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Need Your Votes
Hi Everybody , I'm in need of your votes for Band Photo Contest If you could Please Help bomb these's two photos the Links below .Thank you for your help and get your friends to vote to . Thanks Metal Marty }:)>
Dirty Songs
Clarence Carter - Strokin'Music Code provided by Song2Play.Com
Love Sux!
I dont know what to do anymore, I try and I try...Just when I think I found love it turns around and smacks me in the face... Love drives you crazy and mad, Love makes you do stupid things for stupid reasons...all in the name of love, know what FUCK YOU LOVE! If I could Id beat your ass down for all the pain and shit you have caused me I would...and what do I have to prove for what you've done to me? Absolutely Fucking Nothing! dont get me wrong I dont blame you for all my problems I am also to blame...I have many imperfections, Jealousy is my big one....and Trust...I trust too damn much! I give up on love once again.... Music Video:LONELY DAY (by System Of A Down)LOVE SUX
New Things
just playin around an took some pics.. stop in an let me know what u think..
What The Hell
this whole cherrytap shit makes no sence at all
New Pics
pics are up plz comment thxs
Colorado Snow
John Denver sang a song about the snow here...but personally, I'm a little tired of it. I don't mind a little bit of snow, but we've had snow every week for six weeks now, and well, frankly, I'm ready for summer! After growing up in the deep south and college in LA(that's Lower Alabama for y'all yankees:), I was ready for a little winter, but I'm thinking maybe a move to the desert would be nice right about now! When does summer start? Check out some fun pics of our snow in my photo album!
Life In Reality
I`m an open girl who does not keep things from people. Well I thought I was that girl. Its going to crush this person if I say any thing. I think this person knows what I`m keeping inside. A lot of people in my life think that set of feels was over with. Its never been over with. I wounder what life would have been like if I took path 2 and not 1. Old feelings and thoughts fade over time or do they? All never know cuz it never tells me shit. I want new not old. I was ment to be in his and her life for a reason. I know the reason why I`m in her life. But I dont know the reason why I`m in his. So much on the mind its making me crazy
I Dont Know What The Fuck This Is But Ok We Have To Start Somwhere..
The Play Write
The Play Write In iambic pentameter written verse Came a play write who did rehearse Of kings and nobles and deeds of hate To the masses he spoke and they did relate Of innocents who did pay the price For others who lived of earthly vice Death did stalk the soul who prays He became famous through his plays Poor Capulet and Montague in suicide Of Desdemona the moors pure bride Of the Danes losses and brooding despair Of horror through pride beyond compare Tragedy and pain through deception He understood hates plot in conception Lies and half truths that spun contempt In his mind immortal stories he dreamt Now his name lives on and to all so clear There was only one William Shakespeare By R. Thomas Dinsmore
My aunt has a morph pic entered in to a contest and we need as many votes as we can get .... so click on the pic below and vote vote vote!!!!..Thanx
Cordial Thoughts From Myles Shaffer (they Do Happen Now And Then.)
I really must be more careful on those rare occasions when I feel like posting a blog and can think of anything worth saying in it! The second blog I posted yesterday was suppose to have gone in here. After all, that is why I created this, so I would have a place to separate nice blogs from the angry ones. Thanks for your support, Batman. You are a great friend, and I'm happy that you are a part of my life, both here, in the industry, and in the real world. (We still need to work out something about me appearing on your KSEX show some time. Between the two of us, I'm certain we could come up with something to talk about that might interest a few people other than you and I, and maybe Monica. By the way, tell Monica that I said hello and that I miss her.) Kimmie and Sara, even though I have never met either of you in person, I do thank you for your support. And, while we have not met in person, I do consider you both to be very good friends, and I would love to someday be
Imortal Love
An epic story of immortal love Sweet perfection blessed from above An unending saga of souls so joined A love for the ages the term is coined For selfless desire to hold one true Such is the love I hold only for you To be a joy in the moment we behold To love without care that can’t be sold Or bought from a spell binder in ways of old Ours will always be a epic love story told Of two who love free and forever share This sweet dream of perfection beyond compare By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Freak's Blog
How goes it everyone?? I don't do this often, but I am bored n just want to type. I'm enjoying being w/ my man, our children, and our animals, in our new place!! Life is good.. For now.. Hopefully it lasts a lot longer!
I Am This Girl
Message: I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she's sleepy, but because she wants to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than inside your bedroom or in an expensive resturant... I'm the girl who says,"ok, but you owe me..." jokingly not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you... I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like, I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms... I'm the girl who never forgets the all sweet little things you do for me... I'm the girl who never gives up hope even when I tell others I have... I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. And even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you. I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss... I'm the girl who you can talk to you about anything... I'm the girl who laughs at
This Is Sooo Wrong.. And Messed Up
there is a script some new members are using to steal points...they give u low scores and if u go back and rate them u'll get a message that says "Thank u for playing you lose 1000 points"...the reason why i kno is because it just happened to me...she stole 1000 from me.....the girl's name is--- sexy2talll got this shit from bulletin and i did have a guy rate my photo a 1 but never did rate him back low or rate him at all because im not like that too me if they want to rate my shit low go ahead shows how much of a fuckin hater you are.. or dont have a fuckin life.. but anyhow i just posted this to warn my good friends about it soo be careful who you rate low back or rate back i guesss now everyone will be afraid to rate back or they will lose points.. they need to fix this shit for real!!!!!! much luv.. Terminator123
Help Me Out People
all you guys tired of myspalce please join this its for a good cause
FANTASY I wish one day I can find a lesbian that would love take a hot romantic bath with me. while the candles are lite all around the bathroom rose pepples all over the floor leading to the bedroom.rose pepples and money all across the bed as she is laying on the back of my nude body. ,she makes love to my whole body I do the same .We dont miss no parts of the body to suck all over making love to each other as we are making each other hot and wet then she becomes aggrissive. She start ridiing my body as if she a horse gallaping accross the grass fast as the hores is in heat waiting to mate as her body riding me she begins spanking my she watching my butt rise every time she spanks me the more she spanks the more my backside rises . shes gets hoter and hotter making me wet .then we make love all night long together like tommrow will never be here. naughty arent i ?
Taking All Applicants
Lets see who can complete it first...whoever does gets a Big pimpin gift from Moi :) Women feel free to fill it out too, im an equal oppurtunity women!! hehe x0x0x OK.....GO!! Name: Age: City/State/Country: Birthday ? What is your biggest flaw? What is your hangup with your mother? 3 of your favorite authors 3 of your favorite bands 3 of your favorite movies Favourite quote? Are you religious? What / Whom do you worship? How? Why? Who is your favorite philosopher? Why? For you, what is success in life? Are you, by your own definition: will you be successful? Who is/was your favorite pet? and why? How long do you usually know a girl before you kiss her? Jump her? Dump her? Have you ever been married/lived with someone? Are you now? When was your last relationship over? Are you in sure? Are you in one / or more now? Are you gay? Tried it? Thought about it? Have
Best Lady In The Raggae Game...lady Saw
So Happy......
the past 2 months have only been the most amazing, wonderful and full of love I could ever imagine!! I love you so much Mark you mean the world to me...So I figured I'd let the world know since you already know hehe....I love you honeykins!!!
Hey! Wanna join the newest family for females only. M.B.O.A. Male Bashers Of America This family is for all the women who are tired of mens shit and need friends to vent to. Or the women who just don't like men period. If you would like to join notify one of the 4 founders listed below. We will keep it updated as new members join. Thanx. We can't wait to see our family grow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aphrodite0081~M.B.O.A. Founder~D.B.S.~K.O.T~K.K.S@ CherryTAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ arkiegirl58~ M.B.O.A. Founder~Mom of D.B.S.~K.O.T.~@ CherryTAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chickie Momma~K.O.T. Member~Founder M.B.O.A~D.B.S~@ CherryTAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dawn~Founder M.B.O.A.~D.B.S. Backup~@ CherryTAP
Divorce Poems
You may have seen some of these before Beloved Deceitful wretch The deceitful wretch telling me lies Thinking them to be a comforting disguise Counting upon my gullibility Believing that through them I can not see Telling me lies of love and our content Acting as if it was heaven sent To be there always by my side Yet in the shadows the wretch does hide Pretending that I don’t know what is real Acting as though it cares how I feel Yet doing to me all that is wrong Tears fall with the words of the sad song Knowing that I know deep in my heart Soon we must split forever apart Turmoil in the eye of a storm made of lies To let it pretend longer is most unwise For a foundation so weak can never stand All passing away like the shifting sand Leaving nothing worth even bringing to mind It is the way of bad things left behind Better to clear the way for love so real One who will not deceive and cares how I feel One who does not hide in the shadows of lies O
Who Has A Crush On Me
im cureious to know who on here has a crush on me i noticed on my profile that i have a crush on me so im cureious to know who it is so if this is you please tell me i would like to know well much love to my peeps peace
For those who really know me on here you know I have talked about moving. I am leaving midnight tonight to return to Rhode Island where I am now going to be living. I am very excited and nervous as I have been in Colorado all my life. As I take on this journey in life I have a lot of mixed emotions. I no longer will be so physically close to the people I grew up with. However this is for the best a fresh start but no worries I have internet there and will be occasionally.
Beating Up Kids In Chucky Cheese
Yes you read the title right. I challenge anyones kids to a good game of air hockey. Some little punk showed up and tried to challenge me. He was holding his own until I decided to step it up a notch. BAMM!! I ran around the side and cross checked him into the salad bar. Dislocated hip. He never saw it comming. Next I decided to cool off in the ball pen. I'm chillin in the corner until some kid who thinks just because that its his birthday he is special decides to toss a few balls at me. Well I'm not going to take that. I jump on him like a fat kid on cake. Pile driver! WHAMMY!! I sunk thats kids battleship. Ohh by the way, happy birthday ass hat. Time to mosey on over to the ski ball area. No sooner than I arive than another kid tries to run up the ramp to put the ball in the 100 slot. Nobody is going to steal my spotlight. So I wind up like Nolan Ryan and pelt him in the back of the head. He goes down like a thirsty alter boy. He still ends up making the ball in and scoring so I rush
I Like Monkeys
I like monkeys. The pet store was selling them for five cents a piece. I thought that odd since they were normally a couple thousand each. I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth so I bought 200. I like monkeys. I took my 200 monkeys home, I have a big car. I decided to let one drive. His name was Sigmund. He was retarded. In fact, none of them were really bright. They kept punching themselves in their genitals. I laughed. Then they punched my genitals. I stopped laughing. I herded them into my room. They didn't adapt very well to their new environment. They would screech, hurl themselves off the couch at high speeds and slam into the wall. Although humorous at first, the spectacle lost its novelty halfway into its third hour. Two hours later I found out why all the monkeys were so inexpensive: they all died. No apparent reason. They all just sorta dropped dead. Kinda like when you buy a goldfish and it dies five hours later. Damn cheap monkeys. I didn't know what to do.
Beer Vs Pussy
Beer ~vs~ Pussy A beer is always wet. A pussy needs encouragement. Advantage: Beer. A beer tastes horrible served hot. A pussy tastes better served hot. Advantage: Pussy. Having an ice cold beer makes you satisfied. Having an ice cold pussy makes you Hillary Clinton. Advantage: Beer. Beers have commercials making fun of skunky ones. Pussy does not. Advantage: Draw. If you get a hair in your teeth consuming pussy, you are not disgusted. Advantage: Pussy 24 beers come in a box. A pussy is a box you can come in. Advantage: Pussy. Too much head makes you mad at the person giving you a beer. Advantage: Pussy. If a beer is brewed with yeast, it is still edible. Advantage: Beer. If you come home smelling like beer, The Woman may get mad. If you come home smelling like pussy, she will definitely get mad. Advantage: Beer. 6 beers in a night and you better not drive. 6 pussies in a night and you have done all the driving you need. Advantage: Pussy B
Lips Of An Angel.....
Im as much a Hinder fan as the next, but I think if I hear Lips of Angel or better yet see the video on another CT members page, I think I might just pull out the inner workings of my ears. Thank you and goodnight! =P
hey im new here so view my profile and talk to me if u want.
HURT SURVEY-- Let's see if you can get through it. If not, you're too scared about your past... Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? Yes. How many girlfriends/ boyfriends have told you they love you? I'd say all of 'em. Are you crushin on someone?? A couple, yes. Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurt? YES. Are you happier single or in a relationship? in a relationship Have you ever cheated on someone? Never. Have you ever had your heart broken? Um yeah Have you ever broken someone's heart? I have. Talk to any of your exes? Yes, one. If you could go back in time and change things, would you? Indeed. I would not be a doormat. Think any of your exes feel the same? I would like to think so. Do you believe that you are a good boyfriend or girlfriend? I do, 100%. Have you dated people who were not good to you?.. Yes. Have you been in an abusive relationship? verbally, yes. Have you dated someone older than yo
New For Women Only
Hey! Wanna join the newest family for females only. M.B.O.A. Male Bashers Of America This family is for all the women who are tired of mens shit and need friends to vent to. Or the women who just don't like men period. If you would like to join notify one of the 4 founders listed below. We will keep it updated as new members join. Thanx. We can't wait to see our family grow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aphrodite0081~M.B.O.A. Founder~D.B.S.~K.O.T~K.K.S@ CherryTAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ arkiegirl58~ M.B.O.A. Founder~Mom of D.B.S.~K.O.T.~@ CherryTAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chickie Momma~K.O.T. Member~Founder M.B.O.A~D.B.S~@ CherryTAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dawn~Founder M.B.O.A.~D.B.S. Backup~@ CherryTAP
When I was wrapped up in your arms, I felt safer than ever before. As I stare into your eyes, its a feeling I would not ignore. I don't know if this is just some game, but what I feel for you, I never felt with anyone else. If I could be close to you, I would be filled with happiness. You're what I've been looking for my whole life. You're someone I could share my love with, you take away my pain. Words cannot express how much I like you. But, even after this short amount of time, I hope you realize that my love for you is real. I'm not after you to play games, and I hope you feel the same. With you, is where I want to be because I found someone who looks just perfect to me. You probably think I am crazy, but truthfully I'm not. It's time we were together, But alas that can be? But all I see in this whole world, is only you and me.
Hey! Wanna join the newest family for females only. M.B.O.A. Male Bashers Of America This family is for all the women who are tired of mens shit and need friends to vent to. Or the women who just don't like men period. If you would like to join notify one of the 4 founders listed below. We will keep it updated as new members join. Thanx. We can't wait to see our family grow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aphrodite0081~M.B.O.A. Founder~D.B.S.~K.O.T~K.K.S@ CherryTAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ arkiegirl58~ M.B.O.A. Founder~Mom of D.B.S.~K.O.T.~@ CherryTAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chickie Momma~K.O.T. Member~Founder M.B.O.A~D.B.S~@ CherryTAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dawn~Founder M.B.O.A.~D.B.S. Backup~@ CherryTAP
Help Me Level Please
Drinker's Fault Finding Guide
Symptom: Drinking fails to give satisfaction and taste; shirt front is wet. Fault: Mouth not open when drinking or glass being applied to wrong part of face. Solution: Buy another pint and practice in front of a mirror. Continue with as many pints as necessary until drinking technique is perfect. Symptom: Drinking fails to give satisfaction and taste; beer unusually pale and clear. Fault: Glass is empty. Solution: Find someone who will buy you another pint. Symptom: Room is spinning. Fault: Somebody is spinning your barstool. Solution: Vomit on person doing the spinning. Symptom: Feet cold and wet. Fault: Glass being held at incorrect angle. Solution: Turn glass so that open end is pointing at ceiling. Symptom: Feet warm and wet. Fault: Loss of self-control. Solution: Go and stand beside nearest dog. After a while complain to its owner about its lack of house training. Symptom: Lap cool and wet. Fault: Drooling on yourself. Solution: Change position so that y
Shows In Ct And Ma To Check Out!
This Is New And Awesome!!!!
Okay I had never heard of this until today but I am sure glad I did...This is an awesome site!!! I love it. My favorite band in the whole entire world, Red Eye Gravy is like MY WORLD... If ya like music u should check them out. They can be found on Search RED EYE GRAVY.... If ya wanna know ANYTHING dont hesitate to ask....
Wisdom In Water
water is fluid form. beauty can be seen in each of its many guises, yet strength is also inherent in each. why can we accept water's great strengths and varied face, yet so many find it difficult to accept the same in man?
Rap, Anyone?
+Eew to the 'Escobar' bullshit, I'm glad he stabbed that noise. Incredible fvcking rapper. He might not have the best lyrical content, but the message is there(nowadays)...and homeboy has/always had a delectable-ass rhythmic delivery.+
I Want To
I want to make love to you I want to explore your tender body with my probing, caressing hands and tongue. I want to kiss you deep and warm. I'll slide my fingers, from your hair, down your back to play across your lovely neck, and down your chest to lick and nibble at your supple nipples and continue down, down your belly to smell your rich sent. I want to wrap my hot, soft mouth around your soft round nipple massaging with my tongue, sucking on your nipple, pushing you close to me I want to feel you I want to make deep wild love to you I'll continue down your belly and kiss on your lips wrap my hot moist mouth, around your erect clit massaging it with my tongue having my soft wandering hands playing joyfully with your nipples as i lick and play with your lips
we are new in this site
Fun Stuff
Courtesy of
so here i am finally now how to f*$k with just joking i love everyone
Yes, I Am A Dork...sexiest Soldier Competition Hook a brother up
Just Because
Just because i sit here writing this blog doesnt mean im good at it . Just because I work doesnt mean i'm getting paid. Just because I love doesnt mean i dont hate. Just because I live i dont die. Just because.
Nsfw Movie Clip
My Valentine The Toliet
This Valentines Day (Feburary 14th Duh) I plan on drinking until i just can't drink anymore.It really starts to suck ass when there's no one to share it with so yea bring on alcohol with Pineapple this year!!
And have no idea what the fuck I'm doing. Hah.
You scored as Bondage. Your turn on is bondage... all out. You don't have a specific part of kinky sex that turns you on more than any other... everything working together turns you on. And why shouldn't it? Sex isn't sex without all the trimmings.Bondage100%Chains/Handcuffs83%Whips67%Biting50%Blind Folds33%Blood0%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
Well That's Me
table border='0' cellpadding='5' cellspacing='0' width='600'> You scored as Thrash Metalist. Thrash metalist, you like thrash as much as anything else.Thrash Metalist63%Heavy Metal/Old School58%Black Metalist50%Death Metalist38%Power Metalist33%Funeral Doom Metalist28%Non-Metal23%Progressive Metalist20%Which metal genre do you love the most? (Prepare for a long quiz!!!)created with You scored as Very Kinky. You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky
You've Been Tagged
Each player starts with 6 weird things habits about themselves. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things/habits as well, and state this rule clearly. At the end choose 6 new people list their names. Don't forget to leave a message " you have been tagged" and tell them to read your blog. Here are my wierd facts : 1) I have a foot phobia. 2) I still love watching cartoons and kids movies! 3) I love pickles and cheese. 4) I don't like chocolate. 5) I hate my picture taken. 6) My heart rate and pulse are so low that I still fool the doc's sometimes, I have been hospitalized, they have no explanation, but they are at times as low as someone's in a coma and I am still up walking around, hmm... 6 people are as follows : Jen, Jessica, Del, Krystal, Danny, and DragonRider!
I have two new stores opening up. One is movies and electronics and the other is a wiccan superstore. for all of your wiccan needs! If you need anything hit me up!
Its Monday
Well its Monday again. So up at 6:30am this morning with Alex and then Tristen wakes up so I figure get Tristen ready and we can leave early I check the weather and its -30 out. Thats crazy so its to cold for Tristen to stand at the bus stop so my friend Stacy is going to drive us in. Today I am so lucky because I got my membership papers in for the YMCA so today I am going to work out during the time Tristen is in preschool. I figure I can work out twice during the days his in preschool and once on the weekend. I can take Tristen with me because he can go swimming with me and they have child care there so it works out great. So thats my plans for today. After Tristens out of preschool I am coming home to relax and clean my basement its a mess and when I say mess I mean cant even walk in some parts its crazy. The basement to me is a place that you put all the crap thats in your way upstairs. LOL! I wish I could say clean and its all done but it doesnt work like that. Then I hope to be
Wuts Up
hey, my name is lara, got teenagers and live in eugene...i am brand new to this wierd world of cherry tappin so bare with me...ummm...i am not sure how often i'll be on here, but if ya want, come by n say hi...have a goot one!!!
Today ill found this great site out the net and i found it time to introduce the websfinest girls to you all! Its the site to find for you to find the girl for your special needs! Just check out the "live girls" and their pics and enter our chat to have some fun! The girls are waiting for you! NaughtyLullu for Websfinest!
Get the attention you want with the photos you need…. Wild, Hot, Crazy or Cool. Let DCP Photos bring out the personality in you! Office: 909 823-1404 or 909 587-9098
Boob Boop Bee Doo!
What the hell happened to the pictures on my profile? I like, go in to edit them and the links to the images are all fucked up, then I go and look at them and they are nothing other then these gay little boxes with some stupid ass shapes... damn't this is starting to remind me of MySpace!!!
Quote Of The Day
When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die. Jean-Paul Sartre
Sexy Rican Still Seeking
Comment Bombers Needed
Please come vote for me in the sweethearts contest! I was in 1st yesterday and now I'm falling behind! If you can help please let me know I will return the love!
Really Funny Story
DO NOT BRING PLANTS IN THE HOUSE DURING COLD WEATHER!!! Never bring outdoor plants into the house. Garden Grass Snakes also known as Garter Snakes (Thamnophissirtalis) can be dangerous. Yes, grass snakes, not rattlesnakes. Here's why......... A couple in Sweetwater, Texas, had a lot of potted plants. During a recent cold spell, the wife was bringing a lot of them indoors to protect them from a possible freeze. It turned out that a little green garden grass snake was hidden in one of the plants and when it had warmed up, it slithered out and the wife saw it go under the sofa. She let out a very loud scream! The husband (who was taking a shower) ran out into the living room naked to see what the problem was. She told him there was a snake under the sofa. He got down on the floor on his hands and knees to look for it. About that time the family dog came and cold-nosed him on the behind. He thought the snake had bitten him, so he screamed and fell over on the floor.
Here is what the contest is about..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > PSP/Graphic Makers Contest NOW OPEN!!! > > If you have a friend in the contest please give them a rate, only rates count. All pics are in the "Contest" pic folder! Here is what they could win!! > > 1st place: 7 day blast and a rolex > 2nd place: 3 day blast and a choice of Ring > 3rd place: 1 day blast and a choice of earrings or a platinum cherry. > > Voting starts today ( March 1st ) and will end March 7th. Prizes will be given out no later then the evening of the 8th! Please remind your friend no down rating. Name and shame i don't like doing and a big fat block! This is for good fun please don't spoil it :D > > Good Luck all and Thank you for your time and creativity :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sooooooo, what I need from you, my friends is one little rate and that's all, nothing more nothing less! If you want me to know that you voted for
Online Bs
HAZARDOUS I get this question a lot, “Why Are You Hazardous?” I am actually going to tell you. Usually I don’t, people just find out the hard way. But, since my name has been attracting soooooo many, I will let you all in on this little secret of mine. defines “Hazardous” as: 1. dangerous, unsafe. 2. chancy, uncertain, risky, speculative 3. Marked by danger; perilous It also defines “Ego” as: 1. an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others 2. having little or no regard for interests, beliefs, or attitudes other than one's own So, if that doesn’t answer your question, let me explain a bit farther. First, I am “Warning: Hazardous to Your Ego.” A warning, is notifying someone in advance that danger is ahead and/or harm may occur. So, I am giving advance notice. I just gave definitions of hazardous and ego, so let’s put them together now. I am notifying you in advance that I may be dangerous to you if your EGO is too big. If y
X-ray Cameras On Lampposts Plan
X-ray cameras on lampposts plan AFP | January 29, 2007 The Government is considering installing X-ray cameras on lampposts to spot armed terrorists and other criminals. According to a leaked memo seen by The Sun, "detection of weapons and explosives will become easier" if the scheme drawn up by Home Office officials is adopted. However, officials acknowledged that it would be highly controversial as the cameras can "see" through clothing. "The social acceptability of routine intrusive detection measures and the operational response required in the event of an alarm are likely to be limiting factors," the memo warned. " Privacy is an issue because the machines see through clothing." The Sun reported that the memo, dated January 17, was drawn up by the Home Office for the Prime Minister's working group on security crime and justice. It noted that some technologies used for airport security had already been used in police operations searching for drugs and w
The Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God!!!!
Well as we all know that people are very complicated animals. We are always trying to tell someone what they need to do but we don't follow are own information as well as when people go through a break up. The first thing they want to know is when are you going to get u someone else. Now you have those that actually have smarts about themselves but it's only for certain situations and certain topics. Not much help when you think about it. Then, there are the people that are like myself. We are well-rounded people and we give great advice we never tell you what you u should do but give u descent guidance for urself to make the choice we are always around and we always ahave your back and we might turn the cheeck if you do something bad against us. But it takes us a minute to get over it as well as we vibe off of people and we know sorta kinda when a person isnt' wrapped to tight so where do you fall in? What do you categorize urself as? I really want to know
For Promo Jobs ...
M&G Productions. Burton MI Gloucester ON (810)-875-9688 (613)-749-0005 Email: For our area booking for promotions please call thoes numbers above or email. Ask for Melissa or Raphael
ok, totally not sure how all this works yet, but i'm gonna find out! as soon as i get time.
New Beginning
Have patience with me until I tweek my site. I live in the country and can't recieve high speed. Dial up sucks, but any port in the storm. It was introduced to me by Shelia, my friend on my space. I'll download more pictures later.
Diary Of A Fat Bitch
Can Someone Help Me???
Im kinda new to this cherrytap thing, I dunno how to set up my page ??? Im on myspace - ( ) check me out on there then give me a hand figuring this out. Thanx Your a Doll x0x0x0 -Lucky
7-day Blast
I am trying to win a 7-day blast. Please come help me. I need 15000 comments. All help is greatly appreciated. Here's the link:
Dr. Wright Is In
Ok... so the hubby told me the other day that I need to go back to school and become a shrink. Not a bad idea considering that I am the one all my friends come to when they need help/advice with a relationship/life problem. I do my best to give advice and be a good listener, but there are times when I can't do it anymore. If you are a friend of mine, you know I am here for you no matter what. BUT, if you come to me and spill your guts and tell me things that are going wrong...then you let me give you advice...DON'T the very next day be an ass to me. That just bothers the hell out of me. I try to be nice to everyone, but once you cross that line... there is no turning back...if you want to be mean to me... I might forgive you but I don't forget and my fuse just gets smaller and smaller. AND if you seriously feel the need to tell people that you want to kill yourself... that is just someone looking for attention... I know I have been there... I, if you don't know, was diagnosed 5 years a
Hot Survey
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)?: 4. Do you think i'm hot?; 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Three sum? 20. How many times would you like to do it? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Do you like fore play? 23. What is fore play to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? Yes
Having My 1st Contest
Ok my space is about Dirty Lil Secrets. I am gonna have a dirty lil secret contest. What i need from u is a pic with ur dirty lil secret written on it. Now everyone has a secret It does not have to be about sex. Any secret at all will do. Write it down and either upload it and let me know and i will rip it or pm it to me. If u do not want anyone to know it is ur secret that is fine too. U can send it to me i will put no name on the photo. I will be the only one to know. The contest will be on ratings and coments combined. I will take the 1st 20 entries. I will start the contest this Friday and it will run until Wednesday. Good Luck and get the pics in! Prizes will be determined on # of entries but there will be a 1st and 2nd place winner and all prizes will be Big Pimpin!
Whatch Out For Thes Fucker
Parents need to know about the sick, sick movement known as "pedophile activism". I am not joking. Look up pedophile activism on for more information. They have created these symbols, so that they can identify each other, create a support network, it's sickening: This is the symbol for "boy love" called BLogo This is the symbol for "girl love", called GLogo This is the symbol for "Childlove Online Media Activism, CLOMAL This is the symbol for all-encompassing pedophilia, CLogo This is not a joke!!! If you see these symbols on someone's myspace, they are a pedophile. If you see someone with one of these symbols on their clothing or jewelry, they are a pedophile. (Which, in my opinion, gives you permission to beat the fuckiing shit out of them.) Anyone with children, please please go to (a free online encyclopedia) and search "pedophile activism" and you'll get the whole sick story. Also, please repost this in your bulletins,
The World Of Worlds
I Remember College
I remember when I was in college, way out in west Texas. Well when you live in west Texas you can't exactly just go somewhere, you have to pack up all your crap and hope to God you'll be back by Monday. Then on the way home you get all hungry inside and you're feeling just a lil bit of pain from all the excitement that occurred on your road trip. Than you reach way back behind ya in the cooler back there, and you fish around in all that warm water and you find that one lil dude that made it all the way through the weekend. and you pick him up and u dust him off, and crack him open. Just then you figure right about that time that you might have left that fried all sub stop and go burrito right underneath your seat. and you're fishing around down there and find that thing that lil old burrito and you wipe that carpet lint off , as if you wouldn't eat it if it did have other things on it. It's a two day old burrito on a lukewarm beer to go, on the Sunday side of a road trip weekend, a
Would You ?
I am writing this out of my own curiousity. My Master has decided to take pictures of my training , Who would like to see and read these ? you will see everything there is to see in a training session , yes that includes welts .
Pucker Up
Hello all. Please go to this website and vote for #1. Once you are done, delete your cookies (tools, internet options and delete cookies), wait 15 mintues and you can vote again for me. Thanks for all your help!!!!
Poop Deck
In the U.S of A! I am watching the tongue run! and as I know the true prose and what really was done! Feigning importance, knowledge and stature with an air of disgust. While merely sitting alone admiring the silicon busts. Protection for innocents is so crude and fragile, the persecuted and silent left watching but only until.........
New Im Names
Here are my New IM names yahoo ia_officer07 msn Hit me up let chat People on my Friends list and People within 100 miles of me PLease!!! please have a pic not required but Try too please Thanx in advance IA Officer07
I am so very new to this so i need all the help I can thanks so much Cynner
Hey there. Im new to this site and trying to learn the ins and outs. Wanted to post and say, Whats up! Ttyl
It's gone What's gone? My mind? Soul? No, I'm fine Not really Deep inside, something is missing The love and tender kissing She walked out herself Now all I do is talk to myself in the mirror, with my reflection My heart is dead Soon it will make a resurrection Once the wounds heal And I'm loved for real A type of love I can feel But nobody loves me Nobody cares Nobody loves me That nobody is me I can't love myself because no one does I'm all alone and no longer what I once was But the only thing that keeps me alive Is knowing that the next day, it might all change For the best And that "nobody" becomes somebody
You know how some people play hard to get? I play hard to want!
Purity once had a name, And beauty once had a face. Life once had a meaning, And once I was safe. Once there was freedom, And once I could laugh. Happiness once was alive, And once I had another half. Once I shared her love, Once I was by her side, Once I felt I fitted, So quickly that died. Her grace so great, Her beauty so vast, All I ever wanted, Was for it to last. Fate maybe had another plan, Or maybe she had another love, But it all fell apart, The hand too big for the glove. Now it's all died away, Happiness, joy, love; all memories. Now I walk alone in this dark, dark world, With no light to guide my way.
I decided to sit down and write this shit, to let you know things I cannot say. I cannot be truly Happy, without you by my side, when I am with you I try to keep my pride, you have moved on, from me, from the past, but mostly from us... and all this time I have been wondering how you are, and now I know your fine. I've been asking myself why... Why did I let you go? and now I know, cuz your happy. Ive often wondered how cute your babies would be, and now I know, cuz you have made them. I also ask myself why sit here and cry, and now I know, its cuz I miss you! I didnt know why I got teary when I hung up the phone, but I know now, its cuz I still love you. Im always happy when we talk, why? cuz you complete me. We were once perfect, which was in the past, now your happy, my only wish was that one day you would be. You openly admit you Love me still, that you could fall for me all over again, your so proud to announce to friends 'I dated her' or 'this is who I'm talking to' You seem to
First Of A Series
I have been encouraged by a friend, who shall remain nameless, to share with my fellow tappers some stories i have posted elsewheres on the net. for several years bnnow i have been experimenting in writing erotic fiction, so far so good, lol. here, therefore, is what should be the first in a series, please comment and let me know how you like it. if all goes well, i have several more ready to post, and even more tat are awaiting finwal editinig. Playing Dress Up It was starting to look like just another boring day at the office. At least until Shannon signed in the IM. She is easily the sexiest young thing I have met through various chat and dating sights. Over the past year or so we have developed quite the friendship, without ever actually meeting. We briefly talked about Christmas, the previous weekend, and when she mentioned that she had received a martini set and cash, I (half)jokingly suggested that I come over so we can break in the martini set and then go spend the
nONE HERE YET, BUT i HAVENT BEEN ON SINCE OCTOBER so a lot has changed.. If U want more, Illl upload more as soon as I can. Lot going wrong for me.. But i will give naked tits to whomever offers me a CHERRY BLAST. SEND EMAILS TOO IF YA LIKE. lET ME KNOW if U INTERESTED!
~my Friends~
here is my friend help him learn about and help him gain a few points.. please help me bomb him..
Mensa You Know The Answer?
Here's a great MENSA riddle for you: You have two lengths of string, which although they are not the same length, will each take exactly 30 minutes for a flame to burn from one end of the string to the other. The strings do not burn evenly, so the position of a flame, as it burns through a string, will not afford you any specific knowledge of how much time the string has been burning for. All you know is that it takes exactly 30 minutes for a flame to burn from one end of each string to the other end. How can you use these two strings and matches to measure out exactly 45 minutes with almost perfect accuracy?
Life is good. My kids are healthy and sane. I'm doing the things I love to do. So life is good!!!
About Me
Fam. Rip Off
my brother stoled 18k from me over two yrs. what should i do.
I really hate it when people tell you what you want to hear but dont mean a single word of it! If you want to be my friend be real dont fukin lie to me and blow smoke up my ass!! I love attention like anyone else but for crist sakes be real.. i don't have time for bullshit liars!! Why even do it? do you get some perverted pleasure out of fuking with peoples emotions??? Like i said if you want to be my friend say hi.. flirting is great! but dont lie to me.. if you dont want to have me as a friend at least tell me to fuk off! GEEZ. ok i'm done.. ty for listening.. Cherry on!
This Is Jc
How the hell do you do shit on this site, man this shit is confusing. I dont know how to do anything on this site yet so can some people add me as there freinds or whatever I am suppose to be doing. Thanks JC
Golf Joke
A man goes to the confessional. "Forgive me father, for I have > sinned." > > "What is your sin, my child?" The priest asks back. > > "Well," the man starts, "I used some horrible language this week and I > feel absolutely terrible." > > "When did you do use this awful language?" Said the priest. > > "I was golfing and hit an incredible drive that looked like it was > going to go over 250 yards, but it struck a phone line that was > hanging over the fairway and fell straight down to the ground after > going only about 100 yards." > > "Is that when you swore?" > > "No, Father." Said the man. "After that, a squirrel ran out of the > bushes and grabbed my ball in his mouth and began to run away." > > "Is THAT when you swore?" Asked the priest again. > > "Well, no," said the man, "You see, as the squirrel was running, an > eagle came down out of the sky, grabbed the squirrel in his talons and > bega
You never know who your friends are until they approach you when things are down for you. Was approached by my boy 'X Dealer' that guy has been a friend of mine since day one! Thanx again man...There are others and im sure you guys know who you are. You guys rock! Anytime you guys need me...Ill be there ;) The One N Only ~ ' DEATH™ '
More Poems
Solitude have I to endure, seemingly held with disclosure. A fellow left astray, as yet from yesterday. Flashing your dainty, disarming smile, warms my heart every once in a while. Our longtime kinship will always bloom with friendship. It has never been so profound, a lifetime friend have I found. Let our friendship be a bond, which can never be like a dry pond. Let us not forget the dreams we share, forever like mother and daughter we care. You'll always be a friend to me, and that's the way it should be.
Sexiest Eyes
Im going to be posting alot of these over the next week. Comment Bombers Needed! Click my picture to vote.
There are many locks and with such are many keys with most keys they are returned but with one lock where one key and only one key can unlock it Once that key is given away the key can never be returned It becomes the sole possession of the recipient forever theirs For this is no random key but is a special key This key is not handed to one another lightly but rather earned over time For several years people work to earn this key once given this key, the one key that will forever more unlock not a door to a house or a car but unlock The person's heart forever at that point in time when they give that key they will then for the first time understand True Love
A Thought Of You
My kind of music, My favorite song, I want to be with you All day & all night long... A spring breeze, A summer sun, Now that I know you You are my one... A winter sparkle, An autumn tree, Added all up It equals you & me... My best friend, My only lover, From here on out I'll keep you forever... A good laugh, With some happy tears, You're the one I go to Through all the coming years... When it rains it rains, When it snows it snows, I wrote this specially for you & you're the only one who knows... You keep me warm, When I'm so cold, As if my heart were for sale To you it was sold... Whether playing our favorite games, Or to music we sing & listen, When it comes to you There's just no competition... Not the best cut diamonds, Or the reddest rose, Could ever amount to When you hold me close... & when everything is said & done, The night is over & we've had our fun, Out of all the men I choose just one, The best one of all & that's
Sexual Feeling
Rainy days and cold nights, These are days I need you to hold me tight in your arms, Hold me close and keep me warm, Tell me I'm your good luck charm, Look me in my eyes and tell me I'm the one for you , Tell me I'm your every wish come true, Lay me down very gently, Then make love to me essentially, Caress my body from head to toe not missing a spot, Lets play around like connect the dots, Lets make each other hot till our body heat rise like a rollercoaster ride, Take my body on a journey that never ends, It always seems to just begin, Make me climax like i never done before, Do what you want to my body its all yours, Rub me, lick me, kiss me, tease me do what ever you want to my body as long as its pleasing
Wondering I wonder if you think of me When night is drawing near. And in the shadows of your room The walls around you disappear. I wonder if in your quiet thoughts Your dreams of me are anymore. When in the silent, velvet blue The moon is tapping at your door. I wonder if the shining stars That dangle from the clouds above Reminds you of my whispered words In promise of eternal love. I wonder of the lonely light That breaks upon the early dawn Still holds a tender memory for now So long I have been gone. I wonder if you dream of me When the cloudless skies are blue Because across each day and night My thoughts are constantly of you.
They say time is precious, That time is of the essence, But what is this illusion? What is time? It goes by, they say, But I don't see anything. They even say,How time flies, Does it have wings? Never have I seen it, Never have I understood it's physical being. But I do know some things, I know the time that I'm away from you. Time is precious. It is of the essence. But no time is worth my time, Unless that time is spent with you. How time weighs heavily on my heart. Oh, how time does eat away at me. Time is not physical, but rather spiritual, For no time is more spiritual then when you're with me.
A Fairy
A Fairy A fairy came down from heavens And took my heart in a fraction I felt so petrified and dumbstruck Never felt so helpless in entire life fair like a marble statue shone in moonlight fragrance more alluring than million flowers Her beauty defied the cupid's theology Held me on trance of her magical words Words rolled like pearls from her red lips Musical sound froze the motion of streams Ears yearned such heavenly feast in years Indescribable aura around in charming reels She had enlivened me for another day Reinvigorated me with her words of pray Her protective embrace had so tightly held me
Dance Of 2 Blades
Trying to save a love, Two lovers take it, as if it was a saber, One holds the hilt, Another pulls the edge tip. One Pushes it away , Both press hard to own this new love- One drives the handle to the other's chest While the other, points the sharp steel tip, at a once loved heart. And then, the dance begins, as one can not stand holding the edge anymore, Will she take the handle Of another the other she loves, next time and rest no more? One lover will have no mercy or pitty then For the others hands squeezing steel, Unless she has felt it herself. She has no pitty then, for
Days go by, I smile with time Holding your hand, Looking in your eyes, A memory.. Soft kisses with bodies as one, Laying in your arms Under the warm summer sun Waiting for the moment we touch again Thinking of you, My true best friend Hearts pounding As we finally touch I think to myself, I adore you so much A memory... Times from the past, How beautiful a love can last With feelings like this, Sensuality at best, Erotic thoughts, My desires will not rest Holding you while you sleep, Feeling your breath on my cheek, Touching your face, My day is complete A memory..
Arousing Thrill
The night is cold and it's you I hold Your firm and strong body I behold Come close to me and hold me tight Let us enjoy all through this night. I loved your body covering mine Touching my soft and smooth lines This tingling feeling I hold inside Now you are with me… Could no longer hide. Minutes before this was a silent room Now full of moan under silver moon Satin covered bed now warm and wet With two bodies full of sweat. I never feel this thrill before You get inside and reached my core This wonderful feeling we both adore Couldn't help ourselves for wanting more.
Monday Sucks
lets see here it is monday already where the hell did saturday and sunday go???? oooooooo yeah thats right i worked all weekend and spent the rest of the day saturday at basketball games... so here it is monday again and im tired of work already.. like so many of us just trying to live and get by save alittle for fun sometimes the fun never comes and the bills just keep getting bigger... well i for one am tired of working and not really getting anywhere.. as u can tell im in a really pissy mood cause i had a lady come through work today and i speak no spanish and she raised her voice to me cause i could not understand her... well im soooooo sorry i didnt have to take spanish in high school and dont care to take it now unless i plan on going to mexico,, but with no money that is impossible so i guess,,, anyway as the old slogan goes at work the customer is always right but that doesnt mean i cant get snotty right back.. i didnt mean to but i had to walk away all of us food people deal w
Check Dis Shit Out
Dear David, Several weeks ago, we informed you by mail that our editors have certified your poem "Mirror of the Broken Past" as a semi-finalist in our International Open Poetry Contest. I'm writing to remind you that your poem will automatically be entered into the final competition held in February 2007. As a semi-finalist, you now have an excellent chance of winning one of 104 cash or gift prizes--including the $1,000.00 First Prize. You may even win the $10,000.00 annual Grand Prize! We wish you the best of luck as you compete for these prizes in the coming weeks (click here for a complete list of prizes). And that's not all . . . David . . . Imagine Your Poem Featured on a Page by Itself in a Beautiful Coffee-table Edition! As I mentioned in my letter, and in celebration of the unique talent that you have displayed, we also wish to publish your poem in what promises to be one of the most highly sought-after collections of poetry we have ever published
For every struggle there is a breath we take. Breathe.... Breathe Hold your breath Do you feel it? The very air that you need to survive, Now makes you struggle. Hold your love Is it true? Does it breathe this life you lost Back into you? The breath you take and hold Gives you life. Cling to the one breath too long And your body becomes numb. Feel yourself struggle Try to hold it, you can’t One big explosive mass of used up air Escapes you with emotion It leaves you gasping Feeling as if you are going to die Do not hold your breath Breathe. Do not cling to a love that has been held too long. Exhale Another will bring you life Breathe life back into it Love is to be caressed Exhale, let it grow Inhale, treasure it Breathe
as time passes on the only thing left to start with is a beginning each turning day you rediscover whats left whats empty inside with every new beginning a day breaks falling with the sky all the lies falling with the sky is a memory memories fail because your love has failed me once again you leave me here where shall i go who will come with me day after day a life is shadowed everytime you call a new day with every new lie comes a new beginning
This You'll Want To See....
Check this shit out... Click the two links, check out their site and music and make you vote. My bro and the band need your help so we can win this thing. And they're so close!
Ok so yeah this is my first blog on CherryTap. I wrote a lot about myself on my about me so I'll spare you that here lol. I do have a boyfriend! His name is Goose, he's 19 and completely and utterly incredible. He and I do plan to get married eventually. But it's kind of complicated right now. Hmmm I had school today. I attend VolState college. Hmmmm school went well I really fucking hate algebra though. Well I keep losing focus soooo I better go ahead and end this thing. Next time I hope it will be better lol.
This Might Be
So glad to hear you could make it, just toodles before the trouble starts. Thankful you traveled safe, vengeful you came so early. Walked through the days, sprinted at the sun while it went away. So calm it seems. Sneaky was the camera play as enchanted could it be. For all that holds, is the glue before the trees. With the written words upholding your shirt, a scream lets out, so vivid, like the bit of the snake, that withers and corrupts your soul. As the shadows prevail, the aggressive look on your face, shows lightning bright. The noose in which you gather, is everything it can be. All the harm you make it to be. When the percussion beats soft, we'll dance the midnight graciously, In time for the midst of the collapse. To breath, to see, to feel, This is what you're here for. the destruction, and chaos, You bring. Is a symbol of the one thing most desire. Musky and shallow it may be, the jealousy and envy, the entrails, attacks in mass quantit
Falling Down The Stairs
Blow the sprinkles of glass off the table The excitement of variables Enchant follicle thought, Inside this apparition Is the cleverness in dots. One step, leads to countless murmurs of pediatric help. Vividly searching for freedom in unauthorized kind. Moments making This incapable, And dramatizing each candle lit. Non to the checkpoint Fire grazes the plastics, Pleasure reaches the ceiling high. Freezing itself to watch and ponder is own movement, Within the ghostly conscious. The tension strikes matches, Hearts beat repetitively faster and faster, Each split second, the sweat measures ounces, Transforming in gallons. cold and itchy the skin realizes self. Tripping down the stairs Cracking every possible noun Inside the aquarium. By: Ocean
The Numb Extremities
Packets shar the opening With antique action preferred Smoke clouds multiple optics Shatter the pupils Being monstrous in size. Picture snaps capture The unmarked, unchartered map for the treasure we behold. We can resurrect This unworthy fashion Of sensory planes Roaming into the skies above. Groping around the sleeves, For abandonment, In a manner The natural aura can't perceive This single blemish must, Be contagious. A array of passive soldiers Await the fierce line ahead. We can resurrect This unworthy fashion Of sensory planes Roaming in the skies above. Times near They will not bow to our bodies. Arsenal of mounds and created forces Provide a jail, for eternity. Just to satisfy your amusement. We can resurrect This unworthy fashion Of sensory planes Roaming in the skies above. The hills split in size, The laughing stock Flames the cigarettes, In their black owned hands, Are condemned to an aggravated shroud. Now a smirk with untol
Song Of The Week 11
Yep, another week gone meaning another song to be picked. This weeks song is one of my faves and it's STRENGTH OF THE WORLD by Avenged Sevenfold Song Name - Strength Of The World Artist - Avenged Sevefold Album - City Of Evil Song Number - 9 of 11 Song Length - 9:14 Lyrics My story starts the day they said "she can't be found" The news so dark, heart stopped, I stood silent without a sound It's over, she's finished, mother lies with my father and sister too Cold-blooded, they suffered, shot down by the outlaws after you Sorrow swallows my screams Strength of the world - is on my shoulders Strength of the world - is on my side Strength of the world - the one true beholder Ice in my veins - for those who've died I've seen my family fade away, you've taken my whole life There's nothing left to say Avenge the dead kill all who cross me in my path Suicidal, I never planned on coming back I want it, I need it, revenge is dripping from my teeth Need no
Hey Sergeant
Dear Sergeant, An Iraqi brought a gun to kill He told his friends that it was cool, And when he pulled the trigger back, It shot with a great crack. Sergeant, I was a good soldier, I did What I was told, I went to school, I got straight A's, I even got promoted fast But Sergeant, when I went on patrol today, I never said See u later, I'm sorry Sergeant, I had to go, But Sergeant, please don't cry. When the Iraqi shot the gun, He hit me and another, And all because the Iraqi Got the gun from his leader. Sergeant, please tell my parents; That I love them very much, And please tell my lady ; my girlfriend; That it wasn't just a crush. And tell my twin brother; That he is the only one now, And tell my dear sweet grandmother; I'll be waiting for her now, And tell my boys; That they always were the best; Sergeant, I'm not the first, I'm no better than the rest. Sergeant, tell my mom; I won't show up for leave And never to forget this,
The Invisible Seed
Being a love farmer is probably the finest gig on the planet. All you have to do is give a fuck. That is it. You need to care. Not for mere amusement of pleasure, but rather for the enlightenment of your soul. You nurture and harvest it, then serve it up fresh and tasty. This is what I am so vaguely explaining. You find someone that in one way or another is somewhat appealing to you, and you take an interest. Not necessarily a member of the opposite sex, or whatever orientation you happen to be into, but just another person. You may find a link on music, fashion, politics, similar or relatable domestic situations, and you share thoughts and observances with them. If they are in need, you listen, and maybe offer a piece of what you hope could be good advice. Then, you’re back to your life. You feel for them in a real way, but it does not create a burden or a constant ray of sunshine. It is just something you get to enjoy. It plants a seed in you. You let it grow and change, then you tak
Simper Fi
You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. __________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. _________________________ You complain about how
High Tension
You know that vibeology when you can feel like there's something wrong with someone and they tell you that they're fine or ok? Well, I've been gettin that a lot lately from my friends. I don't know if everyone is feuding amongst themselves, or if it's something I did, but either which way, No one is talking to me the way they have before and when certain friends are in the same room, there's all kinds of weird vibes being sent out. I dunno. If I had a place to run off and hide, I would. I'm new-ish to Tulsa, only having been here 7 months or so. No family. In the famous words of Jon Davis: "I have no place to hide!" Peace yall
I don't understand why 99.9% of people on here list surfing as one of their interests but they have never even floated on a board once much less caught a wave or even watch competitions on TV. I actually ride so I would like to talk to others that do to. I doubt anyone says "wow I should talk to that person, they seem cool because they surf." No, it just ends up in an awkward chat because they have to justify why they put that on their page. It always goes like this: "I was planning on learning this summer." Idiot, the better waves are in the winter. I'm not even going to get started on MotoX...
IDK WTF we're doin ... just trying some new stuff on here ... so don't mind us!! =)
I Feel So Loved!
So i wanted to try this VIC thing since the minute they started it. But i am too darn cheap...and without a credit card, cuz im very irresponsible and would buy everything in sight. Lol Then my bestest male friend asks for my CT password today and after a lil hesitation i give it to him. That amazing guy made me VIC!! How cool is that?? So i am gonna try it for a month and see what i think!! Of all the features i love that i can give ppl really cool gifts and being sickly addicted to pink i ADORE that my name is now that colour!! :) Thanks Spazz for the great early bday present!! You never cease to amaze me!! After 15 yrs or so...i still adore you as much as the first day you almost hit me with your car *SiGh* Spazz@ CherryTAP Go say hi and show him some love!! x0x0x
Happy Thoughts
I just did my second cherry blast this past weekend, and I must say that I'm feeling the cherry love right now!!! I just want to thank everyone that stopped by and rated me, fanned me, and everything! Don't stop the lovin' now that my blast is over.... *MWAH* to all my cherry friends!
What Was I Thinking
What do you get when you give a 2 yr old, a 3 yr old and a 4yr old giant sheets of giant bubble wrap? You get more noise and chaos then you ever thought possible!!! BUT you also get the biggest laughs and biggest smiles humanly possible... what was I thinking? I dont know but they sure are having fun!!!
My Poetry
can it be a poem? Lonesome Fingers itching Burning with eagerness They find my virgin cunt And I roll onto my back Stretched out under the covers My hands stroking and probing I spread my legs And let my fingers glide inside Wet and slippery My thighs open wider Shoving my fingers in deeper I find my clit with the other hand And pull my fingers out To rub my hard nipples My tiny B-cup breasts feel soft Between moist fingers And my clit is being caressed And rubbed raw A dance of caresses I close my eyes And pleasure myself Until the loneliness fades away Scent fills the air black candles surround i prepare myself for you to lay me down anticipation grows an adrenaline rush body starts to shake at your fingers slightest touch you move slow and take your time as we sway to the music sweet songs of sublime a hand on my neck, a hand on my back you pull me near gently cupping my face and whisper sweet nothings in my ear you ligh
roses are red violets are corney when i think of you baby i get horn eat me beat me bite me blow me suck me fuck me very slowy when u kiss me dont be sassy use your tongue and make it nasty
Ha Amerikaner Haben Sie Keine Phantasie
Jedes Jahr über 1.000 Leuten in Amerika werden mit Feuerwaffen ungefähr 2.000 mehr werden erstochen zum Tod getötet. Ha Amerikaner haben sie keine Phantasie in Amsterdam und in Slowakei es gibt einen Platz, in dem alle Ihre dunkelsten kranksten Phantasien möglich sind, wo Sie alles erfahren können, das Sie wünschen, wo Sie quälen können, bestrafen Sie oder töten Sie für einen Preis... Sie können quälen, Bestrafen Sie oder töten Sie für einen Preis.genieße Elite Hunting jetzt Geben Sie Sie könnte acht, geben Sie Ihr GANZES Geld dort. die Elite-Force wünscht Sie....
Just A Sexy Idea For The Ladies!!!
Hey Ladies, how are you doing? Just wondering how many of you would enjoy experiencing this!!! Having your body light up by candle light, than having a mix of strawberries, peaches, whip cream and chocolate syrup run up and down your body from your breasts to your legs, than slowly having it licked and sucked off of you while slowly going down and than coming back up. Than being kissed once come back up so you can taste the sweetness from the fruit on your lips!!! Mixing it up, first with the strawberries, than with the whip cream, the peaches and last with the chocolate syrup, which would take a bit longer to be licked off you. Just a little something I'm wondering about how many ladies out there would enjoy experiencing this.
Lets Get Physical
My Physical Survey Physical AppearanceHair ColorHieghtGlassesShoe SizeCasual or FormalLong or Short HairManicured or NaturalEye ColorLet's get PhysicalLights on or OffBed or TableRomantic or WildRisky or SafeHugs or KissesEars or NeckWalk fast or SlowDance or Tap FootWalk or RideStay in or Go OutSpontanious or PlannedOrganized or FrazzledEarly or LateTaken or SingleHigh Places or Well GroundedSwimming or SkiingHiking or Beach StrollVertical or HorizontalBath or ShowerRoll-on or SprayHot or ColdTongue or LipsType or WriteRead or SingTalk or ListenOne of the Gang or OutsiderLoud or QuiteSchool or WorkSmoke or DrinkThanksgiving Dinner or Midnight SnackNapkin or Hand TowelTheater or RentalsCandle lit Dinner or PizzaPassion or CrazinessPessimist or OptimistTruth or DarePhone Call or Online Chat
What A Guy Really Wants In A Girl
misshavingfun@ CherryTAP
Love It When I Have A Good Time.
Hello everyone i just thought i would share alittle about the great time i had last weekend! i don't get a chance to get out much but this past weekend was the best yet. I went down to Beloit, Wisconsin cause i currently live in Janesville, Wis. and met up with some really good friends that i haven't seen in forever! Anyways we went to the gay bar and if you hadent already gathered yet i am Bisexual so anyways we went and seen a drag show! my very first it was sooo awsome! I was so wasted by the end of the show and totally made out with my ex-girlfriend but it was hott! and then we left there and went to this bar called the 88 and i met up with a few other of my friends and you would think being wasted already i would stop drinking well, no i dident't and had some fun there we had to break up a fight and then totally went over to some chicks house that i dident even know with my friends and then i proceeded to get sick all over the street! i dont drink much either but i think if you dr
Tragik4u@ Cherrytap
one hot chick
Need A Perfect Man To Love
What I am looking forsomeone who has a job, but doesn't live there, loves his family but can make his own decisions, has had enough life experiences to know what he wants from a relationship, has a hobby or something he enjoys (strip-clubs not an option), and does not live with his parents. A positive attitude is important as well as honesty and integrity.
I Graduated Go Me!
So i graduated today from first institute medical specialist school ,with a 3.6 and got two awards.Dylan bought me roses and got me a really sweet card.My mom got me a ring and a cute charm bracelet.and she made me a money tree which is kindda lame but it had 20 bucks on it so whatever. I found out i have hypothyroidism so i got put on this medicaine and it makes me eat alot cus it speeds up my's kindda nice...i can eat alot and not get fat(fatter).Yup thats all now im gunna go watch WWE so i can masterbate to John Cena...kkkok....LATE
Love As It Is
My daddy’s girl Some things aren’t meant to last Some dreams they go too fast Then I think of you And that just won’t do I love the sweetness of your smile Watching you play all the while I already knew I was loosing you The child you are is slipping away And this is just natures way Of setting you free So you can be who you’ll be This old man can help but feel Time is cruel but wounds heal And in time pain goes That’s what this heart knows A daddy’s girl you’ll always be At least it’s what I’ll always see When I look at you My baby girl forever new The child you are is slipping away And this is just natures way Of setting you free So you can be who you’ll be Daddy loves you oh so much And he loves to feel the touch Of your little hand Nothings better to this man I won’t worry about what comes It would be oh so dumb And waste the time And that truly is a crime The child you are is slipping away But we won’t worry about that tod
My Crushes
There were 3 people who had crushes on me. However, one of them recently stopped having a crush on me. I'm very disappointed. What did I do? :( I see that I now still have two people who have crushes on me though. That pleases me. :) I also know that there some guys on my friends list that I find very attractive and who I might be compatible with.. I hope atleast one of them is him..
Not Another Day
I can`t deal with this for another day. The air is thinning, it`s getting harder to breathe. My mind is at war with itself. Do I deserve this? Living a life lived so far from where it wants to be. What have I done? I don`t deserve it. It`s to much of a good thing. I`m nothing of a good person! Running on empty as my demons fly by. What makes me happy, so far away, away from myself, away from a nothing. How long will it last, could it ever last? Tearing at the skin, my patience is wearing thin with myself. I don`t know what to do, placing my heart up on a shelf. Oh my god I can`t bear the fall again. Not from him. I`ll shatter it myself, it`ll be an easier end. I want what I may never have, I have a life not wanting, to an extent. Fucking Hell What Is Wrong With Me?!
My Trip To Norfolk
wow, i will be out of WA for a couple of days, i will be in VA visiting with family, not sure what there is all to do out there so if you have any ideas let me know, -g-
If you seek to find the Love you once knew It will prove itself elusive If you seek to find the Passion you once felt It will prove itself deceased If you seek to find the Friendship you once shared It will prove itself lost If you seek to find the Devotion you once gave It will prove itself gone If you seek to find something that once was You have already found it to be extinct If you seek to find the Fear you now hold It will show you it's face, Dismiss the Fear you feel simply because You can It will prove to be a battle Once the Fear is destroyed You will prove Yourself worthy Friendship will grow from Within Devotion will pour from you heart Passion will radiate from your soul, Love will be evident to All ~~~~~~author: Cynthia Jefferys 2003
yall need to teach me about this thing, im hoping this will divert my attention from myspace!
Here's Lacey
After a feast in a quiet corner of the jungle, a cannible lets out a really long burp. Afterward, he look over at his hunting partner and says "You just can't keep a good man down" :)
New Picture(s) (1 Nsfw)
Just added a new picture of my nigh- model like ass. Enjoy.
yes, I know.. "myspace sucks" blah blah blah, and while I'm not about to dispute the suckage of said myspace, I do have a couple of accounts on myspace. Love it or lump it, you really want to know about me, is my personal page, and is my music page. partially due to my lazyness, and partially due to my very static and often far between visits to the internet to check on accounts, I check my myspace, my yahoo, and then others, so don't be surprised if yu message me here and it is a century or two before I respond.
Shattermask Show Dates..
Feb 23 2007 8:00P Friday @ The Underground (a.k.a. the Red Sea) St. Louis, Missouri Feb 24 2007 7:00P Saturday @ Outlaws Farmington, Missouri Mar 2 2007 8:00P Friday @ Mugsy McGuire's Carbondale, Illinois Mar 9 2007 8:00P Friday Music Fest Park Hills, Missouri Mar 11 2007 5:00P Sunday @ VooDooDolls Huntingburg, Indiana Mar 16 2007 9:00P Friday @ Chrome (a.k.a.Club 217) Springfield, Illinois Mar 17 2007 8:00P Saturday @ the QC Zone (St. Patty's Day Jam) Moline, Illinois Mar 24 2007 6:30P Saturday @ Pops (come early) Sauget, Illinois Mar 30 2007 9:00P Friday & Thornz Creve Coeur, Illinois Mar 31 2007 7:00P Saturday @ The Cell Mason City, Illinois Apr 1 2007 4:30P Sunday @ the Eagles Lodge Crystal City, Missouri Apr 11 2007 9:30P Tour - Wednesday @ The Backstage Lounge Gainesville, Florida Apr 14 2007 9:00P Tour - Saturday @ The Paper Moon Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Free Video And Image Hosting New Comment Code Layout Graphics
Free Video and Image Hosting New Comment Code Layout Graphics
Booty Booty Booty Everywhere
Real Booty . Real People . keep'n it Real! FREE Booty Call Site
Secret Kisses
"SECRET KISSES" Secrets.... stolen.... a kiss, a sigh. seldom felt at home. wonderful breaths of air. shared.... alone yet together. touching you.... relief.... home like a prison. stolen.... secrets.... a kiss, a sigh... you and I 01-29-07 J.R.A.F.
Funny Stuff
TO MY DEAR WIFE: During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of once every ten days. The following is a list of why I did not succeed more often: 54 times the sheets were clean 17 times it was too late 49 times you were too tired 20 times it was too hot 15 times you pretended to be asleep 22 times you had a headache 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby 16 times you said you were too sore 12 times it was the wrong time of the month 19 times you had to get up early 9 times you said weren't in the mood 7 times you were sunburned 6 times you were watching the late show 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo 3 times you said the neighbors would hear us 9 times you said your mother would hear us Of the 36 times I did succeed, the activity was not s
i hate not being able to sleep
Grandpas In The Hospital
Yeah so something happend to my grandpa...not sure what exactly but he was all fucked up and we had to call the ambulance and shit..idk it was lame. not in a good mood haha
Why Do My Point's Keep Going Back Up??
so far to night my points have went from 17,609 to 15,607 to 15,649 this is me getting for ratting photos and comments so can i get a little help??????????????????????????? ty
Colin Hay -- Overkill
Shawna's Blog
Greetings Gang! It seems that CherryTap has decided that 2 of my favorite pieces of artwork, 'The Eastern Favourite by Edwin Longsden Long' & 'The Babylonian Marriage Market by Edwin Longsden Long' have been marked NSFW! Amazing!!! Perhaps CherryTap should tell the museums that hold these treasures that they need to be censored for their graphic content. Jesus fucking christ! Grow up!
Brain Freeze!
Sex, Lies, and Roadside Bombings! There is no way you can escape hearing that the American death toll has reached 3,000. The news media has held their breath long enough for the number to reach 3,000 and now they are reminding everyone how many soldiers we have lost in the Iraq war. Congressmen grimace as they shake their heads in blame. Senators scramble to be the first to proclaim that America is losing the Iraq war. Protesters light candles and wear armbands to show their support of withdrawing our troops, and casting blame on the president for ever daring to protect the citizens from terrorist attacks on our own soil. It must be devastating to the families of soldiers killed in the line of duty. Giving everything they had in the greatest of sacrifices. This selfless act demands the respect of all Americans. Every single soldier lost on the battlefield is a sacrifice in the name of freedom. Freedom is not cheap; it is paid for with the blood of our fallen. All we ever hear
Ummm - Yeah
If someone blocks you you should stay off their page. okay Tiff???
Its Like 3 30 In The Morning!
im wideee awake and im supposed to get up 7am to bring the twins to school. so if i sleep now id only get three and a half hours of sleep. oh joy! but i cant help it. im just too FCUKing hyper because i get to see my babyyy tomorrow! my friend anthonyyy (the assfucker) && i are going to fly to rochester to visit him && friendsss. yay! im psyched!
The Last Warrior
High on bleak, stony rag, Unmoving, he sits astride His ragged coated pony. Only telltale frozen breaths, Separate them from The still, winter black boles Of ancient leafless trees. The pony, blown and lame, Stands with lowered head, Ears flattened to the sound Of a distant wolf pack. The man on his back, All weapons lost, Ignores the trickling blood From savage wounds, Mingling his war paint. Eyes burning fiercely He strains to find The sign he seeks: Behind, the sound of enemy Draws ever closer. At last, faith rewarded, He sees far below In the deep valley, Arriving at the edge Of the fast flowing river, The great she bear With two gamboling cubs: To fish the racing salmon, Drawn relentlessly toward Their age-old spawning ground. Silently, the wounded brave Offers his final prayer To the eternal clan bear; Totem and guardian Of his battle slain tribe. The enemy, exultant, Are almost upon him, Yet he looks not behind: He sees only the Great Spiri
To The Protestors
We see you on the nightly news, Marching in the streets- Voices raised, fist upturned All in the name of peace, You profess to know whats right, but you haven't got a clue You're disrespecting the very folks Who've been protecting you This is how you say "thanks"? You all should be ashamed How is it that you sleep at night What is it that you've gained? Why is it that you're safe right now And free to speak you're mind? Because someone fought, lives were lost For you, time after time War Protester, be very thankful, A soldiers' got your back And if you can't appreciate this Feel free to move to Iraq I speak for all real Americans Sick of seeing your crap on the news And as a real American I'll never share your views The next time that you protest And decide to burn my flag Feel free to thank a serviceman For that right to you he gave Protester please continue To march and take a stand But I want to watch you do it Over in I
Hot Phone Sex
i love nasty phone sex.........wanta play with me check me out at
Do You Like
Waking Up
Just for today I will admit I have a problem just for today I can admit the problem is me tomorrow is distant on the horizon so just for today I will try just to breathe yesterday was painful filled with sadness and hurt from years long ago no longer able to hold them close to guard myself Just for today i will tell you I am not in control just for today I will ask for some help just for now i feel i must go finding my breath shaky and shallow how sad it is to know i am not strong just for today i will just be alone
Goin To Jail??
Well today my husband goes to court to see if he goes to jail or not. All I have done theded last two days is cry. Yes he can be an asshole an has treated me like shit in the past but I love him soo much, if he goes go what will i do?? We have never been apart for more than a couple of days!!!and i almost went nuts then!!!! I'm gonna be worrying the whole time I am at work. If he doenst pick me up after work I jnow something will be up.Well this is all im writing for now for the ppl who read this i guess i will keep u posted!
Men Issues
ok, i thought this was funny,,,and somewhat true,,,so ladies enjoy,,, The Why's of Men 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (Because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T MEN BLINK DURING SEX? (They don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (They don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (Because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) (You're laughing, aren't you?!?!) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (So they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties) 6. WHY DID GOD MAKE MEN BEFORE WOMEN? (You need a rough draft before you make a final copy) 7. HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE TO PUT A TOILET SEAT DOWN? (Don't never happened) (C'mon guys, we laugh at your blonde jokes!) 8. WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (Because a vibrator can't mow the lawn) Remember, if you haven't got a smile on your face and
Kittens Rants
People really should just either shut up about stuff or do something about it. I'm sick of hearing my friends whine about their boyfriends, their life and their ailments. Do something if it's so bad you have to whine about it. Stop with the self harm. Stop with the suicide threats. Go out and change what's wrong.
My Blog!!
Well Im really new at this and I have no clue!! So if anyone has any pointers let me know!! Tania
It Is What It Is
you come for a world with strive and struggle to get somewhere only to find that there are others in this world only trying to beat you down....your kindness they pray apon....your willingness to help.....your need and desire for love...they look for the weekness.... kill and destroy that is the aim the goal....why.....why try to bring someone else it because your so jealous of what others have...think about this for awhile...look within and a time when you tried to hurt someone either with words or actions...think what made you do it....pressure from others....plain old jealous.... wanting what others have....or just plain stupid....not thinking of how that might hurt another...we do this all the time...all of if someone told me that i would be where i am now i would laugh at alone...very much so...its mostly by choice....i have friends....but not anyone close that i share my true inner feeling and wishes with....i have many....but
Cleveage Contest
I am holding the best Cleveage Contest. I will be taking entrys until thursday night 6pm central time. Contest will start 2/5 and will go thru 2/10. 1st place gets a 7 day cherry blast 2nd place gets a 3 day cherry blast You can not comment bomb yourself. One with the most comments and ratings win So private message me on which pic you want me to rip And Good Luck
Just Some Writings : - )
A Christmas To Remember I looked at her from the corner of my eye, she was definitely flustered but I could care less, she was their mother and the behavior of her children were her own problem was that they were most likely going to distract me with their constant banter and shenanigans throughout the entire church service. She sighed as her young son began crawling under the front pew; she quickly bent down and caught the three year old by the leg, and dragged him back to the seat. "Stop it! You're embarrassing Mommy," she whispered under her breath as she adjusted the crying infant she held in her arms. I knew what my own father would have done if I were to behave in church like that little one was, I'd have had my hide-tanned right there on the spot! The tot took that moment as a perfect opportunity to begin scribbling on the inside cover of the Hymnal. "Uh...your son ma'am," I said with a frown, and then indicated down at the floor with a no
Go To See The Doc
Scene From Swedish Gas Pump Girls
Underworld Slide's
Dragons Slide's
Lesbians From Tv/film Part 4
Love Song
A Love Song If I could sing you a love song Would you cherish every note Knowing each word filled with love As they escape my throat If I were there with you Would you rest your head Leaning it against me As we sit in your bed Could you feel the love With every guitar string Could you feel the love In every note I sing I would sing the chorus As our lives write the verse Making new beginnings As we arrive there first So know this truth as you hear my voice In each and every song When I’m singing understand It’s for you I long
Comment Bombers Needed Guys
Why You Never Let A Woman Get An Oil Change
im wirteing this about me. why i wonder im sad little man thats hideing in a hole. my life got turned inside out and i meet this really great person but i messed it up again i have a fear of being comment to anyone in this life so i always use the excuse that i love myself more than any one. in reality i hate myself for all the bad stuff ive done in my life and most of it sad to say ive never got caught for. so i just wanted to say im lost in life now and alone in which i hope not forever but left up to me i will be alone forever.
hi and this is my first day here , i hope to meet some very nice ppl on this site and have lots of friends everyone have a great day Sunshine
Sounds On The Surface
Sounds On The Surface A crystal lake so calm and inviting, a hawk flies overhead crying. Peaceful, tranquil, picture perfect, a duck swims gracefully gliding. Beneath the surface, a struggle he is hiding. Legs thrashing, trying to stay afloat, alarmed at every touch, fearful, watchful in his ever present struggle. A family man, off to work, meetings and phone calls fill his day. Punch a clock and a sedan drive home.. Wife, kids, off they go PTA, putting on a show. Twelve oclock, kids asleep, a bottle his constant companion. Preparing for another day, A glass crashes to the floor. Sleeping on the sofa once again, the alarm clock rings. Up, up, and away… A lonely child, Booksack full A crowded hallway A long sleaved shirt Camoflauged covers what’s hiding beneath the surface. On the surface a smile, grades pressed forward, priorities--- I must be perfect. In a room at night lights dim, stereo up, the boom boom boom covers the crying like the sh
Shadow Force
As some of you know i play SOCOM US NAVY SEALS online with some guys. Well i went on a trip to meet a few of them. We use nicknames there as we do here on CT. Allright, long story short. Kowboy was going thru the KC area and decided to meet Gacy and myself for some breakfast Thursday morning. When I got there, Kowboy was already there, and we started talking about how many cops were around the area. I then noticed two cops looking around in Kowboys truck, I informed him of this and he said that he should go out there and talk to them since he had a air-soft rifle in his truck. I stayed inside for the time being. About 30 seconds later, two additional cops walked over to the window where I was sitting and motioned for me to step outside. Once outside, I had to give them my drivers license and explain to them how I knew Kowboy and what we were doing. They had me stand outside with Kowboy while they searched his truck, then mine. It went from 2 cops to about 12 in a matter of 30 seconds
Swinger Lifestyle
Just curious as to who is in the lifestyle. Was told there was some on here and only know for sure about a few of you.
Questions About Me
YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST..I want to know 35 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. You're on my list, so let me know..... JUST HIT REPLY TO SEND DIRECTLY TO ME IN A MESSAGE THEN, REPOST THE EMPTY QUESTIONS AS A BULLETIN. 1. Can you cook? 2. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator? 3. What talent do you wish you had? 4. Favorite place? 5. Favorite vegetable? 6. What was the last book you read? 7. Are you Dirty or Clean? 8. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 9. Worst Habit? HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 10. Do we know each other outside of myspace? 11. What's your philosophy on life? 12. Pessimistic or Optimistic? 13. What was your dream growing up? 14. Worst thing to ever happen to you? 15. Would you give me money or a slap in the face? 16. Tell me one weird fact about you: 17. Would you have my back or ki
why is it that all bitches wanna hate on me is it cause im beautiful or what? everytime a bitch sees me she hates i just tell them bitches dont hate me cuzz u aint me......
Well saturday night was awesome great time with hot hard bodied inked up men and gorgeous women at the club.It def was a night to remember lol. Sat is the big wedding day so be sure to catch Bams show on tonite to see whats been going on for the last few months.Sat will be amazing alot of security and well come to find out my boy Ipri is working it he just got word weird is that. I am looking fwd to this event,and cant wait to get all dressed up and then party like crazy after...thank god I took off work the next day,with thecrew you need a few days off after a night out hahaha..Have a safe and hope you have a fun filled weekend like I am.. XOXOXO
Home Front News
I know I have been sort of put offish lately, but I have had a good reason ! I work for Group Health hear in Washington and I am part of Internal Security. We had two robberies in two days at two of our facilitis Pharmacies. The bad guys failed on the first attempt, but very successfull on the second, getting away with OVER $100,000 in drugs. We have been working double and triple shifts , so I havnt had much time to do anything but sleep, much less eat or anything else. We should get back to normal operations by next week !
Simple Bitches
A simple bitch is someone you met through somebody else. * A real bitch is someone you knew from back in the day and we still kickin it now! A simple bitch will take you where you need to go.* A real bitch throws you her keys and say it needs gas in it! A simple bitch will tell you not to fight, it aint worth it*.A real bitch will say beat her ass and look at the crowd and say bet nobody jump in. A simple bitch will let another bitch know she can back the fuck up or get knock the fuck out.* A real bitch will just knock her the fuck out!!! A simple bitch tells you, she's had enough to drink.*A real bitch tells you we need another shot, we bout to get fucked up! A simple bitch goes to the club with you and sits down.* A real bitch goes to the club with you and say lets show these simple bitches how we do it. A simple bitch hates it when you call after they've gone to bed.* A real bitch pops up at your house, talkin bout I know you aint in the bed, on a clubnight! A s
Strange Things About H.i.m.whore
Yes it is true. I still think that there are monsters under my bed that are going to get me. I'm also deathly afraid of the dark. If I go outside at night I start freaking out and shaking and can't breathe right. Even if i'm in my house in the dark. I have to have nightlights everywhere in my house. Ghosts scare the shit out of me. If I watch something about REAL ghosts I have violent nightmares. Now horror movies I love because they are fake. I can't go up into the attic of my new house without crying. I can't go into the basement of my house without having an anxiety attack. There you go. When i think of more i'll be sure to post it for yas! ROCK ON BITCHES!!! JAX
For All My Friend How About A Little Love
Nsfw Crap!
Normally I wouldn't post anything bitching about NSFW.. I try to remember to mark anything showing T & A approriately. But.... after having a tag I created marked NSFW this morning for NO fucking reason... has me just a bit peeved! There was NO TITS, ASS or COCK showing! What really gets me... is this tag is posted several times in my albums and only the most recent entry was flagged! I know who the 2 people are who viewed it before it was flagged and my message to you is.... 1) Grow the fuck up! This is an Adult Site....which means, I would assume that we are all Adults here! 2) It was not in my Default Album.... Enter at your own risk!!!! 3) If you think this pic is NSFW.... you need your head examined and you need to stay out of my photos!!!!
Barbie~pretty Funny Shit
Mattel recently announced the release of limited-edition Barbie Dolls for the Dallas market: " Highland Park Barbie" This princess Barbie is sold only at Northpark. She comes with an assortment of Kate Spade Handbags, a Lexus SUV, a long-haired foreign dog named Honey and a McMansion on Beverly Drive. Available with or without tummy tuck and face lift. Workaholic Ken sold only in conjunction with the augmented version. " Plano/Allen Barbie" The modern day homemaker Barbie is available with Ford Windstar Minivan and matching gym outfit. She gets lost easily and has no full-time occupation. Traffic jamming cell phone sold separately. " Oak Cliff Barbie" This recently paroled Barbie comes with a 9mm handgun, a Ray Lewis knife,a Chevy with dark tinted windows, and a Meth Lab Kit. This model is only available after dark and must be paid for in cash (preferably small, untraceable bills) ...unless you are a cop, then we don't know what you are talking about.
Squeak's Blog
Well, this is my first blog. Figured it'd get started out here. So far this place really rocks and is totally addicitive. Well that's all I have for now .. will update agian later.
Uh Crummy Tuesday
Ok so maybe its not a good idea to *redo* one spot with a tanning bed more than once in the same day...and NO the TURBO one...yah it kicks ass alright, fry your ass cheeks in less than ten YAY! NOT! just to fix a freakin line!Never again Man. Sunburn is almost gone thank ass is still itchy tho and that sucks donkey shit.anyways hope all you um peaches are doing great and stuff and hopefully will get off my ass soon and check everyones pages out, some of you people are worse than me LOL KUDOS!!!Toodles and crap til later!
All About Me
Just for today my thoughts will be on my recovery, living and enjoying life without the use of drugs. Just for today I will have faith in someone in NA who believes in me and wants to help me in my recovery. Just for today I will have a program. I will try to follow it to the best of my ability. Just for today through NA, I will try to get a better perspective on my life. Just for today I will be unafraid, my thoughts will be on my new associations, people who are not using and who have found a new way of life. So long as I follow that way, I have nothing to fear.
Chadlicious's Ramblings
These are just the rambling of a fledgling man I want to dance What I need is to learn how I want sex What I need is love I want to learn to be a smooth talker What I need is honesty I want to be popular What I need is to focus on my true friends I want a girlfriend What I need is more than chemicals in my bed I want to fight What I need is to make peace I want to help What I need is to help myself I want a fast girl What I need is a woman who can slow me down I want a drink What I need is to sober up I want to speak What I need is to listen I want to go snowboarding What I need is health insurance I want to be rich and famous What I need is to learn to be happy with what I have I want lots of toys What I need is to take care of the things I have I want a house What I need is a home I want a kid What I need is a dog I want to get crazy What I need is sanity I want to gamble
Another Survey, Disregard If You Don't Intend To Share Results
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s) ? 4. Do you think i'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Three sum? 19. Anal yes/no? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Do you like fore play? 23. What is fore play to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25.sexual ACT that you enjoy the most?: 26.have you ever used BONDAGE?: whips and CHAINS excite you?: 28.does it turn you on when your partner DRESSES up
Do You Follow Your Head Or Your Heart?
You Follow Your Heart You're romantic, sentimental, and emotional. You tend to fall in (and out of) love very quickly. Some may call you fickle, but you can't help where your emotions take you. You've definitely broken a few hearts, but you're not a heartbreaker by nature. Your intentions are always good, even if they change with the wind Do You Follow Your Head or Your Heart?
Jobs And Jobs
So you're having a bad day????????? Are you having a "jellyfish bad day"? If you don't laugh out loud after you read this, you may be in a coma! This is even funnier when you realize it's real! Next time you have a bad day at work ... think of this guy: Rob is a commercial saturation diver for Global Divers in Louisiana. He performs underwater repairs on offshore drilling rigs. Below is an E-mail he sent to his sister. She then sent it to radio station 103.2 On FM dial in Ft. Wayne , Indiana , which was sponsoring a Worst Job Experience Contest. Needless to say, she won. Hi Sis, Just another note from your bottom-dwelling brother. Last week I had a bad day at the office. I know you've been feeling down lately at work, so I thought I would share my dilemma with you to make you realize it's not so bad after all. Before I can tell you what happened to me, I first must bore you with a few technicalities of my job. As you know, my office lies at the botto
What Do Your Dreams Mean?
What Your Dreams Mean... Your dreams seem to show that you're very preoccupied with your fears and problems. These bad dreams indicate that you need to spend more time on your issues during the day. Overall, you are very content in your life. Your dreams tend to reflect your insecurities. You have a very vivid imagination and a rich creative mind. What Do Your Dreams Mean?
Freshmeats please visit my younger sisters profile.
Sexy Quiz
According to experts, I am : 69% SexyTake the Sexy Quiz at
The Kinky Quiz
According to experts, I am : 78% KinkyTake the Kinky Quiz at
What Would You Do For Money?
All for the moneyI would do things for money 65% of the timeTake the Would You Do It Quiz at
Love Fortune Cookie
Love Fortune CookieMy love fortune cookie says "A stranger will cross your path who later becomes your friend"Click here to get your love fortune cookie from
Confined In My Mind
Your responses will be interesting. Pay attention to what you read. After you have finished reading it, you will know the reason I posted it, rather it be from me to you, or for you to apply in your own life. Here goes: PEOPLE COME INTO YOUR LIFE FOR A REASON People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must re
Crystal`s Blog
Glitter Text Maker Layout Codes Layout Graphics Comment Image Source
Fantasy Quiz
"You have been waiting for this for a long time, you have been dreaming of this fantasy for years. As you stand here blindfolded you know all your deepest desires are about to come true. Your partner tells you to slowly take off your blindfold. You look around you slowly. You are sitting on the bed in the middle of a department store. Mmmmm just as you imagined it, yes?. You let your eyes adjust to the light. You look around and see a whole crowd of old male pensioners all looking at you. Ohhhh those eyes staring straight at you, wanting you, and you know why. You are standing there absolutely naked, not a stitch of clothing on, everything is exposed to the staring eyes. You think to yourself, 'I have been dreaming of this for so long'. Things are about to really get hot when all of a sudden the police turn up. They want to talk to you about the bad athletes foot lotion you sold them last week and take you down to the station. Sitting in your jail cell over night you think back
Peole Dont Know How To Pary In Texas Anymore!!!!
So the other night my boyfriend came over and picked up my best friend Kat and I. We went cruzin the town and I called some friends to see what they were up to at like 2am and all we got was "im just about to head to bed." or "Im asleep" May I remind you this is a SATURDAY NIGHT!!! So anyway, some people answered some didnt, I finally got a hold of one of my friends, who we'll call "Bob", and he said he was just partying with a few friends @ his friend "Joe's" house, so we joined them. When we got there not only was there no party, they were watching a movie and handing back and forth a lap top!! They HAD been drinking, but only a few beer bottles were visable!! So it lead me to think that nothing fun was happening. WHAT KINDA PARTY IS THAT?!?!?! Kat and I were borred off our ass's so I told my bf that we wanted to leave so we did. The next day we were borred again so went to the mall hoping to see some friends there and we did so it was OK. We ran into one of my friends and he tol
yup it finaly ganna happen im ganna get married i cant wait i just got to tell evryone im so happy
Morpin Whore
I spent way to much money (but I'm single so there's no woman bitching about it) on a photo editing softwear package. I have now found myself with a new hobby, making Morph Pics. I've already made about 60. Most of which I made for people here on Cherry Tap. And some for friends that are still stuck on Myspace with the other mindless loosers. Anyway if you would like a morph done just hit me up and I'll be glad to do it. Usually take me no time at all. The hard part is deciding on the pics to morph so if you choose your or own it's almost instant satisfaction. I do warrenty my work so if it doesn't work right when I finish it just let me know and I'll keep at it till it does. Later All jbear
Big Rick
hay what up to all my name is Ricky my friends call me big RICK i'm new to this cherry tap i have a myspace profile so look me up add me
On Me ;)
The wisdom of Larry the cable guy... 1. A day without sunshine is like night. 2. On the other hand, you have different fingers. 3. 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. 4. 99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name. 5. Remember, half the people you know are below average. 6. He who laughs last, thinks slowest. 7. Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm. 8. The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap. 9. Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have. 10. A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory. 11. Change is inevitable, except from vending machines. 12. If you think nobody cares, try missing a couple of payments. 13. How many of you believe in psycho-kinesis? Raise my hand. 14. OK, so what's the speed of dark? 15. When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane. 16. Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off
through the night I waunder my heart yerning for love my eyes blank and souless as I waunder the town I search and search for my true love wanting to hold her in my arms to cradle and caress and call her my own my heart and my soul feel hallow what am I what am I to you am I something to hold onto to love or leave I am just a mere Vampyre a Fallen Angel my wings have lost their true color fallen from God's grace to waunder alone for eternity will you help me reach out to me? love me? hold me in your arms what ever you do dont leave me alone.
Live life to the fullest and dont take life for granted.. You never know what can happen today or even tommrow. Just have fun and full fill your life.. With friends family and anyone you are close too..
Just A Poem I Wrote
The Journey Sleeping underneath a stone cold sun Haunted by memeries of my past So hard to let go, so I try to run Run until my breath can no longer last Haunted by my pain, haunted by my sin How do you find the strength to let go? I try not to let my past win But it's determined to you know My past will not win, I won't let it end this way So I continue to run I try to hold the memories at bay Pausing only to sleep under the stone cold sun But the memories revive They won't let me go My heart is cold, but my soul is determined to survive Across this endless river I row I sleep underneath a stone cold sun But my past is calling I arise once again, continue to run But I lose hope, I'm falling Falling in a dark cold abiss When I am captured by strong arms The arms of the one who would help me, they promise bliss But I've learned well not to be captured by a mans charms He whispers forgivness, he whispers love Tells me my sin was forgiven long ago
May I Kiss You?
May I Kiss You? I ask if I may kiss you. You just smile; no answer is necessary. My initial kiss is just a flirting of our lips. My tongue lightly flicking - Like I am asking, "Do you want me?" The tip of my tongue runs all around your lips. Touching every part, Inside and out - Over and over again. Tickling you, tickle, tickle, goes my tongue. Now I press my lips gently to yours. Rubbing your lips back and forth against mine. My kisses are hot and fast. I cannot rest long in any one place. I have such a need to go on. I trail kisses of passion all over your face. Then back to your mouth. Our tongues dance together. We are exploring. I circle your tongue with the tip of mine. You echo the pattern back to me. I lick the sides, underside and the top. You echo back. I suck your lower lip. You echo back. We repeat, repeat, repeat. The sensations are driving our emotions. We are wild for each other. You thrust your tongue in and out. The movements are rhyth
My Crazy Life
I love to have a good time Partying is one of my hobbies I don't take things too seriously unless i need to I say the work fuck a lot I'm not a virgin... I have my tongue pierced as well as my nipples I go to college at BV and it's kicking my ass I love my friends, and family I think Wal-mart is taking over corperate America I'm very random I'm a dork I love me.. but then again.. who doesn' There's never a dull moment with me In almost every conversation I have, sex comes up I'm where the party's at.. lol and there's never a dull moment with me... oh ya.. and the president of our college knows about all of my piercings.... Keep it rocking.. Lots of uncreepy love Methy
Dr Phil Test
Dr Phil's Test: Here you go. Try this! Below is Dr Phil's test. (Dr. Phil scored 55; he did this test on Oprah - she got a 38.) Some folks pay a lot of money to find this stuff out! Read on, this is very interesting! Don't be overly sensitive! The following is pretty accurate and it only takes 2 minutes. Take this test for yourself and send it to your friends. The person who sent it placed their score in the e-mail subject box. Please do the same before forwarding to your friends (send it back to the person who Sent it to you.) Don't peek, but begin the test as you scroll down and answer. Answers are for who you are now...... not who you were in the past. Have pen or pencil and paper ready. This is a real test given by the Human Relations Dept. at many of the major corporations today . It helps them get better insight concerning their employees and prospective employees. It's only 10 Simple questions, so...grab a pencil and paper, keeping track of your letter an
does any of my family, friends or fans play EQ?? i am trying to learn....and failing....if you play and wanna help me out please let me know... xoxo....becky
My Candy Heart Says...
Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss" You're a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship. You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you Your flirting style: friendly and sweet What turns you off: cynics who don't believe in romance Why you're hot: you always keep the romance alive What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
This is just something I'm working on. Unfortunately, I also have about 60 hours of reading to do this week on top of class, so this is all I have so far. She moved through a sea of masks, not knowing quite how she had gotten there. She could feel that she too wore a mask, although she couldn't remember putting it on. Passing one of the many mirrors in the darkened room, she saw a quiet face of silvery glitter with thorny vines twining all around it. Similar patterns were traced down her neck to the top of her dress, with a simple white ribbon encircling her neck. She'd seen the design somewhere before but was having trouble placing it. How had she gotten here…? A leather-gloved hand fell on her shoulder and she jumped a little, but her instincts didn't scream the way they should and she wondered why this presence was so familiar, turning to look into a mask that was nearly the opposite of hers, all black with only hints of color, the pattern different and yet someh
A Little About Me
so this semester is crazy...i'm a senior at Plattsburgh State, NY. I have an intern working with TBI and I work with mental challenged and disabled adults. It all keeps me busy. Basically only a little time to chill but I graduate in May so i'm excited after finally finding a major I like. Isn't all about what you like?
I m blind, I can still hear and touch This is how I see I appreciate everything more now... I had my sight once, I was blind then too. 7-26-92 That one a contest in college I wrote that for a co worker
Poems I Ve Written
Roses come in different colors They all stand for something different Yet, we are not prejudice toward them. Humans come in different colors too They also stand for something different Yet, we are prejudice toward them Why is it that when it comes to flowers Color means nothing Yet, when it comes to humans ..... 7-19-92 Waiting to see if this gets published I should know in a few weeks
Fear Thy Leader
The world seems so mis fortunate isolated by visions created by men building towers to control there own vision which leaves us in a conformity of dwelling in others immediate negative attention
Ghost Machine
Ghost Machines album reveals all the complicated stuff that is controlling are lives such as the smallest things look them up buy there album if your a fan of tool or other acts such as
hey im new to this cherrytap. so far i love it. if u wanna know more about me just check my profile out or send a mesage love to hear from all of you. anyway come check me out and ill do the same. peace
About Hush..
1. Silence is Creative More and more we are required to "think outside the box." This requires us to come up with new ideas. This may be within a business, a school, or a non-profit organization. Creativity is not found within the known. Creativity means to bring the new into being. All "thinking about" is simply juggling with the old. You might come up with an answer but this is not developing creativity. Creatively needs the silence of "non-thinking." It requires that you quiet the chattering mind. Silence and creativity are one. 2. Silence builds trust Silence allows you to trust yourself. You give yourself time to listen to your inner voice. You learn to discover your unique ways of knowing. You discover that you do know the answers. You simply think others know better than you do. You have been taught this for most of your life. Listening silently to the promptings of your heart you begin got know your own voice. You become your own master. 3. Silence gives rest
Me & Ronnie
Love Sonnet Xvii
This is my favorite poem by Pablo. I read this in Mr. Knuth's class waaayyyyyy back and it has been my favorite ever since..... Love Sonnet XVII by Pablo Neruda I don't love you as if you were the salt-rose, topaz or arrow of carnations that propagate fire: I love you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadow and the soul. I love you as the plant that doesn't bloom and carries hidden within itself the light of those flowers, and thanks to your love, darkly in my body lives the dense fragrance that rises from the earth. I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where, I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I don't know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep it is your eyes that close.
Welcome To My World
Aquarius You are very random, changing moods everyday. You are very genuine, and you like to do a lot sexually. When you find something that you like, you like it a lot and want your lover to like it too. Ideally you like to find a partner who is as into sex as you are. You want a lover who is just as independent as you are and you like an equal amount of give and take in the sack. Sex matches: Aries, Gemini, Libra Take this quiz at
really need some help to figure out how to get rid of most of my music and start new please HELP
This Is Red Witch
I'm not sure what this NSFW thing is - how come so many people at work are here when they should be working?? lol Anyway, I'm new here and this is just to introduce myself, so I will keep it reasonably tame in case the boss or someone else is looking over your shoulder :) My name is Jo, and if you've seen my photos you'll know that my hair is bright red, hence the "Red" part of my name, the "Witch" is really a joke because my hubby Chris reckons I know what he is thinking before he does - but then he is only a man:). I can't show all my photos here, but my profile tells you how to see over 200 of them. Please do look, I would like you to, and please comment on them if you like them. I'm a complete slut for my husband, I dress to please him and give him anything and everything he asks for. I'm not submissive but I love to give, and he gives me all I want in return. I have been really overwhelmed at the response since we started this just six months ago - around 70,000 views so far,
New Cherry
Hi everyone!! I am new to ct.I am steve. Drop a line, say hi, what ever!!:D
What People Think
Ok here it goes. I have been reading online here and there recently about downraters .. as well as people talking shit to other people .. and u can like or not like it for all i care but my point is this. Do you think that bitching about being rated an 8 instead of a 10 really honestly matters in the grand scheme of things ?? I mean cmon people .. you put so much value in C.T. that you over all life will be over if u get downrated just a little ?? If it really is about life or death for some of you people .. then maybe u really shouldn't be here and should go back to "Cry"space or what have you. No offense but for those living life .. they will indeed understand what i mean when i say that life is way too fuckin short to be bothered by petty stupid bullshit. I love C.T. for its ability to post whatever the hell i want to and reguardless on whether you like it or hate it .. post it anyway just because i have that right here. If you have that much of a problem with someone elses o
Make It Happen
i just started this site its cool as hell to me but i just hope people sho me love like i would do 4 them. so i can get used to this u feel me
My Life As It May Be
What Love Is To Me
Few people know what they mean when they say I Love You..Well,what does the word love mean. It means total interest.I think the reason very few people really fall in love with anyone is they're not willing to pay the price.The price is you have to adjust yourself to them.
Naughty Or Nice???
1)Ever been to a strip club? Yes 2)Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club? No 3)Ever been so drunk you had to be carried out of somewhere? NOPE I CAN HANDLE MY OWN LOL 4)Kissed someone of the same sex? MANY TIMES WITH MANY DIFFERENT WOMEN SUCH AS MY DAUGHTER, MOM, GRAMMA, NIECES,ECT. YOU GET THE PICTURE LOL 5)Thrown up from drinking too much? Yes 6)Thrown up on someone during sex? No 7)Had sex in a car? Yes 8)Had sex on a pool table? Yes 9)Had sex in a movie theater? NO 10)Had sex in a bathroom? Yes 11)Had sex at work? NO 12)Have you ever been in an "adult" store? Yes 13)Have you ever purchased items from an adult store? Yes 14)Have you spent over $100.00 in one visit to the adult store? No 15)Is there someone you wished you never had sex with? No 16)Is there someone you wish you could have had sex with? Yes 17)Have you ever had a threesome? No 18)Are your breasts real? Yes 19)Have you ever kissed a stranger?
Loose Change
if it is all about the tits on top legendswell then I'll see you there my pretties
A bus carrying only ugly people crashes into an oncoming truck, and everyone inside dies. As they stand at the Pearly Gates waiting to enter Paradise and meet their maker, God decides to grant each person one wish because of the grief they have experienced. They're all lined up, and God asks the first one what the wish is. "I want to be gorgeous," and so God snaps His fingers, and it is done. The second one in line hears this and says "I want to be gorgeous too." Another snap of His fingers and the wish is granted. This goes on for a while with each one asking to be gorgeous, but when God is halfway down the line, the last guy in the line starts laughing. When there are only ten people left, this guy is rolling on the floor, laughing his head off. Finally, God reaches this last guy and asks him what his wish will be. The guy eventually calms down and says: "Make 'em all ugly again."
Attention Mozilla Firefox Users
Ok, I have notice sometimes when viewing some of my friends profiles I would get a message, \"Additional plugins need to view all files\" or something to that effect. Well, after some gruelling effort and research, I followed these instructions I finally found and so far it has worked. I cannot guarantee this will fix your particular issue, but it has helped me a great deal..Best of luck... Restoring the Windows Media Player plugin 1. If any of these entries are not present, look for the files in the Windows Media Player directory (usually C:Program FilesWindows Media Player), and if you find them copy then to the Firefox plugins directory (usually C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxplugins). Then repeat the previous step and check the files are all there. 2. If some of the files are still missing, you can download the individual files from * npdsplay.dll:
Just wondering why guys just can't be honest and say what they want, if its sex then say it lol! tired of guys being fake and coming up saying "I want to know you more" or "would love to just be friends" if they're not serious! thats all for now ;o)
I Hate Your Face
may aswell make a blog. yep...
Well, its that time coming up very shortly. It is about 30 mins away and I will officialy become 30 years old. It still feels like yesterday when going to high school and so forth. So, to all people reading this blog. All I can say is... I hope for some ass kickin times at age 30...and it will all begin at RPMs on Friday Arpil 13 in Bridgeville, PA. Later everyone! SL
My First Montage
Hey.. This is the very first picture montage that I have created. I think it came out very well. Take a look and let me know what you think.
im sitting in my office with absolutely nothing to do and im bored out of my fucking mind. i wish that i knew where there was a party. maybe if i could get trashed then i wouldn't be so bored. anyway. blah. steve-o
Mad As Hell
I want to know why it is that someone tells you they got your back and they are your friends.Then they turn around and talk shit on you to other people thinking you won't find out.I think that is messed up.If you ain't gonna be a true friend then don't bother to be a friend to anyone at all.That is what I think about all that shit.
Funny Shit
I awaken in a strange bed totally naked. I can't see anything, wait I am blindfolded. I can tell my eyes are open but I can't see. I reach to take the blindfold off but I can't I am tied up. My hands are above my head. I start to get afraid so I start thrashing around and that is when I notice my ankles are tied down too. Whoever did this to me has me spread-eagle on the bed and totally tied down. All I can move is my head..and to lift my ass off the bed. I must have been drugged because I fall back asleep while I am struggling. I awaken to the sensation of being watched. I know there is someone in the room with me but I have no idea. I don't even know if it is male or female. I can feel someone staring at me for what seems like ages but I don't know how long it has been. could be minutes could be hours. I can feel myself getting aroused just by being stared at. I am confused..should I be getting aroused. I can hear someone moving around in the room. He/She is g
Just K Poet
Unexpected you come a dream to say the least unleashed to keep so much more than a memory more than I could ever ask something made to last a heart to steal words I feel to the deepest of my soul I give…you hold a promise that I won't let go a prayer prayed delayed? Please promise you'll stay… Today… Tomorrow… Forever… A dream dreamt tears wept all for this moment in time your inner shine shimmering through in all the things you say and do a real life dream come true you… At arms length I reach but distance forsakes me a lifetime away maybe someday I pray but not today… I can't stay.. I have to say good-bye.. Why? I cry, but it won't change this lifetime you're a lifetime away… I only ask that you please stay… I pull and you reach maybe it's destiny... Fate I will await even if you seem a lifetime away just promise... No matter where this path leads a world away I promise on this day I won't drift away if you'll stay...
Hey everyone. Here is a great new way to support Youth Against Poverty. Just use as your search engine (it's powered by Yahoo) and every time you do a search, they donate a penny. Just be sure to use this link or enter "Youth Against Poverty" in the "Who do you GoodSearch for" box. To date, we've earned about $33. But, here's some inspiration. An elephant sanctuary has earned more than $2500! Just 500 of use searching four times a day will raise about $7300 in a year! Please download the toolbar or make it your homepage and tell everyone you know. It's so incredibly easy, there's no reason not to do it.
My First Blog
My First blog and the pressure on writing something sensational is almost too much to bear. It's important to write something insightful, witty and intelligent so that people don't just think i'm some knuckle dragging neanderthal and that i might actually be someone they might want to know. I've got to be careful of spelling errers so i don't come off looking stoopid cause really i'm quite an intelligent fellow! I want to show off my true personality without coming off pretentious but still i can't understate myself at the same time. I'm not sure how people can do this without going insane!!! Screw it! I'm off to the pub......
i just wanna see how many people look at this lol. so you have been damnd. dont look behind you. im looking in your window. i smaked your mom. i fucked your sister. im realy not right in the head.
few years back i was trying to think of a new nic for me. I had been low_noon forever. low_noon worked because i flew low under the radar and alawys straight with everyone.... times had changed. M A D H A T, plain and simple.... mad as hell and always got my hat!
Come Party With Honey!
Join me here!!! Great people~great times!!! ^^^click here^^^
damn all i can say is fukk im so fukkin sikk an tired of lies fukk im sorry bout this shit but fukk a bunch of lies!!!!!!
Chief Dan George
My Birthday Party
My 29th birthday guests for this Friday February 2nd.At the door just mention my name (Antonio Howard) have all of your guests mention my name to get in for the $20 party fee. 9p.m. to 11pm You and all of your party’s guests will get drinks and domestic beer from 9pm to 11pm with this party package!!!or u can pay $30 for 9 to 12a.m. There is no limit to the number of people that can go, so spread the word if you want to. Socialize, sip cocktails, and enjoy one of Chicago 's best venues!! you spend more than $20 in a night out at a club you cant beat that they close at 4a.m. it last from 9p.m. to 4 a.m. MAXBAR| 2247 N. Lincoln Ave | Chicago | Info 773.549.5884 near fullerton and lincoln next to the apartment lionhead night club or email me at for directions or go to HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THIS FRIDAY AT MAXBAR
Israeli War Crimes
Stop The Protesting
Whoever may be out there protesting the war, protesting our stay out here in iraq, please i beg, WE BEG, PLEASE STOP. You are seriously hurting our Moral out here. We understand your frustration, but none of you guys and the people out there protesting arent the ones sitting out here day n night, we are. We signed up for this it is part our job, it comes with the territory, part of being in the Armed Forces, we are out here putting our lives on the line to make sure our country doesnt have another attack like on 9/11. so please we the armed forces of america beg you to stop your protesting and start supporting us again, our cause out here is right, its just going to take time to do what we have to do. FOr those who havent stop supporting us, may your higher power bless you, and we will always be here at your service and proudly protect you. again thank you for your support.
I'm Sad
I've been on here for a long time and no one has given me a gift yet. No one ever trys to talk to me or anything they just add me too get more points or something. Oh well I will just cry myself to sleep...or not......
Ummm Odd Place To Be
well this is odd, diffrent from vf better than myspace.. umm well off to look around, so hello to everyone.
This is the "hottie" test. Reply through a message with your answers. Post this and see who will fill this out. You may be surprised to see some of the answers. Dont worry about hurting feelings--- BE HONEST!!! Do i look like a good kisser? [] yes [] no Would you kiss me? [] yes [] no Am I? [] beautiful! [] sexy [] fine [] pretty [] iight [] ugly! Do you think i still have my v card? [] yes [] no [] dont know! I look like.. [] a player [] a slut [] a whore [] a hubby/wifey type [] a one time thing [] a next bf/gf If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No Would you rather.. [] hook up with me [] cuddle with me [] date me On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [] 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 Are you going to repost this so i can answer for YOU? [] yes [] no what would you want me to be to you? [] friend [] girl friend/boy friend [] Hub
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Luann's Blog
Nice site so far. I'm single mother of 2 grown kids. I love HARLEYS, loud bikes, friends, family and long trips. I am getting my own Harley this year!!!!!
The longest survey you'll ever fill out! Do the world a favor: fill it out and post it for all your friends.... Do this because the person who did this didn't sit here for ages for nothing. Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff. Single or Taken: Taken Eye color: hazel Shoe size: 8 1/2 Height: 5 foot 3 inches What are you wearing right now? a pair of black pants a pink top and socks Righty or lefty: Righty. Can you make a dollar in change right now: umm yeah Best place to go for a date: dunno never been on a real one FAVORITES -------------------------------------------- Kind of pants: lounge pants Number: 13 Animal: pig Drink: coke Month: October Juice: Cranapple or Crangrape Favorite movie: The Note Book, Rent Have You Ever... ----------------------------------------------------------- Bungee Jumped?: nope Made yourself throw-up?: Yeah Eaten a hotdog?: Yeah Loved someone so much it made you cry?: Yes.
A Woman's Eyes
In A Woman’s Eyes There is something about a woman’s eyes Plucked from the heavens, stolen from the skies There could be a twinkle, a sparkle or shine Look deep within them and get lost in time As beautiful as a sunset, accenting a smile Glowing like evening and lasting for miles Mirrors of time and lessons that are learned They gaze into your heart making fires burn They speak in volumes without uttering a word Wanting and longing, feelings unheard Full of compassion and beauty and grace They are the windows of a beautiful face Look into her eyes and see the one you adore When walking away, you stop and want more As are the treasures not measured by wealth For its there in her eyes that you find yourself
New Terrorist Threat
Subject: This will scare the hell out of you Binary Explosive Device: Many people dismissed the danger of carrying tooth paste and the like aboard an aircraft. Here's the reason. Witness the explosive power contained in one drop of binary explosive and consider the results of detonating a tooth paste tube size of binary aboard an aircraft. Most importantly, the recipe for this material is available on the Internet. In case you need to be reminded why you should be concerned about terrorists. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
Q1: WHAT ARE THE SMALL BUMPS AROUND A WOMAN'S NIPPLES FOR? A: It's Braille for "suck here". Q2. WHAT IS AN AUSTRALIAN KISS? A: It's the same as a French kiss, only "down under." Q3. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH 365 USED CONDOMS? A: Melt them down, make a tire, and call it a Goodyear. Q4. WHY ARE HURRICANES NORMALLY NAMED AFTER WOMEN? A: Because when they come, they're wild and wet. But when they go, they take your house and car with them. Q5. WHY DO GIRLS RUB THEIR EYES WHEN THEY GET UP IN THE MORNING? A: Because they don't have any balls to scratch. Now, you know everything you need to know!
Pit Bulls
PITBULL GENOCIDELETS STOP MAN'S BEST FRIEND FROM BECOMING ONE OF MAN'S RECENT MEMORIESThere is currently a bill going through that will ban the dog breed pitbulls from the United states. A breed who has gotten a very bad name, of all dog bites from all breeds of dogs, pitbulls rated number 4 FROM THE BOTTOM. So to eradicate a species based on something that is not the fault of its own, like any animal it learns to adapt to its environment. Any one who owns a pit bull know that he breed is one of loving and caring nature.Breed / Percentage of BitesMixed Breeds - 34%Shepherds - 7%Labs - 7%Rottweilers - 6%Boxers - 4%Chows - 3%Pit Bulls - 2%As you can see, pit bulls are extremely low on the list compared to other breeds which do not have the negative reputation which society has given pit bulls. Approximately 77% of all dogs pass the temperment test, while a whopping 95% of pitbulls pass. As a breed the pitbull does better on the temperment test than retrievers, labs, dalmations, and almo
God Speed President Ford
President Gerald R. Ford Tribute Grand Rapids, MI Jan. 3 2007 5:16 PM Grand River Fly By 21 F-15's Missing Man Formation Missing Man formation over the Grand River. A large part of the Air Force has viewed this and would like the Person who made this video to come forward. This video has touched many and all would like to thank the person responsible.
Us And Them
Just really like this pink floyd song it is copyrighted if you dont know what that means than do some learning lol Us, and them And after all were only ordinary men. Me, and you. God only knows its noz what we would choose to do. Forward he cried from the rear And the front rank died. And the general sat and the lines on the map Moved from side to side. Black and blue And who knows which is which and who is who. Up and down. But in the end its only round and round. Havent you heard its a battle of words The poster bearer cried. Listen son, said the man with the gun Theres room for you inside. I mean, theyre not gunna kill ya, so if you give em a quick short, Sharp, shock, they wont do it again. dig it? I mean he get off Lightly, cos I wouldve given him a thrashing - I only hit him once! It was only a difference of opinion, but really...i mean good manners Dont cost nothing do they, eh? Down and out It cant be helped but theres a lot of it
After 21 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to take another woman >>> out >>> to dinner and a movie. She said, "I love you, but I know this other >>> woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you." >>> >>> The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my mother, who has >>> been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three >>> children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally. >>> >>> That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie. >>> >>> "What's wrong, are you well," she asked? >>> >>> My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or >>> a >>> surprise invitation is a sign of bad news. >>> >>> "I thought that it would be pleasant to spend some time with you," I >>> responded. "just the two of us." >>> >>> She thought about it for a moment, and then said, "I would like that >>> very much." >>> >>> That Friday after work, as
I have only been on CT for a couple of weeks so I am rookie. But the past couple of days I have noticed a couple of things that I find interesting. The fist is a little back and forth battle between two ladies vie bulletins. I am not real clear who said what to get this little fight started but it has become a public mud slinging contest. Apparently each one has block the other so they can not communicate with each other directly. So they post bulletins about one another in hopes that others will repost them on down the line until said bulletin reaches it's intended target. Now as I said I am new to the is CT stuff so forgive me if I am wrong but if you really care enough to have this little internet battle in the first place wouldn't it be easier to unblock one another. I mean if you really want to have this argument then you could just say whatever it is that's on your mind directly to each other. The second thing I found that intrigued me is the guy running around rating profile
You are 82% fuckable! Take this quiz at
TraptHeadstrongMusic Videos And Lyrics On Demand
Kids Contest-misty Wins
??? All things unheard, Tend to harm. He didn’t utter a word, But extended an arm. In you ran, To be hugged and consoled. Let the fun begin… But things soon turned cold. Be cautious of the eyes, That linger your way. They begin to fill with lies, And torment your days. Always be ready, To leave this earth. Lives are never steady, As you’ve been told since birth. So do unto others, What you want done to you. Never misjudge another, You never know who’s watching you…
Who Do I Look Like?
Who Shot That Beaver?
Who Shot the Beaver? 90-year old man: "I've never felt better, Doctor. I have an 18-year old bride who is pregnant with my child. What do you think of that?" Doctor: "I have an elderly friend who is a hunter and never misses a season. One day, he was in a hurry and picked up his umbrella by mistake. When he got to the creek, he saw a beaver. He raised his umbrella and went "bang, bang, bang", and the beaver fell dead. What do you think of that?" 90-year old man: "I'd say somebody else shot the beaver." Doctor: "My point exactly."
Summer Dreaming!
Well here it is..the last day of January in cold ass Pennsylvania! We've been lucky so far with a pretty mild winter, but still I can't wait for it to be over. I think i must have seasonal depression. Everything just looks like a headache green..just gray and funky. I live in such a beautiful place when it's in bloom! So to get me through the remaining weeks I've started planning my summer! I think my kids are going to the camp run by our school district. It's super afordable only like $80/child for 5 days a week for 6 weeks! That such a good deal. It goes from 8:30 am - 11:30..! My friend Josie's kids are going too so we can take turns driving! Our pool opens at it works out great! I can't wait for the lazy days at the pool! To just lay there in the hot sun...I love it! The kids are getting so much older so then can swim without me having to be in the pool with them! We only got to the shore once last I really plan to go more t
In The Midst.....
....of the sturggle thru my mind, i find the ghosts that hide inside constantly haunting me, and running away with my.....time is a waste of vacant space that i try to place the thought of conceiving erased memories......
Violent Femmes
Music Video:GONE DADDY GONE (by The Violent Femmes)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Name Graphics
Here is a example of one, if one what one send me a msg with the name that you wanna use Also If you want one made also go to this webpage and tell me what font u want me to use Also tell me what color u want it to be. If you want one done send a msg to me. Blaze@ CherryTAP
Nothing Special
So I'm new here on CT. I have had an account for awhile but i just got busy and forgot about it. :-p But i'm back and i want to meet cool people. People that share interests with me and music stuff i can talk to them about. I'm pretty easy to get along with so don't be afraid to chat with meh!
what do i do about not having enough patience with my child's tantrums and screaming
Not that anyone cares, but I am just so tired of it. I've been sick for almost 3 weeks and no I haven't gone to the doctor because I don't have insurance so the next time someone says to me, "Go to the doctor." I am going to say, "Sure. You're paying, right?" And being sick all this time this is the first day I have called in sick to work, though I did leave early one day about 2 weeks ago. So here I am at home, sick, bored and feeling drained. Somebody save me! Plus I hate feeling like this because I feel so damn un-cute...and I sure as hell don't feel sexy. This better go away soon, especially since I am due back in Indianapolis in about 2 weeks, and I really miss my guy. :( I want to feel all better when I see him, so we can have some fun...lots of fun...if you know what I mean *wink* I really should go to the store, I need more medicine and tissues. Umm, but I think first I need to get my lazy dirty ass into the shower. heh :P And I am now done complaining.
" I Believe "
Adult With Pet Contest
Please help me with this contest. Most comments wins. Thank you all.
Kick Ass Band
Wanna hear a bunch of hig school friends jam? Go to: check them out!!!!
This is why I love watching Japanese game shows.
Life Sucks
what can I say I live in hell, I am always plaged by demonds and lost souls with no hope. I am often refered to as the Devil herself and have come to excepet it in my everyday life. Its not that I am a bad person its just that I have , as close friends say, an evil mind and when I follow threw with my thoughts the consiquences are overwellming to outhers. I dont ever regret my actions due to lack of consions or something like that. I excepet and admit all I do,I realy dont care what outhers think of me. I do have a dark cloud over me most of the time and always have some problem to solve in my life. That realy sucks. I dont have a lot of friends or familly, honestley I have more letters in my last name then I do people close to me, sad i guess to most but to me its safe. although I am unhappy I am content so I guess I will be ruller of hell for eternity.or so it seems....
" The Universe "
I really enjoy movies. I also tend to like movies that most other people find silly. So I want to find some more movies to check out or rediscover some old favorites. Please post your Top 20 favorite Movies that will never win an Oscar or a lifetime achievement award. These should be movies that you enjoyed that were just fun. No movies for the ages. Just your dirty little secrets. I don't mean to imply that these are "B" movies, in fact most of mine were made as A movies, just ones that are fun rather than deep and meaningful. My Top 20 in no particular order: 20. WarGames 19. Hackers 18. Road House 17. Van Wilder 16. Real Genius 15. Better off Dead 14. Ski School 13. A Knight's Tale 12. 10 things I hate about you 11. Varsity Blues 10. Total Recall 9. Mr Destiny 8. Kindergarden Cop 7. Poison Ivy II 6. Rising Sun 5. Strictly Business 4. Sugar Hill 3. High Fidelity 2. Grosse Point Blank 1. Reality Bites
Attention All Friends That R Naruto Fans
I know I have alots of people or fans or friends on my list that Know of naruto! But for fans of the japanese anime series Naruto Part 2 Starts Feb 15th. For my friends that have only seen it in English, your little behind LOL. Current Naruto has over 300 to the present. So if your going to watch it on the cartoonnetwork, It will come out maybe in two years! The Naruto: Shippûden ( Hurricane Chronicles) Hopefully this year you will see Naruto and his Spiraling Sphere which the 4th didnt finish!
Poems And Thoughts
well lets see umm....... work is boring because I have nothing to really do which is causing it to be a slow day............ so I guess i will write more when it comes to me
Happy F'n Valentines Day! Lol
Man this poem rocks! Woo Hoo Ciao ~ XooX Hearts and roses and kisses galore, what the hell is all that shit for? People get mushy and start acting queer, it's definitely the most annoying day of the year. This day needs to get the hell over with & pass before I shove a dozen roses up Cupid's ass! I'll spend the day so drunk I can't speak, and wear all black for the rest of the week. Guys act all sweet, but it soon will fade, for all they're doing is trying to get laid. The arrow Cupid shot at me must not have hit, because i think love is nothing but a crock of shit! So there's the story, what else can i say? Love bites my ass, so fuck Valentines Day!
Fuzzy Mohawk
Every one who knows me , knows i have think fuzzy hair.... should i attempt a mohawk or no? let me know what you think....
How I Am Defined In The Sexual Dictionary
Kimmy -- [adjective]:Tasting like strawberries 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Dawn Till Dusk
Each Night In My Heart
flowing through my mouth from my lips I taste nectar so divine I press harder to drink my fill Hungry for what I find I hear a groan from my throat causing me to tremble and quake impatiently I whimper for all my heart, do not forsake the passion so intense brings the fire so high, i am blind how I cry, I need you inside but then I awake My heart pounds through my chest and my breath is stolen from me the love I hunger for is so far although it is mine to keep Close my eyes and I will see the face so true and my love I keep though you are so far Each night in my heart we do sleep
In my mind it is cold and dark…as I seek for a light But there is no light. I hear moaning and groaning Where does it come from? It fills me with such fright… Trembling, steady my feet…O Lord, thy comfort I seek Reaching out into a cold, nothing to grasp hold of Nothing, can I see …nor feel But the coldness and darkness in my mind Screams from afar reach mine ears …screams of agony and woe But I am in a void Where there is only the dark and cold What is it you said? The moans and groans are mine? But they sound so far off… …as though from another time What is that you say? The screams are mine? But what can I do…I dwell in the cold darkness of my mind
Letting Go!
You've been the inspiration in my life the short time I knew you. The love I've nurtured in my heart you've beaten black and blue. I tried so many times before and prayed your change of heart, but the love you feel for me know is not the love you had at the start. I'm holding on to hopes and dreams that I know will never be. To heal the pain within my heart I know I must set you free. Although the time I spent with you was a short lived love affair, I don't regret one ounce of it because I know I truly cared. Tonight I'll shed the last tear i cry, tomorrow....a brighter day. Remember always, you were truly loved, but now....I must go away.
A Night To Remember
Here you are, come and sit with me I don't really want to talk I just need you to be with me Being here in my Haven, Oh can't you see? My Darling, you are precious to me It is here that I dwell A Haven away from it all A place to be free and yet I’m so lonely... needing you and your warmth your love that warms me inside something I need so much Darling I hunger for your touch Let's make it a night A night to remember Let’s make it a night That will last forever…
"Miles"dediticated to Nikki(u know who u are) How can ONE start? We look and look Find one,let em go Find another,let em go And some will do it over and over. Is it a search, a luck A fate, a proficy or does nature just take its course. All along in our lives we meet people. Some we call friends Some we call lovers Others are called our spouse Or better halves. We all feel there is That ONE. When that ONE comes We have a road to choose At times we choose right At times we choose wrong No matter what road you Chose,your never wrong you were just mislead. No matter where you end on that road you'll always come out to the main road to try againto find the ONE. For Me that ONE is Miles away.Across Land and Oceans.Two Hearts and Two Souls seperated by Thousands of Miles. Two Hearts feeling the Miles between them and The closeness of Two Souls Longing for each other That will someday meet And live together as ONE !!
My Blog
HOW FAR WOULD U GO WITH ME?! Copy and leave a message in my inbox... Put "yes" "maybe" or "no" and answer me back Kiss me: Hug me: Date me: Get drunk with me: Kill me: Love me: Hate me: Hold me: Lie to me: Hurt me: Sing with me: Dance with me: Grind on me: Cuddle with me: Let me make a move on you: Make a move on me: Watch a movie with me: Get me a B-day gift: Do you know my B-day: Caress me: Let me borrow your car: Be there for me: Buy me a drink: Bring me around your friends: Give me a massage: Take me to the club: Go to bed with me: Stay up and talk all night: Take advantage of me: Hangout with me: Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good: Hold hands with me: Do something incredibly sweet for me: Give me a lap dance: Tell me you love me: Let me call you: If so whats your number: What would you do if you woke up next to me: (obviously this one isn't a yes or no answer) Will you repost this so I can do the same for you:
Most Seductive Look Contest
hey friends an family an fans i am in a contest for the most seductive look help me win by comment bombing my photo the one with the most comments wins it ends wed the 7th ,, remember u can comment on my photo as much as u want here is the the photo link an tyv much ! luv ~HAT~
Black Men , I Choose You
BLACK MEN I CHOOSE YOU! Black Men, I choose you, Because you are beautiful Beautiful minds, beautiful bodies And souls to match. Black Men, I choose you Because you are great Great writers, great orators Great lovers, friends, and teachers. Black Men, I choose you Because you are cerebral. Black Men, I choose you Because you are strong Black Men, I choose you Because you are creators, And together, we can create A black world. Black Men, I choose you. I choose you... AUTHOR UNKNOWN A CONTRIBUTE TO ALL BLACK MEN!!!!!!WANT TO BE ADDED......HOLLA AT YA GIRL!
hey everyone leave me some comments show some cherrytap love
How I Feel About You
How i feel about you, is really true. The feeling i have inside, just wants me to be by your side. I dream about you every night, just thinking about you feels so right. Sitting by you, holding you. Just tell me, we are the two. As i've been told, your the key to my soul. You'll always be in my heart, until we die. Telling you the truth, and never a lie. How i feel about you, is so so true. Dreaming and loving you and so much more, you'll always remain in my heart forever more
I Thought !!!
I thought of ways to tell you , all the love I have for you, I thought of words and jewels, perhaps a rose or two, I thought of all the ways to tell you... Then it dawned on me, the best way to tell you that I LOVE YOU, was to show you everyday, so I'll show you that I LOVE YOU, by standing right by your side, through all the daily trials...
A Tear Drop
So little is a tear drop Yet so much love it unfolds It can reveal secrets untold The depth of one soul An overflow of either passion Agony or a celebration Of aquired desires or dreams One little tear drop means So much and tells a story Of love a broken heart memory Past or a one moment in time Feelings words can't define From overwhelming joy or pain The abundance it holds stands All in one little tear drop From the treasure the endless over flowing fountain of a loving heart.
Lay With Me
lay beside me and stroke my hair gently until I drift into a peaceful slumber softly brush your lips upon my neck so that my dreams are deep and true and filled only with you whisper in my ears the angels creed of love that my innermost parts are flamed by the intense passions of the gods waken me...oh waken me and fill me with the divine love glorified above let my body tremble and quake, hear my moans of weakened state as my body shouts out in exploding orgasms.. calling out your name and grasping you ...holding so tight with all my might as we succumb again gently to this story and reality of love
Among The Heavens
I see inviting as I savor my intent to have you as I will sensually intoxicating is your innocent gaze as my hunger grows, my senses aroused I feel, smell, taste passion I have longed for When you touch me, I become enstranged my primevil spirit awakened so desperate for all you are When I take you in fury and passion I lose control of how precious life can be when savored to my surprise you have slipped into uncontrolled esctacy whispering wanting more... I hear you say...come I join you among the heavens where I found you...
The Dreamer
how it would be. What would it be like to meet you, did you really exist, or are you just a wishful dream? I look inside and I know you, I feel you and your images seems to be etched into my soul for I still search for you, not knowing you would manfest from within indeed, are you a wishful dream? Often I pondered about your scent. After a hard day's labor would your scent intoxicate me compelling me to invite you to my bed? Would I see in you my hope and desires ...or my fears? Would you know me? Would you enhance my essence or destroy me? To manifest from within, you would be a reflection of me... Would you fulfill me? Pull firmly but lovingly on my hair take control of me. Take me not gently but to satisfy the beast within me. Master over me in my passions. Bring the flame inside to a raging fire that burn me with the pains of pleasure...
What Will Your Sex Business Card Say?
Kristi Fantasy realization expert 'What will your sex business card say?' at
What Sexual Activity Will You Go To Jail For?
Kristi will go to jail for ... Stealing condoms from the grocery store 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
What Is Your Sexual Iq?
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
What Is Your Sexual Zodiac?
Sagittarius You are fun loving and independent, and you don’t like any of your partners to get in the way of that. You enjoy having a lot of flings and short term relationships because you get bored in a long term one. In bed you are demanding of your partner. You want to have hot sex all of the time. You also like to experiment sexually, with different positions and fantasies. Sex matches: Aries, Leo, Libra Take this quiz at
Rate My Pix
Hay everyone who reads this should go and rate my pix!!!
Well this is my first blog ever on here........exciting huh? lol anyway Just checkin it out......i'll write more later!
My Blog
Thats right folks, im livin the dream.
Nba Or Nfl ?
Can you guess which organization this is? NBA OR NFL? 36 have been accused of spousal abuse 7 have been arrested for fraud 19 have been accused of writing bad checks 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses 3 have done time for assault 71, repeat 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges 8 have been arrested for shoplifting 21 currently are defendants in lawsuits, and 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year Can you guess which organization this is? NBA or NFL ? Give up yet? . . . Scroll down, Neither, it's the 535 members of the United States Congress. The same group of Idiots that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line. You gotta pass this one on! AND THEY JUST VOTED THEMSELVES $15,000 PER MONTH PENSION FOR LIFE AFTER SERVING ONLY ONE TERM I
I'm Pissed!
Why is it that when two people get into a relationship one has a problem with the others past!? Why is it that said past is irreversible? How can one help the other to accept the past? How can someone say 'I love you' but also say 'I don't trust you'? Why is it that when someone says they trust you that they make you prove everything that you say. Make you prove that they are the only one in your life. Make you prove that no one else matters. Make you prove everything? Why is it that everytime she says something she expects me to believe it 100% no questions asked, but whenever I say something she makes me prove it? Any answers would be helpful! thanks!
I Am Back Online
OMG I am so glad to be ack online however they are calling for bad ice so I hope our power does not go out, but yes I am back and plan on working this thing hard tonight!!!!! Kisses Alyse
Looking For Prettykitty4u
kitty wher r u anthony
Power Of Desire
The difference between possible and impossible is primarily a function of desire. The desires that you nourish, maintain, support and follow will largely determine the reality of your life. When your strongest desire is to build a successful business or career, and when you can maintain that desire for as long as it takes to make it a reality, then it will happen. When your strongest desire is to be comfortable and take the easy way out in every situation, that will come to pass as well, though not much else will. Your desires are yours to follow or to abandon as you please. No one can force you to want something. No one can force you to give up your desire. The power of your desires is under your control. Consider the desires that govern your behavior from moment to moment. Where are they pushing you? They represent a powerful force that will indeed determine the quality of your life. Keep that in mind and you decide which desires to follow and fulfill. Harness your desires
My Angel
My Angel What do you dream of, my angel? Do you dream of starless nights, or of the sun? Maybe even summer breezes? Or do you dream of cold winters, Being alone and afraid? What do you dream of, my angel? Do you dream, like me, of happiness? A place where everything asked is served And everything deserved, given? Do you dream of hope, my angel? What do you pray for, my angel? I pray for you. I pray that you are loved and happy. For you see, my angel, I am only human And cannot repay what you have given me. So, what do you pray, my angel? And what do you dream, my angel? For I hope there is nothing less you receive.
A Special Date....i Cried When I Read This!
After 21 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, "I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you." The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my mother, who has been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally. That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie. "What's wrong, are you well," she asked? My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or a surprise invitation is a sign of bad news. "I thought that it would be pleasant to spend some time with you," I responded. "just the two of us." She thought about it for a moment, and then said, "I would like that very much." That Friday after work, as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit nervous. When I arrived at her house, I noticed that she, too, seemed to be nervous about our date. She waited in the door
Articles of Impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, and Attorney General John David Ashcroft The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. - - ARTICLE II, SECTION 4 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard B. Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, and Attorney General John David Ashcroft have committed violations and subversions of the Constitution of the United States of America in an attempt to carry out with impunity crimes against peace and humanity and war crimes and deprivations of the civil rights of the people of the United States and other nations, by assuming powers of an imperial executive unaccountable to law and usurping powers of the Congress, the
What Do You Think?
Alright tomorrow is Thursday Feb 1st and at 12:15pm I have a hair appointment. I want a cut, dye job and highlights. Now I dont know what I want to do. My hair is down to my ass I havent had a professional dye job in 2 years or more. So I need some idea from you my friends. Now I have always been a blond so do I go back or do I change things up a bit. Now hightlight I need ideas. Hair cuts I need ideas. I know you guys all love me and right now is when I could use your help. My bf doesnt want me to have short hair but guess what I dont want short hair eather. So please leave me some ideas and tomorrow we will just have to wait and see what happens. Thank you all and wish me luck Stay at home mom ~Member of K.O.T.~ P.S I will add a few pics of how long my hair is in a album called old and new.
Fort Wainwright
hey yall party at my house this weekend so if your on fortwainwright let me know and ill hook it up with details...Mickala ps make sure you bring hella alcohol!!!
Why I Am Not On Ct Very Much For Now
WHY I AM NOT ON VERY MUCH As you can see by the long "user name" I am having neck problems. A few of you know this, but even my meds are not helping all the time. I just got an MRI, so will find out the NEXT step. I can only be on the pc for limited times, that is why I haven't been saying hi to all of you. The time I spend is emails, and running my yahoo wrestling group. Those of you that have my yahoo ID on IM, that is also my email addy. Those who don't, I'll check in periodically, and will give it to you. I HAVE NO INTENTION OF LEAVING CHERRY TAP!!!! I have met some neat people here, and maybe in real life, you never know. To add to that as of the middle of March I won't, hopefully for a short time, have Internet access at home. The people who have it in their name are moving, my credit sucks, and my other roomate is THINKING about FINALLY getting a PC! Also other people will be moving in. The reason I say this is I will have to go to the library, or a college occaisially to ch
Late Model Jesus /trials Of A Rock Band
This seems Interesting well Brief Info Section About Us, We are Late Model Jesus we formed Back In the Late 80's By Joe Caravella Guitar/Vocals/Songwriter & Lenny Kibanoff/Drums We were called a different Name them But we were this band essentually, Our Names were Inasense(1987-88) The Reign (1988-1995) Ground (1995-1997) Just Jake (1997-2001) & since Then we are Late Model Jesus, rounding out The Line Up is Konstantine Laskaris/Bass/Vocals & Marc Fox/Guitar/Vocals/SonGwriter, Marc Has had afew different stints with us He was a member of the Reign 94-95 Ground & Just Jake But He just rejoined as a member of late Model Jesus reciently after Our last lead guitarist Left To Join Dave Shaw's band this Year we are currently Finishing up an album (we started with Rob & finishing with marc We are being Co-produced by Joe caravella & Chip Z'Nuff Of The Band Enuff Z'Nuff, we Have Lable intrest & look foward to the summer release of the disc & subsequent shows in support of it so I will ke
My Parking Drama
i will probably post something everyday or once a week, usually whenever something really irks me. today's irk is that richmond needs more parking!!! i know we've all been there before. trying to find either the perfect parking space, or better yet, any parking space. well, yesterday, i went to my gym. it is downtown in a very busy city, anyway, i was trying to get to the gym for a 6pm class and didn't find a parking space until 20 minutes later. i know that sounds ridiculous, and most people would've left after circling the parking lot once or twice, but i was determined to get to the gym yesterday. i started to get pissed off and discouraged, there was actually a moment where i wished i was one of those people in a mentos commercial and had a can of white spray paint so i can draw my own parking space, (you know the mentos commercials always have a solution for everything). anyway, i circled the two parking lots to the gym twice more, and i eventually ended up parking a block
Diane's Stuff
Your Element Is Air You dislike conflict, and you've been able to rise above the angst of the world. And when things don't go your way, you know they'll blow over quickly. Easygoing, you tend to find joy from the simple things in life. You roll with the punches, and as a result, your life is light and cheerful. You find it easy to adapt to most situations, and you're an open person. With you, what you see is what you get... and people love that!What's Your Element?
So True!
A Single Wish
A Single wish is all I needed to make a dream I had unfold. A story foretold in the akashic book of a love that won't grow old. That unknown force you held hands with foreseen two lives interchange. The leap of faith you took by heart that made our lives forever change. Our love is binded by his gift of love and our lives, by his hands of fate. Eternity has found it's resting place in the hands of you, my soulmate.
Sexual Survey
Terri -- [noun]:A perma-orgasm 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
This Shit Hurts!!!!
Today is the fourth day without my 16 month old son Danjer. My wife is an extreme case of bipolar schizophrenea, topped off with heavy anxiety. Not only that, she quit taking her meds a couple of months ago. I cant lie, Im glad she is gone, but she took my son. I cant find them anywhere, and its killing me!!! The only reason she had for taking him was to "make me hurt as bad as I made her hurt". Im not the best husband, father on the planet, but I was pretty damn good!!! Im the only one who ever took care of my son, while she laid around being a hypochondriac upset with the world. Im also the only one that worked. She stole everything of value from me, including my last twelve dollars. I dont care though, she can have it all, I just want Danjer back. Ive been so sick since hes been gone, I cant eat, or sleep. I cant concentrate on anything cause I miss him so bad. Goddamn this fucking hurts. Every minute I miss of his life is a minute of his life I have missed. Hes growing up so fast,
Well sorry to say i have rated to many pics these days :( when i try to rate you all it says i have reached my limit for this level and i still have a lot of points to go to get to the next level :( so who out there is gonna help me get there :) hugs and kisses satin
Bush Does It Again A Frickin' Wombat!
I Have Had My Differences With Members of the Press. But it's Nothing That Burying them Under Tons of Earth Won't Solve Contributed by Holly Bailey - Posted: January 30, 2007 2:10:10 PM Does President Bush have it in for the press corps? Touring a Caterpillar factory in Peoria, Ill., the Commander in Chief got behind the wheel of a giant tractor and played chicken with a few wayward reporters. Wearing a pair of stylish safety glasses--at least more stylish than most safety glasses--Bush got a mini-tour of the factory before delivering remarks on the economy. "I would suggest moving back," Bush said as he climbed into the cab of a massive D-10 tractor. "I'm about to crank this sucker up." As the engine roared to life, White House staffers tried to steer the press corps to safety, but when the tractor lurched forward, they too were forced to scramble for safety."Get out of the way!" a news photographer yelled. "I think he might run us over!" said another. White House aides tried t
The tunnel is so dark not a single spec of lite My body proceds forward my chest feels so tight The reaper follows me his chill on my spine My life has ended was only a matter of time He Digs his boney fingers deep into my back The lite is now gone the tunnel is pitch black My soul descends into the deep pit of hell Dead souls grab at me as I fight and try to yell All of my sins are ripped out through my eyes My faith in god fades as my love for him dies Deep in my soul I cry and pray to be saved Jesus lifts me up and says through me is the way
Just Me
...Now more than 3000 US troops have died in the Iraq war. Now George Bush says that he is fighting to keep from another attack on American soil. He does not want Americans to be killed. Well I say look at that number of how many of Americans that have been killed in Iraq. You don’t want them to die on American soil...but I guess it is ok to die else where . More than 3000 US troops have died and the body count is increasing everyday. I say that Bush should be ashamed of himself. Now you may disagree with me...but that body count does not lie. Do you realize that the number of troops that have died is more than the number of who died on Nine eleven. And the body count is growing . So when I hear the argument that Bush is protecting us from terrorist I get upset. Because I ask you this who is protecting us from Bush? that death count is the official death count in actuality the number is much higher
Leaders Paradise
I am new on here and trying to get to make some friends as i get to no my way around here better.
Hmmm Thinkin
thinkin and wonderin why people .. .why people use other people... they get what they want and then they are gone... thats all ... if anyone has an answer let me know
Another Chapter In The Story Of My Life
I'm not going to lie, I'm bored. That means I am going to do a random blog where I just ramble on and on and hope it makes sense at some point. Let's talk about the men in my life at the moment, and maybe a few from the past. *Name has been changed. Dirty Sally should know who they are though. ~Turtle's Man- This is my 3rd ex-fiance(yes, I've had 3). I was with him for 2 yrs, which has been my logest relationship. You could say we still have some feeling for each other but there is one issue....he lives across the street from me with his pregnant gf. He has on 2 different occasions made his way over here for an early morning visit. This may be the point where some of you think I'm some bf stealing slut. So, not the truth I just have the belief that if a guy is looking elsewhere he's not be properly satisfied at home. I won't purposely sleep with married men though. ~Next would be "MR SEXY Ace Hellraiser"(hehe)-Met him when I was working and we automatically hit it off. A fe
In Hospital
My friend is sending because i'm currently in the hospital. Hope to be out by this weekend or early next week if all goes well. I miss all my friends...See ya soon...Huggggzz to All!
Silent Epiphany
The wind whispered through me, like fingers Tracing silently across still waters, Etching abstractly, designs of both fractions. Within the same contemporary chorus, love And hate reside on the same staff--- Where thier songs are so opposing that the Harmony blends fluidly. Two sounds contrast yet compliment, Like the wind---silently composing for Orchestras of leaves And the rain's--violent pounding choir. Yet thier harmonies compelled even the Amateur Strauss, Bach and Handel, Who find solace and insperation between Bars of contrasting color. Where the music tells a lively story, Vividly intricate. And momentarily the wind is pale and Soothing, to exchange with the vibant and Angry tale of the tormented wind. Each has it's own tale of woe and pain to Augment, But between rests, clearly is heard the Beauty of the tragic Messiah Where lain to rest by peals of thunder and Whips of lightening, Ends the sounds of the wind and rain in An Epiphany of Silence
Please help me in the Best Morph contest by Wildcat.
for everyone that wanted to know..Badgirl came home today from hospital.. She is very slow and very much in pain.. but it is good to have her home.. Baby John will be there for a couple more weeks.. but dr's say he is doing very good
Im So Horny Any Older Women From Pa Want
please help me
You know, I thought I could keep my mouth shut about this, but I can't. Surprise surprise. LOL. Anyway, here we go! My cousin and I got into a slight argument last Saturday. If she would have done as I asked, we wouldn't have. :D Anyway. I was supposed to go to a Mardi Gras ball that night, and we had previously talked about her doing my hair. Well, Saturday, I decided that I didn't want to be all fancy, just nice and presentable. I wasn't going there to impress anyone. Anyway. she called me and asked me if I wanted to get my hair done. I told her no, I don't feel good, leave me alone. Did she listen? Nope. Sure didn't. She decided to come over and try to convince me to do this. I continued to tell her to leave me alone and go away. She would have none of this. At this point. A NORMAL human would have realized that I was serious and would have left. Noooo. I even removed myself from the situation, and she still persisted. So...I told you that to tell you this. She isn't speaking to me
What I am looking forsomeone who is there,loves his family but can make his own decisions, has had enough life experiences to know what he wants from a relationship, has a hobby or something he enjoys (strip-clubs not an option), and does not live with his parents. A positive attitude is important as well as honesty and integrity.
Dark Goddess
Thanks to DARK GODDESS, Religious Genocide will no longer have any contact with Anyone from Cherry. If you are married DO NOT LET YOUR HUSBANDS TALK TO HER. She will ruin your marriage. So long and FUCKING FAREWELL!
Alone in this house again tonight I got the TV on, the sound turned down and a bottle of wine There's pictures of you and I on the walls around me The way that it was and could have been surrounds me I'll never get over you walking away I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show And I thought that being strong meant never losing your self-control But I'm just drunk enough to let go of my pain To hell with my pride, let it fall like rain From my eyes Tonight I wanna cry Would it help if I turned a sad song on "All By Myself" would sure hit me hard now that you're gone Or maybe unfold some old yellow lost love letters It's gonna hurt bad before it gets better But I'll never get over you by hiding this way I’ve never been the kind to ever let my feelings show And I thought that being strong meant never losing your self-control But I’m just drunk enough to let go of my pain To hell with my pride, let it fall like rain From my eyes Tonight I wanna cry
Say Hi
To all on my friends list thanks for excepting the adds,as you see im new to this site ,so thanks :) :) (and thanks for the ratings)
Bada Bing
come to my page and rate me fan me add me&tell me who you think will win the superbowl.I'll show love return.Will
Hmmm Wednesdays
I guess its been a long ass day today. Dealt with some assholes on this here site, that seem to think all women here are sluts and show bewbies,crotch,ass , whatever. (sadly Ive seen ALOT of the women are just as guilty at treating the men the same way!) HMMM. well I for one Have Respect for My Man and My Body , I will not be showing any thing to anyone other than HIM.Im not a snob, Im certainly not a prude.. but im sure as hell am not gonna get my imaginary rocks off by showing some freak my goodies! hey Man to each thier own, but I assure you, Im sure your all hot and great and stuff, just not interested k? there are plenty of women who wanna see your almighty manliness!!! Thats Just Nasty as far as Im concerned. LOL this one arrogant asswad earlier absolutely could not figure out WHY i didnt wanna see his um "HAHA"...(twig and berries) Uh CUZ I dont Wanna!! I dont give a damn what your packing, cuz im not interested in anything that isnt literally attached to My Co
Words Woman Say :) So Very True Lol
Words Women Use: 1.) FINE: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2.) FIVE MINUTES: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five Minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3.) NOTHING: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4.) GO AHEAD: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5.) LOUD SIGH: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idio t and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6.) THAT’S OKAY: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before decidi
Party On Friday
Hello All You Michigan people. Cris & I will be heading to a BAR in Redford, Michigan called: Longshots Bar & Grill. A local radio station will be broadcasting their. (WRIF) So come hang out and party with me. Since Cris don't like to dance, I will be looking for dance partners (Guys or Gals). We should be up their by 9pm on Friday May 25, 2007. LongShots Bar & Grills Address: 27189 Grand River Ave Redford, Michigan 48240 Phone Number: (313)533-9350
4 Days Til The Superbowl!!
Ok you all know its gonna happen. The Colts are gonna win it!!!!!!!! Thought Id just give a shout out and see how much sh*t I could stir up with all you Bears fans ;)
"SEASONS" Life; so beautiful and tender where the wild flowers grow. the smell so sweet with it's intoxicating beauty. Dew on the baby's breath. innocent days of something new. Rolling in the clover on a lazy afternoon. hotter nights. raging tension of a summer fling. adoring. alluring. The crisp leaves, coloring the morning sky. a chill appears in the shorter days and longer nights. then cuddling by the fire. long snowy roads. the touch of old man winters hand touches the valley and once again all is still. 01-29-07 J.R.A.F.
Funny Jokes
Q. What do a Rubix cube and a penis have in common? A. The longer you play with them, the harder they get. Q. What does an old woman have between her breasts that a young woman doesn't? A. A navel. Q. What is the difference between a woman and a washing machine? A. You can bung your load in a washing machine and it won't call you a week later. Q. Why did god create Adam before he created eve? A. Because he didn't want anyone telling him how to make Adam. Q. What is a lesbian's favorite thing to eat? A. A Klondike Bar Q. What did the elephant say to the naked man? A. "How do you breath through something so small?" Q. Why don't women wear watches? A. There's a clock on the stove! Q. What doesn't belong in this list : Meat, Eggs, Wife, Blowjob? A. Blowjob: You can beat your meat, eggs or wife, but you can't beat a blowjob. Q. Have you heard about the new super-sensitive condoms? A. They hang around after the man leaves and talks to the woman. Q. What's
Thank You
Thank you all for the wonderful welcome. My brother is awesome!!!!
" I Am Happy"
"I am happy" The red winter roses hue, brightens the blue, white sky, as I lay beneath , looking up from the snow angels I make they glisten in the sun like bright diamonds. Joyful, laughing children run past, free and loving there is nothing as sweet. I am happy and warm. 01-29-07 J.R.A.F.

1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Birthday: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would u take a nap with me? 16.WOULD U LOVE ME? 17.Do you think I'm cute? 18. If you could change anything about me -would you? 19.Would you dance with me? 20.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? What Do You Think Of My? 1.Personality: 2.Eyes: 3.Face: 4.Hair: W0ULD Y0U... [] go out with me? [] give me your number? [] kiss me?
Josh's Thoughts
Today at work, I got the most AWSOME compliment by one of my first customers today. Her car got towed last night in Aggieville (rescuing her drunk friends ironically enough) and was taken to Wildcat Wrecker. This morning, she called for a cab to go get her car. Thier shop opens at 8 am on Saturdays (supposedly) and we showed up in the parking lot right at 8 this morning. The place was still closed, no one around except us and the cold, blowing wind. I called the number on the side of the building and was told that the worker was on his way. I told her that she could sit in the car where it is warm until they show up. She gladdly thanked me and sat down in the car. After about 45 min. of no one showing up, I called again and was told it would be no more than 15 min. before someone got there; they had some confusion with schedules on their end. The boss called once after I told him what was going on and she kept saying that she could just go sit on the steps if I needed to leave
Yes Domestic Violence Is Real
i'm writing this just to share my experience and hope it may help others.I thought i was a survivor of DV, but today i found out differently, you see my teenage son punched me today.He grew up watching his dad abuse me, and i thought i educated him about dv. i guess i was wrong, he doesn't even think what he did was wrong.Yes i kicked him out but the only place he has to go is with his dad, i feel like i'm right back where i was before i left his dad. i really hate feeling like this, like i'm out of control of my life. I'm very dissapointed in the local DV program, they helped me greatly when i needed to get away from my ex, but today i called 3 times for help and got no call back.If anyone who reads this has been thru the same thing plz message me with some tips. Thanks for reading this. And plz if someone is abusing you get help now.
More Greens
3 slices bacon 1 bunch collard greens - rinsed, trimmed and chopped 1 onion, diced 1 (6 ounce) smoked pork chop, diced 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 (14.5 ounce) can chicken broth 1 (12 fluid ounce) can beer salt and pepper to tastHeat a large pot over medium-high heat. Add bacon, and fry until crisp. Remove bacon, and drain off excess fat. Add the onion; cook and stir until slightly browned. Add the pork chop, and season with cayenne pepper. Cook until pork is browned. Add the collard greens, and pour in the chicken broth and beer. Cook over medium-low heat for 30 to 40 minutes, until collards are tender. Crumble bacon on top, and season with salt and pepper before servinge
So I have been thinking A LOT lately, for no paricular reason just thinking... about LOVE usually. But, what does love really mean? To me love is--hard to explain for sure, but at the same time I'm not sure it is something you can explain it really. I'm sure you've been in a situation where someone you care about a lot asks "Why do you like me so much?" and they get all pissed off because you can't explain in words as to why you like this person, or atleast the words do no justice about like how much you really like the person... and like I said I've been thinking a lot and I think I figured a lot out. About 2 years ago I was with someone, I thought the world of him. We seemed so picture perfect, I was a high school cheerleader, amazing grades, and no worries--except of course, "What will I wear tomorrow?". John, he was fresh out of high school, graduated 12th in his class, and all the time in the world for me. We did things couples did.. went to dinner, kissed, watched
Just Some Vids That Are Adult Content
Major Monthly Updates
The February Update is Complete! Click on the cover above or the banner below to be taken to the PIMPED website. Please stop by our CherryTAP profile and add, fan and leave us some feedback! PIMPED@ CherryTAP
what was the last tv show you watched? what was the last joke you laughed at? what was the last scary movie you saw? what was the last song you played? when was the last time you clapped? when was the last time you felt like life was great? when was the last time you took a bubbel bath? when was the last time someone hugged you? where was your last kiss placed? where was your last trip to? where was your last friend made? where was your last pair of shoes bought? why was your last wish made? why was your last cd played? why was your last tear shed? why was your last feeling felt? who was the last person you talked to? who was the last person you laughed with? who was the last person you confided in? who was the last person you made love to?
Y I Am Here....
Drunk @ Work
Fluffy Women
Just thinkin out loud about the sexzy "fluffy" women i've cum across on here..Ya just gotta luv em, so soft and curvy and sexzy as hell!!
Welp I'll Give It A Shot...
Okay so I'm not going to care as long as you are 18. Basics Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: OTHER: 1. Where would we go on dates? 2. Who are three of your favorite bands/artists? 3. Do you drink/smoke?? 4. Do you like the beach? 5. If so...would you go with me late at night? 6. Do you like movies? 7. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night? 8. If you were to take me out to a movie would we watch the movie? 9. If not what would we be doing? 10. Do you play an instrument? 11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw each other to make sure I made it home alright? 13. How would you rate your hugs from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on a gurl/guy? 15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, player, slut)? 17. Would you give me kisses just because? What Would You do if... I cried: I said I liked you: I kissed you: I wanted
Loosin Something Important
Super Bowl
So i was born and raised in Illinois and used to live in chicago for awhile.....So you can only guess I'm rooting for Da Bears!!!!!!! P.S. Colts suck!
Youve ever been drunk enough to have three packs of open ciggarettes in front of you then you know what Im dealing with right now...
And The Survey Says..............
The Strange Questions SurveyHave you ever licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?:No - Why? What's the largest age difference between yourself and someone you’ve date:25 years Ever been in a car wreck?:Yes Were you popular in high school?:No Have you ever been on a blind date?:No Are looks important?:I don't like meeting people with messy hair. Do you have any friends that you've known for 10 years or more??:Yes By what age would you like to be married?:I dunno Does the number of people a person's slept with affect your view of them?:Depends Have you ever made a mistake?:Yes Are you a good tipper?:I dunno, i don't tip myself. What's the most you have spent for a haircut?:8 bucks Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?:Not that i remember Have you ever peed in public?:No What song do you want played at your funeral?:Hells Bells - AC/DC Would you tell your parents if you were gay?:Dunno, that could be scarry! What would your last meal be before getting executed?:Something chine
My Cherry Friends and Fans... I need your help please. Please go to this link and rate my pic and comment bomb me. The Comments are what counts!!!! I'd really appreciate your help. *kisses* Jennie :)
Dream Girls
babydoll@ CherryTAP
Neechi's Werds!
Well hello there....uh yea...idk what to say...cept that I had a CRAZY night last night lol omg! head hurts now cause of it lol! ran into like...a wall...haha.....then...almost "died" anywho....uh yea....i is i is gunna go now so yah....laytas!
New Cherry Girl
Cool! So, I'm new to CherryTap and I really like it. There are so many thingd to do and I really like that it's not full of little kids. Anyways, I'm definatly still tring to figure the site out but so far so good.Peace
What Goes Around!
Hey girl, is he everything you wanted in a man You know I gave you the world You had me in the palm of your hand So why your love went away I just can't seem to understand Thought it was me and you babe Me and you until the end But I guess I was wrong Don't want to think about it Don't want to talk about it I'm just so sick about it Can't believe it's ending this way Just so confused about it Feeling the blues about it I just can't do without ya Tell me is this fair? Is this the way it's really going down? Is this how we say goodbye? Should've known better when you came around That you were gonna make me cry It's breaking my heart to watch you run around 'Cause I know that you're living a lie That's okay baby 'cause in time you will find... What goes around, goes around, goes around Comes all the way back around What goes around, goes around, goes around Comes all the way back around What goes around, goes around, goes around Comes all the way bac
24 Hours Left
I am the fuck out of here lol... Let me know if you want to keep in contact... I will message back if I plan on it... Later...

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