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Random Ramblings
Before I begin, I need to state that I never break the law...I always ensure all my escapades are 18 or over *wink wink* I work retail for now..and at both jobs there are naturally a lot of jailbait working there with me. Normally not an issue. one of my jobs I seem to have acquired a nickname. I've overheard some of the girls say it a time or two in the break room or stock room...but always assumed it was someone else since I mainly keep to myself and don't engage anybody in conversation. They call me "Sexy Silent Slim" :( Now...not a nickname I'm particularly fond of, but the really bad thing is all these jailbait chicks (some cute...but all still illegal so therefore no go) using it. I don't know if I should find it cute or be offended. It isn't right for a girl 11 years younger than me to call me sexy. Anywho...the funny part of this is, the person who gave me the nickname. Our 49 year old stock manager. Gay as Liberacci. He thinks I'm a fine piece of meat, and
Stupid Ppl
i swear they jus get more and more dumb on here twisted dr...: ok Halo Is On...: well u asked if i was single i told u no...then u said u wanted to me i asked see me how? i dont cam i dont trade pics ill be friends with anyone but thats as far as it goes on heretwisted dr...: sorry i askedHalo Is On...: a*Halo Is On...: i have i dont do that craptwisted dr...: you have yahoo or msn or camfrog with a webcamHalo Is On...: umm what u mean?twisted dr...: wish i could see youHalo Is On...: nope im takentwisted dr...: ok and you singleHalo Is On...: im good n utwisted dr...: how are youHalo Is On...: hitwisted dr...: hi i give him about 15 mins and he`ll ask some more shit BLAH
About The Author
I'm not perfect..don't care to be, No Barbie doll~I'm a real woman with curves, scars,tattoos, stretch marks..whatever.I wont BS. Don't give a crap about gossip. I'm a sweet girl or a mean in between. Short tempered, but honest. My best feature are my eyes. My family is insain. I have 3 kids! 14~ 12~ n 7. Love compliments, but never expect an damn thing from me. Here for friends only and Hott chicks
Mental Health 11/28/10
Some of you may recall back to the first week of August when I was admitted to the mental hospital due to increased depression/anxiety, suicidal thoughts, had a very graphic and totally workable suicide plan, and hallunications of my dad uncle. I ended up staying a week including a three night stay at the ER under suicide watch. When I was first discharged I felt great and felt like I could tackle the world with my new found "sanity" but in the fast few weeks I've been hearing voices telling me I will be back in the hospital in 6 months or less, constant whispering and snickering, and my increasing collection of vivid and graphic nightmares about being readmitted. I have an appointment in the morning with my therapist and I'm not to sure what these new developments in my mental state will mean to him and the course we will take in my therapy. I just wanted to give anyone who cared a head's up in case I suddenly disappear and go M.I.A. for an extende
Music ♥
My song to you, you succubus bitch... Top down in the summer sunThe day we met was like a hit-and-runAnd I still taste it on my tongue (taste it on my tongue)The sky was burning up like fireworksYou made me want you oh so bad it hurtBut girl in case you haven’t heardI used to be love drunk, but now I’m hung overI’ll love you forever, forever is overWe used to kiss all night, now it’s just a bar fightSo don’t call me cryingSay hello to goodbyeCause just one sip would make me sickI used to be love drunk, but now I’m hung overI’ll love you forever, but now it’s overHot sweat and blurry eyesWe’re spinning round a rollercoaster rideThe world stuck in black and whiteYou drove me crazy every time we touchedNow I’m so broken that I can’t get upOh girl you make me such a lushI used to be love drunk, but now I’m hung overI’ll love you forever, forever is overWe used to kiss all night, now it’s just a bar figh
My aunt will be 90 this summer. She gave us a scare last week when we thought she had a bad cold and it was actually pnuemonia along with congestive heart failure. She has been in the hospital for the last week and has responded well to treatment. She should be home either Tuesday or Wednesday barring a relapse.Dealing with social security, Humana insurance and one or two obnoxious family members has made the week a trial.
Back Again!
So as some of you may already know, I'm back! My last profile has been active for over four years now.I have been back on the Fu for about a month now and I have already surpassed my level on my other profile.WOW, how things have changed.... Johnny Devil is still here, FUDADDY, CowgirlXtreme, but I see a lot of new faces. We didn't have Cherry Bombs, or Boomerangs, or anything like that the last time... Happy Hours were $100. We did have Bling, and the FU was always awesome!I am glad to have made some new friends.... I'm glad to e back.. Glad to be back.:) Just wanted to kick it off with a Blog, it's about time. Oh yeah, and I know I'll have some haters, oh to the well.Later!
The Big 5 0
I has a moments thought..... Did I make a new years resolution? I am celebrating the day before I turn 50...I read this today... and now you are reading this..cause I shared it..cause someone else shared it.. So I am passing it forward. .. Happy day to you! “Remember today, for it is the beginning of always. Today marks the start of a brave new future filled with all your dreams can hold. Think truly to the future and make those dreams come true.” Turning the Big 5-0 The big 5-0 is finally here, Yes, you're turning 50 this year. 50 years of hopes and dreams, Rainy days, and golden sunbeams, Turning 50 is not so bad, it seems. Take a look back on all you've achieved so far. A family that loves you, and thinks you're a star, Friends who have proven themselves through the years, By standing beside you through laughter and tears. Turning 50 is really quite good, it appears.
If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you And share with you its beauty On the days youre feeling blue. If I could Id build a mountain You could call your very own A place to find serenity A place to be alone. If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the Sea But all these things Im finding Are impossible for me. I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow fair But let me be what I know best A friend thats always there Somewhere deep in the forest of greens, The fairy spins his webs from dreams And the wizards cast their solemn spells, There quietly about the magick dwells Its beyond the mirrored images or so it would seem, Though its above and below and in the spaces in-between. But you'll never really see the old truths here beheld Or feel the forgotten pain of an old tree felled You'll never really see if you cant find your way The path is clear now but wont be someday So then you'll be left with Name Is Rob....
at the last meeting of fuckaholics annonamous... name is rob, and i'm a fuckaholic. hi rob. last night i wanted to get off, and i was all by myself. i wanted to get on CT and check out some of my friends, and my computer is crapped out... awwwwwwww so can't we all be friends? i mean like FRIENDS? Okay - a kick ass movie, but with great lines too! And shepherds we shall be, for Thee my Lord, for Thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command. We will flow a river forth unto Thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine Patris, et Fili, et Spiritu Sancti. -Boondock Saints okay.... so i drink a little too much, and i'm horny as hell... is that a problem??
Erotic Writings
Fuck A word used so casually that it makes me blush. Thinking of the outline of your dick pushing against your pants Permanent hard on. Who needs Viagra. Fuck me I gasp, laying spread open before you Rosy pink labia swollen with need My body feels empty without you. Fucking Ache filling my void My womb contracting around your cock, your fist, your body Your body entering mine, my body swallowing yours. Fuck Can be so simple, insert tab A into slot B Can be so complex, with what, with whom, where, why Can be so emotional, to give, to receive, to belong. Fuck Can be dangerous, in a dark alley pushed up against the wall. Can be healing, the wounds of the past eased by a lover Can be anything, in the moment of heat. Fucking you I push past your resistance, feeling you give to me. The warmth of your body yielding to my power. Your thighs, wrapped around my ass urging me on. Fucking hard Slapping against yo
Introduce Yourself
Music Video Codes By Music Events lately have driven me to ask myself a question. Are we as we see ourselves or actually as others see us.? Actually its a deep question because we know what we believe are our inner thouhts and actuations, whereas others do not. They have what we say and what they observe. I have not come up with a satisfactory answer yet. Anybody out there any ideas or illuminations? Please let m eknow Bright Blessings Music Video Codes By Music
A-mir Update !!!!
Ok Thats It !! First person that gets me to Lvl 22 iz going to get a big Gift from me lol shyt I don't stress fupoints like that But daymmmmmm I been on 21 for over 3 mths lol HEllllllllllp......Luv Ya All....Amir Thanks MJ for the pointz Stay Wit me Ya'll. Nuff Said !!!!! Amir For all thoes That know good music & can't wait for the album to drop Take a Peek At My Dude Talib Kweli This has gotz to be oone of the finest Albums Talib put out. Instructions for download : 1. You have to unzip the file using WinRAR 3.7 go to To download 2.Copy n pase this link for the Album: 3. You must use this password to unzip the file: ( ) if you dont you cant open it.. Enjoy Ya'll Image :)
My heart is breaking from with in my soul. Everything I known to be true seems to be a lie, Why do I fall in love so easily when all I get is Pain and hurt all over again. I cry for you to be my love long last the one I have Looked for all my life. You break my heart with words that make me cry inside The laughter I feel now is only fake when outside it once Was true . My feelings are leaving my broken heart I feel the pain growing Inside and yet I want to cover it up and never let it show. Why do you make me smile the way that you can, is it my Heart that urns for you deep within or is it just that I cant Bare to be with out you in my life any more, Ive searched for you since my younger days and now that I have found you I feel I should let you go .. Maybe its that I have fallen in love with you that blurs my Wanting to let go of you that makes me stop and think.. You say that you love me yet in my heart I feel the opposite Of th
Advice For Guys
Womens Top Ten Favorite Ways to Have Someone Flirt with Them 1. Talks about things she likes or dislikes, making comments and showing interest 2. Displays concern for her, her feelings and well-being 3. Shares jokes or amusing anecdotes with her 4. Compliments her on her screen name, attitude, personality and appearance 5. Sends her special/cute email messages 6. Makes an effort to contact her in some form most every day 7. Sends instant messages when she and you are online at the same time 8. Discusses seriously the traits she desires in a partner 9. Shows her your daring or mischievous side 10. Emails her greeting cards, gifts, pictures songs or fun attachments Top Ten Restaurant Types for a Date 1. Casual dinner 2. Pub 3. Retro bar with live music 4. French cuisine 5. Ethnic 6. Pizza place 7. Western 8. Salad bar 9. Sushi bar 10. Family dinner Womens Top Ten Date Picks 1. Restaurant 2. Taking a romantic walk 3. Park 4. C
Sweet Peaches
KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AND TALK TO EACH OTHER WE ARE A CREW STILL The following need 50,000 to win A HH THESE ARE OPTIONAL FOR OUR CREW TO BOMB ---------------------------- ---------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- ------------------ ---------------------------------
Random Musings
Chimpanzees enter into "deals" whereby they exchange meat for sex, according to researchers. Male chimps that are willing to share the proceeds of their hunting expeditions mate twice as often as their more selfish counterparts. This is a long-term exchange, so males continue to share their catch with females when they are not fertile, copulating with them when they are. The team describe their findings in the journal PLoS One. Cristina Gomes and her colleagues, from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany, studied chimps in the Tai Forest reserve in Ivory Coast. She and her team observed the animals as they hunted, and monitored the number of times they copulated. "By sharing, the males increase the number of times they mate, and the females increase their intake of calories," said Dr Gomes. "What's amazing is that if a male shares with a particular female, he doubles the number of times he copulates with her, which is likely to increase the proba
Wow....this Guy Bought Me....i Kinda Like Being Owned
~*~♥~*~♥~*~♥~*~♥~*~♥~*~♥~*~♥~*~ Go Show This Man Some LOVE!!! I have WONDERFUL friends...and I know you guys will make it worth his while to own me....:) He is a Nice NEED him on YOUR List too *kisses* He RAWKS!!! *Gets On Hands and Knees At Owners Feet* (Just Click The Pic and LOVE On Him) BhamBuggy@ fubar
My Thoughts
I've always assumed that the big difference between men and women is the emotional attachment to sex. Women cannot separate the two but men have the ability. Over time this has proven not realistic in some scenarios. I've seen women who are just as non-attached and men who are very attached. Truthfully I've seen something that I would have never suspected. Now before anyone gets offended on what I'm about to say I advise you to read the whole thing before you may agree or disagree. Men and women have a totally different opinion of friendship and priorities in life as well as trust and stinginess. Women surprisingly you have failed in every category listed and before you pass judgement on me, let me explain the guys point of view to you. You may then tell me otherwise. In a guys point of view a friend maybe someone you met 10 minutes ago or someone you have known since you both were in diapers. Trust is inharently given, not earned.. It doesn't really matter if it's a boy or a gir
on this vetrans day nov,11,2008. remember those that gave all. remember the family they left behind so you can have your freedom. remember the ones that are now serving. remember the ones that came home with wounds that left them less than they could be if they hadnt served our country bravely. and also remember the homeless vets that have nightmares of war that keep them from fuctioning in a normal lifestyle. just remember. this memorial day remember what the the day is for and pay respect to the service men and woman that have given you your freedom. Military Rules for Non-Military Personnel "Dear Civilians, "We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation have many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance: (1) The next time you see an adult talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National
Justice League Mission!!
☆CantSleepClownsWillEatMeღღ~ ☆Just Me☆Fu-Owned By MIKEY! Attention Justice League!! Clown Is So Close To Leveling Save Your 11s For Her Super Happy Father's Day Happy Hour. Also Our Very Own Wildly Purrrfect Just Leveled Into Fu-King!! Woot Woohoo!!Go Show Her How Proud We Are Of Her!! She Loves Roses and Tequila Wildly Purrrfect ~WildCat~
Omega Bombers
Just something that has meaning to me.. Maybe God wanted us to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe when the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one, which has been opened for us. Maybe the best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had. Maybe it is true that we do not know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we do not know what we have been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they will love you back. Do not expect love in return,just wait for it to grow in their heart,but if it does not, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to li
Baby Spencer's Youtube Debut !!!
Here Without You
A hundred days have made me older Since the last time that I saw your pretty face A thousand lies have made me colder And I don't think I can look at this the same But all the miles that separate Disappear now when I'm dreaming of your face I'm here without you baby But you're still on my lonely mind I think about you baby And I dream about you all the time I'm here without you baby But you're still with me in my dreams And tonight it's only you and me The miles just keep rollin' As the people leave their way to say hello I've heard this life is overrated But I hope that it gets better as we go I'm here without you baby But you're still on my lonely mind I think about you baby And I dream about you all the time I'm here without you baby But you're still with me in my dreams And tonight girl its only you and me Everything I know, and anywhere I go It gets hard but it won't take away my love And when the last one falls When it's all said and done It ge
Music & Lyrics
Lyrics: Remember those walls i built Well baby they are turning down And they didn`t even put up a fight They didn`t even make a sound I found a way to let you in But i never really had a doubt Standing in the light of your halo I got my angel now It`s like i`ve been awaken Every rule i had to break It`s the risk that i`m taking I ain`t never gonna shut you out Everywhere i`m looking now I`m surrounded by your embrace Baby i can see your halo You know you`re my saving grace You`re everything i need and more It`s written all over your face Baby i can feel your halo Pray won`t fade away I can do your halo I can see your halo I can be your halo I can see your halo Hit me like a ray of sun Burning through my darkness night You`re the only one that i want You got addicted to your lie I swore i`d never fall again But this don`t even feel like falling Gravity camed again To pull me back to the ground again It`s like i`ve been awaken Every rule i had
Just Me!!
"FOREVER" I sit and wonder of old and new, for life is full of suprises and some times hope I could never in a life time ever forget about you, my thoughts are usaully as clean as soap But every so often a naughty thought appears, that i scare my self with images of past I now see it is not clear, as i truely know we have moved to fast It is all i wish to see, your smile, your face, & eyes, my heart truely bleeds from deep inside of me So much at times, it hurts and i must cry, I will forever be your friend, and this i hope you see You meen so much to my world, i must say, really, my bad, friendship i see, and a great deal more But baby, i never meant to make you sad, you are the most special woman, you make my heart truely sore It's all you baby, with smiles, sunshine, and a hug, sealed with a kiss, you shall forever be within me, as long as water fills the oceans floors Because the time we share are complete and total bliss, these are my wo
I Want to take a few moments of your time to tell you how greatful I am for all the luv and support shown to me while I was trying to level!. You never know you have so many friends untill you need them sometimes! Some of you I know and am friends with , you know I am thankful for yall, and others I did not even know jumped in to help, you guys were Awesome, I hope to meet and talk with each of you one day. Even though I did not make it yet, I want to Thank you all and send you my love, Again I am very Greatful for all the Support...Your Friend Always, ~Becky~ 'aka' (Southern Luv)...Still Oracle Bound!!
Never There
~filled with sadness loss and rage tear stained words blot my page longing for what can never be my heart swells up with misery wanting it so bad, losing grip forcing a puzzle piece that just won't fit lost in my sorrow, that's hard to bare losing something that was never there~
Let me start by saying I will not be running famps any time soon so if I am in your family only as a trade you can remove me and I won't be hurt at all. I'll explain reasons why. Family to me has always been people I care about, people who have helped me, and people I want to help. With only 50 spaces I have had to juggle and move between top friends and family so I can find people easily. When I ran my 1st 2 famps I found peoplebenefitingfrom me that had pulled me from their family during their famps. This last run a girl complained to my hubby that I was in her family but she wasn't in mine even though she had never run a famp. I realize I am in morefamiliesthen I have space to return.I found myself having to pull people to make room. While I have greatlyappreciatedthe people who have included me and have made new friends, it has taken away from what I care most about. I have gotten caught up in the rank game which really doesn't mean anything in the long run. What I like
The Time
Wannawin 10 million fubucks get me up to 200 LIKES...OR BETTER AND THE ONE THAT DOES GET'S IT....what a interesting contest Finding the time to be ones self is hard enough as it is. But finding the time to explain ones self to another is a bit easier. The only thing that makes things of this nature harder is the own personal walls that somene builds up around them to protect themselves in fear that everyone is exactly the same as the previous. Knowing a person is a good way to find yourself and the real challenge of many thing...but not knowing who you are is the worst part of it all...Why not trying to let the one you are with help you discover that with you ....but that all depends on who you are with i suppose..... Whatever the path you decide is the path that can make or break a relationship or friendship...all depends on the person that it is being said to...Well folks sorry about wasting your time with my thoughts but thank you for reading if you did and have a good
Rules: 1. Put your iTunes, windows media player, etc., on shuffle. 2. For each question, press next to get your answer. 3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds. 4. Tag 25 people in your note that you want to do this activity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. If someone says "Are you okay" you say? I Swear 2. How would you describe yourself? Hedwig's Theme 3. What do you like in a guy/girl? OnA Night Like This 4. How do you feel today? Damien 5. What is you life's purpose? Something Like That 6. What is your motto? Behind the Blue Eyes 7. What do your friends think of you? Angels AnomgUs 8. What do your parents think of you? Everything I do 9. What do you think about often? Wild Thing 10. What is 2+2? Where the Green Grass Grows 11. What is your life story? Here Comes The Rain 12. What do y
The Dark
Standing there, in the mist, offading shadows. some silent, some not, the prince, has found himself in a place, that even he did not know. Yet be that as it may, fear is not in him.for, up to now, He has been, the only fear, any have ever known. Gazing back and forth, bits of redglistened, from the corners, of his, eyes. Through the nite, slowly he makes his way along the blackened, place, she had led him, The only one, he had ever, dared let into his, Souless heart. Find her he must! for he knew after all, there would, surely never be such a love, like hers , again in his time . Where had they taken her ? and why?what blacknesshas he, found himself in? Though it matters not! for in his mind, someone, or thing would soon , feel hiswrath ! For he is the prince, of pure evil! And she owns, his souless, heart.
Lookin For Merc's In Fumafia
My guys could use your help in fu Mafia. As a merc u get benifits not available to non merc's come join me Recruiting Mercs for FuMafia use link below I only ask that you play to level 6. Being a Merc has its percs. You can Play to level 9 without getting KILLED. Mercs get more money to start with than non-mercs and if you are killed a merc will come back to life with FULL HEALTH I will work with you to help you get started I wont leave you on your own. You don't have to join the turf I'm in but you can. If you joined FUBAR before Dec 31 2001 11 you are eligible. If you were recruited in the past and you haven't played because you felt left out but you want to play and want to learn the game let me know, I can help. Hit me up in the Shout Box inv=276285 Freddie Broke Your Fingers inv=276154 Who Fingered Freddie Has one merc needs 2 more ASAP
The Fake Family
Oh Yes 'Guys' This Blog Will Stay Up Until One of Two Things Happen.. 1)You Drop Dead & I Have Proof Of That or 2)You Prove Me Wrong That You Aren't Fake.Which We Know You Can't or Won't Do. The Fake Family Fubar is made up of a number of people from all walks of life.Some looking for friendship, some looking for love and some not looking at all,just a place to relax,chat and have some funbut there are some that like to take advantage of lonely people.You may be one of the lonely ones, know some of the lonely ones or you may know the fake users. The fake users are who I'm going to tell you about or at least one 'family' of them.The 'guys' in this so called 'family' use women.They find the lonely looking for love women who have been hurt before or are in bad relationships.They tell you what you want to hear,treat you sweet and kind and then when they have you where they want ya they start making demands.Yes online but if you don't do what they want, they make you feel like ch
The Surgery (and Stuff)
Still getting the run around with the surgeons office & the referral & authorization crap!So fkn frustrated I cant see straight!Why cant they get their shit together!I mean really! How many times does 1 stupid piece of paper need to get faxed to get to the right department?!?! Its been nearly 2 weeks and I cant take much more of this crap!These a-holes dont give a shit about the patients! Ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Now these mofo's got me crying and I NEVER cry! Thank you JERKS! I was just looking & I really thought I had posted about having an appt with a surgeon in El Paso this coming Friday but it appears as though I didnt LOLSo there it is :) Its about a 3 - 4 hour drive, depending on how many times I have to stop ;) And the appt is @ 10:30am so I have to leave home around 6:30 am. UGH! This is a first meeting. Going over the MRI together & then what surgical steps we are going to take. HOPEFULLY the next appt wont be too far away & it will be THE ONE!!! I know Im goin
..:: My Thoughts ::..
Introduction He is called Daddy and she loves sitting on his lap. She is his little girl and she loves the fact that her daddy will take care of her and will make sure that she stays a good little girl. She is not under 16, 17, or even 18. She is a fully-grown woman, consenting to a dynamic where her dominant takes the position of a father figure with some additional benefits. They are not really father and daughter either, so there is no incest. They are not breaking the law. They are simply living their truth. She can continue to be her little girl. She can run around like a teenager and be irresponsible sometimes. She knows she will be punished, but she knows that her daddy will not hold it against her either. There will be a fair amount of spanking, paddling or flogging, but you would not find a lot of hard-core pain play in this group. There will be a bigger focus on sexual intimacy though and terms for this are different from the rest of the BDSM world. What exac
My Journal
hi everyone been awhile sence i wrote but want all my friends to think about my husband in their prayors they think he might have cancer again instead the throat its in the small intestines in the stomach if it is he may have to take kemo so pray for him love you all hugs!!! hello everyone dont have much to say this early just wanted to say good morning*hugs* hello everyone hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!well i had to work 7am to 2pm came home all excited because i was gona see my new neice and nephew.well came home finish cooking dinner ate a bite,called my mom told her im coming over soon,well we get to moms,and my sister got my neice up from a nap and was getting her ready to leave i thought after they got mad because ive never saw her there getting ready to leave when i walk in the door!well if that wasnt bad i get knocked down again i went over where mom was sitting and was gona check out my baby nephew find out i wasnt allow to hold him because noone thought to tell me he
How It Is With Me
People are getting upset or mad over rating photos, stashes, & profiles. People lets get real at the time which I typed this blog, I've had 5,496 people view my profile & out of that number only 370 rated my profile which is only 6.7% of the people that viewed my profile. I don't expect everyone to rate my profile. I don't expect people to view and rate every photo nor item that I have in my cherry stash. I have over a 100 items in my cherry stash & almost 100 photos in my albums. I accidently delete a whole album of photos and lost the cherry points for 12 photo which 4 photos were lost forever because I deleted them from Windows. I lost more point yesterday because someone marked the photo Angel with Horns as NSFW, so I lost the points & comments for the photo because it has been removed from my photos & it wasn't a nude photo. See for yourself, go to sparkletags and click dark images click A under dark images & the first tag the Angel with Horns is her. I only ask that if is
Goals all caught up with my minimums on all my cards and now i dont have to worry about rediculous amounts to pay each month..although im gonna try to give them a rediculous amount anyway to finish them off! oh yeh..and I PAID ONE OFF ALREADY!!! yayyyy So yeh I only have like..7 more to go ;x lmao...I'll get it done.. So I want to move back to where I grew up, but things are hard where I am right now. In order for me to leave here, I have to pay off all my debts..which is about $5000...and then to top it off, I also need to save up about $5000 to bring with me! I'm gonna end up being stuck here for another year or two just trying to do both of those right new goal is to try to find any way to make some more far, I'm workin my tail off to do so..wish me luck. So anyway...I just finished up a long 64 hour week yesterday of work..yeah..64 fuckin started with 53..and then kinda asked everyone if they wanted to give some up..and
Love My Friends !
My Song Lyrics (i Won't Bother Posting The Music)
Splitting skin and the cold seeps in as the nail punctures the vein zero time like a whino on a wine run, nothing gets in my way In your face like the mask on the maker, oh the skull and bones stare of doom I don't need a note of invitation, I'm gonna burn my own way through CHORUS I CAN'T stop picking at the lesions I WON'T-sell my soul again I WANT-to tell myself I'm alright I'M NOT-but I don't mind I CAN-be cold and indifferent I CAN-be the one who's shamed I CAN-wear a thousand masks right but every one of them will look the same you will never pick my face out in the faceless crowd REPEAT I'm the super-proud dad of a brain-dead train wreck and the suicide son of a brutal rape tell me how it feels mister Victim and I'll let you take these chains Repeat chorsu Inward and outward and over and under The ending beginning in lightning and thunder And fire and sulfer corroding your mind EATING AND ETCHING THE BACKS OF YOUR EYES And some
Some Of My Work And Other Stuff!
Does life always seem uncontrolable? Can someone really hold your heart in there hands with care or will they eventually break it some how. Do we hold ourself's responsible for anything anymore or is everyone else to blame, why cant we all live in peace instead of hiding in shame. To often one can't see what is staring them in the eyes, holding it far away they feel safe but make you feel pain, never knowing they took your heart and breath away. Love's a word we use to often without understanding what makes it work, hold back the word until you know for sure this way pain is no more. Powerful emotions , a embrace that wont let go, a kiss that makes you weak, and also brings you to your peak. Love and Lust mixed in one, trembling bodies, emotionaly numb. Love is what we crave even with out last breath we will say. Opened eyes have made me realize that love exsists you can feel it in a kiss! A heart so tender and pure with love to give, will someone accept it, no strings or tricks? I wa
Stash An Pic
hi everyone , can u guys give me a hand , i need 16k comments to keep my vip , so could u please stop by an give me a hand , ty sundance, just click on the pic below to help a friend , why should i take the time to rate ppls stash an pic when they won"t take the time to do mine alittle would help , but they just want to add on to theres an never do nothing with mine , so fair is fair , if u can"t rate anything on my page then i"m not going ot rate anything on urs , i have some of my friends that do rate my stuff an i thank u to them , that is what a friend is , thank u for ur time sundance
Wolf Rain
She said she'd never hurt me, but she's killing me. I never wanted to hurt her. I tried to protect her. I cherished her, loved her to the ends of the earth and still do, but all I wanna do is fall into death and finally rest My life is all but over I wish the end would come and take me. I want peace. I want love. but most of all I want HER. I'm the one called "Doc" I shall not walk in your footsteps, but I will walk by your side. I shall not walk in your image, I've earned my own title of pride. We've answered the call together, on sea and foreign land. When the cry for help was given, I've been there right at hand. Whether I am on the ocean or in the jungle wearing greens, Giving aid to my fellow man, be it Sailors or Marines. So the next time you see a corpsman and you think of calling him "squid," think of the job he's doing as those before him did. And if you ever have to go out there and your life is on the block, Look at the
He Needs Help
Testing Bulls
What 2 Do
Life Lessons Never tell a guy "it's just a game" Dating is awkward, but so is becoming a loser like me Anyone is capable of anything given the right motivation Always wear comfortable underwear Some things never come back in style *TLC* If your parents promise you money, WRITE IT DOWN Never under estimate stupid people Repetition is a sign of stupidity. Repetition is a sign of stupidity. Repetition is a sign of stupidity. Never wear the same pants three days in a row, no matter how many times you wash them Never refer to him/her as "my future ex" *TLC* Always make sure your parents aren't watching Behind every great man there is an even greater woman kicking him in the ass and telling him what to do Never run away from your fears. Unless it's a wasp. replace green or yellow fruit drink (like gatorade)with pickle juice. use color dye if necesssary. put a bright color dye in a bottle of hairspray. shake well.(only works on blondes) hide your camera
Learn the secrets of the Internet Wealthy Most people who start an online business never make any money. Shocking? It's true. But, it doesn't have to be. There is a thin line between making money online and failing. Things like researching the program prior to joining and planning how you will generate business can separate you from all of the people that quit after a few weeks. Here are 5 tips to help you make money online with Abunza. These tips can not only be applied immediately to your Abunza business, but to every future online business you decide to start. Once you master these key steps - making money will become almost effortless. 1. Do Your Homework Before you start any new endeavor, you must research the market, timing, product, and then the program. In that order. Don't get this wrong. If you choose a great product that nobody wants to buy, you are wasting your time and money. If you find a huge, expanding market and a great product but it has a weak pay plan - y
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
This is not a trick question. This is a real math problem so don't say that a bus has no legs. There are 7 girls in a bus. Each girl has 7 backpacks. In each backpack, there are 7 big cats. For every big cat there are 7 little cats. Question: How many legs are there in the bus? Private message or shout me when you think you know....if you post one else will try it!
Own Damunchman
I got the Munchies! Do you? You have 2 chances to own me so BID NOW!!!!!! Own your own Munchies for 1 month!!! Click the images below to bid!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY: _DaMunchMan_@ fubar
Health Illnesses And Foods That Help
Recipes for the Mind, Body, Soul, Fitness, and Health!! Facts of Life: Stick to the List and watch the definition happen: Eat 6 small meals a day Eat lean protein and complex carbohydrates at every meal Lean protein can come from lean poultry, fish, egg whites, soy beans, legumes, lebtils, and limited nuts (remember we are going for defined abs) 2 handfuls a day is suffice Complex Carbohydrates come from fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains Drink plenty of water everyday at least 3 liters almost a gallon avoid all processed refined and chemically charged foods avoid sugars except for naturally occuring sugars in fruits avoid trans and saturated fats avoid sodas and juices since they contain loads of sugars,either real or fake (I just cant seem to follow this one well) Limit treats to once per week rather than an entire day.. What to eat before you workout??? Eat complex carbs for energey before a workout and lean proteins afterwar
Thank You
Thank You Everyone!!! It would be impossible to thank everyone on an individual basis who helped make my Happy Hour such an amazing success. I was leveled to Disciple before it was even over. There is one group I do have to thank my Fubar family THE SHADOW LEVELERS. A long time ago when Passionman71 was trying to reel me in he told me I would never meet a better group people and he was telling the truth. After my first contact with BooBoo I knew my life on Fubar was about to change. You are like real family, I have new brothers and sisters to talk to about problems, an adopted daughter who is such an amazing person I wish she was mine I even have a man to fight me tooth and nail about EVERYTHING which makes me feel like Dave is back home. I am so overwhelmed with all the love you have all shown me it is going to take weeks to pay it all back but I will try my hardest to get to each one of you. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. XOXOXOXOXOX Ka
OK, so anyone that knows me well, knows that I have a thing for movie quotes... lol Last night we watched The Women... buried somewhere in the middle of the movie as Meg Ryan and Bette Midler smoked a fatty was a tidbit of advice that just stuck with me.... "Let me give you Leah Miller's secret to life. Don't give a shit about anybody. Be selfish. Because once you ask yourself the question "what about me?" everything changes for the better. I mean after all, who ARE you? What do YOU want?" Pleasure is wild and sweet. She likes purple flowers. She loves the sun and the wind and the night sky. She carries a silver bowl full of liquid moonlight. She has a cat named Midnight with stars on his paws. Many people mistrust Pleasure, and even more misunderstand her. For a long time I could hardly stand to be in the same room with her. I went to sleep early to avoid her. I thought she was a gossip and a flirt and she drank too much. In school we learned that she was dangerous, and I wa
Oracle Bound
from becoming fubar's next Oracle. She is my one of my oldest friends here on fubar and always returns the love. To make things even easier, she does have Auto-11s. Thank you and have a great night. ♥{GaMerKiTTeN}♥@ fubar RED Z28 HAS AUTO 11s!!! And he's paying for your rates! 7500 fuBucks per 100 during Happy Hour. If you rate them all, you will receive a bonus of 51250 fuBucks for a grand total of 250k fuBucks! Msg him when you're done! ENDS FRI AT 9pm EST/8pm CST/7pm MST/6pm PST/FUBAR TIME. He's my best friend on fubar & needs a good spanking!! xoxo RedZ28 - Co-Owner Rate Spankers@ fubar Brought to you by..... cAUSE iM tHE fCKiNG pRiNCESS..dUHH@ fubar from becoming fubar's next Oracle. She is my best friend here on fubar and always returns the love. I'm sure she has probably helped you out at one point or another and now it's her turn. Let's give her the spanking she deserves! cAUSE iM tHE fCKiNG pRiNCESS..dUHH~owned by
Good vs Evil Dragon train u ready to ride? Start here with the dragon folder rate 10/11's and comment on the last picture Rate, Fan and When you send a add request plz state which dragon your on Good Dragon or Evil Dragon. If you already r friends then leave a Good vs. Evil dragon comment. When you complete all the riders, PM me so I may add you to the train, then repost. ~ ? ~NINEMMRUGER~ ?Owner of Brain Perkins~ ? ~@ fubar Brian Perkins Indefinite Owner of "NINEMMRUGER" Owner of ~Dreamgirl~, , Owned@ fubar ~?RedKandy?~2nd Alarm Hottie~Fu-owned by Texas guy@ fubar }i{ LADY~TROUBLE }i{ ~CLUB F.A.R/FU-ANGEL^FLIES W/DRAGONS & RODE THE MERRY-GO-ROUND@ fubar ? Jimette ? ~Rating Revolution~Pegasus Project #7(Fantasia) TL~@ fubar tina married to one hot soldier(Derrick)`fu-married to lost@ fubar ?VipEP?..†..***~ ? BuBZ ? ~my girlie@ fubar St. Michael ~Member of Carrie's Bad Azz Boys 4 Life~FADD Member~

About Me..
What is the single largest item in your house?My couchHow well can you write your name with your non dominant hand?Not wellWhat color is your bedroom?White,black and reds mostlyWhat type of computer mouse do you use?LogitechWhat is your earliest memory?My Dad's wolf HopieHave you ever jumped off of a high dive?No effin wayDo you take vitamins?Not in pill formWhen did you first become interested in sex?Ha!!Do you like to color inside the lines?WTF? Im not in grade school FFS!!What do you have set as your home page?MyyyyspaceDo you have your own radio?SureWhere would you hate to have to work?Chuck e cheeseWho is on your speed dial?NobodyDo you prefer lightbulbs or candles?Candles How much money did you spend today?Zero so far but Im bout to go pay a billWhat are you sitting on right now?At my computer desk Dipshit!!Do you look at yourself when you pass by reflective surfaces?Who doesn't?Would you ever get plastic surgery?SureDid you play with shaving cream when you were a kid?Haha yeah g
♥my Patrick♥
I love you enough to fight for you, compromise for you, and sacrifice myself for you if need be. Enough to miss you incredibly when we're apart, no matter what legnth of time its for and reguardless of the distance Enough to believe in our relationship to stand by it through the worst of times to have faith in our stregnth as a couple and to never give up on us Enough to spend the rest of my life with you, be there for you when you need or want me, and never, ever want to leave you or live without you. I love you baby. Always and forever, Here I am. You are the reason I have a smile on my face, The reason my heart skips a beat, And the reason I have butterflies in my tummy. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me, Just so you know I love you baby I miss your voice as it speaks my name.I miss your eyes and how they burn with a passionate flame.I want to feel your breath On my naked skin.And the touch of your hand so tender - Which i
Bored Survey
Name: MelyndaBirthday: July 28Birthplace: California USACurrent Location: IrelandEye Color: Green/HazelHair Color: RedHeight: 5'6”Right Handed or Left Handed: rightyChildren: 3Membership: Redheads InternationalYour Heritage:100% IrishThe Shoes You Wore Today: CrocsYour Weakness: kinky sex right now...Thoughts First Waking Up: SEX!!Your Best Physical Feature: My ass so I've been told!.Your Bedtime: WheneverPepsi or Coke: Pepsi (But I drink Mt Dew)MacDonalds or Burger King: Ewww yuck!!Single or Group Dates: SingleChocolate or Vanilla: Depends Ice Cream? vanilla milk? chocolateDo you Smoke: NoDo you Swear: Prolly too much!Have you Been in Love: Yeah.Do you want to go to College: Already didDo you want to get Married: Already didDo you think you are Attractive: Sure, I’d do me.Are you a Health Freak: Somewhat I do like junk food sometimes.How do you want to Die: Don't wanna!Number of Piercings: 4 (ears only)Number of Tattoos: 0
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Now I realize too late Maybe it was just fate Why couldn't I see What you really need I am the one that could have been Why was I so blind to see? We were there, just you and me Now alone I sit Missing the fire that we lit That flame is now blown out Never to burn again without a doubt So I sit here thinking of you and I I just ask the stars, why? oh why? There is nothing to do Its time to get over you. So I say good bye to all we had This is just too sad I wish I didn't have to go through that door I realize that you want me no more. Why do I try? When I know it will just make me cry. I cant help the way I feel Pain that is too real Just one more kiss You are who I miss A smile from your heart This is tearing me apart There will come a day Where you will want me to stay I wont be there for you to see I realize you never wanted me. Kiss me Im not who you think I am Hold me You feel the fire? I will pray for
So it seems we have lost a really good friend. One I wish I lived closer too. I "had" a George pic of him and I was going to use it as my default today in honor of his "Fu-death", but it seems I can't find the damn thing! While looking for it in my George folder, I realized how many Fu-friends I have had through the years and have lost. There are 3 folders, one of George pics to cut-n-paste, one of point hoars and flat out hoars (becauseGeorge just can't keep his weener in his pants), and a third one of Fu-friends pictured with George. Sifting through the friends folder I find the following "MISSING IN ACTION" George buddies: DIT, Coery, Ceri, GG, GBT, Applebottom, TJ, Jim, Kins, Julzzz, witty, Sho, Roxy, vixxenVB, boo, Gear, amy, Mrs B (sighs), Tinker, Giggity, Karma, Wendy, Love, JWH, MEL, and Wendy my fantasy wife (ok, maybe she wasn't a friend). It also made me wonder....should Iload those back on? Maybe make it accessable to family or friends only? Some of those were t
My Poems, My Heart
Lmao stole this from a friends page!!! Like everything in life, farts have a time and place. However, I never realized that in the wrong time and place, flatulence had enough power to alter my course in history. Well, it can if it's the third date with the man of your dreams. And, if it makes his eyes burn. If God destined us to be together, I was one SBD away from foiling His plans (that's "Silent But Deadly" for you prudes). It was about five years ago. I was trying to lose a few pounds so I was staying away from carbs. That's when I met my husband, Rob. On our first date, he booked the next two. He liked me. I liked him. Things were looking real good. He picked me up in a Cobra, Mustang and his pathetic attempt to win me over with a car totally worked. I'm not shallow, but since I spent most of my twenties picking men up because I didn't want my hair to frizz in their non-air conditioned jalopies on 3 wheels and a 15 year old spare, I welcomed his fancy sports car with open arms. We
OK so I added one to my page a bit ago and have 2 comments though I dont know who they are from thought Id say thanks. Dear, Little ones You are the light in the dark, The sun in the rain, The stars out with the moon, You are the love in every beat of my heart, you are the flowers I see just after a light rain, your the rainbow in the sky, the first hints of sun raise and those of sun set, your everything wounderful to me, Your my childeren I will love you more with every day and every second that passes by. You grow bigger everyday ,but to me you shall always be my little ones, Ok so we will be leaving really early thursday morning. and coming home sunday evening Im so exited I get to spend part of thanksgiving with my sister we havnt been able to do thanksgiving or christmas for about 6yrs this year we possibly get to do both together!!!
Army Strong
I swore into the army today. I will be shipping out on the 9th of July. I will be a Quartermaster and Chemical Repair. From the 9th of July till approximatly round christmas you will not be seeing me on here. so if anyone has any questions on how it is going you can speak with my wife redhottempered and please help support her in this time of loneliness while i am away. thank you all and godbless Whats ur opinion? I am just curious cause i am joining and cant wait. But i have friends and family treating me like i am an idiot. i would love to hear your input on it. thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts Jai i am joining the army and i salute all of you who support our troops. it wont be easy leaving my wife of almost 3 years and 19 month old daughter for 9 weeks but in the end it will be worth it. my wife is scared that i might get sent over seas, but if that is God's will then i am willing to do it. i want my daughter to be able to grow up in a
Strange Facts...
Believe it or not, you can read it. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Well here are a few prime examples of the Label Copy-writer's art. The label on the chain-saw warning that: You should not try to stop the blade with your hand. The label from the company manufacturing wing mirrors for cars and bikes warning; Remember, objects seen in the mirror are behind you. The label on the camera stating; To take photographs this camera must have a film in it. The labelling on Sainsbury's Peanuts stating; Contains nuts And on the
ok to all my family fiends and fans i say wooooohoooooo me and ninja bob are expecting our 3rd child so say some prayers if your in to that keep us in your thoughts if your not and hope we get to see this one born.MMFCL TO ALL P.S, i so sleepy so if this looks like crud who gives a flying f^&( well to those of you who dont know me and my hubby are having a baby and we just found out it will be a girl we are due dec 24 2007 so all of yall pls keep us in mind love me
Out Of My League
I always run out of photo rates in the middle of rating wtf is up with that? I have been here for quite a while now. I like this site it has an incredible mix of beautiful people. But lately I have been wonderin why the haeck I stay here, I get maybe one person viewing my profile per day. Some days I dont even get one. I mean am I that disgusting looking that I scare people off before they even get to my profile???? oh well guess I'll never know Yep another blog ... Just wanted to say that I hope I havent offended anyone with my comments on their pictures. I mean no disrespect. I love the photos and especially eyes.
Though For The Day
When in England, at a fairly large conference; Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of empire building by George Bush. He answered by saying, 'Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.' You could have heard a pin drop. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There was a conference in France where a number of international engineers were taking part, including French and American. During a break, one of the French engineers came back into the room saying 'Have you heard the latest dumb stunt Bush has done? He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. What does he intended to do, bomb them?' A Boeing engineer stood up and replied quietly: 'Our carriers have three hospit
Who is he to do these things? a monster? has satan taken over him? what has he become? she was a new light in his life, a reason to live, yet he still finds himself pondering the thought of suicide, that thought caused by her, what does he do? the things he has made her watch, the ugly things that hes done. she deserves more than him, better than him. she deserves the best, because she is the best. she saved his life and never even knew it. the thought of her saved him, it stopped him from finishing the job. for years he has thought of this, thought of killing himself, but for years, he couldnt do the job, he couldnt strike that final blow on himself, the thought of death was too much. but that would all come to an end... the day she left him, tore his soul, and lied with another man, that was the day hed feel deadly, and not long after, he would stare into the abyss wondering... what is life without her? in this bitter torment he would lose sight of what mattered most, he would no
Hey yall ..... what a sweet welcome you've given me!! I'm tryin to say hi to everyone but more of you keep sayin hello!! Drop me a line and I'll do my best to say hi or hit me up on yahoo ... isabelleisastar! KISSES!!
Bulletins Made For Me
Hello dear friends! I have entered a giveaway, it requires 50,000 rates/comments to receive a 150 credit bling pack. I entered this before Ashley was admitted in the hospital. I can't access Fubar from Children's Hospital it's blocked. She has a staff infection so I don't know how long she'll be in here. I have the training to care for her at home so that will shorten her stay by a little bit. I'm asking for help for a few days until she gets home.I don't want to be taken out for not participating. Now if you can spare a few minutes of your time can you swing by drop me some comments, please!Click here!!!! Click here!!!! If you cannot comment could you still swing by and give it a rate. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!! just give me all the help you can spare, THANK YOU!! brought to you by... spazzy69
The Mind Of "streak" Danny
BREATHE (Lawless) You don't have to hear my heart beat All you need is to look into my eyes And tell me I'm the one you heart needs I'n the only one you run to in the night Oh let me burn the words forever mine Across your heart, across your mind Take your hands and feel my heart beat come and let me feel it in your eyes All you have to do is touch me Oh and lay your flame across my fire Oh let me spread your wings and come inside And take your heart and make you mine Come and lay down your heart on me All that I wanna feel is Breathe in me Lay down your heart on me Feel you inside of me Breathe on me Come and take me on, take me down Oh take me all the way There's only one way Only one thing I need, all I need Take me way down Come and lay down on me The word yes can mean lots of thinggs you want a coke? yes i do thank you. Webster Definition of yes...... Main Entry: 1yes Pronunciation: --yes Function: adv
Giddies Ii
"any gal here that can smile, spell ambiguous, does not have metal in the face or pics of tats on the ahhh hmms gets a beer from me!" Now that is a start of a beautiful day, I would think... or a good note to end my night at work. Either way you look at it, it is all good. Thank you...... lol... In another blog posting on Fri or Sat (under the Inquiring Minds series), I mentioned that I was awakened by what sounded like a small cessna engine that landed on my ceiling. I threw water bottles at my ceiling to get my neighbor to stop, but the engine sound far outweighed the clicks on his floor (in comparison) from my water bottles. I called the apartment manager and she said to report back how long it lasted. Well it was over an hour and she said that she would put a notice on their door. Sunday afternoon I was oblivious to this possible noise because I had the tv blaring with the Giants/GreenBay game and I wasn't moving from the couch because of sore arm.
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>MY VERY FIRST HAPPY HOUR SATURDAY JUNE 28 08 @ 6 PM FUBAR TIME A Big THANK YOU goes out to ~Texas Twister~ my NEWEST Fu Owner for this HAPPY HOUR Please show her some love. She is a WONDERFULL person , a great friend and an AWESOME OWNER I am ASKING ALL my friends to come join me for my very first Happy Hour I want to make FU HISTORY and try to level to GODFATHER on this Happy Hour. YOU have all done such a fantastic job on getting me this far in just over 2 months since my account was hacked and deleted. I just KNOW we can DO THIS...why???.... Because OF YOU...My Locked Cocked and Ready to Rawk Friends...YOU ALL KICK ASS !!!!! SHOW ME MAD LOVE....LETS MAKE FUBAR HISTORY...SATURDAY JUNE 28 AT 6PM FUBAR TIME Earn fubucks as you rate your way thru my page....several folders are marked rate all 100 for 5,000 fubucks, Ive added new STASH come join me on this Historic event and make me GODFATHER This Bulliten copied and alt
I Did It
Alone in this house again tonight I got the TV on, the sound turned down and a bottle of wine Theres pictures of you and I on the walls around me the way that it was and chould have been surrounds me I'll never get over you walkin' away Well I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show And I thought that bein' strong meant never losin' your self-control But I'm just drunk enough to let go of my pain To hell with my pride Let it fall like rain, from my eyes Tonight I wanna cry. Would it help if i turned a sad song on "All by Myself" would sure hit me hard, now that you're gone Or maybe unfold some old yellow lost love letters It's gonna hurt bad before it gets better But I'll never get over you by hidin' this way Cause I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show And I thought that bein' strong meant never losin' your self-control But I'm just drunk enough to let go of my pain To hell with my pride Let it fall like rain, from my eyes Tonight I w
Attention Whores
well since this site has been getting slower lately and all... i got to thinking.... the days of buying a couple outos for the weekends and doing the whole "get leveled" thing arent going to yeild 5 million points any more...but even if they did, at 23,200,000 points from oracle @ 5 million points for 2 week ends every other would take my self quite a few months to even get close... so im wondering if i should quit my job and start on this right away... maybe i can mold my peen and start selling it on the internet as the pocket buddy... and what the hell is up with the lack of mumms... i made margaritas last night with my new blender...and the kids had orange juice snow balls...( aka icees) lately ive lost about 40 people on my friends list and i only know who the people i deleted were...people are deleting accounts a lot... my facebook friends list is looking more like my fubar friends list at sun set last night the temerature dropped about 20 degre
Sort Of Had A Discussion About Our Newsest Addition To The White House
Another aniversarry of that tragic day as many of you know I am a Disabled Veteran wounded in acton and i spend this day remembering the victims and honor my fallen brothers and sisters in arms by giving thanks to them and those still fighting in the Gulf and Afghanistan. we all have a tremendous debt to pay and the best way to do that would be to help each other out in any way you can. Sometimes even just a smile can change and even save a life. Save someones world. Obama once again engages in public acts of treason against the united states and gets away with it by backing Taliban war criminals and encouraging Afghanistan to support them and offer opportunities to return to power' Al Jazeera Wednesday, May 12, 2010 21:31 Mecca time, 18:31 GMT'.These people Kill innocent men women and children from all walks of life Including terroristic acts on US soil .remember september 11th 2001? and not even for religious beliefs but for thier own power hungry rolls and profit from A
Lacuna CoilSpellbound VerseBurning hereIn my roomFeeling badThe walls are moving closerSilencing, the darkness meLeads me toThe ending of another dayA mourn dayChorusTell me who you areI am spellboundYou cannot have this control on meEverywhere I goI am spellboundI will break the spell you put on meVerseVelvet treesGlowing candlesSilent whispersOf voices inside of my headThe night that callsIt waits for meLeads me toThe ending of another dayA mourn dayChorusTell me who you areI am spellboundYou cannot have this control on meEverywhere I goI am spellboundI will break this spell you put on meBreak the spell.(Guitar solo)ChorusTell me who you areI am spellboundYou cannot have this control on meEverywhere I goI am spellboundI will break this spell you put on meEverywhere I go, I am spellbound (x3)I will break the spell you put on me
tarot reading psychic reading psychic readings
Yea, Okay
Well.. I guess I shouldn't have things bother me lately , but I have so much that I am thinking about that I feel like a ticking time bomb. I am losing my patience, and money on one thing, losing my mind on many other things. I can't say one thing lately that is bothering me or or say anything That something I get mad of because 1 thing that bothers me with a passion. I can't help it if I can't do something , or say things right because of how my mind works... If you really knew me, my feelings and gave a rats butt.. that person(s) wouldn't think it is on them... Mostly, I can take a few joking aside... But if it is constantly... then the other part of my mind works and might get irritated or mad. Normally, I don't care... but if I FEEL pushed I do. I can joke with the rest of them... I can take a lot of being joked on..,, but Like I said if constantly on a certain matter I feel strongly? I am usually the person who would either say nothing or leave if i get fed
Idle Hands Are The Devils Playthings
So many things floating around my mind... butI will always love her.
Interesting Blog I Think..i Found This And Thought I Would Share....
Barack OBAMA, during his Cairo speech, said: "I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America 's story." AN AMERICAN CITIZEN'S RESPONSE: Dear Mr. Obama:.... Were those Muslims that were in America when the Pilgrims first landed? Funny, I thought they were Native American Indians.Were those Muslims that celebrated the first Thanksgiving day? Sorry again, those were Pilgrims and Native American Indians.Can you show me one Muslim signature on the United States Constitution?Declaration of Independence ?Bill of Rights?Didn't think so.Did Muslims fight for this country's freedom from England ? No.Did Muslims fight during the Civil War to free the slaves in America ? No, they did not. In fact, Muslims to this day are still the largest traffickers in human slavery. Your own half brother, a devout Muslim, still advocates slavery himself, even though Muslims of Arabic descent refer to black Muslims as "pug nosed slaves." Says a lot of what the Muslim world really thinks of you
Attract Women
Attract Women
I Dont Give A F*ck
I DON'T GIVE A F*CK BY DOPE.. This is a song about five simple words,That when used together properly can help to relieve the stress, frustrations,And aggravations caused by all the people that make you wanna freak the fuck out.Why do you have to go and make things so hard?It doesn't have to be like this.Who the fuck do you think you are?That's it, I'm walking away, just one more reason for me to say...I don't give a fuckI don't give a fuck (what?)About you, or your point of view, or your stupid selfish attitude.Cuz it seems, to be, that you never really gave a fuck about me.So I don't give a fuckI don't give fuckTo my boss who's always hasslin' me,And the people that I work with harassing me,And the ones talkin' fuck with their backs to me,And to my loving parents through my wonderful teenage years.To my ex-girlfriend that cheated on me,My ex-teachers that never believed in me,To the people who always want something for free,And to the president of the United States o
Heartache And Pain
You look at life and wonder.... is it really worth the pain So much that is going wrong is enough to drive you insane You find love and happiness and then it is gone. It rips your heart and you thought you had found the one. Nobody cares anymore who you are with or not. They are all so selfish and have to take what you got. What happened to morals and having respect? Then fights, hurt, and hate happen, what do they expect?? Tamara Busch @06/18/2011
Greetings Cherries
I just wanted to step in and say hello to all the fine friends I have made here on Lost Cherry.
Wonder Why
Zzz262 From Mars
Night Watchman I have a job as a night watchman at a construction project. It was a quiet night on the eleven-to-seven shift, when some workers came in to do a bit of a tile work. They were bringing in their equipment when I noticed that a beautiful blonde in her early twenties was part of the crew. When she walked over to me and asked where the nearest water spigot was, I sat there not saying a word, running my eyes over her tasty young body. She had piercing blue eyes, huge breasts that bounced wildly beneath a thin, button-down shirt, and a narrow waist. I finally came to my senses and told her I would show her the spigot in one of the backrooms. When we got there, she introduced herself as Cleo and asked if I would connect her hose for her. I would love to connect my hose to her, I thought to myself, but of course said nothing. As I bent down to hook up her hose to the spigot, Cleo leaned over to watch. I could feel her breasts on my back. I was pleased by the fi
The Loss Of A Soldier
"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country." - Attributed to General George Patton Jr (from "A Genius for War" by Carlo d'Este) 1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. 4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, [a] I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD Fallen Angels as we are, we must leave this earth by ways of light, for there is nothing to fear anymore. I am so sorry that I could not protect you my dear friend. My w
Hello girl is 27 years old she lives in Cleveland Tn . she has a 4 month old baby boy who was 2 months early, the dad is not in my life or hardly in the babys life either. my sons name is logan. girl has been into the lifestyle for 8 years but being submissive is who she is and who she has always been. girl has yet to find a Master who can control her completely so she is still looking for that special one who can do that.. girl is not owned but dont know that she is looking either but if it happens it happens , you never know what can happen. girl wants a Master who she can feel His control through His touch. see it in His eyes, Hear it in His voice one who will love her and care for her and treat her the way she should be treated.. girls hard limits as of now are: no scat no animals no dead people no minors no hooks or hanging from skin lol does not like humuliation she is not into poly at all if You want to know more then pls ask below is some kneels i wrote a
For My Family And Vic922
Music Video Codes By Music
Wiccan symbol OK on military headstones. Families of fallen soldiers reach settlement with Veterans Affairs. Roberta Stewart looks at the veterans memorial wall in Fernley, Nev., in March 2006, when she was fighting for the right to put the Wiccan symbol on a plaque honoring her husband, National Guard Sgt. Patrick Stewart, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. Patrick Stewart was a Wiccan, a faith based on the stewardship of nature. Updated: 1:58 p.m. ET April 23, 2007 MADISON, Wis. - The Wiccan pentacle has been added to the list of emblems allowed in national cemeteries and on government-issued headstones of fallen soldiers, according to a settlement announced Monday. A settlement between the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Wiccans adds the five-pointed star to the list of "emblems of belief" allowed on VA grave markers. Eleven families nationwide are waiting for grave markers with the pentacle, said Selena Fox, a Wiccan high priestess with Circle Sa
Incense Stuff
Apple-cheers you up Basil- promotes peace & happiness(avoid if pregnant, nursing or have seizures) Bay Leaf-increases psychic awareness (avoid during pregnancy) Benzoin- promotes energy Bergamot- promotes restful sleep (never apply to skin that is exposed to the sun) Bergamot Mint- increases energy Black Pepper- increases alertness Broom- promotes tranquility Calendula- prmotes good health(avoid if pregnant) Camphor- increases energy (do NOT ingest) Caraway- increases energy Cardomon- promotes feelings of love and desire for sex Carnation- increases energy Catnip- calms you down Cedarwood- increases spirituality (avoid if pregnant) Celery- promotes a restful sleep Chamomile- promotes sleep and tranquility Cinnamon- increases energy and awareness Clove- promotes healing & positivity (avoid if pregnant..dont use on kids) Coffee- enhanses the conscious mind Coriander- improves memory Cumin- immune booster Cypress- promote
Phillbilly Deluxe
Hi, all its another blog by me so hold on and get ready for some depressing drunken ranting. After alot of thinking I've come to see that the two worse words to put together are I wish. These two words tend to make a person seem sad, esperate, or just plain depressing. Oh well here are a few of my,I wishes. I wish that my father hadn't died. I wish that i liked my job. I wish that I had more money. I wish that the girl I fell for returned that feeling. I wish that i could meet someone that loved me. These are just a few of all the things that I have wished for in just the past few days. I know its depressing but think of your own I wish list and you'll see what I'm saying about it being the two worse words ever put together. Hope to do better next time. Love, Phillbilly Well 2008 is starting out to be just as bad as 2007 ended. A lady that i like and that ive gone out with lied to me
Newsflash Notification System
Thank you for accessing the NNS. We would like to notify you that a new NEWSFLASH! has been added. To keep yourself informed please click the link below, and remember you heard it here first(and most likely last too). (This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds) CLICK HERE! Thank you for accessing the NNS. We would like to notify you that a new NEWSFLASH! has been added. To keep yourself informed please click the link below, and remember you heard it here first(and most likely last too). (This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds) CLICK HERE! Thank you for accessing the NNS. We would like to notify you that a new NEWSFLASH! has been added. To keep yourself informed please click the link below, and remember you heard it here first(and most likely last too). (This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds) CLICK HERE!
THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A MINUTE:1. Cows 2. The Constitution 3. The Ten Commandments ------------------------------------------------------------------------COWS Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that during the madcow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada almostthree years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington?And, they tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around our country. Maybe weshould give each of them a cow.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------THE CONSTITUTION They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq .... Whydon't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys,it has worked for over 200 years, and we're not using it anymore. ------------------------------------------------------------------------THE 10 COMMANDMENTS The real reason that we can't have the
Cb 69 Appoligy
Happy Monday
What does this mean? The procedure entry point PowerReadACValue could not be located in the dynamic link library POWRPROF.dll. It pops up everytime I restart the computer, and every here and there when I'm on the internet! Doesn't give me any options...only an ok button, and I have to click that 5 or 6 times before it'll go away! GRR annoying I know you're gonna want to tell me you told me so really bad, but I don't wanna hear it right now please. So some of you will be happy to know, that my husband (fiance) left me tonight. It started about two weeks ago. I had his phone, and some skank was texting him, then realizes that I have his phone, and starts tellin me that she is sleeping with my husband and so on and so forth, it got ugly. He gets outta work, and me and him end up fighting about it...mind you I had a really nice date night planned for us that almost got ruined...oh and mind you I just spent 500 bucks at the t-mobile store getting him the phone he's been
Rnr Random Musings
Noticed others playing this *game* and I'm bored at work so What The Hell... 1. Do you think you can get through it without answering "I don't know"? We shall see... 2. Are you involved with anyone? No 3. Where do you wish you were right now? Somewhere warm, although home would work too (at work still). 4. What should you be doing right now? Working or getting ready for Christmas. 5. Does sex mean love? No, but then again I don't believe in casual sex either. 6. What do you believe is a true saying about life? Life's a bitch and then you die??? 7. Are you a bad influence? I don't think so but I've been called one. 8. Who has had the most influence on you (good)? My Children I guess. Perhaps my boss, he gives me the freedom to be creative and innovate. 9. Night out or night in? Night In... if I had to pick one. 10. Single forever with a great family or no family and your soul mate? Am Single and have a wonderfu
American Freedoms Motorcycle Rally
It's the American Freedoms Motorcycle Rally and Event - 2010 at The Arena in Corbin, June 30 thru July 4, 2010. Lots of entertainment, bike rides, bike show, AVTT "Moving Wall" Vietnam memorial, huge military appreciation ceremony, Louisiana Crawfish Boil, mud bog, national vendors, pig roast at the Wednesday night Kick-Off Party. We're going to rock Corbin!!! That's Corbin, Kentucky at the South Corbin Exit [#25] on Interstate 75 Will Pass along any New Info as it comes along...but here is the link to the website if you want to take a look...Corbin American Motorcycle Rally We just received this information and do not yet have all the details on it but will gladly pass along any info we get as soon as we receive it. Within the next few days we will add to the post a list that contains info about local hotels, bars, restaurants, attractions, sights, camping areas, etc. Any questions about the general area, feel free to ask and we will fill you in. Paul & Sondra IMPORTANT NOTE: No
Google Earth
I have a bunch of photos that are used in Google Earth that I take on rides and a lot of them are not on here .. I have some High Resolution ones on there that are to large for Fubar.. Drop by the page and peek and some of those shots and let me know what you think..
Does Anybody Hear Her???
To Our Kids...
My Promise To My Kids(or child), I will stalk u,flip out on u,lecture u,drive u crazy,be your worst nightmare and hunt u down like a hound dog when needed because I Love You!! When u understand that i will know your a responsible adult. You will never findsomeone who loves u,Prays for u,cares about u and worries about u more than me. pssss...I love u!!! Mom(or mom n dad or dad...)
Entry Way Quickie
Nikki walked in the front door and before she could turn to close it, she found herself backed against the entry way wall. Hands began to roam over her body and in the darkness she felt her lover's lips meet her own. God Jess knew how to kiss. Her lips teased Nikki with just the right amount of want and need. Her tongue knew just the right way to caress Nikki's lower lip. It wasn't long before both women were on the road to overheating. Nikki let her keys drop to the floor on one side of them and as her free hand found her woman's face, she felt the buttons on her blouse pop open. Jess didn't want to waste anytime when it came to getting Nikki naked and ready for her. Between the buttons hitting the floor, small sounds of sexual need could be heard coming from both of them. Nikki felt herself pulled away from the wall long enough for her blouse to be pulled completely off. All that was left on her now was her skirt and panties and she knew by the way Jess was going at it,
Humorous Stories,poetry,other Writings
Freedom to flyIs a God given giftDreaming is as air is for livingFlowing down from His highly exalted throneFreedom to flyIs not a privilege granted By rulers who's realm of authority is ground boundKnowledge of wrong and rightIs revealed to usFrom The Righteous OneWho dwells in a kingdom on highKnowledge of wrong and wright Should not be dictated by corruptible judgesWho suppress the truthFor worldly praiseFreedom to fly Is a desireLike an unquenchable fireA pilot that God ignited in side usWhen He created you and meChains of sin Robs us of the freedom to flyKeeps our souls sinking in the mireGod so full of loveOut of His nature of grace and mercySent from His throne room a Savor to the people of the groundTo shatter the chains that keep us fastened to the gates To the entrance of the lake of fireFreedom to flyThose who God has set free is free indeedFree to Fly on the Spirit wingsThat one day will carry them to God's kingdom in the skyFor those who think the message and Gift of G
Home Biz Marketing
The whole premis behind IPDN is that Jeff wanted to create an MLM company that “anyone” could do no matter what. So they push the fact that in order to join you must be put on someone’s waiting list. Which is basically a take-away approach. You ask someone if they’re interested in working for them self and if they are then you hand them your card and tell them to check out your website and you will put them on your waiting list. The marketing videos do all the selling. I will admit that the videos were well thought out and are quite intriguing.So after my research I can honestly say that there is no One24 scam but is in fact a legitimate opportunity and a great company for the right person looking for what they offer.However…If you’re going to be successful in IPDN then you will need a method of generating unlimited leads on a daily basis, plus you need to sort out your $ cash flow $. You need to have money coming in that will support you and your b
Music Videos
My Favoright Quote
have you ever cryed so much u need to take something because u have made yourself s upsette u make urself sick this keeps happening to me i dont know why because my depression has not been this bad since the day my sis died and i havent felt like this in a long time so i dont know whats wrong with me :( Q1) Sleep with or without clothes on? with Q2) Prefer black or blue pens? black - Q3) Dress up on Halloween? no Q4) Like to travel? yes Q5) Like Someone? yes Q6) Do they know? no - Q7) Who sleeps with you every night? :( i sleep bymyself Q8) Think you're attractive?not really Q9) Want to get married? someday - Q10) To:at this point i dont even know Q11) Are u a good student? yes Q12) Are u currently happy?not really Q13) Have u ever cheated? no - Q14) Birthplace?leominster Q15) Christmas or Halloween? christmas Q16) Colored or black-and-white photo?black and white Q17) Do long distance relationships work? not for me -
Pics And Icons
How I Like It
I Can't Stop Thinking About The Foreign-Policy Discussion We Had In The Shower Yesterday By James Harrell The Onion October 18, 2006 I can barely keep it together at work today. It's impossible to focus. Every time I try to get something done, my palms start to sweat, my head spins, and I think about you, with your eyes half-closed and your head thrown back under that hot, steaming water, talking about how our current foreign policy is counterproductive to its stated objective because it is allowing Islamic extremist groups to exploit the U.S.-led conflict in Iraq to recruit an ever-growing number of anti-American jihadists. You've always known exactly how to drive me wild. I'm going nuts over here. It's all I can do not to drop everything, sprint to the car, speed over to your place, throw you down, and feel your breath on my ear as you tell me that America's unpopular, misinformed actions and its unwillingness to open any productive dialogues have had the effect of alie
You know one of these days chatting is gonna get me into trouble, but that is fine, I am tired of being nice, so from now on I will be as bad as possible. I mean why the hell not, after all what is the point of always getting run over and knowing that all you have to do is say fuck it. So that is what i'm doing today, so if you want me to behave shut up or give me a really good reason. Hello again, I know i only write like every day on here, but it helps me, today I have been thinking alot about what I say on here, and I want everyone to know that i do not just type stuff on here in a depressive manner because i mean to, no actually it is more along the lines of I just have been depressed, but i realized today that i am over it, so now it is back to buisness as usual, I am writting this to say that if not for love, honor, and friendship, non of us would truely be here. I would also like to say to my friends I am sorry for being a pain in the ass, I know I have not been myself and must
To All My Freinds On Ct
I am looking for a girls name Kelly Ann Mitchell and Kimmie Ann Mitchell sister born to Michael Mitchel and Linda Vitallie in New Jersey on Nov. 21 1977 and Nov. 19 0r 20 1978. They have a brother name Tony and sister Angela. If you happen to know these people will you please contact me. This is very important for me to find them for my dad. He has been looking for them sent they where 5 and now we are tring once again by use of the internet. So if you know them or if you are them please contact me. On my space my yahoo is or I am getting married in a week and I would love to have them here. Please help me!!!!!!! I am doing much better. The surgey was good. I should be back in a few weeks. My Computer has crashed so I will be offline for afew days up to a few weeks. So if you read this and you talk to meor comment me alot and I dont answer this is way. I will let you know when I am up and running again. Love you guys.
VandenBoogart, David L. "Daisy" VandenBoogart, David L. “Daisey” Age 66, of Menasha passed away Saturday, July 08, 2006, at Franciscan Care Center, Appleton. He was born August 30, 1939 in Little Chute, WI to the late Lawrence and Lucille (Welch). He attended St Johns Vocational School for the Blind. David was a caring and open-minded man. He was always willing to help others in need and was very loving to all who knew him. He enjoyed spending time with all of his children. David also was very energetic and was always on the go. There was nothing that could stop David from succeeding in the things he wanted to accomplish. He also enjoyed listening to TV. He also enjoyed time spent with his cousin Richard Vanhammond; especially trading things, drinking together, talking about old times and many other things. He will be sadly missed by his seven children: Anna, Steven, Douglas, Katie and Lucynda VandenBoogart, Tuesday Ehrgott, Debbie (David) Wilcox ; four grandc
After taking a week off from the gym for Spring Break and another week off because of the stomach flu... trying to pick up right where you left off on the bike and weights will leave you barely able to move in the morning. I've gone from 149 back up to about 158 or so but thats ok, 2 weeks off was bound to catch up sooner or later. The new plan is to to not drop pounds but points off the body fat percentage. Yesterday I checked myself at the gym office and their little hand-held thing said I was 13.1% so the new goal is to hit single digits. I haven't been that low since high school but I want to see if I can do it in a healthy way. 5 weeks to go but this week will suck, 2 midterms and a paper... then another midterm a week from today. Time to go big or go home. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the surgery that removed the liver cancer from my body before it spread to my lungs and killed me. Its been a very odd 3 years. At times I remember who I was before all of this happene
Been a while since I did a mumm. I been so busy lately..havn't talked to everyone about whats been going on. I been working a bunch lately..and just feel exhausted alot. Not feeling my best. So, beginning next year..I am gonna be getting checked out..blood work and all to see why so tired. Also..January 14th I will be getting a breast reduction due to back pain. I will not be on much during that time. I am hoping this will help me feel better some..since I been having alot of neck..back pain. Just letting all know what will be going on..why I am not on much lately.. or why I wont be on then. I hope no one will forget me..but alot have already. Hello all. I have not been on much..due to fact of getting a new member in my family. His name is Bruno..hes a great dane. Hes only 5 weeks he needs alot of attn. Especially at night time it seems. He still crys alot..and I am hoping he eventually gets use to his crate at I do not have to hear it. Its be
k i dont get it why do ex bfs and ex gfs dont get the hint when it's oh so clear that what happen back in the day is just that back in the day depending on the pass relationship if they was a liein cheat or if they actually was aiight but when i say i dont ever planin on talkin to a liein cheat then i kinda mean that i mean am i wrong for feeling this way i really wanna know what u all think plz help me and give me some real honest opions ok me and some friends were talking and we were discussing what do men think sexy is we know what you like to see thats a no brainer but i want to know what do men think is sexy about a woman i for one say if shes smart and got a good mind and is about hers thats sexy for the body i say thick is sexy more curves the better but i wanna know what you think and be real and honest
Cool Ass Bitch!!!!!
The Legends Bar & Grill">@ fubar ***AMBSTUCKPromoter @ Den of sin">@ fubar
Bands At The Mainzer Theater
What an interesting evening, I arrived at felony 1 Studio not knowing what to expect. Located in the downtown region of Hollister Ca. a generous sized venue with the capabilities of hosting a large crowd of all ages and good sound quality. There was already an eager crowd of about 20 or so waiting for the nights show to start as we arrived, and about 40 or more to show before the night was over. I was told this was a slow night so a much larger crowd can normally be expected. I met a lot of the staff running the event and was treated with kindness and courtesy I am unused to at such events. I was very glad I made it to this show though one band (Half Past Sik) had to cancel the others were well worth it. Now on with the bands. First up was Retribution with an old school sound to guitars they brought me back to the old days of music when metal and mayhem ruled the planet. They have a very high energy and confident stage performance. Clean and Clear vocals only enhanced their sound and
Another One That Thinks He Is Hot Shit
Tribal Tattoos
Depending on the garment or for women a skirt you can do retributory some anything you essential with a leg tattoo. The dragon is again a symbol for land and magnitude and because of the healthiness of a dragon's body existence lifelong and skinny it can easily be integrated into a wonderful whole sleeve tattoo organisation that twists around the arm with the coil reaching up at the top of the should area. See author on Star And Idle Tattoo Designs. Judgement the perfect modify tribal tattoos can be a chore if you let it but if you don't position for cookie-cutter styles you testament be retributory fine. You pauperism to burst swing a bit author labor into forums. Having a superfluity of these tattoos situated in a movement same ornament can be plant on umteen peoples' torsos support horizontally across their petty rear and many modify somebody it finished the size of their sticker. Judgment unspoiled tattoos gets harder and harder as the cyberspace is full by generic transform.Object
The lazy streets are undemandingI walk into the crowd..In starbucks you get yourCoffee or that lemonadeWhere people dress just snazzy..Beauty so unavoidable everywhereIts there I sit and wonder "Do I Dare?"But on the cellphone I text to herI'm nothing I want to beShe was a super model..And one wouldn`t know theDifference would you?Modern namesLike jackie or mandyAnd modern bodies again..0n Beach BoulevardI never felt so lonelyNever felt so out of placeI never wanted something more!But on the sitesI am anything I want to be She was beauty model For Robert Powers... On the cellphone I amAny heightI am any age I want to beShe could be a caped crusader orSupergirl, even middle aged...And you wouldnt knowThe difference would you?
Free Show10-21-10
WHO'S READY FOR ONE HELL OF A FREE PARTY???? TIME TO BLOW IT UP!!! SCAREFEST 2010 @ SPEAKING ROCK...FREE show @ Speaking RockIn El Paso , TexasOct. 21st !!!!! With opening acts TBA.... SPREAD THE WORD!!! Time to get ya liver's ready!!! SCAREFEST @ SPEAKING ROCK!! DOORS OPEN @ 7!!!
Frozen In Time.
Frozen in time.The icy soul of winter, though to some winter is full of beauty, with glistening strands of illuminated flakes toppling the earth.To me is a haven, a home, a one last fortitude, a shelter.The natural freeze is meant to bring death to all it covers in order to bring new life once again.I used to see winter as this.Though i do not any longer, i still see it as a greaat calls, it leads, the bitterness of it, in a reckless abandon, but meticulously careful environment to push me past the safety of the warmth of the sun and the sounds of life later on.I love its silence, winter. Its dark cold, frozen, silence...therein where true peace lies, lies waiting for me, to trade its bitterness for mine, its sharp coldness for mine...a communion, an agreement...terms i fully understand.I know longer crave the warmth of human companionship.The cold, winter, is where everything becomes frozen, my tears, my thoughts, everything i ever knew or cared for.Winter will take care of
Death Is Never Permanent
Bury yourself cut the ropeBecause this ship is going downWasting so much time on thingsThat don't matter until nowAnd I will cry and I will bleedAnd I will make sure that you've seenYou can leave this all behind(And I want to take back what is mine)Save yourself nowThis ship is going downAs you're drowning in the water(As you're drowning in the water)This ship is going downShe's my treasure to be foundWhile our heavy hearts pull us apart(I'll watch you)Can you feel this extra tension in the airDying's never felt so good beforeYour flesh begins to tearIt gets so dark this wounded heartThat burns as the sky turns blackSo cut these chains to break my legs(And stab me in the back)Save yourself nowThis ship is going downAs you're drowning in the water(As you're drowning in the water)This ship is going downShe's my treasure to be foundWhile our heavy hearts pull us apart(I'll watch you)Save yourself nowThis ship is going downDrowning in the waterNo one will save you nowSave yourself nowThis
Italians Are The Best!!!
You know you're Italian when you...1. Were raised with Nutella and Panettone for breakfast2. Have thick gold rings, bracelets, and gold chains with a cross3. Have a pissed off look on your face all the time4. Have a least two Cadillac's in the famiglia5. Only eat quality food…if pasta is not al dente you yell, "che schifo!"6. Still get a Perugina egg for Easter7. Talk with your hands naturally…ooooo…eeeyyy…"ma che fai?"8. Know the corner piece of lasagna and the end piece of bread is the best part9. Know that tiramisu is made with mascarpone not cream cheese 10. Know that if you're gonna do something, do it the Italian way11. Have a cross in your room above the bed12. Have a Maria, a Salvatore, a Tony, and a Vito in the family13. Love Madonna's old school music14. Do the Chicken Dance and the Tarantella at weddings even if you can't dance15. Eat a panino with prosciutto once a week16. Find yourself cursing out people who aren't Italian, in Italian1
Dingju Lights For Cars
led lights for carscan bring peoplemany advantages,as for their high quality and long span,people even have no need to change the led lights during a car's use life.So they are used widely all over the world.Nowadays,many high-end cars such as Aidi,Mercedes-Benz have already been equipped with led lights.From the headlight to car led tail lights. These lights are used in the back of the car as led car tail lights ,rear fog light.You can use these under the car which gives a more stylish look to your car.The car ledlightingwillreally play a very important role on increasing the fashion sense and better quality on the cars. This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co., Are you still looking for high quality and cheap car led lighting,nowadays many different brands enter the market every year. TheSo we will have more chance to choose our led lights.These led lights come from

im sitting here this morning and was think about all the things that have happened to me over the years while driving a truck. i have been robbed, had things stolen from my truck , and learned alot about the old adage " wrong place at the wrong time" But one thing has always intruged me, and that is the flasher. Your driving down the road when a car pulls along, some time they honk most of the time they dont. then a girl sitting in the car pulls up her shirt and flashes you a big smile. then they're gone driving on down the road. Even on your worst day you have to smile and wish for a second look , most of the time there gone before you even have the chance to look twice. i admit some guys run trucks that are not governed so off they go to try and get a second look most are stuck whatching the car zoom away. looking and wishing. but over the yaers i have never had anyone tell me why they do it is it just for fun? are they as bored as i am as we roll down the road. was it a be
My Mental Meanderings
today is my 28th birthday I just wanted everyone to know :) as many people know from meeting me on the various blog sites i am on and becoming friends with me through msn myspace im and aim they know i am a very altruistic person i am always very happy and very eager to be able to talk to any of them but as i have exhibited before i am also very passionate in the words that i use even with couples that i meet (mostly the female counter parts). see when i make a friend i get to know them and we always have a good time and we always end up talking and laughing and having fun together. i always end up "falling for my friends in a purely plutonic way i somewhat develope feelings for them which for some people can come off as too strong and they think i am being too flirtatious or strong and that usually gets me banned from there lives and i never hear from them again. i am not really "apologizing" for being so "loving" or "amorous" i will never apologize for being me i just want everyon
Disturbing News
I bit the bullet and called and talked to my mom yesterday. We had a nice 20 minute conversation, she had her first dose of radation yesterday. She goes back sometime this week for an MRI of her head to try and determine where the cancer orginated from. They still have no clue what type it is though. I offered to drive her and my dad to any doctor appointment if they needed it and I plan on going out to see them Saturday. I thought about getting a card and putting monet in it becasue my dad has been having to miss alot of work due to doctor appointment and such. Thank you to all who offered me advice and I honestly feel better since I have talked with her. I'll let you know how Saturday goes. So last night while I was at work I get a text message from my baby sister telling me she needs to talk to me and to call her in the morning when I get off. So I call her this morning and she tells me that our mother found a lump in her breast and kept it secrect for a few months. She finally wen
Its All About Me
ok so this is what we call in the Army a shot gun blast. AKA an if the shoe fits wear it kind fo thing. I just got done with a rather bizar conversation with a woman that is using a MUMM do decide if she should stay with her hubby or not. Long story short there are far more issues there then whether or not she should stay with the hubby here is my thing...... Some of you people have a hard time discerning the difference between your real life and your internet life. SOme of these lives are so intertwined that the line between reality and fiction is not blurred but erased completely. Folks I ahve never seen more people with more issues on the internet than i have in this past year. I have had converesation where people have had to deal with incest drug addicts rape torture lack of money to pay for bills things getting shut off. The common denominator is this.....people living beyond their means and a total lack of communication between the two adults involved. Its easy folks get
My Best Friends On Fubar Show Them Some Love
~xxlusciousxx~. if your going to peek ...leave a comment and say hi! *lol*@ fubar ~*SerenitY*~@ fubar princessfubar81@ fubar
Second Life
just gonna write a little in this blog about perfect world,it's a amazing game,it's one i've gotten asked to be a gm on private server before.A 93 bm(my main character),78 veno,just about level 70 physic one i'm currently active on most,a cleric level 45 or so,sin level 34,barbian 72.It all rpg,the game is,but at level 30,40,and 70+ u get daily's to do each day.If you're a archer or cleric u can fly at level 1 all other classes fly at level 30.I have 2 videos on Viviedred Hatred of my veno doing few things.I'm in raging tides server if u become interested in this game,my psychic is Spear_Fear,or my barbian ancient_barb ones i play the most.I'm a 5+ year player of that game will help u out if needed with any ?'s or just help on something on there in general,hope to see ya there. Second life is a game on the computer,about the best game out there,and it's free.Or you can pay a $9.99 membership and be able to buy land and sell land.If anybody wants to join just go to,and st
A call from the past from that which didn't last blindsided me with a buried desire stirring ashes where once was a fire. Yet I feel nothing. Evil lurks in the shadow of beauty, death always follows life and love has become a modern day strife. To suffer those eyes, lonely night cries and a glimmering promise of sugar covered lies, Yet I feel nothing. Darkness stares from a mirrored glance as thoughts of lust instead of romance filled the image looking back at me, void of life, void of glee. And yet... I feel nothing. (This is the rough beginning of "One Casino Night") A perpetual haze hung like swamp fog over the small coffee shop and casino restaurant. Various noises beeped, whistled and chimed in response to the few late night gamblers with an occasional Christmas song mingling through. Amber lights meshed and clashed with holiday lights creating a dizzying sense of timelessness as it illuminated several historical artifacts displayed within the casino and restaurant. W
Carbon Copy Pro Team
Carbon Copy Pro Team Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online? If you're considering a home based business and doing some research online these days. You've probably encountered the Carbon Copy Pro marketing system. The Carbon Copy Pro Team features Wealth Masters International and Jay Kubassek The group of Wealth Masters International Consultants that I contacted called themselves the 'Six Figure Wealth Team'. A few of them proved to me they earn Six Figures MONTHLY with his program (astounding) after only 2 years of growth. One unique thing I found was that this group provided me a PHONE Number, which was answered by a REAL person! The Six Figure Wealth Team has taken it a step further and have joined forces with the Six Figure Winners Team which provides a Team Site that teaches you how to market, what to say, where to advertise and 90 percent of it is done through video online training. Very Impressive! I was personally invited to a visual webinar of the team's train
Special Characters
You can use these in your name, lounges, status, and many places. Character Entity Reference HTML 4 Character entity names & entity reference decimal equivalent The Character Entity Reference HTML 4 Note: character entity names are case sensitive. Special Characters for HTML CO Controls and Basic Latin [ " ] quotation mark [name: " ] [number: " ] [ & ] ampersand [name: & ] [number: & ] [ < ] less than [name: < ] [number: < ] [ > ] greater than [name: > ] [number: > ] ISO 8859-1 Symbol Entities [ ] non-breaking space [name:   ] [number:   ] [ ] inverted exclamation mark [name: ¡ ] [number: ¡ ] [ ] cent [name: ¢ ] [number: ¢ ] [ ] pound [name: £ ] [number: £ ]
Cool Runnings/the Landing Strip (
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Should I Wait On Him
Please help me guys .. i wanna get to fubarlord before Christmas . Please come show me some love ..and please tell all your fans and friends to come show me love ...Hope you all Have a Wonderful Christmas ...... Thanks Ms. Kitty!!! Ok this is Dec. 03.. and i still haven't heard from my jj ... my fubar bf ... i think i need to give up what about ya'll i need to move on and find one that will actually be around ... please comment and let me know what you guys think please ... Why do guys ask for your number? If they are not gonna call you .... A. To make you think that they like . B. Or they just asking ..just to be asking. C. Or they will someday eventually ....
Poems By Me
Creatively, you worked your art You spun a web around my heart. How beautifully your deeds spread Each intricately woven thread. With strands of care you dry my tears You gentleness dispelled my fears You held my hand to give me courage To brave the storm With kindness, you keep me warm Your passion lit a glowing fire That filled my soul with sweet desire Your all that I was dreaming of For the web you spun is made of love. Warms my heart and soul Brings happiness to my life Love is in the air  
Mommy Issues
If you've read some of my other blogs you know I don't get along well with my parents. They live about 15 minutes away from where I currently live. In the 16 years since I have been married they have come to my home a total of twice. I have three beautiful children : Wilson soon to be 15 Kinsely will be 13 and Olivia soon to be 10 Now I have sucked up my pride and visited them, several times and felt really bad when my mother came down with cancer (which is in remission by the way) My children need their grandparents, I need a mother and fater. Sorry this was all brought on last night after seeing them in Wal Mart 3 different times and not so much of a head nod was directed to me. *sigh* I just want them to care for 1 day, is that to much to ask?
With Me......or Against Me
This blog has been past due for some time now but I feel now is the perfect opportunity to enlighten ppl in understanding WHO I am,WHAT I believe and stand for and why I no longer will allow myself to not be true to me. WITH ME......Or against me In the past 3 months I've used this saying more and more frequently and I'm sure I will continue to keep on saying it. The past 3 months have been an eye opening,life learning expirience for sure in many aspects of my life. So here are the things that are important that if you take the time to read this blog,you can understand me better,understand my actions whether we are friends or no longer friends,this blog will answer many a great things about me,my beliefs and convictions,what i stand for in life and what I will not tolerate. HOPEFULLY by reading this you will be able to answer ANY questions you may have as to why certain things happened,are happening or could POSSIBLY happen in the fu
Just Wow
This past week has been just wow ... It has been an emotional round of ACM (Look that up it's a military turm specifically fighter pilot turm) And Right now I'm giddy. I need a Grinectomy (Surgical removal of the grin from the face a made up turm) And I beleive it is only going to get better. *Looks to his one sleeping peacefully* Yeah only going to get amazing. For I have found her. *Looks to who I have to thank for this* Thank you for everything, and especially for introducing us I don't regret a thing.
Story Behind Scottish Songs
The career of the writer of the lyrics of ‘Scotland the Brave’, Cliff Hanley (1922—1999), was as versatile as it was accomplished. He was variously employed as a journalist, novelist, critic, broadcaster, playwright, songwriter and was also a much loved erformer and public speaker. His songwriting career began when, inDecemher 1951, he was asked by the late Robert Wilson, then a well-known Sottish singer, who at the time was performing in a musical show at the Glasgow Empire, to write words to accompany an Old highland pipe tuneThe song. ‘Scotland the Brave’, was used to close the first half of the show and it went on to be a hit all over the world. Hanley’s Songwriting continued in partnership with the late Ian Gourlay, a Scottish musician and composer, and they wrote a number of comedy Songs.Cliff Hanley’s first book was Dancing in the Streets, a memoir of growing up in Glasgows east end, which was followed by A nother Street, Another Dance.
New To Lc
will you help me get diamond earrings? comment on the pic above as many times as you can.... thanks i'm new to the LC and i don't really know how it works. i was just wondering what is the fastest way to get cherry points? anything else i should know? Are we moviecompatible?My Flixsterprofile
Monkey BallsAdd to My Profile | More Videos OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS IS GREAT Best DUI everAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Stupidity A - Z
One morning while making breakfast, an Irishman walked up to his wife and pinched her on the butt and said, "If you firmed this up, we could get rid of your control top pantyhose. "While this was on the edge of intolerable, she kept silent. The next morning, the man woke his wife with a pinch on each of her breasts and said "You know, if you firmed these up, we could get rid of your bra." This was beyond a silent response, so she rolled over and grabbed him by his penis. With a death grip in place, she said, "You know, if you firmed this up, we could get rid of the gardener, the postman, the poolman and your brother" Q: Are you sexually active? A: No, I just lie there. _______________________________ Q: What is your date of birth? A: July
My dearest baby sister has finally grown her wings and lives on more closer than ever. She left a big piece of herself in everyones heart... please take the time to view her and enjoy the smile we enjoyed for such a short time.... I love you will be missed/. Camino sin rumbo, cada paso que doy es un recuerdo, Un recuerdo vivido a tu lado. no quiero detenerme, dejar cada momento. Me cuesta admitirlo,saber que ya no estas aqui. Saber que ya no puedo acariciar tu cuerpo;sentir tu aroma. Continuo sin rumbo, sentimiento es lo que quedo, Es lo que me acompana. Tu amor a la distancia, me mantiene a pie. Para no perder la paciencia, miro a mi alrededor, y no miro a nadie. Sera que es entre tu y yo? Creo que si. No necesito a nadie mas que a ti, y se que esto es asi. Ya que en el fondo de mi corazon; Siento tu calor. Amor te extrano. Pero nada, ni nadie, me detendra. Te prometo que llegare el fin, para estar entre tus brazos y ser feliz a tu lado. Pero n
"i Reject Your Reality And Substitute It With My Own."
mother (mo-ther) ˈmə-thər: noun,verb, adjective, transitive verb. The word \'mother\' can mean anything and everything. Because anything and everything is what mothers do. In fact, if families would thank a mother everytime they did something for them, that is all we would say, and never be able to get another word in at all. Maybe that is why mothers don\'t hear thank you enough. Mothers do the hardest and most thankless job there is. So thank you. I LOVE YOU The words "I love you" do tell you how I feel, but they don't convey the sincerity or the depth of that love. If I could find the words to truly express my feelings for you, then that would surely make the greatest poem, or greatest prose ever written. If my love for you could be painted into a picture, people from all over the world would come to marvel at it's beauty. When I look at your perfection, I do so with much more than just my eyes. When I hold you tightly at night, it is not wit
Ready To Rock?!?!?
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Music Video:HOLY PORNOGRAPHY (by Funny Videos)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com Music Video: EXPOSED ! VERY Sexy & Hot PRETTY Girl Licking & French Kissing MIRROR by (Funny Videos) Music Video Code by Video Code Zone Music Video:3D ANIMATED SEX (by Funny Videos)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
Give Away :-d
I'm Holding a Auction with extras its just 20k to join and the Bids will start at 25k and if in the unlikely event you get no bids I will refund the 20k fubucks for every 100 rates you get I will give you 25k in fubucks plus an item of Bling and The top 3 rated the most over 100 will get a bling pack so please private message me as soon as you can with the pic you would like to use and what you are offering e.g.:- "Owned by___" in my user name for the month "pics rated 10's or 11s during happy hour within the month" "Stash rated during happy hour within the month" "leave you a profile comment daily" "link to your profile in my About Me section" "be kept Sh*tfaced for a week" "fu-gifts through the month" "be my #1 friend for the month" or make up your own Please NO DRAMA!!!! or you will be removed You have the right to refuse any bids thats placed on you just let me know. bids can be fubucks, blasts, tickers, bling packs,
Bling Bling!!!
Black & White Auction Black & White Auction Fu's!!!!! Rules * No Drama Will be Tolerated. These rules do not have an Exception!!!! Auto 11's or Cherry Bomb for most rates!!! ~☠~. Bad Kitty .~☠~ Fu-Daughter & Fu-Owned by Flanman ☠ Mistress to MX@ fubar
Saturday Night Rockkkk
Fairy Names
Your fairy is called Feather SnowwebShe is a cleansing force and a peace-bringer.She lives in high places where the clouds meet the earth.She is only seen in the mist of an early morning.She wears pale blue like the sky. She has delicate pale blue wings like a cicada.Get your free fairy name here!
This Is It....
***Begin long winded typing*** So as many of you know by now that I have two children. One of which I have full custody of (my 9 year old daughter). My son is by a different mother whom I left in January of 2006 due her mental illnesses causing problems between us. She refused to continue seeing her psychologist and to take her medications. So obviously she crashed and burned mentally. Well I live about 15 to 20 minutes away from the Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, VA. Every two years, my father & mother, daughter, son, myself, and two of our neighbors each get the 2 year seasons pass. Well last year, my son's mother Cathy, purchased a 2 year season pass for my son. She decided to go with the EZPay plan which lets you pay $12 a month for 24 months rather than paying the whole 200 and some odd dollars upfront for the pass. Well yesterday I asked Cathy if I could borrow Jonah's pass because we all wanted to go up to Busch today. She explained to me that she needed me to
life is shit. not sure if anyone knows this, but it is. I suggest a few things to brighten up your world... 1. break wind on a regular basis. feng shui lots 3. masturbate a lot 4. have a good shit it can make you feel a lot better 5.never drink more than your friend 6.avoid affairs with married people 7. dont worry about anything cos it seriously aint worth it 8. dont tell the doc about those voices you hear ;) 9.cancel your facebook account... that site is seriously bad for ones health 10. cancel your ebay account as its seriously bad for ones pocket... 11. make me your best friend in the whole world.. cos im so nice,cheerful and generous :) the thing i love about this site is all the odd folks on it! (not everyone btw!) I would love to meet a nice bloke.. kinda like the man of my dreams. i know im kidding myself. But i dont moan or sulk or spend loads of money. im brainy... ah thats it! blokes prefer dumb women!! i see now! never mind..your all missing out. i
Torn Part 2
Unable to put off turning around anymore, the dessert was finally ready. She pulled it from the oven and placed it on a cooling dish. Lisa heard the stools and wheeled around. “Don't even think about it,” she said, the laughter easily heard in her voice. She looked from her mother and brother. “You have to wait.” “You fill the house with that scent then expect us to wait?” Brian grumbled. “Some sister.” “Mom? Tell him to stop.” Lisa looked to her mom for help, and realized she was trying to sneak around the island to get at the dish. “Mom! You're worse than he is!” They all laughed as everyone seated themselves around the counter and impatiently waited for it to cool. The dessert went over well. Brian and his mother ate the entire dish. It wasn't quite a brownie dish, but it wasn't cake either. She called it: Chocolate Haven, even though there wasn't as much chocolate in it as there was brown sugar. Smiling, L
10 Normal Things About Me!
Name Crisis said my odd list would be to long so here goes.... 1. I have a small business selling coffee and paper products to 180 restaurants a few offices and a maid company. 2. I love physical activity, I ride horses, wake board, ski, snowboard... all when im not pregnant. 3. Like most woman I own allot of shoes. 4. I have one son who turned out pretty damn good 5. I am Greek so I love cooking and cant quite wrap my head around cooking for only 3 people. 6. I have one sister. 7. I have one dog and a fish im hoping will die soon... 8. I tend to be rather sensitive and have my feelings hurt allot. Yes its true im a softy 9. I have freckles in the summer 10. I wear underwear. Please thank the bird for getting all the boring things... Wicked
Life Lessons
- I've learned. . . that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. -I've learned. . . that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. -I've learned. . . that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. -I've learned. . . that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. -I've learned. . . that it's taken me a long time to become the person I want to be. I've learned. . . that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. -I've learned. . . that you can keep going long after you think you can't. -I've learned. . . that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. -I've learned. . . that either you control your attitude or it controls you. I've learned. . . that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had b
Spirit Guides And Psychic Phenom.
The sound of the waves crashing brought her to her senses. There she stood on the beach. Not sure what was happening. Suddenly, a young man appeared. He pointed to the ocean and she instictively knew that is where it happened. That is where she died after falling from a passenger ship; a victim of drowning. The wind blew her bonnet as she stared at the sea. She looked back at her companion and knew he was showing her images of things from the past...her past. I've always been afraid of being underwater. I never understood why because the beach and pools are my favorite places to be. At almost 48 years of age, I now understand that past life experiences interfere with present life. Things that happened long ago stay with the soul as it is reborn; fears, loves, etc move from lifetime to lifetime. Sometimes, you're lucky enough to find those that you loved or who loved you. I've been one of those lucky ones. He found me again. Our bond grew and love again blossomed. But present life some
Are You Dominant?
The Are You A Born Dominant? Test Written bysubthoughts Are You A Born Dominant? Is it in your blood to take charge in a relationship or sexual encounter? Do you enjoy using your natural powers of persuasion and control over others to make their knees weak, and their body parts jump up and pay attention? Not sure, or just wonder to what degree? Take the test and find out... dominance Your result for The Are You A Born Dominant? Test ... You are 88% dominant! Dominance is a personality trait that all of us have to some degree. Some people are just happier when they are the ones in control and they enjoy knowing people are following their lead. Others enjoy being guided, and enjoy letting others take charge. In a sexual/relationship context Dominants love the power they get from having a partner trust them enough to submit to their their will, and love using that power to please their partner, perhaps in ways their partner never expects. Submissive and dominant personality tra
Really sucks when two people in your life that became like family to you beacause you were with their "kid", break up when they were the only people you thought would make it. maybe its for the best, i know its been quite some time since they were happy, but i always thought they would make it through....i love you guys to death and i'm here for both of you for anything at any time. -random rant- for anybody that recognizes and/or takes part in juggalo family, i think you should read this. there are many people who thimk juggalos/juggalettes are stupid and fucked up, and its honestly really irritating. juggalos always have each others backs and are a FAMILY so any of you who think were stupid or lame or whatever, you dont know shit about us. i highly doubt those of you who dont support the family, have barely listened to the music or anything to do with the family, if even at all. just wanted to put it out there. WHOOP WHOOP! if you had a girl that you have put thru hell fo
Wendells Blog
hi all sorry i have not posted in a while been really busy bout thought i wlound post and say merry x-mas to all and happy new year TEXAS ! Rules of Texas : 1. Pull your droopy pants up. You look like an idiot. 2. Let's get this straight; it's called a "gravel road." I drive a pickup truck because I want to. No matter how slow you drive, you're going to get dust on your Lexus. Drive it or get out of the way. 3. They are cattle &oil wells. That's what they smell like to you. They smell like money to us. Get over it. Don't like it? I-20 and I-10 go east and west, I-35 goes north and south. Pick one. 4. So you have a $60,000 car. We're impressed. We have $250,000 cotton strippers that are driven only 3 weeks a year. 5. So every person in every pickup waves. It's called being friendly. Try to understand the concept. 6. If that cell phone rings while a bunch of doves are coming in, we
Silly Humor...
Terms:.............Definition: KISS:.................Mom Medicine. COUCH POTATO:.........What Mom finds under the sofa cushions after the kids eat dinner. ICE:..................Cubes of frozen water which would be found in small plastic tray if kids or husbands ever filled the things instead of putting them back in the freezer empty. OPEN:.................The position fo children's mouths when they eat in front of company. BECAUSE:..............Mom's reason for having kids do things which can't be explained logically. HANDI-WIPES:..........Pants, shirtsleeves, drapes, etc. EYE:..................The highly susceptible optic nerve which, according to Mom, can be "put out" by anything from a suction-arrow to a carelessly handed butter knife. OCEAN:................What the bathroom looks like after bath night for kids, assorted pets, two or three full-sized towels and several dozen toy boats, cars and animals. BABY:.................Mom's youngest child, even if he is 42 years ol
dance of a kiss together in conjunction symphony of breaths tasting desires pressing into urges eyes open eyes closed absorbent motion sea of love floating two souls joined in union of entrancement ravishing one anothers passionate kiss tongues darting swirls in rhythmic time with lips pressed together tasting desire's brine there is no there only here in bliss where lips lap a dance of a kiss This is for those of you that wanted to know more about me. First off I dont like to write about myself so this will be short and sweet. I am a wiccan a mother of 2 and Ive been married for 12 years. The person you see on this site is me. I run my husbands family business and in my spare time I take in unwanted lizards and snakes. I have a B.S. in photography. I am 511 and when you piss me off be very careful. I have 6 brothers and 4 sisters and we are all backwoods redneck hillbillies. A friend of mine said that I reminded him of an Amazon woman
this is for the girl I like, she know who she is
Alway Live Life To The Fullest.........:}
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Zangy Comment GraphicsEVERYONE HAVE A GREAT WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
F*ckin A
widt Music Video Codes By Music THE WAY I FEEL TORWARD YOU A.E.G.
Domino@ CherryTAP Go see my girl and help her level up!! Shes hella sweet and returns rates when she can get on to CT. Shes in the best friend contest and really really deserves it!! 8mm - Stunning - the camera phone video (shot with a camera phone, awesome work!) ************
Blogs For Helping Me While Billy Is Gone...
Hey there everyone, Hope as is well for everyone and that everyone has had an awesome summer so far... I know I sure have missed you guys and gals since I have been away... Have good news to share, Billy is Leaving Iraq on Sept. 18th to come home... This tour has had it's ups and downs that's for sure... I am including his bulletin from myspace... get the chance and have myspace, please stop by his page and tell him hello and that his Mama sent you... well this deployment is coming to an end. What a freaking deployment!!! this was suppsoed to be the easiest and turned out to be the worst. I came with one company as the comm cheif and a SGT, and now i leave with a diffent company as a regular radio operator and a CPL. but i met tons of new friends, a few new enemies, and gret opportunities for when i get out to the USMC. I played a good amount of poker, learned alot, and appreciate a little bit more. I lost my best friend and the one i
Public Rants
signed the guestbook linked to in my stash with a suggestive image (one that does not bother me but very likely is against policy - and guess what - I do not wish to find out the wrong way...) - but it has been deleted. (I don't think that person is on my list, but it's just possible they might come by and see this blog, so it seemed worth posting it. May post the note elsewhere as well, though I thought it common sense once - don't put things in public areas unless you know that people will be able to just happen on them, all of them, if they curiously type in the address of the site, or follow a link from your AIM away message, or wander in on their parent at some unguarded moment, or... take your pick. Eh. Rant over, off to breakfast, may be back on later today but I really do have thisthat to do... Not the best title. My last attempt to post a MUMM was a few months back, and I learned the techniques of a small gang that seems to think that the MUMMs are their person
Celebrity Crap
you may not have known! 1. She is related by marriage to BOTH Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor (!!!) 2. She dropped out of a private high school in NYC in her junior year, but then got her GED (!!!) 3. The name of the school? The DWIGHT School, which, back in Paris days, was jokingly known as school for "Drunk White Idiots Get High Together"!!! Paris back to jail for FULL 45-day sentence! Spoiled cry baby...okay, maybe she shouldn't be put in solitary (that's a little severe), but absolutely NO jail? I don't think so. Emergency hearing at 9 AM tomorrow to discuss why judge's original orders for NO home-monitoring and house arrest were overturned...and Paris must attend! The sick, psycho saga sadly continues...
Forgotten But Not Gone...
feeling so sick,so desperate paper or plastic? no more as i sit and procrastinate,i masturbate she use to be my lover,she use to be my friend... i thought she was gone for good ,but now she's back again... the good times were great,but the bad left evil feelings and heartache... if i wasnt such a romantis hopeful i'd give her what she deserves another mouthful...(hehe) all i wanted was to fucking love, you fucked me.....forgot to love she as you will never be who i thought i was suppose to have with me... you....rippped my heart out while giving me wonder i feel half dead...,yyyyyyy,did iiiiii, ever fkn listen to uuuuuuu?,you make me sick you fkn BITCH,i love youuuuu,dont do this to me,dont not do this i deserve aahhhhhhh i deserve you....dont i?yyyyyyy i cant but yet i do....ffuuucckkkk mmmeeeee.yyyyyyyyyy,im so deep in the shallow end.never left because i couldnt begin,i just couldnt control you made me feel so big,so small,so fkn fuck you i love you 2!!!
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TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Bones Birthday: 2-1-1971 Birthplace: mt pleasant pa Current Location: scottdale pa Eye Color: blue /grey Hair Color: brownish with a tint of red Height: 5'6 Right Handed or Left Handed: right Your Heritage: hungarian/romanian n a few other things The Shoes You Wore Today: work shoes Your Weakness: women with southern accents or any kind of accent lol i melt Your Fears: rats n bats Your Perfect Pizza: meat lovers pan from pizza hut Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: enjoy the fall season Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: tongue smiley Thoughts First Waking Up: oh fuck not again Your Best Physical Feature: my ass so ive been told Your Bedtime: normally by midnite Your Most Missed Memory: hangin with my gram Pepsi or Coke: diet pepsi MacDonalds or Burger King: both but BK fries suck nuts Single or Group Dates: date whats that? Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: lipton Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla Cappuccino
We Rock
Everyone I know should stop by and say hello to my close friend Pheebz. She has just opened her new lounge called charmed Angels and it is such an awesome place to meet new friends, meet up with old ones, relax and enjoy great music requested throughout the day, chosen by you the listener! Charmed Angels is now hiring staff for the following positions-Bartenders, greeters, promoters and DJ's! COME SIT BACK AND LET THE MAGIC TAKE A HOLD OF YOU! LIVE DJ'S ARE SPINNING YOUR FAVORITE TUNES AND RINGING UP REQUEST FOR YOUR PERSONALIZED LOUNGE EXPERIENCE! JUST CLICK ON THE PICK BELOW TO FIND THE ENTERTAINMENT YOU HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR TO ELIMINATE THE BOREDOM! (repost of original by 'TOM~Owner of the "JERSEY DEVIL'S CHILLZONE" Lounge & Sexi Mami's Stalker~' on '2007-12-11 22:09:42') Get your own glitter and more at Get your own glitter and more at JUST CLICK ON THE PIC AND YOU WILL BE DROPPED INTO THE BOTTOMLESS PIT OF PASSION....
The Days In This Life Of Scarletrose
Today I started learning the residential contract that my firm uses. They don't seem to bad...yet anyway. I also learned where my office is going to be and all that good stuff! So I have an office with a phone until my computer gets there and I have a lil box to keep all my stuff in until my desk gets there LOL. Which suits me just fine cause I thought I am glad that I am getting my own office it I honestly didn't think I would have my own when I started the class. I am getting more anxious as time goes on. I will be glad when my license gets back and I can get the last bit done with them and be all done except working. It was a longer process than I expected but not too bad. I need to now go and start getting my yard sale stuff ready because I promised my mom that me and her would have a yard sale one weekend before it gets too cool. This weekend is the family reunion so it is ruled out and the next is the Roller Coaster Yard Sales so it is ruled out unless I go to them on Friday whic
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A man went over to his girl's place for a little bit of nookie between the sheets. He presented her with three choices of condom -- gold, silver, or bronze. "Silver," she said. "Why not gold?" "Because I want you to come second for once!" A young couple on their wedding night were in their honeymoon suite. As they were undressing for bed, the husband, a big burly man, tossed his trousers to his new bride. He said, "Here, put these on." She put them on and the waist was twice the size of her body. "I can't wear your trousers." she said. "That's right,'' said the husband, "and don't you ever forget it. I'm the man who wears the pants in this family." With that she flipped him her panties and said, "Try these on." He tried them on and found he could only get them on as far as his kneecaps. "Hell," he said. ''I can't get into your panties!" She replied, "That's right...and that's the way it is going to stay until your attitude changes." Do you believe this?
1. Where you and I met: 2. Take a stab at my middle name: 3. How long you've known me: 4. The last time that we saw each other: 5. Would I ever go sky diving? 6. Your first impression of me upon meeting me/seeing me: 7. Am I funny? 8. My favorite type of music: 9. Can I sing? 10. The best feature about me: 11. What do I want to do more than anything? 12. What is one thing that you think I should do? 13. Do I have any special talents? If so, what are they? 14. Would you call me preppy, average, sporty, punk, hippie, glam, snobby, or something else? 15. Have you ever hugged me? 16. My favorite food: 17. Have you ever had a crush on me? 18. If there was one good nickname for me, it would be: 19. Your favorite memory of me: 20. If you and I were stranded on a desert island, I would bring:- 21. Do I believe in God? 22. Who is my best friend? 23. Will you repost this so I can fill this out for you never cook cookies in the toaster oven... they dont come out too well...
bound, blindfolded... the feeling of hands exploring flesh, testing for reaction... head shifting, toes curling, sighing and moaning as discoveries are made... pleasure intensified by anticipation... pushing further and further with each stroke of fingers... teeth sinking into tender lips, whimpers evidence of approaching bliss... muscles tense, hips jerk, mouth falls open, nails dig into palms... the ecstasy of release K, I'm sure I'm being biased because of my taste in men, but...what's up with all these guys using 'big' in their names? I mean, I've seen more 'big dogs' and 'big daddies' who are scrawny little's soooo misleading! To me, if a guy under 6'2" or 200lbs uses 'big', he's just being a 'big' asshat. why not, right...ten random facts about me 1. My sisters wanted to name me Betty. 2. I can eat an entire plum with my lips closed. 3. I went through 13 years of Catholic school. 4. I could see the hospital where I was born from the back porch of the ho
Boudoir Photography
Hi my name is Danica, owner of Candid Snap Shots. When you use my services you'll get pictures with true smiles and lot's of personality, unlike boring studio photos. After your first session you'll recieve a Candid Snap Shots punch card. This punch card is good for 1 free hour after you've refered 5 people that have kept thier appointment. Call (586)932-7617 and book your 2008 date before the last day of April and recieve 10% off. Birthdays family reunions coporate events baby shower bridal shower bachlorette/bachlor parties a day out with the family and so much more 2 hours for $200 if the event will be over 2 hours pay only $55/ extra hour this package comes with a cd edited that will be ready for you to print at your own convience 24 hours after the event call (586)932-7617 and book your 2008 date before the last day of April and get 10% off Having a wedding or know someone who is? Check out my packages, with unbelievable prices! 4 hours: $350 6 hours: $500 8 hours: $
My 1st Contest
July 12th I am going to be in a contest for some awesome prizes. And the winner of the contest gets to choose one prize out of the prizes listed below. 1.A 1 year vip. 2.A happy hour and a one month vip. 3.A $120 prepaid credit card to use as u like. 4.Two 30 day blast to give to a friend and urself with a $20 bling pack. 5.150 bling credits and a 20 dollar ticker or a 7 day blast. *NOTE: Their is NO time limit & 1st person reaches 60,000 comments wins. ThanX to all my friends that will be helpin' me!!! Love Ya, SoUrPuSs
Death Of A Champion
Derrick Thomas in Hall of Fame Doug Tucker, Associated Press KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) When Air Force jets roared over Arrowhead Stadium in patriotic pregame ceremonies, it used to mean big trouble for visiting quarterbacks. Derrick Thomas, the son of a pilot lost in Vietnam during Operation Linebacker II, always seemed quicker, bolder and even more punishing on those days. That's when Kansas City's great pass-rushing linebacker would summon every ounce of his talent. Those skills carried Thomas, who died in 2000, into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. "I always think of my dad when I see the military planes," the 6-foot-3, 245-pounder once said. "It makes me feel sad that I had to grow up without him. But I guess it also gets my adrenaline going. I dedicate the game to him, and I want to do my best for him." The first time Chiefs fans witnessed this phenomenon was on Veterans Day 1990. An unstoppable Thomas got his hands on Seattle's Dave Krieg nine times that a
Food Recipe
Ingredients: - 2 pounds of Shrimp - 1 Green Bell pepper - 1 Orange bell pepper - 1 Yellow bell pepper - 2 Roma Tomatoes - 1/2 of a big Onion - 8oz of Mushrooms - 1 bottle of Samuel Adams (Boston Ale) - Salt - Medley Peppercorn - Butter - Olive Oil Take off the shell of the Shrimp and take off the puppy of the shrimp out!!! Wash shrimp well.. Put olive Oil and Butter to melt in a Medium High Heat let butter melt.. Cut Bell pepper (all of them) in strips same as the Roma Tomatoes, wait till shrimp is nicely Cook and red!Give it about 20 min let the olive oil and butter consume down add Onions and mushrooms 1st then the peppers and for last the Tomatoes.. let them get caramelize (get Golden) when this is done add the Samuel Adams and let it cook for 5 mins and is done Have some rice and Broccoli for side and you have a nice dinner!!! XOXO, Bad Kitty P.S.: If u Make please leave me a comment :)
So True
EXERCISE FOR PEOPLE OVER 50:Begin with a 5-lb potato bag in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides and hold them there as long as you can. Each day you'll find that you can hold this position for just a bit longer.After a couple of weeks, move up to 10-lb potato bags.Then try 50-lb potato bags and then eventually try to get to where you can lift a 100-lb potato bag in each hand . (I'm at this level.)After you feel confident at that level, put a potato in each bag. you gotta love this guys explanation of hell... The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term. The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well: Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands an
For Her
Lying beside you, here in the dark Feeling your heart beat with mind Softly you whisper, you're so sincere How could our live be so blind We sailed on together We drifted apart And here you are by my side So now I come to you, with open arms Nothing to hide, believe what I say So here I am with open arms Hoping you'll see what your love means to me Open arms Living without you, living alone This empty house seems so cold Wanting to hold you, wanting you near How much I wanted you home But now that you've come back Turned night into day I need you to stay So now I come to you, with open arms Nothing to hide, believe what I say So here I am with open arms Hoping you'll see what your love means to me Open arms
My Song Covers
Woke up from a dream, did not like what I saw, a girl who goes to sleep, peacefully alone for a long while, conversation or no coversations, but it felt different the longer the girl stays, deciding, how can her mind wake her mind, will not be able, will not careful, down by this girl side sees blood, down by this girl side sees blood, where did it come from, it did not come from, looking by this girl side after all, it came from you, how did you knew, how did you knew, you told mind, looking by this girl side after all, the girl awakes, also find someone by her side, they start to talk, the girl saids I was not dead, I was just wondering are you alright, because you have blood on your side, yeah, am not through, will not be able, will not careful, looking by this girl side after all, down by this girl side sees blood, where did it come from, it did not come from, looking by this girl side after all, it came from you, how did you knew, how did you knew, you told mind, looking by this g
Should I
Should I keep my NSFW pics up or should i delete them? Hmmm... just a question?
Who Has The Hottest Female Body On Lost Cherry
hey guys i was boared today trying to relaxe at home since i cant do any modeling out side the house to go to work to do the shoots so i was practing a model pose go see it and tell me what u think my son peter saids hi to yous hes going to sleep now hes saids goodnight just wanted to say thanks to all my friends family and fans thanks for careing about my son peter and me ill never forget yous for supporting us in our need ,so please kept praying for my son we still dont have the kidney tissue samples back to see what he really pray that it is not kidney cancer i know i can count on yous if it is to my other friends and family and fans hes only a sick boy at least u could said something that u cared i am very disapointed that u dont even care if u know who has the hottest female body here on lost cherry vote now i hope u have fun voteing to all my friends family and fans good luck i hope im in on the vote 2
Erotic Stories
She stood in the room, ashamed and embarrassed. She knew that everything she was about to do was wrong, and if anyone knew what she was doing, she would be the talk of the town. She slowly slid her pants down until she was just standing in her t-shirt and underwear. Many times at home, she has been in the same exact outfit and thought nothing of it, but now standing in this room, it was completely different. It was now as if she was completely naked, not wearing anything appropriate. Thinking back at the people that had seen her like this she began to wonder why she was embarrassed to be standing like this. How many different guys, that she had had crushes on, had seen her in this exact same outfit. It was an odd night to come to her familys house and not see her in just a t-shirt. It wasnt as if she was a nudist or anything, just not a big fan of clothing. Her not being a fan of clothing was what actually first brought the two of them together. He was always making fun of her need t
Your Theme Song is Fight for Your Right by the Beastie Boys "Your mom busted in and said, "What's that noise?" Aw, mom you're just jealous - it's the Beastie Boys!" You love to party hard and cause a little trouble... And you're too busy getting wasted to move out of your parents' house! What's Your Theme Song? You Are 79% American You're as American as red meat and shooting ranges. Tough and independent, you think big. You love everything about the US, wrong or right. And anyone who criticizes your home better not do it in front of you! How American Are You? You Are 88% Gentleman No doubt about it, you are a total gentleman. You please the pickiest ladies, and you make everyone in a room feel comfortable. Are You A Gentleman?
Horny Little Boys Should Be Tied Down
I am a horny little boy, Does anyone want to tie me down
Hey I'm casting models for nude shots( not porn) good money, no scam Solo website possibilities So if you're aged 18 to 23 or look like you are that age Get in touch with me
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1. CLICK ON THE LINK (COFFEE MACHINE BELOW) 2. PUT THE COIN IN THE VENDING MACHINE 3. CHOOSE YOUR DRINK 4. CLICK ON THE CUP WHEN IT IS READY 5 CLICK ON "APRI" ENJOY! Don't forget to click on "APRI" in the last box !!! COFFEE MACHINE Never underestimate the power of the perfect kiss. Get it right, and the rest will fall into place It has been theorized that a woman decided within five minutes of meeting a man whether or not she will have sex with him. Possibly true, but there is one catch. Most women I know, myself included, may initially decide we'll have sex with a guy, but when we find out he's a bad or a mediocre kisser, we change our minds entirely. We decide we will never have sex with this guy. He won't even get asked for a nightcap, much less for breakfast the next morning. As our lips part while we stand on the doorstep, we will announce that we have an early-morning meeting or (if yo
Random Crap
Ok first this actually happened. Second no its not funny because yes someone could have been hurt, while at the same time it is kinda funny. Lastly if your gonna be an ass or be obnoxious don't waste your time i will just delete the comments you make anyway. Well let me start by saying I am not a bad parent and this is something that i never dreamed could happen to me. I try my best to teach my children right from wrong and i normally have no trouble other then the normal "he's touching me" kinda stuff and standard trouble boys get into. I have no idea what possessed my child to do what you are about to read but its here just to show you what can happen even when you try to raise your kids right. ok yesterday my wife decided to be nice and let me sleep in...while i was sleeping, my son was playing video games, and my wife ran out into the garage to get a box of stuff to unpack we are still kinda moving in.Well my son decided that he would climb up on the counter and grab my c
Jeffery's Blog
so...i havent' been able to post videos for a couple three days now..and that sucks..cause i have like twenty plus ones to post...i just can't...and what makes it worse..i have gotten a couple messages from people that are actually shitty i didn't post a song for called me an asshole for not doing it...and mind you..they email me at like 10pm on new years eve and wanted it done bofore 4pm on new years i don't have anything better to do... and another person kept calling me and i couldnt' here them cause i was at a party..and they left me a shitty message....sorry..i was at a party..... my new years eve was great....i went to josie and jeff's house i got there about 6pm...and didn't leave till about 4am....and there was mostly some goofing off, i got to meet josie's mom and stepdad..they are super cool people.....i swear i feel like these people are my family sometimes...i really like them....i love my family..but they are just cool people....i mean i look
Laugh Til You Shit In Ur Pants
This what normally happens at every party you go to so watch ur yourselves..... someone might stuff a dildo up your ass. LOL!!!! Girl passes out drunkAdd to My Profile | More Videos Music Video:3D ANIMATED SEX (by Funny Videos)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone Music Video:FUNNY CAT VIDEOS (by Funny Videos)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
The World Through The Eyes Of Dj Jmos23
These are some musings...and they're random, and pointless... It's 2:20am, I can't sleep. Damn neckbrace won't let me get comfy. I wish I had Mountain Dew. If I'm gonna be kept awake, at least let it be an alert kind of awake. Instead of this drowsy awakeness I got bc of the tylenols I took 3 hours ago. Friends mean a lot to me, and so does my girlfriend. Nuff said. I need to get out tomorrow. I may not have much chance, if my neck doesn't get better. I hate needing this brace. I'm still not looking forward to my next doctor's appointment...which is probably going to be before the end of this month. You can't hold a phone on your shoulder, when the neckbrace is on...just sayin. I wish I could find time to do my taxes that I need done. Think this weekend is the best time I have left, to do them. That is all... OK Don't take offense if I leave you out, but, all my friends mean something to me. D - Wow. You know just what to say, when I need it...thank you
Wynter'z End
You think You pause We break These laws Don't wait Don't doubt Just act Without You hold You fight We feel Tonight You ponder You obsess Just smile Undress Don't wonder Don't worry Just kiss me Please hurry 2006-2007 ~wynterzend So I've abandoned my faith in human kind I've lost my way, I've lost my mind And here are these walls I'm hiding behind After all that I've seen I've damn sure been blind Cause you give this me this hope that I just hate You come along I can't concentrate It seems I should know now I'm not good enough And your not the type to ever fall in love With someone like me So I bide my time, I don't call I'm better off not to try at all But against my will I tear down the wall It's so easy now to feel so small When you give this me this hope that I just hate You come along I can't concentrate It seems I should know now I'm not good enough And your not the type to ever fall in love With someone like me 2006-2007 ~wynterzend
Life: And What's Happening
HELLO FAMILY, FRIENDS AND FANS: AS MOST OF YOU KNOW WE MET HERE ON CHERRY TAP 8 MONTHS AGO AND THINGS HAVE BEEN GOING UPHILL SINCE THEN. MAY 8TH WE GOT ENGAGED AND TODAY, WE WERE MARRIED!!!! STOP BY OUR SITE AND SEE SOME OF OUR WEDDING PICS! THANKS EVERYONE FOR BEING PART OF THE JOURNEY! LOVE, CHRIS & TRUDY Hello Family & Friends! I know it's been a while and I apologise for that. We have been so busy. Working for one, then of course every day life can get hectic as you all are aware of. May 8th, 2007 marked the 3rd year anniversary of the passing of my only child. That day, as well as others, are hard for me... but this year, something special happened... let me explain. I took the day off from work - because I knew I would be an emotional wreck - Chris took the day off too to be with me. As I predicted, it was a day of mixed emotions - missing Ryan so much and wanting him here with me, so many memories and so many tears. Later that day I was on th
Chuck Norris
When Chuck Norris calls 1-900 numbers, he doesnt get charged. He holds up the phone and money falls out. Chuck Norris once ate a whole cake before his friends could tell him there was a stripper in it. Some people like to eat frogs' legs. Chuck Norris likes to eat lizard legs. Hence, snakes. There are no races, only countries of people Chuck Norris has beaten to different shades of black and blue. When Chuck Norris was denied an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's because it was 10:35, he roundhouse kicked the store so hard it became a Wendy's. Chuck Norris can't finish a "color by numbers" because his markers are filled with the blood of his victims. Unfortunately, all blood is dark red. A Chuck Norris-delivered Roundhouse Kick is the preferred method of execution in 16 states. When Chuck Norris falls in water, Chuck Norris doesn't get wet. Water gets Chuck Norris. Scientists have estimated that the energy given off during the Big Bang is roughly equal to 1CNRhK (Chuck
Easyflex@ Cherrytap
A disagreement is a temporary state of affairs. Remember that so you can make sure those unruly feelings don't get out of hand. Disputes are actually good for relationships -- they help you air out any old troubles
Jaded Beauty's World
Blinging Heavy Raters!Please Fan and Add when rating! Thanks xxo
Soldier's Guardian Angel
You know you've been in Iraq too long when... # When mortars land near your compound and you roll over in bed and think "still way off, I got another 5 minutes" # When you start humming with the Arabic song playing on the radio on the shuttle bus # Every woman that reports to your unit starts looking attractive # Every guy that reports to your unit starts looking attractive # You walk an extra 6 blocks to eat at the KBR (contractor run) dining facility to have the exact same food they are serving in your dining facility because you think it tastes better # You actually volunteer for convoy security duty because you still haven't seen the country yet # You start picturing your wife in traditional Arab dress # The contractors have more fire power than the military combat units. (This is true) # You take the time to add your lines to this list # You've spent $200 dollars at Haji mart on DVDs buying Basic Instinct, 9 and weeks, and Body of Evidence just fo
My Family And Friends
Men 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) (You're laughing, aren't you?!?!) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties) 6. WHY DID GOD MAKE MEN BEFORE WOMEN? (you need a rough draft before you make a final copy) 7. HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE TO PUT A TOILET SEAT DOWN? (don't never happened) ( C'mon guys, we laugh at your blonde jokes!) And the personal favorite: 8. WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn) Remember, if you haven't got a smile on your face and laughter in your heart...Then you are
This is my Tribute to the Iraq War. Two soldiers stare at each other across no mans land with hatred in their eyes. There because of politics and religion. Two men stare at each other. One with a loving wife and 2 kids waiting back home for him. The other with a lover awaiting his return. Two humans stare at each other across no mans land. After today neither will stare no more. I stand at the crossroads A man in black at my left hand Offering me everything I ever wanted The price, My Soul A man in white at my right hand Offering me nothing in this life The price, My Heart Which do I choose My Soul or my Heart When neither mean anything to me. originally dedicated to my ex-girlfriend. WHAT NOW? As I slip the ring on her finger I think about my past All the girls I had And the the few girls I've loved All the bad things I've done And the good things that came of it All the good things I've done And the many bad things that came of it All the places I've se
The rules are: Once you've been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose 5 people to be tagged. No tag backs. 1. I was very involved in church and a Sunday school teacher and deacons wife for about 4 years. 2. I no longer believe in God. 3. I was sexually, mentally, and physically abused by my father when I was young. 4. I think I can handle everything on my own without any help. 5. I wish I knew how to paint, it seems so relaxing. 6. Mommy Dearest is my all time favorite movie. 7. I'm a text message whore. 8. I love the movie The Princess Bride 9. I have a "To Do" list of things to do before I die. 10. I have talked to Jonathan Davis and Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu personally on my cell phone. They are personal friends of a friend of mine. They call me from time to time =D I will be tagging no one because I don't wanna!!!! The rules are: Once you've been tagged you have

PICTURE LINKING!! < a href="insert targetsite URL here"> LOUNGE LINK! LOUNGE LOGO URL!! COME ON IN TO LILS LIL PLAYGROUND!!!!!WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!! WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE!! STOP IN AND PLAY AND HAVE A FEW DRINKS!! ^^^ CLICK PIC TO ENTER LILS LIL PLAYGROUND^^^ (repost of original by '-(`v)- g wt-(`v)-ON ONLY AT LIBRARY TILL OTHER WISE STATED' on '2008-02-22 16:39:28') (repost of original by 'lil missy/ promotor of LIL'S LIL PLAYGROUND' on '2008-02-22 16:44:19') (repost of original by '-(`v)- g wt-(`v)-ON ONLY AT LIBRARY TILL OTHER WISE STATED' on '2008-02-22 17:08:05') Come check out ~={Zero Gravity}=~ Click on pic below (repost of original by '~={Zero Gravity}=~Owner-llvllaster' on '2008-02-24 18:41:44')
I am having my first auction, anyone interested in participating please send me the link to the pic that you would like to use along with what you are offering, the entry fee of 25k fubucks and the name of your favourite movie character ~cruel but cute~owner of AARON and Will Owned by AARON@ fubar
Halloween Sex Spells
Happy Halloween....Hot Sex Spells! Happy Halloween! Hot Sex Spells! It's been said there's a little witch in every woman. With Halloween upon us, its time to help you channel your inner sorceress with some sexy scandalous love and lust spells that could bring you new love or some really hot sex with the man or men of your choosing. Oh, and happy Halloween, witch! Strong Desire Sex Spell What you will need: * One red candle * Lover's oil * Lover's incense (optional) How it works: It is not necessary to burn incense during the spell, but it is recommended. So, if you decide to use it, start by burning the lover's incense. Then, dress the red candle with the lover's oil and say the following: "I am possessed by the burning love for this man and this love comes to me from Apsaras, who is ever victorious. Let this man yearn for me. Desire me. Let his desire burn for me! Let this love come from the spirit and enter him. Let him desire me as nothing has been de
Block This Bitch
there is a woman going around and downrating people left and right. she will come to your page rate you a 10 and then re-rate you to a 1. she has gone to a few of my friends pages and rated them all 1's after rating them a 10. if you can plz find it in your heart to show this bitch how it feels and plz feel free to give her a piece of your mind then here is her link... B_Titties@ fubar now that you have it plz by all means show this bitch some downrating love. much love to all my friends and family
Please help DJ Catman09 to level :) Thanks!! Please make our new Fu welcome! Thanks!
Sinner's Paradise
Anything Goes on Sunday Sinners Paradise Lounge and Dawn Star Radio invite you to join us as our very own Gemini aka aGEM4life plays what you want yo hear. Regardless of the genre or year its from. As long as she has it she'll play it. Anything you want to hear (and we mean ANYTHING!). 8pm - 10pm (EST) Hope to see you there! (repost of original by 'aGEM4life ShadowLeveler|RatingRevolution ღWife of Ikeღ FUOwnedByJade&JaksonsMom' on '2009-01-18 15:37:28')
Love Me
alone i sit here empty and cold the light beckons me it forces me to be ok hidden away my feelings are showing no emotions is how i feel i have to fight to be alive i have to pertend to care the world has crushed my dreams yet it forces me to be ok i once was alive now i just survive You lifted my spirit. You opened my eyes. You spreeded my wings You tought me to fly. You showed me a smile. You showed me a tear. You showed me that theres nothing to fear. You gave me hope. You gave me peace. You gave me something I expected least. The power to learn. The power to succeed. The wisdom and knowledge there is in me. My vision clears as a tear leaves my eye Just laying here thinking, 1,000 thoughts in my head I want to get up but I stay here instead My mind feels heavy and so does my chest You've broken my heart, just like all the rest I thought you were different but I was so wrong You set up the games while I played along No
About My Name
Ok so I know people have heard if not seen the twilight saga. just to let you all know I DID NOT create this name after the movies or books. I had the name Bella before I even heard of the Twilight saga lol. So yeah, just wanted to let yall know that I wasn't trying to copy the movies or anything :) Hope you all have a Blessed day or night. Bella Windwhistler
Free Stuff Online
Here is a I'm famous on the internet patch. I'm giving away up to 10 as of right now of these patches, If the want/need for these grow i will pick up more and give out many more. For the first two patches i am going to give it away for anyone who comments on this post, just post a comment on here and i will use a random number generator to pick out the two winner, please leave a form of contact info in your comment. You have until June 20, 2010 to comment for this give away. there is no specific number of comments you are limited to letter opener free organic note pad Your choices: Margarita Glasses, Margarita Pitchers, Margarita Balls, Margarita Shakers, Salt Rimmer, $5 Music Download, or a $5 Mail-in rebate Free gift from Jose Cuervo
My Wishes...
I was walking in the woods behind my house this morning and came upon an elderly lady who looked lost. I stopped and asked her if she needed help. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said that her grand daughter had run off and was lost. I told her I would help her look for the child. After looking for about three hours we found the little girl playing at the edge of the woods. The elderly woman thanked me and asked if she owed me anything for helping her. I told her no, and walked her and her grand daughter out of the woods . As I turned to go my own way, a blinding light appeared before me. In that light was two Angels. One of a Woman and one of a child. The older Angel spoke in a voice so pure it broke my heart. She said, "Because of your kindness in helping me find a child that was lost and now is found I shall grant you four wishes." I thought about it for a few minutes and asked. For my first wish, let it be Kindness, the kind that only one of pure
Breast Cancer Awareness
Many of you know "THE Slut", some of you don't andwhetheryou like him or not he has a way to show some support for October's Breast Cancer Awareness month. He is auctioning off his points for 12 hours during a Happy Hour. You get to choose the date and time of the HH and he will be running some special ability bling as well during this HH. The ONLY offers he is accepting for this auction isBreast Cancer Awareness Ribbons. He has two Happy Hours to auction off. Also, he will give is points away daily for just 3 ribbons if you are not interested in the HH. So, if you need some extra points and can spare the credits for the ribbon stop by "THE Slut" and give him a hollar.
I Am Inzombiac
Salutes Want a salute from me ? How about a video salute ? Well then lets talk... x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x Video Salutes 1,500,000 Fubucks + 6 Bling Pack Or 12 Bling Pack Will get you: 3+ Mins of Video with a shot out to you x-x-x 2,000,000 Fubucks + 12 Bling Pack Or 25 bling Pack Will get you: 10+ Mins of Video with a shout out to you your name put on my chest and a hand made salute to you as a photo that you can rip
Was Just Thinkin
I've been doing some thinking on the state of affairs that the world has brought it self to. You've got almost every damn country in the mid-east at war with themselves or their neighbors. You got the earth quake and nuclear reactors and tsunami in Japan. Then there's is China with its massive over population problem ( what? so they don't make condoms for asians?). In the southern part of the world (both Africa and South America) poverty and disease run so rampid that no amount of medicine, vaccines, food, or international aid will help as much as we would hope. Oh boy!!! We helped a half of a percent of the population overcome their misfortunes. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for helping and doing my part to make things a little easier, but there is only so much we can do. Which brings me to our own part of the world... America. I love our country. I love the people in it. The diverse social attitudes that can be found in this wonderful land are astounding to say the least. To thi
I normally don't brag, but last week was so awesome I just have to spill my guts....even if nobody reads it! I have coached a school baseball team for the past 8 years. Every year we either fall one or two games short or finish around 500. This year things were really looking up. Great group of kids and some big ones to fill positions I thought I was going to be weak in. Heck, I went beyond my normal superstitions and even predicted being champions at a pep rally in the gym! (of course I knocked on the wood podium...I'm not THAT stupid!) Well....after hours and hours of hard work and long practices.....EVERYTHING fell right in place and worked perfectly last Thursday evening. It was amazing how even the little things worked out well. The team we played was undefeated andour one loss was to a team from their division which they crushed. So they showed up to the game with swagger thinkingwe were going to be a pushover. I had already scouted them and had pitching sequences for eve
Our time was as a winters snow. Beautiful to behold, until the warm sun melts it away so that seeds may grow and flower. The sky is alive with fire, As the dying season unfolds. The leaves unmask from there uniform green into an array of flaming beauty. They drop and blow as the winds whispers for them to let go, of the past and float into there future. The sky is alive with fire as cold winds whispers. Loving you gives me the taste of copper and lead. There is but one way to get you out of my head.
Im Sorry!!!
I'm sorry That I was raised with respect; not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4am when your new man hit you and dropped you off in the middle of nowhere, but not good enough to listen to me when I need a friend I'm sorry That I don't under
Crazed Ramblings Of An Insane Artist
So here's the deal you get to ask me THREE questions no matter how crazy, inappropriate, or just random they are. And I promise to answer it 100% truthfully and they stay between us. [Thats the truth part!!!] Reply to poster..... Now! I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you! [That's the dare part!!!] Amanda -- [noun]:A poltergeist sent back in time to change the course of history forever 'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at I like that one too :) So today? Started out only ok, became good, became horrid, and got wonderful. Started out only ok because I woke up late and was running wicked behind. Became good because Kelsey brought me a blueberry muffin and we didn't have a French test! Yay no French tests! Became horrid (this is where the art comes in) because for most of Figure Drawing, I couldn't stand the sight of my drawing. It was horrendous. Deb said it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was, that it was actually
I was asked to remove some of my pictures from my profile, which I did. I guess the fathers here through I showed to much, but I have to say Bullshit, they didnt show anything. My panites, Big Deal, my legs, Big Deal, my Boobs, Big Deal--Deanna We went Elk hunting yesterday and my Brandi shot a 7 point bull and I tagged a nice 5 point, that is western count. We only count one side of the antlers. So we weill will have Elk meat on the table, I like it better than the beef I raise----Deanna I hate wearing panties or thongs, I only wear them when I have to. One day I was shopping for shoes in Reno and they shoe salesman was putting the shoes on for me. I was wearing a mini skirt and no panties and I gave him a eye full, he wouldnt look me in the face after that, it was so funny, Im such a Bad girl at times, But being Bad can lead to alot of fun--Deanna Today, My girl friend, Brandi and I team roped. We took second place out of 56 teams and both of us won really nice saddles.
Sex Toys
Come check out my sex toy shop. Excellent Service,Great Prices,Huge Selection. You can go to my profile and click on the banner or go to For those who shoped at my store Thank you Please hurry back.And For those who have not seen my store you can go to my Profile page and copy and paste the link to see it,and if you can repost this Blog Cum visit my new store and see all the Best Toys on the web use the link below. For some reason we are unable to get the url to work were you can just click on it so for the mean time can you just type it in please thanks Darkcloud
Born N Raised Poems
You're like music playing in my head Everywhere I go from day to day. I try a door and think of you instead, Not knowing where I am or what I'll say. I live in a perpetual embrace, Hugging the sweet thought that you are mine. Walking through a park I touch your face, Not caring if there's rain or bright sunshine. The cause must be, of course, our love is new; It can't go on like this for years and years. I must take note of other things than you And clear my head of smiles and grateful tears. Yet such talk seems fantasy to me: The world's the dream, and you reality. Written By: Born N Raised "Love is like a large white cat Sitting on its paws. You may pet it all you like; It lives by its own laws. It comes and goes as it decides No matter what you say. It seems the more you want it near, The more it goes away. And then when you are quite content To sit out in the sun Alone with just your thoughts and dreams, Not needing anyone, Out it comes, as if in
When Darkness Calls
Pleasures Of Darkness Current mood: pensive I feel the Darkness as it entombs me in its pleasures It strokes me, and my cold black heart begins to race Faster and faster as my soul is delivered Into the hands of the Master Screams for pleasure through the pain administered On my knees I bow to the Master Begging and pleading to be next in line To receive my just punishment to feel the Darkness once again and become Masters favorite ME Current mood: indescribable Cries in the night that only our souls hear I walk this life alone but not I feel the presence that is called ME. No one can share as I share with myself No is able to see what is ME in this so called reality. I am who I am As well as we all should be but are not We let reality make us what we should be And not who we truly are Follow the cries that only you hear And become tran
Wtf ???
Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up feeling great then someone comes at you with a total mess of nonsense that you THOUGHT was a good friend??? All this about someone complaining that I never stop by and rate their stuff SHEESH Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am always a friend 1st and foremost and I rate people's stuff when I feel like it NOT because I'm told "I do yours so why don't you do mine" You know who you are if you still get my bulletins but I doubt it cuz you deleted me as a friend, fan and family member. I have 2 words for you "GROW UP"!!!
Virtual Pets
seriously i need help im so far behind right now and out of my 800+firnds i have only about 4 helping and its a shame that i ust made them today so wheres my family at and all come on guys if it was me naked in a contest you would be running lol:) now help me please just rate and a comment a day would help so much love ya all and please help me:) adopt your own virtual pet! adopt your own virtual pet!
My Weekend
I'm just a regular joe with a regular job, Im your average suburbinite slob, I like foot ball and pornos and books about war, I've got an average house with nice hard wood floors, A moment of dennis leary, to illustrate a point I am man hear me belch. I am not the super sensitive cassanova nor am I don juan, but I think the ammount I bring to the table is adaquate. Why oh why must you rant on so do you ask... I grow weary of the constant "boys v. girls" on blogs and smug flashes of what used to be insite about 40 years ago. Damn it I wanna see tits and ass in quantities, women I dont know what they want to see but maybe they can drop a line so I know the score. Yo Soy El Hombre Con El Plan Meistro y el plan es... if you acctually are screing you dont always talk about it, or transversly complain about hearing abou it. So everyone just get some or lots in twos or threes and lets all just enjoy our Fu-ness. Thats just my opinion... I could be wrong. Chris So here I sit
Poetry Such As It Is
I am a man divided, full of anger Yet wanting only to rid myself of its taint Every step forward has that moment In the corner of my eye, the evil I feel Creeping inside me Eating at what I want to be I can't get away from its source, not yet I am still held back by the consequences Of actions done out of love that nearly destroyed me I felt like a murderer holding the knife Ready to plunge it in the heart of the one I held dearest And I did, having no choice but to believe That what I wanted most was only destroying me That was the day I lost faith in everything I felt was pure I lost my innocence the day I betrayed my own heart to do as I was told Can I ever forgive myself? Life was never guaranteed to be fair But all I want is a chance to live a happy life Free of the things that anger me Is forgiveness too much for a man without a soul left to sell? Will the villain inside ever go away? What do people mean when they say normal? Is it the stereotyped American dr
Grieving -
I'm greiving over my friends death. Dr. John Ellis Moffitt, professor of pediatrics and senior associate dean in the School of Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, died December 6, 2007. Visitation is Monday, December 10 from 5-7 p.m. at Wright & Ferguson on Highland Colony Parkway in Madison. Funeral services will be at 2p.m. Tuesday December 11 at Galloway United Methodist Church in Jackson, Mississippi with visitation preceding the service. Visitation will begin at 12:45. "This is a great loss for the University Medical Center and to the medical community at large. John was a wise and trusted advisor and friend to me. He will be missed by us all," said Dr. Daniel W. Jones, vice chancellor for health affairs and dean of the School of Medicine. Dr. Owen B. Evans, chair of the Department of Pediatrics, called Moffitt "a friend to many, one of the most intelligent and caring physicians we've ever had at this institution." "His dedication to medical education
Uk Delights
Never Too Late
This world will never be What I expected And if I don't belong Who would have guessed it I will not leave alone Everything that I own To make you feel like it's not too late It's never too late Even if I say It'll be alright Still I hear you say You want to end your life Now and again we try To just stay alive Maybe we'll turn it around 'Cause it's not too late It's never too late No one will ever see This side reflected And if there's something wrong Who would have guessed it And I have left alone Everything that I own To make you feel like It's not too late It's never too late Even if I say It'll be alright Still I hear you say You want to end your life Now and again we try To just stay alive Maybe we'll turn it around 'Cause it's not too late It's never too late The world we knew Won't come back The time we've lost Can't get back The life we had Won't be ours again This world will never be What I expected And if I don't belong
so i was looking around at the lounges and came across one and entered. wasnt really thinking at the time. stepped away from my computer for a few minutes and came back. apparently i entered into a gay lounge, because when i returned i have a few new msgs from guys that kind of threw me for a loop lol.. now i have a very open mind and i believe everyone has the right to do what they want but just to clear up any confusion... im as straight as they get... yes its true i like the ladies Lets all be honest for a minute and take the time to actually think about it. It seems that some people believe they achieve god status when the create a lounge, just because you own a fubar lounge doesnt mean you are the Shit . just because you run a radio station if thats what you want to call it doesnt give you the right to be an asshole In reality you are nothing, during the day you are probably working at some dead end job making min. wage, when you get home and run your st
Why Blog???
BJ is a really smart guy...! The Auto-11 bling is the coolest idea yet! I went from needing 165K to leveling in record time! My fubux have increased according to the economy...I'm in the Fu middle class! LOLOLOL! I'm so glad my fubux are FuDIC insured! If you wanna level fast..enlist the help from your fellow Fubarians that have the Auto-11 fubling on. Start with your friends, they'll appreciate it! My sistah girl and I are competing to see who can level faster! Why?? Well, I invited her to Fubar...and what did she do? She leveled before me....! Now I've told her that means a challenge...and since she's a competitor she has gracefully accepted. Even among sistahs there are no boobie shots! Feel free to come by and rate and fan and add! And...if the economy hasn't taken all of your money...feel free to bling me! All love will be returned! Ok, so I woke up too early this morning. I normally don't get up before 7, but I guess I was trying to beat ATT.
Tributes And Memoriums
Those who know me well or have explored my blogs enough will understand this and yet some still won't so I shall attempt to explain for anyone who cares to know. Normally these days pass with no hassle or issue but this year I am for some reason very aware of them. 8am July 13, 1999 I lost my fiance in her sleep to a brain aneurysm. I think the realization of that 10 year marker is what is triggering me this year. I purposely become ignorant of the calandar this time of year but this year it has caught me. 10 years later and it can still bleed out of me like it was yesterday if i allow it, well this year I am allowing it. Forgive me for being short, not myself, isolated, just generally not much myself these next few days. I am not a drinker but I am thinking getting lost in a bottle for a day and just letting this bleed out of me might be my direction. If i piss you off over these next few days all I can ask is to understand. I hate when I get like this but once I am I gotta rid
All Oklahoma Sooner Fans
If you a Sooner Fan you know Stoops deserves this award. Check out the site and give him your vote it only takes a second. Bob Stoops
Can you tell me Why can't we fine love? Can you tell me Why do we wqnt to change who we do fine? Can you tell me Why are we picky about who we fine? Can you tell me Why dont you tell me?
Low-rate This Bitch
this woman decided to come to my friends page and a few others and rated them all 1-2 she does know what she is doing so plz out of respect of me and my fellow friends low-rate this bitch and show her it feels to be low-rated. much to all my friends and family. heres her link maria@ fubar
Tv And Movie Clips And Videos
My Feelings.....
Threw you the obvious And you flew with it on your back A name in your recollection Down among a million same Difficult not to feel a little bit Disappointed and passed over When I look right through, See you naked but oblivious And you don't see me But I threw you the obvious Just to see if there's more behind the Eyes of a fallen angel, Eyes of a tragedy Here I am expecting just a little bit Too much from the wounded But I see, see through it all See through, see you 'Cause I threw you the obvious To see what occurs behind the Eyes of a fallen angel, Eyes of a tragedy Oh well, oh well Apparently nothing, Apparently nothing at all You don't, you don't You don't see me You don't, you don't You don't see me You don't, you don't You don't see me You don't, you don't You don't see me You don't see me You don't, you don't You don't see me at all I'm a renegade Back out motherfucker You better tap out Boo-hoo you crying baby Wher
What Happened To My Leg
My youngest son broke a china plate (he pulled it off the kitchen table), my wonderful hubby cleaned it all up for me, but when I came back into the living room, I stepped over the garbage bag that had the broekn pieces in it, but I didnt step far enough over and the plate was standing up against the edge of the bag (broken side up) and it cut the hell outta my leg as I put my foot down.. ended up with 15 stitches.. those pics were taken at the hospital rigtht after they stitched it up.... it looks (and hurts) alot more now Ugh lol Just wanted to let everyone know where I have been. I am very sorry for not returning drinks and such, I will be working on it all day. I just spent the last 28 hours in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer. :( Yuck! But it has been cuterized, and I'm all better and home now. Thank you all for the warm wishes! Your the best! :) Lots of Love! Ok, so I am in this contest... I need everyone to rate and leave lots of comments as I get points for EACH rat
Sports Stuff
It may not be fashionable to say it, but hell, I'm a massive Schumacher fan, and the news that he's making a comeback to F1 to cover for the injured (but fortunately improving, thoughts-are-with-him) Felipe Massa has me so jazzed for the rest of the season. I can't wait for Valencia now, and I'm desperately keeping my fingers crossed that he comes back and shows his top form.
Dear Congress, Last year I mismanaged my funds and this year I cannot decide on a budget. Until I have come to a unified decision that fits all of my needs and interests, I will have to shut down my checkbook and will no longer be able to pay my taxes. I'm sure you'll understand. Thank you very much for setting an example we can all follow. Repost if you agree!!
Erotic Stories
Our day at the beach, was not just a dream, I feel like it is a moment that will happen in the future. Just you and me…..we are all that matter. I can’t stop thinking about the kiss you gave me at the airport. Caught me by surprise and a rush went through my whole body. I want to be closer to you and there is only one way I know how to do that. A sweet kiss of passion, feeling your arms around me as you hold me close. Every touch makes me want more….so much more. I don’t want to close my eyes but I want to stay in this moment. I touch you; run my nails down your back just enough to let you know that I want you. My body aches for you. Kiss your neck, work my way down your chest, kissing so softly, running my nails down as I go. The need to have you is so strong but I don’t want to give in to fast. I want to enjoy every touch and kiss. Explore you in every way I can. My breasts just rub up against you and I push them closer as I kiss your stomach. I moan
A Soldier's Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, in a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give, and to see just who in this little house lived. As I looked all about, a strange sight I did see, No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No Stockings by mantle, just boots filled with sand, On the wall hung pictures of far distant lands. With medals and badges, awards of all kinds, A sobering thought came through my mind. For this house was different, it was dark and dreary, The home of a soldier, I could now see clearly. The soldier lay sleeping, silent, alone, Curled up on the floor in this one bedroom home. The face was so gentle, the room in such disorder, Not how I picture a United States Soldier. Was this the hero of whom I'd just read? Curled up on a poncho, the floor for a bed? I realized the families that I saw this night, owed their lives to these soldiers who were willing to fight. Soon round the world, the
I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star. I don't think you will ever fully comprehend how you've made my dreams come true or how you've opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do. You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love that exists in my body, soul, and mind. I don't think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I'm sure you'll never realize you've been my will to live. You are an amazing person For you I would climb The highest mountain peak Swim the deepest ocean Your love I do seek. For you I would cross The rivers most wide Walk the hottest desert sand To have you by my side. For you are the one Who makes me whole You've captured my heart And touched my soul. For you are the one That stepped out of my d
Miss Boo's Hell
God...I wish that I was more attractive!! Like I really need to lose some weight so then I can look better in my clothes and especially fit better in them. *sigh*...God I hate my bodie just really puts me through so much shit I lose weight and then I just gain it all back..It really sucks ass!! Its also really hard for me to exercise or to even get on a diet cuse it would last for like a week then Id stop..I just really dont have the motivation to do it. Can somebodie please help me..Im sick of seeing my fugly body!! Hello! Sorry its been awhile since I wrot on here..But right now I just think it will help me out to just vent out all my frustration and anger..cause Im not a happy camper right now... Anyways..I feel horrible about doing this..but I needed to know exactly what is going on between my boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend.. So I looked through his shit. I know I shouldnt believe the things she is saying or even let it get to me..but what I
My Writing And Other Good Stuff!
Laying here staring at the ceiling, praying for a dreamless sleep to overtake me. Thoughts of what might have been echoing through my mind. Reverberating like a silent scream in a cavernous trench. Your face haunts me. The memory of softly spoken I love yous tugging at the shackles that hold my heart captive. Bound by a love built on lies and deception. You're nothing but an illusion. Hiding in a house of mirrors, that only shows what you want me to see. I smile to mask the pain that cuts deep into my soul. Incisions not even time can heal. Wanting to understand you, but that's a battle I can never leave victorious. It's sink or swim. These ropes that tie me to you, dragging me under. Drowning in the icy tears of fake emotion that flow through your eyes. Craving warmth, light, and truth. Darkness encases me. She sits alone, knees held tight against her chest her eyes closed.Her raven hued lashes damming up a rivulet of tears threatening to overflow.The ghosts of her past haunting her t
Wooden Bowl
I LOVE THIS!!! ..> ..> Jun 18, 2007 Why I Am a Race Fan By Mark Moore Ward Burton has offered to help a six-year-old boy he met at an autograph session, who was born with a cleft palate, and after meeting him, Ward has offered to pay for any surgery needed to correct his condition. Not only has Ward's kindness touched me, but it has reinforced something I've known about NASCAR - the drivers, the teams, etc. - for over thirty years now: By and large, this is the nicest group of athletes around. We all know that stock-car racing got its start from "whiskey runners" in their souped-up cars, but you don't hear of the drivers being involved in betting scandals, drugs, fixing races, or any other illegal or unsavory activities. Look at the constant labor disputes in other organized sports. NASCAR drivers do get a salary annually, but most of their income is based on their performance. If they finish poorly, their pay reflects it. Talk about incentive! Sure, they
What Im Thinkin
im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo frustrated/annoyed with my life right now!!! i just dont kno what to do!!! i think things will be better if i sleep and after finals are over, and well i guess i just expect more out of ppl then what i actually get and because of this i get disappointed and frustrated and sad and its hard for me because i have high standards and everything, and if ppl say mean or rude things to me then i will tell them about it or just not talk to them as much, i dont have time or the extra energy to deal with ppl who are going to insult me...i just dont. so if u want to talk to me and have a good convo with me DONT INSULT ME!!! its a good really is, and it would make my life so much easier! love... its a catch 22 everything is amazing when ur in love. u feel like u could do anything. even the world around u looks different. but then that pers
Buglet To The Extreme?
So I've been in a major funk lately. Can't seem to amuse myself, and being at home 4 days out of the week in a newer city with no friends is starting to get to me a little. Mickey works on the road mon - thurs or sun - weds, leaving me alone with my dog and no friends. And of course, the store I work at, all the other employees are like 50's. So here I sit once again on a Monday night with nothing to do, trying to amuse myself until Felica gets home so I can at least talk to her online. Yeah...I'm a loser LOL So it's been raining since ohhh 8 pm YESTERDAY and I'm sick of it. I was planning on bringing my spoiled rotten mutt to the Dog Run and letting him run...yeah if I want to track mud thur my apartment all over the brandnew carpet... Oh well Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not unde
More Recent Writings/poems!!!
A single tear rolls down my cheeck, My soul is lost and cold. Trying to get over the heartbreak again. Everytime you use me, over and over, The wound cuts deeper and tears me apart. I try, try my hardest to stay away. But no matter how much you hurt me, again and again. I still stay. The love I feel deep in my heart, You and I know I'll never leave, as much as i've tried. So I sit here with you, BUT lonely and abandoned. Waiting to be used again. Its been ten years now and with two wonderful children. I got a second engagement ring for Christmas. (that is now back in its box, and given back to him) I sometimes wander if he ever had the intention of marrying me. Now my eight year old questions why mommy has a different last name from him, and why daddy won't marry mommy. I just stare speechless, not knowing the words to tell my son. Not even knowing the words to tell myself. With my heart breaking into even smaller pieces. I
A Really Cool Lady Needs To Level...
This is for a good friend of mine. She's been sitting at the level she's at for quite some time.. Please come show her some fubar love by rating here pics and stash.. Thanks! 34.5K needed to level her folks, that's all.. **juju** a.k.a. De Royal Luvug **CLUB FAR**@ fubar
Super Friend Requests - Take Note! Hehe
From ace31man: it was quite a pleasure to meet someone who likes superman. i am also glad you are upfront and forthcoming with your ideals and am the same way. i am requesting this friendship for exactly that. i do not play games and expect the same in return. a long distance friend who openly shares in good communication must be at the forefront. i hope we can take a journey on a long lasting friendship. let me know ok. thanks for your time. ---------------- Ok then, boys! Take note! Game on.....will you pass the test like SuperAce did? Probably I will just have to click "Deny". hehe Ok people....take note: twiizted74 KNOWS HIS WAY TO THE FRONT OF MY LINE! HERE is his beautiful friend request: "a really nice FR huh ?? ok, lets try this. I'm not looking for friends that are breathtaking (which of course u are) or just have their looks. id like to find sum that can think, chat, and just ramble about anything. id like to just be able to chat away and
From Scrapper's blog Changes in Pic Ratings! Last night, Babyj did some tweaks to picture rates. Members are now able to re-rate a photo about once per week... the re-rate will count as a full rating (ie: it will look like they've never rated it before, but the number of ratings and the average rating will keep increasing for the photo). This was done to encourage users to revisit their friends galleries, as well as speed up the ratings pages. ================================================== yeaa come rate my pics again if you have done so before and if you haven't yet please do so and remember we can go back and rerate the same pics every week which is so great if people would.It would help me in my chances of getting off of fuberlord where i have been stuck for awhile. I'l be dead before i hit godfather at this rate lol so please rate and rerate and i will do the same for anyone does! thanks I am in a fubuck giveaway, for every comment I get I will get 8 fubuck
My Father
i miss my father its only been 2 years Dec 11 2005, the day I lost my dad was the hardest day ive ever had to deal with. Thinking back to all the times I had to spend with him and the good times we had this song came to mind. I know i will never have another moment with him He'll never be able to walk me down the isle when i get married and he will never again get to play and spend time with his grandkids kids and wife. The best timesare those times you have left with the ones you love the most. To all of you be kind to who you have left say what you can and be the best person you can be because youll never again have that person in your life to talk to and cry with and laugh with Miss Me -- But Let Me Go Unknown -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I come to the end of the road And the sun has set for me I want no rites in a gloom-filled room. Why cry for a soul set free? Miss me a little--but not too long And not
I know way too many really beautiful girls who think they don't look good... It hurts... because it's our fault, guys I mean. We make girls feel like they have to be perfect. You know what I mean, flat stomach, big boobs, round booty, long legs, sexy lips, and on top of all that, they have to dress like a whore, and be one as well... nobody can measure up to that... and its not fair... because nobody should have to. The little imperfections are what make people special. If everyone was perfect the world would be so boring, variety is what makes life interesting. So guys, stop making girls have to live up to your, I'm sorry, our... deluded fantasy visions of perfection. Stop acting like boys and start being men... realize that women don't exist to fufill our sexual desires. Stop talking to them solely to get with them, be nice to them because you want to be their friend, not because you want to hook up with them. Say nice things about them not to flatter them in hopes that you'll get so
My Thoughts
Pick-up lines by the Signs You use the line of the sign the person is that you are saying the line to. Not what sign you are. Aries: I'm on fire. Can I run through your sprinkler? Taurus: I just had to come talk with you. Sweetness is my weakness. Gemini: Do you have any overdue library books? 'Cause you've got the word "fine" written all over. Cancer: Can I borrow a quarter? I want to call my mom and tell her I just met the person I'm going to marry. Leo: Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Virgo: Baby, you must be a broom, 'cause you just swept me off my feet. Libra: If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I'd be walking through my garden forever. Scorpio: Your place or mine? Sagittarius: Hi, I'm writing a term paper on the finer things in life. Can I interview you? Capricorn: Have you always been this cute, or did you have to work at it? Aquarius: You're hot. You must be the reason for global warming. Pisces: Are you as bea
Thoughts For The Day....
WHY is it so bloody difficult for people to say what they mean?!?!? WHY is honesty so hard to come by?!?!? Why do we always want what we can't have - but never really seem interested in who wants us? Do we just like the game of it all? Any ideas? Anyone have any amazing INEXPENSIVE ideas... or favorite things they did or liked about theirs? Was there anything you hated? Let me know in comments please!!! I'm having to help plan ours... and its very last minute... haha we always were a bunch of slackers....

Guys this isnt high school anymore. This isnt even real life. If you have insecurities take em else where ☆ ...: U just leave Chris the fuck alone.. U need to grow the fuck up and get a fuckin life.. BACK the fuck off!!!!! ☆ ...: U can stay the fuck off my boyfriends page.. I wont let u start shit with him and I the way u tried with them.. So back the fuck off!! My Shoutbox ->cybermonke...: mine was good ->☆ ...: your the one attacking me sweet heart cybermonke...: alright, yours ☆ ...: U just leave Chris the fuck alone.. U need to grow the fuck up and get a fuckin life.. BACK the fuck off!!!!! ->cybermonke...: how was your weekend ->☆ ...: i aint startin shit btwn you and chris hes my friend my gosh. when will you and her grow up and ive apoligized and left her alone so dont tell me to fuck off you dont even know the whole story there you only know what she told you so unless you know both sides jjust leave me the f
I Am In A Acution
I AM IN AN AUCTION CLICK ON MY PIC AND GO BID ON ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO OWN ME THANKS TO ALL THAT BID I'm for sale!!! I am in Silentlizard's Singles Auction and I want you to own me!! Even if you don't want to bid, please rate my photo! Most rates wins a bling pack!! And I want it!! This is what I am offering: 1) F/R/A OWNER IF NOT ALREADY 2) ADD THEM AS #1 FAMILY MEMBER(durin ownership) 3) PLACE FU-OWNED BY ___B4 MY NAME(if owner wants) 4) DAILY COMMENT,DRINK, OR A GIFT (my choice) 5) RATE PICS 10's(up to 500 pic's){11's if VIP is given} DURING HH 6) RATE STASH(up to 500) THUMB's UP DURING HH 7) SFW SALUTE PIC 8) MORE IF THE OFFER IS HIGHER Click the pic to bid on/rate me!! Don't forget to R/F/A the auction hostess!! Silentlizard - Greeter for Dirty Deeds Radio - Bodyguard to Mikey - Fu-owned by Tappinit
Sept 15th-30th Fam Communication
needs level The Gate to Cemetery@ fubar Hey there , happy Sunday FuBombers. If you were sold in the auction last night and have nt yet sent your auction fee, please do so, thers 3 or 4 of you that haven't yet. I have to this every Sunday to get every1 to send the fees. Every1 knows how it works. I shouldn't have to do this. Todays bombing target is this lets bomb together ppl. Read your paper, get woke up, have your coffee, and let's bomb!! Needs level ღஐCaliricangirlღஐ~*~ღஐFU~BOMBERSღஐ@ fubar
Leveler Friends Help!!
Ok my finest leveling friends,,, Please give Art a hand, only 71K to level!!!! art r/l boyfriend to heather@ fubar Yes, it's that time again,,,, Could all my wonderful friends please help this amazing girl level?? She is so close,,,, Thank you in advance!!! Loves Ya ◔☪ღRiverwifeღ☪◔~*Fu-Married to Small Town Southern Man*~@ fubar Below is one of my bestest friends, she has her 11's activated, could you please show her some love?? Thank you in advance,,, ~~ ♥ 1_Sweet_Angel ♥ ~~ NEVER MAKE SOMEONE A PRIORITY WHEN YOU ARE ONLY AN OPTION !!!@ fubar
How are women and tornadoes alike? They both moan like hell when they come, and take the house when they leave. As an airplane is about to crash, a female passenger jumps up frantically and announces, "If I'm going to die, I want to die feeling like a woman." She removes all her clothing and asks, "Is there someone on this plane who is man enough to make me feel like a woman?" A man stands up, removes his shirt and says, "Here, iron this!" The newlyweds are in their honeymoon room and the groom decides to let the bride know where she stands right from the start of the marriage. He proceeds to take off his trousers and throw them at her. He says, "Put those on." The bride replies, "I can't wear your trousers." He replies, "And don't forget that! I will always wear the pants in the family!" The bride takes off her knickers and throws them at him with the same request, "Try those on!" He replies,"I can't get into your knickers!" "And you never bloody will if you
It's Time!
It's time! To ORACLE this gentleman! He worked hard to get here and he helped a lot of us all the time!It's time to return the love now! He needs less than 4mil points. Autos will be on Friday. Bling,Rate,Bomb!!! ☮LarryB☮@ fubar Pimped out with love by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar
Secret Recipie
in a saute pan add olive oil,minced garlic n shallots, saute tillgolden brown.add in red wine,blanced broccolli,sliced yellow peppers n saute for 30 seconds. add alfredo sauce n al dente fettuccini your fettuccini should be sauted in another pan with white wine salt n pepper n fressh basil. ad in thinly sliced capricola ham green olives with the pimentos,and capers, add in two table spoons of marinara sauce n a pinch of crushed mustard seed. saute then add in diced tomatoes and a shot of tobasco saute for 30 more seconds and serve. place a tomatoe rose in middle of dish with a sprig of parsly for garnish have fun and enjoy
to all juggalos and juggaletts my friend sunny is on here she needs help getn 2 level 10 can any 1 help her please her screen name is juggalettelove2 she is still new member when u 1st started out again please help her out went 2 london over the weekend had a blast seen my grandsons and the rest of my kids spent time with them felt great hadnt seen them in a long time need 2 do that more often wish i had more time 2 spend out there but i had 2 come home and go 2 work Sup PPL its been a long week cant wate 4 sunday 2 get here spend time with my kids family brother nephues so on and so forth itll b my birthday so i may hide from them all dont know yet but its my family gota love em ya know
No Big Secret
to the hydaway family. i know your out there and i allready bumped into a few of them. hopefully we can bs. like old times. even though i am not a member or even what i onces was, but i still haungeout in the old hydaway lounge keeping up with old times. its no big secret that i used to have a profile here. hell you might allready know me. "~`Slo Mo~` The Love Moogle~` ~~love jessa~`" but its been a while sinces i was back. so i decided to start a new one. i think i will be more private than normal. but either way i haven't forgotton about, my freinds. family. fans lovers and haters. lol. so i decided to come back for a while. and yes i do work at a adult Prision currectional i admit its something i wanted to be. but it has its excitment and benifits. so hopefully get to see the old freinds, and of course make a few here and there.
Chutes 'n Ladders
I don't care for the rating game on here. I don't care how many likes I get in a day. I am here to have fun, blow off some steam, meat new people. I am not here to find the man of my dreams, cause I am certain he isn't going to be found on a website that is full of cheaters, scammers, liars and idiots with the few and far in between that may be the good gems. Those ones I find get into my family until they prove themselves stupid. I am going to start limiting who I have in family to a much stricter standard though, and same with friends. Friends, family and anyone that wants to be a friend will need to fall into the following: ~Blank friend requests will no longer be accepted. ~Perverted names, disgusting status messages and beggars for things like bling will not be accepted and if they start will be deleted. ~If you can't respect that I am single and don't want to hook up with you, then you will be deleted. So don't mention meeting me, or how much you think we have in com
Bling Packs
Just a curious question to ask of you all. Just how much would you be willing to pay in FuBucks for a 1,000 Credit Bling Pack? All comments welcomed. Thanks.
A Few Things
So we're all on Fubar for a reason. Whether it's for someone, or we're addicted to the attention, or we're just bored. There are things that are awesome like bling and powerups. But there are things that piss people off. Me, I love people. Right now a certain one but people in general. But how would I be a normal person if I didn't complain? So all in good fun here's a few things that aggravate me, this is only opinion and I don't take it too seriously so please don't be offended, I'm not trying to offend. I've been on here for a while now, no complaints, these are just things that I've noticed that kinda bug me. 1. Morphs-Seriously you don't look like Abby from NCIS or whatever supermodel you think you're similar to. All you're doing is confusing those looking at your lil profile box. 2. Lounges-I'm not saying they need to go away but honestly folks I don't want to stare down a list of profile comments that aren't directed at me in order to actually converse. If you wan
One dark and misty evening a beautiful young girl stood upon the highest bridge in Tokyo. The bridge overlooked the waters of Tokyo Harbor. The young brown haired girl stood on the opposite side of the guard railing with her arms looped around the underside of the railing. She seemed to be waiting for the right moment to let go. Unbeknownst to her, a man was watching from the shadows. He noticed how she leaned her body forward, carefully releasing one hand off the railing, before quickly regrasping it. The young girl did this several times as if she was torn between life or death. Finally, after an intense internal struggle, the young girl had made her decision. With eyes closed tightly, she inhaled deeply while slowly lifting her fingers one by one off the guard rail. The man who had been quietly observing her knew it was time to make his move. "It's a shame you know," the man uttered softly as he stepped under a dimly lit street lamp on the other side of the railing, "Over the yea
The Ramblings Of A Madwoman
This thing about "Cherry Tap" (which was once Lost Cherry and I will ALWAYS think of and refer to as Lost Cherry) and content on it has gone way out of hand. The facts: - when first entering the site (the login/register page) it CLEARLY states no Teeny boppers aloud. - When I joined LC, it was touted as "on-line nightclub". As far as I know, it still says that. - This site, I'm assuming, is for ADULTS for fun, making friends, downloading pictures to share with other ADULTS, as well as stash and blog entries. - This site is for making your page, and the contents you put in other areas kept for you, YOUR OWN. If some people don't like your page, they move on or they rate you with ones or block you. - LC touted it's not like myspace, you have more freedoms here because it's a adult online nightclub. - The reason (as I understand it) Lost Cherry's name was changed to Cherry Tap was to make it more clear that it's an adult site. My opinion: wtf happened??
I'm Wifey's Wife
this is crap this comment limit shit.......i think they should only b able to take it away for a short period of time its bs how its been pretty well 24hrs and i still can't help her in one of her contests.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr now i know why i don't really come on here much. joined late but please show me some know i will return the fav if you don't believe me just ask me wifey. CLICK ON PIC FOR DIRECT LINK. wow apparently this is what i was told bout my pic that i had up and to think it was boobs that were covered...... here's what was said to me about my pic i believe pic is below take a view.... > One of your photos has been marked as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Please make sure ALL your NSFW photos are flagged as NSFW and placed in an NSFW album. Your photo was marked NSFW because it was either offensive or NSFW in nature. Also, your primary photo and all your background photos may not be NSFW photos. NSFW CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED in the public areas of the LC. Yo
Read Me... Ya Know You Want To :)
"I am sorry, sir" Diane said meekly. Bubba looked down at her and his face was contorted with rage. He grabbed her hair and yanked her up to a kneeling position. He put his face very close to hers. "Look you better to be nice to me, bitch! Do you know how much I could hurt you?" he said, holding her face close to his as she frantically tried to escape his grip. "Please stop, you're hurting me. I said I was sorry and if you let me go my mother will give you lots of money." Diane said as she started to cry. He pulled her up her up by her hair again and Diane screamed in pain. "So mommy will give me money, huh?" He said. "Yes, sir, if you let me go, please." she pleaded. "Yes, I am sure Mommy will pay and not just with her money." Bubba said as his free hand touched Diane's face, move slowly down to her neck and then to her chest. His fingers pinched her nipple and she gasped from the pain. Bubba laughed loudly as he began to pinch and pull her long nipples. Her tits wer
The Unexpected
DISTANT LOVER A kiss in the air from a soul intertwined. He moved my heart and my body trembled. He touched my face, and my tears did fall. A touch in the night from a lover afar He spoke my love, and my heart did ache. He kissed my lips, and my mouth did part. A spasm in the depths from a love conjoined. He caressed my soul and my body arched He swept my skin and my passions burned. I just got home from a horrible morning, guys.....Looks like it has just not been a good beginning for 2007....I have been sick off and on, and NOW...I have broken my tail bone this morning. I stepped down the steps in the cafeteria and twisted my ankle.....ankle is fine....but landed so hard on my tail bone that I actually broke a piece of my tail bone off....I will be out soon...vicodin and phenergan...yep..I will be sleeping soon....I will be off work for a week! Dammit. So much for getting more exercise. LOL...oh, well...I'm a klutz.....what can I say.
Growing Up Me
I slept in my car that night, till about 4 am. Then I went to Ricks to see if I could stay with him. He let me in and allowed me to stay at his house. We had been intimate several times by then so sex with him wasn't a new issue. Tonight however would be different. He wanted to have anal sex with me. I had tried it before with another guy and it hurt so I was very hesitant. He promised that if it hurt he would stop and never ask me to do it again. He was very slow and gentle so it did not hurt at all. This wasn't an invitation that was supposed to last more than one night so the next night I slept in my car in a laundramat parking lot. It got so cold I again went down the street to Ricks house. He again allowed me to come in. I moved in that next day. I guess that I was cramping his style after a while because while I was at my mothers doing his and my laundry, he had another set of girls over. When I got home from doing 8 loads of laundry he informed me that he had slept with anoth
Imbolc Incense and Oil Recipes IMBOLC INCENSE 1 part white willow 1 part rowan berries 2 parts benzoin 1/2 part lily of the valley 1/2 part periwinkle Rhiannon's Blend 3 parts Frankincense 3 parts Dragon's Blood 1 part Red Sandalwood 1 part Cinnamon 1/2 part Myrrh Imbolc Oil 10 parts clove oil 20 parts dragon's blood oil 2 drops rose oil 2 drops chamomile oil 1/8 oz. base oil Imbolc Oil 6 drops frankincense oil 3 drops sandalwood oil 3 drops lavender oil 2 drops cinnamon oil 1/8 oz. base oil Imbolc Oil 1/4 oz. almond oil 10 drops orange oil 9 drops Siberian Fir oil 5 drops frankincense oil 5 drops carnation oil 5 drops primrose oil 5 drops ginger oil 5 drops lavender oil 4 drops nutmeg oil dried orange flowers garnet, ruby added to bottle 1/8 oz. base oil Imbolc Oil 10 parts clove oil 5 parts wisteria oil 5 parts lotus oil 5 parts musk oil 20 parts dragons blood oil 1/8 oz. base oil Imbolc Oil 2 drops jasmine oil
Well, the army did 3 things for me. 1: It gave me alot of training I'll need for combat, and survival. 2: It got me back in shape. 3: It destroyed any chance of getting a descent job. Yea, ya see, I'm in the reserve, which means I can't work one week a month, and I'll be going out of country next fall; no big rite? Well apparently not to employers. I lost my job in may, and I only had that job because it was a friend. I have been trying for 6 months to find a new job, but every time an employer sees RESERVE, it's an automatic DENIED. I know this because I have talked to the managers at 4 companies, and they all said the same thing. I may be a good worker, and I may be more than qualified for the job, but being unavailable any time, as a big problem. Now I can't pay my rent, I can't take care of anything. I'm just luck that my gf's mom likes me, and let me stay with them. All I have to do is take care of the house, and take care of what bills and expenses I can with what ev
your hair flows like thegentle breeze blowing through a garden of red roses... your eyes sparkle like the glistening stars in the warm night air...your skin is so soft and gentle like a new born baby crying for attention...the curves of your body beat an hour glass times ten... i get speeding tickets every time i think of you, because my heart races 1,000 miles a minute... your sweet aroma stops me dead in my tracks, like the lonely stop sign on the corner...i wood be but in heaven if you was to stand by my side and become my lady, lady i would die if i was to lose you and the chance to become your man i would have to drop to my knees and die... by lonely white wolf oh what a magnificent lady you are , the look in your eyes have stolen my heart,soul,mind and body... oh magnificent lady, and every nite i get down on my knees, and thank god for blessing me , with a competely magnificent lady like you ...i watch you as you dance between the rows of on lookers ... because your body is
Fall Tour
Nov. Tour BlogAdd to My Profile | More Videos Hey Gang, Just wanted to let you know we added a Little Rock show next wed. the 10th. Check our page for more details. And it goes on! -T TOUR DIARY 1 Current mood: chipper Dear Diary, Oct. 10, 2007 We've seen these roads before, yet this time we see them with "new eyes". Lucked and plucked to front load shows for an "idol" is day and night when it comes to sweating it out in clubs across this beautiful country. I like it though.I think it has been a fantastic order of events. Get a taste of what is to come, and maybe just maybe you will see a full circle develop. I've decided to tuck the sweet taste of multi-platinum shows into my pocket. I pull it out every time I start to question my choicesif it were not for that sweet taste, "hope" would be all I have to pull from my denim. Still enough to succeed, but having tasted the sugar helps choke down some of the bitter taste this business creates. "Little Rock. Are
Good Reading
The Wooden Bowl I guarantee you will remember the tale of the Wooden Bowl tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. A frail old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and four-year - old grandson. The old man's hands trembled, his eyesight was blurred, and his step faltered. The family ate together at the table. But the elderly grandfather's shaky hands and failing sight made eating difficult. Peas rolled off his spoon onto the floor. When he grasped the glass, milk spilled on the tablecloth. The son and daughter-in-law became irritated with the mess. "We must do something about father," said the son. "I've had enough of his spilled milk, noisy eating, and food on the floor." So the husband and wife set a small table in the corner. There, Grandfather ate alone while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner. Since Grandfather had broken a dish or two, his food was served in a wooden bowl. When the family glanced in Grandfather's d
Its Time
Hey everyone--our lovely fu wife is trying to level up so please go visit and help her out...if there is anything we can help you out on just let us know. First of all thanks for reading this little diatribe lol...we have way too many friends on our list that we dont hear from any at all (even when we leave comments,rates,or love). If you would like to stay please let us know so we dont delete a true friend by accident.
Pimp Out
"Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of all children"- "Eric Draven" from the Crow Demisis*Plus Size Pinup Girl*@ fubar ~LIL DEVIL~FU-OWNER OF IDRMOFS7~@ fubar ***Cole***Please stop by & sign my guestbook!!!@ fubar ~~Lucky's Btch~~Happy To Show U The Way @ The Real Red Dragon~@ fubar **KAT ** BLACK HAWKS PERV QUEEN@ fubar Happy Mothers Day
Calendar Girl
The Unknown?????
There is a truth that I will never see! #1 There is this thing that we cannot believe! The way this life is I'll never be, #2 So take my hand and come walk with me! ___________________________________________________ There is a truth that we will never see! #1 There is this thing that I can't believe! The way this life is we'll never be, #2 so take my hand and Walk with me>>>!!!!!! _____________________________________________________ THINGS IN THIS LIFE YOU'LL NEVER KNOW!!!, #1 Truth in my eye's will never show!!! ______________________________________________ HATE BURNING UP FROM DO DEEP INSIDE!!!, #2 Now you see the roots of my selfish pride!!! ________________________________________________ Truth now is blind for anyone to see, Now things I thought I knew I can't believe! How will I ever live that life again?, Unless the truth is something meant to bend? __________________________________
Contest/ Auctions I Am In
I am adding more stuff. Right now I will Rate Pictures Rate Stash Daily drink Daily comment Top Friends You will own my name I am adding A SFW salute A NSFW Salute Will do all during HH to give more points. If I get a VIP will give 11's If I get a Bling Pack Will give blings. I am in a contest and I would appreciate your vote for me. Can you please go vote for Exotic Flame. Everyone that votes and lets me know I will send a picture to you. You can vote daily. -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame First Time in an auction. I will do more than I have stated here. Come bid on me.
12 Naughty Days Of Christmas
On the first day of Christmas, My true love gave to me, A blow job before my cup of tea, On the second day of Christmas My true love gave to me, Two nipple rings, And a blow job before my cup of tea, On the third day of Christmas My true love gave to me, Three Viagra pills, Two nipple rings, And a blow job before my cup of tea, On the fourth day of Christmas My true love gave to me, A face full of pussy, Three Viagra pills, Two nipple rings, And a blow job before my cup of tea, On the fifth day of Christmas My true love gave to me, Herself wearing just a purple bow, A face full of pussy, Three Viagra pills, Two nipple rings, And a blow job before my cup of tea, On the sixth day of Christmas My true love gave to me, A night of fucking with her and a tasty blonde, Herself wearing just a purple bow, A face full of plenty pussy, Three Viagra pills, Two nipple rings, And a blow job before my cup of tea, On the seventh day of Christmas My true lo
Hey all my wonderful friends I am making animations and pics if interested. I will do it for offers. I am trying to get up fubucks to pay for VIP or Auto 11's and Bombs. If you would like one PM me and let me know. Send me the pics you would like to use with a brief description of how you kinda want it to look. Below are some examples I have done for my wife so far. I will be putting up more as I make them. ANIMATIONS I made this for my wife she is a new member of Dangerous Curves. I made this for my wife when she had her 11's on PICS
(someone sent this to me and I loved it) Main Entry: beautiful Pronunciation: \ˈby-ti-fəl\ Function: adjective Date: 15th century 1 : having qualities of beauty : exciting aesthetic pleasure2 : generally pleasing : excellent — beautifully \-f(ə-)lē\ adverb — beautifulness \-fəl-nəs\ noun synonyms beautiful, lovely, handsome, pretty, comely, fair mean exciting sensuous or aesthetic pleasure. beautiful applies to whatever excites the keenest of pleasure to the senses and stirs emotion through the senses . lovely is close to beautiful but applies to a narrower range of emotional excitation in suggesting the graceful, delicate, or exquisite . handsome suggests aesthetic pleasure due to proportion, symmetry, or elegance . pretty often applies to superficial or insubstantial attractiveness . comely is like handsome in suggesting what is coolly approved rather than emotionally responded to
this is the original link if you want to read the comments.. some of them are great.... Throughout the Bush presidency, opinion polling from the Pew Research Center trumpeted America's "abysmal" approval ratings across the globe. The problem, pollsters suggested with numbing regularity, was that a "cowboy president" had inflamed the Muslim worldand America's European allieswith his "unilateral" war on terrorism. The remedy, of course, was a new administration with a fresh approach: a president committed to multilateralism, smart a president committed to multilateralism, smart diplomacy, and American soft power. Right on cue, a Pew report hailed Barack Obama's election for inspiring "global confidence" in U.S. leadership and rescuing America's reputation from eternal perdition. This hagiographic storyline, however, is evaporating like a morning mist. A newer Pew survey suggests that most Islamic countries distrust the Unit
Fathers Day...
Hey kid...I know you are hurtin today...for reasons you...shouldn't have too... Even though you don'tever saya word about it...I'm your Mom...and I know...k??? Just remember this...It's not you...It never was your fault...And...It never will be your fault...NEVER... Just be a better man than he is...Btw???...You already are...and Irespect you for that... And I am sure in his own f'd up way...He is sorry now...But yeah...I know...It's too damn late... Again...His fault...His loss...and a great one too...k???
Every Now And Then
What if all the love inside meIsn’t enough to make it?What if I choose to believe?But everything around me isIs an illusion?What if everything I want it?Just a creation of my dreams…And every now and thenI try to pretend all this is realAnd every now and thenI find myself crying againAnd every now and thenI am still in love with youWhat if I can’t make a sound?But I want to screamWhat if my soul is burning?But find myself afraid to seeSo afraid to see…What if I had belong somewhere?But I got pushed away….And every now and thenI feel a little bit of lonelinessAnd every now and thenI find myself bleeding againAnd every now and thenI am still in love with youWhat if you became apart of me?And I can’t separate myselfWhat if I know what's worth fighting for?But I don’t know whom to trust…Will I ever know?What if it’s right before my eyes?But to busy waiting for the second chance?And every now and thenI would open my heartAnd every
My Poem
Indian Heritage by Christina Maria Ennis I call upon my brothers and my sisters of the tribe.I call upon you all to help me to survive.\Take me from these white lands back to my native blood.I call upon you all to call upon a flood.\Take away the people who belong not in our tribe,and the people who are with us will know how to survive.\I was born on white lands and raised the white man's way.If I had a choice, I'd be back in the olden days.\Then the land was plenty and we traveled near and far.If at night we lost our trail, we'd look upon a star.\Now the white man uses cars and tools to find his way.I'll tell you something, white man, our native blood will stay.\So again I call upon the true blood tribe I love.I also call our blood spirits to help us from above.\Let us make a comeback to show them we are here.We'll take back what they had taken without a drop of fear.\So I'm proud to say I'm Indian; it's the blood that flows in me, 'Cause without all my ancestors, I would neve
Everything In General
Why do men have be so hard to deal with. I have a male friend. He is really high strung. He and a few of his friends went grocery shopping last thursday. He bought some beer. Well we finally get almost home and another guy who was with me say that this guy was having a hard time carry all this beer. So My other friend offered to put one of the packs of beer in his backpack. And this other guy matt had a cow and thought we were stealing it from him. I want to know why men need to be so high strung.
This One Is Hot!
Kate and Linda were sitting at Kate's small dinette table one summer morning, discussing the neighborhood gossip and local news. Their husbands were out playing golf, and as was their wont, Kate and Linda got together to chat, shop and generally goof off. Each was wearing short shorts and a light blouse, as the summer weather was quite warm. "I tell ya, honey, that husband of mine is a real dud in bed sometimes. I dress sexy for him and talk sexy, and all he wants to do is shove it in me, jerk a few times, come, and roll over and fall asleep. I really do miss the wild times I used to have when I was younger, you know?" said Linda as she slowly sipped at the cup of coffee in her hands. "Exactly, I mean... I love Roger dearly, and wouldn't really want to spend my life with any other man, but jeeezus, I do get HORNY once in a while." Kate responded. "What's the sexiest thing you've ever done, Lin?" she asked almost shyly. Linda looked at her for a few minutes, gauging t
I feel I've spent my life looking for a woman that will be able to surprise me day after day. Most women are fairly predictable. The more they try to hide their feelings, or their lack of, the easier it is to see right through them. I have found one, and only one, that is truly unpredictable. Unfortunately, that has also been a problem. I'm never sure what she is thinking or even how she feels about me. There are times when I think we share the same feelings for each other, then there are times when I feel like she doesn't want anything to do with me. I often find myself staring at her, just wondering what she is thinking. I've tried asking her, but her response is always the same, "nothing." I wish she would share more of herself with me, but I'm sure she wishes the same from me. It is, however, refreshing to have found someone that has yet to become boring to me. After nearly five months, I still enjoy every second of her company. She is as mesmerizing as moonlight on the water. She
which do you think will happen first?? 1. A black president or 2. a woman president I for one am ready for a change and I don't care what race or sex they are. the question is: ARE YOU! actually I dont care about points just wanted to see who would answer lol. but i do appreciate it. smiles!!!! wink Ever get those: you prequalify for a servey? and are promised 10,000 cherry points? and never get the points and you do not qualify for the servey. what kind of crap is this baby jesus???
Woohoo For Nothing Better To Do
Please steal a moment to fill this out with your opinions (and we all know what those smell like) in a comment sluts 1. Who the hell are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. Do you have a crush on me or have i ever bit your nipple? 5. Would you suck my toes? 6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 7. Describe me in one word. 8. What was your first impression? 9. Have I ever licked you? 10. What reminds you of me? 11. If you could give me anything what would it be? 12. Would you give me your last beer? 13. When's the last time you saw me? 14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? 15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you? "Can't Do It Today" Gary Allan Trying to keep a candle burning in a hurricane, Thats what its like when you love me and you leave me this way, Like a dove crying out when hes lost the will to fly, Yeah, shackled down to the earth by your long chain of lies, Well, Ill
In My Mind
Why are they called creampies? when our vagina is a clam wouldnt it be clam chowder?
Good Lovin
So many beautiful women in the world, where's mine? You have a sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at Who do I have to fuck to get more points around here?
As I sit here and ponder on the days events and thoughts, I wonder how many actually carry people from Cherry Tap with you through out your daily routines and lives. I was given a chance to escape for awhile today when a set of keys were thrown to me and the words "Go, free yourself" were spoken as I grasps the incoming pieces of brass and plastic. I looked to my partner with a question in my mind and alls I got was "later, you need it". I reached in my wrecker, grabbed my riding gear, threw it on, looked over to my hood and walked away. Cant be free with that thing on my head. Just dont feel the same with it. As I leaned the chrome and steal to me while throwing my leg over to the other side, I was already miles away. In went the keys, a twist clockwise, and the push of a button brought it to life. Pull the clutch in, drop the gear, release,throttle, and gone in a cloud of smoke knowing fool well where I was headed, the open road just a few blocks from my shop. As I leaned into t
Cherry Tap
To those of you who are legends, there is no way you can fan everyone back who has fanned you, so this doesn't apply to you. So this is for everyone else. How annoying is it that your Fan and Fan Of lists don't match up? A few month's ago, Bella came up with the idea that users could have icons indicating who did what for you, so you can return the favor if you so inclined. I thought it was great idea then and still one now. Coming over from that other place whose name shall not be mentioned so long ago, the LC, now the CT used to be a far superior alternative to that other place. People were spreading the word left and right about how great this place is and it was expanding faster and faster every day, and probably still is. While that place most people left was constantly buggy, the CT ran like a swiss watch, and after all that Happy Hour, ViC and Blast money kept rolling in, it seemed to get even better, at first. Then things started to go downhill. People who you thought were c
How You Know You Have True Friends You Dont Want To Loose
iTS AMAZING WHEN STRANGERS BECOME FRiENdS, BUT ITS SAD WHEN FRiENdS BECOME STRANGERS... I NEVER WANT TO LOSE U AS A buDDY..A H0mEY...A FRiENd... SEND THIS TO ALL Y0 fRIEndS...InCLUdING ME(IF U DONT WANT TO l0SE ME!)~ ____???_____???_____ __?_____?_?_____?___ __?______?______?___ ___?___________?____ _____?_______?______ _______?___?________ _________?__________ _______?___?________ _____?_______?____ ___?___________?____ __?______?______?___ __?_____?_?_____?___ ____???_____???_____ ~I MET U AS A STRANGA. I TOOK U AS A FRiENd. I HOPE WE MEET IN HEAVEN WHERE FRiENdSHiP NEVER ENdZ!!. iTS AMAZING WHEN STRANGERS BECOME FRiENdS, BUT ITS SAD WHEN FRiENdS BECOME STRANGERS... I NEVER WANT TO LOSE U AS A buDDY..A H0mEY...A FRiENd... SEND THIS TO ALL Y0 fRIEndS...InCLUdING ME(IF U DONT WANT TO l0SE ME!)~ ____???_____???_____ __?_____?_?_____?___ __?______?______?___ ___?___________?____ _____?_______?______ _______?___?________ _________?__________ _______?___?_
Good Karma
14 Best Inspirational Quotes on Kindness, Compassion, and Taking Action Posted February 21st, 2007 by HappyOneaction anne frank compassion good karma help inspiration inspirational karma kindness peace quotes random acts of kindness take action wayne dyer world My 14 Favorite Inspirational Quotes on Kindness, Compassion, and Taking Action: We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee. - Marian Wright Edelman Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. - Edmund Burke Everything is perfect in the universe, including your desire to improve it. - Wayne Dyer Washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral. - Paulo Freire Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you. - Wayne
Happy Hour Scavenger Hunt
MY HAPPY HOUR SCAVENGER HUNT!!! Copy and paste into a private message and complete while searching for the answers in a 2nd window. Please be sure while you are looking for answers to rate the things that can be rated. The 1st person to complete it correctly will WIN $100,000 fubucks. The 2nd person to complete it correctly will WIN $50,000 fubucks. The 3rd person to complete it correctly will WIN $25,000 fubucks. Don't give up. Someone may rush through it and send it back incomplete or incorrect! I will post a bulletin when I have received 3 back complete and correct! Don't forget to RATE along the way! If you have found all the answers but didn't bother to rate while will be disqualified. 1. So, when I took my daughter to Build a Bear I made an official "Fu Mascot". What is his name? 2. On our recent trip to California we went to Disneyland and California Adventure. Only one of these photos has a caption. What is the photo of? 3.
Im Up For Auction
hey ladies. i am taking applications for some fun. i am looking for younger women in my area or close by to have some fun with. message me or sb me if you would like to find out more details. have a super sexy day. come vote on me
im gong away and i dont know where all ican do anymore is hurt those around me. im tired of hurting, of hurting others. the only things im good at anymore are quitting or giving up. my child calls me an evil bitch, my sister tells me im a dumb bitch and my online family call me selfish and self-centerd. i dont know what im im doing yet or where ill go, but im done. i cant go on anymore. i love you all, and someday maybe youll understand.
i don't always think rationally when i'm sad and may say or do things that i don't mean. i have made lots of great friends on here and some have become very special to me and cloce to my heart. i tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, which makes it easy to be broken. i have to learn to use my head more and my heart less
Stay Way
CAN T YOU JUST STAY WAY joker@ fubar
A Poem From My Soldier
As I was talking to my new found friends all of the sudden in a burst of light you came in As you walked into the room, my eyes could see that finally I found her, I found the one for me I had found the one who could love me true my love forever, my heart found it in you One person who stole my heart and soul One person, to you my love, I give all control As the wind continues to blow and the days go by Every night I dream of your love and I start to cry Tears of joy I find rolling down my face Nothing in my life, prepared me for this place All I know is that in my heart I found something new I found something that changed me, I found the words I LOVE YOU So as you go to bed tonight, and curl up in a ball remember my words to you, but remember this most of all Nothing in the world compares to the love I have for you I give you my life, my heart, and my soul, do what you will do As each day turns into the next and time goes by for everything I do, I pr
Check This Out
my friend was bought in an auction two days ago and her owner started making his status say rude things then did a mumm cause she did not do all she promised IN TWO DAYS............ I tried to talk to him sine he is / WAS a friend of mine to. he blocked her and I told him to stop being so childish. Then I blocked him and this is what I get in my yahoo Guess I got the last
Auto 11s Contest
I'm in my 1st contest!!! All you have to do is rate my pic. That's it. Just click on my picture: It's Round 3!!!! All rates have been re-set!!!! Please show love to the sponsor as well!! Thanks!!!
10 Alternate Uses For A Coat Hanger
I want to thank Hugh G Joak for coauthoring this blog with me. He is my inspiration on most of my crazy ideas and blogs. I would like to give him full credit for today's blogs theme. You are my rock, Kumquat.. 10 Alternate uses for coat hangers: 1. To hold your Pippi Long Stocking hair do 2. Breaking into cars. 3. Punk rocker earring 4. Giant Bubble Blower 5. Electrical outlet tester 6. Hill Billy toothpick 7. While wearing a cast a scratching device 8. Car Radio Antenna 9. To capture large dust balls from the far corners of your bed. 10. Makes an excellent cat toy ( just need crazy glue and feathers ) Thank you for stopping by Kumquat and Snow Pea
Happy Again
My AngelThe moment I opened my heart and let you in I saw this great love starting to begin. I opened my eyes to a vision of you I hope, I pray your feelings are true. I have loved and I have paid the cost And I have felt the pain of the love I lost. But, now, I think I have truly found An Angel who walks upon the ground. You go beyond all limits for me Just to show your love endlessly. I could search my whole life through And never find another 'you'. You are so special that I wanted you to know I truly, completely love you so.Baby i truely love you. I will always be here when you need me, no matter what you need. You are my Angel It all started one night with me scrolling through fubar just looking around. I came upone this one girl April, her status said "crying" me, i don't like to see anybody upset. so i sent her a gift, believe it was a hug. She replyed thank you/ We talkd in shout box for a bit, she explained what was goin on. I gave her my email said if she ever wnated to talk
My Parents !!!!
this happened after I went to work this morning. we had a home invasion of sorts... Couple guys tried to get in from back and front of our house. Luckily my Dog (Cindy Lou) was here because she stopped the guy in back. Mom went out for morning cigarette and coffee. didnt see him in the back yard. Cindy Lou chased him and got a piece of him.... Dad went out front and the other guy fought with him. Mom came back in with the dog. Dad was screaming and fighting. the dog went after that guy and mom dialed 911.... My dog is ok after being kicked ... My dad is not all that ok. hes in the hospital after fighting this guy. hit over the head with something and cuts / bruises.... Im so upset right now because the police never notified me until hours later before I left work.. I got home and began writing this.... Now im more pissed off at the police and these 2 idiots who tried or did hurt my family. before coming home I went to the Hospital for Mom and see how dad was doing... I
Numb………… If I could be so lucky Instead I hear echos I feel the hole in me Growing and taking- More and more. I’m not numb I feel the pain and burn I feel the depth of the hole in my soul I see where it should have gone But it will never be. Numb………… I should be so lucky
My Time On Fubar
running out of things to do here,and dont know which one to chat with. So far I met alot a friendly ppl here. too bad i'm limited to some features I can use like sending messages and giving gifts if I have enough fubucks. Anyway if anyone like to chat I on some day and maybe some nights. Might make a crush on someone...hehe
Discovering Mr Right
Day 1: So I am on a mission to discover the characteristics and qualities I want in MR RIGHT. More often then not I tend to focus on the wrong things but i have decided to find the things that make me get butterflies no matter how many times they happen. Looks fade, people change but there have got to be some lasting characteristic that won't change. So here are some things. #1. Someone who makes me laugh. Not just by telling a joke or by being silly. Someone who no matter how tired or sad i am that can remind me of how fun life can be and make me laugh until my tears are gone. #2. Someone who wants me in as many pictures as I want them in. You see I am always the one behind the camera, I want a man who will pry it from my hands to take my picture. No matter how much I grumble I hate having my picture taken. #3. Someone who is not afraid to dance to there own music. I like original, I like the one who isn't afraid to sing off tune and to be laughed with not at... I want someone who
Family Add
if you want in my family you have to get me bling packs I am new here but I have friends that are on here that told me about this site 25 credits gets you in for two weeks 65 credits gets you in for a month 135 credits gets you in from now on plus yim add 1000 credits gets you in from now on plus naughty cam show plus private pix
Why Am I
The Reason Why i am deciding to leave Fubar for forever is people treat me like shit and the site i remember it as 4 and a half years ago called Lost Cherry Has gone but back then people were fun to have around but fubar has now become unfun and treating me like noone gives a fuck about my feelings on here i admit i have got good friends on here but most of them aren't on here that much anymore and people who i thought were my friends have changed and now they treat me like a ex friend they wish would just die and leave them the fuck alone forever things i dislike on fubar are having 2 my bar tabs the so called video chat the stupid fubar lotto and this totally stupid idea of a daily fubar ranking noone gives a shit abouttheir ranking on here oh and the my stats thing noone cares about that either but on the other hand fubar has it's good points but right now so much of the ugly side of fubar is making my mind up to leave forever so therefore i have decided to mark my 5 years on fubar
You Have Got To Be Kidding Me, Really??!!
I was driving down the road today and was listening to the radio...a news breif came on and the guy went on to say that if someone goes to buy a gun, and has a medical license, and does not put it on the NCIC form, it is a felony...Therefore if you have a Medical Marijuana card, you do not have the right to bear arms..So ur cancer or other dibilitating illness, is cause for them to take u to fedral prison if you choose to own a gun and have a card that gives you the right to possess medicine for your illness. How bout that for the american dream? I am not a felon Nor do I have any kind of criminal record, and the governent can just come and say hey there are bad people out there that smoke pot too, lets take your rights and throw them in with the crooks out there and treat people as if they dont matter..
Current Music News
THC is up for Album of the Week at REVOLVER Magazine! VOTE PEACEMAKER and let's take this thing!!! (feel free to vote as many times as you want) Applications are now being accepted for Muckleshoot Casino's Battle of the Puget Sound Bands Event in August! Does your band have what it takes? They're giving away $30,000 in cash and prizes. For more information or to download an application go to CALLING ALL UNSIGNED BANDS!!! The Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival is proud to announce the 2012 Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands presented by Imagen Records!! If you’re in an unsigned band (or know someone who is) and want the opportunity to not only play your hometown UPROAR date, but potentially play the ENTIRE 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival, record an EP, get new gear and more, then enter now!
Hell Yes
hows it going all yous peoples just thought id say whats up and let u guys know that if you feel like talking let me know and ill listen to what ever u have to say
I lost the boyfriend I had. He made me very sad I couldn't get mad. He made me love him so much, I still feel his touch. Running down my back Something that he lacks. I figured out I can't live without him. His soul completes me. But I have to except thee I lost him because of a girl, She really makes me hurl. She is the type I hate The one you can not break. He made me so lonely He was just a phony. But in my heart I still like him Even though he did me wrong. I hate to cry right now, But its bad to cry over a man Which I don't really understand Because he wasn't a real man Which I am saying that he wasn't strong To stay with me that long. He listened to his friends Instead of what he felt inside So he is no longer here And no longer there Lets just say he is not anywhere In my world even though I still love him. You know you're beautiful, Don't look the other way, You know you're amazing, There is nothing else to say. You know that
Adult Stuff
if you are a friend or family of mine here is how to contact me off of here. armyjay07@yahoo, armyjay07@hotmail, take your pic, just introduce yourself so i know who you are. well my photos are now open to all oh boy. im in the army as you all know, well im in kuwait and have little time online. ill write when i can.
Fun Things!!
plllease comment and rate me thank you! just click the picture! Link to my newest contest entry (the blue eyez starts tomorrow Ill post a link to that one as well!!!! thanks everyone I'm in a fantastically good mood this morning..NO work for me today...All play, I took Zeusy to his second doggy training class and he did VERY WELL!! I was so proud of my lil man!! YAY!!!!! Mark is here with me *sleepin at the moment but here no less* which always makes me smile! Zeusy is sleepin ontop of mark hehe so cute!...Spring Break is comin up in about two weeks and NY here me and mark come! CANNOT WAIT!!! even tho its gonna be cold, guess that gives me a reason to buy some warm gloves and hats n stuff..but just felt like sayin hey to y'all and tell ya about my great day so far...hope all is well w/everyone!!stay sweet!!! Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Just Bloggin Ya'll
Man: Havent we met before? Woman: Maybe. Im the receptionist at the VD Clinic. Man: Havent I seen you someplace before? Woman: Yeah, thats why I dont go there anymore. Man: Is this seat empty? Woman: Yes, and this one will be too if you sit down. Man: So, wanna go back to my place ? Woman: Well, I dont know. Will two people fit under a rock? Man: Your place or mine? Woman: Both. You go to yours and Ill go to mine. Man: Id like to call you. Whats your number? Woman: Its in the phone book. Man: But I dont know your name. Woman: Thats in the phone book too. Man: So what do you do for a living? Woman: Im a female impersonator. Man: Hey, baby, whats your sign? Woman: Do not Enter Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning? Woman: Unfertilized ! Man: Hey, come on, were both here at this bar for the same reason Woman: Yeah! Lets pick up some chicks! Man
Today is Mother's Day mom And you've been on my mind all day I would give anything to be able to see you once again Because there's so much I'd like to say Growing up you tried your best To give me what you could When I hurt you held me in your arms And comforted me like no one else ever would You would always kiss my tears away And wrap me in your arms You made me feel safe and secure And tried to protect me from all harm We didn't always see eye to eye And at times we didn't get along But if I could hear your voice once more It would be like a sweet sweet song You taught me morals and values And the true meaning of life You taught me how to overcome All of life's obstacles and strife You taught me what real love was And to never settle for less To always hold my head up high And make each situation the best You taught me that it's okay to cry But to not let life get me down You taught me how to be strong Even in the midst of my frowns I am
H@ppy Momm@s D@y
-(`v)-9/11 WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER OUR FALLEN HERO'-(`v)- Cool Myspace Comments THIS WAS A DAY WE WILL ALWAYS CARRY ON IN OUR HEARTS. GOD BLESS ALL HELP ME !! WITH COMMENTS N LOTS OF THEM PLZ. ITS A DIMPLE CONTEST!! Starting: August 20th@ 8:00PM EST Ending: August 27th@8:00PM EST This is a bombing contest.It will run for 7 days.All entrys are allowed to self bomb as well as their friends. No DRAMA will be tolerated.The prize will be a 7 day blast or 1 month V.I.P. GURLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!!!! Hot Myspace Comments Freindship, I will give thee I need to show Just a little space Thats in my heart For a special friendship I always have a space there For a friend to rent For the length they choose To keep in their thoughts To listen to them Keep them warm, dear, and near Once, they decide to keep us It'll be there home forever Never moved from there sp
A 7-year-old boy in Lancaster, Ontario who is fighting leukemia is hoping people here will help him fulfill a birthday wish. Shane Bernier wants to receive the most birthday cards ever so he can beat a worlds record. Thats 350 million cards. Bree Bullock, an employee of Ponderosa, has set up a box to collect cards for the young man at her place of employment. The business has agreed to ship the cards it receives to the boy. You can also mail a card to him directly at PO Box 484, Lancaster, Ontario, KOS 1N0, Canada. Bullock can be reached at home at 573-747-1391 or at work at 756-1158 for additional questions. I was just very touched by his story, she said. I hope people will help him fulfill his wish. Bernier was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was 5. He has recently had a relapse after 108 weeks of 130 weeks of treatment. His birthday is May 30. He hasnt asked for toys or money, just a birthday card from anyone whod like to send one. An on
hey everyboby i've got some funny vids in my new stash file labeled funny shit please come by watch them and rate and comment on them thank you.. i'm a juggalo and i'm looking for juggalettes. are there any around north carolina that would like too meet a fellow juggalo? come check me out. tell a friend that there is a wicked clown on the lose for some hot juggalette to come meet him and to have a good time with. and i don't mean sex!!!! i mean fun like hangin out and hopefully dating. so stop by and show some clown luv. juggalo's 4 life. peace mmfcl. hey everyone this is my first blog ever so give me a thumbs up. and also if there is any hot gothic women near rutherford county north carolina that wants too meet a good hearted man that will treat them like a queen let me know by coming by and adding me as a friend and rateing my pics. remember don't be shy stop by and say hi i hope too meet a girl off of here that will treat me as good as i treat them i don't want any women that r mean
Zyndell's Voice
Life is confusing right now. I am trying to deal with a new living arrangement. I have roommates now instead of my grandma. Its definitely different. I am hoping to meet more people and find someone special to spend time with. One of those days. I hopped into a seemingly new IRC RPG room. I wanted to find a White Wolf OWOD game. VtM or WtA. No problem, right? Well, I got to talking with this person about a WtA TT game. I'm used to WtA LARP rules. I asked if I could get help. He tells me yes. Okay, sounds good. I joined the Yahoo list and pulled up the list's txt file character sheet and prepare to C&P it into my spreadsheet, thinking I'm going to get help making my sheet. After all, although he got cranky about me not wanting someone to send me an illegal copy of the book, I thought I was going to get help with my sheet. I haven't dealt with the WtA TT rules set in years. I haven't even played d10 TT in years. So, when I asked him if he would be helping me, or someone in the main room
Please Do This For Me All Friends And Family
im a firend to all , i have had enough drama i can write a good book ,im Not God and Im Not Perfect And i will never claim to be . God is the judge . like my status reads were all brothers and sisters thats in the bible , whom chooses to delete me thats there choice , the field im in is nursing with has to come from the heart not the pay check . i visualize me in the bed of a patient and how i treat that person i hope i get treated the same . that is why i don't go to lounges no more really , i have mine its special its for all whom served our country and still protecting us . the world has gotten so out of touch with everything ask yourselves this please . IF GOD WAS TO COME TODAY AND DO HIS JUDGIN WHERE WOULD WE ALL BE ? HERE ON FUBAR OR FACING THE MAN THAT CREATED US . IM SADDENED OVER HOW A SITE HAS TAKEN FRIENDS AND TURNED THEM COLD . I HOPE IF OR WHEN I PASS AWAY THAT MY FRIENDS WILL BE THERE , IF NOT IN PERSON BUT ME IN THEIR THOUGHTS . I LOVE ALL OF YOUS GIVE LOVE A CHANCE NEVE
Arbitrator'-bi-tray-ter..: A cook that leaves Arby's to work at McDonald's. Avoidable ..uh-voy'-duh-buhl..: What a bullfighter tries to do. Baloney ..buh-lo'-nee..: Where some hemlines fall. Bernadette ..burn'-a-det..: The act of torching a mortgage. Burglarize ..bur'-gler-ize..: What a crook sees with. Counterfeiters ..kown-ter-fit-ers..: Workers who put together kitchen cabinets. Eclipse ..e-klips'..: What an English barber does for a living. Eyedropper ..i'-drop-ur..: A clumsy ophthalmologist. Heroes ..hee'-rhos..: What a guy in a boat does. Left Bank ..left' bangk'..: What the robber did when his bag was full of loot. Misty ..mis'-tee..: How golfers create divots. Paradox ..par'-uh-doks..: Two physicians. Parasites ..par'-uh-sites..: What you see from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Pharmacist'-uh-sist..: A helper on the farm. Polarize ..po'-lur-ize..: What penguins see with. Log On: Makin' the wood stove hotter. Log Off: Do
A blonde woman boards an airplane. She is extremely exhausted and just wants to take a nap. She finally finds her seat and sits down next to a very curious young man. He wants to test the whole dub blonde thing and possibly make some money out of it. "Hey, wanna play a game?" he asks her. "No thank you, i just want to take a nap." "Please, its really easy, all you have to do is answer the questions that i ask you. If you don't know the answer, then you give me five dollars, and if I don't know the answer to your question, then Ill give you five dollars." "I really don't want to do this. I just want to take a nap." "Oh but PLEASE pretty please. Okay, how about if I don't know the answer to your question, I'll give you five hundred dollars." The blonde woman became interested and decided to play the game. "Okay. How many moons does jupiter have?" the young man asked. The woman reached into her purse and took out a five dollar bill. "What goes up the mountain with three legs a
Club Mystic Update - 12/14/08
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Housisms from Season 2 House: "Where are you going?" Foreman: "You're an ass." House: "I know. Where are you going?" - No Reason "I always say if you're going to get shot, do it in a hospital." - No Reason Jack: "I don't want to hear semantics." House: "You anti-semantic bastard." - No Reason "She looks just like you. You have the same fro." - Who's Your Daddy? "Pretentiousness is hereditary. Just because they haven't found the gene yet..." - Who's Your Daddy? "I'm a really good secret keeper. I've never told anybody Wilson wets his bed." - Who's Your Daddy? "Tonight, L Word marathon." - Forever "Unless Chase broke his neck falling off his polo pony, he had no reason to be in the ER." - Forever "I ask you, is almost dying any excuse for not being fun?" - Forever "Ideas are not soda cans. Recycling sucks." - Forever "Oh, Level Three. Have you called Jack Bauer?" - Euphoria, Part 2 Wilson: "You're accessing a webcam?" House: "Cuddy's shower. You a fan of the Brazilian?" - Eup
Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground? If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a stupid song about him? One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife, 'Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in 'Slim Fast'. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!'His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded. The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. 'What the H*%* is this?' he said to himself as a little 'dust' cloud appeared when he shook them out. 'April', he hollered into the bathroom, 'Why did you put Talcum Powder in my underwear?' She replied with a snicker. 'It's not talcum powder; it's 'Miracle Grow'!!!
ع 觢价šⴴ͵ԡ ԢԷѺ ԧŴ շ͡ ҧ աҡҧͧҧ ʡѴҡѹ ҿԡ㹻ҫҿŴ ҤҢǴԺҷ ҹǨäš зӡѺҹҹ ҧǺҧҨѡ Դ ֡ ͧТͧط ҤӡѺŢͧ ͧʹء ѹ˹ҡѺ 纻 ѹ ѹ ҷѹ ѧ֧ѧ֡ ҧ ѡ 5ءѹ Ǩ纻ää ѧ ؤ ͧعҴҧ ѹҷҹҨҡҧǹ¨ʡѴ 觼ԴҵԢͧҧ ҹ ˵ع餹»ҵҷǴҨ֧عҷӷ ѡ 繷ع繷 й ͼ 繵 ѧԷ ʶҺѹԨ觷
My Brother Rip
Ultimate Hottie Positions Available
Attention Hotties, we will be posting information on positions that are available within the hotties. If you are interested in any of these positions, please leave a comment in the comment section, and/or contact Rider or alabamagirl. All hotties that are put into a position will still be assigned to a Team. Hottie Positions Available Ultimate Hotties Prospect Trainer (2 positions available)Responsibilities include: Mentoring incoming hotties, by guiding them thru every step of the new hottie process. You will also be training them on how to navigate the page, where to find active hotties (in stash and in blog) for daily rates, and what they will need to do once assigned to a team. Ultimate Hotties UHL Team (5 positions available)Responsibilities include: Visiting each hotties page on a weekly basis and checking in to make sure that they are still continuing to show hottie love. You will then leave a profile comment on each page that you visit (with a tag
Life. As Simple As It Sounds.
Being my first blog on here I considered introducing myself, but then I decided that's kinda what the whole profile thing is about. Anyway, as I'm trying to take in all that is involved in this website I was thinking about all the social networking sites in this world. Between Facebook, Myspace, and twitter, people pretty much know what you're doing, where you're doing it, and who you're doing it with at all times. Now, for some of us, that's pretty fucking fantastic. Those of us that have always loved being the center of attention now have people watching your every move from across the country, even from the other side of the world in some cases. I seem to have forgotten my point... oh yea, basically what I'm trying to say is everyone should pay attention to me at all times. I promise I'll "wow" you at some point or another. Life always has it's ups and downs. For almost 2 years I have been unemployed, looking for work. I drank through all my savings and was pretty close to
My Poetry
It's been too much damage, And too much invasion, This road has been packed, With negative revelation, Just killing the prospect, Of hope for sensation. No one else is to blame, This is our creation, So lets cut the bullshit, And drop all expectation, Hate is your fall, And revenge my temptation. It's way too late now, To repair this relation, We've been blinded for so long, By all the frustration, We found no solutions, To solve the situation. But Ill make a choice here, To reduce the complication, Avoiding the trap Of cold calculation, For theres no relief there, Down at the next station. So here I'll turn around, And change my destination. Copyright 2006 by C Hottran A Child's Destiny Another bomb has landed, Politicians controls the Bouchers knife, Again theyve destroyed, A precious and innocent life. They slaughter in thousands, Showing no signs of regret, Claiming to have terminated, Another
About My Art!
Hello thanks for reading this. Well, London had surgery about a month ago. They didn't do what they planned on and left her with another open wound not much different than it was when she first was injured. She is healing but slowly. Her life as well as mine are on hold until the wound heals. They won't do her knee surger to replace it until the wound heals because of the risk of infection. In the mean time I am packing it twice daily so I can keep it clean and hopefully will heal quicker this time. It has been 8 months since her accident and seems like a lot longer. I am frustrated and a bit po'd that they didn't do what they had planned to do or told us that they were doing. I had her at the emergency room yesterday with an infection. She is on medication now and the infection should clear fairly quickly. Between caring for her and work I haven't been on here much. They are messing with my schedule and I am on a 7 day stretch. Seems like it is longer than that but it will pass. Just
Five Levels of Hangovers One Star Hangover (*) No pain. No real feeling of illness. You're able to function relatively well. However, you are still parched. You can drink 5 cokes and still feel this way. For some reason, you are craving a steak & fries. Two Star Hangover (**) No pain, but something is definitely amiss. You may look okay, but you have the mental capacity of a staple gun. The coffee you are chugging is only increasing your rumbling gut, which is still tossing around the fruity pancake from the 3:00 AM Waffle House excursion. There is some definite havoc being wreaked upon your bowels. Three Star Hangover (***) Slight headache. Stomach feels crappy. You are definitely not productive. Anytime a girl walks by you gag because her perfume reminds you of the flavored schnapps shots your alcoholic friends dared you to drink. Life would be better right now if you were home in your bed watching Lucy reruns. You've
Funny Shit
A stranger was seated next to a little girl on the airplane when the stranger turned to her and said, "Let's talk. I've heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger." The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed it slowly and said to the stranger, "What would you like to talk about?" Oh, I don't know", said the stranger. "How about nuclear power?" "OK," she said. "That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat grass, the same stuff. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?" The stranger thinks about it and says, "Hmmm, I have no idea," To which the little girl replies, "Do you really feel qualified to discuss nuclear power when you don't know shit?" Two fleas from Wisconsin had an agreement to meet every winter in Miami for a vacation. Las
I gave into her and her hypnotic gaze, like a vampire's bodyguard during the days, I'll give my life for her without thought or fear, So long as she feels no pain and is in the clear, I will kill without hesitation or remorse, if you bring harm to her, you'll soon be a corpse, No loyalty has or will ever compare to this, To my love I remain, Semper Fidelis.* -E. Dunphy * Semper Fidelis - Latin for "Always Faithful," the United States Marines Corps' motto
Hello all... Found out i have a hidden talent for writing erotic stories lol i write one part each day..decided to post it on here...let me know what you guys think k? Make sure you read them in order lol peace ~cin i wake up to hearing soft voices from the other room...i yawn and stretch a bit trying to doze back off a bit before Master comes to wake me. i sigh realizing i cant. 'Master must have our evening company over already" i think to myself i start to sit up and realize Master has been watching me and most likely heard my thoughts to myself. he simply smiles and me and stands. "rest well pet"? i nod "yes my Master, this one thanks Master for allowing her to rest" he nods and stands slowly walking over to me "you are right pet" he grins knowing i know he read my thoughts "we do have company over this evening" i nod and smile again.."how shall this one dress Master"? he grins "as you are pet" i blink and gaze at him "well..almost as you are" he reaches forward and places a t
The difference is that a City Piegon doesn't have shit between its toe's like Country Piegon does..... A father and son went hunting together for the first time. The father said: "Stay here and be very QUIET. I'll be across the field." A few minutes later the father heard a blood curdling scream and ran Back to his son. "What's wrong?" the father asked. "I told you to be quiet." The boy, bless his heart, answered; "Look, I was quiet when the snake slithered across my feet. I was quiet when the bear breathed down my neck. I didn't move a muscle when the skunk climbed over my shoulder. I closed my eyes and held my breath when the wasp stung me. I didn't cough when I swallowed the gnat. I didn't cuss or scratch when the poison oak started itching. But when the two squirrels crawled up my pant legs and said, Should we eat them here or take them with us?' "Well, I guess I just panicked..............."
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About Me
I was that which others did not want to be. I went where others feared to go, and did what others failed to do. I asked nothing from those who gave nothing. And reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness... should I fail. I have seen the face of terror; felt the stinging cold of fear; and enjoyed the sweet taste of a moments love. I have cried, pained, and hoped...but most of all, I have lived times others would say were best forgotten. At least someday, I will be able to say that I was proud of what I was. Myspace Layouts I was that which others did not want to be. I went where others feared to go, and did what others failed to do. I asked nothing from those who gave nothing. And reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness... should I fail. I have seen the face of terror; felt the stinging cold of fear; and enjoyed the sweet taste of a moments love. I have cried, pained, and hoped...but most of all, I have lived times others would say were best forgott
Well i officially had my last surgery on my leg this past Wed. and so far so good. They took about four inches of bone from my left hip and placed it on my tibia and also they placed a new plate down the length of my shin. Hopefully this will be the last one. To be honest i am sick and tired of surgeries and pain medications. At least when i take them i can't feel anything. The hip is the worst of the pain. Can't sleep well because i can only lay on my back. Even laying on my right side hurts all to hell. But i am still alive so i have to be happy for that much at least. Its been a while since i have been on here and i am so glad to be back. Missed chatting to all of you. Hope that everything has been well with you my friends and i look forward to hearing your comments and such soon. Blessed Be, athena So i recently broke up with the one person i "thought" was the One. We seemed to match on every level and everything appeared great. Sadly i was mistaken. To say that his temper is
Hotties Code Of Conduct
2nd Alarm Hotties Code of Conduct 1. All Hottie members/prospects must have a verified salute and a minimum of 15 pics which includeS.F.W body shots. All hotties must be female by birth 2. All pics, (excluding private and n.s.f.w) must be open for the purpose of voting and rating to all officers. Shout box and Fu-mail must be open to officers for communications. You have to have a yahoo id or msn id for this purpose. Officers must have yahoo sn. When you acquire a Yahoo Id. You must submit it to C/D.Carrie for inclusion in the communication list of hotties. 3. All new hotties will be assigned to a Team, your team leader must be in your top 10 friends and Upon your admission you must add 2nd Alarm hotties to your profile name/nickname, you are allowed 5 days to conform with C.O.C.rules. Team leaders will be checking for compliance. This applies to ex hotties, rejoining. 4. Most important; Chief and Hottie homepage Must be added to your Family...and Carrie (careabella),Flirt (cris),K
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Made with Morpheus Photo Morpher There is one on each hip..
Go Sarah!!
Tale of the Tape: Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama Office being sought Vice President of The United States, President of the United States and Leader of the Free World Full name: Sarah Louise Heath Palin Barack Hussein Obama II Nickname: Sarah: Barracuda Barry Obama: "The One" Public opinion: Smoking hot in a "naughty librarian" sort of way May be The Messiah Age: 44 48 Children: 5: two sons, three daughters 2: two daughters Religion/Church attendance: Evangelical Christian; attends Juneau Christian Center when in Juneau and grew up attending Wasilla Assembly of God Attended Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years, a "black liberation theology" church formerly led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright and governed according to the Black Value System Current Job: Governor of Alaska Junior Senator from Illinois Previous Public Jobs: Mayor of Wasilla, AK (1996
I Got The Job
for all of you who have been supportive and keeping your fingers crossed, GOOD NEWS? i got the job at lowes i am working in the lawn and garden as a loader so ty all for your support and prayers
Mod Calendar Girl
communication is useless without follow through. the better we follow though with what we talk about the more valid the time spent talkin about it becomes, the headaches spent discussing things are well worth it if we come to a conclusion and follow through, otherwise...wasted headaches.. Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem[Chorus - Brother Ali]I said the good Lord made me what I am and I play this game for keepsGot to use what I have to get what I want, all the dreamer got is his dreamAnd the good Lord made me what I am and I play the hand I'm dealtSaid sometimes the hardest thing to be in this world is just yourself[Verse 1 - Brother Ali]Best believe the Qur'an influenced all of my songsMy fans run and tattoo 'em all on they armsWanna travel, be there every time I performNow look me in my eye and tell me, how am I wrong?And who would of thoughtJust givin 'em the truth from my heart, both the ugly and the beautiful partWould give 'em food from thought, let 'em chew it apartAnd they'd all cr
Blogs I Typed But Didnt Want To Post, And Posted Anyway
life is too short to keep making excuses My status, this morning: and the drive to 45 plunders on. There is a special place in my heart and in my mind for each and every one of you* This site reeks ofdissatisfaction. People not leveling fast enough. The bonus multiplier isn't high enough. This bling doesn't last long enough. My blue-shaded name isn'tlightenough. I'm sure you understand and know where I'm coming from, and could add many things to that list. There are things even in our own lives we all wish were better, but points somehow seem more manageable, and it's easier to channel frustration here. I'm not writing this for anyone in particular. I'm writing it for me. Hell, this blog itself is about my dissatisfaction with the world in general, and how it all funnels down into this microcosm we call Twitter Fubar. Frustration and dissatisfaction drive us to do or seek better for ourselves and/or loved ones. For our friends, and friends we haven't even made ye
New Here
I'm slowly learning my way around.. my wonderful friend invited me to this site and well it can be a bit overwhelming at first.. I look forward to meeting all sorts of new people and making new friends.. I like that there are blog spots on here .. I enjoy writing short stories so I will have an outlet to post them at on here.. very cool as I have not had an outlet to post to in quite awhile.. and as much as I enjoy reading my own stories *eye roll* I'd really rather have feedback on them.. or at least have other people read them.. so if you read them or this.. hope you enjoy.. and if not.. that's ok to!
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Niggas crack me up(And i mean every and any race on this planet type of niggas!!!) No matter how you slice it, the term "nigga" will always carry a stigma of racial subjugation and human indignities because it is derived from its predecessor "nigger", which is an imperialist term to justify treating black human beings as non-human, so that that the white man could own a black person as property and treat them like animals. But whatever. Modern black people have decided that they will own its derivative "nigga" and arbitrarily rationalize it as a term of endearment that they now own among each other. They "own" the word nigga, and they have "redefined" it to be a "positive" empowering term of endearment. Really? Can you really do that? Can you disregard centuries of inhumanity and a history of racial inequities just to redefine a piece of history on a whim? Okay. It's not my place to judge,
Rob Says...
I recently posted a blog telling Sox & Cubbie fans to join a winner(Cardinals)...I just want to let everyone know I mean NO disrespect to your teams of choice. This is all in fun.HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! Go GARDINALS!!! Hey, all you Sox and Cubbie fans...come join a winning team!!!hahahaha THANKS FOR STOPPING BY...HAVE A NICE DAY
Thoughts To Ponder
A W.E.N.C.H. Woman Entitled To Nights of Continual happiness A Goddess, Empress, Gate Keeper to the Land Of Pleasure and Bliss Golden mane flowing in the breeze As her pressence demands Universal respect One in a million Standing out in a crowd Body perfectly dimensioned, Mind piercing my walls Soul melting, takign control of my own Her soft, yet determined touch weakens me, my legs buckle Heart pounds, Lips moisten Manhood grows and grows, dedicated to her pleasure In deep meadow As the Spring breezes signify that time of year Love and desire abound Our eyes locked in mad embrace Father SUn warms our skin The guardians of the element of WInd Soothe us Mother Earth and the moistness comfort us The Great rite Begins My hands temidly touch and explore her womanliness The Great hunter now timid as a Virgin Oh How she has captivated, tamed me I Love Her, want her, Desire Her My warm full lips slowly envelop her taut hard nipples Holding my hea
Time To Share
I just started selling avon.. Anyone interested feel free to go to my website and order.. This campaign ends on the 22nd.. So hurry up and get your orders in.. Cant wait to hear from you.. :) You don't think we are good enough? :o) I can't get a response from anybody? No one walks on the wild side anymore? LOL.. Hey ladies after 18 years I am gonna share my husband.. We are looking for a threesome with a lady.. You have seen his pictures, if you have not then go to my pics and check him out.. He is a hottie... The eyes will melt you and make you wet your panties and as for the size you can rate that your self.. His name is jackass on my friends list.. Go check him out and rate him and fan him if you would like.. Message me back and let me know what you think.. This is a suprise for him.. I am waiting to hear from you.. :o)
#1 Bratt
My Son
I went the ER with my one year old Malachi he has a hair line skull fracture. It scared the crap outta me and I'm still really worried about him. The Doctor says it is in the shape of a V on the top of his skull. Visit Damion Joseph Dunn's Memorial on I created this memorial for my son a few months back I went the ER with my one year old Malachi he has a hair line skull fracture. It scared the crap outta me and I'm still really worried about him. The Doctor says it is in the shape of a V on the top of his skull.
Tag Your It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1) I like to cook 2) hate the cold but moved to Wisconsin go figure 3) I write poems 4) Love to camp and be near the water 5) Cook outs and bon-fires rock 6) Take walks in the woods to clear my head 7) Know all the words but cant carry a tune in a bucket 8) Like roller coasters and thrill rides 9) Listen to country and old rock 10) Like to fly airplanes and scuba dive Ok now for who do I send it to: ♥J~ץ♥Enforcer/Greeter@Club Insanity♥DJ~rock's RL&FU Girlfriend♥@ fubar Wildly Purrrfect ~WildCat~@ fubar ~*"Lil Rebel Redneck" Supports The Troops*~*~
Boredom At Work...
Kids in the back seat cause accidents. Accidents in the back seat cause kids. (HAHA that's great!!!) Again from the radio... Why are bombs smarter than the average high school student? Because the bombs know where Afghanistan is. Haha...that kills me. Last year, at where I work, they finally let us listen to the radio. Well everyday I listen to the same station, which is a classic rock station. Occasionally in the mornings they tell jokes and everything and there have been a couple that really crack me up, for instance... What happens when you stand on the toilet? You're high on pot. No it doesn't take much to amuse me but it still cracks me up.
Life Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is bliss, taste it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is costly, care for it. Life is wealth, keep it. Life is love, enjoy it. Life is mystery, know it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it. Top Six Reasons To Forgive Top Six Reasons To Forgive No one can change the past, but you do have the power to upgrade how you feel about it, and that makes all the difference. You can take your power back from all those painful memories, and make peace with your past. Forgiveness heals the guilt and the hurt, and does this quietly, privately, and thoroughly. Forgiveness
I'm In An Auction !!
Im in an auction come bid on me and own me for a month, it will be fun So here's the link ! :)
The influence of your Day of Birth; Your birthday is on the 23rd, which makes your birth number 5. CHARM is your middle name! And there's nothing insincere about your character either. You truly like being around people. Your friends bring out your best side -- a genuine wit and honesty that draw people to you like flies to honey. Part of your attraction is that you're a HEALING woman. Even if your career has nothing to do with medicine or the healing arts, people will seek you out for emotional and spiritual healing. Another reason people are drawn to you is your independence and self-sufficiency. Your friends and loved ones most likely want to be around you in hopes that your character will rub off on them! Your Destiny number; A refined intellectual, a woman who's studious, analytical and very research oriented . . . If you've heard yourself described in these terms by friends from time to time, there's a reason. You're under the influence of a 7 Destiny. The 7 focu
White Tigers
Insert Creative Blog Name Here
Pink Floyd 'Time' Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way. Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town Waiting for someone or something to show you the way. Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain. You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun. So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking Racing around to come up behind you again. The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older, Shorter of breath and one day closer to death. Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time. Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way The time is gone, the song is over, Thought I'd something more to say. I'm sitting here listening to music, and I hear some

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