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Open Mic.
Which Questions Matter? Most important thinking requires one of these three Prime Questions Why? How? Which? Why? Why do things happen the way they do? This question requires analysis of cause-and-effect and the relationship between variables. It leads naturally to problem-solving (the How question) or to decision-making (the Which is best? question). Why? is the favorite question of four-year-olds. It is the basic tool for figuring stuff out (constructivist learning). At one point while researching student questions in one school district, I found Why? occurred most often in kindergarten classrooms and least often in the high school (which had the highest SAT scores in the state.) Why does the sun fall each day? Why does the rain fall? Why do some people throw garbage out their car windows? Why do some people steal? Why do some people treat their children badly? Why can't I ask more questions in school? How? How could things be made better? This
My Poetry And Thoughts
I've seen the cloud that haunts you The storm that builds in your Western sky The cold reality that chases you And I no longer ask you "why?"... I have only to offer you shelter within The place where I keep you safe inside my heart And the smiles I launch into the Summer winds And pray that they reach you before the rains start... For beautiful friends shall no longer be hurt No rain from that cloud allowed to burn your skin And if it threatens to let loose upon you today Run to my heart where I will hold you sheltered within... © 6/11/2007, CLP (Wolfie) There is a crispness to the morning air Magic within the promise of a new day A warmth and unseen beauty felt inside The dirt and grime through rain washed away. The birds sing love songs high up in the trees I swear at times they sing your sweet name I catch myself humming along with the song Joining them in harmony at each repeated refrain. The sun burns off the dew and fresh clean water And
Ok These Are Just For A Few Laughs Lol
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My Boo
This Is Why Im HotAdd to My Profile | More Videos yea you know this is real love DILEMMA - NELLY & KELLY ROLANDAdd to My Profile | More Videos
First Time For Everything
So I am oin CT a lot so I thought maybe I should do something on the site , so thus here I am. I have talked to a few people and they seem very awesome. I wish I could talk to everyone on my friends list , and by all means I am always open to messages and comments , I love them. As far as my Life goes , as the title of this blog would suggest , its very rocky. would love to find that one girl who will look at me and go "yeah life has beaten him to hell , but hes still amazing and I want him." Yeah I know its good to dream. My wife , whom I have been seperated from for over 6 mons absolutly hates me. very sad acually. And my son , my world. I never get to see him , because until we go to court , his mother my wife , is being uber nazi about me seeing him. in the last 6 mons I have seen him maybe 4 times , about 3 hrs per visit. now tell me what type of mother would keep a son away from his father? really I wanna know if anyone has an answer to that please. I have bee
This Shit
MY COLOR IS SILVER. We all live to work our asses off. For bosses and employers that dont appreciate not one thing that we do.We are all now a days getting over worked and under payed. What the fuck is up with gas prices. This shit is realy pissing me off. To fill up my car its $30.00 when it used to be just $20.00. WTF is going on????
La Di Frickin Da...
Why is it possible for me to find decent guys online , but not in real life? I know, it sounds crazy.... It's almost like the age old question of "Can you really find love online?" I never said I loved anyone, but it seem like the only guys worth talking to anymore are online. Not just online, but living hundreds, even thousands of miles away. Like I'll ever meet them..... I fucking hate that! And why are all the guys I do meet in real life complete assholes? Married, but they still wanna fuck. Single, but not attractive. Liars, enough said..... So I'm seriously considering deleting this account and starting a new one. I guess I'm just getting sick of all the guys who think they can perv me. I know this site is all about T&A, and the pick up theme, but it's getting old to me. Where are all the good people at? I just think it would be easier to delete the whole thing and start fresh, rather than go through my friends list and try to delete the folks that bother me. Wh
About My Day
So far the best day yet of my summer vacation. My graduation present is that my parents are leasing me a horse to ride. I saw a horse that is a sweet one named Pompero. He's awesome to ride and such a smooth ride. I'm going to help build up his muscle since horses have muscle. I'm going to be the person to do that. YES!!! I just love riding horses. Well, an hour ago was interesting. The car was hit when mom was driving my sister and I. We where getting off the off ramp and waiting to turn onto the road. We got hit just hard enough to get a small dent in the back bumper. None of us where hurt, just surprised since we weren't moving. I sometimes wonder if I'm like the only person who seems to get lonely withouth any reason. Or at least lonely enough to really feel lonely. If that makes sense. All I can say is that I hate it. When I get this lonely I don't know what the reason is. It's just plain annoying. I'll stop now since you don't want to hear me complaining.
When you left it hit So sudden it felt like bad dream and it felt Like it was never going to End and it still feels like It won't but we all miss u We miss your laugh and Sense of humor and we Miss how you were always Happy no matter what We also miss how you could Turn our bad days good with Just one smile you made us all Better people and we all miss You Adam and we will never Forget you! Brianna A Beam A SOLIDERS FINAL GOODBYE! A solider stands in solute as they bring the casket by not a tear falls from his eyes as 21 shots are fired he doesnt move an inch as they fold a flag and hands it to his dad as tears fall all around he stands in silence strong and proud for his brother who gave his life for the country he loves as everyone leaves he stands there in silence and when everyone is gone he gives one final solute and says goodbye to a brother a solider a friend. without you here the sun dosent rise its always dark and gloom without you here the night last f
Why Do You Get Hurt
hello first off to all my friends who keep it real or realistic. I am a single, hard working father. My time is important to me, and very limited and becoming even more so. What time I have on here, or yahoo, or on the phone is valuable to me. I am not here for points or to boost anyones points, I am here to make real friends with real people who are sincere and know the difference in what is a real value, and it sure isn't a ranking or points on a site. I have a brain, I can tell the difference in how people actually are on here, so why try and bullshit and say your here for something your clearly not, if this is just fun and games to you, save yourself and me the time, if we aren't really going to be friends why try to act like it, I am not going to buy it long. This site has too much stuff that shows your activity, so why claim to be somewhere else when it post the times of that activity, I am not anyones boyfriend and answer to nobody and nobody needs to answer to me. So why not ju
Ashes Of Eden
My Gothic Dream
you left me alone in your dungeon,hungry,horny,and bored. I called out to you not to leave,but you ignored my cry.I had to find a way out of this cage you had me locked in,and find my way away from this dungeon. I managed to free my hands from the rope you had tied around them.I was able to free my ankles you had tied together.there was a latch on the cage that I needed to release,in order to free took me forever but I finally was able to release the latch and escape.I got dressed and left. I saw mortal life around me and I needed to feed,my body was becoming weak.I selected my mortal soul and began drinking my body began to awaken and feel alive once more. along came this immortal being calling to me,my body slowly approaching his command.he grabs me and takes me to his home.a place of elegance,fine art and sophistication.rennaisance to be exact.candles surrounding me,sexual art hanging from walls,red silk sheets lacing the bed,violins playing softly in t
Baby Kaleb
Monday, June 18, 2007 Love Each Other Please... I am sitting in Kaleb's Room and he is sitting in his little booster seat. I wish I was holding him right now. Maybe tomorrow I will. He seems to enjoy sitting up in the seat. The Doctors are going to be removing the Central line and replacing it with a Pic Line in his arm. I guess it is supposed to be better for him this way. He is still responding to things pretty well too. I did the stimulization worksheet as soon as I got here this AM. He was also having some breathing issues today also... but that has got better. Kaleb is such a little angel that has been given an enormous strength by God to deal with all of this. He gives me my strength too!!!!! I see him fighting each and every day and that makes me fight for him. He makes me strong. I am so proud of him!!!!!! SO PROUD! But for the most part he has been sleepy today. It is raining in Tampa right now! Thank God because we need the rain. Josh is at work on the ambulanc
A Lil About Me
Another day of fighting, sometimes I think it would be a lil less painfull if he would up and hit me, cause man does his words pack a punch. No matter what I do I never seem to make him happy.I have put 8 yrs of my life into a relationship that was pretty much doomned from the first words *I-DO* , So many people including my parents warned me to think twice before jumping into a relationship with him. Now I regret never ever listning to my friends and my family. Now 3 kids later I am worse now then I ever was, I am stubborn and a tad bit hard headed and I dont feel that I have to give up MY home just because he wont leave. Alot of people ask me *Why do you stay*, it's simple it's my home too I may not work a full time job and get a pay check BUT I DO work, I take care the bills, the cleaning, the cooking , and raising my kids and putting up with a jerk of a husband that puts me down in a drop of a hat. And that my friend IS a full time job! Hey I have had some people want to know a lit
Club Far
club far member sign here new 2 ct here is 2 get you started upload photos rate fan people there is lots 2 do on here for help click on the word help fater you click it it will open and there says the ct bible or you can ask the bouncers 2 see the bouncers scrool down till you see them then click on anyone and ask them. hope this help for any new ct member anything else jut ask attention all club far member just wanna say thanks for all the welcome and fans with out your support this club would never be as it was now love ya all keep this club rocking and i will help spread the world around
My Stuff
Look at my "Rides" photo album and tell me what you would choose as a hotrod. Keep in mind that I have an 07 Silverado Classic with the 310 hp, Alum block 5.3L.... so there is a lightning killer there if I put a blower on it and buy my wife a new 2.5 Jetta or a Avenger R/T. After making a sales person grab the "oh Shit" handle 6 times in a 4 minute test drive....... I'm leaning to the Trailblazer SS.... and the wife will keep what was my Silverado Classic LT,,,, she feels safe in it Hey y'all, what is more important: following the career that you feel you have a blood connection to or following the career that the most important person in you life wants you to follow? Both will take me to Iraq, Iran, NK.... one (the airborne, the one that I have a family connection to) might take me to Afghanistan( for a second time) as well. What is more important: Family legacy and a unit that I fell more confident going to war with or going to a post/unit that I feel I might die every day in co
I Am A Cherry Yay
Hey ppl im back from being not quite dead Im full time college now *sigh* been sick for 4 weeks straight. -_- Haveta leave my apartment in about 10 minutes or so, catching a bus @ round 7:10am so I can get to my college prep class/thing by 9am, yay 2 hours on busses and waiting at terminals......... on a lighter note, some dumbass parents are going to sue their daughters school cos she didn't make it onto the cheerleading squad........ and what I thought was the BEST THING EVER, was a mom and her little kid got kicked off of a plane cos the kid would not shut up YOU GO MS. FLIGHT ATTENDANT. Ok lets see How "cherry" am I *and in how many ways* 24yo *will be 25yo on July 27th* Still a virgin Never been kissed Never had a girlfriend Never been on a date Never seen a woman naked in person I guess that makes me.. 100% Cherrygin? or Viry Cherry? ROFL
Summermoon226's Blog
My XanGo Story: Well my XanGo story started in June of 2006. My daughter came toMichigan from her home in Ohio. It was my birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better gift, then to see my daughter on my birthday. To my surprise as we sat at the kitchen table, she said to me. "Mom let me show you what I have been up to." She pulled out a brochure and some other pages of information about Mangosteen. As she handed me the brochure she asked if I have ever heard of the mangosteen fruit. I said mango what? She said a fruit called mangosteen. She proceeded to tell me where the fruit comes from and how long it takes for the fruit to ripen. I opened the brochure and saw anti-aging. Humm I thought .. I don't know not one person who is a baby boomer who hasn't wanted to stop that clock from ticking. I continued to read more. Hypertension – helps to lower blood pressure. I thought wow I could use that. Ever since I had my surgery my blood pressure has been fluctuating between 140/80 to
Guy Rules!!
Here is the list so far: 1.If you let me take you to dinner, you get free food. 2.I give good back rubs. 3.I have not been indicted in the Whitewater hearings. 4.I'm a good listener. 5.It's more fun than hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. 6.I have my own razor (actually 2). 7.I have never broken into a bear's home and eaten all his porridge. 8.I have no communicable diseases. You might actually enjoy it. 9.I always resist the urge to poke sharp objects into my ear on the first date. 10.I didn't shoot J.R. 11.I am persistent. 12.As of yet, I have never overlooked the importance of regular, continuous breathing. 13.I can usually eat spaghetti without getting sauce on my shirt. 14.I have never pulled the football away from Charlie Brown 15.My shoelaces are hardly ever untied. 16.I only tie women up and spank them when they ask me to. 16.The rumors of my involvement in the Chernobyl crisis are mostly unfounded. 17.I can, at the touch of a bu
Mrs. Hardwolf's Blogs
quiet her thoughts and give her rest silence her heart that is in her chest grant her peace so she may sleep surrender a Love, that she may keep stop her tears that streak from her eyes repair her wings so she can fly Give her strength and let her soar heal her wounds that have been torn mend whats broke that is in her soul take away the hurt, that takes it's toll hold her up when she starts to fall listen to her words when you hear her call caress her gently when she is sad tell her you love her when her day is bad walk with her when she walks away keep her on a path so she don't stray help her fight off all that is wrong raise her spirit so she may stay strong keep her courageous with all that she does for she is a woman, a woman in love ...... Afraid Lyrics By: Motley Crue Do you, do you wanna bleed? Do you, do you wanna live in vain? Its only life Shes so afraid to kiss An so afraid to laugh Is she runnin from her past? Its only life Shes so a
My Blog
This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it every day. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You are special and unique. 8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 10 When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look. 11 Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. And always remember.... when life hands you Lemons, ask for Tequila and Salt and cal
Hey all thats reading this thanks for taking time out of your life lol!!! I'm in a auction at the moment and would love some more bids!! If you are the winner i will be your personal promoter for a month i will rate all your pictures 10 and your stash a big old thumbs up lol!! You'll have pride of place in my profile as well as named as my ownner in my nickname!! So here's the link come by and check me out lol!! Well today i took a group of University bigwigs up to the House of commons. The traffic was crappy getting back out which resulted in me finishing at 0100.. Never mind 2 days off now but back up to the smoke on Saturday
your hair flows like thegentle breeze blowing through a garden of red roses... your eyes sparkle like the glistening stars in the warm night air...your skin is so soft and gentle like a new born baby crying for attention...the curves of your body beat an hour glass times ten... i get speeding tickets every time i think of you, because my heart races 1,000 miles a minute... your sweet aroma stops me dead in my tracks, like the lonely stop sign on the corner...i wood be but in heaven if you was to stand by my side and become my lady, lady i would die if i was to lose you and the chance to become your man i would have to drop to my knees and die... by lonely white wolf oh what a magnificent lady you are , the look in your eyes have stolen my heart,soul,mind and body... oh magnificent lady, and every nite i get down on my knees, and thank god for blessing me , with a competely magnificent lady like you ...i watch you as you dance between the rows of on lookers ... because your body is
Will Be Back!
Hey guys ...I am not trying to be rude as soon as I sign on Fubar freezes up on me...going to reboot be back...sorry! I just wanted to say...I put my satus to "NOT HAPPY"and to all you guys that wrote right away and asked"what's wrong?"...thank you!! Luv you guys! There were these twin sisters just turning one hundred years old in St.Luke's Nursing Home and the editor of the Cambridge rag, "The Cambridge Distorter," told a photographer to get over there and take the pictures of these 100 year old twin biddies. One of the twins was hard of hearing and the other could hear quite well. The photographer asked them to sit on the sofa and the deaf one said to her twin, "WHAT DID HE SAY?" He said, "WE GOTTA SIT OVER THERE ON THE SOFA!" said the other. "Now get a little closer together," said the cameraman. Again, "WHAT DID HE SAY?" "HE SAYS SQUEEZE TOGETHER A LITTLE." So they wiggled up close to each other. "Just hold on for a bit longer, I've got to focus a little," said the pho
Starting Over
It occurred to me today....I'm really not in pain anymore. I'm sure I'll still have my bad days; and his neglecting our children makes me insane....but....The Skank can have him. I'm happier without him. I'm not wound so tight that I cut off the circulation to....everywhere. I don't have to excuse him, placate him, walk on eggshells around him, or crouch down to lower myself to his level anymore. I'm free. HA! I have now learned to change the oil in my truck!!! Go, ME!! "Your sense of self-confidence does wonders for your romantic life today. You feel great, and look terrific to others -- so take a chance with that crush of yours or sweep Sweetie off their feet all over again." Sh'yeah. Got it wrong again guys.
Hey All
ok figured id say hi to all and thanks to my friend dwayne i just found this place i love it so far everyone friendly . thanks to all how have welcomed me . hope to meet alote of great new friends my baby goin back home to work for awhile so i wont be on here for a while .. srry if i dont answer u ill be back on as soon as possible . love you all stay sweet my heart is gone my mind is numb happiness lost never to return life is dark and shadows overrun blood runs cold , soul is fading sone be the end , darkness takes over
When I Write
He promised to love like he said, No matter what occurs, And to show his proof of truth, He traded his heart for hers. Now that he had the trust, He loved her more than she could believe, They treated each other like royalty, So why did she still leave? Did he say somthing to hurt her? Or was it the little things he didn't do? His love for her was tight But she still slipped through Didn't believe in giving up on this He tries to talk to her everyday And each time he's broken, As she says nothing turns and walks away Even though it hurts He looks for some else to take her spot It seems to work for others, But for him its not Being alone is no longer an option, He can't stop thinking about her To fnd somebody else was a joke, He'd rather struggle with her than without her, Using methods that cover up what he really wants to say Its a painful process and his hearts still shattered But he'll pick the up pieces on the way She paces back a
Brian "Crush" Adams known for his formidable strength, the Hawaiian native made his first impact on the U.S. wrestling scene in the late 1980s with the NWA’s Pacific Northwest organization. When he debuted in WWE in summer of 1990, he joined Ax and Smash as the third member of the legendary tag team, Demolition. A change in the rules allowed the trio to hold the World Tag Team Championship, with any two of the three members defending the titles. The trio would lose the championships to The Hart Foundation due to interference from The Legion of Doom, sparking a fierce rivalry between them and Hawk & Animal. After Demolition disbanded, Adams returned to WWE in summer of 1992 as the blond-haired Hawaiian powerhouse, “Kona Crush.” He thrilled our fans with his ready smile and fearsome strength. However, a rivalry with Doink the Clown – which culminated in one of the most unforgettable moments in WrestleMania history when Crush was attacked by two Doinks – changed the Hawaiian’s phil
All help is greatly appreciated I know I ratand many of your pics and stashes. I try to keep up I proimise after the contet I will be playing catch up. However I still will rate just not as much for a while. Huggggs [ photo: 496611933 ] Hello all Sorry I have not been here but life sometimes gets you. I have been very very busy with personal and Business issues. Hopefully I will be back real soon. For all those who helped me in the contest I want to say thank you so so very much I greatly appreciate it. Congrads to all the winners as well. I will be popping in from time to time when I can and try to catch up on my rates and mums and stuff. I hope all is well with you guys. Much love and respect Ms.Ladee Just wanted to take a minute to show appreciation to ALL fathers. Ny dad is no longer with me and I miss him dearly. Fathers do not get much credit thoes days so here is to you guys, you are special. Much Love. Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics fr
I Invite Anyone In The Dayton,ohio Or Anyone From Out Of State To Our Growing Church
Static's Klub X-treme
Philosophy (different Aspects)
An unasked favor need not be returned. It's worth reading Taken from here... "The Hedgehog and the Fox is the title of an essay by Isaiah Berlin, regarding the Russian author Leo Tolstoy's theory of history." The title refers to a fragment of text attributed to the Greek poet Archilochus: "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." (This part is the only part of this article I knew and have heard before, a rather quotable line... - Eric) Isaiah Berlin (after giving a number of examples of authors in each category...) considers Tolstoy, and after considering that it seems that he falls in neither category suggests instead, that while Tolstoy's talents are those of a fox, his beliefs are that one ought to be a hedgehog, and thus Tolstoy's own voluminous assessments of his own work are misleading. (Edited excerpt concluded, will look for book...)
My Life!
Hello all I just thought I would log on for a second and pass on the happy news to all my freinds. Sophie Elizabeth B. was born at 2:36 a.m. mountain standerd time this morrning, Her weight was 7 lbs. 12 ounces. and is as healthey as a horse. Mommy & Babby are both doing fine and as you can see by the pics here Sophie is wresting comfortably. When I asked her for a comment on the days events, I got nothing. I will sign off now and am gunna head back to the hospital you all have a great night. You can check out my wifes profile here if you would like. ¢¾ S~E~X~Y ¢¾ D.M.C. {Head Plunder Bunny} Pirate queen & ROOT BEER GODESS!@ CherryTAP CAPTAINDRAGON Hello all my wonderful freinds, I just wanted to let everyone know that I became a proud father once again. Shames Orin B. was born was born @ 8:49p.m. (M.S.T.) on April 2nd He weighs in @ 8lbs 4oz & is health, & doing well. For those of you th
Pandora'z Box
Music is the thread of which the tapestry of our lives is woven This is in reference to questions and comments I have encountered... It also keeps me from feeling repetitious... Any person who chooses to move or visit a land with a different tongue, I also believe should learn the language. (Especially if you plan to work, raise a family and gain citizenship) I agree that heritage, spirituality, etc should not be forced upon anyone. Land of the free, home of the brave... it's astonishing how many come to the US wanting our freedoms only to warp our own words against us in an effort to change that which they came for. Humans, we are our own worst enemies... You are Bettie Page Girl next door with a wild streak You're a famous beauty - with unique look And the people like you are cultish about it What Famous Pinup Are You?
ok so i updated my whole profile just now and i really didnt want to kill the cool stuff i had to say in it so im just leaving it in this blog lol It really is possible to find love, you just don't have to find it when begging for sex! To attract love, one must be open to receive it. Love, Now that is an over statement. I've met a lot of interesting people in my life. Married one and almost married another. I'm not saying that there isn't a man out there for me, I'm sure there is. I'm also not going to say "oh i haven't found him yet." True, he has not found me yet lol. Although I am getting older, I do have time and patience. It'll happen when it's supposed to. I'm single again, and for the first time pretty much since I was 19. I want to live. I want to enjoy my life. I definately know that my happy ass will settle down one day, but whenever that day comes, he had better be worth it! I know that I am!! I know this is going to sound stupid, but I'm really not here to
My Blogs
Just like your heart, your love is pure. Like a never ending candle it will always burn. With out even trying, you make others feel safe, Just by bringing them into your embrace. Your smile and your eyes make others feel warm inside. These are the things that make it hard to deny, The love I feel for you inside, When ever you are near by. 1. Good: Your wife is pregnant. Bad: it's triplets. Ugly: You had a vasectomy five years ago. 2. Good: Your wife's not talking to you. Bad: She wants a divorce. Ugly: She's a lawyer. 3. Good: Your youngest son is finally maturing. Bad: He's involved with the woman next door. Ugly: So are you. 4 . Good: Your wife and you agree, no more kids. Bad: Your wife can't find her birth control pills. Ugly: Your 13 year old daughter borrowed them. 5 . Good: Your oldest son understands fashion. Bad: He's a cross-dresser. Ugly: He looks better than your wife. 6. Good: You give the "birds and bees" talk to your 10 year old daughter. Bad: She
My Weekend
For his birthday, little Joseph asked for a 10-speed bicycle. His father said, "Son, we'd give you one, but the mortgage on this house is $280,000 & your mother just lost her job. There's no way we can afford it." The next day the father saw little Joseph heading out the front door with a suitcase. So he asked, "Son, where are you going?" Little Joseph told him; "I was walking past your room last night and heard you telling mom you were pulling out. Then I heard her tell you to wait because she was coming too. And I'll be damned if I'm staying here by myself with a $280,000 mortgage & no bike. To my darling husband, Before you return from your business trip I just want to let you know about the small accident I had with the pick up truck when I turned into the driveway. Fortunately not too bad and I really didn't get hurt, so please don't worry too much about me. I was coming home from Wal-Mart, and when I turned into the driveway I accid
Sometimes I Don't Care...
Ok so this week was like a freakin tornado for me. I find out that my "friend" was talking behind my back and saying that I am acting like loose cannon. I admit that I do on occasion act a bit promiscuous, but really not his business. If I'm not fucking him, which I'm not, then it doesn't really matter as far as he's concerned. Then the sun decided to shine and I got to hang out with this really amazing guy...he took me for Japanese and played his guitar for me, it was very sweet. I thought or hoped that things would remain good... but i was sadly mistaken. I dated another guy a little while ago and he was in town, wanted to hang out. So I agreed and then he started telling me that I had an attitude, that I was stubborn yada yada yada. So I figured fuck him and went out elsewhere. See it wasn't even just that, I told him about the date and he freaked, put the nw guy down etc... but this guy wanted me, talked about me moving to Jersey to be with him ad really was going to, then
My Types N Such
So.. I think my landlord is a awesome person. He's a private owner of a home in Central Ohio and leases out apartments for people like me! Well, for my rent, I'm supposed to mail it out to a P.O. Box which is then picked up by a local bank, then put in my landlords account. Well i personally found it easier to just drop off the check (in an envelope) to the bank in person. (I don't trust the timing of snail mail.) My last rent due date was on a weekend, and the bank was closed. So I dropped it in the overnight slot with confidence, thinking it would get to my landlord on time. Well, I get a phone call from him this weekend, and he tells me he still hasn't recieved the check for June. I'm like OH SHIT! Luckily he knew that I was dropping it in the over night slot, so we both concluded that the people in the bank had no idea what to do with this random rent check. I told him I would call the bacnk today (monday) and figure out what happend. Thank God he was super cool about it.
A Letter From My Man
ღஐ!**~2 Tha femalez N Luv~**!ஐღ "A nigga can love u from the bottom of his ¢¾, and say that shit and really mean it which he probably do but juss always remember there's still room left at the top for some one else!!" ღஐ!**~2 Anybody N Love~**!ஐღ "If you ¢¾ someone, put their name in a circle, not a heart because a heart can be broken, but a circle goes on forever." LOVE starts with a smile, grows with a KISS, and ends with a TEAR. The HARDEST thing to do is watch the one you love, love somebody else. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. Its ok to kiss a fool. Its ok to let a fool kiss you. But never let a kiss fool you. Dont frown; you never know who is falling in love with your smile. Dont cry over anyone who wont cry over you. Notorious from head 2 toe Naughty as hell but I AINT no hoe YOU aint worth MY time & cant take MY place So if YOU got SOMETHING 2 say, BIT
Cherry Tap Family
lets see you have this place on your cherry tap called family. the place where the friendss that are the dearest and most special to you go right? today i wa slookin g a tmy family section on here and dont see anyone on that has really visited my profile much lately with the exception of a few. thos epeople know who they i was thinking i just might clean it out and start again with the few that were mentioned prior in this blog.i put friends in my fmaily that i thought were special and dear to me but now tey are showinmg me a different side and i know that some dont ge ton as much im really thinking about cleaning out my family on her eand leaving those few.i know things change and thats life but some dont even rate my pics anymore . lets see you have this place on your cherry tap called family. the place where the friendss that are the dearest and most special to you go right? today i wa slookin g a tmy family section on here and dont see anyone on that has really
Please Pray
Please read... it is personal... toward me. I borrowed this from my sisters friend. But it is about how i feel about my current situation. Please read, and pray for me, my family and friends. I love you! ~~~~Whatever your cross, ~~~~whatever your pain, ~~~~there will always be sunshine, ~~~~after the rain .... ~~~~Perhaps you may stumble, ~~~~perhaps even fall, ~~~~But God's always ready, ~~~~To answer your call ... He knows every heartache, sees every tear, A word from His lips, can calm every fear ... Your sorrows may linger, throughout the night, But suddenly vanish, dawn's early light ... The Savior is waiting, somewhere above, To give you His grace, and send you His love .. Whatever your cross, whatever your pain, "God always sends rainbows .... after the rain ... " It has been raining for me for quite a while. God sent me a rainbow to brighten my smile... and help me thru everything, but now my rainbow is fading away and the rain has taken ov
It Needs To Stop !!
I will continue to send this on everytime I receive it until the right people GET IT!!! Can't Blame White People by Bill Cosby Bill & Camille Cosby They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English. I can't even talk the way these people talk: Why you ain't, Where you is, What he drive, Where he stay, Where he work, Who you be... And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk Everybody knows it's important to speak English... except these knuckleheads. Mushmouth is what they speak!? You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth. In fact you will never get any kind of job making a decent living. People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an education, and now we've got these knuckleheads throwing that all away.? The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal. These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids. $500 sneaker
Words By Me
I cant keep crying all the time... Once agian you have me waiting on the line... I dont deserve the pain inside... Even as I write this I cry... I just ask that you be straight with me... If this the end, just let me be... Dont be greedy and keep me waiting... That's whats got me hesitating... I wish I could say the hell with you... But even saying that is the hardest thing for me to do... I dont know what I am trying to prove... Theres a hundred guys that wouldn't treat me like you do... I just cant seem to find love... Maybe cupid needs to give me a little shove... But even that wouldnt help... I seem to be playing the cards I was dealt... I hate to sound like woe is me... And reach out for everyones pity... But I want someone to love me too... I am so cold inside without you... I had someones love once before... And like the rest he ended up walking out the door... You cant even tell me the truth... It seems to be
Maxx's Titles
Random Ruminations
As some know, and my primary makes readily obvious. I am having some issues with my neck. Mainly bulging discs, yes I said discs, GET YOUR MIND out of the gutters ladies, as well as some bone spurs. To say it is painful is an understatement. More disconcerting is the fact my left arm is damn near completely numb all the time now. Days are good and bad. Functionality exists until around lunch then all hell breaks loose. I am not one of those who whines and complains, so please do not take it as such. Just take this as a warning. If I should happen to disappear, it is not from discontent or disenchantment but from lack of mobility or from being hospitalized. Until then, I'll be around but the decision is near and is to the point where surgery is on the only recourse. All too often in today's society we sit here and wonder, the why's and the what if's. It's time to sit back and turn the reflective mirror we place on society and turn it on to ourselves. We each are nothing more tha
**the Borg**beware**
Some Great Advice!!!
You forgive me for liking you too much, And I'll forgive you for not liking me enough. You forgive me for missing you so, And I'll forgive you for being so cold. You forgive me for the loud racing of my heart, And I'll forgive you for not hearing it. You forgive me for playing your games, And I'll forgive you for toying with my emotions. You forgive me for finding you so attractive, And I'll forgive you for not noticing. You forgive me for raising you up so high, And I'll forgive you for bringing me down so low. You forgive me for wanting to be with you, And I'll forgive you for avoiding me. You forgive me for being so pathetic, And I'll forgive you for taking advantage of it. You forgive me for not being able to let go, And I'll forgive you for never having latched on. You forgive me for having hopes and dreams, And I'll forgive you for crushing them. Forgiveness brings inner peace. Do we have a deal? A blind man walks into a restaurant and sit
OK... So I went on vacation - Camping with the kids and my guy. This is how things went without my computer & CT for SEVEN days! Day one: This place is beautiful! I can't believe how dark it gets at night and how bright the stars are. Oh, I wonder if anyone's sent me any cherry mail, email, shouts....sigh. Day two: Still marveling at how peaceful it is out here in the woods. Hey, is that an electrical outlet?? I coulda brought my computer... Day three: F-ing tired of trecking a half a mile just to take a piss. Where's my f-ing computer?? I wanna rate some pics.. Day four: Sitting here watching the sun move across the sky - only 3 more days to go. I know i saw computers in the Camp office - maybe if I sneak in tonight... Day five: There's a lovely layer of dirt on EVERYTHING. I've played more card games than a Las Vegas craps dealer oh - and it rained into the tent. My cell phone has internet access....hmmmm wonder if it's worth a dollar a kilobyte.... Day six: I
General Everyday Stuff
Man sometimes life just sucks. I try to deal with it on a daily basis but damn it, sometimes it's just hard to deal with at times. I manage though. I got my hubby and son who make it all worth while in the end. One way or another we always come out on top. There are days I just want to and need to be alone to clear my head and thoughts. If I didn't have those times, I think I would have gone crazy long ago. Thanks to all my friends and family for their support and thanks to my hubby and son who make it all possible. Love ya'll *smooches* Well like the subject line says I am nervous as hell and scared too. I was finally able to get a dentist appointment made a couple weeks ago to get some work done. They took an x-ray of course. I went in tuesday and they schedualed me for another appointment on the 10th. Well, Wednesday morning they called me and told me that the doctor wanted to see me that morning a.s.a.p. I went with Brad by my side of course because I knew it would be to discuss th
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The wonder of love The taste, the sound Belonging to one One that knows Your deepest desires Darkest secrets Hidden meanings Reside in a simple touch A kiss, just a kiss So sweet, so innocent To the outside world Ignites the flame Of the passion Between two souls Becoming one Forever entwined There are days when I can't wait to get to sleep. I spend my days thinking about you, wanting to sleep so I can feel you. You, the one that is only in my dreams. One that I cannot see except when I succumb to my dreams. You know my heart as no other. Your simple caress releases a hunger which must be sated. Only you can give me such a sweet release. My prince, my soul. Come to me in the night. I long for the taste of you mouth as it takes mine. The hardness of you when we are flesh to flesh. The scent of your skin as I breathe is like no other in all the worlds. My dream lover, only you can quench my thirst. Only you set ablaze my soul,
Random Thoughts
She is quite tonight; the pain in her heart I feel. Cryin alone in the dark. Opened her heart up for more pain I can only guess. Saw the love she had written; all from that loving heart of hers poured out for the world to see. Hoping for the light of her life would take notice and truly care how she felt. He must not of; because she removed her love poems soon after. I messaged her and asked why; even though seeing them tore me up inside, knew she was hurting more. Felt my hand on her cheek wiping away her tears, even though I am miles away ! She wouldn't answer me, being curious I seeked out the source of her bleeding heart. Seen only a background changed, the beautiful picture with love she'd left him. The countless roses and the private gifts of love to him !! Such devotion to him, knew if he'd asked she would take her last breath for him ! Like in her poem ! I love everything she writes only wished that I was the one holding her thoughts in my caring arms at night. Kissing and care
I know it is not they way you meet someone but how you connect when you talk to them. I feel that I have found my soulmate, someone whom I thought never existed. She is one of the best things in my life right now. If you read this baby just know that you are my one true love. All my feelings are for you. I know she is sweet and caring, funny and sexy. I cant wait until we can be together. She is the other half that makes me whole. She is the yin to my yang. My heart and soul belong to her. She is everything i wanted and more. I couldnt have asked for a better person to come into my life. I know once we are together nothing will tear us apart. My heart is true only to her. My eyes may wander but come the end of the day its her i want to wrap my arms and love around. I have the uncontrolable urge to just hold her close and look deep into her eyes and just confess all i am to her. The time will come when our love is tested and i know where my heart remains. I just w
Crazy Thoughts Of A Insane Biker
ladies plz beware this guy is pretending to be a marine or miltary he tells them what they want to here just to get sex then makes up a big sob story frist it was a bomb then it was a 4 wheeler his name is brad jonthan latham or sopoe to be anyway his id is semperfibrad so plz girls dont be a fool the resent blog i posted is for a good friend it was not me he done that too i know and understand how fubar or any other sites work but the least they can do is not pretend they r in love just be honest if u want sex say so if u want love say so if u want friends say so dont go to the point were u affect someones life that is just down right dirty and low lifed it takes a pretty low person to do those things ,thank u for ur time ....harley Dear friends ,family and fubar peeps, its been a while since i posted anything , but felt the need to get this off my mind ... like it , dont like it , read it ,dont read it, it dont matter to me this is for my own personal peace of mind .....  people com
Macc Lads
My name is Uncle Knobby, I hang around primary schools Underneath my raincoat, I'm always totally nude I show my navel fluff collection to lots of fully-clothed men I get a full erection, and have to rush to the gents Ooh! Uncle Knobby, can't we please go home? Why do you hide in the bushes? What have you done with our clothes? I introduce my penis to hamsters, gerbils and mice I like to read Fiesta, and peek at the reader's wives Ooh! Uncle Knobby, where's our special treat? Why do you keep taking pictures and sniffing our bicycle seats? I grummidge in my portfolio, which is full of Tampax ads I look up my own bottom with mirrors from ladies' handbags Ooh! Uncle Knobby, can't we please go home? We've never seen any dildos, we don't want to wear pantyhose Ooh! Uncle Knobby, Why have you smeared us with cake? We don't like standing in custard, and we don't want to play with your snake. One day after closing I was lying on me nest, When Stez shouts "get
Q & A
GOD I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! Running back Knowshon Moreno was a hot topic of conversation during this week's teleconference with Georgia coach Mark Richt. Moreno's 18 carry, 168-yard, three-touchdown effort in Saturday's 56-17 win over Central Michigan obviously wowed the sellout crowd at Sanford Stadium, but it was his hurdle of Chippewa safety Vince Agnew to complete a 29-yard run that dropped jaws. It was a play that Georgia fans will no doubt be talking about for quite a while, but it was one that many in the country watching ESPN did not get to see except for a brief glance during a quick preview of the Bulldogs highlights to come following a commercial break. Knowshon Moreno's hop over Vince Agnew wasn't the highlight fans thought it should be.When the network did its Top 10 plays, Moreno's highlight was not included. Richt was asked about the omission. "I think they missed the boat or didn't do their homework or something," Richt said. "Normally they do a
My Thoughts And Other Shit
DON'T SPOIL IT. Name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 5 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first... NO CHEATING! 1. Destenie 2. Scott 3. Missy 4. Henry 5. Lisa DON'T LOOK AHEAD UNLESS YOU FILLED UP THE TOP! 1. How did you meet number 3? I met her on fubar 2. On a scale 1-10 rate your friendship with number 2 . 10 3. How long have you known number 4? since November when I started working for FedEx 4. How do you know number 2? He's not heavy, he's my brother 5. What would you do if 5 told you they loved you? she already has 6. A fact about number 1. She is the one that is on my mind right now, and not in a good way 7. Who is 4 going out with?. Hes married to Jennifer 8. What is 2 doing? right now he is probably packing...but I will be over his house to hang out later in the day 9. Would you live with number 3
You Know If You're An 80;s Child If
You know you're a child from the 80's if: You remember Don Johnson when he was "cool" You know who shot J.R You remember when Michael Jackson was actually considered something of a sex symbol You practice getting in and out of your car through the windows You owned at least one skinny leather tie. Your first Walkman weighed 10 pounds and was the size of a brick. You wore L.A. Gear tennis shoes. You know the meaning of Wax on/Wax Off You're always "in the mood for dancing" If you can "See Better" with sunglasses that have paint splattered all over the lenses. You wore lace gloves with the fingers cut off, bangle bracelets up to your elbows, bright red Reebok high tops and parachute pants to a school dance You need a shopping cart to carry your personal stereo with you. You remember what Michael Jackson looked like before the surgery. You go rollerskating every Friday night (not to skate, but to 'hang out') You still want to take Karate
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My Blog
From what I know blog’s are a personal diary. So I will try and get it out of my system I moved here from NYC, trying to forget some one whom I love very deeply. Though we broke up he still cares for me and wants me in so many ways. We still saw & see each other as if nothing changed. when we broke up He had seemed to be in love, as if he panicked that he let me get so close to him. Maybe he was afraid of commitment. Maybe he was scared since all he knew was getting hurt, used, and disappointed. I don’t know what his deal was that day but, in a way he broke up with me, said some rotten things, and then as if nothing had happened we were back together but with out the commitment, I didn’t mind I love him and just wanted to be with him, I wanted to see him happy. I just wanted him. As the weeks and months went by, I was so happy but so very upset in a way. There was the fear rising what if I’m not the only one. Though he told me I was and he wasn’t looking, he was content with
My New Goals
Hey All!!! I want to update you on what my goals are. I will be starting tomorrow at a new fitness center and plan on trying to get into Playboy or Penthouse in 6 months. I will not be here during the day at all but will be here sometime between 7-7:30pm. The trainers at this fitness center are Body Builders & they enter themselves into competion all the time. No, I'm not going that direction but I am going to tone my body up well so I can even be hotter then what I am now. I think I look good for my age but I want to look even greater. Please support me and any motivation comments on my profile would be great!!! My 2nd goal is to give up my smoking!!! I'm tired of not being able to breathe and having low energy. It's time for Self Improvement & when I make my mind up I succeed at it!!! Just think, when I make it to Playboy, you can all say I've met her online and chatted with her!!! You won't have that opportunity once I get into Playboy!!!! LMAO!!!! Xoxoxoxox ~Prtyeyes~ Hey A
Nine firemen died in Charleston S.C. this week. Doing their job. Leaving behind their families and friends. God bless them and their families. Nine firemen died in Charleston S.C. this week. Doing their job. Leaving behind their families and friends. God bless them and their families. Nine firemen died in Charleston S.C. this week. Doing their job. Leaving behind their families and friends. God bless them and their families.

as we go through out life we seem to forget about all the beauty in the wold, we dont see the difrent typs of birds or the way the tree`s change in the spring. we also forget how nice it is to look at the wild things in the parks now its all about this fast paist wold , so take time for your self relax check out the wold you may see something you`ve missed or neverr seen before. summers here and every one is going to go nuts lol,the men are going to be tookin over by there body part .and women are going to dress skimpy just to make us nuts,but remember this of all things if you dress skimpy you`ll prouble be raped for how do you feel on what was sead say it dont be scared i dont bit or get mad. isent it funny how we as people make all kinds of friends in ower life`s we have those friends we hang just to amuse owerself`s , then theres the one`s we have just to make us feel better about owerself`s because they have less then us. then there the one`s we take monoey from because t
On july 21, 2001 I was in a terrible car accident. After a day of fishing at lake travis, a friend and I went to the store and at a stop sign a woman in a blue dodge pickup rear-ended us. I was wearing my seatbelt but I still suffered a severe brain injury. I can't walk without a cane, my speech was affected, as well as my vision. In other words, I almost died. Now days I chat a lot on the computer. I don’t have any frieds (except people I meet online). I have’nt had a girlfriend since july of 2001. That is a big change in my life. Don’t go out much except for mom or someone taking me places.) probably because I have no car any longer. My car had engine problems, that I was working on. The most important thing that I miss is friendships & SEX( duh )! update: Hello, these are a few questions that people ask me: 1. Did you get any money for your accident? Well, I don't want to get in all of the details, but I will not have to ever work again. Although, I do get pretty bo
Not Posting Bulletins
hey guys i am in this contest and i would like fo ryou to go and rate and comment on my pic i am really far behind. please do this as a favor to me and i will return it later. this is the link for the photo I have reposted bulletind for almost everyone on here that is on my friends list at some point and time, When i ask that the people on my friends list go and vote formy best friend who is in her first contest noone even goes to look at her photo much less vote or rate or comment on it. That is pretty sad to me. I guess that we really find out who our friends are here when it comes down to points and ratings huh. Well, i hve taken the bulletin screen off my page and i am not posting another bulletin or comment bombing another photo for anyone on my friends list so please dont ask me to. i am also going to start cleaning it out and getting rid of those that realy only added me for the points. If this pisses anyone off well th
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Going Crazy......
Well, today is supposed to be my wedding day. Notice I said supposed to be. I don't know if I'm about it, but the wedding is off. I mean, I am glad that I found out that he is a pig before I married him, but I am also hurt and devestated by the way he handled things. I wish he would have had the guts to tell me personally that he had found someone else. And less than a week to the wedding. I was a few days from making what I now know would have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I guess we all make mistakes and misjudge people. I wish I could change things, but I can't. I can only move forward with my life. I guess what they say is true, love really is blind. Makes you miss the clues that are right in front of your face..... This is getting ridiculous. I am so tired, but can't get any sleep. I guess I just have too much going on right now. Maybe as soon as the move is done I'll take a week and just sleep. God knows I need it. Haven't gotten more than an hour o
I'm sorry, but after hearing they want to sing OUR National Anthem in Spanish - enough is enough! NEVER did they sing it in Italian, Japanese, Polish, Irish-Celtic, German, Portuguese, Greek, French, or any other language because of immigration. It was written by Francis Scott Key and should be sung word for word the way it was written. The news broadcasts gave a translation that's NOT even close. Sorry if this offends anyone, but this is THIS IS MY COUNTRY! Do YOU - sing MY National Anthem in YOUR COUNTRY IN ENGLISH ? ? ? And, because I make this statement DOES NOT mean I'm against immigration!!! YOU ARE WELCOME HERE IN MY COUNTRY. Welcome to come through like everyone else has. Get a sponsor ! Get a place to lay your head ! Get a job ! Live by OUR rules ! Pay YOUR taxes ! And LEARN THE LANGUAGE LIKE ALL OTHER IMMIGRANTS HAVE IN THE PAST!!! AND PLEASE DON'T DEMAND THAT WE HAND OVER OUR LIFETIME SAVINGS OF SOCIAL S
Just A Lil Get To Know Ya
FAVOURITES Alcoholic Drink: Tequila Actor: Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, Orlando Bloom ,Vin Diesel, umm there is more cant think of them right now though Actress: angelina julie, julia roberts, julianne moore, nicole kidman,Michelle Rodriguez THIS OR THAT Pepsi or coke: Coke Fruit or veggies: Fruit Day or nite: nite Hot or cold: both Summer or winter: Summer Surf or snowboard: umm yeah never tried sorry Books or movies: movies McDonalds or Burger King: burger king Socks or Barefeet: Im always barefooted Beer or Liquor: Liquor but if none i will go for beer Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate HAVE YOU EVER Kissed someone: Umm let me think... yep Gone past someone kissing: yeah.. lol Had sex: Yep Smoked: yes Drank: yes Done Drugs: yep not anymore though Thought about suicide: Yes Slit your wrists: Yes (i was stupid and young) Gone skinnydipping: lol oh yeah Kissed the same sex: yep Won an awa
I Don"t Care
listen this is to the two assholes who keep shouting at me about me openly supporting the war. I don't care if you agree or not. If you were half the men you think you are then you wouldn't block me fron shouting back at you. But as far as the WAR GOES I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS ALL THE WAY!!!!!! And if you would like to discuss the subject any futher I can be found at 1316 mayberry rd Dallas N.C. Now leave me the hell alone i will not change my views>>>>>>>>>>> listen this is to the two assholes who keep shouting at me about me openly supporting the war. I don't care if you agree or not. If you were half the men you think you are then you wouldn't block me fron shouting back at you. But as far as the WAR GOES I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS ALL THE WAY!!!!!! And if you would like to discuss the subject any futher I can be found at 1316 mayberry rd Dallas N.C. Now leave me the hell alone i will not change my views>>>>>>>>>>> listen this is to the two assholes who keep shouting at me about me openly sup
16 years it them 16 years and I just got notification that I am being awarded my second Bronze Star. 16 years no wonder they cant get anything done in DC 16 years it them 16 years and I just got notification that I am being awarded my second Bronze Star. 16 years no wonder they cant get anything done in DC 16 years it them 16 years and I just got notification that I am being awarded my second Bronze Star. 16 years no wonder they cant get anything done in DC
4:20 Best Day Ever=]
plzzz leave me a voice comment if u think im hott. i wanna hear ur voice and see how sexxi u sound. if i like wat i hear then mabee i can give u miii number and we can chat er other things thx.ily now man im not gettin enough answers. i need to no wat u think of me am i ur type. wat r the fetures u like about me. i jus dnt get enough convo these days. and only sertain ppe tell me wat they think. i love tht these pple r there but its not givin me enough. i feel like im not good er mabee im ugly becuz pple r not completely honest wen it cums to rating sumone olnly becuz it gives u points. but i want to the truth. wat u like a person like me fer. idkk im bord. i need acction do u want me? if you do leave me a comment. i wanna no 1-10 wat u think of me and not jus a ten becuz thts wat u usually give on ct i want honest oppinion. then i e=want to no sum of ur dreams. and could i b in them.[[detains bby]]
My Life.....
April 27, 2008This blog was inspired by the song "How Far Weve Come" by Matchbox 20. In that song its speaks about how far people can come, it asks how a persons life would be view by others and it made me think about how far I have come in the last year.If I can back up for a second... On July 31, 2005 my life almost ended. I was rushed to the local hospital with lung failure and I fell into a coma for 4 days. My family was told I would probably not make it out of the coma. I was 674 pounds and thought to be a dead man. But I was not ready to die and God gave me another chance. I spent 59 days in the hospital and lost about 120 pounds during my recovery. I started to walk again and began my fight to regain control of my life. I decided to have a weight loss surgery and began the long process of approval from the insurance companies. One year ago on April 27, 2007 I had a Gastric Bypass Surgery (GBS) at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I weighed 529 pounds on
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Emology 101
{{7/12/07}} Ok, so it\'s Thursday and I havent written a word since last Sunday! How awful. My first week of work has been okay. Im still in training so Im not getting a lot of hours. After Sunday, I should be getting a full schedule. It\'s not as hard as I thought it would be. I gotta learn what comes with what but for the most part it\'s simple. Dayshift totally kicks ass. Dont get me wrong, I loved my nightshift at Arbys and Subway, but I\'m digging this dayshift. I even get offa work in time to watch my soap opera =] How effin sweet is that? I think its rockin\'....just like me ;) haha I\'m so hardcore..........not! lmao. I had the biggest blonde moment today =/ On the registers at work you have to hit \" dine in\" or \"carry out\" before you can ring anything up... its like a quarter til one pm. Ive been on the register since like 10am. Ive pretty much got it down pat, right? Well I get a customer and I cant get it to let me ring anything up. I just cant get it to work at all, so
Dad Or Lack There Of?
i debated on making this a mum or not and actualy im not in the mood for the negative mummers soooo ill jus make this blog. if you decide to post a comment id love to see it alright this is about my dad starting from day one he denied me from the get go wanted a blood test blazay blah yeah sorry ur a lucky winner of me im yours. from there was empty promises had me up and waiting for special trips to the park,pool etc and he never showed up. i got older id see him on the streets id stop say hi hed buy me a pop or chips never nothing more mind u my dad is in hmmmm manufacturing and distributing so he had money..i was always the one to call him,hunt him down litteraly. when my older sis was fed up n said F*** him i beged her to forgive him hes our dad so nooooow. im an adult i gave up didnt speak to my dad or even know where he lived for over 10 years... i have 5 possibly 6 sisters all by him 2 brothers i never met my brothers let alone even see a picture but i knew my sisters their
Who I Am
There are many lessons in life that only time can teach you, like how much you love someone. It's nearly impossible to know that, until you spend your days without them. And then there are those lessons that you can learn only through the beating of your heart, and through feeling such strong emotions that you can barely breathe. Then finally, the essence of time and the power of your heart crossing paths, and the only knowledge you're left with is the realization that time is the one thing that keeps you from letting go. No, it's never the embracing, or the kisses. Not the laughter or the tears, only time." For those who know me already , you know I LOVE to write stories , fantasies and poetry .. I post daily in Yahoo and many numerous sites . I hope you enjoy and well , if not . that's your business.. I rose off the bed, holding my baby's hand. I had the chocolate syrup...and cream...all over me and he was a bit messy himself. Somehow holding his hand and walking over to the
Family News
come show me some love i really need your help i am like3,000behind come show me some love i really need your help i am like3,000behind come on guys come show me some love it only takes a min i love u all and thank you so much .come vcte or comment bomb
Wanna Play
He didn't show up!!! I waited up in the tree, with a special gift for him. I was gonna jump out and surprise him, but he never showed. Luckily there was another couple up there sitting in the car. I watched them screw for a little, then I broke the window in with a bat. Turns out I knew them and they knew me, I guess that's why they took of like a bat out of hell. Why doesn't anybody wanna be my friend? I have no idea who the hell would want to read this. This is boring shit. My life sucks. I need a lawyer, one that will call me back, and not after the hearing is scheduled. Damn I wish I wouldn't have killed those people. Oh well, can't take it back now, but I am currently looking for new friends now, don't listen to my profile. To be my friend you should be submissive, after all you don't want to piss me off, you can ask my old friends about that one. All you have to do is go to the cemetery, and hold a seance. My therapist and psychiatrist said it would be good to meet new people
For all those into crafting here is a site for u to check out: if anyone has friends or family in ohio that needs furniture repair have them contact and check out Check out I teach craft classes by email To have a class just e-mail: or and i will send you details. I teach childrens craft classes and adult craft classes.
Serving Mistress M
i was finally allowed to cum last night and it was wonderful. It had been 7 days since i was last allowed to cum. There may be Mistress or slaves out there who read this and think 7 days if not very long, but i am new, and i used to cum almost everyday. On top of this, i have to wear stockings to bed every night, and i have a huge stocking fetish. i have to play with myself in the bed every night and not cum. At work, i have to go to bathroom twice a day and play with myself and not cum. i am also very turned on by the humiliation of playing with myself at work. i have to come to my Mistress on webcam, naked and bowing, another huge turn on. i am surrounded by stimuli, placed there by Mistress M, and i am only allowed to cum on her command. Last night was one of those nights. i put my stockings on as usual, but i also put 5 clotespins on each nipple. i tried to make it last, but i only held out less than 10 minutes. When i was done, i had a huge puddle. As per orders, i
you know ladies we all at one point in time have gone thru this the way read the book...all his work is eye opening href="" target="_blank"> /" target="_blank"> My Best Bud Loves Mermaids so These are for Her!!! Ok sometimes Im not very good at expressing myself...especially when people ask..."what describes...who are you" I hate those ??? so here are some lil bittys to help "describe me"
i was just wondering if any one would be nice enough to buy me a vic membership please i was just wondering about the blasts as i see other people buy them for thier mates or who ever but how come they wont buy one for me or how about buying me a vic memebership please is any one from australia
Here I Am Again.
Hope Everyone Had Great Fourth. Spent It All Alone Didn't Hear From My Kids Or My Ex. Here It Is Seven Months Since She Left Me And Her And The Kids Are All That's On My Mind. You Would Think That I'd Be Over Her. But Fifteen Years Was A Long Time And Whether She Know It Or Not I Loved Her With All My Heart. I Don't Know How People Move On, I'm Tryin But It's Hard. Wish I Hadn't Been Such An Idiot And Realized I Forgot To Show Her How Much I Cared. Not Sure If I'll Ever Believe In Forever Again. I've Tried To Act Like A Single Man. And Aint Happy Doing That. I've Had A Few Dates Met A Few Ladies. But I Can't Seem To Move On. I Hear She Has And That Depresses Me More Cause That Just Means My Chances Of Puttin My Family Back Together Is Slim. Sad That Everyone Starts Out Believing In Their Vows And One Or The Other Stop Believing. I Undertand That Their Are Circumstances That Deem Divorce But I Never Thought I Was In One. I Don't Know How I Could Have Been So Blind.well Anyway Time To Wi
Lets Not Forget
Two charged in brutal murder By MICHAEL C. LEWIS / Journal Staff Writer Editor’s note: Because of the nature of the crime, the following story contains graphic details which may disturb some people. The story may be inappropriate for younger children. MARTINSBURG — A 41-year-old Martinsburg woman was raped, beaten unconscious and had her throat slit before her body was dumped along a rural area off Dam No. 4 Road in the Scrabble area on May 27, police said. The victim’s body, discovered by state police Wednesday, was identified by the West Virginia Office of the Medical Examiner as Tina Marie Starcher. The identification of the body was made on Friday by way of fingerprints. West Virginia State Police charged two men, Anthony Juntilla, 37, of Hedgesville and Fred Dwayne Douty II, 28, of Martinsburg, in the first—degree felony murder of Starcher, and issued warrants for their arrests on Saturday. Juntilla was charged last week with threatening retaliation against a
Why does white trash think the rules dont apply to them.Why do they think there problems are worse then anyone else.WHy do they have gaggle of kids and bitch about how many kids they have.How come they dotn pay there bills then bitch repo man came.My co worker needs to be tossed in the river. my coworkers are too stupid to breathe..... I HATE STUPID LAZY SKANKY PEOPLE
When I Am Mobile...
Fubar changed their settings again and it's harder to access fubar from my phone. :( While mobile, I CAN: view profile comments comment on profiles view photos comment on photos read my shoutbox view blogs While mobile, I CANNOT: rate anything view profiles reply to my shoutbox view photo comments write in my blog read mail reply to mail Thank you to everyone for all the love. I enjoy hearing what people think. Hope you all have a great week! Please rate all my blogs if you read them. Thanks, Orgasmic Aimee I mostly use my phone to access CherryTAP. I wish that all the features of CherryTAP were available to mobile users. When I am mobile, I CAN NOT: rate anything read mail reply to mail read photo comments When I am mobile, I CAN: read profile comments comment on profiles look at photos comment on photos accept friend requests In one of my earlier blogs, I said that fubar changed their settings and I couldn't get on fuba
My Pimpout
Just keeping this..She is definetely right when she says that noone will complain..Thank you to all my new friends and fans.I Love Sporks thank you so much for helping me. It's insane that all I ever see this lady doing is help other people. I never see her asking for anything for herself, so it's time someone did it for her She actually does return all of the love that she gets so, you guys know what to do I very rarely pimp people out, but when I do, I have yet to have ONE person complain that they didn't get anything in return! RATE her FAN her ADD her thanks :D BooBoo.......@ CherryTAP (repost of original by 'I Love Sporks -add me as a fan before you add me as a friend-' on '2007-06-22 15:50:00') Just keeping this..She is definetely right when she says that noone will complain..Thank you to all my new friends and fans.I Love Sporks thank you so much for helping me. It's insane that all I ever see this lady doing is help other people. I ne
Just Me
Boy meets girl it's a delicate thing So much time spent wondering if What you see is what you get I keep looking for a friend and a lover When I find one he ain't the other Sometimes, I just want to quit One wants a maid one needs his mother They either want space or they want to smother me And my poor heart needs somebody who Can take it like a man, steady and strong Not a lot of fuss and carrying on True to a promise I can write in stone Take it like a man who knows about love And every little thing that a girl dreams of Someone wise enough to understand If you want this woman's heart Take it like a man I met somebody the other night Started thinking he was Mr. Right..wrong I might have never known If a friend hadn't brought it to my attention He's got a wife he forgot to mention Girl, leave that fool alone I keep hoping and telling myself Somewhere there's one good one left 'Cause my poor heart need somebody who Can take it like a man, steady and stro
Share with me the blankets that your wrapped in because its cold outside cold outside its cold out side share with me the secrets that you kept in because its cold inside cold inside its cold inside and your slowly shaking finger tips show that your scared like me so lets pretend were alone and I no you may be scared and I no were unprepared but I don’t care tell me tell me what makes you think that you are invincible I can see it in your eyes that your so sure please don’t tell me that I am the only one that’s vulnerable impossible I was born to tell you I love you isnt that a song already I get a B in originality and its true I cant go on without you your smile makes me see clearer if you could only see in the mirror what I see and your slowly shaking finger tips show that your scared like me so lets pretend were alone and I no you may be scared and I no were unprepared but I don’t care tell me tell me what makes you think that you are invincible
Come Visit
/> DROP BY RATE/ADD/FAN (repost of original by 'U S MARINES' on '2007-06-23 22:03:33') />
~which Breakfast Club Character Am I?~
You Would Be a Pet Dog You're friendly, loyal, and an all around good sport. People love to be near you. You are very open with your feelings, and you're quite vocal in expressing them. You are sincere and kind. You love many people - without any sort of agenda. Why you would make a great pet: You're content to chill out with your friends Why you would make a bad pet: You always find yourself getting into trouble What you would love about being a dog: Running around and playing What you would hate about being a dog: Being left home alone while everyone else is out having fun What Kind of Pet Would You Be? Which Breakfast club character are you? Allison-Backetcaseyou are allison...the basketcase. you're wierd and you like attention...but you ROCK!Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by Allison-Backetcase you are allison...the basketcase. you're wierd and you like attention...but you ROCK! You Would Be a Pet Cat
Band Of Brothers Members
This guy rated my pic a 5 and I visited him and thanked him for it and gave him a 10, was my usual nice guy too...LOL This is the comment he left on my page: "Nothing personal man, I give guys a five and wome a seven or a ten. Have a great day!" Then he blocked me (I think) because all I get now is N/A when I try to look at his thumbnail pic there. the number for him I think is 1048852 and his name yesterday (proly still the same today) was J I'm not trying to start any DRAMA just want you all to watch out for him. HUGZZZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! There are too many hotties in this contest, and I don't think I have a chance. So I need all the love I can get from ALL my friends and fans. I want this BAD so show me what your made of. PLZ PLZ PLZ Thanks much luv and hugzzz David pick a pic THE FOUNDERS ♂МдяQ v.2.0 @ CherryTAP Achilles @ CherryTAP (PLEASE NOTE if your NOT on this LIST your NOT in BAND of BROTHERS) 68 MEMBERS
Help Me¤t=missing3.jpg The guy below will be in a contest starting on the 27th @ 1pm in the afternoon and it will run till the 7th of OCT at 1am. I am asking all my friends to stop by and rate his pic the day the contest starts and leave comments if you can. Are you tired of seeing nice guys finish last? Well I know I am. I have a friend who's gonna be in his first contest tonight. He helps everyone out. I have never known him to say no. Now he is in his own (and first) contest that starts tonight the 23rd at 10 PM (est) and ends at 12 (est). Just a 2 hour contest. I am asking all my friends (and please bring YOUR friends) to come and help us out. For 2 hours only I need as many people as possible to bomb the hell outta this guy. If there ever was a person who deserved this, its Coach. Please come and help out. I will post the link as soon as contest starts. Thank you all so much
My Poetry
Pick the thorns from my heart and let the cruelty bleed from my soul. My soul now weeps with agony and pools of sorrow. The warmth draws cold as I lay in the deepest, darkest of shadows covering the light that dwells. Darkness pulls me in and creeps my soul into empty voids. Love binds me in darkness. Not the love I bare, but the love that bares me. Does love stay cruel to the pure of heart, or does it betray the loyalty of soul? She wished she could be beautiful, like a fresh rose in bloom. She wished she could be adored, like the sun adores all it shines on. She wished she could be loved, like the angels love heaven, She wished she could be kissed. like dew that kisses every blade of grass. She wished that she was alive inside, like the hearbeat of a child. She wished she could feel arms around her, like the warmth of a soft blanket. She wished she had that sparkle to her, like the stars that twinkle in the midnight sky. She wished she was somwhere far far away, only t
Band Of Brothers
THE FOUNDERS Achilles & The General ♂МдяQ v.2.0 (Please note if you are not on this list your NOT in BAND of BROTHERS) Add and/or Fan all other Members in the group! This is NOT a Bomb squad or Fan me bullshit... This is group of people to inform & protect each other from Down raters, Stalkers & Drama Queens/Kings. What we do, is after someone in our group was been down rated we go & up rate to fix the photo's that have been down rated. We also block the user that did it ...then post their link to inform the other members. We need VIC members to drop 11's on the Photos. All the people who join will be added to Achilles album (Band Of Brothers Members) from there you can see the other members & click the name to go to their profile. Please **Note** we will not accept cherries on the TOP 50 because most only would join for rates, nor Drama Queens/Kings You must have a Salute to join B of B! We will not UpRate Nsfw photo's! Also please no
Just Wondering
Just sittin here drinking by myself!! it's fun for awhile,lol anyone want to join me? trying to get my elkhunting pics up, but it's pissing me off,lmao.prolly to drunk to be doing this,lol drinking is fun and keeps me outta trouble well least if I do it at home and I can jam on my kinda music instead of Karaoke or jukebox music!! well better go need more beer and I'm starting to ramble,lol Right or wrong , I'm done with football this season!!!! rip me as you may, my team is done so don't give a shit who's playing... Good luck to your teams Ok I just don't get why people put pictures up of nothing but females in like bikini's and shit like that when: 1. they are MALE"very disturbing" 2.when the pic is nowhere near what you look like. 3. you only do it for pic rating and comments, so you can move up the ratings. GET A REAL LIFE PEOPLE
I want to write this the way that Jess would write her feelings but I just don't know how. She always says exactly what she feels and makes people understand it the way she does. I want to be able to do that but I don't know how to. I'm confused about her right now I do know that much. I love her so much it hurts me to my core. I talked to her on myspace the other day when I told her about talking to Tony. She had told me about him in the past but I did not catch on to the fact that he was the same guy until he told me he was. When I told her I did want her to get jealous and tell me not to talk to him or ask why I was talking to him or to throw some kind of emotion but she didn't. I couldn't see her or hear her but I am sure she was smiling when she told me that he is a great guy to know and to try not to hurt him because he didn't deserve to be hurt. I knew she liked him and I knew that she has spoken highly of him, but I also know that things did not end all that greatly be
Broken Heart, Shattered Dreams, & Love's Chaotic Symphony
Go on. Stab me. Crush me. Break me. Just promise that one day you'll maybe love me. I will throw myself into your arms willingly accepting the knife that meets my heart. I will hand you my love, my heart, my soul, and after you crush it, I will still be yours. All this is done in the name of Love. All this is done with the bit of hope that still resides in my soul. I do what you ask. I do what you say. You still do not love me. That's okay. Because im resting my love on the "maybe one day". Having you at last will be worth this pain, of constant rejection, of hated reflection, of trying to change. Just keep stabbing me my love. Keep hurting me my dear, just promise me that one day maybe you'll love me. And if one day you break all that is left and I'm alone waiting on your front step waiting for that one last tear that will leave nothing left I will bleed to death while embracing the pain
In The Stars
The report was generated with the following birth data: female, born on 24 February 1979 at 9:21 pm in Bremerton, Washington. Your sun sign is Pisces. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Libra, and your Moon is in Aquarius. Sun in Pisces, Moon in Aquarius This astrological combination indicates a mild, retiring nature with artistic overtones. You follow your intuition rather than feelings. As you are somewhat quiet and detached, emotion cannot usually hold sway over your ultimate decisions. Your approach to life and the cosmos is sincere and humanitarian. You should succeed in some public pursuit, although you may have to overcome an initial hesitancy about appearing in public. Your individuality is fluid and highly receptive to environmental influences. Your most conscious life aim is to achieve understanding and sympathy for humanity. Your most private thoughts remain nebulous and little understood. But in your everyday persona

SHELDEAN HUMAN - A YOUNG GIRL TAKEN TOO SOON Current mood: sad Category: Life Sheldean Human, a seven year old girl that was abducted just over two weeks ago just a few blocks from where I live. A country united this past weeks to search for a little girl that we hoped would be alive. Unfortunately this was not to be. Her lifeless body was found on Monday evening just a few hundred metres from the main road that I drive on to go to work and back everyday. The guilt of now knowing that she was so close is overwhelming. My son is just a bit older than her and their schools are close by. The grief that I felt when I heard that she had been found was too much to bear. On Tuesday morning, as usual, I drove past the spot where she was found. This time it was different. A newspaper headline was posted up on on the street lamp just opposite the site with her picture and a caption: Sheldean found dead. I cried uncontrollably all the way to work. For the rest of the day t
The Crippler Chris Benoit
Pro wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife and 7-year-old son were found slain Monday at their Fayetteville home, authorities said. WAGA reported that investigators believe Benoit killed his wife and son over the weekend, and then himself sometime Monday. A concerned neighbor called police. The bodies were found in three different rooms. The lead investigator, Sheriff's Lt. Tommy Pope, told The Associated Press that the deaths were being investigated as homicide, and said the cause of death awaited autopsy results on Tuesday. Pope said the three were found about 2:30 p.m., but he would release no other details about the deaths at the house in a subdivision near White Water Country Club. World Wrestling Entertainment, based in Stamford, Conn., said on its Web site that Benoit, 40, his wife, Nancy, and son, who was named Daniel, were found dead, but also had no other details. Benoit, a native of Canada, was a former world heavyweight champion, Intercontinental champion and
Not Sure
No One Believes In What is the point of anything?....LOL Just things I have written throughout my myspace experience..hope you like...:) I just wanted to write that everyone has a heart's desire. Thousands of people everyday..looking for the same thing. Their hearts desire. My hearts desire is to find peace within myself, know that God is first and foremost, and meet the man that makes me all aspects of life. Does my hearts desire match anyones? Or is that too much to ask? Not only do I believe this not to be true, but I also believe we become so clouded in our thinking, we may not see what we want is closer than we imagine. Even if it's miles away. Hearts Desire. Reachable...:) I am fairly new to Cherry Tap, and although it may seem as though I have fallen into it with all assurance I assure you I have not. What is it really? I wonder What it is truly about? Is it really like a bar, where everyone gets together and has a good time?
For The Homeless Vets Here In Haywood And Buncombe County-some People Call Them Bums-i Call Them Brother
Got with DOD online yesterday and got 'Louis' into the VA retirment home here in the southern region. Friends of mine from the AF Reserve here in Asheville got him a flight there this morning. Legal action against the county here for the illegal seziure of his property is still pending. A little music for all the Agent Orange vets: "God forbid you have to wake up to hear the news-Cause then you might know what it's like to have to choose..." ght="350"> Got with DOD online yesterday and got 'Louis' into the VA retirment home here in the southern region. Friends of mine from the AF Reserve here in Asheville got him a flight there this morning. Legal action against the county here for the illegal seziure of his property is still pending. A little music for all the Agent Orange vets:
I Just Don't Know...
Well yesterday I had a total meltdown over what's been happenin' in my house with my dogs. I felt like I needed to find a new home for Jesse to alleviate some stress from my family, from him as well as the other dogs. I really don't need my sweet boy turning into Cujo because his sister is in heat. He is such a good boy under normal circumstances. So one of the girls I go to school with , her grandfather ....who is 86 years old love beagles and still hunts. So that's where he went. He lives right accross the street so i can see him but I think I'm debating on leaving him alone for a while so he gets used to the idea of being there. I hope it all works out. He has always treated all his other dogs well and they live to be old and die of old age....not abuse. So Just keep good thoughts for Jesse, that he transitions well into his new environment. Those of you that have chatted with me know that I am a very busy woman. I am a mother of a teenage daughter, I have a boyfriend, I have three
I am holding a new contest called "Best Salute to the Prophet". This contest has only one rule, BE CREATIVE!!!!!! Anyone that is wanting to enter, the Prizes range from Diamond earrings to a 7 day blast!!!! If you are entering you must comment here and inform me, then take your pic and send it to me. When the contest starts I will email everyone their link. After that Have fun. The most comments wins, once you past 400 comments you are in the running for the Blast. I HAVE 5 PICS IN AN FOLDER MARKED, "NEED SOME HELP" PLEASE GO IN AND COMMENT ON THE PIC THAT SHOULD BE MY NEW PROMO PIC. THESE ARE THE PICS THAT I PRINT OUT AND SIGN FOR FANS. WHICH SHOULD I US.....PLEASE HELP ME OUT IM MIN A CONTEST FOR SEXIEST IN A COWBOY HAT, PLEASE COME THROUGH AND SHOW ME SOME LUV THERE IS THE LINK THANX
Will It Blend?
Have you even been bored and wondered, "I wonder what would happen if I put this in a blender?" Well worry no more check out the videos bellow and see for yourself: Have you even been bored and wondered, "I wonder what would happen if I put this in a blender?" Well worry no more check out the videos bellow and see for yourself: Have you even been bored and wondered, "I wonder what would happen if I put this in a blender?" Well worry no more check out the videos bellow and see for yourself:
Non Related Stuff
What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got to tell them how you felt? So, I just wanted to say, you are special to me and you have made a difference in my life. i love u and i I look up to you, respect you, and truly cherish you. Send this to all your friends, no matter how often you talk, or how close you are, and send it to the person who sent it to you. Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends you never will. Remember, everyone needs a friend. dont ever leave the one u love for the one u like, because the one u like will leave u for the one they love. If u get this it means the person who sent it truly cares about you you got one so you're loved .......@............@ ......@.@.@.@..@.. ....@........@..........@ ...@............@....@@ ...@..............@@..@ ....@..............@...@ ......@...........@..@ .........@......@..@ ..............@..@ ....................@ .....................@ ....................
Fun Stuff
Your Movie Buff Quotient: 88% You are a movie buff of the most obsessive variety. If a movie exists, chances are that you've seen it. You're an expert on movie facts and trivia. It's hard to stump you with a question about film. Are You a Movie Buff? What Dava Means D is for Delicious A is for Alert V is for Vigorous A is for Astounding What Does Your Name Mean? You Would Choose Love Money may buy a little happiness, but not the happiness of true love. You rather have a true soulmate than a private jet. And while many people may claim they would choose love too... You're one of the few who would really do it. Would You Choose Love or Money?
Just Because......
What if one day you woke up and your whole world changed? What if one day you could count the number of tomorrows that you might have? What if one day you had to look back at your life, and account for it? What if one day you didn't know what to do? Although your days mabey hard, and you life full of unexpected twists and turns, be thankful, because having a few bad days is better than having no days at all. Love is the wierdest emotion of them all. It evokes the best in people as well as the worst. Love makes you want to do things for people that you wouldn't normally do. Love wants you to wish the best for someone, yet secretly hope that things stay the same, because your afraid of what happens if they grow, because you want to keep them forever. LOve is insane. It says trust this person,but at the same time keep them close because what happens if they find someone better. Love is fun. Love is laying awake at night , talking with your partner, giggliing at silly jokes, wantin
My dad was a very strict man but he had a side that i was able to love more than life itself and that was the side that proved he loved me just as much. if i screwed up he let me have it but good so i tried not to screw up too much lol he said he spanked me because he loved me but at those times i always wished he didnt love me so much. we went fishing together hunting and just had fun especially after i grew up but he has been sick since may and has been in the hospitol since then. he was sent home this past monday with hospice so we all knew he was going to pass on at any time well tonight at 8:45 pm he took his last breath and passed on to be with his mother in heaven. i'm going to miss him very much but i'm glad he aint suffering any more all i can say now is this and i know he knows i mean it daddy i love you . i'll miss you more than words could ever say and thankyou for makeing me the man i am today i was watching jack black the other day in the movie school of rock
Thoughts, Things, Etc
I work down at The Pizza Pit And I drive an old Hyundai I still live with my mom and dad I'm five foot three and overweight I'm a sci-fi fanatic, mild asthmatic Never been to second base But there's a whole 'nother me That you need to see Go check out MySpace 'Cause online I'm out in Hollywood I'm six foot five and I look damn good I drive a Maserati I'm a black belt in karate And I love a good glass of wine It turns girls on that I'm mysterious I tell 'em I don't want nothing serious 'Cause even on a slow day I can have a three way Chat with two women at one time I'm so much cooler online I'm so much cooler online I get home I kiss my mom And she fixes me a snack I head down to my basement bedroom And fire up my Mac In real life the only time I've ever even been to L.A. Was when I got the chance with the marching band To play tuba in the Rose Parade But online I live in Malibu I pose for Calvin Klein I've been in GQ I'm
To My Friends
For the CT mails, shouts etc. about me possibliy leaving CT. So much is going on in real life. I dunno anymore. I love it here at CT. But at the same time honestly its not fun for me like it used to be :( Dunno right now if I am staying or not! Yes I have alot of friends :) Met some great people in person. You all know you are! But in all honestly is getting full of some game players, liars and so forth. I know, I know this is CT and the internet bound to be some bad apples as they say. I guess I am just so confused right now!!!!!!!! In closing if I do leave I would love to keep in touch with each and everyone of you if its possible!!! I will keep everyone posted as to my decision on this matter!!!!!!!! Hugs all around to all! Army Mom PS! THE PLAYERS AND LIAR WAS MENT FOR A COUPLE OF PEOPLE WHO ARE NO LONGER ON MY FRIENDS LIST! NOT FOR MY FRIENDS! For the CT mails, shouts etc. about me possibliy leaving CT. So much is going on in real life. I dunno anymore. I l
Sexiest Mom Contest
the contest for the sexiest mom on ct will end july 8th at 6pm est..i want to take this time to thank all the moms for entering. and all the bombers that has helped the moms. thanks again and have a good night and good luck for the remaining 22hrs left i need 17 moms for my contest LOVLYMOM(H.T.A BOMBSHELL) (CLUB F.A.R)~MEMBER OF THE SYNDICATE~CT WIFE TO ALMOND JOY@ CherryTAP
General About Me
So last night althea and I got into a huge fight cause she was drinking and wanted to go to dennys and I said no fucking way. So i get home from work today and she tells me that she cant live here anymore. So Im alone again. This is just fucking horrible and right on my birthday too. Im so fucking depressed right now I think I've missed my chance to ever find a woman, I've now been single for 6 years. I tried to follow my dreams and in doing so I believe I've missed my chance. Every woman I meet is either married, psyco or has been in a relationship for a long time. I now believe I'm destin to be alone forever. This artist is going to die alone This thursday, im going to be filmed in a short film. After 15 years of playing music, and the last few years at doing some modeling, im trying my hand at movies. Im playing a auto mechanic @ a bar. Its a quick scene but the movie over all is only gonna be about 10 minutes. I also have some other acting work lined up. So I'll see where this take
This Cowboy
The old cowboy finishes the days ride, he get off the old paint in the middle of pasture .. He takes the saddle off and the briddle .. He says Old paint the days for us have come to and end .. we have made our last ride. I will miss you ole pard, fur i am goin to the big ranch in the sky to be a top hand for the Big Cowboy up there. The cowboy slaps ole paint in the ass and said i see ya again .. The cowboy walks back to the bunkhouse and set the saddle on the front porch. He goes in and eats a little grub. He write a little not to those that know him .. Dont be sad my friends fur i am in a better place. I am up with all the top notch cowboys and wokin for the Big Ranch IN the Sky. .. the cowboy finsihes the writins and lays down in bed. He says his prayers and to sleep he goes. The cowboy never woke up the next morn but we all know he is up on the BIG Ranch in the Sky .. THis cowboy yearns to where a gorgous and precious young lady is .. he thinks of her often and misses her every mi
Salty's Blurps
new picks go check them out and show some damn love. YOU KNOW BEING A HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS FAN....IM EVEN TIRED OF THE TALK WITH JR. LETS GET OVER IT....THIS IS HIS BEST CHANCE TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP THATS ALL IM GOING TO SAY. can anyone tell me how to get more pts and bucks?
I Run My Life Not You
It's been an interesting week. I turned 25 on Tuesday. I surprisingly had no problems with it. I was figuring on some kind of mental melt down, but all went well. Went to a movie with Tara and grabbed a drink before hand. It was fun. Then on Sunday my brother called me and said he and his girlfriend wanted to take me out to lunch for my birthday. So we went out to Fridays. After about 10 minutes he confessed that there was another reason for them to take me out. He looked at his girlfriend and she goes..."WE'RE ENGAGED" . I'm super happy for them. I love them both so much. I'M GONNA HAVE A SISTER! -in-law. So that's been my week. I have lots to get done this week. I have to finish the family cookbook and clean my house, and do laundry, and all sorts of other things that I know I need to do. Things I've been putting off. Oh well, the most important is getting that damn cookbook done. Then my mom will get off my back about it. I'm done searching for what I deserve. I know I have some ch
Well my relationship of 11 yrs is finally coming to an end. I am tired of the lies. I am not happy in this relationship so why stay in it? I am treated like shit all the time. He can not stay sober for his family. He is not taking drugs now that I know of because of his job but who knows how long that will last. I was just recently told that he does not want to work anymore. For years I have suffered from Emotional and Verbal abuse and it has taken a great toll on me. I get depressed and start to feel like the kids are better off without me and him. I know that they are not better off without me. They are my life but I can not help feeling like that. My life just sucks. I was working nights for only 5 hours a night but that job came to a close for me. It was a temporary job... What do I do??? I get to talk to someone today about things. Some support woman and we will see how things turn out then. I was told by my idiot of a boyfriend this morning that he will no longe
Repost Plz!!!!!!!!
what were u to say if a woman came after u searchin almost stalkimg you, would u do her? i just wanna say thank you guys for doing what uve done especially dark witch much love to you and the others that helped me rank up and not giving me problems in the mumm thank you so mote it be i just wanna say thank you guys for doing what uve done especially dark witch much love to you and the others that helped me rank up and not giving me problems in the mumm thank you so mote it be
Comments!!!!!!!!!! well i agree with everything she says, but i suppot the president because i dont think he has done this to the country, i think he is the one stuck cleaning up clinton's mess...cause he was off not having sexual relations with lewinsky PLEASE COMMENT BOMB AND PICTURE COMMENT BOMB......NEED 4000 PTS!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE!! MUAHZ!!
Other Poets
You should check out SDChick and her poetry. here is a sample of her work titled Two Boxes. And b ecause Fubar doesn't seem to like me today, I will repost the link here so you can copy and paste it. Just in case the clickable one doesn't work' Check her out and leave her some love!! Tell her Gimptastic sent ya!! Copy and paste the link and check her out!!!
How You Know You Have True Friends You Dont Want To Loose
iTS AMAZING WHEN STRANGERS BECOME FRiENdS, BUT ITS SAD WHEN FRiENdS BECOME STRANGERS... I NEVER WANT TO LOSE U AS A buDDY..A H0mEY...A FRiENd... SEND THIS TO ALL Y0 fRIEndS...InCLUdING ME(IF U DONT WANT TO l0SE ME!)~ ____???_____???_____ __?_____?_?_____?___ __?______?______?___ ___?___________?____ _____?_______?______ _______?___?________ _________?__________ _______?___?________ _____?_______?____ ___?___________?____ __?______?______?___ __?_____?_?_____?___ ____???_____???_____ ~I MET U AS A STRANGA. I TOOK U AS A FRiENd. I HOPE WE MEET IN HEAVEN WHERE FRiENdSHiP NEVER ENdZ!!. iTS AMAZING WHEN STRANGERS BECOME FRiENdS, BUT ITS SAD WHEN FRiENdS BECOME STRANGERS... I NEVER WANT TO LOSE U AS A buDDY..A H0mEY...A FRiENd... SEND THIS TO ALL Y0 fRIEndS...InCLUdING ME(IF U DONT WANT TO l0SE ME!)~ ____???_____???_____ __?_____?_?_____?___ __?______?______?___ ___?___________?____ _____?_______?______ _______?___?________ _________?__________ _______?___?_
Toady The Hater
if you see this hater come a running by all means do yourself a favor and block the mentally challenged anal probe.
Trying To Find My Way...
well it's been a long time since the last time i was on and the last time i wrote a blog...there really hasn't been much going on...i started dating this one guy and he was kind of controlling which i don't know in a way it was nice to know he cared but it sucked cuz i couldn't do n e thing with out him getting mad...i don't kno i'm thinking i pick assholes but then maybe it's just me and my taste in was weird tho cuz i have known this guy for over a year we use to talk all the time and then we lost touch for a while and then out of no where he started talkin to me was cool tho until he started telling me that he loves's something that of course any girl wants to hear because she wants to be loved but it's something that is weird...he asked me to marry him and then things just got kinda weird from there...i told him about my best friend and that i really care for my best friend and that i would never give up that friendship again for a guy like i did before
Answer the following questions with the first thought that comes to mind. Then read which each answer means. (No cheating!) 1. You are not alone. You are walking in the woods. With who? MY CHILDREN 2. You are walking in the woods. You see an animal. What kind of animal is it? Deer 3. What interaction takes place between you and the animal? I stay real quiet and still so I can watch it and not scare it away. 4. You walk deeper in the woods. You enter a clearing and before you is your dream house. Describe it? Big beautiful two story house with lots of windows,lots of flowers planted in flower beds all around. A big wrap around porch. Two white rocking chairs on the porch. 5. Is your dream house surrounded by a fence? No no fence I want to have it open as possible. 6. You enter the house. You walk in to the dining room and see the dining room table. Whats on it? Fresh flowers in a crystal vase, 2 small candle on the side of it. 7. You exit the house and a cup
Love vs Lust An article about the differences between love and lust hardly seems necessary. When we look at the issues dispassionately, it is easy to see that one is almost the opposite of the other. But the key word is "dispassionately". Passions, or emotions, can blind us to the most obvious truths. Jesus spoke of an "evil and adulterous generation", and nothing could more aptly describe the world of the Twenty-First Century. Birth control and extensive media propaganda have made sexual promiscuity the norm. We have more than once been approached by unmarried couples from otherwise conservative religious backgrounds, who refrained from joining our community merely because they would have to stop sleeping together. What is happening in the churches today, that such behaviour is tolerated and passively encouraged? At the moment, there is worldwide scandal about the fact that clergymen in several denominations have for many years been engaging in sexual activities w
Commom Sense
What is it today that cause most people to shirk their respective responsibilities. Wither it be Child Support, Abortion, Gay Rights, Moral Values, Disciplining, or any number of things. The fact that most people hide behind their respective "medications", and psychiatric counselors. "My parents didn't hug me enough, "I wasn't loved enough". All of these things are merely excuses for not pulling your share of the work load. The fact that most of us use our "medications" or psychiatric counselors to find and/or place blame on someone else instead of merely looking within is startling. Why do smokers who contract a disease related to the addiction sue the tobacco company?, Why do parent sue teachers who fail their children, and then complain about national education standards notbeing high enough? Is it that hard to look with in yourself and accept a little responsibility? I refer to a fellow authors work for the following passage: "The sheep are the people in
My Poems
Love Is Love gives a heart and soul reasons to hope. Love inspires you to dare what your mind says no too. Love makes hurt by not being there for you. Yet love is always lurking and looming upon us. Love can be magically. Love is about always having time to spend with that one certain special person in your life. My love is my heart and soul reasons for living. Am real man with a heart. One that is full of love and dreams. Love is the light within them that makes always see only you. Love is the moonlight upon full moon, and a sky full of gleaming stars that tell you of my love for only you. Love is the romance that must be from to you. ©2007 Steven Simmons Love 2 Me Love 2 me.... Talking for your heart not your mind. Love 2 me.... Light within that special person eyes that is there only becaus
Things I Wish I Had
i have a myspace account to so that my family in oregon can see pic of my kids without having to spend fifty dollars on postage. well anyway day i got so exsited cause my foster sister rikki found me which is cool cause i haven't seen her since i was 13 thats 9 years. i got to see pics. of me nieces which i haven't seen two of them in over nine years and the oldest me and my family bumped into at a mcdonalds it was a chance meeting her church group decided to stop there instead of burger king right down the street. well i just wanted to share that with everyone I wish I had a house that was all mine and didn't have to worry about people walking in the room while I was on the computer cause that really annoyes me. I currently live with my husbands mother step dad and his brother two of which I hardly get along with and both of which like to come in the room while I'm on the computer. My days are filled with kids and work all day so when I get online waiting for my husband to get off w
Theresa'z Blog
Alright since alot of people would love for me to be a cold hearted bitch yet again. now im just going to put it like it fuckin is. no more beating around the damn bush. Alright now first off to those who think i give a damn about their myspace or yahoo feelings. you got another thing comming because you know what i could care less. if you think i care then honestly your on the fuckin internet too god damn much. For those who think that im trying to take their man.... I HAVE MY OWN FUCKIN MAN plus ive have yours.... enjoy my sloppy seconds!! i could honestly care less if he jumped off a fuckin cliff and died!! and believe me you want to think oh im in love with him i call him 24/7 blah balh blah. . first off i have a life off of yahoo and away from drama. i have my own life to live. i have a man AND A DAMN FAMILY! so you know what just keep my fuckin name out of your damn mouth.. you dont know and you dont fucking want to know me. so unless you know facts about me leave my name out
Ok so im worried that i could go in to preterm labor. my dr. tells me i have a low lyeing placenta not good obvously and that we might have to do the c section early. it has me worried cuse I know im only 32 wks preggers I want to at least make it to 36 wks. im gonna go michelle Ok so Im still really down about the misscarrage i just wanna look past it but its hard I keep thinking what if I can never have a baby. I would be so devastied by that I keep burying myself in work so that I dont think about it but when I get home thats all I think about.Maybe im going crazy. I just needed to vent sorry. OK SO TWO WEEKS AGO I FOUND OUT I WAS 2MTHS PRGGERS RIGHT. WELL SUNDAY AM I MISSCARRYED THE BABY. IM SO BROKEN UP ABOUT IT ITS JUST NOT FAIR I WAS SO EXCITED MY MAN IS JUST AS UPSET. WE EVEN PICKED OUT NAMES. I CANT STOP CRYING ABOUT IT. I JUST WANNA KNOW WHY THIS HAPPEND TO ME WHAT DID I DO WRONG. I GUESS I MIGHT TRY AGIAN IN THE FURTURE. MAYBE BUT MY HEART IS STILL BROKEN.
To Know Your There (poem)
just like the weather. when the sun shines, it shines bright, when it cloudly things seem to b a little grey, when it rains, it poors and 2day it poors. :-( hiya everyone on cherrytap i just wanna say to you all, thank you. thank you to all of you's that have added me, rated me amd left me comments and thank you to all of those of you that have gave me gifts so far it was really sweet of you all, i'm really touch, but i just wanna say thank you to randy who has just married me yayyyyyyyy, randy is now my ct husband and we r now married and i'm so proud to b your ct wife, just a shame i'm not ya real wife lol thank you baby, you have made me so happy. well it coming you guys. take care, b safe, have fun hiya cherrys how ya all doing, hope ya all good and well. i just wanna say a big happy 4th of july to you all, have fun
Ramblings Of Me
So I sit here, it's after midnight and I have to be up at 7am, yeah it sucks, realizing how time has passed. Payton turns 9 this week and Raegan turns 6 next month. CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW FAST THEY GROW?!?! My angels are getting so big, so fast. It is hard to believe that it wasn't just yesterday that they were taking their first steps! Who knew I'd be a mother of 2, at the age of 29? More so, who knew my kids would be so F*CKING perfect? Yes, I am partial. I deny nothing, but in all honesty, I have done something so right with these girls. I don't know what it is, I dare NOT question nor change a thing. They try so hard in school. Behavior marks remain perfect ALL year long, grades are good, not superb, but good with signs of trying. I am so PROUD, so blessed. I have such GREAT friends. A superior support system in place (in all aspects). Who could ask for more? NOT I! That's for damn sure. I want to say thank you to all who have been there for me along this wonderful ride
Okay I had a dr appointment yesterday! It was just for normal tests like cholesterol and stuff like that. My doctor informs me that my Red Blood cells are high, but I smoke and that is common, She says yes but mine are higher than that and they keep getting higher everytime I get tested. She wants me to see a specialist OK good. I find out its an Oncology/Hemotology expert. Blood disease doctor so that just freaks me out. Anyway, I make an appointment with new guy. I go home and think well I will just look up High Red Blood Cells on internet. Major Mistake! The crap it listed on there is scary!! I believe that my parents left me with all the crap genes of the two families!! LMAO Yes, I am the only child that has inherited every disease my family has to offer. Allergies to everything, Aneurysm, Stroke, and multiple other things... I swear I have been in a hospital every year of my life for one thing or another..! One of the diseases listed on the web page for High Re
my nsfw pictures are now available to friends not just family. look forward to reading your comments and seeing thos rates!!! okay all you females whoever gives the best comments on my nsfw pics and/or other pics about me will recieve a volcano and silver motorcyle as a gift. and while your at it if you can make sure you've rated all my pics that would be awesome. it will last until tomorrow at midnight (thursday). later!!! show some luvin on my page and i'll return the favor i'd like to hear from those of you i havent heard from lately. much lovin' !!!
I won't be around for awhile starting tomorrow night.. I am heading down to NC to visit my sons father before he deploys we will be traveling to a couple of states including back to Michigan for a short stay but I will be really busy and not active on here. I am not sure when I'll be back .. He checks back in on the 8th of July but I plan on staying down there for a few days to enjoy the ocean, help him with getting ready to leave and letting him spend optimal time with his son since he hasn't seen him since April.. Leave me some love and I hope to come back to lots of comments, ratings and fans.. Ct love to you all!! -Nikki So after all the driving through Ohio, W. Virginia and Virginia.. I get to N.C and things start going south.. including once I get to Chapel Hill my tire goes and it ends up screwing up my front end.. So I had to get my car towed to Raleigh which was almost 200 bucks but my insurance company should be reimbursing it when I make my claims. .. could take awhile th
My Life
I am having these extreme sexual fantasies I want to fulfill. When I was younger I was molested it lead to me being very sexual. I learned to let it feel good. and it would lead to me having orgasms from it. IDK. I guess I am twisted fuck. But It never hurt me to be myself. I could care less if you are affected by this blog. Every man for himself out in this world. I can bet you this cherryspace has lots of sick fantasies worser than mine. But I love all. I like to have sex with men who are not physically attractive just really good humping. As for gils I want the ones who are like me. if you are I will add you. I don't need liberal fucks telling me how to think. my mind is my perogotive. and if you have any sweet nasty raunchy sex stories do tell!! I am all for it. Sexy Naughty Graphics by www.maturegraphics.comSexy Naughty Graphics by Sexy Naughty Graphics by www.maturegraphics.comSexy Naughty Graphics by
Nicotine Fits
Ok i picked up smoking because of my chronic depression, I'm more relaxed and less depressed when smoking, and I don't feel like a zombie, even when it was only one or two cigarettes i felt better through out the day, i don't know alright just another few hours since my last craving and this one is killer, i'm tempted to go down to the store and buy a cheap cigar, but i don't want to break this habit i just don't know what to do.... blah should i just grab a black and mild or something alright July fourth I had a a few drinks and had the urge to smoke but fought it off, and now I eat and have no urge to smoke, so I have beat the habit yay me go me I am officially a non-smoker :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Inside My World
I am tall, I am short. I am thin, I am fat. Who am I? I have short hair, long hair, in between hair. My hair is blonde, black, and brunette. I wear glasses, I wear contacts, I have no need for either. Who am I? You see me every day. You look me in the eyes and don't even know it. I see everything everyone sees all at the same time. I am round, I am square. I am framed, I am plain. Who am I? I am the mirror on the wall. Hello there. Wherev'e you been? I miss you a lot. Won't you come back? Hello there. It's been a while. Some things have changed. I'm not the same. Hello there. You're looking great. Life's been good to you? I'm doing fine. Hello there. How's the wife? Did you get that new job? Are you moving away? Hello there. I heard the news. He was a good man. I'll be there soon. Hello there. Just wanted to talk. I'm going away now. I can't come back. Good bye. I'm getting one of those headaches agian, probly from getting beat. I hurt so bad
just a quick update sorry i've not been arround much but i'm in the middle of moving in with kiz, all is well with us just need to find a job and things will be sweet.take care and see you all soon dave aka duluxdeman Where has the last week gone.cant believe its a week ago that i saw BLS and Ozzy. Nothing much has changed. Work is still going fine no real hassles. I start tattoo session 4 next Thurs followed by 2 more sessions over the following 2 weeks that should almost complete the tattoo possibly may need 1 more session depends on how much Simon can do in each session. Other news I've been talking to Courtney Davis (who I'm a big fan of) and I've commissioned him to do a piece of artwork which I'll be having tattooed by the guys at DNA. When I have this one done I'll not be posting pics on the site because I want to keep it a one off design don't want anyone to copy it but I'll send pics to my friends so they can see it. hey there I'm still around just been so busy
1 pound box of graham crackers (honey) 3 boxes (4 0z each) instant french vanilla pudding 4 cups milk 12 oz container of cool whip 1. butter a 9x13 baking dish 2. line pan with layer of whole graham crackers. 3. stir pudding with a mixer and slowly add cool whip. pour half of pudding/ cool whip mix over graham crackers. 4. do a second layer of whole graham crackers, pour rest of pudding/ cool whip mix over it. 5. third layer of graham crackers. 6. chill for 2 hours. 7. chocolate frosting over the top layer of graham crackers, chill again for about half an hour or until the frosting is cold to touch. 1 box honey graham crackers 1 cup butter/ margarine (your preference) 1 cup brown sugar 1 package (12 oz) chocolare chips 1 cup chopped nuts (optional --yuck) 1. lightly grease the bottom of a cookie sheet, then lline with whole graham crackers until completely covered 2.boil butter and brown sugar together for 2 minutes. Stir often. Pour over graham crackers. 3.bake a
Random Thoughts O_o
1. Touch her waist. 2. Actually talk to her. 3. Share secrets with her. 4. Give her your jacket. 5. Kiss her slowly. Are you remembering this? 6. Hug her. 7. Hold her. 8. Laugh with her. 9. Invite her somewhere. 10. Hangout with her and your friends together. KEEP READING 11. Smile with her. 12. Take pictures with her. 13. Pull her onto your lap. 14. When she says she loves you more, deny it. Fight back. 15. When her friends say i love her more than you, deny it. fight back and hug her tight so she can't get to her friends. it makes her feel loved. Are you thinking of someone? 16. Always hug her and say I love you whenever you see her. 17. Kiss her unexpectedly. 18. Hug her from behind around the waist. 19. Tell her she's beautiful. 20. Tell her the way you feel about her. One last thing you need to do to show her you actually do mean it. 21. Open doors for her, walk her to her car- it makes her feel protected, plus it never hurts t
Miss Ri Usa
Today the letter came in the mail saying that I was chosen to be in the pageant. Me!!!! I jumped around and did a little dance in my living room with groceries in hand as my dogs looked at me like I am crazy. First person I called was my boyfriend. Now I get to send them a check. Good thing for bday money. Thing that sucks is we have to raise $695 in sponsorships. It is to help cover the costs for the pageant weekend and for prizes. I just got done with my phone interview for the Miss Rhode Island USA pageant. I think it went well. They have interviews all weekend and decide on Monday. If they pick me I will be getting a package in the mail with all the information. I received a letter in the mail today concerning the Miss Rhode Island USA Pageant. I did a quick mumm on Cherrytap and considered a moment my options. In the end I decided to give it a try. I just need to take a recent snapshot to send to pageant. Most likely do this on Sunday with my boyfriend taking the
Las Vegas 2007 With Sunshyne & Angel Eyes
The Father Goes to Vegas With Sunshyne & Angel Eyes and possibly loses what little bit of his mind that is left! On July 1st We will be embarking on a 2000 mile road trip to Vegas, The Land of Sin Sand and Sun... Did I say Sin? This trip should be real interesting. There is no telling what happens when The Crew goes on a trip. In total we will be gone for about 12 days. I plan on updating this blog as much as possible and taking lots of pictures to share with you. As soon as we have some pic they will be posted in a directory in my photo gallery called Vegas Trip 2007 or something along those lines. With these 2 ladies there should be some pretty interesting pics coming along. Of course it will be interesting to see what kind of view these ladies offer to our nations truckers. Of course the truckers have no chance with Sunshyne & Angel Eyes. But we shall see.... If you are in the Vegas area let us know and who knows we may be able to get together or something. There is a t
Love Can Change Things
All is not always as it appears to be. You say you see beauty when you look at me. Inside someone is where the beauty lies and sometimes hides. Waiting for the right word or feeling to bring it out. Like an unscreamed shout. All have pain and darkness inside some are better at learning to hide. Hateful words and stares of disdain all these things cause the pain. Dirty indian go away. Where do I go this home this is where I must stay. You say you see beauty when you look at me; all do not see what you see. Stare at eyes when they spit at you waiting for them to turn away first. Walk always with my head held high while inside my heart hurts. Never let them see you cry never let them know the pain. Stare at eyes full disdain until they turn away. Cheayla
New Station On Ct!!!!!
Hey all so you all know i might be a lil touchy these next few days my uncle i was closest to has passed away and its hitting me hard and will be for awhile (Uncle Tommy 7-20-1957 to 7-18-2007) so please all bare with me him and i were like 2 peas in a pod ty Main Lounge The Fire House The Hideout The Wolves Den Is Up?
as well as blocked For any of yall who know Ive been getting a mad load of anonymous dirty weeds with insulting messages, and looky looky it appears this numbskull gave himself out lol damn he didnt think before he typed im setting my profile to nobody for everything now, i just wanna get the fuck off of here and make myself forgetten asap, so i'll talk to yall on other places that u already got me and for the rest enjoy your time here and it was cool knowing you.
Ain't That The Truth
My horoscope was this the other day.. It's tough to let go of the way we want things to be and learn to accept how they really are. But once you do, you'll see that reality is the only safe place to stand -- and that it's not such a bad place after all. --- w0rd! A Birth Certificate shows that we were born A Death Certificate shows that we died Pictures show that we lived! . . . Relax . . And read this slowly. ----------------------------------------------------- I believe -- . . . That just because two people argue, It doesn't mean they don't love each other. And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do. I believe -- That we don't have to change friends If we understand that friends change. I believe -- That no matter how good a friend is, They're going to hurt you every once in a while And you must forgive them for that. I believe -- That true friendship continues to grow, Even over the longest di
Cherry Points
I HAVE BEEN BOUND IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL AROSE FROM THE ASHES I SAW BOTH FRIEND AND FOE- REACHING OUT TRYING TO GRAB HOLD NO DEMON CAN HOLD ME! AS I ASCENDED IN THE DISTANCE I COULD HEAR CRYS OF JOY AM I NEARER TO MY PEACE NOW? FOR I HAVE BEEN IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL AND RETURNED! BY:ME Well,I finally found the man of my dreams! Nothing could be better right now. Hope it stays this way for a long time...So far so good. Sittin here alone again on a Friday nite. UGH! If I were back in Florida, I'd be heading to the beach right now for a long night of partyin and dancin! Damn, I'll be glad when I can get back to my homies and the beach! This place they call Delaware is really dead-aware..... LOL {wink}
Quizzes And Surveys
You scored as Biting, When it comes to being kinky, your biggest turn on is biting. You love the ectasy of teeth sinking into your flesh, and are probably willing to return the favor. Sex just isn't sex without using your teeth.Biting100% Bondage67% Whips50% Chains/Handcuffs42% Blood8% Blind Folds0% What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with You scored as Dirty Piercings, AH!!! You dirty person you! Put that away!!! Who did that for you!? Your the kinkiest of the kinkiest and probably think you're hot stuff. Well, maybe you are but that's kinda nasty. Ew. Weirdo.Labret Piercing100% Dirty Piercings100%
The New Chapter...
Today's Horoscope **It's tough to let go of the way we want things to be and learn to accept how they really are. But once you do, you'll see that reality is the only safe place to stand -- and that it's not such a bad place after all.** I had gotten to a point in my life that I believed the way i wanted things would never be a reality for me. But now, as I take a chance with my heart, and learn to open up again, I wonder can't reality be the way I want things to be. When you find your dream, and feel the connection, then it makes your heart and mind reach for the stars. I know that the things I desire in my life can be a reality. It may never look exactly the way the "picture" in my mind thought it should, but like it says the reality not so bad. For me it's all about finding a connection that is real. The reality of that is sooooooo much better than anything I could have hoped for. There are pieces that could make it better, distance being one. But it's all about the h
My Thoughts
I have three blogs on here and all of them are about Erich, this one is no different. Today, I saw the buses coming down the Interstate. I got to see the second and third shift of buses coming into to Trumann. It was a very moving and emotional experience. It is something I know I will not soon forget. I still can't believe that Erich and JT were not on the buses. That's where they should have been. Erich should be here. JT shouldn't have been home for four months, he shouldn't have had his wreck and he shouldn't be half brain dead. And JT and I should be hanging out and being nice to each other. JT should still be a big brother. Taylor should have both her uncles. She shouldn't have to grow up without one of the greatest men on earth to spoil her rotten. Terah should still have her baby brother. Amanda should be planning a wedding. There's a lot of things that should be happening, and us missing Erich isn't something that should be happening. I am thankful everyday t
You scored as Dracula, You are the smooth sexy cool Dracula. Patient and lustful. If you were any cooler youd be ice. Great style with a way of seducing those around you. And three brides who wouldn't want to be him. Dracula100% Lestat100% Marius100% Akasha100% Louis67% Spike67% Armand67% Blade33% Deacon Frost33% Angel33% Whose your Vampire personality? (images)created with This is how your site gets hacked....
Endless Love
Let's Fly To The Heaven's, Soar Through The Clouds, Together Forever Until Our Time Runs Out, Hearts And Souls That Run About. We'll Run Together Until The End Of Time, Through The Heartaches And The Pain. The Fear Of Being In Love,And Drowning In The Rain, In The End We Will Rise Above It All, So My Prince,Just Remember This, When You Feel As If You Are Alone, My Heart Will Always Be Your Home, Through I Kno You Can't Love Me, The Way I Wish You Could, It Doesn't Matter A Bit,As Long As You're With Me, So Hold Me Close,Let Me Breathe You In, I'm In Too Deep,Consumed By Your Words, I'm Fallin Deeper And Deeper Into Your World, I'm Losing Myself,Or Couldn't You Tell, I Can't Seem To Escape This Spell, My Mind Is A Mist,My Vision Blurred, The Only Clear Thing Is You In My World, Make Me Feel Like I'm Beautiful In Your Eyes, Make Me Laugh When I Want To Cry, You Gave Me Confidence When I Had None Before, You Took My Hand And Lifted Me Off The Floor, You Made Me Lo
Regarding Ct Deception To Advance Yourself
Even if you do not normally look at bulletins, turn them on and read a few. I am reposting the content of this one here so you can see what is happening...seems this lady hosting happy hour every 30 minutes is scamming people into bombing her page and rating her etc and promising blasts and not buying them, then blocking people.... check it out for yourself before you decide... HEY, I DO NOT LIKE SEXY BLONDE GIRL BECAUSE SHE USES PEOPLE TO GAIN POINTS ETC AND DOESN'T CARE ABOUT FRIENDSHIP JUST HERSELF AND TO MAKE IT TO THE TOP ON HERE. IF YOU SUPPORT THIS LYING SLUT I'M ASKING YOU TO REMOVE YOURSELF FROM MY FRIENDS LIST. SHE HAS HURT TO MANY PEOPLE ON HERE AND THAT IS NOT MY STYLE!!! I DO NOT WANT FRIENDS LIKE THIS OR FRIENDS THAT SUPPORT PEOPLE THAT PURPOSELY USE AND HURT OTHERS!!!! Added clickable link by Alice.. People should see what you can find about her on the net.. Just look at that link.. Warning not for the weak of heart! SXYBlondeGirl (repost of original b
Welcome To The Mind Of Darkstar
Still Rockin here at fubar!still a bunch of awesome mutha fuckas here! As all of my friends on fubar know,I'm a Montanan at heart,and with all of the crap that has happened in my life recently,I want to go home To Montana!I know your thinking that I'd be running from my problems here in Portland,but actually,no i wouldn't!My moving back home to Montana could only help.There is nothing here in Portland left for me other than a job and an evil bitch ex wife,both of which can be replaced! I'm a bouncer in a local strip club here and I was offered a sweet deal at another strip club in Missoula,Montana,and I'd be a fool not to accept it!and as for the evil bitch ex wife,well,i will find my future ex wife someday and there's something about those Montana Cowgirls that just trips my trigger! If Fubar ever became a real bar,Montana would be the ideal place for it!so,I'm looking forward to hearing the positive comments about moving to Montana,and if you curre
Independence Day - Usa
Schoolchildren in America learn the basic history of the events surrounding the Fourth of July, but the details of this monumental occasion in American history somehow fall through the cracks. Although July 4th is celebrated as America's official split from Britain's rule and the beginning of the American Revolution, the actual series of events show that the process took far longer than a single day. The original resolution was introduced by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia on June 7, 1776, and called for the Continental Congress to declare the United States free from British rule. Three days later a committee headed by Thomas Jefferson was appointed to prepare an appropriate writing for the occasion. The document that we know as the Declaration of Independence was adopted by Congress on July 4th although the resolution that led to the writing of the Declaration was actually approved two days earlier. All of this had occurred with some of the delegates to the Congress not even pr
We took 'em high, we took 'em straight up the hill They wanted it all, we gave 'em such a fill In their parades we stole every thrill And in their games we made every kill We took them hard, we took them up against the wall In their loss we never let them fall In their flames we sailed up to the moon In their rains we slayed dry like a fire would So the bottom of my fears Is that the girl might just disappear But that'll be the death of me The day she's just a memory Well she turned out the lights When she opened the whites of my eyes Another one in the dark Broken hearted mama Just another one in the dark When we rolled, rolled on like a big drum We went to the top just above everyone They wanted to win, tie us up with a string, and steal everything We took 'em skin on skin, we laid 'em down in the ring So I swear, we're a pair Like loneliness and a prayer And you know I may still believe You may still need me Well, she turned out the lights When she opened t
Letter For My Funeral (by Me Tasha Long)
I wake suddenly from a dream A dream so real, so beautiful That I wished I could have dreamt it forever. I now lie alone in bed bitten by the harsh reality of life With my only wish being to return to that dream Or for that dream to become reality For in that dream we were together And you loved me as much as I loved you But reality soon hits home As I face a world in which I am alone And the love I fel for you is not returned I lie awake for hours and think of you Why can I not get over you I don't know But in my hert I know it won't come true So what is left for me to do Trapped in a life I no longer want I have dug a hole so deep That alone I no longer have the strength to climb out So what will I do, I honestly don't know My life without you feels so empty Everyday is the same, nothing left to look forward to or gain. I'm just trapped in a world without you. If you are reading this letter that means something has happened to me. I want everyone to be happy an
Erotic News...
Well, it seems as though my story, Xaemyl's Tale is going to be published in the net 'zine Renderotica in either February or April edition. They are still moving up in the world, but currently have 300,000 subscribed readers. Yeah, so... how about that? Guess I ought to get writing more, hmmm? Well, it seems as though my story, Xaemyl's Tale is going to be published in the net 'zine Renderotica in either February or April edition. They are still moving up in the world, but currently have 300,000 subscribed readers. Yeah, so... how about that? Guess I ought to get writing more, hmmm? Well, since the toolheads decided to hide all the NSFW blogs, here is a link to one - from what I've been told, once you read one, you can see them all:
School Work
LiveStrong Challenge 2007 Up over $1,200 I am riding in the LiveStrong Challenge bike race in August. It is an event that raises money for the LiveStrong foundation, which supports cancer research and also gives support to survivors such as myself. Last year I raised $1,500 but I only had a month in which to fund raise. This year the goal is at least $3,000 which is very doable. Please leave anything that you can, I promise that this is not a scam or anything... It is just something that I believe very strongly in. I am a cancer survivor, I was diagnosed at 20 and I had a 5% chance of survival. Even a few dollars will save someone's life, someone just like me. My donation website: My professor called this the best paper he's ever read from a student in 19 years of teaching at Penn State. He asked to borrow quotes from it for his online textbook. So technically, I'm a published author. On November 11, 1918 the European continent e
First of all, Happy July! I can hardly believe it, time has really flown by. It's been 3 years since high school. 3 YEARS!!! wow. It might not seem like a long time to some people, but I can remember thinking "May 04, can it come any sooner?” Now here I am in college thinking the same "can May 08 come any sooner?" I'm not sure why I want it to end. I don't wanna get my Master's, but other than that I'm still pretty clueless about what I’m going to do after school. I’ve invested so much time, money and effort, and in some ways it’ll be sad to see it all end. But it will end regardless of whether I’m really ready for it to or not. I've thrown some ideas around, but nothing has really jumped out and said, "that's the ticket!” I've thought about sticking with my major, Supply Chain Management, in short Purchasing, or maybe I'll venture into real estate. Anybody have any thoughts? This is also from my Xanga blog, but I thought it deserved it's own place. This is quotes from th
My Poetry
What's in a Voice? I may not see your face And some may say its a disgrace But when i hear you speak Its as if you are here with me. Standing behind me Holding me Whispering telling me a secret That only we two know. What i hear in your voice Is a rythmic beat the beat of your heart speaking to me Calling me And to you my voice speaks back Calling you to speak to me. So when I say to call me Or that i need to hear you. Its not your voice i'm hearing But its your heart i listen to. Your heart i speak to. Your heart that i'm loving. Phyne C. Princess Copyright ©2007 Phyne C Princess Believe me when i tell you that i'm not the same as them. Believe me when i tell you that i want more for you. Believe me when i tell you that i'll forever be your friend. Believe me when I tell you that i'll do nothing to hurt you. Believe me when I tell you that I want to be with you. Believe me when I te
Missing Them!!!!!!!!!!
I miss my kids so much it really breaks my heart....Now my bf is gone til the end of Sept... and I miss him more and more everyday.....Life is so boring here in the Soo and I'm doing everything I can to stay clean and out of trouble....Well thats all I feel like saying today.... Susan AKA Cleo{the devils spawn princess} Since I left my husband and children its seems their lives have gotten some much better...My daughters grades came up,my son is doing unbelievable in college and my soon do be x-husband is doing everything he always talked about doing....I guess me leaving was the best thing for the 3 of them I just wish my life would getting better instead its falling apart...There is so much more drama in my life now I really wish I could go HOME!!! Where I am in my life now doesnt seem fair and I have to accept they r better off without me in their lives...WEll I am so proud of the three of them I wish them the best...I love them all!!!! I guess the old saying "misery loves compan
Thank You...
More Rock ´n´ Roll Soon:)) Hi All:))) Lots of news......still moving here....but im finally in the new flat in mönchengladbach! so its easy to see my german wise.....dolf has got me a two week Rock n Roll Show in Croatia next thats great! Going to be getting a German Rock n Roll Band too....if there are any german groups whod like to team up drop me a line:)) Got show at a local country club too.....and im planning on doing some busking tour of holland and that could be fun..supermarkets etc...... of course i gotta get settled and then its on with the show and recordings etc...... Shawn xxx Thank you all .. for the great responds to my BD it's a pleasure to see how many comments I got on my Fubar account.. SO THANX ALL.... Shawny :) In this week end it is in Norway the womans day today.. wow when is the mans day ??
Chained Rock Just south of Pineville,Ky. in the Pine Mountain State Park is a Ride that is another Must ride in southern Kentucky. You turn off Ky. Highway 25 approximately 5 miles south of downtown Pineville to ride up a two lane paved road that is so curvy that as they say down here so curved you can spit and hit yourself. Its a steep ride for a few miles up the mountain where you will fined several really nice picnic areas along the way. It’s a very slow ride up the mountain as its very steep and very curvy but the views along the way are spectacular as you round curves to see mile after mile of mountain ranges out to the horizon. When you get to the top there is a parking area with a railed overlook looking over the town of Pineville. From there you can take a well laid out trail that is a bit on the tough side for us older
No Idea What Im Doing Here...
What you ask.. My infatiation with Cherrytap. I think Ive run out of ideas as to what to discover, SO if you have any ideas for me that I may not have found, that I could do...Please let me know. I have begun to do nothing but check my account, repost to those that post to me, upload images and rate pictures on the "Im Bored" listing... I lose my attention easily.. and I think I feel it fading a.......... I see blogs,I read blogs, and I will comment to those that strike me. However, the art of writing blogs surpasses me. I've never been the type to openly express myself, atleast not to the eyes of the public. Poetry and art being my medium, I tend to lean into the inner workings of myself. There is a thirst that lingers unquenched by the realizations of many. But tonight I start a path of new beginnings, may you understand my meanings or not I will sing the words of my rythyms... What you ask.. My infatiation with Cherrytap. I think Ive run out of ideas as to what to discover, SO if y
Nipps Place
Let's say I break into your house A lady wrote the best letter in the Editorials in ages!!! It explains things better than all the baloney you hear on TV. Her point: Recently large demonstrations have taken place across the country protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration. Certain people are angry that the US might protect its own borders, might make it harder to sneak into this country and, once here, to stay indefinitely. Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these protests. Let's say I break into your house. Let's say that when you discover me in your house, you insist that I leave. But I say, "I've made all the beds and washed the dishes and did the laundry and swept the floors. I've done all the things you don't like to do. I'm hard-working and honest (except for when I broke into your house). According to the protesters: You are Required to let me stay in your house You are Req
People Come Into Your Life For A Reason
Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel sometimes we just have to go with......... what ever happens happens People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is
Fetish Fun Family
We have started a new family called "Fetish Fun Family" or "FFF" in interested in joining please contact me and I will add you to the list. I have very few request if a member. ************************************************ 1. Try to help other members when they need it, like with comment bombs, rates or downraters. 2. Try to watch out for members bulletins 3. Add either "Fetish Fun Family" or "FFF" to your name. Or in your profile where others visiting your site can see it. 4. Have funnnnnnn , and communicate with each other. Share pic ideas and comment on pics we all like to hear comments (good i hope lol). 5. No downrating each other in public, the rest of CT does that to us LOLOL. BUT!!!! Most of all HAVE FUN and get new friends.. Here is a link to some of our members, stop by and visit there site. If interested in joining contact me and I'll get you added to list. Master of One ~Founder of "Fetish Fun Family"@ CherryTAP Slave to One ~ Fetish Fu
A Little Story.
Her friend was sitting on her coach like a picture of misery. Her nose and eyes were red and swollen and she had dark circles around the eyes.. She looked like she had not slept for weeks. Karen had just poured her a glad of Whiskey which she drank up in one go. "You want another one? Or would you prefer a tea?" "Hm, i think would like another one but a tea would also be fine." "Ok, i'll go to put the water on to boil." When Karen came back to the room with a tray in her hands, with a pot of vapor tea on it and two mugs, she still heard the sobbing of her friend. Up to now she did not know what had happened to her. "Ok now we both will have a mug of tea first and you also will get another Whiskey but then i want you to tell me what happened to you ok?" "Yes." Her friend blow her nose in a tissue and took the mug Karen was offering her. She took a short sip. Then she let the Whiskey flew down her throat. The silky burning taste with the comforting feeling in her stomach after
Dont Have A Name For This One Hahaha
ok i was just seein how i do the blog thing on here cool now that i know how hahahaha i can put stuff up here hahahahahaha Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mummy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees a dad who never calls... There were daddies along the back wall, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats One by one the teacher c
Karen's Blog
I am eating oysters for breakfast! They're soooooooooooo tasty! I had another TROLL ask to be put on my Instant Messenger during the night. Nothing on his page, as usual. I am sure glad there is an IGNORE button! Here's his info if you want to be his friend: nona20002010 Basics Yahoo! ID: nona20002010 Real Name: Nickname: Location: Age: Marital Status: No Answer Sex: No Answer Occupation: *** I belong to a couple of other on-line blog places. Facebook, Windwos Live Spaces, Hover Spot, and Yahoo 360. I stay there to keep an eye on what my Kids are doing, and it is terribly funny to have interaction with some of the stupid people on the sites - especially when I am feeling down about myself. I like to know there are people who are really ridiculous, and compared to them, I am a GODDESS! Like yesterday, on Cherry Tap, some guy rated my pictures a 10/10. When I visite
Just My Thoughts
Please sign my guestbook...I would really appreciate it.... My daughter is going to the custody hearing for her daughter the moment her and her ex boyfriend have joint custody of the 4 yr old. In recent days he has been telling the child all kinds of things ... Like she was born in Texas. This child was born at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. I was there so I know where she was born. According to my daughter, her had the child were sitting talking one day and he told my daughter that her dad was going to Kill my daughter. only thing is we cant prove it ... these were said out of the blue ... But they will be brought up in the court I am sure ...I just hope that this judge sees him for the pathalogical liar he is. Lets not forget the past 2 times she has gotten Karina from his care and she smelled like she had peed on herself or the time she got her back and there was chewing up all in her hair ad it took 3 hours to get it out...for these we h
Hey, I'm not a lumberjack, or a fur trader.... I don't live in an igloo or eat blubber, or own a dogsled... and I don't know Jimmy, Sally or Suzy from Canada, although I'm certain they're really really nice. I have a Prime Minister, not a president. I speak English and French, not American. And I pronounce it 'about', not 'a boot'. I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack. I believe in peace keeping, not policing, diversity, not assimilation, and that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal. A toque is a hat, a chesterfield is a couch, and it is pronounced 'zed' not 'zee', 'zed' !!!! Canada is the second largest landmass! The first nation of hockey! and the best part of North America. My Name is Nancy & I'am Canadian
Cherries Spot!!!!!!!!!
"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOOHOO, what a ride!" "Love is ironic. Only when you hurt someone do they realise that they truly love you. We shall always fall in love with the people who break our hearts. Love gushes out of the ruptures of a broken heart and then sends shivers to the whole of our existence. Love has to come out somehow and that is usually through pain and hurting. A heart which is unwilling to be broken, is unable to love. Similarly, if you cannot break someone's heart, it is a sign that they shall never truly love you." "Happiness needs sadness. Success needs failure. Benevolence needs evil. Love needs hatred. Victory needs defeat. Pleasure needs pain. You must experience and accept the extremes. Because
I have been on the Fu since late May or so. I have made many sweet friends, cool friends and some that will be there as I depart from this life. One thing that burns me up and fucking pisses me off is a woman that sits her ass on the computer all day long tells everyone that she loves a soldier and has never laid eyes on him in person or met him. I have been in this Army 21 years and been away, been shot at, been IEDed, been motared and been in great emotional stress. NO WOMAN should say that she loves a soldier or a other member of the Armed Serives unless she has been there and seen the pain and the stress and physically been around the person day in and day out for a period of time. SO you women that are living off the system and telling these lonely soldiers what they want to hear so you can benefit need to quit and re evaluate their situation and fend for themselves. YOU cannot truly love someone unless you spend real life quality time with them. I could start busting out names o
Thoughts On My Mind
“The newspapers, the radio, the T.V., the internet, its all there. Its everywhere, Sherri, don’t you see it? For fuck’s sake, look out the God damn window man, its right here!” Tom pulled back the curtains and opened the window so that his message would have the desired effect. Sherri gazed out at the scene below. A man had been shot and killed on the sidewalk across the street. In the distance sirens could be heard approaching quickly. While the dead man’s corpse waited to be removed from the street, a crowd had formed near the body. Instead of horrified screams, there were only angry yells as the mob fought over the dead man’s belongings they had stolen. Tom started in again, “You see this crap? No one cares about anything anymore.” Sherri’s eyes were locked on the scene below. She could hear the sirens much louder now, couldn’t be more than a few streets away. “I wonder why he was killed. What could this man have possibly done to deserve something like this?” “Probably n
Meeee, And The Stupid Stuff That Goes Through My Head
If love is supposed to be eternal and when people say "I love you" to one another isn't that in fact the same as saying "I do" up there in front of that guy with a white scarf and old book? I mean there was a time where people got married and than maybe fell in love, where feelings and emotions that people had weren't hidden behind words and sayings where saying "I love you" meant that if you were to go a day without them you spent it in the agony compared to being killed a million times in one second. Whatever happened to that time? Whatever happened to people actually meaning it when they said they were in love? I think I've felt love but even than I'm not sure. I've felt agony and heartbreak I've seen the river but been turned back in my efforts. I've felt like a thousand black holes have been opened inside of me causing a never ending agony trying to be filled with flesh I have no more. And yet, despite feeling this agony with her gone I can easily say that I do not love he
My Vacation To Ohio
1. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO REHAB? - Yes I have.... 2. LONGEST RELATIONSHIP? - 6 years 3. LAST GIFT YOU RECEIVED? - The Shmee bought me a new's pink with cherries. 4. EVER DROPPED A CELL PHONE? - I drop my phone all the time. 5. WHEN'S THE LAST TIME YOU WORKED OUT? - Ummmmm......yea 6. THING(S) YOU SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ON? - Gas and smokes 7. LAST FOOD YOU ATE? - Tacos 8. FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX? - Eyes and hair (I prefer a shaved head) 9. ONE FAVORITE SONG? - 'Something I Can Never Have' Nine Inch Nails 10. WHERE DO YOU LIVE? - Lindenhurst IL 11. HIGH SCHOOL YOU ATTENDED: - Rolling Meadows High School in Rolling Meadows IL 12. CELL PHONE SERVICE PROVIDER: - U.S. Cellular 13. FAVORITE MALL STORE: - Torrid 14. LONGEST JOB YOU HAD? - I worked at Walgreen's for over a year. 15. DO YOU OWN A PAIR OF DICE? - Not unless they came in a board game 16. DO YOU PRANK CALL PEOPLE?: - Not since high school
Now i lay me down to sleep,I pray for a man,who's not a creep. One who's handsom,smart and strong. He's not afraid to admit when he's wrong. One who thinks before he speaks. When he promisses to call, he doesn't wait six weeks. Thankyou in advance and now i'll just wait. For i know you will send him before it's too late. HOT MySpace Comments & HOT MySpace Layouts You may not have ever seen me But you know that I am here. You can feel me in your heart As you enter each new day. I will always be there for you I am your friend. Someone to share the good times As well as the bad. I make no judgments by what you say I just listen with my heart and Hope to be of help in anyway I can. I will be there for you now and forever And always please remember I am your friend!
Our Love
I Love You So Deeply, I Love You So Much, I Love The Sound Of Your Voice, And The Way That We Touch. I Love Your Warm Smile, And Your Kind Thoughtful Way, The Joy That You Bring, To My Life Everyday, I Love You Today, As I Have From The Start, And I'll Love You Forever, With All My Heart. Our Love Is Different From The Rest, Showing Two Sides,Yours Verse Mine, A Minute To Us,All Time Set For The Best, Seeing That I Was So Blind. Completeing The Right Path For Our Love To Draw Near,Time Won't Stop,It Might Feel Slow, Just Wanting Your Kisses,And Touches,Rubs And Moans We Love To Hear,But We Need Our Love To Grow. This Love Has To Last,We Have Put So Much Into It, If You Ever Leave I Don't Kno How I'd Get Through,Our Love Shall Last Longer Than 60 Seconds,Forced Upon Us Like A Sand In An Hour Glass. Our Love Will Last Like The Earth I Stand Upon, Like The Trees That Stand In The Summer Breeze, And My Heart You Grasp,Telling Me You Love Me. The Kindiest Man
Thoughts On Life...
I thought this was a good topic... A woman was asking if it was OK to date someone that wasn't a christian, or just has different "faith" then you ? I totally understand your fear... I have loads of "faith" in my belieffs (although I'm not religious) And my last girlfriend wasn't sure on hers yet or just has different ones... she did feel like I was pushing my "faith" on her... but that deffinatly wasn't my intention, I mean doesn't everyone want thier partner or friends to understand them ? I know I sure want to know what my friends believe in thier hearts and share in it... doesn't mean I will believe it aswell. I believe that "faith" is personal...and "religion" is social, "religion" is ran by men... and "faith" is ran by your heart. (this kind of sums it up for me) For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it."--Matt 16:25 I think it kinda means follow the "faith" in your heart, not what someone has told you t
The Chronicals Of Totally Wasted
Misadventures In Cyrodiil
Strutting around in my new fur boots, I spied a constable riding along the road in the pre-dawn twilight. After chatting with him, I decided to see how flame-retardant their armor is. Result: very. He didn't much appreciate being set ablaze, and killed me. Respawning, I tried a sneakier approach to exacting my revenge. Keeping out of sight, I snuck over to some boulders next to the road, waiting for my target. Once he had passed, I leveled my bow at his helmet, and a gratifying TWACK accompanied his tumble from the saddle. The constables have some quality armor, as he survived a direct shot to the back of the head. I ran in for the kill, only to find him angry over the dent in his helmet, and he promptly killed me. Respawning, I decided on the direct approach. My stategy was changed, however, when I accidentally pickpocketed him whilst creeping up to him. With some choice enraged words, he lept from the saddle, ready to spill my blood. Now I may be stubborn, or just obsessive-compulsiv
Facing The Truth
Take Me Home And Put Me To Bed, I'm Going To Sleep, It's All Still Fresh In My Head, I'm Going To Bed And Think About You, And Everything We Used To Do. I Wrote Your Name All Over My Heart, I Gave it To You And You Tore It Apart. You Left Me Lying On The Floor, As You Walked Out My Door. Out Of My Life, You Were Gone Just Like That, On The Bathroom Floor Is Where I Sat. Bleeding To Death All Cause Of You, I Wanted You To Kno I Loved You Too. here I Go Slipping Away Into The Dark, Dark World Where I Might Stay, Forever Alone,I Will Always Be, Forever Alone,It's My Destiny. Hold Me Close,Never Let Me Fall. With These Wings,I Have. And Your Arms Wrapped Around Me, Feeling So Safe And Content. But Inside My Heart I'm Confused And Lonely, Having Trouble Reconizing The Problem, As I Kno Now,I Am Not The Problem, Consistantly Trying To Face The Reality Of His Life. Outlooking All His Flaws,Focusing On What Really Matters,He Is All That Matters,As I So Deep In Love
Lily's Pad
I hate stupid people. I really do. Dumb a** “wannabe” hard n* that don’t know how to shut up and keep moving. I encountered such an idiot today. My husband and I were in the car today, sitting in traffic 4 cars before the intersection at a red light. The littlest princess was in the car with us. She said something, so I turned around to see what she wanted - which happened to be something to do with her car seat. Next thing I know, some black man has his head in my window saying “Was there a reason why you did that?” Ok, I am in MY CAR. And some random negro has his head at my window. Of course I was a little taken aback. I whipped my head around to see what was going on. Apparently the car lurched forward while this man and women were jaywalking across the street in front of our car. Since my husband was driving, they were talking to him. The girl was upset the car could have hit her. The guy was posturing for his girl and trying to be all hard. (I say girl, but th
True Love!!
One night a soldier looked up into the heavens and made a plea to God. "God I'm so alone down here. All I do is fight and face the deamons of the earth. Please send me someone" So God called forth his angels and asked them to help create a soldiers girl. "Boss give her strenght!" cried Michael "So that she can bear the weight and pressure of always packing up and going with her man at a moments notice" God was pleased and added strengh. "She must have patience!" called forth Gabriel "So that she can have the understanding of the stress of the job that is required of her man" God was pleased and added patience. Peter thought about it and said "let her be compasionate, so that she can sooth away the nightmares and horrors that the soldier will see" God was pleased and added compassion. Jesus went forth and said, "Dad give her faith, faith that her man loves her and that no matter what it takes he will get home to her" God was pleased and added faith. All the saints an
Animal Rescue
Domino left today to go to the adoption center to play in the young and healthy boy room with the other rambuncous kits. He left my home a healthy ferret and adjusted to people and potty boxes so he will have fun in a new home. Tigger came to my home today. He has spent an entire year in a bird cage no bigger then a pet taxi for the ferrets of small cats. The strength in his back legs have dwindled and he has be abused. I know a 666 Sq Foot apt is not much to most people but to a ferret like this, it is paradise, especially with toys and hammacks and blankets and jungle gyms everywhere. After a day of spreading out he is walking much better on his back legs. We are about to sit down and have a hand feeding of crushed ferret food and Gerbers Chicken baby food. He has been fed wet cat food all his life and now has a heart murmer as a result. So wish me luck and pray for him...Tigger is a beautiful little boy and has been following me around and napping with me all day.
if you would click the link go to this site and learn all about it. just copy and paste this link in your browser. and get started... New way to build web sites fast I found a new way to build real content web sites fast! Body: I just discovered a new membership site that gives members 400 exact keyword phrase optimized articles every month! You can use the articles to build web sites that easily get traffic and last a long time because the sites have real content! If you could easily build real content web sites that each made you between $5. and $100. per day - how many would you build? I suggest you download the free special report and watch the 60 minutes of video because it will not only show you how to build real content web sites, but also offer tips to make your sites ban proof! Click here now to learn the secrets in this amazing FREE PDF Special Report with over 60 min. of video! There is also a grea
The Never Ending Thoughts Of Me...
Well it's official.. thanks to my Criminal Justice Teacher I feel like a failure. I feel like nothing I am going to do is going to make this asshole happy. I emailed him previously to ask him what my grade was on a take home assignment.. what he calls a quiz.. I got an email stating "You missed 9 you got 31, better than a couple, worse than several" Well, I emailed him last night to find out how to turn in my homework assignment and pick up the new one for this week since I missed class, because I was in the ER.Here is what I got back from that email. Tara, You were missed in class last night. I am not one to mix words, so permit me to speak to the point. You were previously so concerned about your grade performance on your first quiz that you expected me to take time to respond to your email and provide you with a follow-up email about your performance prior to the next scheduled class. Both of which expectations I met. On this occasion you are asking me
Treehugger Survives
Well, it has been 2 days since my surgery and I am feeling ok. I had my left side of my nose broken and reset to scrape down the septum to unblock the left side of my sinuses. I had a cyst removed from the right side. It is just all swollen inside and real sore, but I don't have black eyes from it or any change in my facial appearance so it's all good. I just have to rest for a few days and make sure nothing bumps into my nose, sleep propped up for a few days. Thanks for all the well wishes, get well cards, soup and candy yawl have sent me. U R 2 sweet. My surgery went well today. It didn't start until after 1 and was through before 3. I had my sinuses fixed and a deviated septum repaired. I am not in major pain due to very good pain killers. My throat is much more sore than anything from where they intubate you while you are asleep. Thank you all for the get well cards, bowls of Chicken soup and well wishes. I have been in and out of sleepiness with the pain killers and just now took
Poems & Such Hi i'm bored tyring 5to get points i dunno what to say hi check out my stash adn see whats new and i'll post what i go to everyfriday night see you guys later In the darkness there is only one In the light there is you When it goes away what i have left in my veins dreamt a dream never meant to be lost without you next to the light and darkness there is a place meant for us just when i'm about to lose all hope I know when i look up  in my soul and eyes your there like the light thats lives inside my darkness
I am sending this out to all of my fu-friends for my mother.  If you can and want to to help, A much thank you to you.  If not, thank you for your time in reading this blog and being aware of this disease.  It could happen to you or to one of your loved ones without warning. I will be celebrating my 66th birthday on August 13th. I have been thinking about how I can give something back instead of taking something. As all of you know I have the disease of Myasthenia Grave, a Neuro muscular thing with no cure. It is kind of rare and there is not a lot of research being done. Dr. Michael Benetar at Emory Research Center in Atlanta has worked for 20 years doing research in this. He has done wonders for me. In the 2 years I have been going to him, I have improved greatly.  Now here is what I am asking each of you:   Please send me a donation, (no matter how small) and I will turn it in to Emory. If you want to make your checks to Dr. Michael Benetar Emory Research .I am sure
Poems From Different People
You look into my eyes and see things you don't understand. Am I a mystery? I think not. You look at my smile; You search for something that isn't there. Am I a mystery? I think not. You listen to my voice, and call me an angel. This angel is flesh and blood, Not a doll to be put on show. You see - I'm not a mystery. I am me. I am flesh and blood. Touch me; I wont break. There's no mystery here. Caress me; feel the warmth. I'm not a mystery; I am Woman. Here I am - desires abound; Relentless and sensuous - yours to caress Like a flower; make me bloom. Don't stop; not even to rest! No mystery here; Just a Woman. I feel the weight of your body against mine; Your heaving breath upon my skin. The most gentle touch on my thigh, The soft nibbling on my breasts - Moving slowly in a downward motion. Now you see, I'm no mystery; I am YOUR Woman. I am all Woman. by Gothic Upon the stairway of despair, Complete with broken love affairs And promises that never ca
Lmao Note* You may need to bring a trustworthy friend to do a couple of these. 1. Go to order a large popcorn(like the biggest one they have). When they give it to you, look at it, then throw it on the floor angrily and start crying for no reason. 2. Wait until there's a funny part in the movie. When the laughter starts to die down, scream at the top of your lungs. 3. Before the movie starts, sit near the front. Start moaning loudly and dancing wildly. 4. At the end of the movie, when the credits are rolling, stand up quickly and try to convince everyone that there's a secret scene before the credits end. While everyone stays to watch the "Secret Scene"(which does not exist) stand up and leave without anyone noticing. 5. Pretend to cough wildly and die when the trailers are playing. 6. If the theater is packed and a stranger sits next to you, go "Oh my god, is... is that you?" From here you can take many approaches. One is,"I haven'
Sisters Of St. Francis HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION 10 MILES He thinks this is a figment of his imagination and drives on without a second thought....Soon he sees another sign which reads: SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION 5 MILES Suddenly he begins to realize that these signs are for real and drives past a third sign saying: SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION NEXT RIGHT His curiosity gets the best of him and he pulls into the drive. On the far side of the parking lot is a stone building with a small sign next to the door reading: SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS He climbs the steps and rings the bell. The door is answered by a nun in a long black habit who asks, "What may we do for you my son?" He answers, "I saw your signs along the highway and was interested in possibly doing business...." "Very well my son. Please follow me." He is led through many winding passages and is soon quite disoriented.. The nun stops at a c
Poem Commit to Loving The visions are breathing… And the reflections of you linger I am totally overwhelmed by your striking beauty… Unable to control my attention process Your uniqueness, and your charm… Is dominating my focus Something about you is alive in my heart… Keeping me occupied, and falling in love further The lady in my sight of love… Someone’s keeping me energetic It is you who maintain the charge alive… It is you whom I adore I am dreaming about you… Even when I am in a crowd I can’t wait to hold you again… I look forward to the loving You are the woman of my essence… We are two meant as one Satisfied I am reserved… Yours I am We are mutually… We share equitably For the long haul… We commit to loving ceaselessly as an entity STORY OF A LONELY GIRL LOOKING FOR LOVE. In the hour before the morn I walk past your door I send a special prayer To the room we both ador
What Do U Want Out Of Cherrytap
ok so before i leave i just wanted to say that this game is evil. i got sucked in and thought i could handle it. i played it and was having fun. along the way i screwed up...i fell in love and the person i fell inlove with i hurt and i lost them. i thought i was being played so i played, and i dont like the person i became ....but did i really have him. no cause u cant loose something u never had to this person... i love u and i always will. to the rest of u thanks for showin me love.. im out Ok so my thoughts have taken a different turn..i met this guy Dan ,who calls himself tobad4u.Yes he is goodlooking,i hit him up and he responded.we got to know eachother and i fell for him...yeah im stupid. BUT HE ASSURED ME that i was different and i was the most sexiest girl he has ever seen.All along wondering why certain women were hitting my page so i did what any woman would do...investigate his ass. well all along i knew what he was doing so i played harder. i even said to him i dont care
Show Sum Luv
The Words Of The Dead
It amuses and pisses me off at the same time receiving messages from men telling me how bad that they want to get into my pants or that they can turn my world upside down. When clearly they never read my profile or they just don’t respect me enough to actually care about what it says. It is sad, really it is. Most men just don’t give a shit about respecting women and not just viewing them as some sex object. I guess partially men on the internet feel that they can just hide behind some screen name and say whatever because they are not face to face with the woman that they are degrading. If I dealt with this on a day to day basis in real life I would be behind bars for castrating hundreds of men. Do men honestly think saying to some random woman “hey baby you are so hott I want to fuck you”; really makes us damp in the panties region? If that is a man’s approach to trying to hook up with a woman or get her number, then they really need to re-evaluate their pick up lines or turn o

How would you like it to be whacked hard over the head as a "sport"!? Norway and Canada have a new kind of tourism. Killing baby seals. They call it a "sport".. You want to call this a sport ? Is he a sportsman? Why? You're our only hope !!! This barbarism shouldnt be possible in our society..Dont turn your back on us, we are defenselessI know these images seem painful for you, but we feel the pain. We are being slaughtered and its going on RIGHT NOW...What gives him the right to kill us? Who is he to decide about life and death?What kind of sport is this? I didnt harm anyone. I was just swimming around.. Please help me and my friends... You cant just ignore these images.. Keeping silent and doing nothing makes you guilty...Please help us Please dont leave us alone...STOP THE KILLING OF SEALS You can make a statement by reposting this to get as many people as you canto repost this. Bring these murderers to the attention of world leaders.Thank you!!!!hit reply to sender and copy it fr
Lost Driver
well just dont know what to think ...fubar was one hell of a site when i first joined what happened???????????????? well is there any females out there that might want to run away and ride around in atruck well i thought i was going to denver co but ended up in michigan insted ..a budy of mine his brother passed a week ago sat and he still cant get past it yet i understand i know what happened
Men Do Stupid Things
WOMAN'S POEM Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man, who's not a creep, One who's handsome, smart and strong. One who loves to listen long, One who thinks before he speaks, One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I pray he's gainfully employed, When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed. Pulls out my chair and opens my door, Massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind, Knows what to answer to "how big is my behind?" I pray that this man will love me to no end, And always be my very best friend. MAN'S POEM I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge boobs who owns a liquor store and a golf course. This doesn't rhyme, and I don't give a shit. Oral sex We all know that the road to a lasting sex life is paved with -- among other things -- oral sex. But most of us could use a few pointers on how to sharpen our oral skills. HERE ARE SOME FOR MEN: Oral sex is always grounded in preparation: You want to be ent
Good Quote
Body: IF YOUR LIFE WAS A MOVIE, WHAT WOULD THE SOUNDTRACK BE? So, here's how it works: 1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc) 2. Put it on shuffle 3. Press play 4. For every question, type the song that's playing 5. When you go to a new question, press the next button 6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool... My results: Opening Credits: It's not over-- Daughtry Waking Up: Animal I have become--Three Days Grace First Day At School: Sugar We're Goin Down--Fallout Boys Falling In Love: Sister Golden Hair--America Fight Song: With A Little Luck--Paul Mcartney and Wings Breaking Up: Creed--Higher Prom: Mother--Danzig Life: Why--Jason Aldean Mental Breakdown:Big Girls Don't Cry--Fergie (haha that was appropriate lol) Driving: A perfect Circle--Puscifier Flashback: New Shoes--Paolo Nutini Getting back together: Push--Matchbox20 Wedding: Thriller--Michael Jackson Birth of Child: I'm A Bitch--Meridi
Raerae's World
Two Cajun Women Jolie and Chloe were talking about going fishing one day. Chloe Says to Jolie " I hear you like to go fishing and heard you have a Sure Fine way of telling which side of the bank the Best Fishing is! Can I go with you tomorrow and see your SECRET?" Jolie tells her" Hun I can't SHOW YOU,BUT I can tell you my secret!" " In the morning really early I go Peek under the covers at my hubby and see what Side "IT" is laying on--if it is lying on the left side--I fish on the left bank--if it is laying on the ride side--I fish on the right bank." " hmmmm" says Chloe " WHAT if IT is standing Straight up!" Jolie Says with a GRIN" Hun if IT is standing STRAIGHT UP-- I DON'T go Fishing that day!!!" Hi I am Rae. Some of my friends call me Angel. I am new to Cherry Tap. I have been on myspace before and thought this was like that but I see it is a lot different. Not sure what to do but I am open for suggestions. If anyone wants to help me out don't hesitate to point m
Sign My Guestbook
this is not fair my salute has been waiting seven hours to get approved can anyone tell me what to do to complain about it took 20 pics in three days and 10refused why dont they except pics that have been painted on my computer the rules are so hard if you can upload any pic to page why not a pic from computer with art of the computer its better and more classy can people sign my guest book i updared my page derekxxxxxxx can people sign my guest book i updared my page derekxxxxxxx
well i am starting a new folder with costume hints in it, lets see if any one can guess. Do you think I would look good as a blonde? Just wonderin. Any thoughts??? Anyone?? DragonCon is soon to be here. I find myself wondering....what should I go as this year? Should I go as the usual Jedi or something new. Feel free to give some Ideas of what might be cool, sexy, or just damn good:)
Omg!!!! He Leveled!!!! Thank You So Much
I just wanted to thank each and everyone that took time out to level him up. What seemed like an impossible mission when this started has become a reality. Hes got lotsa of love to return when he gets home from work.To all my family and friends thank you so much for all your help. Thank you for rating and reposting multiple bulletins to help get him leveled. You are some very awesome cherrys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for meeting the level up challenge and for always helping me with everyone to level. Much love to you...BoooBoo SARCASM DRIPS FROM MY LIPS, I EPITOMIZE AWESOMENESS, AND I SHOWER MYSELF WITH PURE LIQUID LUST@ CherryTAP I just wanted to thank each and everyone that took time out to level him up. What seemed like an impossible mission when this started has become a reality. Hes got lotsa of love to return when he gets home from work.To all my family and friends thank you so much for all your help. Thank you for rating and reposting multiple bulletins to help get
Jessy Is A Weird Psycho
Question #1: Age soon to be 24.. then 25... then 26...... and so on Question #2: Sex yes please! ... oh i mean.. well female.... Question #3: Current Location germany... Question #4: Hair Colour umm brownish... sometimes black.. red... purple Question #5: Eye Colour blue/ yellow Question #6: Do you smoke?
What A Day
Unlike an external enemy, the inner enemy cannot regroup and launch a comeback once it has been destroyed fro Your Love Style is Agape You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner. Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare. You are willing to sacrfice your world for your sweetie. Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you. For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love. What Card Are You You are the World Completion, Good Reward. The World is the final card of the Major Arcana, and as such represents saturnian energies, time, and completion. The World card pictures a dancer in a Yoni (sometimes made of laurel leaves). The Yoni symbolizes the great Mother, the cervix through which everything is born, and also the doorway to the next life after death. It is indicative of a complete circle. Everything is finally coming together, successfully and at last. You will get that Ph.D. you've been working for years to c
I hate taking these long and extended surveys and not getting anything for them My football team sucking out loud. People who set their status as "in the shower" but don;t have the pics to prove it. Working too many hours. People who post pics but don't post a pic of themselves. I guess that is all for now. It's time to watch my sucky football team. Whats up with private pics. If you didn't want people to see them, why did you put them on the internet? And I love the ones " for my husband only" You could have just handed him the pics or better yet stripped naked for him, lmao. Ladies, you know what guys wanna see. Either show or don't but don't tease. It's like being a virgin. Theres no maybe, half way or partial. you either are or aren't, lol. I hope you take this the righ way. It was all meant in fun. So lets have some fun. And whats up with limiting comments? Fascist is right, lol. Another fascist idea is limiting the amount of pics I can rate in a day. I want to rate them all a
Idk Im Bored.
That it im done, yep the justin yall knew is dead, now im a new person.(time for changes again) no longer will i be the nice guy that everyone can count on, nor will i make your lives easier. life shits on people like me, and im sick of it. no one cares what i have to say, no one takes me serious, im a fuckin joke to all of you. so yeah all my friends either, screw me over, forget im alive, die, betray my trust, or just dont care what i say. Im alone in this world, and thats how its gonna be. so Stay the Fuck away. RIP. Mark.. you were a great friend, one of the few i could actually trust as much as myself. you will be missed, see you on the otherside. Music Video:ALONE I BREAK (by Korn)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com Im tired, im bored, and well just now in a really pissed off mood. seriously im about to just tell everyone to get the hell away from me. then move to alaska, or canada. some place where nobody lives, ya know. cause well
The World According To Sid
I had so much fun relaying our conversation about our new mom. I thought I would tell about some of our other FUNNY conversations. Same as last time my son's words will be all caps. I was watching 16 candles with my son, I had totally forgotten about the sceen where the camera flashes on a lovely pair of boobs. When this part of the movie came on my son said...... EWWWWW BOOBIES!! there is nothing wrong with boobies THIER GROSS Sid, that is where babies get thier milk. NO! ITS NOT!! yes it is. When you were a baby you drank milk from mom's boobies . NO MILK COMES FROM THE REFIDGERATOR (sarcastic like he thinks I am pulling his leg) yeah and where do you think it comes from before it is in the refriderator? WALL-MART!!!!!!!!!!!(in a duh tone of voice) where does wall-mart get it from? HHHHHMMM..........WALL-MART GETS MILK FROM MOM'S BOOBIES???????????????? (I am not real sure, but I think he was asking if wall-mart got milk from his mom's boobies.) (she would have to be a la
Wanna Make Some Real $$$
The website is know youre really careful about what you put in your house.Please believe the same "healthy" stuff youre buying isnt what they say.I buy Melaleuca's non-toxic products so I can feel confident in knowing I can walk barefooted,my baby can crawl all she wants without chemicals absorbing through her and our skin.We can eat off our plates knowing theirs no film and/or toxic residue on the dishes and silverware,and theres so much more!!! Sometime this week,Im going to have to share with you everything this company has to offer,like more income and improving your health.If you did have time this week,when might you have an opening?I can have you listen to the top head people of the company.They will tell more on what I'm telling you and how you can make part time income!!! When you look at the website,everything you buy from the store,they have it there.It gives you a description and tell you exactly whats in it.You wont be disappointed.You will replace
Indigo And Crystal People
From Indigo to Crystal - The Signs and Symptoms of the Evolving Adult by: Susanna Kompogiorgas Our planet is filled with indigo adults. Although the planet is becoming populated by more and more indigo and crystal children, the fact remains that there are an amazing number of adults that were indigo children, and are now indigo adults.Most indigo adults are aware of their spiritual and physical makeup, as they are living within the third and fourth dimensional realities. There are many indigo adults however that were trapped in third dimensional realities, being smothered and becoming toxically overloaded - preventing them from realizing their potential. Many of these indigo adults are now emerging as many of the physical and emotional ills that had plagued them are now being understood by them as being a result of the toxicity and repression they experienced. So our adult population is populated by newly emerging indigo adults as well by long established indigo adults who a
Just Some Feelings
Not really sure where to start but this is gonna be a long message with different parts so if ya wanna stick around to read it all fine if not fine. Ill start out with this... as most of ya know im a spanker and this club is the best bombin family on fubar! The month of April was a very long month for all members and leaders, and alot of people got stressed out over it. The leaders were workin on something to make things easier for us and for the members. I had something typed up and sent it to the leaders. Now the very first thing the message had said was.... ***** OK guys heres what im gonna post in the spankers blog as long as everyone is ok with it. **** "as long as everyone is ok with it" Now to me this means if ur unhappy or disagree with something that was said to say something about it so we can work it out so EVERYONE is happy. Instead of this happenin 2 leaders got pissed, posted something and quit. I received a short message from someone and something that was said
Just Me
I could sure use a good Blast. Anyone wanna help a girl out ? I wanna thank all who added and rated and fanned me... Kisses Bambi I just wanted to say hello to all the sexy guys and girls out there and you can Rate me, Fan me and even give me a blast if you like, I will TRY and return the Fav... Hugs and Kissed.. Bambi I need some Love here. I need alot of points to get to the next level , will anyone help me out ? I would show you the love you show me and More, I Love ALL you Guys ( and Girls ).... Big wet kisses and Hugs.. Bambi Ps... Licks to all of you!!!!
Learning To Love Again
topherthejoker: MASS ok i know alot dont like mass but i got a good friend over here needing everyones help help her nephew get home safe if you owne a site seen by the world over hit me up ill get yah the info yah need Nick Henry abducted 7-18-08 fron Buffalo N.Y. last seen in a maroon skylark 4 door if yah see or hear anything please contact your local authorities and pray for him to get home safe thers a pic on the site ty topher I kneel beneath the same Moon that all the witches of old have knelt before. I am one with them in this sacred light. Hear me O' Diana, Goddess of the Moon, Queen of all witches, for I bear the symbols of the Old Religion. bear me then, and think yet even for a moment upon this worshipper who kneels before you. For I have heard the Strega's story, and I believe the words of the Holy Strega. When she spoke of your beauty in the night sky, when she bid us seek and find you above all ot
My Opinion....
Give me some ideas on more shit to give opinions on... I am willing to give my opinion on anything... So please hook it up... Thank You... Yes all 3 of these are together because I think in some way that they all relate... Do I personally think you need all 3 for a strong healthy relationship, Yes I do... Well lets break it down... With love comes sex at some point... But for sex you should be in love... Now if you are getting some from the one you love you should truly be happy, right? Well why the fuck doesn't that always work? I believe there are too many variables to be able to have all 3 but can it happen, Yes it can... How you ask? Honestly I have no clue but there is a way, there has to be... So Here is the catch... Can you find the answer to this? Please feel free to share your opinion... OK WTF is up with pro athletes? All I see is a bunch of way over pay punks... These assholes dont play for the love of the game they do it for the fucking money... So should I quit doing what
Looking For Ct Love
The Tap
well i been waiting for this. i got to admit that cherrytap is alot cooler than what it started out to be ( but i'm glad that people are getting into this site, it's great. i've been a user since before mumms (which i'm not allowed to post btw grr) since before happy hour, blasts, or even gifts for that matter. yup, i'm old school cherrytap. and this day is a crazy day for me. i feel like an elderly fool even though i'm only 25 yrs old, because so much has improved. welcome all you newbies from this point on, and i hope my orig. friends will all be true Just a few random questions for whoever wants to respond: 1 fu points; care or dgaf? 2 money; tight or making ends meet & then some? 3 music; a little of everything or non mainstream? 4 nightlife; clubs or dive bars? 5 sex; 1-2 hole or 2-3 holes? 6 personality; rude with attitude or genuinely fake? 7 politics; kill the white man or god bless our leaders? 8 religion; god bless our leaders or go to hell? 9 reality
Next Blogs Here We Go Oh Eh
i got another 180 pages of better ones just spent an hour typing for all ste repay the favour or not sending no more as this is unfair will keep all for myself sent to all 55,876 people and this is all the votes i get thanks rate all my blogs or not sending no more will keep for myself and were is my friends and family they not rated this is very unsuitable of people to do this derek thankyou god bless i have spent last hour writing blogs for sites for you all do me the favour and rate all my bloggs as have 180 more pages of same if yous dont rate its unfair so will send no more and keep for myself which is fair as sent all i wrote last hour to whole site i need the votes so its up to yous now as the rest are better than ones sent thankyou derek uk christain lounge top dance the webby awards internationally based and a decade old, these awards all manner of webpages, with subcategories for political, and business blogs.the diarist awards
Blogs Book Continued Great This
should be rate aoll b logs more sites there eatonweb portal the first blog directory, brigitte eastons eatonweb portal was started in 1999 just as blogs were taking off. she accepted link submissions based on one criterion only: the site must consist of dated entries. her standard became widely accepted during a time when there was still a lot of debate about defines a blog. eatonweb is still the definitive blog portal, and you should add it to your blogroll if for no reson than to share in part of blogging history. blogpulse an established blog search engine browsing over twenty five million blogs, blogpulse includes a trnd tool, a featured trends section and popular conversation tracer.# blog catalog a blog directory offering regional searches of topical sites with over forty categories to chose from, including pets,politics,philosophy,and podcasting. blog search engine
The new Opulent CD will be in our hands and ready to go to yours Wednesday. This means that presale time is running out, and that the great deals you could be getting are also running out. Your last chance to pre-order is coming quick, so visit to do it NOW before it's too late! Don't forget to see us Tuesday, 7th September with Gothminister at the Jet Lounge. (And check out Combichrist the day before, on the 6th!) Our official CD Release party, featuring special guests Asmodeus X and DJ Naika Whisperwish, is on 11th Septmber 2007 at the jet lounge. Lots of fun to be had, so stay tuned for details. Your support is -as always- greatly appreciated! Opulent Myspace Opulent Website (with pre-order link) Havok Myspace Havok Website (preorder for Havok shows)
please help me gain more points to get tothe next level. i have been at the present one for over 3weeks and i have been trying but i need help more stuff to my ct. if u think so then add me, rate me, comment me. then i will i need some help getting points. plz help me. comment my pics, rate me, send me gifts, and everything you can. if you do i will help u out
Circus Tricks
go vote for my ink in this tattoo contest So full of rage and lost ambition She bites her lip just to keep you guessin’ Stars on her arms, holes in her ears The scars on her heart hide all her fears. Lost alone, nowhere to go How I feel, she’ll never know She’s so pretty in punk Pink hair, spiked belt, and a black t-shirt A million and one ways to express the hurt Sleeves of cloth or sleeves of ink She’s lost in nicotine, she’s lost in her drink She’s not alone, a place to go How she feels, We all should know She’s so pretty in punk Music is our only hope, always there always to run to The only friends we have that know just what to do We’re not alone, This now I know Just how I feel, I’ll let her know Cause she’s so pretty in punk The disturbed ground of these unmarked graves, Where we buried the feelings that only love could save. My eyes bur
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am busy doing a degree in computers level 3 got qualifactions 2 allready heres some downloaded you might be intersted in go to type in search there (1) free zone alarm top firewall updates itself dont update to pro trail version works aswell as pro (2) avg anti visis trail works aswell as pro dont update to pro keep chevking for updates everyday downloads updatees from internet quick type in free avg (3) type in free spybot top recomended spyware updates from net no need to update (4) free adwatch dont update to pro top program (5)free cd ripper rips yur music to mp3 or cd top programs (6) free digital locker stores all your files in and no one can access god bless derek all at god bless derek go to type in search there free ares scroll down page and down load ares regular or galaxy can download free films at cinema now top music in shops now files gamkes whatever and got a firewall once downloaded go to settin as one upload a
My Sensual Side.....
qustion why dose love take every ounce of strenth u have who thought that that move was bad i watch it it was more about a strip club the wristling A LETTER TO YOU FROM SATAN I saw you yesterday as you began your daily chores. You awoke without kneeling to pray. As a matter of fact, you didn't even bless your meals, or pray before going to bed last night. You are so unthankful, I like that about you. I cannot tell you how glad I am that you have not changed your way of living, fool, you are mine. Remember, you and I have been going steady for years and I still don't love you yet. As a matter of fact, I hate you, because I hate God. He kicked me out of heaven, and I'm going to use you as long as possible to pay him back. You see, fool, GOD LOVES YOU and he has great plans in store for you. But you have yielded your life to me, and I'm going to make your life a living Hell. That way, we'll be together twice. This will really hurt God. Thanks to you, I'm really sho
Poems By Me
The Fakeness Within Let’s be real for a second and not so fake Only a second, this will take. You are a hypocrite and a liar. You screwed up a good thing because of desire. Now you’re standing there looking stupid Can’t say anything- it’s just muted. Chasing after some club chick Who only wants you for your stick? She doesn’t want to be there by your side, Not like I have – and done it in stride. You would rather get something new Than fix what you’ve got. But now you’re all alone with no one to call on the phone. You are so damned blind that you can’t see That the real bitch that has been there for you is ME! I’ve been the one who has been there to listen And yet I am the one that you keep dissin’ Go out and preach to others about How to handle their turmoil But then you go out and cheat on your girl. Tell me- with all of your logic in you Why is it that you can’t be true? Why can’t you give me the things that I want? but can send her $10
Cfl Game 2
please everyone, rate these 6 pics a 10, luv 2 all of u. hope u have a great day. please everyone, rate these 6 pics a 10, luv 2 all of u. hope u have a great day. please everyone, rate these 6 pics a 10, luv 2 all of u. hope u have a great day.
Be Truthful
Yesterday the 11 of april I had one of my facial plates removed. In 2006 I had an ostiotamy which involved moving my top jaw forwads and my bottom jaw backwards and pinned in place with titianum plates and screws. A year or so later I went for my orthodontiost appointment and complained of a pain where one of my plates were I was told that it was just bone... and it would reset its self... well in those 9 months the pain was getting worse, so I decided to make an appointment with the Dr. who did my sugry, he actually sent me for an X-ray, and found out it was one of my screw heads petruding through my gum! So he booked me a sugry dated in December! Finally on the 11th of april I had my surgry, I couldnt've stressed enough to the enisthetist that I'm petrified of needles and needed a gas induction... however I was refused! So I had to sit in the waiting room with this numbing cream on my hands for about an hour prior to sugry, which did help the pain of the needle going into
Lets Fuck
Want a couple or female to come fuck me and my boyfriend, no holds barred, just fuck us and make us cum and vice versa I really want a girl to come over and show me a good time tonight, wanna go down on you all night:P I need someone to help me with this, any tips would be great, i want my bofriend to cum like crazy, if ya wanna join thats fine too:P
Tennessee Ten Commandments
Some people in Tennessee have trouble with all those "shalls" and "shall nots" in the Ten commandments. Folks just aren't used to talking in those terms. So, some folks in middle Tennessee got together and translated the "King James" into "Jackson County" language.... no joke, read on... The Hillbilly's Ten Commandments (posted on the wall at Cross Trails Church in Gainesboro, TN.) (1) Just one God (2) Honor yer Ma & Pa (3) No tellin' tales or gossipin' (4) Git yourself to Sunday meetin' (5) Put nothin' before God (6) No foolin' around with another fellow's gal (7) No killin' (8) Watch yer mouth (9) Don't take what ain't yers (10) Don't be hankerin' for yer buddy's stuff Now that's kinda plain an' simple, don't ya think? Y'all have a nice day. Some people in Tennessee have trouble with all those "shalls" and "shall nots" in the Ten commandments. Folks just aren't used to talking in thos
You scored as Republican,
Funny, Take A Look
1991 xj6 sov. 117,000 miles looks,runs,and drives great forest green with tan leather all power and moon roof blue book on this sweet ride is 5,700.00 asking 4,500.00 or best offer. A real MUST SEE. This is a story about four people named everybody,somebody,anybody nobody. there was an important job to do,everybody was asked to do it, everybody was sure that somebody would do it. anybody would have done it but nobody did it, somebody got angry because it was everybody's job. everybody thought anybody would do it but nobody realized that everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that everybody blamed somebody when nobody did what anybody could have done. 5280 to go to level..
Journal Entries
I look at your pics and my heart beat rises i read what u say my mind opens up i listen to your voice and my body shakes... I need something completely real for once. I need it to be true, no more games, no more fear that it is not true and just a game. I need it to be for all the right reason. I need to come from the heart and soul, I need it to be from here on out. What ever happens i need to be always there..... In life someone can only be ignored for so long before they start to forget the reasons of why they do care and will lose all interests, care and turn there back on you just as u have done. Guess u will never know what u are missing.
Heather's Blogs
I spent all day friday with my 13 year old Niece. It started off not so fun for her, she went with me to my doctor's appointment, only because I promised she didn't have to watch me have blood drawn. But I did get her a Noah's bagel first. After the appointment we went into the hospital to visit my mom at work. We got lucky she wasn't with a patient, so Taylor got the tour of my mom's new work place and everyone go to see how tall she is now. Then we went to Circuit City and I bought her a new game she had wanted for her Nintendo DS. I bought myself one too. What can I say I am a kid at heart. After that we took BART from Millbrae up to S.F. to have lunch with my sister. We walked six blocks up to my sister office, we went around the corner to have lunch a placed called Mercedes. It is pretty good mexican food. We went back to my sister's office and then we took BART one exit to Powel and headed into the mall. We were going there to see a movie. We had thought we wer
I now have red paint all over myself, but the shelf looks pretty. I've been busy all day, and my brenda is sitting in my lap.all is well. I had a dream of you last night darling. It was wonderful. I miss you so much. PLease visit again. I love you xoxoxoxoxo forever yours, Stacie I'm sorry If I'm not skinny enough for you to see my ribs. I'm sorry.. If I'm not pretty enough to be "your girl". I'm sorry... my boobs aren't big enough to "satisfy" you. I'm sorry.. If I'm not white enough for you. I'm sorry.. If I'm not a playboy model so I don't act like a porn star for you. I'm sorry.. If i don't have a dream body that turns you on. I'm sorry.. If I'm too short for you. I'm sorry.. If i won't drop down to my knees to get you to like me. I'm sorry.. If my hair isn't just the way you like it. I'm sorry.. If I'm not the "hottest" girl you have ever seen. But most of all... I'm sorry that most guys can't a
there are stories of pleasure,there are stories of pian But the gods torment me with slad of rain it started on thursday and went double fortnight And Junior read stern by the pilot light he ate more cheese then time allowed Sowe stood him up sharp we stood him up proud And they looked at him funny ,but theylooked at him with spice I speak the thuth, i tell on lies been masterbatin' since the forth of july Spill the beans spill'em all The precipitation filled spring from fall he didnt like faxes he didnt like phones When he stood among many he stood alone He loved his sausage, but shied from greens Used to spin his little sister in the washin' ashine from the great mind of LES CLAYPOOL i just put my bike back together i have n
My Very Talented Daughter
In your eyes i see pain in your eyes i see suffering in your eyes i see sadness and it kills me to see you like this because deep down i know that you want to live and that those feelings come from your memories and you cant live with them so inside you feel that you need to lose yourself completely mind body and spirit Here I am at the place where we first met under the same tree we were so young hve we changed at all ofcourse you have a love for another it burns inside you you swore to protect another the day before under this same tree are we still in love or is this all about her i know she is close to your heart bu what about me did that kiss mean nothing to you or am i just a plaything that has no feelings to you you tell me lie after lie it rips my heart out but all you can think about is her so do you love me say something please tell me or do i have to ponder on this thought for eternity this was written in 2006 by my then 13
Whats Up Today!
hey cherries, hows it going today? so much cooler here in eastern tennessee today, loven it!! well, some know what weekends mean to me, lol, so im going to just post a song title today to show im feeling...lmao "little rock" by reba mcentire have a good weekend cherries, cant wait to chat with all of ya again, and some of ya even more!!(got that CT hubby?????lol) hey all, wanted to let all know, me, like a few others, live way out incountry, and on dial up, so needless to say, cherry tap is very slow for us, so i dont want any of my friends here to think ive slighted them at all, its just after a bit, CT either freezes up so much i give up(lol) or booted and give up, but i try and say hi when i can, s dont think im a hope everyone had a great weekend, i did, found a pretty cool swimmen hole, some TVA thing, over by anderson co park, (cant recall the long but had a blast dunken kids, and yes, they got me back...dunked me alot anyways....h
Thank you to all who help. i would like to ask all my friend to go show this great guy some love, 1 day left of this contest it finishes the 31 and i would love to see him get first place, so for all of you who are my friends please comment him!! Thank you very much!! This is his first contest!! There's more here than meets the eye when it comes to how much you've taken on your plate. Don't rush things -- all these issues deserve a lot of thought. A decision should be reached only when you're ready. You feel so close to this person that their joy and pain are yours as well. Sometimes, though, this connection can be a touch overwhelming. It's time to remember where you end and the other person begins. mmmmmmmmmm........sometimes i ask myself some questions..
If Only....
1000 fists to the face 1000 dead bodies all over the place 1000 tries im a dam damn degrace 1000 tears i cry 1000 deaths i die 1000 humans fry 1000 nails 1000 hails 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 slaves in 1000 caves 1000 graves 1000 graves 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 10000000 1000 times 1000 cries 1000 rhymes 1000 crimes i have 1000 minds 1000 thoughts each have 1000 foughts 1000 more fights 1000 more lonely nights 1000 notes 1000 words 1000 hopes 1000 dreams 1000 nightmares 1000 dares i need 1000 lifes for 1000 wifes 1000 songs 1000 ways things can go wrong 1000 yesterdays 1000 tomorrows 1000 sorrows 1000 gravesends 1000 ends I WILL FUK U EVENTUALLY EVEN IF U KEEP HAUNTING ME I WILL MAKE LOVE TO U U GIVE ME NIGHTMARES U MAKE ME SCREAM AND CRY U GIVE ME COLD SWEATS BUT U R SO DAMN GOREGOUS I WILL FUK U DEAL WITH IT IT MY ONLY WAY I WONT BE SCAR
Once a love now turned, Only a passion to kill your time, If my heart is nothing you want, I’ll cut off my lips, Sew the remains of the mouth, Silence seems to be all you desire, All you want is what you shall have. Emptiness, with only one regret- Heartbreak with no else left to say- Never ending void in my soul- My empathy so mislead- No one to stand on, or go to- Just a washed out life going on a path to nowhere- Neon lights of green, yellow, pink, orange. Drugged lies from boys Throwing everything I still had By drowning it in liquids of blue or mixed in punch Thought I was soon to drop off the edge Then you showed up At first I thought I was just another pretty face Slowly I began to slip away You reached out your hand And for a moment I stopped, looking to my past Thinking was on a road broken promises and hollow lies Never to return But when you showed me I was all wrong I know I could make it through then with you Everything then faded with my moonli
Following Dreams
Well, here i sit in Denton Tx, 100 percent satisfied with my life. I have a lot of new friends who can handle being with a Cowboy and not resent it. Im working a great job, living in a motel here in town, and just generally doing really well. I guess there is still life to live after all. My last relationship tore my heart out when it ended, but now i see it as a chapter in my life that was meant to be written. Tomorrow, on the 18'th, i celebrate 2 yrs without a drink of alchohol, im really excited about it! I'll be getting my keytag from my NA group here in Denton, and once again hold my head up with pride! Well, life has changed for me once again. The person i thought loved me turned out to be a dissapointment, so i am back where i belong in Denton, tx. I am much happier to be here then anywhere else, she actually did me a huge favor by ending things. I have reconnected with old friends already who take me for who i am, not what i can do for them. I already have a job also, my v
I work in an office where we get a lot of interns from around the country who stay for the Summer and then sometimes get hired by the end of their internship, and the number one reason I've overheard them say they are hesitant to work in Indianapolis is because of the city and lack of culture and entertainment options. Compared to some place like Chicago I can totally sympathize; however, I don't think Indy is a cultural and entertainment desert as some paint it to be. In larger and more diverse cities like Chicago, the only problem of what to do for an evening is choosing which of the 10+ options you want to pursue. In Indianapolis, it's not so easy. It seems that there are many different, smaller groups of people trying to start various culture-oriented activities and entertainment options, but they are all fledgling for the most part. The biggest difference is that in Indianapolis you have to look for or create something to do most of the time. While some people think
One Wish Damn baby Just don't understand where we went wrong I gave you my heart I gave you my soul I gave you... As a matter of fact I was the one who said I love you first It was about eight years ago, don't act like you don't know We were sittin' at home in your mama's livin' room Cause, we couldn't be alone See your mama knew I was something else, she knew how I felt Back then we were in school; and that's your favourite excuse Growin' up I was a fool; and I can't lie I'm missing you Listen and don't trip I think I need a bottle with a genie in it Here's my wish list First one, I would create a heart changing love Second one, I'll take yours and fill it all the way up Third one, but I don't need a lot of wishes cause I'll be okay if I get one If I had one wish, we would be best friends Love would never end, it would just begin If I had one wish, you would be my boo Promise to love you, trust me I'll trust you If I had one wish, we would run away Ma
Stop By And Sign My Guestbook Please
Hey I finally got my guestbook and if you all would be so nice to stop by and sign it, i would appreciate it so much and if you don't, i still love you all. thanks big dawg
i love you all "!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!! Your Name: Age: Location: 1.Favorite position: 2.Do you think I'm cute?. 3.Would you have sex with me? 4.lights on or off? 5.Would you have to be drunk? 6. Would you take a shower with me? 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 10.Condom or skin? 11.Have sex on the first date? 12.Would you kiss me during sex 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? 14.Would you use me as a booty call? 15.Can I use you as a booty call? 16.Can we take pictures of the act? 17.How long would we have sex? 18.Would you tell your friends about me? 19.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 20. Will you fill this out & send it back to me?" Also < IF YOU HAD ME ALONE, LOCKED UP IN YOUR ROOM FOR A WEEK & I HAD TO DO WHAT EVER YOU WANTED ME TO DO, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH ME? TELL ME IN MY INBOX... C
Helping Out
He's one of the sweetest guys I know. and he's in a contest. I love ya sweety :) I've known Mike in RL for about 5 yrs. he's a down to earth, honest, hard working single father and family friend. Please fan/rate/add.. show him some love. viper@ CherryTAP Pete's acct. got deleted. Please go fan, rate add,spank... Show him LOTS O LOVINS He's a sweeety and a true gentleman pokiepete ~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB FOUNDER~HONORABLE SOCIETY OF WOLVES~@ fubar
Dear Mr. President, Come take a walk with me. Let's pretend we're just two people and You're not better than me. I'd like to ask you some questions if we can speak honestly. What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street? Who do you pray for at night before you go to sleep? What do you feel when you look in the mirror? Are you proud? How do you sleep while the rest of us cry? How do you dream when a mother has no chance to say goodbye? How do you walk with your head held high? Can you even look me in the eye And tell me why? Dear Mr. President, Were you a lonely boy? Are you a lonely boy? Are you a lonely boy? How can you say No child is left behind? We're not dumb and we're not blind. They're all sitting in your cells While you pave the road to hell. What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away? And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay? I can only imagine what the first lady has to say You've c
Cool Song
3 Doors DownIt's Not My Time Music Video Codes By Music KerliWalking On Air Music Video Codes By Music
A Poem I Wrote Called Trapped Soldier Its For All The Soldiers Out There
I wrote this poem in rememberance of my favorite aunt who was like a mother to me Why do you cry little bird up in the tree so high? Is it cause your friend left you without a reason why? Your heart is broken as I can see Please, don't be sad little bird up in the tree She was my heaven on Earth my best friend Why, did it have to end? Don't worry little bird her pain is now suffering in the past Her pictures of memories will forever last Little bird dry your tears away Don't be upset cause she couldn't stay Now, I'm a lonely bird like so I didn't want to let her go I know little bird up above But always Remember she left behind her love You can find her it is so true The loving memory of her will live forever in you Now, little bird shed your happiness for all to see And open your eyes and realize she's now free For now she might be gone But her presence will live forever on and on I know you're puzzled on what to do But even though she isn't here she watche
Have you ever taken a long walk in the woods, alone, and it really helps you clear your mind, bringing you back down to reality? Well that just happened to me. I'm tired, not physical, mentally. No more ifs, ands or buts. You've heard the saying shit or get off the pot? Well, now I don't even care...I've seen the future, the fog has lifted. Green-man and I had a long talk, leaving me breathless with happiness, tranquil, serene......At peace. I can handle anything now, but it's not going to affect me. So instead of bitchin', I feel like starting anew. Bless Be All! That Mother Fucker is lying to me! He's been living with another girl, whom thinks he's going to marry her and he probably will. Yet he keeps filling me full of shit! "Oh Baby we'll be OK" He doesn't see what I see. Hell I don't want his dick in me after he's fucked her! I don't want my questions answered with questions! Trying to make me feel stupid or confused to the point of not knowing what I am angry about. He has
Heart Of Gold
Shot at 2007-07-18 My Aunt raises weinner dogs, she had 2 puppies 6 weeks old she was giving away. She gave my oldest daughter the boy puppy. Well, that night my aunt called to inform me that her 5 month old puppy was bad sick vomiting. She ask how our puppy was doing, I told her he was acting depressed, just lying around. I ask her how the sister to my pup was doing, she said she was doing fine. I told her I would keep a check to see how much he was eating and drinking. The next morning she took her 5 month old puppy to the vet and found out it had parvovirus. the vet gave her antibiotics and told her to keep forcing him to drink gatorade. I told her to call the vet back to inform him about the two 6 weeks old puppies and ask him if he would give them some antibiotics. She did and went back to pick two bottles of antibiotics. Well in the meantime I had my puppy in a kennel by himself he was drinking water on his own but he would not eat any food. He had very loose bowl m
Leaving Ct
Ok I hav sent the last blog out twice, I see who reads it, if you want to stay on my list let me know by the end of next week cus I am not fucking around anymore. Leave me a comment or a private message or just shout at me, but I am keeping track of who I hear from if I dont hear from you your gone. Sorry but I want people on my list that I talk to and give a shit, not people who just like a high friends count. Thanks to those I hav heard from your friendship means a lot to me and you will be shown that her soon. Oh and P.S. Just rating this isnt gonna cut it anyone can hit a button take the time to leave something or I will figure you dont think its worth your time and keeping you wont be worth mine. Ok for those who have sent me messages and comments I so appreciate it and value your friendship a great deal. I have had this posted for plenty of tiem now, so for those who didnt feel the need as of Monday you will no longer be on my list. Some have already been booted. So i
Darker Nsfw
I'm Not A Writer.
On the phrase.. Sounds like a trick to get rid of unwanted attention. What if two people really like eachother but follow this advice, both hoping the other would return, but both wait for the other to make the move... sounds like a heartache for pushing those you love away. Your squeals delight as your eyes dance with joy You jump and dance around as if the world had no suffering You innocently point and name all that you understand to see and say You smile and share a happy "HI" to stranger friend and family. Wandering around, it seems so random. Who you meet and how. Where and when. Any change in one would change everything, or would it. Who you chose to bring close and who to push away. Who do you forget and who do you remember.
Fluff Hospital
grieving My Aunt Fluffy died today. She was my maternal grandmother’s sister. (Technically “Great Aunt Marion”. When my mom was a little girl, Fluffy took her to the dentist. Afterwards, she bought my mom a stuffed dog, which was named Fluffy. Well my mom started calling her Fluffy instead, and it stuck.) As readers of my blog know, Fluffy had been in the hospital lately. (I’ve been trying to keep things updated in-between my computer going down. Really bad time for it to go down, because I was going to take the laptop to Fluffy so that she could see the wedding picture video that I was making. But the video got deleted, like damn near everything else, and I didn’t get to remake it or even rescan the pictures that I have. She did get to see the partly done photo album, and she got the thank you note. I got to see her just last week.) I’m sorry that my thoughts aren’t gathered. Actually, I’m not sorry. Why do I apologize when I don’t mean it? I’m not sorry at all. I’m upset and
Erotic Fiction
THIS IS A WORK OF EROTIC FICTION CREATED BY ME. A BIG THANKS TO ADIRA WHO, AS ALWAYS, HELPED ME TO CREATE THIS! And this is posted for DarkProf and his love of the corset! She strolled into the room turning heads and soliciting lustful looks. She walked in like she owned the place, because she did. The club was jumping which is the way she liked it. The music was loud and the intoxicating. She had worked for years to get DeSade's Playhouse to the nationally known fetish club that it is today. She had forgone lovers, friends and family to get her pet project to this level and now that it had obtained its status she was lonely. She is a tall, busty redhead that can spot a drunk that is losing control and a minor with a fake i.d. a mile away. Not embarrassed by her size she flaunts her large breasts by wearing corsets and short skirts to show her muscular legs. She has a penchant for stockings with seams and men. Her blue eyes can freeze an unwanted advance before it escapes the lip
Sessions W/ Nastynate420
It was a lovely day outside and the plan was to have a romantic time at the park. Well shit don't always go as planned. WE woke at bout 11 and was in the process of plannin our day. I went to the living room to light a Newport and when i came back to the bedroom she was laid across the bed with just a nightshirt on. That azz was lookin so good. I smacked it hard. "Nate must you be so rough" Yes i replied then bit her ass cheek. "MMMMmmm" was her response so i took that as a sign to do what i want.I spread her cheeks wide and ran my tongue from the tip of the ass crack all the way to her clit where i stopped and sucked on it. She exploded with a loud cry. I loved how her body jerked about as i sucked harder and put my thumb in her azz. "OOOOOhhhhh sssshhhhiiiitt Nate". I got to talkin big shit then and stood. "Bak ya ass up to the edge of this bed" She complied and assumed the position. I smacked both cheecks at the same time hard as hell. She looked back and smiled. I opened her again
A Real Man
You know a real man by the way he comes at you. Boy's want one thing, a real man wants all of you heart, mind , soul, and body. A real man treats you with the respect you deserve and in return you treat him with respect. A real man wants to be your friend not just your lover. A real man makes sure you feel like number one. A real man picks you up , when you fall down stands by your side no matter what. In return your a real woman and show him the same respect and love he is showing you. Communictaion is a very important thing in a relationship, if you don't talk to each other and learn about each other you have nothing. Your just going through motions. I know , because of past pains and mistakes people may find it hard to talk to each other and let each other know what they are about. I feel a relationship is sure to fail without this in it and in my opinion you might want to do it early on, so you know what makes a person what they are. What makes them react the way they do. Underst
Screen Madness (a Blog)
Jesus Christ. This dude in Chicago within like 5 mins of talking to me sends me his number and is telling me all this bullshit like, "you are so beautiful and let me take you out" When I know all he wants to do is get up in my shit. I sign onto yahoo and I got 10 fucking offlines from this ass clown so I delete and block him off yahoo and here. That was before he decided to flood my inbox with all kinds of crap. I didn't know that the email block feature was seperate. See back in the day, When you blocked someone on CT they weren't able to message you, rate you or anything. lol. WTFH~! This is one of the reasons why I left CherryTap in the first place cuz of psycho ass men. lol. I state for the record here. I AM SINGLE OFFICIALLY BUT I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ANY MEN. Thank you for calling. If I wanna fuck, I'll let you know. lol. Weee, I'm back. haha. I present to you Big Fucking Dork aka Big Daddy Cool. Beware of this Ass Clown lol. 1. I don't have pet
I have moved yet AGAIN! This time back to Benson, NC....with some great friends and NEWLY SINGLE...and NOT LOOKING! Just wanted to pop in and thank everyone for the comments and I'm not sure when I'll be back on...schedule conflicts and all. Hope all is well and glad that FUBAR didn't change its name in my absence, LOL. Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been on. Thanks to everyone who has left comments and messages checking up on me, I appreciate it. We had a huge virus attack our computer. Those who know me well, know we have been fighting it for some time now, well it finally completely chewed down the hard drive. I have a new one in here now and am slowly starting to regain some of the things I have lost, luckily I have saved much of my information all over the web so all I have to do is navagate and find it all again. Unfortunately, I have lost my novel I was writting and both of my children's digital baby pics from the hospital after they were born...that hurts the
My Favorite Songs
This time, taking it away I've got a problem, with me getting in the way, Not by design So I take my face and bash it into a mirror. I won't have to see the pain (bleed, bleed) This state is elevating, as the hurt turns into hating. Anticipating, all the fucked up feelings again. The hurt inside is fading This shit's gone way too far. All this time I've been waiting No I can not grieve anymore. For once inside awaking. I'm done, I'm not a whore. You've taken everything and, oh, I cannot give anymore. My mind is done with this, Okay, I've got a question. "Can I throw it all away?" Take back what's mine So I take my time, guiding the blade down the line Each cut closer to the vein (vein, vein) This state is elevating, as the hurt turns into hating. Anticipating, all the fucked up feelings again. The hurt inside is fading This shit's gone way too far. All this time I've been waiting No I can not grieve anymore. For once inside awaking. I'm done, I'm no
What Women Go Thru
When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I 'should' be. I am outspoken, opinionated and determined. I want what I want and there is nothing wrong with that! So try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty I hold within me. You won't succeed. A
No Limit
ADRENALINE MUSIC RADIO COME ROCK WITH DJ HONEYIN THE HOTTEST CT LOUNGENO LIMIT LOUNGE(CLICK PIC FOR LOUNGE) Click my pic and come hang with me (repost of original by 'The Stallion-NO LIMIT-Adrenaline Radio' on '2007-07-14 17:36:07')
Dread Favs
Your hands our drenched with blood blood not of your own a rock is laying by the porch a rock to wich you've thrown your face as white as snow your body quivers full of fear the rock to which you've thrown you have killed someone you held dear asking you what happend I can't believe what you have done you didnt mean to to do it you all thought you were having fun you didnt have your baseball so you played with a rock instead you throw it just a little to hard you hit your friend deep in her head not knowing what to do you ran and screamed with fear the rock to wich you've thwon has killed someone you held dear twisted anguish and people filled with lies broken hearts and shatterd dreams liars I despise comprimisng others for their own desires using and abusing man do I hate liars cunning little snake devouring everything in your path sick and twisted your lies will not last cuaght up in a game of cat and mouse you will eventually be devo
Do u like my new photos of nature? Do u like my nsfw photos? Have u ever had sex on the beach? Do u like it?
Helpin Friends.....
Come one come all....Stop by and help my homie out in the Sexiest eyes contest.....have a great weekend....peace all.... Hey peeps as you know I'm one to rate rate rate n you're bored and got some time on your hands stop by Absolut's page and help him break da mold and level...Happy Sunday all.... GOT A FAVOR....MY FRIEND IS SOOOO CLOSE TO ROCKSTAR...PLEASE HELP HIM OUT...HE'S A DOLL...RATE HIS PRFILE...HIS PICS...HIS STASH...HELP HELP HELP...LOL....THANK YA BUNCHES!!!...MWAHZZZZ ¥Ë¬Ósol¥ô¥ó©ø@ CherryTAP (repost of original by '¢¾Luv~Li¢¾¡©...~~2nd Alarm Hottie Member~~' on '2007-07-14 14:20:39') Aight peeps you know wut time it is...its CT Football you got spare time drop thru n leave me n my team mates a would be much appreciated:P
Wish I Was In Paradise!!!!!
I NEED DRINKS!!!!!!!!!! COME ON PEOPLE BUY ME SOME DRINKS!!! I WILL RETURN THE FAVOR! Come on people.. ive uploaded more pics!!! leave me some luv!!! COME On people!!!! leave me some love!!!!
So Hooray ~ Its OVER ...... Taylor won ! I remain Domicilary parent and her fathers visits have now been cut down by a day. Her father will now owe half of her schooling and I no longer have to communicate with my ex husbands wilda beast girlfriend. Ordered by the court Taylors father MUST communicate with me. Her father was not happy but who cares it is not about him it is about our lil girl... Unfit parent ? Me ...I think not!!!!! What a wonderful day.Iwil lfianlly get a superb nights sleep. WE continue to take Taylor to a couselor and over time hopefully things will improve with the realtionship between father and daughter. If not we shall kick ass ans take names once again Smiles Sooooooo I send sincere apologies for my continuing absence to my friends. I have been continuing the fight for my little girls safety. Dealing with OCS, Sheriffs, Juvenile Detectives, mental health professionals and counselors, to assure that no more harm comes to her from peo
Thanks To My Friends
Stranger Then Me
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I have been sitting here the last view days thinking alot of things over. My life, My place in this life, and what it is I really want from my life. Many times, over the yrs I have thought I wasn't good enough for people. I have bashed myself over the head a thousand times asking what it is about me people just didn't like and how to change it. I have self-esteem issues, who doesn't, I'm no Cindy Crawford, or any next top model. I'm a BBW. With severe body issues. I've lost over 150 lbs and still look in the mirror and see the person I was. The thing is I like who I am. I'm a great mother, a great friend, and the most passionate person about things. I am a Bitch. I wasn't always one, but life and situations have created me to be one. So, I guess to all those that want me to be something different or someone different. Tough Shit! You get what you get with me and you can either take it or leave. I'm tired of beating myself up because someone want this to change or that. I may have
Remember that saying, "It takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown."? Well, since that is true, would it be safe to say that it takes less thinking to smile and to frown? Sort of this be mad or frown, do younot have to something that caused you to feel that way.therefore it goes to say you must be thinking about it. Now with smiling, do not even have to really think about a smile ...haven't you ever sat, and all of a sudden noticed that you are smiling, even though nobody is around you at the time? Did not take any thought at all, or if it did, it did not take half as much energy and thinking of the frown someone else had caused. And to are the one resonsible for that GREAT SMILE on your face. So, when think of conserving energy.what are ya gonna do....BUT SMILE I have found that when you least look for the things you want, the quicker they come to you... Although, I found out how easily they can pass you by. This is because you are s
Horoscope Lie And Life Sucks
Viral and bacterial infections, as well as autoimmune disorders, appear to be emerging as the most frequent common thread in the etiology of Bells palsy. HERPES SIMPLEX 1 As far back as 1970, Herpes Simplex 1 was suggested as a cause of Bell's palsy (Dr. Kedar Adour). Some Bells palsy must still be designated as idiopathic, but a 1995 study (Dr. Shingo Murakami and others) points compellingly to the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) as the most frequent cause of Bell's palsy, possibly accounting for at least 60 - 70% of cases. Additional research since this study was published has been reinforcing the conclusion. Exposure to HSV-1 is common; a vast majority of the population has been exposed to it. Most people are exposed during childhood. Kissing between relatives is the most frequent source of exposure, but it may be possible that the virus is also spread while sharing towels, utensils, etc. The active virus is commonly associated with cold sores, but the virus often runs its cours
Those who seek solace in the now instead of lying peacefully in the past Seeking the demons that corrupted the innocence of love and lust A kiss to die for and a body to bury deep within the confines of darkness Bringers of death and an eternal lasting slumber, swallowing security Needing nothing but to breathe, wrapping up in slender coils of deceit Warmth seeping from the veins, heart beat slowing to an unnatural pace Flesh being consumed by the Plagues of Ancient kings, slowly The memories a breeding ground for maggots, kin to the Prince of Darkness Perilous steps, teetering on the edge of freedom, watching the life escape A pool of mirrored water reflects the true nature of the beast Blazing fires change the eyes view of the far off horizon, fading Justice no longer required for the brief survival of humanity Swirling into realms of uncertainty, slay the beast is the shout Hunger filling the bloodless body, stars and stripes nothing but ashes Poverty strikes the riche
I want to be the stars Shinning in your night skies, And I want to be the only Apple of your eyes. I want to be the moonlight Beaming upon your face, And the love arrow in your Heart never to be replaced. I want to be the snow Falling That makes your grass White, And the one you fall asleep Holding each and Every night. I want to be the leaves Hanging on your trees, And I Want to be the one You Make love with on our Knees. I want to be the sunlight Beaming in your door, And The one snuggling with you On the living room floor. I love you so deeply, I love you so much, I love the sound of your voice And the way that we touch. I love your warm smile And your kind, thoughtful way, The joy that you bring To my life every day. I love you today As I have from the start, And I'll love you forever With all of my heart. When I'm with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day. This treasure of love, I
Need Bombers
need comments plz My friend is in a contest and she is behind. Plz help her. Thnx Some friends started a bombing group. If anyone is interested in joining let me know. They need about 10 people.
Essays And Scholastic Thinking Oddly enough, I can't really think of any words that really squick me out, just from their sound alone. Meanings? Sure, some words have meaning I'd rather not think about but sound alone? Not really. A- Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing. Acarophobia- Fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching. Acerophobia- Fear of sourness. Achluophobia- Fear of darkness. Acousticophobia- Fear of noise. Acrophobia- Fear of heights. Aerophobia- Fear of drafts, air swallowing, or airbourne noxious substances. Aeroacrophobia- Fear of open high places. Aeronausiphobia- Fear of vomiting secondary to airsickness. Agateophobia- Fear of insanity. Agliophobia- Fear of pain. Agoraphobia- Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like markets. Fear of leaving a safe place. Agraphobia- Fear of sexual abuse. Agrizoophobia- Fear of wild animals. Agyrophobia- Fear of streets or crossing the street. A
Zsolt's Blog
Yeah that's true I'm a werewolf ,but not that stupid monster ,what you think ,when I say werewolf.... I have two souls ,one human.... and one wolf.... that's the reason ,why I'm a were ,and that's the reason why am I always alon.... the humans fear from me.... Yeah I know you too.... but I dont want to hurt you or someone else.... I just want to live like others.... happy ,whitout problems.... I was love with a putiful and clever gril named christine... I loved her... but she sad me: "I dont love you more... and I think I never loved you... I love Gergõ..." And she ended our romance like this... It hurts... really... becouse I love her... but she dont loves me... so that's the end of our relationship... So: by Christine!... (or maybe not?)... I was on a short holyday... but now i'back!
[17 Jul 2007 | Tuesday] NOT MISSING A SPOT.... Subject:Slowly, not missing a spot Slowly, not missing a spot let me lick down your back, all the way to your feet. Allow my teeth to bite into your meat, gently though, lLeaving very little marks, and as you arch your back, then I'm on the attack. I won't miss a spot cause I know your getting hot, and when I've tasted all of you got from behind, then its time to being in front, I'm feeling drunk from the taste of you, embrace of you and oh yes, I love How you go ooh and ahhhhh. I keep my face in you, every place of you; my tongue will probe not missing an inch, knee or elbow, your breast they heave to the touch I weave and my tongue won't miss a spot. As you lay there and I'm above you my thick strong dick wants to love you, but no i's not time, for I've Yet to lick the clit that hides between your thighs. "spread open your thighs" are the words you hear and as you do I see your pussy cheer, with a rush of
My Needs
I must say...I am not terribly disgruntled, however a bit disappointed. If I post a Mumm, I will go to every single person site that votes or comments and I will rate/fan them at least, and if I enjoyed their comment, I'll even add them. Most of the time, they all come back and give the same treatment. Mummers, you rule. Random people in blasts, tickers, or just scroll across my screen in some random order....I'll hit them with a rate/fanning and an add, some come back, most do not. Shame on you. Loungers - They are the worst for returning anything. I'll rape them, show them mad love, and all they do is expect the friend request, come on people. Your not that lazy are you? I have only a handful that have come back and done the same, out of the 100 or so I've hit. I am Fan to 4260 people. I have 2828 fans. What a ratio. If your going to someones page, and you just rate them, something wrong with your fan button. The way I see, shit I'm already here....might as well hit
Hmm, yeah, yeah Baby, please try to forgive me Stay here don't put out the glow Hold me now don't bother if every minute it makes me weaker You can save me from the man that I've become, oh yeah Lookin' back on the things I've done I was tryin' to be someone I played my part, kept you in the dark Now let me show you the shape of my heart Sadness is beautiful loneliness that's tragical So heal me I can't win this war, oh no Touch me now don't bother if every second it makes me weaker You can save me from the man I've become Lookin' back on the things I've done I was tryin' to be someone I played my part, kept you in the dark Now let me show you the shape of my heart I'm here with my confession Got nothing to hide no more I don't know where to start But to show you the shape of my heart I'm lookin' back on things I've done I never wanna play the same old part I'll keep you in the dark Now let me show you the shape of my heart Lookin' back on the thing
Poems I Like
i think im in love shes the only one who makes me wanna stop bein a thug, but i cant cuz its all in my blood, day in day out her name is in my mouth, when i sleep i dream about her all nite long. i dont know what to do im lost in her eyes like da first time i held a 9, when i make her mad it reminds me of my first drive by my first gang fight the day i lost a friend who was there with me during any fights that i had, shes my my boo ill drop this blue rag for you and a 22 u might think this is true but it really aint ill be found anywhere from da grove to south east and E D so holla at yo boy maybe one day i really will feel this way beer beer what a wonderful drink da more i drink the better i sleep,it might make your breath stink, it could give u gas, but still i have this lovely sayin, beer beer what a wonderful drink the more i drink the better i sleep what tru friendz whats that or you just out of your mind lyke that old nigga on the corner sipping jack tru friendz are hard to fin
I am so high. I can hear heaven. I am so high. I can hear heaven. Oh but heaven, no heaven dont hear me. And they say that a hero can save us. Im not gonna stand here and wait. I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles. Watch as we all fly away. Someone told me love will ALL save us. But how can that be, look what love gave us. A world full of killing, and blood-spilling That world never came. And they say that a hero can save us. Im not gonna stand here and wait. I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles. Watch as we all fly away. Now that the world isnt ending, its love that Im sending to you. It isnt the love of a hero, and thats why I fear it wont do. And they say that a hero can save us. Im not gonna stand here and wait. I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles. Watch as we all fly away. And they're watching us (Watching Us) And they're watching us (Watching Us) As we all fly away.yeahaahh...ooouuhh(#3X) Is it me or do these lyrics seem
You are the eruption of orchids that lights a dark night. Or the lyrical kiss of blue a de Kooning brushstroke brings to life. You are the sudden breeze that cools a hot day, and the soothing sound of a running stream. You are a waterfall, a rainbow, a four-leafed clover. You are a snowflake, a quill, and the joy behind a child's laughter. You are a caryatid, a shooting star, a widow's mite. A hope, a pearl, and a nymph in a forest of satyrs. You are a white sapphire amidst the grains of sand on the River Seine. You are a valentine long forgotten in the secret drawer of an antique chest. You are an ivory and onyx cameo that once graced Cleopatra's neck. You are anise, a Darjeeling garden, and carnelian light. You are a huckleberry, a Jasmine flower, and licorice spice. As absolute as the heavens; as infinite as the Universe. Celestial is your beauty. Mesmerizing is your gaze. An ancient duenna from a far away place. And you have voya
Faint Poetry
I wake up in the morning and try to go through my day. I have a few laughs. Talk to a few People. But behind all of the smiles and the chatting, no one knows what I really think about. Most of the time I worry. About small little issues that have no meaning. Like whats going to happen 5 min. from now. Or if I forgot to turn the lights off in my car.I worry alot. Then sometimes I think about what the future holds for me and the people around me. Like if something is going to happen to someone I care about... Or if a friend is going to get married , or tell me someone wonderful news about there life. So then further I think What wonderful news do I have to share with my friends. Just seems like there life is going so well and mine is crashing to the ground.. So you wonder if people make there life sound good on purpose so they feel less sorrow.Because they know theres isnt any better thank yours. Obiously my mind wanders quite often. But everytime lay my head on my pillow one thought sc
Tainted Love
I got bored...I am glad to see they finally did something about the fake pics!!!! Look forward to getting to know you all again!! xoxox Tainted Tail of the Dragon, Deals Gap NC 318 Curves in 11 Miles I had an awesome time!!!
ok family members here are the contest we got going so plz hit them up. one of these contest is our allies so plz show them some love to. cuz they help us out on contest when we ask.well here you have fun i will see yall soon. our family friends our family member our friend (only needs to get to 75000 to win) ok have fun ok family members i need yalls help on this plz. this is one of our family members so lets go show him our support. plz come and help him out.
Cry Of The Moon
Hey, guys hows it going? Thanks for your reviews. Jess Mariano I do not own, I just love his character, and Milo! Hes sooooo hot! Lol Okay okay! I just think Jess and Casey would make a good couple and would make Derek really jealous, but that won't happen yet. Chapter Three The new kid The next day Casey woke up in a good mood and got ready for school. Today she decided to dress a little bit more daring than what she wears every other day. She walked over to her closet and looked through her clothes and spotted a pink tank top that fitted her curves and a pair of hip hugger jeans. She put the clothes on and looked at her appearance in the mirror and she liked it and warmed up the curling iron to curl her hair. When she was finished her hair was a wavy sheet down her back and she grabbed her bag and headed downstairs. “Good morning Sweetie.” Nora greeted. “How about some breakfast before you go?” “No thanks mom, I'm gonna get going and I'll grab an apple,” Casey fo
Sipher's Blog
i want to thank all of you that showed so much warmth,love and good ol' friendship... right when i was SURE the online comunities of old were surely dead, here comes Cherry Tap :) love you guys, you kicketh ass :) check this out :) , i was involved with ken burn's world premiere last night of his new documentary "the war" at the old theatre where i work, i had to move some WWII artifacts from a bank to the theatre and other lovely tasks, and i got to meet and talk with him, the whole evening was very cool, but that's not really what i'm posting about, so please dont think i'm just bragging etc for the type of work i do i meet a lot of celebs and high profile people, and i rarely ever really talk about it outside of work, but check this out, i grabbed one of the programs to take home and one for my step dad who was in WWII, and i just so happened to open it up to chapter 5 i think it was, and guess what the title was??? FUBAR !!!!!! lol, i coud'nt believe it :) i thought that was
Slave To My Addiction
KELLY CLARKSON LYRICS "Addicted" It's like you're a drug It's like you're a demon I can't face down It's like I'm stuck It's like I'm running from you all the time And I know I let you have all the power It's like the only company I seek is misery all around It's like you're a leech Sucking the life from me It's like I can't breathe Without you inside of me And I know I let you have all the power And I realize I'm never gonna quit you over time It's like I can't breathe It's like I can't see anything Nothing but you I'm addicted to you It's like I can't think Without you interrupting me In my thoughts In my dreams You've taken over me It's like I'm not me It's like I'm not me It's like I'm lost It's like I'm giving up slowly It's like you're a ghost that's haunting me Leave me alone And I know these voices in my head Are mine alone And I know I'll never change my ways If I don't give you up now It's like I can't breathe It's like I can't see
Sometimes I just don't understand. I'm not trying to go crazy getting points or anything, it's not that big a deal, but I thought posting Mumm's would be fun to do. So I posted one Mumm that was meaningful and one that was silly. Well people started rating the silly one and leaving the most awful comments! They were like rabid wolves because I posted something silly. Like I'm the only one that does this? I have a huge problem with people who come down on someone just because they don't like something. If they don't like my MuMM, they don't have to post on it or vote on it. I've made some nice friends on here and yes I have people on my friends list I haven't talked to but that's part of the fun of Fubar, at least in my opinion. When you are online, God forbid you offend anyone in a community cause you're going to get flamed. The whole thing just ticks me off and I see so many silly Mumm's out there. Like what's your favorite reality show and stuff like that. So I ask if people prefer
Female Ejaculation
Hi, I hope you like my blog. You can search me on google if you like to find more. I am single, compose music as a hobby and am 36 years old. I was born in California and have a Jersey attitude. Yes, my personality is feisty and dominant due to the fact my ____ has so much ____ building up, even as you read this. However, the oxymoron is that in reality I am an old-fashioned, country-type gal who just is wild about cybersex!! It is safe, legal, and no one gets a broken heart. My flair is to free the body and to laugh as much as possible in an often busy and sometimes not-so-fun world. If it is not fun around us, people like us make fun contagious. I think you get my point. In "real" life I like a submissive male and am totally monogamous. Sincerely, Joy  IS one of funniest ADULT blogs with erotica and a flair for appreciation of the arts ! IF your workplace & home appreciates "adult" humor that is not blatent porn, is fun for everyo
Religion Articles
Advent has rolled around again. Once again this year I am forced to endure the same tired messages and sermons that I hear every year at advent. They all go something along the lines of “We are a people waiting alone in darkness and fear…” or “Don’t rush advent, wait for the coming savior …” or my all time favorite, “Naughty, naughty, you are commercializing Christmas!” Let’s look at the facts. No one is waiting for anything except the next holiday sale at Sears, Target, or wherever. We only fear nothing from our shopping season and we most certainly rush-rush-rush, the same way we do for every event the rest of the year. Christmas is already so commercial that there is not one thing that anyone could do to make it more so. After all, Christmas items went on sale roughly at the time of Halloween. So what is it that I propose that we do to change the world? Simply stated, we do nothing. The world is much the same now as it was over 2,000 years ago. People are coming and going, s
Forbidden Love
My Valentine Bathing in the light of a midnight moon. A soft picnic blanket is our cocoon. The metamorphosis has begun. As you and I, become one. The limits of love are endless Grandiose and noblesse Every moment a new plateau Emulating that first hello. Venturing to places never before seen. Dining on loves delicious cuisine. Unlimited courses for which to devour. Enabling the birth of passions flower. In the heat of passion, our bodies engage. A placid meadow is our stage. We let go of all inhibitions, Forever chasing love’s intuitions Melting together like warm ice cream. ‘Neath the lucent lunar beam. To you my heart, I do resign My one and only Valentine Colors splashed upon a canvas Expounding rhyme and reason The paintbrush tells a story Of love, trust and treason A flux of emotions spread abroad Fusing hues of green and teal Blueprinting a love gone wrong Phantasmagoric and surreal Falling tears of cobalt blue Emblazone
In each state the Liquor laws are different... What state are you in and when do the bars close? We're in Connecticut;1am Sun-Thurs and 2am Friday and Saturday. Hello friends....let this guy see your pics and he tries to threaten you with them. Personally I don't care otherwise they wouldn't be posted...but some of you may (and our x-rated photos are copywritten lol) here's the conversation: Fu-Love to All!!! moo: i will still give you credit moo: can i? moo: since it is "copyrighted" moo: can i put them in my fubar folder. i am asking for permission moo: hehe ->moo: whateva moo: well thats ok, i got them all now anyways!..lmao moo: shux no more access to the photos, you said it would be available til 10 moo: and you wanted to do a salute photo for me? moo: ok, is the only site, or do you have other sites, and do you sell vidoes online moo: a salute photo ->moo: this is our site...1st thing YOU need to do is get a salute photo moo: listen, i am jok
This And That
fill this out cuz you know you want to! LOL y = yes n = no m = maybe WOULD YOU... [_] give me your number? (_ _ _) _ _ _- _ _ _ _ [_] kiss me? [_] let me kiss you? [_] want to get in my pants? [_] watch a movie with me? [_] take me out to dinner? [_] let me drive you somewhere [_] cut some rug with me? [_] take a shower with me? [_] have sex with me? [_] have a fling with me? [_] let me buy you a drink? [_] buy me a drink? [_] take me home for the night? [_] let me sleep in your bed? [_] Sing car karaoke w/ me? [_] re-post this for me to answer your questions? [_] give me a piggyback ride? [_] Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere [_] Lock me in your room and take advantage of me? [_] lick my cheek? [_] dance with me? [_] let me make you breakfast? [_] help me with homework? [_] tickle me to death? [_] let me tickle you? [_] stick up for me if i was being put down? [_] play strip poker with me? [_] get waste
The Dollar Bill Life
you sprung into my life and left an imprint that could never be erased no matter how much effort was put forth with just the thought of your smile in my thoughts was all i ever needed and wanted but to have you on my thoughts was all I ever endured just to see you and feel you with every warm touching embrace was enough to last a lifetime but even after the second it stops I wanted and craved for more to search for you took a lifetime to keep you in that reach it only took a stretch to keep you was a journey but well worth the steps to walk forward it was all bout making you feel you were need n wanted and all I ever thought was that you were just enough but when it came down to it you all I ever wanted n needed you completed every vision that I ever thought was possible and every wanted and dream of coming true you like that tatto with that everlasting imprint on my heart so ceptable to be broken but easy to mend just with a smile and a love you you made my eve
A mother was working in the kitchen listening to her 5-year-old son playing with his new electric train in the living room. She heard the train stop and her son saying, "All of you sons of bitches who want off, get the hell off now.. cause this is the last stop! And all of you sons of bitches who are getting on, get your asses on the train...cause we're going down the tracks." The horrified mother went in and told her son, "We don't use that kind of language in this house. Now I want you to go to your room and you are to stay there for TWO HOURS. When you come out, you may play with your train...but I want you to use nice language. Two hours later, the boy came out of the bedroom and resume playing with his train. Soon the train stopped and the mother heard her son say... "All passengers, please remember your things, thank you and hope your trip was a pleasant one. We hope you will ride with us again soon." She heard her little darling continue..."For those of you just boardin
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¢¾ A child is poisoned by household cleaners every 30 seconds in the US.... ¢¾ Regular shampoos often contain formaldehyde as a preservative ¢¾ Since 1980 asthma has increased by 600% ¢¾ Common household products have been identified as triggers of asthma ¢¾ A 15-year study found that women who worked at home had a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women who had jobs outside the home. ¢¾ Manufacturers ARE NOT REQUIRED to list the exact ingredients on a label ¢¾ Chemical names are often disguised by using "trade names", so you may not recognize the chemical for what it truly is ¢¾ A women's fertility has also been negatively affected by the increase use of chemicals. In 1934 only 21 cases of endometriosis existed in the entire world. Today over 5 million women have this condition, which causes infertility in the US alone. WHY SHOULD WE WORRY ABOUT TOXIC HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS? ¢¾ According to the EPA, most homes have airborne concentrations of hazardous chemicals that
Alright everyone.....I really need your help. I need to get 15,000 comments in a month. That's it, if I do that, I get a 1 month VIP....and believe me - I will certainly be visiting all of you with it because I know there are lots of pics and stuff I have not rated.....I answer the calls for help when sent out, and now I am asking all of you - my friends, family, and DSC Crew to visit the link below and comment - even a few help! A BIG lovin thank you to all who have visited so far and left comments....YOU ROCK! A DAD'S STORY - A good story (please take the time to read) On July 22nd I was in route to Washington , DC , for a business trip. It was all so very ordinary, until we landed in Denver for a plane change. As I collected my belongings from the overhead bin, an announcement was made for Mr. Lloyd Glenn to see the United Customer Service Representative immediately. I thought nothing of it until I reached the door to leave the plane and I heard a gentleman ask
Sorry People
ok people i hate to say this but here goes, my computer crashed and i lost everything. so if u had an ID request im not goin to be able to do it, sorry. i lost the software and all my templates. i get my computer back tomorrow, but i wont have the ID stuff for a little while. when i get it ill post bulletins and blogs letting u know. thanx everyone and have a great day. ok people i hate to say this but here goes, my computer crashed and i lost everything. so if u had an ID request im not goin to be able to do it, sorry. i lost the software and all my templates. i get my computer back tomorrow, but i wont have the ID stuff for a little while. when i get it ill post bulletins and blogs letting u know. thanx everyone and have a great day. ok people i hate to say this but here goes, my computer crashed and i lost everything. so if u had an ID request im not goin to be able to do it, sorry. i lost the software and all my templates. i get my computer back tomorrow, but i wont have the ID
Libra You are so popular, you have your choice of hotties. You can easily charm anyone of your choosing, and you often come home with someone you picked up at the bar. Despite your forward and extraverted nature, you are usually submissive in bed. You like your partner to take the lead and show you all of their little secrets. Sex matches: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius Take this quiz at joanne's sexual nickname: "Milk shop" Take this quiz at Hey I need answers from you men...why do you throw away a good woman? I mean someone who is great in bed...can keep a clean home, good looking, easy to talk to,gets along with 99% of the people she meets, drop us. Why? I met this really awsome man and everything was great but..he seem to think he needed to still talk to girls under 25 years of age and he is 41. He tells me he loves me and wants a life with me bnut in the same line, he says these girls are
Life And Things!
apparently i fucked something up somewhere... i thought i had found the man of my dreams.. only to find out... he can hurt me just like everyone else... right now my heart is empty... seems like everyone i meet is the wrong one... instead of the right one... i sit here in tears right now wondering where i went wrong... or what i even did wrong... for once i was myself... i was smiling.. and actually happy... i had something to look foward too... a reason to wake up... a reason to smile... and its gone.. just like warning no nothing.. my heart aches so bad because i fell again without guard.... i wish i would have listened when i was told to keep it up... i am told i was emotionally unstable... i believe it true... but i have went through so much in life...and i try to be happy with myself and be confident but once i get that way.. i am slammed down on my face again... i can say... i give up..... on it all....... Recently things has been going on with me that no
Alzheimer's Disease
While scientists know Alzheimer’s disease involves progressive brain cell failure, they have not yet identified any single reason why cells fail. However, they have identified certain risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s. Risk factors Age The greatest known risk factor for Alzheimer’s is increasing age. Most individuals with the disease are 65 or older. The likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s doubles about every five years after age 65. After age 85, the risk reaches nearly 50 percent. Family history Another risk factor is family history. Research has shown that those who have a parent, brother or sister, or child with Alzheimer’s are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. The risk increases if more than one family member has the illness. When diseases tend to run in families, either heredity (genetics) or environmental factors or both may play a role. Genetics (heredity) Scientists know genes are involved in Alzheimer’s. There are two ca
"Big Girls Don't Cry" Da Da Da Da The smell of your skin lingers on me now You're probably on your flight back to your home town I need some shelter of my own protection baby To be with myself and center, clarity Peace, Serenity [CHORUS:] I hope you know, I hope you know That this has nothing to do with you It's personal, myself and I We've got some straightenin' out to do And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket But I've got to get a move on with my life It's time to be a big girl now And big girls don't cry Don't cry Don't cry Don't cry The path that I'm walking I must go alone I must take the baby steps 'til I'm full grown, full grown Fairytales don't always have a happy ending, do they? And I foresee the dark ahead if I stay [CHORUS] Like the little school mate in the school yard We'll play jacks and uno cards I'll be your best friend and you'll be my Valentine Yes you can hold my hand if you want to 'Cause I want to hold yours
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I was just asked by a friend to help out this Lady: So now, I'm asking you all to; Please click onto her photo & show her some LUV, too. Thanks! Can someone please tell me WHY I have ONLY 22 RATES on the contest that I am in, and I have: 95 FRIENDS 178 Fans 103 Fan of ??????????????????????????????????? OK, If I have upset folks, please let me know! This is NOT drama, I can promise you that... it's just a simple question!!! If you have an additional 20 seconds, please rate the photo below. Thank you, ------------------------------------- PS: Just rate the Photo -- NO COMMENTS!!!! Heya All Time Again My VIP Ran Out And Working Towards Getting Another One!! Lady Gray Is Offering Me One In A Give Away! :D For 10,000 Comments/Rates Combination (Rates Are 10 Points Each) Can You Help Me Get As Many Rates As Possible.. Faster That Way lol Here Is My Link Thank You SOOO Much For All Your Love And Time!! XXXXX
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Please come and sign my guestbook, nice to see people from the world leave me a message. Thanks Iain
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This is my note to you.... To tell you how I feel about you... Yr my everything.... I can't stand to be without you... Every time that I dream... You're face is all I see... (I HOPE YOU FEEL THE SAME) Cuz I can't see.... (YOU WITHOUT ME) (YOU WITHOUT ME) As I dream of you and me... I wonder if yr worth it... (I KNOW YR FUCKING WORTH IT) As I lay alone here tonight... I'll still dream.. (THAT YOU WERE CLOSE TO ME) (CLOSE TO ME) (CLOSE TO ME) I don't sleep... I dream of everything.. That you.... (MEAN TO ME) (THAT YOU MEAN TO ME) (THAT YOU MEAN TO ME) As I dream of everything... All I want... Is you here close to me... (CLOSE TO ME) (YR MY EVERYTHING) (I'LL STILL DREAM) Cuz right now yr not close to me... (BUT SOON YOU WILL BE) (YOU WILL BE) (YOU WILL BE) And you'll make all of my dreams... (COME TRUE!) "If she could just walk away, It would ease all this pain, but she's right there in Front of me. She has my heart in her hand. I'll
The Doggpound
Well it's a new day. It's my first day off and I would be lying if I said I had been looking foreward to it. I have been working a lot so it's easy to not think about things when your mind is busy on other things. Today there is nothing else to think about. Today is the day I pack for my move. A move I am looking foreward to only I am not looking foreward to sorting through things that belonged to us. Decideing what has too much sentimental value to take with me. Then I have to decide if I should take her needs into consideration or do I just look out for me. Why are these thing never easy? Yesterday was a great day and I am going to take the positivity and serenity that I have from the last two days and see how far they can carry me through this task. I am optimistic about this, I am making a fresh start and it looks very promising. I don't plan on this taking long, I am going to do it fast and not look back. I am going to do this and I am going to think back and laugh, b
Something For Everyone
I took all the naughty pictures away. Tired of being looked at for only that, so if you are angry over this, delete me from your friends list, its my body to do with what i wish . If you cannot handle that then hit the road. I will not sweat it. Like me for me. Which is more than a nude pic or drawing. When we were reviewing 10 of the best online resources for free books, we had a LOT of readers chime in with their own favorites as well. Thank you for all your helpful contributions! In fact, we had so many suggestions, we have enough to compile a huge list from them, so here they are in no particular order: ManyBooks - Free eBooks for your PDA, iPod, or eBook reader - Thanks Tony Bryan & abben BookCrossing - Where real books are released into the wild to be found by others - Thanks Engtech LibraryElf - The perfect companion to a public library system - Thanks Engtech Scribd - Open library to publish and discover documents online - Thanks CincauHangus Word Public Library -
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S • A • G • I • T • T • A • R • I • U • S. The Sexy One Spontaneous. Horny. Freak in Bed. Great when found. Loves being in long relationships. The one. So much love to give. Not one to mess with. Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone They meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet. Most caring person you will ever meet! (This was from some survey post earlier, it's pretty damn accurate to me! Hehe) I'm just getting home. I stopped on the way home for some food cause I remembered that I hadn't really eaten all that much today. As I was sitting in line at the drive-thru, it dawned on me. I need to buy stock in Del Taco. So do all of you. I live at Del Taco. I have them sometimes before work. Usually at work. And, almost always after work on my way home. I freggin' live in Del Taco! So ... go out, buy some stock in the company and see what happens. I know as long as I am alive, they will be getting a good portion of profits from me. It's sad really. To the
Borderline Personality Disorder Raising questions, finding answers Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious mental illness characterized by pervasive instability in moods, interpersonal relationships, self-image, and behavior. This instability often disrupts family and work life, long-term planning, and the individual's sense of self-identity. Originally thought to be at the "borderline" of psychosis, people with BPD suffer from a disorder of emotion regulation. While less well known than schizophrenia or bipolar disorder (manic-depressive illness), BPD is more common, affecting 2 percent of adults, mostly young women.1 There is a high rate of self-injury without suicide intent, as well as a significant rate of suicide attempts and completed suicide in severe cases.2,3 Patients often need extensive mental health services, and account for 20 percent of psychiatric hospitalizations.4 Yet, with help, many improve over time and are eventually able to lead productive live
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Bang.... Soldiers shake as they look at their blood soaked hands and uniform Bang.... Filled with rage and pain they race their wounded to aid Bang.... His screams and wounds will haunt us all Bang.... A soldier kneels by a pair of boots with dog tag and a rifle estanding between them Bang.... A family is in shambles Bang.... He did what was right and has no regrets Bang.... He fought for your freedom and for mine Bang.... He stood his ground and refused to back down Bang.... He stood tall, he stood proud Bang.... Without fear he was willing to give it all Bang.... the blood of a patriot has been spilled Bang.... The bombs of Iraq have taken a life back Bang.... a mother is given a folded flag Bang.... Her son died young Bang.... As she cries it rains tears from the skies Bang.... A father knowen to be brave and tough broke down to his knees, this was just too much Bang.... To die at 20 is much to young Bang.... now w
My First Contest
he still cant get it right. but this is way of making women feel sorry for him. like hottymom42. who is going to be with him and he is a convicted child molester. lives in a camper in the back yard of his mommys place, yes he is 35 years old and still lives with mommy.his own mom kicked him out of the house so his niece and her girlfriend could have his room. guess u call that motherly love.. and he cant get a job because of his background. he tried to get on at a strip joint lol. Illinois Child Sex Offender Child Sex Offender Information Name: FRED H AUBUSCHON Date of Birth: 2/24/1972 Height: 5 ft. 10 in. Weight: 175 lbs. Sex: M Race: U Address: 123 SCHOOL FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, IL 62208 Sexual Predator Crime Information Victim was 10 years of age Offender was 25 at the time of the offense Crimes: FAILURE TO REPORT CHANGE OF ADDRESS CHILD SEX OFFENDER/RES
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In Flanders Fields - a poem by Dr. John McCrae In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie, In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields. In Flanders Fields - a poem by Dr. John McCrae Dr. John McCrae (1872-1918) First publication date: 1915 A poem can stir all of the senses, and the subject matter of a poem can range from being funny to being sad. We hope that you liked this poem and the sentiments in the words of In Flanders Fields by Dr. John McCrae you will find even more poem lyrics by this famous author
I saw Peter O'Toole recently on The Tonight Show and he said the best thing ever: "The only exercise I take is going to the funerals of friends how took exercise." Every generalization is dangerous, especially this one. Man was made at the end of a week's work when God was tired. Only kings, editors and people with tapeworm have the right to use the editorial "we". Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. I have never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting. Like the measles, love is most dangerous when it comes late in life. Lord Byron The best time to make friends is before you need them. Ethel Barrymore The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Walt Disney
i am singel 37 iam loocking fore that speacil somone i lick full figerd weman 25 40 if you are interested let me know i am singel and looking i am 37 looking fore a full figerd woman betwen 25 and 40 if interested cheak me out hay i am looking for new frinds if intrestead cheak me out
I am going to be leaving my husband. I am not sure how I truly feel about this because I have tried to keep myself busy day and night which (as been easy since I have been working day and night. I just don't want to come home to someone who acts like all the want from me is some loving and video games. I want someone who will be happy to see me and want to spend time with me. I feel awful. I have been sick for a while now and it really sucks. I wish I could go to sleep and wake up and it would be gone. I have been sick for 2 weeks now and have been getting testing but haven't found anything out yet and still have a lot more testing to do. I am going to have my birthday soon I hope I am not sick then. I worried something really bad is wrong with me. Wish me luck if you read this. How do I get a tee shirt for fubar or an old one for cherrytap? Help please :)
I Am Zoyablue!!..and You Are.........
well in a previous blog i told you about a ex of mine who would not leave me alone who was abusive to me as well as my son and that i had filed a ppo and 3 days later he violated that ppo MONDAY IS THE DAY HE ANSWERS TO THE JUDGE he has to tell the judge why he violated that as well as his probation i am going to try my best to make sure he goes to jail i need to get on with my life and i cant fully do that if he is lurcking in the shadows some where he really scares me and i want to protect other woman and their children from him as well as myself and my son WISH ME LUCK i will let you all know what happened later that day ~BLESSED BE~ ZOYA*BLUE~MYSTIC*MOON I just got my mail today i got a letter from my fiancee and he told me that HE GOT HIS PAROLE he will be home october 23, 2007 I AM SOOOO HAPPY I CANT WAIT!!!!! I like this guy ALOT and i thought he liked me too due to the fact that he asked me to be his girl. well i have been trying to get ahold of him all day and
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Scared +*~*+*~*+ I was scared to speak to you, I was scared to meet you, I was scared to look back into your eyes, I was scared to lay with you holding me, I was scare to feel your lips against mine, I was scared to let you touch me, I was scared to touch you back, I was scared to let you inside of me, I was scared to sleep next to you, Now I'm just scared that I'll end up loving you.... and I don't want to! I miss You somewhere you've been hurt, now you're just lost in the darkness, feel like you've been knocked in the dirt, nothing inside but sadness and loneliness, you're looking to fill that void you miss, a love lost and placed with emptiness, hurt inside that noone sees, looking for love on your knees, you are looking for love in all the wrong ways, lustful nights and lonely days, misconstreud as a whore in so many ways, noone can see what's really going on, they say that they want you and then they are gone. I can't explain wha
Another Chance
My first attempt to make a vid
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My How Time Fly...... He Was Just 7yrs. Old In The Pic Above..... And Now He Is 10yrs. Old.... Happy Birthday My Spoiled Baby...... Mommie Loves You...... MySpace Comments & MySpace Layouts HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND....TRY NOT TO DRINK TOO MUCH!! MySpace Graphics & MySpace Layouts Hot Myspace Comments

lol....Some would be upset about getting lost in a state unfimilar to them but I just think it is stir funny. For the simple fact that my map locator thing in my brand new car I bought got me lost. Then I bought a map and tried to use it and I was hopeless..but so far I am liking Missouri. And the person I am trying to see knows I have problems with technology. lol he laughs at my issues with technology. I think it is too funny because I just woke up and thought I was in Little Rock still. And I asked for directions five times, I think a old guy got a stiff one from looking at me in my skirt and my bikini top. Of course it was a short skirt and you could see my butt almost. lol, he should not have been looking.... I do not know.. Baby if you read this I am sorry for getting lost. I have decided to travel although I know some would have a fit. I am going to MO for a little bit. I do not know where but I will be leaving in an hour. I cannot wait. So this has been one adventure. JC I
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Hi's an updated list of the American Family members: Officers~ _________________________________________________ americangryl~leader of the American Family americangrylsman~co-leader of the American Family ndnunicorn~secretary of the American Family nightwolf~head of security of the American Family and the Hot Spot Lounge _________________________________________________ Members~ the captain bitchyfem roadie69 slj768 sweetcheeks wings tiggerinked rolls5278 spfldfella bear469247 longarm vTTv xxxdogg2000 blackwidow starrisky silverstreaklee sassy girl americanprincess35 michelle henryetta_bbw_hunny tat2dtaurus73 scofield9 **Please make sure you get everyone added** Thanks Here are the leadership spots that are open right now. We have bombsquad leader, co-leader of the bombsquad,Lt of the bombsquad, recruter. There willbe more coming up as we grow. So if you want one of these plz leave a comment, or if you want to apoint som
A Glimpse At Happiness
Are the reason I wake each morning, because I get to see you sleeping so soundly and peacefully in my arms which makes feel there is no world outside of our love...:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Make my hart soar like an eagle in the sky Are the one who makes me feel like I can do anything even when I see no possibilities in site. Show me that love does actually exists after all else continues to disappoint. Tell me that everything will be okay when I have a bad day and/or nothing seems to go right. Bring out the creative side in me like asking me to write for you and draw you how I see you. Help me to imagine new ways to think of myself, life and how I can express my love. Prove to me that I have something to live for. Smile at me so that I now that nothing can bother you when you are by my side. Glide your fingernails through the hairs on my chest as we lay drifting off to sleep and then hold me tight all night as t
I lay still for a while, my breath slowing from a frantic panting as I gulped air into my lungs, waiting for my breathing to slow & my heart to stop racing. Idly, I stare at the ceiling when a thought occurred to me - what would have happened if she hadn't of been bound, gagged & blindfolded? Although I am incredulous that such a simple technique could cause such an extreme reaction, another thought followed swiftly after: if I was left dripping wet from our encounter - was she? Sitting upright, I relish the possibilities of this thought & then scramble around her so I am sat, cross-legged in front of her. My excitement mounting again as my eyes roamed her body, drinking in as much of her as possible, feeling my clit grow hot & achingly erect. Only vaguely aware that I held my breath, I reach forward & slowly part her shaven lips with my fingers, exposing her dripping hole, glistening in the lights. As I watch, she utters a low moan & her delicate flesh throbbed rythmically. Upon s
cant wait till agust 26th gona go see combichrist then cant wait till sep 6th get to se msi woot woot just thinking alot of things been going on latly like started talking to some one that fucking kicks ass thats a good thing that hapend lol and then a bad thing is a friend and i got druged the other day none nether one of us remember shit i got to put new brakes on my car another good thing is i go on vacation next week woot woot im happy i need it work has been killing me glad i can get away for a week lol and been thinking about some things out side of all that just standing in a state of confuseion right now but ill let you all go for now lol later DJ Faust
in loving ray and all our angles
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Add Kingdom of Wolves or K.O.W. to your heading send a friend request after doing so if you care to be a Comment Bomber you will also have 100% backing in Contests that you might enter.I will then add u to reg.Family upon doing this I will return for your link for membership blog. an allow u to seach my pic's for your Wolf I have other animals as well for Morphs.Hope to see you. Thank You Blogs Kingdom of Wolves Care to Show Some Love,See if you have what it takes to be a Bomber for The Kingdom of Wolves.Drop atleast 50-100 comments right now. Here is her Picture Link Click will take u right in.Ty. Didn't that Feel Awesome? The Unity + Loyalty of a Pack.A Devine Bombing Exsperiance,A little Something to take your Mind off all them Troubles,Worries that bother you on a Daily Basis.Join The Kingdom of Wolves for Great Friendships,a True Bonding with many Possible Friends just like you.Almost like a Support Group. A Pack
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Now i don't know if anyone listened but i had some fun. Now im off the "air" so to speak. But, check me out tomorrow im probably going to how ever start at 8am instead of 7am i just dont know. PEACE!!!! Check out my profile and vote on my survey. The question is should people move in with each other before they get married? Check out my broadcast now!!! on my profile or click here...Wesley's Morning Crunch Leave me comments or questions or something
8th In Line, A 4-parter
As the hot water washes over the three of us, our hands wander. I can feel yours on my back and Sarah's running over my chest. Closing my eyes, I bask in the pleasure of four female hands caressing my skin. Once you have thoroughly scrubbed every inch of my body (seems a certain six inches got most of the attention), you and I turn our attention to our guest. We switch positions so that you are in front of her and I am behind. As the two of you share a deep tender kiss, I gently massage Sarah's shoulders and neck, working my way down her back, my soapy fingers both cleansing her skin and relieving all tension. Slowly I work my way back to her shoulders and then work first one arm then the other. At the same time you have washed and kneaded her from neck to waist, spending extra time and attention on what we have learned are an almost perfect set of 36C breasts. Rinsing them off, you lean down and suck one erect nipple between your lips, biting it gently, and you pinch and tweak the
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Soldiers Request © By Rae L. Stowe-Paurich I don't request forgiveness for the generation lines I broke for my country. I don't request peace and love for all Americans. I don't request the memories of my fallen comrades. I don't request pity for the time I lost with my children. Nor do I request that dreams come true. Terrorism is not our down fall, but the lack of our own preparation as a nation. I do request that we stop trying to find blame in anyone but ourselves. The past has shown preparation is the key not blame. I simply request that one and all show the ones they love how to survive, without depending on someone else to sacrifice their lives before yours. Dedication to our soldiers.Add to My Profile | More Videos AMERICAN SOLDIERS Rate You fight for my freedom and protect my future from any who try to destroy it, You watch out for me while I sleep in the night, You are always putting your life on the line, whenever some terrorist tries to mess with my
That Special Someone
why are some people not as they appear? it really aggervates me. they say they want to be with you than when they see thqat you are a true person they run from you. i at least know who all my real friends are! there are angels among us that no one ever pays attention too. they come in all shapes and sizes. they come when u need them most. and sometimes they are your friends. so pay attention to the people that are there for you. you probly call them your true friends. those are the people who are special. ones that will do anything for you at any moment and time. have a great day! just a thought to think about. there's always that one person you love with all your heart! you have doubts and questions and what ifs about this person. the truth of the matter is all those what ifs dont matter. because if god put them in your life trust him that hes gona take this person all the way with you. have faith that its meant to be and it will be!
A NEW DAY Current mood: cheerful well today its alil cooler and alil better i am finally on afternoons i cant belive i have been here almost 3 months already and i am doing great i have a good job and a man that i am proud of MUAHZ BABY today is also my brothers birthday HAPPY BDAY BRO my daughter starts school in 2 weeks i cant belive its that time already that means winter is upon us wow i cant belive that where the hell did my summer go oh yeah work work work sleep sleep work lol its alright though i have my own place and i am happy i coudl be happier but its all good i have to go monday to get finger prints for my job i love it i taek care of people and get paid for it now i need a man that can take care of me LOL JK i dont want a man totake care of me i want a man that will stand beside me and i think i may have found one MUAHZ BABY i just want to thank my friends and family for standing beside me while i moved and worked on myself and i now feel s
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I lost a friend this week. "You know how it goes: The piano comes in after a couple of light drum beats—two measures, only four notes apiece, played with such a deft touch, laconically, but not lazily, as if the player is so confident, he can wait until the last second before touching the keyboard. It's a moment of subtle genius, wherein the player's skill is so natural you are fooled into thinking it's easy, like when an outfielder waits for the last instant to open his glove to catch a routine fly ball. It is _______, of course, manning that piano, and upon hearing that song, it doesn't take long to realize ________ gift was anything but routine, everyday or normal. In other hands, the opening eight notes would have been pretty, catchy and suitable but not special. But in his exceptional hands, those notes become extraordinary. Those notes butt up against that infinitesimally microscopic border between artfully timed and dragging behind the beat. Those notes provide the musical
Okay, so I have a job now and I work back in the place I use to, and I love it, and now I have been there a month and they are already giving me a cooking position, it is awesome, and I now have another tattoo and I also got my eyebrow pierced. I am just chilling, still single, and it is awesome, I can't complain......I am alright right now I started smoking on the best and it is helping with my back pain.....So well that is all I got for now....Pceace David So I never sleep hardly anymore, I always find myself staying up as late as I can, I mean I get off work at 10pm anyway so it don't matter I can sleep till like 2pm anyway, but I never want to sleep, I never try to sleep.......I know I need it but I just am scared to.......But that I can't help, I try not to, I only sleep good when someone else is there, and than again I still don't sleep good, only ONE time did I sleep and not worry or have nightmares, and I wish I could cuddle and fall asleep with that woman EVERY night...But I
Anything Goes
Bowing down before my Pagan god, worshipping the ground he walked upon. Late is the hour I wash his feet, as he lay his weary head back against the seat. I gaze into his eyes and see his eternal soul. Wishing that someday he realize I am his whole. The love we'd share would be the greatest in the land. Side by side, hand in hand. My Pagan god by my side at last. Our reign would be vast. My hands begin to tremble as he gazes down upon me. I ponder, "does he hear me?" My heart beating fiercely in my chest, pounding under my breast. My breathe becomes quicker when I realize that he is holding me in his hand. He pulls me up and I begin to stand. I close my eyes and tremble at the thought. For with my cheating heart I had been caught. He looked into my eyes and saw there was no remorse. For my love for him had shown it's course. Deeper then any ocean or sea. My love was deep within me. Now standing in front of him, my eyes cast aside. My love for hi
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If you like to help others win comment bombing contests and you like to enter them yourself, maybe joining a bomber family is right for you...Here is the link to the family bomber page I started. Go check it out, read the main page please and if you are interested in joining, send a friend request to the page saying 'I want to join'... FU-Bombers@ fubar I am entering a contest that Ms. Dallas is hosting. Not sure when it will start. She has to get enough ppl to enter but she didn't say how many. It will probably be in the next week. But this is one of those where you will have to add her as a friend to be able to get to the folder to bomb the contest pic. So here is a link to her profile. If you could, go to her page, rate her and send her a friend request and just put a quick note in your friend request that it is to bomb in her contest. *MsDallas© ~Founder Of The Gotti Family~@ fubar Here is the link to the new bomber family page I started. If you want to be a part of it, check th
Falling In Love Quotes
This one is also for my baby! Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common-sense. I didn't know I was looking for love until I found you. If I know what love is, it is because of you. If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't like you. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you. If I didn't love you, I wouldn't miss you. But I did, I do, and I will. This one is for my baby! You know you truly love someone when everyday you meet is like the first time you fall in love. I'm afraid to love afraid to love so fast, because every time I fall in love it never seems to last. The moment I looked in your eyes I fell in love. Every time I look I fall in love again. I've looked so many times, and have gathered so much love. I have so much to carry with me I don't know what to do It takes a life time to find someone, but only a moment to fall in love. In your absence my heart grows stronger. In your presence I fall in love
I Promise
JUGGALO CREED as written by Rev. Last Rite... I am a Juggalo... I am an individual guided by Light... I know who I am and who I want to be. I recognize that the path to Shangri La requires an open mind... I shall not judge. I am part of a Family... I shall Love my Family as I would my blood. I shall do my Family no harm as I know what is done to others shall surely be done to me... I shall strive to honor my Family and not disgrace their name... I am a Ninja... I have no Fear. I do not Fear the unknown fore I embrace the wonders of the world around me and the differences in others. I shall meet adversity head on fore I am a Survivor. Nothing can stop my Shine. I am Human... I recognize my flaws. I shall strive to change the things I can control and seek strength for the things I cannot. I shall cherish the teachings of my ancestors and the Family who have fallen before me I have Love
What a freaking addicting game... given how it is just pachinko on steroids. Enough... quiting now. Time to go to the store and get fixins for BBQ this afternoon. Ribeye steaks, white corn, garlic/cheese bread, strawberry shortcake. Gonna make a few killer steaks... marinated only in Dave's insanity sauce. Five bites and you're done... hey, sounds like a good weight loss program. Mark These seem to be the key vehicle to getting ahead in the FUBAR world. But what's with investing 15 minutes of time and only THEN having it tell you that you're suddenly not qualified to participate in the survey? Clearly if you don't use the product they are sponsoring, you may get "disqualified." I've been steered now to Tylenol, Buick and some unknown citrus soda... never used these product... never (ever) will. So I get DQ'd? Stupid. I've worked in marketing... you don't go far if you only listen to folks who use your products. You excel when you listen to those who don't.
I thought you knew me but it seems you never did I tried to find you in the castle where you hid I took the pictures that you ruined from my wall No one remembered me I was right after all I am the villain to you You are the princess to me And I got you where I want you Let love bring you to your knees If I can not have you, darling, no one will This fairy tale is ending, this fairy tale is ending REST IN PIECES I am the hero to you You are the villain to me I jumped a building or two To write this love story I was the prince that every dame was looking for But you gave your love to every jester at your door Well I always knew that you would end up stepping out But that's what this cannon aimed at you is all about I am the villain to you You are the princess to me And I got you where I want you Let love bring you to your knees If I can not have you, darling, no one will This fairy tale is ending, this fairy tale is ending REST IN PIECES I am t
News For All
Just wanted to let everyone know that I hadn't been online since early Friday because I went to the E.R. Friday morning and was in there for four hours. I wasn't able to get online again til today, I have been too sick. The Dr. said I have a bad virus that is just as bad as the flu but doesn't last as long. He put me on 3 different types of meds and said I needed to do a nasal irrigator to help rid my body and sinuses of this infection. So If I am not online to answer and email, comment or message, I am sorry but I am not feeling well at all. Thanks for understanding everyone. Take care Brenda News for all. As of Monday I will not be online much. I have been overloaded with alot lately and the internet will be shut off on Monday. If you want me to contact after that day, leave me a phone number to reach you at. That way I can still call after that day. I am planning on getting a regular cell phone that day instead of the prepaid one I have at this time. Just want
Video Life
So this is me and one of my best friends, Kaleb (ie Faking Insanity on here) during his little detour to come see me after his cruise (that bastard got free booze and cabo wabo tequila.) Anywho, here's us shootin pool, and suckin at it (well, I was at least) and just bein weird like usual! And just so y'all know, I found my way to where I was going, turns out the road I was on turned INTO Pecos Rd, so I was good to go!! Leave some love, let me know if ya liked it! *kisses* ~Sinful
i dont understand im going out of my way to rate peoples contest and their stash and pics and yes i get a little help it just dont seem like im getting anywhere im still in the 400,000's please stop in and rate my new stash im adding more and more a littlle at a time show me the love i show you for those of you who havent stopped by my page and dropped some rates i invite you to do so its happy hour i will gladly return the rates ask anyone im true to my word for some reason i cant get my photo bucket to work i been trying to get it work for 2 days now anyone have any suggestions for me i have lots of stash to put up
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Lyns World
hi everyone of my Friends hows things withyou I'm OK hear I'm leaning to put my life back together how do some of you cope with the sorrows of life for me one day at a time live for today as tomorrow is promised to no-one I've met a lot of nice people on hear some not so nice you win you loose some so if anyone likes to chat feel free i like meeting nice people please feelfree to sigh my guest book love linny Gairfield my favorite cat he-he. hi all hope you are well . as itleaves me . it is spring hear .which i love life is good life is bad. we have to have both .to get though the pain we grow stronger everyday just rember never let anyone make you cry real freinds or partners wont. so be happy with you thats all that matters you .got to go to work take care lyn . I'm a friendly person love chatting to new people be happy with yourself it is unimportant I'm still learning that had a lot of good and bad in my life one day at a time live for today as tomorrow is promised t
The 1st Affair > A married man was having an affair with his > secretary. > > One day they went to her place and made love all > afternoon. > Exhausted, they fell asleep and woke up at 8 PM. > > The man hurriedly dressed and told his lover to > take his shoes > outside and rub them in the grass and dirt. > > He put on his shoes and drove home. > > "Where have you been?" his wife demanded. > > "I can't lie to you," he replied, > > "I'm having an affair with my secretary. We had sex > all > afternoon." > > She looked down at his shoes and said: > > "You lying bastard! > > "You've been playing golf!" > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > The 2nd Affair > > > > A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters > but always > talked about having a son. > > They decided to try one last time for the son they > always > wanted. > > The wife got
Kevin, my son of 14 years, was just being himself, a Autistic boy, who just wanted to go to school. Tried to be a big boy, and go himself... Was struck by two SUV's, crossing the road. And passed away at 12:05pm that day. He'll always be in my heart and in my thoughts... God Bless him, cause I miss him so... I love you and miss you Kevin, my son... Daddy Well its been almost a month, here... I've made allot of new friends!! Sending me love, telling me "Have a Great Weekend" I am... Friends are easier to find now that the internet is here... 20 years ago.. It was singles bars, and parties. Feeling out of place, and trust me.. I'm shy... And have been rejected allot... But it seems thats not the case here... Because, you can show a side of you, that you can't sow in a singles bar, or a friends party, well you can... But getting cought is a whole another story...LOL But I've chatted to women here on fubar, that if they met me, in a place like that, they wouldn't give me the ti
Love Of My Life!
Walk With Me by Felony Sinn Walk with me down winding roads Tree lined paths and trails unknown Walk with me and hold my hand Walk with me in sea soaked sand Hear my whisper in your ear A hushed breath, a gentle tear Hear the song of mourning doves Hear my cries of whispered love Tell me of your wildest dreams All the things you’ve never seen Tell me of our life to come Tell me of our unborn son Name the things you hold most dear The wants, desires that you hold near Name a place you want to go Name to me your deepest woe Write to me of love so sweet From your heart – dig down deep Write to me a song I know Write to me in sweetest prose Hold me close and don’t let go Your love is what I want to know Hold my heart within yours dear Hold me now, pull me near Feel me now our bodies twined Two become one, a single mind Feel my body, taste my soul Feel the love that makes us whole It occurred to me a little while ago that I met my boyfriend onlin
“I AM A WITCH” RIBBON CAMPAIGN FOR 2007 “I Am A Witch” When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me “WITCH”. When I stand up for those I love, they call me “WITCH”. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts, or do things my own way, they call me “WITCH”. Being a “WITCH” entails raising my children to be strong people, who have a solid sense of responsibility, who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, who love and respect themselves for the beautiful beings they are. Being a “WITCH” means that I am free to be the wonderful creature I am, with all my own intricacies, contradictions, quirks and beauty. Being a “WITCH” means I won’t compromise what’s in my heart. It means I live my life my way. It means I won’t allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak up against it, I am defined as a “WITCH”. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone else’s maid or when I act selfish.
.."relationship Tips"
How To Dance In The Rain It was a busy morning, about 8:30, when an elderlygentleman in his 80s, arrived to have stitches removedfrom his thumb. He said he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at9:00 am. I took his vital signs and had him take a seat, knowing it would be over an hour before someone would to able to see him. I saw him looking at his watch and decided, since I was not busy with another patient, I would evaluate his wound. On exam, it was wellhealed, so I talked to one of the doctors, got the needed supplies to remove his sutures and redress his wound. While taking care of his wound, I asked him if he had another doctor's appointment thismorning, as he was in such a hurry. The gentleman told me no, that he needed to go to the nursing home to eat breakfast with his wife. I inquired as to her health. He told me that she had been there for awhile and that she was a victim of Alzheimer's Disease. As we talked, I asked if she would be upset if he was a bit late. He replied
You Might Be A Redneck If...
To order Beauticontrol products, Go to, Find a consultant, My consultant number is 1269309, Id number 98505, Cristen Peery, Tazewell, VA. Check Out Cristen Peery's Blogs on MYSPACE! Celebrity Look Alikes! Who do you think? Please, Be Nice! LOL! Hello!, To all my friends at FUBAR, I am selling Beauticontrol skin care and make-up for extra Christmas cash. I do use the products and enjoy them greatly. Go to my Beauticontrol page to check out products, for women and men, and every age. my e-mail is Go to and use Cristen J. Peery for consultant to order. Thank You for all your help! I appreciate you all! Sincerely, Cristen
My Day
Well what a day Im of those days you take for granted..thinking just another day at work..just a normal day in everyday life..then something happens. I get a call..someone very dear to my heart is deathly ill..someone very young..this is so extremely heartbreaking to me and it makes me think..and appreciate...what moments I have ..those everyday moments I consider mundane..are special in everyway. Whew..anyways..enough..let those in your life..KNOW that they are special to you! Well the weekend...came and went just as fast. I actually was able to start my weekend off early...was finished with work by 2:30 on Friday..but its been a whirlwind since. Met a new friend Friday..had some fun. Saturday... had to run lots of errands..and get everything ready..I held an adult toy party at the full of women..and was a fun evening. My best gal..Kacey came...we had a blast...catching up and all. Lord shes a firecracker..and when we get together..yeah! We had
For The Women Interested In More Then Frienship
1.) Someone who will love me for me and who I am. I mean truly love me and not be using my heart... 2.) Someone 20 or older (23 and up is better but being reasonable with 20) A women that is more mature & not into playing games. I don't care much for a person that just wants to toy with my heart and feelings only playing head games... 3.) Someone not focused on material things I mean if your focused on what type job so to know If can buy you fancy things. To me thats just shallow. 4.) Someone willing to communicate and work on a relationship. Rather then pointing a finger of blame at each other, lets try talk and communicate issues we may have... 5.) Someone not into dating me just to use me for benefits... (nothing against friends with benefits) But I don't want someone whom is only interested in using me and when there done tossing me away like used toilet paper. 6.) Someone whom knows what she wants and knows how to go for it. Preferably wanting something seriou
Clearing Up A Few Things...
La Mafia Family
Common Sense
Are you aware of the thoughts that are detrimental to your health, your relationships and your achievements?Do you know how to create the life you desire?We all have this amazing center of power - “Our Mind” - to use to create the good life we desire.Most people do not know how to use it wisely.This is why for some people life is a real struggle, while for others life flows smoothly. Why do you think this is?Everything in life starts with Thought!Negative; contaminating; destructive; weak and scattered thinking produces negative results...While positive; uplifting; contributory thinking produces peaceful, positive solutions and outcomes...When you can control and direct your thoughts, then you will be able to control your circumstances.Are you in control of your mind or is your mind controlling you?To be the master of our own mind is the first spiritual law. Everyone seems to be concerned about what they put into their material house, how they decorate it and who they enter
Colors: Gray, green, gold, yellow Symbols: All grains, breads, threshing tools, athame Date: Occurs 1/4 of a year after Beltaine. True astrological point is 15 degrees Leo, but tradition has set August 1st as the day it is typically celebrated. Since the Ancients Celts passed their days from sundown to sundown, the celebration would usually begin the night before on July 31st. The turning of the wheel now brings us to Lughnasadh (LOO-nus-uh), also known by its medieval Christian name of Lammas, named in honor of the Celtic god Lugh, a name which means “light” or “shining.” Although somewhat confusing, we are not celebrating the death of Lugh (the God of light does not mythically die until the autumn equinox), but rather the funeral games that Lugh hosted to commemorate the death of his foster mother, Taillte. In Ireland, Lugnasadh is often called the "Tailltean Games". A common feature of the games were the "Tailltean marriages", rather informal and lasting only a year and a
Life How Fast It Flys
WEN I WAS LIL I HAD NO 1 . NOW THAT I HAVE ME BABYS I WISH I CAN SOME HOWE REDEW MY YEARS.I WANT 2 BEABLE RASE MY EYEBROW AND SAY LOOK IM A GREAT DAD.IM NOT JUST SOME THUG I SIT ALONE MY DREAM MY LIFE MY SOUL MY BREATH MY AIR NOTHING CAN STAND BETWEEN ME AND MY LIL SOLDIERS im a devorsed dad with kids some times i feel like i dont do enough i pay 5oo a week never late 4 them i dont care about money why is is that i feel so empty is becouse i dont have them every min are am i failing as a dad AS A LAY ME HEAD 2 SLEEP I WAKE IN A SWEAT WOUNDERING IF IT WAS REAL LOOSING ANOTHER CHILD CANT DO THIS AGAIN GOD TAKE ME NIGHT MARES
Ink Blots
I hate the feeling you get when you think people don’t actually want to talk to you. The feeling like you’re just annoying them. I constantly worry that I am in the way, bothering, or annoying people. It is a feeling that persistently torments me. Another never-ending battle with me is the awkwardness of always feeling out of place. No matter whom I’m with or where I am, I never feel like I belong. I continuously observe social situations from the outside, only offering my input when I feel I have something important or intelligent to offer to the conversation. I wish for once I could just feel like I belong and that I am truly wanted. I crave for the feeling of acceptance and ease. Yet, those feeling seem far out of my grasp. Almost like a wonderlust, things that I will never experience. I am just use to having my feelings jerked around. My emotions fucked dry of any meaning. As I stand naked, exposed, baring all, my emotions spread out like playing cards. Nowhere to run o
My Words
life is what we give and put into it they say in the end all the pieces to the puzzle will fit what if a piece of the puzzle gets lost in the game so many people want the puzzle to be completed with fame that could be the piece of the puzzle that gets lost maybe you decided to give up and that was the piece you tossed in life you cant loose faith or let it become to low you must live life day by day and go with the flow dont give up on your dreams and in the end the puzzle will fit like i said, life is what we give and put into it EVERY LITTLE GIRLS DREAM what is the meaning of life? every little girls dream is to grow up and be the perfect wife. what if thats not the way they want to live, but they have undivided love that they will give? every little girls dream is to grow up and have a family of their own, but what if their mind changes when they are grown? every little girls dream is to grow up and have a baby, but what happens when the doctor tells t
Alone With Despair
you treat me as though you need me when really we all know its just lies- lies, lies: lies; lies. i will fall for it every time just to warn myself. have you ever been so low, that you have to reach up to touch bottom.............. Alone Alone to cry Alone to laugh Alone to smile Alone to frown Alone to live Alone to die Alone to wander Alone to discover Alone to learn Alone to live Alone in pain Alone in hurt Alone in joy Alone in the morning Alone in the night Alone in the afternoon Alone in this life Alone in this world Alone in boredom Alone in knowledge Alone in this state Alone with people Alone at work Alone right now Alone when I was born And alone when I will die Alone walking through life Without any pride How can you be satisfied Living your life like you do When you know there is some one out there Who could really use a friend like you No one will know how I live No one will know who I am No one
Support Out Troops
Marines come in all shapes, shades, weights, sizes and states of sobriety, misery, and confusion. He is sly as a fox, has the nerve of a dope addict, the stories of an old sailor, the sincerity of a politician and the subtly of Mt. Saint Helens. He is extremely irresistible, totally irrational and completely indestructible. A Marine is a Marine all his life. He is a magical creature. You can kick him out of your house, but not out of your heart. You can take him off your mailing list, but not off your mind. They are found everywhere. In love, in battle, in lust, in trouble, in debt, in bars... and behind them. No one can write so seldom and yet think so much of you. No one else can get so much enjoyment out of a letter or clean clothes or a six pack. A Marine is a genius with a deck of cards. A millionaire without a cent and brave without a grain of sense. He is the PROTECTOR OF AMERICA, with the latest copy of Playboy in his back pocket. When he wants something it's usually 30
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This is a riot!! Make sure you scroll down to the Map after you read the joke! Watch for little American Man to walk across the Map. An American is having breakfast, in Paris, one morning (coffee, croissants, bread, butter and jam) when a Frenchman, chewing bubble-gum, sits down next to him. The American ignores the Frenchman who, nevertheless, starts a conversation. Frenchman: "You American folk eat the whole bread??" American (in a bad mood): "Of course." Frenchman: (after blowing a huge bubble) "We don't. In France, we only eat what's inside. The crusts we collect in a container, recycle it, transform them into croissants and sell them to the states." The Frenchman has a smirk on his face. The American listens in silence. The Frenchman persists: "Do you eat jelly with the bread??" American: "Of Course." Frenchman: (cracking his bubble-gum between his teeth and chuckling). "We don't. In France we eat fresh fruit for breakfast, then we put all the p
So where to begin...... well all in all the ride hasnt been to bumpy. As far as finding my true love or Mr. Right hasnt happened and dont expect it will. lol And long ago I knew that the chance of such things are slim to nil. But I am happy to accept that. And I think I have met a few people I hope I can truly call friends, I`ve met people I can call online buddys, and then there`s the people I am far better off not knowing at all. And the fact that they have to go day to day living a lie because they dont like who they are is really sad. Because they tend to dwell on the weaknesses,and vulnerabilities of others. And its sad that they can live with themselves and continue to live the lie that is their world. I really dont see the need to lie and deceive other people, but then again I consider myself to be an honest,realistic,mature woman who has a conscience. And a heart that can not be so cold. Is a shame people feel they have to live life as a fake or phonie. I mean really what is ac
is something else happening today then remebering this shit damn guilty we are all so stop bothering me UTzone-Sound5.uax-Redeemer(Sound) uploaded by zns_desire
Nsfw Crap-since I Can't Put In My Stash..
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? But have you ever seen anything like the anger and vengeance of a cheated on wife? We haven't either. They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But this wife prefers her revenge dished up in a furious and public shaming of the woman her husband strayed with. Wonder what punishment she has in mind for her errant husband? Hope she's not planning to do a Lorena Bobbitt job on him. That would be soooore. copy, cut and paste. I got 20 out of 20. There was a chicken and a horse playing together on a farm one day. The horse fell into a mud pit and yelled to the chicken to run to the house and get the farmer. The chicken ran to the house and the farmer was nowhere to be found. So, it got into the farmer's BMW and pulled the horse out with it. The next day the chicken and the horse were playing on the farm again. This time the chicken fell into the m
My Salute
Ok...this is a first for me on Fubar....actual video footage of a very drunk Syn, singing karaoke love songs, and believe me when I say drunk cuz I would never attempt this sober lol. So, for your viewing pleasure, love it or laugh your ass off to it, here is your man Syn singing, or atleast making a valiant drunken effort to, a song by Billy Ray Cyrus called "Somebody New". And since I know the other party involved in the video will have sumptin smart to say about it, let it be known that this person cried like a baby lmaoo! Gawd, I can be so romantic sometimes hehe! Could stay lonely to myself but I dontCould leave you to yourself but I wontBecause right now where I am atWhere I should've been right off the batIs a place I know so devineThat heart of yours is also mineTried so hard to be my babyI made it hard, how did you break me?A two letter word, a four letter emotionPut together and now you have devotionEverything you wanted, all that you've askedWas probably
Over the past week, I've been hunting down all of the 35mm hardcopy photographs of Mou's and my life together. Found a lot - not just times Mou and I had, but times as well that Mou and her ex-husband and her family had as well - Scottish line dancing, trips to see her sisters and parents; school reunion pictures; child hood pictures, trips all over the world; so much more. Incredible contrast. Mou went to Europe and Russia many times, did the tourista thing as a student and later with her ex-husband. So did Mou and her family. Me and Mou? Hard to put into words. I showed Mou another side of life; camping, roughing it - the simple pleasures in life that had nothing to do with high society(?) I literally was/am her mountain man, showing and sharing with her a side of life that she'd never experienced before, which she deeply enjoyed - more, as she shared with me many times, than the times she'd had with her family and Andy doing the upper-class tourista bit. Rememberin
"Why is it that everytime I think im over you I just fall for you all over again when i see a picture of you or think of you. Maybe its becuz I think about you constantly and cant seem to shake these feelings from my heart. My heart is broken into a million pieces but with every little broken piece I still love you so much. Will this hurt ever go away? I just keep tripping over my heart and all the feelings I have bottled up inside for you. I look so happy on the outside but on the inside im dying. I just want for you to talk to me. How do I stop crying when the one guy who can help me to stop crying is the one whos making me cry in the first place??" My heart is Torn in so many directions, I think I love him but I just dont know, Why is love and life so complicated? It plays mind tricks on you everyday, Pulling you here and pushing you there, Not letting you get a thought in edgewise, It wont let you stop to think things through, It throws one thing after another at
Forgotten But Not Gone...
feeling so sick,so desperate paper or plastic? no more as i sit and procrastinate,i masturbate she use to be my lover,she use to be my friend... i thought she was gone for good ,but now she's back again... the good times were great,but the bad left evil feelings and heartache... if i wasnt such a romantis hopeful i'd give her what she deserves another mouthful...(hehe) all i wanted was to fucking love, you fucked me.....forgot to love she as you will never be who i thought i was suppose to have with me... you....rippped my heart out while giving me wonder i feel half dead...,yyyyyyy,did iiiiii, ever fkn listen to uuuuuuu?,you make me sick you fkn BITCH,i love youuuuu,dont do this to me,dont not do this i deserve aahhhhhhh i deserve you....dont i?yyyyyyy i cant but yet i do....ffuuucckkkk mmmeeeee.yyyyyyyyyy,im so deep in the shallow end.never left because i couldnt begin,i just couldnt control you made me feel so big,so small,so fkn fuck you i love you 2!!!
The Truth Hurts Doesn't It?
Scottie and I would like to thank Craig for the beautiful wedding he performed for us. I also want to thank My sister Dangerous for being there. Love yahs! And I also thank Fae and WhiskeyRiver and those who attended. We are happy to have you all as part of our family! As the ceremony was wonderful so were the wonderful words that Craig wrote for us for the speech and prayer.... Lots of fu-love to Craig!! 'Good evening and welcome to the ceremony that will unite Scott and Fu-Scotties Sweet N Sassy in Fubar marriage. We gather here today to celebrate their union, and to honor their commitment to not just gazing at one another, but to looking outward together in the same direction. Today Scott and Fu-Scotties Sweet N Sassy proclaime thier love to the Fubar world, and we rejoice with and for them.' 'In marriage, we give ourselves freely and generously into the hands of the one we love, and in doing so, each of us receives the love and trust of the other as our most precious gif
Just More Pain........
What's real? This? Heck no.... There are a few people who really care but there are few. The rest are players and really don't matter anyway. They like to toy with your emotions, making believe they really care until they tire of you and move on. So what... Did I fall for the game? I guess I did. I am one of the many, the fallen who just quit caring as I once did. My wall of protection has once again been reassembled so I don't have to feel anymore. Am I now cold? No... I still love and hurt but I just refuse to let it get to me anymore. Sometimes I feel I am cold and empty but who really cares? You? When was the last time you called just to share yourself and not because you thought I was in a emotional termoil? I don't need therapy!!! I need good trustworthy friends who really care for me as much as I do for them. I know I am not fooling anyone.. My heart is still in the same place no matter how hard I try to cover up or deny. I still cry.... but alas I digress ....
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Every 14th of February you get the chance to display your fondness for your wife or girlfriend by showering her with gifts, flowers, dinner,shows and any other baubles that women find romantic. Secretly...guys feel left out. That's right...left out. There's no special holiday for the ladies to show their appreciation for the men in their life. Men as a whole are either too proud or just too embarrassed to admit it. This is why a new holiday has been created. March 20th is now officially 'Steak, Blow job & Shut the Fuck Up Day.' Simple, effective and self-explanatory...this holiday has been created so your ladies can have a day to show your man just how much you love him. No cards, no flowers, no special nights on the town the name of the holiday explains it all...just a steak, a BJ & shut your mouth for the rest of the day! That's it! This twin pairing of Valentine's Day and Steak, Blow job & Shut the Fuck Up Day will usher in a new age of love as men everywhere will try T
A psychological thriller about a man who is sometimes controlled by his murder-and-mayhem-loving alter ego. Great movie... More then just whats on top... .... Check it out .... A marksman (Wahlberg) living in exile is coaxed back into action after learning of a plot to kill the president. Ultimately double-crossed and framed for the attempt, he goes on the run to track the real killer and find out who exactly set him up, and why. .... Smart Movie,And some intuitive ways to save your life. .... Check it out .... After a drug-op gone bad, Joey Gazelle is put in charge of disposing the gun that shot a dirty cop. But things go wrong for Joey after the neighbor kid stole the gun and used it to shoot his abusive father. Now Joey has to find the kid and the gun before the police and the mob find them first. ..... Check it out ..... "More then meets the eye"
I Luv My Baby
Learn to apreciate the sway of life Like moving water it never stays the same It can pull you under without proper warning While the current can push you away You never stay in the same place As you pass by a familar bend Don't always assume it will go the same way Because part of the sway Is knowing you never know My father once explained it as a man and women are standing from different vantage points and no matter where you stand you will never see it from the same perspective as a women. I am not sure if it is chemistry or what but there is a reason why the older you get the less you know about women as a whole. I strongly feel they hold far too much power over men. Only a women can have you higher then high only to slam you back to earth the same day. Maybe it's because men live life with logic and strategy while women are all over the place using nothing more the emotion. All I know at this point is always expect the unexpected and try not to
Last night I stepped down from SER Management and Dj'ing. I think that is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Everyone was very supportive of my reasons, and thankfully it is that way...I had a few ppl that thought I was doing it for attention...but what the hell let ppl think what they want, I love my SER family and will still support them, I just needed to do this for my own personal health..sometimes it is so easy to get wrapped up in the Drama on Fubar you forget to take care of what matters most. Everyone takes things on this site to seriously sometimes and forgets that it is an escape. I started to do that and it caused me some serious health problems. So by stepping back from everything I was doing I am hoping to just get back to what I joined this site for and maybe even get some of my passion back for other things... Death looms over all.........sometimes it is closer than anyone really thinks.......whether it is the fact that I have no meds to take or wha
Me Again
Libra is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac, all the others representing either humans or animals. Many modern astrologers regard it as the most desirable of zodiacal types because it represents the zenith of the year, the high point of the seasons, when the harvest of all the hard work of the spring is reaped. There is a mellowness and sense of relaxation in the air as mankind enjoys the last of the summer sun and the fruits of his toil. Librans too are among the most civilized of the twelve zodiacal characters and are often good looking. They have elegance, charm and good taste, are naturally kind, very gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony (both in music and social living) and the pleasures that these bring. They have good critical faculty and are able to stand back and look impartially at matters which call for an impartial judgment to be made on them. But they do not tolerate argument from anyone who challenges their opinions, for once they have reached a conclusion, its tru

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