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My Wireless Connection Sux
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am looking for new friends i am 38 in northeast england fun town two mins walk away from beach just got own bussiness fixing and building computers. am computer literate but not a geek. am high on life lets all the world get high am asking everyone on this site its now a new hour 8.38am here in uk and am asking that it is now hour to rate and fan everyone lets rock this house and take it to he limit there should not be a happy hour but 6hours happy but i think we should be happy all the time. derek top dance lounge. my blogs are rated 10 most are blogs on blogs and the websites need votes. my pics everyone of them are a 10 or plus on there own. now my friends and family here i have new internet only been back on since yesterday got new webpics new blogs rated 10. stashs interesting. blogs on blogs to inhance yiour page to top rated. blogs on anything but anything from my blogbook. lets all on this site join hands and unite as one family as it was in he beginning. am going to
So Cal (805)
1 hot sunny day on my way to the beach crusing in a drop top dodge charger sitting on 22's meeting homies for a bbq with grub on the grill and beer in the the coller just chillin on ice and my ears frozze with ice
Random Thoughts
To everyone that sent me birthday wishes thanks you so much. You made a crappy day better. And to all my D&DC family you rock!!!!!! Thanks so much again!!!! Roses Comments Graphics at Ok, I've never really been good at this. But, I'll give it a shot. Today is my day off which I am glad. I had to go put insurance on my husband's mustang. Not too bad didn't cost me an arm and a leg like I thought it would. I'll just be glad when he gets the transmission in. That won't take him too long. Last night was hectic at work. I work for two car rental agency's which will remain nameless. Pretty much I get calls for extensions, reservations, directions, and people who want to bitch because they feel they have been done wrong. Well our company also takes the roadside assistant calls for both companies. Now I'm not a roadside agent yet and I'm starting to be glad that I'm not. One of our agents had to take the saddest call last night. A guy had called in to let us known that h
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Show Jenn some love (¯`·. ♥ (¯`· Pure Magick .·´¯).♥·´¯)@ fubar
Some Me Time
Im going to take this hapy hour and load some things.Seems like only when I uopload does people rate all but a few so im going to spend this happy hour doing my thang...Please add stuff to yourS..Have a great night everyone thank you. LEVELERS IF YOU HAVENT ADDED OUR HOMEPAGE PROFILE PLEASE DO SO TOMMOROW THE NAME WILL CHANGE. Level Up Team@ fubar
A Friend To The End
Poems i create, may be real or fake, but they are from the heart, and mine to take, i share what i feel, some friends fates i do seal, but if you want me to be real, take the time to get to know me, and you will see, the real me, heart so intense, feelings so dense, emotions put to the test, ill make you forget all the rest, for a loving heart, is the way to start, as a friend, i do tend, to care too much, to each as own and such, i like all my friends a bunch, you are all special in your own way, hope you all are here to stay, so smile or cry, but dont ever ask why, i am me, what you see, im for real and true, some of my poems will make you feel blue, but others will make you feel happy too, so here is a hug, a tender kiss, and a wish, that you all find love, as he hands it out from above, a friend to the end, endless love for me to send....................
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HIT HIM HARD WITH LOVE HES BOMBING IN MY CONTEST..TAKE HIM OVER THE TOP PLEASE drew64_4**Undergrond Security**##Jeezy's Offical Bodyguard##Co-Owner Of ☼§TheAtomicBombers@ fubar
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Just Too Funny
Congratulations Godfathers
Congradulations to todays 3 GodFathers.Stop by and congratulate them..Special thanks to everyoneone that made it possible to God Father these 3 Fubar's.Just these 3 Fubar's had over 360,000 in points needed...Much respect to you all for showing them love. Luscious♥Mami - (Fan/Rate me then add, plz)@ fubar £ô©o™- Ťĥē Mòŕpĥ MÄŝŤêŕ@ fubar Mя. Đ Pєяĸy's Huѕband Co-Owner of The O.C.L@ fubar
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Show my new friend some love..She does love back... &hearts DJ Boots &hearts Magnum Radio &hearts@ fubar
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Straight As They Cum
Booboo's Pimping Out
I will tell anyone my friends RAWK!!! I can pimp out 90% of my friends and know that you wont come back and ask why you added them. These are just a few of the many I'l be pimping. My list is never ending Stop by and show them some love. kelli2you@ fubar ۞WÌLÐÇÄŦ۞® õWñÈR õҒ WÌLÐÇÄŦ ŦRÄÌñ ñ LõÚñGÈ۞@ fubar Fawny aka DJFawn~Far~#1 DJ HOR~Shadow Levelers~Fubar Mum to Castironbitch(fan & rate b4 adding)@ fubar I Love Sporks -add me as a fan before you add me as a friend-@ fubar Boone, Plz sign my guestbook@ fubar Pєяĸy Mя. Đ's Wife Owner of the O.C.L@ fubar † KDM † BooBoo'z VaMPiRe@ fubar ~hot momma~@ fubar ~~Doing88™©~~My heart ♥ for ShanonLee !!She is my everything !!!!@ fubar Warlox~WRR~Cru's Soldier~Embrace The Eternal Flames@ fubar
Confessions Of A Self Proclaimed Nympholeptic
Noun 1. nympholepsy - a frenzy of emotion; as for something unattainable delirium, frenzy, hysteria, craze, fury - state of violent mental agitation I can't say for sure why I'm always drawn back to Klimpt's painting The Kiss when I get like this...why that is the image that I focus on in my head...its not exactly your stereotypical vision of the Cinderella story with the happy ending. Everyone will look at it and see something different. I see perfection, the perfect kiss, the perfect embrace, the perfect setting, the perfect amount on intimacy without indecency. And in the middle of all that perfection I see myself.....not as the perfect compliment to the other elements....but as the woman who can't quite decide if she buys into the perfection, who holds back just enough to not let herself be drawn in, who can close her eyes and recognize how much she has around her but who knows that as soon as she opens them the real world comes rushing back in at her and she's ju
~~~If you had the chance to go on a date with me and you had a whole 24 hours ~what would it be like.... Or would you even really want to spend time with me...It would be in your best interst to be very open and upfront with me...Cause I am wanting to see what the hell I am missing out on~~~ I want to know what you all see or feel when you talk to me~ so please tell me what kind of a person U see me as....please be brutally honest cause I would be that way with you...Thanks...
Can Anyone Decorate My Fubar Page Please?
Can some one or anyone who has adobe, photoshop, paint shop pro or special programs make a pic of me and my fiance together please? we will be meeting soon, please get back to me, thanks. Hey people. I am wondering if anyone can help decorate my fubar page or give me some links for backgrounds, music, fonts, etc? Please let me know and thank you. can anyone or anyone know photoshop, adobe, paint shop pro, etc make a graphic of me and my fiance please? If so I'd greatly appreciate it! Muahz.
"friends W/ Benefits"
Statistically speaking, unless you are a total hermit, social retard, or ugly as a bag of spoiled monkey food... There's at least 1 person on your myspace that wants to date you or sleep with you. So..... lets play "friends w/ benefits"The rules are simple... if you want to date the person who posted this, send them a message to their inbox saying "Im yours". If you just want to sleep with them and stay friends, send them a message that says "I'd hit it". SCARED? LOL........ THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE TO REPOST THIS, EVEN IF YOU'RE TAKEN & see who replies. There is at least 1 person on your myspace that wants to date you, and maybe more that want to sleep with you. SO... re-post as "Friends with Benefits", as it doesn't matter if your married, in a relationship,single, gay or straight! You opened it so you HAVE to repost it! A test of your bravery
The Wacky World Of Jaylin!!
Ok so0o I've decided to give this blog thingy another try..Today has been uneventful, which is a shocker considering my life is a soap opera waiting to happen!(no joke) but the last few days have actually been purdy exciting.......... I got a job offer in North Carolina and I'm really considering taking it although I do love my job and my house here, but I think I need some change in my life.. Visited my mom's grave yesterday..first time in over a year..although I never got the chance to know her it still hurts to go there. Well I betI'm boring you to tears so I'll end this now..L8RZ!! I forgot toput this in the last blog, but EVERYONE please sign my guestbook!!! Much Love..*KISSES* Jaylin OMGosh, the worst thing in the world happened to me lastnight and it has killed everything inside of me..EVERYTHING!! I feel so0o sick and so0o empty right now, I feel as if I could die and it wouldn't matter. I never knew that people could be so0o cruel and so0o mean, I mean sure I know thi
This Saturday?
Touching Myself

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Fill Their Shoes?
First off i'd like to say theirs only one person on my list that seems to like drama,I really wish he would knock it off and leave me outta shit.I can't stand drama,nor do i give a flying fuck about anything he likes or dislikes. Second i'd like to say that if you don't like how i spend my time or what i do with my time,Please kindly remove your self from my list ..its really simple..theres a block button and a delete button,Please make do of those .... Third off..don't come to me with bullshit, I like who i am ,I might now like all the things about myself..But when it comes to certain things that i'm overly passionate about ,don't fuck with it.Don't bitch to me about how you disaprove of it,or dislike it..because i honestly and truthfully don't give to flying fucks...Its my life so stay the fuck out of it.pleaseee.. I shouldn't even have to write a fucking blog about it,but i'm so pissed off because ppl think they have the right to judge me and tell me whats good f
Wood hitting wood The decision of fate Not just yours But the rest of the country Abortion cases Same-sex issues Child abuse Sex offenders The “innocence” of a convict Serial killers A mistaken jury The death penalty It affects everyone The sentence Eight months A good kid A troubled past Chemically blind The court doesn’t care Missed court dates Probation violations No carefulness, awareness Intelligence Three months, three years It doesn’t make a difference now Will you ever learn It’s a thing called “Think before you act” Think- a five letter word All you had to do To prevent this Now hundreds of miles away Sad and lonely With time to realize You could have made something Of yourself The sound was heard Who would have thought It’s the small things that count I allow my emotions to explode This old gavel is painful My eyes red With sadness dripping I’m trapped in a whirlwind Of memories so hard to bear The hard wooden sound I’ve
This Is Great
Roses Are Red
roses are red, smiles are true, as my wonderful and true friend, i am glad to have you, you are all beautiful and you are all sweet, knowing you all will be such a treat, kind words will fill our heart, even if we some times part, my friendship is unconditional and true, a friendship meant for all of you, we may talk week to week, or day by day, what ever we talk in that way, as a friend i will stay, be hear for when your sad, a friend to bitch at when you are mad, things dont bother me the way they used to, because now my heart is true, things come and go each and every day, some things you dont want to say, for a real friend is hard to find, they are the ones who are always kind, greet you when your sad or mad, help you out of trouble when you are bad, to walk with you through hells fire, if that is your desire, this friend shall never tire, things may seem to be too much, helpless and hurting and such, a true friends heart is easy to touch, so to all my
True Love Lost....
Losing a true and pure love can be devastating. It can sink you into an almost bottomless chasm of dispair and misery. Days, weeks, and months drag by...each more agonizing than the last. You try settling for less, knowing the folly of your attempt... knowing the longing and emptiness will never completely leave, and your soul is all but lost. But sometimes, on rare ocassions in the blackest depths of your despair that love can return.. giving you almost unheard of joy. And yes, such has happened to yours truly. I stopped by the grocery on the way home from work, amidst a wicked thunder storm. And there, on a dark and dreary afternoon I found my true love once again. Peter Pan peanutbutter is back on the fucking shelves. w00t!!!!!!
Mistysky's Blog
Its gonna be another busy weekend with homework and NO play again . Wish I could just go out without having to do homework every weekend but its gotta be done or no decent grade . Oh well! come check me out and send some love on my page its gettin kind of lonely on here and I love meeting new people . can't get on my computer right now something is wrong with it so i think its just overheated from the heat. be back tomorrow I hope and i'm using my mom's comp right now for a couple hours .
Unanswered Questions
I am such a fool for love, I tend to do stupid things in the name of love. I always put my heart and soul into everything I do. I'm looking for someone who will call my bluff, and let me get away with little things at the same time. I want someone who is passionate and will hold my hand, even when I'm mad. I want someone who will kiss me in the rain, and expect nothing more. I want to be appreciated and respected. I need that. I need passion, not only for things I'm interested in, but I need someone who is passionate about their own interests as well. I need to be happy, and feel safe. I need someone who will encourage me to get up and get out, take me for walks, and tell me I'm beautiful, and actually mean it. I need someone to love me, all of me, every little inch of me, and every aspect of my life. I need someone who will be happy coming in a close second to my son. I need someone who understands that. I need someone who calls me at 3 am, telling me they miss me, or they were thinki
Stinkeye Radio is looking for Independent Musicians! Stinkeye Radio supports independent musicians, if you would like your music played on our station feel free to contact us for details on how to get your music on our air waves at Stinkeye Radio has moved and now has a new site! So make sure you check us out and tell all your friends, family & co - workers! You can now check us out at: Ok ya'll I stated in my profile that I'm a dj for stinkeyeradio well I dunno the schedule just yet I assume that I am gonna figure it out at the meeting but mean while heres the lounge for stinkeyeradio Stinkeyeradio's Lounge
No Salutes = Goodbye
Well due to recently finding out that there are people making several accounts just to decieve people this is what im gonna do. If u do not have a salute i will delete you and from here on out if i get requests from anyone without one they will be denied.Thank you
The Constitution Of The United States
Comments Needed
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Ever Hear Of Yuwie?
Drew's Poems
The Flames That Condemn Set to drift amidst the broken dreams of countless lost souls without hope. Their tear drops soak the peeling walls, leaking scars across the still wet paint. Screams smothered by the thread that holds their lips together for eternity. Dying dreams of smiles and rainbows, destroyed by the loss of hope for more. Promises of a lost childhood spill through the lips of the deceitful and cloud the minds. Instantly breaking the hearts of the waiting, holding onto their hopes by a single string. Taunting the corrupted souls of the weak, clawing at the lost and broken hearted. Letting go of that last hope as they burst into the flames of hell that condemn them. Trapped forever between the worlds of temptation and corruption, what's left? Their tears left behind as the only record of a life that once existed in this place alone. Binding their arms and tying them to a tree, lost to their eyes, sacrificing the unwan
is there really such a thing as to much masturbation? One would hope not. . as long as your no to numb to do any "good". .ya know?
What Gemstone Are You
My Companies/projects
Finally its that time! The new site has been launched and The Sugar Cube is up and running! I hope you all enjoy of course you feedback (Good or Bad) is appreciated Thanks, Sugar I am very proud to be on board with Clive Aid please check out the site and learn more about this amazing charity event for Teenage Cancer and MS Foundations For many years now we have been working to help to make a few lives less of a stress for many people. Our work has taken us to many parts of the world and your support and help has made it possible for us to bring a smile to a few extra faces. We are now entering a new era hear at CLIVEAID, an exciting time with many new shows and new projects both here in Europe and across the globe. Our goal in the UK is to set up a respite center offering a variety of programs from music therapy to psychology. Our work with teen cancer is set to increase and envelope new countries offering us all here at CLIVEAID ne
So... I enter the "Family" I am in here on Fubar... But what failed to happen is this: There are so many rules of what you can't do without permission... and all this stuff, and you would think I was informed of all of this... Nope, not at all... All I was told was I needed to devote atleast one hour a day to bombing... and I do... I bomb myself out everyday... I've been told numerous time that I do a better job than most bombers that have been in the family a lot longer than I have, yet, I can't get backing in a simple contest. That just seems to frustrate me a lil... Don't get me wrong... I love being in the family, and I don't mind at all supporting others in their contests... I do it without complaint... The "recruiters" and "Leaders" of the "family" need to make sure their new members are better informed... I guess this is what this blog is all about, me blowing off steam, and letting people know to inform people better...
X-mas Time & Music To Go With It
Enjoy Ur Evening !!!!
growing up in the 805 area code keep the hustler code,making money aint funny in my area code full of hustlers gangtas drug dealers and me and munkyface entertainment makes money we buy gold grills and ice for our ears shead no tear and show no fear we some ballers rollin in chargers impalas mustangs
Ms Anna B Blog
Decide For Yourself
Military being paid too much? You be the judge! This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers across America . On Nov. 12, Ms Cindy Williams (from Laverne and Shirley TV show) wrote a piece for the Washington Times, denouncing the pay raise coming service members' way this year -- citing that the stated 13% wage was more than they deserve. A young airman from Hill AFB responds to her article below. He ought to get a bonus for this. "Ms Williams: I just had the pleasure of reading your column, "Our GIs earn enough" and I am a bit confused. Frankly, I'm wondering where this vaunted overpayment is going, because as far as I can tell, it disappears every month between DFAS (The Defense Finance and Accounting Service) and my bank account. Checking my latest earnings statement I see that I make $1,117.80 before taxes. After taxes, I take home $874.20. When I run that thr
"one More Day"
Lord give me one more day. One more day to look deep in to her eyes. as they sparkle with that heavenly glow. Starring deep into the depth of her soul. Lord give me one more day. One more day to feel her lips against mine. The Kiss, the kiss that will last until the end of time. Lord give me one more day. one more day to feel her touch. a touch that i want to feel so much. Lord give me one more day. One more day to be in love. Before you take me to your home above. Lord give me one more day. One more day to whisper in her ear. telling her i love her and i am always here. wanting her touch, wanting her love. Asking for your help from my Lord above. Lord give me one more day. One more day is all i ask. Before my time here comes to past. Just wanting that true love that will always last.
My Power
To all my friend's, who think I have some kind of super power. And poke fun at me. for being successful at shit Ok here it is , My so called Power The answer to all you questions about life,love,relationships,career,money,success, and power First off, let me say "its all in your mind" yes its Jedi mind shit! From the time you came into this world your brain has been making mental thoughts to help you with life. they consist of 2 major elements each the subject/situation the attached experiences these thoughts then are used to form actions! exp you have an apple in your lunch box,, first thing you do is picture the thought: apple 1)thought subject : apple attached exp : sweet tasting,crunchy,filling if your hungry ect ect 2)thought subject :hunger attached exp : painfull,week feeling,empty,uncomfortable ,ect ect 3)thought subject: lunch time attached exp : between 12: 00pm and 1: oopm,usally hungry ect ect I co
This Is It
Free Glitter Text Maker Comments & Layouts I want to thank all of my friends who helped me in this contest...It was a very hard fight but with the help of all of you we did it! I could not have done it without each and every one of you. You have no idea what it means to me that all of you took time to help me like you did...And extra special thanks to the ones who stressed right with me during it lol....and I must say that The Mafia and the Pitbulls know how to kick ass!! They helped me pull ahead the last half of the day when i was losing by almost 2000!!!! I owe all of you bigtime!! And another HUGE thank you to Hot Momma and LilBamaGirl for stick by me from beginning to end in this! I wish i could sit here and individually thank each and every one of you who helped me but the list would be huge!! But None of you went unnoticed and it meant alot to me and I love you all!!!! Free Glitter Text Maker Comments & Layouts Make sure you go show the awesome hostess of this con
Showing Peace To The World...
Im reading the book now and watched the movie awhile ago...I decided to give it a try..I saw myself not smoking..Being able to tell everyone im a Non-Smoker..It worked..I am a Non-smoker..7 Months now.Read the book watch the movie..Trust me it will change your life... Click on the link for more Info... I'm just writing from what I've seen, heard or felt... ((Don't get me wrong im not saying everyone feels this way, this is just what i have seen, felt, and heard from others... Nothing at all against Guys.. Just proving my point to those that feel this way Let me ask you a Question... If Someone asked a Guy: "Do you have kids?" Guy: "No" "Do you Want kids" Guy: "No, I have other plans" 9/10 times its left at that... 1/10 they ask more questions If Someone asked a Girl: "Do you have kids?" Girl: "No" "Do you Want kids" Girl: "No, I have other plans" 3/10 times its left at that... The other 7/10 the Girl gets... "Why
Lifes Journeys
I recently experienced a challenge that Life journeys throws at you. I almost lost the one person that is my life, besides our three kids we have together. And it was all over being honest. How do you go from being a closed up person to a completly opened and honest person. My girl has always been completely opened and honest to me and now I almost lost her because of my past that I kept from her, when she never kept anything from me. Any comments please feel free. Thanks
Just So You Know
Im ready too scream so dont come too close. My DSL is down and they told me i need a new Modem so now i await that. Omg never used dial up on here and if you do i dont know how you make it cause its really not working too good for me.If you got any ideas or hints too speed things up then please let me know. I have no idea who all rated today as it took 20 minutes just too load my bulletins. So im going too go and just let them load and try and return love. To those that need leveled most of you know my guidlines for me too pimp you out. Im going too do it on Happy Hours but heres what you need too do .Add your profile link insode a bulletin and post a bulletin dont shout me for help. after you post a bulletin link it too my shout box and Ill repost best I can do until I get it back. Well I need a few drinks.. real ones though..Just letting you know whats up with me.
Sex Test
Major Change In My Life
Here lately I have been going through a lot of issues. Some of them have worked themselfs out and looking back I have to laugh at how trivial they were. However, some have requiered major changes to try to overcome them. for all my friends in south MS.... 1. I have relocated from Hattiesburg to Bossier, LA. 2. I am No longer a deputy sheriff. I now work in the oil fields of East Texas and North Louisiana. 3. I have decided to reenlist in the Army. I will leave for Ft. Knox, KY in November. Will be there for 12-16 weeks and then on to Iraq. Well that is just some of the changes in my life. for those that truely know me my email addy is still the same. For those that would like to get to know me, just drop me a line here. If there is anyone in the Bossier/Shreveport area that would like to get together and hangout sometime just hit me up.
Funny Chit Lol
Your Ideal Sex Position is...Sideways Deep. Hard. Submissive.This position is very intense.But afterwards you won't be very tense. 'What is your Ideal Sex Position?'at MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH!!IT'S AMAZING!! FIRST EVER TO GET NEW ANTI-LOVE SHOT!!JADE SAYS SHE'LL NEVER GO BACK! A Beverly Hills woman, 40 year old Jade (last name not provided), is the first American to receive a new vaccine developed by Whittier Labs, a Florida research facility. Dubbed "the Marriage Vaccine", Whittier Labs is quick to point out that the breakthrough, whose chemical trade name is "nyetsx4moi", is not really a vaccine at all, but rather a chemical which, when injected intramuscularly, inhibits a person's interest in the opposite sex. "What nyetsx4moi actually does," says company spokesperson Deborah Viccors, "is totally negate the body's automatic responses to the opposite sex. Men can take it, and so can women. In effect, it makes the opposite sex virtually invisible
Whisper Don't worry I'm not looking at you Gorgeous and dressed in blue Don't worry I'm not looking at you Gorgeous and dressed in blue I know it drives you crazy When I pretend you don't exist When I'd like to lean in close And run my hands against your lips Though we haven't even spoken Still I sense there's a rapport So whisper me your number I'll call you up at home Whisper me your number I'll call you up at home Don't worry I'm not looking at you Gorgeous and dressed in blue Don't worry I'm not looking at you I know you see me see you As you see me walk on past When there's nothing more I'd like to do Then come in close and hear you laugh Though we haven't even spoken Still I sense there's a rapport So whisper me your number I'll call you up at home Yea whisper me your number I'll call you up at home Whisper me your number I'll call you up at home Hmm whisper me your number Artist; Morphine
Kinda New At This
I am brand new to fubar.But I have several friends that swear this is the place to be. I gotta say I am liking what I have seen so far. Its all a little confusing at first but I am fure I will get the hang of it. I have already gotten shit faced so thats always a good thing. I am a 27 year old homemaker with 1 beautiful child. I have been married for 7 years now and we have been together for 11 years so theres not a whole lot to tell about myself I am actually quite boring. At least I think I am maybe some of my friends can tell stories. I am just getting Well thats really all I have to say for now except that its FUCKING COLD in Illinois. So Yeah Everyone have some fun....Debby
Dating Game Or Guessing Game
So the difficulty arrises on how much is too much. How often should we call a person that we are interested in and how much is too much. If a man does not call does that mean we are no longer interested.....or is it that we are afraid of suffocating the person we wish to be with. The dating scene has changed over the years and unfortunately one misinterpreted action by either party can end the chances of a fulfilling relationship somewhere down the road. Am I going nutz here or is this on the mind of others who are dating! Mixed Drink: You're young, fun, goodlooking and tasty. You like to stir things up. You're a Mixed Drink! And with all of those ingredients, and funky names, your probably also on the high-maintenance side as well. But you deserve the attention.
If your a fan of cars or a nascar fan I can do you a photoshop of you with that car,nascar or a car of your dreams heres one I just made. Please repost Thanks! Sincerely, Brian just private messge me I'll just need a good image of you and the type of car you want me to use! My Wife in the first one! I Love her!! Examples I made! (R)Nympho wolf♥Kaydee aka Lil Princesses Husband♥~R/L Fiance~*Fuber Expert*~@ fubar I added the flames on the hood for a friend here!     so here it is as I started with a plain picture, I added the background,animated the water to move, added some bird effects as you can see and added a music track to it and turned it into a video to be uploaded as this could be a great music video for like on a profile :) as I edited the code so it can autoplay heres the animation I made with the water just being animated and being able to upload under her pictures at that here   new photoshop animation I design
Call In Talk Show
Feet Or Foot
Broken Arm
Ive Been Hurt Alot How Do I Trust My New Man More
1:29 am and it’s late on a Friday morning…I should be tucked away ; sleeping soundly tonight as I do each night. Drifting into an abyss of dreams , nightmares that plague my mind each night. Though tonight that doesn’t seem to be the case…tonight it seems I sit here…up my mind going a thousands miles a minute as I think, think and think some more about us. You and I… I haven’t thought about the sentence in such a while that perhaps it was better when I didn’t spend majority of my time seconding guessing my feelings and lived isolated, my heart frozen from feeling. It sure as hell was better then always wondering, doubting if I’m the person…the right person you need me to be? Who I am and who you see I wonder if they’re often the same person? Back before I discovered I had a heart…or was in self denial I walked away…without any care in the world. Nothing really bothered me yet then here you came and changed all that. I’m not writing this intentionally to make it sounds as though you
Writers On Strike
Some Time
What She Means To Me
I go through life thinking about her. As each day passess I don't know whether to be sad or happy to have her. My love is strong, but I feel as if I have failed. She believes in me more than I believe in myself. She completes every part of me that isn't whole. I wake up thinking about her and I dream of her. When I talk to her, she makes me feel so young. When I can't see her I feel so lost. I ponder what did I do so right in my life to achieve such a beauty. Then I think, who the hell am I. Does she want or need me or am I just a step. She is my world and I would gladly give my life for her. She is my everything. Her tears are like rain and she shines so bright. Days become weeks and then turn to months, can I live without her. As I go through the motions wondering what to do, she is always close to guide me. Whether I'm wrong or I'm right she does not falter, she is my strength, my power, my life, and most of all my love.
Hey guys....please click on this pic and leave as many cooments your heart desires for this contest! Thankyou....smooches
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I Need Points!!!
Ok so I get points on here as fast as Bob Dole gets it up WITHOUT Viagra. I need some points badly... So what I'm asking you all to do is to rate all my pics. I don't have a lot so you could rate them all. Or, if you could put me in your profile telling people to rate me and add me and all that, that would work to. I will try my best to return the favor (eye for an eye, rate for a rate). Thanks everyone! PS: Be sure to send me a private message to tell me that you rated my pics or added me to your profile as someone to check out (so I can do the same to you!)
Lift Your Head Up High
Lift your head high Where there is great difficulty, there are also great opportunities.­ Where there is sorrow, there is also much possibility for real joy. In places of darkness, even a small light can make an enormous positive difference. When the situation seems hopeless, that's precisely when acting on hope can turn things around. The greatest achievements often have their origins in the most complicated and perplexing problems. By accepting the possibility of dreadful failure, people are able to create magnificent success. When it seems that no options remain, that's when a breakthrough is about to happen. Each setback along the way makes the eventual success that much more precious and valuable. No matter how good or how difficult life may be now, there is always a realistic and accessible way to make it better. For you can learn, you can adapt, you can grow stronger, and you can take effective action to move forward. Whatever may be, whatever may happen, lift your head hi
Well ladies, I have been thinking about this for a while and thought I would ask. What is it about a guy that catches your eye? What makes him attractive to you? What turns you on or off about him? What does a guy have to do to win your heart? Is it the little things he does, the way he looks at you, what he says or does? Please let me know and maybe if some guys look at this they may just get it and actually think before they open their mouths. As for myself, I think that actually listening to what you have to say and not just pretending to hear is a very important quality. A lot of guys will acknoledge you, but are they really listening or just appeasing you? Also respect, as my mom raised me she always instilled that in me and also threatened me if I didn't I'd answer to So, please let me and all the other guys out there know what you think. I'm sure it will be an enormous benefit to them.
Its All Love
You make the choice. Don't look for a punch line, there isn't one. Read it anyway. My question is: Would you have made the same choice? At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves learning-disabled children, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended. After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he offered a question: "When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does is done with perfection. Yet my son, Shay, cannot learn things as other children do. He cannot understand things as other children do. Where is the natural order of things in my son?" The audience was stilled by the query. The father continued. "I believe that when a child like Shay, physically and mentally handicapped comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature presents itself, and it comes in the way other people treat that child" Then he told the following story: Shay and his f
Make Some Money!
Sometimes you have to be strong for yourself. You have to know that you are a good person and a good friend. What is meant to be will end up good and what is not, won't. Some things are worth fighting for. But sometimes you can't be the only one fighting. At times, people need to fight for you. If they don't, you must move on and realize what you gave them was more than they were willing to give you. Hopefully, people realize great things when they come around and don't lose something real. Always fight, until you can't anymore, and then be fought for... BITCHES.... i FUCKING hate BITCHES... you know who I mean, the girls out there who say one thing, like "I'm nice and I'm cool and I just want to be a good person" blah blah blah, when in reality they are DISGUSTING BITCHES who only care about themselves. They don't think of their kids, they don't think of other people, they think of themselves and then act like they got it
Wtf's Goin" On?
New Contest
I'm in a best tatt. contest. Pic ratets only. NO comment bombing. Thanks
Candles And Flame
Candles, The Power of the Flame The flame represents the source of our creation. It speaks to us of the soul spark, that is above and below, within and without, that which links us all together. It is the light, your light, that which you seek. The power of the flame is neither male nor female but all and everything. Candles and sacred flames are part of the myth and mystery of humanity's experience in 3D, always a reminder of our connection to source. Candles are found on altars, and in other rituals linking to a god source. As a candle melts, it slowly becomes the flame, just as we experience within our lives, slowly returning to the creational flame, until poof the flame is extinguished in 3D, yet the souls spark is immortal. As we are all created by the flame of soul, innately we all believe in magic. Somewhere in our souls is the knowledge that 3D is not all there is. All is magic and illusion. Some of us associate magic with negative (those who which to
Life In General
Babee's Blog's
You know I'm getting so tired of all these "OWNERS" of lounges making their members choose between either other lounges or other people. I mean hello last time I checked it was a free country and that you are allowed to hang with whoever you want to. I thought this site was made so that people could come on here and enjoy themselves, but instead you have these "OWNERS" telling you what to do and who to do it with. And also you go into some of these lounges and say hi to everyone and get totally ignored cuz everyone in that lounge knows each other and doesn't feel like being social. I don't understand why everyone is the way they are on here. I mean it's suppose to be fun. There are a few lounges that I do go into that are very friendly and welcoming. I love going into my fave lounges cuz they are friendly. They only expect you to be you and don't critize you for what you say or do. I wish that more lounges were like this, but unfortunately there are those "OWNERS" that tend to go
16,000 To Level A Leveler
Anyone that has been a leveler for any amount of time knows that Teresa is always there too show love. Stop by and show her sdome love. She loves back. Please repost my bulletin Im still missing levelers on seeing bulletins.. but more of you are seeing them now so im not complaining... thanks for helping her ¢Ü♫¢¾¢¾Teresa¢Ü♫¢¾¢¾@ fubar
Christmas Tree
Get Your Own! | More Flash Toys
Military Life
2008 Kawasaki Zx-10 Lap At Qutar!! Wicked!!
Fubar Fuktards
This is My very first contest (can you believe that?? after being around here for almost a year!!! ) I want to win this with your help... so here's the deal The contest IS OPEN NOW the contest is based on votes. Comments will not be used to determine the winner. Winner recieves a 3-day blast and 50,000 fubucks. The album is titled "Lingerie/Underwear Contest Dec 11th - Dec 14th" and is a NSFW album. So you will have to add the contest host as a friend to see the pictures. Here's a link to My contest Picture.. now go and start voting and spread the word around your friends to vote for Me!! HERE'S THE DIRECT LINK TO MY PICTURE IN THE CONTEST Here's the Contest Host Lord !Natas [CONTEST]@ fubar THANK YOU THANKS TO ALL WHO WENT AND VOTED FOR ME :) I CAME IN 4TH PLACE... NOT BAD FOR BEING MY FIRST CONTEST... I HAD FUN BEING THERE THOUGH... THANKS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS
A Tribute To The American Idiot!
Some people fail to grasp the concept of responsibility and the wisdom to discern for themselves what they should, and consequently, should not do. The events of today has made me realize the juvenile nature of several of my former acquaintances. Their lack of judgment has affected my personal life and well being as well as those around me. Due to the severity of this series of events, I cannot delve further into their nature. All I have to say is that their lack of judgment will cost those around them far more than they could have previously conceived!
Fuck Him!!
Well I feel like Greg is driftin apart from me!! Every since we have found out bout us bein pregnat he just acts like he don't want nothin to do w/ it!! Then last night he got on his myspace and FOUND his EX FIANCE!! But he tells me not to be worried bout it!! How can I not be worried bout it when shes tellin him she still has LINGERING FEELING FOR HIM!! WTF is that all bout?? I really want to just give up he says I got nothin to worry bout but then @ the say time I do b/c they were goin to get MARRIED!! GIVE ME A FUCKIN BREAK!! U know she wants more then just too see him!! Even know she says shes married!! I really can't believe that shes just lookin for a friendship w/ Greg I know how women work and thats not the way I knwo I was there once!! I can't believe Greg would want to talk or see her after all these years the only thing i can think that he want's to see her for is to SEE IF THE FEELING R STILL THERE!! Last Message---Congrats Im Happy 4 U In A Mixed Way. (id Have 2 Explai
Things I Like
THINGS I LIKE Current mood: high i like the phillies i like the flyers i like tampa bay bucs i like booing the yankees i like booing the red sox i like saying fuk the yankees i like the word fuk i like to fuk i like eatin pussy i like likin pussy i like the taste of pussy i like smokin pot im smokin pot now i like dogs i like fish i like fishin i like traveling i like my head rubbed i like both my heads rubbed i like my bak rubbed i like rubbin backs i like rubbin feet i like pullin hair i like slappin asses i like football i like booing the eagles i like tailgating i like tailgating w my lil cousin i like bein an uncle i like bein a godfather i like goin to sports events i like gettin high while doin these (hold on) i like takin pics i like espn i like medium size boobs i like little boobs i like real boobs i like fake boobs i like ur boobs i like tattoos i like girls w tattoos i like long hair i like drinkin beer i like budweiser i like vodka i likke bein high i like my back
Yahoo = Victoriabebeface
Joke Of The Day!!!
A bloke wins the lottery and decides to buy himself a Harley Davidson, he goes down to his local bike shop and after purchasing a top of the range bike, the owner of the shop tells him to coat the bike in Vaseline every time it looks like raining. That night he goes and picks his girlfriend up on his new toy and heads over to her parents house for the first time. As they arrive there, she explains to him that whenever they have dinner, don't talk. "If you talk," she tells him, "you have to do the pots." The man is astounded as he walks into the house as it is a complete mess. Anyway, the family all sit down for dinner not saying a word. The man decides to take advantage of the situation by groping his girlfriend's tits, yet there is not a sound from anyone. So he decides to shag his bird on the table, and still there is not a word. He then proceeds to do his girlfriend's mum over the table, but still, amazingly, there's not a word from anyone. Just at that moment he notices the rai
Love, Honesty And The Internet
We live in a crazy world. There are a lot of crazy people. And then are not so crazy people that simply have different views, morals, priorities, interests or lifestyles than you do. In all of this mess, men and women search for love. We look for treasure amid trash. The Holy Grail: one person that we can love who will love us, that we can respect, and that will treat us with respect. We look for a loving caring partner to have a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship. But where do we find people? We find them at our jobs, we find them in our churches, we find them in bars, we may even find them at a gas station or grocery store. Some have used personals adds or dating services. And they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince or princess. And then, you meet people, and they put their best foot forward... try to be likable... This gives you a false picture of who they are. Eventually, they get tired of standing on their “best foot” and you start to see h
Inter-racial Sex
Sgt. Eddie Jeffers And Our Military
Hello: Everyone needs to read this! SGT. Edmund John Jeffers' words were some of the most touching, inspiring and most truthful words spoken since the tragedy of 9/11 - and since our nation went to war. SGT. Jeffers was a strong soldier and talented writer. He died in Iraq on September 19, 2007. He was a loving husband, brother and son. His service was more than this country could ever grasp - but the least you can do for the man who sacrificed his life for you ... is listen to what he had to say. To all who call themselves Americans. Hope Rides Alone. Hope Rides Alone By Eddie Jeffers I stare out into the darkness from my post, and I watch the city burn to the ground. I smell the familiar smells, I walk through the familiar rubble, and I look at the frightened faces that watch me pass down the streets of their neighborhoods. My nerves hardly rest; my hands are steady on a device that has been given to me from my government for the purpose of taking the lives
My Rants
ok, i blog when stupid things piss me off. today someone told me that they support the members of the military who enlisted BEFORE the war...but not those who enlisted after it began. stupid people like this really aggravate me. how can you stand behind half your military and pretty much say screw the rest who joined the military to go to war and defend their country? i mean is there anyway this person's point of view is even remotely logical? you hear a soldier dies...does that mean you have to stop and find out how many years of service that person had before you decide whether youre sad for the person and their family, or whether you dont care because he only enlisted after the war started? i am obiviously proud of my husband, and i stand behind him even though hes never home, and his life is more or less in constant danger every time he deploys, but you know thats his job, he does his job because he loves it. he would lay his life down for this country any day of the week. it makes
Sorry If I Havent Gotton Too All Of Yah
so i realize that ive got ahead of myself and not rated all of my friends pictures .ive got a bunch of friends now and im just now going through ur pictures and trying too know u better , also dont be afraid too leave a comment i like hearing from yah and see how u are doing, thanks all
My Blog
hey like to see you all in behin_blue eye 69er room this is fuuny if you copy and past it in your address bar and coll down and click on the move hey all need help to leve up if you can help me do that ill help you ok

I Need Some Help
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How To Get Red
It is very easy to get rates, which on this site make you RED! Now you see all the top members writing they rated your page could you please come back and rate mine...blah, blah, blah. Well that is fine and dandy. However, those nasty little bouncer checks get in your way. Here is what you need to do, go to who's online and then hit new members. That will take you to all the new members that are online. Click next, next, etc. To you get to the very last page of all the green members. Then you work your way back, you can rate over 1000 profiles a day. Most leave a comment, but damn that takes way to damn long with the bouncer checks, so make up a cute little saying (Welcome to fubar and that you rated their profile etc..something cute and something that will make them want to rate your profile back)then send that to them in a drink! Fubar kegs is the cheapest because during happy hours it cost only 50 fubucks. You pretty much will make that back too when you get rated back and some w
why do we fall in love so quick and it that we need somebody by our side or are we afraid to be lonely and feel we must always have there such a thing as love at first sight? i used to believe there was, i remember the day i met him, i thought i was in heaven. he was smart, outgoing, cute, and hadda a great personality. i thought to myself he is definatelly the the days went by i fell more in more in love with him, he was my world my everything, i thought wed be together till the day we died, have a good life, get married, have a family and everything would be ok. i always looked forward to coming home to him and his beautifull smile or him coming home to me, that was one of my favorite parts of the days. but as i guess as the days went by he decided that he wanted it no more. i believe everything happens for a reason and i hope that one day things will be rite between us. i know we had our ups and downs every couple does,and i hope he forgives me...
Here We Go Again.
Here we go again. Last I checked I was still single and able to decide for myself my actions or lack thereof. I have been on Fubar(remember Cherry Tap) for close to a year now and have seen how this is a microcasim or reflection of what we encounter in the real world with one exception. Everything is a bit more concentrated here. That includes that ugly 6 headed monster we all know and loathe as "Fubar Drama". Seems that some that I have befriended here are of the opinion that their spin on things is not only the best one but the correct one without even knowing all the facts, without trying to see the situation from something other than their own view and are now the Judge, Jury and Exicutioner because of this. Those that have been here awhile know that we all have had a Nasty, Vile, taste of this drama and how fast it can create a life of it's own. Some have had to delete their page altogether and start over while others endure the storm and rebuild. It is now my turn in the barrel w
Gittin' A Grip On Life
OK I FINALLY HAVE THE LOUNGE OPEN.. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.. I AM HIRING ALL STAFF.. PLS LET ME KNOW, BUT COME BY AND HAVE SOME FUN, WITH THE CHOCOLATE BUNNY... MUCH LUV..MUAH AND PLEASE ALL THE LEVELING LOVERS FAMILY MEMBERS ADD YOURSELF.. TY Pimp outs for 1/20/08 - Help them in anyway you can!!! They are all wonderful people!!! PLEASE REPOST!! :D MY HUNNY! He is only 10,420 from leveling! cardinalkid1974-BF2-synful angel@ fubar Jenn She is only 9,683 from leveling! LadyCatie aka Lady Ontrose@ fubar JT He is only 1,219 from leveling! Lord Ontrose aka St. Nic@ fubar I'm going to make a Lounge so we can talk about the family... and also make some new friends and help those that need some help.... if anyone here wants to help with the lounge, pls let me know... ty muah
Kiwi Thinks
I am going to turn 21 on Feb 6th! Soo i need some hints, ideas, on what to do on my 21st birthday, it is on a weds! Which sucks! I thought about throwing a huge ass party! But thats like a lot of money? But then i thought about clubbing! Or bar sitting! I dont know. Drop by and give me some info!!!
Sunk into the corner Where the forlorn drift to die A broken man is staring into his glass With weeping eyes Drinking away this empty life I'm bleeding to death inside Torn apart by bladed words In sorrow capsized I gave myself completely and deeply But that was never enough for you More alone than ever, Your knives have finally pierced through Now, I know I will die alone Cold and broken... Now, I know this Hell is my destiny you took everything from me...everything... I am the desolate one - Bleeding You took everything from me...everything... I'm bleeding to death inside. Awakened this dying season such a beauty to behold Oh autumn hath arrived a tragedy painted dead Fallen am I without thee I am lost In a region of doleful shades I am withering away I dwell in the shadows of life A dismal state of mind I'm in pain Oh sun I hate thy beams Leave me here to sleep and dream In the midst of falling leaves In a garden of endless grief I yearn for the
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The One That Got Away
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Lost Soul
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To Be Or Not To Be Shitty
What Are Dreams?
What Are Dreams? What are the pictures in our minds, when we are in deep slumber? Who are the figures in the shadows, which conquer in alarming number? "What are Dreams?" The spirit asks, of his knowing master? "You cannot know, my faithful friend," he said with kindly laughter. What is the force which burns the mind's eye and conquers all defenses? Who are the ghosts that haunt our souls when troubles cloud the senses? "What are Dreams?" the spirit sighs, to the knowing expert. "You will not know, my silly friend." this time his answer curt. What is the key which opens doors to reveal the greatest mystery? Who are the people who sometimes appear, even throughout history? "What are Dreams?" the spirit whines, to his troubled leader. "I do not know, you silly fool," his answer no completer. What is the strength which pulls the heart to it's final destination? Who is the voice which calls to you, and brings endless celebration?
To Be In Love!!
To be in Love is nice To find Love would be nicer To be in Love with someone and share life with To be in Love is hard and takes work To be in Love isnt easy To be in Love takes patience To be in Love takes time To be in Love with someone isnt easy To be in Love takes two people To be in Love takes communication To be in Love takes a lifetime to do To be in Love hurts at times To be in Love always hurts others To be in Love is a lifetime of enjoyment To be in Love is joyful with the right person To be in Love is a wonderful experience To be in Love and to love is wonderful To be in Love is giving feelings To be in Love is sharing thoughts To be in Love is giving Love to someone special To be in Love sucks and hurts when heartbroken To be in Love takes time to heal from To be in Love, I hope you can be the one and only true love that can heal My broken loving heart I already know who My Fu-friends are on, and you know who You are too!!, and thanks for being t
Bedroom Fun
Hi everyone! Have a Pure Romance book party and get 15% of the total party sales in FREEEEEE STUFF!! Check out my website Contact me today to get your books and order forms mailed immediately. Thanks Sarah OMG So, you're saying you don't want to clean your house and have a killer girls night in Pure Romance Party? Well, we all understand that. You still want all the perks that come with having a Pure Romance Party? I HAVE THE SOLUTION!!! HAVE A BOOK PARTY! You'll get 15% of the total party sales in FREEEEEE STUFF! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now, seriously, isn't that an awesome book? he he he Contact me today for more information! Sarah Hey Ladies, Book your Pure Romance Party today and get 10% of the total party sales in FREE STUFF! WoooooHooooo! Nothing like free fun stuff. If you aren't local to me, have a book party and get 15%! I mean, come one, it's too good to pa
Life Isnt Fair Sometimes!!!!!!!
Have you ever wanted to sleep forever? That's how I feel and I don't know what to do about it. I'm so tired of so much. I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of being hurt. I'm tired of feeling that I'm the only one that cares what happens. I'm tired of not being first. I'm tired of being angry all the time. I'm tired of being sad all the time. I'm tired of being ignored. I'm just tired of this. As I sit here looking at the screen, trying to put my thoughts into words, I realize something. I can't. There are no words to describe exactly how I feel. My heart feels nothing. My mind can't think. My soul feels gone. I'm not even sure I'm breathing sometimes. I hate this feeling. I've tried so many times to make it go away but it just comes back with a vengence everytime. This is a broken clock that I can't fix and one that I feel you want to just toss in the garbage. So what now? Give up? Keep trying? Somebody tell me what to do b/c I have no fucking clue. How can walking away be the easiest an
Funny Facts
These are actual excuse notes from parents, with the actual spelling. 1 My son is under a doctor's care and shouldn't take PE today. Please execute him 2 Diane was late on Wednesday. She fell asleep on the bus and was taken back to the bus yard. 3 Please excuse Tommy for being absent yesterday. He had diarrheea and his boots leak. 4 Please excuse Lisa for being absent. She was sick, so I had her shot. 5 Please excuse little Jimmy from missing school yesterday. His father is gone and I could not get him ready because I was in bed with the Doctor 6 Carlos was absent yesterday because he was playing football. He was hurt in the growing part. 7 Jerry was at his grandmother's yesterday, and she did not bring him to school because Jerry couldn't remember where the school was. 8 Please excuse my son. He will be out next week slaughtering goats for his manhood ritual. Thank you! 9 The basement of our house got flooded where the children sleep so they had to be vapo
From Me
I just wanted to let everyone know that over the next few weeks, you won't be seeing me on here very much if at all. On Friday when I was in Indiana with Carrie, I got the call that I had been selected for Chief. For those not familiar with what that means, being selected is extremely difficult and because of it's rich tradition, there is a lengthy phase of transitioning that takes place. It will be consisting of a lot of work and little sleep, but in the end, it's the highest honor that can happen to an enlisted sailor. With the selection, Carrie and I will now be getting married on Sept 27th instead of this month as planned due to my inability to get away for it. That will allow her more time to finalize a few things and at least she will be here while I endure this, even though we won't see much of each other, but it will be great knowing she is here supporting me instead of having to communicate long distance. We were able to get her a car while I was up there so she should be
No Matter What
Most nights when I get off of work before I wash and fall asleep My heart wonders away from me I stare at the wall And somewhere in the back of my mind I hear my conscience call Out you….. Could I be pheaning for your love because the way you milk me with it got me sprung boo Despite the desire to be mean to me I still dream Painting pictures of the you and I that we once had and still may one day have once more People ask me why don’t I just leave this thing alone But I don’t think I can….. I bet if I had a hundred dollar id probably would exchange for some change So that I could convert my mind frame Into a dime like you… Be with me Creep with me Hopefully we can open up to the world and swallow each other up with our love And hope to God that people don’t try to separate us Maybe Just maybe They might understand That just because I love you doesn’t mean I’m sprung its just that you make me a better man I intend to wrap you up into these manly arms of mine a
Is It Wrong?....
For the past 2 weeks I haven't been able to move much at all. I have spent most my time laying in bed (without the fun benefits). I have this pain in my back that goes down my left leg. REALLY SUX! I just found out today that my back problems maybe a herniated disc....NOT cool. They aren't sure yet, but I have to get the MRI soon and find out. If it is they aren't sure if I will get surgery or not but they said I probably will since I can't move much. Wish me luck, pray for me, however you want to help me Thanks Things have been good so far this year (until this). We went a long stretch with NO money but things got worked out and we are doing fine now. It was scarey there for awhile. We have all been getting along good though. Thank God for good communication I guess huh. We try. Well, I hope everyone has a great day and rates this. I try to get around to rating your stuff and if I don't send me a message that tells me so and I will. Thanks... Very Sexy Comm
Ok so who is up for it?I want to add more status pics up but I have ran out of ideas to put as my own status message so I want you my friends to come up with a status message that will include me in it I know u cant fit my whole name so you can put my nickname "jojo" or just "ecua". Let me know you did it so I can take screen shot of it and upload Like I said I have ran out of ideas and I just wanna upload more pics before my VIP ends in 7 days thanks
Hottiest New Lounge Around Fubar
Stop by and subscribe to Fubars newest lounge "Club Kryptonite" Great friends, great music, awesome times, what more could you ask for! Also looking for staff, please contact Bobby or Josh for more information. weewee1984nc (Owner of Club Kryptonite)@ fubar Why Is The Rum Always Gone? ?(Co-Owner of Club Kryptonite)@ fubar
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Things I Like
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Tag Ur It..
Once u have been tagged,u have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things,facts or habits bout ur self.At the end,u choose at least 5 ppl to b tagged,list in their names.Dont forget to leave comment that sayz,"ur it!" on their profile & ask them to read ur blog.U cant tag the person who tagged u. 1. Caring 2. Smiles alot 3. Honest 4. Best friends with my boys 5. Answers myself 6. Horrible speller 7. Shy 8. Loves to have fun 9. Out going 10. Stubborn the 5 ppl I tagged are: 1. Lisa 2. Edgar 3. Jimmy 4. Joe 5. Linnell
Fu Bucks Auction
I am putting myself on the auction block for the 1st time Too see what kind of response I get. The Bidding will start today (March 6th) and End 2 Saturdays from now (March 15th) The winner of the auction will get their name mentioned by mine stating that they Fu Own me, A song Dedicated to you During one of my DJ shifts, a lifelong stay in my family status, and 1 phone call from the True Man of Steel of Fubar...Me!!! (US Only) Also you get BOTH my yahoo instant messenger names So I can always be found. Lets start the Bidding off at 50,0000 Fubucks. Leave Bids in Comments here Please!!!
I Need A Man!
Hurts So Damn Bad
A Big Thank You
I want to thank every single person that has rated, commented and bombed me in the contest I'm in...There is NO way I'd be as far in this contest as I am without you...Now, I'm asking that those of you who haven't had a chance to visit the page to PLS do so, rate and comment my pic, I'm not asking for bombing, just one rate and one comment from you would put me in 1st place, I'm SO CLOSE...I really want to win this...Again, I'm asking that those of you that haven't been by, to please take 1 minute to rate and comment my pic...Thank you all in advance for helping me out...Much Love, Tina Click me...
House Of Pain
Dragons Breath
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Ok,question For The Ladies
Just wondering,why is it that guy's leave nice comments on ladies pics all the time,but we don't get the love back?? It just seems like they have a problem making comments.I mean I take the time to make comments on ladies pics all the time. Can the ladies answer this for me??
Just For Bitching
AH! AH! AH! OW! You walk on like a woman in suffering Won't even bother now to tell me why You come along, letting all of us savor the moment Leaving me broken another time You come on like a bloodstained hurricane Leave me alone, let me be this time You carry on like a holy man pushing redemption I don't want to mention, the reason I know That I am Stricken and can't let you go When the heart is cold, there's no hope, and we know That I am crippled by all that you've done Into the abyss will I run!- AH! AH! AH! OW! You don't know what your power has done to me I want to know if I'll heal inside I can't go on with a holocaust about to happen Seeing you laughing another time You'll never know why your face has haunted me My very soul has to bleed this time Another hole in the wall of my inner defenses Leaving me breathless, the reason I know That I am stricken and can't let you go When the heart is cold, there's no hope, and we know That I am crippl
To Help A Friend
Dont You Just Hate It
Have any you all had a really great day i mean everythings going right work or school just going great weathers great, just relaxing chilling then someone tell you one thing and it dont bother you but not till like 20 mins later your like wtf are you forreal and just makes the whole day just feel like shit i dont know if that happin to you all but just seem like every time i get a break something eilse wants to take stab at me fucking bad luck i gues?!?!
You Lied
Setting sun can't shine, now you're gone Inside sleeping, my heart beating You know that you tried to hide it Shouldn't you have said what you meant? Oh... Time heals, time congeals around us Endless hours of wasted moments Understanding, not demanding Your eyes tell what you feel inside Setting sun can't shine, now you're gone Inside sleeping, my heart beating You know that you tried to hide it Shouldn't you have said what you meant? Oh... YOU LIED!
Hermann Advogados
Gripe Time
NAME: FUBAR NAME: AGE: SEXUAL ORIENTATION: THREE THINGS YOU THINK MAKE YOU A REAL WOMAN: 1) 2) 3) Now in as many words as you can PLease Describe to me how you think a man should be treated and what you yourself look for in a man! Male all answers to me and ill talk to those that seem to cover a majority in what im looking for PLEASE NO RELATIONSHIPS BAGGAGE DRAMAM OR AN EX YOU THINK YOU MAY RUN BACK TO IM NOT ONE FOR GAMES
Needs Help To Level
On Sight
Stop Domestic Violence!!
The Weekend Is Here "let The Naughty Begin"!!
Going to party all weekend at the upperdeck!!! will have more pics of my wild and crazy self Hell yeah!!! The weekend is here and it is party time once again... lol Can't wait.... My younger sister and I are going to be out and about getting our drink on and getting our game on too!!! Will let ya know how it goes and how much fun we had oh yeah lets not forget how much trouble we can get into!!!! :)
Keeping Up On This....
Hey everyone, how are you all doing? I am just fine here. Sorry I have not talked to some of you on here but I have been a little busy lately with work and been sick as well. I hope to talk to you all soon enough. Jenn
Here Are The Contestants!!
I am happy sitting here grinning like a cheshire cat! I know why so do you! I am happy knowing things work out when done right! I know why so do you! I am very happy waiting to share it with you! I know why so do you! I am very happy being who I am is wonderful! I know why so do you! I am overjoyed getting everything I have wanted! I know why so do you! My cup runs over with joy My body fills with warmth My heart fills with love I wish everyone could be this happy! Have you ever just felt so damn blue? NOT ANYMORE I AM VERY HAPPY!! Just after all the rush and chaos of life slows to a halt and you are left standing there wondering what just happened, and it hits you that you missed something. Makes me blue, makes me wonder if anyone knows me. STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS :-)! I KNOW I AM MISSING NOTHING NOW. SUNSHINE POURS OVER ME LIKE LIQUID HONEY! I AM KNOWN BY FEW, LOVED BY FEWER! BUT WHAT I HAVE IS PERFECT. Leaves you wondering if the l
Prayers Are Needed
I just got off the phone...found out one of my dearest friends who is more like a sister....has got breast cancer. Please keep her in your thoughts & prayers....her name is Nettie. I would appreciate it with all my heart. Loey
New Rules!
New Rule: Smug politicians don't get to ask the people to take action. In a new commercial, current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich discuss the dire need to take action to solve the climate crisis. Gee, IF ONLY THESE TWO PEOPLE EVER HELD POSITIONS OF POWER WHERE THEY COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT! At one point Gingrich - mustering up all the sincerity of a two-faced politician - says, "If enough of us demand action from our leaders, we can spark the innovation we need." Hey numbnuts: why don't YOU demand action from one of our leaders - she's sitting right next to you!
Dragons - Light & Dark
DRAGONS OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS Being the greatest of Dragons, the two Elder Dragons are the most difficult to describe. They embody the principles of Light and Darkness on a cosmic level, most similar to Yin and Yang. They are balanced opposites in harmony. Working with them is like touching pure active or receptive, two concepts very difficult to grasp. They are far easier to work with and communicate. This is in no way to state that they are impossible to work with, only that it is difficult to do so due to their vast powers. Approach them as you might approach the Tao in Chinese philosophy, with respect and reverence. See them as the living embodiment of the principles of Yin and Yang, Night and Day, Darkness and Light. It is also important to remember that 'evil' and 'good' is neither one's sole domain, they contain both, as do we. The Elder Dragons are invoked primarily as an augmentation to any other working you are performing. They are called upon to help balance the
Going to be Holding my first Auction If you'd like to put "yourself" On the Chopping Block just leave me a message with a link to your photo you want used and what your offering and I'll get you added. I will start as soon as I have at least 10 entries. Anything goes People can bid Fu Bucks or money gifts such as blasts, VIPs and HHs Real money bids trump all Fu$ bids. *List of Ideas* Rate all pics during HH Rate all stash during HH SFW salute pic NSFW salute pic Access to private folders Added to Family List Keep Shitfaced Daily Comments Random gifts thru the month Crushed Pimpouts "Owned by" on your profile Phone call Winning bidders pics/link featured on your profile Added to Yahoo Messenger Be creative and come up with your own offers anything goes... No entry Fee! Minimum bid will be $20,000 FuBucks.. Serious bidders only. good luck and have fun FOR STARTERS LET ME JUST SAY SCREW EBAY !! HEH Now seriously i have found quite a few other
Food Smoker
I have been looking around to buy a meat smoker.Does any one know anything about smoker? Like which smoker is the most user friendly. I am looking for a lot of input on this subject.
Ride The Sin Wagon Train!!!!
i kinda ramble a lil on here lol but i have been really lucky with all the people in my life that have helped me through so much you will never know what that means to me and just wanted to say thanks you are the best I just have some thoughts. In my life i have seen more pain and strife than any one person should but it has made me the person i am guess im lucky i have the love of my lil girl i could be the only one that i ever get and i am fine with that i have been honored to meet some of the best people anyone could ever meet and and had the love of the most amazing woman i have ever met for one reason or anther we in alll likeliness will never be together if this person ever gets on fubar and happens across this pro file i want her to know she is the best thing thats ever happened to me and i will always love her if anyone who reads this gets to feel that feeling from another do what ever you have to, to keep it don't ever let it go don't make my mistake and just let it walk away
16 Ways Of Having A Bad Day
Wow thank you everyone for helping me level!! im movin on up!! Thank you to my tiny hugs and to my friends!!! Queen Bee Hi Please Add yourself to my map i just put it in my profile its fun to do!! this person called me fat and ugly in my mumm that i just posted i think that is cruel and wrong!!! what a hater!! ☠=CASPER=☠@ fubar
Good Bye
Ok most of you all know I recently collapsed my right lung. It's a birthdefect it can happen at any time. What you all don't know is that my health has gone down hill since it has happened. I'm talking with the doctor about surgery for my lung and also possibly needing to go in to clear a blockage in my heart. I'm not on here much due to the computer being up stairs and I don't always have the energy to come up here. I will know whats going on Wed. nite and will be deleteing my page soon after I am sorry just don't have the time to be on anymore. I love you all and will return as soon as my health is back..... So until then Good Bye for now....... Twisted
My Giveaway
I will be taking a break from Fubar for a little while in a couple of days. I'm not deleting my account ,I just need time away. I hope to be back as soon as I can. Life just gets to me sometimes and I need to take time out. If you could please just show me some love while I'm gone I appreciate it. Much love and respect to all, Princess ~Princess~Proud Member of the Confederate Bomber Family~N.A.P. Greeter~@ fubar I NEED 45 K COMMENTS TO WIN A HAPPY HOUR. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.
Screen Captures
It takes a little work, and a lot of luck. First of all, you may request that I screen capture something, but if it has the scroll across the top, I make no promises. The ones I do unsolicited (for those of you in Rio Linda that means, you didn't ask for them) I first must see you scrolling across the top. When I click on it, more times than not, when your page opens, you are still scrolling on top. I use an old photo editing software, LView Pro 1.D2/32-bit for Microsoft Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5 or Newer, Windows 3.1 with Win32's 1.30 or newer. Sure there are newer ones that are probably better, but for what I do, it's simple and does the job. With this program, under the "Edit" pulldown menu, there is an option called "Capture" where I can sample the entire desktop, or whatever window is on top. When I click it, there is a few second delay, so I put my mouse over the scrolling pic across the top to make it open. It captures the window of your main page with you scro
Tina's Thoughts
Members In Need Of Help...
Come one members! Unite and get this lady leveled up! Just 35K to go! We can get her there!! ASHELF11~member of SPIRIT OF GAIA LEVELERS~@ fubarfubar ~SunShiNe_in_ShaDoWs~@ fubar she only has 1967 to go for level. Thank you!
Off Line .
Wanted to take a chance and say hi to everyone . I'm sorry I have not been around much lately. Just having $$ problems and can only get online here and there . I'm doing ok . I do miss everyone. I will try to get back as soon as possible . Thank you to everyone that has not forgotten about me . Have a great weekend and please take care. Thanks again, Tom
Hope All Is Well
href=''>imikimi - Customize Your World
Badboy Chazzbaby
Oh Yea Its Me
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Question ???
My Mini Me.. Moo Hahaha!! Moo Hahaha!! .. :d
Down Raters Here Is My List
if they cant show love show them some hate July 5th
I Want Siomebody!!
Autism Stuff...plz Read
THIS IS SO EXCITING! I PRAY FOR THE DAY WHERE A LINK CAN BE DISCOVERED FOR MY BABY!! Hazel Eyes ______________________________________________ Autism Genes Unlock Disorder's Mystery Autism Discovery Heightens Hope for Cure By JOHN MCKENZIE July 10, 2008 New findings by Harvard researchers may bring families one step closer to discovering a cure for autism, a disorder shrouded in mystery. Researchers have found new genes that play a role in the development of autism. Research published in the journal Science, today, reveals new genes that are implicated in autism. And the latest findings provide critical insight into how the disorder impacts children. "We're now understanding from our study just what genes are involved," said Dr. Christopher Walsh, chief of genetics at Children's Hospital in Boston, who led the study. "We're finding the genes that are involved are those that are involved in learning. And we are understanding how these genes are abnormal." As ma
Erotic Stories From The Mrs
You came home from work, it had been a long tedious night on the third shift. Driving home, although exhausted, the birds were singing and the summer warmth was just beginning to radiate. You couldn't help but smile a wide grin... The house was very quiet when you entered, which wasn't unusual, often your wife was sleeping when you entered and you would silently slip into the bed next to her and drift off. But this time things seemed different in the house... The lights were left on in the kitchen and sitting on the dining room table was an empty bottle of tequila. You lightly stepped down the hallway toward the bedroom door and as you approached the cracked door you heard the joints of the bed creaking. You paused right outside the door, and took a deep breath, fear and dread as well as excitement swelled in your chest. You put your palm against the door and pushed it a crack and put your eye near the crack. There in the slanted morning light beaming through the blinds you saw a nake
Look At Me Aint I Hot Or Not
A Moment Of Passion
Holding My First Auction
My Auction Is Open Get Bid In Now In My Auction Folder Who Wants To Own A Great Slave!!!
Just got to my photo in MY AUCTION FOLDER AND BID Good Luck and Yes I AM A GREAT SLAVE ,WANNA SEE HOW GREAT!! This is preview what you will get if you win!!! so go to My Auction folder and bid away.Good luck and hope you can be my owner!!!! Or click on the image got to my profile and Bid away~Seamushardcore~@ fubar so go bid now and own me!!! >
send me a drink or a bling help me get my fuel going ,love to all I NEED ALL YOU GUYS TO HELP ME OUT HERE AND GIVE ME A SHOUT A BUZZ OR BE MY FRIEND,LOVE TO ALL
3 Aug
All and all not a bad day. got some online lovin from my rikku, regular chat, nothin nasty. jumped on wow, wish she was there, but she has family i'm alone. just 23 more days before i can c her. as long as i keep busy it will pass fast.
Auction Time
Hey all i'm up for auction again come show me love
Can someone explain to me the concept of on line trust? I seem to be missing the mark. I trusted someone here with my heart and in return was rewarded by being told that I was the one that could not be trusted. I, who had done everything in my power to prove to this person that they had become very important to me, seemed to have done the exact opposite of what I had set out to do. Never mind that I told every man that tried to be more than a friend that I was “taken” or that I deleted everyone and anyone that might be considered a threat. It seems not to have been enough. The one person that touched my heart, in a place such as Fubar, has turned on me due to being jealous of someone who simply does not now or had ever existed. How does one accept the fact of being so disposable that they can be deleted with the stroke of a key...wiped clean as if they never exised and replaced with the next in line? Im not made that way. I dont belong here. This pain is real and it hur
Dark Poems
Good Thoughts
My Dream Gifts And Home Decor!!!
i know no one reall reads this sht but oh well need to get some shit off my cheast. I did something dumb but what else could i do. I have been reall depressed an i dont when what im doing sometimes. well so i was looking for some support form ppl an i got it from no one. not even then person who should have supported me the most.. well i dropped all my college classes an said fuck it. Just shows me thats someone is just all talk an no action. oh well thats my life. Who cares that mike had plans an wants to keep his life points down the right track. Oh well i have a job who needs college to make 11.25/hr not me. Life Goes ON
Do You Want To Call Me?
Check out my "other" job, and my hot girlfriends at (you may have to copy and paste that link into your browser). 1-800-To-Flirt x0192866 Again, that is: 1-800-863-5478 extension# 01928666 Call me! I look forward to talking with you!
Teddybear Snugglers
Why Do I Bother
Life As A Writer And Actor
Void! Cant Own Me No More But U Can Still Rate My Blog:d
What are you waiting for?
You Da Bomb Train
My Wish
I was walking in the woods behind my house this morning and came upon an elderly lady who looked lost. I stopped and asked her if she needed help. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said that her grand daughter had run off and was lost. I told her I would help her look for the child. After looking for about three hours we found the little girl playing at the edge of the woods. The elderly woman thanked me and asked if she owed me anything for helping her. I told her no, and walked her and her grand daughter out of the woods. As I turned to go my own way, a blinding light appeared before me. In that light was two Angels. One of a Woman and one of a child. The older Angel spoke in a voice so pure it broke my heart. She said, "Because of your kindness in helping me find a child that was lost and now is found I shall grant you four wishes." I thought about it for a few minutes and asked. For my first wish, let it be Kindness, the kind
Poboyz Kreationz
Da1's Blog
People Need To Understand
when someone looses someine close to there heart they need time to greave. You cant make them talk you cant even make them smile. just let them get threw what they need threw. dont think there going aganced you or ur being a bother THEY JUST NEED TIME DAMIT! the next time u want to do that think of how ud feel would u want someone breathing down ur neck You look at the world today and see were headed twards hard times. i look back and no one really understands how we got here. i can only say this we need a way out. we need reashurence that keep us safe when we fall. i no what i need and i have him too. he my lord and savior he will pertect me. i may be in the sercumstances but i trust him. anyone who want or intrested i no a few people u could talk to but all u need is faith. well that it for me ill leave it with this John 3:16
my son is almost 7. he and i have been doing pepsis points for a month or so now. i created him an account so that he can sit on my lap and enter pepsis point nubers and letter. he gets a kick out of being on the computer. would you help him out and send him your pepsis point codes, so that he may enter them and get that stuip trucker hat, he so wants! to those who help im not sure what i can do, other than rate everthing you have on your profile. email me your points @: My first born born: Enem (meaning #6) day: 6/12 time: 6:43am lbs: 6 events on day: my great aunts 60th bday my cousins 16th bday she's the spawn , (heehee) of the Devil.
My Nsfw Pictures
I have uploaded some NSFW photos of myself. I have a lot more to add and will also add some video's later. If you want to see my pictures the first person that get's me a VIP will be added to my family and left there forever. I will also allow access to my folder for 15,000 fubucks and that will get you into my family for a month. I have lots of pictures to add and need a vip for the space to do it. I will be posting more later on other ways you can see my pictures and videos. Kisses
Survey From Crystal
Questions --- I'm curious to see if there is anyone on MY Friends list that have the guts to repost this, answering the questions themselves. . . . . . . . . (1) Is there someone on ur top friends u would like to have sex with? most of them (2) Sex in the morning, afternoon or night? Whenever (3) Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? never puke (4) Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? real money or fu money? (5) Shower or bath while having sex? shower,bathtub gets too slippery, need traction (6) Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? Really depends on my mood at the time. Either.. both.. (7) Do you love someone in your friends list? I love all my friends (8) Love or Money? $$$$$$ love is unreal to me right now (9) Credit cards or cash? cash, leave no trails (10) Have you ever wanted a best friend? gotz a few (11) Camping or a 5 star hotel? both, depends on who else is
You have a Romantic Bedroom Personality! You love to be romantic in the bedroom. You want every sexy encounter to be special, so you often go out of your way to set a romantic mood. Your lovers always feel special and want to come back for more. 'What's your Bedroom Personality?' at You have a Sexual IQ of 129 You know a lot about sex. You have had many sexual experiences and you are well versed in all of the lingo associated with sex. You watch a lot of T.V. shows about sex and you pick up a lot through movies and T.V. You are likely to get even smarter when it comes to sex, because you are very intelligent already and are just waiting to have more sexual experiences. 'What is your Sexual IQ?' at You're Direct! No need to tease... you still get what you want.You're honest, straightforward and aggressive.So what if you scare meek people away? You want a lover who can keep up with your spirit!
Poems & Stuff
Why does sweet mystery bleed us dry? Why good memories drift away And the bad continue to bubble up? Bringing pain of love driving us on... Try, try to get the desires you seek They strut just out of grasp Always only a heartbeat away driving us onward to hope Seeking that one opportunity to bring your souls together to breathe, to taste, to blend what was old into new again Decieving your heart Tricking your mind into believing that all will be fine tomorrow Driving you onward to hope Soon your future your destiny will be here Showing you that all is over and new. Yet, deep down we know that the lessons learned will be taught again with new bodies, new souls Only to begin once more when i woke up today with the residue of a dream hanging in my mind lingering on the edge giving me insights into the secret mysteries just as life offers up with many types visions of love, success and happiness I always wake to find them a dream just out o
Captain Jack Is Coming Back!!!!
Just Some Info
each time someone hears im at the bar have drinks with my friends - everyone who does not know asks what do i drink theres only one main one JACK AND COKE yes i am a whiskey girl! the other thing that gets people is that i am a huge football fan go 49ers! Thats right I am a 49er fan so to those who have a problem with my team can talk all yall want but aint nothing go to change it have been since i was 5yrs old playing football sooo... but the hole funny thing is that when they find out i get...."will you marrie me?".... lol just some info so that i dont get to many of the same questions about my self.... lol jk but if ur wondering... i grew up in cali was there for 20 yrs and moved to tx for 2 yrs thought that as a thing to last but as fait would have it it didnt so i moved back home to cali till about 3 yrs ago when i came to vegas ... i love it here ... my job is awsome and i love what i do ... i have the best friends out here even though my best friend is stil
Poems I've Written
Written for a friend during some hard times. You look further than you can see Into the eyes of the person you long to be I know the days must seem lost and long And everything in your world is going wrong. But believe in what your heart is saying And it will help you get through the pain As low as you may be, believing is the key There's nothing more I want than to see you free. You can't do this alone, not today Let me help you find your way I've been there before and I know it's not easy I'm here for you all you have to do is let me. Let me be there to catch your fall To help you through it all And when all the darkness has gone away I want to be there to share the day. For all the times Looking back at the past Wow, how it’s gone so fast But the years seem to disappear When my best friend is near We were young and loving life back then Making memories to go back to again and again Working at UPS and having fun I wouldn’t change that
You Wanna Build What? For How Much?
Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm!
~~Here is a riddle that i need help with~~ What is more greater than God More evil than the devil The poor have it The rich need it and if you eat it you will die Anybody know??
I Want To Meet Friends From All Over The Blove
Want To Own Me?
Whiskey Girl
James Bond
Generic Pilgrim Voyage
I’d like this To be eloquent As that seems Appropriate Maybe wax Poetically About the time We’ve spent And what that Meant to me Fill the lines With love And emotions So you understood That the words Are true But keeping it Simple Is the perfect And most Accurate Thing to do The best way I can say it Is that I am Thankful For You
Believe In Me
Deployment And All That Comes With...
I've been trying to ready my house, my children, and myself for the upcoming deployment. I will be leaving for Iraq in January. I've barely heard anything from my sweetheart in the last few weeks, they have had him on some kind of mission. His mission needs to be coming home! Oh, but that's not what we do in the military. Hurry up and wait, and everything changes. Due to issues working things with my chain of command, it looks like he wont be in Iraq with me, and due to the changes, he may not even be back before I leave. It sounds difficult, and in some ways it is (I am going to miss him even more than I do now.) I know that we can make it, though. I actually posted a mumm in March, not expecting answers but advice, and decided then that I would wait for him. Now that we are a couple, and a good one at that, I know I can with no hesitation. I trust him implicitly to do the same. It is amazing that I've never in my life been more sure of something than I am of him and us.
Dear Santa
Dear Santa: I think the last time I wrote to you I was about 8 or 9 years old (that following year Randy Gilman told me you were fake & not real) Well I still believe in you, Well you know what I mean. So tell me how's the wife & the elf's? alright, enough small talk. Wait, one more stupid question, After all these years why do we still have to write you a letter why can't we email you or add you to our IM? keep up with the times .. jeez. Alright I know you have many other letter to read Hey why don't you have a proof reader so you have to only read the good ones like mine? I know back to my list: Well I think I was a good person this year I only tripped one person in the street, come on you have to laugh it was a dare from an old friend. & I did give her back her cane. Jeez. What I really want this year is a Hummer but not like the one last year, this time I want the automobile! Get it right, not that I didn't like the one last year (But remember the docto
The Rabbit
Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Waking Lies
Get A Salute
I have recently gotten a lot of attention doing Salutes for people, and I have fun with it. Well in an attempt to raise the fubucks to get a spotlight I am offering NSFW Salutes or pics. These can be bought in a matter of different ways, and because this is America and I can do whatever I want, and prices will be based on how I feel that day and will be negotiable based on the quality and type of picture. Shout or message me to arrange that. In the pic you can request I do a number of different things all to be discussed later. Meaning, I can be nude, holding a sign, wearing random things, whatever. This can go for SFW salutes as well at a much lower price. This is a business deal and will expect payment before product, and I have satisfied customers already if you need someone to vouch. Also, tell your friends. I am an equal opportunity Saluter. Hope to hear from ya.
Fresh Mix Tracks
thinking bout the day and how much i have done to hurt so many of my friends and loved ones and everything i am sorry
How Am I Doing
Word Of Nohting
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very LowLevel 2 (Lustful)Very HighLevel 3 (Gluttonous)HighLevel 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)ModerateLevel 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)ExtremeLevel 6 - The City of Dis
Plz Help My Son Reach His Goal
Taxes Grand For Thee, Not For Me
Something Among Nothing!
#3 Family Member Offering Unique Prize To Highest Bidder In Fu-owned
Valentines Auction
Confusion Of The Mind
Memories fade into the dark deepths of the abyss. My mind fills with the shallow pain of recognition. The realization of what's to come saddens the soul. It is real or is it a fake reality sitting upon a pedestal that could make or break the imaginiation of what you figured to be true. Blank expressions stare unto you as if you were the one who should be blamed. Set yourself free unto the sky above, the shame that follows is the shame that sits on your shoulder hovering around your thoughts of pain. With each tear comes the thought of what could have been. With every smile comes a lie. Open your eyes to reality of what's around you. Feeling the sun smile upon your darkest days brightens everything around you and you pull yourself through and finally wake up from a dream that was nothing more than a sad story untold. Things begin to become clearer...The days fade without recognition, my mind becomes blank and my heart hollow. Nothing changes. Will it ever? With every step of happiness
New Lounge Devils Angels
Colorado Dreams
List for trip in June please add thing to list for the trip.
I am in a world were all I do Is work and take care my children An yes I am thankful and love doing it Check out the auction and bid on Blus Angel Mom" target=_blank>" border=0> Well it been alone day, single mom and soccer and everything eles lol oh an i am the coach but i love it it just get hard ever once in a while lol
Me On Air!!
Lets Get Together
Bling For Rating All Pics!!
One day someone special will be gone. And on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of your bedroom, you might be struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't any more. No more hugs, no more lucky moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, No more "just one minute." Sometimes, what we care about the most goes away. never to return before we can say good-bye, Say "I Love You." So while we have it . . it's best we love it And care for it and fix it when it's broken and take good care of it when it's sick. This is true for marriage .... and friendships ... And children with bad report cards; And dogs with bad hips; And aging parents and grandparents. We keep them because they are worth it, Because we cherish them! Some things we keep -- like a best friend who moved away or a classmate we grew up with. There are just some things that make us happy, No matter what. Life is important, and so are the people we know. And so, we keep them. I received this f
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For the last week or two I've been stripping wallpaper. I hate wallpaper. Not only is it hard to put up/match the lines, but it's even more difficult to remove. The wallpaper I'm attacking is original to the house. It's 7 years old, and outdated in my mind. Pastel floral prints and blue with baskets of apples isn't my taste. Personally, I'd be a giggling fool if the world of wallpaper crashed. To make my dislike of wallpaper even deeper, one of the rooms has TWO layers of the crap. Instead of going about how I have been with the other rooms, I have to ensure that the second layer of vinyl is removed before wetting down the backing. Even further madening, is that none of the walls were primered. Yep, they put up the drywall and slapped on wallpaper. There are 5 rooms and two hallways to remove wallpaper from, primer, and then paint. I'll be lucky if the project is completed by the end of the year. BTW, if you're a wallpaper person, I hate you. Instructions...... Once you have been
The New Bomb !!!
Taking Chance
If you have ever been in the Forces this is for all that Have Been in or In and to All There Familys. A Must See. Use Version 9

Needs Help
Holiday Wishs To My Friends
**CHEERS**Just a cute St. Patty's Day Poem :)The Wearin' O' the Green Today is the day fer the wearin' o' the green.Today is the day when the little people are seen.Today is St. Patrick's Day, so if ye'r Irish me lad,Join the celebratin' fer the grandest time ta' be had.Ya' put yer hand up in the air, the other hand on your hip.Ya' tap yer toe, ya' tap yer heel, ya' bounce yer knee a wee bit.Ya' prance 'n dance around the room, n' circle one two three.The saints be praised, I must admit, ya' all look Irish ta' me.Much love to you and may you have some Good Luck today, Yours Truely, Radiant Gloom
To All My Fubar Friends.
Blank Pages And High Expectations
hmmm... recently realized i'm pretty intimidated by blank notebooks. sick right? the empty pages just seem so judgemental- expectantly sitting there, challenging my ability to fulfill all the promise a blank notebook might hold... to make it's existence memorable & worthwhile. i imagine the humiliation i might suffer were i a notebook wasted on such trivial crap as a mere to-do list or address book- what horror a 15 year old could inflict with predictable poetry or bon jovi song lyrics! 15 year olds still listen to bon jovi? anyway. i think were i a notebook i'd aspire to such notebook legends as the diary of anne frank or laura ingalls book that inspired little house on the prarie- but would realistically be happy with with a bridget jones-esque version of my days that would be interesting should it ever be discovered. so i sit and stare at the blank pages which seem to read my mind ... a doodle pad? really?
Need Some Love
Why Am I Here
Live Music!! Military Radio!
I Dont Understand Guys
Good Woman!!!
Life Or Whatever
Needing Dj's For A New Upcomeing Site And Get Paid For It For Details Add Me @ Ty Tj
Random Shit
Burnt and sold out, Pierced by your soulless blade, Do you know it hurts to hear your name, I curse the pain you've made. Twisted and impossible, You've torn me apart You'll never find these pieces Of my shattered and scattered heart. Once a shy spirit,alone:she was risen from the shell to the open fields of love but they smiled a little glimpse for her fate would shun her back. Paining her heart to grief,and breaking up her spirits to tears, her glass heart to pieces and the return of her fears... she scurried back to her former ways, in which she knew her only refudge. And with her insides flaming like a burning hell, how was she to know her heart would burn so, darkness is the only something she knows. Was darkness her comfort,shading her from pain like a mother cares for her kin. With tears of blood and a heart so blind, was it merely another illusion cast by her tormenters? There is beauty amongst the breakdown, if she may rise then may she spark a new, perhaps she may too prove
Going Home
Show Me Your Boobs!
To all of friends on here... I am having a best boobs contest, show me your tits, please!! I love all types of boobies! Hey I was just wondering if any of you gals would send me some naked photos! I am horny all the time and love looking at ya'll naked!   MY E_MAIL IS   please send all photos there!
Bling Pack Offer... Cheap!
Varry Important Please Read
~take Me Out Of The Dark~
Just what is it in me? Sometimes I just don't know What keeps me in Your love, Why you never let me go And though you're in me now, I fall and hurt you still My Lord, please show me how To know just how you feel You have forgiven me Too many times it seems I feel I'm not what you might call A worthy Christian after all And though I love You so Temptation finds its way to me Teach me to trust in You With all my heart To lean not on my own understanding I just forget You won't give me what I can't bear Take me out of the dark, my Lord I don't wanna be there You've never left my side You gave Your hand to me to hold Oh Jesus, I'm no longer in the cold And yet, I leave You there When I feel satisfied I'd like to thank You every day Not only when I feel that way I've never known a Man Who'd give His life for sinners like me And yet, because He loves us so He's promised us eternity And we can have that promise And be His if we have faith And just believe Teach us to trust in you With all my
Oracle Tag For Bling
today i feel so defeted, i wanna let go of what i've tried to hold on to for so long. I just wanna go back and make all tha wrongs right, but i feel as if i'm losing tha fight. So hard to really trust anyone. surrounded by people i thought were fiends, it seems tha drama never ends. Why is people so fake? I feel like i'm traped inside myself, i just wanna be happy, but all i do is cry.. I thiught he was tha one, but now i'm seeing tha true him, what i thought was so real, is really so fake..
My Life Is A Billion Dollar Movie!!
They were just beginning to build it in winter 1994. By April 1995 it was open and going strong. For a long while I worked as a cashier, then I went on the line. Soon I knew how to run the place, so they offered me a Shift manager position. See where being a manager in high school kicked in? I was with that job for a little over four years! To date that is the longest I ever held a job. By spring 1999 I was fed up with the gossip and it got the best of me. I was accused by a 16 yrs old of calling her a whore and all kinds of other things. I would've had no room to speak if I had said such a thing. But my options were to either apologize to her or to be fired. I tried to apologize to her and to talk to her. But, she kept walking away from me, therefore making it impossible. I gave up and gave in. I quit. I went and applied at several places after that. But took a job at the Circle k in Bartow, FL. This became a pattern for my work for the next 12 years. In that time I held several jobs,
There's Army Strong, Then There's Army Wife Strong!
If you're not in love with a soldier, you don't know adventure.  You don't know smelly grey PT uniforms that require daily washing.  You can't understand green and brown camouflage bags flooding the bedroom floor.  If you're not in love with a soldier, you can't understand the meaning of the phrase "going to the field" and the weeks you spend away from each other.  If you're not in love with a soldier, you can never imagine the hole in your heart when that phone call comes:  "Honey, I am leaving to go overseas. I don't know how long I will be gone or exactly where I'm going, but I want you to know that I love you-always!".  If you're not in love with a soldier, you don't kow what it's like to say that final good-bye.  You don't know what it really means to be glued to the television.  You don't understand fear and you can't possibly understand the sleepless nights of endless crying, wondering if you will ever see the love of your life alive again.  If you're not in love with a so
Second Chances
Liars N Cheats On Fubar Oh My!!
It amazes me how many people on the net live several lives~~you have "THE SUCESSFUL MILLIONAIRE" Oh baby I'll cange your life 4ever and give you the world~~ Then you have "MR ROMANCE" Baby I don't have much, but my heart 4u will be more than you will ever need ( yet their heart is all over the place) Then you have your "MR IM SINGLE AND LOOKING 4 MY SOULMATE" Oh baby you are perfect 4 me and you are all I need in my life, yet they are telling that samething to 10 others lol Or the BEST  one yet " THE ONES WHO HAVE 4 SCREEN NAMES and play 4 differnt people on them" Can we say Sybil? LMAO This isn't me capp'n on men~~Trust me women are worse!! Women tell men daily "I LOVE YOU" Then @ night they are in bed w/ theyre husbands~~ Are people on the net that desprate 4 attention, addicted 2 lying, bored, needy, or just game players that bad that they have to toy w/ peoples emotions??? I feel 4 the FEW people who are honest, continue to be honest that will shine thru~~ Bull shit ALWAYS SME
Ufc 100
Why is everything so hard Why cant anything be easy I can see what I want But I cant reach it it gets farther and farther away everyday slowly slipping out of my grasp No matter how hard I try it never gets easier if only wanting something made it appear but instead it gets harder to reach wanting hoping wishing for that one chance to have what I truly desire knowing that there are others that want the same thing constantly trying to grab it from me hoping and praying that they wont get it first    
Round Two Results:
*listed in order of rankings as of this count ** Wednesday:  July 22st, 1009  (12:45 pm - pst) Votes        Model     "                "  442       Alessia      *WINNER***ADVANCES TO FINALS  430       MadCurves                   **ADVANCES TO FINALS  326       BlueCountryGrace        **ADVANCES TO FINALS  272       JaniDenise  186       Heavenly666  172       KellyBaby  145       Little Kitten  134       Senrence * See Below  113       SomethingToTalkAbout   94        THESPOILEDO1
Dead Memories...
Happy Birthday To Me
My Blogs
the bottom came first, then got this on yahoo messenger Wow... You complain no one comes to your page and then you block one of the people who always stopped by regularly?? Real fucking cool.Rob Robshags: No wonder you can't get any womenRob Robshags: All you do is talk shitRob Robshags: It'd be a shame for all your naked pics to end up on a bunch of other websites.   N.M.E.: Whatever... I don't wanna argue. Be a fucking lame-ass bitch. I don't care anymore. ->N.M.E.: fair is fair right? ->N.M.E.: lol now i am an idiot? ok well ill have Don go on and have him not force me to go on N.M.E.: You don't wanna see me and I can't fucking FORCE Kim to go on..... idiot ->N.M.E.: cant show me then complain i wont show you ->N.M.E.: ok then , but yet i am CORNY and you never wanting to show me isnt correct? N.M.E.: I never saw you and I guess I never will. ->
Confessione Di Piccotrice
You've probably heard some version of what all has gone on with me. To be honest, the majority was lies, thought up by my family as a ploy. Because of the lies they have spread I've lost people in my life I always thought would be there. My life, most recently, has begun to crash down. I'll admit I made a bad choice, but no one gave me the time to explain them the actual situation they just continued on with their own assumptions and this is why I am in the current situation. I no longer have people to call friends, no one will even give me the time of day, and in search of people once in my life I've had more than one door slammed on my face from people closest to me. If this wasn't bad enough, I find out three weeks ago I have cervical cancer. So at this point I am left without support in my life, without connections, without my health, and I am left stunned, shocked and exhausted.      Hungry Scarlet letter written on my shirtmy face shows nothing but a smirk.Because,There's
I Love Him
The Ways I Feel
A Mother Asked...
A mother asked President Bush, Why did my son have to die in Iraq? A mother asked President Clinton, Why did my son have to die in Saudi Arabia? A mother asked President Bush, Why did my son have to die in Kuwait? A mother asked President Johnson, Why did my son have to die in Vietnam? A mother asked President Truman, Why did my son have to die in Korea? A mother asked President Roosevelt, Why did my son have to die in Iwo Jima? A mother asked President Wilson, Why did my son have to die in France? A mother asked President Lincoln, Why did my son have to die in Gettysburg? A mother asked President Washington Why did my son have to die in Valley Forge? Then long, long ago, a mother asked.. 'Heavenly Father .. why did my Son have to die on a cross outside of Jerusalem ?' The answer is always the same... 'So that others may live and dwell in peace, happiness, and freedom.' This was emailed to me with no author. I
Moon Dance
MOON DANCE Full moon....shinning bright....... Dance with it's light.   Round and round.....I feel the pull........ Come dear feel it too.   Light that still....... Let it lead us.....where it will..............  
Hey Sexys! So I have not been here 4 awhile sorry! I got robbed 3 days before Christmas and then I lost my house soon after that... so I been on the streets and living with friends off and on for awhile. I know you all were probley wondering so I figured I'd right a blog! Wooot... *giggles* so thats where I have been. I don't have any family because as most of you know they died in a house fire while I was at a friends spending the night. So i lkost my momz dadz, 2 sisters and my brother... It was a rough year and this one hasenmt started out all that well ither but I'm staying strong to buy my grandfaters house in Kansas before someone else does... as you know im still in Arizona blah! (its cold here to) but im still going to school and holding 3 jobs just to keep my mind off of it! So I hope you all had a great cmas and new years! and best of luck to all of you!  
I feel like I consistantly push good ppl out of my life because I am scared to open my heart up again. it makes no sense. If we can forgive do we every truly forget or is it an idea impossible to reach. Do we even want to forget when it comes down to it? We go through the motions of what a non bitter and emotionally wrecked person would do and yet most of the time it seems so unsatisfying. There's a part of each of us the voice of reason that tells us that once it happens and we forget about it is then that it will happen again and we will be in square one of an endless cycle of hurt and distrust. Why do we hold on to the ones that hurt us? Somehow the hurt of them actually leaving out weighs the crimes that they do. It shouldn't be that way. a disapereing backbone is becoming a ragging epidemic and being hurt is the only out come. What happened to old fashioned chivalry of the past? When did it become ok to cheat? We are victoms of understanding. Theres some instances in life where we
Please Read!!
Well I have been doing chemo for cancer for the past few months and I found out today that they are stopping chemo due to the fact that the cancer is spreading. They also informed me that I have a max of 1 year left to live. I thank God that I have lived thus far!!
A Strong Love
A heart sings to that one so far , yet so close to my heart to be.A heart sings to stars above, that sweet song only thoses two ment to be shall hear.A heart sings in hopes thatone true love shall hear my crys, and hold me in her arms and love me for ever.A heart sings out to a field of roses, colors of the world so true so many diffent shades, none the same.A heart sings out to a field of roses, there blooms open to that sweet sound of love so true, that song of love between me and you.A heart sings out to a field of roses, there only promble is there beautifull nature, that glows unpon this ulgy world make it a place to smile and be happy, the same way you make me feel ever time i hear your voice, or look at a pic of u all i can is smile and hope one day i'll get to touch u and fell your sweet embrace, my spin tingles with chills of lust and happiness.A heart sings out to that one , I have never meet, but all the same when that day comes the joy that once was forgotten, may it embran
Remember that they can't do a lot of things for themselves and that they depend on you to make their life a quality life! A PET'S TEN COMMANDMENTS......... 1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you is likely to be painful. 2. Give me time to understand what you want of me. 3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being. 4. Don't be angry with me for long and don't lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends, your entertainment, but I have only you. 5. Talk to me. Even if I don't understand your words, I do understand your voice when speaking to me. 6. Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget it, but I forgive quickly. 7. Before you hit me, before you strike me, remember that I could hurt you, and yet, I choose not to bite you. 8. Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I'm not getting the right food, I have been in the sun too long, or my heart might b
This Is Disgusting
  Two Marines Were Refused Service at Charley’s Philly Steaks by Anti-war employee in Stockton, CA. The two Marines walked up to order lunch, the manager refused to serve them,she stated that they represented the war and she would not serve ...anyone in uniform. Here is the number 209-473-8858
Too Soon!
I think I didn't take a long enough break from fubar. I seem to either hurt or get hurt when I deal with others from here. This is never my goal or intention. I just have to figure out some things and I don't need the lies from the people here to add to my life. I am heartbroken AGAIN and I know that I have to heal before I can play again. If someone really wants to talk to me you can add me on yahoo (I'm always mobile) @ YIM: goodgirl_2480. I'm out!
Taunted Treasure
Perhaps some will recall the passon from "The Chronicles of the Wanton"... Her simpliest desires as from this repost from the past...   Behind my armchairI found a small scrap of torn black fishnetsAnd I smiled to myselfRemembering…My legs spread wideIn four inch heelsBare breastedGripping the chairBent at the waistYou tore throughClutching my hipsRipping my pantiesEnteringThrustingTogether GrindingMoaningTrembling ThrustingCollapsingExhaustedEcstaticNow I am remembering….I wonder what house guestWill trip over the next scrapAnd pocket itSmilingKnowingWonderingI tucked it in a drawer Where I keep such thingsBecause I have such thingsTo conceal.
Need Advice For Wife's Gift!
I would like to surprise my wife with a gift just because. Any suggestions? Flowers are the obvious choice, but they seem so unoriginal. Any thoughts on gifts that impressed you would be greatly appreciated. She deserves something special for putting up with me for many years. :-) Thanks for your help and I'll let you know which idea I choose and how it turns out! Have a good one! Thanks Fubar friends and family for giving me a place to go to unwind from the stresses of life! Have a great night!
Careful ...interesting
GPS An acquaintance had their car broken into while they were at a footballgame. Things stolen from the car included a garage door remote control,some money and a GPS which had been prominently mounted on thedashboard. When the victims got home, they found that their house had beenransacked and just about everything worth anything had been stolen. Thethieves had used the GPS to guide them to the house. They then used thegarage remote control to open the garage door and gain entry to thehouse. The thieves knew the owners were at the football game, they knew whattime the game was scheduled to finish and so they knew how much time they hadto clean out the house. It would appear that they had brought a truck toempty the house of its contents. SOMETHING TO CONSIDER IF YOU HAVE A GPS - DON'T PUT YOUR HOME ADDRESS INIT. PUT A NEARBY ADDRESS (LIKE A STORE OR GAS STATION) SO YOU CAN STILLFIND YOUR WAY HOME IF YOU NEED TO, BUT NO ONE ELSE WOULD KNOW WHERE YOULIVE IF YOUR GPS WERE STOLEN. CELL PH
Death And Responsible Behavior
Six people are dead, including a Federal Judge, a nine year old girl and a 79 year old woman. It has been reported that 19 people were shot, fourteen of them are critically wounded – including Representative Gabrielle Giffords. It happened outside a supermarket in Tucson, Arizona on a crisp, clear Saturday morning. A motive for the shooting has yet to have been determined. The shooter is said to have been a “deranged young man” who acted alone. Everyone on both sides of the aisle is, of course, decrying the senseless violence. Republicans are scrambling to distance themselves from the folks on the fringe while some Democrats are seizing the opportunity to foist them on their own petard.   Yes, there is a direct link between the rhetoric of violence and acts of violence. That point is so obvious to me it boggles my mind to think that there are some – apparently a great number – who actually don’t get it. This quote from this morning’s NY Times editorial clearly summaries the pr
Why Do I Have A Po
back in June 29 2009 i ended up pulling a knife on this guy who was my ex roommate for hitting my now ex gf i told him i would kill him if he did it again blinded by rage and poor judgmental i almost took his life he ended up calling the cops on me the man is 33 years old and he is alot more fucked up then i am and  he was off his meds my family was in danger and iam sorry but most cops don't give a flying fuck when you do call them at least in my experience that's what i have learn from when i called them before in the past specially in mesa and they either just write a report or they just think its a joke   i had my grandma who was living with me at the time my dog and 4 cats i was not going to just stand by and watch him do what ever i realize it was poor judgment but no one in my same shoes would not do the same thing   i was facing prison for my act even tho it was in self defensive i was facing 2.5 years   since they lower my charge i now am on probation for 3 years they s
If I Could Live Life Over
I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day. I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.I would have talked less and listened more.I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained or the sofa faded.I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.I would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains.I would have cried and laughed less while watching television and more while watching life.I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn't show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lif
Passion & seduction I want you to feel the air around you getting warmer as if threatens boundaries you keep so well sliding fingers up your neck through your hair and grabbing firmly pulling your head back and taking a bite from under your swells bared with moist impressions sinking down further as reaching the cliff that is swollen awaiting to burst from attention while dabbling teases of flicks of pressure making beads of sweat gathering down ravine palms on backsides of thighs overhead sensing flight it musters a scream of animal-ism creature imprisoned to be released and this moment still harbors the torture not allowing you to feel what you want inside while the hours have past and daylight shall not exist if you don't get your way. My twisted visions of you twirl in a oscilloscope of insane wonders Measuring & excepting nothing as reality Reborn from by the species that cultivated me into existence Ecstasy feathers your soft skin as it dampens Your unwritten fictio
The Dreams I had of us are now Shattered The Hopes I had of us are now Shattered The Life we should have had is now Shattered The heart you promised to protect is now Shattered The promises you made are all Shattered The smile you gave me is now Shattered Forever is now never and will always be Shattered You walked away Shattered Your words are all Shattered Me and You and now Shattered.
Torturedartist's Revelations
observations of a dancefloor Minnows swimming in this choppy water surrounded by melodic beats just trying to get to their destination falsely accused of this familiar place rocking their bodies with mindless intent flawlessly shaking their sweat driven torso's to the intrinsic music the beat feeds the appetite for love wondering through the crowd shamelessly wanting the warmth of another pressed against their skin sharing one common goal to embrace the sexuality and grace capable to the bodies craving you bodies converse as you exhale I inhale your scent dark and alluring whispers of ecstasy greet the night So electric your body shakes Holding my frame Unleashing the quiet tame Heat as the spark is lit Your tongue awakens my clit Release the inner animal inside of me Skin to skin Laying with you must be a sin to feel such pleasure radiates my bones Your body blankets mine In this intimate alone Away from my thoughts In such an escape Yo
Browser Issues??
Welcome to our Browser Support Blog Because our lounge was coded to work perfectly with Google Chrome, you may not be able to view it properly. Here are a couple helpful tricks you can try to make your viewing experience successful.   The most common and easiest to do is download Google Chrome web browser. You can do that by clicking the download link below.   Download Google Chrome Link   Another trick you can try is reducing the zoom ratio for the browser that you are using. If you are using a desktop pc, to reduce the zoom do the following. Locate the rolling button on your mouse, this should be between the two mouse buttons Hold down the cntrl key on your keyboard(should be close to the shift button) While holding the cntrl key down, roll the mouse button backwards. You should notice that the zoom on your screen will change. Once you see the zoom change  to a point where you can see the entire lounge, let go of the cntrl key.   If you have already done this and
~i Think I Know What I Have To Do~
Looking back at my life I don't ever remember being 'good enough' As a child if I had been good enough, my real father would have wanted to stay & be a part of my life, If I was 'good enough' he wouldn't have left me (which I now know isn't true, but that's a child's reasoning for ya)   So, as a result of  that logic Ive never felt like I could be myself in relationships with men. If I could be what they wanted, then they wouldnt see how inadequate I really was, & then they would want me, need me, maybe even love that fake me.  Because of that Ive put up with a lot of grief in many of my so-called 'relationships' but I put up with it because my need to be wanted and loved out weighted the pain of being alone, and facing myself and my issues. Its always easier to pretend then to face reality! Ive clung to people who I didn't really need in my life, Ive played immature mind games to make myself feel better. I used to feel that if I could take a guy away from another girl, that I was b
Mumm Haters
So, why is that a few people that are known haters in mumms can get away with stupid fucking shit like reporting a mumm as nsfw when it is clearly marked as such and get you blocked from ever being able to create mumms again, or if you do, they will delete your account, yet when you see and report mumms that deal with the exact same topic and report it nothing gets done., Is this just the bouncers way of protecting their friends and fucking with anyone and everyone that they decide to not like at the time? It is pretty fucking stupid but I guess it feeds their little minds and makes them feel as they are the all powerful OZ, It is bull fucking shit like this that fucks up sites and keeps people from actuallyt being able to fully enjoy their time on here.   I am marking this as nsfw, but I am sure that a fuck stick bouncer will see this, or some fuck wad will report it and soon I wont be fucking able to fucking blog and fucking more. so fuck them.   Do you think I got the word fuck
Blog 1.0 Lol
So with spring around the corner im pretty excited about things warming up and the grass turning green and being able to enjoy being outside again like swimming or just tanning etc :D so this is my first blog my other one did not show up when I put post? but anyway so im josh im 24 years old from Tulsa,OK I will not send you prevy messages or even hit you up in messages not saying being prevy is wrong but eh im shy so eh :p well I do have a mic /web cam I will get on them and talk if you want to I have 2 guitars an electric and a bass I can play them both well I love video games to :D im pretty much crazy about shit but eh just go with it I really do not talk to much so if you cant handle it um okay then? lol anyway add me fan me whatever its fubar have fun

She was... dripping with sex appeal to say the least. She had beautiful thick hair which just passed her shoulders and massive bambi eyes with a colour that reminded me of the ocean. The most attractive thing about her was her heart and the fact that it could never be tamed. Needless to say she wasn't short of admirers. I knew her free spirit wasn't down to her being untamed. I knew there was alot of hurt and need going on behind her blue eyes but I never questioned it because she had a strong approach going on. I lusted over her strong approach. She knew I wanted to fuck her, I had told her before. It was never a good idea we were left alone together. I didn't want anything more then for her to bend me over and fuck me until I came on her fingertips. She looked so forceful, I was sure I could be her fuck bunny because I knew she would keep me there for hours. There was no paticular chemistry, just pure lust on my part. Pure unadultarated animal lust. I just wanted her to fuck me. I'd
Just Random Feelings.
So they say time heals all wounds. I say bull shit. Two years and it seems to hurt more than ever. I don't know how to handle this all. I get so mad all I can do is cry. I get so frustrated I dont know weather to destory all or run and hide. Life is a pain and I'm sick of it. I'm tired of not knowing what to do or how to feel or when i should speak up. Why must it be so hard and why must I be alone through it all.
Stuff That I Find Interesting
Balloon fetish (Looner)sexually stimulated by inflated balloonsSmokingBeing aroused by seeing people smoke cigarettes, liking smokersFace Sitting(Smothering fetish)aroused by having people sit on their face (smothering)Infantilismdressing/acting as a babyMature Taboo(Intergenerational)aroused by sex between older and younger peopleLatex Fetishwearing (tight) latex clothing (worn or painted on)Messy Fetishgetting dirty/sticky/slimyFood Fetisheating/wearing food (related to messy fetish)Trample-Crush Fetishbeing stepped on, trampled or crushed (related to Foot fetish)Fistinghaving a hand & arm stuck up their rectum/vaginaHuge insertionslarge objects inserted in rectum/vaginaBeastialitysexual interaction with animalsPregnant Fetish (Prego)aroused by pregnant (or fat) and lactating womenMedical Fetishdoctor/nurse/patient play, also using medical tools (speculum, catheter, enema, etc)Electrical Fetishapplying electrical charges to the body (related to medical)Urethral Playcatheters and obje
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Bipolar Syndrome Signs From Women.
Sometimes I feel being alone is better then being with someone.. No one to talk down to you to hurt you, but you noone to judge you but you judging yourself..being alone for me sucks but sometimes its ok to be alone. Being alone may suck and sure does but sometimes its a good thing. Everyone needs time for themselves to think and focus..and sometimes being together too much causes tenstion and alot of arguing and fights when ur up and at eachothers I have no time to finish this but im sure u get what im saying.
Who Is Taking Lord Stanley Home
Personaly I am a Pens fan.  I think it is going to come down to, the Blackhawks VS the Penguins for the Cup. Pen vs NYI Game 1 Pens 5, NYI 0   Wilds vs Hawks Game 1 wilds 1, Hawks 2   Duck vs Wings Game 1 Ducks 3, wings 1   Canucks vs sharks Game 1 canucks 1, sharks 3   blues vs kings game 1 blues 2, kings 1   Bruins vs Leafs Bruins 4, Leafs 1
About Me
Well, I am moving out with my mom in two weeks, I have battled and conquered depression, and have reestablished my faith in the Lord.                       I have been published twice, in the past eight months, I work two jobs, and i stopped going to school. Ive been taking up ju jitsu and i believe in if a girl can fend for herself, the less a man has to worry about. A damsel in distress? Hell no. Thats what my father used to call me, I hated it, including calling me daddys girl. I resented him for that. I do love my father but not in that way ... Im a daughter and thats that. No daddys girl or little princess. I hate that. I have and always be a nerd, no denying it or changing that fact. I tend to be a loner, I talk to people then and again and then I evaporate from their life. Unless theirs a reason for you to stay. Im a thinker, carefree, and I believe in less government.... As you read this, if anyone even is, I wonder, do you really read what I write? do you skim? Now if you skim
Costcaptain Support
Shopping online give you a lot easier to purchase everything you want and as much as possible it is also affordable. Yes, cheaper compared to what you can find in retail stores. Discount programs include special offers by various companies and any kind of program that can give consumers savings with regards to overall cost is always a big plus for me. For academic pricing, it is a special pricing program offered by certain software makers such as Microsoft that is much lower than standard pricing to benefit institutions at the academic level. CostCaptain Support I am sure there are options galore, but you still have to study and pass exams. Gathering the information you need has become a lot easier these days by using the Internet, providing you have access to computers, printers, and other wonders of technology. At you will find academic discount programs. Academic pricing means a special price is offered by specific manufacturers, which is a lot lower than the standa
Graphic Pictures
Well it has been a while since i was on fubar and aparently i got a a lot of new shit to learn....I really could use some help with certain things.. like how can i make cool graphic pics and what program is the best.. if anyone can help me out that would rock.. and i will make it worth your time :d
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Carvin Dad
Although I'm feeling pleasantly nostalgic as Father's Day rolls around again, I'm also feeling a tad old. I suppose as one ages, he is more prone to feel nostalgic; more life experiences, more history lived through and seen firsthand. It seems as if it was yesterday that James, Marcus, Karesa, Darian, and Ashlyn were in diapers. For me, my oldest were in diapers at roughly the same time as my youngest, Ashlyn, now 5. It's incredible the way the brain doesn't add time to memories. Perhaps that's a good thing, and in the case of our children, why we continually love them more and more with every passing year. Due to the brain-time thing, whatever you want to call it, our children are always our babies, always new to us. Jamie, it seems like yesterday that you were walking around the house, diaper on your butt, holding a tiny electronic guitar up to your bare chest trying to do what I was doing on my Carvin. And now, you're doing things on your own Carvin that I neve
so i ran into this guy last night around 11pm I played 2 games of pool with him i told him i was not intrested in anything serious but i gave him my number thinking we can play again sometime harmless fun thinking we can be friends. but after i get home i get a text saying and i quote "i like you alot ur good people i felt the vibe and its all good and yeh i wanna cook good for u" what does that mean? ... what do u guys think? i really dont want to text/call him after that text... i thought i made myself clear about the just friends thing. maybe it was just the after math of drunk texting...   There's gatta be seriously something wrong with me when I'm considering prostitution... Wow I'm so fucked emotionally its ridiculous... Why is life so fucked up...
Locked Away
The voices in my mind scream in black and white I sometimes try to paint them with my tears But those,too,are void of color The only colors I have belong to the Devils paintset Brushes made of bone and human hair, a rainbow of colors made from blood Sometimes its too much to bear,other days its not The mystery behind it all is starting to unravel The walls are starting to split apart No light is shining through,and for that Im glad Fear of the unknown lies beyond that wall My chains of bondage lay at my feet Never to be worn by me again  
Magical Items
My mind is filled with too many voices All of them screaming and trying to get my attention I try to tune them out but it takes great effort Sometimes I'll try to trick my mind by daydreaming In hopes that it'll empty out while Im gone But when I return,its just as cluttered as when I left The ceaseless screaming rising in pitch Surprisingly,wearing a pair of earmuffs helps a lot It somehow helps in the filtering of my mind and its thoughts A special magic in the material helps suck out the insanity What a relief that is!! I was afraid to find out what would happen- If my mind wasnt drained of its insanity... Using sponges used to help in the past But my brain matter proved to be too much for simple sponges Thank Jebus for magic earmuffs!! Im just glad I wont have to resort to my original plan.... Putting my head in a trash compactor  
Such Deep Words
I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing thats real The needle tears a hole The old familiar sting Try and kill it all away But I remember everything... What have I become, My sweetest friend? Everyone I know goes away,in the end... And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt. I wear this crown of shit Upon my liars chair Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair Beneath the stains of time

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