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Our Wedding Day
JUNE 25, 2008 We are gathered here today to join Michael Glidewell and Leeann Reaves in Marriage before God who will watch over them and keep them together as one until these two can be placed with one other for the rest of their new lifes together. If Michael or Leeann has any reason to doubt this marriage let them speak now. Michael do you have vows you would like to say to Leeann now? I love u so much u are my world u have meant the world to me since day 1 u bring so much sunshine in my life ur the air I breath the happyness in my life ur the reason I get up in the moringings you are what keeps me going with out u im nothing I know im not ur first love but I would love to be ur last ur love I wouldnt miss for the world. Now Leeann will you say your vows to Michael. Mike from the day we met, the beginning of our relationship you've amazed me, suprised me and enchanted me in a way that no other human being ever has. Before I knew you, I wasn't living.
World Gone Crazy
Earlier I read a mumm about the shootings on the south side of Chicago, and that a Reverend was speaking out on them. It was asking if the city was out of hand because there are innocent people caught in the crossfire. So I have been thinking that it is easy to point out the tragedy that occurs but a solution has not been found. A solution cannot happen if no one does their part. Pardon me if I sound naive, but I think people need to start caring and joining together. In the 70's people left their doors unlocked and gang violence wasn't an issue. I would love a world that was harmonious. Unfortunately that can never be a reality because there are people who are opposed to that. There have been great men in history who spent their life aiming for this goal. Bob Marley, Martin Luther King Jr, and John Lennon are a few and were murdered for their efforts. As people we need to decide what kind of world we want and fight for it. Communities need to join together like they use to and fight t
Tagged By Miss Andi
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I hate rude people 2. I hate being alone 3. I love Southern Accents 4. I love strawberry cheese cake 5. I have several piercings 6. I can't function with out coffee (amen to this one) 7. I absolutely have to have a diet pepsi every day 8. I love the ocean and could stay there forever 9. I love to kiss 10. I cherish the few true friends I have I tag....... jamesbo76 'ღ*Nع but F#ÇK!N TØñÿÄ*™ღ' Laura Mykole and WANNA PLAY
Virgo's Nightmare !!!
After doing the 5th sink load of dishes this mornin, and cleaning up the living room, scrubing the black grunge out of the tub at 2 am so I could take a bath scraping, I don't wanna know what off the kitchen floor, vacuming, dusting and cleaning the litter box all before noon today. I have to wonder how people can live this way. There are 4 fully grown people in this house (besides me) and two small children. WHAT THE FUCK ?!?!?!?!?!? Since moving in here a month ago. NOT ONE person has washed a dish besides me, not one person has done laundry, not one person had vacumed a floor, or cleaned the bath, or a litter box...... note I don't own a cat !!! Is it truely possible that any one more or less four can be this unhyginic ?!?!?!?!?!? I thank Allah a million times over every day that my apartment will be turned over soon and I can have peace, quiet, and cleanliness !!! You never know what you miss till it's gone !!!!
Wake Up Voters
Ok I see a lot of support for Obamma but I just cant understand how thinking women and men could possibly consider him a serious candidate yea he has the Socialised Medicine platform but folks how do you think thats going to be paid for ....more taxes...look at Canada and england they Socialised Medicine and now you have a 3 to 6 month wait to see a doctor,and forget a dentist,Obamma's "friends" are radical racists who feel that white people are subhuman check on the quotes of Louis Farracon who claims Obamma as family wake up folks this man is dangerous and will destroy our country in short order if given the chance
Month One Mommy I am only 4 inches long but I have all my organs. I love the sound of your voice. The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby. Month Two Mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you could definitely tell that I am a baby. I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here. Month Three You know what Mommy I'm a boy!! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don't like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too and I cry with you even though you can't hear me. Month Four Mommy my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine but I will have a lot of it. I spend a lot of my time exercising. I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes and stretch my arms and legs. I am becoming quite good at it too. Month Five You went to the doctor today. Mommy, he lied to you. He said that I'm not a baby.

Join My Mafia!
Please add me on MYSPACE. I would play it here but the game isnt on FUBAR. I am trying to beef up my mafia. It is the funnest game I have ever played online. HELP ME .. just join me on myspace and add the application that is on my profile for MAFIA. Thanks! :)
Contest.. Please Help!!
Hey everyone, I entered a contest and I need your help. Click on the link below and comment on my many times as you like.. if i reach 60000 comments I win 120.00.. and I could really use the money for my kids..Thank you so much.. Kisses, T aka blondiewithblueeyes2002 [ photo: 3469030659 ] or HEY Everyone! I entered a contest to see who can get 6000 comments first...I am not on here for points but I thought what the heck, I'll try, If I win I'll get a 120.00 gift card. ( could really use the money) Just go to this link and comment away, you can do so as many times as you like. Luvs ya lots, KISSES TRACI aka Blondiewithblueeyes
Second To None
These are some words I need to say to you and you'll know where Im coming from by the time Im through. When I tell you I love you,DON'T TAKE ME THERE. When I stroke your ego when your feeling blue and trying to show how much Im feeling you.DON'T TAKE ME THERE. When Im up all night trying to make it right, and agree with you to avoid a fight, DON'T TAKE ME THERE. When you feel like you have no friends, I'll be there for you until the very end, SO DON'T TAKE ME THERE. So when everything is said and done, What Im trying to say boo is,THIS GIRL COME SECOND TO NONE!!!!!
My Minni
If Ur Bored Click Here!
Pimpout 2 From Gem
One of the most beautiful women I have the pleasure of knowing....Lady Kate. Besides being beautiful (inside AND out), Kate is witty, generous, caring, a fighter and most importantly a survivor. She is my hero, my inspiration and my newest FU Owner. Please take a moment and show this incredible woman some love. If you don't already have her as a friend make sure you add her! LadyღKate This bulletin brought to you by ♡aGEM4life♡ ~♫♪HockingRadio™'s DJ Gemini♪♫ Keep smiling, keep shining Knowing you can always count on me, for sure That's what friends are for In good times and bad times I'll be on your side forever more That's what friends are for Thats What Friends Are For - Dionne Warwick & Stevie Wonder
Deleting Page
well no one wants to talk on here or i never get a friend request so i guess im gonna delet this. i dont get it im a nice guy who is just looking for new peopel to talk to and people. i add peopel and try and talk to them but i never get a response. so whoever wants all my fubucks let me know. once i get rid of them im deleting my page. no sense of being on here if no one will talk to me.

Once you're tagged you have to post 10 random facts about yourself in your blog and tag 5 of your friends and send them a message saying tag you're it! 1. I's probably because I had my nose broken and its embarassing lol 2. The first sleep over I had was for my 10th birthday and one of the girls I invited brought a porn tape for some reason and for some even weirder reason we watched it 3. I love older men...I've never dated a guy younger than me and never will. I'm just strangely attracted to older men. 4. I only smoke when I drink 5. I skipped school one day to fool around with a guy and told my mom I was skipping because I was going with friends to see the new harry potter movie lol 6. I'm also scared of the dark...not just sometimes it's ALL the time and if I'm in a car at night going down a road with no street lights I have to close my eyes(not when I'm driving) because I get nervous lol 7. I got kicked out of preschool and YMCA swim lessons...I apparently was
Do You Like Me
Not Knowing
When is it right to try, to reach out, to act upon your feelings How long can you want something, and not try to obtain it Sitting, thinking, talking, drinking, how long will that be enough I want to reach out for what’s real, Words unnecessary with a touch, a look, you know how I feel We’ve been given an apple, so far just the peel, it’s left me longing Though it has been no bore, I need the meat of the fruit now Down to the core.
Talented Or Troubled?
Sometimes I wonder if I am talented or troubled, Trying to make something of my art, money lol. This only some of what I do on the daily basis. A friend told me a few months ago that he would not know what to do if he could not work on his art. I know the feeling all to well. I know a lot of artists dream of selling their pieces.. I am, slowly doing that. Its like selling pieces of myself away. Anyway, here are three recent (last week) drawings I have done. Should I sell them? Would you buy them? Do they move you?   omg check him out
To All My Awsome Friends
Don't Hv A Name
Hey All
well as you can tell I am a newbie at this whole fubar thing.. eventually I will be a pro.. however, you never know how long it takes with me. I am a stay at home mom.. which I enjoy.. I am here to make friends and to have a way to get to the aka portion of fubar. Its just one more password I have to remember. I'm all good.. I live in a small town in Vermont.. and am getting rained out this summer.. or at least thats what it seems.. oh well.. thats mother nature for you.. anywho.. if you got any questions just ask.. Oh by the way.. I am married.. sorry guys.. lol
Hello to all my friends. I apologize for not being around much lately. After my bout with pnuemonia, I had some problems with my business. My boat had some serious mechanical problems. Then I encountered some personal family issues. But things seem to be coming together again, so I will be on more. Love ya all!!! Manny Well, I guess I'm back on. I lost my boat during Fay's travel through here. Well, I didn't actually lose it, it got pretty swamped and was half sunk at the dock. It was actually less expensive to buy a new boat than to salvage the old one. Less expensive up front. So, I had to go to Jacksonville to buy the new one and sail it back home. That's where I've been the last few days. Hope all my friends have been well!
My Book 19-23
Interpret these and let me know ;) (Example: #14 is pair o' dice and/or paradise)
Up For Auction
Wanna Own Me! Music Video: Lollipop by (Lil Wayne)
I Am Not Gay,lesbien,or Bisexual
What To Do????
I really want to get to know him, I think we have a lot in common. I really like him and I do believe he likes me. Just scared to get into another relationship (distant) and have it not work out. Maybe he is diferent, but for me to tell him the truth and for him to get pissed, yes Im pissed, very. I should of just lied, but I didnt want to start off that way, he means a lot to me. Truthfully, when i talk to him, I feel like im falling for him, the butterflies and all. Maybe Im making to much into this, who knows. Why he thinks that I am going back with my ex, is beyond me. That would never happen. I would think that if he got to know me that he would see that, I think he thinks Im like the other woman, but then he really got me wrong. If he just want to be friends thats fine, hes a nice guy, but I was hoping for more. But whatever. Im not going to stalk him or He will have to make up his mind on whether he wants this to go further or just leave it alone. I
Just Some Words
Sexy Pint Party!!!
MishNumber1 ♥ Of WISEUKF SUP Insane & Shadow Levelers & SBG. Club FAR Team Captain' wrote the following at '2008-08-31 23:22:19'.. Hello everyone! Come and join this brand new no drama train - Sexy Pint Party The rules are ... 1) Repost the bulletin to all your friends!!!!!! 2) Must Rate, Fan and Add the Owner and the Co-Owner, then proceed to Rating the Party People! (Buying drinks is optional) 3) If a Party Person is on your list already, re-rate them and leave them a comment or buy them a drink! 4) Have Fun! 5) Once you have finished adding everyone on the list, send a private message to the owner then he can add you to the list! Here are the members .. The Owner 1 Alex The Co-Owner 2 ¢¾ MishNumber1 ¢¾ The Party People 3 ¢¾ SexyGranny1967 ¢¾ 4 ~GoofyLady~ *Fu-Bomber*Shadow Leveler*FuAngel* 5 Slave2Fantasy/AKA/Erotica/Tat Man73's R/L GF/READ NEW TRAIN BLOG :)
go get this loser and give her a hard time....get her ass booted off this site! she is stealing pics from anyone who gets her to leave, gives her shit or reports her ass to admin will get in my family albums. (you gotta have some kind of proof:) )
Win Me In The Auction
O So Scared.....
A couple of years ago I found out I had cerival cancer...That day changed my life..The first thing that came to my mind was what bout my son..whats he gonna do without me..I'm all my son has..and he's all i have...So I sat by and waited to see if my body could fight it,,well it couldn't so I had to have surgery to get rid of far i have been cancer free..well now slowly all the signs are comming back that i might have it again...and it scares me so i sit here everyday hopin and prayin that it won't come back...ugh
Happy Brithday!!
Don't Lie
How come i said going into this i just wanted to have fun nothing more, but as the days go by, the more time i spend with him, the more i get to know about him the more i want to be with him. everday this gets harder. to keep my distance. i dont want to get my heart broken and i'm afraid to say anything, i almost got the ballz today but chicked out. why is it some ppl think its ok to lie about everthing even love. Life is hard as it is then we have ppl who are just out to fuck you over because they think they can, well grow up.....fuck heads.... Why is it when you open up to someone, they tear you down, and use your heart as there own play ground. Act as it don't matter what your feelings are. You admit to them you have feelings for them, and they take that and twist it to get what they want (for there own gain). You ask them don't lie to me. Be open to me about everything. Don't hurt me! I cant take it again, but nooooooo they couldn't give a shit. Just want one of two
Mad Max's Den
Bleh. Jus' fuming a bit here. What really irks me is when people let their annoying ass, rap song ring tone run for about 10 minutes before answering it. At least silence it motherfucker. But thats not just it. Not only do they have to have the sound all the way up, but then they have the keypad sound on, full blast, and begin to text. THATS annoying. I got news for ya...we don't give two shits if yer texting! Yer not that important. >_>
Her Priorities Need Some Straightening Up
For the fans of the original power rangers: Do you remember when "Rita" would pop out her enclosed chamber and yell out "after 10,000 years I am free, its time to conquer earth!!!". My question is...who the fuck would want to conquer earth after being entrapped in some kettle-like prison for 10,000 years? Personally taking a shower would be one of the first things on my mind. Brushing my teeth, perhaps a haircut, and some women would hav probally been my train of thought. Taking over the earth? And fighting power rangers?.....nope not my kind of thing Funky ass Rita
Getting To Know U Lol
1. Where is your cell phone? it's on vibrate , u guess lol 2. Where is your significant other? under my desk 3. Your hair? top of my head 4. Your mother? yo'motha 5. Your father? I think he was the milk man, but we never did a paternity test , damn coulda had free milk!! 6. Your favorite thing? sex slave , u applying lol 7. Dream last night? yes and it was wet ..... it rained , u perv! lol 8. Your dream/goal? for a man to be honest 9. The room you're in? tiny, padded cell , but I think they're gonna let me out soon 10. Your hobby? masturbating to ur pics 11. Your fear? that you'll delete your pics 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? with you in those pics 13. Where were you last night? under u , milkin it lol 14. What you're not? a tall thin big boobed blonde 15. Muffins? no thanx , I have my own 16. One of your wish list items? a personal massuese , u wanna apply lol 17. Where you grew up? I grew up , when?? lol 18. The last thing you did? your br
My Survey Answers
Questions --- I'm curious to see if there is anyone on MY Friends list that have the guts to repost this, answering the questions themselves. . . . . . . . . (1) Is there someone on ur top friends u would like to have sex with? I do have sex with my number 1 (2) Sex in the morning, afternoon or night? all the time!!!! (3) Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? yes (4) Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? nope (5) Shower or bath while having sex? both (6) Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? a little of both (7) Do you love someone in your friends list? my wife def. (8) Love or Money? a lot of love and enough money to live comfortably (9) Credit cards or cash? cash (10) Have you ever wanted a best friend? i have one and married her (11) Camping or a 5 star hotel? both (12) Where is the weirdest place you have had sex? moonwalk (13) Would you shave your entire b
Why Not Respect
look you all i dont care if you talk to my wife and she dont care if you talk to me. we do have an open marriage, but we will under no circumstances deal with dis respect, if we say no to you viewing private pics then the answer is NO. dont harrass us about it. well, i saw went to the va hospital, and they gave me sum damn good drugs....i do have to go to pysical therapy, and pain management now.... for all who dont know whats wrong.... in 2006 i fractered to vertebre's and got out of army, well i decided to go guard about a year later.. and i was training to head to iraq the 4th time and slipped a disk out and reinjured my now i am in chronic pain 24/7.
Ain't That A Bitch
I've been deleted waaaa waaaa waaaa PLS rate fan add me all love returned...Spank her/his page hard they like it...Any and all love will be returned...She/He is a great person to have as a friend you won't be disappointed go hit their page hard blah blah fuckin blah... I am so fucking sick and tired of taking time away from helping my friends or on my contest for the PLEAS of someone you know asking for help with "THEIR" friend who was deleted, don't know why waaaaaaaa it's so sad breakin my fucking heart...From here on in I will not help out anyone I don't know, I'm sick of rate fan and adding certain ppl with the promise to return the love and all the fuckers do is accept your friend request...I don't need to spend an hour rating all the pics and stash of someone who more than likely fucked their own way into getting deleted for just a friend...Hell I get friend requests everyday and all they want is another person added to their list and you'll never see them again...I LOVE MY FR
Submission To Submit: overcome resistance to direction and yield one(self) to the will of another Submission is an action of personal strength. To overcome internal resistance the submissive must control their desire or need to maintain personal control in the creation and delivery of all personal decisions. They must overcome the need to express or deliver their personal judgment as the basis for creating, directing and taking self action. They must overcome their desire to ACT defensively through CHALLENGE and directed conflict when exposed to the direction of another. As part of this process they must also submerge their ego to allow them to follow or accept direction from another without fear of loss of face, status or worth. To yield is to 'reward' through the offering of the inner self to the direction or will of another. This 'gift' is the non-resistance or need of conflict TO direction and external control. Resistance is usually based on FEAR of los
Take Me Up
Ok well its time i need to vent my frustrations about people on this site again! Ok first of all ive come to realize that 90% of people on this site are greedy! So im gonna be blunt.....if you cant at least come and rate my page or say hi, DONT ASK ME FOR tired of seeing people begging for shit for nothing....i always at least thank people who stop by my page or send a gift or some rates...doesnt anyone have the same courtesy anymore? Ok so tired of seeing people reset their status every 2-5 minutes...if your gonna reset it at least change it up damn....from now on when i see people being greedy or reseting their status constantly with the same thing IM DELETING YOU!!! I am here for friends not to pay for your shit or buy you shit or spend every minute im on rating your shit for nothing! Call me a bitch i do not care...those who truelly have taken the time to get to know me know im a good friend to those who are real!

How Are You Feeling Today In Music?
Please leave one of your own on how you feel today! AMEN!!!! GOD HOW SELFISH WE ARE SOMETIMES.... Body: Your alarm goes off; you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes. He stays up for days on end. You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at, as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. You put on your anti war/don't support the tro
Hope Vs Dispair
Is it greater to place hope in others or yourself? To give strength or take it? What comes easier Hope or Despair? At the end would you sacrifice the hope you gave to save yourself from the despair it produced?
Cum Get Me
EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2008 NEW OFFICE POLICY Dress Code: 1) You are advised to come to work dressed according to your salary. 2) If we see you wearing Prada shoes and carrying a Gucci bag, we will assume you are doing well financially and therefore do not need a raise. 3) If you dress poorly, you need to learn to manage your money better, so that you may buy nicer clothes, and therefore you do not need a raise. 4) If you dress just right, you are right where you need to be and therefore you do not need a raise. Sick Days: We will no longer accept a doctor's statement as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to work. Personal Days: Each employee will receive 104 personal days a year. They are called Saturdays & Sundays. Bereavement Leave: This is no excuse for missing work. There is nothing you can do for dead friends, relatives or co-workers. Every effort should be made to have non-employees attend the funeral
Time To Say Bye
Mandy@ fubar
Halloween Gifts And Blings
The Liquid Lounge
DESIRE   Touch me Gently I do not fear you I want to savor your warm caress Against my skin I want to know how it feels To be touched by you To be vulnerable Primal   Whisper to me Quietly Send currents down my spine Ignite my soul I want to wrap myself within you And overflow with your radiance
Stuff I Wrote
The girl of my dreams she is-Skin smooth and soft like a silk satin sheet over her body and eyes with such beauty like the baby blue waters of Cancun, Mexico just of the coast crystallized in place-hair, blood red like the pedals of a rose and a figure untouchable and unimaginably perfected she leaves you breathless, frozen in place-people see her so differently they think she is all for lust without regret heartless and unkind , but in reality as I know her she is caring and wise, more loving than hateful, so heart-warming I can feel her from this distance afar, very imaginative and incredibly intelligent, has the greatest sense of humor there is never a dull moment and always leaves a smile, yet she feels so numb and hurt deep inside from everything shes been through each passing day, faking every smile to hide her true emotions from the world wanting to give up but knows she has a lot to live for ahead, she
Voice Comments
If Ive promised any of my friends Id leave them a voice comment please remind me if I havent yet Thanks
Thug Life
Useless Things That Make Up My Soul
I'm So Sick I will break into your thoughts With what's written on my heart I will break I'm so sick, infected with Where I live Let me live without this Empty bliss, selfishness I'm so sick If you want more of this We can push out, sell out, die out So you'll shut up And stay sleeping With my screaming in your itching ears I'm so sick, infected with Where I live Let me live without this Empty bliss, selfishness I'm so sick I'm so sick Hear it, I'm screaming it You're heeding to it now Hear it, I'm screaming it You tremble at this sound You sink into my clothes This invasion makes me feel Worthless, hopeless, sick I'm so sick, infected with Where I live Let me live without this Empty bliss, selfishness I'm so, I'm so sick I'm so sick, infected with Where I live Let me live without this Empty bliss, selfishness I'm so (I'm so) My Immortal I'm so tired of being here Suppressed by all my childish fears And if you have to lea
I would like to start it november 23 - 30 or once I get a handful of guys and girls to join. 25K entry fee to join the auction. If you'd like to auction "yourself" up for bids, just leave me a private message with a link to your photo you want used and what your offering and I'll get you added. I want zero drama in this auction!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may also refuse any bid just comment on your pic and private message me what bid you refused.. If you're not sure how this works... All you do is come up with whatever you'd like to put up for the bidding. A list of ideas are listed below. Then, you and I invite people to check out what you have to offer and they bid using fubucks. People can also bid money gifts such as blasts, VIPs and HHs if they REALLY want what you have!! Real money bids trump all Fu$ bids. *List of Ideas* Rate all pics Rate all stash A personal salute pic to winning bidder A NSFW salute pic to winning bidder Access to private folders
Come See What We Are Doing
New Auction!!! (expired)
Auction Blog!!!!!!!!!
Random Thoughts!!
Inspirational Stories
GoofyLady's on the Auction Block! Buy her with Bling! Minimum Bid is a 5 credit bling Bid individual blings or bling packs. Here is what she is offering. No time limit. Click on the picture below to make a bid. ATTENTION CHANGE OF OFFER: 1 WEEK OWNERSHIP WILL RATE ALL PICS/STASH DURING HH 600 11'S IF OVER $50 BLING PACK...I WILL BLING THE PERSON WITH AN AUTO 11 ****************************** This bulletin was created by: Carrie ******************************
A Game
so, a game is to explain why its better to be a girl or a boy. im the first. "its better to be a girl because we don't need to shave our faces every day". and the next person should tell why its better to be a boy (doesn't matter who it will be - a boy or a girl). clear?
A Masters Responsibility.
I have been thinking about what it means to be in a bd/sm relationship and I have realized that it requires a great deal of commitment and responsibility. First of all, you must truely care about your submissive for it to work. There are "doormats" out there who will be whores and if thats what you want thats fine. That is not a bd/sm relationship though. As a master, you mut put your sub above all others. And as a sub, she must earn the right to be above all others. The thing I have come to realize is that you must be willing to provide every need your sub may have. Love, guidence, discipline, shelter, etc. The list goes on and on. In return, your sub must be willing to devote all her thoughts and energy into making you happy. She does this happily because she loves and trusts you and has no fear of you doing anything that would hurt her. She accepts your guidence and teachings because she knows you are only making her stronger, and her devotion to you stronger as we
Show Some Love
> > > > > AUTO 11S ON**Rhino**@ fubar >
“Consider” Consider me a blanket, consider me a shroud Consider me tattooed, with colors bold and loud That bravely shout out to the world, for every soul to see The wonder of this woman, and what she means to me Consider me a warming light, consider me the sun Consider me your brightest glow, when the night has come A red hot touch that fires your heart when the days are cold That propane torch still working well, when we are worn and old Consider me your traffic light, consider me your guide Consider me your words of truth, when others scheme and lie The one that tells you when it’s safe to step into the road A man who grabs the plastic bags when you have dropped the load Consider me your shower, when you are worn and soiled Consider me your coffee pot, always warm and boiled A living liquid waiting here, a thing to fill your cup When times are hard and you are drawn to thoughts of giving up Consider me your co conspirator, I’ll always play the game Consi
Auctions & Contests
I Think I could be Miss Winter Fubar... If You vote me to Be... Music Playlist at I'm up for Auction So Come Have fun Bid on me.. You know I'm worth it.. Oh Yeah and don't forget to leave a comment voting me Miss Winter Fubar.. and Rate the Pic as well. You know you want to... CLICK PICTURE BELOW TO START HAVING FUN! Come on have some fun and come vote for me. Auction
Tribute To My Brother Jackson
Hi my name is Eric, some of you on Fubar knew him and some have asked me how he died. It's very hard for me to discuss his death so I'm posting a blog so I don't have to relive the pain of losing him all over again. My brother has been fighting Leukemia for a little over two years which he was dealing with it very well until the doctors found a brain tumor which turned out to be "Glioblastoma". He went in for an operation in Oct. afterward he started having major headaches and nose bleeds. They couldn't remove the tumor it had grown straight downward, he started bleeding under the tumor(Glioblastoma). He got worse he went back into the hospital a 2nd time. no doctor could operate too dangerous. My family was told he may have 3 weeks to live. one week later on Dec 9th he passed away. He would have been 26 years old on December 24th. Please by no means ask me how he died. He was my best friend, my hero, I miss him deeply . Thank You hope you understand that i'm in no way being rude.There
Half Ass It And You'll Get It All!
i just kinda realized that people like me, who does no harm in anyway to others, is loving, kind, giving...deserve the best most amazing kind of love...kind of heart, life, and happiness...just don't get it. and it's those who take for granted everything they have, and could only half ass care about what they have...those are the people that get it all. idk...I guess...I just want that amazing fairytale happy ending and I'm tired of being okay watching everyone else get it. I know I've screwed up good things before. But at the same time I screwed up because of lack of effort...I half ass cared. Those are past lessons learned for life. But now...especially now...I'm not out looking for it, because that's when things don't just "happen" correctly. So it's not like I chase after someone...but I do show interest because I don't believe in playing games such as acting like I'm not. I can't just "settle" for what's out there, because to me, that's not being honest with myself. Idk...just so
Baby News
OMG I was sooo nervous, wondering what I was having and the same question was being asked a lot. What is it? Well I found out in the 18th that I am having a boy, a very active boy at that. Iwouldnt be surprised if my insides are bruised at the end of the pregnancy. LoL Sean and I are doing great, getting ready to move to North Carolina and start over. Thinks for the most part have been pretty cool. Except for when my ex moved out without warning to anyone, leaving us stranded with all of his bills. When we tried to get him to talk to us, he didnt have the balls to tell the truth about why he was moving out, but he did have the balls to let me know that if he (my ex) had gotten me pregnant he would still leave me anyway because family life is for people who actually give a shit and he doesnt give two shits about me and he hates kids. Which I found to be a lie because the woman he is dating has kids. Your guess is as good as mine. Well this is Sean and mine's first chris
Christmas Charity
You can all kiss my ass dont any one of you EVER fuckin EVER ask me for shit again dont beg for a bling dont ask for a blast youre all fuckin selfish, greedy begging bastards i hope half of you fuckin delete me but i know most of you wont even read this so everyone in my friends list, except Kweenbitch, cuz she helped me out the rest of you, fuckin goto hell this all stems from the auction i was in i blogged, i posted stauts, i shouted some of you, i visited most of your pages and i got 3 fuckin bids 2 of which werent from my friends i sold for 400k fubucks if i could take away the blasts ive bought, or the bling ive sent i would cuz you all fuckin suck may icicles be shoved up your asses for christmas FUCK OFF
My Life Part 1
To start with, if you think this is about you, and only you. Get over yourself. This is about how I feel at this point in my life! Reflections from the past as well as thoughts from the present. This blog covers several years and will probably not make sense to many people. It will I am sure slap some right in the face. This is not my intention. I just feel the need to write this as it come to mind. My life from the start According to my birth certificate I was born December 8Th 1957. And was the third child. I wonder why I grew up as an only child? I wonder why I was told at a very young age that my mother gave me up for adoption, yet the mothers name on my birth certificate was the same as the one that told me that? Did I misunderstand being as young as I was? Or was I mislead for some reason? None of that really matters at this point. I can not help but wonder though, how much that information had to do with the way I look at the world now? I remember as a small child go
My Life Story
I have been writting to my mom since 2005. The year she died you gotta share though when it gets tough. So I am venting here. I don't know how much of you believe in the supernatural. I do know. I was cleaning the house one day, crying contemplating my marriage. When i saw out the corner of my eye a person at the top of my stairs. I looked up it was my mom. What do you think that means. I meen i was bawling around thinking of my marraige and there she appears. A woman who wouldnt leave a man if they killed her. Which i think her bastard husband did. but I have dreamed that one day that i would get to know here. I was in and out of foster care. I lived with my dad from the ages 5-12, not a picnis i tell ya. My step mom hates me she kicked me out after some crazy shit went down. My mom was proud of me though, I was the first from her side of the family to graduate, the 2nd to join the military. by choice. I miss her. If you read this feel free to geve me advise on how to coop i still don
Vanilla This is in her beating heart, she dreams in shaded nightfall; the gears grind to a halt. She smears the ground with kosher salt, because she knows she knows it all. This is in her beating heart. With vanilla tongue, she rips apart each man that comes to call. The gears grind to a halt. Watching from an upstairs room, waiting to play the part, this eager bride-to-be becomes something that will appall. This is in her beating heart. Life will end, but will not start and she feels this just behind the wall. The gears grind to a halt. With all her plans, red-handed, caught she bows to his resolve: This is in her beating heart; the gears grid to a halt.
True Friendship What is a true friend? A true friend is defined as follows: A True Friend is there with you when times are bad. A True Friend is there when life is good. A True Friend will stand beside you and fight together till the end. A True Friend is someone who would never leave you when someone calls you names. A True Friend will laugh at your jokes and cry with you when your sad. What does it all mean? A TRUE FRIEND IS SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT TO THE END OF TIME!!! Poem by J. Russell
Hey y'all. Just wanted to let all my friends know, (those that care anyhow) that I won't be on much for a bit. Don't know how long, but my computer F'd up last night, and have to see about getting it fixed. Until then, I can use my roommate's computer, when she's not on it. Other than that, if you have either of my cell numbers, feel free to text or call me. I'll be on and off here periodically today, at least this morning. So if you have any ?s and catch me up here, hit me up.
My Star - A Beginning
I sit out here, miles from everything, and I thank my stars for being where I am … and who I am. There’s adequate turmoil in the populated world. I’m glad it hasn’t found my little neck of the woods yet. Of course, I didn’t always live out here next to Great Spirit. A short time ago, I was part of the rat race I dislike so much. But now? Well, there’s just me, my dog, my snug cabin, and a view back to the previous century. As I sit on my willow rocker, strumming an old acoustic guitar, I wait for night to fall so I can watch my special star rise into the clean and clear sky. This particular special star became mine only a few days ago. Before that, it was just an ordinary star, one of several trillion flickering in the great darkness that surrounds my place after the sun leaves us for the day. One night, it just seemed to flicker a little brighter; kind of winked at me; and we’ve been on the same plain ever since. Why this star picked me out of all the good citizens on ea
I deleted this fukcing moron and blocked his ass.. so wut does he do he makes an account of me Apparently he has made alot of accounts of me. if someone with my pic and has a cheese on it, dont add me, its not me... hes retarded gay fag moron who has nothing else better to do.. he thinks he funny but he aint hes a LOSER a fucked up guy who has no life So this guy keeps brothering me and harassing me.. does anybody have any ideas in how to get rid of this bastard... Today i bought my son a potty trainer. my question is how do you start potty training them. this is my first time and i need help, any suggestions to all the moms
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If I Told You!
If I told you I love You Would you tell me you love me too If I told you my heart belongs to you Would you take it and treat it good If I told you I can't stand being without you Would you come to me and take care of me If I told you, you are the only one for me Would you tell me I am the only one for you If I closed my eyes and wished you here with me Would you be there when I open my eyes If I told you, you make me happier than I have ever been Would you tell me I make you happier than you have ever been If I told you, you are what keeps me going Would you make sure that I never stopped If I told you I long to hear your voice Would you call me to ease my longing If I told you I dream of you being in my arms Would you come to me and let me hold you If I told you I wanted you to make love to me Would you make love to me and take me places I have never been If I told you I think of you from morning till night Would you tell me you think of me from morning till night
laying on her back on the cold wet grass her face towards to sky feeling the breeze,ever so slightly glide across her face she slowly opens her eyes to see the blue sky the white clouds and the sun shinen bright she starts to gaze at the sky her thoughts in her head start to dance,like children playing and they start to come clearer i am a mother a wife a sister a daughter a friend a lover a fighter and im 28 28, and in mother hood wishes she could start it over a wife to a man that doesn't even know that she is alive unless hes has no dinner ready or clean clothes a sister to a soldier who gives her life for us to be the way we want to be,Free a daughter to the best parents in the world,couldn't ask for more right?! a friend, who if u needed it would give you everything she could offer to u a lover,to a person that doesn't even love her back,doesn't feel the same passion as she does, doesn't even want her,feels alone a fighter,
Geography Of A Women
THE GEOGRAPHY OF A WOMAN Between 18 and 22, a woman is like Africa , half discovered, half wild, fertile and naturally beautiful! Between 23 and 30, a woman is like Europe , well developed and open to trade, especially for someone with cash. Between 31 and 35, a woman is like Spain , very hot, relaxed and convinced of her own beauty. Between 36 and 40, a woman is like Greece , gently aging but still a warm and desirable place to visit. Between 41 and 50, a woman is like Great Britain , with a glorious and all conquering past. Between 51 and 60, a woman is like Israel , has been through war and doesn't make the same mistakes twice, takes care of business. Between 61 and 70, a woman is like Canada , self-preserving, but open to meeting new people. After 70, she becomes Tibet , wildly beautiful, with a mysterious past and the wisdom of the ages...only those with an adventurous spirit and a thirst for spiritual knowledge visit there. THE GEOGRAPHY OF A M
Setting The Record Straight...
Ok...for those who haven't noticed yet...Todd and I are back together...this latest fiasco did not entail either of us actually going anywhere or even an actual argument...however statements were made concerning the status of the relationship and it was decided that for the time being we were broken up...Now at some point our fubar profiles ended up changed and some "friends" were notified of what went on...some just noticed and asked and others were left to wonder...All of you who really know us and are truly a good friend know how rough this last year has been...ALL of you have been supportive through the entire process...and I know some of you feel like I have let you down...But seriously our relationship is not as open and shut as it may seem...there are a lot of factors that complicate the hell out of it and may or may not have been mentioned or talked about enough for anyone outside of us to make any sort of adequate judgment as to whether this is a healthy relationship...No two
Winter In Florida
My Mom
ok all just to let ya know why im never on here anymore....Mom is getting real bad, shes disoriented and sleeping all the time and hardly wants to eat. My older sister caught her yesterday so out of it that she was trying to take all of her doses of meds for the day at once! Now this woman takes Potassium, Lasix, Dilaudid ( pain pill) and Avtivan multiple times a day. The potassium, at the mg she has, all at once would kill her! So me and my sisters are on suicide watch now. Not that she is doing it intentionally but we just cant have that. So between that and work, and my daugther and all the other things that i have lined up to do on a daily basis, getting on the computer has just been pushed way back in line. Sleep has become more important, and thats really the only time that i have to get on anymore. So bear with me all, i know being apart of the RR i have to participate but im doing what i can. Btw yall rock :) Im trying to keep up with all the comments and the friend requ
Me And You
Had a dream last night, it was so real Now I think I know, how you would feel Saw your face so clear, Your eyes bright too It was just a dream, I could swear it was you Thought I felt your skin, as you lay by my side My hair whisked from my face, as you did in one stride Felt my body get warm, and I melted closer to you It was just a dream, I could swear it was you Your voice was the same, as I've heard you talk to me The words were soft and sincere, you made me believe Heard a crack in your voice, as you spoke of me and you It was just a dream, I could swear it was you Smelled the scent of your cologne, as your cheek touched mine Brought my heart to skip a beat, the feeling was divine I fell in love in this dream, I must tell you its true It was just a dream, But I could swear it was YOU When I first talked to you I felt like I had known you forever, telling you my problems and what I didn't want ever. You listened to me I bet you thought I'd never en
Something Funney
humpy dumpty sat on the bed little bow peep was giving him head when he started to cum she started to weep because she new by the taste he was fucking her sheep. hicky dickery dock my mouth is on your cock the clock stuck one we all cummed hicky dickry dock
Just so I dont have to continue to repeat the entire story every time I talk to people individually, My mother is sick and in the hospital.Shes been diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism.Normally theres options like thrombolytics or anti coagulants but she has other complications such as a bleeding ulcer. So this is why I haven't been around or why we haven't spoken and its most likely going to continue that way for a while
My Wish
It has been a year today that I have lost a friend who is dear to my heart. Many of you dont know him. Those of you that do. I am talking about country aka rough and ready I want his family to know they are still in my paryers. He was very special to me. He captured my heart and wont let it go yet. I know in time he will. I will keep in my heart forever and someday i hope top see him again. He made me smile when I was crying and cetch me when I fell/ He loved me and I loved him. A few of you know if him. Those of you who dont you missed out meeting a great person. I know in my life he will alway be.He touch heart all thow fubar and now it has been a year and I miss him still. I know he is safe and watchuibg over me guideing me and others as well. I just wanted to leave a bit about him. He was the one of my best friends and even more. Those of you do know of him take a few mintues and pary for his family. I know I am going to.
your face makes me sick. your voice makes me sick. every thing about you makes me want to thow up. yes u make me want to thow up... i feel soooo sorry for the next one.... i'm cutting the chains that you had on me. no more of me been chained to you like a slave are as a dog. i'm not going to lesson to your lies about how much you love me. i'm setting my slef free form you. i unchain myslef for your lies and your unloveing slef. you were a prince in fake love . go use someone else. i'm free form you.. Take me as i am the girl how has tear stanes on my checks The girl how has scears form a borken heart form so many men that have hurt me. The girl how has hide for all to all. Would you take me as i am are would you run like all the rest have?
Watch Out
i was just kicked out of my place i was livin with a friend and now i am on the fukin streets and need some where to stay till i move in 3 weeks if some one from southbridge can help me out till i move itll b greatly appreciated IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REMASS PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! China C: China: Alice Severance: this is no joke a lady sent this to me take it serious Important please pass this to all your friends Message: State police warning for online: Please read this "very carefully"..then send it out to all the people online that you know. Something like this is nothing to be taken casually; this is something you DO want to pay attention to. If a person with the screen-name of DreamWeaverGrey contacts you, do not reply. DO not talk to this person; do not answer any of whispers or requests for private chat in Pogo. Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the death of 56 women (so far) contacted through the Internet.
Yea Ok
The gargantuan stimulus bill Congress has rubber-stamped with virtually no Republican support contains tens of billions of the very spending projects that made the legislation a lightning rod for criticism. And although the bill is generally described as costing $787 billion, the Congressional Budget Office reports the actual figure is now closer to $3.27 trillion. That stems from the $744 billion it will take to pay for the additional debt the legislation will create, and $2.527 trillion in increased spending from the new and expanded programs the bill will spawn over the next decade. To view the letter to Nancy Pelosi, go here. The bill now spans more than 1,000 pages. While Democrats removed some provisions that fiscal conservatives objected to, most of the pork remains. Among them: # The plan has more than $3 billion in “neighborhood stabilization” and Community Development Block Grant funding, much of which may go to benefit ACORN, a low-income housing and voter reg

Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I have flown across the country by myself over 30 times, starting at age 12. 2. I started going to college when I was 16... and still haven't graduated. 3. I've never puked from drinking in my life, and have binged heavily. 4. Rode the gravitron 15 times in a row a few years ago and still didn't hurl. 5. The crazy patients I deal with actually make me enjoy my job more. 6. I got my first guitar when I was 13 and still play it daily even though it sucks. 7. I am a magnet for crazy women. 8. I have been told I'm "too nice". 9. There are very few times when I do not speak my mind, I'm like an open bo
Leaving Fubar!
Yes I am leaving although it took me forever to get to that damn level, I apologize to all, but the drama here is just not for me. Instead of a place to make friends usually you get drama, This will be the second time i have left, and the last time, for I will not be coming back... The friends that I have made, I will miss you dearly, and hope that your life's are exactly what you dreamed and wished for, or at least are on the the course for your dreams to come true. I will never find a greater friend than those that I made on here, you are all the best, and I hope we can stay in touch, if you ever want to just say "whats up" or chitchat, get me on yahoo ( Now that I have said all that I dont have much but like 100000.00 in fubucks, I dont want them to go to waste and just disappear, so I would like to give them out. Just post to this blog, and you will get a share.... May God be with you all... Sincerely, Ron
Know Your Enemy
What does Al Qaeda want? Their goals are relatively simple. The want to drive Americans from Muslim holy lands and establish pan-Arabian, fundamentalist Islamic rule in every area worldwide that has a significant Muslim population. They want to destroy what they see as the profane influence of the West on all Muslims and all Muslim-populated areas. If that involves killing every “infidel” they run across, so be it. What does Al Qaeda mean? The term in Arabic simply means “the base” which refers to the concept that the organization should serve as a launching pad or base of operations for a global Islamic revolt against the West. What is Al Qaeda’s history? The organization grew out of the fundamentalist “Services Office,” which served as a clearing house for the International Muslim Brigade opposed to the 1979 Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. Later in the 1980s, the Services Office – which was run by Osama Bin Laden – recruited, trained and funded thous
My dear & wonderful friend Timmy surprised me with this special gift. He dedicated one of his beautiful art photos on his deviantART web site to me! I am so honored & so truly touched by this kind gesture from one of my dearest friends here. I think the world of him & feel so blessed by his friendship. ****************************** "This piece is dedicated to my good friend Loey. She always reminds me that both clear and dark skies are passing things. There are always storms and sun somewhere." ****************************** Much love & appreciation, truly lit up my heart, dear friend!
Needing An Auto11
OK. So I'm only 3.3 million points away from Oracle, and my VIP runs out on Sunday. I have a cherry bomb that I'm waiting to activate. If anyone can sell me an auto11 for 3 million Fu-bucks, I'll bomb that person, and three friends of their choice. Plz let me know. Thanx bunches! Kelly
So occasionally I am amused by some of the fake salutes I see on here. Yeah, pretty much some aspect of everyone on here, or there portrayal of themselves to inevitably fake. But, most of the time there is SOME truth to the person. There have been a few people on here that download pics from pr0n sites and make fake profiles here. Normally they don't bother with a salute, and just take the money of poor desperate men wanting to see young nubile women in the buff. But wow, this one posted a (poorly photoshopped) salute...and it was APPROVED. LOLOLOL. Tell me I'm wrong.
Aww :)
OK, so as most of you know, I'm the proud Mommy of two wonderful girls, Calista and Rianna. Calista is 10, and Rianna is 7 1/2. Well this weekend, Calista's artwork is being exhibited in the Schenectady City School District's Diversity Celebration. She brought the mask home a week ago, and it's amazing work! The school took pictures of it to show. I took a picture of it for y'all to see why I am so proud of my baby girl! There's also a picture of the notice she brought home to use to let us know.
First Song Recorded On Video
now you gotta title it, "2 reasons Kervin comes off as a douche" lol. ~!TP!~Mr.P...: hahahahahaha captain al...: you just had to go there didn't you? ~!TP!~Mr.P...: thats fine.. i dont mind havin a cock meat sammich in guantonamo bay captain al...: yeah go ahead, its only 2 years in jail I think, not like I got plans right? lmao captain al...: you're an ass, if I go down, I'm taking you down with me, lol. ~!TP!~Mr.P...: you really want me to post it? ~!TP!~Mr.P...: exactly!!! captain al...: you can title it "why Kervin always comes off as a douche". lmao ~!TP!~Mr.P...: hold on ~!TP!~Mr.P...: ok captain al...: why don't you just post this whole conversation up why don't ya?
Scarlet Letters
New Years!
Please Help Me And Rate And Comment My Friend
I love you these three words that I have found so hard to say come freely for you my soul has searched so long for something unseen and even when my heart was placated with words of devotion from those unfit to pledge their heart.. my soul searched on, never at rest, always wanting something more you had been lost to me for so long, I was sure this dream of love was lost to me always searching you out my other half my true complete just when I had given up thought all was lost thought this life was all in vein your soul shined like a beacon in the night and at last no more searching no more doubt just hope, peace and most of all Love. I Love you.... ~W.H.~ ~2009~
Ramblings And Other Such Things
Colors or Black or White?blackPink or Purple?purpleYellow or Green?greenApple or Orange?orangesFairy or Princess?princessPanda or Kangaroo?pandaAnalog or Digital?digitalCoke or Pepsi?cokeCoffee or Tea?coffeeCake or Ice Cream?ice creamMiami Dolphins or New York Jets?ICK neitherHockey or Soccer?soccerSummer or Winter Olympics?winterRollerblade or Iceskate?rollerbladeFire or Ice?fireDildo or Vibrator?vibeBeatles or Rolling Stones?BeatlesElton John or Billy Joel?Billy JoelGold or Silver?goldMetallica or Slayer?MetallicaPineapple rings or tidbits?tidbitsIn tic-tac-toe, are you the X or O?OHeads or Tails?headsSchool or Work?WorkThrow up or Diarrhea?neither thanks anywayBowling or Rollerskating?bowlingHurricane or Earthquake?hurricaneToo fat or too skinny?too fatCoffee with creamer or black?w/ or ?whateverAmazing Race or Survivor?SurvivorDomestic or Foreign car?dependsMiami Ink or L.A. Ink?L.A. InkSandals or Tennis Shoes?sneaksTwister or Connect Four?con
Random Shite
United We Stand Corrected Written by: Ned Greeley & Baron VonMunchausen (a.k.a. Man vs. Mantis...check them out) Slope down and join me in the gutter.Follow valleys to a place where promises are always kept and pain is fabled, legend, lore.Tell me of the days when nickels bought the world as well as some memories and uphill both ways was somehow possible.Genuine and pure like Sunday morning diner eggs and warm interior of vehicles.Serious was kept in movies.Technological advances, cutting down the chances of birth dwelt innocence, my innocence.Attaining peace among smei-auto guns and hollow tip bullets that match the hearts of shooters around the world.Skepticism sold true intentions.Blind faith was fresh cut grass and ice cream men were heroes, marching happy tunes.Fuck the progress, the war.Fuck the magic computers.Fuck the ever changing fashion trends and not so reality shows.Fuck the politics.Fuck the president.Fuck the cars and the money.Fuck the sex.Give me peace.Give me sereni
Dripping Fun~
The next morning she woke up first. He was asleep in her bed and she smiled as she watched him sleep. Delicious thoughts, of him fucking her mouth in her office the evening before, wafted through her mind. The deep sense of humiliation and loss of control returned. She hadn't imagined the total feeling of liberation she had after giving control to him. His strength made her feel safe and secure, even as he used her as a receptacle for his seed. My God, what had she become? How will I ever be able to face him at work again? she wondered. I'll have to find a way to deal with it. We'll see each other on the job frequently even when he transfers to a different assignment. I'd never be able to control myself with him in my office all the time. Not after having been so easily dominated already. I was like putty in his hands. God, how I loved it. How I needed it. I'm scared. Can I still be what I need to be to do my job? I have to find a way to reconcile these two sides of myself. Rolling ove
What Is Your Favorite?
Caption: Hi, My name is Mimi... and I'm a Cremeaholic...a CADBURY Creme Egg a-holic!! Yeaaap...I do dig the deviled eggs, the chocolate bunnies (especially the ones they've got out now with WHITE CHOCOLATE! Surprisingly delicious! But I gotta say, that in part the Easter season is just not QUITE complete for yours truly without them Cadbury chocolate little bwack-bwack-bwacking bunny candy treats........maybe if I ate them all the time I'd realize just how ooey-gooey and slightly nasty in creamy white texture they actually are...and be, I dunno, WEIRED OUT by the fact I have to bite into candy structures that are slightly more ROUND then they are egg-shaped, to get at and DRAIN them of ALL their THICK creamy PURE white sticky filling deep inside....(am I apparently only a got sex on the brain at Easter-time or something? LOL )So then to sum up for this quick'n'dirty post.... OTHER than a chocolate Bunny...what is the ONE Easter/Passover/Spring time candy treat/guilty pleasure that
B7ebak my shexshy husband, Being away from you now is so much harder than it was before we met, held each other and kissed fell asleep and woke up side by side walked the old market and had lunch in the park even I know it is necessary and for a short time this is the only time for once we are side by side again, it will be forever where you go I go b7ebak my shexshy husband would take me a millions of lifetimes to begin to show you how much I Love you, Want you and Need you with me   no one or nothing is important to me as being with you,  making you happy, loving you, taking care of you, spending the rest of my life with you you are my reason for living,  you are my life, world, universe, everything, and all bmoot fiek 7abibi   WB. Mrs. FM   04/17/09 12:39am our time How does the heart explain         My heart is trying to explain to my head and put into words the way it feels, but the thoughts, ideas and words are all messed up and trying to escape all a
Acution Me Plz
Headded Across The Pond
hey to all my friends,    just wanted to say that im pulling out on the 20th of may and i will keep all my friends in my heart while im there. we can keep in touch on here. lol i think its gonna be a fun experiance except for the heat. my and 130 degrees dont get along. OK friends drop me a line every now and then.                                                             Your sexy soldier,                                                               me
Fathers And Sons
Tonight, I get a call from my son Ian, asking me to come and check out his tux that he's wearing for prom.  He's only a Freshman, but is dating a Junior, so he can "legally" go to the prom as long as it was her that asked him. Ok..I'm gonna get long and a bit sappy here. So bare with me.  When I got to Mom's house, he said, "Hold on Dad, I want to make a grand entrance" and went upstairs to change into it. As I stood there waiting for him, I talked with my ex, and Neil and Nevin. Then Ian, comes walking down the stairs, with this white tux on, black tie, and a white fedora, his dark brown hair jutting out from the sides of his hat..   I immediately envisioned the day I saw him come into this world...I was the first to see his head crown.  The memories of me holding him, literally, on the length of my arm, and rubbing his nose try to get him to go to sleep. Him swimming naked in the kiddie pool as I ran video tape. All of us laying in bed together playing the ABC game, when they had
Random Thoughts.......
  My whole life I've always taken care of someone else; always putting myself last to provide the needs for others. Never did I ask for anything in return because I consider it a blessing to be a blessing for others. Unfortunately in the end, my kindness was taken for weakness & I was labeled an "extreme bitch" cuz I decided now it was time 2 take care of me. I was told if I keep neglecting myself I won't be any good 2 anybody & that made sooo much sense. So now I take care of me whenever I feel like it and to those who I struggled for who no longer have my back cuz I chose to put myself 1st - I wasn't depending on ur asses n e way - I'ma b aight!!!! (When did lovin urself become the avenue hataz travel 2 try & run u down???) I'm laf'n @ all of u!!! Ok, my 1st blog & just f.y.i. it's called "Random Thoughts..." cuz my mind is always goin a mile a minute & how I write (proper English or slang) can offer insight to the mood I'm in. Thank you!!  It has been one of those days where any s
Deeper Meaning~
I get the call that he is minutes away. I am to put a blindfold on and wait by the door in my black robe only. My heart is pounding as I turn out the lights and place the blindfold on at the door. My nipples are so hard they ache, and I can feel the wetness between my legs, wondering if I should clean up or just wait there wet. The decision is made for me because I suddenly hear footsteps on the porch. Master is here!!!I hear the door knob turn and I freeze. My heart is now pounding. The door opens and he is so close I can hear him breathe and feel the heat from his body. I take a deep breath. He says nothing, but leads me blindfolded into the room and places me on a chair. I just try to be calm and wait, while he cuffs my hands behind my back, locking them. Then he spreads my thighs wide open and ties my ankles to the chair legs. I am fully exposed for his eyes. I take a deep breath knowing he's looking at me and praying that I don't disappoint him.The cool air on my skin makes my bre

First Tattoo
so a roommate  that is moving in with me works on cars and a tattoo artis as well and he is going to do some art on my body for free since i help him out with rent and things he is a pretty cool dude who had a fuck up life like i did some what   the problem is iam not really sure what i want but since the size nor the color matter i guess i have tons to pick from   i also plan on getting a few more pierceings i plan on getting my nipples done althought my friend had his doner and said his hurt like hell for a month i wouldl ike to know if that is true but i am for sure going to get my dick pierced in time
Have You Been There!!
You know I been lookin' around ,and checking things out in this ole' world a long time. I been on my own since I was 9 yrs old. I have lived through many things in that time. I look on Television and the net,and see alot of complainin' goin' on ,about how folks are scared 'cause of the economy. Global warmin' ect. The one thing I know is we live here on this earth,and ther ain't a thang going on that this ole' world ain't seen before. Here in America we got it alot better then alot of folks. Thier is poor folks that cain't get nothin' to eat . There are countries where their leaders just go on mass murderin' spree's. Her in the U.S.A. we ain't got worry 'bout all that mess. We are still a great nation. My brother died for this nation we live in. Yeah maybe thangs cost a little more. All that means is ya gotta get yer hustle on. The rich ,and priviledged ain't gonna crash, and they need us regular Joe's to keep 'em rich ,and priviledged so we ain't either they cain't let that happen the
U Want My Sh*t?!
In All Seriousness This Time...
Dancing Devils; Stalking Tigers.
Tell me Remind me Chase the water racing from the sky Always beside me Taste the memories running from my eyes Nervous flashlights scan my dreams Liquid shadows silence their screams I smile at the moon Chasing water from the skyI argue with the clouds Stealing beauty from my eyes Outside the soundness of your mindBathing your soul in silver tears Beneath a blackened summer sky Praying for time to disappear Beneath a summer day Under glass moonlight Night awaits the lamb's arrival Liquid shadows crawl Silver teardrops fall The bride subsides to her survival By your hand I've awakened Bear this honor in my name She would stir in her sleep, her hip rounded by the sheet, her warm back or belly held tight against me.  I would put my fingers in her dark, silky Italian hair, trace them down her shoulders and back and along the sensuous curve of her waist.  I'd kiss the soft skin and the moles just above her navel.  I'd kiss her breasts and stomach and mouth and eyes, then slip her close agai
My Poetry
Would You Would you love me as I am or would you walk away? Would I not be good enough for you or could I be your ever fantasy? See I would love you I do love you still Even though you refuse to see Maybe I am better off now that you are gone But I can't help but remember how things use to be At one time we were one you looked at me like there was no other Now we are just two strangers crossing paths and I wonder why it is Would you love me? I ask you this I will love you always this I shall live with
You Believe That---really ?
If you really believe I am your entertainment; you should really stop & think about that...for a while.
Me Stasha Is Yu Stasha!
I've figured out a cool way to share some of my e-book collection with my Fu-Friends! Visit my Dunno & Joke Stashes to increase your collections! I've also got a shit-ton of e-comics that I will sort and post some of the gems for youse.

For Maya
Deleting So Called Friends
Yea Well...
Friends Read This !!!!!!
He Left Me
         Everyone in Illinois needs to read what I am about to say effects ever man, woman and child in this state in some way. Here’s the thing I know everyone will not agree with me by it is time to set our own different aside and do what’s right, not only for us but our grandparents , moms, dad, children, and yes even ourselves. As I am talking to you the state government wants to pass a bill doing away with state funded program. These programs are very important to millions of people in different ways and do not have to be cut. There are other ways to fix this budget problem without cutting programs and razing taxes at a time the world is in a difficult state. Now is the time for everyone in Illinois to stand together and tell all the government offices all the way to the president that cutting health care and razing taxes is not the way to fix any state or government problem. We as Americans have already given enough of our tax dollars in bail out programs. It’s
  “Beloved” You are my beloved that is true, how I show it I'm such a fool. I lay in bed thinking of you, wondering what it would be like to be with you. The distance between us is a shame, and I blame the fates for this pain. I close my eyes real freaking tight and wish you could take me from this awful fright. There isn't a minute that doesn't go by, that I yearn for you to be by my side. To be here is a lie and I'm dying inside. To wear a mask in the masquerade, is a game I do not wish to play. So here I am locked up in this tower, waiting upon my golden hour!
Uncondital Love!
  We've heard songs about it, seen it in the movies, heard it talked about on Oprah by relationship experts, and read about it in thousands of self help books. But, what is unconditional love? We all want to feel loved. We think about it, hope for it, fantasize about it, go to great lengths to achieve it, and feel that our lives are incomplete without it. The lack of unconditional love is the cause of most of our anger and confusion. It is no exaggeration to say that our emotional need for unconditional love is just as great as our physical need for air and food. It is especially unfortunate, then, that most of us have no idea what unconditional love really is, and we prove our ignorance with our horrifying divorce rate, the incidence of alcohol and drug addiction in our country, the violence in our schools, and our overflowing jails. Our misconceptions of unconditional love began in early childhood, where we saw that when we did all the right things—when we were clean, quiet,

Attributed Poetry
Cuz I Said So End Of Story
Im Funny And Clever When Bored
Have you ever dated someone more than twice your age? um no, I dont have daddy issues Have you ever "dined and dashed"? I prefer to eat and run Have you ever been cut off by a bartender because you were too drunk? no but i've been cut off by a dealer for being to cracked out Have you ever dated someone just because they had money? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA, um no Have you ever flirted with a cop to get out of a ticket? never gotten a ticket, so you tell me Have you ever gone on a first date with no underwear? My pimp said that's the way it's done. what? no? *shrugs* Do you treat attractive people better than others who aren't as attractive? no i treat all people equally bad Are you more comfortable with friends that are less attractive than you? no, that brings down my game Have you ever hated a job to the point that you tried to get fired? not consciously, but im pretty sure locking myself in my office and eating and talking on the phone all day was a cry for
Im Just A Geordie
MaD-HatterS says:  beaver ·#·$·$12..·$1BS?VS? ·$12·@OV·@ ·$1HEBBURN·$12..·$0 says:  fuk off now MaD-HatterS says:  what ·#·$·$12..·$1BS?VS? ·$12·@OV·@ ·$1HEBBURN·$12..·$0 says:  wot u doin  MaD-HatterS says:  fuck all m8  i hear u got remanded ·#·$·$12..·$1BS?VS? ·$12·@OV·@ ·$1HEBBURN·$12..·$0 says:  na jst kept in 4 a day who sed tht lyk  MaD-HatterS says:  some chick on facebook asked if u was in jail   lol u getting nfa like ·#·$·$12..·$1BS?VS? ·$12·@OV·@ ·$1HEBBURN·$12..·$0 says:  dwt it lyk at cort on the 6th got 4 charges MaD-HatterS says:  4 charges for what ·#·$·$12..·$1BS?VS? ·$12·@OV·@ ·$1HEBBURN·$12..·$0 says:  possesin no lisence insurance twoc MaD-HatterS says:  sick beaver  ul goto jail u knwo that right not cas either ·#·$·$12..·$1BS?VS? ·$12·@OV·@ ·$1HEBBURN·$12..·$0 says:  21 nxt munf go 2 duruhm wot lass lyk  MaD-HatterS says:  dont say owt she told me not to but some lass called laura mcdonal i think was ur ex for 2 yr or summit ·#·$·$12.
fighting on short notice.....   fighitng while hurt........   fighting at all......    
War In The Middle East
On the whole book note, if you could ask a Marine and a Muslim any questions on this suject what would it be?
ok so i have a 12 year old son who hasnt talked to me in 2 years and i dont know why so the question is what can i do to get him back please pray for my son he has the swine flu hello all my fubar friends will u sign my guestbook thanks
A Birthday Present
Tomorrow is My Birthday and it would be such an awsome Birthday present if my friends could help me Level to Oracle! Can anyone give me a hand please?
Rip Rivers 8-17-2009
Yesterday after my sisters husband got home from work and went into their bedroom to change their very first golden retriever rivers walked in the bedroom with him and something happened where he was dead before he even hit the floor. they rushed him to the vet but it was already too late.  he was one of those dogs that would be the first to bark when the door bell rang at my sisters and he would be the first to run out to the car tail wagging and all to see everyone. He was very much a part of the family and will be truly and deeply and gut whrechingly sadly missed. He gave a whole new meaning to mans best friend. He was a gentle giant so to speak. I remember when my sister got him as a puppy it was her husband then boyfriends birthday present    
Battle Of The Dj's
New Beginnings
Sex A Game Or Not?
The Group Concept
Okaaaaaay! I know some of you are new to the group....and I understand some of you are new to Fubar,I also understand some of you arent able to BE on here a lot,I understand some of you AREN'T new to fu and some of you ARE on here a lot. SO I want to take this explain to every member of the group get the message and understanding as to EXACTLY why we are a group and EXACTLY are here. I created this group because a LOT of my friends and people I rated would tell me thanks...because I.......if I like a person or think they are cool can,have and will rate up to 2000 pics in a session if you don't believe me ask ANYONE in my family that has over 1000,1400,2000,2700 pics if I at ONE TIME OR ANOTHER rated every single one of their pics and they will TELL YOU I have.  Now I haven't been able to do that because of my illness,working WITH my illness,getting the group together,rating new mambers,ATTEMPTING to rate current ones,making cards for the new members,helping out
Some people feel pain to know they are alive Some people feel pain to hide Some people feel pain so the can fell something Some people cause pain to make their pain less Some people cause pain because it is all they know Some people cause pain because they were told So with all this pain how do you find happiness and joy find the strengh to keep going. It is in the pain I find the will to over come all things that hurt me and smile while i am still in pain
Live Feed
this iswhat an aftertouchis to a symphonybarely noticedin the stormof what wasthis islingering resonancenine hundrednanosecondsin durationbut saying everythingthat was ever spokenin one final exhalewhen commotionwas cut sharpinto the loudestsilence ever heard this isyour facerelaxing afterexciting expressionexercise to sinkback into stillnessalmost closed eyesskin so unstrainedbrushing yourstill parted lipsagainst minethis isyour voicea soft moaning sighin sharp contrastto the hollering highthat seconds agofilled the roomand my mindthat uneloquentchanting explodingtonightthis isso much morethan my stillhammering hearttrying to lowerthe pulseas powerlesswe exhaleand sink softlyonto ourselvesand welcomethe aftertouchof a symphonyfor now I ama candid mirrorseamless, askew,slightly altered,familiar view.I make you thinkyou sense nexus,perfect match,pegs and holes,a gemini union.But no,there isno uplink,not a twinconnectiononly me;your customizedreflection. insomnia strikesi dreamthat i sle
True Life....i'm Pregnant
So i have yet to find out if my little one will be a boy or a girl.... and as a new mommy i have no clue what to name the baby... if any of u have cute, clever, or even sexi names for a baby please let me know... i will keep u updated on the sex of my little one as i find out... Thnx 4 all the help, ~Jessie~
So Tired....
I've journeyed across rugged mountains,         with violence gushing from my viens...but that has made me older then I should be, And now I'm tired. I've seen love drenched in crimson blood,  And I've seen hate....cold, hard hate,        Immersed in the brightness of Holy Innocense...  I've felt the outcome of these battles in my heart and now I'm tired....                                                  So damn tired.        (written in 1986)
True Love
The other night I met an amazing woman on here. Problem is I just couldnt come to grips of reality and tell her what I truly felt. At first I thought true love didnt exist, but now Im beginning to think otherwise.
Body And Mind
acceptance means that you can find the serenity within to let go of the past. acceptance is the road to peace, letting go of the worst, holding on to the best. acceptance is the hearts best defense, love's greatest asset, and the easiest way to keep believing in yourself and other's. accept what comes to you totally and completely so that you can appreciate it, learn from it, and then let it go. Acknowledging fear is not a cause for depression or discouragement. " Because we possess such fear we also are potentially entitled to experience fear (fearlessness). True fearlessness is not the reduction of fear; but going beyond what you fear. Sometimes your in pain and at times you might be happy.  Tranquil is almost null, at times you feel kidnapped by your work and entrapped in your life.  Some live in constant change, others feel abused not knowing where they go.  This place is quick, fast, blurry; at times there is no moment for rest, endings to life here are vague, some happy, some
I Am With You!!!!
I give you this one thought to keep--- I am with you still--- I do not sleep, I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain, When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swiftk uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight.
My Life
Keepin It Real Like I Do Imma Break Sum Shit Down.It's On My Profile If You Wanna Know Just Ask.So Heres Da Deal I've Been Wit My Girl Off And On Since 93.Like Most Couples We Have Our Prblms,We Have Our Up's And Down.Now I Luv My Gurl No Doubt Bout That,But Like Da Old Sayin Goes Wat 1 Woman Won't Do Da Next 1 Will.So I'm Not Just Flirtin I'm Lookin 4 Dat Next Woman 2 Be My WOMAN.There Does Come A Tyme When You Must Sho Ur Man Luv Or He Will Find Sumbody Who Will.Bottom Line My Gurl  Withold's Da Luv.You Know ( Da Booti,Da Ass,Da Pussy) Wat Eva You Chose To Call It It Still Da Same.Lady's You Say A Good Man Is Hard Find,You Think All Da Good Men Are Etha Taken Or Gay.Well Half Of Dat May Be Tru  But I Am A Good Man And Yes I May Be Taken But I'm Far From Happy.So Just Cause Dat Good Man Is Taken Dn't Alwyz Mean He Happy Give A Brotha A Chance You Never Know Dat Man U Turn Ur Back On May Be Da 1 Ur Lookin 4.
Internet Marketing
After going through three grulling days of internet marketing trainging, who whould have thought there was so much to it?  One would think that it was pretty easy to get a web page marketed and up where people can find it.  Well, it's not, and it is not fast either.  If you are thinking about building a web page, and you want people to find it... prepared for a whole lot of web based work.  Vertical portals, humand edited search engins and the whole works.  So anyway if anybody is wondering what those three days of training caused me to develope, check out  If you have any advice for internet marketing please, post and we can swap ideas.  Thank You.
Nappy Nap Time
 I am about to go take a nap, I need my beauty sleep since I have been training like an animal all week. Tomorrow we are having a sparring tournament at the dojo. I might fight in it if there is a girl there around my weight class.  I am looking forward to watching the students I have been helping to train to compete and kick some serious butt. I love it when you help mold someone into an awesome fighter and then see the benefits of all the hard work that was put into creating a great warrior. :P  Then on Sunday I will be taking the not so little ones Fishing, boating, and swimming again. We found a great spot last weekend and I want to go there and wear my new swim suit and soak up the summer sun while floating out in the middle of the lake. I love it when it's hot out. Anyway...Have a great weekend and I look forward to stalking you all on Monday. (((BIG BEAR HUGS)))
why dose any one want two take kids frim there family for and rape them and kill them i thank they are fucked up and they need two be shot why dose every one two take kids frome there loved ones for it s all mess up i thank they need two be shot
More To Think About
My Personal Mental Thoughts
I wish that I could save you from the mental thoughts you are having. I wish that I could save you from the terrors you are having with the world and how things are suppose to be. I wish that I had a chance to hold you and help you any way that I can. Distance is away for the truth on how you feel. But theres nothing I can do. Theres nothing I can say that will make everything for the moment just go away. I wish that I was able to walk with you, sharing moments from the past until now. I wish that I was able to smile for you, just making sure you did that, if not only once. I wish that I could watch the sunset, the morning sun rise, the sounds of the earth waking up..just you and me. I wish that I could be a better friend. I wish that I could give you better advice, but what I say is only from what Ive learn. We all have different lessions. Teaching you is what you already know. I wish that I could start your life over but then you'd have to start over with the he
Turf Rules
We The People
My apologies to my readers for my unforeseen hiatus. You may or may not be pleased to read that I am working on a book, perhaps even two books if the two topics I am attempting to write about prove too divergent or if the volume of material dictates separating it into two tomes. Anyone interested in more information can contact me here in the comments section. Anyway, enough about me.It's been an interesting week, more accurately a frightening week for those of us watching the current administration continue to consolidate power and marginalize the Constitution.I began to take notice back in January of this year, when, during President Obama's State of the Union Address, he berated the Supreme Court over a ruling while the Democratic lawmakers present stood and applauded. This sort of browbeating is banana-republic stuff. It's also a clear violation of the separation of powers as laid out in Articles I-III of the Constitution. The purpose of having three branches of government is that
The Real Dallas Angel
Let me fill you in so you know the whole story me and angela was married for 18 years we had 2 girls together and 1 she had when we meet. She desided one day to just leave and go to that guy Fred(Punisher) and child sex offender. The day she left we were going to a Disney party and had Tiffany cooking Dinner and told her she be home in a min and the hole time was driving to IL. She did not talk or say anything was wrong she just left me and the kids she took candius the oldest one with her but after 6 months she came back to live with me because of what Fred did to her. When Angela left and went to Fred she called my work at Disney were I have worked for 12yr and were the insurance for the kids were and got me fired. She has never paid any child support since she left she owes over $10,000 already. She always calls says fred is beating her or treating her like shit or when she needs something. She has never tried to talk to the girls or anything. Now she came back saying she wanted to
Read It!
why can't i find one sweet decent man on here most that i have met are a bunch of perverts and sex o halics! im not like that!.fubar should really pay attention to who's on here.they should a pervert button or something lol.but honestly i'd like to find a guy who actually likes to talk,who has some intilagents. sex is nice but not when its the ONLY subject to talk about. just cuz it's the internet dosen't you should act like a just so sick and tired of perverts and sex o halics.WHERE OH WHERE IS MY PRINCE CHARMING?????
New Videos Posted
I posted 25 links to youtube videos today. I did a little mixture of music so I hope everyone enjoys them. Also, I am trying to get my achievements and level up again so any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I need over 200,000 points yet to level up and I need bling and activation of special abilities and a blast and so forth to get my achievements. Also if anyone wants to be gracious and help me to become VIP status I would appreciate that as well, but I know that is expensive so I am not going to expect that one to be done. But yea if anyone wants to really truely help me get ahead on FU then please do so. I will do what I can to return favors for my friends.
I"m Sorry
1. I'm sorry I don't run God Modes and Famps Daily. 2. I'm sorry I don't feel the need to bling everything that walks to be cool or for attention. 3. I'm sorry I don't take one on one personal drama and blog it on your behalf. 4. I'm sorry I treat people like people. 5. I'm sorry if I don't perv on you or give you that attention you might need from elsewhere. 6. I'm sorry if I hold people close to me in high regard and hope they do the same by actions and not lip service. 7. I'm sorry if your name color today, level or rank mean nothing to me. 8. I'm sorry if I question things. 9. I'm sorry if I call it like I see it, even though you may not like it. 10.I'm sorry I didn't rate your page today. 11.I'm sorry if I didn't reply to your message fast enough. 12.I'm sorry if you are a coward and block me without ever speaking to me. 13.I'm sorry if I think your boyfriend is a douchebag, because if I think that, he probably is. 14.I'm sorry if I think your girlfriend is a user, be
Heaven Or Hell Tattoo
heaven or hell on my upper back and a angel on my front right shoulder an the devil on my front left shoulder is something i have thought about for a long time now. I have been trying to look up art online to find some stuff i might like and it's been so so, but i would love some help. So if you have any heaven or hell thoughts and or ideals please feel free to post.
Song Lyrics
Give Them What They Want - Pitbull Fuck that club (shit) They want that thug (shit) But I ain't no thug, bitch And I ain't no gangsta, bitch I'm a hustler, ho And I got no problem If you want it you can get it, boy I bust you Anybody wanna test? Hi, who? Me P-I to the motherfuckin' T It's not my fault that your bitch chose me, now her and her girlfriend wanna do me This is for those boys in those Chevys sittin' on them King James, them 2-3s And if you got a problem with me, holla at my lawyer, bitch, sue me I'm tired of the fuck-boy rap, fuck-boy this, fuck-boy that Watch a couple movies and they put it in they rhyme, those wanna be fiddlers I'm straight, you get shot 9 times 10 years in the game, since 99, I was speakin' my mind (Yes sir) And then shit changed, if you got a problem, bitch cross that kinda line [Chorus:] I'ma give em what they ask for What they want, that street talk I'ma give em what they ask for What they want, that chopper talk I'ma give em what they ask for What t
Little Bit Of This And A Lot Of That
There is really a lot I have to say about this site, but first I really have to thank baby j and Scrapper for keeping this place possible (even though at times i don't agree they do the best job, but i'll cover that in my rant later) & allowing me to meet the man that I fell in love with, my amazing fu-hubby and RL bf, Jacob. MANY of you who know me, know Jacob and i have been together for a while, but haven't gotten to meet in person yet. He is stationed in Japan and had to stay over there longer because of the (stupid) Tsunami. HE IS COMING HOME IN LESS THAN A MONTH! We are both super excited about this. A lot of you who are my friends on here have seen the SS or heard about our problems, and I thank you guys for standing by me (and us). I know I have not been the easiest person to deal with during this time. I have gotten super emo and whiney, sometimes not talking to people for hours or days at a time. && I think it's about time.. I want to thank some of those closest to me perso
Death Will Come ~ Nsfw ~ ( Now Hiring All Staff...inquire Within)
My Last Breath
Sunday 10/30/2011 8:30 pm(approx) - I called my daughter to come home I was having trouble breathing.. Sunday 10/30/2011 8:30 pm (approx)  -  I called your name, my last breah was your name. my last tought was of your smiling face. my last words were paalam mahal. Sunday 10/30/2011 8:45  pm(approx) - I awoke in an abmulance - an oxegen mask on and an iv in my arm. I was so cold, and I was having trouble breathing, the EMT was assuring me I would be ok. I rememberd what I wrote days ago, and realised you may never know. Sunday 10/30/2011 9:00 pm  (approx) - I was in  the hospital.. doctors and nurses., taking blood, giving me shots. putting hot blankets on me. Sunday 10/30/2011 10:30 pm (approx) - I woke up, my breathing was better and I was warmer The rest of the night I was taking tests, being poked and prodded, but you and my children were on my mind. Monday 10/31/2011 5:00 am (approx) - I was released.. I thanked God, and my daughter who found her way there. And said a prayer
Help Save America
Music Is My Life
The Day Has Come
Sherry Guffey  The day has come~All be it far too soon, I know,to surrender unto Godthis one that you loved so.... No amount of words,no matter how be they wise,can take away the painwhen someone so special dies.Grief is such a personal thingwe each accept in our own way.My heart can only guesswhat yours feels today.I am sorry for your sorrow.But, I do understand your tears.For, we all suffer partingif we've lived enough y ears.Try to remember, if you can,that, someday, you will again meet(they truly are waiting there)when we join them at Jesus' feet.I pray, in time, the tears will passand a smile takes their place;as your heart begins to heal,by God's amazing Grace.See MoreThe day has come~All be it far too soon, I know,to surrender unto Godthis one that you loved so.... No amount of wno matter how be they wise,can take away the painwhen someone so special dies.Grief is such a personal thingwe each accept in our own way.My heart can only guesswhat yours feels today.I am sorry for you
Zlad Brain
My Hectic Life
My Jokes
A man walks into the doctor’s office and says “Doc I think I am losing my mind?” the Doctor replies “Oh what seems to be the problem?” well the man replies “Well It all started a month ago… you see I have a woman comes in my room every night she baths me, feeds me, and dresses me and every night be I go to bed we have sex and then she comes back to bath me, feed me, and dress and every night for the last month we have sex and then she leaves and comes back the next morning… Doc this isn’t going to work?” The doctor looks at him and says “You’re a lucky man that you have someone to do that all for you… but I still don’t see the problem?!” the man takes a deep breath and says “Ok well than maybe you can pass on a message for me then” the doctor says ok to whom do you want me to pass the message on to and what is the message… the man than says “Tell your wife instead of us
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i want nice and saxy friends for all time
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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You: You're now chatting with a random Alien. Say hi! Stranger: hey You: greetings Stranger: what planet do you hail from? You: The name is hard to spell but lets just say it's far Stranger: are you humanoid or do you have some other physical shape? You: I'm an alien and I have no gender Stranger: very intriguing...what is your interest in this planet? You: to take it over You: I have shields and a ray gun Stranger: do you have any other aliens that came with you? You: no but they aren't far You: I hate hyp
Anything Interesting
Girl Interrupted
We lit our cigarettes off of each other’s. We were never meant to be, no. We had sex, but I could never let her touch me. She couldn’t have extracted my soul from all the places it was hiding. That’s okay. We were what we were, when we needed it. She was out on my balcony, late one night. I was in the kitchen, when I sensed a change in energy. I walked out onto the balcony to find her sitting with a cigarette in her fingers, trembling with tears streaming down her cheeks. I sat down in front of her, and said gently, “Come here, sweetheart.” She slid into my lap, and sobbed into my shoulder. I remember the exact feeling of her back beneath my fingertips, as I ran my fingers up and down her spine. My god, I held her, and for the first time in so long, I felt something in my heart that resembled softness. It was a heartbreaking, heartmaking feeling. She melted my permafrost in that moment. I cared. Suddenly, I could feel tenderness again. That
lats go hang out whit me , so lats doing anythink ....  ..  so fun, so good, and so NAUGHTY ;)
Lost And Confused
i dont have alot of time to spend on this site but it rocks holla at me  help me out  
Even For A Moment
A hug is one of the most powerful actions a person can make.  From family or friends it can show love, compassion, comfort, heal or just be a simple hello.  Those are all great things that a simple embrace can do.  At different times in our lives we will need a hug to fix those emotions.  Or will feel compelled to share a hug for one of those reasons.  Family and Friend hugs are some of the best things in this world but, nothing compares to the hug of a lover.The embrace of a lover...just the thought of it can turn one on.  The passion, the heat, the drive, all the raw emotions that explode between two people.  Knowing that for that moment in time no others exist in the world.  Feeling that those arms can offer protection.  That when wrapped around you, they can make the troubles of your world melt away.  Arms strong enough to lift and support but gentle enough to caress and soothe.  Nothing is better then after, the heat of passion, laying collapsed together, panting and in each other
Fubar Bouncers Suckk!!!!
hi, just thought id think out loud! fubar is kinda starting to suck. ive been bounced four times in less then five minutes. for doing what i thought you were suppost to do on here. rate fan ad, coment. what the !#%$!#@*^&%!! is up!!! did some uptight shelterd holier then thou bible thumping group buy this sight??
Mexican Lasagna
Mexican Lasagna-1 box oven ready lasagna noodlescan crushed tomatos reg size1 l/b shred cheddartub of sour cream 8ozreg size can cornlrg can refried beansbag shred lettucecan sliced olives1.5 pound ground beef taco season packetonion minced or reg white __________________________________________Brown ground beef add some onion taco season packet when cooked turn off n add corn Layout some noodles to cover bottom of a 11x13 pan it never fits right so we break em in half to make em cover spread a layer of beans down spread some crushed tomatow over that n throw some cheese down then 1/2 the beef mix n then do another layer like that and then another layer of noodles on this last layer take 1 cup water pour over then spread crushed tomatos down n cover in the rest of the cheese cover w tinfoil bake 350 for 1 hr un cover when comes out spread tub of sour cream on top sprinkle w olives chopped green onion what u like on ur taco. and serve on a bed of shred lettuce.
Last Summer Braggin
July 2012 Concept piece only I’m showing compentency , at one with the universe Only 1 long black hearse Only 4 horses Only 2 choices With us Against us Witness Participents Ruckus Chaos Construction Uniformity Collectivity Conjunction My transition’s smooth as fabric softener from on to offers Hit the switch power up-Zupperz? Guess who’s back, guess who never left, Guess Who Guess What Guess where I serve next, Guess why I do this? Let the genie out the bottle, Pandora out the box, let the demons escape my head. So all U pigs can Be- DE-monically possessed. Start the de*programming – U never start U never finish Where the fuck’s the finish line? When do we see the light? When do we see zion? All in due time. When do we see $ Dollar signs? After completion of tasks, checks in boxes, we never exit the grind it’s a continuous process. Continuity, concurrent 2 it’s congruency Good work is rewarded with more work-No Retiring
email me at would love some meet ups, i can send you some more pics if you do email me :D
How do you focus when your mind is getting the best of you? Distractions are a it induced by stress, boredom, or general dislike of the subject matter? What do you think fubarers?
Scammers And Fakes
Beware of this site of not only the management (Scrapper) and Smartass Corey (Scrappers little puppet), and in the background we have Kali Goddess of Destruction who I have found out really has all of her limbs. Remember the story was that she had no arms and no legs? I saw a picture of her with every limb she could possibly need to brainwash Corey (Hey Crystal...I am so happy that you grew your limbs back overnight!!). Corey is married and he is with Crystal? (Kali) I wonder what Lisa, Corey's wife thinks of that? Corey is so consumed with Fubar and especially Scrapper and Crystal lately, I wonder how far he must have stuck his head up Scrapper's ass, because his neck is honestly turning brown!!LMAO!!! I haven't been on here until tonight, and it is because he won't remove what he has on his page about me. The gymnastics pictures that are dedicated to me? Kali, since you have such a big mouth, do you have any idea what kind of talent it takes to do a double twisting double back? No yo
may be ,this is very good star!!!!
Poems From The Heart
Does it matter my heart was broke? Does it matter if i cry at night? Does it matter that i am alone? Does it matter your happy? Does it matter im a mess? Does it matter?
A Grand Illusion
He brought her dreams to life,down on bended knee.Asking her to be his wife,confessing his love to she.The diamond shined bright,upon her face and skin.As their bodies collided,uniting their love within.Although the shine of the diamond,was actually blocking her view.Until the day he threw it away,and truth came shining through.Planting the seed of illusion,deep within her heart.The soil caved in to artificial skin,tearing her world apart.The epitome of deceit, lay at her feet,right where he left his phone.Images of another, send her a wonder,if she’s ever truly known.As her tears fall upon her ring,she takes a closer look.The green ring around her finger,eventually closed the book.The diamond had lost its shine,faded turning blue.For just like the man she thought she loved,the ring was a fake too.
People just never quit when it comes to drama, they obviously love it. I came back after a few months of being away, I was too busy living my life and spending my time with an amazing man, since June I've been busy with him, we went to Minnesota and Iowa for a trip oh it was beautiful well Iowa is, took alot of photos, I also joined fb again, and saw a friend request from a certain person who obviously has no life, that still bad mouths me when I haven't been around for months. Some people just live off of negativity and hatred, my bf has taught me so much, I don't let people like them bother me at all anymore quite frankly I had a good laugh and shook my head because that woman is older than me, close to her 40s and it's been over 5 years and still trying to cause drama. I'm too good for that, absolutely. Thanks love for showing me how people are bitter, selfish, negative, hated and unwanted.
dominant guys add me on skype. sheenakeps4 is my id
so today someone told me about a site so i went there and it amazes me all the women of fubar that seriously actually sell their bodies for credits on this site... im a bit ashamed for them mainly cuz what their lives will turn into if people were to really see what they post on the internet... im just so very glad i have never sold myself to get credits from creepy old or young men... but on a side note some of the ladies i seen on that site im not surprised at all as i know who some of them are.. the same women who call me a blinger on mafia .. of course i spend my own money and not sell myself for others.. but makes me laugh to know i have one up on them.. oh and also the ladies on that site and their pics? they are very nasty lmao who would actually pay to see that shit? 
My Redemption
Do not tell me anything, that you do not mean. You ask me what my name is, and it's just as it seems. Everyone is longing, to redeem themselves somehow. That is why I am here right now. Every time I take a breath, it is for someone else. I come here, for myself. I come here to feel loved, to be accepted, to find peace. To vent, laugh and release. My redemption, dwells within this place. Suddenly, I'm not just another girl; one more face. In those eyes I am more, than the world can see. And I don't have to fake anything, I am just me. Choose your words wisely, before typing out loud. For, meaningless chaos, will not be allowed. You can view me as you choose, most do anyway. Although the person that I am, chooses not to play. With people's emotions, I'm outspoken and true. My redemption is here, it just isn't you.
Give Me The Night
Seems I am a night owl or just have some insomnia issues though in truth I do have sleep apnea which doesn't help with sleep either.  I am either too tired or wide awake but I am defiently not a morning person.  In the end though I do enjoy staying up more during the night then the day and some might tease I am a vampire but in through I just find it more quite and I get more creative then.  Though when sleep does take hold and I can't keep my eyes open any longer I will head to bed.  :)
Profile Revamped
i did some changes to my page here one last time due to i will be turning 37 years old at the end of this month on the 29th and also due to sadly a site called myopera will be closing down effective march 1, 2014. but all on my page will be remaining as is until no sooner than march 2, 2014 which will be the day after myopera closes down but i am going to try and do what i can to see if i can get people from there to come here. i will be putting on new video playlist(s) on my page within the coming days due to sadly the site i got my old ones from jamzee has gone down don't know if the place will be down temporary or permanent. but for the time being i got a new music playlist up ALL OF FULL LENGTH CD'S !i even got several full length cd's by hope you all enjoy them. everyone please be sure to send me comments, bling, gifts and drinks i am in very deperate need of some. also please fan, rate and like i will do my best to return the favor. hope you all enjoy the changes an
In Honor Of My Mother
Once upon a time an angel held my hand, She wiped away my tears and helped me understand.Our time on earth is brief, there's lessons to be learned,Each precious day God gives us another page is turned.Every chapter full of memories, times of joy and tears,Triumphs and defeats, through every passing year.She loved us unconditional, always by our side,When no one else would listen, in her we could confide.With gentle words of wisdom she led us on our way,Down the paths of righteousness if ever we did stray. She saw the light in everyone and gave with no regrets,Always from her heart let's us not forget.Angels come in many forms, for me it is my mother,  With love I cannot say in words there'll never be another.  Every day I turn the page in my heart will ever remain,  Everything she taught me as I stroll down memory lane.  Thank you God for giving me the most priceless of all treasures,Help my Lord to keep alive her memory here forever.I pray that I can some day be everything she hoped I
*** Club X ***
why would anyone rate something a 1 if you dont like something then just dont rate it at all if a person gets a 1 then that just shows the immaturity of others wether it be picture or a persons profile they do what they can to show off stuff they dont need some arrogant individual rateing them a low score so for all those who give a one to anyone kiss my ass
The War In Iraq Is A Foolish Ploy To Hide The Fact That This Country Has A Failed Economic Plan, To Stimulate Any Type Of Recovery!
First Blog
Hey all, Well as much as I hate to admit it, my batteries will be running low on blitz Friday. I am working at Wal-mart from 2pm until 11pm Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday includes a six hour round trip drive to celebrate Thanksgiving and then on that dreaded Friday I work 5am until 10am. I guess it sucks to be me! Anyone else in same boat as me? Hey all, Well I guess there are some problems on lostcherry. First of all, if you are fat that DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE UGLY! It simply means that it takes a special man to look at your personality. Work for me (yes I work at Wal Mart) has been rather flustering b/c 33 hours per week. I rather have closer to 40. Oh well I guess my last resort is to pick up a third job. I also do video taping for City Council every other Monday. Laterz!!
What Is This World Coming To?
My Poetry
This is some of my poetry, let me know what you think. Us Surrounded by love, Circle of friends, No one knows when it's going to end. All we have is now, All we can learn is how. How to cope with all the pain, How to depend on us to get through the games. We have each other, and that's what counts, Wherever we go, together, we bounce. We're an odd group, but close as a woven rug, Sitting on the couch, all nice and snug. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I Was Younger I had no cares in the world, I was an innocent little girl, When I was younger. I had hopes and dreams, And in my sleep, there were no screams, When I was younger. I ran and played all day long, I would randomly sing a song, When I was younger. I would stand up for myself, I was not scared off by anybody else, When I was younger. Now, I lower my head in shame, Dreaming of the lost fame, That I had when I was younger. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Untitled To the
I Want
i want you to call me in the middle of the night because you had a bad dream about me. I want you to kiss me goodbye and the taste of your lips stays within my memory all day. i want you to look at other men and think they could not even compare to me. I want you to whisper in my ear that you love me, while im sleeping. I want you to wake me up, just to say you want me. I want you to want me. *this isnt for anyone in paticular...just things i want in a relationship....(this is a partial
Little Johnny...
A grade school teacher in Philly asked her students to use the word "fascinate" in a sentence. Molly put up her hand and said, "My family went to my granddad's farm, and we all saw his pet sheep. It was fascinating." The teacher said, "That was good, but I wanted you to use the word "fascinate, not fascinating". Sally raised her hand. She said, "My family went to see Brick City and I was fascinated." The teacher said, "Well, that was good Sally, but I wanted you to use the word "fascinate." Little Johnny raised his hand. The teacher hesitated because she had been burned by Little Johnny before. She finally decided there was no way he could damage the word "fascinate", so she called on him. Johnny said, "My aunt Gina has a sweater with ten buttons, but her tits are so big she can only fasten eight."
Miss Needy's Mood Swings Lol
My life feels like a constant ocean beating the shore Every wave slapping the rocks the way a hand meets your face with furry Your words feel like those waves Never ending And always back to hurt more With every sentence another wave With every wave another agonizing blow The more intense the storm the more intence the waves The shelter in the truth has been lost. What once was clear is now just a reminder of what used to be. I never needed you to be strongI never needed you for pointing out my wrongsI never needed pain, I never needed strainMy love for you was strong enough you should have knownI never needed you for judgmentI never needed you to question what I spentI never ask for help, I take care of myself,I don't know why you think you've got a hold on meAnd it's a little late for conversationsThere isn't anything for you to sayAnd my eyes hurt, hands shiver,So look at me and listen to me becauseI don't want to, stay another minuteI don't want you, to say a single wordH
Mim's Blog
My Baby
Check out the page for The Real Radio Show on myspace. The #1 fan of the month is Ivania from Puerto Rico. That's my baby. She has been invited as a guest on the show. Mommy is so proud. God Bless her, she's great. She is also the mother of my sweetie pie, Angel.
A Blog Bout Nothing
Freak Nasty Test!!!
1.Would u have sex with me? answer: 2.What position would u ........ me in? answer: 3.Would u suck me up/eat me out? answer: 4.Would u sex me hard? answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me? answer: 9.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 10.What makes u want 2 have sex with me? answer: 11.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed? answer: 12.Where would u do me @? answer: 13.Would u do me in front of people? answer: 14.Would u do me again and again? answer: 15.Would u do me in the rain? answer: 16.Would u mind if we did it like ........ stars? answer: 17.Would u have phone sex with me? answer: 18.If i gave u my heart would u love it or let it go? answer: 19.Would u do me once then leave me the next day? answer: 20.Would u tell me the truth no matter what it i
Huge Pot Bust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LINK TO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About Me
AS SOME OF YOU KNOW I TAKE MEDS FOR DEPRESSION. YES IM A DEPRESSED PERSON. SO DONT TAKE OFFENSE IF I COME ON HERE AND DONT SAY NOTHING TO ANY OF YOU. ITS JUST ME HAVING ONE OF THOSE DAYS AGAIN AND I HAVE THEM ALL THE TIME...HERE IS MY Horoscope FOR TODAY...GO FIGURE Uneasy feelings may be plaguing you throughout the day, dear Leo. There may appear to be no valid reason for this. Everything seems to be going well for you, and no one close to you has anything heavy going on. It's probably nothing earthshaking; you may just be picking up intuitively on the troubles and anxieties of people you pass on the street. Your intuition is high today, so you could psychically sense just about anything. Hang in there!
The Eye Of The Beholder
In Tears I Saw You Sinking, And Watched You Pass Away. My Heart Was Torn Apart, I Wanted You To Stay. But When I Saw You Sleeping, So Peaceful, Free From Pain, How Could I Wish You Back With Me? To Suffer That Again. It Broke My Heart To Lose You, But You Didn't Go Alone, Part Of Me Went With You, The Day God Took You Home. I MISS U MAMA . . . many things come to mind whenever I say your name It seems without you in my life things have never been the same What happened to those special memories I had before when I was just a child of yours . . . Mama, some days I hear your voice and turn to see your face Yet in my seems the sound has been erased Mama, who will I turn to for answers when life does not make sense without you Who will be there to hold me close Only memories of you I hold . . . Mama, if I could turn back time and once more hear your voice I'd tell you that out of all the moms you would still
You scored as Wolverine. Wolverine is a loner, and a skilled fighter. He's got the hots for Jean Grey but a better fit for him would be Storm. He doesn't like to follow orders which pisses Cyclops off. He has terrible memories from the experimentation done on him at Weapon X. Even though he doesn't show it, he loves the X-Men. Powers: Fast healing and adamantium skeleton and claws.Wolverine90%Rogue75%Emma Frost70%Iceman70%Cyclops65%Gambit55%Jean Grey50%Beast45%Storm45%Colossus45%Nightcrawler
Last Forever
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Bill Of Rights
God's Special Time!
Hello! Today I want to write about something that happened during the prison ministry and what a blessing it was to have been included in "G-d's special time". The week started on Wednesday of last week and lasted through Saturday evening. What a time it was! I began getting sick the week before we were to go in to the prison. I had decided that it was evil spirits attacking to keep me from G-d's work to be done. I also decided to go to the Doc and explain what my plans were for the week. Not very much to my surprise, I was privileged to get a christian doctor who knew about the ministry and put me on a double dose of high powered decongestants and antibiotics in order to function during this very special time. This is a testamony that I have to share with you all. I was to give a talk to these ladies inside on Thursday morning. Much to my amazement, after my talk with these ladies, I had a miraculous recovery! Satan could not keep me down! I prayed for G-d to NOT allow satan to attack
My First
My very first blog!!!! Wow not sure what to say. So if u read this, thank you for stoppin by. Rate some pics and tell me what ya think
My Mostly Dull Observations
This Country Sucks Ass!!! Iraq Is Nothing More Then A Garbage Dump Every Where!!
To My Friends
Here's A Twist
One Of Those Days
GRRRRRRRRRRR......I'm Trying to upload new pictures to my profile, but for some unknown reason they do not post...........GRRRRRRRRRRR...I am ready to pull my hair out (On the verge of cryin')I've tried 6 times and now I am ready to give up and throw my laptop out the window.........=(
I Write With My Tears
How do you begin a simple story about three girls and a table? Do you describe – in vast detail – the table which entails such a fairy-tale that words of minor status cannot possibly explain the significance of the table? How do you tell the story of three virgin girls and a table that brought them together; that taught them the significance of life itself? Perhaps you start from the beginning – the meeting; however, starting from the beginning seems so minimal compared to what each girl faced day after day. So, exactly how does this story begin? It begins in a tiny classroom in a small school in a microscopic town... She sat with her bronzed legs crossed at the round table with a delicate yet hostile surface from years of entailing cryptic information of former teenagers etched into its wooden frame as she waited for the two other occupants to file in one after the other as if they marched to their death. Stepping over the threshold to their hell, they filed in exactly how she pict
Last Thing
Lil Keekee
Nature Walk
Their relationship to this point had been nothing more than friends. She told him everything that was going on in her life, and he listened even though he may not have really wanted to hear it. He had been attracted to her from the first time they met at a party. Sure they flirted on occasion but it never got any further than that. They decided they were going to go hang out one day, and hit a nature trail for a walk. It was a nice enough day and they both thought they could use the exercise and fresh air. As they arrived, they noticed a few clouds in the air, but didn't think anything of it. As luck would have it, at the furthest point of the nature trail, the winds began to pick up and more clouds started to roll in. They decided they'd turn back before it got any worse. Before they knew it, the sky opened up and it began to rain very hard. They reached an area of heavy tree cover, and decided to try and wait it out. They were still getting wet, but it was nowhere near as bad a
Fun Shit
What alcohol are you?? GREY GOOSEFine, fine alcohol! You like to tear up the Goose and be all loose. You know how to get the party started!! Take this test
Which Dragon Resides In Your Soul
Which Dragon resides in your soul? (cool pictures!) You are a white dragon, pure and noble, you would help humans if they desprately need you. YOu are kind and wise with a heart of gold.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
From Heaven
There is a higher power. One that is love and joy. To give to everyone you come in contact with. If you tap into it, there is all you will need. A strength and power that is so mighty that you can move a mountain with it. Yet so gentle that it is like a whispered kiss. He is all powering and knowing. I am not smart enough to know what God wants for our future. So we wait on the Lord. Even though our resources are dwindling away and all we saved are gone. We still wait on God's will and He will provide in the most awesome way. We do our part to look for work, but God's part to give in abundance. I know He hasn't forgotten or forsaken us, In fact He is making a way. Job was in an incident that He had to wait. His Friends telling him all the wrong answers. But Job knew God, and knew he wasn't forsaken even though he lost all he had and his children. And even though God was proud of His boy Job, He still instructed Job. God said "Where were you when I laid the
Cute Joke
Fear And Censorship
Well, I knew it was inevitable. I opened this cherrytap account with the intention of meeting and networking with others who share my views and beliefs. However, in this era of white apologists who want everyone to "just get along" (read: Bow down to the colored man and give him whatever he wants 'cause we're scared of him and what he might do to us,) I knew it would be only a matter of time before the attacks against me would begin. In this particular circumstance it took the form of censorship. Or at least, attempted censorship. You see, when I opened this account, I uploaded a logo as my default picture. It was a simple black and white logo that featured a celtic cross with the words "White Pride World Wide." Nothing sexual. Nothing that promoted hate or violence. Really, nothing inappropriate at all. Just four simple words and a simple celtic cross. It was up for probably about fifteen minutes before it was "flagged" as being "nsfw." So it was removed as my profile picture. It'
Just Ask
Looking For Miss Rite
pimpadelicAdd to My Profile | More Videos
I thought Myspace was hard to close. This website is even more crazy trying to gain points.
I am letting all my friends and family know. I won't be on for a couple of days. My aunt died today and I will be going out of town. Please keep us in your prayers. The hardes thing for me though is that I can't tell my mother that her sister died today. See my mom is in a nursing home after haveing double bypass surgery then dying on us and they brought her back only to have a stroke. So just pray for our family that we get through this one day at a time. Thank You Dee I am posting this blog about family. I come from a family that sticks together through thick and thin. I raised my son and daughters the same way. But it sure is funny when they think they are grown they seem to forget about family.. They become so self centered and only care about their feelings and what they can get out of other people or how much they can hurt someone. Just recently I had to kick my son out of the house. Due to things he was doing that he knows as a military person he shouldn't be doing.
Politics Of Sorrow
What happened before Only repeats on Your memory screen The things you’ve Gone without Whether lost Or never found Linger inside Taking crazy For a drive If it could Only be This Or had gone Another way You would still Be yourself You’d be Living this day It occurred For a reason Take that as You may If you can Find trust It resets Life’s game
Roof Horror
Other Blogzzzzzzz
Mamma I Love You
Mamma I Love You You are my, life my heart. I've always loved you, and I never did or do stop loving you. either though I don't show it to you that much like i should. Your always in my thoughts when i go to sleep and wakeup in the mornings. When thoughs years we could'nt see each other the more you was on my mind. there were times that I would just start to cry anywhere and not know why I was crying. There's Times that I would cry in my sleep . Either though I was Not around you that much till like almost 9 years now. And till this day mamma I will always Love You Forever!!!!! Written By Bessie Marie Meadows
The Band
Me :-) Im New
enjoyme@ CherryTAP I need to gain some points here pls pls pls help all will be returned xxxxxx Animations provided by Animations provided by
Just For A Smile
My First Blog
I really don't know what I'm doing. I can't believe I'm actually writing a blog. This is so bizarre. I'm old enough to remember the days before the internet, and when beepers was the wave of the future. How we all came up with codes to communicate thru beepers. Some that remember should know what I'm talking about. Heck the first time I ever got on the internet I had to make it short and tell everyone in the house I was going to cause it tied up the phone line. And, it was only to talk to a buddy of mine that lived only two houses down for about five minutes, and after that time we ran out our houses to tell each other how cool it was. What we did then now would be called texting and it would be done on our cell phones. I'm not even going to get into how call phones have gotten smaller, and at one time if you had one you were seen as being well to do. Don't get me wrong I'm far from going gray and walk with a cane. I just happen to be bless with being born at the right time to see the
Friends.....or Foes?
In Favor Of
Mixing them when drinking is a terrible idea. But it just may make you feel better, provided you live through a half hour of spins and a thirteen hour coma. Then you feel fresh as a daisy and willing to try it all over again.
Ok, this is to Jeff and my friends. Many of you know the whole "reginna" story, how she was busted being a fake using a girl named Carlee pic's. Well, IT has a male account as well claiming to have met "reginna" in person. Well funny thing is that all of "hollowpoint's" images on IT's profile are all linked to "reginna's" photobucket account. Hollowpoints Image Addy's: http
Sexy Bitchs Stripn
Attractive Test Would you makeout with me me? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Would you sleep with me? [] In an instant! [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Am I attractive? [] Heck no [] hot as Hell [] Fine [] Cute [] Okay [] Ugly! Do you think I'm a virgin? [] Yes [] No [] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... [] _____________ I look like.. [] A player [] One time thing [] Next bf/gf [] A friend [] A friend with benefits [] A possibility [] A loser If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No [] maybe Would you rather.. [] Hook up with me [] Cuddle with me [] Date me [] Friends [] Friends with benefits On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [] 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 What would you want me to be to you? [] Friend [] Girlfriend/Boyfriend [] Friend with benefits [] Husband/Wife Are you going to repost this so i can answer for you? [] Yes [] No Reply to me then Rep
why does love hurt so much.why is it so hard to tell that one person you love them and them not run away.why do we always fall for the guy we kno we cant have or dont have a chance with.why does love always make u do stupid things and say stupid stuff.why does it take control over you and make u do everything and anything it wants. why is it so strong. well love for me is bad cuz i always fall for the wrong guy well not really the wrong guy just the guy i kno i cant have and the guy that makes me feel so sad yet happy at the same time cuz it makes me want him even more knowing i wont ever get him and it makes me miserable and i hate how hes the first thing on my mind everyday and i hate not being able to do anything about it and i hate how perfect he is with his awesome personality and wonderful heartand the eyes that can make u do anything for him and how sweet he is and cocky at the same time i hate how he makes me feel so comfortble when i talk to him and how he makes me smile
Love Or Lust...
So, how long is it before you fell in love after the lust? Come on now, be honest!!
Ha Ha Ha!!
Just sucks having to fucking get up at 5 am to go to work on new years....its been like 7 years since i last did anything ever on new years eve. I barely even have time to think for myself anymore just annoying. I work 50 hours a week in 4 days and i just need a break.
How A Seven Year Old Explains Sex
HOW A SEVEN YEAR OLD EXPLAINS SEX How a seven year old explains sex Litttle Ramy was 7 years old and like other boys his age rather curious. He had been hearing quite a bit about 'making out' from the older boys, and he wondered what it was and how it was done. One day he took his question to his mother, who became rather flustered. Instead of explaining things to Ramy, she told him to hide behind the curtains one night and watch his older sister and her boyfriend. This he did. The following morning, RAMY described EVERYTHING to his mother. "Sis and her boyfriend sat and talked for a while, then he turned off most of the lights. Then he started kissing and hugging her. I figured 'Sis must be getting sick, because her face started looking funny. He must have thought so too, because he put his hand inside her blouse to feel her heart, just the way the doctor would. Except he's not as smart as the doctor because he seemed to have troub
Tabz Randomness
Many people have seen child abuse and many have closed there eyes to it hoping that it would just go away. Well it does not go away  it does not stop and you can not hide from the reality of it. If you are one that has closed there eyes to make it go away so that you do not have to see it maybe you can answer this question for me how do you do it? Because i can not and everytime my 7 year old daughter cries because she misses her cousin or when  asks me why her cousin Ry had to go away and if they found the bad person that hurt her. My daughter is to young for the truth  so she is told " no baby they are still looking  but they will find them" But the cold hard truth is that they did find the person and it was the childs own mother. So i sit writing this looking at my daughter layin on the floor playin her laptop and i wonder how on earth could anyone hurt any child. Yes there are days that my daughter has me wanting to pull my hair out by the roots and yes there are days that i want t
To Be A Creature Of The Night
To Be A Creature Of The Night The moon rises full in the darkness of the summer sky, I stretch My black wings and ready Myself to fly, Leaving My physical form behind for it is not needed, Traveling the Spiritual world, My progress unimpeded, No matter the shield that may try to block My way, Shadow Lord, Fallen Angel, Vampyr, and Shaman, not Fae, My powers follow no rules, for they are not Mine alone, Each comes with a price, some darkness for which to atone, A Wolf of the shadows, a race that has mastered the in between, Slipping in and out of planes at will, sight unseen, Cast out from His pack for His only true desire, Loving a rival, her love quenched the burning fire, My Ancestral calling, the Shaman, Master of Nature’s magic, That part alone, the only one with a story not tragic, Guided by five totems and blessed by His kin, Through faith and conviction learning balance again, The Fallen Angel, cast down by consciences accord, Tired of the war between the Shi
Forgiveness Poem
people should learn forgiveness and accept things for what they are. Adrift in a sea of sadness lost in my thoughts Jokes can be taken so harsh when meant to be taken lightly A slip of the tongue is all it takes and suddenly you're alone boxed in a world of fears a world of tears Cruelty is it's game life it's name ever changing, rapidly sweeping you along like a roller coaster you can't stop and as you spin wildly spin out of control scenes from earlier on this ride of life flash through your mind The walls are closing in The room begins to spin you fall to your knees and beg for it to stop you beg and plead for forgiveness knowing that you were wrong You've been to bossy, said too much, you say it will never happen again and you know that you'll do anything in your power to keep it from happening again you love these people and can't fight like this with them so you plead for forgiveness. maybe if ppl take the time to really follow their
My Dad Is In The Hospital And Is Extremely Critical
Hello to all my family, friends, and fans.. I am so sorry I ahve been slacking lately.. I vowed that after the New Year I would get back to my Cherry Family.. I miss you all SO SO SO much but A LOT has happened over the holidays and with work. My dad is in critical condition at the moment and has been in the hospital for about 2 weeks now so that is where I have been spending most of my time. I am also trying to plan a trip to Texas to go see the Love of My Life as soon as all this blows over. I am very lonely and need some companionship really bad and he is the only one who can give it too me so as soon as I can I am leaving to go see him. I will try to log on as much as I can and answer as many messages and such for the time being but I must tell you it is really hectic. I hope all of you and your families had a very Happy Holiday. Thank you all for your continued support and I will try to do what I can with the time I have. Till then be good and I miss all of you greatly.
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My Insanity.
THE COMPTAPLATION OF SUICIDE.... As i sit here my mind goes blank i can't deside who to thank should i even thank anyone at all? i just sit and think and think and think till life itself starts to fucking stink should i cut my wrist should i eat my gun i can't deside mabey i should just kill a nun as these thoughts progress its hard for me to rest so i just take my rope and choke myself to death.... The Last Trip.... i eat this box of cedin and i start to trip my eyes widen up and time get striped lights become bright and the music is out of sight insane thoughts race throught my head like sex religion and death so i take a step back and become out of breath i turn out the light lay in my bed then my closet opens and something rips off my head fuck im dead....
I Need Votes For The Nicest Cock Contest!
Fucking Angry
Dig bury me underneath Everything that I am rearranging Dig bury me underneath Everything that I was slowly changing I would love to beat the face, Of any mother fucker that's thinkin' they can change me, White knuckles grip pushing through for the gold, If you're wantin' a piece of me I broke the mother fuckin' mold, I'm drowning in your wake Shit rubbed in my face Teething on concrete Gums bleeding Dig bury me underneath Everything that I am rearranging Dig bury me underneath Everything that I was slowly changing I struggle in violated space, Sell out motherfuckers in the biz that try to fuck me, Hang from their T's rated P.G. insight, I ain't sellin' my soul when there's nothing to buy I'm livid in my space Pissing in my face Fuck you while you try To fuck me Dig bury me underneath Everything that I am rearranging Dig bury me underneath Everything that I was you ain't fuckin' changing me Let me help you tie the rope around your neck, Let me hel
Final Hour
And in my final hour The ONe did come to me And unto me The One did say What is it that you have brought to me Not being able to think In mere awe of this entities presence I could think of no such great deeds So to this I had no answer How could one such as myself Dare to even attempt to answer One whose powers Are seemingly endless In a time Which seemed to last an eternity The silence was finally broken A voice so lovely It was as if a chorus of angels Did sing But yet The voice so timid and mild That I was the only one Who could hear this wonderous glory And even though It sounded of an entire song The only words heard were "I give you myself" To this annoucement I was dumfounded How, I a mere man Can offer up oneself To an entity such as this And believe to be taken seriously To this another answer Not because of your great deeds but because of whom you are You left your life open Not to allow your
Bail Money Needed!!!
Nitro will go to jail for ... Setting your partners underwear on fire 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
Hello Ya'll
Hey there, i'm new to this site. Just wanted to see what its all about. I'm all about meeting new people, and makin friends...I'm 29 almost 30, and I've been married before..divorced now....Oh, and I'm Bi-Curious. If ya wanna chat, just leave me a comment or message me!!
Internet Etiquit
read this slowly It kinda sums it all up..........Smiles I believe - That we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe - That no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I believe - That true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. I believe - That you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe - That it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe - That you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I believe - That you can keep going long after you can't. I believe - That we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I believe - That either you control your attitude or it controls you. I believe - That heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.
Josh's Ramblings
So I don't have a tattoo, but have been kinda wanting one for a while now. I think I've decided on getting the Breaking Benjamin logo tattooed in the middle of my upper back. Nothing huge, probably the size of a CD or smaller. This is what their logo looks like for those that don't know them It's just 4 B's intertwined, so I think it looks cool and will stand on it's own even if/when the band is no longer around. Oh and likely just in black as I'm not a huge fan of tattoos in color. Your thoughts?
My Candy Heart Says...
Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss" You're a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship. You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you Your flirting style: friendly and sweet What turns you off: cynics who don't believe in romance Why you're hot: you always keep the romance alive What Does Your Candy Heart Say?

Hey everyone! I just posted some new pics, but if you aren't into seeing this kind of thing, don't look. Definately don't look at work, as they are most definately NSFW! However, for those of you who like nudity, Enjoy-Paul Hey, if anyone ever has this happen, all is not lost. I had come across this info somewhere else, and remembered it. IMMEDIATELY, grab the phone and shake it hard to remove any water and TURN IT OFF. Remove the battery, SIM card and Memory card(if u have one). DO NOT soak the phone in rubbing alcohol( as some sites say, to displace the water) Set the phone in front of a space heater or something else to blow warm air on it, for at least 24 hours, 48 is better. Don't get it so hot that u mess the phone up. I know it's hard to go without your phone, as we are all slaves to them these days, but if you power up the phone before all the water is dried, then you will probably short it out. I dropped my phone in a mop bucket the other day. I did exactly what I said, and
You scored as VAMPIRE. YOU ARE A VAMPIRE! YAY VAMPIRE, but seriously if you and a ninja and pirate where all put in a room you would win no question about it so instead you choose. YOU ARE A VAMPIRE PIRATE OR A VAMPIRE NINJA! YAY AND CHOOSE YOUR SIDE WISELY.VAMPIRE75%PIRATE65%NINJA!50%Are you a Pirate or a Ninja?!created with
We sit and we type and we stare at our screens, We can't help but wonder what all of this means. With mouse in hand ...we roam through this maze, On an infinite search...lost in a daze. We chat with each other, we type all our woes At times we'll band together to gang up on our foes. We wait for somebody, to type out our name We want recognition, but it is always the same. Soon friendships are formed - but - why we don't know, But some of these friendships, will flourish and grow. We give kisses and hugs, and sometimes we'll flirt, In IMs we chat deeply, and reveal why we hurt. Why is it on screen, we are so easily bold, Telling our secrets, that have never been told. The answer is simple, it is as clear as a bell, We all have our problems, and need someone to tell. We can't tell real people, but tell someone we must So we turn to our 'puters ...and to those we can trust. Even though it sounds crazy...the truth still remains, Most of my "friends" have no
My Blog
Hey all, just wanted to say i'm back online and that i'm sorry I haven't been on lately. things have been a little hectic lately and there just really hasn't been much of a chance for me to log on. I hope everyone is well and that i get a chance to say hello to you all soon. Thanks and take care! William
Valentine's Day
Seductive Male Contest
Click on my pic to leave comments!!!! Hugs & Kisses
Work Animals?
Okay so, I work in Martinez on Alhambra St. Alhambra is a fairly busy street with tons of stores and always busy with cars. I got my job at Safeway in the beginning of January. Since i have goten my job and been commuting.. I have seen.. 10 turkeys walking down the side of Alhambra in a group... just walking along... which was really odd..or so i thought.. about 2 weeks later.. i was on my way home from work.. when i suddenly see this HUGE... and i mean HUGE.. black COW walking down the middle of the friggin street (on the opposite side thank god)!!! lol. so i called the Martinez police department..the lady was friggin hysterical.. lol.. she was like "a cow? on alhambra?" and was cracking up laughing...LOL then... like 2 or 3 days ago.. in the morning.. i was driving along.. and a deer ran right in front of my car... so wtf is next?!?!?!?! lol... its gettin way too weird...LOL.. all these strange animals just running loose in Martinez... its not even a farm community..LOL
Life Is Great But Very Tough Sometimes
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Your Pornstar Name is:Jade Hardcore Take this quiz at
Art I Love
Playing D&D will really teach you the basics of life. The Party When playing D&D a single player without a party to back him up is quickly eaten alive by the Goblins, Dragons, and Tax Collectors of the world. Only a full adventuring party is equipped to take on any foe. In the real world a person without any friends or support. Someone who is truly alone in the world, is quickly eaten alive by depression, girls, and tax collectors. (Tax collectors are dangerous in every world). The importance of NPCs In D&D NPCs are the people who do all the mundane things of the world. From washing your horse, to planting corn, to being your lover. Most people in the D&D world are NPCs and will never go on a great adventure. If you treat an NPC badly they may steal your horse, poison your mead, or even GASP, stop being your lover. No one can get far without the support of the NPCs Most people in the real world are NPCs also. Mundane people who lead mundane lives. But if you treat t
The Season Of Love Is Now Over.
So basically. I can't seem to make a salute that is approved. Anyone have any tips?
Men On Ct!!!!!
Im not sure
The Life Of A Sportswidow
Hubby was home today, but was sick. So I banned him to the downstairs. I cannot afford to have the kids or myself get sick. The kids and I had a great day. We played on the computer alot, did many loads of laundry, dishes, cooked dinner, and played some more. They didn't fight (much) and I hardly yelled. I was trying to keep myself busy so I would not think about how I felt like a single mom today. Once the thought that if I had to, I could do this on my own, came into my head. I guess it is good to know that we'd be ok if something were to ever happen. I am trying to stay positive tonight, but the overwhelming feelings of being alone all day is kinda catching up. Weird to be alone, while he was just downstairs. Everyone has been so kind here at CT, rating my profile and pics. and I have hardly returned the favor. Maybe CT is not the right place for me. Perhaps I am too shy? too reserved? I am not sure about. Why did I join? To make friends. Have I done that? Not really. I don't kn
Vent That Shit
People who leave glittery text in people's comments ARE FUCKING HOMOS! That is all. I am the insignificant object Too worn and battered to earn your affection I am the excuse so overly exhausted The mark of contempt for those who surround you I am the diversion at your convenience To help you forget the dreaded anticipation of inevitable isolation I am nothing until you’re abandoned I am your oblivion Bend me until I break Your vacant eyes disregard my despair Correct me, my life is a mistake Consume me now, for I have become aware Your empty, hallow promises always broken Betrayed from the moment they're spoken Though your flesh is warm and alive There's nothing left inside...
Jesie James
You are 64% fuckable! Take this quiz at You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
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Ass You are a real ass, well actually a great piece of ass. You love to be yourself and get it on. You dont care what people think of you regardless of how good or bad you are. You one who always likes a good stare! Take the 'What animal describes your sex life!' quiz! Make your own Quiz!
Ignorance, Is It Stupidity?
If ignorance is stupidity then why fear diversity? We are all individuals, with different sets of rituals. But we're all people Some insensitive and some feeble. So, for the sake of mankind, open your mind. We all live in the same place, the 3rd ball from the sun in space.
Bad Situation
On saturday feb the 24th I woke up haven't taken meds for a week and put myself in a bad situation.I had about 4-5 shots of vodka after I was invited to go gamble.We went down got in there bet the horses got a drink maragritta.I had on sip sat down in at a machine.The drink upset my stomach a little so I had a cigarette I then felt very sick to the stomach.I let my sister know how I felt and she told her man.He was going to get me some water,but I felt the need to go to the restroom.I got up walked about 10 steps(blacked out) I fell to the ground a guy and my sisters man picked me up then I fell again almost hitting my head on the counter. Medics were rushed and my heart rate dropped to 60 my sister held my feet up while I tried to respond.I got rushed to a hospital and they let me know it wasn't the alcolol that caused the problem.My pottusium level dropped to 1.7(norm 3.5-5.0) very fatal.I could have past away that night but something held me back I don't know if it's my friends and
>mia-missing In Action
how did i love you? when did i start? was it there all along? i think back to when i first seen you. and i loved you then. i believe in love at first sight. when i held my son in my arms i knew that it exhisted. that there was a god and there was a heaven. from that moment on there was a future. something i never had or looked forward to before. then i met you. i love you and i think, "Did god make you for me? did he say when he created you, "you will be for jessica. you will make her happy when she is sad. you will hold her hand when she is lonely and lay with her at night. you will have babies with her and love her more than you love anything in this world. she will be yours and you will belong to her forever." did he? did he create you for me? because he knew i was lonely and that you would complete me? that you would raise my chin and look in my eyes and wipe my tears away. that with you i belonged? i love you. so completely. so simple. so why is it SO hard. why is it all
More About Me....
Well as I said before Im a plain jane with a bit of a twist...I have 18 tattoos and Im far from being done...but if you want to know a little more about on... Growing Up... Im a smalltown girl...the oldest of 3 dad is a cop so I didnt get away with much growing up...hmmmm,maybe thats why I have all the tattoos and piercings now??? lol Favorites... Food...italian Music...alternative rock mainly..but I like all kinds Flower...Lillies Fav. Past time...besides getting inked...hanging with friends, listening to music,sports,watching movies, etc Fav. dogs, not really a cat kinda person Fav. Movie...horror flicks Pet Peeves... Liars...Fakes...people who are afraid of being matter what... well thats enough babbling for else you wanna know or if you wanna know where to find me...
Fly Away From Reality
Fly away from reality.. Close my eyes.. and smile... cause I know I can feel better.. don't want to be sad all the time.. don't want to cry instead of smile.. so I won't think of everything that goes wrong in my life.. I'll just fly away from reality.. to the perfect world and my perfect dreams..
My Iraq Blog
march 17th A roadside bomb exploded Thursday in eastern Baghdad, killing four U.S. soldiers "they work out of our fob, good guys they are" honor to the 1/8 cav Going out on a 4 day mission, couple days back had an ied go off the front end of the lead hmvvw, everyone is alright im losing my Section sgt, aparently the thing with the cs gas which we throught was white smoke isnt going to good
Nyc Bound Bitches!!!!
Thought Id blog about one of my good friends' from High School..Bryn..his upcoming new band "Bang Camaro"....went to jam out with them last friday night at the Showplace Theater in Buffalo...good times. I suggest you all check these guys out if ya like 80s-90s-and the 2000's ROCK..its a huge mix n alot of testosterone!! ha! Us girls... Bryn rockin out...these boys are fuckin talented...check em out... Friday my best friend Heidi and me are heading to the city to see the Back to Basics Tour ...gonna have a fuckin blast... ...getting a much needed mama's vacation/break....aka MOMS ON A MISSION... Hittin the clubs after and then walkin all over the city Sat then a show. Im psyched...I
I've Got More Wit, A Better Kiss, A Hotter Touch, A Better Fuck, Than Any Girl You'll Ever Met
home again. it sucks. the arguements are too much for me. i am tired of having to feel like i am going insane in my own home. i want a place i can feel safe. i don't think that is too much to ask. for all of you ladies who are sucks...i already have daytime tv memorized. i am done cleaning up messes that aren't mine (i don't have kids, so they aren't from kids) and i am tired of random people showing up at my house at the whim of my husband. which by the way is not going well. i have resorted to a few friends and family members that i know of to stay with them or hang out with them that way i can get away from the stress away from home. i wish i had a job and yes i have put in applications...i would even like to take some college classes...just something of substance or value to fill up part of my day...
Wd-40 ... Well Who Knew?
WD-40 Well, who knew...? I had a neighbor who had bought a new pickup. I got up very early one Sunday morning and saw that someone had spray painted red all around the sides of this beige truck (for some unknown reason). I went over, woke him up, and told him the bad news. He was very upset and was trying to figure out what to do - probably nothing until Monday morning, since nothing was open. Another neighbor came out and told him to get his WD-40 and clean it off. It removed the unwanted paint beautifully and did not harm his paint job that was on the truck. I'm impressed! WD-40 (Water Displacement #40) The product began from a search for a rust preventative solvent and degreaser to protect missile parts. WD-40 was created in 1953 by three technicians at the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company. Its name comes from the project that was to find a "water displacement" compound. They were successful with the fortieth formulation, thus WD-40. The Corvair Company bough
you are sweet gentle and kind the life force within me. you made my days filled with happiness,warmth, and laughter. you were the one who woke me each morning with a kiss the one to put me to sleep with your strong arms and gentle touch. the days are long now the nights even longer for you have gone and left me here alone in my cold cold world. no more warmth no more laughter hapiness is just a long forgotten thing.why did you leave me in this world alone? we are all created equal we all dream cry and love the same do not judge a person by there diability ,race, orientation or gender. life is a journey we all are taking together let us share the journey as one.
Canyon Lake
hay everybody!! I changed my background. Let me know whatcha ya think. I took this picture when I visted my dad for the first time. With my brother and his wife lorie. It's a memory I'll never forget.
Confusion Sets In...
It's my first blog WOOHOO! Ever had a really good friendship with a member of the opposite sex that you never would've even thought about taking to another level and than oneday you found yourself looking at that person in a way you never had before? Well thats where the confusion sets in... I have this really great guy friend that I've been developing a really awesome friendship with and up until recently, hanging out with him was just that, building a really awesome friendhip with a really awesome person, and up until now I never would have thought about taking it any further than that as far as that deep emotional level is concerned. However, This last time we hung out was a little different... for me anyway. After a great night of frozen margiritas, jokes, and excellent conversation, I found myself sitting in the passenger seat of his car looking over at him and wondering... ... is it possible? I have no idea how he feels or if he's ever thought the same when he lo
Let's Do Lunch!
more pics on my profile ... it's bad ass i am getting a puppy ... i need some help ... he is a boy . and a fat lill thing.. i donthave him yet or i would ahave a pic up ... but i need help with a name .... ok i did have a dog but someone killed him ... well shot him .... his anme was jugernot .. i loved like a child ... i miss him ... but he is gone ....
A [ ]Achluophobia - Fear of darkness. [ ]Acrophobia - Fear of heights. [ ]Agliophobia - Fear of pain. [ ]Agoraphobia - Fear of open spaces or crowds. [ ]Aichmophobia - Fear of needles or pointed objects. [ ]Amaxophobia - Fear of riding/crashing in a car. [ ]Androphobia - Fear of men. [ ]Anginophobia - Fear of angina or choking. [ ]Anthrophobia - Fear of flowers. [ ]Anthropophobia - Fear of people or society. [ ]Aphenphosmphobia - Fear of being touched. [x]Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders. [ ]Arithmophobia - Fear of numbers. [ ]Astraphobia - Fear of thunder and lightening. [ ]Ataxophobia - Fear of disorder or untidiness. [ ]Atelophobia - Fear of imperfection. [ ]Atychiphobia - Fear of failure. [ ]Autophobia - Fear of being alone. Total so far: 1 B [ ]Bacteriophobia - Fear of bacteria. [ ]Barophobia - Fear of gravity. [ ]Bathmophobia - Fear of stairs or steep slopes. [ ]Batrachophobia - Fear of amphibians. [ ]Belonephobia- Fear of pins and needles. [ ]Biblio
Hello People!!!
Girl Died After Being Accidentally Shot In The Chin
San Juan County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested an 18-year-old man Wednesday night for the March 18 killing of 15-year-old Kailie Sitta. Daniel Vargas, of Farmington, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and tampering with evidence, both fourth-degree felonies, according to Lt. Tyler Truby. If convicted of both charges, Vargas faces three years in prison. Although the investigation is ongoing, deputies believe Vargas had a handgun at the home March 18 and accidentally fired it, Truby said. A bullet struck Sitta in the chin and was lodged in the back of her neck. Vargas allegedly shot Sitta at around 4:30 a.m. March 18 outside 603 Taos Ave., where his brother, Adam Vargas, lives, an arrest affidavit states. Adam Vargas told deputies that a group of people gathered at his house March 17 after spending time at Morgan Lake. Several other witnesses to the shooting said a group of people, including adults and juveniles, were drinking and having a party at the home, the
Yet again im doing a blog on life. It doesnt happen often but when I do there is usually a reason for it. Now here lately my g/f and I have been having a hard time with it seems like everything. We cant hold a convo for very long at all...we havent even had sex in a while. I dont know whats going on btw she and I but I have tried to talk to her about it and she just says that everything is fine. It's really making me wonder what the hell is going on with her,ya know? Now I know at times im not the best gurl to be around..I have work 40 hours a week and that puts a lot on me...I have family that I deal with every day that just make me want to choke them..ect ect ect. I just dont know what to do anymore. I really dont. Im just sick of the mind games..I have been with her for a year now..and its seeming like it was all a waste for some reason. *shrugs* I dont know anymore...I just dont. Alright..First one for this cherrytap thing. So yeah, the constant fighting the constant hit
Seeking Through The Darkness
Turmoil in the tempest swirls Chaos rains and confusion hurls None do know the souls dark side Before it all would run and hide Afraid of the ugly face of sin We know it for it lives within Every soul and every heart Not for most our favored part The selfish side we all possess Never free of even if we confess For the choice is what sets us above When we refuse hate and cherish love When we do what is true and right Then we become children of the light We live in peace with in the storm Make the world better and change it’s form In this way we make life so great It is an easy choice why let it wait For to live happy, joyous and free Just let go of the world and follow me Do unto others as you want done unto you In this way we make this world brand new By R, Thomas Dinsmore Pull me close and hold me tight I need to feel you through the night The comfort of you and your touch To my soul mean so much Feeling lost in a world unfair Like no one w
My 2 Best Friends!
My 2 Best Friends From School Have Past On. 1 Passed On 6/6/06! His Name Is Tyrone Johnson He Was To Graduate This Year With Me! Then The Other 1 Died 1/27/07 His Name Is Justin Clark! He Died In Monroe TN! I Miss Them Both! RIP TY & RC!
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Well I just thought I would yap a bit about this great Msn Group that I am a member in. We have alot of laughs and alot of fun in it. The members are down to earth and just plain awesome people to get to know. If your interested in joining..the Group is listed under Msn Groups. Dunno if this link will work...but you can always try it. Tc n peace...Boo CLICK HERE FOR ALL IN FUN FLIRTS
Wanted to tell all Happy Easter, you know easter is a day for family, so get off ur cherry tap butts and spend time with your kids, famaily, loved ones and such, if no kids get ur butt to mom and dads, just get off of here!!
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I'm dorking out by quoting Charlie Papazian but then again, he's the hero of the homebrewer. It's probably not apparent enough but you will see a picture with 3 different beers in it, all homebrewed by me. There's a Pale Ale, a Porter and a Stout. The Stout is pretty much all gone and I still have yet to drink most of the others. I do give away a lot of beer or trade it for other homebrewed beer. I'm making a new batch on Friday. It's a lot of fun and easier than one would think. I can see myself making beer professionally one day. I just applied for a new job yesterday. I like the job I have currently. The people are great. My bosses are supportive. However, the pay lags in a way that I feel is unacceptable. I often feel like my position at work is abused whenever someone calls in sick. I'm constantly expected to pick up the slack. I really can't stand that. Sooooo, I was sitting at my desk yesterday when I noticed a job being advertised with the state I live in. Took

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