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You scored as Bondage. Your turn on is bondage... all out. You don't have a specific part of kinky sex that turns you on more than any other... everything working together turns you on. And why shouldn't it? Sex isn't sex without all the trimmings.Bondage92%Whips83%Chains/Handcuffs83%Blind Folds75%Biting42%Blood0%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with You prefer Rough sex! You like it ROUGH. Hard, great, wonderful slamming sex is your type of sex. More the product of lust than love - and utterly horny - rough sex is what satisfies you. 'What is the best type of sex for you?' at
You Are 100% Bipolar You have some serious ups and downs, maybe to the point of endangering your own life. Consult a doctor to see if you may truly have bipolar disorder. Are You Bipolar? My score on The Your Type of Girl Test: The Hot Friend(33% Sexy-Cute, 48% Dark-Light, 46% Artsy-Stylish) img.catIMG { border:1px solid #000; } { background-color:#AA0000; color:#FFFFFF; } td.cute { background-color:#FFC3C3; color:#000000; } td.dark { background-color:#AAAAAA; color:#000000; } td.grey { background-color:#CCCCCC; color:#000000; } td.light { background-color:#DDDDDD; color:#000000; } td.artsy { background-color:#5B93E7; color:#000000; } td.neither { background-color:#7DAAEF; color:#000000; } td.stylish { background-color:#AECDFD; color:#000000; } { background-color:#F3F3F3; color:#000000; font-weight:bold; } Sexy, neither Dark nor Light, and neither Artsy nor Stylish, she's just the Hot Friend. You know you've got one of these. Great face, gre
Repost Please!
Sandcastle I stand upon a moonlit beachWith the Atlantic ending at my feetNorth east wind whips at my backFor penance and grace I sorely lackI stand with sadness across my facePlaced on Earth this lonely placeThe tide calls deep as it pulls the sandFrom under my feet where I standI'm in its trance but I won't goBut stand my ground with all I knowWhat life throws me I won't denyMakes me flicker wane laugh and cryBut one day soon my sands of timeWill drag me out with evening tideTill all I am is a memoryAn epitath that stands for all to readBut my heart has caught every grain that fallsThru my hourglass yes, I will catch them allAnd transform this life to infinity  With a place, a castle for you and me
The Happiness Experiment Pt1
Married to A loser Now a Full fledged Dyke I knew It was a Long shot But there is Just something About her I like Then she Flashed me On her cam Maybe I could Be her Man More pics Of her Breasts Followed by Many views Of her Beaver I am still Not certain But am Becoming a Believer I kept Sending her Poems As I am Her favorite Writer Then she said The magic Words She wants My penis Inside her This one is now my fave love ya Joe
My Laptop Backpack - Mobile Business
I travel extensively with my laptop computer, often storing it in a car trunk loaded with gear. The Ebox Laptop Carrying Case, which is strong enough to stand on, provides peace of mind that my computer won’t be smashed. Indeed, the case is waterproof, crush-proof, pressure sensitive, and lockable. For use in the field—say you’re an archeologist recording data at a dig—the Ebox Laptop Carrying Case is an alternative to something like the Panasonic Toughbook CF-30, which is a laptop made for the outdoors that can cost more than $3,000. A the case essentially converts a workaday laptop computer into a “Ebox” model for use in the outdoors.
Weekly Journals
yahoo address is: Hey everyone on my list...I conteplated deleting my profile, but decided not too....Im adding to my old friends list so dont be surprised if you get another request...Im still in Maryland for another half a week and then back to Calif...Hope you all had a happy halloween....PS it is fricking cold here!!!!! JT Hi all, Im leaving for Maryland for 2 weeks this Sunday...It'll be nice to get out of California, although it pertains to work (Navy/Marine Corps) class...Anyways leave me hot and steamy JT
The secound one is the sexiest binki contest.. I need 6 girls for that. Please hit me up in sb or massage me.. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Prizes are this 1 places Diamond earring. 2 places is 5,000 in store 3 is just a rose and something esle I am having a Tattoo Contest looking for 20 people to enter.If interested please contact me. DJ ColdFire~CLR~ Rock Star Queen CT Husband @ CherryTAP UPDATE 12 SPOTS OPEN FOR TATTOO CONTEST IF INTERSESTED PLEASE CONTACT ME. YOU CAN COMMENT AS MUCH YOU LIKE,BUT CAN COMMENT ON YOUR PIC. RATE COUNTS ALSO. GOOD PRIZES AWAREDED :) DJ ColdFire~CLR~ Rock Star Queen CT Husband@ CherryTAP
Hippie Train
59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin Groovy) (Remastered Version) - Harpers Bizarre Are You Feelin' Groovy? Join the Hippie Train! It's easy! Just fan, rate, and add everyone who has joined before you... or leave a comment on their profile if they are already your friend. In the friend request, or comment, put "Joining the Hippie Train" or "Feelin' Groovy" or a phrase from the 70's (let's see just how good your memory is!) When you are done with everyone on the list, send me a private message so I will know to add you. We are all here to have fun, so no drama please! In my dreams...or yours? ~*~Shadow Leveler~*~Fu Angel~*~Fu Bad Girl~*~The Pegasus Project~*~@ fubar ~TexasAngel~Rating Revolution Crew Member~@ fubar ~sensual-breeze~
My Mom
Not sure if I'm doing this right so bare with me, I'm Jessica, Gwyn's daughter...just thought I would put an update here about her...she is doing ok, well you know as good as can be expected. I've let her know about all the text messages to her phone from different people, I have no idea who ya'll are but really appreciate all prayers for her. The doctors do not think it's bad. She just really over did herself and this is stress related. They do not think she will have any sort of long term or permanant damage, she is just gonna have to take it easy. I will be checking in here daily for her, so I will try and update this as much as possible. Again thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for her. Hello everyone!!!! Thanks so much for all the love and support!!! OMGosh I had no idea...but yeah then again I did...thank you all so very much for all your prayers and love!!! My main thang to say and to my daughter Jessica who did so much to keep everyone informed about me...which she di
Independence Day
Just Ramblin'
For the following : 1) A CT big brother, must be able to protect me, when I want to be protected and watched out for. Must have no mercy for those that cause me pain, hurt, and just general unhappiness. lol. 2) A few CT Body Guards : must be able to throw down and kick ass in the utmost, when called upon. lol. 3) A CT boy toy : no description needed for what you'll be used for, and if you must ask, then you are NOT qualified! lol. 4) A CT tear wiper : must be there at the drop of a hat , with kleenex in hand for when I wanna share my bs sobs with ya. lol. Just shut up and listen to me and don't worry bout the shirt, it'll dry! lol. 5) A few good men, for a trial run on this whole CT 'my man/hubby/lova' thing. And no, you can't quit till I'm done with ya! lol MUAUAHAHAHAHA and last but not least....... 6) Somebody that's good at making me some weapons of ill destruction , like a huge spatula to spank with , or a fly swatter to swat those irritating fools away wi
Cherry Tap
Since starting back to work, I haven't had time to spend on puter, & now full time. Also, have been doing Volunteer work. I'm not complainning, just wanted to explain lack of responce from me. You all are cool, & live from all over! Part time coming back soon, hope to get in touch! Till then, we wish you all a ****Very Merry Christmas**** Butch & Cindy Took this part time job to buy Harley part's & such, kicking my Butt, but I love it. Great people, can't quit now! Hope I get use to it soon, cause I miss all of you. Have a Great Day you all, Butch There are a lot of cool people here, only trouble is keeping up with all of them. I say I'm not a people-person, but that's not true. Nice to meet all of you, near & far. It's the member's that make this site work, Cherry Tap is just the road there! Thank's, Butch
The Pregnant Turkey One year at Thanksgiving, my mom went to my sister's house for the traditional feast. Knowing how gullible my sister is, my mom decided to play a trick. She told my sister that she needed something from the store. When my sister left, my mom took the turkey out of the oven, removed the stuffing, stuffed a Cornish hen and inserted it into the turkey. She then stuffed the turkey again. She put the bird(s) back in the oven to cook. When it was time for dinner, my sister pulled the turkey out of the oven and proceeded to remove the stuffing. When her serving spoon hit something, she reached in and pulled out the little bird. With a look of total shock on her face, my mother exclaimed, "Patricia, you've cooked a pregnant bird!" At the reality of this horrifying news, my sister started to cry. It took the family two hours to convince her that turkeys lay eggs! Ode To A Turkey... Tis the night before Thanksgiving and all through our house No turkey
My Pink Ribbon
My Pink Ribbon      ( in memory of Joella Goodwin)       I never thought,   it would happen to me   after-all I was always   so Healthy.    No family history  just out of the blue,  neither me nor my family  had a clue.    They seemed so normal  and always there,  it couldn't happen to me,  so I never cared.  
cold as winter strong as stone, she faced the darkness all alone, a silver goddess a reflection a mirage a recollection, no return no turning back the past is gone the future black, serpents gather in there nest as she stands above the rest, shadows hunt she hunts the shadows, as she looks down upon a shattered youth a shattered mirror shows a shattered truth. i knew that you is what i needed in that tripp black miniskirt, hot topic shoppin with your girls a lil fuckin flirt, surprised by the fact you was into all kinds of dirt, surprise in your eyes when i made ur fuckin pussy squirt, grab you by ur dreadlocks  put u in a head lock,  choke you till ur twitchin baby  just dont make the bed rock.  now you know what i got for that little hotbox  take it to the limit now you all about the BOONDOX!!
Next Broken Crap
So deep in her thoughts,Is where I long to be.Buried into her heart,Will this she ever see.In days of old,This would be my lifelong quest.To search only for her,Forsaking all the rest.I wish my God would smile on me,And make this beauty's heart mine.Then I would have the greatest treasure,And cherish it for all time. Deep inside her eyes,My whole world could be.Can my words open them,So she will look apon me.In time trust will be given,And hearts can fly across a sea.Inside her them she'll hold mine,And hers deeply locked inside of me.So for now beauty I give you my hand,Together hand in hand,we will grow.And maybe it will become the greatest love,That you or I will ever know. Someday I'll kiss those lips,And take her breath away.Pick her up in my arms closely,There forever she will stay.Right now for us it is a dream,Like when first falling asleep.But each day I'll reach to her heart,Till I feel each and every beat.For now beauty send me your kisses,And for now your smile to hold true
Eria's Blog
Depression Depression in so many It's always so sad to see The numbers are uncanny Just take a look at me So many in pain unseen As depression numbers rise Sometimes life can be so mean Just look into my eyes Afraid to go home Don't know how to deal You're feeling so alone This is how I feel Zoe Elsworth And now, the end is near; And so I face the final curtain. My friend, Ill say it clear, Ill state my case, of which Im certain. Ive lived a life thats full. Ive traveled each and evry highway; And more, much more than this, I did it my way. Regrets, Ive had a few; But then again, too few to mention. I did what I had to do And saw it through without exemption. I planned each charted course; Each careful step along the byway, But more, much more than this, I did it my way. Yes, there were times, Im sure you knew When I bit off more than I could chew. But through it all, when there was doubt, I ate it up and spit it out. I fac
Lets Show Our Support
I PRAYED FOR STRENGTH... I PRAYED FOR PEACE... I PRAYED TO BRING HIM HOME TO ME. YET HE NEVER MADE IT HOME. R.I.P. JAMES A CHANCE. "JIMMY" I LOVE YOU AND ILL ALWAYS MISS YOU. R.I.P. TO EVERY FALLEN SOLDIER THAT HAS DIED DEFENDING MY FREEDOM. MAY GOD PROTECT THE ONES STILL FIGHTING AND WATCH OVER THEIR FAMILIES AS THEY DEAL WITH THE PAIN OF THEIR LOVED ONES GOING TO BATTLE. Music Video Codes By Music R.I.P. SPC James A. Chance "Jimmy" November 6th 2003 "My Hero My Friend" SPC James A. Chance "Jimmy" to his loved ones and friends was a child that dreamed of growing up and being a soldier. On the day he turned 18 he went and enlisted. His dream was becoming reality. Never thinking that down the road he may meet the woman he would want to have children with and want to marry, Jimmy took to army life like a fish towater. He never wanted to leave the military. In Feb 2001, I met Jimmy at a friends house. He was home on leave. We hit it off from the start. He was kin
Phoenix Nest
Alright people Have been asking what I want already, and for a few weeks before this one. since like a month and a couple days , any way. here's a list of things that I want! Not what I might get... but here's what i want!!(some I can't spell so...whatever) Loves Labors Lost( Kenneth Brenough) More D&D Books( Dragon Magick) Capt. Morgans Tattoo Baronjager Chambored Tarot Deck( whatever as long as they're new(ish) ( would prefer the Thoth, and Cat People) Pagan Books( Karma Sutra( the old book not the nudie pics), Drum Healing) A car (hehe yea i know) To hang with friends before rehersal at 7.( yea fat chance) To see something cool at PPAC( Rent, Spamalot...) A Steady Job( yea i know, last time i promise) Weapons HYpnotic New Note book for writing or BOS Candles Lion King The Musical(CD) Music a nice shirt sneakers, or boots (8 1/2-9) a whip silk rope (wait wrong list...but...) a steak dinner ice cream( mint chocotale cookie ) a massage time...talking, hangin
I Was........
I was old before i was young, the question thus becomes, where am i? and where have i run ? from, who am i ? and why do i have this gun? run. away into your pleasantries the beast and i are one. run. away into eternity became a sungod son eternal. not strung along by funds. subdermal. the beast and i are one. run. right back from where you came from. all ive ever needed is the one. me and my monster sungodsons.
Halloween Poem
Bushes quiver where shadows lean, and not a sliver of moon is seen. Near the river some goblins (green) with a witch in front and a ghost in between Make me sh..i..vvvver, but I am keen about the shivers of Halloween. 'Twas Halloween night as I leaped from my bed, With thoughts of amusement going through my head. Turned off my computer and thought as I may Of vampires of old and vampires of today. Of spooky old movies and Halloween parties, Of course trick or treating (hope they don't hand out Smarties). And witches and ghosts and gravediggers, I fear, So that old haunted house, I will never go near. When you see spooky places, just take my advice, And don't go in rooms filled with ghosts, bats, and mice. So don't risk your life going looking for spooks, Just go to a party with some good friendly kooks. Or gather your family, carve a pumpkin and think What to have your kids do, and go pick up a drink. Tell a joke to your friends, but be careful, you
* Happy Birthday Karina *!*
* Happy Birthday to Karina * Isis * Het Heru * Ntr * Ix * Balam * Today is my magickal master number of a birthday - 33! This day also signifies an official "REBIRTH" of Karina On this day of my birth, I wish you always blissful blessings of peace, love, prosperity, abundance, good health, serenity and happiness. I thank you for for your kind offers of Happiness on this day of celebration of my birth and life and I would like to extend that to others in full open heart chakra vibration. A selection of my birthday wishes from others to share with other December babies - as well as to celebrate and honour each of you whether or not today is the day of your birth ! .. ..¨¨)) -:¦:- ¸... ...¨¨)) ((¸¸... .... Happy birthday -:¦:- -:¦:- ((¸¸...* On this day, I would like to celebrate each of you and let you know I am thankful and grateful for your life and your presence here on Earth. Thank you for blessing my life with your beautiful spirit. In
When The Hours Seem Long
mistakes are made lessons are learned, new paths are paved by bridges buried if that path your head is turned the gift of failure you have earned.... I remember the stories i was told when i was small, when the princess was in trouble all she had to do was call, now that i am older i know thats not all true cause every waking moment my heart cries out to you, if you see god theres one thing you can do, tell god i would give anything for one more day with you, i would give my eyes to see you as happy as you have been, i would give my voice to tell you are my father and a friend, i would give my heart to save you cause with out you i am alone, i would give my life with out regret, if would come back home... this was wrote for my dad that died 3 yrs ago... Holley Bess Thoughts of you bring sunny skies, when i look up at the sunny skies, i take a moment and close my eyes, as the sun beats down upon my face i smile as i picture your face, up in the clouds
Great Movies
To See My Naughties!!!!
> Ok you guys here is another chance for you to have me all to yourself...You have to admitt love from me is Well I can hope. Come bid on me... Be My new BFF HERE IS THE LINK TO OWN ME!
Guy's Rules
        GREAT NEW PHOTOS Here SHE is!  As you scroll down, notice the two twin towers on top.
Info On The "just Some Stuff I Write" Category
A little info on the "just some stuff I write" category. They are in no particular order. Some are even older than the time I've been on fu. They may not be for anyone specific or they may be for you. If indeed it is for you...more than likely you will get it via email or some other way. I write because I write, sometimes it flows and sometimes it doesn't. Some are pretty fucking good and let's face it....some are garbage. But I think it's smart to post the garbage as well. Just to show how the Muse works or doesn't work. Some are rantings that must be purged or it will poison me inside. I do write from deep within but sometimes it is embellished in some form to make it work. I am not always miserable (ok a lot of times I am). But it mostly works for the type of writing I do. And I am by far NOT the best (I have seen some amazing stuff on here) But writing is good for the soul therefore I do it. So I just wanted say that they are not in the order they were written. For some reason I th
Stuff I Write
One perfect night Out of nowhere I seen your screen name come up on my screen usually this doesnt messaging me first so my heartbeat sped up slightly as i typed "hello" to you little did i know that i had just made the first step into having the Perfect Night we made small talk and i showed you my new photos you asked me what i was doing and of course my response was nothing i let you know i missed you and that we should hangout all of a sudden im on the phone with you and you youre on your way to come see me as i talk to you and youre telling me the exit #s your at i just think to myself "can this really be happening" you have no idea how many times this exact situation ran through my head closer and closer you get the more anxious im getting...a smile never dropping off my face youre phone begins to get a weak signal thats when i know its real youre really on your see me you pull in and within seconds of being here you reached for a
To fight aloud is very brave, But gallanter, I know, Who charge within the bosom, The cavalry of woe. Who win, and nations do not see, Who fall, and none observe, Whose dying eyes no country Regards with patriot love. We trust, in plumed prosession, For such the angels go, Rank after rank, with even feet And uniforms of snow. Last night we kissed, you kissed my pain away. You said 'I love you' If I would have known, I'd have said 'Me too'. Now tonight its to late You're gone from me forever. The lord took you away and now my pain is killing me Soon I'll be with you again to say 'Me too' You're suppose to love me, say you're proud of me. But you don't even call to say 'hi how are you?' It's not OK to hate me, I'm part of you like the others and you love them. You're suppose to fight off bad guys, keep me out of trouble. But you won't come around to see me through hard times. I thought fathers were suppose to love their chil
My Stuff
To All My Friends On Here
If my wish came true, I'd spend the whole day in bed with you. I love to imagine all we could do, if we made our erotic dreams come true! oxoxoxox Preston Lying , thinking Last night How to find my soul a home Where water is not thirsty And bread loaf is not stone I came up with one thing And i don't believe I'm wrong That nobody , But nobody Can make it out here alone .... Alone, all alone Nobody , but nobody Can make it out here alone... There are some millionaires With money they can't use Their wives run round like banshees Their children sing the blues They've got expensive doctors To cure their hearts of stone ..... But nobody Nobody Can make it out here alone .. Alone , all alone Nobody , but nobody Can make it out here alone ... Now if you listen closely I'll tell you what i know Storm clouds are gathering The wind is gonna blow The race of man is suffer
Brain Cramps....stupid People Quotes...
"We are ready for an unforeseen event that may or may not occur." --Al Gore, VP "It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it." --Al Gore, Vice President "If somebody has a bad heart, they can plug this jack in at night as they go to bed and it will monitor their heart throughout the night. And the next morning, when they wake up dead, there'll be a record." --Mark S. Fowler, FCC Chairman
Ash and smoke still in the least as of yesterday the santa ana condition is gone and some humidity is back in the air. The off shore breeze we all love so much is now bringing the smoke and ash back to shore, which is a bit ironic. My friend, Ellen and the rest of the street were able to go back to their homes as of Friday... after being evacuated since Monday! At least my good friends have a home to go back to! Fires all around are barely 50% contained and they've been burning since Sunday/Monday... having delays in air rescue as well as hurricane force winds have caused complete devastation... you'd swear a bomb went off. Houses and cars didn't just burn they incinerated/melted. On the other hand, know about more friends that their families have lost their homes and some acquaintances of mine did lose theirs. Just 5 miles from Ellen's home is where I grew up and the fire was confirmed just yards away from my home I grew up in - over 30 years in that home - and an
For Those Thinking Of Committing Fuicide
Considering deleting your account? This is called "Fuicide". ANYONE with a VIP must wait until the VIP expires. If you are above level 21, you MUST do the following: Turn off EVERYTHING but your name and one photo, including all alerts. Make sure all information and photos are deleted. This means that you will just be numbers and there is no personal data on your page. Once that is finished, send a private message to FUBAR SUPPORT. We'd really like you to stay so please take 3 minutes to play this, read along and think about it first. If you'd still like to commit fuicide afterward, and you're level 20 or less, Follow the instructions at the bottom... Through early morning fog I see, visions of the things to be, the pains that are withheld for me, I realize and I can seeeeee... that FUICIDE is painless, It brings on many changes, and I can take or leave it if I pleeeeease. The game of life is hard to play, I'm gonna lose it anyway, The losing card I'll somed
Salute Time Again!
    It's that time again for me to make salutes for people. I will make them this week. Leave a comment below if you want one. If you already have one, no need for another. Have a blessed day!! :D      
Other Pieces.
the words you put into my mouthtasted bitter, and jealousthey were taintedi spat them out as quickly as you ran from conflict some things are best left unsaidbut understand i'm thinking themdo you understand now? i grabbed you by the hair and pulled your head back,pulled your face out of the grassi stared into your eyesalready your face had started to swell.your eyes were wide with fear and hate i feed off of that energyi can smell fear on youas well as those drinks you hadin your system that allowed youbravery, if only for a few moments. i spoke in even, calm tonesdo not ever, ever speak to me like thatnot ever again. nod if you understand.i briefly let your hair go, and your neck, weak with strainlet your head fall back into the mud and the grass.i rolled you over with my shoe,you coughed a little, it was weak and faint. i said, do you understand me?you whimpered then, barely audible.your tears were enough of an answer for me. i kicked you in the disgust m

I learned an old saying that went something like this...   If there is ever something you truly love you must set it free it will one day return if it was ment to be but if it don't... then track it down and kill it before it grows for it could have never realy been true at all and there for was never truly meant to be in the first place you see...   May be harsh but it came from a harsh place and time and some how has never left my mind some times i wonder why and at others i know exactly why   because that's the way love goes it lives AND it dies all to often in the blink of an eye.   Walking through the woodsin my Little red riding hoodon my way to your housetip toeing quiet as a mouse carrying with me a basket of goodscheese,crackers,and a bottle of winehot dumplings,spread of thighfor desert an even till of sweet cherry pie tucked under arm a worm,cozy blanketjust for you and I to lay as we sit to enjoya fine dinner ofword and play Now take care and read close
Photo Ideas
Level 1: (x) Smoked A Cigarette (x) Smoked A Cigar (x)  Kissed a member of the same sex..even if its not on the lips. (x) Drank Alcohol   SO FAR: 4   Level 2 (x) Are / Been In Love (x) Been Dumped ( ) Shoplifted (x ) Been Fired ( ) Been In A Fist Fight   SO FAR: 7   Level 3 (x) Had A Crush On An Older Person () Skipped School ( ) Slept With A Co-worker (x) Seen Someone / Something Die   SO FAR: 9   Level 4 (x) Had / Have A Crush On One Of Your Facebook Friends () Been To Paris () Been To England () Been On A Plane (x) Thrown Up From Drinking   SO FAR: 11   Level 5 (x) Eaten Sushi () Been Snowboarding (x) Met Someone BECAUSE Of Facebook/Myspace/MXit () Been in a Mosh Pit   SO FAR: 13   Level 6 (x) Taken Pain Killers (x) Loved/Liked Someone Who You Can't Have (x) Laid On Your Back And Watched Cloud Shapes Go By (x) Made A Snow Angel   SO FAR: 17   Level 7 (x) Had A Tea Party  (x) Flown A Kite  (x) Built A Sand Castle (x) Gone Mudding
More Pics Of Me--wet_lips
these are webcam pics...visit me to get the link There are SO many absolutely stunning women on LC, and I would be so thrilled if you came by this ADULT FORUM SITE and checked it out. There are lots of men who would love to talk to you. Granted, it's no way near as cool as LC, but it's still a place to meet people and be nice and naughty :D Just click the link below! So please, feel free to drop by and check it out, and if you feel compelled to do so, please, take a moment to sign up. You can set up your own gallery and blog and start off posting in the forums right away. Post whatever you'd like, either pics of yourself, of others, random porn, whatever! or simply post a discussion subject. Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be of some fun. So please, stop on by :) **kisses and hugs** **Oh, and of course, you men can feel free to stop by as well, after all, the more, the merrier I always say
My So Called Life
My mothers smile (all the tears) I’ve never been my mother With her strength I wish I was She laughs at what would beak me down She’ll hug me just because But through all the tears I’ve wiped away, I have my mothers smile I find her hope amazing She’s found the help of faith She’s found all the joy in life Through all the love and hate But through all the tears I’ve wiped away, I have my mothers smile She’ll amaze you with her wisdom The kind I wish I knew She’ll show the true compassion With the hurt that she’s been through. But through all the tears I’ve wiped away, I have my mothers smile. someday she won’t be here But I’ll hold her in my soul Because no matter what the distance I will always know Through all the tears I’ll wipe away I have my mothers smile…… it is 6:49 in the morning and i cant sleep anymore. i am getting married in about 9 hours to the man of my dreams. i never thought i would re marry again one failed attemp
Being Caught
Mid day Pleasures of the Flesh... WHat a Bitch Grouchy, elitist, jumping down everyone's throat Ah lunch time fast approaches An hour away form the Dragon Lady Take a Late Lunch Work for you to do Smiles from departiong co-workers As I march to her office, pissed beyond words As the last person departed for lunch she locked her office door Curtains drawn, lights low Ths began her transformation Handing me a taste of sweet blueberry brandy Dream or reality, Is this the dragon Lady? I said you have work to do, Drink it! Doing as she commanded, intrigued Stripping with the grace of a eagle and the prowess of a Lioness My body on fire, and under her spell Yet told not to touch or undress Mama commands and demands Be a Good Boy and Mama will reward you Her long flowing hair, grogeous breasts, glistened sex Divine Perfection, Envy of the Universe My own prowess and control betrayed me My mind, body, soul, in tune with and under her control STan
For All Family Members
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Ann's Blogs
Ok, thats a story I just found on yahoo. It was cute,so I thought I share it here for the ones who missed it. It came from Reuters btw. Chocoholic squirrel steals treats from shop Thu Aug 2, 10:44 AM ET A Finnish squirrel with a sweet tooth heads to a Finnish grocery shop at least twice a day to steal "Kinder Surprise" chocolate-shelled eggs. "I named it the Kinder-squirrel, after the treats. It always goes after them, other sweets do not seem to interest it as much," the manager of the store in Jyvaskyla, central Finland, told Reuters. The confectionary, which is intended for children, has a toy inside. "It removes the foil carefully, eats the chocolate and leaves the store with the toy," Irene Lindroos said. Unfortunately, the bushy-tailed thief does not clean up after itself, but leaves the wrappers behind, she added. Squirrels have a well deserved reputation for being clever and adaptable animals. Many a home owner has seen the small rodents raiding thei
Perver City.
Perver City Lies within the Eyes (Thighs) of the Beholder. FIRST INSTALLMENT die Melkmaschine
Celebrity Trifectas
Win - Dick Martin (comedian, created 'Laugh-In') Place - Sidney Pollack (actor/director) Show - Harvey Koreman ('Carol Burnett Show', Blazzing Saddles, High Anxiety, History of the World Part 1) Win - Brett Sommers ('Match Game", wife to Jack Klugman) Place - Marcel Marseau (mime, "Silent Movie") Show - Joey Bishop (talk show host, member of the Rat Pack) Did you ever realize that celebrities died in threes, like a horserace? One just finished today! Win - Bill Walsh (SF 49ers head coach) Place - Merv Griffin ("Merv Griffin Show", created "Jepardy!" and "Wheel of Fortune") Show - Phil Rizutto (former NY Yankees SS and broadcaster)
Editing Blog Practice
The Kingdom of the Wolves is growing,and in doing so has elected to start a new bombing platoon known as Spirit of the Wolf.... If you're interested in learning to bomb,have time to spend on contests helping our fammily members to win,have the pack mentality of INTEGRITY,LOYALTY,HONOR,then come join us.... Don't know how to bomb,not sure if you would like it???Come give it a try,we'll teach you how it's done...there's nothing like helping family to win....remember Spirit of the Wolf is a part of Kingdom of the's family... you can contac any of the 3 of us to inquire,just click one of the links below.... *FTW Shredded Heart *Fubar Wife To *Lord Wolf * First Lady To K.O.W.*R.B.W.*Master Morpher Royal Eliet Bomber@ fubar chrisgrl41~kow~~LONE WOLF~G-SPOTTER@ fubar Honey~Angel*proud subject of the Kingdom of the Wolves*advisor/mediator~ Spirit of the Wolf Pla@ fubar *LORD WOLF*Founder Kingdom of Wolves.@ fubar Ice man K.O.W.~Liaisons Officer@ fu
i really shouldn't join another auction since i just moved to another state and not done unpacking yet......but i did :P heres what i'm offering 1. rate all stash 2. rate all pics &re-rate when reset 3. 1 water rflection pic 4. 1 morph pic 5. add as #1 family member click the pic to bid :D want to own me? i'm in an auction the starting bid must be 50k fubucksthe auction will close 2-15-08 3 PM Central Time heres what i'll be offering for the aiction rate all pics and stash during HH 2 salutes owned by____in my name 2 morphs add to my family list add to yahoo, or msn i'll keep you drunk for the month you own me daily comment for a month random gifts for a month i'll put your link on my page in the about me section just click on the pic below and start bidding i'm going to be in yet another yes another one :p it will start March 12th at 10:00 am pst and will end on March 16th at 10:00pm pst minimum bid will start at 200k
Not So Easy..
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Patricia 2. A four letter word: Piss 3. A boy's name: Patrick 4. A girl's name: Paula 5. An occupation: Pimp 6. A colour: Purple 7. Something you wear: Pants 8. A food: Pasta 9. Something found in the bathroom: Plunger 10. A place: Paris 11. A reason for being late: Passed out 12. Something you shout: Piss Off 13. A movie title: Platoon 14. Something you drink: Prune Juice 15. A musical group: Primus 16. An animal: Panda 17. A street name: Pennsylvania Ave. 18. A type of car: Prius 19. The title
Love is what I seebut he dont see meNow that we are apart I love no one elseIt doesnt failI sit here and thinkhe told me nothing deepI wish he could see the love i feel for himHe cant seeWhen he said he loved me he didnt mean it I see love in my eyes I see love in the skysI see love nothing morebut im still here than beforeYou still dont love meI see love I see nothing before than I saw beforeI see love it doesnt matter as it seemsI see love in my dreamsI didnt see love in your eyes when we said our goodbyesI see love no more..... heart wrenching sobs  hurtful sighs  wanting you between my thighs regretful thoughts  your warmth i sought wanting more than just a game hurting me its your shame leaving me alone to dwell  why did i ever let you in my shell showing my tears my worst fears what more can my heart take take the pain away for you put it there it seems its not my heart you want to share thanks for letting me know you care!   marilyn bird 
Supermoon 3/19/11
'Supermoon' Rises: Biggest Full Moon in 18 Years Occurs Saturday Night.   Thanks to a fluke of orbital mechanics that brings the moon closer to Earth than that it has been in more than 18 years, the biggest full moon of 2011 will occur on Saturday, leading some observers to dub it a "supermoon." On Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, the moon will arrive at its closest point to the Earth in 2011:  a distance of 221,565 miles (356,575 kilometers) away. And only 50 minutes earlier, the moon will officially be full. t its peak, the supermoon of March may appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than lesser full moons (when the moon is at its farthest from Earth), weather permitting. Yet to the casual observer, it may be hard to tell the difference. Spotting the supermoon The moon has not been in a position to appear this large since March 1993. In December 2008, there was a near-supermoon when the moon turned full four hours away from its perigee
God Mode
  Want bombed?? Well she needs points R/L/C love on her     FAIREST OF ALL@ fubar  
The Reasons I Am A Bitch
Everybody who has a dog calls him "Rover" or "Boy". I call mine "Sex." He is a great pal, but he has caused me a great deal of embarrassment. When I went to city hall to renew his dog license, I told the clerk I would like a license for Sex. He said, "I'd like one, too!" Then, I said "But this is a dog." He said he didn't care what she looked like. Then, I said, "You don't understand. I've had Sex since I was 9 years old." He winked and said, "You must have been quite a kid." When I got married and went on my honeymoon, I took the dog with me. I told the motel clerk that I wanted a room for my wife and me and a special room for Sex. He said, "You don't need a special room. As long as you pay your bill, we don't care what you do." I said, "Look, you don't seem to understand. Sex keeps me awake at night." The clerk said, "Funny - I have the same problem." One day, I entered Sex in a contest, but before the competition began, the dog ran away. Another contestant asked me why I was j
Elemetery School
I was in the 3rd grade, & in the middle of class I had to pee, so I raised my hand to ask if I could go to the bathroom, The teacher said I had to wait. So I waited like 5 minutes, by this time I really have to go, so I raised my had again to ask, well my teacher tells me I have to wait... OK so I wait, well the 3rd time I really cant wait, so once again I raise my hand to ask & to my surprise my teacher tells me to say my abc's then I may go, So I say abcdefghijklmno.qrstuvwxyz.... The teacher asked me wheres the p I said running down my leg...
New Friend
Please Add This Wonderful Guy! Hes new to Fubar! Lets Make him Feel good! killaken@ fubar
Family Add
Ok..I am up dating this!   I have about 7 albums with over 700 xxx action pics in them! Some are of me with another girl, some are of me playing with toys, some are of me with a man, some of just of me naked up close! Being in my family gets u everything bellow plus extra points when I run a famp! I also rate my family everyday! Here is how the family add & stuff is gonna go now:   25 credit bling pack- gets u in family for one month plus 2 nsfw salutes   65 credit bling pack- gets u in family for 6 months, yim add & 2 naughty salutes   135 credit bling pack- gets u in family from now on, an album of private naughty pics, yim add, see me on cam, cell # 4 texting   350 credit bling pack- gets u in family from now on, album of private naughty pics, yim add, 3 cam shows & 3 phone calls   1000 credit bling pack- gets u in family from now on, album of private naughty pics, yim add, 2 cam show a month for 6 months, 1 phone call a week for 6 months & can talk about doin
So Tru
Just finishing up the last of the Mangos! Mangos! that Michelle and I bought at the LB B of A over New Year's weekend. Mmmmmmmmmman, these things are sticky! Sweet as hell...and now I got a sticky keyboard and I need to floss my teeth! Yummmmm!!! Missing ma girls! XOXOXO Christa Happy Loooooong Weekend! Stay sexy! Christa Myspace Graphics, Glitter Graphics, Layouts PuRrPoWeR@ CherryTAP that's how it always ends up eventually. everyone has things that keep them busy. everyone except me. sure there are options, but why am i so selective? destined for this life...forever? is anyone else really all THAT happy? it might just be a facade.
To All My Sexy Boyz And Gurlz
Sexy Babygirl
I WAS PUT IN THIS BY A FRIEND ,, I'M STILL LEARN THINGS SO I DONT BELONG TO A BOMB GROUP YET SO IF YOU WANT AND COULD SHOW SUM LUV MANY THANX AND LUV 2 YA HERES THE LINK TO THE CONTEST As I stood there, in that desolate place, observing the minions of life, she appeared from nowhere, her eyes, fixed on me, as if with evil intent. She approached me and took my hand, but with no words. We admired each other from so close, yet, it felt as if she was worlds away. Her hair shone in the evening light as if it were sewn from stands of diamonds, her skin was smooth as silk, it was as if she was an angel. I had never seen anyone like her in my entire life. We stood there for what felt like an eternity. She smiled at me, the temptation was too great, I pulled her close to me and kissed her. It was a passionate yet unruly kiss, it was so meaningful, yet, it meant nothing. The clouds gathered and soft rain began to fall from the darkend skys. We ran underneath a tre
What People On Here Do That's Funny
One person I know here claims to know baby jesus, yet never met him. He claims to have discussions with this guy, but I have never heard a word from baby jesus, ever, have any of you? Another friend claims to have a long distance relationship with someone on here, but she never met him. Others claim that these sort of relationships work, but they sure haven't for me. Good luck if you have one of these relationships. One friend seriously loves her mumms, and she get really sensitive when people don't vote on them. She thinks highly of mumms. Other's don't give a care and write mean things in them, so the world goes on. Some people really like cutesy baby animal pics on here. Some people like burning buildings and people on fire. Do you think those types of people are actually friends on here? hmm, maybe.. One person I know who is not young pastes young model pics on their page, even as the main pic. Obviously the person doesn't look like this, but no one ever says anything, and
Have you ever watched kids on a merry go round? Or listened to the rain slapping on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight? Or gazed at the sun into the fading night? You'd better slow down. Dont dance so fast. Time is short. The music wont last. do you run through your day on the fly? when you ask "how are you" do you hear the reply? when the day is done do you lie in your bed with the next hundred chores running through your head? you'd better slow down. dont dance so fast. time is short. the music wont last. ever told your child, we'll do it tomorrow? and in your haste, not see their sorrow? ever lost touch, let a good friendship die cause you never had time to call and say "hi" you'd better slow down. dont dance so fast. time is short. the music wont last. when you run so fast to get somewhere you miss half the fun of getting there. when you worry and hurry t
Stories In Ink
a friend made one of these to tell her tattoo story. I thought it was a pretty good idea. I got my first tattoo in Ancon City, Panama in the Panama canal zone. Since I was in the Navy, I figured that I really needed to have an eagle. Since it was before the Internet in 1987, I found a design in a magazine and took the paper picture in with me to the shop. I had this tattoo redone in mid January 2007. I figured there wasn't anything more stereotypical to add to a eagle tattoo than an American Flag so she added that behind it while freshening up the all black design with some brown. The brown has mixed with the black underneath it after 2 years so it isn't as noticeable. I got my next tattoo in the same shop in Panama. I have a large family on my mother's side. With 13 Aunts and Uncles, the oldest were having children before the youngest were out of the house. My oldest first cousin is the same age as my mother. The idiot attended a family reunion and proclaimed that "we have Indians i
Auction Time!!!
      Soldier Of Fortune - Fu Hubby & R/L B/F To Jenna@ fubar
The Little Thing's In Life !!!
Real People!!!!
wow got me some more 1's i am so special. lol what i want is for babyjesus to make it so you get notified if some one markes you les than 5 so you can block that person or mark there pics like -10 you know it bugged me that people would come on my page and rate a pic of mine a 4 or a 7. but 2 people just droped a 1 on my pic. stupid bastards. look if you don't like someones pic thats cool but you are trying to be insulting and you are just stupid get over your self. if you feel you have to rate a pic of me a 1 cool. i am not trying to date you so stasy the hell off my page.oh yeah late at night when you are whacking off to internet porn that is me laughing at you. NAUGHTY " Application just between you and me 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think i'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about ha
Younger Men
Been here n texas 3 weeks..same old story. The only guys ever interested are either way too young...19, 22...or way too old...69..72...I have no idea why life is doing this...I know someone up there is lying on the floor rolling in laughter ...saying send her another young one...make sure he lives with his That time of the year again. I have purchased the ticket and reserved a room. Plan on being in myrtle beach one week for the spring bike week...Any of my friends wanna meet....give me a holla I have been pursuing something I don't think exists...I have put rules in my bring order and some sense of purpose to it. I stopped dating younger men and would only go out with guys my age. Well this has not been working. Men my age are tired,have lots of baggage,and are not able to keep up physically. cannot deal with erection problems. I am not jesus, I cannot make the limp AGENDA>>>Stop being so picky..."The most beautiful and wonderful things in this
Level M¥LF™ she has auto 11's ☆ M¥LF™ ☆Co-Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties☆OWNED BY COLONEL☆SER GREETER@ fubar I love this girl, she is the sweetest, and wants to level before her bday, level this beauty before the 27th Disclaimer: pssst, be vewy vewy careful, she might be highly addictive MEOWPURRR My Sexeh new Owner I LUV my Hooooman, she iz vewy vewy SEXY, and some of it iz wubbing off. Show her love, or my claws R comin out. She haz speshal places in my heart. Disclaimer: pssst, be vewy vewy careful, she haz bigger claws than minez Brought to you by her Boi Kitteh:
I Love Music
†Яåîñ†ஐ Owner of WYKD@ fubar ~*~PIA~*~Co-owner of WYKD~*~@ fubar dragon * WYKD Bartender *@ fubar   DO YOU KNOW THIS SEXY AND SWEET FEMALE BELOW??? IF NOT, YOU NEED TO GO CHECK HER OUT... BC YOUR MISSIN OUT.. So Letz Go ♥ Her Up!! Rate,Fan,Add,♥ THE HELL OUTTA Her HardCore Fu Style!!! Look at this Princess!!!!! How can you not stop by and say HI!!! †Яåîñ†ஐ Owner of WYKD@ fubar
Lost Love Poems
All the words you said to me, that seemedto be so true, were nothingbut thoughtless lies, that i thought would never come from you. They seemd so real and seemed so true ! I was in love with you. But i should have known it was all an art, just another girl to add to your list of broken hearts. I wonder why i still think about you after all your lies and sweet talking words. I thought you cared. I could never be with you again, you lied to me. I've decided to let you go. April 8th 2009 I am so in love with a guy who doesn't know it, thats because i am afraid to show it. He would get upset if he knew how i feel. If i told him our friendship might have to end. Then i couldn't even have him as a friend. I hate how this all goes through my head. If only i could taste your sweet kiss, maybe then i would know about all this, I would know for sure this was true. But now all i can say is that i love you. So please give me just once chance to show you true, sweet love. I owe it to you, for all
to my friends Thank you for being there when I needed you... and even when I didn't, Thank you for being there through the good times... and the bad, Thank you for being there to encourage my dreams.... and my crazy ideas, Thank you for catching me... before I fell down, Thank you for wiping away the tears... when I was crying, Thank you for cheering me up... and making me laugh, Thank you for all the great memories... and the bad, But most of all... thank you... For being you! I LOVE MY NANNY AND I MISS HER SO MUCH SHE WAS MY WORLD ITS SO HARD TO TALK ABOUT HER IN THE PAST TENSE I STILL CATCH MYSELF TALKING ABOUT HER IN THE PRESENT EVERYDAY, THERE ISNT A DAY THAT HAS GONE BY THAT I HAVENT THOUGHT ABOUT HER. I SIT AND THINK TO MYSELF IS SHE REALLY GONE...NO SHE CANT BE BECAUSE I STILL FEEL LIKE SHES HERE, THAT WHEN EVER I WANT I CAN JUST STOP BY HER HOUSE AND SHE'LL BE THERE. HOW CAN SOMEONE THAT WAS SO FULL OF LIFE BE HERE ONE DAY AND THEN GONE THE NEXT. IM STILL HAVING
Christmas Is A Week Away.
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My Thoughts???!!!!
You have a sexual IQ of 156 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at No Wrong Response Experiences Shape Your Reactions Our view of the universe is largely determined by our experiences. It is when we are caught off guard by the spontaneity of existence that we are most apt to respond authentically, even when our feelings do not correspond with those of the multitude. Events that arouse strong emotions with us or are surprising in nature can be disquieting, for it often is in their aftermath that we discover how profoundly our histories have shaped us. The differences that divide us from our peers are highlighted in our reactions when these diverge from the mainstream, and this can be highly upsetting because it forces us to confront the uniqueness of our
It's 4:20 With Spliff!!!!
MySpace Codes hey ladys, comment and tell me if you like this will it kill you to comment girls!!!!!!! 715745@ CherryTAP DO I LOOK LIKE MICK FOLEY? PLEASE VOTE YES OR NO
This And That...
On Monday I took half the day off from work so I could go meet my little boy at school so we could have lunch together. His dad lives way across town from where I live so his school is 35m away...yes it is a lot. But the look on his face when I walked into that cafeteria made the distance, the fighting traffic and having to arrange things at work so I can leave early all worthwile. He was so happy to see me. I was just as happy to see him. He wanted to share his lunch with me, but I told him that was ok since I had brought my own ham & chez sandwich...he did trade my orange capri sun for his cherry It seems I got myself a new dog...showed up out of nowhere last friday when I got home from work I was letting the Pablo and Flurry out to the backyard and this dog that looked just like Flurry came in the yard thru a gap on the fence, she is almost all white with some light tan....looks like it has part husky on soon as I have a picture I will put it on the album...
My Blog?
It Means Something
When you walk outside your door, What do you wish for? When you get in your car to head into the office, What do you wish for? When you sit down at your desk, Get behind the wheel of your comapny vehicle, Start prepping for the lunch rush, What do you wish for? Do you wish for more time to do your job? Do you wish for less job so you have more time? Is there an instance in your life that your NOT wishing? Everyday I wake up, wishing the sun would sleep a bit longer, wishing the day would not be drawn out, wishing I had more to look forward too after getting up, wishing my life was so much different. Then I wish I wasnt so selfish, and go about my day. Yeah so I'm here again... not all together sure why, but I can say the first sign of bullshit again and I'm gone for good. I have a few friends that continue to have me logging into fubar to see pics or something *you know who you are :P * ANYway... I like this
decided instead of leaving I will take a break for a few wont be on very much for awhile will be completely removed by tomorrow 5-16-07 I will be removing my profile and leaving CT had fun while I was here!!!!!!! Those that got to know me also have my e-mail and yahoo messy !!!! Those that didnt take time to get to know me and would still like to can get me at or same name under yahoo messy!!!!!!!!! Have fun and enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!
The New Girl In Fubar Town
:( for flaggin me again 8 more pix is that a record or what you all know how to make a lady feel very special much love hugs kisses to all & love bites & playful nibbles to those who like it a little rough
Hillary and Obama were on a boat. The boat sank in a big storm. There was no lifeboat... Who was saved? AMERICA!!! An old, blind cowboy wanders into an all-girl biker bar by mistake. He finds his way to a bar stool and orders some coffee. After sitting there for a while, he yells to the waiter, "Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?" The bar immediately falls absolutely silent. In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says, "Before you tell that joke, Cowboy, I think it is only fair, given that you are blind, that you should know five things: 1. The bartender is a blonde girl with a baseball bat. 2. The bouncer is a blonde girl. 3. I'm a 6-foot tall, 175-pound blonde woman with a black belt in karate. 4. The woman sitting next to me is blonde and a professional weight lifter. 5. The lady to your right is blonde and a professional wrestler. "Now, think about it seriously, Mister. Do you still wanna tell that joke?" The bli
Movies, Tv And Other Entertainmentlike Things
I know none of you watch this show but I'm blogging it anyway. So last night each of the remaining 7 couples had to do two routines. There weren't any particular bad routines so I think we are down to mostly good dancers. There are two males that should go soon (Matt and Thayne) and it's probably getting close to time for Comfort to head home too. Anyway, once again the best routines were the two Mia Michaels one. The first one she choreographed with Katee and Joshua was amazing. Katee danced the best that she has so far on the show and the routine was just amazing. Just when I thought it wouldn't get any better though Twitch and Kherington did a Mia routine that was incredible. It was to a John Mayer song and the music, the dancing and the performance was so well put together it gave me goosebumps. My front runner to win the whole thing is still Will who is the best dancer in the competition but there are some suprising dark horses, mostly from the womens side - Chelsie an
Tattoo Conventions Other Shit I'm Into
Ok, this is a new blog, which I will fill with advertisements for things that are upcoming that I'm into, in case anyone would like to come, STARTING with the Richmond Tattoo Convention which I may not be at b/c I may be in Nebraska :) Please Click HERE to make a donation!! ..Or Mail to: Villalobos Rescue CenterP O Box 1544Canyon Country, CA 91386(661) 268-0555Tia Maria TorresWE ARE THE LARGEST PIT BULL RESCUE & SANCTUARY IN THE COUNTRY. SADLY, WE ALWAYS HAVE A POPULATION OF ABOUT 200 DOGS. DUE TO THE BAD IMAGE PORTRAYED BY THE MEDIA AND SOCIETY, OUR ADOPTION RATE IS VERY SLOW. WE ARE A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION THAT DEPENDS ON PUBLIC DONATIONS AND PRIVATE GRANTS TO KEEP OUR DOORS OPEN. IT CURRENTLY COSTS $600 A DAY TO RUN OUR FACILITY. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT OUR ORGANIZATION, PLEASE VISIT OUR MAIN WEBSITE AT: WWW. VRCPITBULL. COM
Canada Day!
35. "Our national and provincial parks" Sandra Kropinske, Kamloops, B.C.36. Niagara Falls "It's spectacular at night. Canada is fortunate to have a wonder of the world." Tracey Ilnisky, Gilbert Plains, Man.37. Oceans "The smell of the Atlantic Ocean (with icebergs and humpbacks in the background of course!)" Ashlee Mackey, Houston, originally from St. John's, N.L. 38. "Fresh air and blue skies -- you can truly appreciate it after you visit some dirty steel towns." Suzanne Michal, Ottawa39. "Our caring about the environment." Chris Sherlock, LaSalle, Ont. 40. "Watching the Northern Lights dance across the winter sky." Sandi Larson, Cold Lake, Alta.41. Highway 60 through Algonquin Park "Watching for wildlife, namely moose, hidden within the lush landscape is one of our family's favourite pastimes." Louise Aspden, Utopia, Ont. 42. "Red dunes on the beaches in P.E.I." Lisa Mallia, Toronto43. The Trans Canada Highway "It allows us to discover all that our beautiful country has to offer. Tak
Moral Compass
      I have noticed that a lot of people put rape their cherries/molest their like button in their status.  I know people are trying to joke or be sexually appealing.  However, others and I find it appalling because of  what these words stand for.  It is sickening to see so many people use these words so freely. Some things are not and should never be a joke.  There is definitely nothing sexy about rape/molest. Rape: the unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse Molest: to make indecent sexual advances to; to assault sexually  When the word molest is used in proper context it usually refers to a child being sexually abused. I want people to be aware of the damage they can cause with the reckless use of these words.  Some things never go away no matter how far you go in life. Fubar is suppose to be an escape, so please make it pleasant for everyone on here. This is my personal crusade to make people aware. If you want to sta
Mary Has A Little Lamb
CHECK OUT KENDRA WILKINSON'S NEW GIRL ON GIRL LESBIAN SEX TAPE VIDEO ONLINE OVER HERE! Ask and u shall receive! Just uploaded another video, this one a strip tease! I just got around to fixing my blogger problem, I lost my gmail/blogger pw and no longer had the alternate email they had! It was just faster and easier to create a new blogger! I just started posting on it and will be providing all the links to my pics and videos and yes you can expect the same wild crazy stuff too! Thank you my friends who have waited so patiently for me to get off my lazy ass and fix that issue!
A Few Ff's About Me
Dán phim cách nhiệt cho ô tô có tác dụng nhất khi xe đang chạy dưới trời nắng nòng, do tính cách nhiệt cao nên khi đó nó giữ không khí lạnh trong xe không bị thoát ra ngoài và cản nhiệt nóng bên ngoài xâm nhập vào xe làm xe mát và người trong xe thấy mát mẻ, dễ chịu dù nắng vấn chiếu vào xe.   Khi đỗ dưới trời nắng, bạn nên xuống kính một chút để xe không bị "om" nhiệt và để tránh mưa bất chợt khi đó bạn cần lắp thêm vè mưa ở mỗi cánh cửa xe. Khi ra xe nếu trong xe nóng do đỗ lâu nên xuống hết kính cửa, bật quạt thổi gió và chạy chừng 20 m cho thoát hết khí nóng ra rồi mới lên kính và bật máy ạnh
Part of the theme of the week. by May 25, 2006 In reference to people talking about seperating discriminating against race and discriminating against sexuall orientation. Uhh, behavior and appearance. People try to call it a behavior thing due to mosty an appearance. It's really a case of gender-discrimination. They are saying I can't marry a guy, due to the fact that I am a guy. But it's ok for a girl to marry a guy. And same the other way around. It's not fair because their isn't much People can do about the fact that they are whatever gender they are. So It is still ALL about apearances in the end. Religion is about behaviors too. I dare someone to make a law against non-christians makeing money on christmas. Or even non-christians not being able to get married. Because in some religions say it's wrong not to be christian, or to not accept christ as your savior. " God " says it's wrong. Maybe other people's " GOD " says it's right. It's really about haveing respect for other pe
It's Morning Already?
ok.... quitting smoking today... wish me luck Well, let's see... i just woke up... kinda growly about it, as usual. starting week two of no day off at work. wondering if anyone will ever read this thing.... if not, oh well... i'll rant to myself... i guess that could be theraputic in it's own way. anyhow, what should i do with this blog? should i make it a journal of my extraordinarily boring life? should use it to post samples of my lame attempts at being a writer? should i develop a sense of righteous indignation and blast about things that just piss me off? perhaps be a bit random and do all of those things? yeah... i think that's the way to go. no structure. no set format. just put down whatever pops into my head from time to time. and if anyone actually does read this thing, please please please comment, have something to say. i'm here for some sort of interaction and conversation, although most times, the best i can hope for from the LC is to kill my bore
Tantra -tantric Sex
SexQuiz SexQuiz What Do You Know About Tantric Sex? Do you believe Tantric yoga is about twisting your body into good positions for sex? That's what pictures of Tantric couples might make you think. But Tantric yoga is really about what's happening in your mind--not your body--when you make love. Take this quiz to see what we mean. Each question is on a separate page and is followed by another page that provides the answer. Take the quiz More Quizzes More Passion Pieces: What's your lovemaking style? Find out now! Go > - Is your love life healthy? Take our quiz. Go > - Discover Kama Sutra sex. Go > The methods below were recommended by experts in tantric sex, accupressure, and Oriental body work. To do the techniques properly, you need to know a few things. First, all the types of touch described below should be slow, soft, and gentle. Change the way you touch her ever
Individualistic Thinking (if You Rate, Please Do So Honestly. I Know My Blogs Aren't Worth 1s But They Are Also Not Worth 10s.)
I see a lot of people who post blogs about people who are pervs in order to allow everyone else to know that pervs exist on the Internet. Shocking, I know, pervs online! Well I'm posting this blog to help people avoid and scare them off. 1) Avoid using words such as slutty, vixen, Mr. big dick, twat, etc in your user ID. I believe they click the browse button typing in these words to find you! 2) Try not to use main display pictures that are provoking. If you are in your panties and bra, or you have a huge bulge sticking out of your boxers, you are more likely to be perved. 3) If someone is perving on you, describe your false sex-change operation with great detail. You can also try talking about the different variation of crabs and maggots you have living on your cooch or dick. As well as the different types of bumps and fungus that may possibly be growing. 4) Use fake NSFW of graphic pictures that have anything mentioned in #3. I have a hairy moob pic. You can
Random Bits Of Snarkyness
WOMAN OVER 30 A woman over 30 will never wake you in the middle of the night to ask, "What are you thinking?" She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 30 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do. And, it's usually something more interesting. A woman over 30 knows herself well enough to be assured in whom she is, what she is, what she wants and from whom. Few women past the age of 30 give a hoot what you might think about her or what she's doing. Women over 30 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you, if they think they can get away with it. Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved They know what it's like to be unappreciated. A woman over 30 has the self-assurance to introduce you to her women friends. A younger woman with a man
She Walks Beside Me In My Dreams
As I stare at the blue moon with only my thoughts of you I wish for the dreams that bring you near. Yes, those dreams -those wonderful dreams Our souls caress once again with the sweet scent of flowers in each touch. Let me lay beside you so that your breath may touch my heart. Give to me the warmth of the sun that lies within your smile. Come dance with me, amongst the clouds of want and desire. I must sleep to find the dream I seek within your hazel eyes. Walk with me forever into this night's wish, Let the winds of hope and happiness show us the way. Grab hold of my arm and feel the strength you bring, Our kisses guiding us home from the abyss called - melancholy. Tell me, dream girl, who captures my nights? It's you, who consumes every thought that touches sunlight. Dare I open my eyes in the hope you lay beside. May I see, feel and touch what I thought was only a dream.
Poems That Wrote
Happy Hollidays
Do you like online games?? Well come to the gamers lounge and hang out. Talk about games share game information. come on in hang out
Thoughts And Ramblings Of A Mad Man
since im getting older ive come to a cross roads in life of thought do i stay my path or do i look at all in a whole am i right in my ideals or am i wrong damed down a path of failure but given in to religion thats like calling defeat but is that my pride talking dont know but all i know is i try to keep good karma and what really is religion is it truth or is it a system of rules made by man with the threats of a place called hell to make us be better out of fear or is it a way to control a mass of people but in all religions and faiths there is the good but human intentions get in the way then greed anger and hate sorry to send like yoda but we are a broken people sitting on the edge of self destruction for the love of one ideal or people creates hate of outsiders look at all the events between the religions and people its always killing in the name of my god but why are we this blind that we forsake the teachings thats in our books of faith to throw back love peace and sernity for t
Life In General
So..heres a blog about me again. Its been awhile. I am mainly posting this for those who have wondered where I have been or why I am not on here as much as I use to be. Well Back in July when I got a bunch of lab work done..I was told that I was borderline diabetic. My dad just fund out 2 yrs ago that he is..and I know it runs in the family but I have made up my mind that I am not going to get it at this age if I can help it.  So..I started dieting. In september I decided to join curves.  In the past I have never actually exercised when I dieted.  This is the first time I have..and to tell you the truth..its true what they say. The more yu exercise the better you feel. Since then I have lost 38lbs and am just 13lbs overweight now. I have had more lab work done for a wellness program at work. I just got the results back this week. My bloodsurger and cholesterol and all is outstanding! :D  It was a big relief not to see my A1c level normal (thats the test to test how your body
Ethereal Void
I disappeared about 2 weeks. Lots of things happend. Now I am gonna tell you what they are.   I moved to another city to work. In fact, i am not in a city, i am in the middle of nowhere! When the first day i went off from the bus, i saw a large paddy field. No cars, no people, no nothing! When i pulled my suitcase to find my work place, four guys rode motorcycles passed by and whistled to me! I felt i had left the civilized world.   Thank God, finally i found the right place. But then i was f**ked up by the work. I began to sheet bed, take out the trash, serve as a hotel attendant! My master degree is a piece of sh*t!  All i know is that there is no student 4 me to teach. Instead, I have to handle tons of trivial stuff. And now i am in the office of this secondary technical school wasting my time on chatting and killing my hopes!   F U C K! Why Chinese Is So Damn Hard by David Moser University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies   The first question any thoughtful perso
Useful Info
This is the step by step process to sign in and out of smotri so there are no accidental deletions of a broadcast after you are done using cam :)    Step 1   Step 2     Step 3     Step 4     Step 5     Step 6     Step 7     Step 8   An alien cam down here from Venus. 'Not a girl, but a guy (had a penis). With three eyes in between, Pointed ears that were green. He was obviously not of our Genus.    He landed at old Johnson's farm. An arrival that caused some alarm To old Johnson's daughter. Who thought if he caught her. He might want to cause her some harm    Now our alien wasn't too bright. He forgot to bring something to light The night and his way Through the field filled with hay Took a left instead of a right.    Now things didn't turn out like they aughter He did not meet up with the daughter Instead he found Bessie And now things get messy. He not only found her but caught her.    "My Dear you have beautiful eyes!"
Ellie's Silly Little Blog... :d
if so come vote for me :D best chest contest please rate and comment bomb :D xoxoxo click on the picture! LOve ya much... > > > Hottest MILF contest... > come by and rate and comment bomb who you want to win! > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
Rebels Thoughts
Someone who I took as a friend recently has created so much drama along with her spouse. Lieing about friends calling to turn off ther power get people ready to beat them up. Well the recent event was re their electric. The husband whined cried and tore up chat over this event for 2 days. Had people wanting to send money when in fact they had not been able to make a payment and their power was going to be shut off. Now to shut off someones power you have to know the name address ssi number and secret word or Numbers used. You lied scammmed and accused falsely innocent people. No one called to have your power shut off you spent money on get highs rather than pay your bills. No one had those things but of course no one thought of this for hours. Now this idiot beast is coming to my page and due to some glitch i cannot block her. I have tried over and over to do so I warn you she is not a person to hold with much creedence. So Diana i say to you get clean and sober take care of your
Purple Sunset
"DEATH ENDS A LIFE NOT A RELATIONSHIP..." Life is a coin. You can spend it anyway you wish, but you can only spend it once" NO AMOUNT OF DARKNESS CAN HIDE A SPARK OF LIGHT.
Native American Poems
If I have left a memory, and my name is called, do not weep, For i am with you in full spirit, I do not sleep. Dancing with the eternal winds that blow, i am the diamond glint in the fresh autumn snow. When gentle sunlight dancing on ripened grain field, Or a warm autumn rain that deep in your heart you felt. When you awaken in the morning silent hush, let me be your swift uplifing rush. Like a quiet bird in high circling flight, And the warmth of a soft summer night. Do not think of our days lost, with tears that cared But remember our joys and all the love we shared. The years past has made a mark deep into my soul, I have been taught to be graceful turning old. I have no regrets for the life i have lived or what i have done. I put myself equal to others, but second to none, And always holding the great spirit as nimber one... Cherokee Rose ~Marge Tindal~ © 1999 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She goes by the name of Cherokee Rose. A symbol
Tidbits That Stick
I awoke with a fever, the bedclothes all drenched in sweat. She said "You've been having a nightmare and It's not over yet." Then she picked up the doggy in the window (the one with the waggily tail) and she put him to bed between two bits of... bread? Roger Waters The Pros & Cons of Hitch-Hiking Libera nos a malo Good Things happen, bad things are just a test. And it's the test that will make or break you.
Wwfc Pro-wrestling!!!
Memoirs Of A Psychopath
Today Im not harping about what I have learned under a rock. Today I am harping about my mama. Known to everyone as Ma, she is a wonderful powerful woman. One day I hope to become half the woman she is. On the inside she is genuine as the come. She is straight forward about everything. Something I am finally learning is very important to be. She has a soul unlike any other I have ever seen. She gives, and gives, and gives, and gives, and just when you think she has nothing left she gives some more! Im not talking about anything specific either, this woman gives her all in everything she does. A perfectionist a heart, she strives to do everything right the first time. She makes mistakes just like everyone else but unlike everyone else she learns! Honestly, I dont believe this woman has a weak bone in her body. Steadfast and strong, I have never known her to back down from any thing or any challenge. Any woman who will stand up to a man twice her size knowing he can beat her ass and stil
My Poems
Will you ever love me? thats all I want to know, I tell you I need you and all you do is laugh, I tell you I want you and you turn and walk away. What will it take for you to be mine? do I have to cross an ocean or swim across the sea just to prove you mean the world to me. Will you ever love me? that all I want to know, I tell you I love you and you think its all a joke, you pay me no attention untill its time for sex and then out the door you go. What will it take for us to be as one? do I have to bend over backwards and cater to your every need, if this is so then you are not the one for me. Will you ever love me? thats all I want to know, please say you do so my love for you can grow, please say you love me so I can give my heart to you, please say you love me cause baby im hopelessly in love with you. Tears of sadness stream down my face as my heart begins to race. I can tell your keeping something from me, baby please tell me her name.
Outta My Head
The following text conversation started at 3:30 pm, while I was still at work.   Guy:    Hey BabyGuy:    I miss youGuy:    Oh, you don't have your phoneGuy:    TearsGirl:    What?Guy:    I was cryingGirl:    Why?Guy:    Cause I am sadGirl:    Why are you sad?Guy:    I miss you a lotGuy:    ......, I need to ask you somethingGirl:    What is it ......?Guy:    Are you thinking of breaking up with me?Guy:    And be honestGirl:    Unfortunately yes. I haven't said anything yet because it is the hardest thing i have ever done. I do love you, I just don't think I am in love with you.Guy:    It's ok. I kinda thought that's what it was when we talked last.Girl:    I am so sorry .......Guy:    It's okGirl:    Are you sure?Guy:    I knew this would happenGuy:    I saw it in a dream a week agoGirl:    Really?Guy:    YeahGuy:    I have been crying all weekGuy:    So i knewGirl:    What did you see in your dream?Guy:    You leaving meGuy:    Tears in your eyes, but me smilingGuy:    Why I am smil
Make Me Mondays
My Kinky Turn On
for any interested.....for a few hrs....private pics have been open to friends....happy thanksgiving to all....hugs, becky p.s. if ya peek would ya please rate/comment.... to all the friends who helped me level up....private album is open for the next couple of hours....make me blush....leave a comment or two.... xoxo, bec You scored as Biting. When it comes to being kinky, your biggest turn on is biting. You love the ectasy of teeth sinking into your flesh, and are probably willing to return the favor. Sex just isn't sex without using your teeth.Biting100%Chains/Handcuffs67%Bondage58%Whips58%Blood17%Blind Folds17%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
Am looking for a really good girl on girl pic to email my bf to brighten his day(and mine as!!). Anyone able to help at all?? being so selfish here. My dad is dating...let me start over...My mother was diagnosed with cancer and less than a year later, she was dead...last April.He's kind of dating now...which I know is really awesome for him and all....It's just really weird for me and I guess that some of it comes from the way he's acting about it all.I want him to be happy and go on and stuff...I just need a moment to freak out without anyone telling me that he deserves or whatever...I need to just be ok feeling the way that I'm feeling...he has no clue...don't want him to. Ok....enough rambling...took the long way home from the store today...almost could 'feel' spring.The sun has changed it's path a bit and it was warmer than it's been in a long time.Rode around with my window down,stereo blasting and heater going can I put my music on here
My Fun Place
hello laydes i am geten very lonly here give me a yell an tell me somthing Music Video:GIRLFRIEND (by Avril Lavigne)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone Music Video:GIMME ALL YOUR LOVIN' (by ZZ Top)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
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Three new contestants need your love.... US Maverick needs help... very close contest needs 20K, ends on the 20th I think, first to 20K mansion wins Krzy Sherry in a sexy eyes contest, come show her some luv.... first to 15K wins.. I'll corect if I'm wrong... lets help lexi tonight. Lets show lex how its done. Lexi dragon girl needs your help --> 1 K needed to finish her give away. She'd like to finish out tomorrow in the daytime... A friend Blondie who is in an all out comment bomb contest needs your help with comments only shes just a little behind we need help RIGHT NOW.... My good friend christine needs your help in another all out comment bomb,. ends on the 13th, she is going for a month blast. One friends ends on the 20th, most comments win a VIC Christine Most comments wins contest for sexiest pic a good friend is in this one... race to 15K to 8/15, then round 2 to 8/30. Bunny
So I'm just sitting here always it seems...and I got rather confused, so if anyone can give me some insight it would help. Ok so here goes...I get that some women are whores and men too, but if u find that one person that is head over heals for you...why would you go seeking the greener grass (and yes this means both men and women)? I could never really grasp this...are there really people out there that are never meant to be with just one person? Or is it just an ego thing...are we really that insecure that we have to see if others are interested. Ok end of my little Life has changed quite considerably since my last post almost 2 yrs ago. I can honestly say I am VeRY happy. There may be times here and there that it don't feel like it, but that's because life has put some kind of obstacle in the way. So instead of figuring out how to get past it I dwell on it and end up taking it out on the wrong ppl. Most of my issues are my insecurities...I want to be love
If I never met you, I wouldn't like you. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you. If I didn't love you, I wouldn't miss you. But I did, I do, and I will. I try to talk to you, but I don't know what to say. I am afraid you don't want me to say anything. So I don't. But inside of me there are words waiting to come out.And tell you how I feel-like how I miss you. And how I love you despite my broken heart.And how I need you in my life. And especially how much I want you.But those words may forver stay in my heart-locked inside.Sometimes I wonder if there are words locked inside you too... but I'll never know.   Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life
Nba Lockout
This is getting ridiculous, they cancelled the preseason and possibly the first half of the season.  We need to have a NBA season, so the players and the owners need to be on the same page and get this deal done.  The 1998-99 season was bad enough, when the season was cut to 50 games, and plus the all-star game was cancelled, that season.  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  I was a junior in high school when all of this was going down.  Without the NBA season going on, what other sport will fill the void when football's over with?  It'll be really boring trying to find something on T.V. without basketball being on.  Something's gotta give.  The NBA better get something done and start thinking about the fans instead of the money.  Money's not everything. 
The Raging White Dragon
Ok, as a future teacher, I have to say this about the high school teacher who did gay porn (its on the news) - the shock and disgust that parents, etc are showing is ridiculous. If the guy is indeed as great a teacher as he previously was made out to be, he obviously was doing something right. If this is just now coming to light, its again obvious that he did NOT talk about it or "approve" of it to students. What is the big deal? Personally, I'd rather have an intelligent porn star educate my student than a teacher who is failing at what they do. He keeps it appropriate in the class room, and to top it off, isn't it ILLEGAL for underage people to watch or look at porn? Just sayin'..... I completely support the teacher. I understand that we sign our lives and privacy away in becoming an educator, but come on, he's not a pedophile or a rapist or anything, he did a few adult videos. Big whoop. Ever wonder what YOUR teens are doing behind closed doors? Oh nothing worse, I'm
My Thoughts...
There has been a big change in my life and I'm not sure if I am supposed to be happy, sad, depressed (which I am sad and depressed) and much more. Since Saturday night, things for me have been really hard. The love of my life that I have been with for almost 2 years and I have split up. Well, let's just say it's "just for now" but will it be "just for now"? No one really knows. I guess we'll see what happens I guess. It's still hard for me to really talk about it because I finally found the one true thing that I really care about in my life, and to let that person slip through my fingers like nothing is beyond belief. It's hard, it's really hard. I'm not going to be able to hug him passionally, kiss him like I want too and tell him I deeply and truely love him. It hurts a lot and I don't know what to do really. I don't know if I should fight for the one I really love, or if I just leave him alone. It's really hard to just sit and not do anything. When I wake up in the morning, he's all
a href="" target=_blank> She lived deep in the forest in a tiny cottage and sold herbal remedies for a living. Folks living in the town nearby called her Bloody Mary, and said she was a witch. None dared cross the old crone for fear that their cows would go dry, their food-stores rot away before winter, their children take sick of fever, or any number of terrible things that an angry witch could do to her neighbors. Then the little girls in the village began to disappear, one by one. No one could find out where they had gone. Grief-stricken families searched the woods, the local buildings, and all the houses and barns, but there was no sign of the missing girls. A few brave souls even went to Bloody Mary's home in the woods to see if the witch had taken the girls, but she denied any knowledge of the disappearances. Still, it was noted that her haggard appearance had changed. She looked younger, more attractive. The neighbors we
My Mind Is Dangerous
Girl was reading The Dark Tower by Stephen King in the picture. I just finished the 7 book series and this just poured out???? As Roland found his way to his Ka and Ka-tet, He, as well as us all in the 'real' look back on our past in the final moments and kindle the reoccurring faults we attribute to and in the end get pulled back into this muck we call life, Time after Time with lessons learned and new mistakes to be made. See you in the next......... Bring your ax. tazerbe beauty lies deep will you ever forgive and forget i know you meant well but you became just like them a follower when i need a leader a man with his own mind who can print out the headlines who can beat up software tapes and dangerous curves drown out your hands beauty betrays will you ever become the center piece i know you meant well but you just lied and pleaded to give yourself away a forfeit when i need a leader a man with a brain who can print out the headlines who can beat up
Porno-graphy Make Me Go Hy-per
July 26-29 = Highlands war, which means a nice peaceful weekend in the tree covered mountains of Flagstaff. It also means I get to hang out with Holly, and see John and Aja and Steele, and getting an AMAZING massage from a pseudo-lesbian(who happens to give the best massages I've ever felt in my short life) July 29th, I'll head back down to Tucson, hang out with Miku and hopefully get my hair cut and re-dyed. Sometime either that night, or the next morning (I still have to talk to her about that part) we'll head up to Burbank, California to see + (Last Call with Carson Daily taping). Thennnn either after, or before AND after the taping of said show it will be ME + MIKU + RICHEE + MIKE DIVA AND MAXXXXXXXXXX JENGA + GODSCOLON +
Help Me Out, Please
Please help me out in this contest for a VIP. I will return the love!!!! Nice Girl and she is in a contest... Show some love, she would do the same for you! ALWAYSNICE: (repost of original by 'DJ.KëvDög {LaUrEn♥'s CT Hubby & BF}«Head DJ-INFERNO Radio»~The SALSA King~I.M.S.' on '2007-07-17 10:06:25')
My Poetry
NuttinButtSexxy I lie here in darkness, just me in this lonely bed, I whisper your name so many times, It's as though you make yourself visible to me, As the light of day arrives at my window, I wondered if I only dreamed you, You seemed so real, I clutch my pillow close, So my tears may fall in muffled silence, I see your smile with-in my mind, and the emotions overwhelm me so much, My stomach tightens and my heart fills with joy, I hear you shout your feelings for me, Though your lips never move, Sometimes it seems as though you want me to take control, But I never would,I never wanted too, for you will come to me when the time is right, You have not made it easy for me, With so many walls to break through, And wearing armour of indifference to guard your heart, But I know you are worth the wait, For as weak as this love has sometimes made me feel, our shared dreams will make us strong, You have opened your heart a chamber at a time, Bu
All these memories Distorted, confused, unaborted You're discarding As a product of Circumstances granted existence Bestowed to me Give me closure Searching for solance Closure - am I still lost? And so you've forgotten me The boy devoid of your nursery For these lifetimes gone by I can't help question why Through the years denied this Closure Searching for solance Closure - am I still lost? Tears gone uncried Torrid inside And no face to relate to names to reply Especially when the memories Cut like a knife Left with just pages to which I confide Especially when the memories Cut like a knife Left with just pages to which I confide Give me closure Searching for solance Closure - am I still lost? Especially when the memories Cut like a knife -am I still lost? Left with just pages to which I confide Especially when the memories Cut like a knife -am I still lost? Left with just pages to which I confide. I READ ALL THE LETTERS, I REA
So there I was jumping up and down in room with low ceiling wondering why my head hurt... I always wondered why the put padded ceiling in loony bins till I said that line right there.... amazing the things that come to mind sometimes... anywa just had to put some damn thing up here tonight, but my mind is blank... short term memory loss lol... Check out the site You can catch me nightly from 12-1 am est, and on Saturday nights from midnight till whenever I fall over EST... I dunno when fall over time is, but its usually late.. lmao.. anyway peace out peeps, and yes I do bite...
10 Random Things About Me...
A LITTLE GUN HISTORYIn 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminatedGuatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, on
I'm beginning to think that if I left today,my blood relatives wouldn't even realize that I was gone. Would they miss me if I was dead? Right now, all I want to do, is crawl under a rock and die. Sorry for the dark cloud - but my blood relatives have me in a horrible mood. So my family seems to think it is my fault for my brothers depression and the fact that he is bi-polar. "what did you do to piss him off this time kathy?" "why can't you keep your stupid mouth shut kathy?" "you need to watch what you say to him kathy" please someone tell me, why the hell is everything my damn fault??? we couldn't even mourn at my aunt jean's funeral..why??...because apparently i said something to upset my brother. this whole thing is just making me sick...i sprained my wrist hitting a brick wall today.... so yeah .. just blame me if something isn't quite right... its generally my damn fault. bratty bytch/out!
Path To
I've been nowhere And I didn't get there fast A third of my life rushed by me Leaving only an empty past sure there were good times, bad times, and times I can't recall, wish I could remember I may have enjoyed those most of all she had wildflowers in her hair and a look in her eyes like she just didn't care i took another look and saw so much more as her soul's window widened she opened up the door i knew she was the one and i knew she was my amore i knew she was the one why did i have to be so wrong to be so sure Did I get where I was going, or should I be on my way Too much waiting for tomorrow Not enough living for the day So much has passed me by So much have I left behind So much is gone forever Leaving just my twisted mind Reaching out for the here Diving into the now Until it no longer wants me Then graciously I’ll take a bow, get back on my path to nowhere It’s always felt like home someh
Baby Girl
y must the littlest things hurt when u dont care what the other one does n jokin around n shit....cant they see it hurts when they do that.......just somethings i dont want to know.......and y cant ppl just take it when u say that ur happy how u r with sumone..........i just want to bleed it all away..... whats the point in living when i cant live a life with you, i want to be ur everything, i want nothing more then to be ur girl, i bleed inside everyday, it hurts all the time i just want to make it go away, nothing will heal this broken heart of mine  i want to be that girl u always run to, the girl u come home to, the one u say i love you to, your everything, your world, the love of ur life... i will always love you more then you know.......
My New Love
I dont have long to stay on but i wanted to share with you my newest love   He showed up the night I gave birth, I was foretold I might get this little friend but I didnt believe it. I refused to believe... I took meds to ensure I wouldnt get this friendly little guy. But no stool softener nor position of the feet while doing the #2 would satisfy this guy. Im blame Seamus.... he told me i would get one. Hell I even think he thought it funny. So i named the fucker after him.   SEAMUS MY HEMROID   thank you to those who have helped.... witchie for the tucks pads for my life would be a burning sensation without her that's all i can thank assholes   WICKED
I see you smile, when I speak I see the love swell in your eyes When I step silently from the shadows I feel your heart race As I take you in my arms My body stiffens at your touch You lay your head upon My chest and let your hair fall You listen to my heart and You hear it say...I love you To which your heart Answers the same...I love you You whisper my name...Danny I whisper yours ...Sascha You are My childe, My Lover, My Wife My Sascha Copyright © 2001 LordDarkPrince This was written in 2001 when Sascha and I were together. She remains a dear friend and still holds a special place in my heart. Best of luck to you and your new love, Sascha. My blessings to the both of you for a long and happy life together. Friends are special to have They are loving and caring They are beautiful Both inside and out Friends keep your secrets They know how to cheer You up when your down Friends listen when You need to talk They help you through a problem They
Useless Words For Useless People
Ok so in this thrilling installment of my rants I'm going to cover something I feel there isnt enough of anymore R E S P E C T. NO not the song made popular by the queen of R&B. NO the real honest to god true art of have respect for other people. What brings this on you ask? Well thats simple. Some trash talking fool right here on CT had the testicular fortitude step up and slam Whiskey Dust, now before any of you self severing nay sayers get all up in arms.... yes I know everyone is aloud there opinions but there is a limit to that too. If you are going to give your "opinion" on something, using diplomacy and tact is something this person lacks. Here judge for yourself: "this is the band you see playing at that really shitty bar down the street from you, this sounds like it was recorded in a utility closet of a sanitation factory" Now to me that sounds like someone that has nothing better to do with there time than to talk trash. Critic? I doubt it..... if this person works for s
Random Ramblings
So I am waiting for the elevator, to get some breakfast in the Mezzanine, when one of my co workers flashes me a strong arm salute, I give one back. As I get on the elevator, I realize why he did what he did, he is wearing a red shirt, and I am wearing a red shirt also(just happens to be a long sleeve shirt with the #7, and Robby Gordon's name on it) As I am waiting for my breakfast to be cooked, I started thinking why my co-worker would do that, then it dawns on me. It's Valentine's Day, I am normally not one to put a lot stock in the meaning of wearing a particular color, but I understand the red part of my warbrobe today. Now does that mean I have a man crush on Robby, because I am wearing one of his shirts on Valentine's Day? Just putting that out there.......... WHOOHOO Ok, so I am channeling Homer. But I have reason to do so. As some of you know, I am a Cartographer by trade, making maps and working with spatial data. Well, one of the more prestigious
My Poetry
Mysterious Stranger, where are you? Lurking in shadow of night? Do you hide in my mind's eye or are you trapped in the fear of exposing the real inner and outer flesh? You enter my dreams in darkness and light. You tip-toe in silence like a thief in the night. Are you hiding something tucked carefully away, or are you eternally looking for something, afraid you might find it someday? I've been reaching out for you, but you fade away as soon as I wake. The man without a vulnerable you are. You represent all of humanity's fear, doubt, and mistrust of the one thing that could set us all free. Black roses, white sand, psychadelic firelight........You're the intimate stranger. Find that passion, ecstacy, even if it were fleeting bliss, can bring a major turn about. Let go of all that binds you oh phantom of deceit. It's the purest and deepest longing that could bind us. What locks will you break, what demons of torment will you slay ? Will you final
Destruction And Deviance
Current situations have persuaded me to actually sit here once again and put together my thoughts on a blog.. Run for your life.. No names will be mentioned, that's petty and immature, not to mention slanderous and against the law.First subject at hand... "HATERS"... Seriously?!?! What is going on in your feeble little minds other than yourself? Why hate on others ? You could be the same way that others are if you'd literally remove your head from your sphincter.. If one wants to achieve anything in life, it's not just handed to them, the ones that are handed things on a silver platter, I pity you, there is nothing in life for free. one must work to achieve anything in their lives.. No that doesn't mean manipulating and using people, don't even get that concept in your head, that's morally and inconsiderate.. Some people strive to make that their life goal.. Manipulation isn't the best thing to use against people.. Now back to the subject at hand.... HATERS!! Why do you do this? Your l
Scribbles Of The Insane!
empty dreams,hollow thoughts,a dark black past,a horrible nightmare,frightening screams of painful torcher,look into my eyes, can you see me or are they empty?call my name, do i answer?in a daze so confused i'm lost.tears of emptiness fall like rain,do you see them or in your eyes are they non-existing?my dreams a nightmare,wake me up, somebody, anybody,can't you hear my silent screams?don't you know how i'm in so much pain?can't anyone see the tears streaming down my face?the sadness in my expression?help i scream,gone, one hears, no one heard. you want to know more about me well if u didn't like my blogs before this then u might as wells go away, cuz this is me, and i ain't changing anytime soon. i got plenty more of these to post but i think i'll do that later. just another guy,just another broken heart,just another piece of ass,just another thing that hurts. just another step,just another lie,just another tear from my eyes.just another someone,just another no one. just ano
Terms For Being A Sexy Siren
  Hello Ladies and thank you for your interest in participating with the Sexy Sirens. Detailed below you will find all the info you will need to participate. Satyr's Sexy Sirens are the lovely Ladies of Fubar that allow me to post their photos to help attract more attention to their individual pages. The Sexy Sirens Homepage is Ladies Only! ALL INTERESTED MUST have a Fubar approved sfw salute to even be considered, this is required to ensure the page remains LADIES ONLY!! Also you can NOT share an account with your boyfriend or husband or allow access to the Sexy Sirens Homepage via your account to your boyfriend, husband or male friends. You and your photos will be deleted and blocked immediately! To participate you will need to post 2 photos minimum. The first is a SFW photo. This photo is public and will be cycled through the Profile Pic to bring attention to your page. The other photo is a NSFW ( frontal topless minimum ). This photo is Family Only! This photo was suggested b
How To Remove My Photos From Default Profile View
Change your photo albums ALL to FRIENDS ONLY (edit album... album options) Each photo showing when you view your profile has an X in the corner you can see by hovering... click the X to remove it If more photos from your Default album load, click those X's until you don't have anymore showing You can go back & open your albums to everyone after you close the page .. this will help for bombing by non-friends
Post Reality Delusions
In deepest hollow of our minds A system failure left behind And their necks crane As they turn to pray for rain And their necks crane Dull residue of what once was A shattered cloud of swirling doves And their eyes change As they learn to see through flames And their necks crane As they turn to pray for rain And their eyes change As they learn to see through flames And their necks crane As they turn to pray for rain Drops on rocks fall fast and fleeting Hearts and wings commence to beating Woods unseen with all believing Vision walls fall all receding Vision walls fall all receding Drops on rocks come fast and fleeting Rhythm laws unleash their meaning Usher us into the dreaming Vision walls fall all receding Hearts and wings commence to beating All unending all completing Vision walls fall fast and fleeting Vision walls fall all revealing Vision walls fall all revealing In deepest hollow of our minds A system failure left behind Dull residue of what once was A shattered cloud of swirl
Step Into A World Of Fantasy...(adult Story Content)
Angst,Language,Original Characters (OC),Original stories,Warm And Fuzzy Feelings (WAFF),N/C(Non consentual), M/F,Yaoi,Yuri,Bi,Anal,Bond,HJ( hand jobs), fingering, Lemon, Lime, Oral, Torture, Blood, Body Modification (scarring, cutting, burning), M/M/F and F/F/M, Double Penetration (DP),Spanking, Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST), Voyeur, Wet Dream (WD) This chapter is a note from the author. The 1st chapter begins in the next chapter. Well, as many of you know, I have a Fantasy/Action/Romance novel series in the works to be published and available in book stores and on the internet beginning summer of 2007. In the journey the characters have followed, there are many times where the characters found themselves in situations they wanted to be in and others they did not want to. Not all the scenes that would be taking place could be put in this novel series if I was to keep it at the Young Adult category. So the more graphic or detailed scenes needed to be released from my mind an
About Me
I just celebrated my 57th on Feb. 25th and still feel like I'm I live in Los Angeles Co., CA but grew up at the beach cities area of So. Calif. I'm retired and enjoy playing poker online, creating unique pix with various software and chatting with friends on Yahoo! Messenger. I have two beautiful and loving cats (see their pix in my photos). I have a (male) significant other for the past 12 years and am very happy with my life. Look forward to meeting new people here at Cherry Tap. God Bless!
Whos Got Jokes?
JACK (age 3) was watching his mom breast-feed his new baby sister. After a while he asked, "Mom, why have you got two? Is one for hot and one for cold milk?" MELANIE (age 5) asked her granny how old she was. Granny replied she was so old she didn't remember any more. Melanie said, "If you don't remember, you must look in the back of your panties. Mine say five to six." STEVEN (age 3) hugged and kissed his mom goodnight. "I love you so much that when you die, I'm going to bury you outside my bedroom window." BRITTANY (age 4) had an earache and wanted a painkiller. She tried in vain to take the lid off the bottle. Seeing her frustration, her mom explained it was a childproof cap and she'd have to open it for her. Eyes wide with wonder, the little girl asked, "How does it know it's me? SUSAN (age 4) was drinking juice when she got the hiccups. "Please don't give me this juice again," she said. "It makes my teeth cough." D I (age 4) stepped onto the bathroom scale a
Under Her Desk
I started off this morning in a very bad mood. I like to enjoy my coffee and sit alone for an hour.. well my driver being somewhat of a twit locked herself out of the van for the second time in 24 hours... I grumbled a lot while walking out the door.....   To my surprise when I came back, my lovely Witty had offered to hide me under her desk. I graciously accepted only to find I wasn't the only one under her desk..... Its getting slightly crowded under there and I'm wondering If i should move out or start growling at people who come into my corner space.. My beef on a thursday Wicked
The Screams Of Fallen Angels
dear angel verse 1 dear angel, could you carry me blood is dripping from my broken feet i cannot go on, i know you'll understand its hard to smile, when you got nails in your head chorus i am the line of chalk, they always put me down you better watch where you walk when your in this town i am the wooden cross,they always burn me down you are the stagnate pool, where all my children drown verse 2 dear needle, could you pardon me i call you empty, your quick to disagree my soul is hollow, there's nowhere left to hide its hard to smile, when there's a hole in your side  chorus x1 verse 3 dear father, could you answer me ill pull the plug and end your suffering collapse your towers, crush your bleeding heart its hard to smile when you've got thorns  in your head chorus x2 then fade with music FADEDMEMORY I dont want you coming around I dont want you banging at my door forget my name forget my number I dont want to love you anymore cause all you are to me is
Real World Vs Fubar World
So I am like every other member here. Go along with the rating and chat with a select few. I stopped by someone’s profile today and  noticed that they have over 15,000 friends. An educated guess is that most on here and including this person, probably only talk to maybe 10 people on here closely. So  I say that this online world we are in is just like life. We meet and even interact with many people. But who of them are your true friends? Not many I say. Who of them would you open up to? Tell them your real life..your past..who you really are. Yes..I am sure many on here are honest and I am not saying that people are different on here. I am saying that no matter how honest you say are, can you say that you don’t hold anything back? Doubtful.  So being on here helps us practice the real world. We protect are selves to not letting too much out. We try to read and analyze people to see if they are “worthy” of knowing the real you. It is a game that we play dodging
Fubar Vs Real Life
I'm in a foul mood and needed to vent and what better why to do that is to talk nonsense on the Fu that may or not be read.   A. People don not actually love you on here, hell chances are you're lucky if they tolerate you.   B. If it weren't for the shiny "fake" things you but them, they wouldn't give you the time of day in real life.   C. You couldn't get a chick to show you her tits or vagina for some virtuial piece of "bling" in real life." (Okay, MAYVE some chicks you could)   D. This place is so worse then high school it isn't even funny. The gossip circle goes non stop around here and 9 times outta 10 the people being talked shit about doesn't deserve it.   E. People seriouly are NOT as tough online as they are in real life, I don't give a fuck what they say or try to make you think.   F. Stop letting people have control over you with words, grab your nuts and be just as bitchy and assholish as them.   There are very, very, VERY few people on here I would be willing
Won't Do Anymore
Have you ever laid on your bed at night, and just cried? Cried because you’re ugly. Because you’re not good enough. You counted all your flaws from head to toe, to punish and feel worse about yourself. Cried because the comments people blurt out, actually hurt your feelings. Cried because your family is dysfunctional, but you’re just a kid, who can’t do shit about it. They tell you to stop complaining, that you have it much better than the kids in Africa. You don’t want to be a burden, so you bottled it all up. Around people, you’re the happiest ray of sun shine. But nobody knows, that at night when you’re alone, you break down and just cry.
All About Me:)
Pandora Sage's Blog
"Congratulations! You're one of our finalists to win Radiohead tickets! You've got til noon tomorrow (Tuesday) to get as many votes as you can! You and your friends can vote as many times as you want! The key - get as many of your friends to help as possible. You won't be able to do this by yourself. Whoever gets the most votes by noon tomorrow gets our tickets to see Radiohead! Thanks for listening to 'BCN and GOOD LUCK! Get your friends to go to:" Being the crazy person that I am, I came up with a few different combinations of casting Scrubs characters as Rocky Horror characters. Which do you like best? Do you have any other good combos? A) Frank - Dr. Cox Brad - JD Janet - Elliot Riff - Janitor Magenta - Jordan Columbia - Carla Rocky - Keith Eddie - Turk Dr. Scott - Dr. Kelso Crim - Ted Ralph - Todd Betty - Molly B) Frank - Dr. Cox Brad - Keith Janet - Elliot Riff - Turk Magenta - C
For You..
What the crap!  Are people just socially retarded these days? Thought For The Day: FUCK YOU!
Dear Diary
Earlier Randy and I set up the baby crib, its so beatiful, its one of thoughs Oak wood cribs, brand new, A friend of mine was just going to throw it away then she called me and asked me if i wanted it, so now I have the bassinet and the crib, I think that bassinets are just for like naps and stuff. well fellow cherries I've had a long day feeling really tired so i'm gonna take a shower and blog on myspace for a bit and my LJ then head to bed goodnight fellow cherrys and have fun Sorry Cherries that i haven't posted anything in my blog sense the other day I just have had alot of things going on around here lately. I found out friday i'm going in to finally be indiced thank goodness, I was almost about to start charging this munchkin rent LMAO. other than that just been getting things ready for this week by friday when i go into the hospital at 4:15am soo fellow cherries i'm alive and still kicking just wanted to post something in here that way ya'll knew what was going on with me
Fresh New London I thought that I was going to literally die of fucking heat stroke yesterday!!! acctully I knew I wasn't, that is a dramatazation, but it was so fucking hot I had to leave early. Well here is a little known fact for you guys. I don't get poison ivy!!! yay me Anyhow I was moving the mulch pile at the farm, because thier were little kids playing right there. Because thats where the shade is. Anyway when I was doing that I slipped on some decomposing, organic material AND FELL INTO THE ROTTING PLANTS. I was pissed but hey, I got over it.
My Words!!
The sweetest SiN.......... It is the way I feel when I wake up and when I goto sleep. The way I long for your touch a hug or just to hold hands. Feeling like you are part of me like my heart or my lungs. I can't breathe without you and my heart aches when you do. You are my love and my best friend. I feel as though we are one and yet we have never met. I will hold you close until the day when I am no more. SiN DeReLla you are my sweetest SiN!!! my best friend!! I just wanted to give big hugs and smooches to all my friends here on fubar!! You all mean a lot to me. Sometimes we forget to give out the hugs and smooches cuz we are so involved in everything that goes on in our fubar lives and real lives. I have met some outstanding people here and I am thankful for that everyday!! I share my tears and my smiles with all of you and you have shown such support for all my efforts in school and every other aspect of my life. We are all busy people but if we
I see I'm gonna have to clean up my friends list again, very few drop me a line to Hi!. I'm not here for the rates or the level just to chat and make friends. My friend "can't say who" under threat of deleation! such a sweetheart!, just had a problem with a Wannabe Hero! "I'm in War Hero" type of guy.... you know the type! I have been there and done that! One thing I learned a Looong time ago is that Women are a precious gift to Man and not to take that for granted! If this Character is REALLY in "HERO", he was taught to respect others! If he has a MOTHER, SHE SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT HIM!!!!!!! I'm sorry if I am Venting! I despise "HEROS" that claim things they aren't! If a "HERO" like that ever came across someone who was "there" he should run... WE KNOW who you are! So "HERO" when you "COME BACK FROM THE SANDBOX" come see me.... we can "CHAT" about your "HEROISM"! WHAT EACH KISS MEANS -Kiss on the stomach; I'm ready. -Kiss on the Forehead; I hope we're together forever. -Kiss on the Ea
Millions Share Paranormal Beliefs
This story happened a while ago in Dublin, and even though it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, its true. John Bradford, a Dublin University student, was on the side of the road hitchhiking on a very dark night and in the midst of a storm. The night was rolling on and no car went by. The storm was so strong he could hardly see a few feet ahead of him. Suddenly, he saw a car slowly coming towards him and stopped. John, desperate for shelter and without thinking about it, got into the car and closed the door..only to realize there was nobody behind the wheel and the engine wasn't on!! The car started moving slowly. John looked at the road ahead and saw a curve approaching. Scared, he started to pray, begging for his life. Then, just before the car hit the curve, a hand appeared through the window and turned the wheel. John, paralyzed with terror, watched as the hand repeatedly came through the window, but never touched or harmed him. Shortly thereafter John saw the lights of a p
Pervs And Jerks Of Fubar (dont Rate This Blog Plz Just Read And Be Aware)
dude came to my page and just starting rateing my pics a 9 for no reason. protect yourselves from this asshole. big D@ fubar this guy had a problem with the fact i support my troops for doing their job and keeping me safe, check out this shit (oh and dont waste ur time going to rate him a 1 he's not worth it) superman@ fubar I LEFT A COMMENT ON HIS MUM ABOUT 'BUTTS' ASKING WHAT A CHICK'S BUTT HAS TO DO WITH ANYTHING CUZ ITS JUST FAT, AND THE BIGGER IT IS THE MORE FAT THERE IS.... HE RESPOND BY RATING ME A ONE THEN THIS CONVO TOOK PLACE: (U KNOW THE DEAL BOTTOM TO TOP) I LOVE IT I GOT CALLED A HIPPO LOL. ->~LIL DEVIL...: SINCE WHEN ARE HIPPOS A SIZE 3 superman: i do what i want when i want ok you stupid hippo ->~LIL DEVIL...: U ARE ONE SICK FUCK THAT NEEDS SERIOUS MENTAL HELP superman: cuz you ate her superman: ur ugly ->~LIL DEVIL...: HAVE FUN WITH THE AIR HUN CUZ I DONT HAVE A DAUGHTER ->~LIL DEVIL...: I DONT LISTEN superman: or i will fuck you
Listen Up
Hrmmmmm I know this a free site and it can be kinda fun but I got to say these people suck. Apparently you cant have multiple people sign in and make an account if they live in the same house hold and you send invites to there email. All my points were wiped out and they say the system tag it as fraud and they cant be restored. Bullshit but anyway. Guess it is back to pushing Myspace and other chat sites. Kisses Get your butts to Dirty Lil Secrets Lounge for my Fu Wedding going on NOW! The wedding was great thank you to Princess RBK for letting us have the wedding in her lounge Dirty Little Secrets and thank you to Rev Eternal for performing the wedding it Rocked Vegas Style. Hello all thanks for viewing my blog. I tend to ramble a lot so keep an eye out you might see something interesting.
and dont forget to rate the pic either if you cant own me click here to has started
Hey Need Some Luvin !
okay i bought this in a flea market just because it was interesting i've never seen this before I have no ideal what it is has anyone EVER seen this before if so WTF is it ! I got tagged by the beautiful DownUndaXena ... Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.facts one :I am not actually red headed I'm blonde and i hide it go fig., but most people don't know that one 2.Habbit one: When I get upset i bit my lip 3.I hardly cry, so when I do over someone they should know they mean alot to me 4.It takes alot to make me jelious 5.I use to be one hell of a gothic person.and if you know me now your like no way bullshit!but true i did the w
Wow It's My 1st Blog
wow! So , this is my first time writtig. not sure what to say . today has been pretty mellow. my two year old son is sick so nothing got done around the house. dont you hate when that happens. well i am bored now. i am going to play on the internet. have a great day all. JA Help!!!!!!!! I am so done with some old day to day things. I need some new fun events! If one has some ideas, let me hear them! Well until I find something new to do, I am off to go chill at the same place. Later Kids JA Dont you hate when your plans dont work out after you have gotten ready to go! well I do! Tommorrow night will be better. everyone have a safe and fun night .

how did i get myself into this postition. when heartache seems to be my only disposition. i try and i try but i can't see past, fast days and wrong ways of a life that won't last. i'm feeling down while falling out and getting up just to fail. the quickest things, the biggest dreams insert the final nail. i'm filling in blanks, blankly staring to fill eyes wide to an underside that fucking makes me ill. a grasp i never had, a heart that wasn't mine. an eternity i could have wasted waiting in line. words escaped my lips and now i just regret. not telling you a hundred times that this was finally it ...I had to write something about this because I'm feeling like an extra large pussy today and it kinda hurt my feelings... Apparently guys gather from my pictures and profile that I'm an idiot, I enjoy cock in every orifice and I most likely can't spell my name. So when they try to talk to me and find I can actually hold a conversation I think they're shocked. An anonymous MALE member o
Love Poems & Story's Some I Worte Some I Copyed
one nite the moon asked a boy if you love her then why do you not tell her the boy repiled i love her to much to scare her and she is already with someone the moon replied if you love her then tell her and see how she feels towards you then you love can be the next the boy went to the one he loves to tell her and found her beaten on the floor crying he picked her up and took her home he layed her down and cleaned her wounds and as he did he looked her in the eyes and said i love you so much but i have been so scard to tell you the girl replied for all this time i have loved you as well but was to scared to till you then last nite the moon told me of a boy that would come and save me and when i told the moon i was with a boy and he did this to me and then you came and saved me are you the boy the moon told me about he cryed and said yes i am for the moon told me last nite that i should come to you and tell you i loved you over time their love grew and flurished they where unseperatable
Hey I Need To Tell U Sumthin My Friend......
Lisa Marie Presley Blog: Michael Jackson Knew He Would Die Like This Lisa Marie Presley, who was married to Michael Jackson in the mid-1990s, has take to her MySpace to unload some thoughts about the King of Pop’s death. Apparently “he knew.” Check out LMP’s interesting blog entry inside… Lisa Marie Presley:     Michael Jackson Knew… He Knew. Years ago Michael and I were having a deep conversation about life in general. I can’t recall the exact subject matter but he may have been questioning me about the circumstances of my Fathers Death. At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, “I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did.” I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that. 14 years later I am sitti
Poems (check Out His Other Ones @ Http:// )
Here she sleeps now in my arms, To steal a Kiss, oh what the harm, Just a small one that none will miss, But still the essence of a Kiss. Oh for the chance to hold her near, And whisper things for her to hear, To say the things to make her stay, With me for now and every day. Oh for the strength to let her see, The things I keep inside of me, To ask her now to share my sight, For just this moment, if not for life. If just from her to see a sign, To show the way to make her mine, So for this sign I now do wish, The sign behind a simple Kiss. DQA Oh Star Light, Oh Star Bright, The Midnight Star, Shining Bright. Truth Be Told, Make It Bold, Leading Me Far, To One To Hold. My Star Light, My Star Bright, My Guiding Star, Filling My Sight. Of My Heart, To Never Part, Or Straying Far, New Life To Start. DQA I see you standing there like the eye of a hurricane, As the world around me keep spinning insane, You are the quiet calm through out
It's Football Time In Tennessee
I have a bet going with someone on Saturday's Florida Gators VS Tennessee Volunteers game... I just wanted to show my support to my team! I have been waiting for this day for MANY years!!! This man is not worth the $2.05 million a year salary they are paying him!! Phillip Fulmer Resigns - November 03, 2008 Phillip Fulmer wore Tennessee orange for more than 30 years of his life as a player, assistant coach and head coach. Monday night he officially shelves his wardrobe as news arrived from Knoxville that Fulmer will step down at season’s end as head coach of the Tennessee Vols. As head coach of the Vols, Fulmer notched an impressive 150-51 record, the third best among active coaches. However, it was not enough to hold onto the position he started 16 years ago, the longest tenure in the SEC. Effective at the end of this season, Fulmer, who began his career as a player in 1969, will resign as head coach of the team which is currently in the midst of having their worst
My Poems
                                                I Think Of You   I think of you night an day I think of you everyday There is not a time that passes by, that you don't run through my mind. Yes I know we have had our bad time but we have had our good ones to. I just want you to know That I Think Of You With My Mind My Heart And My Soul. We will Have our hard time's But we will also let them go, I guess what I am tryin to say is I don't want to let you go I care for you in ways I never knew I could I wish there was something I could do to get you to feel the same way I do. I just want to let you know,That I think of you. Just know I Think Of You By Ashley V, Lindsay Lie's You Lie to someone you care for, To try an keep something hidden, something that cant be explaind. Something your scared of. You lie because you don't want to hurt the ones you care for. You lie inhope that it was all just a very bad dream. You hope the dream would
Tours To Kerala, Manali And Shimla-kullu
Alleppey, now known as the Alappuzha, is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Indian state of Kerala. It is known for large network of inland canals, lakes, and waterways. That’s why it is also fondly known as the “Venice of the East”. It is very famous for backwater tourism in the world. It is also known for coir carpet industries, prawn farming, beaches and ayurvedic resorts & spa centres. It is an ideal destination in the state to enjoy Kerala backwater tours with luxurious house boats. A visit to this picturesque city of Kerala also provides wonderful opportunities to explore several other attractions like churches of Kottayam, town of Aaranmula, Ambalapuzha Temple, Karumadikkuttan Statue, Lighthouse, and temples & mosques. Aaranmula is very famous for its historic Aaranmula Snake Boat Race. It is annual event held in Alleppey. It deserves large gathering of tourists. Alappuzha is also known for its spectacular snake boat races held on the second Saturday of August
Blood Flows Warm And Is Best Served That Way!
I am Tantalizingdeath AKA DJ Tantalizing, I am here to meet real people. I am not here to prove to you how much of a woman I am or can be. If I choose to let you inside that is a chose I make freely. I also did not come here for CyberSex. I can get real sex and I know it. All I have to do is go down to the local College bar wear a short shirt no panties high- heals and a shirt that wouldn't cover my infants backside. And wow you'll be amazed at how much free booze and dick I can get. I am a flirt. I enjoy entising each listener I get pure delight in teasing each one every time I sign on at Temptation~X Radio. So if you enjoy a friend who is more then just the titties and ass nature handed her then lets chat, lets be friends, hell lets be real. Peace, Love, and Kisses You may have noticed on my page there is a link to a web cam. You also may be saying damn that thing doesn't work. Well it is not that it doesnt work but that I turn it on when I at differant imes through out the
My web site is up and running....Check it Ok so for those of you that don't know I am officaly a bounce at a strip club... Yeah fun stuff the pay is ok and the co-workers seem nice so far.... But my first night was ok but this is now my second night there... I'll be working Fri and Sat nights from 9pm-3ish.... Which isn't to bad... But tonight was slow for most of the night.... Then about 10mins to 3am a guy walks in screaming for Angel... Turns out he's her boyfriend... Well needless to say he was upset about something... I told him to wait outside and I'd get her.... He started to comply but out of no where he sprints around the exit area and run into the back and trys to jump the guy Angel was private dancing for... But the guy said he knows martial arts and was actually beatting the crap out of the bf.... So I'm trying to get the owner and Angel out of my way so I can break it up... Took me about 30secs to get around them I separted them and carried the bf out
The Long Road
Christmas Poem Twas the night before Christmas, He lived all alone, in a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give, and to see just who in this home did live. I looked all about, a strange sight i did see, no tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No stocking by the mantle, just boots filled with sand, on the wall hung pictures of far distant lands. With medals and bagdes, awards of all kinds, a sober thought came through my mind. For this house was different, it was dark and dreary, I found the home of a soldier, once i could see clearly. The soldier lay sleeping, silent, alone curled up on the floor in this one bedroom home. The face was so gentle, the room is such disorder, not how I pictured a United States soldier. Was this the hero of whom I'd just read? Vurled up on a poncho, the floor for a bed? I realized the familes that i saw this night, owed thier lives to these so
Party Party Party! We would like to invite you all to southern comfort for a wild and scary time. we are having a halloween party on october 31 @ 11:00 est .we understand everyone will be out with family ,but the party will still be going on when you get home ,so come on over and have a drink and some laughs with all the family @ southern comfort. we hope everyone has a happy and safe halloween . Click the pic to enter Southern Comfort ! CHAPEL OF LOVE WELCOME TO THE CHAPEL YOUR AT THE RIGHT PLACE FOR A GOOD WEDDING FEEL FREE TO JOIN US. WE HAVE REV. GAIL -OWNER AND ARE LOOKING FOR MORE REVERENDS. Click the pic to enter CHAPEL OF LOVE ! Click the pic to leave REV. GAIL a message ! > > > > > come by and join our family . its a great lounge with good music and great people .everyone makes you feel really welcomed there.stop by and check us out and b
Drizzles Poems{he Wrote}
“Who Will Cry For The Little Boy” Will you cry for the little man Can you help him to understand Is it possible for his tree to bear fruits If so will it have good roots Will you give him something he can keep Do you kiss him and watch him sleep Does he know everything will be alright Are you there when he wakes at night Is there a life for him to enjoy Who will cry for the little boy Will he always be depressed Did you tell him what it means to be oppressed Tomorrow isn’t promised to him And today is such a big problem It’s a hard knock life I know this Will he ever be someone to miss I can never tell if he’s okay I just tell him there will come a day When he will receive his overdue pay Stay strong little guy and pray Will it be better if I him a toy Maybe but tell me honestly “Who Will Cry For The Little Boy” DEDICATED TO ALL THE ORPHANED LITTLE MEN A.I.R 2/23/04 “What They Are Called” You have all types of people Some maybe a little more feeble As
Lets See Lol
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ***STARTING A NEW PIC RATE A THON *AS OF 01-04-09 TILL ????? TO SAY THANK TO MY FRIENDS. I AM RUNNING ANOTHER AUTO 11, SO MANY HAVE LEVELED ON ME THEY WANT ME TO DO IT AGAIN LOL **RATE ATHON WITH BLINGs N FUBUCKS GIVE AWAY** I HAVE HAD LOTS DO IT 4 & 5 TIMES LOL & AND GET BLINGS EACH TIME WHILE THEY LEVEL UP..LOL **RATE ATHON WITH BLINGs N FUBUCKS GIVE AWAY** get 35 points for each rate, and 57 points during Happy Hours. Have fun rating and hope a lot of you level up Happy Hour 11's from VIP's will count 108 and not 57 *JUST A example...600 rates takes about 30 minutes and @ 57 points each, thats 32,400 easy points and matching fubucks,,, what a deal. **Rate Athon with Give Away BLINGS till????:)** SEXYGIRLBLONDE,FAN/RATE B4 ADD,TY *SEXYGIRLBLONDE*#17*GODFATHER*1st,Oracle* FAN/RATE B4 ADD,TY*@ fubar Viva Las VegasBy ZZ TopBest Video Codes
Sick Of Bullshit
these tears i shed will never go awaythe tears that fall, will remind me of that pain the pain of loss is what i speakthe pain that made me fall to my kneesthis pain is what i so despise but, what can i do but fall and cry i loss my way, to this never ending paini loss reasonto why i should go on the answers i come to will forever haunt my dreams this pain of loss is what truly makes me sceamthis yelling person who is mewill forever continue to cry and sceamthats why i hate to have these tears fall from my eyesthis nightmare of falling tears is what i really despise Tommie Cobb  WELL PPL THE TIME IS ALMOST HERE WHEN I  WILL BE GOING BACK TO MY BELOVED  SOUTH. I HAVE MADE PEACE WITH EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED IN MY LIFE UP UNTIL THIS POINT.  I HOPE ALL OF MY REAL FRIENDS I HAVE MADE ON HERE KNWO HOW MUCH i CARE ABOUT THEM AND IF ANY OF THEM NEED ANYTHING   THAT THEY CAN GIVE ME A CALL OR TEXT OR HIT MY YIM.     I HAVE MET SOME WONDERFUL PPL ON HERE. AND TO EVERYONE  WHO  HAVE ACTED LI
So, as some of you know, I read a lot. And when I say a lot, I'm talking about 4 or more books a week. Most are books that I have already read, in some cases several times over. I enjoy them and its like revisiting friends from the past. The only people who don't judge. But thats neither here nor there. In the past week, I read a book that was just absolutely stupendous. I would urge readers to pick it up. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Yes, this is the guy who wrote The DeVinci Code, and Angels and Demons. (Which by the way, I would highly recommend to anyone as well) Dan Brown has a way of telling a story that is almost un-parralled. He gives you all the clues you need, but puts them in a way that you still have no clue what is going on till the very end. It's a fast paced book, and I read it within a day. It is in no way a short novel... The premise of the story is Robert Langdon, a Symbilogist of no small means (currently played by Tom Hanks in the movies) And
Be Good To Yourself
Trust yourself You know what you want and need. Put yourself first. You can't be anything for anybody else  unless you take care of yourself.   Let your feelings be known.They are important.Express your opinions.It's good to hear yourself talk.   Value your thinking.You do it well.Take the time and space you need.Even if other people are wanting something
I was just sitting here thinking how uncertain things are. You have something one minute, and you lose it the next. Nothing is permanent and nothing is forever. My friends mean everything to me. I try so hard for them, and I put 115% of myself into helping them. I enjoy helping my friends and I enjoy sticking up for them. I am just baffled at how much people don't see. A lot of their pain and heartache is brought on by themselves. Nobody can MAKE you feel sad. Nobody can MAKE you feel angry. Those are the choices that you made. Now, mind you, I am talking on more of a minor size situation. I am not saying that if someone killed your best friend, that it is your fault that you are mad and hurt. I would be pissed too and wanting to lash out on their killer. But anyways, I am just rambling. It sounds weird, but for once I feel like I am part of a group on here. Like no matter what, there is a purpose for me. I am part of the XXX lounge and it makes me feel good to go in there a
Sixteen Signs
You have a sexual IQ of 139 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at I wish i could reverse time and take my life back i had everything i could ever want and it slipped away little by little I wish the stupid shit had never happened, we all make mistakes but we know when things are just not right and then we pay the price. I wish i had given more effort into the things i care most about; there were so many things going on that i didnt see what i really needed to focus on but now i do and i wish i did more than anything. I wish i wasnt so stubborn and arguementative; at times i cant help it, its just me but i can work on it choose my battles and let others slide I wish i trusted my gut and dropped that stupid bitch, my "so called best friend"; fuckin
My Poetry
I see you alone in your room... I see you hidden from the world... I see you naked... in a sense... I see you for who you really are... I see you... behind all the masks and charades... A cheat... a liar... a phony... a fake... And oh so much hate... As the blade runs across your skin... I see what you really are inside... I see that you are no different than I... I see you had no reason for the hate you bestowed upon me... Before you go... Tell me one thing... What makes you hate??? But alas I was too late... For to much blood had been spilled... So I ask you now... Was it really worth it??? I cry inside for the things I try to hide From everyone... including myself, I hide this shit inside I hide the darkness along with the light... Knowing it will never be alright So cold and alone it’s a pain you will never know Pain that never sleeps... No use trying to run The pain... it doesn’t breath... I know... I’ve tried to drown it I will never be perfect, I will
About Me!
Hi Everyone, I am new to Cherry Tap but an original member of MySpace. You all can also check out my profile on MySpace as well. I just Love how I can change my backgrounds etc on there.But not sure how I like Cherry Tap yet as I dont know if you I can change backgrounds on here or add little extra little things. Anyway About ME: I'm 34, and I like to go out every once in awhile to have fun. Life is a journey and you only live once.Im also blunt and usually say what I feel and think when needed, other than that I'm really a nice person. I'm also prepping to take my GED test this year, so I can further my schooling and become anything I want. I know some of you must think that it's lame for me to go back to school, but you know what, I really dont give a rats a** what anyone thinks because I am bettering myself for the year of 2007 and don't need anyone's approval. Looking For: New friends to chat with and maybe hangout with if your close enough
The 13 Wraths Of Vengence
what some on here do not know i was dead clinically for a while.. why you all ask?? i shot myself behind pussy (a woman) yes. i know very dumb thing to do.. i've heard it from many... i was in love and my heart was broken.. but let me tell you of this while it is still fresh in my some see a great light and some see nothing.. my experience was of the hall of souls.. many from times past waiting for another chance.those that don't believe in anything are like the souls of a animal;lost in a oblivian and truly die a second death..and what brought me back was the love of friends and covens.. and i do thank you all that knew that i was gone,and kept on with their dark gifts.. but most of all i want to thank the elders whom preformed the incantations, and i want to thank the one whom caused me to kill myself(you know whom you are)i saw many things and done some haunting also.. death is another form of being born.. it is shocking at first and at time you get use to it. but you d
My Blogs
stankin36@ fubar He will downrate your pic a "9" in the Bored section just beware when he comes across your page. LatinaLover1 Founder Of Total Chaos@ fubar buttafli kisses@ fubar same person with two different profiles don't know shit about me, causing drama and problems, so family/friends beware of this drama queen who likes to cause problems who doesn't get a chance to know people when she wants to here false information from other people. bribear78@ fubar SHE WILL DOWN RATE YOU A 1 FOR NO REASON, SO IF YOU WANT ISSUES I SUGGEST YOU BLOCK HER, YOU CAN POST THIS LINK IN A BULLETIN TOO AS WELL.
My Copyright Shizz...
I'm the girl who is lost in space, the girl who is disappearing always, forever fading away and receding farther and farther into the background. Just like the Cheshire cat, someday I will suddenly leave, but the artificial warmth of my smile, that phony, clownish curve, the kind you see on miserably sad people and villains in Disney movies, will remain behind as an ironic remnant. I am the girl you see in the photograph from some party someplace or some picnic in the park, the one who is in fact soon to be gone. When you look at the picture again, I want to assure you, I will no longer be there. I will be erased from history, like a traitor in the Soviet Union. Because with every day that goes by, I feel myself becoming more and more invisible...Elizabeth WurtzelThought I'd let you (whoever reads my blogs) know exactly how I feel at this moment.♥Cryss Potter.♥ Do you ever really take the time to get to know ur online friends intimately?? Do you know their everyday str
Journal Of Me
I found out a little over a month ago that my mother is dying of lung cancer. Its in her lungs, bone and lymph nodes. My mother and I are very close, we've been through alot and made it through it all together. I love her so much and I can't even imagine the day when shes not here anymore. I just don't know...some days are good for her and some aren't. The doctor gave her months to live, not years. I look at my 3 yr old daughter and tell myself my mother has to stick around or else shes never gonna know how great her grandma is. I know I'm gonna fall apart it's just a matter of how bad. I know my children need me too, thats whats keeping me half way sane right now. I  have my brother thats 28 and paralyzed from the nipple down living with me. Some times I just want to lay down in my room and have all day just for me and then I feel bad for feeling that way. I feel like I'm about to just snap.. if anyone can understand that. Idk.  I love my brother but its a big job and no one else in m
Krypt Radio
ok you know what Im gonna get on a soap box here ok you know I am tryin my best to make my louge grow but how the hell can you grow a lounge when people come and leave because Im the only one there come on people spend some time there spread the word a bit you know dont just come and leave because I m the only one there You know somehting occured to me today as I was sitting here in fubar trying like hell to promote my new lounge to no avail. That several of the people have commeneted to the effect of oh its a new lounge it isnt that big yet. How did all the lounges here start out just like mine brand new with no members. Yet people forget we all started somewhere. All I am saying here is dont just say oh o not another new lounge go and check it out you never know you might actually like it. There is an old saying Dont knock it til you try it come on men and ladies give the mew lounges a chance just as someone gave the established ones a chance too. I am DJ Raven owner of KRYPT Radio
Just Stuff
i wont be on fu much anymore.....i got a new job that requires alot of my time and i just cant take some of the things going on anymore. ill have someone getting on everyday to use my 11s til my vip runs out then depending on how i am then ill decide if i wanna delete the acct or not. i have met some wonderful people on here and some people who i have came to love, but like always things dont work out and shit goes bad....its time for me to get away for a while....ill be checking my page like once a week but prolly wont be on but long enough to reply to those and be done with it for then...ill prolly come back for a bit in like 2 months or so but for now i have to do me and be done with all this shit. So I woke up this morning and i was like.....i want spotlight.....this is my last chance to get it and im calling on all my friends to please please please help me out a lil bit....... i would really appreciate any donations you can give big or small it all adds up. thank you in advance a
Robert Frost
They leave us so to the way we took, As two in whom them were proved mistaken, That we sit sometimes in the wayside nook, With michievous, vagrant, seraphic look, And try if we cannot feel forsaken. Birches   WHEN I see birches bend to left and right   Across the line of straighter darker trees,   I like to think some boy's been swinging them.   But swinging doesn't bend them down to stay.   Ice-storms do that. Often you must have seen them          5 Loaded with ice a sunny winter morning   After a rain. They click upon themselves  
For All My Haters
lord , som ppl seriously blows my mind. last couple off days i been named called, cus of a game. lol like imma sit in a corner n cry cus somone callin me names. wont happen. i dont give a shit, if me helpin my friends, n doin somthin gd for somone makes me a bad person, then hell, then im hella bad. get it straight i dont give a shit, call me wut ever u wanna call me, but seriously grow up, its like bein back in high school, sheesh , those who know me, knows who i am, they know i am a nice person, dont do drama, just cus i dont sink down to theire level dosent mean im weak n dont know how to fight back, just lazy at times, lmao but seriously keep the shit comin, n il show ya how big off bitch i can be, n il do that with a smile on my face :) *gets up n dances, n sings* keep on hatin keep on hatin ur makin me famouse :D:D:D peac out *claps my hands* Good job to those that woke up today feeling bad about them self  and figured out that today, they gonna make someone feel less about
Worst/nastiest/dumbest/lamest 1st Lines
Worst/Nastiest/Dumbest/Lamest 1st lines received by beautiful women on Fubar; I am writing this blog just for fun, so enjoy! ____________________________________________________________________ This blog was inspired by Kilala 911 Girlz (thanks Kilala!), one of the many beautiful sexy women on Fu.   So, I asked some of the sexiest, most liked, and most popular women on Fu: “What’s the worst first line you’ve gotten?”  Some of these first liners are hilarious, some are rude, some are JUST PLAIN SAD. When available, I included the replies given (which RAWK).     Men of Fu, read carefully, and learn what NOT to say, PLEASE….! Saying things like these will get you blocked or in some "Futard" or "FuPervs" folder.  =)   From Kilala 911 Girlz: “hey sweetie how do you look topless?” “are you looking for master?”   From jeanniejeanster: (Yup, that's me...) “You look like your pussy tastes like strawberries”
GREEN EYES -Sex Addicts!!! People with green eyes have the most passion put into relationships, they have long lasting relationships. People with green eyes are also the horniest and most beautiful. They long for the touch of another. People with green eyes are very sexy and very attracted towards the opposite sex. You will meet the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with if you repost this. HAZEL EYES -People with hazel eyes are very loveable. They are really hot and are awesome to be around. They don't enjoy 'pet names'. They don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and they love to please. They can exceed your pleasure standards. They are very laid back, chilled and love to just be around. If you repost this and have hazel eyes then you will be happy soon with the person who is on your heart. BROWN EYES -Either sexy as hell or are adorable. Loves to make new friends. Their relationship tends to be very honest because if they aren't truly in love,
The Angel Files
Adoration - You adore me and all my unusual quirksBeautiful - You truly are, thru and thruCaring - You are always thinking of me and my happinessDevotion - You are all about me and I thank you for thatEvil - Looks are deceiving, but it's the look that attracted me to youFunny - Whether it be intentional or not, you always make me giggleGiving - In so many ways, you are always doing itHeartfelt - Your words, I dont hear them, I feel themIrresistible - I can't imagine being away from you for very longJustin - Cuz of him, you are an excellent mother, I wish to see that with usKind - It goes without saying, you are a very sweet personLoving - You take this to a whole other level....hardcore statusMind-blowing - The scenarios we share, you have some great onesNuturing - It's in your nature and can never be a bad thingOutgoing - You're modest but not to shy around peoplePerceptive - You can read me, which is no easy taskQueen-like - This is how high I regard youReal - Nothing outrageous, you
Morph Contest
hello i started a morph contest and decided that the comment number of 150,000 was to hi so ive decided to put it down to 75000......prizes are still the same though dont worry well to all who can help me im in a contest to get comments and win a prize the link above is to my please comment bomb me as many times as you like i really apreciate it.and to those who already have thanks so much.... hello everybody that has a ya think yours is better than anyone elses well lets see.let me know your interested in this contest by sending a link or a shout.the rules are very simple who ever gets 150,000 comments first can comment on yourself as much as you want...repost this over and over if you wish...send out links of your photo to all.the p4rize is either a corvette or a motorcycle or a tropical vacation...which ever you choose.
Please tell me that all men are not like some of the men I have met online. I have had men tell me that they love me and want to be with me one day. Then the next day, they either just disappear or block me. I am sick and tired of getting my heart broken and getting my hopes up. These guys talk all sweet to you to win you over then just disappear. They leave you a shattered mess wondering what you did wrong. I have even had guys talk about wanting to marry me and wanting me to have their babies. I am so sick of the crap. All I want is a man that is going to be there for me and not treat me like total shit. Is that too much to ask? Lately I am starting to think so. I am just tired of the guys who want to play childish games and all the drama. If there is a real man out there, please tell me where. I know that I am overweight but that does not mean that I do not have feelings. There is this guy in my building that I am really interested in. I do not know for sure if he is i
Confessions Of A Junkie
  (Katie’s tired and ranting) Just because I don’t worship YOUR god does not mean I have no morals…. I’m really tired of people who assume they know my beliefs and then decide to go on   telling me what I believe. I enjoy even more when they point out my so-called beliefs are wrong. Honestly few people know what I may or may not choose to believe in. I think religion and such are very personal and should remain that way. I respect you and your views so respect mine. I take issues with people who pick and chose what part of a religion they will use/believe. Ok I will take this and leave that, ignore this and fuck that. Before you go on a crusade to condemn me get your shit together. People are often confused when they throw scripture at me and I can have an actual discussion with them. I am willing to listen to you and although you may not change my mind I will listen. Now if you just want reassurance or to fight about inconsequential drama im not your g
"true Gov`t"
And she breaks down and criesCause she`s living a lieThen she peels of her smileRevealing tears in her eyesAnd her makeup`s runningThe fire is burningHer heart is breakingHer world`s left shakenHow long could she pretend that she`s okayAnd her mask is meltingHer dreams are fading She`s slowly losing The life she`s makingHow long could she pretend that she`s okay?She knows what she wantsAnd she knows how to get itBut she`s suddenly lost all sense of directionShe wakes up and looks at the skyNot understanding, she`s asking why She goes to bed and looks at the floor Because deep down she knowsShe can`t take anymoreAnd her makeup`s runningThe fire is burningHer heart is breakingHer world`s left shakenHow long could she pretend that she`s okayAnd her mask is meltingHer dreams are fading She`s slowly losing The life she`s makingHow long could she pretend that she`s okay?Whenever she smiles she`s telling a lieBecause the girl on the insideIs losing the fightBut she grew a spineBecause her tea
Where is he? The man who hides in my dreams. The no named man who visits me everynight while i sleep. I feel no need to hide the inner me, for he loves me for all my flaws no matter how big or small. Y cant he come out and save me from my pain. Must he hide inside while i slowly die outside. So the question lies y must my quest be so agonizingly long when he is so close, or is it just a dream? As i cry these silent tears i put a smile on my face, like makeup, a normal routine. Hoping this time you will look into my eyes and see the pain that i hide. Why is it you say you love me but you ignore me. If this is love i want no part of it. Must i hide inside with these tears i cry? Will i mess up your perfect little world? When will you open your eyes and see the door and let me out? Cant you hear me screaming banging on the door? The key is in plain sight cant you see it, just look into my eyes! I guess i must move on hoping the next will use the key to unlock the
My Thoughts
I am single and looking for a guy, who is kind,considerate,respectful,romantic,doesn't play head or mind games. Knows what he wants out of life. If he has kids thats fine with me.   I was watching the verdict being read today in regards to Caylee Anthony. Her mom was accused of killing her. The verdict came bac not guilty. How can a parent do that. She had no emotions when the verdict was read but she got up and hugged her attorney after everything was said and done.  Why is it that she is going to get away with murder and this girl isn't going to get the justice she needs. Casey told a friend of hers at one point that the tatoo that she had was dedicated to her daughter caylee. I just think that it was just a good show in my opinion. what is everyone else's opinion on the trial. I am trying to find Mr.Right. Will i ever find him.  I want a guy that is going to stay with me through the good times and the bad. I want someone that is going to love me for me. I want someone that is g
Pauls Science Blogs
How Little Green Men Do It… If anyone has read the Postulate on GUT’s blog and has stopped rolling on the floor in fits of laughter then I’ll explain how the little green men show up to check us out every now and then. As per Einstein no massive object can attain the speed of light due to the relative mass of the object would increase to the point it would require infinite energy to accelerate the mass of the object. So this would mean that no craft could visit earth because any life that could travel the distances required would have to have a 10,000 year life span. And even at half the speed of light a molecule of hydrogen would punch a hole clean through our little puddle jumper. Also inertia would make the occupants become a sticky mess on the wall starboard wall if you tried to make even a slow turn to port. So lets inject the postulate that the universe is indeed a quantum state where all matter is connected by the indefinable energy that was the quantum point of
Various Music
Nintendo - Remixes - Tetris Happy Hardcore Techno.mp3 - Nintendo - Remixes - Tetris Happy Hardcore Techno theme songs - Nintendo - Super Mario Brothers.mp3 - Ice Box (Remix)-2007 - Omarion ft.Usher & Fabolous
Dangerous Curves Announcements To Members
In efforts to make everyone more social, all three founders decided we'd like to try to divide our happy family into 3 even teams What does this mean for you? Everyone gets more attention, and lets be honest, who can complain about that? lol Everyone, as always, is free to approach any founder. We all have shoulders built to lean on, but we think this would be a more productive way of notifying members of issues, events, new members, bulletins, etc. This is just one of the improvement we intend to make, so keep your eyes and ears open in the future We would just like to make the announcement that Carrie has decided to leave the Dangerous Curves. Her final decision to leave is being kept within a circle of trust that every girl in the group has, not just as a member but as former members as well. We will not be discussing anything in the past unless it is seem fit by all founders to defend ourselves as a group. Cherie, Paula, and I will continue to monitor the page and the s
So here goes ya'll thot id just fill sum peeps in on my fu tendancies...number one I do like to get on fu sumtimes and strictly return love...not always in the mood to chat. Ive found that when i turn off my sb then everyone sends me pms saying "i tried sbing u and its turned off." Well put two and two together I TURNED IT OFF bcus i dont wanna chat... I am infamous for updating my status and then leaving for awhile..yes i know i know strange bcus when u do that people see ur on and trying talking with u. but the fact of the matter is  i do more the fu all day and sumtimes i update and leave then i come home to people thinking im avoiding them that is not the case by any means..if im ignoring u i will block u. Now one of my BIGGEST PET PEEVES is when im going about my business likeing peeps rating and leaving status messages and all of a sudden i see that one person has blown up my shout box going from... hey how are u...hi...u there...hello...fine i guess ur ignoring me bitch all with
hello  i need more help be ginrus i will be glad  
Funny Pics
Hosted at Hosted at Hosted at
Who Will The Daytona 500 Take A Guess And Who Ever Picks Right Driver Will Win Gift
so what team do you think Lebron James will sign with? Pick the driver who will win the Daytona 500 and if you get the driver right you will get a gift Do you think it will be Randy Orton, Triple H, or John Cena? If you pick the winner I will buy you a gift.....
I Don't Even Know What 2 Say About This
ATLANTA (AP) — The Georgia Supreme Court unanimously threw out the state's hate crimes law Monday, calling it over-broad and "unconstitutionally vague." The four-year-old law calls for stiffer criminal penalties for crimes in which a victim was chosen because of "any bias or prejudice." The 7-0 ruling came in the case of a man and woman convicted of an assault on two black men in Atlanta's Little Five Points neighborhood. Angela Pisciotta and Christopher Botts were convicted of beating two black men while screaming racial epithets in 2002. The trial judge sentenced them to six years in prison, plus an additional two years under the hate crimes law. Pisciotta and Botts appealed to the state's highest court in April. Their lawyers argued that the hate crimes statute should be struck down because almost any crime involving prejudice falls under its scope. The court wrote Monday that it "by no means condon(es) appellants savage attack on the victims in this case or any co
About Men
*Guys use words like hot or cute to describe girls. We rarely use beautiful. If a guy uses that, he likes you a whole hell of a lot. *"Hey, are you busy?" or "Are you doing something?" ~ two phrases guys open with to stop from stammering on the phone. *Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about. *Before they call, guys try to plan out a little about what they're gonna say so there aren't awkward pauses, but once he's on the phone he forgets it all and makes it up as he goes. *Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. *Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. *Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're goin for the let-her-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method. *A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. *Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved. *Don't talk
Top Friends
Now I am seriously looking for some in put here as to what I should have done and what she was looking for in the middle of the night. If are interested in answering my questions via 1 e-mail send me one and I will e-mail youhe questions at hand. Not really looking for any BS answers... ºÖº.¸¸. ♥ Sweet Package ♥ .¸¸. ºÖº REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND OR HUSBAND OR WIFE - REPOST THIS! LET THE FUN BEGIN........ 1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Favorite position: 4. Do you think I'm cute? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8.Would you take a shower with me? 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12.Condom or skin? 13.Have sex on the first date? 14.Would yo
Beasts Ramblings
343Does that number look familiar to you? To most it does not, to a few it means everything.Here is a hint....Little clearer now perhaps? 343 is the number of firefighters that lost their lives in the World Trade Center attacks of 9/11. Add to that the 60 police officers who gave their lives and the picture comes into focus.The years pass as they are want to do, but for most the memories of that day are not diminished in the slightest. For brother fire fighters and officers of those who gave their all, they never will. They will always be reminded of those that passed before them, the ones that answered that one last call. The ones who ran into the bowels of Hell so others might escape that fate.9/11 has become a symbol for not only Americans, but every free born person the world over. It is a glance at the evil that surrounds us, but even more its a testament to the courage, honor, bravery, and good that still manages to thrive despite the reckless hate. I could continue to wr
while i was off shore i received many friend requests from people, but when i got home to accept them...well my sb was empty and all my friend requests were gone. idk what happened but if you sent me a friend request and i didnt accept it, im not the snob vanima will have you believe i am lol. send another one and ill accept it By the time I was 14, I played football for 4 years in organized sports and was hopefull of getting a scholorship for college playing football. By the time I was to start highschool I was set to go! But my mother got married and swiched schools because we moved. No problem I was good, I got a spot on the team at the new school. According to my step father, football players wear girly pants and hump each other when they tackle...anyways, I recieved a 2.9 gpa and my stepfather said I was smarter than that, and should have recieved a 4.0, so I was punished for 6 weeks and beaten with a telephone chord. The marks spanned from the back of my neck to my knees and I
Saving Friends
Thought I would say I won't be around much anymore. I don't want to be a burden on anyone and I know you all think I'm mental enough and I don't need to feed into it. I've lost so many people, I can't afford to lose more. I figure if I wasn't here, I wouldn't lose anyone. each other and peace out. I love you.
Ok well lets see where to begin lol. i dont know actually. I have a beautiful 19 month old daughter who is my pride and joy. I'm currently in school tryin to get the last of my high school then after wards gonna try for college. Yesterday on my way home from northern Ontario I saw 3 moose. never seem them before in my life but damn they huge! Well what can i say?? lol I saw the guy i like last night we talked more and wow. I tried talking this guy into coming to the dance on Friday and well i said I'd save the guy a dance just to see if he would come lol, and then the guy i like says hes being 2 timed, and I'm thinking how?? lol we're not together. Although i wish we were lol.
Dragon's Thoughts
Women: The beautiful one wouldn't step into the kitchen; The one in the kitchen is not gentle, The gentle one has no point of view, The one has point of view is not feminine, The feminine one loves spending money, The one doesn't spend is not fashionable, The fashionable one lacks of originality and security, The one could be trusted nobody would look at! ^^ MEN: The talented one looks ugly, The handsome one got no money, The rich one doesn't care about the family, The lovely-dovey man could never be somebody, That "Mr. somebody" is not romantic, The romantic one likes sweet talking, The one could be trusted is not manly! A Woman's Tears "Why are you crying?" he asked his mom. "Because I'm a woman" she told him. "I don't understand," he said. His mom just hugged him and said, "And you never will".......... Later the little boy asked his father, "Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?" "All women cry for no reason" was all his dad could say........
LEO July 24 - August 23 Ruling Planet: THE SUN which isn't a planet at all, but a star, and just like Leo's opinion of them, it's the centre of our solar system! Leos can be very 'into themselves’ when they bonk. It's not that they don't make their partner feel special, it's just that they often forget about them as they secretly high-five themselves for scoring again! Leo does actually want more from a partner than just sex though. Leo wants love and friendship too. They can be very romantic, but when they get into bed, it's not an experience they're about to have, it's a show! They like to perform... and they take requests! "Doing it" is the ultimate stress buster for Leo and they] are pretty damn good at it, but they need constant praise for their outstanding performance. FAVE POSITION Receiving ‘oral affections’, since Leo is all about getting serviced! BEST SEX TOY A camera or a game of Strip Poker will get the cat purring… or perhaps you can use them both together!
MY man of 2+yrs commonlaw bf has dumped me, my 2nd bf i ever had in my life. He has started his own business and has said time 2 move on, i would not like divulge why it ended but it has ended. It is so hard, i lived wit him, we shared everything and it is over. Sniffle we had such good times together and now they are distant memories. omg i'm so heartbroken. Plz ne one who reads this tell me if they have went thru this, my heart hurts n i cannot think of nething else nor stop the tears. dying inside fa real :( Did u notice that a lot of ppl are displaying pix of hot models that are not them.As their default pic, mostly the higher up cherries uber goober n higher... But other cherries 2, just was wondering what the trend was for.. i could name so many ppl that have done that but they are not on my friends list... Are ppl that simple and really think it is them, are they doin that to draws ppl's attention. Should Snow follow the trend? Plz reply ya opinion, i need 2 be in the know =P
My Babbles
walkin' down this crazy road wondering which way to go why cant your eyes see me since you said you'd never leave *************chorus************* there under the streetlight she sold her soul she was tired of her life never wanting to grow old she fell down to her knees then she cried she turned her eyes upward screaming - god i tried ******************************** i sit here deep in thought figuren' where you've gone thank god for the rain hiding all my tears of shame **********************chorus********************* through the dark and moonless night quietly reflecting on our life my soul is points of light what you did wasn't right **********************chorus********************* bridges burn, tables turned bad luck following at your heels nowhere left to run and hide now you know how i feel **************chorus*************** bye - bye baby so long ill think of you when i sing this song you want to love me, but my need is gone come around lat
Open 4 You~~~
April Contest For Happy Hour
This is just an update of the previous blog about my Happy Hour or equal value package salute contest for April. So I will have a contest starting on April 21 or April 28 where the lovely lady who wins will either get a Happy hour; or a package of fubar gifts of same value a 30 day blast, a VIP for a month, a ticker package and a bling pak. The choice will be up to the one who wins the contest. The contest entry must be a salute to me with my name on a card or on the lady who wishes to enter the contest. Also in honor of The Easter Bunny and the bunnies at Playboy I would like for the contestant either to be wearing bunny ears or wearing a Playboy costume. This is no longer mandatory more like a general theme but I will accept all types of salutes to me that fall within the guidelines. I am leaning towards letting the one who gets the most comments be the winner of the contest so comment bombing will be allowed and the one who receives the most comments will be the winner to avoid any
Letter To My Daughter ( In The Wake Of Senseless Tragedy)
A Must Read
R.i.p Demon Tab Aka Thomas A. Bennett
Thank you ThunderWoman for doing all that you did to find out what happened to Tab. *hugs*   Here is Toms obit/guestbook. He passed away in Tampa, Florida but was from Delaware where he now rests forever.   Here is the funeral home's obit and guestbook too.   You made days a lot funner for a lot of people because you gave it your all, without asking for anything in return. You are the only man on Fubar that was a gentleman to me since day one of us ever chatting a long time ago. For that, you are respected my dear, deeply and always. I am sad you are gone. It hasn't been the same without you nor will it ever be but at least now we know thanks to your friend in NC who called the sheriff in our county and state to do a well check on you just from a phone number! Lots of love goes to her for doing this! Wished things
Game Mobile
Để được hỗ trợ tốt nhất và được nhiều tính năng mới của avatar, Teamobi khuyến cáo các bạn  nên tai avatar phiên bản mới nhất để được hỗ trợ tối đa khi chơi game avatar nhé. Phiên bản avatar 240 ra mắt kéo theo nhiều sự kiện hot tiếp tục xuất hiện, trong đó có sự kiện giảm giá vật phẩm vĩnh viễn trong Avatar. Cùng khám phá nào các bạn! Thời gian: Bắt đầu giảm giá vật phẩm vĩnh viễn từ ngày 20/11/2013 - Giảm giá 50% đá mặt trăng còn 1,000,000 xu/viên bán tại NPC Phi Hành Gia. - Giảm giá từ 25% – 50% Vật phẩm có giá mua bằng tiền xu bán trong cửa hàng - Giảm giá quay
Shadow Words
Here's a part of it...tell me what you think? Time seemed endless tonight. Silence, nothing but the sound of the wind rustling leaves spilling scents of decay and rebirth through the forest. Ali walked silently into the night, her eyes downcast. Her thoughts far away, trapped in the past. The wind howled and still she walked. The night growing darker as clouds filled the sky obscuring the moon. A heavy sigh spilled from her lips as she tried to break free of the pain filled loop of her thoughts. Ignoring everything around her, she wandered on. A loud pop behind her echoed in her mind. She didn't stop walking, didn't even jolt as she continued suddenly very aware of her surroundings. Ali slid her hands into the pockets of her long black duster, cold steel warming comfortingly at her touch. Black leather boots crunching against twigs and rocks she veered from the path. There was only silence and the wind, but she wasn't in the mood for trouble. Her green eyes flicked from shadow to
My Poetry
Why did you call last night? Why did you have to tell me you still missed me? Why did you tell me you still loved me? Why did you tell me I was still in your dreams You told me that you be here if you could.. But your not You told me you still loved me but your married to her You told me that you wished you could see me but you wont You told me you love the fact that we lasted 3yrs but I have been married for 10 You tell me that you've never forgotten me but this isnt real You tell me you will alwys be there if I need you but I know that a lie You tell me you love the fact that we took so long to get to where we were But I know you wished we had gotten their alot sooner... But Why? Why did you call? Why did you have to bring this back up..Now it will take me so much longer to let go of you again. It took me so much to forget that I will always love you.. WHy? I cant help but see your eyes in my dreams. Your voice rings thru my heart. Your touch heals my skin
Christmas Funnies
If you see a fat man Who's jolly and cute, Wearing a beard And a red flannel suit, And if he is chuckling And laughing away, While flying around In a miniature sleigh With eight tiny reindeer To pull him along Then let's face it... Your eggnog's too strong! 1. Schizophrenia --- Do You Hear What I Hear 2. Multiple Personality Disorder --- We Three Queens Disoriented Are 3. Amnesia --- I Don't Know if I'll be Home for Christmas 4. Narcissistic --- Hark the Herald Angels Sing About Me 5. Manic --- Deck the Halls and Walls and House and Lawn and Streets and Stores and Office and Town and Cars and Buses and Trucks and Trees and Fire Hydrants and.... 6. Paranoid --- Santa Claus is Coming to Get Me 7. Borderline Personality Disorder --- Thought of Roasting on an Open Fire 8. Full Personality Disorder --- You Better Watch Out, I'm Gonna Cry, I'm Gonna Pout, Maybe I'll Tell You Why 9. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder --- Jin
Hopeless Romantic
About 5 weeks have past since my diagnosis of Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma. As I have trooped through all the scans and tests, I have come to a realization: part of me feels betrayed by my body. It allowed a malicious alien to form its weapons in me with the intent to own and destroy all that I am. Yet, it has also been my friend at the same time. In an act of merciful kindness it has thrust me into a deeper reliance on God. It pushed me willingly closer to my Father, the Healer and Comforter. All things fall into proper perspective when the triviality of daily activity ceases to be trivial. My children are more precious, my moments more dear. Best of all, God will be glorified by the healing He performs on my body. My daughter pointed out that Jesus came for our healing. When he left, the disciples were charged with continuing to heal. These were the acts of God, not miracles - but what He has for us. (Miraculous, indeed - the gift of a Father who loves His children.)
C h o o s e Your Birthday ♥ Comment What You Got ♥ Jan - I ate Feb - I fucked Mar - I ran naked with April - I smoked with ... ... ... May - I ran shirtless with June - I beat July - I cuddled with Aug - I needed Sept - I shot Oct - I shanked Nov - I stabbed Dec - I slept with Pick the day (number) you were born on 01 - my lover 02 - a dog 03 - homer 04 - A homo 05 - a condom 06 - A toothbrush 07 - a hippie 08 - a glass of milk 09 - a porn star 10 - Paris Hilton 11 - the trojan man 12 - a teletubby 13 - the kool-aid man 14 - some crack heads 15 - an Easter egg 16 - a pot head 17 - a bum 18 - a stripper 19 - a horse 20 - a homeless guy 21 - a drink 22 - my best friend 23 - the cookie monster 24 - my boy friend 25 - a bowl of cereal 26 - a golf ball 27 - a bag of weed 28 - a french fry 29 - your mom 30 - your grandma 31 - a mop Pick the color of shirt you are wearing White - because hoes keep stealing my tacos Black - because I'm sexy like that Pink - Because I'm good in
Moments Passing
did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter when the promise of a brave new world fell beneath a clear blue sky...... when i was 18 every thing was a f@#$ing blast..nothing but fun it seemed....3yrs later and nothing....isn't there a option between fading out and burning out.....where is all the fun shit? isn't it a shame we don't through our selves into friendships or relationships the way we did before we got hurt!!!!!!! LOnging for what was missing what might be searching for the cause nothing left to see empty words echo ringing in your ear does any one know whats behind the mirror shallow souls shine through smiles all so fake anger starts to stew how much till you break going on their way nothing seem a miss how their minds do stray searching for their bliss Gentle breezes blow My mind begins to stray Boredom grows My thoughts began sway I long for your embrace Press your lips to mine Hands caress your face I miss your warming smile
Life Challenges
Been a long night. One night i dont ever want again in my life!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people like to trigger others buttons and try to ruin there lives. Well Jess.......I love you with all my heart and soul. You are the reason i breathe everyday. I learned last night exactly how much I love yo.Yes alot of peeps  went on a search party and im sorry. but this blog is dedicated to you...The future MS Peacock. I never knew there would be a better tomorrow But you've come into my life and taken away all my sorrow . My days of emptiness are gone for good.Because you fill a void in my heart that you should You're the first thing I think of Each morning when I rise. You're the last thing I think of Each night when I close my eyes. You're in each thought I have And every breath I take. My feelings are growing stronger With every move I make. I want to prove I love you But that's the hardest part. So, I'm giving all I have to give To you... I give my heart. Without you life has no importance
My White Knight
Forrest is in a sexist mens contest by badassbitch74.......go by and rate his him some love and attention.. Sorry could not find the link, but there is a bullentin with his pic that will lead straight to the page..... Look for my or sissy's pic....Thanks all and I will return the favor, (those who know me, know I will) hehe.. love to all M."Lady Tina Please click on the link below to vote for My white knight in a contest.....Come on Girls, lets show him some love..... Thanks His M"Lady Tina You Are Diet Coke You are energy in its purest form. No need to complicate things with sweetness. And while people may hate your aftertaste, you are seen as a necessary evil. Your best soda match: 7 Up Stay away from: Coke What Kind of Soda Are You?
i've been living my alone trying to get you out of my life but after all this time i can't help myself but miss you you're once a dream that came true an illusion that turned to reality but suddenly, things turned differently the way they used to be untill such time i have no choice but to let you go I FOUND THIS POEM AND THOUGHT IT WAS AWESOME! SO I SHARING IT WITH YA'LL. My nookie days are over, My pilot light is out, What used to be my sex appeal, Is now my water spout! Time was when on its own accord, From my trousers it would spring, But now i have a full time job, To find the fucking thing. It used to be embarrassing, The way it would behave, For every single morning, It would stand and whatch me shave. Now old age approaches, It sure gives me the blues, To see it hang its little head, And watch me tie my shoes! Sky is blue Water is wet I'll make you cum I'll make you sweat Pressed up against my body Movin up and down Slowly
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. i like to walk naked in the snow 2. when i chat i type lol 3. i drink whiskey by the gallon so don't tell me i won't cause chances i will 4. i used to get paid in school to eat things we disceted 5. i'm the guy your mama warned you about 6. i'm a crazy dork who's worth getting to know The 6 people Im going to tag is 1. Tazzy 2. moosey 3. Texcat 4. Blossomrose(sunshine) 5. sweet potata 6. Tragedy ~*~Tag ~*~ Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people
Neat Lettering And Symbolz
ѕумвσℓz ۝இஐ❣ღ♥*☀☃❆£εїз❣ஐ ╳ メ ☺ ☻ ♠ ♤ ♥ ♡ ♦ ♢ ♣ ♧ ★☆♩♪♫ ♬♭♮ ♯ ☼☽☾☢✳❃❀✿❦❧✓✔✕✖☑æ Æ Œ ® © ™ ¿ ? ½ ¼ ¾ ¨ ¯ • « » ¹ ² ³ ‡ † þ Þ ¤ § ± ÷¦ ☜ ☞ ☎☏ ♀♂ ↔ ↕ ☯✈♨✟✡ ✎ ✏ ✐ ✄ ® ⁂╬ღ ♂ ♀ ♥ ↔ ↕ ▪ ๑ ◊ ◦ ♠♪の °■♀Ψ∑ ξζ ω ∏ √∩¤ ∞ ≡ ▄ ≠ ─ = » « ▲γō ╦ ╩ ε┘┌ ╬ § ΘI ↑↓→←↘↙※ ╮╭
Indiana Cage Fighting Seymour Fight Series 1 (3 Consecutive Weeks Multiple Thousands of Dollars given away) Title's on tha line. When: November 8th, 15th, 22nd Where: National Guard Armory 1925 1st Ave. Seymour Indiana Yesterday, September 12, 2008 I received a letter in tha mail that has invited me to fight for Team USA in Cancun Mexico on March 14th 2009. It'll be Team USA vs Team Mexico. If I choose to accept this invitation I'll leave for Cancun March 12th 2009. Seeing how this is during Spring Break and will be in Cancun it'll be a widely watched event by those in Cancun attending their Spring Break. I have till October 1st to decide if I wish to attend or not. As it looks right now I will be there REPRESENTING USA.
Thirsty Thursday
My Last Christmas
This will be my last Christmas on Fubar. It has been 5 years now and I have really enjoyed my time on Fubar and all the wonderful people I have met and the long lasting friendships and bonds I have made. It has nothing to do with Fubar. I have had my disagreements in the past but overall I think Fubar is the best site If I leave Fubar, it is for financial and medical reasons. I will try and give some notice before I leave but always remember I carry the memory of each of my friendships here and they are precious and I will carry them always, even beyond this life.
The Return
hey every one. im try to get people to make mods for me. i had one done and love it. i don have the time are the stuff to make it. if you can please make one fore me. you can be as artistice as you want. like turn me in to something that looks cool. thanks you i had more pic on my page be sure to hit me up and leave some love let me know what you think check out the video on my page.
30 And Over Milf Contest!!
Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege They say the truth can hurt, and yes it can, but I rather have a truth hurt me for a moment than have a lie destroy me for a lifetime, because a lie last can last forever and along with lies pain is to surly follow, so I say give me the truth no matter how painful it may be,because with that pain comes time to heal, but with a lie that keeps going there is no time to heal. 1. Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated. 2. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite. 3. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar. 4. The average person's left hand does 56% of the typing. 5. A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes. 6. There are more chickens than people in the world. 7. Two-thirds of the world's eggplant is grown in New Jersey. 8. The longest one-syllable word in the English language is "screeched." 9. Male goats will pee on each other in order to attract mates. 10. All of the
Earthquake!!! Woohoo!
Magnitude 5.8 Date-Time * Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 18:42:15 UTC * Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 11:42:15 AM at epicenter Location 33.959°N, 117.752°W Depth 12.3 km (7.6 miles) Region GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA Distances * 3 km (2 miles) SW (235°) from Chino Hills, CA * 8 km (5 miles) SE (127°) from Diamond Bar, CA * 9 km (5 miles) NNE (23°) from Yorba Linda, CA * 11 km (7 miles) S (178°) from Pomona, CA * 47 km (29 miles) ESE (103°) from Los Angeles Civic Center, CA Location Uncertainty horizontal 0.3 km (0.2 miles); depth 1.3 km (0.8 miles) Parameters Nph=144, Dmin=8 km, Rmss=0.42 sec, Gp= 18°, M-type=local magnitude (ML), Version=E Source * California Integrated Seismic Net: * USGS Caltech CGS UCB UCSD UNR Event ID ci14383980 Since The Initial Earthquake, there has been many aftershocks, as seen here: MAG UTC DATE-TIME y/m/d h:m:s LAT deg LON deg DEPTH km LOCATION MAP 1.4 2008/07/29
Mumms Clevely Disguised As Blogs
Since I am clearly disinterested in the Superbowl,  should I read all the other news and sports i might be interested  in, or take a nap?   news    snooze   as always comments should be fun Should I root for the Boston Red Sox or a National League team?   Red Sox   National League Should i use the phrase old soldiers never die, they just fade away? A Yes, B wtf does that mean anyway?
Bring Back See Julie's Pictures!
Her boyfriend is Craigrant Sercee. He uses See Julie to get people to send him money. The problem is that I was told by other internet sites that once he has your address, he'll keep extorting money from you. THAT'S SHIT I DON'T NEED IN MY LIFE! Her pics weren't stolen. Fubar found out about her scam, and took everything off her page, because the whole thing is a scam. Don't bother with See Julie. It's a scam.
Today Is A Good Day" height="100" width="100"> You are tolerant, accepting, and willing to give anyone a chance. On the flip side, you're easy to read and easily influenced by others. You have a fresh perspective on life, and you can be very creative. Noconformist and nontraditional, you've never met anyone who's like you. Inventive and artistic, you like to be a trendsetter. You have an upbeat spirit and you like almost everything. You make friends easily and often have long standing friendships. Implusive and trusting, you fall in love a little too easily. Souls you are most compatible with: Bright Star Soul and Dreaming Soul What'>">What Kind of Soul Are You? 3:47 PM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove Sunday, October 22, 2006 sex survey Current mood: cheerful Hey everyone! I am trying
Jibberish :)
It was a cold and snowy day. The tree limbs were heavy with the freshly fallen snow. The sky was if night and day merged to become one entity. I awoke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.....As I slowly rose out of bed I realized something wasn't quite right. An uneasy feeling overcame me and I suddenly felt scared! I slipped my bare feet into my fuzzy slippers as I had every morning of the last three years that I had lived in the wilderness. I slowly crept to the kitchen to investigate the smell that had woke me in the first place. The hallway, though narrow, seemed massive and long. With every step I took a new wave of fear would come over me. I finally made it to the entrance to the kitchen. Not sure of what awaited me on the other side of the door, I shuttered! Was I really going in there?? As if in a dream, an outer body state, I took the plunge and pushed the door open!!! There it was in front of me, standing ever was green and shiny and I k
The Mind Of Don (clean Version)
I drop to one knee and prop myself up with my sword. I wipe my brow with a look of utter bewilderment. This fight has taken more of a toll on me than any previous, all because I wanted something so stupid and trivial as immortality. The cold has made my breath visible. The ice has weighed down what otherwise would be very light and effective armor. My shield is several feet away, leaving me completely open to attack I'm burning on the inside of my skin, while the outside is frost bitten. My mouth is dry from the obscenities that I've screamed at my enemy... pure futile frustration. The ice and snow under my feet have hindered my movement to the point that my practiced dexterity is of no use now. In other words, I'm completely fucked. In short range is my enemy. Cold. Unfeeling. Honestly, not giving a damn whither I live or die. She stands unhindered, completely at home in the bitter cold. Her hair gently touches her shoulders, jet black and shimmering in what light creep
Song Lyrics That I Wrote
untitled (still needs a name) V1. Anger Fills me Changing me inside These fellings I can no longer Hide This love has grown old And we have become Cold the evil rises Eating away at me C. Turning black on the inside Growing Cold on the Outside Can you fell me I will love you I will hate you Kill me Hate me v2. The pain grows stronger I cant hold on much longer You have broke me down in this sorrow I drown You betrayed me Now I destory you c. Turning Black on the outside Growing Cold on the Inside Can you Fell me Hate me forever Love me Never Hate me Kill me v3. You cant fell me You wont defeat me You will see You are nothing now just a shadow I just walk away c. Turning black on the inside Growing Cold on the outside can you fell me Hate me forever Love me never hate me kill me BAMF v1 Well I hear you been talkin Shit Y
The Realm Of Panda Joe
I found out this morning that my Dad passed away. I am going to drive to help my mom get things settled tomorrow. My friends have been absolutely awesome thanks for caring and cheering me up. I love ya guys. It is a sad occasion but you keep me strong. And I need to be. So thanks again. talk to you next week. Once you have opened this bulletin, there's no turning back. Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictionist. Read your sign, then repost this in a new bulletin with your zodiac sign and label, or you'll get bad luck for the number of years stated in your sign description. This is real shit, try ignoring it, and the first thing you'll notice is having a horrible day starting tomorrow morning - and it only gets worse from there. :CAPRICORN:. The passionate Lover Love to bust. Nice. Sassy. Intelligent. Sexy. Predict future. Irrestible, awesome kisser. Loves being in long relationships. Great talker.
MONEY *Should be done during Waxing or Full Moon Black Snake Root Spell Purpose: to increase finances and bring good luck. Botanical name: Cimicifuga Racemosa. Common names and synonyms: Black Cohosh, Squaw Root. Voodooists of white magic believe that one should soak the root in a cup of boiling water for fifteen minutes. The water is then strained and the root is thrown away. The liquid is put in a bottle and left for seven days. On the eighth day, it is rubbed all over the bottom of one's shoes. The legend is that a person so anointed will be led toward money; either to find it, win it, or gain it in some legal manner PROTECTION *Should be done during Waning or New Moon Protective Fire Shield Spell Purpose: to protect yourself and/or loved ones from all types of harm. Lightly anoint a small, white candle with Frankincense oil and a small, blue candle with Myrrh oil. Light both candles and then sit or stand before them. Look into the flames and visualize
The Wedding Plans
It seems that Febuary 23rd is coming up fast and there is so much left to do for our wedding... Moxy helped with getting the invites addressed and the actual invitations aren't even complete yet,lol. We have the hall reserved but we don't have hardly any of the decorations. We are going to get the license this week, but we still don't have anyone to do the ceremony. Can anyone loan us an extra week this month? ok, gotta fly. Laterz Dave
The Most Amazing Thing
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1) I hate the wizard of Oz. the witch scares me 2) Im not really this much of a perv in person. 3) I speak English and Texmex . 4) My favorite ice cream is Cookies & Cream. 5) My favorite drink is a Long Island Icetea 6) I like feet. lol 7) I love Horror and SciFi movies. 8) My favorite color is Blue. 9) I eat a lot of red meat. My parents have a lot of cows. lol . 10) I took home economics in high school cause i hated Agg . Tagging: Cyn Lisa Beach Babe. Sabella. BeticupCake
YOU CAN ASK ME 5 QUESTIONS:: 1 2 3 4 5   __________________________________________________ No matter how random, revealing, rude, or pointless __________________________________________________ I promise to answer them 100% truthfully __________________________________________________ All questions are COMPLETELY confidential _______________________
Show Sum Support!!!
I have now lived in the town of Jacksonville, NC now for 5yrs and i must say that this town has truelly became sad come paired to how it was back in 03 where the town showed their support and now n 08 where has that support gone??? You would be amazed to how a simple praise or word of thanks would mean to a young marine, or a soldier. So i am asking each an every1 of you to atleast say thanks to a military person, or even a retired military person and let them know that they aren't forgotten and to say thanks for our freedom, because if it weren't for these men n women who serve for our country, we wouldn't have our freedom today. So take time to say thanks... N God Bless Our Troops!!!!
What To Do.
I was at work the other day and it was kind of slow in between customers, so I took a little time to write my feelings on some things. I do apologize for its length, but hopefully I can make it an interesting read. Nothing can prepare you as you journey across the country as you enter military life. You leave part of you behind as a civilian once you cross over. PX's, Commissary's, FTX's, PT and 4 am alarms and 6 pm home arrivals just become everyday household vocabulary when you live the military life. Its tough. I began my journey as an Army wife May 25, 2005 when I had to prepare myself, who was pregnant with my son to be separated from my husband for 9 weeks as he embarked on his journey to become a proud soldier during basic training at Ft. Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma. We were somewhat naive to what was to come. His intelligence alone could not carry him through this. His ability, strength and knowing his expectant wife was at home thinking of him and being extremely pourd of all
Let's Make A Deal
I've been on this site for 5 years and have never begged for anything, I help those who need it without expecting anything in return.    So now I'm calling in a favor, I need to earn mega points to level and I figure the best way to do it is with a rockstar. I will trade fubucks    for one. Anyone care to help?
Game Nfl Nike
     You may furthermore personalize such tops as well as bonuses, almost all on the inside outfits of several web sites.At present only take on the actual nettlesome get turning out to be comprehensive in terms of files concerning the sizes plus the email sender when you buy the loath. You are in a place to produce this type of dimensions might match up properly, as well as the actual approach is truly wise ample to be able to move forward them selves. I propose a great deal of Completely no cost submitting, a sum associated with without having hesitation advised one to definitely eliminate this kind of. Or the slightest bit, you might be almost certainly astonished to uncover the more hurt for you can be to commit Adrian Wilson Jerseys.Adrian Wilson Jersey    However, there are lots of forms of similarly styled soccer enthusiast attire,there are just a handful of products that may appropriately be termed as american footbal duplicate jerseys.Se
Youhad something to hideShould have hidden it, shouldn't youNow you're not satisfiedWith what you're being put throughIt's just time to pay the priceFor not listening to adviceAnd deciding in your youthOn the policy of truthThings could be so different nowIt used to be so civilizedYouwill always wonder howIt could have been if you'd only liedIt's toolate to change eventsIt's time to face the consequenceFor delivering the proofIn the policy of truthNever againIs what you sworeThe time beforeNever againIs what you sworeThe time beforeNow you're standing there tongue tiedYou'd better learn yourlesson wellHide what you have to hideAnd tell what you have to tellYou'll see yourproblems multipliedIf you continually decideTo faithfully pursueThe policy of truthNever againIs what you sworeThe time before You thinkyou know me ThinkI give a damn The boy who was foolish has mademe a man Is it wrong thatI don't care ThatI don't want you anywhere Near myface or near my friends Don't shed a tear when
Weekend :)
Good morning my friends, I'm off the amusement park :) That means new pictures for my profile lol...Have a good day everybody :) D@nny Hello everybody :) It's Friday :) Wannna wish each and everyone a good and safe weekend :) Don't do something I'm not doing this weekend lol Danny Hi all, Well today is Sunday hope everybody had a good weekend :) Anybody doing anything special today?? If you do remember to have fun and to stay safe :) P.s. If you haven't seen tehm there's 2 new pics of new in my default folder that I posted for your viewing,rating and commenting pleasure :)) Danny
HIM LYRICS "Wings Of A Butterfly" Heaven ablaze in our eyes We're standing still in time The blood on our hands is the wine We offer as sacrifice [Chorus] Come on, and show them your love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul, my love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul This endless mercy mile We're crawling side by side With hell freezing over in our eyes Gods kneel before our crime [Chorus] Come on lets show, them your love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul, my love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) Don’t let go (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) For your soul [Chorus] Come on, and show them your love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul, my love Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) Don’t let go (Rip out the wings of a butterfly) [x2] For your soul H.I.M. V
A Little About Me!
Ok heres the deal i know people are kinda shocked that im writing a blog but im really confused i dont know really what to do so if anybody has any advice or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.  anyway here we go I met this girl about a year and a half ago, through someone i worked with, well we kept in contact as friends online but we just reciently started dating in real life, she lives in this town but moved from a different area in the state, anyway we have been dating for a month and shes got ALOT of baggage, im talking past shit.  well she apparently has this crazy ex bf who doesnt really know where she lives and she keeps fearing that hes going to find her and kill her.  So she keeps trying to break up with me but her mom talks her out of it because im totally different then the type of guys she use too see. You can tell that something is always on her mind but when asked about it she wont share, yet she gets extremely upset when i have something on my mind and wont te
Some Writings By Me
Each day I sit here thinking about the way things were compared to the way they are. It seems better now. Except for the fact that Im alone. No its not a horrible thing but it does get real lonely I miss having someone dear to hold close, someone I can call my own and have it be true. I got my beautiful little angel who is my whole world but I want a good man to share tht joy with me. Im not one of hte single moms trying to find her kid a daddy! My daughter has one already. I just want a man who will accept her and me. Who will be good to us and stick by us through thick and thin. I dont want a man whos going to put drugs, frieds, or anything of the sort before me and the little one. Family and work I can understand coming first to a point. Im not picky on what they look like but I wanta man who wont embarrass me. Being alone sucks but I cant seem to find somebody who understands the baby and school are my major priorities right now. I have to finish school so I can get a de
You were there and so was I, We kept staring in each others eye, Wondering how long it will take? Which one of us is gonna break, Was it you or was it me ? I couldnt wait I had to see, Now i know it was real, What are these things i'm starting to feel ? Yes i kno this all sounds lame, I cant help but wonder if you feel the same, My mind wanders throught the day, Wondering if you missed me in any way, So many things we have yet to see, I sometimes wonder were you meant for me? So many people So many names, So much time Wasted with games, Too much energy Goes into lies, Even hiding feelings Under a discuise, Tell the ones who matter How much you care, For in the end They will be there, To your own self You must be true, So unmask yourself Show the real you. I wish i knew the words, I wish i knew what to say, Yo tell you how i feel, Each and every day, I wish that you could see, How li
Well a lot has happened in such a short amount of time. I'm no longer with my husband but I am now with a very special man with the same background as me as far as relationships goes. I can honestly say that everything that happened happened for a reason and it just wasn't men to be with Chad. Travis only time will tell.. but so far I like where things are heading and how slow things are going. almost as if everything fits just right like it was meant to be. ATM just waiting for school to start up and get bk in the swing of things.... cant wait to get this two yrs over with and work on the next 4yr degree.... want something work hard for it!!!! She's making the move from pre-school to Kindergarten this year, she graduates on the 12th. I've made her a dress this year, she's going to re-use her regalia from last year with two new designs an eagle and talons  already have the eagle on it just have to cut out some talons for the front, Jocelyn's sisters are going to be wearing similar dres
Skin Cancer
Skin cancer is a malignant growth on the skin which can have many causes. Skin Cancer generally develops in the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin, so a tumor is usually clearly visible
Things That Make U Go Hmmm
  A store that sold husbands has just opened in New York City, where a Woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates.    You may visit the store ONLY ONCE! There are six floors and the attributes of the men increase as the shopper ascends the flights. There is, however, a catch... you may choose any man from a particular floor, or you may choose to go up a floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the building! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband. On the first floor the sign on the door reads: Floor 1 - These men have jobs and love the Lord.The second floor sign reads:   Floor 2 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, and love kids.The third floor sign reads: Floor 3 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, and are extremely good looking. "Wow," she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going. She goes to the fourth floor and sign reads: Floor 4 - These men have jobs, lov
Ally's Basketball :)
Lebanon eighth-graders off to 2-0 start LDR staff editor@lebanondailyrecord.comDec 2, 2010In its second year playing under coach Matt Jernigan, the eighth-grade girls’ basketball team is off to a 2-0 start.A year ago, the class played under Jernigan as seventh-graders, and after starting the season 0-4, they rebounded to win their final six games of the year to end the season 6-4. Lebanon faced the Rolla Bulldogs in its first game of the season on Monday. In the ‘A’ game, the ‘Jackets led at the end of the first half, 18-8, despite a 1-for-8 performance at the free throw line. In the second half, Lebanon heated up and went on to win 43-21. Ashton Light led all scorers with 20 points, while Becky Brooner and Ashley Schafer added seven points each. Lebanon also won the ‘B’ game, 31-21. Renee Hudson and Lauren Pentecost led the team with six points each. Playing its second game in two days, Lebanon traveled on Tuesday to Jefferson City to take on the T
My Writing
I stand out there in the rain It caresses my face and sooths my wounds The wind dances around me as I do not move Drenched and cold but unafraid   I wander through the thickened wood Haphazard branches scratch my legs The sound of the earth surrounds me Parched and rough but unruffled   I sit on the top of the cliff Waves crashing against the walls and spray The heat and salt mix and sting my eyes Hot and worn but unwavering   I crawl across the desert floor Ground rubbing against my chest The friction causes my skin to break Dry and tattered but unrelenting   I jump into the glistening lake Water engulfing and stealing my breath The chill of the liquid goes right through me Submerged and pressured but surfacing          
Advice On Getting Points
Seeing I need 2 million points in a status just posted makes me think Who doesn't? You need points, if not for leveling then because earning points also earns fuBucks! Points get you into the Top 1,000, 500, & 100 - requirements for certain levels ALWAYS Wait for a Happy Hour if you can. They double your points for everything. Check your Buzz Meter often. There is a 10% bonus for everything if you are 100% s/faced. Ask for help in your status or just let an online friend know your 'condition'. Ways to get a buncha points: First, be a friend to your friends & family. Rate & Like their profiles each time you are online. If there is time, rate an album in their pictures, even if they don't have bonus bling. Maybe they will return the favor. Link to your family  fubar: my family Most people with goddess/god modes will bomb picture raters. You can leave a comment, maybe be sure they are online to see it, or even make a deal with them. Check their status because some say to leave a S
My Biich Box
This girl, whom I have made many tagz and licenses for has copied the 'about me' stuff that I have written on my profile. she has a few personl things different like name and occupation, but the rest is mine. I asked her to change it, and she blocked me! geeze what a way to go. Truth is, i have screenshots I am going to upload into my photos. compare if you want to. I worked long and hard on my profile, and I have the descency and respect not to steal/copy someones about me. or anything personal. Duhhh. that is sooo disrespectful. I asked her about it when I noticed it, and she blamed it on 'a friend'. But offered to change it, and 2 weeks have gone by, and I asked her again... and got blocked. COOL BEANS. Now I know the type person she is. I am calling you out on this one Cherrypie!!! Here is her link...see for yourself When they came up with the spam trap shit, I then took 15 dollars a month and pay for a VIC/VIP... In order to be
Salute Information
What is considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work)? A photo is deemed NSFW if it is: 1)cleavage shot,no face,nsfw 2)butt shot,with or with out thong or clothes,nsfw 3)any sexual act,nsfw 4)any nudity,male or female,nsfw 5)drugs,of any kind,usage or pics of the drug,nsfw 6)text tags with vulgar or sexual content,nsfw 7)morbid pics,decaputations,and such. A pic of a face,or say a set of lips,thats fine,swim suits are fine,as long as body parts are not poking out,or is see thru.same with teddies and things,they are fine as long as tasteful and no nipples or vagina visable. In addition to the above criteria, if a photo is a primary photo, it will be flagged as NSFW if it also contains a suggestive body part without the member’s face in the photo. If you have a borderline photo that is not considered NSFW and it was marked as such, there's a chance someone who has ripped that photo is using it as a Primary Photo. Remember: The Bouncers will be MORE STRICT with those used as P
What The Fuck?
fuck you!, neighbors upstairs for your disturbingly loud, obnoxious, and extremely creepy sexual activity. what you do up there is NOT normal and you should seek medical attention immediately. i am sick of waking up to your pathetic exhibition. FUCK OFF you mutant raptors!i hope your guts fall out from all that disgusting sex. fuck you!, piece of shit adulterous cripple next door for making me feel uncomfortable every time i leave my house and come home. i cant even do my laundry for fear that you will appear out of nowhere and ask me "would it be alright if i went down on you?". NO! its not "ALRIGHT!" fuck you! fuck the cripple ass stick that you hobbled in on! i feel sorry for your wife supporting your fat fucking ass. i wonder what you told her. she didnt give me that dirty ass look in the hallway for nothing! you lying ratcuntdouche! fuck you!, all of you little materialistic selfish fucks i go to school with! you think life revolves around you and your look and all that matt
Got Coke???
Honorable Society Of Wolves
This Blog will be continually updated as members are confirming that they are staying with our family. Please check often and make sure you are there.. If you're name is not listed above your link, and you'd like it listed, please let me know what it is :). If you are not on the list, please submit a comment after you have placed Honorable Society of Wolves at the end of your name so that we might know your intentions are true. Theresa - Honorable Alpha Female BGD's Yummy~Alpha Female ~ Honorable Society of Wolves~Joker's Mistress :)~L.U.V. Club Mem~@ CherryTAP Wolferz - Elder Druid Wolf, An Honorable Wolf Wolferz ~Elder Druid Wolf --- Acting C.E.O. --- L.R.L. -- Society of Wolves~@ CherryTAP Dana - darkangel696930@ CherryTAP Ang – ~*ANG*~ ~Honorable Society of Wolves~@ CherryTAP Teresa – drusdragon ~.L.R.L.~Society of Wolves@ CherryTAP Raven - Raven Lonewolf~CT Fiancee of Juggalette4Life~Honorable Society of Wolves~@ CherryTAP Ron
It was rash, impulsive, reckless, thoughtless, or perhaps the best word was just plain stupid. Whatever her friends might have thought the most glaring piece of this whole situation was that it was the most unexpected thing she could have done. Of course she was far from predictable, but who does something like this? Whatever it was that possessed her, those that knew her were not given the chance to figure it out. She quit her job, turned the keys of her apartment over, put her things in storage, and hopped on a plain to Ireland with nothing more than the simple pantsuit she had on and the only book she had ever read twice. She left only a form letter to anyone that needed to know that she would return in a year. Her surroundings were that of any anteroom in any office building. She sat in one of 4 simple chairs a short distance from a magazine rack and a little green plant, and the prevailing colors were brown and white. The receptionist sat to her ri
Goa, Goin', Gone But Not Forgotten
Now it seems that a friend’s request from an Indian Sikh has been lodged but he does not realise that he is already a friend on Slap and Tickle, well more an acquaintance whose paths crossed wires in Goa in November 2007. Well, following his request, I phoned him from a pokey ISD booth and unfortunately it was a Sunday so the call woke him up. This put him at a disadvantage and he was lost for words. I am not normally at a loss but what do you say to a total stranger, who incidentally gave me his mobile number and asked me to ring, when he does not speak to you. Then he wanted me to visit him but if you knew how big India was then logistically it was a no no right from the beginning. Goa is on the West Coast on the Arabian Sea and the Punjab is a long way up in the middle of the sub continent. Bless him, he did give me airports and instructions but as I was busy sorting the book out there was not much spare time. Goodness, if you ever go to India, make sure it is not when Diwali
I Am All Alone
I went to warped yesterday, I had so much fun, the worst part is i forgot my camera in the car no worries my friend had a camera phone so i'll post the pics as a blog well thats if i can. All i can say it was so much fun, i was tired, hungry, sleepy, and hearing loss, but fuck it was much much fun, I got to see Rise Against, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Hero's, Academy is, Katy Perry, Ludo, Oserkaband or something, Motion City Soundtrack, damn was it fun, i almost crowd serf buy little me was too scared, and almost got into a mosh pit with these giant guys scary SCARY!!! There was a lot of emo's there, most people know that i dont like emo people, the very definition of it, if your emo ur lame! thats that. A friend of mine want to see a band and in the back they were doing their emo mosh dance moves or whatever i was like wtf? thats fucking lame mosh right u pussy motherfuckers. well I was there from 11 to 9 at night crazy huh? i went home so tired, and starving but still awake to go on f
My Words(please Vote And Comment)
her wetness Its 4am as i awake from a dream, i sit straight up, sweat dripping from my brow.I look to my left and i look to my right ,for a woman i dreamt about.Such a dream was too realistic not to be true. I look at the clock & it's 5am. No need in going back to sleep.gotta get ready work at six, so i go get in the shower to help wake myself up. After my shower i get my clothes ready for work. Since i have time i decided to get on facebook. After i log in ,i check my messages and realize i have a message from a long time friend that i havent spoken to in over 8 years. Not having time to reply in full, i leave her my cel phone numner and inform her to text or call me. I log out of my messages and go play play a game or two on facebook. Time flies as i have to sign off to get ready work. I go to the dressing room and get dressed, i search for my cell but i can't find it! I'm running late so i leave it alone and go to the care. as i start the car i go to turn on the stereo and noti
Testony Of An Abomnible Snowman
if you look at me you see a normal guy but theres more to this face. Behind this mask hides emotion of anger,confusion,conviction,derpession ,anxiety,parenioa,and lost sense of worldly judegment.i am blind to them not becuase i have bad eye sight but because i choice not to see,hear,and feel not noticing and observering the daily activities that carry on about by people living there lives . i wish i am blind death and mute so i can see clearing in perception in the heart and mind.where am i when these things are all happening? ussually in my room with my music up and singing along the best a can.maybe its my greatest love you can say. I have insomnia and scitzafrenia.insomnia is an illnes where you cant fall asleep regularly like normal peopel.without pills i would sleep 30 minutes and be up for 6 hours and then doze of to sleep for another 30 minutes and it repeats. sleeping 2 hours total a day makes you feel like you are always dreaming and cam't wake up from it.a day feels like 7 da
I View On How Woman Should Be Treated..
To be honest , Saturday was okay...But Sunday , wow, not too good.... Why can't people (someone in particular)just be happy and stop sweating the small things... Pick and choose your battles in life and you will be a happy (too be sure) better person period.... I hate to say, but some people are  not happy un-less they're miserable... Sad but true...I can't be around negative people for long.. When you try to help and they won't help themselves , what can you do... Sorry ...I live is too precious and sweet to be negative and unhappy.. no matter what , you are in total control of yourself and what you want to make of your life......Once you stop blaming everything around you for your problems and short comings , your can take responsibility and your life will turn around... You are where you are because you choose what you wanted... Nobody has a gun to your head and made your life miserable, you choose what you want in life and if you truly what to be happy then change your life..Do wha
Do not judge others by there appearance, only judge them by their deeds.   Judge them by the mindframe, wants and needs. Whats right and wrong and what should belong are the markers on a quest, a bird in flights sad song, must find the strength to be alone, for it is the only way to rest.  Blessed is the one whos light shines bright.  Damaged is the one who fights their own life.  Keep your enemies at arms length, and embrace a loyal friend.  For dark and twisted, vein and wicked are the thoughts of evil men. Chinese water torture pales in comparison to the second hand ticking away, hurdling over milliseconds on its 60 count journey.  Tick, Tick, Tick drums on in my ears, then echoes like a church bell in an opera house. Twelve minutes past our arranged meeting time, and still no knock on my front door. The anxiety brought on by this unprecedented delay,tightens and twists my insides, causing me to throw my nerve wracked body against the wall.  Thoughts of betray
My Life, My Blog
I haven't written a blog since the middle of February, and I have nothing to say really my life is very boring now that I don't have a job. Yes it is the 24th of March and I am still out of work along with thousands of other Americans.Last week was Spring Break but because I don't have class until tonight at 5:30 PM MST I am still on it, and it has sucked. Haven't gone anywhere the family doesn't want to do anything, and all my friends, well they still have jobs they have to be at come morning.Other then all of that there really isn't anything to say.I did however make an appointment to see my doctor about these damn hot flashes I have been having for almost a full year now. Thinking back over the winter, the only reason I had my hoodie or jacket on was to keep dry going into work in the morning or not to get yelled at by my grandmother when I went over to her house in the evening. The rest of the time I was either hotter then hell or just right.Other then the hot flashes I have been h
About Me..,
Hello, My name is Mikey from NE Philadelphia. Born in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm 30 years old now and I'm half IRISH~n~half CZ.SOLVAKIAN yup. I'm single, born deaf, and have no children. I got 12 tattoos since 2000, need 2 or 4 more left for both my arms and my back. Anyway, I'm working forklift operator with Pierce Phelps Inc. in 9 months now. For these ladies here, they have boyfriends in myspace the reason is I don't give a damn they looked at me or not. I'm looking for a single lady who came here for playing, fun, love, laughs, and enjoys. :) My brother Ron and I, hang out sometime in Bars soomewhere in clubs and pools, games, and movies. For all my friends, you have my welcome here and bless you in my heart. I got a nice car 1994 chevrolet beretta with a dark blue. ;) Well, I'm going to workout in FIVE days a week, need my body stronger and style muscles. Will see... in few months, I may be next new thing... BIG DOG! Billy the Kid Strapped on my holster low across my hips Tw
Newer Trains ...
Let's Do the Hokie Pokie Andy Tielman - Hok... Add Fan and Rate ... Leave a comment and a couple rates if you can. Carnie~~ Fu owned by aGem4Life~~@ fubar ♊aGEM4life♊ [Shadow Leveler]ღOwned By/Owner Of Scarecrowღ@ fubar sumdaysoon@ fubar ÐJ Lµ$†ý**Owner of Lusty's**~ mèmbè® ºƒ †hè $Þåñkè®$~@ fubar cntrygal321~RATING REVOLUTION~~member of DEMON CREW~@ fubar P77sam..LOVE HURTS,MEMBER OF RATING REVOLUTIO
Not That Anyone But Me Cares, Lol
Softly for anyone who knows how it feels to cry and so i cry just a littlebegging to end it all oncejust to bleed a littleand let it all come undoneand i pray just a littleto a god i'm not sure i believebecause all i have is a littlehole where i think a heart is supposed to beand it hurts so much sometimesto know that i seem to always failand that noone will ever see me crybecause i hide the real tears so welland i have to wonder sometimeswhy i can't just let it all goand just move on with the lifethat i cannot seem to outgrowand so i let my tears flowsilently as the weight covers meand i just want to die every daythat i cry myself to sleep softly Nijah Redlin Sometimes the hardest part is feeling at allForcing the teeth to seperate and the words to comeAnd sometimes the hardest part is biting back the wordsBefore they can leave the edge of your tongueAnd more often than not, I will fail at bothI will hurt those I wish to help and badly soI will hold back words I should have sai
Always There
People change day by day, Hoping someone will show them the way. Some changes are for the best, And that’s when we are put to the test. Test your will to live, And also your will to give. Live like you were dying, And give with out trying. Trust in yourself to make the right choice. Scream loud so the world can hear your voice! Push through the hardships, And work out all broken relationships. Remember all the precious moments, And let go of all the false movements. Never forget the way they made your eyes glisten, And take the time to stop and listen. Hear them when they sit and cry. Hold them close when they are about to die. Tell them everything will be fine, And let them break loose and shine. You were there all along, But it took forever to know that I belong. Your hearts I have broken, And your words I have spoken. You left me to grow, And did I ever put up a show. I left your lives pained and concerned, And had no idea of the bridges I burned. I
How I Have Felt Or Wanted
Hello you goodbye me I need too get away from this feeling so you take over ill go away. Who would mind anyway. I don’t need to be all I want is to be set freeI’m entrapped in my own body. I fight but I lose maybe this is what I choose. It must be my fault all the bad things that have happenedAll the people who came and went. It has too be me I’m the one to blame I feel so much shame. Its like I disappeared went some where else during those times. I wanted to say no but I couldn’t get out. I felt weak in the knees and wanted to scream this isn’t me. But maybe just maybe I deserve this consist nagging in my mind. My heart has fall and broken so many times. All I want is to not care this I have tried. It seems I trust to much think maybe just maybe if I give them what want they will stay around. But hey not everyone stays mostly they all leave any way I cant keep you your not mine. Even if you were id chase you away after time. You don’t
Things To Add To Your Name
¤-☠☼✪☀✝♑ϮϾ ϿϮ♑✝☀ƒ✪ƒ☼☠     ♒☆☨‡✝✲♥ ♥✲✝‡☨☆♒ ♣▀▀▀▀▀▀▀  ̿ ̿ ̿ '̿'\̵͇̿̿\ ۩۞۩ /̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿̿  ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀♣ ♣/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿̿                       ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\♣ ☜♥☞ ★۞☂ ☆☆
Not Necessarily The News
Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid A new survey of American voters shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources. December 15, 2010  |     Yet another study has been released proving that watching Fox News is detrimental to your intelligence. World Public Opinion, a project managed by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, conducted a survey of American voters that shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources. What’s more, the study shows that greater exposure to Fox News increases misinformation. So the more you watch, the less you know. Or to be precise, the more you think you know that is actually false. This study corroborates a previous PIPA studythat focused on the Iraq war with similar results. And there was an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that demonstrated the break with reality on the part
My Vacation
Women Pencil Heel Slippers
These are Indian beaded khussa designer shoes for the womens. This is traditional Indian shoes.These are Very soft and comfortable shoes.these shoes are also wear with matching designer dress.These shoes are Available in sizes 6 to 11 USA 3 to 9 UK 36 to 44 EUR and in slim narrow medium wide and double wide widths. All shipment is send through DHL Express. We give the tracking no. to the customer then they can track it online.We accept the payment through paypal. We make custom based shoes for every buyer in their sizes.The price of the shoes is between 20 dollar to 40 dollar and 14 dollar shipping worldwide(any country).Delivery time is approx 7 to 10 days. So,Kindly visit for buy this shoe also at:- These are Indian beaded khussa designer shoes for the womens. This is traditional Indian shoes.These are Very soft and comfortable shoes.these shoes are also wear with matching designer dress.These shoes are Available in sizes 6 to 11 USA 3 to 9 UK 36 to 44 EUR a
MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts Cell Phone vs. Bible Wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phone? What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets? What if we flipped through it several time a day? What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it? What if we used it to receive messages from the text? What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it? What if we gave it to Kids as gifts? What if we used it when we traveled? What if we used it in case of emergency? This is something to make you go: "Hmmm, where is my Bible?" Oh, & 1 more thing. Unlike our cell phone, we don't have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill! Makes you stop & think "Where are my priorities?" And no dropped calls! P.S. DO WHAT YOU THINK GOD WOULD WANT YOU TO DO WITH THIS E-MAIL. ADULT JOKES The nurse was walking down the hos
Nobody Knows....
Lonestar Mountains What Is Raynaud's Phenomenon? Raynaud’s phenomenon is a condition that affects the blood vessels in the extremities—generally, the fingers and toes. It is characterized by episodic attacks, called vasospastic attacks, in which the blood vessels in the digits (fingers and toes) constrict (narrow), usually in response to cold temperatures and/or emotional stress. When this condition occurs on its own, it is called primary Raynaud’s phenomenon. When it occurs with another condition such as scleroderma or lupus, it is called secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon. I post this as informational to those suffering with lupus here on the site and to those who may be experiencing symptoms such as these and not realizing what it is. These were my fingers this morning and afternoon in response to the cold temperature in my office. Today the middle finger of my left hand was the one affected with a loss of circulation completely to the tip, with no feeling or se
Bdsm Facts
The Top Ten Breeches of BDSM Etiquette By Mistress Ren Growing up, we are taught the importance of etiquette - societal etiquette, business etiquette, etiquette for Grandma's house, etc. Good etiquette is our way of showing others that we respect them. Having been in the scene for quite a while, I've witnessed my share of faux pas. The following are breeches of scene etiquette that I have seen over the years. They are in no particular order… 1) Talking indiscreetly about private BDSM parties. Whether it be before the fact - or after - talking indiscreetly about play parties can, at the least, get folks angry with you, and, at the most, have you permanently removed from future guest lists. Because private homes or function spaces can only accommodate so many people, many party hosts find that they are limited in the number of folks they can invite. When invitees talk openly about the upcoming party, or a party they have just attended, people not on the guest list tend
Cd & Hl Wedding
      TO CHAPEL:
Police Your Mumm
Today I posted a Mumm that was completly SFW in its content. This Mumm upset the Mummers so badly they posted NSFW comments on it. I didn't think this would be an issue since I'm not the one that posted them, so I let them stay. About 3 hours after I posted this Mumm I got a message from Fubar Support saying that my Mumm had been deleted because it was NSFW and my Fubar account was in jepordy of being deleted as well. After going to the Fubar Help Lounge, I became aware that I, not the Mummers, am responsable for the comments the Mummers post on my Mumm. So, the bottom line here is POLICE YOUR MUMMS! You, not the Mummers, are responsible for the comments posted in them. If NSFW comments are posted your Mumm can be deleted and possibly your Fubar account as well! P.S. From this day forward ALL comments on ALL pages concerning George Feelsgood must be approved before they will be posted.
What's Up In My Life
my daughter has a brain tumor and has to have brain surgery next week.  FML so a bunch of people have been asking what's going on so I figured I'd post a blog post and fill you in.  My daughter had my grandbaby a month ago.  Eva is a beautiful baby but was born with some birth defects.  She had her first of 2 surgeries Monday and althought the poor thing has 9 staples in her back, it was successful and she's recovering nicely.  Her birth defects are very serious and so scary. Monday, the day of my grandbaby's surgery, my daughter had a horrible migrane.  After bitching at her for 3 days... 5 days later she went to the er.  They found a growth deep in her brain by the veins that control the blood flow to her brain.  The mass is swelling and causing retention of fluids in her brain which was causing the migranes.  Fast forward 10 hours, she's at University Hospital in cleveland in Neuro ICU and is going to have major brain surgery next week.  I keep reminding myself to be strong. That th
Hey guys. I wish I could be on here, but I am so busy. I got a new job so I work until 5:30, then I go straight to school. By the time I get home, I am exhausted. I spend my weekends doing homework! I am sorry but I will peak in when I can! You have a sexual IQ of 152 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Megan's Life
Cherokee Ways Standing on the edge of time I look at all the land that once belonged to me and my kind Gone are the forests and the tall grass Rivers and streams are polluted and dry Even the mighty mountains look down on it and cry The circle was broken so long ago My people still in shackles for what they still don't know A quiet breeze brings a soft mist As gentle and tender as a mother's kiss In the distance I can hear the ancient ones Their faces shaded by the setting sun WIth tears in their eyes they look upon their land Wondering if it will ever be the same again I look down again and see a light A single glow shining bright Somewhere a flicker of hope still lives Somewhere the spirit of our people still lives I wait patiently for the day When once again we will know the Cherokee Ways Spirit In Time I am a spirit in time, As I am in this physical shell here on Earth Mother, There will be many experiences for me to conquer and climb, We a
From The Keyboard Of Granadaghia75
OK ALL HERE COMES THE FUN STUFF.OUR VERY OWN WIKKAD GOT INTO THE CONTEST AS YA'LL KNOW IF YA READ MY BLOG.WELL THINGS JUST GOT REAL INTERESTING LOL...WHO WANTS TO TAKE ON THE MAFIA.TY MOLE FOR THE 411 ON THIS.SO AS OF NOW,WE HAVE ALL OTHER CONTEST'S SITTING IN FIRST AND WIKKAD IS GETTING HER ASS KICKED,ME AND MOLE CAN'T FIGHT OFF THE MAFIA OURSELVE'S.GET IN HERE AND GIT-R-DONE GET ON THIS HOSTS FRIENDS LIST ASAP... ~CT DADDY™~THE TEXAS GODFATHER™~Husband Of Ass Kickin Redneck Bitch™~I Love & Adore My Baby Angel~@ CherryTAP THEN PLS GET IN HERE NOW!!!... Well boy's and girl's time to pay the piper,this is what it means to be a bomb squad member.These people helped us out enormously in Bombfest and we return all that's done to us.So as alway's let's GIT-R-DONE. ~Sweet*Angel~ends the 21'st Chelle45365 of the Confederates(left her contest to bomb us) xxxdog2000 of the confederates ~TastyTease~no time limit to 20,000 Native Hunny-she helped
Høttîë4u269»§låvë Tø Þåîñ«»£åst Çhåñ¢ë £øüñgë ßårtëñðër/grëëtër«»vÐÇ
You turned my world around a long time ago I just can't take no more, got to let you know now I'm burning with fire passion burns along with desire and I'm standing here waiting for the night you belong to me I'm burning up for you, so deep inside my soul All I want is your love It's the stuff where dreams come from all I want is your love take me there with your magic touch all I want is your love can't get enough I'm caught inside a web of mystery holding on to what I think I need and I'm lost here without you I know I'm a fool to allow you and I wonder when it was that I said you can't feel good I'm burning up for you, now I might loose control I'm burning up for you, you're all that I need the heat that I want Is what I breathe I feel my days are running away like rain I'm trying to hold on even though it's in vain off and on every day we change all and all love and pain remain I wish I could exist without your love I wish I wouldn't be de
Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch but things have been so busy for me. Between work and the love of my life I haven't been on here much. I pop in from time to time and I've managed to catch up with a few of you. Last time I menyioned that i had started a new job and was losing weight. Job is going great. I love it!! And I have lost 27 lbs so far(and still losing)!!! I realize I haven't posted any new pics in a long time so I added 3 new ones to my Me folder. I'm flying out of here again as it is time to go to work. Hope to catch up with everyone soon Love, Diana Some of you may have noticed that I am not as active on here as I have been in the past. I just simply have not had the time. My page is always up but most of the time I am not sitting at this desk. A few of you know me personally and the ones who knew me before Hurricane Katrina know what my life has been like for the past several years. I divorced 5 years ago after a 23 year marriage and started my li
What is your full name? Jimmy Foster What is your birthday? Nov 8 1972 What is your favorite color? Black Are you spoken for? No What is your biggest fear? Of the world my daughter is growing up in! What is your most embarrassing moment? Cant think of nothing of nothing off the top my head. Get back to ya on that lol! Do you love someone? Family yes.  In love with someone no! Can you eat cereal without sugar on it? No! Do you like coffee? If so how do you take it? No! Are you interested in the opposite sex or same sex? opposite sex ! If you were to win the lottery what would you spend the money on? My Daughter! How old do you think a child should be before they are left home alone? at least 13! What was your greatest wake up call in life? The birth of my daughter! How many children do you have? 1 Do you like sex? Oh Hell To The Yeah!! What is your favorite position? 69 How many sexual partners have you been with? 8 What is the kinkiest place you've ever had sex? on the
La La Land
You and I, we have been through a lot. Been down a lot of dark alleys and stuck in massive rainstorms. We have jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, and felt like we could conquer the world. We have traveled across the ocean on a whim. We have cried alone in the deepest of nights. We have felt powerful, beautiful, peaceful, lonely, sad, and lost. I know you are headstrong. I know you often miss the red flags, miss the warning signs, get caught up in the charge forward, only to realize you are storming the wrong gate. I know that sometimes you have to kiss the pavement to learn. Here are some gentle reminders for the path ahead. - If you are lost, quit walking and sit your ass down. Evaluate your surroundings. Evaluate the positives and negatives. Choose a path. Choose wisely. - Just keep swimming. Once the path is chosen, and the excitement of a new journey wears off, keep on keeping on. Life can't always be shiny. Sometimes it's dull work. Sometimes it sucks. Every day is a step
Why Kid's Never Listen To There Parent's
Broken promises and tattered dreams, Fallen angels with sindged wings.. Can't you see? It seems you were once just like me... Doomed as an outcast of all society, As it felt that you would be alone for all eternity.. Now that we've met one another, Perhaps we could bless eachother with the presence of a passionate love.. So blissful and yet care free of anyones judgement foreseen unto you and me, We shall forever live on always happily.. Shining brightly in the reflection of their eyes, From the ones who could not be.. By: Chris DickenWritten: 9-11-04 As you laid there dying, Not a thought of greif crossed my mind.. For I knew that you would carry on to a much better place, Although inside my heart and soul I was crying.. I felt as if a piece of me had died, Even though I held our memories fond and your love in my heart with pride inside me... I carried on without you, Always thinking about you.. As I knew you were keeping watch over me, From above.. Consistently sending me signs of y
I was driving home from work today, and I saw something that made me giggle. The car in front of me was written on. The person took one of those silver markers and wrote "I'm not speeding....I'm qualifying!" on her car. Now I'm not about to write on my car, but that was kind of cool. As most of you know, my favorite driver is Dale Earnhardt Jr. He was in the lead until the very end, when the IDIOT Jimmie Johnson tried to pass him. IT didn't work, and he took them both out. Now, since IDIOT has not done well in the chase so far, you would have thought he would have been happy placing 2nd. Oh, a race car driver, he had to try and win (can't blame him there), but he didn't pass at the right time, and he made that move out of desperation. So - yeah - Im steamed. 1 25 Brian Vickers 2 9 Kasey Kahne 3 2 Kurt Busch 4 17 Matt Kenseth 5 1 Martin Truex Jr. 6 29 Kevin Harvick 7 66 Jeff Green 8 6 Mark Martin 9 99 Carl Edwards 10 43 Bobby Labonte From the Magic M
More Thoughts
When tomorrow starts without me, And I'm not there to see, If the sun should rise and find your eyes All filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn't cry The way you did today, While thinking of the many things, We didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, As much as I love you, And each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me too; But when tomorrow starts without me, Please try to understand, That an angel came and called my name, And took me by the hand, And said my place was ready, In heaven far above, And that I'd have to leave behind All those I dearly love. But as I turned to walk away, A tear fell from my eye For all my life, I'd always thought, I didn't want to die. I had so much to live for, So much left yet to do, It almost seemed impossible That I was leaving you. I thought of all the yesterdays, The good ones and the bad, I thought of all the love we shared, And all the fun w
Fav. Song's
My Name Means Nothing hows this for a change (great words) DEEP DEEP
Just Some Funnies
One Monday morning the mailman is driving the neighborhood on his usual route. As he approaches one of the homes he noticed that both cars were in the driveway. His wonder was cut short by Bob, the homeowner, coming out with a load of empty beer and liquor bottles. "Wow. Bob, looks like you guys had one hell of a party last night," the mailman comments. Bob, in obvious pain, replies "Actually we had it Saturday night. This is the first I have felt like moving since 4:00 am Sunday morning. We had about fifteen couples from around the neighborhood over for some weekend fun and it got a bit wild. Hell, we all got so drunk around midnight that we started playing WHO AM I?" The mailman thinks a moment and says, "How do you play WHO AM I?" "Well, all the guys go in the bedroom and we come out one at a time with a sheet covering us and only our 'privates' showing through a hole in the sheet. Then the women try to guess who it is." The
Beauty that never fades To gaze upon her beauty was a treat , she was kind, beautiful,smart and sweet. This lady could knock you off of your feet!!! Her eyes laughed and danced about and her eyes were intense and her lips did pout She could sing, dance and and run about. her reputation had a good deal of clout. This dear soul would never let you delve into her heart, for she had Dom Perigonon on her shelve, She was adored by many, and loved by none. Her mind was fragile from what her drinking and partying had done. She craved acceptance and stability, and all the world wanted was her nakenedness to see. When you look into her eyes, what did you see??? What can we learn about her life??? Wages and trust are earned and when you have no peace you have strife. Beauty and riches fades your legend will not be forgotten throughout the decades. Mrs . Donna J. Gill Memories I
Widely Recognised, Universally Ignored
Ok, i promised I wouldnt do this! So I wont... ....happy new year! Well, the turkey has been eaten and binned, the spirit bottles and beer cans have been thrown out and the tree has been taken down. So here we are, a few days into a brand new year. Quiet isnt it? Does anyone get excited about a new year? Or is it just another day? For me, its a chance to start a clean slate,give up and start stuff and basically repeat last years failings. My new years resolutions are to stop smoking and get fit, lose the belly and control my temper. Easier said than done I think...but one step at a time, i'll try my best and see what happens. As you can see, this is a new blog for a new year. I'll be trying to keep it upbeat and interesting, unlike last years! I'd like more comments and thoughts on my writing, as I'm contemplating writing a book about it, but only if theres enough interest. If not, ill write it anyway! So heres to a better year than last, and all it brings.
Wedding Blog
Please No NSFW comments, and if you can attend, please let me know by saying so in a comment...if you are unable to attend, please leave you condolences here..also in the from of a comment.' Wedding is Friday the 26th in CK2 9pm EST all are welcome... Thank you and we both hope to see you at the Wedding. You Are Cordially Invited to Attend the Eternal Uniting of: ____PIMP™©____Fu-Fiance to Chelle Belle and ChelleBelle** KandyKiss Girl for ck2 & PIMPS fu-fiancee Ceremony to take place in CK2 Lounge on Friday September 26th at 9:00 PM EST. You're attendance would mean so much to Fubars newest bride and groom to be. There will also be lots of drinks at the wedding so please make sure to appear. Any donations would be greatly and appreciatively accepted. And in addition I PIMP am going to be Flying out to be with my Wife the day after (if not soon after) to celebrate our Honeymoon. We look forward to seeing you there and Pleas
Our friend Hunny is only 81,854 Points away from becoming fu-queen, so can we help her out & give her rates & bling. ~**HUNNY~*MEMBER OF W.I.S.E UK FAMILY/RATING REVOLUTION ~**~@ fubar Thank you luv Di aka PiNkLaDy and pAuL xx MY GOOD FRIEND DARKANGEL IS 51K FROM LEVELING. SHE HAS LOTS OF PICS & STASH SO CAN WE SHOW HER SOME FU LUV PLEASE & GET HER TO THE NEXT LEVEL INSIDER Darkangel - Rate 100 pics 10's during HH and get 10,000 fubucks or 100 11's and get 30,000 f@ fubar THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP LUV Di aka PiNkLaDy xx Paul my Fu-Hubby needs 26k to level. Please go show him some fu love paul fu husband to pinklady the orginal@ fubar Thank you Luv Di aka PiNkLaDy xx
For My Friends And From My Friends
My dark angel Watching over and protecting A constant source of comfort, joy and wisdom. My life forever changed by your words and your kindness. My demon Whose tongue can be razor sharp brutally honest, ruthless but always leaving me thankful for the truth. My clown Quick witted, terribly twisted, and always unpredictable. Knowing when to turn the laughter on, when I need to laugh till I am crying. Your laughter is infectious and one of the most comforting sounds I know. and above all else..My friend A man I feel blessed to have been introduced to a man whose presence in my life is a true pleasure. You have forever touched my heart and changed my life for the better. Your tough love and sincerity, your wisdom and support will always be appreciated and needed. You will never truely know how much you mean to me, because I could never put the true extent into words. One of the most complex men I have ever known, but yet not compliccated. You are by far the mos
Are Your Friends In There??they Need You
Some giveaways that really need to get worked on I am missing blinging everyone, if anyone has a few minutes to leave a few comments i would really appreciate it,it's a comment bombing giveaway.. THANX to all!!!! ~Bratt~=) ~BRATT~ ~CHAOTIC PRINCESS~
Those Special People In Ur Life
I was in a pretty bad wreck on friday fed.6th. lucky to be alive. My family in DOUBLE TROUBLE are the best ya never realize how much ppl care and love til something bad happens. But i would like to let them all know that the calls,gifts,get wells and we miss u ever day helped me get threw a hard time in the hosital. This my time to let ya'll know that i love each and everone of u and thank you all for bein my family hugsssssss each and everone one you. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING YOU, i have been blessed with a caring and loving family. There are times in a persons life when they say things that are hurtful to others and wish they had never said them, but they say them and its to late. Things move on and that person you care deeply for still wont forgive and it hurts you now. They tell you its ok and we are still friends but you know in our heart that the hurt you caused is still there and they are to STUBBORN to let you back in coz u might hurt them again. That pe
Random Thoughts
Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew by Ellen Notbohm from the book Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew (2005, Future Horizons, Inc.) Some days it seems the only predictable thing about it is the unpredictability. The only consistent attribute -- the inconsistency. There is little argument on any level but that autism is baffling, even to those who spend their lives around it. The child who lives with autism may look “normal” but his behavior can be perplexing and downright difficult. Autism was once thought an “incurable” disorder, but that notion is crumbling in the face knowledge and understanding that is increasing even as you read this. Every day, individuals with autism are showing us that they can overcome, compensate for and otherwise manage many of autism’s most challenging characteristics. Equipping those around our children with simple understanding of autism’s most basic elements has a tremendou
Current Info Must Read
Message from Firechief: "Attention All, The 2nd Alarm Hotties a group I founded on my owned and asked a 2 face Bluedemon to help me in the start only to have him leave after I did a Real Cash Contest has with the help of a young lady (who needs help) think they are running the 2nd Alarm Hotties and yes they have taking over the profile I started and even allowed men in the group. Between the 2 of them I watch them run the Hotties into the groud and I would ask that you pay no mind to either of them. I shut the name 2nd Alarm Hotties Down last month and thesr 2 who between them both dont have a clue how to run, promote yet have to steal an idea I had dating back to lost cherry days. So if you see them tell them to create their own group as neither will ever be able to take the hotties to the level we had it many times" This is what firechief have posted on his profile to bring Blue, Anni and this group down. Due to this we have decided to change the name of our group. Any suggestions
Secrets From A Gypsy Mind
We'll have stamps and the ole-fashioned Pony Express. *grin* Send me a PM with your physical address if you want me to write to you. And donations to help keep me in stamps would be appreciated. Paypal is Any and all donations, no matter how small, will be appreciated. Today was worse. Excerpts: Gabe got hurt by one of Mike's video game books he left lying around. Mike fell down the stairs. Mike and I argued and I was grabbed again. This time, no bruises yet. His mom told us if we couldn't work it out, there's the door. I feel like this whole rotten thing is my fault. He is now 10 lbs...two pounds in just two I'm in shock.
Nancy's Blogs
The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees, but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We've done larger things, but
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Vote for me on! Vote for me on! Vote for me on!
All Friends
im not ignoring any of you, they shout my mail down, i don't understand it, This is the mail system at host I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below. For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster. If you do so, please include this problem report. You can delete your own text from the attached returned message. The mail system, thats what they gave me when i complaned about not being able to get to my mail, im still to new here to understand all they are saying, just wanted to say i love you all, and im not ignoring you, love edna iTS AMAZING WHEN STRANGERS BECOME FRiENdS, BUT ITS SAD WHEN FRiENdS BECOME STRANGERS... I NEVER WANT TO LOSE U AS A buDDY..A H0mEY...A FRiENd... SEND THIS TO ALL Y0 fRIEndS...InCLUdING ME(IF U DONT WANT TO l0SE ME!)~ ____???_____???_____ __?_____?_?_____?___ __?______?______?___ ___?___________?____ _____?_______?______ ______
so basically i am 24 weeks pregnant, my boyfriend decided that he couldnt live in the house that i just financed on my own and had all new appliances to include, furnace, a/c, water heater, washer, dryer, dish washer, fridge, stove and microwave installed, have about 15k of money into repairs, as well as still sitting on about 45k in equity as the house sits right now and the day i closed on the home he asked me not to sign the paper work and to move into his mothers home with him and live in their basement until he figures out somewhere else to to add confusion to the current circumstances he has been living with me for the better part of the last 5 months or so, working on the house with me and putting his money and sweat into the home but now that i am almost 7 months pg he decided he just cant live here, so i am looking for some insight. We have been together for a long time, obviously are expecting a child together and he informed me he isnt sure what he wants anymore,
Aftermath: Unanswered questions from 9/11, shown April 21, 2003 at the Herbst Theatre, San Francisco, sponsored by Much to the surprise of the event’s sponsors, the 928-seat Herbst Theatre in San Francisco was full, with standing room only, at the showing of the film Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11. This film is a documentary questioning the official version of the events of September 11, 2001 that has been promulgated by the Bush administration through its willing mouthpieces, the corporate media. It was produced by Guerilla News Network (GNN), a group founded by Steve Marshall and Josh Shore, who first collaborated at MTV to bring more relevant content to television. The documentary asks 11 questions that have gone unasked by not only the media, but also by Congress—questions that remain unanswered by the Bush administration after more than a year and a half. The film is narrated by Hip-Hop performer and political protester Paris, whose music comp
One summer evening during a violent thunderstorm a mother was tucking her small boy into bed. She was about to turn off the light when he asked with a tremor in his voice, "Mommy, will you sleep with me tonight?" The mother smiled and gave him a reassuring hug. "I can't dear," she said. "I have to sleep in Daddy's room." A long silence was broken at last by his shaking little voice, "The big sissy."
Hey all I just got this e-mail and I just wanted to share it with ya. And Im not tring to Hate On MJ I Love his Music. VERY GOOD POINT.....  A Soldier's Take on Michael Jackson For those of you who support our military, you will understand where this man is coming from.  For those of you who do not support our soldiers, God will explain to you one day.This young soldiers remarks are right on the point.  How calloused we the American people have become.  Please pass this along to friends and family.  This young man's remarks need to be read by everyone.            A Soldier's Take on Michael Jackson This is written by a young soldier serving his third tour of duty in Iraq.  Thought you might find his take on the Michael Jackson news Interesting and he's right!!  Okay, I need to rant. I was just watching the news, and I caught part of a report on Michael Jackson.  As we all know, Jackson died the other day.  He was an entertainer who performed for decades.  He madeMillio
Your Villainess Name is The Blasphemous Enchantress Get your Villainess Name at Your Ninja Name is Drunken Knight Get your Ninja Name at Your Redneck Name is Bobby-Sue Beaver Get your Redneck Name at
Taking readers through the haunting Holocaust from 1939 - 1942, ‘Shoah’, sets in motion the tormenting love story between a German and Jew. Through the societal angst, Leon and Abigail struggle to find a way to love each other in secret only to be torn apart. Join them as they embark on a legendary love story to be with each other. "The small, the helpless, the innocent: these were the victims of Adolph Hitler's Holocaust.- The Holocaust Chronicle*Currently finished with book, but on hold due to editing issues. No release date yet...stay tuned.I'll be posting chapter snippets here from time to time-enjoy! Prologue  October 1939    The air was eerily cold, freezing my veins and icing my heart,  as I huddled closer to my parents and brother. My mood matching the arctic chill in the air as I peered anxiously out the basement window watching the sky fill with smoke as fire raged in the streets close by. It was oddly quiet, a contrast to the  massacre happening outside. My f
Favorite Christmas Song
Ok! It's that time of the year again. What is your favorite Christmas song? I want everyone to post a YouTube link to your favorite version of your all time favorite Christmas song :)
This One Goes Out To The Beautiful People
Just not whole   I know that I should be happy and be smiling becuse I have a gorgeous daughter and a caring family and friends but I'm not whole. My heart is still broken and torn. Joe is gone and me and my baby brother are split more than ever. Joe was the glue that kept us close.   My baby brother Andrew and myself were never that close and I think it is mostly because of the fact that Andrew was closer to our father and I was closer than my mother. It also wasn't just that because me and him used to be closer but life just changed things. When we would get into hard times and would fight and just being done with everything to do with each other Joe would stop us. Joe would remind us that we would only have each other after he passed. That we were going to need each other.   When Joe was on his bed and needed his brother and sister me and Andrew were both with him. We were both there for him in his last moments when it mattered,  the only thing is that seemed to push us further a

"You" The one you want. The one you need. The one so close. So close that you bleed. See me once. Hear me twice. Everything comes back in thrice. The way you are. The way you be. You are always the one I need. By: Thomas B Goodner  
Good Grief
well am gonna be leaving for wichita soon...and hopefully will find a place...not sure when I will be back...will be either friday or saturday depending on if I find a place and they give me the go ahead to move...if I am moving I am not be online for a few weeks but will let you all know before I leave this hell hole called Fort Scott...Its time to start my new life (lol well I already started but yanno what I mean) found out this morning that buttmunch HAS moved to newton, ks which is approx 30 miles from witchita (but wichita is approx 300,000 what are the chances of him and I running into eachother?)...the apt buildings I am checking into are secured and they have a security gaurd on duty so I dont think I have anything to worry about...its MY LIFE and he's NOT going to control it anymore...I AM going to be happy from here on out and make the most of mine and the children's lives...if I wanna run around the house naked shoot I'm gonna do it lol...there may be obstica
I was just given a cute little green tree frog. He is just so cute. I have been surching the web to learn about him. I don't have a name for him yet, but I just got him today. He is my favorite color with a brown/ black strip across his eyes (thats how we know that he is a boy). I am just so happy :D I just got a letter in the mail from the cout house. I am finally divoriced from an abusive asshole. Sorry about my spelling :) No more contact with him!!!! Yay!!!!! Please help I need 21,493 points to level up. If you can help me please do. Thanks, Holly
Torture Chamber
Calling All Cherrrytappers
My Rants And Raves!
Freakishly accurate in portrayal and casting, I see this commercial and miss GEE and DJ Raven.... Although GEE is with his woman and happy and Raven is bouncing back and forth between all of his 'women' and admittedly increasingly sad, I miss them both a lot, pray for them every day and think of them often.. i DO loves you guys... GEE- holding boom box DJ Raven- dancing king I found this on AOL, and found it quite interesting.... Now, who says blondes have MORE fun? The Latest in Love & Dating News: Women: One Hair Color Has the Most Sex Posted: 2007-09-26 14:22:19 Of all women, redheads have the most sex. Although he doesn't explain exactly how he came up with this dubious conclusion, sex researcher and professor Dr. Werner Habermehl of the Hamburg Medical Research Institute in Hamburg, Germany says he examined the sex lives of hundreds of German women and compared the findings to their hair color, specifically red, blonde and brunette. "The sex liv
MyHotComments We chase misprinted lies We face the path of time And yet I fight, and yet I fight This battle all alone No one to cry to No place to call home My gift of self is raped My privacy is raked And yet I find, yet I find Repeating in my head If I can't be my own I'd feel better dead MyHotComments
it seems like i'm only on the fu when i'm sad. every breakup in the past few years has lead me back here. it's not a bad thing. i'm not trying to be all emo. or overly sentimental.   just wanted to say. that even though there are TONS of assholes here (and perves) there are a few nice people who always manage to cheer me up when i am down. and i thank you for that dearly.   also. chat me up late enough and we can get frisky, 'cause i'm single now wooo. jk.  
Okay Friends and Family This wonderful person is looking to make it to Spotlight!! He has done a lot for us so lets Get him there and help him by sending him some fu-bucks!! All You gotta do is click on his picture below and send him as much as you can!! Lets Help Get him There Like I know you all could!!
Referrals Needed!!! if ya could please copy and paste this link for me and help me get my 25 referrals to level in would be much appreciated!!! thanks
Before I was a mom I never learned the words to a lullaby. I never thought about immunizations. I had never been puked on, pooped on, drooled on, chewed on, or peed on. I had complete control of my mind, thoughts and my life. I slept all night. I never looked into teary eyes and cried. I never got gloriously happy over a simple little grin. I never sat up for hours watching someone sleep. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt. I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much. I never knew I could love someone so much before ever meeting them. Before I was a mom...I didn't know the feeling of having my heart outside of my body. What if- 1. I died: 2. I kissed you: 3. I lived next door to you: 4. You found out I was married: 5. I stole something: 6. I was hospitalized: 7. I refused to leave my home: 8. I got into a fight while you were there: 9. If I ask you out? What do you think about my- 10. Personality: 11. Eyes: 12. Hair: 13
My Book Love Blondie
happy new year to all my friends i hope you all had a good one love blondie  hello and thank you to my friends for your birthday cards as well ok my new book is now out part 3 to get my book go to google and tipe in blondie all that i am sharon dixon click on it it will take you stright to my book blondie  i want to say to my friends my book is now ready for my friends to read im sending a link for you to get my book to read all about me once you have read it im here for your comment thank you love blondie
For The Men And Women That Fall Into This Category!
   Why do men?women feel the need to lie over the internet more so than in person? Is it to much to ask for a bit of honesty? I am so tired of guys thinking I am looking for a relationship on here or when I do like someone and THINK they feel the same because THEY tell me they do only to find out they are nothing more than liars. I don't ask for anything from anybody on this site or any other site, just HONESTY. I am a very straight forward, honest, trustworthy and sincere person and yet I seem to get poked and a few times stabbed in the back. I am tired of trusting in men in general because it seems when it comes to any online they are either hiding things or just straight out telling lies, then they have the nerve to act as though I done something wrong when all i did was give my friendship, love and sincerety to them.    I do have private pics on here because I am proud of my assets if you will... at my age I should be. This does not mean I want just anyone viewing them. It does no
Alabama Storms
So much has went on this last week and a half. Alabama was devastated by tornados last week and there is so much loss and damage it is heartbreaking. To see it first hand and relive it again stirs up so much emotion. Back in 94 a tornado hit here and I was directly effected by it so I can understand how and what my neighbors are dealing with. My family and I were very lucky this time with no loss of life and just minor damage to our homes. Back in 94 we had several family members lost and most of my direct families lost their homes including me so I can feel and understand what is going on all around. This time just 3 houses down from me, neighbors I grew up with lost everything they have. What is most important is no loss of life in our community. Our power has been out for a while and we just got a stable Internet connection back today, well I hope it is stable. I have posted some pics from around the community of the damage here. Luckily my home has minor damage with t
Spotlight Drawing
The idea is to have a daily spotlight drawing. Requirements are that the member must be at level 48. The member must have a minimum of 1 billlion fubucks and everyone that meets those requirements has an equal chance......The cost to the winner is 1billion fubucks
I Just Found Out...
I just found out that LC has blogs...LMAO! I've been on here for months, and I didn't even know...gee, I'm smart! maybe I'll use it...but more than likely not often! Hope all is going well with whoever took the time to read this pointless thing, just 'coz I wrote it! You guys kick my ass! I love ya! Anyways...Damn...I'm lonely. So lonely...maybe it's time to give someone a chance and not be single anymore. I met this guy from Omaha on the internet and he seems pretty cool! And then there is David. I wish he lived closer than Colorado 'coz he is so awesome. We would get along great, I can tell. Maybe I will move to Colorado someday...maybe. I'm not sure yet, what I am going to do...but I know I want to get out of BFE, Nebraska. And hopefully...I don't get stuck having to come back last time, when I moved to Texas, and my brother came up missing and ever since...I've been stuck here yet again! Oh guys can love me if you want to reply t
Do this survery you'll be amazed! Random sings
*~halo's Poems,haikus,short Stories,and Miscellaneous Writings~*
Fire Reborn You. You. Rain. Yearning. Transformed Me. Love denied us both. Written By: Mahala Anne Campbell Velvet Smoke. Can't Move. Sharp Liquid. Cinches me tight. Commanding. Loving. Written By: Mahala Anne Campbell Fear Knives. Vendetta. Vengence. Dancing. Growth through pain. Pancakes. Destiny. Written By: Mahala Anne Campbell
trust in a lie that keeps you from the pain of the truth that hurts to the bone that sheds the core to reveal the scared emotions you once bore on the sleeve of your arm to show you gave no shit about the lie that you thought would hide you from the truth to rebound the truth you told to hide the lies of the life that you wanted that you destroyed only to backlash to the pain and mistust of the valiant ones who tried to save your soul in the mist of time while stuck in your own thoughts of forgetfullness you should have remembered to dispell the lies and bring forth the truth of the past to save the future while your paranoid sitting in the present..... hahahaaha wtf? im trippin yall ok so today was going good, then the FBI show up at my cousins house... they flash a warrent and start trashing the place! they kick us out and keep my cousin and her two kids in the house... 2 hours later we pick up my cousins kids and the FBI are still there.. now its 9 pm almost 7 hours lat
The Blob
i want to fuckin party. but i have to wake up early and go to work. sucks major cock. why does it have to be this way? lol. im all whining about bull shit. but damnit, when the weekend comes, its like people vanish..when ihave time to get my party on. 53% GeekJustSayHi - A Free Dating Website53% Geek JustSayHi - A Free Dating Website I Scored a 80%! JustSayHi - Free Personals holy that bad o.O 54%Free Online Dating from JustSayHi just great... >.<
my son may have to have hernia operation. keep him i n your thoughts and prayers if you believe in that kinda thing. thanks sexymom07 Feeling so blah today...lost...broken...don't know what way to turn. Without you my life doesnt make sense like it used to. I pray for a miracle every day that you will love me like you used to. Just when I think I am empty of tears they keep rolling. I tried to move on it just isn't working out. You have captured my thoughts and my heart so if you don't want them please return them , I will need them someday.  I hate feeling like I am in this dark lonely place...I hope someday to return. 16,772 pts to level and i can post more pics so everyone can you help by making sure you've rated all my pics n stuff? thanks :)
My Songs
Ancient valley deep within the mountains Where nobody goes, the river flows Roaring, tumbling over cliffs, through caverns Where no light has known, no bird has flown Blood of Sacred Mother flowing effortless forever Worshiped in bygone days, Our Blessed ancient ways Black cloud looming in the highlands Pouring torrent, raging flood Tearing boulders from the hillside Claws shearing stone to mud Mountains washing to the ocean Mighty trees come sweeping down River reclaims plain and valley Biggest city, smallest town Sunlight shining on the azure waters Quiet serpent twists through the mists Fertile giver our Mother River Murmur peaceful song, soft and long Danu by a willow sings to the river daughters Lullabies, shining fireflies How powerful our Mother River Her ageless beauty flowing free Peaceful blessings for our orchards Bringing life to bush and tree Turn high mountains into powder Carving canyons through the land Ripping down the strongest fortress
Danger...around every corner. I have, become pure water... I can identify, I close my eyes... I wear my sword at my side... I wear my sword at my side... Cleanse me, deep in fire. I have, become pure water... I wear my sword at my side... I wear my sword at my side...
My Pre Fight Playlist
1. Through Struggle- As I Lay Dying 2. Unholy Confessions- Avenged Sevenfold 3. Indestrucible- Disturbed 4. White Knuckles- Five Finger Death Punch 5. I Will Be Heard- Hatebreed 6. Raise Hell- (Hed) PE 7. Set to Fail- Lamb of God 8. Eat You Alive- Limp Bizkit 9. Determined- Mudvayne 10. Sun Dosen't Rise- Mushroomhead 11. Miracle- Nonpoint 12. New Noise- Refused   13. Her Comes The Pain- Slayer 14. Before I Forget- Slipknot 15. Step Up- Drowning Pool 16 Indiffernt to Suffering- Chimaria
This is for Princess. =)~ I wanted to be more graphic, but this is what I have off the top of my head. Gimmie a few days to think of a good one. Sorry for puncuation errors and or spelling...enjoy......... She's spending the night with me. I haven't seen her in ages. My best friend in the whole world. My palms are sweaty and my stomach is in knots. I can't wait to see her. She walks in the door looking absolutly beautiful. Long dak hair. Silky and blowing in the wind. Her beautiful brown eyes expertly lined with just enough black eyeliner. Lips full and red. Her ample breasts sit high atop her chest. I can see her nipples hardening. I don't know how long i can take it. Pillow fights, touching here and there, it's making me crazy. I don't think she knows I want her. Time for sleep. She lays down next to me. Oh she smells so good. Staring at her naked back, oh I want to touch her soft skin. I am getting so aroused laying here. She will be asleep in a
My Thoughts
I'm sorry I'm not pretty enough I'm sorry I'm not smart enough I'm sorry I'm not funny enough I'm sorry I'm not skinny enough I'm sorry I'm not happy enough I'm sorry I don't cook from scratch I'm sorry I don't sew I'm sorry I don't enjoy cleaning I'm sorry I let society make me feel lousy I know ultimately it is on each of us to control what we think and how we feel. My therapist says nobody can make me feel guilt unless I let them. However not all of us have the strength to control our feelings. So, I'm sorry I don't know how to control my feelings. Why can't adults argue with out the name calling? How childish is it? They yell at their kids for name calling but then turn around and do it themselves... and yes I am guilty of it too! I love the hypocracy of humans!!! Lisa -- [adjective]:Tasting like strawberries 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
About Me.
I am very open and honest, so here goes: I have the worlds smallest penis. I charge $5.00 to see it and $1.00 to touch it. I have a problem saying NO to women so I tend to get into trouble a lot. Considering my problems I have had to become very good at giving ORAL to women. I also tend to be shy around beautiful women because I am afraid they will laugh at me. I am kind of sensitive but I have met some very sweet and caring women that make me feel better about myself.
Please Answer For Me
If You want to, fill this out and send it to me in a private message. 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fav Color: 4. Are you a virgin? 5. Are we friends? 6. Do you have a crush on me? 7. Would you kiss me? 8. ...with tongue? 9. Would you enjoy it? 10. Would you ever ask me out? 11.Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 12. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 13. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 14.Would you walk on the beach with me? 15. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 16. Do you/have you talk shit about me? 17. Do you think I'm a good person? 18. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)? 19.Do you think I'm hot? 20. If you could change anything about me? 21.would yu marry me? 22.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? 23. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? 24. What do you rate me outta 1-10?? [[1 ugly..10 fine as hell]] 25.
Mummer Stories
It was Saturday afternoon in QUITTA, GEORGIA PEACH. LIFESEZ in this town of MISFIT's & BROKEN SOUL's. Usually all the COWBOYHUSBAND's head down to BROKEN ANGEL's Saloon for a little WHISKEYROCK & TECATE. CASPER the bartender makes a mean RUMDUMB & MR PIBB. He's the only bartender I know who could make a drink & eat YSSUP at the same time. He and his gal MONICA THE GREAT do this well. Oh and the little WRANGLERMAMMA's are as NAUGHTY as a TENNESSEE TIGER. One little BLONDIE in particular gets my JUICE flowing, Her name is NAUGHTY GIRL HOLLIE. Looking into her BABYBLUE eyes makes me feel like SUPERMAN inside. She makes this COLDHEARTED ROUGH RIDER FIZZLE just looking at her SHAKE her SILLY AZZ. (now back to the story) This day was different though. See THE LAST GUNSLINGER came to town looking to steal out WHISKEY A GO GO & our SEXYMOMMA's. He was a ROUGHRIDER with a crew of six: "LOST" BILL, "WHOREMASTER" JOE, VANDAL, WILEY E, REBEL, & LONGHAIR RANDY. They were called the SPIKECOON's o
A Waste Of Tax Dollars
The final chapter in one of DuPage County's most haunting crimes won't unfold as soon as planned. The Jan. 20 trial of imprisoned killer Brian Dugan in the Feb. 25, 1983, murder of a Naperville girl is expected to be delayed several months to give his defense team more time to prepare. DuPage State's Attorney Joseph Birkett objected Monday to the delay. He argued more than half the prosecution's estimated 50 witnesses already were contacted. Some of them live out of state. Dugan, 52, formerly of Aurora, may face the death penalty if he is convicted of the abduction, sexual assault and fatal bludgeoning of 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico. Three years ago, prosecutors indicted Dugan citing improved DNA technology they said links him to the crime. His lawyers made an oral request for a continuance during a Nov. 3 closed-door meeting. They are expected to make a formal one in writing by Dec. 1. The issue will be debated Dec. 9, but DuPage Circuit Judge George Bakalis said Monda
Passionate Silence
She sat in seat 13-A, looking silently out the window at the ground slowly moving by 35,000 feet below her, occasionally interrupted by a soft cloud passing by on the Friday afternoon. Her drink sat half-finished on the tray table dropped down from the seat back in front of her. She knew she wanted this flight; she had to get away, and she knew that what she would encounter at the other end was something she wanted, no, needed for herself—to feel like a woman again. This trip was the end of the slavish life she had left behind, a life that had started out well but had gone sour, corrupted and decayed by infidelity and the loss of trust that had come with it. The reward for that infidelity and breach of vows was her angry silence. In that dark time first she had shied away from everyone in her hurt, choosing silence over words that would hurt those that didn’t deserve it. When that threatened to overwhelm her, she had sought solace for her own needs in the other she wa
Suspend Nasa
Suspend NASA, stop burning holes through our atmosphere. We're not going anywhere! If we were, we'd be on the moon by now. NASA operating budget can be expended to repair and hopefully recover from this carbon footprint we're leaving our children. Replant trees in devastated areas, clean the garbage from the oceans. Stand back, look at all we've done to this planet. We're all more than Americans, Russians and Chinese, we're all Earthlings too. Stop the parasitic ways we treat our Mother Earth!
What Do You Want
Poetry From The Mind Of Me!
Dearest world, wherever you are, listen to me, I won't be too far Out of your arms, out of your reach, unable to move, unable to speak About all the things, I've been meaning to say, about all the prayers, I've been meaning to pray You stood by my side, when others would leave, you held my hand and you forced me to believe About all the wishes, I saved up for someday, about all the times I would hope you would stay Sometimes I hear whispers, voices somewhere, they tell me to fear and cause so much despair They speak of the hardships, you're weak they would say, I would fall asleep crying and dreading next days The good times and bad, the black and the gray, the scarcely heard screams and lies I would say All the pain of the others, they knew not my disgust, and making them believe it was me they could trust My own hands would force me, excuses for hate, my own mind would conjure and force open hell's gates I yelled and I beckoned, nobody there heard my cries, they all flouris
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Hey Every One
Pictures I Made For Friends
♥ Kerri Young ♥@ CherryTAP Made for vicky If you want a christmas Picture feel free to ask
This site is full of people who are fakes, who create dummy accounts just to get points. Or who ask you to leave them lots of love without having ever once talked to you. Who have 3k "friends" but only talk to like two. Who talk shit about other people and have internet pictures as their main picture. Funny how everyone on this site is "model-esque." Or guys who rip pictures of women and post them all over their site just to get lots of hits. What good does that do you? Do you earn something in life? Does it boost your ego if you're rank number 25? If someone rates your pictures a 9, do you get pissed? Have you paid money just to get "more friends", ala those sticky notes or blasts? I bought a blast one time, but I didn't say one thing about commenting or rating me. And I don't care if you comment or rate my pics, I will still be your friend. Because when it comes down to it, this site shouldn't be about who's the most popular. It should be about who is the most interesting, who
What Does Your Mouth Say About You?
What People Think of Your Mouth People see you as both seductive and intimidating. Other women are especially put off by your womanly powers. And men either fear you or obsess over you - sometimes both. No way to fight it - you're a natural vamp. What Does Your Mouth Say About You?
I hate not being sure. I'm sitting here reading 'industry' stuff - and I'm engaged and feeling passioniate about WHERE I can fall in that and WHAT I can contribute. Then I feel lonely because I don't know any other marketers. And even if I did, the worry that I'd be communicating ideas with other marketers is a major trust issue. I don't know what it will take for me to "break out of the box" but it needs to happen, I really just need to start earning some revenue, I've worked for little to nothing for years helping build people/ideas/companies, that it's time that I need to get compensated. I'm half frustrated and half hopeful. And almost spaced out because my father thinks spraypainting in the kitchen is a good idea and I've been exposed to this lack of air for two or three days now. XO, Bam -Happy birthday dearest Tammy, she isn't reading this, but I love her and she's been one of the most amazing people in my life. -I had a important chat with a now friend ab
Just Venting
well this was how he dumped me, kinda pushed it on him i guess in a way. but if i showed u the convo from last nigth u would know y i siad what i said. but i didnt save it but if use him on line and u did tlk to him he did have a gf sins jan 30 08 tell june 10th 08. comment and tell me what u think?? Linda-Ann Chaychuk (6/10/2008 4:00:56 PM): why wher u fighting me yesterday? Linda-Ann Chaychuk (6/10/2008 4:02:49 PM): and if u dont care about me any more y are u stilll with me then i so thout about that was so hurt but u dont care and i no u dont like this but what can i do shadowravenelm (6/10/2008 6:42:43 PM): ok Linda-Ann Chaychuk (6/10/2008 6:43:14 PM): lol ok then shadowravenelm (6/10/2008 6:49:56 PM): naki now Linda-Ann Chaychuk (6/10/2008 6:50:07 PM): hahah im not going on cam shadowravenelm (6/10/2008 6:50:34 PM): i go for ever then Linda-Ann Chaychuk (6/10/2008 6:50:41 PM): oh come on don b an ass shadowravenelm (6/10/2008 6:50:59 PM): to bad Linda-Ann Chaychu
Who Knows?
i don't have much time for fubar anymore, cuz i'm working 2 jobs and going to school. which is stressful, but hey, gotta bust your ass to get where you're going! i did, however, make time to get to the lamb of god concert in atlanta last wednesday. it was my first concert, and it was the SHIT. children of bodom kicked ass, too. i'm going to see no doubt/paramore in june, and hopefully, metallica in october. i've got some new tattoos, but no way to get pics up. oh well. can't please everyone. my computer is down for an unspecified bit due to some stupid malware program attaching itself in an unwanted fashion. >:( so that's why i haven't been on, and that's why i probably won't be on too much in the next few days. keep in mind that my birthday is coming up on the 22nd, so be prepared to love me. :) then please keep my two friends in your thoughts for a while. they just lost their 2-year old son wednesday night. i cannot imagine how this feels; i hope i never know. please remember th
If I Say Something Like "f*ck Nut" Would It Grab Your Attention Lol
Hey everyone...I entered a giveaway and all I need is 15,000 comments. Not only will you be helping me but it will show mad love to an awesome man here on fubar Lord Garfield!!! This is his first giveaway and I would love to make it a huge success for him! Please stop by and leave me some comments I know with your help we can get this done in no time :) UPDATE: I NEED 10K MORE FRIENDS!!! Thank you all so much ♥ NOCTURNAL MISTRESS ♥ I'M UP FOR AUCTION!!!!!!!! DO YOU WANT TO OWN ME HEHEHE! LET'S SEE HOW MUCH I AM WORTH TO YOU...LET THE BIDDING BEGIN! THIS IS WHAT I AM WILLING TO OFFER MY OWNER... 1. Added name to mine for 1 month 2. Permanent blog pimp-out 3. Bulletin Pimp Out 4. 5 customized photos 5. 1 custom salute photo 6. Rate all stash 7. Rate all photos HH 11's 8. Any HH's or Blasts bidded will be dedicated to owner 9. 1 customized comment on profile per week while owned 10. My private IM address CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW AND LEAVE YOUR
Setting It Straight
Well my friends it is that time of the year again, time for Holiday stress, holiday shopping and all of the good and bad things that the holidays bring upon us. It’s a time where seemingly every year that you always remember things that happen during the holidays, making for a lifetime of memories. In Fubar World, it’s pretty much the same. You see Xmas Auctions, holiday bling pack specials, everyone it seems with a Santa hat of some variety on for the weeks leading up to the holidays. and in past years, have a present of some variety under your Xmas tree when you sign in, which you can’t open until Midnight 12/25 Pacific Time. When I lived on the east coast that amounted to 3 AM. Needless to say. There were some funny milk and cookies moments there. This year, we have a new twist , this NSFW crackdown policy for default pictures that was put in around Thanksgiving. Which basically said you can’t be in your underwear or slam you boobs into your default picture.
The Ixii Era.
Today's Song!
My cats are baby faces! Misfit with a penis is the boss of the house and I forgot about this song... This is totally him ~giggles~ I am going to sing this at pt ;) for realz
Bury Me With Soldiers
I am going offline but I will be able to check my messages weekly. Please dont take me off your friends list. I will chat with everyone from time to time. I will miss everyone :) I know I said a few days ago that would be my last day on here lol well we thought it would be. Tonight is my last night online on the computer. The computer goes back at 9:30am tomorrow. I am going to miss everyone so much. If you dont have my email addy already its sweet_n_sassy_girl4 Thats also my yahoo id if u want to add me too.I can get ims and emails on my phone and thats about it lol. I wish I could get on cherry tap on my cell phone. I will get on a computer weekly if not a few times a week. I will miss everyone so much!!!!((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) My life could change next week. I have to have a biopsy done on my breast. I have a solid mass on my right breast. I had an ultrasound done last week and now we have to find out if it is cancerous or not. I am so scared now. If anyone knows any
MY COUSINS MY SPACE BLOG!!!!! Well I don't know what to think Matts going back to Iraq. It really sucks actually, I wonder if this thing will ever end. I don't know how these wives deal with living the military life for 20 yrs. Not me I can't stand it for the 3yrs hes been in. It's really scary thinking your husband could be killed at any time. To all of the people hating on the military do you think they enjoy going there. Well I can tell you they don't want to leave there wives and children and go to that god forsaken place either. They go for a bunch of ungrateful people to try to make the world we live in better. If you were in our shoes you would see how hard it actually is. Having to move around all the time and saying goodbye everytime you turn around to not know if you'll see them again at all. All I can say is that all these men and woman are very brave cuz I know I couldn't do it.Please just show respect no matter what your opinion is
im getting sick. i dont like it. BERLIN (Reuters) - A German man who had been drinking heavily at Munich's Oktoberfest beer festival got stuck in a chimney for 12 hours while trying to climb into a friend's apartment, police said Friday. ADVERTISEMENT After finding his friend was not at home, the 27-year-old climbed on to the roof of a neighboring building at about 2 a.m. Thursday and headed for what he thought was a gap in the wall between the two houses. He found himself sliding almost 30 meters (98 feet) head first into a chimney, a spokesman for Munich police said. An 82-year-old janitor from the hotel next door eventually heard the man's calls for help and he was rescued at around 2 p.m. by fire brigade officers who knocked a hole into the side of the chimney to liberate him, the spokesman said. He had managed to turn around and had removed his clothes to try to help him squeeze back up. "Miraculously, he was only slightly injured in the fall, sustaining just
The Paths Of Life
As some of you will find out the more you get to know me, I had a really big struggle with drugs for many years. I started out just experimenting, trying it for fun, and kept using. I abandoned my newborn baby girl at only two weeks old and left her with my parents. I continued to use til I found out a couple of months later I was pregnant. (yes, again) I quit using and became a mom, I had missed all the important things in her life already though. First words, smile, steps. I had my second beautiful baby girl at only 18 years of age, she lived for a month and a half. There started my downward spiral into hell itself. After ten years of killing myself and everyone around me I got sober and while in my first year of recovery I wrote this for my beautiful daughter destiny who has had a rough life. This is called the Paths of Life. As I sit here and think of all the joyous wondersI missed over the years For you honey it fills my head and heart with fears Because I wasn't t
Love Lost
My Journey Not that it matters, and not that anyone cares, but I have decided to move on. I don’t know what awaits me out there in the world, but I’ll face it head on. I’ve loved, I’ve lost, I’ve been hurt, but I’m mending. It’s a slow process, but I’m on my way. On this healing journey, I’ve been discovering myself. I’ve learned that I do have the power to say no. I have also learned self-control. It isn’t just a journey of self-healing; it’s a journey of self-discovery. I think that, by the time I get to the end of this journey, I’ll finally know who I am. My wife may have left me, I may have been crushed by it, but through it all, I think something wonderful is happening. I’m learning to adapt. I realize now that I don’t have to be with someone to be happy. I just need to be happy with myself. “What is the meaning of life?” A very popular question. One that has been asked repeatedly through out the ages. Do you want the answer? Nothing. There is no “meaning of life”. Th
Kelli's News
After a rather long talk Dante and I are back together. He was just as upset as I was at what had happened. My Ex caused the issues between us and as we talked he confided in me that some of the things my ex said he could tell were lies and blow up to LOOK worse than they really were, but that's my ex, He's a drama king. If there's no drama he ain't happy. I'm soooooooooooooooooo happy that Dante and I are together again, He really completes me, He's my second love, My late husband holds the first love spot. Dante and Kelli forever and always. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo. I got my GED on October 24, 2008 and got alot of jokes that now I am an offical smartass and I have the papers to prove it. I came within 250 points of a perfect score. Go me I rock. Ialso finialized my divorce, I had to go through the "back door" so my ex couldn't forge my papers to stop me and I didn't file in my home state so he can't track that either, but it's final and I'm free. I als
Gettin To Know The Man
Imago Dei: a Latin phrase meaning the "Image of God". The concept that human beings are created in God's image and therefore have inherent value independent of their utility or function. The term Imago Dei refers most fundamentally to two things: first, to God's own self-actualization through humankind; and second, to God's care for humankind. To say that humans are in the image of God is to recognize the special qualities of human nature which allow God to be made manifest in humans. For humans to have the conscious recognition of their being in the image of God means that they are the creature through whom God's plans and purposes can be made known and actualized; humans, in this way, can be seen as co-creators with God. The moral implications of the doctrine of imago Dei are apparent in the fact that if humans are to love God, then humans must love other humans, as each is an expression of God. The human's likeness to God can also be understood by contrasting it with that which doe

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