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On Movies
the final fantasy series has been my absolute favorite. so how unfortunite it was that the first final fantasy movie had nothing to do with anything the series had to offer. if anyone can remember the spirits within, the animation was great ( i personally thought ) but the story, the story was dreadful.had nothing to do with anything i had ever played. so rightfully to my surprise the makers of the series came out with their rendition of a movie. but this time it was finished with style. the style of final fantasy 7 still one of the most sought after games in playstation history. people this is what cg movies are all about. vibrant whites and lush blacks, colors only truly harnessed by hd. people u must watch this movie, if not for the story, for the graphics alone. i promise if you keep an open mind the movie is rather good. also this one follows the story of 7 two years after the game. give it a try and ponder this. where will entertainment go as technology advances. thanks for
Wirh All My Dreams
With all my dreams in the world i never knew that the one that was very far away would come to and make me so happy.To have the love of my life mean so much to me, and be there for me as much as he is and tries to be means so very much to me as well... Each moment that passes me bye im so thankful for all the things that have happen in the past month... down to my wonderful kids to haveing a great man for well over yr be there for me. It brings tears to my eyes sometimes when i think of how greatfull i am to have someone there in my life love me so dearing and careing. To honor me and treat me so well and in return i do all the same for him...When two heart meet and they connect to one another and there is a bond shared that him and i share it like nothing else in the world. I know i come here all the time and blog about the love him and i share with each other but when something as this is so true then why not share with others so they can see how we fell and try to find there
HI all I'm new to this site and would like to make some new friends anyone interested just message me here or on yahoo. Nice to meet you all
The Life Of Lee
Welcome to my blog, I am 49 male, work as a Customer Service Rep in Lake St. Louis, MO and am getting ready to end a 1 year realtionship from hell...on June 22, 2007. This woman is the pits, always depresessed, spends everything I make, lost a house for us and is jealous as hell. Is there not a woman out there who can appreciate a hard working man who has made mistakes in his life but is doing his best to make things right? Sigh.... send me an angel please. Want to know more than email me.
My Photo Collage
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My Opinion
Tattoos ....
Right guys, i need your help! I am looking to get another tattoo - i want one on my foot but i have no idea what to get?! Someone please provide me with some sort of inspiration ... if you wanna design me something that'd be great! I fancy something flowing maybe across my foot and up my leg to my ankle .... anyway show me what you got guys - i know there are some really talented people on here!
Help For A Friend
PLEASE READ THIS AND SEND AS MANY PRAYERS TO HER AND HER MOM THAT WE CAN GIVE........ SHE IS AN AWESOME GIRL AND NEEDS ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT THAT WE CAN GIVE RIGHT NOW.......... PLEASE REPOST THIS SO THAT THE WORD GETS OUT TO EVERYONE. Stephanie had a massive heat stroke last week. Unfortunately there was some damage to her heart. She is at the hospital at Fort Jackson and she keeps blacking out. They are saying that there is a possibility she has gotten a hole in her heart, or just the heart muscles have weakened with the heat stroke. They are running tests including an Echocardiogram and trying to determine the amount of damage on her heart. She is basically going to get a medical discharge at this point after the tests. But if there is change, and it goes away then she can continue with Basic training an graduate on time. Right now though, they are certain she has a pretty bad heart condition now from the heat stroke. I wont know anything until she can get another call home. I
My Thank You To Everyone
I'm greatful for all the love that each and everyone has given to me. You all have went above and beyond what I ever even dreamed of. I hope to be able to return all the love in the near future to you. Thank you to all my new friends for Fanning, Adding, and rating me. I'm returning the love as quickly as I can. To my Family and Friends thank you for continuing to always show love.You all are awesome!!!! Thank you to everyone for reposting bulletins to help me. I love Cherry Tap and there are a lot of wonderful people on here. Have a great weekend..Much Love and Respect to all...BooBoo:) Special Thanks to I Love Sporks for my pimpout. Please stop by and show her some love. href="" target=_blank>I Love Sporks -add me as a fan before you add me as a friend- @ CherryTAP I'm greatful for all the love that each and everyone has given to me. You all have went above and beyond what I ever even dr
My 19th Bday I Want
My First True Love
MY FIRST TRUE LOVE Could you be my first true love ... the one that I have been searching for ... How could I have missed you? All of this time, all of these years?? What a small world we live in now with cyber space as our home doesn't matter where you are ... you are only seconds away from where I roam We found each other here ... .... hypnotized .... sharing common interests .. goals, values, likes and dislikes, and yearning to look into each other's eyes There is so much that we can still learn still share .. still do together to make our lives so rewarding .. so rich, so simple to even enjoy the weather I am so glad I have finally found you To dream of years to come to know that you will be here to support .. to love .. to care . MY FIRST TRUE LOVE!! It feels so right ... You are everything I have been waiting for You are everything I need ... Love , Nena!!
Nsfw Stories
she came to me last night,again.I closed my eyes for what seemed like a second and I was in her world. I could see her in the distance standing there beconing me to come to her.she is a powerfull creature she is not to be denied nor would i want to she has a supple skin very pale almost glowing,dark eyes that pierce through all my facades right to the core of me she sees me naked ,helpless, defenses down and yet i am not uncomfortable i am secure knowing that even through all my flaws and impurities she still comes to me. She floats on the air lightly dancing and smiling her wings are black as the night singed on the edges from dancing to close to the fire she is neither angel nor demon she is a child of the shadow born of darkness but not ruled by it. I approach her slowly gazing upon story has ever described a creature so lovely she spins in the air teasing me my heart is pounding my throte is dry as i get closer she settles to the ground ,wings out ,showing me how impressive
Beware the intimate Internet! Beware the chatrooms with closed doors Where naked names cruise midnight shores And fall in love before they've met. Beware, O wives and husbands real, The lonely rivals virtual Whose words, or chaste or sexual, May from your beds affections steal. Beware the posh imagination, More vivid far than earthly flesh. Beware the way two dreams can mesh In ecstasy beyond sensation. Beware the fantasy that speaks, The vague ideal that springs a soul. No marriage can avoid the shoal That lies beneath such sun-drenched peaks. No love but may retreat to stone As sirens sad the heart entice. Two names entwine in paradise While here two lovers lie alone. Hi everyone...its tues and I have my internet ON. Im so thrilled to be back. I have missed everyone. Look for me tonight. kisses Hello everyone, Forgive me for not being online much. I have been in the process of moving and finally got into my apartment. The bad thing about all this i
Its Not Easy Being Cheeseeee
Puberty heck this site out
Thirty Facts/secrets About You!
Thirty Unknow Facts/secrets About you! Thirty Unknown Facts/Secrets About You Answer Truthfully..... 1. When was the last time you shaved your head? Been a few years now (see the dreads in my pics???) 2. What were you doing this morning at 8? still sleeping 3. What were you doing 15 minutes ago? posting the blog b4 this one 4. What are you wearing right now? T-shirt, jean, shoes 5. Are you mad at anyone right now? no 6. The last 2 people to say they loved you? can't remember who they were 7. Last person YOU kissed? No comment 8. Who was your first "in love"? dont remember 9. Last thing received in the mail? Some statement from Merril Lynch( prob about my 401K) 10. Do you have any famous relatives? maybe (depends on where you are from though) 11. Have you ever had sex in a public place? no 12. Have you ever been searched by the cops? Ok. now this is a loaded question, im black ya'll 13. How is your hair? see question 1 14. How man
Army Days
Calling All Angels
Thoughts And Stuff
The other day when I met, for the first time IRL, one of my friends at a park all I could think about, at the time, was sex. Thoughts about going down on them and of how they might taste; thoughts of how special and wonderful it would be to know the person in a biblical sense; thinking of what would happen if i didn't please the person sexually; etc... Well anyways, when providing feedback about our meeting they mentioned that talking about sex with a person who you've just met is a really big turn off and I made the comment like, "Well, I guess you knew where my mind was..." or something to that effect. They might already know this, but just in case, I want the person to know that I'm not some sex-crazed lunatic and sex is not all that I think about...most of the time...It just seems like ever since I got my first taste of it about 3 weeks ago, that's all that I've thought about and I really wish I would stop, and Hopefully I will stop, but for the time being, to just bare with me.
Kim's Non-sense!
How Daring Are You?Congratulations, according to our experts, you scored : 67% which makes you Very DaringYou would make a good contestant on Fear Factor and we bet you are the life of the party. You better make sure you have your heath insurance paid up though.Find out how daring you are at How Will I Die QuizYou will die at the age of 110You will die in a freak accident involving Ryan SeacrestFind out how you will die at Congratulations, according to our experts, you are : 80% CleanTake the How Clean Are You Quiz at
Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile. Having nice sex burns 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her clothes with her consent.........................12 cal without......................187 cal Take off her Bra With two hands..........................8 cal With one hand.........................12 cal With mouth.............................85 cal Put on Protection hard .......................... 6 cal soft..........................315 cal Foreplay Looking for target...................8 cal Finding G spot ......................92 cal I don't F***ing care.....................0 cal Entry Holding her..................12 cal On the floor.................8 cal With Different
so I hate drinking but i think this site pretty kool lawl so i hope to hear from people out there and hear some hilarious drinking stories lmao
Fuckin Women!!!
Why r women so messed up? I know not all of u r, but man, why is it that you try to do good things and be nice to someone, some messed up chica has to go switch everything around and make it seem bad? I'm just so sick of all u crazy chics it makes me wanna puke!!! I know, I know, us men are just as fucked up, and we're assholes and all that, I just wish we could finally understand the opposite sex and just be happy for a change!!!! DVS1
Pure Romance Specials!!
Ladies..............Pure Romance just came out with NEW products starting Monday, August 13th! I just have to say these items are bigger and badder than ever. I am SO excited...I can only say.. OH MY GOD!!! Want to hear more?...... Book a party now and get 40% off ANY item.* You will get 40% off any item, 10% of your retail sales in FREE product..PLUS the more orders you get the more FREE gifts I give you!! It doesnt cost you a dime to have me come into your home and turn it into the best love Boutique You will ever Know. I am here to help put that "magic" back into your relationship. So get your gal pals together and lets Put The O' In Your Romance. Call me any time! Jennifer Strickland - 734-250-0033 *your retail sales must be at least $200.00 to receive this offer. ** this offer is good for 6 weeks. You must book and hold your party by September 30th....hurry why dates are still open... ONLY Five more
Need To Find Out The Truth!!
I just need to find some personal shit out...What do you all think of my body...I have more..."personal pics" but you will have to ask me for troughs...Tell me what you think.THANKS!...I know it's messed up.
Bomb My Contest. Please
STS-118 Endeavour lands on runway 15 at KSC Florida 12:32 p.m. EST. Tuesday, August 21st, 2007 To enlarge video, right click/zoom/200%
Growling, roaring upon his mate His mighty sound what a mental state To see him upon his victory snare Wildly taking leaving nothing to spare For it is the call of the wild Not for the squeamish or the mild Dashing his role as he does what he does Mating and sleeping and watching his love Upon her he stands, biting her neck Driving her crazy but what the heck She's the hunter, the mother, the strongest of the group Taking what is and making it all work Brings home the food and takes care of her young She the one that gets him undone His lioness she is, the best of the pride She is sleek but strong This was fun....I think I was a cat in another life...hehe
Ninjitsu Things
In the past year I have dated: ~A British heavy metal musician, who was 7 years younger than I. Ironically, he was the youngest I dated, and the most mature. Go figure INS would fuck it up. ~A motocross racer and parts manager for a local shop, older by 4 years. He just didn't have time for a full time girl, but didn't bother to communicate that to me. ~A parts puller, younger by 3 years, who didn't understand that "No, I don't want to have sex" actually means "No, I don't want to have sex." The entire second half of the date was spent with him asking me every 5 minutes (no exaggerating) "When we going to go make out?" I left early. ~A nuclear power inspector, older by 6 years, who was so insecure and tightfisted with money that I had enough. Fights were awful, and over how I spent my own money, how I coparented my daughter, how I lived in my own home...etc. Bounced. ~An IT hipster, 3 years younger. He's just too flaky for me, failing to answer his phone and canc
AQUARIUS - The Slut (1/20-2/18) Great talker. Attractive and passionate. Laid back. Knows how to Have fun. Is really good at almost anything. Great kisser. Unpredictable. Outgoing. Down to earth. Random . Shy . Addictive. Attractive. Quiet . Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Not one to mess with. Rare to find. Good when found. 7 years of bad luck if you do not repost. PISCES - The sexpot (2/19-3/20) EXTREMELY sexy. Intelligent. Loves to joke. Very Good sense of humor. Energetic. Predict future. GREAT kisser. Always get what they want. Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in long relationship. Talkative. Romantic. Caring. 4 years of bad luck if you do not repost. ARIES- The Irresistible One (3/21-4/19) Nice. Is one of a kind. Great listeners. Very Good in bed. Lover not a fighter, but will still knock you out. Trustworthy. Always happy. Loud. Talkative. Outgoing. VERY FORGIVING. Loves to make out. Has a beautiful smile. Generous. Strong. THE MOST IRRESISTIBLE. 9 y
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at Nothing quite like going to the coast and cruising up and down it. Saturday my buddy Stu and I went up Old La Honda road and made our way to the Pacific. The weather was amazing for driving in my jeep with the top off. The ocean was tropical blue for a change. We headed south to Santa Cruz and made our way to Capitola. We must have had a good time at Margaritaville, the parking ticket said it all. It must have been 80 degrees with an amazing breeze. There were quite a few people out and about. A couple of bachelorette parties. Cute drunk chicks can be so fun! Made our way back over the hill and home safe and sane after a dumb and dangerous day.
Hazel Eyes
This is a poem i wrote for a friend that i lost: Near to the door he paused to stand as he took his class ring off her hand all who were watching did not speak *as a silent tear* ran down his cheek and through his mind the memories ran of the moments they walked and ran in the sand hand and hand but now her eyes were so terrible cold for he would never again have her to hold they watched in silence as he bent near and whispered the words.. "I LOVE YOU" in her ear he touched her face and started to cry as he put on his ring and wanted to die and just then the wind began to blow as they lowered her casket into the snow.... this is what happens to man alive..... when friends let friends.... drink and drive.
sorry i haven't been on much guys i got new job and have been workin my ass off lately.hit me up and i'll get back to ya. miss ya guys.
Looky What I Done Gone And Did!!!
maryjane......... ana krysi passion tuff....... p3nis flytrap kristan.......... sexy blond goddess nichole
Alright so i'm really not sure how this all works. My boyfriend's sister wanted me to make one, so i did. . haha. I'm watching sex and the city and bored out of my mind. Jason leaves in like ten days today it hit me but i'm not gonna worry about it cause i love him and its ten days away. My back hurts like a mother it's crazy. I hope this weekend goes good and i start feeling better. Well i should work on this some more, you'll be hearing from me soon. Peace
The Pastors Ass..
The pastor entered his donkey in a race and it won. The pastor was so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the race again, and it won again. The local paper read: PASTOR'S ASS OUT FRONT The Bishop was so upset with this kind of publicity that he ordered the pastor not to enter the donkey in another race. The next day, the local paper headline read: BISHOP SCRATCHES PASTOR'S ASS. This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered the pastor to get rid of the donkey. The pastor decided to give it to a nun in a nearby convent. The local paper, hearing of the news, posted the following headline the next day: NUN HAS BEST ASS IN TOWN. The bishop fainted. He informed the nun that she would have to get rid of the donkey, so she sold it to a farmer for $10. The next day the paper read: NUN SELLS ASS FOR $10 This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered the nun to buy back the donkey and lead it to the plains where it could run wild. The next day the headlines
After The Vows
Lmfao . Why Me
My Shoutbox Fila: omfg wow thats hot the way u just talked 2 me plzzz i'll b ur bitch ->Fila: o fer fuks sake , piss off 18 u tit . ur babyfood Fila: wana have cyber sex lmfao fer fuks sake . im sitting here quietly rating stash and i get pillocks like this and babyfood at that !
And Now The Aftermath
Have A Nice Day!
Have a nice day! Current mood: Fucking wonderful! The world keeps turning! You might as well smile. NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT ANYWAY!!!Hope all is well in your world,the sun is shining brightly in mine! :p Lots O'luv,Lil'Bear
Aedh Pleads With The Elemental Powers
Aedh pleads with the Elemental Powers The Powers whose name and shape no living creature knows Have pulled the Immortal Rose; And though the Seven Lights bowed in their dance and wept, The Polar Dragon slept, His heavy rings uncoiled from glimmering deep to deep: When will he wake from sleep? Great Powers of falling wave and wind and windy fire, With your harmonious choir Encircle her I love and sing her into peace, That my old care may cease; Unfold your flaming wings and cover out of sight The nets of day and night. Dim Powers of drowsy thought, let her no longer be Like the pale cup of the sea, When winds have gathered and sun and moon burned dim Above its cloudy rim; But let a gentle silence wrought with music flow Whither her footsteps go.
Freedom as One The dragons life and soul Are turning into mine The dragons mind and wisdom Are coming forth as one The dragons strength and virtue Are also there for me For the dragon and myself Are both becoming free Evidence Dragon in computer games. Places bearing dragon names. Dragon used as skin tattoo. Ship to carry Viking crew. Sleeping now, but when it wakes, starts up storms and makes earthquakes. Dragon drawn on early maps. Gardens where the dragon snaps. Ponds controlled by dragonflies. Dragon donning human guise. Serpent circling the globe. Dragon on a Chinese robe. Dragon flown as paper kite. Effigy in tribal rite. Dragon as a kids' cartoon. Origin of word 'dragoon'. Dragon that the hero slew. Biggest thing that ever flew. Dragon landing on your roof. You still saying: 'Bring me proof!'
Beauty Of The Moon
High above the World In the clear star lite sky I silently watch as I sore high Those that look up to the Heavens Upon this night each month I am welcomed unto you For I give you my All My ever full light of my shine On this Beautiful Night I smile down upon the world As I am praised for my glow and beauty As I shine my fullest for all to see I bathe in this praise For this is the only night Of each new month I do As I smile and glow upon the world Bathe in my Beauty As I lay high above you In the clear star lite sky For I am the Full Moon.
Sicker Then I Thought
so, tuesday I left work early cause I was not feeling very good. Wednsday I called out cause I was still feeling ill. Thursday morning I woke up with an awful pain in my ribs on the right side. I had been getting this pain pretty often if I eat spicy or fatty foods the night before and it goes away with in an hour or so. This time...5 hours later I finally decided "Okay, Chris...Take me to the ER" Not even 30 mins of being at the hospital they were talking about taking my galbladder out. I went in for an ultrasound and sure enough I had 2 stones. one was lodged in one of the ducts connecting to my pancreaus. So, They moved me into a room and pumped me full of anti-biotics and I had surgury on friday. they let me come home on Saturday. normally you can be released the same day as surgury but my white blood count was still elevated and I was running a temp. besides that, they were worried about bleeding and had a drainiage tube out my side. So, Saturday they released me home
Excuse me! I joined a whole 10 mins ago. I have never even heard of this site and I am right away being hit with stuff that is completely unknown to me. No disrespect intended.
The Entirely True Adventures Of My Entirely Fictional Life
This *is* a bar, after all. And looking around, it looks like the chances of finding girls who are into girls only are slim. Just like a real bar... All I want is a bit of exhibitionism with a decidedly lesbian slant. Is that so much to ask? Though I suppose it really shouldn't matter. Im not looking for love- I'm looking to look. Show me something. It's Tuesday, and in honor of it, I sent all of my Fubar friends a shot of tequila. Tuesday is my favorite, so today a bit of liquid love goes out to everyone. If you are my real life friends- I will likely see most of you tonight (let the REAL drinking begin). For everyone else- enjoy today, and think of me :) *** And I would like to repeat, for the record- I'm not looking for boys. I have no interest in boys. But thank you one and all for the flattery, and continued attempts. You make me smile. :) (And to one boy in particular- yes, I could snap your neck between my thighs. Good thing you won't be
T-shirts & Dvd's Available @ Shows
T-Shirts and DVD's are available at the shows. T-Shirts feature the Whiskey Creek logo on the front and "Country the way it should be! Rock the way it's gotta be! on the back. T-Shirts sell for $15 and are available in all sizes. DVD's featuring 11 songs performed live at Portsmouth Moose, Raging Bull and Walker Branch VFW are selling for $8. DVD's are taken from the live performances and are unproduced and raw, giving you the feeling of a live show. These items are only available at the shows. We hope you enjoy these items as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.
It is always smart to talk about sex with your partner....... It is always smart to talk about sex with your partner
The Room...please Read
17-year-old Brian Moore had only a short time to write something for a class. The subject was what Heaven was like. "I wowed 'em," he later told his father, Bruce. "It's a killer. It's the bomb. It's the best thing I ever wrote." It also was the last. Brian's parents had forgotten about the essay when a cousin found it while cleaning out the teenager's locker at Teary Valley High School . Brian had been dead only hours, but his parents desperately wanted every piece of his life near them-notes from classmates and teachers, his homework. Only two months before, he had handwritten the essay about encountering Jesus in a file room full of cards detailing every moment of the teen's life. But it was only after Brian's death that Beth and Bruce Moore realized that their son had described his view of heaven. "It makes such an impact that people want to share it. You feel like you are there." Mr. Moore said. Brian Moore died May 27, 1997, the day after Memorial Day. He was drivi
Give Me Your All
I began to give up on me when i took a look at reality I said 'what am i still trying for? Lord, you don't need me anymore.' There must have been something that I have done to make you choose another one I said 'Why am I still in this race? Oh Lord, i'm loosing my place.' And then you told me 'I still need you. I still Love you. Nobody else can do what I want you to do That's why I created you!' Emotions whirling around the mind some so deep i can't help but cry Some are erotic & make me hott before i get started i need to stop I feed on what others feel you bleed your emotions - i don't steal Whatever you pass, i gladly take for you see, that's what i crave Let it go ~ let it all out GIVE ME ALL, i want to shout More, more, i need it all fill me up & let me fall
Born With A Tail
Born With A Tail Lyrics (Supersuckers) I'd rather choose my soul to lose than leave around one confusing loose desire Don't know if I'll ever learn Can't wait till I get my turn to burn in the infernal hellfire I'm waiting for my last ride while the bugle of my backside blows a blues in 'B' Hope I don't run out of gas Bet my sacrilicious ass ain't nothing down there that scares me Oh, yeah, and you know I'm in league with Satan and you know there can be no debating my hell-bound trail I was born with a tail I'm evil, yeah, and I run free There's molten leather in me so lets get the hell Got the goods, brother, bring it on My mother done brought me up wrong And you can use my dick for a walking stick as well Oh, yeah, and you know I'm in league with Satan and you know, there can be no debating my hell-bound trail I was born with a tail I'm on a hell-bound trail Born with a tail Alright It's time to fly the finger, yeah that middle finger brings yo
Boyfriend Application
Ladies Title it "BOYFRIEND Application" Guys Title it "GIRLFRIEND Application" copy and paste this to a message and fill it out and send it to me 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5.Phone Number: 6. Location: 7. Height: 8.Hair (color and style): 9.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked crap about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would u take a nap with me? 16.Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 1
How About This
My Pics
So I know I have to put some pics on my profile. Question is what would you like to see? Do you like face shots, body shots or private parts? Tell me what you like and I'll put it on here. once I figure out how :)
The darkness of her ways brings no hope as I lay, Even though I've been betrayed I shall love again and face the day. " the heart of a champion " "The rose that grew from concrete" Current mood: accomplished Category: Writing and Poetry I was so talented, where am I at now? Bad things happen to good people, the devil takes his bow. My family has been torn to pieces, this puzzle to scattered to frame, I was put in the middle of the struggle, Lord, can I get a refund from this game? Knowledge is so precious, if you listen.... and know it to be true, this knowledge may cost you dearly, at times not seeing the sky so blue. Troubled questions left unanswered, you build up hatrid wondering why, self destruction is oh so dangerous, I would never let them see me cry. My childhood was stolen from the reeper pouring rain.... drops of sin, at times I feel weak and helpless, I feel the devil, so I build fire off of his grin. I do not fear death, or w
~*~ Our Sensual Desires~*~
~*~ Our sensual desires~*~ Are you looking for a fun, adult,no drama group? A place where you can get diff variety of porn,as well as jokes,games, music,fun and flirty conversations. ODS is just that. We ask that you make at least two sends,Of anything your sensual little self desires. If you have any questions... If you would like to join...
This Is Me, Not You
just because im different doesnt mean i changed why are looks so important to you? now that you stare at me strang do i scare you? do i make you cring? with all the fire and pitchforks out you hunt me like a witch do you have less respect? do you want me to beg ? for your smile and approval and give you my arm and leg do i frighten your family? even the elder or two or do i make you jealous? because you could never be you dont harrasse me for my hair or my shoes or cloths because that only makes you look stupid and letting everyone know you cant live outside cant except people for them always worried about a facade and the square box you live in you dont have to accept it ... what is, me and my style but i dont give a fuck while giving you the finger with a smile
My Version On Christmas
To whomever enters this blog>>> Right now my take on Christmas sucks it is a Bad time of the year i wish it would Hurry up and go away.
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Holiday Poems
Charity Begins Where Interest Ends Charity begins where interest ends, Having little interest but in giving, Removing self from self, that there be space In which a much-loved guest might feel at home. So might one find delight, though ravens rend The un-embroidered fabric of one's being: Miracle of unrequited grace, A wave of wonder welling up from stone, Singing as it breaks of selfless grieving. Simple Pleasures Rest on Complex Piers Simple pleasures rest on complex piers Engineered to stand against the wind, A latticework of love that lasts the years, Steel lace on which we ply our passions blind. On certain days, however, we recall Necessary links to worlds below, Seasons of remembrance that with small Gifts of grace rekindle what we know. Revel, then, within, and celebrate Each tangled thread that binds you to your life, Embracing the regrets that are your fate, Traveling again the roads to light. In such sweet seasons love, however wrought, Neith
Older Is Best
Is it wrong to love and care fore a Older lady? Ladies that are older give the best sex and loving..
Plz Help Out Ms Maine
Ummm Question....
WTF is wrong with the lot of you skanks on here... it's funny how you have to hit on a married man and be a fucking home wrecker... most of you fucking whores need to get your asses beat the fuck down... actually if you want to get technical you all should crawl under a mother fucking rock and kill yourselves... I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this is a battle that you will never win... when it comes to a man and his child you will never win that battle and next time you should probably listen to me when i tell you that because if you don't you are fucking stupid... your ass got owned lol... it will always get owned... you are a fucktard for thinking that you could win over a married man... and what's even funnier is the fact that most of you fucking bitches are OLD, WRINKLY, SAGGY, meth addicts, fat, or just plain ass mother fucking FUGLY... so pull a clue out of the fucking sky and get a life... kthnx
Merry Christmas
and happy new year.
Does Love Really Exist
Boobs Contest
Happy New Year 2008
Another year has passed and we're all a little older. Last summer felt hotter and winter seems much colder. I rack my brain for happy thoughts, to put down on my pad, But lots of things that come to mind that make me kind of sad. There was a time not long ago when life was quite a blast. Now I fully understand about "Living in the Past" We used to go to weddings, football games and lunches. Now we go to funeral homes, and after-funeral brunches. We used to have hangovers, from parties that were gay. Now we suffer body aches and while the night away. We used to go out dining, and couldn't get our fill. Now we ask for doggie bags, come home and take a pill. We used to often travel to places near and far. Now we get sore a**es from riding in the car. We used to go out shopping for new clothing at the Mall But, now we never bother... all the sizes are too small. We used to go to nightclubs and drink a little booze. Now we stay at home at night
The Kiss
I love the kiss of your mouth your lips pressed against mine driving me wild... in public or private makes no difference to me it is the connection that counts between us the mutual absorption and exchange of pheromones that tells me all I need to know that our hearts function together as one pulsating and beating with a shared excitement sometimes bleeding with the sorrows of life that only you and I can relate to but I must tell you that your kiss makes it all worthwhile for me
It was another busy day at work. We were short staffed like we have been for the past month. I was helping out,, by doing my job as a secretary plus helping the nurses with the patients. You called out of your room..and I can't make out what your saying. So, I go in, to find that you knocked your ice water all over the floor. You appoligize for the mess..and I said, its ok..let me get it cleaned up. I find a towel...and bend over in my skirt to clean it up. Not realizing what kind of view I am giving. I went to work without underwear. You can see through my skirt. Next thing I know, I hear you breathe in deeply..and feel your hands on my hips. You slide one hand under..and run the tip of your finger up and down my clit. I moan and say, we really shouldn't be doing this.. its really busy and they will be wondering where I am at. You whisper in my ear.. its ok,, I will make it quick. Next thing I put your hard shaft inside me. I let out a moan. You grab my chest
Was a slow night at work. We only had 8 patients. There was me.. a PCA,, and 2 nurses on. I was just coming out from my supper.. at 10pm..when all of a sudden I hear the operator announce.. code brown! Most hospital staff consider that a poopy situation but its a code for a missing patient. The nurses couldn't leave the floor so the PCA went to go look. I just got to my desk and sat down..when the phone rang. As I picked up the phone..all of a sudden I felt somthing slide up my skirt. It was a hand! It was the missing patient. He was in his 40s. I tried to talk to the person on the phone..while this guy kept feeling me. What was I to do? The 2 nurses were in patients rooms..and I was at the desk alone. All of a sudden, i felt his tounge on my clit. Damn, this was a sticky situation, in more ways then one. The person on the phone was a patient who just left today,, with 50,000 questions. What was I to do? Hang up rudely...and run like hell..or be professional..and ignor
My Mom Passing
***A MAN'S GUIDE TO SURVIVING VALENTINE'S DAY* *By Robert Kirby, The Salt Lake Tribune, The following is a basic guide to Valentine's Day survival for men, STEP ONE: The minimum requirement is to let the woman know you care. The least expensive way is to look at her -- preferably somewhere on her face -- and say, "I love you, [her name here]." If you forget her name, don't bother with the rest of the steps. You're dead. STEP TWO: A Valentine card is an acceptable nonverbal token of appreciation. Best of all, it's cheap. Good Valentines are pink with lots of lace and have cute words such as "I'll love my sugar bunny forever and ever and ever and ... " Bad Valentine cards say, "Good for one free quart of motor oil." STEP THREE: Candy. For some scientific reason that makes no sense, women regard chocolate the same way men view beer. While a handful of M&Ms is OK, women tend to expect something a bit nicer. Wrapped for starters. STEP FOUR: Jewellery. A bi
I Need Some Help
Another drop of blood crashes to the floor. Another breath is forced as you head for the open door. Another scream is released as you continue to endanger yourself, and another book is picked up and put back on the dusty shelf. YOur lies and mine folding into each other. We used to be best friends now barely know one another. My pain and my sorrow caused by your distress, your anger and rebellion draining all i have left. This inevitable destination of a resignation of sanity. And the complete, disattachment from all rationality. We knew it would arrive, I forsaw it at least, but I didn't expect it this bad, leaving both of us beat. Why is it hurting me so much when I barely know the extent, because I do, and i feel it, its where my last year has been spent. Self degredation and bodily mutilation. Everybody is looking away. But I'm holding my stare at the marks which arent there and I know that youre feeling ashamed. Another drop of blood crashes to the floor,
~LONEWOLF~Across the milesyou have brought me smilesAlthough my voice you have not heardYou've listened carefully to my wordsAnd I want you to know, Im glad we metBecause in my heart, deep down you're a treasured friendThanks for you're FriendshipAnd Thanks for being YouStop by and say Hello to this one of a kind man Show him lots of Love. He off all people deserves it Stop by and have him make you a custom skin£ÕÑÊWØ£ƒ™ of The Brotherhood- N.A.P Member- Fu Slave of Goddess of Light@ fubarBrought straight at ya fromFknCrazy*** OWNER OF CLUB NAUGHTY N NICE***~~Happily Fu-0wned by *LONEWOLF*~~@ fubar
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My Poetry
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. Just got out the Navy after 7 years... 2. I love to read. 3. I actually miss snow... 4. I am actually shy...sometimes lol 5. Im a cheese freak.. 6. Im now a bartender. 7. I am terrified of spiders and bees. 8. I have a dog names COCO 9. I swear a lot..... 10. I am a crazy and loyal OHIO STATE fan... TAGGING: B,SPIKE,LuvToSeeU,Florida Marine,The Cherry Picker
Tongue Bath
Miss Hello Kitty
To The Bitches That Thought They Were The Shyt
Ms. Extra! Extra! Is Up For Grabs!!!
Smack In The Face
[ photo: 422493875 ] please click on this link SIGN IN A PHILADELPHIA STORE WINDOW - 'WE WOULD RATHER DO BUSINESS WITH 1000 ALQAEDA TERRORISTS THAN WITH ONE SINGLE AMERICAN SOLDIER!' This sign was prominently displayed in the window of a business in Philadelphia. You are probably outraged at the thought of such an inflammatory statement.& amp; nbsp; However, we are a society which holds Freedom of Speech as perhaps our greatest liberty. And after all, it is just a sign. You may ask what kind of business would dare post such a sign. Answer: A Funeral Home (Who said morticians had no sense of humor?) You gotta love it!!! God Bless AMERICA Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave. And impossible to forget! Share this with all your unforgettable friends today.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Me Spilling Out In Words
Darkness.. the opening of the seam, it filters through like a fish cutting through the ripples of a rough stream. The wound, you made it so deep, leaks this life from me. I’ve been standing in this same place all my life. Agony, death, the innocence of my childhood ripped from this… open seam. What was there ever to live for? Every corner was another black angle hiding some destruction. Every person another creature waiting to rip me to shreads. I stopped myself from letting them near but they came, pounding me till I was gasping for air. Laying in the depths of darkness waiting for someone to save me, and you never came. Curled up, matted with inferiority… begging you to see me. There’s a glimmer, over there. I knew you’d save me. But my hopes seem to be madness. Never was you, never salvation. Only this cold darkness I’m destined to dwell in. They will win, succeed in tearing me down. All the while you’re being built up. You live in the light surrounded by those you love. You say
Looking for a place to hang and relax... Come check us out! Come in and have a drink Listen to the tunes... Exotic Retreat is the place to be... So come hang out with us... Lay on the beach... Be served by the sexiest beach babes around So click the pic above for your free ride to paradise! You wont regret it! (repost of original by 'MakeMePurrr *K.O.P.E.*DJ @ CWP.' on '2008-04-11 12:22:50') Yo this one here goes out to all my playas out there ya kno got to have one good girl whose always been there like ya Kno took all the bullshit then one day she cant take it no more and decides to leave I woke up in the middle of the night and I noticed my girl wasn't by my side, coulda sworn I was dreamin, for her I was Feenin, so I hadda take a little ride, back tracking ova these few years, tryna figure out wat I do to make it go bad, cuz Ever since my girl left me, my whole left life came crashin Cant belive I hadda girl like you and I just let you walk righ
Help Level Please
SHE NEEDS 7200 YET TO LEVEL 22 Connie ~BrokenAngel~@ fubar
Sexual Poshions
Smilingfirefly's Finds
This is an article in the latest Men's Health Magazine which I found interesting and wanted to share. Works for women too! The Stressor: You've seen your friends' marriages, and worry that you'll end up with the wrong person. Beat that stress: Ask yourself a few essential questions. Are you attracted to her? Do you play well together? Is she unselfish? Does she treat people well and talk positively about past relationships? Does she recognize her family's shortcomings and take corrective steps? Is she respectful of you? Does she share the soap in the shower? If you have a string of positive answers, you have a fun, responsible, thoughtful person at your side, says John Van Epp, Ph.D., a clinical counselor based in Medina, Ohio, and the author of How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk. That probably qualifies her as a keeper. The Stress
Far Away Love...
Far Away Love... I met this dear person, in a very unusual way, While introducing myself on the computer, one day. We said "hello how are you", and I gave him my name, We didn't get to familiar, 'cause I thought this might be a game. Then weeks progressed on, and we became close friends, Then all of a sudden, my feelings started to descend. I got scared cause I felt something that I couldn't explain, And my feelings towards him, dealt with love and some pain. All of a sudden he avoided me, not bothering to say much, Then one day came a message, saying "hi, it's me, keep in touch". I started to have more feelings, for a person I didn't know, Then days turned into weeks, and I let my feelings grow. Although apart by distance, but never in heart, Although not together, we're never apart. I believe there is something written about our love, It's written in the sun, the moon, and the stars above. Destined to be, I pray thats what we are, Even when it hurts, cau
Rush - 2112 Part #2 - Marty Live On Drums'!
Illusive Thoughts
So many images pass through my mind Whenever I speak your name; Without you in my life This world has never been the same. Remembering those lazy days When I was just a child; When my life was consumed in you In your love, and in your smile. Remembering all those times When I looked up to you; How no matter what happened in my life You could make my gray skies blue. Daddy, some days I hear your voice I turn to see your face; Yet in my turning... the sound has been erased. Daddy, who do I turn to for answers? When life doesn’t make any sense; Who will be there to hold me close? When the pieces just don't fit. Oh, Daddy, if I could turn back the hands of time if once more you could hear my voice; I would tell you out of all the dads You were the very best choice. Always know how much I love you And no one can take your place; Years may come and years may go But your memory will never be erased. Tonight, Dear Jesus, as you listen From the Heaven
My Poetry
Final Inspection The Policeman stood and faced his God, Which must always come to pass. He hoped his shoes were shining. Just as brightly as his brass. "Step forward now, policeman. How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? To My church have you been true?" The policeman squared his shoulders and said, "No, Lord, I guess I ain't, Because those of us who carry badges can't always be a saint. I've had to work most Sundays, and at times my talk was rough, and sometimes I've been violent, because the streets are awfully tough. But I never took a penny that wasn't mine to keep...Though I worked a lot of overtime, when the bills got too steep. And I never passed a cry for help, though at times I shook with fear. And sometimes, God forgive me, I've wept unmanly tears. I know I don't deverve a place among the people here. They never wanted me around, except to calm their fear. If you've a place for me here, Lord, it needn't be so grand. I never expected or had
Useful Information 4 Fubar
Internet Drama Never Ends
Just a little heads up for all my fu-friends... I got double whammy'd today by I "think" 2 different women Apparently some women feel my friends that laugh, joke, flirt & tease with me on our page comments & in the MuMMs should be warned about me Word on the fu-street is I'm a "Playah" Where I come from a "Playah" is someone who secretly/discreetly/carefully fucks around with numerous people as if they are the ONLY ones they are fucking with I laugh, joke, flirt & tease out in the OPEN where EVERYONE can see on photo comments, page comments & in the MuMMs (like MOST do) I KNOW damn well when men flirt & tease with me I'm NOT the only woman they are doing it with...I may have been born at night but it wasn't last night I'm trying to keep this as short & to the point as possible sooo... don't say I didn't warn ya's If some of ur fu-g/f's see you & I tossing comments back & forth you may be the next target for something like this... For the Inquiring is $9.95
hubby just called this radio station..was 9th caller..and won 2 tickets to see poison in July! How lucky is that?
Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
I have been texting Kitty and this is what she said is goin on with her: Its an angioplasty they insert a balloon into your arteries to try and reopen them if that dont work then i will have to have bypass surgery so pray please Tell them all i love them and miss them and cant wait to be back So lets all pray for Diva Kitty Kat she will be having this done on Monday. She is very scared, if you wanna send her a message leave it here and I will text it to her for you. Peace and love MsMaine KITTY KAT {{ CONTRACTER FOR THE GODFATHER OF THE DIVA'S }} AKA DYLON'S KITTY~~@ fubar
Alarm For People; Very Important
Just Something Cute I Found
I love my BOOBS!!! What's it like to have boobs alot of men would like to know...... I will be upfront about it. It. Is. FANTASTIC. It's everything you have ever dreamed. Everything you could possibly ask for. Everything you could ever hope it might be. 24/7, I have my very own maguffies. I do not need to think about what it would be like to squeeze a pair of boobies--I squeeze my own. I don't need to jiggle anyone else's melons--I jiggle my own. Strapped to my chest are my very own pair of lovable, squishable, soft breasts. They are the delight of my day and the dream of my night. It is not a sexual thing. I don't get off on playing with my boobs, and the naked female form is so familiar to me it is not an erotic thing in of itself (I don't "stare at myself"). Boobs are just FUN. It's like a stress ball that's always with you, a dangling slinky attached to your body. It is a constant source of beautiful, bouncy amusement. I don't know how you guys ge
You Know You Black When You..... ?
love friend chicken (with hot sauce) and kool-aid ("the red kind") -made a hamburger wit wonderbread -shared bath water with a sibling or cousin -got ya ass beat with an extension cord, flyswatter, shoe, or whatever was laying around at the time -reuse mayonaise and jelly jars as cups -heat up the house with the oven -use two pieces of paper as a dustpan -use dish soap as hand soap -got reusable bacon or chicken grease sitting in a Folgers jar on the kitchen counter -over the age of 20 and still can't swim -the batteries in your remote are held together by duct tape -bring your own food to the movies -you loud for no apparant reason -you use vaseline as lotion, hair grease, and lip gloss - eat a botetos with a piece of white bread - always got the hook up on shit - at one time or another... ur wire hanger provided u wit about 5 channels -if u only go 2 masjed on easter friday or evreyday -if tha only thing u can find in tha kitchen iz noodles kuz u hav
Just A Biker
I saw you hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant when you saw my bike parked out front. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But you didn't see me riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our leather jackets and gloves. But you didn't see me and my brothers don
My Auction Is Over...older Brett's Is Just Beginning!!
OKAY LADIES!!! My auction has ended!! I am now owned by hottieangel!! she rocks!!! Now if u got to my page u might have seen another brett there....from arizona as well!! go figure 2 bretts fubar..arizona... This is Brett's 1st auction so you could be his 1st owner. Looking for a 3 month VIP to do EVERYTHING listed in pic and on caption below on auction page. Thx for looking and/or bidding ... Wish me luck CLICK PICTURE TO GO TO THE ACTUAL AUCTION
Me You And A Mtn Dew
OOOO yet another blog to fill with entertaining, interesting stuff that I like. I have a load of blogs now so I will just go threw and make a list and stick it here. It will show all my different sides
Sexy Ass Contest
Your Name!
HowManyOfMe.comThere are 97 people with my name in the U.S.A.How many have your name?
Starting Fubar
hello all im new on fubar. just getting the hang of things. me and my wife decided to get on here and check it out. Hope to enjoy all the features and all the new peeps we gonna be talking too. well hope to meet you all soon and get the hang of things. Jason
To My Copperheads Family
Lost For Words..
Good Afternoon all.. I want too thank each and every one of you for all the love you showed too me yesterday. Some of you was on my page all day long and rating your hearts out. To every leveler,friend, new friend that showed me love during my Happy Hour im greatful for all your help too try too get me closer to leveling. A thank you isnt good enough for me. I wish i could personally thank you all face too face for all you do for me. Im a very emotional person and I told some friends last night I think if I do another Happy Hour I need too go away from the computer while its going on. I have so many wonderful friends on here and too each and everyone of you ill always be here for you as you have been for me.. Thank you all for your continued support in helping me along the way and helping many others. There is never enough thank yous too be said. Much love and respect too all. On a side note too levelers I was so busy trying too return mail I forgot too post a
Credit Cards!
Want Some Loyalty
I know when looking for a bombing family, you look towards one with family loyalty.With the family I'm going to start,there will be loyalty,as well as respect from your brothers/sisters..Most important, support when you need it! It won't be like anything you've seen, on this site or any other.. What I'm proposing to do is accept members on a bike club rule system. You must prove your loyalty to become a member of this family.However you will not be asked to do more then show your willingness to bomb/level as needed, and prove that you can be a trusted and loyal member of this family..As such a probationary period(prospecting)will be necessary. Club patchs will be given out as loyalty to the family as shown..Any questions speak to a club officer..President, Vice President, Sgt.@Arms& Security, or Secretary..This is proving to be one of the greatest family's on Fu,Join us now! If you have what it takes you'll have an full patch like this one! ¶PÃIЙT€Я™ Pre
For All That I Am
So for those who don't know me.. I am in college right now, a criminal justice student. Working towards that criminal profiling and forensics profiler degree. Have only one more semester left. I have a full time job.. and I love things in my life right now. I have thing on lock right now... College Work Family Friends.. and life couldn't be better. Love .. it will come.. I am enjoyin going out clubbing, dancing with whoever the ef i want.. so, upset that im single? nah! not at all... I have all the time in the world to find the man of my dreams. Lol been asked have i met him yet.. possibly... I don't know, time will tell all. Im not your ordinary chick either. I know im cute.. and i know I got what i need... Im your southern bell, sweetheart and I have an attitude i know how to protect me.. my friend always says.. do you... thats the best you can do.. just do you.. and I am sure as heck doing me... doing me big! .. yay me!!! ♥ Chrissy I'm sorry, made you feel sorry Last
Such An Idiot
Teddy Bear
Journey The dusty road winds on Heat raises waves of distortion -I crave clarity and rest. Summer Azure skies reflection Your reflection in my eyes My heart beats for you A Tear Swelling salty warmth Forming swells heart linked pains seed Falls and falls endlessly
I'm Looking For Good Inexpensive Fun, I Think I Found The Place.
I've always liked playing in many different ways, now I found a good place............. Shoot, we can all buy different items, get together and have fun with each other,,, what do you think?
Oh I Luv U
Goood Stuff
had a pretty sweet saturday.. thought i would share with everyone... becasue well im bored and honestly have nothing better to do.. soo i get up and get dressed all the fun stuff... i was suspsoed to go to a pool party that night.... get ont he phone with my friend who says lets dooo soemthing... went out with her to Dairy Queen and gots some icecream... where i bumped into my boyfriends twin brother and both his parents... chatted with them for a while then they left to sit down... so i flirted with the guy at the counter for a while (hey he was cute).. since it was a gorgeous!! day we decided to go for a walk down at the lakeshore.. walked and talked there was a BBQ thing going on.... so we walked the beach looking at umm... waterr hahaha yeah thats it.... then listened to some music fromt he stage... had a drink... got in the car... called tow other friends.... busy.. hmm so called another two friends.. one in which was laving on sunday for a trip.... so the four of us went back
Come by and show some love. I am an old Cherry Tap member who stops in here and there so I was almost godfather a while back, before I deleted my acount lol. Show a girl some love ;)
The Coupling Of Passion And Erotic Lusts
The Coupling Of Passion And Erotic Lusts A touch of skin soft and slippery, With the hint of hint of sweat. We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets, As the wind flowed from the window above us. Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance, To abandon all of our uncertainties. You began your work on my lips, Probing gently as if drawing sex, From a deep well of longing and need. Then heated tongues met in the midst, Of hot and quickening breath. And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts. Then intoxicated with those spirits, Our clothes found resting place on the floor. Piece by piece, Until there were no hiding places, For the two glistening and wanting bodies. Hunger revealed in this hot moment. Then skin meshed with skin, As the floor became the stage. You moved atop of me easily, And lowered yourself gently. Kissing me as I was filled with you. As a gasp broke the kiss, Your hands stroked the stray strands, Away from my forehead, then became ent
The Flight Of The Eagle
Yesterday I was me. Confident, hopeful, trusting in the good the future would bring. I had dreams for tomorrow. My life was full of goals. I cared about the people around me and thought my accomplishments mattered. I thought, “Let me do this nice thing…someday my turn will come.” I thought I had made the right choices and done the right things. Today broke me. I feel like the “me” is gone. I don’t want to get out of bed tomorrow. The future doesn’t matter anymore. I gave all I had to give, and it was slapped back at me. My “turn” is never coming. The person I was yesterday is forever lost. Today, a bomb full of tiny knives went off inside me. It cut through me and tore me into unrecognizable pieces. I don’t know that I can ever fix it. I don’t think I care enough to bother trying. I am past all pain and too numb to care. Now, I am nothing but an empty void inside. It’s not the end, but my world will never be the same. Oh, I will get up and do all the things
Hd Pete's Pimp Out
Friends With Benifits
What does "Swinger" meen to you? To me it's consenting adults wanting to spice up there relationship. We have been in this lifestyle for many years and when others find out we are "Swingers" I always get the same reaction. "What! How can you do that." We have been together for 19yrs and I think it would take more than "swinging" to come between us. We are always open with each other and honest. I love my hubby more than life and he loves me. So those of you who are to close minded, don't judge me.
Accepting Applications
Rosebud's Place
am i sexy or sweet i don't know must knot be to hot for my boy freind to leve me.
Me In Bits And Pieces
Drowning Let me tell you what I've done for you. I've worked my fingers to the bone, making you a family and a home. But you don't care. Let me tell you what you've done to me. The truth and the lies all blur together now. I don't know what's real and what's not any more. You're always confusing the thoughts in my head so I can't trust even myself anymore. I'm dying inside. Fifty million tears I've cried over you. I'm screaming inside. I've bled for you, and you still won't hear me. You go through life oblivious that I'm more than a slave. I'M YOUR WIFE! You don't understand what you've done to me, or maybe it's that you just don't care. Just when I thought I've reached the bottom you drag me farther under. I'm drowning. I don't want your hand. I don't want this life. I'll save myself. Maybe I'm waking up for once, I will no longer be tormented daily, defeated by you. I'm making my plans, preparing my way out. So go on and scream. SCREAM at me!
Let It Go
There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. LET THEM GO! And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in your story is over so that you don't keep trying to raise the dead. You've got to know when it's dead. You've got to know when it's over. Let me tell you something. I've got the gift of goodbye. It's the tenth spiritual gift, I believe in goodbye. It's not that I'm hateful, it's that I'm fait
What Is A Nice Guy, And Why Do They Get Walked On??
Ok, everyone...let me know what your opinion is of "the nice guy". What is it that make them such a target to be walked on? Is it due to the fact that most of them give too much? So the women see that as a weakness. It just seems like such an interesting dynamic that woman complain that the man they are with is an asshole, but they in "most" cases dont give the good guys a chance! I would love to hear others opinions! So please feel free to comment! One, Big Mike
Party Time In Philly
Help This Young Navy Girl Level!
This is my friend Emily, she told me last night that she hasn't leveled since before she left for boot camp :( FIRECRACKER--HEAD BARTENDER @ REDNECKS BAR@ fubar She's called Firecracker and lemme tell ya thats quite a correct description! now go rate all her stuff before she gets Ninja on ya!!! Lets not let this beautiful and sweet young lady's points wallow alone while she's off defending the USA!!! RATE RATE RATE!!!! FIRECRACKER--HEAD BARTENDER @ REDNECKS BAR@ fubar (repost of original by 'misterfeet' on '2008-10-19 05:41:09') MISTERFEET POSTED THE ORIGINAL BULLETIN... NOW FROM TULSA'S ANGEL: Okay now help this young Navy girl level. FIRECRACKER--HEAD BARTENDER @ REDNECKS BAR During one happy hour I rated all of her profile; all she has is: 179 pictures 12 stash entries 10 blogs Do your part! Blings are nice but rate her stuff and get to know her. Thanks! GET BUSY; DO YOUR PART! THANKS! (repost of original by 'Tulsa's Ang
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Happy Holidays
happy holidays to all my friends on here you can leave me comments messages and stiff like that sorry i could not send you all happy holiday wishes out so i am posting this blog so you all get it from me i hope you all read this
Me And Only Me
Lets see I am a full time cake decorater and baker, I love my job, but may need to find a new one soon, seeing as the company I work for has this point thing going on and I am almost to the limit. oh well, any ways I have a big family and we all get along for the most part, I am married and have 4 kids and an addotted one too. I also have 5 little dogs. I love to make new friends and hang out as well, so if any of you are interested in getting to know me better as a person please feel free and ask me anything, I will answer all questions good or
Fighting For Justice...fighting For A Cause...dying For What?!
Myself as a campaigner for Gurkha`s rights,i am seriously thinking what`s wrong with English people,honestly.What the hell happened to equality and justice?!Is that right that after so many years having the Gurkha warriors fighting on their behalf,they now ignore their rights?!Gurkhas can be foreigners,but THEY DIED for Britain!So,was it not right that they should have the same priviledges as the British soldiers?Why did Gurkhas have to battle so hard to get the recognition they decerved?Why did they have to go thru courts and stuff like that,just to have what they should have had long time ago?They fought,and they won their cause.But they as well,suffered.Gurkhas keep dying in Afghanistan,for a cause which is not well as the british soldiers,they keep dying for a war which is not for them to fight.Is this justice?!No. Let`s respect more Gurkha soldiers as well as the british ones.All of them are in the same sinking boat.They decerve to be honoured and respected. This b
I can feel the subliminal need To be one with the voice And make everything all right But its not right Scattered amongst those within Time It is Time To live with what i am Become what i should be Let the ashes fall From the fire within Stoke the flames Shed the light On what i have become Never meant to be Look into the mirror Gaze upon myself Can the eyes all around See inside Can they tell me Of the hate inside Why do they continue to feed it I dont want to Hate Stop making me Somthing rips from within Everytime i feel it To speak of it Nothing Is left But the pain Tearing When i try to make it right I laugh When i should have cried All around Is not fine One last plea Before I die Can you tell me now Is there somewhere left to go Will there be a place Were I can be at peace Does it exist Or am I Forever stuck in the middle With no place to go Sitting here all alone I begin to wallow No one calls And no one answers I ask a questi
Tryin Sumthin Out.
For Serious Photogs And Models Only
Hello Everyone
hello everyone my name is pelin i am from Turkey my friend told me about this site i sign up then here is a lovely site i think... i want find a friendship here,i want be friends... i feel so alone because...would you like to be my friend?
Valentines Day
Come with me to a place where good people can't go, A place where you can indulge in fantasy. Lose the walls that society has been so kind to enclose us with. On this day of love, let me show you different emotion, Lust. Allow me to pleasure you with sins of the flesh so that we may spend an eternity in hell...............
Hello i have no bling so look at me if you like drop me my first bling
Black Saturday 07/02/09 (in Memory Of All The Lives Lost)
My Feelings
My heart depleats I see within. The you I see is the one I love I wish to hold you in My arms and kiss your lips I dream of you every night and in my dreams we are as one. Two people who's life has been foretold in the stars I wish for love that comes From you to me to have and hold for all time Say you will be mine for all the days, We are as one to feel love that is pure and ture. I will always be with you here on earth and in the heavens I love you so much I'll be the man in your life that you always what and need I love you so much This I promise you I will always be ture to you my sweet angel.
Dating Online
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I Made A Patriotic Video.
My friend FUSSNIK and I recorded a video of a song I wrote and performed. It's on YOUTUBE under GOD BLESS AMERICA USA jimmypharo. PLEASE check it out and tell me and FUSSNIK how you like it. If you do, PLEASE share it with everyone you know. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS AMERICA JIM
Ghostrider At Httv
Please if you could Send any Ideas to help this page Thanks.

Nsfw Folders/private
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Daddy Mayes Aka Austin Mayes
hey sweetie look here i need u 2 caw me @ 832-768-4453,thats my cell phone i told u , ustay 5mins. away from me we can meet @ walmart in crosby so caw me asap.
Radio Storm
For The Military Wives..... Deployment Care Packages...
I have sat here all day trying to figure some things out and I have realized men are such jerks they tell you what you want to hear and then turn around and tell another girl the same thing they just told you. I'm done with my relationship with my boyfriend. He lied to me again and i'm so tired of it. I hate him with a passion right now and i don't think i will ever talk to him again. I wish i would have never met him.
Wishing For A Heart
I wish I could tell myself you never loved me, Wish I could say you never had my heart, But I know that I'd be lying to myself Because it's been yours from the start. I wish I could find those words That could finally make you care. I wish I could snatch them from the sky, As if they're flying way up there. I wish I could warm your bitter heart, The way I used to when we touched, But you'd only fly away again No matter how hard I clutched. Sometimes I wish you were a star, Singing to me from the night sky, Burning bright, for me, it seems, With a deep love we can't deny. I wish that I could put my heart in a box, Safe, with a lock and a hidden key, So I could forget the day I fell in love And forget you fell for me. I wish with a fiery passion from within, One that burns hotter than the sun, That you'd give me back a beating heart, Instead of this tattered, broken one.
All This Sucks
Home Away From Home
For those of you who like to read. Check out "Osceola's Cave" written by a new Author Henri L'Audace.  Can be found on
ok so just to warn every1 that this is not going to make any sense at all. i just need and out let and this is the best i could think of to use.   So here goes, my sister came over this weekend, and don't get me wrong i love my sis to death but she has got some probs that she needs to work out. anyways i go and pic her up from where she is living with this Fing LOSER B/F who really just i want to break his skinny little a** in half. anyway i pick her up and take her to the art institute for her financial aide meeting, she says she has a ride back to my house so i say cool i don't have to leave work to come get you. so she goes to her friends house and she was supposed to be coming over this weekend to spend time with my kids (her niece and nephew) but she goes over there instead, no big deal, but then she calls me and says that she is sick and wants me to take her home the next day, we had plans to go to the festival for the day and she was gonna stay that night too and party with us
Stupid People
Hermann-grima House
Hermann-Grima House   The Hermann-Grima Historical House - Location: 820 St. Louis Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116.     Manifestations: * Pleasant, cordial ghosts, with southern manners live here and do their best to help the living, who they graciously share this house with. Obviously, they are pleased with the renovation job done on their precious home. Caretakers find that these unseen presences like to scatter fragrant rose and lavender around the rooms to freshen and air. * On cold winter mornings, the living often find that the ghosts have lit the fireplaces to warm the rooms, and keep them cozy. Still Haunted? Yes. These manifestations are still happening. The Hermann-Grima Historical House 820 St. Louis
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My Work
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What I Love
How To Get Him Back Magic Of Making Up Ebook How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back
Law Of Attraction
team zeuslife path unlimitedprofit masters teamopriusaweber reviewlaw of attraction
Poetry Of Mine
Sitting here trying to figure out , how you can be so cold, and what you are all about. I can't believe I thought you were my life, now looking back I think how could I have been right? But I have to thank you for if I was not so broken-hearted, I wouldn't have learned of the new love that was started. You messed up my life, and also my mind, promises made and broken, weren't you so kind. Now sitting here, it's my darkest hour, what I have gotten is so much power. I thought I would be lost and alone, now I have someone who my heart calls home. I think of you at times and it makes me sick, your very essence is like a candle with no wick. You have to learn how to deal with the pain, even if you think it will make you go insane. To learn to love again and learn to cherish , what you had before sometimes has to perish . Love is a danger, love comes to you as a stranger. It will bring you up, it will bring you down, its like your very wish, only one not to come true. It will tear yo
Watch Free Movies Online
The Film Wall is a social website providing links to Watch free movies online, download HD quality movies, Rent Movies and Buy DVDs. With over 10000 titles, The Film Wall is the leading directory of movies and films over the internet to watch movies online.
I Can Haz Work?
So as some of you know, I've been working with a career building consultant company, and have been attending seminars to aid me in my search for a new job, career, exc...   This morning I went to a resume based course, which we were asked to run through an online module first and come up with a rough draft of our resume to bring in today. So, yesterday, I wrote up and updated my resume, and included the ideals they considered important. Well, today comes, and we start going through our resumes, and some exercises for them.  I was very encouraged to find out that my resume was all but complete, barring a few minor changes.  I was able to use my performance report experience from the military to write some great bullets statements, and tailor my resume for a good marketing capability.   So, I will be able to start spreading my resume around starting tomorrow, and hopefully lead to some possible opportunities.   Just wanted to share this good news with you.  :) So yea, I'm suppos
Nikki's Link
eladó lakás kiadó iroda
You Ask Here Is The Answers
What Dose Varcan Mean Since i came back to this site  under this name  i been  getting several questions  about the name  i have here is a little more info on it  A title borne by a number of likely angelic candidates. In the lore of Enoch, Galgalliel is listed as having charge over the orb of the sun, but other angels of the sun include Michael, Raphael, Varcan, and especially Uriel. The last angel, whose very name means "fire of God," perhaps (after Galgalliel) the angelic potentate most deserving of the title An angel mentioned in Thomas Heywood's 1623 work The Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels, said to possess authority over the sun. This, of course, makes him one of several angels with this supposed power, including Uriel, Galgalliel, and Michael
Nice Days
Gretsch 6120
electrostatic air filter wood computer desk
You And I.
You are the source of my happiness. You are the allieviator of my pain. You are the cure to my sickness. You destroyed my fears. You brought light to the darkness in my heart.   And I.....   I am the source of your sorrow. I am the one that caused your pain. I have infected you with this sickness. I am the one you fear. I have swallowed your heart in darkness.   After how i've repaid you... How can you still say you love me?      
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Could Of Been Horrible
OMG ..OK ...I was goin to town today an well i was behind a combine ( for ppl who dont know that the reallllyyy big tractor that plows corn an chit) and well the 1st 2 cars passed an as i went to pass he decided he wanted to turn an almost freakin plowed me i had to run off the road to avoid him an when i did my car lost control an i spun around about 6 times in the middle of the road with traffic coming from both ways an a REALLY big camper thingy (house on wheels) headed right for me..and omg i thought i was gunna die for real ...but lucky my car stalled out after i was in a parking lot to a realy old store an it got me out of the took me 40 minutes to stop shaking an can u believe the selfish ppl around no one even stopped ot see if i was ok or nothing not even those who saw what happen they just kept on goin like oh well fuck her...OMG i cried so hard just thinkin about it afterwords wat would have happened to my kids an my family...from now on im thankin the good lord ab
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Philosophies Of Life
Stuff (about Moi)
Monday Blues!
have the day off today and have nothing to do! Did watch ESPN for my Steeler highlights. Can't decide wether it was luck or a good play that one the game! Still don't think it's enough to make the playoffs,we need just to much help from other teams!
Something Something?
so, I just moved from long beach cali to springfield missouri.  It was one hell of a trip.  I went to vegas first and won some money, lots of it.  My game is blackjack, and I left vegas with 10,000 in my pockets, after spending 800 of my own.  it was still a good taking.     After that I went through new mexico.  I got pulled over for a broken tail light, the cops searched my car and found my gun in the backseat in my lockbox.  one of the cops freaked out, and before i knew it there were ten squad cars and a bunch of police screaming at me to get on the ground or they'd shoot.  After being kneed in the ribs and smacked in the back of the head I was arrested.  I'm pretty lucky considering I DID fight back and knocked out four of them before they got the drop on me.  I only fought because I was in the middle of the desert and they were talking about taking all my money and leaving me to the wolves.     I paid them off with my winnings from vegas and let them keep my .357 ruger gp/100 r
Urban Legend # 8
Once there was a a beautiful young girl who lived in a small town just south of Farmersburg. Her parents had to go to town for a while, so they left their daughter home alone, but protected by her dog, which was a very large collie. The parents told the girl to lock all the windows and doors after they had left. And at about 8:00pm the parents went to town. So doing what she was told the girl shut and locked evey window and every door. But there was one window in the basement that would not close completely.Trying as best as she could she finally got the window shut, but it would not lock. So she left the window, and went back upstairs. But just to make sure that no one could get in, she put the dead-bolt lock on the basment door.Then she sat down had some dinner and decided to go to sleep for the night. Settling down to sleep at about 12:00 she snuggled up with the dog and fell asleep.But at one point, she suddenly woke up. She turned and looked at the was 2:30. She snuggle
Urban Legend # 10
One night a woman went out for drinks with her girlfriends. She left the bar fairly late at night, got in her car and onto the deserted highway. She noticed a lone pair of headlights in her rear-view mirror, approaching at a pace just slightly quicker than hers. As the car pulled up behind her she glanced and saw the turn signal on — the car was going to pass — when suddenly it swerved back behind her, pulled up dangerously close to her tailgate and the brights flashed. Now she was getting nervous. The lights dimmed for a moment and then the brights came back on and the car behind her surged forward. The frightened woman struggled to keep her eyes on the road and fought the urge to look at the car behind her. Finally, her exit approached but the car continued to follow, flashing the brights periodically. Through every stoplight and turn, it followed her until she pulled into her driveway. She figured her only hope was to make a mad dash into the house and call the polic
To My Ex Who Scared Me
You always second guessed or questioned everything I say or do...... Start arguing over nothing when things are going fine..... Treat me like a leper and alienate me like if I was gonna do something to you...... Always saying I was doing something when I'm with you 24/7....... But now I see who you really are!!! Blaming me for cheating when it was you!!!!! Doing stuff online when it was you!!!! Treating you like shit??? No you were treating me Like shit when all I did was try to make you happy, and my kids, acted like they were a nusciance when they weren't doing nothing but be lol kids playing!!! Then acting like I'd do something to you when you are the one that called me asshole to me in front of my kids verbally abusing me a hitting me when I just wanted to hug you...... All just because you were seeing some dumb fuck behind my back while I was living with you!! But fuck you bitch you godamn cunt!!!! You wanted to marry me and shit?? But you miss and love Tony Febles?
How my thoughts are racing soooo... I just whispered aloud - "I love you...", and have the softest feeling - for real, no teasing. You 'get' to me so damnably easy... I don't know or understand why or how - you just do. It's because... somehow... we... belong. I know... silly me. I melt at some awkward times and just shake my head at others. But I want to hold you so tight and make love to you and hold you close afterward and make love to you and just 'be' with you and love you. Woman...the thoughts that just race by physical... mental... my stomachs a big knot and I want to sing, smile... just laugh... shake it off... but can't. I want you curled with me, around me, on me. I want to be in you - a part of you... held so very tight and close... and never let go. I want to touch you, taste... explore... mentally, physically... and more - so much more. I want to play and 'be' as only we can. How my thoughts are racing soooo... such is the beginning of 'loving' you... silly me. I se
Your Favorite Porn Clips
Being the sex addicted pervert that I am I was laying in bed at 3 am this morning thinking about my most favorite porn clips I have seen. Having seen millions thanks to the wonderful thing called internet. I began to think what if I could narrow it down to 3 clips? The first that comes to mind was a scene from one of the gobble the goo series in which the wonderful gianna michaels shows up to some warehouse looking place in a hug her body tight mini dress, and finds 5 male workers appearantly waiting for a bueatu such as she. Of course she fucks and blows them all swallowing every drop of their cum one at a time never saying hi by or kiss my ass, and then leaves. What a day that must have been. Wish I could work at a place like that!! The next is a preview I watched at they have the absolute BEST vids!! They had this beautiful thing bound in what I believe was described as an armory, men and women by the scores took turns slapping, licking fucking and spitting in
I Need Help With My Profile!
Can anyone tell me why guys with great bodies. OR even guys that have average or bigger bodies but are still so hot, want girls that can afford and have skinnier physical appearences. Girls who can dress them selves up good in the hights of fashion and also dress them selves down in the hights of fashion. Not us girls who dont wear what everyone else is, who cant afford newer clothing, or fancy, expensive lingerie. What do girls like them, have over girls like me. Us down to earth, not that eye catching type  girl who walks around the store and see's girls that have the blonde and pink or blonde and black hair, and nice bodies, and size 5 jeans, and hip adidias tennies. Girls who's parents can afford high fashion clothes. and think, is that all guys want? What do girls like them have over me? a natural beauty in normal, everyday work environment clothing? Some one please tell me. Why? Can anyone help me with my profile. I'd like to put up different picture comments that you can get fro
It Is
This Is So Amazing...please Take A Moment To Read!!
A man sat at a metro station in Washington DC and started to play the violin; it was a cold January morning. He played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time, since it was rush hour, it was calculated that 1,100 people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. Three minutes went by, and a middle aged man noticed there was musician playing. He slowed his pace, and stopped for a few seconds, and then hurried up to meet his schedule. A minute later, the violinist received his first dollar tip: a woman threw the money in the till and without stopping, and continued to walk. A few minutes later, someone leaned against the wall to listen to him, but the man looked at his watch and started to walk again. Clearly he was late for work. The one who paid the most attention was a 3 year old boy. His mother tagged him along, hurried, but the kid stopped to look at the violinist. Finally, the mother pushed hard, and the child continued to walk, turning his head all
Adults Only
in the shadows he stands tall his scars Hidden there,As he looks upon the one once rich land now laid bare,His hardened eyes water as the memmories start to come back,To the night his land was lost to an un expected attack, Without any waring his home was gone ,to become a land where the enemy had won,As callaused hands turn to fists he stands as a stone,Knowing only rage throughout muscle and bone, Where once stood a land of the just,the knight has let his armour turn to rust,With every passing moment he becomes whole again,He finally returns to the twisted land.
For Those Guye That Want To Know In 3 Words If U Woke Up Next To Them In Bed
This is for all those peeps that have in their status "Using 3 worda what wood u say If you woke up next to me in bed?" So, using only 3 words. Here are some of my responses. They can all stand on their own (for the most part) hehe!!   where am I? Who are U? I know U? From the bar! I did wut? U did what? Did U enjoy? he he he!! take any pics? oh wuts that? good morning wood! I want it cum over here slide it in mmm feels good! roll me over got any lube? I luv it! stroke it baby oh yes please! pull it out u gunna cum? on my face! I luv it! that was nice! where's my clothes? where's my car? got to go! call me sometime! that wuz fun!
Impact Wrestling
Preview TONIGHT'S huge LIVE IMPACT broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c as the road to "Bound For Glory" Pay-Per-View continues! Remember - if you can't watch IMPACT on Thursday night, make sure to set your DVR to record all the action! NEW TV CHAMPION TO BE CROWNED ON CHAMPIONSHIP THURSDAY! “Championship Thursday” returns to Impact Wrestling on Spike TV this Thursday with an added wrinkle; there is no defending champion.  Negotiations between TNA’s current TV Champion Devon and TNA have been ongoing over the last month and have reached an impasse.  As of today, The TNA TV Championship last held by Devon is vacated.  TNA hopes that Devon returns to the active roster in the future.  A new TV champion will be crowned LIVE on Impact! Usually, in the “Championship Thursday” format, four challengers meet with IMPACT WRESTLING GM Hulk Hogan and plead their case as to why they deserve the shot at the champion.  This month, one of the four men is guaranteed to be the n
My Beautiful Sweet Love
There is no corner, no dark place. That your love cannot fill. It is exactly that, that gives me will. And if the world, has lost all desire. It is your passion, that will ignite the fire. Your words, to me. Filled with sweetness, honesty and truth. Your heart shielding me,  from the rain. Protects me, from my own pain. I thank you my love, for always being there. For always supporting me, for allowing yourself to care. My beautiful, caring, sweet love I will love you always, The strength of it will not bend. For,never will my love,  for you have an end.
"25 Things a Perfect Guy Would Do "Number 1: Know how to make you smile when you feel down." "Number 2: Try to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice." "Number 3: Stick up for you, but still respect your independence." "Number 4: Give you the remote control during the game" "Number 5: Come up and put his arms around you." "Number 6: Play with your hair." "Number 7: His hand always finds yours." "Number 8: Be cute when he wants something." "Number 9: Offer you plenty of massages." "Number 10: Dance with you even if he feels like a dork." "Number 11: Never run out of love." "Number 12: Will be funny, but knows when to be serious." "Number 13: Realize he's being funny when he needs to be serious." "Number 14: Be patient when it takes you forever to get ready." "Number 15: React so cutely when you hit him but it doesn't really hurt. "Number 16: Smile a lot." "Number 17:Plans a romantic date full of cheesy things he wouldn't normally like to do, just because h
Gifts are always good; it’s a feel good factor to both the parties. One who receives gets a feel of being honored and develops positivity by feeling being loveable, and the one who offers gifts feels proud and creates space in the heart of the receiver. Gifts never become burden to anyone if you compare the results, especially when it comes to winning hearts by making the occasion memorable. Therefore we must not miss any opportunity of offering gifts to your loving people. One very popular and frequent occasion is Birth Day. Though this is a happy day for everyone but for kids this day is most awaited. So we need to put a lot of time and thoughts before buying one for a kid’s birth day. You need to be filled with ideas as an unimpressive gift is just a waste and can only develop a negative thinking in an innocent child’s mind, doesn’t matter how costly a gift is. For having a best suitable birthday gift idea you need to keep mainly 3 things in your mind. One
Broken Family Or Not
Alot has happend with in the past couple of weeks. i have realise the no im not guilt free and i didnt see it before when i probably should have. I could have done more for her and or with her also quit certain things. Being able to identify the prob is the first step to being able to fix something that has been broken. We have an offer on the table to have our family put back togeather and get the help that both me and my wife need. It all depends on her if she can forgive n forget because she truely has always loved me or not cause i love her more then anythiing except my kids she is the only woman to have my heart im nothing with out her. I love my wife Sarah and our kids and want to be forgiven because i forgive her I DO LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART YOU MAKE ME WHOLE PLEASE FORGIVE ME !!!!!! I dont really know what to think or how to feel about anything thats going on at the momment. My wife that i do love up and disapears on me with the kids and files a order of protection for abuse
Bath Time Nightmares - video powered by Metacafe
hey friends Well, What can I say? So many people, so little honesty and integrity. The one very most thing I hate in this world, are players, Liars and people who insult your intelligence, and try to make you believe otherwise. I think alot of you will agree with that above, and i'm sure it's happened to you. Nevertheless, I felt like bitching about it, Yes, I'm pretty aggrevated by recent decision's and arrangements. However, I won't be the one to judge this, a higher power will render his decision when the time comes. To the people that best fit the description above, I leave a message. Grow the fuck up, and stop thinking about only yourself. Life is too short to play these childish games. To my friends and loved one's. God Bless and Thank you so much for being "TRUE" Love you me friends.
In Loving Memory

My Lost Cherry Game Room
Best Flash Games to Play On Lost CherryIf you like video games, this is the place to play. I've searched out (and figured out) how to embed the best flash on-line games on the web that you can play right here on the Lost Cherry. Card Games, Board Games, Arcade Games, Action Games, RPGs, Simulations, Fighting, Battle, whatever you want, send me a request and I'll get it here (Flash and Shockwave only).List of current games available now: 2D Boxing 9- Ball Pool Challenge Battleships Bowling Bowman Great Mah Jongg Pacman Slots Video Poker Many More to Come. If you have a favorite game and you don't see it here, drop me a line and I'll bring it in2D BoxingThis is a pretty cool action game. I played it to test it out, but I haven't gone far. Give it a try.9-Ball Pool ChallengeI am addicted to this pool games. It allows the player to use the mouse to put "English" (spin) on the Que Ball. It takes some practice to master and the computer opponent gets better as you do. One or Two Players.Batt
Random Venting
why the hell cant I open green-eyeed brats page? this really sucks shit. I really dont expect an answer but FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for reading
Sick And Tired..... For My Husband
A little late for all the things you didn't say I'm not sad for you But I'm sad for all the time I had to waste 'Cause I learned the truth Your heart is in a place I no longer wanna be I knew there'd come a day I'd set you free 'Cause I'm sick and tired Of always being sick and tired [Chorus:] Your love isn't fair You live in a world where you didn't listen And you didn't care So I'm floating Floating on air Oh.. yeah... No warning of such a sad song Of broken hearts My dreams of fairy tales and fantasy, oh Were torn apart I lost my peace of mind Somewhere along the way I knew there's come a time You'd hear me say I'm sick and tired Of always being sick and tired
I have never met a lady in my life that could compare to Vivian she is the hottest chick that I ever laid my eyes on. She has those long legs that you just want to lick and kiss for hours so that she feels so erotic and goes totally ape shit trying to get you to fuck her so that she can cum harder than she ever has before. But I don’t instead I lightly drag my finger tips on the upper part of her torso just at the backside of her of her luscious 36d size breast which where solid as her legs were long, as I lightly dragged my fingers around as to not touch her breast directly I kept feather touching her legs with my tongue and my other hand getting as close as I possibly could to her wet vagina that was now dripping with pre cum. I see that it was running down the crack of her ass and pooling somewhat in her asshole, which made me want to make her even more lustful and become even more wet, I could smell her wetness as I licked closer to her crotch and see the wetness glisten in the can
Do's & Don'ts When It Cums 2 Sex!!!!
Well I'm a pretty open minded person.Very much a freak at that.Basically I would try something at least once and if I like it more than likely I will most definately do it again.I do have one don't that I will not participate in and that is anything that consists of another female being involved.I just have this thing that I can't do anything wit someone that has the same things I got.Besides I would be all you would need. As far as my do's go,like I said i'm a freak and pretty open minded.I love sex and just bout all that comes wit it.So yes I do like oral sex it gives me more pleasure to know he's being pleased.Just watching his reaction to it is a huge turn on .The way he grips onto the sheet pulling it off the mattress moaning and groaning cuz the feeling is so good.Even more when I feel his body jumping and twitching,see his legs stiffen straight out with his toes beginning to curl up on him.Wow wut A wonderful feeling I get when I know i'm definately handling mine. Now
My Birthday!!!!!!
Ok you guys, my birthday is in 2 days on October 11. Im so happy because it's me and my best girl friends birthday.
Lost Cherry Popularity
Just sending sum LUV 2 All my hawt KrAy-Z sexy cherry friends, family, & fans A little over a year ago I learned about this website called "Myspace". I joined and met some cool people I liked it allot at first, and then the "popularity" contest started to begin it was pathetic. I stopped using Myspace for obvious reasons. I recently learned about the LC from a friend (thanks Tanya) and thought it was a way better website. People are more open and friendlier here. Yet again it is becoming a popularity contest; However, I shall not fall victim to it. I will not stop using the LC just because some people who don’t have real life friend’s think that they are cool in cyber-space. If you had no intention to learn about me then why did you accept or request to be my friend? I am here to meet interesting people to talk to. I care nothing about your one time comments and your "10" rates just so I will come and return the favor. So now I am going to be cleaning out my closet. Within the next cou
Best Line To A Cop Ever!
Best line to a cop ever!! A Florida senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership. Taking off down the road, he floored it to 80 mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left. "Amazing!" he thought as he flew down I-75, pushing the pedal to the metal even more. Looking in his rear view mirror, he saw the highway patrol behind him, blue lights flashing and siren blaring. "I can get away from him - no problem!" thought the elderly gentleman as he floored it to 100mph, then 110, then 120mph. Suddenly, he thought,"What on earth am I doing? I'm too old for this nonsense!", pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the Trooper to catch up with him. Pulling in behind him, the Trooper walked up to the driver's side of the Corvette, looked at his watch and said, "Sir, my shift ends in 30 minutes. Today is Friday. If you can give me a reason why you were driving 120 miles per hour that I've never heard before,
Friends And Wannabe's
This is my first and quite frankly may be my last blog. Particularly in LC. I can appreciate the theory behind LC. It's intent is good but it's approach is off base in terms of what it's trying to promote. A few months ago I came onto LC, naive and somewhat ignorant as to how this all works. I went ahead and "set up shop" albeit small and insignificantly at first. My goal was quite innocent at first in that I simply wanted to meet someone. A person I'd seen before in another chat format but hadn't been able to actually converse with her. As the days went on, she finally made it clear that she wanted to talk, become friends or just see who each other really is... Well days turned into weeks and well... We've yet to have that talk, and I'm getting replies "comments" "ratings" from people asking that since they checked out MY site that I do the same to theirs... I did of course. Mostly because I was flattered that anyone would be interested to have ME as a friend... I thoug
Pastor Troy
I would like to thank everyone for stopping by, I am by no means religious but everyone calls me Pastor Troy so I guess I can play the role. I could care less what you really think if you like me then thank you and if you don't then don't come in my service is free but my time is not. Dont tell me that what i do with my life is wrong because again I dont care I love to drink and I love to be crazy but as long I only hurt myslef it is ok. more to come thanks again
Violence Begets Violence
Violence Begets Violence Is it just me or are we, as humans, on the verge commiting the most massive case of genocide ever recorded, on ourselves? The news is spewing tales of death and destruction, the news paper at the bus stop tells me about pain and suffering, the radio informs me about another injustice, and the internet shows me the road to ultimate destruction. I cant be the only one seeing this, I cant be the only person out of billions who see's the road we are walking, the road to the ultimate end. We have had numerous side trails we could take to get off this road and find a better one with a better end, but still we carry on. I cant be alone in this, or maybe I am. There has been a disturbing correlation of events ever since the attacks on the World Trade Centres in New York. Violence, violence and more violence. Since when did two wrong make a right? I was taught that at a very young age, but my parents must have been the only ones teaching this. I am not against
Red Rooster
Written For Me
Love ya baby ... thanks so much for this I have no umbrella here to shelter me from pain. can't handle another downpour, still flooded out from the last wave of storms. Keeping all out and everything in, so high and thick, nothing can penitrate this fortress like wall I have constructed. Enjoying the security and comforts and detesting the loneliness brought with it. A dark knight armed only with love, encircles my castle like walls searching for a weakness to liberate his dark angel from her self imprisonment unleashing his arsenal of heart felt loving words, knocking only some dust away determined sending his words aloft, sending with more force than before dismantling blocks of this wall With a smile, he lets loose his largest and most destrutive of all weapons, his heart. Fearful, being alone so long, Don't know how to repel this assault Falling around at my feet, this wall has started coming down through the smoke walking slowly torwards me, this knight in black hands me a
Sucks When U Can Relate!
Expressed The Best
I know I have overloaded my blogs with song lyrics, but i feel that sometimes the words to a song can express feelings the best and sometimes hits too close to home or everyday life......Really makes you think!
Help Fight Child Abuse !!!!!
my name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Chariles bar. I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work. He slaps and hits me And yells at me more, I finally get free And run to the door Hes already
i cm,pletey shyt faces and i just went to a hlloween party where i was beer pong champ hell yes
Looking To Meet Men
Im looking to meet men in the Ohio and Pennsylvania area for good times. If you are intrested hit me up on aol messenger sn joeycat110 or email me at
Pics Open
Everyday, I see blogs from people talking about how people are visiting there sites and not raying them. I'd say 90% are woman. Those that have the highest percentage of rates versus visits are woman. Now I don't mean to complain, but, us men have feelings too. Just because we don't have extremely large breasts and creamy thighs or even firm tight assas to show, does'nt mean we are'nt sexy. Now I have had 570 visits to my profile and only 70 rates. Not good odds. I have a variety of pics on my site to cover most tatses, photos, Me photos, and adult. So where is the love for us men. I think it would be great if the top photos of the day were all men, lol yeah right. I am not asking for much except for a return in the love we give. I rate every friend i have on my list photos. I have 146 but again only 70 have repaid the love. So please help us guys out and repost this to all your friends and before you log off today, show the men on your list the love they deserve. Thank you
It's All About Me!
I put some pictures of me doing what I do! Check em out and send me some love. ~LoRi~
New movies coming out this week are: Saw 3 - Horror Babel - Action/Drama Catch a Fire - Action/ Thriller Flag of Our Fathers - Action For more information about upcoming movies, celebrities, and movie news check out my posting on:
Look Me Up
if anyone has yahoo messenger and likes to chat and/or cam look me up. my screen name is bigredpraxair and i'm on at night pretty late or on the weekends. would love to c2c with someone.
It's All About Leland Chapman
"Eternal Flame"

Grumpy, Got A Headache....need Coffee :p
Trying It Out...
Looking to find out how this works...I will get it down in a few days...
Tim Mcgraw
(1 Live Like You were dying(2)Real Good Man(3)Let's make Love(4)It's Your Love(5)Don't Take The Girl(6)Please Remember Me
i am a slightly overwieght horny college guy who is looking to get laid. Any advice on how to achieve this.
yo any ladies e mail anytime.
Please don't delete this until you send it on, Let's > send it around the > world. > FRIENDS ARE BORN, NOT MADE > > > This is a poem being sent from a Marine to his Dad. > For those who take the time to read it, you'll see a > letter from him to > his Dad at the bottom. It makes you truly > thankful for not only the > Marines, > but ALL of our troops. > > THE MARINE > > > > We all came together, > Both young and old > To fight for our freedom, > To stand and be bold. > > In the midst of all evil, > We stand our ground, > And we protect our country > From all terror around. > > Peace and not war, > Is what some people say. > But I'll give my life, > So you can live the American way. > > I give you the right > To talk of your peace. > To stand in your groups, > and protest in our streets. > > But still I fight on, > I don't bitch, I don't whine. > I'm just one of the people > Who is doing your time.
Tucked Away
I destroy homes I tear families apart Take away your children And that's just the start I'm more costly than diamonds More precious than gold The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold When you need me remember, I'm easily found I live all around you In schools and in town I live with the rich I live with the poor I live down the street And maybe next door I'm made in a lab but, not like you think I can be made from under the kitchen sink My power is awesome try me you'll see But if you do you may never break free Just try me once and I might let you go But try me twice and I'll own you're soul When I possess you you'll steal and you'll lie You do what you have to just to get high The crimes you'll commit for my narcotic charms Will be worth the pleasure you'll feel in my arms You'll lie to your mother You'll steal from your da
New To Cherry Tap
Please Give Me A Rating And Help Me Out!~!~!~!
hiya all i was just thinking how many of u cherry taps are from the uk england come and say hi if u are x x x hiya can i thank you all for the great comments left on my profile pics i hope to add more soon and hope u all like hugs and kisses to you all from the uk x x x x x x xx sweet x x x x x Courtesy of
Im Bored!!!
Skid Row
Maui Trip
hey everyone I hope your thanksgivings where great. I had a spectacular time for my holiday, partly because I spent it in Maui!!! I was there for a week and I had a wonderful time but it wasn't long enough. I wish I could stay there longer. I posted a dairy at my site about my trip as well as a candid gallery with my vacation photos and a new video trip from the top of the volcano at sunrise. I am wondering if anyone is skilled at creating wallpapers?? I need new wallpapers for my site and If someone can make me some I will definitly return the favor. Please contact me at xoxoxooxox Nikita
Pimpin In Nc
hey all you cherry tapperz...if your from the raleigh, NC area give me a shout.
Thekinkypirates Thoughts
im so sad..I HAD TO BLEACH MY PINK HAIR.. at the moment im blonde..but in about an hour i will be back to my natural red.. Its all for a job..i hate it, people shouldnt have the right to tell you how your supposed to look.. im going to miss my pink hair..again.. one day it will be back to pink but til then im a natural redhead... The Very Sad kinky Pirate I think these can help you figure me out alittle
New To This
I am new to this so you will have to give me time to figure out this site. I am 37 and in a relationship . I am always on the net so i can find someone to talk to. i get tired of talking to my two dogs. i need a human to talk to.
Sexual Zodiac
You Are From Saturn You're steady, organizes, and determined to achieve your dreams. You tend to play it conservative, going by the rules (at least the practical ones). You'll likely reach the top. And when you do, you'll be honorable and responsible. Focus on happiness. Don't let your goals distract you from fun! Don't be too set in your ways, and you'll be more of a success than you ever dreamed of. What Planet Are You From? Sagittarius You are fun loving and independent, and you don’t like any of your partners to get in the way of that. You enjoy having a lot of flings and short term relationships because you get bored in a long term one. In bed you are demanding of your partner. You want to have hot sex all of the time. You also like to experiment sexually, with different positions and fantasies. Sex matches: Aries, Leo, Libra Take this quiz at
Hell's Grill
To all my friends and fans, Myself and my "Dark Crew" of assistants are currently hard at work constructing a very dangerous and agaonizing new escape stunt we call "Hell's Grill." This brutal new escape is inspired by a particular torture suffered by ancient Christian martyrs at the hands of the Romans. In the ancient version, the victim was chained down to a large metal pan or metal plate which was then suspended over a slow buring fire. As the heat increased on the metal plate the victim was chained to, they would basically be grilled alive... slowly. With my version called "Hell's Grill", I am chained down to a metal plate about the size and thickness of an ordinary door. This plate is then hoisted up until it is suspended over 2 propane FLAMETHROWERS! Flamethrowers just like the ones we used in my New Year's Eve "Cremation Chamber" escape (video on my profile). The great thing about the Hell's Grill is that I am not out of sight in a vault or box and people
Happy Holidays
too all my friend happy holidays Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Angel@ Cherrytap
Sooooo, white's the word in the Denver area! Supposed to snow like three feet n shit?? GOD! I have interviews lined up for the next three days! Wish me luck. I don't know which I need more luck on though, the interview itself or getting there!
Smile On The Old Mans Face
The smile on the old mans face The smile was for a reason, reasons not yet know to his wondering son. The old man was just sitting realizing the dept of his boy’s interest. He had thoughts that it would be good to be fishing. The day was not real hot, but it was a good day to be outside. The boy said ‘Dad are you going to go to Whiskey Flatt’s” The old man said “is that were you want to go” “yes” the boy said eagerly So off they went. Whiskey Flatt’s is a very popular swimming hole and damn good looking girl’s there just a shinny dipping. Dad couldn’t refuse the idea. “Can’t tell your mother we’re going there she’ll have a shit fit” “Beside’s I don’t want her all pissed at you dad for weeks” said the boy. Pulling up they say 3 girls on a rock diving into the river with just a smile on their face’s. The boy just dropped his jaw and said “thanks Dad” as he got out of the truck. The old man smiled thinking, damn son you had the right idea. It was getting to be about lunch time, when
I have found a loophole employers use to get rid of disabled employees legally. It's called the 90 day probationary period; When you can leave for no reason and without notice and they can ask you to leave for no reason. I lost 2 jobs because of my disabilities and had no legal recourse because I lost them in the probationary period. I am BOYCOTTING Domino's Pizza because they discriminate against the disabled and handicapped. I ask that anyone who is disabled or handicapped or people who love them join with me in this boycott and let Domino's know discrimination and the workplace don't mix!
Grunges Wrold
i know what i am asking you is proble nothing you can do but my best friend died on monday and she was only 26 would u be able let people know we are haveing a carwash to get money for her furanrel it would be grately apprishetay the info is:CAR WASH FOR SAM TOMORROW AUGUST 28TH TO COVER AS MUCH FUNERAL COST AS WE CAN ANYTHING WILL HELP PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD BRING ANYTHING YOU CAN TO HELP WITH THE CAR WASH ANY QUESTIONS HIT ME UP. WILL BE DOING THE CAR WAS FROM AUGUST 28TH -31ST ALL DAY AT 1944 edgestone cir san jose ca 95122 ALL FOR YOU BABYGIRL LOVE YOU SAM her name was samantha walton thank you
Denver And Boys
Well... had a blast in Colorado, though we didn't make it in to Denver. I had such a good time stuck on my Aunt Sonia's farm for two days. I have missed it so much in the past years. One of my resolutions will be getting out there more often. When I got into Colorado and met Jamie I was so excited. We went from living together to only seeing eachother twice in the last 3 months. That sucks. I miss her so much! My date for New Year's was a sweetheart. He's a good kid, and I wish him the best. I ended up giving someone my number, and he has since annoyed the shit out of me, but whatever. He's a cool guy, but way too possessive/obsessive to be talking to for me. The guy I had been chatting with before I left is the same way. And for being 10yrs and + my seniors, they are very, very childish. My boss still turns me on. I can't help it. I'm very professional, I don't let him know what I'm really thinking. I hate being attracted to him cause I couldn't start something knowin
In Bloom !
In Bloom Video - Nirvana lyricsNirvana Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
so hello everbody that is a friend of mine and to everbody thats not add me im a pretty nice guy..i love tattoos and piercings and i would love to talk about them. I am also a big person on camaro's anyways thanks for reading alan aka akiir
Cherry Tap Virgin
Hey everybody Please bare with me I've nto got a clue how to use this site lol may take me a while to get back to you but please don't be offended I'm not being rude just a little bit ditsy lol.
This N' That
CONCERT: QUEEN...RAN AWAY FROM HOME WITH MY PURPLE FLOWERED SUITCASE I'm looking for anyone interested in shopping for gifts, garments and/or cards and games for both children and adults Galxy Gifts will have the items family oriented and Karmic Starrz will have all the adult things...please check it out! < a href="" target=_blank>DJdiddles@ CherryTAP
I’m just a guy that most don’t see. I didn’t get an instruction Manual on love so I try to be charming as I can be. If you have then you must have just walked passed me. If charming means rose pedals in the bed or midnight dance under the stars wearing red. If you passed me maybe I tried to trip you. Or maybe is dreaming of you in my head. Don’t worry I learned how to catch. Not a dream you’re real as I touch your skin. There were instructions for that. Softly a gentle touch to your cheek. So maybe I learned how to catch a ball, but I interchanged it to your fall. I look in your eye’s I look in them deep. As you fell in my arms you went to sleep. So deep I see you and what it is that you see. Fallen asleep cause you know your safe in my arms. The feelings inside as I slowly kiss your lips slowly my sweet. No worries you’re held always. Lips like cherries hmmm now that’s lips to keep. So I hold on an won’t let you go. Keeping your kisses so close. Tell the end when w
What Are You Scared Of?
What is truly ment by the word "LOVE"? There are so many different forms of love so how you decided between the two. Is "true love" when u can look at someone, know you want to spend the rest of ur life with them, no matter what they put you through or what "quercks" they have? Or is True Love just the IDEA of that? Love is a word that is thrown around so much in todays society that it loses its true meaning. Love is a word that has been removed from my vocabulary unless it is towards, my daughter, my mother, my father, and my closest friends who are like family. Remember when you use the word love, make sure you mean it. Dont just say it, cause u think it will make someone happy. Use it wisely. NEVER LIE, CHEAT, OR STEAL. but if you must lie, lye in the arms of the one you love that loves you back, if you must cheat, cheat death and live life to the fullest, and if you must steal, steal a monkey I've decided to do a little research on phobias. Paraskavedekatriaphobia is the fear of
January 16, 1943
On January 16th, 1943 a great man was born... he served his country, he loved his family, he feared no man, and though he was short of stature, in the eyes of his daughter he was ten feet tall. Happy Birthday, dad... I miss you. My father, my hero, my friend. 1/16/1943 - 5/04/2005
Jimbo@ Cherrytap
Hello My Sexy Lil Fucks ;) Get Commenting My Pictures And I'll Comment Yours Right Back! Want My MSN Just Ask! x
FINALLY, the ingredients Now this is some good information............ I knew it. . . I knew it!! I knew they would finally release the ingredients in Viagra: 3% Vitamin E 2% Aspirin 2% Ibuprofen 1% Vitamin C 5% Spray Starch 87% Fix-A-Flat
You Know You What To
Show an New CT some love and rate my page and pic been on only 2 hours and I am addicted already. Always looking to meet new people so feel free to add me as a friend or whatever. Take care everyone and lots of love.
Bookings/music Industry
For everyone who came out to the shows thanks. I will also be in Beaumont, TX and Phx, Az along with LA, California shows. See you all there! OK all Florida people if you want to meet me in person I'll be at all 4 Florida Winger dates! I won't be working just partying my ass off with the guys! Catch me there! February 9 at The County Line in Melbourne, Florida February 10 at The Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Feruary 11 at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida February 12 at The Mojo Room in Port St. Lucie, Florida Lets Rock N' Roll! Ok 80's fans! Great White has announced their 25th Anniversary Reunion Tour this Summer! Tentative dates are in effect as we speak. If you want them to play your town let me know. Any venues or agents interested in them drop me an email at Subject line-Great White
Tomorrow is my B-DAY!!!!!!! Yeah im really not that excited about it...but just thought I would put that out there...Show some love people!!! xoxo
Bill Clinton
It doesn't matter what party you belong to -- this is hilarious. From a show on Canadian TV there was a black comedian who said he misses Bill Clinton. "Yep, that's right - I miss Bill Clinton! He was the closest thing we ever got to having a black man as President. Number 1 - He played the sax. Number 2 - He smoked weed. Number 3 - He had his way with ugly white women. Even now? Look at him ... his wife works, and he don't! And, he gets a check from the government every month. Manufacturers announced today that they will be stocking America's shelves this week with "Clinton Soup," in honor of one of the nations' most distinguished men. It consists primarily of a weenie in hot water. Chrysler Corporation is adding a new car to its line to honor Bill Clinton. The Dodge Drafter will be built in Canada When asked what he thought about foreign affairs, Clinton replied, "I don't know, I never had one." The Clinton revised judicial oath: "I sol
All My Picture Folders Are Open Today!!
All my folders are open for today only.. so check them out!! Lots Of Love and Kisses SexySherry ~Pole Princess~ Just wanted to let people know that all my pics are open to see for today!! I hope you like them!! Lots Of Love and Kisses SexySherry ~Pole Princess~ xoxoxo Hey People.. I just put a slideshow on my profile.. and I want all my friends, fans, and family to add their pic to it.. I would really love it !! Lots of Love and Kisses SexySherry ~Pole Princess~
>>> A man and woman had been married for more than 60 years. They had >>> shared everything. They had talked about everything. They had kept no >>> secrets >>> from each other except that the little old woman had a shoe box in the >>> top of >>> her closet that she had cautioned her husband never to open or ask her >>> about. >>> For all of these years, he had never thought about the box, but >>> one day the little old woman got very sick and the doctor said she would >>> not >>> recover. In trying to sort out their affairs, the little old man took >>> down >>> the shoe box and took it to his wife's bedside. >>> She agreed that it was time that he should know what was in the box. >>> When he opened it, he found two crocheted dolls and a stack of money >>> totaling $95,000. >>> He asked her about the contents. "When we were to be married," she >>> said, "my grandmother told me the secret of a happy marriage was to >>> never >>> argue. She told
The Angel
Don't let your day go on without reading this first, no matter How busy you may be!!! There was this little girl sitting by herself in the park. Everyone passed by her and never stopped to see why she looked so sad. Dressed in a worn pink dress, barefoot and dirty, the girl just sat And watched the people go by. She never tried to speak. She never said a word. Many people passed by her, but no one would stop. The next day I decided to go back to the park in curiosity to see if the little girl would still be there Yes, she was there, right in the very spot where she was yesterday, and still with the same sad look in her eyes. Today I was to make my own move and walk over to the little girl. For as we all know, a park full of strange people is not a place for young children to play alone. As I got closer I could see the back of the little girl's dress. It was grotesquely shaped. I figured that was the reason people just passed by and made no effort to speak to her. Deformi
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Help A Friend In Need!
Hey everyone please stop by my ssexy girls page and give some love!!!
Love Poems
To those who have seen these poems before, I took them down because I was mad. Then I realized they were my writing and I wanted them up. So I posted them again. :) Enveloped by your embrace Entranced by your scent, your taste My desire has no mercy. Arching beneath you The hands fisted in my hair are my tether to this world The emotions in your eyes are the anchor to my soul As I am being driven screaming towards oblivion's edge Exploding around you Scattering us like seeds in the Wind To which we have thrown all caution and thoughts of Fate. The right words elude me I only see sunlight and green grass I smell cotton candy And hear babies laughing And feel the warmth of your palm in mine The words evaporate from my mind I only see starlight Smell the sweet ocean breeze Hear the waves crash and the birds cry And feel your breath on my cheek The words melt from the tip of my tongue But I see the ecstasy in your eyes I smell the sweat on your skin And he
Sexiest Country Boy Contest
No One...
How Will I Die
You'll die from a Drug or Alcohol accident. Let's face it - when you get drunk/high you lose all control and do stupid stuff. Unfortunately in your case those propaganda anti-escapism commercials prove true. 'How will you die?' at
Deep Thoughts
On Wednesday 11, 2007 I lost a friend and a co worker, they had misdiagnoised him and he thought it was just his liver, but to come reality he had panaric cancer. He served his country in Vietnam,and stood strong when most wouldn't have. Then through out his life he was in various Law Enforcement Agencies. He was 56 yrs old, he ended his career with serving the public in Department Of Corrections. I am going to miss him, already do, cause really he was more than a co-worker, friend he help me get through my dad's death, he took over like a real father and held my hand to the end. This is dedicated to his memory. Today was one of those days,you wish u could turn around and go back to bed and start over again. If it could happen it did. I need so much to take a cool great vacation and just relax. Maybe one day I will be able to sit back and laugh on it all. Rose are like life the come from the earth and then with love and tender care, they tend to bloom and smell great and then in thie
Posting This For Vickie. This Is For Lilly And Fred
I JUST WANT TO SAY I AM SORRY. SWEETDREAMS TOLD ME THAT NONE OF WHAT TALENTED TONGUE DID TO HER. U HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH. I AM SORRY FOR EVERYTHING. EVEN THE STASH RATINGS..THAT IS NOT LIKE ME AT ALL I JUST WAS SO PISSED ABOUT WHAT TALENTED TONGUE DID TO HER. I WAS TAKING IT OUT ON U AND A FEW OTHERS.. I WAS JUST GOING BU WHAT TALENTED TONGUE TOLD HER.. HOPE U CAN FORGIVE ME ONE DAY. I AM SORRY .. LINDA u are just too funny. i think u need to grow the fuck up. dont worry i tossed it.. AND ON TOP OF THAT . THEY WERE A COWARD THEY DIDNT LET ME KNOW WHO SENT IT need to get a freaking life. i guess u can call them the drama queens of ct..they both can have fred for all i care.. oh by the way.. melissa tell fred i gave his address to a few of the women he was supposed to be in love with. and they all know he is in jail and why he was in prison for 3 years have fun
Poems I Wrote
this poem is called "us" and i wrote this on 1/11/06. and this is also to that special someone. sometimes im at a lost for words, i just cant describe, what your making me feel inside.. its such a good feeling, to know that theres, some one, like you, that cares alot for me too.. so far so good, we can talk about anything, from serious shitt, to bull shitt, and its all good, to me and you.. i like the way you carry yourself, and your great attitude.. i like that you dont get mad easily, over petty shitt like, other guys i know do.. i like that your close, with your brothers, your mom, and your grandparents too, cause im close with my family too.. i like that your hard working, and you always tell me, what your about to do.. i like that you keep me updated, it seems like im there with you.. i like when you describe, what your wearing or doing, cause i can just close my eyes, and visualize.. i love waking up and, seeing the words,
Bikers Creed
The History Of The Middle Finger Well,'s something I never knew before, and now that I know it, I feel compelled to send it on to my more intelligent friends in the hope that they, too, will feel edified. Isn't history more fun when you know something about it? Before the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, the French, anticipating victory over the English, proposed to cut off the middle finger of all captured English soldiers. Without the middle finger it would be impossible to draw the renowned English longbow and therefore they would be incapable of fighting in the future. This famous English longbow was made of the native English Yew tree, and the act of drawing the longbow was known as "plucking the yew" (or "pluck yew") . Much to the bewilderment of the French, the English won a major upset and began mocking the French by waving their middle fingers at the defeated French, saying, "See, we can still pluck yew!" Since 'pluck yew' is rather difficult to
Time Passes
Time passes. Life happens. Distance separates. Children grow up. Jobs come and go. Love waxes and wanes. Men don't do what they're supposed to do. Hearts break. Parents die. Colleagues forget favors. Careers end. BUT... Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are between you. A girl friend is never farther away than needing her can reach. When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life will be on the valley's rim, cheering you on, praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf, and waiting with open arms at the valley's end. Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you... or come in and carry you out. Girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, daughters-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, nieces, cousins, and extended family, all bless our life! The world wouldn't be the same without women, and neither would I. When we began this
What Do You Think?
It was late in the afternoon on April 2007 when my daughter left my desk after playing Barbie online games, then a black huge background appeard on my poor 15 inch monitor.My eyes were focused on the screen.It scared me-Oh! my God,I was thinking it was a porno site because my daughter was browsing at websites for two hours,but,of course,i have restricted sites,i have spywares and i strongly avoided pop-ups but this looked like one."Where the hell did you get this?"I asked my precocious and lovely daughter.Well,it was not as bad as i thought it was, and with a single click I became one of the members of the worlds most popular site with millions of members joining everyday. I was unreluctantly uploading photos and photos were displaying in less than 3 minutes (nah...that is if you have a good connection but mine is a bad one.)I received comments on my photos and i have had multiple viewers in a day.Don't you think its amazing?I was looking at profiles of America's men and women
This Is Beautiful
She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: "How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?" The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it." Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer? Doesn't God care any more? Where were you, God, when my son needed you?" The surgeon asked, "Would you like some time alone with your son? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university." Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good-bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. "Would you like a lock of his hair?" the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, "It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the Universi
Let's Try This Again!!
Well I just found out that we are not allowed to post links to other sites here from another member that got into trouble for it. So let's try this. As I said before I did an internet radio show. My friend leighann owns the site and does a comedy show there. I did the first one with her as a guest. The premise of the show was "is the myth about black men true". It's funny as hell. There are also some incriminating vids of me at the after party up in Hollywood Hills. I hear those are funny to as well as embarassing for me. The whole thinig is a gas. it's a cool site too. not as flashy as CT and the content is a little different but there's tons of cool bans, vids, and I really like the people there. If you're interested in hearing it drop e a line and I'd be more than happy to tell you where. And if you decide to join there let em know that spaky8urs sent ya. I just want the owner to know who's turning people on to her site. I don't make a thing from it. Lemme know!! ;)~
L O V E L is for the sweet LOVE that you have given me O is for the ONLY ONE that there will ever be V is for your sweet VOICE that i long to hear E is EVER i long to have you near......I LOVE YOU! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TU ERES tu eres el amor de mi vida la razon de mi vivir tu eres toda la razon que yo no quiro ni morir tu eres el hombrre que yo amo con mi alma corazon tu eres tu eres tu eres la razon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SIEMPRE ESTARAS EN MI CORAZON Here's one present for one valentines day for one lucky boy i love him and will as cupid shot his arrow for him and i my babe im here for you im not lost just confused we've been together for about a year and i love you for hanging on hun when im around you feel good when you talk to me i get into a good mood i wish us to live together forever because i know we are meant to be estaras siempre en mi corazon my love your always in my heart i love you for bieng there for me when im sad or mad ill never be
Things I Know
Having lived with my family, a roommate, a husband and a cat I much prefer the company of my cat. A cat will never judge you. A cat will love you even when you don't feel particularly loveable. A cat won't try to change you, they like you just as you are. You don't have to worry about hurting your cat's feelings, they don't care what you think of them. A cat doesn't hold a grudge. They have a short memory and they get over things quickly. A cat will never yell at you. The most you can expect is a loud "MEOW" I know when I am being lied to. I know when I am being told a half-truth. I have no respect and thus no trust for those that speak (or write) untruths. Why do people choose to embelish themselves when the truth will always show itself in the end? Tell me who you are, not who you wish you could be.
So I Dunno About My Week Lol
So people who know me know that my life lately has not been good....I seem to always have bad things happen to be in threes lol...and it tends to happen like every 3 months no the past 2 weeks these things happened to...first got fired from my job damn people, second i paid my gas but the damn payment didnt go through and they turned it off damn gan company, and fourth the maybe the one i am actually laughing about but it aint nothing to laugh i got pulled over the night an got five tickets yes five tickets only in elli's world right lol but hey through all this I can still some what smile and not be that depressed...i figure i should count my lucky stars that i didnt get arrested and i should thank my lucky stars the cop didnt get my car impounded so at the end of the day it aint that bad i guess right...itt well get better now since all three things have happened lol...

Life Sux
Blogged Up..
My Soul Speaks For Its Self!
Musings Of A Nawty Goddess
I got this in an e-mail from my mother, and reworded it. She got it from a friend of hers in Missouri .... I've posted it as a bulletin in my MySpace (nockternyl_dreams) but for some reason can't get it posted as a bulletin here on CT. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE repost it, linking it back to thig blog. It can save childrens' lives!! This has been in the news a lot in Missouri as there have been quite a few cases detected. Not sure where it stands in your areas, but thought I would forward the information. I have been alerted by one of our EMT's for our VFD (Volunteer Fire Dept.) that they have received e-mails from emergency responder organizations to be on the lookout for a new form of Crystal Meth that is targeted at children. Please be aware of this new form! If you have friends who "protect and serve" or even who are emergency responders, please let them know. If it's a child showing symptoms of drug usage, or drug overdose, this new form may be the cause. They ar
G'day everyone... I've been working today on setting up a new Album in my pics for Autism related graphics that I have acquired from other people and sources as well as items I've created myself. I welcome all of you to have a look and take what you like from this album to use in your own efforts. Thank you Vicky and Nichole/Pezz for providing me with a number of these items and to Nichole/Pezz for providing me with the following links to sources of some really good information on Autism and books on Autism: - a directory of books and other resource material on Autism, Aspergers and other related conditions. - an online store for bumper stickers and magnets related to Asperger's Syndrome, including a link to a like site for Autism related products If anyone else has anything they wanna forward my way, please feel free. I'd appreciate anything you can come up with. More t
Beer, Babes Or Bust 07
I will be leaving San Francisco CA and driving to St Petersburg FL this summer. I will leave June 16, and arrive 1 July. I would love to hear from everyone, giving me ideas on my trip. Where should I stop, what should I do, and where should I eat. I want to hear what I should pack, who I can stop by and see, and who wants to ride with me? Please feel free to leave all comments and suggestions!
My Birthday!!!!!!!!!
We'll be out at Pineapple Jacks in Rochester around 11 PM on Saturday to celebrate my birthday. Feel free to come out and celebrate with all of us. Send me a message if you are coming. I'll get you a drink. :) Dan
Why Not
Why not do this ,or do that,or something else, do it today or tomorrow or yesterday, why not be creative or destructive,why not be negative or positive, why not be hot or cold, be fresh or stuck up, why not care or dont care, why not help out or not help at all,why not buy this or that,but when it all boils down the only who has to live it is you
Evil Mutant Attack Squirrel Of Death
I never dreamed that slowly cruising on my motorcycle through a residential neighborhood could be so incredibly dangerous! Little did I suspect. I was on Brice Street - a very nice neighborhood with perfect lawns and slow traffic. As I passed an oncoming car, a brown furry missile shot out from under it and tumbled to a stop immediately in front of me. It was a squirrel, and must have been trying to run across the road when it encountered the car. I really was not going very fast, but there was no time to brake or avoid it -- it was that close. I hate to run over animals, and I really hate it on a motorcycle, but a squirrel should pose no danger to me. I barely had time to brace for the impact. Animal lovers, never fear. Squirrels, I discovered, can take care of themselves! Inches before impact, the squirrel flipped to his feet. He was standing on his hind legs and facing my oncoming Harley with steadfast resolve in his beady little eyes. His
I want a real man who can handle me but im in love with this ass hole ..and i miss him so much we got in a fight well were always getting in fights cause he doesnt know how to treat me or his daughter.. i wish i could be me. be a sexy dork and have someone to listen to my music ..i just want 50 50 and im tyred of having myself go all into one person who gives me nothing back that i want and he says he'll change but i havnt seen shit yet and i really want my life to get better not lower withmy self asteem..
Real Friends
REAL FRIEND TEST ! This is GOOD..I expect it back too! I especially like the last Sentence!!!!!! A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens Your Refrigerator and helps himself (and doesn't feel even the least bit Weird Shutting your 'beer/Pepsi drawer' with her foot!) A simple friend has never seen you cry A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean. A simple friend hates it when you call after they've gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems. A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail you with it. A
I destroy homes, I tear families apart, Take your children, and that's just the start. I'm more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold, The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. If you need me, remember I'm easily found, I live all around you - in schools and in town I live with the rich; I live with the poor, I live down the street, and maybe next door. I'm made in a lab, but not like you think, I can be made under the kitchen sink. In your child's closet, and even in the woods, If this scares you to death, well it certainly should. I have many names, but there's one you know best, I'm sure you've heard of me, my name is crystal meth. My power is awesome; try me you'll see, But if you do, you may never break free. Just try me once and I might let you go, But try me twice, and I'll own your soul. When I possess you, you'll steal and you'll lie, You do what you have to -- just to get high. The crimes you'll commit for my narcotic charms Will be worth the pleas
More Hot Funny Videos
More Hot Funny Videos More Hot Funny Videos More Hot Funny Videos
Stoner Journal 101
what would be the wierdest thing to think about... humm... i donno but i am watching this crazy movie, that has a monkey in it. like how real would that be. not like it could happen in real life. so... i start work tomarrow at moxies. i work with my husband and i think it will be ok. thats all i wanna right right now but i will start again in a few.............................................................................i was just folding clothes and i just remembered that american dad was on and then family guy lol... and i am tripping out on the alien but ya its funny......back to the cloths i go lol....tehehehehe................................................................OMG... this is so hard i am just going to stop.
The Tank
Bears Cut Johnson on Latest Legal Mishap By RICK GANO, AP Sports Writer 3 hours ago Chicago Bears defensive lineman Terry "Tank" Johnson enters Cook ... CHICAGO - Tank Johnson was released Monday by the Chicago Bears, who are "embarrassed" by the defensive tackle's legal troubles and say he "compromised the credibility" of the team. Johnson was waived three days after he was pulled over by police in Arizona. He already had been suspended for the first eight games of the 2007 season for violating probation on a gun charge. He spent two months in jail and was released in May. "We are upset and embarrassed by Tank's actions last week," general manager Jerry Angelo said in a statement. "He compromised the credibility of our organization. We made it clear to him that he had no room for error. Our goal was to help someone through a difficult period in his life, but the effort needs to come from both sides. It didn't, and we have decided to move on." Police in the Phoenix s
That Fucking Bitch!
What the hell is up with some bitches? I viewed this one dumb ugly ass bitch, and didn't rate her until the second time, and she comes at me like a fucking psycho!!! I finally rated her, a 10 by the way, and then she fucking blocks me.. get over yourself... fucking bitch.
Lady In Red
check my new pictures and page out all my friends come back im here lol
R.i.p Jason Mearse 1978-2007
Jason was a wonderful man he did everything he could for me and my son Jason he loved us so much.We were is world everythung he did for us, he was a wonderful father for Jason, he wanted the best for him, even though he wasn't Jason's real dad he wanted to be, he loved him like he was his own.I never knew a love like Jason's,his love was one of a kind,he loved everything about me he cared so much for me,he was the first guy i have ever been with that made feel special, he made me feel loved all the time, he hardly ever argue he would have our disagreements but nothin big, we were hardly ever mad at each other,our relationship was perfect, i know it might have seemed to soon but 2 and half months after he got together we wanted to have a baby of our own so we started trying and i got pregnant 2 month later we were so happy that we were gonna have a baby and i knew he was going to a great dad cuz he already was a great to little Jason, he was so excited about having his own child he told
Gotta Luv It!
give me sucky.. give me fucky rub me down with rum and vodky... taste the salt taste the sugar.. dowse my body with jagermeister.... flip me over make me weep.. give me more of that sex on the beach... make me moan make me gasp... and end the night with a sweet piece of ass! give luv and kisses to all the peeps make em hot.. make em weep.. line the shots along the bar one by one.. watch them fall... lick the salt and suck the lemon make em horny.. and keep em guessin...... pour some more.. keep em comin.. cuz I ain't leavin til my bodys hummin!
Eating P*ssy!!!
There is nothing that makes a woman more unique than her pussy. Pussies come in all different sizes, colors and shapes. Some are tucked inside and some have thick luscious lips that come out to greet you. Some are nestled in brushes of fur and others are covered with transparent fuzz. Others are shaved clean for that deliciously soft and sensual look. Appreciate your woman's unique qualities and tell her what makes her special. Women are a good deal more verbal than men, especially during lovemaking. They also respond more to verbal love, which means, the more you talk to her, the easier it will be to give her a lasting impression and get her to BEG you for more. Hearing that you find her hot and sexy and that she smells good and tastes good while you are petting and stroking her beautiful pussy, makes her feel incredibly vulnerable to you, and can make a huge difference to her entire dynamic with you. A smart man knows how to be sincere and to a woman, this is the differenc
Stories (nsfw)
--- She wrote: so here i am emailing you..yet again... sorry i got really bored over the weekend... anyhow i don't know why u wouldn't enjoy it.. i want a candle lit bath.. in a really big tub.. bubbles and rose petals of course.. warm towels when i got out and the in the bedroom message oils... and tell me if you've heard this one before.... a naked u.. and u can take it from there.. sensuality i like sensuality... and its not a trait you find in many guys.... and most girls(emphases on "girls") i've been with the exclusion and why is it that i always like the "taken" ones??? (guys and girls of course) *deep sigh* --- I wrote: well, if you really minded e-mailing me I'm sure you wouldn't do it.. ;) it's okay, I'd probably get bored on the weekends as well if i didn't fill them up.. ooh.. going for all out sensual here.. sounds good to me.. you do seem to enjoy your rose petals. and i assumed I'd be naked, or would you have been enjoying the bath by yourself? I'm en
Lets Fuck
Want a couple or female to come fuck me and my boyfriend, no holds barred, just fuck us and make us cum and vice versa I really want a girl to come over and show me a good time tonight, wanna go down on you all night:P I need someone to help me with this, any tips would be great, i want my bofriend to cum like crazy, if ya wanna join thats fine too:P
Mimi's Little Rants
So, I just joined today. Wanted to give an apology and thank you to everyone who has commented on my profile and pics. I really appreciate your comments, I just can't figure out how to return 'em quite yet. I'm a little slow...blame it on the blondness! So that's really it for now. I'll update more a little later. Love y'all, Mimi
My Poetry
I just want to be free to find me, I need to have some time for myself, to find my dreams and where I belong. I never go anywhere I sit in this house day after day, I hardly have anywhere to go where I can be me. I have one friend that is always there for me. I don't know who I am or where I should be. All I can do now is dream who I'd like to be, and where I would like to be. I just need to find me and then I will know where I belong. U just need to be me, I need to be free!!! Written on 8-25-06 I don't know who I am anymore, I'm not sure if I have ever known. I don't know where I'm going in my life I'm sure I have never known. Some where in between becoming a mother, In between becoming a wife, I have lost myself somewhere along the way. For once in my life I wish I could, find myself and finally know me. I need some tome alone to find, who I an and where I want to be. I'm lost some where inside, could someone help find me find myself? I just
Saying Good-bye!
Today, I had to say my bestfriend. He will be leaving me and the family for 15 months to serve in Iraq. This will be his 4th time. It's hurts because I won't be able to pick up the phone and call when I'm having a bad day. The kids won't see him for such a long time. I guess it takes for them to leave for us to realize how much we really do care. My prayers and thoughts are with him and will always be.
Undressing You Ii
Undressing you Part2 Our eye meet…I can tell that you want me, you an feel you throbbing in me….Do you feel me tighten down on you…can you feel how much I want you…I am sitting in your lap..You grab me by my hair and pull…My back arches and you bite my nipples..I love it… You turn us slowly trying to make sure we don’t lose contact, you lay be down on the bed and roll me over….You go for the blind fold my anticipation grows…I am blind folded laying on the bed you place your hand on my stomach and pull to life me up…I feel your warmth behind me I cant wait…You bite me on my back side my body starts to quiver…I fell hot wax drip on my back…The pain feels so good I want more…You penetrate me….. To be Continued written by Satondra
Undressing You Iii
Undressing You Part 3 One stroke two strokes our bodies are intertwined… A thought comes to my mind… Will he like it will he try and stop it….I get him to stop, I remove the blind fold and ask him to lay down…I whisper in his ear do you trust me??? He moans yes….I go down and start kissing his inner thigh I lick and up and down his shaft letting him feel my warm breath cares him…He starts to shake…I slowly move my hands down near his inner thigh and rub on his balls…I slowly take my finger and cares around the whole…He flinches I stop for a second and tell him it is ok, just trust me…I move my heard down slowly and start to lick, he moans in ecstasy….Once again I move my finger down there this time he does not move… Its almost like he wants it…I penetrate he moans, two fingers he moans louder, as I place his man hood in my mouth and I taste him… Written by Satondra
Zodiac Sign
Taurus You are very stubborn, and your withdrawn nature makes you irresistible to hotties. You like sex to be romantic and passionate, and you know just how to make it that way. Your partners cannot resist your spontaneous and gentle nature. Sex matches: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn Take this quiz at
The Burning Times
The Pappenheimer's Torture of the Pappenheimers from 'Bamberger Halsgerichtordnung' (1508) The hapless family were pulled from their slumber and taken to jail. Ten-year-old Hänsel was left behind with the Pappenheimer's landlords. The next day, not knowing what else to do with him, the landlords took little Hänsel to the jail to be with his parents. The Pappenheimers were kept in the custody of a man by the name of Alexander von Haslang zu Haslangsreut, Grosshausen und Reid. Haslang had the responsibility of turning the Pappenheimer family into an example of extreme justice. After their capture, Haslang arranged for the interrogation and torture of the Pappenheimers. He accused the family of multiple crimes and of practicing witchcraft in league with the Devil. Although the Pappenheimers declared their innocence of crime and of witchcraft at first, a bit of carefully used torture made them change their plea. Fundamentally, Haslang was not terribly interested in th

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