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Have You Ever...
Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself that they werent your type, but yet you gave them time that you took out of your busy schedule just to see what was there cause you seem interested but didnt know why? Have you ever had someone walk into your life unexpectedly and you fall hard for them? Have you ever met someone that seemed so true and so real that you let your guard down and let them get close to you? Have you ever dated someone who you thought in the beginning was just another guy, but yet you got attached and everything seemed right, he was the one? Have you ever fell for all the I love yous? The you are the only one? You are my sweetums? I love you with all my heart? You have no worries? I have...Then all of a sudden everything that you have experienced comes shattering down.. You start to feel like something isnt right. You start questioning all the lil things. You start hearing rumors and getting emails and messages saying he is lyin
1st Blog
So, this is my 1st Blog. Quite frankly, I'm sure about what to say. Do I just open up into a Rant? Say about my Day? Talk about... whatever? Or, should I just close this up? I think I'm going with the latter!
Dan Seals
Article Tools Sponsored By By BILL FRISKICS-WARREN Published: March 26, 2009 Dan Seals, who performed as England Dan in the folk-pop duo England Dan and John Ford Coley and later returned to his roots as a country singer and songwriter, died Wednesday at his daughter’s home in Nashville. He was 61. Skip to next paragraph Lois Raimondo/Associated Press, 1995 Dan Seals The cause was complications of the treatment of mantle cell lymphoma, said Tony Gottlieb, his friend and manager. Mr. Seals’s first widespread success as a performer came with the smooth-voiced harmonies of England Dan and John Ford Coley. Their first single, “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight,” reached No. 2 on the pop charts in 1976. The duo had eight more light-rock hits over the next four years, including “Nights Are Forever Without You,” which also reached the Top 10 in 1976. Mr. Seals enjoyed even greater acclaim in the country field, where he had 11 No. 1 singles from 1985 to 1990. His 1985 hit “
I Just Wanted To Go Home..
  I had messaged all this to a friend, and he thought it was amusing enough to blog.. Saturday night I decided to go out dancing. Haven't been out in a while, and really had a good time.. until it was time to go home. I had gone out with my best friend. He always makes sure I am safe, and I am a great wingman for him. After the closing of the club, he comes up and tells me he wants to go this chicks house for a party. Fine by me. Unfortunately, the chick had decided that she wanted me to be her party. Umm, no thanks. I offered her my best friend as a consulation prize and I left.   I drove the jeep home.. I love the jeep. It is a 93 wrangler, with huge 35 in Mickey Thompson's and a sound system that is just ridiculious. It was my dream vehicle in high school, and I adore it now.  Anyway, I missed my turn cause i was talking on the phone. i know, i know.. driving and talking is bad, but whatever. Had to go down to the next road, and it is not highly trafficed. As I was turning, I 
Crazy Life
You're a falling star, You're the get away car.You're the line in the sand when I go too far.You're the swimming pool, on an August day.And you're the perfect thing to say.And you play it coy, but it's kinda cute.Ah, When you smile at me you know exactly what you do.Baby don't pretend, that you don't know it's true.Cause you can see it when I look at you.And in this crazy life, and through these crazy timesIt's you, it's you, You make me sing.You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.You're a carousel, you're a wishing well,And you light me up, when you ring my bell.You're a mystery, you're from outer space,You're every minute of my everyday.And I can't believe, uh that I'm your woman,And I get to kiss you baby just because I can.Whatever comes our way, ah we'll see it through,And you know that's what our love can do
Mzliz Birthday Train
~*Mz Liz‘s Birthday Train*~ It‘s birthday celebration time! Lets all give “MzLiz” a warm birthday greeting and help her celebrate! Her special day is June 6th. Hats off to you chicky and hope your day is the best! ~Rules~ R/F/A everyone on the list starting with the birthday girl or comment if already added. Rate the pics (links below) in the MzLiz’s birthday and LadyStClair’s birthday album. Please leave a comment at end of LadyStClairs folder to let us know when u have finished. Will add you to the train then. MzLiz will be making the tags. Also would like to wish our pal “Inkspot69” a very happy birthday as well! ~The Birthday Girl~ ♥ MZ.LIZ ♥ ®® Head Recruiter,Llama leveler, Affinity Train Maker and Rider ◊ LadyStClair ◊ *☈☈Recruiter* *Owned by Inkspot69* Train Riders ~Inksp0t69~DDR ENFORCER~ RATING REVOLUTION HEAD CREW LEADER~ Fu Owned By~COCA-COLA-GIRL~
Korea And Me....
Hey Fub's, In case the reason why I'm writing this blog--I'm writing this because I'm in the processing of getting out of this place I would like to call Korea...but before I do, I would like to tell you all my unique experience I've endured this whole year--and HERE...WE...GO!!! ****When I first decided to have orders for Korea, my immediate thought was " Oh damn, I'm going to a new place--a new country, new culture, new base...this is going to be great"  As soon as I've arrived last August, everything was so different--the food was different, the drinks were different, the people were different. I knew right then and there this was going to be one of those experiences I'm going to tell my kids for years to come. So I got aquainted to the lab I was working and the people there were cool and friendly and was willing to show me around and I thought, " Finally, some cool people I can actually get along with", lest I forgot, when one good cycle ends, a bad rotation begins...and that's
My Past!!!
Buyer's Remorse
Last week's big Republican victories in New Jersey and Virginia proved what the Obama Administration's apologists in the liberal mainstream media have been avoiding telling you -- the bloom is off the Barack Obama rose. As hard as the White House and leftist pundits try to spin Election Day's results, there's no arguing the big change in voter attitudes toward the Obama Agenda. In 2008, Barack Obama carried Virginia by 6%, and the Democrat stronghold of New Jersey by 14%. Last week? New Jersey's GOP candidate for governor Chris Christie bested incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine by 4 percentage points, and in Virginia, Republican Bob McDonnell defeated his Democrat opponent by 18 points -- that's a 24% turnaround! Barack Obama won election last year, aided by his claims of moderation and transparency, and the huge cover he received from the adoring liberal media. Many Americans gave the relatively unknown first term Illinois senator the benefit of the doubt, and are now coming to regre
Inner Thoughts
Today I get to work early. By a half hour at least. And then just start to work, usually I wait until it is time for me to start, today I felt like starting early for some reason. Then an hour goes by, everything is cool. Thats when one of my coworkers asks me how my new years was, I say it was fine in a "I'm kind of busy here" tone. Afterall I had a knife in my hand and was trying to pay attention to what i was doing. Thats when they make the comment, "Oh I see your going to have an attitude today." No far from it, I was intent on having a nice day doing my job. Then me and my boss get into a conversation about how I should start saving up money. Thats when I tell him I have been trying to save up money, but since the snowstorm and the two days i had off due to holidays I have been unable to save money. He tells me abotu how I should work the extra hours when I have the chance, and how I should save this taht and the other. I tell him I would much rather not talk about it right now. T
Things Said To Me
You want to know what I think about you? Well, I think that you are probably one of the most caring men I've ever met. I'm so proud to call you my friend and My Little Brother! You think of everyone else before yourself! I don't know how you do it sometimes to be honest! Maybe I'm just a more selfish person!I do know that whatever lady wins your heart and marries you will be the luckiest lady on Earth!Love you now and always, "Name removed, they know who wrote it" Anonymous said: HOOOOORAH!!! celebrating single life again sighs yeah i know a lonely thing heheI said:Fuck no it ain't lonely. Friends make the world go round, and no matter how many you have, as long as you have that one friend who is true to their word that is all you need.Anonymous Replied: i love u Dr. Woo no matter how down i am u always make me smile hugs xoxoxo Yes beer is way better than work any day. I just wanted to tell you I love you and how dear you are. Your the best Chris. No one has ever bought me back and f
Am I Wrong
  I don't know if I am wrong or not. Here is my problem. I'm sick of sex, real sick of it. Up and down, in and out. No matter how you do it, it's the same BS. Now I've had more then my fair share I'm off point, rewind. I finally said, I need a woman. I told some people what I was looking for, and let it go. What I heard shocked me. I was told I was to picky. Picky, picky. All I said was age and everything don't matter. They just have to be easy to get along with and share my view on sex. Is that wrong or picky? I feel sex is only good for one thing.mking children.  I already have one, so.............
~purrrr For Me Darling~
Help Us Pls
OK ya'll there is a very kick ass lounge ya'll should come check out and if we catch ur attention pls feel free to join us at The Water Hole
hello...i have seen you while i was roaming arround the profiles. you have a sort of submissive appearance to me. and i would like to know if your submissive behaviour is as good as your outer appearance.have you ever thought about serving as submissive, to submit... to follow?you like the idea to be in contact with a strict dominant german, to be guided and lead at times and to show your true nature as submissive female?i am 27... single and as you can see in my profile, i live in germany. i would say that i am a very intriguing person. i like art, music a good wine. i am addicted to the bdsm lifestyle since 9 years. it started a long time ago and that passion never went away. during that time i have had several slavegirls and times i choose an online slavegirl. that is mostly at the begin of a new year. due to my job i am a lot on meetings and not that much at home for the first months of each year. then i am mostly on my own at late daytime or night in germany. during
Want To Know Me :)
  Im a model and a racer...I like to drive fast :) Driving is my passion. Some say im better off the road but im not. They say i can drive you crazy but i know i can get you nuts... :)If you want me.. then you got to have the nicest car in the town... you should have the pimpest car when we stroll around the city till the sun drops... I like to party.. I get wild at times when my guy is hot.. :)My favorite cars are Lamborghini and Bentley so if you have one thats a great teaser for me...Most of the time you'll think I'm retardedCause most of the time I act like I am.But no. I'm not ;) Oh, by the way, I always have a mirror with me. I just love staring--no, ADMIRING myself :)Sometimes, I become really weird, having opinions opposing that of the norms, others may find this amazing while others condemn me for being foolish.i always put this in my mind :""You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose"I know when to be serious a
I'm a welder and I live in the country outside Austin, Tx. I am a vet. and I have worked oversea's in Dubai, U.A.E. recently as a welding consultant. I'm a single dad and my son is thirteen yrs. old. I love dancing and singing karoake. I love spending time at my campfire site under a big oak tree Playin rock and country music from my truck stereo. I live on ten ackers of land with a creek in the back. Love watching the deer and other critters play. There's nothing like drinkin a cold beer and kickin back in the country!
What The Hell Is Wrong With People
one day i was walking down the street and all of a sudden a known crack head here in bath comes up to me and ask if he could get some money so he can get some crack i said what the hell is wrong with you?  Do you actually think i am going to give you money to get high with i dont think so.
Let's Get Drunk !!!!!!
On July 8th, 2011 the most painful and unexpected thing happened. My grandmother died. She had an aneurysm in her abdominal aorta which resulted in immediate emergency surgery on July 6th. A couple weeks prior to the surgery itself I had a clear and vivid dream about her. In my dream she never survived the surgery. That she would never leave the hospital or even the operating room. I woke up crying and out of breath. That dream had me on edge for what felt like months. July 6th finally came and we were all holding our breaths. My mother. My sister. My brother. My grandmother's boyfriend. Even my mother's best friend. We were all terrified because of her age and her health, which at the time wasn't the greatest either. But fortunately the surgery went well and she was already on the road to recovery. When we went to visit her, it was like a house of horrors to me. My tiny 100 lbs. 5'3" grandmother was hooked up to a breathing machine, a catheter, and a couple IV's administering several
Spider Bite (part 5)
Spider Update!!     Well it’s been a little while and I have been making progress with Mr. Spidey, as to what his issue is with me. It has taken a lot of attention and patience to get him to come around but I think its working. Most people at this point would have just ended his life, but like I told you before, I am not that guy. I don’t judge people, nor arachnids; I have faith in the greater good of all living things. It just takes time and patience to figure out what it really is that causes good things to go bad. This guy has allot of brawn; I wonder how much brain he has. So far what I have figured out is that he is smart, and creative. I left a box of spider crayons, and pencils, along with a notebook and drawing pad in his jar so he could entertain himself whilst he huff and puff about his new living arrangement. To my surprise he's quite the artist! I have never before seen multiple extensions of a being, create art before my eyes, and let me tell you, it&
Well,I've been fighting to save my home for over a year now.Due to the lack of work here,looks like I've lost my fight.Guess I've been handed a basket full of lemons.I'm going to move soon and have no idea when I'll be back on-line.Got to do my best to make lemonade.I won't delete my profile because I have a great deal of hope that I'll be back soon.Lost my wife to cancer,now I'm losing my home.Things can only get better from here on out.I want to thank my friends here for helping me cope with my losses.It means more to me than you realize.I'll miss you all and hope to be back soon.Farewell for now. Been going to interviews every day now.My hand is cramping from filling out applications.Everyone wants to hire me,they're just waiting for work to start.Damn near all the companies I've interviewed with have about five jobs waiting to start.Problem is,the banks aren't releasing funds.Thanks Obama,you really screwed up with those new banking laws you got passed.I hope you're proud of putti
One Stormy Night
Naddles and Jellyspoons When Three Dead Boys got up to fight.Back to Back,They Faced each other,Drew their swords,and shot each other, A deaf Policeman,Heard the noise,He ran,and shot,the Two dead boys. I you don't believe,this lie,is true,ask the blindman,for he saw it,too.
Modified Dolls Of Tn......
I'm very excited to be a part of March for Babies this year!Every day, thousands of babies are born too soon, too small and often very sick. We're walking because we want to do something about this.The money we raise will support March of Dimes research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And it will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.Please join my team. You can do so on my team page. If you can't walk with us, please help the team reach our goal by making a donation. You can do that online as well.Thank you for helping me give all babies a healthy start!       Please stop by the site and make a donation no amount is to small every bit helps! Game Galaxy will be hosting an event on April 28th that will include our Arcade Museum ($10 at the door, all games in the museum on freeplay until close), a huge fighting g
7/29 I Will Be Fm 1 Yr Need Help
I will be fm 1 yr on 7/29 and i wanna make it special.I usually buy or trade my ability bling but i am in the process of moving so I can't spend what i usualy do.So i'm asking for any help i can get :D.            ABILITY BLINGS I WOULD LIKE TO GET  2 rock stars ..........2 make it rains  NOW I AM NOT ASKING FOR YOU TO GIVE IT TO ME i can offer fubux,ability points,my points,rate ALL your pics on unlimited 11s day my soul (just as long as i can keep my clothes on)  HIT ME UP IF YOU WANNA HELP N MAKE A DEAL .....................ty to all that have helped 
I need mercenaries for my mob in the game called fumafia.If you are already a member o Fubar and signed up for membership before Oct 31st 2012 please click on this link and join Fumafia through this link.Its a great game to play and some of the people in this game are probally some of your friends that you associate on a daily basis through fubar.So please help me out and join through this link and let the games begin.TY Copy and paste link to become a mercenarie I need mercenaries for my mob in the game called fumafia.If you are already a member o Fubar and signed up for membership before May 31st 2012 please click on this link and join Fumafia through this link.Its a great game to play and some of the people in this game are probally some of your friends that you associate on a daily basis through fubar.So please help me out and join through this link and let the games begin.TY Copy and paste link to become a mercenarie
Just want you to know that I have my site up. It's not a community/rating website I built it to promote bands, my work, and for an alternative forum. Feel free to stop by and sign up. It doesn't cost a thing. Link opens a new window
Heartbroken Ladies....
Hearbroken ladies of My Space......Listen up Category: Romance and Relationships Ok, listen up and take notes... Yeah, been on the giving and receiving end of the heartbreak scene for a long time. When I was a lot younger and stupid(er) if I met a girl that was a stuck up bitch, it became my goal to rock her world, then leave her crying. As years went on I grew up. Listen, those of you that know me know I am a decent guy, and love people and try to be a friend to everyone. In the past few days I have discovered several of my friends are hurting from relationship problems. Ok, normally ladies are the enemy camp, been fucked over so many times that that's just the way I feel. For almost two years I went on a spree of carelessness, it was called the "Couldn't give a fuck" syndrome. And it was just the opposite, because that's all any woman was getting out of me! But I came back to my senses and realized that I still longed for a good lady by my si
Ode To The Outhouse
“Ode to the Outhouse” The little house that was out back, had two seats and a wooden floor. With last years Sears catalog, and a half moon upon the door. A busy little place it was, things were always brewing. And everyone that went inside, knew what they were doing. A place of quiet and solitude, while seeking some relief. You’d feel a great accomplishment, though your stay was always brief. There’s nothing left but shambles now, it’s crumbled down by time. But it still is standing straight and tall, in the outback of my mind. P.N. The Sheriff The bad guys were making a get-a-way. Got out clean with all their loot. But there was no time to dally, there was a posse in hot pursuit. The Sheriff told the posse, to keep going and stay on their ass. I’m gonna take a short cut, and cut them off down at the pass. The Sheriff ran right into a war party. He was sure he was gonna be dead. He fought like a demon. while
Sometimes; Just living is an act of courage! I am not online much anymore. I have some stuff that is going on in my life medically for now I will be back soon i hope thanks for keeping in touch Theresa when you love someone and you know that they have told you over and over that they don't know what they want;you hear them yet you think well maybe if I love them enough they will change their mind. You know that they are facing major surgery that will involve life or death issues. That the operation could leave them brain dead, paralyzed, a vegetable, all kinds of things. Then they tell you I want you to be happy. They want you to date other people! They say to you This is not fair to ask you to just put your life on hold when I don't know what I want? I have nothing to offer you. I want you to be happy more than anything! I will always be your friend and I will always be there for you! YOU will never loose me no matter what we will always be friends. We were friends before we were anyt
ARNDTS - Janis V. Arndts, 73, of Albion, passed away at her home on September 6, 2008, after a lengthy illness. Born in Albion, MI, on August 26, 1935, to Howard and Murtice Dean, she was a lifetime resident of Sheridan Township, graduated from Albion High School in 1954 and attended Jackson Community College. She married Chris Arndts in August, 1959. After she was married, she devoted herself to making a home and raising her three sons. Following her husband’s death in 1983, she earned a Realtor license and worked with Siefert Realty in Albion. She had great affection for Sheridan Township and enjoyed an active and lengthy service as the Clerk, Deputy Clerk and member of the Planning Commission, retiring late in 2007. She used her formidable negotiating skills in 1991 to help enact Public Act 425, an agreement with the city of Albion to ensure no annexation for Sheridan Township. In 1991 she also helped begin negotiations between Albion and Sheridan Township pertaining to shared
You scored as Eyes full of Pain. People tend to overlook you, which makes you feel less worthy of their attentions. You sometimes wish you could just disapear from the world around you. You have been hurt very badly in the past and you just wish that someone would understand you, and what their cruelty is doing to you.Eyes full of Pain100%Mysterious83%Diamond Eyes83%Passion33%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with Well, as usual i'm bored so i decided to post a blog entry.. i'm hoping to meet some new friends, so please feel free to send me a msg or add me to your friends list.. but only if you actually plan to talk to me.. :) Obviously, I'm bored so I decided to make a blog and post a comment.. i enjoy making new friends, so don't hesitate to send me a msg and/or add me to your friends list. :)
For Anyone Who Cares
OMG why do 85% of the males on this site think that all us women want to know about is that they have a hard dick and they are horny ??? COME ON GUYS.....not all of us women care to know about that shit. Some of us are here just to chat, make new friends and have fun. I am very happily married and quite satisfied with my husband. I DONT need to know that you have a hard dick and that you are horny. Go buy a blow up doll if you're that bad off !!! SO TAKE IT ELSEWHERE...maybe to someone who might actually give a shit !!! Hey yall I need your help. Please go vote for me and leave me tons of comments on my picture. I am in this contest....please help me !!! DeeAnn@ LostCherry Yesterday was a sad day for me. I found out this dear friend of mine passed away on Sunday. DeeAnn was a lovely person and a wonderful friend. May you rest in peace hun. I will always love you and cherish the friendship we had. You were a wonderful, loving and caring person. You are sadly misse
I Am A Witch
My Daughter's ( I Wish You ) I Wish You When You're Lonely I wish You Love When You're Sad I wish You Joy When You're Discouraged I Wish You Hope When You're Spirit Is Low I Wish You Beauty When You Are Troubled I Wish You Peace Charge of the Goddess. Listen to the words from the Great Mother, who was of old called amongst men, Isis, Artemis, Astarte, Dione, Melusine, Aphrodite, Diana, Arionrhod, and by many other names. Whenever you have need of anything, once in the month and better it be when the Moon is full or new, then shall ye assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of Me, Queen of all Witcheries. There shall ye assemble, who have not yet won my deepest secrets and are fain to learn all sorceries. To these shall I teach that which is yet unknown. Ye shall be free from all slavery, and as a sing that you be free, ye shall be naked in your rites. You shall sing, feast, make music and love,
Life, The Universe, Everything You can't tell me you don't know at least one white chick just like this. Vodka is made from potatoes Whiskey is made from grain Why do russians drink vodka while the irish drink whiskey? weird. Greatest idea ever... nothing worse than random guy #385793 forgetting your name in the middle of stuffin your ass... hoe.
Gorgeous Eyes Shine Suicide
With all this high school work. I will finally be getting my diploma, and have officially graduated in the year 2007. I may be 22 years old, but Im thankful that I finished.. The snow is falling Upon this cold cemetary ground She kneels down to the stone To talk with her lost lover below The tears from her eyes The pain in her heart She misses him so much Why must they be apart She comes here when she can Just to have a talk with him And although he has passed She can still feel him there She bows her head And begins to speak... Hello my love Its been a while I'm sorry I haven't been by I'm still going through the turmoil I miss you my love With all my heart And I would give anything to just be in your arms So I have made up my mind And its perfectly clear That I can no longer go on without you, my dear Soon I will be with you For this life I can no longer stand I've chosen to take my own life Just to be with you again And on that very cold night Slain
i jus got kicked and punched in the head by my :girlfriend" cause she didnt want to get ONE leg hair plucked. shitty eh... its fuckin crazy. now shes sittin next to me askin why im mad... i wonder... hm... MAYBE CAUSE YOU DID THAT TO ME!!!! anyways... i wasnt gonna do it it was jus funny watchin you get all jumpy when i got about 10 feet from your leg. LOVE ya NATALIE today is sunday and it is really fuckin boring so i put this up because im really reaaly fuckin bored..... anyone wanna chat?!?!
What I Want
Love is not about "it's your fault", but "I'm sorry", not "where are you" but "I'm right here", not "how could you" but "I understand", not "I wish you were", but "I'm thankful you are." The true measure of compatibility is not the years spent together but how good you are for each other. (To those who have "a special someone") Love isn't about becoming somebody else's "perfect person." It's about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be. Heartbreaks last as long as you want and cut deep as you allow them to go. The challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks but to learn from them. How to be in love: Fall but don't stumble, be consistent but not too persistent, share and never be unfair, understand and try not to demand, and get hurt but never keep the pain. True love cannot be found where it does not truly exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does. Love is magic. The more we hide it, the more it shows; the more you suppress it, the more i
Where did I go wrong? Today I didn't understand. You were here but only and hour and you touched me so much. I'm not sure why you truley passed. It hurt so muchto know you were gone. They said if you would have come a couple weeks later you would be here with us. I don't understand. My heart hurts so much but I don't know what to do. I was so happey when we got passed the milestone! But now I am even more scared to try another time, only to be let down again. I don't think I could go through that again. Of course there's your brother too. Where did I go wrong with him. I don't seem to get it. He was almost just perfect. I miss him so. I don't know how I go on without the two of you. I guess I have to live with the fact that I don't have you and that I have your sister and older brother to take care of. Don't get me wrong I love tehm as much as I love you two. Your dad love you too. If it wasn't for your dad, I don't know where I'd be right now. One day I will see you and Odin again
We Have Taken A Big Step
Black Canary (Alison Angel) jumped into the foray of "owning" a lounge here....I co-own it with her.... Please feel free to come by and say hi....It is for women primarily.... Men can come in and chat and what have you but I would prefer that you didnt add yourselves as members.... The rules posted and its still a work in progress so bear with BC and I....We are trying to whip her into shape... Thanks... Alison and Jenna
FOR SHIRLEE  S = Sexy that's what you are, H = Happy is how you make me feel, I = I & You together for the rest of our lives, R = Ring of love that surounds us, L = Loving you with all my heart, E = Excitement at being your chosen one, E = Enchanting you are to me. ------------XXXXXXX------------ Strange how ppl walk in and out of your life.. Emails with pictures of Osama Bin-Laden hanged are being sent, the moment that you open these emails your computer will crash & you will not be able to fix it! If you get an email along the lines of "Osama Bin-Laden Captured" or "Osama Hanged" don't open the attachment. This e-mail is being distributed through countries around the globe, but mainly in the US & Israel. Be Considerate & send this warning to whomever you know. Please forward this warning among friends, family & contacts: You should be alert during the next few days: Don't open any messages with an attached file called "Invitation" regardless of who sent it. It's a vir

I have had a great time getting to know my first fubar owned, that I had to go out shopping for a few more. I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank them. Please stop by and give all these ladies some love. OK I had to edit this a couple of them haven't been fulfilling there commitments so I don't luffle them as much but I did add another I do. The sexiest Canadian (had to buy her again) Lacey™ ۞ owned by Jak ۞@ fubar A Real Artist(freed on 3/22but still loved ☠☠☠BrightEyedArtist☠☠☠@ fubar A real Texas rose(freed on 3/22 but still loved Texas Tea ~(FFF)~ Owned By JAK~ ~ FU-BOMBER FAMILY MANAGER@ fubar Some sweet SKY Just* Me* Sky Owned by (JAK~ ۞)why Fu Marriage, can't we just live in FU Sin?**FU Orphan**@ fubar The Hottest Patriot(freed on 3/22)but still loved i support our troops!(THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU ALL DO!!)@ fubar My kind a Milf The Baddest MILF®@ fubar Everyone needs a little Sunsh
Just Fun Stuff
OK FUBARS I came up with what I think might be a fun contest. I created a fake magazine called IceWorld Monthly.(Remember this is just for fun. Now I need both a male and female cover model. Each month it will be someone new. Here's how it will work. You can enter 1 pic for the cover each month. I will create both a male cover and female cover. Entry for a pic is 100 FuBucks per pic. Just e-mail me the link to the pic you want me to use. NO NSFW PICS PLEASE The Winner for that month not only gets a cover but gets 1000 FuBucks. The winner is selected by the most times he or she has been rated. (Disclaimer... In order to avoid the senseless comment bombing or downrating to keep people from having a high rate percentage I decided on this. Everytime someone rates your pic whether it is a 1 or a 11 it counts as a vote for you. The person with the most rates wins. I think it's the fairest way.) So let's have some simple fair fun with this... Pass it along and get tho
I feel so helpless. Have you ever had a life that maybe wasn’t the best? It maybe wasn’t what you really wanted, but it was worthwhile? One minute you’re running around trying to make last minute birthday plans for your daughter. The next minute you’ve slipped into a diabetic coma. On January 16, my 25th birthday, my mom did just that. We thought we had lost her. One minute she was asking me to make the room stop spinning and the next, shes lying helpless in a hospital bed. My mom had a job, had a life, had a husband, and she had a daughter and grandson who love her dearly. I had a choice to make. I was on disability myself but temporarily. I was on my way to finding a job and finally getting back on my feet. I went to my pyschiatrist where she informed me that disability would be a good choice for me. I’m okay with that now... my mom needs me. I owe it to her to help her. Shes now on insulin and has a hard time getting around. Shes suffering from ambulatory dysfunction and neuropathy.
Crazy Angel
in just over a week I'm going upto NJ to visit family and friends and also to bring back my niece, trinity. It's going to be a wonderful 3 days...however, Im going to be without Kevin for the whole time. Thats really going to suck cause we havent been apart over night since before I got pregnant! So. I obviously got my pregnancy confirmed. Robyn said the baby is growing perfectly and that so far everything is going good. I have my next appointment June 22 (right before I go to NJ for a week) and I'll get to hear her (or his) heartbeat. then I'll probably have another one 2-4 weeks later at which point, robyn will tell me when my ultrasound is to find out the gender. Im really hoping for a girl. Partially cause we have a lot of girl names we agree on. For girls, we have: Madison Keighlyn (pronounced kay-lynn) Silvia Alexa Alexis Alexandra Cassandra Larissa Jocelyn For boys, we have: Alexander Hunter Logan Joel Jared Caleb Camron Ryan/Rhyan Kakob Connor
I can say I have been through hell and back. Being married is not always fun and games its about being mature and seeing how well you can trust the other person. Too many people take it for granted I think and really don't appreciate what they have. I have friends with there husband thinking they can get someone pregnant and then thats it..its done. A guy thinks he can treat his wife like shit and yet she gave birth to his children and keeps a clean house and does what she needs to do. How can a man even treat her like that? I see this shit everyday too with all my military wife friends. I feel bad bec I really don't know what to say to them bec I don't have that problem at all. I have a husband that treats me like queen and I treat him like a king. I do things around here that he doesn't need to ask me about or whatever bec thats just what I do. Not for him but for myself bec I feel he works a hard day at work and all he wants to do when he gets home is relax. I have never asked him t
My Broken Heart
My heart is broken Because of words spoken My heart is broken The tears have woken They're here to stay Because of words spoken They won't go away I'm caught in this curse They're here to stay A heartbroken verse Pours from my soul I'm caught in this curse I'm no longer whole Everything I knew Pours from my soul I thought it was true Everything I knew My heart is broken My heart is broken how screwed up n painfull life can be,just yesterday i drove down to conneticut to celebrate our mothers 60 birthday today,with an awesome n enjoyable party,the smile,laughter n tears of joy n happiness in my mothers eyes,made it all worth while,only to come home today(Sunday)and get a call by one of my uncles,to tell me that my uncle tony has passed the smiles are gone,the laughter has turn to tears,happiness to pain,and all in a matter of hours.uncle tony,we love you,and you will always be in our have no idea how much i miss you right now,i wqill always mis
Help Me!
Well...I have just come to the realization, no one is worth that much. Bringing tears to my eyes? WTFE If I have someone that is soo deeply concerned with what I do? so what? I am going to let this one ride and get rid of the thought of a new profile...for what? Some are too stupid to get it, and there is no reason my life on here or anywhere else is going to be compromised by stupidity....Just so you all know...I am woman, and I am strong..LMAO Thanks for reading..MUAH to all my friends and family!!! (giggling) Who Cares!!! I have been going through some drama lately with a certain person on here, andI have decided to try and get it out of my life. I have blocked all parties involved and am still to this day being harassed. Its making me not want to be on here anymore. This person has either gone under a different name and is still watching or is having someone give him info. Whatever the case may be, if any of you can help me, I would appreciate it. I don't know what
your touch upon my face your lips against mine the gentle words you whisper the whole worlds divine you lay beside me you keep me in your heart you tell me you love me i hope we never part standing tall daddys lil gurl never did a wrong always following the rules now youve grown doing what you want the streets become home hoping you wont stop drugs are your best friends drinkings not far behind always staying gone or out with a guy praying for an answer not liking what you find wondering why you did it alone you always cry
Level Up Guys!!!
Please go to WWW.FACEPLANTING.COM tomorph your photos!!!!!! Okay guys i need 406 points to go to move up a level so people need to rate me fan me comments me do what ever it is that you need to do to get me there ;D ♥ Titty
Real Friends!
Well ya'll here I am again to let ya know that I will not be on for at least a week cause I am packing up my things here in Texas and going back to my family where I belong. Texas was great but it just isn't for us so Kenzie and I are going to go where we are wanted....and loved! It will be an adventure but I think it is the best thing for all involved! I love you all keep in touch and see ya in a week or so! XOXO~Amanda Well what can I say?! You never really know who your real friends are till you have hit rock bottom and that I did this weekend....But there was a shining ray of single person, picked me up, dusted me off, told me they love me and that everything was gonna work out! Now that is a real friend! And you know who you are!!! I love you with all my heart!!! FOREVER!
Toesucker Mc's....
Two years ago, a friend of mine Asked me to say some fetish rhymes So I said this rhyme I'm about to say The rhyme was Def a-then it went this way Took a test to become an foot freak i love to suck toes seven days a week So Larry put me inside, his Cad-illac The chauffeur drove off and we never came back The feet look best when they are bare But i love sexy shoes so i gotta be fair And then we talkin autograph, and here's the laugh Toejam caviar, and foot spa bath But see ahh, ah that's the life, ah that I lead Cause toesucker MC's is what i be So take that and move back catch a heart attack Because there's nothin in the world, that Footie'll ever lack I cold chill at a party in a foot-boy stance And rock on the mic and make the girls wanna dance Fly like a Dove, that come from up above I'm rockin on the mic and you can call me Feet-Love I got a big long Caddy not like a Seville And written right on the side it reads 'Gimmie Feet if Ya Will' So if you see me cru
A Great Idea!!! When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please include the following: A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington,D.C. 20307-50 01 The other day I was told I was not a true friend because I did not quit the lounge I was with and join some of my friends at their new lounge. In essence I was basically barred from being friends with him because I made a choice that was against his way of thinking of how I should think. Now this may not be the line of reasoning for all of my friends who are members of that lounge but it was of one person I spoke with who I thought liked me as a friend no matter what I was doing - lounge or member. I still like him as a person whether he likes me or not. I was also told to give another friend a message. So here is the message I am supposed to give to you because he won't tell you face to face or IM to IM: TELL WILL I SAID TO KISS MY FUCKING ASS. So I ha
You are invited to attend the wedding of Sarah and Chris Thursday October 18, 2007 at 7 p.m. PST (10 p.m. EST) in the Wildcat Lounge ~Chris~ ROCK future hubby of yourtruelove@ fubar ~Sarah~ ROCKStruelove&soulmate@ fubar Wild Horse will be the official Wild Horse ~Fubar's 24th Godfather~@ fubar
Straight From The Whisperer
"It's official: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Steve McPherson has signed off on Lost's extraspecial 14th hour this season, which means Lost is getting a three-hour finale! The first hour airs May 15, the second and third hours will air May 29, beginning at 9 p.m. (ABC will still air the finales of Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy on May 22, as expected.) Word is there are so many big reveals the producers wanted to deliver this season that they felt anything less than a full three-hour finale would have cheated the fans. In fact, I'm hearing that the writers' draft for the second half of the finale was 80 pages long, which led all parties involved to realize these stories had to be told now. Anything else would have felt like a rip-off for the fans" Greetings and Happy Holidays everyone! After over a year, I finally posted my first salute photo for your viewing pleasure...or maybe a good laugh. Now you can rest easy knowing that The Booty Whisperer is not a myth unl
Trials And Troubled Waters
Hello Fubarians....let me pose a question to all of you...thsi goes to you as well mr baby jesus...what constitutes a Bling Chaser??? let me present some facts... Fact 1: When Fubar (Formerly known as Cherry Tap), there was no blings anyone who was part of thsi site had towork hard in setting up a page, getting known out there by word of mouth and networking..also in the simple case that there were only 25 levels at that time from freshmeat to godfather..the one thing everyone wanted to that known as FUBAR has evolved and become a new site almost entirely new levels came about and with having a limit of 2500 pictures including teh nsfw ones, thats a lot to rate. which is probably the reasons for the new toys called to rate faster, make pages more artistic to oncoming lookers and vets of both sites...fubar and cherrytap Fact 2: Blings...every knows them..Everyone wants them.....but how do you go about getting them without having to one
It was a gorgeous Saturday morning. I was not too happy about having to work today but I had a presentation that I needed to finish for a meeting on Monday. I had no choice. Reluctantly, I showered, but decided to skip shaving. Not like anyone will be at the office to notice anyway. I got dressed in my suit & tie, grabbed my brief case and coffee and headed out the door. I hailed a cab half-heartedly, and told the driver to take me to the train station. . As I stepped onto the platform awaiting my train, I caught a glimpse of a beautiful woman I’d never seen before, reading a book as she sat on one of the benches. Her hair was a beautiful red, long and curly. The mild spring breeze gently tossed her locks about her face and her fingers brushed it aside and she turned and for a moment, her eyes captured my stare. I smiled nervously and opened my newspaper, not noticing I was holding it upside down. She let out a giggle and went back to her book. Embarrassment got the best of me as I
Ok pple I am in an auction and need your bids. It is being hosted by DJ Ivory. I have never been in an auction before. If you want to own me click on the picture below and start the biding. Good Luck and ty for you bids ahead of time.
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The Zone
Take Me As I Am
and then she rated me a 1 OH NO! a 42 year old woman rated me a 1 OH NO! WHAT EVER WILL I DO WITH MY LIFE diane_1 GO FUCK YOURSELF! this is a conversation with some random woman who commented on my picture with pink hair. what do you think? SHE WAS WAY OUT OF LINE! {p.s. you have to read from bottom to top. its a fubar shoutbox conversation} diane_1: so grow up then.. if you are 18 like you say, then YOU FUCK OFGF AND STOP TALKING TOI ME ->diane_1: NOT FUCKING REALLY! She dies her hair for personal reasons and you are acting childish by judging people because of their actions. SO FUCK OFF! i dont care what you think. your not my mother. diane_1: if she is still dying her hair.. then she is still a kid in an adults body! sorry ->diane_1: dont judge my mother diane_1: you and you mom are very much alike... young kids ->diane_1: okay. well, A. your not my mother. B. ive been dying my hair WITH my mother since i was 12. C. its not your place to degrade me b
Blocker Blog
This blog is for those asshats who have decided me worthy enough to block. I dunno why I didn't think of this sooner.. PixieGirl @ fubar Fan, Rate add @ fubar UTAH@ fubar
hello all..yea i know i said i wouldnt enter anohter contest...but i am.....for a vip i need time whatever all can do is fine..moslty im goin to do it myself...b/c i took this on short notice.....u know i help all...even its a few rates thats fine...imn no hurry he he below is the link......thanks to all that do help...holla back
Through My Eyes - Kenny Lattimore
A Mission
This is a dude who is butt-hurt cauz someone fu-owned me from him!! WTF does the think he owns me in real life? This dude is nothing but a head game player, a loser and a liar!!! 7/28/09 3:05am(from rhino)-slut 7/-28/09 5:32am(from me)-LEAVE ME ALONE! 7/28/09/532AM(FROM RHINO)-fuck off 7/28/095:35am(from Rhino)-leave me alone text again I will get the cops on your ass 7/28/095:36AM(FROM ME)-UR the one buggin me get this one, the messages dont stop either, hes now in YIM tryin to tell me it wasnt him!! LMFO Ok today while I was in church, (yeah i do attend church sometimes), the pastor was talking about missions in life, and the paths in life that our mission takes us or perhaps our calling in life. Now, I believe that one of my missions was to teach pre-school, now ok done that one. But as I sat in church he was also talking about the paths in life we all take, and the paths that we take are paths that God has chosen for us. My kids are almost grown and out of the house (16 and 1
I Wanna Lick Bob!!
Well, I am here to tell you that I think I found (well, someone else did, but i'm borrowin' it) the most sexilicious fucking picture of Bob that I have EVER seen!! I know you people out there are tired of me saying I Wanna LICK BOB, so I figured since I came across that photo I found myself wandering into new territory. And I felt a new feeling come over me. I just knew that I wanna lick Bob's know like you see in the films no one talks about! Well, not maybe that raunchy but more like dippin' the tip of Bob's finger in some exotic chocolate sauce and then lettin' him gently rub it across my lips. And then oh so gently I lick Bob's finger...of course, all this happens once I've gotten him so fucking drunk that lettin' a fat lady with sultry blue eyes ravish his long ass finger just seemed like a good idea at the time. Well, maybe that might seem farfetched for you, but from my end of the street all paths lay ahead of me. Anything is possible...even a BADASS RO
Bob And The Wilde Fubar'd Goddess
For all you people out there, once again, BOB is KID ROCK!! Yes, I am feeling quite quixotic (like our little mood smilies) about Bob these days. When I close my eyes to sleep at night, I think of Bob. Wouldn't it be grand if dreams really came true? But what the HEY! If I am dreamin' then I might as well dream of us sipping some good whiskey, chasin' it with a little Coca Cola, me battin' my pretty blue yes, him winkin' his sexylicios little wink, and then doing a little lickin' to wrap up the night...RIGHT? So, if you happen to read my blogs and actually KNOW KID ROCK, then would you please tell him I am still waitin' for HIM to show up for a family BBQ and some beer? It is an open invitation!! ANYTIME!! and you don't HAVE to do anything but show up, dammit! Listen, I'm here to tell you one thing...Well, Kid said it best, but I don't jest... YOU AIN'T NEVER MET A MOTHER FUCKER QUITE LIKE ME!!! SO...on with the party, so I can get to the lickin' part!! **wink
All Of My Trains...
Recently I have been asked about my trains,and if they are still running. Yes,anyone is welcome to join any of my trains. Here is a list of my trains,if you would like to join hope on! Train Tag Click to join! Naughty List Train Tag Click to join! Future Train Train Tag Click to join! Elvira Mistress of the Dark... Train Train Tag Click to join! IT'S ALIVE (IT Pennywise) Train Train Tag Click to join! Child's Play... Wanna Play (with Chucky?) Train Train Tag Click to join! Pixie Dust Train Train Tag Click to join! The Jetson's Train Train Tag Click to join! Yabba Dabba Doo! (Flinstones) Train Train Tag Click to join!
When I am with you eternity seems to step away my love continues to grow with each passing day This is a treasure of love I treasure you with my soul how much I love you you'll never truly know You bring joy to my heart I never felt before with each touch of your heart I love you more and more Whenever we say goodbye whenever we part know I hold you dearly deep inside my heart So these seven words I pray you hold true " forever and Always I will love you" I will wlak beside you No matter where you go No matter what we can make it through I'll hold your hand This wasn't planned No matter what it takes This is fate Together we will make t happen I will be your shelter when your in pain Our feelings are the same No longer shall we live in shame There is no one to blame As long as I got you and you have got me Is this what happiness is suppose to be I won't let you down Our love is still here when you turn around We will make it through
Mare's Dad
We're heading home to see dad today. I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. He does have lung cancer and he only has a third of one lung left. the infection that he developed is getting better, though that is good news,he is still in the hospital and will probably be there for at least one more week. the antibiotic that they are giving him is working it's just a slow process. He still needs prayers though,and I know that god is listening. Again thank you everyone. I love my Fu Family and Friends. Love; Mare
Boyz In Tha "A" Holla Wut Dat Du? Sumtymez Me, Alwayz U! Crank That Up, I Cant Get Enough! I Swigg 2 Da Beat, Im So BangTup! Take A Step Back, Then Pause 4 Tha Cause Yall Go Fall, Us Boyz Go Ball Crank That Up, I Cant Get Enough! I Swigg 2 Da Beat, Im So BangTup! Bangtup means...... "Tight" "Throwed" "Off Da Chain" "Hella Bad"...........etc.
Here is what Jeff Foxworthy has to say about folks from Texas... If someone in a Lowe's store offers you assistance and they don't work there, you may live in Texas ; If you've worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you may live inTexas ; If you've had a lengthy telephone conversation with someone who dialed a wrong number, you may live in Texas ; If 'Vacation' means going anywhere south of Dallas for the weekend, you may live in Texas; If you measure distance in hours, you may live in Texas; If you know several people who have hit a deer more than once, you may live in Texas ; If you install security lights on your house and garage, but leave both unlocked, you may live in Texas ; If you carry jumper cables in your car and your wife knows how to use them,you may live in Texas ; If the speed limit on the highway is 55 mph -- you're going 80 and everybody's passing you, you may live in Texas ; If you find 60 degrees 'a little chilly,' you ma
My Wife
I am writing this to anyone that reads this,tifanie my wife is an amazing woman she is not only beautiful but if ya take the time to get to know her you will notice that shes a funny,outgoing and a sweetheart.she has a great sense of humor a woman who is just a down to earth  and is an amazing wife that through all our hard times has stayed by my side she truly is the breath i take and the beat that keeps my heart going,she has shown true love that if you can have that in ur life hold on to it dont let it go cause these days its rare and tifanie has given me that and much more, so this is just a lil somthing to tell just a tiny part of an extrardinary woman and wife  i love you tif and all i want for you is good things and i hope you know just how much i love you sweetheart like i always have said you are my 365days of beautiful we have a love that you see or read about but this is tifanie everyone a real person  so go say hi see what shes about she is my #1 on my friends:)            
Random Thoughts I Have Sometimes...
Just a few of the things I've learned lately: Life is unfair. It will take everything from you, if you let it, and offer nothing back. Equivalent exchange is a meaningless phrase wrought out of desperation to make everything nonsensical conform to some grand scheme i truly believe to be nonexistant. Harsh words and actions remain in memory far longer than a smile. Sadly, it has always been this way. I will most likely be far better remembered for every wrong I have ever commited than for any good things I try to accomplish. However; I can decide each day how I will affect my world. I can simply let each moment and opportunity pass, justified in the fact that nature will take it's course, or I can make a stand. I can choose to make today better than yesterday was. And if I'm feeling truly noble, I can attempt to do so more for my friends and enemies than myself. I cannot be a sheep. I do not follow well, I am far too opinionated, and my vision is far too good (I wear glasses for a r
The Life I Have Lived....
So I dont know where to start this off at ... but this morning sounds real good. I watched the first most beautiful sunrise of my life n had a reflection on my life. Someone told me a few days ago when I found out who I am, let him know. He cant see this n maybe that will be my blessing ... but I know who I am now. I am NO longer afraid of me,the outside world or the people in it ... I am beautiful,passionate, loving, caring, alive. My heart is pure n truthful. Im gonna dig deeper into my past so those who know why this is being written, might understand what I did n an amazing soul that help me understand "That I am more than good enough for this world to see n know". This I dedicate to ... I am a women who survived the abuse of a man for 12 years. I wish sometimes for his sake I could say it was my fault but I know the difference now in a sick love n actual love. The first time he hit me, I was like wtf did I do. He said his lil ole apology n I forgave him. Then it got worse
One fun thing about fubar is that you not only get to meet and learn about people,you also get a sense(over some time with them) of who they are. A profile tells alot about their likes and dislikes. There are somethings you might be interested to know about me. I was married at 16 for 38 years, then was widowed, from a car accident, if that haden't happen he was dieing from stomach cancer, he got from being in Nam. I lost the love of my life (soul mate ). I will never get that back, so moving on. I have four wonderful kids, two boys and two girls, five beautiful grand children. I have spent my life working, raising kids, being a care giver for family and friends. I've cooked for 35 years in restrants and (until the accident) four years at the biggest trout prossening plant in the country. In the mean time had a cattle ranch,  that we had together.      i had it all, then it was gone. Life hits you in the face! I'm strong and life goes on.....All time favorite songs... Alway and forever
Skin Cancer
Skin cancer is the most common form of human cancer. It is estimated that over 1 million new cases occur annually. The annual rates of all forms of skin cancer are increasing each year, representing a growing public concern. It has also been estimated that nearly half of all Americans who live to age 65 will develop skin cancer at least once. The most common warning sign of skin cancer is a change in the appearance of the skin, such as a new growth or a sore that will not heal. The term "skin cancer" refers to three different conditions. From the least to the most dangerous, they are: basal cell carcinoma (or basal cell carcinoma epithelioma) squamous cell carcinoma (the first stage of which is called actinic keratosis) melanoma The two most common forms of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Together, these two are also referred to as nonmelanoma skin cancer. Melanoma is generally the most serious form of skin cancer because it tends t
Red Dawn
Welcome, Brothers and Sisters, you see, we are gathered here today, without mourning this loss, we are here to celebrate, praise the Devil of a deity, you see your God is now dead, here in just a moment, we will open this casket, and allow everyone, the chance to walk by, and spit in the face of the recently deceased, but before we pay our final disrespects, I believe we have some guests with us, that have a few words to share on this glorious day, So if these folks would come up to the front, and speak clearly into the microphone, we will start this eulogy, for the funeral, for God.   It's a funeral for God welcome to the black massDesecrating Gods temple with broken shards of stained glassSelf mutilation rituals performed by individualsWhere the dead go head at your pentaclesInto your palms writing Psalms on your walls with shitPulled from infants entrails and smeared on titsCovets of Satanic Witches trippin' on LSDCovered in human blood and feces having orgiesOffering the virgins
A Repost
Batshit Without The Baggage
If you recognize those lyrics then undoubtedly we can relate on some level. With all my heart I believe that there was no better decade to have been born into than the 50's.  I would not trade it for having 30 years shaved off of my age or anything else.  I love that I can remember 11/22/63.  I love that I can remember where I was on 7/20/69.  I only wish I had been old enough to attend Woodstock that same summer.  I once had a roommate that did however.  That's as close as I came.  Robin, who was about 5 years older than myself, and his CAT attended Woodstock.  LOL. There are times...such as tonight...drinking Tequila, celebrating my 53rd birthday, and listening to songs from that era...that I am almost spiritually and psychically transcended back to that time.  Little did we know that it was such an incredibly amazing time to be discovering the world.  Is it any wonder that in years to come there would be a TV show that would actually REFER to those years AS "The Wonder Years"?  I
Pathways Into The Broken Heart
Lost inside the mists of time, with shadows gaze upon the world shorn Darknes encroaching upon the lands, the cries of the sons and daughters unborn Amidst the dance and gaze of time immemorable with which the call of man Whose folley was and folley is to indulge of the sins of Pan For the shadows gaze foremost the night with lusty calls and bitter frights With the writhing sighs and caressing moans of the damned souls of night For with the howls of wounded bondage bound and the whimpering cries of the sadistic mass With whom the indulgences of the twisted mind thrive so coy and crass In the sufferings of those to whom love is sought in sufferings blind daze As the night time calls of the immortal lands from darkness shadows gaze Alone at night when darkness falls and the lack of life echoes through the halls The only sound; the heart rending silence left in the wake that seeks to drive me from this place The silence left with the absence of love, that precious gift bestowed
Darkness surrounds my eyes, cuts all my emotional ties, to those who would, to those who could, potentially betray me, i now see, that this is all, my fate is to fall, I will not fade from this life, i will not break from the strife, all is lost, as to the cost, tis life obscene, I'm not yet so keen. on the thought of you having my heart, since when did you play the part, you took what you had, made it look bad, now you will be teared, i am one to be feared, i wouldn't piss on fire to put you out, i wouldnt even raise a shout, i would sit and watch you burn, an slowly wait for my turn, i watch you wallow in your very own sorrow, just remember love, your the one with the heart as small as a dove, i played my part, and gave you my heart. i fell down, to get right back up, i have my resolve, the world does not revolve, not around me, other may yet see, that to walk my path, you have to do the math, can you walk for so long, follow your own song, for
Vote For Me For Pennsylvania Governor
Robert R. Preston Brookville, Jefferson Co., PA I will not align myself with any party, I do not even like being called independent. I am just a citizen of Pennsylvania. * I can give a vague answer as well as the rest of them. * Absolute pro-gun, unlicensed OC & CC, license optional, removal of vehicle issue, strike the "firearm" transfer thing along with the PSP recording of such. * The Constitutions mean what the words in them say. * For the decriminalization of marijuana, then regulated and taxed like alcohol. * Pro-choice on abortion up to the end of the 1st trimester. Only pro after that for medical reasons of the mother. * NO PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS! (I'm sorry, that shit is sick how they do that) * I dont care if you are gay or straight, what religion you are, your nation of origin so long as you are here legally, gender, race, creed - laws apply equally, and all rights, priviledges, and immunities shall be equal amongst the People. * Tax relief/credits for companies
The Lifestyle
This was written for me by my first real Master. I loved him with all my heart, but left him when things got difficult, because I was still quite untrained and weak. I miss him sometimes.   The Master The Master is a strong man, a dominant man.   He is sure of himself, confident in his place in society. He cherishes females, revels by their presence.  He is giving, caring, Loving and understanding. When the Master takes on a new fledgling, he worships her, discovers her, slowly possesses her. He gently pushes her, always ready to show her that she is strong, that her limits are not what she believes them to be, that she can be taken farther. In this, the Master reveals to the fledgling her own confidence, her own levels of self esteem. As the Master learns his new fledgling, an understanding takes place. He senses her desires, her needs, her passions. With this new knowledge, the Master takes care of the fledgling, always giving what the fledgling needs but not necessarily what she p
I find myself happy, liking who I am.  Im comfortable as a lazychair I'm honest, loving and I do care.   I blame noone for how I become, or for all I've done. I was once a sports car lightening fast I run , now to a putter I roll off to life . trying to keep it going speaking softly and angerly I mutter.    I need a break, sometime for myself, a place to go,  a place I don't know.       I need to be excited, too laugh so hard , to see a piece of this world that would make my head wrirrel ,  But I'm finally old and not so bold and I am comfortable .....with who I am .
Craig, Saxon Of Mercia
sweet jesus !!! i have no idea what the hell your supposed to do on this site. i was just looking for cam sex and got this the hell am i supposed to get horney when no fit women want to send me there dirtest desires. this saxon warrior needs so needs forfilled. so dont waste my time, get your pictures sent to me now !!!! then watch you dont get hurt by my steel as i use you for my pleasure. and dont waste my time with pretty pictures, i want proper ones. if your good i will allow you to become one of my whores, and you will get to know me over time.
                                                    A Quiz about me                                                 (1-25)                    1) What's your middle name? Cassandra                                                 2) What's your top three favorite colors? purple, pink & blue                      3) What's your favorite fruit? Grapes                      4) How many siblings do you have? 5                      5) Do you have kids? If so how many? What gender and age(s)?                      &nb
Rantings Of A Wolf
Just now discovering that hey there's a blog on this site.  So anyways usually just use these things to post my poetry/lyrics so that's what's goin to happen here.  Feel free to comment/critisize, just be respectful, even if it's a negative comment about my work, keep it civil is all I ask.  Anyways, here's a couple of my more recent ones...... enjoy?   drone Wake upWork Shit Sleep Repeat  Wake upTime to workBust your assMove fasterTry harderHere's some paperAll you're worthThat's rightPayment doneThis is youJust another number Buy nowEat this shitNeed insuranceSuch a dealTry this drugLimited time offerWhile supplies lastHurry hurryAs advertisedPay the priceSome restrictions applyGo homeWatch t.v.Drink alcoholTake your medsElectrical needRepeat dailyNo deviationsChoke downSet alarmDown you goLights outAnother day awaitsWake upWork Shit Sleep And DieHypocrite Contradiction of self Despise all that you are Do as I say Not as I do Fuck that Learn to admit Learn to sub
How To Win Her
Step 1: Make her think – say something intelligent and unexpected that catches her attention. Step 2: Make her laugh – in such a way that the joy and humor glow from inside her very being. Step 3: Make her melt – talk to her as an equal; treat her like a partner as well as a lover. Step 4: Make her burn – touch her like she’s the only salvation you will ever need. Step 5: Love her without conditions; adore her because of her flaws – not in spite of them. Step 6: Spend the rest of your life making her glad she chose you.
I Understand
You know guys, I understand that you see my naked pics and I like to show cleavage and whatnot. That has been something that is a part of who I am. I will never stop being that person. What I have a problem with is the tact that some men lack. To come to my shoutbox and say I have a nice pussy or tits does NOTHING for me. Since I see it ALL THE TIME, do you really think you are original by telling me that? Wouldn't you like a bigger response than "thanks"? Because that is all I will say. I just get fed up that sick fucks will SB me and say something retarded like that. Telling me I have a nice pussy or nice tits should be put where it belongs...ON THE PIC ITSELF. When you comment the pic, that shows you are giving the credit when you see it. To say anything in my SB that is not a friendly NORMAL conversation is just a turnoff. It also shows how unintelligent you are. I have NEVER SB someone for the FIRST time getting to know them that they have a nice cock. NEVER! I will SB them and sa
You Still Here
You still here Even when you fade away In my dreams You still here I try to fight my tears but still falling down anyway I try to catch my dreams change it to my own way You still here I' am in war with my heart again It is hard coz you will always stay there I try to talk sense to my mind but your flames in my heart Is so big that I can't put away How to talk to your soul to tell the hopes inside you, stop, there is no way You still here Far or near you will always be here Can't fight it can't erase it Can't remove it can't take it You still here It is so hard to move you away But maybe time will take my pain away And bring my heart what you took away  
Woman's Poem
Before I lay me down to sleep,I pray for a man, who's not a creep, One who's handsome, smart and strong. One who loves to listen long,One who thinks before he speaks,One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I pray he's gainfully employed,When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed. Pulls out my chair and opens my door,Massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind,Knows what to answer to 'how big is my behind?' I pray that this man will love me to no end,And always be my very best friend. > > > > > > MAN'S POEM> I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge boobs who owns a> Bar on a golf course, and loves to send me fishing and hunting. This> doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit.
First of all, Such as Timberland 6 Inch Premium Boot, ants TN Pas Cher and loads of other hazardous species.. This Timberland 6 Inch Premium consists of a increased design and design with padded sides and lug nut grommets. Tn 2012 provides high quality, and delicate products to satisfy the different requirements of the outdoor customers. The products have market in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, South Africa and the Middle East, where the stores are welcomed by their people. In 1973, Swartz family established Tn Nike brand in the 70 s, he took the unique shoe-making technology in the world, producing the first pair of bottom and stitches completely close shoes, making the real meaning of waterproof shoes.Timberland boots - almost everyone knows it. As famous boots, Nike Tn Pas Cher with its high quality and warm feeling become the most popular one among the crowd. For the long development of boots, Timberland company introduce Timberland sale activity to attr
More About Me
Massage is wonderful for the body and is also a definite stress reliever. It can help with the body aches that go along with stress. Massage also provides a sense of well-being.since touch is very positive. It is important to set the mood for a massage. I use a dimly lit room that is not too warm and put on soothing music along with lighting softly scented candles for atmosphere. I have a fluffy towel for the person to lie on and offer a sheet to cover up with if modesty is an issue. Regardless of how often I have seen a client, I leave the room to allow them privacy to undress. During those few moments I warm some scented oil in the microwave for about thirty seconds. When they tell me they are ready, I enter the room.Before beginning I ask if there are any medical conditions that I should know about, and if they have any particularly painful areas they need help with. I also find put if they have any off limit areas they do not want touched. I always want the person
Join Me Here
Well hey, check out this site, I am on this one more than any and this site is alot funner My ex boyfriend will be home on a specific date in November, We have been corresponding quite a bit lately and deciding on getting back together. He helped raise my daughter and loves her dearly. I am so confused because he wants me back, I want him back, but I feel like there is sometihng missing, maybe some piece that was lost over time, I am not a quitter and i dont want to lose anything we have to rekindle. I guess one more chance is worth telling if this can ever be fixed or not. he is like a ring of fire for me, sooo hot he is! I have not been with anyone since last october and he was the last one..................SO.......needless to say, I need some time with him, so I may not be on much lmfao in the first week of November.....Ok, enough said........I am going to finish getting my costume stuff all organized. I am goin
Laying in a bed thats so empty no one in it but me. The feeling of loneliness is such a fucking drag. Anyway heres a new poem. The feeling of a cold winter in my bed with no one there to keep me warm. My heart still shatterd never been touched the pieces still scattered like a puzzle. Won't go together by its self maybe one day some one will take it up for now it just sits like un used toy left in the corner and just ignored no love to heal it no feeling or care just in pieces scattered everywhere. In hopes that one person will dare and try to fit it all together and love it once again but for now it will stay shattered without a care. Running low, feeling alone, not knowing were to go. Paths are long roads dark where to turn what to take life is maybe a mistake. Take my own or a go on? who knows what goes on? my head a maze my heart a puzzle spread all over like a jigsaw puzzle forgotten and dusty. Leave me there or fix it up know one can get my heart a wall of bricks covered by st
A Bubble Bath
I lie in the water feeling the warmth comfort and soothe me Melting away the stress of the day Bubbles of sweet smells enveloping me Candles lit and their fragrance of White Tea Fills the air, such a sweet, intoxicating smell The stereo is playing I have chosen Sadeness by Enigma As I lay there with my eyes closed I feel the music seductively enter my soul It fills me with a sense of mystery, desire, hunger I let out a sigh Visions come to mind as the words are sung My lover is with me, touching me in forbidden places As my head rolls from side to side, eyes still closed I feel the pressure on my flower and I let out a low moan Rhythmically he caress to the beat that is in the air Sending my desires to places that it has never been The feel of his hands hungrily caressing my skin I shiver as my body lets go of the first wave of sweet juice My lover continues, his rhythm gets faster as the music reaches climax I let out a scream
Lost Cherry
Its my Birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday through Wednesday of this week I ... worked.. over.. 50.. hours. I've slept maybe 8 or 9. 23 hours and 12 minutes until I reach my deadline, and at that point I am done one way or the other. Hey, check out this cool site: It lets you select your current mood on a diagram, and then it streams music to you that matches your mood. Mood changes? Click it again! It's really neat. ...I think it was Thoreau who said most men lead lives of quiet desperation, and it’s true that I verge on the unseemly in my desperation for you. Never to taste your lips in life, I dream of them instead, So soft. A little gentle touch, nothing more, Lying between cool white cotton sheets, eye to eye, legs tangled slanting sunlight through Venetian blinds, slightly angled betrayed by a thousand floating motes of dust drifting to the floor.
Little This And Little That
Michael Gurian, author of what could he be thinking? Offers tips on what you should do when spending the weekend at your guy's apartment. 1. RESPECT HIS TURF. Ask before tossing anything useless of his. 2. ABIDE BY HIS BED RULES. Don't sulk if he won't cuddle all night he's probably just hot. 3. DON'T FREAK If he tunes you out at some point. Men detach to recharge. Wish I knew this when I was about 18. LOLO>>>> 1. During lingering eye contact; say, WOW! you really do I look like my brother. 2. After he give you an expensive necklace just because, squeal giddily, then ask if he got a gift receipt. 3. Instead of saying I Do, Yell Deal! and pump your fist at the crowd. 4. When he plans an uber-romantic night out roses, limo,dinner, express your glee by taking camera-phone pictures of every step and immediately texting your best pal to describe what he's doing now. 5. If he snuggles up to you and ask Could anything make this night more perfect ? Say, Ice cre
A Friendly Hello
Well hello friendly readers! Well, it's been a long time since I've last wrote one of these blogs. The last time I had been pondering on one of lifes MANY questions. Still, I have no answers to it. But, the good news is I have wiped my hands clean of what I call the "Problem People". And am glad to say my life IS easier! But, to update those who HAVE missed me. I have been away for nearly four months healing from surgery. I had nose work done and it had made me looking like I was assulted with a bat. But, am doing well now, and am also glad to inform all of you I can FINALLY breathe! But, I am now in a new place in the living and in my spot in life as well! But, to tell you the truth I am feeling extemely happy for tossing away the garbage that was making my life dull. But, in doing so I will never forget what I had to face in order to be here so to speak. To those who are reading know who you are and I'm pleased to say...I'm happier with you GONE and out of my li
What are you looking for in a partner? I'm often asked what I want...well to sum it up, I don't want someone that I can live with...I want the one that I can't live without! Too often we settle for less than we really want just so we won't be alone. Been there, done that! Maturity has taught me that I deserve what I want. I don't know what he looks like and I could care less what he drives, as long as he has drive. What I do know is that he should be, SINGLE, considerate, charming, sexy, professional, respectful, loving, strong but sensitive, affectionate, attentive, seductive, he doesn't smoke,he doesn't mind watching a chick flick once in a while, he's very secure with himself and not afraid of commitment
Understand death has no use for time. No time is any better, any worse. Cancel twenty years or eighty-nine, Love's a loss one cannot reimburse. Each of us lives for an eternity, Dying only after our forever. Early or late, we vanish equally, All unconscious of the ties we sever, No longer either separate or together i feel lost my best friend is dead.he was shot and killed over a misunderstanding he was a father of 3 and he was only 28 he will be missed i love you e-lo rip
i just want to wish all u moms a wonderful mothers day Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi thinkin about puttin naughty pix up, lol what do u think? i just wanted to wish everyone a happy valentines day, i wish u all the best and hope it goes well for all of u
Smak That
Hey what is this BS people why are you telling people that you will fan them if your not going to then don't say that you are. It is not fair and you all know it. Because I have fanned 224 people and only 40 of them have fanned me back. i would like to thank those of that have fanned me but there is still a lot that have not.for those of you that have not fanned me yet and you know who you and i will have to unfan you but i don't want it to come to that so be kind and fan me thanks. I now only have 47 there is still a lot of you out there.thanks. Hey what is this BS people why are you telling people that you will fan them if your not going to then don't say that you are. It is not fair and you all know it. Because I have fanned 224 people and only 40 of them have fanned me back. What is wrong with Hey what is this BS people why are you telling people that you will fan them if your not going to then don't say that you are. It is not fair and you all know it. Because I have fanned
My Latest Song ( Tonight ) Enjoy Guys
> FW: Missing Madeleine McCann[MESSAGE NOT SCANNED]>>>>>PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE AND FORWARD IT TO EVERYBODY IN YOUR ADDRESS>BOOK...>>>>Please read this message and pass it on!!!!!!!!!>As you are aware my niece, Madeleine, is still missing and I am asking>everyone I know to send this as a chain letter i.e. you send it to>everyone you know and ask them to do the same, as the story is only>being covered in Britain, Eire and Portugal. We don't believe that she>is in Portugal anymore and need to get her picture and the story across>Europe as quickly as possible. Suggestions are welcome.>>Phil McCann>>Please Pass this email on to everyone in your address book and they>reckon it could cover 80% of the world's inboxes in 2 weeks.>Madeleine's Eye Holds Vital Clue>>Updated: 18:00 , Saturday May 12, 2007>>Madeleine McCann's family believe a new picture of the missing>four-year-old could play a vital role in the search for her.>The photo of the youngster shows clearly the her distinctive right
Sexie Video
Scareface - Mary Jane Slowed & ChoppedAdd to My Profile | More Videos Gwen Stefani ft Slim Thug Luxurious
Argh! (angry Rant)
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHH;GH;DSFHoidfh;OIFHoaihfwh"ioHfdk!!!! Jesus H Christ! I am not a mind reader!!! Look at me! I'm a human! God damn it! I have no super powers (except I can wiggle my tongue sideways lol) so please forgive me for not thinking something is wrong when I already asked you and you said NO! Jesus Christ on a pogo stick! Now excuse me while I go bash my head into a wall. I hate people so much sometimes!! I hate how some men can have that feminine mentality. I don't date girls for a reason. They're fucking insane!!! I do not want to have something to do with you if you're going to act like a bitch! Why?! Why do I bother sometimes?? I hate effeminate men! Give me a man that doesn't give a fuck. One that knows just because I'm breathing in the general direction of something with a penis does not mean I want to marry it. Give me a man that is not going to be up my ass asking where I've been and why I went 3 hours
You Must Be Joking....
"Updated:2007-05-16 15:41:26 Baby 'Bubba' Gets State Gun Permit AP CHICAGO (March 15) - Bubba Ludwig cannot walk, talk or open the refrigerator door - but he does have his very own Illinois gun permit. The 10-month-old, whose given name is Howard David Ludwig, was issued a firearm owner's identification card after his father, Howard Ludwig, paid the $5 fee and filled out the application, not expecting to actually get one. The card lists the baby's height at 2 feet, 3 inches, weight at 20 pounds and has a scribble where the signature should be. With some exceptions, the cards are required of any Illinois residents purchasing or possessing firearms or ammunition within the state. There are no age restrictions on the cards, an official said. Illinois State Police oversee the application process. Their purpose, said Lt. Scott Compton, is to keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons, those under an order of protection and those convicted of domestic violence.
My Friend~i Love You
today is the anniversary of my Best friends death. I will not be on here today, I just wanted everyone to know why! Setaro was the most beautiful person I have ever met...when I saw him smile, I saw pure beauty and life...... I miss you my sweet Setaro! with every part of my heart! Death is inevitable You know it will happen, but Never prepared for how it feels. It never feels the same twice, Neither worse, nor better Just not the same! When I lost you, My heart was ripped open, and closed at the same time. Unexpected, and unexplained. I saw you rarely, but thought of you always, You never left my side, but you were never there to feel. You will be in my heart forever, but never in my arms again. My heart aches for your company, your smile, your warmth, YOUR BREATH! I am empty inside, but I am Filled with Wonderful memories. Memories that I don't want to lose, But I don't want to think of them. I am so happy thinking of you,
Emology 101
{{7/12/07}} Ok, so it\'s Thursday and I havent written a word since last Sunday! How awful. My first week of work has been okay. Im still in training so Im not getting a lot of hours. After Sunday, I should be getting a full schedule. It\'s not as hard as I thought it would be. I gotta learn what comes with what but for the most part it\'s simple. Dayshift totally kicks ass. Dont get me wrong, I loved my nightshift at Arbys and Subway, but I\'m digging this dayshift. I even get offa work in time to watch my soap opera =] How effin sweet is that? I think its rockin\'....just like me ;) haha I\'m so hardcore..........not! lmao. I had the biggest blonde moment today =/ On the registers at work you have to hit \" dine in\" or \"carry out\" before you can ring anything up... its like a quarter til one pm. Ive been on the register since like 10am. Ive pretty much got it down pat, right? Well I get a customer and I cant get it to let me ring anything up. I just cant get it to work at all, so
C Section
So I am now almost 8 months pregnant. I went to my doctor's appt the other day and found out I have to have another c section. They are worried I might tear or rip open. Im ok with that though bec I have had a lot of back pain and don't really feel like going through what I went through with my first pregnancy.Im getting to that point right now that I just want this baby out already..LOL Its been so hot where Im from. Over the 100's and can't take this damn heat much longer. Yeah we don't have humidity but the heat is so bad and we don't have central air here. I just can't wait til this is over and it can start getting colder..LOL My daughter bugs me everyday about when is the baby coming out bec she is so anxious. I can't wait til my daughter is big sister. She will be so good I think and a big help. Me and my hubby are more ready for this baby then we were for our first. Most parents usually are though. I have been waiting for this for 2 years now ever since my daughter was 2.
Randomosities Of Life
yah, i rock out daily... i thought i had soem skllz workin with good ol hell i decided ehh, while im here might as well make it cool right? right! its cool enough for me right workin on it...this codework is touchy unlike the space where you can just slap some stuff in there and your have to tweak tweak tweak inorder to get it right here...good fun i think, gives me something to do for sure could be nsfw....decide to find out what the poke was all about and was presented with this message Error: you can't poke yourself you fuckin sicko! i found this highly entertaining thats for sure remind me not to do such odd things again in the future HA it is always later! see i switch between 2 pc's here and there throughout the day and night. one pc has all my photos one pc has some. so of course im currently on the pc with the some which isnt anything for here. HOWEVER later ill be on the other where i can upload more pics to fill the
Retard Of The Day!
i know you all love these posts... its through the mail, he's been blocked already... bottom up as usual cause my lazy ass doesn't feel like fixin it :p Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2007 12:57:39 -0700 From: Size: 3 KB To: Reply-To: No, i expect people to realize there's more pictures than just those. considering you didn't have the decency to rate a single one of the others, and obviously by your attittude had no intention of it. You really should learn some fuckin respect. Remember you have TWO heads asshole, you don't have to always think with the lower one. Most of my friends have the decency to treat me with respect regardless of the pictures i post because they know that i am a beautiful woman both inside and out and they REALIZE that's more important than just a fucking pussy. Learn some fucking respect, dick. On 10/9/2007, wrote: soooo... you have nude pics but you don't want guys to look at them? you silly bitch On 10/9/
Birthday Love
Happy Birthday to ~Boo~, show her some love! Boo ???@ fubar
Fu Own Me For A Month!!!
WANNA OWN ME FOR A MONTH?? ENDS DEC.6 @ MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME. ONLY GOT 2 DAYS TO BID CLICK HERE NOW TO FU OWN ME FOR A MONTH: DON'T WASTE TIME..GET YOUR BIDS IN NOW WHILE YOU STILL HAVE TIME!! Got any questions or concerns. please contact me through message only. Fubar Auction Hostess: ¢¾heartme¢¾ aka dinarocks **FU OWNED BY TEXAS CAMARO NUT**@ fubar I will have info soon on how YOU can OWN ME for a full month! Keep watching! Details, hopefully, later today! All I know is the auction starts at MIDNIGHT tonight, Tuesday, December 4th and ENDS MIDNIGHT Thursday, December 6th. I was in an auction and starting December 7, 2007 I am fu owned for a month by Lonestartxcowboy. . . go check him out; he is one awesome cowboy baby! :D lonestartxcowboy@ fubar
Aussie Ips
WILD storms pounding the north western states of America have wiped out one of Australia's major internet traffic routes to the US. Southern Cross Cable operations vice president, Dean Veverka, has confirmed that hurricane-strength storms and flooding have wiped out the carrier's Oregon cable route and halved its bandwidth between Australian and the US. Southern Cross's customers in Australia include iiNet, Internode and AAPT. The cable had been severed between its Nedonna Beach and Hillsboro facilities, Mr Veverka said. The company has a secondary cable that reaches the US coast via Hawaii and California. The outage has already begun hitting Australian internet providers. Greg Bader , the chief technology officer with Perth-based internet provider iiNet said it had already begun prioritising time-sensitive traffic to manage the outage. "We're certainly operating on less capacity than would be considered ideal at the moment. We're not really seeing it in the call centres at
Philosophy I Guess
The Friendship of an Otter A Seneca Legend Once, in the fall of the year, a chief and six or eight families went on a hunting expedition. For many days they found no game. At last the chief, who had as a charm a fawn skin pouch, called the party to his brush house and told each person to take hold of the pouch and say what animal he would kill the next day. The first man said he would kill a bear. The chief's wife said she would kill a wild goose. As the pouch was passed from one to another, the chief's daughter told her husband not to touch it and when it came near she grasped his hand to keep him from doing so, but he pulled it away and taking hold of the pouch said, "Tomorrow, before daylight, I will kill two otters." At midnight he got up and went to where the river doubled nearly around and there he watched for otters. Soon he saw two and he killed both of them. He was hungry and, as it wasn't daylight, he cut open each otter and took out the heart. He roasted and
Wolves Of Wiccan Society
WOLVES OF WICCAN SOCIETY WE WANT YOU!!!!!!!!! We are Seeking New Members. My Co Owner Stormwoman of Wolves of Wiccan Society + I Lord Wolf will Tread Forward. We Seek Bombers + VIP Levelers. Even though all Levelers must Show Bombing Love as well. Morphing Tags will be issued within 24 hrs.Wolf Morphs will be Issued after a Trial of 7-14 Days. We Seek Bombers that can Comment Bomb at least 300 Comments Daily on Contestants. Individuals of this Caliber will Earn Sweet Morphs Simular to ours. We also Seek a Trainer,whom has Patience to Train New Bombers. Rules: Drama will not be tolerated.Must have Common Sence.Must Show Respect,Honor to all.Must Repost Bulletins. Thank you Blessed be. Live Links Below. *LORD WOLF* .Please ,Bomb Live Each Day if Possible,Rate me for Morphs.@ fubar stormwoman40~bomber see my blog please/co of wolves of wiccan society/tag maker/ @ fubar Contestants that Desire Love Please: May the Luck O' the Irish be
My Berry Tree
all businesses are a like but the differance is the people. With this company and The Unity Team you will never be left alone and with The Berry Tree, you cant fail because its a team effort and we work as a team. With berry tree there is a free trial and the sign ups are growing weekly, free trial members upgraded to full membership within the first week because they were offered an incentive of one Berry Member Credit upon joining the program. The free trial is a great way to promote this business and everyone benefits from this awesome opportunity. The products are very easy to promote and sell, also we are all over the world and are berry greens will be coming soon it has the same nutrients as 8 servings of vegetables.And it give you a way to make great money also. There are monthly bonus pools Once you have a combination of 10 personally sponsored members plus BMC's you will earn from everyone in the program. If that is not an incentive to become a member, than I honestly don't kn
Shiscus Click to show Shiscus some Luv is having a BLAST!!! A 3 Day Blast to be Exact She is the WINNER of Granny's Panties Lounge Valentines Drawing Runner Up is ~ShY AnGeL~ Click to show ~ShY AnGeL~ some Luv receiving 25,000 fubucks
Tribute To My Son
In Loving Memory of Our Little Angle Boy "Dale Lloyd Clark" May 18, 1988 - March 17, 1993 We love & miss you are always in our hearts & thoughts! Keep watching over us, Punky With love from your family
Was It A Dream?
My honey and I are going out to dinner tonight. We haven't done anything this extravagant in a long time. So I decided to give him a treat, not only for the eyes but for the senses and touch to. I get in the bath, shave my legs thinking they have to be softer than ever before, as I'm not wearing any hose this evening. Wash my blond hair twice just to make sure it will be not only soft but gleam and sparkle in the sunlight and moonlight for him. Wash my body with the most fragrant perfume soap I have, his favorite as a matter of fact. Out of the tub, I go to our room, look in closet, I want the perfect outfit for this occasion. I find my red frilly skirted dress with the deep plunge neckline that shows my cleavage very well. Not to short, but not long either, he loves my shapely legs to show. I don't think he has ever seen it on me. I smile to myself saying, this is perfect! Find my 5 inch red sandal heels, that make my legs look like they go on forever. I decide to blow dry my
Queensryche Live ! Welcome To The Machine ! New Cd Take Cover !
Holding My First Contest!!!
New Avon Rep.!!
I just started my own avon business and I am posting my new webpage on here so people can go look and if they want to they can order to. Any sale I can get right now would help out alot.
All Yours
I love you Unconditionaly When I've done wrong shall you be taken from me. I love you to the point of no return. If I ever fail you in hell shall I burn. I love you more than I love livin. Beat me to a pulp if you catch me slippin. I love you like misery loves company. Alone I'll be if in your heart I can't see. I love you for you. I'll be taken off this planet if it isn't true. I love you like Christmas Morn. My actions shall show or from my chest my heart be torn. I love you with all of me. If not make me the first livin autopsy. I love you past death do us part. If shown otherwise I shall be killed and reborn without a heart.
Carlos' Romantic And Sexy Writing
ok to be fair... I am also putting these up... Women’s Rules for Men I. Primary Rules 1.The female always makes The Rules. 2.The Rules are subject to change without prior notification. 3.No male can possibly know all The Rules. 4.If the female suspects the male knows all The Rules, she must immediately change some or all of The Rules. 5.The female is never wrong. 6.If the female is wrong, it is due to a misunderstanding which was the direct result of something the male did or said wrong. 7.If Rule 6 applies, the male must apologize immediately for causing the misunderstanding. 8.The female may change her mind at any time. 9.The male must never change his mind without the expressed written consent of the female. 10.The female has every right to be angry and upset at any time. 11.The male must remain calm at all times, unless the female wants him to be angry or upset. 12.The male is expected to mind read at all times. 13.The male who does not abide by Th
Amazing Freinds
"> "> HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT THE TRUE MEANING OF A GREAT FRIEND IS?? Well if you click on the picture below you will see the definition of a TRUE friend. "Makin Whoopie" has totally rocked my world lately by showing me unconditional fu-love. She is not only my friend she is my OWNER!! And may I say she is the best owner on FuBar!! If you do not already have this amazing woman on your friends list please click her picture and F/A/R her and show her the love she REALLY deserves. YOU WON'T BE SORRY!! (¯`♥Măkïn ŴhººPïé♥´¯)Tappinit Owns Me~Owner of Radissongirl~Club United Member@ fubar
i feel i must explain a few things, first of all i dont mind rate'n the guys or add'n guys as friends,but i am not GAY!!!! so please dont send crap in my shout box or message me things of sexual nature....i dont treat the ladies on here like that unless they welcome it first,if any of the ladies are read'n this "i know how you feel" i've only been hit on twice, i lmao both times, i dont believe in block'n anyone but at the same time i do believe in respect'n people,i think this site is awesome aswell as the people on here, ilove to have a good time here if i affend anyone please message me and i will aplogize because i will never do it on purpose,with that said ROCK ON FU-WORLD!!!!!!
Puppy Love
TO: GOD FROM: THE DOG Dear God: Is it on purpose our names are the same, only reversed? Dear God: Why do humans smell the flowers, but seldom, if ever, smell one another? Dear God: When we get to heaven, can we sit on your couch? Or is it still the same old story? Dear God: Why are there cars named after the jaguar, the cougar, the mustang, the colt, the stingray, and the rabbit, but not ONE named for a Dog? How often do you see a cougar riding around? We do love a nice ride! Would it be so hard to rename the 'Chrysler Eagle' the 'Chrysler Beagle'? Dear God: If a Dog barks his head off in the forest and no human hears him, is he still a bad Dog? Dear God: We Dogs can understand human verbal instructions, hand signals, whistles, horns, clickers, beepers, scent ID's, electromagnetic energy fields, and Frisbee flight paths. What do humans understand? Dear God: More meatballs, less spaghetti, please. Dear God: Are there mailm
Come Own Me
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JUST A BIKER I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant when you saw my bike parked out front. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But you didn't see me riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our leather jackets and gloves. But you didn't see me and my brothers do
Would You???????
would u? [ ] Push me into a wall and kiss me? [ ] Come To My House To Do Nothing But Chill? [ ] Slap Me? [ ] Slap me if i asked you to? [ ] Kiss Me? [ ] Let Me Kiss You? [ ] Watch A Movie With Me? [ ] Take Me Out To Dinner? [ ] Take A Shower With Me? [ ] Take Me Home For The Night? [ ] Let Me Sleep In Your Bed? [ ] Let Me Sleep In Your Bed (With You)? [ ] Take Me Anywhere With You? [ ] Repost This For Me To Answer Your Questions? [ ] Lock Me In Your room And Take Advantage Of Me? [ ] Let me lock you in your room and Take Advantage of you? [ ] Let Me Make You Breakfast? [ ] Make me breakfast? [ ] Tickle Me? [ ] Let Me Tickle You? [ ] Stick Up For Me if I Was Being Put Down? [ ] Instant Message Me? [ ] Greet Me In Public? [ ] Hang Out With Me? [ ] Hold my waist from behind while we are out? [ ] Bring Me Around Your Friends? Do You... [ ] Miss Me? [ ]Think I'm Sexy? [ ] think im cute? [ ] Think I'm Hot? [ ] Think I'm Ok? [ ] Think I'm Ugly? [ ] Want To
Can I Borrow $25 Dollars???
I FOUND THIS ON LADY VICTORIAS PAGE. PLEASE DNT BE AFRAID TO PAY IT FORWARD! THANK YOU SISSY! LUVZ YA! A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 5-year old son waiting for him at the door. SON: 'Daddy, may I ask you a question?' DAD: 'Yeah sure, what it is?' replied the man. SON: 'Daddy, how much do you make an hour?' DAD: 'That's none of your business. Why do you ask such a thing?' the man said angrily. SON: 'I just want to know. Please tell me, how much do you make an hour?' DAD: 'If you must know, I make $50 an hour.' SON: 'Oh,' the little boy replied, with his head down. SON: 'Daddy, may I please borrow $25?' The father was furious, 'If the only reason you asked that is so you can borrow some money to buy a silly toy or some other nonsense, then you march yourself straight to your room and go to bed. Think about why you are being so selfish. I don't work hard everyday for such childish frivolities.' The little boy quietly we
MAYBE Maybe. we were supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe . . when the door of happiness closes, another opens; but, often times, we look so long at the closed door that we don't even see the new one which has been opened for us. Maybe . . it is true that we don't know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives. Maybe . . the happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. Maybe . . the brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; after all, you can't go on successfully in life until you let go of your past mistakes, failures and heartaches. Maybe . . you should dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because you ha
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Dr. Appt 4 My Son
So about a week ago we went for a conference with one of the doctors in Neurology from the hospital in regards to the EEG test that my son had. According to the test it is confirmed that my son is having small brain seizures that are lasting from 1-2 seconds. Although they aren't lasting very long it's still enough to raise a concern. They have now started him on a medication, but I probably won't see any major improvements for a least a month. This will give us time to raise the dosage based on height, weight, etc. This is all the information I have for now, but would appreciate any prayers you can toss his way, and I will keep my peeps that care updated. A few weeks ago my son went to the dr. for his 3 month checkup. I explained to him that he was twitching, usually 1st thing in the morning or before bed and also while he was sleeping. A few years back I expressed the same concern but the doc said it was his body's way of saying he was tired. I accepted that for the time being becaus
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I Need A Spring Fling
Come be my spring fling woot woot click the pic below, love me up cuz i love back!! :):)
{---Favorites---} Color..................................PINKNumber................................. Nr.1 DefenetlyBand......................All Kinds, Love James BluntMusic Genre......I love Trance and Rock TV Show............................Different Oce. Like Amerca's Next Top ModelMovie......... Actor............... That guy from the Fast and The Furious Actress........................... Kind of Movie....................Thriller, RomanticCartoon.............................Sport......................................SoccerFast Food Restaurant........................McDonnaldsFood...................................FrenchIce Cream..........Chocolater Cereal............................. Candy.................................All thats sweetDrink...............................Water Alcoholic Beverage............ik drink it allQuote.................... "I am Innocent"Have any siblings........................what? Have any Have a job..........
Love And Heartache
he sees her standing all alone amidst the chaos of life. he goes to her and takes her hand and leads her to safety she seems puzzled almost as if shes seen him before she sees him smile and she realizes that it's the very person she fell  in love with. only he's different some how So he takes her into his arms and holds her so tight and safe, he looks to the horizon and see a battle quickly approching. His wings open and he wraps them around her protecting them. He looks down calls to her and says I love you. and kisses her lips. he feels her push closer to him. he picks her up and takes to the skys. and he carries her to safety. with sword drawn he tells her that he will return shortly and that he loves her more than life itself. he reluctantly leaves her and with a tear in his eye he kisses her again softly and takes to the skys once again only this time to fight evil and despair. A dark cloud approaches.   I observe its movements.   It's habits....   you know
Need Some Help
      AUTO 11 OR CHERRY BOMB TO THE ONE THAT GETS HER THE MOST REFERRALS    Crazy's Princess*r/l fiancee to CrazyHorse*Dangerous Curves*in some major need of new Referrals you get to choose either a Cherry Bomb Or Auto 11. So get out and start getting her referrals. She needs 24 more people to join under her so that she can reach the next level. The biggest deal of all....if you get her the most referalls so you can walk away with the best gift. Please send her link to your friends or family or anyone that is wanting to join fubar. The invite link code is Make sure if they join they let her no that you are the one that had them join under her. Please make sure you rate fan and add her.Crazy's Princess*r/l fiancee to CrazyHorse*Dangerous Curves*@ fubarIf that link doesn't work please copy and paste this one in your address bar and it will take you to her page.
I'm Sick Of You
Goodbye Fubar im goin' awayI'm sick of you and there aint no wayDont want to know, dont want to seeDont you ever bother meSick of hanging around your siteSick by day and sick by nightYeah and Fubar,its sad but true,now im even sick of you.No way, no way, no wayNo way, no way, no wayNo way, for our loveNo way for our loveCuz im sick of You.Good bye Fubar im going away.Sick of you and i dont wanna stayDont want to know, dont want to see Dont you ever bother meSick of hanging around your siteSick by day and sick by nightYes and Fubar its sad but trueNow im even sick of you.No way, no way, no wayNo way, no way, no wayNo way, for our love,No way for our loveCuz im sick of youEvery evening and every day,Seem to always turn out this way,To get an endI better find new love,then you'll pay,then youll pay,ain't no way.Cuz im sick of you.Goodbye Fubar im going away,Sick of you and i dont wanna stayDon't want to know , dont want to seedon't you ever, bother me ....
My brother went into the hospital , June 25th to get chemo shots. He developed infections and it got bad. He had luekemia and eventually the infections wore off . However, he is just resting in the hospital in Philly and they are just going to make him as comfortable as possible. Liver shut down, kidney shut down and hes getting no chemo . Now its just a waiting time til its his time for him to go with my mom. All this happened too soon and caught us off guard. I feel so sorry for him and sad as we cried the other day. He knows whats going on, just too soon for him to go at 52.  
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in a new auction starting Oct. 14 th 1201 futime
I am trapped in a cage of razor & fence, Justify my actions on the art of self defence, Protect my emotions from morbid mutilation, Battling myself like a rebelion to a nation, Defeating my enemies with needles & smoke, While in the mirror it's my throat those things choke, Thought it my destany to live by the game, But there living or dieing is one & the same, A twin sided coin no win, no loose, Just ramblings of fear that destroy & confuse, Thought myself smart, had it all figured out, Dreams of being top dog a god with out doubt, Unlimited youth & energy year after year, It was easy to see as long as I stayed out of the mirror, For all my cons & deciet all I fool is myself, Hiding behind power, control, & material wealth, I turn hallow inside & say fuck all the rest, Spend year apon year convincing myself I knew what's best, Many people tell me tell me to open my eyes, I view them as fakes, enemies, & spies, It is truely me against the world, Those who truely l
    Well, the FuMafia turf is supposed to be a family....a support. Which is why you pay so much of our money as terrif.  Well, two you can surely not count on is TAC and Spartaaa.  Had a guy go cry to Spartaaa because I BH him once and they sat there for 15 mins listening to the jerk.    I felt that  my support group should have had my back first, then sort it out later and if im in the wrong, take the appropriate action.  Nope.  The drunken Lt. ran off at the mouth and failed to ban the nonmember who brought the argument into the turf.  So....I quit.     Don't support a turf that don't support are better off solo. No benifit to belnging to a turf that don't support you. And considering the nature of the game is conflict, No we can't all just get along!
What can I say about him? I love him to death. Besides my kids..hes my greatest joy.  Best dog I have ever had.  Today he got hit by a car. Thank god..he is huge..and thank god..he just got bruised and nothing else. We took him to vet to be checked out. Came out of there feeling alot better..even though we were 150 dollars less..and still owe more. That was gonna be for more christmas stuff..but hey? Somethings are worth more than gifts.  He is worth it! Has been a pretty emotional day.. all I can say. It truly amazes me someone can hit a animal like that..and just drive away though. Anyways.. thats been my day. I have also been working last few days so not been on much.. but all my family on here are in my thoughts.. I wish all a wonderful Christmas.. if I dont speak to u before then. xoxo nikki
How To Love A Woman
If she doesnt call you [ Its because she is waiting for you to call her ] When she walks away from you mad [ Follow her ] When she stare's at your mouth [ Kiss her ] When she pushes you or hit's you [ Grab her and dont let go ] When she start's cussing at you [ Kiss her and tell her you love her ] When she's quiet [ Ask her whats wrong ] When she ignore's you [ Give her your attention ] When she pull's away [ Pull her back ] When you see her at her worst [ Tell her she's beautiful ] When you see her start crying [Just hold her and dont say a word ] When you see her walking [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ] When she's scared [ Protect her ] When she lay's her head on your shoulder [ Tilt her head up and kiss her ] When she steal's your favorite hat [ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night] When she tease's you [ Tease her back and make her laugh ] When she doesnt answer for a long time [ reassure her that everything is okay ] When she look's at you with d
Deep Thoughts By Jack Handy(not), By Mamatang
The past few days my teenage daughter(who just turned 13), just broke up with a  boy. Now, I told her a little bit of what to expect..u know, hurt, anger, hurt, a little drama(considering the age, now), and..well u get my drift. I also told her how to handle this sort of thing, which comes from experience. Lord knows, I've gone thru that cycle, & embarrassed myself a bit with the drama thing..but that's a whole other blog. The last 2 days, she's actually listened to me as she  sees this all unfold. Now given her age, she doesn't come out & say, "Oh Mom, u were so right, Thank You"...Wait I have to stop laughing at that thought..... Ok, she comes out & "pounds it"...if that's the right term..lmao. Her own little way of saying thank you to me(& don't burst my bubble on this one, let me have my moment)..At least she still comes to me. I didn't just tell her what you're supposed to tell a child from a parent about this sort of thing, I told her the truth. Better to break up with someone t
Cappuccino And Latte
For those who do not frequent coffee shops, ordering an espresso-based coffee drink can be intimidating.  The most important thing to know when ordering a coffee beverage is the distinction between the different drinks and their identifying characteristics.  While there are many variations on the basic coffee drinks, there are two main drinks that are the basis for many other specialty drinks.  These basic coffee drinks are the latte and the cappuccino. The Latte A latte is the most common type of espresso-based coffee drink.  A latte consists of a small amount of espresso topped with steamed milk. The steaming of the milk is one of the most important parts of preparing a latte.  Unlike milk that has been warmed in other ways, steamed milk is infused with air as it is heated.  The addition of air to the milk gives it a velvety, creamy texture. A great many other coffee drinks are a variation on the latte.  For instance, a mocha is simply a latte with chocolate syrup added to it.  M
Still new to this site, pardon my ignorance of a fellow digital bar place. I notice a lot of attractive women here or at least pictures of men pretending to be women . This site is pretty funny and isn't as strict as I thought it would be, I am not gonna pay 7 bucks for some sort of shout? Anyways I am a real person not fake or some stupid ass bot. I have a semi-political/drunk/comedy website at come check us out make sure you have a beer handy, and since it's free speech lots of bad words get said, but the great thing is you get to say em back without censorship. Anyways I will still try to figure this place out, I am not used to black background on a webforum sort of hurts the eyes a bit but I will live.
"coffee Spill"
Serious, but hilarious.
Communion Of The Slave
  There is the reverence the spirit walk when my acts crawl up your spine and electrifies your mind when the clash of flesh against flesh becomes the unknown in the darkness of night you seek across this sprawling mecca You sprawled across my rack contemplate the human condition through pain I bring you truth through pain I bring you the freedom the world cannot take from you through my dominance I show you freedom from the ties that bind in other realms your tears salt of the Earth still we seek the intermission from the mad circus only to find it in center ring with your master holding the whip the keys to the kingdom Laid out before you
Please get rid of this NSFW nonsense!!! This is NOT a kid's site, that's why they have myspace, facebook, or twitter for. If u don't want to see adult photos on someone's profile, then either don't look or delete ur account on can use those other sites that are censored. I'm sick of the idiots that cry and moan until someone's picture is removed...Get a freakin life and join the rest of those stupid holy roller hypocrites out there and stay off FUBAR!!! Censorship is definitely way too overated on here!  
True Love
What Is True Love?True love is...Personal freedom for both people.Good communication on all levels-Verbal, Energetic, And Emotional.Individual space.Responsible behavior towards yourself and your partner.Personal empowerment.Affinity and friendship.Compatible goals(but not necessarily the same goals).Caring.Bliss(At times).Delight in each other.An ability to say NO, and to say Yes.Allowing the other(person) to be negative, as well as positive.No coercion by either person.Non-possessive behavior.Mutual understanding on the basis of attraction.Based on truth, Not fantasy.Respect for both people's needs.Knowing when it's time to move on and say goodbye.True love is more than just wanting that person to be 'The One'.
Profile Pic
I was told by someone on here that I look like a whore in my profile pic.This was quite disturbing to me considering the person who told me this likes slutty looking women.I can't for the life of me figure him out.Just wondering if anyone out there agree's.I'm a slut because I showed some clevage?
Points Auction
I am Auctioning Off my points to the highest bidder.  The bidding will start at 20 million fubux.   If a 25 credit pack is offered I will do the altruization during bonus points and will do all the work to get the points If a 65 credit pack is offered I will Altruize with a boomy and a famp and add you to the family for it if more than a 65 credit pack is offered I will altruize you with A god mode and put you in the family for it. I do most of the work of pimping you out and getting the points. Have I mentioned I do most of the work?     See the first pic in my default for bidding! Ends on Friday April 8th 2011 at Noon Futime. If no bids I will extend it for another week! Good Luck!
Hotel Apna Avenue-best Taste Of Indore
Hotel Apna Avenue is place for the Best Taste of Indore. It is a Pure Veg and Best and Economy Hotel in Indore. Its location is near Malhar Mega Mall, Orbit Mall, C21 Mall, Mangal City Mall, Treasure Island, SGSITS, Yeshwant Club, Holkar Cricket Stadium, Bombay Hospital, CHL Apollo Hospital, Abhay Prashal, Curewell Hospital, Basket Ball Complex, ITC, AB Road, MG Road and in Commercial Area, most Posh Area, Shopping Area etc. Banquet is available here. Hotel Apna Avenue, Indore under the professional management of M/s is a full service hotel that has established itself as a premier hotel in the city showcasing modern architecture making it a Landmark in Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.We have an experience of over 50 years in the field of Hospitality in Indore. Our excellent team of experienced professionals in Hospitality Industry and in-depth knowledge of the taste of the town ensures that our guests enjoy the best of services. Our vision is To excel in hospitality s
Am I Gay
Last nite I was at a freinds house when he and his wife started watching some porn, as we sat there a scene came on with 2 guys and a girl. Nothing new until one of the guys started to suck the other guy while the girl did him with a strap-on. I have never thought of these things until my freinds wife Who is short 5'3" maybe a little chubby asked me if I liked it. I was actually quite hard watching it. My freind was very drunk and said you guys watch this shit I am going to bed when his wife said she slipped a seraquel into his drink because she wanted to fuck me, but since I was turned on by the guy guy action would I like to try it. I said yes so we went a few houses down the street to another house where a slim young woman answered the door, my freinds wife Rachel, asked if Sammy and kenny could play the girl giggled and said all the time....will finish this later
A Short Poem
How dare you say you love me When you don't know what love mean How dare you call me triffling When you'r just as triffling as me Who do you think you are To tell me what ii can an can not do Cause the last time i checked  I wasn't married to you     ~Pretty Boi Stud~ `  
George's Dvd Movies
Product Description This Kurt Adler 14-1/2-Inch 10-light ivory angel treetop is a beautiful, classic way to accent your Christmas tree. Dressed in a long, ivory dress adorned with trimming and lace detailing, this angel has white feathery wings, brown hair, and, for indoor use only, lights up. To see more of these just click here Thank you all George St.Germain   Georges Holiday Shopping Store - Christmas Trees & Wreaths andmuch more to came one come all see it for yourself hope you all like itjust click on the link below you George St.Germain I have movies like Thor is Marvel's best superhero movie yet. It is even better than the first Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk films. It is also the most visually stunning of any Marvel film, with gorgeous fantasy settings, great costumes, and spectacular special effects. and much more to see what i have just click on the link below to see all the movies i have today at:h
Pay Attention Please
Ok. Not to come off like a bitch or anything. Because I'm not. I'm a pretty cool chick, and very nice. BUT I am getting really, really annoyed with the come ons. I know it's the Internet...blah blah blah. But I would not be putting this in a blog if it was not needed. I have a boyfriend, who next to my son, is the love of my life. There is NO ONE on this planet that can even TRY to compete. I am sick and tired of guys popping up in my shout box trying to " Holla" it's not happening. STOP IT. I have quite a few male friends on here who respect that, and I love you guys for that.. Razz,Mr. Rush, William, Fat Sonny, Havik, Ninja Sabby, Stretch...You guys know who you are. I thank you for giving me respect. NOW.... My ladies will hear me on this. The females who THROW themselves at my man. Thats just tacky. Get ur own man, get a life. Yeah, he's sexy...he's also mine. Don't send him naked know who you are...cuz guess what.. I have the pics, and I WILL post them..hahahahaha
Harry is getting along in years and though he still can go hiking and backpacking, he finds that he is unable to perform sexually. He finally goes to his doctor who tries a few things, but nothing seems to work. So the doctor refers him to an American Indian medicine man. The medicine man says, "I can cure this." With that said, he throws a white powder in a flame, and there is a flash with billowing blue smoke. Then he says, "This is powerful healing but you can only use it once year. All you have to do is say '123,' and it shall rise for as long as you wish!" The guy then asks, "What happens when it's over, and I don't want to continue?" The medicine man replies: "All you or your partner has to say is 1234, and it will go down. But be warned, It will not work again for another year! " Harry rushes home, anxious to try out his new powers with the powder. That night he is ready to surprise his wife. He showers, shaves, and puts on his most exotic shaving l
My Blogs
the frustration i go through and people fuck me fuck me fuck me they do it till im sore till i cant stand anymore till i dont know whats what everything is a blur everything i see everything i hear everything i touch everything i hold whats real what isnt when i reach out my arms and try to hold you why cant i? your just not there your not real your a dream an illusion i should have known that something so great couldnt be real fuck me fuck me fuck me like they all do fuck me till i cant stand fuck me till i cant feel fuck me till like right now i just cant fucking tell whats real i dont know my dreams from my reality i dont even know whats truth in reality i used to think that if i could feel it, if i could touch it then that meant it was real but now it is the same for everything i can feel it all i can touch it all, it seems so real fuck me where i cant see it fuck me because i dont know fuck me like they all do behind my back with the door closed rem
Well I hasve been here on the continent now for 3 months and I have 3 weeks left before the ship arrives to take me back to Australia. This has been the most pleasurable and memorable experirnce of my life. I certainly would recommend a trip over here . or at least a flight here. I have been skiing on snow and ice where no man has ever been before and I get paid to do it. All those people that pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to ski the alps or Aspen or St Moritz ned their heads read. I ski here with 5 people and no one to bother us. We can place our skis anywhere we like and not bother about anyone taking them. We have areas where we can see the most spectacular ice cliffs and ice bergs, see penguins and seals and whales. This is truly one spectacular place to go to. I hope that I get the opportunity to come here againj. Ok, I am 8 days from leaving the land down under to go to the great southern land of Antarctica. I will be spending 27 days on the ship and and then
Daughter Liz
Liz 'freakyfriendlyliz" is my daughter she is on cherrytap.Check her out.
My First Blog...ummmm.....yeah More truth. Check it out. I went to make my first blog, and it said "Blog Name" so i decided on my title and wrote it in there, and named the whole blog space instead of the first blog article, which I suppose this is. Anyways, I'm going to go get some coffee and I will brb. This goes out to all the people here on CherryTap that are ardent supporters of the military. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I don't think people realize how much it means to us to know that there are people that support us the way you do. There is a video that I have seen on a couple people's profiles of some troops walking into an airport with their duffle bags on their backs. People who were going about their business stop and stand up and start clapping for them. Well, that really happens and I have been fortunate enough to experience it myself a few times. There are moments in your life that will remain wi
All You Need 2 Know
I'm a cool,laid back,nothing to major type of guy who likes having fun and laughing i'm very likable so if you don't like me you should up the dosage on your medication. i really don't wanna come off like i'm bragging or cocky so i'll end this by saying Happy New Year. And thanks for taking the time to read this.
The Taurus Female....
Taurus is the Second Sign of the Zodiac, represented by the Bull which is prized for strength and stamina. The Egyptian Horus was the Bull of Heaven and a white bull was sacrificed in Babylonia at the time of the New Year to placate Ramman, the God of Thunder and Lightning. Taurus peacefully tends and nurtures Spring's garden, bringing forth harmony from chaos. Like the Bull, Taurus does not move unless there is something worth moving for. Taurus likes to keep a firm hand on possessions and nothing makes this Sign happier than secure material prosperity. Taurus craves the good things in life. Dominated by the romantic Planet of Venus, Taurus is deeply loving with strong values, but can be slow to make decisions. Earthbound with worldly goals and in tune with nature, Taurus is the most reliable and faithful Sign of the Zodiac. In essence, Taurus governs practicality and security. The symbol...or glyph...of Taurus represents the horns and head of the bull. It is the Sign of the Builde
Sultry Thoughts Of A Goddess
Kelly stretched then rolled over. She silently admired the way the moonlight fell over Rick's bare skin, making her want to reach out and touch him as always. This time though she stilled the urge to run her hands across his skin and delved quickly and quietly under the covers with a purpose in mind. Her mouth closed around the softness, loving the way the satiny flesh felt in her mouth. Her hands began to play, letting her nails barely graze the skin of his thighs all the way downward to his ass as they touched the bed. She felt him shift under her mouth, hips moving ever so slightly in his half awake-half asleep state, pushing the now full engorged length deliciously against the back of her throat as her tongue teased the base. She grazed her fingers lightly against his ass as she brought them up to gently cup his balls while her mouth moved up and down caressing his shaft and thoroughly enjoying the way his hard length filled her mouth. Using one hand to follow her mouth on a las
My Ramblings...
Here I am, sitting at home on a Saturday night, so I log into Cherryland. Why am I home on a Saturday night? Loser? No friends? Actually, I got tattooed for five hours today & three hours yesterday. Tonight, I will have an oh so exciting evening of washing, applying vaseling & re-wrapping the new work. I take the aftercare very seriously. The sleeve is coming along very nicely. Actually, it's almost done & it looks fucking awesome! Anyway, here I sit, logged into Cherrytap & I see one of my photos gets rated...gets rated... wait for it...a '1.' Do I care that some random stranger thought that it would be a good use of his time on a Saturday night to cruise by my profile & rate a photo a '1?' No I don't, but it got me to thinking. I think a lot. It's a blessing & a curse. When I'm bored, I will peruse profiles for people that I think sound interesting or have something to say or have interests common to my own. If I find that, I will rate, comment & check out photos. If not, I mov
What My Birth Month Reveals About Me
June Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite andsoft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Talkative. Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Abiding. Able to show character. Easilyhurt. Prone to getting colds. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Brand conscious. Executive. Stubborn.
Cosplay Images (others)
March Madness
By the time the Lord made woman, He was into his sixth day of working overtime. An angel appeared and said, "Why are you spending so much time on this one?" And the Lord answered, "Have you seen my spec sheet on her? She has to be completely washable, but not plastic, have over 200 movable parts, all replaceable and able to run on diet coke and leftovers, have a lap that can hold four children at one time, have a kiss that can cure anything from a scraped knee to a broken heart -and she will do everything with only two hands." The angel was astounded at the requirements. "Only two hands!? No way! And that's just on the standard model? That's too much work for one day. Wait until tomorrow to finish. "But I won't," the Lord protested. "I am so close to finishing this creation that is so close to my own heart. She already heals herself when she is sick AND can work 18 hour days." The angel moved closer and touched the woman. "But you have made her so
My Vowels(vows)
I will...................... .(A)LWAYS! Dedicate and show my Devotion.(E)TERNALLY! We would be...................(I)NSEPARBLE! That meaning..................(O)URSELVES! Together Forever we would Bond(U)S To no one in paticular woman,just my vows to that special woman that i can treat like queen one day and have a fam! doesn't mean just marriage, applies to dating, that i'll do everything and anything!
Inside The Horrible Mind Of Erik Dagger...
i think its dirty all the things you do I cant believe it but i know its true i feel the pain of the night in bloody rain i gain my sight in turn it speaks through my skin it kills the pain from the hell im in return each night and see my scars to everyone's delight its gone too far i dont think the world will be the same i remember feeling only shame ive watch the sky lose its blue i deal with pain of loving you i know its in me i can feel it there i cant control it and i dont care ill bet ill make it another day but if i dont itll be ok cuz either way im dead and gone i dont care about right or wrong ill see it again as blood spills a red moon can only bring you chills and i know that things wont be the same cuz i still can feel the shame ive watched the sky lose its blue no more pain of loving you ive got a violent twitch and all i can see is red i think im carvin my niche with the things in my head you know ive wasted my twen

Capricorn You are very successful in life and are always planning for the future. You are probably already in a committed relationship and enjoy the intimacy that comes with your lovemaking. You are direct with your lover about what you like and you like it when they are direct with you. You have excellent sex, because you make sure that it’s a custom fit for yourself. Sex matches: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio Take this quiz at
Band Stuff
Dear Friends I seldom ask people to visit web sites but this is a big deal for me. I worked as one of the lead actors in a short film that has been picking up awards and is now an official selection to screen at Slamdance 2009. The film folks reading know what this is. For those who are not in film, this is one of the biggest 'small' film festivals in the world. It is sort of the little sister/brother to Sundance Film festival and they run at the same time in Park City Utah this January! I am only asking you to view our films trailer or visit the web site to support us. money...very little time and only a click away (or copy and paste). Leave a comment if you can and subscribe or link up if you want to give extra support! View the trailer for A Little Mouth to Feed on Myspace videos here: View it on Youtube here: The film has a Fan
Hush now my darling please dont you cry because mommy is here to hold you through the night hush now my sweetheart im not going anywhere because without you by myside my world is only gray and without you by myside my day is turned to night.... hush now my baby please dont you be afraid because mommy is right here by yourside... hush now my darling please dont have a fear because mommy wont let anything happen to you hush now my sweetheart dont you be lost because mommy will be there to find you.... hush now my baby dont say a word because mommys right here to rock you to sleep hush now my darling please dont you cry because mommy is here to hold you through the night hush now my sweetheart im not going anywhere because without you by myside my world is only gray and without you by myside my day is turned to night.... There you stood before me Waiting with your arms opened wide Just wanting to hold me all through the night Careless of my moods Careless of t
Order Of The Dragon Leveling Crew
I am asking all my friends and family to go to each of these Great people and Fan / Rate / Add you will find there all great people and if your interisted in joining just ask.. Founder of The Order Of The Dragon Leveling Crew@ fubar angel of seduction****Crew Leader for the Order of the Dragon****@ fubar Christina~Order of the Dragon~Irishtoad's Princess..HE IS THE ONLY ONE I ANSWER TO~@ fubar (~:{tempt®e$$}:~)of The Order Of The Dragon Leveling Crew@ fubar JohnsBabyAngel~Order Of The Dragon Leveling Crew~@ fubar
I've been trying to phone her for 3 years now, and finally got through. God is soooooooooo good to me! Oh and she just got a laptop, and will be joining us soon. You'll love her, too
Help Her She Is Very Sweet
Blog Tag
TAG YOUR IT!!! Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. Tag is harder than it use to be :p 2. Good friends can make you smile even on the crappiest of days. 3. Closing your eyes does not make the world disappear. lol 4. Take a little time every day to see the world through the innocent eyes of the very young. 5. Words don't mean as much when you don't follow through with action. 6. There are no do-overs in life.. but who would really want to. 7. Big boobs aren't as fun as you would think. ;) 8. There are very few "have to dos" in this lifetime and sometimes you don't have to do 10 and can just get 8! ok ok :p 9. People are basically the same.. wanting accept
Songs I Wrote
This one was just something I had in my head. Guess I was being indecisive about things in my life. This is the result. Dream, a passion that burns you name Dig deep and try to refrain From the truth you have no name A story burns in your eyes I have compassion for you pain Grasp, a word that can explain Find the one way to say The feeling that stir inside You can't always be right In due time you will know why You know, you should go But here wait Drag out the reasons As your heart burns warm and turns to hate Bash, all those haters that try to play When you walk around in dismay Drag those feelings inside Cover them and disguise No better time to drive Ever think you can make a try Inside you know it's not right Visions that loomed in your head Imagination will turn to regret You know, you can't go Just stay here Oh no, you won't go But here wait Drag out the reasons As your heart burns warm and turns to hate Oh no, you can't go
The Ulitimate Lounge
I am finally up for auction for my very first time. The terms are great 2 months of crush and indefinate placement in my family group. Which will unlock all pics. I will rate and comment of most pics and rate pics and you during happy hour for the same amount of time. Place your bid contact me. Just to let you all know that I am making my MMA Cagefighting Professional debut sometime in mid October. I will be fighting in a televised venue out of Muncie, IN. If you are interested and would like up to date information on the venue please contact me Just to let everyone know I am schedualed to fight (MMA Cagefight) on these following days so if you are in the area come check it out. May 20, 2009- Illinois May 23, 2009- Junkyard Bar & Grill (Portage, IN) June 13, 2009- Kancikee, IN June 27, 2009- Porter County Fair Grounds (Portage, IN)
We had a promise made Four hands and then away Both under influence We had divine scent To know what to say Mind is a razorblade To call for hands up above, to lean on Wouldn't be good enough for me, oh One night of magic rush The start: a simple touch One night to push and scream And then relief Ten days of perfect tunes The colours red and blue We had a promise made We were in love To call for hands up above, to lean on Wouldn't be good enough for me, oh To call for hands up above, to lean on Wouldn't be good enough And you You knew the hand of a devil And you Kept us awake with wolves teeth Sharing different heartbeats in one night To call for hands up above, to lean on Wouldn't be good enough for me, oh To call for hands up above, to lean on Wouldn't be good enough *Lyrics By The Knife This Song Is On My Playlist.......Take A Listen If You Get A Moment
Romance And Relationships
Relationships are worth fighting for but sometimes you can't be the only one fighting. At times, people need to fight for you. If they don't, you must move on and realize what you gave them was more than they were willing to give you. Hopefully, people realize the great things they had when they are gone and don't lose something real. Always fight, until you can't anymore, and then be fought for. Missing someone is a part of loving them. If you're never apart then you will never know how strong your love really is
Right Time Wrong Man
He broke my heart like an old toy, Karma's going to be a bitch for that silly boy. Now its time to trade the part, He really shouldnt have broken my heart. Shaking hands, trembling lips, A hesitant smile as the flesh rips. Gritting teeth, squinting eyes, I wont hear anymore of his lies. Tape his mouth, State into his face, Soon his blood I will taste. Breath in deep let it out slow, All my pain he is about to know. Tie his hands,bind his feet, Now step back and take a seat. A scalpel to the nail a needle to the eye, Soon he will be begging to die. Cut off his lids so that he may see, The blade thats being controlled by me. Pop off his nails one by one, Screams of pain for all he's done. He made the bed in which he must lye, So slowly I plunge the blade deep inside. Now he knows I am not a toy, Cause I cut the heart out of that silly boy. Well I went to suprise Mitch with a brand new 250.00 cell phone and new bow, and I caught
ok let me set things straight cus apparently every1 has a different definition of fu-whore a real whore is a slut a fu-whore to me is some1 w/ more friends than they can keep track of and to know them all cum on do u really know all 600+ friends u know i dont so yea im a proud fu-whore ty to all my fu-whores
My 1st Happy Hour Resaults
Congratulations! Your happy hour was a great success: lots of people gave lots of love. You collected 1,733,814 bonus points as Happy Hour sponsor. Cheers! 253 members leveled up during your happy hour: jucaki 'Fu-ling' (2) 1runner 'Rock Star' (20) lisala 'Bad Fu' (13) cswain22 'Newfu' (1) AtYourService247 'Minion' (14) midnightracer 'Fu-ling' (2) Becca 'Chill Fu' (4) RocCityGuy 'Friend of fubar' (10) hum0u812 'Wasted Fu' (7) ashlee26 'Grasshopper' (3) SeXiiThABoMb 'Wasted Fu' (7) midwstrngirl84*co_owner@mikes_house* 'Freak' (9) Matt Holliday 'Fu-ling' (2) LiadBareBack 'Newfu' (1) m1k3 'Freak' (9) q 'Fu-ling' (2) ZO 'Chill Fu' (4) silverfox 'Twisted Fu' (6) LILCHEVYBOY FU- OWNED BY MANDY 'Bad Fu' (13) Lost Soul 'Fu-ling' (2) never good enough 'Wasted Fu' (7) nataly jones 'Fu-ling' (2) canuck 'Newfu' (1) 19mandy 'Chill Fu' (4) billy 'Newfu' (1) BlueRenamo
Get Your Mix On
Get the Drinksmixer widget! See more cocktail recipes at
A Firefighters Glove
TOP TEN REASONS TO DATE /MARRY A FIREMAN 1. We handle our hoses everyday and their the biggest around. 2. When we do somethin we do it right and we go in deep. 3. We can spread and ram anything. 4. There is always a risk of having a fire in our pants. 5. Grabin and holdin chicks is part of our job. 6. We like to work in confined spaces. 7. To us...everything is better hot and steamy. 8. We always wear protection. 9. Were not afraid to do it in public. 10. We can discharge 700 gallons a minute from our large nozzles......can you? A Firefighter’s Life! A Firefighter's Life! It may take you two minutes to read this, but if you do not take the time to read this you are one of the people this post is talking about. You stay up for 16 hours He's been for 48 straight _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. The rain in the middle of the interstate keeps him awake. __________________________ You comp
8 Ball
The one you can see but not seen. The one you can smell but not be smelt. The one you can llust but not be lusted. The one you can hear but not be heard. The one you can watch but not be watched. The one you can feel but not be felt. pick the MONTH that you were born & color of your eyes and put it on the SUBJECT LINE. Then re-post it AS YOUR OWN BULLETIN. Your friends might understand you better... ----------blue eyes----------- people with blue eyes are very attractive, adorable, loves to make new friends. will do anything for that special person. kind, and polite. can make anyone laugh or cheer them up. loves to please the one they care or love for, repost this if you have blue eyes, and you will find the one that you are meant to be with within the next 7 days. -------brown eyes------- people with brown eyes last the longest in relationships. they are very satisfying and love to please and can EXCEED your pleasure standards. not the 1 ** **** with if you repost this
St Patricks Day
      Happy St. Patricks Day!
I feel very compelled to tell you that I feel your pain. Not like others say they do but in the same way with different details. Society only grieves with us for about a week. They then give "us" about another week or two maybe. At this point all is expected to return back to normal. They however fail to realize that we didn't just lose our life partner and part of our soul, but who we were died with them. Every plan, goal and dream included went into the ground as they did. We have to start over and find the "me" without the "us" the whole time having no desire to do so. Nobody unless they have been where we are can fully understand it. They think their words of comfort and encouragement will fix it. In reality all we need is to be held and rocked. No resolutions offered just let us pour out our soul and listen. Let use share memories to give our soul confirmation that we have not lost the only thing we have left of them, their memory. You are not gone until forgotten. Our bi
Read this blog and I had to share it.. because it shares my thoughts and well it shows why I am jealous sometimes...which I am getting over and getting past...Thank you Devilsreject for this blog.
It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. It is with the bean of java that the thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shakes, the shakes become a warning It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.   How many of you live by the same code? lol
Baby Make Me Ur Personal Princess
The Horse Is Dead, But I Believe It'll Come Back. Trust Me.
So here I am again, venting random frustrations on the world after a night of no sleep. It's something to do, it's something to roll to, so why the fuck not?Before we begin, I'd like to make it clear that, as read from the title of this blog, this IS a dead horse. I AM going to beat it a bit. But only because I'm male, I want to beat my chest and proclaim to the heavens, and I simply want to let it be known.What am I venting about, you may ask. One word:MUSIC^ See the image above?Tell me what that image instills in your mind. In your soul. Hell, in your ass. Regardless of where it's instilling, it's doing SOMETHING.This is the album cover of Rage Against The Machine's The Battle For Los Angeles.Now... let's try this from another angle.This is Panic! at the Disco's I Write Sins Not Tragedies.What emotion does this evoke from your bowels? Granted, it's a pretty little piece of art. It DOES NOT say anything about what you're about to listen to, though. It doesn't make me FEEL anything.
My Feelings About September 11th
I couldn't imagine being on a plane thinking I was going home to see my family and never make it...   I couldn't imagine being in the WTC and just went to work to feed my family and the last thing I see before I die is a plane coming toward my office and not having a chance to say goodbye...   I couldn't imagine being on the floor above the plane crash and feeling like suicide was my only way out...   I couldn't imagine being a firefighter and going into the WTC to save lives and lose mine ...   I couldn't imagine waiting for my loved one to come out of the WTC only for them to never make it...   I couldn't imagine growing up without my mom or dad because a terrorist killed them for his beliefs...   COULD YOU IMAGINE?? I WILL REMEMBER  9/11 LIKE I DO MY NAME...ITS SOMETHING I CAN'T EVER FORGET!!
Flitting About
Trip to the grocery store for a pop - walking with my head down reading to see what my gas points were up to. I almost run into a cashier walking in an intercepting path with mine. I attempt to avoid plowing into her by flailing to my left, and walk directly into the path of the poor kid pushing a whole line of carts back inside the store. In an attempt to miss me, he plows his row of carts directly into the lady bringing a large selection of flowers from the outside of the store into the inside. Flowers sway ominously, but manage to stay in cart. I could NOT slink out of there fast enough!
How I Feel
Some times in our lifes we dnt get to see the whole picture. but then somethings we get to peek at it. for me peeking is all i ever get to do  i dnt see why i get treated the way i do ., my heart is so big, im the nicest person that you could ever meetbut my feeling are getin hurt here latly. and i dnt understand anymore. the ppl that are round me love me for me but then there are a few that only see me as a prize to b won. but im not im a person that wants to b loved in life. that wats to b happy with her friends and fam i jus want to hav the one man in my life i cn turn to when i need him the most and hav him love me for me not for what he will reek off me when he gets with me.. i mean .. what is it that ppl see in me anyway.. all i ever hear is a hot chick.. but my beautiy goes so much deeper then skinn deep.. i am well loved and well hated at the same time. but more less equal in both. i love you all but someone can only take so much .. my heart is broken .. more shattered then any
 2/6/2011 8:03PMI lay awake, In our room, there's nothing left just me and you. we seem so cold, distant and used. I'm all alone, even when I'm with you. I reach out for you, Though nothings there. Where'd we go? what's with this dispare?At night I cry, wondering why? Why is this love so bitter sweet? What happened to us? You tell me it's all in my head, Tonight I'll cry in our bed. I feel so numb, So left out in the cold.Where you went? I do not know.  I miss you though. You're out of reach, where does that leave me? Who'll hold me tight, As the nightmares creep in? Who'll tell me it's alright, when  I cant take it anymore? Baby it's cold, I whine and I plea, But no ones here, Not even me.
Web Design
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Pleasantly Owned
*Pleasantly Owned*I belong to Master I am whatever he desires me to be.His fantasy to use anyway he chooses.pushing me farther than I ever imagined.He makes me want to please him.He makes me want to do very naughty things.His desires guide my thoughts.I Cravehis touch, his taste, his slap.His power, control and confidence overwhelm my sensesand bring me to my knees.I tremble from his passionas his warmth settles over me.
Comfort The Disturded, Disturd The Comfortable
to whoem it maY CONCern:: you KNOW whO YOU ARE... IM sorry i was not wHAT YOU thOUght i WAS. im SORRY THat i hurt you so BADLY. BUt i deserve to BE happY TOO. AND THAT IS WHAT I WAS THINKING ABOUT . I was not happy STAYing at HOMe i was not hAPpy Stay up all hours for the NIGHT DOING NOthing BUT watching TV. i was NOT HAPPY ALways getting a guilt trip.. and listening to your whoa is me shit..... I WANT a man that CAN keeP UP WITH ME mental... i Want someONE WHO REalizeS WHAt im about... i love you boo. BUT I KNOW that we wouldn't go anywhere.. because i would be the one tyhat wants a better life and the only one working my ass off to get that.. i would not beable to have A FAMILY DUE TO THE FACT THAT IT TAKES 2 incomes to afford it... i was happy for a min and i tried to not lose it.. but my head was louder then my heart... love IS NOT ALL YOU NEED... I DON'T WANT TO LLIVE LIKE A HIPPIE GET HAND OUTS... i want the americA GOD DAMN DREAM...... i want to find my match.. i tried to be
Ct Friends
Lt/Gen John Peter Flynn passed away on March 6, 1997 at the Army Retirement Center in San Antonio, Texas. Known as "Sky" while a POW in North Vietnam, he was the Senior Ranking Officer of all the POWs. He cared about his country, his men and his honor. General Flynn believed that American POWs were left behind after cessation of hostilities in Vietnam and he based that belief on information he learned as a member of the Tighe Commission. A man of honor and of great personal courage, he held his beliefs to the end and never faltered in his resolve to obtain a full and accurate accounting. He will be missed, but the fight must go on to get the answers from the governments of the US, Vietnam, Kampuchea (Cambodia), Laos, China, Cuba and the former Soviet Union. WE CAN GET THE ANSWERS IF WE ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS! Every day, the president, vice-president, senators, congressional representatives and a variety of appointed government officials are asked to respond
Daily Wishes
Get more at Wishing you all a wonderful Friday. And an even better weekend!!! Tonsa Hugs & Lotsa Luv!!!!! Just wanted to say hello....I am not leaving again I just haven't been on much in the past few days cuz I am battling this stupid stomach flu that is going around where I live. I am feeling a little better today but not 100% yet and I hate it...but I will catch up with everyone once I am better, I promise. *Tonsa Hugs and Lotsa Luv* to you all!!!!! Wishing everyone a happy Thursday!! Hope you all have a great day!! Tonsa Hugs & Lotsa Luv to you all!!!!!!!!!
Letters From Bad Santa
New Years
and sound here.. i hope all of you had a great nite. i know i did.. i love it.. even tho my date didnt show up.. and when he did he brought two other woman.. MEN!!!!! so lets here how you all nite when.. New Years... please be safe.. i dont want to loose anymore friends... BE SAFE!!!! PLEASE CHECK IN TOMMORROW AND LET ME KNOW THAT YOU ALL ARE SAFE AND SOUND.. AND TELL ME ABOUT YOUR NITE.. LOVE U ALL... ITS NOW PARTY OUR ASSES OFF TIME.. I SURE NEED IT... Hey my sexy friends... Whats up? Will we got 4 more wounderful days before 2007.. I\'m so excited.... so again.. please tell me your plans for your New Years??? Me im goin to go party my ass off then come home and make a speacial dinner. Feel free to leave your comments i love reading them
T-shirts Racing Stuff
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My Website
U know who u r and ur such a point whore!! Kisses!! Get your own countdown at I'm sssooooo bored!! Someone talk to me!
My Friends Answer These Questions
01] I _____ Kerry. 02] Kerry is _____. 03] If I were alone in a room with Kerry, I would _____. 04] I think Kerry should _____. 05] Kerry needs _____. 06] I want to _____Kerry 07] Someday Kerry will ___. 08] Kerry reminds me of _____. 09] Without Kerry _____. 10] My memories of Kerry are _____. 11] Kerry can be _____. 12] The Worst thing about Kerry is _____. 13] The best thing about Kerry is _____. 14] I am _____ with Kerry. 15] One thing i would like to know about Kerry is _____. 16] Kerry should go and _____. 17] Kerry _____ me. 1.)Q. Can you cook? 1.)A. 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 2.)A. 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 3.)A 4.)Q.If I bought you a drink what would it be 4.)A. 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 5.)A. 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 6.)A. 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you ? 7.)A. 8.)Q
Just Stuff...
Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally challenged, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion? Read the next question before looking at the response for this one. Question 2: It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three candidates. Who would you vote for? Candidate A. Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologist. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day. Candidate B. He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening. Candidate C He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife. Which of these candidates would be our choice?
A Friends Contest
My girl friend is in a contest can you plzz help out rate and comment her pic if you could i will try to keep up with everyone that has been there and show them some love also ty :)
Us Navy Seal Vs Atheist
Two things Navy SEALS are always taught: 1. Keep your priorities in order 2. Know when to act without hesitation A college professor, an avowed atheist and active in the ACLU, was teaching his class He shocked several of his students when he flatly stated that once and for all he was going to prove there was no God. Addressing the ceiling he shouted: "GOD, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes". The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by. " I'm waiting God, if you're real knock me off this platform!!!!" Again after 4 minutes, the professor taunted God saying, "Here I am, God!!! I'm still waiting!!!" His count down got down to the last couple of minutes when a SEAL, just released from the Navy after serving in Afghanistan and Iraq and newly registered in the class, walked
Dane Cook
We did it! Actually, YOU did it!! We have officially hit 2 million friends on MySpace! Making me the first person to do so! You know what happens when you hit that kind of goal?? You have a PARTY at my house! Consider this your official, gold engraved cyber invitation to the newest Dane Cook MySpace page! So what do the guests get when they go to a party? That's right treats!! So here's my "virtual" goody bag for you! In honor of this momentous occasion - that I have YOU to thank for - I have some surprises in store. A NEW MySpace page, redesigned with you in mind. NEW content. NEW news. NEW comedy (what? Huh? Did someone mention a new CD?) And yep, NEW movies!! As part of my tingling scalp of thanks, I've given you exclusive access to SPIRAL & 8 GUYS two of my first films! A facelift of is in the works too, and I'm pumped for you to see how A-LIVE things will become. When I try to wrap my head around TWO MIL
My Partner
im so fing tired of my job, of my life, of my house, of ppl, of my friends saying they will be there and then when i need them they aren't, im tired of loving a woman and not being able to be with her, im tired of not having my own car, im tired of being sick, and people talking shit, im tired of trying to help ppl and not being appreciated for it, im tired of my emotions and feelings,im tired of being spyed on and not trusted,im tired of being broke all the time, and having bills i can't pay, im tired of being blamed for ish i havent done, and im tired of other people trying to control my life,im tired of people telling me what i should and should not do, im tired of ppl trying to control my life,im tired of everything and everyone, im tired of feeling like im being walked on and im tired of feeling anything at all my partner she treats me right my partner wont hurt me my partner shows me the stars and moon everytime we are togeather my partner watchs out for our truck my partne
Men! And Woman! Lol
I swear Im like crack lol. freakin guys talk to me and they get hooked. Im highly addictive. but you see I dont mind being guys friends and screwin a couple and shit but the thing at i hate is when they start getting feelings for me it tares me up. I mean i dont want any one getting feelings for me. My life is just a little troublesom and i dont wanna add more. i even tell the guys if i wanna try to have something with you i let you know because i dont wanna have some fling and waste my time i only want to actually be with someone if i think there is something worth while there that i want. other than that i just wanna me friends. i mean i may play around and shit about the whole girl friend thing but doesnt mean that im serious and if your kinda ify just ask because ill tell you want i think just gotta ask the right questions. its not all that hard im not complacaided like most people i just think different. You are my freak. You are my obsession. The way you tease me and whisper
Your Laugh For Today
Subject: He's a goner > A man and a woman were dating. She being of a religious > nature had held back the worldly pleasure that he > wanted from her so bad. In fact, he had never even > seen her naked. > > One day, as they drove down the freeway, > she remarked about his slow driving habits. > > "I can't stand it anymore," she told him. "Let's play a game. For > every 5 miles per hour over the speed limit you drive, I"ll > remove one piece of clothing. > > He enthusiastically agreed and sped up the car. > He reached the 55 MPH mark, so she took off her blouse. > At 60 off came the pants. > At 65 it was her bra and at 70 her panties. > > Now seeing her naked for the first time and traveling faster than > he ever had before, he became very excited and lost control of the > car. He veered off the road, went over an embankment and hit a > tree. His girlfriend was not hurt but he was trapped. She tried > to pull him free but alas he was stuck. > > "Go to the ro
So Sad
Make Sure Your Volume Is Turned Up!Turn On Volumethey'd go to the beach hold hands and collect shells and make sand castles even though they were young this was a start of somthing new but one day after mandy's 6th birthday billy came up to her and said will you be my girlfriend and she agreed they sat there by the pond and they promised Forever.they hugged they kissed and their mom and dad's knew they were perfect.everyday as they grew older their love kept growing strongerthey became teenagers and they were loving better than everthey spent their summers togetherthey had sleepovers and they were the best of freinds and loversthey loved everywhere .even if they were miles apartit was perfect. years past and passed and they got marriedone day after billy got home from work mandy had some breaking newsshe was pregnant with a baby on june 22nd she gave birth to a beautiful baby girlshe grew bigger and bigger and soonmandy knew she was pregnant againshe gave birth to a beautiful baby boy
Sending Out A Funny
Last night, my wife and I were sitting in the living room seriously discussing a Living Will. I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." She got up, unplugged the TV and then threw out my beer. She's Such A Bitch.... NEW MENS VALENTINE'S DAY? Every 14th of February you get the chance to display your fondness for your wife or girlfriend by showering her with gifts, flowers, dinner, shows and any other baubles that women find romantic. Secretly...guys feel left out. That's right...left out. There's no special holiday for the ladies to show their appreciation for the men in their life. Men as a whole are either too proud or just too embarrassed to admit it. This is why a new holiday has been created. March 20th is now officially 'Steak, Blow job & Shut the Fuck Up Day.' Simple, effective and self-explanatory...this holiday has been created so you ladies can
Tracy Doll
I just feel so happy just now,ive got my son Daniel back yestarday from Iraq. when i seen him get of that bus i cryed like a big baby mind u he was crying as well, i held him so tight i did not want to let him go lol. i feel as if im on top of the world and i wanted to share this with you all xxx LOVE IS SPECIAL WE ALL NEED LOVE, SO LOVE EVERYONE AND U WILL GET LOVE.
Love sat down beside me Love sat down beside me I did not know what to do It became a puzzle To be solved. How do you recognize the Beloved When he sits down beside you When she looks at you Do you know Each body thinks it knows The layers all think they know But I did not know It was a surprise. Intimate conversation is always a surprise Talking to yourself Listening to yourself reply Ears hearing Eyes softening Heart listening. Needing to be quiet and allow The voice of Love to speak. Spiraling between desire need and Calm acceptance Eager struggle and Serene observation Touching Love Holding hands with yourself Your other yourself. The Beloved wants to be known As itself, as it knows itself And creates a delicious requirement of morality and fantasy And tricks the Lover into revelation Exquisite revelation And then retreats to see What will happen How will this develop. So today I feel like breaking rules Tomorrow, well who knows When the
Number 10. You're guaranteed to get at least a little something in the sack. Number 9. Once you've done it, you don't have to wait an hour to do it again. Number 8. The uglier you look, the more likely you'll get some. Number 7. You don't have to make small talk with the person who gave you the treat. Number 6. The person giving it to you isn't fantasizing that you are someone else. Number 5. If you get a stomach ache, it won't last for 9 months. Number 4. If you wear a mask, no one thinks you're kinky. Number 3. It doesn't matter if the kids hear you moaning and groaning. Number 2. The next day you don't have to call the person that gave it to you. And the ..Number 1 reason trick-or- treating is better than sex..... Number 1. If you don't get what you want, you can always go next door!! Happy Trick or Treating everyone! 1.) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2.) Five
My Lyrics
In my dreams I'm a goddess And you are a shepard Our love is the pasture But I can't put you to sleep I dream I'm a siren And you are a sailor I sing you a love song And pull you in deep So who took out the movie Right before I could hit play And made me realise This is my life I saw him from a distance Cuz he stuck out from the crowd At first we were just friends But he kept tearing me down He said he's not like the others And he won't let me get hurt But the rest had all said that Which sent up the alert If it's just a game If I'm just your toy Then it's just your name Lost from my voice If your just the same Then your just a choice It's such a shame That your just a boy I'm an angel on my own Trying to find my way back home Can't fall in love all alone Allah I feel my heart get colder Each day that I grow older Can't sit on my own shoulder Allah I feel this anger building In a heart thats willing Can't tell if it's worth killing Allah Let
Locked Up.....
Fun Stuff
It's harder than it looks! *Use the 1st letter of your LAST name to answer each of the following...(*They have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up!) Use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. (WHICH BY THE WAY IS HARD IF YOU ALREADY READ THEIR ANSWERS) You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl. 1. What is your last name?............... Wisnefske 2. 4 letter word.............................. Word! 3. Vehicle: ..................................Willys Custom 4. City / Neighborhood: ...............Waunakee, WI (only one of that city in america) 5. Boy Name: ...............................Wayne 6. Girl Name: ................................. Winona 7. Occupation: ............................Welcomer 8. Something you wear:..................Water Skis 9. Food: .....................................Wok Style Stir Fry 10. Found in a bathroom:...........Water... 11. Reason for Being Late...........Wasn't the
Adult - Naked Tetris
............... Poems of my heart ............... Butterfly..... Be forever mine Until the end of time Take me into your arms Tempting me with your charms Echoing your love to me Reaching for you endlessly Following my hearts desire Laying with you by the fire You touch me with such love Special you are I thank the stars above.... Hugs........ How sweet you are Unique as a star Goodness in your heart Special to me from the start Smooch......... Sexy and bad to the bone Make love to me all night long Often thinking of you Oh I know my love is so true Close to my heart you will stay How I wish to be with you everyday........... Hearts........ Hot and horny thinking of you Each thought sticks in my mind like glue All my love is here to stay Reach for me and come my way True love stands the test of time So beautiful and bright you shine.......... KISS......... Keepin
Come on show me how much u luv me!
My Best Friends!
Come own this wonderful lady! It is her first time up on the auction block! Do you want to own someone sweet, caring, giving, and really fun to be around? Well here is your chance! This is her first time up on the auction block and she is a bit nervous! So go show her some love and bid on her. She is a wonderful person to know. Also as the bids go up higher and higher so will the offers!!! This Pimpout Brought To You By! Miss Crys~Shadow Levelers~@ fubar Want to know a awesome person? Then check out ArchAngel! Have you met Archangel yet? If not you really should. He is a great guy and a great friend! He is always there if you need someone and always willing to chat to you! If you do not already have him added please go and do so. You don't know what you're missing! Rate, Fan, Add, and Crush him! Also bling him! He loves bling! Tell him I sent ya! Archangel@ fubar This Pimpout Brought To You By! Miss Crys~Shadow Leveler
15 Things
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to let them know that they've been tagged, and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I now work-out 5 days a week to lose my "extra baggage" 2. I have zero drama in my life. And will always avoid those tring to bring me drama 3. I don't like children (outside of family) and will never have them. 4. I love to travel and will one day see the world. 5. I forget to call people back (alot) 6. I love sports / Most crime shows / animals / Music 7. Duh, I sing alot of Karaoke 8. I typically don't have a problem with saying whats on my mind, and I'm usually very polite about it (mainly becuase people hate that). 9. I'm very good at debates. 10. I have about 7 GREAT friends that I really care about, and I'm happy with that (I wo
    Have you met Sultry?? Go show her mad love!! What have you got to lose... Just look at this woman!!! Tell her Unbreakable sent you!!
I hate stupid people. One in particular that I hate thinks she has the right to try and break up my boyfriend and me all because we told her to leave us alone because she was flirting with him and it was making us both angry. She even wanted to ruin my friendships and my life as well just because I refuse to talk to her about it. She said she didn't want my man yet she threatens to break us up. I tell her nothing in this univrese let alone the galaxy could ever split us up so she goes after my friends and the rest of my life. talk about a lying jealous bitch. Not to mention that my ex wants to get back with me only because I have a serious boyfriend whom our daughter calls daddy. He will be her daddy soon. Hopefully by next year at the latest. She wants nothing to do with him and makes it very well known. Why can't people just go away when they know they are unwanted? Why do they try to be persistant? doesn't he know that he has lost us for good? Doesn't she know that I'm always going
Thinking About ........
own me or another wicked intentions member..... check out the auction pics on my ends 7 pm cst tuesday july 29
Bout My Life
BULLHAULER Freight you say? We'd rather take a bullet Cuz if it ain't full of holes we just won't pull it Those fat-belly freight haulers like those big long hauls They have to do that cuz they just have no balls They bitch & they moan & say our rigs smell Well if you ask me they can all go to hell They say we're all crazy & drive way too fast Just shut your damn pie holes & let me pass And oh by the way... pucker up buttercup & kiss my cowboy ass! Hearts of gold & nerves of steel In one hand a hotshot the other the wheel We take our critters cross mountain, desert & plain, all with great skill & poise Guess that's why they call us the last of the cowboys We don't hang out in truckstops or get caught sleepin, this we can't abide It all stems from a little thing called pride We don't ask for glory or lots of money in the bank Just cows that need a ride and fuel in our tank The ladi
Written For Him And Only Him
Begging for the touch of her Master Always submissive wanting more, He led her through the bedroom Walking her all fours on the floor. He pulls her collar closer to his firmness He slaps her cheek's with its delight, Attaching her lead to a hook On her breasts he start's to bite. She stands naked amongst the flickering light Of scented candles burning, Surrounded by the smell of sandalwood; To be his pet she is yearning. For total domination she craves Releasing submissive sigh's of pleasure, He caresses her curves smoothly With a shiny whip of leather. Taunting her flesh with his tongue, Biting, pinching with his teeth, He pulls her legs apart Rubbing the whip between her thighs From underneath. Her glistening dampness adorns The shining whip, He runs it up past her naval Around her nipples Stopping at her lip, She begs for the pleasured pain In the master slave game Saying she will obey In the games they want to play. Telling her to become
Good-bye My Lil Man.
Your little almost lifeless body lays here on my chest, With your gaze long gone from this life, Your breath so shallow & slow, As I hold you close within my embrace, I pet your tiny body softly, The pain in my heart grows deeper with every second that passes by, You nudge my chin with your tiny little head, As you cry out to me with the softest voice, Just before you take your last breath, I shake my head screaming... no you can't go!!! The tears then flow like a thunder storm down my cheeks, Staining them with the sorrow and loss, I continue to hold your lifeless body to mine not wanting to let go, I look down upon your angelic face, My words whisper softly & full of pain, My lil guy I love you so much! I don'know why you have been taken from me, I know I will never fully understand, Just know my lil friend, In my heart you will always be, Now you are at peace, Your body not in pain, I place a kiss upon your lil head, And whisper good-bye my sweet lil man, I w
"never Ending War "lyric's By (((freak)))
""NEVER ENDING WAR" bombs! exploding, chemical warfare, weapons of mass destruction , blood ever where ,bodies buried, where they fall,death trap, pure hatred!!..... , look around this is are never ending war. fight, kill, destroy ,tear them down ,violences!.... this is the only way out!!..... standing by the graves of are falling solders they gave up their lives for are freedom !! we give are respect to those who died for us now it's time to stop this fucking war!! stabbed in the heart by are enemy's !! extreme judgment we will prevail walking away is not a option so we turn to hate!!.... hate!!..are enemies hate!! the only truth hate!!..can only happen from those who hate u fight, kill, destroy ,violence is are only way out !! now were stomping on the graves of are enemies we destroy lives for are freedom this is how we speak are mind . stabbed in the heart by are enemy's !! extreme judgment we will prevail walking away i
About The Group (a Lil Journal)
Mrs.Samm ~Dangerous Curves~Member Alrighty Ladies We Have Our 1st Birthday Coming Up, And So far Its The Only ONe I see ON The Chart! Mrs. Samms Birthday Is November The 22nd So Lets Show Her Lots Of Love!!!
Things Do Get Better
After 2 years 3 months and so many days, I finally got a place of my own. It's been a long f***ing time to say the least. I went from having it all to having nothing and I've finally managed to climb back up this far. If I can pull this sort of apparent miracle off, anybody can. Whoever reads this, keep your chin up.
Auto 11 Auction
Today as per usual I was mumming. I was having a joke with a friend about haveing a cock which tasted of chill and cheese. She called me a freak, I accept that. Said friend then received a message from somebody in the mumm, stating that she got it right and that I was a whack job. Am I ????? I sure do hope so.
The Husband Store A brand new store has just opened in New York City that sells Husbands. When women go to choose a husband, they have to follow the instructions at the entrance:- "You may visit this store ONLY ONCE! There are 6 floors and the value of the products increase as you ascend the flights. You may choose any item from a particular floor, or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you CANNOT go back down except to exit the building! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband. On the 1st floor the sign on the door reads: Floor 1 - These men have jobs. The 2nd floor sign reads: Floor 2 - These men Have Jobs and Love Kids. The 3rd floor sign reads: Floor 3 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids and are extremely good looking. "Wow," she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going. She goes to the 4th floor and the sign reads: Floor 4 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Good Looking and Help with Housework. "Oh, me
So Unpop
this is how pathtic i am somtimes i have one person that has a crush on me in fubar i have many fans and many friends i have one main crush but yet NOONE crushes me that sucks lol talk about a low hit but it is ok the main consern here is that I LOVE one and love making friends with all ..........and yes i forgot to use spell check lol YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO PARTY IN YOUR HONOR THIS PARTY IS TO CELEBRATE YOU BEING IN MY LIFE AS A DEAR FRIEND AND WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO BE THERE TO SUPPORT ME AS YOU HAVE FOR SO LONG NOW TIME IS 10PM EST LOCATION IS WICKED REFLECTIONS MY FAVORITE DJ WILL BE THERE FOR ALL ENJOYMENT SO PLEASE COME AND PARTY WITH ME AND MANY OTHERS SEE YOU THERE JUST CLICK THE INVITE AND YOU ARE THERE FRIENDS ARE WELCOME THE MORE THE MARRIER WICKED REFLECTIONS
My Owner
Went into town and dropped off some mail at the post office came back home, come up over the railroad tracks in town and hit a bump coming off of the tracks and went to brake as i was turning left but instead i didn't manage to get my foot on the brake and hit the accelerator and spun the tires and ran into a mailbox on the right side of the road and tried to recorrect the car and then over-corrected it as i came back onto the road and saw a truck coming about 300ft in front of me coming from the corner and over-corrected and rolled the vehical and landed back on my tires facing the opposite direction of the way i was coming. I'm fine, noone was hurt thankfully including myself, i walk away from it with a rash from the neck seatbeat and a bruise on my left side, and very shaken, but other then that i'm fine.
in life there are many turns of events and disappointments.. but honestly i think thats all its cracked up to be..   Never put yourself in a vulnerable position.. its not worth it EVER.. never let your guard down.. never give it all away..   and i never will...    
Swine Flu?
So, James was deleted with no explanation. After spending hundreds of dollars, and countless hours on this site, as well as shamelessly promoting it to level to 30, it no longer seems worth it. I have some bling to get rid of. I have some tickers to run. I need to get contact info from some of you.  I'll be around for a few days to get these things, and then I'm done. I'm not being emo because someone upset me.  This site has simply pissed me off. Just because it pissed me off though, doesn't mean that YOU sholdn't enjoy it.  
Maggot Flaggers!
I Am Totally Fed Up Of Fubar Crap!!!
I detest my friends getting deleted, I hate the fact that they don't obviously have the freedom of speech that their constitution allows them. And that the same company who deletes their accounts for saying something inappropriate; will then allow NSFW pictures as there 'Happy Hour'. I can assure the company that if people are at work, it isn't the scribblings of some random mummer, but the tits of a porn queen they are looking at.   The hypocrisy boils my piss. Delete me if you wish, I couldn't give a fuck anymore.   Oh yeah, I can whinge if I want and I will continue to do so, if I feel it is necessary. If you want to bow down to authority then kiss my arse on the way !!!!
Note To Self!
Note to self: NEVER QUIT!! There is this lady who thought she could take away my fu hubby and my fu lover. In the last few weeks this lady and I have been in a pissing contest. I believe im winning! Needless to say after one upping her on bling and blasts and threats off all sorts, she topped me by buying me a HH. She thought she had me I would bend to her will, she implored me to say Uncle.. I SAY NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO i bought her a HH as well, You will see us tomorrow together. Please so I can win just go hit her like mad.... I will not bend, nor break I will win SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feeling Under The Blue Lately
Sorry not been much of  a friend lately.. just not been feeling up to being on here much lately. Just want to say thank you to the very few who actually show me love on here lately.  I appreciate everything you do..and for who you are. I have thought of deleiting ..but I know I will regret it once I have. Anyways..just wanted to say thank you again..for being there. xoxo
World Events
a thousand questions - injustice from Kristian Martens on Vimeo. Q'Orianka Kilcher reads Rita Lasar, "To Avoid Another September 11, U.S. Must Join the World" (September 5, 2002) from Voices of a People's History on Vimeo. Q'Orianka Kilcher reads Rita Lasar, "To Avoid Another September 11, U.S. Must Join the World" (September 5, 2002) by Voices of a People's History
My Broken Heart          Way Too LongHere I am again  just me inside my mindKnowing it necessary to go back in time  not as complicated as I would have it seemBlood paved roads leading to lost dreams  never thought I would have what it takesYet all that time, I never would break  what dont kill you only makes you strongerWell it seems to me it just takes longer  pieces of me are born while other pieces dieRest in peace, and whatever you do, dont cry  fighting, always trying to find my groove Always on the edge, not daring to move  a matter of time before I would fallExquisite pain, meaning nothing at all  thunder and lightning, beatiful blood red skiesCalm before the storm brewing in my eyes  lies dressed up pretty, all home grownSmoke and broken mirrors, all to call my own  my fun house constructed and built of bloodMaking me doubt myself and all I love  new dreams now having me hypnotizedLooking into my mind, I sit mesmorize
Everything Else...;)
A little bit of venting..or bitching however you want to take it.  Yes even I have those days. :)  Lets start off with..I am old school FU..been here almost 2 years...and I like the old ways.  I am where I am on here not because of people buying me stuff. or HH after HH...blast after balst..or ticker after ticker.  I got here from the help of my friends and to that THANK YOU ALL. I do like to level..but as I see with this is GREED and the abuse of friendships; I am not sure if I really give a shit about leveling. OVA a BILL to get a spotlight!!! thats fukking ridiculous!!  As my stat once said.." There is a person on the other side of the computer screen..with that said, there are feelings and a heart, not just a credit card and wallet."  People have to work hard now with all the shit that is going onwith our economy.  I know some of you just dont give a shit..but KARMA is a bitch. Remember that! Im not saying that people shouldnt spend money on what they want...but dont
Devils Rejects Cam Rules
Devils Rejects Cam Rules 1. All non-staff members that wish to be on cam must first be approved by management. 2. Absolutley no flashing of any kind live on cam. 3. Absolutley no smoking, snorting, shooting, inhaling, eating, drinking, swallowing or booty bumping of any illegal substance while live on cam. 4. If you are male and whish to be on cam you must be shirtless only exception is if you have moobs that fill anything over a B cup. Back hair is also unexceptable. 5. All female cleavage must first be inspected and approved by a male staff member before its appearance on cam.
Life Is A Big Stage!
5:50pmreplybill: ur hot u gopt yahoop  cancelChat.. 5:51pmmoreTo bill: thank you, but I don't give out my yahoo to strangers.  cancelChat.. 5:51pmreplybill: please  cancelChat.. 5:51pmmoreTo bill: sorry.  cancelChat.. 5:52pmreplybill: im hung  cancelChat.. 5:52pmmoreTo bill: how nice for you  cancelChat.. 5:53pmreplybill: ud like it
The Glow Radio's Annual Halloween Bash
The Glow Radio Annual Halloween Bash Saturday Oct. 30th & Sunday Oct. 31 24 Hours of Stacked DJs   Saturday October 30th All Times are Eastern Time   DJ Blizzard: 10am to Noon DJ Siren: Noon to 2pm Deejay Dovey: 2pm to 4pm DJ Summer: 4pm to 6pm DJ Rev Furg & Thee Witch's Special Halloween Show 6pm to 10pm Tony the Misfit's "Freak Show" 10pm to Midnight Sunday October 31st James Bound: Midnight to 4am Tony the Misfit's "Freak Show" 4am to 7am
Iam looking for dear friend fore friendship plz join me!
Prositution On Fubar ? Wtf
Finals are done tomorrow. Pats myself on the back. Ready for Christmas. Now to what I am referring to. I am just going to be as blunt as fuck and I don't give a fuck if it pisses you off or not. If it makes you mad then you must be one of those that do it. I actually took the time to go to a few of my friends page today and look at there photos. I saw albums upon albums basically saying you want in send me credits or this bling or that. I was sickened to my stomach. You can call me whatever the fuck you wish to call me but a fucking whore I am not. I respect myself more than prosituting my pussy or ass or breast out there for all to see. I am a highly sexual person but there is no way I would personally lower my standards. I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend etc: . There is no fucking way I could downgrade myself as some of you have. If I have hit a nerve then the fucking truth hurts. The same goes for men that do this. There are porn sites you can get this shit for free or fuc
Love Ya
Broken Hearted Tuesday, February 01, 2005 Mood:~crying~ Your in a relationship You think WOW i have a great partner. Then after awhile things start falling apart. There is so many mixed feeling with in you. As a lady you start feeling your wanted,loved,or needed You feel empty inside The one's you love Just take you for granted They treat you like your a nobody. You are walked on & used. You just keep thinking " What am i doing wrong" You try alittle harder. Then you realize that you have had enough Your tired of the guilt Your sad because other's are being used To make to give up on the hope's & dream's you have. Then one day you wake up & decided enough with all of this. You have to do what make's you happy within your heart. You decide that no more guilt trip's No more using other's to get over one you. You finally realize that your happiness is very important to yourself. The 1st one who come's before anyone is God The 2nd is the love
Ok this is my little Gothic side. I love Vampire, Werewolves, and monster movies. so here are some wicked Movies i find great. Queen of the damned (already said it but yes), Underworld(1 and 2), Van Helsing, Interview with a Vampire, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corps bride, Sleep Hallow, The Crow, Lord of the rings, and Harry Potter. Most of these movies are books as well and i have to say read the books first before the movies. The Usual Suspect, Pulp Fiction, Boondock saints, Queen of the damned, and Interview with a Vampire. These are recommand for 16 and up i think you would enjoy them they're Action movies in a good way so rent them and try them out.
Wandering Thoughts
So, okay... What would you beautiful people like to know about me? Anything? Anything at all. I'll answer any questions you have about me. :) I don't get to come on here very often. And, when I do, my attention is usually divided. So, I'd like to be able to open up however I can. Wanna see more pics of me? Lemme know! Wanna see more of my art? Just say the word. :) Want me to shut up and just keep leaving high ratings? I can do that, too. (Although, I would like to keep in touch SOMEHOW. :P) Well, it looks like I got enough points to at least go up one rank. But, it doesn't look like that's happening. Anybody know why? :P Or, am I just being impatient? (Wouldn't be the first time if I was. :P)
Hum...its Time
You is such a fucked up thing.....its odd how you think that you find someone that is just great for you and for some ODD reason, it just doesn't work out....I tell my friends that I got thru men as often as I do underwear, but I just don't get it! Maybe I'm alittle too picky when it comes to what I want, but is there really anything wrong with that? Hell, marriage one sucked and I didn't want any of that every again....One of the last guys I dated, things were okay for a few weeks..then it was all over....there wasn't any time for me to say..oh my gosh..what happened..NOR did I want too..he was outta my life and YES...I was on to the next guy....Hum..just seems that maybe I've had things alittle fucked up in my mind...but good news for me..I think I'm all straight on it..and its time to settle down.....WOOHOO! Go me! lets see just how long that really lasts and see if I can find a guy that can truely make me HAPPY! Ready or I come! MUAH! Well, life i
Family Issues
at 6:30pm tonight my grandfather passed away. everybody, children, brothers, sisters, grandchildren have been in and out of this house for the past 5 days and today...after some had left and others walked outside to smoke a cig....he passed on. so now he is a place where there is no more suffering and where he can once again meet up with my grandma. i love you grandpa...and i will never forget that you love me too. may you rest in piece. its scary how fast it can happen....just this last wednesday he was up and watching walker, texas ranger and joking around with my mom and i....then a few hours of sleep on everybodys part and it all starts going down hill, he isnt speaking at all now, he cant even enjoy a cig. or a shot of brandy. his eyes remain shut but his chest continues to move up and down. he is no longer there but his body hasnt let go yet. and its hard because all i have is family right now, and what few friends i have....i need a shoulder to cry on or just someone who can h
Blog Anyone?
Wow there is so much to do on this site, I am having a blast. Thanks to everyone that has made it fun so far! I look forward to spending a good amount of time on this site. -Ari Sorry I haven't been around much. I got a new job and I'm training. I hope to have more opportunities to come on Tap soon. -Ari I was making this post to my other blog and got a timeout and then it said "invalid blog" I woulda been soo pissed if all that had gone away... Has something like this happened to anyone else?
Random Stuff
I was tagged by CutieRozie Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment them so they will check the blog for details.(6+6+6 ?) Here Goes: (in no particular order) 1.) I like watching sports center like 24-7 2.) I NEVER wear shoes in the house. 3.) I really hate traffic. 4.) I hate getting carded when i am dayum near 30 lol 5.) I have a habbit of being to NICE to people. 6.) Boxers never briefs lol I TAG Crys Amber Robyn JoJo HoneySuckleLips Kati
I alos have my poetry in my blogs which have been read,rated,and commented very few times.I know its dark and morbid but its the best way to get to know me.Please read,arte,and comment for will make me very happy...I'm depressed tonight(and no I don't wanna talk).Just do me these favors and I will be happy.Thanx alot. *hugs and kisses*
I pick it up, and look it over, a bit rusty. I balance it on my hand, the blade is heavier. I swing it to see how well it cuts, very jagged. I look it up and down, and it looks like something from a horror movie... My mouth spreads into an evil grin... THIS..... is perfect!! This is MY hatchette, given to me by a refined Juggalo. It is not normal, it is rusty, out of balance, doesn't cut straight, and looks horrid... That is perfect for what I will be using it for. I now have my weapon, and my proclomation, I will never die, as Family never does. hehe..hehehaha....MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, I am still living with mother, and as a result of that, no matter how old I am, I am not to put a pic of myself on the internet, as her house, her rules, thus for, I am moving OUT in April of 2007, and then I WILL have pics of myself up here, and everywhere else. Loves and huggles all. Ok, Hi I am new, loves to all. ^.^ Just thought I would say hi. :: glomps ::
Humor Of The Day
I am sending this to you to see how many actually read their blogs.Your response will be interesting. Pay attention to what you read. After you have finished reading it, you will know the reason it was sent to you. Here goes: People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has bee
Need Comments
if your looking to see my nsf since so many have asked. you need to check out two of my friends and family and rate all there pics, then donate 10000 fubucs to my drinking fund. plus donate 5000 fubucs to the other two and tell them suzie sent ya. then asked to be added to family and get them to say you did all of that. this sexy gal is bored,.. wanna dance with me ladies hi everyone! well, as of this moment im in second place with 17,110 votes. first place is lil devil with 17,490 thanks to everyone who has helped me! you guys seriously rock!!! if you havent stopped by yet...please do! every rate and comment counts!!!! if you have a few minutes to kill drop some lovin on meeeeeeee! i need all i can get to win. CLICK PHOTO TO VOTE (rate and comment) thanks again guys!! **muahs**
Im Sick And Tired
Ahh the miracles of life. How much joy it brings to others and mothers. Kids are cool sometimes cause you always have to be on your toes. Always make sure they aren't starting a fire or being crazy with a knife. Personally i hope i have kids one day but you never know.. maybe I'll have a woman that will make me fall completely in love and ill just care about her. I'm pretty relaxed cause i took a nice drive back from a friends house. Pretty cool hanging around town. Especially when you don't know your way around. I feel bad but thats cause I overwhelmed myself with being happy... idk.. being around people you are attracted to and they don't feel the same its just how it is cause life is filled with bumps and bruises.. ~Timmy~ ps..have a good week..i hope its warm im tried of being here.. this job is just too anal about time and not being able to just take ur eyes off the screen.. I need to go back to accounting asap.. oh well.. another thing to worry about oh yeah
* Kee - Ra - Sha * Pillar Of Light * Silver Cord * Um Shaddai Ur *
********************************************************************************************* Kee-Ra-ShA ********************************************************************************************* (Kundalini Energy - Pillar of Light - Silver Cord - Um Shaddai Ur) The 3 Primal Creation Frequencies - Primary Light Fields - or Currents: the Kee-Ra-ShA. When ALL of the frequencies within the 3 embodied Kundalini Currents, the 4th Kundalini Current - The Kee-Ra-ShA is activated. Activation of the Kee-Ra-ShA anchors the 12th Dimensional HYDROPLASMIC BEAM within the body, initiating the process of Cellular Transmutation and intentional de-manifestation and Dimensional Ascension of the human biological form. The Kee-Ra-ShA 3 Primal Light Fields are often called the Um Shaddai Ur (Pillar of First Cause Light), from which the 12 Rays of the Universal Kundalini Life Force Currents emerge. (Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide – Page 16, 17) Primary Light Fields (Lif
My Blog
Wanna Hear Me Scream?
For those that haven't talked to me in a while, I've got great news. I finally found the motivation to get things back on track. Last June I slowly let my life fall apart when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. As a result of that I let myself get out of shape and I gained back the 50 pounds I had lost years ago plus some extra. I am proud to say that on February 26th (6 weeks ago) I started eating right again and as of today I was down 20 pounds, only 50 more to go. :) I was able to put on a pair of jeans I bought last August but never fit. I've been going strong and have felt no real desire to cheat. My goal has been 1600-1800 calories per day and 30 carbs and I consistantly stay on target every day. Tonight I did my first real workout in over a year. I'm exhausted but it feels great. I bought a balance ball and 2 pound weights for sculpting and worked out in the basement. Superman stretches, stomach crunches with the weights, push ups, bicep pushes, leg lifts, s
Goin Away
No hospital til 6 weeks time..grrrr.They double booked me so im here for another 6 so come show me some luv ;) n il do the same back. Hey all..i wont be around after tomorrow (tuesday)as im goin into hospital for a couple of days for tests.Im epileptic and my fits have got worse n they need to be sorted so have fun n try to cherrytappers mwahhhh.
gee golly this song is super swell initt?
More Words Of Wisdom
"When a man has compassion for others, God has compassion for him." Talmud
Great Moments From My Shoutbox
this made me shudder..... sanchristo...: hi, i am 30 m from germany. i get turned on, when i am wearing button down shirts, rubber pants or my selfmade plastic wear. i wanna show my fetishism to other people Everyday theres multiple Mumms about "am I hot.. cute. fuckable..." etc this is one that took offense to my lil pic I gave him instead of being my charming self. -As usual read from bottom up.. Im too lazy to change it.- SmokeDrago...: im not begging lol ->SmokeDrago...: chill with the begging... SmokeDrago...: damn ok chill with the attitude ->SmokeDrago...: *Site ->SmokeDrago...: DUde... knock it off. there IS a sught called type it in and go SmokeDrago...: lol ok ifu have yahoo i can send u pic ->SmokeDrago...: Im not going to your page to check... SmokeDrago...: then am i hawt or not? or cute ->SmokeDrago...: No Id say that if I thought it SmokeDrago...: callin meugly right? ->SmokeDrago...:No thats Mild compared to what
Sunshine Friends Club Let,s Boogie!
I always ask when downrated but he rated me a one and I would never do that. This is what he had to say and U will see toward the end I got a lil hateful but for those who know me Im nothing like that. I just thought U should know about him so that if he comes to ur page U might want to watch out. Thank you for reading. ~hugs and kisses~ ~* Akuma Neko Demon Cat from Hades *~©@ fubar Dont know this guy or why he did it but he rated me a one! :( I have when people do that shit ya know!? Its just wrong! So I thought Id let yall know about him so U could be on a look out so if he comes on ur pro! jerry@ fubar
Cocksucker: A Simple Blowjob Story
I was sitting in the middle of Max's living room. I had gone to the bathroom for a minute to freshen up; when I returned to the living room of his small apartment near the campus of OSU, Barry White was pulsing from the stereo, and Max had lit some tall red tapered candles on the coffee table. A typical romantic mood setting cliché. Poor Max was trying so hard to get in my pants. We had just met a few hours ago at a kegger. Max was an average looking guy, about 5"9, short brown hair, and kind of skinny. He had convinced me to come up to his apartment around 2:00 this morning; the party we had just left was getting loud and out of control, and we could barely hear our own voices. He was probably thinking "Please, God, I hope I get lucky. I'm really horny and want to score tonight, but I always strike out." We had already made out a bit at the party, and I could clearly see the bulge in his jeans. He wanted me so badly...but probably thought he wouldn't get much further than second
Leveling Family
Hey Guys I am wanting to start a leveling family to help all those in need... anyone that thinks this is a good idea pls let me know.. and we can get this started... ty Come one come all ,,,We are putting together a new leveling family and we are looking for you. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > If you would like to join a leveling family please message me . Will be waiting for you. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Chocolate Bunny Owned By Just Derek FU-Wifey to Sleepless & Pooh Bear@ fubar > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Lets make this one of the best leveling families on fubar . > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Please repost for me . > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thank you > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
How I Feel
I am a women who likes to be treated the way I would treat you I like honesty,trust and I love to make people laugh I love to be happy and I do not like stress. I hope that people understand me because I am real and the ones who know me well know I am honest and sincere I hope the ones who do not know me learn to understand me as my long time friends do
White Flag.
If y'all been wondering where I been at. I been in prison the last 11 months. I got out on3-31-09. I am still in Oshkosn Wisconsin for now. I give up.Woman y'all won this battle.But the war is not done.
St Patty Auction
WTF Are you waiting on im up for bidds again damn someone must really love me and i need loving so drop by and give me some bids and i promise u wont regreat what will be if you win me Click On The Link To Start The Bidssss Are you Scared Or u just cant Handle me?? So U Know U wanna Own Me So Lets Hope To It :P center>Click here now! You KNOW you want to!!! now accepting entrants for JAK's and DJ YUMMY's Leaping Leprechaun the lucky leprechaun for a month to the highest bidder..entrant fee of $100,000 fubucks minimum of $200,000 to open bidding...if you are interested in entering private message JAK for the ladies and DJ YUMMY for the guys with the link to your pic and what you are offering to the lucky winner. lets get this started march 1st DJ Yummy~co-owner @tabooTaken By DJ Kidd ~
A Poem About Me
looking at this lovly lady so defiant so empowered a face so strong yet what really lays within is it a tear of yearning to awaken from where she is or is it a shout of anger a lovly lady sits and she sets her act her lovly grace and lustful power captivates all yet none see whats truly behind the stages curtians 1. my husband and i divorced, over religious differences, he thought he was god and i didnt. 2. some people are alive only because its illegal to kill them. 3. i used to have a handle on life but it broke. 4. beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. 5. earth is the insane asylum for the universe. 6. im not a complete idiot-- some parts are just missing. 7. nyquil: the stuffy, sneezy, why- the heck- is the room spinning medicine. 8.god must love stupid people, he made so many. 9.the gene pool could use a little chlorine. 10. consciousness: that annoying thing between naps. 11. being "over the hill" is much better than being under it.! 12. wrinkled was not
One final hug, one final kiss Nothing could have prepared me for this When my sky was grey, you made the sun shine I never thought this could happen after just one line So young to take his turn So many die and yet we never learn All this for a twenty minute high From the best powder money could buy He looked at me with one last empty stare As a single rolled bill fell from his chair Body now cold and grey FRom the poison that ran through his every vein I looked in his eyes and saw the fear Then I saw it upon his cheek, I single tear One final hug, One final kiss There are so many things about him I will forever miss In memory of my brother Scott 10/17/1978-3/23/2004
My Life
Ok, let's put this out here for everyone, and aimed at no one in particular. If you don't like me, that's fine, that's great, that's lovely....But give me the respect of telling me instead of playing games. Don't make plans to cancel on me 100 times...don't tell me to call and never answer....don't pretend to be my friend, then tell me you can't even listen to me when I need someone to talk to. I'm done with it, i'm tired of it. Nobody here can help me. Nobody here can save me. I'm sorry if I sound messed with it. For whatever reason, I am emotionally fucked up right now...and if you can't deal with that, then leave me alone!
What Can You Do?
Dariano invites you to     Can you help abused animals? Can you help build a well in africa? Rescue endangered animals? Bring literacy to the world? Can you do even more? The Answer is yes to all of the above...All from your computer..all in a few minutes..all with a few clicks of your mouse..all with no money can you spend the time to do it? That is a question you have to answer...
About Me
Well.....where do I start. I am Australian I live in about an hour from melbourne in Victoria. I have a variety of hobbies.... not your usual type of hobbies. About 7 years ago I got my first bull terrier miniature, Maggie. I wanted to make sure she was well trained so I started doing obedience classes with he. We went on to do flyball and since then I have bred two litters of mini's with maggie. Maggie is still with us as well as her daughter Matilda and our ring in Bully Ruby the Boston Terrier. This led me to become an instructor in obedience, flyball and dog tricks. About 2 years ago I started belly dancing as a bit of fun with a girlfriend. She stopped and I continued. I now take 3 classes a week and pretty much practice every day. I have just started teaching beginners classes. After choreographing my first dance I decided that we also need a performance class and have started that too. My other passion is tattoos and has become my current obsession. I lov
Da Baddest
Monday, July 28, 2008 Fubar deleted my best friend’s Da Baddest’s account. This explains my new profile picture; the picture that she made for me a while ago. I am sad about Fubar deleting her account because Da Baddest is the kindest person I know on Fubar. I don’t know why they did it and her mom says that she did not do anything wrong. Da Baddest was at level 24 and had a year of VPI and almost Five million Fubucks. Today, July 29, 2008 I wrote a message to Fubar asking them to look into it for a possible mistake. I hope they will answer my message. I also hope they do not delete my account for writing this.
My First Happy Hour
DOUBLE TROUBLE HAPPY HOURS.. These Sexy Ladies Are Having Back 2 Back Happy Hours On Tuesday Oct.28 .. 1 p.m & 2 p.m .. VA's FyNeSt Is Having A Happy Hour On Tuesday Oct.28 2 p.m Fu-Time.. Be Sure You're There To Show This Sexy Momma Some Of That Fu-Luv .. Rate/Fan/Add & Even Bling Her ..Show Her She's Loved VA's FyNeSt
More Auto 11s Omfg
My Stories
I know what I want, I want someone who will stand by me, and know what it means to be faithful, who doesn’t have to be shady, I want to be trusted, if they want to be trusted as well. I don’t want someone who says the same thing to all the girls. I want someone who can find my smile on the darkest of days, I want someone who can be honest with me, no matter how painful it might be. I want to be able to lie in bed on the weekend and just talk. I want to be able to look at that person and just smile. I want to be able to smile every time I think of them. I want to know they smile when they think of me. I want distance to never be an issue. I want them to know my darkest secret and not judge me for it, as I would not judge them for theirs, I want public displays of affection/emotion I want them to walk as proudly as I do. I want them to share in my confidence and I share in theirs I want to been seen as an whole and not the other half I want to be able to laugh and not think I'm crazy for
In my neighborhood we have had this tradition in celebration of Halloween for as long as I have lived here. You leave a bag/basket/jack-o-lantern full of treats on your neighbor's door step (usually ones with children!!!) along with the following note...and a simple drawing of a ghost (easy enough for even the least artistic among us to draw!)...then ring their doorbell and scatter... * * * You Have Been Ghosted!!! The Phantom Ghost has come around To leave these goodies you have found. If you do not wish a curse to fall Continue this greeting, this ghostly call. And, since the Ghost has gotten you Please read closely what you must do. First, post the Ghost where it can be seen, On a door or window until Halloween. Then no other Ghost will visit again Be sure to participate, if you don’t it’s a sin. You have only one day, so act fast Leave treats at two homes no ghost has passed, Make two treats, two “ghosts,” two notes…that’s the gist, Take them to neigh
SHOW HER SOME LOVE!!! SHE IS SPOTLIGHT AND MY OWNER!!!! Carolvision63 ~ ‍ owned by Ponyboy0827 ‍ ~ ♥ Head Greeter @ The Ace Cafe ♥ (repost of original by 'shadowlevelershelper~OWNED BY SCARLETT...only accepting friends from levelers' on '2008-11-26 10:21:45') (repost of original by '~GARY~SHADOWLEVELER~SPANKERS~OWNED BY INFARRED & SCARLETT~BOOBOO'S FOREVER~' on '2008-11-26 10:23:01')
Strength & Courage
It takes strength to be firm. It takes courage to be gentle. It takes strength to stand guard. It takes courage to let down your guard. It takes strength to conquer. It takes courage to surrender. It takes strength to be certain. It takes courage to have doubt. It takes strength to fit in. It takes courage to stand out. It takes strength to feel a friend’s pain. It takes courage to feel your own pain. It takes strength to hide your own pains. It takes courage to show them. It takes strength to endure abuse. It takes courage to stop it. It takes strength to stand alone. It takes courage to lean on another. It takes strength to love. It takes courage to be loved. It takes strength to survive. It takes courage to live. Do u have strength or courage
Porch - Fubar's Most Hated - Is A Scammer And A Liar
PORCH contacted me saying he was interested in trading a Happy Hour for 3 AUTO 11's. He said that he would prefer me to send at least one AUTO 11 to him first before he bought the Happy Hour since people have burned him before... I did the right thing, sent over an AUTO - and he blocked me... and to make it even better, changed his status to, "block me, im a douche"
The New 420 Freaks Lounge
COME AND JOIN US hey everyone come and check us out.
Hearts Have Voices If You Let Them
A gift, forever lost It looks so small and fragile now it‘s almost nothing. A mere figment of what it once was. Pieces crumble into dust, you see the tiny cracks and rips. You wonder what kind treatment it took to have been left in such a state of destruction. It was once whole, and entrusted to him. Walls were broke down and turned into rubble. Light, joy and thoughts of a happy future starting coming into view. Soft words spoken as promises where whispered. Sacrifices made that caused hurt to such a delicate thing. But they were made out of love. As tears dangled at the edge of her eyes. Her eyes, a window only he seemed to have looked into. They showed all the past hurts,pains and heartaches. He made them vanish with his love. He told her he had waited his whole life for her. He gave her patience, kindness, and dare she thought even real love. They had mingled into one at times. Sharing the same actions, thoughts and words. They even tried to come up with subjects they w
It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone?LIVINGROOM 2. Your significant other? away 3. Your hair? BROWN 4. Your mother?ALIVE 5. Your father? DEAD 6. Your favorite thing? POEMS 7. Your dream last night? NONE 8. Your favorite drink? PEPSI 9. Your dream/goal? HAPPINESS 10. The room you're in? LIVINGROOM 11. Music? 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? INDIANA 14. Where were you last night?HOME 15. What you're not? FAKE 16. Muffins? APPLE 17. One of your wish list items? PEAGUS 18. Where you grew up? KENTUCKY 19. The last thing you did? STORE 20. What are you wearing? CLOTHES 21. TV? ON 22. Your pets? DOGS 23. Your computer? HP 24. Your life? GOOD 25. Your mood? HAPPY 26. Missing someone? YES 27. Favorite Store? WAL-MART 30. Your summer? HOT 31. Like someone? YES 32. Your favorite color? BLUE 33. When is the last time you laughed? TODAY 34. Last time you cried? WEDNESDAY TAINTED PRINCESS,TAINTED DECIPLE, TAINTEDRAGE,
Request From A Veteran
Well sitting here in front of my computer yesterday , I was thinking about all my lost friends from wars and conflicts and it had me thinking how was I so lucky to be here today instead of them. I also was thinking how my life has been since my time as a serviceman has changed , from a hard charging , take on prisoners type to one who has seen things that should never have been seen and lived to tell about them, and relive times when I was scared so bad I operated on pure fear for my life just to make it to the next day. These things all Veterans live with everyday, and you can never tell what they might be thinking when they are staring out into space, reliving something that should be forgotten but will never be till they die. Some Veterans never come back from that place in their minds and those are the real casualties of war. I know of one veteran who has to be medicated for the rest of his life and can never be "normal" if there is such a thing as normal. Every veteran carries
The Wall
You walked into my life out of the blue My heart not knowing what to do Your voice so soothing in the night Just makes me want to hold you tight My walls once high you made them weak My heart exposed to words you speak I opened up and let you in Only to build them up again You now are sealed deep in my soul My heart is yours for you to hold.
Bits Of Tutorial For Newbies
Worked for me at least. 1. Give a few ratings of profile 10s. So they think you might want to give 11s. There are many ways to find people to give such ratings to, e.g. put up photo and a few find YOU. Look at new people list. Look at Blasts. Look at screen going across at the top. By give rating of profile a 10, I mean on the profile page give the picture there a 10 rating. 2. Buy 500 11's for $10 on credit card at first opportunity. This moves you to level 5. 3. Purchase something ( hopefully inexpensive ?) at fuMall which is under "Fun & Games". I'm not sure just exactly how many fuBucks you have to earn or $ to spend to move up fast, but I think some minimal dollars are required perhaps. I am guestimating that 12000 - 15000 fuBucks are required to get to level 10 friend of Fubar. For me this was 250 VistaPrint business cards. The offer is for free ones with just you pay the postage of $
Lap By Lap: Richmond
7:54 p.m.—GREEN FLAG/YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Brian Vickers brings the field to the green as the Crown Royal 400 is under way. Lap 6—GREEN FLAG: Brian Vickers gets the field up to speed and we are under way at Richmond. 1. Brian Vickers 2. Jeff Gordon 3. Denny Hamlin 4. Martin Truex Jr. 5. Jeff Burton Lap 7—LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Gordon goes hard into Turn 3 and holds it to beat Brian Vickers to the line. Lap 8 —LEAD CHANGE: Brian Vickers drives away from Jeff Gordon to retake the lead. Lap 9—YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Dave Blaney gets loose and slams into the wall. No free pass is given. Lap 13—GREEN FLAG: Brian Vickers brings the field to the green. 1. Brian Vickers 2. Jeff Gordon 3. Denny Hamlin 4. Martin Truex Jr. 5. Mark Martin Lap 14—Kyle Busch has a great restart on the outside and jumps a few positions to 11th. Lap 16—Mark Martin passes Martin Truex Jr. for fourth Lap 18—Kyle Busch continues to make gains on the outside as he
1st Time Lover
I am nude in public often and caress my clit and go up to studs and unzip their pants and stroke and suck their prick and ask them if they want to fuck me.  I love to suck pricks while guys fuck me.  I carry a basket and give guys photos of my clit and tits. We met at a party on a hill overlooking a river and swimming hole.  I wore a sarong slit to the waist, no bra and a transparent thong and sat so he could see my clit.  I took him down to the river handed him my sarong and jumped in; floated on my back and stroked my clit.  I came out and stripped nude (lots of cheering) and sat on a bench; unzipped his pants and stroked and sucked his prick while he finger fucked my clit.  I stripped him nude and he sat on the bench and I gave him a lap dance fuck.  I stayed nude; he dressed and we walked through the crowd as men caressed my clit and tits; sucked my tits and I stopped to suck two pricks.  Wow.  
Serious Stuff..
Normally I am used to acknowledging the pain and loses that come with life.. never before have I noticed that something special inside myself had died with it. Usually it is the pain and the loss of the person is the love and good times you had together and knowing you will never have more then what you already enjoyed with them. I went to see Tool for the first time on July 21st 2009. This is a band I have tried to see every chance they were on tour for the past ten years. I have failed for 10 years straight for various reasons. Never the less I had finally done it I accomplished something I thought I would never have. I had a great time and was joined by friends and my wonderful girl friend however as much of a good time as I had.. something was missing.. and I really had to search my soul to figure it out.. I usually have a blast at concerts.. Love it and go crazy for them. So I started thinking perhaps I am just getting older.. perhaps I am just worn out. Why don't I feel the way I
Engagment Of Sadistic Intentions & Spirit Of Eastbolt
My Thoughts.
Change Your Thinking It will take just 37 seconds to read this and change your thinking. Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the room's only window. The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back. The men talked for hours on end. They spoke of their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their involvement in the military service, where they had been on vacation.. Every afternoon, when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his
This Christmas
Hello my Fu Friends,    Tis the season again,and this time it has found me in a awkward position. My company has transferred me a thousand miles away from all family and friends. I spent Thanksgiving walled up in my room here in TX,feeling bad that isolation and lonliness really affects people,I will be here alone for X-mas too. But you know what? There are always others less fortunate than you...or me. God bless our troops overseas,giving their lives,pray for them,feel for the homeless,be glad everyday that you have somewhere,or something to call home. Take the time to reach out and touch a strangers hand,even if it is only to extend a friendly smile,for they do a long way ya know. Think of the sick and weary in hospitals that will not be home for this holiday,be grateful always of the health and happiness that you have,and hope to keep.    Happy Holidays to all of you,make it the best it can be...
Valentine's Day
So this year I decided to make dinner myself instead of going out.  Still had the intimate setting, low light, candles, etc...  I made for her:  Steak marinated for three days, Mahi Mahi, roasted red potatoes, and vegetables.  I made the same thing for myself only chicken instead of Mahi Mahi since I don't eat seafood.  It was bangin, now I only wish I had a real kitchen and nice pots and pans to work with. So here's what happened...     I asked someone out for Valentine's Day three weeks ago knowing they were pretty busy and seeing other people too and wanted to beat everyone else to the punch.  So they said yes and I planned a whole day of stuff to do and fun and dinner to make.  Two days ago this person says what time do you want me on Sunday? And I answer,all day.  They say, ha yeah right  5 or 6?  She sais she has to study for a nursing test and do a few things around the house.  I am fine with that cuz I can do dinner and figure other stuff out.  Then I get off of work this morn
Destiny Hope Tucker Short Videos
Makes Me Sick
It really pisses me off when people check me out and dont even bother to rate,comment, add when they see my age and i'm not the sexiest chick on fubar.  The inside is what counts i mean come on people this is an adult site!!!
Places I've Been To
visited 9 states (18%)Create">">Create your own visited map of The United States
Bedtime Football!
Blond Jokes
Q: How many stupid blondes does it take to make a circuit? A: Two - one to stand inside the bath, the other to pass the hair dryer. Q: What's the diff between a blonde and a computer? A: You only have to punch information into a computer once. Q: Did you hear about the dumb blonde couple that were found frozen to death in their car at a drive-in movie theater? A: They went to see "Closed for the Winter". Q: What's a dumb Blondes favorite rock group? A: Air Supply. Q: Why is it okay for blondes to catch a cold? A: No need for em to worry about blowing their brains out. Q: What do blondes and cow-pats have in common? A: The older they get, the easier they are to pick up. Q: How did the blonde die drinking milk? A: The cow fell on top of her. Q: What do you call a blonde skeleton in the closet? A: Last year's hide and seek champion. Q: Why did the blonde keep a coat hanger in her back seat? A: In case she locks the keys in her car. Q: What does
theres this reporter and she is doin an expose on mad cow disease. the reporter goes over to a local cattle farm to talk to the farmer and find out what he thinks is the cause of mad cow disease. reporter: so sir could u give me an insight as to what u believe in your opinion causes mad cow disease? farmer: well i can tell ya that we milk our cows once a day. reporter: i suppose thats an interesting fact, but seriously could u tell ma what causes mad cow disease? Farmer: i can also tell u that we let the bulls fuck the cows once a month. reporter: once again interesting enough but how does that answer my question? farmer: well miss if i played with your tits twice a day and only fucked u once a month wouldnt u be mad too
Would U
1. Give me your number? 2. Have sex with me? 3. Let me kiss you? 4. Watch a movie with me...even a really sappy one? 5. Let me take you out to dinner? 6. Drive me somewhere/anywhere? 7. Take a shower with me? 8. Be my bf/gf? 9. Have a fling with me? 10. Listen to me if I called you crying even if you were out with all of your friends? 11. Buy me a drink if i didnt have money? 12. Take me home for the night? 13. Would you let me sleep in your bed? 14. Sing kareoke w/ me? 15. Sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone? 16. Re-post this for me to answer your questions? 17. Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere? 18. Do you think im ugly, cute, or handsome? 19. Do you like my style? 20. Do you think im funny? 21. Do you care about me? 22. Would you cry if i died? 23. Would you stop me if i tried to commit suicide? 24. Would you dance with me? 25. Would you sing happy birthday to me? 26. Would you hold
Busy Week
hi all :):) sorry i have not been around much this week. i have just been so busy at work. it should be a little better next week... take care hugs and kisses kels
New Poems
I sit here with one as I think of another. Torn with no ending desperate for happiness listening to others silence I stay but within I know I am but alone with one. Bitter tears I know
A Kiss Is Not A Kiss...than What..?
1 . Tell her she is beautiful (not hot, fine, or sexy) 2 . Hold her hand at any moment . . . even if its just for a second. 3 . Kiss her on the forehead. 4 . Leave her voice messages to wake up to. 5 . Always tell her you love her every second of the day. 6 . When she is upset, hold her tight and tell her how much she means to you. 7 . Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most. 8 . Sing to her no matter how horrible your voice is. 9 . Pick her over all the other girls you hang out with. 10 . Write her notes. (she loves them) 11 . Introduce her to family and friends . . . as your girlfriend. 12 . Play with her hair. 13 . Pick her up, tickle her, and play-wrestle with her. 14 . Sit in the park and just talk to her. 15 . Tell her funny jokes, tell her stupid jokes, or just tell her jokes. 16 . Throw pebbles at her window in the middle of the night . . . just because you missed her. 17 . Let her fall asleep in your arms. 18
My Bloggggzzzzzz!!!!
You are 75% stoner You are a fairly regular stoner. You are probably the kid who is always smoking up at the back corner of the parking lot of your high school. You like experimenting with other stuff – although you are too clever to really get addicted to anything. Take this quiz at I saw the new movie "DALE". I won tickets from a local Chevy dealership. The theater was so crowded that my friends & I had 2 sit in the 3rd row from the front. Normally i don't sit that close but in this case, because it was a movie about NASCAR, it was well worth it. I can't wait til it comes out on DVD. (Now I just need a TV that big.) LOL. If & when it comes out in the theaters for everyone 2 c, I wanna c it again, also in the 3rd row seats. AWESOME MOVIE!!!! I highly recommend it!!! (& when the credits roll @ the end, stay in ur seats. He makes a funny comment 'bout puttin' Gordon in the wall. VERY FUNNY!!!!) I never knew just how funny he was. We miss him & we
Patti's Thoughts
well christmas is over and a new year is appon us i hope every one will have a great new year a fresh start for all me especially i i had a rough year this year so i really hope next year will be better. well todays been real got some new pics that i put in a album but well one was missing so as soon as i can i will finish it.getting back in to being single is a trip started doing the things have aleays enjoyed all except my personal life but that will come with time . if yall get a chance check out my tats i plan on getting at least 3 more and redoing my piercings and getting a couple more of them too. when i get them i will post pics hi, well i just ended a 3 year relationship my si-n- law thought i might enjoy this sight so here i am i'm not real good with writting this stuff, but here goes nothing. it will take me a little bit but i hope i can get back to who i was before this relationship. a little wild and full of life
She can’t see the lies, nor feel the tears. Her heart singed by pain, hidden for years. Torture brought on by her brother’s mistake. She silently screams, driven by hurt she can’t take. Hidden pills though out her room. The people and doctors say they’ll only bring doom. A secret blade under is hidden under her floor. She cuts to see blood, until she can’t bare to look anymore. Self injured and bruised, she lays on the floor. Though she still hasn’t noticed that he’s walked through the door. A look of shock crosses his face. A new found emotion he can’t seem to place. Her friend is confused, and her badly inside. She just wanted to hurt, never wanted to die. Hoping that she would not draw her last breath, He rushes her to the hospital to prevent her death. Awaking next morning, seeing her friend Ben. He looks at her pleading, “please don’t do that againg.” Sitting in a corner, Darkness covers the walls. In desolation, the screams well up inside. In the wake of he
Lackin A Bit Of Ironic In Ya Life?. Or Is This Hypocrisy?
i have ONE person,,(man obviously) that i want to talk to, i see him on the fly, wondering if hes in stealth mode, just when im to the point of accepting the fact hes out of the pic for a bit,BAhaHMM..there he is.. my heart is thumping, my breathe catches in my throat, i answer him in my shoutbox but no it that hes playing coy..or that its on the blitz again,OR that hes on that shitty dialup again? I DONT KNOW!. know who you are..I MISS YOU..CANT WAIT TO JUST BE BESIDE, ANYWHERE, PLAIN AND SIMPLE 1. What do you call a cupboard full of lesbians? A licker cabinet. 2. What do you call an Eskimo lesbian? A Klondyke. 3. What do you call 100 lesbians with guns? Militia Etheridge. 4. Why can't lesbians diet and wear make-up at the same time? Because they can't eat Jenny Craig with Mary Kay on their face. 5. What is a lesbian dinosaur called? A Lickalotapuss. 6. What do you call two lesbians in a canoe? Fur Traders. 7. What do you c
What kind of Dark Faerie are You? (Girls only with beautiful pics) Dreamer FaerieYou are the Dreamer Faerie. You are extremely thoughtful, and sometimes outgoing. Most of the time, however, you prefer working alone rather than with others. You are also creative and have an overall friendly personality.Wings: Gray and redPower: Dreams/wishesSexual appeal: Some people think you act a little childish, but incidentally many guys find this very attractive (as long as you don't overdo it, of course).What you look for in a guy: To you, the ideal man would be very tall, dark-haired and blue- or green-eyed. You need someone fun to hang out with but at the same time a partner that you can engage in intelligent conversations.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Bomb Me
I am in 2 contests - Bomb Me - Id appreciate all your help! Sexy Butt Lingere
I want me a nother lil one... Maybe a lil boy... Chistopher or Taye and if I get another girl Amya or Pilar... Yea I guess I got the bug............
Little Tiny Key
People are too fake on here and in general!! They only want pic comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually repost this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are... Repost this if you are a friend...Don't reply... just copy and paste this in a new bulletin as "fake friends." pssst.. I dont care if I loose "people" off my list over this, I think it's 100% true... MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts
Mildly Impatient Yet Easily Amused
I NEED YOUR HELP friends/fans!!! I am desperate to make this modeling contest that is about to end JUNE 10th...its obvious people aren't voting daily, my ranking has been dropping instead of raising. SOOO if you are REALLY my fan/friend, reply to this blog saying "I voted today". Here is the link to go vote: This is for the Smashbox Cosmetics Modeling Contest, voting can occur daily....if you choose to do so. Thank you!! "Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day is an annual event, held in late April or early May, in which Ben and Jerry's scoop shops give out free ice cream cones all day. Over one million free cones are given away each year. Charitable organizations are often present at the stores each year and enjoy a significant amount of fundraising success. The first Free Cone Day was held on May 5, 1979. It was done by Ben and Jerry as a customer and staff appreciation event for the one ye
Secret Lover
This is my forst attempt at this so be gentle and please rate and comment Thank you. She thinks about him quite frequently these days. At first it was nice, she liked the attention, but now has become something more. She has never met anyone quite like him. A man who could be her friend, confidant, and advisor. Then start a fire inside her unknown to her before. She longs for the stolen moments they share. Needing to feel his touch, to see the desire in his eyes equal to that in hers. She wants nothing mor than to please him, so she makes her body available to his every whim. She waits , wondering the next time she hears from him what is in store for her. Will he touch her softly? Kiss her and lovingly caress her silken skin? Lavish her body with kisses using his expert tongue to make her lose herself, then make love to her slowly and lovingly. Them losing themselves in each others embrace and share in each others orgasms? Or will his hunger need s
Honest Person
I am just a plain old country girl living in the city. I love to laugh and joke and have fun. I live with my grown son, who i love with all my heart. I also have a cat that my son got for my birthday 2 years ago. He thinks that he is the head of our house. I am real lucky to have such a wonderful son who I get along with like he is my best freind. I am looking for that right guy, since i have been divorced for many years. I want to find a guy who will love me for me. I am a bit choosey,due to bad expereinces in my life. I also believe that I would not be where I am today with the man upstairs behind me 100%. I think I am a fun person who is just wild about life. Life is too short for mind games though. I would rather a person be honest with me even if I don't like what they have to say. Well this is me!!!! You are 89% Witch or Wizard! You are the Witch or Wizard that sees the entire universe as one thing, using the power you have to create the world for us all. Blessed be!What typ
Show Some Love
I just want all my friends and fans to know how much I Love ya'll for helping me level up when I need it. Ya'll are the best thanks... Go show some love and sign my guest book and I will do the same love a'll
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You have a sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so
DJ Isis had a bad seizure today at approx. 430pm est. She was pronounced dead at 602 pm est tonight. She loved all of her friends on here and I know that each of you touched her soul. Thank you for being her friends. If you have any questions you can email this account. It will be open for a few more days or you can contact me (link below). Please be patient for a responce this is very hard for me. Osiris "IPT & PITAH"@ fubar I am calling for help. Panajack is telling some horrible things about Isis. He is posting pictures up that are not her and releasing personal information about her. If you knew Isis at all you know that she was a very private person and this would have hurt her deeply. Please help me. All I am trying to do is keep Isis' name pure. She was a caring and wonderful woman who does not deserve this. She has not been gone for even 24 hours and the rumors and tall tales being passed around about her are just heartbreaking. I am begging for help. Plea
Random Thoughts/creative Boredom
No way!!! I see some girls with thongs on ????? As their default pics????? This is a bikini that covers up more then that ???? This is the second time this happened ???? I dont get it !!! Please explain to me how something u can view on regular prime time tv, as banned from this site that has porn on peoples comments ???
Where else to find me! nick starlightmoon FOR MY- MY SPACE FREINDS LOL YOU MAY BE A MYSPACE ADDICT IF: * Check your email before your regular mail * Switch between showing yourself on and offline * Check to see if sent messages are read, and if they are, wonder (or stress out) whether or not the person is going to respond * Have done every survey known to man * You have committed Myspacide, only to rejoin two days later because you’re going nuts * Have friends all over the country that you have never met * Comments make you happier than actual compliments in person from someone (no one els
10 W0rst Movie Names
10 WORST NAME FOR MOVIES Worst. Titles. Ever. They say you can't judge a book by its cover. Wrong! In honor of "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium," we reveal the worst movie titles of all time By Sean Nelson Special to MSN Movies Every so often, a film comes along with a title so ridiculous, so embarrassing, so indescribably dumb that the whole world stands up to take notice. Mr. and Ms. Moviegoing Public, I present "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium." Disclosure: I haven't seen this film. Confession: I am mildly intrigued by this film's premise, and the special effects it will no doubt generate, because I have a soft spot for corny movies that bring a tear to the eye. Promise: I will never, ever see this film -- not even on an airplane. Why? Because there comes a time when even the most avid film fan feels the need to take a stand against Hollywood's insulting tendency to equate creativity with marketing. Because, based on the trailer, histrionics major Dustin Hoff
i know that it's been a few days since my last entry, but things have gotten crazy aorund here once again. i honestly don't think i would make it if it wasn't for my Master. i have been feeling down in the dumps becuase of things going on here and if it wasn't for Him, i honestly don't think i would still be here at all. i fear for my family, we might find ourselves in a bind with the bills once again and i don't know what to do. my cousin just got his job back and might lose it again because he hasn't gotten his CDL yet for the job he has and i think it's stupid that they might not give him a week extention to go and take his air brake test again. i just feel that i have given up most of my belongings to help out on bills and get out of a bind on a vehicle just this week and for what, nothing. i just don't know what to do any more, i feel like curling up and not caring any more but i always put my family first for most and now i feel that i just can't do that any more because i d
ROMANCE MATHEMATICS Smart man + smart woman = romance? Smart man + dumb woman = affair? Dumb man + smart woman = marriage?? Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy ______________________________ OFFICE ARITHMETIC Smart boss + smart employee = profit Smart boss + dumb employee = production Dumb boss + smart employee = promotion Dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime _____________________________ SHOPPING MATH A man will pay $20 for a $10 item he needs. A woman will pay $10 for a $20 item that she doesn't need. _____________________________ GENERAL EQUATIONS & STATISTICS A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband. A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. _____________________________ HAPPINESS To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and
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Okies so i was out and got this shoutbox while i was away.. should I reply... since the man can't even take time to get to know his potential slaves.. (really I'm not that submissive) and he could have found this out by a couple minutes of conversation with me. misterak25...: hello... you are a good slavegirl material? that was just a question... and i am not here to joke arround... when you are curious about that theme... and when you are curious to behave like a slavegirl... to act like one and to be treated like a submissive by a dominant... read my profile and my blog and when you think then, that you would be an enrichment for me and my slavegirl family, adress me as sir and add me on yahoo: misterak20 or msn: and contact me there immediately, to ask for a chance to present yourself as worthy submissive.
Inside My Heart
Slowly the pen touches paper in the guidance of the words that you write. Memories roll in; of the things you once did and who you had shared them with. Is somebody thinking of you? Did I bother telling you this, with the words that cross teeth and jump lips? A poor choice of words, in wanting to tell you anything. But words don't come with ease. They're forever my hurt. Would it really matter, if you were to count the days left with your hands? Your focus secure and the loves you left; well smiles staged in photographs here until... You, you left the light on. There's a chance I might have tripped, girl You were there to hold on. [Chorus:] Ignoring the words of your obnoxious little brother; kill or be killed spilled the words from your mother. I'll lay awake for a while. I'll leave the light on a while. But you couldn't last a lifetime. Caught between here and the days of it; carving her name across your arm with every wish. It's hit or miss... her. I told you
About Me
A Different Christmas Poem The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear,
Pagan Humor
(Tune: The Beverly Hillbillies by E.Scruggs) (Lyrical adaptation by Hare) Now listen to the words of the Great Star Mother, In days long past called by one name or tuther, "I am your Mammy, Queen of Earth, Air, Fire, Sea, So you better quit your yappin' an' listen to me." (Isis, that is...Astarte...Cerridwen) "When the Moon is full, bright as a silver dollar, Open up yer winder an give your Mam a hollar. I'll hear you callin, jest as clear as a bell, An I'll come a runnin an visit fer a spell." (Circle, that is...Esbat...Draw down the Moon) "Now y'all listen up, 'cause I'd hate to be a bitch, When we have our shindigs t'aint none should wear a stitch. Y'all will eat an' drink an' dance an' love, to show that you're free, 'Cause all acts of pleasure are sacred to me." (Skyclad, that is...Great Rite...Cakes an' Wine) "If you wanna know my secrets, then look in your own hide, 'Cause if what you seek ain't there, well, it won't be found outside. The greatest Myste
Boring Bullshit Blogs
Darkness (Jim Morrison, I am not...) Darkness Heavy on our souls. We need a new sunrise, immaculate in conception, perfect in splendor and raideance. Come forth and bring peace, come forth and bring inlightenment of the ones gone before. Did you know that mad spitits roam free in the devils hour? Did you know that searching souls roam wild in the night under dim stars that shine dim scenes in the graveyard? There's a deamon on the doorstep. Destruction for sale. Nations buy in bulk. If blood is the rose of mysterious union, are bullets the brand of enevitable death? Shoot the fuckers down. More roam in the sands in midnights madness. "This is the end, beautifull friend, the end." The Poet still sings somewhere in the sun. Bring a new sun. A new day, not of destruction. Rise and come forth. Sweet southern summer, thought it would never end, Turn around and he's gone again. "Come back with me, please, this time st
Mikey Will Do
Yall come on by and rate this little buckaroo! TexasCoyoteMike~@ fubar He is purty darn close to mak'in Insider We are all just as excited as all get out! So when yall are done with choirs Come on by his page and
Hunter Current mood: excited Hey everyone how are we doing? Well I have gotten some real good news,as you all know Hunter has a few issues,other than who his parents are. lol As you all know Hunter is autistic with adhd and maybe just a couple more issues we are not sure whatever it is I am at my wits end with trying to guide this child thru a normal life it aint happining well we all know the Illinois Valley area sucks as far as pediaric anything so we searched and our search led us back home yep good ol Chicago we got a phone call from UIC and they just recieved several grants for the same things we are havin problems with Hunter and by chance we call and whoo hoo we got the call today that Hunter has been accepted! In two weeks we will be makin a trip to Chicago to make the initial appointment to do things like physicals and a whole battery of test both mental and physical and then take it from there I find this to be the best news so far to know there will finally be an end t
Best Buy
BEST BUY, MY FOOT Best Buy has some bad policies.... Normally, I would not share this with others, however, since this could happen to you or your friends , I decided to share it. If you purchase something from, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, JC Penny, Sears etc. and you return the item with the receipt they will give you your money back if you paid cash, or credit your account if paid by plastic. Well, I purchased a GPS for my car, a Tom Tom XL.S from 'Best Buy'. They have a policy that it must be returned within 14 days for a refund! So after 4 days I returned it in the original box with all the items in the box, with paper work and cords all wrapped in the plastic. Just as I received it, including the receipt. I explained to the lady at the return desk I did not like the way it could not find store names. The lady at the refund desk said, there is a 15% restock fee, for items returned. I said
My Friend Lacey!!
We all Love Passionman71 and some of us would like too give him a chance at having SpotLight one time before he levels. We worked as a team too put Gary in the Spotlight and lets pull together and help Joe. He gives countless hours helping Shadow Levelers and many people on Fubar level. Lets put him in the SpotLight for Next Sunday. We have a week too work together and raise the Fu-Bucks too help him. Please if you can send him any amount will help him. Anyone that knows Passionman71 knows that he will do anything for his friends. Click on his profile and send him a gift of Fu-Bucks. Passionman71~ Shadow Leveler~Fu-owned by Anna~@ fubar Thanks too everyone for all your help. Please repost (repost of original by '♥BooBoo♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned By Lynne & Farscapecat Co-Owner of Cutterbum' on '2008-06-22 11:43:25')
I'm Back!!
"> Oh WOW!!! It has been a while. I am so sorry it took me so long to get back online, but I am back, and will be on more often. So much has gone on in the past few months that I was on "vacation" or work from Fubar... I have moved, I am now a stay at home mom, working for myself. My house is absolutely AWESOME and will post pictures of it soon. I have missed my friends and all that this site has to offer. It feels good to be back. Much Luv!!! * A N G L *
iknow this is make up my mind..but just wanted ppl to know im back on fubar
1 Million Light-Years Away From Her Good-bye my love, I will miss you But time has come to soon My love for you will never die I've reached my endless doom I've made mistakes, past transgressions For those that eat me alive And without you, I realize I slowly die inside You make me smile, I grow so fond For everyday that passes From dusk 'til dawn, I have done wrong As Autumn eats the ashes My heart and soul, they are not mine Forever yours to keep For what I've done, I do regret These wounds have cut to deep Yet all I ask, from these words Is just a good-bye kiss One Million Light-Years, Away From You And Still I Love Like This By: Joëy Ðëmon 138 Eating The Ashes My hopeless mind Taunts UR every move As I crush u down... Whilst Eating The Ashes By: Joëy Ðëmon 138 Seldom Silent... Never Heard I'm an open book For u to read the pages Better too understand me Yet u ignore my every word.. I'm good at speak
I Am Up For Auction
On Air Bully
Ill be going back to DJing, Im starting off on a friends site, he just started this is where you can hear it if you want [b] TUESDAYS 7-10 PM EST. & THURSDAYS 7-10 PM EST [/b] . The sound quality isnt the best right now but its constant music and when i get my mic back ill be live talking. You can make requests you can hit up my yahoo. if you have it. My yahoo is also linked on that page for requests. If i do not have your song...Ill get it or bust my butt trying to.    If you could and you like hanging out with the tunes...Register for the website as well and let them know Ash sent ya lol ;)  
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Pictures & Cartoons....
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I'm sitting here eating some insanely delicious pork chops and fighting with the fucking bone! It got me thinking... Do animals bred specifically for eating REALLY need to have bones? Think about it. They are born. They eat until they are big enough and then they are killed so we can eat them. There is no need for them to have bones at all! Scientists have genetically engineered animals to be bigger so they have more meat and the farmers make more money off them. Couldn't someone mess with genetics and make animals that don't have bones? That is all
Auction Time!!
Hey everyone!! As you know I was recently in an auction and my friend Redneck Btch won me!! So click on the link and check out my new owner for a month and show her just tons of love!!   UPDATE!! So the contest is over, and I'm no longer owned - Doesn't matter though cause Redneck Btch is still my Best Friend, and one hell of a special lady!! GO LUV HER UP!! ☠Řэđחә¢ķ♠ßŧ¢һ™☠@ fubar
So I'm sitting here and I get this add request on yahoo from a person I don't know who it is .. making a lewd comment in the request.. so I just deny it right.. then the add request comes again and the guy says "wow sounds like someone is racist, guess you wanna stick with the vienna sausages" blah blah blah.. now THAT pissed me off.. I never even replied anything when I denied it, so how can someone determine you are racist just because you deny a request and hell its not like I could see what the person looked like GRRRRRRRRRRr so then I told him hmmmm first I never even SAID anything.. 2nd I don't even know what you look like.. but now I wouldn't add you just because you are somneone that would MAKE a comment like that! Dammit I'm steamin :/
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Halloween !! Own Me!
All bids welcome , fubux, bling packs, etc.... any bids over 100 we can discuss more additions to the already stated above.... if nothing else drop by and drop a raate for ur girl!! *muahz* CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO RATE OR BID   CLICK THE PIC TO BID XOXOX THX ♥
My Work
The curve of my hip and the dip in my walk... I am a BIG GYRL and you will talk...   The hills of my breast and the length of my leg... I am a BIG GYRL you don't have to beg...   See I got skills only my kind know about... I am a BIG GYRL and that I will shout...   I look in the mirror and wonder, are they better than me... I am a BIG GYRL only real ones can see...   I am beautiful and all the men know it... I am a BIG GYRL and I always show it...   You don't have to like me, but I demand respect... I am a BIG GYRL what else would you expect...   My hills and valleys are sexy as hell...
If Tomorrow Starts Without Me
    A few weeks ago a woman was killed in an auto accident. She was very well liked, so the office shut down for her funeral and it was on the news and so on. On the day the workers came back to work, they found this poem in their e-mail that the deceased woman had sent on Friday before she left for home. "If tomorrow starts without me, And I'm not there to see, If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn't cry the way you did today, While thinking of the many things, We didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, As much as I love you, And each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me too; But when tomorrow starts without me, Please try to understand, that an angel came and called my name, And took me by the hand, And said my place was ready, In heaven far above, And that I'd have to leave behind all those I dearly love. But as I turned to walk away, A tear fell from my eye, For all my life, I'd always thought, I didn
Roses On Your Pillow
each time i look in the mirror i see an image of someone i knew before, but when i take a closer look, the sight before me makes my eyes sore,  an image of a past history thats lurking just behind my eyes. the shadows are all reminiscent and my image is nothing more than a mere disguise. an image is an animated facilsmile, an image that stares right back at you, a color copy of what we think were supposed to, but the image dosent know what it cannot see. now when i look in the mirror, i look at the image for what its truly for, to treat life a little dearer, for many things to be explored................................................ only on the darkside of the moon will you find people like me. people who run away from love to live their lives pain free, a place you can always go to when your hurting, and feeling down, so if you've ever had your heart broken and you need to get away fast, come to the darkside of the moon!!!!!11 i used to trip and stay so high, i'd even climb buildin
Oh, He's Got Jokes Now!
The 6th grade science teacher, Mrs. Parks, asked her class, "Which human body part increases to ten times its size when stimulated?" No one answered until little Mary stood up and said, "You should not be asking sixth graders a question like that! I'm going to tell my parents, and they will go and tell the principal, who will then fire you!" Mrs. Parks ignored her and asked the question again, "Which body part increases to 10 times its size when stimulated?" Little Mary's mouth fell open. Then she said to those around her, "Boy, is she going to get in big trouble!" The teacher continued to ignore her and said to the class, "Anybody?" Finally, Billy stood up, looked around nervously, and said, "The body part that increases 10 times its size when stimulated is the pupil of the eye." Mrs. Parks said, "Very good, Billy," then turned to Mary and continued. "As for you, young lady, I have three things to say: One, you have a dirty mind. Two, you didn't read your homework And three, one day y
My Punishment
  Dressed in an emerald green bustier trimmed in black lace ,fishnet thigh highs with seems even down the back, matching thongs and black stilettos ,,,,,, looking in the mirror I put the final touches on my makeup and hair …reaching to the jewelry box I remove my final pieces of my attire….. I slide on my bracelet ,put in my earrings and loving buckle my collar (the item I love most as it marks me as yours ) around my neck attaching a silver and gold and bronze 6 strand leash to the hoop in the front then thru the hoops on my wrists one strand of each color on either side hanging an glittering against my alabaster skin…. Glancing once more to the mirror I’m ready and I walk steadily out the door down the hall and into your presence you are standing with your back to me looking at the stars from the balcony, the French doors standing open with the breeze rustling the sheer curtains, your silhouette outlined by the fullness of the moon……. You ar
Angel's Arachnoid Cyst Surgery Fundraiser -- 1300 In 3 Months. Please Help.
I am putting my business to the side for a while because i am trying to raise 1300 dollars for my buddy angel who has an arachnoid Cyst on her spine and needs surgery within the next 3 months or she will be wheel chaired for the rest of her life as well unable to have children. I will be donating as well. Hit me up if your interested in placing donating to my cause. I have set up a pay pal account and she will receive every dime. I will have pics of her soon enough so people can see her. Everything helps even a dollar. For info on Arachnoid Cyst go to
My Adventure!!!!!
I called my  friend Andy Sable, a gastroenterologist,  to make an appointment for a  colonoscopy. A few days later,  in his office, Andy showed me a color diagram  of the colon, a lengthy organ  that appears to go all over the place, at one point passing briefly through  Minneapolis.          Then Andy explained the colonoscopy procedure to  me in a thorough, reassuring  and patient manner. I  nodded thoughtfully, but I didn't really hear anything he  said, because my brain was  shrieking, quote, 'HE'S GOING TO STICK A TUBE 17,000 FEET UP YOUR  BEHIND!' I left Andy' s office with some written  instructions, and a  prescription for a product called  'MoviPrep,  which comes in a  box large enough to hold a microwave oven. I will discuss MoviPrep in  detail later; for now suffice  it to say that we must never allow it to fall into the hands of America 's  enemies. I spent the next several days productively sitting  around being nervous. Then, on  the day before my colonosc
New Fu!
What's up people! Nice to meet everyone here on Fubar, this is an amazing place and I can see why it's so popular. I have a feeling I'm going to be here for a while and make a lot of friends. That being said, it's time to get down to the point of my first blog. Fubar is so unique, that each person's profile and lounge are an extension of who they are, it's really cool to see how everyone expresses them selves. Just like I do on my profile, I'm a very passionate person. I'v visited quite a few lounges since I'v joined, a few have been amazing to me and I'v made friends. Now here comes the interesting part. Some lounges seem to want to take on a bit of a more...........lets say........demanding role. I get it, it's your lounge your rules. Though some people arn't comfortable with showing their real face, thus they put up something they enjoy like anime characters. I don't expect everyone to understand anime or cartoons, it's not for everyone. Anime is just who I AM. I'v actually been
Job Creation 101: Tax Hikes Don't Work
The good news is that the economy created 431,000 jobs in May,according to the latest government report. The unemployment rate alsofell from 9.9 percent down to 9.7 percent. However, the bad news isthat 411,000 of those jobs were government jobs working on theCensus.Of course, since these jobs are purely temporary, they will alldisappear when the enumeration ends. So much for the governmentcreating jobs. The private sector, meanwhile, created only 41,000 new jobs in May and job losses have leveled off even as job crestion remains stagnant. Layoffs have returned to their pre-recessionary levels. Hiring,however, has not returned to pre-recession levels. Between the lastquarter of 2007 and March 2010, the number of monthly new hires fellfrom 5.2 million to 4.2 million-a drop of 938,000 workers(without rounding). Hiring remains well below pre-recessionary rateseven as layoffs have returned to normal levels.To sum it up, all the bailouts and the allegedly job-creating stimuluspackages have
why do some men just lead you on??..then you don't hear anything back from them after awhile? Is it because they are scared to commit?? Or just plain scared of the unknown? If that's the case.. he's NOT my type anyways..and time to move on!!! :)   
man i don't know what has come over me, but cant stop the feeling. I wonder what will come of this by chance thing, I hope something eternal comes of it, man this shit just has me mesmerized point blank period.
Be Real? well as real as I can be I'm a single man that take care of my 3year old daughter That I love with all my heart.Me and her mom are friends only nothing esle is between her and Me that ilike it that way .But thing here is that by being single it hard cuz you don't got nobody in your live to share the whole world with her. But life work's in defferent way for everybody and some time toy will find the right person that belong in your life so for now I'll be as happy as  I can for now
Life In The Fast Lane
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The World Of Fu
Well to start things off, I've been on Fubar now for a few months and I have to say that the ride so far has been very interesting. I've met some truly decent people on here from all walks of life, there's been bankers, Lawyers, housewifes, students, dancers, waitresses and waiters, the variety is endless. Some come here to try and "hook-up", others come here to just chat and make friends, others because they need an escape from every day life or to get the attention that they are not getting in the "real" life. Fubar is a very demanding game also, a person has to earn points to advance on here, it opens more doorways for people to explore and I admit, I have gotten caught up in it at times Fubar gives people a chance to go live and let others see them and chat with them, I've chatted with several people on here and have found them facsinating , everyone has a different story to tell and a different outlook on life. People talk about all kinds of things on here and if yo

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