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Name It
Touching words from the mouth of babes. A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, "What does love mean?" The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think: "When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love." Rebecca- age 8 "When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." Billy - age 4 "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other." Karl - age 5 "Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs." Chrissy - age 6 "Love is what makes you smile when you're tired." Terri - age 4 "Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy an
Now Accepting Submissions!!! Black Heart Magazine is currently accepting submissions. Your deadline for submitting your own personal brand of literary smut is December 13, 2006. *Please note that we are no longer accepting poetry, though we will be announcing the details of our Dirty Haiku contest in the weeks to come! What are we looking for? I'm glad you asked, lovely. BHM is desperate for your startlingly personal accounts of loves lost, relationships troubled, sex addiction, familial shunning due to sex-related issues, your job and/or brushes with the sex industry (stripping, turning tricks, cam-girlhood, nude modelling, etc.) and anything else that seems dirty and unseemly to those on the straight-n-narrow path. Word count: 1000 words or less. Questions? See our Submission Guidelines or ask us at info[at]blackheartmagazine[dot]com Submissions? E-mail them to submit[at]blackheartmagazine[dot]com, or snail mail to: Black Heart Magazine P.O. Box 55054 CP Mackay M
Anti-american Bull-crap
I had a short conversation with the Author of that BS poem and I thought you would like to see what he had to say for himself. I have edit this so you can read it as it came in. Me: wrong day to post it dude Me: the message you give in most of your poetry is negative Alexander Shaumyan: how many people read poetry anyway Me: you just gave the finger to anyone and everyone who is or suports the military... Me: a lot more than you think Alexander Shaumyan: i give the finger to stupidity Me: but it was aimed at those of us who give of ourselves for others Alexander Shaumyan: i have a lot of friends in the military Me: what did they think of your poem? Alexander Shaumyan: they know i don't support the military Alexander Shaumyan: i care about individuals not flags this guy doesn't deserves the points... All your comments are welcome here on this blog: Anti-Military BS Poem Let us see what Cherry Tap really thinks about this poem...I am not afr
Ciara Promise Music Video Codes
I'm In A Movie!!!!!
Well i just got another Email from roger the producer and this is even more exciting. I AM ON A PROMOTIONAL T-SHIRT FOR THE MOVIE!!!! how amazing is that???? go to this site and you can see all the merchandise you can purchase. just imagine you can wear me all the time, lol.. you can also pre-order the movie (its cheaper than when it comes out) at this site thanks guys. let me know if you place an order so i can let the director know. I love you all, Todd hey folks. i was part of a movie that was shot at work this past summer. the trailer is now available on line. I play Hotel Owner #1 thats where the trailer can be viewed. Have a great day Todd
Even the ugliest flower is a gift of nature! I hurt myself today to see if I still feel I foces on the pain the only thing that real I tried to kill it all way but I remember everything. Jonny Cash "Hurt"
Aikido, Not A Sport...a Philosophy
Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba I've been studying Martial Arts for almost 19 years. (Not 19 years straight) I was 15 when I first began studying American Freestyle kickboxing. By the time I was 17, I had earned my first Black Belt and was tournament fighting, full contact kickboxing, all over South Carolina. (I was 27-4 with 23 K.O.'s). During that time, I was also studying an Okinawan style called, Goju-Ryu. The traditional aspects and the Kata was something that I fell in love with and after quitting the American Freestyle school, I continued with Goju-Ryu for another year, earning my second Black Belt. Wound up moving to Atlanta, Ga shortly after my Black Belt test and was on hiatus for a few months until I found T.M. Kim's Tang Soo Do school. Grandmaster, (a 9th degree black belt), was the most awesome Martial Artist I had ever met. Such a friendly man who was always smiling. I studied with him for about a year and earned a Green Belt. (Kinda didn't like all of the high, fla
Omg.....idiots Are Everywhere.
thought ya'll could use a laugh. just how drunk do you have to be to do this? some idiot drove his van into the side of a house a block over from me. about 30 mins ago. this action involved jumping the curb and a good size flower bed surrounded by fence posts. some of the people in this town are flaming idiots, sometimes myself included. luckily the house is vacant so noone was hurt but still, how drunk do you have to be to drive a passenger van into a house? The commitment phobe of a guy that I'm talking to decides today that he needs space again. Like I was crowding him, or forcing him to commit to me for the rest of his life. I went to his house to hang out on Mon. Called him when I got off work on Tues. like he told me to and he didn't answer or call back. I tried to call again on Wed to no avail. When I sent him a text today (Thurs) he tells me that I need to chill. WTF...over Can someone tell me how 4 phone calls and 3 text msgs in 3 days equates to me getting attached t
Get The Information Out, Or Iose Iour Intenet Privilages
Accepting Who You Are and Not Creating Fake Profiles One has to feel sorry for the people that feel that they have to use someone else's photos to represent themselves. To feel so bad about one's self that the person feels compelled to resort to dishonesty i.e. deception in order to get attention in the non real world of cyberspace. Because that person will have shown that they can't be trusted (since they developed their relationship based upon a lie), do they honestly (no pun intended) believe that they will be able to meet anyone from cyberspace in the real world? I wonder what it is that they ultimately hope to acheive? I have been here for 3 weeks and now I have found that someone who has been in contact with me here (and a lot of other people), is using 68 photos of a very beautiful model, by the name of Jon Mack. The profile who is using "stolen" photos to represent themself to everyone here is "purentencitysgirl". If one looks at all of the profile views "purentenc
My Epitaph
" Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see" " No matter how far you travel in life, remember...never do any half steppin'" First off I don't want a last name added to my headstone. I'll be going home to my father & God don't have a last name...but under my name I'm having this verse put on my headstone..."I'm going to dance my way through Heaven, because I've already walked my way through Hell"
The Lost Wondering Thoughts Of My Soul
delusions tormented whimpers become screams of maddened distrust huddled memories of euphoria feel the stinging blows brought on by desolation i want to be in my world forever.. it has silver grass.. and a purple sky.. and i'm the only one there.. just me and the snake.. it's orange with piercing red eyes.. it's neither male nor female.. which is nice.. makes things much easier.. it holds all the answers to lifes questions yet it doesn't give them up easily.. it hangs from the baby blue apple tree.. the tree that gives me all the food i could ever want.. and i feel content.. my world is a valley.. surrounded by grass covered mountains.. a pink stream runs down the mountains and cuts the valley in half.. it's never dark here.. or sunny.. just different shades of purple.. it's relaxing.. there's no one to judge me.. to anything me.. because me and the snake are the only ones here.. when i'm here i'm not happy or sad.. hurt or mad.. i'm just content.. it's the only emotion allowed in
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The Pastors ass The pastor entered his donkey in a race and it won. The pastor was so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the race again, and it won again. The local paper read: PASTOR'S ASS OUT FRONT The Bishop was so upset with this kind of publicity that he ordered the pastor not to enter the donkey in another race. The next day, the local paper headline read: BISHOP SCRATCHES PASTOR'S ASS. This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered the pastor to get rid of the donkey. The pastor decided to give it to a nun in a nearby convent. The local paper, hearing of the news, posted the following headline the next day: NUN HAS BEST ASS IN TOWN. The bishop fainted. He informed the nun that she would have to get rid of the donkey, so she sold it to a farmer for $10. The next day the paper read: NUN SELLS ASS FOR $10 This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered the nun to buy back the donkey and lead it to the plains where it could run wild. The next da
New Friend
Hello EVERYONE...I just thought I would try to brighten everyones Friday Morning... Hey everyone.. My brother just joined... Lets show him some Cherry love... Stop by show him love add him comment ... what ever... vinnie@ CherryTAP
Hello All, I posted a few new pics in my new family pics album, check them out and rate some if you wish. Thanks, Jay JayR@ CherryTAP
It's Football Time!
oh my poor chiefs look like shit! WELL IT'S FOOTBALL TIME! GO CHIEFS! POOR MIAMI! LOL! OH AND IT'S NASCAR TIME! GO #48!
What If?
would anyone like to read some of my poetry ? would anyone like to read some of my poetry ?
Shayla's Dirty Creations
I need lots of you. I want more. I am looking for a kinky bi female to have 3somes with us. You must be open minded, dirty, love porn, and open to video/photography fun!!
New Pics
Feelin' Right
i think i'm getting sick. damnit. Yea so, this week has been good. Gettin' to meet some new people on here, get to hook up some sweet ass LCD screens to four Playstation 2's at work (how many jobs let you do that :-) and New Brunswick was insane on Thursday night. Balance is nearly acheived . enjoy the rest of your weekend. peace :-)
i jus got kicked and punched in the head by my :girlfriend" cause she didnt want to get ONE leg hair plucked. shitty eh... its fuckin crazy. now shes sittin next to me askin why im mad... i wonder... hm... MAYBE CAUSE YOU DID THAT TO ME!!!! anyways... i wasnt gonna do it it was jus funny watchin you get all jumpy when i got about 10 feet from your leg. LOVE ya NATALIE today is sunday and it is really fuckin boring so i put this up because im really reaaly fuckin bored..... anyone wanna chat?!?!
This Past Friday 10-10-06
first of i hate cho mos with a passion and this bitch fucking puts it on my page and these fuckers that live near me took it as the truth when they barely fucking know me then try to kick my ass even one pulls a gun on me all i got to say is fuck him i swear on my grandmas grave i better never catch him alone then i wanted to do something that felt like the right thing to do and people fucking call the cops knowing ive been in a lot of trouble but i think them because i would have done something stupid if they hadnt well thats it i had to get it off my head i hate people who cant hold their liquor and beer this mother fucker sucker punched me after me and my mom were arguing then i grab the mother fucker up and tried to head but him but the pussy fell to the ground making me headbut an iron pole so i dont know all i do know is i had a fractured jaw and a crack in my skull so believe me hes gonna get his tomorrow night
The Coupling
Her sexual fire, her dazzling passion, was unlike anything he'd ever known. He slowly slid his hands downward to cup the soft weight of her breasts. Her nipples were hard against his palms and she gave a long moan of pleasure as he rolled them between his fingers. Nuzzling her neck, he explored the softness of the skin at the side of her throat, then found her ear with his tongue. At the same time, sliding one hand downward to explore the wet, hot passage at the core of her body. she cried out as he pushed a single finger deep inside her. Her gasp of pleasure nearly broke his control. He wanted to take it slow and easy, to pleasure her before seeking his own, but the sensation of her buttocks rubbing against his arousal was almost more than he could bear. He entered her again, with two fingers this time, and began a slow rhythmic stroking. He knew she was ready for him, as once again, her juices flowed down his fingers. He slowly turned her toward him without relinquishing hi
Fake Ass People
Hey all my Family, Friends, and Fans....I am moving next week, so after Friday i wont be able to be online for awhile (About a month or so). But I will be back as soon as i get all set up and get my internet back. I will miss you all. I will check in as much as possible while im gone. Take Care and I love you all. Tammy Why are there so many FAKE ASS people? People who are so nice to your face but would stab ya in the back if they got the chance. I dont understand why peeps just cant be real from the start. Instead of pretending to be so close to ya, and then sneaky as fuck behind ya back. If anyone has the slightest clue why people feel the need to be so FAKE online, please share your thoughts.
Hot Mama
Love Long Hot Wet Kisses! Love to kiss anywhere I want. Love being kissed on my kneck and inner thighs. Love lot of playing around. Love our hands going where ever we want. I have a great pair of lips. The hotter the better. Makes for a great orgasm! WANT TO PLAY? table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0">
Would you, will you? Answer this and send it back to me in my inbox. You can add more to these if you want. Post it on your bulletin without the answers. You might be surprised with the results! y = Yes, n = No, m=Maybe Would you? Will you? [_] kiss me? [_] let me kiss you? [_] watch a porn movie with me? [_] take me out to dinner? [_] let me drive you somewhere? [_] take a shower with me? [_] buy me a drink? [_] take me home for the night? [_] let me sleep in your bed? [_] Sing car karaoke w/ me? [_] re-post this for me to answer your questions? [_] Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere? [_] Lock me in your room and take advantage of me? [_] let me make you breakfast? [_] help me with homework? [_] tickle me? [_] let me tickle you? [_] stick up for me if i was being put down? [_] get wasted with me? [_] instant message me? [_] greet me in public? [_] hang out with me? [_] bring me around your friends? [_] m
In the 1400's a law was set forth in England that a man was allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. Hence we have "the rule of thumb". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many years ago in Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled "Gentlemen Only...Ladies Forbidden"...and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language. ------------------------------------------- The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone. ------------------------------------------- Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. Treasury. ------------------------------------------- Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear better. ------------------------------------------- Coca-Cola was originally green. ------------------------------------------- It is impossible to lick your elbow. ------------
Time To End The Shit!!!
Time To Let Loose
Ok....Im tired and being if we're gonna have fun.......who is gonna get here and where we going?????????? Im gonna let loose and act like i was when i was i want an hour of not being an adult w/major responsibilties......... i want to be able to just go and not worry about who want to go back to a time of fun??????????
Just Wanting To Know.
GO BUCKEYE'S SHUTEM OUT I was just interested in exactly how many women on here are from ohio?
Mr. Bill's Musings
Okay, first off, a little warning. If you are squeamish, you might want to stop reading now! I'll give you a minute to navigate away from my blog page. Okay, for the rest of you, I hope that you never have to go through what I have been going through the past few days. Last week, I was taking a piss, and the strangest thing happened. I'll describe it for you so you can get a visual of what I'm talking about. Have you ever gotten a fountain drink, and it has too much carbonation? Kind of squirts out all fizzy all over the place? Well, as I was nearing the end of my pissing, that happened to me, my urine came out of me like the aforementioned over-carbonated beverage. I was freaking out. It happened once again while I was at work, and then I experienced a pain like I'd never felt before in my entire life. After it happened at work, the pain finally subsided, and I put it at the back of my mind. Fast forward to the evening of my birthday. I was sitting at the comp
Feeble Attempts At Humor
There is an uproar about this NSFW photo displays so I've come to realize a few things here: Don't post bulletins , they just get ignored. Quite a few people on here don't want to chat with you , they just want you to give them points If they were going to say something about the adult pics , they've kinda closed the gates after all the cattle has left ( might have wanted to do this a bit sooner , admins) When you do reach the top level on points here , what do you win? Exactly. For all of you who take this site too seriously : RELAX! It's just a website and nothing more.Take the time to get to know the folks on your friends list , you may find some hidden treasures. Points really don't mean diddly! I was under the assumption this was all in fun. Better yet , buy an old car that needs restoring and get a hobby that is rewarding! I might tick some people off with this blog but the level of fanaticism can be ...well... just a bit frightening! Something smells here! I mean , you h
You Tube Good Stuff
When Pain Comes And Darkness Falls
Oh man today I realgize more than anything that I do care more about what the Boy thinks and the sad part is that I can't show my emotions . It would let too many people down who believe in me . I won't understand why he and i care so much about each other but yet we aren't together are we don't talk .. i know he cares cuz when this friend of mine called him and told him I was in distressed he was so happy to hear about me and know things about me and she had to go and lie to him and say I was dying grrrr First of all I didn't know she got in my phone and got his number .. and second of all I wouldn't have let her talk that smack to him at all .. But i tried to call the jail to see if he was still there and no luck he left .. I'm just feeling like i'm walking thru my life in a coma and just going thru the emotions and not really alive . I just want him to come back so we can fix this . I so heartbroke and miserable .. But in Reality I Dunno if it will ever be again ..
Penis Wants A Raise
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: 1. I do physical labor. 2. I work at great depths. 3. I plunge head first into everything I do. 4. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. 5. I work in a damp environment. 6. I work in a dark area that has poor ventilation. 7. I work in high temperatures. 8. My work exposes me to diseases. Dear Penis, After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the management denies your request for the following reasons: 1. You do not work 8 hours straight. 2. You WORK IN SHORT SPURTS AND fall asleep after EACH brief work period. 3. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. 4. You do not stay in your designated area, and are often seen visiting other locations. 5. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. 6. You leave the workplace rathe
Kiwi Kitten
Well, just wanted to give anyone who cares an updated on my little man!! :) He is doing much better. I took him to a WONDERFUL vet that my boyfriend recommended me to! He has a skin condition that will be with him the rest of his life. :(, and I had to load him up on antibiotics!! Trust me that was NOT FUN!! Well, luckily it was LIQUID and not PILL form (someday I will have to upload a VERY funny thing called how to give a cat a pill giggle) But, he is looking MUCHLY better!! and is purring in my lap right now. And, I do not know if anyone was praying to the goddess/god or anyone else about this, he does NOT have Thyroid cancer!! Thank you! He has a follow up appointment with the vet on Tuesday. But he does not need to know about that LOL (he hates the kitty carrier) Just wanted to let everyone know that likes kitties that my handsome man is doing well. Oh he is the GREY cat not the himi :) Oh this one!! He is my baby! :) Well, My lil kitt
What Sex Position Are You
what fighting style do you have? Martial ArtistBruce Lee is your idol and favorite past time. you keep your composure and never panic. your a black belt in whatever style you trian in and a very worthy advisary. Wax on Wax off Take this test Whats your sex style? Erotic Sex StyleKissing, touching...pulling hair...handcuffs...whatever goes in your bedroom or backyard...truck...neighbors bedroom even! Its lights, camera ...ACTION BABY! Take this test
Ok folks here is the deal, I am one of those people who alway rate and comment on any profiles that are pimped out. I also repost those same pimps if i have already rated all I can on that profile. When i need the help and ask for it with the exception of a very few people it seems that everyone else id busy, those of you who did help out I really appreciate it and the love will be returned. Those of you who have not helped that too will be returned the next time you need a repost for pimps. I am not whining just pointing out that friends help one and other out when needed. i understand some of you may of had two friends in the contest and that is why you didn't vote, but I have 144 friends on here and with the exception of about 20 none of them even looked at the post! If this is what type of friends you are please remove me. Again if you are one of the ones who was helping out please disregard this rant, it does not apply to you. I did not know that there is a daily limit on how many
Underworld - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?Over 30 2. What is your sexual orientation?Straight 3. Have you ever given someone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?1-5 6. What is your pubic hair style?Trimmed neatly 7. What kind of underwear do you wear?Boxers 8. Have you ever taken, or been in, naked photos?Both taken and been in them 9. Have you ever been to a nude beach, or nudist area?Nope, I am modest 10. Do you watch porn?Yes, of course. Who hasn't? 11. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?Yes, watched others, but never been watched 12. How large are you...ya know, in the pants?About 7 inches 13. Have you ever expirimented with another man?No, I'm straight as can be 14. What is your favorite sexual position?Doggie style 15. Are you circumcised?Yes I am 16. What gets you off fastest?Blow job 17. How often do you masturbate?Whenever I can
Cherry Tap Fun. :d
I hate having insomnia sometimes!! Cherry tap fun hasn't ended yet!! This site is freakin huge!!
The Outhouse
The Hormone Hostage The Hormone Hostage knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his life in his own hands! This is a handy guide that should be as common as a driver's license in the wallet of every husband, boyfriend, or significant other! DANGEROUS: SAFER: SAFEST: ULTRA SAFE: What's for dinner? Can I help you with dinner? Where would you like to go for dinner? Here, have some chocolate. Are you wearing that? Wow, you sure look good in brown! WOW! Look at you! Here, have some chocolate What are you so worked up about? Could we be overreacting? Here's my paycheck. Here, have some chocolate. Should you be eating that? You know, there are a lot of apples left. Can I get you a glass of wine with that? Here, have some chocolate. What did you DO all day? I hope you didn't over-do it today. I've always loved you in that robe! Here, have some more chocolate. 13 T
I'm Back!!
I think it would be awesome if the Fubar gods got together and made a FUBAR LOTTO. C'mon doesnt that sound fun? same as the regular lotto cept with fu-bucks and other various prizes. No? Lemme know what u think. Repost this if ya like the idea, perhaps we can get it rolling. Ok, peeps, I'm officially out of jail, after spending about 6 months over a bunch of B.S. ranging from Drinkin' in Public to Assaulting an Officer (amongst a couple other things they let me out w/ 1 yr. probation, but its all good! It feels so fuckin' good to be outta that hell hole, it fucking sux, but neways, hows every1 on C.T. doing, better than me I hope, gotta go, maybe we can catch-up on old shit another time, peace!
New Pictures
And I dont see anything wrong with it.. I got new pictures up.. I een really busy with work and the daily routine that I have been neglecting all the awesome people on this site.. sorry guys! but i had a free minute so i posted some recent pics i took and said hello to a few people.. check em out and tell me what you think... Peace love and firearms.. Suicidal
To all my friends. It has been a really busy time for me lately. I have not been able to spend the time I wanted talking to all of you and sending and responding to everyone's comments and messages. I just wanted you all to know that I appreciate you all and will at some point drop in on you all. So, take good care and we'll talk soon! luv Dave To all of you in the U.S.A. Courtesy of Happy Thanksgiving!
Deleting Again
Irritations From Hell...
MySpace Comments The best things in life are really free. Feelings of love. The best medicine for anyone is know they are truely loved and spending their life with the one person that has captured their heart forever. Love is blind but when u open up ur eyes and finally see that it was standing right in front of u the whole time its the biggest surprise and the best reward.. *~* forever and always in love*~* One thing that I really hate is that you really think you know some one and you dont. Theres the people that complain that they hate being played when they are playin people for a fool themselves. Theres the people you will know your whole lives, and then something happens and you see you really never knew them at all... Id rather not know certain people but I know them and I wish to reverse it but when feelings are involved its hard, o well I was the fool...
Different Times
Briefly, on the million years of evolution that give me the attraction to, the hunger for, to savor the aroma, taste, essence, of a female being a given, Yes? For me, it is having all my senses, my mouth being situated right in the middle of sensory central, visual, aromatic, taste, touch, right at the focus of a woman's pleasure, her passion, my mouth and tongue the object of her pleasure. Pressing against my mouth and tongue, having orgasms with my tongue and with all my senses right in the middle of it, part of it like no other way can match. When i'm eating pussy my entire world extends only to include my face and her body and the experience of the orgasmic pleasures. Hey, I have a lot of respect for all you guys who like to eat pussy because there are too few of you out there. And I'm not the only woman who says this. Furthermore, some of you guys who are giving it the old college try are not doing too well, so maybe this little lesson will help you out. When a woman finds a man w
What's Up Everyone...
well my girl left me so yet again i am single... it really sucks hope everyone had a great weekend.... take care.... and have a good monday...
Need To Understand....
Your tongue plots destruction; it is like a sharpened razor, you who practice deceit. You love evil rather than good, falsehood rather than speaking the truth. You love every harmful word, O you deceitful tongue! The wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous. For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish. When we are not sure of the path ahead of us....remember to be true to yourself! I just want to start by letting people know that i don't say sorry for things i do not say. I think that people need to stand up for what they say and if they do not like what is said to them they should take it up with the person who said it. Had a friend.....he was talking to my sister and she said some hurtful stuff to him....he said i need to say sorry....sorry for what? He has a site here on cherrytap.....he wants to talk about being true to yourself, but he likes to trick men in to leavin
Attention Ohio State Fans!!!!
IF YOUR A BUCKEYE FAN ..............FEEL SORRY FOR YA NOT!! THIS IS OUR YEAR!! WE ARE THE KING OF THE FUCKIN HILL GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well its finally here the big game see who s king of the hill a-maizen-blue go big blue baby!!!!! This is our year so fuckeye fans can kiss my ass!!
Everyday Advice
we are not what we see but ...what we want to see Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away. 1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won`t make you cry. 3. Just because someone doesn`t love you the way you want them to, doesn`t mean they don`t love you with all they have. 4.. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can`t have them 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. 8. Don`t waste your time on a man/woman, who isn`t willing to waste their time on you. 9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet theperson,
Absolutely's Blogs
I get asked a lot about why I only date black men. To me...there is ABSOLUTELY nothing more sexier than a black man. All those beautiful shades of brown, the color of his skin against mine, that contrast of black on white, while he makes love to me. I love his mannerisms, his style and even his gracefullness, his soft kissy lips, the respect he gives me, and the attention that he shows me, and the appreciation that he has for me. The quiet confidence that a black man has and how he carries himself, is such a turn on to me. When I walk in a room, my eyes are just drawn to the black man. Mmmmm...a black man just does something to me sexually, physically, mentally and emotionally. It's not something that Im ashamed of and don't have a problem with who knows it. I'd stand beside my black king any day proudly! I want my chocolate, gotta have the kind of chocolate that melts in your mouth and melts in your hands kinda chocolate. The kind of chocolate that just makes me go mmm
Stories By Me
One night, whilst I sat before my computer screen smacking my nuts with a jackhammer, a woman walked through my backdoor. She was tall, blonde, and smelled like cherries. She walked up to me and blinked her deep blue eyes at me, "I'm Jessica and I'm here to fulfill all your dreams.", she said. I looked her up and down ponderously before responding, "My dreams would not be something you'd want to fulfill.", I stated calmly hoping she understood my seriousness. "Oh I think I can handle it baby.", she said sounding so innocent I almost felt bad for her....almost. I stood up to my full height, which made her seem much shorter with her eyes only coming up to just below my chin. I grabbed her around the waist and dragged her to me chest to chest. She smiled up at me with those pools of sky blue for eyes filled with such sweet innocence that I actually took a moment to consider not going through with my plan...but that only lasted a moment. As she smiled at me I spoke to her quietly, "Yo
This Is Life
ASSHOLE FRIENDS Current mood: aggravated This is for the people who do not like what i post on my blogs FUCK YOU AND STOP READING THEM!!! AND I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF YOU DELETE ME FROM YOUR FRIENDS LIST BECAUSE IF YOU WHERE A FRIEND YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND AND NOT BE AN ASS!!!! Currently listening : I'll Shut up When You Fuck Off By The Almighty Trigger Happy Release date: By 22 August, 2000 One day, the father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the express purpose of showing him how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family. On their return from their trip, the father asked his son, "How was the trip?" "It was great, Dad." "Did you see how poor people live?" the father asked. "Oh yeah," said the son. "So, tell me, what did you learn from the trip?" asked the father. The son answered: "I saw that we have one dog and they had four. We ha
Where I Share Too Much
This story is based off a good friend of mine. Everything but the ass to mouth at the end is pretty much true to her. ========================================= Hard Work Has Its Rewards The stress was starting to get to Jen. Her divorce had only been made final a few weeks before, and the pressure of raising the children, holding a job, and keeping a house were taking their tole. Add to that the fact that she hadn't had an orgasm that wasn't self induced in weeks and it was almost more than she could stand.The divorce had been amicable enough. Due more to lack of communication and stuborness on both their parts than any kind of antipathy on either side. in the time since her ex had moved out a few things had gone wrong with the house. She realized these things needed to be taken care of, but really didn't have the money to hire a repair man,or have the skills to handle it herself. She really didn't want to have to call her ex for help either, but when the first bit of cold w
Who Cares Right?
im as dead as dead could be i have no heart i have no soul they were taken from me both by different peoplehy heart was taken a long time ago it wasnt by any one person it was taken by all the guys who thought they could use me my soul was taken by someone i thought cared about me but alas i was wrong again i started to care about that person and then shortly realized he wanted someone else so now im dead dead as dead can be what do I do if I cant be with you. what do I say when you walk away? I cant stand her without you by my side. if you go I'll never return to you. We will never be never more.
Attention Guys
Ok so I was going to write this on Wednesday night, but I didn't get around to it. I was too busy talking to someone who is a good person, unlike the majority of the people who I seem to run into. Within a 24 hour period I found out that 2 so-called "friends" were lying to me. Guys, why do so many of you feel the need to lie and play head games? I am so fucking sick of the lies and the head games, I am ready to tell every guy who speaks to me to fuck off. LIE #1: A "friend" has been telling me from the begining that he had a heart attack, is in the final stages of cancer, and is a widower, losing his wife and son to a wreck 7 years ago. I felt horrible, I lost my Grandma to cancer last year. Cancer is not, I repeat, is NOT something to joke around about. He told me he is in the hospital. And I believed him, but suddenly things became suspicious. He couldn't give me the phone number to his room, he said his room doesn't have a phone. He is online really late at night, if he is i
New To Cherrytap
hey new to this site just sayin whats up ....dont be shy talk to me whenever THE DRINKERS CREED The horse and the mules live 30 years, And know nothing of wine or beers. The goat and sheep at 20 die, And never taste Scotch or Rye. The cow drinks water by the ton, And at 18 is mostly done. The dog at 15 cashes in, Without the aid of rum or gin. The cat in milk and water soaks, And then in 12 short years it usually croaks. The modest, sober, bone dry hen, Lays eggs for nogs, then dies at ten. All animals are strictly dry, They sinlessly live and swiftly die. But sinful, ginful, rum-soaked men, Survive for threescore years and ten. And some of us, the mighty few, Keep on drinking 'til we're 92!
Family And Friends
I just want to say thanks to all our friends out there that has comment or rated our page. I thought i would write to all you guys since its been awhile since i been able to get here and talk. Wonderful news me and jamie are now getting married on May 19 of this year just alittle over a month away. Well i am not working any more so now maybe i can get up here more and get my level up more. Well guys got to go tend to the kids. hugs and kisses hey everybody whats up. Well i just started talking to my middle sis again after 4 years. We had alot of things happen in the family and we all quit talking and there was no contract and well my babysis found her online and they started talking and now me and her are talking and i got to meet my wonderful 2 nephews and my neice and they are so cute and i have miss out on alot but i will make up for it and i hope the rest of my family can forgive and become whole again because family is the most important people in life and its short to be fighting
Extremely Bored
Chris [7:51 P.M.]: so where's this pic?? lolj/k Me [7:52 P.M.]: do you really want me to send it? Me [7:52 P.M.]: lol Chris [7:53 P.M.]: maaaayyyybbbbeeee Me[7:53 P.M.]: lol, your funny,... Me[7:53 P.M.]: its a pic of my boob lol Me[7:54 P.M.]: okkkk Chris[7:55 P.M.]: let's do this Me[7:55 P.M.]: its a light pic Chris[7:56 P.M.]: what do you mean Me[7:56 P.M.]: its lightened up, i just sent it Me[7:57 P.M.]: =] Chris[7:58 P.M.]: nice, too bad you don't have more Me[7:58 P.M.]: lol Me[7:59 P.M.]: im all blushing now haha Chris[8:00 P.M.]: lol Me[8:00 P.M.]: yeah Me[8:00 P.M.]: well now youve seen my ass and my boob haha,... Chris[8:00 P.M.]: well kinda Me[8:00 P.M.]: and we havemt even had sex Me[8:00 P.M.]: lol Chris[8:00 P.M.]: lol Me[8:01 P.M.]: =] Chris[8:01 P.M.]: in all fairness i think i'd see a little bit more then Me[8:01 P.M.]: lol, yeah thats true Chris[8:02 P.M.]: lol Chris[8:02 P.M.]: the pi
Join in my quest to leave life overturned Spanning the world, wave of doom Spewing out death with the evil I've churned Awaken the dead from their tomb Love turns to lust the sensations I've felt Exploring the pleasures of sin Making the best of the cards I've been dealt Adjusting the odds so I win Unleash all my burning wrath Potential killing machine Take down all who block my path Enjoying all that's obscene Born of fire Prince of all darkness, initiation Ritually baptized in flames Next to the throne my abomination Spread terror throughout the domain Master the art that controls the impure Inherit the infamous keys Thousands of centuries I will endure Tyrant of all the prophecies Some have called me Satan's son A name I cannot deny Wielding fury that's second to none Far too vile to confine Born of fire All things dead must rise again When twilight's blanket falls Splattered red you'll find my den Blood dripping from the walls Dreams born of
As i sit in the dark waiting for my time to come, Waiting and waiting, As my time is short i must find my way, The lonely darkness corrupting my mind slowly, Waiting and waiting, I know my time has come, I've been waiting for the darkness to end, Waiting and waiting, No one around in the darkness but me, I need a light to led me threw, Waiting and waiting, All this time in the dark thinking about that one light, And that light appears to be you. Written by: LE As I look into your eyes, I slowly get hypnotize, Just the way you look into my eys, Can cause a spark with in my heart, That catches its mark, Your eyes looking into mine, Causing a chain reaction, Like a vain straight to the heart, Those sexy eyes of yours taking me away, To a far off fantasy, Of you-me and controversy, For when are eyes meet, There shall be ecstasy, Written by: LE
Pet Peeves
Didn't take long for Tuesday's pet peeve to come about. So you work for a company who spends a lot of money to make sure they have the best high tech machines possible. Instead you sit there for 30 minutes just trying to get something to print or open a program because the stupid server is locked down and slow. ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! I hate it. So I've decided to start a new tradition for my blogs on CT. I'm going to post a daily pet peeve. So for Monday I'm at work being the great employee that I am when a higher up comes to me and says this person at corporate contacted me and needs you to fix something. What the hell happened to contacting me directly instead of going to someone else. Is that so damn difficult to do? Apparently it is because it's happened before. When this happens to you, does it bug you as much as it does to me?
Love My Friends !
How Sexy Are You?
You are sexy. You instantly attract. You find it extremely easy to seduce someone as all it takes is a look in their direction. 'What is your seduction style?' at THESE ARE FUN!! BUT I'M LMAO ON THIS ONE!! Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at MMMMMMMMMMM.......
Loving Someone
Loving someone isn't always easy!!! Sometimes, you can love someone and as much as you'd like, you want to guide them and help them to choose their way so that they will always be around with you. You can want to force them so that you'll be together in the way that you think is best! But this is selfish love - and this type of love can be self destructing. A true love, you feel, not just in your heart, but deep in your soul. And as much as you want to guide them to decisions, you have to let them go to grow and make their own path of life!!! You must let them find their own way and support them with all of your heart the decisions they make, whether or not it is with you! This is selfless! When you choose to sit by, no matter how crazy it makes you!!! It's not giving up, it's showing them that you trust and support them in a way that no other can! It's prooving that your love is not tainted and disguised, but that it is true! It is this love that is honest! True to
My Crazy Thoughts
Ok so I finally go to bed only to sleep 5 hours and awake with a 100.8 temp. I thought I was finally getting better from being sick but apparently not. With my disease not only is it hard to recover from being sick but I can just wake up feeling miserable. Sorry everybody for the rant but I'm just tired of nt having a body that is strong like everybody elses and I'm tired of being scared to sleep! The only time I've fealt peaceful sleeping and not scared was when my ex was sleeping next to me. Anyways yup just a rant heh :/. I don't know what it is but I almost always avoid sleep whenever possible. Ok I actually have a few ideas as to why but whatever. Almost every day I stay up till I'm so exhausted that I pretty much pass out once I hit the bed. Anyways no real reason for this blog post than to ramble and get my blog started here ;).
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old, Perhap
Nick Poltoranin Nick Polt... Please rate my pics & profile a 10 ! Thanks ! New Pictures on My Page !!!
Nice Dream For Whom Read This
Especially For You Especially for you I wanna let you know what I was going through All the time we were apart I thought of you You were in my heart My love never changed I still feel the same Especially for you I wanna tell you I was felling that way too And if dreams were wings, you know I would have flown to you To be where you are No matter how far And now that I'm next to you No more dreaming about tomorrow Forget the loneliness and the sorrow I've got to say It's all because of you And now we're back together, together I wanna show you my heart is oh so true And all the love I have is Especially for you Especially for you I wanna tell you you mean all the world to me How I'm certain that our love was meant to be You changed my life You showed me the way And now that I'm next to you I've waited long enough to find you I wanna put all the hurt behind you And I wanna bring out all the love Inside you, oh
Fishing Trip Part 2
Anne set the phone down on the counter and went to the bottom of the stairs. "Pam?" she shouted. "What?" Pam answered, and stood in her doorway to look down the staircase. "Mr. Thorn wants to know if you want to go fishing with him. He's going up to the lake this weekend." "Yeah, I'll go," Pam said, suddenly feeling very excited. He did it. He figured out how to get her alone for a weekend. "Ok. I'll tell him you'll be ready when he comes by to pick you up." Pam rushed back into her room, filled with nervous excitement. She rubbed her legs together and stimulated her clitoris. Before she knew it, she was having an orgasm and Mr. Thorn wouldn't be there to pick her up for two more days. By Friday afternoon she had packed everything she might need for the weekend, including spare clothes in case she gets wet, sweaters in case it gets cold, toilet paper just in case, her pillow, her swimsuit, her Walkman and tapes, spare batteries, a sharp knife, and a new jar of lube
What's wrong with protecting yourself from pregnancy and STD's? I protected myself the only way I knew how- abstinence. Does this make me a lesbian? I heard the rumor that I was a lesbian when I was in jr high school. I didn't dispute it, if someone asked me I'd tell them I'm straight but I didn't care about any reputation. Actually, I was relieved. I thought guys didn't like me because they thought I was ugly, but they just thought I was gay. I heard the same rumor about myself in high school. Again, I didn't care I just laughed when my friend told me. I told her they thought they same thing when in was in jr high, but it's not true. How could I not care? How could I let them think I'm gay? Well, I didn't tell them I was gay, they came up with that idea on their own and not only did I not feel like proving myself to anyone, but I thought that rumor was keeping me out of trouble. If people didn't think I was gay I might have had a boyfriend and boyfriends think they're supposed t
New Friends
The Guys' Rules At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down. Finally, the guys' side of the story. (I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear "the rules" from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note... these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE! 1 . Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday Brunch. It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want he
The Adult Stuff...
a true story .... I was about 24, was a friday night, and I was bored. All my friends were off on a Skiing trip, and I didn't go. So I decided to go see a band at the Phoenix. The Phoenix is actually two clubs...the Phoenix 'Above ground' where bands play...and the Phoenix 'Underground' where its a dingy disco type lounge... I checked out the band for about three songs, and decided they sucked, so I went down stairs... I ordered a drink, and surveyed the crowd. There were four girls at the edge of the dancefloor sipping drinks. I made eye contact with a tall brunette, and it was like an electric shock. We just stared at each other for a full minute without moving. A new song began, and she simply held out her hand. I put down my drink and walked over to her. I took her hand as she led me to the middle of the dance floor. It was an upbeat song, but she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in close. My hands went around her waist, and rested on her ass,
A Doctor was addressing a large audience in Tampa. "The material we put into our stomachs is enough to have killed most of us sitting here, years ago. Red meat is awful. Soft drinks corrode your stomach lining. Chinese food is loaded with MSG. High fat diets can be disastrous, and none of us realizes the long-term harm caused by the germs in our drinking water. But there is one thing that is the most dangerous of all and we all have eaten, or will eat it. Can anyone here tell me what food it is that causes the most grief and suffering for years after eating it?" After several seconds of quiet, a 75-year-old man in the front row raised his hand, and softly said: "Wedding Cake". Are you growing older! The other day a young person asked me how I felt about being old. I was taken aback, for I do not think of myself as old Upon seeing my reaction, she was immediately embarrassed, but I explained that it was an interesting question, and I would ponder it, and let her know.
Fuck It.
My family is so insane sometimes. My dad is in the shower like singing 'hurry down... come down... hurry up... I'm down... babab baa uhhh' (directly quoted JUST now) I'm tired of being the girl everyone looks to for sunshine. I'm not that girl. So stop treating me like such. I'm tired of pretending to be so goddamned happy all the time when it's quite obvious I'm not. I'm tired of being everyone's jokester girl. Make yourself laugh. I'm tired of being overrated. I'm tired of being a substitute. I'm tired of not being able to funtion like a normal fucking person. I'm tired of doctor's. I'm tired of people expecting more out of me than I can give. I'm tired of over analyizing every fucking thing. I'm tired of being the good girl. I'm tired of being the bad girl. I'm tired of people judging me. I'm tired of being disappointed. I'm tired of being labeled. I'm tired of never being good enough. I'm tired of always being the one there. Can't I have a fucking problem once in a
Prayers for my Grandson Shaylon Hi all, I usually don't ask anything of anybody. I'm asking now that you all keep my 3 year old grandson in your prayers as he's having his 8th surgery Tuesday, April 14.2009. I know as he gets older they get rougher for him and me. He was born with a cleft plate and lip and his having surgery to try and close up the rest of the roof of his mouth. Which they have tried to do 4 previous times. He had first surgery at 2 months old to pull lip together some. Made a tremendous difference. At 5 months they closed up alot of the roof of his mouth. Which didn't make much difference in outter appearance, but helped with alot with his eating and not as much coming out nose. At 9 months they did more work on lip and nose. He's looking grand. He will still require alot of orthodontic work, nose work and possibly more lip work. So please keep him in your prayers. Thank you all and love ya. HUGS N KISSES....Brigitte Prayers for my Grandson Shaylon Hi all, I usual
New Pics I added some new pics to my profile. My camera broke and I screwed around getting a new camera.
The Inheritor
Hit me up if you live in cali near the 805. Single for about 5 years and just looking for a bed buddy. I wasnt but three years when I was found precariously outside in a bone yard in a near by stream wrapped and left along the banks, I was discovered by a group of fisher man who had heard my screams and thought I was being torn to shreds by some beast, When they found me they found the only thing attacking me was the elements of the crude weather and nearby in the wet mud that I lay in. hopelessly and afraid to wander anywhere I was taken to a hospital where I was diagnosed with hypothermia and a very extreme case of Amnesia which had obviously been the effect of a fever. I was five years old when I finally recovered and when they managed to find at least my last name and a pendant I wore when I was found .I began to become a healthy young boy and I would play with the other unfortunates like myself who sat in the hospital waiting for some kind family to take me to a new home. As I g
Her Chosen One I can still remember the events of that warm and stormy evening in which I found my mistress. It was a hazy humid August day, the weather man had been wrong about the storm, because through the front windshield over the horizon I saw the thunderheads rolling towards me. Their grey-black form stretched through the sky, blotting out the slowly sinking maroon sun. The contrast of sunset and storm almost made me miss my exit off of the highway. Her directions had been accurate for I had arrived at Landry Street and in fact at the driveway to her home, for the ornate mailbox clearly read 112, just as she had said it would. But before me was nothing that I had ever, or could have ever, imagined. Was this real or just a hoax? My mind retraced the events of the last evening, of the telephone call which had brought me to this place. Her personal ad had read: SF- Looking for someone special, with an interest in the unique. Only the brave need apply. Must be clean non-smo
Give Me A Shout
If you are up still at this hour and still looking for fun, give me a shout. All you fine young ladies give me a shout and find out how sexy a middle aged man can be.
Double Stuffed Part 2
It must have been about 1:00 AM when we finished with the previous round of fucking and sucking, and I know I fell asleep almost immediately and I think so did everyone else as they all looked kind of comatose before I closed my eyes. When I woke up Saturday morning the sun was already up, and I looked over at the clock. I saw it was almost 9 o'clock. Mary was the only one still in bed with me and as I stretched out I saw that she was also starting to stir. We both looked at each other and smiled, comfortable with our nude bodies and probably thinking about the action of the previous night. I know that I was and, as we lay there for a few minutes, we heard some loud moaning coming from the living room. Mary and I quietly got out of bed and tiptoed to the open bedroom door and looked out into the living room to see Eric and Tonya on the couch fucking furiously. Eric was lying on his back and Tonya was sitting on his huge pole with her back to his face. She was pulling on her nipples
Cherry Tap
So im looking for someone here on Fubar to have a crush on...i could look at all the pics and pic the hottest but that doesn't do too much. If you're interested send me a message and you just might be the lucky one i pick. Im new to cherry tap so if there is anyone who can help me with this please let me know. The favor will be greatly returned. Thanks
My Name
MY SHOUTBOX IS OVERHEATING. My Cherry tap name keeps changing without me. How can i stop it?
Tiggers Notebook
I'm back from Auckland, who missed me? You cannot call it love if you have never met someone, I lust after quite a few people that I may in fact never meet at all. Then again everybody lusts for someone in particular that is beyond status quo or someone with celebrity status. I'm trying my best to become someone to be remembered for doing something absolutely extraordinary not sure what yet but I feel like I have some divine purpose of being here. Feel free to comment
Assembled Suicide
I'm homeless and live in the Spokane area and need to know where there are some good food banks and soup kitchens...can n e one help me out? Blistered, hated, unknown. I love it when I'm like this...
67 Wow Dats It
Your Sexy Brazilian Name is: Keila da CostaWhat's Your Sexy Brazilian Name? You are 67% PiscesHow Pisces Are You?
Then She Said.. Yadda Yadda Yadda
i am so completly new at this, I have no idea what i am doing. all I can hear are the tornato sirens going off outside. they are faulty though, for some reason they have been going off in every bad storm. I bet it makes all the old folks remember back on ole nam. hahahha well.. here is my first one. I dont think i am fit for this site... i am pretty sure that everyone looks like hookers on here.... :) peesouth -sam- mhm. I'm the master. one post and i had 4 friends. woot! here's for more to come
2006-11-21 05:24:23 roses ARE red, nuts ARE brown, skirts ARE up, pants ARE down, body 2 body, skin 2 skin, motor's runnin,lets begin. send to 10 people and see if u get it back that means someone wants to GET NAUGHTY WITH YOU. if i don't get this back i guess ur not my friend. if u have a lot of luv 4 someone.....copy and send to ur whole friend list and in 5 mins ur true love will call or im you. da naughty train - if u get it ur cute...u get it twice ur a hottie...u get it 3 times ur sexy...4 times ur REAL HOTTIE.........xoxoxoxox Whats your sex style? Romantic Sex StyleYou like to take it slow, lots of kissing and touching. Just like in a Chick flick... takes the girls away! At best when you are in love with your sex partner, and if not...they will be! Take this test
Umm.. Not Sure?
So its 2:54 amwhere im at and im bored and tired so i decided to be a blogger and post cuz i dont do this very much sorry but im not much of a typer just when im talking to friends... So yea have a good day i guess Peace
Mad Ramblings
Well I've been on cherry a week now and so far have nothing bad to say about it , this place rocks and so do the people on it. Courtesy of
Lol Dont Freak
Well I felt this coming on for a long, long time When everything turns red, it's such a bad sign Just a little bit of light would've helped me see That every loaded gun wasn't aimed at me Could've set me free You made me Betrayed me Too many times A jaded Delilah Live, learn, and die Now You Know Been livin' with my head in the deep, blue sea So why does everyone seem so afraid of me Just a little bit of air would've helped me breathe When there is no such solution take your leave Put your mind at ease Release me just to please me, Way too late Your time was impatient, Seal my fate Now You Know You think the start of this was yesterday Been scratchin' and clawin' just to find my way out How could you ever let me dig so deep? Now You Know Well folks im off to
I Mean Seriously, Eff!
In the past day since I've signed up, I swear I've seen damned near 100 different chicks with their title name as "Babygirl". yeah, you and the other million Babygirls out there need to start being original! You know, I'm not a huge fan of rules, but come on. Some shit out there is plain rude and shouldn't be tolerated. I go to a College of Technology, and well, there are certain rules that are to be adhered to. Two major ones I see as something EVERY student should understand and follow are: 1) Professional Dress. This is a school preparring students for the business world. Business casual should be the standard. No hats, sandals, skater shoes, thug wear... it's crap. It's in a business environment, dress the part fuckers! 2) Turn OFF YOUR GOD DAMNED CELL PHONES IN CLASS. It's rude, and if I were your boss and your phone interrupted me in a meeting, your ass would be toast! Are two simple things like that so hard?
Sex Tests
Whats your sex style? Romantic Sex StyleYou like to take it slow, lots of kissing and touching. Just like in a Chick flick... takes the girls away! At best when you are in love with your sex partner, and if not...they will be! Take this test
i yearn for darkness tired of the light the quite of the night is better than the chaos of the day i want to wrap myself into all of the shadows of the night because the warmth of the sun makes me shiver with fear the peaceful of the darkness the exoctic feeling of the night bring me to extasy to the height of fullfillness wrap your arms around me engulf me in your soul surround me in the shadows of your complete darkness i no longer see the light engulfed in yor pure darkness wrap yourself around me in the safeness of the....... darkness original by dawna wright 3/30/07 at 2:50 am PAWN OF DARKNESS I FELL INTO DESPAIR TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO REPAIR MY TORN BROKEN HEART HOW DO MY LIFE I RESTART? THEN I FELL INTO DARKNESS HE WRAPPED HIS ARMS AROUND ME AND STARTED TO MEND ME HOW MUCH BETTER I FELT LITTLE DID I KNOW A GAME HE PLAYED ME A PAWN IN HIS EYES JUST MOVING ME WHERE HE WANTED WELL JUST LIKE ALL GAMES THE
One Of The Happiest Days Of My Life
Tomorrow is the big day and i know that alot of my friends are wanting to see lots of pics soooo unfortunatley I wont be able to post many cause if I take all my other pics off here i cant put them back. My Pc is not up and running sooo...but I will post pics of the beautiful day. but however it probably wont be until Monday. I am even gonna try and ,make a video with the pics fromt he wedding. So keep looking and I will have them posted as soon as I can. Love to you all and Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for rays health and our Love and Happiness together... Cindy We were planning on having a ceremony and not having it legal because it would affect his medicaid but since I am no longer working so that I am able to be here with him and spend what time we have together with one another we are able to do it. We have been together for 5 years now so I think its about time. We were going to wait till the first of the year and do it anyways, but we are afraid to wait so
Dear Santa
Whats your sex style? Fierce Sex StyleStraight to it! No time for kissing and touching here... Maybe the heat of the moment...But always great! Leaving them wanting MORE EACH TIME!!!!!! Take this test
Gh0st Do You Really Want To Know Him..
I bet that got some of your alls attention.. lol.. Yep that is right I can't remember if I told ppl b4 or not but I'm manic depressive or bi-polar syndrome.. lol.. Anyway, as I sit here writing this I wonder to myself what is the use of continuing to take my meds when they seem to dule the way I feel, slow my mind down and utterly make different from what I am use to.. It does help, I have to agree I don't get upset as easy and I don't fall into that deep depression.. ;-/ Okay to the point, I didn't take my meds yesterday and last night and I put up some great art work.. :D I love the way the art flows from me when I am feeling down, i can see the dismay in the pix that I work with. I see the pain in the face that I am looking at or the person they want to become. I am running on about 2 hours sleep due to alot of things going on in my head. Good thoughts, bad thoughts, and even some new pix I want to try to do. I don't sleep at night because my brain can't shut it self of
Lee Evans : Bohemian rhapsodyAdd to My Profile | More Videos So Batman came up to me and he hit me over the head with a vase and he went T'PAU! I said "Don't you mean KAPOW?? He said "No, I've got china in my hand." You invented Tipp Ex, correct me if I'm wrong. I'm so lazy I've got a smoke alarm with a snooze button. I bought some Armageddon cheese today, and it said on the packet 'Best Before End' So I went to buy a watch, and the man in the shop said "Analogue." I said "No, just a watch." I went into a shop and I said, "Can someone sell me a kettle." The bloke said "Kenwood" I said, "Where is he?" So I went in to a pet shop. I said, "Can I buy a goldfish?" The guy said, "Do you want an aquarium?" I said, "I don't care what star sign it is." I was in this restaurant and I asked for something herby. They gave me a Volkswagen with no driver. My mate is in love with two schoolbags. He's bisatchel. I went to the doctor. I said to him "I'm frightened of lapels
A Different Christmas Poem > > > > > >The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, > > > I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. > > > My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, > > > My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. > > > Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, > > > Transforming the yard to a winter delight. > > > The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, > > > Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. > > > My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, > > > Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. > > > In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, > > > So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. > > > > > > The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, > > > But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. > > > Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the > > > sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. > > > My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, > > > And I crept to the door just to see who was nea
~nimuel's World~
I have to say if it wasn't for my mom and sis I would be on my complete own.They help me from time to time with Anthony and I love it.Anthony is now 7 and very soon 8 months old,and soon summer will really be here and what to do.I joined so many baby sites and I can't seem to keep up with them all and wonder what to ask them.I get woke up @6/7 am and then I feed him before me most times,sometimes I make us both breakfast.I am happy when he lays down and I am able to get soem stuff done,I would like him to have his own room so I can clean mine lol.I have to say he loves his walker and I think its because he is free to roam.I want to get him this soft chair that can help him sit up and make him sit correctly,I can't think of the name but its 40 bucks and I so want it for him.I can't wait till sept for when we can see and interact with Mark and the gang.To also have his first birthday party.....yay!I am not sure what to get for him as he is my first child and I need to find out. Well this
Myspace Layouts by hi i am. joe i looking for gay man friend or more so drop by my site and women friends
Horoscopes can be that rare type of leader who really listens and cares about the people around you. :) well at least the listening and caring is right! SCORPIOS.... Ask and you WILL receive. Your needs WILL be met. If you really want to know something, ask. Be gracious!
Slave's Blog
Yesterday I went and bought a cat tail and a pair of cat ears to wear for Master. I got the chance to wear them today *devious grin* I put them on and drew whiskers on my face and got in the floor to wait for him. He came in and walked up to me, and I immediately started sucking his cock. And, like the good little kitty I am, I even swallowed all his cum. Kitty likes making Master happy :) purrrrrrrrrrr...... I hate these long, sleepless nights. Sitting here alone, staring at the computer screen. I hate missing my Master when my emotions go crazy. Sometimes I just want to curl up in a corner and stay there forever...
So, I Am Here
that every time i get involved in anything, it turns out to feel like a fucking chore? i can't seem to stay into anything. maybe its because im flighty. or it could just be that every time i try, all the feedback i get from everyone tells me that i shouldnt bother. i just love knowing that my presence is appreciated. hell, am i kidding. sometimes, it would be nice to see that my presence is occasionally noticed. Sweet wistful smile, she stands in the rain but not really seeing any of it she looks back others think her lovely raindrops falling around her but she alone knows the true beaty of a broken heart
Poem For The Troops In Your Honor Unselfishly, you left your fathers and your mothers, You left behind your sisters and your brothers. Leaving your beloved children and wives, You put on hold, your dreamsyour lives. On foreign soil, you found yourself planted To fight for those whose freedom you granted. Without your sacrifice, their cause would be lost But you carried onward, no matter the cost. Many horrors you had endured and seen. Many faces had haunted your dreams. You cheered as your enemies littered the ground; You cried as your brothers fell all around. When it was over, you all came back home, Some were left with memories to face all alone; Some found themselves in the company of friends As their crosses cast shadows across the land. Those who survived were forever scarred Emotionally, physically, permanently marred. Those who did not now sleep eternally Neath the ground they had given their lives to keep free. With a hand upon my heart, I feel The pri
The Rules Of Compromizing
To my ladies and all my friends. Today may be the day you place judgement upon my associate and I. With that said, upon request, I'll release the URL to this video. But?! You have to promise to rate it, the BLOG and the VIDEO, yeah or neah! Al Krammer 1. Men are NOT mind readers.1. Learn to work the toilet seat.You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down.We need it up, you need it down.You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down.1. Sunday sports. It's like the full moonor the changing of the tides.Let it be.1. Shopping is NOT a sport.And no, we are never going to think of it that way.1. Crying is blackmail.1. Ask for what you want.Let us be clear on this one:Subtle hints do not work!Strong hints do not work!Obvious hints do not work!Just say it!1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost everyquestion.1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do.Sympathy is what your girlfriends
We have all had feelings on helplessness at least once in our lives. Mine decided to come today. I got a call from my best friend and there was so much emotion in her voice as she was telling me about a trip to her doctors office. I don't need to go into details. She's only 18, same age as i am. I wish i knew what to do to help her or i knew what to say. I just feel so helpless. Shes sitting here crying on my bed right now and i just wish that there was something i could do. Well, guys any advice is greatly appreciated so please feel free to comment. Talk to you guys later. much love and kisses Yea, this is pretty much a vent/rant. My tooth hurts like fuck, my wisdom tooth is coming in, so i have to get the other one pulled to make room. Unfortunately, i cant get ot the dentist for about 3 more weeks, i have been taking everything from ibprofein to excedrine migraine to even percocet and nothing will kill this fucking pain. God help me, please. or if someone knows another way, please g
Help Me Plz!
tell me why! why is it when a man shows nekkid pics he is a pervert and a woman does she is HOTT! just wondering hell I thought i was special as a man being very open and an exhibitionist just turns out I am a pervert....lmao........ But yall know better1........... w-O-o-o-OHo-O-o............. hee hee! trying to make the next level plz help me get the last 210! PLEASE!!!
Some That Mean Something To Me
The more I am away from you The more i want you here The more i do without ur love The more i want you near I know that it make little sense to want what's not around but there's the one I've found We've gone through all weather maps The sunshineand rain But i would take a sea of storms To bwith you again Every time i see you i remember All the things you did when for me when i Was going throught my adolescent hell Yet now i cannot speak unless i cry I know you are no longer free to see me You've made your choice and that i must respect But I've a need to say that I still love you I have no fear or pride I need to protect Just as the sun must come back every moring To shine upon the meadow it holds dear SO i will from afar shine on your glory And hope some day again you lem me near love tattoo No matter what our troubles I still love you As thought a part of me were also you Life isnt easy but I know with out you There will be bitterness in all I d
well im trying to get back to all the fine pepole hear but my comp is tripping lol all of you i give 10 and moore tens ok! love all of you this kicks ass. look im also on yhaoo as askingbig101, if you like moore close up pics or u know let me know ok i aim to please ladies its 8 30 hear in mex. but at 9 pm hear i well be ready to go on cam if i get alot of want to see you lol. well thats all i love all the babes hear way moore kissssssssss. hello ladies and frends. man this place kicks ass! if you want moore fun? look for me on yahoo ok askingbig101 laters...
Hello World
Goin' out in a few. Freaks go to Jenks! Meet me on the dance floor. Buy me a shot & pour it down my throat. peace Ok, so I am told to join this thing. As soon as I do everyone & their mother starts emailing me. Still trying to find my way around. I'm not ignoring anyone...I just have no clue what I am doing. You are all sexy & I would love to take you all home with me but relax... I'll get to you soon. spanks
I Have To Say I'm Sorry To All My Friends
Well, I knew it was going to happen and it did. I'm not on here 2 or 3 times a day sending all my " friends " comments, and my comments for me have been droped to one in about 2 weeks. And it was from my true friend KIM. you know who you are hon and I want to say thanks for your friendship. All the others that I've helped out and said they were my friends, now that they don't need me to level them up or have found others to help them, I guess I'm not worth commenting on or talking to anymore. It's been fun while it lasted but it looks like it's over now and that's fine. I'm not bitter because I had fun talking with all of you. I like to help others and it did me good to help those who were in need and I hope that your lives are wonderful and you are all having fun. Sue, the love of my life, is taking up a lot of my time. We are having so much fun together. I just never thought that this would never happen to me again but it has. I can love again and it's so cool. Well I guess I'm runni
You May Enjoy This ,( Or Not)
i had to move pics , so i lost your comments ,, sorry all was looking thru the videos and because of the mood of the evening of what i wanted to listen and see ,i just thought maybe someone may see one they like as well . hope so ,, enjoy!! ( or not)
The Kitchen is just fine with me tonight... I can wine and dine you to my hearts delight... Cherries, Stawberries and Kiwi I know... With a european cuke I can pleasure you so... Carefull as we fuck, the stove is hot... Brand your ass with my hand, a big red spot... Clear the table, the guest have left... Milking your cherry, I am good at theft... You bend over the table, I place ice on your back... You almost pass out, your mind fades to black... I bury myself in that sweet wet mound... The sensations you feel, there is never a frown... Your flower so sweet and milky... I easily slide in and out, for it is so silky... Your body convulses, as orgasm nears... Rock on my sluty girl, have no fears... Twisted and tied... bound and ready to ride... Spank that ass till it's red... it eagerly awaits my head... the penetration is deep and swift... you exhale as my thrusts lift... Moans escape your lips, and a little whine... you back into me as I fuck that a
Senior Citizens..
For anyone who doesn't know who Micheal Buble is.. Check him out on my music player.. Cuz seriously.. ur missing out. I am going to agree with Liz on this one.. If you pay in the Senior Citizen line.. Please don't try to fucking contact me.. I'm 22.. get a life creep.. If your over 35.. how about we stay away.... Thank ya much. Muah.
Contests I'm Holding
Am Hosting another new Contest. The Greatest Fubar member of 2007!!! so you think you got what it takes?? then enter this contest and see if others think so too. 1st price = a 30 day blast and 300.000 fubucks 2nd price = a 7 day blast and 150.000 fubucks 3rd price = a 3 day blast and 75.000 fubucks. as for the rules!!!!!! 1)) everyone is allowed to bomb and selfbombing is encouraged!!!! 2)) no downrating or harrassing the other contestants for this will lead to immidiate exclusion of the contest. 3)) only sfw pictures will be accepted!! 4)) no need for people to rate /fan and add me to bomb their friends!!!(unless they want to) 5)) each comment counts as 2 points and each rate counts as 5 points. 6)) just have fun bombing your favorite!!! the contest will start as soon as i have enough entries in and will last for 2 weeks tops!!!! don't enter yourselfs when your not active please. if you like to win these prices then send me a pm with the link to y
Erotic Poetry
wash your manlihood with my tongue press my lips to your ass suck you until you're hard, pushing the tip to the back of my open throat. May I arch my body, eagerly await the entry of that which is now hard You make your presence known to my womanhood, my ass, my breasts. My nipples are taught pinched by wet fingers. The sweat rolls down our bodies in the cold of winter. Here we lie, in each others arms, panting from our robust time. Lingering in the moment, lost in your eyes, Content, I cherish the sweet surprise. Kissing tongues tangle, making me ache, No longer can I wait for you to take. Laying back, I plead with no words, As if silent lips could somehow be heard. Raising hips high to greet your stare, Hoping to speak to that part of you, there. Beckoning please enter with no hesitation, Yet you stand firm, no reservation, Taunting me, teasing me, a grin on your face, Reveling in how you've put me in place. Then suddenly, you grant me relief, Kno
Poetry By Me Lol
Never A sinking feeling fills your heart Anger and confusion takes over Pain so intense you cry out in anguish Tears blur your vision as the heartache fills your soul It wasnt suppose to hurt this bad It wasnt suppose to matter You knew from the start it wasnt meant to be Could never happen,Could never matter So why does it hurt Why does it matter You said you were strong that you can deal You build walls that remove your chance to be hurt But those walls were lowered in a blink of an eye And you were left naked to the pain Rejection feeds ur doubts making you question everything Regret shows in your eyes as you lash out Why did you have to fall for him You should have protected yourself You should have never lowered those walls Free You sit alone among flickering candles Their glow reflects off your still frame You tilt your head back as the feelings wash over you Conviction fills your soul You know what you must do You know has to be
Drop Me A Voice Message
Come on y'all...leave me a voice message. I want to hear all your voices so it can join the many others already in my head, lol (joking...or am I? lol). The call is totally free...CALL!!! lol Yes I am an attention whore as the message says. ;-) Number: 1(641)985-7800 Code: 2079402 Just call the number below, and enter the code to leave me a voice message that will appear here on my site. Number: 1(641)985-7800 Code: 2079402 (I'm not sure if you need to input the star, try it and if it doesn't work try it again without the star).
According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer each year, male reindeer drop their antlers at the beginning of winter, usually late November to mid-December. Female reindeer retain their antlers till after they give birth in the spring. Therefore, according to EVERY historical rendition depicting Santa's reindeer, EVERY single one of them, from Rudolph to Blitzen, had to be a girl. We should've known... ONLY women would be able to drag a fat man in a red velvet suit all around the world in one night and not get lost. Apple Computer reported today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play music inside women's breasts. This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.
The Good Life
LAST YEAR ON THE COMPUTER I must send my thanks to whoever sent me the one about rat poop in the glue on envelopes because I now have to use a wet towel with every envelope that needs sealing. Also, now I have to scrub the top of every can I open for the same reason. I no longer have any savings because I gave it to a sick girl (Penny Brown) who is about to die in the hospital for the 1,387,258th time. I no longer have any money at all, but that will change once I receive the $15,000 that Bill Gates/Microsoft and AOL are sending me for participating in their special e-mail program. I no longer worry about my soul because I have 363,214 angels lookingout for me, and St. Theresa's novena has granted my every wish. I no longer eat KFC because their chickens are actually horrible mutant freaks with no eyes or feathers. I no longer use cancer-causing deodorants even though I smell like awater buffalo on a hot day. Thanks to you, I have learned that my prayers only
The School Play
The 6th grade science teacher, Mrs. Parks, asked her class, "Which human body part increases to ten times its size when stimulated?" No one answered until little Mary stood up, angry, and said, "You should not be asking sixth-graders a question like that! I'm going to tell my parents, and they will go and tell the principal, who will then fire you!" With a sneer on her face, she then sat back down. Mrs. Parks ignored her and asked the question again, "Which body part increases to 10 times its size when stimulated?" Little Mary's mouth fell open; then she said to those around her, "Boy, is she going to get in big trouble!" The teacher continued to ignore her and said to the class, "Anybody?" Finally, Billy stood up, looked around nervously, and said, "The body part that increases 10 times its size when stimulated is the pupil of the eye." Mrs. Parks said, "Very good, Billy," then turned to Mary and continued, "As for you, yo
Soap Box
What I find funny and a little disturbing at the same time is, there is alot of contests on this site, mainly about T&A. So when a friend of mine decided to do a different kind of contest. One that doesn't have to do with T&A or even people at all she doesn't get any response at all to the contest. And here I thought some of my friends in my list would of jumped at the chance to of gotten into the contest since I posted it over and over. But I guess I was wrong. So with that said, I don't want anyone getting their undies in a wad when I won't stop everything that I am doing and go vote for them in the best ass or whatever kind of contest it may be. But on the same token, most who really talk to me know I will bend over backwards for my true friends.
Working Out
OMG!!!! I'M OUT OF BREATH LOL.....I WENT TO THE GYM AND DID 2 SETS OF 15 ON EACH MACHINE AND NEXT TIME ITS 3 SETS AND I BARELY MADE THRU THE 2ND SET!!!!! WHAT IS SHE TRYING TO DO? KILL ME?LOL..... Ok guys and girls....I got my first personal trainer appt set up for tuesday so wish me luck....Im doing this to be hot! lol kidding im really doing this to feel better and more healthy....instead of sitting around at the computer I need the excersise....mwahz to all who can give me tips and support me in this.....and mwahz to my friends too!
My Roller Coaster Ride!
In the last 3 weeks my whole world seems to have fallen into the pits. First I seem to have lost someone I love more then he even knows it. I would pick up my phone and call but I get 4 or 5 rings then his voice mail. He explained to me that he has been going through a lot at the moment and I understand that. He tells me he loves me and that he wants me to be there with him, and I want nothing more then to make that happen. I have never loved someone so deeply and sincearly. I worry about him all the time. he is my knight. I love the way thinking about him makes me feel and if I could be there right now I would be damn it! I called him over a hundred times to make sure he was doing alright (and to hear his heavenly voice OMG *drools*) and he never answered... Then almost a week ago I was at home (when I was living with my roomate in an apartment complex) my sister (who had come to stay with me for a few weeks) needed me to go and get her money out of her car in the parking lo
For My Friends
SYMPTOM FAULT ACTION S Feet cold and wet. F Glass being held at incorrect angle. A Rotate glass so that open end points toward ceiling. S Feet warm and wet. F Improper bladder control. A Stand next to nearest dog, complain about house training. S Beer unusually pale and tasteless. F Glass empty. A Get someone to buy you another beer. S Opposite wall covered with fluorescent lights. F You have fallen over backward. A Have yourself leashed to bar. S Mouth contains cigarette butts. F You have fallen forward. A See above. S Beer tasteless, front of your shirt is wet. F Mouth not open, or glass applied to wrong part of face. A Retire to restroom, practice in mirror. S Floor blurred. F You are looking through bottom of empty glass. AGet someone to buy you another beer. SFloor moving. F You are being carried out. A Find out if you are being taken to another bar. S Room seems unusually dark. F Bar has closed. A Confirm home address with bartender
Heres some twisted thoughts...tell me, could you feel these words? REJECTION Naked to your words...Wounds fresh with stinging sweat...I throw my hands up in despair...Exposing my heart to your sharpened sword...i fear not the sound of it being unsheathed...It's a welcoming sound...With one upward swing the rapiers hilt fills with my darkened blood...You a maven with your poisoned words...As i lay before you darkness overcomes my immortal soul...You turn to walk away wiping your brow...Unaware of my darkened blood across your smiling face...My last words to haunt your every being... Heres some twisted thoughts...tell me, could you feel these words? REJECTION Naked to your words...Wounds fresh with stinging sweat...I throw my hands up in despair...Exposing my heart to your sharpened sword...i fear not the sound of it being unsheathed...It's a welcoming sound...With one upward swing the rapiers hilt fills with my darkened blood...You a
Quizzes And Surveys
The Strange Questions SurveyHave you ever licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?:no What's the largest age difference between yourself and someone youve date:4 yrs Ever been in a car wreck?:yes Were you popular in high school?:tried to be Have you ever been on a blind date?:no Are looks important?:no Do you have any friends that you've known for 10 years or more??:yes mostly By what age would you like to be married?:was at 28 but like to be again in the next decade Does the number of people a person's slept with affect your view of them?:no Have you ever made a mistake?:yes Are you a good tipper?:yes What's the most you have spent for a haircut?:15 Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?:no Have you ever peed in public?:yes What song do you want played at your funeral?:hel i dunno whatever is fitting Would you tell your parents if you were gay?:yes What would your last meal be before getting executed?:a handfull of percoset Beatles or Stones?:beatles If you had to pick one
Dead In A Tub
Ok maybe it's just me but when I am searching for people to become friends w/ on here....I go right past the pictures of people showing off their "goodies" Why would you put yourself on a low level like that? Do u really think that is the only way people are going to give you cherry points...GET REAL! Save the undressing for your bedroom or the strip club LOL Most of the half naked pics of the people probably aren't really even what seems to look like a nice set of double D's (some people on my list do have cleavage pics, but its tasteful...not 1/2 nips showing) and a size 32 waist is really probably a big ol' beer belly (nuttin wrong w/ that) bald headed, ball scratching dude! Have fun & REALLY be yourself! well i start my new job on saturday....i get the feeling i'm gonna be tired alot....i have to be there for 5pm and won't get off until 1:30am then it takes about 35-40 minutes to get home and my kids are up about 7:30 am......hopefully they'll let me sleep til at l
To quote flippin' Cinderella: You got me jumpin right out of my skin You keep it up and Ill be comin on in You start a feelin youre the cream of the crop You gonna break my heart or just make it stop You told me that youd always love me true But then I heard you told another guy too Take a cold shower but the water boils hot The way you twist and shake it girl You tie me in a knot And get me hot Ooo hot and bothered So hot and bothered You get me Hot and bothered Come on now Now listen I pick you up at eight by ten we do the town Empty my pockets just a tryin to get you down Throw in the towel I think your games are such a bore Just when I think Ive lost you pull me to the floor And get me hot Ooo hot and bothered So hot and bothered You get me Hot and bothered So hot and bothered Ooo you get me hot Hot and bothered So hot and bothered Baby baby baby get me hot Ooo hot and bothered So hot and bothered you get me Hot and bothered Hot and bot
Weight Loss News
I have an appointment next month for surgury orientation. After that if all the tests are good, then I can have the surgery done. I will have my new and improved body probably in time for the new year. Wooooo Hooooo!!!!!!! I am so damned happy. I just came from the doctors today and I lost 18 pounds. I also found out that I can get the surgury done to lose up to 120 more pounds and my insurance will cover it all!!!!! I will be so gorgeous by the time this is all done. My hubby may not want me to go out of the house. HAHAHA!!!! He wishes that is. Because I am going to show off my new body all over town and see how many looks and stares of disbelief I get. Hell, my hubby may not want me. But you know, that is OK to!!! It is all good. I may even get a morph done of the before and after pictures!!!!
I Wanted To Share This(found On Someone Elses Page
I just want to thank everyone for thier help in the tattoo contest. I won !!! yaaaaaayyyyyyyyy ! You are all the best bunch of friends one could possibly hope to have, and if i can ever help you, please dont hesitate to ask !! I,m there for you, in a heartbeat, just like you were for me. Thank you all again.........Terry People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act
Have had alot of stuff going on in life so haven't been around for awhile.. I hope everyone is well and sure miss my friends will be popping in a bit later Hugs to all. D So this is my first winter in Ok. and boy am I a lucky girl or what!!! We had an ice storm that left us without electric for 4 days!! Trees were crumbling like crazy and I hear that it hasn't been this bad in at least 10 years!! I sure picked a fine time to leave Cali. Then we get things up and working again and IT SNOWS!!! I am glad I bought a coat!! any way Merry X MAS and all that jazz!
My Stuff
my babies were born today n they r in very bad shape ... pls pray for them we need all the help we can get Shes floating above Watching them try To save her life She thought she was ready to die The images fade She can hear the cries Of all the people she left behind. Her body is numb Her face so white As her life fades away She is going towards the light. Shes back at her house Shes not sure why She can see now why her family cries. There are her pictures all in a row Leading to a place she dare not go She sees a long white box She goes looks in Now looking at the body she once was in She made her choice She chose to die She didnt think what she would leave behind She only thought of the pain she hides It has been so long and still she walks Warning those with terrible thoughts No matter how bad, no matter the pain She whispers to them remember my name She whispers to all that are hurt That suicide really does hurt For only a minuet
Can any of my friends please help me out and go to the link below and vote and rate my pic please. I will return a favor. Thank You all. [ photo: 1684473848 ] I need any one and every one to click on my pic to go to the pic shown and please vote and rate my pic. I will always return the favor when ever is needed......
Candy's Ramblings....
For anyone who's worked in a restaurant...or ever stepped foot in one: 1. Don't ask me for your check, then wait till I run to a computer, and then all the way back to your table just to throw your credit card at me without looking it over. Why didn't you give it to me in the first place, if you weren't even going to LOOK at the bill? 2. Don't snap your fingers at me. Don't wave at me like I am blind. I see you, I'm busy. 3. Don't argue with me about the menu. We don't have whatever wild creation you are craving. I know the menu, and after all, I work here, remember? "Last time I was here they made it for me this way." Good for you, now go to Burger King and have it your way, then. 4. No, I don't want to split your check six different ways so you can all pay in cash. DO SOME MATH! 5. WHY do you steal my pens? Do I come to your office and steal your keyboard? It's something I need to WORK with... take my pen again and see if your wallet is still in your pocket when y

You scored as Demon. Demon: Darkness is your sanctuary. Demons are many and are all different in appearence and rank. The most common are the ones that feed off of human souls. They love to make someone fall into their inner darkness. Blood, wrath, murder... You name it they love it. These beings don't care who you are, if they set their sights on you, let's just hope you know a good excorist. They kill any love within you and pull you toward their side. By any means possible. You wish for chaos and hate, you are the Demon.Mermaid0%WereWolf0%Dragon0%Faerie0%Demon0%Angel0%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with You scored as Angel. Angel: Angels are the guardians of all things, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. They give inspiration, love, hope, and positive emotion. They live among humans without being seen. They are the good in all things, and if you feel alone, don't fear. They are always watching. Often times they merely stand by, whisper
What Ancient Spirit Am I?
You scored as Elf. You are an elf. very calm yet energetic. You enjoy the finer things in life. You hate to be alone and preffer a small crowd of your closer friends. The ideal girl. Sometimes you can be very, very shy. Open up, life is to be lived, not wasted.Elf83%Sorceress75%Shadow Spirit75%Goddess75%Wolf67%Zombie58%Dragon58%Vampyre50%
Instead Of Blast
how do i morph photo's on my profile would like som help or if u know someone that can do it for me also please come by and rate my profiile and rate pictures and i will do the same for u when i have the time=) thank you kindly hey to all the great people ive met, to all you lovely ladies, and especially the friends, fans and familys that i have made the times shared so enjoyable. thank you, ive got plenty of room for more of you!!!
Your Pornstar Name is:Cherry Pheonix Take this quiz at Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at
cowboys fans only here is the link: for Gamers only here is the link:
kristen -- [noun]:A perma-orgasm 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at All that we are is the result of what we have thought. Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. Suffering follows unwholesome thought as the wheels of a cart follow the oxen that draws it. Joy follows wholesome thought like a shadow that never leaves. --quoted from Buddhist text Dhammapada
She lay in bed listening to rain beat against her window, the soft tinkling forming its own intricate melody gently pushing her towards sleep. Her aqua sheets fell out in waves around her. They were the color of the Pacific as it kissed the shores of the Keys. The moonlight danced over the sheets creating a light that shone like diamonds around her. She wrapped herself in them over and over, bathing in their comfort. She couldnt get it out her mind; get him out of her mind, the way he looked at her, the way she reacted to him. Come here, now. Elita stepped proudly across the room. She drew out every stride, every look, every breath. If he wanted her he was going to have to wait for it. She rested her hands on the arms of his massive chair and tentatively leaned into him. She breathed in the scent of him, fresh pine and sweat, and just below that, something richer, deeper, and intoxicating. Any suggestions? This is a few lines to a story i started. If anyone has any sugges
Can Anyone Help Me Out Please????
as you all may know i was seeing this guy, well things have changed he is a dick and did me wrong and now im not seeing anyone. I am not in to games, and i cant understand why many of u all out there are in to it. some of us are for real and have feelings. well anyhow im on the look out again. wish me luck everyone MySpace Tweaks | Free Ipods
Writing And Poetry
Creepying back to sanity The ignorance growing within The misunderstanding of people Segregation, hatred, fear identified The unbearable truth of deceiving dreamers Physical promises, feared by hatred The romantic independences of differences Dark clouds roll over my eyes Self-centered being promises arrogance The thought of being loved The feeling that I fell out of place in this world The feeling of being in pain, flys around in my head Ever lasting love written by the hands of time The feeling that I am loosing something The feeling is unreal, I don't understand it Falling out of my head Crying, dying, innocent of children fading Feelings rush through my body like a flowing river I hate the way people make me believe they love me Questions, promises, hatred, ignorance, confusion Creepying back to sanity The ignorance growing within The misunderstanding of people Segregation, hatred, fear identified The unbearable truth of deceiving dreamers Ph
The Cat
Hungary and Real Madrid legend Ferenc Puskas has died at the age of 79. Puskas, who was in hospital for six years with Alzheimer's disease, died in Budapest at 0600 GMT on Friday after suffering from a fever and pneumonia. Puskas led Hungary's golden team of the early 1950s, before taking Spanish citizenship and becoming part of Real Madrid's all-conquering team. Puskas scored 83 goals in 84 games for Hungary from 1945 to 1956 and later played for Spain in the 1962 World Cup. After leading Hungary to the 1952 Olympic Gold medal, he was part of the Mighty Magyars who became the first overseas team to beat England on home soil in 1953, scoring twice in the 6-3 win at Wembley. FERENC PUSKAS FACTFILE Born: 2 April 1927, Budapest, Hungary Nicknames: The Booming Cannon & The Galloping Major Clubs: Kispest Honved (354 apps, 357 goals) & Real Madrid (528 apps, 512 goals) Honours: Hungarian league (5), Spanish league (5), Spanish Cup, European Cup (3), Intercontinental
Part Of The Past
Well, as i talked about in my last blog, I had spoken to my ex....hoping to go to the movies....We went and watched Saw 3 with my best friend and her boyfriend.....Went to applebees and ate.....had a great time except for the fact that the movie sucked!!(sorry...for those who havent watched it). Anyway, we have been talking and have seen each other since then....I am hoping that we will soon get back what we once had.....Wish me luck!!! I will keep all posted.... Today was a crazy day, quess you could say.....I finally found the courage to talk to an old friend, actually old boyfriend...Went so much better than I thought it would.....He is someone that i have been thinkin about alot lately....Made me feel good to talk to him again. I laughed more today than I have in a long time...... Hopin to go to movies with him....we'll see..I will keep you posted..Wish me luck!!
A motorcycle patrolman was rushed to the hospital with an inflamed appendix. The doctors operated and advised him that all was well. > > However, the patrolman kept feeling something pulling at the hairs in his crotch. Worried that it might be a second surgery the doctors hadn't told him about, he finally got enough energy to pull his hospital gown up enough so he could look at what was making him so uncomfortable. Taped firmly across his pubic hair was three wide strips of adhesive tape, the kind that doesn't come off easily. Written in large black letters was the sentence. "Get well quick..... from the nurse you gave a ticket to last week." Actual exchanges between pilots and control towers Tower: "Delta 351, you have traffic at 10 o'clock, 6 miles!" Delta 351: "Give us another hint! We have digital watches!" ************************************************************************************************** Tower: "TWA 2341, for noise abatement turn righ
Expressing Myself!
I am just a mistake. I love another and i am told i was a mistake. i must be crazy because i will not move on!! i promised myself and him that he is my last! i will have no problem up holding that. i truly feel he is my true love but some times true love works only one way and u cant be mad at the way love works. He is the one for me but i just not be the one for him. yes it does hurt and it will forever!! But that is the pain i deserve!! when u love someone u love them unconditionally an through thick and thin. I believe there is not limit to thick and thin when u have promised your life to someone!! i dont believe u have to be married to make promises. I am married to this man!! only my heart, soul and god can justify my marriage to this man! I dont need paper or a ring clarrify!! i may be a mistake to him but he will never be a mistake to me!!! He is my love and will always be!!! PS... if u took the time to read this.... Thank you!!! sooo much!!! Have a Great Easter Weekend to
Herbie's Happenings
Update Well,... Here we go. My Sister will be having gastric bypass surgery at 11 am today and I'm at home with my phone and the numbers of her friends to let them know how every thing went. My Older sister and my father will be with her at the Hospital oh yeah as well as Steve. My cousin is staying at her house so the kids will have someone there when they get home from school. I forgot that it's Thursday because my days off from work are Wednesday and Thursday and I thought it was the weekend so I was a bit retarded and ask her why not just have the kids stay at my house LOL. Duh, they are in school. Hopefully everything will go well, I am a bit nervous for her but due to her medical condition, she had to get it done. Ok, now on about me. Nothing has changed. I went to Florida, saw some friends and family, got stuck in Atlanta due to the weather, finally got home and poof, went bad to work. Still single, still lonely, still um here LOL. Oh, I posted some of the photo'
sup, nosey? LOL~ this place is a madhouse... ok, give me a month to catch up, and if anyone wants to show this lady around, i'm needing it! if i don't respond or seem rude, it's because i don't know what the heck i'm doing yet.
some times you take life for grantede and dont relize that something is happening inside your body and dont even relize it. about 6 weeks ago, i had a weak up call. i had a heart attck and i am only 38 and still have a long life ahead of me, so i know that i have to take better care of myself and watch what i eat and do more exercise to stay fit and make sure that wont happen again. being a truck drive is hard to stat fit and to make sure you stay healthy , because being a truck driver and being always on the go is hard to stay fit, but i need to do what i need to. if any one that reads this can give me some info to stay fit while i am on the road. thank you You Were a Giraffe You are a high achiever - able to reach things others can't. A great communicator, you are good at getting past superficialities.What Animal Were You In a Past Life?
To Him
Sometimes things get in such a mess when we try so hard to resist. The authority that is put in our path so unreasonable we have to deal with. When all we need to do is hook into His Power. It would be so much easier to submit than to fight with our spiritual fist, To think God just doesn't understand, All He wants is us in His hands.. He loves us so much and wants us in His touch. For you are made special just for Him. So in our life remember to keep from strife. To submit to our authorities God has given For our life is not our own. If you have said a vow To Jesus to take you now Then jump for joy and remember we are His forever and ever. And tell Him that you want to give yourself To Him
Best Morph Contest
I just wanted to thank everyone who vote and left comments for me in the Sexist Eyes Contest. I just found out that I won. I am so excited. First contest I ever won. So thank you very Much. I love ya all. Laree I would like to thank all of you that came by and supported me in the Best Morph Contest. I came in 4th out of 30. Which wasn't to bad. I love you all and I had a great time.
* A Never Ending Fantasy *
CO-CREATING A NEW COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM by Ani Jangchub Dolma The start of a new millennium is a momentous event of great significance. We have an opportunity, like the new year, to begin anew. There are immense changes taking place in this time and I would like to suggest the possibility that not only do we each have the capability to pray, meditate and envision a new reality for ourselves and others, as indeed many groups have been doing for years, but that by doing so collectively and consciously, all over the planet as the new millennium begins, we could achieve a giant shift in consciousness. Our minds create our reality. We discover this as we work to free ourselves from confining, repressive, negative situations. It doesn't happen overnight, training the mind out of its negative patterns, but it is possible. Equally we can, by focusing together, change our collective reality and create the new world we wish to live in. Can we conceive of a w
Random Thought
I have my grandmothers temper and my moms patience. Since they don't get along all the time no wonder I'm always internally conflicted. Why is some people on this site seem not to evne wanna return a hello? I don't think I'm a bad person...I try to say hi to everyone thats on my friends list...see how they are...but I get no response most of the time. Why? Let me edit this b4 people get ticked...I mean people I dont hear from at all.
Sexiest Female Smile Contest! :)
Leaving for sunny FLA on thursday! im going to be there with my three girls for 2 weeks and 2 days and its going to be beautiful! i cant wait! :) Ft. Lauderdale here i come baby!
im new and im just getting the hang of this site... im on myspace too so hit me up: im just trying to meet cool people and maybe some hook ups so if you are interested just hollar! hehehe ;) So I dont know much about this site so help me out... Im into Myspace myself but im giving this a shot...
Tell Me What You Think Girls.. After All Its For You
seriously laddies im not gonna get any feed back. just check out the pics i got and let me know if any wanna see a little more... please comment i was wondering if any of you girls think i should put some dick pics up here. get back to me let me know if you ladies think its a good idea.
Showering Habits
This is the " Valentine Application." Everyone knows there's at least one person on cherry tap that you want to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Let's see who replys back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Area 1: Please provide positive answers. Name: Age: Phone: Height: Do you Drive: State You Live In: May I Call You: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: Will You Send This Back To Me?: Area 2: What would you do if I... I made a move on u: I kissed you: I lived next door to you: I started smoking: I asked you on a date: I asked u to have sex? I asked u out? Area 3: What do you think about my... Personality: Eyes: Hair: Body: Area 4: Have you ever.... Lied to make me feel better? Wanted to kiss me? Wanted to kill me? Broke my heart? Kept something important from me? Area 5: "X" marks the sp
First Blog
This year has gone by so fast. I cant believe christmas is right around the corner. Time flys huh? Well soon it will be 2007. 2006 wasnt a great year so it needs to go. Here's hoping everyone has a great 2007. I just wanted to say I have met some really kewl people on here and want to say thanks for making this fun. Sean
please please vote for me thank you guys
Just Yacking
Ok,I 've never actually written a blog before,and I'm basically just doing it because I well I really don't know why.I just got off the phon with my mom,She and my Daughter had just gotton back from the Dr's where my daughter has undergone more testing(yes my mom has custody of my daughter long story,please don't judge me on that,it really the best place for her)(and it's a long story that expands my lifetime)back to the subject,My daughter has previously been diagnosed as having ADHD,no big deal right plenty of people with ADHD go on to live productive lives,and then on top of that was diagnosed with mild autism.Oh she's going to be 12 in Dec,Developmentaly she act's like she's 5-6 yrs old.Is in the "6th grd",but doing 2nd grd work.She is in a special school,will never attend normal school again...She is now diagnosed as being Mentaly Retarded,not developmentaly disabled...for the rest of her life she will need adult supervision,no proms no drivers licsense and it's breaking my heart.
So Yeah
If We Had Sex..... don't be scared. you never know who really wants to do you! (Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out). 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you let me pull your hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you from 1 - 10? 16. Would you want me to go fast or slow? 17. Where would you want it? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you mind if i licked you? 20. Would you Fuck me today? 21. Would you Fuck me tomorrow?
You are 36% fuckable! Take this quiz at At the request of the lovely and talented Sexy_Vixen, I am going to reveal 10 Sexual Secrets, just as she did in her blog. I am supposed to ask 10 other people to do it as well, but, what the hell, I am going to ask everyone. :P JD's Top Ten Sexual Secrets From the home office in Sin City, NV 1) I've tied up a woman with ropes, scarves..even my karate black belt. 2) I've been on the set of a porn movie while it was being filmed. 3) Additionally, I've had people pay me to take photos of them having sex. I've also done it for free. 4) I've had sex in public. 5) By my previous answers, you can see that I am pretty voyeuristic. Makes me good at my job. 6) I'd make a great gay man, because I can deep throat. No, I've never tried it on a willy, but I can swallow swords. 7) I wouldn't mind being in a MMF get-together. I am pretty confident in my sexuality. Plus, there is nothing hotter than experiencing a
Dark Thought's
since noone want's to ever talk on here then i'm tired of wasting my time with it.... this turned out to be as lame as myspace... just without the children troublemakers.... Darkness engulfs as night fall's. A distant howl of a broken heart. A cut flowing crimson so warm and deep. Lures a soul to endless sleep. Nowhere to be bound. A lost soul to be reborn, crying, screaming as a new child born. bry
whats up holla at ya boy lets get to know each other yo whats good ladies hileave a message let me know whats good wit ya
Angie's Thought's!
Hey everyone. Well right now I"m back in Indiana because on the 18th my dad died of a heart attack. He was 43. I cried for like 6 hrs non stop when I found out in Killeen Tx. I took a grey houund back to IN. Now it really suck's cause I was doing really good in TX and this happened out of no where. I think I might have to stay here for awhile to take care of my mom and sis. UGH.. crys* I just wish thing's could go good for me. I know everything happens for a reason though. I miss my dad a lot.. I have not seen him in 7 months. I only talked to him 3-4 times in that period. UGH okay. Hey everyone. What's up? Wow, I have been thinking about thing's like crazy. Sometimes my thought's scare me but sometimes I scare my self because I don't think enough. I relize I blow off a lot of thing's because I don't want to think about them, leaving them to not get worse or better. I then miss out on lesson's I could have learned and feeling's I could have felt or wisdom I could have grew with. Som
Tribute To The Best Birds In The World
Blossom was my baby. I got her as a birthday present before I started middle school, and she made it into college with me. I've never cried as much as the day that she died. I finally had her saying "I love you." Can you imagine how cute that was? Well, it was twice as cute as you're picturing it, trust me. I also had a little yellow bird named Blondie, who was only a few months old. I loved her as well, but I barely knew her. Please vote for Blossom in the best pet contest. She truly was the best pet ever. I would love to win this, just to know that everyone else sees how wonderful she was. How can I figure out who it was. That makes me so mad! No one's that ugly, I mean come on...
First Timer
Speak Of Home
Be blessed and know the Lord is right besides you. Even when you don't believe in Him, He is there for you. Lord touch each and every person who comes to this site. Touch them and let them know you are here and love them. Reach down to all who are hurting and sick. The ones who can't go on or are so alone. Lord please let them feel You right now and know you do care and have your hand out to take all the sorrows and woes away. That you are right there with them crying too. Holding them so close. Lord pour out Your Spirit and Your amazing Grace. In Jesus name amen We try so hard to find a place when we are not here to leave a trace Great in the Fathers hand We travel as His ambassadors in this land. We try so hard to keep what we have but we forget that it is He that gave Getting ourselves so out of place We forget to speak of His Amazing Grace When we are in His Will We will not need the things of this world So share Him today, So tha
Smile Contest
This is my first Blog... I hope I did it right... This is a friends Smile Contest contestant... please rate her This is my first Blog... I hope I did it right... This is a friends Smile Contest contestant... please rate her
Stand Up!
Figured I'd try some of my material on here. Realization Okay, everyone has those memories from childhood, when they just couldn't take their parents anymore. It maybe brief, but you just can't stand them for that moment. Man my moment was with my mom. My mom and her damn peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches. I always had to fix them. Come on you remember this, your parents all of a sudden lose the ability to move once you become 10! They ask you to get the remote when it's right at their feet! Anyway, My mom had this thing for peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches, It was crazy cause she always wanted them a certain way...more peanut butter than jelly. She complained everytime I did it, But it's cool, you're 10 so your ulitmate goal in life then is to please your mom. So one night I'm in the kitchen makin her a sandwich. I'm all proud cause this time I was going to make it fuckin' perfect! So I get out the peanut butter, and a big ass spatula so I can make sure I layer the
Hummm Poor Baby!!
Pale moon shadows cascade upon the open dance floor Under the twinkle of the stars, A feeling rushes through my body. Unknowing of your presence, I close my eyes And let my long fingers fall to my shirt, Rubbing the fabric so lightly. The sense of urgency fills me with desire. My silky hair falls across my face and I dance alone On that dance floor made of grass and wildflowers A feeling of contentment, lustful dreams... The breeze from the lake catches the bareness under my skirt. I shiver, thinking I am cold, but instead, I'm wet. Drowning in the distant music of my heart I lay down on the satin blanket, letting my legs fall apart. My hands roam freely. The need to touch my flower A soft moan escapes my pouty lips, Rubbing faster, sliding fingers Ohh yes, mmm, my body quivers in the open air. I sense your presence now. Darkness alludes us. "Come dance with me," I whisper. You step forward with a rose and Slide its silky petals across my stomac
Hey Friends An Fam
im just wondering what the future holds i thought i found love but nope all she wanted to was make a babby and dip out can i be the first to say as a man i feel use will there be any woman to heal my broken heart only the futre can tell as of now im AT A LOSS OF WORDS hey guys i have my own station nothing angents clr no beef they had to make a busness dision an so here i am a longe is coming soona i will be needing dj we will be playing hip hop an rap r&b an screw an lil of all hit me up if u would like to he;p
In 2007, you will... Have chocolate licked off your body 'What is your sexual new years prediction?' at I wonder if I am doing right As I work till dawn shed its light And my thoughts go to distant things I wonder what the future brings As I think about my hopes in life And go through the hardships and strife I wonder if it is worth it all As I think of the past beyond recall And write my thoughts out for all to see I wonder what will now become of me As I sit and dream of hope and love And look for the answers from heaven above I wonder if it maters you see As I think of what has been and will be And spend my time lost in thought I wonder if all has been for naught By R. Thomas Dinsmore
(`._.SeaWitch._.) ....come and sail away with me... till the end of time...!! come and sail away with me........! =)
Everyday Stuff
BASICS: Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: OTHER: 1. Where would we go on dates? 2. Who are three (or more) of your favorite bands/artists? 3. Do you drink/smoke?? 4. Do you like the rain? 5. If so...would you play in it with me? 6. Do you like movies? 7. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night? 8. Could we cuddle and just fall asleep together? 9. Would you kiss my forhead? 10. Do you play an instrument? 11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw eachother to make sure I made it home alright? 13. How would you rate your hugs from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on a girl? 15. Favorite body part on me? 16. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 17. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, slut)? 18. Would you give me kisses just because? What Would You do if... I cried: I said I liked you: I kissed you: I was hospitalized: I ran away from home: We got in a fight:
"internet Obsession"
PITBULL GENOCIDELETS STOP MAN'S BEST FRIEND FROM BECOMING ONE OF MAN'S RECENT MEMORIESThere is currently a bill going through that will ban the dog breed pitbulls from the United states. A breed who has gotten a very bad name, of all dog bites from all breeds of dogs, pitbulls rated number 4 FROM THE BOTTOM. So to eradicate a species based on something that is not the fault of its own, like any animal it learns to adapt to its environment. Any one who owns a pit bull know that he breed is one of loving and caring nature.Breed / Percentage of BitesMixed Breeds - 34%Shepherds - 7%Labs - 7%Rottweilers - 6%Boxers - 4%Chows - 3%Pit Bulls - 2%As you can see, pit bulls are extremely low on the list compared to other breeds which do not have the negative reputation which society has given pit bulls. Approximately 77% of all dogs pass the temperment test, while a whopping 95% of pitbulls pass. As a breed the pitbull does better on the temperment test than retrievers, labs, dalmations, and almo
Life Changes
The Weekend
The Pumpkin By J. G. Whittier Ah! On Thanksgiving Day, when from East and from West, From North and from South come the pilgrim and guest, When the gray-haired New Englander sees round his board The old broken links of affection restored, When the care-wearied man seeks his mother once more, And the worn matron smiles where the girl smiled before, What moistens the lip, and what brightens the eye? What calls back the past, like the rich pumpkin pie? O, fruit loved of boyhood! the old days recalling; When wood-grapes were purpling and brown nuts were falling! When wild, ugly faces were carved in its skin, Glaring out through the dark with a candle within! When we laughed round the corn heap, with hearts all in tune, Our chair a broad pumpkin, our lantern the moon, Telling tales of the fairy who traveled like steam In a pumpkin-shell coach, with two rats for her team! Then, thanks for thy present! - none sweeter or better E'er smoked from an oven or circled a pl
This is a story about a popular young Rabbi, who on Sabbath Eve announces to his congregation that he will not renew his contract. He explains that he must move on to a larger congregation that will pay him more. There is a hush. No one wants him to leave. Sol Epstein, who owns several car dealerships in the City stands up and proclaims: "If the Rabbi stays, I will provide him with a new Cadillac every year and his wife with a Honda mini-van to transport their children!" The congregation sighs in appreciation, and applauds. Sam Goldstein, a successful entrepreneur and investor , stands and says: If the Rabbi will stay on here, I'll personally double his salary, and also establish a foundation to guarantee the college education's of all his children!!" More sighs and loud applause. Sadie Goldfarb, age 88, stands and announces with a smile, "If the Rabbi stays, I vill give him sex!" There is total silence. The Rabbi, blushing, asks her: "Mrs. Goldfarb, whatever
What Do You Think?
i know what i want to say, just not how to say it so bear with me. right now, the song on my page says a lot of what i want to say to him. so, there is this guy. some of you know who im talkin about and most of you dont. lets keep it that way. eventhough he has no idea, he is my biggest influence. there are things i do now that i didnt do before i met him. i never knew what love was and how it felt to be loved until i met him. yeah, i know what some of you are saying and believe me, im aware of what im saying. i know how i described our life together wasnt always pretty. i spent more years with him than some marriages last and i dont regret any of it. i love him with every ounce of my being. mind you, i said love him and not in love with him, there is a huge difference. even after we broke up, we were still great friends but he lied about some pretty important things and i told him that i never wanted to talk to him again. here it is, months later and he invades my every though
Bored And Waiting
So it's about 2:30pm right now and it's a Saturday. I should be out chillin with my friends or taking my son to the park or some bullshit like that. But no..instead I am at home writing my first blog being bored and waiting for my son to wake up..I just thought I'd share that with everyone..Bye So it's like 2 in the afternoon over here and I am like soo fricken bored. I have school tonight that I'm not to excited about, i'm just about out of cigs, and i'm hungry so I'm gonna make me and my son some lunch.... I thought i'd share that cause i dunno i'm bored...later
Proverbs, Inc.
Click, click, doubleclick Quick fingers on the latest laptop keyboard Knock, Knock, Knocking on virtual doors Behind which sit and hide, If one is determined, flesh and blood. Pop-ups pop up, i shoot them down, Proud of my immunity An outlaw in the online community. The lists stretch on over the cyber horizon of those who share my simple, specific views A boy on Guam, longing for civilazation. A three-hundred pound EMT in Alabama, whose life is saving lives. In Houston, HungLikeKong@WebTV, longs to serve. Mindy in Tampa, posts her phone number, I hope she’s getting calls. In New York, Chargebythehour invites me to one of his parties. In Santa Monica, QueenBarbarian offers her breasts for adoration. The net is a catalog, selected pieces of people. A panoply of parts. For all the parts displayed, the whole is still elusive. A first grade teacher collected old, well known proverbs. She gave each kid in her class the first half of a proverb, and had them com
Stuff About Me! :)
I have spent a lot of time over the last few weeks thinking about why there are so many things about myself that I would change and what would cause me to have so many insecurities. Well, I think I finally figured it out (and giys do not take offense) it is men. Not every man is this way mind you, but the men that I have dated in the past have beat my self confidence down to the point that even though is slowly creeping up it is still pretty mediocre! I have been told that I am fat, ugly, mean, and unattractive to the point that I actually started believing it! I am going to work on it now that I know what I need to work on! :) I guess just from hearing that I am not wanted and not pretty it kind of put me in a place that was not too full of self worth. However, while I was working tonight I sat down for break and started thinking about myself and I have come to the conclusion that I am an amazingly strong person and that anyone that can't see that, appreciate that, and love me for tha
Speaking The Truth...
I beg to differ, you did have Steves brother at our house Tina, I was there, and you are the one who introduced him. In fact if I remember correctly, you said he was married, but he was going to get a divorce because his wife was a bitch to him, and that you were going to get married because the two of you always had feelings for each other and you would be better for him than she was. AS for the miscarriage Ashley had, yes, she was upset...upset over the same type of shit her "friedns" were giving her. YOU would know that better than anyone. I could mention your daughter and her previous miscarriages(or at least the ones you claim she had). You seemed to take great pleasure in taking total responcibility for each of those. Are you proud of the fact that you caused such a thing? You don't want to get into a battle of words with me, I know ALOT more about you than you would think and I have no problem letting anyone know about it...ANYONE! Maybe if you actually had a
Chinese Horoscope
Your Birthdate: January 24 You understand people well and are a natural born therapist. A peacemaker, people always seem to get along when you are around. You tend to be a father or mother figure to friends, even to those older than you. You enjoy your role, and you find that you are close to many people. Your strength: Your devotion Your weakness: Reliance on others for happiness Your power color: Lilac Your power symbol: Heart Your power month: June What Does Your Birth Date Mean? dog In the West, the Dog is man's best friend, but in Chinese Astrology this Sign is a little more unpredictable than that. Dogs are loyal, faithful and honest and always stick to their firm codes of ethics. However, this Sign has trouble trusting others. It's generally quite trustworthy itself -- except for the occasional "little white lies" the Dog tells in order to make things go more smoothly. The Dog makes a wonderful, discreet and loyal friend (despite any white lies) and is an
Money Making Ways Online!
(o u really thought it was the day at the nude beach huh! Well this is better ull actually make money with this!!!) BEST CASH REWARDS Please read it carefully as you won't want to miss out on this... You've likely never seen an online free-to-participate extra income program that ever amounted to anything. Well, I've found the exception to the rule. The BestCashRewards program is an entirely new means of creating a substantial extra income. There is no fee to participate, and your income potential is huge. All that is required from you is to view (1) thirty minute online seminar per week. Not a bad trade-off huh? In addition to this great extra income opportunity, you will enjoy many other benefits in this new community. The is a family environment, and offers many free conference rooms for learning as well as entertainment. There are even Live Karaoke rooms for you to sing or just listen. Come check this out and let me know what you
Steelers Videos
Poetry I Like
the lord is all that i need for nothing he allows me to chill and keeps me from being heated and allows me to breathe easy he guides my life so that i can represent and give shout outs in his name and even thought i walk through the hood of death i dont back down for you have my back the fact that you have me covered allows me to chill he provides me with back up in front of my player- HATERS and i know that i am a baller and that life will be phat i fall back in the Lord's crib for the rest of my life (credit: AUTOBIOGRAPHY IN FIVE SHORT CHAPTERS by Portia Nelson I I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk I fall in. I am lost ... I am helpless. It isn't my fault. It takes me forever to find a way out. II I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I pretend I don't see it. I fall in again. I can't believe I am in the same

Must Save The Monkeys Video
What's Up??
COME CELEBRATE A FANTASTIC FU-WEDDING JOINING TOGETHER WICKEDPAGON & DANI SUNDAY JANUARY 25, 2009 at 3PM EST IN THE DARKDEMONS LOUNGE ATTENDING.... BEST MAN & MAID OF HONOR DJ Evil Joker XXtreme Full Throttle Radio@ fubar Disturbed Sorceress *Scooter Bar Greeter*& Evil Joker's Ball n Chain !@ fubar WITNESSES Ħęňŧħ-У Faml-{Đrmńrkmn-ung}@ fubar PriSSy_ChriStY-У Faml-{Gtrrkmn-ung}@ fubar
Pretty Kitty Contest
Laughter And Giggles (funny Things)
When in sorrow, call John 14 When men fail you, call Psalm 27 If you want to be fruitful, call John 15 When you have sinned, call Psalm 51 When you worry, call Matthew 6:19-34 When you are in danger, call Psalm 91 When God seems far away, call Psalm 139 When your faith needs stirring, call Hebrews 11 When you are lonely and fearful, call Psalm 23 When you grow bitter and critical, call 1 Corinthians 13 For Paul's secret to happiness, call Col. 3:12-17 For idea of Christianity, call 2Corinthians 5:5-19 When you feel down and out, call Romans 8:1-30 When you leave home for labor or travel, call Psalm 121 When your prayers grow narrow or selfish, call Psalm 67 For a great invention/opportunity, call Isaiah 55 When you want courage for a task, call Joshua 1 How to get along with fellow men, call Roman 12 When you think of investments/returns, call Mark 10 If you are depressed, call Psalm 27 If your pocketbook is
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time.... I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? 2. People who are willing to get off their butt to search the entire room for the tv remote because they refuse to walk to the tv and change the channel manually. 3. When people say, "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too". Damn right! What good is cake if you can't eat it? 4. When people say, "it's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you've found it? Do people actually do this? Who and where are they? 5. When people say, "did you see that?" while watching a film. No you loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor. 6. People who ask, "Can I ask you a question?".... Didn't really give me a choice there, did ya sunshine? 7. When something is 'new and improved!'. Which is it? If it's new, then
Where Are All The People At?
So im a cheap drunk! lol! But tonight i decided, ive not drank in FORFUCKENEVER so i baught a bottle of Boone's Farm Blackberry Ridge and i got home and realized i already had one in the fridge.. So I drank it first, and then tilted the other back... YAY boones farm, i needed a buzz... And im a Wineo anyhow... Lets hear from all you girlie girls who preffer Boone's Farm to Beer or Liquor? So here's a pic from my Once in a while occasion, besides i deserve it since im spended Turkey day all by my lonesome (depressing I know)! Syn PS. couldn't find a pic of the Blackberry Ridge, but i like this one too! So i joined Cherry Tap hope'n that id get a good responce from people and get some mad amount of friends.... And have some people with similar interests as my own to bs with.... So where are you all at? Things are moven slow over here on my end. Talk to me people! I won't bite, unless you wish for me to! tee hee! Syn
Late Night Story
Bill worked his way thru the crowd very slowly. He was trying to make it to his seat before the opening ceremonies. His heart raced as the anticipation built. This was his first trip outside the USA. He had always dreamed about seeing the Olympic games. Now he was having the vacation of a life time in Australia. At last he could see his seat, he stopped when he saw a gorgeous woman in his spot. The woman in the next seat was obviously her identical twin. They had long blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips, perfect breasts and long tan legs. Bill felt his cock twitching as lustful thoughts filled his mind. They looked up at him, then gave each other a knowing glance and started giggling. Bill said, "Excuse me, I think your in my seat." One of the twins answered, with a Swedish accent, "I am Svetlana and this is my sister Katja. We came here from Sweden to compete in the 500 meter race." "Really?" Bill asked. Both twins nodded their heads and said, "Ya, ya, we are Olympic competitors.
All About Me
If you ever wanted to know about me...or even if you didn' is pretty much anything and everything I could tell you about myself. 1. Full name: Elle 2. Nicknames: Girlblink182, Sweetie 3. Eye Colour: Brown 4. Height: 5" 2 5. Hair: Black 6. Siblings: 1 brother I don't talk to much 7. Do u like to sing in the shower? nope, there's better things to do in there 8. Do u like to sing on the toilet? not really 9. Birthday: Nov.29.... 10. Sign: Sagittarius 11. Address: Canada 12. Sex: Had it and like it ;) 13. Righty or lefty: Lefty 14. What do you want in a relationship most? Love, Respect, Honesty, Open Communication, Humour, Trust 15. Have you ever cheated? Yep.....a long time ago 16. Marital status: Hitched 17. Do you have a car? Nope 18. What kinda car do you have/want? Hubby has a Kia, I want a minivan :) 19. Movie: Titanic 20. Song: Distraction 21. Band/singer: Blink182, Angels and Airwaves, AFI..... 22. TV Show:
Because I Can
tired, but not really. wondering about a couple of things. very introverted at the moment. guess this isn't much of a post because I am already tired of typing it. oh well, so it is a nonpost. deal. mario kart double dash....and then a scrawny white night is weird. now....for a movie. and a puppet that wants beer at the track. and then box wine. and no, i'm not drunk, this is really going on. comedy central makes my night better.
Stuff You Never Wanted To See
If you ever wanted to know about me...or even if you didn' is pretty much anything and everything I could tell you about myself. 1. Full name: Steven 2. Nicknames: various, none known here 3. Eye Colour: Blue 4. Height: 6"2' 5. Hair: Brownish-blonde 6. Siblings: 2 younger sisters 7. Do u like to sing in the shower? nope, don't take the time. :) 8. Do u like to sing on the toilet? not really 9. Birthday: Sept 11 10. Sign: Vigo 11. Address: Conway, AR 12. Sex: Had it and LOVE it ;) 13. Righty or lefty: righty 14. What do you want in a relationship most? Love, Respect, Honesty, Open Communication, Humour, Trust 15. Have you ever cheated? yeah...not since i've been married though.. 16. Marital status: Hitched 17. Do you have a car? yep 18. What kinda car do you have/want? 2004 Sante Fe 19. Movie: Hackers 20. Song: can't pick just one. 21. Band/singer: too many to list 22. TV Show: House, Haunting, Ghost Hunters 2
My Writing
I have been thinking allot, probably too much as it tends to be consistent with my consumption of coffee or booze, and the listening to of sad or melancholy music. I seem to have gotten old before I was ready, before my time. I have not traveled anywhere of my choosing with no other reason to go than "It seems like fun" in years. Everything is quite planned now, no youthful exuberance left to wanderlust me off to somewhere new. No longer can I hop the next northbound train to god knows where. Long have those days been in the past, yet when that steam whistle blows a note is plucked on my heartstrings resonating the final note of the ballad that played itself strong through my youth yet slowly, despondently, gently it died into this white noise wash of hollow feelings and unanswered questions. So here I sit with the weight of the world on the tip of my tongue, yet nothing to say. Music is a healing force. It separates us from our soma, and washes our souls clean, paints pictures from th
Funny Shit
The Smurf Orgy Its time to tell the truth about Smurfs. You see, Smurfs are a lot like other folks; they have dreams and ambitions, deep, thoughtful conversations with each other, and good and bad times. But, people ask, do Smurfs have... you know... sex? The answer is an emphatic and resounding yes! And why shouldnt they? Theyre people, too. What most people dont know is why Smurfs are blue. Well, the reason is because Smurfs only have sex once a year. Face it: if you had sex only once a year, youd be blue, too. Once a year, in the Smurf village, flags and banners fly happily in the breeze, proclaiming that the day of the annual Smuckfest has arrived. Birds sing and the Sun comes out to watch, despite the weather-Smurfs direst predictions. I guess good ol Mr. Sun is a voyeur. In the middle of town, Papa Smurf gives a brief speech explaining the origin of the Smuckfest; how Dr. C. Everett Koop came to the village and warned all the Smurfs about AIDS. Pa
Horror Pix Contest, Please Vote...
lets be grown ups on this...i seen adults act worse then kids? thi is supposed to be a adult site.. but latey its kiddy....if some one down rate ya big deal, so what. there just ignorante..
every woman should own a speculum Current mood: dorky Category: Life the first time i saw my cervix i was 19. i wish i had seen it sooner. i think that all gynecologists should show women the insides of their vaginas. it should be a routine part of the exam. why did it take so many years for a doctor to be so compassionate? this last year i purchased my own speculum, so that i can view my vagina and cervix whenever i want. why? you might ask. isn't once a year at the dr's office enough? HELL NO! i had to go to the dr this last year because i was having pain durring intercourse. upon examining me the dr thought i might have genital warts. i had unusual, small, raised areas on my vaginal walls. so, i had a vaginal byopsy, (yes, they cut out small pieces) and a whole range of testing to determine if i had warts, and if not, what was wrong with me now. (my cunt is often a trouble maker). this prompted me to purchase my own speculum, i had to see for myself. it turned out,
To all the parent's,teacher's, and leaders lets become the ones our children look up too. For so long I have sat back and watched as our communities die a painful and horrible death. As our children look to these actors, rapper's, and sport figures to mode them. Yet at the same time these our the same people who are going to jail,killing, and dying broke. And we wonder why these same thing are happening to our children. We must return to the days where everybody knew each other names, faces,children and just cared what happened to one another. And once again become the leaders, teachers, and guides that our children emmulate. So the the next time you see a group of kids just standing around doing nothing, talk too them. let them know that someone cares about them and their future.And just maybe we'll start to see more book instead of bullets, more dads instead of deadbeats,more more mothers than mistakes, and finally more love instead of hate. This just my thoughts and opin
Stocking Fetish
I've got another lovely model to add to my stocking girls portfolio, Paige Richards, who loves stockings anyway! I've sent her four pairs of vintage stockings and she's promised me some great phots, I can't wait. She also appears in the April, 2007 issue of Leg Show in stockings! If you have anything like a stocking, foot or leg fetish you MUST pay a visit to JB Video. I've collected about 40 DVDs of the most beautiful models wearing stockings and driving me crazy with lust, yes, totally masturbatory, but how wonderful to fantasise and orgasm over your favorite fetish!

fading eye life is a dream not worth waiting to wake from so blink away the fadeing traces of half remembered dreams and peer into the eye of your imagination little things my love; gental as the rain my heart; free of pain sheltered by the love of one my desires on the run unstoppable passion from with in tearing at my soal, let it beguin my future; your future together my heart is yours now and forever our love was painted never to be tainted or influenced by hate it has been our fate to fall for one another there is, for me, one lover i crave something real; so my heart may feal i`ve found it true i only have eyer for you
How Do I Support Wiindows?
think of off. happy i am. made a new friend. good coffee. good weed. so now, my computer (and oddly my boyfriend) both have some kind of bug. hey, i am new to this cyber world, i still listen to vinyl! why would a window (i.e "my space") close when you try to log in? PLEASE HELP TEACH THE TECH CHALLENGED!!! i don't
Not Fair
Its SO not a good feeling :( I'm already late for work (BIG suprise) and I don't wannna go *insert extrememly whiney voice* Stayed up WAY too late this morning (Thanks Shawn, Phil and Cookie) and everyone gets to sleep in but me...NOT FAIR lol So when you all wake up and feel rested and refreshed...think of me dying at work..drinking cup after cup of coffee just waiting come home and pass the fuck out :D
Merry Christmas!
TELL EVERY ONE TO SEND ME A LETTER! IT'S NOT LONG TILL CHRISTMAS! Send Your Letter To Santa, At The North Pole. The Letters to Santa are Free! Send as Many Letters As You Like Year Round. TELL SATANA HOW BAD YOU HAVE BEEN!
Museumgirl Loose In The Exhibitions I may be traumatized... Be sure to check out the "World's Least Subtle Tampon Case." Hey hey! A brand new way to waste my time on the internet. I love it!
In Memory Of David Elwood Fisher
When we lose someone we love The loss seems too great to bear God sends us friends to confort us To show us that he cares. But in the dark hours of the night When there's nobody else around When we feel the saddest and loneliest It's there God's love can be found. It's like a soothing, healing, balm To soothe our broken hearts The healing oil poured over us That flows into every part. We can rest secure in God's love And know He's by our side He holds us when we feel as though A part of us has died. We can know that Godwill listen When we just want to talk And when we feel we need to cry We can share it with the Lord. For He is always waiting there Ready with arms open wide As we pour out the hut within He pours His live inside. Out father about loves us so much And will never leave us alone He will not forsake us in out need To face this on our own. He comforts us and Strengthens us And rubs us with his balm And as the dawn breaks thr
Help Me!!!!
Come on people get in there and vote for me in this contest here is the link just click and vote and spam it. [ photo: 1774971616 ] Come on my friends help me out here. I need to make next level i know yall can help me so let's get me get to the next level.
Why ??
*!*Whats your Name*!* 2. Are we close? 3. What do you think of me? 4. Do you hav a crush on me? 5. Would u kiss me? 6. would u hurt me? 7. Describe me in 3 words? 8. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do? 9. What was ur first impression of me? 10. Do u still think the same? 11.. What reminds u of me? 12. If you could give me anything what would it be? 13. How well do u know me? 14. What do u like best about me? 15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt? 16. Could you ever love me? 17. Give me a nickname and explain why? 18.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u? 19.Anything 2 say b4 u go? 20.Would u go wit me? Why Do Friends Have To Leave You ?? Why Do Love Ones Have To Leave You ?? Why Does It Always Happen To You ?? Why Do You Try ?? Why Cry About It ?? Why Do Any Thing At All ?? Why Do People Keep On And On About It ?? I Ask WHY ?? Please Leave A Comment !
National Pageant
Off to California in the morning for the National pageant!!! Wish me luck! :) I'll be back in a week but I am bringing my labtop Talk to all of you lata! :) I recieved my National Cover Girl tite!! Yeahe!! I also recieved a spirit stick for being the most spirited! That really excites me! Get this one though... I got a trophy for buying the most souviners in Hollywood HAHAHHA Anyway... I'm posting pictures that my mom is taking as she's uploading them but I will post mine as soon as I get home!!! Love you guys!
Nintendo Wii
my grandmother just passed away, she was the one i was rasied by, i loved her dearly, i miss u ma, ill see u soon , much luv to yah thanks for all u have done, im havin a hard time playin the games with this kick ass controller, any suggestions?
Fed Up!
So me getting fed up is getting worse. The "I love you" messages and the "I miss you" messages are to much! When it's now pretty much coming from two people, not just the one, it's time for me to react. It's to the point where I don't know who I can trust around me and the person I'm with. We had such a good week this week and I don't want things to start going down hill because people can't leave the past, well past. So I suggest people do, that's all. There is a lot of shit I can only stand so long...Well that shit is going to end now because I'm really fed up with it. When you are with someone and everyone knows, they should back off of that person. I'm happy with the one I'm with, but I guess other people can't be happy. He's with me now and they are going to have to deal with it. I hate hating people but it's about to get to that point. Heads up...I'm fed up... Everyone can take it how they want but whatever. Blogs have been posted already to give you a heads up and obviously it
TRUE BUDWEISER STORY... AIN'T PAYBACK HELL? There's no such thing as hopeless if you believe ! The Budweiser Story (not a joke). This is TRUE ! How Budweiser handled those who laughed at those who died on the 11th of September, 2001... Thought you might like to know what happened in a little town north of Bakersfield, California. After you finish reading this, please forward this story on to others so that our nation and people around the world will know about those who laughed when they found out about the tragic events in New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon. THIS BUD IS NOT FOR YOU, ISHMAEL. On September 11th, a Budweiser employee was making a delivery to a convenience store in a California town named McFarland. He knew of the tragedy that had occurred in New York when he entered the business to find the two Arabs, who owned the business, whooping and hollering to show their approval and support of this treacherous attack. The Bu
New to Cherry Tap New to Cherry Tap
Once upon a time a long, long time ago, a boy called A'neglakya and his sister A'neglakyatsi-tsa lived deep within the Earth. As often as they could they came up to the surface to go on long walks, exploring the land, watching and listening carefully to all and everything they encountered on their journeys. Upon their return they told their mother about everything they had seen. However, one day the twin-sons of the Sun-god grew suspicious of them and they wondered what they should do about the inquisitive pair. Soon after, A'neglakya and his sister were once again on one of their walkabouts, when they came upon the sons of the Sun-god. Casually the twins inquired about their well-being: "We are very happy" was the reply, and A'neglakya told the twins how he and his sister could make people fall asleep and have visionary dreams or let them 'see' the whereabouts of lost objects. Upon hearing this the twins decided that the two definitely knew too much and that they should put an end to
So Here We Are!!
Ok, so i know we havent been too active on here with everything lol but for starters thanx to all of those who gave us a warm welcome and have added us as friends or fans or anything of that sort lol. Ashley is due on jan 7th with our 1st son but our 3rd child between the 2 of us. Our girls Hailie and Kaylie will be 4 and 2 this month. Hailie on dec 31st and Kaylie on dec 29th. Ashley and I have both picked up lots of extra hours at our works so we may not be on as often but we will for sure get back to you if you leave us a message or anything. if you want a quicker way to get us just im us on yahoo under the sn mr_ms_B we hope you have all had a wonderful thanksgiving and we hope you all have a merry xmas or whatever it is that yall choose to celebrate lol. Ok so we have just jaoined the site and alreasy we are IN LOVE with it lol. we are still trying to work out some details and kinks on our profile so please bear with us and if you have ANY suggestions let us know ;) have
A Lil About Me
I love to joke around a good deal about things, but one thing I am serious about is children. If none of you know of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital then you should check into it. Finding Cures, Saving Children is their motto. They treat various cancers and other catastrophic child illnesses there. No child is turned away. Whether they have insurance or they do not they are treated. Wish it was that way everywhere throughout the US. I new about St. Jude, but I never new the kind of work they did was so special. My eldest daughter Amber died 5 yrs ago of bone cancer. The cancer was to widespread to treat by the time it was found. She was a very special little girl and she instilled in me determination to try and make a difference no matter how small it might be. So every year in her name I try to make it possible for other children to be able to be treated. This is something that is very personal to me. If it is possible for you to do a good deed then try your best to d
Real People
Hey every one how are you .Well just pop in and drop me a comment or just say hi anytime you feel like it. Well take it EZ JTjturner@ CherryTAP I wanna meet some real people I am sooooo dammmmnnnnn bored willl someone come over to myhouse and hang out with me.
Plz Comment On My Other Pics!
Hey guyz and galz! thanks for all the pic comments. but i would like to know what u think of my other pics too! plz and thnx! Hey guyz and galz! thanks for all the pic comments. but i would like to know what u think of my other pics too! plz and thnx!
HAPPY YOU STOLE OUR LAND, KILLED OUR FAMILES, AND GAVE DISEASES WE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE (THANKSGIVING)!!! I Want You So Bad Lyrics by Heart When the wind blows through your hair I want you so bad, want you so bad I see your smile boy everywhere I want you so bad, want you so bad I never thought this could happen to me If I've fallen over you Would it be so bad, would it be so bad Every night's an eternity I want you so bad, want you so bad I never thought this could happen to me I want you so bad, bad When the wind blows through your hair I want you so bad, want you so bad Oh I wonder if you're aware I want you so bad I wonder if you care I never thought this would happen to me I want you so bad, bad I want you so bad I want you so bad I want you so bad
Lucky Bastards
*Kiss on the stomach-----"lets have sex" *Kiss on the Forehead ----"Forever you will be mine" *Kiss on the Ear ---"I'm horny" *Kiss on the Cheek ---"We're friends" *Kiss on the Hand ---"I adore you" *Kiss on the Neck ---"We belong together" *Kiss on the Shoulder ---"I want you" *Kiss on the Lips ---"I love you" OR "I want you" What the gesture means... *Holding Hands ---"We can learn to love each other" *Slap on the Butt ---"That's mine" *Playing with the Ear ---"I can't live without you" *Holding on tight ---"Don't let go" *Looking into each other's Eyes ---"Don't leave me" *Playing with Hair on Head ---"Tell me you love me" *Arms around the Waist ---"I love you too much to let go" *Laughing while Kissing ---"I am completely Comfortable with you" --Advice-- *Dont ask for a kiss, take one. *If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love. --Requirements-- *Post this again after reading!! Or you will have a bad year of Relation
Hey Yall
OPERATION BIO-HAZARD is very close to opening. Come on it it is all done with music and all. All I need are some workers, feel free to come in and let me no if you want to work. IT WILL BE A GREAT LOUNGE ONCE WE ARE KNOWN New Here To Cherrytap. Kinda Like It It Has A Mix Of Facebook And Myspace. Im Tryin To Get Familar With It All.... Its Come'n Along... Wish Me Luck
Fleetwood Mac Lyrics
Fleetwood Mac Videos | Ringtones | Denver MLS You could be my silver spring, Blue green colors flashing. I would be your only dream, You're shining autumn Ocean crashing And did you say she was pretty? And did you say that she loves you? Baby I don't want to know. I'll begin not to love you, Turn around, See me running. I said I loved you years ago, I tell myself, You never loved me, no. And did you say she was pretty? And did you say that she loves you? Baby I don't want to know. Oh, no. And can you tell me was it worth it? Really I don't want to know. Time casts a spell on you, But you won't forget me. I know I could have loved you, But you would not let me. Time casts a spell on you, But you won't forget me. I know I could have loved you, But you would have not let me. I'll follow you down, 'Til the sound of my voice, Will haunt you. You'll never get away, From the sound, Of the woman that loves you. I'll follow
Jewels Red Rage
ok married old man no's da deal any hot,real,chicks in alb.shout so i'm thinking blogs r either for bitchin or talkin well i'm lookin to talk to cool people no bitchin
Kinky Couple's Kinky Thoughts
who have kinky fetishes, like bdsm or are just unique people. We are a real couple who are open minded and like to have fun with everything from strapon play to S/m. I am a very creative sadist. ;) We are huge latex/rubber fetishists and love toys/clothes made out of these materials. We are also country buffs and love the rural outdoors. We love the wildlife and the mountains that surround our barn style home. We are enviromentalists and organic health nuts. We believe God/Goddess is all around us, in the trees, the animals, the water and ourselves. Hey, we just arrived. Looking forward to saying hi to everyone and making friends with fellow kinksters here. Spanks, lashes and kisses! ~The Lady and the Tramp~
Which Sexual Position Are You? Doggy Style!!!!You are a behind the scenes kind of person that takes hips by the sides to complete the ultimate goal! Take this test Whats your sex style? Fierce Sex StyleStraight to it! No time for kissing and touching here... Maybe the heat of the moment...But always great! Leaving them wanting MORE EACH TIME!!!!!! Take this test
Finally A Bulletin Worth Reading ........ (repost)
YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW... I want to know 29 things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don't. You are obviously on my list, so let me know with whom I am friends! JUST HIT REPLY. 1.Your Middle Name: 2. Age: 3. Single or Taken: 4. Favorite Movie: 5. Favorite Song: 6. Favorite Band/Artist: 7. Dirty or Clean: 8. Tattoos and/or Piercings: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 9. Do we know each other outside of cherrytap? 10. Whats your philosophy on life? 11. Would you have my back in a fight? 12. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest? 13. What is your favorite memory of us? 14. Would you give me a kidney? 15. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you: 16. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 17. Can we get together and make a cake? 18. Have you heard
Yes Do U
post this saying "Ask Me Out Already i like u" Even if you are single or not. Whoever wants to go out with you will message you saying "I would go out with you" (DON'T BE EMBARASED) Repost this in 90 sec you will be surprised who replys 2 you. even if u have a boyfriend or girlfriend PS. must do even if taken, if not u will have bad relationships for ten years (repost of original by 'tK' on '2006-11-19 21:31:18') (repost of original by 'Dubbs' on '2006-11-19 21:41:30') (repost of original by 'If You Only Knew.....' on '2006-11-19 21:49:45') (repost of original by 'The Heretic' on '2006-11-19 22:02:57') (repost of original by 'The Girl of Your Dreams Awaits...' on '2006-11-19 22:11:30') If you would jump in front of a bullet for your girlfriend, boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, best friend, family member, or just a person u love, repost this. Tonight, your 1 love will call, kiss or ask you out...if you break this chain
People i'm leaving Cherrytap!!! this is my farewell i will be gone in about 2 weeks.(people is stocking me and won't leave me alone)so this is my goodbye!!! Calling all people from the Carolinas join my group, the Carolina connection!!!
ANGEL@ CherryTAP Ignorance 1) is a lack of knowledge. Ignorance is also a "state of being ignorant" or unaware/uninformed. Ex: "In debate class Bill lost the debate because he was ignorant in (without knowledge of) that subject." In such a case the term is not pejorative, and may even be used as a selfdescriptive term, as in "I am ignorant of (some subject or topic)". Ignorance can also be more than a lack of knowledge. It can include a deliberate intent to ignore knowledge or facts that conflict with what someone believes or wants to be true. (pejorative definition) Ignorance 2) is the choice to not act or behave in accordance with regard to certain information in order to suit ones own needs/beliefs."I know better but I choose to ignore that and do/say/act in a way that behooves me." In politics, it is almost always used as a pejorative label, but some political movements have raised it to an ideal, for instance some peasant and agrarian movements. This is usually simply a rej
i blog all over the web, under the name wilcifer, you can find me on live journal under that name as well as myspace, though my blog their is on my band's page for some reason people seem to like reading what i write. most of the time it's just my bored ramblings about life's frustrations , so if are bored here you go this weekend started with me going to my tattoo appt, my artist was tired so it got pushed back, to who knows but with free you can really get leverage,'s actually a long project we started back in june, my number of beast sleeve, i went out to several shows last week, she wants revenge, converge and katatonia,so i was pretty over going out went to a friends and fell asleep watching on demand , got out of their bed at 2 or so, then got the day started , ran a feew errands went to o.t.o mass and was supposed to meet up with someone to go see imogen heap but our wires got crossed ended up going to bed at 11, the subway metaball sub took
To My Wican Friends And Family Members...please Read And Respond
Hello!I have been reading bulletins and blogs about your beleifes and oppressions. I wanted to come and tell you this... I am a Christian.I do beleive that they have taken God out of a lot of places and that even if I was not a Christian I am sick of the words they allow on telivision. But here is what else I beleive. I beleive that most Christians don't know how to use their Bible and a Strong's Concordence.If they did...they would be able to take the word witch that is in the King James Bible and trace it to it's root.It's root is where we get our word Phamacutical...when God is telling us to kill the witches...He is talking about the people that make illegal drugs. I also had the privelage of growing up in Chiloquin,OR and I was taught so much by the Klamth,Modoc and Chiloquin tribes. I have a lot of the same beleives that most wicins do...I beleive that everything has a spirit.All spirits are connected.It is like this...the earth and it's soil nourishes the plants..
Help Me Out
can u vote for me plz.. its one comment = one vote and you can vote as many times as you want > Click here to vote for Cripton! hey i am in the best abs contest you can vote as many times as you want!!!
Winter Coming
hello How is every one after thinksgiving. this is my 2nd blog just like to say it fun being on here and i meet alot of people on here and hope to meet more. to the people I meet on here thanks for being nice to me. and hope for more people to stop by and say hi.happy hoildays to all. also if any one got yahoo messenger u can add me kevin_burditt@yahoo hope to hear from y'all hello to all the cherry bunch. well the rodeo season over and now i got trime on my hands.I miss going to the finals by a few 100 dollars but i had a good year i like to thank the people who been nice and rated my profile and for the people i meet on here it be fun so far.I have meet some nice people and hope to meet more stop by and say hi
To All You Ladies That Cant Find The Right Men
I hate these bitches shooting down men all the damn time, like they know what each of us is like. Sure sure all men are ultimately after the same thing. we all need a little bit of pus to poke. i mean you lesbians know how hot, hot chicks look well we think the same way. just when a chick hits on a chick it's fuckin hot she doesn't have to try hard but when a guy does it he has to try to impress you. thats what society has caused. Some of us go about it the wrong way. Not all of us are ass holes and pricks. Even though most people would tell you if you want to pick up a chick you sort of have to be an ass. It's not all our fault ladies. If so many of you go for that type of man then a man will change his attitude from nice to dick just to attract a woman because it's what works. believe me i get this spam in my e-mail every day from this dude telling me to ignore chicks because it makes them think your not interested and when your talking to them degrade them a little. and
Stuff In My Head!
Daemons in my head Screaming, clawing, scraping Trying to escape I keep them hidden from all Why? No one cares They are corroding me from the inside out Soon nothing will be left But a void of my soul that once was Where is my exorcist.... To spew these Daemons forth My body is laying My soul is weeping My heart is expiring Daemons control me My "wake"less dream I displace my thoughts Yet still aware Someone can help me..... Rid this incubus from my core My redeemer is but only one ME!! Live life to the fullest is what I always hear! Well what exactly does that mean? If anyone knows please inform me! I have tried to live my life to the fullest ( in my own definition) and have failed miserably over and over again! I dunno if I am subconsciencely bringing myself down or if it is those around me! I have found myself...yet again in a miserable state of mind! There is soo much I want to do in my lifetime, but I find myself procrastinating with the best of procrastinator
Inside Out
... the fact that when I see a pussy, I know exactly what the gal feels like when she's having it touched, licked, fucked... When I see a picture or a movie of a pussy, my pussy tingles as if what's being done to that gal is being done to me. I can feel every touch, every lick, every stroke. It drives me wild. Not to mention the fact that there's just something so erotic about a pussy.. In the evening after a nice hot bath or shower, right before bed, is my favorite time to explore my pussy. It's nice and clean, fresh, and warm... not to mention a little pinker than normal, so I don't have any problems exporing the full depths of it. Just the thought of what I'm about to do makes little electric-like tingles course through my pussy. My nipples become erect in anticipation. In my bedroom, I have a clost with a full sized mirror on it. There's plenty of room in front of it, so that's where I like to be, so that I can get a good view of everything. I place blankets on the floor in f
Going Well
Ok well for all of you that might be in the area, i am in Conroe Texas this weekend. I am here for a gun show. I do sell guns for a living as well as own a record label. So if you are in the area stop by and check it out. it is at the lonestart convention center. I will be selling Glock parts and service, as well as guns. Thanx yeah i am running a record label and a gun shop. Both are going well and i am just 24. I had a lot more to say but it seems rather pointless to talk to myself so if you have anyquestions just ask.
Sexy Name
You scored as You have the Gift of Discernment. You have the Gift of Discernment. It is a well sought after gift my friend. It is a true blessing and curse to know when others lie to you, and to read their eyes. It can cause much pain and hurt if abused. Be very cautious.You have the Gift of Discernment94%You have the Gift of Wisdom88%You have the Gift of Empathy81%You have the Gift of a Seer75%You have the Gift of Perception/Aura Vision69%You sadly do not recognize your gift yet31%What is your gift?(PICS)created with Get Your Sexy Name
Stop ...... Cherrytap Time!!!!!!
just sittn here chillin at work and figured i would let everyone know that turkey day was great ate way too much food and have way tooooooooooo much food left over!!!! i hope that everyone else had a great turkey day to... lots of love to all you CTers out there!!! well this is my first blog here and just wanted to let everyone know that I love this place no stupid myspace police and now you have full freedom to do and post just about any thing you want ... THAT ROCKS!!! well thats about all i have for today ifi dont get in here again before turkey day i haope you all have a great one and remember to not drink and drive!!! eat lots and lots of turkey and enjoy your family and friends much love, KoRnHoLiEo
A Soldiers Christmas
This is the ultimate sex survey. The trick is to repost this and see if someone gives u their answers. Name: Bryan Age: 35 Current Location: Virginia Eye/Hair Color: Blue/Light Brown Height: 5'9 Ethnicity: White Sexual Orientation: Straight Size of penis/breast: average 6 inches i guess WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN THE OPPOSITE SEX?: Age: Prefer 26-38 Eye/Hair: Any Height: 5'5 and up Ethnicity: Depends Body Type: petite to average Whats your favorite part of a guys/gals body?: legs, eyes, ass, in that order EASY QUESTIONS: What kind of underwear R U Wearing? None Have you ever given/received a lap dance? Yes Ever watch a porno? Yes Ever made someone think you were gonna have sex but didnt? lol, Yes Are you into ass smacking? Yes Are you a Virgin?: whatever When did you lose it? 9th Grade How was your first time? i was drunk i think i enjoyed it If you had a choice would you have stayed a virgin longer? hell no Are you an easy O or hard O? depends Ever m
The Best Album In The World Today!!
it's here at last Stop the Clocks, the greatest hits of manchesters finest son's. The stand out track has to be the B side The Masterplan. Check it out it's here at last Stop the Clocks, the greatest hits of manchesters finest son's. The stand out track has to be the B side The Masterplan. Check it out
Mexican Worrd Of The Day
tuesday is my birthday Mexican word of the Day Body: Harassment: The teacher asked Paco to use "harassment" in a sentence. Paco smiles and says......... "Orale vato (homeboy)...Mi ruca (my girl) caught me in bed with my sancha (lover), pero ( but) that's okay porque (because) I told her that... HAR ASS MENT nothing to me." if u think this shit was funny, repost as: "Mexican Word of the Day
When I Feel Like Talking
between finding something to do ... moving, dealing with a brat for a teenager, working & then getting sick ... guess I found something to do. now just to sit back & relax for a bit. I have NOTHING to do. I have clean house, don't work today (I hate days off) ... & it's nasty outside. Sitting here all day will drive me nuts!!! (edit) basically it will make my ass get bigger ... no mean to offend anyone.
Ok well tonight has just been strange at work!!Starting to wonder if it's a full moon out!Well first a guy is going through our dumpster.So we were looking up the number for the cops dispatch.Well I couldn't find it.So we had to call 911 to get the number.This bitch got an attitude with me cause the dispatch number was not in the phone book like it should be!By the time I got the number the guy was gone.So then after that we go to order pizza and I gave them the address and they say they don't deliver on this block after dark.I had to ask "So ya'll don't deliver to the hotel after dark?!?"When I've called several times before and they have always delivered no matter what time it was.So when the delivery guy showed up I had to ask about that.The girl that took my order thought we were the projects that's near us.Which I can see why they don't deliver there.So I guess now we need to say the name of the hotel we're at instead of the address.It's just been one wierd night!!Then a very good
You Are The Mirror
this goes out to all of my friends here on Cherrytap, I have visited all of your sites and have always rated all of your pics a 10 and always leave a comment on your pics, I am wondering why only a couple of you have done the same for me. Friendship is a two way street, so repay the favor, if you are a true friend, but if you are just an advert, then I wont expect anything from you. Lets see who my true friends really are You are a mirror of your inner self and what you project to others reflects on you and all that sorounds you. Live your life the way that you want, but be yourself and not the shadow of someone else, so many people want to be anything but themselves, because what they see in another, they do not see in themselves, we are all unique in our own way and being special is a right that was given to us at birth, the beauty of ones self lives deep within each and everyone of us. Feel the power of the spirit and your gift will become as clear as a unclouded summer day
~ Bitch Session ~
Why is it that I put all of myself into something r someone, only to be taken on a ride and led on......? Why is it that I do nothing but everything for someone only to be stomped on and made to feel inadequate and less than mediocre. Why do I feel that if I try even harder, that I'll be wanted and excepted and that someone or something will want to change because I'm so damn special they know if they lose me it'd be very hard to move on...? But what if I',m not that great...or what if I keep putting up with all the bullshit....? Wht if I really staart not caring....? What if my spirit is broken....and I remain an empty shell of the person I once was.....? I feel the life being sucked out of me but I do nothing to stop it because I know it's useless....because I'm halfway there... --Daphne Du Maurier Frenchmans Creek So......Anyways....Yeah. First Official Blog. I don't even know what to type. So many things are battleing for primary focus in
About Me
I have a 25 week old and I am 8 weeks pregnant! I love babies and will take all that god wants me to have . I just dont know how I am gonna handle it. My baby will just be a year old when I have the new baby. But I guess we all do what we have to and I am sure I will handle this just like I do everything else that comes along in my life. Tenderheart BearYou are thinker, organizer, peacekeeper, and leader all in one. You have a power to command attention and people listen to you. However, you are often so concerned about not hurting others' feelings that you don't tell them what they need to hear and this gets you both into trouble. But you always have loyal friends to help you out.Take the Which Care Bear Are You? Quiz!
Do People Read These?
soo we have all been on first dates, sometimes last ones too haha. but they are probably the most difficult to do. its awkward, sometimes very quiet, you dont kno what to wear, whose gonna pay, ad the biggest question of them all... WILL THERE BE SEX? for the guys, sex might be their goal, a relationship, maybe not. sometimes guys prefer to have sex on the first date just to see if the girl is a slut or not. other times, they just wana see if shes good in bed and if she may be a keeper. sometimes if you are a keeper, you are just a booty call. how to determine that: the way a man acts in bed gives a window to what he wants, for example, if he doesnt realy look at ur face or kiss you, he prolly only wants a booty call, if ur any good. the other way around, HE LIKE A LOT !!! oh and if you fuck in the car, yea u can forget it, ur a slut, but theres nothing wrong with that. for the girls, now if we have sex on a first date we are ALL SLUTS right?? WRONG !! i know personally, i will h
Y Do I Love U?
Why do I love you? You ask me why I love you I just say because I do Knowing the answer your looking for has far greater meaning to it than the truth Mi sure you know I love you, you just want to know why Or maybe you want reassurance that I will always be by your side Well.maybe the truth is I love you because you love me Or maybe its because youre everything Ive dreamed my special someone to be Maybe because you hold my hand squeezing it just right Or maybe because even when we argue you still hold me tight through the night Maybe its the way you look at me when we say our goodbyes Or maybe because you tell me you love me just by looking into my eyes I could love you.just because of your hair Or maybe because every time I need you, you always seem to be there I love because after all this time, youve become a part of me Or maybe because you say you love me no matter how pissed off you may be I love you because every time I get angry you can still make me smi
I Am Excited
I AM HAPPY RIGHT NOW....I HAVE FOUND A VERY GOOD MAN...I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH!!! I WILL NOT LET ANYTHING STAND IN MY WAY ANYMORE...I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND SO DOES MY SON...SO I HOPE THIS IS IT FOR ME...I HAVE BEEN THROUGH TOO MUCH SHIT TO JUST STAY ALONE...SO BE IT I am excited today!!! I have been doing nothing today but being lazy!!! it is my day off so i can!!! well i really dont know why i am excited i guess i just had to say that to get peoples attention!!! hahaha!! anyways i just had to start a blog!!
Remember the day way back when, when nothing else mattered besides being with you.. The days when we could love each other unconditionally because nothing else mattered.. The days when we could run from each other because of cooties.. The days when you decided you wanted nothing to do with me && I wanted everything to do with you.. My PERFECT GUY would have to have, A good sense of humor, down to earth, loving, someone who willLISTEN to my problems. even though they may be stupid, be there for me during rough times && good times too, likes to watch "CHICKFLICKS" with me && cuddle, family oriented, WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR HIS FRIENDS, FAMILY && ME. && just basically know how to have a good time && have fun.. .-A guy who will call me just to hear my voice && tell me he loves me with MEANING. .-A guy who can't fall asleep without my voice being the last thing he hears. .-A guy who will have time for me but also have time for himself. .-A guy who wi
so im new to this and I dont really know how to do anything so whats going on everyone who reads this.. ha ha... I guess just hit me up and we can talk and you can tell me what im doing.. he hee. well Im fucken pissed off.. My boyfriend is annoying me.. Im sad and im fucked pissed off .. all at the same time.... I really thought everything was perfect now. and im sure im just spazing out and being a fucken idiot..... BUt im just fucken pissed.. pissed pissed pissed. shit aint perfect. and im sick of everytone not giving a fuck about anything while I work my ass off to make shit work and noone else wants to do that..noone else gives a fuck.. fuck it.. grr im so mad ight now i could fucken exploide.... now jus tbecuase i mentioned my bf thats not really what is wrong. I do love him and for me he is quite perfect. really everythng just aggitates me.. its just one of those days where work is getting me down.. and i need to get back
Did You Vote For Me Yet?!
First of all, I'm not here for points only. I've met a few really awesome, wonderful people who I talk to pretty often and I really enjoy them. If people rate my page or my pics, fine. If not, fine, too. I don't rate everything of everyone's so I don't Expect it back. But I've got this "person" on my "friends" list who comes to my shoutbox and he's all Hi Jude, how are you? what's going on? tell me what's new? And before I can say anything he comes back with oh, by the way, I put some new pics up, some b&w's, some pics of me, family, tatoos, (whatever he's displaying today), have you had a chance to rate them yet? Did you get a chance to look at them yet? Meaning, I'm waiting for more points what are waiting for to check me out?! ~I think that if you're going to ask for a favor, the least you could do is return it, once in a while.~ I'm fed up with him, and you know, I'd be happy to rate his pics and I'd get there to do it, but asking without giving something in return just makes you a
Storm Storm from the X-Men on a bad day.Tags: | Edit Tags Friday December 15, 2006 - 03:23pm (EST) Edit | Delete | Permanent Link | 0 Comments breathalize blond breathalizer testTags: | Edit Tags Friday December 15, 2006 - 03:20pm (EST) Edit | Delete | Permanent Link | 0 Comments just nice quote just nice quoteTags: | Edit Tags Friday December 15, 2006 - 03:18pm (EST) Edit | Delete | Permanent Link | 0 Comments just another day. another week i am sent home early for lack of work to do. Another week with less then 40 hrs. Another week that I am single. it seems to all suck. I really do think the world and universe hate me. Can i take a sit down?? I am not asking much just a job in my carreer field, 40 hrs a week, and someone to love and cuddle with on weekens & at nite. I not even that picky on the one to love. Just seems that life and the universe have it out for me and dont ever want me to get ahead or just even. Well i am almost
Not Safe For Work
subject: NSFW Flagging Abuse post date: 2006-11-24 08:51:59 Cherries: Most of you are smart enough to use common sense here, but for the those of you who need more clarification. 1. DON'T Maliciously flag photos or you will be deleted. We have a NO tolerance policy. If you see an excessive amount of photos that you think need moderation, please report to a bouncer first before going on a flagging campaign. 2. DON'T Flag a photo of a person in their bathing suit or underwear if you can see their face clearly. If you there is ANY nudity, please flag. This means see through garments. If the person is looking REALLY slutty, please flag. Use your common sense here. 3. DON'T take it personal if one of your photos is flagged. The NSFW policy was designed to target Main photos and public areas. When your photo is flagged, it means you can NOT use it as a main photo. Pleas focus your flagging attention to the public areas. Ass, crotch, cleavage shots without a face should
My Love
PLEASE CHECK HER OUT SHE IS AN AWESOME WOMAN TO KNOW AND PLEASE SHOW HER SOME LOVE AN NO I AM NOT DOING THIS CAUSE SHE IS MY FIANCE I AM DOING THIS CAUSE SHE IS A GREAT PERSON YOU SHOULD KNOW. SHE IS AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS, FUNNY HAS A VOICE LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE. Christina Aguilera Hurt This is for my love. She recently told me that her son broke or messed his one Tickle me Elmo. So I told her I would replace it an she said she would love the new TMX Elmo. Well I did what I could (specially for it being 10 yrs later an it being the hottest toy out again) I did what I could, got my broken ribs an what not along the way (LOL JK). I found one for a fair price (being I heard how high some are going for) on Ordered it an BAM its sitting in my hands now. Now I just need to get it to her. Now next its onto her gift :P.
And A Fucked Up Night To All....
This Thanksgiving was a memorable one for me. So much to be thankful for. My family and our health is the most important OF ALL! Next comes my continuing coldness toward women. How terribly mean, you say? Well, here's a story and a poem: Women say all they want is a nice guy to share their hopes and dreams with. Yet they bed down with the "bad boys" and wonder why the rug is pulled out from under them. Enter the nice guy, who is there to wipe their cheek...Until the next stimulating bad boy comes along. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. I was one of those nice guys all my life up until 3 years ago, when I stopped being the little whipping boy of the house and found my own way. Among other things...Only then did I realize how vulnerable I really was. See, no one looks at the nice guy in any other way than just "being nice". A hundred or so attmepts at approaching people only got me a few dates and/or a little "more". What a shell I've built for myself over the years. It'
All Beings
All beings dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible. -T.E. Lawrence Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. -Edgar Allen Poe MAGICK is .the Highest, most absolute, and most divine knowledge of natural philosophy, advanced in it works and wonderful operations by a right understanding of the inward and occult virtue of things; so that TRUE agents being applied to proper PATIENTS, strange and admirable effects will thereby be produced. - The Lemegeton of King Solomon .the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will. - Aleister Crowley
Dodging Bullets
Last Wednsday,8 November, I experienced a 3rd episode of my heart racing. This time it wouldn't stop, so I drove myself to the ER around midnight. Oconee couldn't do anything for me, meds weren't working,which they said was unusual, but, they could tell me what it was. Ventricular Tachycardia. What is ventricular tachycardia? Ventricular tachycardia is a fast heart rhythm that starts in the lower part of the heart (ventricles). If left untreated, some forms of ventricular tachycardia may worsen and lead to ventricular fibrillation, which can be life-threatening. Oconee Regional put me in an ambulance and took me to the Macon Medical Center. My days are kind of whacky, so I'll just tell you what happened as I remember. They put a stint in my leg, clearing an artery. After 4 hours of having to keep my leg still, they finally let me move around. About 30 minutes after that, I suddenly coded. I could not breathe and I couldn't get the nurses to understand that. I only have one
24th Birthday Coming Up Very Soon!!!
I got one of my gifts last night.... I don't think I could have asked for a better gift.. I was surprised with a gold dance pole in my basement with black lights put around it.. its fuckn awesome.. I will have pics on here of me doing some pole work soon.. I can't believe that my 24th birthday is coming up very soon.. All my friends here are thowing a party for me and wont tell me anything.. Im soo excited.. I can't wait to party it up and get drunk!!! Maybe they will bring me to see some sexy naked ladies... ;) Well have a great day everyone.. Hope to hear from you sooon.. kiss kiss
Be Real
u know this is really fucked up i want ppl to be a friend not chat with me on their fucking break like i am robot or something i am man with pride for god sake and have feeling under my skin be real friend or leave Teach me your love so I can be sadI've been in need for ages for a woman to make me sadFor a women for me to cry in her arms like a sparrowTeach me your love so I can be sadI've been in need for ages for a woman to make me sadFor a women for me to cry in her arms like a sparrowFor a woman to gather my pieces like shards of broken crystalTeach me your love milady my worst habitsTeach me to open my cup at night a thousand timesAnd test the medecine of perfumes and knock on the door of IraqTeach me to leave my house to comb the sidewalksAnd follow your face with the rains and in the headlights of carsAnd the light of your eyes is millions of starsOh woman you made the world dizzy oh my pain Put your love in me milady cities of sadnessWhile I did not enter cities of sadness fro
Yes Officer
Ashley drove down I-79 with the top down and the radio blasting, on her way home from the beach. Seeing as it was almost 9pm, she thought she could speed just a little to make the trip go faster. Going 85 mph down the highway Ashley couldn't wait to get home. Looking up into her rearview mirror she saw the flashing lights of a squad car trying to pull her over. She turned down the radio and pulled over to the side of the road where she waited for the cop to come to her car. "Do you have any idea how fast you were going young lady?" The cop asked with definite authority in his voice. "Yes Sir, I was doing 85mph in a 65 mph zone." And of course it was the honest to God truth. He was shocked, normally when he pulled over hot young girls they either tried to lie or flirt their way out of it. Not this girl, she was up front honest about her crime, and that was a major turn-on for him. "Oh, umm, okay. Since you knew you were breaking the law and you didn't lie about it, let me se
The Cowboy Boots" Body: (Anyone who has ever dressed a child will love this) Did you hear about the Texas teacher who was helping one of her kindergarten students put on his cowboy boots? He asked for help and she could see why. Even with her pulling and him pushing, the little boots still didn't want to go on. By the time they got the second boot on, she had worked up a sweat. She almost cried when the little boy said, "Teacher, they're on the wrong feet." She looked, and sure enough, they were. It wasn't any easier pulling the boots off than it was putting them on. She managed to keep her cool as, together, they worked to get the boots back on, this time on the right feet. He then announced, "These aren't my boots." She bit her tongue, rather than get right in his face and scream, "Why didn't you say so?", like she wanted to. Once again she struggled to help him pull the ill-fitting boots off his little feet. No sooner had they gotten the boots off when he s
For My Lc Buddy Ash, Ms. Flyhead
im sorry you two are alot alike huh even sick at the same time hope you feel better too hey i hope you feel better it sucks being really sick in bed...high temps...drama in life not making it any better...not being able to get things done that you need to get done...face red as a ~CHERRY~ yes i said it a well im showin you some love and support ash for you listening to me ok.
Some People
things happen,people change, lives get lived words get said that shouldnt be said somethings unsaid that shouldnt be heart ache, heart break these all are a part of life you live, you grow, you stumble, you stand tall I love you all of you differing degreees of said love but you all deserve it.. except you .. no, not you, YOU with that hat on yea you someone rated your photo a '8' at '2006-11-20 11:08:44'! someone rated your photo a '1' at '2006-11-20 09:42:00'! someone rated your photo a '1' at '2006-11-20 09:41:56'! someone rated your photo a '1' at '2006-11-20 09:41:49'! someone rated your photo a '1' at '2006-11-20 09:41:42'! someone rated your photo a '1' at '2006-11-20 09:41:36'! someone rated your photo a '1' at '2006-11-20 09:41:27'! someone rated your photo a '1' at '2006-11-20 09:41:21'! someone rated your photo a '1' at '2006-11-20 09:41:14'! someone rated your photo a '2' at '2006-11-20 09:41:08'! someone rated your photo a
My Teachings
Being forced into hard circumstances or situations gives us a new perspective on life. Things we once valued no longer hold the same value. Things that were of lesser concern become very important and what we once thought important no longer holds such importance. These hard circumstances allow us to identify with the sufferings of others. They keeps us from having a shallow view of the hardships of others and allows us to truly identify with them. Those who speak of such trials from no experience, often judge others who have had such hardship. It is a superficiality of life experience that often permeates this shallow perspective. Those who have walked in and through hard times immediately have a kinship with others who have walked there also. They do not need to explain; they merely look at one another with mutual respect and admiration for their common experience. They know that these trials/life experiences worked a special thing in them. This trials and lessons
Controversial Topics
Question.... If religion determines the purpose for sex, does each religion have its own clustered views on the rights and wrongs?? If My religion says its to reproduce and therefore i find it "wrong" to be a homosexual..can I still say its wrong if Im a different religion?? How then do I justify my opinion? Or on interracial relationships?? Abortions? Pedophilia?? Im not a religious person, therefore I have no idea if your religion controls your views on everything(im imagining yes) HELP okay so im fuckin off on here...and i decide to go add my 2 cents on some mumms...i hit one whether or not to verify age by cc on here...well that gets into the whole kids lookin at porn i get a shout...and now im in my first actually chat here..about a REAL topic..and now i know why i dont talk about real issues with anyone..hardly ever..i get so heated..and everything is soo confusing.... Pedophilia, paedophilia or pdophilia (see spelling differences) is the paraphilia of being sexual
Baby Names For A Girl
So i finally got the nerves to stand up for my self and tell my bitch of an ex to fuck off. I told her that i was taking custody of MY daughter and if she didnt like it to bad. I am finally happy for once in my life and dont understand why i stayed with her in the first place. I now know the strugle all you moms go through and damn it people need to realize that it is alot harder to do it on your own than anyone knows. well i gotta get back to the baby so have a nice day everyone. i am havin a daughter in jan and i need some help from my LC friends and fam to think of some good names. Just leave a comment and re post Thanks
I Kno U Miss Me
damn folks i kno i been gone 4 a lil min but im back again. i been workin like a dog on that paper chase and i finally got a lil time to myself. so holla at me ppl cuz who knos wen i'll b back again. get at me to everybody that been missin me im sorry i been workin like a dog. i gotta work all this week and yes even on thanksgivin. so keep showin me love and i promise i'll get wit ya as soon as i can. holla at ya boy
Guide Lines To Becoming A Bitch Hermit
This is a beginners guide to becoming a bitch hermit so follow these nine steps: 1) Work at home by selling junk on Ebay 2) Keep 56k internet modem on 24/7 3) Go out no earlier than 3am 4) Keep up with latest new and technology using via internet 5) Sleep during the day 6) Live on sugary junk food 7) Listen to Morissey and the Smiths and realize that the world is a bleak place to live 8) Watch tv and complain about current saturday Night Live shows 9) Survive on stuff sent through mail order This is a message brought to you by Foamy the Squirrel to watch episodes go to and feel his squirrely wrath........ you cheap bastards. This is a beginners guide to becoming a bitch hermit so follow these nine steps: 1) Work at home by selling junk on Ebay 2) Keep 56k internet modem on 24/7 3) Go out no earlier than 3am 4) Keep up with latest new and technology using via internet 5) Sleep during the day 6) Live on sugary junk fo
It's time for some change. I know that for most "normal" people, Wednesday is classically considered to be "Hump Day" as it is in the middle of the week, but after carefully considering a couple of factors, I am going to lead a movement to officially remove the label of Hump Day from Wednesdays. Here's why: Factor 1 Many people now work non-traditional jobs and have to work shifts. This typically means that they work odd hours and more importantly, have to work weekends or part of the weekend. Take my jobs for example. My regular job is Wednesday through Saturday and I work nights. My part-time job is basically on-call and I work it on my "days off". So some weeks I get one day off, or worse, none. Meaning I have no set "Wednesday" or a single day that can be defined as my Wednesday. I guess if I had to name one, it would have to be the first 12 hours of Friday, but that's only during those weeks that I only work my regular job. Factor 2 By its literal meaning, (besides being th
Ha Ha
im hornig lt Bumsen ha ha poo blah blah poo bah humbug ....nener nener blah blah
What A Friend Is.
well lets see what is a friend.A friend is someone that is there when you need him or her for whatever you need. Not just someone that is there when they need something.So what i'm sayin is that if a friend drops you a hey how are you doing u at lest drop a line back when you can.So all of my so called friends that got my help when they need it and couldn't help me when i ask them to rate my pics.I say to you all FU-K YOU all and the next time i need help and ask you for it plz help or your gone. your friend chrisby Dec 17 2006 2:25P I WR0TE Y0U NAME 0N A PiECE 0F PAPER, BUT BY ACCiDENT i THREW iT AWAY. i WR0TE Y0UR NAME 0N MY HAND, BUT iT WASHED AWAY..i WR0TE Y0UR NAME iN THE SAND, BUT THE WAVE`Z WHiSPERD iT AWAY..i WR0TE Y0UR NAME iN MY HEART, AND F0REVER iT WiLL STAY!! SEND THiS T0 EVERY0NE Y0U CARE AB0UT iNCLUDiNG THE PERS0N WH0 SENT iT T0 Y0U. iF Y0U SEN
The Shower
After a long hot shower... I walked out of a steamy hot shower. I dried off and as I went to reach for my bottle of lotion, he was there waiting. He took me by my hand and I followed him to another room. I was led to a table that had white silky sheets, and a pillow that was silky soft. He took my towel off of me. Looking into my eyes, as he smiled, he kissed me softly. I could feel him up against me caressing my hair. I can feel his warm breath against my throat, his hands around my waste, exploring me. He picks me up by the hips and sits me on the white soft table. He nudges me to lay down and begins. He takes the lotion and drips it all over me, in a very teaseing way. I like that. I wonder what he will do next. I close my eyes, as he rubs the lotion into my skin massaging me all over. I can feel his manhood beginning to swell as he massages my breasts. He works his way down to my stomache. I am tickilish so I twitch a little with excitement. He moves to my inner thigh
You scored as A Romantic. You're a romantic through and through. You may not ever have very many partners, but it's ok. You know that it's about the person who you're having it with, and that the sex is more of a fun biproduct - a very fun biprodict. You know how to make your partner happy, and that's what it's all about.A Romantic53%Sex God48%A Slave To BDSM48%Virgin35%How are you in bedcreated with Hosted By Hosted By
Sometimes I Just Dont Kno What To Do
Im tryna break up with ma bf and i dont kno how? I mean i kno how to but i wanna make it hurt BAD!!! Usually i can do this but for sum reason i cant! Advice anyone?
What A Girl Wants.... if u have not had a chance to watch this please do ... it hits home and makes me cry everytime. life is short and uncertain live love and be free. and for the civilians out there that have to deal with us and the heartbreak that follows us remember we appreciate u too.. semper fi and thanks to all the vets out there... Ever feel like that little kid you see standing outside the pet shop window just with a sad little face staring so intent on that little puppy he or she wants??? Knowing that they cant have it but wanting it so badly??? yeah well that is how I feel... had a casual friend tear down my walls and get to my heart and I fell in love with him and now I am that sad little kid staring so intently at him wanting him with all I have knowing I can never have him... I am leaving for Iraq and I dont want him to wait for me but it kills me to think of him here and me so far away... I do love him so very much but he is not ready for a rel
Shipping Dock
I used to work on a shipping and receiving dock for an electronics manufacturer. My primary job was to make sure all the orders made it to their destinations on time which meant working with the different drivers a lot. Most were older gentlemen long ago married off but then Rick started working for one of our main delivery companies. Rick was a young handsome man. He was probably in his early thirties with jet black hair and a killer smile. He was several inches taller then me with broad shoulders and the cutest butt I had ever seen. I couldn't help but to flirt with him when ever I had the chance and he was flirtatious back but both of us were very cautious about it. I guess we were worried about our job security. One evening we had a super rush job that absolutely had to go out that very evening which meant I was going to be working late. It also meant that Rick would be making an extra trip out to see me today. We had already had our normal flirting session that morning, alt
so yeah...I didn't realize we had blogs on this site...special yeah...I thought...'hey...let's post a blog' here I am...posting a yeah...HI...okay...BYE ^_^ MONICA I've been away from this site for a while now...since my last blog I have joined the Blue October official street team...THE BLUE MEANIES...hmmm...I have become slightly obsessed with the Zodiac Killer aka the Cypher Slayer...still obsessed with Buffy/Spike fan fiction and Veronica/Logan fan fiction...have recently started reading Jackie/Hyde from That 70s Show fan fiction...I still work at Raising Cane's...I still love Monty Python...I'm about halfway through with this second semester of my sophomore year and I think 6 credits short of starting my junior year...which is my fault because I should actually be a few classes ahead of the game if it weren't for that damn Hurricane Katrina and my depression/ADHD getting a little out of hand...but that's about it I think...oh...and I'l
No More Caffiene!
Human Ambition
Life seems like such a dream that the vanity of human ambition appears in the face of death as soon as you wake up. 95% of females can't cum from sex UNLESS we're on top...and we're on top why? Duh so we can stimulate our doin' our lil "snake charm" grindin' grabbin onto the males pelvic bones...which we all know does nothing for the the point is...EAT OUR PUSSY FIRST...make us cum a few times...numb us up then hammer away or soft and slow with alot of vaginal teasing with your magic stick to build it all up in the end however you like. Now once you're in between our legs...don't just fuckin' dive in there like a bum at a Thanksgiving charity dinner...take your fuckin time. We all know pussy is nearly irresistable...but don't act like that way. Lick our inner thighs, kiss them...kiss around our pussy lips...kiss the lips etc. finally once you've got your tongue on our clit...this is what to do...(you can use your hands to spread our lips apart if you want...i
Well I wont be levelling up because I refuse to give in to something that was intially created as a VOLUNTARY activity. Oh its voluntary but if you dont do it you'll be penalized? I could do a salute photo but now I'm not just on principle. Any cute pussy who whines to his majesty babyjesus gets her way and he changes rules and goes against his initial ideas. What pisses me off the most is the fact I was real enough to pay good money for a Cherry Blast a while back from my credit card which, by the way, is a common method of verification on other sites. I'd have to be pretty talented and crooked to fake a credit card. You can be sure I wont be spending any more money on this site. Nor will I be promoting it. Sure I only brought in 19 referrals but every little bit counts. But...god wannabes must play... THIS IS MY BLOG, SO I'LL WRITE WHAT I WANT IN IT. I'm purposely keeping it out of the bulletins section cause it'd get buried in all the bullshit anyway. I just went through reading
Errr Who Know What I Talk About
OHHH OHH OH I am so excited. I bought a new digital camera today. So no more just using my web cam for pics!! Yipeee...So soon I'll put some new pics up off the new camera...ah ya as soon as I figure out how to use the darn thing!! Well bare w/ me (lmao trust me forget that idea...u so do not wanna see my fat ass naked) but anyhow...I am still learning how to use this program. I don't get to spend much time exploring it as I would like to but I learn a lil summin new each time I am on. Thanks for the comments and nice Hi's!!
Sexy And Love
Hi all, i love you and i send you a galaxy of Kisses. At this moment, i'm too busy at work !!! See you soon nd nice day, night and love. Hi all, nice day to you and enjoy ! Today i'm .... i need .... i want ... and you ???
The Pelican
Everything you give, everything you bleed, I need Everything you hate, everything you hurt, I love Everything you cut, everything you kill, I feel Everything you burn, every little bribe, I lose Everything you want, everything you waste, I need Everything you saw, everything you say, I hear Everything you make, everything that's mine, I break Everything you leave, everything you love, I hate Don't you wanna fill every little vein, I do Don't you wanna suck every little hole, I do Don't you wanna crave, don't you wanna crawl, I do Don't you wanna break every little bone, I do Everything you give, everything you bleed, I need Everything you hate, everything you hurt, I love Everything you cut, everything you kill, I feel Everything you burn, every little bribe, I lose Every little nail, every little slip, I fail Every little nail, every little slip, I fail With every little nail, every little slip, I fail With every little nail, every little sl
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id love to keep our contacts alive
well yeah.. 1st things 1st! im ok... lastnight i drove almost 200 miles (yes almost) to see my grandparents, it was almost midnight and was going thru the country lanes to get there, i just lost control, skidded on summin i think... car got sideways tried to correct it and ended up rolling, took out sum old ladies hedge, made 4 big ditches in her lawn where i rolled, stopped upside down next to a tree, im VERY lucky that i didnt hit it cus wudda most certainly been fatal.. neways car is a right off, gonna go back there now to get my stuff... sorry all that i havnt been online as much and dunno how much time i will get to be online, will try n get a pic of my car tho, its on its roof atm.. take care all! byebye well took car for its mot 2day expecting it to be fine, well guess not... need a whole new exhaust system and 2 coil springs... thats like 200 plus labour (ex VAT) im seriously fucked, i need my car for college and work but cant get 400 (everything included) by monday
Really Pissed
Well, i can truly say that this christmas was truely a memorable one. That is of what i can remember of it. I was in a car accident on the way home on christmas eve, and know it wassent santa. it was a 16 year old kid. well anyway, it totaled my truck, sent me and my wife to the hospital where i was admited for multipul cuts and abraisons to my head and also for observation due to my head injuryies. i was released early christmas day, but we just went home and sleept all day. more to come later peace out i am really pissed off right now. my wife upped and quit her job today right befor the holidays and right after we got a new morgage on the house. money is so tight right now that we cant affornd not to have her paycheck. and she does not even want to get another job right away, she wants to take some time off. so we are just going to get further behind in the bills.
Comment me. Comment my pics. Rate me. Rate my pics. Leave me messages, send me friend requests! Become my fan? Or just talk to me. Shouts? I'm bored & completely interested in meeting new people. --Nicole Rate all my photos and leave me comments. :] They're kinda lonely! Thanks!!
Share This With Me It So Funy
In no area of human life has there such drastic worldwide social change as in that of sex. The dissemination of knowledge about sex exploded after world war I. But the modern diffusion of biological sex knowledge and sexual freedoms have plunged the world into a cris over AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). And why? because the most vital dimension in knowledge about sex and marriage has been missing MISSING FROM ALL KNOWLEDGE Hosted on Flurl Video Search - Watch More Videos
Its Cold I Need To Be Warmed Up!
RECOVER YOUR HAPPINESS I LOVE THIS... A--Accept Accept others for who they are and for the choices they've made even if you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives, or actions. B--Break Away Break away from everything that stands in the way of what you hope to accomplish with your life. C--Create Create a family of friends whom you can share your hopes, dreams, sorrows, and happiness with. D--Decide Decide that you'll be successful and happy come what may, and good things will find you. The roadblocks are only minor obstacles along the way. E--Explore Explore and experiment. The world has much to offer, and you have much to give. And every time you try something new, you'll learn more about yourself. F--Forgive Forgive and forget. Grudges only weigh you down and inspire unhappiness and grief. Soar above it, and remember that everyone makes mistakes. G--Grow Leave the childhood monsters behind. They can no longer hurt you or stand in your w
Work Related
I wrote this actually almost a year ago but I thought it was an interesting situation... I wonder if this has ever happen to you. (if you're alive it has.) It was bout' two year ago, I worked downtown for the parking dept. so it's easy to see hotties walking' round. There was this one that worked in a satellite office for my company. she looked incredible but I'll in a relationship, so I wasn't pressed. Turns out she started working in MY office building. I started working with her everyday. We'll call her "Niecy" lol her nickname. I tried but, couldn't help but start liking Niecy. She had everything, personality, beauty, intelligence, a total package...bad I know. She was into me to my surprise. Hell, she even told her mother bout' me. When she told me that, I realized I was going down a road I DID NOT want to go. My emotions were so twisted that whenever me and my girl got into an argument I would think of Niecy. It took me bout' a week before I could talk to this Niecy, an
I am currently moving,so i may not be on here that much.I will try to catch up on everything ,rate new pics, read new please don't anyone think i am ignoring them. Happy Holidays .... Wishing everyone of my wonderful friends a happy Thanksgiving. Eat plenty ,be merry ,and drive safely..
Story Of Our Broken Souls
Why is it that whenever I start to feel happy i then realize that i am going to be alone for the rest of my life? nobody is going to love me or want me for who i am they just will for dont get me wrong i LOVE sex.. but i am getting tired of being played and used and shoved around by all these macho chauvanistic assholes. i think i deserve to be treated with respect. Oh i feel so much better now that i vented Attempting to do my work..... Not going so good.... I havent even finished my new resume and cover letter... these need to be done.... i at least tried... thats all that matters.... anyways... i was hoping on getting a lot of friends and messages.. so if you like what you see guys or girls hit me up
Writer's Blog
I just got back from a lengthy trip to see the relatives in another state last Monday, so this week has been playing catch-up. I am behind on my blogging, but that isn't as important as catching up on emails. I can't believe that I got 293 emails in my personal email account. It takes me almost 3 hours to read all my emails. Most of it seems to be junk mail. I am currently looking at getting a job or two for some quick Christmas cash...anyone got any ideas. I already have some work at home going on. I might consider writing for a resume service...everyone needs a good resume. Speaking of...I just happened to have a service that is interesting for those of you that are in the market..... I love Thanksgiving. Guess what? It almost is Thanksgiving. It is the day in the year that my entire family stops whatever mischief or work they are doing and converge at one lucky family's house. The toddlers all end up in the floor in the kitchen, tripping the adult ladies fixing the food. The
To All
Krys@ CherryTAP Wiashing each and everyone of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Best wishes to you and yours throughout the holidays and everyday of the year.
Happy Thanksgiving!!
GET NAUGHTY WITH YOU. If I don't get this back I guess ur not my friend.. If u have a lot of luv 4 someone.. Copy and send to ur whole friend list.. And in 5 mins ur true love will call or im you.. ~*~DA NAUGHTY TRAIN~*~ *If u get it once ur cute... *If u get it twice ur a hottie... *If u get it 3 times ur sexy... *And 4 or more times ur REAL HOTTIE... I just wanted to wish everyone on my friends' & fans' lists a very happy & safe Thanksgiving. One day I will actually do some real blogging, but right now I'm just looking 4ward to getting outta work & getting twisted!
What's On My Mind At The Moment
At this point I have miscellaneous thoughts swirling around in my brain, so I'm going to ramble about some of it. lol :) First, It's interesting to me that no matter how independent you are, there is still the desire to have someone in your life to share it with. I think I personally tend to go through phases of either wanting to be unattached or being in a relationship. Generally the phases are dependent upon various things. With winter here and the holidays approaching I am going through the phase of "Yeah, it would be nice to have a special someone in my life." Gosh darn it I don't really want to be kissing some random stranger at midnight on New Year's Eve. Although I guess that could be fun. ;) lol Finding someone is easier said than done though these days. Yeah I meet guys,some better than others, but there always seems to be something. Either they are cool, but the connection just isn't there other than on a friendship basis, or they aren't dating material, or they send mix
Cockpit Fun
The hot Yucatan sun was creating a shimmering heat wave over the tarmac of the airport as I climbed the steps of the aircraft ahead of the passengers now waiting patiently in the departure lounge. From the large glass windows they could see the plane being made ready to take them home from their sun drenched holiday; the flight crew boarding, the baggage handlers loading the many cases into the hold along with the food trolleys destined for the galleys. The past 2 weeks had been hot and sunny, unlike my last vacation to Playa Del Carmen 6 months before. Then it had rained most days, albeit for short, sharp periods, before the Mexican sun had evaporated the water to leave way for a few hot, sunny hours in which I had managed to get at least some scuba diving done. This trip had been far more successful and I had dived every day, with the exception of today. I wasnt going to risk getting an episode of the bends by diving before a flight. I had taken this trip alone due to an unex
Rants And Raves
A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the courses had a professor who was an avowed atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes." The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God. I'm still waiting." It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Marine and asked,
Semper Fi
You have my heart You make me want to be a better person To have and to hold To love and to cherish For all the rest of my days. To be in your arms and feel your touch takes me to a better place To know you are there beside me makes me feel loved and safe You have my heart for always My life is yours forever No one can take that away I want to be with you always My love for you will never fade. SEMPER FI ! Leading the fight in Ramadi, Iraq is Gunnery Sgt. Michael Burghardt, known as "Iron Mike" o r just "Gunny" He is on his third tour in Iraq . He had become a legend in the bomb disposal world after winning the Bronze Star for disabling 64 IEDs and destroying 1,548 pieces of ordnance during his second tour. Then, on September 19, he got blown up. He had arrived at a chaotic scene after a bomb had killed four US soldiers. He chose not to wear the bulky bomb protection suit. "You can't react to any sniper fire and you get tunnel-vision," he explains. So, protected
Dag Nab It
a freind asked me to fill this out she is a good person who likes to remind me and all her freinds that we need people to get us thrue life and i must say she knows about all of the peeps on her list thats realy kool when you think about it so heres a little about me :) YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW YOU > > > I want to know 26 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. You're on my list, so let me know who I am friends with. > > JUST HIT REPLY TO SEND DIRECTLY TO ME IN A MESSAGE THEN, REPOST THE EMPTY QUESTIONS AS A BULLETIN. > (male/female answer accordingly) > > 1. Can you cook? > yes was going to be a chef > > 2. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator? > lmao > > 3. What talent do you wish you had? > painting > > 4. Favorite place? > tazwell tn. > > 5. Favorite vegetable? > potatos > > 6. What was the last book you read? hary potter all of th
Happy Thanksgiving
Oh my I know I sure did and talk about over stuffing yourself, when it came time for dessert wow, I did not have any room for my pumkin pie or choclate pie that I made. I am stuff and the sad thing is I so want to get heat up some mac and cheese lol, to eat with my wine, lol. I am still full. Kisses and Happy Thanksgiving off to VA tomorrow to look for some places as i move back on Friday of next week Alyse Myspace Layouts Myspace Layouts Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Be safe during your holiday traveling and cooking. Many kisses Alyse
Reposted From Xpeeps
i posted this on xpeeps a few months ago... i thought for some strange reason someone might find it funny or interesting or whatever. ok, so i got this new job. i'm working graveyards(update:now workin days) in an office doing database maintenance... its so easy you could teach a monkey to do it. but it pays really well. REALLY well. anyway, so have been getting used to actually working in the middle of the night instead of sittin up late drinking jameson and looking at all of my hot friends on here. also my daughter has been in town. i only get to see her a couple times a year and this time i got her for two whole weeks. she is more than a handful to take care of and keep entertained. but i have been teaching her to skate. the other night she stayed up really late playing on the computer so i woke her up when i got home by doing ollies on her bed. yeah, i'm totally that rockstar-skater type dad. with tats and no restrictions on foul language. anyway, she wasn't happy b
Hey all out there i just thought that i would inform you that it is my birthday today so anything is welcome today....i plan on drinkin and hopin for the best turn out at myparty tonight Well i just thought that i would wish you all a good night and hope that i might be a higher rating in the morning...well goodnight and chat you all 2morO
My Trip To Lawton
Well i thought I had me a good one... He is a truck driver... Ok My friend works at a truck stop and he had come in there and she had got his number for me... So she brought it home and said call him he is single and of course he is a truck driver... I told her I am not going to call him, I do not like to call guys first.Well I got the nerve up and I called him and I was thinking god that he did not answer the phone... I left him a voicemail. Well the next day he called me back and we talked for a minute and he said that he was going to be back in town on Tuesday if I wanted to come and meet him. Well of course I did and from that moment on we just clicked and it was meant to be for both of us... HAHA (yeah right) So anyway I would go on the road with him for a week and come home on the weekends, then the next week the same way and this went on for a month and then on Thursday the 1st of Feb I called him for some advice and he went crazy on me and told me that I had to many problems an
has anyone noticed i dont have any fans!!! Hey everyone,i want you to check out my girl ,SherryMarieGirl's profile.she's a very sexy sweetheart.I Love You sweetie
I Am Will Be Done For Awhile
You Are an Espresso At your best, you are: straight shooting, ambitious, and energetic At your worst, you are: anxious and high strung You drink coffee when: anytime you're not sleeping Your caffeine addiction level: high What Kind of Coffee Are You? To all of my friends on here I will be done next month so i will not be on as much as usally. I am going to spend a month with my son back east. I will miss you all while I am gone.
Missing Soldier.... Please Pray
Here is another blog, more like an update to my last blog, "Missing Soldier.... Please Pray"! If anyone has read it, Jessiah Jameson was last seen or heard from November 16th, 2006..........until Friday December 1st, 2006, where his body was found floating in a river. This is a very devistating story. Here is a couple Articles on his findings.... Perhaps you've heard of Corporal Jessiah Jameson. He is a soldier out of Fort Campbell Kentucky. He just returned from Iraq and returned to Fort Campbell. Jessiah went out with some friends the week before Thanksgiving in Clarkesville, TN, just south of the Kentucky line. He got a bit drunk as soldiers are sometimes wont to do, and put in a cab back to his motel room in Clarkesville. That was the last anyone saw him alive. Cpl Jameson was found last Friday in the Cumberland River, spotted by a barge captain plying the river. There is no word yet if there was foul play. There is a chance that he wound up drowning. The motel he st
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Bobbi Doll... Please rate my pics & profile a 10! Thanks! :)@ CherryTAP Hard 2 Handle@ CherryTAP
I what to say to all my friends a happy thinks giveing to all I Whant To Say Merry Christmas To All
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this is a comment I was gonna post on a bulletin from one of my friends ..claiming that LC/CT is corporate owned. I for one enjoy myself and the ppl I really care about can be reached in other way as of now so ..if for some reason things get toooooo weird around here it will be no loss to me .I have other means and am greatful for those I have come in contact with and love all my new friends so whats the big deal if you all have had fun ...then continue to do so until it is time to bail on "THE MAN"..LMAO. AS FOR PICS : I have been here since July and it has always been a rule that NO ADULT (meaning things you'd see in Playboy or things of the like)are allowed in Public areas. They told me that if it would be in such mags as Maxim then its cool..just not in Primary pics and public areas(comments and default): if all those concerned had listened then we wouldnt be having problems now. I for one enjoy most of the pics i.e.: Nudes and all that I have seen on here. There ar
A Mind Beside Itself
if the zombie apocalypse is gonna be anything like the nightmare I just had.... we're all royally fucked... sorry Another year almost at an end and everthings the same but everything has changed. Just almost another year older, wiser, colder and sadder. My life is amazing, it shows me nothing but wonderment, however the ringing bell of solitude is deafening. I walk the leaf-strewn streets wondering what went wrong or why the ones I do meet are hopeless psychotics. Girls so damaged from previous relationships that they have no idea how to act when I open the door for them, or give them a flower just because. These are the times I savor my lonliness. I've wasted so much time searching for that missing someone in my life that I've lost touch of everything else about me. My writing, my creativity, just about my soul. Well this is the end, or rather the beginning. From here till the end of the year I'll be making preparations for the new year. Writing my final blogs and whatnot that exp
Mousies World
Hello There, Just want to give a shout out to all my people on here.For those of you who do not know me.I am the mousie I am 32 I like to shoot pool,play darts,spend time with my damily and friends,Party,and have lots of BBQ's I am from Arkansas so I am a southern Gal,I enjoy riding Horses,4 wheelers,motor cycles,and lots more so add me to your friends if you like have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!! Love ya all Mousie Friendship is a rare jewel that shines, Only when you give it a sunny smile Friendship is a lock that opens, Only when you unlock your true self to it Friendship is a song, which is sung, Only when you know its rhythm Friendship is a dream, which comes true, Only when you believe in it Friendship is a sun, which rises, Only when your heart has set on it Friendship is a throne, on which you can sit, Only when you share your kingdom with it Friendship is a path, which you will find, Only when you know you are lost Friendship is a hand that holds yours, Only wh
U.s. Gov.
Man you know that the u.s. gov. is nothing more then a bunch of money hanger a** holes that want to take what little money you get for working and stik it in there pockets you there are more laws in afect now that whin the judical systum started in the early 1900s but any way I understand such things a progress invents new laws but some are just down right stuped to even have there are more ways to get fined just for owning a vichel house or even a horse these day I mean how stuped is it when this country started out it was nothing more then drank rebeluse people how didn't like how they were being treated by the other gov. but know its getting just as bad here I mean damn you have to have a lissen to do this and a lissen to do that and pay this much to do that or have inscence to do this and have incerance to own that man I thank our four fothers would be ashamed of the Fing berrocacie this is terning out to be any way for the gov to stay rich and the poor to stay poor for povertin
TRUTH ladies .. read till the end it's worth it !!!!!! Body: Here's to all those girls who used to be his number one. The ones who waited all night for him to call, only to check the caller ID the next morning and be disappointed. The ones who made it through that bitter break up, dried your own tears, and moved on with your life, only to have him walk back in it months later like nothing ever happened. Those of you who cried on the first day you talked again because you knew exactly where this phone call was going. The ones who listened to him say, I only want to be your friend, one day, and the next, listened to him say how much he loves and misses you. We deserve something, and this is our tribute. Here's to the ones that took him back, hoping that maybe this time, he was different, hoping that maybe people really do change. We listened to our friends tell us that we were stupid for even thinking about giving him another chance, caught crap from our pare
I just wanna wish all the folks, friends, fans and family at CT a Happy New Year. Just wanna wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
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Marco Miller is our areas latest loss to the war. He was 36 and just became a father for the first time in August. He never got to hold his daughter. Only got to see a couple of pictures his girlfriend sent him. Marco died from injuries caused by a roadside bomb. He was declared brain dead at a hospital in Germany. They did keep him going till his sister and two brothers arrived to be with him when they stopped life support. He had been living in Florida. Marco owned a photograpy studio. His mother still lives here. Her husband died this past May. And now she has lost a son. Her kids are scattered all over the country. None of them here in Ohio. This morning on the news she sasid what keeps her going are her dogs. She has five of them. I did not know Marco or his family. When I saw this on the news this morning my heart went out to his mother. I wished I could reach through the TV and give her a hug. During this time of the year when people are gathering wit
My Poems!!
My mind wiped clean All is forgot Taken all I got to stand the test of time Letting these emotions Get the best of me! When can I let it all go Still you feel left alone What are dreams for when all you think of is giving up! Take these buried dreams I have and try to dig them out! How deep should I have to dig to find out where my dreams are at These Buried dreams I must find These Buried Dreams should I keep digging or should I just give up! I hear it all the time Go for your Dreams and never give up! These Buried Dreams How much further These Buried Dreams I wont quit till I dig you out! If you think you have the best of me your dead wrong!!!! GROWING FLOWERS Our lives are like a seed planted in the ground If we dont love we will never grow So if we dont nourish it, it wont grow! and when we see it start to grow you know there was love to see it through To see the full bloom of the seed we have planted! brings life to a flower that we have s
Happy Turkey Day
Im workin in Wisconsin, and havent found a damn thing to do except check out the Harley Museum. Anyone from round these here parts know or willin to do somethin fun. Have a great Turkey day eat as much as you can and have a ball with all that you love.
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For 18 years I hated love No one would dear look at me Or even trust me, maybe it was The fact that I was ugly Brown skinned midget with J.Lo's ass Friendly, kind, and funny and I still had class For 18 years I hated love All that time I couldn't trust her She carried the same estrogen as my mother So I couldn't even look her in the face And tell her I loved her Man, 18 crazy years Let's go to my freshman year That's when my identity started to appear Actually I started my sophomore year When I actually met her She actually addressed me the day She started roasting my hair She told everyone in class she had A crush on me and loved to stare The look on her face, I knew she wished we Were a pair I had nothing to waste; all I had was time to spare Next thing I know she's making love To my associates Cupid misfired, that was mad inappropriate For 18 years I hated love On year 18 I met her she was Half Costa Rican black It was long distance, I must have be despe
Fresh Plucked Cherry
My love.. Long Island Dan.. y'all have stolen my heart and are the only man for me. I cant wait until after the holidays so I can spend the rest of my life in your heart and arms. I can think of no other place I would rather grow old. If I had my way, we would spend Christmas Eve making love under the Christmas tree and bringing in the New Year together with a deep passion-filled kiss. Y'all have stolen my heart darlin and hold it in the palm of your hand, so there is no worries of other men takin it unless y'all give it back. And if that is the case then it will be broken and useless to another. So ya see Darlin'.. y'all are stuck with this country bumpkin until we are old and gray.. I love you Daniel... more than I could ever fully explain in words, so now just shut up and kiss me you stubborn jealous shit! love you baby.. YOUR Georgia Peach HEY Y'ALL!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM ONE OF THE NEW FRESH CHERRIES. NEW HERE AND HOW'S BOUT Y'ALL MAKIN ME FEEL WELCOME. SO FAR JUST NOT
New To Cherry Tap
Rate me add me do whatever but have fun.Also better if done when your drunk. Whats is up everyone I am new to this CHERRY TAP so people let me know what you think about it also show me some love hit me.I just moved to CT so I am bored and lost so if your up here hit me up and let me know what theie is to do and where the partys are
I feel as much as the rest of the Cherry Tap members that this amounts to censorship by a few against the many This is how i feel and I for one will fight this under the Laws of All goverments Below is what the American Constitution And the First Amendment about this. "First Amendment: addresses the rights of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the freedom of assembly, freedom of petition, and also freedom of religion, both in terms of prohibiting the Congressional establishment of religion and protecting the right to free exercise of religion." A well as the Candian Constitution as well below is what it says About the rights of its people as well "Fundamental Freedoms Fundamental freedoms 2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: a) freedom of conscience and religion; b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of c
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See In Loving Gratitude, I wish you and yours a bountiful Day of Giving Thanks, abundance, joy and prosperity! Many blessings of peace, love and light to thee and thine! I am eternally infinitely grateful you a blessing in my life. May you be touched by the kiss of bliss, there is nothing like this. Love always in all ways!
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Emma Rose... Born: 2/15/07 @ 5:35am 4.4 ounces 8 inches you will with your sister will be in my empty heart forever.. love always mom Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from it was a chilly Valentines Day when i had to go to the doctors for my monthly prenatal check up.. im in the room waiting to see the Dr. and when he went looking for the heart beat was unable to find it so sent me for a ultrasound.. karen the tech did the ultrasound.. and all you saw was the baby with no heart beat i knew it was bad but hurt even more with Dr. Bennie coming into the room and said Gia im so sorry.. who do you need to call.. funny who do i call.. no one lives near by anymore.. so i called Terry in hysterics.. didnt know who to actually turn to.. called a few more ppl.. but of course none of them live in the same state as me..then called the baby's "father" who was visiting his girlfriend in Texas... at that point i realized how much he cared.. then ended up in the
Friday Nights
When things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road you're trudging seems all uphill, When the funds are low, & the debts are high, And you want to smile, but have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit- Rest if you must, but don't you quit. Success is failure turned inside out, The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, And you never can tell how close you are, It may be near when it seems afar. So, stick to the fight when you're hardest hit- It's when things go wrong that you mustn't quit. Last friday night I did the same thing.. Sat at home alone, hoping and waiting for someone to call or stop by...No ones fault but my own, because I assume too much....Well Shit is all I can say.. Happy I will be because....... when I look in the mirror, I see a woman who's been through alot, and yet, still finds a way to smile at the past. I still love with all my heart, or what's left of it. and when you see me i can guarantee you I will ha
Blah Blah
Being single can sometimes be a good thing i guess be able to do what ya want and go where ya want. But it can also be lonely and i hate being lonely i hoping someday i will meet the man of my dreams and finally be with that special someone i have been longing to find in my life. Here is a song that reminds me of an ex i had who was a part of my life til things got turned around and we arent together any longer But days go by i do miss him alot and we still remain friends as always It's 3 AM and I finally say I'm sorry for acting that way I didn't really mean to make you cry Oh baby, sometimes I wonder why Does it always have to come down To you leaving Before I'll say "I love you" Why do I always use the words That cut the deepest When I know how much it hurts you Oh baby why, do I do that to you I know I'd never let you walk away So why do I push you 'til you break And why are you always on the verge of good-bye Before I'll show you how I
I Have Figured Its Time For My First..........
so i have been on this site for a while and i have a nice friends list but no one talks to me i say hi and i send messages but nothing.....granted there are a few who do talk to me but it would be nice if every one did every now and then..... any one notice that its hella hard to get a job right now....and when u finally get one they pay u jack shit and/or give u no hours....all thanx to our fucking dumb ass president...thank u george w. fucking bush for going to war wth the worlds main sorce of oil, u know george the shit that makes cars planes boats and other shit move, very smart george...learn to pick ur battles......well any ways thanx to him he took a decesant economy and turned it to shit, the housing market took a huge dive, the number of forclose homes has more then doubled and in turn raised all the rent prices im seeing rooms for rent that are like $600 really u wanna charge $600 for some one to share a 2 bed room duplex with u what the fuck..... just lately i got a new s
My mom told me there is a very good reason why God only blessed her with one daughter: she told me a sister/sister relationship serves as an exemplum of the most competitive relationship within the family. Blunty speaking, she says I was all the daughters she needed. She also mentioned that sisters, once they are grown, share the strongest of bonds. This symbolizes my friendship with Niya.B. Before I delve further, I must pay tribute to some of my most cherished friends, all of whom are pivotal in my life. These include Yvonne, Judy, Charles, Natalie and Liz and Jerome for the most part, and most recently Shai. I am sure I am forgetting some essential individuals, but blame it on a temporary memory lapse. AOP summer, Natalie was the best roommate ever, always smiling and respectful of my privacy. This came in handy when my grandmother died. She did not pressure me to express my feelings on the subject, nor did she ignore my pain. Moreover, Natalie is the one who first introduced me
Salute Proof
Anybody under the age of 16 should not read this,...and if you do, you should not repost this. Just because you were born in '90 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid. It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons. I am sorry but three conscious years of the 90's just wont cut it. You're a 90's kid if: You remember watching Doug, Ren & Stimpy, Pinky and the Brain, and Two Stupid Dogs. AAAAAAAH real monsters. You've ever ended a sentence with the word "SIKE!" You just cant resist finishing this... "Iiiiiiin west philladelphia born and raised..." You remember TGIF on ABC. Step by Step, Family Matters, Dinosaurs, and Boy Meets World. You remember when, 2Pac and Selena died. You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. You got super excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school. You remember reading "Goosebumps." You took plastic cartoon lunch boxes to school. You remember the c
Female Comebacks
female combacks....hahahaha Man: Where have you been all my life? Woman: Hiding from you. Man: Haven't I seen you someplace before? Woman: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore. Man: Is this seat empty? Woman: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down. Man: Your place or mine? Woman: Both. You go to yours, and I'll go to mine. Man: So, what do you do for a living? Woman: I'm a female impersonator. Man: Hey baby, what's your sign? Woman: Do not enter. Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning? Woman: Unfertilized. Man: Your body is like a temple. Woman: Sorry, there are no services today. Man: I would go to the end of the world for you. Woman: But would you stay there? Man: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy. Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing. If you repost this you will get a phone call 37 minutes after you repost this.... If you don't resend this then your love life will be [[doomed]] for eternity. REPOST
If We?
Back in may I looked at my self and thought you are fat! I decided to do something about it. I looked at what I had been doing and found my pit falls. Just like any one that has gotten fat, we do this. We get lazy, yeah lazy. I also never did aerobics exercise just lifted weights, dumb. I also ate like a pig, to excess and never the right things. The first thing I changed was my exercise routine, walking, just plain ole walking. I did this because of two knee surgeries. I started at 1 mile and over time increased it to 4 miles. Now I alter between those two mileages. I also after awhile started to hit my heavy bag to mix up the aerobics. Now I always get some kind of aerobics at least 4 times in a week. I also never stopped lifting I only changed that. I went to more reps and less weight. I never wanted to lose muscle mass but, I have learned overtime and through wrestling that you sometimes will sacrifice muscle while losing weight. To counteract this I increased my lean protein intak
My thoughts: Wow this is the worst day ever. So like your regular insomniac five am rolls around and I am of course wide awake wishing that more new episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Futurama, I mean I dunno something good would be on cuz quite frankly that Inu Yasha shit doesnt make sense. So I'm like I need strawberry applesauce because my supply was diminished and you know that shits like SEX so addicting. I decide to wait til 6 to head to Walmart hoping I'll miss some of the crowd. Yeh fucking right. Ugh I hate people, I mean the stupid ones. Anyways so I walk around wallyfuckmemart and I dont find any lower than normal prices like you would think so I decide to get my applesauce except the lines are not worth the wait for two cases of strawberry applesauce each valued at 1.98 so I leave Walmart cursing their nonlowerthannormalprices. I take a gamble and decide to go to Alderwood Mall after taking five minutes to find parking and cruising the whole
Another Cherry To Pop...
I hate mornings... So this is my first blog on here...Not quite sure what to say...I currently live in Florida...I moved from Binghamton, New York in March and I'm planning to move to New Orleans this March...I'm married...He's the shit...I have zero children and I'm very happy about having nothing to tie me down...I'm pretty outspoken but also kind of shy...I'm a fat girl and I'm comfortable with my size...I am trying to be a bit healthier...I mean I'm 6 feet tall...I'd look weird crackhead skinny...I also love having ginormous I guess that's it...Maybe more later....Broad overview for y'all...
Clean Up!
I wish could tie you up in my shoes Make you feel unpretty too I was told I was beautiful But what does that mean to you Look into the mirror who's inside there The one with the long hair Same old me again today (yeah) My outsides look cool My insides are blue Everytime I think I'm through It's because of you I've tried different ways But it's all the same At the end of the day I have myself to blame I'm just trippin' Chorus: You can buy your hair if it won't grow You can fix your nose if he says so You can buy all the make up That man can make But if you can't look inside you Find out who am I too Be in the position to make me feel So damn unpretty I'll make you feel unpretty too Never insecure until I met you Now I'm bein' stupid I used to be so cute to me Just a little bit skinny Why do I look to all these things To keep you happy Maybe get rid of you And then I'll get back to me (hey) My outsides look cool My insides are blue Everytime I
So, a few years ago I dated this woman for around 3 months. Our relationship didn't work out as lovers, but she has become my best friend. I can talk to her and tell her anything, she doesn't judge me and I don't judge her. We are very open with each other and can talk about anything. Its one of those relationships were we talk everyday even if its for a few minutes. I know she is and has been dating other people and thats ok with me. She know's that I am there for her when ever and for what ever she needs, and I know she is the same with me. I thought my feelings of love had gone away over the years, but this past sat. we had plans to go to the movies and out to eat. When she got to my place she said that she needed to talk to me. Basically she told me, that she's moving to Cali on 5/26. She's moving because her b/f lives there while he's in school and she wants to be with him. My heart sunk. I didn't know what to say or do, I didn't know how to react. It was like in that mom
Her Introduction
THE FOLLOWING BLOG MAY OFFEND SOME READERS SO IF YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED PLEASE DO NOT READ!!!!!! THE FOLLOWING BLOG IS AN INTRODUCTION TO MY MANUSCRIPT. IT'S BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS THAT TOOK PLACE IN THE LIFE OF A YOUNG GIRL BEING MOLESTED...The true events of the life of a young girl is what my manuscript is based on. Although all the names used are fictitious, the events are real. A very detailed description of the molestation this young girl endured is how my book begins. In order to allow readers to truly delve inside the world of a molested child I felt graphic detail was necessary. I can only hope the graphics of my story will shed light on a crime that has been underappreciated and the offenders treated lightly. I hope this small introduction makes enough people angry, enough to help change the laws that will protect other children so this might not happen. I also hope that this introduction confirms that if this has happened to you, you are not alone, and th
Tashi And Naru
It all started one day in Blake High School. A young man by the name of Tashi was introduced As the new student as he enters the room. A beautiful Girl in the back catches his eyes an he thinks why Do pretty eyes cry. After he says hi too everyone He sits down next to her and says hi may I get your Name beautiful she replies my name is Naru. He then wipes the tears from her eyes and said your eyes are too beautiful to be filled with tears. She says I was Showed pain, as my boyfriend left me. Tashi says life Is but love you are a beautiful girl you will find a great Guy I promise. Naru ask how do you know Tashi says Cause your beauty reminds me of a angel (Naru blushes) Ms. Manning calls Tashi to the front and ask him What do you think your doing I dont aloud taking in class Tashi just says I am helping a broken heart be fixed and strengthen a bent soul. As Tashi returns too his set he Is punched him the face by a classmate then Naru runs to him And says too the cla
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SADNESS You Should Rule Venus Venus is a mysterious, stormy planet - shrouded in a thick layer of clouds. You are perfect to rule Venus, because you are quite emotional and volatile yourself. Your emotions change as rapidly as the weather on Venus, and both you and the planet are incomprehensible to others. While you are not a logical thinker, you are quite empathetic. You can care for and understand others, but your emotions swirl too quickly to truly understand yourself. What Planet Should You Rule?
A True Story?
Ok so I went out to the strip club for the first time last night. Today I feel a lot like death. My stomach is in revolt and I think my hair actually hurts. Each tap of the keys on here pretty much feels like a drum in my head but I think I'm starting to recover some. I've had enough people ask me how last night went though that I figure since I've gotten to where I can actually lift my head a little I'd share my experience. First I have to say I did expect a strip club to have better looking women. I guess I found a bad one but then I had been told that all of them here in this town pretty much suck. Most of the women didn't have bodies to write home about thats for sure. The two who did have really awesome bodies were kinda scary looking when you got close enough to look them in the eye. But what the hell I still had a good time. I got my tit grabbed by a cute little black chick and I think I found the worlds softest skin on a blond chick with a nice set of fake tits wh
Arrogant Nonconformists
I am currently reading about; the Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank, the New World Order, Reichstag Fires of the United States Government and the Loss of Civil Liberties, Illuminism, the Knights Templar, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Skull and Bones Fraternity, the Masonic sect, ancient religions of Egypt and Babylon, Occultism, the Bush family dealings and financial ties with the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, the use of Depleted Uranium by the United States Military, the United Kindom's pending issuance of the National Identification Card, the United States controversial Real ID Act of 2005, One World Government, and the International Criminal Court. .............................................................. .............................................................. ..................................... Hey, I just feel like a rant. I was never one to cave to peer pressure. I was always confident. I didn't need anyone to tell me how to ha
Get It Wet
Would you makeout with me me? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Would you sleep with me? [] In an instant! [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Am I attractive? [] Heck no [] hot as Hell [] Fine [] Cute [] Okay [] Ugly! Do you think I'm a virgin? [] Yes [] No [] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... [] _____________ I look like.. [] A player [] One time thing [] Next bf/gf [] A friend [] A friend with benefits [] A possibility [] A loser If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No [] maybe Would you rather.. [] Hook up with me [] Cuddle with me [] Date me [] Friends [] Friends with benefits On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [] 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 What would you want me to be to you? [] Friend [] Girlfriend/Boyfriend [] Friend with benefits [] Husband/Wife Would you give me a lapdance? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Would
Grow Up Get Over It
Well were to start I am not proud of the things I have done but I will say it anyway because some peeps on here like to drag shit through the mud.....well here goes...... I have dated younger guys and I have dated my own age which is 44 ....and i have dated older men ...the ones that are the nicest to me are the younger guys and you know what it don't mean a fucking thing when you are in love not lust with people.... LOVE HAS NO BOUNDERIES...of AGE, COLOR, OR RACE,or even SEX....when you love someone you love them can't help that they are younger or older or black or white or hespinac,,, get what I am trying to say....... There have been rumors that I like stalk younger guys.....WRONG ...THEY COME AFTER ME...........they are the oneS that tell me not to worry about the age ....... You know why they come to older weman now instead of younger .....I have been told this by several people .....because us older weman
Does 'looks' really matter? I know that for a fact when you see a pretty girl across the room, the first tihing you notice is her good looks. So you head her way and strike up a conversation. Weeks pass and you notice she isn't quite the person you would like to spend the rest of your life with but you stay with her. Why is that? Is it because she is gorgeous and want to show her off? I think that is so wrong. Not only are you hurting yourself but you are leading your partner under false feelings. I understand that went up to that person because she is attractive and thought she could be a good person but looks can be deceiving. I'm starting to believe that there is no such thing as love at first sight; mostly because I know that you can't fall in love with someone who you know ABSOLUTELY nothing about. Its their looks that reel you in. I understand that in whatever you are into, opposite/same sex, material things etc, you always see their attractiveness and then you get to know wha
Thoughts Thrown Into The Ether
"We create our own realities," she says, "in spaces where sanity is subjective. What is true is only true because we agree it is. Tell me once more - what is the color of the trees on your world?" "It goes beyond our own realities," I say. "It extends into others as well. You create your reality through the consent of the people around you - because you all agree that it is sane to say that gravity is a law made to be broken, it is only those who demand that they stay grounded who are insane. Even so, as you tell me of your world, I define it according to my reality's standards. Here, your world is the opposite of real simply because in your world up is not always up, and not everything comes back down. "And to answer your question, in this world the trees are green. And in this world, I love you." "You think too much of reality," she says. "What do you do to relax?" "There's fire on the mountain," I say, "and we are caught in its flames." "The words you say are strange," s
Ryan's Bloggins, Blitches!!
Ok, now just to refresh everyone on what Ive chosen to rant about this loving (cloudy as all hell) day, this is the bulletin that was put out. Chances are youve seen this bulletin beforehell, you may have even posted it yourself at one point. Give it a once over, if you can. think about it... I know way too many really beautiful girls who think they don't look good... It hurts... because it's our fault, guys I mean. We make girls feel like they have to be perfect. You know what I mean, flat stomach, big boobs, round booty, long legs, sexy lips, and on top of all that, they have to dress like a whore, and be one as well... nobody can measure up to that... and its not fair... because nobody should have to. The little imperfections are what make people special. If everyone was perfect the world would be so boring, variety is what makes life interesting. So guys, stop making girls have to live up to your, I'm sorry, our... deluded fantasy visions of perfection. Stop actin
Looking For Female To Join Us!
Anyone have any advice on finding a 3rd for your threesome? We;ve been looking, but it's kinda hard to just walk up to someone and say "hey, you wanna join my and my b/f for a night of sexual adventures?" This is something that we both REALLY wanna do!! But how do we make it a reality? Any advice from anyone would be GREATLY appreciated! Also any tips on how to make it an AWESOME experience for all involved would be great to!! THANKS! My bofriend and I are looking for sexy young female to join us for a new sexual experience. I've never been with a woman before, but would like to see if what everyone says is could say that I am extremelt bi-curious. We are in a serious relationship....we've been together for 5 years. He is EXTREMELY HOT and SEXY! I like to think that I'm not so bad myself. He would also LOVE to watch and maybe get some action too! We are in Tampa....but if anyone is nearby we would travel a little bit. We love to have fun and are very sexual people. We loave
My Girl
Mystress R...: Look girl, I know that you have feelings You've stated that, but you need to back off.. This is not going to help build any kind of relationship with me! Please stop bugging my myspace and CT friends, okay??? AND NO MORE COMMENTS :) I'm proud of my Rvn
Numero Uno!
Do you know who has the upper hand in the realm of desire, attraction, and romance? The answer is simple and easy: Women There is proof all over the internet...Men spend bilions a year on pornsites and dating sites, all because of their lust for the opposite sex. Oh sure, women have to deal with a lot of prejudice in the workplace etc....They have to deal with a menstrual cycle that can be very uncomfortable once a month.... But you know what? Even if a girl is missing half of her teeth, and is 100lbs overweight, she can still snap her fingers and get a line of candidates who are sexually attracted to her. And yet they will still complain that they can't find a guy who loves them for who they are, or that respects their feelings, or is willing to commit, etc... Maybe they should look on the brightside...Many guys have trouble even feeling wanted in the first place. So, here is my first Blog. How sweet. Though I seemed to have joined this site about 5 months ago, I
please help me level up please help me level up
Suicide Letter
underneath it all i'm a single guy with nothing to lose anymore.. i've just been heart broken but shit that an't going to stop my dreams to come tru.. well here i go just writeing to you and letting you know.. life is a game if youe an't playing it right! you end up with out a life.. it's part of my suicide letter with out tradgity in life.. well it goes on the game play's you then you lose so.. people cheat in the game to past to the next level as it goes it's harder and harder so play your shit right and try not to comite suicide.. take life step by step and control your player right... SUICIDE LETTER TO TAKE THE PAIN AWAY MY SUICIDE LETTER PLEASE TAKE THE PAIN AWAY, AND LET EVERYONE KNOW HOW MUCH I'M GLAD TO HAVE THERE PRSENTS IN MY WAY... THANK YOU GOD FOR SENDING HIS SON TO EARTH AND DIED ON THE CROSS.. AND TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT IT'S COST.. I NEVER THOUGH OF WRITING THIS DOWN BUT IT TAKES THE PAIN AWAY.. BUT KNOW I'LL GIVE YOU
No Longer A Dream
Somewhere in my heart beyond all my pride holds a secret desire so intense, deep inside. Imprisoned with all my passion and love, unknown to anyone but the one above. A desire for someone to cherish and hold, the need for a love to call my own. Someone to kiss and make up with after fight. Someone who can respect all I can be. Someone who's strong enough to commit and love only me. Someone who will be there and kiss away my tears, secure my doubts, and release me from all my fears. Someone I can depend on to be my friend, someone who can restore my faith in love once again. This love is like a dream yet to come true, Or so I believed until I found you. If you ever get a chance to go and see chris daughtry you should. I went to his concert thursday night and oh my gosh he was amazing....I will see him every time he comes to kansas city.......
Dwbear's Thoughts
Top 17 Country Songs 17. I Hate Every Bone In Her Body But Mine 16. It's Hard To Kiss the Lips At Night That Chewed My Ass Out All Day 15. If I Can't Be Number One In Your Life, Then Number Two On You 14. If The Phone Don't Ring,You'll Know It's Me 13. How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away? 12. I Liked You Better Before I Got To Know You So Well 11. I Still Miss You Baby, But My Aim's Getting Better 10. I Wouldn't Take Her To A Dogfight 'Cause I'm Afraid She'd Win 9. I'll Marry You Tomorrow, But Let's Honeymoon Tonight 8. I'm So Miserable Without You It's Like You're Still Here 7. If I Had Shot You When I First Wanted To, I'd Be Out Of Prison Now 6. My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend, and I Sure Do Miss Him 5. She Got The Ring and I Got the Finger 4. You're The Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly 3. Her Teeth Was Stained But Her Heart Were Pure 2. She's Looking Better After Every Beer And the Number One Country Song --- 1. I Ain't Never
I love you more than you could know, But you said you had to let me go. I hoped and prayed we could work things out, Your love I started to doubt. You want to start over and just be friends, But what if that's something that never ends? I'll try my hardest not to cry, Just look the other way if I start to sigh. I cried and cried when it came to the end, I'll try my hardest to be a friend. I can;t make promises I don't know of I can keep, But I want you to know my love for you runs deep. I can't just put my love aside, And pretend like we never even tried. Somehow I always make you mad at me, Now I know why you set me free. I'm sorry I made you feel like dirt, And somehow always made you hurt. I told you it was always started by me, But why do we have to let things be? I'm sorry I tried to figure things out, And what was happening and what it was all about. You said you were worried I'd hang up on you, I guess I should
Your little girl looks up to you Wherever you may go You're not just my father, Dad, you're my hero You have been there Since I was a kid You know everything I said And everything I did Whenever I need you You always understand I've always thought you were perfect With the world in your hands It never matters what it is Whatever I say or do You are always there right by my side With my problems I always come to you I could never keep anything from you Nor could I ever lie When I tell you all my faults You never ask me why Happy, Sad, Depressed, Upset You've been there for all the moods You've somehow learned to put up with Some of my know-it-all attitudes In my eyes you are always right Never are you wrong Somehow you have this thing with me Where we always get along When I am upset, or mad at the world You know exactly how to respond That's because you are my dad With that certain special bond You know exactly what to say
Lets Get Caught Up
As you can see classes At Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School (& lack of sleep) keep me pretty busy during the week. I don't have the energy after reading the blogs I catch up with, responding to messages & comments to write my own blog (need to work on that). So here I am lumping the whole week into one blog. To start with I worked the reception for the newest graduates of the school Saturday. It was fun, most of the time. I got to know some of my classmates better & most of them are cool. One of them & I kinda got into it cuz she thinks she knows it all but doesn't. I will try to give you the short version as per Darren, its not as good if you can't here me imitate her Israeli (mispelled?) accent. Yes, she is originally from Israel & her & her husband are now have a business in California but she is going to school here in Vegas. It all started when the chef in charge advised a small group of us to do the family meal for 1pm (which is lunch usually for us)and its now 10 am so we sho
Short Stories
His Eyes Dart open like that of a child waking from a nightmare. The stench is putrid unable to identify it, he chalks it up as mould and rotting food. His wrists burn from what must be hemp rope Binding them behind him. All he can see is black, save the window above which seems so far away or, is the window small and he in a close room. Unaware of where he is, what Time it is, how he got here or anything else, He stares out the window in silence. The moon is bright, almost full, maybe it is full? No, he decides it is not quite full. Which Allows him to Figure out roughly what the date is. It is nearing the end of November. A sound catches his ears, which seem to be more useful than his eyes, In this blacker than black room. It is to his left, water dripping into a shallow puddle, Drip Drip Drip. He begins to count them, to help him pass time. 1, 2, 3.... To his right he hears a stirring. He swings his head, a shooting pain runs from above his ear to just below his shoulder blade, wi
POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU 0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww! 1 = Definetly not attractive. 2 = Decent 3 = Fine 4 = Fine as hell! 5 = I'd do you. 6 = Pretty damn sexy! 7 = Lovable, I LOVE YOU!!! 8 = I wanna make you my man/girl. 9 = Just a friend. 10 = Sexiest person I know! 11 = Fuckin Handsome 12 = Ya, I've checked you out a few times. 13 = i wanna fuck u 14.= Let's get married! LEAVE ME A COMMENT TELL THE TRUTH!!!!! iF YOU DON'T RE-POST THiS THEN YOUR TOO INSERCURE TO SEE WHAT PEOPLE REALLY THiNK OF YOU hey there everyone just signed up yesterday and am loving it what a great place this is hope to make loads of new friends so drop me a line or add me as a friend see you all around peace :)
The male of the species continues to confuse me...I hate having to play a guessing game to figure out what guys are thinking about. I am nice enough to be blunt with them, why can't they be curteous right back? Bleh...this was a good week and now I'm all confused...this sucks. Ok so I'm freakin' pissed! My ex (who broke up with me three days after my birthday in October) has kinda been hangin out with me a bit every now and then for the past couple months. I thought things were going good because we had managed to be friends and f*** buddies only without the relationship drama getting in the way. About a month ago he tells me thanks for being great about letting him figure out his life and take time since one of the reasons we split was he wasn't "ready for a relationship." I said no problem and we continued as we were. Well today my feet were killing me and I texted him asking for one of his world famous foot massages and he texted me back all flirty and teasing me about his
please go vote for the baby in her contest...we need alot of help....thank you so much when you love someone, and that person hurts you, you hide from love, so you wont get hurt again.....i have learned to love again, and i am happy that i have found the person to help me see, there is happiness out there for if someone hurts you , although its hard, you can move on and love again..
Songs I Wrote
i want to say thank you very much to Seeking Asylum for helping me with this song...if it wasnt for you, it would not be as awesome as it is...thank you so much for going over it and revising it to make it 10x for the rest of you here is My Prison of Darkness My Prison of Darkness written by Brad "BoNEs" Crider and Shawna of Seeking Asylum 1st verse WHATS GOING ON INSIDE MY MIND THIS DARKNESS IS ALL I SEE HELD BY THIS CAPTIVE NIGHTMARE INSIDE WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR ME TO BE FREE FROM THIS PRISON OF DARKNESS CONTROLLING ME Chorus IM JUST SO EMPTY INSIDE - LONELY OUTSIDE GOTTA BREAK THE INSANITY OF SADNESS IN MY EYES -- JUST SO EMPTY INSIDE LONELY OUTSIDE GOTTA BREAK CHAINS THAT BIND THE PRISON OF DARKNESS IN MY MIND 2nd verse PICTURES ROLL ACROSS MY MIND OF JOY WHEN I WAS ALIVE I FELT LOVE - THERE WAS NO NEED TO HIDE I KNEW WHAT IT WAS TO BE FREE FROM THIS PRISON OF DARKNESS CONTROLLING ME (prelude to chorus) BU
What's A Waste
Courtesy of Why didn't the US and coalition forces complete the job in 1991?? Some say that it was because the objective of pushing the Iraqi Regime out of Kuwait was why we were there. I was there and think that the objective should have been to get Saddam before he killed any more people. I am not advocating war, but, I do wish that we had been allowed to complete the mission as we saw it. Now, we have troops dying every day and it is only going to get worse. I feel for the families of the soldiers who have been killed or injured. I also feelfor the millions of Iraqi citizens that actually want us to help them and are afraid to say so. I wish that we had completed the mission.. Maybe I wouldn't feel so guilty when I read about someone getting killed that wouldn't have been there if I had been allowed to do my job. PEACE OUT!!
Cherry Love !!!
To all my Family and Friends, My the Joy of the Season be with each and every one of you. It is the time of the year when we should put all of our anger and transgretions aside and start to focus on those most close to us.I'm really not a big player for alot of words and this really isn't going to be one of those blogs where it goes on and on.I just want each and every one of my Family,Friends and Fans here on Cherry Tap to know that you are in my thoughts 2nite and every nite and that you are kept out of harms way on this Joyous Nite. God Bless You All and HOHOHO !!!!! Iceman Cherry Tap is the Funnist thing going on-line right now. Want to give my thanx out to LinaLove69 and to Tashia_swt69 for getting me here its a BLAST !!!!!

hi there i don't what ta really say on this cuz i'm really not that good at this sort of stuff but i'll try ta give my best shot k?? alright perfect well hey my name is david and i'm from canada ontario and i'm really not that bad of an dude and very easy ta get along wit as well, i hate life but not life it's self but y does it have ta be so dificult eh? but ya i love my ex and she means the world 2 me but even though she an't here at the moment but i know it may sound stupid but ya well i guess thats me, i love ta play sports i'm very athletic and i'm very energetic and love the sunset and most of all so love the night and the stars that comes with it as well (lik who doesn't love the stars eh?) but if ya don't wanna read any more further then u don't have ta bother wit cuz i know how u would feel lol "it's borin sort of eh? haha but ya any ways befor i bore ya'z ta death i'm gonna have ta leave from here and start it another time eh sound kool?? alright then awesome PLEASE L
NE 1 wanna bullshit or somethin give me a call and ask for alex 219-369-2497 sorry i havent been on tap lately i just got out of jail 2 days ago and it fuckin sucked. so if you've left me messages or comments and i didnt get back to you i wasn't ignoring you
Why Won't It Snow?
Yah i was was so excited, This morning it was snowing, and I was soooo happy. The mud is gone, the borwn yicky raining weather is gone lol. Everything is now white and pretty!! It really made my day, I went out and played in it..haha I love the first snow fall of the year, and It's about time lol It won't snow where I am, I love the snow and I just want it to snow but It won't. What is christmas without snow? Christmas is only a month away..I need my snow...please hurry
Broken Promises
..Time holds all regrets in his mighty hand for you to see. He is a darkness so black and bold that he consumes your very being. You try to run and hide but no matter where you go he finds you. Time is the enemy, so strong and deadly. You can try and fight but what's the use, eventually he conquers you and binds you to his massive body and there you are for eternity, his slave. At his beck and call to fullfil his evil wishes at which he draws so much pleasure from. Time my evil master I am here at your feet begging you to set me free. It seems though the more I beg the tighter the chains that bind me to you become. I wept for you when you left. I cried sweet joyful tears when you returned. I gave you my heart and what did I get in return? Broken promises and half empty jestures of a love that was supposed to last forever. Tell me how can you go through life not truly feeling with your soul. I want you to know what it's like to have your heart shattered into a thousand tiny pieces wh
For Your Reading Pleasure
A Cynics Guide to Life: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire. I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows. And a foundation leaks and a ball game gets rained out and a car rusts and... Follow your dream! Unless it's the one where you're at work in your underwear during a fire drill. Always take time to stop and smell the roses... and sooner or later, you'll inhale a bee. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me, either, just leave me alone. If you don't like my driving, don't call anyone. Just take another road. That's why the highway department made so many of them. If a motorist cuts you off, just turn the other cheek. Nothing gets the message across like a good mooning. When I'm feeling down, I like to whistle. It makes the neighbor's dog run to the end of his chain and gag himself. It's always darkest before dawn. So
Dear Phil...~*~ True Confessions and pouring my heart out~*~ Okay Look its 4 A.M I went out in my livin room after gettin off the phone with you and tried to watch tv didnt work because all I thought about was you. So I shut my tv off closed my eye's figureing it would help sure didnt because Im still tired as hell but can't sleep because All I think about is you. So I figure Id just write you and let you know exactly what is going threw my head for once I dont wanna wake you up so Im just going to tell you now and here while its on my mind. Look the reason I didnt know If i was sure i wanted to talk to you or not like anymore It really had nothing to be against you and I mean this really in the sincerest way it's not you it's me. You may or may not know Im not going to say you don't know how hard it is for me because honestly I dont know weather it is for you or not. But everytime I talk to you and everytime I hear you voice it pulls me back closer to you and its like it sucks m
What Does It Mean To Be A Satanist
Ive been a member of the Church of Satan for several years now. I do wish that more people were familiar with the fact that there are other types of Satanists out there. It tends to be a pain in the ass living where I do since there are small groups of animal killing losers. So naturally be as I am very open about my beliefs I get lumped in with the nutjobs. But this is simply a minor annoyance since Im not one to care what the brainwashed right think. Hail Satan - Sufficiency - Completeness - "From moment of Birth to moment of Death, I am and ever shall I be." - Perfection - Self Acknowledgment - "Look around and be witness that there are none like unto me." - Mastery - Independence - "Even when down, there are none who may lift me without my consent. 1. As a Satanist I believe in the autonomy of the idividual. One should know thy self and develop thy own skills, character, and talent to the utmost. Be free to be thy own self. 2. As a Satanis
Blog Time!
ok so its been since last thanksgiving since i wrote a new blog, so i think its time i write a new one. as of then, i have gotten a new job as a groundskeeper at an apartment complex. its pretty damn sweet even though the job is pretty tough. ive been broke for the past 3 months, but now i finally have money to get my life back on track. ive stopped drinking as much as i used to, im in the process of quiting smoking, and im on a regular sleep schedule. ive met this really cool chick named stacy. she's awesome. i dont think she knows just how much i really like her, but on the other hand, maybe she does. ill leave that up to her to find out. i dont wanna push her away by being so strong... things are finally starting to look up...for now. all good things come to an end. but im not worried about it now. ill deal with it when the time comes. other than that nothing really much new has been going on. sooo i guess this is the end of this blog. ill write more when im not so
Fuck Love
death of a juggalo death of juggalo jimmy I set waiting , hoping you'll call hours and hours pass no call at all I think its possible you know how it feels inside, when being alone a lil bit of u dies. Love surpasses all sense of time, leaving me hurt and bout to cry. I hold my tears inside, so you won't see, the weakness and pain inside of me. Do you think of him when your with me, cause I think of you in evreyone I see. Baby, all I want is your heart, that's all I've wanted from the start. Please don't leave me hurt and alone, cause damn it hurts like hell when your gone. In my heart you have a place, I want your love no mater how long it takes. Crazy it seems how I feel, but from my heart I swear, this shit is real. If you say that we're over I can take it, Even if I front and fake it. By Juggalo Jimmy 11/26/06 fuck luv FUCK LUV I'M NOT LUVED. I LUV SUM1 WHO I THINK JUST DOESN'T EVEN CARE. I GOT USED. LUV'S A BITCH. SO JUST LET THE CANCER OF MY HATE TAKE MY ASS AWAY.PL
The Pumpkin Patch
The New York City Police Department is facing serious backlash after officers opened fire on three unarmed men in Queens, killing a 23-year-old who was supposed to get married this weekend. The shooting happened early Saturday as a group of men were leaving a strip club where they were celebrating the slain man's bachelor party. Police opened fire on the men's car after it rammed into an undercover officer and then hit an unmarked police van twice, according to New York authorities. Officers apparently thought one of the men had a gun and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly wouldn't say if the car accidents were what prompted the plainclothes detectives to shoot the victims. The victims' car was riddled with bullets - 21 in all - hitting the groom-to-be, Sean Bell; Joseph Guzman, 31, who was in the front seat and was shot at least 11 times; and Trent Benefield, 23, who was in the back seat and was hit three times. Bell had two young children with his fiance, ages three year
My Birthday!
Click Here to get this from! Would you ____ me ? > > > 2.fuck, > 3.kiss, > 4.lick, > friends, > 6.hate, >, > 8.crush on, > 9.stare at, > 10.marry, > 11.please, > 12.tease, > 13.go out with, > 14.make out > 15.suck > 16.fight, >, > 18.hug, >, > 20.hurt, > 21.all of the above, > > Repost this in 2 mins. and see how many people message u back saying one or more of these topics !!!!!!!!!!!!! repost this saying would u ____________ me > > Send me a message with your answers and then re-post for me to answer ect.
Diamond And Rust
Just because something or someone new comes into your life, the old never really goes away. Its like looking for a new dog, after the one you had for 18 years leaves you. You think you want an energetic, cute, cuddily puppy, but what you find you are drawn too is the one that has those eyes that look at you just like the one that left did, his fur has the same silky touch and his wet sloppy kisses give you the exact same feeling in the pit of your stomach. So, you may choose something or someone new, but the old always has a very special place in your heart. diamond- a thing of incredible beauty, taking years and years to create, polished to perfection, until it becomes a treasured thing, a symbol of everlasting love and loyalty. rust- a thing of incredible sadness,once a treasured object, transformed after years and years of neglect, into a thing unrecognizable.
My Trip Around The World Starting 6/15/07
Well, I quit my job and decided to fly around the world. In a little over a month I will ride my bike to Sturgis ND. See you later...I will post my recent pics later today.
Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of good or bad luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these small tests, if they be events, illnesses or relationships, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere. If someone hurts you, betrays you , or breaks you heart, forgive them. For they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious to who you open your heart to. If someone loves you, love them back unconditionally, not only because they love you, but because they are teaching you to love and opening your heart and eyes to things you would have never seen or felt without them. Make every day count. Appreciate every moment and take from it everything that you possibly can, for you may never be able to experience it again. Talk to people you have never talked to before, and actually listen. Hold your head up b

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