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Fuckity fuck it has been a real shitty week. Last night was a big blow up between me and Anthony. Peter and I were told that we don't ever do anything for him and we never give him anything. I think I wanted to kill him! WTF is going on with this kid? Is this what puberty is? I went into his room last night and took his wallet and Diesel cologne. His 2 things he loves. Now if you seen his room, you would wonder how he would know where it is in the mess! He was throwing a fit this morning looking all over for it and getting mad. Accusing his brother of taking it and then called his Dad asking him if he took it. My point make him realize that he needs to clean up his mess so he knows where stuff is. He spent a half hour looking for it. He went out into the garage and I went and put the wallet and cologne back in his room but kind of hidden. I think he found them because all of the sudden he was calmed down but he never said anything. I hope it made him think
Romps Blogs
Dippy Dot@ fubar THE REAL DIPPY DOT!
Really Crappy Poetry
Once upon a time she believed in fairy tales and happy endings Now those days have long since passed. she used to believe that there was someone who could love her But that feeling was never meant to last The fire on the inside, burns away the last ounce of hope The ashes of her past still smolder, leaving the thick grey smoke her heart is just an empty shell devoid of salvation All of the love has disappated with the last words she spoke Alone again, this time forever. sheknows this is how it must end All chance at finding the One is gone now her heart will never mend So now she will simply vanish into the shadows Forever to wander as a ghost of what she thought she was meant to be Plagued by the thoughts of all she lost. While she remains unbound, she shall never be truly free A life left in ruins as the dust settles Given up on since there is no way to cope Watch it all slip away into the darkness All of the pretty words and the false hopes Everything is sil
(I had a little time to myself during therapy today, and I found my mind on a particular subject. Funny how the next thing I did was an attempt at writing...I was able to brainstorm a little, since I seem unable to hold a thought lately, and put these thoughts on paper before I put them here.) Sometimes I wonder how hard is it for some people to let go of anger and frustration. You felt you may have been lied to, double-crossed, turned on, ignored...somethings that are so easy to do, yet can hurt so much. But what do you choose to do as a result of the actions? Do you vocalize how you feel or felt? And if you do, do you add to the problem and make them feel worse than you, whether you mean to or not? Do you choose to do nothing and walk away? Do you choose to talk about like civilized human beings or fight it out like animals? (Opinion question: which of these seems like the best and least problematic way to resolve an issue - the way that you can live with yourself the most
If your'e in the area.. stop by and check it. I can't make it.. got previous engagement. :( Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives... but he never forgets oral sex.. no matter how bad it is.
Why Men Why?
The Why's of Men 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) (You're laughing aren't you?!?!) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties) 6. WHY DID GOD MAKE MEN BEFORE WOMEN? (you need a rough draft before you make a final copy) 7. HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE TO PUT A TOILET SEAT DOWN? (don't never happened) ( C'mon guys, we laugh at your blonde jokes!) 8. WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn) Remember, if you haven't got a smile on your face and laught
Deleted Account
Lena one of my great friends had her account deleted . could you please go show her some FULOVE Just Me@ fubar
~ My Random Thoughts~
~ my random thoughts~ ~ Women who do too much are not always great at pausing or taking deep breaths. They are good, however, at learning new things. This year, they should learn to pause and take deep breaths. ~ There is nothing noble in being superior to someone else. The true nobiltiy is in being superior to your previous self. ~ One of the by-products of doing too much is taking for granted people and things that are precious to us. When we do this, we rob oursleves. ~ Sometimes life seems like we are trying to find the end of a ball of string. What we are looking for is elusive and we know it is there somewhere. We get so bound up in looking that we don't see it when it's right in front of us. Stop....Look....Listen. ~There are a lot more crazy people out there than our mothers told us there were. We don't need to participate in their craziness.... We can recognize craziness for what it is.....and move on. ~ It's good to be aware of some changes that we know
I am just venting in this blog so read it or not I don't really care. I work at mcdonald's shitty job I know but it's the only job i can get with my work experience. Well, why is it that when customers have a bad day they take it out on whoever is ordering their food? Today I was taking a customers order and they said they wanted the southwest chicken well mcdonalds now has a southwest chicken salad and a southwest chicken sandwich. I asked him the southwest chicken sandwich and he flipped out on me he said I wanted the southwest chicken salad it's not that hard to know that and he pointed at the sign that had the salad on it that was right next to the sandwich sign. Of course me being me i said ok im sorry took his money and burst into tears and ran to the break room so no one would see me. Yes, it seems stupid to cry over that but the only reason I cried was because I was so fucking pissed off because I couldn't do anything because at mcdonalds the customer is always right. So
It Can Happen:)
We all go thru life searching for that someone who makes our heart race, our palms sweat, or bellies flutter. We meet this one, that one, and if at least one sign is there, we try. The truth is, we spend our lives searching for the one that makes us smile with a thought, who loves us because we aren't perfect, who loves us in front of his best friend and his mother.Who doesn't care if we have make-up on or just got out of bed. Who loves us on our off days, just as much as those days when we are on top of the world.I've dated, had a child, but never met the one i knew I couldbe happy with. Never thought I would, but you know what...I did. He doesn't want to change me, make me act a certain way or look a certain way. I am the woman he dreams of, the woman who holds his heart. We have never touched, never kissed, but we will. I know this with all that I have inside. He didn't win me with money or gold, he won me with 3 are mine:) Ok guys, this may sound stupi
Sedition And Such.
Then you wouldn't have to ask me...who the hell do I think I am?" -Bob Marley Empire or Humanity? What the Classroom Didnt Teach Me About the American Empire By Howard Zinn With an occupying army waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan, with military bases and corporate bullying in every part of the world, there is hardly a question any more of the existence of an American Empire. Indeed, the once fervent denials have turned into a boastful, unashamed embrace of the idea. However, the very idea that the United States was an empire did not occur to me until after I finished my work as a bombardier with the Eighth Air Force in the Second World War, and came home. Even as I began to have second thoughts about the purity of the "Good War," even after being horrified by Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even after rethinking my own bombing of towns in Europe, I still did not put all that together in the context of an American "Empire." I was conscious, like everyone, of the British Em
I Need To Level Up
She Comes Home
It's funny...When your kids are growing can't wait for them to get out on their own..and give you some peace... I can't wait for mine to come home...And my oldest daughter is coming home...Before I moved her out..things were pretty rough...My house was nothing but drama...We all suffered... Having gone through my own addictions and putting my kids through hell...Watching my daughter go through the same..was even more hell...It killed me to know...that I was one of the reasons she became addicted...I blamed myself...It hurt even more after trying to fight it with everything I had to just let her go...Hearing those words..."I hate you"...cut like a knife... 3 yrs later and clean for the better part of that...Which I'm so proud of her for...She and I have that mother/daughter relationship that we should have had all along...And now she is coming home...To stay... Life is good... :)
All My Life
All my life Ive been searching for something Something never comes, never leads to nothing Nothing satisfies, but Im getting close Closer to the prize at the end of the road All night long I dream of the day When it comes around and its taken away Leaves me with the feeling that I feel the most Feel it come to life when I see your ghost Calm down, dont you resist Youve such a delicate wrist And if I give it a twist Something to hold when I lose my grip Will I find something in there? To give me just what I need Another reason to bleed One by one hidden up my sleeve x2 Hey dont let it go to waste I love it but I hate the taste Weight, keep pinning me down) x2 Will I find a believer? Another one who believes Another one to deceive Over and over down on my knees If I get any closer And if you open up wide And if you let me inside On and on I got nothing to hide x2 Hey dont let it go to waste I love it but I hate the taste Weight, keep pinn
Stuff I Wrote
all written by me, please do not rip or copy or anything without asking me. just sharing a lil bit of me with all of you. Alone i walk alone in a world of darkness all around me all i can see is pain the only sounds i hear are screams and cries for help alone on a corner a shadow of a boy sits alone the closer i get a lump builds in my throat with tear drenched hands he reaches up to me i realize the little boy is me i take his hand into mine im overtaken by the pain of years past a lifetime of sorrow and empty pain where did that little boy inside me go buried beneath the bricks of the walls built around me aching to feel what was long forgotten to feel the warmth of love to be held and not judged to be wanted alone i stand in the darkness surrounded by pain and cries for help holding tight to the little boy inside -steve rainwater Broken Walls ive spent my life hiding behind walls spent my life building my walls bric
Hate me with everything I'm better off without your animosity I'll even sleep better at night I won't believed in you Reminded me of everything you put me through Now everything just feels alright...alright I feel so betrayed...mistaken I create another day You'll be gone tomorrow Lie to're faceless You've made me out to be Responsible for your self-inflicted misery And never felt like this before...before Don't be surprised to see That I have nothing left for you to bleed When you come crawling back for more...for more I feel so betrayed...mistaken I create another day You'll be gone tomorrow Lie to're faceless
The Pleasure Principle
What I thought was happiness was only part time bliss You can take a bow It was all just one big night out on the town Riding in your limousine We turned right and I said wrong which brings us to a stop As the light is changing Oh my meters running so I got to go now It's the pleasure principle oh oh ohh It's the principle of pleasure, ohh It's the pleasure principle oh oh It's true you want to build your life on guarantees Hey, take a ride in a big yellow taxi I'm not here to feed your insecurities I wanted you to love me This has become an all too familiar scene It's not the first time I paid the fare Where'd you get the idea of material possession? Thank you for the ride nowhere And oh my meters running so I've really got to go It's the pleasure principle oh oh, It's the principle of pleasure Ohh, ah It's the pleasure principle oh oh, I know, what you mean to me Baby this is nowhere You know what came in between you and me, human differential baby
Club Supa Nova
Please Leave Your Requests Thank You, Staff At Club Supa Nova
Poetry Club In Dc
Hey Everyone!!! IF any of you are interested in Poetry at all, there is a performance tonight starting at 8pm on U Street in DC. The performers are from HBO's Def Poets and some others. The doors open at 8pm and there are drink specials between 8 and 9 and then the show itself is from 9 to 11. There is a 15 minute intermission in between. It is located at The Attic Lounge on U Street. Hope to see any/everyone that is interested there!!!
I Need Be A Regular...can I Get Some Love....
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has voted on my pics and profile I've made it to a regular. Thanks guys and gals.....and keep showing the luv....peace Can I please get some love from everyone.....I don't want to be a barfly anymore...please help....I need all the love I can get...thanks....Benja's Girl
Plz Help Shadow Win A Contest
laura came out of the surgery she hasnt woke up yet because they have her in a drug induced coma because they found a big blood clot and 2 open chambers they had to close had to replace 2 of the valves the replaced the last time because they had gone bad and they are giving her blood because she lost alot because she was on blood thinners....larry Please pray for Laura. please help shadow win a contest. just rate her and then go to the others in the contest and comment them. the least amount of comments she has the better, but she does need the rates. thank you all so much, here's the link
I'm Up For Auction
ALRIGHT YOU PUSSY ASS BITCH WHO HIDES BEHIND MORE FAKE PROFILES YOU WANNA TALK SHIT. WELL HERE'S WHAT WAS SAID ABOUT ME....MOST OF YOU KNOW WHO I AM AND WHO MY GIRL IS...SO THIS IS WHAT WAS SAID TO HER SISTER. "Youre man, 5 Star, well he aint what you think he is. He is playin you and youre sister. Since she left here, he is been playin all these girls on here and always talkin shit to them. 5 is always asking girls to fuck him on there and tryin to get thier numbers. Go into the lounge when he is in there and you will see for youreself. He aint really wantin you or your sister, trust me. I only tell you this cause he plays so much he needs to stop his frontin to these girls. He is a got damned liar and aint never gonna be true to her ever. Take my word for it. He is playin now with a couple of them on there and they are bying it to. They all know he has a girl and they dont care, they think he is gonna get with them to. Just some friendly advise. " HERE'S HIS URL THAT PUSSY ASS BI
Plz Help
Quiz Thingies...
People Envy Your Compassion You have a kind heart and an unusual empathy for all living creatures. You tend to absorb others' happiness and pain. People envy your compassion, and more importantly, the connections it helps you build. And compassionate as you are, you feel for them. What Do People Envy About You? What Your Handwriting Says About You You are highly energetic. You are a passionate, intense, vigorous person. You are very extroverted and outgoing. You are loving, friendly, and supportive. However, you are also manipulative and controlling at times. You are extravagant, over the top, and indulgent. You set trends and influence people. You need a bit of space in your life, but you're not a recluse. You expect people to give you a small amount of privacy, and you respect their privacy as well. You are somewhat traditional, but you are also open to change. You listen to your head and your heart. You are a good communicator. You work hard
This Is..........
My Poems
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you. Young black woman whats ur name Its pride and beauty for I have no shame I am a young black woman you know my name I am a black rose...a black pearl in white sand I have a broad nose and thick lips I am a suviour, a fighter, and a breeder A lover...a hater...and not a deciever I am like Angela Davis tall and politically outspoken. A diva...the Queen of the Nile. A cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter nite A box of expensive chocolate when ur ending a days fite Beauty is here because I am here Strong and independent without any fear You wanna know why? Because I am a Young Black Woman You always talk about what you want and what you need What about me?
Nice Guys Still Finish Last
So how the fuck do you do 2 cope? How do react when instead of getting easier with time ur feelings just grow stronger and u can't do anything about them. What the fuck do u do?? When you should of forgotten them but they just screamer louder in ur mind. What the fuck do you do??? U look to silence them, by any means possible, no matter how much damage it will do in the long term. What the fuck do you do???? When u'v driv'n ur closest friends half mad with rants, and questions of what to do. What the fuck do you do????? You second guess everything u'v done, every thought, every action, every word, every look, every feeling! What the fuck do you do?????? You step back and try to let nature and time take it's course with the hope it will solve it self but the hope begins to fade. What the fuck do you do??????? How do you react when submerging urself into work and play seems 2b the only answer if only temp. What the fuck do u do???????? What sho
Contemplationary Ramblings
Life tends to take a steady course, and as we work ourselves through our daily routines and reach a state of complacency; days flow into weeks and weeks into months and life is just that... life. Until one day one of the situations you never considered to be of any relevance to your life is slung in your face and reality sets in. At the end of last year my children's grandfather was hospitalized for what was supposed to be a standard procedure for the removal of his prostate due to a newly developed prostate cancer. Two weeks after the surgery we received the joyous news that all the cancerous cells were successfully removed and he was declared a healthy man. For the remainder of his recovery he was allowed to go home, armed with a box full of tubes and bags for the disposal of his urine we welcomed him home. All seemed to be conquered and from hereon out things would only get better, or so we thought. Instead of witnessing a speedy recovery we found ourselves confronted wi
Emotional Affairs
I found this article....enjoy all you people into love and lust and wondering why do I like this heres an exerpt that pertains to the online world: Mystery #4: Why is it that you can have great chemistry chatting online or on the phone, but not in person? They call it love at first sight, not at first email, points out Dr. Fisher. Eighty percent of what we take into the human brain is visual. So somebody can be clever and charming online, but if you dont like what you see, its not going to work. Plus, emails can be crafted and re-crafted into how people want to be, not who they actually are in a spontaneous way. Face to face, people get nervous and clam up and cant perform, says Dr. Fisher. This, however, can bode well for youmaybe all it takes is a second or third date for this person to relax and show his or her true personality. Heres the rest if your interested
With Cruelty & Injustice For All.
Being force-fed religion while growing up gave me a bitter view of blind faith and religion in general. Consequently this story made me incredibly angry. The autopsy revealed that eleven year old Madeline Neumann died of a treatable form of diabetes. How does an American girl die of a controllable disease in this day and age? Its a sad case of blind faith in nothing; her parents wouldnt take her to the doctor because they believed God would heal their daughter. Instead of trusting medical science Madelines parents chose to condemn this vibrant young girl to her death by relying on faith. The Mother Leilani Neumann, claims that she and her husband Dale Neumann, did no wrong in neglecting to take Madeline in for medical attention. She also stated that Our lives are in Gods hands. I can only hope that God takes equal care of the parents. While perusing through a stack of old newspapers, I came across an article (Officials) about how the dire economy has caused many recent h
Thank You From Lady Kate
A song that Kate really loves: "I would like to send the most heartfelt "Thank You" that Anyone has ever sent out! No one can imagine the emotions I am feeling right now!! I can not possibly thank all of you personally, although I wish I could find a way. Some of you I've never even talked to nor met, but today you have shown me that Fubar is about more than just points and popularity. You have shown me support, love, compassion and that true, real friends still exist. I previously felt alone throughout my entire diagnosis and treatments but, now I see I'm far from alone! I do wanna send out a special thank you to my family...The Spankers' Club. They welcomed me with open arms and even throughout my treatments; not being able to be online all the time, have only shown me love and friendship. You guys mean the world to me and each of you has a very special place in my heart. Many, many thanks to BooBoo & her Shadow Leveler's Club... Fat Sonny... Freak... Cor
Who Wants To Own Me????????
Boston - Amanda ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Queensryche- Suite Sister Mary ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
The Tower
Queensryche - Breaking The Silence! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Queensryche - I Dont' Believe In Love ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Snake Eyes Blog
Either we heal as individuals or we will fall and we will crumble and die as individuals, inch by inch, play by play till were finished. We are in hell right now, believe me and we can stay here and get the shit kicked out of us or we can fight our way back into the light. One inch at a time. I look around and see these young, middle aged and older individuals and I see beautiful face's and I think. I made every wrong choice a man like me can make. I chased off anyone who really loved me. And lately I cannot stand to see this face of mine when I look in the mirror. You know when you get old in life, things get taken away from us as individuals, I mean thats part of life but you only learn that when you start losing stuff. You find out that life is this game of inches because the margin for error is so small. One half a step to late or to early you don't quite make it, One half second to slow or to fast you don't quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us, their in ever
New Drugs Going Round
omfg wots the world coming to??? Not a joke - New Drug in Schools Please note - serious message about drugs below. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU DELETE -IT MAY HELP SOME ONE'S CHILD/CHILDREN New Drug in Schools - Please Pass it on. This is a new drug known as 'strawberry quick'. There is a very scary thing going on in the schools right now that we all need to be aware of. There is a type of crystal meth going around that looks like strawberry pop rocks (the candy that sizzles and 'pops' in your mouth). It also smells like strawberry and it is being handed out to kids in school yards. They are calling it strawberry meth or strawberry quick. Kids are ingesting this thinking that it is candy and being rushed off to the hospital in dire condition. It also comes in chocolate, peanut butter, cola, cherry, grape and orange. Please instruct your children not to accept candy from strangers and even not to accept candy that looks like this from a friend (who may h
Queensryche - Eyes' Of A Stranger ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Belief is a thing that many should explore Seeking out truths, myths and more, Checking our existance day by day Wondering where we came from or if we're gonna stay, Looking up to the clouds asking God is there more Waiting for His answer to see what's in store, Belief is deciding to accept what He says And waiting to discover the future that's ahead...
Just Me
Well it's saturday me and the roomate were supposed to go out tonight but he has the kids again so here we are well its close to the end of the week time to drink cheers everyone
For My Inspiration
I think I'd like you to be in my bedroom with me. I have ceiling to floor mirrors on my wardrobe and I'd like you to be sitting like we were in the bath so that you could see yourself cupping me and stimulating my nipples and occasionally slipping your fingers further down and dipping into me. I'd reach back and kiss you then you'd move your lips to my nipples and cup me with your other hand, slipping it back and forth from front to back and repeat swapping hands as you swap nipples. This goes on for quite a while until I am virtually dripping on your hand. I then turn around and slip down your body - you continue to watch me in the mirror as I get up on all fours and lean down to lick you. You were quite soft but a few licks later and you point right up to your navel. I lick you like a lollipop - starting at the bottom at your balls and swirling up to the top - catching all the drips. I love to eat your cum - you kiss me so that you can taste it too. You get bigger and I'm itching
JUST A WORD OF THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED LEVEL ME TO "FU KING"! YOU GUYS ARE THE BESTEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE, LEEEEEZA Walking barefoot in the dew, lingering desires of love. Soft bloomed lilacs, eyes looking, Innocence knows all...
Come Place Your Bid! (ended Busterhyman Is The Winner)
That's Right! I Am Up For Auction! Come Check Me Out! I Want You To Want Me! Come Place Your Bid Now! I Am Offering The Following: Fu-Owned for 30 Days Daily Comments Daily Gifts Sh*tfaced for a Month Top Friends and Family for a Month All Pictures rated 11 All Stash rated Added to Yahoo Instant Messenger Personal SFW Salute Crush for a Month Happy Bidding! Hugs & Kisses!!! Don't Forget To Rate The Photo! XOXOXOXOXOXO [ photo: 3396056407 ]
Ugh Hit Em Up Plz
hit up umderdog 156 plz & hes makein me go loco , all who i will rate a perfect 10 & leave ya a surprize on ur fubar page !!
Bored As Hell
You'd think that i could find something more to do on a thirsty thursday, and a payday, but no.....i'm right here being bored as hell... why is you very rarely run into someone on here that will return a rating favor, or at least say thanks for the drink??? you people are no fun. I'm raising the bullshit flag!!!!!
Have You Ever!
Have you ever loved somebody so much It makes you cry Have you ever needed something so bad You can't sleep at night Have you ever tried to find the words But they don't come out right Have you ever, have you ever Have you ever been in love Been in love so bad You'd do anything to make them understand Have you ever had someone steal your heart away You'd give anything to make them feel the same Have you ever searched for words to get you in their heart But you don't know what to say And you don't know where to start Have you ever found the one You've dreamed of all of your life You'd do just about anything to look into their eyes Have you finally found the one you've given your heart to Only to find that one won't give their heart to you Have you ever closed your eyes and Dreamed that they were there And all you can do is wait for the day when they will care What do I gotta do to get you in my arms baby What do I gotta say to get to your heart To make you under
Deleteing People
My Contest!!!
Help me win friends!!! Entered into a 'sexiest fubar guy' contest and i need your votes!!! Its for "Midgelove", you can go to my pic by clicking on her (she's in my family for convenience) or go direct to my pic using the link below... Contest starts thursday the 3rd 10:00pm Est. and ends thursday the 10th at 10:00pm Est...." target="_blank"> Copy and paste into the address bar and it'll take you right to it. Rate and comment as much as you can please! Thanks, loves!
Tag Offers For Levelers
Here are some offer for Levelers too order your own. PLease send each a private message and let them know that you would like one. There is one requirement by me.If you have either one of them make you a tag or morph that you will not only rate yours and thank them for it but you will rate the entire folder of them Below is the tag that MishNumber1 is offer To order the above tag please send her a private message MishNumber1 ♥ Fubar World Cruise & WISEUKF Owner ♥ of SUP, Club FAR & Shadow Levelers@ fubar Kim has also offered too make a morph for each one with a leveler tag and a picture of you. Here is an example of the ones she made me Please pick a leveling tag you wanna use and send her a private message with the tag and the picture you want too use. ♥Kim♥ @-->--- Life is what You Make ou t of it ~~Shadow Leveler~@ fubar Thank you too both for the offers..remember too rate all oin the folders...
Moms Last Week?
My mom has been in the hospital for 8-9 weeks now going back and forth from ccu to the regular hospital room to the rehab center and back into ccu. This time, she hasnt awaken yet since saturday, 3-29-08 and still unresponsive. Doctor said "be prepared" Me and my brothers contacted all family and friends about this and as i walked around my house, a few things saddened me a lot. 1. Her shoes and slippers she will never see again 2. Her pocketbook that i never went into, i may have to go in soon. 3. All her medicine will have to be thrown away. 4. All pictures of her grandkids she will never recognize or see again. All of theses small thing meant a lot to her and me and now reallity is going to take place and i have to be ready for this. Those are the reasons and then some why its a very sad day for me. I HOPE IM WRONG AND A MIRACLE COMES THROUGH. 4-4-08
wow i thought i was really getting to know someone and spent alot of money on them rating,fu blings,blast and so forth and was become a good friend and all of a sudden there was a quick turn on her part an she acted like a total ass and treat me like i did something to her saying i was playing with her feelings and her mine when really all that that she really want was 4 me to spend money on her an rate them,and then she not only took that then she took me off her friends list ,family ,and then block me ..the money not and issue but gaining someone trust and befriend them is,question why are ppl so cruel,disrespectful,deceitful as you come(Freedom) about other ppl's real feelings,well you know who you are i hope you enjoy the rest of your life ask your self this question ,why do ppl pretend to be someone there not are you afraid you will not get any friends,well try being someone else and see how many friends you really get,in the end you will lose and you will lose big.because you pr
Neva Changing
(Sometimes the road we travel must come to an end and when you look up and are in need of a friend ill be posted up right there to help you through watever it is god throws at you) ill be there if ya need a shoulder for tears or juss a friend to go out and drink some beer ill be there through the happy and the sad the good and the bad ill have ya back in a fight even if i know your not rite and ill be sittin with you in jail when its all done laughin and saying "that was a lot of fun" juss remember im only a call away and ill stand and fight for you anyday tru friends stick through the ups and downs the smiles and the frowns (sometimes the road we travel must come to an end and when you look up and are in need of a friend ill be posted up right there to help you through wateva god throws at you ill be there when everyone else is gone ill be there drinkin with ya till dawn if i got 20 in my pocket then you got ten and if i got it then im the first to
Lounge Staff
always promoting, buying drinks and talk to good people. looking for a bouncers position. anyone interested in helping me out let me know. thank you n/y hellraiser
How much pain, how much hurt and disapointment can a heart take, how to you deal with a damaged heart, how do you forgive the one who was suppose to bring joy to your life,and he turns to be a nightmare. There are dogs that are much loving then any man; and how ironic it is that most men are likely to be called dogs, because they just come to satisfy their appetite, their sexual desires, and they care less what the other one feels. If you have been dump before be careful my ladies, be ready to be dump again be ready for a broken heart, get ready for another dump after the needs are fulfilled. How, how can a woman know who's laying in their bed, how can a woman know if he who says he loves you, is not lying. We are all broke,we are damaged creatures, but Oh! men have got no blood in their veins, theres one big purpose in their mind, when it comes to women; sex is the only thing they think of. Man, they see a soft hearted woman and thats the woman they pick t
Help Me Get My Vip!
I need 6000 comments for a new vip.Mine runs out in 6 days:(.Click on the pic and help away!
My Friends Are The Best!!!!!
After Hours Bully
Comming up next He's takin over the airwaves live from ☆{{{{FuBaЯ's Afte Hours}}}}☆ It's Dj Mystik he'll keep ya mystified with the fresh beats and cool jams...Don't know your way? Well all you have to do is click this Dj banner here to come chill with us were we love our members!!!...
Thank You Friends.
Hi there friends thank you . for a great birthday I have got soo many gifts from all of you wow I feel soo loved this has realy been a hard day on me with the loss of my brother and bein alone on my birthday here in tx hard to think im 37 now geeze never thought I would live this long thank you all for all the love you have shown me today. But as they say tomorrow is another day lol lol. I hope it will be better at work anyways. I cherish all of my friends you all have been soo great to me over the past 2 yrs or so now. I do thank you all for letting me be your friend also. take care all of you hope you have had a good day take care all . your friend .. Jay
Bad Luck Or Bust
So my best friend invited me fishing with him at a camp. I start loading up his truck with our gear and then I can't find my tackle box. My brand new tacklebox with all the new gear and bait I had bought. So instead of looking forever, I decide to just get in the truck and go. On the way there I realize that my friend has no tackle box at all lol. Oh well, between my 3 rods and his 1, we should have enough with us to fish for a few hours, no big deal. He hooks a fish and it breaks his line. I offer up one of mine but because he never really learned how to fish or rig things up, I go to the truck so I can show him. I forgot my knife and he didnt have one so we had to use a lighter to cut the string, etc. While we're blocking the wind with the truck, for the lighter, a huge gust of wind comes up and blows my chair from the camp to the water. It had my hat and cell phone in it :-( So after cursing and fussing for a few minutes, I finish setting up the new leader and such.
Straight To The Heart
Straight To The Heart When I'm down, when my soul's in need of rest Come your words of comfort and of hope I see your face always smiling back at me A stream of light running straight to the heart Child of God/Child of light There'll be no more lonely nights 'Cause you have brightened up my life There's a road that leads me to this place A path of love running straight to the heart Over the years I've learned one important thing It's that real friends shall never truly be apart You were there in my darkest time of need With a hand reaching straight to the heart Child of God/Child of light There'll be no more lonely nights 'Cause you have brightened up my life Take this gift it is all I have to give A prayer of love forever straight to the heart A prayer of love forever straight to the heart
Life is too short. Let me tell you that when you have the opportunity to say something .. Don't be afraid to say it you may never have the opportunity to say it again and you don't want to regret that for the rest of your life nor leave the ones left behind to wonder what could have been. I am not sure why this is..... I wonder when you put your heart on your sleeve there are those that tend to seek you out to play manipulative games to benefit only themselves. I guess maybe I think of people as being good... I like to give people second changes.. However screw me over and I stop giving... Sorry I am in a bad mood this morning.. but WTF why would you use me? I am not sure why this is but, I have a hard time with people who cannot commit to the things that they say. If you are going to say something I think you should mean it... Otherwise don't waste my time!
Welcome Friends To This Family
I need all bombers to show some love the the Following Groups, I have made some alliances this week and I want every one to know and be involved with the changes The First one is The Last Tribe Home of Last Tribe@ fubar and the second is The BBW Bombers BBW_Bombers Family Home Page@ fubar
Hookin It
I got 3.6 million fubucks the spotlite is out of reach at its ridiculous price and because I dont suck ass. SOOOOO.... a auction? a contest?? what to do! got some suggestions? leave me some comments! 20k for a vip! 5k comments in 2weeks
2nd Alarm Hotties
Hey! I just wanted to let everybody know that we are all doing kids are growing like weeds lol....ummm lets see.....i just found out I have type 2 diabetes which really sucks....Libbie starts kindergarten in fall...i cant believe my baby girl is gettin so big...she knows her abc's and knows how to count to 20...she amazes me everyday with things she learns....Leland is in preschool....he is doing great! he is my little snuggle bug! he is the type of kid that wears his heart on his sleeve....he will cry when you cry and laugh when you laugh....Layne...he is already 9 months old....crawling all over the place....he almost has his first 2 teeth in...he is a pretty good baby...he hardly ever crys unless he is hungry or has a wet is fighting with ssi...his back is pretty bad...he cant even sleep in bed with me kills him because the mattress is to hard...but other than that all is going well.... ok, my first blog....i am bi polar....and i am
Drama Queen Or Poutting Princess?
I'm in a contest and im out to prove I am Fuprincess so if u wanna help me out (if u know me u know I am) LOL!! Plz come and Gimme a thumbs up on this stash for Drama Queen or a thumbs down for Poutting Princess!! and feel free to leave a comment. You just might help me win!!! Click on pic below to help me get my way!
Fubar Friends Video
Fubar friends video made by Countryboy Superman The Fubar Video
Made For Me Music Video
Photo Music Video Made For Me By Countryboy Superman Misbehavin2 Staind
Git R Done Family And Friends Bomb Time Here (as Many People Know Us We Help Those Who Helpus)
Happy Birthday Cotton I hope you have a great day! You may be getting older but just remember youll always younger that me. cottonblossom no blank request accepted@ fubar But you know your friends will always love you , but just a little more today because with out your birthday you would have never been in our lives. The worse thing about getting older is that that gust means more spankings. But since I got the paddle it means it fun to me.
Omg.thank You Everyone......
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart..Im greatful too each of you for all the love you are showing me and will do my best in the nest few days too return all the love back too you. I'm sorry that im not able too return any of it tonight but i have maxed everything on the God Fathers earlier and have nothing i can return. Im greatful too have awesome friends like all of you... Much ♥ to each of you......
Where Is My Wife
T o X i C: boo yahTimeTraveler: you too*CB*: Yeah, I'm goin too. Have a good night.*CB*: Or at least watch some tv.TimeTraveler: well CB i'm out have a good oneTimeTraveler: true he really should try getting out in the real world*CB*: Somebody that has to do things like this must really have a boring life...if one at all.*CB*: I saw that.TimeTraveler: he just deleted that last one*CB*: It'll be interesting to see what name he uses this time.*CB*: I'm sure he is.TimeTraveler: hes make a new acct now probTimeTraveler: i think ur rightTimeTraveler: lmao*CB*: I think you're in for a long night of banning. Unless you just ignore him. That's what is keepin his motor running. Well, that and the batteries in his electric air pump for his plastic girlTimeTraveler: lol hell i dont care they can check me all they want i have 1 ipscrapper is pai...: like i cant make 4000 accountsscrapper is pai...: hey how many times are you fucking paid off bitches going to ban me hahahahahahahahah*CB*: Like I sa
I Hate Love
Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life... You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I HATE LOVE. By Neil Gaiman
What Its Like To Have As have you ever just massively screwed up a friendship? Maybe.. personal problems get int he way.. or maybe something is going on and you just don't know what? RECENTLY, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Disease. Now this is NOT a "disease". It's an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Simply put, it's a social disorder. Causes the person (namely me), to react inappropriately, in public situations. Through no control of my own. Slight twitches, noises, "acting out", speaking out of term, fidgeting, AS WELL AS, paranoia, low self confidence, low self esteem, panic disorders, amongst a TON of other things.... This makes it impossible (nearly) to keep friends.. I laugh at the silliest things, things that ppl should NOT laugh about.. but, I do. I get angry, rather easily. I just to conclusions, I am constantly asking if I have done something to upset someone. I may even act indifferently.. like.. as though something DOESN'T bother me.
Hurrican Katrina
This is an email I sent my family on Sept 24, 2005. The hurricane hit on Aug 29. For a good while after Katrina, a cloudy day made for the weathermen take over all frequencies and nothing else happened. I could not enjoy the Bama game as our local cBS affiliate interrupted the ENTIRE STINKING GAME, and are still at it, prattling endlessly about...rain, and it wasn't even raining until I went out to get something to drink after the Bama game ended, whereupon the heavens opened in grand deluge. Now that I am back home it is sunny. (almost) Lucky for the cBS affiliate, the Bazooka Shell store was closed today. They have been jibbering since at least 11AM when I tuned in, it is now 3:30. I called the station, asked them if they had any idea how aggravating it was to listen to people talk who had run out of things to say HOURS ago... they said, yes, in fact they did know how aggravating it was, and no, they were not planning to do anything about it..they admitted that they had
Touch Me There... You're always there, in my dreams, and I'm wonderfully weak, savoring each of your moist kisses. My desire only heightens as your lips press against every inch of my flesh... except for that one spot, which I won't tell you about now. And I only ask that you'll touch me there later.
Me Singing
So i'm no garth brooks but i gave it one hell of a try
My grandfather's Birthday is on the 9th of this month. the reason i'm depressed is that he passed away on 10-16-1999. i still have a hard time dealing w/ it sometimes. This was the song they played at his funeral.
Sponsor A Soldier
Sponsor a Soldier ...and... This fabulous friend and generous man... Ragnard@ fubar ...came up with a wonderful idea! So many of our service men and women have limited time to be here on Fubar while they are busy fighting for our freedom or spending time with their families before they return to fight some more. Some don't have the means to post a salute to level without access to a camera or a way to upload pictures. So, Ragnard had an AWESOME idea to put together a sort of "auction" for these selfless women and men to give us the opportunity to THANK them for all they do. So there will be bidding like an auction but here's the twist... I, PebblesinAZ, will be doing the work for them. I will rate pics, stash and pimp. Everyone will get the same benefits. I will put together the package and a small crew to help me. So, you won't "own" them per se. You'll be sponsoring a soldier with your gifts and some friends and I will be thanking you for doing so. T
Walking In The Rain
Walkng in the rain to me is as if to be kissed by the clouds...........
Anger at the End Anger fills my mind, Rage begins to temper my soul. Darkest emotions swell from within, Taking my calmness away. My joy and happiness gone, I pray I don't go beyond. Let my anger swell, For it is with in my mind. Give me a chance to explain, For my rage is beyond my control. Let my life flow away, As I begin to lose control. Give my life a tribute worthy of me, For with my anger comes my end. My life is gone, Just as my heart is. Ian S. Hopes When I look in your eyes I see hope, When I kiss your lips I feel hope. When we embrace it begins to grow, Surrounding both of us in it's warmth. We live moment to moment, Each one seems an eternity. Allow my hopes to be yours, And make yours mine. Embrace my love, As I embrace yours. Ian S. Tormented Existence Darkest moments with in my life, Giving way to the light in my heart. Alone my life fades away, A state of nothing with in. Where has it begun I wonder, This emptying of
Just Stuff I Think About And Feel.
This is just dedicated to myself,and my heart.Who always been in pain. Anybody remembers this song by Men without hats-The safety dance.I thought it was a cool song thou. We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance Well they're are no friends of mine I say, we can go where we want to a place where they will never find And we can act like we come from out of this world Leave the real one far behind And we can dance. Dancez! Ah we can go when we want to the night is young and so am i And we can dress real neat from our hats to our feet And surprise 'em with the victory cry I say we can act if want to if we don't nobody will And you can act real rude and totally removed And i can act like an imbecile I say we can dance, we can dance everything out control We can dance, we can dance we're doing it wall
A Quick Thank You
I gotta get to bed lol im about to pass out on my keyboard but I wanna send a quick thank you to everyone that helped me get the spotlight. I would type everyones name but its late and I really need to get some sleep. I will do a special bulletin tomorrow for everyone. Thanks again I really appreciate it! Lots of luv xo -cotton I wanna say Thank You Everyone so so very much for all the love you have shown me for my birthday and for gettin the spotlight. I woke up to bulletins, tickers, and tons and tons of messages and sooooooo many new friends request. Its gonna take me awhile to get back to everyone so please bare with me I promise ya I will answer ever single message as soon as I can. Johnny you and them tickers... lol spank you so very much for the ♥! Im just still in awe over all the love I have been gettin. Mario Thanks again so so much for the b-day blast ur a dear friend and im honored to have met ya! I just dont even know where to begin to start thankin everyone. It's
Proposition 420
Proposition 420 The U.S. H.E.M.P. Act United States Homeland Economic Management Provisions Act I hope that my friends would read this....whether or not you support 420 or not...if you read it completely you will see how it would benefit everyone! Please comment and let me know what you think! if you agree to this blog email this to everyone you can including your Congress Representatives and Senators. Proposition 420 The U.S. H.E.M.P. Act United States Homeland Economic Management Provisions Act A proposition initiative by Kenneth N. Bykerk, Citizen ( Section 1: Medicinal Marijuana PURPOSE: To allow for patient prescribed use, cultivation and possession for personal medicinal use of cannabis products; ---------- The patient should be the one to decide whether or not they need or would like to use cannabis as a medicine of choice for pain management, appetite stimulation or any other ailment which cannabis has been suspected or pro
My Frist Contest
How R U
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphicsseeing how you are doing Sexy Comments & Profile Graphicsthanks a lot I will return the favor:) When the Bud of the crop begins to Bloom it makes the Bud Weiser.....
Martin Luther King ; Chasing The 'dream'
Chasing the 'Dream' Martin Luther King Jr. had a vision for America. How close are we? By S. Eudora Smith 1 | 2 | Next > advertisement Today marks the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination. As we remember the man once described as the moral compass of the nation, one speech in particular continues to inspire us, its poetic refrain imprinted on the memory of America. I have a dream that one day The soaring oration was delivered against the backdrop of the Lincoln Memorial to a crowd of 250,000 gathered for the March on Washington. Since that historic moment on Aug. 28, 1963, "I Have a Dream" has become a bellwether for America's progress on race. Themes of justice, opportunity, unity, desegregation and discrimination are woven throughout the speech and serve as milestones in the quest for equality. Now, almost 45 years after the speech, America is a land of contrasts, with some dreams fulfilled while many others are deferred. "You see the signs of
8 Kinds Of Sex Every Couple Should Try
8 Kinds of Sex Every Couple Should Try The hottest couples don't just have great sex they have embarrassing sex, and make-up sex, and wild, can't-walk-the-next-day sex, and more. And the thing is, every kind of sex is crucial for your bond yes, even couldn't-quite-stay-awake- to-finish sex. Here's how. Sure, you and your guy have good sex. Ideally, you have fantastic sex, as often as possible. But there's more to a solid sex life than just straight-up great sex. A truly amazing sexual connection encompasses lots of different kinds of sex maybe even ones you wouldn't expect. After all, your relationship isn't one-note, so why should your sex life be? "You change, you age, and you grow as a couple in an emotional and an intellectual way," says Laura Meers, Ph.D., a psychologist in family practice in Columbus, OH. "Hopefully you're growing and changing sexually too. And the more dimensions there are in a relationship in general, the more you will see those dimensions reflected
Wanna Own Me For A Month
I need to let go My anger is growing And theres nothing I can do She has so much power Controlling our relationship Im trying to stay calm But my patients are wearing Cant stand her at all I need to vent, get rid of it all You guys are seperated We are together She shouldnt have any say But she has plenty She controls our relationship More than I like Almost more than I can handle Really wish she would back off She had her chance Now its mine Im not letting her ruin it Whe the divorce is final I want nothing to do with her Minus custody she will have NO say If she does Then Im not sticking around I lvoe you But refuse to deal with her forever So when this is all over You better tell her where to go Or I will and she wont like it You two are seperated!!!! Days seem long Nights even longer Waiting for it to be oer You to truely be free I knowyour mine now But it feels like Im sharing Always changing plans So she doesnt find out When this is over You
Minxy`s Bully
She Say The First To Rate All Of Her Pic 10's Or 11's She Will Buy Them A Bling
imikimi - Customize Your World
Red Velvet
You're an Expert Kisser You're a kissing pro, but it's all about quality and not quantity You've perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone's socks off And you're adaptable, giving each partner what they crave When it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettable What Kind of Kisser Are You? You Are a Red Velvet Cake Rich, decadent, and sensual. You have a deep appeal that transcends all trends. You are the definition of passion: intense, adventurous, and seductive. What Kind of Cake Are You? You Are an Indifferent Ex You're not one of those girls who thinks about her exes - or even remembers them "Love 'em and Leave 'em" is your motto. And your break ups tend to be a clean break. It's a nice strategy to have, and guys appreciate your total lack of emotional baggage. But just a little reminder: it is okay to remember the good parts of your past, even with exes. What Kind of Ex-Girlfriend Are You?
Lorie M Knight
Dont Quit When things go wrong as they sometimes will When the road youre traveling seems all up hill When the funds are low and the debts are high And you want to smile but you have to sigh When care is pressing you down a bit Rest if you must but dont you quit. Life is queer with its twists and turns As everyone of us sometimes learns And many a failure turns about When he might have won had he stuck it out Dont give up though the pace seems slow You may succeed with another blow. Success is failure turned inside out The silver tint of the clouds of doubt And you never can tell how close you are It may be near when it seems so far So stick to the fight with youre hardest hit Its when things seem worst that you must not quit. This is for someone I loved that has left me behind .. I'll wait for you For days on end Till the moon no longer chases the sun I'll wait for you Every night by the phone Till the day you come back home
Just Thoughts
For Those Wondering
I will be back fulltime, next week :) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! She left me a comment today :) *giggling* I have been into checking out salutes lately, and all I can say is WOW! some of them are sure different than their default pic....I guess they had a bad
The Truth About Military Losses
Military losses, 1980 through 2006 (ttp:// As tragic as the loss of any member of the US Armed Forces is, consider the following statistics: The annual fatalities of military members while actively serving in the armed forces from 1980 through 2006: 1980 .......... 2,392 (Carter Year) 1981 .......... 2,380 (Reagan Year) 1984 .......... 1,999 (Reagan Year) 1988 .......... 1,819 (Reagan Year) 1989 .......... 1,636 (George H W Year) 1990 .......... 1,508 (George H W Year) 1991 ........ 1,787 (George H W Year) 1992 ........ 1,293 (George H W Year) 1993 ........ 1,213 ( Clinton Year) 1994 ........ 1,075 ( Clinton Year) 1995 ........ 2,465 ( Clinton Year) 1996 ........ 2,318 ( Clinton Year) 1997 ............817 ( Clinton Year) 1998 ...... ...2,2 52 ( Clinton Year) 1999 ........ 1,984 ( Clinton Year) 2000 .........1,983 ( Clinton Year) 2001 ........... 890 (George W Year) 2002 .........1,007 (George W Year) 2003 ........ 1,
Couldnt Resist Reposting This!
People are like dont always like them but you smile when you push them down the stairs!!! A: easy 2 fall 4 someone D: Ver very easy to fall in love with E: Can kick your ass L: Adorable E: Can Kick your ass A: easy 2 fall 4 someone B: Amazing kisser C: Great kisser D: Very very easy to fall in love with E: Can kick your ass F: Loves it G: Doesn't give a shit H: Amazingly hott I: Has one of the best personalities ever J: Hott K: easy to talk to L: Adorable M: Very good kisser N: rebellious O: Very very hott P: Popular with all sorts of people Q: loves life R: perfect person to date S: Makes people laugh T: dumb and funny at the same time U: Has a Smile to die for V: Not judgemental W: Very broad minded X: Never let people tell you what to do Y: Awesome friend Z: Loved by everyone REPOST WITH Does your name fit you? On the first day, God created the dog and said: 'Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who c
The Weekend Is Here "let The Naughty Begin"!!
Going to party all weekend at the upperdeck!!! will have more pics of my wild and crazy self Hell yeah!!! The weekend is here and it is party time once again... lol Can't wait.... My younger sister and I are going to be out and about getting our drink on and getting our game on too!!! Will let ya know how it goes and how much fun we had oh yeah lets not forget how much trouble we can get into!!!! :)
Family Info
Just to let every on Know Doc AKA Aaron Is Taking a Break from Fubar, to Get back on track with school. Please show him love. Also just to let every one know He Will Not be bombing, for the reason I have just stated thank you all The Doc a.k.a. Hoosierdaddy *~TrueLycan FreeLance Bombers*~ (Gone for the rest of the school year)@ fubar
Look Alikes
comon...stunt double, body double,, this is a match!! maybe the closest one yet... Kit's cute!!
How I Feel
I am happy for this simple reson I met the Bass Player of flogging molly it started out like any other concert going experience was amazing I was inline for the entrance and all of a sudden Who walks by me NONE OTHER THAN THE BASS PLAYER NATE MAXWELL OF FLOGGING MOLLY then after the band locl h is playing Nate was standing by the lawn seats and i had to talk to him because he is fucking NATE MAXWELL for god sake he was a really down to earth guy who enjoys music alot and he showed if there were more people like Nate Maxwell out there who does not care that he is in a big national and global band should take a lesson from him and the others in flogging molly they show that Musicians have hearts and some are actually real in this world and not as fake as TITS on a BULL. I commend mr. maxwell (not the asshole from wmms in cleveland) but the bass player of Flogging Molly who interacts and is one of us a fan of some damn good music! Thanks for listening. good DAY
Mississippi Update
I'm working at a great place , my divorce was final july 8th and i'm so glad ,highly doubt i'll ever marry again . I've dated on and off but guys seem to be all the same they are out for one thing so the dating seen isnt going well guess i'll stay single for now.
Eternal Love
Once before! You say you'll love me till eternity You say you'll never leave me You say you'll always be with me one way or another Someone else once said he'd love till eternity Someone else said he'd never leave me Someone else said he'd be with me one way or another So I've heard this **once before** but this time I need it to be true to last till eternity Because I'll love you till eternity,I'll never leave you,and I'll always be with you one way or another!!! I love you very much Babe!!!
Riding Against Child Abuse
4/3/08 1PM I'm riding to south parc today to honor Su's Family. Please pray for them, and be protectors of the children. No child should live in fear... 4/3/08 3PM There were literally hundreds of stuffed bears, ribbons, cards, and flowers under a tree in front of their apartment. I left my card and watched as a police officer escorted her father out to see the tokens of support. He buried his head in his hands, and was escorted back inside. Overwhelming. Hser Nay Moo's funeral scheduled for Monday April 3rd, 2008 @ 5:05pm (KSL News) Funeral services for slain 7-year-old Hser Nay Moo will be held in Salt Lake City on Monday afternoon. Her body was found Tuesday evening in the apartment of a neighbor following an exhaustive 24-hour search. Twenty-one-year-old Esar Met was taken into custody on suspicion of kidnapping and murder. Formal charges are expected to be filed against Met tomorrow or early next week. A local mortuary is said to be donating its services fo
make me one of those picture change things lol pLzzz LoL...
Marty Kays/crossphyre/larger Then Everr! Come See !!!
Thoughts 22
Well, it is Friday. I am glad for that. It was a shitty week to say the least. Yesterday was good though. I decided to send my son a text saying "I love you no matter what" and he sent a text back saying "I love you too". He came home in a good mood despite his girlfriend making him mad. I talked to him about his homework without him yelling at me about it. He told me he really is trying and wants to do good because he really wants his license. I do believe him and think that most of the problems we have been having with him is him being angry at himself for getting bad grades and lying. I think he is disappointed in himself and takes it out on us like it is all our fault. It is just really hard to make him see that he is doing this. It is also very hard to control my temper when he blames us for his fuck ups. But....I did not shed a tear yesterday, not one. That is fantastic considering I have been crying most of the damn week! I also got a call from my friend who
Muppets'! Animals' Painting !
.... the clang of metal , the rush of blood and the stench of broken dreams......fragments of bone , chalk white against the sticky ragged flesh......lost in the corridors of a nightmare enshrouded by visions of overwhelming pleasure.....atrocity stared back from the depths - beastial , voracious and foul . the world is always ending for someone ! This is the hour when the mysteries emerge . A strangeness so hard to reflect , a moment so moving goes straight to your heart. a condition thats never been met. The attraction thats held like a wake , deep inside something i will never forget. Pattern set , the reaction will start ; complete but rejected too soon . Looking ahead in the grip of each others impulse that blinds every move. Shadow that stood by the side of the road always reminds me of you. How can i find the right way to control all of the conflicts inside, all of the problems beside. as the questions are right and the answe
Animals' Drum Challenge !
Layer/matting/defringe and entering a setting in pixels this will determine how many pixels the filter will cut into the image to remove the hint of original bg(background) go to file>new and select size (350-120) turn the colours to default by clicking "d" go to filter>render>clouds...the clouds will be the base of ur sig make a new layer now with the layer seleted take out a cool brush and brush on the layer in black then new layer then white now open a pic u want to use cut out the image then paste it in ur pic ur working on now once u have that in place hit duplicate image on the new image selete the single coloum marquee tool and place it over the image where u like and hot ctrl/c/t at smae time and drag it from left to right and bam there u have it! if u need help i can show u
Animal Rocks' Wild Thing ! Killerr !
Animal - Best Drummer Everr ! Excellent /awesome/incredible ! A Must See !
Buddy Rich - My Idol! At His Best !!!
Be A Good Friend
Hey, As I mentioned in my other blog, I am in a giveaway, its been a couple weeks now, and Ive only got a little over 2000 comments, ive got a long way to go, I am helping as much as i can but i dont internet at home so i have to count on the goodness and kindess of my friends. goal is receive 3500 comments a day so that i can finish this giveaway in 3 weeks, i have over 700 friends, so if everyone pulls together, it really wont take that long and its not that much work. i will return all love. so just click on the link, and lets get this done! thanks!! much love! Stacy this pic needs 50,000 comments so i can receive 500,000 fubucks, a 7day blast, and a bling pack!! EVILBYTCH NEEDS YOUR HELP, SHE IS ALWAYS THERE TO HELP THOSE WHO NEED IT, WHERE ITS A GIVEAWAY, CONTEST, OR JUST TO LEVEL. LETS SHOW HER SOME LOVE, SHE NEEDS 10,000 COMMENTS My friend jessica's son has had several medical problems since birth, well he is in ICU again. Please pray for him. he is on 17 month
Neil Peart Of Rush - Plays' A Tribute Drum Solo Of Buddy Rich ! His Idiol And Both Of Them Are Mine Too ! Beyond Excellent !
Correctional Officers Prayer
----this is so Funny & obviously written by a Former Soldier---- New Direction for any war: Send Service Vets over 60! I am over 60 and the Armed Forces thinks I'm too old to track down terrorists. You can't be older than 42 to join the military. They've got the whole thing ass-backwards. Instead of sending 18-year olds off to fight, they ought to take us old guys. You shouldn't be able to join a military unit until you're at least 35. For starters: Researchers say 18-year-olds think about sex every 10 seconds. Old guys only think about sex a couple of times a day, leaving us more than 28,000 additional seconds per day to concentrate on the enemy. Young guys haven't lived long enough to be cranky, and a cranky soldier is a dangerous soldier. "My back hurts! I can't sleep, I'm tired and hungry" We are impatient and maybe letting us kill some asshole that desperately deserves it will make us feel better and shut us up for a while. An 18-year-old doesn't even like to ge
More Poetry
Mothers are the greatest in the world they birth us and feed us they help us to grow they teach us what they feel we should know then the time comes to let us go they pray what we've learned over the years will stay in our hearts in spite of our peers they'll always be there no matter what the problem whether it be large or whether it be small a mother's love knows no boundaries at all a nother and a child from the time of birth have a bond that won't break while here on earth the love for her child won't ever grow cold even when both are wrinkled and old that's why I say to you on this Mother's Day You're the greatest in the world your son... DJ The tears keep trying to fall My heart starts to sink My chest feels hallow yet heavy My eyes begin to fill The water welling up inside I miss not having someone to call "MY LOVE" I miss giving passionate kisses I miss being able to cuddle To hold a love close To feel the love of another To have my heart filled wit
Chuck Berry Live - Johnny B. Goode !
Johnny B. Goode By Marty Mcfly ! My Tribute To Universal Studios'! When I 1st Started I Was A Ride Show Attdent For The Ride B.t.t.f.!what We Call
Simply Amazing
I'm in tears at the moment... THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! I want too thank you all over and over again for all the love you are showing too me. I have met some wonderful people on Fubar. You have truely all touched my life in one way or another. I never imagined the love that you are all showing too me. Thank you all for coming into my life and making my days on Fubar exciting. All of you give of yourself day in and day out for others and not many ask for anything in return... Too all of you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm honored too call all of you great friends.. A very Special thank you to Gary and WildCat for your friendship,your love and for doing this for me. I will be doing my best too return all the love you all are showing too me. Many smiles Much Love too all of you .... BooBoo ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned by Gary@ fubar
Are U Shaved Or Have A Bush?
was just curious, takin a poll if u are shaved or have a bush??
Natural Selection
What A Pity
Lesson Learned
The day started very early, at least for my daughter. I was startled from an exceptional dream (I had just caught the largest bass of my life) by my four year old, who thought it was Good morning time and I should get up. Granted, there are worse ways to be awakened, but her exuberance was certainly not something I was prepared for at 6:07 in the morning. Adding to my displeasure, it happened to be a day in which neither of us had to attend school. With a long day ahead of me, I quickly realized that the solution to my sanity lay somewhere out in the frozen wasteland that is my front yard. The day was slated to be sunshine and blue skies, good news indeed for the activities I had in mind. For once the forecast seemed to be accurate, a rare feat in Michigan, so I raced through our morning routine. Breakfast, tooth brushing, showers, and of course the incredibly daunting task of getting Morgan dressed. This chore is somewhat of a burden because my daughter feels the need to try on so
Chronicle Of A Fan
Two Amazing Horses!!!!!!
Two Horses Just up the road from my home is a field, with two horses in it. From a distance, each horse looks like any other horse. But if you stop your car, or are walking by, you will notice something quite amazing... Looking into the eyes of one horse will disclose that he is blind. His owner has chosen not to have him put down, but has made a good home for him. This alone is amazing. If you stand nearby and listen, you will hear the sound of a bell. Looking around for the source of the sound, you will see that it comes from the smaller horse in the field. Attached to the horse's halter is a small bell. It lets the blind friend know where the other horse is, so he can follow. As you stand and watch these two friends, you'll see that the horse with the bell is always checking on the blind horse, and that the blind horse will listen for the bell and then slowly walk to where the other horse is, trusting that he will not be led astray. When the ho
Thanks To All
hello my fellow fu/s i wanted to thanked who all who show me mad love on my first happy hour....from mikey for hosting my confidence who helped set it up...and lookin out for me when she his obession and others who drop comments while i was gone....i dont know if i ever can repay all who helped me.....if u did make sure to pm me so i can stalk u back..thanks to scarelett...mysticfairy and mz attitude an lil freak star.and other for watchin over my page..while iw was gone...thanks to all those who drop comments on my page while i was gone...i didnt know what to expect when i came back..i thought there be thousands of ppl on my page...but i know love will come when its ur time..and this weekeend was family and friends rock my page..and other good ppl...i didnt know what to expect...for my first hh...but it wasnt bout was bout all the ppl who work hard helpin me...on it..big ups to scooter..for helpin me...and h&l bombers..for
An Angry Proud American
This afternoon while browsing various profiles I came across this one... What I saw as the main profile picture revolted me to the core and made me extremely angry! I could NOT stay quiet as a damn proud American and as the Fiance of an Honorable 19 yrs Active Duty Navy Hero!! The father of my 2 sons is retired Navy! I was not and will continue not to take this kind of thing from ungrateful American cowards! Unlike they like to think these days..True Proud Americans - including Democrat,Republican,Independent,Libertarian - have the right to speak our voices too and to be heard and heard LOUD and CLEAR and PROUD! If what you see when you visit that profile upsets YOU as much as it has me I encourage you to use YOUR American Freedom of Speech to let this particular person know that what she is doing is NOT cool and is a direct slap in the face of all past, present and future military heroes both living and deceased! Your Prou
Brain Busters
Grab a calculator. (you won't be able to do this one in your Head) 1. Key in the first three digits of your phone number (NOT the Area code) 2. Multiply by 80 3. Add 1 4. Multiply by 250 5. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number (if your number is 1234 then add 1234 as a whole number) 6. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again. 7. Subtract 250 8. Divide number by 2 Do you recognize the answer ?? How Smart Is Your Right Foot ? Try This. It's Pretty Neat ! Just try this..............It is from an orthopedic surgeon............... This will boggle your mind and you will keep trying over and over again to see if you can outsmart your right foot, but you can't. It's pre-programmed in your brain!! 1. While sitting where you are , at your desk, in front of your computer, lift your right foot off the floor and make clock wise circles. 2. Now, while doing this, draw the number ' 6 ' in the air with your right hand.
National Child Abuse Day
today is national childabuse day so pleasego to the folder that is 4 child abuse and copy 1 of the tags and use it as ur primary pic today please also the back ground i had 4 our id's has been made private on kimi so i had to make all new id's so they r in the new id folder these i made so they cannot be made private these r my own pics so i can always make them wooo hooo just wish it was that easy to just stop all the abuse in the world then all the babys dieing would stop it just reminds me of my paige every time i see another baby abused and die it does hurt so much to know i have my 4 yr old grandson my god what only know what goes through his little mind on how he was treated along with his sister he lost after losing his mom to abuse too abuse in any form no matter how it is done is uncalled for it just all needs to stop but it never will i guess its gods way of just a little part of ridding the world of over crowdingfunny how things work but guess my paige was sent for a reas
Time Draws Near
Angel's Blog
How many people let someone you want pass you by? Because you are too STUBBORN to admit what you could have, or two egotiscal? To really just want that person so badly; Yet you know damn well you cant have em, or they wont tell you HOW THEY FEEL OR WHAT THEY WANT. Then when you do have them, you just dont know how to treat them. They play games with themselves. Then it is just too late. Just a thought. Words to best describe me would be... Extremely Intuitive, good Judge of Character, Shy, Soft Spoken, Eccentric, Free Spirited , Passionate, Strong, Sensitive, Emotional, Fragile at times, Loving, Loyal, Affectionate, Sensual, Wise, Insightful, Apprecative, Blessed, and Happy!I have been through a lot in my life, but it has only made me stronger and wiser... Im a simple girl, and i enjoy the simple things in life. I LOVE the ocean, life, laughing, flowers, nature, helping people, sunny days, barbecues, tanning, swimming, fishing, shooting pool, dancing, shoppp
Senior Year. In High School
It all startedlast year. January 2nd this guy named 'Ian Michel Gruner-Mesty' asked me out. i was already head over fucking heels for the guy. He was perfect. he smelled great, perfect body, beauitufl looks, was smart and he didn't push me to hard. He never expectd me to be anything but myself. But then I got scared I broke up with him and got so scared. But then when I thought he was going to be perfect here he comes back in octber HALLOWEEN even. he was gorgeous. Scratches on hsi back from the pervous girl. Then he tells me about his now girl. I get pissed and ask him to come see me he does. We get close again like we were closer and closer till he asks me to be his girlfriend again. Butteh fact taht we jumped in to quick an dthat i was never right for him. he rather have someone who will spread her legs for him. and sometimes i have dreams of me and him together should i have moved on when my heart is so badly broken I don't even know how to pick up the pieces. The girl he wan
1st Ever Contest Hosting
Help Me Level Plz
Our newest member is so close to leveling when you get a chance will go show him our love and how we ~GIT~R~DONE~ mk Ǻ-w@Hllbll g/񃺮@Ǻwb$ Rd&T$ صlw/G R к Rbl Fml ߺmb$qd/w ؃ gl $/wd dl@ fubar He needs 10,589 points to go
hey if your a women and you feel like judging as all men are the same fuck you and fuck all of you. none of you fuuckering men or women know what ive been threw. so before you fucking judge someone. put your sorry ass pathetic lives in mine or someone who has it worse. bc ive been abused beat hurt bye women and my family. and have made mistakes and all kinds of things you wouldn be able to ahndle of you were in my shoes. im all real and im me. if you dont like it hers my address 3810 oboe dr 40216 louisville ky and heres my number mother fucker 15023651154. and dont call to scare me. come to my door step. ill blow your fucking head off. and yeah i carry weapons. and knives. im tired of people running their little pathetic mouths online like they know what the fuck their talking about. and women. until you know how all men are fuck you. bc im not all men. i am one of the most loyal and passionate guys there is. i know how to treat a women. and for the ones who read this and want to talk
Drink Of My Body....... Eat Of My Soul........... Behold, All The Eyes Shall See Them All Wounds That Pierce Them Take Pleasure In His Sins Take Pleasure In Her Suffering When You Lie With The Beast You Shall Die With The Beast Behold The Eyes That Pierce Them So You Say Your Lord Had Mercy? So You Say Your Lord Has Faith? Behold The Eyes That Pierced Him In This Synagogue Of Satan! The Beast Inside Still Lies, Like The Devil Behold This Seven Spaces Sewn Behold The Seven Spaces Known Behold The Seven Spaces Set Apart Beside The Master's Throne 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 All Good Saviors Go To Heaven Seven Spaces Sewn Seven Spaces Known Seven Spaces Set Apart Beside The Master's Throne Drink of My Body..... Eat of My Soul........ Die With Your Savior........ In This.....Amen Lyrics By The Genitorturers
Top Friends?
Friendship & Loyalty
Special Love to my Friends I just want to show luv to the ones that have been here for me & have shown me what true friendship is. Please show each of these wonderful Fus luv ~Superise Me~My RL Bestfriend ♥~BRATT~♥Has shown me Loyalty ~The Italian Stallion~Thanks Stallion chromedome16My RL Stalkee =-)~ pppulsatingTrust Me, Hes Real =-) ~Lynne ~ Owner of NOVA, Gothedelic, Cwby,Mark Murderous,♠MASTERb... Show them all Luv!~Diva MSweetest Person Ever.. Cant thank her enough 4 Everything 'JEANNE MARIE' RGMTRʎ ~CLUB F.A.R ~Love her to Pieces My OnLine Sis GERMANYs MOST WANTED R/L Everything in Life / Best Frie
Come Check Us Out
The Silent Angel
The footsteps are silent-The wings,I cannot see Yet, I know Gods angles takes charge of me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ God's promise is as golden as my angels halo And wherever I walk my angel walks with me....
Bless Our Home
I am a angel through & through With a heart of gold thats true When you need a friend just call on me I'll wrap my wings around you and set you free Above the earth and through the clouds looking at the stars that are all around One look into my eyes and you will see all love that i have in me. O lord we pray o lord,make this house a home, may love dwell deep within it's walls, and may peace and harmony regin. May it prove to be a strong and worthy shield of protection against the elements of nature and man.... may all who enter it's doors find comfort,solace,and friendship, May your light shine through its windows to guide and brighten each day;May tou bless and keep safe our home, o lord we pray
Amazing Friend & True Blessing!!!
Go show him some love and support...Trust me he is a friend everyone wants!!! Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers!!!!BABZ's BFF!! Greeter at Club Envy@ fubar Look Who Has The Spotlight.....That's Right Our Very Own... ARGONUTS! Go Show Him Some Love...He Is Simply Amazing!!! Argonutz@ fubar Made With Lots Of Love & Respect By ~bz ~@ fubar
Ponder This
This is the make me feel good, when I'm down. Take a listen. Not to many of us realize something like this until it's to late, sad but true. If I knew it would be the last time That I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door I would give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more. If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word, so I could play them back day after day. If I knew it would be the last time, I could spare an extra minute to stop and say "I love you," instead of assuming you would KNOW I do. If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share your day, Well I'm sure you'll have so many more, so I can let just this one slip away. For surely there's always tomorrow to make up for an oversight, and we always get a second chance to make everything just right. T
R.i.p. Rusty
My Brother In-Law just lost his best friend today. If you're an animal lover and you have pets that you adore knowing that when that pet died you would be crushed then do me the favor of going to his page and giving him your condolences. ridendirty@ fubar OLD DUDE/ RUSTY
Equality Among The Sexes? Ha!
Women claim to want to be treated the same as a guy, and yet i have never seen a girl treat a guy like a guy treats a girl. So this leads me to believe one of two things: (1) Women don't want equality, they want superiority, or (2) They are all talk and can't back up what they say. I'll tell you this right now, if a girl wanted to be treated the same as a guy, there would be a lot more women buying guys VIP on here.
Vip Giveaway
I'm in another one for a 1 mo VIP ... plz plz plz help me win one of them heres the link I would like to win the 3 mo but here is the 1 mo as well.. I need 10000 comments to win this VIP so go on over and bomb the hell outta both pics for both contests. Ty so much in advance Go here and leave a bunch of comments... get me to 16000 comments so I can win a VIP. Go to the link below... ty to all in advance for helping.
Please Please Please
Hey everyone, so i nominated myself for the mom of the year thing.....i want to win so i can put the money into a fund for the kids college i think it would rock!! so please please vote for me every single day i havent been on here for as long as some of the other women so they are way up on me in points and if you think anyone else will vote for me then please forward the email!! thanks and love to you all Jessica here is the link:
Story Time.............plz Help
Could you, would you on a log? Could you, would you Read my blog? Would you, could you on a dare? Would you, could you click down there? Would you, could you in a tree? Leave one comment or more for me? Dont forget to rate to!!!!
Ralph Nader for President 2008 April 4, 2008 As you know, Obama, Clinton and McCain have taken impeachment of Bush and Cheney off the table. Nader/Gonzalez want to put it back on. Our campaign will be impeachment central for this momentous election year. No one should be above the law - especially chronic violators. Impeachment Ticket.We're building a nationwide campaign to end the corrupt two party duopoly and pressure the complicit Democrats to do their sworn duty and impeach the two unaccountable outlaws in the White House. Last week, I wrote to House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers once again urging him to hold impeachment hearings. This week, citizens from around the country are sitting in at Chairman Conyer's office on Capitol Hill demanding that he take action. In that letter to Congressman Conyers, I pointed out the obvious: Many prominent Constitutional law experts believe President Bush has engaged in at least five categories
~my Life~
I've had so many new things happening in my life it would take forever to type it all.... I am currently enrolled in Photography classes, after completion I will have a certificate for Photography .... I have recently enrolled to The University of Pheonix to earn an Associates Degree in Business.... Which I'm thinking about following up with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design.... I've found out sooo much good news today that has made my day just totally estatic.... My student loan for the Associates Degree was granted.... My Pell Grant was also granted !!!! The good thing about the grant is that I do not have to use it to pay for my schooling, so NEW CAR HERE I COME !!!!! I ended up not moving to Virginia But as soon as I finish my Associates Degree Im getting the hell out of this town.... Not really sure where Im going but Im going to leave everything that doesnt matter behind.... No furnaiture (except maybe my bed because I love my bed), No problems, No drama, and no fucked u
A So Called Friend
Why The Fuck?
Ok, I know it is hard to understand somethings, but this has to take the cake or maybe this blog may have some validity. Does it make sense to have a radio station in Dallas called the Edge calling it Edgefest, but having the concert absolutly nowhere their listeners live. Who the fuck thinks up this shit? I tell ya, if i was still in the metroplex right now I would boycot this fucked up station, thank god they finally got the Eagle back down there. Edgefest is in Toronto fucking Canada. And anyone reading this who is in that area(not Canada) living there right now should do the same. What a inconvienance to their listeners. Talk about the most fucked up thing ever. You can go to the link and take a look for yourselfs and look at the site and post this blog everywhere and send it to the radio station too.
So here the deal... lookin for a Fu hubby got any takers? These are MY rules for my marriage... You need to be chill as hell have one HELL of a way of proposing... no drama involved ( not into that shit) hmm always be there for me and not willin to just up and become someone elses Fu lover... May be the race begin...
Blah Just My Venting
So went down to the lawyer today... Not to mention I was hung over as shit! But I played that one off pretty good. I get into the lawyer and it ws GREAT! See this whole thing is about my divorce and kids... Well I purposely picked smeone who had it out for guys ( no offense guys) So she would rip my exs heart out and hand it to him... So I get in there and I see all her gay pride and pics of her gf and everything else and Im like this is GREAT! Not to mention she is kinda hot :P But anyways we get talking about the divorce and what not and Im reading over the papers and he has LIED through EVERYTHING! Saying my kids have been residents of Washington for 6 months b4 these papers didnt even haev the marriage date right fucking retard.. and he wants to keep my kids all year round take my tax return from them and allow me to see my kids every other saturday for 6 hrs supervised by him... HES INSANE! First off his cunt of a woman aint gonna be taking my place with my kids hes got another t
Today I got the ultimate shock from someone that I let become my whole world practically. Yep, I'm single again and not by choice and for what reasons I'm not completely sure of. I'm not looking to get set up with anyone new right now...time heals all so they say. I'm a pretty strong girl and hopefully I can bounce back but for the momment things dont looks so good. As with any break-up we all go through lil cycles of healing...usually shock is 1st, hurt 2nd and pissed 3rd....smooth sailing from the pissed off stage or atleast it use to be. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it and hope you all value what you have with your loved ones because it can be gone within a blink of an eye. Best wishes to all!! Kim
My Poetry
I remember when I could simply walk down the street, and there you would be looking right at me. At the top of your lungs you would scream my name, into my arms you up and came. You smile at me and I at you. We were the best of friends, Just me and you. I remember when I fell for you and you for me. No matter how stupid I was you were always there for me. Your kiss was like the crystal showers the pour to wash away all that was going wrong. Your very voice, to my soul, seem to sing a song. There was nothing then and nothing now I would not do for you. Inside I have always loved you. Time it seems changed the way it use to be. You disapeared and left me swimming in misery. Everyday I think of you and miss my best friend. I never thought I would lose you at the turn of the bend. Without warning or reason why, you so cruelly cast me aside. Even now with the pain in my heart, I still remember how it was back in the start. I pray one day you will find within the love and f
Local Radio Station
Fubar Friends
My Paper 4/4
OMG!! I just got my grade back on my paper for "Organizational Analysis: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" AND I ACED IT!!!! YAY!!!!! That was such a hard paper to write!! And get this! I actually taught the professor something about the CDC! No shit, right? HA!! Check it! Comments: Chelle, this really was an excellent paper. I really learned a lot about the CDC, and the impact that the organization has on the communities and people that it serves. Fantastic job! Hellz YEAH! Had to share!!
My Stuff
In a park I did dwell For there was a man I loved so well He stole my heart away from me And now he wants to set it free A small girl he placed upon his knee And told her things he didn't tell me Home I went to cry in bed Not a word to mother I said Father came home late from work that night He looked for me left and right Up the stairs the door he broke And he found me hanging from a rope Upon the ground, a note he found Dig my Grave Dig it Deep Place a stone at my feet Upon the stone, place a dove To show the world she died for love. Somewhere in the midst of all this pain Lies a mind that is still sane I'm drowning in a pool of worry and fear That someday my voice you will not hear Come to me and revive my soul Come back and fill the gaping hole My cold heart rarely beats inside Without you by my side Come here and tell me what you need For I would do anything for you even bleed Please te
Showing My Love
A Lot Of Questions
Well here we are. Thousand gathered on Fubar for a variety of reasons. Most of the people in the circle of friends that I associate with on here are much alike in that we are single for whatever reason. Most of us in our 30's and 40's and whether we admit it or not, we are looking for something. But what, and why? I suppose I need to speak for my situation. What am I here for? Am I looking for something? Am I looking for someone? What am I hoping, if anything, to accomplish? The answer? I really don't know. Am I just looking to pass time? Like wishing my life away in order to pass another day, another week, another month? Will things truly be different then? Will I? A lot of questions but not many answers in my case. I think I am here because it is popular and, as my kids would tell you, I'm usually one of the last to jump on board any new movement. Am I looking for something? No. I really have everything I need. Not everything I want, but everything I need. Am I looking for so
Thump Room
Sts-124 Discovery
STS-124 Discovery Image Above: Official crew portrait image of STS-124 space shuttle crew; From the left are astronauts Gregory E. Chamitoff, Michael E. Fossum, both STS-124 mission specialists; Kenneth T. Ham, pilot; Mark E. Kelly, commander; Karen L. Nyberg, Ronald J. Garan and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) Akihiko Hoshide, all mission specialists. Chamitoff is scheduled to join Expedition 17 as flight engineer after launching to the International Space Station on mission STS-124. The crewmembers are attired in training versions of their shuttle launch and entry suits. Image Credit: NASA. Navy Cmdr. Mark E. Kelly will command the STS-124 shuttle mission to deliver the Pressurized Module and robotic arm of the Japanese Experiment Module, known as "Kibo" (hope), to the International Space Station. Navy Cmdr. Kenneth T. Ham will serve as the pilot. Mission specialists will include NASA astronauts Karen L. Nyberg; Air Force Col. Ronald J. Garan Jr.; and Air
Old Raver
How do you know you're an old raver? You snicker when you hear someone say "PLUR". You finally realized that phat pants are heavy and unpractical. You refrain from dancing unless the circle is of rather large dimensions. When you do dance, you "battle". You learn to spin, and therefore have graduated to the "superior rave status". You find out just how crooked promoters really are. You hate massives. You blame candy kids for everything retarded in the scene. You say "the scene" a lot. You find out how much better european electronic music really is. You find out that glow sticks were cool TEN years ago in the UK. You have pretended to be rolling at a party just to get a quick laugh out of your friends. When you ARE on E, you do your best to act normal. You find out that American DJ's are completely overrated. You have close friends who don't give a fuck about raving. You think that maybe YOU don't really give a fuck either. The smell of Vicks makes you physically sic
A Love Song
white skin very pale very really yes fair skinned excited my heart is beating fast cause i can see you in my eye the layers of tone underneath Transparent like crystal light colors blacks and whites that have just made me go into shock you are a beauty a pleasure yes it would be easy it would be i think, easy to I am going to say it it would be so easy to love you Its like a dream yes you are like a dream the kind you make up in the day wide awake the kind you do not soon forget the kind you most want to come true yes the dream kind and you do not have to write it down soon as you awake least you forget or the kind that makes you scream or cry in your sleep yes its the kind that makes you want to go back to sleep to finish it cause dreaming is far better then living it cause you want to believe it and i believe you i like you I believe you are not a dream a figment of an over active imagination but are more a note a sound l
Every turn creates a new problem Confusion shadows the inner light of life Raging storms of doubt cloud the surface Fear takes over as the light begins to flicker fighting to shine with the strength of desperation Time passes slowly as the light continues to fade Finally the light weakens giving into the overwhelming darkness THE FIGHT IS OVER
Karma And Marshalls Wedding
Karma and Gift N Da Curse - Master Of Artz have decided to Fu-wed in a CT ceremony. You are all invited to the wedding! The wedding will be in Centerfolds at 10pm fubar time on Saturday, April 5th, 2008. We want you all there to wish this happy couple well! *~Karma~*@ fubar Da Gift N Da Curse - Master Of Artz@ fubar Ryot Gyrl Will Be Rockin The 1's and 2's Ryot ~Fu Bad B!TCH~ Head DJ @ Centerfolds@ fubar
I Learned I Can Cry...
My best friend and companion for 18 years, Biscuit, the family Westie-Poo was put down humanely today. He had a long and wonderful life. He kept my lap warm in the winter, and loved to run and play right up until this afternoon when I took him to the vet. In the end he had gone blind, and deaf, his sense of smell was degraded enough he couldn't identify anything till his nose was right over it. His hips went out 6 months ago, due to cancer. I'm still tearing up thinking of him as I write this note. I wish he were here, but he suffered long enough. If its true all dogs go to heaven I certainly hope he finds someone else to play with until I can join him there. I love you Biscuit, and will always miss you.
Poems For The Inspired....
---Not Titled yet---- Terrible feats, disarray or disobey, To the clients of whom which their wisdom we must not foretell. For rest the souls of the masters in knowledge, and the seekers who adventure through this life's secret cornage. Who will walk a mile with thee, Along with life's weary dreams, A friend whose heart has eyes to see, The stars shine out o'er the darkening sea, And the quiet rest at the end of the day, A friend who knows and dares to say, The brave sweet words to throw cheer your way. With such comrade, such a friend, I too would walk, Til' journeys end, Through sunshine, rain, sleet or snow, And then farewell, Who will walk a mile with thee, So on that day's farewell you'll know. Appreciate the beauty in it's most rare form, and when open to it's nature, will sooth your soul, tkae heed to those in shambles, caress their inner spirit, and thus gather clean knowledge to cleanse the souls of others *for
Last Straw!
Texxas And I Auction
Help Me Out Pls
have u every been in love wit some that u can have but u thought u could walk away from. But u couldnt at all. The more u Push urself away the more u want them. Some peoples lives aint the greatest but knowin that someone out there loves u for who u r and all ur issues that u may have. Do wat u can to make it work. Do all u can to live for the moment and wat thrown in front of u at the time. But just dont let love pass u bye. Before you're stuck wit someone that dont or want u to change to fit wat they want u to be. All i can say is do u and be u. Love that person wit ur whole heart and soul. click on my picture sick and twisted is my name. DEMON CREW FAMILY CONTEST: "BATTLE OF THE SEXES" MEET THE CONTESTANTS FOR ROUND 1:
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Crazy Things I Do!!!!
Ok I am in a comment bomb contest! I know I hate bombing too but I really want a VIP so I do what I must. Now yall know I am like crazy busy so I cannot bomb all day, so here is the thing I will give you FUbucks for comments. For every 100 comments I will give you 2,000 FUbucks! Just let me know when you have finished and the bucks will be on the way. If you cannot do that many then please leave a rate and whatever comments you can. Thank tons all. Again thx all luvs ya!!!! Ok yall I did it!!! I put myself in an auction... what am I doing?!?!? lol Ok so here is the link and what I am offering, intersted then check it out if not pls at least leave me a comment here to know I'm crazy, lol. XOXOXOXOXO Minimum Bid 200,000 Fubucks ~~Sexie Mami~~ Offers 1. Rate, fan & add you if haven't already 2. Added to my family list if you're not already 3. Added to my top friends list if you're not already 4. Rate all your pics 11's During HH's 5. Rate all Bogs Duri
On June the second I will be having my baby girl by c-section so im going to be away for about 4 or 5 days mabye longer, dont worry ill post pictures when i get back. stephanie Love is something that you dont get just out of luck, love is not something you can take advantage of, love is something you CAN'T take for granted because you never know whats going to happen in a relashionship. Love is a gift that is given between two people and is is something to be charised. Love is defently something that is built on trust. let love lead you to happyness and dont forget to follow your heart
Suddenly awakened In the mid of morn Recalling the dreams of you and I Rolling over to embrace your dream, There is another lying beside you The same woman you have laid beside for 10 years Gazing into her eyes She clung to the shirt you were wearing last night Guilt is revealed on the lipstick stained collar The scent of my perfume lingering Complete silence fills the room as you search for an apology The betrayal to the one that loved you The one that neglected her dreams to ensure you followed yours She mothered your children She was your wife Ruined By Passionate lust, betraying dreams, & sinful seductions With Me While she waited for you
Jesse James
You're struttin' into town like you're slingin' a gun Just a small town dude with a big city attitude Honey are ya lookin' for some trouble tonight Well all right You think you're so bad, drive the women folk wild Shoot 'em all down with the flash of your pearly smile Honey but you met your match tonight Oh, that's right You think you'll knock me off my feet 'til I'm flat on the floor 'Til my heart is cryin' Indian and I'm beggin for more So come on baby Come on baby show me what that loaded gun is for [CHORUS] If you can give it I can take it 'Cause if this heart is gonna break it's gonna take a lot to break it I know tonight Somebody's gonna win the fight So if you're so tough Come on and prove it You heart is down for the count and you know you're gonna lose it Tonight you're gonna go down in flames Just like Jesse James You're an outlaw lover and I'm after your hide Well you ain't so strong, won't be long 'til your hands are tied To
Brain Candy
I wrote this awhile ago, but thought I would put it into my blog! What is there to do when you waited so long for something to come, but when you have the chance, you don't want it anymore. It's like waiting in line for a ride at a park. You may wait for hours, but when you finally get there, you wonder, what could I have been doing instead of waiting for this one ride. I could have gone to see a magic show or rode another ride. Was this ride really worth waiting for? Here is a question that I don't understand. Why must people not understand and why must people be ignorant? Ignorant can be defined as "uneducated in general." Ignorance is my biggest fear. I hate when people don't understand. I hate when people don't WANT to understand. I hate when people are ignorant. Tell me please, why is this? It breaks my heart when people are general. Thank you for your time, Jessica Joy
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Girlfriend Application
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite Color: 4. Whats your sign: 5. Height: 6. Hair (color and style): 7. Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN: 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11. Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would you take a nap with me? 16. Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 18. Would you dance with me? 19. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY: 1. Personality: 2. Eyes: 3. Face: 4. Hair: WOULD YOU: give me your nu
Thomas Beattie
Meet Thomas Beatie. He was born biologically female, had sex reassignment surgery, and is now legally male. When his wife, Nancy, was unable to have children, Thomas, who still has female genitalia, decided hed carry their baby himself. And thus became the worlds first pregnant man. A process which, unsurprisingly, hasnt been too easy: Our situation sparks legal, political, and social unknowns. We have only begun experiencing opposition from people who are upset by our situation. Doctors have discriminated against us, turning us away due to their religious beliefs. Health care professionals have refused to call me by a male pronoun or recognize Nancy as my wife. Receptionists have laughed at us. Friends and family have been unsupportive; most of Nancys family doesnt even know Im transgender. And we thought nothing could shock our parents more than the news were dating a Protestant. Beaties first attempt at pregnancy was ectopic, but his second try was successful. Now five m
Moms In Hospice
Today at 1:30pm, the nurses took off the tubes and i vs from my mom and turned off the machines . She was then transfered into their hospice section and will remain there until she passes on. I just came back from there and will return to spend the night. I hope shes ok now..she id resting and breathing on her own until she cant do it anymore. 4-5-08
Diabetes Research
Diabetes Research1
Diabetes Research121
Blar...wrong place in my blogs (repost). Anyways, yea I did the snapvine thingy again. Blame Jenni. :p Anyways, leave me a voice comment and let me know if you want one back. Complete randomness, yes I know. But what's new right?
Rants And Raves!!!!
I have had a bad day. I hurt all over from my illness, now I think that nerve thats runs at your back is hurting very badly. Feels like my hips are on fire!! Cause of that I was unable to get any sleep today or last nite before work. To top that off I have been in a very pissy mood! I just want to rip peoples faces off! My moods have been goin gup and down and all around. Good thing the plant is closed tonite, so that makes things easier on me. Plus I got this number of a little hottie who I want to call but because of all this, I don't want to for fear of making her mad. Its only been close to a week, since I told her I would call, but things have kept coming up!! So today I am sooooo hating things, soooo very much. Also I am bored out of my mind and restless can't sit still, which is a good thing cause the pain is less when I stand and walk around! Well thats all for my s**t, Later All!!!!
Tired Of You
I can be your liar I can be your bearer of bad news Sick and uninspired by the diamonds in your fire Burning like a flame inside of you Is this just desire or the truth So shame on me for the ruse Shame on me for the blues Another one returned that I'll never use I won't go getting tired of you I won't go getting tired of you I'm not getting tired I won't go getting tired of you I won't go getting tired of you I'm not getting tired Hanging on this wire Waiting for the day I'll have to choose Cursed by love so dire One more boy for hire One more boy to lend a hand to you Is this just desire or the truth So shame on me for the ruse Shame on me for the blues Another one returned that I'll never use I won't go getting tired of you I won't go getting tired of you I'm not getting tired I won't go getting tired of you I won't go getting tired of you I'm not getting tired of you I can be your liar I can be your bearer of bad news Sick and uninspired b
Jet-Li and Jackie Chan in the same movie. Has to be one of the most anticipated movies this year. Opens Friday, Apr 18th. PS: I cannot blog properly tonight. Hence the re-entries. :-S I swear they made a movie about me and has a guy playing it. :o Go figure. Out in theaters April 11th. Although, it's not my cup of tea for a movie, it's another hugely anticipated jump from comic books movie, worth mentioning. My kids loves all the Marvel Hero guys. (has no good technical lingo for this one) *blinks* Opening May 2nd.
Any one else on here play wow also knowen as world of war craft?
The 69 Eyes
My Nsfw
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Come Bid On Me and Rate Me I am in another contest Stop in and throw me a bid and a rate HEY ALL, I DECIDED TO GET IN THE CONTEST FAD :D COME PUT A BID IN I WILL TREAT YOU GOOD IF YOU WIN ME, I will rate 500 pics 11's during HH 300 stash during HH Be owned for a month random gifts during the month be your crush for a month leave comments daily on your page put you in my family my yahoo addy THANKS, LOVE YA
We had a promise made Four hands and then away Both under influence We had divine scent To know what to say Mind is a razorblade To call for hands up above, to lean on Wouldn't be good enough for me, oh One night of magic rush The start: a simple touch One night to push and scream And then relief Ten days of perfect tunes The colours red and blue We had a promise made We were in love To call for hands up above, to lean on Wouldn't be good enough for me, oh To call for hands up above, to lean on Wouldn't be good enough And you You knew the hand of a devil And you Kept us awake with wolves teeth Sharing different heartbeats in one night To call for hands up above, to lean on Wouldn't be good enough for me, oh To call for hands up above, to lean on Wouldn't be good enough *Lyrics By The Knife This Song Is On My Playlist.......Take A Listen If You Get A Moment
Adult - Silicon Challenge
Playing Games
The day starts off bad and stressful Do some work for two hours And still not happy with it Meet up with you later We play an innocent game That soon turns into not so innocent We walk down the hall Into the door I start low And then get pulled to your lips You kiss me hard but amazingly Is there anything youre not good at? You move your mouth to my neck Sending shivers down my back You must have felt it since your hands were there Sit down and I jump on your lap We arent alone Someone came in We wait in silence till once again we are alone Then our fun continues You tell me to jump you I say no I cant right now You tell me you want me so bad right now And still I cant jump you right now So you tell me that if I didnt sit on your lap You would pin me to the wall I have my doubts Sure enough you stand up and pin me to the wall Grabbing my face with both hand and kissing me hard You have no idea how much I love that Kissing me and pulling my pants down slowl
Adult - Topless 3d Tennis
Rainy day, sucky weather The commute is slower Roadways are wet One wrong move and it's... crash! It all happened so fast Next thing I know I am pulling over And exchanging information No one is hurt... good news Bad news... car damage Hand shakes while I copy Her information on my notepad So shook up, so scared Never wanting to drive again
Beautiful red and yellow feathers Sparkling eyes that Have the power to heal With their tears Then, in their old age They burst into flames Ashes fall to the cage's bottom Once again the beautiful phoenix Is born from the ashes That previously fell Just moments before
Depression Poem
So stupid all the time Can't do anything right Not smart whatsoever If you need directions Don't ask me... I can't find my way Out of a paper bag Fat and unattractive I don't understand How guys are attracted to me I am very self conscience Everyday I think Why am I here? I can't do anything I get lost and confused to easily Honestly I don't know What the hell to do anymore...
Well I finally took and posted some more pictures like everyone wanted me to. Hope everyone likes them, if not then don't look anymore!
My Perfect Guy
Somewhere between 5'7" and 5'11" Short hair worn spikey and blonde Eyes as blue as the ocean Or as green as mountains Not too fat and not too thin But right in the middle A great smile that Makes me week in the knees A personality that's sugar sweet A kiss so powerful That I forget all my problems And melt in his arms When he holds me I feel so safe and secure That I know he wouldn't Let anything happen to his girl This has always been The kind of guy I was looking for And when I meet him I'll grab and hold him tight Never letting go of him I do, till death do us part I will love you till the end
More Pictures
Well I went to the park today and took 3 more pictures, plus I uploaded soem wrestling pictures for anyone interested. Let me know what people think.
Adult - Falling Dildo's
Adult - Sexy Strip Quiz 7
Why Lie
Weirdos On Fubar....!
alright.... I'm getting pretty annoyed at all the jerks that act like pigs on here. Its so not cool and it sure as hell doesn't make the rest of us men look like prince charming. IS there no end to 55 yr old men telling 18 yr old girls they're hot and trying to get them to post nsfw pics so they can jerk off? There is no way to stop them i guess, but i would just like to state that i, Cole Smith, am not a pig/perv/Weirdo. If you don't believe me then try me and see if you feel the same after we've conversed. There are plenty of men that feel exactly the way i do one here so before you ladies just blow a man off because of some irrelevant reason please give him one chance, just one.
Please help her in her contest. She is trying to win a choice of a 7 day blast or a month VIP. Just take a few minutes to stop by and comment on her contest photo...Thanx your friend Scooter!!! (repost of original by '$()TR-(Lori's Hubby){Demon Crew Recruiter}-[Slave to Mz Attitude]{ShadowLeveler}' on '2008-04-04 18:21:28')
I Ask You All To Do It
you all will Know why Im asking this in do time Please Show Him Love Love Me Or Hate Me I'M still YOUR OBESSION@ fubar
Thoughts That Escaped
push pull ebb flow win some lose some always balanced Duty Duty is a binding allegiance to those ideals that we hold most dear. It is the most chafing bond we wear. It is a multi-faceted claim upon our being. Only to be broken down in context by individual limitation. We are bound as individuals to bring to the world a unique perspective and make that voice heard so others have a guideline, a basis for comparison or a counter introspective to their own individualism. As a woman these duties have clear definition yet no line of distinction. I am bound by womanhood to be strong for all those who look up to me or to me for comfort, encouragement, definition of self, independence and leadership. I determine what people see and it is my duty to present the best possible example of all the things beautiful and strong about being a woman. I am bound by marriage to be the rock that my husband can lean against in his struggle for balance. Man’s duty being vastly different yet
God Made Me Built For Sin
Fill this out and I will decide who will be my fu-lover! Good luck! 1)What is my name (without looking at my homepage)? 2)Do you think I am a cat lover or a dog lover? 3)What lounge do I greet at (without looking at my homepage)? 4)What do you know about me? 5)If you could describe me in one word what would it be? 6)How did you find me on fubar? 7)Are you a friend/fan/family of mine on fubar? 8)On a scale from 1-10 what would you rate how bad you want to get with me starting with 1 as eww ur gross and 10 being i want you now! 9)How far will you go to be my fu-lover? 10)Do you think I'll pick you as my fu-lover and why? Good luck everyone! ^.^ This song has been running on my ipod the past couple days I keep it on repeat..I am excited for my move but yet again I am not ready to leave the place I have been at for 19 years of my life.. Time to move on I suppose but god I will miss the people I cared about in this state.. "Warbrain" by: Alkaline Tri
People officially fucking suck. Especially people who ignore the fact that people are seeing someone. And say things such as "Oh well what (s)he doesn't know can't hurt you." Where the fuck is the concept of fidelity? Loyalty? Is my generation so lost as to forget the binds of love and hold them sacred? At the -very- least only bother people in open relationships, they're easy to begin with and won't get fucking pissed off when you hit on them. This secrecy shit is annoying. Fess up when you fuck up people, hiding shit just leads to lack of trust. Trust is important in a relationship, so if you intend on being in a long term one, or get married. Don't be a fucking douche, be honest at least, even if you aren't faithful, but don't be surprised when you get what you deserve. I hate you assholes. And cherish you few who don't fit into the above category
Feelings.. Just Me Rambling
I have recently been decieved by someone that I called a friend. I hate liars, there is no place in my life for someone that only sits out to decieve and destroy others feelings. I am hurt deeply by these lies. Most of them were not to me directly but to someone that I care for and consider a best friend. I am too caring I guess and I wear my heart on my sleeve. Maybe I should say fuck it and just be a heartless bitch? But then I am denying who I really am but think that at times it would keep me from getting hurt. In my opinion the worse thing you can do is lie to me. Why must people decieve others? I am not talking white lies I am talking monsterous lies about one dying from cancer. How can someone lie about something so horrible just to recieve attention from others? I deal with this as karma is a bitch and you will get back what you deserve. But to play with others emotions in such away is horrible. Like I said in the intro this is just me rambling..
Ok you guys I may sound crazy, but I often wonder if I will ever trust any of my friends again or go on without anyone to trust? I have come to realize that I trust none of my friends any more.. So I wonder will I ever find a best friend again? It has come to my attention that over the last two years, since my ex best friend slept and married my ex husband, I have alienated all my friends and even my true best friend of 14 yrs. So what am I to do who do I have to cry to, to tell me the truth when I need it or someone that if I just needed a shoulder to cry who will be there? So I have been going on these last 2 yrs and never realizing that I was destroying a part of my life a little by little.. I know we all need our friends especially one's that we can trust no matter what.. I have a ton of friends ,but no one that I could call in a spur of the moment if I was really down or something I was so excited about that I had to holler for joy from the roof tops.. Who would it be. After y
Tech And Other Odd Things here is a nice piece of tech we all can use right now but as a nation we are to scared to even want in our own back yard. to bad it would save us all money in the long run and thats what we need right now. ok i was doing a search on real iron man armor and came across something i find kinda scary and oddly interesting look here to see what im talking about its a company out of japan and the name they chose is of interest besides the fact that they are working on a exo suit that can help people do a lot of heavy lifting with out straining a muscle. one of the other things they are working on is trying to reconnect the nerves that have been damaged from say a spinal inju
How to use the rebate As you may have heard the Bush Administration said each and every one of us would now get a nice rebate. If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, all the money will go to China. If we spend it on gasoline it will all go to the Arabs, if we purchase a computer it will all go to India, if we purchase fruit and vegetables it will all go to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala, if we purchase a good car it will all go to Japan, if we purchase useless crap it will all go to Taiwan and none of it will help the American economy. We need to keep that money here in America, so the only way to keep that money here at home is to buy prostitutes and beer, since those are the only businesses still in the US.
Best Sex Joke Ever!
Okay so a guy is near the end of his senior year in high school. Unfortunately, he still has to share a room with his younger brother who is only 9 years old. One night, he decides to bring his girlfriend home for a little fun. They have bunk beds and the guy notices that his little brother is already asleep on the lower bunk, so he and his girlfriend climb up to the top As you might expect things start to heat up. The guy remembers that his little brother is sleeping below so he tells his girlfriend to whisper "lettuce" if she wants it harder and "tomato" if she wants a new position. Lettuce!!! Tomato!!! Lettuce!!! Tomato!!! Lettuce!!! Tomato!!!! She screams. Lettuce!!! Tomato!!! Whoa!!! PULL IT OUT!!! PULL IT OUT NOW!!! I can'
I just figured out how to post a blog! Let the bitching begin... If you dont have pics, dont ask me for more than I already have on here. And a tiny ass pic or a blurry face shot doesnt count either. K? Dont ask me if I give head, or what my measurements are. You wouldnt want someone talkin to your mom/sister/daughter that way, would you?? Its not even like Im offended. Its just annoying. Its the same questions, all the time. If I didnt answer you the first time, guess what? your probably going to get the same reaction when you ask me again. To get respect, you must GIVE respect. Just to clarify..I have talked to alot of really cool people on here, and if your on my friend list, this probably isnt directed at you. GO RED SOX
My Music
*A* Angels And Airwaves :) The All American Rejects :) Arctic Monkeys :) Alter Bridge :) Air Traffic Ash Avenged Sevenfold :D Aerosmith :D Avril Lavigne *B* Blink 182 :D Brand New Bloc Party :D Biffy Clyro Blur :D Bowling For Soup The Bravery *C* Cauterize Creed :D Copeland Cute Is What We Aim For Coldplay :D:D Chemical Brothers :D:D:D The Caesars Clinic *D* Dykeenies Drowning Pool :) Doves Damien Rice :D Daniel Powter :D Dany Warhols Dashboard Confessional Death Cab For Cutie The Darkness :D *E* Enter Shikari :D Eels Editors The Enemy Elliot Minor :D Evanescence :D:D Edguy *F* Fall Out Boy :D:D:D The Fratellis :) Feeder :D:D Foo Fighters :D:D:D Funeral For A Friend :D The Feeling :) Fighstar The Fray :) Futureheads :) *G* Good Charlotte :D:D Glamour For Better Green Day :D:D:D Gym Class Heroes :D Gavin DeGraw Goo Goo Dolls :D The Gorillaz :D:D:D *H* Houston Calls Hadouken! :D Hard-Fi Hellogoodbye :D
April Is Autism Awareness Month - Spread The Word!
April is Autism awareness month, I like 1000s of others know how dibilating autism can be ... to be locked in your own world as the sufferer is one thing but often the families are forgotten. It is heartbreaking when your own child won't even cuddle you or look you in the eye or show love because they don't know how to or the idea of seeing how others live find the whole thing scary. I have a nephew with autism and he is now 13 still very much in his own world, gets very upset when he wants to get his view across hates cuddles There are no cures for autism only by spreading the word and making people more aware will others not stand staring at the 16 year old having a paddy in a busy shop because he doesnt want to leave, he isnt being naughty he is frustrated, angry that no-one understands him and what he wants to say. Others will know that my son is on the autistic spectrum with PDD (aspergers ) and whilst you may all be thinking thats not as bad as autism i can tell you it i
Im In A Nother Contest!!
Why do you lie... I have done nothing wrong all I want is the truth and you tell me one thing and shit goes the other way. I am done of the lies... Tried of trying to hold your hand and you wanted nothing to do with it am I that bad I guess I am. Why go on.... I have nothing to give I gave it my all just to find out I am fuckface. Now i know how much you loved me or didnt. Love you will be gone soon. What a day if it could go wrong it did went from one bad thing to another do I just have no luck? Can I just get a break and have a good day with out something going to shit? My respone... NO you are fucked. Why because I was a good guy who did what i had too just to get screwed over in the long run. Oh well live with it i cant change it. Need help why cant people be honest. I have been going through some shit and I think it might work out then you get that call and the other person tells you what you dont want to hear. Hey i was faithfull took care of my family didnt cheat she did and st
Final Move Update
Weeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm moving on my birthday the 17th. I've decided to go ahead and move even though house hasn't sold. I NEED to see my grandsons I miss them a lot. And since I don't have the money to pay my utilities gonna just say fuck it and move :). Thank you too all who have wished me well on this.
Levelers List Apr 5
Shadow Levelers Members List Here are the members closest to leveling... :) Good Luck!!! :) 5,457 to Level 9 truckdriverofhooterville{shadowleveler}@ fubar 7,802 to Level 9 lost in love@ fubar 18,429 to Level 23 ~yeahmon~[Shadow Leveler]Please read profile and sign guestbook♥Heart's in Indiana♥@ fubar 22,258 to Level 17 laprincesa{shadow leveler}@ fubar 26,414 to Level 19 ~Tina~No Salute~No Add~@ fubar 27,284 to Level 18 Vanessa { Shadow Leveler } { BBW_BOMBER FAMILY }@ fubar 38,402 to Level 17 Havin Fun {r/l bf of Mz Attitude} [Shadow Leveler]~Master of Mz Attitude~@ fubar 294,074 to Level 21 Christopher aka Scooter R/L Owner of *STGiggles*Shadow Leveler@ fubar 60,740 to Level 20 BILLY THE KID SHADOW LEVELER@ fubar 56,674 to Level 23
Happy Hour
THANK YOU!!!! I would like to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who helped my Happy Hour successful. I will name a few names, but NO WAY POSSIBLY can I name everyone who helped me. SO if I left you out it was NOT intentional. Also these names are in NO particular order, just the order that I put them on my page. I'd first like to thank Memory, cause she bought me the HH. ( ok after this they are in no order, this one IS number one). She started as my owner who bought me for a HIGH price and has become a GREAT friend. She has also since became my owner again....Memory, you are fuckin AWESOME and NEVER let ANY douche on here or in RL tell you different. ♥Memory♥Chaotic Realms Wife/Owner OF Chaotic Realms Lounge♥@ fubar Id like to thank the GORGEOUS BlondePrincess8786 for allowing me to use her picture as my default. Heaven knows my ugly ass couldn't have gotten that many page hits. Shes an awesome person that has gone above and beyond to help me. ( sorry
Totally Awesome Friends!!!
Hey everyone... here are some really awesome people to check out... they are really good friends and help out when they can. Go show them some love... some are getting close to leveling too... If you don't already have them on your list.. You should... :) mattyboy828@ fubar DracheZWorld@ fubar ~IBeLeeB~ Owned By Fever@ fubar Lars - Retired!!!@ fubar shanwbar'~GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY~NIGHTHAWKS' ~'@ fubar glPrꧧ {wr f lb p v}@ fubar Eala La La La {SER} Vibes!!!!@ fubar ALWAYS HOPE HEAD ENFORCER AT DIVA'S DEN@ fubar Bishounen_mason((Vampire Kitten))(FU Hubby to SinesterSerpentine)@ fubar Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Promoter / RisingStar ~ Owned by Dave - Crypt_Kee
I Rise
STILL I RISE You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I'll rise. Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? 'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells Pumping in my living room. Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still I'll rise. Did you want to see me broken? Bowed head and lowered eyes? Shoulders falling down like teardrops. Weakened by my soulful cries. Does my haughtiness offend you? Don't you take it awful hard 'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines Diggin' in my own back yard. You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I'll rise. Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise That I dance like I've got diamonds At the meeting of my thighs? Out of the huts of history's shame - I rise Up from a past t
Had another day of practice today. Although its a pain at times.. running to practices 4 days out of the week.. I enjoy it so much also. Meeting the same parents.. year after year.. its like almost family. This year my youngest.. is one of the oldest on his team. Hes still in T-ball though. He is doing so well...slugging the balls.. and paying attn. I remember just 2 years ago..him playing in the sand. This year.. its the younger kids.. doing it. Although I did yell at him once today..for flirting with the girl in the dugout. He was on 3rd base.. just chattin away to her. The coaches laughed. Anyways..that girl ran to the other dug out..and started bothering the 1st baseman. LMAO. It was the coaches son..he hollered at him to quit talking to the women. As for my oldest.. I only stayed at one of his practices.. to see how hes doing. The other day was nasty.. and 2 hrs long. He seems to be doing pretty good. I just hope he gets to play this year. Last year..he was a new kid.
Thank You From Irishsweetheart
Myspace Thank You Graphics I'm truly in AWWW, at the love I received while trying to Godmother on Thursday night and Friday morning. You all were so amazing. Special thanks to Texas Camaro Guy, BOO BOO, Gary and The Shadow Levelers. As well as my wonderful friends and family!! I've made a list of people that I need to show lots of love back to. The bf has his boys the rest of this week and we don't see them often enough, so i'm trying to spend time with the family. I promise to get to ya'll as soon as I can. MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT TO YOU ALL! IRISH SWEETHEART RL/GF 2 DEADLIEST CATCH~DSC~CLUB FAR@ fubar Myspace Friends Comments
Calling All Friends!!!
Guardian Angel His First Comment Contest!!! He Needs To Be The 1st One To 25,000 Comments! PLEASE, Help Him Out!! Show Him It Can Happen! All Support & Love Is Returned!! All Friends & New Friends Welcome! He Is Truly A Great Guy Let Him Be A True Friend & Your Guardian Angel
2007 Darwin Awards
THINNING THE HERD 2007... Eighth Place:In Detroit, a 41-year-old man got stuck and drowned in two feet of water after squeezing head first through an 18-inch-wide sewer grate while trying to retrieve his car keys. Seventh Place:A 49-year-old San Francisco stock broker -- who often bragged he was 'totally-zoned when he ran' -- accidentally jogged off a 100-foot high cliff on his daily workout. Sixth Place:While at the beach, Daniel Jones, 21, dug an 8-foot hole for protection from the wind and had been sitting in a beach chair at the bottom when it collapsed, burying him beneath 5 feet of sand. People on the beach used their hands and shovels trying to get him out but could not reach him. It took rescue workers using heavy equipment almost an hour to free him. Jones was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Fifth Place:Santiago Alvarado, 24, was killed as he fell through the ceiling of a bicycle shop he was burglarizing. Death was caused when the long flashlight he had placed
Virginia Motorcycle Enthusiests
I am posting this blog to help promote one of my three lounges. Anyone interested in joining my fairly new lounge, please feel free to do so. The lounge primarily is for persons who want to discuss motorcycles. This includes those who already have motorcycles. This also includes person thinking about getting a bike, and wanting to learn about becoming a new rider. Again I need members, so please stop in, become a member, and visit anytime you like. Thanks a lot. Branwei
Virginia Volunteer Rescue Squads/ Emt's Paramedics
This is to primarily promote my lounge called Virginia Volunteer Rescue Squads/EMT's Paramedics. Feel free to enter, join, become a member. Visit often. I am in need of members. The lounge is for people who are EMT's Paramedics. This is also a lounge for persons in becoming EMT's Paramedics, and looking to become volunteers at a rescue squad. This is so people can learn about becoming and EMT, and the different processes to go through. Anyone interested, please stop by. Thank you very much.
Trust Fragile as a lily, it cements relationships. Without it there can be no meaning to the words, "I Love You", without it all things fail, and happiness is eroded. As the trees in autumn lose their leaves, so I lose life if trusted I am not. I must be trusted, for trust builds hope, and love. Trust brings to all things a wholeness that is sublime, and which cannot be explained. My complete soul screams with fear if I am not believed. If I am not trusted, what can I do? Speak Or Spell There were times when I woke up with my mind made up and a burning flame in my heart, eager to reach you with all these things which I never spoke of to you, my all-time love. And if it's about speaking or about spelling, may heart day by day oh, it is dwelling, for my Soul has always been seeking for the sign of at-one-ment. How could I tell you everything by saying nothing? You are the Mirror of my fears, the shining star that ligh
Virginia Firefighters Lounge
This is to help promote my third lounge called Virginia Firefighters Lounge. This lounge is for firefighters to come in and chat about what we do. This is also a lounge for people interested in learning what it takes to become a firefighter volunteer or paid. And finally can also be a lounge for persons interested in meeting firefighters, volunteer and paid. Please come visit, join as a member, and visit often. I am in need of members and look forward to seeing anyone interested in the lounge. Thanks a lot. Branwei
My Thank You Too All Of Fubar
WOW............ Thank you just doesnt seem too be enough too say too all of you. I want too thank everyone for all the love you you poured on me for the last few days. Im simply still in awe. Fubar you Rock.. There is no way too individually put you all in here because I had too sleep and there was rates going straight through the night and all day. Yesterday I watched for over 14 hours straight I had someone or many people rating me all at once. I will do my best in the next days too come too show love too all but this is going too take a long time too return all the love that was showed. Thank you for every bulletin reposted, Rates, bling, picture comments, profile comments, and too all of you that maxed on rates and was bombing my pictures thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I can ever help any of you pleas feel free too ask and I will do my best too return the favor back too all of you.. Have a great weekend... Much love and respect to
For Lynne
1.Scientific tests find that when women make love, they produce double amounts of the hormone estrogen, which make hair shiny and skin smooth. 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscles in the body. It?s more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps and you don?U dont need special sneakers! 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases the body endorphin into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being. 6. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals called pheromones. These subtle sex perfumes drive the opposite sex crazy! 7
Never Choke in a restaurant in the South Two hillbillies walk into a bar. While having a shot of whisky, they talk about their moonshine operation. Suddenly, a woman at a nearby table, who is eating a sandwich, begins to cough. And, after a minute or so, it becomes apparent that she is in real distress. One of the hillbillies looks at her and says, 'Kin ya swallar?' The woman shakes her head no. Then he asks, 'Kin ya breathe?' The woman begins to turn blue and shakes her head no. The hillbilly walks over to the woman, lifts up her dress, yanks down her drawers and quickly gives her right butt cheek a lick with his tongue. The woman is so shocked that she has a violent spasm and the obstruction flies out of her mouth. As she begins to breathe again, the Hillbilly walks slowly back to the bar. His partner says, 'Ya know, I'd heerd of that there 'Hind Lick Maneuver' but I ain't niver seed nobody do it!' If you don't send this to five friends,
MASTER IS HAVING A BOMBING CONTEST THE CONTEST WILL BE HELD ON MY SEXY WIFE'S (BUBBLES) PAGE 1ST PLACE-CHOICE OF 1 MONTH VIP OR 7 DAY BLAST 2ND PLACE-CHOICE OF 3 DAY BLAST OR BLING PACK 3RD PLACE-1 DAY BLAST COMMENT BOMB YOUR OWN PIC RATES COUNT AS TWO COMMENTS ALL QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS GOES TO MASTER MUST HAVE A SALUTE TO JOIN IT SHOULD START ON FRIDAY MAY 2ND SO SEND ME THE THUMB NAIL LINK TO THE SFW PIC YOU WANT ENTERED ~MASTER~@ fubar THIS PIMP MADE BY MASTER Music Video:I LOVE ROCK 'N ROLL (by Britney Spears)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone I'm giving 1,000 fubucks to Anyone That fan~rate~add Lynne She is really cool And tell her I sent you Then send me a message not a shout box that you added her.Thank you very much! ~ ~ ~ ~Lynne ~ Owner of NOVA, Gothedelic, Mark Murderous,♠MASTERb... Show them all Luv!~Diva M@ fubar ~ ~ ~ Message me. .♠MASTER♠OWNED~STRICTLY~BY~LYNNE~
how do i change the back ground in my profile? if you know will you please explain it to me
Ring Of Fire: FU Owner of Soul Searcher@ fubar
★ ♥ ☆ TODAY, The 5th day of April, is ^SIN^'S BIRTHDAY!!!! ★ ♥ ☆ CLICK ANY OF HER PICTURES HERE AND SPANK THIS BAD GIRL: ★ ♥ ☆ ★ ♥ ☆ ^sin^ will be running ★ ♥ ☆ ★ ♥ ☆ Auto 11s All Day Long! ★ ♥ ☆ ★ ♥ ☆ ★ ♥ ☆ ^sin^ is traveling and headed home today. Show her LOTS of birthday lovin'! ★ ♥ ☆ ★ ♥ ☆ ★ ♥ ☆ ★ ♥ ☆ This birthday
=== 'Real WifeTo Rebel~Owner of Rock Bottom Lounge/FuWifeToBigDaddy9672/Kandi'sBitch~1 StackedMama' spewed forth the following at '2008-04-05 10:37:54'.. Happy Birthday Hope you are having a great day! Just wanted to say Happy Birthday! Thank You for being such a great friend! So,glad you are part of rock bottom staff So From REAL and EVERYONE @ ROCK BOTTOM LOUNGE WE WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! CLICK ON PIC TO SHOW HIM SOME BIRTHDAY LOVE!
I'm Still Standing...
I have reached the lowest of lows I have suffered way too many emotional blows.....But I'm still standing I let one come between me and my loved ones I have given everything only to gain nothing....But I'm still standing I use to love a man more than I loved myself I use to love a man that took me and my worth for granted....But I'm still standing Strong, Bold, a little shaken, but with renewed self esteem-baby best believe.....I'm still standing.
Skulls Angels
ARE YOU SEXY ENOUGH?? COME FIND OUT ONLY LORD SKULL KNOWS IF YOu CAN BE AN "ANGEL" DO YOU DARE ASK HIM ? CLICK THE PIC TO YOUR DESTINY.... THE INFAMOUS "LORD SKULL" LORD SKULL ~ :@ ENFORCER@ SKULL CRUSHER RADIO ~ HEAD OF SKULLS ANGELS ~ APPLY WITH IN ~@ fubar (repost of original by 'ღGothiqueTemptationღ Owner-DSG&D- RaWღBeautifully Morbid GM ღ' on '2008-04-05 10:53:24') (repost of original by 'LORD SKULL ~ :@ ENFORCER@ SKULL CRUSHER RADIO ~ HEAD OF SKULLS ANGELS ~ APPLY WITH IN ~' on '2008-04-05 10:55:52') (repost of original by '~☆TŧT ☆~' on '2008-04-05 10:57:40')
i am a submissive woman. i am not weak, nor i am worthless. i am a submissive woman. i am intelligent, and possess a strength and perseverence that withstands the trials of life. This strength which i possess and cherish is my gift to You. When life breaks You down and makes You question the man you were intended to be... allow me to allow You to suck my strength from me. Make it Your own. i do not nor will i ever give my submission to a man just because he claims dominance. But to You, i give all of me... and Your ownership completely sets me free. i trust in You to cherish the gift, embrace my trust in You... to protect me. i have opened up my heart and my mind... the very core of my soul to You... and invited You in. i have given You the book entitled "Me"... and invited You to read. You know i have suffered and You know i am scared but You... You have endeavored to erase the memories and replace the pain. You are my Master and i am Yo
Great Sex 101
So a friend shared this with me and I thought some friends on here might appreciate it. I did not write the following letter. It appeared on Craig' List. But, it made me think...I am going to start a blog on here to talk about the points this and other letters bring up! Happy reading! Let me know which topic we should discuss first, I have a personal love for #2! ***************************************************** Dear Men of Craig's list, Look, I know you men have it difficult. Women are just about impossible to understand, much less please. In a post-feminist society, you never know exactly what you should be doing. Women are bloody picky, I know we are. It can be scary, too, when women freak out about what appear to be benign issues. And men who do their best to be respectful, female-positive humans, I salute you, I do. OK, I know it's scary. There are lots of women out there who make fucking really difficult. So, I have compiled some handy tips. Don't think of thi
Poem Made 4me *thanks Miki*
Her eyes so soft and gentle, Chose to smile at me the morn. And when I saw her smile, I knew a friendship was born. The words that followed, Put me at ease,so secure. I had to make her feel the same, This is my message to her. Your beauty has cught my eyes, Your words full of grace. And I hope someday in your heart, My friendship will find its place.
New World Order
Self Hate
Whats the point of taking "sexy" pictures if your own boyfriend doesn't even really wana check them out? He hasn't hardly seen a single one. i let almost 4k people have access to them, but if he doesnt want to see them, then i don't even want to take them. whats the point? Why bother? If the one person in the world that i want to appreciate and like the pictures doesnt even feel like bothering to figure out how to use the site and see them then why am i taking them at all? I feel ugly. Unattractive. Fat. When he says he thinks of me when hes horny he must be lying. I woudlnt think of me. The fat, the strech marks. The uneven boobs, the skin discoloration. The innertube-like stomach fat ring, chunky thighs, arm flab. The negative selfloathing phrases cut into my stomach. I want to take a razor blade and slice little lines all over my face, because then id have reason to hate it all. If i just scar myself up enough everyone else can see how ugly i really am. how ugly i feel. Why do
So I decided to be a little daring today and try the new Wendys Italian Beef Sandwich. $4.99 for just the sandwich, not a good start. I can get a tasty beef sanwich for less at HDE. I decided to go with the combo since it was only like 80 cents more. Also discovered that Wendys does wraps now too. Spicy, homestyle, and grilled. I went with the homestyle one. The sandwich was 5 out of 10 at the best. They put it on their foccacio bread like the rest of their sanwiches and too be honest it overpowered the taste of the beef. Had a good level of juice and was not dry at all. It was weird to see the sign for the sandwich on the menu board as its posted as a "hometown Classic" and appeared to be sponsored by the Cubs. The wrap was pretty tasty though. Ranch with lettuce and shredded cheddar cheese. Tastier than a snack wrap from Mc.Douche-nalds. The best part of lunch however was Driving into what is normally a driveway that had a locked gate on it during the winter. It
Shut The F#ck Up
Shut The Fuck Up! I would do this for my girlfriend. Ok, so you knew it wouldn't be long before I saw this bulletin. "A Perfect Boyfriend" I have seen this stupid bulletin posted times a day for the last two weeks. I have even seen so called "men" posting this bulletin under the title, "I would do this for my girlfriend." Enough is enough. As the Mayor, Governor, and President of the Great State of MANtana, as well as the voice of all "REAL MEN" I must say: SHUT THE FUCK UP img Most American men are one episode of "Sex and the City" away from being gay as it is, we don't need these lies too. MEN: Don't believe this crap. If women wanted sensitive, caring, and thoughtful lovers- they would all be lesbians, and that would be awesome. img This bulletin officially made my giant man sized ballsack ache and had to be answered. If you disagree- you are wrong. Enjoy. "I WOULD DO THIS FOR MY GIRLFRIEND" BULLETIN: " Stay on the phone with her even
Why Are Relationships So Complex?
I just need someone to explain even though I know this is a never ending blog it interested what others can enlighten me.
Comment Me...
click this picture and... please comment me a million and one times. thank you.
My Fu-owner Agem4life
I would like to introduce you to my Fu-Owner and very dear friend, aGEM4life. Please use the link below to go to her page. Read about her on her profile page and then please fan/rate/add her. /> I would like to tell you a little bit about her. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever been blessed to meet. She is a loyal, devoted and caring friend. She makes time for you no matter what is going on in her own life and she truly cares about others. She can make you laugh when your world seems too dark and her compassion is endless. I could not ask for a more fun, caring friend. I really do feel blessed that she came into my life. I love you Donna. Always remember that I am here for you as well and I will always have your back. I did meet her here on fubar, but have spent many hours chatting on yahoo and on the phone with her. The depth of her personality knows no bounds. She is beautiful (both outside and in), talented, funny and so much more. If you take th
Please Help?????
I NEED ALL MY BOMBERS WHO HAVE COMMENTS TO BOMB RIGHT NOW PLEASE!!! We need some help in this big family contest would be appreciated. We help thosE who help us!!! U might need us one day!! BOMB THIS PIC HARD GIT-R-DONE JOHNNY@ fubarPLEASE BE SURE YOU ADD AND FAN JOHNNY BEFORE YOU BOMB!!!!
My Weekend
I'm sooooo sick of people and their freakin childish games on here, C'mon now people! Learn how to grow up and act your damn age seriously now! I just don't even know what to do anymore... Meh' whatever, I guess it just proves I'm more mature then they will ever be! Anywho...I'm outta here, Just had to get that out lol. Peace, Winnise♥ Well...So far, i've had a pretty good weekend. This was my long weekend. Started thursday. Thursday was an AWESOME day! Me, Charise, and Erica met up with Kristin..WOOT WOOT SNOGGETS!! haha. Anywho. We met up with our home gurl. Got bonded for life! haha. We all got the chinese symbol for Friendship on the inside of our left wrist. It's pretty freakin sweet! I got some pics posted if you wanna check them out. It was a great day. We laughed so much we were all in pain by the time we left her house...Omg it was just great! Freakin Treepin Stuck Nugget Snot Slingin Booger Poopin Lip Donger! LMAO don't ask! Anyway. We went to karaoke
For My Cblock Family
Heres Whats Up
Ok well alot of people been askin me why my status was on strike the other day and why i have the pic up that i do now well here is why. I am tired of having people who call theselves friends that only come around when they want something such as helping leveling, helping in contests, etc. I did not come back to fubar to be ranked, a legend, or to be popular...I came back for my friends and to meet new ones. If you cant take a few minutes out of your week to say hi without it involving me doing something for you then dont bother because im done helping people who cant at lease have a conversation with you all know why. take it or leave it.
Unchanging Love
Our love makes me look foward to each beautiful tommrow. When i can't hold you in my arms i hold you in my heart.. The world keep's on changing.. Lifes funny that way And yesterdays dreams seem less important today.. Still something's reamin,They are trusted and few Andone if those unchanging thing's is my love i fell for you..
Any Ol Rubbish
Originally by Paulette aka ')O( light_n_darkness )O(' You. Can. Only. Type. One. Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy or forward, change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers. 1. Where is your cell phone? pocket 2. Your significant other? downstairs 3. Your hair? blonde 4. Worst bad habit? fubar 5. Favorite food? sausage 6. Your favorite thing? tv 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? pepsi 9. Your dream/goal? success 10.The room you're in? bedroom 11. Your ex? claire 12. Your fear? heights 13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? richer 14. Where were you last night? mums 15. What you're not? smoking 16. Muffins? no 17. One of your wish list items? holiday 18. Where you grew up? wolverhampton 19. The last thing you did? typed 20. What are you wearing? towel 21. Your TV? proline 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? acer 24. Your life? indeed 25. Your mood? tire
New Blog
Ok, I'm in an auction.. My family I know already has most everything I can give.. But I will make it worth your while.. lol!!! you'd think something would be done w/ the mumms. they are supposed to be for gaining information. But the idiots use them to chat in and to make stupid comments if they don't know what to say they bash you. They bash because they are too stupid to know the answer usually. these are some comments on my mumm. it was a real mumm trying to get a real answer. this is what I got. thick skin or not.. what gives these people the right? You never see these people get flagged? Wonder why that is? I think we should be able to flag the commenters lets start grounding them maybe they will think before commenting.. At least its a thought. since we can flag everything else.. I am now an arbonne consultant, they are really great products for men, women, and even kids of all ages. If you are interested pease stop by my page and sign the guestbook. I will get in t
People Who Act Childish!!
There's a situation with an ex friend on here they could have been more mature and come to me about something instead of being like a lil freaking kid on here. Thinks the ex-friend could have acted better towards me and come to me abut the issues instead of being a lame ass and ignoring/blocking Me, guess that person don't know how to be an adult and communicate with me rather than being a a childish and immature person and be a real friend to me and not a fake as well but there are those on here too!!. Just gotta watch out for who is who on here too I think alot of people on here like to play favorites as well, nice way of making friends on here I see, I say forget the stupid people, their dumb retarded mistakes and move on and make new friends as well on here whats in the past stays in the past, and if you messed up with me then you dont get no damn second chances??, whats good for the goose is good for the gander!!. have a nice weekend!!
Stop The Pulling
As the feeling gets tighter and the pulling gets stronger. I stand here confused as hell. I look around not knowing what to do. The feeling I know is true but doesn't matter what I say or do. The twisted web I weaved for my self just got me tangle up in it. I pull again trying to break free, but I know im stuck. Doesn't matter what is said or done, what has happen is over with. Going back in my mind, as I wish I could turn back the hands of times. To free me from this mess I made, but as reality slaps me again. As the feeling gets stronger, as the pain in my heart makes me notice what I did was so wrong but how can I change it. I search for solution, but nothing comes to mind.I just have to face the fact, for I was caught. Now I have lay in my twisted web I made for my self. As I no longer can dodge what has happen, cause im stuck. All the heartache and pain I have caused. Is now gonna be mine, for does not matter how hard I pull. Ill never break free from what I done. Now as im stuc
Help Tricky!!
A Lil Help.
While trying out the new (experimental. lol) photo folder arrangement thingy. I noticed that I didn't have a cool Fu-ID. Anyone care to work one up for me? If so, please feel free to use any of the nice pics in my default folder. Plenty to choose from. There will be fair compensation involved ;-) Your help is greatly appreciated from this humble Djinn. ~S
I have been texting Kitty and this is what she said is goin on with her: Its an angioplasty they insert a balloon into your arteries to try and reopen them if that dont work then i will have to have bypass surgery so pray please Tell them all i love them and miss them and cant wait to be back So lets all pray for Diva Kitty Kat she will be having this done on Monday. She is very scared, if you wanna send her a message leave it here and I will text it to her for you. Peace and love MsMaine KITTY KAT {{ CONTRACTER FOR THE GODFATHER OF THE DIVA'S }} AKA DYLON'S KITTY~~@ fubar
Too Many Rainy Days
Someone stop the rain.... Take away this pain... I want out of this game... The lines...the charm... Im gonna break their arms ok i know it's corny maybe i'll come back and finish it or change it later lol. just get rid of this goddam rain it's sooo depressing!!!
Voice Me
My Profile
Have you ever found the truth ... the true meaning of who you are and why we are here? I have found love, peace, hatred, sadness, passion, desire and happiness. I have learned that love takes time to grow... Like a seed that needs nurturing to blossom into a beautiful flower so must love learn to blossom. Peace, that is in the inner heart , inner mind, and inner spirit that comes from a deep level of our beautiful surroundings and all that share in that beauty . All hatred within can be turned into love if we understand where the hatred formed , and to give love and understanding and not criticism or judge . Sadness that can be made into joy with just the little things in life like a good word said or a hug. Passion that is so deep within that all we need to do is release the passion inside so that we become energized with a newness that all will want to share in. Desire that is within us that is so strong that we can climb mountains even barefooted and not feel the blisters upon our s
Happy Hour Giveaway
Auction Pimp Out
Bid on me....(hides from jwh) PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! At least rate. :D You love me right? Because only bidding on me will get you MY friendship!!! (lmfaooooo) *cut and paste from Jenni's Blog* Apparently i wasn't clear on the bidding process. A Happy Hour does NOT trump all bids... The total amount of money all together being spent is the high bid. For Instance, if someone bids 3 month VIP worth $50.00 and a 30 day blast worth $50.00 and a 1 day blast worth $7.50, that is a higher bid than a Happy Hour worth $100.00. If this is not clear, then please, ask me a question...there is too much confusion.... ALSO, please don't conversate in the comments...its making it difficult to find the bids. Jenni has 10 people to start the auction, but she needs more guys!!!! Ok guys...go hit her up. It's only 5k in Fubucks to join. And you can have more than one owner ya know. Don't make me fu-stalk you!!! Click for the auction here!
Wanna Make Real Money???
This blog breaks all of the basic elemental tweaks down and shows what they do along with there code all formats not being put into the skin section of edit lounge needs to have a or it will just look like garbage and come back as text in the motd...Body: The body is the main point in the Lounge for the background there is two parts to this.One is the skin areabody{visibility: show!important;display: -!important;/* changes outer scroll-bars */ scrollbar-arrow-color: #FFD700; scrollbar-Track-Color:; scrollbar-Highlight-Color: #FFD700; scrollbar-base-color: #C0C0C0; scrollbar-Face-Color:; scrollbar-Shadow-Color: #FFD700; scrollbar-DarkShadow-Color: #FFD700;}The other goes into the motd areaTooltip: This controls the popup window when you hover someones name same as the body it must be entered into two locations.Skin/* user tool tip */#fixedtipdiv{ visibility: show!important; display: -!important; padding: 2px;/* border: 0px solid #990000; */ font: normal 10px Veranda; line-h
Everything As It Seems
One day you wake up and think things are okay, and you think that life is good. Then after moments of waking up out of your fake reality, you realize that life isnt what it seems. When you think you have a lifetime with someone, they disappear with the blink of an eye. Everything you have ever known about that person falls into a spiraling staircase of nothing. Can anyone answer me a question? When will things be okay? Why do the people you actually love the most, have be taken away from you? Is it punishment? Is it a lesson that we have to learn? I dont understand. Nothing for me at all this year has gone right at all. I thought to myself as soon as this year began that it was going to be a new year. It was going to be a wonderful year because of I was turning 18. But no. Everything that I thought would last forever lasted seconds. Everything I thought would soon vanish without a trace. My feelings towards everything now are simple. 1 - Never expect the unexpected. 2- Never give you
Police Briefs Sentinel & Enterprise Article Launched: 04/03/2008 10:00:47 AM EDT Judge: Intimidation in love letters LEOMINSTER -- District Court Judge John J. Curran Jr. set bail at $10,000 Wednesday for an incarcerated Leominster man accused of violating the terms of a restraining order by sending a letter to his ex-girlfriend. Police allege Daniel F. Simmons, 36, sent two letters under a false name from the Worcester County House of Corrections to the woman, in part asking her not to testify against him, according to a report from Officer Michael DeLuca. DeLuca reported the woman turned the letters in upon receiving them. In one of the letters, Simmons allegedly admitted to risking breaking his restraining order by writing the letter, and he laid out four scenarios for the woman, including two asking her not to testify against him in court. "The (district attorney) cant force you to," he allegedly wrote.
Account Being Deleted
To all my friends on here. On Friday I am deleting this account. All of you have been great friends to me but fear not I will still be here. I am really trying hard to get my home business off and running so most of my time is spent on that profile. I wish all of you who read this stop by this profile and add, fan, and rate me. but if not that is ok. I am looking for anybody that my be interested in starting a fun and very great business with unlimited income potentional depending on what you what in life. After all I am a 6'02" and 366 pounds that looks very intimadating but I love making these candles and stand behind them 100%. I am going to post the link to the profile and hope to see ya there. GMCREATIONS.. Wanted People who want to make $$$ going Green!!!!!!@ fubar
Time and time you hear the story. Poor, sweet girl meets guy who seems really crazy about her. They date for an unspecified period of time before finally she decides to have sex with him. In that moment, everything changes. Sex unleashes a torrent of emotions. Shes vulnerable. Shes smitten. Shes ready to plan their future together, and she wants him to feel exactly the same way. And hes ready to run like hell. So he does, which labels him a "player." He was only out for sex. What a jerk. He knew how hard it was for her to give that part of herself to him and as soon as it was over, the thrill of the chase was over too. Suddenly, he was ready for the next conquest. Hes a jerk...right? Im here to say something on behalf of men...because if a man wrote this hed probably be called a "woman hater." So Ill be the voice. WOMEN...I ask you ever think that maybe, just maybe, the reason he ran wasnt because he "conquered" you? Maybe YOU are the one who made him run. Ma
Ink Heaven
Come Bomb And Rate Bratts Pic
For My Great Friends
I really appreciate all the Birthday wishes and really wished I could return the luv. However I have been having computer problems at home and can't get online except on a friends computer and it is dial-up(which won't let me do much here). I'm hoping this works! I'm glad you all haven't forgotten me and I hope to be back real soon. Thanks again and I hope all is well with all my great friends! Lots of love to you all....Cherise'
My Poetry
Forsaken Soul Scars dance across my soul, burning my hopes and dreams. Afraid to feel the touch of new love caress my old bruises. Longing to rebuild what a past has crumbled into nothingness. Darkness blinds me from the stars, that used to guide me through life. Lost the words that spoke only to enlighten her soul with love. Drowning in my own emptiness, crowded with these dying dreams. Tears spilling over my cheeks, trying to cleanse an aching soul. Memories never cease to burn, ripping their way into your heart. Consumed in trying to forget them, the bruises cascading down my soul. Shredding away the innocence, scrapping the love from my heart. Loneliness, my only company, forcing more tears from my eyes. Buried amongst all the pain, dragging itself against my skin. Etching emptiness across my face, give up on all your lost faith. Holding on to nothing forever, losing sight between dreams and reality. Pain and
My Poems....
Once upon a time I could not wait to see you Once upon a time I hung on your every word Once upon a time I dreamed about you every night Once upon a time I loved you Once upon a time I wanted everyday with you to last forever Once upon a time came and gone........... ..............Friends And Lovers................. Friends we are Lovers to the end Met by chance Loved you from first sight Friends we became Lovers we have stayed...... ................One More Night................... One more night to hold you One more night to love you One more night to be in your arms One more night to last forever.....
Need Major Help
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Up For Auction!
I really thought that some kind of notice would been that it had started, but I didnt so this is all I'm going to say about it. If ya want to fu-own me? Visit Queenbitches' page. Can ya sense my true feelings about this...? Another blah contest where the holder is a lil lackadaisical in promotions. lol =-P I do wish good luck to any who choose me =-)
Dear _______ :
Mom Passed Away
Today , my mom passed away at 6:50 pm and her fight is over. She suffered enough and now she is at rest. I spent the entire night with her last night and i spoke to her and she had her eyes open for a couple of hours. I was going to spent tonight with her as well, but when i got the call not to all came in. I cried more times 2 days ago for how sad i was FOR her. I cried several times today and the only nice thing is that she joined my dad for the first time in 41 years...HER FIRST AND ONLY TRUE LOVE. Shes no longer in pain and resting well. I was glad to spend that last night with her. I saw her body after her passing and with her head tilted to the right, she was not moving or breathing but she was at peace. REST IN PEACE MOM !! 4-5-08
`new News~
1st!!! DJ Pinki makes her FUTABULOUS DJ Debut~! You gotta fkn see/here this... Yup. Her ass gonna be on the air (cam & sound) 2nd!!! DJ Harley is coming up on her FIRST Birthday!!! Yup Yup... Monday is HARLEY'S 1st FuBirthday!!! You gotta fkn see/here this... Yup. Her ass gonna be on the air (cam & sound) 3rd!!! ROKBAR by *Shady n bbG* Owned and Operated by SBR Family & Staff Invites YOU To Our Grand Opening On Friday, June 6, 2008 6:00pm Central Time til The Party Stops! There will be LIVE music by SBRadio There will be LIVE cams by The Ladies of Rokbar There will be a host of AUCTIONS! Sets of 11s and 10s rates for photos to be auctioned off randomly throughout the night. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO BID OR BE BID UPON. No entry fee. JUST CLICK THE BANNER BELOW AND JOIN US AT Rokbar by *Shady n bbG*
Screw This - If You Want Lol
I stole this from Pammy - a really fantastic woman Who are you currently dating? I'm not dating - what is dating anyway? Is it rules like go to 2 movies a month, dinner 4 times a month, buy crap for Valentines Day........ I just am. Are you comfortable with answering personal questions? Considering that no one will read this I am because it will stay personal lol When's the last time you cried? I don't know but I do cry when I think of my Mom passing away and Dad in a fucking home with no memory of the man he was..... fuck life. When is the last time you were truly happy with your life? I always am to a certain extent. I love many and know many love me - my frustration is that money makes the world go round so everyone is working like 24hours a day and we can't meet up etc. If it wasn't for money I would be truly happy. I hate money. Do/Did you do good in school? I did great because I was sneaky not s
Michelle Obama - Racist
MICHELE OBAMAS MILITANT RACISM REVEALED In her senior thesis at Princeton, Michele Obama, the wife of Barack Obama stated that America was a nation founded on crime and hatred. Moreover, she stated that whites in America were ineradicably racist. The 1985 thesis, titled "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community" was written under her maiden name, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. Michelle Obama stated in her thesis that to "Whites at Princeton, it often seems as if, to them, she will always be Black first..." However, it was reported by a fellow black classmate, If those "Whites at Princeton" really saw Michelle as one who always would "be Black first," it seems that she gave them that impression. Most alarming is Michele Obamas use of the terms separationist and integrationist when describing the views of black people. Mrs. Obama clearly identifies herself with a separationist view of race. By actually working with the Black lower class or within their commun
Random Stuff
wow this is good for info on your neighborhood.. just try it The End Of Heartache Seek me, call me I'll be waiting This distance, this dissolution I cling to memories while falling Sleep brings release, and the hope of a new day Waking the misery of being without you Surrender, I give in Another moment is another eternity (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call me) I'll be waiting (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart You know me, you know me all too well My only desire - to bridge our division In sorrow I speak your name And my voice mirrors my torment (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call me) I'll be waiting (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart Am I breathing? My strength fails me Your picture, a bitter memory For comfort, for solace (Seek me) For
Pay Back
OK this a$$ came to my gate and yelled at me cause we are out of something. And yes it pissed me off a lot. So to make my self feel better I went up and down the isle here at work breaking thing! My favorite was opening the protective bags on the circuit boards and touching them before getting rig of the static, which will fry them like and egg. I don't feel bad about doing it. They want to yell at someone yell at the purchasing dept who are the one cutting cost and not ordering stuff. But this ass should think about this, he is one of the many who comes here 4 and 5 times a week and gets the same thing, maybe he should go look in his locker for a f**king tape measure, I am sure he has 20 or so of them the lazy f**ktard.
Thank You
No More Judgement!
STOP SPEAKING FOR GOD. In response to comments made by radio host Phil Valentine Posted 03/05/2008 To the editor: A local ultra-conservative radio host made some comments today that really bothered me. I don�t mean that I smirked at the radio, or that I said �well that�s wrong,� or mentioned to a friend that what he said was inappropriate. I mean that I felt hurt in my heart. I mean what he said finally struck a nerve so deep within my core that I felt it obligatory that I somehow express my disdain in hopes that I can reach just ONE person to change his way of thinking. Advertisement Let me first say I agree with the vast majority of Phil�s views on politics, life, religion and even humor. Phil is very vocal in his assertions and supports his views against the opposing caller or e-mailer with logic and evidence. I admire his ability to think on his feet and provide valid responses. Yester
Closin Up This Account
If you would like to continue to be friends plz add me to my new account
My Hopes And Dreams
I base my life on failure. I know that I am wrong for doing this but it hard to fathom it any other way. For a long time regardless of what I have said in the past. I did and do sometime before I die get remarried and maybe have more kids. Is that ever going to happen I really can't say for sure. Do I want it to happen. Really right now I really don't know. For the last 2 years I have been looking to fill that void that has been missing in my life. It is not just having my children in my life everyday the way they used to be. I was nothing but a hard working Dad providing for his (ex)wife and his children for so long. That when that disappeared I think I lost total focus on my life. I have never been able to get it back. I honestly believe that is the reason why I cannot be with anybody. It's kinda like the movie "Just Friends" it could be a friend zone thing. I don't know that just sounded foolish. lol It's not a friend zone things. I just need to regain my focus. But what I wan
No Secrets
You've become a good part of me , baby. I found my empathy in the abuse. I'm just a special effect to you lately Am I nothing that's real or true to you! Don't! Go! I thought I'd never tell But it's something that you should know I've got no secrets, I give myself away I've got no secrets, and I give my whole existance to you Get so damaged, watch me slip away I get so damaged, drugged my whole existance, was you Was you! Was you! Now I'm lost in my wonderin' baby Cuz I can't find the hope that's within me And I'm scratchin' my bruises lately My sincerety strands by and waiting Don't! Go! I thought I'd never know But it's something that you should tell I've got no secrets, I give myself away I've got no secrets, and I give my whole existance to you Get so damaged, watch me slip away I get so damaged, drugged my whole existance, was you! I've done it again..... will someone tell me what I can do?! I've got no secrets, I give myself away I've got no s
For you, Peach...I shall now create a poem... Roses are red, Violets are blue. Wow you are smoking hot. Nice Rack! What are you supposed to do with all the love you have for somebody if that person's no longer there? What happens to all that leftover love? Do you suppress it? Do you ignore it? Are you supposed to give it to someone else? How do you fill that void? I hope you never find out that a broken heart hurts physically. I loved my friend. He went away from me. There's nothing more to say. The poem ends, Soft as it began- I loved my friend. -Langston Hughes
My First Kiss
I need some help friends, I have a paid vacation coming up..well not until October...But I would like some input on where to go...So If you have any input, feel free to let me know....
Are You Appreciated?
Relationships..they can be a good thing, or they can be have to be in it with someone that is good, I guess....I'm not writing this for myself, or from something that I'm in...I'm actually typing this with a friend in mind....Guess who she is... Anyway...She told me that she was talking to some guys, and they think that a woman shouldn't be able to voice her opinion- were these guys weak/tender minded. I think that women should be opinionated, I think that a strong woman, should be all aspects...I think that women should be able to voice their feelings, and what not... I'm sure I might get some hate for this blog, but oooh well, it's opinion... Well my friend, I wish you the best in you're search for the right guy- tho we are no longer a couple- I hold no remote remnants or bitterness...I still want you to be Appreciated... Are you Appreciated...I post that question to alot of women..When the guy(s) you're dealing with are Dogs....I know, I'm a guy..
When You Look In My Eyes
When you look me in my eyes, I get a burning feeling, I get utter hatred towards you. I want to get a brick, and beat the shit out of you. When you look me in my eyes, I'm shocked you don't feel the heat radiating from my body...When you told me the words from you're mouth-you said that you got mad, and frustrated...But truth be told, you are indecisive- wishy washy....Pick a side...What's it gonna be...Who's it gonna be?? I thought about beatting you with a Brick, I don't want the charges. I had so many vow thoughts, I thought about dismantling you're car... When you look in my eyes, you say that you can read my mind...When you look in my pretty dark eyes, you should feel the heat, the utter hatred, and dispair that I hold so high for you...I tell you time you look in my eyes, tell me what I'm about to do to you....
Sweetest Thing I Ever Wrote
She was the finest girl I've ever seen...maybe One hundred seventy five pounds...and man,she had a serious ass,she had the kind of derriere you could serve cocktails on.I very much wanted to get my hands on those buttocks..and my mouth,mmmm,yes..Those buttocks of hers were enormous; full and heavy and perfectly formed.They rolled sensually up and down with every movement she made. She was wearing,or should I say bursting out of,a soft,clinging pink cashmere dress that came down to her thighs and she had on a wide black leather belt tightly buckled just under breasts that accentuated her trimmed stomach,and behind. Her gigantic rounded ass cheeks were tautly straining against the clingy backside of her dress and she was looking over her shoulder,through strands of her long honeyed pony tail,noticing me looking at her. Ohhhh yes,I was eyeballing her hungrily the way a starving man looks at a feast.What the hell was wrong with me?..I would never even think of finding a girl like that,that
10 Things {some} Women Lie About
10. They come over your house and say....''Hey, can I charge my phone...................TRANSLATION........She hasn't figured out if she is going to give you any yet so she doesn't want anyone else to disturb ...moreover, she is actually TURNING off the phone while it's charging...When the phone FINALLY charges, she never turns it on..NEVER....THAT'S WHORE 101... 9. Her phone rings and she NEVER picks it up if it's a dude that she is talking to....Why , she wants you to think you're the only one....take note..dont be stupid fellas....she will pick up when its her girlfriend...THEN if she likes you......she might say ''OH, I'm chilling here with ''JOHN'' her friend really knows who the fuck you are...FELLAS...THIS IS WHY..when you call your goes into voicemail....or she jsut doesnt pick up.....I mean think about it... 8. When your with a woman and you are getting intimate...and your ready for her to give you a piece of her mind(meaning sucking dick)...she says...'
{you} Played Ureself
All you ever did was tell me lies, Didn't you ever see that I was never suprised-You thought I was a fool,You thought I couldn't see-You thought you were playin' me- I think you were confused, I think you still are confused-You Played ureself '. You think that I wouldn't catch you,You didn't know that I knew, You still don't know.You didn't know how I knew. You didn't think you're girl would tell on you,You didn't think the others who knew would tell on you- You played ureself She was you're best friend in your eyes, but she told me the flip side, I guess she told me cause she wanted in my life,I was too good for your ass anyway.If you've seen her plan-You would've known I was the man that she desired to have.You were too blind to see-You played ureself '. I waited for you to throw you're cards,and you played it-but playin them didn't get you far enough,cause you played ureself '....
Stay Or Let You Go
Its not my fault you made ureself a regretful past, All I know is that when I hold you're hand, you would see old friends that you knew- They would walk away callin me a fool- I know that made me look bad. I can't change the things you did before we met {Though I didn't know you}, It's hard for me to ever trust you. What was I suppose to do- Stay or let you go... Don't know if we would've lasted, and though we didn't, could've I have erased the past. I didn't know if we were meant to be, and if we could've been-could you have been faithful. Times when I made reservations for us two-you were giving you're attention to someone else, Should I stay or let you go... Maybe, just maybe I tried too over look the pain, the embarrassment- we lost all that we had ever gained, If it takes me losing you for happiness in me, I will let you go- What do you think I should do, Stay or let you go?
Are You Using Me?
Last night I had some trouble sleeping.. Are you - are you using me? No more will I let it be You called his name out in your sleep You're doing things so suspiciously And I think that you're using me Don't hang on me for security Love is never free Are you using me? You pretended like we were friends I was blinded by sentiment You complicated what love should be And I could swear that you're using me I keep seeing things I shouldn't see I've been watchin' you Are you using me? Are you, are you Are you using me? Listen, talk to me Ooh, come on now and talk to me Hey talk to me (Tell the truth) Are you using me? For my money, for my body Don't hang onto me for security Love is never free, tell me are you -are you using me I keep seeing things I should not see I've been watching you, are you using me? Don't be such a liar, are you using me?
My Curse
I watched you walk away Helpless, with nothing to say I strain my eyes Hoping to see you again This is my curse (the longing) This is my curse (time) This is my curse (the yearning) This is my curse There is love burning to find you Will you wait for me? Will you be there? Your silence haunts me But still I hunger for you This is my curse (the wanting) This is my curse (time) This is my curse (the needing) This is my curse There is love burning to find you Will you wait for me? Still I want And still I ache But still I wait To see you again Dying, inside, these walls And I see your face in these tears? In these tears And I see your face... There is love
I Want U
I want u, more than u can imagine. I want u more than u can ever think of- same as I said in the opening of this- I want u more than u want me. I want u - do u want me just the same as I want u....???
A Rose Is Just A Rose
Have you ever had feelings so strong, that you can't even describe them- Something that has you so confused, If someone was to ask you anything about it, you couldn't describe, you couldn't answer it, cause the words just couldn't form in ure head, and release through ure mouth. Confusing right- It's not really.... Have you ever seen something/someone so pretty, that you became numb, speechless rather. You feel you're feet lifting from under you. A rose is just a rose- sort of something like saying that a dog, is just a dog- A dog wouldn't crow, like a rooster..... Have you ever been in a mid life truma, I know, It happens - I think I've been through mine - tho, I'm not mid life yet... I think I've been there...I was a mess, I was caught in a wreck...And I couldn't get out of it. I didn't even know how to describe it. A rose is just a rose, a red rose, that smells so sweet... A rose is just a rose, and the reason for typing this is just purely boredome.....
When I Think Of U
The Best Companion
Shed My Skin
I am not alone I live with the memories regret is my home This is my true freedom Express all the feelings of what I've become I watch the rising sun I hope I find some peace today It seems I've gone away It seems I've lost myself It seems really lost my way It seems I've lost myself It seems I've Shed my skin Are you ready for me Or purge my love Are you ready for me A bitter sinking feeling Awake to the fact there's no going back To the world in which I was living I'm searching for something but found less than nothing I watch the rising sun I hope I find some peace today It seems I've gone away It seems I've lost myself It seems really lost my way It seems I've lost myself It seems I've Shed my skin Are you ready for me Or purge my love Are you ready for me Oh 'cause I'm dying to feel What I have lost Oh and what I was All my life I've waited Endless days have taken Taken what made me free Years have gone I'm broken Left the pa
U Never Realize {how Blessed U R}
Have u ever taken the time 2 sit, and think about how blessed u really r. Ure blessed. Just think about it, the earth, life as a whole. And ure in this word, living,and doing what u have 2 do 2 survive...How blessed r u- just think about it....
Thank U For Lovin' Me
This is for the one {I dont know who}, who knows me from the inside,who always comes around when I wear a frown,and lifts me up from the down side, savin the best for me...thats her specialty... I just want to say thank you, for appreciating me... For every little sweet word that you say to me, thank you... This uncontrollable smile on my face, I just want to say thank you-Thank you for givin me the kind words of wisdom, and optimism...I want to say thank you... She can look right into my eyes and see If Im truly happy, I say with all sincerity- thank you for everything...When everything in my world seems like its all going wrong,and Im feeling so heavy...And when I cant see...I want to say thank you...
Nine Inch Nails Tour 2008 Dates
Trent has released dates for an upcoming 2008 tour.... check them out at Looks like Robyn Finc will be joining Trent on the road this time.
Love Supreme
How can I love you-Let me start counting now, all of the ways-that youre coming at me, I just cant describe- goin from A to Z, 1-2-3, and everything in between I go.....Straight to the stars,and I hear you say my name... Ill break it down, so you can know how deep,how deep Inside youre makin me go...Just savor the moment- my love supreme... Youre everything you are, a unconditional love,Id sacrafice everything, for a love supreme.... Id search over the world, and there would still be no other- no other than a love supreme..Its the best thing....A Love Supreme....
My Special Perfect One
My Special Perfect One-Her hands,her face,her ways.Her body over me,the way she talks to me-those eyes,her tenderness,and her power.Her strength,and add the passion between her & me,I mean...Purposed & catered to me,my mind & my body...... Will I find you wrapped in one? My search has begun,but will you come-My special perfect one, I see pieces of my buried treasure here & there-Ive looked everywhere- for my special perfect one... Ive looked everywhere,But Im not givin up, until I find my special perfect one. My special one- Is it all in my mind,is there no such thing...One woman having everything, I refuse to believe shes just a fantasy....Cause shes everywhere...Shes all I see... How sweet it will be for you & me,Once the moment comes,and we finally meet...Im savin all of my love for you, I know youre savin all youre savin all yours for me too.... Cause youre my special perfect one...My special perfect one- twist of fate,my prayers,Ill just wait for m
Im sure everyone knows someone that lies- Lies- just for the hell of it...Lies to make themselves feel good, Lies to make others around them feel special. I knew someone like that. I know that he is a pathelogical liar, I know the people that he hurt in the process, I can only imagine the hurt that he put others in...And its a shame-a royal shame.... If you know anyone like that,you should tell them to take there lying ass to a confessional, and tell it too the Lord above,tell them that they should ask for help....
Stories Of Passion
Passion The night was crisp and cool. The moon was full and the stars were brightly twinkling in the sky. Soft music is playing in the night. As I stand there under the stars you come up behind me and wrap your arms around my body. You kiss my neck and whisper into my ear that you want to make love to me. I turn around and look into your beautiful blue eyes and we begain to passionately kiss one another. As we kiss you pull me closer to your body. Every ounce of me wants you. My body tingles with excitement and I am wet with desire. You take my hand and we go into the house. As we walk to the bedroom you reach for me and we again kiss. As we embrace we fall to the bed and all the passion that has been built up in us just comes rushing out. You take your tongue and slowly go from my lips to my neck then to my breasts. You then go ever so slowly to my stomach then to my inner thighs. As I just about to moan you go between my legs. Your tongue feels so good to my wet pussy. As you f
The Dance {morose Feeling}
Time to confess,What I feel inside my chest- when my heart keeps breathing rhythms to youre name-So intoxicating is the music you create, I can feel my body givin in...Clear is my visiono,like it was in the beginning,Im tearing down the walls in front of me-bearing my all just to be at youre beck and call...Feeling a melody of my own... A beat, that is untraceable...A rhythm that is untapped. I feel myself dancing...
If I Told U....
If I told u that I wanted 2 see u, If I told u that I'd always keep you, what would you say. Tell me how you would feel If told you that I had feelings for you- would it be so wrong to say whats on my mind-I'm sorry I had too...I know where friends, but what if my feelings have changed- But I don't want to hurt you. If I told you that I'd always keep you, I know that were just friends, but what If I decide to bring something in....Do you think we would lose a good friendship, I don't want to choose between two precious things. If I told you that...If I told you...If I told you that my feelings are beginning, If I told you that I want to see you,If I told you that I dig you're conversation,and style...If I told you that....
You Don't Have To Lie To Make Friends...
I'm riding the fence on this little conundrum...I love to text now that I can and have had practice thanks to my loving friends...ha, but I still find it rather impersonal and sometimes feel that I might get the wrong impression on the "intension" of the text and or text(s) being sent my direction. Did you get that? It's a bit like here, writing a blog, you as the writer know what you are feeling but the job at hand is trying to convey that to your potential reader...and, sometimes...the reader just doesn't "get" it! Maybe it's just that I'm a bit sarcastic and sarcasm is lost on many a fool! Although, you can't deny the "convenience" of a text. It can allow you to send a message without interupting the receiver...or allow you to flirt...or vent...or just plain say hello.. Of course, my main objective is to flirt because I (heart) my text friend...he knows I do :) I'm certainly not a prude when it comes to porn but I am a girl so you must understand where I am c
Cherry's Poems
............... Poems of my heart ............... Butterfly..... Be forever mine Until the end of time Take me into your arms Tempting me with your charms Echoing your love to me Reaching for you endlessly Following my hearts desire Laying with you by the fire You touch me with such love Special you are I thank the stars above.... Hugs........ How sweet you are Unique as a star Goodness in your heart Special to me from the start Smooch......... Sexy and bad to the bone Make love to me all night long Often thinking of you Oh I know my love is so true Close to my heart you will stay How I wish to be with you everyday........... Hearts........ Hot and horny thinking of you Each thought sticks in my mind like glue All my love is here to stay Reach for me and come my way True love stands the test of time So beautiful and bright you shine.......... KISS......... Keepin
My Sexy
Do u like my style, do u like my sexy...My sexy, my sexiness....I hope u like it... Never mind the compliments I might get, it all boils down too me...If I don't love myself, no one else will...But I do, so there wouldn't be a thought about what someone else thinks.... I think im stylish, do u like my Sexy??? Do you think I'm being selfish, do you think I'm conceited - Do you like my Sexy...Look at my pictures,do you like my Sexy??
I'm getting a lot of SB messages asking what my status of MakInSkinScumC!! means... It's just my little way of telling you that if you want a new skin for your profile, to hit me up. I am MakInSkinS for all my friends, so you should send me an idea for one and I will see what I can do. Thx for all those SB messages!!! On another note, thx again... this time to all my friends for taking my profile up 2 levels this week. I am also very glad to be back!!
I Love My Bbws
I know that everyone that knows me well knows that i do love BBWs so the people that wants to be friends with me please DONT be BBW haters !!!
Lost Dreams!
Lost inside myself, Have you ever closed your eyes and saw the life you wanted , not the life you live, thats lost dreams. it is what your deepest desire long for, you will find the person you want with out a face everything would be better then they really are, you want for nothing and you are always loved so much. Have you ever set there and tears started to run down your checks for no reason, thats lost dreams, something you wanted was taking away, you don't know how or how to get it back. you began to lost yourself, to hurt to shut down. Have you every Loved someone so much that it hurt, thats lost dreams. you live in fear, worried that this is not real, and that it will soon come to and end. so if you are living in Lost Dreams Open your eyes there is so much more to this world waiting for you. all you have to do is reach out your hand and ask. Lost dreams take away from your life. start living!
Fu Drama
Girl,me & U {think Of Me & U}
In the morning, when I get of bed thoughts of you are goin thru my head, in the afternoon I think about all the things we can do thru the night - I think about me & u - In the evening, I think of me & u- thinkin about u in ure night gear...I work all day,and It's hard for me too concentrate....All I ever do is think of me & u, All I do is think of me & u....u got me goin crazy...I always get turned on, never turned out by any woman, but I think for this instance, its different....All I do, is think of me & u....
New Lounge
Come check out my new lounge its called: STRAIGHT UP REAL TALK NO HOLDS BARRED. Hope to see you all there no topic is off limits in my lounge.
::my Writings::
NOTE: These writings are 100% written by me and I better not see anyone stealing them and claiming its thier own work!! I doubt it'd happen but you'd never know =/ Anyways, here's a song I wrote from the heart, I guess everyone can relate to it....comments are appreciated!! "Guardian Angel" Angel oh guardian angel, please hear my cry catch every tear that I'll shed tonight As I fall into the darkness, please come catch me Please lift me up and take me under your wings Comfort me into the dark night as I shed my tears tonight Guardian angel, so fierce and so strong guide me to whats right, help me avoid wrong Protect me from my demons that haunt me As you take me under your wings Comfort me in the dark night as I dream peacefully tonight There are lots of times my emotions can really get the best of me; somedays I will be high on life blasting on trance, dancing like an idiot and not having a care in the world...I can laugh like a goon until my stomach h
I am so excited!!!!!
..:: Concerts ::..
David Immerglck, guitarist, about their new CD and hopes of a New Brunswick stop. Over the past few years the Maritimes have been able to bring in a number of big names in the music biz. Most noteworthy of course was the Rolling Stones, twice, but also Aerosmith, Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Kanye West, Maroon 5 and next month Leonard Cohen. So when a representative for the Counting Crows contacted [here] about an interview, the obvious first question was: will they be added to the list? Guitarist David Immerglck said the band doesnt have any plans to play here, but did politely express some interest in coming to New Brunswick. I would personally love that, said Immerglck. Ive never been there (and) it would be very interesting to go. The Californian then proceeded to ask where Halifax is in relation to New Brunswick and also where the Trailer Park Boys were located. New Brunswickers should probably keep their hopes low for news of a local stop on the
What's On My Mind...
Tag'd By Nick (Chris) O.K. heres how it works. Once you have been tagged you must write a blog listing 15 random fact, intrests, or habits about yourself. Then choose 5 people to tag. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged and to read your blog. Then type there names at the bottom of your blog. You can not tag the person who tagged you. Have fun. 15 facts of Lula. 1. I am a female 2. I have blue eyes 3. I have 14 tats 4. I have 2 piercings 5. I am in love 6. I have a cat ^ Paw big mama 7. I like junk food 8. I hate liars n cheaters 9. I am a smoker 10. I Love coca cola I tag'd Killswtich DjKarma Tatooist NatrualWitch Dizzyisthebitch I made this myself... frame by frame pill by pill
For this I may be guilty of emotional infidelity . My observations of a friend who I only know by pics and chatting. 1.You enjoy outdoor activities , mountain hikes , beach lounging , motorcycles , boating , snow skiing , sports , parades , and photography. 2.You have been a party person in the past and socializing comes easy. Kept to a minium now , family responsibilities. 3.You have many friends, but few really close ones . 4.You are verry close to your family , enjoys special times together . 5.You become close to a few co-workers. 6.Your left hand is not photographed often . 7.You have good taste in tatoos ,(warm or even hot and not trashy). 8.You spend a lot of time on the computer ,social life may be suffering. You may need to get layed. 9.If you are in a relationship ,it seems to be a distant one. 10.You are well,traveled ,educated ,confident , low-maintenance, whitty ,compassionate , conservitave ,and well photographed. 11.You don't put your
Just Alittle More Exciting Info
This is my First time Being in A Auction so Come Bid on ME ... Will So Made Fu_Love to ya! Ok Come one Guys & Gals. I Can't wait to see who my New owners is going to be. Auction will end in 2 weeks from What I was told today for the Boss Razor! So Come BID on ME and Get yourself a lil-vixen! I just thought I would do a small vent.. I normal don't say a word. But I've been leaving messages and comments on everyone else profile. And It seems like I get no love in return. It would be nice to get some lovin returned back from time to time... But dang just show some lovin and you may just get it back. How dang hard it is.. Come on if I can do it then I know others can do it too. Lil-Lips Who is the Girl Behind the name.. Well to tell ya, Who I am in a Few Words.I'm me! Funny,Kind,Lovin,Honest,Open,Free,Outgoing,Very Outspoken,True,Deep,Freaky,Kinky,an Kindhearted. I'm 26yrs old,
I was pretty excited about getting this new laptop :) But my VISTA is driving me up a wall, It is constantly freezing up. If it doesn't freeze me on Firefox it gets me on AOL. I am constantly, rebooting, I should of got a damn used laptop with XP on it. I can not get anyone to back up the computer. I took it back to best buy, Microsoft sucks, I guess HP is next. I haven't even had the laptop 90 days, :-o Someone mail me a geek!
Reflections Of A Weary Heart
life...a big mystery...sitting here feeling that life has been sucked out of me is something that i am basically trying to reflect on...where is this life headed? is what i am doing worth it? or am i just being stupid to think that some things are really worth it... as i traverse life's highways i meet several beings...beings who display different character as they are being unique in every i acquaint myself with them i slowly realize...they are quite similar in certain aspects...personification of life being pretentious... is very common in our world...people pretending to like you when in fact they detest you...they seem to find glory and happiness in the agony and suffering of others...they knowingly play with your emotions...quite hard to understand...and really painful...but i guess that is what really life is...empty and senseless...
Far Away
This time, This place Misused, Mistakes Too long too late Who was I to make you wait Just one chance Just one breath Just in case there's just one left 'Cause you know, you know, you know [CHORUS] I love you I've loved you all along I miss you Been far away for far too long I keep dreaming you'll be with me And you'll never go Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore On my knees, I'll ask Last chance for one last dance 'Cause with you, I'd withstand All of Hell to hold your hand I'd give it all I'd give for us Give anything, but I won't give up 'Cause you know, you know, you know [CHORUS] That I love you I loved you all along And I miss you Been far away for far too long I keep dreaming you'll be with me And you'd never go Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore So far away So far away Far away for far too long So far away So far away Far away for far too long But you know, you know, you know I wanted I wanted you to
My Name
What Sher Means You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong. You have the whole world under your spell, and you can influence almost everyone you know. You don't always resist your urges to crush the weak. Just remember, they don't have as much going for them as you do. You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out. Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia. Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person. You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone. You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together. At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together. You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something. You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense. You definitely are a h
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Please help my awesome friend with this giveaway. Any help appreciated. Send me a message and I will return the luv! For example: Let me know how many comments you post for her and I will rate that many of your items. Thanks!!!! Stacy aka 'CuteFaceWithAChubbyWaist(ClubF.A.R.&FuAngels) 50,000 comments for $500,000 fu bucks plus a 7 day blast plus a bling time limit
Ricky Approved!! :p
i used to have all of these set up on another site, but since tom loves the ya go. the next few are band websites that i whole heartedly endorse.
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Have you met my Dear Friend Tracy Yet? No well i think you should click her pic below and Rate Fan and add her ... You will not be sorry you did . You see i have known Tracy for about 7 years . So shes not just some Random Fubarian Shes a true person and a true friend . Now just give her pic a click and tell her Judi sent ya .. ♪łβαмαGг♪@ fubar Have you met Joe aka PassionMan71 Yet? No well i think you should click His pic below and Rate Fan and add him ... You will not be sorry you did . Slam his page like theres no tomorrow .. He is a very giving and helping person who you would b grateful to know . Now just give his pic a click and tell him Judi sent ya .. Passionman71~ Shadow Leveler~Fu-owned by Anna~
To All My Friends And Family
Due to recent changes in my schedule and my computer issues, I have not been able to keep up on the things that i love to do most on here....dropping comments on friends and family and showin the luv (including keeping up with my bar tab) as much as i'd like to be doing... so if you dont get a comment from me as often as you have been or i don't return the luv u have shown me, please know i am thinkin about ya, that i appreciate ya and that i luvya!!!!!!!!!!!! SEXY & HOT COMMENTSCLICK HERE! as always....luvya, zoeygrl
My Love Life Through Tarot
Hi Rachel, It's very nice to meet you, and thanks again for your questions. I have reflected upon your situation and drawn several tarot cards. Hopefully, you'll find my impressions helpful! Looking back upon your marriage, I truly see how it has drained you, emotionally and physically. You are tired and aren't entirely up for starting your love life all over from scratch, but you also know that the end of this marriage will force you to move on. I do see brighter, happier times ahead of you, ones that will make you remember who the real Rachel is, and will reignite feelings of excitement and happiness that you haven't felt for awhile. It will take some time to get back on track. I do see you trying to meet other people, but it'll be frustrating at first. Some will simply not be your type, and others that you'd be interested in would be taken. And I feel like you'll be trying hard, and consistently, for several months before slowing down. After a little break, I see you havin
Celeberty Look Alike..lmao
Hey there all, I have now been on this sire for a couple weeks, and i did it to have a little fun, and meet new people, and cause my sister had got me hooked on it, but today is the first time i could care less about this site....... I am not on here to be critizied, name called, or treated like shit, cause you dont agree with my mums if you dont like them pass it up and move to next one, I ask certain questions cause i really dont know what to do, and to see if i get other ideals to go on or think about, sorry to offend anyone when i create them, but remember we are on here to meet and have fun, not to be and ass towards people..... have a good day all..... Jason
Cleaning Lists
IF I haven't heard from you, you NEVER talk to me or leave comments or you're not wicca/wiccan I'm sorry you're gone. I'm trying to keep this name limited to those I can rate or leave comments to. If by chance I do accidentally remove you please let me know
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So ....
a link a link
Still Playing Around!! Lol
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SPANK TULSA'S ANGEL NOW....READ BELOW FOR DETAILS: For complete game information, please view my blog :) WOOT! I GOT MY FIRST SPANKING! 20 of them! I got spanked 20 more times! :D Keep those spanking coming! I LOVE them! Brought to you by... Heartistic Soul@ fubar Reposts are appreciated! (repost of original by 'Heartistic Soul' on '2008-04-05 16:08:04')
Jamie Lynn Spears baby daddy holds gun up in front of photogs that he said was "private land" as i saw it in the video where he said that they were on the side of the road near the property, now i ask you this is that the way you treat the people that made you famous or what? and to top it off they were also in a side by side A.T.V. with no helmet and not waring a seat belt as he drove with her in the vehicle and her being pregnant with his soon to be child. is he a smart one or what? oh well when he kills her or the child he will understand the life that would have been and the life that was. oh and if you have anything to say about this you can comment but understand if its mean to me the poster it will be deleted. JUST AN FYI have a great week!!!!!!!!!!! Guns N Roses have reportedly finished work on 'Chinese Democracy', the album that Axl Rose has been working on for the past 14 years. reports that Geffen Records, the band's record label, have con
R.i.p Cuz">
Wow,sorry Guys
I've obviously been gone for a long while now.Sorry about that, for anyone who was curious,I moved back home to FL.And I've been working my ass off,so far I've finally gotten my own room,I'm renting from a buddy of mine.I fixed my computer so it could handle all the bullshit it's been needed for.I've turned down about 10 guys.I figured out that life has a meaning(just not sure what it is for me yet)I got a cell phone (yes I can finally call people long distance!!!)And I'm currently trying to get a better paying but enjoyable job so I can afford my own studio apartment hopefully.^^ Anyway,I'm back and I'm sorry I was gone so long,now I have to relearn the whole site.LoL Dani
My Celebrity Lookalike
Awesome Friend, My Friend
TATTOO DESIGN HELP greywolf needs 4 dreamcatchers with an eagles head in the center for the left shoulder a bears head in the center for the right shoulder a greywolfs head in the center for the center of my back a white buffalo in the center for my lower back and GREYWOLF accross the shoulders . family members will judge the designs and i will pay 25k to the winner.send me your ideas in a private message . contest starts today (12-28-2008) and will go til 1-28-2009. Click the pic to send greywolf your ideas! PLZ...Stop by and leave her a comment and rate her pic.This is her very first contest .We'd really appreciate all your help . I am in very first comment contest! I need 50,000 comments by May 3rd! If I get the comments I will win 1.5 Million fubucks! Click the photo below to take you to where you need to go! Come show me some love and I will return the favor! All you have to do is ask! Thanks!
It was a long and very painful day - took about five hours and hurt like a mother fu**** all the way from start to finish. Imagine someone with sharp fingernails scratching your badly sunburned skin - thats how it felt, a few spots even more painful. Hell I thought I had a high tolerance to pain, but I guess not when it comes to that area (this was not my first tattoo). I had an image in my head for over two years, and waited to meet the right artist who would help collaborate with me and build my idea from out of my head and onto my body. I had been to several shops in the area, never approaching anyone, but 'feeling' each one out waiting for the right person to come along. Finally met her and I sketched something up the best way a photographer knows how (with Photoshop and various pics) and let the tattoo artist do the rest of the magic...I'm partial to it, but I think it turned out beautiful! You can see a close up of the tattoo in my photos.
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TULSA'S ANGEL is getting VERY close to SPOTLIGHT! Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Promoter / RisingStar ~ @ fubar Only a few million more and I can BID! So, help me out!!! Anyone that donates FUBUCKS will be included in a pimpout of those who have donated that will be posted often and included permanently in my blog! You will ALSO receive a minimum of 100 picture rates of a 10. Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Promoter / RisingStar ~ Owned by Dave - Crypt_Kee@ fubar IF you donate over $500,000 FUBUCKS, you will get 100 picture rates of an 11 plus 100 picture comments, as well as the daily pimpout and permanent blog! WOW! One Million Fubucks donation was by: *Phantom*@ fubar Thanks Dale! $650,000 Fubucks donated by: .ღ♥" Dove Goddess "♥ღ.@ fubar $500,000 fubucks; woot! Wild Horse ~Lounge Expert~ ~Fubar's 12th Prophet~@ fubar Texas Camaro Nut
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ok so.. I been thinkin and yes sometimes that is dangerous! lol I have a family list.. a top friends list and so on. Now most of my family was in my top friends list. And I was thinkin that dont make sense. That gives me 2 tabs in Fu of the same ppl. And I do live by them tabs lol SO!! IF you are in my family list... you probably wont be on my top friends list too! Then I can have 75 extra special ppl that I pay attention to :D Make sense to you all?? Did I offend anyone? I hope not!! Let me know! Love and good stuffs xox
My Pride And Joy
MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Vintage images - Family search
Fed Up
what to do when you r kid does not want to go see her mom
An American Patriot
Statement of Wayne LaPierre Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association of America. Today, my heart is heavy with the loss of Charlton Heston. America has lost a great patriot. The Second Amendment has lost a faithful friend. So have I, and so have four million NRA members and eighty million gun owners. And so has every American who cares about the Bill of Rights, individual liberty, and Freedom. My heart is heavy, but not without a sense of pride. Pride in a man who devoted his life to his profession with grace and dignity. Pride in an American who devoted himself to civil rights, to correcting injustices around him, and to standing up for what he knew was right. Pride in a friend who stood with me and stood with fellow NRA members to preserve our freedom for future generations. Pride in a patriot who believed with every fiber of his being that our Bill of Rights is the foundation of our freedom that makes Americans singular among the masses of nations. He
When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 cups of coffee. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with an unanimous "yes." The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar effec
Last One..hehehe
I read this blog about men and women and thought I would repost it. your commentary and is welcome and appreciated.... Bottom line--if I sleep with a woman I don't know or care about SEX is NOT going to make me care. (I stopped doing that years ago) That kind of sex is like scratching an itch. Once a man scratches, he's through. He ain't sitting around thinking about that spot that itched or how good it felt scratching it. He's moving on with his life until that spot itches again and it don't matter which hand he scratches it with, just as long as he gets rid of the itch. Too many women PRETEND they can handle a sexual fling, but wind up getting caught up and wanting us to romance and wine and dine them and pretend we're having a "relationship" when it's NOTHING but a booty call. Come on, ladies, y'all know I'm telling the truth. Unfortunately, ladies, you are part of our problem. You sleep with us BEFORE you know us or what we're
Plz Help A Dear Friend Of Mine!
One of my bestest friends (on and off of fubar), Cowboy had to delete his old account and is starting all over again. If you could please head over to his new page and leave him some love, it would mean SO much to me! Thank you in advance!! **hugs** 'UnknownCowboy' This bulletin brought to you with love by ♥aGEM4life♥
I know it's a stupid subject heading. I just can't think of anything to put in there. I just need a place where, I can just arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I think things in my life is going ok, but in other areas it needs some life. I have found myself not having that smile that sparkle that everyone see's in me. I wish I can gain it back. And get that glowing sparkle.
New Divas
I would like you to welcome the newst DIVA. Please make sure you add and rate her. Thanks MsMaine NaughtyBuglady DSC FuOwned By Saddrabbit @ fubar We have 3 new DIVAS that have joined us. Please show them sum DIVA love!!! Mystic Wolf Woman{RisingStars}|Rate Spankers|~CLUB F.A.R.~Dylon's Diva Mafia(Fu-Angel)@ fubar ~~MommaTasha~~DYLONS DIVA MAFIA@ fubar Sweetpeabayba~Owned by Unbreakable~1st Wifes Club~Raising Stars~Fu-Angel~Fu Bratz~World Cruiser@ fubar Hope you all have a great SUNDAY!!! Peace&Love MsMaine!!
Without going into too much best friend Pink needs some help. She and her daughter are staying somewhere that is no longer a healthy environment for them to be in and she is going to come and live with my kiddos and I. I am more than happy to have them but we have to figure out how to get her here. She can't go Greyhound as they have a tiny chihuahua they just cannot part with. So, they need to fly. It has gotten extremely bad and she needs to get here ASAP! She'll be able to work here as will her daughter and it will help me out greatly to have some help. So....instead of buying me Happy Hours, Blasts or Bling Packs....PLEASE contribute what you would to help Pink and I! Don't Private Jet me. Contribute $20 to help get their tickets here. It would mean so much more! You don't have to have a paypal account to contribute. Just follow the directions for using your card. I went to bed early last night as I didn't feel well and woke up to this

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