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Lots Of Questions, 3 Responses
Now here's what your supposed to do....and please do not spoil the fun..Start a new note,delete my answers and put in your own.Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn alot of little known things about each other. Three names I go by. 1) Scott 2) Tiger 3) Hey You Three jobs I have had in my life. 1)Security Systems Engineer 2)Police Officer 3)Airline Executive Three places I have lived. 1) Missouri 2) Wisconsin 3) Missouri Three TV shows I watch. 1) 24 2) Moonlight 3) Sports Three places I have been. 1)Toronto 2)Paris 3)London Three people that e-mail be regularly. Regularly is a "relative" term. Mindy Tia Robin Three of my Favorite foods. 1)Steak 2)Seafood 3)Cashew Chicken Three things I would like to do. 1) Become a full time photographer 2) Meet my soulmate 3) Go on a photographic excursion and see tigers in the wild. Things I am looking forward to. 1) My new career 2) Lion Cubs 3)
Thoughts Of A Mad Man
Road Trip
End of the Stand Off 11:30pm As the tear gas was getting ready to be deployed, a phone call was made. A man, name still unknown, was barricaded inside his home. Police talked to the man for 15 minutes. Finally talking him out of the house. It all started around 7pm est. Police were about to serve a arrest warrant. When they approached the mans door they were greeted with a shotgun. Police pulled back and shots were fired. In the exchange of gunfire one officer was wounded. The suspect was not hit. Police surrounded the house and a land line was set up directly to the house. Several phone calls were made to try and talk the suspect out. Finnally at 11pm when the tear gas was ready for use. They decide to call one more time. After this time the suspect walked out without his gun. Then he lied face down in the snow while police cuffed the man. At this time it is also not know what the warrant was for. Shooting 1-14-09 Mt. Pleasant, Mi. There's a standoff
Fakes Of Fubar!
ok...yes she has salutes and pics of "her"...but its obviously not the same woman. She has more than a dozen folders of random shit, but only a handful of pics of "herself" and one marked "her family", that could be anyones family ty vm. You be the judge... if im wrong...sry. I dont think i am...
> >
Now here's what your supposed to do....and please do not spoil the fun..Start a new blog,delete my answers and put in your own.Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn alot of little known things about each other. Three names I go by. 1) Tammy 2) Tam 3) Safety Nazy Three jobs I have had in my life. 1) Coal Miner 2) Oil Field Operator 3) HES Specialist Three places I have lived. 1) PA 2) Wyoming 3) Three TV shows I watch. 1) Nascar 2) Greys 3) Private Practice Three places I have been. 1) Maine 2) Colorado 3) Montana Three people that e-mail be regularly. 1) Ed 2) Vance 3) Mark Three of my Favorite foods. 1) Anything Italian 2) Hamburger 3) Chicken Three things I would like to do. 1) See a whale 2) Find a good man 3) MOVE Things I am looking forward to. 1) Good Snow 2) Seeing my friends 3) MOVING Three friends that I think will respond. 1)NONE 2) 3)
Random Thoughts....
Find your own pose! Went to Monster Jam in oakland the other night. Decided to go to it late, got there late, and got home late.. but what else is new? I have to admit that ever since last year, when I was at Monster Jam at the Arco Arena, I have been a die hard fan of the Gravedigger.. Even though Arco is inside, super small, and really no room for the trucks to perform at their best ability, the crowd was amped! The show was hot,and Gravedigger was off the hook! Waited the whole show in oakland to see his freestyle performance, and of course he was last. The fucktard flipped his truck in the first 30 sec. OMG! I wanted to shed a tear, was so let down.. (sigh) Monster Mutt Dalmation lmao the truck lookks like a doggie. with a ears and a long tail that sticks up in the air. Oh when it jumped the tail wagged, ears flopped to. what will be next wacked out monster truck? Maybe a Dinosaur, a pretty purple one. Oh wait, wait, that truck was there too. A purple Dinosaur
Ddl Radio
I am VERY Proud to announce that in the next few months we will be bringing DDL RADIO to the DarkDemons lounge we will be looking for DJ's Contact WickedPagon or myself for more information Thank You
Cemetery Escort Duty
CEMETERY ESCORT DUTY I just wanted to get the day over with and go down to Smokey's. Sneaking a look at my watch, I saw the time, 1655. Five minutes to go before the cemetery gates are closed for the day. Full dress was hot in the August sun. Oklahoma summertime was as bad as ever--the heat and humidity at the same level--both too high. I saw the car pull into the drive, '69 or '70 model Cadillac Deville, looked factory-new. It pulled into the parking lot at a snail's pace. An old woman got out so slow I thought she was paralyzed; she had a cane and a sheaf of flowers--about four or five bunches as best I could tell. I couldn't help myself. The thought came unwanted, and left a slightly bitter taste: 'She's going to spend an hour, and for this old soldier, my hip hurts like hell and I'm ready to get out of here right now!' But for this day, my duty was to assist anyone coming in. Kevin would lock the 'In' gate and if I could hurry the old biddy along, we mi
yeah so my nose got broken my wallet disappeared i will have 2 black eyes my plugs got torn out my lip ring got torn out and i knocked the motherfucker out twice when TERROR was on and once when EMMURE was on tonite was an awesome show I got a hi five from most of the members of TERROR for stage diving and sliding the motherfucker that broke my nose across the floor TWICE DURING THEIR SET the bartender saw my broken nose and saw me knocking out the fucking dude and kept feeding me shots of jack daniels Tonite's show was fucking great go to the ATTICUS METAL TOUR if you have the balls to I could make this short and sweet and say "The show was badass...Go to this tour when it comes to your town...)) But I won't do that... We got there right after some Jax band played...So we missed one of the bands...heh...Oops... IMPENDING DOOM Badass grindcore/death with breakdowns... Shouldn't have played first...The show line up should have been ABRB, Impending
Now here's what your supposed to do....and please do not spoil the fun..Start a new blog,delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three names I go by. 1) Jay 2) Manwhore...dont ask 3) instigator Three jobs I have had in my life. 1) Missile technician 2) manwhore...i said dont ask 3) maintenance tech at a rubber plant Three places I have lived. 1) Illinois 2) South carolina 3) Scotland Three TV shows I watch. 1) Mythbusters 2) cool tools 3) secret diary of a call girl Three people that e-mail me regularly. 1) My dad 2) Becky 3) britany spears...damn girl, get over it already Three of my Favorite foods. 1) lasagna 2) no bame chocolate cookies 3) cheesecake Three things I would like to do. 1) be debt free 2) skydive 3) take a 2 month ride across the country Things I am looking forward to. 1) Summertime...riding weather 2)
Sexx!!! Whats Your Favorite Position?
Open minded welcome......
Cherry Bomb Bling
CHERRY BOMBERS!!! ღTulsa's Angelღ @ fubar ~COUGARBABY~@ fubar ~Cherrybomb™ ~@ fubar ^sin^♥@ fubar ~Blueroses~@ fubar ♥ ÐJ ÇÚÐÐLÊ GØÐÐʧ§ ♥@ fubar *Phantom*@ fubar Tempting Enchantress@ fubar Sarge's Bad Girls@ fubar ~♥~TEXAS TWISTER~♥~ ~
who agress that hot women and fast cars will always go hand in hand?,,,
Thank You
I Just Wanted To Say A Big Thankyou To Everyone Who Rated My Pictures Yesterday During My Autos. If I've Missed Anyone Just Shout Me And I'll Add You. TRÄÇ¥ {§håÐðw Lêvêlêr †êåm LêåÐêr}@ fubar ☠ RAIDERGOAT ☠ / KING @CLUB ROYALTY / SPANKER FAMILY / OWNED by SUMMER@ fubar ~KITTEN~NOM NOM NOM YUMMY@ fubar Gypsysoul member of the rating revolution@ fubar AJ1™@ fubar MaNiAcO sEsSuAle~~A.K.A Danny~~@ fubar Preciousmoments ~~ ~ Fu Married to myself~~Member of Club Mystic and rider of many trains@ fubar
The Great Lizard Birth
So I have had the worst day. My PTSD has been really flaring up up bad. Those of you who don't know I served in Iraq twice as an infantryman. I don't sleep much at night. I am struggling with leaving that place behind me. Then this morning I found out one of my cousins died in a car wreck. And then to top it off this evening I get a call from my dad. He tells me a close family friend was ina bad wreck, and the doctors do not think he will make it through the night. The man was more liek family...kind of like an uncle. And now I have a huge precalculus exam on Monday ( in college), and No matter how much of my anxiety medicine I take it is not helping. I am just besides myself. I really need a friend and a shoulder. if you have raised kids (or been one), and gone through the pet syndrome, including toilet flush burials for dead goldfish, the story below will have you laughing out LOUD! lizard love Overview: I had to take my son's lizard to the vet. Here's what happened:

i love this plays
Auction Time!
I"m up for auction please come bid !!! the higher your offer the more ill add for you any request you can pm me smooches and hugs to you (repost of original by '~~ stormwoman~~"owned by TEDDY T."' on '2009-03-01 16:25:42')
Time For A Name Change
Not Allowed On Fubar
every payweek i delete my fubar and make a new one, and buy another 3 month vip for myself. i never reach level 22, and im tired of people not helping, especially if all i rate is those with auto11s or cherrybombs, im sick of people not returning love. i have tried now six times to go from zero to level 22 in two weeks, nobody cares unless you have auto11s, which i never have, since i cannot afford it.
I waited for your love in hope, That ours would come again, And make me feel the things I felt, When we were one, back then. But time and distance have erased, The things I wished anew, And now I find myself alone, Though I am here with you. What good is love, that does not touch, What good is love, that gives you pain. What good is love, that makes you run, And makes you lost out in the rain. I traveled to another world, Out far beyond the one we knew, I thought that I could live again, And now I find I'm back with you. But what of hearts that beat as one, And what of passion and embrace, Is it too much to ask of you, To make these tears of mine erase. What good is love, that does not touch, What good is love, that gives you pain. What good is love, that makes you run, And makes you lost out in the rain. Too painful this - to journey back, To times of love and laughter free, The times we lay together with A sense of you , a sense of me. So now
I knew you were hurting although you wouldn’t cry, And could see you were suffering, see the pain in your eye I wanted to comfort you, to hold you, be with you that day, You looked so helpless and frail while in bed you did lay. I watched as you shivered from a new pain, And wondered how I might have handled the same. I wanted to scream, to shout, and to yell, You said you were fine although your skin was so pale. I knew in my heart your time was near end, And wished I could take you, your body to mend. I knew that soon God would be your closest friend, You told me many times that’s how it would end. I stood there watching as each breath came slow, And fought to find courage, my emotions were low. I promised you when the time came that I’d not cry, You never saw my eyes wet, always they were dry. I held your hand as I silently said goodbye, And knew in my heart that soon you would die. I stroked your forehead and said how I loved you, You nodded and smiled an
Radio Muh Ha Ha
here is the link its a great place 2 hang a chill
Letter Thingie
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: John 2. A four letter word: Jerk 3. A boy's name: Justin 4. A girl's name: Jessica 5. An occupation: Journalist 6. A colour: Jazzberry Jam (don't believe me? check here 7. Something you wear: Jacket 8. A food: Jellybeans 9. Something found in the bathroom: Jizz 10. A place: Jamaica 11. A reason for being late: Jet lag 12. Something you shout: Jump! 13. A movie title: Jumanji 14. Something you drink: Juice 15. A musical group: Joan Jett & the Blackhea
??? Don't Know ?????
1. What is your best friends name? Kain, Froggy 2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now? I'm not wearing any 3. What are you listening to right now? the radio from the Anti Lounge and the dogs barking 4. Whats your favorite number? 21 5. What was the last thing you ate? Maple & brown sugar oatmeal 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? Black 7. How is the weather right now? cloudy and could with the high of 33 8. Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone? Charles 9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes and lips 10. Do you have a significant other? yeppers 11. Favorite TV show? NCIS and two and a half men 12. Siblings? yes 3 13. Height? 5'2" 14. Hair color Black and brown 15. Eye Color? light brown 16. Do you wear contacts? i wear a wicked elf blue contacts when i am in really good moods and wanna freak ppl 17. Favorite Holiday? Halloween 18. Month? august 19. Hav
Moonlight Suicide December 26th 2005 Moonlight on your faceStars in your eyesMy heart is dying deep insideI wanna let you freeBut I can't seem to seeWhy you make me feel your embrace Moonlight hides our fearsStars cover the sky in a blanket of sneersMoonlight suicide is invisionedMy heart beating, it's imprisoned I wanna see the worldI want to be all that I amNext to nothing, lost with painShivering from the trembles of your touchI wanna be the man who takes your hand Moonlight hides our fearsStars cover the sky in a blanket of sneersMoonlight suicide is invisionedMy heart beating, it's imprisoned Spinning in a cirlce of emptynessWatching time fly as I become heartlessSeeing you smile kills me nowSo leave me be and set yourself freeThe moonlight can't save me Moonlight hides our fearsStars cover the sky in a blanket of sneersMoonlight suicide is invisionedMy heart beating, it's imprisoned       This is the last song I wrote, and I wrote it for someone. Nearly 4 years later,
just gettin started wit this so give me a lil minute
Leaving Town...
Hey all. I am leaving town next week on the 10th of March. I will be gone for about 2 weeks. I will not have my phone and minimal internet. I will try to check here and email as much as I can. Love you all. Leave some love
im new to this and im sooooo lost lol well i can not find a good tat to get to cover old scars on my upper arm. it will be my left arm from about shoulder to elbow. i have a couple ideas. i am trying to find like a faerie vampire thing.  of some kinda flowers but im not a flower girl.  i really dont know THOUGHTS I HAVE HAD MANY TIMES THROUGH THE YEARS AND, YES, STILL WONDERING WHY. BUT LIKE ANY VETERAN, WE JUST KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON     This is written by a young man serving his third tour of duty in  Iraq . Thought you might find his take on the Michael Jackson news interesting.  ____________________________ Okay, I need to rant. I was just watching the news, and I caught part of a report on Michael Jackson.  As we all know, Jackson died the other day.  He was an entertainer who performed for decades.  He made millions, he spent millions, and he did
global warming d.c. protest cancelled due to masive snowstorm ? Published Mar. 1, 2009 Not again! Big DC March Snowstorm Set to Greet 'Largest public protest of global warming ever in U.S.!' – 1 Foot of Snow Possible, Bitter Cold, Blowing and drifting snow! DC under Winter Storm Warning: DC faces up to 1 foot of snow, bitter cold, blowing and drifting snow 'Largest public protest of global warming ever in U.S.' set for Monday March 2, 2009 at U.S. Capitol w/ NASA’s James Hansen – Fox News – Feb. 27, 2009 Excerpt: NASA's chief climate scientist is in hot water with colleagues and at least one lawmaker after calling on citizens to engage in civil disobedience at what is being billed as the largest public protest of global warming ever in the United States. In a video on, Dr. James Hansen is seen urging Americans to "take a stand on global warming" during the March 2 protest at the Capitol Power Plant in Southeast Washington, D.C. "We need to send
Party Animal
i'm a party animal and love life, come and join me, lol
David Bowie - Something
Your coat and hat are gone I really can't look at your little empty shelf A ragged teddy bear It feels like we never had a chance Don't look me in the eye We lay in each others arms But the room is just an empty space I guess we lived it out Something in the air We smiled too fast then can't think of a thing to say Lived with the best times Left with the worst I've danced with you too long Nothing left to say Let's take what we can I know you hold your head up high We've raced for the last time A place of no return And there's something in the air Something in my eye I've danced with you too long Something in the air Something in my eye Abracadoo - I lose you We can't avoid the clash The big mistake Now we're gona pay and pay The sentence of our lives Can't believe I'm asking you to go We used what we could To get the things we want But we lost each other on the way I guess you know I never wanted anyone more than you Lived all our best
Cherrybomb/auto11 Auction!
Missy's Blog
Random Stuff
Quote of the Day The late Dr. Adrian Rogers (1931-2005) offered the following observation several years ago and it bears poignant significance today: You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the rich out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply the wealth by dividing it." SEVEN KINDS OF SEX Results of a recent research show that there are 7 kinds of sex. The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex.. * This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone, and you both have sex until y
Re: Soccer Schedule - Transformers
Needing An Auto11
OK. So I'm only 3.3 million points away from Oracle, and my VIP runs out on Sunday. I have a cherry bomb that I'm waiting to activate. If anyone can sell me an auto11 for 3 million Fu-bucks, I'll bomb that person, and three friends of their choice. Plz let me know. Thanx bunches! Kelly
Living Hell
living hell as i sit here i see nothing but blood, i wonder whats the diff. between man and mud. looking in the mirror at the beast iv become, who made me into this? can it be undone? i look at the body lying lifeless on the ground, and i wonder wat this person did so bad to be struck down. why am i here seeing this i ask out loud, no one can here me no ones around. who can this poor soul be? im here now so why not earlier could i see is this all a dream i cant tell, its dark and cold in this place, am i in hell? no one here to answer theese questions but me, Me! the body is mine but how can tht be?! who did this and why, i ask looking to the sky. i see no stars no moon, nothing but black, i must leave this place and find my way back. "there is no way back for you", i hear sum1 say "your stuck in the devils playground and here u must stay." who are you i scream and start to shake, but before they could answer from the nightmare i awake...... a poem b
Cherry Bombers!!!
Sort Of Had A Discussion About Our Newsest Addition To The White House
Another aniversarry of that tragic day as many of you know I am a Disabled Veteran wounded in acton and i spend this day remembering the victims and honor my fallen brothers and sisters in arms by giving thanks to them and those still fighting in the Gulf and Afghanistan. we all have a tremendous debt to pay and the best way to do that would be to help each other out in any way you can. Sometimes even just a smile can change and even save a life. Save someones world. Obama once again engages in public acts of treason against the united states and gets away with it by backing Taliban war criminals and encouraging Afghanistan to support them and offer opportunities to return to power' Al Jazeera Wednesday, May 12, 2010 21:31 Mecca time, 18:31 GMT'.These people Kill innocent men women and children from all walks of life Including terroristic acts on US soil .remember september 11th 2001?  and not even for religious beliefs but for thier own power hungry  rolls and profit from A
101 Big Dick Jokes
My dick is so big I'm already fuckin a girl tomorrow. My dick is so big ships use it to find their way into the harbour. My dick is so big there was a movie called Godzilla VS. My Dick My dick is so big it lives next door. My dick is so big I entered it in a big dick came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd My dick is so big it votes. My dick dresses better than I do. My dick is so big it has a 3 picture deal. My dick is so big that the head of it has only seen my balls in pictures. My dick is so big Henry Aaron used it to hit his 750th homerun. Let me start with a disclaimer...My penis is actually very tiny...really really've seen bigger m&m's. There I beat you to it. Now read and enjoy. My dick is so big there's still snow on it in the summertime. My dick is so big I went to the Viper Room, my dick got right in and I had to stand there and argue with the door man. My dick is so big I have to call it Mr. Dick in front of company. M
"i'm Gonna Be Honest With You."
How many of us have used the phrase, "I'm going to be honest with you"? I've been guilty myself, but it has recently struck a nerve with me. By saying this, does this mean that one has been lying to us the entire time? Why does that individual feel that they need to say this? It's crazy and dumb, and I would love to hear someone at some time say, "I'm full of crap, I've been lying to you this whole time, or I'm going to completely screw you over this time." Thanks for hearing me rant. I think it's my old age. But I'll be honest with ya, it feels really good to get this off my chest.
Are you a jealo​us perso​n?​​​​ nope. Descr​ibe your life in one word?​​​​ Awesome Do you think​ age matte​rs in relat​ionsh​ips?​​​​ depends. Would​ you ever take someo​ne back if they cheat​ed on you? niet. Have you talke​d about​ marri​age with anoth​er perso​n?​​​​ nope. Would​ you consi​der adopt​ion?​​​​ yes Do you like Redbu​ll?​​​​ as long as it's mixed with Jack, fuck yeah!!! Would​ you rathe​r date a perso​n with a Briti​sh accen​t or an Irish​ accen​t?​​​​ None Scottish tickles me Think​ back five month​s ago, were you singl​e?​​​​ yep been for a year woohoo go me
These Days
These days people are taking life to seriously, I will admit I catch myself doing it at times, and then I remind myself life is way to short. I watch my friends get caught up in bad situations just for love, and they think that they will never find love, but the truth is... Love will find you, so looking for it is a waste of time. There is only 24 hours in a day. 60 minutes in a hour. 60 seconds in a minute. 60 second with a frown is 60 seconds wasted away. Time passes to fast, take everyday like its your last.
My First Auction
Disrespectful Ass Holes
I do not understand how someone can leave comments on someones page that are not appropriate. Especially when they know that person is engaged and about to get married. I guess it is memory loss with old age. And if this person thinks he is man enough to try an kill me, he has another thing comin. And for you information fuck stain, I have seen action know what you have done and been through, so don't fuckin lecture me about what you have seen. Been there and dont that. So start acting like a fuckin NCO and back the fuck off
Remember Me
Toby's Stuff
A Night Walker's Lament Ages have I passed Millennia are as decades More monster than man Though I still wear man's skin Have not loved since I was alive Did not think myself capable anymore 'Til I met her, and amazing vibrant child Barely in her second decade, I've seen more than 500 An old soul she is with the vitality of youth She captured my essence, like afly in amber How can she see in me, what I was When I myself had almost forgotten Her touch on my skin brings heat sorely missed My touch gives her chills, she says do excite her   If I grant her immortality, will she lose what I desire And become yet another in a long line of no-ones I can see her in a blood red gown Made of silk and velvet and lace Regal beauty my not yet undead queen Decided to offer my greatest gift I sit alone in a cavern black as pitch She ran when my gift was offered Saying she never wanted to live forever I sit alone, unable to die, could Hell be as bad as this?   A Night-Walker
More Than Life
I still remember the day You said you're going away A part of me was dying I knew that deep in my heart It was me that tore us apart There's no use in denying I know love doen't come easy My heart is empty that much is true And I still look for the reason That you never let me get close to you More than life I love you more than the air that I breathe It's all because you're the one that i need And every day that I live I believe I just can't give anymore More than life I can't hold back these tears I can't forget all the years That we were together And even now late at night Sometimes it doesn't feel right I could lose you forever I keep on hoping you'll hear me Someday I'll turn and I'll find you there I'm holding on but just barely I still love you more than life Girl, I swear Is a mistery sometimes I don't know why love can pass before our eyes Before I let you go Baby, there is something you should know I love you more than life
Make A Bid On Me And Get Some Kimmy~dawn
Look Who Is Auctioning Herself Off To The Highest Bidder. ~Kimmy^Dawn~ She Would Like To Get Fubucks, Bling Packs Or A Happy Hour. She Would Also Like To Reach 4 Mil In Fubucks From This So Lets Get Her There By Clicking The Pic Above And Start Bidding. Depending On The Bids She Is Willing To Talk About Upping What She Offering. ***WITHIN REASON*** Brought To you by Sexy Sta
Cool Video Clips.
I got to see what my tattoo is going to be today and it looks pretty sick. I'll have it done later on today and will upload photos for those that might be interested in taking a look. It's a ying yang made out of dragons and will be roughly 4 hours of getting it tated up. Was going to get it done on my back near the sholder, but now i have decided to get it done as my center piece in the middle of my back. Time to see how painful it will be lol.
Sexy Time!
1. How many people have you had sex with in 2007?? 2007? 1 2. Weed, coke, speed, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, x, k, peyote, mushrooms, of these, how many have you done? 0 3. Ever been cheated on?yup 4. Ever paid for sex? yes,it is an awesome rush. 5. Ever been married?once 6. Ever been divorced?no 7. If you had to pick one whats your fave sexual position? Dogie! 8. Do you own any guns?hell yea 9. Ever done more than 30 days in jail? no 10. Ever been in rehab?no 11. Have you ever had any sexual experiences with the same sex? hell NO!! 12. Ever have sex with anyone that you met on myspace? nope 13. Last time you masterated? 5 minutes ago 14. Do you think Arnold could beat up Chuck Norris? Next... 15. What celebrity would you want to have sex with if you had the chance? Leah Remini (King of Queens) 16. Ever been unemployed for over a year since becoming an adult? yup 17. How many states have you lived in? 1 18. How many countries have you li
Today Is never going to end... Today Isn't just around the bend, My life is stuck... Please god change my luck, The fights and tears... Have gone on for years. The endless nights, I spend lying awake.... Just for our sweet childrens sake, The things I think of..... Trying to be JUST above. The kitchens not clean... Now he's going to scream, The laundry's not done... Now he's really won, The bed is not made.... The feelings are going to fade. Every day and at night... You think you see the light, But then morning is near.... And you are still here. How can I end this fight... How can I make it right, How can you see me for me... And not how you want me to be. Just look into my eyes... Maybe this time you'll see the prize, That awaits within me... For the world to see. So let me out of this box.... With my hair all in locks, Ill get out there tonight... And put up the best fight. So to end this sweet day.... I'll send the asshole away
Meet Cams
Everbidy make sure you check out Webcam Video Chat
Scams And Cons
Okay so I know I posted a status up last night saying I got a new job right? Well to set things straight no I didn't have a job. Turns out it was just free volunteer training after the second interview when I arrive there at ten-o'-clock this morning. Okay so here's what happened I went by this place call Advance Associates Inc. a Kirby vaccum cleaner distributor. I applied for a postion where I didn't want to go door to door but intead book appointments by phone for the salesmen to arrive at customers houses. They told me both in the interview and in orientation that we'd (the applicants) would be paid $475-$500 weekly and even with zero sales on a single unit. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Yeah well guess what its a false advertisment. After talking to a friend who formally sold Kirbys I was told that there was no such thing as that he was guaranteed being paid on one week then straight commission after that. The higher ranked employees during training were very unprofession
Could It Be??
the question has been asked all throughout history. and here we are once again to ask that same age old question. does it it exist???? and does it really happen?? i mean we hear tales of people who meet a few day later end up married and live happily ever after .. but i beleive there is more to it than meets the eye. so lets look at this realisticly and try to find the answere together .. so does it exist, and can it really happen to just anybody???????
Some People
There are quite a lot of people on Fubar. Most which you find really nice, then there are those select few that you just sit and stare at the computer screen cuz you just can't figure out wth is there problem... Take for instance this one.. They have it as there status saying I Am So Tired Of Rating Fat/Ugly & Insecure People Personally I don't really care what I get rated or what is thrown at me, but I just can't fathom someone having that as there status. I say if you don't like the pictures or rating then why do it? lol It's as simple as just not getting on here if you really hate it that much. I'm probably going to get stuff thrown at me or griped at for this from some but oh well lol
What She Doesn't Know
You met her a few months ago, and somehow she managed to seep into your subconscious like that “Suga how you get so fly” song. Just like you have no clue who the hell sings it, you don’t know why she’s there. But she is, whether you like it or not. You know her cell phone, her room phone. You can dial her Aunt Doreen’s house in West Springfield (where she goes to do her laundry every two weeks) faster than you can peck-out 911. But she doesn’t know. Her screenname, that generic one with her first name followed by three to five random numbers or UMass, has its own category at the top of your buddy list. Not only do you know what a “Buddy Alert” is, you’ve rigged your computer to play “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” from “Tommy Boy” every time her screen name changes from gray to black. Then her away message comes down, and you have a decision to make. To IM or not to IM? These are the ridiculous games that you play on a daily basis. But she doesn’t know. She’s it. All right, so maybe n
Is Love Real
is love real or just a cover word for bullshit I've had too loves in my life the first one left cause and i qoute (i love u but I'm not in love with you ) and the other cheated and said he realized he loved the other girl more so is love real or do we just think we love someone cause we dont want to be alone or do we want to control them so we wont be alone like my last boy friend i realized i did'nt love him but yet i was furious at the thought of someone else being intrested in him i wanted him to be with me and serve me but i know thats selfish so is love real or is it just an illusion like a nicer word for i want u to serve and worship me and no other or has it become just a saying to get the oppisite sex in bed i personally hope it is'nt but i still sometimes wounder.
Help This Baby
This is the link to help baby Roxan needs lots of ppl helping her...Please after you read whats in the link re post a bully or a blog or something to let ppl know about her I am reaching out to you all in hopes that some of you will find it in your hearts to help me help my daughter. Below is a link where you can help contribute to her happiness and well being. I also included a bit about her and what she is going through. Please take a moment to do what you can. CLICK THE PIC BELOW to contribute, please. Thank you... AJ THANK YOU ALL WHO HAVE HELPED. AND IF YOU HAVEN'T PLEASE CLICK THE PIC ABOVE AND CHIP IN. *For Those Of You Who Do NOT Know Me Or What My Daughter Is Going Through, PLEASE Take The Time To Read Some Of My Blogs On Baby Roxan. Hopefully That Will Help You Find It In Your Hearts To Help Her.* ~Unique Dream~ ™ ♥ Baby Roxans Daddy ♥@ fubar
So occasionally I am amused by some of the fake salutes I see on here. Yeah, pretty much some aspect of everyone on here, or there portrayal of themselves to inevitably fake. But, most of the time there is SOME truth to the person. There have been a few people on here that download pics from pr0n sites and make fake profiles here. Normally they don't bother with a salute, and just take the money of poor desperate men wanting to see young nubile women in the buff. But wow, this one posted a (poorly photoshopped) salute...and it was APPROVED. LOLOLOL. Tell me I'm wrong.
I am new to fubar. How do I meet new freinds? Like in Sioux City, Ia. This looks like fun but I am unsure how it works. Any help will be appreciated.I dont have a photo yet.
I found this quote. Though I believe it goes both ways. It just helps me.. reminds myself, that I dont need to be a fallen apple... "Women are like apples on trees, the best ones are on the top of the tree. The men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and don't want to get hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't so good but easy. So, the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality they are amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top becuase they value quality." Poem I wrote for Cindy on Valentines Day 2/13/09 Here I am lost again in my world. I try to figure out where I am But seems like I haven't gone far. I'm just going round and round In my thoughts and dreams I just can't get it right I'm looking at the wrong places at the wrong time. However, one random day is all I need To change my insane
Hold Fast ~for Nina~
Hold fast your dreams, they shelter you through lonely nights, gently they become the pillow, that puts destination in your sights. Hold tight the memories, the heart ach that burns, for the one who wins, is the one who remembers and learns. Nurture the moments, handle with care, for destiny states, for each heart there`s a pair. Cast off the anger, and its deep rooted seed, remember t'was anger , that caused your heart to bleed, Snuggle each memory, a warm blanket held tight, bringing you vision, guidance, sunlight. Push away despair, nurture the hope, so impossible it seems, but the only way out, is to hold fast to dreams.
Auto 11's Friday
Auto 11's On!!!! Come show him some Fulove!!! Come celebrate TGIF and earn some pts as well.... RATE, FAN, ADD Giving blings for all pic rated PM me when done!!! as always all love will be return. «¶®‡§ØMʥʧ»
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Forver Loving You
I wish I could wipe your falling tears away, as you bravely smile through your pain... You see me suffer, then you break down and cry miles apart... In your dreams I softly kiss you, no one can see the pain, that we both feel inside miles apart... You whisper I love you and I whisper to the skies, I love you too When will this pain ever go away even though we are miles apart... To be by your side is a dream I can't deny But I will wish for it to come true. I miss you so badly my heart is breaking as we cry miles apart..
What You Need To Know About Me
Okay. I have asperger syndrome (pronounced ASS-PER-GER) It's a slight form of autism, and is around the neighborhood of ADHD and shit. Specifically, it makes it hard for me to socialize. Symptoms include -Talking about a specific subject or two for extended periods of time -rigid or awkward postures -hard time concentrating -shyness -hard at interpreting body language and subtleties -depression -difficulty expressing empathy If you see me and I have those symptoms, don't get mad at me for it. Don't shun me because of it. v.v I hate that I'm this way, but I can't change it, so I'm dealing with it.
Some Interesting Facts
Some Interesting Facts The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts about the 1500s: Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May, and still smelled pretty good by June. However, they were starting to smell, so brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odor. Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when getting married. Baths consisted of a big tub filled with hot water. The man of the house had the privilege of the nice clean water, then all the other sons and men, then the women and finally the children. Last of all=2 0the babies. By then the water was so dirty you could actually lose someone in it. Hence the saying, Don't throw the baby out with the Bath water. Houses had thatched roofs-thick straw-piled high, with no wood underneath. It was the only place for animals to get warm, so all the cats an
Gabriel came to the Lord and said... "Lord, I have to talk to you. We have some Puerto Ricans up here who are causing problems. My horn is missing, they have sofrito and recao (these are Spanish cooking ingredients) all over the kitchen, they are making guayaberas (type of Caribbean dress shirt) from their robes, they have dominos tables in the cafeteria, and they're wearing baseball caps instead of their halos. They refuse to stop making Puerto Rican coffee on the heaven's stairs, they are setting up cock fights in the clouds, and some of them are walking around with just one wing." The Lord said, " Puerto Ricans are Puerto Ricans, Gabriel. Heaven is home to all my children. If you want to know about real problems, call the Devil." The Devil answered the phone: "Hello? Damn, hold on a minute." The Devil returned to the phone "O.K., I'm back. What can I do for you?" Gabriel replied "I just want to know what kind of problems you're having down there." The Devil sa
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Romance Along The River~
Summer is here now, the heat practically unescapeable; might as well enjoy it. How lucky am I to spend an evening drifting lazily down the river with you in a cozy rubber raft? We're practically alone out here, save for a few ducks and geese that honk our way as we pass. But it's not the wildlife that catches my eye; I can't stop looking at you, and the hunger that seems to accompany any thoughts of you grows and grows with you right there in front of me. Any man would be drooling at the vision in front of me, and I'm no different. A tiny little bikini that barely covers your smooth skin teases me. I can tell you've been in the sun a bit before this, hints of pale flesh that are in stark contrast to your tan keep peeking out at me as you move about the raft. Oh how I long to feel that flesh next to mine. We start out on our journey with you sitting right in front of me, your warm body pressed against my chest, and my arms and legs around you. I always feel so strong and powerful
Da Pimpin' Lounge
Did You Notice?
The Ultimate Betrail
A Texas Wife
"A Texas Wife" Three men married wives from different states. The first man married a woman from Michigan . He told her that she was to do the dishes and house cleaning. It took a couple of days, but on the third day, he came home to see a clean house and dishes washed and put away. The second man married a woman from Missouri . He gave his wife orders that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes and the cooking. The first day he didn't see any results, but the next day he saw it was better. By the third day, he saw his house was clean, the dishes were done and there was a huge dinner on the table. The third man married a girl from TEXAS . He ordered her to keep the house cleaned, dishes washed, lawn mowed, laundry washed, and hot meals on the table for every meal. He said the first day he didn't see anything, the second day he didn't see anything but by the third day, some of the swelling had gone down and he could see a little out of his left eye, and his ar
The Cries From Inside My Heart
The cries from inside my heart. The tears of blood and pain. My heart it keeps on beating and broken I remain. A woman with hair like sunlight Ripped my heart in two. She took her love from my life. And I don`t know what to do. I`ll wonder through the night. the voices tear me apart. And it`s all because of that woman I hear the cries from inside my heart.
Rrd Radio
So True :p
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general.You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take.Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces 'What is your Sexual Zodiac?' at lmao i cant forget you everytime i close my eyes i see your smile and i cant concentrate when all i do is think about you and my heart and soul cryout for you and it doesnt matter what i do i know ive fallen in love with you i cant explain and i wont hold on i'll trust my heart to sink or swim i miss you so much i cant wait to be with you and im driving myself crazy just waiting to be there with you well guys an gals, my inet has been cut off. my bf is celebrating this fact, i however am hating it. im really sorry to those who i've let down coz i cant get online to dj, but as soon as i come back i promise its for good! t
Inside The Mind Of An Imbecile
Curiosity also fucked the cat, different kinda cat granted but fucked it was just the same. Does a cat know it has 9 lives? and is it more careful on the last one? how about if a cat only has 1 life and it thinks it has 9 is it more reckless? Why is it that when we don't really know how to describe what something taste like automatically it taste like chicken? You ever wish, even if just briefly, that our ancestors didn't wipe out the buffalo so you could taste one? probably taste like chicken. I think blind folks should have seeing eye parrots, but only if it talks. Dislexic folks see love as evol. People who work for the waste management office talk trash for a living. If you work for a hospital, Can you call in sick? and if you do, do they make you bring in an excuse from a doctor? Who in their right mind thought some one would eat something called shit on a shingle? what kind of marketing is that? What organ in the body puts corn back together? I r
In An Auction!!
I am being auctioned off!! I know you wanna own me so.... JUST CLICK THE PIC TO GET A CHANCE TO HAVE ME FOR A MONTH!!!!!! Music Playlist at
Texas Sized Fantasy
Headlights light up the direct heading of the automobile, with reflections flashing across the lettering of each sign. Entry in to the state of Texas is pleasant as the tired driver looks for a comfortable place to lay his head. Miles go by and nothig is seen, except the purple sky that seems to go on forever, along with the dark flat range that makes up the east Texas desert. As time seems to drag on, eyes beginning to beome heavy, the driver decides to stop along the highway ; in what seems the most secluded part of this United States. Crisp wind blows, as the man steps out of his car, he reaches into the back seat and pulls out a case. He sighs, as he looks out over the emptyness that surrounds him. He sits upon the hood of his car, which is nearly as long as he is. He props up against the windshield and begins strumming an old guitar, and starts humming a tune to the stars above. As he is working on another tune, he hears the rumbling of the highway. A white SUV comes al
A Special Thanks!
I wanted to take a moment and send a special thanks to all my friends who helped me with my Auto 11's. It was my very first and it was very fun as well as helpful, I leveled ! I just wanted to say thank you to all my friends for there love and there kindness you guys are the greatest! Dove~Cherokee Proud@ fubar *L.W.Creations*Morphs,Tags,& Beyond.AKA-LORD WOLF,Fu Married to Just Susan@ fubar 'SpiritWolf' - Twisted Phuckers For Life!@ fubar buggybill@ fubar fourtrax fu married to my crush arctic minx . show her some love@ fubar sherrylicious..mmm..@ fubar
In Memoriam: Modern Man By George Carlin
A Modern Man I'm a modern man, Digital and smoke free; a man for the millennium. A diversified, multi-cultural, post-modern deconstructionist; politically, anatomically and ecologically incorrect. I've been uplinked and downloaded, I've been inputted and outsourced. I know the upside of downsizing, I know the downside of upgrading. I'm a high-tech low-life. A cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, bi-coastal multi-tasker, and I can give you a gigabyte in a nanosecond. I'm new wave, but I'm old school; and my inner child is outward-bound. I'm a hot-wired, heat-seeking, warm-hearted cool customer; voice-activated and bio-degradable. I interface with my database; my database is in cyberspace; so I'm interactive, I'm hyperactive, and from time to time I'm radioactive. Behind the eight ball, ahead of the curve, ridin' the wave, dodgin' the bullet, pushin' the envelope. I'm on point, on task, on message, and off drugs. I've got no need for c
What would you think if your fiance had a fubar page and on their page they didn't mention you period, none your pictures were in any album and there status was blank. That's pretty fucking shady if you ask me. Do you believe in love at first sight? Most people do, I thought I did but that was until recently when I found out that all the other girls that my current fiance was messing around on me with before, who he said he told to stop texting him lved with them texing them when i'm not here. this and that. He's still invo; Knowing in my heart that he had to give them his number or how would they have it. But whatever, I know the truth and the truth is that men are only as faithful as there options. As soon as they have the chance to move on to something better either with or without your knowledge there gone. But you know what thats why you should always set yourself up for the worst so when it does finally happen your alright.
Day 1
i have just got done reading "the heroin diaries" by nikki sixx, which i recommend reading, and it gave me an idea. with all the shit in my life i should keep a kind of journal and see how it looks in one year. so here goes, well my wife has been gone for 4 days now and it sux bad in some ways, and strangely its alot better in others. i think the tension around here has made everyone in my house stressed. she took my 1 1/2 year old with her, and left my other 3 with me. i posted it in a mumm already so if you didnt see it already let me explain. i have a 9, 8, and 5 year old from a previous relationship and while the 9 yearold isnt biologicly (im sure thats mispelled) mine, i have had her in my life since she was a month old. so when things started going bad for my older three girls mom, she got real bad into drugs and i took her to court. i got full custody of my 8, and 5 year old and my ex new in her heart that the 9 year old was better off with me as well, so she let me take her als
I Need To Get Over Myself
I Need To Get Over Myself One year ago things changed for me. Some for the better, others turned out to be a blessing in disguise and some still suck out loud. The thing about me is that when I find something I love, I throw my whole self into my newfound fascination. True story. Please recall my Nsync loving days as a prime example. When I was introduce to a certain Irish-centric, hot boy featuring, bad-guy killing, comedy by one Troy Duffy, I took interest and found my new obsession. The previously mentioned “hot-boy” I took to most was one Mr. Norman Effing Reedus (as I refer to him). And like any fangirl, once I got a taste, I wanted more. So, the vigilante movie wasn’t where I capped off my quest for Norman. No, I found all his other works and became accustomed. One in particular (a film) was to be screened in Beverly Hills, CA. Now, I’m from Southern California, so Beverly Hills wasn’t too far. I recruited my fellow Norman fans, Liz and Miriam, and set in motion to BH to
Someone Wrote Me A Poem!
This is a poem i got from someone in my inbox on myyear awwww idk who he is nor have i ever talked to him Beautiful eyes, beautiful face, I'm shy to talk to you. You're the eagle I must watch No matter what I do. You're the beauty, wild and free, The mistress of my eyes, Rolling through exultant air, Alone in pristine skies. I would take you for my own Could I but have your wings, Could I but go where night begins And frozen sunlight sings. Could I but have you for my love, How might we fly together! But I must watch you from below And long for you forever. But I must be the one below And long for you forever .Beautiful eyes, beautiful face, I'm shy to talk to you. You're the eagle I must watch No matter what I do. You're the beauty, wild and free, The mistress of my eyes, Rolling through exultant air, Alone in pristine skies. I would take you for my own Could I but have your wings, Could I but go where night begins And frozen sunlight si
this is my first time on a site like this. If I say or do something wrong, please forgive me. I will be uploading more photos over the next couple days
I truly and honestly appreciate thos few that have always tried cheering me up in my sad times. Life has taken its toll on me where I just need to be sad, angry, depressed, and let it all out. I have been hiding behind pain and heartache for a year now I need to let it go.. I love each and everyone of you that has been there for me. I am sorry if I have offended or hurt anyone by not letting you try to cheer me up. I need to do this for me so please let me do it. I LOVE YOU AND YOU ALL MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. I hope I dont lose any of you as friends.
Only Ones Who Know
He sees those eyes and can't help being immersed, oh it's beautiful. In time he's tried to say his mind, but always seems to get hung up on the reason, oh it's pitiful. He sees that it's the feeling of regret. To know that something's waiting there but yet. He has to keep intentions tucked away, Enchanted by the little games they play. Even if she were to let it fall apart, I'm sure there'd be a reason not to show his heart. Any excuse to keep it from coming out, because he he's plagued with doubt. For now they'll just carry on that way, Enchanted by the little games they play. In a foreign place The saving grace, was the feeling that it was a heart that he was stealing. Oh, he was ready to impress and the fierce excitement. The eyes are bright he couldn't wait to get away. I bet the Juliet was just the icing on the cake. Make no mistake, no. And even if somehow we could have shown you the place you wanted Well I'm sure you could have made it that bit better on
Conclusion: None
Random Thought
Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences, but rather, it’s a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite sublime plan.
Music Videos
Excuse me for ranting a bit.. but I do feel I have a right at this point. I've been on Fu (formerly Cherrytap) for almost 4yrs now. I've made some wonderful friends..of which who have gotten me to where I am today. And I truly appreciate every bit of time spent rating me. I never beg for help, never ask for anything, I rate my friends everyday, profile, pics, w/e ... what do I get in return ? Let's see ...... does 100 pics rates( yours) = 1 profile rate/profile pic rate( you on me) ? Where's the damn equality here ?!!!!! Well, let me say this .. from now on, you get what you give me! I'll call equality what it is in face value ! Thanks for letting me bitch ! Just wanted to give a personal thank you to all my friends who have helped me get to FU-KING and gave of themselves unselfishly. At the moment I am currently 1.2 mil away from Godfather, I'll get there someday... for those who have gotten there already, you knaow that is time to make a personal choice .. Good or Evil. I am
Random Thoughts About None Too Much!
It never fails to amaze me how many friend requests I get that assume I'm a chick because of my profile pic. Apparently reading is over-rated. Besides... I always thought the focal point of the pic was Houdini snuggled in beside her, not her. I think the worst part of getting out of a major relationship is the flipping and flopping your head goes through while trying to work things out. One minute you're seeing things with incredible clarity and know exactly where you need to be. Then something happens... can't my finger on what, and everything becomes as muddled as ever. These periods seem to last longer than the clarity. This of course makes the healing process last much longer than necessary. Am I alone in feeling this way or is this a common thing? Most of the women I know just looove Nickelback. Personally I'm not a big fan... The State was a good disc but after that they're pretty hit or miss in my world. One or two songs on each CD is ok and the rest is just drivel. A
Things On My Mind.....
ok so i've been talkin and just listening to people around me and what they have to say about my relationship or about there problems and things that are going on with them in life. I have noticed that there are a lot of people that are not trusting them selfs and wut they want in life. everyone can give someone advice but do they take it? Many can give others advice to drown out what is going on in their life. I know i am one of those people, i love to help others with what is going on with them just so that i can forget for a few mins about what bad things are going on with my life. Everyone has that one person they can tell everything to, i just find myself talking to everyone around me about my problems cuz sometimes its nice to see what others have to say. then also i find myself talking more about friends problems and the more and more i sit and listen to what they have to say the more and more i remember that what a relationship is supposed to be made up of. your supposed to be
Day 2
well today started off good, got the girls up, their hair done, breakfast cooked, and off to school on time, a little later than i wanted too, but still they were on time. and their clothes even matched ( i think), then went to the gym and ran 2.5 miles and off to work. while i was at work i got a few calls and text from my wife. she found out that i quit my job and went to work for my friend. she was kinda being a bitch. whatever. then like a dumbass, i text her a little later and told her i was thinking bout her and i missed her and i still love her. she sent me one back that said she loved me and what she is doing right now is for the best. as the day went on those words repeated over and over in my head. than it hit me best for who? best for the kids cause now their little sister is going to be raised in a different house than them? best for me cause my life is flipped upside fucking down and as stupid as it sounds i love her and miss her? or best for her cause she now lives at her
Well, i guess I'm being auctioned off...Will someone buy me or will i be placed back on the store shelves...
250's Test (work In Progress)
I Can't Say No :(
So, I can't say no when a friend asks something from me so I'm in not one but 2 auctions. Some may call me a point whore, I say don't judge me :P Just click these links and bid on me. You can lecture me AFTER you own me. This is for Papi's auction This is for Radio X auction
If Im Addin U I Must Like U
If i'm addin u then thur must be sumthin about u that haz caught my eyez. If not and i do chec u out then so b it. thur haz to b a reason that i added u n da 1st place. whether it be ur eyez that hypnotized me or i became entranced by ur smile or for whatever da reason. If thurz nuthn about u that catchez my eyez then more than likely im not gunna send u anything. Hell thatz just da way i am. Im not gunna b like hey letz c if i can get ev 1 to add me. I am 1 of a rare breed of men that doesn't lie about anything, if u don't believe me try stoppin by when i'm on here and I'll prove it to ya. I have nuthn that I'm ashamed of or will hide. and if u got da gutz 2 ask me i got tha gutz to tell u da truth. My brother in law may not be american he may not speak english all that well, but he is the only brother that i have left.  I've had a couple of brother in laws but he is the only 1 that i hav left.  Well he is dying of cancer and has maybe a day or 2 left.  He has ben hard to get
Help Stop A Cheater
if you play fumafia and don't have a turf apply for my turf where it 420 all day everyday and we make money. There is a cheater ina contest and the following fubar user needs help. all you need to do is rate and leave a comment we need 1000 rates and comments by the end of the contest.
Radio Storm Invite
Oh - thinkin about all our younger yearsThere was only you and meWe were young and wild and freeNow nothin can take you away from meWeve been down that road beforeBut thats over nowYou keep me comin back for moreBaby youre all that I wantWhen youre lyin here in my armsIm findin it hard to believeWere in heavenAnd love is all that I needAnd I found it there in your heartIt isnt too hard to seeWere in heavenOh - once in your life you find someoneWho will turn your world aroundBring you up when youre feelin downYa - nothin could change what you mean to meOh theres lots that I could sayBut just hold me nowCause our love will light the wayChorusIve bin waitin for so longFor somethin to arriveFor love to come alongNow our dreams are comin trueThrough the good times and the badYa - Ill be standin there by you New york, new york, is everything they say And no place that Id rather be Where else can you do a half a million things All at a quarter to three When they palt their music, ooh that
Irish Love Story
An elderly man lay dying in his bed. While suffering the agonies of impending death, he suddenly smelled the aroma of his favourite scones wafting up the stairs. He gathered his remaining strength, and lifted himself from the bed. Leaning on the wall, he slowly made his way out of the bedroom, and with even greater effort, gripping the railing with both hands, he crawled downstairs. With laboured breath, he leaned against the door-frame, gazing into the kitchen. Were it not for death's agony, he would have thought himself already in heaven, for there, spread out upon the kitchen table were literally hundreds of his favourite scones. Was it heaven? Or was it one final act of love from his devoted Irish wife of sixty years, seeing to it that he left this world a happy man? Mustering one great final effort, he threw himself towards the table, landing on his knees in rumpled posture. His aged and withered hand trembled towa
Ok so my life really sucks in my opinion. Do you realize how hard it is to meet a nice guy!?!?! I have taken the advice of friends and not tried to meet a boyfriend online (i.e. personals sites) and tried to focus on meeting a local man in person. Not having any luck. Anyone out there ... here is a question I have for you ... Where does a single mom go to find a nice man???? Read carefully, I have been a victim of this. So beware, it could happen to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've heard about people who have been abducted and had their kidneys removed by black-market organ thieves. My thighs were stolen from me during the night a few years ago. I went to sleep and woke up with someone else's thighs. It was just that quick. The replacements had the texture of cooked oatmeal. Whose thighs were these and what happened to mine? I spent the entire summer looking for my thighs. Finally, hurt and angry, I resigned myself to living out my life in jeans. And then the thieves st
Day 3
well had today off, and found out i am off until tuesday. which sux cause im used to the monday thru friday thing,and i could use the money, but after that ill be back to my regular schedule. i had a regular morning with the kids, and my wife brought my youngest daughter Lilah to me, so we hung out at my house all day. it was the first time since all this shit happened that i have had her. i miss her bad, i didnt want to take her back, but she has to take breathing treatments for the next few days and all of her stuff is over there. so im gonna get up in the morning and drive out there to get her after i drop my other ones off. i cant wait. it was good watching all of my kids play together. you never realize the little things till they are taken away. my wife is still being real short with me, when she sent me that email last night, she told me all the things that i did to drive her away, and she also said that my oldest kids are almost out of control. she hasnt ever been around kids b
What Love Is Really About
sun, bright and shinning, yet never where you stand, no clouds in the sky, yet raindrops seem to fall at your feet, pooling upon the earth, warmth, infusing the world, but it can not touch you, a stillness, there is no breeze, yet a storm rages within you, the world is whole, everything in its place, yet you are shattered, the ocean, never ceasing, yet your tears seem to keep it full, smiles upon faces, everywhere you look, except in the mirror, beautiful sunny day, surrounding you, yet not a part of you... True genius is insanity without restriction, but with the ability to focus on a given stream of thought and create as we were inteded... This nightmare, Giving all I am, Getting so little in return, you becomming my world, And I just another day in yours, Would walk to the end of the earth, Just to bring a smile, To your sad eyes, Yet you still do not see me, Look right through me, The love I hope to see reflected, In your eyes, Is only my own,
Why The Fake Pictures?
Can someone tell me why so many people on here use fake pictures on their profile page. Is it to get more attention than they would get using their own picture? Are they hiding from something or someone? Or are they just trying to deceive the opposite sex and they think it's a game of some sort. Honestly, I'm pretty tired of going to a profile, starting to check someone out and find the picture is their fantasy, not even close to what they look like. Anyone else on here feel that way? Isn't this fake picture crap the reason they make everyone use a salute now? I don't have a salute, I have my real pictures of me on my page. If everyone was straight up and used real pictures, this salute crap wouldn't exist. Get real people!
Cya Round
Alright So im not on fubar as much any more so im just gunna get rid of it. Of course im not gunna throw my YIM name out on fubar, so if you are a good friend of mine then do go ahead hit me up for my Yahoo, if ya dont have it already. I have it on my Phone so I will always be on yahoo. So send me a shout for it and cya round have fun Fu-kers...
Anit 'i'
you hv 2 blo' me up, sho me make a g' mad u betta throw them up. i luv fancy car i luv dyme azz chick. u dnt need small waist i take azz an titz... been known 2 brake it dwn move a ponud. get da yayo, cook it up move it slo' pop a glock & spray at da cop'z. i'm a G' LUV ME, HATE ME, BUT U CANT C ME OR BE ME, SO ENVY ME. i'm known 2 stay on top buss when its not... ask about me baby i'm hot... turst i live a crazy lyfe, pluz i kno what da ladiez like. need'z a man tht listen an takes advice. i can be all 3 an i can lay da pipe. so u look at me lyke boi ur game iz tight, i'm look'n back lyke iz tht rite... understand i hv no game it'z jst sum ppl understand da story... hihi... thnkz 4 ur tyme 1luv coke2dope
The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life. One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued, 'What's a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?' He reminded the other dinner guests what they say about teachers: 'Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.' To emphasize his point he said to another guest; 'You're a teacher, Bonnie. Be honest. What do you make?' Bonnie, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied, 'You want to know what I make? (She paused for a second, then began...) 'Well, I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could. I make a C+ feel like the Congressional Medal of Honor. I make kids sit through 40 minutes of class time when their parents can't make them sit for 5 without an I Pod, Game Cube or movie rental. "You want to know what I make." (She paused again and looked at each and every person at the ta
i hate being lonely being lonely make you do things you wouldn't do you start thinking about things to do sometime it get you in trouble lonely being lonely it a weird feeling you feel like know one cares about you you feel like running away sometime lonely being lonely make you want to be with someone you wouldn't usely be with lonely being lonely you just want someone to talk to i hate feeling lonely to all the women out there listen to your heart you met another guy but you are afriad he might break your heart again you are afraid he might lie to you like the others did but deep down your heart telling you he difference your heart telling you he the one you was looking for he treating you like the Queen you are he giving you respect like a Queen to all the women out there listen to your heart why it so hard to get over you knowing you not the right person for me knowing that you drink way to much knowing you are verbal abuse knowing you hate the
Come Help My Amazing Friends Level!!!!
come on by and check out this auction and bid on me and show lots of lot to me and the host!!! MY HUSBAND TWO OF MY BEST FRIENDS MY WONDERFUL SISTER IN LAW/PARTNER IN CRIME GOOD FRIENDS MY BROTHER IN LAW
No Name
  It all started simply enough, I'm walking through Borders not really looking at anything in peticular when I get a text message from my good friend Steve Brown that states "We want you to say something at our upcoming show." It would've been so easy to say no but then I wouldn't be writting this. I told him I would be glad to do it. Now I had to do something I haven't done in a long time and thats be creative. So now I'm wandering around the store with my mind going a mile a minute looking for a peice of inspiration anything to spark the creative process, and then I found it sitting on the self almost like fate a new Mick Foley book. For those of you not fimillar with Foley he is with out a doubt one of the most creative minds I have ever seen. A professional wrestler that can work a crowd like no other and here it is in my little hands more of his knowledge and if need be something to blantally rip off as I've done in the past.    Anyways the day of that show have come and gone and
I Dare You
I dare you to love me, until the day that I die... Holding me in comfort without ever tasting regret Through thick and thin then never looking back, Cradling my soul as if it was a precious diamond While picking up the pieces if ever I fell apart, So I dare you to love me, like I've always loved you! I dare you to want me, until the day that I die... Forgetting the pain of my mistakes, like I did you Trudging through difficult times like nothing mattered Fighting a cause of threat to our love, If ever it called Cherishing the good and the bad without walking away, Now I dare you to love me, like I've always loved you! I dare you to care for me, until the day that I die... Wiping tears from my pale cheeks, would you cry too? laughing through our happy times, standing side by side Kissing my forehead as I silently slept, whispering I love you Freeing desires to what we both need, could you see too, Because I dare you to love me, like I've always loved you! I dare
Which Why Nothing Is Impossible
When the cold nights been sleepless and faith turned to be weakly hopeless in the sharp darkness that never shines when I had truly nothing to call mine I founded you.. when the roads been long and I was lost & the sun's light seemed never to last days passed by , crossing back to the past.. when I never truly felt these days un-noticed I felt you.. when I walked the unknown with tears ahead. Fear pumped my heart for the unknowns threat Blood boiled through my frozen dead soul..and just when I needed to live again & feel whole I found you.. How I found you? when the merciless light blinded my eyes & I was lost while walking the road of lies when the near tomorrow I was unable to see when I feared searching for you, even for me! My love actually ;by then You found me.
Where I Sat & Wept
I swallow the hurt ,once swallowed the soul in me and weakly bite the lips of pain that bit me where I scream an echo cracking these walls . From glass they are made & permanent to words a noise they make as they sharply kiss the ground rhyming like the tunes of my heart shattering around. Around that red river where I sat for long and wept the river where my tears & misery once fell & there been kept.. where the air chills the renewed tears on my cheeks crawling from brown eyes tired, lost in what to seek.. Now this river joins another & another until far from my sight they all merge rapidly toward That unseen.. How I wish for my tears to run just as far & farther just as far that I forget all that now seems to matter to forget all black memories & walls they've built the unbearable weights they threw & I have held.. How I wish my memory to forget and forget just as fast as the flow of the river changing the water of that past.. How I strongly bite still these
Becuz I Love You
Will walk on the edge of this earth forget everything I got from birth I will go on with this ship, and sail not looking back ,what's behind is pale.. what's behind is behind.. and as I step to the stage of no return every fear in my heart I'll let burn every tune of refrain, am going to mute crashing the hopeless thoughts on my way to reach you if there's none,I'll create a day I'll have my own sun, my own moon and world for you I can build my own rules that I walk with to fulfill a promise , I'd cross what's beyond this cuz something is missing in this gloomy place, which is the bright light of your love, your face in my world, without you heaven do lack grace without you I lose my breath in this space away from your touch , it feels so cold too how long, how lonely is the night without you , even my life is white & black, my sky isn't blue I need to recolor my spring, but only with you I will run over the bridges of this universe , rivers of fire,fea
Love Needs Not Proof
Love needs not one proof when I say that I love you I say it because I really do, when I said that I love you you said that you loved me too and now as I say I love you , you stare asking for a clue am on fire like the feelings I hold, a heart that keeps not, things untold a soul that cant boil when its cold, can't stand when its too heavy to hold, asking for one true thing, for you now loving you" as you deny that I do" here I am saying it for the last time you can kill me if my love is a crime break me down for the feelings I hold drink my blood for what I tell & told burn me,tear me into millions of parts if its a sin, holding you in my heart let the blue sky fall over my head hold hatred rather than love ,instead, for every true love word that I've said heave a hill, until you see me dead.. crash my bones crash them well turn my life dark, just turn it hell you can even kill the words I try to say leave me alone for a decade ,for a day believe me
My First Auction!!
ST. PATRICK'S DAY AUCTION Ending: Tuesday, March 17th Midnight EST (9pm Fubar Time) This is my first time ever in an auction! * Please come and place a bid :) * If anything, please rate the picture a 10 or 11, the person with the most rates gets a bling pack! * Please tell your friends to come rate as well, or even to place a bid! * You all are wonderful and awesome! To place a rate/bid, please click the picture! (There is a conversion chart at the front of the album)
hey there everyone we are having a tat party april 11th it is in indianapolis in. if you want to know more about it just hit me up or i have myyearbook and i can tell you more. there will be some or one of the guys work on there if you would want to see. or they have a site on myspace. the d. name is naptown inc.
I Promised
I promised the day you were born,i would always be there. No matter what you did,i'll still care. You can count on me for anything,i mean that with all my heart. Even if i move away,and we are miles apart. you'll always have me by your side,until the day i die. But even then i'll come back to you,so there will be no need to cry. I love to know you need me,and i hope you always do. Even though i am your Mother,we can still be best friends too. So i want you to know,my Dear Daughter of mine,I LOVE YOU now,an until the end of time.
Missy Miss.
1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. Do you have a crush on me? 5. Would you kiss me? 6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 7. Describe me in one word. 8. What was your first impression? 9. Do you still think that way about me now? 10. What reminds you of me? 11. If you could give me anything what would it be? 12. How well do you know me? 13. When's the last time you saw me? 14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? 15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you? Lift me up just to watch me fall. Hurt enough to you I call. Run run go far away. Must not live another day. Hate hate the world im in. I hate the way im living. Read me in and read me out. Damn I just want to shout. Take the pill so the pain is gone. Taking the pill is so wrong. Smok smoke puff puff, I hate that fucking stuff. Waste your days and waste your nights. Fuck them up
Lost Dreams Don't Shatter; They Bleed Hope.
Profound, like a never-ending ocean Whose waves glisten in the sunlit sky Sweet, like fresh picked strawberries Whose syrupy essence tickles the taste buds Alluring, like a coy mistress Whose desire whispers in the night Secure, like shelter from the rain That shields you from jagged encounters Compassionate, like an affectionate parent Who teaches you right from wrong Optimistic, like a newborn baby Who sees the world through innocent eyes Blissful, like a hopeful young child Defeating the difficulty of learning how to ride a bike Love is... An emotion that cannot be depicted with words But must be felt in the depths of ones heart It takes over the body with a colossal force To experience the sensations love conveys Just gaze into your loves tender eyes Tripping on broken promises and unchanging lies Faithful love destined to shift mountains...buckled Optimism building in yearning heart diminished His soul abandoned the chance of a happily ever after She fel
Perfect In Weakness.
Her cry is like a melody Sung softly to the skies Searching for an answer Unable to find in herself Pleading for her worries To be gently kissed away Her frown is abstract art Waiting for a brave soul To level the rough edges With undying compassion And smooth the wrinkles With hope for tomorrow Her heart is like a maze With shattered promises Crowding each crevice And devious lies linger While bleeding venom Poisoned innocence She's broken no doubt Yet shines like no other Whisper sweet nothings Gaze as she beams joy With a smile so genuine Scripted with splendor While others cower in fear She's perfect in weakness
This Reminds Me Of Annoying Drama Induced People
Chili And Wal Mart
Chili Judging Contest A Texas Chili Contest. If you can read this whole story without tears of laughter running down your cheeks then there's no hope for you! **Note: Please take time to read this slowly. If you pay attention to the first two judges, the reaction of the third judge is even better. For those of you who have lived in Texas, you know how true this is. They actually have a Chili Cook-off about the time Halloween comes around. It takes up a major portion of the parking lot at the city park. The notes are from an inexperienced Chili taster named Frank, who was visiting from Canada. Frank: "Recently, I was honored to be selected as a judge at a chili cook-off. The original person called in sick at the last moment and! I happened to be standing there at the judge's table asking for directions to the Coors Light truck, when the call came in. I was assured by the other two judges (Native Texans) that the chili wouldn't be all that spicy and, besides, they to
I have a fiance, we been together for a longest time. Last week it turned out he was talkin to this Russian bitch from here, for a longest time. SHe has no decency at all, and have led him on to have feelings for her. The bitch is married, mind you, and its pissin me off that she would try to play my man like that. I didnt snoop around, but he left his messanger run and I saw her talk dirty to him like a shameless bitch. I know he doesnt want her, and that he knows she is married. But I am pissed as al hell that some one like her would do somethin like that. I kno he doesnt want her cuz we live miles away from where shes at. Adn she is not even his type. Watch out for her, so she doesnt do that to you. She is a bitch, and enjoys leading people on for fun.
Dani Sis Creation
About Me
My love for pitbulls is real deep. I own one right now. His name is Nino. He is the black and white dog in my photo's. He is a really great dog. Nino is 4 years old. I would not trade him for anything. His very nice. not mean at all. So all u people out there that think every pitbull is mean your wrong. U just havent meet the right one yet. Its how u raise them. I know 5 other pitbulls and they are nice. And they all are grown so there not babys. ( BAN THE DEED, NOT THE BREED ) The other pitbull in the photos is a blue pitbull. It is my fav breed of pitbulls. If u get one that is a good breed u will be spendin some grands on them. I have seen them go for between 4 grand to 20 grand. Its no joke. ( What a blue pitbull is ) Ok the pitbull will look gray. But when the sun hit it just right you will see a blue tent in there hairs.
Happy St. Patricks Day
Irish Blessings and Sayings May you always have Walls for the winds, A roof for the rain, Tea beside the fire, Laughter to cheer you, Those you love near you, And all your heart might desire! May you be in Heaven a half hour before the Devil knows you're dead! When Irish eyes are smiling, Tis like a morn in spring. With a lilt of Irish laughter You can hear the angels sing When Irish hearts are happy All the world is bright and gay When Irish eyes are smiling Sure, they steal your heart away. May your blessings outnumber The shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you Wherever you go. There are many good reasons for drinking, One has just entered my head. If a man doesn't drink when he's living, How in the hell can he drink when he's dead? May the best day of your past Be the worst day of your future. I'm looking over a four leaf clover That I overlooked before One leaf is sunshine, the second is rain, Third is the roses that grow in the l
Unicorn Poem
Unicorn A long time ago when the Earth was green, There was more kinds of animals then you've ever seen. And they'd run around free while the world was being born. The loveliest of all was the Unicorn! There was green alligators and long necked geese, Hump back camels and chimpanzees. Cats and rats and elephants but sure a you're born, The loveliest of all was the Unicorn! But the Lord seen some sinnin' and it caused him pain. He says, "Stand back, I'm gonna make it rain. So hey, Brother Noah, I'll tell you what to do. Go and build me a floating zoo." "You'll take two alligators and a couple of geese, Two hump back camels and two chimpanzees. Two cats, two rats, two elephants but as sure as you're born, Noah, don't you forget my unicorns!" Well, Noah looked out through the drivin' rain, But the unicorns was hidin'-playin' silly games. They were kickin' and a-splashin' while the rain was pourin', Oh them foolish unicorns. "So you ta
I Will Overcome
I Will Overcome Sunday, January 26, 2005 Just ignore this empty shell you see, I’m not myself, I’m just a wasted dream. I hate feeling like there’s no way out There’s no where to go when I look about. I’ve lost control, emotions raging high, I struggled so hard, this I cannot deny, To gain control of the broken me, And bottle emotions like a raging sea. Succeed I did for control was mine. I bottled them all up deep inside, And from my mind my cares did flee Whenever they tried to torment me. But all at once the bindings broke. My emotions soon did take control, And now I’m lost within their midst No light now shines through these mists. For so long I searched for the way out Of the raging sea, and the rolling winds. Damned emotions that surrounded me I just wanted it all to end. So conquer I did, these raging winds, and The sea of emotions that controlled me. And by the time I was out and free, I was amazed at the sight that awaited me. A drop of
Brain Teasers
*Six glasses are in a row. The first three are filled with milk, and the last three are empty. By moving only one glass, can you arrange them so that the full and the empty glasses alternate? *I have a hundred legs, But cannot stand. I have a long neck, But no head. I cannot see, and I'm neat and tidy, As can be. What am I? *A certain number has three digits. The sum of the three digits equals 36 times this number. Seven times the left digit plus 9 is equal to 5 times the sum of the two other digits. 8 times the second digit minus 9 is equal to the sum of the first and third. What is the number? *What can you share and still have all for yourself? *What kind of rocks are on the bottom of the Mississippi River? *What gets whiter the dirtier that it gets? *I have four wings, but cannot fly, I never laugh and never cry; On the same spot I'm always found, toiling away with little sound. What am I? Yeah I'm jus Here are the answers: 1. pick up the second glass & p
i was wondering 2 things ... 1 how many people actually read these and 2 have i done something to upset the people i once called friends
Birthday Bulletin From T
**silly me. I posted this in the wrong blog...heh** From my bestest friend, YotD. Her and Poohbet, my sister, also went in for a happy hour for me tomorrow, and Pooh also bought me an auto 11, just for that. If you ever get the chance, stop by their pages and show them some mad mad MAD love. They are the greatest!! Love you both bunches!! 50 AND FU-TABULOUS! My Best Friend is turning 50 Saturday! She works hard on site as a bouncer, and she puts up with me...probably the harder of the two jobs. lol She has a birthday Happy Hour Saturday as well. Remember to stop by and show her some birthday love †Dolly O' Dagger†™@ fubar Love Ya Doll..Many Happy Returns! Year O'Dragon T (repost of original by 'Year O'Dragon™' on '2009-03-13 12:52:32')
Becoming An Angel
Another Angel Among Us Here On Fubar! imikimi - Customize Your World! Vicki Is 3.5 Mil Away From Becoming The Next Angel On Fubar! Lets Help Her Get There.
Irish Things
There once lived a girl in the forest There once lived a girl in the forest whos morals where quite the lowest Robins men were not merry till they met this sweet fairy and that’s why it’s called Sure-wood Forest! There once was a lass from Kildare There once was a lass from Kildare With lovely long golden hair; She cut off her tresses To buy some new dresses To wear to the Kildare Spring fair! There was a young lady of Fashion There was a young lady of Fashion Who had oodles and oodles of passion. To her lover she said, As they climbed into bed, Here’s one thing the government can’t ration! There was a young lady one fall There was a young lady one fall Who wore a newspaper dress to a ball. The dress caught fire And burned her entire Front page, sporting section and all. There once was a lady, Ilene There once was a lady, Ilene, Who lived on distilled kerosene, But she started absorbin’ A new hydrocarbon and since then she’d never
My Final Prayer(mo Chroi His Memory Of Her)
A slow rolling tear Fell down his cheek As he stood over her bed he began to feel weak He couldn't believe it No way this was true He couldn't live without her He wouldn't know what to do He dropped to his knees At the head of her bed Looked up to the ceiling While crying he said, "Why'd you do this god Why'd you take her from me I need her so much Why can't you see It can't end this way No, she can't die God please don't do this I can't say goodbye She can't go away Not here, not now I'll do anything to bring her back Please just tell me how Take the life from me Take my heart and soul God please bring her back I don't care what the toll Take the blood from my veins The breath from my chest I don't care if I die Just put me to rest He stopped speaking for a minute As she layed there slowly dying. The only sound to be heard Was of the teenage boy's crying His tears crashed to the floor As he barely made a stand He reached across h
Forever And A Day
My smiles and laughter I owe them all to you You've helped me so much By just simply being you You've held my hand Every time I've tried to push away You've brought me back from darkness And shown me other ways You've given me memories That warm my cold heart You'e taught me lessons I should have learnt from the start I know I've done some things I should never have done I'm not afraid to admit anymore That it was me who was wrong No words can thank you For what you've done for me You've healed the old wounds And you've set me free I know it hasn't worked out Quite the way we planned I have so many reasons That one day you'll understand But just because it didn't work Doesn't mean I won't be here No matter where you go in life I'll make sure I'm always near And every time I'll think of you It will always make me smile Because you've given me the best gift of all You made my life worthwhile Forever And A Day!
Promise I will be your Dark Angel, I will hold you, when you cry, and make you soar when your happy. Protect you from the world, and be your cure When everything seems to be against you I shall be there to catch you When the people want you to fall. I shall walk with you, You will never be alone. I shall be your Shield, when the armies try to strike. Carry you further, when your legs cant make the goal you want. I will be your guide When you become lost I will hold you you close when you are afraid. I will shall Cover you, with my wings When you are cold. I will bring a smile to your face When you don't think you can. I will be your the one you will awake to each day. I will be there when you lay to rest. I WILL FOREVER BE WITH YOU! Galvin Knight (c) 2009 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED There was a girl who Internally was screaming. Her parents, seemed to miss The constant signs of needing. Her life becomes cold. There was a boy who Never knew what a
Check It rate and comment her for me please she is workin against a cheater contest ends march 20th
Days 4 And 5
well here i am again, i didnt write last night and i really dont remember why i didnt. i guess cause my day yesterday was kind of blah. same shit different day ya know? i cant wait to go back to work. this place is driving me crazy. my kids had an award ceremony at their school yesterday. they do every 6 weeks. they each got a gift certificate and award for perfect attendance, and the middle two also got one for a&b honor roll. my oldest had a c in math. her first c ever on a report card. she is freaking out. she also missed her first day of school this year last week cause she was really sick. up until last week all 3 have had perfect attendance all year. im so proud of them. considering that when they lived with their mom, she was ticketed every year for them missing days. anyways we have been spending alot of time in the gym, cause they love the kids play area, it keeps us out of the house, and my ass has needed to go back to the gym for a while. i am in the worst shape i have ever
Im sure many of you have had those night where you lay in bed and wonder... what the hell am I doing!? Most of us take for granted everything and never take the time to appreciate what we have and only worry about what else we can get.. Lately Ive had the hardest time sleeping... Its like I cant stop thinking and its never about particular things... just my life in general. I worry about my daughter and question the things I do because I know it will effect her future.. What I do now... Builds who she is. Scariest thing Ive ever had to do in my life. I want her to appreciate life and everything it has to offer. I want her to look back at how hard Ive struggled to make a life for us and be stronger than I am now. I want the best for my daughter. She is my world!! I also think about how she will turn out without her father really involved in her life. After we split he was always coming to see her or take her for the weekend...Now almost a year later he barely sees her.. since her birthd
1st Blog
So, this is my 1st Blog. Quite frankly, I'm sure about what to say. Do I just open up into a Rant? Say about my Day? Talk about... whatever? Or, should I just close this up? I think I'm going with the latter!
I'm Up For Auction!!!
Haunted Passions Staff Auction
Staff Of Haunted Passions All Bid's Start out @ 20k It will LAST A 2 Weeks! ~~~~AUCTION WILL START MARCH 15TH~~~~ Rules Of The Auction: No Drama No Fighting No Bashing If you See Someone You Want Bid On Then BID BABY ! The Fu-Bucks That You Offer To Them Goes To Them!!! NOT TO ME!!! I Will POST THERE PICTURES AN OFFERS ON THE 14TH IN A FOLDER ON MY PROFILE. THESE IS FOR FUN! IT WILL START AT MIDNIGHT ON THE 14TH AN GO TO THE 29TH OF MARCH IN WHICH THAT NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT I WILL CLOSE THE FOLDER AN THEN I WILL SEND A MESS TO THE WINNER AN WHO THEY WON FOR THE 30DAY'S!! SO LET THE FUN START AN LETS GET THE BIG MONEY ROLLING!!! I'm doing this to Have fun Not Anything else. All These Great People Have taken the Time, To sit an think on things to Offer so Stop By an Take a BID on them. They all are Good People an just wanna have some great fu-fun. So lets Do it Right an See who goes to want owner for 30day's. Remember this is for fun ONLY!!! THANKS CA
Why Am I Labled A Monster?
I have always tried and failed horribly to win friends and then more sometimes. I am sorry but I have no idea how to approach a woman and have a true relationship. Don't get me wrong I know how to get sex and I have been blessed because I have never caught anything. I am just so very tired of strictly being physical, and NEVER being good enough to be in love. I mean when someone does fall in love with me it always turns out that I am not able to be physically attracted to them as well as emotionally. Am I so wrong for not wanting to allow myself to just settle? I mean, I have tried to do the whole " Be with someone and not care about their looks " routine. I am sorry but it just never seems to work out that way. If I am not physically drawn to a woman I just cannot see myself with them for an extended period of time. I know that I am sounding shallow as anything but I cannot really help that either. Every time that I have just settled for what I could get then I ended up disappointed b
.r.i.p. Andrew ''test'' Martin
The Associated Press issued the following article: Ex-WWE champ, Andrew Martin, found dead in Fla. TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Authorities say former professional wrestler Andrew Martin, who was known as "Test" and "The Punisher" to fans, has died at his Tampa home. He was 33. The former World Wrestling Entertainment champion was found dead at his apartment Friday night. Police say a neighbor reported that she could see into his apartment window and that Martin appeared motionless for several hours. Police say there was no indication of foul play. A cause of death will be determined after an autopsy. During his time with Stamford, Conn.-based World Wrestling Entertainment, Martin held the Intercontinental, European and Hardcore belts. He was also a tag-team champion. Martin most recently worked for TNA Wrestling under the name "The Punisher."
Darkness And Evil
Without Good, Evil has no reason to be. Without Evil, Good will have no reason for being eather. So in the End of Good or Evil as promissed, what will Forever be like for the Winner's of the battle? What will the reason of being then?
Medicine Wheel 1
Red Wolf, of whom there are three, beckons the Hunt. He searches the Valleys of Plenitude and Hills of Contemplation for his quarry, his prey. Amongst the Herds proud and mighty he hunts, there to cull the weak, lame, disabled and disabling thoughts, memories, and feelings that lurk in the darkened recesses of my Life's experience. Fear, hostility, denial, pain and remorse are abundant food for this Warrior of Spirit's design. Unto Consciousness he renders service. Cleansed of the emotionally scarred members is the herd; assured now are survival, vitality, swiftness, viability and endurance of the Whole. Having but one calling, to remove that which is debilitating to the herd, he will feast upon that which is willingly relinquished. If nothing is willfully offered, then must he rip asunder from the belly of the drove that which is in fear of surrender, for Red Wolf must-and Red Wolf will-cull the herd of its weakness. Thence to his mate does he carry his treasure. White Wolf, She-Wol
The Things I Think About So Much That It Hurts My Brain
The Things I Think About So Much That It Hurts My Brain! Current mood: contemplative Category: Life I never thought it would come to this. A time when I didn't know what to say or to write. Speechless in these days have I become. So many things I would like to say, but something keeps getting in my way. Fear of what people may think of me? maybe. Fear of what I'll think of myself? It's a possibility. I may release the madness and melancholy that I have fought so hard to keep. What of me then? Will I become just another face in the crowd? Someone too simple and therefore is overlooked because of her silence?! Yes, what would become of me then? Some would welcome the quiet and peace, but can I? Can I let go of such opinions and outlooks? Of words that make them ponder? All these questions run through my head daily, and daily I push them away for another day. I fear I will lose the words that have made me quite sought after. Not famous even in the sligh
New To Fubar need a track from a band off my space will pay 10/k for URL sorry its taking so long to post pics...everytime i try says file to large and takes a min to edit..kinda annoying ya know
Songs I Love
Sober Lyrics I don't wanna be the girl who laughs the loudest Or the girl who never wants to be alone I don't wanna be that call at four o'clock in the morning 'Cause I'm the only one you know in the world that won't be home Aahh, the sun is blinding I stayed up again Oohh, I am finding That's not the way I want my story to end [Sober Lyrics On ] I'm safe Up high Nothing can touch me But why do I feel this party's over? No pain Inside You're my protection But how do I feel this good sober? I don't wanna be the girl who has to fill the silence... The quiet scares me 'cause it screams the truth Please don't tell me that we had that conversation When I won't remember, save your breath, 'cause what's the use? Aahh, the night is calling And it whispers to me softly, "come and play" Aahh, I am falling But if I let myself go, I'm the only one to blame I'm safe Up high Nothing can touch me But why do I feel this party's over? No pain Inside You're like perfection B
Amber Alert 3/15/ 2009
Life..or Something Like That
I am writing about Life these days...I am super sad and depressed! I want to try different things in my life..with different people. Well, with one person in general. I am not sure where to begin on this blog except for that...change is a hard thing for me. I am a real routine type of gal...I got my very own daily routine..and getting off balance is one of those things that gets to me! And besides that; this person is pretty damn far away from me...but that connection is just there for both of us..not quite sure what I wanna do with it all just yet. I am pretty sure where I want things to go. The questions are (1) Is he ready (2) Am I ready for a major change/ shake up in my life. (3) how will these changes affect my children/his? See it aint all about me....of course I have always liked to think that the world revolved around me...but I know that it doesnt. LOL... I guess I will change my philosophy to life...It IS my world..I am just letting you all live in it! There that
Happy Birthday
Real Relationships
just sitting here wondering how many true relationships are formed here in Fubar.very interested in what everyone thinks about it.
Real Love
Darlin', I know I'm just another head on your pillow If only just tonight, girl Let me hear you lie just a little Tell me I'm the only man That you ever really loved Honey take me back Deep in my memory A time when it was all very right So very nice Here, Darlin', stands another bandit wantin' you In and out your life, they come and they go Your days and nights like a wheel that turns Grindin' down a secret part of you Deep inside your heart That nobody knows When you say comfort me To anyone who approaches Chalkin' up the hurt We live and we learn Well we've both lived long enough to know We'd trade it all right now For just one minute of real love
My Wonderful Owner
This is my WONDERFUL owner Princess Beakers, please go show her lots and lots of love. She totally deserves it!
Hey there. Im in an auction! so come check out what im offering and bid high!
Look Away
Look away Act as if it isn't killing you Ignore the words That are tearing out your soul... Show that fake smile And act as though tears aren't Forming behind your eyes... Let the truth haunt your mind As a lie escapes your lips Pretend for a moment That all is okay That nothing is wrong And then maybe, just maybe... If you pretend long enough... You'll actually believe it
Body: On their honeymoon, the blonde bride slipped into a sexy nightie and, with great anticipation, crawled into bed, only to find her new Catholic husband had settled down on the couch. When she asked him why he was apparently not going to make love to her, he replied, 'It's Lent'. In tears, she sobbed, 'Well, that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Who did you lend it to, and for how long?' the doctor says "This should be taken care of right away. " I'd planned a trip to Hawaii next month but this is so easy and profitable that I want to fix it before it curse itself. "Welllllll, what have we here..." Since he hasn't the foggiest notion of what it is, the Doctor is hoping you will give him a clue. "We'll see. " First I have to check my malpractice insurance. "Let me check your medical history. " I want to see if you've paid your last bill before spending any more time with you.
My Auction,.own Me Now
Why I Don't Rank Friends On Here...
Most everyone on here knows that you can rank your friends in order. Basically it's for you to keep people you talk to the most on the top of your friend lists so that they show up first. It's, at least for me, NOT to be intended to mean so and so is a better friend than the another. Long time ago, I started placing people on my 'Top Friends' list because I had so many people but only regularly talked to a few. OMFG, I would catch such f*cking grief about it. "Why's Snay-nay-nay ranked higher than me? And other stupid questions like that. Oh, and the 'Family' list too..."How come I'm not in your family?" Anyways, last November, I eliminated the Family list and took everyone off the Top Friends list. I shortsightedly thought my problem was solved. Fast forward a couple months, I'm being asked recently to rank friends on here. I'm not doing it. So instead of explaining it 15 different times, I'm just explaining once on here as to why I don't rank friends. I have dozens of fr
An Application For
1. Is there anyone on your top friends list you had sex with? No 2. Is sex best in the morning, afternoon, or night? Any time, bring it on! 3. What side of the bed do you sleep on? Left side. 4. Lights on or off? Either or depends on my partner 5. Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? Not yet. 6. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? No 7. Shower or bath? Both. 8. Do you pee in the shower? Yes. 9. Mexican or Chinese? Both 10. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? Aggressive 11. Love, money, or lust? Love and lust. Money isn't important. 13. Credit cards or cash? cash definitely. 14. Has there ever been anyone in your family you wish wasn't? My Father.....long story 15. Would you rather go camping or to a 5 star hotel? Both. 16. Took a break....Hmmmm. I dunno 17. Would you shave your entire body (including your head)? No 18. Have you ever been to a strip club? Yes 20. Ever been to a
Holiday Wishs To My Friends
**CHEERS**Just a cute St. Patty's Day Poem :)The Wearin' O' the Green Today is the day fer the wearin' o' the green.Today is the day when the little people are seen.Today is St. Patrick's Day, so if ye'r Irish me lad,Join the celebratin' fer the grandest time ta' be had.Ya' put yer hand up in the air, the other hand on your hip.Ya' tap yer toe, ya' tap yer heel, ya' bounce yer knee a wee bit.Ya' prance 'n dance around the room, n' circle one two three.The saints be praised, I must admit, ya' all look Irish ta' me.Much love to you and may you have some Good Luck today, Yours Truely, Radiant Gloom
#2's Contest
My #2 Fam is having a Patty's Day Contest where prizes can be anything from 1 Credit Blings all the way up to A11's and CB's. SO go check it out. What's the worst that can happen. Rules are easy, they are on Pic 1. Here's the link if that don't work just hit my #2 Fam and see their blog or the pic albums.
Vampire Music Lyrics
It's time to die So say your goodbyes Your mortal life Is close to over Immortal dreams Of ages it seems In your final screams Your eyes will open Your crying as your dying, And this hunger... it kills you Eternal pleas This blood lust in me Terrors of night Are far from over Immortal pain It thrusts in your veins Drink death of me And live forever And live forever Your hunt begins Your animal within Compassion dies And now it's over First dusk to blood Your hunger overruns This kill will be To feed on ecstacy She's crying as she's dying And this hunger... it kills you Eternal pleas This blood lust in me Terrors of night Are far from over Immortal pain It thrusts in your veins Drink death of me And live forever And she's crying... She's dying And this hunger... it kills you Eternal pleas This blood lust in me Terrors of night Are far from over Immortal pain It thrusts in your veins Drink death of me And live forever
Irish Eyes
There's a tear in your eye, And I'm wondering why, For it never should be there at all. With such pow'r in your smile, Sure a stone you'd beguile, So there's never a teardrop should fall. When your sweet lilting laughter's Like some fairy song, And your eyes twinkle bright as can be; You should laugh all the while And all other times smile, And now, smile a smile for me. When Irish eyes are smiling, Sure, 'tis like the morn in Spring. In the lilt of Irish laughter You can hear the angels sing. When Irish hearts are happy, All the world seems bright and gay. And when Irish eyes are smiling, Sure, they steal your heart away. For your smile is a part Of the love in your heart, And it makes even sunshine more bright. Like the linnet's sweet song, Crooning all the day long, Comes your laughter and light. For the springtime of life Is the sweetest of all There is ne'er a real care or regret; And while springtime is ours Throughout all of youth's hours, Let
O Que Eu Penso
You know what I love best about you? It is not your long beautiful legs. It is not your luscious bosom. It is not your gentle lips. It is not your tender touch. It is not your soft skin. It is not your enchanting aroma. It is not your sweet nectar. It is not your sound in ecstasy. It is not your penetrating dark eyes. It is not that every time I see a shooting star I see you. It is not that a beautiful start filled night sky reminds me of your eyes. It is not that a cold brisk wind reminds me of your warmth. Because it is all of those things, but… What I love best about you is how you entice my minds. Dame tu corazón pequeño como un limón Mira chiquita yo se que te gusta Cuando te pones brava te gusta Yo quiero sabe de que esta hecho tu corazón Yo quiero saber si esta dulce o amargo Tú dame tu corazón Cuando te enojas te gusta Chiquita tu peleita te gusta Si tú no me lo das Te lo arranco Chiquita no soy manco Dame tu corazón Por que no me
Thoughts I Have Is All
For the past month now, nothing seems to be able to bring me down from these clouds I seem to be walking upon. I keep a smile now and my heart honestly has some one it truly cares for more than this piss poor life I live. Never in a million years could I have expected to be so happy and joyous as you have made me. Every day we see one another or talk on the phone, I fall further and further in love with you. I can honestly say now my life feels complete because Julie, you very much so make me feel amazing!!!     PJ .... 2:19pm .... 6/11/2013 WHYWhy does this life always seem to have to be so cruel? Giving us moments of hope and joy, only to take them away and slam us to the ground like a pile of bricks hitting the concrete?Why do we feel we can be cared for or loved, when there are so many who only wish we would simply vanish from this society which truly could care one way or another if we are happy?Why does some idiot redneck like myself ever feel as if there is actually someone out
The New Military Radio!
Stuff I'm Doing On Fubar
COME SHOW THIS ANGEL SOME LOVE!! I am up for auction. The more you bid the higher reward. The best offers wins! I'm Karma Do you have what it takes to own me?
Easter Bunny Bulletin
imikimi - Customize Your World! AUCTION ENDS DAY BEFORE EASTER. RATES & BIDS ARE WELCOME. WHO'S YOUR EASTER BUNNY? BROUGHT TO YOU BY: ღJuicyFruit69(Bi)OwnersMagicღMzBelleღOwnsBuckeyeBabe/SilentLizard/DarthTater
My Great Firend Made Me And Other Great Ladys On Fubar
I've decided to pimp-out 3 very Sweet & Sexy lady-friends of mine here on Fubar!☺ They are very dear friends and always there for me and I just wanted to share them
When Things Get Good Someone Always Knocks U Back Down...
ok so i have a problem my aunt is a super cunt. i finally get things ok for me and my family and my direct family is up against me. it has been long and coming i suppose but it finally happened, i will start from the beginning, i was seperated from my hubby this past summer and was still living at out shared apartment without him i started seeing someone else and thats when my life went down hill. i then had to move from my apartment with my children to my mothers. mind u my mom has mental illness and is very unstable but it was working for the time being, well then my neighbors were going to steal my appliances which i desperately needed. well i called the cops and moundsville's finest only made the situation worse they knew i didnt live in my home and they called the health dept because some neighbor kids came in my house and raided my cupboards and destroyed my home. so i then work things out with my husband and i am going to bring my family back together and my aunt brings me court
Need Help Picking Out A Name For A Boy Or Girl
can some one plzzzzz help me pick out a name for my baby not sure yet what its going to be so a girl name or boy name will be good
It was brought to my attention that my 1st blog was a downer.This blog is better.On the plus side of things I'm due for promotion at any moment,my wife n I got an awesome little house,our marriage is great and my daughter gets awesome grades in school.Life isn't all bad I just tend to dwell on the negative. I'm here for 2 reasons.To kill boredom while @ home & to be re united w/ my buddies that live outta state.Karah420 is my beautiful wife & we're quite happy 2gether.I work insane hrs. and I have 3 daughters but only get to see my oldest.I'm filled w/ emptiness at the loss of my twins.I will get them back. I'm on the verge of being promoted.I have a court date next month to get my twins back.My wife is pregnant w/ my 4th child!!!I'm at a good place in my life.
Aww :)
OK, so as most of you know, I'm the proud Mommy of two wonderful girls, Calista and Rianna. Calista is 10, and Rianna is 7 1/2. Well this weekend, Calista's artwork is being exhibited in the Schenectady City School District's Diversity Celebration. She brought the mask home a week ago, and it's amazing work! The school took pictures of it to show. I took a picture of it for y'all to see why I am so proud of my baby girl! There's also a picture of the notice she brought home to use to let us know.
How do I make a Salute? Take a photo of yourself with the following information clearly displayed in the photo. 1. Your SCREEN NAME, 2. Your Member ID number, (which is located in the end of your URL address; ) 3. AND, the words: fubar The following items will be accepted as a complimentary addition to your salute: You wearing a fubar t-shirt or you in front of your fubar homepage (not your profile page or any other fubar page) that is CLEARLY visible. Photoshopped or any “type” print will NOT be accepted. Grainy and barely legible salutes will NOT be accepted. Salutes placed in a PRIVATE album will NOT be accepted. Examples of acceptable salutes: HERE ARE THE STEPS TO TAKE:
DJ Money needs our help. He is a contest for fu's favorite DJ. The person with the most comments win. He is in 2nd place right he is paying fubucks to those that comment bomb him. Click the link below to start commenting.
Free America
Average American Joe started the day early by setting his alarm clock (MADE IN JAPAN) for 6 am, while his coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA) was perking, he shaved with his electric razor (MADE IN HONG KONG) and he put on a his shirt (MADE IN SRI LANKA), jeans (MADE IN SINGAPORE), and tennis shoes (MADE IN KOREA). After cooking his breakfast with his new electric skillet (MADE IN INDIA ) he sat down with his calculator (MADE IN MEXICO ) to see how much he could spend today. After setting his watch (MADE IN TAIWAN ) to the radio (MADE IN THAILAND ) he got in his car (MADE IN GERMANY ) filled it with gas (FROM SAUDI ARABIA ) and continued his search for a good paying AMERICAN JOB. At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day checking his computer (MADE IN MALAYSIA ), Joe decided to relax for a while. He put on his sandals (MADE IN BRAZIL ) poured himself a glass of wine (MADE IN FRANCE ) and turned on his TV (MADE IN INDONESIA ), and wondered why he can't find a good paying job in AME
My Girl
i just want to leave a blog about my girl cassie and the babys. I have known this girl for about 5 or 6 yrs now. we have gotten in trouble together and been to church together. we gotten tattoos for each other, and have two wonderful kids together. thats my girl. we have wreck a car together, lol. we have stolen together. we have even gotten dirty with each other, but only a kiss nothing more. haha had u fooled. thats my girl. we have partyied together, we have cried together. we have shared everything our life. and now my girl is thinking of leaving town. and im not really happy that she is leaving if she does. but on the other hand i want to see her smile again. i think the last time i seen her smile was when her and i was crackin on a pic. she knows what im talkin about ask her if you want to know, shes married to me on here so she is easy to find. lmao. but i just want everyone that sees this to know that she will always be my girl no matter where she or i may live. i will travel t
Tibute To Native Americans
Blue October
I'm like a ghost I'll be living in a dirt room Waiting for the day to be closer To the window when you're home I'll be standing by your back door Reaching for the knife in my coat I'm going to put it to your throat Sweaty piggy, you're a bad man What a fucking sad way to go Your mother raised you as a joke I should have wiped away a burden Use the curtain in the kitchen to choke You You think you own me You should have known me You took the future and the food off my family's plate You think you'll use me I'm stronger than you You take my money, but it's useless When see what I do to you Look what I do to you Oh god then you awoke You started screaming through the duct tape Don't ever think I'm letting you go I'm busy digging you a hole Now you'll be living in a dirt room Breathing through the straw of your own Come on I really think that this is fun for the money I'll make it comfy for the time wasted making you rich I want to cover you in ants, bees
Demented Naughty Angels We are open Stop by and say hi to us We are also looking for all staff Just click on the pic and we will be waiting for you Stop and show the staff some love Owner NICCI Co~Owner †KASEY† Co~owner & Head Enforcer Protector of Kasey & Nicci "DEMENTED KING" Co~Owner & Head Dj Cotton Candy Enforcer ICE Enforcer & Promoter cyclone
Never say "I Love You" If you don't really care Never talk about feelings If they aren't really there Never hold my hand If you are going to break my heart Never say you are going to If you don't plan to start Never look into my eyes If all you do is lie Never say "Hi" When you really mean "Goodbye" If you really mean forever Then say you will try Never say forever Cuz forever makes me cry....    
href="" target=_blank>εïз ☆ℓïиz☆ εïз@ fubar href="" target=_blank>CrazyChick6207*Dangerous Curves Member*Protected By Southern C@ fubar
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Thoughts Of The Dark Poet
I made an dedication to all the soldiers fighting with and fighting for love... It is in my gallery, in the folder "My Art"... It is rather simple, but I like it that way, it is not supposed to be top notch art, simply just an dedication to those who work hard and fights for love Hope you enjoy it everyone It is not the first time I have had an entry with this name... But it is the last time for me to ever mention the brick again... To those that have no idea what I am talking about and about to call me a total wacko, well I might be but listen up...   Serenity, aka "Clothing Optional", a former friend of mine and the girl I used to be in love with, and I have grown apart... At the last entry I mentioned "The Poet and The Brick" I meant her and me, those entries have been removed but this one will stay... I had known Serenity for like 8 years or so I believe, been in love with her from day one and she knew it, since I told her and she did flirt with me... But as time went by,
Staff Directory
KIMMY - PROMOTIONS MANAGER ?KIMMY? UFCGirl816~Head Promtr/Exotic Angel@Exotic Dreams~BOAT'S BEYOTCH~@ fubar GLDS GURL - WEBMASTER/ANGEL GldsGurl ~*WebMaster/Nudiest Exotic Angel Of Exotic Dreams/Graphics*~@ fubar BLACKICE - PROMOTIONS ?ÐJ ßla©kiçe27?Head Greeter & Angel @ Exotic Dreams@ fubar ITALIANO - HEAD OF GRAPHICS italiano - Fu-Hubby of *~~sweetangel~~* & Graphics Specialist @ Exotic Dreams@ fubar PRINCESS - GRAPHICS ♥Princess♥Graphics@Shot of 3 ♥ Rating Revolutions Member♥@ fubar IRISH MINX - PROMOTIONS *~IrishMinx ~ Loves My Fu Darlings ~Fu-Wifey to Lord Asheron ~*
Just A Survey
GeneralBody or FaceUh.. both matter..Looks or PersonalityPersonalityHeightSomewhere around 6''Weight185-210?Hair ColorThe Darker The BetterEye ColorBlue..Most Important Physical FeatureI Have A Thing For Hands.. And Lips.Good/Bad TraitsFunnyGREAT Trait To Have, Gotta Be Able To Make Me Laugh.LoudBadSeductiveGoodQuietGood, At TimesTallGoodShortEgh.. I Like 'Em Tall Better =] AthleticGoodFatBadImmatureBadCompetitiveBadHyperKinda Goes Both Ways..SmokerBadDrinkerOkay To Be A Drinker, Bad To Be A DrunkSmartGoodDumbBadObservantGoodTake this survey or other MySpace Surveys at BASIC:NAME:Melissa Marie GuynesBIRTH DAY:April 16 1987AGE:21HAIR COLOR:Lt. BrownEYE COLOR:HazelSCHOOL:Warren Co. High Alumni '05DO YOU HAVE A JOB?Unemployed At The MomentFAVORITE COLOR:GreenFAVORITE FOOD:AsianDO YOU HAVE PETS?Not Right NowDO YOU DRIVE?YesSMOKE:NoDRINK:YesSHORT THIS OR THAT:COKE OR PEPSI:PepsiHUGS OR KISSES:BOTH!Mcdonolds OR BURGER KING:McD'sNIGHT OR DAY:Either Or, As Long As It's
Damn Students Have Way To Much Time On Their Hands ... Lmfao
          WE FOUND THiS ON YOUTUBENiCE HUH??? HERE iS krombinators PROFiLE LiNK HERE iS Allmas PROFiLE LiNK THiS PROFiLEdon't*wake*sleeping*dogs@ fubarSENT THiS TO MY FRiEND TheGateToCemetery"hi sweety.ich bin neu in fubar und hab eben nach deutschen gesucht und bin auf dich gestoßen  ich hoffe, dass du auch aus deutschland bist und deutsch verstehst. (im new to fubar and were looking for germans and i found u  i hope u r from germany and u understand german)ich peil das ganze hier zwar noch nicht wirklich, aber das hier bin ich (i dont really understand this here, but this is me)gruß anna-lena (greetings anna-lene)SEE ... I ALWAYS SAiD THEY R DOWNRATiNG US !!NOW THEY PUT iT ON YOUTUBE!!!  
When A Man Says He Loves You
When a man says he loves you and says he's main concern is your happiness. Listen not to what he says, But what he does. Be sure his actions speaks to his words and his love is true and real. Cuz it will hurt like shit when he shows you the true meaning of, ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS
Screen Shots!
If you want to earn 5 grand, get me the 1st screenshot, of me scrollin! PM me,,,telling me you have one! {{{1st person to pm me, telling me they have my screen shot, gets the fu~ moola!}}} Good Luck Ya'll! wooot! have fun!
Render Concept
Take a look at the wesite:   You will find colour renderings and walkthroughs created for interior designers and architects. This site is intended to provide potential clients and/or customers samples of renderings to demonstrate my capability, and what I can offer to increase the effectiveness of your presentation. Renderings can be used to bring your CAD (.dwg) file to life. Whether it be a resident (bathroom, kitchen, etc.), a restaurant, office space, retail store, or trade show booth. However, other services are available to meet your company needs: - assist in developing concept and design - CAD solution - create working drawings - create colour renderings To incorporate any of these types of services into your project, please send a email with your requirements. For addition information please see the Services section where you will also find some frequently asked questions.
What's Up!?!?
       To all my friend I just want you to know that I have not been ignoring any of you. Seance May my mother has been fighting her third bought with cancer. This has been very hard on her as well as us girls. Between her treatments, her trips in and out of the hospital, and all around failing heath I have not been able to really keep in touch with all off you. For some of you this is the first time you are hearing about this, the reason for that being is we had all thought that this was going to be like the last two times were it was bad but she got back on her feet fairly quick. That does not seem to be the case this time. Recent events have taken me from work to her on numerous occasions. I know a a lot of you think that I am just flaking on you and that is not the case. I will try to keep in touch the best that I can but for the most part I really do not want to have to go and talk to everyone about this. For now this is the most information that I am willing to part with. I will
Movies/tv Shows
Love's Of My Life
Where do I start me and my son's father have been through alot of bullshit but we r working thngs out and that makes me very happy that he is in my life He makes me stronger when i want to give up and have no more fight in me. I would not know what to do with out him he is the love of my life and hopefully he sees that for there is no other man that can love me like he can I think I finally found the one that I am supposed to be with and I am very happy and in love. I love u baby forever with all my heart and soul Mackenie is my 6 yr old daughter she is one highlight in my life even though she does not always listen and do what she is told she isa very smartwhen she puts her mind to it she can do anything I love her to death she s my 1st born and will always be mommys baby no matter how much she puts up a fight. Dakota is my 4 month old son he is the 2nd highlight in my life when he smiles or life it britens up my life and makes me happy he is such a wonderful boy and i love him
Winter 09
As you may know, i have been here very much this year & those of you that are friends know how things were goin this last fall... now it is spring time, I lost my Mom a short time ago & would like to let a few of you know that is why i haven't been here. If you still have your Mom make sure you tell her how much ya love her as you never know if the next minute will be the last....Take care.
Omg There Is Hope On Here
Medievel Auction Hosted By Magic
MySpace Music Playlist at CLICK on ANY pic U would like to BID or Rate...
Easter Auction
Hello everyone. How you all doin? Great I hope. Just fine here. I am thinking of having an auction for easter. But first I need some bunnys to auction off. I you are interested in being auctioned off then privated message me with a list of what you offer and what pic to use. The contest will open on March 28 and end on Easter. Lets have a great time and a fun auction.
So True
So many things I got to do, so many things I got to do, I gotta,gotta do, I gotta,gotta do gotta do, gotta do, gotta do, gotta do I gotta, gotta. Gotta keep my sanity, gotta face reality. Gotta find my destiny, gotta know my history. Gotta keep my dignity, gotta feed my family. Gotta praise his majesty, gotta give thanks to the I in me. Gotta keep my head up high, gotta reach out for the sky. Gotta know the reasons why ,gotta get my piece of that pie. Gotta try to tell no lie, gotta keep an eagle eye. Gotta go to zion I, gotta give thanks to the I in I Gotta do some good today, gotta walk in a righteous way. Gotta hear what the father say, gotta, gotta, pray every day. Gotta work to get my pay, gotta rest on sabbath day. Gotta never go astray , gotta give thanks then I am o.k. Gotta go for excellence, gotta show magnificence. Gotta flow with the elements, gotta work with common sense. Gotta make the people see, gotta be the best that I can be . Gotta show humility, g
Heaven Only Knows
I sit here with a thousand yard stare Praying why o why (Oh why?) Why can't I just call you When everything I feel (Oh) says it all for real (Yeah yeah yeah!!) You patiently wait in vain (Oh you wait in vain) Waiting for a call A call that never came (Oh yeah) I'm fighting back my fears I've been hurt before (before you) Now I'm scared to call Chorus But Oh Heaven Only Knows Oh Why I just can't call Verse 2 You look like an Angel Sent from up above...(To give me your love) But I'm so scared of love (So scared of love) Wish that I could take the chance Take the chance on you Chorus But Heaven only knows Heaven only knows why I'm scared to fall You're sent from up above I'm so scared to give you my love Bridge Oh my soul (My soul) Cries out for your love But in my dark despair This darkness rules my fears And I'm so scared to give a chance
The Dark
i sit and think looking into the future all i see is darkness soothing yet scary what will happen what wont do i care the darkness surrounds me there is no light take me now take it all away
Hi Ya
i love this girl from fubar.she is caring,loving,kind,and sweet.she makes me feel like a teenage boy aging.i would never trade this feeling for anything in the world
What do you get with two week of drinking Pepsi Max, Starting your period, PMS, Water Company Acting like dicks, Bank telling you one thing and doing an other? I’ll tell you getting an Anxiety Attack bordering on a Stroke. Yes my fair friends I almost met the Goddess herself on Friday. Started off like any other day I got up early because my husband started his new shift after almost a year on the night shift I had it and the first chance he got to get out of that he took it. Second shift is a lot better. Well I opened the mail from the day before and found a water bill that made me fall back onto my chair. Well that got me going, then to make things worst I had finally had gotten that return from a company I did not get what I order that took ten days and had I not yelled and threatened to come through the phone an ring their neck it could have taken “two to three billing cycles” WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? They take it out in a day but that what ever time they wa
Art Is Your Name Art?
I scan through your faces, your breasts, your legs, and your nests, visible through a square on my desk. I see your eyes, your nose, your thighs, your Ohs! and I wonder is this a new form of art? Can it be says he who wonders aloud that this collection of people without frame or wall to be hung, could represent the futures results of a brush, some talent and some time? Or is it just how I appreciate what I see that makes it art? I find beauty in almost everything, sometimes the beauty screams at me like a lost child, sometimes like its on fire. Scream at me I demand your attention! Look at me Im a freshly dolloped flow of paint, I am beautiful you scream, look at me, I am art...and I am in love. My first love was art, my second was me art for I love you with open heart and mind. It is you who makes my heart
My Voices
Am I a whisper Its Kind of funny that to put something in words I have to be pissed off never could understand that But sometimes it works out and I can come up with something good like this little one from the other day . It's not bad if you like let me know Do you see me? All of me Do you look beyond The physical imperfections And see what what I really am The true me? What do you see ? When you look at me Can you see into me Can you see my thoughts The ones that whisper to me Of thousand of prayers and dreams? What do you look At when you see me? Do you truly see beyond The physical imperfections And look for the real me? Do you want to really to touch my Heart and hear The whispers Do you see me Or am I just a whisper
Lap By Lap:bristol
2:16 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: Mark Martin gets the Food City 500 under way from Bristol Motor Speedway. Lap 1 -- Mark Martin hangs on the lead the first lap. Lap 3 -- LEAD CHANGE: Ryan Newman moves around Mark Martin to take the lead early. Lap 9 -- Jamie McMurray is working the high line. Halfway back, Michael Waltrip touches Todd Bodine as they race for 20th. Lap 24 -- Ryan Newman puts Sterling Marlin a lap down and starts to catch more slower traffic. Lap 27 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: John Andretti spins in Turn 2 to bring out the caution. Lap 28 -- Leaders head to pit road except for Jimmie Johnson and six other cars near the back: • Kyle Busch gets two tires and fuel • Mark Martin gets right-side tires only • Jeff Gordon gets right-side tires like everyone else • Sterling Marlin gets the free pass Lap 33 -- GREEN FLAG: Jimmie Johnson leads the field to green with Mark Martin restarting eighth in the first car that pitted. 1. Jimmie Johnson 2. Dave Blaney 3. Marco
A Different Shade Of Blue
I was married and my Wife passed away from colon cancer... I did everything i could to be the best husband possible and i wish that the children still had there mother here with me to raise them. She was a wonderful mother and just had this influenc upon people within the first few moments of meeting them. I was working for a restaurant corporation learning to be a corporate trainer and was gone for 2 weeks at a time and the first weekend that i got back home i took her out and sang the song that is in this video for her. It was the longest time till now that i had ever been away from my family. i hope you enjoy the video. I miss you baby
Erotic Poetry
*The Sweet Taste Of Love* The sweet taste of love Still lingers in my mind A succulent tasty morsel A treasure worth its find A wet and juicy fruit That fills my mouth with joy Like candy to a baby An edible sexy toy With nectar sweet as honey A syrup of flowing silk Like a bubbly kind of lava As smooth as warm clear milk It breathes with scented oils Like a flower in the mist And blossoms when caressed By the feel of a lover's kiss A dessert at its very best When embraced with lots of love I know I'll never get enough Of this treat I'm thinking of *The Heat Of My Desire* In the still of the evening Without sunlight to intrude I see the twilight's in your eyes As the moon sets up the mood Playing music soft and low While romance fills the air I can't help but feel aroused The very moment you come near You submit to my embrace While candles flick their flame And the smell of sweet perfume Seems to drive my lust insane As I look i
Without Goodbyes
A lifetime filled with cheating hearts, all echo from my past, The "promise trues" and "I love you’s," each one was meant to last. So fine this line of sharing, built with honesty and trust, Each vow now left inside my head, to slowly gather dust. I struggle to tomorrow, searching hope, yet walking blind, While broken dreams, and silent screams, play re-runs in my mind. I try to shake, each past mistake, and meet what lies ahead, While hearing cold reminders of these promises once said. It’s hard to feel, what’s wrong from real, when shadows dim the light, I close my eyes and dream a dream of heaven every night. Is all I know, this history I hold a guiding hand? These scars I show, a lesson that I yet don’t understand? Another day awaits me, in this life I call my own, A cruel delay frustrates me, as I face this world alone. Let words once said, and tears long shed, rest peaceful in this heart, I know the pain of love in vain,
He Really Sucks.
The White House> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW> Washington, DC 20500>> Mr. Obama:>> I have had it with you and your administration, sir. Your> conduct on your recent trip overseas has convinced me that> you are not an adequate representative of the United States> of America collectively or of me personally.>> You are so obsessed with appeasing the Europeans and the> Muslim world that you have abdicated the responsibilities of> the President of the United States of America. You are> responsible to the citizens of the United States. You are> not responsible to the peoples of any other country on> earth.>> I personally resent that you go around the world> apologizing for the United States telling Europeans that we> are arrogant and do not care about their status in the> world. Sir, what do you think the First World War and the> Second World War were all about if not the consideration of> the peoples of Europe? Are you brain dead? What do you think> the Marshall Plan was all about? Do you no
i dont know how to put it but im feeling this site but aint no one on here reacting to what its all about. tell me whats the dal people cause im running out of marbles here????? just shoutin out and letting peoples know here i is!!!!
True Love......
RedneckPri...: love u ->RedneckPri...: Okay baby, love u! RedneckPri...: i will be home in a bit ->RedneckPri...: Giggles uncontrolably...... RedneckPri...: i will eat that later ->RedneckPri...: I gotta taco RedneckPri...: i need some damn food ->RedneckPri...: yea RedneckPri...: real ->RedneckPri...: Cool, I miss being alone with u! RedneckPri...: yea ->RedneckPri...: Can we go ridin or something tonight? ->RedneckPri...: But u just said id have u RedneckPri...: i just cant ->RedneckPri...: Then where? RedneckPri...: i know but still ->RedneckPri...: I want outta HL ->RedneckPri...: Y? Allie will have her own room RedneckPri...: i cant move that far ->RedneckPri...: I went yesterday and found a dbl wide i like for 25000 ->RedneckPri...: its in desoto county, she wants 9000 for 3 acres RedneckPri...: y down there ->RedneckPri...: Awwww! Im fixin to go look at 3 acres in byhalia soon RedneckPri...: yea ->RedneckPri...: Do I really RedneckPri...: u have me ->Re
A Dog's Prayer By Beth Norman Harris Treat me kindly, my beloved master, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me. Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I should lick your hand between the blows, your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me do. Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when your footstep falls upon my waiting ear. When it is cold and wet, please take me inside, for I am now a domesticated animal, no longer used to bitter elements. And I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth. Though had you no home, I would rather follow you through ice and snow than rest upon the softest pillow in the warmest home in all the land, for you are my g
I Wanna Know...
[Verse 1:] There's a place in your heart where nobody's been. Take me there. Things nobody knows, not even your friends. Take me there. Tell me about your momma, your daddy, your home town, show me around. I wanna see it all, don't leave anything out. [Chorus:] I wanna know, everything about you. And I wanna go, down every road you've been. Where your hopes and dreams and wishes live, where you keep the rest of your life hid. I wanna know the girl behind that pretty stare. Take me there. [Verse 2:] Your first real kiss, your first ture love, you were scared. Show me where. You learned about life, spent your summer nights, without a care. [Take Me There lyrics on] Take me there. I wanna roll down mainstreet and backroads like you did when you were a kid. What makes you who you are, tell me what your story is. [Chorus 2x:] I wanna know, everything about you. And I wanna go, down every road you've been. Where your hopes and dreams
So we've spent about 4 trillion dollars in real money, and untold amounts in hidden expenditures... are you in better shape ? do you feel more secure financially ?
Well Done
WELL DONE! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE KIDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1940's, 50's, 60's 70's First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a tin, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, our baby cots were covered with bright coloured lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a van - loose - was always exciting and great fun. We drank water from the garden hose or tap and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle or can and NO ONE actually died from this. We ate cakes, white bread and real butter and drank cordial with sugar in it, but we weren't overweight because......
So Good
It started off early got worse then even more so, then I spoke to Anna and realised I should look at things with a more positive attitude. So now everything is really cool
A Poem Written For Me From My Friend Jen
My dear friend Bruce, You rawk-you're the best Miles ahead of all the rest I look forward to the time we spend You truly are my best friend The one I turn to when I can't sleep Any secrets I tell, I know you'll keep You never judge-your heart is true You're a wonderful guy and I love you Whenever you need me, I'll be there Open arms and hugs to share I hope your lady realizes that she's got every woman's dream A real man that stands by her side no matter how difficult things might seem I can only hope and pray That I'll meet someone like you for myself one day Because of you, I know that not all men are bad You've also shown me that there are still good times to be had Love, Jen
I am waiting on mine salute approval. So i cant use fubar for 100% as yet
Guys Point Of View
From a guys point of view: We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till he morning. Also, when we tell you you're pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong.We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage of the mood im in. LET US PAY FOR YOU! DON'T 'FEEL BAD' We enjoy doing it. It's expected. Smile and say 'than
For The Ladies
Too All Who,s Has A Dog Please Read
I tried sergeant's gold flea and tick squeeze-on for dogs,Please don't use this product.I got this for my babies and boy did they have a bad reaction to it.I called the number on the box and they told me to give them 2 baths with joy and it should go away.So I got on the pc and found to my shock lots of people went threw this same thing,some dogs have died,and they keep selling this product,and it now the next day my dogs are better,still itchy a little,now these guys are my life.I feel like a dick for putting it on them,I cried all nit.Know dog or cat should go threw this,this product should not be for sell at all.Please don't use this product on your pet,don't trust it,and if u know someone with a pet pass this info along,don't let another love one feel this pain from this product. Keith.
Friends /family Only
So, I'm sitting here typing away on your computer while you are in our room sleeping. I also have The Tudors playing in the background. My baby, I love you. I love everything about you. You have been so wonderful and such a pleasure for me. I feel so very safe with you and very much so free. You are such a desirable and desired kitten. I hope you know that. When I came here I felt so unsure of myself. That was so very apparent. You have given me a lot of confidence. I guess I'm writing this to let you know the positive changes you managed to bring about in me in such a short time... I love the way you react to my touch. The look you get on your face that seems to be a look of contentment. I love that slightly wide-eyed look you get when I'm touching you gently...when I'm caressing your face. And, my God, the look on your face when I'm inside of you or right after I've been using my tongue or hands on you...the way you sound just drives me crazy. can imagine the effect it
So I took today off from work. It was nice cause I needed the break, but I just ended up doing work in my house. Whats the point? I woke up and started laundry then vaccumed my place while I waited for stupid Comcast to get here. Because I didn't want to pay $150 a month for service, I now have only basic channels. it sucks, but I only pay $60 for tv and inet now. I sit here and try to make friends on fubar, talk to coworkers on IM and write a blog (which I have never done cause I hate writing). Can you see that I'm bored today? It's frigin awesome out right now and I should really grab my camera, go for a walk and take photos. I REAALLY HATE WRITING!!!! Till next time John
Guys Should Do This I Agree
All Guys Should Do This... • give her a big tshirt of yours to sleep in • leave her cute text messages • kiss her in front of your friends. • tell her she looks beautiful • look into her eyes when you tallk to her • let her mess with your hair • just walk around with her. • forgive her for her mistakes • hold her hand when youre around your friends and in private. • let her fall asleep in your arms. • stay up all night with her when shes sick. • watch her favorite movie with her • come up and grab her by the waist. remember this • dont talk about other girls around her. If you love her, others shouldnt matter. • when shes sad, hang out with her • let her know shes important • kiss her in the pouring rain. • when you fall in love with her, tell her. • and when you tell her, love her like youve never loved someone before •
Is It Wrong?
I just need to find out, is it wrong for me to pimp out myself?
My First Auction Entry
Check This Out
HOW THEY HAVE SEX ACCOUNTANTS are good with figures. ACTORS do it on cue. ADVERTISERS use the "new, improved" method. AMBULANCE DRIVERS come quicker. ANSI does it in the standard way ARCHEOLOGISTS like it old. ARCHITECTS have great plans. ARTISTS are exhibitionists. ASSEMBLY LINE WORKERS do it over and over. ASTRONOMERS do it with Uranus. ATTORNEYS make better motions. AUDITORS like to examine figures. BABYSITTERS charge by the hour. BAILIFFS always come to order. BAKERS knead it daily. BAND MEMBERS play all night. BANKERS do it with interest - penalty for early withdrawal. BARBERS do it with shear pleasure. BARTENDERS do it on the rocks. BASEBALL PLAYERS make it to first base. BASKETBALL PLAYERS score more often. BEEKEEPERS like to eat their honey. BEER BREWERS do it with more hops. BEER DRINKERS get more head. BICYCLISTS do it with 10 speeds. BOOKKEEPERS do it with double entry. BOSSES delegate the task
Nursing Home SafetyEthel was a bit of a demon in her wheelchair, and loved to charge around the nursing home, taking corners on one wheel and getting up to maximum speed on the long corridors. Because the poor woman was one sandwich short of a picnic the other residents tolerated her and some of them actually joined in.One day Ethel was speeding up one corridor when a door opened and  Clarence stepped out with his arm outstretched.   "STOP!," he shouted in a firm voice. "Have you got a license for that thing?" Ethel fished around in her handbag and pulled out a Kit Kat wrapper and held it up to him. "OK" he said and away Ethel sped down the hall.As she took the corner near the TV lounge on one wheel, Harold popped out in front of her and shouted "STOP! Have you got proof of insurance?" Ethel dug into her handbag, pulled out a drink coaster and held it up to him. Harold nodded and said "On your way, Ma'am.
Cool Ass Bitch!!!!!
The Legends Bar & Grill">@ fubar ***AMBSTUCKPromoter @ Den of sin">@ fubar
Pet Of The Month @the Penthouse!
PET of the MONTH at the Penthouse! Please help me win by clicking on the picture and rate! There is a contest for Pet of the Month at The Penthouse lounge....... Please come show support and vote for me! How you say!!!!... 1. Go to Tim's profile 2. Find my pic (here is the link) 3. Rate my pic Easy! Done! Thanks soooo much for your help!! Kisses and licks! MeltedGummies!
The Flaw In Women
Bulletin: The One Flaw In Women By the time the Lord made woman, He was into his sixth day of working overtime. An angel appeared and said, 'Why are you spending so much time on this one?' And the Lord answered, 'Have you seen my spec sheet on her? She has to be completely washable, but not plastic, have over 200 movable parts, all replaceable and able to run on diet coke and leftovers, have a lap that can hold four children at one time, have a kiss that can cure anything from a scraped knee to a broken heart -and she will do everything with only two hands.' The angel was astounded at the requirements. 'Only two hands!? No way! And that's just on the standard model? That's too much work for one day. Wait until tomorrow to finish.' 'But I won't, ' the Lord protested. 'I am so close to finishing this creation that is so close to my own heart.. She already heals herself when she is sick AND can work 18 ho ur days.' The angel moved closer and touched the woman.
This Is So True
seen this on someones profiles thought it b good for a blog I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers.. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens...Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door. Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game. I believe they are called the Boy Scouts for a reason, which is why there are no girls allowed. Girls belong in the Girl Scouts! ARE YOU LISTENING MARTHA BURKE ? I think that if you feel homosexuality is wrong, it is not a phobia, it is an opinion. I have the right "NOT" to be tolera
Deleting My Account
im deleting my account... bye to all the ppl that i may/may not have become friends with!
HARRISBURG, Pa. – A retired police chief said he was robbed by "probably the dumbest criminal in Pennsylvania," at a police officers' convention on Friday morning. John Comparetto said as he came out of a stall in the men's room, a man pointed a gun in his face and demanded money. There were 300 narcotics officers from Pennsylvania and Ohio at the gathering. Comparetto gave up his money and cell phone. But when the man fled, Comparetto and some colleagues chased him. They arrested a 19-year-old man as he was trying to leave in a taxi. The suspect is also awaiting trial on four previous robbery charges. The suspect was arraigned and taken to Dauphin County Prison. When a reporter asked the suspect for comment as he was led out of court, he said, "I'm smooth." THE OMEGA AGENCY The Author of this Report is Unknown They are who people are talking about when one says orders come from "above the President". The Omega Agency consists of a network set up much like the CIA. There
F.a.d.d. Train!!!
NEW TRAIN APPROPRIATELY CALLED FADD!!! STANDS FOR FUBARIANS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING!!!!! In 2007, an estimated 12,998 people died in alcohol-impaired traffic crashes involving a driver with an illegal BAC (.08 or greater). These deaths constitute 31.7 percent of the 41,059 total traffic fatalities in 2007.     THERE ARE RULES BUT PLZZZ LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE OWNERS!!!! $safe_uid_dname@ fubar AND OF COURSE, MY BFF AND FU-WIFEY METAL BABY ^Metal Baby^{CLUB F.A.R. Team Greatness Capt}.Sarge's Bad Girls.Fu Angel.The Click Club. VMV.@ fubar RULEZ ARE THAT: 1.) ALL PIXS IN GirlygirlX's ALBUMS NAMED F.A.D.D. ARE TO BE RATED 10 OR 11'S (10'S ARE JUST FINE). 2.) TO REPOST ALL BULLY(IES) WHEN YOU SEE THEM. 3.) WE HAVE BEEN LAX IN MAKING SURE THAT NEW MEMBERS ARE F/A/R'ED BY THE OLDER MEMBERS, BUT NOT THIS TIME. I WILL ANNOUNCE WHEN A NEW MEMBER JOINS AND PLZZZ F/A/R HER/HIM. 4.) NO DRAMA WILL BE TOLERATED!!! IF THERE APPEARS TO BE A PROBLEM, PLZZZ BRING IT TO MINE OR METAL BABY'S ATTENTIO
Motocycle Accident
Hi everyone, I know it's been close to a year since I've been on Fubar,,and I have missed you all so much This blog is to ask for your prayers. My cousin Robert got in a bad motorcycle accident recently and is in the hospital in ICU. A young boy in a pickup truck with a camper shell pulled out in front of my cousin and when his bike hit the truck it threw him over the camper shell. The top of the camper cut his throat,,windpipe and voice box. There were 2 off duty EMS in the nearby restraunt that saw the accident. They ran out to help,,,my cousin was already dead, no pulse at all. They started CPR and kept him going till the ambulance got there. If they hadn't been there at that moment he would not have made it. I am asking all of you to please send up special prayers for my cousin Robert,,,he really needs them
This Is The Part Of My Life Where I Yell Son Of A Bitch
Silently standing, awaiting sunset, a small group of soldiers patiently sit. Head to toe in camo, armor, and ammunition; these weary warriors fight with conviction, Jets and helos break the silence, as these brave men prepare to stop violence. Flashes, noise, pain, grief and misery, the farthest things from their minds as they pray on bended knee. Hand signals, nods, the shuffle of boots, the sounds you don't hear when they destroy evil's roots. "CONTACT LEFT, TANGO DOWN, OUT OF AMMO, BLACK BLACK BLACK" they keep pressing onward, without ever looking back. Constantly moving, running head long into danger, these brave men who earned the title Airborne Ranger. A wife becomes a widow with the knock on a door, as all of her strength crashes with her to the floor. She cries all alone as he confirms her fears, her hero has died, covered in blood, sweat and tears. She remembers her pride and how much she would brag, but all she has now is a folded flag. She wishes it were
Who Wants A Chance To Win U And A Friend $20,000
all that u have to do is be the 100th person that joins this lounge and tell us who invited u or walk in on your own
Comments Plz!!!!!!!!!
Hey,,,,,how r all my fu-friends?Please stop by and give some rates on the pic below. All you have to do is click on the pic below. PM when your done and I will pay you 1000 fu-bucks. Sounds great,,,,right,,,,right? Thanks for any and all your help.
She Devil's Paradoxx
Auction In Creed
Ya know..I'm sitting here tonight, working on like 5 computers, bored out of my mind with Seinfeld in the background, having a glass of wine, and was wondering...where the hell am I going? I was married for 10 years, had a great marriage, and my ex just decided, when she turned 40, that she didn't wanna be married anymore. I honored that, and, I pay my child support religiously, and I think I am a pretty decent Dad. I come home almost every night, alone, and if I'm not consuming myself in work, I'm sitting around wondering where the hell I'm going. I'm 44, have 3 boys, 2 of which are going through the "I don't need Dad phase", my youngest, at 11, is my only savior at this point. (My kids are doing great, honor roll, yaddy yaddy) so I think I've done a good job helping them adjust to the divorce. My ex wife and I have become great friends, and we do everything "as a family when it concerns the boys, but, I'm getting bored with my life. I need a partner. I need someone to ha
4 Cops Gone In Line Of Duty
Experiences can be eye opening....... What attracts men to me?  Why do they think they can attach themselves emtionally and sometimes physically and think it is ok to enter ones heart. Once the heart believes the person is being real... They enjoy the company and still want the attention from the heart that they widdle their way into... Yet, go to another who looks just like me and give them everything that my heart has mended and healed. While I'm left aside like trash but, still asked to be there when needed to be built up and stroked. Men ....  I know ...i hear all men are not this way... but the men that I seem to attract near, far or what ever... They are all the same and tend to have the   same behavior and traits. This started with the marriage to the current moment and date. From the moment I meet you I ask u to respect me, be honest and be who you are. "MOST OF ALL DON'T LIE" For truth always come out....If you are a in the process of being in a rebound I am not the women you
Asylum Sucks!!!
What The????
Ok so I've taken the time to look at some ppl's pics on this site and I've noticed alot of women have pictures with a lollipop in their really think that this looks stupid and very trashy...i mean come guys really think that it's sexy to see a grown woman suck on a lollipop??? U know he'd rather her suck on something else! And sorry girls just because you can suck a lollipop doesn't mean u can suck other things as well. It's whorish and looks ridiculous...but hell what do i know anyway...just rambling!! Tell me do guys really find this sexy??? Honestly????
Remembering Our Heros
    DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY SARGEANT JON B, RECRUITER   Both myself and my husband met Jon B in Ohio.  It turns out that Jon happen to have served our country in the United States Army for more than 20 years. Upon retirement, Jon always wanted to own a "Harley Davidson" motorcyle.  Well guess what --- Jon did eventually get his.  Jon also went back to college and received his Masters degree in Marketing.  He is doing well, and we thank you Jon for defending you country. You deserve a medal of honor, which he has received.  If you want to know more about Jon, just send him a message in his "Shoutbox.".  I'm sure he would be more than happy to chat with you. "A Friend in Need, is a friend indeed! Ich bin Deutchland Danke SFC LOUIS G MP . IRAQ I have known Louis G for only a short period of time. During that time, I learned a lot about life from him. He is definitely a HERO, who will be demobilized out of Iraq and back to the United States very soon. Lou has spent quit
Gives U Hell
I wake up every evening With a big smile on my face And it never feels out of place And you're still probably working At a nine to five pace I wonder how bad that taste When you see my face Hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell When you walk my way Hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell Now where's you picket fence love And where's that shiny car And did it ever get you far You never seemed so tense love I've never seen you fall so hard Do you know where you are And the truth be told I miss you And truth be told I'm lying When you see my face Hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell When you walk my way Hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell If you find a man that's worth a damn and treats you well Then he's a fool you're just as well Hope it gives you hell Tomorrow you'll be thinking to yourself Where'd it all go wrong? But the list goes on and on The truth be told I miss you And truth be told I'm lying When yo
Cleaning Out My Friends And Family Lists
OK folks, My family list is getting TOO BIG. This week I'll be cleaning out list IF I haven't heard from you since you sent me your friend request, you don't return love, or talk to me you WILL be removed.
Summer Time
Music That Touches My Soul~~
This song just sorta stuck out today as I was surfing the net~~seems like everyone around me is breaking up~~and they wonder why I stay on the fu... Fubar=my escape from the real world~~~ anywayz~~Enjoy the tunes!!~~xoxo~~LiL I Must say~~I have the BEST Friend in the whole world~~not only is she my friend~~Kimberly is my soul sista!!~~ANYTIME~~day or night~~if I'm sad or happy~~she is ALWAYS there for me~~and vice versa!!~~This is for you my sista~~I adore you!!~~♥ LiL A very interesting song~~that was left to me as a comment by my neighbor~~LOL~~I dont know if it is a message~~or just letting me know how well he does know me~~HA!~~Enjoy the music!!~LiL~
Beautiful Girls Sirens Song
I cruise this site every day, I look at the ladies and make mental notes to be used later when remembering my day of how the Sirens song lures me into this deep well of beauty. I wasted time once, sitting on the edge of a dock with my feet in the water. Little fish would come nibble at the hairs on my toes. Not many, just a few, but I always knew, or at least I had an idea that there were always bigger fish swimming around not wondering about toe hair and such. But the little ones came and paid attention to me. So this lure of the Sirens song calls to me, come pay attention to me , come see me, come rate me, fan me, JUST SEE ME. Those are the big fish, the ones that demand attention to them but stay far away from me. They dont come to me, they are the big fish I know I will hook someday, and then release them to the pond again. But I like my small fish, because they came to me, and paid attention to me. I will always pay attention to those and remember those who take the time to nibble
My New Member Wish!
I am hoping to meet lot's of people that can view, rate, comment my fupage. any help or advice on changes would be great and any kind of advice is most welcome
Fkin Jeep
So I bought my Jeep about 4 years ago. Within the first 2 months I moved and lost the title that came with the purchase. Then about a year later I moved to Arizona. Well without the title it was going to be a three year wait so I didn;t know what I was going to do. I searched all my things when I moved, searched the Jeep searched everything. So about a year ago I went camping East of Florence, AZ with a co-worker and roomate and his girl. Friday night we camped and drank tons, I woke up Sat morning and did some Jeepin and then got the co-worker and his girl. My roomate left to visit someoneat prison. About 20 minutes into bajaing it through the back country I came up out of a wash and my Jeep stalled. Couldn't get it started. After fking around under it for an hour we decided to hike it out to the road and get some cell service. Now there are no landmarks in the desert, so because it all looked the same, I couldn't find my Jeep again. 6 month later the Sherriff
Monday, March 02, 2009 if anyone knows me at all , the would know that i'm one of the most over analytical people that they have ever met. looking over the pros and cons of every situation, constantly looking for any and all outcomes for any one situation etc... nostradomeous made it seem like child's play the way he leisurely came up with predictions . but they were generally open ended and open to interpretation. sure , he got a few names wrong. hister( hitler) being one of them , yet he managed to get most of his story correct. everything comes and goes in cycles. reasons for conquest never change but the people ,places and things usualy do. the end only has two outcomes. win or lose. there is no room for horseshoes and handgrenades here. you never hear the defeated of serious situations say things like " damn, my nigga! i was this close!" obviously because there was an objective in mind and that objective wasn't reached. after all the planning, the hrs, the execu
fellas, some of you have officially been chopped and screwed out a good lay. why???.... ok. one of my best girls just spilled the beans on all ya'll trifelin' ass women ( only applies to the ones that do it) who claim to have a headache when their men wants a lil fun in the sack. fact is, one of the things that can be considered good for a headache is sex. sex,sex and more sex. ane me, being an anylitical whore , is once again forced to pry open this clam and schuck it for all it's worth. till the clam looks like it need a damn replacement, till it looks at you with sad eyes and no hope to live in it's heart. puns intended. now i've never had that used as an excuse so i really can't talk from experience. but if you really love your man and are a stand-up woman, then why the hell is it that you feel the need to lye about your status in order to keep the "monster " at bay. let the man release the hounds on that ass then call him in the morning. instead of " i got a headache" it reall
Autos On
For My Sister Niome
When I first got told (September '2008') that you had cancer and it was rapid my world stopped. I put my life on hold to fly across the country because you asked me to come, right then all I could think of was hugging you and never letting go. Mom and I drove to see you every-day in the hospital, not once did we care about ourselves. you asked for something and we did it, no matter what the request was. I never wanted to leave your side, but I had my kids and job in another part of the country. I bought you a new mobile phone with sim card and credit as I wanted to be able to call you or for you to call me. I think I was able to talk to you five times? but after that you never answered my calls you never responded to any text messages, and that was that. xmas came, new years came, there was birthdays, I tried to call you for everyone, but I got nothing. Then one night while at work I got a call telling me that you had been to see the doctor and they had given you 1-2 mo
Goody's Fast Pain Relief 500 At Martinsville Speedway.
2:17 p.m.—GREEN FLAG: Jeff Gordon gets the Goody's Fast Pain Relief 500 under way from Martinsville Speedway. Lap 1—Jeff Gordon grabs the inside line and leads the first lap. Lap 5—Matt Kenseth has struggled at the start and fallen back from 10th to 13th. Lap 10—Kasey Kahne has fallen from his sixth position all the way back to 19th. Lap 13—Tony Stewart is up to third position and has a fast car. Jimmie Johnson follows in fourth. Lap 17—Juan Montoya is solid in the early laps and moves around Carl Edwards to take ninth place. Lap 21—YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Michael Waltrip spins and backs up to the top of the corner. He made slight contact with the wall. Lap 22—Several cars near the back (17 total) hit pit road. Cars cannot take fuel during this caution due to the competition caution scheduled for Lap 40. Takers include Greg Biffle, Joey Logano, Kasey Kahne and Aric Almirola, among others. Lap 27—GREEN FLAG: Jeff Gordon leads the field to green. 1. Jeff Gordon 2. Kurt
Today, bouncing at a local bar. I I.D.'d a girl with a group of people. I told her that next time she used a fake I.D., she at least should get one with a picture that looked like her. She started crying and ran off. A guy told me that she had been in a car wreck, and had been badly disfigured. FML Today, I decided to take a nap. My boyfriend gave me some sleeping pills but I decided last minute not to take them. I woke up to my boyfriend kissing my neck and unbuttoning my shirt. Without opening my eyes, I whispered "ooh this is so romantic." He blurted out shocked, "'re awake?!" FML Today, as an April fools day joke, I decided to tell my mom and dad that I was gay. After an awkward silence, my mom looks at me, smiles, and says, "well, we have known for awhile." She wasn't joking. FML Today, I went with my girlfriend to the mall. We were looking at jewellery in Zales and she came across the engagement rings. She looks at one and says, "Are you kidding me? That ring
A Daughters Love
A Daughters Love Sitting alone without you, long ago memories, love everlasting, thoughts of your smile, the sound of your voice, it will be okay baby girl, missing you, holding on to your love, holding on to the strength you gave me, wishing you were here, yet glad you aren't, memories of the pain in your face, thoughts of you withering away, joy that you are pain free, sending flowers to heaven, my beautiful Daddy, I will once again see.
Must See!!!! For Real!
Please pass this on to EVERYONE you know!!! That is... IF you're an American Patriot who loves... being FREE? :)
The Pastor's Sermon
Be ready football fans.....ITS COMING!!!   You're going to love it!!! Again, this can also be found on my site, . It's still be worked on, but the postings are coming. Thanks to (so what if it’s a liberal publication) for this piece from an Iranian medical student. Read the following: “I only want to speak about what I have witnessed. I am a medical student. There was chaos at the trauma section in one of our main hospitals. Although by decree, all riot-related injuries were supposed to be sent to military hospitals, all other hospitals were filled to the rim. Last night, nine people died at our hospital and another 28 had gunshot wounds. All hospital employees were crying till dawn. They (government) removed the dead bodies on back of trucks, before we were even able to get their names or other information. What can you even say to the people who don’t even respect the dead. No one was allowed to speak to the wounded
The strongest Trustworthy. Sexy. Professional kissers. One of a kind. Loves being in long-term relationships. Extremely energetic and funny. Unpredictable. Will exceed your expectations. Loves music. Not a Fighter, But will Knock the fuck out of u. The best and biggest freak in bed! Strong. Considered to be a "Spartan." The most intelligent. Falls in love too easily. Doesn't show it but is easy to hurt. I'm running....Alway's running ....As the Confusion set's in....As the angels....Open their eye's....As we are so unhappy....We are so sad....For we had lost a best friend....We shared the years....We had shared the days....As you say you'll join us for a walk on the clouds....Then we'll join you for a rise to the stars.... It brings out the worst in us....When your not around....So where did you go where where did you go.... As we count the fallen tears that fall before our eye's....Hiding behind the empty smiles as the lightning crashes....Like the wave'
Dj Dannie Dreamer
Contest Help!
Click the Rate and Comment Button and Help me Win this contest... going until April 17th!! Helping me with the most rates and comments wins me a 25 Bling Pack or if in second a 3 day Blast!
American Soldiers Retreat Auction
All she needs to get to prophet is 964,700 help me luv her up D she so sweet!! ßãÐ Gî®L 4 LîFê ãKã LãÐý ®ãGË ☆ Club F.A.R.◊Club United◊Ultimate Bad Girls Club@ fubar she will luv you back!! to she ROCKs pimpout by me
The Room
Love At First Fulook?
=== 'emmaneoo' wrote the following at '2009-03-31 23:18:03'.. > > Hello, > > I contact you bcos i would really love to start to know you and lets share life as best way it should be.To be honest with you,i may not have the sweet and perfect words to make you feel better here online,but i do have the soft and gentle arms to give you a hug,ears to listen quietly and attentive to whatever you want to talk about,and am sure that i have a heart,sweet heart that's aching to see you smile always. > > Finding a soul mate,a woman with a heart full of loving,one who is not a time waster,one who understand life and never play with heart,one who understand the us fullness of a man in a woman's life,one who will never cheat on me,willing to share of her private and hiding secrets to me so to grow more in love and show to me caring and cuddle,a woman that value future and believe deeply in herself and willing to take care of my valuable belonging so to become many for the benefit of us whole
Tax On Smokes
This was the comment I just submitted to CNN lol... thought I would share Let me just explain one thing. I'm a 35 year old smoker from Canada who pays nearly $10 for a package of 25 cigarettes. I know the choice I am making is not only physically harmful, but it is also a financial strain to my paycheck every week. For now, I don't mind paying the extra knowing that at anytime I can goto the hospital and be treated free of cost. Regardless of if I need it or not, it is important to me that is privilege and right for others to be tended to while they are ill, obligates me in my choice to do something harmful to myself. Taxation of cigarettes and alcohol seems only right. Sure you will be harming the less fortunate people of your society as they are typically the ones to turn to a vice in tough times. But consider if they had the option to be treated for illness or injury free of charge, imagine what extra money these individuals would have to enroll in training for a better jo
Struggles With Funding And Co-pay Assistance.
So as im calling yesterday wondering why my aunts MDS medication Revlimid is almost 2 weeks late,in the last 2 weeks they have told me numerous excuses as to why, from being lost in the system to some other bullshit I finally get a hold of someone that can give the answers I need.I think I have it all straightened out her meds are being delivered today at some they call me back after I think it is all good and tell me the one of the societies I go through for funding doesnt have enough to cover her copay which by the way they tell me its over 3k this month,so my heart sinks, but, I remember I had applied for co pay assistance through the Leukemie and Lymphoma Society so I do all my faxing bullshit and all my phone calls yesterday...and its covered but for this month my task today is to apply to as many co pay assistance programs I can find out there to cover her for the rest of the year...all this due to the fact that her previous med dosage was upped f
Ok... So I really dont who it is or why they are even doing this but its crap. Please stay out of my personal business.. I hate Drama and whoever thinks that I am theirs... is freaking wrong! Stop leaving dumb messages to my friends, grow up, and get a life!!!!
My New Fu-owner
The Wang Is Comin'!!
I call my mom to check up on her and see how her day went, she said ' was...dumb as hell!!' and I said ' Well...what happend??'. She start to explain, 'Well son, i was helping a customer out with a bill and pays his bills online.  And she went on with explaining the procedures; sometimes the customers will use their email address set up payments on a bill, so when they have a question about a bill they'll call our business to get it cleared, part of our job is to verify the account number, phone number, address, etc. etc. and of course their email addy if they used that and we have to repeat every piece of info that we requested to make sure that its correct...well everything was going good and i asked him his email addy he tells me....he said his email is realniggashit@******* then i said sir could repeat yourself and he said ' no proooblem baby guh, i got you my email address is realniggashit@******* then i get reeeal quiet and my boss said...YOU HAVE TO RE
So Pissed...just Venting... when you become friends with a individual..the one thing most people look for or expect is honesty and trust. And when one or both are broken, for me it's almost impossible to get either back. That is just who I am and something that will never change. So this individual pretty much broke my trust in him/her by telling me one night on the phone that I was a bitch, cunt, whore, blah blah... Of which I know that yes.. I really can be a bitch when pissed off or accused of something I am so a whore...LMFAO...if dating 2 men and being in 2 very long term relationships in my 38 yrs is being a whore... DAMN...I hate to think what women are called that fuck anything with a dick... (Oh yeh..drunk was the excuse...and oh... I really like you and it bothers me when u talk to other people online) NICE excuse. NOT. I forgave this individual once...and was told next lose a friend. Well, happened again tonight. And Im soooo done with that bullchit... Needl
My Survey
SmileSmiledo that for mebe happyfor you, and mea world of hard timescan be hard on youand others keep youdoing things you don’t wanna doand the bad daysalways go by slowbut sometimesyou just have to let goSmiledo that for medon’t let lifetake your beautybecause you are beautifulno matter what they saybelieve in your heartand live day by dayonly one at a timebecause time is preciousdon’t get caught upand lose all that is precioustake a deep breathstep back from situationssee them for what they areand find realistic expectationsSmiledo that for mesometimes you have to escapeto your own fantasya book, a poemsomething outsidewhere real lifeconflicts never collidewhen the heroalways winsand life is alwayshappy in the endand just smilebecause your herowill comeand rescue youand let you knowthat dreamscan come trueif the heart believesIt’s really possible to dosmiledo that for meand letsfly away and seethe endless possibilitiesin the futureof happinessin the futureso b
Rating/comments Contest
HEY LADIES AND GENTS.... I'm in a rating/comments contest that runs until April 17th. The concept is easy. Rate and comment and each rating or comment equals a point. Please help me!!! Love on me because you know I like it COL MUAH
More Shoutbox Fun :p:p Lol
hmmm i do think that i might have a stalker she is frequenting my shoutbox now since i jokingly made a comment about having a granny fetish after a certain friend of mine called her old Hairduz123...: and witchie, her friend who so immaturely blocked me so that I couldnt respond, I went onto her page and rated her an 11 and I gave her salute a 10. so dont tell me what kinda person I am, bec. I am sooooo much better than them. I choose to take the high road. THE FUBAR ...: shes like old and shit THE FUBAR ...: wow... ->THE FUBAR ...: not going to link you because i have to go to her profile to do that lol ->Shoshonni ...: i'm not blocking her ,i never blocked juggacunt for the fact i loved watching her talk to herself in my shoutbox since she blocked me lol THE FUBAR ...: im sitting in the nastiest whore mumm. I have a feeling this one is gonna get real good THE FUBAR ...: link me ->THE FUBAR ...: Hairduz123~~lovingly owned by DocWzrd~~ Shoshonni ...: haha welcome to
Not Enough Time For Everything!!
Just wanted to let everyone know that I don't have enough time to do everything, fubar, facebook, drivers alike, etc etc. So I am writing to say, if you want to keep in touch, check me out at: Take care and God Bless.
Just For Fun
If a canoe walks by and four doors fall off, how many pancakes will it take to cover a doghouse in the middle of summer?   Just keep this in mind the next time someone says that there is no such thing as a stupid question.... Our LagerWhich art in barrelsHallowed be thy drinkThy will be drunk (I will be drunk)At home as I am in the tavernGive us this day our foamy headAnd forgive us our spillagesAs we forgive those who spill against usAnd lead us not into IncarcerationBut deliver us from hangoversFor thine is the beer,  the bitter, and the lagerBARMEN Author Unknown Is the glass half empty or half full....? Who care, just drink it!
Its Late
its 1030pm putting the books down, still have alot to do before lab at 1030am, just need a break. why is it that the older one gets the more emotional they become? I guess its what has made us what we are,and where we have been. sometimes I hear a song like true colors (cyndi lopper). and hopes,dreams all the regrets of time come back to mind. although I strongly beleave all things happen for a reason, its up to us to determine the good. My life has been full of many things good and bad much like everyone else on the planet but I wouldn't change a thing.  sleep well my friend.
Great Swearing
This Ride
It happens so slowly that it isn't even noticeable at first;brightness fades,colors dull,personality dies,sound minimizes,activity lessens,andwarmth leaves.Until eventually;there is almost constant darkness,everything is monochromatic,the shell is empty,sound is barely audible,activity is halted ,andthere is only coldness......Fall has become
Dj Battle
  RESULTS FOR 4-3-09 BATTLE Final Results Were: CREEPER 1st Place DARK 2nd Place TULLY 3rd Place PO'BOYZ 4th Place (No Pic Available) Dj F 5th place
To All My Valued Employees, There have been some rumblings around the office about the future of this company, and more specifically, your job. As you know, the economy has changed for the worse and presents many challenges. However, the good news is this: The economy doesn't pose a threat to your job. What does threaten your job however, is the changing political landscape in this country. However, let me tell you some little tidbits of fact which might help you decide what is in your best interests. First, while it is easy to spew rhetoric that casts employers against employees, you have to understand that for every business owner there is a Back Story. This back story is often neglected and overshadowed by what you see and hear. Sure, you see me park my Mercedes outside. You've seen my big home at last years Christmas party. I'm sure; all these flashy icons of luxury conjure up some idealized thoughts about my life. However, what you don't see is the BACK STORY : I started this
Wow Childish People
wow i can;t believe how childish soem of u people are. u put a picture on, expect an honest rating from me. now if u want me to rank ur personality, then by all means, talk to me. be real. be a nice person.  i honestly think beauty is farther then skin deep. but seeing as to how i don't know  any of you's, i'm judging ur picture based on solely looks. so if i give u a low rating, then please, show me that u deserve a better rating by taking it like a man (or woman), any way but like a child. this is why our country is so fucked up, politicians and bigwigs sucking up and flattering and not being honest with each other. if we all learned to be honest and speak our mind and grow a thick skin, the world would be a better place. and frankly, its not really the politicians that are fucking up our country and world, its the childish people on this site that act like infants. please people, grow up! this is our world, so act like an adult, get treated like an adult, and u might make a fucking
Challenge To My Friends On Fubar Keep Erie Shriners Hospital Open
PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND SIGN THE PETITION TO KEEP ERIES SHRINERS HOSPITAL OPEN Shriner's Hospital of Erie is a great asset to the Erie and surrounding communities. The hospital has helped so many children from burn victims to children born with disabilities. Erie Shriners Hospital have allowed the children to be treated for many conditions without the fears that they would face in a regular hospital environment. Shriners Hospital needs to be kept open. Not just for the Erie Area But also for Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.. If Eries Shriners closes then patients and their families will have to make the trip to the closest Shriners Hospital. Philadelphia is 420 miles away, Chicago is 445 miles away, Montreal is 488 miles away, and Cincinnati is 345 miles away. That is just to far for a family to have to travel with a sick child. Thank You for your time
Work Survival Guide
CROP DUSTING When farting, you walk briskly around the office so the smell is not in your area and everybody else gets a whiff but doesn't know where it came from. Be careful when you do this. Do not stop until the full fart has been expelled. Walk an extra 30 feet to make sure the smell has left your pants.   FLY BY The act of scouting out a bathroom before doing a crap. Walk in and check for other crappers. If there are others in the bathroom, leave and come back again. Be careful not to become a...   FREQUENT FLYER People may become suspicious if they catch you constantly going into the bathroom.   ESCAPEE A fart that slips out while taking a leak at the urinal or forcing a crap in a cubicle. This is usually accompanied by a sudden wave of embarrassment. If you release an escapee, do not acknowledge it. Pretend it did not happen. If you are standing next to the farter in the urinal, pretend you did not hear it. No one likes an escapee. It is uncomfortable for all involved. Making
Virtual Mall...mystiquegallerias . Com
Stop by today! Great deals on Jewelry, Tshirts, Graduation! And More!!!!   thanks! Julie   mystiquegallerias . com
Sex Quiz
What is it that you absolutely need sexually? to get off What is something you have always wanted to try? hmmmm What is something you have never done in bed before?two guysWhat time of day do you like to have sex?any time i canWhat do you absolutely need to see to turn you on?a nice looking dick or nice set of tittiesHow long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander?not very longIf someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited?both, love the though of getting caughtWould it bother you if your bf/gf got naked at a beach or river?nahHave you ever faked an orgasm? ummmm yeahWhat Part of your body are you self-conscious about?my tummyDo you have any sexual regrets?too many to countIf a lover cheated on you would you take them back?hellz nahHow Important is sex in your life?very, i love sexHow Important is love in your life?also very importantWhat is the biggest fight you have ever had with a bf/gf?don't think we have had any real big onesD
A Side Order Of Hell No!
Omg I am so pissed with this damn thing.I just typed a huge fucking post and it deleted it at random.Fucking hell.I'm too lazy to retype everything back out.Basic gist of what I originally typed is,I'm gonna be working two jobs now.No time for anyone,let alone my boyfriend who seems to not care but I know isnt the truth.I cant afford to do anything for me which needs to change.People who didnt get me shit for my birthday need to make it up to me since I never forgot theirs even when i had no job...Um...I'm pissed at my boyfriend for reasons I'm not disclosing but they'll soon be fixed.I'm too old to play these games with my so called friends who only talk to me when its convient for them.I'm ready to move on with my life and start my own family.I think I need to be medicated,which would prolly help me out a lot.I'm gonna be working two jobs up until october when i can financially cut one of them loose...erm......damnit damnit damnit....more ranting and raving...i'm tired as hell......i
Too Distant?
OK, so for a long time and for a variety of reasons I've felt like I'm different, like I don't fit in. One of those reasons is the emotional connection (or more accurately, the lack of an emotional connection) I feel towards others.  And it goes for everyone - my "close" friends, casual acquaintances (coworkers and the like) and family.  People just don't matter much to me.  Here's an example...I live in a relatively small city, about 100,000 people total in the 5 or 6 towns that make up the greater Binghamton area.  Cost of living is low, violence is low, blah blah blah.  Yesterday there was a shooting - someone opened fire in an office building and killed 13 people. Why it happened is irrelevant to all this so I'm not going to get into it. It was on every station all day long even though they had no information, knew nothing until last night.  Even CNN carried the story nationally before they knew how many were dead.  Is 13 dead in a podunk of a town really warrant national covera
Who I Am
Here is a brief introduction of myself. If I were a shape, it would not be a cube.  Not enough sides. Some of the "sides" conflict with my other "sides."  I am a spontanious wack-job who desires organization.  I am a Christian who likes some of the world's pleasures.  I can be very considerate to some, while almost violent to others.  I am my own worst critic, but confident in my abilities. Other "sides" of me stand alone.  I love the country I was born in.  I believe my word is my most valuable asset.  I am very passionate [look it up, I mean the book definition].  I hold my personal morals with vise-grips.  I am humble. What I have heard others say about me is this:  I keep them guessing.  I am trustworthy.  I am a smartass.  I am dependable.  And I can be the biggest asshole they ever met. The reason I put this intro here is because few actually read an introduction on a webpage.  If you are one of the few who actually clicked on the blog, you are one of the few who actually ca
All About Life, Love, And Romance
A belief If there is a belief then there is hope. With hope there is a certainty that it will be.By Michael Dougherty A spark It is the spark in each other eyes that sets the fire in a true romance. Michael Dougherty Faith Hope is a focus on what could be but it is faith that makes it happen. By Michael Dougherty
"speak No Evil."
Hi all,For those of who have seen my stage show, you know I travel with a ton of heavy iron mechanized props that look like they came out of Jigsaw's shop and that weigh many hundreds of pounds.Because of this, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to economically do a guest spot in a variety show, or many television appearances because to do so means I have to hitch up the trailer and lug the heavy gear to Toronto, or to Hamilton, or where ever.For the past many years I have racked my brain to try and come up with escapes that have the twisted Santini stamp of near death experience or extreme pain on them and that also are transportable in something as easy to carry as a gym bag.Well, today I finally came up with a VERY sick, twisted, and dangerous one that has all the inherant cruelty and torment my audiences have come to expect from me.I call it, "Speak no Evil."The basic concept is that I am shackled, handcuffed, straitjacketed, etc, and then a custom made leather gag is strappe
Some Tags Made (if Yours Please Leave Comment When Picking Up Thanks!
Everyone has had this at one point in their life... amazing when put into words. The pieces never fit back together the way they used to....   I know the pieces fit'Cause I watched them fall awayMildewed and smoulderingFundamental differingPure intention juxtaposedWill set two lovers' souls in motionDisintegrating as it goesTesting our communicationThe light that feuled our fire thenHas a burned a hole between us soWe cannot see to reach an endCrippling our communicationI know the pieces fit'Cause I watched them tumble downNo fault, none to blameIt doesn't mean I don't desire toPoint the finger, blame the otherWatch the temple topple overTo bring the pieces back togetherRediscover communicationThe poetryThat comes from the squaring off betweenAnd the circling is worth itFinding beauty in the dissonanceThere was a time that the pieces fitBut I watched them fall awayMildewed and smoulderingStrangled by our covetingI've done the math enough to knowThe dangers of our second guessingDoome
Dodge Charger
to day i i drove a dodge charger to the drag strip and smoked a blunt it was simple but saw some good shit and loved it      sorry thats it 4 now lol
I Guess You Could Call It Poetry But Its Just Words I Some Order
standing at the edge of your bed he entered through the window watching waiting you only get 3 moves he says you heart beats rapidly picking up pace sleep isn't on your mind anymore standing at the edge of your bed in a raincoat and hat, burley and bearded. you've known him since you've created him first choice the left foot second choice you were on your arm, but you must move it to get comfortable one more he said only one. you ask what happens if i move more the 3 times? no reply. he decides to grab the chair that sits at the desk sitting down, you twitch...he doesn't realize now sitting at the edge of your bed he waits for you to fall. the next morning comes.. the chair back under the desk and the window shut. no sign of the burly bearded man you wonder. wheres Gary? IT's been too long too long I say We all are moving whether it's backwards or forward we are moving! STILL. Stay STILL. Feed me the pill. I watch everyone moving forward and a lot
My First Auction..
I am in my very first auction with quite a bit to offer! If u wanna make me urs for a month just go to the link below and bid your amount!! Auction Start at 50K! ~HELP ME OUT AND BID ON ME~
It's Dianas Birthday
Samsung 500 At Texas Motor Speedway.
2:17 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: David Reutimann leads the field to the line for the Samsung 500 at Texas Motor Speedway. Lap 1 -- LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Gordon edges Reutimann at the line in a side-by-side battle at the front. Lap 4 -- Robby Gordon gets tapped by Kurt Busch and slides up the trck but saves it and we continue under green. Lap 8 -- LEAD CHANGE: Reutimann works his way back around Gordon in Turn 3. Lap 9 -- Jeff Gordon drops to third as Kenseth gets by. Lap 13 -- Jeff Gordon reports that his car is extremely loose. Lap 16 -- Menard gets around Jeff Gordon for third. Lap 20 -- Reutimann leads Kenseth by 1.65 seconds as Stewart passes Jeff Gordon for fourth. Lap 23 -- Kasey Kahne with a big bobble coming out of Turn 4 but gets it straightened out and continues. Lap 24 -- Kurt Busch is on the move, up to 19th from 26th, while Kevin Harvick is quickly going the other way. Lap 27 -- Reutimann is already into lapped traffic. Lap 29 -- Stewart gets inside Menard for third.
Anyone Can Read These :)
I posted several stash items through out the night. Most of them are Alvin and the Chipmunk videos...what can I say, I love that shit!The last 2 videos are from our Cruise video that we purchased from Carnival. The "Setting Sail" video has a couple seconds of my sons on it. I marked them in their spot and I even tell you the minute & second where the'll be in the title so you can just go right to it.The "Deck Party" video is about 10 minutes long and has a lot of me, Allison, Simon and my husband. I marked me a couple times and my husband once. Can you find me the rest of the time? I would rather you watch and comment them than to rate pictures and stuff...lolAnyway, take a look at them and tell me what you think! If a man cuts his finger off while Slicing salami at work,He blames the restaurant.If you smoke three packs a day For 40 years and die of lung cancer, Your family blames the Tobacco company.If your neighbor crashes Into a tree while driving home drunk, He blames the bartender
Dunno What To Do Anymore
when you think you have foundt he right one then something happens and shes gone just like that without even sayin good bye should i stay and follow the things that i want or just pack my stuff and move away from my problems
Contest..go Rate Me..plz !
I'm in a rate contest..u must rate fan and add the person also..i could use your help if ya will..all it takes is one rate from u.. here is the link for the pics to rate..and then go add her..mine will say "DRTYGRL" MUCH LUV 2 THOSE THAT HELPS ME...xoxo
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Song I Wrote
No…don’t lock me in Ill change everything I don’t want you to fight I don’t want you be angry   You’ve made so many promises You say you love me Yet you leave me broken Each night…   And I cry Daddy please don’t fight Let me know Everything will be alright   Your voice calms me And lets me know you’re here
Random Poem I Wrote.
P { MARGIN: 0px } UL { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 5px } OL { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 5px } "Social Tendencies"   What do you do, when conscience fails? Do you shy away from society, as the blood of the innocent, and guilty alike, permeate our very being?   We forbid the thought. We don't help. We don't change. We don't attempt to make things better.   But, we think we do. Ah, the blessing of self-denial. Ignorance is bliss, for those who don't know that they should know better.   Which is no one.   We all know better. Yet, ignore the very thought. Every good notion, etheric. As our all encompassing darkness prevails.   We close our eyes to death "Honesty"Past trangressionscome to light.unbidden to your mindin the dark of night.Forgiveness can be foundbut not be bound.It takes youto make it right.
Do you miss your last relationship?More then I ever will admit Are you wearing a sports shirt?noHow long until your birthday?cant wait till sept Will tomorrow be better than today?its 1 day closer to friday so yesWhat color are your undies?noneSometimes, does it feel like your life isn't going anywhere?No way im always going somewhere, may not know where but I'm going Do you bite your lip?yes..alotDo you have any strange phobias?yes i'm scared of dark How tall is the last person you hugged?she a shortie it was my kiddoWhat are you listening to right now?What it takes by Aerosmith What is something you wish you had more of?timeDoes something hurt on you right now?yesWhat is your current mood?idk What's on your mind? to much to write What are you doing right now?this   Wheres your best friend at?he at home watching daytime tvDid you watch "Shot of Love" with Tila Tequlla?"NaWho makes you happy most of the time?My family and my friendsWhat are you sick of?my husband....Are you normal
Capital Punishment
Ok I was sitting home one day just thinking and watching T.V. Where this guy was getting the Chair and me and I began to think what makes it more right when the state kills someone for killing someone than when someone else does I mean it really bothered me I Just dont understand in my opinion no one deserves to die no matte who you are and what you've done. I mean I understand at times people  get upset To me it's as if the law's saying it's ok to kill someone as long as you have the law on your side.  whats your opion?
Sexy Test...i Scored 45
HOW SEXY ARE YOU?GET A PIECE OF PAPER AND PENCIL... BE HONESTNUMBER IT 1-11 (NO CHEATING)SEE YOUR RESULTS AT THE END OF THE TEST.WHEN YOU SEND IT ON PUT YOUR SCORE IN THE SUBJECT BAR.1. WHAT COLOR HAIR DO YOU HAVE?A Brownb Redc Blonded Blacke Other2. OUT ON A DATE WOULD YOU WANT TO:a Go to a partyB Go out to eat3. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR OUT OF:a Baby-Pinkb Yellowc Baby-BlueD Turquoise4. PICK YOUR FAVOURITE HOBBY OUT OF:a Talkingb DancingC Taking Long Walks5. IF YOU COULD PICK A STORE OUT OF THE FOLLOWING, WHICH WOULD IT BE?A Hollisterb Old Navyc Abercrombie6. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE OUT OF THE FOLLOWING?a Hawaiib LondonC Florida7. IN THE SUMMER WOULD YOU RATHER GO TO:A The Beachb Somewhere Cooler8. WHAT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH?a Januaryb Februaryc Marchd AprilE Mayf Juneg Julyh Augusti Septemberj Octoberk Novemberl December9. WOULD YOU RATHER:a Chill at homeB Go out with friends10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE INSTRUMENT OUT OF:A Guitarb Bass guitarc Drumsd The Triangle11) NAME A PE
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Bored As Hell
I'm 18 yrs old I was born 2/26/91 I have blue eyes, blonde hair I'm a senior in high school..graduating in 2 months. I love my friends and would do anything i can for them. I'm a lover and a fighter...just depends on the day. I'm not a whore. My dad died when i was 10 I've lived in many different places. I can be a bitch...but only if you put me in that position. i don't really know what to talk about. I'm just really bored and waiting for someone to come talk to me... If you wanna know anything about me you can just ask me. I'm not very shy and I will answer just about anything... Well apparently a couple years ago I started a blog on here and I just now realized it lol. Figured I should update about me seems how I'm not 18 anymore and a lot has changed. * I'm now 20 and living with my husband of 9 months. We have been together a total of 2.5 years and we have a beautiful little girl together. * My daughter's name is Vanessa. As of the day I write this she is 7 months. She
Random Shite
United We Stand Corrected Written by: Ned Greeley & Baron VonMunchausen (a.k.a. Man vs. Mantis...check them out) Slope down and join me in the gutter.Follow valleys to a place where promises are always kept and pain is fabled, legend, lore.Tell me of the days when nickels bought the world as well as some memories and uphill both ways was somehow possible.Genuine and pure like Sunday morning diner eggs and warm interior of vehicles.Serious was kept in movies.Technological advances, cutting down the chances of birth dwelt innocence, my innocence.Attaining peace among smei-auto guns and hollow tip bullets that match the hearts of shooters around the world.Skepticism sold true intentions.Blind faith was fresh cut grass and ice cream men were heroes, marching happy tunes.Fuck the progress, the war.Fuck the magic computers.Fuck the ever changing fashion trends and not so reality shows.Fuck the politics.Fuck the president.Fuck the cars and the money.Fuck the sex.Give me peace.Give me sereni
R.i.p. Greg ( My Best Friend)
I cried when you passed away . I cry still today. Although , I loved you dearly, I couldn't make you stay . A golden heart stopped breathing , hard working hands at rest. God broke my heart to prove to me He only takes the best. ....  Today is the 30 yr anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre.  Read in the online paper were a group of survivors are planning to put up a memorial to the ones that died 30 yrs ago.  This will be in San Francisco but for those of us who lost friends at the airport that day this hard.  I lost a good friend there that day.  All he was doing was checking on people that he was asked too.  Yes i still have hard feelings about this... my friend was congressman leo ryan.  this a memory thats hard to forget.  This is just a reminder of cruel so people can be.  may god bless the ones who died and keep the rest of us remembering them  So if you're single, you can smile.You don't have to get anyone's permission to do anything. You don't have accept treatment that
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Blonde Joke
BLIND MAN IN A FEMALE BIKER BAR A blind man wanders into a Female Biker Bar by mistake. He finds his way to a bar stool and orders some coffee.After sitting there for awhile, he yells to the waiter, 'Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?' The bar immediately falls absolutely silent.In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says, 'Before you tell that joke, sir, I think it's only fair, given that you' re blind, that you should know five things: 1) The bartender is a blonde girl with a baseball bat.2) The bouncer is a blonde girl.3) I'm a 6 foot tall, 175 lb. blonde woman with a black belt in karate.4) The woman sitting next to me is blonde and a professional weightlifter.5) The lady to your right is blonde and a professional wrestler.Now, think about it seriously, Mister.Do you still wanna tell that joke?' The blind man thinks for a second, shakes his head, and mutters....'No, not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times.
Funny Shit....caution!!!!
Web Cam
hi im new to fubar and I just created an account with Stickcam now where do I get the code to use here. Thanks Petra
I went to the second show (Sunday, April 5th, 2009) at Club Nokia in LA, directly across the street from the Staples Center.  There were 5 of us: me, Jesse, Dana, Erin, and Anthony.  We got there early and had a beer at the bar downstairs then went in.  I totally forgot I had my knife on me and had to ditch it (like a dumbass).  We hung out for an hour til the show started, opening with Troy Van Leeuwan's new project, Sweethead, with him on guitar of course, and a hot blonde singing.  When Puscifer started, it was preceded with a funny video of Major Douche (Maynard in a military outfit) saying how much he doesn't want flash photography so many words (there were other funny videos with comedians throughout the show, "What is a Puscifer?" haha).  Then Maynard was in a tent, wearing a suit, on his laptop (fuckin' Macbook), talking on his cell phone (the show had a camp out theme).  There was plenty of oddball humor during the show (cross-dressing Hitler in a tutu).  The first
Disrespectful People
Isthis Guy For Real?
Who does Obama think he is to go to another continent and speak on my behalf telling the Europeans that, "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation"? And then on top of that he breaks proper etiquette by grabbing the Queen of Englands hand with two hands. But she buckles and does not mind; all this because he is America's first black president. He has promised the world he is going to be some sort of savior for the entire planet. Then he walks around all high and mighty, with some sort of self important look on his face. The man denounces his own country. He  talks trash about all the former administrations before him; like only a blak man knows how to run a country. This asshole bows to the Muslim leaders of the Mid-East countries, but has absolutely no respect for the people that inhabit the country who elected his pompous ass. Now comes the chatter about the fact that he has not chosen a church yet. Forget it; the man is not going to go to a Christian church. He has alrea
Doom Metal!!
$$the Dogghouse$$
I used to dj & Be DJ Manager for the lounge on here called $$The Dogghouse$$. On April 28th of thisyear, I found out that the lounge owner, DJLuckyDogg, was a registered sex offender.  I have major issues with any form of child abuse/molestation, regardless of how recent it is or not.   Here is part of the conversation between me and him, which happened on the same night (which happened after he had all head staff in a conference where he told everyone about it):   Oscar (4/28/2009 10:39:10 PM): I have a question, it's about something you said in the conference. Lucky (4/28/2009 10:39:15 PM): yes? Oscar (4/28/2009 10:39:48 PM): you said that it happened in 1999, but yet you said you were 21 when it happened. Lucky (4/28/2009 10:40:14 PM): i was 22 Lucky (4/28/2009 10:40:25 PM): an i went to court in ** Lucky (4/28/2009 10:40:33 PM): it happened in ** Oscar (4/28/2009 10:41:24 PM): you were born in **** right? Lucky (4/28/2009 10:41:28 PM):** Lucky (4/28/2009 10:41:42 PM): **
Sex On The Brain~
His eyes riveted to the pleasant valley that opened up before him; he looked without any show of shyness. I saw his tongue dart to wet his lips. Lisa slowly attended to his cup, with sensual care. "Sugar?" The word took on new meaning. "Yes!... er, yes." Derek fought for his composure. "Ready to cream?" I thought that he would leap out of the chair at that moment, but instead he crossed his legs tightly, and held on to the arms of the chair. He managed a strangled approval. Lisa poured the thick, rich stuff out carefully, yet spilled a bit of it. "Oh!" she almost-whispered, and she touched a finger to it, and then licked the sweet stickiness off. She blushed. "That's really not very good manners, is it, but it's good to have every drop enjoyed." Derek shifted uneasily in his chair. Lisa stood before him for a moment, absent-mindedly pressing her skirt down her thighs. Her hands moved as though to touch him, but did not cross the barrier. "Oh... I am so absent-minded lately, I have some
Simply Joy
When I sleep... I dream,  simply joy.... I walk through life, simply with joy... When I hunger... I am consumed simply within the essense of joy... When Im exhausted from the days activity... I'm soothed simply within the  warmth of joy... I'm simply, completely in love with my girl, named.... Joy... I love you baby girl (the pink is for you) ~W.H.~   ~2009~  
Lounge Review
RADIO STORM (59077)“Come Feel the Noise!”Owners: DJ Stormie and SmittyStorm is an all-ages, all-genres music lounge with a professional edge, featuring 15 scheduled DJs, a request line box app, a solid team of enthusiastic greeters, expert promoters and an ever upbeat vibe….the generous staff will get your buzz meter up to 100% and beyond within minutes at this crackin' party!Storm is a well-rounded and experienced lounge with something for everyone.The owners also have a Fubar-approved Shoutcast hosting software business, and are highly recommended for anyone wanting to start a Fubar lounge and implement online DJ technology.Contact the owners for information.
There Are No Words
There are no words that I could say, But I can sit here and wipe your tears away. Your life will forever be broken, It is now without those little words that once we're spoken. I can feel your pain, Yet I can see your strength the same. There are no words that could heal that empty place inside, There are thoughts of you I share with pride. When you have moments of doubt, Think of your Love he could not live without. Take a look inside yourself, You'll see, You are the Mother noone else could ever be. He has earned his "Angel Wings." " I am Free," he sings. Don't think of me as gone, Think of me as "Life's Happy Song." I know that you and Daddy miss me so, I am now in heaven shinning from the stars, I will forever glow, and grow. Don't cry Mommy, I am alright. So dry those tears, Keep me in sight. I will forever be in your dreams, So please don't cry for me. I will always walk with you, Take my hand, and lead the way. I will follow you through each struggling
Liars, Cheaters, And Childish Wh0r3s!
Reoccupying The Space's been 10's not any'd think after all this time...I'd forget you...I can't...10years ago today we sat in a classroom...remember the seminar for the CEUs? Our assignment was to try to convince each other to do something we knew the other wouldnt'...I tried to talk you into going to Columbine...the kids there needed worked so well with the kids where we worked...we knew something bad was going to happen...just didn't know stood fast...didn't give an were bound and determined to wait it out...even the kids at Columbine couldnt' entice you into leaving...I remember how you looked when I tried that as a means to get yo out of there...the look on your face...I knew I was getting you to was hard for you to not go and help those kids that survived...but your woork ethic wouldn't let you walk out on those that were already dependent on your was fun...I enjoyed the banter...even if I wasn't successful a
I Actually Wrote This I Need Input
  Its Party Time!!! As I think as I look into the mirror as I am getting ready for work. I can see the glow covering my face in anticipation of the evening to come, because I know that this evening we will be having a few friends coming over to watch the game . Only they don’t know they wont be watching the game very much     As I look up I see you coming into the bathroom, you come up to me wrap your arms around me and murmur good morning as you kiss my neck.  I can feel your semi hard cock through the thin material of your pj bottoms so I move my ass against your cock To make him get hard for me because I love the feel of your hard cock against my ass.   Than I think oh the hell with it I’m going to be late for work so lets make the most of it I turn around in your arms and kiss you deeply as I trail my kiss to your check and down your neck slowly down to your chest and even lower the lower I go you look down and Say hoarsely baby do you know what your startin
Going To Be Off For A While
Level My Friend Babishelle needs help getting to her next level... Be a good person and help her out!
Alley Katz (ak's)
Ok so you wonna be an alley kat? no Shut up you do!!! ok well these are thing you have to agree to and know about the Alley Katz! Ok so first off the leader!!! is well Mad Hatter woot go me go me, the "Capts" is ummm..... ummm.... **points at a random guy** HIM! I'm not even part of the Alley Katz!! Shut up bitch you are now!!! Now back to regular biz..... umm umm umm oh yeah what you have to do to get in!!! **evil laughs** ok 1) You have to give us 100 dollars yep Real Dollars (of course in todays sociaty that can be waved just ask for the waver from a memeber should get it) 2) You have to give us ever moment of your waking time!!!! every single min till the day you die (less of course you have like kids and a job and a real life then thats cool too i guess) 3) You must report to that guy that I just made a Capt, every 35 seconds of your waking day!! (less of course you have better things to do then its cool i still dont even know who that guy is!?) 4) You must be a memeber of The
   When some one dies people tell you it gets easier.   I say they are wrong.   In my opinion it depends on how attached you was to the person.   Like when my father died he was my best friend.  We was always together.   So every holiday sence it has been hell to deal with.   i know they say memories will always keep him in my heart.   But my problem is all my memories was every day of my life spent with him.   But memories cant replace the human body.   My father was my life,  my heroe,  my everything.   To me there will never be anyone better than him.   But just to let people know dont ever take the time that you have with your parents for granted.   Time is very short and you never know when you might lose them.   My father was only 64.  He was taken way before his time. 
Helping Hand
Taken the first 5 people that message me. I will go threw your photos and rate them all. Bored and sitting in Iraq and willing to help someone 3-4 hours every night. Give me a holler. Not asking anything in return. Catch yall later.
Sadly Missed
some of u know that my little sister niome was sick with cancer. i got to speak twice with her on the day she sadly passed away,  on those two calls i told her that i loved her and it was time to let go and be free of cancer and pain.  although she could not speak she could hear me and i know in my heart she was telling me she loved me. then at 11:13 am in australia i got a phone call i never wanted to get again, it was to tell me that my sister had passed away. i collapsed on the floor in a blubbering mess, finally i pulled myself together enough to ring my mom neeky and aunty to tell them the sad news it was the second worst day of my adult life, i will never forget it.  the feeling i have had since then i cannot discribe and not sure how to. now i have to prepare myself for her viewing and funeral which is to be held on tuesday and wednesday.  so i'd like to say that i'll miss her her greatly and so glad i was able to be her sister and friend even if it was only for 26 years.   bu
Enlightened Perspectives
This was sent to me..and just is really good...thought i'd share. I've learned.... That the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.I've learned.... That when you're in love, it shows.I've learned.... That just one person saying to me, 'You've made my day!' makes my day.I've learned.... That having a child fall asleep in your arms is one of the most peaceful feelings in the world.I've learned.... That being kind is more important than being right.I've learned.... That you should never say no to a gift from a child.I've learned.... That I can always pray for someone when I don't have the strength to help him in some other way.I've learned.... That no matter how serious your life requires you to be, everyone needs a friend to act goofy with.I've learned.... That sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.  I've learned.... That simple walks with my father around the block on summer nights when I was a child did wond
I'm Not Single
I don't know who got the idea I was single but I'm not I am very happily married, and I never said I was single to any one.
I Have An Idea~
Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body clenched tight."OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, MMMMMMNNNN," she cried as her ass rose off the table as he picked up speed just as she started cumming hard. He took her through every wave of her tremendous euphoria until she could not take it anymore. He took the glass fuck toy out of her and she fell back limp on the table. He removed the gag from her mouth and she took a deep breath. He brought the Pyrex to her lips and watched as her tongue happily lapped her own jizz off of the well-coated toy. The look of total satisfaction and appreciation washed over her face as she devoured every drop. She had the taste of cum now and wanted more. "Can I please taste your cock," she cooed between licks as she looked at him pleadingly.She watched intently as he released his ginormous cock from the restraints of his jeans. He brought his dick to her lips and shoved it into her mouth along with the glass cock. Her tongue rolled all over both as she moaned wit
Leaning his head back on the sheets he closes his eyes and enjoys the sensations of her tongue, warm and wet lapping at his asshole like a kitten. He loves Sunday mornings.It's become quite the tradition, waking to find His girl smiling wickedly beside Him, her fingers tickling across His chest waiting for permission to explore further. He never makes her wait long, usually only long enough to have a deep minty fresh good morning kiss with her before pulling the sheet aside and letting her start. She attacks this so called task with unrestrained passion, He remembers when it was first set, more to test her than anything, her reaction had been a mixture of uncertainty and disgust. Now, smiling to Himself as He feels her crawling over Him, He thinks perhaps she enjoys it almost as much as He does.She doesn't tarry too long, making her way quickly with licks and kisses down His torso to nuzzle her face into the wiry hair above her Masters cock. With a long lick she slips His rapidly harde
The thin beam of light peeking through the space between the drapes and shining right on her eyes woke her. Turning her head to block out the sunlight she caught a glimpse of the clock on the table beside the big bed. Blinking....she sat up and looked again.......10:40a.m.......she’d nearly slept the day away. Taking a deep breath she slid out from the warmth of the covers. Bare feet sinking into the carpet, she moved across the room.....sliding the satin robe over her naked body as she walked. On the kitchen table was the expected list of chores for the day. Glancing over the page she smiled at how little there was to do. As she passed through the living room, she pressed “play” on the stereo and turned the music up loud. Humming along, she walked back through the bedroom and to the adjoining bathroom. With so little to be done she certainly had time for a nice bath. Turning the water on full, she moved to the small vanity and selected a small jar of bath salts...inh

Without You
Without you, the ground thaws, the rain falls, the grass grows. Without you, the seeds root, the flowers bloom, the children play. The stars gleam, the poets dream, the eagles fly, without you. The earth turns, the sun burns, but I die, without you. Without you, the breeze warms, the girl smiles, the cloud moves. Without you, the tides change, the boys run, the oceans crash. The crowds roar, the days soar, the babies cry, without you. The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you. The world revives Colors renew But I know blue, only blue, lonely blue, within me blue. Without you. Without you, the hand gropes, the ear hears, the pulse beats. Without you, the eyes gaze, the legs walk, the lungs breathe. The mind churns! The mind churns! The heart yearns! The heart yearns! The tears dry, without you. Life goes on, but I�m gone. Cause I die, without you. Without you.     by Rent.
Letters To Water
How can i be so disapointed with such a great expectation? Knowing the time it would take to happen how can i be suprised? 14 years of trust, of direction gone and im in shock. where is my friend who came to me and listened with unbias ears. where is the friend that gave of his time willingly and wantingly. where is my sence of pride and joy. you left without saying goodbye you left without one last talk. you just left. you were the one i aspired to be like, the one that showed me the value of a life. let me open my mouth without fear, let me talk loud without regret, without hestitation. i miss that. a week later and i realise just how quiet my life is without you. i know how silent i am to everone but you. Grant me one last voice now, with your head in my lap, and your eyes at my mouth. I miss you. I had my time of sad, but not my time to realise the true reality of what i lost. my only friend stronger then my love. Greater creature then a person and the strongest relationship ive e
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One Of These Days
A Journey Of A Thousand Miles....
Today is the first day of my journey to stop smoking.... To be fair (and honest) I had one this morning, and half of one tonight. One and a half cigarettes is a significant decrease in the number that I smoke daily so I consider it a win. To try and help keep myself on the path - I am sharing....the more people that know I am trying to quit the easier it will be for me to quite, it makes me accountable. I've decided to write down the things that have made me quit so that I can come back and be reminded when there is nothing on earth that sounds better than a drag of a smoke... 1) A $2 a pack increase in the last month. I am a single mom and struggle with money - I have denied myself things that I want or need to make sure that I wasn't taking away from the kids (It was "MY" luxury instead of fancy haircuts or getting my nails done etc) Now that they have gone up in will either be the ONLY thing I can ever buy for myself or it will start affecting the household bu
Picture Comments
hey come hang out with me in the haven we love new friend please take a look at my new akron ohio zoo pics please comment ex- hey come hang out with me in the haven we love new friend
Life Tales
Survey Time!
How did you get one of your scars?i was stabbed...kidding um got bit by a damn miniature pinscher!How are you feeling at this moment?sick as a fucking dog and so in loveHow did your night go last night?didnt go very well tossed and turned in bed, my body hurtsHow did you do in high school?i did good when i went to classHow did you get the shirt you're wearing?Bought itHow often do you see ur best friend?not enoughHow much money did you spend last month?hell if i knowHow old do you want to be when you get married?ugh i already got married but i wont count that, umm so i'll say within the next year or so hopefully(h)How old will you be at your next birthday?28NINE WHAT'S:What did you do last weekend?spent it with my baby babyWhat would you rather be doing?right now i'd like to be in bed...once again i feel like shitWhat did you last cry over?my mom being upsetWhats the most important thing you look for in a significant other?TruthWhat are you worried about?Nothing Right nowWhat did you h
i blame u for all of this....u know who u r
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My family spots are limited to 25.  If you'd like to be added to family, you're asking me to give someone the boot in order to add you.  Read the "about me" in my profile for more info on being added to my family.
ok i am trying to get my car paid off real quick like with in the next 2 months and in order for me to do that i have to find a place to stay where i have no bills....i had asked a relative but they said no..which i already knew it was going to be no cuz they don't want me to leave...IM LEAVING 1 WAY OR ANOTHER!! anyway, i was looking up camp grounds close to where i live so i can continue to go to work and stuff but omg they are so expensive......i might as well stay in the house im living in.....anyway if anyone has any ideas please leave a comment i really need some ideas ty and if you are wondering where i am leaving to it is back to florida but need my car to do it. hey there all. i am making this blog to let everyone know that i am going to be moving out to a campground sometime this week, so i won't be on for a while...and a while i mean like 3 or 4 months maybe longer..i am going to the campground so i can get my car paid off faster so i can move back down to florida. i am hop
Good Lounges
Does anybody know how to do this lounges thing,,,,I aint done it yet and i was looking for some help on where to go
New Car
so im looking for a  new car help me out im looking for  safety , and most important cost of repairing the  car in the  future ...  all comments are  welcome :)
My True Dear Friend
I sit here and pander,My mind starts to wander.It is you that i see,You're smiling face, loving arms,They are right there to embrace me.It is you're loving voice that I hear,It is there to comfort me.In this I feel you are and always will be,My True Dear Friend.It is thoughts of you that I think of day and night.It is you that gives me hope to wake up with the morning light.It is all of you're guidance that has helped me through,It is all of you're guidance so warm and true.Why have you been given this awful fate,Why did it have to be a moment too late.It is your strength to help me cope,Yet there is no hope.When that hope is gone,We have to still live on.In this sadness i find,That it is you're love and support to help me on my way.In this sadness I still know, you are and always will be,MY TRUE DEAR FRIEND.You are the breathe I take,You are the light that shines when I wake.You are the peak at the top of that mountain top i must climb.You are the one that i will find,When it has beco
My religion is Love. Love your Self.... then you can love and honor all things and people as they are. Then you always know what to do because love is the only moral, truth, reality and energy we need. -Bobby Eaton The right religion is the one that compels you to love yourself and others more, to help others more and be more accepting. Does your religion and view of God work for you? Does it serve you well? The right religion causes you to give up prejudice and brings you inner peace. It causes you to care about the world and all those who live in it. The right religion goes beyond branding people and beyond a book. The only true religion is LOVE and simply loving others. Love is the only truth. When you come from love, you can never be wrong, proved wrong or argued with, because you always know the right thing to do. Love is the only truth. How can you be wrong? Our nature is love. It is fear that we have learned that blocks us from loving action. We are created in God's
Love Is Real
Not sure when it happened. When you stole my heart from me. It seem'd just in an instant your beauty had me on my knee's. So now I have to say. How you make me feel this way. Make me feel this way. ......... I want to hold you til the end of time. Make love to you until I die. See the love in your eyes. Know that your forever mine. ....... Didn't think this could happen to me. To find love's a reality. Please don't tell me I'm making a mistake. ...... Cause falling for you is all I can do. There's no escape from this spiral. I just wanted to let you know. ......... You have my heart you have my soul. Please to these do not let go. In your hands their so fragile.  
Thoughts Far And Away
Im crying insideLike the howl of the windCold and all aloneThe hurt in my throatLike air caught up trying to get freeIf I let these tears flowI may not have the strength to hold backAs every teardrop falls without wingsSo I sit silently holding in the pain of my heartWhen you look into my eyesYou will see a smile so fake, for so longEven Im fooledHappinessIs a word once filled my heartThey had turned to tears so long agoAnd shattered like mirrors hitting the floorThat was when I saw my lifeThe reflection of meThat was when the light went outAnd felt the darkness's embraceThe comfort she shared I took for loveAs she hid me away from the worldAnd lonely wasnt so lonesome anymoreShe holds me tightAs I shed silent tears into my soulSoaked with sorrow and griefI died so long agoAnd today, all I want is to live againThe kind of life shared with someoneSomeone to hold you tightTo love you just rightTo share with you their worldAs I would share with her mineYou see, this manThis personHas been
Update From The Road
Got down to Woodstock, GA & stayed for 3 days. Missed seeing Michele (my owner). She was offline so I had no way of contacting her to let her know I was there. Dodged a tornado Monday night. Twisted off some tree tops a mile & a half up the road!!! So, with no reason to stay there, I rolled down to Savannah, GA and spent a week hangin with beach48gal. What an incredible woman she is. No, nothing happened, I slept on the couch!!! Remember, I'm the consumate gentleman, and she is absolutely a lady!!! So, I'm gonna go up to N.C. before the $$$ runs out & I'm on the street...think I'm just delaying the inevitable.... Wish me luck all!!! I'll hollar from N.C. soon. Much Luv To All!!! Kisses & Hugs & Nibbles!!! Jeff Well, I made it to Dahlonega, GA on Sunday. Set up camp, looked around a bit & called it a night. About 12:30 am it started raining & didn't stop till Tuesday:(. Slept in the truck the last 2 nights! Mother nature ain't gonna rain on me!!! Anyways the rain cleared tuesday afterno
For now I'm gonna be taking a break from fu for awhile. Yes I know I've leveled quickly, but for the exception of a few who have supported me thru it all, the work on leveling has been all ME. Call it whining or whatever, I'm just tired of doing it all myself. Those who really want to reach me can on either Yahoo or MSN. Yahoo ID: MSN ID: I will check in from time to time though.
The Rose
The roses' thorns cut through my skin,A drop of blood falls down;My heart is broken, my soul is burnt...I'm falling to the ground.The rose you gave me long ago,I hold onto it still;A love that was lost long ago;A love for which I'd kill...I know I'll never let it go,This rose composed of blood...The more and more I miss youMeans the deeper the thorns go.You kissed me on the cheek,and then you handed me this rose...And even on my deathbed,I will never let it go...
Lost Dreams Don't Shatter; They Bleed Hope.
Tripping on broken promises and unchanging liesFaithful love destined to shift mountains...buckledOptimism building in yearning heart diminishedHis soul abandoned the chance of a happily ever afterShe fell deeply in the unknown with no fear, worryDownside? Young girl required to carry a safety netDrying tears visible on a face where smiles once shinedTaking her compassion selfishly with nothing in returnDamaged heart, an apparent understatement ...fadingLost in an abyss of distorted shrills and unfamiliarityFalling, falling...disappeared; young spirit gone astraySearching for love to penetrate light into dim eyes"Lost dreams don't shatter dear, they bleed hope"Oh boy does it bleed, trickling with enigmatic tearsEndless wishes whispered to the stars seep throughHe might have altered her, slightly clouding judgmentBut his rejection instilled in her passion to thrive; flyShattered dreams might remain but she's kept the piecesOozing...dripping...seeping...leaking...bleeding...hope.Another
Bye Bye
I really would like you all for being such a great support and raters... Its been fun talking to all of u...But tonight is my last night of being online...I am leaving for my basic training in the air force and will be in Texas the whole summer...Hopefully i will talk to you guys sometime in july... Thanks again for all the ratings and comments... Love, Katie aka YouKnowIt...
Regrets To Forget
Do you know how it feels to be dying inside?to feel so lost,unknown?insanity is setting head is spinning.lights are flashing!somebody stop this feeling!when will my body rest?my heart races,i can feel it in my head.put me in straught jacket.anything to hold me from blowing!i dont want to be lost anymore.why wont you notice me?am i dead or am i just invisible?this tears me up inside.Am i dying?please,kill my fears, because they just won't leave me alone
Damaged Beyond Repair
Car Accident
Uhh yea got in a car accident totalled my scion tc...   now looking for new cars to buy...   Should i...   Ford 150...   Kia Soul...   Scion XD...
It seems the farther we get in life the more shit we have to deal with. Weather we have to eat it, take a bunch of it, or be under it (get shit on), it seems like it gets rougher as the days go by. I've been shit on mostly my whole life - school bullies, ex wives, girlfriends, whatever. Yet for some reason I'm happy this way. When my life is in turmoil is when I'm the most happy and when I'm the most productive . I'm not good at working under stress but you make my life hell and you better be able to keep up with me. Those that say they love you are always the ones that will be first in line to shit on you. Why is that ? I don't understand why I let myself get into the situations that I get into. Yet everytime I get myself in a pickle, I'm always o.k. and am twice as wise fom it. At one time I really wanted to die. If it was by my own hand or the hand of God, I truly wanted my life to end. I was angry, I was terrified, I was every emotion a person could possibly have but all at once.
Oyb The Team
all the people on fubar join oyb the team because it the new thing on fubur and plus we the best
      Alright fu I got me a great new owner so lets do the fu thing and go show this scottsmen mad fu love! Those of you that don't know him are missing out so go r/f/a/c/b this sexy scottish lad!shaun the scotish lad Please be sure to repost! Sweetpeabayba

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