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Life Is Like Kryptonite....
Fu-vivor Survival Of The Fu!!!
Welcome to Fu~Vivor- Fubar Island! HAPPY HOUR OR $100 GIFT CARD? New Contest starting as soon as I have enough players. Just like the show its all about being the sole survivor Part 1: All Contestants will participate in reverse bombing, meaning u will not bomb yourself, you will bomb the other contestants. U want to be the person with the least comments. The person with the most comments at the end of every other day will be eliminated. However the contestants who are eliminated will not go "home" empty handed. They will receive for every comment 1 Fubuck, every rate will equal 1 Fubuck as well. When all have been eliminated down to two players then part 2 will start. Part 2: The two remaining contestants will retain their comments and will continue on with an endurance race to the finish line. The first to reach 50,000 comments will receive their choice of a Happy Hour or a $100.00(Real US Money) Gift Card. Which is to be purchased online and emailed
Fu-vivor- Survival Of The Fu!!
Welcome to Fu~Vivor- Fubar Island! HAPPY HOUR OR $100 GIFT CARD? New Contest starting as soon as I have enough players. Just like the show its all about being the sole survivor Part 1: All Contestants will participate in reverse bombing, meaning u will not bomb yourself, you will bomb the other contestants. U want to be the person with the least comments. The person with the most comments at the end of every other day will be eliminated. However the contestants who are eliminated will not go "home" empty handed. They will receive for every comment 1 Fubuck, every rate will equal 1 Fubuck as well. When all have been eliminated down to two players then part 2 will start. Part 2: The two remaining contestants will retain their comments and will continue on with an endurance race to the finish line. The first to reach 50,000 comments will receive their choice of a Happy Hour or a $100.00(Real US Money) Gift Card. Which is to be purchased online and emailed
Cutting the soul... I think the young never know who they hurt They do some of the curliest things and don't even think The power of words I know very well With words you can bring a smile to someone feeling down You can share feeling to make a tear come to someone's eyes The written word lasts though out time You can not take it back for they are there for the world to read With words you planet a seed of who you are and what you believe Words can cause more pain than any bullet made by man With a single shot a life ends But words hits the heart and that pain always remains These words hurt when a person is looking for a friend You can know a person from their words You see their soul with each word they write You know if they have an open mind and a caring heart Or if they don't have a brain or a clue what the real world means I see others posting words that I know will hurt someone for a long time Words that will take hope away from the lonely Words that will pu
Journal Entries
A little background: Until about 7-8 years ago when the following events took place, Joni and I were very best friends, took care of one another when our heart was broken, one was too damn drunk ect. helped raised each others kids (she had a boy my kids age)besides a hott daughter only four years younger than me. It was like a non-sexual lesbian relationship. We lived together off and on. She was totally straight. All her boyfriends hated me thinking I would take her from them. She was jealous of every girl I dated. She especially didn't want me flirting with her daughter Angie. One night durring a festival, we were trying to collect beads for our necks from these guys called the 'rough riders', Angie offered for her and I to make out for some particular beads we wanted, I said "hell yeah" forgetting all about Joni, and we went at it! Then once we got pushd over by the crowd of guys trying to watch, we quit. The guy went to give us our beads and Joni grabbed them from him and said
Train Of Thought (a Poem)
Wandered here to mesmerize stayed here to scrutinize layed here to buglarize our souls from our own eyes like a damn cheapshot waiting for daylight when we'll raise arms and fight until a thousand midnights go by my train of thought Fears have been stirred as our dream are brutally massacred now our lives, blurred as our speech is slurred because our eyes are bloodshot feeling like a hired gun and I'm trying to outrun the blast from a shotgun on top of my train of thought Entering this sleep, hypnotic the world around me, chaotic why is life considered exotic when everyone here is psychotic? thinking as an afterthought the only thing left is doubt are we all supposed to fade-out? because someone sold out? are our minds that distraught? As my emotions swung to my slain dreams, I clung the pain stung and screams unsung can't be heard from a blindspot realizing, shock seeing your own cellblock like a movie from Hitchcock floating through my train o
New Lease On Life!
1. Seize the day! 2. If you love someone, tell them! 3. Don't be afraid to express yourself 4. Reach out and tell someone what they mean to you...because when you decide the time is might be too late! 5. Never have regrets 6. And most importantly, stay close to your loved ones for they have helped make you the person that you are today! ~Michelle
You Might Be A Redneck??
You might be a redneck... When people ask, "Is this country ready for a woman president?" I don't bristle... I just think. I'm supposed to be so clever, but I can't think of how to re-phrase that question in a way that satisfies me. "Is this country still so backward that we cannot have a woman president?" That's not so bad. Often as I walk to work I pass news crews, but NONE of them ever stop me to ask my opinion. I'm ready! Hey! If they asked me, I'd say, "Ready? It doesn't matter if we're ready. We NEED a woman president. We NEED a Black president. We need to get over it! We need to just do it, so we don't cower at the possibility any more. "We don't need to be the last nation on Earth to do it. We don't need to be backward." If you wonder whether we're ready for a woman president... ... you might just be a redneck.
My Daily Inspirations
Be My Valentine Application
~~ Be My Valentine Application ~~ This is the "Be My Valentine Application" Everyone knows there's at least one person on Fubar that you want to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Let's see who reply's back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Area 1: Name: Age: Phone: Height: Do you Drive: State You Live In: School: Grade: May I Call You: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: Will You Send This Back To Me?: Area 2: What would you do if I... I made a move on u: I kissed you: I lived next door to you: I asked you on a date: I was hospitalized: I ran away from home: I got into a fight and you weren't there? Area 3: What do you think about my... Personality: Eyes: Hair: Body: Area 4: Have you ever.... Lied to make me feel better? Wanted to kiss me? Wanted to kill me? Wanted to hold me? Wanted to date me? Broke my heart? Kept something important from me? Area 5: "X" marks the spot
Please Help Me!!!! My First Contest!!
i am in my very first contest for a 3 day blast!! it is being hosted by stephanie lynn. in order for u to bomb though u have to add, fan and rate her. so please any one who can spare a few minutes help me!!! i would appreciate it!! here is my link::
Blast Sale!
Okay Well I Have Almost 1000 friends, but I spent to only a handful of them, I try to rate everyone, and when they are in a contest, or need ot level up, i try to do what I can and it seems to always go unappreciated and when I need something done most of you do nothing to help me out. So what I wanna know is who really wants to be my friend and who jhust added me for the points? if you just added me for the points, just delete me now. i am here to make true, loyal friends. I will give you all til over the weekend to write me and then I am gonna start cleanin out my friends. Hope to hear from you all. I need all of my friends help .. . i need 3,000 comments in a weeks times . . . i am going for a 3-day blast. you must fan, rate, and add stephanie before you can comment my pic.... so please help me now, and i will return love....thanks! stacy
Want Fubucks??
Ok so heres the deal....You rate and leave 15 comments on this pic...Send me an email and tell me once youve done it....And I'll send you 500 Fubucks.... Thanks to everyone!!
On a hot summer day, a redneck came into town with his dog. He tied the dog under the shade of a tree and went into the bar for a cold beer. About 20 minutes later a policeman came into the bar and asked who owned the dog tied under the tree. The redneck said that it was his. The policeman said, "Your dog seems to be in heat." The redneck replies, "No way dog's in heat she's cool kawse I got 'er tied unner the shade tree." The policeman says, "No! You don't understand your dog needs to be bred. . "No way," the redneck says, "dog don't need bread, she ain't hongry, kawse I fed 'ER beef jerky this mornin'." Now the policeman gets mad and yells out; "NO! You don't seem to understand, your dog wants to have sex!" The redneck looks at him with a long pause and says, "Go 'head. I always wanted a police dog!"
He Must Pay For What He Did
Please to all my friends come by and read the bulletin that I reposted we need to get SICKO"S like this off our streets please ropost it many times.Thank you so much
Crazy Girl
im back to all my friend who miss me my name is sandy i just try to make friends and have fun
Wanna Earn Some Fubucks?
click the pic and start earning some fubucks now ;p 20 comments=1k 100 comments=10k and so on and so on contact me or mattdeizel
Wake Me Some Love
Just A Song Before I Go....
Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of al
My Sensless Babeling Might Mean Something To Someone Someday...
fuck love, fuck the littel cupid bastard!!! why? cause I fell in love with a girl!!!!! wtf? it wasnt something i was looking for. In facet i didnt want anything to do with anyone. I move to baltimore for about six months... went to a bar one night and some one kept passing me grape vodka shots!!! a guy was to shy to come up. so she did.. and she got me!!!!! what the hell???? then she broke up with me a month later!! she fuckin hates me now. i suck at life. I guess i wasnt paying attention. my head was in a cloud. DAMN! i wish i knew then what i knew now. It wasnt the sex that got me either.. it was who she was her attitude her style. her bleach blonde mohawk stylin chick self!!! i crave that girl so damn much it hurts. so what the hell was the intentions of what ever fucked up my life to have me fall for a girl!! just to fuck me up more!!! now you see why i dont do relationships...FUCK!!! Im not looking for anything!!! I dont expect anything either. But what the hel
What America Needs
The problem with America is lack of focus. We have allowed ourselved to get bogged down in minutia since the 1992 elections. The Bill/Hillary show started us on this long journey into stupidity and it has basically carried forward to this very day. We now have lowered the bar to a level we never should have for our leaders. At the same time we have become stupid over the requirements of leaders and political correctness destroyed what was left. We need leaders. Real ones. The problem is no one of quality wants the job. The focus of America is on entertainment. The items we should be taking tough looks at is shown below in no particular order. 1: Tax Reform. Taxes are out of control. Eliminate income tax and impose a flat sales tax. 2: Spending: Social programs are WAY out of control. Pork spending is at an all time high. Eliminate Social Security and Medicare. 3: The War on Terror. This should be our primary focus. 4: Stabilization of Iraq. We are making good progr
My Work
Thought I would share what I do for a living. As always, I welcome any thoughts. Charles
Journey Inside
Journey Inside Gazing through the looking glass; I see that time has stood still. I was yours and you were mine; Thoughts sadly cross through. I now turn the hourglass; Reality Strikes! Letting my heart know the reasons we are apart. Images replace the misery; Smiling , I see that the memories, I vividly see , Will never leave me. Walking to the tree of life, I inhale deeply the air we still share. Sitting down under the shade; never wishing the memories to fade. I look into the clouds, each one different and unique. I see you in each and everyone of them. I stand up and walk slowly through the paths of my life, Growing with each tiny step. My mind reminisces back to a time, Where it was so hard just to survive. My spirit has awakened to this knowledge; Withpn every old memory I have built a sacred collage. I can now see just how far I have journeyed. My soul relaxes as I now know you will be proud of me. I start to smile aga
Subliminal Messages
Subliminal Messages Alive and Well.. The debate over subliminal messages has been alive and well for more than forty years, and both sides of the issue have been explored in their entirety. Do subliminal messages exist, or are they just a figment of one's imagination? If they do exist, do they work, or are the advertisers just wasting valuable time when they could be devising ways to better serve their potential customers, ethically? These are some of the more popular questions being asked about subliminal messages. I'll let you be the judge. The first known experiment with subliminal projection occurred in 1956, when a special projector was installed in a Fort Lee, New Jersey movie theater by a New York City firm, Subliminal Projection Co., Inc. During a six-week period, patrons reportedly were exposed to two advertising messages projected subliminally on the screen during the regular presentation of the motion picture "Picnic." The words "Drink Coca-Cola" and "Hungary? Eat Po
Quotes To Think About
The mirror sees the man as beautiful, The mirror loves the man; another sees the man as frightful and hates him, and it is always the same being who produces the impressions." De Sade "Only childish people imagine that the world is what we think it is" C G Jung "Reality can never compete with fantasy in a world where fantasies control basic value systems" Wilsen Key "The chief source of disorder in society is the hypocrisy of those who pretend to be virtuous, on the one hand, while all the time behaving contrary to their pofessed beliefs." Plato, The Republic "Our deepest fears reside just behind the everyday and the bland." John Berger, The Sense of Sight "Common sense must be jarred into uncommon sense. A major service mathematics rendered humanity over the past century was to put "common sense" where it belongs, on the topmost shelf next to the dusty botle labeled "Discarded Non sense." Eric T. Bell "The most da
Life, The Carrot, The Egg, The Coffee
The carrot, the egg and the coffee ...................................................................................................................... You will never look at a cup of coffee the same way again........ A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as though just as one problem was solved, a new one arose. Her mother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots came to a boil. In the first, she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed ground coffee beans. She let them sit and boil, without saying a word. In about twenty minutes she turned off the burners. She fished the Carrots out and placed them in a bowl. She pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl. Then she
Please Help This Mother!
If you're reading this.... PLEASE just take a second to read the news report and look at the pictures to see if you have seen this man. He's in connection with a 3 month olds death which authorities found on the side of the road after being thrown from a car. I'm posting with this the bulletin the mother of the 3 month old had written pleading for help to find this man. There is a link to the news report and a link to see a picture of the man authorities are looking for. PLEASE TAKE A SECOND TO LOOK AT THIS thank you also here is the link to the mother's page just in case you can provide her with any information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I do not want condolences about this situation, I am posting this bulletin with a link that includes pictures of the man who murdered my 3 month old son in hopes that maybe someone has seen him somewher
The Scariest Night Ever
Ok folks, here is the first chapter of a story I wrote a few years back I was in 9th grade so about 8 to 9 years ago. This story made me realize that I wanted to be an author and made me want to write my first novel (no its not published yet). I promise my writing has gotten a lot better then this. I will post chapter 2 next thursday. THE SCARIEST NIGHT EVER THE GET TOGETHER .1. Ring, ring. “Hello?” “Hey Sammy, it’s me Sherrie. How are you?” I asked. “I’m ok, you?” She asked. “I’m great. Are you doing anything tonight?” “No, why?” “Because yesterday when I was on my way to see one of my old pals, that I haven’t seen in a while since he moved, as I was driving I saw this old abandoned house. I’m going to visit my friend again and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me and on the way back we can check out the old house?” “Sure, is Steve going to come with us?” She asked. “Of course.” “Ok, what time are we going?” “About 8:00P.M.,” I told her. “
New Lounge
hey wats up everyone just made a new lounge called D-VO's playground every one is welcome tp come in and say and do anything they want, there are no rules wat so ever so wen i say talk and and do anything in my lounge i mean anything!! so come an visit and join the famil!! hers the lounge link
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.My worst fear(besides being alone) is asphyxiation, whether it be from drowning or strangulation. 2.I have a Freckle on my right ass cheek. 3.My left boob is bigger than my right. 4.I just want to be a mommy and wife that makes art when I grow up. 5.I love to sing. I have recorded some songs myself, poor quality but I wouldn't mind singing more or being in a band. 6.I hate my stepdad even though he has taken me as his own since i was 3 because of my deadbeat biological father, 7.I am afraid of love so i find little things ands make them big so it won't hurt when the love fades. 8.I really want to be pregnant right now. 9
No Mo
About Me
A-2-Z About Me Survey by bamachic49{---Basics---}Name: RacquelNickname(s): KelAge: 28Birthday: 11/02/1979Birthplace: Manchester, NHCurrent Location: HooksettEye Color: HazelHair Color: BrownHeight: 5'10Weight: Lefty or Righty: RightyZodiac Sign: ScorpioWhat Do You Drive: PonticScreenname: 69foru{---Favorites---}Color: PurpleNumber: 69Band: BuckycherryMusic Genre: RockTV Show: Tru TVMovie: Sweet Home AlabamaActor: Brad PitActress: Reese WitherspoonKind of Movie: HorrorCartoon: Family GuySport: FootballFast Food Restaurant: Taco BellFood: ChickenIce Cream: Peanut Butter CupCereal: Fruity PebblesCandy: M&msDrink: Pepsi
Help My Gurl Boo Boo!!!
To A Great Friend!!!
Sebastian's Secret
1. Your thumb is nearest you. So begin your prayers by praying for those closest to you. They are the easiest to remember. To pray for our loved ones is, as C. S. Lewis once said, a 'sweet duty.' 2. The next finger is the pointing finger. Pray for those who teach, instruct and heal. This includes teachers, doctors, and ministers. They need support and wisdom in pointing others in the right direction. Keep them in your prayers. 3. The next finger is the tallest finger. It reminds us of our leaders. Pray for the president, leaders in business and industry, and administrators. These people shape our nation and guide public opinion. They need God's guidance. 4. The fourth finger is our ring finger. Surprising to many is the fact that this is our weakest finger, as any piano teacher will testify. It should remind us to pray for those who are weak, in trouble or in pain. They need your prayers day and night. You cannot pray too much for them. 5. And lastly comes our little finge
Here's Your Tree
imikimi - Customize Your World Close Window From Selected Poems: Summer Knowledge by Delmore Schwartz The Beautiful American Word, Sure The beautiful American word, Sure As I have come into a room, and touch The lamp's button, and the light blooms with such Certainty where the darkness loomed before, As I care for what I do not know, and care Knowing for little she might not have been, And for how little she would be unseen, The intercourse of lives miraculous and dear. Where the light is, and each thing clear, Separate from all others, standing in its place, I drink the time and touch whatever's near, And hope for day when the whole world has that face: For what assures her present every year? In dark accidents the mind's sufficient grace. Copyright © 1959 by Delmore Schwartz. Reprinted by permission of New Directions Publishing Corp. Next Top Sonnet: O City, City To live b
Army & Wicked
Ahh yes...skins. Have some new ones, as does Tik. I ask that you RESPECT the fact that codes take literally hours and hours of work, not to mention the graphics. Removing someones name from a skin code, does not make it yours. Codes are like two people have the same ones. We share freely. We ask that you leave the coder names in ANYONEs codes...not just ours. :) Without further adieu...the latest installments. Skins For Help Ripping Skins...Check out my Step By Step FuBar Support Blog ************************************************** Car/What Dreams Are Made Of ************************************************ Achmed The Dead Terrorist/Transparent (you need to download Ghost Bayou font) ********************************************** Achmed II (still need the ghost bayou font) ********************************************** Piratess Skin ***********************************
A Mother's Prayer
A Mother's Prayer Angels of Mercy hear my cry; Forgive me for taking my life for granted, as it was a big mud pie; Help Me, be the mother & wife I know I can be. Where Love & Patience is the only key. Help me strengthen all my motherly skills ; To give my family the love they need to feel. Guide me through the hard tasks of life. Grant me the knowledge of knowing how to be a good mother and wife. Lead us into the happily ever after, so we can hear love's sweet laughter. In loves name I pray Amen Sapphire Jewel Aka Valarie A. Laboy Copyright 2006
Life's Pain, And Friends We Gain
I have made a lot of friends, won some hearts, and lost a few a long the way. I know I made an impact or an impression enough for them to stay. I am fighting cancer, and life is so trying. Yet I find myself wondering why me. I have been ripped of ever having children, and I married a man whom had two beautiful sons. I took them under my wing, and called them My two Sons. Their father was cruel, and put me down so I had enough told him no more love was there to be found. He took my kids, left me alone. Now I am stuck in life my pockets empty, and my house hollow. My heart, and soul have been shattered, bruised, and tore apart. So how can I find the strength to make a new start. I lost my hero 3 years ago, and god I miss him Dad I love you so. Cancer is a terrible thing, noone should endure the pain. I certainly have enjoyed my journey here in Fubar and the friends I have made along the way. Bauer you are the definition of strength, and thank you for your Blogs. To Pops
When A God Meets His Dream Girl , Hid Goddess.....the Begining
When A God Meets His Dream Girl , His Goddess......... The Beginning "I am a woman of great powers, I can with just a touch wipe away your tears, or take away your greatest fears. I am a woman alike no other; one who loves & hates equally. I am the lioness, who watches over her primitive jungle; protecting our cubs at any cost. I will dominate and reign over my kingdom with great pride and passion. I will walk with you hand and hand in our soft romantic dreams; loving you like the devil in the privacy of the moonlit night , while being your angel in the glow of the early morning light. I am the empowering Goddess you have longed for; devouring and possessing everyone and everything who gets in our path. Take my hand; fear not; for don't you see, by allowing me to devour and possess you; my Lord; we make our own destiny to our own paradise Sapphire Jewel Aka Valarie A. Laboy © 2006
Are There Angels Among Us ?
Are there angels among us ? Some say there are angels among us. What do you see? Do they talk with thee? Do they walk side by side along with you? If only we knew. Do you take it all for granted ? Going through life with your feet still planted. Taking it safe, Smelling one rose at a time. As though living life was some kind of crime. I do believe ! That if there were angels among us; They would want you to act like it just was. Just to live ! Just to be! Just to give ! Just to see! To act , Like you only had the rest of the day. To Live as you if were free . Then I am sure they will stay. As a gift for you and me. Amen Sapphire Jewel aka Valarie A Laboy © November 10, 2007
The Chair
The Chair There he sits sitting in the chair; watching my every step. I turn on the music with a blare; gyrating into rhythmical depths seeing him ever more aroused, I feel very proud. I walk over to him every article removed; he smiles and asks , "What did I need to prove? " I unzip his jeans to free up his manhood; as I lower myself down over him as only I could. I straddle him while in the char; he now knows I'm not playing fair. He grunts as he enters my caverns with deep rhythmic patterns. We slowly gyrate to the seductive song ; as we make love slow and strong . Alas! The excitement overwhelms us as we mover hungrily in lust. Wild and free; our fiery passions melt in what will always be. Faster, harder ,deeper, we sinfully rock, When alas the ship has finally docked. Sweet juices flow; and the love for each other eternally grows. Sapphire Aka Valarie A Laboy © 2006
The Dare
The Dare The mysteries of sexual heat burn through me; As I get down on my knees. I know my lover is watching this; as I give the stranger the forbidden kiss. The lovely taste of him inside; pleasures me with great pride. My tongue fervently dancing around the hardened muscle; slowly expiratory I move no need to hustle. The stranger is in paradise; as he moans , grunts, as he pleasurably cries. I feel my lover approach me from behind; gently gliding it in to blow my mind. As the stranger jumps at the vibrations my mouth is giving off; trying hard not to let out a big cough. My lover plunges in steady and fast; bonding the pleasures together making it last. Deeper and deeper I breathe in the stranger; my lover keeping me out of any danger. I buck backward deeper in to him; making sweet love to both of them. Excitement fills the air ; for this started out being a dare. Passion overwhelms us; no one complains or making a fuss. We exp
Alijah James & I Love Sporks
This was a bulletin that is going around right now about Sporks and Baby Alijah and Mullins... the link is below, but the whole story was also copied and pasted into the bulletin as well. I just found this on another website Please read this is the link but to save time I have copied the story and will post it here as well The mother of a 3-month-old baby boy found slain in Galveston has been charged with endangering a child. Caren Kohberger 27, had not yet been taken into custody Thursday, Brazoria County District Attorney Jeri Yenne said. Yenne said Kohberger is accused of handing her son, Alijah to his father, Travis Mullis, 21 early Jan. 29. At the time Kohberger knew that Mullis was unstable and may hurt the child, Yenne said. Mullis, who later surrendered in Philadelphia, told police he stomped the child's head and killed him because the boy wouldn't stop crying. If convicted, Kohberger co
Their Valentine's Gift
And the winner was.... Their Valentine's Gift Thrashing around in her bed, she close her eyes, and thinks of her valentine. Imagining, his soft lips on her thighs, slowly working his way up to the forbidden fruit . Working her hands up where she is dreaming, his mouth is, she slowly, oh ever so slowly finds that hot place, where the sweet nectar is waiting to be released. Teasing herself with her fingertips, she feels the building fire that inflames her every desire. Watching from a distance, he feels his own self feeling a bit aroused, as he watches her pleasing herself. He wants to go over to her and taste the steamy nectars she is releasing, but should he interrupt such a wondrous sight. She sees him watching , this is making her even more determined, to keep the mystery alive of her hidden fruit. She shifts , as to cover but yet, never stopping her movements. He needs to see more, so he steps in the room, Her screams becom
A Soul's Burden
A Soul's Burden The bloody tears I cry, remind me of the thoughts I dread. Long ago the nightingales did fly, as visions of the happily ever after, danced in my head. One forbidden touch , that one single night. I gave into the lust of desire. The attraction at first sight. The passion, the heat , the fire ! I needed the touch of a man, the scent of you drove me mad. In the back of that Chevy van. You needed a woman's comfort. Every emotion was shared, giving into every other effort, letting each other know how much we cared, You kissed me , I was forever lost. Where do we go from here ? You are my boss ! Do we stop it now , and give into the fear. Or, can we face tomorrow living with what we have started. I know you cannot promise me tomorrow, For that will only cause heartbreak and sorrow. I don't want this moment to end. I have not felt this alive in ages You make my body awake with , deep pnetrating electric strides, We are in the beginn
New Lounge i need people lol
Happy Birthday Sweetbabygirl
The Midnight Beast........
The Midnight Beast,,,,,,,, In her fantasies she sees him; the creature in the dark. He isn't like them ' so different with the electric spark. His late night visits thrill her; aching ,yearning sensations his touches burn her within. She loves him even though it will never be; The beast within him wont set him free. Keeping the miracle alive ; they give in to the desires that they crave. Lovers entwined, never wanting it to end. They make sensational love as they find the special paradise; in the place saved in the heavens of the mind. Ecstasy takes over; as she moans to her lover. Excitement fills the air ; he grabs her with one final thrust ; pulls her in for their final kiss. Their lost souls will be searching for eternity, Until they meet in life in enternal jubilee. Sapphire aka Valarie A Laboy Copyright 2006
Trapped Inside
Trapped Inside Depression what is it ? Is it a feeling you fear ? Or is it something your brain does to punish you? When, at first thought that you had it all figured out . Why can't life just be easy for once ? Life' S little vacation from our sorrows and grief's. I am the one who will conquer it .I am stronger then the spirits think s. If they think I am going to give in , then they don't know me. I breathe air for my kids, as long as I have them nothing can bring me down for the final countdown. . I devour the pain through the sweet seduction of courage and the ability of knowing the difference . Can you say the same? Sapphire Jewel aka Valarie A Laboy © 2006
Oh God! Why Me ?
Oh god why me ? Staring at my bleeding wrists. I wonder why I deserved to be given this curse. I want to live , I want to breathe, I want to be loved. Oh god why me? The arms that used to save me, now torment me. I need the feeling again, just to feel. I hate the blackened loneliness that I feel. I Want someone just to understand . Oh god why me? It seems like I am everyone else's strength. Why do I feel so weak? I used to love life ,now ,I have to fight to live . Oh god why me ? I want to run in the field of lilies, sip on lemonade on the porch swing. Why do I end up being left alone over and over again ? It just doesn't seem fair! Oh god why me ? Take me home to your paradise, let me feel loved that way . Then I won't have to say. Oh god why me ? Sapphire Jewel aka Valarie A Laboy © 2006
The Storm
The Storm The roar of the thunder; The flicker of the lightning. Dark emotions put us under. Good and evil always fighting ! Light and dark! Day and night! Danger hits it's mark. Over the horizon,it shines so bright; Violent waves crash into the rocks. Hurricane's, tornadoes, Come hell or high water! Mother nature's angry with her father. Soon there will be nothing left. With violent strikes she lashes out, Feeling her, as she shifts. Showing no sign of compassion, as she shouts. She has now taken her deadly course; Winning the struggle with great force! Valarie A. Laboy aka Sapphire Jewel Copyright © 2006
2nd Alarm Hotties Event!!
Ode To The One Before......
Ode To The One Before............. The night you left you thought I was finished. I guess I fooled you, I celebrated life for the first time. You see, you did not break me, on the contrary , you made me! Look at me! See how strong I have become. I am everything I could have dreamed for , And more! Look at me! I encourage and demand without rage, But with pity. You are the one missing out. No, your not dreaming, I am real. Yes, I have grown while you stayed the same. "I AM "!!! " Who?" you ask. The "Goddess" Of the Strength, Of the beauty, Of the sensuality, Of my own being, Everything you have always feared. Now it is YOUR turn to "WORSHIP " ME!!!! Sapphire Jewel AKA Valarie A Laboy © 2006
Didn't Know
Here again comes the rain; Cascading down my body like a burning flame! Wet and wild it comforts me, Pouring down so free. I dance in the middle of a puddle; Barefoot ,my cotton dress in a bundle. I want to scream out! As I dance about; For ,I am as happy as I can be; Because ,I too am free! Sapphire Jewel AKA Valarie A Laboy Copyright Dec 11 2007
When A Super Hero Dies
Robert Craig Kneival, Jr. Evil Knieval Stunt Coordinator October 17,1938-November 30 2007 When a superhero dies The little one in all of us cries We think of them as being unbeatable The Fact they to are human takes us by surprise. I wonder what they thought Did They too get caught up in all the hype that we bought. With each and every triumph that they defeated, Or were they waiting for a lesson to be taught? Let us now remember the fallen heroes that in our memories that has embraced our hearts. In our childhood they played many parts Pray for their families who knew the men behind their masks Isn't this where humanity starts Sapphire Jewel Aka Valarie A Laboy Copyright December 1st, 2007 Our Other Fallen Heros Andre Rene Roussimoff Andre The Giant Professional Wrestler May 19, 1946- January 27 1993 George Reeves Superman/Clark Kent actor/ superhero January 5 1914 - June 16 1959 Christopher Reeve Superman/Clark Kent Actor/Superhero Septem
Cheyenne's Song
Cheyenne's Song My Dearest Cheyenne, Words cannot express how special you are, You are my shining star. You are the little princess in our lives; Your sweet smiles and all the Cutie bribes. They say that I was wrong, you would never be so strong. I knew better, I am your mom! In a few yrs., I will even see you escorted to the prom. Never doubt who you are, you're the goddesses' daughter by far. I already see so much of myself in you; the personality and the strengths too. Lead and do not ever follow; anyone down life's mystery road. It will take you where ever you need to be, just trust it and listen to me. Follow your own path take nobody's crap You are destined to be royalty where your crown with pride and loyalty. When you Grow up you will see; that you beat the disability. You Are exactly like me I love you always, and forever more; Mom Valarie A Laboy Copywrite 2006
Coles Song
Cole's Song Dedicated to my 11 year old son on his 11th Birthday 8/16/2005 Happy birthday my birthday boy! I could not think of what to get you that you would never outgrow or destroy. I wanted to get you a shinning star high in the sky; but as soon as the sun came up it would only say good-bye. I wanted to get you the highest mountain; or maybe a water fountain; but at 11 years old, what would you do with gifts so big and bold? I wanted to spoil you with all the riches, of the world; but I could never promise you something and not keep my word. So all I can do is give you all my hopes; Take them and fly high my son, don't you ever let go or share them with any dopes. Take all my dreams that I have for you; to grow into that handsome young man I see you to be. Soar with them life's bright sunbeams; remember always you are a part of me. You already have my heart; you have since the d
Baby Sister
Baby Sister Watching you from across the room, I see how much you have grown. I seen you as a young woman bloom. Then to see you in your goddess throne. You are my baby sister. I love you very much. Now a message to you mister, take care of her, feed her lots of fudge. The moment you said "I do", you took her in your reins. The big sister has to let go, so she can show us all , she to has the brains. To be a goddess of her own will. To show her own great guidance and soul . I will always be here when needed still, I now hand you your own wings to make you whole. I love you always and forever more. I know now you listened and I was never a bore. Have a happy rest of your life, You are now some mans wife. As Always, Aka Valarie A Laboy Copyright 2006
My Mask
My Uncle Dedicated To Steve The World's Greatest Uncle Thanks for being not only the big brother I needed but the only father figure I had.... Soul searching for the answers from within; I find myself knowing now what I should have known then. You have always been there for me; Step by step with every little emergency. I just wanted to let you know , Just how much that I have noticed ; That with an uncle like you how muchI was truly blessed. Through all our good times ; And even through our fights. You stood tall beside me ; Like a father should be. Through all my little scares and frights. I just wanted to let you know; Because I t wasn't always easy to show. That I have always loved and appreciated you. Just in case you had no clue. Now I must say without any delay. There will never be a good -bye- and you know that I could never tell a lie. You will always be here deep in my heart. With each new memory good or bad from the very start. Do not
The Rescue
Every night I wait. In the darkness,for his shadow is running late. For my true love is my internal fate. I hear the footsteps from afar Galloping on the chosen star. Will he hear my cries? As he silently flies, Into paradise's doors My love for him forever pours. As Always, Sapphire aka Valarie A Laboy © July 19th 2006
What Myb-day Means
Up For Auction
Savage Lover's
Savage Lover's Remember me in the starry night; Love at first bite! I knew you when, We gave in to our first lustful sin. The forbidden passion in the moon light Shadowy naked bodies ; Entwined in the dead of night. Two wild animals madly ravishing each other; Scratching, devouring, Savoring the sweet ecstasy from one another. Looking deep in your eyes ; Seeing the fiery flames of desire. I see you are stripping me with your mind; Climbing on top would be too kind! I want you to worship me, as I kneel down on my knees. Fantasy becomes reality. As I whisper to you, "Aren't you glad I am your naughty savage girl?" Sapphire Jewel AKA Valarie A Laboy © July 17th, 2007
Growing Apart
Growing Apart Today I watched my baby sister get married; I looked on as she was all giddy and happy. I seen myself at that age, Where has the yrs gone ? When did my youth slip away from me ? I remember a time , not so long ago where that was me standing up at that podium ; Saying I do. Yesterdays Promises ; Tomorrows Dreams; All slipped away from you and me. Travel back with me in time ; Young and foolish so much in love were we, The memories do glow. I wish you could look at me the way you used to Kiss me to liven up every tingle I have to give. Embrace our love once more; For if you cannot do this, set me free ! Why do we stay together if we have lost what we once had ? I don't want to be second in your life ; I want to be first again. Love me like you used to; before our love was tainted and cursed. Sapphire Jewel Aka Valarie A Laboy © 2006
My Rules - Read Them & Love Them
These Are My Rules, Read them, live them, love them. I don't care what your opinion is so if you have one keep it to your damn self, and we'll be good. 1. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A SALUTE NO ADD. Don't send me a message saying your salute in the process of being accepted, don't say well I'll put one up soon. *I have a program that I can use to authenticate a picture. What does that mean it means, I can upload your or anyones picture into it and let it run its analysis and it'll tell me if there's been any photographic editing. 2. I have yahoo, I have MSN and I have AOL, if I give you my screen name for any of them that obviously means your allowed to talk to me there. A. I have a webcam, but unless I know you don't bother to ask to view it, if I have it on. If you do I will simply delete you and block you. 3. I have A few private pictures, again if you notice I don't have any family members, which obviously means that if you can't view family only pictures then your not
A New Low? Santa will be going up for auction starting Friday. I still do not know how I will feel about being owned by another human. I guess we all have to do what we have to do to make a fu-living. Please when and if you decide to own me that you bid a lot of fu-bucks and be a dignified owner of Santa. Santa thanks all of you who attempt to purchase Santa and failed to bid enough. I will soon let everyone know what exactly they will receive when they do become the proud owner of Santa. Good luck to all of you. so it must be that time of month again where poor old santa finds himself ownerless....santa needs a good home, a owner that is kind and fun. please check out my pimp pebbles and give her some love and then bid lots of good stuff for me...i am housebroken and dont eat too much...but i likes me some milk and cookies...
A Wifes Plea
A Wife's Plea We lie sadly together but yet so far apart; How can we say what is deep within our hearts? Lost words forever hidden ; As we wash away our once glowing love saying good ridden. Will we ever be the same as the night we fell in love; remember the stars in the sky above. The smiles on our happy faces; we laughed and discussed each others lovely praises. Why cant we come back to that place and time? Where we just loved and it wasn't a crime. I need you now more than ever before; It is too lonely behind closed doors. Tell me its not to late; For our love to begin a new slate. Make love to me like the first night; Take me to the joyous heavens of your Godly flight. Whisper to me I love you; Like we were the only two. Let's forget about the past wrongs; Focusing on the future nice and strong. Take our love to the depths of eternity; Giving us the happiness we deserve in sweet serenity. I miss what we used to share; Loosing it is something I cannot
If I........................
If I....... If I had just one wish left; It would be that the love we share would last the eternity. If I had one miracle granted; It would be for the option to go back and have our love to have began earlier. If I could close my eye's and wake up for the surprise of a lifetime; It is yours and our kids' faces I would want to see. If I could rule the world; I would only demand more of your time. If I had only one song to sing; It would be dedicated to my family. If I was to be stranded on a deserted island; all I would ever really need Is you. If I was to die tomorrow; all I could have ever hoped for was that I knew I found my true love on the day we said I do. As Always, Sapphire Jewel Valarie A Laboy Copy right 2006
The Promise And The Dream
The Promise And The Dream Come with me on a mystical journey; Where the unicorns sit and play on the Knight's Tourney. Here your wishes come true; As the fairytale comes alive for you. See the little fairy over there, She is combing the lil' elves hair. This magical world you see, It's open to you if you just believe. The Goddess will hand you your key, Intothis enchanting forest fit for a king. Where she will place the royal crown on top your head kneeling down to worship thee. Close your eyes and just imagine; A magical world where it really doesn't matter; Who you are , Or where you have been. Look over there, Just under the rainbow; The leprechaun has his shiny pot of gold ; Willing to share, He doesn't like it when it over flows. All is welcome here in our enchanted home; No one will ever have to be alone. Deep in the forest Robin Hood and his merry men ; Is partying in the cowardly lions den. While the knights protect the merry kingdom ; F
Waiting For The Light
Waiting For Light Sitting here asI wonder; As years had gone by , that I wandered. Wasted time through our lost dreams; spinning through life's disastrous streams. The older I get , the worse It feels; In yesterday's fantasies , is where I am still. We are facing a new age, with each given moment , turning new page. We may never know, what the future may hold, So we shall face each day , as the story is told. As Always, SapphireJewel Aka Valarie A . Laboy
Tomorrow's Dreams
Tomorrow's Dream I had a dream of tomorrow ; Watching my babies , Watch their own babies grow. I notice as it seems; My fairytale is alive in their own dreams! The confidence I added to their lives, Made them better husbands and wifes. I can now thank the heavens above; Given, all I had to give was onlymy love. In my dreams they are all full of smiles; Walking along their own long hard miles. Patting myself on the back , Kissing my husband on his cheek. We did excellent even when we felt we were tired and weak. We never let it show , Or let the frustrations grow. All in a days work As we watch with big smiles , Of the achievements , Of a Good Parents perks. Then I wake up to daily life ; Wishing it will all turn out right , From the wishes of a dreaming wife. Sapphire AKA Valarie A. Laboy © April 28th 2007
A Bride's Appreciation For Her Groom
A Bride's Apreciation For Her Groom I fall asleep snuggled up against you. The love I feel is true. Hearing your heartbeat, loud and strong. Feeling your warm breath upon me like a love song. Waking up, I see you are still sleeping soundly , like a babe in the night. I feel like a beautiful nightingale on a joyous flight. Drifting back to sleep, as dreams of our happily ever wonder in my head. Over in the yard, over by the picket fence, the kids are fighting again. Still in our romantic interlude, we take the long holiday away that we are due. Hearing the alarms go off, as reality sets in, we waken in each others's arm. Realizing I wasn't dreaming, we are the happily ever after, fighting kids, and all their charms. I know I wouldn't change any of our marital bliss; as you reach over and give me a good morning kiss. Sapphire Jewel AKA Valarie A Laboy CopyRight 2006
All Hallows Eve
All Hallows Eve Watch Out ! beware ! For tonight's all Hollows Eve: The witching hour will strike out the haunting screams. If the headless horseman shall have his way, Ichabod Crane will be done away. Count Dracula will return; To give unexpected damsels his deadly kiss . Werewolves and mummies alike; Search for innocents to prey. Ghosts and goblins walk the earth tonight , Recreating frightening scares. Into the witches brew there awaits the spell; Turning all those who don't believe, or heade her warning to leave, Into something as unimaginable you wouldn't want to be. Then you wake up to the nightmare; If you dare, To find that it was just your fears . You rub your eyes to find; All the scary things are in your mind. The monsters you once feared; Welcome you into their party, And offer you a beer. No need to be sorry It was only a dream. They do the monster mash and gather around. To wish us all. Happy Halloween to all And to all a
What 2 Do
Life Lessons Never tell a guy "it's just a game" Dating is awkward, but so is becoming a loser like me Anyone is capable of anything given the right motivation Always wear comfortable underwear Some things never come back in style *TLC* If your parents promise you money, WRITE IT DOWN Never under estimate stupid people Repetition is a sign of stupidity. Repetition is a sign of stupidity. Repetition is a sign of stupidity. Never wear the same pants three days in a row, no matter how many times you wash them Never refer to him/her as "my future ex" *TLC* Always make sure your parents aren't watching Behind every great man there is an even greater woman kicking him in the ass and telling him what to do Never run away from your fears. Unless it's a wasp. replace green or yellow fruit drink (like gatorade)with pickle juice. use color dye if necesssary. put a bright color dye in a bottle of hairspray. shake well.(only works on blondes) hide your camera
Godess Of Serenity
Goddess Of Serinity Take my hand don't be frightened I am the Goddess of serenity. To all those who love me they in return taketh from me my friendship , my loyalty, and my respect. For all those who loathe me, it is them who do not wish to understand . I am love not hate , peace .not war ; giveth me all that is good and I will cherish you for eternity. Sapphire aka Valarie A Laboy © 2006
This was in my email box today, and figured it should be posted. My parents told me about Mr. Common Sense early in my life and told me I would do well to call on him when making decisions. It seems he was always around in my early years but less and less as time passed by. Today I read his obituary. Please join me in a moment of silence in remembrance, for Common Sense had served us all so well for so many generations. Obituary Common Sense Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm, life isn't always fair , and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you earn) and reliable parenting strategies (adu
Ode To A Trailor Park Wife
Ode to a Trailor Park Wife As I sit here thinking of something witty to write; I think of all whom I could give such a freight.. Just to see me at my most natural; curlers in my hair ,eating a crueler. To just a laugh at such a deploy; maybe I could get a decoy. one who is like a step ford wife; one who is always alert and alive. Tell a man he is her only god; with nice big kahunas, and a killer bod.. But what would that prove to the men out there; would she have a mind of her own to compare. Realizing her most undesirable fears; she pop a tops another beer. Gives a toast to her big bellied fella; as she comes to understand, she is his trailor park bella. Sapphire Jewel aka Valarie A. Laboy Copyright 2006
just looking for some action. pictures updating soon
Please Help Me Find The Man Who Murdered My 3 Month Old Son For Sporks
I do not want condolences about this situation, I am posting this bulletin with a link that includes pictures of the man who murdered my 3 month old son in hopes that maybe someone has seen him somewhere....anywhere....please take the time to go to the link and watch the news video which includes a description of the car he was driving and his picture...If anyone knows anything at all, please dont contact 409-771-7488 please repost the hell out of this so as many people as possible can see this. thank you everyone this includes the news report video this includes a picture of the man who murdered my baby,2933,326785,00.html Please keep reposting so maybe she can find this man!!!!!! This is a repost for Sporks she is on this site!!! Great sorrow , this is so sad blessings and go by her site plez. thats her
Let me know what you consider NSFW.. Im just corious now.... roflmao
Soulmate's Path
Soulmates Path To the only man that has ever made me feel like a woman. Looking at our life's as we move along this dreaded path separate, I realize we are soul mates ; floating back to each other slowly. Fighting , to get to where we both so deserve. Come home to me my darling I will make it all better for you. I am your goddess of love... now its my turn to rescue you. As Always, Sapphire Jewel AkA Valarie Laboy Copyright 2006
First Love
First Love The day we met I was so young and shy; You walked up to me ; I felt my heart begin to fry. You had that glowing stare ; that set my soul a flair. You asked me my name ; I felt nervously inflamed, Butterflies took over as I tried to stutter. My name finally slipped out in a mutter. It was love at first sight; neither of us could deny, You asked me if I might; give you a try. We left hand and hand that day; love or bust come what may. Circumstances happened ,we drifted apart. Twenty years later your still in my heart, Waiting for destiny to come knocking at my door; for you to be standing there once more, I Love you forever until I die; I promise you I will never again say good bye. As Always , Aka Valarie A Laboy Copy Write 2006
She's hot, shes got it all, shes bringing the real rock direct to The Ace Cafe, come see her or miss out on the time of your life!! Terror Brothers Radio is pleased to present to you, LIVE in The Ace Cafe .... !!!DJ LEZKA!!! Come to THE coolest place on fubar, for lots of drinks, laughs, friends, hot guys and girls and most importantly GREAT music!

Secret of long life: "Morning" two eggs with milk, "evening" two fish with chips & "night" two legs with lips...Enjoy life!!!
Family Vid
Old video; my sisters Sheena and Morgan (2 of the 7) my dad and I back in 1995 too easy to tell thats a fake salute... go there and show em what we do to fake profiles. Downrate/comment bash/etc don't forget to block lol
Words To Live By
"The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it, you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it's very brightly coloured and it's very loud and it's fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question, is this real, or is this just a ride? And other people have remembered, and they come back to us, they say, "Hey - don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because, this is just a ride..." And we... kill those people. "We have a lot invested in this ride. Shut him up. Look at my furrows of worry. Look at my big bank account and my family. This just has to be real." Just a ride. But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok. But it doesn't matter because: It's just a ride. And we can change it anytime we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no jo
Nada Time
I didn,t lie , I will pray that all will be ok... But if im not forgiven by you ..Then God will always know I didn,t lie .. He will always forgive me no matter what..And if I do make mistakes and when. He will frogive me always// Thankyou O My Lord Christ. diana I have a boy friend in here and he is real and Im no cheater , im looking for friends is all. Hugz have a wonderful hunt finding what you look for all. diana When Im alone and your always gone. Things pop into my mind ; Weve just begun to ,love is new and yet not blue .. Some what a tempation and we do. ..Yet in all and all I can spend a day alone and wonder when, you,ll be in my arms .. Soon I hope , but if it never ever comes to this .. Ill always ,s love you thru any and all. I love you more than life itself, your my heart .. Can you imigine this , with every breath I take and release??? ; Your there in the very deep of my soul being set free. ..I love , want the best for you ..,( yet im yearning with lusti
Jan Bdays
Most of you know that I have been trying to get the drama and BS out of my life lately. Which means I have missed some of y'alls birthdays. For which I do apologize. I have been trying to put my life in order, and for some reason it seems that as soon as I take one step forward I take 15 back. However, i will do my best to make up for it Forgive me? Love y'all... CC
Suzy (wolf Riders Woman)
Never Thought It Could Get This Bad
Again here I am crying. (what else is knew right?) I don't know what to do. I can apologize over and over for the things I have done. I don't know what else it is I can do. I feel so helpless, so depressed. I can only do what I can to show him that I love him . My heart hurts so bad when he says the things he says, I feel so low, feel like I am nothing .Like I deserve this and things will never change no matter how hard I try. I really don't know what it is that he wants me to do. I don't want to be disrespected and I don't understand how someone who cares about me so much can keep making me feel the way I am feeling. I love him and don't want to lose him . I hate myself . My self esteem and confidence in myself is gone. My heart is on the table for him to do what ever he wants to. All I can do is let him . I feel like I am going crazy. I want to talk to him but it always turns back to what I have done to him. I ask myself why I am doing this to myself???? Why I am here??
Amatueru // Sara //stiletto Girl//
amatueRU // Sara //Stiletto Girl// fubar page FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE The MySpace page this person lists in their fubar Blog that they made for "fubar Friends": The REAL MySpace of the person this FAKE stole pictures and identity from: The REAL person: This FAKE made the mistake of mixing other female pictures in with this model's pictures. They also made the mistake of making a FAKE MySpace for "fubar Friends" that is set to private. They slipped up and put in the wrong year of birth on the FAKE MySpace page AND a FAKE location of residence. Sources say the REAL person does not even speak much English.
Be My Valentine
I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY THE DAY... HAVE LOTS OF SEX AND A LOT OF CHOCOLATE :)....NOTHING BETTER THAN BOTH!! If you could pamper Me for Valentines what will you do for Me?? There's one thing I would looooove (check out the site... turn on your speakers... it's wonderful and relaxing) I have a location pretty closed from home... if you want to please Me you know exactly what to do... Kisses & spanks Me
Generic Drugs
In Pharmacology, all drugs have two names, a trade name and generic name. For example, the trade name of Tylenol also has a generic name of Acetaminophen. Aleve is also called Naproxen. Amoxil is also call Amoxicillin and Advil is also called Ibuprofen. The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After careful consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced that it has settled on the generic name of Mycoxafloppin. Also considered were Mycoxafailin, Mydixadrupin, Mydixarizin, Dixafix, and of course, Ibepokin. Pfizer Corp. announced today that Viagra will soon be available in liquid form, and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power beverage suitable for use as a mixer. It will now be possible for a man to literally pour himself a stiff one. Obviously we can no longer call this a soft drink, and it gives new meaning to the names of "cocktails", "highballs" and just a good old-fashioned "stiff drink". Pepsi will market the new concoction b
Pukette Is So Close!!
Waheed's Poetry 1/31/2008
imikimi - Customize Your World
Have you ever felt like the moments leading up to the future are moments that leave you in dismay? I've always known that life was about something About finding out who you're meant to be. Meeting new people, falling in love, heartbreak and so on. There are always situations in life that give you strife. Your confused, don't know where to turn, thinking maybe going back to your past can help you,scared to look forward to the future you know you can't predict. Everyone has a story; a story about the life they live, the people they met,But no one has a story about what may come, what things in their life help them realize that what may come is nothing what they wanted. Every new passing year is just a moment where people wonder "Is this year going to be different?","Am I going to fall in love?" "Have an life-alturing experince that will change my outlook on everything and point me in the right direction?" So I sit here now. Wondering what might come. What's there out i
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Claudine Sicat Aka 'ynohcentes'
Claudine Sicat aka 'ynohcentes' fubar page This person is using only 3 pictures from 2 completely different people. The REAL person in the main picture can be located here: The real person is 19 years old in Switzerland The FAKE fubar person is 18 in the Philippines The main picture on fubar can be located on the REAL metroflog page by scrolling the dated pictures back to 5/05/07. The REAL page has a VERY current display of dated pictures.
Record Profits
Personally I am high and dry, and feeling fortunate. If anyone wants to see some local pics feel free to take a peek on my home page. with Shell Oil posting record profits it is time to question our reps and senators why they can not find price gouging. Nothing will be done but if enough email there people maybe they will pass the wind fall tax on them.
Help Me Get Started!!!
help me get this lounge started please, i am hiring for everything, i just want to get this country/oldies lounge up and running, please help me out.. thanks
Happy News
i cant wait 5more days my b/f-fiance will be here to see me. BABYBOY J I CANT WAIT, TO BE ABLE TO SEE YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL
If Ur Muh Friend Do Me This Favor!
Shouts Turned Into Thoughts
Sometimes just shouting or im'ing with someone. Can create a awsome thought to blog about. In this case it was talking about are you single with someone. Slowly just bits and pieces came out, and the talk of why your single ect was brought up. And during our little talk i had a thought. What is the key to Love or Loving someone. Well its actually two pieces. 1. Complete Trust of your partner in everything, that they will always try to treat you right, that they will always worry about your feelings, and finally that they believe you above all others. 2. Communication this is probably the hardest thing in any realtionship. Tring to find a way to talk, and talk effectivly even when emotions are high. Most couples break down because of a failure in this, when they forget communication was what brought them together. I am no expert on Love, and am no expert on communication. My only advice to everyone is remember the two above things must be present for Love to grow and be s
My Soap Box
its very sad that i have had as few friends as i have come to help me in my contest , if you ever asked for my help imm always going to be there ! i make pics and different animations for a lot of people but very few that i have made things for have even bothered to help me ! to those that have helped i want to say thank you very much and i do know who you are cause im there everyday and i do see who has helped and i also see who is not and to those i say shame on you ! it takes less time to help me with 50 comments than it does for me to make ur pics . if this offends you then ur the one that this blog is for and for the rest ur truly awesome friends thank you from the bottom of my heart ! if you ever need anything just ask and i will always be there for you ! ok im coming down off my soap box now thanks for your time !
A Chinese Proverb So True!
* With money you can buy a house, but not a home. * With money you can buy a clock, but not time. * With money you can buy a bed, but not sleep. * With money you can buy a book, but not knowledge. * With money you can buy a doctor, but not good health. * With money you can buy a position, but not respect. * With money you can buy blood, but not life. * With money you can buy sex, but not love.
A Real Short Story
You feel me under the desk. Sliding my hands slowly up your silky thighs.You flinch not wanting any 1 to know I'm there. I stroke your thighs with my nails and as each stroke your thighs open further exposing your moist lips to my view. I lean in and begin softly kissing your lips tasting your sweetness om my lipss. Your feel my tongue on your clit flicking harder you close your legs on me as you reach down gripping my hair mumbbling something. Feeling you pull my hands causes me to lick faster and harder I also begin to slowly slid a finger in side you. You feel your lips part for it and moan ever so slightly . And so my tongue licking and my finger teasing you then a second finger joins the first parting your lips further to accomadate the 2 fingers now sliding in and out again pain rips through me as you grip tighter on my Hair pleading with each pull to make you orgasm.... I hear your boss approach he is talking to you I take it as an opotunity to slip a third finger in
My Contests
CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW!!! What's up homies? I need this picture comment BOMBED! If I get 10,000 comments, I get a month VIP from my girl ^Sin^! So PLEASEEEEE bomb the hell outta this so I can return the favor by giving you a bunch of 11s after I get my VIP!
if ya wanna bid on me click on the link and see bulletin for what im offering click to bid this is what im offering 200 11's during hh 3 personal salutes (sfw or nsfw) added to yahoo 2 personal phone calls rate all stash added to family owned by in your name for a month two cam sessions of your choosing
Please Help
I do not want condolences about this situation, I am posting this bulletin with a link that includes pictures of the man who murdered my 3 month old son in hopes that maybe someone has seen him somewhere....anywhere....please take the time to go to the link and watch the news video which includes a description of the car he was driving and his picture...If anyone knows anything at all, please dont contact 409-771-7488 please repost the hell out of this so as many people as possible can see this. thank you everyone this includes the news report video this includes a picture of the man who murdered my baby,2933,326785,00.html
Friends Stuff
Okay everyone... I am officially leaving fubar. I just dont have the time or the energy to do this any longer. If you would like to keep in touch with me, fumail me your contact information. I will delete my account by the 31st of August, so you all have until then to give me the information if you want to keep in touch. Thank you all so much for being a friend to me through out the year that I have been a member of fubar. I hope you all enjoy yourselves, and remember, this is just a website, and dont take it all so personally. Take Care all, Dawn aka Chickie Momma Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 10. Never been off of the East Coast 9. Drink Mt Dew all the time 8. Gett
This Life Of Mine 11
Gosh I am tired. I have been working all day and trying to put out fires with work. Ugh! Wish there were more competent people at work. My idiot step sister is supposed to give me....wait, let me rephrase that. My idiot step sister HAS to give me a bunch of stuff for work that I have to work on and have been waiting forever to get from her. She has to give me stuff from back in October, that is how behind she is. So irritating. I found out today that she is not going to work tomorrow. WHAT? So apparently she is going to drop all of this stuff off tomorrow here at the house. I will try to refrain from chocking her. Or at least not leave marks. ;) So if I do not get everything done tomorrow which is pretty impossible, I will have to work most of the weekend. Not fun. I have a meeting on Monday that I have to have all of this stuff done for. I just want to kick her in the ass. I am going to have to have a big chat with my Dad about her. It just isn't right that she p
can you please help me!! i need 25,000 pic comments to get an auto 11 bling!! there is no time limit so please help!! I am willing to pay 15K fubucks for every 100 comments! All i ask is you message me when you are done!! Thanks! im going to join an auction... who would bid on me??? what kinds of things would ppl like to see offered? this a guy who has rated anything i post so lets help him hes in a contest and needs the most comments!!!!!!!!!!!
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Show Some Love
I am in the Get-R-Done contest, I need some lov from all Fu-members! Just remember you have to add the person thats doing the contest as your friend, first! Ty, so much! Just click on the link below! I am in a 7Day Blast contest, I must Have 10,000 Comments.I was hoping, if you get a chance, that you could stop by and comment bomb this photo! . (REPOST)Thank You! I really need some Fu-bombing Love! I only have 1,600 Left to level! Please come and help me I would really appreciate it! I also am in a auction below so please, come and bid, or click on the bottom contest pic and bomb the Fu-crap out of it! Much love to you all!Lady~Love@ fubar
Southern Sex Symbols Auction
ok, so i did it; i put my self up for auction.. come check me out!!!! **kissess**
~setting The Record Straight~
Okay so I think it's time to let people know who I am and what I'm all about. I'm not going to state the obvious like age, relationship status, etc. because that info. is apparent if you look at my profile. I am a girl who is very lucky to be where I am right now. I was involved in some very bad things as a kid including gangs and drugs. I dropped out of school at age 16. You're probably thinking "where is she going with this", well you'll see soon enough. I work for the State of California as an Associate Governmental Program Analyst. This position is one that people on the outside of state government can't even touch without a Bachelor's degree...or if you are on the inside of state government, you have to have an extreme amount of ambition, motivation and intelligence. I have been extremely dedicated and worked very hard to get where I'm at in my career, which is not something most people with my past have been able to achieve. So enough of that. Now on to the rea
Life Isn't Just Pink Fuzzy Bunnies.
I found out today that my assistant manager wasn't going to be in for two weeks today. That means that 3 girls get to pick up all of her hours. Isn't that fun? She is retarded, she doesn't do anything all day, everyone picks up her shifts because she is always "sick". She doesn't do anything all day, she smokes too much, and she's a bitch. Our manager is so pissed, I hope the ASS. Manager gets fired. Hate and war, Alicia.
figured u out on day 1, cmon is that the best you got?? on your best day you will still never be as smart as me, at least challenge me when you set up a fake profile. I'm bored with this game, better luck next time.......FUCKIN CRACKWHORE!!!
My About Me
Okay, here's my About Me i guess! Or my rules more like! If you are going to come to my page to check me out, i'd really appreciate it you would please rate me, or leave something! I guess i don't really mind you just popping in and out, but i really hate it when people check me out just to be nosy! And please, when you send a friend request, don't send it blank, Please put Hello Jenn, so i know you've read it! So if it's blank, i won't except it...And NO I DO NOT HAVE A CAM, and no i will not do you a salute or personal pic, it's not my thing, and if you don't like that? you apparently don't like me. Im not a newbie, so Please don't welcome me to fubar, unless you are welcoming me back. I deleted my account because of the many idiots who bugged the hell out of me but my cousins convinced me back, so here i am. Im 20, my name is Jennifer, Please call me Jenn not married, i have no kids...i don't like kids lol but i can handle them, im not looking for real life relationship
Kella's Cookies
Please keep the drama away from my page, and I will keep it away from yours.   Thank you. Kella I got this from cr@sh's blog. Never will I sit idle while many, especially the young, are led like sheep to vote for anyone promising "change" who, at the same time: - refuses to take an oath on The Holy Bible - was raised as a Muslim (Bin Laden promised he would get America from the inside. Hmmm...) - belongs to a church that is committed to Africa, not America - refuses to honor our American flag during the National Anthem - refuses to pledge his allegiance to The Flag of The United States of America DOES THIS SOUND LIKE AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT TO YOU? This country was founded on a profound, undeniable belief in God and by the Grace of God we have enjoyed the blessings of prosperity and growth. Those who remember that can make a difference. Are we going to stand up or what?
Men Suck
I spent two damn years with someone in a relationship that was going nowhere before I finally decided to give up and bail and what happens? He gets married 10 months later to a girl he was "just friends with" when we were dating. Why do I even bother wasting my time?
I'm planning a trip back to Chicago in a few months. Last time I was there was for work so I never really got to see the city during the day and didn't get to see much during the night. I'm looking for sites that I absolutely can not leave with out seeing. Leave me a comment with anything that I must see or must do while I'm there! I can't wait to go back, what I did see while there the last time I loved it! So for those of you that live in the area or have been there your help is appreciated!
One Hot Night
You and you're girlfriend are at a night club and you've been dancin extremely close on the crowded dance floor all night. You whisper into her ear that the two of you could have sex right there, right now and no one would ever know. She whispers back that she's game. You feel yourself growing just at the thought. She's only wearing a very short skirt with thigh highs and just a thong underneath. She reaches down between your bodies and carefully pulls out your erection. You back her up so her back is against the wall. Someone bumps into you just as you thrust into her. The bodies around you keep bumping into you, causing you to thrust harder into her. The two of you are pretty worked up from all the dancing and grinding. You can feel her body tense all around you as she climaxes, bringing you over the edge with her. You're staying late at your sister's photography studio. You promised you'd help her out and do her last appointment for the night because something had come up and the
aww look flowers and a teddy hes so sweet
Need Comments Pls
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend! Would also like to thank breeq..jesse..Roltho..and lost soul.. for leaving comments for my contest. I got 1000 comments..woo hoo! You guys are awesome. posted blogs.. posted bulletins.. but nobody left even 1 comment on that pic. Just wondering.. if I mentioned that it was a naked picture of me.. would you go leave comments then? (talking about the contest i am running in) Well I do have a couple I can thank! You 3 are awesome..and myself. lol. I am in a contest to win a blast... all i need is 630 comments to go . please go to this persons page.. fan/add/rate her...then go under blast sales folder in the pics. I will be in there! All you got to do is leave a few comments.. any amount will help! and you gain a friend out of it!Hugs Stephanie Lynn @ fubar Stephanie Lynn@ fubar

Used To BelieveAdd to My Profile | More Videos by mad love to create and meditate on what is god good real TRUE I am driven by dreams of brilliant colors and siren song when the flowers smile it takes my breath away
My Works
TIME TO GO Do not ask for my love I have none to give Do not ask for my life There's nothing left to live I gave you my heart You threw it away I begged not to leave Now you want me to stay It's no longer about us That part of life is done You told me to go It's time to move on I have family; I have friends I'm sure I'll be fine I feel sorry for your type of life It's not as rich as mine I have my God; I have my children I have their love as well So take your tears and your words May you all rot in hell I've had enough, I want no more I've swallowed too many of your lies Take a long and hard look, baby It's the last time you see these eyes They've cried for you too many times They've watched you walk away They've seen all they want to see They're closed, and closed they'll stay I've found someone else Who will love me for me That person is myself From you, I'm finally free. I Knew You In Another Life I knew you in another life, a lif
A Soldier
There is discipline in A Soldier you can see it when he walks, There is honor in A Soldier you hear it when he talks. There is courage in A Soldier you can see it in his eyes, There is loyalty in A Soldier that he will not compromise. There is something in A Soldier that makes him stand apart, There is strength in A Soldier that beats from his heart. A Soldier isn't a title any man can be hired to do, A Soldier is the soul of that man buried deep inside of you. A Soldier's job isn't finished after an 8 hour day or a 40 hour week, A Soldier is always A Soldier even while he sleeps. A Soldier serves his country first and his life is left behind, A Soldier has to sacrifice what comes first in a civilian's mind. If you are civilian - I am saying this to you..... next time you see A Soldier remember what they do. A Soldier is the reason our land is 'Home of the free', A Soldier is the one that is brave protecting you and me. If you are A Soldier -
Santini Canadian Tour Dates
More to be announced soon: - Feb 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, Royal York Fairmont Hotel, Toronto, OAAS Tradeshow. -March 21st, Transac club, Toronto, with Mysterion the Mindreader. Full 2 set extreme escape stage show - April 19th, Johnny B's VIP nightclub in Whitby. Solo 2 set extreme escape show.
Tattoo Contest
I'm Pissed As Hell Here
You know when I read about this tragedy of one of our own Fubarians had her 3 month old baby being murdered and honestly, my first reaction was shock and outrage and utter bewilderment as to how a man can physically harm an innocent child and kill him! I've reposted that bulletin since I read about this and listened to CNN Headline News and read the articles about it on the web too. Then I reposted this on and it seems like most people are more concerned about their battles and lunch money or possibly on here about comments and Fu Points and I for one can honestly say, I care more about this tragedy and what has happened to that 3 month old baby than any point or any battle or lunch money in my entire life and people honestly need to look around realize even though I don't have kids, I still care but if others don't start realizing that it could be their kid that this happens too, I would be just as angry and pissed as I am right now, damn it! I even posted this bulleti
Finally... somewhere i can post a blog that neither of the baby mamas know about and i can just write whatever in the hell i wanna with out ona them having something to say about it.. i just dont know how to act lmao... sad sad sad huh
Cocktail Decoder
What a woman's drink says about her. Martini-She's likely to be high-maintenance but a serious drinker. Martini women are typically depressed, stressed out and looking to shift their mood. Lemon drops-This person would be really fun to go out with. She's fashionable, trendy and fun-loving. She may have street smarts, but she isn't a Rhode Scholar. Scotch-This drink says intelligence. A Scotch-drinking woman is grounded, knows who she is, and doesn't care what anybody thinks. Champagne-This girl is elitist, pretentious wants people to think she's and intellectual, and wishes she were french. Beer-Downing brews means she's trying to be one of the guys. She can be spontaneous and fun, but doesn't feel comfortable with her femininity. Red wine-She's health conscious and conservative, but also sensual, warm, and nurturing. Rum and Coke-This girl likes to have fun and is really laid back. If that glass of rum and coke could speak, it would say, "I'm going nuts tonight"
My Poetry
I wish you could understand Who I am inside. Instead of letting my thoughts be known, I run away and hide. I have always been told That I would amount to nothing. To just accept that fact, And not waste time by fussing. I am far from being the person I always wanted to be. Someone with more to offer, Someone who isn’t me. I try to be a good mom, I try to be a good friend, But I tend to let people down, Always, in the end. No matter how hard I try, It is never quite enough. Fulfilling everyone’s needs of me Can be unbelievably tough. I wish others can just understand, That all I want to be, Is simply someone Who isn’t me. MY FRIEND When I met you My life was a mess No one to help me I was so depressed. You became my friend And made me see the light. You picked me up And taught me to fight. I fought for my soul And found my true self. I never would have made it If you hadn't helped. I thank God For everyday. When I needed you most He sent you
Thanks Everyone That Helped Me....
Buy Me :)
shamelessly selling myself...cum bid on me...i'm cheap lol   doin the auction thing again....if ya wanna own me..go bid on me ends 4/13.. clicky will take requests from those already in my family and get my rates :P 1.add to yahoo 2.300 11's durring happy hour 3.owned by in my name for a month 4.add to famly for a month 5.salute..any way you want it...sfw or nsfw or both 6.keep you shit faced whenever im online your crush for a month 8.stash rated durring happy hour 9.#1 friend and family for a month 10.will add more as bids or requests come in well i put myself in another auction lol...lets see how well this goes lol....starting bid is 50,0000 fu bucks and runs from Feb 1st-8th Here's what I am Offering... 1. Fu-Owned Added to Name for 1 Month 2. 1 SFW Salute, 1 NSFW Salute 3. Daily Profile Comments for 1 Month 4. Daily Gift or Drinks for 1 Month 5. Rate all Pics 11's During HH 6. Permanent Add to Family 7. Added to Yahoo Messenger t
Might As Well
I have been having a really miserable fucking week, so i am offering 5,000 fubucks to the first person to make me smile. good luck. can someon please tell me what is wrong with the fairer sex? why is it that if a guy cheats he is a piece of shit for life, but when a woman cheats it's almost as if they find a way to justify it? i know i'm not being fair to all women right now, but every single woman i have ever dated has cheated on me. i am probably not the best boyfriend in the world, but i don't lie, i don't cheat, i'm not mean, or a bully. i think i'm relatively attractive, and i am intelligent, funny, and very supportive. does it just say sucker across my forhead. sorry needed to vent. Ok I have been thinking alot lately, and I'm begining to think that maybe I'm the reason that I'm still single. It's been almost a year since I have been with someone and I am not getting any younger. Nor am i getting closer to a relationship. I don't have alot of good things to say about myself so I
Welcome To All My Songs
1 Day Blast Plz Help
Inactive Friends
I took the hint of another friend of mine, I had almost 1000 friends on my list, 9/10's of which I don't hear from nor do they hear from me...So, I did a major house cleaning, if you're getting this blog notice, I still have you on my list...I got rid of 800 ppl today, I just can't see the sense in having them just for the sake of having them...Yes, I'm rambling, but those of you who know me, know I do that well...Anyway, I'm not going to be adding new friends just because they a/f/r me and I feel obligated, no more of that from me...Have a great weekend everyone...Tina
1 Day Blast Plz Help
People Who Are Fake
Being Auctioned
to day i took the pictures down off the wall an put them in a box with your letters i have exepted that the love i tryed to give was not enought i had hoped it would be but i was wrong so now i will work at removing you from my thoughts an then my hart you had said in the beging that you would make me ve yoou i said dont break my hart you said you wouldnt i said dont be like the rest you said you wouldnt but here i am with a ox of you now what do i do the starts now and will end feb 24 you my bid fubucks,vip,blast,tickers 1.) The person you win will put Owned by "Your name here" next to theirs in their profile name for an entire month. 2.) Atleast 1 daily comment 3.) All pics and stash rated during Happy Hour 4.) A daily gift of their choosing. 5.) A personal salute photo to you (What kind is up to the person who is won) 6.) Anything after that is up to the person who is owned just click on my pic to link you and place your bid.... Bids include fu-bucks, V.
Terry Kath
~*the Best Of Me.just For You*~
Super Bowl XLII... Click to win.
First And Last
For any of yall that give a flyin fuck just lettin yall know that on 1Feb2008 at 1300 Im goin to delete this fuckin account. THere is too much bull shit on here for my likein. If yall want to keep in touch look me up on myspace I might answer you
hope hi all will the subject is hope for the first time in about a year or so i can see some light i should find out in a day or so if i get to go back to school to get my CDL and i can do somthing i like to do this i hope is the start to a new life and i can move on from all the stuff i had to put up with this last year or so i hope so the people that know me know what this year has been so wish me luck plz and thanks to all my famly and friends that help me when i need it i hope you all know that i love ever one of you
My Thoughts
I try to see myself in the mirror and I cant theres this stranger blocking me. I look at this stranger and I wonder who he is. He tells me that he is me but I dont believe him. I know myself and that isnt me. He tells me of stories of losing 9 closest friends in one summer. He speaks of not knowing his father since he was 5. He speaks about never wanting to fall in love again because of the hurt. /> He speaks of broken promises made by old friends that said they would be there till the end. He speaks of blaming himself for his friends death. He also speaks of a life wasted away by alcohol and the sanity that leaves him every shot he takes. I begin to realize me and this stranger have alot in common and just maybe I can help him. "How can I help you sir" I say. He looks at me and with a tear he says "Make it all go away." "How do I do that??" I say. He looks at me in the eye and says"I have no clue I am starting to
Is The Feeling Right?
a friday night blog So this one is at the beggining of the night as opposed to the day after like my first a week ago. I am sitting here in a OP IVY t shirt thats to small cause i am just that fucking punk. OK not really i just like this shirt probably more then i like the band. Now before you get on the "beat shawn up band wagon" just rest assurd i understand their place in the music world and recognize the fact that they were a pretty good band but you are not going to get me to worship the gods of punk cause i have to much to loose by giving up my industrial/goth/Emo break......ok better. Now dont feal bad that you can't pull me to the "punk side" none has been able and oh have they tried.Oh yes and they have all failed. I just cant let go people so stop it. Besides all you punk people probably think digital watches are a "pretty good idea" R.I.P Duglas N. Adams i just have to say this before i continue fuck south korea...... OK i am a little b
Another Fn Survey
20 questions YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE MY ANSWERS!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!! 1. Name something you use in the shower? Shampoo & Conditioner. 2. Name something a football player wears under his uniform? Shoulder Pads. 3. Name something people hate to find on their windshield. Bug Guts, lol. 4. Name something a man might buy before a date. Flowers. 5. What's another word for blemish? Zit 6. Something you'd cook in the microwave. TV Dinners. 7. Name a piece of furniture people need help moving. Dresser 8. Name a reason a younger man might like an older woman. The Bedroom, LOL. 9. Name something a dog does that embarrasses its owner. Humps peoples legs. 10. Name a kind of test you cannot study for. Urine Test 11. Name something a boy scout gets a badge for. Learning nature skills. 12. Name a phrase with the word 'Home' in it. Home Skillet, LOL. 13. Name a sport where players lose teeth. UFC. 14. Name something a teacher can do to ruin
Random ?z
Random Questions 1. Could you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Hmmmm. prob not. 2. Have you ever seen a live bat? nah. 3. Is there anyone you hate? nah. 4. Are you hot? hell yeah bitchez! 5. Do you like the color orange? sometimes, lol. 6. Do you find it in your heart to forgive? Depends on the situation and the person... 7. Would you rather not drink alcohol or not sleep? Not drink Alcohol. 8. Have you ever seen a real redneck? lol Yes 9. Do tattoos and piercings excite you? Tattoos yes...piercings, yes. 10. What's your favorite season? spring. 11. Do you care if people talk smack about you? fuck them. 12. What age do you want to get married? i was 23. 15. Are you in a good mood? Yeah 16. Everything happens for a reason, right? True 17. Would you rather skydive or bungee jump? Neither. o.o 18.Do you like snakes? They're awesome...would I own one? No. 19. Where is one place that yo
My Avatar
Short Musings
Want the teddy bear to give you a salute? Salute will be a pic of the teddy bear holding a page with your username and number and a little message if there is a special message you want it to say include that with the request. send a private message to me with the info you want on the salute, pic will be posted on my page and a message sent to you informing you that the salute is ready and can be ripped if you want a copy sent to you directly include your email addy fan, rate, add, and rate/comment on some of the pics of the teddy bear have to be on my friends list in order to get one and then it depends on how much time I have available I WOULD I would give you my heart I would share with you my fears I would show you respect always I would worship the ground you walk on I would love your family as I love my own I would give you honesty to keep your trust I would bring you flowers just to show my love I would put a rose on your pillow in the morning I would make you my firs
Just Wondering/wandering
k first i had to take the caps off cause i just realized i sent out three emails with them on. I just would like to know is it wrong for me not to want to live a jerry fucking springer episode anymore. I mean it is possible to live a life free of insane fucking people to love right. I mean i should be able to expect to love someone and have them love me back. Now i don't mean you know say occasionally "i love you" and then go and do every fucking thing in their lives pointing to the contrary. I am prepared to get some hopefully emotion full responses to this but please lets try to keep the accusatory tones to a minimum por favor. I just really think i have a right to tell someone that treats me like that to just shut the fuck up. Am i wrong in that justification . I mean the whole concept of saying you love someone is really just merely like some sorta reminder or to accent the other things you actually do right now and then. It isn't supposed to completely embody the entirety of said
"My Last Breath" hold on to me love you know i can't stay long all i wanted to say was i love you and i'm not afraid can you hear me? can you feel me in your arms? holding my last breath safe inside myself are all my thoughts of you sweet raptured light it ends here tonight i'll miss the winter a world of fragile things look for me in the white forest hiding in a hollow tree (come find me) i know you hear me i can taste it in your tears holding my last breath safe inside myself are all my thoughts of you sweet raptured light it ends here tonight closing your eyes to disappear you pray your dreams will leave you here but still you wake and know the truth no one's there say goodnight don't be afraid calling me calling me as you fade to black holding my last breath safe inside myself are all my thoughts of you sweet raptured light it ends here tonight "Whisper" Catch me as I fall Say you're here and it's all over now Speaking to the atmosph
Confessions Of A Broken Heart
Pain... Tension... Fatigue... Depression... Anger, Aggression, Frustration. All these unwanted sensations - Burning, hurting, tearing. My heart alone, cold and fearing. Why won't you let me sleep, let me rest, Let me forget To eradicate, eliminate, destroy all my regrets? These memories inside, swirling, twirling, unwilling to reside in the corner of my mind. Repeating, resisting, insisting - Refusing to be denied its recognition Of its position in my Frustration, Confusion, Delusion. Ah, to close my eyes and let time fly by, Because there's so much to gain By forgetting these dreams driving me insane. Unfocused, unclear, out of control, My world spinning, spinning, spinning, My sanity flying through the door. My reason, my logic, oh, it's tragic, Like fine sands running through my hands, I'm losing my mind.
Walk It Out
Walk It Out Heeeyy... Now Walk It Out(Now Walk It Out) Now Walk It Out(Now Walk It Out) Now Walk It Out(Now Walk It Out) Now Walk It Out West Side Walk It Out(West Side Walk It Out) South Side Walk It Out(South Side Walk It Out) East Side Walk It Out(East Side Walk It Out) North Side Walk It Out(North Side Walk It Out, Ayyeeeee!) Now Walk It Out(Now Walk It Out) Now Walk It Out(Now Walk It Out) Now Walk It Out(Now Walk It Out) Now Walk It Out West Side Walk It Out(West Side Walk It Out) South Side Walk It Out(South Side Walk It Out) East Side Walk It Out(East Side Walk It Out) North Side Walk It Out(North Side Walk It Out) [Verse 1:] Now Hit The Dance Floor Hey Bend Yo Back Low She Do It With No Hands Now Stop, Pop, And Roll A smoking bubba hoe Yea they in trouble hoe I Like The Way She Move A Undercover Hoe Now Everybody Leanin I Make The Crowd Rock Now Gone And Walk It Out I See They On My Jock She Want That Bubb
omg omg says (2:26 AM): u came back or still busy for me? Artza .. says (2:26 AM): what up Artza .. says (2:26 AM): 30 mini i end my work Artza .. says (2:26 AM): and i will go dinner with family omg omg says (2:27 AM): omg omg says (2:27 AM): and u are uploading pics on fubar yes? omg omg says (2:27 AM): u said to me u are busy but i see u arent and u dont want to talk to me thats why u are always saying u are busy omg omg says (2:28 AM): anyway omg omg says (2:28 AM): sorry that i disturbed u for so long omg omg says (2:28 AM): bye bye cuz i am deleting u ---- I dont know ..How i can make u happy.. I am sorry if me cant take care ....All Fan. Artza you do not annoy me at all i get busy from time to time and i share my computer during the weekends with my friend who live here since no one will let him use their since when he uses it is slow down and shit for some reason see today i got to try to get a new phone today so i can text you from time to
All Kinds Of News
Two babies were left starving and suffering health problems while their parents played Dungeons & Dragons. American couple Michael and Iana Straw, 25 and 23, from Nevada pleaded guilty to child neglect, brought about by their obsession with internet and video games, authorities said. Their children, a boy aged 22 months and girl aged 11 months, were badly malnourished and near to death last month when doctors saw them after social workers took them to hospital. Michael Straw, who was unemployed at the time of the incident, had come into a $50,000 inheritance and spent it on computer equipment and a large plasma TV. The Straws allegedly failed to feed or properly clean their children because they couldn't tear themselves away from the computer. Their main obsession was with the fantasy role-playing Dungeons & Dragons series. Prosecutor Kelli Ann Viloria said: "They had food; they just chose not to give it to their kids because they were too busy playing video games." P
I'm no longer The King of Random, I guess I've been dethroned. Fine. Those other blogs, looking back now, were kinda angry. I'm not really that angry right now. I think I finally found some sort of inner peace that I've been longing to find for sometime now....... Nah, I'm just kidding. Let the Random begin!!! Who said the Stumble Inn was dead!?!?! *ding* fries are done. Doc, I know you hate NY, but don't worry about her, hanging with Puck will be just like old times again. Thanks to Kole for helping me level to Pimp. I miss Jane's Addiction This should take care of the NSFW stuff.....FUCK YOU!!!! Ya know that Episode of Family Guy when Stewie and Brian are on the train going to Rhode Island and they sing that song "Rhode Island Bound." One day, that's me. Rhode Island bound. I've never been there. Luck is for losers. She talks to Angels. Sit me down, shut me up and tell me 10 things I didn't know before. See you at the Stumble Inn.
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Funny Sh*t
Bentonville, Arkansas - Wal-Mart Corporation today announced that they are preparing to sell sex toys in select stores around the country. The mammoth retailer spent a full year on customer research and reached the conclusion that in select rural markets, where it’s stores are most popular, there is definitely a pent-up demand for sex toys among women. Starting with a rural Iowa location, Wal-Mart plans a pilot operation for this new sales effort over the summer. The new store-within-the-store, referred to as the “Home Pleasure” department, will feature vibrators and dildoes at reduced prices. The store reportedly will offer the wildly popular Martha Stewart “Prison” line of vibrators in addition to its regular offerings. According to Wal-Mart spokesman Edward Kennedy, “While we expect some risk in this venture, our research indicates that women in rural parts of the country have largely unfulfilled desires and needs for these items”. Kennedy additionally pointed to recent stud
What Is My Sex Style?
Whats your sex style?Erotic Sex StyleKissing, touching...pulling hair...handcuffs...whatever goes in your bedroom or backyard...truck...neighbors bedroom even! Its lights, camera ...ACTION BABY!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
You Decide
I had heard about this but a picture is definitely worth 1000 words! God save us!!! Respect Senator Barack Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Hillary Clinton and Ruth Harkin stand during the national anthem. Barack Hus sein Obama's photo (that's his real name)......the article said he REFUSED TO NOT O NLY PUT HIS HAND ON HIS HEART DURING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, BUT REFUSED TO SAY THE can a man like this expect to be our next Commander-in-Chief????
Valentines Day Tag Contest
I have entered a valentines contest Made a special tag for our troops Please show some love Please take tag and show a hero some love click on pic to comment and rate Thank you SWEET~THING Say thank you for valentines day
Small Breast Lovers
Where did they all go? Did they all die out? Total extinction? I mean all those huge cleavage and big breasted default pictures.. men flock to them like dogs in heat.. Why is that? Where are all the tiny breast lovers? Are you all scared or embarrassed to be known? Oh well.. By overlooking us small breasted women.. you are missing out on some great people.. Your loss. Did you ever think.. some that show all that breast and cleavage that's all they have to fall back on?
Be My ♥ Valentine Application Lol
I JUST VOTED N COMMENTED ON A MUMM WHICH I THINK IS A GREEAT IDEA, NOW THAT EARLIER TONIGHT , I GOT MY HEART RIPPED OUT N HANDED TO ME, ONCE AGAIN ...... SO, HERE IT IS..... INSTEAD OF CELEBRATING V-DAY..... WE JUST NOW CAN CELEBRATE IT AS UN-VALENTINE'S DAY!! YAY!! LOL ~~ Be My Valentine Application ~~ This is the "Be My Valentine Application" Everyone knows there's at least one person on Fubar that you want to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Let's see who reply's back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Area 1: Name: Age: Phone: Height: Do you Drive: State You Live In: School: Grade: May I Call You: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: Will You Send This Back To Me?: Area 2: What would you do if I... I made a move on you: I kissed you: I lived next door to you: I asked you on a date: I was hospitalized: I ran away from home: I got into a fight and you weren't there? Area 3: What do y
Valentine's Day Contest
I've entered Ronja's Valentine's Day Contest! All i'm hoping for is 3rd!!
Hey all just wanted to let everyone know that I will nt be around this weekend or early next week, as me & my hubbie R off on a romantic sailing trip 4 a few days plzzz don't ask where to cause I have no idea. All I know is we R flying 2 Victoria B.C 2day then setting sail 4 no where lol. Yup thats right just gunna sail off into the sunset :). If all goes as expected we will be returning late Monday or Tuesday, if all goes realy well maybe not till Wednesday lol. I hope U all have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget 2 enjoy every momment & smile @ those who share it with U let them know how glad U R that they R there. Luvs ya all & ttys DJ SILK a.k.a. S~E~X~Y!!! P.s. don't do anything I wouldn't do this weekend lmao. OH YA & I NEED A FUCKING ROOT BEER!!!
Mihiro ^^
Hey guys..... Hope u guys can add me and rate me.... ^^ U wont regret!! =) Hey Guys.... =) Add me and rate all my photos and i might send u Speacial NSFW photos.... =)
OMG OMG ITS DJ SLIM!!!!! COME N PLACE YOUR BID ON HIM NOW TIME IS RUNNING OUT HE WILL MAKE IT WORTH YOUR WHILE YOU DID!!!! ok so heres what ya get from me 1.all pics rated, and my 11's for 5 days 2.all stash rated 3.a salute from me one nsfw and one sfw 4.a mumm posted about u 5.comment daily on ur page 6.pimped out on my main page blog and bully 7.added to my yahoo and family 8.Blog Poem (spoken word - written for you) 9.personal fone texts for one month 10.your name on mine as owned by so lets do this bid JUST CLICK ON THE PIC FOR THE LINK TO PLACE BID!
YOU'VE GOTTA LOVE DRUNK PEOPLE A man and his wife were awakened at 3:00 am by a loud pounding on the door. The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push. "Not a chance," says the husband, "it is 3:00 in the morning!" He slams the door and returns to bed. "Who was that?" asked his wife. "Just some drunk guy asking for a push," he answers. "Did you help him?" she asks. "No, I did not, it is 3:00 in the morning and it is pouring rain out there!" "Well, you have a short memory," says his wife. "Can't you remember about three months ago when we broke down, and those two guys helped us? I think you should help him, and you should be ashamed of yourself!" The man does as he is told, gets dressed, and goes out into the pounding rain. He calls out into the dark, "Hello, are you still there?" "Yes," comes back the answer. "Do you still need a push?" calls out the husband. "Yes, please!" comes
how can someone's love die and no one knows it till it's to late and the person starts to hurt themselves and not tell the ones that love him/ her untill they cannot feel their heart and they eventually die with hope that the one they loved dies just as slow as they or even slower. wen u think ur is love do be to sure some times it is just ur mind playin tricks not just on u but ask emanon wat i mean they hurt like feelings but they are just things that u think r true and they r not. if ur in love now think about how much u love that person, ask the person on what to do and find out how they feel before letting them know how u feel first that can hurt u pretty bad ask me and emanon it is crazy but i still love him (hush he dont know that lol) he does now then but i dont care i will so it prodly and not give up on him one fucking bit not a fucking chance than let him go for some thing worse and not better for me. so if ur in love and not friendship love ask urself que
Fairy Tale
once upon a time... there was a beautiful queen named AngL she went walking in the enchated forest and found a magical lumberjack named skip he then took his magical axe and wisked you away to maine where you met up with a guy named tim. tim then proceeded to show her the sights and brought her out to eat at a romantic restarant where after dinner they got to ride a mechanical bull and when the eveing was through tim took her to the nicest little bed and breakfast where he bathed her in candle light and soft romantic music and soon after they popped in dirty dancing and cuddled on the king size bed all night oh yeah they lived happily ever after
Smack This Bitch!!!
I got tagged by my lovely friend Ems Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1) My favorite cereal is Corn Pops. 2) My worst habit is smoking! (cigarettes) 3) I played football, baseball, and wrestling in High school. 4) My favorite past times is fishing and martial arts. 5) My favorite place to go and relax is the Blue Ridge Mountains in Front Royal Virginia. 6) My worst childhood memory is my parents divorcing. 7) One thing I would like to change about myself is my weight. 8) I am obsessed with sharks due to being bitten by one at the age of ten. 9) My favorite car is a 1985 Monte Carlo SS. 10) The most hilarious thing to ever happen t
Knock^ Knock!
ANY HELP WOULD BE HELPFUL!!!!!BOMBERS PLEASE BOMB 140,000 comments to win a 1-Year VIP, I NEED ABOUT 70,000 COMMENT LEFT I'LL BE ALL DONE a Happy Hour, a 30-Day Blast AND a Ticker Pac PLEASE REPOST THANK YOU I just noticed where a friend of mine is less than 5,500 from leveling. If you could drop by her profile and add/fan/rate/comment. Thanks for reading this and have a great evening. Among The Wild Flowers@ fubar Plz come by and show her sum birthday lovins she is a great friend and always helps us now its our turn to show her lovin and show her with gift to say how much we love her even more for her birthday. MishNumber1 ¢¾ It's My Birthday, Come Spoil Me ¢¾ Another birthday bulletin from Tequila Gurl owner of the Lollipop gurlz club & Brunnette diva's club
Serious Stuff
The fat tax is a tax based on the fat content on the food you eat. The bill died in commitee because Bush had announced he intended to veto it and the Democrates did not have enough for a 2/3rds vote override. Remember when you go the polls and vote for either B. Obama or H. Clinton you will be voting for the fat tax. Both of the support it and will sign it into law if they are elected. What to expect, new taxes levied on ALL FOOD PRODUCTS THAT HAVE A MEASUREABLE FAT CONTENT. The premis for the tax is the health care for fat people costs more than thinner people. They did it to ALL tobacco products. The revenue was supposed to be spent on health care for smokers which has proven to be a lie. The fat tax justification is the same lie, that they revenue will be used for the health care of illnesses effecting overweight people. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED, GO AHEAD AND VOTE ON THE DEMOCRATIC TICKET AND IF YOU DO HAVE NO REASON TO GRIPE, BITCH WHINE OR COMPLAIN BECAUSE IT WILL BE YOU
Other Things!!!
Do you like my profile pic? Well you can have one of these made by just going and subscribing to a great lounge!!! TinkerbellMN84 Needs Help to Win a Happy Hour! All you need to do is go to The Regal Beagle Lounge (which is in my lounges section on my page) subscribe, and tell them that she sent you. You then see her and she will make you a great pic, just like my default!!! If you have any questions...ask her!!! ~*TinkerbellMN84*~ {FU-OWNED BY MY BFF ~BABS~& Drew}@ fubar Do you have a great Salute for Valentines Day? Show it to me!! I am hosting a “Best Valentines Day Salute” Contest and giving away Blasts, VIP’s, Tickers, and FuBucks!!! The contest will begin on 2/2 at 11PM EST (8:00 PM FUBAR TIME) and will end on 2/13 at 11PM EST (8:00 PM FUBAR TIME) (. Prizes will be given on Valentines Day!!! Rules of the contest!!! - First and foremost - No bashing or downrating other contestants in the contest! It will NOT be tolerated!!! - No cheating will be tolerated as w
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the winner will have everything rated 11's an "owned by" tag on my name (one month) a salute (sfw) a link to your page on mine a one month vip or 7 day blast. 1 big pimping gift of my choice and one surprise... Click here to Bid on me
Last night I posted a few MuMMs SO the bashers came they called me all sorts of names and stuff... OK no big deal, usual shit Then one who should remain nameless (as advised by authorities), sent me a Private Message that stated that he was going to "come to my house, kidnap my kids, and rape them." What a lovely place FuBar has became.. Sure, come on over, get a bullet in your head. Excusable Homicide PS... yes i did report it, to FuBar staff, no (they haven't done anything lately for me), to the internet crime division of the good 'ol Federal Bureau of Investigation. Hope it was worth it.. you know, threatening to take my 4 & 2 year old's innocence... Call me whatever you feel necessary to say. Talk about my mom, who cares... You just can't say stuff like that... It's not "kidding", or "fun humor"
For The Men That Just Dont Get It On This Site....lmao!
Most of you that come to my not read the small yet powerful little "about me" section on my page. Just a clue as to what will happen should you come at me twisted...this is a small banter between a gentleman(i will keep his name private for the sake of his ego)and myself that pretty much sums up every single one of you who dont give a fuck about me only about what i can do for you...have a nice day! Ishee Ruthless(oh hell yeah she is!!) What's good beautiful? I just wanted to show some Love, introduce myself, & let ya' know U caught my eye!!! Holla @ ya' Boi...I'm a 6'6" 245 lb French-Cherokee mix with a SIZE 17 shoe!!! Too BIG? xoxo Ever been to Cannon Beach Oregon? We can chat on Yahoo on my web-cam if ya' have IM...Much Love, (in this place was his yahoo which was quite explicit which drew me to the conclusion that he is a virtual porn star) ha ha thank you very much for the heartfelt message in my inbox...however i do see a problem with you are talki
My friend Dallas Angel is in the Killer Kleevage Contest, which runs till Feb 5th. Dallas Angel is currantly in 3rd place at the momment and could do with a little help to move her up in to 2nd place and 1st place as well of course. So if any of my Fubar friends & family have any spare time then please click on the picture link below to come and help out my friend Dallas Angel. Thanks Willie & Dallas Angel
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ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN (a guide for Global Leadership) All I really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be I learned in kindergarten. Wisdom was not at the top of the graduate school mountain, but there in the sand pile at school. These are the things I learned: Share everything. Play fair. Don't hit people. Put things back where you found them. Clean up your own mess. Don't take things that aren't yours. Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody. Wash your hands before you eat. Flush. Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. Take a nap every afternoon. When you go out in the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands and stick together. Be aware of wonder. Remember the little seed in the Styrofoam cup: the roots go down and the plant goes up and nobody really knows how or why, but
It is said that love is a involuntary emotion. I agree What I do not agree with is the aspect of love that causes some to believe that Just because you love someone and they love that they become your personal property. Just because they say I love You does not give a person to controll and dectate the other persons life. That not love thats slavery and its a showing of weakness A weakness that degrades both or all involved. Love is something shared between people and it should not be taken for granted Do not love them to control them Love them for being in your life. Its said that when people love each other I mean truely love each that it will show without words.That happiness will be seen in the eyes and the smiles. Unfortunitly some think showing love is my leaveing marks on the person brandingthem you might say. Everyday I see this kind of love and it turns my stomach. Why physicaly hurt someone saying you do it for their love. I can not understand the weakness of hoise th
I wrote this about 3 years ago.. why do you make me feel this way? / you said this would only ease the pain. / you said it would only hurt for a moment / my mind is racing and pacing / thoughts of you / a life filled with a liquid that brings peace at a price / rushing away the faint memories of a life lost / people forgotten / This is the pain of losing you / I'm losing my grip on me / please don't go / what did you do to me? / why do I feel this way? / the pain passed, I longed for more / my stomache is full of the cocktail you gave me / / these familiar tears / washing away my fears / I can still taste the chemicals you game me / You gave me a guarantee / / That this would all ease my pain / / you smiled at me as I didn't comlain / / my tears feel like ice cutting my skin / the tears that purge my body release the light within / the pain I feel has nothing on the pain I will endure with out you I wrote this a while back about 3 years ago. Al
World Of Gifts
Well as most of you can see by visiting my profile. I own and operate World of Gifts It is a home base business I am just letting everyone that has visited my sire and ordered That I appreciate the business and to let you know that I am constantly updateing different selection of items I have over 1500 different items So it will take me a while to post them all. So please continue to check in often. I have provided a email address on my web sites So that ones looking for a certain item cn contact me and I will see if I have that item available.. Again Thank YOU Richard rkinard2000 Say everyone I will not on line for about a week starting Monday I am going into Have a Surgery done and will be layed up for a week. Will chat with everyone when I return Take Care everyone Richard emails can me sent to My company would like to invite everyone that reads this to visit my site at We have de
The Fight
I am sooo exhausted. This was one trip I would hope to never relive. I landed and got to what was to be the room I was to stay at, hell no. A crack whore might stay there, but any undrugged person would know better. My dad is who picked me up at the airport, we put my things back in his truck, I checked right back out, and off to Fort Worth we went from San Antonio. I had no sleep, no shower, but was on my way to the race. LOL The race was so awesome, but I was soo tired. I will be loading pics from it here soon. I have discovered so many changes since I stopped actively following Nascar. LOL I now must not only follow Tony Stewert (but he remains tops with me) but also Dale Jr and Mark Martin. It was such a blast!!!! Heading back from the race, about half way back to San Antonio, had to stop and get a room. My dad and I were so tired it was insane. I had to be ready for court the next morning so if anything had to get a shower and change clothes. I did get about 3-4
Dream Job
A young man goes into a Job Center in Jacksonville, Florida, where he finds a listing for a Gynecologist's Assistant. Interested, he asks the guy behind the desk, "Can you give me some more details about this?" The clerk sorts through his files. "Oh yes, here it is. The job involves getting women patients ready for their exams. You have to help them out of their clothes, lie them down, wash their genital areas, and then apply some body lotions. The annual salary is $45,000, but you have to go to Tallahassee.... about 150 miles west of here." "Tallahassee? Is that where the job is?" "No, that's where the end of the queue is." Four things about me - Things you may or may not have known about me in no particular order. A) Four jobs I have had in my life 1. Blacksmith 2 Ship cleaner 3 Machinist 4 Cook B) Four films you’d watch again and again 1. Lassie 2. Ghostbusters 3. The green mile 4. life o
1 Deep
Y'all niggaz, don't have to fuck with me Cause I, can do bad just being one deep
Naughty's Dirty Lil Secrets
From cloaks of midnight black tars becomes the resting place of falling stars Reduced to crystal shards that leave falling children nicked and scarred Pavements hard admist rasict cars of blue and white lights of fire and ice Fortune through small jars behind steel bars dieing to live? were dieing for LIFE!! Loss of sight for the have nots those who got and have nothing for what they have So as times are bad in the Valley of Darkness we dream of the light that we once had Hungry as dark wraiths accross our minds crushing our spines strangling the surface of sane thought Women fallen like lucifers angels sell thier spirts with thier bodys as thier frames are bought Abandoned buildings like haunted houses.......inside the place of the ghettos lost souls The hauntings of our streets as well......loss has killed thier warmth and left them lost in the cold Smell of burnt flames old spilled intoxicants staining cement paths of destruction Buildings slanted collapsing li
It is time once again for me to host an auction. Usually I charge an entrance fee but this time I am going to waive that fee. The auction will be free for all to enter. Just send me (via private message) a link to the picture you would like used (preferably Halloween based) and a list of what you would like to offer. Auction Details: *No Drama will be tolerated! *Cash bids will override any FuBucks bids. *Auction will run from October 17th at Noon EST until October 31st at Noon EST. *Minimum Bids will begin at $50,000 FuBucks. *All Prizes go to those up for auction, not to me, I am just hosting this. *I am not responsible for any bidders who decide to not pay up. In that case the bid will just go to the next highest. *Those up for auction have the right to refuse any bids. *These rules may change as the auction gets closer but everyone will be notified to any changes. This is a list of somethings people offer to do for their "owners"....These are j
Ok This Is Sad And You Know Im " D-o-n-e " I Have Changed Moderator Right's As Of Today
Buckcherry ( Im Sorry )
~~valentine Application~~
~~ Be My Valentine Application ~~ This is the "Be My Valentine Application" Everyone knows there's at least one person on Fubar that you want to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Let's see who reply's back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Area 1: Name: Age: Phone: Height: Do you Drive: State You Live In: School: Grade: May I Call You: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: Will You Send This Back To Me?: Area 2: What would you do if I... I made a move on u: I kissed you: I lived next door to you: I asked you on a date: I was hospitalized: I ran away from home: I got into a fight and you weren't there? Area 3: What do you think about my... Personality: Eyes: Hair: Body: Area 4: Have you ever.... Lied to make me feel better? Wanted to kiss me? Wanted to kill me? Wanted to hold me? Wanted to date me? Broke my heart? Kept something important from me? Area 5: "X" marks the spot
If The Rain Must Fall
Singer : James Morrison Song & Lyrics : James Morrison Oh life can be strange Good and bad in so many ways And in time you will find That things are not always what they seem Well I've got something to say But you might laugh, joke or run away Coz I'm awkward and nervous Sometimes I don't say much at all But if the rain must fall If I lose it all If the world comes down and takes any soul If the sky turns black And there's no no way back It won't matter much to me If I had you All I need is your love That's all I need All I need is your love Oh well dreams can come true if you know inside you really want them to ot you can sit you can wait You can leave your fate in someone else's hands Oh but I, I want you And nothing else can make me feel the way you do So I'm waiting, I'm wishing That it's me you'll be holding tonight and every night But if the rain must fall If I lose it all If the world comes down and takes any soul If the sky turns bla
Life As We Know It
What I've Learned...
~I've learned ... that no matter how much I care, some people just don't care back ~I've learned ... that it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it ~I've learned ... that it's not what you have in your life but who you have in your life that cou ~I've learned ... that you can get by on charm for about fifteen minutes. After that, you'd better know something ~I've learned ... that you shouldn't compare yourself to the best others can do but to the best you can do. ~I've learned ... that it's not what happens to people that's important. It's what they do about it ~I've learned ... that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life ~I've learned ... that no matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides. ~I've learned ... that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I've learned ... that it's a lot easier to react than it is to think ~I've learned ... that
Why Is It Hard To Believe?
I have come to the conclusion that life is definitely a mystery. I have done 29 years of nothing but trying to help people and some I have made an impact with and other's I haven't. But my question is why do men have such a hard time expressing themselves?
It's funny the way life is. About three years ago I met the girl of my dreams but it was someone I knew for a long time in fact I DJ-ed her wedding (SHE'S NO LONGER MARRIED TO HIM)but never the less we reunited three years ago and I thought she was beautiful and I fell hard,but then the fun fest parade happened and she was the queen of hearts and the rest was history. About 9 months later the most beautiful little boy was born.We've had our ups and downs in our relationship but we've always are able to work things out and thats how I know this is true love.The funny thing is if I get a text from her when I read it I hear her voice talking to me,or I can close my eyes and picture her right in front of me.After three years we finally decided to get married and I can't wait I wanna give her the wedding of her dreams,she also says she wants to have another baby.......I'm not only the happiest man in the world but I'm the luckiest man too.She brings out the good in me and I've done a lot mo
[]d [] []v[] []d Outs!!
We go together like peanutbutter and jelly! We have had our ups and down, but we have made it through them all! We went through alot together and im happy to say that we stuck together! I fkn love you dee! add this great gal! she is worth it! fan, rate, add her! FknCrazy*** OWNER OF CLUB NAUGHTY N NICE ***~Happily Fu-Owned by ~~Dene aka Lone Wolf™~~@ fubar As Random As I Am So Are My PimpOuts! Go Show Theses Great People Love! I Am So Happy That I Meet Each And Everyone Of Them! So Will You! My Dear Dear Husband! The Best Guy I Know! DJ BEETLE JUICE~~OWNER OF BEETLES AFTER MIDNIGHT LOUNGE
When The Hours Seem Long
mistakes are made lessons are learned, new paths are paved by bridges buried if that path your head is turned the gift of failure you have earned.... I remember the stories i was told when i was small, when the princess was in trouble all she had to do was call, now that i am older i know thats not all true cause every waking moment my heart cries out to you, if you see god theres one thing you can do, tell god i would give anything for one more day with you, i would give my eyes to see you as happy as you have been, i would give my voice to tell you are my father and a friend, i would give my heart to save you cause with out you i am alone, i would give my life with out regret, if would come back home... this was wrote for my dad that died 3 yrs ago... Holley Bess Thoughts of you bring sunny skies, when i look up at the sunny skies, i take a moment and close my eyes, as the sun beats down upon my face i smile as i picture your face, up in the clouds
Friday Night Fun
It was a Friday night they went out for dinner and a couple of drinks then went back to her house to hang out and watch a movie. It was nice just laying on the couch together him holding her in his arms. He looks down at her and smiles and he kisses her passionaily. He starts kissing her harder and moving his hands down her side to her butt and squeezes. She kisses him back, having her hands all over his back pulling him closer. She teaseling starts kissing and nibbling his neck, then gets up and walks to her doorway to her bedroom turns back and gives him a smile. He gets up to follow her, standing at the end of her bed. He walks up from behide her wraps his arms around her and kisses bites her neck, then turns her around and kisses her deeply moving his hands under her shirt and bra to coup her breast. Stops kissing her to take off her shirt and bra and starts kissing her neck down and across her chest lightly kissing her right breast, licking and sucking her nipple and the same with
My First Erotic Story
Child Abuse
My name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else i'm locked up All day long. When i'm awake i'm all alone The house is dark My folks aren't home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe i'll just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Chariles bar. I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes I'm so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work. He slaps and hits me And yells at me more, I finally get free And run to the door Hes already locked it And i start to bawl,
White Flag.
If y'all been wondering where I been at. I been in prison the last 11 months. I got out on3-31-09. I am still in Oshkosn Wisconsin for now. I give up.Woman y'all won this battle.But the war is not done.
well all is going well this week. had job interview weds @ 12.30 ,for duty manager @ BP. Interview went very well and had a phone call an hour later saying that I'll be getting a phone call from the area manager the next day (Thurs) He rang about 4 o'clock and we arranged to meet today(Fri) when he was in the area. Another phone call today at 2.30 saying he will be at the place I had my interview in about 40 mins and could I meet him then for a informal chat. i was offered the job there and then. will be getting my start date asap and will begin a 8-10 week training course.
My Fantasy Island
April, your fantasy island is Fiji Bring on the enlightenment! A spiritual encounter is what you're after when heading to your fantasy island, and the South-Pacific paradise of Fiji is a great place to start. A soul searcher and deep thinker, you thrive on feeling connected to new places and people — after all, why seek out new experiences and cultures if you're not going to open yourself up to the wonders they offer? From pristine beaches and fascinating wildlife to a culture resilient to outside influences, beautiful Fiji offers many avenues for spiritual exploration. And with your sensitive nature, inquisitive mind, and open heart, you'll fit right in. Let others speed through life, you get energized from taking things in stride.
Good Girl V Bad Girl
Good girls say "thanks for a wonderful dinner"... Bad girls say, "what's for breakfast?" Good girls never go after another girl's man... Bad girls go after him AND his brother. Good girls wear white cotton panties... Bad girls don't wear any. Good girls wax their floors... Bad girls wax their bikini lines. Good girls loosen a few buttons when it's hot... Bad girls make it hot by loosening a few buttons. Good girls make chicken for dinner... Bad girls make reservations. Good girls blush during bedrooms scenes in movies... Bad girls know they could do better. Good girls never consider sleeping with the boss... Bad girls never do either, unless he's very, very rich. Good girls believe you're not fully dressed without a strand of pearls... Bad girls believe that you are fully dressed with JUST a strand of pearls. Good girls love Italian food... Bad girls love Italian waiters.
My Pics
I have NOT deleted anyone from my list. I think people need to chill and take a step back rom time to time and this is my time. I have hidden all my pics from everyone just to find out who's real and who's not. I put my heart on the line everyday for my friends...those who really REALLY know me as a person know this is true. I would give my last breath for a friend...that's who I am but I've realized in return I'm getting hurt and just disrespected by many after all I do for them. So this is my time of reflection and truth...please accept this and bare with me.
Naughty Cowgirl!!! Fake!!
If There Was No Tomorrow
If there was no tomorrow, and you knew you only had a small amount of time to live life to the fullest would you. To someone who has cancer, and doesn't know what tomorrow will bring I have to. I have met so many wonderful people, and have met a few that were evil. I can honestly say my life has been filled with many of blessings, and it has certainly seen it's share of losses too. when you find true love hold on tight, and don't take it for granted. Cancer is a terrible sometimes incurable disease, and it ravishes the healthiest of human beings. I want all my friends and also know are my friends that I love you dearly. If there isn't a tomorrow, I just want you to know I am so happy that I had the chance to be a part of your lives today. I never want to leave any of you, but if I do...I certainly want you all to know how much you mean to me. I will write it in a poem for all of you to read. So please if life takes a bad turn, and I am not here tomorrow....Keep this poem fore
Spring Break Trip To Geneva With The Band!! Want To Go???
Well I finally got around to posting the blog about our Spring Break trip that everyone has been bothering me about!!!...which we are still looking for interested people to get a hold of us if they want to spend the weekend of April 11, 12, and 13th with my band (Skull'Rz Bane) at Geneva...since we are renting out cottages for us and some of our fans to spend some time together for a Spring Break type gathering....ticket prices for the weekend will be available soon...hopefully under $75 for 3 days and two nights in Geneva....and you get a free ticket to our show that will be featuring 12 bands all day long...this is going to really be a fun filled weekend on the Lake....We are still looking to see how many people are interested before any set ticket prices will be let us know!!!!.....Talk to you soon....Also, we are looking at buying a keg or two to bring with us... *ROX* Skull'Rz Bane
Online computer users often engage in what is affectionately known as "Cybersex". Often the fantasies typed into keyboards and shared through Internet phone lines get pretty raunchy. However, as you'll see below, one of the two cyber-surfers in the following transcript of an online chat doesn't seem to quite get the point of Cybersex. Then again, maybe he does.... Wellhung: Hello, Sweetheart. What do you look like? Sweetheart: I am wearing a red silk blouse, a miniskirt and high heels. I work out every day, I'm toned and perfect. My measurements are 36-24-36. What do you look like? Wellhung: I'm 6'3" and about 250 pounds. I wear glasses and I have on a pair of blue sweat pants I just bought from Wal-Mart. I'm also wearing a T-shirt with a few spots of barbecue sauce on it from dinner. It's smells funny. Sweetheart: I want you! Would you like to screw me? Wellhung: OK Sweetheart: We're in my bedroom. There's soft music playing on the stereo and candles on my dresser an
My Other Websites
then u have come to the right place please note that u wont make tons but it does help earn extra money i have been doing these for the past 7 years and do verify sites listed there hey all i am deleting my account if u wanna stay in touchith me please let me know. my account will be gone with in 2 weeks
Come Check Out Rachael's Playground Lounge
My Best Friend
On Monday 4/7 I had to make the hardest decission of my life. Maggie was sick over the weekend, not keep food down, restless nights and just not her bubbly self no more. I took her to the vet on Monday afternoon (the soonest I could get it) and that was when my world ended. I had to let my baby girl go, I couldnt let her suffer no more through this illness. I know she held on this long to be with me, and the love that I have for her I could not let her stay no more, I made the decission to let her go, Let her run and feel healthy again at the Rainbow Bridge where she will play and make new friends and feel healthy again, until we meet in heaven. I will never ever forget my little girl, she will forever be in my HEART. Its so hard on me now, I just feel the loss so bad, Im trying to hang in there for Molly, her sister but its so hard. Molly pases the floor in my bedroom and just is restless in bed as this is the only thing she knew was her big sissy that she slept with every night and
This Weekend
My sister, her husband and 2 friends will be here in a few hours. First thing in the morning we will be headed downtown for a full day of Mardi Gras parades and such. Tomorrow night, we head back to my house to grill out in honor of my husbands b-day. (It's actually today, but they are getting here too late to grill tonight) After we eat....WE DRINK! My alcholic sister (LOL) has made up a few drinking games over the years so this is sure to be an eventful evening. But then, it always is when u get us together! lmao!!! Hopefully we won't be too hung over to get back up Sunday and go to more Mardi Gras parades. For those of u that didn't know, Mardi Gras started here in Mobile. And it is freaking awesome! Scott has been bringing me down here to them since 1998. Now that we live here, I can go to as many as I want! I love it! I will be sure to post pics of some of our drunkin stupid acts that I am sure will be caught on film. So I am off to party all fuckin weekend. Happy Mardi Gras every
Low Flyer News (my Band)
Last night was our first show at The Boardwalk, and let me tell you, it was fucking amazing! The bands that came out were all really great, so thank you Shadowbox Theory, South Of Sunshine, Raining Glass, and Dopamineak for playing such damn good sets and being severely cool people. Thanks to all of our friends who showed up and supported not just us but all the other band, good times were had by all! Also, if anyone has any pics from the show, we'd love to see them! We've got more fun stuff coming up soon, so keep an eye on the shows page and this blog, and we're looking forward to seeing you guys at our next show! Lou / Low Flyer Want to be kept in the Low Flyer loop? Subscribe to our Myspace blog!!! Completely freakin' psyched, tonight we rock the Boardwalk! Sacto people, you have to come out, it'll be amazing! Info: Us: 7:30pm, $13 or so at the door! Txt me if you have it if you're comi
Be Real Or Be Gone
we are a cpl hes 34 str8t shes 19 bi adnd we are looking for a bi fem for or like minded couple for real meets freindship and possibly more if interested hit us up YALL ON MY FREIND LIST iM HERE IN FLINT LOOKIN FOR SOME ONE TA CHAT UP AND MEET AND HANG OUT AND SEE WHERE SHIT GOES YA KNOW THATS WHAT THE NET IS FOR IS SO PEOPLE CAN MEET PEOPLE SO WHERES ALL THE REAL SINGLE WOMAN THAT WANNA CHAT AND HAVE SOME FUN Hey all I aint been on in a awhle loss of net but im back now and in FLINT so holla at me and lets talk
ok, i decided i wanna find me a woman. plus i wanna find some ppl round kempner/killeen/cove ta spend some time with. then i decided i wanna find an old friend of mine. so if anyone knows of a Shawn Bride that i last saw in palestine/elkhart tx bout ten yrs ago show him my pic an tell him i wanna talk to him, then lemme kno plz. thnx. would really mean alot ta me. huggz n kissez ta all.
Rest In Peace Sts-107 Columbia.
The Columbia STS-107 mission lifted off on January 16, 2003, for a 17-day science mission featuring numerous microgravity experiments. Upon reentering the atmosphere on February 1, 2003, the Columbia orbiter suffered a catastrophic failure due to a breach that occurred during launch when falling foam from the External Tank struck the Reinforced Carbon Carbon panels on the underside of the left wing. The orbiter and its seven crewmembers (Rick D. Husband, William C. McCool, David Brown, Laurel Blair Salton Clark, Michael P. Anderson, Ilan Ramon, and Kalpana Chawla) were lost approximately 15 minutes before Columbia was scheduled to touch down at Kennedy Space Center. Today, the 5th Anniversary of that tragedy,I would like to dedicate this page to their memory. We will never forget you, our Columbia 7. Rear (L-R): David Brown, Laurel Clark, Michael Anderson, Ilan Ramon; Front (L-R): Rick Husband, Kalpana Chawla, William McCool. It is hard to read but the inscrption says: "
Why Is It?
Why is it that you work so hard and so long to build a steel wall around your heart, then one very sweet, hilarious, adorable, kind and tender hearted person comes along and is able to break that steel wall down so fast that it makes your head and heart spin? I don't have the answer to this question; all I can say is that it is very exciting and scary all at the same time. The only answer that I have for this question is that God does everything for a reason and puts everyone you meet in your path for a reason. As to why he has put this person in my path, I don't know, but I am very thankful. After a very long time, he has put someone like this in my path, and now I am confused. It's a very good confused I think, but none the less I am confused. I don't want it to end, but only God knows if and when it will all end. If it ends, then I just wish it would end sooner instead of later, so that I could avoid all the heart ache and heart break. I didn't want it to end, but it has ended; n
The Craving
My fast heart is beating my soul cut and bleeding My hells are too meeting with the man inside my brain I tell him the all as I stand and I fall And just to top it all I pay him for the task My guts I am spilling I tell of the killings With me at top billing I take off the mask His jaw starts a dropping I say there's no stopping The blood I'll be mopping right there on his couch Another time he'll ask me what it is I'm thinking And I will have to show him I long to see him dead The walls dripping red from the axe in his head And I'm sure now he's dead by the look in his eyes Put me to sleep and hypnotize see the dead stare in my eyes Let your guard down when you try to get inside my head Dive in deep into my mind wonder all the things you'll find A war is up your death is signed session over-dead I think I'm starting to go crazy over wanting to kill I think I'll never stop the craving to see blood start to spill I see the outcome when your heart stop
Hush Now, Sweety, Mommy's Busy
Divorced mom’s dating application :D Do You __________? 1.) Like Kids? 2.)Want kids of your own? 3.)Have kids of your own? 4.)Use recreational drugs? If yes, How often? 5.)Drink? If yes, How often? 6.)Smoke? 7.)Refrain from smoking inside the home and car? 8.)Have friends? If yes, do they have real names? 9.)Regularly hang out late at night with women you have seen naked nightly? If yes, do they have names like Raven, Mystique, Mercedes, Sassy, Porsche, Star, and Madison? 10.)Think it is appropriate to have nude photos of female "friends" (who are not your spouse/sig-o) in your cell phone? 11.)Drink and Drive? 12.)Drink or Drive? 13.)Own reliable transportation? 14.)Play MMORPG's? 15.)Have any hobbies? What are they? Can you share them with another person? 16.)Know all the words to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider?" 17.)Ever just want to take your sig-o out to dinner and the movies for fun? 18.)Like Chuck Norris jokes? 19.)Ever think things through before doing
So You Know...
Just so everybody knows I have another account do to some personal reason if you would to add me please shout box me for inform... and I have a new yahoo If you want it please shout box me for it too... :)I will keep this account as long as I have my vip which is for a while.... hope to hear from you soon!! XXXXX Honey!!
Wow! Ok I have had alot of issues with men in my life! So many issues I decided to write this little blog. If someone reads this and takes it wrong I am sorry. If you think I am talking about you ask, I will tell you. Types of Men: Asshole,cheaters,psycho,abusive,emotional,crazy,scary, controlling,jealous,wonderful,fun,sexy,perfect! What have I had. I think that I have had all of these. This is why. Asshole: Well for one I think every man I have had in my life has been a asshole more then once. As I see it though I can and will be a bitch so that does not really bother me. Cheaters:out of the men in my life I can only think of one man that was brave enough to cheat on me. I can't stand it! My views on cheating if you feel the need to cheat leave me then do it. If i am not happy enough with you not to cheat I will be out the door before you blink. Psycho: Omg sadly this seems to be the most common man that comes in my life. I am not just saying hey I think the
Contest Or Lounge Links To My Shoutbox
Why the fuck do girls always say woot?? Do you even know what it means?? I see girls saying woot all the time and I bet none of them knows what WOOT stands for. Sorry just had to vent.Quit saying WOOT,its fucking stupid!
Before we go any further ..lets get this straight...I love Fubar..I really do....But What made me leave last time..was all the freaks and assholes that come out of no where just trying to get off..and the point im gonna say this now... I am an Intelligent woman..In most cases more than you are...I dont need the bullshit and I dont want the bullshit..Ill pack it up and go instantly..gone..again for the final time. Do not ask me to add you or rate you or come to your fucking online club...If however I want to do this ..I will..I dont need the beggers....I am not here for relationships or an online fuck...I dont need this either... I am here...for conversation and have a little ..if your not looking for the same..DO NOT bother to come back to my profile!! You will be blocked!! Wow now that thats out of the way...To my friends..I LOVE YA...You know always will :)...TY Sign my guestbook please....Tell me where you are :)
Oh Yea And Another Thing
I could drop some names here but I sure ain't pissed enough yet so I will save that for another blog, but all I wanna know is what's the point of getting to know someone and becoming friends if it's just gonna be a Fubar thing and the only way your "friend" talks to you is when you hit that person up first?
Reasons For Delete
i have thought long and hard on this i may still not made a decision ever since the new feature on the bartab there has been alot less traffic on my blogs i have enjoyed reading comments on my blogs now some dont see when i have posted their bartab is scrolled so fast they missed it this has made it more boring to be here i dont know if this is a goodbye or not i have tried reading mumms more now and these have been changing too many have noticed the slow down when ever you post your pictures your friends dont know you did so your picture doesnt get rated so you post a mumm to announce i'm still experimenting with other things maybe there is a way to rid the boredom what has happen to lost cherry what has happen to cherry tap what has happen to fubar f-u-b-a-r must stand for something tired also of all the hate that has developed i dont know what it is ? jealousy if it is the fighting about ratings its fighting about who is gaining advantage i
Helpful Info
I have added a link to the FUBAR Bible below that will tell you what a salute is and examples of some. What a SALUTE is & How to SUBMIT one A salute is important to some b/c it shows that you are who you say you are. If you can not understand why some can not take you for your word then maybe you have not been stalked, lied to, or messed with via the internet. Once you have you will understand, but I do not wish that on anyone b/c it sucks rocks with sharp blades. Do not get mad at anyone b/c they won’t add you without one, just respect their decision and move on. Hopefully you will make one, if not, that is your decision too and they should respect that too. However, I’m still not adding you without one. That is my rule and too each their own. Hope this helps.
As I sit here in my room I ran across a video of a movie I watched before I deployed, it's called "The War Tapes", the trailer you see below tell the story, listen to the words of the one Soldiers wife, it's true, with me I'm a totally different person, before I decided to sign on the dotted line I was a provider, a father, a husband and I had friends to lean on in the time of need, my family was proud of me when I joined up, then I broke the news of me being deployed and then fear set in for everyone. The training was intense, long days and nights, my kids not understanding why I had to be gone so much, me and my wife were fighting constantly because she thought it was going to be different, she knew, we all knew I was going to be deployed but it came sooner than everyone thought. My wife left 3 weeks before I deployed, I was alone, had no friends up here, I couldn't concentrate because my kids were gone, everything was falling apart and it just kept getting worse, I felt I had do
Club Pervari !!! Newly open!!! So hurry on in and hang out!!!
Feeling Unwanted
This Life Of Mine 12
Holy Fuck! I have been working all day fixing the mistakes that someone else made. Not my idea of fun. My eyes are going crossed from staring at numbers all day. I think I need to do one or 2 more accounts and then be done for the day and pick it back up tomorrow fresh. Fresh eyes does wonders. I really want to strangle the person that made these mistakes. How incompetent can one person be? Yes by the way...I am perfect! LAMO HAHAHAHA It is Friday and usually I don't work a whole lot on Friday. I think I need a stiff drink. Or a stiff something! Hmmm....Martin, why do you have to be so far away? Peter has been sick so I haven't been getting anything from him. :( Damn damn damn. I certainly am not going to kiss him and take the chance of getting sick. I think I just might meet my meeting Monday if I get all of this shit for work done. I am crossing my fingers. Well,back to work. Enjoy your weekend everyone. Kiss and love Martin! Ciao baby!
A Void In Time
life life has it's draw backs search all of your life for that one special person ,place ,thing, event and when it happens ..something causes you to loose it just has you have found it....this happened to me after 50 odd years of searching to become whole and complete ..I finally did and just as i was to finally realize it ....It all slipped away every fear i have had all of my life has come to forbearance meaning i will now live out my life alone and pass away alone having not left any mark of myself of who or what i was one to carry on my name no one to pass my stories on and on it's very depressing to finally realize you were just another person who did not matter in the grand scam of things ..none will cry or mourn your passing you will pass without anyone knowing or caring...but yet for one brief moment in time you were all to 3 people there life's revolved around you you were a father a lover a husband a provider you lived and love
Reason For Delete
love dis bitches talkin shyt leavin me crazy comment "hahahaha bitch suck a dick n lick ma click n make sure u gurgle on ma cum n swallow dat shyt" woke up this morning with no more writer's block removed all blocks off no more reason to hate moving on to more positive life since such an open forum was have a nice life such as it is i praise my mother for giving life for my two brothers too my littlest brother knows my love as if i was his mother but as a virgin he knows not that i did not give him life but he will know my love cause he's family my main man in my life is not a little thing nor is any other love that i feel but be known the love for this some writing is totally dead .. died when everyone read your words. the arrows of your words you see i'm free and relaxed it is more than i felt in the last month no longer for guilt from words whispered in my ear Flag this message If that is how it's going to be, I'm leaving hun, this second. I
Meet my Owner! I couldn't have asked for a better owner... Go show her lots of love!but not too much;) Sean's girl & Fu-Fiance to LSD's Shell~Co-Owned by Irishpunk & LSD's Shell@ fubar p.s. i love you andrea:P (repost of original by 'Sean....Andrea's Love:Da.k.a. IRISHPUNK CLUB F.A.R.' on '2008-02-01 17:11:58') Meet my Owners! A girl couldn't have asked for better owners... Go show them lots of love! Sean....Andrea's Love:Da.k.a. IRISHPUNK CLUB F.A.R.@ fubar LSD's SHELL™ ~~I LUV MY A&A's~DYLON's DIVA's~@ fubar
A True Friend!!!
A True Friend We met uponthe internet,My heart you didnot have yet.I sit and wait each day,for the song myheart will soon play.Of laughter, love and tears,You have washed awayall my fears.To be my friendand see so deep,I now know whyI don't getmuch sleep.I have waitedthrough all theseyears,To find somethingto hold so dear.And now I knowI'll never beBlue,For I have founda true friendin you. Hugs,Weezie
Shes Seductive
What Blayne Means You are full of energy. You are spirited and boisterous. You are bold and daring. You are willing to do some pretty outrageous things. Your high energy sometimes gets you in trouble. You can have a pretty bad temper at times. You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow. You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily. Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is. You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic "Type A" personality. You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in. You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising. You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care. You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people. You also have a very active imagination. You
Important Stuff
HI THIS IS UR NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME FIGHTER JUST JOKING I JUST MADE A NEW LOUNGE AND I'M LOOKING FOR MEMBERS TO JOIN AND PEOPLE THAT WANT TO WORK IN THE LOUNGE AS WELL ALL POSITIONS OPEN SO PLZ ASK AND I'LL GIVE U A JOB SO PLZ JOIN MY LOUNGE HERES THE LINK FOR THE LOUNGE : hey everyone we all heard about Heath Ledger and how all Heath Ledger stuff is worth money well today is ur lucky day i got a Heath Ledger Poster for sale just send me a message and i'll give u the details on how much i want for it
Someone Slap My Brain Please!!
OK, First i have to apologize to the entire country of south Korea, because last night i got so fucking bombed i might have acted much more into the stereotype most Koreans have of us as loud rude Americans then i would every have hoped to. I am embarrassed mostly because i don't remember any of it and even if i had had a fun night then am still pissed cause i would still have had to have someone else tell me about it. Now when i say loud and rude i mean apparently in the most vulgar display i could possibly manage in my stupor of alcohol induced stupidity. i might have actually relived my bladder on someones car. I obviously had to be babysat and am so fucking thankfully the parties responsible for said babysitting were of sound mind enough to get me back to where i sleep without letting me escalate things to a proportion of international fucking incident. Now up till the point of which i apparently lost all sense of common decency I as well as the party witness to my episodes were ac
Why Do I Feel This Way???
Hey everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know the good news. I just had my baby. She is beautiful. She weighs 7 pnds 5 oncs and is 20 inc long. She has tons of hair and I dont wanna sound cocky but is one of the most beautiful babies every. Thanks all for helping me through the longn nine months lol. Dueces.
2 Seperate Thoughts About Mice
The Laundromat
It was an average night we always liked going to the laundromat at night it was usually dead at that time and we had free run of the place. So picking the machines you took the dark, I took the whites. Loading the cloths I noticed you have your play cloths in them garters thongs stockings. I started remembering the night before The fun we had Making Love over and over the playful bites and kisses. You glanced over at me and saw the grin I was wearing and you saw your things in my hands. You smiled saying be a good Boy. I laughed and we went back to doing the cloths. After loading the Machines we sat around talking and I leaned In to kiss you you looked so beautiful sitting there . I kissed you softly and you reached your hand around my neck pulling me closer to you. Biting my lip gently yet a light pain shot through me. You asked me what I had been grinning at I told you I was remembering our love making and it made me smile. You smiled and said to me Well we have never h
Today is a new Start It is a brand new day. A chance to do things right To do things my way. Life is so crazy With so many ups and downs. I need to learn how to live life Without so many frowns. I need to find a way To let my anger go. I don't always realize it But I know it always shows! Life is way to short To live in the past. I have to look at the future Because it is coming up fast. So forget all the fights and lies Forget all the sorrow and pain. Think of the good things ahead There really is a new life to gain. Taking chances is so hard And it's going to be one hell of a fight. But I know I can do it I can make it right. I'll take life for whatever it gives me No matter what I face. I can get through it because I will face it with a warm embrace. No matter what anyone says or does I will not forget what I've learned and know. Through every tragedy or happiness I will find the strength to help me grow. So when I think I can't do i
Life Is
Some of my garyisms why is there braile on a drive up atm? Where does the the word fuck come from and why does it have so many uses? how does a blind person know what a seeing eye dog sees? why is it u can remember where the keys are on a typewriter/keyboard but never remember your phone number? why do you only see one shoe in the middle of the road? was the person wearing it like umm i hate my left shoe and tossed it out the window while driving? How do blind sky divers know when to pull the cord? why is store bought lemonade made with lemon flavor but dawn dish liquid made with real lemons? how do blind people know how to read braille? why is it when u watch a fishing show u wonder what lures they are using or whether or not they are using live bait? who decided the days of the week and why did they choose to work for 5 and off for 2? where does the term horny come from? how do deaf people know when someone is talking to them from behind their
Earth In Perspective
EARTH IN PERSPECTIVE Thought for the day (and maybe for life) .... Now, THIS is really fascinating.It's rather dazzling to see it presented this way. 1) Size of the earth compared to other planets ... ok now go to image 2 ...... 2) looking small huh ......... 3) ok now the sun compared to other suns .... 4) Ok now look how tiny we must be if the sun is this small ....... 5) Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky. It is more than 1000 light years away. Now how big are you? And, how big are the things that will upset you today? Or, for that matter, the things that are important? KEEP LIFE IN PERSPECTIVE!
Some Nice Things...
BE KINDER THEN NECESSARY BECAUSE EVERYONE YOU MEET IS FIGHTING SOME KIND OF BATTLE... Life is too short Grudges are a waste of perfect Happiness Laugh when you can Apoligize when you should Let go of what you cant change Love deeply and forgive quickly Take Chances Give everything And have no regrets Life is too short to be unhappy You have to take good with the bad Smile when you're sad Love what you got Always remember what you had Always forgive, never forget Learn from mistakes but never regret People change, and things go wrong But always remember Life goes on When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, When 24 Hours in a day is not enough, Remember the mayonnaise jar and 2 cups of coffee. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, He picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar And proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was ful
Great Lounge! Real People! No Drama!!!
Alittle about me...I love to laugh and have a good time meeting new people..I love all kinds of music..I dance around the room with my headset on (lol) I can be silly at times..I consider myself a good listener and a good friend always willing to help others..Im a working mom of 2 beautiful kids..I treasure my time with my kids..They are my whole world..I support all armed forces..I would love to meet new people so hit me up..
An overweight (a lot) woman chases me down and says: Oh Amedeo, you are so sexy and I like you. I say: I love to be upfront and honest and to be honest with you I am not attracted to overweight women. She says: Well, Amedeo you are shallow for lQQking at the outside and not the inside. I say: Well, you are the shallow one for expecting me to love you the way you are. First of all why did you come after me (good-lQQking, handsome, stud) and not a heavy man like yourself (do you feel the same way?) And secondly, I believe the outside tells me a lot about whats going on on the inside! Would we not ALL agree? Love, Amedeo
Bid On Blood`n`gore
Super Bowl Urban Legands
In an LA Times article a few years back, renowned folklorist Alan Dundes ventured to explain why Super Bowl Sunday has become the focus of so many larger-than-life "urban beliefs" in the United States — beliefs such as: * Every year on Super Bowl Sunday the water systems of major cities are in danger of collapsing because of so many simultaneous toilet flushings at half-time (FALSE). * More women are physically abused by spouses and boyfriends on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year (DISPUTED). * Two-thirds of all the avocados sold yearly in the United States are purchased during the three weeks prior to the Super Bowl for making guacamole dip (EXAGGERATED). * There are more pizza deliveries made during Super Bowl Sunday than on any other day of the year (TRUE). * Disneyland becomes a veritable ghost town on the day of the Super Bowl because so many Americans are planted in front of their TV sets (FALSE). * The stock market predicta
Valintine App.
This is the "Be My Valentine Application." Everyone knows there's at least one person on myspace or fubar that you want to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Let's see who replys back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Area 1 Name: Age: Phone: Height: Do you Drive: State You Live In: School: Grade: May I Call You: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: Will You Send This Back To Me? Area 2: What would you do if I... I made a move on u? I kissed you? I lived next door to you? I started smoking? I asked you on a date? I was hospitalized? I ran away from home? I asked u to have sex? I asked u out? Area 3: What do you think about my... Personality: Eyes: Hair: Body: Area 4: Have you ever.... Lied to make me feel better? Wanted to kiss me? Wanted to kill me? Broke my heart? Kept something
What The Hell???
I'm So Sick Of These Little Pathetic Idiots
I'm so sick of pathetic idiots! I know what y'all are thinking, who the hell is Todd talking about? Well, for one, locally here in Michigan, some little pathetic SOB takes Anti-freeze and gives it to four dogs, three of them stumbled and was very sick and had to be euthanized because of it and then the damn fool writes the people that own the dogs a note saying, "Paybacks are a bitch and woof woof", now I don't know who the hell this person is but I for one think that either the state of Michigan let alone the United States need to make stiffer penalties for trying to kill an animal, it's no different than some SOB trying to kill another human being no matter how old or young that person is, it's a cowardly act and that person needs his butt thrown in prison for 20 yrs or more to make him think of what that person has done, not this 90 days and $1000 fine crap, it's really sad that people have to be like. Now on another note, I found out today also watching the news that Terrorists, wh
I am feeling like dog crap run over by a mac truck so I probably won't be really here much the next few days. When I'm here I probably won't answer many things, I'll be on to spend my 11s on CatDaddy and probably leave a few comments on my giveaway hosted by Stephanie.
Writing From The Soul
Please read dated blogs to follow, with my writings. Feel free to comment with any suggestions, advice etc. Thanx Love, Sherry “Writing from the Soul” As much as I try for’ happy’ childhood memories, my first memory just brings me back to the age of ten. I can still smell the odor of gasoline. Coming to consciousness, seeing my mother lying across the seat, she was alright, just a scratch on her face, across her cheek. What an awful smell of gasoline, (which to this day instantly brings back to these horrible memories). Lights flashing, sirens blearing, the pain was intense. They cut my coat off and put some sort of blow up contraption on my arm. I lay on the stretcher in the ambulance accompanied by two maybe three men. The memory is still not clear on how many of them were in there with me, but they were sitting with no visible injuries, maybe a few cuts and bruises. Then I remember being on a stretcher in a grey cold hallway, so many people coming up to me as
Tasting Your Sweet Nectar
Your pussy is so soft, wet, and creamy. I lick softly to taste of your sweetness. Softly running my tongue from top to bottom. Pausing to kiss your sweet pussy. Then up over your clit. As I take it in my mouth to suck. I tease your hard nipples and breasts with my hand. While teasing your inner walls with my tongue. As you begin to moan my name as you begin to cum in my mouth. 02-01-08
This fucktard rated me a 4!!!! Are you serious? Please go show him some love.....repost and pass it on please. So I am in one of the rooms earlier and talking to some girl. I asked her how long she had lived in the town she lived and if she knew that Gary Allen ( the singer) went to the same high school. Well, her man started tripping on me ( it was his room) and they booted me from room. Then they invited me back and I wouldnt go. So I went back inlater to unsubscribe and then they banned me...WTF!!?!??!?! I am fairly new here to fubar. Been here less than a week.....FOr the most part, I love it thing that REALLY gets me tho, are the people who say R/A/F me and I'll return the favor...then they never do. WTF is up with that?!!?!?I have tried to show every one love to me that has done it to me and I have also shown LOTS of love that hasnt been returned.......Sorry for rambling and complaining about what shouldn't really ju
m sorry that i bought you roses to tell you that i like you I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just f**k you like some random guy. ****I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date***** I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4am whe
If Only I Could
If I could whisper in your ear I'd know just what to say, If I could hold you close my dear I'd do this everyday, If in your eyes I could take one glance I know with your love I'd take no chance, If ever one day I were to lose your love my mind could not erase the love, joy, and smiles you've put on my face, Not one day do I want to live without you, Not one moment are you off my mind, Be with me forever, until the end of time
Key To My Heart
I had closed the door upon my heart and wouldn't let anyone in I had trusted and loved only to be hurt but that would never happen again I locked the door and tossed the key as hard and as far as I could My heart was closed for good Then you came into my life and made me change my mind just when I thought that tiny key was impossible to find that is when you held out your hand and proved me wrong inside your palm was the Key to My Heart You had it all along
Fabulous Biker Boys
So this is the deal. I have seen here on Fubar that some of the ladies have linked up. I hate to name any here for fear of leaveing someone out but maybe you have seen some of them around. I was thinking the other day that if there was one for motorcycle enthusiasts I would join up if I could. But after looking around for awhile and not finding one I decided it was time someone started one. With that said. If you or someone you know is interested in linking up with us this is what needs to happen. Their is no prospecting you just have to add **Fabulous Biker Boy** to then end of your name. After you have done that contact me and I will put a link up to your page with the rest of us. I also have a pic folder dedicated to this and will rip a photo from your file "of you with your bike" and add it to the crew. Thats all there is to it for now. If this takes off and gets to big I'll create a club page and it can stand alone. If you have any sugjestions of something I need to do let m
Love Stinks
I feel there is a thing called Love out there.I just don't know where..If you do find it grab it and hold on to it.Cause its so hard to find.Take and worship it and cherish it for ever.Never let anything stand in your way.But of All things take and Love it with all you heart and let them know that they are your Love no matter what.And always keep the line of communcation open between the 2 of you.I know I did have it and let it go...But I won't ever again.He has my heart and soul.And its his to keep.I don't want it back.With out him love is just a 4 letter word and Its best that way.....So find it an hold it forever......
Don't Give Up
Don't Give Up! In this world that surrounds us We sometimes break down and fall Those who stand above us Can make us seem so small We tremble under the weight Of the problems that hold us down And when we start to collapse There seems to be no one around We try to fight in this world That always seems to fight back Sometimes were not strong enough though There are too many things we lack We'll hide away in corners Put upon ourselves pain But there's no escape from this life We all must suffer the same But although we may struggle And yes we all do fall I'll stand by your side I'll stay with you through it all And if you start to tremble Or even break down I'm your shoulder to cry on I'll always be around We all have our faults Are up and are downs We cant always smile all the time Everyone has to frown No, no ones perfect And no one is the same Were in this world together We all play the same game If we stick together No matter what
You Can Bid On Me
Words Can Not Describe
Words can not describe Why do i love you? words can not describe, the way that you look at me, with love in your eyes. why do i love you? maybe it's cause your sweet, saying "your the only one for me", makes my heart skip a beat. Do you know, What have you've done to me? you've stolen my heart, you give me a reason to breathe. Do you know your the reason, that i wake up each day, just seeing your smile, makes my day worth while. Why can't i stop thinking of you, i ask myself each night, you make me feel so loved, you just make everything seem right. you take away my pain, wipe away my tears, hold me in your arms, i have nothing to fear. Do you know how much i love you? words can not describe, i think you will never know, what i feel for you inside... i love you so much, it's so hard to say, i love you so much, each and everyday.
Perfect In My Eyes
Perfect in my eyes Never will it matter how you hurt me, Never will it matter how you lied, You always were and ever will be perfect in my eyes. I'll never think of you badly and I'll never wish you were gone No matter how my heart has been broken Ill never do you wrong. Love never takes a time out and it never stops for a day when you love, you love forever in any kind of way! So it will never matter you hurt me, or how many times ive cried, i love you and thats all that i know, Your perfect in my eyes!!!
Alone Tonight, I'll struggle with everyday issues alone. I'll close the door and shut out the light alone. I'll let my hair down and crawl into bed alone. I'll cover myself up and pray alloud alone. I'll lie in the dark and stare at the cieling alone. I'll count all of the shadows and block out the sound of cars alone. I'll turn on my side and look at the wall alone. I'll reach out for you and I'll still be alone. I'll call out for you and I'll still be alone. I'll cry out for you and I'll still be alone. I'll love you with everything in me in the cold, hard dark of my room and I'll do it all... alone.
Understanding I wish you would try to understand me Try to understand me, and my needs My needs, but rather OUR needs to succeed In our relationship,life, and other things. I don't ask for much, But when I do, it benefits both of us Like you in the sense that you won't be thinking I'm tripping, And me by knowing we have an understanding We need that understanding, That prevents us from arguing, And helps us work on compromising, And creates a relationship everlasting. We need that understanding, Where you can tell me ANYTHING I need you to know you can trust me Do you feel what I'm saying ? I need you to be be my friend, Not only my man. So we can be able to discuss What's going on with us. Baby, I need you to understand me, Physically,mentally, and emotionally. I'm not trying to make this all about ME Or what I want or feel I need But more like me, expressing this feeling Of a bett
"I'm being AUCTIONED OFF...come bid on me and win what I am offering !!!" "please click pic to go bid on the hot sexxy me" "Here is what I'm offering the highest know you want it !! 1. I will rate profile, all pics and all stash. 2. I will add you to my friends and family. 3. I will add "owned by" your name on my name for a month. 4. I will open my nsfw pics for you. 5. You can rip any picture of mine, just let me know which one. 6. I will take and send you a picture of your choosing. 7. I will send you a gift daily for a month. 8. I will send you a comment every day for a month." "So come bid on me, and I will reward you every day !!!! "
To A Special Person
I love you, my darling, and you know it's true I thank God in Heaven for someone like you. I never knew how empty my life really could be But this is what I lived before He gave you to me. Whole is my life for you are here now To continue without you I do not know how. So be with me forever my heart needs your stay 'Twould stop its rhythm if you ever went away. I know this love for you will last You are my future, my now, my past.
My Life
Today has been one of those days..I have felt so alone and out of touch. I havent felt like this in a very long time and i dont know why. I have met some great people who have put me back into a place of happiness and joy. And then today someone who i have been very close to said that no one really cared about me and that i would never find anyone to ever want to take the time out of their lives to give me a chance. For the first time in a long time I cried. It hurts because I dont want to believe this person, but then in a way I have to because of the way people have just stopped talking to me lately. These last few months have been a drain on me physically and emotionally with the divorce and the custody stuff. I havent been this drained since i had to bury my mom and dad. For all my friends who happen to read this. If i have done anything to any of you I am sorry. Please give this now lost and wandering soul a second chance at redemption. I know my son will always be by m
Sweetwaters Presents : That Butt Thang Contest .......
LET ME KNOW IF YA WANNA GET YA BUNZ IN ON THE CONTEST A.S.A.P.!!.....THANX, JADE ~*JADE aka Flirtin With Disaster/Manager/DJ@DiablosDen & Dj / Owner of SWEETWATER'S*~@ fubar
Pimpouts For Auction Owners And Friends
These are my boys they have went so outta their way to help me on this site. I love them all. I know you will too. fan/rate/add them and they will return the love. Tell them Wonder Woman sent Ya Please and I will add you too this pimpout! †*ÐĵŦrïck¥ÐïČk*@ fubar Waiting on her to come back Ronaldanthony74 +Fu husband of +*~Kick A$$ Bi@tch~*+(OWNER OF DD-DIVA)@ fubar ~MASTER~@ fubar laidbackguy @ fubar ஐRogerLee ஐ@ fubar ~~~FU-DADDY™~@ fubar SPIKE@ fubar
Things That I Have Done Today
A Poem For That Special Someone
You are my inspiration having you in my life revived my sleeping devotion You are indeed a special someone Loving you gives me hope to free this misery that I coped in those times I gave up You came and I stood up Never will I forget how you always cheer me up every time I’m sad and for that I’m glad Whenever I’m lonely You were there for me keeping my heart alive with your every smile I dedicate this poem to you to show how much you meant to me I love you My special someone
A New Thing Added To My Page
I added a lil something to my page.. Its a "I have a Crush on You" Poll.. Its a new way to let me know if you have ever liked me.. check it out!
Amen (my Reply)
THE BASTARD GIVES HIMSELF UP!! this whole situation had me stunned. i knew da faggot dat made this horrific act. never a friend jus some1 on my yahoo friend list. i talked 2 him da day before or da day of the tragedy. it was a regular convo, no signs of wierdness. . first of all, im jus disapointted that i had no idea of how fucked up he is. only thing that was a trigger was wen he (wha he said) argued w? sporks. i told da bastard 2 work it out w/ her as an advice thinkin he was sane. 2nd, dude is in my city as we speak. wha da fuck made him come here? they say family in MD but why he was found here? drew woke me at 4:30 am wit dat shit n i thought he was kiddin. so basically its this. imma take more time n less tolerance to observe people period but esp. on da internet. u never know som1 until the true colors are shown. im not gonna b as open as i was. only the ones i know here on fubar are
Okay I Did It
Well i went on the date and it was freakin awsome but i locked my keys in the car and froze my ass off...all in all great fun we shall see where it goes lol So to all of you who voted yay on dating thanks...i did want to puke from nerves but it was worth the fun...and he was pretty hot lol on another note i am very thrilled cause i have lost 4 pant sizes and 4 pantie sizes so i feel pretty good about my getting skinnier ass lol Love to all
So Its 5 Am
Seems to me that most normal ppl are usually asleep at this hour. Too bad I CANT do that. I have so much on my mind right now..So many effin racing thoughts are going through my head that I dont know where the fuck or what the fuck i am. MOST of the problem is men.. I swear life would be so much easier if the world was only women.. If only women could impregnate women that would be awesome. I really really care for this one certain guy, and i think he knows who he is, but the only problem is he only talks to me when it is convenient for him or when he's drunk. I dont know how to handle that situation. The other guy that I am having difficulty with is a really really close friend of mine. Ive known him since i was little and we've always been friends. Last weekend I had the opportunity to take it to the next level, but freaked out when things got a little too hot and heavy. I TOLD him why too.. I valued our friendship more than anything and I didnt want anything to get weird between us.
Say Its Possible
Love And Friendship
    BASICS: Name:Age:Location:Height:Hair (color and style):Eyes:Piercings/tattoos:Phone Number:OTHER: 1. Do you drink/smoke?2. Do you like the rain?4. If so...would you play in it with me?5. Do you like movies?6. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night?8. Could we cuddle and just fall asleep together?9. Would you kiss my neck?10. Do you play any sports?11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw eachother?13. How would you rate your kisses from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on you?15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, prick)? 17. Would you give me a kiss just because?18. Would u sleep in the same bed as me?19. Would u take me home to meet your parents?20. Would u have sex with me?21. If so, whats the soonest into our relationship you'd have it? 22. Would you tell your friends we had sex?23. Would u let me touch u wherever?24. How smart are you?25. Do u have a specific body type that
Stepping Into The Fire
I don't know how this is going to turn out, so bear with me, but some things are rambling around in my brain this morning, and I feel a need to work them a little. Doing this stuff openly is always dangerous, right? because one is working on one's own issues, so to speak, in full view of others one knows both virtually and personally. So this is always a little scary. I mean, no one likes being vulnerable, with all their flaws hanging out, right in the line of sight of others, do they? That's why nakedness in front of a crowd is such a bad dream for many..... But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Doesn't mean I am not afraid, because I am actually really afraid. But I am going to do this anyway. Rumi wrote, and I can't find it, but I remember it , that people often are confronted in life with a situation in which they can make a choice: either step into the burning hot fire, or into a cool stream of water. Now this is metaphorical, but if you've lived longer than, oh, about
Why Me!!
Don't Judge Me!
This is to all of the haters that judge people without knowing them! I gained weight because I have a traumatic brain injury! not because I sit around and eat or don't exercise! So all of you mother fuckers that think its ok to make fun of people... you are so wrong! I suggest that you fuckers get over yourself and stfu! Does it make you feel better about yourself? Well how's this... I hope all of you haters die a slow painfull death and then burn in hell for all eternity! I suggest you learn something about the person before you bash them! Your probably just doing it to cover one of your flaws! So again I say STFU! cuz really nobody cares!
Baby Alijah James
R.I.P Baby Alijah
Pagan Humor
(Tune: The Beverly Hillbillies by E.Scruggs) (Lyrical adaptation by Hare) Now listen to the words of the Great Star Mother, In days long past called by one name or tuther, "I am your Mammy, Queen of Earth, Air, Fire, Sea, So you better quit your yappin' an' listen to me." (Isis, that is...Astarte...Cerridwen) "When the Moon is full, bright as a silver dollar, Open up yer winder an give your Mam a hollar. I'll hear you callin, jest as clear as a bell, An I'll come a runnin an visit fer a spell." (Circle, that is...Esbat...Draw down the Moon) "Now y'all listen up, 'cause I'd hate to be a bitch, When we have our shindigs t'aint none should wear a stitch. Y'all will eat an' drink an' dance an' love, to show that you're free, 'Cause all acts of pleasure are sacred to me." (Skyclad, that is...Great Rite...Cakes an' Wine) "If you wanna know my secrets, then look in your own hide, 'Cause if what you seek ain't there, well, it won't be found outside. The greatest Myst
On Janurary 28th, Jeremy and I celebrated our 3 year annivserary. We went out on our first date. Jeremy picked me up in the truck and drove me out to St. Cloud to drop off a motor to our friend Charlyn's house. We went out afterwards to Osaka Japanese Restaruant and had a wonderful time and a wonderful meal. They prepared our meal at the table and I had sushi for the first time. We talked a great deal and shared alot. This is one day I will never forget. Although we have been through so much, I love him more today than ever. Jeremy this year took me out to dinner and we came home and watched some movies. I had a wonderful time with him I know it doesn't sound like much, but just spending time with him is the most wonderful thing to me. Although he has a tendency to spoil me to no end and make sure I get what ever I want. The only thing that really matters to me is the time we spend together. On Janurary 28th we had a very special day. It was our daughter Kimberly's sweet sixteen birthd
Wacken Or Bust!
oh my, The Dragonlance movie has finally arrived! This is the animated feature film version of the first book in the Chronicles series. Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Lucy Lawless, and Michael Rosenbaum. THe movie is a mixture of 2D/3D and i can't wait to see it. All the Dragonlance fans have been waiting for this one for a very very long time. This year between 31/7/08 - 02/8/08 in a small farming village in germany called wacken the population will increase by about 30,000 to 32,000. yes thats right only 2000 people live in wacken normally. This small quiet village is the spiritual home of all that is METAL and each year thy hold the wacken open air metal festival. This year we have the honour to see the mighty Iron Maiden headline the event, this will also be the only date in germany that iron maiden will play this year. I would really like to go and im going to try and gather a squad of scottish metal maniacs to take along in our invasion of germany. So to all you m
I Lost My Bff
My Friend she was caring & full of life & nobody ever compared to her but I pushed her away w/ my insecurities & for that I am so sorry, I can't tell her how sorry I am because she blocked me & now I'll not ever get the chance to explain why I acted the way that I did because she doesn't care anymore. I may sound like a sniveling crybaby but she was like a sister to me & I may sound like I'm whining but she always made me laugh & I miss that. Good Bye GurlFriend I will never forget you ever, If I had the chance to tell you I'd tell you that I thought that you was upset w/ me & that If I could take it all back I would but it's too late now you've turned your back on me forever & I guess I deserved it & now all's I can do is remember the happy memories that we had on here at Fubar. Good Bye Forever My Friend S.C.!!!!! I have other things that need more of my attention so I'm taking some time off from here on Fubar I'll still think about all of my friends & when I come back I'll return
How Can The Battle Be Won, When You’re Too Worn To Receive The Victory? . .
a house built of bricks should seem so secure. . . i sit alone zoning out as i listen to the storm. . . through a shattered window the rain forcefully intrudes. . . where is that secure feeling as the bitter wind whips around me? . . the darkness is what i'm accustomed to as my reality. . . yet tonight, there is a difference in the air about me. . . instead of a calm familiarity, i find myself anxiously uncomfortable. . . unnerving, the chaos surrounding conflicts with the void inside me. . . battered on the outside, hollowness within. . . how much can i take before i implode? . . where is that warm protective sun with it's healing rays? . . when not a single star shines, it's hard to believe in a brighter day. . . i hopefully search my mind to find an escape from this hopelessness. . . it's almost unimaginable, the thought of finding the balance i need. . . despair's destructiveness is becoming, quite too evident. . . i attempt to displace my energy to even out this equ
This Life Of Mine 13
I just realized I missed my physical therapy appointment yesterday. Damn it. I can't believe I did that. Now it is going to be hard to get in to see her. They are not happy when patients miss appointments. It is a waste of their time. I was working so hard that I just forgot. I got a lot done yesterday but still have quite a bit to do today. i really don't want to work both Saturday and Sunday so I m hoping I can get it done today. Peter will be working on the bathroom anyway. He finished laying the tile and needs to grout it today and put texture on the walls. We want our bathroom back to ourselves! I felt bad because he has been sick all week and tried working on it while he was sick. There may be some crooked tiles, I am afraid to look. LOL Anthony is at a class today that he has to take for part of his probation. I hope he learns something. He has also been sick and has not gone to school for 2 days so when he goes back to school Monday, we are going to have
Auction open come bid :)
Life In General
So, it is friday night, as I sit here alone I am thinking to myself, RACING SEASON STARTS this weekend! I am so excited! I can't wait. I am interested in doing some fantasy racing but I don't know. I have been looking at the nascar site. Is there any other ones out there? Any cool ones that you can win big on? I am very interested in this. So if anyone has any answers, please fill me in! Anyways, It is 11:30 at night ona friday, nothing exciting happening besides some homework! What an exciting life I lead! well, I watched the game last night. Wasn't really rooting for anyone because my team wasn't in it. But I did watch for the commercials. My favorite?? The SoBe water one. With the lizards dancing to Thriller. It was the cutest by far. I was kind of disappointed with the commercials. They aren't as good as I remembered before. Maybe it is just me. Maybe the advitiers can't afford the make awesome commercials when they are paying 2.7 million for air space alone.
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I have terrible road rage. Get OFF my highway already!! 2. I have 6 brothers and sisters, all older than me. 3. I have a "thing" for guys with long hair :) Not required, but a definite bonus 4. I lived in the same house from the time I was born until I got married 5. I am addicted to tattoos...just lack the funds to indulge that addiction 6. I trust everyone...and I have been badly hurt many times because of it 7. I have lived in the same state for all but 3 months of my life 8. I love to the car, in the shower, all the time. Karaoke....HELL YEAH! 9. I was born and raised in Colorado an
Symbol Of Hatred
Women will understand this! Men should memorize it! Every woman knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his life in his hands! This is a handy guide that should be as common as a driver's license in the wallet of every husband, boyfriend, co-worker or significant other! DANGEROUS: SAFER: SAFEST: ULTRA SAFE: What's for dinner? Can I help you with dinner? Where would you like to go for dinner? Here, have some wine. Are you wearing that? Wow, you sure look good in brown! WOW! Look at you! Here, have some wine What are you so worked up about? Could we be overreacting? Here's $1,000 dollars, go shopping Here, have some wine. Should you be eating that? You know, there are a lot of apples left. Can I get you a piece of chocolate with that? Here, have some wine. What did you DO all day? I hope you didn't over-do it today. I've always loved you in that robe! Here, have some wine . In ca
Written By My Son
The Red, The White, and The Blue What is this country we live in, this home of the brave, land of the free, as the stripes of our flag bleed with the truth of our past, we continue to insist on our undying devotion to global Americanization, And as the blood red stripes drip, and the blood of the Native Americans spills out onto every reservation, we denounce injusticem and promote equality, and as the blood stripes of the natives are intersected by the powerful white stripes, It becomes evident that they are not the only victims, and as the bold white stripes infect the formerly enslaved and long oppressed, it is known that the absence of darkness in the flag is no mere coincindence, for this nation had a great phobia of the dark complexion, And while the stars multiply like the smallpox epidemic that siezed so many Indian lives, we continue to advertise ourselves as a just nation, but now that all our past astrocities have become history,
Expectin' A New Baby
Today was the FIRST day myself and my mom got to hear my babies heart beat...WOW...It was so strong, Such a beautiful sound! MyHotComments Well, I juss wanted to let everyone know that I am pregnant and I'm so excited about bein a first time mommy...:) It'll be my moms first time bein a grandma. Well, Wish we luck within the next 9 months :) Thanx all!
Booty Call Contract
Take the Superhero Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz/ PRE-BOOTY CALL AGREEMNET Body: ALL WHO WISH TO PARTICIPATE ARE REQUIRE TO FILL OUT FORM I NOW HAVE AN AGREEMENT FOR YOU GUYS THIS PRE-BOOTY CALL AGREEMENT, HERE-IN AFTER REFERRED TO AS THE AGREEMENT, IS ENTERED INTO THIS DAY OF _______________ 2006, BY ___________________ AND ____________________. THIS AGREEMENT SHALL COVER ALL THE FOLLOWING RULES & PRINCIPLES: 1. No sleeping over - unless it wTHIS PRE-BOOTY CALL AGREEMENT, HERE-IN AFTER REFERRED TO AS THE AGREEMENT, IS ENTERED INTO THIS DAY OF _______________ 2006, BY ___________________ AND ____________________. THIS AGREEMENT SHALL COVER ALL THE FOLLOWING RULES & PRINCIPLES: 1. No sleeping over - unless it was very good and we need to repeat it in the morning. 2. No meeting in public except for dinner or drinks before the events of the evening. 3. No calls before 9 p.m. - we don't have shit to talk about. 4. None of that love making shit - only
Poetry From Friends
The winds sweep across the Kansas plains New life rides the waves It carries away the yesterdays Bringing hope to take its place Hope for bright new days ahead Hope for tranquility Hope for all you care about And the things you wish to be As each day gives way to darkness As it too is put to rest Like the new life carried on the Kansas winds I am wishing you the best! rumdumb~~Owned by eLLe~~Belonging to Krissy~~Poetic Azz@ fubar give this man some fu-love ;)
Wedding Proposal
My girlfriend of two years said yes to my proposal of marriage - which took place on the Carnival Victory. Let the wedding planning begin! Feel free to offer Shinygal your congratulations on her profile: Shinygal - Go Big Blue!@ fubar
Life is a world of wonders life is sandy life is lonely life can also be full of different activities. life is caring life is hatred life is always full of mysteries life is full love life is full of up and downs life is mischief life is entertaining life is curious lifeis full of uderstanding life is hope life is sometimes full of hopelessness life is full of different crimes like stealing, killing.. well life is always interesting LOVE YOU ALL!!
My Blog....
HERE'S YOUR LAST CHANCE PEOPLE! Auction will close 2-15-08 3 PM Central Time.. All Bids will start at 50K. On top of all this, I will add you to my family, send you random gifts, and post your link on my page. ACCEPTABLE BIDS ARE FU-BUCKS,VIPS,BLASTS,HH,AND MORPHS MIN.BID IS 50K... CASH PRIZES OVER RIDE FU-BUCKS TO HELP CLEAR. COMBINATION OF FU-BUCKS AND CASH PRIZES ACCEPTABLE. Be sure to check out the others up for auction. Good Luck to all!
This Is Me
okay so heres the deal. i am so sick of the drama, it is pointless and only makes you look childish. i have been called a hater and apparently people think i talk about others behind their back. i find this funny because my friends who know me will tell you that i hate on no one and if i have something to say about someone i have no problems saying it to them personally. i have also gotten from someone that the lounge i co own trashes other lounges and people in them. this is also funny seeing how our lounge is full of pervs and we mostly talk about sex. again the people who know me will tell you that if anyone brings bullshit into a lounge that im the co owner of i will jump their ass. i do not put up with it, that is what yahoo and shoutbox is for. some people need to realize this is a web site, not reality. when things get to be too much step away from the computer and focus on your real life. to the people who understand that FUBAR is just a place to meet friends and have fun, i th
My Community Service
New Beginning
The darkness surrounds me All light has been extinguished I lie on my bed and think of the past Of all the people I have known When I was young I was so happy I would play all day I knew lots of people As time has past I lost touch with them one by one Now I lie on my bed surrounded by darkness Alone with my thoughts They are all I have for company I am lost in the darkness Can you hear me calling? The night’s pass The month’s pass Time drifts by I have been calling out in the darkness For centuries now My ghost is all that remains Unable to rest Calling out in the darkness Waiting for an answer But there is no reply There is nobody around to hear my calls My ghost is all that remains Calling out in the darkness Doomed to exist alone forever PLEASE RATE THIS BLOG AND PLEASE DO IT HONESTLY ONLY GIVE A 10 IF YOU THINK IT DESERVES IT ok so im sitting here alone stareing at the wall thinking what did i do w
To Everybody That Thinks I'm Angry Or Ignoring Them
Im hoping to make this a better year! My life is finally goin in a better direction. I have a wonderful son whom i share with my soon 2 be exhusband. And Im datin well actually living with a wonderful guy who is also my best friend! And we r in the middle of making plans to better our life together.
I wonder why this life makes not a lot of since? okay not really just wondered why You've been blown a KISS. If u get 1-3 ur sweet, 4-6 adorable, 7-9 freaken hot. So start blowin them kisses,....Happy Valentines day!!!!...
Like It Matters
I am oblivious at times to some certan things. I'd like some jello w/some whipped cream atop of it. It's so simple of a thing to make and yet i rarely ever buy the stuff. It just takes one to ruin it for everybody else. Good one, you idiot. I kick you in the shins. This may hurt like hell. I hear if one rips it off really fast, it doesn't hurt as much. I'm gonna give it a go.
Please Help
> Help bomb me in the best boob contest!!! click on the pic!! thank you xxxxx
Because You Know You Want Me
I made this music player at More colors.
I Got Tagged.....
I got tagged by Brodie he's a sweetheart. Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them to be tagged. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1) I absolutely love my job. How many people can say that. 2) I love classic country music. Alabama is my favorite band. 3) I love Alabama football. ROLL TIDE!!! 4) I love good ole southern home cookin!!! 5) I love to go to the movies. I watch most anything but war movies and horror. 6) Christmas is my favorite holiday. 7) I have no children....but I do have two dogs (Bear and Jade) and fish. 8) I like to travel as long as it doesn't involve airplanes. 9) I love the Beach. 10) I love anything that has to do with Disney an
Funny Or Weird Images I Found This Week
Some you may remember that I used to do this funny/weird/interesting image blog once a week on my old Fubar profile. Well, I'm going to start doing it again. Basically, I spend way to much time on the internet, and I run across a lot of stuff that's funny or just plain weird, and I'm going to post what I find from each week in this blog. I don't have the time or interest to make this post inoffensive every week, so if you can't handle a joke, go back to We'll kick off tis week's blog with "An Open Letter to Ann Coulter" from my favorite new person, Henry Rollins. Some you may remember that I used to do a funny/weird/interesting image blog once a week on my old Fubar profile. Well, I started doing it again. Basically, I spend way to much time on the internet, and I run across a lot of stuff that's funny, interesting, or just plain weird, and I'm going to post what I find from each we
How Old Should A Kid Be For A Cell Phone?
Our Story
Just thought I'd give a little insight on cyber love. I was one of those who desperately searched for Mr. Right. It didn't matter if he lived in my town, 2 hours away or halfway across the country. I am a firm believer in internet romance since I have friends that have been married for 8 yrs and met online. It worked for them so I figured it could work for me as well. Well, I was CONSTANTLY on Cherrytap (before the days of Fubar, it was CherryTap and before that it was Lost Cherry! Those were the good old days!!) I met ALOT of friends and had found someone I absolutely fell in love with. He was in California and it ended up bein a love hate relationship of sorts. Many a good blog came out of that. Everytime I was happy, sad, upset, or just flat out pissed, I wrote about it. This went on for almost a year! I was head over heels in love with him, and I thought the feeling was mutual. We would fall out, not speak for 2 weeks or so, then he'd IM, tell me he'd been miserable without m
Allison Aka 'sassy, Classy And If You're A Jerk, Scroll Right Past Me
Allison aka 'Sassy, Classy and If You're a Jerk, Scroll Right Past Me' fubar page Pictures can be located on the following pages: The list is ENDLESS of sites with this girls pictures. This person pictured has been listed with a FAKE Buster group since back in 2003. They closed the case in 2005 because NOONE from any of the listed sites would reply with a Salute. The girl pictured is listed as FAKE on every FAKE Busting site with belief the girl has not used the internet for many years. The sites listed show ages in range from 16 years old to 32 years old
From Jackson (our Movie Date)
Claire Colburn: Never met a Mitch I didn't like. Fun, full of life. Like... everyone wants to be a part of Mitch's club. Claire Colburn: So you failed. Alright you really failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You think I care about that? I do understand. You wanna be really great? Then have the courage to fail big and stick around. Make them wonder why you're still smiling. Drew Baylor: You know, there is nothing greater than deciding in your life that things maybe really are black and white! And this guy Ben, who clearly takes you for granted, who serially takes advantage of you, is bad! And what I'm saying is good! See what I mean? You shouldn't be the substitute for anybody. This guy should be right here, right now, doing this [kisses Claire] Drew Baylor: . Drew Baylor: Because we have a moment here, let me tell you that I have recently become a secret connoiss
ok i thought i would just get on here and vent, today is the one day that i truely hate, today i turn 24, but is it just me or is it that you only have 4 great memberable birthdays in your life your first, 16th 18th and 21st, and after that 21st and you get older and not only do you feel it you realize it too, and you think back to when you was 16 18 21 and you think about then and where you thought you would be by this time, and you realize that you are no where close, like when i was 16 i thought by now i would be working at a nice computer place, and have my own office would have graduated college, and here i am always on the look for the next best job, still not knowing what i want to do for the next 20 years, by this time most people are either in that job or well on their way. i mean yea i am getting ready to go back in the military for at least four years but who know, knees might give on me again, or i might be 6 ft under within those next 4 years because i dont know if its a
Hey Every One
hi everyone how are you all doing? hope everyone is ok and doing good. if you read this please hit me up so we can talk. well have a good day everyone
Cleavage Contest
Fubarians Against Child Abuse (please Join Me)
A little reminder, because we too often forget. Your child, Our Children are the future. They will are the building blocks, to creating a better place for you and I. The thing is, what kind of message are we sending the kids of today ? That it's okay to shoot some one, or steal from some one, do drugs or kill an innocent child ? Is that really the impression you want left stowed upon your child or nephew or neice ? Now is the time to take a stand, and do something about it ! Let's make this a better place for you, for myself and for the children of the future One voice alone can't act alone...It's going to take a little help from every one. Maybe this will remind you what we are all fighting for, if not....You need a serious evaluation !
2008 Sexiest Males Contest
Turning 30
This is an attempt to analyze and try to better understand relationships. In this I will try to answer some of the burning questions that a lot of people may have. I am not an expert, I'm just a guy that has been in a lot of relationships and one engagement. I feel at this point, although I'm not an expert, I have a considerable amount of experience in this topic. I'd like to start with my definition of relationship. I define it as the ability of two people not only to co exist, but consistently enjoy the experience long term. I think we are all guilty of mistaking infatuation or lust for genuinely feeling you are able to maintain a relationship that could lead to something more. I firmly believe that you have to discard the first three months of any relationship, or what I affectionately call the "honeymoon period." In that time everything is not only acceptable, we even find it cute. "Give it time" my mother used to tell me, "whatever you sought of don't like about a person in the
Horney Fucks
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Wow He Is Bold
Wow This guy is mighty Bold of him. He started to talk shit and I got pissed so guess what! Another Blog By Me! This guy is name is Rey he thinks he is all big and bad. Sorry Bud. If you read my profile you would realize that you don't fuck with me! I blocked his ass right now so I can write this. Check out this conversation. (its in pieces) Sorry. It also goes from bottom to top... ->~*De§...: wow and you think I am scared of you....damn your bold Are.E.Why ...: so why dont you take a little more time to hit the books insitead of taking pictures of your pimple tits Are.E.Why ...: so in that case, you would call me a 'beaner' ->~*De§...: IM FUCKING MEXICAN TO FAGGOT Are.E.Why ...: cracker means white not white, im mexican Are.E.Why ...: ok, since youre slow ill slow it down for you ->~*De§...: wut? Are.E.Why ...: beaner would be the correct racial slang, IDIOT ->~*De§...: shut the fuck up ->~*De§...: your a cracker haha Are.E.Why ...: dont you have anythi
My Pimpout
You are cordially invited to witness the joining of two hearts, lives and souls as one. On this blessed day this man Sean....Andrea's Love a.k.a. IrishPunk Club F.A.R...Fu-Fiance 2 Andrea And This Woman Sean's girl & Fu-Fiance to Sean aka Irishpunk~Co-Owned by Irishpunk & LSD's Shell Will be joined in fu-matrimony on Thursday the 14th of February in the year 2008 at 3 O'Clock in the afternoon Pacific Standard Time. Please click the picture to join in this joyous event at the appointed time. This event will be presided over by the honorable Rev.۞Sexy Succulence۞ Ŧ.©.M (repost of original by 'Rev.۞Sexy Succulence۞ Ŧ.©.M.- fu-owned by BOBBYBONES~DSC 4LIFE' on '2008-02-13 22:04:53')
Make My Eyes Shine
here my heart sits, waiting for you to accept what it has to offer will you take what it feels and hold it near or will you throw it away it just wants to love you like no one else can what it feels for you i can not stop i have tried and tried over and over again but it tells me it belongs to you that it where it wants to be in with your heart beating as one so here sits my heart waiting for you will you accept it or will you throw it away it tells me it does not want another only the one it has has chosen for me so here sits my heart waiting for you. I feel the distance growing between us, you have your heart plus you have mine. How does it feel to have both beating inside you do you feel my love, or do you feel my pain. When you are near me I am elated, when you are gone, I feel emtpy when we are together, we are one do you see the happiness in my eyes, in my face, do you feel it in that heart that is in it's place. tell me how to go on tell me wha
Fu_own Me
here is how to won me click on the photo below and bid
Taking A Break From Fubar
I just think it's about time I left Fubar for awhile. I don't know whether I'll be back, but if I do return I hope to see you all doing well. I want to thank all my friends, especially Tharna, for everything. Good luck to all of you. Jim
What Is This World Coming To...
An unthinkable act -- a mother is accused of crimes against her own children. A man and woman accused of using the woman's kids for making child pornography will remain in jail for now. Carrie Wheaton and Roger Smith are currently being held without bond at the Dane County Jail ... The evidence was in Wisconsin, the alleged crime was committed in Illinois, and authorities were first alerted in Missouri. That's why the case is being prosecuted in Federal Court. Carrie Wheaton and Roger Smith are accused of using Wheaton's twin 6 year old girls to make child pornography. According to an affidavit filed in Federal Court ... It started when a detective in Missouri posed as a 13 year-old girl in an online chat room. A man later identified as Roger Smith sent the detective a link to his webcam, showing him masturbating. An agent with the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation, or DCI, obtained a search warrant for Smith's home in the Town of Hollandale - in
Full Of Shit Woman In Fubar
Lost In Translation
I'm so over everything. I want so much out of myself and out of life and out of others, and I just don't know what to do. I want to study abroad this summer. I want to study abroad junior year too. I want to have 3 jobs and be as independent as I can this summer though too. I want to find someone out here that I can just BE with. I don't need a boyfriend. I just need fucking stability. I want someone that I'm willing to give up other guys for. Maybe not completely, just yet...but someone that if I go to a party and get hit on, I can have a reason to say no for...because I want to say no for him, not because he demands that I do. God, I want want to be motivated and inspired and just have SOMEONE to put some spark back in me. I'm bored, and tired, and just plain....BLAH. I have nothing to look forward to anymore. I don't have anyone to look cute for. I've given up on asu guys as a whole. They're either just looking for a hookup for the night...or they're looking for a girlfrie
I Wanna Play
My Thoughts
F*ck Me Like You Hate Me
They say you wanna leave meBut what do they knowYou know they don't understandThe CRAZY way we rollNow come over here babyI'm gonna teach you a thang or twoWhere ya goin babyI ain't even close to done with youYou ain't enough for twoFor what I got in storeSo you better tell that other girlShe better not come round here no moreWhere ya goin babyI'm gonna teach you a thang or twoYou better grab on to that pillow boyCause I ain't even close to done with youI hear ya cryinMoaning out my nameJust give me one more hour babyYou'll NEVER be the sameI know you've been thinkinBut you better think twiceYou don't want me to send you outTo where it's cold as iceSo Take off your coatThrow it on the floorGo an turn out those lights babyAnd you better lock that doorCome here babyI'm gonna teach you a thang or twoYou better hold on to that pillow boyCause I ain't even close to done with youI hear ya cryinMoanin out my name
Spanky Poetry -- Who Is This Man?
02/02/08 New Fu-angels
.... every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism in the USA..... or that it affects 1 in every 150 kids Autism (say: aw-tih-zum) causes kids to experience the world differently from the way most other kids do. It's hard for kids with autism to talk with other people and express themselves using words. Kids who have autism usually keep to themselves and many can't communicate without special help. They also may react to what's going on around them in unusual ways. Normal sounds may really bother someone with autism — so much so that the person covers his or her ears. Being touched, even in a gentle way, may feel uncomfortable. Kids with autism often can't make connections that other kids make easily. For example, when someone smiles, you know the smiling person is happy or being friendly. But a kid with autism may have trouble connecting that smile with the person's happy feelings. A kid who has autism also has trouble linking words with their meanings. Imagine trying
Moment Of Clarity?
This is what I have to do... I have to believe her, even if i know she is lying I have to pretend for her.. sounds odd but its true.. she is so kind hearted that when she see's what ive done, she will stop whatever it is she is hiding ..leap of faith.. I have to pick her up, so high that she will be afraid to come down for fear of falling, with the kind truths I mutter so quietly, the gentle touch when I am afforded oppritunity.. Ill do that.. I have to be stable, probably my biggest weakness in love is im unstable.. I have to aquire that trait and it wont be easy but Ill do it... I have to be faithful when I am commited and thats no trouble for me, Im a 1 woman man.. Keep doubts to a minimum, hard to do but is suredly possible.. Have to protect her, friend or foe, physical , mental doesnt matter what the enemy, I have to keep her safe and give her comfort... I shouldnt cause trouble on my own which I am guilty of, but Im getting better.. I have to remain patia
This Is Me
Superbowl Score Predictions
Got A Minute?
I'm in a new contest, Please click on the picture below and leave me a few comments if you have a minute or two to spare it would be greatly appreciated! Much love ~That Girl
A man was just coming out of anesthesia after a series of tests in the hospital, and his wife was sitting at his bedside. His eyes fluttered open, and he murmured, "Youre beautiful." Flattered, the wife continued her vigil while he drifted back to sleep. Later, her husband woke up and said, "Youre cute." Startled, she asked him, "What happened to beautiful?" "The drugs are wearing off," he replied. 1. Why does your gynecologist leave the room when you undress? 2. If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth? 3. Why cant woman put their mascara on with their mouth closed? 4. Why is it called alcoholics anonymous when the first thing you do is stand up and say "hi, my names Bob. Im an alcoholic"? 5. If you mated a Bulldog with a Shitsu would you get a Bullshit? 6. Why are they called stairs inside but steps outside? 7. Why is there a light in the fridge but not in the freezer? 8. Why does mineral w
Sound Familiar??
It was daylight when you woke up in your ditch. You looked up at your sky. Death said may blue be your color. You had your knife there with you too. When you stood up there was goo all over your clothes. Your hands were sticky. You wiped them on your grass. So now your color was green. Oh Lord why did everything always have to keep changing like this. You are already getting nervous again. Your head hurt and it rang when you stood up. Your head was almost empty. It always hurt you when you woke up like this. You crawled up out of your ditch onto your gravel road and you began to walk. Waiting for the rest of your mind to come back to you. You could see the car parked far down the road and you walked toward it. "If God is our father," you thought, "then Satan must be our cousin." Why didn't anyone else understand these important things. When you got to your car, you tried all the doors, they were locked. It was a red car, and it was new. There was and expensive leather camera
The loneliness sinks deep My life is in shambles No one to share things with I am totally alone Nothing makes me feel good anymore I can't go on living It has to end All of it Why must I live with such pain? My heart cries for want of another to share my feelings with Yet I have no one I feel as if no one wants me As if I'm a joke to others No one listens to me They probably think nothing of me Doubtful I will ever find a woman for me I've only ever loved one woman in my life And she wouldn't have me So maybe I would be better off dead Do you know what it's like to feel as if you're not wanted? I do It's a terrible and haunting feeling It tears your mind, body and soul apart Slowly kills you from the inside out You begin to depsise everyone around you Most of them have everything you don't Begin to believe they are taunting you Yes, it hurts to be so alone among so many Cuts to the core of your being Sometimes making you want to lash out in anger
Poem 2
Suffering seems to be my only friend Living this lonely life Tearing away my sanity I can barely go on living My soul a shattered cry in the wind Endless thoughts race through my mind Where can I turn for help Few are trustworthy these days Hiding, always hiding my true self No one can ever know I cannot let the pain I live with touch others They couldn't understand my true torture Life without meaning An endless drone But I still feel I still hurt
Whats Your Score?
Answer the questions after you read them and see if you get them right. Don't go back and delete what you thought the answer was. Can't wait to see the answers. 1.When I go in I might cause pain. I cause you to spit and ask you not to swallow. I can fill your hole. What am I? 2.A finger goes in me. You fiddle with me when you're bored. The best man always has me first. What am I? 3.I'm spread before I'm eaten. Your tongue gets me off. People sometimes lick my nuts. What am I? 4.I go in hard. I come out soft. You blow me hard. What am I? 5.All day long, it's in and out. I discharge loads from my shaft. Both men and women go down on me. What am I? 6.I come in many sizes. When I'm not well, I drip. When you blow me, you feel good. What am I? 7.If I miss, I hit your bush. It's my job to stuff your box. When I come, it's news. What am I? 8.I offer protection. I get the finger ten times. You use your fingers to get me off. What am I? 9.I assist an erection.
Wytch's Proverbs
A proverb is a short saying based on long experience. Proverbs contradict each other. Such is the wisdom of mankind. General * The witch belongs everywhere, but fits in nowhere. * All the Craft is in the catching. * The Craft is a kingdom. * The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for thy wits to grow sharper. * Neither so sinful as to sink, nor so godly as to swim. * One to rot, One to grow, One for the pigeon and one for the crow (for planting seeds). Fate, Destiny, and Necessity * Just because it is difficult does not mean it is not your destiny. * Do not curse the fool; let his Fate be to bear himself. * He that is born to be hanged will never be drowned. * If a man is destined to drown, he will do so even in a spoonful of water. * The bound must obey. * The weak shape their ow
Going Out!
hey there fubar fans and friends here in west texas,,on the weekends i hate to hang around and do nothing,so i'm trying this out, lets all get together for drinks and what not go goofing around and get to know each other,,idea? we can meet up at differant places each weekend? and then come summer time have pool parties and bbq's and good stuff like that I DO NOT PAY CHILD SUPPORT TO MY KIDS BECAUSE I RAN HEM OFF AND I DO NOT CARE IF THEY LIVE OR DIE I ONLY CARE ABOUT MYSELF
Smitty just needs rates for this one. Please stop by & let a comment you rated him & he'll show love back. Thanks:) I just wanted to thank everyone who tried to help me w/ the 1 year VIP contest. Turns out it was a scam:( So sorry I wasted your time w/ it, I had no idea that would happen. I tend to forget that not everyone on here is as nice & generous as those of you on my Family & Friend lists. I really hope there are no hard feelings. As always, if you ever need help bombing or anything else, just let me know. Thanks again:) CHERI
Alijah James
ok i need to vent for a minute. ive been following the sory of Alijah Sporks baby boy. i was absolutely shocked when i first seen the story on the news a baby boy had been found i actualy cried wondering how any human being could be so cold hearted to even harm a baby let alone murdering and dumping the body like some piece of trash. when i logged onto fubar i learned this was sporks baby i cried even more i never met sporks but i have chatted here and there with her and it seemed so much closer to home. not being able to have a child myself at this time realy made my emotions anyone watching the story i had questions who realy did it? what does sporks know. was a person ive talked to involved in murdering a baby so many questions ran through my mind. knowing the father ran instantly i assume hes the guilty party. i dont see anything wrong with sporks jumping on the internet posting a message to find the murderer.for all the ppl asking wtf she was doin online posting tht mes
Yes, I know it and you know it. Two people enter with hopes raised, into forced conversation and awkward exchanges. You try. You try again. Then out of the blue, there it is... somone who "gets" your silly jokes, and snaps right back with their own, which you actually think are funny too. A glance.. eyes connect. Conversation last for hours.. where did the night go? I call you up for a spontaneous outing.. and of course, You say yes. It's really great that we can laugh at that.. I didn't think anyone else thought that was as funny as I do. Drinking a few too many beers, and spending the evening spilling secrets.. only to laugh about it all later. Remember that time the car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, and we had to walk back to civilization? You know.. when we really learned to love/hate each other walking on that warm summer night? Remember strolling downtown at Christmas with the flurry of snow swirling all around us? Yeah, so I saved the little piece of wisdom from that
Yup Another Contest! Lol
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Intersting People
You cant meet some intersting people on here lost souls and funny people. Real people....with real lives. I donno about me I am tooo simple and tooo boring. My life is a mother of 6 and a fiancé. Two cats and doing everyday things, like dishes, laundry, cleaning house and things like that. I don't live the high life just a simple one.
We Met Upon The Inte
We met upon the Internet, A friendship electronic, Expressed alone in words and thoughts, Inevitably platonic. We live too far apart for us To mingle in the flesh, But much more close than family, Our hearts and feelings mesh. Your dear, dear self reveals itself Without a voice or face. We have our own sweet home within Our precious cyberspace.
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If any of you are looking for something to do, I have a great idea for you...Our very own sweetheart Drew is in a contest, if you can find it in your heart to take a lil trip over and give her a pic rate so she can win it would be greatly appreciated...Here's the link to her pic...Thanks to any and all of you that give her any help...Tina
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hello my name is jeff,and well im bored, so some one keep me company
13 Things About You
13 Things about You 1. Someone in this world Loves you , in some way. 2. A smile from you, can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 3. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 4. You mean the world to someone. 5. Without you , someone may not be living. 6. You are special and unique , in your own way. 7. Someone that you don't know even exists , loves you. 8. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 9. When you think the world has turned it's back on you, take a look, you most likely turned your back on the world. 10. When you think you have no chance at getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you believe in yourself, you probably sooner or later will get it. 11. Always remember complements you received, forget about the rude remarks. 12. Always tell someone how you feel
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to align sumthin to the right side of the site your writing or pic here all ur normal wrting and whatever else link = w/o inteaction alink = when browser is over the picture vlink = when the link is activated color number site
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