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Easy Leveling
Hey everyone, Willie's birthday is 15 January--let's level him before his birthday!!! Love yall!! Dy Hey everyone! Auto 11's on picins on my friends list has over 3000 pics that are easy to rate! He has auto 11's almost once a week!! He has helped me level several times. Look him up, add him as a friend!!! Thanks!!!
Good Friends
October is not the only month to think pink and about breast awareness issues! It is important for all women to take care of themselves and get any testing needed done! Do not put it off just because you think next week or next month you will have more time to do this. I kept putting it off, and now I am facing some scary issues because of that. Take care and stay healthy! hugs! donna A good friend is like a diamond that glitters and shines, they can coax out a smile in the worst of times A good friend is always ready to jump to your aid, and with them behind you, your never afraid A good friend accepts the worst you can be, but brings out the best with a hello I loves ya hug just for me So to all my good friends who are blessings in many ways, just know I will loves ya for the rest of my days!
Good Question
Random Stuff
I have no idea why, but I've been inspired by some unknown force...*looks to the sky* Thank you Anyways, this is only part of the new song I am writing. I will post updates as often as possible. ***Remember these lyrics are not yet complete, please do not pass judgment yet. The Void Within written by VampyreRaven A veteran of sorrow, Visions of no tomrrow -chorus- x2 The void within (killing me slowly) The void within (killing me coldly) The void within -end chorus- **This is not the finished product, but more of a rough draft of the finished product. Place jugdment as you see fit. After all, every writer has gotten help from others. :) ** The Void Within written by Cy-Blood A veteran of sorrow, Visions of no tomrrow Just a shell of a man, No emotion, No devotion, Sitting alone in his empty room The void within (killing him slowly) The void within x2 (killing him coldly) The void within A fallen angel be
Christmas On Me!!!!
ok friends!!!! im up for auction!!!! let the snow fall, i'm scared to see what i can bring!!!! heres the link.. i'm lookin for a blast contest or giveaway or auction or anything...if anyone reads this blog and knows where i can enter some contest for a blast...let me know!! better yet...if anyone would like me to rate all pics, all stash, daily sh*t faced, daily gifts, sfw salute, name in mine, midget on my profile or just your own lil fu-slave....let me know!!! i want a blast soooo bad =)
A Bdsm Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the domain,Not a subbie was stirring, (they were tied down with chain)The shackles were hung by the chimney with care,And the St. Andrews cross stood empty and bare. The subbies were nestled all snug in their beds,While visions of floggers danced in their heads;The Dom in his leather, and I in my slave cap,Had just settled down after getting our whacks. When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,I crept from the bed to see what was the matter.Away to the window I flew very quickly.Tripped over some handcuffs and cursed soft and thickly. The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snowGave the luster of mid-day to objects below,When, what to my sleep-crusted eyes should unfurl,But a miniature sleigh, pulled by eight pony girls, With a Dominant driver, so forbidding and stern,I knew in a moment I'd a great deal to learn.More rapid than eagles his pony girls came,And he whipped them, and shouted, and called them by name; "Now, dash
Things That Make Me Smile
as cheesy as this sounds any mommy's heart would melt My son who is only 4 years old told me today at the drs office "mommy i have a secret" and whipsered in my ear "i love you much more than that" then when it was time for bed he again came up hugged me and said "i love you a hundred times more" these little things make parenthood so worth it PIERCED LIVE ON CAM HELP ME GET SPOTLIGHT NO TIME LIMIT JUST WANT SOME DONATIONS SO I CAN GET IT WHEN I GET IT BEFORE I REACH DISCIPLE
Me In A Nutshell
So the other night I had a dream that included a friend on fubar that I consider to be very near and dear to my heart. What I can remember about it was that him and I were on some type of game/reality tv show kind of like The Power of Truth. You know the whole liar detector test and finding out things you may or may not want to hear....especially from a loved one. The question basically was this...If you and your friend were faced with a compromising situation beyond control and you had to take your friend's life to save your own....Could you? Would you? I had to sit back and think about this for a moment. What makes his/her life more worthwhile than mine or vice versa? Would my death or theirs have a life changing impact on someone? Could I even bring myself to make such a horrible decision that could affect me and everyone else? Well it was enough to wake me and actually sadden me to think that it's possible in this day and age to be presented with a situation like this...b
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? pocket 2. Your significant other? upstairs 3. Your hair? missing 4. Your mother? Alive 5. Your father? dead 6. Your favorite thing? life 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? juice 9. Your dream/goal? comfort 10. The room you're in? family 11. Music? R&B 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? retired 14. Where were you last night? Home 15. What you're not? Mean 16. Muffins? Blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? Comfort 18. Where you grew up? Germany 19. The last thing you did? type 20. What are you wearing? Clothes 21. TV? News 22. Your pets? dogs 23. Your computer? laptop 24. Your life? Progressive 25. Your mood? Chan
Look A Like
Love After Love
I find it amusing that women and I guess men alike sell there self's on the net. I am sure that some might need to see others naked over the net to pass there time but think about it. We r on the internet do you really have to pay for it. lol It all starts with some casual conversation and showing a brief interest then comes the proposition. Something like hey baby u want to see more of me. Oh good times! Sex does sell and it is a lucrative business but I stand firm and I wonder if most do as well with this belief. Why do people pay for something that can be given freely? I just watched a truly prolific movie, one that intrigued my mind and touched my heart. Typically I am not a man who shares so openly with all of the world but I was moved to this passage. For all who have seen the movie P.S. I Love You then maybe you might be able to share in the experience. If not I will give a brief synopsis that serves this feature no justice. This is a flick about a woman that loses the man she
*men Aka Players*
An Effort To Dispell A Myth
First off, Necromantic Practice is NOT a Religion. You can be a Christian, Jew, Pagan, etc.and still practice Necromantics. (I prefer to use this term instead of the ever-tarnished "Necromancy") Death touches ALL Religions, therefore is not a religion in, and of itself. Secondly, it is NOT Black Magick,. Almost anyone who utilizes magick will confirm that `color' is non-existent. The intent of the individual is what makes it "good", or "bad". The captains of the ships, which brought the slaves to the U.S, coined the term "Black Magick". It was used to describe the traditional rituals in which the native Africans took part. In modern society, the phrase has been adopted to describe the `miraculous' acts of the followers of Magick embracing paths, such as the "left hand" (for major lack of a better term), which includes Satanism, Demonolatry, Necromantic Practitioners, etc.. Does it mean their intentions are bane? Well, one can be a Satanist, and perform magick with no ill intent; thu
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? hand 2. Your significant other? single 3. Your hair? long 4. Your mother? heaven 5. Your father? bed 6. Your favorite thing? Shannon 7. Your dream last night? shhhhhh 8. Your favorite drink? vodka 9. Your dream/goal? artist 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? LOUDER 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? studying 15. What you're not? perfect 16. Muffins? chocolate 17. One of your wish list items? serenity 18. Where you grew up? connecticut 19. The last thing you did? smiled 20. What are you wearing? wife-beater 21. TV? theLword 22. Your pets? dogs 23. Your c
Rach_0726@ Fubar
One fine day in the middle of the night Two dead boys got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other Drew their swords and shot each other One was blind and the other couldn't see So they chose a dummy for a referee A blind man went to see fair play A dumb man went to shout "hooray!" A paralyzed donkey passing by Kicked the blind man in the eye Knocked him through a 9 inch wall Into a dry ditch and drowned them all A deaf policeman heard the noise And came to arrest those 2 dead boys If you don't believe this story's true Ask the blind man, he saw it, too! rach_0726@ fubar
Just Thoughts
Well things are better they got worse for a minute but everything has really settled down and i feel much better than i did too....I owe a lot of that to my friends one in particular she really kept me going....she made a mistake which set me back for a minute but it didnt take long to fix the problem so no biggie lol. Im just glad that its all over now im just waiting to see what happens next and if maybe im falling for her idk....well shes gonna be here in about 20 minutes or im gonna get off here and actually get ready for the day later. Idk i havent been able to get a damn thing straight in my head lately and its fucking me up......Ive never been the type of person to lose my cool or composer and i really dont like the feeling of it. I guess this probably something really retarded to write a blog about but oh well. I guess what i really want is the security that i had knowing that i wouldnt lose myself and now i have and i dont know what to do.......I cant even get a clea
My Life
show my fuho all the luv!! Merry xmas :) Hinder Without You I just wanna be alone tonight I just wanna take a little breather Cause lately all we do is fight And every time it cuts me deeper Cause somethings changed Youve been acting so strange And its taking its toll on me Its safe to say that Im ready to let you leave Without you, I live it up a little more everyday Without you, Im seein myself so differently I didnt wanna believe it then But it all worked out in the end When I watched you walk away Well I never thought id say Im fine Without you Called you up cause its been long enough And you said that you were so much better We have done a lot of growing up We were never meant to be together Cause something changed, you were acting so strange And its taken its toll on me Its safe to say that Im ready to let you leave Without you, I live it up a little more everyday Without you, Im seein myself so differently I didnt wanna believe it
Things Ive Learned
'Twas The Night Before Christmas, He Lived All Alone, In A One Bedroom House Made Of Plaster And Stone. I Had Come Down The Chimney With Presents To Give, And To See Just Who In This Home Did Live. I Looked All About, A Strange Sight I Did See, No Tinsel, No Presents, Not Even A Tree. No Stocking By Mantle, Just Boots Filled With Sand, On The Wall Hung Pictures Of Far Distant Lands. With Medals And Badges, Awards Of All Kinds, A Sober Thought Came Through My Mind. For This House Was Different, It Was Dark And Dreary, I Found The Home Of A Soldier, Once I Could See Clearly. The Soldier Lay Sleeping, Silent, Alone, Curled Up On The Floor In This One Bedroom Home. The Face Was So Gentle, The Room In Such Disorder, Not How I Pictured A United States Soldier. Was This The Hero Of Whom I'd Just Read? Curled Up On A Poncho, The Floor For A Bed? I Realized The Families That I Saw This Night, Owed Their Lives To These Soldiers Who Were Wi
Anniversay Gift (too Dang Funny)
MRE dinner Date The following is supposedly a true story....told from the point of view of a U.S. Marine. I had a date the other night at my place. On the phone the day before, the girl asked me to "Cook her something she's never had before" for dinner. After many minutes of scratching my head over what to make, I finally settled on something she has DEFINITELY never eaten. I got out my trusty case of MRE's. Meal, Ready-to-Eat. Field rations that when eaten in their entirety contain 3000+ calories. Here's what I made: I took three of the Ham Slices out of their plastic packets, took out three of the Pork Chops, three packets of Chicken-a-la-King, and eight packets of dehydrated butter noodles and some dehydrated/re hydrated rice. I cooked the Ham Slices and Pork Chops in one pan, sauteed in shaved garlic and olive oil. In another pot, I blended the Chicken a-la-king, noodles, and rice together to make a sort of mush that looked suspiciously like succotash. I added some s
Shay's World
Passion boils behind her eyes Her hips have a gentle sway Theres torment of seduction In every word she will say Her more than ample bosom Spills from her strapless dress Framed by auburn locks of hair Inviting every mans caress When she walks into the room No man can help but stare A vixen walks among them Shes the goddess with red hair Taunting in a southern drawl With just a hint of teasing Shes carefully constructing Every word she says, as pleasing Women stare with jealous eyes Their husbands spilling drool This wicked witch has cast a spell That proves every man a fool She looks out at her sisters feeling deeply their disgust Wishing she could give to them This curse she knows as lust You told me you loved me. But then you walked out of my life. You were like a lifeline. Go ahead, pick it up. But the line is already dead. You said you wouldn't turn your back on me. But where are you now? You walked out of the
Stories Are Nice.
dear child, o child now why do you weep? all this dust an soil all over your feet.. the tears you shed an riddled with guilt.. dear child, dear child, you grit your teeth.. o sir, please sir, leave me be.. for i have sinned a horrid feat.. no blessing will cure or rebuke such foul.. dear sir, dear sir, ignore i, the child.. o hush, my angel, there is no great sin.. but wipe your mind, an fix your ring.. pick up your heart, an let it breath.. dear child, dear child, let me see.. o sir, this thing will never be passed.. my act of hate my act of furry.. this night will scar my deeply.. dear sir, you will regret such wish.. an angel of god, so pure an clean.. whats the most could you have bring.. nothing but forgiveness lingers away.. dear child, i lend my ear, now please say.. o sir, i have harmed her deep in her sleep.. slit her throat an watched her bleed.. the sight was gruesome yet lovely to.. dear sir, dear sir, can you still bare?? the scream of f
Ufc Inspired
If UFC can fight for our troops.........the girls can at least do this much
Nsfw Pics
guys can be added to nsfw pics for a small donation, pm me to find out, girls as usual will get in if they have nsfw ladies will get in only if they have nsfw pics, men maybe but you'll have to balst, vip, or auto 11 me
Instructions For Taking A Shower...
This link won't be around for long i'm sure.. So below is the actual comment on craigslist. Don't read if off-taste fetishes bother you (and I didn't go looking for this, someone shared it with me! LOL) - - - v v v I would like to pay a woman for the honor of smelling her butthole. just let me stick my face in your ass and sniff your asshole for a few minutes. i am willing to pay 500 bucks for this. if you are willing to let me smell a fart as well, DEFINIETLY message me because i would be willing to pay even more for that. This really isn't a blog. Just something to make you laugh (I hope!). Instructions for Women: 1. Take off clothing and place it in sectioned laundry hamper according to color. Walk to bathroom wearing a long robe. If you see husband along the way, cover up any exposed areas. 2. Look at your womanly physique in the mirror, make mental note to do more sit-ups/leg-lifts, etc. 3. Prepare
Please help DJ Catman09 to level :) Thanks!! Please make our new Fu welcome! Thanks!
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? nunya 2. Your significant other? question 3. Your hair? curly 4. Your mother? work 5. Your father? school 6. Your favorite thing? you 7. Your dream last night? him 8. Your favorite drink? sunkist 9. Your dream/goal? happy 10. The room you're in? office 11. Music? variety 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? home 14. Where were you last night? sleep 15. What you're not? arrogant 16. Muffins? Yes 17. One of your wish list items? snow 18. Where you grew up? mountain 19. The last thing you did? almond 20. What are you wearing? blouse 21. TV? cartoons 22. Your pets? cat 23. Your computer? someone 24. Your life? confused 25. Your mood? fussy 2
Greed Using images of an online NN model named Megan QT. I only know this cause I love porn! Spread the word and don't buy anything for this faker. If anyone knows who will get this accoun down, let me know. Thanks! I find it absurd on how many women on Fubar are disgracing the womens rights movement. What I mean by that is that almost all the women on this site are asking for "Bling packs", or "Blasts", or "auto-11's" all in exchange for either NSFW pictures, or a promise of a shout out on the item that those men purchase for them. To me, I see Fubar as little more than a booster of self-confident for those who have little to no confidence, and I think that's fantastic. It's good to be around people that make you feel good about yourself, but to do so at the sake of showing your cleavage in every picture. I get bored seeing pictures of the tops of girls heads just so that we can see their cleavage. I tend to find myself looking at humorous pictures, or
So Umm Yea!!
well... lets see about 2 months ago broke up with my bf of 3 yrs ... bt were kool .. then ive been dattin this guy for a month ... lol.. hes really nice an good to my daughter! lol .. yes my daughter .. bf of 3 yrs is the father! umm no job! kinda quite kinda fired! start school in jan... umm no t sure wat else to put rite now! so later! luvs hugs drugs! lol! =P well been with matt fo r3 months.. hate baby daddy bt am sorta kool with him! lol.. hate his gf! so do alot of of other ppl! even he does lol! still dont have a job put school on hold.. till i get a job.. bout to go to court with shawn baby daddy! over custody! he aint gonna get it! lol.. joint maybe .. bt ill be primary! just tring to survive at this point an im only 19 lol.. ok well theres kind of an update lol.. later!
Wierd Storys
Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor launched into a foul-mouthed rant about Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and the band's latest LP during a TV interview. The British rockers' Viva la Vida received critical acclaim when it was released earlier this year. But Taylor is not a fan of the record, or singer Martin - and made his thoughts known in a profanity-packed U.K. TV interview. He tells Zane Lowe's MTV show, "That is one of the most self-celebratory pieces of shit I've ever fucking heard in my entire fucking life. "Go suck a fucking dick. Are you watching Martin? Suck it. Go eat a bag of shit. "I fucking hate that album. It's music to wipe your ass to." The singer in a teen gothic metal band and her brother allegedly stabbed the band's guitarist dozens of times because he did not play well enough, Italian police and a lawyer said Friday. Police in Genoa, on Italy's northwestern coast, said the 16-year-old victim remained hospitalized but his life was not in danger. He
Merry Christmas To All
ok here goes ............... AGAIN Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. 1. I squeeze my tube of toothpaste from the bottom. 2. I buy flip top toothpaste tubes but still unscrew the tops to use them. 3. I alternate my electric toothbrush and my manual toothbrush every other day. 4. Once a week I use baking soda and peroxide to brush my teeth. 5. I always brush my tongue when I brush my teeth. 6. I brush and floss AT LEAST twice a day. 7. I am very anal about oral hygiene.. 8. I put my toilet paper OVER. 9. I am a Chap Stick junkie. 10. My favorite gum is Extra Polar Ice. 11. I'm addicted to my gum. 12. I am SO ADDICTED to coffee!! 13. I'm INCREDIBLY complex. 14. I practice Reiki. 15. I c
To You
Living, Fighting, Obsessing, Just as long as I can share it all with you. Yesterday, today tomorrow, Come rain, come shine. Hell and back, the beginning, inbetween, Till' the end of time. All that shines, turns to rust. All that stands in time, Turns to dust. As above, so below. You ain't no fool and honey I'm damn sure that you know. Yesterday, today tomorrow, Come rain, come shine. Hell and back, the beginning, inbetween, Till' the end of time. All that shines, turns to rust. All that stands in time, Turns to dust. (oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.. ah-ah) (oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.. ah-ah) (oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.. ah-ah) (solo) All that shines, turns to rust. All that stands in time, Turns to dust. All that shines, turns to rust. All that stands in time, Turns to dust Well, Master Joe got the master plan He got a hat full of sugar Folks said, "You a lucky man" One night he just disappeared And all we found was his hat in a
Pop Icon Pin-up Bettie Page Dies At 85
Associated Press December 11, 2008 LOS ANGELES - Bettie Page, a 1950s pinup model who helped set the stage for the 1960s sexual revolution, has died. She was 85. Her agent Mark Roesler says Page died Thursday night at a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a heart attack nine days ago. He says she never regained consciousness. Page attracted national attention with magazine photographs of her sensuous figure in bikinis and see-through lingerie that quickly were tacked up on walls across the country. Her photos included a centerfold in the January 1955 issue of then-fledgling Playboy magazine, as well as controversial sadomasochistic poses. Roesler says Page had been hospitalized for three weeks with pneumonia and was about to be released when she had the heart attack on Dec. 2. R.I.P. When four of Santa's elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the Pre-Christma
Caresses Of The Nite
The feel of your lips,a caress and light touch.A feeling within,I've held onto too much.Just a thought,a whisper, a teaseMakes me smileand beg "Take me please."You smirk as your eyesstare deep into mine,And your fingers tickleall down a lineStraight to the center,to where pleasure lies."Please, take me now,"I beg with hands tied.Your a tease as you tickleYou please as you goYou grab a firm hold,as I moan, from below.Another caresssends chills down my spineMaking me squirm,seemingly moaning in time.A nibble, a bite, a grasp and pinchI moan, you think "Well, this is a cinch."My voice looses itselfas you tickle and tease.My mind draws a blankand I grow weak in the knees.You draw yourself over meI'm not able to touch.I can't help but think,"This is too much."I draw my head up,trying to kiss your sweet lipsBut you pull awaynot allowing this kiss.You whisper, I moanyou lick as I groan."Now, don't stop now!"You pull yourself back,not allowing my touch.Your in control,and I love this so much.D
I Try To Be Good, I Really Do.
Falling in love. Laughing so hard your face hurts. A hot shower. No lines at the supermarket A special glance. Getting mail Taking a drive on a pretty road. Hearing your favorite song on the radio. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer. Finding the sweater you want is on sale for half price. Chocolate milkshake. (or vanilla!) (or strawberry) A long distance phone call. A bubble bath. Giggling. A good conversation. The beach. Finding a 20 note in your coat from last winter. Laughing at yourself. Midnight phone calls that last for hours. Running through sprinklers. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful. Laughing at an inside joke. Friends. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep. Your first kiss (either the very first or with a new partner). Making new friends or spending time with old
I Would Like To Know...
I would like to know who would like to be added to my family and add me to theirs? Thanks! I would like to know if anyone would be willing to pay for someone they could go to and vent and get unbiased advice? How much would you be willing to pay for such person? Please take this seriously...I would really like to know.
can some one please tell me why every one has to try to hurt some one it hart to truts any one
Random Thoughts At 37,000 Ft.
Random Thoughts at 37,0000ft.... Yeah, that time again. Another flight, another chance for my mind to wander, which reminds me, I really gotta go thru all these and post them again, new profile and all that. So, today is a rant / vent day I think. I'm not one to bitch, don't like to sweat the petty small things, but I felt the deep desire to get this off my chest, and I KNOW I am speaking for others as well as myself. This ones for those fake people out there, you know, the ones that are all nice and friendly to your face but love to talk shit about you behind your back, yeah, those people. Yes, I know, we all have those in our lives, but here on FuBar, is it really that fuckin necessary? Do these people bother me, no, not really, other than I just don't understand why they feel the need. I realize Preach that this is like runnin in the Special Olympics, just bare with me bro. They might be "special" but they at least know how to read if they're on FuBar, right? Yeah Jersey, I k
A Soldiers Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, in a one bedroom house made of plaser and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give, and to see just who in this home did live. I looked all about a strange sight I did see, No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No stocking by the fire, just boots filled with sand. On the wall hung pictures of far distant lands. With medals and badges, awards of all kind A sober thought came through my mind. For this house was different, so dark and dreary, I knew I had found the home of a soldier, once i could see clearly. I heard stories about them, I had to see more. So I walked down the hall and pushed open the door. And there he lay sleeping silent and alone, Curled up oin the floor in his one bedroom home. His face so gentle, his room in such disorder, Not how i pictured a United States soldier. Was this the hero of whom I'd just read? Curled up in his poncho, a floor for his bed? His head was clean
Tbr Stuff
He's Cocky, He is the one the only the Great Dj Bubba. Rockin out with all the greatest tunes on Terror Brothers radio! Come join in on the fun and see what your missing out on!!! Hes Back and Better Then Ever!! Come Rock out with THE ONE THE ONLY DJ Bubba!!! Playin all your favorites!! So What are you waiting for click the pic and join the Fun!! You dont know what your missing!!!

what kind of printer does it come with a user guide if not let me know i can find one for you all i need is the name number if ya wanna be my stalker please sign the stalker application thanks ya there is a few people on here if ind them hot you know who you are wink
When you ran into a wall with a boner and you hit your nose first A man marries a deaf woman He saids "We must work out a code" If I want sex I'll stroke your left brest - you pull my dick once for yes and 32 times for no!!!
Okay first let me say this whole fubar place rocks! and most folks on here are very friendly, having said that im not hating when I ask why have 35000 friends when there is no way in heck you can have any kind of real personal contact with them?? I mean I dont get it, Thats a sporting event crowd people, so lets face facts its a power trip! and hey thats okay but they should call them fu foughter cause thats all they are, bling me this and vip me that lol a bunch a rock stars I tell ya. any how just one of those random thoughts and yes I am friends with some of these folks i know but it still makes me laugh:) take care JC Okay so the confusion continues lol, you will find its a theme with me, thanks again to all who have helped me to figure this place out. Somthing is puzzling me though, this NSFW business, folks if you dont want people to see pictures of you or ask to see them..then DONT POST THEM ON A FREAKING WEBSITE! LMAO this cracks me up I have never asked anyone to see thes
The State Of Affairs
The number asked for was $25 billion to be split between three companies as loans until the economy picks back up and the American automotive industry can recover from the recession. The U.S. government has set aside $700 billion to BAILOUT banks and other financial institutions without having the money paid back when they recover from the current financial crisis. The banks have gotten their money without having to jump through hoops as the American automotive industry has. The financial institutions have used their bailout money to do wonderful things, such as throw elaborate hunting trips and parties for their higher-ups, have new baseball stadiums named after them, etc. The white-collar people who work for these companies such as AIG, Citibank, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mack still have their jobs. They still have a means of supporting themselves and their familes without trying to hope unemployment compensation is enough to pay the bills, enough to buy Christmas gifts for their kids and
My Favorite Bar
My favorite bar is Ridge Runners.Their always was a good band playing & always good friends to party with.We went there for about a year,then business started getting bad & they closed it down.I really do miss the place.It was a home away for home... Everything has went downhill, since New Year`s eve.We went to a bar that night & stayed put & sleep.Got up the next morning went thru a road block & guess what? They had the hubby to get out & decided our fate for the rest of the year.He hadn`t drank anything since 2:00 that morning.To make a long story short. he got a dui & lost his job.Not good for us....I hate it.Don`t go to court till March.He hasn`t had any luck with a job yet.Life sucks....
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Need to make a few extra Fu-bucks? Check this out... For every "Easy Rate" folder that you rate of mine during Happy Hour, on my birthday, I will pay you 15K in Fu-bucks!! I have 12 different "Easy Rate" folders with 100 pictures in each! If you do all 12 folders I will give you a bonus 50K!!! On top of it I am running auto 11's right now!! So click below and make some big bucks and get some big points to boot!!! Private Message me with the number of folders you do and I will get you the Fu-bucks ASAP! This offer ends when my auto 11's end!!! Tagged By J+A+B=ME You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? gone 2. Your significant other? amy 3. Your hair? none 4. Your m
Quite Simple
And then I told them I was only eight years old! can you say busted?
The Darque Orchid
I have pics posted on WICKEDDOLLZ!!!! Help me win the contest!! I would appreciate the votes!! Love ya! MUAH!! I recently have joined a site that caters to the alternative woman. I have submitted my pics and I am curious to see if people outside of the website think my pics are decent. Although I am a plus size woman I take tasteful pictures but also like to stand out a bit sort to speak when modeling. So I guess this blog is about me wondering if you guys like the site and the pics. I'm Darque Orchid and you can see my pics on I would also appreciate any suggestions on what other kind of pictures to take. Makep ideas, hairstyles..or if anyone local to me would like for me to photograph them or help me with pics. I want to be able to put together a simple portfolio. All pictures that you see either here or on the website are taken by me or my husband. I ask that everyone is respectful when contac
Damn You Kevin Lol
thanks 2 kevin.....this has caused a drool fest on my about a TURN ON I cant get enough of :P Liquid Dancing OMG!!! Can I have this under my tree for x-mas?? LOL I could watch this over and over LOL Ohhhh Yeah!!!!!!!!! I couldnt find this video anywhere but if I ever come across this!!!!
My Zodiac
This birth chart shows the positions of the planets of Karin The planets in the signsThe position of the planets in the signs of the Zodiac has an influence on the character of the individual and these influences form a large part of the individual psyche.Sun in LeoShe is masterful, likes authority, aspires towards an ideal. A little too pretentious and always wanting things. She likes to give advice. She is honest, frank, loyal, open and sincere.Weaknesses: pride, vanity, arrogance, presumption and disdain of others.Moon in TaurusSweetness itself. Convinced of their ideas and strong-willed. She is foresighted and willful. She knows how to trust. She appreciates all the good things in Life. She likes and protects Nature.Weaknesses: excesses in pleasure, laziness, sensuality, thoughtlessness.Mercury in CancerShe adapts to every situation that arises, has a good understanding, is discerning and is full of insight. She is lucid and thinks things through. She likes to please and to create
So, I'm not moving down to VA until April the 4th now. I'm waiting until payday. Just to let ya'll know what's going on. Welp... I'm off for now. Talk to ya'll later. I am moving to VA on April 1st of this year. I will only be on the computer about twice a month if that. I plan on getting a lot more tattoos than I already have. I only have 5 at the moment. I have my nipples pierced, Top and bottom navel pierced. The tongue is pierced and so is the nose. What can I say, it's excitement to me. I love the thrill of the pain of everything. It's great. Alright, I'm off for now.
My Thoughts
Everyone asks me why I call myself Jayded and yes I know I spell it different than its supposed to be. But to put it simply...... life, love and men have jaded me. And I honestly believe at my age everyone is a little jaded , its what molds us to who we are so I dont see it in a bad way. When you have been betrayed, used, pushed around, walked on and just plain hurt by someone it will make you jaded a little everytime. But I wouldnt trade any of my experiences cause it makes me the strong women I am today. Does it mean that every guy that comes into my life is going to pay for the mistakes of the last relationship? NO..........Every relationship that has ever ended good or bad ive learned something from it and moved on and tried to make it better the next time, its all you can do. But everytime Ive been hurt my heart gets a little more guarded and harder to get to. I dont wear it on my sleeve like I used to for someone to crush. The one that grabs a hold of my heart again wil
All About Me
Spank SinfulBrat to Prophet! Hello I have my AUTO11s running and I'm 1,4 million to Prophet! Can we put a big dent in that number. I will be offering the one that levels me 1 million in fubucks and big pimping gift (my choice) & a very special salute (sorry no NSFW) but I will make it look good and you can also pick what you want it to say within reason. I would like to thank these awesome fu's here for being my friend they have help me out in so many ways weather be showing love or just being there to talk when i needed them I'm glad to call them my friends and you should have them as well thank you from the bottom of my heart love you guys/gals. If you like to be added just pm me and I'll be glad to add you! :) say_hey2009_Owned By Freyja Fu Goddess *Sunnydays* is Proudly Owned By SinfulBrat :-)
My Thoughts And Dreams
i was there for you my heart was open for you i cared for you i listened when you needed it and i loved you like no one in my life i smiled for you i dreamed of you my heart sang for you i overlooked my perchance of not trusting i overlooked the nagging feelings that where there things going on that i could not see and i loved you you were that song my heart would sing when i was sad your face was the face i saw when i was down your smile was what i saw when i closed my eyes your green eyes sparkling with mischief you just had no place for me. no time for me and my son, we cared for you even if you were not here so many miles away... but you were still the song my heart sang and now i need to let you go to be happy.. i want you to smile i want you to find your own song.. i wish we could sing it together but its not what you want.. be happy my song be happy my heart i love you you live in my heart and always will i will miss you so much but its time for me t
Fubar Is This Trip 4 Real?
Some of You know I had a rough couple of months! Things are just starting to get better! My POinT is I wasn't able to keep up with all the love BUt I'm trying!!!! I will do my best To reach you individually BUt this is just a great big! THANK YOU!! And know that You have REAL value To me!!!!! .... And HI _FIVES !!!!! and ONE LOVE TO my BOYS!!!! and I can't leave out my haters!!! I even Got a Weird Appreciation for y'all Too ! LMAO!!! also To those I haven't met fully YEt don't be afriad leave a comment ! I'm by NO MEANS your AvERAGE Fu type Guy! LET ME PUT IT THIS WAY EVEN IF YOU THINK THERE IS A PROBLEM FORGET IT!! COME BY AND SAY HELLO!! AND just because You Really rock my world!!!ONE MORE GREAT BIG I LOVE YOU TO ALL MY LADIES !!! And ThaNK YOU For giving yourself to me!!!You will be loved and loved and LOVED!!!!!!!!!! How Silly of Me to get All caught-up in this fu-minagerie:My Foolish Heart Once Again has Been less than loyal to Me !
Finally found a new game after the debacle involving another player cyberstalking me and harassing me at every given opportunity. I did report it to the mods but nothing has still been done about it and it's been over a month since the report was filed. So I quit that and found another game called Ghost Online completely by accident. I can't really play 3D MMORPGs too well because of I have a laptop and that means no mouse. I have no surface that I can use a laptop and mouse combination on. My room has surfaces that can just about fit the laptop on it's own. So far I'm enjoying the game as a mage and no one's bugged me. You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? Upstairs 2. Your significant other
I'm seriously to the point where I am gonna give up! I hate when your with a guy and there is no changing him! When your in a relationship there should be some compromise!! Well in mine.. yea there is not! His way or the highway! Well I'm about to get on the highway and drive really fast! I don't think deer on the wall are the "IT" thing! Camo on everything is NOT appealing! and I HATE COUNTRY! People that know Eric are probably thinking ok well your not the perfect girl for him because thats pretty much his life in 3 sentences! It's not fair I have to give up everything! He can have his little bachelor's pad because I'm about done and he can be single! Yea I might be blowing it out of proportion but I'm sick of being treated like shit, paying ALL the bills, expecting I do everything by myself! and be a perfect little girlfriend with no attitude! Well I'm a bitch! I don't let people push me around! I'm very OCD and I don't need this shit especially every
Munkey Ink
Redmunkey for those who wonder, was created as an experimental site in order to promote some of our friends. What started as a small place with a few links, has now grown to host a lot more content and promo material. The site itself its free for all. We never charge, we don't have a portal to sign up and pay. The money to pay for the upkeep comes from the links, affiliates, and at some point sponsors. If you wonder about the name, and why its not a dot come, its because it was hijacked and now belongs to some band. We are working on taking it back. The site itself has gone through changes over the past year and will still in order to keep up with the rest. As we are now showing up on social networks to share our content you will also get the chance to see some who joined us to promote not only us but themselves with it. From coast to coast, at clubs and parties all over RedMunkey has showed up. Our goal is to create not only relationships but to become a place where be
The Anthony's Tragedy
Pegasus Project
OUR TEAM LEADER WILL BE OFFLINE FOR ABOUT A WEEK OR SO. SO ME BEING THE ASST TEAM LEADER I AM ASKING THAT ALL TEAM 5 MEMBERS TO PLEASE MAKE SURE TO RE RATE ALL MEMBERS. PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS BLOG WHEN YOU HAVE DONE SO. BELOW ARE THE LINKS TO EACH ONE OF TEAM 5 MEMBERS. THANK YOU GOOFY GURL Team Five Leader Mamma ♥ T ♥ ~*~Spanker Club Manager~*PegasusProject~*~@ fubar Team Five Assistant Leader ~Ģőō ĞűŔĻ~FU Engaged 2 Mķě Mąň@ fubar Members for team 5 gr~Official Tagmaker for RR~Member of The Pegasus Project@ fubar CrazyMama45~The Pegasus Project~/Fu-Wifey to sTaRr**@ fubar Ladytaz Real Life Wife To Taz*Member of *The Pegasus Project*Rateing Revolution*Princess Leia's*@ fubar ~katie~ *SBG* *SINNERS FAMILY* *BAD BITCH* *FU-ANGEL(T#3)* *PEGASUS PROJECT(T#5)* *LOLLIPOP GURL*@ fubar ♫ JeSSiCa ♫ ~The Pegasus Project~@ fubar M!ai KMA(
Mind Of A Red Hooded Kitten...
So i've been thru a lot in the past, but of course who hasnt. but finally... things are starting to look right. with in 3 months i've managed to fix my license, get a car, title insurance and all, and just got promoted to a management position. but of course,,, i honestly couldnt do all of this withoutthe love and support of my baby, Xavier (Eternal Beast Of Burden). Next step is to get a place of my own and then finally the love of my life and i will be able to be together... not just on vacations.... but actually together. nothing makes me smile more then the thought of that.All i gotta do is keep strong now... and well.. im a stubborncookie... so i know things will work out just right. i love you baby. Still here, all alone, nobody to talk to, Only me and my heart... Thinking of you, smiling at myself. Drifting away to a world with nobody else but ourselves, Reaching out for u. my finger tips touching your face.. feeling it, loving it. For once there
Do Your Best,pray Its Blessed,jesus Takes Care Of The Rest!
My #1 Family And Friend Ms Jeri Is The Best
I met a wonderful lady about two years ago thru my ex boyfriend. Her name is Jerrilynne, we have gone really close thru the years and talk several times a day. Although I kicked the ex to the curb, we are still "silstas from another mista", lol. Niether one of us talk to my ex. Well to get to the point, I never truly realized what a golden heart my girl truly has until today...She told me a few days ago that she sent me a xmas card with a lil suprise in it. Knowing her i thought it was a card with a half naked guy on the front. She knows i have had somme problems finding a job since the move and i figured she was trying to cheer me up. Long story short, i opened the card and out fell a hundred dollar bill. I was completely suprised and shocked. I know this girl and she cannot afford that. But,she knew that i could not afford christmas for my kids. I cannot tell u people how wonderful my "silsta" is and the only thing i can do to show her all of my love and appreciation is to post this
My Midget, I Need Points
THIS MORNING I RECIEVED AN EMAIL FROM OUR HOSTING COMPANY...... New Shoutcast Server ShoutcastPRO and its parent company Eastside-Hosting used the services of AlphaRed as a Dedicated Server Provider, Yesterday all AlphaRed clients received the following e-mail. “This Morning December, 23 2008 at 9:30 AM CST, Alpha Red, Inc. entered Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Doug Brickley of LECG was appointed the Chapter 7 Trustee. The receiver's duties are to liquidate the assets of Alpha Red and collect past due balances from Alpha Red's current and former clients. The business will not continue. All services including power, bandwidth, and technical support will be shutdown at 9:00 AM CST on December 24, 2008, tomorrow. We will begin shutting down servers this evening around 8:00 PM CST, December 23, 2008 starting with accounts which have outstanding/past due balances.” Our AlphaRed account is current, a new datacenter inquired AlphaRed and all their clients, but only current clients
Life Made From Poetry
dreams as I waken from the nights sweet peace I see what is most lovely of all for beside my heart is a love to true so much more lovely than august fall ever breath I take is like the first drink of water for a soul that thirst because she has held me loved me and captured my being she is first I will embrace her cherish her love her night and day every moment I am awake her mystic beauty enchants me even my dreams are of her softness i cant wait you know my love this moment will last for eternity in our lives for seventh heaven i will take you I will help you reach the skies once loved by you I cannot fathom what life would be without you in my life so long I do crave you, adore you will keep you safe and loved free of strife be gentle with myheart my love for it is yours to keep and enjoy forever and it will keep your hunger and hope and thirst quenched like a river. This is a quote "life isn't measured by the number of breaths we as h
The Pentacle
The word Pagan gets bantied about by many and is a very misunderstood term. Hopefully, this will shed some light on the subject. Paganism From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Pagan) Jump to: navigation, search "Pagan" and "Heathen" redirect here. For other usages, see Pagan (disambiguation) and Heathen (disambiguation) Mayan priests dancing around fire at a ceremony. The Maya folk religion is considered to be pagan under all definitions of the word. Followers of Romuva, a Lithuanian Neopagan faith, practice a ritual around a fire. Paganism (from Latin paganus, meaning "country dweller, rustic")[1] is a word used to refer to various religions and religious beliefs from across the world. The term has various different meanings, though, from a Western perspective, it has modern connotations of a faith that has polytheistic,[2] spiritualist, animistic or shamanic practices, such as a folk religion, historical polytheistic or neopagan religion. The term ha
Babygirls Life
Looking into your eyes and falling in so deep your the guy i been dreaming of and seeing in my dreams. I look at you and reach out to grab and hold your hand as winds blow me down upon grains of sand I get up and see you still standing there with your hair blowing freely in the summer wind. I reach out pull you so close to me give you a kiss for all the worlds and heavens to forever see feeling heavens embrace by the very touch of your skin makes the rainbows forever shine on these cold autumn days the love you bestowed upon to me makes life feels so worth living truely to me inside. Your lips forever truely sealed with a endless kiss your skin forever sparkling in the summer sun as I gaze into your eyes and forever blown away the world in my eyes isn;t truely complete without you standing there next to me forever in this life forever for the rest of my eternity dwelling in the light of heaven waiting for you to appear to take my hand and walk across the endless shores of the ocean
Lyrics For My Moment.
BELIEVE IT OR NOT SOMEONE HERE KNOWS I AM TALKING TO HIM HERE . . . GEEBUS. So the flood gates open but nothing comes out Im feeling no relief in my head, just doubt But my heart keeps telling me hold your ground. Youll never learn a thing if you bail out now And Im lonely again tonight I can feel it like a knot in my side They keep saying this is part of the ride But Im not getting stronger. Yet hold me against the light And do you see any bullet inside? Wouldnt find one if you magnified Because youve got the wrong girl Had my fingers around the back of your chair Youd never missed a thing but you missed me there And I just kept thinking Am I prepared To pull it out from under your trusting stare? Now the house is quiet as a hollow head And Im walking round bumping into things you said This has not been as easy as I thought it would Id be cooling down the fire if I thought I could. And Im lonely again tonight I can feel it like a k
There is ONE who has found and stolen my very heart the one and only thing that makes a difference in this world to me... she is the most wonderfully sweet sexy and a bit of a smartass as well (which i love). Above everything else everyone that has come into my life she has found a way to capture my heart easily and holds it within her hands and for the first time in my life i am actually trusting someone with it.... which honestly scares the living shit out of me but she has my heart and my trust what can i say.... what do you do when someone has captured your very core? all i can do now is trust in the keeper of the stars to make the decision... i love you Erica when i give my heart to someone i do it fully and with out question. at times this scares me because everytime i turn around it seems that the one who i have given my heart to either turns on me, cheats on me, or just plain never cared to begin with. some days i think it might just be better to dissapear and just not BE at
I have not been on here for a long time, and a lot of things have been going since I was on here last. My wife and I are filing for divorce, and I have met someone new that I am going to marry after the divorce is final. Her name is Dayna and her nickname on here is Dayna Nicholson, and she is a great woman. I am really looking forward to our wedding day. I am also no longer going to be deployed to Iraq with my unit in the army, instead I am getting out of the army on a medical discharge, most likely a medical retirement. I will also try to write more blogs from now. Just thought I would get my blogs started and see how it goes. I am really nervous about trying a music ministry full time when I get out of the army, but am told I should not give up on the dream. If you read this, I would appreciate it if you go to and see what you think of the demos I have and what I have written. If you like it let me know in the guest book. If I don't hear anything, I will take
My Poems
You say were just friends, You say that you care, But how do I know this, if you wont take the dare. You know our love could be strong and fulfilling. So take this chance, just once and give me such a image trance.I will only then promise you what you need, and with this I know of you indeed. So come to me, and let me show you the way. So come to me, and I will shelter you in this web of love if I may. So then come to me, so then we can become two as one, like we were flying above , like the wings of the white dove. So you say, what you want. So you say, what you feel. So you say, what you see. For I will always know how you truly feel and see or what you really want. Because of this love of yours. I will feel such a taunting joy, when your lips say I LOVE YOU !!!! So You Say By Kris Mauch In the depths of your eyes, they show of a weekness, as the blind one's love reveals. How b
Come Visit Us At The Chill Lounge
starting today till a couple days after new years eve the staff at chill lounge wants to buy u drinks so stop on by and if u like the lounge feel free to jion our goal is to get every one that stops by shit faced its a new cool looking lounge stop by and let us know what u think of it
I am a huge fan of the band Dope and Here is another song that I believe is fitting of me. If you know me, do you agree/disagree? If you don't know me Or if you do, isn't this a cool/good/great song? Sometimes you don't understand Sometimes I am what I am Sometimes I just can't be Everything you hoped I'd be And sometimes I wish that you could see I'm not like you I'm not like them I won't pretend Cause I am what I am Sometimes I wish that we Could agree to disagree Sometimes I wish that you could see what I see This is who I am I've always been And I don't think you'll ever understand Fuck you I am what I am You don't understand I am what I am And I don't think you'll ever understand Fuck you I am what I am Enclosed are the video and lyrics to the song "Imperium" by the band Machine Head. The more I hear this song the more I love it and the more the lyrics seem fitting of me. If you know me, do you agree/disagree? If you don't know me Or
Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, and forget about the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance; take it. If it changes your life; let it. Nobody said that it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. Everyone is looking for something and those that have what they're looking for, usually don't even realize it!
I fell asleep last night and woke up with two more feet of snow then the night before and it is still snowing! WOW! this is hard stuff to walk in when all you have are $200's worth of sk8 shoes and no boots! its is really wet. I forgot since I spent the last two entire snow seasons in jail! so I am going to go get my winter gear! I am stuck on trying to find a job and the main reason I want one is to obtain the money I need to go down to Covington, GA to meet a very beautiful lady. who i've fallen head over heals for! it is very frustrating! but oh well i got to live with it. I have made $100 dollars I need that 3 times over though if i am to go down there.
Merry Christmas Train
Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools that have not wit enough to be honest... Francois Duc De La Rochefoucauld This surface good-nature which captivates a new acquaintance and is no bar to treachery, which knows no scruple and is never at fault for an excuse, which makes an outcry at the wound which it condones, is one of the most distinctive features of the journalist. This camaraderie (the word is a stroke of genius) corrodes the noblest minds; it eats into their pride like rust, kills the germ of great deeds, and lends a sanction to moral cowardice...Balzac, Honor De Deceit wears a veil of exotic translucence Woven with infinite care And the silken-smooth threads spun from lies Deceit is the game of petty spirits, and that is by nature a womans quality...Pierre Corneille Deception (also called beguilement or subterfuge) is the act of convincing another to believe information that is not true, or not the whole truth as in certain types of half-truths.
My Shit...
So i dont really know what to say right now. I'm a smart ass, loves to joke around, ppl dont really know how to take me. so if they dont like me then they'll get over it. :-)- Why is it when i think i'm over you, You have to call, and try to get some. Why is it when i finally decide this time its IT NO MORE you confuse the hell out of me? Why is it that you still have such a strong hold on my heart? Why cant you just leave me alone... I'm NOT comeing back to you again! Why cant you just understand that i've had enough of your shit? Why cant you Go away, find someone else to tourture? Why dont you just Go away from me all together... Is that too much to ask for??
Best of Marijuana Marijuana Stands as a junction of drugs that affect anxiety and are hallucinogenic o Anxiolytic and hallucinogenic, but for the most part Anxiolytic, hallucinogenic in higher doses Showed up in the west in the 19th century prominent among artsy types Marijuana Consumption Most people consume the weakest variety, the dried leaves and flowing top Bong A mixture of dried leaves and resin Hashish Marijuana Methods of action Mood enhancement Word play Incoherent thinking Keen acute thinking Synesthesia Distortion of the perception of time Enhancement of sensory perception Synesthesia Cross talk between sensory systems Gives insight on the nature of consciousness Synesthetics: People who dont have to take any drugs to experience the phenomena of Synesthesia Color Organs: Instruments that when played the music is accompanied w/ colors Sensory Enhancement Many hallucinogens have an overlay of the col
My Kind Of Christmas Tree
You Should Have a Pink Christmas Tree For you, the holidays represent a time of friendship and sharing. You're happy as long as you're spending time with the people you care about. You are passionate about the holidays, and that start of the holiday season makes you very excited. You sometimes go a bit overboard in your celebrations. You just can't help it! Passionate, easily excited, sweet, giving, love, friendship, sensitive, caring Your pink tree would look great with: More pink! You should spend Christmas Eve watching: The Muppet Christmas Carol What you should bake for Santa: Rice krispie treats with red and green food coloring What Color Christmas Tree Should You Have? You Are Milk Your holiday personality is innocent. The holidays make you feel like a kid all over again. You love every part of the holidays, and you anticipate Christmas morning. You enjoy getting presents as much as you did when you were young! What Holiday Drink
the silence is a frieght train a loud bell that cannot be shut off The silence is a thunderstorm, pouring down on top of my head The silence is the loudest part of the night the Silence my true hearts delight The Silence is a youthful peer upsetting a growth period that never seems to subside. The silence is the only thing keeping my eye lids open The silence is the only thing that keeps me from breathin, The silence is worse than that of arsenic, it poisons more slowly that any poison The silence is something I try to break the silence is something I try to face The Silence is something I cannot Face The silence is something ive tried beating in race but never succeeds to myself disgrace so here I sit again the Silence drowning me carrrying me under like a victim to the sea. A time when the tears flow faster than the tap a moment when the clarity of my emotions spill over the brim of a glass.. like the elixir I am pouring into it. Sometimes I make excuses
Santa's Little Helper Auction Bully(lucretia's Creation)
That's right,you have the opportunity to be this fu's First Owner. VolareDave is up for grabs in Your Ultimate Desire's "Santa's Little Helper" Auction. It's real easy to get there,just click a pic to go to the auction page. Be sure to R/F/A the Hostess. Happy Holiday's and Thank You! (repost of original by '★♎★Lucretia★♎★ Proudly FuOwned by SixtyNineMunch' on '2008-12-15 22:39:19')
This Is Bs
What a tool, and not in a good way.... I feel sorry for any woman that falls for this obvious attempt at receiving nudes from women. WTF is all I have to say...... subject: Here's the rules post date: 2008-12-16 12:53:28 views: 9 comments: 1 ratings: 0 The best NSFW salute recieved that gets the most rates/comments gets 5 request block on the next 5 shows, plus 200,000 fubux! Salutes can be sent to (blank) on YIM or (blank) on MSN, or just to that email. If you send via email make sure to send a private message here to alert me so i don't miss it. Contest ends 12/19/08. All salutes must have DJ (blank, but its a kind of dog) in them. You know the drill read from the bottom up... Dont you hate it when you rate and rate and rate the person who has the HH. I mean even rate all of there pics. Every fucking last one. MORE THAN ONCE. And then they call you a liar. This chick thinks just becuase she is level 30 and she has spent 100's of bucks on HH's that she i
I Am Sober, And I Need Someone To Get Me A Drink!!
Stop, by, and check me out if you like what you see, buy me a drink, send me a shout, and rate me plz!! I WLL RETURN THE LOVE!!!! I asked Santa for a white hummer for christmas, that focker sent me a crackwhore with braces. JUST BELIEVE!!!
Your The Sun Of My Island
I think i know what true love is. Even though you have hurt me i will still love you. You care about how i feel and what i do in my day not when we can hook up. You are down to earth and you know whats going on. Your strong and beautiful. I hope you see this and realize how much u actually mean to me. You keep me out of trouble and you protect me. I have never felt this way toward someone before. Thank you for showing me what it feels like to be loved. When you told me "You're the love of my life, you're the water to my flower, you're the air I breathe to, you're the medicine that cures me, and you're the beat to my heart" i knew that you didnt mean to hurt me. I dont want you to be like everyone else. I love you with everything i have. I have opened my life and told you how i was and what i have done. i love you and that will never change. I know i over react and assume stuff but thats how i protect myself from getting hurt i am really sorry. I want to trust but i have trusted before
One Word Only
It's really hard to only use one-word answers! Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. 1. Where is your cell phone? pocket 2. Your significant other? none 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? working 5. Your father? retired 6. Your favorite thing? firefighting 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? Tea 9. Your dream/goal? 10. The room you're in? livingroom 11. Music? always 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? living 14. Where were you last night? firestation 15. What you're not? astronaut 16. Muffins? yummy 17. One of your wish list items? motorocycle 18. Where you grew up? Pennsylvania 19. The last thing you did? this 20. What are you wearing? jeans 21. TV? off 22. Your pets? dogs 23. Your computer? on 24. Your life? sucks 25. Your mood? sucks 26. Missing someone? nope 27. Favorite Store? walmart
New Years Party!!!!!
I am throwing a party at club hotel for new years! tickets on sale now let me know if intrested!!! why is it that alot of the girls on here take the sexy girls pics?? if you ugly just face it i dont know how pretending to be someone else makes you feel better!!!!! your fake! a girl by the name of TinkerBelle Fake Trisha FAKE take you fake ass and go play in traffic ... if ur not happy with yourslef then work on it!!!!!!! FUCK all you fake ass ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chill Lounge
Ever feel like you just wanna come in and take a load off from a hard days work without having to worry about everybody?? Chill lounge is a really great place for that. Come check it out, the atmosphere is real cool, no bar fights or anything just people who wanna shoot the breeze. Come check it out, meet and mingle with other folks, etc etc... So come on in folks, drinks are on the house!!!lol It's the Weekend!!!! come on in the Chill lounge tonight everybody!!! drinks will be on the house all night long for the first weekend of the new year!!!! And if you like the joint plz feel free to join. enjoy the first friday of the year everyone!!!!
The Crazy In Me
I am crazy.. I am cool... But I am a fool... LOL I am not much of a blog writer...I just know that I feel like sounds... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hahha
Adam Walsh - Finally Able To R.i.p.
Get your own Flash MP3 Player Myspace Layouts - Myspace Backgrounds - Myspace Codes "Six year old Adam Walsh disappeared from a Hollywood mall on July 27, 1981. Fishermen discovered his severed head in a canal 120 miles away two weeks later. The rest of his body was never found. The suspect, Ottis Toole, had twice confessed to killing the child, but later recanted. He claimed responsibility for hundreds of murders, but police determined most of the confessions were lies. Toole's niece told the boy's father, John Walsh, her uncle confessed on his deathbed in prison that he killed Adam. Authorities made a series of crucial errors, losing the bloodstained carpeting in Toole's car preventing DNA testing and the car itself. It was a week after the boy's disappearance before the FBI got involved. "So many mistakes were made," John Walsh said in 1997, upon the release of his book "Tears of Rage," which harshly criticized the Hollywood Police Department's work o
I Thought Of You Today. (for My Best Friend You Know Who You Are.)
She knows when I am sad She knows how to make me smile She knows what Bothers me She knows how to keep me laughing No one comes close to her and NO ONE can compare to her and yet thier simply unaware. She's their when I need A hug or just a driendly smile. She purrrrs just like a kitty cat and makes the guys go wild. (smiles**). She has a caring way to get me through each day And all the things she does to show me just how much she cares just gives me more confidence to face a new day with a smile just to know that she'll be there. So in return I wrote this blog to let know that she is my closest friend and my love will forever show. Thanks to Mystical for always being there to talk to when I just needed a friend you are my closest friend. And I am very thankful that you chose to be my friend. much Love and respect to you my dark angel for you will always be my closest friend. I thought of you today and the tears started falling, I thought of you today and I wondered wh
The Dead ☮ ♥ ☺
Right outside this lazy summer home you ain't got time to call your soul a critic no. Right outside the lazy gate of winter's summer home, wond'rin' where the nut-thatch winters, wings a mile long just carried the bird away. Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world, the heart has it's beaches, it's homeland and thoughts of it's own. Wake now, discover that you are the song that the mornin' brings, But the heart has it's seasons, it's evenin's and songs of it's own. There comes a redeemer, and he slowly too fades away, And there follows his wagon behind him that's loaded with clay. And the seeds that were silent all burst into bloom, and decay, and night comes so quiet, it's close on the heels of the day. Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world, the heart has it's beaches, it's homeland and thoughts of it's own. Wake now, discover that you are the song that the mornin' brings, But the heart has it's seasons, it's evenin's and songs of i
My First Auction
well for almost all of my 1st year here on fu I was online atleast 15 hours a day. I lived in the middle of no where & the closest city has so small there really wasnt anything to do once you got there. For the last something like 3 months fubar was the last thing I was doing when I had the time. Over that time I sorted through my entire house. Between cleaning,packing,giving things away & throwing thing away. I've moved to a much bigger city with more things to do that keeps me so busy. My moving is the best thing I could of done. Well.....over this time when I put me & my life 1st I've realized that some people who were stating to be my friends got upset because this time I was so busy making my life better that I didnt have time to come on here & help level people & give all my time to certain people. I'm real sorry but I guess it was good that it worked out this way because I hate being played. I know there are afew that knew I was gone from the computerfor a logic reason & when
Tax his Ass At first I thought this was funny....then I realized the awful truth of it. Be sure to read all the way to the end. Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table At which he's fed. Tax his tractor, Tax his mule, Teach him taxes Are the rule. Tax his work, Tax his pay, He works for peanuts Anyway! Tax his cow, Tax his goat, Tax his pants, Tax his coat. Tax his ties, Tax his shirt, Tax his work, Tax his dirt. Tax his tobacco, Tax his drink, Tax him if he Tries to think. Tax his cigars, Tax his beers, If he cries Tax his tears. Tax his car, Tax his gas, Find other ways To tax his ass. Tax all he has Then let him know That you won't be done Till he has no dough. When he screams and hollers; Then tax him some more, Tax him till He's good and sore. Then tax his coffin, Tax his grave, Tax the sod in Which he's laid. Put these words Upon his tomb, Taxes drove me to my doom...' When he's gone, Do not relax, Its time to apply The inheritance tax. Accounts Receivable Tax Build
Well see this guy named duff keeps callin me names that shouldn't be said and i think it's bullshit that he don't get in trouble for the shit....he had no right to call me a ho and fat emo ugly ho or a stupid did i do....i don't deserve that treatment! if you think all men are the same listen up....your wrong....i know a great guy who is a great friend and that's all we are....i know what your i'm not inlove with him....i just talk to him when i need a friend and he's always thier...i met him and in a few days he's become my to all of you out thier who think thier all the''ll find a bestfriend just like mine!!!!
Been A While
Have you ever sat there, and pondered a new life. A completely different you. Or have you started to make a change and ultimately realize that in such a short amount of time, you are almost the person that you should be. I'm at that point. Everything I could possibly change, I have changed. My diet, my health, my emotions, my mentality, and just my overall physical being has all changed. I'm probably 10x more stronger, smarter, and resiliant then I could ever have been. I'm not quite yet where I need to be, but I'm almost there. There is only one thing that is preventing me from fully emerging into the man I should be, and unfortunately...I have to be patient and just allow it to come to me. For those of you who know me, I'm not by any means a patient person. I'm always looking to complete whatever it is that is in front of me so I can move on. I guess it comes with the territory of being associated with the military for over half my life. But I think this is good. This fo
C'mon Fubies,what's The Score?
Just browsing the new users,8 newbies,3 pics the same woman twice,all with different names,1 woman with 2 different names,what's goin on? I know Fubar want new members,but at least make sure they are for real instead of fakes When is that nutcase of a prezzie going to take a hike and get Obama in the White House,maybe then we will see and end to the suffering of innocent men women and children in Gaza. Are Americans so fucking brainwashed that they only get fed a diet of verbal diahorraea by Fox news,you really need to take a look at yourselves in the mirror,seriously man.
Christmas Wishes
For My Fubar Friends If I could wish a wish for you, it would be for peace and happiness not only now, but for the whole year through! I wish that there always be food on your table. And that you always remember those less fortunate. May you always take time to share, and thank those who share with you. I wish for time, so you may reflect on the blessings that you have, and that you express your love to those who are dear to you. May you never feel lonely, because there are those who care. That you realize: you are special, you are unique, you make a difference, not only at Christmas, but all year! I wish for your thoughts to be positive ones, that you never quit, that you never give up, and that you continue to learn. I wish for the love, peace, and joy of Christmas be yours always, Loves you guys always BLUE
In A Acution Come Fuown Me
click on pic to rate and comment on it > === 'mike.Fu-Owned by~MAIASIDHE...' wrote the following at '2008-12-15 13:43:50'..
This Shit
things keep pulling me apart i try to have the ppurest heart but i never can keep it together i blow around like a feather with nothing no teather so when live get harder im supposed to get smarter find away around the drama but i keep putting myself in it with not one or 2 but three babies mommas. the first i didnt believe it had to be a lie till the day i heard her lil foice cry i dont understand why at 18 i thought i was a grown ass man sign my right over to some bum who i thought could take my place but he jus laught in my face as he threw her mom out his place now shes on the streets with nothiung on her feet i cant see her we dont speak its been 3 years shes grown up has no clue and im the one with the fears 5 years old prolly hard as a rock it was me who put here with this uselss cock BREATH !!!!!! round two i had my wife she was great when we started to date sone it got old her heart grew cold she hated that i had a previous live she wanted me to sever everything with a kn
Does Love Exist???
ok so i just had to get this out because i feel like i hat my self right now because of this girl i met her three months ago and it was love at first sight we are a great match and it feels like we afre soulmates but at the same time neither of us can figure out why we wont allow ourselves to be totally happy with each other and fall in love totally and be together. she says she loves we and wants we but then the same god damn night she acts like she doesnt and now she wont even talk to me and to make matters even worse last night was our three month anniverisary and it all went bad and now i havent heard from her all day she wont respond to me at all and i dont know wut to do. i love this girl and i hate my self for loving her because i cant stop even after everything i have been through with her and everything she has put me through i love her with all my heart and soul. she is my soulmate no one else in this world compares to her. i cant stand these feelings any more. so my soulmate
this is cool an safe way to be your self. wish it was tis safe an fun out in te real word! plz fill free to leave me a comment or say hi! this is a cool site an new to this but it looks fun an has my attention. which tats hard to do! i had a sweet lady to invite to tis sit an i owe her! thank you NELLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Mystical Miss Tickle has a most unusual kink It's weirder than many you could mention I would think She loves to capture males so they can not get away She'll strip them bare and naked and then tickle them all day To get a guy tied down is her favorite situation And to skillfully administer that tickling sensation So her squirming, wriggling captive, laughing helplessly will find That the tickle torture treatment will almost blow his mind If by chance her victim is a ticklish sort of chap He'll find that he has fallen into quiite a fearful trap Her tickling fingers mercilessly stroke and glide and roll From the tips of both his ears to each vulnerable sole The Mystical Miss Tickle is a fiend in human shape And when she starts to tickle you, my friend, there is no escape You've no option but to take it all- to laugh and shout and scream While she tickle you all over, more than in your wildest dream She'll search out all your ticklish places with amazing skil
You can all kiss my ass dont any one of you EVER fuckin EVER ask me for shit again dont beg for a bling dont ask for a blast youre all fuckin selfish, greedy begging bastards i hope half of you fuckin delete me but i know most of you wont even read this so everyone in my friends list, except Kweenbitch, cuz she helped me out the rest of you, fuckin goto hell this all stems from the auction i was in i blogged, i posted stauts, i shouted some of you, i visited most of your pages and i got 3 fuckin bids 2 of which werent from my friends i sold for 400k fubucks if i could take away the blasts ive bought, or the bling ive sent i would cuz you all fuckin suck may icicles be shoved up your asses for christmas FUCK OFF im up for auction follow the link, hopefully it works and bid on me to own me Happy Holidays
How " Merry Christmas " is said around the world in Another Language Afrikaans: Gesende Kersfees Afrikander: Een Plesierige Kerfees African/ Eritrean/ Tigrinja: Rehus-Beal-Ledeats Albanian:Gezur Krislinjden Arabic: Idah Saidan Wa Sanah Jadidah Argentine: Feliz Navidad Armenian: Shenoraavor Nor Dari yev Pari Gaghand Azeri: Tezze Iliniz Yahsi Olsun Bahasa Malaysia: Selamat Hari Natal Basque: Zorionak eta Urte Berri On! Bengali: Shuvo Naba Barsha Bohemian: Vesele Vanoce Brazilian: Boas Festas e Feliz Ano Novo Breton: Nedeleg laouen na bloavezh mat Bulgarian: Tchestita Koleda; Tchestito Rojdestvo Hristovo Catalan: Bon Nadal i un Bon Any Nou! Chile: Feliz Navidad Chinese: (Cantonese) Gun Tso Sun Tan'Gung Haw Sun Chinese: (Mandarin) Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan (Catonese) Gun Tso Sun Tan'Gung Haw Sun Choctaw: Yukpa, Nitak Hollo Chito Columbia: Feliz Navidad y Prspero Ao Nuevo Cornish: Nadelik looan na looan blethen noweth Corsian: Pace e salute Crazani
hey wait i have gott'n alot of men stating to think that i am crazy. okay, i can go along with that. but, what i mean to say is what can i do different!! i have always hated men after a bad brake up and i want to know how not to be a man hater. i want to get over it in a sible manner. tiered of being mad all the time all i need is to find peace with the brake up and peace with my self. and yes, right now i feel used and i scared of men and what heart brake they can cuz look i think that men can take a flying leap off a tall pear ( the ones i know anyway) they all want one thing and it's not my winning personality. think i should just lay low and be free for a while thats including s#% nothing no fisical contact and just be me and stay away from men i think they enjoy using a person then they do caring of one( the guys that i see) i don't mean to afend any one i just want to get it off my chest. i feel men are hateful and hurtful they don't desurve someone like me who gives 200% of th
Want To Make A Little Extra Cash
go to join today
Slow Dowm Guys
soory that I have been gone for so long but i'm back. I just had a wild ride theese past few if you would like to know about it hit me up. yes i'm still here yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some really cute guys are out there asking me about the things i write on my page so i just simply tell them it's a roller coster ride in the weirdest way. the only thing that stays constant is work and my two wonderfull kids. and now that i have found oout that i can stay in casper has made it even better!mostly i got to thank all my true friends that have made it possible for me to stay and the hope and prayers i have received as well i thank you and i will pray for you as well thank you and may the angel of strangth sit on your shoulder and gide you to help others
What The Hell Is Going On Here?
Ok, I don't k now what the hell is the deal with the weather here, but this is getting ridiculous, my arms & shoulders hurt and wonder if the weather is changing again, this summer has not been good at all butwhatever is going on , if it's arthritis hereI'll fight it till the day I die, with or without medication & moving around as much as I can too, with or without someone's help here too! Ok, I get on here and I notice on my family list that one of the best people on here who is a gorgeous woman and a sweetheart in my opinion is leaving Fubar, for what I have no clue honestly but I think (& I could be very wrong on this too) but I think it's because of all the begging for shit, yeah, I'll admit that I wish I had an auto 11 because I see everyone else with it for crying out loud here and what gets me is people having to beg for an auto-11 or a blast or a ticker or what not? Hello, have you ever heard of getting the money yourself and buying one here, I mean, my god, don't get me wrong
13 Ways
A prayer for strength Oh yes, fix me, Jesus, fix me. Fix me so that I can walk on a little while longer. Fix me so that I can pray on just a little bit harder. Fix me so that I can sing on just a little bit louder. Fix me so that I can go on despite the pain, the fear, the doubt, and yes, the anger, I ask not that you take this cross from me, only that you give me the strength to continue carrying it onward 'til my dying day. Oh, fix me, Jesus, fix me. 13 Ways to live in an anti-God culture: These are 13 very important things I learned at bible study earlier tonight. 1.Live in Holiness and Honor. (1 Thes. 4:1-8) 2. Live in Love for Each Other. ( 1 Thes. 4:9-10) 3.Live in Honesty. (1 Thes. 4:11-12) 4. Live with Hope. ( 1 Thes. 4:13-18) 5. Live Alert. (1 Thes. 5:1-11) 6. LIve Honoring your Leaders. (1 Thes. 5:12-13) 7. Live Aware of others Needs. (1 Thes.5:14-15) 8. Live with a Thankful Heart. (1 Thes.5:16-18) 9. Live a Spirit Le
Need Help To Level
Love Her Hard!!!! ~ஐ~۞PortoricanPrincess ۞~ஐ~ Rating Revolution crew!!!@ fubar Lets help her out!!!! ~ஐ~۞PortoricanPrincess ۞~ஐ~ Rating Revolution crew!!!@ fubar I need to get back to the same level i was before level 22 pls help me !!!! Add me , Fan me and Rate me!!! thank you for all your help!!!!!! Lets make it happen!!!! Portorican Princess Need your help to level up Love Her Hard!!!! bad biitch status*rating revolution*
Sol Cal Hustler's Lounge
Come and Join Us!!!! S0l Cal Hostlers Lounge bad biitch status*owner of S0l CAL HUSTLER'S**rating revolution crew*@ fubar and ~ஐ~۞PortoricanPrincess ۞~ஐ~ Rating Revolution crew!!!@ fubar Join together and open a brand new Lounge , we going to have tons of funs ! chats and gathering to meet new People.... come and Join Us.. everyone is welcome.... Join Us!!!! S0l Cal Hostler's is the Place to Meet New Friends!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY:~ஐ~۞PortoricanPrincess ۞~ஐ~ Rating Revolution crew!!!@ fubar come and Join Me to the Newest Lounge in Fuland S0l Cal Hostler's Lounge come and Join Me to the Newest Lounge in Fuland S0l Cal H
1 Year Anniversay For Sweetwater's
Fun Stuff
Only a person in Texas could think of this. From the county where drunk driving is considered a sport, comes this true story. Recently a routine police patrol parked outside a bar in Austin, Texas after last call the officer noticed a man leaving the bar so apparently intoxicated that he could barely walk. The man stumbled around the parking lot for a few minutes, with the officer quietly observing. After what seemed an eternity in which he tried his keys on five different vehicles, the man managed to find his car and fall into it. He sat there for a few minutes as a number of other patrons left the bar and drove off. Finally he started the car, switched the wipers on and off--it was a fine, dry summer night--,flicked the blinkers on and off a couple of times, honked the horn and then switched on the lights. He moved the vehicle forward a few inches, reversed a little and then remained still for a few more minutes as some more of the other patrons' vehicles left. At last, whe
TIME TO START WORKING ON THE HOME PAGE HERE TO LEVEL UP REMEMBER FOLKS THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE A FORCE IS TO BE A FORCE. IT IS OUR INTENTIONS OF HAVING ALL FAMILY MEMBERS UP TO AT LEAST A FUKING SO LETS GETS BUSY AND GET SOME PEOPLE LEVELED. SEND ME YOUR LINK IF YOUR CLOSE TO LEVELING AND I WILL POST IT HERE. IF YOUR ABOVE 50K I WILL STILL POST AS WE CAN KEEP HITING YOU EVERY WEEK OR AS SOON AS RATES CHANGE. ~HOME OF THE~GIT-R-DONE~ REBEL FAMILY BOMBSQUAD~@ fubar THANKS! GIT R DONE! We are currently looking to add New Members To The Family! If You Are Seriously Interested, Stop by at the following Members, Let Them Know You Want To Join Git~R~Done!! I Want To Emphasize That All New Members Of The Family, Will Be Placed On A 30 Days Probational Period!! So Serious Minded Individuals Are Always Needed In The Git-R-Done Rebel Bombsquad!! Click The Pics To These Following Members And Let Them Know You Are Interested In Joining The Family! Git~R~Done
Git R Done
We are currently looking to add New Members To The Family! If You Are Seriously Interested, Stop by at the following Members, Let Them Know You Want To Join Git~R~Done!! I Want To Emphasize That All New Members Of The Family, Will Be Placed On A 30 Days Probational Period!! So Serious Minded Individuals Are Always Needed In The Git-R-Done Rebel Bombsquad!! Click The Pics To These Following Members And Let Them Know You Are Interested In Joining The Family! Git~R~Done Homepage DJ Aimee President Git~R~Done Rebel Bombsquad The Watcher Vice President Git~R~Done Rebel Bombsquad Big Daddy Bombsquad Leader Git~R~Done Rebel Bombsquad GOTHIC ROSE RECRUITER Snugglebunny Assistant Recruiter Git~R~Done Rebel Bombsquad If You Are Seriously Interested In Joining The Git~R~Done Rebel Bombsquad, Please Rate - Fan & Add DjAimee & The Watcher First And Foremost! Also Do The Same For The Founder & Co-Founder Of The Family!! Hitman6 Founder
So everyone knows that the job market right now totally BITES! My job serious stinks right now. Sales are down horribly! I am lucky to have 2 days a week anymore. Its making me sick. I can not afford health insurance. I can not afford to pay my bills half the time...I don't know what to do anymore. I was wondering if anyone knew of some legal way to make a few extra dollars. Is there ANYWHERE that is fucking hiring???? I can not afford to pay my bills anymore, seriously! My fucking boss keeps cutting my hours. Yeah, I get that we are fucking slow, but why the fuck are you fucking cutting my hours when I have the most seniority at my place of employment?!?!?! Does that really make any freaking sense??? I am good at what I do...and I know how most of the place operates. AHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I am gonna go cry until I can't cry anymore! BYE.
kk here i go i want to know. do you women look at guys NSFW's? Be honest please and if you do why don't you rate and comment on them to let that person know? lol i have no clue on this ..LOL
Funny Shit
===== pick the MONTH that you were born & color of your eyes and put it on the SUBJECT LINE. Then re-post it AS YOUR OWN BULLETIN. Your friends might understand you better... -----------blue eyes---------- people with blue eyes are very attractive, adorable, loves to make new friends. will do anything for that special person. kind, and polite. can make anyone laugh or cheer them up. loves to please the one they care or love for, repost this if you have blue eyes, and you will find the one that you are meant to be with within the next 7 days. -------brown eyes------- people with brown eyes last the longest in relationships. they are very satisfying and love to please and can EXCEED your pleasure standards. if you repost this and you have brown eyes you will have the best kiss sometime in the next 5 days. --------green eyes---------- people with green eyes have the most passion put into relationships, they have long lasting relationships. you will meet the
Check This Lingerie Website Out
We sell affordable lingerie for all your needs. Surprise the lady in your life she will love our lingerie. Surprise the man in your life and give him something to smile about. Spice up your wedding night with our amazing affordable bridal lingerie. SPEND 10 & GET ANYTHING UNDER 5 FREE Free delivery on all orders over 20.00 5 Gift voucher when you become an account holder Order direct from website:- Tel:- 02085177567 Mob:- 07729621799 I have just been told about this new Credit Cards Scam so please be careful it is not a JOKE . This one is pretty slick since they provide Y O U with all the information, except the one piece they want. Note, the callers do not ask for your card number; they already have it. This information is worth reading. By understanding how the VISA & MasterCard Telephone Credit Card Scam works, you'll be better prepared to protect yourself. One of our employees was called on Wednesday from "VISA", an
Randomly Yours
....When you're small, you care nothing at all. Minutes can seem hours, you're climbing impossible towers. Slowly.. like the cigarette burn, now clocks say it's your turn. You have run oh so fast, yet looking ahead it's only the past. As the tree in summer you stand tall, yet inside leaves begin to fall. Your mind constantly scours, searching youth's squandered powers. All their advice you did spurn, you seek it now to avoid the urn. No turning back you begin to cry, wondering why am I... You know those times when you are surrounded by people, but in truth you're alone? Cool,no? Just like The Shadow, lurking somewhere in the dark. You can see, hear, even touch them with no change. They look at you and never see, just a physical doppelganger, the mask. A bad thing? No. Good they just look and say to themselves: "Hot" or "Not". Keeps them a safe distance, not your safety..theirs. Some creep in to discover what lie
Are You Abnormal???
ARE YOU ABNORMAL? Then you are probably BETTER than most people! IF you suspect that things are much worse than you ever suspected- IF the only thing you've been able to laugh at for the last 5 years is the fact that NOTHING is funny anymore- IF you sometimes want to collar people on the street and scream that you're more different than they could possible *imagine*- IF you can possibly help us with a donation- IF you see the whole universe as one vast morbid sense of sick humor- IF the current "Age of Progress" seems more like the Dark Ages to you- IF you are looking for an inherently contradictory religion that will condone megadegeneracy and yet tell you that you are "above" everyone else- Then... The Church of the SubGenius could save your sanity! -Your secret wishes can be granted in full - once you know what they are! "You'll PAY to know what you REALLY think."-J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, 1961 NOW, AT LAST! The step-by-step process is revealed! THIS IS
Dear Santa, I wish this year for xmas in my real life lots of love from n for my family, that we all have good ealth for the next year, that we can work on our lil mistakes to make the life for each other better, that everything gets even better with our situation, lots of chocolate kisses (lol) and on fubar well like most of the people blingpacks or blings rates love fubucks VIP's and for everyone lots of fun on here cookies n milk is standing here on the table so come n get it mr. Santa love K aka cutemommy82 now since xmas is right in front of our doors, everyone gets in the right moode for it n everyone is thinking bout gifts etc n everyone is wondering what they wil get... i wonder also what will i get this year? will i even get some from ya????
Merry Christmas
Dear Family, Friends Fans and others that just happen to stop by: I will be gone for the Christmas Holidays spending time with my daughter and grandson and watching her get her Masters Degree (wooot!). I'll be back on the 29th, and will be missing you all since I will have no access to internet :( (cold turkey, lol). I will be back soon, I promise, and hope every one has a Merry and Safe Christmas, and see you soon. If you need a smile, check out this video! Doc Pa never had much compassion for the lazy or those who squandered their means and then never had enough for the necessities. But for those who were genuinely in need, his heart was as big as all outdoors. It was from him that I learned the greatest joy in life comes from giving, not from receiving. It was Christmas Eve 1881. I was fifteen years old and feeling like the world had caved in on me because there just hadn't been enough money to buy me the rifl
Soldiers And Teachers
To believe when others are doubting To work when others are dreaming To care when others are neglecting To give when others are grasping To forgive when others are condemning To smile when others are complaining To praise when others are criticizing To build when others are destroying To risk when others are hesitating To serve when others are demanding To persist when others are quiting. Back in September of 2005, on the first day of school, Martha Cothren, a social studies school teacher at Robinson High School in Little Rock, did something not to be forgotten. On the first day of school, with the permission of the school superintendent, the principal and the building supervisor, she removed all of the desks out of her classroom. When the first period kids entered the room they discovered that there were no desks. Looking around, confused, they asked, "Ms. Cothren, where're our desks?" She replied, "You can't have a desk until you tell me what you h
"free Your Mind"
Auction Time
OK...I need a little Help here...My friends has only 43K to level...please come spank his page...he is a good fu and returns all love throw his way.... Harpbox aka GLFu engadged to Xmasbaby73& whipping boy to Andi aka lil playa@ fubar AND...HE IS IN AN AUCTION TOO.....GRAB HIM UP GIRLS HE IS A GOOD ONE TO OWN!!!! CLICK THE LINK BELOW TELL HIM XMASBABY SENT YA: @ fubar (repost of original by 'xmasbaby73DEVOTED 2 the MOST HANDSOME and AMAZING man EVER *TAPPINIT*luv him..I Do' on '2008-12-18 17:33:34') (repost of original by 'Tappinit' on '2008-12-18 18:28:49') (repost of original by 'Trouble Free and free to be me' on '2008-12-18 18:39:43') (repost of original by '♥xmasbaby73♥DEVOTED 2 the MOST HANDSOME and AMAZING man EVER *TAPPINIT*luv him..I Do' on '2008-12-18 18:49:50') OK...I need a little Help here...My friends has only 43K to level...please come spank his page...he is a good fu and returns all love throw his way.... Harp
Deleting Days
What I want to say vs what im not going to say to you, but write in an obscure way around you. Im loved by you, but ignored. I am wanted by you, but so does a 100 guys in an acution. And yes I know the idea of an online life is different that of a real one, but its the person you project when you say you love me, that meakes me not love you. How am I important to you? Im just a guy you give a few minutes to a night, But give hours to strangers. How can you tell me you love anyone with that rational. To be honest I guess its not your fault I let it happen, I responded out of hope and want. I should have known im just an option. You said you liked my traits and that was a huge red flag. So I dont drink, dont do drugs and im forced to do good things, does not make me a good guy. Does that make you love me? Cause of traits? No it doesnt! not unless your idea of love is showing yourself to a thousands of random people and flirting with others. Being up for auction on a web site is
Who Knows
He lie's in the dark scared and cold hurt lost! fear's everything and yet hold's his fierce appeal to everyone who see's him longing for some love but no one knows how he feel's he would never let them in better to be hurt and alone then trust and get hurt more so the wild animal look's inside for comfort make's everyone believe he is ok when he is dieing inside from all that he hide's close's his eye's for another night wake's up to the same old day he seems so strong so mean will bite you first chance he get's and wont let you circle him in any way when really he is just scared and lost and wont be hurt no more is what his strength is so they try and eat at him and pick him apart when he is down yet he move's on like their is no end to the suffering no light in the dark nothing to love and hold dear he cry's for death but it never come's and and live's for nothing yet everything bother's him! i am just a pup inside and no one can see what Ive seen no one can hear what Ive heard fe
12 Days of Christmas - A Cat's Rendition On the twelfth day of Christmas my human gave to me: Twelve bags of catnip! Eleven tarter Pounce treats, Ten ornaments hanging, Nine wads of Kleenex, Eight peacock feathers, Seven stolen Q-tips, Six feathered balls, Five MILK JUG RINGS! Four munchy house plants, Three running faucets, Two fuzzy mousies, And a hamste-e-er in a plastic ball!! 12 Days of Christmas - A Cat's Rendition On the twelfth day of Christmas my human gave to me: Twelve bags of catnip! Eleven tarter Pounce treats, Ten ornaments hanging, Nine wads of Kleenex, Eight peacock feathers, Seven stolen Q-tips, Six feathered balls, Five MILK JUG RINGS! Four munchy house plants, Three running faucets, Two fuzzy mousies, And a hamste-e-er in a plastic ball!!
Ernest Boshey B. Eastman English Comp 1 09/17/08 Art of Music Music the sweet sounds that sooth the savage beast, or in some cases an ear shattering ruckus that awakens the beast to action. I have always been interested in music, as I grew up my mother's influence was Hank Williams SR as I helped wash the dishes as she cleaned the rest of the house. His lonesome songs played on an acoustic guitar haunted my soul, even to this day. The song “I saw the Light“ is a family favorite one my mother grew up on, as my grandfather loved that song being a lay reader in the church, and he passed the love for that song down to her as she passed it down to me. Others include Patsy Kline, Janis Joplin, and Loretta Lynn, all had their turn when chores had to be done. When things where done then the tempo changed and on would come Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops, Diana Ross, and Stevie Wonder they would unwind and relax the rest of the day and night
Since i dont know how to copy paste shit in these blogs.....i figured id just leave it in a comment..... I need help finding this t-shirt.....if anyone could find me a link to where i could purchase it id appreciate it ALOT.... PIC WILL BE POSTED IN FIRST COMMENT... I love this vid trap muzik let's get away [Chorus] (T.I.) [Jazze Pha] Hey, let's get away and get a room on the other side of town Hey shawty, I was feenin' for you (Was you thinkin' of me, ay, ay...) [Girl] Hey, let's get a room, shawty we can freak somethin' if you down (Whachu would do?) Hey daddy, I was feenin' for you [Verse 1] Bet they be like "I know he tired of the nightlife He want a wife, he just lookin' for the right type" Yea right, I be ridin' through the city lights My hat bent, gettin' high behind the 'lac tint I'm chilllin' with Brazilian women, heavy accents They black friends translatin', got'em all ass naked, adjacent Have relations wit'em many places Leavin' semen i
Fight Factory
A family is sitting around the supper table. The son asks his father, "Dad, how many kinds of breasts are there?" The father, surprised, answers, "Well, son, there are three kinds of breasts. In her twenties, a woman's breasts are like melons, round and Firm. In her thirties to forties, they are like pears, still nice but hanging a bit. After fifty, they are like onions." "Onions?" "Yes, see them and they make you cry." This infuriated the wife and daughter so the daughter said, "Mum , how many kind of penises are there?" The mother, surprised, smiles, and looks at her husband and answers, "Well, dear, a man goes through three phases. In a man's twenties, his penis is like an oak, mighty and hard. In his thirties and forties, it Is like a birch, flexible but reliable. After his fifties, it is like a Christmas tree." "A Christmas tree?" "Yes, dead from the root up & the balls are there for decoration only! He said to me . . . I don't know why you wear a bra; you'
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Dancing with you skin to skin, kissing and touching While the stars and moon shine down upon us two The music playing softly as you hold me tight Nothing in this world matters, just me and you My heart begins to pound faster, as our body touch each other Emotions takes over control, and arouse me, from my head to toe It drives me wild and makes me wiggle, You are the easiest and more certified way to do Your passionate communication, even lusty dialog An erotic anticipation that simply keeps me craving For more The steam, the excitement, the sheer animal passion, We couldn't help from tearing each other clothes off In the heat of passion Just the thought of you drives me crazy Your mighty torso and your beautiful eyes The way you always hold me tight, my baby Making love to you is a never ending surprise My nervous system is on fire Triggering powerful physiological changes My hormones levels soar, boosting my heart rate and increase my physical senility My emotio
Juss A Thought
1.People who point at their wrist while asking for the time.... I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? 2. People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the T.V. remote because they refuse to walk to the T.V. and change the channel manually. 3. When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too". Damn right! What good is cake if you can’t eat it? 4. When people say "it’s always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you’ve found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they? Gonna Kick their asses! 5. When people say while watching a film "did you see that?". No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor. 6. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?".... Didn’t really give me a choice there, did ya sunshine? 7. When something is ’new and improved!’. Which is
Hi my name is Carrie I am 37 years old and live in Idaho. I grew up in Wyoming the oldest of 3 children with very loving parents. Sadly we lost my mom 17 years ago due to health issues!! I love the Holidays and spending time with family and friends!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I have a wild day planned on sunday after my room mate goes to work!! I hope that it wont turn into a thing I may regrate! See one of my roomates coworkers is seprated from his wife and I wanted to give a little fun! Now don't get me wrong the guy is married and all so it will not be serious or anything.
Heydies' Blogs
I found this info and just thought you guys might find it helpful/interesting! So I'm gonna share. I will also, have the link for the website posted below the info. Enjoy! -Sam -------------------------------------- Any man can become "multi-orgasmic". It only requires a basic understanding of male sexuality and certain techniques. Most mens sexuality is focused on the goal of ejaculating, rather than on the actual process of lovemaking. Once a man becomes multi-orgasmic he will not only be able to better satisfy himself, but also more effectively satisfy his partner. Technically, multiple orgasms occur in succession, without complete loss of sexual arousal in between. Women are blessed with the ability to have multiple orgasms. Not many are aware that men with proper training, can actually do the same. In the case of women, multiple orgasm means resuming sexual stimulation shortly after a first orgasmic climax, usually immediately or within a few minutes, so that a second cl
S0l Cal Hustler's Lounge!
Come and Join Us!!!! S0l Cal Hostlers Lounge bad biitch status*owner of S0l CAL HUSTLER'S**rating revolution crew*@ fubar and ~ஐ~۞PortoricanPrincess ۞~ஐ~ Rating Revolution crew!!!@ fubar Join together and open a brand new Lounge , we going to have tons of funs ! chats and gathering to meet new People.... come and Join Us.. everyone is welcome.... S0l Cal Hostler's Lounge Join Us!!!! S0l Cal Hostler's is the Place to Meet New Friends!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY:~ஐ~۞PortoricanPrincess ۞~ஐ~ Rating Revolution crew!!!@ fubar (repost of original by '~ஐ~۞PortoricanPrincess /Co-Owner of S0l Cal Hostler's Lounge /RR crew!!' on '2008-12-19 02:17:11')
Some People Just Suck!
DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN? tampaclarke@ fubar Well at least you think you do.... Don't let this man dupe you any more. He is a liar and a fake. THIS IS THE REAL STEVE, the real McCoy, the original. xamlod@ fubar Tampaclarke is really good at fooling people. He has gotten all to befriend him, giving him gifts and bling. Don't waste anymore of your time, fubucks or feelings on him! He has copied the 'REAL' Steve's pictures, used them as his own, photo shopped to make some his own. His stories are good. He even knows enough of the 'REAL' Steve to keep the stories straight for the most part. But he has slipped up. His friend 'Kyle' in his default pics is actually m44europe -W.I.S.E U.K Friends -@ fubar I caught him in this lie, sent him a message with link to the original picture. But as usual, he had some good lines, good excuses. But I stayed skeptical, Wondered why some things just didn't add up. I'm over analytical, think too much and thi
Dude Not Cool
friends? what is a friend? is it someone that is there for you? is it someone that will pick you up when you fall down? is it someone that is there no matter? is it someone that cares for you no mater what you are going through? -- yes it is... but it don't always work like that friends use friends hurt and friends in general just don't always care i can't seem to be nice enough yet i always get treated like crap i want to be a friend but sometimes i am to busy to do the things they want i can't be everywhere at once not at their beckon call i am not their servent i do have a life but no most don't understand this i get shit on time after time i get fucked over no matter what i do its never good enough no matter how hard i try it not the best why can't they see that what they say and do hurts me why don't they know that they hurt me they break me can't they see it no they don't cause if they did they would stop they would care
What Going On With Me
just wanted to wish everybody a happy holiday what going on people so far im alittle tired from work and hope everybody doing ok in here
Tribute To My Brother Jackson
Hi my name is Eric, some of you on Fubar knew him and some have asked me how he died. It's very hard for me to discuss his death so I'm posting a blog so I don't have to relive the pain of losing him all over again. My brother has been fighting Leukemia for a little over two years which he was dealing with it very well until the doctors found a brain tumor which turned out to be "Glioblastoma". He went in for an operation in Oct. afterward he started having major headaches and nose bleeds. They couldn't remove the tumor it had grown straight downward, he started bleeding under the tumor(Glioblastoma). He got worse he went back into the hospital a 2nd time. no doctor could operate too dangerous. My family was told he may have 3 weeks to live. one week later on Dec 9th he passed away. He would have been 26 years old on December 24th. Please by no means ask me how he died. He was my best friend, my hero, I miss him deeply . Thank You hope you understand that i'm in no way being rude.There
Well now fortunately and unfortunately my salutes have gotten rather popular. So popular infact that I need to start charging for them. I'm not asking much, just what ever you think the salute I have done for you is worth. I am doing this because few of you realize just how much goes into these. To you it looks like just writing on me and taking a pic. I WISH it was that easy. If you still want one, then tell me your favorite part of my body, yes, this does include smile salutes it does NOT include me writing your name on my "mother" spot. There is absolutely NO charge of any kind for military salutes. Military salutes, please remember that I only have so much room on my body, so try to keep it short, sweet and to the point. Much appreciated When I was 5 and had just moved into a new place (AGAIN), I was playing in an abandoned parking structure. I looked around and could swear I had been there before. How could that be? That was impossible, I had JUST moved there and ther
Wtf Another Ufo Conspiracy
For years embalmer Glenn Dennis has told an intriguing Roswell crash tale. If true, it leaves no doubt that what fell to Earth in July of 1947 in New Mexico sands was from another world. However Glenn's story has been disputed by researchers as having serious difficulties. Today, some have all but dismissed his purported involvement in the crash events. But new interviews and information show that the undertaker's amazing story may well have basis in fact. And a fresh look may have uncovered the possible identity of the "missing nurse" at the Roswell base who decades ago revealed to Glenn the alien reality of the crash. GLENN'S STORY Glenn Dennis could only happen in a place like New Mexico. His top shirt button always clasped, he often wore a bolero. His frame was lanky but always upright- standing at least two feet taller than desert brush. A marvel of shortened hyperbole, tongue-in-cheek cusses and flirtations- this is how family remembers Glenn. Glenn Dennis is now on t
OWN ME FOR 30 DAYS See my auction poster below for my offer.Bidding ends Tuesday March 24th. Show a Dream some love. I suggest we...Learn to Love our, selves....before its... made illegal. So dont let the World bring you down, Not everyone here is that Fucked up and cold! I love you all! Happy Holidays from "The House of Cheeze"!! xoxoxoxox
I Love My Kids
marry x- mas to all,have a wonderful day my kids r the breath i breeth my would my everything
Christmas Cards
Ok everyone I want cards from around the world!! Dont just read this and move on OR send an ecard send me an OLE FASHIONED stamped and sent card PLEAAAAAAAAASE I think this will be fun!! Laura G P.O. BOX 411 Nebraska City NE 68410 START SENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEND AWAY PEOPLES........SEND YOUR XMAS CARDS!!!
Puppy 's Love
Love is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you just let it fly, it will come to you when you least expect it. Love can make you happy but often it hurts, but love's only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it. So take your time and choose the best. When a puppy is following someone,it doesn't worry about "what kind of person that he is." When a puppy is waiting for someone,it doesn't worry about "where is he goes or whom is he goes with." When a puppy is barking for the attention from someone,it doesn't worry about "how annoucing of that voice." when a puppy loves someone,it doesn't worry about "who is he ? boss, a big mama ,etc." Puppy's love is pure and simple,what it needs is just someone who will always be aside,be a friend and take care. So,we always find the pathetic puppy which is left.
Happy Holidays From the Staff of the Anti Lounge! Radio X show, BAD GIRL 4 LIFE, ~dJ aMeLiA~, [[Per]], Mi Mg, Judy, *Morgan Le Fay*, Ms. Mojito, Lauribug, ♥Reeka♥, BabyFrog, and candi♥ass Have you stopped by lately? If not you're missing out! Stop by and click the link below! We have all kinds of goodies to offer... Everything from great music and people to our trivia night. Ladies night is always there to please & we have our own arcade! Just click our logo! Stop on in and have yourself a drink...(Click it You know you wanna) We love new members!!! Thursday Trivia Night Rocks!! (Click it You know you wanna) & Like Us Ladies can resist a good ladies night!! (Click it You know you wanna) & Don't Forget.... (Click it You know you wanna) Oh Yeh & I'm up for auction tooo... Can't forget that!!! (Click it You know you wanna)
My Sweet Stuff
1, B mysterious Make them men try to figure out who u really r. 2, Luv urself first Dont ever think u luv sb more than urself then he would luv u back dat much! Wake up, nobody luvs u as much as u do! 3, B independent Make him accept dat hes not ur only passion, share ur time with other passions in ur life. Manage n control ur own destiny, ur own life instead of givin it to ur future husband n expect him to please u whatever u want. 4, B self-confident n proud of urself Make it clearly known bout what u got n make him respect who u r as well. 5, B smart Know how n when is da rite time to tell bout urself, bout what u got, never try to prove dat u r more intelligent than him all da time n dont try to tell him dat men r nothin in ur eyes either, treat ppl like how u want them to treat u! (well, i need to learn more bout dis one ^^) 6, B a woman No matter how n what u try to expose to attract n impress them men, they all want u to b a woman first: soft manners with sw
The Anti Lounge
Happy Holidays from the staff of The Anti Lounge Radio X show, BAD GIRL 4 LIFE, ~dJ aMeLiA~, [[Per]], Mi Mg, Judy, *Morgan Le Fay*, Ms. Mojito, Lauribug, ♥Reeka♥, BabyFrog, and candi♥ass Have you stopped by lately? If not you're missing out! With great rock music from the Internet's F'n Rock Station K-IRB and great people to chat with, to our weekly trivia night. Ladies night is always there to please and we even have our own arcade! Stop on in and have yourself a drink... We love new members!!! Thursday Trivia Night Rocks!!
Big Daddy T Bullentin
THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE Has Auto 11's and a Happy Hour on Saturday Hey Everyone, will be activating my auto 11's at 8 fu-time and I will have a Happy Hour at 5 that same day. I'm on my way to Prophet with only 4 million to get there. So come on by my page on the 17th and give me ll the rates you can afford. Great pics and EZ rates for everyone. If you haven't already Fan/Add me to your friend list also can alway have more friends. So tell your friends, its a great way to level up, I know personally that is how I got to where I am at now. ~BIG*Daddy*T~Promoter @ THE SKINNY DIPPIN LOUNGE@ fubar
Help The World
k so in 6 hours i go ice fishing for the first time, not to sure what to expect**shrugs**. oh well, there will be my buddies and herbs to help pass the time. will be interesting to say the least. aaaaand done. ok so i saw this on tv n i think you should go to it
What Is Love
Being true is a special thing loving laughing makes you sing True to the heart is one of a kind I hope someday you will be mine LOVE is that special phone call you get everyday when u talk on the phone and the funny feelings dont go away. Knowing the other person inside and out trusting and loving without reservations Friends then lovers even farway like we are from each other Make it True Love THATS what Love is........
Cav Scout
For yall that don't know... I'm going back in the Army... I'm going through A.I.T. at Ft Knox KY. and then who knows where... The way it's looking... It looks like I am going back to Ft. Hood... In which will have its pluses and negatives... But I don't know when I will be back on... so leave some love on my profile while I am gone... TTYL yall... wish me luck So as you know; I was suppose to be in KY now... well again my dumbass recruiter fucked up my papaerwork and AGAIN, I got delated going in... This is like the 3rd or 4th time he has screwed shit up... It's actually getting annoying... really annoying... But good news is... I am not going to be alone for christmas now... I get to spend christmas with Shay... which is good...
De Jah Vue-the Strip Club Bully
Grand Opening Come along and join the fun De Jah Vue (NSFW) Hot Women Live Dj's Come and join the family Click to Enter The Strip Club (NSFW) Its Sexy Live Dj's Come join us Click to enter Dear Love, I Dont Really Know How To Tell You This, But Im Joining The Covent.I Think I Realized It Last Year When You Peed Your Pants In Your Car, And I Saw You Sit On The Catholic Priest.Im Sure Youre Open Enough To Understand That Santa Doesnt Exist.Im Returning Youre Toe Ring, But I'll Keep Your Collection Of Butterflies As A Memory.You Should Also Know That I Get Sick When I Think Of Your Feet And im Off To Lead A New Life-As-A-LEMON! Please Dont Hurt Me, Chasity;) How to play: Dear (a friend's name from your top friends), I don't really know how to tell you this, (1). I think I realized it (2) (3) and I saw you (4) (5). I'm sure you're (6) enough to understand (7). I'm returning (8), but I'll keep (9) as a memory. You should also know that I (10) and (11). (12), (Your Name) 1) What's the color of your shirt? Blue - I'm in love with your cat Red - Our affair is over White - Im joining the Convent
Discernment 1
Someone shouted this at me, but they have yet to respond to my offer of help! ->playboy_bunny: hey i just let my gf read this and shes very willing to help. she needs your name number and address and she will put u in contact with local agencies that can provide immediate assistance playboy_bunny: im good but my baby girl is hungry and my husband died yr ago and i need help. could or would you be a gentleman and help me out. im willing to do anything for it. shes my everything ->playboy_bunny: hey how are you playboy_bunny: hi sweetie playboy_bunny: you awake? we all know men are visual creatures. we're hardwired that way. one gauge of mans emotional maturity and stability is where he goes after he sees something that he likes. does he try to get to know the person behind the pretty face? does he try and touch her mind to see if they are compatible. does she laugh his jokes. does her heart reach out to him when he stumbles over a word. (i know i am jumping back and forth on this
Not In A Very Good Mood
Not a very good day at all, I found out when my dad stopped over today that my uncle is in ICU at Munson Hospital in Traverse City after my aunt found him unconscious and he had a massive stroke on Monday night so needless to say I am worried about him and my aunt plus worried about my dad who just had outpatient heart catheterization surgery to put a stint for an artery that was 90% percent blocked so it is a very trying time here that's for sure! I swear, after what I just found out, I will no longer be in any fricking contest again here, I was in a MUMM where this person was offering an auto 11 bling for free to be given away to someone that can come up with the reason or somebody nominated someone else to get that free auto-11 bling, in the MUMM it says they wasn't going to give it out till 8pm PST here and come to find out, that person that posted the MUMM which I voted on and gave her my reason for it, well, let's just say that the person already has given the auto 11 bling out
My Fu-owner!
The Wonderful Big Daddy T Is My Owner! He Is One Of The Coolest Guys On Fubar And Deserves Your Attention! So Go Rate, Fan, Add, Comment, Bling Him And Just Show Him LOTS Of Love! Click The Picture Below To Go Check Him Out. Tell Him Binz Sent Ya! :) The Lovely and Sensual HornyAngel owns my a$$ and I like it! Everyone please go show her lots of fu-love, she deserves it and is absolutely worth it! Fan/Add/Rate and Bling the Hell out of her! You won't be disappointed, trust me. ;) ~Click the picture below to go to her sexy profile!~
Finding Someone
Well for the most part there are a few of you in my friends list that seem to already know what's going on with me and my current/past situation. Then again there are many of you that do not know. To bring you up to speed if you would like to know, here it is in a nut shell. Back in August of this year in 2008' I met a women. A women who I thought at the time was the most amazing wonderful and beautiful person that I had and ever will meet. Things were going so well for us, even with taking in her child into my own life and treating her as if she was my own. Everything was all good and we were so happy together, all 3 of us as our own little family. We loved it so much that we had talked about getting married before she left for Iraq as a US Marine for 7 months. She was deployed on Sep 17th and left as planned to start her tour. So we decided to get married the week before she was due to leave. It wasn't just to get married either; marriage is a very serious thing and should not be
To My Fellow Americans
buy gold an other precious metals not through a brooker ! get them in your hot little hands an store them safly an those who are my fans i believe i know why you are my fans. like many infantry soldiers before me i stand ready to do unspeakable acts of violence on your behalf! oh ya an i frekin love it !
What's Up People
what's up people how life treating you. Merry Christmas to everyone.Have a safe new years.
Another Year Aproaching To An End
well another year aproaching to an end and what a year ..... some things have happened my cousin moved away i miss her we where always hagning out just happy to say i survived another one no matter how shitty the year has been. And it has been a shitty one wish i could say something good came out of it but nothing hasnt...well i cant say nothing living closer to my family has made me happier then ive been in a while. Now if only i can find some one who can treat me right and not play head games with me then im all set lmao im not asking for much right lol sorry been having a bad day gotta find time to laugh somewhere . But all in all i cant wait to spend xmas with my family well part of my family my mother that is and her boyfriend and his step daughter her hubby and her two kids and my moms bfs grandson hope everything turns out ok. I want to wish all of my friends and family on fubar or to who ever reads this a merry xmas and a verry happy new year lets hope 2009 brin
The Axes Of Evil
Here are their upcoming shows: Feb 14 2009 10:00P Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, Louisiana Feb 27 2009 8:00P Insomneacks BATON ROUGE Also on the 28th they MAY be playing @ Red Star Bar. More to come on that... I have found the metal at last!!! I stumbled upon this band by chance: They are a local group who specializes in hard rock and viking metal. I was invited to karaoke night at Red Star Bar(Wed. night 8pm - 2 AM ...$4 cover and a valid ID will get you in) by one of the doormen, Josh. Red Star Bar Home Page There, I happened to meet their lead singer, Mohawk Mike, who was running the karaoke machine. After getting to know Mike slightly I decided to go to see his band play first chance I got. On the 20th of December I attended their concert for the release of their brand new EP "By This Axe I Rule". Needless to say, I was impressed, and for only $5 you can be too. If you would like to purchase their new CD feel free to hit me
Fubar Is Really Startin To Suck
Well it seems that Fubar has been fubared. All the stupid changes bein done daily on here is really screwin up things for some people. I saw on Baby Jesus' blog yesterday a comment he made about people sittin on a photo/profile leavin the same comment over & over again. Well there are reasons for doin that. Not everybody is fortunate enough to have a bank account to spend there hard earned money on. Some make it day to day and if someone enters or is put in a contest so they can be "equal" to the others on here with VIP's,HH's,Bling Packs & Blast it shouldn't make any difference to anybody on here includin Baby Jesus because the money goes to the same damn place when its bought for someone else just as it does if an individual buys it for themselves or someone else. I haven't been on here long and the way this place is turnin out I won't be on here much longer. And then I go and see all the suck ass comments from some of the same people who were like oh I love the chan
Just Another Blog
Hey everyone! So this morning I woke up 40! I don't feel any different but it's one helluva milestone. 22 years I might not have had if I had died in that accident. I feel pretty good today and am considering letting my hair go gray naturally instead of continuing to color it to hide all the gray. It's my believe that I went gray prematurely because of anesthesia from surgeries and that is why I am so white haired on the temples and sides. I don't really mind it much, but I asked my mom and she said I should keep coloring it. So I put it to you, does hair color really affect your opninion of someone? If so why? I am glad heavymetalmama turned me onto fubar, it's really awesome here! :D Merry Christmas everyone! :D Hey everyone! I know I am still freshmeat here, not technically by level anymore, but it's only my third day as a fubarite and I am really getting used to the site. It's awesome all the things they have for us to use to interact with each other and I think fuba
Naughty Christmas
Christmas Carol It was that time of year again. Every year, the place where I worked threw a big Christmas Party. This was the fifth such party that I had attended, and it was as dull as the rest. Jones was doing his fruitcake jokes again, and Lucy and Bob were fighting. At least she was no longer working for the company, leaving right before she had their baby. I was looking forward to leaving, and was only here for the almost mandatory party. I could have not come, but it might have affected my career. I was due for a promotion, and this might help me get it. It was being held in the Buffet area on the ground floor of our office building. We occupied the second floor and the basement, and the hotel occupied the first, and the third through the tenth floors. This made it convenient, for I did not have to worry about parking or anything else. In fact, the hotel offered us discount rates for rooms, in case we had to much to drink. I sat through the
Twas the night before Christmas,he lived all alone, in a one bedrrom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give, and to see just who, in this home did live. I looked all about, a strange sight I did see, no tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No stockings by mantel, just boots filled with sand, on the wall hung a picture of a far distant land. With medals and badges, awards of all kinds, a sober thought came through my mind. For this house was different, it was dark and dreary, I found the home of a Soldier, once I could see clearly. The Soldier lay sleeping, silent, alone, curled up on the floor in this one bedroom home. The face was so gentle, the room in such disorder, not how I pictured a Canadian Soldier. Was this the Hero of whom I'd just read? Curled up on a poncho, the floor for a bed? I realized the Families that I saw this night, owed their lives to these Soldiers, who were willing to fight. Soon round th
Way I Feel
I wish I knew how to talk to people on fubar:( I can't chat with my woman:( I feel so happy when im close to my baby and sad when shes not around.
As I read the stories from walmart employees present and former (on )I see more and more just what Corporate Greed has done to Sam Waltions walmart. Walmart is a corrupt company now starting with the Corp office. I have personally called walmart corp office only to be pushed a side because they turn a blind eye to the issues I have presented to them about my store (#1037). It is My belief that the corporate people train and condone the actions of all those under them in the quest for the all mighty buck! This greed for money that they have is harming every person who has ever "worked" or is "working" for them (unless you are in there good old boy group and are in managment and do not have to "WORK" for your money but get it from the "work" of others like they do). Its time for all Americans to see walmart for just what it is, Sam Waltions Ideals are gone and walmart does not care about its employees any more. There only care is for how much money
My X-mas Tree.
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i have man boos ftw
Ok so I'm sitting here trying to figure things out but I just can't make sense of this tangled web of my so called life. I was with a guy for 9 months (I know it was only 9 months and taking a lifespan into consideration its nothing, but it still meant a lot to me). We had our good times and our bad. I guess in the end it turned out to be more bad than good, because now we don't even talk. At the moment I am happy and relieved it has come to an end because I just can't handle the drama and bullshit anymore. That and I have found someone who I think is very worth while and am excited to see what the future brings with him, but at the same time am very scared. I guess I don't understand why I can't even talk to my ex. I told him more than I have ever told anyone before... I could use the comfort of hearing someone who knows almost everything about me telling me that I'm going to be okay... How can one give up their heart right after someone just crushed it? I swore that I would ta
i had an epifany!! the other day i tripped so hard i saw my whole life flash before my eyes. i watched my 2 yr old, my 3 yr old, and my whole family grow u and start their own lives. i saw my kids start school, get boyfriends, get married, and have kids of their own. i saw my son, which i dont have yet, be born and get in his first fight, grow up and start his own family, i watched my eyes fade as i got old. i saw my grandchildren before i turned 25. i experienced the good times and the hardships of my life without even realizing what it was. i saw my dearest family members grow old and pass on. i lived out my entire military career, and saw wars that havent happened yet, and the blessings and the turmoil that the world and everyone in it goes through everyday. and when it was all over, i woke up on my back, on the floor with my 2 yr old next to me smiling. when i looked into her eyes a thought came to me; life is shorter than u think, think before u act, choose lifes choices carfully,
More For Your Enjoyment
SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: isnt a black russian kahlua and vodka? mb the tard said: yup SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: then why would you use chocolate milk for a WHITE russian??? isnt white after you use CHOCOLATE milk......... mb the tard said: A white russian is just a black russian with cream. SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: lol...but not chocolate milk! Chifan fulover of Chaotic Princess said: a debate is more fun when both parties are wrong [image] SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: how am i wrong?? Chifan fulover of Chaotic Princess said: White Russian recipe2 oz vodka1 oz coffee liqueurlight creamfor a black or white russian you NEED coffee liqueur(kahlua)without kahlua its just vodka and cream or milk SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: so where does this recipe say ANYTHING about chocolate milk?? Chifan fulover of Chaotic Princess said: Nowhere
How do I breath, When I'm without you? My heart barely beats, It is forever blue. Forevergasping for air,When we've not spoken. Keeping my thoughts close,My heart forever broken. Can we have happiness,Is it ever to be.Should I start to worry,No longer carefree. My mind always muddled, Knowing not what to say. Treading ever so lightly, Day after day.Worrying about tomorrow, All through the night. Tossing & turning, Nothing feeling quite right.With you I'm in heaven, A dream like state. But life without you, Seems to be my fate. So If I have to live,In this world without you. Know in our heartsThis love is forever true. Why does love hurtI hate this painAgain theheart breaks
As if I wasn't already stressed out enough they pushed my surgery back one more week. so starting the 23rd I won't be on here much. I'll have to be in a hard neck brace for about 8 weeks. then in about 6 months I'll be having surgery on my lower back. so wish me luck. I need all the love I can get Hi Everyone, I just want to let you know that i will be going for surgery on Jan 16th for my neck due to my vertabry is closing in on my spinal cord. If i don't do anything about it the doctors say that in a short time it would paralize me and then cut off the blood supply to the rest of my body. I have what they call "keppil-feli syndrome" and i was born with it, but it took them 42 years to figure it out. so after Jan 16 I won't be on here for a while. so lots of love and see ya'll soon
Poems For Him!
A shattered Piece of Mind A shattered mind To a hollowed whole From a lonely heart For a broken soul See the false smile From the cracked sky Watch the birds sing There song is a lie A tired body My teary eyes The worn out muscles An overdue sigh Little to none sleep Lucid dreams Uncontrolled thoughts Nothing is as it seems Voices chatter Music rings Sanity slipping Demons they sing Slowly I crawl Silently I speak Quickly I try Loudly I weep A shattered heart To a hollowed soul From a lonely mind For a broken whole ************************************************** Here I Hold my Ground Here I stand With shameful eyes the die is cast is this good bye? My eyes are dry My heart still weeps Now I pray For my soul to keep Music plays No sound is heard An empty world Unspoken words Haunting memories Buried deep My prayer ignored Now I sleep ************************************************** Over And Over Poe
Surveys And Stuff
[IMG][/IMG] [B]Your Angel Name is[/B] [B][COLOR="Red"]Hamaliel the Angel of Logic[/COLOR][/B] Get Your Angel Name at [URL=""][/URL] ROTFLMAO everyone that knows me would have said - Duh! You Are Rudolph Sweet and shy, you tend to be happiest when you're making someone else happy. Why You're Naughty: You sometimes stick that nose where it doesn't belong Why You're Nice: Christmas would be a sad affair without you! Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?
Merry Christmas!
I am auctioning off one(1) Auto-11 bling (or 35 credits' worth of blings of your choosing) for fubucks. To bid on this auction, click on the link below to my photo gallery and leave your bid in a photo comment there. The auction will end on Wednesday, February 4th at noon Central time. I will notify the highest bidder at that point to make the payment and I'll bling them during Happy Hour. Happy Bidding! T'was the night before Christmas and all thru Fubar All the users were chatting with their friends near and far. Their blings were all hung on their pages with care in hopes that more blingies soon would be there! As I'm on my laptop, sitting in my seat just settling down, my day almost complete. When what to my wandering ears should I hear? A message in my shoutbox! Hooray I cheer! As I slowly wait for my message to display eagerly anticipating what it might say A note from my friend the jolly old elf! A note just for me that he wrote him
*puts on Kevlar vest* Question: If MEL were a stripper, what kind of bills would you throw on the runway? ..COME ON! This is SERIOUS! WOOHOOOOOOOO! I'm a Fu-Millionaire!!! SUCK IT BITCHES!!!!!! *dances around the office naked and tells the boss to fuck off*
In my daughter's eyes I am a hero I am strong and wise and I know no fear But the truth is plain to see She was sent to rescue me I see who I wanna be In my daughter's eyes In my daughter's eyes everyone is equal Darkness turns to light and the world is at peace This miracle God gave to me gives me strength when I am weak I find reason to believe In my daughter's eyes And when she wraps her hand around my finger Oh it puts a smile in my heart Everything becomes a little clearer I realize what life is all about It's hangin' on when your heart has had enough It's giving more when you feel like giving up I've seen the light It's in my daugter's eyes In my daughter's eyes I can see the future A reflection of who I am and what will be Though she'll grow and someday leave Maybe raise a family When I'm gone I hope you see how happy she made me For I'll be there In my daughter's eyes this song is so true and it is exactly how i feel about my daughter
Rating People And Getting Help In Return
I am going to be out for awhile today, my family is taking me out for my Birthday. PLEASE, if you rate my pics please message me so I can return the love, I will be back around 7. I also work tomorrow am so please again, please message me, I do not want to miss anyone. Hugzzz and lots-a-love....Cynde Ya know, I have sat here and debated leaving fubar...I can't be on here 24/7 but grant it when I am here I rate all I can to help people and I am so damned tired of getting no rates in return.Some of us can't afford auto 11's and HH and I am not one to beg to get these given to me.What happened to the rating and leveling people,most of all just returning the love,hell sometimes don't even get a ty,kiss my ass or nothing for it. You don't want to take the time to return rates? If it's all about you,then please by all means take me off your friends list,I can give my rates to someone else who will appreciate it.I'm not talking about one specific person by no means, there are several I am sp
Thank You Everyone!
Hey everyone! I would once again like to that ALL of those that came to my page and rated me during my second auto 11! It was a success once again thanks to all of you! I am finally a GodMaMa! And ofcourse I picked Angel! Such an easy decision! But um.... wow.... so many of you rated ALL of my pics and wow... I couldn't believe how sweet all of you were to me during this past 24 Hours. Once again I wish that I could BLING EVERYONE but just can't. I most likely will BLING those that I didn't bling last time. SO those that returned for a second time to rate me that don't get bling, I"m sorry but I truly appreciate ur friendship and support on here! I have made so many new wonderful friends and I hope that everyone has a safe and happy new year! BLING will be sent within the next couple of days! THANKS YALL! LOVE YOU! And if you haven't fanned or friended me yet, DO SO! And if I haven't been to your page in a while please let me know because I want to re-rate each and every
Expressing Love To All Ladies Of Fubar For All The Love I've Received Since Comming To Fubar
about a week ago I meet the most amazing women on line and and I'm trying to get to know her better, without her thinking that I'm some sort of perv. or something! I am a very sincere, loving and a very sexual brother from NYC, who really know how to treat a lady! how do I get this lady that I met to open up to me, to let her know I'm a real sincere brother without scaring her away from me! I would just like to say thans to all of the people that has shown me love! up till this point and I hope to keep enjoying all the love, that you have shown and thank you! again I feel the love! and I will try my best to return the love! for all those who give it! I would like to if possible chat with some more of the ladies that are close to me or who travels to the NYC! area, for possible meeting mabey more! anyone interested can hit me on this site or email me at my email address "comminguphalftime at yah.. dot com"
Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays to all my wonderful friends! You guys are all a part of my every day life and it wouldn't be the same without you. You make me smile, laugh, gasp, cringe, and tingle! I love you crazy people who live inside my puter! :P ♥♥♥ This is what made my Christmas so perfect. My beautiful son, grandson, and lil mother whom everyone has kept in their thoughts a prayers so much lately. We had another Christmas with her! We don't know how many more if any we will have. I'm smiling. imikimi - Customize Your World
Happy Hollidays
happy hollidays to all my friends .... as we come to the end of another year ask yourself if you are truely happy where you are now and if not now is the time to make a change this yea i think im gonna work on quitting cigarettes

merry christmas everyone. hope everyone has a wonderful day.
Brandy's Rest Stop Lounge Staff Plz Read
ok i only have a quick minute to write this, my roomy and i got into a bit of a scuffle and due to the fact that the pc i'm using is his i wont be able to be round aas much,he i guess i jealous, says i take this site and my friends and famliy here too seriously for ppl that arent real and that i'll never meet!!! whatever!!!!sorry he has chosen to drink his self into a life of lonilness, not my fault, but until i can get one of my towers up and online i will have limited access to be here, not sure i quite understand why this happeneing at this point but i choose to believe that at some time i will understans and until then i must just keep the faith!!! i will be able to be here weekdayz , maybe, but only bmaybe on weekday nights, and not on weekends at all, so looks like things will take a lil longer to get going thanx alott phil,(roomy's name) HOPE YOU ALL CAN UNDERSTAND AND BARE WITH ME AT THIS TIME!!!! WISHING ALL OF YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR, IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS BEWTEEN NOW
Holly's Head
i wanna hear what you all got for christmas. what was youru favorite and least favorite gifts? i got a new laptop from my daddy. it was kinda a bday/xmas present but i looove it. my brother got me the ugliest sweater i've ever seen. and seriously, a sweater in florida??? lol! i figured i would just start my blogs off by thanking all of you for making me feel so welcome here on fubar. you are all so sweet and i look forward to getting to know everyone :)
hey! Wake up and lay me down for its me who will make you mine do you have have yahoo messenger? add me lets chat and who knows i fall in love with you see yah......... hi everyone....... do you have yahoo messenger? add me thanks.......... hope you we can chat....
My Auction
Thats right you heard it the Evil Vampyre is in an auction.. Come buy me.. Click here to place bid What I offer to you: under 50$ all pics rated 10... (unless vip is offered) daily comments Keep shitface sfw salute 2 pictures made by me Pimped out bully Crushed name in mine... over 50 add: #2 family 2 sfw salute bling.... (bling pack offered) yim a picture weekly over 100 add: SFW phonecall nsfw salute CLICK ANY PICS TO GET TO AUCTION AND BID Evil VampyreFuHubby & Property of DJ IMMORTALCoOwner/DJ Manager@SILENT SCREAMS@ fubar
75k To Go To Henchman
im getting close ..come help me plz Ive reached my daily photo rating limit for the day ... I cant rate any more pics trying to get leveled ..please send all your friends to help me and share this blog with all your fans and friends..Please everyone Help poor Ms.Kitty out.. Rate me, fan me , re rate me , comment me , or bling me .. Wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year !!!!!!
Ogling Olga...
I'm setting up an adult blog, just for the fun of it. I'm thinking of dumping some hard-to-find nude pixs of exotic asians... from is not up yet...stay tune...i'll give the url when it is ready...chow Merry Christmas Everyone! Wish yer all a Happy New Year! 2009! welcome baby...! i'm ready for yer!
Christmas For Me
as children bring their broken toys with tears for us to mend i brought u my broken dreams to god because he was my friend. But instead of leaving him in peaace to work alone i hung around and tired to help with ways that were my oww. At last I snatched them back and cried bow can you be so slow my child he said what could i do? you never let them go comment and tell me what u think of it every holiday it hits me the hardest i miss my grandmohter she die 06-17-06 and she was like a mohter best friend and a person i could lean on and now she is gone i miss her so much i cry my self to sleep and wish she was still here i miss her so much and when christmas hits i just wanted the day to end because of the fact that was out holiday we did everything i just feel like why do i have to celebrate cuz the person i want here is not here with me no more and it kills me every day and u would think after 2years i would b over it i am not i think about her everyday and ce
New Soul
To New Starts And Sad Endings
There's some things that I regret, Some words I wish had gone unsaid, Some starts, That had some bitter endings, Been some bad times I've been through, Damage I cannot undo, Some things, I wish I could do all all over again, But it don't really matter, Life gets that much harder, It makes you that much stronger, Oh, some pages turned, Some bridges burned, But there were, Lessons learned. [Chorus:] And every tear that had to fall from my eyes, Everyday I wondered how I'd get through the night, Every change, life has thrown me, I'm thankful, for every break in my heart, I'm grateful, for every scar, Some pages turned, Some bridges burned, But there were lessons learned. There's mistakes that I have made, Some chances I just threw away, Some roads, I never should've taken, Been some signs I didn't see, Hearts that I hurt needlessly, Some wounds, That I wish I could have one more chance to mend, But it don't make no difference, The past can't be rewritt
(Everyone who knows me knows I am a "rocker" or "metal-head". But now and then, I hear something that perfectly describes the way I feel. I will not call her out by name, but she knows who she is! This one's for you, love!) ================================================================================================== Im Yours - Jason Mraz Well you done done me and you bet I felt it, I tried to be chill but youre so hot that I melted. I fell right through the cracks, and now Im trying to get back. Before the cool done run out, Ill be giving it my bestest. Nothings going to stop me but divine intervention, I reckon its again my turn, to win some or learn some. I wont hesitate no more, no more, It cannot wait, Im yours. Well open up your mind and see like me, Open up your plans and damn youre free. Look into your heart and youll find love love love. Listen to the music of the moment maybe sing with me. A l peaceful melody. Its your God-forsake
Just Me
im a single mom of 3 beautiful girls ,its been hard raising them by myself but i dont think i would have wanted it any other way oldest girl is with who i hope will be the love of her life hergirlfriend ally they make such a cute couple pics are on my profile.....the middle one is headed to high school so she growing up....and my baby still needs me for now lol.....i have lots of great friends but only one best friend and she knows who she is loves ya sexy lady lol.....
I Don't Know
I am a little insecure and I have crazy mood swings I have fucked up and been fucked up. I don't know what I want from time to time. I say things I don't mean and take them back. I have trust problems but who don't. I cry for no reason at all. I trip over my own feet, I say stupid things, I do stupid things, I will bust out singing at anytime, I dance like a tard, I can make people laugh, I have a big heart and will help anyone if they need the help. I smoke, I drank from time to time, I embarass myself, I spill shit, I question everything that is told to me. there is so much more but if you want to talk too me or date me this is what you get like it or not. I am not changing for anyone and I don't won't anyone to change for me. Ok I have been single for almost a year now. I don't bitch about I just starting to hate being single. how do people go years being single and not care if they have someone there or not? I just don't know. Other then that things are good I have the best fri
I Need More Music
I've been listening to the same shit recently, so more stuff would be swell. I'm not really looking for anything specific. So whatever you think is good, go for it. I have a list on my profile so that can give you an idea. Go!!! So the more I think about it, I'm all over the place with music. The worst part is, I'm a real dick sometimes about what I listen to. I'm trying to get the fuck out of that mentality but I have some predisposed shit in my head. I've been way better about it the last year or so though. Anyway, I added a bunch of shit to my stash. Pretty much covers my range. Music has been the topic lately, and I forget how much I enjoy it. Also, it's scary how much I get my taste from my parents. I didn't realize that shit till recently as well. I'm seriously a hybrid of them. Makes sense but still weird to me.
I wonder alot of things lately. why people act the way they do, why people that so called love you treat you like you don't exist. You all know there are many questions out there that have yet to be answered. I want to help people because several people have helped me. I just wish there was an answer for everything, but unfortunetly there isn't. Not one single person is like the next one. Not one single person is better than the next. So do you think that one person can make a difference? Comments Welcome! You know with each day that passes by, I pray to god I'll never forget who you are. You mean everything to me. I love you Ooooh Ooooh Ooh I pray You were in my dream Before I even knew that there was a you and me, Now I can't wait to see your smile, When I wake up each day, It makes it worth while With the kinda love you plant inside, Specially with a heart so empty as mine. All your soft tenderness is the one thing that I don't wanna miss. [Chorus:] I pra
So ever have those friends that you disrespect you all the time? I used to not have that problem with one of my best friends. It used to be great, but lately like this weekend. He's been doing that!! And it's not cool. I do just about everything for him, and I'm always thinking of him befor myself. But yet he doesn't do the same. And he's so freaking rude! Don't get me wrong we have our good times. But when there's others around us sometimes, he's just so fucking rude! He shouldn't be acting like that towards anyone, or at least not towards me! I'm his best friend, if he wants a friend where he can disrespect in that way he can go look for someone else!! And I'll just go my own way. I'm 24 yrs old I dont need someone who's going to act like that!!! Maybe I'm over analizing this situation, or maybe I'm not! But I know where I come from, and treating a friend the way he's treated me is so not ok at all! I hope one day it'll bite him in the ass, and he'll come running. I might just not
hey all sry have not been on more health probs have me down right now i hope to be back on more soon ty all CHECK THIS OUT PHONE BILL 19.95 A YEAR UNLIMITED LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE CALLING MAGICJACK REALL DOES WORK HERE IS LINK
New Year 2009
Let it go for 2009... There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. The Bible said that, they came out from us that it might be made manifest that they were not for us. For had they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us. [1John 2:19] People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. Let them go. And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in your story is over so that you don't keep trying to raise the dead. You've got to know when it
ERROR: sorry, this users permissions don't allow you to send them a private message. this really bothers me how fubar members join and won't let you leave a comment without checking it first! ...well delete it if you don't like it some people just want to be nice and comment on your pic. dam!...have we lost insight into what fubar is all about? i mean no salute no on my comments ....what is this place cia or fbi ? don't be so childish! THE JOB - URINE TEST (Whoever wrote this one deserves a HUGE pat on the back!) Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test with which I have no problem. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people Who don't have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check Bec
What The Hell ????
So the great holiday is over and we can all go back to being the broke poor bastards we were before the holiday right.We hope now its time to file for our taxes and wait to pay off all the crap we just bought. Ba Humbug. Ok an old flame calls you for a hook-up.You are happily in love with the person you are with and don't want to fuck things up....But the sex with this person was soooooo goood that u just can't stop thinkn about it.SO to do it or not to do it?Help me out here people
Just Another Night In Flint Mi
I have one...and today ..and every day since then ..Ive had people call me gay...cause of what I dont get is ...why should a piercing make a man gay?...I also was a cheerleader for north branch ....but no I wasnt gay then eitherI just like things that arent normal. .and I love all theses things point to what gayHELL NO .they point to a man that wanted to do something so he didand Im PROUD of what Ive done and what I got and what I do you consider me gat or straight?cause get it straight cause I am ..enter the sirens and the thoughts of why? Why do I live here? OhI remember now..those sirens havent changed since I was a kid..why so much crime? The answer could only be found in a pipe somewhere.CRACK, the dope game as some people like to call itI cannot lie I have smoked weedTONS of green sticky.and when was the last time someone got stoned and was chasing Jason? to get their next hitruining people lives by breaking in a
My Rambling
ok everyone who cares im going to be going out of town for a while pretty soon, so i will probably be awol for atleast a while while i handle some things. wish me luck Ok I have decided to follow a friends advice... I make morphs and comment tags ( for lounges for instance to promote them) So I have decided to put it out there for everyone that I will make a custom profile pic morph/animated pic or comment tags for blasts, vip membership, auto11's, and other blings. Anyone who gets me a VIP Will get all 100 11 rates daily as well durring HH. SB me or PM me for more info if interested. Will also make custom graphics for lounges or and make skins
Any Christmas Spirit Out There?
I hate writing blogs, never kno wut to say. All i kno, is that the only thing i wished for xmas, i didnt get. I only wanted to spend a week in boston ,mass with the sweetest guy on this planet! soo, i guess i'm asking ya'll to help me get my xmas wish. i don't have enuff money to get a hotel, down there, and it's making me sad. if you would like to help me get to see my sweetheart please, pm me,,,,it's all i wanted for xmas, i care about nuthing else but him an his lil girl! please help me?! much fu~ luv to everyone! i now know why i do not like holidays, i used to think it was because my momma was the best thing to happen to christmas and with her gone, christmas just didnt feel the same ever again. she always told us , since we were young, that christmas miracles happen all the time, every where. now i know,,, that they dont. it is a very hard lesson to learn, growing up believing something like that, only to find out it's a lie. and i am sorry i had to learn it this way, because
Wandering Thoughts
As I move through the shadows of reality I worry not. For i have a dream to hold hands with, she comforts me, protects me from harms way. The sidewalks become enchanted beaches, within our magical kingdom we stroll. Todays dreams are tomorrows realities - for the dreamweavers manifest their hearts, their yearnings, their passions. For those who believe. So be it. This is my first blog entry here at Fubar - the sun is just now dawning over the hills - the sun looks like an egg sunny-side up - the bold blue sky is calling the birds to take flight. the waking spirit yearning for peace and all those dreams just out of reach - will I find them in the eyes of another - in the harmony of nature - within my self - the journey begins. I seek not words that are empty of purpose, nor those that bring no harvest, nor would I capture the wind in my grasp, but free it shall be. To wonder the mystery of eternity.
Who Cares What I Think?
I have always wanted a forum in which to air my opinions on any/everything and just get shit off my chest. If you are offended by anything you read here, sorry but oh well. This is not for you. It is for me. My life for the past 30 yrs. has been about other people. I was married to a great guy, have a wonderful son, and a pretty great job. So why have I been unhappy for most of those years? Hopefully by writing this crap down here I'll make some discoveries about myself and figure out what I need to be content with my life. First of all, details about who I am. I am 55 yrs. old, female, libra to the nth degree. I love animals, kids, men, fast cars, football, sex, loving, being loved, and food (especially chocolate) (yes it is a food). I love friends, being chased, shopping, and my son above all else. It's been a wacky and wonderful year. I discovered the internet and meeting people online. It has changed my life. I had no idea when I first logged on and started
Get Free Bling!! I'll Tell You How:)
All ya gotta do is downrate me. I'm cool with it - Apparently -another fu-member was offering bling to peeps who would. Let me know if you want more details. Last night, another fu-member began offering free blings if you would downrate all my pics a one. I am cool with this - and -all ya have to do is rate 4 pics!!! If you are interested, I can tell ya more. MUAH:) !!!!
Just Another Blog~
On my first visit, I changed my mind. The endodontist Dr. Clayton used laughing gas, the O2 and N2O tanks for which were right behind the chair. Since I have very long arms, when no one was in the room, I could just reach the lever for the N20 and tap it all the way from the 4 setting it was on up to the top setting of 12. I got high as a fucking kite. Moreover, his assistant, Beverly, who looked to be just a few years older than me, was a piece of ass, bearing a strong resemblance to Suzanne Sommers--complete with big smile and big tits, but slimmer. She always wore those zip-up-the-front type of uniform tops, which displayed her ample cleavage quite nicely. He had a high-tech chair that lowered me down so he could work on my tooth from a sitting position, yet kept my feet raised up high. I was practically upside down, which gave me an even better view of Beverly's breasts, as she frequently had to lean across me to assist him. Ironically, I came to look forward to the ser
Fu Weddings
Food For Thought
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leakey tire. It's darkest before the dawn, so if you're going to steal your neighbor's paper that's the time to do it. Don't be irreplaceable, If you can't be replaced you can't be promoted. Always remember, you're unique just like everyone else. never test the depth of the water with both feet If you think no one cares if you're alive, try missing a few car payments. Before you criticize someone you should walk a mile in thier shoes. That way when you do criticize them you're a mile away, and you have thier shoes. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day . If you lend someone $20 and never see them again, it was probably worth it. Tell the truth, that way you don't have toi remember anything. Somedays you're the bug, somedays you're the winshield. Everyone se
When It Rains It Poors...
Hello all thought I would give you a heads up on what is going on in my life right now!!! I was assaulted by my boyfriend and had to leave home fast and get myself a apartment to stay safe in!!!! Then stupid me was drowning my sorrows in booze and got picked up for a i need to get my life straightened out right now b4 the fu!!!! I so miss all of you and much love to you all and hopefully i will be back soon and on my feet and be a much stronger person w/all of this!!!! Gosh Darn...U know they say when it rains it poors I am sooooo Upset I have been waiting all yr for the day after Christmas shopping just a ritual I do every year...So I go 2 Start it cause the cold kills me if you all dont know that by anyways it would not start sooo more stress and Hubby all pissed of course if something dont start we all are gonna get a little Td off so we come 2 find out the Fuel Pump is out no shopping...ugh =[ NOT IN THE BEST OF FUGGING MOODS OK....XOXO
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Yours Was Mine And Mine Was Yours
You're my angel in the sky and I love you for who you are. You're my babe in my arms and I'll never leave your side. You're in my Mind, You're in my Heart, You're in my Soul cause you make me Whole. You're in my Arms, you're in my Hands, your in my Eyes and I'll never let go. . You're so beautiful that when i gaze at you i fall and cry. Then when you pick me up we meet eye to eye, then I cry. I love you, I love you with all of my heart, I love you, I love you with all of my soul, I love you, I love you with all of my mind, Because your my angel in the sky. (This is my first poem its actually also a song that i wrote. Please rate it and maybe write some comments about it thanks) When u find the the girl u will marry u will dedicate this to her. Questions you ask, For what i hold. Is a secret among secrets, Our life we sold.. Afraid to tell, or what he'll ask. Storming away, For if i last. Never one for this, Responsible i never miss. For how it start
Just Me
Ok those of you who know me know I am a huge flirt.. But for the record I am not looking for that meaningless one night roll in the hay... Some of my best friends are on here and they are friends online and off. I also am not looking for a relationship because there is one who knows he holds the key to my inner being and when he is ready for that then he knows I will move the world for him... I am a woman in many levels but believe that you should always be honest in every thing you do.. so if you want to ask me a question feel free and if you like the answer or not it will be the truth so becarful what you wish for... Ok Well I will say here how I think it is great to have friends you can really talk to here... but dont be mad if it takes me a bit to get back to you I rally do have a life other then fubar.... I am currently in the process of finishing my divorce so that I can up and move from this state to where my heart lays.... for those of you who really know me you know my plans a
Christmas Wish
Merry christmas Its christmas day We all wish It wasn't this way Not enough presents Too little money So much love Ain't it funny We take things for granted You know its true Please don't fall apart We really need you I'll give you the world That's my present to you Wrapped up in my hand With love as the glue Please always remember I really care for you...... Christmas Wish I made my list for Santa The usual clothes, CDs and Movies There was one thing I didn't put I thought he would know and get it for me I wanted you back in my arms Thinking he would know I though of you every night He sees me when I'm sleeping and knows when I'm awake I looked at your picture every night Christmas came and presents to open I never got what I wanted He never brought me you Instead he brought my movies and clothes He left me with a frown That I covered with a smile I didn't get my number on thing My Christmas wish
Video Shout To Fubar Peeps
Hey everyone added a updated video shout for this month...added new peeps in it....if i overlooked you let me know. Beto aka dj devious one I decided to make a video shout out some fubar peeps...Those who I might have left out hit me up in a private message and next time i do another video shout out I will be sure to include you. Plz rate and comment... Beto
Friends Or Fakes
I am a consultant looking for people that are interested in booking shows. and if you are to far away from me you can still order. Just let me know. We have alot of great specials going on this month. You don't want to miss out. Email me today and find out more. I look forward to talking with you. Ok so here it is. You have a lot of friends on your list. but do you talk to them all the time or just add them because you are bored? I would like to think that you add me cause you are looking for a new friend to talk to. And alot of the people that add you are looking for something more then just a friend. are these people not looking at your page??? Give me your comments. Thanks
I'm New
hey all u gorgeous ladies out there i'm single still and lookin for a gf to hang out with and talk to if u think i'm cute or handsome send me a friends request and a message hey who ever looks at my profile plz leave comments if u mwould like on my pics tyvm
Random Gifts To My Ex
My ex's birthday present from me. 1 animal for every year he was born that he reminds me of giraffe- old pic in blue shirt neck way too longBaboon- Skinnyness long arms/legs Krista color buttcheeks while sleeping Flamingo- Long scrawny legs/ stumpy neckMonkey- Put in zoo and smells like onePenguin- waddles like one when krista is through and wears all black and whitePanda- Chubbyness sorta & black/whiteAlligator- SnappishTiger- growly grumpyness polar Bear- always cold hands like he lives in antarticaDonkey- can sometimes be a jerk and has long face'Cat- curls up and sleeps for like foreverBull- StubbornHippo- oh so fat :p Parrot- repeats stuff on command :p Pig- eats too much although he never gains weightRhinocerous- pointy noseWeasel- knows how to squirm his way outta troubleOstrich- Long legs that walk too fastPeacock- shaves too much trying to look fancy lmao ;x Clam- never talks if somethings bothering him Anal, I know you like it I know you do Thats why whenever i com
Ten Reasons To Go To Work Naked
1. Your boss is always yelling, I wanna see your ass in here by 8:00! 2. Can take advantage of computer monitor radiation to work on your tan. 3. Id love to chip in, but I left my wallet in my pants. 4. To stop those creepy guys in Marketing from looking down your blouse. 5. You want to see if its like the dream. 6. So that with a little help from Muzak you can add Exotic Dancer to your exaggerated resume. 7. People stop stealing your pens after theyve seen where you keep them. 8. Diverts attention from the fact that you also came to work drunk. 9. Gives bad hair day a whole new meaning. 10. No one steals your chair. From the Stimulus package. Reference Doorbells $99,600.00 There are 632 units so this is $155 each unit to fit two doorbells. Seems expensive. May be the Department of Defense is installing the doorbells!! From the local Laurel, MS, newspaper: The Housing Authority
I love the way you smile, the way your eyes sparkle in the light i love the way your arms feel when i fall asleep in them at night i love how your laughter can brighten up my day and how the sound of you voice melts all my fears away i love when we dance and your eyes are only on me the way your lips feel on mine, like they were meant to be i love the way your scent stays on my pillows after you have gone the way a thought of you is triggered by a simple song you fill me with happiness when you walk through the door you leave me with a feeling i have never felt before i feel that fluttering feeling when you're by my side and my hear yearns, knowing that you will never be mine the hand so strong to catch me when i fall the laughter that carries me with no trouble at all the eyes i look into and see what's in store the arms to hold me through the night forever more the cute smile that creeps on his face in a subtle way the strong love he gives that carries m
Single Ladies
BeyonceIf I Were A Boy Music Video Codes By Music BeyoncSingle Ladies Music Video Codes By Music
Love Is Just A Word
s-you-apart Have you ever been in love? Horrible, isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens your heart and it means someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses. You build up this whole armor, for years, so nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They don't ask for it. They do something dumb one day like kiss you, or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so a simple phrase like 'maybe we should just be friends' or 'how very perceptive' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a body-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.
You Peoples
You peoples my peoples your peoples, my kind your kind that the kind? My family your family, my friends your friends, my parent your parent, my brothers and sisters,your brothers and sisters. That human being! What we fighting for? Why there so much dislike and hatred in us all? Is it the pride? Is it the racial? Or because we just too proud? Of our tongue, hidden fear showing bravery, became an ugly soul. How much does we really needed? We not enough? We steals, we lies, We cheat, We robs, don't give a damn you suffers and hurts! Until we get what we want to fulfil our greediness! Why there is war around us? War again my-your own country! War again my-your peoples! War again my-your family! War again each other racial! War of the colour, blinded with evils, craving for power! To kill to conquer a fellow human being? You peoples, big and small, tall and shorts running warm blooded though the vain! You peoples, living on the earth! enough for everyone to
Ms. Drunk Girl
How to FULLY Emasculate a Male!!!! Ladies, let's face facts here. Most of you are bitches. And as such, most of you like to have the upper hand in any relationship. That's not easily done because men are bigger, stronger, more stubborn and typically unwilling to yield power. But ladies, well, y'all are smarter and more emotional than men. And you care more about your status in a relationship so you have the upper hand when it comes to strategy and timing. But some of you, for whatever reasons, still haven't learned how to turn your man into a whipped sad sack. And that's where I come in. You see, I pay attention to this kind of shit. It's kind of my thing. Emasculating your man will not happen too quickly. For the most part, you women are not attracted to the kind of man who is close to his emotions, and as such, it will take a little time to take a strong, stubborn asshole and make him into a little bitch. But you can do it. After all, you've got the time. Step 1: Ge
Autos On
It's been five days... five days since I said goodbye, five days since I heard the family say "She's waiting for you." Five days since we all sang Amazing Grace around your bedside, and some christmas carol whose title has buried itself deep inside my mind. It's been five days since I told you that it was allright to go. Five days since the last time I lied to you... it wasn't okay with me, but you had to go. You were my hero, and my world as a child revolved around getting to see you, to hear you sing your hymns while you puttered around the kitchen, to pick on your memory for names when you were flustered, to feel hugs and feel that the world had sent me to you because God knew I would need you in my hardest times. No one could fathom the love I held for you, and nobody could even remotely fathom the love you held for everyone around you, it didn't matter who you were, you were loved, and I feel so honored to have been your granddaughter for 23 years of my life, I just wish I ha
♥~R~ ♥ *$$'$ W -N- Princess*~♥ ~Zodiak Levelers~@ fubar pls gave her all your love You're...My Friend,my companion,through good times and badmy friend, my buddy,through happy and sad,beside me you stand,beside me you walk,you're there to listen,you're there to talk,with happiness, with smiles,with pain and tears,I know you'll be there,throughout the years!
Need Ur Help Here Friends
can you add fan and rate this person please and tell them chris sent ya? ty friend ill rtf when i can ok
My name is Drugs i want to tell u about me" I destroy homes, tear families apart, take your children, and that's just the start. I'm more costly than diamonds, more costly than gold, the sorrow I bring is a sight to behold, and if u need me, remember I'm easily found. I live all around you, in schools and in town. I live with the rich, I live with the poor, I live down the street, and maybe next.................. door. My power is awesome; try me you'll see, but if you do, you may never break free. Just try me once and I might let you go, but try me twice, and I'll own your soul. When I possess you, you'll steal and you'll lie. You do what you have to just to get high. The crimes you'll commit, for my narcotic charms will be worth the pleasure you'll feel in your arms. You'll lie to your mother; you'll steal from your dad When you see their tears, you should feel sad. But you'll forget your morals and how you were raised, I'll be your conscience, I'll teach you my ways.
Shit Happens
1. Scientific tests find that when women make love, they produce double amounts of the hormone estrogen, which make hair shiny and skin smooth. 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscles in the body. It’s more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps and you don’t need special sneakers! 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being. 6. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals called pheromones. These subtle sex perfumes drive the opposite sex crazy! 7. Sex is t
Auto 11 Auction
Christmas Auction cum get sum This is my last chance to get my first Spotlight. I have just had my first Happy Hour, and OMG everyone came through I think you so much it was incredible, So Im gonna do an Auto 11 auction . starting bids will be 3 mil. so come get you an Auto 11 and help me out too will run for 24 hors if goes well might do 2 or 3
Sponser Me
Hey everyone! I just entered a Sexy Leg contest! Please Vote for me! Never did a contest before. hee hee Click or copy link Thanks all my Fu Friends Spoiled Bratt My VIP is gonna run out Tomorrow. Was wondering if there is anyone that can Sponsor me for a Month? xoxo Spoiled Bratt
My Happy Hour!!!
Monday ... December 29th at 6:00 PM FU Time, Tulsa's Angel is Hosting A Happy Hour! ღTulsa's Angelღ At The Time of Happy Hour, Auto 11s WILL Be On! ღTulsa's Angelღ Hit Up Tulsa's Angel During Her Happy Hour And Make 60 Points Per Rate! ღTulsa's Angelღ The Happy Hour is courtesy of an awesome soldier heading back to Iraq, Hazeleyed Soldier. Hit him up with lots of love too! Hazeleyed Soldier Saturday ...January 31, 2009 at 6:00 PM FU Time, Tulsa's Angel is Hosting A Happy Hour! ღTulsa's Angelღ At The Time of Happy Hour, Auto 11s WILL Be On! ღTulsa's Angelღ Hit Up Tulsa's Angel During Her Happy Hour And Make 60 Points Per Rate!
My First Auction
Come check her out, she is AWESOME F/R/A her ♥~BRATT~♥FuOwned by Wastntime:)@ fubar Come check me out in my latest Auction and place your bids, If you cant bid atleast give me a pic rate.
My Published Poem
Today I shed a tear for you Please know that I am near by and hear a wisper of sorrow Yet you hide your sadness from me. I too am sad that you haven't turned to me to share your heart A dove has stopped flying... A wisper of sorrow... Today I shed a tear for you... To my ear I hear your cry Shattered is your heart I am to listen for no one else will A wisper of sorrow hits my open ear As words finally flood my heart of what you have said Today I Shed A Tear For You He is I; I Am Him ;Me And Me- A thought process poem So Often I Wonder Who I am... As I look into the night I have been in wonder To each day I walk with no insight to whom I became or will become Contemplating the meaning of my drift through life Do I really know myself or am I just a stranger to me The Only Reality is know ones' self But to know ones' self is to live To often I just drift, not living Just filling a void of time and space And who will I
Not Right
check my mumm my friends its important and the comments and the comments of mine and my husbands why is it that people are so unkind in mumms mine you need to read is called points everyone should read it and its true as fubar support said it when i was in there lounge thanks i created my first mumm why so many hatrid comments check it out my friends
Me And Zander
In The Begining.....
Despite what OTHERS do here, here is how I have my family... If you're in my family your there for a reason and I talk to you all the time ... not just once a week or once a month. EVERYONE in my family is equal... PERIOD there is no favoritism, Where you fall is noted by your user number... just cuz your user number is lower then someone elses doesn't make you any better then the other person. This is how you get in my family... 1. I know you personally 2. I talk to you frequently 3. I've known you for a LONG ASS TIME ON here 4. I feel you need to be there All the rankings EXCPT Family and Fans is chosen by your user number. Your Friends and Fan Of are chosen when YOU add them and then its listed from newest to oldest. SO if your user number is 1 you will always be listed first in Family and Fans. Example : Brandy is user number 181 she will always appear first in fans and My user number is 270 therefore I will always be second in your fans list. OR if
Fubar Trading Cards
So what am I doing? Well I decided to try something out. Since I like photoshopping pics, I decided to create a trading card series. I am not sure yet how many I am going to do for series one yet, but am taking requests. I just need you to send me a pic that you would like on your card. You can send it in my shout box or in PM, up to you. Check out my gallery titled "Fubar Trading Cards _ Series One" for the ones I have done so far. Thanks
Heat- A Short Unfinished Story
My name is Mike Taunton, and I have lived here in Kenton my whole life. I am a deputy in the local police force. I have been a cop since I graduated the local college 8 years ago. I am 29 years old and still single, which really annoys my mother. She was hoping for Grandkids by now. I mean dont get me wrong, I have had plenty of girlfriends in my time, just not found anyone I would want to spend the rest of my life with yet. But that was all about to change.. Her name is Amelia, and she is a stranger to the town. You would know she was new here even if you hadnt just seen her get off the 5.20 Greyhound bus. She looks bewildered and lost, standing as she is: all alone, eyes moving constantly from one thing to another, never seeming to settle in one place for more than a few seconds. She draws a lot of attention within the bus station, not because she is new here, but because of how she looks. She is five feet tall, with long wavy golden hair swept back from her face. It fall
From The Heart
It is so easy to get wrapped up in our own little world and our hurt that we actually fail to see the pains and hurt of another, the struggle they are going through in trying to heal their own pain and hurt so they can move on beyond their hurt and find the peace and happiness they richly deserve. Yes I am very guilty of doing such and was being something that was not in me and that is being selfish instead of being as I am selfless and would like to take this chance to say to that person, I very much regret my actions, which were inexcusable and very selfish indeed. Please do not think wrong of me, I am truly sorry that I did not respect your wishes or feelings when I should. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment I tend to not think about what I am doing.hey I am only human after all, and because of this I can and do land up making the wrong decision or do the wrong action, whereby, upon reflection I know I took the wrong action and end up regretting it This time, even t
Jr's Blog
It seems to me that much of human behavior is driven by insecurity and fear. I wonder if people started feeling good about themselves if they would be more prone to treating others with respect? There is a book called The Four Agreements, and the first agreement is to use your word "impeccably". This simply means not to use words for destructive purposes such as lying or insulting largely based on the premise that words have power unto themselves and when you send them out they have an impact beyond just that moment. I'm not sure if I believe that exactly, but I do believe that words can make the world a better place, or a worse one. It seems many times people choose the power of their words to inflict pain, and I wonder what it is they get out of it. Does it take away their own pain? I rather doubt it... so what is the gain? The only thing I can assume is that it provides a false sense of superiority, if only for a moment. I just read a short story called "A Monarch
Life's Dilema's
Okay I know it's Murphy's Law. But, have you ever had anything that could go wrong to you go wrong. Like having 4 family memebers pass away, getting injured at work, losing your job (so they don't have to pay you for the injury), having to fix your house, having your child end up in and out of hospitals, having that stress keep pilling up on you, not really having many friends, and it seems like th ones that you do have you cn't keep, or getting new friends and scaring them away when they relize how messed up your life can be. It seems like everytime you get over one hump. (like having someone close to you in and out of the hospital and some people telling you that with there condition most people dont last more than 10 years some times only 5.) Something else messes up. And when you get through all of this stuff things will start to go really god for you for a while then wham here comes another tidlewave of stuff to deal with. It's just amazing what we as humans can put up with. Yes s
Monarch's Blog
Boyfriend Application
hahah this one's cute APPLiCATION" 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Birthday: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would u take a nap with me? 16.WOULD U LOVE ME? 17.Do you think I'm cute? 18. If you could change anything about me -would you? 19.Would you dance with me? 20.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? What Do You Think Of My? 1.Personality: 2.Eyes: 3.Face: 4.Hair: W0ULD Y0U... [] go
just wanted to let all our wonderful friends know that my husbands mom past away early this morning and him and his family are taking it so bad .i would like to say of behalf of me and my hubby (marlboroman) ty all for your support and your kind words. its a hard time that we never thought we'd go through ,but it will get better in time .thank all from the bottoms of our hearts . I know that me and my husband (Marlboroman # 1 on my list) have alot of good friends on here ,so i would like to ask each of you to remember his mama in your thoughts and prayers . Her name is Dora and she is in her early 70's . Her doctor has overdosed her on her medcation causing her to have a major stroke . Which has left her not to be able to do anything at all for herself . She doesn't even know anyone in her family no more . She did know her husband when he came to see her. She turned sick bout a month now and she is in the hospital and was put on life support last night . They lost her once already bu
New Year
Calling one and all, I have been in the WMBW contest for almost a year now, and have a few people that are downvoting me, not giving me half a chance at winning, if you have a chance tonight pease come by and support me with some good 20 votes. while you are there check out all the other beautifulladies you will probabaly want to stay. ;) Your Friend, Trina As another year comes to an end, I ponder some thoughts as I gaze in the mirror at my fading youth. What is beauty? Where does it start, and where does it end? As I age does beauty fade or just youth? Is youth beauty or is it just the beginning of beauty? And what is my purpose, my goal in this life that I live? Youth, like spring is beautiful, with its flowers all in bloom, but as the petals wither and beauty changes suits, what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits. My grandma always told me that Character contributes
Funny Things I Noticed
Ok, I have heard enough small peeps want the word midget banned from TV! I think the world is going to far with this non-sense. Here is my reply to all this non-sense. I am half Irish call me a Mck pronounced Mik, I am also 1/2 Italian so I guess that makes me a ginny. I also a little over weight so call me fat, I wear glasses at work so I am a Geek, damn monitors kill my eyes, I like country music, the outdoors boating and fishing so I am a Hick. Put all this togeather and you have me, I am not defined by my height, color, weight, ancestors birthplace or what I like. I am what God made me a human being. We all come in different shapes, sizes and color so small people of the world get over yourselves you are onlyvictim of prejudice if you allow yourself to be. I will continue to use the "midget" when I see fit. It's a word and only a word! As the new year approaches quickly I would like to share some observations I made this year and in the past. 1) Keeping money in a matt
Autos Onnn Baby
AUTO 11's ARE ON BABY!! Do You Have Some Time? Want To Level Fast? I HAVE AUTO 11's ACTIVE NOW!!. DVUS_1**OWNED BY BUTTERFLY N MISS HONEYPIE [[FU ENGAGED TO ?MizPťMT F ?WK?@ fubar ~*DVUS WANTS YOU!!*~ ~*MY BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYED REBELLION HAS HER AUTOS ON AND NEEDS YOUR FU LUVVV*~ ~*She is a HOTTIE N A HALF, with all the LOVE in ALLLL the right places. She is beautiful inside out and can ALWAYS make me smile*~
Can I Be A Disciple Please??
Leveling Help Needed
plz help level these family members are close to leveling plz help them out as much as possable. Bobby@ fubar
Make Money!!!!!!!
A new breakthrough secret is all you now need in order to forever shed countless pounds, stay healthy, and add many years to your life! A lady doctor from Arizona has blown the lid off the best-kept secret in weight loss ever discovered -- and this has the whole diet food and drug industries turned upside down and in nothing less than a torrential uproar. Her name is Dr Suzanne Gudakunst, and she's marching to the beat of a different drum. And no, nothing about her "secret" is difficult -- nor does it require that you do something completely out of the ordinary or anything unnatural. Instead, the Arizonian boasts proudly "...this is something that I caught onto just before 2002 when there was so much research and exploration going around concerning the human colon and digestive system working in harmony with nutritional absorption, and I started doing independent studies just to test things at first ... but which I later expanded on after seeing some fantastic results."
Udated Pbr Prca Events Ill Be Riding In
A Little Personal
(POST THIS IF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU: 0 = EWWWWWWWWWWW W!? 1 = DEFINITELY NOT ATTRACTIVE. 2 = DECENT 3 = CUTE 4 = FINE AS HELL! 5 = I'D DO YOU! 6 = PRETTY DAMN SEXY! 7 = LOVABLE!8 =I LOVE YOU!!! 9 = I WANNA MAKE YOU MINE!) Take at ur own risk copy and pm you're answers 1. Your Name: 2. Age : 3. Dick/Boob Size: 4. Favorite position (s) ? 5. Do you think i'm hot? 6. Would you have sex with me? 7. lights on or off? 8. Would you have to be drunk? 9. Would you take a shower with me? 10. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 11. Would you leave after or stay the night? 12. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 13. Condom or skin? 14. Do you give Oral pleasures? 15. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 16. Have sex on the first date? 17. Would you kiss me during sex? 18. Do you think I would be good in bed? 19. Would u have a 3-some with me? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 2
End Of Year Meme
So yes once again I know its been like fricking forever since I have updated this thing. Sorry have been a bit busy with other things. I read the journal every day I just dont have time to update, or if I do have time I just dont want to take the time to write out a huge post. LOL! So lets see whats been going on with me..well a whole of NOTHING! Been pretty much the same thing everyday. Work, home, work, home. Get up in the morning run my brother to his stuff for court, come home clean up a bit, then off to pick up co-workers and away to work i go. So see not much going on. Only plus side is that today brother got his DL so he is finally legal to drive his car he bought, so as of today I no longer have to run him anywhere. So for that I am very much happy. Means I dont have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to take him anywhere and I can finally sleep in a bit and relax. In other news..I killed my cell phone. Well let me re phrase that, my cell phone killed itself. It cho
Read Me
This really gets to me cuz she was the same age as my daughter. This Bitch needs to be hung in public to show the world what a true Bitch she really is. That poor little girl did nothing to deserve this type of death for no reason. PLEASE PLAY SONG FIRST IN MEMORY OFCaylee Marie Anthony>In rememberance of a beautiful three year old girl by the name of Caylee Marie Anthony. She was such a sweet, loving, caring, and pretty child. She was just like a little angel.>I don't see how anyone could be so cold hearted to do something to such a sweet little girl.What Happened?Little Caylee has been missing since sometime back in June. The police weren't notified of Caylee's disapperance until a whole MONTH later, after she had disappeared. Caylee's own mother [Casey Anthony] wasn't the one to call and confront the police. CASEY'S mother [Caylee's grandmother] called and notified the police saying that the mother has confirmed the disappearance of Caylee and the trunk of Casey
I am convinced the only people that worthy of consideration in this world are the unsusal ones. For the common folk are like the leaves of a tree, live and die unnoticed. If there hadnt been you? A man filled with doubt Down and out and all alone A ship tossed and turned Lost and yearned for a home A survivor barely surviving Not sure of his next move All of this I wouldnt be if there hadnt been you Now a man filled with hope Who knows where he belongs A heart filled with love More than enough to keep it strong Back to life again No longer afraid to face the truth All of this I would have missed if there hadnt been you Where would I have been If you hadnt been there for me I made it thought time Time I would have never made it though if There hadnt been you In my life On my side All my dreams would still be dreams If there hadnt been you Er/2001
New Year 2009
The other blog was our fubar resolution...these are my real life resolutions::: 1) find a job that I like that I can advance in and keep...(done...start Monday) 2) start working out and taking better care of myself...(taking the kids to the Y every weekend) 3) start spending more time with family and kids...(game night every Thursday and the Y on weekends) 4) cut back on smoking (new job will help with that since you can't smoke near the building) 5) pay off bills, save for next Christmas, repair house and start buying things we want...(new job will make this possible) 6) better relationship with Todd...(this is already happening but I am going to try harder) Those of you who know both Todd and I probably know a lot more about our personal life than you should...We are both guilty of running to our friends and saying things in anger or without thinking that make our life together sound pretty horrible at times...If you knew either of us before we got together or even the first
Thanatos' Rant, Raves And Musings
Where did my life go?!?! Just yesterday I was 18 and getting out of high school and today I looked in the mirror and some 45 year old dude was looking back at me!!!! WTF Happened?!?! I know, it has to one of those consciousness transference devices that put your mind in someone else's body!! Either that or some fucked up voodoo spell that changes you like on Freaky Friday or something! Then again, maybe it's just my own mortality creeping in on my body while my mind is still stuck in non-linear limbo. When you are in your teens and early 20's, you think that time stands still and that you will live forever.....You are "bulletproof". Getting older is the last thing you think about, and is only something that other people do.....OLD PEOPLE!!! HOLY SHIT!! THEY LIVE!!! But we don't stay the same forever, and as much as we don't want to admit or acknowledge it, we DO grow older.....even when, like myself, we fight it tooth and nail. Why the hell should I get old?! I still th
They played the oddest game in high school football history last month down in Grapevine, Texas. It was Grapevine Faith vs. Gainesville State School and everything about it was upside down. For instance, when Gainesville came out to take the field, the Faith fans made a 40-yard spirit line for them to run through. Did you hear that? The other team's fans? They even made a banner for players to crash through at the end. It said, "Go Tornadoes!" Which is also weird, because Faith is the Lions. "I WOULDN'T EXPECT ANOTHER PARENT TO TELL SOMEBODY TO HIT THEIR KIDS. BUT THEY WANTED US TO!" It was rivers running uphill and cats petting dogs. More than 200 Faith fans sat on the Gainesville side and kept cheering the Gainesville players onby name. "I never in my life thought I'd hear people cheering for us to hit their kids," recalls Gainesville's QB and middle linebacker, Isaiah. "I wouldn't expect another parent to tell somebody to hit their kids. But they wanted us to!
New Years...blah!!
Fail Of The Week
ROFL This one's so good, I had to post Two vids xD Enjoy feeling smarter!
5DEADLY TERMS USED BY A WOMAN. (1) FINE - this is the word women use to end an argument when they know they are RIGHT & YOU need to SHUT UP. (2) NOTHING - means SOMETHING & you need to be WORRIED. (3) GO AHEAD - this is a dare, not permission, DO NOT DO IT. (4) WHATEVER - is a woman's way of saying SCREW YOU. (5) THAT'S OK - she is thinking long & hard on HOW & WHEN you will pay for your mistake. A real woman is a man's best friend. She will never stand him up and never let him down. She will reassure him when he feels insecure and comfort him after a bad day. She will inspire him to do things he never thought he could do; to live without fear and forget regret. She will enable him to express his deepest emotions and give in to his most intimate desires. She will make sure he always feels as though he's the most handsome man in the room and will enable him to be the most confident, sexy, seductive and invincible... No wait...Sorry. I'm thinking of whiskey. It's whiskey that does al
What Would You Do?
So, first the rules. Basically, there are no rules, other than no flaming other posters. No predjudice, harrassing, or hateful comments. This blog is for open and honest communication from everyone who reads it and wants to participate. I have sole discretion as to what I consider hateful, prejudice or harassment and will delete and report any users who post any comments I consider (or are reported to me) to fall within these catagories. On that note I am not liable for any such comments or any other activity a reader, subscriber, poster to this blog may or may not take. Ok, I think that covers everything, thanks for coming by and I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will writing and moderating it. If anyone wants to contact me for any reason, please feel free to do so. Have fun everyone. Hopefully this will be the first installment of many of the "What would you do?" series. We'll see though, it'll just depend on the popularity of this blog. So, this brings me to my f
A New Year
I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who help support, and left comments, an said prayers, or anthing else you may have done during the past week over the Death of my Brother. So many have helped me cope with this loss, I am so sorry I have not left daily comments or had the time to chat. I will be back today to try to start over, I love each and everyone of you, this is my home away from home and you are all my second family. I hope you all had the chance to read my blog Life or Death, My Son wrote a Beautiful poem and would love for you all to enjoy it. I live with the comfort of knowing ,he is with our Lord, and is not sick or suffering anymore...TY all once again, Your Sister in Gods Name, Becky (Southern Luv) Tonight we celebrate the Birth of a new year, we all wonder what will it bring? Well For me it has already brought sadness to my life. I watched my 49 year old Brother Die at 3:10 this New Years Eve Morning. I hope This will make alot of people thi
New Years Anti Resolution
Tell me, what did i ever do to you to require my changing each year? Am I so bad that i need to be changed each January 1st for you to like me or continue liking me? Didn't you like me to begin with? Or was there one or more caveats put on your liking me? Did you tell yourself, "I'll like you until the first of next year unless you remain the same."? Do you have requirements that each January i must change at least a little for our friendship to continue? What if I like me and have no intentions of changing? When January 2nd rolls around will you cease having any contact with me? Will you "disown" me as a friend and avoid me at all costs? Or will you simply be polite to me in that distant manner that everyone is capable of? WELL I'M NOT CHANGING! Kiss my ass. It's taken me this long to get where i am and I'm not changing for any of you fuckers. Sure, I'm not perfect. I've never deluded myself into thinking that i am. I have many flaws, but flaws are what make us unique. I'v
Mystical Beat
OH did u see that I know I sure did and it was big enough it scared me to reality wow to know that is going there oh my.. did you feel that my pants just hit the floor omg thats so good and tasty dont stop... Purrs and moans comes out of my mouth as he goes in deeper I gasp for air as he goes all the way in I purr so loud I feel my voice in his chest as it feels so good omg. Purrs even louder... I think my undies hit the floor.. oh feels his sweat drip onto my forehead.. and run down to my hair.. mm that's it harder, faster and deeper omg gasps for air and lets out lil squeals... as I have to be quiet. Rolls him over gets on top omg.. it goes in deeper as he has to put his hand over my mouth.. for I know in my heart I can't keep quiet.. I shake my head and set my mouth free.. careful not to moan too loud but enough to let him know that I can't go in all the way.. I pull out slowly and roll over and throw my ass in the air. He mounts her and she automatically lets her
when you were 15, your mom came home from work, looking for a hug. You thanked her by having your bedroom door locked. When you were 16, she taught you how to drive her car. You thanked her by taking it every chance you could. When you were 17, she was expecting an important call. You thanked her by being on the phone all night. When you were 18, she cried at your high school graduation. You thanked her by staying out partying until dawn. When you were 19, she paid for your college tuition, drove you to campus carried your bags. You thanked her by saying good-bye outside the dorm so you wouldn't be embarrassed in front of your friends. When you were 25, she helped to pay for your wedding, and she cried and told you how deeply she loved you. You thanked her by moving halfway across the country. When you were 50, she fell ill and needed you to take care of her. You thanked her by reading about the burden parent
Happy New Year you lovely people! ♥ Oh yes I am tipsy and giggly. That is all. We are. I have Ash and Sproet on the phone and we are plotting against people. Be warned.
Just Something I Was Thinking Of....
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through my home, not a sound could I hear, not even the phone. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, I flipped on the TV and saw a soldier standing there. It was a young man, perhaps a Marine, with a desert in the background, it was a lonely scene. And I thought, Hes so far from home and should be on leave, He should be here with his family on Christmas Eve. Then the soldier said, Its really all right, Im over here by choice; Im here every night. Its my duty to stand, at the front of the line, That separates all of you, from the darkest of times. No one had to ask, or beg or implore me, Im proud to stand here, like my fathers before me. Grandpa died at Pearl Harbor one December, then he said, Thats a Christmas, Grandma always remembers. My dad stood his watch, in the jungles of Nam, And now its my turn, and so here I am. Ive not seen my own son, in more than a while, My wife sends me pict
Last Night I Had A Dream..
I Walked into the room and he was lying on the bed - he had his arms behind his head - and there was just hair everywhere - he was really really fat - and he had a large erection - i remember he was so proud of his large erection - and I uh - I asked him where my money was - and he pointed to the dresser - and then I asked him what he wanted - and he said lay down - Im On Top! and he started pounding me really hard - I remember I had to bite my tounge to keep from crying. And He did that for a while - and I started to get up - and he pushed me back down - and he held my hair - and he wss pulling it - Hard - Too Hard - Then he stuck his penis in my mouth. I tried to get up again - and he said - "Stay there Baby I'm going to cum on your face!" So I did - and he rubbed his seman all over my face and in my hair - And Uh - Then he Kicked me off the Bed - and he Told me to Leave. I literally ran into him after running away from hairy man.... and he picked me up - smiled at me and took m
Making Real Money Easy!
Can true Love ever been found! If anyone in Texas or Georgia wants to make some easy money sitting at home in your PJ's let me know cause thats what I do all the time.
1st Blog
i am 48 years old guy looking for someone to go out or just stay i and watch movies or play games i am a truckdriver that go from maine to all over the usa always lookig for new friends my Philosophy is if i can make you laugh or smile and make an ass outta my self so be it always the time of the holidays suck being alone and all thing haven't been the same since my mom passed away 4 years ago the holidays use to be heart felt but now then seem just like any old day
If you were to introduce me to someone, what would you say? This should be fun. Pass this along and see what YOU get back. I WANT TO CHANGE MY LAST NAME TO AWESOME... AND HAVE MY KIDS NAMES TOTALLY AND FREAKING!
So Strange..
I opened my door to my very intoxicated love - yes very drunk - but suprisingly very literate. I helped him to the couch and said - you have to stop doing this to yourself - you have so much to live for - he just looked at me with those beautiful sad blue eyes and said - IM IN LOVE WITH YOU - BUT - we both know that im a drunk - and i know that you are lonely and sad - and I hope you understand that im a person that is totall at ease with this - which is not to say that im indifferent or that i dont care - I DO - it simply means that I trust you and your judgement - and you can throw me out - or you can let me stay and hold you - and you can know that at least for this one night - there is a man who wants nothing more then to hold you and let you know that you are indeed loved! its just really strange - its like things are happening really quickly - and thats so NOT me! ummm for instance - just the second i met him and the way i said my name right away! I never tell my real nam
I'm so lucky! On Christmas Day, I asked my girlfriend to marry me and she agreed! Now it's a year of planning and organising the wedding. We're both so excited. Just wanted to share that with the all. All the best for 2009! Jon xxx The date's been set and the venue's booked! On the 2nd January, I'll be a married man!
Overrun With Hate...
There is a feeling deep in my soul; infinity to the power of eight. I watch with starry wet eyes if rage, I feel it well from deep within; it is all I can feel now; nothing but hate. I hate all you have become; From this hell I must escape. From deep within I feel it come; From deep within I feel the rage and hate. The depths of hell my soul doth wage The most darkest struggles against pain and rage. The upheaval of all you left undone upon this stage. The most fierce-some and and unfettered rage; As I and all other dance upon the stage. No longer can I cage the hate, pain or rage. What is done is done, Eternity's course it now must run. With my heart and soul; you've had your fun. The thought of blood runs cool across my skin; Hell no; not like that, you'll never win. Cry as you might; from this ending, a new life shalt begin, Your end of days draw near, The mistakes of your past; painfully clear. Stay far from me and far, far away from here; Go find so
Being that it's January 1, have to eat the annual helping of black eyed peas (the vegetable, not the girl in the band). Hoppin' John is my favorite way to eat black eyed peas and here is a good recipe. I'll be making this later tonight if you want to stop by! Ingredients: * 1 pound dried black-eyed peas * 2 small smoked ham hocks or meaty ham bone (*note, I make mine with sausage instead of ham) * 2 medium onions, divided * 3 large cloves garlic, halved * 1 bay leaf (*note I skip this cause I don't care about bay leaves) * 1 cup long-grain white rice * 1 can (10 to 14.5 ounces) diced tomatoes with chili peppers, juices reserved * 1 medium red bell pepper, chopped * 1/2 green bell pepper, chopped * 3 ribs celery, chopped * 1 jalapeno or serrano pepper, minced * 2 teaspoons Cajun or Creole seasoning (*note I use Tony Chatcheree's his shit is awesome) * 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme leaves (*note I don't know what this is bu
will recently fu deleted my account i dunno now i had to make a new one so i hope to find all of my old friends on here and plus make some new ones.happy new year.
I was reading a friend's blog earlier (love you, girl) about how this guy who will remain anonymous (Dave) sends her such wildly creative messages like "hi" and "sup". here's her blog if you're curious: Perfectly_Inked And of course so many of you send absolutely nothing with your friend requests. So, on to my point...I get this request today: Richie And I'm So what is there left to talk about on the second-date? I mean, if he's serious, I'm sorry for the guy, glad he seems to be doing well...but it's a bit much for a 'Hello' I had a few choices this year. None of them really peaked me but neither did sitting at home watching Dick Clark. I had a few friends come over and we hung out for a bit. Then we hit a local club so we could dance and flirt some free drinks. Hey it works, shut up. Around 11 we decided to go to this one party we were invited to. I wasn't all that into it, but there was this really cute guy I had met a few days b
My Blogs--ty For The Auto 11 Bully Candy!!!
My Auto 11 Bling Is Activated!!!!! Jan 03,2009 Please help me become Godmother spank me hard Loads Of Easy Rates To Rate Stop By my Page Rate Fan Add Bling me show me some love on my page Your points are doubled too, so come and get your points and level up on me!!! click here B1tch ~The Pegasus Project~ SBG*Club United*FU-Bomber*Click Club@ fubar > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > My Auto 11 Bling Is Activated!!!!! > > > Jan 03,2009 > > > Please help me become Godmother spank me hard > > > Loads Of Easy Rates To Rate > > > > > > Stop By my Page Rate Fan Add Bling me show me some love on my page > > > > > > Your points are doubled too, so come and get your points and level up on me!!! > > > > > > click here > > > > > > B1tch ~The Pegasus Project~ SBG*Club United*FU-Bomber*Click Club@ fubar > > >
What do you guys think if I can talk tiff into some NSFW pics? SHe is very shy about it at times!!!!! She is beautiful and the mother of my son and there is that no blemishes from child birth!!!! Yo just trying to get our level up since we started getting back on here again!!! tryin to figure things out as we go!!
Something Nice
'*Trisha*- Queen Living My Life {Owner Of Sweet Temptation EVERYONE PLEASE REPORT HER PAGE AS WELL SO IT GETS DELETED THANX was brought to my attn some chic was using my pics but she has me blocked completley from her page go figure and Im tryn to find out what pics etc.. and get her to take them down.. I was told of at least 3 sfar. Me layn down in my chair in my Black n Pink Bikini with a white tshirt layn on me, Me by a Red car,The one of me holdn the kiwi and my purse sayn Shhh, the Hieniken pic where Im faded.. those are the ones Ive been told of so far.. I was just told she is aware ppl are ceckn into her now she is lookn at my stuff. I want this taken care of. She has a friend too using pics of me or of me and some friends claimn to be a friend. Leave her comments on her page under all my pics letn her know we are onto her etc. Thanx luvs. Ur all wonderful.. Trisha Nicole Jones (Douglas) is her real nme sleep one
Moving 1/6-7/09 Into A Townhouse
Hi All,My brother(Kapalua) and I found a bedroom and bath in a townhouse.$400+electric per month.We move in Jan 6-7/09.Lr/Ba/Kit downstairs and 2Br/1Ba upstairs.Jan 21st new computer connection and Tv go on line.Til then just hold tight,I'll get back to ya.Mr X Uploaded 45 pics that are a delight to the eye.Can't do 420 anymore;a form of lung cancer.OH WELL!!
Rays Song
Daily Blog
To all i am desbanding the red diamond levelers i dont have time to build it and my heart just not in it thank you all for all who did join it I wanting to see who all wants to see Red Diamand to stay or should we delete it. When putting up some one to level he must least have 100 hundred pictures and steashs has well if possable he cant have no rips please input is needed
My Star - A Beginning
I sit out here, miles from everything, and I thank my stars for being where I am and who I am. Theres adequate turmoil in the populated world. Im glad it hasnt found my little neck of the woods yet. Of course, I didnt always live out here next to Great Spirit. A short time ago, I was part of the rat race I dislike so much. But now? Well, theres just me, my dog, my snug cabin, and a view back to the previous century. As I sit on my willow rocker, strumming an old acoustic guitar, I wait for night to fall so I can watch my special star rise into the clean and clear sky. This particular special star became mine only a few days ago. Before that, it was just an ordinary star, one of several trillion flickering in the great darkness that surrounds my place after the sun leaves us for the day. One night, it just seemed to flicker a little brighter; kind of winked at me; and weve been on the same plain ever since. Why this star picked me out of all the good citizens on ea
What Is Your Favorite Guitar?
Anybody want to get FuBaked & Hit my FuBong? Its Almost 4:20 somewhere in the World!!!!! What is your Favorite Guitar? Check out And tell me what you think. Happy New Year
My Poems Suck
Love used to be at the back of my mind. Dead and lifeless like the sun with no shine. Then you came along and showed me love is beautiful. You brought me to life, so strong and spiritual. When I think of you, the world just leaves. From my mind and from my dreams. I see someone that is caring and full of heart. Someone daring, someone special, someone to share my heart. I made this poem only for you. To think of me when you're feeling blue. I Love You! I love you so deeply, I love you so much, I love the sound of your voice, And your kind, thoughtful way, The joy that you bring, To my life everyday, I love you today, As I have from the start, And I'll love you forever, With all of my heart.
Skye Rawks My World!
=== 'Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess*Chief of Operations 2nd alarm hotties*Daddy's levelers*Abbys G/F' wrote the following at '2009-01-02 14:28:14'.. This bulletin goes out to my new fu-owner Skye. Skye@ fubar Please stop by and show this hot guy some fu-love. This bulletin brought to you by: IrIsH PaRaDiSe~SKYE'S LITTLE ANGEL~(2nd Alarm Hotties & Southern Sex Symbols member)@ fubar === 'Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess*Chief of Operations 2nd alarm hotties*Daddy's levelers*Abbys G/F' wrote the following at '2009-01-02 14:28:14'..
Everyone Else Blogs...
thought I would too so here it is... I yawned today I've met Katelyn twice now, she is the sweetest and most vibrant, positive outlook person I think Ive ever had the honor of meeting! you should follow the link below n read a bit of her story
My Cookbook
2 sticks Butter (Melted) 1/2 Lb. Graham Cracker Crumbs 1 Lb. Powdered sugar 1 large can coconut(more or less to taste) 1 Cup chopped nuts (I prefer pecans) 1/2 cup Peanut Butter 1 TBSP Vanilla extract Mix all ingredients together. Form into balls. set aside. In a double boiler, melt 1/2 cake parafin wax and 1 bag of chocolate chips. When chocolate and parafin is melted together, roll candy balls in chocolate and set on platter covered with wax paper. Enjoy! 2 1/2 Cups All-Purpose Flour 1 1/2 Cup Sugar 2 TBSP Cocoa 1 Tsp. Salt 1 Tsp. Baking Soda 2 Eggs 1/2 Cup Oil 1 Cup Buttermilk 2 Oz. Red Food Coloring (May use other colors) 1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract Place all dry ingredients in bowl. Blend eggs with fork. Add oil and blend again. Add this mixture to dry ingredients and mix with wire whisk until smooth. Blend in food coloring vanilla and buttermilk. Bake at 350 degrees for around 30 minutes. ICING 1/2 Stick Butter 8 Oz. Cream Cheese (Softened) 1
2009 Off With A Bang
Well good news is my car is ready.. It was the fuel pump. With towing parts,labor,oil change and coolant flush the grand total is 917.45.. wtf??? Happy Fucking New Year to me.. That was going to be my vacation monies to go to Vegas with Monica and Ms. Heather. end rant :/ Just venting.... My fucking car wouldn't start after work. I had to find a ride home and leave my car there. It seems it might be the alternator, I dunno thou cause I'm not a mechanic. Oh and it was freezing cold too. One of the supervisors was so kind to bring me clear out to my house when he commutes to work an hour and half and now he won't be home til 11 or so...and he was out late already. I am usually the one locking up the building but thankfully he was out late helping a tech get unstuck in the fucking snow. Thank you for reading my rant. The End
Thank You
thanks for all the ratings and invites Have A Great Day
Megan's Blogz
Create a playlist at
Life In Thought (theories)
ok everyone knows it's an on going battle, but think about it, if the egg came first then how'd it get there, what fertilized it, what incubated it, and what fed the baby chick when it hatched cuz we all know a chick cannot feed itself As I see it, there are always two sides to everything, what if it was just one big whole? Recently I have made a realization. There are two societies in the world (in general). Personal Society This consists of friends, family, and associates. The associates don't really have much of an impact on your life as they do not really care, they are just there. Friends are people whom you can count on to a point, they all have their weaknesses and strengths, pros and cons. Then you have your family, who will always be there for you when you need it even if you don't want it. They will not judge you for anything at any time. Family is by default blood, however, as you grow older you gain family by growing close relations with others. having sai
New Lounge - Wildfire Saloon
Come into the WILDFIRE SALOON for a whole new classy, but wild, experience!! :D Created by DJ Devine ~Owner @ Wildfire Saloon (Check out the new look) ~The Pegasus Project~FuLuv Bomb Squad@ fubar
My Opinion On Anything
well i have to keep reminding myself that some part of my life is almost same as a mirage. it looks the same. looks so perfectly. cant tell its fake until you leave your guard down and go closer. that's when it disappears. when that happens i have 2 option. 1) scream and cry why me? or 2) just shake my head and walk away and learn. nothing is perfect. i look at everything in life in positive view. well i try to be. why try to enjoy life if im always negative. in cleveland, oh. the city i was born and raised. its very sad to hear some guy would just kill his wife and her 3 kids. what is this world coming too? more crazy ppl are on the loose. i will pray they catch this coward and a disgrace to society and make sure he will never kill anyone again. he was in jail for 5 years before. he will never learn. and they just got married too. ppl like him makes me sick to my stomach
Heres my memories from 2007, if wasnt as hot as 06 but still a awesome weekend, the bands were alot heavier this year. IRON MAIDEN SLAYER LAMB OF GOD WOLFMOTHER MEGADETH LINKIN PARK
I guess I never understood the mechanics of how to make friends or how you get rid of fear just to say hi to someone...I mean hell I can talk to someone on a computer but get me in a room with people i clam mater what I even tried alcohol loosen up and to no avail....I am such a chicken shit...any suggestions? Some days I don't want to get out of bed, don't want to do anything but lay in my warm cocoon and dream about places I have yet to go and far away places that may not exist in the fabric of our space time (I am a big astronomy nut). it just seems like no one but my dreams wants to be around I am left to my own devices kinda like the kid with no friends or other siblings. am I weird I don't think so but in a sense we are all weird. but I don't know
Hello My Friends
Hello my friends, here is a lil bit of my story. All my life I wanted to become a pro wrestler growing up I watched al of the greatest wrestler's of all time from Hulk Hogan to Ric Flair,Sting and the list goes on and on...I was raised by my grandparents I never knew who my real dad was until I was 12 years old, I had a great child hood from what I can remember, well after I met my real dad at the age of 12 I would spend alot of my time with him....When I was 15 1/2 I found out about a local wrestling promotion in Portsmouth Ohio where I used to live called (Superstar Wrestling Federation) and I knew few people who was apart of the promotion, I got talking to the few people that I knew and they helped me get my feet in the door at the age of 16 I started training and working out it was really hard to learn all of the moves and how to land right I couldn't even to begin to tell you how many times I hit my head on the mat and it hurt like hell, I thought like alot of you, I thought it
Time To Make Some Money
New Song Worldpremiere !
Derek van Deerstet on Nikki Rocks the Politics 1/16/09 Deerstet Music is pleased to announce the exclusive world premiere of the brand new country collaboration single, Better Then Before, with lyrics and vocals by Janice Brown on Nikki Rocks the Politics on Blogtalk Radio! Derek van Deerstet will join host Nikki Starr to talk about his music and some of his other exciting projects on Friday, January 16, 2009 at 10am ET. Please join us! Click the banner above or the link below to tune in: Nikki Rocks the Politics Deerstet Music is pleased to announce the addition of Janice Brownas an official collaboration partner Derek van Deerstet and Janice Brown came together with a mutual calling to help and support others. After meeting online on the ning community, Bring Our Troops Home in Style, they formed a remarkable musical bond, and within less than a week produced the country song Better Then Before. Janices touching lyrics and powerful voice combined with Dereks incr
Question For The Masses
can you help me with something?? this is my cock before i got on a penis pump and this is my cock now now that im going to jail i want to be able to give the anal poundage as well has i take it. what do you think??
We love to dance around the fire naked and drinking! I love men with a fat, juicy cock. Cum see me!
Words Of Rational
The irony of commitment is that its deeply liberating-in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around as rational hesitation. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life.- Anne Morriss Thats my $3.00 advice today! Cause you know I love you! Words to Live By Never argue with an idiot. The people watching might not know the difference. If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before. On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the escape key. When you're laying in bed at night looking up at the stars, don't panic when you suddenly wonder "Where the Hell is the ceiling?!" Remember, when someone annoys you, it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown. BUT, it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and SMACK the asshole upside the head. The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people is suffering fro
My First Auction
The direct like to my auction GREETINGS AND WELCOME TO THE FIRST EVER DARKE-HEAVEN HAPPY NAWTY NEW YEAR AUCTION PRESENTATION. And here they are ... Our sexy Auctionees for your bidding pleasure.... Rememeber that that opening bid is 100K and the sky's the Limit... All of our participants are offering themselves in all manners of sexiness...
Friend Or Not
I am not begging you to be a friend.I am asking people to be honest about a friendship. There are people on here i have learned as long as you are rating there pics you are good friends,and when you are done rating there pics they stop talking.I know you got people on here got good hearts and does not want them hurt.Then you got people on here that could care less.Well i am a good hearted person if all you want is rates be honest about it,i will still rate you just dont blow smoke up my ass THANK YOU *ATTENTION-IF YOU ARE READING THIS PAY ATTENTION* I AM NOT USING THIS TO GET BLINGS,AUTO 11's,VIP's,OR ANYTHING ELSE JUST TREAT ME LIKE YOU WANT TO BE TREATED *****I AM 100% REAL - NOTHING FAKE ABOUT ME****** Hello,my name is Billy.I have been here 2 years.I have met people from here and talked to alot of people here.In my experience here i have learned the world are full of 2 types of people.1 you got real people the ones who take the time to talk to you and rate/add/fa
2009 So Far For Me
Welcome to 2009 for me my friends on FUBAR New years was a quiet one then for a couple days i watched on tv the new years test cricket match between Australia and South Africa then on 1/10/07 or 1/10/07 which was a wednesday marked a sad day for me because on this date in 2006 my friendship ended with my now ex best friend Geoff after a 16-17 year friendship got forced to end by the court system because of a jealous and a way over protective mother (GEOFF'S MOTHER)of her now 34 year old son and it's now been a year without any contact with him which totally sucks,and also i got to watch at the cinemas the day my friendship ended Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and i also held back the tears from crying inside the movie because of the sad day i had and this now marks or will mark on 10/1/09 or 1/10/09 3 years without any contact without my now ex best friend and yes i miss my best friend alot from Bruce Hey Everbody 1/10/2006 or 10/1/2006 marked a very sad day in my life for me be
My Profile
got this from t-shirt hell but seems to apply to so much more than just t-shirts (In response to a select group of assholes and their self righteous reaction to us going out of business) I would like to say something to all the idiots who think we've poisoned society. And I'm not talking about the religious nuts or the militant [whining minority here]. I'm talking about this new wave of douches comprised primarily of twenty- and thirty- something white people who feel like they have to defend the little guy, despite the fact that in 2009 the little guy no longer exists, and if he does he isn't even aware there's a fight going on. The obvious response to these people would be to say they have no sense of humor, basically because it's the truth. But too many people think sense of humor means what you do and don't laugh at. If you look up the definition that may be what it is. But to me sense of humor means you don't take things so seriously. It doesn't
Do You Know
that people are as fake as they can be just look around you and you will see what i am talking about. When someone changes their appearance from when they are with you to when they are out in public by themselves that says a whole lot about them ad it mostly tells you that they obviously are willing to do a whole lot more when you are not around. The way i see it people are just who they are and they are the same when they are with you as they are when they are not. To know someone is not ever an easy thing to do cause seriously how well can you ever really know anyone? I dont care o really know anyone i just feed off the info that they give me by their actions and the things that they do whether they think i know about them or not cause if you tell them everything that you know that they do then you are not holding anything that you cna use to fight the ignorance that they will soon spew to you about how you arent good enough or you are not treating them good enough and then you can
Fake Ass Mfs
THIS SONG IS DEDICATED TO THE FAKE ASS MF WHO CALL THEMSELVS FRIENDS OR MY SDMF BROTHERS OR SISTERS. THEY GET MAD AT YOU OVER BS LOUNGES THEN SAY SHIT BEHIND YA BACK. THEY ALSO MAKE FUN OF YOUR RACE BY PLAYING STUPID LIL FUCKEN KKK SONGS IN THERE STUPID LIL LOUNGES..FUBAR IS NOT REAL LIFE MOTHER FUCKERS.. ITS A PLACE TO HAVE FUN.. ASS HATS.. IF YOU DONT RESPECT ME AS AN SDMF SISTER THEN WALK ON HOME BOY...BE YOURSELF BYYOURSELF STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!RESPECCCCCCCTTTTTT!! WALK...ARE YOU TALKING TO ME NO WAY PUNK!! Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistence One step from lashing out at you... You want in to get under my skin And call yourself a friend I've got more friends like you What do I do? (Pre) Is there no standard anymore? What it takes, who I am, where I've been Belong You can't be something you're not Be yourself, by yourself Stay away from me A lesson learned in life Known from the dawn of time (Chorus) Respect, walk Run your m
For Kendra
Fire Related
When I'm called to duty, God, wherever flames may rage. Give me strength to save a life whatever be its age. Help me to embrace a little child before it is too late Or save an older person from the horror of that fate. Enable me to be alert to hear the weakest shout And quickly and efficiently to put the fire out. I want to fill my calling and to give the best in me. To guard my every neighbor and protect their property. And if according to Your will I have to lose my life, Please bless with Your protecting hand my children and my wife. I wish you could comprehend a wife's horror at 3 in the morning as I check her husband of 40 years for a pulse and find none. I start CPR anyway, hoping to bring him back, knowing intuitively that it's too late, but wanting his wife and family to know everything possible was done to save his life. I wish you could read my mind as I respond to a call. "Whats wrong with the patient? It is minor or life threatening?
I Get Horny
You: What color eyes? Hair? How tall? How old? What city do you live in? Male/Female? The Private You: How many people have you had sex with in 2006? How many of those people were one night stands? How many serious relationships have you had? What is your favorite position? Have you ever slept with more than one person at a time? Him / Her: Eyes? Height? Weight? Body structure? Tall / short? Personality? Age? Misc: What is the first question you ask before having sex with someone? Have you ever considered or had a sex buddy with no relationship? If yes, how many? Have you ever not been in love with someone you had sex with? Top or bottom? Have you ever considered being with some of the same sex? What are 2 turn on's? What are 2 turn off's? Why did you feel it necessary to fill out this survey and post it for everyone to see? Who is most likely to repost this? "!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!!
Movies Films And Short Scenes I Love">Jay and silent Bob strike back,t=1,mt=video"/> Nirvana - Heart Shape BoxUploaded by nico2oo6 - Enjoy Guys ~Broken~
Lounge Matters
So you want to be a part of the staff at the Anti Lounge, huh? If you don't have a salute, stop reading. The answer is an unconditional "No." Close the blog. Move on. So... what are we looking for? Well, the Anti Lounge is hiring new staff to help out with the following: PROMOTIONS Your job would be to bring people to the lounge through bulletins, profile comments, and invites through the shout box. If you can make graphics, that's a plus... but it's not necessary. CAM STAFF If you like being on cam, then this is perfect! We're not looking for risque stuff, just people that like to hang out and have a good, casual time. GREETING All you have to do is welcome people into the lounge and start conversations! It'll help if you know more about the games we play and our other promotions, because you'll be the one that helps spread the word to make people feel at home! In the Anti Lounge, everyone does a little bit of everything. We do this so everyone feels like t
I deleted this fukcing moron and blocked his ass.. so wut does he do he makes an account of me Apparently he has made alot of accounts of me. if someone with my pic and has a cheese on it, dont add me, its not me... hes retarded gay fag moron who has nothing else better to do.. he thinks he funny but he aint hes a LOSER a fucked up guy who has no life So this guy keeps brothering me and harassing me.. does anybody have any ideas in how to get rid of this bastard... Today i bought my son a potty trainer. my question is how do you start potty training them. this is my first time and i need help, any suggestions to all the moms
So I browsed the upcoming Happy Hours to see how long they will be going tonight only to find something utterly sicking to myself!!! Nothing against the person themselves this isnt an attack on anyone!!! But one person has 17 Happy Hours scheduled in the next 7 days!!!!! Hats off to you because I don't understand how people can afford Happy Hours! I do good to get a VIP sometimes!!!! But blah just a random thought! xoxo Mel You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? Desk 2. Your significant other? Eric 3. Your hair? Curly 4. Your mother? Good 5. Your father? Good 6. Your favorite thing? Eric 7. Your dream last night? None 8. Your favorite drink? Dew 9. Your dream/goal? R.N. 10. The room yo
BASICS: Name:Age:Location:Height:Hair (color and style):Eyes:Piercings/tattoos:Phone Number:OTHER: 1. Do you drink/smoke?2. Do you like bling?4. If so...would you bling me alot?5. Do you like movies?6. Would you send me to links of free movie sites?8. Could we cuddle and just fall asleep together?9. Would you spoil me with fu gifts?10. Would you fu marry me?11. If so...when? 12. Would you cam with me?13. How would your kindness? 14. Do you give nsfw shows?15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, prick)? 17. Would you give me a bling me just because?18. Would u VIP ME? 19. Would u put me in your name?20. Would u have text me?21. If so, whats your digits? 22. Would you tell your friends whats good on us? 23. Would u buy me a happy hour? 24. How smart are you?25. Do u have a specific body type that u like?26. If so wut is it? (fat, skiny, chubby, athletic,etc)?Post replys here please! So this year, I want things to be different.
Mountain Get Away
Master had heard her growl and stood in a stunned silence as he continued to hold the no longer struggling Stephanie down. He had known that she had jealousy issues but had yet to see his kitten get truly jealous. It pleased him and yet greatly distressed him that she became this jealous of such a little thing. But his attention was again back on his kitten where it needed to be and for that he was a little grateful for his kittens little scene. Telling Stephanie to sit down on her bare ass, Master takes up a candle and digs his lighter out of his pocket. Walking up to his kitten, he tugged on one of the weights, just to hear her moan. Taking hold of the string tightly in his hand, he quickly tugged the string and the attached weights off. He massaged her sore breasts and nipples as she screamed, muffled by the gag. He waited until she had regained a little composure and was standing relatively still before he flicked the lighter and held the flame close enough to her pretty nipples th
So I have no idea how I found this site but not too bad. does anyone know any BASE jumpers? Time to kick life up a notch or two.
Now Hiring
A-yo! This is dedicated to all the happy people All the happy people who have real nice lives And who have no idea whats it like to be broke as fuck I feel like I'm walking a tight rope, without a circus net I'm popping percocets, I'm a nervous wreck I deserve respect; but I work a sweat for this worthless check Bout to burst this tech, at somebody to reverse this debt Minimum wage got my adrenaline caged Full of venom and rage Especially when I'm engaged And my daughter's down to her last diaper That's got my ass hyper I pray that god answers, maybe I'll ask nicer Watching ballers while they flossing in their pathfinders These overnight stars becoming autograph signers We all long to blow up and leave the past behind us Along with the small fry's and average half pinters While player haters turn bitch like they have vaginas Cause we see them dollar signs and let the cash blind us Money will brainwash you and leave your ass mindless Snakes slither in the grass spineless That's R
There are reasons that god put certain ones in our lives... To teach us things and make us listen to him... These are the thing that makes us strong... To make us see what is right and what is wrong. You came to me from the blue... To try help me in my time of need, but the more that I found out about you... the visions of your darkness was too much indeed. The pains of you past overwelmed me quickly, the suffering and madness of your life, You say that you left your home to help... but even that ended in a twisted strife. So you focused in on me, to try to make me yours... but as you attempted your dirty games, your true self reflected a whore! Actually more like the Sukubus of legend... the stealer of mens souls... You even try to say I love you... but in that lie I knew the score. So I tried to play your dirty game... To take advantange of you, But even that grew old and lame... And even my offspring wanted me to be rid of you! You continued to try to get m
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Come fan and rate my profile.Than rate all my pics Ill give you 90k.Private message me when done for pay.Shout box and comments will not count.
why bother with love? all that happens in the end is pain and suffering so why bother letting your hopes build why bother letting your heart open to others when it gets crushed and ripped? the world would be far better off with out love. with a newfound pain comes a cold and bitter heart one that shall stay cold and bitter for ever more the heart can only take so much so keeping it cold is the best way to ensure no pain. we take each step one at a time and try to live for others try to love and help and share our lives but in the end the esult is always the same no matter how long you know that person you feel the pain you feel the suffering in the end was it really worth it? i used to think so but no more im done caring im done with love im done worrying about life. if my life were to end today oh well so be it i dont care one way or the other any more. What is love? the feeling you get when you see a pretty face? No thats just lust! Love is a feeling of pure joy and bliss
A Place For Lost Thoughts
I've been feeling down and pessimistic lately. Nothing seems to be going right anymore. So much family drama. Fighting. Yelling. Shit. I read this poem in college and it sums up my mood. Acquainted with the Night Robert Frost I have been one acquainted with the night. I have walked out in rain -- and back in rain. I have outwalked the furthest city light. I have looked down the saddest city lane. I have passed by the watchman on his beat And dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain. I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet When far away an interrupted cry Came over houses from another street, But not to call me back or say good-bye; And further still at an unearthly height, O luminary clock against the sky Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right. I have been one acquainted with the night. yeah just, yeah Rhonny My father...I love him but sometimes...most of the time...he can be a real asshole. I wish I could get away from everything...
New Year - Still Alone
It seems to me that Im here to make some friends. I tried a couple dating sites with no luck and I guess that I am doomed to be single which I guess for now is ok... Sure Right..... I went out today to get cat food and talked to some friends. Ever have some fast food that should be warm and is cold...I love cold chicken especially strips but man..... My cats need food and they are hanging out on the bed...
---- The Drinkers Prayer ----
---- THE DRINKERS PRAYER ---- Our lager, Which art in barrels, Hallowed be thy drink. Thy will be drunk, (I will be drunk), At home as it is in the pub. Give us this day our foamy head, And forgive us our spillages, As we forgive those who spill against us. And lead us not to incarceration, But deliver us from hangovers. For thine is The beer, The bitter, The lager. Forever and ever, Barmen. "If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning." "We're all in a freak show. It's called life. Buy a ticket and enjoy the ride."
Starry Night Auction
imikimi - Customize Your World! *JuicyFruit69(Bi)*(Greeter@DDR)*Sarge's Bad Girl*RR*My Girl Ktown Crazy Moma*@ fubar The Starry Nights auction is now open!!! Come bid on these lovely fus!!
Still Confused!!
Why do I find that when I am at my lowest point and keep my hearts little hurtful splinters inside a person I trust but probably should'nt always finds a way to make it a million times worse. Why when I am asked to open up and told that I am so this and so that do the people I trust make me feel like crawling under a rock and mind traveling through the situations that made me this way from the start. I know that we need to find faith within ourselves and try to make the best of things but why why do people just act so heartless? Why when I am leary of opening up and keep to myself do I try to put faith in people that never had a drop of faith in me but shadowed it with drawn out whispers of genuine and whind up being whispers of deceit. I know this may sound stupid but I am puzzled as to why! Why does a person that I never really asked anything of find the need to fill me with lies when if anything all I needed was a great friend. I am not the perfect person as none of us are or the ho
Love Sick....
Love sick Current mood: lonely Exploring possibilities, thoughts take their own direction Dissected to the pit of me, I mourn for his affection Disease is taking over me, love sick is my infection Addicted to the bitter sweet that feeds on my regression How unclear must the picture be, blind faith must get me through If loving you means I can't see, I'll trade my sight for you Inform me when you've had your fill, I never give enough Remarkably despite my feats I'm desperate for your love Whenever will you notice me, my God how long it's been The time loves truth can be embraced we both will truly win Sorrow grows from seeds of hope neglected by the sun I need your light to penetrate this solitude of one This one may not make sense to others... it's very personal to me... Water torture Current mood: exhausted Water spilling drip drop on my forehead won't stop getting colder numbing pain slowly driving me insane tugging hard against
Plowboys Do It Better
If vodka were water and I was a duck,I'd swim to the bottom and never come up,but vodka is not water and I'm not a duck, so pass me a bottle and shut the fuck up. WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU WINE,DRINK YOUR HEART OUT,BUT WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU THE SHITS,MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TOILET PAPER!!!!
I Am A Bomb And Getting Ready To Explode
This is the thing I am 21 years old and all I want in my life is to happy but in order to do that I feel that I am getting angry all the time and that is not me. I think that I have some personally info that I need to figure out. The two main thing that I need to figure my self I can't get to it. So right now I am lost and have really nobody for direction instead my girl mary jane. She help to get raid on the pain in life for a little bit but it dosen't mean that it gone. The worst thing that a person can do is to suppress there feeling because you can exploed on somebody that you don't mean too. Thats whats going on to me right now and I don't like because it is not who I am. That is the main problem too every body have a purpose in life and I don't know what is mains. The thing for me to know that is for me to know who I am, not what I am but who. There still a lots of stuff me for to figure out but right now I have to figure where the hell I can get a boost mobile phone charger a
Fubar This & That
Any Single Women From Pa
Stuff I Like
So this blog is to show stuff I use or like. Cuz I guess I think people care. [I'm pretty sure they don't, but it's my blog so stfu! :P] Instant Freeze mousse, gel & hair spray ROCKS!
Cool Links
So many people are having trouble with their mortgage payments nowadays. Banks are forclosing left and right and hard working people are losing their homes. I did a little research and found that there are companies that can help. For example, check out this site: I did some checking, and they seem to be pretty reputable. I hope this helps some of you out there. Blessings, Corwin I just came across this ad, and it seems like a worthwhile investment for people who are interested in saving tons of money on utility bills. Please check it out and let me know what you think:
Just A Thought That Came To Mind
I'm so sick of men. All they want is a one night thing. Can I find one that wants more? One that isn't thousands of miles away from me? gee.... I always knew life would be hard, but I didn't know it would be this hard. Don't walk infront of me because I may not always follow you, don't walk behind me because I may not always follow you, Walk beside me and be there for me the way I have you.... Just random thought going through my head with the millions of others... wondering if I'll ever find the one that will walk beside me and not infront of or behind me....
Second To None
Im sure that theres somebody reading this knows what it means when you say "Its time to find yourself, you know, when your mind is playing tricks on yah and its getting out of control. I always say "make love to the mind, whats making love to the mind? you ask,Its when you whisper something sweet in the ear then, then kiss that ear to confirm,and once the mind has that confidents built up then act on it. once you have the mind the rest will follow. Sometimes its easier to fall under that mind control method, when your at a certain age, ladies exspecially us, lets keep it real,lol, you start doubting if you still have it, Im not excluding you men,thats when its time to say "FIND YOURSELF. Or there something or someone you desire desperately, and you know its right but you still have doubts, even thou your heart is saying yes. Thats when it time to say "FIND YOURSELF, and if that something or someone is still there when you do find yourself, then its meant to be yours, On that note, if y
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
So i decided today was hair removal and i was going to wax myself myself...normally i would pay someone to do it or have katiecakes do it..however me being me i now have numb lips. also on the weird front.i didnt actually get all the hai off because everytime i'd go to rip thestrip off my son would majickly appear and ruin my focus. so yeah.if youre gonna wax yourself. put everyone in a coma...yourself included. I know you're supposed to help thy neighbors and all that. But where do you stand on help thy neighbors even tho they're psychic vampires that suck your will to live. I say screw em.
Stuff For Me
I Want To Invite You All To My UNBIRTHDAY PARTY TRAIN ride. This Ride is goin to be sooooo Much Fun. What Is A UNBIRTHDAY? you say? Well Let My Two Friends MadHatter & March Hare & Doormouse Explain... March Hare: Its very simple. Now, thirty days have sept- no, when... an unbirthday, if you have a birthday then you... haha... they doesnt know what an unbirthday is! Mad Hatter: How silly! Ha HA Ha Ha! Ah-hum... I shall ellusinate! Now statistics prove, prove that youve one birthday. March Hare: Imagine, just one birthday every year. Mad Hatter: Ahhh, but there are 364 unbirthdays! March Hare: Precisely why were gathered here to cheer!
School!!! Woot Woot!!!
So just an update about school!! Its going good other then the childish drama that some people have to start around school. Things for me are looking up. I finished 10 lessons in my first two weeks of school. My teacher said that I had two that where in the low 50% mark and a few that I missed some questions. I went though most of them during the weekend got them all handed back in by yesterday so she could mark them. I am now studying for my half way test that I have to do tomorrow. I got all my marks back for each lesson. Below are my marks as of right now: Lesson 1 71% Lesson 2 74% Lesson 3 was 56% now 71% Lesson 4 80% Lesson 5 86% Lesson 7 89% Lesson 8 100% Yes its right I had my teacher check twice Lesson 9 80% Lesson 10 was 50% now 79% The good thing about my school is if you get a mark that your not happy with they let you go fix questions to get a higher mark. As of right now I am hitting the A mark for my math. i am very glad that I know if I app

Let it go for 2009.. There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. The bible said that, they came out from us that it might be made manifest that they were not for us. For had they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us. [1 John 2:19] People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. Let them go. And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in your story is over so that you don't keep trying to raise the dead. You've got t
Ashes Of Eden
Wild Stuff ...
I am getting sick of people leaving their lounge advertisements in my comments!! My profile is not their billboard! Now if they want to pay out some FuBucks for it, SURE ... 25,000 FuBucks/Day Treat every situation like a dog ... if you can't eat it or hump it, piss on it and walk away!
Words That Inspire Me
Imagine a Woman Patricia Lynn Reilly, M.Div. Imagine a woman who believes it is right and good she is a woman. A woman who honors her experience and tells her stories. Who refuses to carry the sins of others within her body and life. Imagine a woman who trusts and respects herself. A woman who listens to her needs and desires. Who meets them with tenderness and grace. Imagine a woman who authors her own life. A woman who exerts, initiates, and moves on her own behalf. Who refuses to surrender except to her truest self and wisest voice. Imagine a woman who names her own gods. A woman who imagines the divine in her image and likeness. Who designs her own spirituality and allows it to inform her daily life. Imagine a woman in love with her own body. A woman who believes her body is enough, just as it is. Who celebrates her body's rhythms and cycles as an exquisite resource. Imagine a woman who honors the body of the Goddess in her changing body. A woman who
Funny Notttttttttttttttt
At work With other people At times On the outside I look fine I seem fine I feel pretty good I have a positive attitude... But inside, alone, I carry dark & heavy thoughts -- fleeting thoughts of suicide. The words cannot convey, the feelings, the pain Somehow I ignore them -- for a while, perhaps -- a long while, all day, or many days -- figure it will go away -- ignore It's automatically not even recognized mentally. I go back forcing myself forcing day to day, week to week, contact with people and life My sorrow is hidden, My anguish contained. I push forward; I feel like dying. I tell no one. No one knows how I feel.. It ain't no point to me waking up, everybody's time I'm taking up, I got nobody, it ain't a shoulder near, I can't stay here and it's colder there, I don't wanna look back cause it's gonna hurt, I slice my wrist and it's gonna squirt, For me everybody holds a hate, I got backstabbed and everybody holds the stake, it's
/' /> /' />
This Lovable Man Caught My Eye Last Year And I Am So Lucky That He Did. I Am So Honored To Have Shawn As A Friend. He's A remarkable man to get to know. This Man has become very dear to my heart as a friend. I wouldn't have it any other way. He's Been there for me and shown real concern towards me when my life was topsy turvey. He didn't have to but he did. THATS a Friend! We know so much about one another for two people that have never met in person. And I keep all that we share very dear to my heart. I Have Genuine Love & Respect For You Shawn Nothing will ever make me see otherwise. Your A True Friend and that is rare to come by these days. Not to mention you ARRRRRE funny LOL. Today Is His 36th Birthday & I'm Proud to Pimp His Ass Out For it! (((( whistles ))) heheehhe Go Wish Him A Very Happy Birthday...Get To Know Him on here ...Its worth it. OK OK I HAVE TO DO THIS! There damn! lol YOU got Your Flash LOL Add/Rate/Fan Him He's
Mj Blogs
Stupid Americans: We, as stupid Americans, take everything for granted. You'd think we'd look around, watching everything crumbling around us... and realize we're fucked! We are a 3rd world country in the making... the architype for failure. Big business has tapped us dry, making their new homes in foriegn lands. The things we need become more expensive, as the value of our dollar plummets into oblivion. Our leaders bleed the working man, holding us down with their foot upon our backs... and their hands in our pockets. All is dictated, what we want, need, feel, love, desire... are we so dumb that we need a beer label to turn blue to tell us when it's cold??? You either fit into the scheme of things, or you're expendable... it's that simple. It's time for a revolution, a "take back our mind, body, and soul" awakening! But people would rather rally around the television... and vote for the next American Idol. Is reality THAT mundane? Do we really need to know w Widgets!
Auto 11's On Come Play
come love on me, my auto's are on!Bi Rebel Gypsy ~~ Southern Sex Symbol ~~@ fubar Come on, come play, Auto's onBi Rebel Gypsy ~~ Southern Sex Symbol ~~@ fubar
Warm Me Winter Auction
i am still for sell click on the pic to come buy me in auction come bid you
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add my myspace... hey if you want to talk to me i no i want to talk to anyone just add my yahoo account...
The swastika is an ancient religious symbol of luck and prosperity with a remarkably diverse history. Its name comes from the Sanskrit "svasti," meaning well-being. It dates back over 3,000 years, and has adorned Indian textiles, Buddhist temples, Native American clothing, and coins from the ancient Greek city of Troy. In the fifties and sixties, there were two main subcultures that mainlycontributed to the coming about of what was to be known as "skinheads". Inworking class Britain, youths who listened to the latest "modern" music ofthe day including soul, reggae, and ska, wore the sharpest, smartestclothes, and endulged in a fixation with motor scooters (vespas,lambrettas), were known as "mods".Also to be added a large portion of skinheads were Jamaicans.So my point being white people cant even make their own hate culture.So what culture if any are these hate monger groups saying is being stolen because it seems these boneheads are doing all the theft.This non blog go's out to all t
Coming Together
Dreaming, talking, walking, living, why are we here? Does it matter what we do, who we see, or where we go. Does it make a difference, hell I don't know.... Somewhere, somehow, someday, I will find you untill then dreams are my only place to go. Your perfect, that is to me. perfection is not only what you see. Why have I not found you, why are you not in my bed. Why are you not holding me close. Two hearts as one. Instead you hount me always in my head. You have no face but to me the rest is clear. where are you why havent you found me, love of my life, my one an only fear. One day, one moment, The glimpse of a doves first lyrical flight. Freedom, love, and pain all end in the night. To know me is to know suffering, to know pain. No remorse, no chance at gain. Life ends and begins with her first breath, her first light. All at once life makes sense somehow....Somehow it seems right.
What Is It With Guys??
"Let's start with some assumptions: 1) 2.7M members. . . at least half, but probably more than half are male. subtract about 700K repeat profiles (myself included) and let's assume 1M male members. 2) Of the 1M men, 90% are unable to make it past hello with you, because the first words out of their mouths are something akin to this: Baby, you so fine, my cock would look so good inside. . . etc etc etc. 3) Of the 10% remaining. . . 100,000. 90% of those are at least bright enough to know that they have to make at least polite conversation before you give up the goods. But that's their sole motivating purpose. . . so once it's clear you aren't going to budge. . . they're gone. 4) Of the 10% of those remaining. . . 10,000. 90% of those, while bright enough to know that you aren't going to give it up without polite conversation. . . aren't interesting enough to you to give the time of day. 5) So you're looking for about 1,000 guys who can 1) be respectful, 2) mean it, 3) car
As one comes in. Another one out. I just sit there and wait for one to stay. In like the wind, and out with the sun set. I always seem to scare them away. Disaster sets in at the first "hello" Getting close is just not an option. I want to love. But its not in my blood. So kiss me and be on your way. I'm clingy and needed. I don't want to be. But I need that love I push away. One side a Devil. The other an Angel. I can't make up my mind what one I want to be. I want to be happy and have that perfect guy. But how can I have it when the wall is to high? I want the one that loves me threw it all. Yes I'm a bitch but I'm also a lover. Run away, Run away. Its my first instinct. Something I fight with everyday. I want to get close and hold him so tight. But then rejection sets in and I don't let him in. And then he just turns and walks away. Two faced like joker is not what I want. But Heaven and Hell are my home. Personality's that grab me
My Crazy Heart : By Melanie Perry
MY CRAZY HEART: BY MELANIE PERRY(ME) PLEASE DON'T STEAL! THANK YOU! Oh this crazy heart of mine, Has been split in two just a thousand times! And even when I finally find my way, it's lost again on another rainy day. Why oh why do I feel like this Stuck in loves everlasting bliss Constant emotions for someone new Making up and breaking all the rules? CHORUS And I search my life For my one true love. And I wonder what, what this love is made of. And I search my heart I even search my soul Just to find something there That would make me whole! That would make me whole! And then you walk beside me, with your arms around my waist! And you place your hands in mine, then you slowly kiss my face! And everything comes togethar as I lay my head on your chest, as I slowly feel your heart beaten you say it's for me and not the rest. CHORUS And I search my life For my one true love. And I wonder what, what this love is made of. And I search my heart I e
Your Thoughts On Mumms
You gotta love the blocking pansys on here. If you block people please, step away from the keyboard for a bit. PS: greek goddess is the biggest blocking coward Hows it going everyone. I just wanted to know what everyone thinks of all the male bashing mumms that been going on lately. I'm thinking maybe it's just that time of the month , or maybe they just got screwed over by some asshole. comments please
you know every now and again life lets some happiness in ur life. Well as it sits i dont think i could be happier then i am now. i have the most awesome bf that a girl could ask for. things just flow between us theres none of the bs tryin to make it work..with us it just works. Honestly i feel like im the luckiest person alive! He's on my mind when i wake.. through out the day .. when i go to bed ..n i bet if you would videotape me while i sleep im smiling then to.Ive fallen so hard for him its unreal at times. N i know by the little things he does that he feels the same way.He owns my heart. You know its funny how you can talk to someone and wonder what it would be like to just be next to them. How you just want to put a smile on there face. To just be around them period. ya lay n bed n just drift off into thought of them without even know it.. Ya go through the day hoping to catch a glance at the smile you love so hear his voice that makes you melt. Just to hear from him per
Paganman Goes Live!
Hi, any you guys and gals want to join the Paganman party, be a promoter or affiliate? Get in touch! PaganMan Well today we launched our online magazine, lots of excitement and lots of buzz about the place. Best thing is meeting all the new promoters of our mag, setting up the affiliates and sharing our success. Thank you beautiful people
Sweetness Said Do It
USING ONLY ONE WORD Not as easy as you might think! Now forward, change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Be sure to send back to the person you received it from! Where is your cell phone? DESK Your significant other? SWEETNESS Your hair? DISHEVELED Your mother? WAITING Your father? COCOONED Your favorite thing? FATHERHOOD Your dream last night? NIGHTMARE Your favorite drink? DRPEPPER Your dream/goal? TOGETHERNESS What room are you in? OFFICE Your hobby? THINKING Your fear? ALONE Where do you want to be in 6 years? FARMHOUSE Where were you last night? PURGATORY Something that you aren't? HANDSOME Muffins? BANANA Wish list item? FAMILY Last thing you did? SMILE What are you wearing? CLOTHING TV? SOMETIMES Your pets? GARGOYLES Friends? ONE Your life? FUBAR Your mood? ANXIOUS Missing someone? SWEETNESS Drinking? PORTER Smoking?
A Marine You Stand
By Trisha You went away so long ago, to a place you'd never been To lend a hand of help & strength to those with too few friends. Though many times it was so hard for me to understand why you were among the chosen to defend another's land..... In time I came to realize and grow in admiration of the love and courage you generously gave to help protect and serve our nation. More times than I can now recall, words of thanks were seldom heard. And even though it hurt you sore, your devotion to us never swerved. You truly bore the call to duty as a badge of honor & gratitude It's as if somehow you were saying 'Thanks' to those who loved and protected you. So many have stood across the years, went to serve but could not come home..... They gave their all and even more, So peace and freedom more could know. So, for me, 1 day a year's not enough to tell you all how much we care..... How much we love, admire and honor you all for we all know..... We're
For Tappinit
Now here's what your supposed to do....and please do not spoil the fun..Start a new blog,delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three names I go by. 1) Terri 2) Theresa 3) Mom Three jobs I have had in my life. 1) Secretary in a prison 2) Secretary at a university (same as a prison) 3) Parent (counts as a job - it's HARD work) Three places I have lived. 1) El Paso 2) Austin 3) Okinawa, Japan Three TV shows I watch. 1) CSI 2) Speeders 3) Law & Order Three people that e-mail me regularly. 1) Grace (my sister) 2) Scott (my friend since 4th grade) 3) Skippy (my boss) Three of my Favorite foods. 1) Anything Mexican 2) Chocolate (even though I can't eat it) 3) Cinnamon donuts!!!! Three things I would like to do. 1) Raise a good kid (not sure if it's working just yet) 2) See the Sydney Opera House 3) Lose 15 lbs. Things
The Most Unusal Thing
Family Guy - Stewie Smells Whip Cream Dog Makes Friends With Duck
Late one night, I was feeling extremely frisky and was wanting to do something a lil different. So as I was trying to envision what the night ahead was going to be like, my man came in wanting ice cream. The lightbulb went on as the sinister look appraoched my eyes and lips. He knew then that there was lust on my appetite and he was the dessert that was gonna quench that desireable thirst. After undressing him slowly, I teased him just enough to get him to lay on the bed and ready for fun. Taking the handcuffs from the side of bed where they had been hid with the blindfold, I cuffed him to the bed. This suprised him a lil but he knew with me anything was possible. Next the blindfold went on and he was ready to go. With his engulfed in total darkness and complete aura and passion, I kissed him passionately as my hand made its way down him body. I caressed him and teased his skin all the way down until I found what my hand was searching for. Finding him, I clasped my hand around
Get It
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One Word
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? 2. Your significant? 3. Your hair? 4. Your mother? 5. Your father? 6. Your favorite thing? 7. Your dream last night? 8. Your favorite drink? 9. Your dream/goal? 10. The room you're in? 11. Music? 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? 14. Where were you last night? 15. What you're not? 16. Muffins? 17. One of your wish list items? 18. Where you grew up? 19. The last thing you did? 20. What are you wearing? 21. TV? 22. Your pets? 23. Your computer? 24. Your life? 25. Your mood? 26. Missing someone? 27. Favorite Store? 28. Your summer? 29. Like someone? 30. Your favorite color? 31. When is the last time you lau
Stuff About Me
That's right, I want to be a loser, and I've been working hard on it for the last week now. I first started having problems with my weight about 10 years ago. From 1996-2002 I had a total of six surgeries, four were major. The most major was in 1998 and I was in the hospital for two months. For half of that time my stomach and liver were both infected and I couldn't eat or drink anything at all. I survived strictly on IV fluids. When my mouth was dry all I could do was rinse it and spit the water out. I missed food more than I ever thought possible. When I was finally able to eat again, I went crazy. I left the hospital about 15-20 pounds underweight. A year later I was 100 lbs. overweight. It's my own fault that I still haven't lost it. I love all of the wrong foods. My perfect dinner is a giant plate of baked ziti with a ton of cheese and sauce and a side of italian bread, followed by a chocolate dessert. I kept making excuses for myself, saying my family and my fri
i have to say there is one person on here that can talk some sense into a rock. Pirate Ass you rock babe dont ever think i wont rate your pix thats gonna happen everytime i hit this thing. thanks for talking me out of leaving you the "BEST" I just want to thank all the people who befriended me and want to say that it was fun but I am leaving this site wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you soon.
Join Us In The Sinful Playground
Just thought i'd let the girls know that I am selling Mary Kay make up products, and have to get rid of it. I recently have posted most of the things i have on ebay, if you look and don't see what your looking for, just let me know and i'll see what I can do. my user name is angelz417...thanks and pass along if you know anyone who may be interested!!! Just wanted to say hello, new here so, yeah...Hi
How To Maintain A ....
1. At lunch time, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down. 2. Page yourself over the intercom. Don't disguise your voice. 3. Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that. 4. Put decaf in the coffee maker for three weeks. Once everyone has gotten over their caffeine addictions, switch to espresso. 5. In the memo field of all your checks, write ' For Marijuana' 6. Skip down the hall rather than walk and see how many looks you get. 7. Order a diet water whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face. 8. Specify that your drive-through order is 'To Go'. 9. Sing along at the opera. 10. Five days in advance, tell your friends you can't attend their party because you have a headache. 11. When the money comes out the ATM, scream 'I Won! I Won!' 12. When leaving the zoo, start running towards the parking lot, yelling 'Run For Your Lives! They're Loose!' 13. Tell
IF U HAD ME AL0NE... L0CKED UP IN Y0UR R00M F0R TWENTY-F0UR H0URS & WE COULD DO WHATEVER YOU WANTED! WHAT W0ULD Y0U D0 WITH ME? TELL ME IN MY INBOX... CUZ ITS A SECRET... If you woke up one morning and saw me in ur bed wat would u do? 1)go back to sleep 2)slap me 3)cuss me out 4)jus tell me to leave 5)climb on top of me and cuddle 6)have sex with me.....details please? 7)make me breakfast 8)ask my name (lol) 9)call the cops 10)kiss me.
Play Poker The Right Way!
Last time we left off we had finished the generalities of the game in short. Heres a few quick steps in certain general situations: 1) Watch the average pop size! This will help you decide and judge when you have a pocket hand that could be great or turn to crap in a heartbeat. An Ace/6 is great if everyone is betting dollars and cents and the flop is only one ace. Its crap when ppl are betting 10's of dollars and the flop is only one Ace........anything can happen from then on, remember a pair of aces is only so good. 2) I'm not fisished!!! As my own rule, I dont raise on the Turn card......your cards could be the best, so why jepordize the other player not betting. On the other hand you could have one more shot on the River....why waist money on somethat might not happen. NOW GO WIN!.......and have fun. First for fun! Even if the game is about money, never consider it more than just an addition. If youre scared of losing money you shouldnt be playing. NOW NEXT
The Confession Box
Wrr Lounge
Come hear great music and hang with some great people just click the tag to join us !!! if you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be a part of a great family and have people care about you CLICK THE BANNER if ya ever wanted to be in a place where the tunes kick ass CLICK THE BANNER Come hear great music and hang with some great people just click the tag to join us !!!
Shut It
Screw off I just don't care You should have thought about shit Before you said this isn't fair No I will not listen anymore You are not important You fucking hurt me to my core I can not fucking forgive you I fucking hate you We are so fucking through Don't make me feel guilty You shouldn't have fucked those sluts You are so fucking filthy Maybe in time we can be friends But for now Iam way to fucking tense Move the fuck on I know I have You broke our fucking bond Deal with your mistakes Just let me go The love you and I had was simply fake. Goodbye. Asshole. So I have a tendency to make alot of mumms. What I do not fucking understand is why people think they know me. Just because I say shit on here, doesn't mean they know me. How the fuck can they know me, a complex individual, just by me saying a few fucking words in a mumm? How fucking rude is it for people to just go and assume shit about me? Fucking assholes know nothing about me! I have maybe 3 friends on h
℧‡ ♏∈
I have finally moved, but still do not have access to the internet at home. So when I do get a chance to jump on it is quick & fast...but it is usually daily & sometimes several times a day! I promise I will return all the love I can to each & everyone of you :) and ready to rockkkkkk!!! let's see if the fu can handle me!

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