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Evanescence - October
I can't run anymore, I fall before you, Here I am, I have nothing left, Though I've tried to forget, You're all that I am, Take me home, I'm through fighting it, Broken, Lifeless, I give up, You're my only strength, Without you, I can't go on, Anymore, Ever again. My only hope, (All the times I've tried) My only peace, (To walk away from you) My only joy, My only strength, (I fall into your abounding grace) My only power, My only life, (And love is where I am) My only love. I can't run anymore, I give myself to you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, In all my bitterness, I ignored, All that's real and true, All I need is you, When night falls on me, I'll not close my eyes, I'm too alive, And you're too strong, I can't lie anymore, I fall down before you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. My only hope, (All the times I've tried) My only peace, (To walk away from you) My only joy, My only strength, (I fall into your abounding grace) My only power, My only
Papa Roach - Take Me
Take me and let me in Don't break me and shut me out So take me and let me in Don't break me and shut me out I lit my pain on fire and I watched it all burn down and now I'm dancing in the ashes and there's no one else around Because I wanna be a part of something This is just a story of a broken soul As days go by, my heart grows cold I can't seem to let this all pass me by So take me and let me in Don't break me and shut me out So take me and let me in Don't break me and shut me out I'm burning in the heavens and I'm drowning in the hell My soul is in a coma and none of my friends can tell That I'm reaching out and getting nothing This is just a story of a broken soul As days go by, my heart grows cold I can't seem to let this all pass me by So take me and let me in Don't break me and shut me out So take me and let me in Don't break me and shut me out Don't shut me out Does anyone around me feel the same Just put your fist up and vent you
Incubus - Pardon Me
Pardon me while I burst..... A decade ago, I never thought I would be At twenty three, on the verge of spontaneous combustion. Woe-is-me. But I guess that it comes with the territory; an ominous landscape of never ending calamity I need you to hear, I need you to see, that I have had all I can take and exploding seems like a definite possibility to me. So pardon me while I burst into flames. I've had enough of the world, and its people's mindless games. So pardon me while I burn and rise above the flame. Pardon me, pardon me...Don't ever be the same. Not two days ago, I was having a look in a book and I saw a picture of a guy fried up above his knees I said, "I can relate," cause lately I've been thinking of combustication as a welcomed vacation from the burdens of the planet earth. Like gravity, hypocrisy, and the perils of being in 3-D... but thinking so much differently. So pardon me while I burst into flames. I've had enough of the world and its peoples
Rehab - It Don't Matter
Sitting in traffic another day of feeling nothing Trying to find something I guess it's back to huffing Paint and model glue oh how I die when I look At you smiling loving life and all I know is blue Rainy days and cold stares broken love affairs Everything's beautiful as long as I ain't there I guess I wasn't meant to crack a smile who cares I think I'll go to sleep for a while now I'm barely living in my skin depression's my only friend And I don't know where I am heading trying to forget where I've been And I'm so sick of lying God please show me that silver lining Cause I've heard tale and I'm not well my heads full of hell and This world's a jail but And it don't matter and I don't care I let my pain into the air Cause everything good's over there And everything here's hard to bear And it don't matter and I don't care I let my pain into the air Cause everything good's over there And everything here's hard to bear And as the pain begins to displace had it
If Only I Knew..
If Only I Knew.. It is you I think of My fingertips touching your lips Moving slowly to your cheeks And lightly over closed eyes A breath sucked in And slowly exhaled Is my touch painful? My fingers keep moving I can feel your breath on my face As you move closer My heart beats faster Faster Anticipation Waiting for your lips to touch mine Waiting I wet my lips I’m waiting Your lips touch mine gently Too gently Hearts beat faster Echoing I lean forward Strong hands on my back Bring me closer Not close enough Mouths open wider Hands move to my neck and up To cup my head Fingers snake through my hair You hold on tighter Your grasp pulls me forward My hair is loose now Twisted through your fingers Thigh touches thigh Your hard chest is strained against me Hands slowly fall away I open my eyes Looking into yours I see myself I hope you’re thinking what I am I wish I knew If only I knew
Only In Louisiana
Boomkat - The Wreckoning
I came I saw I kicked some ass The pain I cause it makes me laugh 'Cause the way I do my thing is strange I just inject myself into your veins, yeah Can't run can't hide There's no way out The sun will rise and it's about Time for the wreckoning Time time for this girl to sing Damn if I thought that you would change And my life would stay the same When you don't even care about me You know, you don't give a damn Well things will come and things will go And one thing I know for sure is that You don't give a shit about me And so I'm walking out the door. (oh yeah) Can't move can't breathe it's gettin dark The beast has come to steal your heart So you better practice your scream Well you may not live your dreams Things will come and things will go And one thing I know for sure is that You don't give a shit about me And so I'm walking out the door. The wreckoning The wreckoning The wreckoning Oh, it's time The wreckoning The wreckoning The wreck
Puscifer - The Undertaker (renholder Mix)
Thank You for making me feel like I am guilty Making it easy to murder your sweet memory You were way out of line, went and turned it all around on me again How can I not smell your lie Through the smoke and arrogance. But now I know So you will not get away with it again I'm distant in those hollow eyes For I have reached my end. So... Thank You for making me feel like I am guilty Making it easy to murder your sweet memory Before I go tell me Were you ever who you claimed yourself to be Either way I must say goodbye. You're dead to me. So I... Thank You for making me feel like I am guilty Making it easy to murder your sweet memory I'm severing the heart line I'm leaving your corpse behind Not dead but soon to be, though. I won't be the one who killed you I'll just leave that up to you I'm not gonna be there to remind you I'm not gonna be there to remind you I'm not gonna be there to remind you I'm gonna be the one to say... I told you so
ok so as many of you know im kinda still with bubba yet kinda single...more so single in my eyes. yet im living with my baby's daddy...thats it just living with him. so your probably asking why im confused...well theres this guy that i work with, hes a major sweetheart and i am really starting to like him. hes going to college to be an elementary teacher so he likes kids...actually he loves kids so that wouldnt be a problem, he works full time, and is very outgoing. now the problem is im pretty sure hes a stonner and well i dont think he really even notices me. I dont know if i should just come out and start being a lil more outspoken around him, or if i should just continue to sit back and see where things will end up. theres a chance im going to a party kinda with him on saturday so im thinking bout maybe dropping some hints then but i really dont know. shit i dont even know if i want a relationship or not...
Flaw - My Letter
We started following a certain description. We started simple and fair once again Before there wasn't any need for an answer Things were much different then But now you question who I am. Who I am inside Now there's nothing left to hide. So here it goes This is my letter Hope you're alright. It's been rough for me thinking all night. About the places I'd be If I maybe, just did a little bit more you might've Let me, become a man for sure And if I might, express one concern it seems an issue. All day at every turn What's the next step, the latest hole in my life What's next for me to learn? Engulf myself into a permanent mystery. No one day just as the next. not for me It's so confusing when I look at my history. I just can't handle that yet. No But now you question who I am. Who I am inside Now there's nothing left to hide. So here it goes This is my letter Hope you're alright. It's been rough for me thinking all night. About the places I'd be If I m
Update On My Heart Transplant...
Hi y'all! An update on the progress of my heart transplant... Mom drove me to my appointment with the cardiologists at the transplant center in Dallas, today...we were chatty cathies all the way there! We had a good ole mommy/daughter time! In case I hadn't shared with CT Scan of July 8th came back BEAUTY-FULL and all my innerds look good (sorry took so long to update that)! As of July 12th it is officially OFFICIAL that I'm on the heart transplant list! YIPPEEE!!! I ~ I'm in "Zone 2"...there are four tiers to's how that works, and I'm explaining it in very people friendly words! LOL...: ZONE 1A = These are the most critical folks on the list...they are more than likely in ICU with heavy duty meds waiting for transplant. That also means, they cannot do much of anything, except wait! No walking...nuttin! ZONE 1B = These folks are next to critical...some are hospitalized also waiting, some are at home waiting. Also heavy
Stone Sour - Bother
Wish I was too dead to cry My self-affliction fades Stones to throw at my creator Masochists to which I cater You don't need to bother; I don't need to be I'll keep slipping farther But once I hold on, I won't let go 'til it bleeds Wish I was too dead to care If indeed I cared at all Never had a voice to protest So you fed me shit to digest I wish I had a reason; my flaws are open season For this, I gave up trying One good turn deserves my dying You don't need to bother; I don't need to be I'll keep slipping farther But once I hold on, I won't let go 'til it bleeds Wish I'd died instead of lived A zombie hides my face Shell forgotten with its memories Diaries left with cryptic entries And you don't need to bother; I don't need to be I'll keep slipping farther But once I hold on, I won't let go 'til it bleeds You don't need to bother; I don't need to be I'll keep slipping farther But once I hold on: I'll never live down my deceit
Blue October - Hate Me
I have to block out thoughts of you so I dont lose my head They crawl in like a cockroach leaving babies in my bed Dropping little reels of tape to remind me that Im alone Playing movies in my head that make a porno feel like home There's a burning in my pride, a nervous bleeding in my brain An ounce of peace is all I want for you. will you never call again? And will you never say that you love me just to put it in my face? And will you never try to reach me? it is I that wanted space Hate me today Hate me tomorrow Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you Hate me in ways Yeah ways hard to swallow Hate me so you can finally see what's good for you Im sober now for 3 whole months its one accomplishment that you helped me with The one thing that always tore us apart is the one thing I wont touch again In my sick way I want to thank you for holding my head up late at night While I was busy waging wars on myself, you were trying to stop the fight You never doub
3 Doors Down - Behind Those Eyes
You said "I got something to say" Then you got that look in your eye "There is something you've got to know" You said it as you started to cry "I've been down the wrong road tonight And I swear I'll never go there again" I've seen this face once before And I don't think I can do this again There's something I can't see There's something different in the way you smile Behind those eyes you lie And there's nothing I can say Cause I'm never gonna change your mind Behind those eyes you hide As you turned to walk away I saw another look in your eye And even though it hurt like it did I couldn't let this be your goodbye. You say that you're sorry And you say now that it hurts you the same Is there something here to believe Or is it just another part of the game? There's something I can't see Something living in the way you smile Behind those eyes you lie And there's nothing I can say Cause I'm never gonna change your mind Behind those eyes you hide Beh
I Will Show You What It's Like
Stone Sour - Through Glass
I'm looking at you through the glass Don't know how much time has passed Oh God it feels like forever But no one ever tells you that forever feels like home Sitting all alone inside your head How do you feel, that is the question But I forget, you don't expect an easy answer When something like a soul becomes initialized And folded up like paper dolls and little notes You can't expect to better folks And while you're outside looking in Describing what you see Remember what you're staring at is me 'Cause I'm looking at you through the glass Don't know how much time has passed All I know is that it feels like forever But no one ever tells you that forever feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head How much is real, so much to question An epidemic of the mannequins Contaminating everything When thought came from the heart It never did right from the start Just listen to the noises (No more sad voices) Before you tell yourself It's just a different s
Streetlight Manifesto...
a really kick ass band i love ..... every time im supposed to see streetlight... the gods somehow look down on me and say "no.. no streetlight manifesto for you. your stuck wasting away your day listening to them in mp3 format... " gurrr so yes.. countless times i have been privy to the knowledge that streetlight manifesto was going to be playing near me... and countless times i have been screwed out of going. there have even been times that my tix were paid for and sitting at the box office waiting for my arrival... but alas... somehow i was unable to make that journey.. so tonight ... they are playing at the parish in the house of blues here in the french quarter.. i had someone covering the last half of my shift so i could go see them ... finally... i thought.. i reprieve! the gods want me to see this show! my friend deidre came down to meet me and at about 7pm we were out front waiting in line for tix... had enough time cause streetlight was coming on at 8:45...
Chaos?? What Does It Mean...?
Chaos is in all of our lives... It always will be... You can either accept it, learn from it, and move on stronger than before.... Or fall to pieces as it eats away at every ounce of sanity. Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds. I choose to accept it. For those of you who believe this is such a horrible thing, I found a good meaning for you. ============================ Chaos derives from the Greek ???? and typically refers to unpredictability. In the metaphysical sense, it is the opposite of law and order: unrestrictive, both creative and destructive. The word ???? did not mean "disorder" in classical-period ancient Greece. It meant "the primal emptiness, space". It is derived from the Indo-European root ghn or ghen meaning "gape, be wide open": compare "chasm" (from Greek), and Anglo-Saxon ganian (= "yawn"), geanian, ginian (= "gape wide"); see also Old Norse Ginnunga Gap. Due to people misunderstanding early Christian uses
James Blunt - Goodbye, My Lover
Did I disappoint you or let you down? Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown? 'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun, Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won. So I took what's mine by eternal right. Took your soul out into the night. It may be over but it won't stop there, I am here for you if you'd only care. You touched my heart you touched my soul. You changed my life and all my goals. And love is blind and that I knew when, My heart was blinded by you. I've kissed your lips and held your head. Shared your dreams and shared your bed. I know you well, I know your smell. I've been addicted to you. Goodbye my lover. Goodbye my friend. You have been the one. You have been the one for me. I am a dreamer but when I wake, You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take. And as you move on, remember me, Remember us and all we used to be I've seen you cry, I've seen you smile. I've watched you sleeping for a while. I'd be the father of yo
Bedlight For Blue Eyes - Hindsight
Tiny indiscretion blown up to a tragedy I didn't need a lecture I wanted you To spend some time Choking on the sadness This car rides a funeral Victory's so dirty it festers in the back of my mind My mind...... My mind...... My mind...... My mind...... oooooo It's been three days Since you left me And I'm as cold as a stone It's been three days since you left And I am not whole Tying these dreams to my bedpost Tying this noose to my neck..... Wishing you'd some how come back Come back home again ooooooo Count the days Count the days Till I see your face again Now come back come back to you.... Count the days Count the days Till I see your face again Now come back come back to you.... Count the days Count the days Till I see your face again Now come back come back to you.... Tiny indiscretion blown up to a tragedy I didn't need a lecture I wanted you To spend some time
Stone Sour - Sillyworld
Freedom's just a word today Freedom's just a word When someone takes your word away It's seldom ever heard So take your sentence full of things you're not supposed to say and carry on but don't write it down or you'll be gone Love is just a song today Love is just a song When someone takes the song away You'll seldom sing along So take those lyrics serious and sing your life away and carry on but don't write 'em down or they'll be gone All we ever do is talk We like to ride but never walk We make it so damn easy We get bored Why can't anybody see What's good for you is good for me I can't take your sillyworld I can't take your sillyworld no more Peace is just two fingers now Peace was just a phase When someone put it on a shirt She really killed the days So take those fingers tape 'em up and shove 'em up your ass and carry on but don't try it now cause peace is gone All we ever do is talk We like to ride but never walk We make it so damn easy We get
Daughtry - It's Not Over
I was blown away What could I say? It all seemed to make sense. You've taken away everything And I can't deal with that. I try to see the good in life. But good things in life are hard to find. I'll blow it away, blow it away Can we make this something good? (Well I'll try to do to it right this time around) Let's start over, Try to do it right this time around It's not over Cause a part of me is dead and in the ground. This love is killing me But you're the only one It's not over. I've taken all I can take And I cannot wait We're wasting too much time Being strong and holding on Can't let it bring us down My life with you means everything So I won't give up that easily I'll blow it away, blow it away Can we make this something good? Cause it's all misunderstood (Well I'll try to do to it right this time around) Let's start over, Try to do it right this time around It's not over Cause a part of me is dead and in the ground. This love is killi
Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces
What did you do? What did you say? Did you walk - or did you run away? Where are you now? Where have you been? Did you go alone - or did you bring a friend? I need to know this - cause I notice when you're smilin' Out in the sun havin' fun and you're feelin' free And I can tell you know how hard this life can be But you keep on smilin' for me What went right? What went wrong? Was it the story - or was it the song? Was it overnight - or did it take you long? Was knowing your weakness what made you strong? Or all the above - oh how I love to see you smilin' And oh yeah - take a little pain just in case You need something warm to embrace To help you put on a smilin' face Hey, put on a smilin' face Don't you go off into the new day with any doubt Here's a summary of somethin' that you could smile about: Say for instance, my girlfriend she bugs me all the time But the irony of it all is that she loves me all the time I want to be you - whenever I see you smili
Help Me Find This!!!!
I'm Looking for this CD called ABRASIVE by Puddle Of Mudd. If you can find it or get it. Leave me a note.
Rise Against - Prayer Of The Refugee
Warm yourself by the fire, son, And the morning will come soon. I'll tell you stories of a better time, In a place that we once knew. Before we packed our bags And left all this behind us in the dust, We had a place that we could call home, And a life no one could touch. Don't hold me up now, I can stand my own ground, I don't need your help now, You won't let me down, down, down! Don't hold me up now, I can stand my own ground, I don't need your help now, You will let me down, down, down! Down! We are the angry and the desperate, The hungry, and the cold, We are the ones who kept quiet, And always did what we were told. But we've been sweating while you slept so calm, In the safety of your home. We've been pulling out the nails that hold up Everything you've known. Don't hold me up now, I can stand my own ground, I don't need your help now, You will let me down, down, down! Don't hold me up now, I can stand my own ground, I don't need you
Breaking Benjamin - Breath
I see nothing in your eyes And the more I see the less I like Is it over yet? In my head I know nothing of your kind And I won't reveal your evil mind Is it over yet? I can't wait So sacrifice yourself And let me have whats left I know that I can find The fire in your eyes I'm going all the way Get away, please You take the breath right out of me You left a hole where my heart should be You gotta fight just to make it through Cause I'll be the death of you This will be all over soon Pour salt into the open wound Is it over yet? Let me in So sacrifice yourself And let me have what's left I know that I can find The fire in your eyes I'm going all the way Get away, please You take the breath right out of me You left a hole where my heart should be You gotta fight just to make it through Cause I will be the death of you (take take take) I'm waiting I'm fading Realize Start hating You take the breath right out of me You left a hole whe
Crossfade - Invincible
I memorized all the words for you But if you only knew How much that's just not like me I wait up late every night Just to hear your voice But you don't know that's nothing like me You know I wonder how you already figured out All these things that I try to hide All this time I've been hoping you don't find out All these things that I hide on the inside I can't be held responsible This is all so new to me Just when I think I'm invincible You come and happen to me I want to make sure everything is perfect for you If you only knew That's not like me to follow through Maybe even give up all these dead end dreams Just to be with you But you don't know that's nothing like me Hey yeah I wonder how you already figured out All these things that I try to hide All this time I've been hoping you don't find out All these things that I hide on the inside I can't be held responsible This is all so new to me Just when I think I'm invincible You come and happen to
Comfortably Numb
I Vaguely hear the cries from my soul, Which is quite a stranger to me these days actually, so I pay little attention to the painful sounds, It makes one last desperate attempt to make me feel guilty, But It's not like It was a bet, or a game played and lost, The trade was fair and in my favor, Staring through wide open eyes at an almost mirror image of myself being drug away, She reaches a hand out as though there were something around she could grab onto, Something capable of holding her still, The scene before me gives me slight chills, But they are gone faster than they fell upon me, It's a little alarming watching as she stumbles and falls over the betrayals and misfortunes in her way, But more frustrating for me to see someone so intelligent be so incredibly ignorant, Stupidity causing her to trip over the same types of objects right in front of her face, I decide not to lend a helping hand or call out a warning, The cold air where I
Miner Or Not
Jailbait TestSee more like this on
Sick Puppies - All The Same
I don't mind where you come from As long as you come to me I don't like illusions I can't see Them clearly I don't care no I wouldn't dare To fix the twist in you You've shown me eventually What you'll do I don't mind... I don't care... As long as you're here Go ahead tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything Do it all over again It's all the same Hours slide and days go by Till you decide to come And in between it always seems too long All of a sudden And I have the skill, yeah I have the will To breathe you in while I can However long you stay Is all that I am I don't mind... I don't care... As long as you're here Go ahead tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything Do it all o
Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own
All I can ever be to you, Is a darkness that we knew, And this regret I had to get accustomed to, Once it was so right, When we were at our high, Waiting for you in the hotel at night, I knew I hadn't met my match, But every moment we could snatch, I don't know why I got so attached, It's my responsibility, And you don't owe nothing to me, But to walk away I have no capacity He walks away, The sun goes down, He takes the day but I'm grown, And in this grey, in this blue shade My tears dry on their own, I don't understand, Why do I stress A man, When there's so many better things at hand, We could a never had it all, We had to hit a wall, So this is inevitable withdrawal, Even if I stop wanting you, A Perspective pushes through, I'll be some next man's other woman soon, I shouldn't play myself again, I should just be my own best friend, Not fuck myself in the head with stupid men, He walks away, The sun goes down, He takes the day but I'm grown, A
Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore
It's you that I adore You'll always be my whore You'll be the mother to my child And a child to my heart We must never be apart We must never be apart Lovely girl you're the beauty in my world Without you there aren't reasons left to find And I'll pull your crooked teeth You'll be perfect just like me You'll be a lover in my bed And a gun to my head We must never be apart We must never be apart In you I see dirty In you I count stars In you I feel so pretty In you I taste god In you I feel so hungry In you I crash cars We must never be apart Drinking mercury To the mystery of all that you should ever seek to find Lovely girl you're the murder in my world Dressing coffins for the souls I've left behind In time We must never be apart And you'll always be my whore Cause you're the one that I adore And I'll pull your crooked teeth You'll be perfect just like me In you I feel so dirty in you I crash cars In you I feel so pretty in you I taste god W
Matt Skiba (singer Of Alkaline Trio) - Good Fucking Bye
So you broke down Trying to leave town I broke down crying on your return You left me feeling hopeful I'll never see your face again You made for a bad lover's liver You stole all the covers and busted my head You made me such an ass hole I wish we'd never met I'm tired of being bored I'm through with the headaches And hiding my hands that tremble like earthquakes Under the table under the daytime sky Good fucking bye And when you lose hope It's hard to cope Watching the tyranny with sober eyes At daybreak and sunset All hours in between are spent murdering time You made for a bad lover's liver You sold all the covers and fucked up my head You made me such an ass hole I wish we'd never met I'm tired of being bored I'm through with the headaches at night And my hands they tremble like earthquakes Under the table under the daytime sky Good fucking bye Good fucking bye Good fucking bye
Alexisonfire - No Transitory
I'm in a constant state of getting cut So why don't I feel anything?! This is a violation Maybe I forgot what it was like Before it entered me So this is what they call Another endless night So tired of believing If this is wrong or right I think this cause is lost I wish that I could sleep I feel like some kind of shadow Another slave to the weak Imagine if we lived Under the weather We would never be found Never discovered If everything goes wrong If it's one more endless night You know there always tomorrow And tomorrow You know there's always tomorrow Tomorrow And this knife, this knife This is my most This is my most This is my most Important appendage This is my most This is my most This is my most Important appendage Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow So now that your whole world Has gone up into flames This night is still never ending Do you think you're still safe? Seems everything went wrong We were discovered But this time there's
Alexisonfire - Side Walk When She Walks
Dressed to kill, you look so right I am drunk with lust tonight Your wounds are opening wide And they might be just my size Now I'm afraid of open water But I often bathe in sin Let's be honest, you know you shouldn't bother Cause with me, it's impossible to win Dressed to kill, you look so right I am drunk with lust tonight Your wounds are opening wide And they might be just... There was always Warmth between us There was always Warmth between us Dressed to kill, you look so right I am drunk with lust tonight Your wounds are opening wide And they might be just my size Just my size, just my size Just my size, just my size Just my size, just my size Just my size, just my size Just my size.
Alkaline Trio - Radio
Shaking like a dog shitting razorblades, waking up next to nothing after dreaming of you and me I'm waking up all alone, waking up so relieved while you're taking your time with apologies, I'm making my plans for revenge Red eyes on orange horizons If Columbus was wrong I'd drive straight off the edge I'd drive straight off the edge Taking your own life with boredom, I'm taking my own life with wine - it helps you to rule out the sorrow, it helps me to empty my mind Making the most of a bad time I'm smoking the brains from my head Leaving the coal calling the kettle black and orange and red This kettle is seeing red I've got a big fat fucking bone to pick with you my darling In case you haven't heard I'm sick and tired of trying I wish you would take my radio to bathe with you, plugged in and ready to fall Shaking like a dog shitting razorblades, waking up next to nothing after dreaming of you and me Waking up all alone, waking up so relieved while you're t
Take A Peek At My Soon To Come Videos...
Here's a preview of My upcoming videos...
The Curse Of Kindness
Be nice, I've heard it, was taught and raised to be kind since kindness supposedly can get kindness in return. I am beginning to think that is a day long gone for most, yet it is something I cannot change in me. It is something that became a part of me at a very early age. Don't get me wrong, I have a badboy side to me, and am also a bit of a rebel and even buck the system at times, I just do it in a kind manor, lol. Yet in todays society, it doesn't always bring kindness in return, it gets you told how sweet you are often, but what girl wants sweet anymore, they only want to find the big bad boy and hope he will be kind for them. The kind man is considered too soft for showing that side first as a friend and nothing else is noticed, leaving us lonely and pushed to the back burner, yes, as I said, cursed
My Daughter's Birthday
12 years ago at this moment I was in Pre-Op preparing to have a C-Section with my first child, my daughter. I hadn't planned on a C-Section and at 19 years old, to be honest, I was scared to death at this thought. Granted now, I'm glad I had both of my children that way. At 11:36 pm, 7/26/95, weighing 6 pounds and 6 ounces, my daughter came into this world. I remember Melissa, my doctor's nurse first comment when they were bringing Christal out was about the head full of hair that she was born with. Unfortunately, that dark full head of hair didn't stay long and for months after that she had very little. (Now though she's got incredibily thick hair.) Hard to believe that at that single moment my entire life changed forever. It wasn't just about me anymore, it was about being a mother from here on out. I have never regretted becoming a mother, sometimes I just wish I had more patience but I think that is all parents. I was recently looking at a picture of her when she was about
Remember Why They Serve Their Countries..
I Hate Myself
hate that you fooled me With your infectios smile I hate that you told me you loved me When you were lying all the while I hate that you were so jealous When he was just a friend I hate that you turned this Into something we cannot mend I hate that we screwed this up Past the point of no return I hate that you never believed me Trust is something you should learn I hate that you ignore me now As if we never were I hate that you betrayed me For my pain there is no cure I hate that you broke my heart You don't know what I've been through But most of all I hate myself for letting you
Motorcycle Accident 1987
Ok I was on my way home from work. I worked in Huntington Beach and lived in Long Beach at the time. I was headed up Valley View from the beach and I was almost to the 405 (San Diego freeway). The traffic was pretty heavy (as it always is in the afternoons in Southern California), so I split traffic. (If you aren't sure what this is, it's where people ride their motorcycles between the lanes of stopped/slow traffic. It's a common practice in So Cal.) The facts of the accident I had to get from eyewitness accounts and from the police accident report. I still have no recollection of the actual accident. I was splitting traffic and someone abruptly changed lanes into me, forcing me to rear end a station wagon that was going about 45 or 50 miles per hour slower than me, causing me to come to a rather sudden and abrupt stop. ( I often refer to this as the part where I "wore" a station wagon.) The next thing I remember, is someone pulling the shattered remains of my helme
Trust is but a word But it still has meaning Trust is a feeling Thats always worth achieving Trust is a must Yes I know that ryhmes Trust is trust It shows your mine I always will trust you I hope you can do the same Because my trust for you Is fueled by the love you have For me
Meatloaf-i Would Do Anything For Love
Meatloaf Videos | Video Codes | Seattle Real Estate
Chaos?? What Does It Mean...?
Chaos is in all of our lives... It always will be... You can either accept it, learn from it, and move on stronger than before.... Or fall to pieces as it eats away at every ounce of sanity. Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds. I choose to accept it. For those of you who believe this is such a horrible thing, I found a good meaning for you. ============================ Chaos derives from the Greek ???? and typically refers to unpredictability. In the metaphysical sense, it is the opposite of law and order: unrestrictive, both creative and destructive. The word ???? did not mean "disorder" in classical-period ancient Greece. It meant "the primal emptiness, space". It is derived from the Indo-European root ghn or ghen meaning "gape, be wide open": compare "chasm" (from Greek), and Anglo-Saxon ganian (= "yawn"), geanian, ginian (= "gape wide"); see also Old Norse Ginnunga Gap. Due to people misunderstanding early Christian uses
Truth Or Dare!!!!!
TRUTH OR DARE So here's the deal...You get to ask me *Up to 5 Questions!!*, no matter how crazy, inappropriate, or just random, and I promise to answer it 100% truthfully (thats the "truth" part) I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you.
~~african Naked Mole Rat~~
This little animal really exists! Unbelievable but true. It's called a Naked Mole-Rat, from Africa. Going through life is hard enough, but to go through life looking like a ....dick with buck teeth must be horrible!
I'm Fat
I am just disgusting. I can't stand to look at myself, I'm big, I have 2. 5 chins, and I have to position the camera above my head to hide it. I have an ass in the back of me, and an ass in the front. Yes, I have 8 kids, and the last 2 were the culprits to all that, and a lot of it is simply SKIN that won't go away. :( I am miserable, and no matter what I do, none of the weight is coming off. My thyroid doesn't work, so my metabolisim is non-existant. I can't find any clothes that fit, I have cankles, and it looks like I am about to get that *ROLL* at the back of my knee. I can't stand to look at myeslf in the mirror. It's depressing. I'm FAT! :(
What is it with people these days. I bump into this user online (no names) and we chat a bit back and forth. Next thing you know her whole life revolves around me. Red lights and sirens here. If I don't log one for a few days there are messages wondering where I am.. If I don't reply there are angrier messages. When you try to let her down without hurting anyone she explodes. Issues? Probably quite a few. This is suppose to be a place to have fun....flirt....and relax, not for unwanted stress. So for any one else who may have some "issues" mabey you should try a dating service.
Introductions & Rain
I have surreptitiously been introduced to Tegan and Sara. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that as of yet. I find them intriguing yet also somewhat nasally, which isn't exactly an endearing quality. It's raining. I love the smell of the rain. As long as the power doesn't go out, I'll remain a happy camper er house dweller? Most definitely something. Ciao
If We Kissed
IF WE KISSED: what type of kiss [ ] french [ ] peck what position [ ] standing [ ] sitting [ ] lying down if standing where would we be [ ] in a public place like the mall [ ] outside somewhere like an open feild/street [ ] on my/your front pourch/back yard if sitting what/where will we be siiting in [ ] in a car [ ] a room [ ] on my/your front pourch/back yard if lying down what/where would we be lying down on [ ] my/your bed [ ] side walk [ ] a desk/table if we were outside what would the weather be like [ ] rain and thunder [ ] hot..humid [ ] snowy [ ] cloudy [ ] clear skies nice spring breeze where would ur hands be [ ] up my shirt [ ] on my waist [ ] down my pants [ ] in my hands [ ] hugging me [ ] holding my chin up [ ] on my neck/head lastly what would you want our kiss to lead to [ ] a few more short and sweet kisses/pecks [ ] some touching [ ] sex [ ] make out session [ ] a medium to long meaningful kiss wait one mo
Black Sabbath-paranoid
Black Sabbath Videos | Music Video | Atlanta Real Estate
Have you ever wondered why a friend that you care for so deeply juss goes a way with out a word? Its like all the sudden you have a disease, and they are afraid to catch it. You know who you are and I dont know what I did to deserve it, But whatever it was, I guess I am sorry.
Calling All Earth Me Level
Ok All
I am now ahead by 800 but dont know how long much longer i will stay there.....
~~hillary Clinton--most Admired Biatch In America~~
'CNN found that Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America. Women admire her because she's strong and successful. Men admire her because she allows her husband to cheat and get away with it.' - Jay Leno 'Hillary Clinton is the junior senator from the great state of New York. When they swore her in, she used the Clinton family Bible. You know, the one with only seven commandments.' -David Letterman Hillary Clinton said that her childhood dream was to be an Olympic athlete. But she was not athletic enough. She said she wanted to be an astronaut, but at the time they didn't take women. She said she wanted to go into medicine, but hospitals made her woozy. Should she be telling people this story? I mean she's basically saying she wants to be president because she can't do anything else.' --Jay Leno 'Well, the big story is -- Hillary Clinton will be running for president in 2008. You know why I think she's r
im so sick of seeing mumms saying *did you like the name cherrytap or fubar?* *what do you like better cherrytap or fubar?* gawd get over it already. the name changed but the site is the same right? so quit btchin about it already. i dont wanna see anymore mumms like that anymore. but ya kno what now cuz ppl will read this there will be more. lol. i dunno maybe im getting ahead of myself here. what you cant think of a decent mumm ya gotta think of one with the site name change? DURRRRRR! like i said its changed get over it and get on with your lives. lol
Simple Minds-don't You Forget About Me
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Lunch Date!!!
You're feeling like quite the daredevil. The stars applaud your brio. Whatever risky and adventurous choice you make, you're well supported by the current astral vibrations. So go for the gusto and go all the way.
Contest Rules For The Devils Playmate Contest
Ok Ya'll Buck Up And Comment !!!
BrattyBytch needs some Fubar love shown and and we all know She's helped more than a few of us in our times of lingering .. So come one and drag your butts over to her profile and show her some Real Fubar Luv !!! BrattyBytch@ fubar
Night At The Roxbury
A thought for the day from: Peter Britt "Into my soul I reach, in hopes of finding a peace or solace to quell the burning in her absence. Apart from me, her love is as the flesh torn from my breast, the heart which gives me life. I stand empty, vacant without her voice to spare me from the night. The very best of me resides where she is, away from me. In her hands my existence, my heart, my passions. I wait lifeless for her return." © 2003 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
A tear comes to mind, when I think of you And remember the time when our friendship was new. A gentle smile centered on your face, And I knew that then was the time and place, To kiss you, I did and felt a tick back in my heart. I thought we'd be forever and never part, But now we have come to a fork in the road, Where we must no longer carry each other's load, Let the burden off our shoulders and not leave a scar, For the paths we are taking are very far apart. I will remember always the places we went, And cherish forever the time we've spent. So now is the time where I say goodbye, Spend one last minute lost in your eyes. As much as I know that we can't stay, I hope our paths will cross again some other day
We Don't Have It All That Bad
WE DON'T HAVE IT ALL THAT BAD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.. Let's see now. . . No Jesus No Christmas No television No cheerleaders No baseball No football No hockey No golf No tailgate parties No Wal-Mart No Home Depot No pork BBQ No hot dogs No burgers No chocolate chip cookies No lobster No shellfish, or even frozen fish sticks No gumbo No jambalaya No Beer Rags for clothes and towels for hats. Constant wailing from the guy next-door because he's sick and there are no doctors. Constant wailing from the guy in the tower. More than one wife. You can't shave. Your wives can't shave. You can't shower to wash off the smell of donkey cooked over burning camel dung. The women have to wear baggy dresses and veils at all times. Your bride is picked by someone else. She sme
The Weekend Is Almost Here!
Hey all! IM finally getting back to writing in my blog. I really haven’t been online a lot. My dad and them have been on vacation and it has drove me absolutely nuts! I like being at home by myself during the day. They are off a whole three weeks. UGH it sucks. But the third week they are going on vacation. I believe they are going to the mountains. I can’t wait. I’ll have the whole house to myself. Woo hoo! I was hoping while they were off that they would get stuff taken care of like unpacking and start putting things up. Well, they have done a little bit but that was just one box. They have so many boxes to go thru and all that. It just bugs me because I have had my room organized and unpacked since the third day living at the place. Well, that is the exception of my waterbed being put up. That took about a week later to have it put up. My ex boyfriend Jeremy did that for me. Thank You for putting it up Jeremy. I don’t know if I ever did thank you. It is so much
How do you know that this time is going to be different?? How do you know that what you are feeling is also felt by the one you love? when do you know it is the right time? do you ever really know? is it really ever easy to totally trust someone when you have been lied to so many times? how do you get rid of the feeling that you are just being used as a puppet? I am so in love right now, but thats what i thought when i was married too, and after 11 years i finally woke up and realized i was just the convience at home. a nice little toy kept aside for whenever. what are you supposed to think when your spouse comes home later and later everynight? then they never really answer the question as to what kept them out all night and one day really stop talking at all? and you know that they cheated in their previous marriage and you know how he treated her when the split up? and then just because you screw up 1 time the whole blame of the marriage failing is laid in your lap, you are
Got Some Bad News On My Future Nephew Today
Even though the baby is coming along fine, growing and moving like he should his amniotic fluids have dropped to 5% and his mother's liver isn't functioning properly anymore. It appears that she has started to get jaundice because her skin is getting that yellow tone to it. She is now 33wks and just had her DR app't today and will go back on Mon to get a biophysical done again and hopefully IF the baby is needed to be delivered early then the DR will do it instead of waiting until it's too late like he did with poor Dominik. Iam asking that people keep this baby in their thoughts and pray for his safe arrival even if he does come early. My family cannot suffer another loss like we just had with Dominik.
My True Hate
Waking today im wondering how its gonna go. I can never tell if there is anger or a smile. Nothing is good enough unless I hand it all over to you. Cant you just go one day without putting someone down and making them feel like dirt. For so long now, I hear it everyday, please just stop and say "hey baby, I love you". Honestly, I dont see that happening anytime soon. It makes me want to crawl in a hole and die. I cant do that because I have 4 little children that look up to me. Thats what keeps me going. Why do I stay, everyone asks, I honestly cant tell you. It seems like so much more trouble to walk out that door.. One day it will end, Can someone tell me when....
Needing to feel something More than just pain Smiles, joy and laughter Warmth and love again Tired of sitting alone Crying so many tears Breaking apart inside Been like this for years Wanting to scream Breaking the silence Hear more than myself Feeling loves brilliance Life has become so hard Pushing through each day Trying too see some light Darkness blocks the way Please come take my hand It's been way to long Looking for a way out Only one place I belong
~~nine Words Women Use~~
1.) Fine : This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2.) Five Minutes : If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3.) Nothing : This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that b egin with nothing usually end in fine. 4.) Go Ahead : This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5.) Loud Sigh : This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6.) That's Okay : This is one of the most dangerous statements a woman can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you
Open Heart
Your gone again and I'm waiting because some part of me won't let you go and still hopes that when you come back you'll run into my open arms I know that your with her and that's OK i can see when i look in your eyes that part of you still cares it may not be big but its there and though i hate crying especially over you I'll keep my heart open and ready to be broken because some small part of me loves you more than my pride
Nsfw (new Site For Woosies)
I read peoples blogs about wanting to be normal and live the life they see around them, Heck What is Normal? Normal for me is different then normal for you, you are what you are and instead of trying to find a "Normal" life just try to pusue peace and happiness. i have learned there is no normalness just life, make the most of it enjoy the things that make you happy, you make think a life with someone will make you happy but be careful of what you wish for. Someone may enter your life that shares the same things you hold dear but then again it may not happen. You have to be happy and seek this happiness wherever you may find it just try not to step on others as you travel this life. Look for the simple things in life for they will make you the happyest and you don't even know it. As log as you wake every morn to the new day there is something to be happy about to start your day
American Welfare
Subject: FW: American Welfare I cross ocean, poor and broke, Take bus, see employment folk. Nice man treat me good in there, Say I need to see welfare. Welfare say, "You come no more, We send cash right to your door." Welfare checks, they make you wealthy, Medicaid it keep you healthy! By and by, I got plenty money, Thanks to you, American dummy. Write to friends in motherland, Tell them 'come fast as you can.' They come in turbans and Ford trucks, I buy big house with welfare bucks They come here, we live together, More welfare checks, it gets better! Fourteen families, they moving in, But neighbor's patience wearing thin. Finally, white guy moves away, Now I buy his house, and then I say, "Find more aliens for house to rent." And in the yard I put a tent. Send for family they just trash, But they, too, draw the welfare cash! Everything is very good, And soon we own the neighborhood. We have ho
i need a lover/girlfriend spouse.....
Why My Picture?
ok I do not mind if people rip my photos. take a piece of me so you can adore me anytime, but when someone I do not know rips my photo and puts it on their page well that is just nuts. why would anyone want my pic for their page? do you want to be like me? or are you just an insane net freak living in your moms basement? just kinda weirds me out.
Absoluting Fantastic!
Wow, what a night! Nothing like listening to 3 hours of talented musicians with varying styles. It was open mic night at Java Lords and I decided to make good on my promise to check it out. So I went. Almost missed the place driving; if it weren't for the folks standing outside with guitars I probably would still be driving around in circles. Because it's Little 5 Points -aka "the heart of Atlanta Bohemia" - bikes are the popular mode of transportaion and they don't bother with insignificant details like adequate parking. I was lucky enough to find a spot only half a block away. I walk in the place and it immediately felt like home. Reminded me of a coffee joint I used to frequent in Minnesota called Kuppernicus; that same relaxed atmosphere that Starschmucks and Caribou try so hard to imitate. I got myself a "real" cup of coffee and sat back to enjoy the show. Talk about not disappointed! From the moment I sat down I was completely impressed. This was not regurgitate
Thank god it's Friday. Long week. Not a lot going on at work. Friday we're having a pizza party to celebrate our sales last month. We often have these. Not a bad deal really. Still, I'll be glad when I can get out of there for a couple of days. Even if I don't plan on doing anything this weekend. It's just nice to be able to relax. Have a good weekend everyone.
I Need 100k Commentz Plz Help
I Got 5,800 im really behind i need help Plz click pic below n go comment bomb me
Devil Or Angel?
Which one would you rather perfer?
Peter Britt's Book
Letting everyone know that the book is now being printed, so it will be available worldwide within a few weeks. For those who have pre-ordered the book, I will have the pre-order copies, those books will be mailed out very soon. Thanks to everyone for you continued friendship and support, it means a great deal :) Peter They are now up and available at this link: Peter Britt's Ring Tones And the book links are below. Please enjoy and thank you for all your very warm support and friendships :) Here are the links to get your copy right away: Use this link to purchase the hardcover book:Click here for the hard cover book Use this link to purchase the paper back book: Click here for the paper back book
Memories Well today was the day they had the memorial for my Mama Marge. It hurts so bad that I wasn't able to say goodbye one last time. Sometimes I sit here and think "Is this all just a bad dream" and then I have to face reality and come to terms that my Little Lady is gone. Will the tears ever stop falling down from my face? Just when I feel Iam doin okay, my eyes swell up and tears begin to fall. Some are still tears of sadness, but I think more and more they are tears of memories and every special moment she has given me in my life. When everyone would look at how "bad" I was , Mama Marge was always there to push me threw. She always seen the good in me, something even my own mother had trouble doing. Mama Marge always wanted to see me succeed in life. I'll never forget how happy and proud she was of me when I called her up and said I was in school. She told everyone she knew and her faced beamed as she d
Why Is Iraq In Chaos? No End In Sight Learn The Truth! 7/27
Another One Made For Cindy By It
On Monday July 23, 2007 we lost our bird, She will be missed very much. Not only will she be missed by us, the dog is lost without her. We miss her chirrping. It is oddly quiet without her.
Peter Welcomes His New Manager
Hi everyone.... I wanted to publically announce and welcome my new personal managerAngela Westbrook. Angela has taken over every aspect of my musical and literary careers. Her expertise in the business world will give her an indespensible edge in all she faces in the music business, but I have every confidence that she is very capable and no barriers will deter her from reaching the goals we both have been setting. Angela's business prowess will serve her well in the music industry to find her way through all the red tape and make things happen. So in closing, I welcome Angela as my new personal manager and I thank her for all she has already been hard at work with to make serious things happen. Some of those are well on the way already and the horizon looks fantastic thanks to all that is in the works because of Angela's hard work. So welcome to Angela and thank you for joining me. Peter Britt
What is it with ex - boyfriends they look you up online and start by sending you e-mails then they get your number from you or in my case a family member and he calls you everyday telling you how sorry he is, and tells you that he shouldn't have done what he has done and didn't know what he had till he lost it. Now he's having a hard time finding someone like me. I asked him why he cheated on me and he says get this. His buddys told him he should be sleeping with more than one women live your life a lil don't just settle on one women. Oh come on you know you can't have your cake and eat it to. Now he has asked me a few times. "Do you ever wonder what it would be like if we were still together?" No Did I have time to sit around for 11 years and wait to see if he would come back Hell No, You make your own bed you have to lay in it. Why can't men just love us women for who we are and not for what they want us to be? Why do we always get the shit end of the stick.. I know men
What Keeps The Marraige Going?
Leave me a message and tell me what keeps your marraige going strong!:)
My Thoughts
everytime i sit here thinking i wonder why life has chosen the way i am for me i wish just once i could feel normal and i hope one day normal will come to me i feel like the whole world is crashing down on me and i feel like my life is in the shitter but yet i keep going you feel like your hurt will never go away and the fun times just arent enough anymore this is called life
Plz Read
Sry i havent rated/fan most of u bk im just lil behind also i reached ma limit 4 comments n pic rateins so im goin thou every1 on ma list one by one n ratin all der stuff/fan/comment so plz b patinet wit me xoxo MizAnonymous
Ode To Cannibus Sateva
Everytime I try to overcome And shw them a sign That I have changed They find something A small parcel of doubt Seraching... for anything Searching, searching all the time I just want to follow In my sister's footsteps And not feel so hollow Always searching for a way I guess it's true Nobody cares about what they can't kill That's why I turned to you And your beautiful aroma You're beautiful in every way When you're around I feel level headed all day Just waiting for that eternal peace Even when you aren't visible That beautiful smell of yours Gets my adrenaline pumping Making me feel invincible With you there are no bad times Even those are care-free And full of wonderous chimes Laughing all the while When you're with me I get the wonderful urge To talk anybody Into sharing you with me So many shades of that colour So many different scents You're mine forever "They" just don't understand fully You help me do my work Completely
How can you ask Only one group of people To embark upon a task In changing the world? Times are changing And the hate is still here There are no more hangings But now it is a different group of people How can you say That you are a better race When statistics show That that is nay You say you hate racism But you mean directed at yourself You could care less About any white person. I am the minority where I live And the majority are so ignorant They ask and ask and take and take But never give. If I called you that hated word I know I would probably be dead Yet you call you \"friends\" that You let the ignorance get to your head Why do you hate me? I am Irish. I bet you didn\'t know We had it worse even than you. How is it possible That you say you hate All the racism but But the names you call me are hateful? Society has it wrong You say that the minority Must be respected Rather you must say the minority must be respectful! You sa
The Voices In My Head(past And Present)
I wish I could go back sometimes. These are the things I would have said to the people I loved when I didn't know what to say: Didn't I teach you how NOT to get caught, Kay May? No. Daddy you didn't. You taught Mommy though. We gotta find Dad! I know, Cammy, he needs to be here. I love you guys. We love you too, Daddy. ~Where'd you go? I miss you so! Seems like it's been forever, since you've been gone! Please come back home~ Don't forget me. I won't forget you. You are MY daughter. Your mom can't change that. Really? Then where are you? ~You have come here from all over the world, because society has no further use for you. This place will now be your home and pen until your death.~ I wish Mom would leave Ron and come back to us. I hate your Mom! Why does she do this to you? Goddess, how I wish I knew. Whas zat? That, my dear Destiny is the world as we know it. I miss you , Sissy. I bet Ryan and Colin hate me, huh? Yea little brother. They do, but I miss you too, so who cares about th
I Hate Moving
well I have finally found a new place to live. and it is a really great place and I don't think I could get any closer. Its right next door. and that is where the good parts end. What should have been one of the easiest moves in my life has just turned into the worst move of my life. I must be out of my current apartment by August 5, but the house I"m moving into won't be ready for me until the 12th. and I can't get either date to move closer to each other. My current asshole of a landlord is having ppl come into my place to tear out the carpet and completely redo it on the 6th. My new landlord is still living in the house I'm about to start renting won't be moving into his new house until the 12th. He won't be able to move into his new house until he gets new carpeting put into it. So I'm going to be homeless for about a week all because of carpet. It fucking sucks! So now instead of just carrying things across the yard to my new place I have to rent a truck and put all my s
My Cindy Memorial Made By Justmeee
On Monday July 23, 2007 we lost our bird, She will be missed very much. Not only will she be missed by us, the dog is lost without her. We miss her chirrping. It is oddly quiet without her.
Live Event Has Been Rescheduled
My FIRST live event has been rescheduled for the 5th of August! Time is going to be 7 PM-Midnight! Again in order to come to this live event you have to be a member of the Private Club! I realize not everyone is located in Eastern PA..however..I know there are people on my friends list that talk about wanting to meet and see me this would be the way for you to do it. Location has not been set yet.. I do know that there will be a Jacuzzi involved! I do know that there is talk of "decorating Kelly" with whipped cream and chocolate syrup! I do know that you can take unlimited photos! So if you want the link to the members only me! I would love to see the people from PA at this event! Hugs and Kisses Kelly
This pilot hit the nail on the head in his open letter. He needs to be awarded a Medal for having the TESTICULAR FORTITUDE to say all this in a very profound way! The newspaper stated today that some Muslim doctor is saying we are profiling him because he has been checked three times while getting on an airplane. The following is a letter from a pilot. This well spoken man, who is a pilot with American Airlines, says what is in his heart, beautifully.... Read, absorb and pass this on. "YOU WORRY ME!" By American Airlines Pilot - Captain John Maniscalco I've been trying to say this since 9-11, but you worry me. I wish you didn't. I wish when I walked down the streets of this country that I love, that your color and culture still blended with the beautiful human landscape we enjoy in this country. But you don't blend in anymore. I notice you, and it worries me. I notice you because I can't help it anymore. People from your homelands, professing to
Delete Comment
I'm not much of a comment deleter. In general, I only delete comments that reveal personal information. Like when someone left a comment asking how things were in whateva-state-I-live-in. Or when a real-life friend left a photo comment that referred to me by my real-life name. I realize that not everyone is as secretive as I am, that other people reveal their names, where they live, where they work. I generally don't. It is a compromise, of sorts. I once told someone that he could either learn my real name or be made 'family.' He ended up choosing my name, but couldn't understand why I wouldn't allow both. Perhaps it is a fear of being known, of being found out. Perhaps it is a professional decision, a choice made knowing that the ghosts in my family folder could haunt me someday. But perhaps it's something else. Even if I don't reveal my name or where I live or where I work, I reveal nearly everything else. You know my likes, my dislikes. Who I love,
I Do Not Have The Power... Don't Give It To Me!
Ok, I guess maybe I need to vent a little bit. I have a few people in my life that I care very much about, some of them I understand totally and some of them I don't. But the last few days I've been wondering if they get ME at all. I am not some all powerful person, I can't fix anything for anybody but myself, and I sure as hell do not have the power to make people feel any particular way. If they feel something, it's because they choose to, or allow themselves to. When I am friends with people, even when I am unable to help, I try to make small gestures to just let them know that I am there when they need me. If this is offensive to anyone, then sorry. Ignore the shit!! But don't get pissed because I care... I guess sometimes I just don't know how not too, especially when those people have been there for me. I am who I am, I have feelings just like everyone else, and sometimes I DO try to hard, and I am working on it. Geez, I've been on time out for a week, I'm
TEXAS: Ahem... So.. Um.. yeah... I read this, and thought I would reply... Hey... California listen up... Texas is where its at! - I too can wear sandals all year long... plus I can put on boots to stomp your toes and I won't even stick out. - You may be able to go to the "beach" instead of the "shore"... but can you go to the drive thru "Beer Barn?" What now surfer boy? - You're chicks aren't way hotter than ours... they are almost equal... and thats only due to silicone, saline, botox, lasers and hair dye... We have the real ones and they can beat yours up. - We're taught to say "Yes Sir" and "Yes Ma'am" and respect our elders because of it. We also say "Howdy" and "fixin" and "Yall" are pretty much recognized right away anywhere in the world We're famous. And not becuase of that fake ass "bro-ho" "so-cal" shit that yall think makes you "Famous", fuckers. - You may know what real cheese and avocados taste like... but I know what 100% Grade A Angus Beef tastes
Mum Removed
had a little mum contest idea today, it was removed. Most folks seemed to be having fun with it. Now I can't post a mum. Anyone know the deal here? Appreciate it...still kinda new here. It was for a hand bra contest.
.50 Cal Sniper Rifle
*WARNING* .50 Cal Sniper Rifle KillsAdd to My Profile | More Videos
I'm Back...
Well I am back online...whew went through major withdrawls from cherrytap and come back to find it has changed to FUBAR...whatever...i was always told "if it ain't broke don't fix it". So here I am back on the I hope I can get back in to the swing of feels weird and its only been about two weeks. I am very excited for tomorrow to get here. My son and wife and two grandbabies are coming home for about 13 days...haven't seen him in a year and a half and i can hardly wait till tomorrow:) I will be starting to make rounds and rate stash and pics if you need some points just drop me a line and i will get to you asap...till then peace!
Going To The Beach...
I'll be gone for a few days, I'm not taking my laptop, because I feel I could use the break away from online.
One More
One more hug from you, would remind me that you cared One more kiss from you, would let me know you'll always be there One more day to spend with, would help me along the way One more night to lay with you, and hear you say you want to stay One more time I could hear you laugh, and see your precious smile One mote time I wouldn't have to be in denial One more movie, just me and you One more time to claim both red and blue One more thunderstorm together One more time with you under our favorite kind of weather One more night under the stars One more night to forget all about my scars. *This was written by my best girl, Kayla Daniel Clark, to her love, me*
Sc Updates I haven't really been keeping up with this. I'm certainly trying lol. Anyways, I had 2 new updates again last week, and 2 before as usual (You can always expect 2 new updates a week on my SC site) Here's a sample or two ;) Make sure you stop by to see what the other one'll enjoy it. 50 free pics from past updates, and 200 in the member area just for that update.
Body Fat/i Need Help!
Ok now I'm a little pissed off! The Army decided to change it's standerds on weight...yeah for toothpicks. Where I was just fine I'm now have 5% too much body fat... I'm so mad I can't see straight! I just cut out soda and now I just want to starve myself becaus I have one month to get it under controll or they won't let me go to basic. I want to go so bad! I've been working so hard. When I firs joined I could do no push ups like 3 sit ups and my mile was like 9.55. Now I can do 10 push ups 28 sit ups and my mile is 8.35. Those are all in one miunute. So if any of you guys have any solid tips on body fat reduction please let me know. (I'm not into falling for diet pills...they are a waste of time and money) I need help please guys! thanx.
What Is 6 Inches Long.....has A Big Head....woman Love It?????
A $100 dollar bill!
Fiction 666
The candle dances shadows across your body as you lay waiting. Your pulse relaxes a little with each drip of wax from the candle as it hits the floor below. A mild fall breeze enters the room almost like a thief, quiet until it hits your bare skin. Your senses highten with the sound of footsteps outside your window grow closer. The thought of raising your bedsheet over your head to protect you from what is outside races and then exits. Your hands tighten as a shadow slithers into your line of sight. You try and focus on what is now next to you, but all you feel is the grip on the back of your neck and the warm breath on your skin. You want to push away until the blood drips down across your shoulder. The pounding in your chest is only matched by the howling of the wind. The world darkens and the wind fades away from your ears. I lay a white orchid next to you to find in the morning. til the next time......
Hi Come See Me
ok hi all sorry i have not been on i find a hot site to chat on it's 3D and you can have sex on it, it's so hot you see naked men and women and some time you can see them haveing sex, you can dance, skate, swim, and sit in hot tubs so come see me i'm missy67
6 Double Vodkas
A guy came into a bar one day and said to the barman "Give me six double vodkas." The barman says "Wow!, you must have had one hell of a day." "Yes, I've just found out my older brother is gay." The next day the same guy came into the bar and asked for the same drinks. When the bartender asked what the problem was today, the answer came back, "I've just found out that my younger brother is gay too!" On the third day the guy came into the bar and ordered another six double vodkas. The bartender says "Geez! Doesn't anybody in your family like women?". "Yeah, my wife..."
The Intruder Part 4
When it was over he collapsed on top her, totally spent and drained of every last bit of energy in his muscular body!!! A gurgle formed in her throat as her pussy began the long process of unwinding after such a brutal and viscous assault!!! She was beginning to regain just the hint of her motor skills, as she could now barely move the tips of her fingers and toes!!! A few moments later he was packed and ready to leave, but he had one last "gift" for her! Just before leaving he place a special harness around her waist and affixed a small vibrator to a specially designed sleeve that held it in place!!! Carefully positioning the straps so they were in exactly the correct position, he flicked on the on switch, slipped the little hummer into its sheath, and inserted the rest of it into her still sopping wet pussy!!! After everything was just right, he tightened up the straps to assure that no amount of struggling could dislodge the little satisfier!!! "Eva," he whispered, "I have to leave
The Intruder Part 3
She stiffened slightly, waiting for him to enter her, but instead, the air whistled from her lungs as his mouth engulfed her dripping organ!!! She wished that it wasn't so, but a fury was growing in her pussy that she couldn't control!!! It was maddening, being forced into having sex with an unknown stranger, but having your body respond like he was your husband or lover!!! From down at her pussy came a question, " Eva, dear, if you want me to suck harder, flex your pussy for me, tighten and loosed it to show me your desire!!!" "Damn him," he was mocking her, but all the while knowing how badly she needed the relief only a hard climax could provide for her!!! Besides, he could keep her on the edge for as long as he wanted to, so she might as well give him what he wanted!!! Straining hard, she tightened and untightened the muscles in her cunt, which caused him to groan as he buried his tongue inside of her, driving her closer and closer to the much needed relief that just seemed to elud
Wishing You.....
The Intruder Part 2
It was still dark in the bed room as strong hands pulled back the covers. She knew what was happening, but try as she might, her arms wouldn't respond as they lay limply at her side! She could hear the sound of fabric being cut, and realized that who ever it was, had used a scissors to cut away her nighty and panties, leaving her naked and totally accessible!!! It was then that for the first time he spoke as he whispered into her ear, "Even though you can't move or speak I know that you can hear me!!!" "I promise that I will not hurt you in any way," he continued, "but I will tell you that I am going to use you sexually for my own pleasure and enjoyment!!!" "Don't try to fight me, it is hopeless to resist, and also, one final thing, I adore giving orgasms to women who try and resist me, they fight it, but their bodies still respond to my touch!!!" "To make it more erotic and mysterious, I am leaving the lights off to let your imagination run wild!!!" It was quiet for a few minutes, a
50 Things To Do In An Elevator
1. make race car noises when anyone gets on or off. 2. Blow your nose and offer to show the contents of your kleenex to other passengers. 3. Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering: "Shut up, dammit, all of you just shut UP!" 4. Whistle the first seven notes of "It's a Small World" incessantly. 5. Sell Girl Scout cookies. 6. On a long ride, sway side to side at the natural frequency of the elevator. 7. Shave. 8. Crack open your briefcase or purse, and while peering inside ask: "Got enough air in there?" 9. Offer name tags to everyone getting on the elevator. Wear yours upside-down. 10. Stand silent and motionless in the corner, facing the wall, without getting off. 11. When arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the doors open, then act embarrassed when they open by themselves. 12. Lean over to another passenger and whisper: "Noogie patrol coming!" 13. Greet everyone getting on the elevator with a warm handshake and ask them to call you A
Cnc Router
i just bought a cnc router, but i have no idea how to set itup it came in a kit, i have a computer and im going to run emc linux on it, but i have no stepper motors or driver board anyone want to give me the kindergarden version of what i need to do ? any help ideas or sugestions will be mostly apreciated, i know what you people are thinking, he cant spell why the bleep bleep is he even considering such a project, well, because i want to well im not sure of the date but here is an update, im stuck, frozen, fuck!, oh well, i well get going on this someday and have pics, but alas, today is not that day, and tomorrow aint lokin so good either lol
50 Facts About Women
1. Women love to shop. It is the one area of the world where they feel like they're actually in control. 2. Women especially love a bargain. The question of "need" is irrelevant, so don't bother pointing it out. Anything on sale is fair game. 3. Women never have anything to wear. Don't question the racks of clothes in the closet; you "just don't understand". 4. Women need to cry. And they won't do it alone unless they know you can hear them. 5. Women will always ask questions that have no right answer, in an effort to trap you into feeling guilty. 6. Women love to talk. Silence intimidates them and they feel a need to fill it, even if they have nothing to say. 7. Women need to feel like there are people worse off than they are. That's why soap operas and Oprah Winfrey-type shows are so successful. 8. Women don't need sex as often as men do. This is because sex is more physical for men and more emotional for women. Just knowing that the man *wants* to have sex with
50 Facts About Men
1. Men like to barbecue. Men will cook if danger is involved. 2. Men who have pierced ears are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry. 3. If you buy your husband or boyfriend a video camera, for the first few weeks he has it, lock the door when you go to the bathroom. Most of my husband's early films end with a scream and a flush. 4. Be careful of men who are bald and rich; the arrogance of "rich" usually cancels out the nice of "bald." 5. Marrying a divorced man is ecologically responsible. In a world where there are more women than men, it pays to recycle. 6. Men are very confident people. My husband is so confident that when he watches sports on television, he thinks that if he concentrates he can help his team. If the team is in trouble, he coaches the players from our living room, and if they're really in trouble, I have to get off the phone in case they call him. 7. If it's attention you want, don't get involved with a man duri
5 Questions That Put Fear Into A Man!
The 5 questions most feared by men are: 1...What are you thinking about? 2...Do you love me? 3...Do I look fat? 4...Do you think she is prettier than me? 5...What would you do if I died? What makes these questions so difficult is that every one is guaranteed to explode into a major argument if the man answers incorrectly(i.e., tells the truth). As a public service, each question is analyzed below, along with possible Responses. Question # 1: What are you thinking about? The proper answer to this, of course, is: "I'm sorry if I've been pensive, dear. I was just reflecting on what a warm, wonderful, thoughtful, caring, intelligent woman you are, and how lucky I am to have met you." This response obviously bears no resemblance to the true answer,which most likely is one of the following: a...Baseball. b...Football. c...How fat you are. d...How much prettier she is than you. e...How I would spend the insurance money if you died. Perhaps the best response to this q
Lets start a fubar guild in WoW, im a newb or is it noob, any how im a 31 warlock right now, speeking of what happened to cherrytap???? not that i care what this is called it still kicks ass, made it too 70 with my lok, got me a rouge im lvling now, FOR THE HORDE! fuck its boring as fuck at 70, i quit!
Have You Ever Been This Tired?
Have You Ever Been This Tired?
4 Nuns Go To Heaven
Four nuns are driving to market and get hit by a drunk driver and all four nuns die. They get in line to go through pearly gates and wait for St. Peter to admit them. St. Peter goes to the nuns and says "I realize that you are sisters of the cloth, but I must ask you if you have anything to report to me that might be a sin." The sisters thought for a while and the first nun went to St. Peter. "I once touched a man's penis with this finger". St. Peter thought for a while and said. "I'm sure it was in the line of duty; Place your finger in that holy water and swirl it around." She did as she was instructed and "PING" she was in. The second nun went to St. Peter and said, "I once touched a man's genitals with my entire right hand." Again St. Peter thought for a while and said, "I'm sure it was within your duties; Swirl your hand in that holy water and go in." The second nun did as she was instructed and "ping" she was in. All of a sudden the 4th nun jumped in front of the 3rd
The Intruder Part 1
Eva lay in her bed reading a book while the ten p.m. news played in the back ground. She was so engrossed by the trashy novel, that she wasn't paying attention when the news announcer spent a good two minutes on a story about a series of assaults on single women in the metropolitan area! All of the women were between the ages of twenty two and forty, and either lived alone or were alone at the time of the attacks! Entry was usually made through an unlocked window, although unbelievably, a few women reported that the intruder entered through and unlocked door!!! After finishing the next chapter, Eva brushed her teeth, turned off the television, and turned in for the night, if she had been more alert, she would have gone around and made sure all of the windows and doors were locked up tight, unfortunately though, she did not!!! A little past two a dark figure used a sharp pocket knife to cut the screen to the back porch window, seconds later, now inside the single story bungalow, the fi
Daddys Gettin Buzzed...
I Meant
25 Rules For Women ( I Didnt Write Em' So Ez On The Gatorhate)
1. sports center starts at 11:00 PM and runs an hour. This is a great time to pay bills, put laundry in the dryer or talk to your sister. Do not bother me!! 2. Two hot dogs and a beer at a baseball game DO, in fact, constitute going out to dinner. 3. Unlike you, we essentially want to dress just exactly like all our friends. Thus, you need not go much further than the Gap, J. Crew, Banana Republic or the local Patagonia store. 4. If we see you in the morning and at night, why call us at work? 5. Butthead is the smart one. 6. Is it too much to ask to have the bra match the underwear? 7. You probably don't want to know what we're thinking about. 8. Silence does not need to be filled with discussions about "us" and "the relationship." 9. Things you can help with: the Sunday crossword, yard work, the dishes, cleaning, and grocery shopping. 10. Things you should let us do alone: figuring out where we are, watching anything on TBS, playing cards, smoking cigars and
Wanting More
I wanted more out of this life. I tried to go all the way with everything I did. The hill just kept getting taller as I got closer to the top. I would, stop to try and catch my breath, it never helped. I have clung to a love that seems false. A dream of being "normal". In the mirror I see scars that I don't really regret. I never wanted to regret anything. Then I think of all the power you had, all the pain I allowed you to cause me. I do regret that.... Because of that I feel the fire grow in what is left of my heart. The anger that wells up in my mind til it is impossible to focus. I have one regret....
Makes You Wonder
Sometimes I have to wonder is all the drama worth it. Why,do people have to lie to you? Don't they realize that as humans we have feelings that get hurt. The best part about the lie is you almost always get caught. It may take days,weeks,even months but,you get caught. Then the best part the person that lies tries to turn it around so that your the bad guy. Sometimed it works sometimes it does not. So when it don;t work then they hurt you the way they know best with words and say things to make you more pissed. So now your ripped shit and maybe even cry but you come to realize that the person wasn't worth knowing in the first place. And if you cried you really know that the person is not good enough to waste time on. But, for all of you that don't lie or don't get caught good for you.
For My New Page
2 Plus 2
A housewife, an accountant and a lawyer were asked "How much is 2 plus 2?" The housewife replies: "Four!". The accountant says: "I think it's either 3 or 4. Let me run those figures through my spreadsheet one more time." The lawyer pulls the drapes, dims the lights and asks in a hushed voice, "How much do you want it to be?"
2 People Walk Into A Bar...
The third one ducked and laughed his fuckin ass off!!!
Hi Come See Me
ok hi all sorry i have not been on i find a hot site to chat on it's 3D and you can have sex on it, it's so hot you see naked men and women and some time you can see them haveing sex, you can dance, skate, swim, and sit in hot tubs so come see me i'm missy67
I'm So Ashamed
2 Eggs
An old man and women are going out for a meal to celebrate there 50th anniversary.The old man is getting ready but cant find his shoes so he looks under the bed and finds a box with 2 eggs in it and a thousand pounds so that evening he questions his wife about it at dinner. "Well.." she said "each time I was unfaithful to you I put an egg in the box" "And what about the thousand pound?" asked the old man. "Well..." Replies the woman "Each time I got a dozen eggs I sold them"
I Miss My Man!!!!!
:) Just wanted you to know lol---why are some days harder than other days? Well today, is ONE of those days.......
Join Up Bring Ya Friend
i just got the greatest msg on here from my good pal Vince. ur a sweetheart,so when u read this just kno one thing " That's what they all say "Fuck you", well it ain't gonna save you. It don't scare me none and it don't suddenly make you a fucking hero. " xoxo
19 Putdowns And Rejections!
1 man: "Haven't we met before?" woman: "Yes, I'm the receptionist at the V.D. Clinic." 2 Man: "So, wanna go back to my place?" Woman: "Well, I don't know. Will two people fit under a rock?" 3 Man: "I'd really like to get into your pants." Woman: "No thanks. There's already one asshole in there." 4 The most memorable rebuttal to a turn-down (used by the guy who used to live across the hall from me in residence) when he asked a girl to dance and she refused: Man: "Want to Dance?" Woman: "No, thank you." Man: "Don't thank me, thank God because somebody asked you." 5 Man: "I'd like to call you. What's your number?" Woman: "It's in the phone book." Man: "But I don't know your name." Woman: "That's in the phone book too." 6 Man: "So what do you do for a living?" Woman: "Female impersonator." 7 Man: "You know, I'd really love to travel to exotic places with you." Woman: (tries to ignore him) Man: "You know what? I also love sex. What do you say to that?"
17 Facts Of Life
1. Psychiatrists say that one of four people are mentally ill. check three friends. If they're OK, you're it. 2. sex is not the answer. sex is the question. "Yes" is the answer. 3. Nothing in the known universe travels faster than a bad check. 4. A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn. 5. It has recently been discovered that research causes cancer in rats. 6. Always remember to pillage BEFORE you burn. 7. If you are given an open-book exam, you will forget your book. If you are given a take-home test, you will forget where you live. 8. The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was. 9. It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others. 10. Paul's Law: You can't fall off the floor. 11. The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think. 12. Paranoids are people, too; they have their own proble
Why Am I Here?
I kept talking to a friend about how I was bored so he told me to come here. I think it was so I would leave him alone hehe but that did not work. He knows he enjoys talkin to me!!! Yea I have been getting really bored lately. Not many people online since it is summer. Thanks for readin this...
I May Be Deleting This Page
if you want to keep in touch most of you should know how I am also making a new myspace page its not for the fake people though
134 Redneck Warning Signs (yes!! It Says 134)
1. You've ever cut your grass and found a car. 2. You own a home that is mobile and 5 cars that aren't. 3. You think the stock market has a fence around it. 4. Your stereo speakers used to belong to the Moonlight Drive-in-Theater. 5. You've ever lost a loved one to kudzu. 6. Your boat has not left the driveway in 15 years. 7. You own a homemade fur coat. 8. Chiggers are included on your list of top 5 hygiene concerns. 9. You burn your yard rather than mow it. 10. Your wife has ever said, "Come move this transmission so I can take a bath." 11. You refer to the time you won a free case of motor oil as "the day my ship came in." 12. You read the Auto Trader with a highlight pen. 13. The Salvation Army declines your mattress. 14. You've ever raked leaves in your kitchen. 15. Your entire family has ever sat around waiting for a call from the Governor to spare a loved one. 16. Your grandmother has ever been asked to leave the bingo hall because of her language. 17. Someone
Just Blahhhhhh
Have you ever had those days where everything you do or say just doesn't matter? I mean, you just feel like Blahhh!!! fuck it. You could care less if you do your job right, or you say the right thing....Well today is one of those days for me....I was at work, and i couldn't give a fuck if i made the dish correctly or not, basically i just didn't want to be there....but because I'm picky when i cook, I stuck around anyhow. And now sitting here at 9:45pm, I just don't know if I'm happy, sad, tired, depressed, or what. I just feel Blahhh...even my timmies isn't bringing me any joy (and that's unusual). Anyways I guess I just felt like rambling on here...not really sure if any of this makes sense to you or not, but it does for me.
Something A Little Different
i'm wanting to do a new kinda pic, but old to most. basically a flip album. so if you have some pics you think mite work send me a message. first time i'd be trying it but hey we all start someplace.
13 Things Films Have Taught Us
1) All bombs are fitted with electronic timing devices, which have large red read-outs to tell you exactly when it will go off. 2) Should you need to pass yourself off as a German officer it will not be necessary to speak the language, a convincing accent will do. 3) All apartments in Paris overlook the Eiffel tower. 4) Most lap top computers are powerful enough to override a bank security System or the communication System of an invading alien civilization. 5) Every single person in martial arts Film has a black belt in karate. 6) When staying in a haunted house, women should investigate any strange noises in their most revealing underwear. 7) 1 man shooting at 20 men has more chance of hitting them than 20 men shooting at 1 man if he is the hero. 8) During a police investigation it will be necessary to visit a strip joint at least once. 9) Large studio-type apartments in big cities are affordable by single people with a low wage. 10) The entire British popu
I see all these people working thier hardest, and they still are unable to get out of poverty, while rich white men sit in thier nice clean, air conditiond offices. Why must people be so goddam greedy? Take for instance these huge hmo's and insurance companys. UNIVERSAL HEATHCARE is where it is at.
12 Things Not To Say If Pulled Over
12. Hey, wasn't your daughter a porn queen? 11. I'm surprised you stopped me, Dunkin Donuts has a 3 for 1 special! 10. If I bend over, will I still get a ticket? 9. No, offi, offic, lucifer . . . I'm not as think you are drunk I am. I swear to dog. 8. No, I don't know how fast I was going. The little needle stops at 110 mph. 7. Back off, Barney, I've got a piece. 6. want to race to the station, Sparky? 5. I know I was weaving, but I was trying to hit all the little green men! 4. On the way to the station let's get a six pack. 3. You'll never get those cuffs on me. . . You Homo! 2. Come on write the damn ticket, the bars close in 20 minutes! 1. No, YOU assume the position.
My Xxx Album
need some rating please check them out
12 Step Program Of Recovery For Web Addicts
1) I will have a cup of coffee in the morning and read my newspaper like I used to, before the Web. 2) I will eat breakfast with a knife and fork and not with one hand typing. 3) I will get dressed before noon. 4) I will make an attempt to clean the house, wash clothes, and plan dinner before even thinking of the Web. 5) I will sit down and write a letter to those unfortunate few friends and family that are Web-deprived. 6) I will call someone on the phone who I cannot contact via the Web. 7) I will read a book...if I still remember how. 8) I will listen to those around me and their needs and stop telling them to turn the TV down so I can hear the music on the Web. 9) I will not be tempted during TV commercials to check for email. 10) I will try and get out of the house at least once a week, if it is necessary or not. 11) I will remember that my bank is not forgiving if I forget to balance my checkbook because I was too busy on the Web. 12) Last, but no
Venus, The Evening Star, Retrogrades!
I took this write up on the Venus Retrograde from Night Light News. You can get quite accurate info for the upcoming week; her weeks run Thursday to Wednesday, btw! Hope this helps fill in the info gaps, lol! Venus turns retrograde Friday morning at 10:28 am (Pacific time) at 2 degrees Virgo. Where is that degree in everyone's chart? Venus will re-enter Leo August 10th continuing its retrograde motion till September 7th. We know that retrogrades signify an inward movement of the planet's energy (and thus our energy). Everyone in the world will experience this Venus retrograde. Love, relationships, values and our possessions will be altered and will not function in ways we are used to. We will be called to look back upon that which is unfinished, including feelings about others, past loves and business relationships. We may have difficulty expressing ourselves for the energy of a retrograde activates inner levels. We will re-evaluate existing relationships. A new and high
10 Way To Know If You Have Pms
1. Everyone around you has an attitude problem. 2. You're adding chocolate chips to your cheese omelet. 3. The dryer has shrunk every last pair of your jeans. 4. Your husband is suddenly agreeing to everything you say. 5. You're using your cellular phone to dial up every bumper sticker that says, "How's my driving - call 1-800-***-****." 6. Everyone's head looks like an invitation to batting practice. 7. You're convinced there's a God and he's male. 8. You're counting down the days until menopause. 9. You're sure that everyone is scheming to drive you crazy. 10. The Motrin bottle is empty and you bought it yesterday.
10 Things To Never Say To A Naked Man...
10: Awww...that's cute 9. Well, at least you're good at other things 8. Do you think it'll fit my old Barbie® clothes? 7. My li'l brother has one like that. 6. Are you cold? 5. ::giggles:: 4. Maybe we should just be friends 3. Can you make it dance? 2. Umm...maybe you should get dressed 1. Oh...look...its hiding!
New State Quaters
10 Things Not To Say To A Girlfriend's Parents
1. My parole officer thinks Teri has a calming effect on me. 2. Did you see that saucer that flew over town yesterday? 3. Which one of you taught Monica to give such great head? 4. Can you believe it those shitheads at the corner market won't cash my welfare check! 5. We're going to keep our relationship quiet for now, my wife (Debbie/et al) can be rather vindictive at times. 6. Those home pregnancy kits aren't very reliable in my opinion. 7. Angie is so pretty I've decided to give up being bisexual just for her. 8. Nice place you've got here, that painting looks expensive, I bet a nice home like this came with a safe already built in, didn't it? 9. There ain't nothing that beats that great feeling of knowing your HIV test results are negative! I bet Monica's will be okay too. 10. Can I put my car in your garage? I'm not sure how long that cop car will stay lost...
A Friendly Game Of Baseball (a Must Read)
Your hands our drenched with blood blood not of your own a rock is laying by the porch a rock to wich you've thrown your face as white as snow your body quivers full of fear the rock to which you've thrown you have killed someone you held dear asking you what happend I can't believe what you have done you didnt mean to to do it you all thought you were having fun you didnt have your baseball so you played with a rock instead you throw it just a little to hard you hit your friend deep in her head not knowing what to do you ran and screamed with fear the rock to wich you've thwon has killed someone you held dear
Sex in a boat - oar-gasms. Sex with a nerd - dork-gasms. Sex at the entrance to your house - door-gasms. Sex on carpet or linoleum - floor-gasms. Sex at the supermarket - store-gasms. Sex at a Steven King Movie - horror-gasms. Sex with a prostitute - whore-gasms. Sex with an accountant - bore-gasms. Sex while sleeping - snore-gasms. Sex with 'Arthur' - Dudley Moore-gasms. Sex with cartoon donkeys - Eyeore-gasms. Sex while broke - poor-gasms. Sex with a lion - roar-gasms. Sex for hours and hours on end - sore-gasms. Sex on a golf course - fore-gasms. Sex with a nymphomaniac (or Ritzi) - more-gasms. Sex in a gold mine - ore-gasms. Sex with a dermatologist - pore-gasms. Sex with a politician - Al Gore-gasms. Sex with Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers - s'more-gasms. Sex with a bullfighter - toreador-gasms. Sex with a masked man carrying a sword - zorro-gasms. Sex on the beach - shore-gasms. Sex at an all-you-can-eat buffet - smorgasbord-gasms. Sex on a c
I Need Some Love.
700 points away from level up...give me some luv friends and family.
"warning"...bad Virus! (seriouisly)
If you receive an email entitled "Badtimes", delete it immediately! Do not open it. Apparently, this one is pretty nasty. It will not only erase everything on your hard drive, but it will also delete anything on disks within 20 feet of your computer. It demagnetizes the stripes on ALL of your credit cards. It reprograms your ATM access code, screws up the tracking on your VCR and uses subspace field harmonics to scratch any CD's you attempt to play. It will re-calibrate your refrigerator's coolness settings so all your ice cream melts and your milk curdles. It will program your phone's autodial to call only your mother-in-law's number. This virus will mix antifreeze into your fish tank. It will drink all your beer. It will leave dirty socks on the coffee table when you are expecting company. Its radioactive emissions will cause your toe jam and bellybutton fuzz (be honest, you have some) to migrate behind your ears. It will replace your shampoo with Nair a
"a Coming Home Gift"
After being away on business for a week before Christmas, Tom thought it would be nice to bring his wife a little gift. "How about some perfume?" he asked the cosmetics clerk. She showed him a bottle costing $50. "That's a bit much," said Tom, so she returned with a smaller bottle for $30. "Thats still quite a bit," Tom groused. Growing disgusted, the clerk brought out a tiny $15 bottle. Tom grew agitated, "What I mean," he said, "is I'd like to see something real cheap."
As I Am
The Cabbie And The Blowjob
A successful businessman flew to Vegas for the weekend to gamble. He lost the shirt off his back, and had nothing left but a quarter and the second half of his round trip ticket -- If he could just get to the airport he could get himself home. So he went out to the front of the casino where there was a cab waiting. He got in and explained his situation to the cabbie. He promised to send the driver money from home, he offered him his credit card numbers, his drivers license number, his address, etc. but to no avail. The cabbie said (adopt appropriate dialect), "If you don't have fifteen dollars, get the hell out of my cab!" So the businessman was forced to hitch-hike to the airport and was barely in time to catch his flight. One year later the businessman, having worked long and hard to regain his financial success, returned to Vegas and this time he won big. Feeling pretty good about himself, he went out to the front of the casino to get a cab ride back to the airport. Well wh
The Nature Of Life
I started on a journey a long time ago. Ive been on this journey many years. So full of life. The sun was shining and the trees were smiling. The roses were red and the violets were blue. The river flowed strong. It was the purest form of beauty. As I continued on this journey, things started changing before my very eyes. The air became bitter, and the clouds above drew closer together and grew darker, blotting out the sun. I tried to turn back, but I could no longer find my way. I spoke to the trees, trees with so many years and so much knowledge, but they ignored my pleas. The merciless wind kept blowing as the air got colder. The river stood still. The violets were blue, but the blue was a different hue. Sadness. The roses were still red, but theyve grown lonely as they have no one to share their beauty with on Valentines Day. The blackness of night converged on me. The moon and the stars cannot guide me as they now take the form of a puzzle th
My,tears Too..
The road 17,000 Cherokee Indians plodded into exile more than 160 years ago winds 1,200 miles through the heartland of America from North Carolina to Oklahoma. Today it is a road of hope and promise, but in 1838 it was a road of misery and heartache, sickness, and death known today as “The Trail of Tears.” A proud nation, uprooted and dispossessed, traveled it for six long, bitter months in the winter of 1838-39. Sickness broke out at every mile. One person out of every four died on the forced march. The humiliation and suffering that the Cherokee experienced on this sorrowful march have no parallel in American history. To preserve the story of that experience, the Cherokee Historical Association in 1951 sent an expedition out over the old trail. Four Cherokee tribal leaders headed the group that made the trip through North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas to Oklahoma.The story of that march into exile and its cause forms one of the darkest chapters in th
Lost Sperm
One day two Sperms were swimming vigorously and one Sperm asks the other: "How much further do we have until we reach the egg??" The other Sperm replys: "I dunno, but i think we just passed the tonsils!!"
could you ever believe it would take 7 years to finally begin to come to terms with my dads death? 7 years....its so hard bein filled with so much pain and hurt and grief over him and not be able to show it. its like a wall of bricks sitting on top of you slowly crushing you till you cant breathe and theres not an escape in sight. thank god for therapy lol
Making Good On Her Promises
A woman recently lost her husband. She had him cremated and brought his ashes home. One day she picked up the urn he was in and poured him out on the counter. Then she started talking to him, and tracing her fingers in the ashes, she said, "You know that fur coat you promised me, Irving ?" She answered by saying, "I bought it with the insurance money!" She then said, " Irving , remember that new car you promised me?" She answered again saying, "Well, I bought it with the insurance money!" Still tracing her finger in the ashes, she said, " Irving , remember that blowjob I promised you? Here it comes..."
I Had To Share This With Everyone!!
A successful Christian business man was growing old and knew it was Time to choose a successor to take over the business. Instead of choosing One of his directors or his children, he decided to do something different. He called all the young executives in his company together. He said, "It is time for me to step down and choose the next CEO. I Have decided to choose one of you. "The young executives were shocked, but The boss continued.” I am going to give each one of you a SEED today - one Very special SEED. I want you to plant the seed, water it, and come back Here one year from today with what you have grown from the seed I have Given you. I will then judge the plants that you bring, and the one I Choose will be the next CEO". One man, named Jim, was there that day and he, like the others, Received a seed. He went home and excitedly, told his wife the story. She Helped him get a pot, soil and compost and he planted the seed
I Aint Fat And I Aint Jenna Jameson!!!???
If I aint Jenna Jameson.. Dont weight 300lbs with triple q boobs or are big fat and ugly..... Nobody gives a rats ass about me... When ya think ppl are gonna jump onto to something, and dive for it and not one bite.. SLaps me in the face.. Not a good feeling..... But all the rich ppl can spend happy hours 10 times a fuckin day right ???? But cant have fun with my own pimp out or contest of myself....??? I have to be a Dj or have to be some Lord GOd of some stupid underground crew to get anything here???? Dont tell me things and not mean what you say.. BIGGGGGGGGGGG Fuckin Pet peeve of mine..I HATE drama yet once again.... THank God I never asked anyone on here for a fuckin brain or a kidney or a heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just want to have some fun with people.. And try and get my mind of of how SHITTY and in pain I always feel..I thought posting a my own contest pimping my own self out was cute and funy and funny... I never rant either.... (((((((((Starts to cry)))))))) :( oh wait I k
She Was So Blonde...
...she spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice box because it said "concentrate". ...she put lipstick on her forehead because she wanted to make up her mind. ...she got stabbed in a shoot-out. ...she told me to meet her at the corner of "WALK" and "DONT WALK". ...she thought TuPac Shakur was a Jewish holiday. ...she tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order. ...she sat on the TV and watched the couch. ...she sent me a fax with a stamp on it. ...she tried to drown a fish. ...she thought a quarterback was a refund. ...she got locked in a grocery store and starved to death. ...if you gave her a penny for intelligence, you'd get change back. ...they had to burn the school down to get her out of third grade. ...under "education" on her job application, she put "Hooked On Phonics". ...she tripped over a cordless phone. ...she took a ruler to bed to see how long she slept. the bottom of the application where it says "sign here".. she p
The Piss Test
One day, in line at the company cafeteria, Jack says to Mike behind him, "My elbow hurts like hell. I guess I better see a doctor." "Listen, you don't have to spend that kind of money," Mike replies. "There's a diagnostic computer at the drugstore at the corner. Just give it a urine sample and the computer'll tell you what's wrong and what to do about it. It takes ten seconds and costs ten dollars...a hell of a lot cheaper than a doctor." So Jack deposits a urine sample in a small jar and takes it to the drugstore. He deposits ten dollars, and the computer lights up and asks for the urine sample. He pours the sample into the slot and waits. Ten seconds later, the computer ejects a printout: You have tennis elbow. Soak your arm in warm water and avoid heavy activity. It will improve in two weeks. That evening while thinking how amazing this new technology was, Jack began wondering if the computer could be fooled. He mixed some tap water, a stool sample from his dog, urine sampl
Clearing Poison Ivy
Well here is a little known fact for you guys. I don't get poison ivy!!! yay me Anyhow I was moving the mulch pile at the farm, because thier were little kids playing right there. Because thats where the shade is. Anyway when I was doing that I slipped on some decomposing, organic material AND FELL INTO THE ROTTING PLANTS. I was pissed but hey, I got over it.
The New Priest
A new priest at his first mass was so nervous he could hardly speak. After mass he asked the monsignor how he had done. The monsignor replied, "When I am worried about getting nervous on the pulpit, I put a glass of vodka next to the water glass. If I start to get nervous, I take a sip." So next Sunday he took the monsignor's advice. At the beginning of the sermon, he got nervous and took a drink. He proceeded to talk up a storm. Upon his return to his office after mass, he found the following note on the door: 1. Sip the Vodka, don't gulp. 2. There are 10 commandments, not 12. 3. There are 12 disciples, not 10. 4. Jesus was consecrated, not constipated. 5. Jacob wagered his donkey, he did not bet his ass. 6. We do not refer to Jesus Christ as the late J.C. 7. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are not referred to as Daddy, Junior and the Spook. 8. David slew Goliath, he did not kick the shit out of him. 9. When David was hit by a rock and knocked off his donkey, don't say h
Scf Bombers Want U
we started this great crew and need more members. no time restriction on how long u have to bomb just bomb when u can. have fun thats what fubar is for. Entering contest leveling up and meeting ppl so if ur interesed drop by my page or fu-mail me.
Male Or Female
You might not have known this, but a lot of non-living objects are actually either male or female. Here are some examples: FREEZER BAGS: They are male, because they hold everything in, but you can see right through them. PHOTOCOPIERS: These are female, because once turned off, it takes a while to warm them up again. They are an effective reproductive device if the right buttons are pushed, but can also wreak havoc if you push the wrong buttons. TIRES: Tires are male, because they go bald easily and are often over inflated. HOT AIR BALLOONS: Also a male object, because to get them to go anywhere, you have to light a fire under their arise. SPONGES: These are female, because they are soft, squeezable and retain water. WEB PAGES: Female, because they're constantl
My Job In The Hamptons
My Job In The Hamptons As some of you know I am a stage hand for a company out of Detroit. My work consists of building the stages for concerts. I do the stage to the production work as well, that includes lighting and sound. I am a climber as well, which basically means I'm crazy enough to climb very high on scaffolding handling steel at very high hieghts..... I do major concert events all across the country. Right now I am in the Hamptons, Long Island NY and this is what we are out here for ***HAMPTON SOCIAL*** All 5 concerts will take place this summer from July to August at The Ross School in East Hampton, New York, on a beautiful 63-acre property, outdoors in a tent environment. The event opens its doors at 6pm for cocktails, shows will start at 9pm and come to an end by 11pm. Get ready to live an unforgettable experience! ***FEATURED ARTISTS*** Prince: JULY 14 Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds: JULY 28 Billy Joel: AUGUST 4 James Taylor: AUGUST 11 Tom Petty &
Sitting here wondering what is next. I sit here all day long with nothing to do. I wish i had someone to talk to and do things with. Maybe, I should just forget about having friends..most of hte ones I have are to busy to talk to me..the ones who arent dont really have anything to say or any time to do something. I just want a night out drinking and that too much to ask?
Why are some people so damn sensitive! If I dont answer immediately, it doesnt mean i dont like you or are ignoring you!!!! WHEW!!! Also, I kind of like looking at our pics....If you want to see ALL of mine, I want to see ALL of yours! Damnit! I like naked bodies too!!!!!
Stupid Ass Pitbull Laws
1. pitbulls cant not be outside unattended unless on a chain. 2. all pitbull owners must have a sign saying pitbull on premesis or your dog will be taken 3. cops are told to shoot pitbulls on sight when trying to aprehend owners. 4. under no surcamstances are pitbulls supposed to be seen at major public events or large gatheerings 5. pitbulls are to be put down if it bites anyone under any circumstance even if in self deffense or the defence of owner. 6. in california if you own a pitbull you are a felon and sentenced to six months jail no exceptions 7. some health care and insurance companies will not cover you if you own a pitbull 8. you can not own home owners insurance if there is a pitbull on premisis. 9. department of child services sees a pitbull in the house as child endangerment .... .......... these are just some of the stupid fukkin laws placed on a missunderstood and ridiculed dog.. all because of media.. and only because of the massive power.. all other dogs att
Nose Picking Glossary (very Gross) Lol
The Kiddie Pick When you're by yourself and you uninhibitedly twist your forefinger into your nostril with childlike joy and freedom. And the best part is, there's no time limit! Camouflaged Kiddie Pick When, in the presence of other people, you wrap your forefinger in a tissue, then thrust it in deep and hold back the smile. Fake Nose Scratch When you make believe you've got an itch but you're really trolling the nostril edge for stray boogers. Making A Meal Out Of It You do it so furiously, and for so long, you're probably entitled to dessert. Surprise Pickings When a sneeze or laugh causes snot to come hurtling out of your nose, and you have to gracefully clean it off your shirt. Autopick The kind you do in a car, when no one's looking. Pick Your Brains Done in private, this is the one where your finger goes in so far, it passes the septum. Pick And Save When you have to pick it quickly, just when someone looks away, and then you pocket the snot
Hey there this is gonna be the first of many entries to this blog i love typing in them and letting everyone know how i am feeling right now i am excited :) my daughter comes home in a week and i cant wait then i get to go see my son for 2 days i am exstatic lol well i have to get going i have to go to work and its so hot here lol have a great night dont forget to fan me and rate me and leave comments
Actual Classified Ads
Illiterate? Write today for free help. Auto Repair Service. Free pick-up and delivery. Try us once, you'll never go anywhere again. Our experienced Mom will care for your child. Fenced yard, meals, and smacks included. Dog for sale: eats anything and is fond of children. Man wanted to work in dynamite factory. Must be willing to travel. Stock up and save. Limit: one. Semi-Annual after-Christmas Sale. 3-year old teacher needed for pre-school. Experience preferred. Mixing bowl set designed to please a cook with round bottom for efficient beating. Dinner Special -- Turkey $2.35; Chicken or Beef $2.25; Children $2.00 For sale: antique desk suitable for lady with thick legs and large drawers. Now is your chance to have your ears pierced and get an extra pair to take home, too. We do not tear your clothing with machinery. We do it carefully by hand. For sale. Three canaries of undermined sex. Have several very old dresses from grandmother in beautif
Actual Classified Ads
Illiterate? Write today for free help. Auto Repair Service. Free pick-up and delivery. Try us once, you'll never go anywhere again. Our experienced Mom will care for your child. Fenced yard, meals, and smacks included. Dog for sale: eats anything and is fond of children. Man wanted to work in dynamite factory. Must be willing to travel. Stock up and save. Limit: one. Semi-Annual after-Christmas Sale. 3-year old teacher needed for pre-school. Experience preferred. Mixing bowl set designed to please a cook with round bottom for efficient beating. Dinner Special -- Turkey $2.35; Chicken or Beef $2.25; Children $2.00 For sale: antique desk suitable for lady with thick legs and large drawers. Now is your chance to have your ears pierced and get an extra pair to take home, too. We do not tear your clothing with machinery. We do it carefully by hand. For sale. Three canaries of undermined sex. Have several very old dresses from grandmother in beautif
2 Words..bush Cover Up!
AP: New details on Tillman's death By MARTHA MENDOZA, AP National Writer 1 hour, 21 minutes ago;_ylt=AmYadMzYbvgJW96NgTBl5pAXIr0F Army medical examiners were suspicious about the close proximity of the three bullet holes in Pat Tillman's forehead and tried without success to get authorities to investigate whether the former NFL player's death amounted to a crime, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. "The medical evidence did not match up with the, with the scenario as described," a doctor who examined Tillman's body after he was killed on the battlefield in Afghanistan in 2004 told investigators. The doctors — whose names were blacked out — said that the bullet holes were so close together that it appeared the Army Ranger was cut down by an M-16 fired from a mere 10 yards or so away. Ultimately, the Pentagon did conduct a criminal investigation, and asked Tillman's comrades whethe
20 Ways To Annoy Your Public Bathroom Stallmate
1. Stick your open palm under the stall wall and ask your neighbor, 'May I borrow a highlighter?' 2. Say, 'Uh oh, I knew I shouldn't have put my lips on that.' 3. Cheer and clap loudly every time somebody breaks the silence with a bodily function noise. 4. Say, 'Damn, this water's cold.' 5. Drop a marble and say, 'Oh shit! My glass eye!' 6. Say, 'Hmmm, I've never seen that color before.' 7. Grunt and strain real loud for 30 seconds and then drop a cantelope into the toilet bowl from a height of 6 feet. Sigh relaxingly. 8. Say, 'Now how did that get there?' 9. Say, 'Humus. Reminds me of humus.' 10. Fill up a large flask with Mountain Dew. Squirt it erratically under the stall walls of your neighbors while yelling, 'Whoa! Easy boy!' 11. Say, 'Interesting.. more floaters than sinkers.' 12. Using a small squeeze tube, spread peanut butter on a wad of toilet paper and drop the wad under the stall wall of your neighbor. Then say, 'Whoops, could you kick that
You Know You Were Born & Bred In Louisiana When...
**Your sunglasses fog up when you step outside. **You reinforce your attic to store Mardi Gras beads. **You don't look twice when you see pink flamingos in yards of nice subdivisions during Mardi Gras **You save newspapers, not for recycling but for tablecloths at crawfish boils **Your ancestors are buried above the ground **You drink Community; you have tried Starbucks, but don't see what all the fuss is about **You take a bite of five-alarm chili and reach for the Tabasco **Every once in a while, you have waterfront property **You sit down to eat boiled crawfish and your host says, "Don't eat the dead ones," and you know what he means **You don't learn until high school that Mardi Gras is not a national holiday **You push little old ladies out of the way to catch Mardi Gras beads **Little old ladies push YOU out of the way to catch Mardi Gras Beads **You believe that purple, green, and gold look good together **Your last name isn't prono
Read This And Tell Me What You Think
Iraq war veteran's parents sue U.S. after suicide By Svea Herbst-Bayliss Thu Jul 26, 5:41 PM ET Iraq war veteran's parents sue U.S. after suicide The parents of an Iraq war veteran who committed suicide sued the U.S. government on Thursday for negligence, charging their son hanged himself after the government ignored his depression. The suit accuses the federal government of not helping 23-year-old Jeffrey Lucey, who committed suicide in his parents' Massachusetts basement less than a year after returning home from fighting during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary James Nicholson was also named in the suit. "This government is guilty of not taking care of the troops after they come home," the veteran's father, Kevin Lucey, said in an interview. "We are hoping to show this nation how broken the Veterans Administration is. We want to make this a responsive and efficient system."
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A man and a woman meet at bar one day and are getting along really well. They decide to go back to the woman's house where they engage in passionate love making. The woman suddenly cocks her ear and says, "Quick, my husband just got home. Go hide in the bathroom!" So the man runs into the bathroom. Her husband comes up into the bedroom and looks at her. "Why are you naked?" Well, I heard you pull up outside, so I thought I would come up here and get ready for you." "Okay," the man replies, "I'll go get ready." He goes into the bathroom before his wife can stop him and sees a naked man standing there clapping his hands. "Who the hell are you?" the man asks "I am from the pest extermination company. Your wife called me in to get rid of the moths you are having problems with." The husband exclaims, "But you are naked!" The man then looks down and jumps back in surprise. "Those little bastards!"
Trailer..the Maim Event
The Maim Event
i need to know who sings the song im just a kid, its in my stash if you need to hear it thanks guys oh and stop asking to see my boobs
Ever Wonder Why...?
Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin? Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed? Why don't you ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"? Why is "abbreviated" such a long word? Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"? Why is it that to stop Windows 98, you have to click on "Start"? Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons? Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker? Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour? Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food? When dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests it? Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes? Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections? You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?! Why don't sheep shrink when it rains? Why are they called apartments when they are all stuc
Two Free Graphics Programs And A Word Processor!!
Graphics They're free, but that doesn't mean these apps aren't powerful. Created by folks who welcome help and improvements to their work, many of these programs are superior to packaged software. Gimpshop Open Source software has never been known for its photo processing prowess. Until now, that is. Gimpshop is an exceedingly powerful Photoshop lookalike that has far more features than you, or most people you know, will ever use. If you're looking to do something as simple as touch up photos, or something far more sophisticated, like work in multiple layers, it has the tools you need. There are also numerous effects and filters, the ability to easily create color gradients, and plenty more. In fact, if all you want to do is basic photo-retouching, it's probably overkill. But if you want to indulge your inner artist, there's plenty. The program is based on a long-time Open Source favorite, GIMP, but has more fit and polish, and a Ph
hey, havn't been able to get to the comp for a while.. got a touch of the flu Friday night, by Saturday, I was sick as a dog. ended up going to the walk in clinic, and got a shot of demorol and gravol, that set me up for the rest of the day.. lol By Sunday morning my blood sugar meter was showing a reading of 20 (that's 360 on the US scale). took some insulin, got it down to 16.4 (295), took MORE insulin.. by 9 am, my meter was showing 6.6 (119)). I was still sick as a dog, bouncing in and out of a coma. ended up in the back of an ambulance.. the hospital did some blood work, turned out my meter FAILED.. my sugar was at 38 (684). I was in ICU from Sunday to Wednesday.. so if you sent me any msgs in the shout box, they were all lost, so don't be mad at me for not answering!! but please send them again, if you know me, you know I'll return them.. Mike niagaradood
Condom Joke
A young man goes into a pharmacy and says to the pharmacist, “Hello, could you give me condom. I’m going to my girlfriends for dinner and I think I may be in with a chance!” The pharmacist gives him the condom and as the young man is going out; he returns and says, “Give me another condom because my girlfriend’s sister is very cute too. She always crosses her legs in a provocative manner when she sees me and I think I might strike it lucky there too.” The pharmacist gives him a second condom and as the boy is leaving he turns back and says, “Go on, give me one more condom because my girlfriend’s mum is still pretty cute and when she sees me she always makes eyes, and since she invited me for dinner, I think she is expecting me to make a move! During dinner, the young man is sitting with his girlfriend on his left, the sister on his right and the mum facing him. When the dad gets t here, the boy lowers his head and starts praying, “Dear Lord, bless this dinner and Thank you for
Angry Wife
One day a wife is frustrated by the state of her house. She goes to her husband and asks him to pix the pipes. He looks at her and says, "Do I look like a plumber?". The next day the wife goes to her husband again and asks him to fix the light in the diningroom. Again her husband looks at her and says this time "Do I look like an electrician?" The wife sighs and walks away. Later she goes to her husband once more and asks him to fix the broken chair. "Do I look like a carpenter?" Is her husbands only response. The following day the husband comes home from work to see the light is fixed.. the chair and the plumbing! He asks his wife how all this came to be. She replies "Oh a man came by, he said that he would fix everything for a price. I could either have sex with him or bake him a pie." The husband smiles and asks, "What type of pie did you bake him?" "DO I LOOK LIKE A BAKER?"
What Happens When You Cheat On A
A Marine was deployed to Afghanistan. While he was there he received a letter from his girlfriend. In the letter she explained that she had slept with two guys while he had been gone and she wanted to break up with him. AND, she wanted the pictures of herself back. So the Marine did what any squared-away Marine would do. He went around to his buddies and collected all the unwanted photos of women he could find. He then mailed about 25 pictures of women (with clothes and mostly without) to his girlfriend with the following note: "I don't remember which one you are. Please remove your picture and send the rest back."
Little Johnny watched his Daddy's car pass by the school playground and go into the woods. Curious, Johnny followed the car and saw Daddy and Aunt Jane in a passionate embrace. Little Johnny found this so exciting that he could not contain himself, he ran home and started to tell his mother. "Mommy I was at the playground and I saw Daddy's car go into the woods with Aunt Jane. I went back to look and he was giving Aunt Jane a big kiss, then he helped her take off her shirt. Then Aunt Jane helped Daddy take his pants off, then Aunt Jane . . . ." At this point Mommy cut him off and said, "Johnny this is such an interesting story suppose you save the rest of it for supper time.I want to see the look on Daddy's face when you tell it tonight". At the dinner table Mommy asked little Johnny to tell his story. Johnny started his story, "I was at the playground and I saw Daddy's car go into the woods with Aunt Jane. I went back to look and he was giving Aunt Jane a big kiss, then he he
Just Want To Know....
MyHotComments If I gave you one chance to do whatever you wanted with me,what would it be?(and why would it be that?) If you had once chance to see the world threw my eyes would you take that chance? If I told you I was goin to kill myself,would you try to stop me? If I got cancer and was going bald would you still talk to me?
The Penis
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: * I do physical labor. * I work at great depths. * I plunge headfirst into everything I do. * I do not get weekends or holidays off. * I work in a damp environment. * I work ina dark area with poor ventilation. * I work in an area with high temperatures. * My work exposes me to contagious diseases. Sincerely, The Penis *** Dear Mr. Penis, After assessing your request and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons: * You do not work eight hours straight. * You fall asleep after brief work periods. * You do not always follow the orders of the management team. * You do not stay in your designated area and are often seen visiting other locations. * You do not take initiative. * You need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. * You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of your shift. * Yo
Wicked, Another Chapter
He is so lost in his fantasy that he doesnt realize his car has started to cross the center line. All of a sudden a horn blaring snaps him out of it. When he looks he is about to come head on with a Semi. He jerks the wheel barely avoiding the collision. His car skids and swerves off the road. As it gets caught up on the gravel it blows the front tire. " Fuck " he yells smacking his hands on the steering wheel. All he wanted tonight was to go home, crack a beer and relax. Now he is in the middle of nowhere, on the highway. Stuck with a woman who is making him lose his mind. The jerking of the car woke her. She looked at him wondering what the hell was going on. " What happened?" she asked He realizes she did not see the truck so he does not want her to know it was his fault they almost crashed. Especially when it was due to him mentally undressing and touchig her. " Damn deer ran across the road, had to swerve to avoid it " he says, hoping she asks no questio
What A
True story, I was happy. My girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married. My parents helped us in every way, my friends encouraged me, and my girlfriend? She was a dream! There was only one thing bothering me, very much indeed, and that one thing was her younger sister. My prospective sister-in-law was twenty years of age, wore tight mini skirts and low cut blouses. She would regularly bend down when near me and I got many a pleasant view of her underwear. It had to be deliberate. She never did it when she was near anyone else. One day little sister called and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations. She was alone when I arrived. She whispered to me that soon I was to be married, and she had feelings and desires for me that she couldn't overcome and didn't really want to overcome. She told me that she wanted to make love to me just once before I got married and committed my life to her sister. I was in total shock and couldn't say a
The Story Of Hope
It's been a long haul for me since October of last year. I've fought breast cancer and I'm proud to say I am a survivor. My daughter gave birth to my still born Grand-daughter son's fiancee gave birth to a baby boy named Liam in February this age 2 months he died in his crib of SIDS...My two year grand-daughter Hope...who was born May 21/05 at 22 wks of pregnancy with all her insides on the outside of her body fought to live and survived. She was a determined fighter, she went through an operation at 20 hrs old to replace her kidney with a new one, put all her insides back inside, she then developed a brain tumor when she was 9 months old. They saved her with brain surgery, she became a diabetic, they treated her for it. She had a zest for life and the will to live. At age almost two she went through leg & hip surgery to repair some bones and nerves in her leg which had ceased to grow. It was successful. After two months the foot started to turn in again...t
Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time John, and Pamela lived in canada. His mother Jessica from America came to visit and she suspects of a relationship between the two, and this had onlymade her more curious. Reading his mom's thoughts, John volunteered,"I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you, Pamela and I are just roommates." Than about 3 days later Jessica heads back to America. About 4 days later, Pamela came to John saying,"Ever since your mother left, I've been unable to find the silver sugar bowl. You don't suppose she took it do you?" "Well, I doubt it, but I'll email her, just to be sure." So he sat down and wrote: Dear mother, I'm not saying that you "did" take the sugar bowl from my house,I'm not saying that you "did not" take it. But the fact remains that it has been missing ever since you left back to America. Love, John. Several days later, Joe received an email from his mother which read: Dear Son, I'm not saying that you "do" sleep with Pamela, an
Firefly Character
Which Firefly character are you? You are Inara, the registerred Companion. you are sexy, sensual and skilled, yet have trouble admitting to your emotions. You swing both ways.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Oops I Did It Again,,,,,,
I entered another contest....It's for a happy hour. It just started about an hr ago and I am already 1500 behind. I need ANY and ALL the help I can get. So please come help me out and show me some love.I would greatly appercaite it. Much LOVE TO ALLLLLLLLLL My lovelies.
The Blonde Joke To End All Blonde Jokes
A blonde calls her boyfriend and says, "Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can't figure out how to get it started." Her boyfriend asks, "What is it supposed to be when it's finished?" The blonde says, "According to the picture on the box, it's a tiger." Her boyfriend decides to go over and help with the puzzle. She lets him in and shows him where she has the puzzle spread all over the table. He studies the pieces for a moment, then looks at the box, then turns to her and says, "First of all, no matter what we do, we're not going to be able to assemble these pieces into anything resembling a tiger." He takes her hand and says, "Second, I want you to relax. Let's have a nice cup of tea, and then .." He sighed......... ....... "Let's put all the Frosted Flakes back in the box......."
Everything Is Great
Except for the fact that we can not find a house. We have been looking and looking and nothing that suits us. The few places that we could actually see ourselves living in have already been taken when i call back Please wish me luck with the house search.
Let Me Ask You A Question
A little boy is in school working on his arithmetic. The teacher says, "Imagine there are 5 black birds sitting on a fence. You pick up your BB gun and shoot one. How many blackbirds are left?" The little boy thinks for a moment and says, "NONE!" The teacher replies, "None, how do you figure that?" The little boy says, if I shoot one, all the other birds will fly away scared, leaving none on the fence." The teacher replies, "Hmm, not exactly, but I do like the way you think!" The little boy then says, "Teacher, let me ask you a question. There are 3 women sitting on a park bench eating ice cream cones. One is licking her cone, another is biting it and the third one is sucking it. How can you tell which one of the women is married?" The teacher ponders the question ncomfortably and then finally replies, "Well, I guess the one sucking her cone." To which the little boy replies, "Actually, its the one with the wedding ring, but I do like the way YOU think!"
What The Hell Kind Of Music Is This?
I wrote a new song with my band this evening, we started out with a really basic beat and then i added bass, some synths and a whole lot of guitars and all of a sudden we had the framework of what will probably be our strangest song so far. My parents were hippies and i had to listen to a lot of crap hippie music when i was a kid, some of it is still there, lurking at the back of my mind and this evening it came pouring out of me onto what was supposed to be a dance track. So now we have a progressive house song with guitar/synth harmonies like something out of a seventies progressive rock song, like a dance version of Yes or Emerson Lake and Palmer.. And then when you think it cant get any stranger suddenly the country and western guitars come swooping in and it sounds like two totally different bands are sharing the same drummer and by coincidence they are playing in the same key, its like you were to turn on two radios at the same time and by some cosmic accident two totally diff
What Starts With F And Ends With K
A first-grade teacher, Ms. Brooks, was having trouble with one of her students. The teacher asked, "Harry, what's your problem?" Harry answered, "I'm too smart for the 1st grade. My sister is in the 3rd grade and I'm smarter than she is! I think I should be in the 3rd grade too!" Ms. Brooks had had enough. She took Harry to the principal's office. While Harry waited in the outer office, the teacher explained to the principal what the situation was. The principal told Ms. Brooks he would give the boy a test. If he failed to answer any of his questions he was to go back to the 1st grade and behave. She agreed. Harry was brought in and the conditions were explained to him and he agreed to take the test. Principal: "What is 3 x 3?" Harry: "9."
Watch My Shoes
Nice To Watch!
[ photo: 1711043898 ]
Son Of A B***h!
Girl: "Forgive me father for I have sinned." Priest: "What have you done my child?" Girl: "I called a man a son of a bit**." Priest: "Why did you call him a son of a bit**?" Girl: "Because he touched my hand." Priest: "Like this?" (as he touches her hand) Girl: "Yes father." Priest: "That's no reason to call a man a son of a bit**." Girl: "Then he touched my breast." Priest: "Like this?" (as he touched her breast) Girl: "Yes father." Priest: "That's no reason to call him a son of a bit**." Girl: "Then he took off my clothes, father." Priest: "Like this?" (as he takes off her clothes) Girl: "Yes father." Priest: "That's no reason to call him a son of a bit**." Girl: "Then he stuck his you know what into my you know where." Priest: "Like this?" (as he stuck his you know what into her you know where) Girl: "YES FATHER, YES FATHER, YES FATHER!!!" Priest: (after a few minutes): "That's no reason to call him a son of a bit**." Girl:
Life Goes On...
couldn't think of anything to hope you enjoy this: MyHotComments
It Was Assigned Reading For Me Back In High School...
and to my mind strictly as writing- as plot, etc... - it's flawed, it's not only unsubtle but overdoes... but- more important is the fact that the relevance of The Crucible has grown rather than weakened. I have occasion to think of it often.
Stuff I Like
likes bikes hubby is a biker likesnascars
Help Help Help
just rate how ever hasnt yet please team sf thugs
Pussy Ass Niggas
Next Godfather
k so. i just got in from some back breaking yard work. im sweaty...yet exhilerated.(sp?) whatever not checking it cuz i dun hafta if'n i dun wanna. pffft. went out to the ghetto to get some supplies in order to do said yard work...and decided O.o i should check out the price of the new HP was a good price...i woulda picked it up...cept for one itsy bitsy fact... they were fucking out *seethes* buncha fuckers. *growls* so i came home...and dug holes instead. i was only gonna do one...but the more i thought about it...the more i holes im done. cuz its gonna rain. and digging in the rain sucks ass. however...the yard shows improvement. *nod* bought lavender fake heather...which is a kind of evergreen shrub. actually we bought 5 of them. i planted 3 of em in the holes. maybe tomorrow i'll tackle the other 2 and the other 3 plants moms bought. and transplanted my JFK and some other herbs. curiously enough? while i was
Wht About Me
I Luv My Niggas
Murphys Law Of Combat
Friendly fire - isn't. Recoilless rifles - aren't. Suppressive fires - won't. You are not Superman; Marines and fighter pilots take note. A sucking chest wound is Nature's way of telling you to slow down. If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid. Try to look unimportant; the enemy may be low on ammo and not want to waste a bullet on you. If at first you don't succeed, call in an airstrike. If you are forward of your position, your artillery will fall short. Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than yourself. Never go to bed with anyone crazier than yourself. Never forget that your weapon was made by the lowest bidder. If your attack is going really well, it's an ambush. The enemy diversion you're ignoring is their main attack. The enemy invariably attacks on two occasions: when they're ready. when you're not. No OPLAN ever survives initial contact. There is no such thing as a perfect plan. Five second fuzes always burn three seconds. Ther
Sick Update Numba 2
Went in today for scope of the stomach and stuff and well found out nothing itsall good in there so now tomarrow we are checkin more stuff but we donno when we will get the results from that...i got home at like 4 so i as told and ijust woke still a lil messed up fromthe meds i love it... While your in here show me some love.... drew64_4**Underground Security**##Jeezy's Offical Bodyguard## @ fubar
Thingds That Make You Go Hmmm
Finally, a definition of globalization I can understand and to which I can relate Question: What is the truest definition of Globalization? Answer: Princess Diana's death. Question: How come? Answer: An English princess with an Egyptian boyfriend crashes in a French tunnel, driving a German car with a Dutch engine, driven by a Belgian who was drunk on Scottish whisky, (check the bottle before you change the spelling), followed closely by Italian Paparazzi, on Japanese motorcycles; treated by an American doctor, using Brazilian medicines. This is sent to you by a Canadian, using Bill Gates's technology, and you're probably reading this on your computer, that uses Taiwanese chips, and a Korean monitor, assembled by Bangladeshi workers in a Singapore plant, transported by Indian lorry-drivers, hijacked by Indonesians, unloaded by Sicilian longshoremen, and trucked to you by Mexican illegals..... That, my friends, is Globalizat
Update One
I am gettin tired of typing this so i am just sending it out like this..... For thos who don't know i have had alot of trouble being sick over the last two months with vommitting and waht not every day and it has been getting alot worst..... I went to a specialist today...They still really don't know what is wrong with me....but they have some ideas and we are going to do some test i am going to be put under tomarrow and they are going to scope my stomach and then friday i am having a cat scan done....they think my appendix might have ruptured or is very close to doing so if this is the case i will be out of work long so yippeee i really miss the money...but thats what's up iwill let ya'll know more when i know more so peace drew
Ouija Board
ok last nite George Noory was going to do an experiment with an Ouija board live on the air but at the last minute he changed his mind because some freaky stuff was happening in his life as well as his friends so he didnt go through with it, so im wondering if the stories are true about the scary thing that happened over the years to those that have messed with it or if its just all in the head, and if you guys believe its a bad thing to mess with. your opinion is wanted, thanks
If anyone would like a morph made with their pictures , just let me know . All of the morphs in my pictures , are ones that i have made .
Put On Your Bombin Shoes & Cum Join Me ;)
PURDY PLZ WIT SUGAH ON TOP *BATS EYE LASHES* I'VE ALREADY MAXED OUT ON MY COMMENTS TODAY HELPIN A FRIEND SO I COULD REALLY USE THE HELP HAPPY HOUR CONTEST!! & Ends on Aug 5th @ 5pm(PST) 7PM(CST) 8PM(EST) Most comments & rates at the end of the contest wins. Each pic rate will count as 1 comment 1st Place: Happy Hour 2nd Place: 7 day blast or Month Vic 3rd Place: 3 day blast You must rate, fan & be on his friends list to comment in this contest so I would like to plz ask all my friends to do so now :) »†HøH姫 Here's my link to the contest... H♥llieH♥ttie™{President of I.A.R. Bombsquad} That is all Thank You :)
For everything there is a season, And a time for every matter under heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; A time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together; A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing; A time to seek, and a time to lose; A time to keep, and a time to throw away; A time to tear, and a time to sew; A time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate, A time for war, and a time for peace Ecclesiastes .... so be happy!!!
Come Help Out Please
LADY DI IS SMOKIN!!!!! Come help her keep a really good jump on this contest she is in for a Happy hour. If everyone on my list could please please please come and leave 25 comments or more that would help make sure she says on TOP. Thank you all so much for anyone who comes and helps out. Bites and Licks, Dark Enigma.
Did Ever Think There Is A Reason Why Ppl Type In Caps>>? Read And Learn>
Pat is a person that teletypes he cant see and he types on a special type apparatis so he can be here for friends,but he was typing in caps in mums and ppl were their ruddest to him. He typed another mum same in caps explaning. My heart broke , I was in tears . This is why I dont judge . I also know of a man thats in a wheel chair and id never of know by his picture except he told me. God you have opened mine eyes to sees all that not before me . To know that a picture doesnt tell all or show all, and typed words are not showing the person behind those words.That we as a people should be aware of others and their sence of speach to speek out to us, that they maynot be of a whole or perfect body, cause we cant see..; . We should remember we cant see the whole person thats placing type on the screen. Also Lord another man has some problems to he is lonly and depressed. needs your love LORD HELP HIM TOO . hugs diana
Things That Piss Me Off!!!!
Yah, I don't need my blog being deleted or anything. Thursday, July 26, 2007 Who's your admirer? Current mood: aggravated Category: Dreams and the Supernatural This is pointing out the obvious. It's something I do. It's a rant. The sumo man talking about a crush pissed me off. I think it's really fucking sick. I don't think they should play on the false hopes and insecurities of lonely people. They act like everyone has a secret admirer. Well, call me pesamistic, but I don't think everyone does, or atleast not all the time. They shouldn't be able to say " someone who visited your profile has a crush on you. " They don't fuckin know that. Someone might defend them by saying " Well, it seems like the individual should know they don't fuckin know that. So it's an obvious false ploy. " Those people can go fuck themselves. People who say that probably haven't been extremely lonely. I'm usually into logic, and common sense. Everyone has these right? Wrong. Not everyon
The fox is a predator of great cunning and wiles. As such, to dream about the fox is to see oneself as either possessing or being victimized by such attributes. The focus on this symbol should be your sense of fear or kinship toward the fox. Whether you like or dislike the fox will determine the representation of the world and your relationships in it. If the fox is an adversary, the object that the fox is trying to take from you may be revealing. A fox appearing in your dream should indicate that the qualities you most associate with a fox are somewhere at play in your life; either by you against someone else, or by someone else against you. Is there someone else in the presence of the fox that shares its qualities? Is there another person in the dream who seems to be approaching you with caution?
Unforgivable #3
give me that V card bitch
I'm Done
I've decided that I'm through with caring about people and letting someone in. Every time I do I get hurt and well..I'm just done. I can't do this anymore and to be perfectly honest, I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to be the one that is trying all the time and doing what I can to please that other person. Second guessing myself and the way I believe just to have someone like me? WTF? No more. I'm done. I've been single for 7 years, not to say I haven't had boyfriends and things like that, but not in the past 2 years have I had a steady relationship. No I'm not going to go lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that, I just don't like cats), I'm just done with men. Wait maybe I should say boys that think they're men when in reality they're scared little kids that don't know what the hell they want. I have a lot of male friends that always tell me it's not me it's the men I date...well isn't that a great way to make a girl feel good? LOL I know they mean well
Are You Sure?
A blind guy on a bar stool shouts to the bartender, "Wanna hear a blonde joke?" In a hushed voice, the guy next to him says, "Before you tell that joke, you should know something." Our bartender IS blonde, the bouncer is blonde. I'm a 6' tall, 200 lb black belt. The guy sitting next to me is 6'2", weighs 225, and he's a rugby player. The fella to your right is 6'5" pushing 300 and he's a wrestler. Each one of US is blonde. Think about it, Mister. Do you still wanna tell that joke?" The blind guy says, "Nah, not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times."
Unforgivable #2
this is another one by the same guy its 2 of 4
Redneck Pickup Line...
You might not be the purdiest girl in the place....but beauty is only a light switch away.
this shit is fucking hilarious...its 1 of 4
:.funni Pikk Upp Linesz.:
Man: I know how to please a woman. Woman: Then please leave me alone. Man: I want to give myself to you. Woman: Sorry, I don't accept cheap gifts. Man: I can tell that you want me. Woman: Ohhhh. You're so right. I want leave. Man: I'd go through anything for you. Woman: Good! Let's start with your bank account. Man: Hey, come on, we're both here at this bar for the same reason Woman: Yeah! Let's pick up some chicks!
My Solution To The War In Iraq And Overcrowding Prisons ask? You know that you've thought about it the same way I do everyday of my existence. It's on everyone's mind...but noone wants to speak up. Well I hope whoever reads this reports it to their local congressman ASAP!!! The solution is relatively simple...but in the eyes of many, would be considered un-ethical. We have more troops here in the states than any military organization on the planet...the problem is they are part of our correctional system...yes that's right...inmates, prisoners, felons, and the like. Many of these murderers, rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers, and violent offenders are already literally trained to fight and kill. Yet they continue to be fed 3 squares, are housed, clothed, and bathed like big babies; some even paroled, all the while the future men and women of our country are fighting a meaningless war overseas with no restrooms, no facilities, no food sometimes, and no peace. I do support out troops, but not the cause, for the record. I'll
Pickup Lines
If you were a car, I'd wax and ride you all over town. If you were a laser, you'd be set on "stunning". It must be cold in here - or are you just happy to see me? Since sex is a killer, would ya like to die happy? That's a nice shirt. Can I talk you out of it? The only thing your eyes haven't told me is your name. There gotta be a keg in your pants, coz I wanna tap that ass. There's this movie I wanted to see and my mom said I couldn't go by myself. Was your Father a mechanic? Then how did you get such a finely tuned body? You're so hot, your ass is on fire. Do you know, your hair and my pillow are perfectly colour coordinated. I know a great way to burn off the calories in that cake you just ate. I wonder what our children will look like. I'm wearing Revlon colourstay lipstick. Wanna help me test the claim it won't kiss off? If I received a nickel for everytime I saw someone as beautiful as you, I'd have five cents. Nice shoes Wanna Fuck!?!
Female Comebacks
Man: Where have you been all my life? Woman: Hiding from you. Man: Haven't I seen you someplace before? Woman: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore. Man: Is this seat empty? Woman: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down. Man: Your place or mine? Woman: Both. You go to yours, and I'll go to mine. Man: So, what do you do for a living? Woman: I'm a female impersonator. Man: Hey baby, what's your sign? Woman: Do not enter. Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning? Woman: Unfertilized. Man: Your body is like a temple. Woman: Sorry, there are no services today. Man: I would go to the end of the world for you. Woman: But would you stay there? Man: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy. Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing.
Haterzzzzz And Snitchezzzz
Ok so someone snitched 2 the FUBAR POLICE hahaha Sayin one of my pix was NSFW, but its only a bikini top that goes with the outer top..... All I can say is AYE PLEASE!!!! Don't hate cuz u don't have and can't have what I am working with.... Sorry 4 ur luck.......... BESOS!!! ;OP
Welcome To Maine
Welcome to Maine.... The Maine Turnpike began a new program this summer where they handed out flyers titled "Welcome To Vacationland." These flyers will be handed out to all cars with license plates from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. The flyers state the following rules for visiting Maine: 1. That slope-shouldered farm boy you are snickering at did more work before breakfast than you did all week in the gym. 2. It's called a "gravel road." No matter how slowly you drive, you're going to get dust on your BMW. We have four wheel drive because we need it. Now drive, or get out of the way. 3. We all started hunting and fishing when we were nine years old. Yeah, we saw "Bambi." We got over it. 4. Any references to "corn fed" when talking about our women will get your butt our women. 5. Pull your pants up, and turn that hat around. You look like an idiot. 6. If that cell phone rings while a bunch of mallards are making their fin
12 Pic Rating Only
Dirty And Rude Pick Up Lines
1. I wish you were a door so I could slam you all day. 2. Nice legs...what time do they open? 3. Do you work for UPS? I thought I saw you checking out my package. 4. You've got 206 bones in your body, want one more? 5. Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money? 6. I may not be the best looking guy in here, but I'm the only one talking to you. 7. I'm a bird watcher and I'm looking for a Big Breasted Bed Thrasher: have you seen one? 8. I'm fighting the urge to make you the happiest woman on earth tonight. 9. Want to play army? I'll lay down and you can blow the hell outta me. 10. I wish you were a Pony Carousel outside Superdrug, so I could ride you all day long for a quarter. 11. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that was a Braille name tag. 12. I'd really like to see how you look when I'm naked. 13. Is that a ladder in your stockings or the stairway to heaven? 14. You might not be the best looking girl here, but beauty is on
A Very Important Question?
Should I cut off all my beautiful hair? lol I cant decide all you nice people should help :)
Luv Block Weirdos....
got this weirdo in Shout box lakelife46...: whats up with you ->lakelife46...: wtf? lakelife46...: omg your hot licyalater yeah! thats what i do with those guys..yup hit the block. this why I have "Luv Block weirdosLOL" if anyone was wandering...thought I post it. anyways thanks for dropping by...just lil ranting. hugs to friends & fans. Mary
Comebacks For Cheesy Pick Up Lines!
Man: Where have you been all my life? Woman: Hiding from you. Man: Haven't I seen you someplace before? Woman: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore. Man: Is this seat empty? Woman: Yes, and this one will be too if you sit down. Man: Your place or mine? Woman: Both. You go to yours, and I'll go to mine. Man: So, what do you do for a living? Woman: I'm a female impersonator. Man: Hey baby, what's your sign? Woman: Do not enter. Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning? Woman: Unfertilized. Man: Your body is like a temple. Woman: Sorry, there are no services today. Man: I would go to the end of the world for you. Woman: But would you stay there? Man: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy. Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing
Masturbating Will Help
The doc told him that masturbating before sex often helped men last longer during the act. The man decided, "What the hell, I'll try it,"He spent the rest of the day thinking about where to do it. He couldn't do it in his office. He thought about the restroom, but that was too open. He considered an alley, but figured that was too unsafe. Finally, he realized his solution. On his way home, he pulled his truck over on the side of the highway. He got out and crawled underneath as if he was examining the truck. Satisfied with the privacy, he undid his pants and started to masturbate. He closed his eyes and thought of his lover. As he grew closer to orgasm, he felt a quick tug at the bottom of his pants. Not wanting to lose his mental fantasy or the orgasm, he kept his eyes shut and replied, "What?" He heard, "This is the police. What's going on down there?" The man replied, "I'm checking out the rear axle, it's busted." Came the reply, "Well, you might as well check your brakes too whi
Fistful Of Love
I was lying in my bed last night staring at a ceiling full of stars, when it suddenly hit me: I just have to let you know how I feel. We live together in a photograph of time I look into your eyes And the seas open up to me I tell you I love you And I always will And I know you can't tell me I know you can't tell me So I'm left to pick up The hints, the little symbols of your devotion So I'm left to pick up The hints, the little symbols of your devotion And I feel your fists And I know it's out of love And I feel the whip And I know it's out of love And I feel your burning eyes burning holes Straight through my heart It's out of love It's out of love I accept and I collect upon my body The memories of your devotion I accept and I collect upon by body The memories of your devotion And I feel your fists And I know it's out of love And I feel the whip And I know it's out of love And I feel your burning eyes burning holes Stra
The Look In His Eyes,the Passion In His Touch
I sit and wonder about a world I have forgotten a world were love and happiness was one were I smiled cause I was happy not cause someone asked me to for once in this hell I called life I forgot what it was like to sit in his arms and be happy I thought I would never fell it again I hoped to finally fill that touch again but when I saw that look in his eyes I haven't seen him give me in years or the way he touched her like he used to touch me I cried I knew his pain I know I will never fell the way I did before I know I will be different now but I know the pain that almost made me die inside was the pain he had felt now u cant say I don't know pain now I can say death would be so much easier then this.
I am currently addicted to the following song! Its the song I've got on my profile till further notice! :P :D I really don't like her!
Where Has My Mind Gone
so my dumb ass went to work and when i got there and punched in it said punch in too early so i looked at the schedule and i dont have to be to work till the grave yard shift which starts at midnight. i got to work at 4pm and drank a mocha frap from starbucks. yea its gonna be hell trying to go back to sleep and staying awake at work tonite.
Please Advise Your Daughters And Pass On!!
A TERRIFYING AND HORRID THOUGHT SUBJECT: PLEASE ADVISE YOUR DAUGHTERS AND PASS ON A woman at the nightclub in Cobar on Saturday night was taken by 5 men, who according to hospital and police reports, gang raped her before dumping her. Unable to remember the events of the evening, tests later confirmed the repeated rape along with traces of Rohypnol in her blood, with Progesterex, which is essentially a small sterilization pill. This drug is now being used by rapists at parties to rape and sterilize their victims. Progesterex is available to vets to sterilize large animals. Rumor has it that Progesterex is being used together with Rohypnol, the date rape drug. As with Rohypnol, all they have to do is drop it into the girls drink. The girl can't remember a thing the next morning, of all that had taken place the night before. Progesterex,
Top Ct Pimpette Contest...
this is for all the idiots that think they have to downrate people .. You have Major insecurities with yourself . It isnt about how Pretty or Handsome you are , it is about Respect and how a person has made their page . Why do people want to disrespect other like that . So to all the downraters . KISS MY ASS !
Well. It's been like forever since I wrote a blog. Anyways. So to update everyone. Mike is coming home for good in Jan. Im so flippin excited. God I love that man. I miss him so freakin much. He is doing great, if you guys want to send care packages then let me know... Ill send u his address. He would really appreciate it. That or letters are always great to keep him going. He would like to hear from friends and anyone really. Make his time go faster. So about me... Im moving back to n.c On the 31st. Im way way way excited. I mis sit so much. People say once you get married & move out its so hard to move back home. it is. I dont advise it. lol Im married now and I want my own house and so on. My friend Neva is moving back with me. She needs a change of pace and def needs to start over and get her life back on track. it will be goof for th eboth of us. Ill have someone to keep me entertained and help things go by faster. So I finished my Physical Therapy school. YAY ME! lol When I g
Watching obama and clinton argue about diplomacy is just disappointing. I am an independent but have been revolted at the bush/cheney fiefdom. which has ruined years and years of progress.(see other Bush blogs}. Barrack Obama has proven himself not the candidate of hope but the candidate of inexperience and naivete. too bad he begins name calling~~ obama no squat about diplomacy and negotiations. At least understandsthe principles. probably john edwards would be best president of all the candidates but he does not have the money. all the republicans except, chuck hagel have followed bush and cheney like lap dogs. we have no statesmen to help run this country.These politicians are SUPPOSED to represent us, not their parties. Who knows what will happen
Poor Little Timmy...
Teacher asked Tim, " Why is your cat at school today?" Tim starts crying and says, " I heard my daddy tell my mom I'm going to eat that pussy when the kids go to school."
I Got My Cdl Yippee!!
Im Sorta Stepping On Toe S.. In Here So Read On About My Religion>and My Battles For Our Lord>
I do belive in God Almighty : I ask no one else to follow my faith or belief. I just Do as God ask of me . No man can turn me away from my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ> He came to me . he saved me from out of a hell I dont know why ?> He gave me a new beginning in him> Now some friends are angry and also saying im Delusional > No.. Im sound Of mind .. I Dont want to change anyones way thinking , Im only standing strong in my Lords love and doing as he ask of me.. Placing word and schripture here for these that need it and prayers too. I know by doing ths im to be percuseted and I am in no fear of any man. God Created all . In my heart he is first formost Praise God !.. xoxox hugs diana
Private Bdsm Party
Private BDSM party ...invitation only ....on August 25th. Hosted by Myself and Mistress Ivy .. message either of Us for more details
I'm An Aunt!!!!
So I am an aunt again(not by blood though). My girl Kimmy had her beautiful daughter this week on Tuesday July 24th. Kandyce Helene was 8lbs 5.5 ounces and 19inches long(give or take a few cm). I am so proud of both my girl Kimmy and just the fact she has this new addition to her family! I have yet to see Kandyce because of my own health issues at the moment but the photo I have from the hospital website shows me just how adorable she is and already I am in love. Go Kimmy for being so brave and Welcome Kandyce Helene!!! Love you all!
Mia Milfman
well everyone. so sorry i havnt been actively skulking around as much. work and family crap has kept my internet time to a minimum. just in case anybody cares, im doing a 900 mile road trip tomorrow for work. so i wont be on probably until monday, so thats where ill be. i hope everyone has a great weekend, ill be on the road most of tomorrow, if ya needs me, calls me. toodles kids. you dont have to go home, but you cant stay here.
Yes Gas Is Expensive But....
Compared with Gasoline...... Think a gallon of gas is expensive? This makes one think, and also puts things in perspective. Diet Snapple 16 oz $1.29 .. $10.32 per gallon Lipton Ice Tea 16 oz $1.19 ........$9.52 per gallon Gatorade 20 oz $1.59 ... $10.17 per gallon Ocean Spray 16 oz $1.25 $10.00 per gallon Brake Fluid 12 oz $3.15 $33.60 per gallon Vick's Nyquil 6 oz $8.35 .. $178.13 per gallon Pepto Bismol 4 oz $3.85 . $123.20 per gallon Whiteout 7 oz $1.39 ...... . $25.42 per gallon Scope 1.5 oz $0.99 ....$84.48 per gallon And this is the REAL KICKER... Evian water 9 oz $1.49......... $21.19 per gallon! 21.19 for WATER!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Shit!!! and the buyers don't even know the source. (Evian spelled backwards is Naive.) Ever wonder why printers are so cheap? So they have you hooked for the ink. Someone calculated the cost of the ink at................ you won't believe it...................but it is true......................... $5,200 a
Ends 8-05-07
This one is gonna be tough.. the prize is a Happy Hour Woo!! Starts tonight the 26th @ 5pm(PST) 7PM(CST) 8PM(EST) & Ends on Aug 5th @ 5pm(PST) 7PM(CST) 8PM(EST) Most comments & rates at the end of the contest wins. Each pic rate will count as 1 comment 1st Place: Happy Hour 2nd Place: 7 day blast or Month Vic 3rd Place: 3 day blast You must rate, fan & be on his friends list to comment in this contest so I would like to plz ask all my friends to do so now :) »†HøH姫 Here's my link to the contest... H♥llieH♥ttie™{President of I.A.R. Bombsquad} We are up agaist Crazy Lady again so lets show her what we are made of!! Thank You :)
The Birds And The Bees
A father asked his 10-year old son if he knew about the birds and the bees. 'I don't want to know,' the child said, bursting into tears. 'Promise me you won't tell me.' Confused, the father asked what was wrong. The boy sobbed, 'When I was six, I got the 'There's no Easter Bunny' speech. At seven, I got the 'There's no Tooth Fairy' speech. When I was eight, you hit me with the 'There's no Santa' speech. If you're going to tell me that grown-ups don't really have sex, I'll have nothing left to live for.'
Why Me?
I put my time and energy into you As if you were my life I gave you all that I knew how to give But yet it wasn't enough I thought that if I stood by you Then you would stand by me But you're pouring out a glass of water As I stare at you thirsty Sometimes I feel like I'm a prisoner Mind trapped in the cell of a body I look inside to find myself Mirror, mirror can you find me? Help me to be who I'm suppose to be Sometimes I get off track So I start to read my written words Then, I remember where I'm at If life is like sex Then I feel I'm being raped I'm crying out stop While inside I'm bleeding hate I keep on hearing that it's all my fault I put myself in this position I never asked to be born in life Now I fear recantation When it was all over I was left with thoughts to be Now I take myself to another place Mirror, mirror can you find me?
A Very Right On Target Horoscope!!!
It's true: You can't go home again. Then again, would you really want to? You've put so much work and care into getting your situation just right, why would you want to go back to the past? It's a worthwhile question. This is so right after a rough 9 yr marriage, its finally over and I am the HAPPIEST PERSON on EARTH!!!
Taking On The World
This is the last time I blog about "him". Just needed to say my peace. This is more for myself than for any of you reading it. I am not the type to hate. Hate has never been in me. I tell my kids " you can hate objects and situations, but NEVER people". Well, hate for a human resides in me right now. It's something I don't think I have ever felt, and am working on getting rid of. I have been emailing "his" ex-wife lately and have found out all sorts of things that I didn't know. The reason he really left. The reason he is ignoring me..blah blah. Thinking about it now, I am really angry. I let my guard down and let him use me over and over. That time is over. I am actually ok with all of this. Ok knowing I will never see him again. Ok knowing his kids really are going to be ok and better off without him. Ok knowing that I am a hell of a lot stronger now than I have been in a very long time. I still feel good about my life and I am not letting "him" take that away from me. The
My Profile
okay, seems to be a misunderstandin' here...I am NOT LEAVIN' this hypocritical site...evryone who's tellin' my ass ta just block this douchebag needs to understand somethin', she will just keep makin' new accts so she can always come back...why should I deal wit' that when my ass can just make a new acct wit' new settin's and just not add her little bitchboy. I don't go lookin' for drama and I sure as hell am not goin' to deal wit' everytime I come here have to be concerned about what happened next at my page or in my pics...that's just fucking assanine; she and her bitchboy can go be miserable an' "stalk" some other user now while I continue wit' my "grown-up" friends. Much fuckin' luvv to all and just lemme know if you really consider yourself a true friend of my typically quiet, sarcastic loner ass how you can find me.
Another Has Been Given To Me
Forever I will remember this day, Regardless of the way it ends. Inside I know I was me the whole time, Even when the world doesn't know I exist. No one could ever take that away from me, Don't let death be the life you live. I always tried to find the best in people, Some you have to search a little deeper. Situations in life come and sometimes go Overall I must be my only rock. Mind over matter is always the best taste. Even when it seems like the answer is easy. One mistake in life could mean death Nowone will live forever but 4-ever will be a memory Even when I want it to be reality. Who knows the key to true friendship? How does it work when you still have bills? Only God will know the answer to that. Kicking it on the weekends sometimes with drinks Never saying to each other this could be our last day Only living for the moment, one heartbeat at a time Who will save me when I am falling? Some say turn to God, let him fight your battles.
The Movie Critic Syndrome
Have you ever noticed that the only movies worth a crap to major critics are deeply emotional, and usually depressing? If everyone made movies just to win major awards, we'd have no movies for 9 months of the year, and then the 3 months before selection came, you'd have a barrage of remakes of The Crying Game. Thankfully, most movies are money-motivated, and thus appeal to the general mass. The critics always hate these movies. You'd never see "Die Hard" win an award. Why? Because it's an action movie, and no one's going to give it an award because it doesn't make you cry at any given moment. IF there is so much as a single automatic weapon in your movie, or usually also an explosion, you can kiss the "Best Actor" award goodbye. Why is this? Is it not just as challenging to convince an audience that you're a stone-cold killer than it is to convince them that you are truly in remorse of the death of Old Yeller? It comes down to the Movie Critic Syndrome. These people hate mov
yea for i got into culinary school and im hella excited about it...yep thats right by december im going to running the line in a 4 star restaurant and summer im gonna be sous chef over the same restaurant for a nervous its been a few years since i was in school and its going to be hella so happy i could crap
Looking For German Rock'n Roll Band
More Rock ´n´ Roll Soon:)) Hi All:))) Lots of news......still moving here....but im finally in the new flat in mönchengladbach! so its easy to see my german wise.....dolf has got me a two week Rock n Roll Show in Croatia next thats great! Going to be getting a German Rock n Roll Band too....if there are any german groups whod like to team up drop me a line:)) Got show at a local country club too.....and im planning on doing some busking tour of holland and that could be fun..supermarkets etc...... of course i gotta get settled and then its on with the show and recordings etc...... Shawn xxx
How Shallow We Can Be....
There was a blind girl, who hated herself coz of being blind. She hated everyone, except her boyfriend.......... One day the girl said; that if she could only see the world she would marry her boyfriend. 'they Loved each other' One day someone donated their eyes to her, then she saw everything, including her boyfriend. her boyfriend asked her; "Now that you can see,will u marry me?" the girl was shocked when she saw her boyfriend was also blind. she refused to marry him. Her boyfriend walked away with tears and said, "Just take care of my eyes dear..."
Please Help To Whom Ever Hasnt Rated Yet
the sf thugs need ur support how ever hasnt rated yet please do so
The Path!
Sometimes the path we take dosnt always seem right. sometimes life gives a choice and with that choice someones gonna get hurt. yet we make these choices everyday regardless of what the outcome may be. we follow the path we chose blinded by our own desires. we dont stop to think how the choices we make will effect other people. we just plow ahead on the path of life so many times we have seen sorrow, pain, death, missery, greed, and lust this is all a part of everyday life so blinded we walk along the path of life Faced day by day having to chose which pain to endure Is it your own pain you inflict? or is it pain you inflict on others? No matter what choice you make, in the end the outcome is the same we all suffer the burdens of everyday life, but we all push on day by day surviving untill the next path is choosen!
Since I Have Met You
At Times In Life When You Need Love The Most, We Can Never Find It.Love Is Blinding And Is Found In Unexpected Places.But What We Don't Understand Is That,It's Always In Front Of Us.We Look For It At Times.But Do We Really Find It? This Is The Question We All Dwell On At Times In Our Life. But Then There Was You.The Person That Caught My Attention The Very First Time We Spoke. When I First Met You, I Didn't Plan On Love Unfolding, Didn't Plan On You Being So Sweet, Didn't Even Plan On You Being So Understanding. But What I Do Know Is That,When I First Met You, You Made My Days Go By Faster,With Every Ounce Of Love You Gave Me. Since I Have Met You, My Life Has Been Complete.
***********toilet Cleaning Instructions
****Toilet Cleaning Instructions 1. Put both lids of the toilet up and add 1/8 cup of pet shampoo to the water in the bowl. 2. Pick up the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom. 3. In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close both lids. You may need to stand on the lid. 4. The cat will self agitate and make ample suds. Never mind the noises that come from the toilet, the cat is actually enjoying this. 5. Flush the toilet three or four times. This provides a "power-wash" and rinse". 6. Have someone open the front door of your home. Be sure that there are no people between the bat hroom and the front door. 7. Stand behind the toilet as far as you can, and quickly lift both lids. 8. The cat will rocket out of the toilet, streak through the bathroom, and run outside where he will dry himself off. 9. Both the commode and the cat will be sparkling clean. Sincerely, The Dog
(hadith) Dream
The sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) "The worst lie is that a person claims to have seen a dream which he has not seen." Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 009 Book 087 Hadith number 167, Narrated by Ibn 'Umar
Rate My Team 10's For Todays Game Plz!!!
Please stop by and rate all 6 of my team mates for todays football game! It only takes a minute and it would mean so much. Much love, Smoke The Pain Away Team Click here for SMOKE E. DIGGLERA on myspace!
My Love 4 Him
Love is a gamble, and your heart is the dice. So before you roll, you'd better think twice. So here's my dilema, I love him, do I take the gamble? Should i go for it, and just hope my heart doesn't get trampled? Or should i sit waiting, with a spec of hope. Wondering instead of asking, just afraid he'll say "nope." Can you help me, just tell me what to do? Can you assure me, he'll say, "I Love you, too."? Well nobody can decide but me, what will I do? Guess we'll find out, but right now i have no clue.
New Video Explains Everything
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Like a mist You entered my life Covering me with A warm embrace A whisper of love A flutter of wings against my skin Gently kissing my cheek Soft as a butterfly But fluttering faster like a heart A whispered "I love you" A peace engulfing My soul and spirit Watching closely and deeply In to the mist Slowly seeing my Wa-le-li appear And transform into my silverfawn The sunshine of my Eternal darkness and all of eternity The soft hum of your voice Always whispering "I love you" Copyright © 2007 Daniel SilverCougar
Please Help
Please help us comment bomb Dana. tomorrow is her bday and she would really appreciate it. click here Today is her birthday what better gift could you give her than to help her win this contest.. Please come help us,.
Sweet Love.
I Wish Everyday I Could Wake Up To The Gentle Beating Of Your Heart Against Mine. The Soft Feeling Of Your Breath Aginst My Neck, The Tender Touch Of Your Arms Around Me. Your So Sweet Kisses, To Just Open My Eyes And The First Thing I See Is Your Smiling Face And Your Shining Eyes. Someday My Love,This Will Be More Than My Wishes,For It Will Be True. I Promise You This, My Sweet Sweet Love. : )
Long Hard Week But Im Back ...
MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes has been a really hard long week and half so im spreading some hugs around hopen i get a few back to help ease the pain. have had 2 deaths in the family back to back but im back now tryin to get back in the swing of things .
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Please Read
Why do some of you find it so hard to believe that I'm not a man whore like most guys? I'm not someone that'll sleep any girl that says yes. I'm not a player. I'm someone that likes romance and treats a girl with respect rather than as a whore. No one ever believes or understands that because they have it in their head that all men want is just sex, that's not true. There are some men in this world that still believe in chivalry and I am one of those men. I believe sex should be special and should mean something and should only be with someone you love; that's why I'm still a virgin. Please stop stereotyping and categorizing all men as being the same and wanting just sex because not all of us are like that. Some of you still won't believe me even after reading this and that's fine because I know the truth and that's all that matters to me right now. Have a nice day, bye. - Julian L
Today Is Thuuursday!
Life is always interesting you know that. Meeh.. I hate working, thank god im off for the next 3 days. Time to party it up with one of my best girls --and her boyfriend, havnt met him yet. Kinda excited to though. Ive spoken to him via text messaging and the phone. Hes seems like a nice guy and she says he likes me so that makes it even better :P That and... fubar all the sudden got interesting again ;) later xoxo
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Thinking Of You
Just sitting here and thinking, Thinking my thoughts of you Dreaming of how things would be If you were right here too. I hope that things are going The way that you had planed I only wish that you were here And I could hold your hand I dream of being with you Of being by your side Of waking up beside you of love that we won't hide I hope one day that you'll be more Than just a dream at night That I can bring you happiness And love with all my might But until then, I'm here alone There's nothing else to do Than dream of you and count the days Until I'm there with you
Where Art Thou?
Tis a still life water color, Of a now late afternoon, As the sun shines through the curtained lace And shadows wash the room. And we sit and drink our coffee Couched in our indifference, Like shells upon the shore You can hear the ocean roar In the dangling conversation And the superficial sighs, Are the borders of our lives. And you read your emily dickinson, And I my robert frost, And we note our place with bookmarkers That measure what we've lost. Like a poem poorly written We are verses out of rhythm, Couplets out of rhyme, In syncopated time Lost in the dangling conversation And the superficial sighs, Are the borders of our lives. Yes, we speak of things that matter, With words that must be said, Can analysis be worthwhile? Is the theater really dead? And how the room is softly faded And I only kiss your shadow, I cannot feel your hand, You're a stranger now unto me Lost in the dangling conversation. And the superficial sighs, In the borders of
Sexymetalman Needs Our Help
Hey everybody, another guy in our stash club needs help to level. Anyone online that can help, your much appreciated! Thanks, Tracy †sexy metal man†....RIP PEPOW HOLDER 3.30.1944-3.18.2007 I love and miss you@ fubar
A Little About Me
Well I thought I might as well do a blog to let everyone know a little about me. I grew up in Oklahoma, that is why I have the name cowboy..... My dad was in the US Army and we moved alot. I spent 6 years in Germany. When I graduated from high school I joined the US Navy. I have been around the world.I am technically on my third marriage. ( married my ex-wife twice. Not my brightest moment.) I am currently a volunteer firefighter. I enjoy Drinkin beer and hangin out outside. Anything outdoors. Anything else ya want to know feel free to ask, I am a very open person.
Need Ur Help
Starting Over.
yeah. thats about it. trying to not get sucked into the drama of this site again. hope it doesn't find me.
We shared a memory that will last a life time, The way our lips touched was like a shock sent down my spine You leaned in, i leaned in and we connected as one, I can tell now that the love that we share will be alot of fun You sent a tingle form my head to my toes, Why i felt that way, god only knows I have said it a million times before, It wont hurt just to say it again that, i love you more You are my dream coming true, and you will always be the one that i come running to. You have my whole intire heart, just don't brake it or I will fall a part Love is a special thing, So
The real glasses came in yesterday , a week early (see the most recent few pics in my default folder).:) I think the guy who fitted me in the store over adjusted them a bit because, after wearing them for a few hours, I had a pair of dents on either side of the bridge of my nose. I may have to bring them back to have them adjusted again. Other than that I like them. I also yesterday finally met up with my friend Michelle who I met on here back in February. We only live about an hour away from each other and we've been trying to organize this for about a month, but one of us always had to cancel for one reason or another. Of course, it wasn't without ... complications. First, we were supposed to meet at 3 and I overslept until 2:17. Then, as I was racing to the movie theater where we were supposed to meet to see Order of The Phoenix, she calls and tells me that she's lost. Turns out I was a bit confuzzled about the parkway (I haven't driven it in years) and so I screwed up the direction
This One Is Sad
There was a blind girl, who hated herself coz of being blind. She hated everyone, except her boyfriend.......... One day the girl said; that if she could only see the world she would marry her boyfriend. 'they Loved each other' One day someone donated their eyes to her, then she saw everything, including her boyfriend. her boyfriend asked her; "Now that you can see,will u marry me?" the girl was shocked when she saw her boyfriend is also blind. she refused to marry him. Her boyfriend walked away with tears and said, "Just take care of my eyes dear..."
My Secret Pain.. (this Is My Fav)
It hurts too much because: What I feel is so intense. I can never let you go. I have never wanted someone, As much as I need you. I have given you my heart, And I cannot show you. I cannot hold you every night I cannot wake to your smile. I feel you when you are not here. Nothing is right without you. I want to protect you. I want to touch you. We are meant to be. It hurts too much because: I cannot even share this poem with you.
Two fleas on a fanny, one is a burgler the other is a junkie. How do you tell them apart? The burgler is hiding in the bush and the junkie is sniffin the crack
Key To My Heart
My heart is a treasure chest locked deep within A key that you may enter is yours to keep so whenever you should open it,inside you shall see stored in a special place how much you mean to me Wherever I go it is with me, In the night where dreams are sweet, I see us in a horoscope of stars, a future to be ours Each dawn I awake I see you in a sunlight of happiness to be my very own keepsake You are a treasure I shall cherish,sealed with my love, covered with lace . . .
A Hug
A hug to say I need you A hug to say I care when the nights are cold and lonely I promise I'll be there Though the miles seperate us my love for you still grows Though I can't be there to hold you You're always in my heart Just close your eyes a moment just listen carefully You'll hear my voice calling in the whisper of the breeze You'll know that I am with you as each new sunrise comes You'll know how much I love you as the moon softly sheds her light As you lay there sweetly sleeping feel the touch of my loving hands A hug to say I Love You till we're together again . . .
Say Anything But Good Bye
Forgive me, forgive me And I’ll kiss your tears away. You're the first thing and the last, I think of every day Let bygones be bygones, And be willing to forgive. And I will love you only Every moment I live. I love you and I need you, It's a fact and not a lie, So if you plan to punish me, Say anything, but good bye
I had breast cancer and had them both removed and no matter what i enjoy being me and the mum i posted askin what people thought was helpful to me on what people think i live it every day and i am glad to be alive and if you ask me it has made me a stronger person reconstruction is not for me i want to be real not fake and that is all that matters.
About Me And What I Am Looking For
Hey everyone, Im Missy. Im a simple gal and nice most of the time, but if you piss me off I go from nice to bitch in 2.5seconds so please avoid all confrontation with me. I like to go out drinking at bars and go clubing with my peps. I also enjoy going to the movies at driveins, or sitting at home in front of the tube. I love to try new things and meet different people. I havent been in WA that long about going on 2 years and I really enjoy being out here, and plan to stay for a while. I would like to meet new and adventerous people. I would like to meet people with similar interests. Love art, animals, simple things in life. thats me if you want to know more get at me.
U And Me
One day you'll be suprised to see me beside you. You and me laughing, you and me crying, you and me dreaming, you and me holding on, together... Just you and me sitting in a fuckin mental hospital. But i'll still love you mate even though i won't know who the fuck you are!
This Is Ridiculous
I will say my peace and refer every guy to this blog because this is what I want you all to know. I am a single mother of two..estranged from my husband and am hoping to soon get that nightmare behind me. I am not interested in being someones plaything...or being sexually exciting via some chat box. I wouldn't mind finding a great guy that is very fond of me, but please be very realistic here..if you don't live remotely close to me it wont be you! Fascination can go a long way but it wont keep me warm at night. I am not moving anywhere I am where I am until such a time I choose to move and that move will be what is right for my children and myself. No man is necessary for our happiness. I don't want to ever be an option, so if you are seriously trying to hook up with me, I better be the only person you are working so hard to convince to go out with you or you can take a hike. I am not just some girl who might be fun for the night, even if I am or could be, I don't choose to be. Ther
Please Read And Repost Thanks!!!
okay this is basically my first blog and i am ticked!!! because some moron went and said that one of my photos was not NSFW what a bunch of crap! so as for who ever you are watch out because i dont post sexual content on my pages or anything like that! and just a fair warning to the person that did this to me if i find out who you are i will do the same thing to you because what you did was not right and if you did it because of my religion then you are very wrong for it. i am as of right now going through my lists of people and i am cleaning it up except for my family list you that are my family know who you are and i will not take you off i am leaving you there it is all the other lists that i will be cleaning up. now that i have gotten this out i do feel better and just in case someone gets a brainy idea i made this blog NSFW also. thanks for your attention.
Video Editing Freeware
I have several short videos of various subjects, and would like to be able to edit them with scene fades and credits and text comments between scenes.... Does any one know of a Video Editor that's freeware? Sort of like "Movie Maker" that comes with "XP" OS. Sure would appreciate some help on this. Please respond even if you know of none, ok? Later, Bloggers.
Random 2 =]
I want to change the world with my writing... I want to open a few eyes so people will see beyond themselves and their little problems. But it is ok to put yourself first every once in a while. Just remember, there are people out there who need you more than you do. "Don't let anyone, even your parents break you. Find good people who care about you and surround yourself with just them. If you can't find them at first, find good music and fall into it, let it hold you until they come." -Davey Havok Personallity: I want a guy whos not afraid to be himself, I'm not here to crack open any shells. I love when a guy can make me feel like a girl. So, I like when he's not clean and doesn't know a damn thing about shopping. It's cute to me. I like to shop for them
Random =]
Don't blow my sunshine... I want the effing HARSH truth, not some pretty lie. And if you're going to message me saying some bull I don't particuarly care about, you're going to receive a few choice words from me. And eventualy be blocked. You're a waste of space on Gods green earth if you're going to judge me from this. I say, grow a brain big enough to comprhend me. Use this context to figure what's going on with my mind... Try to surprise me. Don't try to bring me down. I'll just label you as a loser with nothing better to do than take someone down with you. I don't believe it's lonely at the top. It's lonely at the bottom. There's a reason people are there. I talk way too much for my own good. Off with my head ! I don't believe you can fall in love once. There is no 'one great love' (if you're religious perhaps your love for God) I'm not high maintenance like most people think. I'd rather earn something myself than have it handed to me, expecially by a man. I like to know I
Morning Sex
John woke up one morning immensely aroused so he turned over to his wife's side of the bed. His wife, Heather, had already awakened though, and she was downstairs preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Afraid that he might spoil things by getting up, John called his little boy into he room and asked him to take this note to your beautiful Mommy." The note read: The Tent Pole Is Up, The Canvas Is Spread, The Hell With Breakfast, Come Back To Bed. Heather, grinning, answered the note and then asked her son to take this to your silly Daddy. Her note read: Take The Tent Pole Down, Put The Canvas Away, The Monkey Had A Hemorrhage, No Circus Today. John read the note and quickly scribbled a reply. Then, he asked his son to take it back to "the lady in the kitchen." His note read: The Tent Pole's Still Up, And The Canvas Still Spread, So Drop What You're Doing, And Come Give Me Some Head. Laughing, Heather answered the note and th
So Y'all Know...
I live by my own rules----so you know what I am talking about...when I say I mean CT---Lostcherry----Fubar---- :)
Hot Momma Needs Us!!!!!
Come on guys she works her ass off for friends and for ppl she doesnt even know! Lets help her get this one!!!
She Needs You All Now! Plz
Alot of us have been working really hard on Cherry's salute contest. She's falling behind now and could really use everyones help. I'm not personally in a bombing family, nor do I usually get involved. However this young lady deserves to win this. Plz go show her Fubar love and help her win. This contest ends at 7pm est tomorrow night. I stayed up til 6am commenting her this morning and I'm currently out of comments. Plz do this for me! MUAHZ
The Ten Commandments In Cajun... (keeps It Real Simple)
The Ten Commandments in Cajun... (Keeps it REAL Simple) 1. God is number one... and das' All. 2. Don't pray to nuttin' or nobody... jus' God. 3. Don't cuss nobody... 'specially da Good Lord. 4. When it be Sunday... pass yo'self by God's House. 5. Yo mama an' yo daddy dun did it all... lissen to dem. 6. Killin' duck an' fish, das' OK... people - No! 7. God done give you a wife... sleep wit' jus' her. 8. Don't take nobody's boat... or nuttin' else. 9. Don't go wantin' somebody's stuff. 10. Stop lyin'... yo tongue gonna fall out yo mouf!
Comments To My Page. Plz Read
Hi everyone, as much as this hurts me to say I have to.... I am now in training to become a Fubar Bouncer and I have to set an example (yeah me... ) so I need to ask that any comments left on my page be SFW. Even though I don't work, I still have to abide by the rules. Don't stop commenting just be mindful of what you post to me so I don't feel bad if I have to delete it. Thanks
Men That Act Like Bitches
There r a couple of men on here that are some straight up bitches. Let me let u n on 1. user name SMOKEDAWG42066 he comes thru with low rates n then got the nerve to ask u 4 a friend request, then gets mad and curses at women. Now I'm sure he thinks cuz I'm in Louisiana I can't have him touched n real life. Not knowing I got guerilla niggas cross this country n Ohio and Indiana ain't shit to get him done in then the sloppy fat nasty ugly bitch got his zip code in his user name BITCH ASS NIGGAS AIN'T HARD TO FIND AND ARE EASILY TOUCHED YA HEARD I think he suck dick.....
I feel awful. I have been sick for a while now and it really sucks. I wish I could go to sleep and wake up and it would be gone. I have been sick for 2 weeks now and have been getting testing but haven't found anything out yet and still have a lot more testing to do. I am going to have my birthday soon I hope I am not sick then. I worried something really bad is wrong with me. Wish me luck if you read this.
my life was a mess for awhile.. to the point where i ended up in the hospital. they put me on dicaton for my migrains and my stress/anxiety. my boyfriend is back with me, and that makes me happier than ever. i love this man more than words could ever hoping to express.
I fuckin heat my mom she fuckin god damn kicked my ass out and I have no clue wht to do for any one that knows wht it feels like please tlk to me I could really use your help
Did U Know?
THAT EAGLES MATE FOR LIFE? Well one day Harry the eagle waited at the nest for Mary, his darling of 10 glorious years. After a while when she didn't return he went looking and found her. She had been shot. Dead! Harry was devastated. After about six minutes of mourning he decided that he must get himself another mate but since there weren't any lady eagles available he'd have to cross the feather barrier. So he flew off to find a new mate. He found a lovely dove and brought her back to the nest. The sex was OK but all the dove would say is "I am a DOVE, I want to love! I am a DOVE, I want to love!" Well this got on Harry's nerves so he kicked the dove out of the nest and flew off once more to find a mate. He found a very sexy loon and brought her back to the nest. Again the sex was great but all the loon would say is, "I am a LOON, I want to spoon! I am a LOON, I want to spoon!" So out with the loon. Once more he flew off to find a mate. This time he
So Apparently I Have A Crush On Here....
Who the hell are you?! lol
Hot Finger - Evil, Satanic, and Horror pictures
Lol Com Eon Give Me Ur Best Shot
if u want to talk to me dont be shy just hit me up and tease me for a bit and then u have to please me and thrill me and treat me right .. come on do u think u all can do that lets see who has the guts to do that on here lol
I'm Back!!!
My new modem came in today and here I am. Yay!
You Thought I Wasn't
When you thought I wasn't looking, I felt you kiss me good night, And I felt loved. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw tears come from your eyes, And I learned that sometimes things hurt, But it's all right to cry. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw that you cared And I wanted to be everything that I could be. When you thought I wasn't looking, I looked ... And wanted to say thanks for all the things I saw When you thought I wasn't looking.
Affiliate Sign Up
Contact Name: required The name and address below is where we will mail your check: Make Check To: required Street Address: required City: required State: required Zip: required Country: required Phone: Confirmation E-Mail: When an order is placed, an email confirmation will be sent to the address above (leave blank if you don't want to receive order confirmation emails) Contact E-Mail: The address above is the email we will use to contact you. Main URL: Main URL for your Company (Leave blank if you don't have a website). If you don't live the US or if you we are sending checks to corporation, you don't need to submit Tax ID or social security. The US government requires us to collect a social security number or Tax ID number for all non-incorporated US residents because if US residents get over $600 in commission, we need to send you a 1099 for tax purposes. If you d
A Song
I write a song for you,you write a song for me, we write a song for each other you and I,together we transend the harmony the melody, our tempo flucuates with the movement of our is just you I hold, nothing else exist, we are suspended in time dancing with the stars, can you feel it, my heart now beats only for you,each second we spend is eternal bliss, I am yours, you are mine, together we are a design a beautiful portrait, our love is a fortress,oh please let this last forever, every detail is perfected,oh can you hear it, the pleasure in my voice, we've created a symphony !!!!
One Way Ticket
I've bought myself a one way ticket to your heart. It doesn't matter if the journey's long As long as I get there in the end to in your heart as 'two' beat as one. Will be one breath, the air we breathe. We'll soar above on wings of love. There's no stopping me now I've my ticket in hand. A 'first class' pass is all I need. As I know in my heart there's no looking back. And hope you'll be pleased as I'll never, ever, let you leave.
Come Check Us Out, You Won't Regret It! :d
Old Dudes
Dont send me crap, like "ohh u sexy" ECT. i know i am, but i dont need some old perv. telling me so, alsooooooooooo iv got a man, oh god dont get me started on him ANYWAYZ! Thanks for all the compliments but if your over the age of 19 NO THANKS!!!!!!!!!
Showing Love
all my juggalos and juggalettes and family come show some love sing my book
what love is? Love is the entity of all Love is the stars, always hanging in the endless darkness of sky Love is eternal Love is the wind, whispering its many thoughts to you in the night. Love is the feeling I felt when I first met you Love is flying on the tails of many dreams Love is the moon, shining alone, as a beacon in the hours of darkness Love is the alpha emotion Love is the ever lasting conflict within Love is the conquest of fulfillment that we feel needs to be met Love is the bonding of two souls, entwined in the beatings of their hearts Love is a journey to discover the souls of others Love is an adoration, a forever night long vigil, never ending Love is an everlasting yearning to be connected to mind and heart Love is spending hours drowning into the depths of your eyes Love is the feeling I feel when I look at you
Going Home...and Yet....not
200 miles, 200 miles my fellow fu’s is what stands between me and what will be the last four days I have off in the next 150+ days. And while part of me looks forward to some of this time with great jubilation a lot of me is also torn regarding it. Home for me is not home, when I take time off at home as the company refers to it I drive to the town of Pittsburgh to an apartment held by my son’s “Mother Figure” while she goes and visits her mother for a few days. But home is not home the rooms are not how I would set them up. And the feeling I get from the atmosphere within is that of me not belonging,. Eventually I’ll go forth and establish a place of my own once I have began to see more of a profit in my business venture. I feel more like a visitor to someone else’s abode than I do of being at a home. Going home also with sadness I take this time off because I know Tuesday when I step into the truck that it will be without my son. And after having had a great summer spending time to
Its The Truth
It's true: You can't go home again. Then again, would you really want to? You've put so much work and care into getting your situation just right, why would you want to go back to the past? It's a worthwhile question.
Wake Up
I Hate
Souths Night Club/adrenaline Radio
< center>
Life paints a picture..?? Everyone's life is a picture, Painted by only one person, Life itself. The picture shows everything you're doing, And everything you have done. But sometimes, Life gets tired. And doesn't want to paint a picture. So, Life sends problems to stop you, If you give up, your picture is finished. If you keep going, so does your picture. So the question is: How soon do you want to see your picture? Do you want to see it now? When it could be so much more? Or later, when there's so much more than before? It's your choice, I'll keep going.
Within the petals of a fading rose, inside its dusty, pale and wilted bloom, I find my inspiration to compose a lyric that could seal my fate and doom - your flavor and your scent at once conspire to drive me to the heights of this desire. I do concede that nature draws me in - my ears, my eyes, my hands can do no less - my senses are the portals of my sin, the threshold, and the reason I confess: your flavor and the scent of this red rose contain the essence of this sad repose. If it is true that passion is my death, I give a kiss to you with my last breath. © All rights reserved Scott Adelmann
My Name Is Meth
My Name: "Is Meth" I destroy homes, I tear families apart, take your children, and that's just the start. I'm more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold, The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. If you need me, remember I'm easily found, I live all around you - in schools and in town I live with the rich; I live with the poor, I live down the street, and maybe next door. I'm made in a lab, but not like you think, I can be made under the kitchen sink. In your child's closet, and even in the woods, If this scares you to death, well it certainly should. I have many names, but there's one you know best, I'm sure you've heard of me, my name is crystal meth. My power is awesome; try me you'll see, But if you do, you may never break free. Just try me once and I might let you go, But try me twice, and I'll own your soul. When I possess you, you'll steal and you'll lie, You do what you have to -- just to get high. The crimes you'll commit for my narcotic charms W
Poem From My Love Rana
my companion, listen, let's go the the other side of the moon to such a world somewhere far, in which there's no sadness, no tears no sighs anywhere, but something else my love is there, close to you close to me, if you're ever lonely in life's journey, you'll hear my voice somewhere in my heartbeat if ever life separates you from me, i'll close my eyes and in those windows, i'll see you, like my shadow, you'll be there in every moment close to me, close to you I love you waheed... thank you :)
Job Openin' At Thu Circus!
A circus owner runs an ad for a lion tamer and two people show up. One is a good-looking, older retired cop in his late sixties and the other is a gorgeous blonde in her mid-twenties. The circus owner tells them, "I'm not going to sugar coat it. This is one ferocious lion He ate my last tamer so you two had better be good or you're history. Here's your equipment -- chair, whip and a gun. Who wants to try out first?" The girl says, "I'll go first." She walks past the chair, the whip and the gun and steps right into the lion's cage. The lion starts to snarl and pant and begins to charge her. About half way there, she throws open her coat revealing her beautiful naked body. The lion stops dead in his tracks, sheepishly crawls up to her and starts licking her feet and ankles. He continues to lick and kiss her entire body for several minutes and then rests his head at her feet. The circus owner's jaw is on the floor. He says, "I've never seen a display like that in my life." He then
I think of my life.... Where am I going? I wonder with childlike dreams. Dreams of love endlessly searching in a ll the wrong places. My life is a mystery, even to me. A secret door that even I have not seen. Where will it lead? Will I make the right turn? Will I lead my own way? Or follow the heard? The road less taken is such a beautiful road. A road in which i can make my own path, with out the burden of somebody else's tracks. Where will I go? Where will it lead? I am so scared, I am down on my knees. I pray that I will do the right thing. Take the sure path, but lately it seems I am always distrated, always led astray I try to be honest, but sometimes it's hard When I make a mistake that goes straight to the heart. I am so afraid That I will not survive this world that's strange. So much much pain It hurts me to see how the young children must pay. They are so innocent yet some are so old. Wasted lives, souls that are so
Toxic Skull Needs Help To Level Please
Okay guys, I'm asking anyone that can help my friend TOXICSKULL to level up. Thanks, Tracy ToxicSkull(hubby of rednekgrl)@ fubar Drinks for everyone who helps him from my friends and stash club!
Help Her
She's 3k behind and we can catch up she needs your help
Why Men Marry Some Women And Not Others!!
The Marrying Kind WHEN BETH, one of my better researchers, said that men who were averse to commitment were drawn to her like bees to honey, I gave her a copy of the summary report of my research on "why men marry." The report showed that the primary reason a man asks one woman to marry and not another is that each woman treats him differently. After looking it over for about fifteen minutes, Beth returned the report to my desk and told me I was a male chauvinist. I was taken aback for a moment. I was fond of Beth and trying to help her, so after I recovered, I asked her what made her think that. She said, "You reinforce the myth that the reason men don't commit is that the women in their lives do something wrong. That's nonsense. In most cases, it's the man in a relationship who decides he isn't ready or doesn't want to get married, and he makes this decision without any help from the woman. No matter what some women do, there are certain men who are never going to commit
If you can actually say 'like... zzzohmygod..' without feeling dumb or laughing at how dumb you sound, I hate you. It's just that easy. Now, lets move on to gossip here... 1.) I'm THE awesome. 2.) I'm better than you. 3.) I'm hot and I don't care if you agree. Which brings me to : 4.) My opinion trumps yours. (Why? Because that's how it is.) 5.) I don't like you. It's all good.
Flipping Bored
i'm f'n bored and been this way for a few days. i'm bored at work, then come home and i'm bored at home, then go out for a drink and i'm bored at the bar. this has gotta stop. but how? i dunno how to stop being bored. fuck! on another topic all together i think i have social phobia i just noticed. i get real nervous when i'm around more then 10 people and i bascially shut down socially and i dunno what to do anymore. o well such is life.
The most beautiful rainbow As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never Been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin. Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God
Pee Nice
Polite Way to Pee During one of her daily classes a teacher trying to teach good manners, asked her students the following question: "Michael, if you were on a date having dinner with a nice young lady, how would you tell her that you have to go to the bathroom?" Michael said, "Just a minute I have to go pee." The teacher responded by saying, "That would be rude and impolite. What about you Peter, how would you say it?" Peter said, "I am sorry, but I really need to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." That's better, but it's still not very nice to say the word bathroom at the dinner table. And you, little Johnny, can you show us your good manners?" I would say: "Darling, may I please be excused for a moment? I have to shake hands with a very dear friend of mine, whom I hope you'll get to meet after dinner." The teacher fainted.
Help Me
ok i haven't been on here for a while, i didn't even realize until just now that it's no longer cherry tap. but anyway, i'm still single and not lovig it.. i need a girl... but no one looks at me.... fuckity fuck fuck
River Of Change
i went down to the river with my guitar i must have sat there all night sang a song about wishing on a falling star and I hope every things alright every note I play and every word I write are little pieces of you I let them all out in the hopes that in time some will make it to you so river of change please take me away as i sit here til dawn let your water wash my cares away as my heart slowly moves on now back to that river i always go its my only friend and just like the water nice and slow my heart is on the mend so river of change please care for me and make sure im gone so many moments in this life are worth it to carry on
Me Dating??
As far as dating , calling guys etc...Somewhat I am Anti- that ..I said "somewhat"..I tend NOT to date because I see no point in "DATING" someone I am not visualizing myself in the future ..What is in the future? Getting married to that person..Yes, I think of my future!!..[I want to have a family and want my future children to have a FATHER]!!! I also DO NOT think of just guys. I want to be successful, happy =],and have a good career. I do not think that this will be hard for me because I like getting what I want, am motivated,carries herself with a positive attitude, a workaholic- "workaholic "
Top 4: I'm The B To Your G...
We've cut the field to four and it's time for the BeeGees, (YAY!). We haven't had a BeeGees night since season two, also during the top four round, so it's long overdue that the kids pay proper respect to one of the best groups in the history of music groups.Because THIS is American Idol.I've had a rough day (funerals make me pissy) so I'll make this brief and to the point.Here they are, subject to review and revision, and as always, from worst to first:Blake Lewis (You Should Be Dancing). Barry Gibb says he thinks Blake's beatboxing will work with this song. I think Barry Gibb is either being nice or he's senile. Blake and falsetto probably shouldn't be used in the same sentence. Randy tells Blake it was like being in a disco in some strange country. That's about the best description. In a word, it was "painful."Blake Lewis (This is Where I Came In). Barry wonders why this song never became a hit, and hopes that Blake can make it one. I doubt that, especially if his video is a dance o
American Idol 2007 Episode 31 - Top 7 Results Show Review
Tonight we bid farewell to one more and apparently we're going to see the top seven split into two groups before we find out who is going home. Martina McBride will be performing her new single Anyway from the album Waking Up Laughing tonight. First up though, lets take a quick recap of who sang what: Phil Stacey sang
Well Heres An Update For Ya'll
Well within a week in a 1/2 ill be back up and running online!!!! Ill be moving then and all that good stuff.....cant wait to get moved and all and get back into the swing of life again....I also just added some new NSFW pix they are kinda scattered thru out my albums.....will also (as soon as they are emailed to me) have some more NSFW pix to put up....and I think these will be the icing on the cake hehe
Attempt At Something
Wednsday July 25 2007 (what I Wish I Could Say To People)
i love how im not needed or wanted to be around till soeone needs something. i really do. go ahead and use me when you want attention or sex or food or money or booze or smokes. its ok. i dont feel used or rejected. im totally fine by this......really
Tonight Is The Game
sf thugs vs demons house tonight at 7est time 4 western time SUPPORT UR SF THUGS TONIGHT PLEASE
Will You Let Her Know When...
If you grow tired of her will you let her know? If you find yourself bored with her words Will you let her know? If you find yourself only giving her a glance, instead of a long stare across the room... Will you let her know? If you wake one day and look in the mirror and you dont see her in your eyes... Will you let her know? Will you let her know when your tired or bored? Will you let her know when the looks aren't so long or when her reflection isn't in your eyes when you wake in the morn?? Tell her when she has nothing left that intrests you or catches your eye. Dont keep silent for that hurts the worst of all, but instead tell me no tale, so that in the end I will know that at one time you weren't tired of me, bored because of me, blind to my actions or deaf to my words. Emily
What Is This Good For?
Just curious how many people will actually read this. I am new to the whole "social network" concept - but have used IM and been on yahoo chat rooms. I am here because is just too hideous. At least everyone here seems to be in the adult age range. So - anyway - what do we do here? is there a fubar chat room or chat client? And where is my BEER?
If This Is U....get A Life!
I don't normally do this and ya'll know that BUT.... I have been stuck on this level for 49 forevers. I only have 3124 points to go until I am a Bad Fu...teehee. I don't like being regular....hell, I haven't been called regular since I was about 2. LOL ANywho, if ya haven't rated my pics or stash, I'd appreciate it if ya help me out. Hugs and humps, Mary
Yep, I Lost My Mind...
I'm becoming a comment bomber, lol. The mumms are being overran by idiots and I can't take it right now. I'm going to mumms posted by friends and thats it. So if anyone gets bored, I'm at this contest right now... Eventually a contest will be won by someone without a bombing family behind them :D But it'll be awhile since we actually TALK instead of just type random letters. And we don't cheat with blaster programs. It's actually kinda fun. If you don't want to help, that's fine. Just letting people know where I am just in case :D
Please Help Me Leavel
help me leavel rate me fan me i will return the love thanx
Just A Backgrounf
(repost of original by 'WhiteTigerBombers' on '2007-07-26 13:37:32')
Angelface For Godfather
Free Graphics at
Long Way To Happy
One night to you Lasted six weeks for me Just a bitter little pill now Just to try to go to sleep No more waking up to innocence Say hello to hesitance To everyone I meet Thanks to you years ago I guess I'll never know What love means to me but I'll keep on rolling down this road But I've got a bad, bad feeling It's gonna take a long time to love It's gonna take a lot to hold on It's gonna be a long way to happy Left in the pieces that you broke me into Torn apart but now I've got to Keep on rolling like a stone Cause it's gonna be a long long way to happy Left my childhood behind In a roll away bed Everything was so damn simple Now I'm losing my head Trying to cover up the damage And pad out all the bruises Didnt you know I had it So it didn't hurt to lose it Now I'm numb as hell and I can't feel a thing But don't worry about regret or guilt cause I never knew your name I just want to thank you From the bottem of my heart For all the sleepless nig
In The Dark
what makes people afraid of the dark is it the things you cant see or the things you might see maybe its the things you dont want to see that your scared of? me im scared cause i feel so relax amongst what i know is around me. its insane to know that you are in danger and just smile. to feel the breathes and presence of something someone around me. i get asked why do i always sit in the dark corner alone. well cause i am never alone i always have things around me talking to me. one could say im nuts most just tell me what i already know that im very spiritually connected. a little secret i got a gremlin for a pet. i know you think i'm nuts but i dont care what ppl think cause i know the truth i see and hear what others dont want to. as far as my pet many no believers saw him so say what you will. i have seen things that are unexplainable. i have walked through ppls dreams and let me tell you some were a bit disturbing
Our C&t Stash Club Member Needs Help San Antonio Witch Wiccan Proud)0( "c&t Stash Club
SAN ANTONIO WITCH WICCAN PROUD)0( "C&T STASH CLUB "@ fubar hello C&T Stash Club Members Wiccan needs our help thanks from C&T Stash Club--seejaykaygee-- Minion 18,619 Points to go!
San Antonio
Just I've just been thinking about next weekend. I'll be In San Antonio for the weekend. It'll be a nice get away...I haven't been out of town in like what seems like forever, but its really been 2 months. eh, oh well. well thats really it for now. -cari
not really sure what im doing but i really need to do something. I have been married for almost 5 years to a great guy and when we got married i had two boys and he had two boys and two girls, well all along the ex has taken him to court for cutting hair and we have had to help the girls because there grandfather (the exs dad) had molested them and cps still keep giving the kids back to her. It is driving me crazy we are running out of options on how to help the kids. It has stressed me out so much there has been times that i was ready to pack up my kids and leave him to deal for himself because it controls his life, which i understand they are his kids but when is enough ----enough also alot of games are being played between the kids and there parents to see who can get the upset more
Torture Devices
MEDIEVAL TORTURE DEVICES Torture was used during the Middle Ages for three reasons: To Force confessions or secret information from those accused To discorage dessent and intellectual freedom To Persuade Jews, Muslims, and other non-believers to accept Christianity The most common means of torture included burning, beating and suffocating, however the techniques below are some of the most extravigant. Torture can include anything used to bring upon physical or mental pain but these below are some of the most common. Wooden wedges were forced underneath the toenails to help urge a confession from the criminal. The toenails often became infected and other tortures were applied if this was not enough for confession. This scissor type instrument was used to slice the tongue up afte the victims mouth was forced open. The copper boot was placed around the foot of the victim and filled to the brim with molten lead causing first degree burns. Th
"my Genesis"
I call this "MY GENESIS"-The beginning ..."I hope I find "YOU" before I get to "Revelation" be continued.....[Being simple:personally I'll be happy w/ someone that can love me the SAME way I LOVE THEM back... Personality,inner beauty,intelligence,tall,loyalty,Confidence
the darkness fills my aching skull slipping into a world half known sliding from sleep to a web of dreams lost within my deepest screams i ache - i burn, to feel your touch your hands upon my heart - so rough and somewhere deep within me lies the power of all that i deny i push away my truest self i hide within these walls ive built i wait for you each night and pray that i can last just one more day to feel you, hold you, hear your voice soon i know ill make that choice to kill that burning aching need to smother the flame, to begin to bleed to crush this gift once again toss it to the sky and hold it in and wrap myself again in smiles and walk through life like a little child can't you see what we began can you really let this end can you walk away from me in your heart, will you be free? or will what we had linger ever on in darkest night, my memory strong does this mean nothing - or will you wish as i do for one more kiss? a kiss of truth that set
Up Date On Me
Not sure if anyone has noticed but I haven't been around. Well way late Thursday I started getting real sharp pains in my kidney area of my right side this kept on with added feeling of nausea I babysat Friday and ended up curling up on my bed at 8pm and pretty much slept til Monday when I made myself go see the doc and well they said either kidney infection or blatter infection they ran tests and sent me home. Well yesterday I felt the worse so at 8pm last night Miles and the kids rushed me to the ER where they ran labs again gave me a CT well they found a large amount of calisium in both of kidneys they couldn't see anything moving but doesn't mean it didn't happen so I am now not allowed to have calisium or soda. So that is what is going on with me.
Dedication To Are Soldies
Dedication to our soldiers.Add to My Profile | More Videos
That Guy!
I've notice that every concert, or mall, or any public place I've gone to... I always seem to be "THAT GUY"... The one that you can pick out of all the other people there. I don't know why this is. I mean, is it my looks, the way I show myself, my attitude? WHAT??? I mean damn...I'm always get'n stared at, or pointed to, and BLAH, people still stay away from me, less I go witha couple of people, or run into somebody I know... Otherwise, it's kinda hard to make new friends like that.... What is it about me that makes me "THAT GUY" ??? I honestly don't understand it... I mean hell, with all the friends I've got and shit, I kinda figureed I was a nice person, and easy to get along with, at least that's what I've been told.... So For real, I have no idea... Why do I stnd out so much in crowds??? I don't like being "THAT GUY". It kinda pisses me off a lil in a way ya know?.... Feedback on this blog would be n ice... Thanks
Mirrored Words...
God, i hate men!!! X-( Either something is wrong with them all or it's just me. Either way boys are mean! :(
As I Sit Here With Tears Rolling Down My Face
As I Sit Here With Tears Rolling Down My Face This is a poem about someone that I feel like I lost. As i sit here with tears rolling down my face, Was it love or just a hope for his warm embrace, I ponder the reality of what really was, I wish i could have found out before the bitter end, What was or wasn't didn't mean a thing to my love for he never knew, Why can't i feel the love and hopeful embrace as these tears run down my face, Will this pain come to no end? Will i sacrafice my heart again? Why doesn't he see that it is him? These tears that run down my face are only dying for his warm embrace. Written By: Tyna Kirchner in 2006
Respect To A Colleague And Friend
Today a friend and colleaugue of mine collapsed at his desk, suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away, aged just 33. Its made me think just how precious our lives are, and that the man upstairs can pull out our card at anytime. I'd like you all to join me in a toast to him, for being a great guy, and to all of our lives, and thank whoever it might be for allowing us to be here.
A Little Venting
ok those of u who know me know i do all i can to help everyone as much as possible on here. But i think alot of u have forgotten i had surgery on my hand 3 weeks ago and still in a cast so im doing everything one handed and im a bit slow with everything. Im trying my damnest to help all my friends who are in contests and giveaways but i can only do so much at a time. Im sorry if this bothers anyone.
My Profile Is Trippin On Me Past Couple Of Days! Grrr
Not sure what is going on, but not all my friends and or family are showing up for me all the time, so please don't think i am ignoring anyone or anything! Hugz ~BC~

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