander, the former Green Beret who's become one of the best-known advocates for exotic arms. Part 1 is here. Danger Room: You've been pushing for nonlethal weapons for a long time. Do you think the Pentagon's Joint Nonlethal Weapons Directorate is doing a good job? John Alexander: They need to do more. They’ve got a new director [Col. Kirk Hymes], a good guy. DR: What should the Joint Nonlethal Weapons Directorate be doing more of? JA: I think the issue they’ve got to think of is range, even for existing systems. One of the problems with things like pepper ball and those kinds of things is in order to increase range; you’ve got to increase launch velocity. When you do that, you increase the minimum safe distance, and increase the probability of lethality close in. DR:
Choco Delight I Am
What Kind of Chocolate Covered Delight Are You?Chocolate Covered RaisinsYou are sweet with a hint of zestiness! Very unpredictable in the best way possible! Your friends love you because of you ability to become so adaptable to almost every situation and your spontanaity. You're always down for whatever! What a great friend you are! How sweet it is to be loved by you!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Tgif - I Think, Lol!?
Good morning/good afternoon, everyone! What a crazy week this has been, lol. Update on Jennifer aka daughter #1: She WILL be doing prison time, but she doesn't seem too upset. The judge will decide how long her sentence is on July 26, I believe! She will be able to do her drug rehab while incarcerated, thank the Goddess! The time she has been sitting in jail will count off of her total jail time. My one big point of contention is that they have totally changed her meds around - so they fit with the jail's regular med distributing times! What crap! Her memory has always been bad, at least since her IV meth use - now she can't remember anything very long. I wish these people would stop screwing with her meds!!! Ah, well. Not my problem, I guess! Her guys aren't handling this as well as they might! They understand, but then they don't, really! Dakota is having the hardest time, but then he's never lived with his Mom. Jessica aka daughter #2 has arrived with her crew. It's really
How Did We Survive
IT is US !!! Those Born 1930-1979 READ TO THE BOTTOM FOR QUOTE OF THE MONTH BY JAY LENO. IF YOU DON'T READ ANYTHING ELSE---VERY WELL STATED TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the ! risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friend
Which Truck are you?1996 Chevrolet silveradoYou like a good truck with a big motor. you can squeal some tiresHow do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Test For Smart People
This is a test for Smart People.....I have determined that you qualify. The following short quiz consists of 4 questions and will tell you whether you are qualified to be a professional. Scroll down for each answer. The questions are NOT that difficult. But don't scroll down UNTIL you have answered the question! 1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator? The correct answer is: Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe, and close the door. This question tests whether you tend to do simple things in an overly complicated way. 2. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator? Did you say, open the refrigerator, put in the elephant, and close the refrigerator? Wrong Answer. Correct Answer: Open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in the elephant and close the door. This tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your previous actions.
What are you like in bed?Rough and WildYour very wild and one hell of an animal in the bedroom! You like to be spontaneous, rough and playful! You get what you want and you just do what you gotta do!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Friday 6/29/07
I'm writing this early so that I don't forget again lol because I am way behind on my blogging because of all the craziness here. Not much has happened so far today, but I am packing later on to go visit my brother in the hospital again tomorrow. He's doing alot better emotionally now that he finally realizes that he will be able to walk again even though he may have some difficulty, but they'll probably give him a brace or something to wear so that it won't be as noticeable. Anyway, I think I'm going to end this entry here so that I can get some more packing done and a few other things. Have a great day everyone.
Love is much more than sentiment and even a feeling. It's a commitment of one imperfect person to another. It's a choice. It's a byproduct of growth and maturity. It is a gift from God. It also needs to be learned. We learn it from loving people who know us totally—warts and all—and still love us. And we learn it from others who model it... And remember, we always need to do the loving thing — even when we don't feel loving.
Just A Lil Info Lol
Get to Know Me Eye Color Green Hair Color Red Height 5'7" Favorite Color Purple Screen Name ddrhwa ( yahoo ) Favorite Band hmm hard one for me, I like too many but I'll say Journey lol Favorite Movie No Return and The Abyss Favorite TV Show Morning news lol Your Car Custom Van but dream car is a '67 Camaro, I want one again! Your Hometown Tarpon Springs Your Present Town Inverness Your Grade haha don't know, wanna grade me? LOL Your Style Laid back and lovin to be comfy :D ...Have You Ever... Sat on your rooftop Nope Kissed someone in the rain Yes Danced in a public place Yes Smiled for no reason Yes Laughed so hard you cried Yes Peed your pants after age 8 Yes,from laughin so hard when I had to pee! lol Written a song Yes Sang to someone for no reason Yes Performed on a stage Yes Talked to someone you don't know Yes Made out in a theater Nope :( Gone roller skating since 8th grade Yes Been in love Yes ...Can You... Write with both hands Ye
Thursday 6/29/07
I didn't do much today, just the same old thing listening to music and chatting online as usual. I did find out that my brother will be coming home on July 11th after an entire month in the hospital because of a jet ski accident. We're going up to visit him tomorrow instead of today so that we can finish redecorating his room and do some other things that need done in order for him to come home. His room is going to look awesome because it's going to be a Hawaiian sunset theme. I'm so jealous lol. Well, not much else to write about so I hope you all have a great night.
I Wanna Hear That Fucking Noise!
I am freeeeeeezing! And I haven't slept at all, I really don't know what is wrong with me, I haven't slept hardly at all, It's like I am stressed about something, but really I'm not. I don't know. I have been in a writing mood lately....It reminds me of my dream of being a journalist. I really need to get my shit together so I can go back to school. I don't think I am going to go for journalism, like I had always planned, but maybe go into photojournalism?? I miss using my SLR and taking amazing photos...I need to get that back from Jeff... I don't know what or who I want to be anymore. Things sure have changed since those days that I thought I had everything on track, but then I screwed that shit up. I'm not worried about it though. I will get it together someday. I just need to re-evaluate things and get them in order... I need to call Emily this weekend, she, Michael and I need some alcohol therapy! So, maybe I'll be in KY this weekend? Who knows?! I'm at Mary Ann's right now
When I Say Im Broke....i'm Broke!!!
Going To Be Gone Till Sunday
Ok fellow cherries, I will be offline til Sunday. I will be doing my motorcycle license. So wish me luck, and leave me some cherry love while I am gone. I will return the favor when I get back. Lots of Cherry love Chow Chow
There are many locks and with such are many keys with most keys they are returned but with one lock where one key and only one key can unlock it Once that key is given away the key can never be returned It becomes the sole possession of the recipient forever theirs For this is no random key but is a special key This key is not handed to one another lightly but rather earned over time For several years people work to earn this key once given this key, the one key that will forever more unlock not a door to a house or a car but unlock The person's heart forever at that point in time when they give that key they will then for the first time understand True Love
Check This Out While I Am Away
I love you too... C'mon you Cherries... add us, comment us, RATE us 10's~ Spreading Cherrylicious Love! OH isn't us girls Great?! I love you gals!! Me ChowChow@ CherryTAP ad13mac@ CherryTAP ~Cute~But~Psycho~@ CherryTAP RedSoxGirl@ CherryTAP Naughty Kitty@ CherryTAP ~*~K-otic~*~@ CherryTAP Why dontcha be the fantstic Cherries that you are and show them all some hot steamy cherry pie luvin'. Add us , Rate us, comment our pics and stash....and don't forget.....the love is always returned. Your Cherry Chow Chow
Southern Folks Have The Answers!
Tennessee > > The owner of a golf course was confused about paying an invoice, so > he decided to ask his secretary for some mathematical help. > > He called her into his office and said, "You graduated from the > University of Tennessee and I need some help. If I were to give you > $20,000, > minus 14%, how much would you take off?" > > The secretary thought a moment, and then replied, "Everything but my > earrings." > > > Alabama > > A group of Alabama friends went deer hunting and paired off in twos > for the day. That night, one of the hunters returned alone, staggering > under > the weight of an eight-point buck. > > "Where's Henry?" the others asked." > > "Henry had a stroke of some kind. He's a couple of miles back up the > trail," the successful hunter replied. > > "You left Henry laying out there and carried the deer back?" they > inquired. > > A tough call," nodded the hunter. "But I figured no one is going to > steal Henry!" > > > Louisiana
Check This Out While I Away
I love you too... C'mon you fu buddies... add them, comment them, RATE them 10's~ Spreading fubarlicious Love! OH aren't the guys hotties?! This one is mine ronj369@ CherryTAP This one is single kingpin0768@ CherryTAP And so is this one yellow98bmw@ CherryTAP drippingwithsin@ fubar Why dontcha be the fantstic fubar buddies that you are and show them both some luvin'. Add them , Rate them, comment their pics and stash....and don't forget.....the love is always returned. Thanks and lots of fubar Love Chow Chow (repost of original by 'ChowChow' on '2007-06-28 08:36:57') (repost of original by '~Cute~But~Psycho~' on '2007-06-28 08:44:21')
Three nuns were attending a Hockey game. Three men were sitting directly >behind them. Because their dark habits were partially blocking the view, >the men decided to badger the nuns hoping that they'd get annoyed >enough to move to another area. > >In a very loud voice, the first guy said, "I think I'm going to move to > Utah , there are only 100 nuns living there." > >Then the second guy spoke up and said, "I want to >go to Montana , there are only 50 nuns living there."< BR> >The third guy said, "I want to go to Idaho , there are only 25 nuns living >there." & gt; >One of the nuns turn ed around, looked at the men, and in a very sweet and >calm > > >voice said "Why don't you just go to Hell, there aren't any nuns there." > >
Stay !
Scattered thoughts in my head, they call to me as I sleep. Dreams I have of you at night, they always cause me too weep. Cant stand the thought of you, being oh so far away. Waiting for the moment, when I can come to you someday. Your eyes haunt my memories, I am always there when you call. Desiring for that one day, when I can give you my all. So now all I do is wait, until the one graceful day. When I can come to you, and forever I will stay !
Dreams Of You !
ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, BUT RIGHT NOW ALL I CAN GIVE YOUR ARE MY DREAMS. Dreams of one day, holding you tight. Dreams of loving you every night. Dreams of making your days seem so bright. Dreams of giving you my heart with all my might. In my dreams you give me unconditional love. Love so sweet and pure as a white dove. You are my angel GOD has sent me from above. All I want is to give you all my love . RIGHT NOW I CAN NOT BE WITH YOU, SO ALL I HAVE ARE MY DREAMS. Dreams of hearing your joyous laughter. Dreams of seeing your beautiful face. Dreams of tasteing your wonderful kisses. Dreams of touching your bedroom eyes. Dreams of smelling the essense of magnolia in your hair. My dreams of you is what keeps me alive and sane. Trying to live with this strife and all of my pain. Dont worry my dear for this too will come to and end. Then will be the day when I come to back to you again.
Shane Saves.
He really truly does. Last night was lots of fun. I thought it was cute how scared he was because of the city we were in. He kept saying how he had to look over his shoulder and he told me he was scared that he had to stay there til 2. Hell if me and ruby didn't have to work today we would've stayed with him. P.S. Tequila shots with Shane in T-Minus 2 Months!
For June 29,2007
Sometimes you just need this person to listen, but in this case, their advice is dead-on. A loved one's words of wisdom really hit home, especially about career matters. Even if the truth stings, make sure you hear it.
Momma Please Explain
Momma Please Explain Can you feel the voodoo vibe? Sound of drums from the neighboring tribe? I see the clouds forming in her eyes Waterfalls forming as she cries Ooooooh please explain Chorus: Why do we moan when the day runs wet? Feelin’ all alone when the rain comes down Shouldn’t we be happy with what we get? Instead of showin’ our faces with a very big frown So, love her while you can Adore her while you can Keep the love goin As you wash your worries away Momma momma keep us in the light Can you feel life growin’ under your feet? Sound of leaves fallin’ on the street? I see the grass born on her skin Her body is so feminine Ooooooh please explain Chorus Now you put down the joint Start gettin’ to the point And raise your bird to the monkey’s face So he knows he is a flippin’ disgrace And ask him to fuckin’ explain! Chorus
Rather Disconcerting .....
So went out to a show with Persia last night (yeah I know, most of you already know that). Had a great time .... even though I am now functioning on one hour of sleep. Had something rather odd (I thought) happen. I expected the Hotdog vendor to remember us, because we get a Hotdog everytime we go to a show at this venue, which is usually once every couple of months. What I didn't expect is to have one of the Security guys tell me he remembered me. Last time I was there was in February!
My Immortal--rare Cut
For my ever haunting passion....
Cradle Of Filth-no Time To Cry
It's just a feeling I get sometimes A feeling Sometimes And I get frightened Just like you I get frightened too but it's... (no no no) No time for heartache (no no no) No time to run and hide (no no no) No time for breaking down (no no no) No time to cry Sometimes in the world as is you've Got to shake the hand that feeds you It's just like Adam says It's not so hard to understand It's just like always coming down on Just like Jesus never came and What did you expect to find It's just like always here again it's... (no no no) No time for heartache (no no no) No time to run and hide (no no no) No time for breaking down (no no no) No time to cry Everything will be alright Everything will turn out fine Some nights I still can't sleep And the voices pass with time And I keep [repeat] No time for tears No time to run and hide No time to be afraid of fear I keep no time to cry (no no no) No time for heartache (no no no) No time to run and hide
Steve Job's Other Major Launch
June 28, 2007 11:32 PM PDT Steve Jobs' other major Friday launch Posted by Daniel Terdiman The whole world is watching as Steve Jobs' Apple launches perhaps its most-anticipated product ever, the iPhone, Friday. But in technology circles at least, I've heard few, if any, references to the fact that Jobs' other company, Pixar--OK, Disney-Pixar--also has a major launch Friday. And that, if you haven't been paying attention through the iPhone haze, is Ratatouille, Pixar's latest film and, if the early reviews are indicative, its latest hit. Jobs is already noteworthy among tech titans for running two vital companies at the same time (at least when Pixar was independent), but I'm having trouble remembering when, if ever, someone had two significant--and entirely different--products launching on the same day. And, sure, Jobs' role in producing Ratatouille was surely far smaller than with the iPhone. Still, love him or hate him, you have to raise a toast to Steve Jo
Coal Chamber-fiend
It's the darkest place Like beneath the stairs The "IT" it comes And it takes me there We take everything in sight All through the night Leaving scars And Crashing cars Fiend for the fans and Fodder for the press Fiend for the fans and Fodder for the press It's my life For everyone to see For you a charade For me a disease Everything in sight All through the night Leaving scars And fucking stars Still reasoning my life Fiend for the fans and Fodder for the press Fiend for the fans and Fodder for the press Still reasoning my life It's do or die! It's do or die! It's do or die! Not for me! Still reasoning my life Fiend for the fans and Fodder for the press Fiend for the fans and Fodder for the press Still reasoning my life Fucker! -------------------------
goood morning my awsome friends,i hope you have a great day and remeber to keep smileing love you all
Genesis-jesus He Knows Me
You see the face on the TV screen coming at you every Sunday see that face on the billboard that man is me On the cover of the magazine there's no question why I'm smiling you buy a piece of paradise you get a piece of me I'll get you everything you wanted I'll get you everything you need don't need to believe in hereafter just believe in me Cos Jesus he knows me and he knows I'm right I've been talking to Jesus all my life oh yes he knows me and he knows I'm right and he's been telling me everything is alright I believe in the family with my ever loving wife beside me but she don't know about my girlfriend or the man I met last night Do you believe in God cos that's what I'm selling and if you wanna get to heaven I'll see you right You won't even have to leave your house or get outta your chair you don't even have to touch that dial cos I'm everywhere And Jesus he knows me and he knows I'm right I've been talking to Jesus all my life oh
Letter To My Beloved I'm afraid to tell you My Beloved, things have changed within my life. I am not the person I once was, I even became someone elses wife. Many years have come to pass since the day I dreamed of you, Many things have changed in me, and I suspect they have within you too. I have to tell you My Beloved, I will never be the same, for my heart has now been broken, and it will always be this way. Many souls have come and gone; through my eyes I've seen them all. Many have mistreated me, so many souls have helped me fall. So this letter I do send to you, I hope it reaches you in time, to tell you not to come for me, to tell you you're not mine. You see Beloved you must leave and never dream of me; For I am broken, torn and beaten, and our love could never be. There was a time when I could smile and dream of you to come, but those days are over now, the past can't be undone. I leave you now, My Beloved I hope some day you'll find "The One," for it is to lat
Ok I have been on tap for 3 hours or so. I have tried to talk to people. No one will talk to me. Fuck i am on tap because I am board as hell. But I bet if I were female I would be so fucken shocked by the amount of people that want to talk to me. (try to get on me or send them pixs) If I where to get some pixs of some chick and create an account then I would have so one to talk to. (till they figured out I am male) But then both of me would get blocked from this site so. I am sick of the bull shit. If you read this and you are pissed I DO NOT CARE. Not like you where going to talk to me anyway. IF I WANTED TO BE IN A POPULARITY CONTEST I'D GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL! FUCK!!!! anyway if you feel the same leave a comment IF NOT JUST GO AWAY BYE. One more topic. Why get pissed if someone down rates you. If you do not want honest rates why put yourself out there. I am sorry but we are not all tens. It makes know scents to me but it is just dumb not to give honest rates. Go ahead down rate m
Discussion Thread Response (BLOCKBUSTER Online) 06/29/2007 06:26 AM Hello Mike, Thanks for contacting BLOCKBUSTER Online Customer Care. I apologize for the error, Mike. Thanks for reporting the problem to us online. After you submitted the report, "Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Fourth Season - Disc 2" was immediately removed from your "Shipped Movies" list which opened a slot for us to send another DVD. You can expect your next DVD to be on the way within one business day after your report. Please add the title back in your queue if you still want to rent it. We never want you to be without a movie, so if you still have this incorrect disc or any other DVD you're ready to return to us, just stop by your local and we'll exchange it for a free movie rental as part of Total Access. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with. Thanks for making us your #1 choice for online DVD rentals! Marianne Customer Care Associate BLOCKBUSTER Online Cus
We Still Need To Pray For Kaleb
A Big Day Tomorrow Kaleb needs to get his rest today because tomorrow is a big Day. Kaleb will be having two surgeries tomorrow. I am praying EXTRA LOUD and I want to ask you to pray EXTRA LOUD TOO. The first surgery that he will have is the placement of the G tube. They are onl.y doing a G Tube right now. I hope that this is all he needs... the less poking and invasive surgeries, the better. But if he NEEDS it than def do it. I am just so sad that he has been put through SO MUCH in his little life. But maybe this is a step forward to going back to semi-normalcy. The quicker they do all of these procedures and as long as he recovers well... The quicker he can come home =). And Boy...Josh and I want him home SOOO BAD. The second Surgery is the placement of the Permenate Shunt. The Nuerosurgeons determined that he does need the shunt and as always like with every surgery there is a risk of death.They do say that it is HIGHLY unlikely but th
Mod Of The Day
So, I Went To The Doctor.
Yesterday, I finally went to the doctor and after all of the talking and telling, she is having me go to a cardiologist for an echo thing to check out how my heart is pumping. so next tuesday, i get to drive to another area here that i have never been to, to sit there and have another doctor poke and prod at me. it's ok tho, it has to be done. Waking up in the morning, in pain and swollen, is not how i like to start my days. losing my breath when i walk from the parking lot to the office is not what i would like to consider exercise. When i try to work in my garden or exercise or anything that requires actual activity, i end up hurting so bad (back etc) that i regret having started. Some people will look at me as i am now and probably say that my weight is the reason. well, keep this in mind, i have only had this much of a problem with my weight for the last 7 years. before that i was, at my heaviest, 160lbs. at my best 140lbs (1 am 5' 9', so its not a bad weight to be). I do not
Signatures And Personality
he various types of Signatures you come across & the attitude of a person are listed below: # SINGLE UNDERLINE BELOW THE SIGN!! These persons are very confident and are good personalities. They are a little bit selfish but believe in "Happiness of human life" # TWO DOTS BELOW THE SIGN!! These persons are considered to be Romantic, can easily change their fiancées as if they change their clothes. They prefer beauty in other persons & they themselves try to look beautiful. They easily attract others. # SINGLE DOT BELOW THE SIGN! These persons are more inclined towards classical arts, simple & are very cool. If you loose faith with them, then these persons will never look back at you. Hence its always better to be careful with these people. # NO UNDERLINES OR DOTS BELOW THE SIGN!! These persons enjoy their life in their own way, never pay attention to others views. These are considered to be good natured but are selfish too. # RANDOM SIGN, NO SIMILARITY BETWEEN NAME & S
Big News
huge bomb found in london.full of nails.petrol.gas. should we bring back hanging for the bombers you decide
My Updated Ct Rules
Hmmmm More Holy Hamburger: I'm torn really, the fact that I wrote these bugs the crap out of me. I wouldn't have thought that anything written here was really needed, but of late I'm finding they are. Yes, I'm wordy which is why they are longer and more detailed than those you will find on other profiles, but I tend to also be more explicit for reasons. I'm using this to amplify them and explain them a little further. I figure if you're here and reading, you might actually care more about my thought process. Either that, of you might actually be sadistic enough to wonder. Before you go too far, I've seen a lot of weird things lately, so I am going to throw out my own version of my CT rules: 1. Thank you for rating my photo, if you've come here, please read the profile in its entirety. There's more to me than meets the eye. (Actually, I would prefer to rate my profile first, but I know most people find me when I roll across the top of the bar.) 2. If you've rated my profile
Underwear Is Important!!
Listen up! If you don't laugh out loud at this one, call the morgue and reserve a tray, because you are dead! Always wear clean underwear in public, especially when working under your vehicle... From the Northwest Florida Daily News comes this story of a Crestview couple who drove their car to Wal-Mart, only to have their car break down in the parking lot. The man told his wife to carry on with the shopping while he fixed the car in the lot. The wife returned later to see a small group of people near the car. On closer inspection, she saw a pair of male legs protruding from under the chassis. Although the man was in shorts, his lack of underpants turned private parts into glaringly public ones. Unable to stand the embarrassment, she dutifully stepped forward, quickly put her hand UP his shorts, and tucked everything back into place. On regaining her feet, she looked across the hood and found herself staring at her husband who was stan
Friendhsip Is Priceless!
Friendship is a priceless gift, That cannot be bought or sold. But it's value is far greater, Than a mountain of gold. For gold is cold and lifeless. It can neither see nor hear. And in the time of trouble, It is powerless to cheer. It has no ears to listen. No heart to understand. It cannot bring you comfort. Or reach out a helping hand. So when you feel down and need a lift, One of the best things to make amends, Isn't diamonds, pearls or riches, But the love of real true friends.
Friday Links: Live At Mohegan Sun - Turn On Your Webcams, New O&a Videos, Traveling Virus Tomorrow, New Videos Online, Wow Motorcycle Run - Sign Up T
LISTEN TO TODAY's SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) Happy Fridee everyone... The Opie and Anthony Show is LIVE from The Wolf Den inside Mohegan Sun Casino in lovely....scenic...umm, middle-of-nowhere-but-still-to-be-here Uncasville, CT. We brought our webcams and we got Dancin' girls!!!! (or they just showed up apparently), so if you want to see any of this goodness, TURN ON YOUR PALTALK! (and head on over to the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room) Our buddy, Louis CK (check out his new Shameless DVD), who is part of the Traveling Virus Comedy Tour, is here with us this morning, and of course...he'll be performing tomorrow with the rest of the comics on the tour at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Do you have your tickets yet??? NO??? CLICK HERE FOR LINE UP AND TICKET INFORMATION! If you can't make it to the show, you can still PRETEND you were there...with an OFFICIAL Traveling Virus T-Shirt, hand-made from authentic buffalo nostrils (so we're told... we could be mistaken):CLICK HER
Friday Links: Live At Mohegan Sun - Turn On Your Webcams, New O&a Videos, Traveling Virus Tomorrow, New Videos Online
LISTEN TO TODAY's SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) Happy Fridee everyone... The Opie and Anthony Show is LIVE from The Wolf Den inside Mohegan Sun Casino in lovely....scenic...umm, middle-of-nowhere-but-still-to-be-here Uncasville, CT. We brought our webcams and we got Dancin' girls!!!! (or they just showed up apparently), so if you want to see any of this goodness, TURN ON YOUR PALTALK!p (and head on over to the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room) Our buddy, Louis CK, who is part of the Traveling Virus Comedy Tour, is here with us this morning, and of course...he'll be performing tomorrow with the rest of the comics on the tour at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Do you have your tickets yet??? NO??? CLICK HERE FOR LINE UP AND TICKET INFORMATION! If you can't make it to the show, you can still PRETEND you were there...with an OFFICIAL Traveling Virus T-Shirt, hand-made from authentic buffalo nostrils (so we're told... we could be mistaken): CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS TODAY
Come And Join Seductivly Twisted
Come join me in §eÐu©TïVe£¥ Twï§TeÐ chat with some cool people and listen to some good tunes Cclick the link below to join the lounge enjoy guys n girls
i wish i understood men more they drive me crazy with this shit about thinking a woman should be able to read their mind and then they get mad when we cant god i dont know what to do i want to choke them sometimes...
Great Lounge, Great People, Great Music, What More Could U Ask For! Lookin 4 Staff, Get A Hold Of Me For More Info. Ty :)
Great Lounge, Great People, Great Music, What More Could U Ask For! Lookin 4 Staff, Get A Hold Of Me For More Info. Ty :)
Love Lyrics
Don't shut love out of your life By saying it is impossible to find. The quickest way to receive love is to give; The fastest way to lose it, Is to hold too tightly; And the best way to keep it Is to give it wings
What The Fuck?
i ordered some 5.11 tactical boots, and they canceld the order because they ran out--AFTER WE ORDERED. what the fuck?! i was lookin forward to those things!
Things A Man Should Never Do To Me If He Love Me
things a man should never do to me if he love me.. dont hurt me .. dont dissapoint me.. dont push me away.. dont make me lose my trust and believe on u.. dont lie to me .. be there for me when i need u like i will be there for u.. show me ur love and dont just say it.. dont give other women more of ur attention.. dont try to tell me what to do if u cant do what i tell u.. if u do all that then i am gone and will not come back
What Is Wicca?
laters peeps wont be back for awhile ...........KISSES TO ALL MY LOVELY BITCHES...
How Am I Attractive?
You scored as Sexual, You're totally sexy, and people are attracted by it too. You're daring when it comes to sex. Way to go!Sexual97% Different86% Smart80% Funny73% Beautiful/Handsome54% In What Way Are You Attractive?created with
News - Car Bomb Found In London
Car bomb found in central London. The threat of terror has returned to London after a car bomb was found in the heart of the capital. Bomb squad officers defused the "potentially viable" device after police investigated reports of a suspicious vehicle in the early hours. One police source said the bomb posed a real and substantial threat to the surrounding area, just yards from Piccadilly Circus, adding: "The indications that we have got so far are that it was certainly a big device." Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the incident was a reminder that Britain faced "a serious and continuous threat'' and the public "needed to be alert'' at all times. A witness reported seeing gas canisters being removed from the car, believed to be a silver Mercedes. A massive police cordon was thrown around The Haymarket in the heart of the capital's West End. Dozens of forensic officers are poring over the crime scene, which was covered by a blue plastic police tent. Scotland Y
Loss Of A Child, Please Keep My Friend In Your Thoughts And Prayers.
Where has the last week gone.cant believe its a week ago that i saw BLS and Ozzy. Nothing much has changed. Work is still going fine no real hassles. I start tattoo session 4 next Thurs followed by 2 more sessions over the following 2 weeks that should almost complete the tattoo possibly may need 1 more session depends on how much Simon can do in each session. Other news I've been talking to Courtney Davis (who I'm a big fan of) and I've commissioned him to do a piece of artwork which I'll be having tattooed by the guys at DNA. When I have this one done I'll not be posting pics on the site because I want to keep it a one off design don't want anyone to copy it but I'll send pics to my friends so they can see it.
How are you all I am new :)
hiya, im boredddd and I feel like screaming I'm so effin' bored. I mean CherryTAP is fun, and it takes up my bordum...but ppl don't know how to comment back, when i actually read the profile they have and all that bull shit, but fuck it, i dont care. im bored if you read this tlk to mehhh
Thank You
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The Courtship Of Miles Standish
Holla At Me
Send me a VoiceComment. It's FREE! Just call 1(641)985-7878 and enter *4621409. And, if you have a VoicePlayer too, I'll reply
BETTER HOTTER Comment Graphics Daily Updates
Far Away
"Far Away" This time, This place Misused, Mistakes Too long, Too late Who was I to make you wait Just one chance Just one breath Just in case there's just one left 'Cause you know, you know, you know [CHORUS] That I love you I have loved you all along And I miss you Been far away for far too long I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll never go Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore On my knees, I'll ask Last chance for one last dance 'Cause with you, I'd withstand All of hell to hold your hand I'd give it all I'd give for us Give anything but I won't give up 'Cause you know, you know, you know [CHORUS] So far away Been far away for far too long So far away Been far away for far too long But you know, you know, you know I wanted I wanted you to stay 'Cause I needed I need to hear you say That I love you I have loved you all along And I forgive you For being away for far too long So keep breathing 'Cause I'm not leaving you
How Sexy Are You???
You Are 96% Sexy Your Sex Appeal Is: Off the Charts! Let's face it... you're one of the sexiest people around. And you don't let anyone forget it. You're crazy hot, and you deliver on what you promise. You are definitely one wild ride. How Much Sex Appeal Do You Have?
Lover's Sigh
Come and lie Between my thighs Know pure bliss Within my kiss Wander and touch Need you so much Passion and flame Yours to tame Stomach to breast Dominate the rest Command my pleasure Make it your treasure Hearts that thunder Bodies to plunder Passions mount Moments count Drive me on Before it's gone Mouth to fill Hips that drill Hands to please Legs that tease Body that taunts Heart that wants Passions met Lovers set Come and lie Hear you sigh
big fred@ CherryTAP
Nightwish "wish You Were Here"
Wish You Were Here lyrics Artist - Nightwish Album - Various Songs Lyrics - Wish You Were Here Wish you were here Me oh my country man wish you were here I wish you were here Don't you know the snow is getting colder? And I miss you like hell And I'm feeling blue wish you were here Me oh my country man wish you were here (wish you were here) wish you were here Don't you know the snow is getting colder? And I miss you like hell And I'm feeling blue I've got feelings for you Do you still feel the same? From the first time I laid my eyes on you Felt the joy of living I saw heaven in your eyes In your eyes wish you were here Me oh my country man wish you were here (wish you here) I wish you were here Don't you know the snow is getting colder? And I miss you like hell And I'm feeling blue I miss your laugh I miss your smile I miss everything about you Every second is like a minute Every minute's like a day When you're far away
Frozen, Dedicated To Jason
You only see what your eyes want to see How can life be what you want it to be You're frozen When your heart's not open You're so consumed with how much you get You waste your time with hate and regret You're broken When your heart's not open Chorus: Mmmmmm, if I could melt your heart Mmmmmm, we'd never be apart Mmmmmm, give yourself to me Mmmmmm, you hold the key Now there's no point in placing the blame And you should know I suffer the same If I lose you My heart will be broken Love is a bird, she needs to fly Let all the hurt inside of you die You're frozen When your heart's not open (chorus) (verse) (chorus, repeat) If I could melt your heart
The Power Of Goodbye, Dedicated To Jason
Your heart is not open so I must go The spell has been broken, I loved you so Freedom comes when you learn to let go Creation comes when you learn to say no You were my lesson I had to learn I was your fortress you had to burn Pain is a warning that something's wrong I pray to God that it won't be long Do ya wanna go higher? Chorus: There's nothing left to try There's no place left to hide There's no greater power Than the power of good-bye Your heart is not open so I must go The spell has been broken, I loved you so You were my lesson I had to learn I was your fortress Chorus2: There's nothing left to lose There's no more heart to bruise There's no greater power Than the power of good-bye Learn to say good-bye I yearn to say good-bye (chorus, substituting "no more places" for "no place left") (chorus2)
*** Single ***
Many ask: Why am I single without children? Well ... Because I've been careful & just not ready for the game players, gold diggers, & advantage takers. Oh I'm sure one day the right gal will come along. She better be secure, independent, smart, reasonably self sufficient and strong emotionally. I am not for the player types & usually like women that have the determination. I also feel that if she loves her self enough to take care of her self ... Then she will love me to the very end too. Sadly 8 years ago I was divorced after finding out that me ex-wife would never be happy being with one bloke. Not even after her 3rd husband. As I was her 1st victim I knew I would not be the last. Moving on was the hardest thing to do when I thought that marriage was supposed to be a one time sacred thing. Who knew how life would turn out. Who knew she'd want me back? Seems to be me life story always. It seems they always feel that the grass will be greener on the other side. When they realize i
Today's Quote Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you. -Satchel Paige
June 29, 2007
A potentially irritating situation takes a turn for the delightful when you're around. Your dry wit is exactly what the circumstances call for. Operating on a canny blend of instinct and observation works for you.
Just Like The Weather
just like the weather. when the sun shines, it shines bright, when it cloudly things seem to b a little grey, when it rains, it poors and 2day it poors. :-(
My History 01. Raised in: Bremerton... yes, I know. 02. Planned baby: Don't think so. 03. Birth date: December 28, 1983 04. Any siblings:4 sisters, 2 step-brothers, and a step-sister. 05. Younger or older? I am the oldest. 06. Hair color: Can't remember... 09. Eye color: Green and weird gold colors. 10. Shoe size: 7 1/2. 11. Mood: Sleepy. 12. Smell: Chocolate chip candle. 13. Height: 5'3. 14. Lefty/righty: Righty. LOVE LIFE: 01. Do you remember your first relationship: Kid named Robin down the street. I was 9. 02. Do you believe in love: I've felt it so I guess I do. 03. Why did your last relationship fail: Because I hate that guy. 04. Shortest relationship: Not sure. 05. Have you ever been heartbroken: Oh yes. 07. Have you ever fallen for your best friend: Yes. 08. Have you ever told them: Yes. 09. Are you afraid of commitment: No. I am afraid of nothing. 10. You ever had a secret admirer: Actually, when I was pregna
Okay, I'm Going To Post Real Feelings Here...
Why are some guys so stupid? Really, I mean, I know I'm not perfect, but I'm totally worth it. I know that. I try in my relationships, pretty damn hard. I don't cheat, I don't get abusive, I don't even pressure my partner into things they are adamant about not doing. But I get stepped on. Why? What the fuck did I do to him to deserve this? She isn't even pretty. She's actually kinda short and fat. =/ She's a shitty friend, and I'm pretty sure she needs medication and a nice little chat with someone with a Ph.D. She also has the nerve to call ME a whore. She knew he was with me, but she fucked him anyway. Pfft. I hope it was worth it, boy. You've lost something you'll never get back.
Wooden Promises
Well I haven't been around the blog world in a while just because I haven't sat down to make one, I guess you could say that between work and summer outdoors stuff I make it around here long enough to pop by and say HI to various friends and make some more new ones. Then it's back to the world of mommy goes Nucking Futs!! but I still manage to keep my cool and find my house which is important to me and some fresh pair of socks to wear daily. on another note I've made a couple fishing trips so far and hope to make another one here tomorrow being 06/29/07, and hope to get my first king salmon in almost 20yrs, so please wish me luck and I will be taking a camera with me to capture that joyful moment! so until next time, Love Peace, and Chicken grease Baby!! :)
If you have added me as a fan, and i havent returned the favor, let me know and i will do that
If you have added me as a fan, and i havent returned the favor, let me know and i will do that
I Love This Quote
Quote of the Day "The point is not to pay back kindness but to pass it on." – Julia Alvarez
Please Help Me
please help me with 2000 points..... i will return the favor.... muahhhh
You Want Some? Come Get It! ... Band Of Brothers Making Cherrytap History
You want some? Come Get It! ... Band Of Brothers Making CherryTap History So here it is... The Ultimate Contest Brought to you by the Band Of Brothers Hosted By MarQ & Sponsored by Achilles I know how many of you are fed up with lame contest, However, I think this one will stand out from the rest! And WHY do you ask? Well... Because this contest will offer more than any other contest before it! This has NEVER been done on this scale before! The winner will not only get: 1 Happy Hour!!... & A 1 Month Blast! ... But a 1 Month V.I.C. Membership As Well!:O That's Just insane, right!:D 2nd place will receive: A 1 Month Blast! & A 1 Month V.I.C. Membership! :) 3rd Place Gets their choice of... A 1 Month Blast! OR A 1 Month V.I.C. Membership! If You Are Already A V.I.C. Then You Can Give It To The Person Of Your Choice As A Gift!:) Yes, This Is a comment Bombing Contest. Most Comments wins! Rates To Be Used As A Tie Breaker Only! To Enter, Ema
Friendship Is....
Friendship is, being there to listen, and not judge...Friendship is,helping someone out and not wantimg anything in return..Friendship is knowing that someone out there cares, and they are not related...Friendship is being strong for some one when they can not...Friendship is alot of different things to a lot of different people, a true friendship is a speciel bond between two people that may bend but will not break...a true friendship will withstand anything, good or bad..A true friendship,will last untill the end..A true friendship is what you make of it,and in order to have a friend you must first be a friend...true friendships are hard to come by, treasure them and keep them safe..for some day you just may need them......
Cold Front
my phone is lighting up with a foggy vengeance. why do you show up and bring the rain with you? it drives at me, leaving me cold. the steam rises from the road near my temples, lightning in my eyes, and my brain is thundering, i didn't want to think of you again. you crash into my mind, wind carrying the debris that is you, scattering it where it doesn't belong. you are a poor weather forecast arising in the beauty of clear minds.
F*@$%#^ I@%#$#;4787.jpeg Eff Yoo Eye-Toonz.
Tarot Card
You are The Wheel of Fortune Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of intoxication with success The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
Single Parents
Single parents dont have it as easly as it my seem. You never see ur kids, ur always working to make ends meet. And ur never there for them when they just need you yo be there to show them that you love and care for them instead of some babysitter. Why is single parent life so hard for the parents and kids. Exspecialy if one of the parents passed away.
6 Affairs
The 1st Affair: A married man was having an affair with his secretary. One day they went her place and made love all afternoon. Exhausted,they fell asleep and woke up at 8 PM .. The man hurriedly dressed and told his lover to take his shoes outside and rub them in the grass and dirt. He put on his shoes and drove home. "Where have you been?" his wife demanded. "I can't lie to you," he replied, "I'm having an affair with my secretary. We had sex all afternoon." "You lying bastard!You've been playing golf!" ************************************************ The 2nd Affair: A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters but always talked about having a son. They decided to try one last time for the son they always wanted. The wife got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy. The joyful father rushed to the nursery to see his new son. He was horrified at the ugliest child he had ever seen. He told his wife, "There's no way I can be the father of t
My Natatl Horoscope
Sun in Scorpio The Scorpio represents one of the strongest, most intelligent signs of the zodiac. He or she has a deep well of strength that, if tapped into, can produce a powerful ally, or a vindictive enemy. A huge abundance of energy usually makes this person a powerful achiever and go-getter; the Scorpio is not lazy. Though their worst fault is jealousy, in all arenas, they also have the power within to turn this around and DO something about it. Above all, the Scorpio represents the Phoenix, that ancient symbol of death and resurrection from the ashes of youth, that fire that never dies but merely rises above and continues to change into something else. An argument is not merely an argument to a Scorpio, nor is it a chance to butt heads, but rather an experience of expressing and listening so that both participants can "rise above" and come out in a better position than when they began. This energy of the Scorpio is also frequently seen in sports, and needs to be properly ch
Check This Out !!!!!
Howdy Ya'll!
Hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing just wonderfuckle myself. Haven't posted anything about myself lately so I thought I would bore you with that now. Of course it's summer time and I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Our watermelons are coming in full blast now. That means that after this coming week I will be hopefully hauling them to the farmer's market to sell. Woot. Always some sexy men up on the market. LOL The week of the 4th, I'm going camping again. I will be leaving Wednesday and staying until Sunday. (I think) The temperature is already in the 90s here and with the humidity, it's feeling like it's in the 100's. So we'll see. I'm having a couple of health issues going on. Nothing serious. Just kind of playing a waiting game right now. I will know more after the 4th. My family has decided that I have to be babysat now to be sure I don't do anything I shouldn't be doing. I'm also happy to say that I have lost around 50 pounds. Having a little tr
Sexiest Mom Contest
ok dont know how do all the pretty graphics but im holding a contest called sexiest mom on cherrytap..i need twenty moms... i would like to start the contest on sunday july 1st and end it july 8th thats if i get all my moms in by that time gifts will be 1. first place will get a 3 day blast 2. second place will get a 1 day blast 3. third place will get diamond earrings rules are... 1.must fan,add,and rate the host must have a salute photo in your pics 3.anything goes except using scripts or whatever else to cheat. one under a level 5 can bomb you 5.comment bombing yourself is allowed downrating or any type of drama will be tolerated if you are interested pls shoutbox me lovlymom and let me is my link,, [ photo: 2678644761 ]
Sick But Funny
On a hot summer day, a redneck came into town with his dog. He tied the dog under the shade of a tree and went into the bar for a cold beer. About 20 minutes later a policeman came into the bar and asked who owned the dog tied under the tree. The redneck said that it was his. The policeman said, "Your dog seems to be in heat." The redneck replies, "No way dog's in heat---she's cool cause I got 'ER tied under the shade of the tree." The policeman says, "No! You don't understand-- your dog needs to be bred. "No way," the redneck says, "dog don't need bread, she's not hungry, cause I fed her beef jerky this mornin'." Now the policeman gets mad and yells out; "NO! You don't seem to understand, your dog wants to have sex!" The redneck looks at him and says, "Go ahead. I always wanted a police dog!"
I need to get laid. -_-
Craaaaazy Ass-dildo Video!
i need 17 moms for my contest
Meh. Fuck You, Itunes.
You are an asshole, iTunes. In fact, in general, I find all things with the letter "i" as a prefix are assholish. Fuck you, Mac. I'm sick of your dumbass keyboard, your silly errors, and your stupid mouse. I MISS THE FUCKING RIGHT-CLICK! -_- Hmph.
Blind Girl
There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she's blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend. One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her and she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her, "now that you can see the world, will you marry me?" The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend is blind too, and refused to marry him. Her boyfriend walked away in tears. Later wrote a letter to her saying. "Just take care of my eyes dear."
I'm Not Crazy
You think I'm crazy but I'll let you know the truth Darkness is around the world where you can't see But I see it all the time rush into you when you close your eyes It likes the brain to be just right for the feast Where am I in this world of the cockroaches They will never die when humanity becomes roadkill I wish I was a bug so I didn't have to die But I'm not good enough for the darkness They don't like my brain for some reason I like the nice walls that surround me So soft and worth my time than fighting the darkness. Go ahead and don't believe the truth I speak Isolation is the best medicine in our world today Laugh all you want but I watch them go inside you Can you see the marks on you that people mention Birth marks are a sign of the feast by them You can laugh but I know what happens much later Everyone will die but I know the cockroaches will like me But if I was a bug and not this pile of flesh They would let me know the ultimate secrets to survival Fo
You're a master at maintaining business as usual, but what if your insides are actually in turmoil? Let go of that mask. When other people realize you need help, they'll be perfectly willing to give it.
Come...sit by my side and hold me close I need your warmth and strength to make me whole Wrap your arms around me, secure my place in your heart; need me as I need you Softly kiss my lips and nuzzle my neck, thrill me with your gentle touch, play across my back with your feathery finger tips; kneed my shoulders into submission I swoon as the electricity that you alone can generate within me, starts to soar, I am heaven bound My pulse races at your very being; my longing is unbearable As I reach for your handsome bronze face with palms out stretched, my heart beats faster than the wind. I anticipate my greatest hold you in my arms. I quake at the thought of you, my ecstasy overwhelms me Unhurriedly we rise and move closer, excitement charges the air Arms out stretched I reach, grope for your closeness We grow nearer, nearer, nearer..then... I awaken...the dream is over
Venus And Mars
WHAT A WOMAN SAYS: This place is a mess! C'mon, you and I need to clean up. Your stuff is lying on the floor and you'll have no clothes to wear if we don't do laundry right now! WHAT A MAN HEARS: blah, blah, blah, blah, C'MON YOU AND I blah, blah, blah blah, blah ON THE FLOOR blah, blah, blah, NO CLOTHES, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, RIGHT NOW!
They say time is precious, That time is of the essence, But what is this illusion? What is time? It goes by, they say, But I don't see anything. They even say,How time flies, Does it have wings? Never have I seen it, Never have I understood it's physical being. But I do know some things, I know the time that I'm away from you. Time is precious. It is of the essence. But no time is worth my time, Unless that time is spent with you. How time weighs heavily on my heart. Oh, how time does eat away at me. Time is not physical, but rather spiritual, For no time is more spiritual then when you're with me.
Rules Of The Bar
There's more to it then tipping a glass and acting foolish. 1. If you owe someone money, always pay them back in a bar. Preferably during happy hour. 2. Always toast before doing a shot. 3. Whoever buys the shot gets the first chance to offer a toast. 4. Change your toast at least once a month. 5. Buying someone a drink is five times better than a handshake. 6. Buying a strange woman a drink is not really cool. Buying all her drinks is dumb. 7. Never borrow more than one cigarette from the same person in one night. 8. When the bartender is slammed, resist the powerful urge to order a slightly-dirty, very-dry, in-and-out, super-chilled half-and-half martini with a lemon twist. Limit orders to beer, straight shots and two-part cocktails. 9. Get the bartender's attention with eye contact and a smile. 10. Do not make eye contact with the bartender if you do not want a drink. 11. Unacceptable things to say after doing a shot: Great, now I'm going to get drun
Hellyeah News From Australia!!!! Follow the video link, then select either "DIAL UP" or "BROADBAND". This is a great news story with Vinnie and Chad in Melbounre. Awesome!!!
The Doctors Visit
The doctors visit A young Native American woman went to a doctor for her first ever Physical exam. After checking all of her vitals and running the usual tests, the doctor Said, "Well, Running Doe, you are in fine health. I could find no problems. I did notice one abnormality however." "Oh, what is that, Doctor?" "Well, you have no nipples." "None of the people in my tribe have nipples," she replied. "That is amazing," said the doctor. "I'd like to write this up for The South Dakota Journal of Medicine if you don't mind. She said, "OK." "First of all" asked the doctor, "how many people are in your tribe?" She answered, "Approximately 500." "And what is the name of your tribe?" Asked the doctor. Running Doe replied, "We're called ..... ; "The Indiannippleless Five Hundred"
The Best Myspace Survey* . . About You . . *Eye Color::brown Hair Color::brown Height::5'6 Favorite Color::purple and black Screen Name::karma Favorite Band::metellica Favorite Movie::dawn of the dead Favorite Show::r u smarter than a 5th grader Your Car::taurus Your Hometown::coffeyville Your Present Town::coffeyville Your Crushes First Name::james Your Grade::a lol Your Style::super psycho krazy bitch * . . Have You Ever . . *Sat on your rooftop?:ive done a lot of things on the rooftop Kissed someone in the rain?:every chance i get Danced in a public place?:if thats what ya call it Smiled for no reason?:every day Laughed so hard you cried?:yes Peed your pants after age 8?:couldnt quit laffn Written a song?:at age 15 lol Sang to someone for no reason?:every few hours Performed on a stage?:ya im not that kinda chic Talked to someone you don't know?:ya Gone out of your way to befriend someone?:ya Made out in a theatre?:never Gone roller skating since 8th grade?:yes
Smirnoff Twisted V - Green Apple
This is some pretty good stuff... not really enough alcohol to get u drunk but still pretty good. Maybe I'll be able to try the other brands sometime soon.
Night Swimming Part Two
second installment of Night swimming leaning your head down to touch your lips to my breast, arching my back to meet you. Your hair falling like ribbons of copper on my breast and shoulder. You look up at me, blue green eyes the color of tropical waters, sparkling in the moonlight a smile on your soft pink lips, a slight blush of tose on your cheeks, Unwrapping my legs from your waist, i lean closer to you, softly kissing your neck and shoulder, letting my hands softly caress your sides Your skin is so soft, it feels like sarin beneath my lips, long hair cascading down your back and slightly sticking to your wet skin. ...more soon sory.....
Useful Military Warnings
Useful Military Warnings "Aim towards the Enemy." - Instruction printed on US Rocket Launcher "When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend." - U.S. Army "Cluster bombing from B-52s is very, very accurate. The bombs are guaranteed to always hit the ground." - U.S.A.F. Ammo Troop "If the enemy is in range, so are you." - Infantry Journal "A slipping gear could let your M203 grenade launcher fire when you least expect it. That would make you quite unpopular in what's left of your unit." - Army's magazine of preventive maintenance. "It is generally inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed." - U.S. Air Force Manual "Try to look unimportant; they may be low on ammo." - Infantry Journal "Tracers work both ways." - U.S. Army Ordnance "Five-second fuses only last three seconds." - Infantry Journal "Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid." - Col. David Hackworth "If your attack i
the boy next door is gonna sneak over here once ever one at his place is asleep im so excited should i dress up for him ??? what should i wear??? what should i do to him frist???
May All Your Dreams Come True
A Great Job
finally got a good job that's worth my time and effort, just wish i could have gotten to it sooner, i ever get my lunches paid lol
Poem-"who Am I?"
I am tall, I am short. I am thin, I am fat. Who am I? I have short hair, long hair, in between hair. My hair is blonde, black, and brunette. I wear glasses, I wear contacts, I have no need for either. Who am I? You see me every day. You look me in the eyes and don't even know it. I see everything everyone sees all at the same time. I am round, I am square. I am framed, I am plain. Who am I? I am the mirror on the wall.
Poem-"the Phone Call" Aka "hello There"
Hello there. Wherev'e you been? I miss you a lot. Won't you come back? Hello there. It's been a while. Some things have changed. I'm not the same. Hello there. You're looking great. Life's been good to you? I'm doing fine. Hello there. How's the wife? Did you get that new job? Are you moving away? Hello there. I heard the news. He was a good man. I'll be there soon. Hello there. Just wanted to talk. I'm going away now. I can't come back. Good bye.
How To Get Back At Your Bro
well yesturday my nephew was graduating from grade one, so i went there with my mom,, brother, his gf and her doughter. Well after months of them playing jokes on me i decided to get them back. since the kids were reading a poem and everyone was watching i was sitting on the floor. i decided to tie my brothers shoe lace to his gf purse.. THen my mom gave my brother the camera to take pics. as he start to walk over to get a pic of my nephew getting his little deploma he was dragging the purse and kicked his leg to get rid of it. MY brothers gf purse went flying all over the room.. i couldnt stop laughing.. my brother and his gf were upset but they got over it..
Poem-fury & Freedom
I'm getting one of those headaches agian, probly from getting beat. I hurt so bad, these past few weeks, I couldn't even eat. I'm getting one of those headaches again, I don't know what to do. The pain is hurtting so bad inside, it's splitting me in two. I tried to make it stop before, it didn't seem to work. All because that guy right there decided to be a jerk. He pushed me down and tossed me around, and for that I could not stand. I grabed a knife and thought to myself,"Tehy will not find this man." I hit him where I always hurt, in the head and heart. I put him in the car, my God it would not start. I took him to the truck and put him in the bed. I wish this pain I feel would just leave my head. I drove for what seemed like days, through brush and dried up streams. I looked around and thought it safe, that no one would hear my screams. I saw the clouds and prayed for the rain to cover my tracks. I tossed the knife in with the body, it felt more like an axe. I mixed
Think Before Talk
What i see here on CT is like a propaganda site for the beautifull USA, everything is wonderfull overthere, everybody in the world needs the USA you think,this world would be so lost without the USA. The American dream as it used to be was a great dream, the American dream of the last years is only a dream of destruction. Destruction in various country's in the world just for the sake of economics ( oil!!!!!)or just to dominate other people. Your goverment claims to operate for world peace, hahaha you just act like the a modern Roman Empire with your nice and allways friendly and well educated leader Mr. Bush. Everything in the USA is focussed on being the # 1, on the sportfield, in school, in work, in relationships. There seem to be no room for the rest, dont think about what happens to others just me the # 1.What about refugees, what about the people of Tibet,what about gay people, what about black people, what about your veterans? If this is all so wonderfull tell me something befo
Poem-i Am The One
"I Am The One" I am the one in the wheelchair. I am the one learning to crawl. I am the one who cooks and cleans. I am the one who works every day. I am the one who never went to school. I am the one who went to college. I am the one who lives on the streets. I am the one who stays in a mantion. I am the one who paints masterpieces. I am the one who never saw. I am the one who kills for fun. I am the one who feeds the hungery. I am the one who sits in prison. I am the one who sits in church. I am the one who is bold and brave. I am the one who is meek and shy. I am the one who beats my wife. I am the one who treasures her. I am all in the world that is good. I am everything in it that's dark. I am the one who turns people into monsters. I am the one who makes them saints. I am your greatest hope. I am your deepest fear. I am the One. I am humanity.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Fit 2
alright just another few hours since my last craving and this one is killer, i'm tempted to go down to the store and buy a cheap cigar, but i don't want to break this habit i just don't know what to do.... blah should i just grab a black and mild or something
You can't run a society or cope with its problems if people are not held accountable for what they do. - John Leo
10 Things I Hate About People....
10 Things I Hate (ACTUALLY DISLIKE, I AM NOT A HATEFUL PERSON) About Everyone...Damn, I love sarcasm 10. People who have selective know those people who remember EVERYTHING someone does to them but conveniently forget most or EVERYTHING they do or say to other people. ....There's NO SHAME in admitting you are wrong and that you've wronged somebody. 9. The DOUBLE STANDARD people....similar to #10 but you know the ones who like to point the finger of blame, but NEVER do no wrong, the ones who when you tell them about themselves wanna ask, ' you gonna point fingers...???' ... muffuga, be willing to take what u dish out...don't be a hypocrite 8. The shit talking tough guy/girl, who can't stand to take shit off of people...NOW HOLD so tough right? You can snap on the best of them right? no one better f*** with you right? But the minute you meet your match, you ball up like plastic in heat , or you wanna take sh*t personal, or cut them of
Just Caring Is The Combination To Her Box
Players don't exist in my place...there is no such thing as game here....this spot is reserved for those who care about passion....pleasure....not getting a e nutt....but providing one and usually several because I care more about pleasing than my own satisfaction....Big ups to those who care more for all of you....than yours truely... Maurice calls it "THE COMBINATION"....some of us got it....others should stick to masterbating if you just want a nutt.... Simply care about her needs in there and watch what She'll do for you!!!!!!!
Awkward Silence
Cyanide & Happiness @
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Cyanide & Happiness @
Being An Adult...
it seems as if i am seeing more and more people here on ct acting as if they were kids back in jr. highschool. petty rivalries, being shallow, downrating and bashing people for no good reason what-so-ever. to be honest i just don't understand why people take things so seriously and make all this drama. maybe its low self-esteem or insecurities. maybe it is envy and jealousy or maybe it is easier to argue rather than have an adult discussion and figure things out in a mature fashion. i refuse to get into stupid drama..i am here for friendship and fun..i have enough real life issues to deal with so why would i come here to make more problems. to all the ones i have met and befriended...thank you. for being supportive, positive and mature. i choose to laugh, be understanding and compassionate and give cherrylove while i am if you are into the fighting and all of the drama please dont stop here..i just dont have room for the haters...peace
Cultural Trends
Cyanide & Happiness @
Holy Crap!
Cyanide & Happiness @
Monterey Bay
Early in the morning to rise, get them out and give them a safety briefing and signed out of the area. Board two vans and my car and we are off. Silly LT wants to go through Los Padres and up Hwy 1 to Monterey, a 2 1/2 hour trip. 3 stops later because of car sickness, we arrive in Monterey. A Stop for coffee, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Bubba Gumps, A Glass Bottom Boat ride, Shopping, lots of shopping and an urgent call to return due to a large vegetation wildland fire. 80 to 85 all the way back on Hwy 101. Get back, on standby, not so urgent afterall. The entire time having fun, right? Yes, however my mind always drifted off to Oregon and Lynda. That is where I wanted to be all day.
Monterey Bay
Early in the morning to rise, get them out and give them a safety briefing and signed out of the area. Board two vans and my car and we are off. Silly LT wants to go through Los Padres and up Hwy 1 to Monterey, a 2 1/2 hour trip. 3 stops later because of car sickness, we arrive in Monterey. A Stop for coffee, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Bubba Gumps, A Glass Bottom Boat ride, Shopping, lots of shopping and an urgent call to return due to a large vegetation wildland fire. 80 to 85 all the way back on Hwy 101. Get back, on standby, not so urgent afterall. The entire time having fun, right? Yes, however my mind always drifted off to Oregon and Lynda. That is where I wanted to be all day.
Deb's Dizzler
3 Little Pigs..........
The Three Little Pigs - Italian Style Once upon a time there were three little pigs. The straw pig, the stick pig and the brick pig. One day this nasty old wolf came up to the straw pig's house and said, "I'm gonna huff and puff and blow your house down." And he did !!! So the straw pig went running over to the stick pig's house and said, "Please let me in, the wolf just blew down my house." So the stick Pig let the straw pig in. Just then the wolf showed up and said, "I'm gonna huff and puff and blow your house down." And he did !!! So the straw pig and the stick pig went running over to the brick pig's house and said, "Let us in, let us in, the big bad wolf just blew our houses down!" So the brick pig let them in just as the wolf showed up The wolf said, "I'm gonna huff and puff and blow your house down." The straw pig and the stick pig were so scared! But the brick pig picked up the phone and made a call. A few minutes passed and a big, black
I Just Really Liked This Horoscope
It's so easy to get into a certain groove, but why not try exploring a new part of your life? Open up that routine. Go for Thai instead of Mexican at lunch. Take a walk after dinner instead of watching TV. i just need a change and this is true...
Pc Of Love
Axe Fight Results
Well, the results are in! The first AXE FIGHT between Randy Rhodes and Zakk Wylde were not even close. Here are what you guys voted- Randy Rhodes-46 votes Zakk Wylde-16 votes Randy won that one by almost 75%! Check out the second round of my AXE FIGHT on my latest MUMM. Randy Rhodes VS. Yngwie Malmsteen(AXE FIGHT II) Thanks a lot for everyones input, it's been a real blast and I've enjoyed meeting you in the process headbangers!
Helpin A Friend
This is for me, but if ya bored :)
Ct Bull
Ok so I had two salutes posted under my old username but same user number, puñalada. I look at my main page and they are taken down, I swear it's bullshit that I had two approved salutes and then taken down only because I changed my user name. So that means we have to keep the same user name, so why lets us even change our user name after we select it.
I Found My Halloween Costume!!!
Red Hot Saloon Girl! I really want to get this for Halloween this year... what does everyone else think?
Blue Ribbon Of Encouragement
Here have this blue ribbon of encouragement A teacher in New York decided to honor each of her seniors in High School by telling them the difference each of them had made. She called each student to the front of the class, one at a time. First, she told each of them how they had made a difference to her, and the class. Then she presented each of them with a blue ribbon, imprinted with gold letters, which read, "Who I Am Makes a Difference." Afterwards, the teacher decided to do a class project, to see what kind of impact recognition would have on a Community. She gave each of the students three more blue ribbons, and instructed them to go out and spread this acknowledgment ceremony. Then they were to follow up on the results, see who honored whom, and report to the class in about a week. One of the boys in the class went to a junior executive in a nearby Company, and honored him for helping him with his career planning. He gave him a blue ribbon, and put it on his
Gwen Stefani Concert
So on Saturday nite, I am going to see Gwen Stefani. I am so totally stoked!!! Her opening act is one of my favs too!!! Lady Sovereign!!!!! She is too cool and she has that fuck you attitude!!!! I went out and bought a new outfit and all...I am also planning to get shit faced drunk after the concert!!!!! I'm not hey I'm going to party like a rockstar!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT MySpace Comments & HOT MySpace Layouts
Here you go mommies - a different kind of survey for a change - it’s all about your first born! 1. WAS YOUR FIRST PREGNANCY PLANNED? No but he was welcomed! 2. WERE YOU MARRIED AT THE TIME? Nope. 3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS? I bawled my eyeballs out but then it was okay. 4. WAS ABORTION AN OPTION FOR YOU? It was brought up but not followed through. 5. HOW OLD WERE YOU? 17. 6. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? I was... late. And feeling sick. 7. WHO DID YOU TELL FIRST? My mom and then Alex's daddy. 8. DID YOU WANT TO FIND OUT THE SEX? Yes. Wanted to be prepared. 9. DUE DATE? BIRTH DATE? 7/26/2002--7/20/2002--Laura's (my sister) 15th Birthday! 10. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS? Almost the whole time. 11. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? Chocolate milk and Mexican food with FIRE sauce!! 12. WHO IRRITATED YOU THE MOST? Buddy. 13. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CHILDS SEX? Boy--My Xander! 14. DID YOU WISH YOU HAD THE OPPOSITE SEX OF WHAT YOU WERE GET
My Fav Songs By Skitsystem
Slaughter of innocence Raping your flock I hope you choke on your riches Emotionally blocked Human waste What a fucking waste You'er a fucking disgrace The 3rd world's dying It's not your loss Your starvation is mental Crawl back to your cross Human waste… ___________________________________________ Everything's shit The whole system against me Don’t understand anything You want me on my knees Crawling in your shit Everything's shit When will you give up My life's destroyed By your lies Laws and deceit Everything's shit
A Work In Progress...
They say if you stop looking for something, that's when it finds you. And that's when you came into my life... I wasn't sure how to take you at first but quickly fell in love with your style and ways. I found myself needing to see you and talk to you each and everyday. You say you don't want a woman, that you've been in love before. You say you have all you need, but I can tell you want a little more. I don't need the perfect man cuz I know he ain't out there. All I need is someone I can love and who'll run his fingers thru my hair. I'm scared to love again, I'm scared to get hurt. That's why I'm holding back, don't wanna be treated like dirt. I love with all of my heart n soul and expect that love in return. And if I expose myself to you I just might get burned. I'm not blaming you for other peoples mistakes. Yet the more I get to know you, those risks I'm willing to take. I knew it was you when you pulled up in your ride. My heart started to race as I looked into yo
10 Ways To Ruin A First Date.
1. Don't look like your picture. Post an old picture from when you were thinner or had more hair. Or you could post a photo of someone else: your daughter (folks always say you could be twins, right?), a model you plucked from an online site (hey, didn't you say you always wanted to be a model?), or your "sort of" twin brother (non-identical). 2. Don't make any special effort to present yourself well. Dress for a first meeting the way you would for a Saturday night at home, rationalizing that you want to appear "real" and be liked for the way that you are. Maybe it is a kindness to show, right up front, what your date's Saturday nights would be like if they were to marry you! 3. Be Late Nothing says you couldn't care less than to be late. While arriving early might give you the advantage of being able to see your date before he/she sees you, being late implies you are too important to be polite. 4. Forget your wallet. Male or female, the "I forgot my wallet" s
My Entry In A Blast Contest Now With Clickable Link And Added Challenge By Porcelain!! Ok Friends,Family and Fans!! The Gimptastic One needs your help!!! I need you to click this link and comment the hell out of this pic!! Help me win this 3-day blast!!! You can vote as many times as you like. Comments count as votes!! The more comments the more votes!!! Thanks in advance to all you that vote for me!!! Porcelain has aded a challenge to all that read this to match her 100 votes!! Can you do it??? I dare ya!! Please repost even if you have atleast read this!! Thank you!
I Cried
when you were 15, your mom came home from work, looking for a hug. You thanked her by having your bedroom door locked. When you were 16, she taught you how to drive her car. You thanked her by taking it every chance you could. When you were 17, she was expecting an important call. You thanked her by being on the phone all night. When you were 18, she cried at your high school graduation. You thanked her by staying out partying until dawn. When you were 19, she paid for your college tuition, drove you to campus carried your bags. You thanked her by saying good-bye outside the dorm so you wouldn't be embarrassed in front of your friends. When you were 25, she helped to pay for your wedding, and she cried and told you how deeply she loved you. You thanked her by moving halfway across the country. When you were 50, she fell ill and needed you to take care of her. You thanked her by reading about the burden parent
The Dark Sun..poem
The Dark Sun by John At the edge of the universe Dark Sun abides As time approaches Ready to bring forth Mighty Warriors Who will not Bend their knees In supplication. One by one They stand shoulder to shoulder with their Father, Lucifer.
when you were 15, your mom came home from work, looking for a hug. You thanked her by having your bedroom door locked. When you were 16, she taught you how to drive her car. You thanked her by taking it every chance you could. When you were 17, she was expecting an important call. You thanked her by being on the phone all night. When you were 18, she cried at your high school graduation. You thanked her by staying out partying until dawn. When you were 19, she paid for your college tuition, drove you to campus carried your bags. You thanked her by saying good-bye outside the dorm so you wouldn't be embarrassed in front of your friends. When you were 25, she helped to pay for your wedding, and she cried and told you how deeply she loved you. You thanked her by moving halfway across the country. When you were 50, she fell ill and needed you to take care of her. You thanked her by reading about the burden parent
This Love For You...poem
This Love for you by John To kiss those lips And hold you close Means the world to me I want to be where you are I want to be there when you are down I never want you to be alone I want to be your everything Because you are mine Your smiling face Brightens the darkest days And to hear your voice Takes me from the saddest moments I love you with all my heart That is true And until the day we part I will always be there for you For you my Lillith
Important Please Read
hey cell phone everyone it was stolen while i was at work if i had ur number message me with it. thanks all love u
Son Of A Bitch! I Just Got The Best News!
Label: Saddle Creek Catalog Number: LBJ-106-7 "Heartbroke" is the first single from The Good Life's fourth full-length Help Wanted Nights (to be released September 11, 2007). Accompanied by non-album track "Thirty-Year Evaluation," this release is available digitally and as a limited edition 7" with B-side etching in hand-screened, individually numbered packaging.
Son Of A Bitch! I Just Got The Best News!
Label: Saddle Creek Catalog Number: LBJ-106-7 "Heartbroke" is the first single from The Good Life's fourth full-length Help Wanted Nights (to be released September 11, 2007). Accompanied by non-album track "Thirty-Year Evaluation," this release is available digitally and as a limited edition 7" with B-side etching in hand-screened, individually numbered packaging.
Nurse, Nurse!!
Repost of a hilarious joke shared by my dear friend, Witchie Woman. Luv ya!! *giggle* ---------------------------------------------- Black Testicles? A male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose, still heavily sedated from a difficult four hour, surgical procedure. A young, student nurse appears to give him a partial sponge bath. Nurse", he mumbles, from behind the mask. "Are my testicles black?" Embarrassed, the young nurse replies, "I don't know, Sir. I'm only here to wash your upper body and feet." He struggles to ask again, "Nurse, are my testicles black?" Concerned that he may elevate his vitals from worry about his testicles, she overcomes her embarrassment and sheepishly pulls back the covers. She raises his gown, holds his penis in one hand and his testicles in the other, lifting and moving them around. Then, she takes a close look and says, "There's nothing wrong with them, Sir!!" The man pulls off his
No Real Smartass Answers
1. Have you ever changed your clothes while in a vehicle? I was getting dressed in the squad on the way to our first run this morning does that count? 2. Who was your last received call? Dragon Lover 3. Who was your last text from? Yourevilemporer 4. What's one thing you will not eat? Tomatoes 5. What color is your underwear? Black lace 6. When is the last time you went out of town? This morning when I went to work 7. What's something you MUST do before you die? Fins someone that I can let get close to me 8. Have you ever drank milk straight out of the carton? Yep 9. Do you know what Degrassi is? Uh yeah actually I do 10. Can you hulahoop? I’d give it a hell of a try, you never really forget how to move your hips 11. Have you ever crawled through a window? All the fucking time 12. What was the last thing you ate/drank? Just ate 3 Soft Batch cookies and drinking Fierce Grape Gatorade 13. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? Ye
This May Be Offensive To Some Veiwers
Well if there is one thing that i have noticed about places like this it is that the vast majority of people who participate are harsh fakes, posers, andmost of all full of shit!! Thats not to take away from this site or any other becouse of all of them i do really love this one. I geuss what im saying is that its true that people hang out at these sites becouse they want to be something that they are not really in reall life. well I think thats just ripping your self off. You can fake all the shit you want on sites like this and be unsatified with your real life or you can be an ass kicker in real life first then come to a place like this and kick even more ass. all I'm saying is this be true to your self in all things. be proud of who you are regardless of what the simple minded might think, let the world see who you really are and if they dont like it .....FUCK EM!!!!
Charleston Fallen 9
Charleston fallen 9
Why Hate
BooBooBoogie:I'd rater be a hater then fake claming credit for other peoples work. The work that you do sucks. You're poetry makes no since. If you don't want to be rated don't post and ask for it to be rated. How retarded can you be? this is a email i got from a member who doesnt have a name a pic or anything to show who they are...yet they insist on annoying me........for the record...all the grafx i create are of my own design maybe a few of my ideas have been influenced by others but they are never the same....i give the people what they want and thats beautiful work....from id cards to magazine covers to pics for they kids....if any one has a problem i or is offended i am sorry but if it aint for u dont worry ...and if u dont wanna say something nyce or constructive then dont say anything at all..... so to all the haters and downraters...all i have to say to u is THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TAKEN TIME OUT OF YOUR DAY TO THINK BOUT ME ....
Tribute To Charlestons Bravest
Tribute to Charlestons bravest
Charleston 9 Our Fallen Brothers Pt 2
Charleston 9 Our Fallen Brothers Pt 2
Is there a dreamer in all of us, or is it just me? My dreamer eye sees the possible in a world of impossible realites. My dreamer mind tells me that there is a way in all circumstances. My dreamer is strong in its belief. In the beilef of love and happiness, that every argument, fight is nothing more than a simple misunderstanding. My dreamer says there is always a magic word to make things right again. My dreamer will not fade as I get older. My dreamer will not go away when it is wrong. My dreamer will find a better way next time. My dreamer refuses to think that its over, when it stands in my face and says the words. My dreamer is a part of me, my dreamer is me. My dreamer is my eyes that sees beauty in the ugly, sees the hopefull in the hopeless, feels love for the loveless. My dreamer sees me as me, in all that I hope the world will see. Is there a dreamer in you?
A Promise...
Charleston 9 Our Fallen Brothers Pt 1-honoring These Fallen Hero's One Week Today-very Heart Wrenching
Charleston 9 Our Fallen Brothers Pt 1
The Winners Prettiest Plus Size Cherrytap Lady Contest
The Winners Prettiest Plus Size Cherrytap Lady Contest Are And the winner of A Yacht And the winner of a Porsche and the winner of a Corvettee Get More at
Pierced Dicks!
Is it just me.... or do only the guys with the smallest dicks get them pierced? I mean, seriously, don't you think they'd be embarrased to walk into a tattoo shop and drop their pants? like, everytime I'm with a dude, and they say "Oh, by the way, I have my dick pierced" I just want to scream and run because I know what awaits me in the depths of their flappy, loose boxers....... Seriously, all you guys with the big, satisfying dicks..... maybe one or two of you should get it pireced!!!! And then cum show me ;)
Eggs & Kegs Show For The Month Of July
Fake Ass Friends
People are too fake on here. They only want pic comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually repost this. This is to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are... Repost this if you are a friend...Don't reply... just copy and paste this in a new bulletin as "fake ass friends"
A Visitor
This past weekend my best friend Nick came to see me for his vacation. I have not seen him in 5 years and it most certainly was good to see him again. I enjoyed his company. He also accomplished talking me into moving out of Louisiana, so in a year I will be moving to Iowa near him. There are a few other reasons for my moving too, but I am not going to devulge my reasons just now. My pics are in my friends and default album and also my stash. Thanks for reading.
18th Birthday...
I need some ideas for my 18th birthday...I know you guys have something I can do...give me any thoughts you have please...anything!!!
Ever Wonder?
ever wonder why santa so jolly??? because he know where all the bad girl live i know kinda lame lol
Well I Did It
Well I did it, this just goes to prove that I am a big idiot. I told the person that I dream of everynight that I was in love with her and it really didn't go over so well. I think I did it for two reasons. One if I didn't tell her now then she would never know how I felt about here, and the second is I wanted her to know how I felt about her in case something was to happen to me over here. I think the reason that it didn't go over so well is because of the fact that I am in Iraq right now it could be hard to digest that kind of information. To go along with that I really hope that she isn't ignoring me or avoiding my phone calls cause that would hurt me even more to know she wanted to pretent that I never told her that than just knowing that she didn't love me. But I guess everything will work itself out in the end or atleast that is what I am told.
Three Passions Have Governed My Life:
Three passions have governed my life: The longings for love, the search for knowledge, And unbearable pity for the suffering of [humankind]. Love brings ecstasy and relieves loneliness. In the union of love I have seen In a mystic miniature the prefiguring vision Of the heavens that saints and poets have imagined. With equal passion I have sought knowledge. I have wished to understand the hearts of [people]. I have wished to know why the stars shine. Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens, But always pity brought me back to earth; Cries of pain reverberated in my heart Of children in famine, of victims tortured And of old people left helpless. I long to alleviate the evil, but I cannot, And I too suffer. This has been my life; I found it worth living. Adapted
Van Halen Watch this video, its of Eruption, my favorite Version of it....
Who's On First?
Who's on first? Abbott & Costello Abbott: Well Costello, I'm going to New York with you. The Yankee's manager gave me a job as coach for as long as your on the team. Costello: Look Abbott, if your the coach, you must know all the players. Abbott: I certainly do. Costello: Well you know I've net the guys. So you'll have to tell me their names, and then I'll know who's playing on the team. Abbott: Oh, I'll tell you their names, but you know it seems to me they give these ball players now-a-days very peculiar names. Costello: You mean funny names? Abbott: Strange names, pet Dizzy Dean... Costello: His brother Daffy Abbott: Daffy Dean... Costello: And their French cousin. Abbott: French? Costello: Goofe' Abbott: Goofe' Dean. Well, let's see, we have on the bags, Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third... Costello: That's what I want to find out. Abbott: I say Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know's on third.
Lessons Learned
i learned a lesson today. don't insult your boss's mother, even if he is doing so himself. it makes for a hostile work environment.
Loss Of A Child, Please Keep My Friend In Your Thoughts And Prayers
89% Real Lol
You Are 89% Real There's hardly a person on this earth more real than you are. You have no problem showing people who you are, flaws and all. For you, there couldn't be any other way. Because it's way too stressful to live an inauthentic life. You're very comfortable with yourself. And because of this, you're able to live an exciting, interesting, and challenging life. How Real Are You?
Ok, Before I've Quite Waddlehoped Off To Bed...
Glitches like today's don't usually destroy photos, they just make the image hosts more or less difficult to access for awhile, I think. (Save your most important images anyway as you would anything else instead of relying on anyone else's external storage solely - he says, not quite following his own advice yet...)
Funny Manga Lol
Sexy Naughty Graphics by www.maturegraphics.comSexy Naughty Graphics by
Funny Manga Lol
Sexy Naughty Graphics by www.maturegraphics.comSexy Naughty Graphics by
Funny Manga Lol
Sexy Naughty Graphics by www.maturegraphics.comSexy Naughty Graphics by
The Study
The Penis Study.... The American Government funded a study to see why the head of a man's penis was larger than the shaft. After 1 year and $180,000, they concluded that the reason that the head was larger than the shaft was to give the man more pleasure during sex. After the US published the study, the French decided to do their own study. After $250,000 and 3 years of research, they concluded that the reason the head was larger than the shaft was to give the woman more pleasure during sex. Canadians, unsatisfied with these findings, conducted their own study. After 2 weeks and a cost of around $75.46, and 2 cases of beer, they concluded that it was to keep a man's hand from flying off and hitting himself in the forehead.
Light Blue~
Well He didnt have to be Blonde and have teeth as white as his sweater..Everything about him fit perfectly. His scent 'Light Blue' matched his eyes.. It was funny how I noticed the small detail of it all, When typically He isn't my type. :) Only because His body form didnt resonate Manliness or whatever that it was missing. Might have been perfect, perfect timing in a sense, but I turned him down. Even while glancing at his Diesel Jeans and absendtly thinking I loved his belt. :D I couldn't care if my man didn't wear designer clothes or had rolls of cash in his wallet. If I'm not attracted within fifteen minutes of our conversation, it's out. Sad when the only reason you want to drool in his presence is for the fact he's wearing your cologne, and how often do you come across someone who does? :) You smile thinking, gosh, if he only knew that was the only thing he had going for him. hehe I giggle in my own mindless thoughts. Wishing My gf's would rescue me. They only left
Nicotine Fit #1
Ok this mumm is to help me quit smoking I'm in a nicotine fit and just need to keep my hands busy and I'm around a computer I could type in here, right now I'm eating dinner so it's not nearly as bad, but this mumm will be for those nicotine fits...
The Truth About Me. . .
When I ask you how I look "fine" is NOT an acceptable answer. Amazing, beautiful, wow, or really nice are acceptable. I obsess over whether you are going to call from the moment I give you my phone number. No matter how casual I seem, if you did something stupid, I am pissed off about it. I don't yell. If I'm quiet, I'm mad. If I am mad at you, don't try to explain yourself, it usually makes it worse. Pull me into your arms, hold me tightly and you don't have to say anything. Don't say you are sorry if you have no idea what is wrong, that will just piss me off more. Don't patronize me by asking if my mood is because of PMS. No usually, my mood is because you did something stupid (see above) I am unimpressed by men who do not take the lead. Make the first move, give the first contact, step up and be a man. I need to hear how you feel about me. Right now, tomorrow, and every day after. I will leave you if you lie to me. I want to be a great asset in
I Maybe Deleted
Hottest On Ct Ladies Needed And Men
SEXYSISSY~CHOPPERS FIANCEE & CT WIFE~PRAY FOR RAY& KELEB & FAMILY~@ CherryTAP >Racechick V.P & Mod. of Biker's Clubhouse Bar &Grill@ CherryTAPi take males racechick has the ladies- THINK YOU HAVE IT THEN ENTER (repost of original by 'Racechick V.P & Mod. of Biker's Clubhouse Bar &Grill' on '2007-06-28 21:17:03')
My Song
i wrote this not too long ago ... im working on a melody but if anyone has a tip or suggestion to fix the lyrics i'd appreciate the feedback(besides gramatical errors ... i noe theyre there im just to lazy to fix them) Were you ever so high, that you thought you could fly? Yeah, I know that sounds so cliché. But you know what I’m sayin, never thought you’d be payin, For something that feels so good. But then you fall to the ground, You look all around, And theres nobody there, That will love you and care. Is no one home? Are you all alone? You’re surrounded by people, But they can’t see you The tears flood your eyes and you start to crumble, Cause there’s no one to settle the score. Longing not to be invisible. Not getting what you got before. Everyone sees you as dead, but you know that deep in your head, You’re more alive than you’ve ever been. Swallow the lump in your throat, soon you can jump off the boat, Before the hawk swoops in for the kill .
So I got into a slight argument in the mumms, with two people who just jumped my ass for making a comment on some bad spelling. The poster of said mumm mentioned it once but he saw that I dropped it; however, what bothered me the most is they were putting words in my mouth, that I had not said. I even stated I'm not the best at spelling and grammar like many of you know, but yet he did some small things that just stood out like a sore thumb. I then in turn get accused of them claiming that I was saying, "I'm perfect and better then other people," hell I feel like I'm more of a humanitarian then most of the people in the mumms. Okay that sounded egotistical, but that's a rare fluke. Seriously though, people take a lot of stuff too seriously, the poster in that mumm was the most professional about it, by ignoring it and I would like to thank him for the fact that he ignored it and didn't give a damn about what was said against him.
Helping A Soldier!
Could you all please help a friend and soldier out?!? He is behind by like 600 from the leader. He could use all the help and support he can get. Much Love... Sexy & Sassy Texas Cowgirl™
Fill This Out!
My name: Summarize me in one sentence: Where did we meet: Take a stab at my middle name: How long have you known me: When is the last time that we saw each other: Do I drink: Do I smoke and Toke: Am I happy: Am I a good person: What was your first impression of upon meeting me/seeing me: What's one of my favorite things to do: Who Do i love more than my life: Am I funny: Have you ever made me smile..if so when n how: What's my favorite type of music: Have you ever seen me cry: Can I sing?: What is the best feature about me: Am I shy or outgoing: Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: Do I have any special talents: Would you call me preppy, average, punk, hippie, glam, nerdy, snobby, country, redneck, or something else (what): Have you ever hugged me Ladies?: Kissed me?: Have you ever seen me naked: What is my favorite food: Have you ever had a crush on me: Am I a good cook: Am I dating anyone: If
A Definition Of What Is Love?
What is Love? It’s a Question we all ask. Here’s my favorite definition. -Love is an unconditional & healthy concern for the well being of another person, held in balance with an equally strong concern for ones own well-being. So if it’s really love, your concern for that someone special has to be unconditional- you give it without requiring anything in return. The only limit, but it’s a big one, is that you love yourself to a similar degree. Leave that out and again, its not really love. However, healthy relationships also need commitment, which is conditional, if a relationship is not defined by conditions then it lacks commitment. If you can hold the balance between love and commitment. You have learned one of the great secrets of a successful relationship. -Author Unknown
Bullet For My Valentine Two-fer
Tears Don't Fall Lets go With blood shot eyes I watch you sleeping The warmth I feel beside me is slowly fading Would she hear me if I called her name Would she hold me, if she knew my shame There’s always something different going wrong The path I walk is in the wrong direction There's always someone fucking hanging on Can anybody help me make things better Your tears don't fall they crash around me Her conscious calls the guilty to come home Your tears don't fall they crash around me Her conscious calls the guilty to come home The moments died, I hear no screaming The visions left inside me are slowly fading Would she hear me if I called her name Would she hold me if she knew my shame There’s always something different going wrong The path I walk is in the wrong direction There's always someone fucking hanging on Can anybody help me make things better Your tears don't fall they crash around me Her conscious calls the guilty t
Help Please
Come help me level up my dear friends and fans i never as for much from anyone
Pictures Of Me
check my new pictures and page out all my friends come back im here lol
I am having these extreme sexual fantasies I want to fulfill. When I was younger I was molested it lead to me being very sexual. I learned to let it feel good. and it would lead to me having orgasms from it. IDK. I guess I am twisted fuck. But It never hurt me to be myself. I could care less if you are affected by this blog. Every man for himself out in this world. I can bet you this cherryspace has lots of sick fantasies worser than mine. But I love all. I like to have sex with men who are not physically attractive just really good humping. As for gils I want the ones who are like me. if you are I will add you. I don't need liberal fucks telling me how to think. my mind is my perogotive. and if you have any sweet nasty raunchy sex stories do tell!! I am all for it.
As I prepare to hit the bed tonite after a horrific day on Cherrytap, with sad, Hating, pissed off people all around me ,there have been several wonderful people today that have just come out of the wood work to remind me why I hold so tight onto the faith in "some people". I realize that it is true; In the darkest hour, there is indeed always a pin hole of light. To those people today they were my pin hole of light.They know who they are and to them this is my simple and humble thank you. I am glad to know you. You have made a difference to to me. As bad as we may think we have it, look around you some one someone has it worse then you. So do not look at how rotten things may be but how much more rotten they could be and are not. We are blessed in one way or another. Miracles happen daily, our eyes are not trained to see them unless you really look.
Are You Adicited To Computers?(quiz)~my Results~
You scored as yes you are in love with computers, yes you are in love with computers100% you don't know alot about the computer67% what are you doing on the computer retard0% are you adicited to computerscreated with
Show My Angel Some Love
Please take a minute to hit up my friend Sonya. She's halfway to godfather so please show her some love. Click her link below to Fan/add/rate her Luscious¢¾Mami of Club F.A.R. @ CherryTAP
More People In Here Eat Alot Of This I Bet
More People In Here Eat Alot Of This I Bet
Yay For Underwear Pj's Lol
LOL How'd they know I love to rock my cami's and boyshorts to bed??!?!?! The PJ's You Are Most Like: Underwear You enjoy the simple things in life and aren't hard to please You have an understated, easy sexiness that men love And you're confident enough to pull it off - without being overbearing What Kind of PJ's Girl Are You?
Testatment Xii Comments And Rate Plz
"If love is the most powerful weapon then moralitys profession is no need to exist" They say only the purest shall rule them all but in the light there is no such thing as perfection. Always there will be pathways of hospitality change secrets even burden. the bearer of sin only carries the seed of risk for a purpose but it is meant for strength of survival. the light is in the line between truth and dare but only in darkness can justice been seen with a pasion. Beyond the light invisiblity can only be visible if its meant to become the messenger but to hollar and hear thy name rest assure it only listen. it is said what comes around goes around but in the language of light confidential depends on courage but lacks ethusiasum that bind with knowledge. Belief brings only possiblities and readiness but most important fairness. darkness carries a bigger strength of hidden desire. it is deaf mobile vilgant stable and much more sophisicated. Most knowledge turns to its strength becuase
Six Flags Tragedy," Please Repost"
A terrible tragedy has happened the other day June 21, 2007 @ the amusement park Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Like around 4:45pm est the ride Superman aka hellivator malfunctioned. The ride takes you up about 177ft in the air and you free fall going about 56mph. On the descend a cable breaks and from the force of wind it wraps around BOTH legs of a 13 yr old girl from right above the ankles and litterally RIPS them off. As of right now I don't know the current condition of the little girl. She's been in surgery for a few hours. I'm asking everyone to pray for this girl and her family. This is no hoax. You can go to our local station and read all about it. THE ARTICLE IS CALLED "Inspection begins after girl's legs severed". Please pray for her and her family. Post this as much as you can so everyone on cherrytap can eventually read this and say a prayer. I felt compelled to do this so I am. Thank you all!! SIGN UR NAME BELOW AND REPOST. 1.Jaime AKA Beauty Of A Tattoo'
Rock...paper...scissors..and I
You Are Paper Crafty and creative, you are able to adapt freely to almost any situation. People tend to underestimate you, unless they've truly seen what you are capable of. Deep down, you're always scheming and thinking up new plans. Your mind is constantly active. You are quite capable of anything you dream of. You can always figure out a way to get what you want. You can wrap a rock person up in your sheet of trickery. A scissor person can sneak up and cut you to pieces. When you fight: No one can anticipate your next move If someone makes you mad: You'll attack them mercilessly when they're unprepared Are You Rock, Paper, or Scissors?
I have gained alot of new friends here, I am thankful for you all. My time the last few months has been really tough, but thanks to my friends i have made it threw it. So my hat is off to my friends on cherry tap!
Looking 4 Some......
I'm looking for some people to hang out in Chicago, I don't really know anyone there and Im trying to get to know the area better and hang out with some people and have some fun. I'm looking 4, friends and anything else u want just ask and well see.
Margaritas Sound Good Lol
You Are a a Margarita Woman You live most of your life in "Margaritaville", and everyone who knows you knows it. You can party with the best of them - and you're really up for anything! You're the type who's most likely to do body shots or enter a bikini contest. You prefer to date a man as lively as you are... he has to keep up! What Kind of Drinking Woman Are You?
Come In And Check It Out Let Me Know What You Think
Lmao I Dont Know About This One But It Was Fun
You Are a Tiny Tease You like to flirt and show off your body, but what confident woman doesn't. You enjoy male attention, and you're usually pretty good at not leading men on. However, there are times when you get carried away with your sexy behavior. It's okay to use your amazing flirting powers for good - but never for evil! Do Men Think You're You A Tease?
Police Brutality Over Skateboard
>*******************************************************************************Try and get the word around. Every little bit helps:A despicable act of police brutality was committed on Go Skateboarding Day by the Hot Springs, Arkansas Police Department. Video of the incident is below. After you watch it, we ask ALL of you to flood their phone lines and email address (below) with complaints regarding the main policeman involved, Officer Joey Williams. You should also contact your local news organizations to help spread the word. The more attention this officer gets, the better for us.Hot Springs Arkansas Police DepartmentPhone: (501) 321-6789Fax: (501) 321-6708Chief of Police, Bobby SouthardEmail: bsouthard@cityhs.net641 Malvern Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901
My Settings
Please dont take it personal if u cant view my pics, u soon will be able too, just adding people to my family that I trust. I know someof u missed my earlier blog, so heres another one.
Hey Everybody
im looking to meet new people in or out of my area if you willing to meet me and maybe we can hang out or do something you like like go to have a drink or something like that some of the girl i have on my friends and fan are hot im willing to meet them for sure so if you willing to meet me we can do anythingyou like to do or what i like to do up too you hit me up if your up for anything
Wasted Time
The time that I've wasted is my biggest regret, Spent in these places I will never forget. Just sitting and thinking about the things I've done, the crying, the laughing, the hurt and the fun. Now it's just me and my hard-driven guilt, Behind the wall of emptiness I allowed to be built. I'm trapped in my body just waiting to run, back to my youth with it's laughter and fun. But the chase is over and there's no place to hide, Everything is gone, including my pride. With reality suddenly right in my face, I'm scared, alone, and stuck in this place. Now memories of the past flash through my head, and the pain is obvious by the tears that I shed. I ask myself why? and where I went wrong. I guess I was weak, when I should have been strong. Living for the drugs, and the wings I had grown. My feelings were lost afraid to be shown. As I look at my past it's so easy to see, The fear that I had, afraid to be me. I'd pretend to be rugged, so fast and so cool, when actually lo
What The F&%k
I cannot believe that I posted 3 new pics at 7pm central time, Waited three hours, and not one single person has rated or commented on them. I wont be spreading my LUV on just any cherries anymore. I have a bunch of selfish girls on my friends list and I think its about time to start cleaning out the people that don't return the favor of at least a rate .........DAMN.......... Feeling totally UNLUVED :[ Mikey
Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair. I know that there is no control over certain things that happen, for example a miscarriage. it just seems like no matter how hard you want to have a child God takes that away from you. Not only once but twice now. it just doesn't seem fair. You think to yourself will I ever have the chance to be a mother? Well, who knows what will happen now. I guess the only thing to do is wait
Mini Introduction
I'm Candi. 25. Future fashion designer, current student and Nanny. Anti-drama, but still a drama queen. Sexy as hell. I am the mother effin' princess! Love me or try to hate me!
A Calming Breath
Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Remember that not everything will go bad, but rejoice when all is well. I know that at times things seem dull, boring, or tedious, but you must always think of things in the brightest sense. I have always felt that I should never be to far from the truth, but stand right next to it. I hope that others feel the same way.
Yup This Is Me To A "t"
The Keys to Your Heart You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free. In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved. You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change. You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please. Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with. Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment. You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred. In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily. What Are The Keys To Your Heart?
Ain't This The Truth
Life ISN'T like a bowl of cherries or peaches... it's more like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today, might burn your ass tomorrow
Uh Huh...
what is the reality of cyberspace... when the monitor glow fades only the darkness is left, no freindly electronic images to rattle the mind, no pulses of light to remember you by, it would be nice to hold those most dear, static remains only for a molment... am i remembered till i return?
Made Of Scars - Stone Sour
This one came from looking This one opened twice These two seem as smooth as silk, flush againt my eyes This one needed stiches and This one came from rings This one isn't even there, but I feel it more because you don't care Yeah, Cut right into me Yeah, Cause I am Made Of Scars Yes I am made of scars This one had it comming This one found a vein This one was an accident, but never gave me pain This one was my fathers and This one you can't see This one had me scared to death, But I guess I should be glad I'm not dead!! Yeah, Cut right into me Yeah, I am made of scars Yes, I am made of scars God, Don't you believe it And I will find a way Everything you are I will betray Oooh, I swear that I will find a way Everything you are's inside me This one was the first one This one had a vice This one here I like to rub on dark and stormy nights This one was the last one, I don't remember how But I remember blood and rain And I never saw it coming agai
If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world... ~Emmet Fox~ Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. Bible ~I Corinthians 13:4-8~ "Perfect love is rare indeed - for to be a lover will require that you continually have the subtlety of the very wise, the flexibility of the child, the sensitivity of the artist, the understanding of the philosopher, the acceptance of the saint, the tolerance of the scholar and the fortitude of the certain." ~Leo Buscaglia~ "Love is friendship set to music." ~E. Joseph Crossmann~ "Of all the earthly music, that which reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly lovin
Panda, Politics, Etc :]
First and foremost, a cute picture. Kimya Dawson's cute little boy Panda is 11months old now :) (Kimya Dawson is an amazing, hilarious, wonderful anti-folk singer that you should probably check out someday). I don't usually think babies are cute, at all! But look at this face: SO ADORABLE! Kimya Dawson :) clicky click Second, I decided today that I am going to start following the presidential candidates closely from now on. It seems like everyone is getting an early start, and I definatly want to be informed. John Edwards is looking pretty good right now. I've also heard good things about Ron Paul- BUT he is part of the Republican party. From what I know, he leans closer to Libertarian (I am really starting to like them), and he opposed the war. Uhm. Yeah. Heres a link to his page (it's a direct link to the section about War & Foreign Policy- but you can obviously look elsewhere) if you are interested in learning more about him. Blah blah blah. I'm keeping this brief. R
A poison in shadows, A light that is craved, A knife that will slice me, I wanna be saved. I give you my all, Your slave in due time. May you feel the veins, Against your mouth, Crease the skin, And take me. I will return. You are my wine, a blood, I will drink you forever.
i hate my camera. first it goes and messes up. the lense won't pop out right? so yeah and so i never delete anything off the camera.. (its actually JAke's camera but w/e) so anyway i tried to delete some of the pics off the camera by puting it on the base but it wont even turn on now. so there i am, sitting there, pissed. grrrr!!! i need my cammeerraaaa!!!!
Whenever I am lonely, I'll tell you what I do, I close my eyes and pretend, That I am touching you. I grip my hands so tightly, That my nails are drawing blood, I wonder in my mind, If I hold you tight enough. I smile when I'm feeling, The red roll down my arm, I lick it all away, This will never do me harm. I sit down and curl myself, Tightly as I can, I think about your smile, And I can breathe again. Take my wrist and suck it, The pleasure is all mine, The feeling of your lips, The hurting is divine.
Leaving The Tap.. Temp
I won't be around for awhile starting tomorrow night.. I am heading down to NC to visit my sons father before he deploys we will be traveling to a couple of states including back to Michigan for a short stay but I will be really busy and not active on here. I am not sure when I'll be back .. He checks back in on the 8th of July but I plan on staying down there for a few days to enjoy the ocean, help him with getting ready to leave and letting him spend optimal time with his son since he hasn't seen him since April.. Leave me some love and I hope to come back to lots of comments, ratings and fans.. Ct love to you all!! -Nikki
Fake Ass People
Fake ass people Pullin fake ass shit With fake ass minds On MY damn time NOT cool!!!! If you can’t be real I’m a let you know the deal If what comes out your mouth ain't true I don't want shit to do with you Lyin asshole!!!! How can you stare at me in my face and smile And talk behind my back all the while You may think I'm dumb by the things I do But you can’t be straight up so what does that make you Figure it out!!!! Usually I wouldn't give a damn But the lyin and deceit hit me like WAM Hey it’s ok and I'm doing well But I hope you ride a slow fiery buss straight to hell Kiss my ass!!!!
Shadows In Light
You can look into my eyes, But you won't see the truth About the person who haunts them. It's like a silicone color, One that lacks faith. A spark that is briliant, Like the hanging in my face. The shadows that dance, Within the shine of a light, Exist only at times When I'm alone and it feels right. The tears that are beginning, You'll never see fall, Because crying is harder, Than just losing it all.
Cuties Kids Contest
My grandson Austin is in a contest, so if you could please stop by and help alittle, we sure would love ya for it. Thanks :)
Tony's Blog
Tittie Test
United States Redneck Special Forces (usrsf)
The Pentagon announced TODAY the formation of a new 500-man elite fighting unit called the United States Redneck Special Forces (USRSF) These Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsyltucky, Mississippi, Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas boys will be dropped off into Iraq and have been given only the following facts about terrorists: 1. The season opened today 2. There is no limit 3. They taste just like chicken 4. They don't like beer, pickups, country music or Jesus 5. They are directly responsible for the death of Dale Earnhardt The Pentagon expects the problem in Iraq and Afghanistan to be over by Friday.....
Getting Me Level Up, Please
Thanks a bunch guys...we've come a long way. Just a little over 6,300 now to level up, so I could sure use your help! I have more pictures to add, as usual...and they won't let me do that till I reach that next level. So come on...give me a hand...PLLLLLLLLLEASE! Lev@ CherryTAP
Thing were going well, I put everything to rest and was over it all. I mean I was stil watchin my back, but I was over all the anger I felt. to use a well hated line "I am OVER IT " Things were going well for the past couple of weeks. But bam in 1 day someone had to ruin it, I am not sure who it was, but I actaully and honestly feel bad for the girl, Someone is playing a dirty game and not only tryin to hurt her , but dragging me and others down too. The drama is way to much and the bs is crazy. Ive never wanted anyone to get hurt I always just wanted all the crap to end and we could all just move on. I am a pretty forgiving person for the most part, I used my blogs to vent cause I felt as I was running into a brick wall, they were never meant to hurt anyone , Just one person typin thier feelings down at the time. I honestly hope eveything works out for the best for that girl and I did cover her butt as much as I could with the truth. I made sure it was known that some of the s
Tim Mcgraw -- Toronto Delivery?
Tim McGrawTim McGraw was absolutely stuffed after a dinner at Vaticano near Toronto ... and he proved it to photogs outside his hotel. Tim and wife Faith Hill dined with country crony Reba McEntire for three hours -- and the father of three was feeling pretty darn perky afterward -- unveiling his belly for passersby and paparazzi. Make it four? Just to see you smile.
Eye Post
EYE CANDY You’ve been a good boy, let me give you a treat. Something you crave, mmmm, yes…something sweet. Or would you like cherried kisses~biting and tart? Your eyes alight! Kisses are a fine start! Behold your next treat as I give you a wink. Two lovely truffles, creamy white, tipped in pink. Apply your tongue, and perhaps a wee nibble. Oh yes, just like that! You’re making me giggle. Sweet tooth not sated? Craving not abated? Then continue to explore Your private candy store. A languorous drink from a sweet honeyed brook The nectar flows freely, you have but to look… It gives me great pleasure to watch as you feast On the treats that I offer. You are one hungry beast! Your ravenous hunger brings mine to a peak. And you know you possess my favorite treat. I lick my lips and begin at the top And gladly partake of your fine lollipop. Licking and lapping, it’s my turn to nibble. Forgive my manners if I start to dribble. Your candy cane is oh so enticing. But y
Wardrobe Malfunction - Caution: Boobs!!!
Wardrobe Malfunction - Caution: Boobs!!! |Funny Jokes at JibJab
I Love My Kittys Reasons to support Big Cat Rescue: We make your donation count. It costs $500,000.00 per year to keep our sanctuary alive. Here you can actually see the difference your money makes. People are always amazed at the progress they see when they are away for even a few months. We use your donations to provide a better life for the cats and to combat the causes of animal abuse. We are saving wild cats in the wild. We are involved in an advisory capacity in several countries’ efforts to save their native cats in the wild. These projects include saving Snow Leopards in the Himalayas, Ocelots, Tigrina, Geoffroy Cats, and Jaguarundi and Pampas Cats in Mexico, Brazil and Central America, Puma and Jaguar in Costs Rica, the Bay Cat in the Philippines, Pallas Cats in Mongolia, the Clouded Leopard and Leopard Cats in S.E. Asia, the Black Footed Cats in Africa and the Sand Cats in the middle east. We rescue animals from
Quiche Please
Quiche Please Gore and Bush were in a restaurant ordering brunch. The waitress asks Gore what he would like to order. After looking at the menu, Al says, "I would like Eggs Benedict." The waitress says, "Fine, and what will you have Governor Bush?" Perusing the menu, George says, "Well, I think I'd like to have a quickie." Taken aback, the waitress responds, "Why Sir, that's awful, you're no better than that asshole Clinton." Then Gore leans over and whispers into Bush's ear, "George, that's pronounced 'quiche.'"
"sage Morgan" Poem# 10
Into the face of salty winds braids whip across her sight. Full sails at sun's dying hour Sage sails toward the night. Off a tempest's violent rage seas crash into her hull. above the voice of sanity's judge the laughing of a gull. Hastes' to feel storms fury cuts surf but not alone. Nemesis a mile behind Sage Morgan chasing skull and bone. Neptune unleash his wrath upon her swells fall upon the deck. Sage soaked body battered and shaken flees the rope around her neck. Salt in spray burns the eyes Mast screaming in the wind. Grasp the wheel currage of heart stands strong against the end. Skies clear, winds grow silent peace kiss the face of deep. Not a drift of wood float past with poseidon the enemy sleeps. ...inspired by Sage Morgan...for Sage Morgan...
Where I Am At In My Life....
I have FINALLY accepted that the "wife" does not love me and has moved on. At first that crushed not be loved by a woman I put above all things in my life. Then here recently I had an awakening...a vision....or I just pulled my head out of my ass and looked around at what I was doing to myself and my family (which is made up of my true friends). And what I saw when my eyes adjusted to the blinding light was....I'll be ok. Am I a little scared being single at 33, hell yes. But, it's kinda nice to look at the lessons I have learned from the last 10 years and fix the mistakes that I allowed myself to make with others. to embrace the urge to break shit and fuck on the floor for no other reason then "I WANT TO!!!!" I miss her...but then again I miss all the people whom death has taken from me too. I really do feel like I'm gonna be ok...(laughs to self) wants to break shit and fuck on the floor....what, you don't want to break anything?
This Bites, And Not In A Good Way...
so the power, which was out when I got home tonight, popped back on for just long enough to tempt me into turning everything back on, setting the couple of clocks that need batteries (noted for replacement tomorrow) and getting back on CT for a bit, and then promptly popped off again... I'm using my DC to AC inverter powered by my truck to keep the network up long enough to vent. Editor's Note: Hey, I have a Ford F150 UPS... who knew? So anyhow, I'm going to sleep, maybe when I wake up it will all be happiness and skittles... and maybe not... Tomorrow IS Friday, isn't it? Gods, I hope so... FUN!!! ps - can I get a rebate on a Thursday, please?
I Got My Studio Working Kinda
Ok so I finally got around to getting my studio working, it is not perfect but at least I can get some stuff down. As soon as I get something decent laid down I will upload it here so all of you can enjoy my music....or utterly hate it your choice!
Cherry Tap
thanks to all of my friends on cherry tap thank you
Rosario Rubs Up On It
It got hot and heavy on the dance floor for "Sin City" resident Rosario Dawson and Italian actress/director Asia Argento last week. Mamma Mia! The two hotties were caught bumpin' and grindin' on the dance floor at Diesel's Live Show party in Florence. Viva Italia!
What A Scare I Had!
Whew! Last Night was a scary night. The storm that came thru Minors Lane really had hit us hard. The wind came thru and knocked several trees over. Lightning hit this tree across the street from us and the transformer blew because the tree caught on fire of course. Well, it knocked out the power. Trees were everywhere. After 2 hours electricity came back on finally on our side. The other side was still out. Well, once it came back on my dad went to turn on his television that was in the living room. He heard a popping noise. Well, nothing that was on the entertainment center would turn on. My dad was beginning to get mad. So I thought I would take a look and see if it was the surge protector that was hooked up. Well, it wasn't that. I tried the outlet in the kitchen and it worked. I had my dads girlfriend unplug this freshener thing that was hooked up. Well, she went to unplug it and a big flame shot out from the wall several times. The flame flew up the wall and back down. It was quit
my nsfw pictures are now available to friends not just family. look forward to reading your comments and seeing thos rates!!!
This Is Good Got To Read It!!!!!!
> > > BROKEBACK BAR > > > > > > > > > A cowboy walks into a bar and two steps in, he realizes it's a gay bar. > > > > > > But what the heck, he says to himself, "I can really use a drink." > > > > > > When the gay waiter approaches, he says to the cowboy, "What's the name > >of > > > your weewee?" > > > > > > The cowboy says, "Look, I'm not into any of that, all I want is a > >drink." > > > > > > The gay waiter says, "I'm sorry but I can't serve you until you tell me > > > the name of your weewee. Mine for instance is called Nike, for the > >slogan > > > 'Just Do It,' and that guy down at the end of the bar calls his, > >Snickers, > > > because it really > > > 'Satisfies.'" > > > > > > The cowboy looks dumbfounded so the bartender tells him he will give him > >a > > > second to think it over. So the cowboy asks the man sitting to his left, > > > who > > > is sipping on a beer, "Hey bud, what's the name of yours?" > > > > > > The man looks back and says with
can i find the bouncers
Saddened Approval
Saddened Approval Why must I be someone I’m not Just to see you smile Why must I live my life wondering Was I ever worth your while Every tear I now shed Has been imbedded for so long Every note I now sing carries sadness in its song When will approval wrap around me greeting me with warm hands Will it dry the droplets on my face Please help me understand What makes the birds sing all day While love moves through the air How does sadness over power me like love is never there I will try my hardest to see What I am doing wrong While I pray for your approval As I long to just belong
If You Care About Our Country Please Take A Few Minutes To Read This
Talking about bad luck,, first I stepped on a piece of glass an it went in very deep then I burnt myself.... What a night lemme tell ya!!!
just wanted to let everyone know that i do have a myspace account!! ADD ME BIATCHES!!
Duck And Run
"Duck And Run" To this world I’m unimportant Just because I have nothing to give So you call this your free country Tell me why it cost so much to live Tell me why This world can turn me down But I won’t turn away, oh no I won’t turn around All my work and endless measures Never seem to get me very far Walk a mile just to move an inch Now even though I’m trying so damn hard I’m trying so hard This world can turn me down but I Won’t turn away And I won’t duck and run, cause I’m not built that way When everything is gone there is Nothing there to fear This world cannot bring me down No cause I’m already here, oh no! I am already here, Down on my knees I am already here, on no, I am Already here I must have told you a thousand times, I am not running away I won’t duck and run I won’t duck and run I won’t duck and run No pass away This world can turn me down but I Won’t turn away And I won’t duck and run, cause I’m not built that way When everything
My Dominant Emotion
Your dominant emotion is LOVE Your dominant emotion is Love. You tend to always find the best in people and give all people the benefit of the doubt. You love your friends and family and they are what drive you. Take this quiz at
Astros Craig Biggio Hits 3,000
Astros Craig Biggio collected his 3,000th career hit Thursday with his third single of the night. Got to give it up for a job well done....
Astros Craig Biggio Hits 3,000
Astros Craig Biggio collected his 3,000th career hit Thursday with his third single of the night. Got to give it up for a job well done....
Astros Craig Biggio Hits 3,000
Astros Craig Biggio collected his 3,000th career hit Thursday with his third single of the night. Got to give it up for a job well done....
Astros Craig Biggio Hits 3,000
Astros Craig Biggio collected his 3,000th career hit Thursday with his third single of the night. Got to give it up for a job well done....
When I'm Gone
There's another world inside of me That you may never see There're secrets in this life That I can't hide Somewhere in this darkness There's a light that I can't find Maybe it's too far away... Or maybe I'm just blind... Or maybe I'm just blind... [Chorus] So hold me when I'm here Right me when I'm wrong Hold me when I'm scared And love me when I'm gone Everything I am And everything in me Wants to be the one You wanted me to be I'll never let you down Even if I could I'd give up everything If only for your good So hold me when I'm here Right me when I'm wrong You can hold me when I'm scared You won't always be there So love me when I'm gone Love me when I'm gone... When your education X-Ray Cannot see under my skin I won't tell you a damn thing That I could not tell my friends Roaming through this darkness I'm alive but I'm alone Part of me is fighting this But part of me is gone [Chorus] Or maybe I'm just blind... [Chorus] Love m
Astros Craig Biggio Hits 3,000
Astros Craig Biggio collected his 3,000th career hit Thursday with his third single of the night. Got to give it up for a job well done....
Are You People That Pathetic
that you have too show cleveage an pretty much beg for rates no wonder most of you are single
Are You People That Pathetic
that you have too show cleveage an pretty much beg for rates no wonder most of you are single
Astros Craig Biggio Hits 3,000
Astros Craig Biggio collected his 3,000th career hit Thursday with his third single of the night. Got to give it up for a job well done....
Are You People That Pathetic
that you have too show cleveage an pretty much beg for rates no wonder most of you are single
imjuz8up: u want see my cock i repeat for thoughs who have little respect i know that i put pictures of me up nude but i do it for you guys if you all cant have some respect for me as a person then i will delete the pictures,i relise that you get aroused by them but if you cant hold yourself togeather when talking to me then dont come on my profile or talk to me i can take flirting and i can handle the comments on my pictures
imjuz8up: u want see my cock i repeat for thoughs who have little respect i know that i put pictures of me up nude but i do it for you guys if you all cant have some respect for me as a person then i will delete the pictures,i relise that you get aroused by them but if you cant hold yourself togeather when talking to me then dont come on my profile or talk to me i can take flirting and i can handle the comments on my pictures
->Wrathchild: no sorry imjuz8up: u want see my cock i repeat for thoughs who have little respect i know that i put pictures of me up nude but i do it for you guys if you all cant have some respect for me as a person then i will delete the pictures,i relise that you get aroused by them but if you cant hold yourself togeather when talking to me then dont come on my profile or talk to me i can take flirting and i can handle the comments on my pictures
->Wrathchild: no sorry imjuz8up: u want see my cock i repeat for thoughs who have little respect i know that i put pictures of me up nude but i do it for you guys if you all cant have some respect for me as a person then i will delete the pictures,i relise that you get aroused by them but if you cant hold yourself togeather when talking to me then dont come on my profile or talk to me i can take flirting and i can handle the comments on my pictures
Predators And Prey
Ok, are you a predator, or are you the prey? I'm a predator I guess, when did it get to a point in our lives where every guy on the internet is looking for c2c chat sex and girlfriends? It is now to the point where if any male add's a female on myspace for example it is an automatic denial without a message. What is strange I think is, what do you say to a strange female? Hey baby nice pic, wow your hot or sexy. No matter what you do or type you still come across looking like a stalker or pervert. Although, I expierince the same thing. Everytime I have a male send me a message or IM, I go on the defense. You know what do you do? I allways figure It is some dude trying to pick me up or something predatorial from the homosexual point of view. Funny thing is I'm not homophobic either. So I would guess it is the same thing that most all females go through... Now the males aren't exactly all to blame. It depends on how cute or hot the guy is and all women married or not,
So I've Just Finished
So I've just finished Mostly Harmless the fifth book in the Hitchhikers Trilogy. And I'm not sure how I feel about it. I've read it before and am pretty sure I was on the same page about it then as I am now. I don't know if its a happy ending you see. Because while it is not technically what I would call happy. Its kinda what would inevitably have happened. So I don't know if I should be happy or sad about it and I'm left to wonder if thats exactly the emotion Douglas Adams was aiming for. This sort of puzzled unsureness that seemed to define the entire life of him main character. I dunno. . .I suppose i'll have to puzzle it out.
Checking In
Hey everyone just wanted to say hi and let everyone know that things are going so well in my life right now! I have never been as happy as I am right now, I am working at my favorite job ever, I am with the man who I love and adore more than anyone else, plus things with the ex are through as they can be and that just makes it feel like I have a huge weight off my shoulders you have no idea! Right now we are just trying to work on things so that every sees and knows that we are for real and that they know I am not just going to bail out on Ben! It will be a long road I am sure to show everyone this but you know what he is worth every effort! Well I will stop rambling to everyone and let you enjoy your evenings! Ciao Bella
Sail Away
Hi All Just to let you know I uploaded a new song to my profile, it was recorded at at Charity Gig I did last summer. Enjoy!
Heart Warming
Here's a truly heartwarming story about the bond formed between a little 5-year-old girl and some construction workers that will make you believe that we all can make a difference when we give a child the gift of our time A young family moved into a house, next to a vacant lot. One day, a construction crew turned up to start building a house on the empty lot. The young family's 5-year-old daughter naturally took an interest in all the activity going on next door and spent much of each day observing the workers. Eventually the construction crew, all of them "gems-in-the-rough", more or less, adopted her as a kind of project mascot. They chatted with her, let her sit with them while they had coffee and lunch breaks, and gave her little jobs to do here and there to make her feel important. At the end of the first week, they even presented her with a pay envelope containing ten dollars. The little girl took this home to her mother who suggested that sh
Estimated Graduation Date
is the day after my birthday!!! so u know ima party!!!
Why does life have to be so challenging? I miss being a kid I guess....When did everything become, We don't have enough money for this or that or you shouldn't do this or that.. Don't you remember being a kid and swearing, "when I grow up nobody will tell me what to do, I'm gonna party all night and sleep all day, do what I want when I want"? Man what happened? Where did it all change at, I guess? Why can't I play? I used to skateboard, now I'm pushing 30 y/o and if I do that now people look at me like I did something wrong with my life... I mean I'm moderatly successfull It's not like I'm some loser who can't get a real job I still support my house. Any how I guess what got me on this rant all together is...Today I was in north Atlanta and some other truckdriver I work with was there and was passing judgement on the way I was dressed(by the way he would look me up and down, with unaproval) and the music that was left playing in my truck with door open (static-x "hate team") at
What Will Your Soul Mate Will Be Like?
src="" alt="" /> you like that they provide the security and luxury while all you have to do is enjoy it. because spoiling you is what make them happy. they love to show you off and to make you happy. they work hard play hard and fall in love hard. they would walk to the end of the earth for you. tresure this love! Take this quiz at
Democrats Focus On Supreme Court Ruling
Democrats focus on Supreme Court ruling By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer 1 minute ago WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidates stood united Thursday night against the Supreme Court and its historic ruling rolling back a half-century of school desegregation laws. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said the conservative court "turned the clock back" on history. Sen. Barack Obama, the only black candidate in the eight-person field, spoke of civil rights leaders who fought for Brown v. Board of Education and other precedents curbed by the high court. "If it were not for them," he said, "I would not be standing here." The 90-minute debate was the third gathering of the Democratic hopefuls in a presidential campaign that has gotten off to an unusually early start. While the first two debates focused on their narrow differences on Iraq, moderator Tavis Smiley promised to steer the candidates to other issues that matter to black America, including health care, edu
Democrats Focus On Supreme Court Ruling
Democrats focus on Supreme Court ruling By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer 1 minute ago WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidates stood united Thursday night against the Supreme Court and its historic ruling rolling back a half-century of school desegregation laws. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said the conservative court "turned the clock back" on history. Sen. Barack Obama, the only black candidate in the eight-person field, spoke of civil rights leaders who fought for Brown v. Board of Education and other precedents curbed by the high court. "If it were not for them," he said, "I would not be standing here." The 90-minute debate was the third gathering of the Democratic hopefuls in a presidential campaign that has gotten off to an unusually early start. While the first two debates focused on their narrow differences on Iraq, moderator Tavis Smiley promised to steer the candidates to other issues that matter to black America, including health care, edu
My Sexual Nick Name
NANCY's sexual nickname: "Love muffins" Take this quiz at HOLD DOWN LEFT MOUSE BUTTON AND HILITE IT AND YOU CAN SEE IT!
How Will I Be Defined In The Sexual Dictionary?
NANCY -- [adjective]:Smelling like unscented lube all of the time 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
What About Our Everyday Heroes Who Give Their Lives?
What Sexual Activity Will I Go To Jail For?
NANCY will go to jail for ... Making sweet love to a religious symbol 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
A drifter, she's travelled for LOVE.... Been away from loved ones, and ran for years. She's give anything to find it here... LOVE! From New York to Florida, from shore to shore.... To the depths of the ocean, she'll never know for sure. So many tries, and so many failures to find this thing called love. Searching for the wrong thing for so long, she never found. Travelling, oceans, and all of the ground. To yet find love....the key to true happiness. Written by Anonymous
Eighty Stupid Questions
EIGHTY STUPID FUCKIN QUESTIONS Whats your middle name? ALLEN LYNN How big is your bed? I CRASH WHEREVER What are you listening to right now? JOHN HARTFORD What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number? 7640 What was the last thing you ate? PIZZA *FROZEN HAHA Last person you hugged? MY MOMMY last nite when i drunk as i ever got in entire night blacked out flipped out and broke my aunts window said i was kill myself and got really fuckin crazy How is the weather right now? i haven't been out for a minute.... its nice its spring Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? moma What is the first thing u notice in the opposite sex? ta ta's Favorite type of Food. food sucks it cost money Do you want children? whenever i get drunk fucked up and i fuck some chick is probably when i'll have kids Do you drink? haha Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night? yes and thats when the bad shit happens.... dirty nick Hair color? dark
I Can't Take This....
someone please shoot me...or at least hire me! :P
man, just sitting here soaking up the awesomeness..haha..this site fricken rox ass.luv it luv it...happy i was invited to the tap. feels like im partying..haha..luv it..well just wanted ta say hi to ya'll. until then...CHEERS..big ears *L*. ;D
I Don't Fit In!
I was recently reading a WIKIPEDIA article about one of my favorite bands. Curious about merely who the singer was or how many there was (dynamic vocals). Who the band is, is irrelevent. I say this for a reason... As I was reading on down, I noticed a section that "LABELED" the group such as genre ( black metal, heavy metal, hard rock, techno)... So I sit there shaking my head.. Thinking "man WTF"? So why can't people be a little more eclectic about music, my self for example and my wife also... We both like black metal, heavy metal, hair metal/rock some popular and rap....*takes breath*, hell reggae. My wife may be listening to MIMMS right now and I may be listening to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, and we could switch and be just as happy as the next... Everything in life seems to fall into a catagory by the infamaus "them" or "they, who ever they are" I just wish people could wear there hair one way and listen to music another way, or dress one way and talk another way. Do yo
Another great loss to my life, and family. Last night I lost another one of my babies...Noah. I had him for 12 years, and he was a wonderful friend. I will miss him very much and this has been a difficult time for me. Was only a short month or so ago I lost my other dog Pike. They will both be very much missed from my life and home.
Where To Start????
I have so many questions running thru my stupid head and I wonder if I should ask them or shut my stupid mouth? I guess I am hurt and confuzzed! I want to cry but fight damn much has happened since I came back from my power in my house and now the junk my ex husband left has got to be cleaned up and I HAVE NO DAMN TRUCK....but am I worried? A little but I know God is working. So why the questions????? Someone close to me is making me very confuzzed. Yes I will talk to them for I know they don't read my blogs often....Life sucks doesn't but love is GRAND!
Myspace Phishing Problem
MySpace Again Under Phishing Attack Malware installed by fake MySpace navigation bars has infected several thousand PCs, according to the SANS Institute. The complete story can be found here:,133573/article.html We hope you will find this story interesting and informative. PC World, an IDG publication, has been providing independent, unbiased, reviews, news, and information about technology since 1983.
My Day
Well to start off my mother has been going through radiation and chemo since January, she had her last treatment 3 weeks ago. Shes been very sick from the chemo. Today I took her to her family doctor who discovered she was dehydrated, so we went to the ER for fluids and the ER doctor discovered she has a bowel obstruction and admits her to the hospital.
At Wal-mart Yesterday
I went to Wal-Mart to get a few things.. I went up one isle and this group of teen agers was there, a couple of them started laughing. I ignored them , I don't even pretend to care about what teen agers find funny. One of them , a boy said loudly how my tan was all streaked and fading. I turned to look and the 2 girls and other boy he was with were giggling, so I said "That's pretty big talk coming from a male wearing a vagina pink shirt.". He started blushing and he cronies started laughing at him... I don't care what anyone says, pink is for girls. I also saw a woman who had 3 kids and they all looked like the kids from "Village of the Damned." They all had straight white-blonde hair , all marched the same way and all had this eerie stare on their faces.
Dont bother saying it if you cant keep it... What annoying how people throwing words only to forget about it and make people ponder in the dark...
Anger, Hate, Love, Fear, And Pain
I use to write all the time on MySpace when it first came around, but those days have come and passed. My stories where those of humor and true but funny things I've noticed about the world. Many many people would comment me on how hard they would laugh about my writings, and they could never get enough. Have you asked yourself why I'm telling you all this yet? What does all this have to do with my blog title "How fucked up is this world..."? Well here is the answer: I don't write about those things anymore probably due to growing a bit older and noticing my surroundings (my world) closer than what I use to see them as. Specially after joining the military which most def took the candy coding off of many of the things I use to enjoy, but we will come back to this a bit later. Basically what I am saying is how many times have you or someone you know have been at the top of their game, or raised above all the bullshit in their lives to become happy for that short period of time j
Check her out and leave her some love!! Tell her Gimptastic sent ya!!
Ratings...does It Make Us Who We Really Are?
"WELL YOU DOWN RATE ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS TIFFY" I made the mistake of downrating someone I, till this day, am no longer a fan of, even if this person blocked me. puter problems was the culprit and now im blocked, plus her friend found out and im a huge fan of hers, and she blocked me, all because or a "down rating" I realized this a long ass time ago, as far back as high school. popularity was the case, everyone wanted it, everyone strived for it, everyone wanted to be popular in iether thier own group, or in high school altogether. I tried to like them all and do what they did, be as popular as they were, and i know im stealing this from the army, but it applies so much more..."be all i could be"..but it didnt iether had to be better or else your just a pesky was the attention...i got fed up with it..i hung around the "not so popular" ppl and i learned soo much more, had soo much more fun and memories... what im trying to get that when it come
Crowded Elevators And Anxiety Attacks Suck.
Well, i finally slept last night. Consciousness was just as bad this morning as it was last night however. I go to my Dr's appointment and am still having the anxiety attack from last night. Then because it was lunch time, all the elevators were crowded, i waited for like 6 different ones and I ended up having to walk down 7 flights of stairs while crying and freaking out(in front of 6 elevators full of people), because ill be damned if i can get into a packed elevator when I'm already having anxiety problems. After a nap among other things i at least feel a little better, altho my head still feels like it might explode.
As Of June 24, 2007
Study Traces Cat’s Ancestry to Middle East Sign In to E-Mail or Save This Print Reprints Share By NICHOLAS WADE Published: June 29, 2007 Some 10,000 years ago, somewhere in the Near East, an audacious wildcat crept into one of the crude villages of early human settlers, the first to domesticate wheat and barley. There she felt safe from her many predators in the region, such as hyenas and larger cats. Related Web Link The Near Eastern Origin of Cat Domestication (Science) The rodents that infested the settlers’ homes and granaries were sufficient prey. Seeing that she was earning her keep, the settlers tolerated her, and their children greeted her kittens with delight. At least five females of the wildcat subspecies known as Felis silvestris lybica accomplished this delicate transition from forest to village. And from these five matriarchs all the world’s 600 million house cats are descended. A scientific basis for this scenario has been established by Carlo
Episode 71: Attack Of The Killer Coding Ninja Monkeys
So where does this trip end, really? Where does the struggle stop? When is that last final triumph upon which I rest and look out at my view of this great land, eternity and beyond and say, "I've done it and here's a middle finger to all my detractors?" Is it every day when I go to sleep? Is it when I finally do kick it, ages into the New World Order, telling my grandchildren what it was like back when we were free. Will it be when I'm old and barely able to function when I say, "Goddamn kids don't know what being free is like. We rose up and resisted and told them this will not be some glorified prison colony. We sent them from whence they came and stood firm. Now all that's left is you...YOU have to preserve that!" Looking back on the last entry, I often wonder if what I experienced was merely some raucous firing of neurons during electrochemical stimulation of that rather grievous mass of tissue floating around in the nether of my skull. Why does it seem more real when I dream th
Porno - Irvine Welsh- Ch11- Ugly
you know ladies we all at one point in time have gone thru this the way read the book...all his work is eye opening href="" target="_blank"> /" target="_blank">
Ct Search
This site needs a more advanced search then just "who's on TAP", gender, pic/no pic, and distance from zip code!
Settling In At Home...salem, Oregon.
Today is a cool, rainy day. I'm spending it with my girl and things couldn't be more blissful or more peaceful in my life. From the moment we locked eyes with each other I knew that it was real love. Kally and I acted a little like we would over CherryTap and soon, we were acting like a couple of High School kids. This is only the beginning folks! This love story is nowhere near over. I believe that there is a storybook ending right around the corner. Just wait and see!
Come And Join Seductivly Twisted
Come join me in §eÐu©TïVe£¥ Twï§TeÐ chat with some cool people and listen to some good tunes Cclick the link below to join the lounge enjoy guys n girls
A Music Video Makes Me Sick...
I can't watch this without getting sick... O.o something about the way girl chews makes me get all nauseas
The Final Version
Looking upon the moon, the darkness eases the self doubt away and the Shadow can be the person not many see. Some only see what they want to see, for once she wishes that they see what she cannot express. Some are too busy to even notice for she always listen to them no matter what but when it comes to her some are around and try their best to help while others...are not truly listening. She hears the howl of a wolf. She smiles as the wolf comes to where she sits on the bank of the river. Nothing has to be said. As the wolf sits beside her, he stares at her with those amber eyes, understanding the secrets she holds in her soul. That gentle creature places his head in her lap and she strokes his head, soaking in the strength and love he gives to her. He sleeps as she gazes into the silver moon for her peace for the time being. Peace, a word that only is sought for a moment. For the Shadow, the peace is only temporary. As she looks at the moon, settles against the tree and closes h
The Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Marvel's first family of super heroes is back along with a possible friend...or foe. The movie basically picks up where the last one left off; Dr. Doom (Julian McMahon) is back to seek revenge against the Fantastic Four. Meanwhile, it seems a new nemesis reveals himself as the Fantastic Four must unravel the mystery of the Silver Surfer or else the entire planet will be destroyed. Unfortunately, this also causes a damp in Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic (Iaon Grufford) engagement plans to Sue Storm/Invisible Woman (Jessica Alba) as they struggle adapting to their new celebrity super hero lives together. And oh yeah, Johnny Storm/Human Torch has a new ability to exchange powers with anyone whom he touches after his first encounter with the Silver Surfer. I'll admit after seeing the trailers for this film like any other comic geek or ex-geek in my case, I was psyched about seeing this movie. The thought of seeing an epic battle with the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer against Galactus a
A Prayer For Struggling Financially
I found this prayer this morning in my yahoo mail and I think it shows just how God works.. the author is a lady named Julie. Her email is Isn't it amazing how God works. Someoen out there must realy need ot know God is watching out for them Prayer I Julie wrote for all who are struggling financially. Pray with us Hello everyone please pray with us that God's wonderful promises come to pass in our life. Now I also want to add any one and everyone in our same boat to this prayer. I never want to forget the people that have been through, tragedies, loss of loved ones, or lost of jobs, sickness, tornados, fires, floods, storms and lightning strikes, other accidents, and disasters. This is prayer also for any of those that are struggling right now. Struggling because any of the things listed above may have come against them. Right now we break the curses of the past over us, any generational curses we break in Jesus name. Fa
The Daily Rant-nascar Buzz
Okay, did I miss something here? Since when is driving your fucking car about a million miles an hour and remember to know how to make sharp turns at high speeds and to know when to stop for fucking gas became a sport. Oh yeah, thats right, its when the crappy Nascar, Indy 500 and all them other fucking race car races started getting fucking buzz. I mean when did just driving a fucking car become a damn sport?!? Did I miss something? I mean we're talking about a lame as shit sport that a fucking retard could master. I mean what the fuck. Then there's this fucking girl in the Indy racing that all the male drivers say that she has an unfair advantage because she's so light because she's a woman. First of all, unless your riding a fucking animal like a damn horse or something, or you weighed pretty close to 500 hundred pounds, then how the fuck can a person's weight be a unfair advantage. Besides, that would be a good arguement if...oh yea, if she won a race at least or dominated
Inspector Gadget 2
There's a lot things I could say about this film, but I'll try to remain brief by least they make it closer to how the cartoon was. This sequel is basically about our bumbling high tech detective, Inspector Gadget (French Stewart), on another case to prevent Claw from stealing a priceless diamond. Of course, this time around his niece Penny solves this case while Gadget fraternizes with G2 (Elaine Hendrix), and makes a total fool out of himself in the process. The special effects for this movie stink as well as the plot as it lacks any kind of originality or effort. However, I will give this movie one thing, unlike it's prequel, at least they stick closer to the cartoon this time. They casted actors that actually act like the characters such as French Stewart, Penny still solves his cases for him, and Claw finally never shows his face. Unfortunately, this also makes it very campy as well. As they make it obliviously obvious that Penny solves Gadget's cases and everyon
Written Once For A Friend.
i've fallen in love with a butterfly... his happiness, his beauty, all of him would be destroyed if i clutched him in my hand and held on... but if i just let go, he has the chance to fly away, to be someone elses butterfly, to perch on someone elses hand, to kiss someone else's cheeks with the flutter of his wings....
Inspector Gadget
Go, go, go gadget movie! For those who are familiar with the popular cartoon show. Whenever Inspector Gadget (Mathew Broderick) did say something like that to activate his gadgets, they would always blunder for him. Which is hence why the opening statement fits. Based off the popular cartoon, "Inspector Gadget", it loosely tells the story of the bumbling Inspector and his nemesis Claw (Rupert Everett) in a high tail family film which you would expect from Disney. With that aside though, it turns out to be everything you expect it to be which is full of cheesiness and wholesome family crap that it almost makes you sick. The characters are not only boring but they lack any kind of personality, and they don't have the same personalities to match the characters they play. Mathew Broderick had no business playing Gadget because he's too intelligent to be considered a buffoon, and Rupert is too feminine as apposed to sinister in this movie. Where as the cartoon, Claw was a mean mother ****er
Ladies Only
Ladies, I would like to ask a question if I may. What do you look for in a man,meaning each person is different therefore each woman has there own idea of what they want or expect. I understand if you rather not share this information with me or enter it here for all too see,but it would be appreciated if you could give me some insight & it would also help me to know you. So how about Ladies can you give me insight to you?
A true underdog story in every sense of the word. "Rocky" is story about a Philadelphia boxer, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) struggling through everyday life. Forced to make ends meet working for the mafia, on the side, Rocky Balboa is basically a hasbin boxer that society has forgotten. However, do to a series of events, Rocky is given an opportunity of a lifetime as the current heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), gives Rocky a shot at the title. Rocky can be defined as a fight movie, but it's more of a film about life, love, and never getting the opportunity to succeed. However, it's also a film about what we do with the opportunity when it comes around. Although, the story plays itself like a modern "cinderella story", what really brings a sense of realism to this story are its' characters. Even though the story does play like a fairy tale, you can't help but relate to its' characters; their struggles and ambitions. Stallone proved to be quite the mastermind behi
Spider-man 3
"My spider-senses are tingling!" Not really, but I did have a lot of doubts about this movie, before I saw it. When I first heard there was going to three villains in this film and a new love interest, Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard), I was a tad skeptical. Thinking on how the heck would they be able to pull it off, and having the daunting task of introducing all those villains and their origins, in one movie; add a new love interest for Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire). However, this was Sam Raimi, and he did direct the past two movies that turned out great, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Don't get me wrong, "Spider-Man 3" is still a pretty good film for any Spidey fan to enjoy featuring mind blowing special effects and solid acting performances. Plus, Raimi does partially save what could've been otherwise a mediocre film. However, if this film is guilty of one thing, it's that they try to put too much into it, that probably never should've been there. Although
The house has been sold !!! No foreclosure here thank God. BUT with that news, when the final papers are all signed in 2 weeks we will have just one week to be out of here. So within 3 weeks we will be moving. At that time I will be MIA here for a few days to a week depending on how soon our internet can get hooked up at the new place. NO we dont have a place to move into yet. We are still looking at places and making phone calls.
don't want this city these ruins this accelerated time I don't carry within me another dream that's not the city I draw over this city these ruins this condemned time. I don't want this sky these weapons this condemned time I don't carry within me another idea that's not the sky I multiply over this sky these weapons this fragmented time. I don't want this garden these stones this fragmented time I don't carry within me another lesson that's not the garden I invent inside this garden these stones this imagined time. Imagine the stones the lesson and the city the cats and the ruins the sky made of blue and the dream of planets reconciled with the balance of my poem. Imagine your poem drawn over the surface of my skin.
Toy Story 2
Who ever said a sequel couldn't be better than its' original movie? In Pixar's newest animated film, "Toy Story 2", Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and Woody (Tom Hanks) are up on another wild ride. For those who didn't see the first film, the "Toy Story 2" is basically about a bunch of toys that come to life whenever no one is around, and it is from then on Woody and Buzz compete for Andy's affection, the boy owner, while creating one of the funniest buddy movies of all time. When Andy is forced to put up some old toys for sale, Woody is accidentally misplaced with all of Andy's old toys. To make matter worse, Woody finds himself kidnapped by a toy collector, where he soon learns the origin of his creation. This of course leads to a dynamic rescue from Buzz and the gang, to save Woody all while tickling our funny bones along the way. "Toy Story 2" is a real treat for the entire family to enjoy. Featuring great special effects that rival any of today's modern CGI movies. What really m
Home Alone
The way kid films should be. Indeed, before there were film's like "Agent Cody Banks" and "Spy Kids", kids' movies used to be so cool unlike the campy stuff we're so used to today. I mean who cares about the sappy emotional stuff or the whole boy meets girl theme of today's children movies when a good old electric shock or having a guy's head smash with an iron is so much fun to watch. I still laugh my butt off everytime I watch Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci get beat up by Maculay, in this movie. This film is just a laugh out loud riot. The movie is about a typical suburban family, the McCallisters, getting ready to fly off to Paris, for their Christmas Vacation. However, Kevin (Maculay Culkin) feels a bit left out, being the youngest of the family, having to endure being ignored by his parents, uncles and aunts; picked on by his cousins and siblings. As luck would have it, the family accidentally leaves Kevin home alone amidst their rush to get to the airport on time. Forced to fend for
Full Figured
A full figured woman who is full of love a woman who tries to fit in and tries to show emotion but can never do none of the above. A full figured woman who is full of peace but no man wants to touch her as if she's some type of disease. A full figured woman who puts her self down who smiles in the crowd who hurts her sense of worth when no one's around. A full figured woman yes, that's me I am all the woman I need to be from the curl of my lips to the curves in my hips. Yes, I am a full figured woman who is tired of being judged but I will never be ashamed for having more than one pudge! Jennifer Foreman
Come Check Out What's Happening
Hey peeps. Just got a station that I know a Dj in my lounge. You all should come check it out. The Djs are rocking and no one is there to injoy. I'm also open to any suggestions for my lounge to make it look as good as it sounds. :D Here's the link. WHY YOU STILL READING COME AND CHECK IT OUT. GET YOUR FRIENDS TO COME TOO. Luv too all Trista
I Get Scared
I get scared sometimes when men move quick to touch my body before my heart or soul. I know, I know, that’s just the way it is… but sometimes I feel small like a child in a dark closet hoping the boogie man won’t find me. What can I say? I get scared.
Dr. Suess' How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Oh how I adored Dr. Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Remembering many fond memories of reading the book, then watching it come alive on the the TV screen. Every Christmas while growing up, I would always watch the holiday special, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." It became like a holiday tradition for me every year. Which is why it's hard for me to review this film. Don't get me wrong, I still love the original story and still watch the cartoon every christmas. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same praisal for this movie, at all. The movie is based off the classic childrens' book by Dr. Suess. In which, in a fictional town called, Whoville, a mean Grinch terrorizes its' inhabitants every Christmas. Totally against the commercialism ideals of Christmas but in the end learns what the true meaning of Christmas really is. Indeed, Ron Howard does stay true to the original story, but he adds some extra back story to the Grinch and some of its' other characters to fill in the extra ti
Yet Another Rant!!!
Being A Pet
Kneeling beside you, following the leash with my eyes... I tremble with each tug. Your gently firm hand poses me, pushes me to where I wish to go. My only fear is your disappointment - all my joy earned as I serve and please you. We dance to your tune. You lead - I follow. I beg for your touch, to taste. You feast upon my cries, teasing and tempting. I love to be a pet. 10 Nov 2005
Picture Stealers
These are one of the worse!!! I hate picture stealers. On top of Haters these people steal pictures and post them on here, then people think they are you...NO THEY ARNT!!!! I just found one today...its a picture of Sarah on another profile...I really think its stupid cause that person got caught!!! If YOU know its not a picture of you then WHY did you take it from another person....Are you not good enough to put your own face on the Internet??? Get real if you want "Fake" picutes atleast get a Damn MODEL!!!! Any Questions???
Let Him Rest
When I was in the 6th grade, a friend of mine was killed. Her mother flipped out for no apparent reason. She shot her husband once in the head and twice in the chest. She then went into the separate bedrooms of each of her four children, held a pillow over them, and shot them too in the head. She slept in that house for two days. In the same bed where her dead husband laid. Walked the floors of the same house where her children lay dead in their beds. TWO DAYS. On the morning of the third day , she stepped onto her front porch, sat down with her back against the front door, and finally ate a bullet herself. That was on an Easter Sunday. Jolene was a good girl. In a town where I was one of the only white kids, she was one of the only people nice to me. I didn’t know her very well. We didn’t hang out at school or after. But I CRIED every day and every night for two weeks strait. I couldn’t understand why this happened to such a sweet person. I just couldn’t understand why a mother
The Santa Clause
"Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus..right down Santa Claus' lane." Sorry, I just finished listening that song all day, at work, so now I can't get it out of my head. Why do all the crappy songs get stuck in my head? Oh well, it seems rather fitting anyway as I start to review my first holiday film of this year. To be perfectly honest, I knew I wasn't going to like this movie, and..."boy oh boy" was I ever right. Don't get me wrong, it's not as terrible as I thought it would be, but it's not one of the best holiday films out there. The story is basically about a neglectful would be dad, Scott Calvin a.k.a. Santa Claus (Tim Allen), whom ends up taking custody of his kid for the holidays. As one can tell, the kid spends most of the time complaining about how unconventional and unchristmas-esque their time together is. From spending time at a diner and eating stuff like steak and other non-traditional holiday food, it turns out Scott's time with his son couldn't get any worse.
The Daily Rant-just A Random Thought
I have no earthly idea what to rant about this time. however, I just felt like blogging for the hell of it. Anyone see those bears play? boy do they suck ass. lol. just kidding they're doing pretty damn good. How about them local freakin sports team? alright, so I have nothing to say folks. How about this, you want to know what grinds my that I just decided to give up for now on the dating world, now all of a sudden all these hot girls are e-mailing at my dating sites now and hitting on me in real life, where as when I was trying to get with someone they always turned me down or they just never approached me. I didn't change my profile or anything, so what gives? Oh well, it's like the old saying goes, "never look a gift horse in the mouth." Or least so I'm told. Anyway, I got nothing else to say. Except,...go Bulls.
June 27, 2007 What A Great Night
For the past few months I have been talking to this friend of mine Rhonda we have never talked on the phone but have talked about calling each other but we have never gotten around to it because she was moving and I am always been busy. Well yesterday when I got up I had a message from Rhonda saying that she was going to call me when she got home from work. So last night at 9:28pm Rhonda called me we where on the phone till 11:07pm we talked about everything how we are going to met each other next year all that stuff. It was really nice to be able to talk to her. She is truly a sweetheart. So stop by and show this sweetheart some real love. CT wife of Scott@ CherryTAP Also Rhonda CT husband Scott is a awesome friend to have stop by and show him some love to. scott CT Husband of Rhonda@ CherryTAP
The Daily Rant-assumptions About My Character That I Find Ammusing
This isn't really a rant, but more of an oberservation of sorts. Lately, as I ponder over the reflections of my life. I can't help but notice how many idiots make needless assumptions about me, yet they're the ones I supposedly know the most about me. For example, everyone thinks that I hate Kobe Bryant because I'm a Bulls fan, and because of all the Michael Jordan comparisons. When in fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Kobe's nor do I like what he did to Shaq, when he was under that rape investigation. All I've ever said is that I don't see how people can compare him to Michael Jordan. I mean when Jordan played against guys like Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Hakeem Olajuwon, Larry Bird, and Shaquille O'Neal there was no debate on who the best player was. Whereas Kobe, there is. That's all I said, yet people seem to label that as me being a Kobe hater. I'm not a fan of his either, but I'm just ind
If Ya Wanna Be Friends ?
I spend most of my time on myspace where they are real friends, the naughty pics do bring me here,LOL but not too many of you talk.. so check me out if ya want? I keep my profile updated there. Tom
Faster Than Myspace...ct Has Sucked Me In!
That's all I really wanted to say for now. Really, I've only been on here 3 days (I'm still cursing you for this btw Dave), and already I check CT first over myspace. :) It was time for a change goal is to see how many myspacers I can get to make the switch too! xoxo
Nix: The Beggining
It was a night like no other. When I arose, the clouds were as dark as a abyss as it rained down upon me hard. I soon look around to observe my surrounding, yet there doesn't seem to be a creature in sight. Realizing a strange feeling of isolation, after my long slumber, I try to find out where I am. After traveling miles upon miles, I quickly notice some strange creatures walking about. Their skin was pale and fragile unlike my own, and they're holding some kind of metal rod in their hands. It almost seemed like they were predators in search of prey. I didn't want to cause any commotion, seeing as I had no idea where I was or even who these creatures were. Hell, I don't even know who I am? Such thoughts began to wonder, throughout my brain. As I looked upon my reflection through a nearby puddle, I was deformed. Hidiously grotesque, to say the least. Gazing upon my razor sharp claws, I started to wonder what was I? An animal of some kind? With no recollection of who or
Dumbness To A New Level Woman Calls 911 To Request Babysitter Apparently she thought the TV show "Nanny 911" was a commercial for a service that offers babysitters through 911. Friday, May 11, 2007 AUDIO A woman near Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin will not be charged after calling 911 for a babysitter. Apparently the mother of triplets thought the TV show "Nanny 911" was a commercial for a service that offers babysitters through 911. She is heard sighing, saying "I need a babysitter." She also said she needed some company. When the operator explained 911 isn't a help line service, she hung up the phone. The cops did send an officer to her house and found she was frazzled, but OK. She apparently made an honest mistake and will not face criminal charges. Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls called the phone call "an example of some of the influence television has on some of the things we deal with." H
To Lost. This Is Old Blog From Myspace, So You'll Have To Remember That When Reading This. I Wrote This Thing Back When To Lost His First Game W
Indeed TO proves once again that there is truly no "I" in team, but there is one in idiot or should I say two, which is perfect because all TO cares about is himself. After whining and bitching all last year about how little money he was making, he finally got his ass handed to him, at least for this week. By the way, how much money was the jackass making last year? Let me think. Oh yeah, he made about six million a year, and claimed he wasn't one of the top five paid receivers last year. Although, ESPN claimed that he was third behind Moss and Marvin Harrison. Now Moss I can understand because like TO, he's a huge whining sissy of a bitch. In fact, if I had to choose between the two evils, I would have to go with TO because at least TO isn't a demanding bitch that wants to the leader of every team he goes on and expects the offense to revolve around the wide receiver position. Um...I'm not a huge football guru here, but how the fuck can you revolve an offense around one rec
So I'm 1000 points from leveling up so if any of you could help I would appreciate it and will do the same for you when the time comes thank you.
Blockbuster closing 282 US stores By MATT CURRY BW Exclusives Welcome to Planet Apple The Fed's Fiercest Foe Building Woes for Beazer One Case Against Wal-Mart J.D. Power: Cars with APEAL Story Tools order a reprint digg this save to DALLAS Blockbuster Inc. plans to close 282 stores in the U.S. this year to improve operating margins and expand domestic share, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing Thursday. Blockbuster's effort to accelerate closures of underperforming and marginal U.S. stores comes as the company is spending heavily to beef up its online-rental business to compete with rival online DVD rental service Netflix Inc. The company did not identify which stores would be closing. "Traffic is just not what it used to be when Blockbuster was the big rooster in the hen house," said Andy Cross, senior analyst with The Motley Fool. In 2006, Blockbuster closed 290 U.S. stores and transferred a quarter of the revenue f
Important Announcement.. Saw This In A Bulletin And Just Had To Keep It Thought It Was Way To Funny!!!!
The following is an important announcement... Police warn all clubbers, partygoers, and unsuspecting bar regulars to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from any woman. Many females to target unsuspecting men use a new date rape drug on the market called beer. The drug is generally found in liquid form and is now available almost anywhere. It comes in bottles, cans, from taps and in large "kegs." "Female sexual predators at parties and bars to persuade their male victims to go home and have sex with them use Beer. Typically, a woman needs only to persuade a guy to consume a few units of "beer" and then simply ask him home for no strings attached sex. Men are rendered helpless against this approach. After several "beers" men will often succumb to desires to perform sexual acts on horrific looking women to whom they would never normally be attracted. After drinking "beer," men often awaken with only hazy memories of exactly what happened to them the night before,
Dark Knight
Values of honor drives the dark knight to patrol evil. The heavy thud of his boots shakes the tall trees as a warning . Knights anger roars into the night. Calling to Evil one. Coward show your true self now. You can’t run forever. The leaves on the trees trembled as his words rumbled like a tornado. Hostile threats rocketing through the air igniting rage. Tonight the battle ends Onlookers fighting back the bile rising from the pungent smell of hate. Bones cracking and blood spurting the two exchange powerful blows Evil attempts to fight dirty but Knight is on a mission Evil will be paying for his sins. His sword plunges deep Evils vile blood pours to the ground. Knight looks too heaven He cries in a mournful howl I did not ask for this burden Everyone grows quiet a young child approaches knight. Beckons him to his knees Like the gentle breeze of April Thank you she whispers in his ear. The great knight weakened by the sweetness of
Sour Apple Martini
Help Me Win A 3-day Blast!!!
Ok everybody. I need your help! I need you to copy and paste this link and comment the hell out of this pic. You can comment as many times as you want. Each comment counts as one vote! And while you are here, click the "share This" link. You get points for it!!! Much love to all you Tappers that vote for me!!!
I Hope Its Worth A Laugh Or Two For You
Colonoscopies are no joke, but these comments during the exam were quite humorous..... A physician claimed that the following are actual comments made by his patients (predominately male) while he was performing their colonoscopies: 1. 'Take it easy, Doc. You're boldly going where no man has gone before! 2. 'Find Amelia Earhart yet?' 3. 'Can you hear me NOW?' 4. 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?' 5. 'You know, in Arkansas, we're now legally married.' 6. 'Any sign of the trapped miners, Chief?' 7. 'You put your left hand in, you take your left hand out...' 8. 'Hey! Now I know how a Muppet feels!' 9. 'If your hand doesn't fit, you must quit! 10. 'Hey Doc, let me know if you find my dignity.' 11. 'You used to be an executive at Enron, didn't you?' 12. 'God, now I know why I am not gay.' And the best one of all.. 13. 'Could you write a note for my wife saying that my head is not up there?'
June 28th 2007
Hi, Im New To This Thyngie... And I Dont Really Know How This Thyng Works.... But Yeah... Cya's...
Her guardian spirit weeps for all they can do is stay near. Tonight he is vile; her guardian is shedding the tears she can’t. No longer has the will to fight: letting him shame her to submission. Her guardian looks up at the gods and says how much more of this. Silently the guardian folds thier arms around the abused, Singing sweet songs to soothe her battered soul. The guardian looks into the eyes and sees the emptiness there. At one time this was a happy vibrant one who laughed at the stars. Once she had the laugh that embraced life’s song, Danced with the breeze –but now that is gone. Her guardian keeps their watch but her pleas fall short. But at night when her tears fall and her sobs can be heard, she is wrapped in the strong loving arms and comforted and never truly alone.
Dave Gahan ~ Dirty Sticky Floors
Waiting for the last time For my friend to change my mind Waiting for the last drop Seems like a long long time Maybe I should go back home I'll sit and wait right by the phone Praying over the porcelain throne On my dirty sticky floor Ask me what I want Easy that's just more How long will I wait for you Twice as long as I did before Standing in the freezing snow Maybe you left I just don't know I'll soon be lying on my own On some dirty sticky floor I hope no one can see me The tin man says I'm doing fine That lion ain't gonna get me See that gun right there it's mine I've painted a face where I burnt the floor Now the face has become my devil's door Laying in the back room On my dirty sticky floor On my dirty sticky
I dont usually rant but I am soo sick and tired of the GD haters on this site. My first question is Why do we have haters? I mean comeon GET A LIFE!!! DO hates ever learn that we HATE for you a fukkin reason!!!! WE come on sites like this to have fun and meet new people...NOT HAVE HATERS that bag shiit on us and go on and on I mean GET A LIFE!!! People dont like hates at all...which its even worse when they start DRAMA!! BLAH! I have been sick of this site for quite sometime and the ONLY reason I am still on is cause of my friends. Real friends keep me on here. Another question. What is the point of Haters?? I mean you know why dont like ya...maybe you would get the hint to stop but do you...NO!!! I know soo many people that have haters...I mean WTF did they do to make you hate them. For example...guess what I found...ANOTHER Fat Sonny Hater. POINTLESS!! They rated me a "1" During happy hour...WTF haha you get more points with a 1 then a 10 during happy hour but what was even
Lyrics That Touched Me...
In der Palaestra As through the pipes the waters fell down to the bottom of the well, in listless apathy I gazed at the cold waters, as he bathed. I have beheld that scenery and it's most sensual masculinity. Yet, disappointment, oh, can't you see, is still the cause and the cardinal symptom of my sick, sad reality. Silver equals chill, but that suits me just fine. I'm shyly sipping water, while he drinks whole jugs of wine. He likes all kinds of women, and I, I only hate men. He marvels at all things new to him, and I only wait for all things in this sick world to end. The water pouring down his spine, caressed his strong physique, oh, so well-defined, calm like a rock he stands, oh, behold his beautiful body and soul. A friendly God must have built this man to an all well-balanced whole. What sad bewilderment this brought, physical clearness, alas, still so much abhorred. An ancient ghost awoke and fiercely arose in me, it was that old
AppleAde 2 parts DeKuyper® Pucker® Sour Apple Schnapps Fill with Lemonade 1 part VOX® Vodka Mixing Instructions: Pour Sour Apple Schnapps and Vox Vodka over ice. Serving Instructions: Fill with lemonade in a tall glass.
Darkend Sufering
a man warrior at heart, soul a little blackened, love left as the light faded, big heart shrinks, evil ways of a woman thinking of her own desirers, yet thoughtlessnes of true evil, call me shallow, call me ugly if you may, but the heart should always be the one thing one should never play with, the pain and suffering one enduars thought life, a pined child hood can bare makes on the soul to deep for time to heal, trust may never come, true love may never be found, yet the best friend is your own missery, the only true friend one would every know, hate welling deep with in ones soul, waiting for the day it shall come forth and lash out with the very hate it was born form, the evil seen each day in ones life is sometimes to unbareable, warriors fight to keep peace but lose in the end darkness strangthens in nubers as the light falls and dwindals to nothing, smuthered by the coldness of the dark.
Appletini 1 part DeKuyper® Pucker® Sour Apple Schnapps 1 part VOX® Vodka
Cran-Apple 2 parts Cranberry Juice 1 part DeKuyper® Pucker® Sour Apple Schnapps 1/2 part VOX® Vodka Serving Instructions: Serve as a shot or a drink.
Nudist Colony
Have you ever been doing something and have a song or something remind you of someone or sometime in your life…well as I was driving home today this song reminded me of a friend I thought I had lost…hope you enjoy it she’s a great singer!! Faith Hill - Breathe And for a a little humor today I leave you with this.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nudist Colony A man joined a very exclusive nudist colony. On his first day he took off his clothes and started to wander around the area. A gorgeous petite blonde walked by, and the man immediately got an erection. The woman noticed his erection, came over to him and asked, did you call for me?" The man replied, "No, what do you mean?" She said, "You must be new here. Let me explain. It's a rule here that if you get an erection, it implies you called for me." Smiling, she lead him to the side of the swimming pool, laid down on a towel eagerly pulle
"This current phase of a situation is waning, but that's actually a good thing. Your instinct might be to hold onto the familiar, but you should let go graciously. You'll find that this new phase goes more smoothly." That was my horoscope today and where I am currently, it does seem to make a lil sense. Things are gonna start looking up for me here in the next few weeks plus 2 months from now I start my 2nd full semester back in college which I am enjoying fully and completely! Even though I think things could be better, I know that things could be a HELL of a lot worse for me so I shouldn't sulk or complain about anything, even if I am bored out of my mind right now as I write this!
Gnr Lyrics
But who am I to tell you that I've seen any reason Why you should stay Maybe we'd be better off without you anyway I got a one way ticket on your last chance ride Got a one way ticket to your suicide Got a one way ticket and there's no way out alive And all this crass communication that has left you in the cold Isn't much for consolation when you feel so weak and old But if home is where the heart is Then there's stories to be told No, you dont need a doctor No one else can heal your soul Got your mind in submission Got your life on the line But nobody pulled the trigger They just stepped aside They'll be down by the water While you watch 'em wavin' goodbye They'll be callin in the morning They'll be hanging on the phone They'll be waitin for an answer But you know nobody's home And when the bells stop ringing It was nobody's fault but your own There were always ample warning There were always subtle signs And you would have seen them coming But we ga
I have been so tired this week, I do not remember being this tired in ages, not since the kids were babies I would guess. I have even fallen asleep in the afternoon a few times. I am a little worried about this turn of events. I keep telling myself it is just exhaustion from the last year of stress. It was last June that my husband had the heart bypass surgery, then in Novemeber he had the other, got septic shock, had another emergency surgery, was in a coma for a month, and then in Intensive Care until the New Year, he came home for a few weeks, and went back in again. Came home for 12 days and went in again. And through all this, I just kept on going. Now I think it has caught me. I suppose if it continues I will have to go and see the doctor myself. I give myself a week I think.
Patience Silently waiting in the night and day for you to make a mistake Waiting for the day when revenge is so sweet The patience to stand in the rain and wind is mine It consumes me until the end Sunlight beats on my brow and sweat runs down my face Still patiently I wait until the day when I can act instead of pace The day arrives I am so happy and filled with fear Will I be able to go through with my plan today What will become of me when if it goes array The moment arrives and I make my move Success at last – victory is mine today The patience paid off and the trouble begins Life is fun when one lives life to the fullest Bargaining from day to day with one’s gods Being patient waiting for that perfect moment to strike Calculating and planning to the crucial second when you let it go Hoping and praying your patience pays off Timing and planning all come together to create the perfect plan Created by SF * In a writing mood this past two days :)
My Lover
Your eyes look into mine To the depth of my soul As your arms pull me close Into your safe hold You kiss my hair lightly And whisper to me The words that I crave That you?ll never leave Your hand strokes my face And I melt into you I can sense the excitement Growing in you You hold me so tight Your lips possess mine Our tongues find each other The dance is divine Our hands explore eagerly Each others desire Stroking, caressing, igniting A passionate fire I surround your love Our bodies unite On the wings of passion My heart takes flight The waves of pleasure Wash over me You lift me higher You set me free Your love explodes Into my deep So beautiful I have to weep Whispered endearments Kisses galore Pledging that there Will always be more
Pain Was the pain so bad you couldn’t talk to me about it What happened to you that caused you to take your life in such a way Was it love for something you could not obtain Success seemed wonderful for you Such a sweet and caring life you had I would gladly trade my life for yours to prevent the pain But knowing this you still made that final decision – so inane You will be remembered by one who still cares for you Deep in that darkest part of the heart that holds on to those that have lost Remembering each smile, glance and look Your death caused me pain today whether intended or not But forgiveness and love is all I have for you not trials nor tribulations this day Neither sorrow or sadness crosses my mind The only thought is the pain for you is gone away You were my friend and family and I love you now and forever Created by SF
Suffering Why should one suffer just because family wants to you be here even though you are not Your mind is no longer part of you – it is making that transition between life and death For someone to chain you to life is cruel – would you do that to your dog? Then why do it to your friend or a family member Just because you are not ready to say goodbye doesn’t mean you should hold tight Sometimes life is all about sucking it up and making decisions you aren’t happy with But in the end it is the best for the person in pain It’s not about what you want but what they want Respect their wishes and love them while they are here Remember them when they are gone Remember you chose to end their suffering rather than make it linger Or bind them to your side with greed Don’t make someone suffer or soon it will be you on the other end Put away your childish fears and accept life and death in one breath Love with a passion that is never ending to those around you Live your life
Thursday 06/28/2007
A thought for the day from: Peter Britt "I wake to a sound which vexes me. This morn she pervades the light. Ever-present in this passion, is she whose voice captures me within. I fall to her word. Her whispers pierce deeply, and my passions effused, no return to reality. I savor a moment only to lose it. Time passes and she loves no one. A truth comes alive and strangles me. I ask, and it comes. Passion my master, I am consumed." © 2001 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
Online Love= My New Poem Written 06-28-07
Online Love As I see you staring at me through the screen of my comp. I wonder what your thinking. Is it my soul you want. Or the touch of my hand running through your hair. Embracing your touch on my cheek as we start to kiss. As water dripps down my face on the thought of never be able to hold you. I twist my head back to hide my pain. You turn me around to look you in the eyes to assure our Hearts will never fade. You gently lay me down on the bed. And start to caress my shoulder with the tip of your lips. We move into eachother as the motion of the bed starts to move. The glow of our skin starts to glisten as it reflects the way we are feeling from the penatration of our bodies shivering in exstacy. As we start to fade away I look up at the screen to realize it was all but images of how we want the first time to be. Will there always be this screen in between or will the touch be real between us?
New Pics
hey everyon i have finally posted new pics so come rate and comment my photos please ill be posting more later tonight
I'm sick of everyone and all the desensitized, demoralized, and over rated dramatics that follow close behind. When you meet just about anyone these days they have very personal, but also very publisized issues. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not refering to everyone out there, just the majority. These are the people that are your best friends while within ear shot. As soon as you turn your head, they are making up stories about you that rival those are Dean Koontz and Ridley Scott. You maggots need to plug those fucking ipod headphones back into your echoing cavern you call a head and close your mouth. Everytime you speak you are just ostrasizing yourself and sending the rest of us into an egsostential mental meltdown. Stop talking for 30 seconds and listen to the rest of the world, we may just have something of value to say.
The Arguing Never Stops
so as i sit here, feeling worse and worse about myself, i'm consistantly told to shut the fuck up, told that i need to back off, and grow up. Does this sound like Boyfriends 101? Didn't think so. Don't know what I should do...where i should go, who to turn to. I have no one anymore. So if someone's willing to give me their shoulder to cry on, it'd be nice. I was told when I cry that's my own emotion and proablem. Don't bring it to him. xoxo the one & only me
She's Hot!!
sexiest_lezbian@ CherryTAP
It's All About Me, Deal With It! :)
1. real name: Lisa 2. nickname: Talldirtyblonde 3. single or taken: Taken...twice 4. zodiac sign: Leo 5. male or female:FEMALE 6. elementary: Fulton Elementary 7. middle: Cardington-Lincoln 8. high: Cardington-Lincoln 9. eye color: Hazel 10. hair color: BROWN..yes, not blonde lol 11. long or short: Middle of my back 12. are you health freak: Nope 13. height: 5'10 1/2" 14. do you have a crush on someone: VERY MUCH SO 15. do you like yourself: Quite well 16. piercings you have: 6 17. tattoos: 0 18. righty or lefty: RIGHTY FIRSTS: 19. first surgery: TONSILECTOMY 20. first piercing: EARLOBES 21. first award: Attendance 22. first sport: Catch the flag 23. first pet: Dog 24. first vacation: Florida 25. first concert: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts 26. first crush: Scott 27. eating: think I was 2 when I ate my first solid food 28. drinking: I like to drink Jim Beam and Jager shots with Longhair43302 & Wicked Lil Girl 29. i'm about to: Light up
One Sexy Momma
sexyblondegoddess (sign my guest book Please)@ CherryTAP
Guilt Trips
I was raised in a home where guilt was used as a method of control. Then one day i had an epiphany. Let me explain. Guilt is an emotion. Just like Love is an emotion. Now it is common knowledge that you can't make someone feel love. They either love you or they don't. No more, no less. Now, if Love and Guilt are both emotions, and you can't make somoene feel Love, wouldn't it stand to reason that you can't make someone feel guilt? Yeah I know there are going to be someone of you that say "It isn't that they make you feel it, they convince you that of it." But that logic still doesn't hold up. No one can convince me that I love someone. I either do or I don't. So why can't Guilt work the same way? Just because someone says you are guilty, that doesn't mean you actually are. Step back and use your conscience. That's why you have it. If you can scincerly look at the situation in which you are being accused and say that you haven't done anything wrong, th
One Sexy Momma
sexyblondegoddess (sign my guest book Please)@ CherryTAP
One Sexy Momma
sexyblondegoddess (sign my guest book Please)@ CherryTAP
Oh Hell Yeah
I'm saving up to leave VA come sometime this august,no doubt alittle after my brother's wedding but yes,I am GOING in any way possible to Oklahoma to be with my jive king and I know I would get a great reference from my current employer so it's all good mmhmm. Sincerely, The Queen
Abortion & Religion
Abortion & Religion I was somewhat surprised to read that in Russia one in five of women, of child bearing age, have an abortion every year. It appears that this is considered an acceptable form of birth control. I find this difficult to comprehend. How on earth can abortion have become something so routine and almost akin to a visit to the dentist? I have observed something completely different within my own circle of friends and acquaintances. I have only seen abortion to be very traumatic and something that stretches the emotions to the limit. My friend, Y, had an abortion in February. I won't go into details other than to say she still comes round to me in tears. I do my best to comfort her but I realize that nothing I do, or say, really helps. I can just be there for her. She has unfortunately to somehow live with, and accept, her decision. I hope this doesn't sound hard or that I disapprove of what she has done because that isn't the case - but her mind has to heal as we
Bourbon Chicken, The Real Story.
Ahhhh, Bourbon Chicken. Sold everywhere in malls around the country EXCEPT in southeast Louisiana. I've had it. It's not bad, better than the usual mall food court fare. But there's one it ain't. It ain't Cajun, Creole, or any such animal. If someone told you that it was 'authentic Cajun cuisine' they were bald faced lying. If you like it, all well and good. I don't mind it myself. Just don't let someone tell you it's something it ain't.
Sick N Tired
I'm literally sick n tired of this freakin cold i have... I lost my voice for the past two days.. got it back... called out monday from work.. i now have a headache and the muscles in my stomach hurt from coughing so much ... I literally have to hold my stomach when i cough ... and i feel like my lungs are gonna collapse...oh well.. im tryin.. at least i have my voice back.. lol. Anyways, work is frustrating me... and i'm just having a difficult time... but i will be ok.. lol! I'll get through it!
Just Some Thoughts
have you ever feel like your alone in the world ? well thats how i feel right now the thing with my sons dad is not getting any better and i just wish we could get alone i dont see why we cant me and his wife do yeah i know thats crazy not like friends but we are able to talk about things like who gets sean when and not fight or call names like grown ups i know that its not all of allens falt i did have a hand in the way things are today between my and aqllen up come on let SHIT GO we have to beable to talk to raise sean

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