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Lyrics: Emotive unstable you're like an unwinding cable car Listening for voices, but it's the choices that make us who we are Go your own way, even seasons have changed just burn those new leaves over So self-absorbed you've seemed to ignore the prayers that have already come about This is the correlation of salvation and love Don't drop your arms Don't drop your arms, I'll guard your heart With quiet words I'll lead you in La lalalala, la la la, la lala, la La lalalala, la la la, la lala, la Backing away from the problem of pain you never had a home You've been misguided, you're hiding in shadows for so very long Don't you believe that you've been deceived? that you're no better than... The hair in your eyes, it never disguised what you're really thinking of This is the correlation of salvation and love Don't drop your arms Don't drop your arms, I'll guard your heart With quiet words I'll lead you in This is the correlation of salvation and love (Don
He loved how her plump, round ass rose up for him, poised for his discipline. She panted softly from a mixture of fear and excitement. The feeling of the rope stretched tightly between her pale ass cheeks, exposing her to him, burned within her yet she loved submitting to him. He smiled as he noticed how wet she was, how her thighs were damp. Oh yes, she needed this and it was his great pleasure to deliver her punishment as well as her pleasure to receive it. He stood there for several moments running the ribbons of leather through his hand as he allowed her to wonder when and how hard the first strike would be. Finally, he raised his arm and brought the flogger down with a resounding smack on her flesh. She yelped and jerked slightly. Her soft, white buttocks tightened in readiness for the next blow. Again he brought the flogger down and felt his cock twitch at the sound of the leather smacking her ass. The next hard swat was lower and the leather kissed her pussy lips peeking out at
Folks, I'm just writing this in a blog cuz its what makes me happy everyday of my life is that I'm my girlfriend Janice's boyfriend. lol, of course, if she's my girlfriend, then that means I'm her boyfriend. I know I said that in kind of a simpleton way but everything about her drives me wild, in a good way. Everything about her..... I LOVE! I love this girl and she loves me too and you probably have to actually be in love to understand how this feels but I feel like I could care less everyday if I could have nothing else at all in my life but her cuz even if that were the case, I'd be happy. I wanna say in this blog but I Thank God Himself for blessing me with such a beautiful thing as the relationship I have with her and I gotta say that I'm a lucky and Blessed man because of God and because of my baby, Janice. And Janice, in case you read this, baby, I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Every Girls Dream!!!!
know way too many really beautiful girls who think they don't look good... It hurts... because it's our fault, guys I mean. We make girls feel like they have to be perfect. You know what I mean, flat stomach, big boobs, round booty, long legs, sexy lips, and on top of all that, they have to dress like a whore, and be one as well... nobody can measure up to that... and its not fair... because nobody should have to. Girls prefer being called beautiful instead of hott or sexy. The little imperfections are what make people special. If everyone was perfect the world would be so boring, variety is what makes life interesting. So guys, stop making girls have to live up to your, I'm sorry, our... deluded fantasy visions of perfection. Stop acting like boys and start being men... realize that women don't exist to fufill our sexual desires. Stop talking to them solely to get with them, be nice to them because you want to be their friend, not because you want to hook up with them. Say nice things
One Time Special
OK so here is the Deal.... The 1st Person to Rate 1400 Pictures on my Friends Profile Will be allowed into my Family for my FU LIFE... and be assured I will ask her to verify. btw she has AUTO 11's on so go level up on her more to come.... on how to join my Family
Little Fellow
There are little eyes upon you, And they're watching night and day; There are little ears that quickly take in Every word you say. There are little hands all eager To do every thing you do, And a little boy who's dreaming Of the day he'll be like you. You're the little fellow's idol, You're the wisest of the wise; In his little mind about you No suspicions ever rise. There's a wide-eyed little fellow Who believes you're always right; And his ears are always open As he watches day and night. You are setting an example Every day in all you do For the little boy who's waiting To grow up to be like you.
The 6 Men You Shouldn't Date
The 6 Men You Shouldn’t Date partner by Glamour Magazine, on Tue Feb 3, 2009 8:55am PST 303 Comments Post a Comment Read More from This Author » Report Abuse Getty Images In a relationship public service announcement, Jake tells us whom to avoid (himself included!). Like all men, I’ve committed some royal screwups when it comes to women. But as your resident male columnist, I’ve also made some observations about different types of daters that deserve to be passed along. Consider this your road map for where you don’t want to go in your love life. 1. Rebound Guy Knowing how bummed I’ve been since my ex Claudia left for Europe, my buddy tried to set me up with his “hot coworker.” Very kind of him, but I declined. With my heart stuck in international customs, there’s no way I could make a connection. Not that I wasn’t tempted. We men secretly hope we’ll never have to deal with our feelings and instead can “fix” our sadness with a new woman. Problem is, we’re always compari
Congrats Rockstar
had her twins on the 8th go send best wishes maybe get her a blast for the announcement ★RockStar69★Fu Angel★Sarges Bad Girl★@ fubar
Valentines Day
I'm a hopeless romantic...And because of this...I don't believe that just one day of the year should be set aside for being romantic... Valentines Day...A day for lovers...Blah Blah Blah... Tanas dad was the most romantic man I've ever been with...And one of the most abusive...I now know his romantic side was a ploy to brainwash me to believing that he was a good man...The regular beatings proved otherwise... When it came to Valentines..he would get me kitchen appliances...He loved the way I cooked...Now don't get me wrong..I loved the gifts...But..for that day I really wanted the norm...Some flowers...maybe some candy..Even a little stuffed toy...He did get me several pieces of jewelry while we dated...Always something that had a heart in it...And always a card that said...Just another piece of my heart I'm giving to you...(More Brainwashing)...But a fry daddy on Valentines?...Sheesh... Now...I've taught my daughters that V-day is just one of those so-called money holidays
someone to buy me one of these..... drobo with 4tb's of drive space!!
~*~beautifully Broken~*~
when u miss & love someone you will go thru everything that needs to be gone thru...just to keep this special person in your life. you will experience pain, tears, lust, hurt, a broken heart, u will feel that if u ever lose him/her you will not want to live anymore, before they walk out of your life you will rather take their steps so you can always step back to them, you cant imagine a world without this person, u cant trust anyone but yourself, you will do anything in order to have this person forever in your heart, you will cry yourself to sleep when you’ve been hurt, you’ll miss them all the time, you never stop smiling when u are with them, you’ll always remember that first and last kiss, you’ll dream of them close to u and wake up crying thinking that the dream was real, you’ll have butterflies in your tummy every time you think of them, you’ll have to lie just in case you lose them, you’ll always picture there smile and put it in a frame, you’ll weep for them if they feel pain,
Dreams Or Nightmares
Ok, I had this dream last night and was compelled to write about it...interesting this, dark and mysterious as much of my thought process goes. My heartache hangs in a trouble sky. Clouds join the chorus of lightening thrashing down, and the thunders raging sound. Seas rise as does my anxiety of finding out the truth. I'm afraid that when I do the waves will come crashing down, drowning me in sorrow. Oh, what peaceful morning brings. Bright birds happily singing, perched on dew kissed trees. Though the sun shines, with it brings shadows. Looming within each are pain and fear waiting to bestow themselves upon me once again. Pain has haunted my dreams. Nightmares are pleasant in comparison to the reality I have created for myself. In this fate, when does it end? Will I wake someday to find happiness or serinity? I have determined under no preconceptions that I live only under the means I survive by, but is survival the only key... Dreams have their ways of i
I don't know what I've done Or if I like what I've begun But something told me to run And honey you know me it's all or none There were sounds in my head LIttle voices whispering That I should go and this should end Oh and I found myself listening 'Cuz I dont know who I am, who I am without you All I know is that I should And I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you All I know is that I should 'Cuz she will love you more than I could She who dares to stand where I stood See I thought love was black and white That it was wrong or it was right But you ain't leaving without a fight And I think I am just as torn inside 'Cuz I dont know who I am, who I am without you All I know is that I should And I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you All I know is that I should 'Cuz she will love you more than I could She who dares to stand where I stood And I won't be far from where you are if ever you should call You meant more to me than anyon
They Come And They Go
I was once told by someone,that people are going to come and go online and there was a time I didn't really believe her, but she was right and the sad part is they leave alot sooner then they uses to. Some because they found better things to do and then some who find thier not gettin what they want from me, not mentally but physically. I found u find out who ur true friends are when u try to change self and theres nothing in it for them. Its amazing how quickly they get so busy, they don't have time to chat anymore,lol, but I guess thats what they mean by truth aways comes to the light. I learned one thing never believe everything people say online, because some just tell u what u want to hear, to get what they want. Well get ur game up playah, cause I been practicing,lol * Steps back and shots the 3 pointer, with tongue out*, game point. game on baby, MUAH!!!!!, PS. Please don't ask me if its u Im refering to , If the shoe fits wear it!!!!
Oh Hell No!!
Reach out and open a door that no one thought could be opened. Life is behind it. We don't have an eternity to realize our dreams only the time we are here. If you ask nothing then you risk nothing. This is another Tool song I love.I really can relate to these lyrics pushit • I will choke until I swallow... Choke this infant here before me. What is this but my reflection? Who am I to judge and strike you down? But you're Pushing and shoving me. You still love me and you pushit on me. Rest your trigger on my finger, bang my head upon the fault line. Take care not to make me enter. 'cause if I do we both may disappear. But you're pushing me, Shoving me. Pushit on me. Slipping back into the gap again. I'm alive when you're touching me, Alive when you're shoving me down. But i'd trade it all For just a little bit of Piece of mind. Put me somewhere I don't wanna be. Seeing someplace I don't wanna see. Never wanna see that place again. Saw
My pain is his happiness, I am alone, and depressed He is happy, and content I am sad, and in tears He smiles, and laughs I feel worthless, and unwanted He feels confident, and needed My body longs for his touch He is pressed against her My ears beg to hear his voice He can’t stand the sound of mine My arms are dying to be around him again He holds her tightly to him My heart is still in his hands His belongs to someone else My tears fall freely He could care less My life has fallen apart His has begun anew. There once was a maiden, who was so deeply blue, She thought that her dreams would never come true, She searched and she searched for her one true love, She felt like the Gods sat and laughed at her from above. There once was a knight so noble and true, His heart was in pieces from what he’d gone through, He felt as though his heart would never be whole, He felt as though he was missing part of his immortal soul. Then one evening the stars align
Is It Within You
How many of you can relate To ever having had met someone or a group be it at the work force or a cricle of friends , family, sports club at a golf course or just found in the common household pet That speak down to a person or just try to be a somebody no matter at what the cost or even the age be it in real life or it could be even found within the internet have you ever really wondered what makes these people tick? what they are seeking? or even to a point what they may lack? are you an easy push over? or do you stand your ground? is it s cultral thing? or just plain rudeness in a person? what i do like is mankind is different and will do just about anything to get where they want to go no matter the cost
Tag Ur It!!!
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Maegan 2. A four letter word: Mood 3. A boy's name: Matthew 4. A girl's name: Monica 5. An occupation: Mechanic 6. A colour: Maroon 7. Something you wear: Makeup 8. A food: Meatballs 9. Something found in the bathroom: Mirror 10. A place: Manhattan Beach 11. A reason for being late: My daughter was sick 12. Something you shout: MMMMMM GODDDDD!!! 13. A movie title: Madea Goes to Jail 14. Something you drink: Mai Tai 15. A musical group: Machine Head 16. An animal: Monkey 17. A street name: Madison Avenu
Something To Think About
He is all of 19 years old. He is a short-haired, tight-muscled kid who, under normal circumstances, is considered by society as half-man, half-boy. Not yet dry behind the ears, not old enough to buy a beer, but old enough to die for his country. His never really cared much for work and he would rather wax his own car than wash his father’s…but he has never collected unemployment either. He’s a recent high school graduate, he was probably an average student, pursued some for of sports activities, drives a ten-year-old jalopy, and has a steady girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left, or swears to be waiting when he returns from half a world away. He listens to rock and roll or hip-hop or rap or jazz or swing…and 81-mm mortars. He is ten or fifteen pounds lighter now than when he was at home because he is working or fighting from before dawn to well after dusk. He has trouble spelling, thus letter writing is a pain for him, but he can field-strip a rifle in thir
Cool Stuff
A little more than life's been a wasting, Since you ran away, Nothings changed. So stick together, it won't last forever. Why is there so much pain? I can't explain. This war I fought without you. It's all in my head, well step aside and succumb. The last time was free, Yeah... Give up the times are never gonna change. I made up my mind, I still feel the same. Release me from a life full of pain. Shine down your light on me. One million short of a billion. I can't speak if you won't listen. There's no one, no way I'm falling down without You here. Lift off the stain I wear and graph this state of Mind, Yeah. Give up the times are never gonna change. I made up my mind, I still feel the same. Release me from a life full of pain. Shine down your light on me. Give up the times are never gonna change. I made up my mind, I still feel the same Release me from a life full of pain Shine down your light on me.
March 09 Fu Party!
I have posted a kissing boothe on my page. I would like it if you stop by my page to leave a KISS. This way I can show love back to your page. I thank everyone in advance!!!
All For You! I Love You!
Times Are Tough, But Shit!
I'm expecting a new motherboard to be delivered today. So when the banging on my door happened a few minutes ago, i got excited. Finally, i'll be able to get back on my puter instead of this borrowed one and get some things done. When i opened the door, there stood a woman(?) in a parka(it's about 65 here at 11a.m.). I looked at her(?) kinda puzzling. I didn't recognize her at all. Then out of her mouth was the most amazing thing! She asked, "Do you have $4 i can have?" Not "Can i borrow $4?". Not "I desperately need $4 so i can eat!" I just looked at her for about 5 seconds and without a word, closed the door. I know times are hard, but c'mon now! Fucking stoopid...
The Ultimate Betrail
Things To Do When You're Bored
Act like a spy / secret agent for the day. Flash your mailman. Act like you just met your friend for the first time. Arrest yourself. Start a conversation with yourself. Ask a question nobody can answer. Ask embarrassing questions. Ask people how to pronounce their name. Ask people if they want to see your “belly button treasure”. Crawl around the room humming the music from Mission Impossible. Ask people if they’ve seen your head. Balance a pencil on your nose. Make your feet talk to each other. Make sound effects for stuff. Dress in something silly and laugh at yourself. Make up a new language. Put stick-on tattoos all over your body. Be one of those people that yell “SHH!” (Even though ur ADDING to the noise). Play songs backwards and listen for satanic messages. Listen to a painting. Call a wrong number and talk to whoever answers. Call an insurance company and try to insure your stuffed animal. Call toll free numbers and make friends with the operators.
It Was Just A Dream Chapter 3
I woke up to control by metro station lighty playing on my ipod sterio. I hit the remote to turn it off but it just turned up. "damn you remote" said with a yawn, I felt something wrap around my waist. I turned to see marie laying next to me and I realized it wasn't a dream it was real. "good morning happy pants" she said opening her eyes. "good morning too you" as I turned complitely around to face her & put my hand on her hip. She grabbed my neck and we started to make out. I kissed down her jaw over to her neck. As I kissed marie's neck I glaced up at the clock blinking 11:28. "oh shit" I yelled as jumped up to find my clothes.. "what? What's going on?" sitting up in a ball on the bed. "oh nothing I was only suppose to meet luke half an hour ago". "oh crap" she said geting out to get dressed. We just through what we had on last night. "are you driving?" as she almost fell over putting her shoes on. "ofcorse not you are" as tossed her the keys to my 67 chevy impala that loved. Every
Another One Of My Homemade Music Video
Lounge 343
will pay 100k for a promoter to promote lounge 343 and my brother lounge white wolfs safe haven. if interested plz pm me and i will get back to you asap ty     plz repost LOUNGE 343 IS IN NEED OF DJ,S.....ENFORCERS AND PROMOTERS. IF INTERESTED PLZ PM AND I WILL GET BACK TO YOU ASAP. PLZ REPOST TY.......BLACHEARTEDWOLF
In the past few months i have experienced some wild shit that i would have never done in my life.. But it has also opened my eyes to see that i can do or be anyone i want to be.. For the past 6 yrs i have let people talk me down and i have changed alot, but the old me has risen.. So watch out......... I'm not a scared little girl anymore and i refuse to be treated like on.
Bully Maker
I Don't Understand
I can't believe that people would steep that low to steal other peoples spouses. People must not: 1 be able to find a person who would go out on a date with them so they have to steal others loved ones. 2 have no respect for themselves. 3 no personal morals. 4 set examples for there kids. All this is showing them that it's ok to let your self stoop so low and have no respect for your self. Before people should go and steal other peoples loved ones they should stop and think how much hurt, pain, trouble, and drama they are going to cause. Also they should stop to think of what others will think of them before they do what they do. Also people shouldn't put pictures up because all it saying is how much of a horrible person they really are. It also causes more pain, trouble, and drama. Next time people should really stop and think before they go and do things like stealing other peoples loved ones. What I don't understand is people who make judgements against others. What I am talking abo
My Girl
I want you now, I don't want to wait My soul has yearned, my heart has ached My body is numb, waiting for your touch For you are the one it wants so much My lips are cold, wanting to taste Everything you are, can not be replaced My eyes are closed, wishing to behold The beauty that you are waiting to unfold Holding my breathe, eager for your scent Every moment without you is pure torment The sweetest song sounds nothing to me Only your voice can set me free From these chains that bind, keeping me lifeless and still You are the only one I'm anxious to feel I have waited so long, I've wanted forever You are the one I've longed to endeavor Soon you'll be near, soon is to long If patience is a virtue, I want to be wrong I'll make you mine, I'll make you need Soon you will know how it feels to be me ~W.H.~ ~2009~
Lets Dig Deep
COPY AND PASTE TO YOUR OWN BLOGS AND LETS GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER BETTER!!!! Nickname you prefer: SPANKIE Age, including months: 29 YEARS AND 3 MONTHS What is your ethnic background?: FRENCH, AMERICAN INDIAN, IRISH, GERMAN, POLISH, DUTCH, Real hair color: DIRTY BLONDE Age you got your first piercing/tattoos: 3 MONTHS OLD LOL How many?:4 IN EACH EAR AND 1 BELLY BUTTON Shampoo/conditioner: SUN SILK Deodorant: DOVE Perfume/cologne: VANILLA BODY SPRAY Favorite shirt: STEVE YOUNG 49ERS JERSEY Soap?: BODY WASH Lotion?: VASALINE Do you hold grudges or forgive easy?: HOLD GRUDGES BIG TIME How many real, close, friends do you have that you can truly trust?: NO Are you happy when you are single?: YES AND NO Do you feel like you have everything you want/need?: NOT EVEN CLOSE Are you content?: NO Do you have any phobias?: I AM DEATHLY AFRAID OF SNAKES Whats your favorite physical feature about you?: MY LIPS Whats yo
What The Hell
Let me just start here, its not up for debate. I am here to blog my thoughts and feelings. if u have a problem with what i say, then move on.   What the hell is this World turning into?  It seems as if everyday there is a blood bathe going on. Today in Ny there was a shooting. 13 people killed, last week a man went into a nursing home and killed poor defenseless elders.   This world is turning into a dark morbid place. Im beginning to think it is going to fail all together. We need to REMEMBER that we are all trying to survive this crisis, EVERYONE NEEDS TO TAKE A STAND and suck it the fuck up.   I am a ARMY WIFE, a proud, active loving wife. And im sick and tired of hearing about how people dont appreciate what WE do.. They sit there and say we cheat, use them for their money. Holy shit, take a walk in my shoes for a fucking week, im sure u fall flat on your face     OK rant over.
Are You Interested???
Name: Age: Height: Hair color: Eye color: Favorite color: Favorite food: Whats your YAHOO screen name:(optional) Tattoos?: Piercings?: Drink?: Smoke?: Any Other drugs?: Would you care if i did drugs?: Would you care if i drank?: Are you a virgin?: Do you have sex?: (if so) How Often?: Is sex all you're looking for?: Do you have any STD's?: Would you kiss me anytime?: Anywhere?:
Favorite Angel Contest
I admire men who are responsible, gentle, loving, caring, tender, sensitive, and compassionate human beings. This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to do and Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody would have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody would do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done. When I ask you to listen to me and you start giving advice, you have not done what I asked. When I ask you to listen to me and you begin to tell me why I shouldn't feel that way, you are trampling on my feelings. When I ask you to listen to me and you feel you have to do something to solve my problem, you have failed me, strange as that may seem. Listen! All I asked, was that you listen not talk or do - j
To A Certain Someone
This Tether, bound to my soul, Dragging me backward, Back toward that abyss, the darkness that was my past. Forever straining and pulling against me.   It threatens to send me again, Into a place that I do not want to be. Full of blood and stupor. A place of loss and sorrow, of hurt and of pain.   Words across a screen, like a cable attached to my heart. Helping to keep me in the light, Holding me steady, keeping me stable. Words of support, and of caring, and of warmth.   Words that I look forward to everyday, A picture that i sit and stare at. A feeling that I have long since denied existed inside of me. This and more is what she brings to me.   I miss her when we are apart, And cherish her when we are together. She tethers me to the light, and to love...
I Need Points!
I need points yall!  I am trying to go up in levels and I need all the help I can get! Rate me, bling me, bomb me! I will rate you back and do whatever I can do to help you out!
Omg Look Who Has Auto 11s On
Why Good Men Dont Fall In Love
ok my wife cheated on me with all my friends and my brother during the time we were together now that we seperated june of 2008 shes now 6 mos pregnant by my brother all i did was give her everything i could i took her and her three kids in from two other marrages and treated them like my own she abused me even stabed me i tried for several years to hold it together but i guess it wasnt ment to be
Come Meet Rosealie Hale
About me: I was born to a middle-class family in 1915 in Rochester, New York. My father had a stable job in a bank while my mother was a housewife. My parents were social climbers and I was the ticket they needed to reach their social aspiration. I was clearly the favorite of my parents, with two younger brothers. While growing up, I dreamed of a lavish life--a life with a rich husband and children as beautiful as I was. My parents influenced my want of material things, which made me vain and conceited. I wanted a big house that someone else would clean, with a large lawn that I would play with my children on. In Rochester, where I grew up, there was only one family that had what my parents wanted--the Kings. Royce King owned the bank my father worked in. His son, Royce II, saw me for the first time and began dating me. It was a quick courtship and we were soon engaged. The engagement went too quickly and wedding plans were made. I couldn't help but feel something was missing from
Soft N Sensual Side Of Me
"Whether it b ur letter or picture or the fragrance that u wear, from a distance i can feel u there's no question that u care". "I feel the depths of ur lonliness ur passionate moans n groans, 2night i appeal 2 ur sence of patience it wont be long b4 i come home". "Do u have time 4 an honest man, from whom nothing but good can come, r u scared 2 face ur destined fate unsure of what's 2 come". "I have injected my soul in2 ur body, infecting ur inner parts, suduced ur mind until i find, the secrets of ur heart". "From this day forth until the end, eternally i claim, it's impossible 2 love a woman until you've felt her pain". "I reach down from da depths of my heart 2 show u how i feel inside, every emotion every thought i give 2 u, mind body n soul we match in everyway, i pray 4 da day that we can be 2gether, its all up 2 u baby i can make everything all better".                      "Is there something I can say 2 bring a smile 2 your face, Is there somewhere we can go 2 be all alone
«★muss★» In An Auction :o
First Time Ever For Haunted Passions Wet-t-shirt Contest
HAUNTED PASSIONS FIRST EVER WET-T-SHIRT CONTEST COME BY AN SEE US AND GET INTO THE FUN AND THE ACTIONS. BELOW U SEE HOW IT WILL GO! LET THE FUN AND ACTION START!!! Come By and Have a Blast! Click On Picture To Enter... Come by an Say hello! This is How the Contest Goes! You Must Be a Member To Be In the Contest. It Must Be a T-Shirt! You Must Be Wet! 1st Place 1 mill Fu-bucks 2nd Place 500.000 Fu-bucks 3rd Place 250.000 Fu-Bucks You Must Send Pictures to Camo_Princess Or Steelewind To Be Posted On the Lounge Profile. All Pictures Must Be In By Nexted Monday Before Midnight That date would be 18th Then Voting will Start that Day And Will Go Until the End of the Month and On June 1st We will have All the Winners! Thanks For Playing Staff Of Haunted Passions May The Best Ones Win!!!
A Soldier's Life
This Is For A Person From My Past...crazy Am I?
you call me fucking crazy you call me weird you call me nothing you kick me into the ground.   no longer can you hurt me no longer can you beat me no longer will you make me cry ive reached the point of no return   i stalk you in the night i wait for my moment cold sweat pours from my face warm tears stain my cheeks   you think this is a game? you think i won't snap now your crying now your bleeding   now your tied up now your all alone now your begging forgiveness now your dying   i sit and laugh at your demise i have no remorse for my sins you made me cry ill make you die.   so slowly you die i make it painful your so fake in your apoligies as i kick your face into the concrete   you never know who will snap you never know the pain you cause
it is amazing how things change with the seasons. things that i said and lived by a few years ago are now a thing of the past..i always say, a Master has that right to change his mind. when things arent going as you like, you have the power to change them...sometimes you delay the inevitable in order not to hurt others. but then the actions become greater and the hurt grows more and more for them..for that, i take full responsibility. then things come to a head and words are exchanged and lies are revealed and deceit discovered and anger builds..but deep inside you feel a deep sense that this is the way it is suppose to be for the change to happen. then you feel even more free to follow another road in this journey. predestined? who knows. but when something feels so right as this, you just have to continue to see the outcome. i have asked my slave princess to marry me and after i picked her back up off the floor and revived her, she said yes. i have loved so many and then been le
So Sweet
Random Rambling
Two years since my world fell apart, since I lost so many things that meant so much to me. Two years feeling incomplete, full of self doubt and feeling I failed. To some it means nothing,  that I should have moved on. They do not see or know how much  I have tried, how much I have cried. I pray for relief, I pray for strength.  The saddness never dies, it's sometimes hidden for a time, only to sneak up on me without warning. It haunts my dreams, and steals my sleep, I beg for it's release.  This demon just won't let me go, it shows it's ugly head in forms of anger, bitterness and pain. I push away the ones I love, and hurt those close to me. This demon known as depression is consuming me. 
WHY? Why? Why do I sit here and continue to tell myself meaningless truths that haunt me constantly, throughout each endless day of my worthless life. Lies that push me over the continuously shrinking edge forcing me to do horribly unspeakable things. Then, I begin to listen to those very lies and actually believe they might have some truth to them, but the amount of truth each of those lies possess is a mere, soft, attractive, cloud that covers the deep, crushing pains and sorrows that is peacefully waiting to rip my soul into pieces that will never again be together. It leaves me in a state of confusion and falsehood that is simply impossible to understand. Not to be overly broken, I fall into a haunting sleep, hoping to never wake. The next day’s sunrise slowly creeps into my dark, gloomy room as I continue to stare at my plain, empty ceiling, as I have for the past few but seemingly endless hours. When I actually get out of my cold, almost frozen bed, to begin the day; it seems tha
Blindfold ~story~
She was whispering in his ear as she sat astride him.  Warm breath on his skin, her lips brushing the edge, her tongue every now and then flicking to lick it, warm and wet and deliciously ticklish.  She twisted in his lap, rubbing his hot, hard cock through the layers of their underwear, trying to make him give in.  He didn’t know what his reluctance was, exactly.  She wanted to blindfold him, and he wanted her to; but her insistence that it be tonight, that delighted smile, which he couldn’t help but feel was hiding something, her wide, excited eyes – it all made him wary.  He had said yes - until he realised that she wanted to tie his wrists too that is, tie them behind him to the chair no less, which had brought his hesitations back again.  Damn, though, she felt good.  The way she was twisting in his lap was driving him near crazy, but whenever he tried to kiss her, tried to pull her into him, she pulled away, eyes gleaming, biting her lip with ill-concealed misch
Thank You Everyone
I would like to take the time to thank everyone for the love and concern for me. I know I've been away for the past few days and I'm so blessed and thankful for the people who were glad to see me back on Fubar.  I had to change my mindset and come back with a new attitude.  It was a long story on why I left and let's say I over-reacted on my situation.  It feels good that I'm starting over and I'm thankful for the REAL friends that stood by me and wondering where I've been at.  Much love and respect to everyone and THANK YOU! MNewb
Hello everybody. I am not new to fubar. Just wanted to start again, it will tak awhile before my level 26 fubar profile goes anywhere lmaoooo plus I can't uplaod anymore pics on that one because no VIP anymore.
My Mother ~marie Southern~
Marie Southern was a remarkable woman who did not find peace and happiness according to the world’s standards; rather she found contentment and joy from within herself. With vast amounts of inner strength, Marie faced her challenges head-on and was considered by many to be both a spiritual warrior and protector. Marie didn’t expect anything from anyone and never looked for a “free ride” either, always willing to work hard until she earned what she needed or desired. She fostered both a compassionate heart and generous spirit that greatly enriched the lives of all those within her reach.The 1950s are often referred to as the “Nifty Fifties” due in part to the tremendous changes within the culture of our nation. Rock ‘n roll burst onto the scene, the television became the dominant form of mass media, and the general prosperity enjoyed by many Americans led them to spend their leisure time taking in sports contests like never before. Also enjoying
Starting no later than the 12th I will be online only on Friday night. Sat, Sun and briefly Mondays. This will last for at least a couple months. My bills are piling up and I have to focus on getting on my feet and getting my divorce done. Rent to own pc's just dont fit into this budget. I will check my email as often as work permits. message me for my cell
Some times life make you forget how great something was.  That happened to me with work and the other things I forgotten how great a band STP (Stone Temple Pilots for those who do not know).  I hope to see them now that the lead singer is back after a stint with Velvet Revolver. How do you kill a knight?  Simple just a little sunshine I should know having done it enough times..... I thought we live for ever to do all the things we want to do.  Experience everything and leave w/o regrets.  The fact is that we do not and the smartest are those who learn at time w/o experience but by watching and listing to others.  So say what you have to, do what ever you need to and do so w/o regrets...........
A Prayer For Frank
As most of u kno i dont post to many things but i am asking everyone who knows me or even if u dont to please pray for my dad, Frank Frank is a loving man who came into my life when i was 7yrs old. my real father abandond my family right after i was brought into this world and Frank accepted me as his own born. He's been the only dd that i've ever known and i wouldnt trde him for the world. But over these past 5 yrs my dad has developed some serious health problems. He's had multiple strokes, his left leg is completely riddled with mrsa, he has lymphodemia, and other health issues. Over the past week or so my mom and I have gotten some bad news. My dad now has a mass around his bronchial tube and it extenses to his heart (we dont know wut the mass is yet) and he has Fluid in the paracardial sac incaseing his heart, that is slowly putting more and more pressure on his heart. We were also told that he is in Conjestive Heart Failure, which means his heart muscles arent strong enough nemo
My Insights
Shiny Metal Salutes
i am doing a new kind of salute that i am calling Shiny Metal Salute. it is done by taking your pic and using my photo editor's metal effects on it and then adding your screen name .below are some examples of ones that i have already done for people .if you want one ,send me a shout or message with the link to the pic you want me to use and when i am finished with it i will leave it as a profile comment on your page :D      
Omg I Made Oracle! Whoo Hoo Thanks!
I am super excited right now! I just made oracle.I had 2.1 million points when I logged on this afternoon and through all the awesome people blinging me and bombing me I made it! You guys fricken rock! You know you you are who helped me.I am so happy.It just feels cool to make it.I started fubar 4 1/2 months ago and made it fast cause ya'll loves me.(h) So anyways..I don't really like the new format of the website.I don't like the status thingy and it limits you on your statuses so I can't even update my status right now to say thanks to everyone.I have one pimpout left and the first person to comment me and say they want it for 1 million fubux its yours.Im fubroke.I gave away the other two though to people who always pimp or help me.Im so excited!
you know i consider myself to be a pretty good person, yet i seem to always find myself hurt, or broken. Im tired of letting someone in just to have them kill me slowly from the inside out. Im tired of all the lies and the "i love yous" yourself a favor and live and let they say, often its the most deserving people who cannot help loving the one that destroys them. I do have one thing to say to you mathew allen're not my favorite mistake you are just a simple regret. i thought i knew who you were, but watch how fast and watch how well i FORGET............
My Love K3wi
So i been on fubar for 6 yrs on and off, and i wasn't really looken for a girl..but shit happens..after a few i finaly found the one , that i can say that i can say .. i want to spend every sec wit . her name is k3wi on fu .. i love this girl so much .. i havn't feal this way in a very long time.. we have are times , just like every other relastionship has instore .. but we fix em and move on kinda.. she has done some shit that pissed me off, but i cant see my self wit out her in my life . i want to marry this girl .. i feal a spical bond beween us when we talk .. she make me happy , most of the time .. i really do love u k3w. When the time comes we will finaly meet and thats when the magic is goign to start ..  i want to be thier for her , durign the times needed and not needed. i want to care about her, i want to cuddle wit her . at this point of my life ..iu cant see my self wit out K3wi thier for me .. my life feal unconplete wit out her thier .  k3wi is my soul mate . and me and
The Smokestack
The Smokestack The Smokestack is located close to Shreveport-Barksdale Highway and Clyde Fant Parkway.  There are several stories about the previous uses of the smokestack.  One story is that it was part of King's Truck and Coach Works.  The shop and the barn were in burned in the 70's and the smokestack is all the was left.  Supposedly the caretaker of the place killed the owner's widow for money when it was still in operation, and in the midst of his escape, he impaled himself on a wrought iron gate.   Another theory is that it is the remains of a major oil refinery.  One other story is that the property was used as a dairy farm as well.  Still, the Smokestack is still surrounded by strange tales and curious people just wanting to know.  One e-mail stated that a man went to the top of the tower and saw a large group of bees in the form of a human man.  Even if the place may or may not be haunted, from the pictures it's easy to see that it is a known place for gatherings
Best Drink Ever take one part southern comfort, one part ameretto, shake in ice. pour in to glass. top off with sour mix. damn good. its a creeper.
Helping Out A Friend That's Lonely
Should I pretend to like a guy that is flirting with me even though he knows that I don't see him like that? I am also leaving in a month to go back to college out of state and more than likely will not see him when I come back to visit my home. Should I give in to him hitting on me or say back off.
here i go again writing you off. i just want you to go away leave it alone, drop me off of this trip your on. what sence is it to want to be tied down to a moving car? i cant think i cant care, i cant give a damn anymore. two years of wanting, living up to your needs i forgot my own. and you want me back? give me hell for the life you put me in. give me hell for the pain you force me to try and avoid. all i can do is walk away, and you wonder why. your such a great person to yourself i wonder why the wold hates you so much.your such an infalable creature i wonder why god doesnt make you a saint. preach to your flock of all your innocent ways whyile you fuck them all. they will tell you the same as me in two years;  "make up your mind, keep one path. and above all, leave us alone"you say im perfect and that i dont see it. i say your flawed and you dont see it. you say its chemistry i say its its just as good as the sex i give you. your alowed all the imprefect days your perfect self can
i sit here tonight thinkin over my past.and i always come to this one place and stop i guess thats a happy place for me in my life. i wish i could bak and do things over for sum sufficent reason but we can't. Now its all bout the bills and the family . I wish sometimes he only knew i stayed up late at nite crying and wishin he was mine again. and that i could wake up beside him and look n2 his lite blue water like eyes.and feel his soft gentle rose like lips. But back then we made our choices and now we have been gone our very own separte ways. and it breaks my heart to see how diffrent of a person he is.thats y im here tonight. layin here cryin cuz he has changed and so have i . We all make choices in life. Some are good and some are bad. We don't always know how they are gonna effect our lives or others at that time.But we have learn from those choices and somehow we have to learn to except them and the responsabilitys that come along with them. i sit wondering all the ti
Watch Me Cum
I would love for you to watch me play.  Cum see what fantasies I can fulfill for you.  You won't be disappointed.
Random Musings..
Hey All.. This is an acoustic set we play at a local bar. Mostly 30 something Crowd with a few younger and a few older.Looking to expand the song list and am looking for Ideas.Any and all suggestions welcome.Keep in mind that we are an "Acoustic" band.  We try to play things a little oustide the norm.  As of yet, we do not play country - Sorry Ladies ;)Thanks for the Help!   Set List @ AJ'sJack Johnson - Rodeo ClownsPolice - So LonelyRadiohead - High & DryCream - Sunshine of your LovePearl Jam - Elderly WomanSting - Fields of GoldU2 - With our Without youColdPlay - YellowBlack Crows - Talks to AngelsSqueeze - Tempted by the Fruit of AnotherTom Petty - Mary Jane's last dancePink Floyd - Wish you were hereDave Matthews - Jimi ThingJack Johnson - TaylorCitizen Cope - Sons gonna RiseR.H.Chili Peppers - Under the BridgePearl Jam - AnimalBilly Joel - Piano ManMatchbox 20 - UnwellLed Zep - TangerineSmashing Pumpkins - Cherub RockVolcanos - Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl ( yea.. I know )Van
The Rock Doctor's Hiring Dj's And All Staff (nsfw)
Mandy Muffin
Summer's heating up & what better way to stay cool than to get indoors, crank the AC up and stroke that big hard cock of yours to all my naughty pics & videos.  This weekend you can save $5 and have full access to my site by simply clicking the banner below.  Members that sign up this weekend will also be entered in a draw to win a pair of my panties.  What are ya waiting for?  Sign up before this offer expires on Monday July 19th at Midnight.   If you want to earn some serious cash, send me a message.  I'm making 1000 per week from home.  All you need is a webcam, printer and a scanner & I'll help you get started.  Message me today.
The Restraunt~~
It was a long hot summer of phone conversations only~~ The distance between the two were 2,500 miles.....neither have ever done the long distance thing before, but the connection between the two was so incrediable they didnt want to give up what they had so far. Everyday of talking they both got to know one another better, A deep connection emotionally and sexualy have bonded~~ Its been awhile since the two have been in a relationship so the sexual tension was intense~~ She is very erotic and very sexual, the naughtier the better with her and he loves to be teased by her~~ Hes never been with a woman like her before, so open sexually yet old fashioned morals to only give herself to the one she loves~~ That was such a turn on for him~~ They would dabble in light conversation about  sexual thoughts and he would find himself stroking himself to her voice, even when they wouldnt be talking about anything sexual. They spoke about when they would meet in person how happy they would
Help Me
Dealing with Assholes This is for all of you who occasionally have a really bad day when you just need to take it out on someone!!! Don't take that bad day out on someone you know, take it out on someone you DON'T know!!! Now get this. I was sitting at my desk, when I remembered a phone call I had to make. I found the number and dialed it. A man answered nicely saying, "Hello?" I politely said, "This is Patrick Hanifin and could I please speak to Robin Carter?" Suddenly the phone was slammed down on me! I couldn't believe that anyone could be that rude. I tracked down Robin's correct number and called her. She had transposed the last two digits incorrectly. After I hung up with Robin, I spotted the wrong number still lying there on my desk. I decided to call it again. When the same person once more answered, I yelled "You're an asshole!" and hung up. Next to his phone number I wrote the word "asshole," and put it in my desk drawer. Every couple of weeks, when I was paying bills,
Sissy Lala's
Ok, so Im new to this and I was rating people...unbenouneced to me they aren't anonymous. Well, Im sorry all..i figured they were. And, I was trying to be honest and rate with an honest opinion verses the typical 10 vote for everyone. That's all peepz. Im sorry if that offends...but thats just me.
Social Sites
Hospital Visit
Left my house wednesday morning on the way to have lunch with my son at his I was walkin to the car I started feeling a little bit of pain in my stomach. By 2:30 I could barely stand up and was admitted into the hospital. My Colon exploded...for lack of a better, more medical term.  Diverticulitus was the start of it.   Anyway....had emergency surgery wednesday. Hung out in the hospital til today. Got two open wounds in my gut.  Gotta shit thru my stomach for a couple months...then go back to the hospital and have all the wounds sown back up. Fun Fun Fun    
Inside Again
Brooding again with blue devilswho know me all too well as they always find what they leave behindThey welcome with tailscoiling around meslippery with anxiousnessThey whisper as theyplant seeds of doubtfertilize with liesthat endlessly multiplie Jettison this junkfrom my head to clear away moody logic Yes, although I love youorgasms don't fix everythinggive me time to eat my own heart outTomorrow I'll slip awaythen everything will be all right
                              Lately I've been hard to reach I've been too long on my own Everybody has a private world Where they can be alone Are you calling me, are you trying to get through Are you reaching out for me, I'm reaching out for you I'm just so fuckin' depressed I just can seem to get out this slump If I could just get over this hump But I need something to pull me out this dump I took my bruises, took my lumps Fell down and I got right back up But I need that spark to get psyched back up In order for me to pick that mic back up I don't know how I pry away And I ended up in this position I'm in I starting to feel distant again So I decided just to pick this pen Up and tried to make an attempt to vent But I just can't admit Or come to grips, with the fact that I may be done with rap I need a new outlet I know some shits so hard to swallow And I just can't sit back and wallow In my own sorrow But I know one fact I'll be one tough act to follow One tough act to follow Copy
To Crave A Woman
The come hither look on her face Our naked bodies pressed in a long embrace Your skin soft under my finger tips Always wanting to kiss your lips Hands cuping your ample breasts Considering your body a beautiful quest Gripping all of your curves Time now to get rid of all your reserves Moving down to your most precious of parts Making love like sweethearts Spreading your legs inserting my tongue Moving around excitement has sprung
Redd Alert
Fu Id Checks !!!
Has anyone else noticed that when there's an ID Check occurs at a friend request, that the friend request is not actually sent afterwards .. it appears to have been sent, but it hasn't been !!!   I've verified this by going back to the same sites the next day, as well as creating a dummy account, and it does not work !!
How do I know I love you?Even though we're far apartYou'll always be here in my heart.Through the thick and thin we've been throughYou know I'll always be with you.As you hold me in your armsAnd also tease me with your charms,I know you'll always comfort me,And that is how I want to be,In a paradise for two,That's how I know I love you! A question I have for everyone; friends, family, and aquaintences..... One good friend said:When I look into your eyes I see; a friend forever;  someone I could see being close to for the rest of my life; someone who doesn't just see what she WANTS to see, but sees what many others are not capable of seeing in people and situations, happiness that is shared/ but sometimes hidden. I see a person that has way more to her than the naked eye can see. I see someone who can easily be a player, but despises it and is true. Caring, gentle, and funny..... Yet likes to hit and rough house at times. I see someone who is ready for honest, deep, unconditional and un
Beautifully Stated
oh my gosh.....cranky ppl REALLY NEED TO GO HOME AND TAKE A NAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was literally run over by a car 2 years ago, and among my many new things to adjust to I have traumatic brain injury which means its hard for me to remember or learn new things.My daughter, Trinity (here on fubar) has been doing stuff for me to get me started here. I kinda had it figured out a little , but now I'm hopelessly lost again. "sighs" The stupidest thing I have ever done in my life was get ink. My big dumb jerk husband was cheating on me a LOT and all his ho's had tramp stamps that were butterflies or flowers or some other cheesy looking thing . So I decided to get his attention by getting something more "provocative".I got, on my back, "spank me", on my right upper arm I have handcuffs, and on my left upper arm I have cherries. Now I'm divorced,I hate my tattooes, and I was told there was some kinda cream that would make em fade.Please tell me you know what that cream is and where I can buy it.
A Nascar Blog
teams that seem to be doing worse: kyle busch- giving up steve addington as crew chief was just dumb. proof? up to the end of march he hasn't even got a win yet. wake up joe gibbs!!! michael waltrip- getting near retirement anyways carl edwards- still no wins and the keselowski incident didn't help. teams that have not changed much: jimmie johnson- staying consistent and having one of the best crew chiefs speaks for itself. chad knaus is so meticulous that it's doubtful that he will ever have a bad streak so jimmie just needs to keep driving the way he always does tony stewart- they haven't really changed much, but they will need to if he's going to make the chase who benefitted: kurt busch- even though tryson was numb enough to exit, getting steve addington was one of the best moves kurt busch could've done. they are still getting the wins joey logano- being very teachable has been one of his assets. having a crew chief like zipadelli helps too. expect him to get at lea
Random Stuff
Jus A Tease Hehe
walk up behind you, wrap my arms round your body. as they barely touch your already erect nipples. my hands grabbin and messagin your tits. slowly movin down, i slip my fingers past your lips. sliding two inside you. my fangs penitrating your neck. as the blood runs down your body. reachin your hand around you grab my hard cock. feelin me through my jeans as they get tighter with your hand bein there. you reach over my waist band. slide your hand down insinde my jeans. grabbin my hard cock, you begin strokin me. gettin harder as you move up and down on me. slidin your hand over my belt, you loosen it. pullin it out one loop at a time. slowly your teeth find the buttons on my jeans. carefully undoin them on by one. slowly pullin my hand away from your pussy, squeezin your lips as i move to your jeans. undoin them, carefully. slowly lettin them fall to the floor. exposin your perfect pussy, your swollen lips. to be continued, hehe.
Sell Tools
rst off, I don't give a shit if you do this or not, you have NOT gotten me to this point and it's safe to say Tomorrow you will not help me either.  Same goes for me too, I have nothing to do with your life either.   Second, I own a Tool & Supply biz.  We Sell safety equipment and Tools to construction companies nationwide.  6017 Items to be exact.   Women do very well at this, listen NO offense, but i am a realist, WE ALL flirt on here either for acceptance, to make ourselves feel important or just to find someone to get us off.  Listen I am the Playahs Playa.  With that in mind, I know some of you are just the same, playing games with people for our own amusement.   Since you have
Missing U
                  i have not one insurgent friend kill them all! I LOVE YOU KEVIN PLEASE BE SAFE AND COME HOME SOON MY HEART IS BREAKING. LETS GO 40TH EN BN FUCK THOSE INSURGENCE UP!!!!!
Lost angel on this earth, She is not sure where she belongs. She wears cuffs on her ankles and wrist. She believes in her heart, That one day she will find where she belongs. For now, she is a lost angel, She wears a fake smile, to hide the pain that she carries in her heart. She doesn't want anyone to know the pain, So she smiles and laughs. She touched love a few times. But it was never ment to be. Maybe one day, love will find her again. She has the need to be claimed, That would be her greatest victory, Some where is the one that is ment to own her. Until then she is a lost angel. She hears everyone tell her, wait longer lost angel. It will come, the one that will own you. Will find you. These cuffs she wears belongs to the one that will own her forever. Everyone wants her in their life to make it brighter and happier. To touch her is a gift and to own her is a pleasure. To own her heart is the greatest gift, you could ever have. To own her body, mind and soul is
Become A Personal Trainer In 6 Simple Steps
Become a Personal Trainer in 6 Simple Steps Are you a fitness junkie? Do you like to be in the best of shape and devour the fitness tips provided in the regular health columns of your favourite magazine? Do you also see yourself taking a lot of interest in busting the fitness myths abounding in the social circle you mix in and a genuine interest in helping others increase their levels of fitness? If the answer to the questions posed above is yes, why don’t you try teaching how to be fit to others and take up the job of a personal trainer? A majority of health-conscious people are in the constant lookout for a personal trainer as it is impossible to adopt and stick to healthy lifestyle choices and the right exercise regime without the able guidance of a personal trainer. Here are few simple steps that can help you become a successful personal trainer.  Step 1  Gauge your capabilities  Besides having a passion for fitness, it is essential that you have several other skills as
Criteria For A Good Drug Rehab Center
Criteria for a Good Drug Rehab Center Addiction to drugs is already spread like a vicious disease and is still spreading. Many people of different age are falling victim to it specially people of the first world countries. There are the lives of millions of teenagers involved where they drug for the ‘feel good’ purpose and get into inseparable habit of drugging. This drug addiction comes in various forms, sometimes accidentally addicting to drugs and sometimes it is done intentionally. The effect of drugging is only harmful. Drug addiction is not a habit that can be stopped easily. It can be done at a Rehab center most effectively. There are all sorts of treatments at a good rehab center which puts you out of the habit slowly but surely. A good rehab center like ours is the best way out of the addiction and habit. Today drug addiction treatment is no more a problem. There are drug rehab centers like ours where a person is made to realize he is getting physic
Riddles And Such. :)
1.) I'm a container with the inside golden than can't be opened unless I'm broken! What am I?   2.) She was not the youngest and not the oldest. Her parents loved her best. Who is she?   3.) A baby is just born from a black mother and a white father. What is the color of the baby's teeth?   4.) When is a yellow dog most likely to enter a house?   5.) There are 2 fathers and 2 sons going on a fishing trip. Every person catches one fish. In total, there were only 3 fish. How is that so?   6.) You can find me in the sea but not in the ocean. You can't find me in a lake but you can find me in ponds. You can't see me at night but you can see me in the morning sun.   7.) If there is a cat in each corner of a square room and in front of each cat there are three other cats, how many cats are there in total?   8.) Two coins make 30¢ and one of them is not a nickel. What are the coins?   9.) If there are three cups of sugar and you take one away, how many do you have?   10.) Be
Favorite Love Song!

My breath catches and my lips part as a moan softly escapes me. The way my flesh reacts to the memory of your touch and my heart races at the thought of your voice, it is so intense my eyes close to the world around me. I return to the feel of your fingertips on my cheek for the first time and the sound of your whispering voice in my ear.  Every nerve in me is on fire as I relive the moment your lips caressed mine. As your tongue sweeps across my lip as soft as a feather and my fingers grasped your shoulders. Your hand moved down my body and as your thumb passes slowly over the roundness of my breast my body arches into you, a hunger so savage and so comsuming. Pulling me close I feel the need in you matches mine. They way I begged you with my eyes was stronger than any words I could have uttered. You continue through the night to take me place I have never been, and will only be in my memories......
I feel like writing but I'm not sure what to say. I feel like rambling on about mindless bullshit but not in fear that no one will read. I feel like standing on top of the highest mountain to see what I've been missing and if I jumped, who would miss me. I feel like screaming Fuck You All but who would hear me, my voice would go horse because there's a long list of people who need my wrath. I feel like running for my life but not for a good cause, only to get away, far away from it all. I feel like shutting up now because this sounds like a pitiful cry but its not, its the truth, the freak that lives inside. I feel like ending it all but who would stop me, why would you want to if you knew my history. We all cant be perfect but some of us damn sure try. I cant be your mother figure, that job is already set aside. Aside for the 2 people in the world that are the ONLY reason why I haven't end this all. The only people I can truly call my own. The only people who look like me, the only pe
Love How do you know when it hits you, Emotions bleeding through you, Emotions shine around you, How do you feel what one cannot see, Emotions perceive to show ones heart's desires, Emotions overcome you, that can't be condoned, How do one's emotions grow so promptly, Emotions falter your barrier, Emotions deceive our perceptions, How lingering and persistent it is, Emotions surreal as dreams, Emotions surreal as lines in a song, How to express affection the soul feels, Emotions felt when eyes meet, Emotions feel like eternity in the heart, How do I show you I am the one, Emotions shown through thoughtful ways, Emotions endure testing of one's true affection, How does one know true Love, Emotions for you will never wane from my heart, Emotions for you are my reason to be, How affectionate feelings are when with you, around you, thinking about you, Love. Death, thi shadow that lurks on us, swiftly breaching in on our demise. Doomsday, 12/21/2012, the end of days, the count down has begu
Sex Stories
I met this woman on a dating site, i made a profile and after a couple pof days she contacted me. She was 5'6 155. 36d breast. after a few chats she gave me me here cell and we started talking. she had a boy friend on tthen she got my yahoo and soon after that we began cyber sex. soon after that  we began phone sex, we soon felt comfortable with each other. We bagan light telling each other of our fantasises and what we would love to do to each other then we worked on the next step. we met at the H.e.b parking lot at 10.00pm we got in the back seat of her car then the next thing you know she grabs my head and starts to kiss me. she starts french kissing for about a minute or to and pulled back and said " i have wanted you all day" she then unzipped my zipper and played with my cock through my underwear as she kissed me again as she rubbed my 8 1/2" cock, God i was so hard.she then pulled it out and went down on me licking up and down my shaft slowly. licking around the head god seh was
Trapped Under Ice - See God
Never brought mommy smiles this feeling that I'm feeling I've been feeling for a while it's hard to admit but I got to get it off my chest I would sleep forever if there's peace in death and if you see god tell him that I'm still alive gave up on all those prayers because they couldn't provide the answer to the questions I've been asking since birth been searching for the truth for years I can't find peace on this earth you won't find peace on this earth
Help Me Out
Why is it that mistakes made in our past tend to change the corse of our lives? Is it because there is no going back? if it was possible to go back in time to change one thing that might have happened in our lives would we? The mistakes ive made in my life are unforgivable and unforgettable in all the eyes of those affected by my mistakes. Only GOD has forgiven me and only he can keep me on the right path in life to never make those mistakes again, I AM FOREVER SORRY to all those affected by the things Ive done in the past. My judgment was bad and the dicisions that i made were influnced by those around me who apperently knew that I was weak minded, the devil works in ways that can be very misleading.  I dont blame any one but myself for doing the things that I have done, YES I would go back in time and change something if it were possible, the one thing that changed the entire corse of my life, one thing that affected me drasticly and hurt those closest to me more than any one else,
Totally ready to just chill in life and do what makes me happy for a change,  Some of you remember me as "CB" from years past. Well life has taken many twists and turns and I am finally able to just be me and its awesome.
Memoirs (13-22)   13 I am Thirteen. Today I enter a world of confusion. Life turns upside down. Down is up and up is down. Wrong is right and right is wrong. I hate that which I once loved and love that which I formerly despised. Today marks the years that I start to figure out who I am.   14 Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree; year thirteen wasn’t so good to me. Another day has come and gone. Maybe tomorrow won’t seem forlorn. Fourteen is gone. Its time for next year’s song quoth the raven evermore.   15 Eyes of garland green; tell me I’m not deceived in seeing the inevitable. I am aging. Forced into a merciless havoc that is responsibility. Too little or too much, there is no in between. They say its all been done, that I’m not the first or the last. One question remains; are they seeing what I see?   16 Sink or swim, I drown. High or low, I’m down. A novice to society; how could they expect so much when I’ve only just begun? Reach
Boxing: The Journyman Distinction
The Journeyman Distinction By Eliud Vazquez Journeymen in boxing are much needed. They are the ones that promoters call up whenever they have a prospect that they think can proceed to the next level. A journeyman can provide rounds, competition, and even a few surprises for the sponsors to evaluate the fighters that they are endorsing. If you are a recognized journeyman, you can earn a decent payday. Almost every time they’re not expected to win. Some can push the predicted winning fighter to the limit but not much more is expected. One such guy was Everett “Bigfoot” Martin. A heavyweight fighter from Tyler, Texas that fought a who’s who in the heavyweight division. Notable boxers that Martin faced were George Foreman, Michael Moorer, Riddick Bowe, Larry Holmes, and Wladimir Klitschko just to name a few. Martin fought a total of 15 past or future world champions and title holders. Bigfoot also engaged against four title challengers. Out of those
My First Blog
Love music of all kinds. Just went to an AWESOME concert with Nickelback, Seether, Bush, and My Darkest Days!!! Nickelback put on a great show. I had a great time. Loved every bit of it.
Ladies Come First
I Love You
Sur 13
Who Actually Reads My Posts? Let's See Who Reads This Entirely...leave Me A One-word-description Of Me That Starts With The Third Letter Of Your F
True Love in todays day and age is a rear thing. Half are always in a hurry to find that special someone and build a life together. While the other half is loving recklessly into many hearts. While it seems that just a few find that true heart that magnifies true Love.What happends when you do meet that special someone who Loves like no other. Who cares so deep that you find yourself doing what may seem, to many, foolish things to show that Love. What happends when you loose that Love and not because the lack of Love but not trully knowing how to see it within that person but more importantly not seeing that Love and independence within yourself.In life to discover and keep the Love that you find that is more precious to you than the dreams that you keep inside for you only. You have to be ready to let your pride down and give that pride to the one you Love. Never give up the power within yourself. Only enhance that power with the Love and passion of that one person that makes your spi
Affectionate Kiss Poem
Your lipsaremore than your soulbuteternity to this loverDancing in synchronicitywith all to discoverThis dance begins on the horizonwhere the blue of your skiesmeetthe autumn in my alpha eyesmoving to our omegaset on yourlipsSumptuouspleasureLovely and supplemoist against mineSweeter than honey dripping to the tonguepleasing passions To taste your affection andbreathe your breathto feelthe softness of your faceSexy overwhelming bliss © 2012 revery
Sexy For Girl Dad What Men
2012 Racing Season
Whats The Diffrance?
Because Of You!
Weight Loss
Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I have a few words to say about these. Ugh, how did I get to this point? Well, that doesn't really matter, what matters is where I am going now. My goal...I have finally decided to take action! I am not waiting until a Monday rolls around, I'm not going to wait until next month starts. I'm taking that first step today! Stay tuned for results as I will be updating this for some support as time goes on.
god   You want to see me choke on broken glass gasp for air struggle to survive suffer in pain never allow me to surpass...   You toy with me and taunt me your marionette you dangle me above the flames mock me with your silence you lead me astray blind my vision take my heart and soul to claim...   Callous I have grown immune to your disease useless are the games you play thinking that you will succeed...   Amusing how you orchestrate this cacophony the creator of this carnival in hell I laugh out loud maniacally this broken clown has broken your spell...   James C Leveroni 4_8_13
Best Partys!!
We have all had that one party that sticks in your mind for a long time ;p But how good was it? Comment and we will see who`s is the best and most crazy :)
Still Cheating?
my boyfriend and I were cuddlling on the couch as he was asleep, i was playing games on his phone. i have never went through his things for any reason. I trusted him like a new born trusts their parent to care for them. i don't know why i even looked at his texts, but i did and saw a name i never heard him talk about. so, I looked. pictures of him are all i saw before i threw his phone like it was lava. jumped off the couch and got sick.  my question is this, since the pictures didn't really show anything but his errection under his boxers, there was an invite for her to come to his office, btw, has a sofa next to his cubical, is this still cheating? how bad is this? am i over reacting?
Bored! What's Everyone Up To?
It's Late, I'm bored, and Not tired.. Where's the party?
Cookie Land
    Grrrr...why can't I actually get a real chic with a real salute for once.
I Am A Reality Of My Own Fantasy
She has been leaving with me since I don't know when , she used to play and jump around every time she put on those tall shoes .In the first oportunity of creation I see her ... so lovely , so cute ... so cute when she walks and talks ,, like.. no so acting ...and like all the girls " just want to have fun " ...dressing, cheering , playing ... Sonya is a Real but not truthfull & interesting character ... she will go with You to the Moon or stay at your room ...she will control as she will please , this is a game she says... let's role and play ...we can create the virtual world "cuz we living in it ... kiss*
I Supply Outstanding Companion Girl Escorts Services In Delhi Escort Service
Delhi Escort service the particular I'm providing the foremost fantastic and extremely awe-inspiring dating Delhi Escort state and my friend for many illustrious Delhi city centers like Gurgaon, Noida, furthermore as Delhi-NCR. I typically am assured that you just won't notice additional wonderful services than your service that gives you the most well liked and gorgeous Escorts throughout Delhi. I actually have got a variety in a very variety of enticing, friendly girls waiting to supply enjoyable time along side you. Whether or not concerning pleasure visits, business occasions, company things, functions or maybe dinner times, my escorts might fulfil your wants and that they are a unit illustrious for that. They need extremely associate degree exotic figure to supply the very best degree of service potential with expertise, integrity furthermore as discretion assured forever for the particular discerning gents. My escort service is typically real furthermore as we offer a tailored e
About Me
I'm a big tall masculine guy with a huge pantyhose fetish. I love to wear. I love when women wear them and I kinda dig guys in them. I'm kinda into the idea of fooling around with another guy in pantyhose but if it never happens I think I'd be ok with that. I had a girlfriend some time ago that wore and let me wear for sex. It was amazing. Maybe one day I'll find another girl that will wear and let me wear.
I need
Bad Girl!
I love to tease letting men look down my top and up my skirt n so on. Like the thought of their stiff cocks and I let them stare...this day I was in the supermarket making sure three lads got a good eyeful of my wares as I shopped mmmm fuck I bet they could smell my wet pussy as they followed me out. I lead them behind the supermarket where they store the bins and waited as they came round I dropped my skirt and top on the ground "hey boys wanna fuck me?" They were shocked but wasted no time in getting their hard cocks out and sucking my nipples as the third licked my pussy spreading it wide... Oh fuck!! I was sucking two cocks in no time as the third ploughed my hole from behind...then the second cock pushed into my ass!! Oh god Jesus I was in heaven both holes filled and a throbbing cock fucking my face like a cheap whore!! I just kept cumming and cumming until I felt the cocks pull out before all 3 spurted their hot loads in my mouth mmmmm. All in all a good day xxx
No Idea What I'm Doing!
ok, done that, now who pays me? :-) hi all, nice to see you're all happy today!  
Check This Out
Be Real
                I feel I am the realest person I know. I speak my mind, I don't like making up stories to cover the truth, I don't like drama and I don't like talking behind other persons backs. but being that I look the way I do meaning :beauty wise, people think I am a liar till they get to know me and realize I am not like anyone they have ever met or ever will again. I am confident and as the American culture has it set that being confident means you only care about yourself in which I wish people would stop trying to follow trends that they did not create, or just agree on something because a certain someone agrees to something and just be there self with your own creations or thoughts and just pure originality. also I have always done things how I think they should be done, do I ask for help? yes at times I do because not everything can be done alone. so what I am getting at is just be you, be yourself and be honest with yourself in order to be honest with others.   -KRISSY
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Natural Help Remedies
  *** Amazing!!! *** Grind a handful of rice until u get a fine but coarse flour. Add a few spoons of raw honey to the mixture along with enough apple cider vinegar to obtain a thick paste. If the cracks are very deep, add a spoon of olive oil. Soak feet for 20 minutes & gently massage with this paste.  rice- grind to a flour form apple cider vingar- add few fulls spoons  raw honey- few spoons fulls  If deep cracks  spoon full olive oil
Just Dev's Musings
Well, my PC's being a jackass and decided yesterday to refuse to boot. So, cue the Windows reinstall and the endless rounds of install-reboot, install-reboot! In other news, I got a cheap digital camera and here's some pics of my cat: Only just thought of the place, LOL... still, it'll make yet another addition to my multitude of blogs, right? ;) Eeeee... what to write. A lot's happened since I was last here. Got into another long-distance relationship which ended when she found herself falling for someone else... still jobless and now single again as well so I guess my life is on a low point at the moment. So the only way is up... I hope!
if ya got something to say to me about what i wear when i wear or anything else like mud you can umm blow me i did my time to earn everything i have from the army thank you very much....
You have a sexual IQ of 134 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at You scored as Faerie. Faerie: Aren't you a cute little flying person? Faeries are earth spirits. They live among each element completely hidden. They have cousins called Pixies. Pixies however, are very mischevious. They enjoy tormenting other creatures for fun. Little pranksters.. I hope you never meet one. Pixies have a bad reputation for finding a creature and clinging to them until death. Faeries can be somewhat close to a Pixie, but mostly they are loving, playful, and carry with them a child-like enthusiasm for life. Hide among the pedals of a Daisy, you are a Faerie.Faerie92%Angel84%Dragon83%Mermaid67%WereWolf25%Demon25%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with QuizF
I am not naming a name on who this is too... You came into my life, at first you seemed like the perfact guy. Always around, spendin time with me, talking an all. Then after a few weeks things changed as I started to see the real you. The real you who only wanted play nothing more, wanted what you couldnt have, cuz I would'nt give it. All I wanted was for you to be there when needed, stand by my side when I needed you to have my back, and to love me. I am sorry that you couldnt do them, my tears are all dried up and I moved on. Cant waite around till you want me again. I am not a toy, im a human. I too have feelings, that still hurt over you. But instead of hiding them, I delt with them. So please understand, that I am not yours to toy with! I only look out for my number one! And unlike you, my number one is my SON! I will think of you from time to time. But im not going to blame me, for all of it. I am not the one who had some chick come down (while we were fighting) to spe
What It Do
hey all this is my first blog thing on here my name is derek I live in the falls town....I have a beautifull girlfreind mel and we have a wonderfull son whom is almost 5 months old...but anyway I dont have a pic on here cause IAm a dumb ass and dont know how to but if you want a new friend on here holla at me aight then Iam out
Hey yall whats up give me a couple days to get this all figured out... thanks jewels for giving me something new... i will be a lil slow till the end of Football season... sorry cant help it... i love the sport... Well talk to yall later hey yawl, so this is my second blog. Thanks to DJ Bio for getting me into CT. So its been like 2 weeks and i am really getting into the hang of things. Hubby is in Iraq so i have a whole lot of time on my hands. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads or single moms being dad too. Now I just should have called my own dad. Oops. Well laters...
Anyone Want To
go to another planet?
If I Have Not Rated You Let Me Know
If I have not rated you yet please let me know in a message so I can get it done. Sorry it has taken me so long to get you rated.
Lessons To Be Learned
Bad Boy
What Year Do You Belong In
My Favorite Thing!!!!!!!!!
You've Been Tagged
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1.I love the gothic look 2.I like to play pool 3.I like to do my grocery shopping at like midnight at walmart 4.I'm very maticulous 5.I talk in my sleep..and carry on conversations with others too 6.I love cellery and peanut butter The 6 people Im going to tag is 1.crazyone 2.fornicates 3.Sensually Seductive 4.kittentattoo 5.Amymercedi 6.~*Loki*~ Ok well fisrt i am sorry I have not been on for quite some time...Second my internet is down and thats y I have not been on for this long. Just now found a place where i could go to use the web and its not that often i can come here..So I have missed you all and
My Thoughts.
Well I just did a massive friends cut. Out of 43 people I believe I have 10 left. I only cut due to people who don't talk to me, so really it was nothing personal. I just don't want to have hundreds on my list for no reason. The people who I left, that I don't talk with, are people I'd like to talk to. If that makes sense. I am not really much for writing blogs or doing anything with these sites to be honest. I've been pretty busy with work and school. I found a new addiction and it's name is World of Warcraft. I was afraid to play it because I heard it was so addictive but of course I played it, and now i'm hooked. I have played over 60 hours in just under 2 weeks. Oh well, it takes my mind off of things. I am open to new suggestions to clear my mind though, lol. So if you have any let me know. Yeah just wanted to post about the friends cut and I got off track. Also there may be some new pictures of me soon. Keyword : may.
Fucked Up Child Abuse
My name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Chariles bar. I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work. He slaps and hits me And yells at me more, I finally get free And run to the door Hes already locked it And i start to bawl, He tak
Sex And Love -- Or Should It Be The Other Way Around?
Please Read !!!
So I'm getting pissed off with this site !! I think its just a popularity contest with everyone and theres soooo many fake ppl on here. I came here to meet new ppl and have a laugh, and there is a few genuine nice ppl here, but there's a hell of alot who except you as friend's and never speak to you !! Why do you ppl except friends requests when you have no intention of ever speaking to this person ??? It annoys me !! If a girl wants to level up or get cherry points, she simply askes "I need to level up" and within minutes her points go through the roof !! And these sexy and risque bullitins that get reposted. They get a shit load of replys, but when a guy repost something, they get left on the bullitin notice board unread ?????? Sorry for having a little rant but between this site and myspace, I don't know which one's worse !! Thanks to those who read "scouseaspen" Surgestions Welcome
Hay People Since Im Not Level Five Yet I Will Do This Instead Of A Mumm I Need To Know Am I Cute Hot Handsome Or Ass Ugly Please Tell Me
if any of my friends out there ever want to webcam keep me in mine, i have msn,yahoo, and skype so lets it goin and start camming
A Long Bus Ride
Like To Party, This Girl Does Too!!!
How in the hell do you work the "SHOUTBOX"?
He Must Not Know Bout Me!!
When You Love Someone Deeply - November 17, 2006 Friday Morning
Laughter And Giggles (funny Things)
When in sorrow, call John 14 When men fail you, call Psalm 27 If you want to be fruitful, call John 15 When you have sinned, call Psalm 51 When you worry, call Matthew 6:19-34 When you are in danger, call Psalm 91 When God seems far away, call Psalm 139 When your faith needs stirring, call Hebrews 11 When you are lonely and fearful, call Psalm 23 When you grow bitter and critical, call 1 Corinthians 13 For Paul's secret to happiness, call Col. 3:12-17 For idea of Christianity, call 2Corinthians 5:5-19 When you feel down and out, call Romans 8:1-30 When you leave home for labor or travel, call Psalm 121 When your prayers grow narrow or selfish, call Psalm 67 For a great invention/opportunity, call Isaiah 55 When you want courage for a task, call Joshua 1 How to get along with fellow men, call Roman 12 When you think of investments/returns, call Mark 10 If you are depressed, call Psalm 27 If your pocketbook is
Mickie The Best
Blue Heaven Entertainment Group
LET'S WALK ON THE BEACH ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD ON Nice NIGHT LIKE IS, RIGHT NEXT TO WATER WHEN SUN Going Donw IT TRUN INTO NIGHT WE BE WillTOGETHER SIDE BY SIDE JUST U AND ME! THE BAND PLAYING Greek & Reggea MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG By CANDLES LIGHT ON BEACH WITH MOONLIGHT SKY UpoN US With Sweet Red Wine & Good food On Side ! Song Title: Baby Please Don’t Leave Me Lyrics By: Christopher “Patrick Adamantidis (c) 1992 Christopher Adamantidis “BABY PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME” Chorus: Baby please don’t leave me Please don’t run away from me Nobody loves you like I do Baby please don’t leave me Verse 1: Oh baby can you see, please don’t run away from me I need you in my life, I need you in my life I want you to be mine Because I want you to be my wife Chorus: Verse 2: I dream about all my life So please baby say yes Without you being in my life You’ll be another sad song, so baby stay with me Chorus: (Repeat 2 X) Verse 3: I will love you to the end of
Sexiest Cowboy
I am thankful for my familiy and friends. I love my children with all my heart and one day hope to have someone special in my life to love as well. Life is too short not to have that someone special in your life and to me it makes my life much more complete..I am on here to find friends as well as to have a broader spectrum to help find someone special..Will the one I seek be found here...maybe...maybe not..but not to use all tools available to try to find the someone special would be ludricous! I am aware that talking to people on line is not the same as in person, but is anything a guarentee?! I think not! So, along with living everyday and possibly coming into contact with that special person I decided too also include CherryTap as an additional place to meet friends and possibly that special one...We shall see what twist and turns life has in store for me. Love.....
Message From Jodeci
And so another birthday goes by, and not once did anyone wish me well. I've spent most of myu life trying to go about with out attracting much attention to myself. I s'pose I've suceeded in that endeavour. Perhaps i should stop living as the shadow i call myself and open up and let myself be known. Well, that's all I've got to say, and need to hit the sack because work takes alot of my time and perhaps that's why i don't do much. to whomever reads this, this is my first blog entry ever, so don't pay too much attention to it
Tinker Bell
Wierd Al Music Videos
My First Blog
Ok this isnt about anything really, so if you stop reading now thats ok, i dont mind. I guess i should say thank you to all the people that are willing to be my friends, i do appreciate it. Dont be afraid to ask me stuff, im pretty open to everything. I guess thats all for now, until i come up with somethin better. Have a great day and keep smiling, it brightens every ones day. Freddy
Just wanted to say a big hello to y'all. Yep I'm a canuck, from the great white north eh. lol. I'm 42 yrs old, mom to 2 great boys, who keep my life busy all the time. I work full time, 12 hr shifts, 4 on and then 4 off which is great! Christmas is coming pretty fast, and I still have to do my shopping, but its nothing different, I'm always out doing my shopping late. I think its important to be thankful for what you have in your life, and not what is gone, or what you cant have. I am thankful for a fantastic family and great friends.. and thankful I have you, Jase. You make me laugh, smile and tingle every single day! Love ya. I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend. Take care and cya. Ciao !
New To Shit
aight yall's here I am on this cherry tap thingy ...still very new to it so I dont have a clue what the hell im if ya will bare wit me im sure i will figure it out in due time. hope everyone is havin a kickass holiday weekend and get everything yall want...Merry/Happy Chris-mahana-quanzika (gotta get em all in there) out yall feel free to leave shit on muh page and i will figure out how to get back to ya's
Am I Right Or Am I Wrong
who knows dixie butterfly,well if u know her go rate her page a ten please i will return the favor,u guys can find her on my friends list,her name is dixie butterfly
Being Proud Being proud is a part of being who you want to be. We are living in a time where people who run our daily lives have forgotten that, they are turning their noises up at the views of its white population. If you are a white person living in this day and age, and you are proud then you are automatically labeled a racists or a bigot. But I step back and take a look at other races and I wonder, why is it that they are taught to have pride in their race, in fact why are they encouraged to go around spreading their views, when we are discouraged from doing anything close to such. We walk down the street with our shaven heads and doc marten or combat boots, or our white robes and show one ounce of pride in our working class roots, and we have glances of disgust and hatred shot our way, they are praised and even idolized, we face possible jail time if we so much as speak a “derogatory” or “racists” remark while in a fight, they are allowed to call us what they feel. They ca
Me Me Me
hey everyone! another year gone bye! dont forget to make those new years resolutions and follow them til march! after that its all down hill from there! come on ppl can we please be real for a min? it doesnt matter if your fat! at lease the food was good! it doesnt matter if your bald! at least the barber bill will be elliminated from your spending! it doesnt matter if your ugly! theres always a spot in the circus for road,good food,exotic! it doesnt matter if your if your single! there are tons of single ppl out there looking to stay single!...mingle a bit and get layed once or twice! happy new year friends! ps: vote for everything on my ct page!
Being A Pisces
Hello! This is where I talk about me. I am from a big family, yours, mine and ours kind of deal. I am lighthearted, sweet, loving, outgoing, some say smart, I can be funny sometimes, I appreciate a good laugh and try not to take life too seriously. I try really hard to always do the right thing by people and rarely burn a bridge(if you know what I mean). I aspire to be the woman G-d made me to be, or as close to that as I can possibly get. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but no baggage from them. I have been at the same job for over 10 years so I am a steady person. I like to play and have a good time too! I love the beach, dont care where it is just love the sand between my toes and watching the ocean roll in and out the way G-d designed it to do. I love the trees, the stars and the moon at night. I love the rain. Nature!!!! I dont know what my friends admire in me really. They say I am crazy. I tend to speak my mind when I probably should not. They say I am smart and they ad
At Your Best(rmx)- Aaliyah
Deal Or No Deal (please Repost) ?
Hope all my friends like my pics ? Maybe drop by and rate and comment? Forward and repost this if you like the pics ? Hope you have a Happy New year ? Above all have a save one !!!!!!!!! So repost Deal Or No Deal ? I would like to thank you all who repost, along with I return all favors ? Ladies your all the best and more !!!!!!! Your worth more than any dollar amount !!!!!!!! Your all wild and free just like me There is a chance we love what we do no matter what the trudge ! I love you all because you are simply you and never judge ! It is great to express yourself no matter what you think or feel! Just treat people with kindness and a good heart Deal or No Deal.
Our Song List
One Last Breath- Creed Crazy Bitch- Buckcherry Lit Up- Buck Cherry Unglued- STP Control- Puddle of Mudd She Hates Me – Puddle of Mudd Once Bitten Twice Shy- Great White Closing Time- Semi-Sonic Inside Out- Eve 6 Lose You Love Tonight- The Outfield Simple Man- Skynard Rockin' In The Free World- Neil Young Bittersweet- Fuel Cold Hard Bitch- Jet The Middle- Jimmy Eat World Doesn't Remind Me- Audioslave Show Me How to Live –Audioslave Drops of Jupitor- Train Rockin' is My Business- The 4 Horsemen Bad Religion- Godsmack Keep Away- Godsmack For Whom the Bell Tolls- Metallica Mr. Brownstone- Guns'n'Roses Rebel Yell- Billy Idol Possum Kingdom- The Toadies Got No Shame- Brother Cane Figured You Out- Nickelback Fly Me Courageous- Drivin and Cryin American Idiot- Green Day Beverly Hills- Weezer Change- Candlebox Slither –Velvet Revolver Smokin' in the Boys Room- Motley Crue My Own Worst Enemy- Lit Basket Case- Green Day All the Small Things- Blink 182 S
Reason To Date A Horse Rider
Reasons to Date A Horse Rider! 1 - We can mount with ease 2 - We can go the distance 3 - We have good hip control 4 - When we fall, we get right back on and ride harder 5 - We'll ride for hours 6 - We are good with our hands 7 - We get a lot of practice 8 - We know how to post 9 - We're always on top 10 - We get off easily 11 - We have lots of stamina 12 - We dont mind being bucked around 13 - We like to be in control 14 - We ride until we score 15 - We love to try new things 16 - We have great legs
Your hands clench my hips as you claim mastery of my body from behind. You thrust your steely shaft deep into my welcoming place, as I beg for my own release. Only when your body spasms and you groan in relief do you allow me to satisfy the throbbing of my womanhood. You watch as I bring myself to a shuddering orgasm, and the sight of me reawakens the need in your gut. You climb over me, and as my body twitches and a moan escapes my lips, you thrust deeply and reclaim me. Your teeth tease my rock-hard nipples as I grasp your taut ass and hungrily meet each plunge. The familiar sensation begins in your loins, and a sound escapes your lips and hangs in the air between us. I look into your eyes and know that I will do your bidding; you are in control. Friend, lover, conqueror: I can't say no, nor do I want to. Powerful hands pulling my hair into a tight rope He tenderly tugs my head as he possesses my face and neck With his warm mouth and tongue. I feel a heavy burning pressure
Bad Habit
I finally realized that I need to quit smoking if I am going to watch my kids graduate, get married and have children. So 5 days ago I quit. It's the hardest thing I have ever done. Actually went thru some withdraws I believe, shakes, sweat and etc. The urge to smoke is relentless but each passing day it gets easier to deal with. How many of you smoker's wake up to a cigarette before you do anything else. Look at your nightstand bet there is an ashtray, box of death, radio and whatever else. Not to mention the 10.00/day I was paying to support my habit. SO with your support and prayers, I hope to rid myself of this affliction and start to improve my quality of life and get a chance to watch my kids grow up...
I"m Leaving Cherrytap
I am slowly clearing out my account on here. I try to help others get levels, etc. but don't seem to be feeling the love returned. There are a few people on here that I call 'friends' but not enough to make me want to stay, for those that wish to keep in touch can do so on yahoo. message me if you with your yahoo s/n or if you want mine.
A Simple Quiz
You scored as Very horny. You are very horny. You have a lot of desire. You get hard or wet very easily. Be careful to not let your sex drive go too far. Please rate and comment and tell me what quiz this is when you do!Very horny75%Normal Horny63%Not horny25%A little horny25%Super Horny25%How horny are you? (with pics)created with
Pictures Of Loved Ones, Flags Among Banned Items
A locker room controversy is erupting within the FDNY. Firefighters have been ordered to remove all personal decorations from the outside of their lockers, including pictures of colleagues killed on 9/11. "We're tired of being treated like children," said Stephen Cassidy, president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association. "It will not continue. If we have to take legal action we will." The fire union is at war with FDNY Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta over a regulation limiting what firefighters can have on the outside of their lockers. "[The regulation] prohibits a firefighter from having an American flag, a 'Support Our Troops' sticker, a picture of their family, a mass card of a dead firefighter," Cassidy said. A department-wide crackdown on locker decorations began several weeks ago after a sexually offensive slogan was found on the outside of a locker at Engine 230 in Brooklyn. But the union claims this time the department went too far. "Two weeks ago they beg
Wtf (stolen From Casm)
WTF WTF up wit myspace or cherry tap whores, if u dont wanta talk to the person why u there friends. WTF up wit closet hoes, if u a hoe admit it, its the first step. WTF up wit guy who dont respect, women arent cats or dogs, "come here girl", I DONT BARK. WTF up with guys who hump ur rear at the club. move along if i wanted u i would have u. WTF Slut is a term used to girls who sleep around. WTF is up with guys who call a girl who dont sleep wit ya a slut!! WTF is up with supervisors, they get mad and poof ur in trouble, but if they get into any trouble poof u gotta get them out of it. WTF is up wit time, look if ur 20 mins. away dont say ur going to be there in ten. WTF these celebrities are rail thin, real ppl have meat. WTF is up wit the guys in huge pink tees, it looks like ur wearing a womens nightshirt. If u have a wtf post it lets get a conversation going!! ok ok, this is dumb but i was soooo bored atwork the other day, and this guy was pic
Beauty And Attraction
Please add your input about what makes a woman beautiful to you. This is for beauty only, not necessarily what makes a woman attractive.
How Does It Feellllll!
Known for 16 yrs was my very first boyfriend Is fine super Funny an AMAZING LOVER such a GENTLEMEN TATTOOED Experienced Down for HONESTY! Goes deep in me TALKS SWEET LOVES ME A LIBRA (like me) Knows me compatible with 100 % Loves his Popsicles GUNS Family LOVES HIS NIECE N NEPHEW A TRUE Friends A REAL MAN has the most handsome body ever! I LOVE HIS CHEST! its mine! Well when you feel this way about somebody you should try to keep that alive! I love my man and the orgasms he gives me........ and that I will stive to keep alive and love him as he deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER! I LOVE MY HUCkLEBERRY KRIS as I cannot get enough of himmmmmmmmmmmm (in me!) SheiL.A. FEELS SOOOOOOOO GOOD! I have been away for 1yr and 1/2 and I am totalllllllllllly home sick. Will serve a small apprenticeship with my mom, doing cosmetic tattooing, Write in my book....(most important) SEEEEEE my GIRLFRIENDS I LOVE AND MISSSSSSSSSSSS! Go to Hollywood/Valley
I already have a blog on MySpace. I am not sure I am ready to carry on 2 of them,, I am going to just keep the MySpace one and put a link to my other one.
M L K Day Thoughts
M L K DAY THOUGHTS sup folks me mlk day was spent reflecting on the state of my black people.and i must say its a sad sight.what happened to the people who were willing to stand up fight and die for the struggle????we have become so complacent its crazy.we live in a time where education is looked down on and going to jail is cool.where style is better than substance.where keeping it real means be dont get me wrong im from the hood(fort greene projects,brooklyn,new york)but i also am an educated man.and eventhough i have my hood ways i still have a thirst for knowledge and i know that knoledge IS power.just because we made some major strides as a people,we still have a long way to go.just because we have a few crumbs dosnt mean we can get full.we need to have more people of color in the board rooms and back rooms of america.the average black man STILL makes 40% less than his white men are still looked at as athletetly gifted and thats all.a lot
To Day Is A Wiccan Holiday..stop By And Feel The Love The Gods Have...
Hopen It Goes My Way
i so hope i get this job... will find out friday.... hopefully it works out.. it will mean a big improvement to the whole family.... crossen fingers
I Miss You (come Back Home)
Monifah - I Miss You (Come Back Home)
Safe Place
Another day inside my world I'm married to you and this road A road that never lets me sleep There's no way to escape these demons I am forced to keep And then I'll find you here Through your eyes everything's clear And I'm home inside your arms But I'm alone for now I mean the best with what I say It doesn't always sound that way I never learned to work things out 'Cause in my family all we ever seem to do is shout And then I'll find you here Through your eyes everything's clear And I'm home inside your arms But I'm alone for now Alone for now... And I try to sleep The drugs I take are killing me I think of you to ease my pain But you're so far Now it's time to say goodbye I love you baby Please don't cry And then I'll find you here Through your eyes everything's clear And I'm home inside your arms But I'm alone for now Alone for now...
New Member On Ct
Life Sucks
Okay, so some of you knew that I have been sick most of the week. I had a bad spell with the flu. I'm still not 100%, but I didn't want to miss anymore work so I went in this morning at 6:30 AM as usual. I walk in and my boss tells me that I have been replaced, that he needs "reliable" employees. I'd brought in a doctor's note and all right after I went the first time. Well, that didn't matter. So now I find myself unemployed, which is something that I've never been. I am a dedicated type of guy. I'm debating on starting my own business, I have a degree in landscape architecture as well as HVAC install and repair experience. I'm thinking of starting up a landscape company or something. Maybe this all happened for a reason. Well, for now I'll sit here in bed for another day, get well, and start fresh on Monday. I've been comment bombing in a contest, but I'm not getting anywhere with that, had a goal, but my computer is just too slow to get it done. Hope everyone ha
Listen Guys
Racialists Blogs
LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD By D.S.M Life in the 21st century should be easy sailing for all people, but as you and I both know it is not. With the massive Jewish influence in the media, the government sponsoring terrorists through funding of Israel and the blacks and mestizo gaining unchecked access to our borders. The life for a white man has become regressive to the first time we settled our lands. Instead of us fighting Indians now we are forced to fight the illegal’s flooding our borders on an hourly basis, instead of building towns and technologies we are forced to protect them. With knowledge being controlled and news being censored it has become ever so present that the white race is under siege by the Jew and their hate filled agenda. More and more of our children are being brainwashed and being lead to believe that they should be ashamed of the race they come from. The way of life we live has come under constant attack from the would be un-doers of our race, with the co
Love As It Is
My daddy’s girl Some things aren’t meant to last Some dreams they go too fast Then I think of you And that just won’t do I love the sweetness of your smile Watching you play all the while I already knew I was loosing you The child you are is slipping away And this is just natures way Of setting you free So you can be who you’ll be This old man can help but feel Time is cruel but wounds heal And in time pain goes That’s what this heart knows A daddy’s girl you’ll always be At least it’s what I’ll always see When I look at you My baby girl forever new The child you are is slipping away And this is just natures way Of setting you free So you can be who you’ll be Daddy loves you oh so much And he loves to feel the touch Of your little hand Nothings better to this man I won’t worry about what comes It would be oh so dumb And waste the time And that truly is a crime The child you are is slipping away But we won’t worry about that tod
Do You Like
Life Goes On
I am sooo bored today...its too cold for swimming, skiing, or horseback riding. Guess I will go to the Museum Kimbell Art Museum I come. LOL A close friend of mine suffered tremedous losses the past 2 years. I feel for her I lost my grandparents when I was 17 and my own parents when I was 19. I have no siblings so I felt very much alone. If it wasnt for someone very special in my life I am not sure where I would be right now. I have my church and my boyfriend and many close friends that keep my up when I feel sooo down. Now it is my turn, please pray for my friend, she lost her grandmother, father and grandson this year. She has siblings but still feels very much alone. PLease keep her in your prayers. Thank you Looking to invest in some various companies. Anyone have any ideas, I dont know where to start. Should I start with small companies or ones that have been around a while? Let me know what you think.
My Bday
Q1: WHAT ARE THE SMALL BUMPS AROUND A WOMAN'S NIPPLES FOR? A: It's Braille for "suck here". Q2. WHAT IS AN AUSTRALIAN KISS? A: It's the same as a French kiss, only "down under." Q3. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH 365 USED CONDOMS? A: Melt them down, make a tire, and call it a Goodyear. Q4. WHY ARE HURRICANES NORMALLY NAMED AFTER WOMEN? A: Because when they come, they're wild and wet. But when they go, they take your house and car with them. Q5. WHY DO GIRLS RUB THEIR EYES WHEN THEY GET UP IN THE MORNING? A: Because they don't have any balls to scratch. Now, you know everything you need to know!
Happy Imbolic to all my Wiccan and Pagan friends,Blessed Be.
Just A Reminder...
That my Adult folder will be open for a few days...cum by and rate my pictures, comment, and all that..;-)
Whats It Matter
You cant drink soda in church anyway, so why does it matter if they dont put "under god" on the can or not. And plus we dont all share that belief. That is why I despise religion
Poetry I Liked
He Loves Her By MystykTao he watches her as she sleeps moonlight caressing her naked breast marveling at the wonder of their creation their lovemaking a miracle everytime he gazes at her knowing he can never express how he feels he wants her again and again and again forever for a lifetime but the words won't come he reaches for her pulls her close watches the smile play across her lips in her dreams he holds her his lifesaver his lover his wife Heat By Western Light The moist, hot heat that visits me when I have thoughts of you makes me touch those parts of me that beg to be subdued. I can't resist what's happening, I yield to passions pleas. And yes, these heated moments happen frequently. I wonder 'bout your circumstance when sparks and flames occur, if by chance you think about this wet and lusty girl. I glisten like a gem each time my body's in the mood. If only I could tell you I shine plenty just for you.
Lost isnt just a tv show it is me on this site but i am slowly learning things so bear with me i will be posting and commenting and all that stuff after i figure this all out thanks for all the comments and adds for those that have HUGGLES to you all
I Hate Life Itself!!!!!!
Well where the hell do I start, hmmmm. Well to start, I am sick and fucking tired of not having a job. I am pissed off that all the jobs I have applied for have NOT returned my phone calls and emails. I am pissed off that the bar and restaurant that I applied to (and have worked for before) has NOT made a damn decision on who they are going to hire. I feel like such a damn loser and freak. I have never gone this long without employment. I am a total burden to my roommates. I feel horrible about that so much that I wake up in the middle of the night crying. I hate it that I can not see my son whenever I want, and now not having employment, I am scared that I won't be able to make my yearly visit back home to michigan to see him. But hey LIFE IS FUCKING GRAND! Well thanks for letting me vent. Talk to yous lata! Bubba
Speaks of my soul and of my heart Long before life had it’s start Feels like destiny took a hand though time like the shifting sand Came one soul to touch me as no one can One heart to hold me as only her man One who knows my heart and mind One who is far the rarest of find Speaks of my thoughts never to part Owner of my love, soul and heart By R. Thomas Dinsmore
My Bros Dad
this goes out to the farther and my mates dad ken griffiths who passed away at 4.AM this morning (gmt) we have known each other for over 18 years we all shed some tears im sorry to see you go me and your son have got into bother together aswell you know, we will miss you man as long as our tears flow but hopefully the carnival will pick you up as they go, ken you were my next door neighbour my friends farther and a savior hopefully we will meet again all the best and god speed to you my friend To ken a 46 year old that past too soon my friends dad a good mate and a great farther we all miss you man god speed to you and heavens best good night mate. 15/02/07 4am
Upcomming Events
Hi everyone, I'm going to be doing a confrence call on Sunday Febuary the 18th at 7pm mountain time. Anyone who wants is welcome to joininng in on this and just be sure that you let me know so that I can give you the number to call and the instructions. Basically I'll be talking about e-commerce; where it was, where it is, and where its headed in the future and its defenatly some good info! So like I said it is open to anyone basically you just call a number put in the password and just listen in and you'll want to be in front of a computer so that you can see exactly what I will be talking about with you as I go through it. The call will last approx. 35-45 mins and I will provide my contact information on there so that you can get a hold of me if you have any questions. - Ransom
>>Every day a 4th grade boy walks home from school >> > > past >> > > a 4th grade girl's house. One day he is carrying a >> > > football, and he stops to taunt the little girl. He >> > > holds up the football and says "See this football? >> > > Football is a boys game and girls can't have one!" >> > > The >> > > little girl runs in the house crying and tells her >> > > mother about the encounter. She runs out and buys >> > > the >> > > girl a football. >> > > The next day the boy is riding home on his bike, and >> > > the girl shows him the football, yelling "Nah na nah >> > > na nah!" >> > > The little boy gets mad and points to his bike. "See >> > > this bike? This is a boys bike, and girls can't have >> > > them!" >> > > Next day, the boy comes by and the little girl is >> > > riding a new boy's bike. Now he is really mad. So he >> > > drops his pants, points at his most private of >> > > parts, >> > > and says "You see THIS? Only BOYS have these and >> > > you
Hey all, Im in a hottest woman contest, and it would be great if you could comment my profile pic. If you can comment bomb it I need all the comments I can get. Just click on the pic below and comment as much as you can. Wish me luck...
30 Things Guys Should Know About Girls
30 THINGS GUYS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT GIRLS: written by a guy after many years of experience. 1.Whatever you do, don't just show up at their house...they run around in their underwear just like we do. 2. DON'T CHEAT ON THEM. It may seem foolproof, but girls tell each other everything about everything. Trust me, they WILL find out and you will be mud. 3. Beware of every single male relative and all guy friends. Any of them would kick your ass at the drop of a hat, and a lot of them wouldn't even wait for the damn hat. 4. Never miss an opportunity to tell them they're beautiful. 5. Don't refuse to kiss in front of your friends. If they laugh at you, it's because they're jealous. 6. If they slap you hard, you deserved it. 7. Don't be afraid to touch them if you want to. If they're going out with you in the first place, it's because they like being in your arms. 8.If you don't sleep with them, do not tell your friends that you did. 8.5
I Am.....
You scored as Tiger.. You Are The Gentle Tiger. Always roaming around with your family or by yourself. When you have a family, your cubs are your world! You\\\\\\\'d do anything to protect them! You can be gentle when you\\\\\\\'re calm and feirce when you\\\\\\\'re angry! The big paws make it easier to be quiet while you run away. The cute big kitty you are, be careful some are out to get you!Tiger.88%Wolf75%Kitty Cat!75%Panda.69%Polar Bear.69%Bat!50%Horse.50%Snake.38%Koala31%Alligator!
Hi Ppl Xxxxxx
well i have finally decided to join please leave me any good tips you might have for doing up my page love xxxdeedeexxx

You Are 85% Sexy Your Sex Appeal Is: Off the Charts! Let's face it... you're one of the sexiest people around. And you don't let anyone forget it. You're crazy hot, and you deliver on what you promise. You are definitely one wild ride. How Much Sex Appeal Do You Have?
An Old Nike Ad
my but is big and round like the letter C and ten thousand lunges have made it rounder but not smaller and thats just fine its a space heater for my side of the bed its my ambassador to those who walk behind me its a border collie that herds skinny women away from the best deals at clothing sales my butt is big and thats just fine and those who might scorn it are invited to kiss it
What Is Love??
A group of professionals posed the following question to a group of 4 to 8 year olds: "What does LOVE mean?" The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined: °When my grandma got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandpa does it for her now all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love. Rebecca- age 8. °When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouths. Billy- age 4 °Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving Cologne and they go out and smell each other. Kari- age 5 °Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French Fries without making them give you any of theirs. Chrissy- age 6 °Love is what makes you smile when you're tired. Terri- age 4 °Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK. Danny- age 7
My best friend Chelle wrote this and I just love it. She's so full of love and passion, it takes my breath away sometimes. Soft, supple lips entwined passionate yet tender Feelings so amazing love surely will render Lustful touch brings her arousal so intense Mind swimming in pleasure that nothing makes sense Stiffening pressure from deep within passion Moisture that glistens is passions reaction They join and become one so slow and controlled Orgasmic delights soon taking it's hold Release turns to longing more ultimate pleasure Lust turns to love then something to treasure by Michelle
Fortnight Of Fears
my heart, weak. my strength, no longer there. my fears are being verified. you don't care. i've felt it for some time, the list when you say it. as if you're a recording, on a loop never to quit. like the tape is worn. my world is torn. you were my strength. now, you left my heart forlorn. i said i loved you today, and did you find the words to say? no, you just changed the subject. i'm in disarray. don't want to hurt anymore. bet i'd find my courage, as i lay here on the floor, to do the thing my soul craves, if steven hadn't hidden my blade. alas, this is not the end. i sit and type as you play your role on cherrytap again. the more you think that things change, the more you see that they're the same. and as such, here i sit in pain. how i long to breathe. but it's getting hard to.what's left of me, will it be enough for you. i already know. NO! --Sent from my Helio
I Hate People!
Just a little FYI before i start venting. Its very close for my monthly stomachs, bloating and temper to rage. Im not to book smart and i dont spell to well but I have common sence and I am a very good driver with road rage for people who dont know how to operate their machainery. DRIVES ME BONKERS! Green=GO! Dammit! Anyways. The MOST anoying thing is when I go somewhere to eat, through a drive through, to shop or to speand money I get someone who is a slacker and dont wanna do there job fully right or just dont care about what they're doing. So I end up wasting my time couse i have to either take my food back or like if im dealing with retail slackers, i have to call and talk to someone on the phone who at least acts like they're intreasted in whats going on. The food thing though, i dont understand how its so hard to make a freaking sandwich when everything you need is right there. I can say that couse i have worked in fast food and making the food is where i wanted to be couse i
hi all.... im a newbie to this site so drop by and rate me, fan me and ill return the favour!!!
Starbucks Denies Coffee To Marines
STARBUCKS DENIES COFFEE TO MARINES >> >> Recently Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let >> them know how much they liked their coffees and >> to request that they send some of it to the troops there. >> >> Starbucks replied, telling the Marines thank you for their support of >> their business, but that Starbucks does not support the war, nor anyone >> in >> it, and that they would not send the troops their brand of coffee. >> So as not to offend Starbucks, maybe we should not support them by >> buying >> any of their products! As a war vet writing >> to fellow patriots, I feel we should get this out in the open. I know >> this >> war might not be very popular with some folks, but that doesn't >> mean we don't support the boys on the ground fighting street-to-street >> and >> house-to-house for what they and I believe is right. >> If you feel the same as I do then pass this along, or you can discard >> it >>
To All Women
To All the women in life, Hey how are you ??? I hope this letter finds you in good health, and in good spirits. I am doing well myself , but I am a little concerned. My concern is about your self-worth. Do you know your own self-worth??? I am not being funny, this is so, so serious to me. I hate seeing grown women who have so much going for them and everyone can see it but them. I hate reading about women who allow men to beat them and they come back for more because they dont wanna be alone. It hurts me to my heart when I read about throwing your life away to chase some fool who doesnt even know how valuable you are. You are worth more than most men are willing to say. You are worth more than the images of yourself that are seen and heard daily in the media. I want you to know you are special. You are a grown woman. Beautiful, smart, vivacious and full of life. Other women want to know you and men want to be with you. Take the time to become something glorious. Be a mother, bu
Warning !
You know I am having as much fun as the next person at this site. I'm having a peachy time leaving comments on peoples photos, talking with interesting people, posting my own stuff, looking at all the photos and what people consider sexy ..especially the ink!!! Thanks to all that have written me. But ya know... you just gotta be careful!! That person on the other end may look hot to trot..and over the internet and webcam,or phone, they are just the nicest person. So you strike up a friendship and start talking on a regular basis. "Wow, we have so much in common! " you think. "She really likes cheese, I like cheese!" "She thinks Van Halen was better with David Lee Roth,too!" Or " He thinks Howard K Stern Killed Anna Nicole,too!" or "He thought E.T was a stupid movie ,also, and the only reason he was crying was that little rodent looking alien DIDNT die .Wow thats what I think !" You know what I mean. And then you start wanting to meet in person ..and do all sorts of nice things tog
Sex Slave
The wind howls like a thousand wolves on the hunt. Slaming the walls with resounding thuds. The night is dark and starless. The moon hidden from view by blue clouds. The fire in side the cabin snaps, spark rise. There is a faint smell of the smoke from the burning wood. Before the fire lay to exhausted mounds of sleeping flesh. The hours before exhileranting and exciting. .............................She came, that is all he can think of. She is here. At his door stands his idea of perfection in everything that is real. She stands at the open door, her hair in wet strands, as the water glistens down her face, her body. Her clothes clinging to her body. She is wet from the storm, the long drive here had made her tired. Now all she can think is that she is here, staring at what she considers perfection in man. He smiles and gestures for her to contiune into the room. It's a nice cabins, cozy with a fire going and the heat feels wonderful. He tells her to take off her coat,
> > >
Larry X
The thing i despies the most in america is the silent majority. It has cost us lot of freedoms here in america. everytime the politician write a new bill that take our liberty and comfortabilty. There is way to much of a common bond between us in the majority. Im not talk about black white christian, islam, or neither democrat or republian. Cant belive we let these leader of evil convince us it a region rascial or its a polical party thing to gain their own interrest. I belive it time for us to start stick up for oursevles take america back in the direction our fore father intend. Take america back in direction of being a goverment for the people, by the people and new opptunities for non ciztens. The only way this is acheviing is speak up for what you belive. If something is weighting heavy on your heart let a politian know , the media or VOTE!!!!! Speak up stop siting back and take it. I started working night shift about two weeks ago. And now i'm starting rememb
The Year So Far...
What a year so far... Current mood: distressed Another weekend down the toilet. Man am I tired of making plans and them being cancelled. I am tired of attitudes as well, always bn miss understood. I don't understand that when u say something the negative way is how everyone takes it. Like when ur just stating a general answer and someone assumes that it was a malicious comment. If anyone has a reason 2b negative its me. I have signed a transfer at my job, and been waiting to tansfer since September, and it looks to be a couple of more months til the transfer takes place. Getting off of a 14hr shift is one of the reasons I signed the transfer, I was tired of it and was starting to be constanly late. Due to me being late I will now b fired the next time I am late. Yet if I had transfered back in September I wouldn't be in this predicament. I also have a union contract with my job coming to a close and it doesn't look good. It seems that we will most likely strike. Thats fine I b
Whats Up?
I have stashed a bunch of videos, if you want any of the codes....let me know....I'll pass along the codes. Blessed be! Hey all, I have new pics up! Check them out and rate them. Hope you like!! Hi, You've got to watch this video. It was produced for Cyndi Lauper's True Colors tour this summer, and it's a pretty amazing testament to one of the most heartbreaking problems in our country today. Thousands of people are attacked every year because of their sexual orientation, and there's still no federal hate crimes law to protect them. It would mean a lot to me if you could take a minute to watch the video and write your Senators, and then pass this along to five friends. Just go to:
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When A Guy Misses You!!!
When a girl bumps into your arm while walking she wants you to hold her hand When she wants a hug she will just stand there When u break a girls heart, she still feels it when u run into each other 3 years later When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind. When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply. When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around. When a girl answers, "I'm fine, " after a few seconds, she is not at all fine. When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are so wonderful. When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever. When a girl says that she can't live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future. When a girl says, "I miss you, " no one in this world can miss you more than that When a girl is mean to you after a breakup she wants you back, but she's scared she'll get hur
Longer Blogs.
It happened once by chance two strangers meet and laughed, a girl whose nerves were wound so tight she was afraid she would fall as she climbed the stairs to meet her familiar stranger. She had known him by voice only and as she waited for their first meeting she rehearsed in her mind their first embrace. Would he hold her tight or would it be a quick embrace? Would their goodnight kiss hold the spark that had at times before in her life shattered her will power to act as though her mom would have wanted her to? His eyes, would she, could she lose herself in them. Ascending the steps she suddenly realized she knew not the color of his eyes. Would she find herself wondering in a misty fog, floating weightlessly in clear blue skies, lost in a darkened forest, or be entrapped by some other exotic place? Fighting the urge to run away she was surprised by his voice from somewhere up above, to her, his voice was soothing and thankfully it had woven its way deep inside her soul and calm
Submissive Owners Manual
Submissive Owner's Manual I need to feel safe. Before I can begin to open my submissive nature to You I need to feel safe and have reason to trust You. To let down my walls and give You control of my will may take time and testing before I feel safe enough to permit either of us to go beyond the initial stages of our relationship. Even after I've given myself to You fully, I need to be reminded I am safe with You. I may like to feel the thrill and excitement of fear and the unknown, but I need to be sure no matter how You stimulate those emotions during an intense scene or situation, I will remain safe in Your care. I need to know You accept me for all I am. I will be many things to You as our relationship grows and I need to know You accept me as a person during each transition along the way. I need to know You accept me as a friend, lover, companion, and Your submissive but also accept me as parent, child, employee, community member or other roles I fill in my obligations to fa
i am so tired of ppl claiming to be my best friend and then they don't talk to best friend of 10 years don't want to talk to me or hang out with me anymore over something that isn't even fucking true.either he has to clean his ears out or he needs a new memory b/c wut he said happened is not wut happened and either way that would not be a reason to stop talking to me.he said i lied to him about going to a meeting when i was meeting some guy over the internet. 1st of all i told him the meeting was cancled and that i was meeting a friend for dinner.and i may have met him over the internet but he has been more of a friend to me then wut this kid has been.
I Am So Tired
Have you ever met someone and you instantly hit it off spend more time together and they just feel likle a part of you family. I had a friend of mine who i loved like a sister. I thought that we would always be there for one another. I helped her out by giving her a place to stay. Icame home one day and she had took all my clothes and all my kids stuff. She robbed us 2 days after my sons 7 b-day. I am so tired of poeple who take advantange of others. I always admired her and wished sometimes that i was a little more like her. Now i am glad that i am not.
Bleeding Light
BLEEDING LIGHT Withered spirit bleeds my light. Who can fix my broken soul? Eating through my blackened thoughts. It's cracking through my fucking skull. Light is spilling from my chest. Clench this shredded cavity. To hold inside this leaking faith. What's left of this humanity. Abandoned here; I'm destitute. An internal voided hole. Convulsive, shaking, shivering. Rocking to and fro. Fingers slipping through my grasp. Onto some sane stability. Lashing out on those too close. Embracing my reality. By Tommy "TommyNator" Iversen. Translated from Danish to American/English and edited by my friend and englishteacher Søren Aagaard. BLEEDING LIGHT Withered spirit bleeds my light. Who can fix my broken soul? Eating through my blackened thoughts. It's cracking through my fucking skull. Light is spilling from my chest. Clench this shredded cavity. To hold inside this leaking faith. What's left of this humanity.
Drinking makes me horny!! am I DRUNK!!!...LOL
Avril Lavigne Girlfriend
Music Video:GIRLFRIEND (by Avril Lavigne)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Okay this is called FIRST REACTION ... type what comes to your mind first whenever you hear these 40 words. Don't think and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type it! Repost it for all of your friends... 1. Cigarettes: pointless 2. Sex: itz gurr-ate, but riiight now, itz the one thing that i hate due tu an outkum! 3. Relationships: are so komplikating...why doez it have tu be thyz way? 4. Your Last Ex: omg...i miss hym more than anything! He'z alwayz on my mind...i love hym tu death....Why doez it have tu be lyke thiz babe? 5. Michigan Football: um, .....i don't know 6. Crack: um, dude pull up ur pantz! 7. Food: itz there.... 8. The President: HAHAHA 9. War: don't get me started! 10. Car: i need one! 11. Gas Prices: thank god my feet still work! 12. Halloween: LUV it.....letz have two .....n' skip christmas!! 13. Bon Jovi: um, i guezz ok!! .... a lil' over-rated! 14. Religion: i don't know..... 15. MySpace: i'm addikted.
There's women on here who try to take married men. Women who proceed to try to fuck a man even after being told by him that he's married. And a woman who does that is well beyond slutty Fubar used to be a Place we could all Hang, and not have to worry about shit cause being on here was Just being on here, and the cyber Sluts didn't try to make it reality. I would love to tell them what's thought about women that try to take other womens' husbands...what kind of woman does that?? Julie&Nick 95% Compatible ♥ Julie and Nick have been romantically-together for a long time. That alone demonstrates a degree of compatibility. Their shared faith will help form a bond between them. They both drink, so there is no incompatibility there. Their astrological signs are in harmony, which is a plus. They share a favorite season, and that is good. Their common love of animals is another good thing. And their views on children are similar. Overall, Julie and Nick are highly compatib
My Dog
Men Need To Come With Instruction Manuals And Warning Labels.
I have never dated a person me it just doesn't make sense. If something was wrong enough to make you and that person break up once, then why would it magically be ok the second time around??? Well...lately I've been talking to an ex (who I still have feelings for and never really stopped caring for), and the subject of trying this dating thing again came up today. Part of me thinks I should say no and just forget about him. But then part of me misses him, and wants to be with him again........ I'm afraid of getting hurt. Of being used. But I feel like that's a risk I need to take at this point...Guys are good at the sweet talk...they know what girls like to hear, and they're sneaky like and he is like the KING of sweet talk...that's why I'm a little nervous. Oh well...I just needed to do a bit of pointless rambling.... Goodnight everyone
I Hate...
when no one talks to me! i try to talk to them cuz i have something to tell them and they won't tlak to me!! i hate it!!!
You've Been F.u.c.k.e.d.!
FELT LIKE FUCKING YOU TODAY SO... YOU'VE BEEN FUCKED! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! Keep reading and you will find out that this is not some gay thing. RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! F.U.C.K Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll
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Can A Guy & A Gurl Be Friendz....
My Love Forever!! This is My Beautiful Wife Nikki and I. We have been married now since February 10, 2006. There have been a few Amazing and Blessed Days in my life with Her. The 1st is The Day when we first met each other face to face after talking to each other for months: November 15, 2005 The 2nd Was when I Proposed to Nikki on December 19th, 2005 and she said "YES"!! The 3rd was Nikki and I found out she was pregnant on December 23rd, 2005. The 4th was when Nikki and I were Married on February 10, 2006. The 5th was when Nikki gave birth to out Beautiful Daughter Na'Brya on September 9th, 2006. Seventh was our 1st very Wedding Anniversary on February 10th , 2007. Metting Nikki and Sharing her life with me has been the Most Amazing Blessed Prayer I could have ever imagined coming true. Nikki You are my Everything and Na'Brya is Our Everything. I Love You with all of My Heart and All of My Soul 4-Ever!! Love Your Hubby! I am a Deacon as well as an
A Typical Night
The sweet smell of summer sweat ripples through the room in the small, misty club. A bearded man eyeballs me from the end of the bar as I pull my shots close and wait for the chaser. Down they go, one at a time. A third, fourth, fifth - or sixth? Lost count but it doesn't matter, as long as the faces become hazy and karaoke sounds like a good idea, I'm good. The room becomes quieter, which draws my attention to the DJ. I did him. He smiles at me. Bastard. Still cute. Still married, still moving out of state. Oh well. The memory of being shagged by him and his brother one night in a brightly-lit room with porn on floods back into my mind and I can't help but smile. What a slut. What a night. My dancing song comes on...Sweet Dreams. My body drags me to the dark, intimate dance floor and I begin to feel the beat embrace me, tickle me, penetrate me until I can't stop moving, slithering, shaking my every pulsing part in an erotic dance for my seedy audience, half of whom I've slept
Thanks For The Memories
They Put They Hands On You?
Sweet Ass New Restaurant
Check Out This Restaurant! � � � � � � The World's First All-glass Undersea Restaurant Opens The Maldives | 15 April marks the day that the first ever all-glass undersea restaurant in the world opens its doors for business at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa. Ithaa* will sit five meters below the waves of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by a vibrant coral reef and encased in clear acrylic offering diners 270-degrees of panoramic underwater views. "We have used aquarium technology to put diners face-to-face with the stunning underwater environment of the Maldives", says Carsten Schieck, General Manager of Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa. "Our guests always comment on being blown away by the colour, clarity, and beauty of the underwater world in the Maldives, so it seemed the perfect idea to build a restaurant where diners can experience fine cuisine a
My First Time
Wow, what to put here.....Any Idea.......Give me your ideas.... My name is Tim, I am a fulltime National Guard in Alaska, I have been doing the military thing for 19 years...Well thats all for now...
Peg Leg Peg's Peg Leg
I LOVE VIDEOGAMEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Go see Grindhouse!!!! The best movie ever!!!!
So In Need
Season of lust , our desires flow I think of us and the feelings grow Stronger and deeper than either knew Because of the soul connection with you Being so joined thought so far apart You live in my dreams and in my heart Dreams of passion and dreams that give All of my thoughts and desires live In the moments that we alone share Lost in the desire to be with you there To hold you and kiss you and be yours divine To know I am yours and you are mine Lasting as one and lusting our desire We are connect as one and build the fire That has forged us to be forever one soul Knowing that in love we grew to be whole You and I share one love dream true Loving and living our whole life new By R. Thomas Dinsmore What if we had never met Would you know me even yet Would you hear my souls longing call Would you long beyond all recall For the love we both had never known For the type of love that is so naturally grown That blossoms without effort and is true That m
Girls Read
girls BE HONEST! **YES or NO** - - - - - - YES or N0 Ugly? : Kind? : Loud? : Shy? : Weird? : Selfish? : Ghetto? : Crazy?: Nice? : Mean?: Immature? : Rude?: Cool? : Stupid? : Caring? : Mature? : A friend? : More than a friend? : Talkative? Boring? Hott : Creative? : Smart? : A flirt? : A psycho? Athletic? : Confusing? : Sweet? : Annoying? : Funny? : Hyper? : Laid back? Perfect? : - - - - - - iF Y0U C0ULD Give me a new name, what would it be ?: Hook me up with someone, who would it be ?: Do one thing with me, it would be ?: Drop me one piece of advice, it would be ?: - - - - - - W0ULD Y0U Kiss me ?: Have sex with me ?: Ever go out with me ?:If you already have, would you do it again ? Marry me if you could ?: Ever talk bad about me if we were to break up ? - - - - - - QUESTi0NS What is my phone number?: Which song reminds you of me?: When is my birthday?: Who is/are my best friend/s?: Where did we meet?: Have you ever had
Vietnam Vs Iraq
Public opinion toward the U.S. war in Iraq bears striking parallels - and clear contrasts - with the war in Vietnam more than three decades ago. In both cases, presidents tied their political fortunes to the war. And in both cases, they paid a heavy political price when the public grew disillusioned with the conflict. Yet while opposition to the two wars traced a similar arc, the nature of that opposition differed politically. Although Vietnam is recalled as a divisive conflict, opinions about whether the war was a mistake did not divide sharply along partisan lines. Gallup trends from the mid-1960s through the early ’70s show that the difference of opinion between Republicans and Democrats about Vietnam never exceeded 18 percentage points. In contrast, Iraq divides America along partisan lines in a way that Vietnam never did. The latest Pew survey finds that 73% of Democrats believe that military action in Iraq was the wrong decision, compared with just 14% of Republicans - a gap r
Help Mii Friiend Out
My Domain
You shall not acquire her. You shall love her, but never have her. I am a possession of life and only that. No human shall ever possess this lady's soul. Capture her heart if you will, but leave her soul run free. The thoughts crumble from my mind like stale bread for the birds. Feeding my mind for a short time. Feeling satisfaction for the time being. Soon to be off again, flying through the skies; weightless and free. Wings spread wide. A romanticism quickly rushed upon. Passion and lust both imbedded deeply while all other depths are lost amongst the pleasures of the flesh. The light falls upon the room, pulling the darkness away and uncovering all that was once hidden. The shadows push back against the light, but they fail to overtake the bright rays of brilliance. Sulking, they retreat to a far away place to plot their revengeful return. Uninspired, I danced blindly not caring to see the colors of life as they sped past me. Spinning me in circles until I was unable to
I have more pics to come from florida. They are on the camera and not sure where it is The ones I posted are from my cell phone!!!
Pussycat Regularly Takes The City Bus
Bus drivers have nicknamed a white cat Macavity after it has started using the No 331 several mornings a week. The feline, which has a purple collar, gets onto the busy Walsall to Wolverhampton bus at the same stop most mornings - he then jumps off at the next stop 400m down the road, near a fish and chip shop. The cat, nicknamed Macavity, has one blue eye and one green eye The cat was nicknamed Macavity after the mystery cat in T.S Elliot's poem. He gets on the bus in front of a row of 1950s semi-detached houses and jumps off at a row of shops down the road which include a fish and chip shop. Driver Bill Khunkhun, 49, who first saw the cat jumping from the bus in January, said: "It is really odd, the first time I saw the cat jumping off the bus with a group of passengers. I hadn't seen it get on which was a bit confusing. "The next day I pulled up on Churchill Road to let a couple of passengers on. As soon as I opened the doors the cat ran towards the bus, jumped on and
I'm sooooooo bored. I don't feel like going to sleep. I'm sick and tired of playing poker. I don't have anyone to talk to. Woah is me.
Hey all... Well, my uncle is requiring laser surgery every week for possibly the next 3 weeks in order to stop the bleeding in his eyes. The bleeding has cost him his eyesight, temporarily. So, it looks like I'll be here in Chicago for about another month. I have hired the "Carpet Dude" to replace all of the flooring in the house as well as the "Painter Dude" to paint the entire house. I have virtually all of the packing done, so as soon as his doc give us the go ahead we'll be off to Texas. Please know that I love you all and truly miss you, but I'll be back to my old tricks just as soon as I get back home. Yes that is a threat as well as a promise... Hope all is well with you my friends...
Weather Blues
so what the fuck? i have the worst luck this week with weather. i leave utah to go home for the weekend last thursday and we get a huge hail storm and tornadoes that touch down maybe 2 miles from my house. i watched golf ball to lime size hail bounce off my roof (pics to come). this was all on friday. the rest of the weekend was hit or miss with rain and sun. but for the most part there was only 1 day, sunday, of nice weather. it was nice to get some work done in the yard back home though. :) then i attempt to fly back to utah yesterday, tuesday, and my flight gets canceled due to lightning and tornado watches in dfw area. so tonight i finally make it back to utah, and what do you know, its fucking snowing. and the weather man just said that it will be in the morning. showers friday and into saturday. can i please have some spring weather? i'm so fucking sick of rain and snow. [/rant] EDIT: pics of all the hail.
Worst Jokes You Know
Us Brits dont celebrate this enough, Paddys day, everton out for the Guiness, our on patron Im a big fan f daft one line jokes that have a play on words, post em up if you have any... My personal favourites: 2 fat men sat in a bar, one says to the other "your round" I went bobsleighing last weekend, I Killed 50 bobs
Read If You Want
Why is it that no matter what I try never seems to work out for me? I am really starting to get sick and tired of being unhappy all the time, but when ever something starts to go good shortly after everything ends up just as bad as before. I think it's time to stop caring and stop trying and just go through life not trying or accomplishing anything. This way I wont get myself worked up on the hope of something working out the way I want. It will be my "security blanket" don't try, don't hope, just exist, blend in with the crowd this way I know what to expect from life.
What It Is That I Want
I want a girl that is drop dead beautiful....I once thought that tits where what really turned me on...but I have come to the realisation that it is a small toned ass that does it for me...I have the labito of a 16 year old boy, and I am amazing in if I am something that you are interested in, and you think that you can turn me on..hit me up...
i just said i was gettin to start fresh & new, then the ass calls me, Damn him alwayz gettin me upset.!!!! Damn him!!!! I just got a small settlement from workers comp & now he wants money from me wat an ass!!! I just paid his rent for nxt month & paid sum of the bills, y the fuck he want more from me??? He never gave me ne thing but my children & i got custody of my last one since the others r over 18!!!!!! My baby is 15 & he dont even like his own father, Ya know sumthin wrong if ur kids dont even like 'em. Wow WHAT A FUCKIN ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But oh well wat can i say i had married it lol, Thank Gawd i am Divorcing it YAY!!!!!! Almost Over tooooo!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can be ME AGAIN & HAVE FUCKIN FUN YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Who wants to Have fun with me ?????? Got Leather & whips??????? I DO ...... wow, I am just trying to get start my life over, I have been married twice, & both times they have been disasters.
The Affair...
The affair began one day with a conversation on the Internet. They had met in one of those sights that specialize in married people. Those that were unhappy, or at least unfulfilled in their personnel or sexual life as they sought someone else to fill the needs they had. His was one of loneliness. His wife left for periods of time, going to exotic places. He got left at home with the kids and the laundry. When his wife was at home, sex wasn’t part of the equation much anymore. After 20 plus years, two kids, and menopause about to happen, the feelings of sexuality got left behind the feelings of exhaustion. She didn’t notice the neglect she was giving him; only that he rarely touched her anymore, which seemed fine most of the time. The woman he met was just as lonely, just as isolated. She rarely got a touch, a kiss, or a hug from her husband, He usually was asleep by the time she came to bed. Most of the time it was the alcohol he drank each night, and then when they did
Bettermember Emergency Response Team
I was very impressed when I seen American Idol take part in UNICEF. They used Tuesday and Wednesday to Generate money for those in need and even went as far as taking the time to show their experiences in Africa and what they could do, simply by reaching out. My hands go together for the funds that they have raised already. $60 Million Dollars. And counting. I don't watch much TV at all, but when I learned that American Idol was going to be doing that kind of performance and just for what it represented I just knew that I had to watch, I was glad I did as well. The part that really got to me the most is when Simon and Ryan were over in Africa and they were speaking about those that are in need and dying from malaria - That really got to me because malaria is a totally preventable disease and their should be no fatalities from it any longer.... That's when you know something has to be done. Anyway, GREAT JOB AMERICAN IDOL!!!!! James P Reardon Sr. My
100 Things I Have/ Need To Do
top 100 things i havta do 1. go skydiving 2. get a tattoo 3. visit at least 5 foreign countries 4. take a train someplace 5. learn a new language 6. go backpacking around thailand 7. see the seven wonders of the world 8. adopt another armani 9. find my other half 10. have kids with my other half 11. become the chick version of the guy in blow lol 12. go parasailing 13. go horseback riding 14. Edward Norton (enuf sed) 15. be in the eye of a tornado 16. witness an exorcism 17. Faint 18. Own my own bussiness 19. Experience a hurricane 20. experience a major eathquake 21. have my entire back henna tattooed 22. get my tongue pierced again 23. find a way to stop needin my meds 24. Go to a psychologist so i can be properly diagnost 25. Have a past life regression 26. Trip on Acid 27. Write a book 100. go to the Bermuda Triangle and come back with a story to tell
When Would U
You scored as Day horny. You get horny during the daytime. Evenings and mornings are bed time... for sleeping, that is. You like to have it at the same time you are having your daily activities. You may want do it anywhere: workplace, school, in bus, train, after returning home. But your companion might not want to do it the daytime, but leave the cherry of the cake for more sacred time.Night horny100%Morning horny100%Day horny100%How HORNY are you after all?created with
The Girlfriend App.
-The Girlfriend Application- About You Name: Age: Height: Hair Color/Style: Eye Color: Favorite Color: Favorite Food: Tattoos: Piercings: Drink: Smoke: Any Other Drugs: Would You Kiss Me Anytime?: Anywhere?: Do You Like To Cuddle?: Have You Ever Been Cheated On?: Would You Cheat On Me?: Have You Ever Cheated On Someone?: What Are Your Favorite Hobbies?: If You Categorized Yourself, What Would You Be? (Prep, Punk, Goth, etc.): Other Fun Stuff What's Your Idea Of A Good Date?: What's The Type Of Music You Like?: Do You Like The Rain?: If So, Would You Play With Me In It?: Do You Like Movies?: If So, Could We Stay Up All Night Watching Them?: Would You Cuddle With Me 'Til We Fell Asleep?: Do You Like Playing Sports?: What's Your Favorite Feature About Yourself (Physically)?: What's Your Favorite Feature About Me (Physically)?: What's Your Favorite Feature About Yourself (Personality)?: What's Your Favorite Feature About M
Tired,bored And Single
i'm tired. it is 11 p.m and i'm sick of being single. so if u have freind or u are single email me on cherrytap or emaill me at thanks everyone or doing this.
Time To Build A Wall!
I have been hurt many times throughout my life. I had built a wall around my heart to protect it and I met someone in high school and she was able to get behind the wall. I eventually put in a gate and then after a while I started to dismantle the wall and open myself up again. Then she decides she would rather be with someone else and basically just throws several pounds of C-4 where the wall used to be and sets it off. So this left me with a crater. I was starting to fill that crater in and I stumbled upon someone else and I thougth we got along great. Granted we hadn't spent that much time together but I was falling for her. Well I have been informed that she is now wanting to be with someone else. I will have to go get some bricks and mortar to start sealing off my heart again so this will not happen again. The only ones that have free access to my heart now is my 2 daughters. They are the only ones I trust with that access right now.
Numb (a Song I Just Wrote)
Saying What You Mean
Tequila and Salt This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it everyday. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You are special and unique. 8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 10. When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look. 11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.
My Future
ok i've found my true one and only but the thing is that we are miles apart but in our hearts we are closer than anything.but it seems the more days go by it kinda seems that we back off from one another.we both been through so much in our past lives that it seems like we both get the thought that it will happen again.but i don't want to scare her both of our hearts will not be able to recover from this cuz of all the abuse we both been through.i love this woman with more heart than i have with my ex(sorry to say that but i felt like i couldn't give her my whole)but we all grow to love and that is what i want.i do not want to pick up the pieces of my heart ever again. if i have to pick those pieces up again forget it i'll leave it for someone else maybe they can use it more than i can. EVERYWHERE Everywhere I go I see you When that time comes I don't know what to do
Crazy Lady
I wish to be happy and healthy. I wish to have love, true love in my life. I wish not to be lonely. I wish for trust. I wish to find a man to love and care about me. I wish for A nice honest man to come into my life. I wish for someone to talk to. I wish I could find that here. I need a man, a man who knows how to treat a woman, a real woman, not a stick figure. I need a man who wants me. I need a man who loves me. I need a man who wants more than sex from me. I need a lover in the true sense of the word. Nothing going on here. Just been haning out. Went to the drive in last weekend though. I seen evan allighty. and transformers, they were good. Not uch else to report.
Thanks Everyone!!!
I want to thank everyone for the gifts sent and all the birthday wishes it was much appreciated. I had a shitty birhday, actually it was a rough weekend in general (family drama bullshit). It was nice to be able to log onto cherry tap and see all the sweet comments and gifts left for thanks everyone for thinking of me. I love you all!!!!
.......... im looking for friends of bill w please hit me up add/ fan me if you are thanks
Happy Mother's Day
This is for the mothers who have sat up all night with sick toddlers in their arms, wiping up barf laced with Oscar Mayer wieners and cherry Kool-Aid saying, "It's okay honey, Mommy's here." Who have sat in rocking chairs for hours on end soothing crying babies who can't be comforted. This is for all the mothers who show up at work with spit-up in their hair and milk stains on their blouses and diapers in their purse. For all the mothers who run carpools and make cookies and sew Halloween costumes. And all the mothers who DON'T. This is for the mothers who gave birth to babies they'll never see. And the mothers who took those babies and gave them homes. This is for the mothers whose priceless art collections are hanging on their refrigerator doors. And for all the mothers who froze their buns on metal bleachers at football or soccer games instead of watching from the warmth of their cars, so that when their kids asked, "Did you see me, Mom?" they could say, "Of course, I
Hate You
what's yours is yours, what's mine is yours too? it takes all my strength not to strangle you for six years you sucked the life out of me i forget what it's like to feel happy i wasn't the only one affected did you care they lost their mom? i took care of them you did nothing but sit on your ass all day long my hatred for you runs deep my revenge will be sweet all because you thought it would be fun to fuck with me
To All The Sexy Women On Tap
Whispers On The Wind!!
I thought you said you loved me, but it was whispers on the wind, And sometimes when it's late at night, I hear those words again, And when the rain is falling, so softly as a mist, I hear a sound that whispers, a sound just like a kiss. When the moon is shining full, and it shows me where to walk, I hear the wind flow through the trees, I remember how we talked, With faces close, and hands held tight, No words were needed then, Between our hearts our love would pass, like whispers on the wind.
So ive been thinking of moving to California for the past 4 years and havent had the guts to go through with it. Tonight ive finally decided to go through with it. Ive realized that this isnt the town for me. Im going to visit a friend In San Diego at the end of may and my flight has been booked for some time now. Just worried about my mother. But we already talked about it and its all good. I love the weather there and the kind of people. they are more laid back and like to have fun. chicago just gets too cold in the winter and very humid during the hot summers. And the people here are just mean! and withdrawn. So im out. bye :)
My Ear...
This is so true! They always ask at the doctor's office why you are there, and you have to answer in front of others what's wrong and sometimes it is embarrassing. There's nothing worse than a Doctor's Receptionist who insists you tell her what is wrong with you in a room full of other patients. I know most of us have experienced this, and I love the way this old guy handled it. An 86 year old man walked into a crowded waiting room and approached the desk.... The Receptionist said, "Yes sir, what are you seeing the Doctor for today?" "There's something wrong with my dick", he replied. The receptionist became irritated and said, "You shouldn't come into a crowded waiting room and say things like that." "Why not? You asked me what was wrong and I told you," he said. The Receptionist replied; "Now you've caused some embarrassment in this room full of people. You should have said there is something wrong with your ear or something and discussed the problem furthe

Just Things
"Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences, but rather it's a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan." Please, DONT look at me with worry Dont think of me and fret Dont look upon the past ive lived And wish that Id forget Dont be alarmed or troubled By the sad stories that you know The heartaches that Ive faced The wounds Iâm scared to show The times of despair and anguish Of sorrow and strife Were stepping stones along this road Of which I call my life A journey that Ive been given And can still walk strong and tall Because I know, Iâm not alone In the moments that I fall While I learn to take another step An angel learns to fly To be my guardian down my path Soaring by my side I may falter come tomorrow I will undoubtedly face more pain But I can dry off in the sunshine After dancing in the rain So please, dont look at me and agonize You need not be concerned Every tear tells a story ...every scar, a lesson learne
Vote For This Guy
Wouldn't you like to turn on the TV and hear any U.S. president, democrat or republican give the following speech? My Fellow Americans: As you all know, the defeat of Iraq regime has been completed. Since congress does not want to spend any more money on this war, our mission in Iraq is complete. This morning I gave the order for a complete removal of all American forces from Iraq . This action will be complete within 30 days. It is now time to begin the reckoning. Before me, I have two lists. One list contains the names of countries that have stood by our side during the Iraq conflict. This list is short. The United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Australia, and Poland are some of the countries listed there. The other list contains everyone not on the first list. Most of the world's nations are on that list. My press secretary will be distributing copies of both lists later this evening. Let me start by saying that effective immediately, foreign aid to those nations on Lis
Let Just See ???
Lets see who really pays attention to me I only have friends on here that I know in person or that I find interesting in one way or another. Otherwise, you are somebody that I highly admire, would like to meet in person someday, or have great respect for your talents. Something about you makes you so unique that when I read your profile and looked at you I thought, "cool"! Either way I am not a picture collector. If you received this in your bulletin, I truly do find you interesting. If you have decided to read this, You are a true Cherrytap Friend... It serves to eliminate people who are desperately trying to add "friends" like it's a popularity contest in high school. This is a test to see how many people in your friends list actually pay attention to you. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are! This is a test to see Who's paying attention, Cherrytap friends... Repost this if you are a friend... Don't reply...just repost
What's Your True Birth Month?
Your True Birth Month Is June Fussy Abiding Friendly Stubborn Talkative Sensitive Executive Hesitating Easily hurt Active mind Easily bored Daydreamer Loves to joke Tends to delay Temperamental Brand conscious Loves to dress up Having lots of ideas Good debating skills Funny and humorous Thinks far with vision Prone to getting colds Polite and soft-spoken Able to show character Seldom show emotions Knows how to make friends Easily influenced by kindness Takes time to recover when hurt Choosy and always wants the best Those who love me are enemies; Those who hate me are friends What's Your True Birth Month?
Repost Rated " Nsfw "
And yes this special young lady would be skinnydippindebbi and she is on my family list here... 1. Would you be in control? My Answer: 1/2 the time Her Answer: Only part of the time 2. Would you pull my hair? My Answer: If we were doing it doggie style I might, I would have one hand on one nipple in one hand pulling hair or rubbing your clit with the other... You asked sexy Her Answer: Hell yes 3. Would you whisper in my ear? My Answer: Wisper and slide my tongue in it opppsie Her Answer: Yes 4. Would you talk dirty to me? My Answer: Hell Yes Her Answer: Hell yeah 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? My Answer: A lot Her Answer: Both and a little tongue sucking 6. Would you say my name? My Answer: Hell yes I would Her Answer: I would scream it 7. Would you go down on me? My Answer: Would go down on you and not cum back up till morning Her Answer: Definately 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? My Answer: H
Its Here My New Estore!!
Lost N Found
im new to this and i can use ne help i can get to explore around the site ... ne help is useful lol thanks peps
Hey baby, I'm choking (I'll help you breathe) Hey baby, I'm smoking (I'll set your mind at ease) I feel you inside (what do you want from me) I want you to open wide I'm needing to touch you (do you fiend for me) I'm needing to fuck you (would you bleed for me) And you wanted it all - Before I fall Hey girl, better get up and move - Watch that ass, cause I come to groove When I tasted you, then I wanted more - Inside you I was reborn Lay down and you injected - Fill my veins up - I've been infected Your disease runs through me - Fills me up every time you do me It's all about the pain you put me through - It's all about the pain you put me through - It's all about the pain you put me through – It's all about you…. Hey woman, come thrill me (all night long) Hey woman, come fill me (I'll make you strong) I can feel the way you (The way I what) You touched me with betrayal (and I tear you up) I loved you, you moved me (I'm your little girl) Your very touc
All About Me
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Hailey Birthday: 4-12-79 Birthplace: Florida Current Location: Hawaii Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Red Height: 5'4 and 1/4 Right Handed or Left Handed: Right handed Your Heritage: Italian The Shoes You Wore Today: Black Heels Your Weakness: Seeing a man cry Your Fears: Dying alone Your Perfect Pizza: Peperoni and mushrooms Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: I would like to get my Masters started. Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: LOL Thoughts First Waking Up: Damn just 10 more minutes Your Best Physical Feature: Smile Your Bedtime: Late Your Most Missed Memory: Being a carefree child Pepsi or Coke: Diet Pepsi and Diet Cherry Coke MacDonalds or Burger King: Burger King Single or Group Dates: Either or Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea and plain Chocolate or Vanilla: Swirl Cappuccino or Coffee: Tab Ene
Memorial Day
Porch Monkey 4 Life -CT's Most Hated-@ CherryTAP this guy is a pic ripper and slanders your name and pics says things like shes a whore lets get him stopped to all my family and friends have a safe holiday i will be in and out until tuesday i will be on vacation so if i dont get to you dont be upset just give me time loves and kisses chairbear
Talk About Whatever
Can someone tell me why they changed the name again? I've been on CT almost a year now and it's been a blast. I have so many friends and fans, but sure would like to have more family here. So, if you wanna be in my family, add me to yours, and I'll add you too. Well that's it for now. Back to what I was doing...more goofing off...LOL
I would like to remember the following soldiers: Army Capt. Phillip T. Esposito He was my company commander in Iraq. Prior to the deployement we served in same batallion. I knew him for over four years. Army 1st Lt. Louis E. Allen He was our new company executive officer. I only met him once while back in the states. He had only been in Iraq for four days. Army Spc. David M. Fisher He was in my first platoon. He had such a zeal for life.
7 People, 7 Messages, No Names
You, You were the first person i truely considered my friend. And i was 17 years old at the time. You taught me so much about life, love, and everything in between. I could always come to you with anything and you were always there for me. You made me look at the things I was doing and made me want to change what i was doing. You are the first and only person that has ever done that. You always knew what to say when i was down, and at that time I was down alot. I realize now that i wasnt the greatest friend. I could have been there for you more than i was. I could have done so much more. When our friendship was falling I wish I would have put more effort in making it last. Because in all honesty I saw it happening and i just said fuck it im done. I regret that everyday. When i hear the song How To Save a Life from The Fray I think of you. And then that line "I lost a friend somewhere in the bitterness" I think of us. But whats more is that line "I've become part of your past, I'
Gone 4 Weekend
Look into your mirror Tell me what you see Is that you? Or is that me? I am your day I am your night I am your darkness And your only light Stay awake Don't dare sleep For into your dreams I will creep I'll scream thoughts of evil Into your head Until it becomes full Of images of death and dread Your hands will become my hands Your feet will become my feet Your body I will overcome And your soul I will defeat Now look into the mirror Tell me what you see Is that you? Or is that me?
I Am Potowatami
Who Wants To Marry Me!!!!!!!!
!!!This is called CHERRYTAP MARRIAGE! The first person to message you saying "I do." will be your Cherrytap Husband/Wife. Now, this is just for fun so you can have a boyfriend or girlfriend in real life. You'd be surprised who wants to be yours. Repost this or your marrige will be plagued with bad luck. Repost it with the title of "cherrytap marriage''
Why I'm Here
Ok, I just thought I should like do this cuz like some of the stuff I've been getting has been pissing me rite off and it isn't rite. Look I'm not here to be some type of personal stripper for some of you guys. I'm not that kinda chik. I'm here to make 'friends' and chat. That's it. I'm not here for a popularity contest just for fun and sorry if some of you dont like it delete urselves from my friends list and fans list, I dont care. Just informing you all that I'm just not like that and don't appreciate ppl asking me to go on cam to see my boobs or whatever else they think they're gonna be able to see....
Support The Cause
I JUST GOT THIS POSTED IN ONE OF MY BULLETINS, SO I DECIDED TO POST IT ALSO!!! PLEASE DO THE SAME!!! I just wanted to clear some things up. I found this little girls mydeathspace, and followed the link to her memorial site. that is where I e-mailed her grandma Jan, and she gave me all the information about what happened to her. the pictures, I got from he memorial site. the bulletin your about to read, was written by me:Tracy Inman of VA. WHAT KIND OF WORLD DO WE LIVE IN WHEN WE CAN'T EVEN LEAVE OUR CHILDREN WITH "BABY SITTERS" just copy and paste the HTML and forward it on. get ready to cry, because what I am about to write is going to take your heart, and squeeze it tight. this is by far the worst story I have come across on but I think this is something I really need to pass on. I need everyone's help with this please. especially all of the mommy and daddy's on here. lets put myspace to some good use. it only take
Paranormal Interests
First Blog!!!!
ive never posted one of these.. but for yall ill describe myself and some of the stuff i do.. i love to go target shootin. fourwheeling, Radio Djing ( IM a down to earth dude.. unique in my own ways. lol
Thanks Alot Ct Peeps
GAH!!! Bought a gah damn xbox360 and no one on here stopped me. YOU KNEW I COULDN'T AFFORD IT AND YOU LET ME DO IT ANYWAY!!!! Cookies and punch for those who tried talkin me out of it, to you call yourself my CT friend HA!!! Don't freak out people its a joke....But I did buy one haha
Not Everyone Is Gonna Like You
With immigration, as with other issues, the most important decision is: Who is to make the decision? It should be too obvious for words that decisions about who is to come into the United States and live among Americans should be made in the United States by Americans. In reality, however, for years that decision has been made in Mexico by Mexicans and by others who chose to cross the border from Mexico into the United States with impunity, knowing that even if they were caught, they would at worst be turned back — and could try again. Many would not even have to face that. They would be released within the United States, with instructions to report back to the authorities for legal proceedings. But why should they be expected to obey that legal requirement when they did not obey the law against crossing the border in the first place? None of these facts is news. Nor is it rocket science to figure out what the consequences have been and will be. Both political parti
Saying Good Bye
I Loved You once an I left . I put a wall of steal around my heart ! You slowly pulled it down I let you love me again and u cut my heart into pieces an made me bleed and hurt ! Most of all you broke your promise ! I had no choice but to leave for my 4 kids an yours . Parents should be able to have both a love of thier life an their kids ! It wasn't always our kids that misbehaved we did too ! this is my last goodbye to you ! I hope for once you learn how to deal with your past open your heart an let someone love you! I tried and fail! I am so sorry for that ! Please be happy with someone and love your son an daughter openly and honestly from the heart not the wallet! Love is priceless you can not buy it , It is all ready there! Thank You for loving me wish we could have always been but we can't make it as husband and wife ! Goodbye Michael Landon Miller ! Just to let you know I did Loved Landon tooo! We will always be friends one day we may even make it to best friends ! To
A Part Of Me Died Today
today was a very sad day for dog ive had for 15 years passed away from cancer...its very tough for me cause shes always been by my side for so long....its gonna be hard comin home from work every day and not seein her by the door waitin for me... she will always be in my heart i love you precious
Poems I've Written
I tell you that you consume me, In my thoughts you always stay, Your presence it surrounds me, All throughout my day. Since the day I met you, I knew my life had changed, The happiness you bring to me, Helps brighten up my day. When I am filled with sorrow, Or pain has come my way, Its thoughts of you that help me, To chase the clouds away. Worry not about what ifs, Could bes or mights, Only about right now, In this stage of your life. He's here with you always, No doubt should be there, Ask for His guidance, His strength and His Care. Know you have angels, To watch over you, To guide and protect you, Like He's asked them too. In Memory of my Uncle Ray 04/16/2003 So often I do before I think, Not knowing why, that’s something I hate. I try and I try, yet I don't understand, The reason I cause all this pain and this fate. Sometimes I wonder, if someday, someway, I'll ever be able to really be me. Through all of my mishaps, and all of my pain, I've
My Salute
My sexy Salute to all our guys and girls over serving in the war, one very special soldier in particular Sully you know I love you!! I hold the highest respect for each and every man and woman that is there fighting,and those who have sacrificed their lives for the saftey of all Americans and otherwise. My deepest wishes and prayers go out to all ! And pray for your safety and that you make it home safe. Without you what would America really stand for? Thank you all
It has been awhile since I actually wrote a poem but I am starting again The Darkness As the darkness enfolds my soul, I wait for my next prey. I read their thoughts and feel their heartbeats as they pass by, but still I wait. I turn cold, but still wait, waiting in shadows for the one whose life will bring me pleasure. As I take them in my arms their life blood sustains me, keeps me warm as I mingle with them in the darkness. Mingle till daylight takes me back home.
Headed to rock out with Godsmack tonight in Fort Wayne.
Godsmack !
Hit By A Tornado!!
My Life
I don't feel like myself. I feel like crying. I don't know whats wrong with me. I wish i could just get past this. I feel so lonely :( I feel empty inside.... This is what happened. My sister and I went over to my dads/mamaw Marys house yesterday like we always do on Fridays. Well things were fine. We watched some tv. Then we decided to go to the store. We bought some foods. I got a salad and some jello, and half of a premade sandwich they make at krogers. We we got home, i ate. And about a couple mins after eating. I started getting a upset stomach. I thought it was just heartburn or indigestion. Since i always get that since Ive had my gallbladder taken out. So i just watched tv and didn't think about it. And then i got this horrible burning, and sharp pain. It came on sudden. It hurt so bad. Then nausea hit me, and i ran to the bathroom to throw up. I was throwing up all night. And shivering and shaking. Having cold chills. It got worse and worse and worse, i was throwing up acid
63 Ways To Piss Off A Cop!! Lol!!
1. When you get pulled over, say "What's wrong, ossifer, there's no blood in my alcohol?" 2. When he asks why you were speeding, tell him you wanted to race. 3. When he talks to you, pretend you are deaf. 4. If he asks if you knew how fast you were going, say no, my speedometer only goes to...... 5. Ask if you can see his gun. 6. When he says you aren't allowed, tell him I just wanted to see if mine was bigger. 7. Touch him. 8. When he asks why you were speeding, tell him you had to buy a hat. 9. Ask him where he bought his cool hat. 10. Refer to him by his first name. 11. Pretend you are gay and ask him out. 12. When he says no, cry. 13. If he says yes, accuse him of sexual harassment. 14. If the cop is a woman, tell her how ugly she is, but in a nice way. 15. If he asks you to step out of the car, automatically throw yourself on the hood. 16. When he asks you to spread them, tell him you don't go that way. 17. When he puts the handcuffs
Try To Make New Fans
I am a actress.I play a role of happiness and appear stress free.This is the image people see. what they do not see is that i feel just like they do.I have pain and fears along with burning tears.But i hide it so it does not appear so clear,But i do believe that if you took the time to see deep with in my eyes you will find the pain that lives inside. So dont let my happiness fool you. It might not be a emotion that is true. So on the outside i am a actress and on the inside i am dealing with emotions just like they do. - unknown The surest way to gain the confidence of others is by the consistent display of good character. To be trusted is a greater compliment then being loved. - George MacDonald
Cripple Fight.
In now way am I trying to be mean when I wrote the subject of this blog.... Here's the story and it's true I swear. I got new neighbors in my apt complex I live in. Ok so truth be told it's gov't housing and you get a "wide" variety of people that come and go. From the people with no common sense to the just plain insane. Whatever, but never in the time that I've lived here have I known of neighbors such as the twosome I got a few weeks ago. I can't even remember their names but they are two younger girls and they both seem really nice. One girl is handicapped, I don't know what they call it but she walks on her tippi toes and talks out of the side of her mouth. The other girl, is blind. Alllrighty then. When i talked to the tip toe'd girls mom she mentioned that she had a room mate, not one time did she happen to mention that the girl was blind. Im just a little worried but not really because they have the right to live on their own and I actually applaud the parents and CAC for
Immigration Hot Potatoe
This was sent to me in an e-mail...I thought it worth sharing with as many people I could think of! I feel that it is wrong for immigrants to be given opportunities by our government that are not made available to ALL AMERICANS! >ORANGE COUNTY (CALIFORNIA) NEWSPAPER > >This is a very good letter to the editor. This woman made some good > >points. > >For some reason, people have difficulty structuring their arguments when > >arguing against supporting the currently proposed immigration revisions. > >This lady made the argument pretty simple. > >NOT printed in the Orange County Paper... > >Newspapers simply won't publish letters to the editor which they either > >deem > >politically incorrect (read below) or which does not agree with the > >philosophy they're pushing on the public. This woman wrote a great letter > >to > >the editor that should have been published; but, with your help it will >get > >published via cyberspace! > > > >New Immigrants > >Fro
mass***i give up in life..why is it everytime something feelsright it goes done i cant do heart has been torn for the last time..within 48 hours i will deleat all my accounts for myspace ct .bangme.n whatever else i have yahoos will be deleated done bye.....................
Not Going To Be On Much!!!
Hey Everyone, Not going to be on this for a couple of weeks. Flying out tomorrow for some medical stuff and going to be gone till mid July. Just wanted to tell all of you so you don't think that I am ignoring you. Bye for now!! Hugs and Kisses, Sarah (Never Said I Was An Angel)
Sex In Pool
Pool Love Scene From "Showgirls" - The funniest videos are a click away
Sexy Soldier Contest
Hey I'm entered in this contest. lend me a hand if you can. I would be greatly appreciated. thanks much.
Stoned Azz Bitches
Stoned Azz Bitches Weed Smoking Commandments and Dictionary The 10 Commandments of STONED AZZ BITCHES 1) Stoned Azz Bitches must either carry a blunt, a blunt wrap, or papers in thy purse at ALL times. 2) Stoned Azz Bitches Must NEVER speak of being BLOWED when fellow SAB's are without weed. 3) Three Hits and PASS... DO NOT BOGIE THE BLUNT! 4) Ash Before You Pass! Thou shalt NOT be an ASHLEY! 5) NEVER Jenny the blunt! Wait til the next Bitch's hit to tell a story! 6) Fuck Folger's, Weed is the best part of wakin up! (Wake N Bake) 7) Thou shalt never hide a good weed deal from thy fellow Stoned Azz Bitches. 8) Always be ready to smoke... Never say you don't feel good enough to smoke. WEED MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER! 9) Keep comments about Mexicans to a minimum during HIGH TIMES... 10) WEED COMES FIRST! Fuck the electricity bill, fuck the phone bill... THOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE WEED! DEFINITIONS A-bomb- marijuana an
Exodus Triggered by a clock reading 10:17 Remembering a song from a Celtic Dream I saw first hand the Exodus..the free movement of people A flat, smooth stroke created a perfect mood The elusive, temporal benefit of Scandinavian solitude I automatically start doing the math..and fight against a lonely insolence And now we rest on a garden patio that has no calculation, rage or hate In a place that is a Frankish bridge between the wine and the plate We float and dance freely toward the marketplace...without fear of faces or restriction of time John Hancock..June 24, 2007
Any One Want To Join
Hey there friends my wife is going to try tha contest thing i did it and we had a lot of fun so if any one want in let me or her know tha contest will start tomorrow and there is only 5 people in it that want be too fun
When Women Get Ager
She's come undun She didn't know what she was headed for And when I found what she was headed for It was too late She's come undun She found a mountain that was far too high And when she found out she couldn't fly It was too late It's too late She's gone too far She's lost the sun She's come undun She wanted truth but all she got was lies Came the time to realize And it was too late She's come undun She didn't know what she was headed for And when I found what she was headed for Mama, it was too late It's too late She's gone too far She's lost the sun She's come undun Too many mountains, and not enough stairs to climb Too many churches and not enough truth Too many people and not enough eyes to see Too many lives to lead and not enough time It's too late She's gone too far She's lost the sun She's come undun Doe-doe-doe-doe-doe doe un doe-doe-doe un doe-doe-doe Doe doe-doe-doe-doe un doe-doe-doe doe-doe-doe Doe doe-doe-doe doe doe-doe-do
A Champ Is Gone !!!
Pro wrestler, family found dead in Fayetteville home By Saeed Ahmed, Kathy Jefcoats The Atlanta-Journal Constitution Published on: 06/25/07 A well-known professional wrestler and his family were found dead inside their house in Fayette County Monday afternoon. Authorities confirmed that Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their 7-year-old son, Daniel, were found dead at the home on Quarters and Redwine roads in Fayetteville about 4 p.m. Chris Benoit • World Wrestling Entertainment Web site Officials were investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide. Benoit, a 40-year-old Canadian native maintained a home in metro Atlanta from the time he wrestled for the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling. Most recently, Benoit fought as part of the World Wrestling Entertainment organization. WWE canceled its live show in Corpus Christi Monday night, and its broadcast of "Raw" on the USA Network was a three-hour retrospective on Benoit's career. "Obviously,
My Personal / Private Blogging
Finally!!! It Took Getting No Sleep But A Skeleton Version Of The Song "babygirl" Is Done!!!
Well it's taken this song a long time to progress and manisfest itself into a version that I'm completly happy with...The song is and was originally written as an ode to my beautiful,wonderful,absolutely fantastic,uber sexy girlfriend. I call her "Babygirl" as a pet name and that's what the song is called. It took me getting no sleep last night and into today to finally come up with a rough skeleton version of the song...I have rythm and lead guitar finished for the song's rough version,all that's left is to burn it to disk,take said disk into work and hand it over to my bro DannyBoi so he can come up with a drum pattern to it....Then get the drum pattern back and finally lay down the final version of the song with drums,vocals and then re-do or fine tune some parts on guitar.I have about 60% of the vocals for it written down as well. I'm absolutely drained but exhilirated at the task now accomplished. Just wanted to say that it was done. LOL Take it easy peeps and have a great rest of
Call Me Crazy.
well his guy i ct had been harassing my friend and i but we never faught all of a sudden she tries to talk o him and what not. but then she strats to flirt. well i didnt care until she started ellin everyone on ct that i was n internet whore and everyon one of er friends should wath their backs. now thats a dick move iright there. well i told the guy to grow up and be a man and i told hin to coplain to his mom and brother that a 19 year old made him cry/.then hethreaten to come to the us o kill me. i dont get men and i dont get that bitch either if u have any advice plz let me know.

SINCE U'VE ALREADY OPENED THIS, U'LL HAVE BAD LUCK & A BAD SEX LIFE (4EVER) UNLESS YOU REPOST THIS N LESS THAN 10 MIN. WIT THE SUBJECT OF UR HOROSCOPE [GEMINI]- I LOVE TO KISS [LEO]- I'LL MAKE LUV ANYTIME [LIBRA]- I GOT A BIG ASS BOOTY [VIRGO]- I MAKE LUV LIKE NO OTHER [SCORPIO]- I GOT MAD SKILLS IN DA BED ROOM [SAGITTARIUS]- I'LL MAKE U SCREAM MY NAME [CAPRICORN]- I CAN MAKE LUV ALL NIGHT LONG [TAURUS]- I STAY GANGSTA/GO HARD [AQUARIUS]- I HAVE SEXY LIPS TO BE KISSED [PISCES]- I LOVE TO SCREW [ARIES]- YOU HAD ME ONCE YOUR GONNA WANT ME BACK [CANCER] I STAY FLY [ARIES]- I LOVE TO KISS You scored as Mermaid, Mermaid: Mermaids are also known as Sirens. These creatures were beautiful women who tricked sailors into becoming completely entranced by their haunting voices and found death soon after. Not all stories of Mermaids are about gentle loving sea people. They are mystical, magical, and extremely dangerous. They have a way about them that brings anyone they are around t
Anything Goes!!!!
George Carlin's Solution to Save Gasoline Bush wants us to cut the amount of gas we use..... The best way to stop using so much gas is to deport 11 million illegal immigrants! That would be 11 million less people using our gas. The price of gas would come down..... Bring our troops home from Iraq to guard the Border.... When they catch an illegal immigrant crossing the border, hand him a canteen, rifle and some ammo and ship him to Iraq .... Tell him if he wants to come to America then he must serve a tour in the military..... Give him a soldier's pay while he's there and tax him on it..... After his tour, he will be allowed to become a citizen since he defended this country...... He will also be registered to be taxed and be a legal patriot...... This option will probably deter illegal immigration and provide a solution for the troops in Iraq and the aliens trying to make a better life for themselves...... If they refuse to serve, ship them to Iraq anyway, withou
Hey Ya'll I'm Back
Outta Here
so yeah i went a little bit nuts and now ive gone and driven to florida to stay with a friend.. 1800 mile trip only 2 major screw ups along the way.. getting lost in the ghettos of boston at two am is not recommended by the way.. yeah and 3 hours in the bronx freaking out wondering if im in the right lane cause god damn it im stuck in the morning rush.. yucky.. anyways i got to the pan handle at noon yester day and im trying to get my head outta my ass.. im a little tweaky but i think i can make it through all this pain.. i miss my philip and i cant beleve that with losing him and a week later getting brutally raped that it will all be ok in the end.. but some how it always is.. i need a nap~
Recent Changes...
Just and FYI.... if ya'll have been removed from my family lists or seen pics and things changed in my albums it's because I have someone that seems to be stalking me and my friends. If you have noticed one certain name constantly visiting your page, please let me know and I can tell you the names I know are him. I just wanted everyone to know that the changes were made so this person would leave me alone. If you were family and I deleted you from it, let me know and I can add you back. I have found out how to block my stalker, until he creates a new page that I can see is him. Anyway... I haven't been on much because of him but decided screw him.. not my fault he has issues and is a stalker. So I will be back on more... missed talking to my friends!!! Sorry for the drama!!! ~*~HUGS~*~ Just wanted to stop by and say hello to all my wonderful friends!!!!!!!! Sorry I haven't been on here much lately, been dealing with back issues I had a spinal fusion in March. On top of t
MaLakota- MaLakota(I am Lakota)! Still holding onto our ways and our ceremonies,still a proud people.People want to be like us,they want into our ceremonies,want to know our language.They want to try to understand us or any other Native,the thing is,they can't ever reach that point in understanding.As my ancestors have tried to convey over and over since the European Invasion of this country; WE can NEVER be understood because our traditional way of life is completely different of those in the dominant society .Outsiders want to know how we perservere in the times of adversity..Lakota people will tell you that it is our way to suffer,it was meant to be that way for Lakota Oyate..It teaches us to strive for the best,teaches us to be humble but most of all it teaches us to depend on Tunkasila in the time of need,he's the only one who can actually fix our wrongs.So when Tunkasila thinks we learned our lessons he helps us to move on with no regrets so that we may go out and help others bu
This Is For The Soldiers
I'm Sorry
Sorry should not be accepted,because if you say you are sorry you should not have done what you did in the first place. Lord Michael
Boyfriend App
CT Boyfriend Application... A Little bit about yourself!!! Remember all fields are optional! Name: Age: Phone Number: Location: Height: weight: Hair: Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: What Do You Think Of My? Personality: Eyes: Face: Hair: Clothes: Humor: Choice of music: Manners: Friends: Decisions: W0ULD Y0U... [] go out with me? [] give me your number? [] kiss me? [] let me kiss you? [] watch a movie with me? [] take me out to dinner? [] drive me somewhere [] make love to me? [] take a shower with me? [] be my bf/gf? [] hug me? [] buy me food? [] take me home to meet your family? [] would you let me sleep in your bed if i didn't have one? []Smoke pot? [] sing car karaoke w/ me?_ [] sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone? [] re-post this for me to answer your questions? [] let me give you a piggyback ride? [] come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere? D0 Y0
Shit That Irritates Me....
OK, I guess I'm officially "addicted" to Cherry Tap. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing...I've made some really cool friends already! But with the good comes the not-so-good, and even that isn't so bad...but it's irritating. What am I talking about? Well...there's a few trends on CT that I've noticed, and they really irritate the shit outta me. They aren't earth-shattering, and more than a few of you are probably rolling your eyes already, but it's MY blog so eff you if you don't like it! #1. Phony, bait-and-switch profile photos. What the fuck is wrong with you people!? Do you really need to achieve self-worth, gratification, and self-assertion in this world by luring people to your page to hopefully get a "fan" or a "rate" this way? I love seeing a pic of some sweet young thang, and clicking it to see "her" page and maybe some naughty pics...only to find a 55 year-old with her teeth in a jar next to her!!"Fan" you? Ha! Eff you! Here's a tip...people appreciate hon
I Love With A Love That Is More Than Love
I'm needing you to want me, as much as i want you you make me feel like a woman, you take away my blues you are like a tall glass of water on a Sunday afternoon yes, the passion is there, but not quite mutual could i be your woman, or am i fit for another role? why must we play games of deciete and control it only perpetuates confusion and takes us down a rocky road. My body yearns for your touch, for you sweet voice in my ear. I would do anything to make it work, do i make myself clear? Does my eagerness to please you take the thrill away from the chase? Im not trying to smother you, or get up in ur face. But im so afraid of losing you... So many times I've been hurt before by empty promises of security. I thought things were different with you, u made me feel so safe. Even though there was still lack of commitment, I thought i was special in your eyes. Was this a plot of lies? To secure pussy or companionship, or are you just fuckin twisted? Im tired of this puzzling
I Believe
I Believe ..> I Believe... I believe- that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe- that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I believe- that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. I believe- that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe- that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe- that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I believe- that you can keep going long after you can't. I believe- that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I believe- that either you control your attitude or it controls you. I believe- that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, th
blah blah blah blah blah, am so bored, blah blah blah. what ever can i do, holidays suk and blah blah blah, dont blah blah blah blah. was thinking of geting drunk anyone up for it blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah i is broke so someone has to pay lol day after day i am here, yet no one notices me. is it cause i dont have tits and ass hanging out it my pic, or what. thought maybe i could find some conversation but since i dont allready know anyone, guess maybe not.
Posted from a California boy: CALIFORNIA: - I can wear sandals all year long - I go to the Beach - not "down to the shore" -Our chicks are WAYYYY hotter than yours. Well...Miami can hang. - I say "like" and "for sure" and "right on" and "dude" and "totally" and "peace out" and "chill" and "tight" and "bro" and I say them often - I know what real cheese & avocados taste like -Everyone smokes weed and its no big deal -We'll roll up 40 deep when something goes down. -I live next door to Mexicans, but we call them American's! -All the porn you watch is made here, cause we're better and thats how it is - I don't get snowdays off because theres only snow in Mammoth, Tahoe, Shasta, and Big Bear - I know 65 mph really means 100 - When someone cuts me off, they get the horn and the finger and high speed chase cuz we dont fuck around on the road - The drinking age is 21 but everyone starts at 14 (legally 18 if you live close enough to the border) - My g
New Holiday-ex Day Aug 14
polar opposite to Valentine's Day is Ex-day 6 months opposite on Aug 14th- my buddy is trying to start this.... pass it around ex day is coming up soon, and well I just wanted to make certain that we all (that's you and I) are on the same page with what this event, the day of days, this festival, is all about, so bare with me. First, to make certain that we all start the day in the right frame of mind, let's find one piece (or a couple depending on your fire codes) of memorabilia that was so kindly left behind (or forgotten) and... well destroy it! If you can't burn it safely (and don't kid yourselves on this) then cut, tear, rip, frape, and/or flush, said object(s). Again, don't do anything that will cost you more money on the back end (or result in hefty fines and a visit from PETA) remember this is a day of zero out of pocket cost... well pay your tabs if you should choose to go out (especially if you come to Kazu). We want to be able to enjoy this holiday so this will hopefully
HELLO CHERRYTAP FRIENDS AND FANS! Please go to the link below and comment me, I am in a contest and I want to win! But I cannot win if I don't get comments on my pic. So please comment as many times as you can and feel like you can for me everyday. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE! Remember rating it does not count it is comments that count. So please also REPOST this bulletin so everyone can comment me as much as they can. HUGS&KISSES ~`Karma`~
Why do people complain and make nasty comments when someone rates their pic less than a ten? Isnt the rating system designed to rate someones picture on what you think about it? I personally don't care what people think of my pic, how I look or what I say. Rate me the way you feel. I don't care. If you don't like me, I don't care. Lighten up losers. If you don't want a less than ten rating, take your picture down. But quit your damn bitching and moaning. geez
Ummmmm Wtf???
disney or cherrytap...which do you choose?? lol
This Guy
This guy has a 25 inch dick. He goes to the doctor and asks him how to get it smaller. The doctor says .."go down to the islands and look for a witch doctor, he should know what to do..." So he flys to the islands and finds the witch doctor and asks him how to get his dick smaller. The witch doctor tells him to go down the road to find this magical frog ask it to marry you and if she says no 5 inches will come off. He walks down the road and sees the frog. He asks her to marry him and the frog says no. 5 inches come off. 20 inch dick. He says .." oh this is great!.." He goes again, .."frog will you marry me?.." frog says no. 5 more inches off. 15 inch dick. He says .."Cool, I just have to ask the frog to marry me one more time and if it says no I will have a 10 inch dick better then most men and better than what I had. So he goes one more time .."Frog will you marry me?.." The frog says .." How many times do I have to tell you, NO!, NO!, NO!!!!.." A brand new store
Reality Check!
Today I have been sitting here lost in my thoughts...... I keep attempting to clean house but for some reason, I cannot stop thinking about something that my friends husband said to me last night......We were getting off the boat at the end of a very relaxing and fun day...when out of no where he says to me "you are gross, but you're nice".......I looked at him and told him to go fuck himself......I was pissed but it really didn't bother me the rest of the evening and he was drunk so I thought he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about anyhow! I dress for my size and smell clean 24/7 so wtf......I brushed it off cuz he is a jerk, my gf quit smoking and gained 20lbs and he's on her back about it constantly.....Like he is a prize or something! So today I decided I am overweight and I have been for a long while, so I quess that.... him saying it to me was a reality check and I am going to really do something about it.... So no more twizzlers for me...and I am going to EXERCI
Hello my fellow friends ...... Who all agrees here that this should be strictly for adults and that any right minded person at work ....if they have an alright job shouldn't be cherry tappin at work so WHY can't we allow our NSFW pics and other items for show to everyone... Why can't adults do adult things???? any input from you guys are welcome
Stranger Then Me
Hey yall's come check the internet radio station i dj for, we play all kinds of music come visit our page and join us in our chat room there. pass the word around. our site is alright yall's right now i'm live at djing live come join us and listen to great music alright yall's right now i'm live at djing live come join us and listen to great music
Life Is What You Make Of It!
Most people have complained about whats going on in there life, but me I just kind of deal with it. The one thing I figured out is that you make your life what it is.You want to be happy then solve the problem that is bringing you down. It may not be easy at first but I promise its worth all your efforts! If someone else is trying to bring you down, don't let them!
I've seen two shows lately that went on and on about how mid-life is a great time for women. Just last week Oprah had a whole show on how great menopause will be... Puhleeeeeeeze! I've had a few thoughts of my own and would like to share them with you. Mid-life is when the growth of hair on our legs slows down. This gives us plenty of time to care for our newly acquired mustache. In mid-life women no longer have upper arms, we have wing spans. We are no longer women in sleeveless shirts, we are flying squirrels in drag. Mid-life is when you can stand naked in front of a mirror and you can see your rear without turning around. Mid-life is when you go for a mammogram and you realize that this is the only time someone will ask you to appear topless. Mid-life is when you want to grab every firm young lovely in a tube top and scream, "Listen honey, even the Roman empire fell and those will too." Mid-life brings wisdom to know that life throws us curves and
A woman was helping her husband set up his computer, and at the appropriate point in the process, she told him that he would now need to enter a password. Something he could remember easily and will use each time he has to log on. The husband was in a rather amorous mood and figured he would try for the shock effect to bring this to his wife's attention. So, when the Computer asked him to enter his password, he made it plainly obvious to his wife that he was keying in... P... E... N.. I S... His wife fell off her chair laughing when the computer replied: PASSWORD REJECTED....... NOT LONG ENOUGH
Are You Frickin Scared!?!?
This goes out to all these doorknob yo-yo's out there who don't have a profile pic.....just that big headed stick figure cherrytap thingy...not that i'm cuttin on the cherrytap mascot..i'm not,i'm just sick of these picture-phobic,i see you you don't see me shit!! If these people don't want their identities known....GET THE HELL OUTTA THE TAP!! That's all....thanx for readin'. The Ogre
Faint Poetry
I wake up in the morning and try to go through my day. I have a few laughs. Talk to a few People. But behind all of the smiles and the chatting, no one knows what I really think about. Most of the time I worry. About small little issues that have no meaning. Like whats going to happen 5 min. from now. Or if I forgot to turn the lights off in my car.I worry alot. Then sometimes I think about what the future holds for me and the people around me. Like if something is going to happen to someone I care about... Or if a friend is going to get married , or tell me someone wonderful news about there life. So then further I think What wonderful news do I have to share with my friends. Just seems like there life is going so well and mine is crashing to the ground.. So you wonder if people make there life sound good on purpose so they feel less sorrow.Because they know theres isnt any better thank yours. Obiously my mind wanders quite often. But everytime lay my head on my pillow one thought sc
Kiss Color
Your Kiss is Red You are intense about kissing but easily distracted. You kiss for attention, power, and passion. It doesn't take a lot for you to want to kiss someone. If you see a kissing opportunity, you always go for it! Kissing Type: Kissaholic (admit it!) People See Your Kisses as: Seductive You Kiss Best With: An Orange Kisser Stay away from: A Blue Kisser
Your Amazeing
I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star. I don't think you will ever fully comprehend how you've made my dreams come true or how you've opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do. You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love that exists in my body, soul, and mind. I don't think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I'm sure you'll never realize you've been my will to live. You are an amazing person and without you I don't know where I'd be. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me.
Screwed Up, Lol
Im Here
waiting waiting waiting i am debating do you like me? am i a crush? are you a lush? do we have a future together? am i to be alone forever? do you think about me? do i set your heart aglee? if i was gone would things seem wrong? if i died tonight with god would you fight? would you miss me? would you diss me? would you lie and say we were best friends? or would my dream to you become an end? am i loved? or am I hated? though fubar is gay we both have rated would you go to my funeral? hear taps played by the general? would u cry? if today i was to die? would you carry on? or would you forget all along?
Drity Talk
I wasn't very happy that I had to go all the way home again this weekend for yet again another family gathering. I was going to drive the 5 hours to Maine myself but, of course my luck being the way it is, the car broke down 3 miles from the house. So here I sit on hte bus heading to Maine. What should be taking a normal 5 hours will now take me 8 becuase we have to stop in every little town from here to there. Well at least its getting dark and I will be riding all night there can't be to many people who will end up riding past New York. I will sneak some sips of my flask here and get some sleep. I picked a seat close to the back of the bus I like to be alone. It has been a long hard day I just want tot drink my rum and take a nap. I will be in Portland Maine by 4 am. The bus wasn't really crowded so I took up both seats on my side. Everything was going along fine until we got to New York City. There were tons of people who needed to get on this bus of all the busses they could have t
Online Poetry I Like!
Screen Friends by Miasartiff My husband has finally gone to work My children have finished their play they've gone to bed their stories read Now it's my time of day. I've had one of those days you know what I mean so I sit back and relax and turn on my screen. I'll talk to all my friends who know just what to say to make my stresses go and my troubles fade away. My friends you're always there for me whenever I feel blue and though we've never met before I know our friendships true. And although we haven't been friends for long in this short time it seems we shared so many things already our hopes, our fears, our dreams. We come from different walks of life but we share a common bond and it's time to say that of all of you I've grown so very fond. So thank you friends for being there whenever I've needed you I know you're always there for me and you know I'm there for you. For My Friend by Carol Miller across the miles you touc

"The Few. The Proud. The Marines." is more than just a slogan. These three sentences represent who we are, epitomizing the challenge of becoming (The Few), and the reward of being (The Proud), one of the elite (The Marines). Suffice it to say, Few slogans convey such a Proud tradition. Our tagline has been a foundation in the Marine Corps for over thirty years. Now we have the opportunity to immortalize these words into America's civilian culture as well. "The Few. The Proud." has been nominated BEST SLOGAN for the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame. The Marine Corps joins a list of 26 other brands that will compete for entry based on total number of votes received online at Whether you are one of the few and the proud, or simply one of the faithful to those who bear the title United States Marine, we ask that you browse to the URL: to vote for th

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