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Dear Friends...
I am heading out to a retreat for a few weeks. Need to recharge my spirit and be closer to where my husband is working in Mississippi. I have been in a funk without him being around and it's almost a month now we have not seen each other. I am planning to take all the dogs and cats with me so may stay there for some time, as it is also an animal rescue and food pantry for the poor in the area. We are looking to build a new sweat lodge and have several events planned with a number of special guests to participate in circles to help heal and spread positive energies globally. Camp Sister Spirit is also a Folk School and this retreat is just what I need to recharge as well as do what I love, commune in nature in a safe environment and find some peace from all that is negative and wrong in society and the planet. I have a few presentations I have prepared to also help teach and educate others of some traditions as well as harvesting the grapes and crops that are growing nicely. It's
Dear Mr President
"Dear Mr. President" (feat. Indigo Girls) Dear Mr. President, Come take a walk with me. Let's pretend we're just two people and You're not better than me. I'd like to ask you some questions if we can speak honestly. What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street? Who do you pray for at night before you go to sleep? What do you feel when you look in the mirror? Are you proud? How do you sleep while the rest of us cry? How do you dream when a mother has no chance to say goodbye? How do you walk with your head held high? Can you even look me in the eye And tell me why? Dear Mr. President, Were you a lonely boy? Are you a lonely boy? Are you a lonely boy? How can you say No child is left behind? We're not dumb and we're not blind. They're all sitting in your cells While you pave the road to hell. What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away? And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay? I can only im
Dear Kotex
Dear Kotex, I recently noticed that the peel-off strip of my pantiliner had a bunch of "Kotex Tips for Life" on it. Annoying advice such as: Staying active during your period can relieve cramps. Avoiding caffeine may help reduce cramps and headaches. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to keep you hydrated and feeling fresh. Try Kotex blah blah blah other products... Obviously the individual behind this was someone who has never possessed a functioning set of ovaries. Go ahead and tell a menstruating woman that drinking 6-8 glasses of water will help keep her feeling fresh. Like we need more fluid inside our bloated bodies from hell...but go ahead. See what happens and report back. I'll wait. While you're at it, dump out the coffee at work and remove the chocolate from the vending machine. I garan-friggin-tee that the first responders will be females who just ovulated. This advice was some brain function of a male..right??? Staying active will
Dear Tide
I'm writing to say what an excellent product you have! I've used it since the beginning of my married life, when my Mom told me it was the best. Now that I am older and going through menopause, I find it even better! In fact, about a month ago, I spilled some red wine on my new white blouse. My unfeeling and uncaring husband started to berate me about how clumsy I was and generally started becoming a pain in the rear end. One thing led to another and I ended up with a lot of his blood on my white blouse. I tried to get the stain out using a bargain detergent, but it just wouldn't come out. After a quick trip to the supermarket, I stopped and got a bottle of liquid Tide with bleach alternative, and to my surprise and satisfaction, all of the stains came out! In fact, the stains came out so well that some detectives who came by yesterday told me that the tests were negative and my attorney said that I would no longer be considered a suspect! I thank
Dear Housekeeper
Please do not leave any more of those little bars of soap in my bathroom since I have brought my own bath-sized Dial. Please remove the six unopened little bars from the shelf under the medicine chest and another three in the shower soap dish. They are in my way. Thank you, S. Berman ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Dear Room 635, I am not your regular housekeeper. She will be back tomorrow, Thursday, from her day off. I took the 3 hotel soaps out of the shower soap dish as you requested. The 6 bars on your shelf I took out of your way and put on top of your Kleenex dispenser in case you should change your mind. This leaves only the 3 bars I left today which my instructions from the management is to leave 3 soaps daily. I hope this is satisfactory. Kathy, Relief Housekeeper ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Dear Housekee
Dear Sophia, R.i.p.
Dear Sophia, R.I.P. Blue bird of wisdom, caged in sermon, Beats her wings but cannot fly. She falls to the floor and the vermin, And dies dreaming of the sky.
Dear Employee
Dear Employees: It has been brought to management's attention that some individuals throughout the company have been using foul language during the course of normal conversation with their co-workers. Due to complaints received from some employees who may be easily offended, this type of language will no longer be tolerated. We do, however, realize the critical importance of being able to accurately express your feelings when communicating with co-workers. Therefore, a list of 18 New and Innovative "TRY SAYING" phrases have been provided so that proper exchange of ideas and information can continue in an effective manner. 1) TRY SAYING: I think you could use more training. INSTEAD OF: You don't know what the f___ you're doing. 2) TRY SAYING: She's an aggressive go-getter. INSTEAD OF: She's a f___ing bit__. 3) TRY SAYING: Perhaps I can work late. INSTEAD OF: And when the f___ do you expect me to do this? 4) TRY SAYING: I'm certain that isn't feasible.
Dear Death
Dear Submissive,
Dear submissive, You have asked what it is that I, as a Dominant, would wish for, would desire, would be pleased to receive. And I believe it only appropriate to reply as honestly as I able to such a heartfelt request. I want to know you firstly as a person, someone with a mind, with thoughts, with opinions and with hopes. I want to be proud of you and your achievements, and I want to be warmed by your joy, your happiness and your passion. I want to share hopes and dreams, laughter and tears, light and darkness. At its root, I want our relationship to be fulfilling emotionally and intellectually. Without the ability to be open and honest at this level, we can never hope to be open and honest at a sexual level. I want to know you secondly as a woman, with a woman's desires, a woman's passions, a woman's vulnerability, a woman's need to be held, sheltered and affirmed. I want to know you intimately; your curves, your sensitive places, your melting point
Dear Diary
i just want to remind myself of this since i am on vacation and have no concept of time!
Dear World
Dear Mark
Subject: Dear Mark, Message: Message: I ___ you. You have a nice______. You make me _______. You should _______. Someday I will ______. You + me =________. If I saw you now I'd __________. I want to ________ you. I would build a ______ just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. We could __________ under the stars. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.) REPOST THIS "DEAR (YOUR NAME)" AND SEE WHAT ANSWERS U GET... This lots of fun!! And you can really make someone's day.
Dear Jo
Subject: Dear Jo, Message: Message: I ___ you. You have a nice______. You make me _______. You should _______. Someday I will ______. You + me =________. If I saw you now I'd __________. I want to ________ you. I would build a ______ just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. We could __________ under the stars. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.) REPOST THIS "DEAR (YOUR NAME)" AND SEE WHAT ANSWERS U GET... This lots of fun!! And you can really make someone's day.
Dear _____________
I ___ you. You have a nice ______. You make me _______. You should _______. Someday I will ______. You + me = ________. If I saw you now I'd __________. I want to ________ you. I would build a _______ just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. We could __________ under the stars. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.)
Dear Kotex:
Dear Kotex, I recently noticed that the peel-off strip of my pantyliner had a bunch of "Kotex Tips for Life" on it. Annoying advice such as: -Staying active during your period can relieve cramps. -Avoiding caffeine may help reduce cramps and headaches. -Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to keep you hydrated and feeling fresh. -Try Kotex blah blah blah other products Obviously the person behind this was someone who has never possessed a functioning set of ovaries. Go ahead and tell a menstruating woman TO HER FACE that drinking 6-8 glasses of water will help keep her feeling fresh. See what happens and report back. I'll wait. While you're at it, dump out the coffee at work and remove the chocolate from the vending machine. I guarandamntee that the first responders will be females who just ovulated. Look, females don't need or want tips for living on feminine hygiene products. Younger girls are already hearing "helpful" crap like that from their elderly re
Dear Civilians
Dear Civilians, 'We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance: 1. The next time you see an adult talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem---kick their ass. 2. When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest---kick their ass. 3. Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their ass. 4. (GUYS) If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing battle dress uniform
Dearest Sympathy
Dear Mom Letter
Dear Mom, I went to a party, And remembered what you said. You told me not to drink, Mom So I had a sprite instead. I felt proud of myself, The way you said I would, That I didn't drink and drive, Though some friends said I should. I made a healthy choice, And your advice to me was right, The party finally ended, And the kids drove out of sight. I got into my car, Sure to get home in one piece, I never knew what was coming, Mom Something I expected least. Now I'm lying on the pavement, And I hear the policeman say, The kid that caused this wreck was drunk, Mom, his voice seems far away. My own blood's all around me, As I try hard not to cry. I can hear the paramedic say, This girl is going to die. I'm sure the guy had no idea, While he was flying high, Because he chose to drink and drive, Now I would have to die. So why do people do it, Mom Knowing that it ruins lives? And now the pain is cutting me, Like a hundred stabbing knives. T
Dear Employees
It has been brought to management's attention that some individuals throughout the company have been using foul language during the course of normal conversation with their co-workers. Due to complaints received from some employees who may be easily offended, this type of language will no longer be tolerated. We do, however, realize the critical importance of being able to accurately express your feelings when communicating with co-workers. Therefore a list of 18 New and Innovative "TRY SAYING" phrases have been provided so that proper exchange of ideas and information can continue in an effective manner. 1) TRY SAYING: I think you could use more training. INSTEAD OF: You don't know what the F___ you're doing. 2) TRY SAYING: She's an aggressive go-getter. INSTEAD OF: She's a ball-busting B__ch. 3) TRY SAYING: Perhaps I can work late. INSTEAD OF: And when the F___ do you expect me to do this? 4) TRY SAYING: I'm certain that isn't feasibl
Dear ?
Dear Al , I _____ you. You have a nice _____. You make me ___. You should _______. Someday I will _____. You + me = ______. We should __________. If I saw you now I'd _______. I would build a _______ just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. If I could I'd give you ___________. We could __________ under the stars. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.) REPOST THIS "DEAR (YOUR NAME)" ON YOUR BLOG AND SEE WHAT ANSWERS U GET... this should be lots of fun!! and you can really make someone's day. Or you could just make them laugh really hard....
Dear Alchol
Dear Alcohol Current mood: happy Dear alcohol, First & foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around in the holidays, hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings. However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences: 1. Phone calls: While I agree with you that communication is important, I question the suggestion that any conversation of substance or necessity takes place after 2 a.m. Why would you make me call those ex-boyfriends/girlfriends when I know for a fact they do not want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hour s of the night? 2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal, but why do you suggest that I eat a taco with chili
Dear Alcohol...
ALCOHOL Current mood: amused Dear Alcohol, First and foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around at the holidays (hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings). However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences: 1. Phone calls and text messages: While I agree with you that communication is important, I question the suggestion that any conversation after 2 a.m. can have much substance or necessity. Why would you make me call my ex's? Especially when I know, for a fact, they DO NOT want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night. 2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal. But, why do you suggest that I eat a taco with c
Dear Matt!
Dear Mr. President
Dear Mr. President,I'm about to plan a little trip with my family and extended family, And I would like to ask you to assist me. I'm going to walk across the border from the U.S. into Mexico, and I need to make a few arrangements. I know you can help with this. I plan to skip all the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration quotas and laws. I'm sure they handle those things the same way you do here. So, would you mind telling your buddy, Mexican President , that I'm on my way over? Please let him know that I will be expecting the following: 1. Free medical care for my entire family . 2. English-speaking government bureaucrats for all services I might need, whether I use them or not. 3. All government forms need to be printed in English. 4. I want my kids to be taught by English-speaking teachers. 5. Schools need to include classes on American culture and history. 6. I want my kids to see the American flag flying on the top of the flag pole at their school with the Mexican flag fl
Dear Alcohol
Dear Alcohol: > >First & foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. My >friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect >post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around in the >holiday's hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in >the midst of endless family gatherings. > >However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. > >While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I >feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences: > >1. Phone calls: While I agree with you that communication is >important, I question the suggestion that any conversation of >substance or necessity takes place after 2 a.m. Why would you make me >call those ex-boyfriends/girlfriends when I know for a fact they do >not want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the >night? > >2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal, but why do you suggest >that I eat a taco with chili sauce, al
Dear Alcohol
Dear Alcohol, First and foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect gift, post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around at the holidays (hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings). However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences: 1. Phone Calls: While I agree with you that communication is important. I question the suggestion that any conversation after 2 a.m. can have much substance or necessity. Why would you make me call my ex's? Especially when I know, for a fact, they DO NOT want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night. 2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal. But, why do you suggest that I eat a taco with chili sauce along with a big Italian meatbal
Dear Reader
Fell asleep this morning around 5:40 - 6:00. Then woke up 2 hours later. I hate nightmares. I hate having them, and I hate that they exist... I hate it more that I've been having the same nightmare for about 3 and half years now. I'm sick of this feeling that I get when I wake up. I'm sick of the feeling that I get when I go somewhere new, and think to myself "hey...have I been here before?" Deja Vu... more like Hell Avenue to me... Is it possiable to dream up a place that you've never been to before... and when you get to that exact place, it looks just like it did in the dream? I think I need to talk to someone about this... I just dont know who I can turn to for advice. -JSkitzo™ The pain inside of me, Grows more everyday. The feeling of 'love'... Emotion's course... Is taking it's own way. I cant help this feeling that I have. I cant help but to feel... And I feel it, really bad. I'm sick of the stomach pains. Knowing there's a chance... We'll never be together...
Dear Journal
Dear Sergeant
A Dear Friends Contest.
Dear Diary
Dear God
ok in ma shout box from this dick i had hot cock wanna fuck cyber n all shit like that... then he emailed me his fone number .. so i kindly told the dickhead to piss off.. in my own sweet way .. ppl who know me know how i would react to a dick like this .. then omg the flattery i got this samy38: pussay take your data base and stick it up your ronchy assss samy38: lots of unreal ego crap just like you DEAR samy38: FUBARS FUCKEN EGO CRAP ANYWAY samy38: fubars loaded with crap anyway like you." samy38: whatever DOG MEAT." Notic the pillock is now talking to himself .. coz i havnt even answered him ..
Dear Friend
My dear friend.... You came into my life so unexpectedly.. Little did I know what was to lie ahead For the longest time you were a click of a mouse, words on my screen Hugs that warmed my days.. and secured my nights Within the many hours of our chat, You showed me strength, when I showed you my weaknesses. You taught me the importance of believing in myself, When I thought there was nothing to believe in You taught me so much, in ways I never knew You stood behind me when I began to fall. Along side of me when I needed a friend In front of me when I needed a guide You showed me my ability to fly... How to reach places I had only dreamed of You saw me with your heart and not your eyes But more importantly you gave me a piece of you A gift worth far more than money could buy. You gave me a floor to dance on.. A song in my heart that I finally understand the words to And a peacefulness in my heart...where you will live forever.. I hope everyone finds a "YOU"
Dear John
Dear Heavenly Father
"Dear Heavenly Father, Hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Please stop a moment and say a prayer for our troops (land, air, and sea) in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and all around the world.
Dear Santa
dear santa, i am writing this because i wanted to make sure that you know what i want for christmas this year and i felt the need to explain a few things . . . first of all, i would like a a new laptop, the one i have now is really just not quite cutting it. in fact it down right sucks. . . second my doberman needs a pretty new pink shock collar to keep her from destroying a second christmas tree. you know what shock collars for the kids might not be a bad idea either. go ahead and make that 3 shock collars. third, i want lots of parties on my calendar so i can make lots of cash and pay off all these damn credit cards. in fact we could just skip the middle man and you could pay these credit cards off. . . . . and this year, please no stress over who is going to whose house and all the family drama. i just want to enjoy the season, in jamaica. now for the explaining. . . i swear those pictures were not my idea and how was i to know that he'd put them on t
Dear Amber
I ___ you. You have a nice ______. You make me _______. You should _______. Someday I will ______. You + me = ________. If I saw you now I'd __________. I want to ________ you. I would build a _______ just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. We could __________ under the stars. If i could take you anywhere in the world with me i would take you______________. life without you would be like________________________. if you died tomorrow my reaction would be____________________. i filled this out most of all because_______________________. so now for my final words ____________________________. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.) REPOST THIS "DEAR (YOUR NAME)" AND SEE WHAT ANSWERS U GET... this lots of fun and you can really make someone's day
Dear Missy
Dear Friends!
My Dear Friends, Somewhat embarrassing to admit, I'm not getting an annual bonus and Christmas is tight this year. I will be making bedroom slippers for you all as gifts. Please let me know your sizes. You'll most likely agree that it's a splendid idea, and should you wish to do the same, I've included the instructions below: How to make bedroom slippers out of maxi pads: You need four maxi pads to make a pair. Two of them get laid out flat, for the foot part. The other two wrap around the toe area to form the top. Tape or glue each side of the top pieces to the bottom of the foot part. Decorate the tops with whatever you desire, silk flowers (this is most aesthetically ap pealing), etc. These slippers are: * Soft and Hygienic * Non-slip grip strips on the soles * Built in deodorant feature keeps feet smelling fresh * No more bending over to mop up spills * Disposable and biodegradable * Environmentally safe * Three convenient sizes: Regular, Light
Dear Santa... Love Scott.
Send Prior Service Vets over 60 " I am over 60 and the Armed Forces thinks I'm too old to track down terrorists. (You can't be older than 42 to join the military.) They've got the whole thing backwards. Instead of sending 18-year-olds off to fight, they ought to take us old guys. You shouldn't be able to join a military unit until you're at least 35. For starters: Researchers say 18-year-olds think about sex every 10 seconds. Old guys only think about sex a couple of times a day, leaving us more than 28,000 additional seconds per day to concentrate on the enemy. Young guys haven't lived long enough to be cranky, and a cranky soldier is a dangerous soldier. "My back hurts! I can't sleep, I'm tired and hungry!" We are impatient and maybe letting us kill some asshole that desperately deserves it will make us feel better and shut us up for a while. An 18-year-old doesn't even like to get up before 10 a.m. Old guys always get up early to pee so what the hel
Dear Santa!
A Dear Friend Passed Away Last Night
Please keep her family and friends in your prayers. Lizelle1001@ fubar
Dear Alcohol
Dear Alcohol, First & foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around at the holidays, hidden inside chocolates, as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings. However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences: Phone calls: While I agree with you that communication is important, I question the suggestion that any conversation of substance or necessity takes place after 2 a.m. Why would you make me call those ex-girlfriends when I know for a fact they do not want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal, but why do you suggest that I eat a taco with fire sauce, along with a big Italian meatball and some stale bbq
Dear Friend...
It's the end of the day and I was thinking about you, as usual. I want you to know how much I sincerely love the times we've spent talking. It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I want you and need only you ... and that love will only grow stronger. Do not be scared my love. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go...
Dear --, I began your letter at the stop sign on Third Street and lost it in a traffic jam on Hemming Way; you would've rolled your eyes at the name, so I tried to imagine you sitting beside me. That's what did it, of course--I had a perfectly good sentence and it went right out the window with sentiment. See there--I was trying to redeem myself by writing a poem, but apologetic prose doesn't like to share. I had grand illusions--something about a word on a breeze (how cliché) wandering past a car full of screaming children and a businesswoman on her phone. There were soccer stories, a brief pause for some striking observation, and then a tremendous ending in a field, or a grave, or your lips. (Probably your lips.) It was another perfect poem lived and never written. Speaking of I've written you letters on scraps of paper-- napkins, Sears receipts;
Dear Kabrina
Dear Kabrina, By Anthony Hunt Dear Kabrina, I hope this letter finds you well. Dear Kabrina, Without you the desert's cold as hell. Dear Kabrina, I see your face when my eyes close. Dear Kabrina, Every day this feeling grows. And I hope you know I'm doing the best I can; I want to show You're the crutch that helps me stand. I just can't wait To walk with you hand in hand, But til that day, Sincerely, I'm your man. Dear Kabrina, It's been so long since we both spoke. Dear Kabrina, But when we do it gives me hope. Dear Kabrina, You are what gets me through the night. Dear Kabrina, I think of you and all seems right. And I hope you know I'm doing the best I can; I want to show You're the crutch that helps me stand. I just can't wait To walk with you hand in hand, But til that day, Sincerely, I'm your man. Dear Kabrina, There's not much else that's left to say. Dear Kabrina, But you're the light that guides my way. Dear Kabrina, Very soon I'
Dear Mr President
I share this because it moves me. Please take time to listen
Dear Soulmate ... (who Ever U R)
What if what you are looking for may be one phone call away, one contact away, one smile away, and one touch away. In their search for true love in this vast universe, two people paths crossed, and the story unfolds. Maybe our story will begin now. I hope that somewhere in these pages your soul will recognize mine. It may happen in the first sentence or last, but stop for a moment and realize that for a moment in time we have become one in thought.. Somewhere in your heart a long time ago a truth that has been buried for such a long time and is finally awaken with the words that I am writing. You must be thinking that you stumble on me by accident? No, everything happens for a reason, fate has takes hold and leads us in the right direction. It led you to me. I want to share myself with you. Yes I have been hurt. I am sure you’re past disappointments and hurt as well and still do. We will erase the pain for each other. Then I have my fears. Will I be what you want? What you need? Wh
Dear Pennis
Dear Guys
Dearest Friends!!
Make an on-line slide show at
Dear Diary...whats Up With That?
Dear Diary... ahhhhhh life on am going to try to post a short blog on Fubar each night to comment some of the daily happenings on Fubar...hope some of them will make you laugh..some might make you sad...some might make you think. Just my opinions mind you :) To bring you up to case you missed is a hotbed of activity! Never boring here LOL A few of our friends tragically lost children heart goes out to them. On the plus side a killer of one was caught. Then there are the "cheaters"...that seems to be a biggie lately...I agree if you cheated to get ahead you should lose your fubucks and pts..but doesnt it make you nervous to invite anyone to fubar? lol so many busted claim innocence. Auctions, giveaways and contests abound...seems to be the "IN" thing to do these days in the rush to "get ahead"...there aren't enough hrs in the day to comment bomb ALL your friends who need help but i do what i can. :)
Dear Friend
I want to take the time to tell everyone that paid the respect to my friend John aka know as Rough and Ready.I really asppsied it very much.I know he is tarabbly missed by all. I just want to show my gradtuied to the one who put it together and all that came. I am sure he aprstied it to. SO As we all go on just remember to keep his family in our thought and prayers. Thank you all very much. This Is for one of my dear friends who has passed away over this last weekend. You may be gone but your sprit lives on within all your friends and family hearts. We all miss you more then you know.We all wish you were here with us. I for one know that you stole my heart before you left and as I sit here looking at the time and remembering the times we did share I want to cry and let it all out. My heart was stole by you long before I even know it. I want you to know we have your family in all of our prayers.We hold you up and we miss you a lot. I know some day we will meet again and we all know you
Dear Alicia,
Dear Alicia No you are not Broken tussled a bit in the fray Ruffled around the edges but you are of Good Stock and faired well No you are not broken your heart may swell and ache as momentary dissatisfaction occurs with this latest predictament--Simply a minor setback though, nothing to impede your way and you have a ways yet to go. The veil was lifted and the Bare Bones of Human Existence Revealed, its very nature, Exposed The frailty of one's self. A sight you had yet not seen. Frightening images of Good & Evil played across your mental stage. Awkward. God alone stood so calmly, so brillantly, so beautifully when you could not rely on the certainty of your own senses You Remain because he held you your name was Raised up unsilent prayers. Now you can triumphantly proclaim I am whole, Shaken yet withstanding and No, No Lord I was Never Broken.
Dear Son,
Dear Son, I'm sorry Mommy and I couldn't be friends. I tried really hard to work things out with her, if not for she and I but for you. I'm sorry I wasnt always there, I wanted to be more than you will ever imagine, I wanted to hold you and watch you grow up big and strong just like me. I'm sorry I didnt fight harder, fight harder to keep you out of harms way that I simply knew you were going to be in. Nathan, my lil man, I'm sorry you went in that car with that evil vindictive woman, and that bad man. I shouldnt have allowed that either. I wish you were still here. P.s. Nathan please continue to be proud of me as you look down at me from heaven. I miss you.
" Dear God Please Help "
Dear God...(a Must Read!!!)
Dear God: Why didn't you save the school children at? Northern University Illinois Virginia Tech Amish Country, PA Columbine High School Moses Lake , Washington 2/2/96 Bethel , Alaska 2/19/97 Pearl , Mississippi 10/1/97 West Paducah , Kentucky 12/1/97 Stam P, Arkansas 12/15/97 Jonesboro , Arkansas 3/24/98 Edinboro , Pennsylvania 4/24/98 Fayetteville , Tennessee 5/19/98 Springfield , Oregon 5/21/98 Richmond , Virginia 6/15/98 Littleton , Colorado 4/20/99 Taber , Alberta , Canada 5/28/99 Conyers , Georgia 5/20/99 Deming , New Mexico 11/19/99 Fort Gibson , Oklahoma 12/6/99 Santee , California 3/ 5/01 and El Cajon , California 3/22/01 Sincerely, Concerned Student ----------------------------------------------------- Reply: Dear Concerned Student: am not allowed in schools. Sincerely, God -------
Dear Friends
To All My Friends Well my dear friends just wanted to give a update of things that are going on in my life   I may be down in the dumps right now but with 3 out of 4 of my best friends in my corner I am slowly getting back on my feet I know what I have to do but it is just hard to fight with a man you fell in love with as a kid and then again after so many years but I have not talk to him in about a week now and I do not plan on talking to him unless I have to but not that I do not want to talk to him and remain friends I would love to but I am doing the things that I need to do for ME and only me now I can not let his negitive aditude bring me down any more I need to get back on my feet fine everything that I need for myself I will always be there if he needs me to talk to but as for any thing more NO NOT right now or ever and it brakes my heart to say it but I need to come frist     Why oh why do men and brake ups have to hurt as much as they do when u have one person tring
Dear _______ :
Dear Diary - Wtf
Dear Diary, I just witnessed the dumbiest thing in my life. A small beat up trashy looking garbage dump of a car pulled up in the parking lot today. On its hood was a TV set wider than the car itself. Someone was bringing it home. WTF, was the driver thinking....... Dumb ass.
Dear Randy
dear randy!!! we here at the attic request your prescence!! it would be lovely of you to grace us with your beautiful face n wittiness!! so get your bunz in here b4 we gather in a circle and wave our wands!!! love as always T n Juju!! and the rest at the attic!!! ^0^
Dear Diary .....
Dear Dad
Dear Moma
Dear Dog's & Cat's
Dear Diary
Dear Diary 7 With each passing day I struggle to maintain some sense of order amidst the chaos of life. Life as it has been defined through the years by those other than myself. I am forced to live the life of a duck. What is the life of a duck the casual observer may ask? The life of a duck is one of visual tranquility on the surface. Going about the routines of everyday life as though all is well in the world and in one’s self. As you watch a duck make its way across a pond, one cannot help but observe the gentleness of its actions. With its head held high, it wings softly laid against its body, and its eyes ever searching, the duck goes on about its business. But every so often life presents the duck an opportunity. A chance to dive beneath the calm, tranquil surface. A chance to disappear from the mundane, to reach for and hopefully obtain that which it must have to survive. As I watched two ducks over the weekend I could not help but think of two very different, y
Dear Abby
Dear Abby: I have been engaged for almost a year. I am to be married next month. My fiancee's mother is not only very attractive but really great and understanding. She is putting the entire wedding together and invited me to her place to go over the invitation list because it had grown a bit beyond what we had expected it to be. When I got to her place, we reviewed the list and trimmed it down to just under a hundred... then she floored me. She said that in a month I would be a married man and that before that happened, she wanted to have sex with me. Then she just stood up and walked to her bedroom and on her way said that I knew where the front door was if I wanted to leave. I stood there for about five minutes and finally decided that I knew exactly how to deal with this situation. I headed straight out the front door............... There, leaning against my car, was her husband, my father-in-law to be. He was smiling. He explained that they just wanted
Dear Diary
Dear Alcohol
Dear Alcohol, First and foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect gift, post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around at the holidays (hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings). However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences: 1. Phone Calls: While I agree with you that communication is important. I question the suggestion that any conversation after 2 a.m. can have much substance or necessity. Why would you make me call my ex's? Especially when I know, for a fact, they DO NOT want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night. 2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal. But, why do you suggest that I eat a taco with chili sauce along with a big Italian meatbal
Dear Mommy
Dear Mommy, I am in Heaven now... I so wanted to be your little girl. I don't quite understand what has happened. I was so excited when I began realizing my existance. I was in a dark, yet comfortable place. I saw I had fingers and toes. I was pretty far along in my developing, yet not near ready to leave my surroundings. I spent most of my time thinking or sleeping. Even from my earliest days, I felt a special bonding between you and me. Sometimes I heard you crying and I cried with you. Sometimes you would yell or scream, then cry. I heard Daddy yelling back. I was sad, and hoped you would be better soon. I wondered why you cried so much. One day you cried almost all of the day. I hurt for you. I couldn't imagine why you were so unhappy. That same day, the most horrible thing happened. A very mean monster came into that warm, comfortable place I was in. I was so scared, I began screaming, but you never once tried to help me. Maybe you never heard me. The monster got close
Dear Santa Claus,
Dear Santa Claus, I know it's not even fall yet, but I figured I would start this list and then add to it later. I need some stuff for xmas this year. I should first thank you for the late xmas gift you sent me that arrived a bit after xmas. You know, I asked for a wonderful man to love me but he also had to have a really nice dick. Thanks! Anywhoo... here's the list. 1 I need a gas grill.. 2 Smaller hips 3 slimmer thighs 4 perkier tits 5 a RED kitchenaid Mixer.. 6. A new tattoo 7. Obedient Children 8. Obedient Pets 9. new neighbors 10. New neighbors that remember to buy their own fucking sugar at the grocery at the same time they buy koolaid or other items that require sugar as an ingredient.. 11. I can't think of anything else right now... .so I'll be back say.... September? haha
"dear Kara..."
Dear Kara, I guess we first noticed something was "different" when you were still inside your mothers tummy. Nothing too out of the ordinary, just little things, you know? You didn't like loud noises, nor did you like to sit still, lol. I would hold your momma's stomach, and tell you that I was right there, and that nothing would ever hurt you. Little did I know that the enemy had already slipped underneath my tight radar. An evil beast had already attacked my precious Angel, as I slept, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. I had failed to keep you safe, and didn't even realize it, yet... During delivery, you were not a happy camper. I'm not sure what was upsetting you, but before you entered this world, and soon after, I could tell that something just wasn't right. "She looks great!" the doctor told your mother and me, so we took you home as the proudest parents in the city! You were so beautiful, I wanted to take you everywhere I went, and just show the world "wh
Dear Dogs And Cats,
Dear Dogs and Cats, The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Please note, placing a paw print in the middle of my plate and food does not stake a claim for it becoming your food and dish, nor do I find that aesthetically pleasing in the slightest. The stairway was not designed by NASCAR and is not a racetrack. Beating me to the bottom is not the object. Tripping me doesn't help because I fall faster than you can run. I cannot buy anything bigger than a king sized bed. I am very sorry about this. Do not think I will continue sleeping on the couch to ensure your comfort. Dogs and cats can actually curl up in a ball when they sleep. It is not necessary to sleep perpendicular to each other stretched out to the fullest extent possible. I also know that sticking tails straight out and having tongues hanging out the other end to maximize space is nothing but sarcasm. For the last time, there is no
Dear Abby
Dear Friends
I'm going to be bombing!  To make things easier for me, since I'm just coming back from the hospital, I need everyone who wants to be bombed to leave me a comment on this blog.  Please friends help me help you by having a folder of at least 250 pics.  That's easily achieved by moving some of your pics into other folders.   Wednesday, May 20 2009|9:18 PM   After reading this letter one can not help but think that the assumption that somehow we are operating under a free market economy is just an illusion. From American Thinker: Letter from a Dodge dealer letter to the editor My name is George C. Joseph. I am the sole owner of Sunshine Dodge-Isuzu, a family owned and operated business in Melbourne, Florida. My family bought and paid for this automobile franchise 35 years ago in 1974. I am the second generation to manage this business. We currently employ 50+ people and before the economic slowdown we employed over 70 local people. We are active in the community and the loc
Dear Dog
Dear Dog, I am soooo sorry about you being sent to the dog pound for the broken lamp which you did not break; the fish tank you did not spill over; and the carpet that you did not wet; or the wall that you did not dirty with red paint. But things here at the house really are calmer now, and just to show you that there are no hard feelings between us, I am sending you a picture, so you will always remember me. Best regards, The Cat
A Dear Friend
A very dear friend of mine was shot and killed by police sunday night. his girlfriend call police for help because Steve was talking suicide. His mother recently passed away and he was very depressed. A cry for help resulted in death. He had a shotgun in his back yard, wouldnt drop it the first time asked, fired it in the air and they ( the police ) opened fire. Why wasnt someone there to talk to him, to help him get help? Does society not care anymore when you cry out for help. Please keep his family in your prayers, as he was a very sweet and upstanding citizen, business owner and had many friends.
Dear Santa, I Want This For Xmas
Dear Jon
Dear Mr. Obama
please view all openly and objectively
Dear Diary...
ok, so a few days ago i found out my EX girlfriend slept with 3 guys when we were "together" not just 1 of my friends (whose married) and another guy i knew. so i dont know exactly how many more there could have been but whatever...whenever she was at my "friends" house she would always get drunk on weekends, she has an alcohol problem too, so its always bad...she would end up passing out on their floor or flirting with random after we are split up and she "moved" like an hour away, nobody talked to her...for a while...she created problems with almost everybody that was here at the when my "friends" wife tells me that they are no longer talking id like to believe her...i was wrong...these are the same friends that when i shell out an easy $100 for a friday night party at my house they show up...not to mention one of these "friends" has stolen stuff from my house from me i just found out... so this wife, is married to the guy that had sex with my girlfriend (his w
Dear Dad!!!
Dear Dad, Did you know, I woke up Thanksgiving morning, at about 7:30 am, With such a strong feeling that I was seriously ill or would soon be dead. I was covered in a cold sweat, chest hurting and heart beating so fast, I was scared, but didn't know, in those few minutes, you had pasted. And still to this day I shed many tears and hurt inside, the pain is so raw, For you Dad aren't here anymore, to catch me when I fall. Dad I want you to know, you have, and always will be my Hero and a true man, I'm still looking for Mr. right, the one who will sweep me off my feet, and make me his fan. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for teaching, and loving me to the end, You need to know you aren't just my Hero and Dad, but one of my truest and dearest of friends. I am proud to be your baby girl, a pride I hold so close, I miss you so very much, but it's your awesome wisdom I miss the most. In a place filled with shadows since the day I felt
Dear Santa.....
All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey o Dear Santa, This year I have been a very naughty girl and in return I would like you to get me a Happy Hour..... Make sure to show lots of love to my page also kisses ♥ xoxo Dreamer Click Below to open the present it's 4 u =) ">Dreamer ஐ*ღDangerous Curvesღ*ஐ
Dear Dad
Dear Santa
Dear Santa: I think the last time I wrote to you I was about 8 or 9 years old (that following year Randy Gilman told me you were fake & not real) Well I still believe in you, Well you know what I mean. So tell me how's the wife & the elf's? alright, enough small talk. Wait, one more stupid question, After all these years why do we still have to write you a letter why can't we email you or add you to our IM? keep up with the times .. jeez. Alright I know you have many other letter to read Hey why don't you have a proof reader so you have to only read the good ones like mine? I know back to my list: Well I think I was a good person this year I only tripped one person in the street, come on you have to laugh it was a dare from an old friend. & I did give her back her cane. Jeez. What I really want this year is a Hummer but not like the one last year, this time I want the automobile! Get it right, not that I didn't like the one last year (But remember the docto
Dear John Letter....
i really don't know where to begin seems like all my life its one thing after another...i let people in and when they start to get a little bit close or i start to feel something for them i push them away i say things i don't mean i can be a real (bitch)......i really don't know what i want out of life as far as men are concerned i like getting to know someone and talking for hours laughing communicating feeling wanted.....seems like everything gravitates toward sex in some kinda way or another...i give an i give an i give..thinking to myself "this makes him happy"....but what about my happiness i seem to forget about myself in relationships...i always put the other persons wants and needs before my own an when i try to put my needs first it turns into a problem...and in the end i take all the hurt and pain...i will be the first to tell u...i am a very emotional feelings get hurt easily....i trust no one....i don't know where my life is headed but i just want to be loved..
Dear Friends
Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter. Some of their houses will be bigger. Some will drive a better car. Their children will do better in school. And their husband will fix more things around the house. So let it go, and love you and your circumstances Think about it! The prettiest woman in the world can have hell in her heart. The most highly favored woman on your job may be unable to have children. The richest woman you know, she's got the car, the house, the clothes~ might be lonely. And the word says, 'If I have not Love, I am nothing.' So, again, love you. Love who you are. Look in the mirror in the morning and smile and say, 'I am too Blessed to be Stressed and too Anointed, to be Disappointed!' 'Winners make things happen~~ Losers let things happen.'
Dear Dad
Dad, I miss you so much, sometimes it’s hard to make it through the day. It’s been almost 3 years since you passed and I thought it would be easier by now, but it’s not. The world just seems so dull now, and I know you would hate for me to feel this way. Sometimes I just don’t want to be here but I know life goes on. I,m glad I was the one who got to take care of you but it was so hard. Seeing you go through all of the pain from the cancer was horrible, you never saw me cry in front of you but when I would leave the room I would drop to the floor and burst out in tears, I knew I needed to be strong for you. The day you died was the worst day of my life but I was glad you wouldn’t have any more pain and you were in god’s hands now. I miss my best friend, the one person I could talk to about anything, your smile, you big hugs, watching football games together, supporting anything I did no matter how stupid it was, your wisdom, your smell, your voice, your laugh, just sitting around doin
Dear Nobody In Paticular,
I sat down with a pen in hand to type you a letter, excuse the typewriter. I dont live where I used to because I moved to where I live now. When you come to see me you can ask anybody where I live, because nobody knows. I'm sorry we live so far together, I wish we were closer apart. We are having more weather this year than last year. My Aunt Nellie died and is doing fine, And I hope you are doing the same. She was on the road to recovery, but the doctor gave up on her when she died. I started to Cedar Grove to see you and I saw a sign that said "This takes you to Cedar Grove", I sat on it for 3 hrs. but it wouldn't move. I'm sending you a coat by mail, I cut the buttons off to make it lighter, their in the pockets. If you don't get this letter, let me know and I'll send it to you. The neighbors baby swallowed a pin, so they fed it a pin coushin and everything is fine. Did you hear about your uncles accident, he had his eyes on a seat and someone sat on
Dear Mr.president {poetry By Sondra}
Dear Mr.President I am not homeless or out of work And I am not starving at all I don't need a new winter coat And I don't need a new car I will be honest and straight up In saying that is not at all Why I wrote this note To you, Mr.President I do have a bit of a problem With my vision though As my eyes are getting Glaucomic and old I could use a new pair of glasses, I suppose But just to be honest with you A wide screen 52 inch color RCA LED T.V Would be best for me Since then I could see quite well And not need glasses, You see? While you are at it, Mr President I could use Surround Sound With my new TV You see, my hearing isn't as good These days as it used to be And Surround is easier to hear Than the built in speaker system That comes with the factory model Of the TV I need, my Dear Also Mr. President I could use A new Honda Gold Wing, if you please Or just a nice Harley Davidson in red Even used would be appreciated So long as it runs and
Dear Musician's And Artist's That Visit My Page
Dear Men Of The World
I Didn't write this, but I wish I knew who did.... It Amused me lmfao Dear Men of the World, Look, I know you men have it difficult. Women are just about impossible to understand, much less please. In a post-feminist society, you never know exactly what you should be doing. Women are bloody picky, I know we are. It can be scary, too, when women freak out about what appear to be benign issues. And men who do their best to be respectful, female-positive humans, I salute you, I do. But please, please just fuck me already. Honestly, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I like that you want to take things slow. I can totally get behind the idea of emotional connection, but dearjesusinheaven, FUCK ME. We've done dinner and drinks. We've gone dancing. We've cuddled and watched a movie. I'm wearing a low cut shirt and you've been staring at my breasts all night. Goodgodalmighty, get to it and fuck me. When we get hot and heavy, please take charge. Please, please fuck me. Trust me, I'm not
Dear Alchohol
Dear Alcohol,First & foremost, let me tell you that I’m a huge fan of yours. As my friend,you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-workcocktail, a beer at the game, and you’re even around at the holidays,hidden inside chocolates, as you warm us when we’re stuck in the midstof endless family gatherings. However, lately I’ve been wondering aboutyour intentions. While I want to believe that you have my bestinterests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwiseconsequences:1. Phone calls: While I agree with you thatcommunication is important, I question the suggestion that anyconversation of substance or necessity takes place after 2am. Why wouldyou make me call those ex-boyfriends or potentials when I know for a fact they don’t want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night? 2.Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal, but why do you suggest thatI eat a frozen burrito, along with leftover spaghetti and s
Dear God
Dear God, it's me again. I need to talk to you. You already know what it's about. It's really nothing new. Dear God, I still love him, With every piece of my heart. But you knew this would happen, From the very start. Dear God, it hurts so bad. Sometimes I can't breathe. God, why did you take him? He meant everything to me! Dear God, I'm sick of crying. I'm afraid I'm gonna drown. These memories won't go away. I still remember how he sounds. Dear God, I miss him, More and more each day. Lord, I love him so much! Why did he walk away? Dear God, I know you can hear me. I know you can feel the pain I'm in. Lord, I feel like giving up. There's no use in trying to win. Dear God, I can't take much more. I'm destroyed inside and out. I wish that I could say something, But I swallow all my shouts. Dear God, I'm sorry I sound angry. I don't blame you, But, Lord, I don't wanna believe, That me and him are through. Dear God, I have one last favor to
Dear Anthony
Dear Diary
dear diary, i have met a great guy on a dating site, and i love him hes so great and he knows how to treat a girl right in every direction. and he knows how to make me feel good. well until then comment
Dear God
Dear God, u made me from a man's soulmate...then u threw the rib into a stack and said find ur souldmate...that is what everyone in this world is trying to do. It might have been ok back in Noah's day or "Adam and Eve's" day...but there are sooo many of us is like 52.0000 pick up.  U even tease us with someone that might be close to what are soulmate is ....but then down the road we find out not... God?? is this funny to u?? that the world all over is searching for that special someone to complete them???  to bring back the spark in their lives???  It is what the world revolves around ..what if our "soulmate " died...then are we to live life alone never knowing forever searching ...and u watch from u laugh or do u cry knowing they will never find that person...or do u have mercy and let us find someone else. To die alone just having a taste of what that love might be like..and never having it.. God, that is not fair, it isn't right. U made women from
Dear God
Dear Stalker
Dear Stalker, I appreciate your efforts the last few days, its nice to know I'm wanted. I love and appreciate all the comments especially the camel toe one. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I just have a few questions for you: 1. When will you be threw stalking me and move on to another? 2. When you do leave will I still hold a special place in your heart? 3. Can i get my pink polka dot panties back they kind of have the bra that matches? 4. Will you tell me that you are gone cause I should start locking the windows and doors again? Also Ill stop leaving snacks and drinks in my closet I think our time together is drawing to an end but I wanted to tell you from the bottom of my heart how much you mean to me. How when i turn the corner I will miss you being there in the trench coat and dark sunglasses and that big out of place floppy hat. I promise you our time together will always be something special to me....   I love you Witty   Wicked
Dear God Avenge Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold Dear God A lonely road, crossed another cold state line Miles away from those I love purpose hard to find While I recall all the words you spoke to me Can't help but wish that I was there Back where I'd love to be, oh yeah Dear God the only thing I ask of you is to hold her when I'm not around, when I'm much too far away We all need that person who can be true to you But I left her when I found her And now I wish I'd stayed ’Cause I'm lonely and I'm tired I'm missing you again oh no Once again There's nothing here for me on this barren road There's no one here while the city sleeps and all the shops are closed Can't help but think of the times I've had with you Pictures and some memories will have to help me through, oh yeah Dear God the only thing I ask of you is to hold her when I'm not around, when I'm much too far away We all need that person who can be true to you [ Avenged Sevenfold Lyrics are found on ] I lef
Dear Diary Of A Drug Fiend
today is well i dont know what fucking day it is i am just waiting for it to get dark so i can go outside it is like sunday or monday of...uh..sep i think so i am all fucked out on drugs and booze again..and fucked out over a girl again i hate girls, and booze...i like crank though however...that way i dont have to sleep or eat or feel like a human being i think i landed a job today for seven weeks in newark cutting concrete for $27 an hour which is great, cause i am almost out of drugs..and lost three hundred dollars at the casino last night and left the car running in the parking lot all had a love not on it when i came out this morning....said PLEASE RESPECT OTHER PEOPLES PARKING SPOTS but you know when i am alone i dont respect shit..which is why i played my music/guitar at full volume last night and cut wood on the patio for some shelves at three in the morning with my skill saw until people started screaming shut the fuck up, and then i went completely physco an
Dear Scrapper
Dear Kotex
Dear Kotex... down2basics: Dear Kotex:I recently noticed that the peel-off strip of my pantyliner had a bunch of Kotex Tips for Life" on it. Annoying advice such as:    a.. Staying active during your period can relieve cramps.    b.. Avoiding caffeine may help reduce cramps and headaches.    c.. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to keep you hydrated and feeling fresh.    d.. Try Kotex blah blah blah other products...Obviously the individual behind this was someone who has never possessed a functioning set of ovaries. Go ahead and tell a menstruating woman that drinking 6-8 glasses of water will help keep her feeling fresh.Like we need more fluid inside our bloated bodies from hell...but go ahead. See what happens and report back. I'll wait.While you're at it, dump out the coffee at work and remove the chocolate from the vending machine. I guaran-freakin-tee that the first responders will be females who just ovulated. This advice was some brain functionof a male.... right???Staying activ
Dear Sir
I DO NOT WANT !! "i do not want to be the leader. i refuse to be the leader. i want to live darkly and richly in my femaleness. i want a man lying over me, always over me. His will, his pleasure, his desire, his life, his work, his sexuality the touchstone, the command, my pivot. i don't mind working, holding my ground intellectually, artistically; but as a woman, oh, God, as a woman i want to be dominated. i don't mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that i am capable of doing, but i am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding. "— Anais Nin - ripped apart, torn to shreds, i cant begin to tell You what's going on in m head hold me accountable, for i need to be, with all my faults that You see in me each smile You give me is a lesson You've taught, each frown i see is one i haven't got. I need to show You, i need You to know, that am here for You, from the depths of my soul. I doubt myself in times li
Dear Wicked
Hello I am Wicked the girl you all love to hate... Ive decided to do a blog where you the blog reader and responder may ask me any thing you want and I will be blunt and honest with all my answers.... By the way its Seamus' birthday on Sunday say happy birthday to him and tell him i sent you ....   Thank you Wicked
Dear God...
This is one of the kindest things you may ever see... It is not known who replied, but there is a beautiful soul working in the dead letter office of the US postal service. Our 14 year old dog, Abbey, died last month. The day after she died, my 4 year old daughter Meredith was crying and talking about how much she missed Abbey.. She asked if we could write a letter to God so that when Abbey got to heaven, God would recognize her. I told her that I thought we could so she dictated these words: Dear God,Will you please take care of my dog? She died yesterday and is with you in heaven. I miss her very much. I am happy that you let me have her as my dog even though she got sick.I hope you will play with her. She likes to play with balls and to swim. I am sending a picture of her so when you see her You will know that she is my dog. I really miss her.Love, Meredith We put the letter in an envelope with a picture of Abbey and Meredith and addressed it to God/Heaven. We put our return ad
Dear God
Dear God
A lonely road, crossed another cold state lineMiles away from those I lovePurpose hard to findWhile I recall all the words you spoke to meCan't help but wish that I was thereBack where I'd love to be, oh yeahDear God the only thing I ask of you Is to hold her when I'm not aroundWhen I'm much too far awayWe all need that person who can be true to youBut I left her when I found herAnd now I wish I'd stayed'Cause I'm lonely and I'm tiredI'm missing you again, oh noOnce againThere's nothing here for me on this barren roadThere's no one here while the city sleepsAnd all the shops are closedCan't help but think of the times I've had with youPictures and some memories will have to help me through, oh yeahDear God the only thing I ask of you isTo hold her when I'm not around, When I'm much too far awayWe all need that person who can be true to youI left her when I found herAnd now I wish I'd stayed'Cause I'm lonely and I'm tiredI'm missing you again oh noOnce againSome search, never finding a
Dear Santa Letter
Dear Jesus
Dear Jesus, So far this year you have taken away my favorite dancer, Michael Jackson, favorite actor Patrick Swayze, favorite actress Farrah Fawcett, favorite pitchman, Billy Mays, and favorite sidekick, Ed McMahon. Just so you know, my favorite politicians are Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Barack Obama. Thank you!!!!!!
Dear John....
Dear Kotex
Dear Kotex... down2basics: Dear Kotex:I recently noticed that the peel-off strip of my pantyliner had a bunch of Kotex Tips for Life" on it. Annoying advice such as:    a.. Staying active during your period can relieve cramps.    b.. Avoiding caffeine may help reduce cramps and headaches.    c.. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to keep you hydrated and feeling fresh.    d.. Try Kotex blah blah blah other products...Obviously the individual behind this was someone who has never possessed a functioning set of ovaries. Go ahead and tell a menstruating woman that drinking 6-8 glasses of water will help keep her feeling fresh.Like we need more fluid inside our bloated bodies from hell...but go ahead. See what happens and report back. I'll wait.While you're at it, dump out the coffee at work and remove the chocolate from the vending machine. I guaran-freakin-tee that the first responders will be females who just ovulated. This advice was some brain functionof a male.... right???Staying activ
Dear Haters...
Dear Them
Who is "them"? Them are the people who are not us. (sorry Dr. Beal I know you taught me better grammer than that but oh well)   Dear Them,       You asked me today why I served my country, what could justify serving a country that kills poor innocent civilians in a far off land. You could not see my reason for doing what I do. In your eyes I am a killer, yes I have killed men, and probably women maybe even children. My bombs do not discriminate on gender, or age or color or creed. I have killed my own Marines, not directly but what else will you have me call it sending a young man into a firefight? You asked what can justify this? What reason could I have to do what I do?       This is what I say to you, my home is in a land where brave men fought, brave men died and brave men killed. While in our native homelands we asked for freedom to worship, we asked for freedom to speak; our cries landed on deaf ears. We left our native land in an effort of peace, to remove ourselves from the
Dear Fubar Staff
Looks like fubar is looking for a new way to lay thingz out. Well wake up FUBAR STAFF! I just recently posted a blog about stacking TOOLBARS all up and down the screen. WE HAVEENUFF TOOLBARS goin across our screenz!! Herez a novel idea.....since most of our screenz now are 16:9 (wider than tall) why not put the icons for the toolbar u made and our bar tab (live feed) and the shoutbox on the SIDE of the screen! TRY THIS FOR A CHANGE!!! exoticnero...: and no you would not have to be alone XavierAcorea: u have paypal?  exoticnero...: well I would gladly watch you anytime XavierAcorea: I'm no dummy LOL exoticnero...: am if I ever did, it would not be on this site, I would make it worth while XavierAcorea: yeah exactly exoticnero...: like that would ever happen,heheh' XavierAcorea: SO u can show your goodz off in video exoticnero...: what is with the stupid webcam control crap, this site gets more bizzare
Dear Agony "Dear Agony" I have nothing left to give I have found the perfect end You were made to make it hurt Disappear into the dirt Carry me to heaven's arms Light the way and let me go Take the time to take my breath I will end where I began And I will find the enemy whithin Because I can feel it crawl beneath my skin Dear Agony Just let go of me Suffer slowly Is this the way it's got to be? Dear Agony Dear Agony Just let go of me Suffer slowly Is this the way it's got to be? Don't bury me Faceless enemy I'm so sorry Is this the way it's gotta be? Dear Agony Suddenly The lights go out Let forever Drag me down I will fight for one last breath I will fight until the end And I will find the enemy within Because I can feel it crawl beneath my skin Dear Agony Just let go of me Suffer slowly Is this the way it's got to be? Don't bury me Faceless enemy I'm so sorry
Dear Suga--advice Blog
It's time for my fu-friends to ask advice if they need to. (This is for Dud who was whining he missed the 1st blog.) Fu-Abby is here. You should never make suggestions I do something, because this is what happens. :P You have Sasquatch, Dud, ASB and Wicked to thank for the creation of this blog. I will be your 'Dear Abby' of Fubar--ask me anything, there is no problem too big or too small! *Disclaimer: Please do not base your life decisions solely on my opinion please.*
Dear Mother F*cking Diary
Dear Baby Jesus
Dear Baby Jesus,   This morning I had an epiphany! Well, another one, anyway. Having invented derivative blings such as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Booberang, and Godless mode this past week, I clicked on the "like" button and it was as if a ray of light had shown down from the sky (not to be confused with the morning sunbeam currently blinding my left eye). Fubar BINGO! Yes, though it should be called FUBAR since they have the same number of letters, but that's just one small bit of the larger picture. See, you can buy a FUBAR card and then you wait for the people on the card to flit by on the top of the screen, clicking the "like" button as you see them, and thusly marking them off on the card. The first person with a FUBAR wins the pot, which I neglected to mention the buy-in for each round. You can have fubuck bingo, and even bling credit bingo, seeing as the pot is comprised solely of credits by contributors. Anyway, that's all the thought I feel like putting into this r
Dear Stupid People
1) Big 5 has nothing to do with the ordering of hunting and fishing license/stamps.  we get them when fish and game send them.  maybe you shouldn't have waited last minute to get them.  2) really you're going to buy a $5 item and then come back and return it.  how much is your time worth? and how much did it cost you in gas just to do that? 3) No i can't return that item.  why? because its not ours its sports authorities.  how do i know?  because it says sports authority on it.  No we are not the same company.  4) ohhh you want the shoe that is 19.99 in the ad?  yeah the black one?  ok i'll just put all 40 of the black shoe that is 19.99 in the ad.  just so i know i have the right one on hold for you. 5) me "hi how are you today?"  customer "-----------"  ok nice talking to you :) 6) customer "i want to buy a 9mm gun"  me "sorry sir we don't carry any real pistols" customer "well what do you call these!"  me "those would be bb guns" 7) customer "can i buy a gun if i have a felony
Dear Xoxo
Dear Tech Support:
“Mom, what’s Nymphomaniac? - “It’s a female who’s addicted to sex.” “Oh. Than what do they call men who are addicted to sex?” - “Men” Dear Tech Support:Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0. I soon noticedthat the new program began unexpected child processing that took up alot of space and valuable resources. In addition, Wife 1.0 installeditself into all other programs and now monitors all other systemactivity.  Applications such as Poker Night 10.3, Football 5.0, Huntingand Fishing 7.5, and Racing 3.6. I can't seem to keep Wife 1.0 in thebackground while attempting to run my favorite applications. I'mthinking about going back to Girlfriend 7.0, but the uninstall doesn'twork on Wife 1.0. Please help!Thanks,Troubled User_____________________________________REPLY:Dear Troubled User:This is a very common problem that men complain about. Many peopleupgrade from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0, thinking t
Dear Fulings
First Blog; March 16, 2011 Dear Fubar, I hate you, you're flawed. The way you make me ache for rates, comments, friends, fans, and drinks is appaling. Yet, I love the way you introduce me to new people, especially cute military men ;)    I feel a little bit pretty these days, because of all the attention. But at the same time kinda like a hoe because of all the "dirty old men" that are into. Good thing I'm intpo dirty old men...   Well ttyl Morgono
Dear Anonymous, Those Who Have Hurt Me...
Dear Anonymous, Those who have hurt me... I'm moving on, letting go of all the pain you've put me through. I have trouble letting go of things long ago, but the recent times don't phase me at all anymore. I'm not who I used to be nor will I be that again. I've changed and grown; I'm stronger than I ever will be. I'm not gonna let you bring me down....I'm grown and living my life in a way that makes me happy. I'm leaving you in the past to stay there and I'm not looking back with no regrets of my decision to leave you there. There is a small amount of love for you because who you are but past that you're nothing to me anymore. Good bye Here's a song for you, Carrie Underwood - Undo It I should have known by the way you passed me by There was something in your eyes and it wasn't right I should have walked, but I never had the chance Everything got out of hand and I let it slide Now I only have myself to blame
Dear Diary
 I see you running.....Noticing your muscular thighs and you fit body.....I watch from afar......slowing my pace to keep a distance from you.....You turn sensing someone.....but Im hidden from you sight.....I follow you home.....You stop at your door....Its dusk....You feel a slight warm sensation on your neck....just as you turn to see what it is my hands come around you.....Sliding over the front your pants.....running my hand down in between your thighs.....sliding it back up.....I rub you sweet spot...feeling you already moist thru your shorts.....biting your neck.....I feel your pulse racing against my tongue.....You don't push me away or try to move.....Your body responding to my turn your face slightly catching my eye.....I kiss you....sucking your bottom lip your hands cup my face.....I push you into your door.....Your nosey neighbors are poking their eyes through the windows watching.....this only turns you on more.....I pull down your shorts......
Dear Congress
DEAR CONGRESS, Last year I mismanaged my funds and this year my family and I cannot decide on a budget. Until we can come to a unified decision that fits all of our needs and interests, we will have to shut down our check book and will no longer be able to pay our taxes. I'm sure you'll understand. Thank you very much for setting an example we can all follow.
Dear X Wife
THE BEST DIVORCE LETTER EVER! Dear Wife, I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever. I’ve been a good man to you for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. ... Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me anymore; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me anymore; whatever the case, I’m gone. Your EX-Husband P.S. don’t try to find me. Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life! —— Dear Ex-Husband Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It&rsqu
Dear Diary...
i am without youcause id be lost forever if you slipped awayblue eyes your the reason for my change im doing alrightwas only driving bythought id say helloi was hoping you were homesince you never calledhave you thought at allis there anyone new?cause i dont know what id do without youcause id be lost forever if you slipped awayblue eyes your the reason for my change   i think im in love with a whore. -_- why. why the one person i want more than anything has to have a million other people after them wtf -_-. im trying to steal their heart but they never really say anything so i have no clue. i just want a true honest to god whole hearted chance. You see 'em comin' at you every night Strung on pretension, they fall for you at first sight You know their business, you think it's a bore They make you restless, it's nothin' you ain't seen before Get around town, spend your time on the run You never let down, say you do it for fun Never miss a play, though you make quite a few You give i
Dear Mom And Dad
Dear Mom and Dad, Look me up and see, what I've become. Despite what I've been through, where I come from. You hand delivered me, through Hell's gate. Signing those papers, sealing my fate. You slept warm and cozy, wrapped up in your bed. Not once did I, run through your head. Every Time I heard, that door creek. I knew what was coming, I didn't dare speak. I laid there shedding, my blood tears. As my cries, fell upon def ears. Innocence shattered, taken from me. I knew this wasn't the way, life should be. In my youth, I was older than my years. Fighting, struggling, facing my fears. I had to find a way, to come alive. And I did, the day, that little girl died. In her place stands a grown woman. I have found my voice. Life didn't really, give me a choice. I am strong, yet I am also weak. I hold my head up high, choosing to speak. But not to you Mom and Dad, you're not worth my words. They go out to the voices, that are never heard. The victi
Dear God
 Mahal na Diyos ,ka ng lahat ng posibleng mga miricales at futures. Mangyaring Pakidalhan ako pabalik ang aking pag-ibig. Alam ko siya nagmamalasakit, alam ko siya loves sa akin. Umaasa ako na maaari mong mamagitan at ipakita ang kanyang daan pabalik sa akin .. Ako ay malungkot. Ako nawala .. Point dito sa path bumalik upang mahanap ako. Nito ay 7 buwan ngayon, ako ang lahat ngunit ibinigay na up-asa. Aking pag-ibig para sa kanyang ay hindi deminished. Sabi niya dapat kong ilipat. Ngunit hindi ko, ako sinubukan ngunit ang aking pag-ibig ay matatag. Alam ko siya ay may kakayahan upang makita ang, ngunit pa siya kalahati pinapansin akin, at kalahati ay matamis sa akin.Ang Biblia ay nagsasabing kung ako bilang para sa someting sa iyong pangalan mo bigyan ito sa akin .. Mangyaring Panginoon dalhin ang kanyang likod.salamat
Dear Designer
Dear Designer, This is to you. For all the shit, you've put me through. The way you wired me, just isn't fair. My size, my eyes, down to my hair. You made me smart, sweet and fun. But you also made me vulnerable, to everyone. Because I have a heart, that cares too much. About people, who never care enough. Why can't I be, that one person for someone. Instead of just another person, in the long run. Whatever you did to me, I am begging you to change. Grab the wires, the bolts, and rearrange. Everything inside, please switch it around. Because I am not far, from being broken down.
Dear Fubar Users...
Dear Fubar User, First let me say, Thanks for being here :)  I know that you see all the pretty colored names and are taken with them. And then when you realize that the dark red signifies a Top Member, your little heart races & you think to yourself.. I wanna be a Red.... So you LIKE & LIKE & LIKE & LIKE your little fingers away... (making your levels as you go) And no matter how hard you try, you just cant seem to make your name turn Red. So you LIKE & LIKE & LIKE  even more, still, never achieving your goal. So I am here to help you a little... Next time you get a notion or an inclination to strive to be a Red.... RATEPROFILES!  F*CK A LIKE BUTTON!!! UNLESS YOU NEED AN ACHIEVEMENT OR ARE RUNNING A ROCKSTAR! OR YOU LIKE SOMEONE AFTER RATING THEM!  LIKES will NOT help you rank! Its all about the RATES! 
Dear Mr President
Dear Mr. President: When you signed the health care reform bill two years ago, your vice president told you "This is a big fucking deal." My son  was 4 years old and heard it. I explained to him that Mr. Biden did not know the microphone was on and that I was sure he was sorry. Today on the news, my son hears you, the President of our United States, refer to Mitt Romney as a "bullshitter." For that, I cannot make excuses. You should be ashamed. Because of your language, my son  thinks much less of your office, an office he dreams of holding some day. This undecided voter just made his decision. And if you ever happen to come to my home and use that type of language around my child, you'll find out how Mothers  deal with that kind of trash.
Dear Penis
Dear Penis, After long consideration, I am going to decline your request for a pay rise for the following reasons; 1. Your shifts only ever seem to be about 10 minutes long 2. You fall asleep after each shift. 3. You always have to be simulated, you never seem to be self motivated. 4. You are unable to work overtime or double shifts. 5. You work place is always messy at the end of your shift. 6. You have been constantly been seen entering and exiting the work place with to small, suspicious looking bags. Regards, Vagina
Dear Girls From Us Guys
Dear Baby
Dear baby,   i WROTE THIS DECEMBER 2005, TO RICKY BEFORE HE WAS BORN MY SON BIRTHDAY IS COMMING UP ON THE 13TH AND I THOUGHT I WOULD SHARED THIS WITH YA... HOPE ALL ENJOY IT You don't know me but yet I am your mother. You have been growing inside me for the passed 19 weeks. In a A month I will get the chance to find out if you are a boy or a girl. Though I really hope you are a boy, But if you were a girl I would love you the same. Not sure if you will ever get to read this. But, I am writing because I had the need to write. I still have about 5 months until you are born. I am very much looking forward to the day when I'll be able to hold you in my arms. At times I can feel you move in my stomach and  when you kicked I always jump a little, wished you could warn me some how so I wouldnt jump. But I know that's impossible. The other day it came to me that I will now be a mother for the rest of my life, what a hard concept to grasp. Now that I will be a mother
Dear Diary
Just kidding. I’m not here to share my daydreams and whimsical musings. I’m here to share my unsolicited thoughts and opinions on everything. Ranting on Fubar might get me committed to a mental facility and twitter only allows me to think and speak 140 characters at a time. So, here I am with copious amounts of white space to maim and destroy with my multicolored brain graffiti.
Dear Shaun
Dear Soul
Dear Soul, I have skipped a few days...but I am trying to keep my head above water...I can feel myself slipping...taking long breaths just to surface sometimes...but I feel as if I'm still just skimming the water...masking everything behind a fake smile and stupid jokes along the way...doing any and everything I can to occupy my mind so I don't have time to think about any of it....constantly looking for a way escape...and that’s when I find you...the good part of me...the part that brings realism to my smile and causes everything else to fade away...writing is my healing is def cheaper than my shrink and lately seems to be more effective...but you outweigh the power of both...I feel cured when I find if my issues do not exist anymore...I know they are still there and will resurface...but to be able to forget...even if just for a short while...that is just one amazing gift you give to me....people look in the wrong direction for power and purity...what
The Death Of Men
So often in life I ask myself what defines a "man"?I know I have popped off with the humorous response of "over 6ft tall or over 200lbs" and that if you fall short of either you are either "mannish" or "man like". But in all seriousness (yeah right) let's take a closer look at what is a man shall we? Again these are MY opinions, and in no way should they dictate what you think a man is...well for the time being anyway. Eventually I will make a batch of Kool-Aid, have you all drink from it, and declare me Emperor. Atleast I beleive in being honest with you. So let's start the show. First off lets talk about make up. There is only one reason why a man should wear more make up than women and that is if they are a rockstar. Robert Smith, Duran Duran, Davey Havok etc. I mean honestly these guys I would fuck because when they are all made up they look better than most women in music. I take that back, you may also wear make-up if you are a Drag Queen or Transvestite. So here is the rule,
Death To The Masses!
Well, I woke up at a nice early time of 4:45am since I was sleeping next to my sister and she needed to wake up early to go back home for school. I, myself, don't have to leave til 7am so I had time to chill out and finish watching Street Fighter from last night, a decent action flick with Van Damne playing the good guy of it all and all the other characters I grew up with in that game...anyway, I looked ahead and scheduled what to do for the day, got in the car with dad and drove off to class, had a few close calls today as usual since I'm such a sloppy unattentive driver such as speeding down a hill without braking til the last minute (What if there was ice and my brakes were to fade? Game over). You see, I have to take special care of my car, or dad's car really, nothing belongs to me, I have to take good care of that car cause it's all I have. If I have to get it towed or impounded for any reason, I miss one, valuable day of class...and in one day, I can miss a lot, but yeah, as I
Death Yeah, death is a part of life Everyone knows that Every piece of little shit is even a part of life Something gotten worse in this society and life Homicide, suicide, and genocide "Killing is just thrilling" Shooting innocent people Destroying another life People taking there own lives Depressing, grieving, loathing, and mourning Killing me, killing you, we're all going to die Why not just end it all now? Bomb the World Bring back peace in death Religion tries to give a reason in life But I can't believe it at all Religion also causes these wars Through out history we had killing Just for God... Philosophical Theories Am I just typing bullshit down now? Surrender! Revenge! Kill!
Death Row Letters
David Gore and his cousin Fred Waterfield raped and murdered several young women in Florida in the early 1980s.Some of the remains were fed to alligators.David Gore also claims to have cannibalized some of the victims.Waterfield recieved two life sentences and Gore was sentenced to death. "My Aim Was Pretty Good"-Frank SpisakIn 1982 , a transexual Nazi sympathizer named Frank Spisak shot three people( killing two and wounding one)on the campus of Cleaveland State University.He has been on death row since 1983.
Death Dealer
Some times as you get older you realize that all the things you did are not what we wanted to be rememberd for ,so we have to make sure we get it right the first time out.If not she comes around and we are not ready for her ,that is when we try to bargan with her and she can't bargan with our souls. Her job is to take and deliver not bargan or make a deal.If she comes for you just go don't fear the reaper she is not sent to punish she is their for the soul only and to deliver you were you need to go ,so do what you will for no one escapes the reaper. How many times can a man die? Or should I say how long can you stay alive when all your blood is gone. To find out you must go to the dark side and fight evil to know that evil is the reason you are here now and forever. Only I can help you escape the dark world are you ready to enter ?.
Death Of A Friend
Well My friends, I write tonight with a heavy heart. I lost one of my dear friends to a very selfish act. Brent left this world the 26th September by commiting Suicide. Unfortunally due to Military duty I can not be at the at the Service that is being held for him. He left behind a young wife and three wonderful boys, all under the age of twelve. Leaving behind also many friends and family members. It is sad that one would think life so bad that ending it would seem better. I have seen much in my 24 years and not once would I think that my loved ones would be better off without me. It came as a shock to many hearing this news. May the Goddess bless and keep him, although he has done this. May whatever god he worship have mercy on him and welcome him into the afterlife warmly. With a Saddened Heart Dark Angel
Death And Depression
2 weeks ago one mf my wrestlers was shot and killed by his stepbrother. His stepbrother was wearing gloves and kicked the shells under the bed and wouldnt call 911 but claimed itas an accident. The gun was used in a double homicide two weeks prior. I was close to Mikey, And i took it hard. His mom came ot me and hugged me, and told me i was the best that ever came from the high school and it was mikey's dream to be better then me. How do you take a comment like that? Ive certainly been as far as i could go and i cant compete anymore because of head imjuries but that totally tripped me out worse then i thought it would. But this gets worse. You see ive been under soo much stress with school work life many many many bad things going on in my life that i went into a major depression. And honestly i was harboing certain thoughts. You whatt im talking about. Im angry with mike. I feel id be dishonset to him if i did what i had been thinking about. This is constantly in my head and its leavi
Death Or Something Like It...
What am I waiting for? I'm always waiting for something that just out of reach... Love really sucks and yet we all surch for it from the time we hit puberty... Every time I find love, not lust that thinks it's love, it slips through my fingers like water... I know where love is, at lease for me, but I won't go get it... I want it to come to me for a change... So someone please tell me what I'm waiting for... It feels like it's killing me....
Dealing with a death in the family is not fun. My uncle died yesterday at 6:48am. He was having liver problem and what we think ealry stages of Alzhiemers(I dont know if I spelled it right). Now granted I didnt know him very well he is still Family. Well to make it worse I had to read about it on myspace in a bulletin from my cousin. After I read it I called my mom and asked her why didnt she call and my mom nor my sister knew about it. So me and my sister tried calling our cousin to find out whats going on and of course no answer. I am sad that he passed but pissed that my cousin couldnt take the time to call someone to let them know. They say death comes in 3's so know I sit here and wonder whos next. I know that sounds grim but I cant help but wonder. I know this is going to be hard for my Aunt but she is a strong woman with alot of faith in GOD and she will pull through. So for everyone who reads this please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers as we go through this dark tim
Deathweaver's Ramblings...
This is a poem I wrote a few year after my son passed away. It is my intention to help others who have gone through a loss like I have. It is not easy. As a matter of fact it is the hardest thing a mother has to go through is to bury her child. Don't try to get through it alone and don't give up on the rest of your family. They love you and they need you too.
+death Metal+
....With Soilent Green, and Chimaira(never heard their stuff). What in the Hell is it going to be like, watching a fictional cartoon Death Metal band live? This show sold out at The Fillmore, in SF. WTFFF?! NILE couldn't sell out there. Neither could Celtic fvcking FROST. So, which band is it, causing these incredibly prolific ticket sales? Hmm? I used to love Toki. But seriously, fvck the rhythm guitarist. The new fave : Skwis.: Toki, why can I never 'have anyting dat 'ams mines? Hey YOU! Commentor! I beseech thee, who art thou's...uhh...most favorite Dethklok member, and why?!+ Here we vid or youtube > LameSpace video. NEW fvcking NILE out July 17th, year of Diana two thousand and seven. Behold my awesome peers : + +How can GOROD(Technical Death from France. Oooohh, sounds delectable, YA?!)have never made any official music videos? WHAT GIVES?! They are the BEST Death Metal Band to me so far. Formally known as Gorgasm, and have the
Death Of A Friend!
At 8:30 this morning my friend Denis called me from work to tell me our friend Rich had passed away on saturday at Beaver Medical Center. Rich had just gone in the hospital on the saturday before for severe pain and breathing problems. He had Lung Cancer and didn't know and had ignored the signs too long and as we work in a Retirement Community the nurses had mentioned a couple times to him that he looked Ill and had lost a lot of Weight in the past months.He scheduled some tests and went to the hoping for a simple answer but it was not to be. Before the tests were even done he was rushed to the hospital in severe pain and stayed there for 7 days. I saw him there on Tues and even though I think I knew It was the last time I would see him I denied my thoughts and hoped for a recovery. It didn't work out that way. Rich was 56 and a Father and A recent Grand-dad. He buried his brother 2 years ago from cancer and now he is gone. I will miss him, we have worked together for 20 years and I a
i think of you i long for you i am empty like deaths backdoor celestial bodies heavenly clouds nothing can feel memories faults i am empty like deaths backdoor i'd free your soul if i had the key wanting to hold you just one more time i know this is how it is meant to be i know where i am standing and where i should be but i am empty like deaths backdoor
Death Quiz
The term ?death? is ambiguous. The ending of life is one thing, and the condition of having life over is another. ?Death? can refer to either. Let us add that ?the ending of life? is itself potentially ambiguous. In dying, our lives are progressively extinguished, until finally they are gone, in a process that stretches out over a period of time. This is true even if death is a threshold concept, so that a sufficiently substantial extinction of life must occur before death takes place. ?The ending of life,? hence ?death,? can refer either to this entire process, or solely to its very last part ? the loss of the very last trace of life. Thus death can be a state, the process of extinction, or the denouement (final completion) of that process. Death in all of these senses can be further distinguished from events ? such as being shot with an arrow ? that cause death. ?Death? is also unclear in at least two ways. First, the concept of life is not entirely clear. For example, suppose we cou
denise Location of Death: La Grange, IL Date of Death: 11/27/2032 1:11:03 PM Last Person Called: Korey Last Number Dialed: (847) 308-581* Autoposy Performed: Yes Date of Autoposy: 11/27/2032 2:11:03 PM Cause of Death: Liver Disease See your own death. Or Try this Awsome Game
Death Day
Death Of My Seed!!!
DEATH OF MY SEED!!!!!! Current mood: pensive Category: reflective Life PAIN...ANGUISH...REGRET...BETRAYAL... emotions engulf my body of steel turned to jello!! My beautiful daughter/son was taken away, by self-absorbed beings!! Beings worried about what others would say or think, selfishly,snuffed an innocent life!! I LOVE YOU my child in heaven, and will miss and remember you.though, i did not get to meet you!! God will return you to me,when the time is right.. and i will love and cherish you, when we meet one day!!! My soul felt your strength child, and i am proud to have tried to bring you home!!! You were unable to defend yourself, from the evils of selfishness, and the deceit of life-takers!! I hope you understand, i had no idea or control of what happened, behind your fathers back!! The pain i felt when you were taken back, to the house of souls, is unmistakenbly..unforgettable!!! You were punctured and abused, scraped, an
Death is a vortex, he slowly draws you in You can try to escape, but he won't let you win Run away, call out, "catch me if you can" But he sees always to where you have ran Go seek a doctor, they may help you to run But when its their time, death will have more fun All try to escape, none ever succeed You only delay time and suffer a slower bleed Death will swirl around you, thats when its time He will draw you in, its the end of your line
Death Blog
Booty Call Contract Pre-Booty Call Agreement... This Pre-Booty Call Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "The Agreement") is entered into on this ___day of ______________, 20 __, by____________________, (hereinafter referred to as the "Participant") between ____________________, (hereinafter referred to as the "Holder of 'The Agreement'") and ____________________ (Participant). This Agreement shall cover the following rules and principles for the Participant: 1. No sleeping over!! Unless it is very good and we need to repeat it in the morning. 2. No meeting in public except for dinner or drinks before the events of the evening. 3. No calls before 9 pm. We don't have anything to talk about. 4. None of that "lovemaking" stuff, only mind-blowing sex allowed. 5. No emotional discussions!! i.e. Where are we heading with this? Do you love me? The answer is "no", so don't even ask. 6. No plans made in advance. That is why you are called "the backup." Unless you are from out-of-town, then it'
Death A part of life? A way of life? A fleeting existence that seems to last forever does it? Death What is it? A new beginning? An ending? Does it come with any tomorrows? Death Awaiting all mysterious, yet evident what comes with it? A pine box? Six feet of dirt? Tears of a few who mourn their own loss? What else? A body expired like yesterdays news? A mind void of thought? Blackness? Nothingness? Is this what we have to look forward to? Are there no answers for the living? No hints? No clues? No peeking? Death It has but two absolutes it will come and we will live in fear ......of death
A Death In The Family!!!
Today Friday the 15th... I recieved the ever so late phone call that NO one ever wants. I had just found out that my niece who is 4yrs old passed away do to a HORRIBLE car accident. I may or may not be online to recieve ya'lls love. But whoever may read this pls keep me and my family in your prayers. And just know that we have another lil angel watching down on us. Here are two pics of my niece Aleyiha she is two in these pics, I can't think straight enough to find recent pics. But I wanted to show you our angel.
A Death In The Family!!!
If you are a parent or have nieces, nephews or cousins or someone you love every much. Go and hug your children. You never ever know when something bad might happen to them or have there life taken. As some of you may already know that my niece passed away friday night do to a car accident. Her little brother is fighting for his life. Her other sister is doing good up and playing. I would like you all to just note that life is very short Pls make good time with it, Even if you have loved ones as in Kids!!! Hug them.... let them know you love them always and forever. Make sure everyday you tell your family good bye and that you love them!!! Today Friday the 15th... I recieved the ever so late phone call that NO one ever wants. I had just found out that my niece who is 4yrs old passed away do to a HORRIBLE car accident. I may or may not be online to recieve ya'lls love. But whoever may read this pls keep me and my family in your prayers. And just know that we have another lil angel
The Girl In The Dark Has a beautiful face without a name And a beautiful smile to hide the pain This Girl In the Dark Has cuts up her arm Loves nothing more then self harm This Girl in the dark Doesnâ??t know how much longer she can keep trying Everyday sheâ??s slowly dying This Girl in the Dark Sits all alone Wants a place to truly call home This Girl in the dark Wants nothing more then to be free I know this because this Girl is me Who am I? What happened? Where am I? Why am I here? Those are the questions I ask myself Why do I have to be here? What have I done so wrong to make me sit here in silence? Those are the questions I would like to ask myself But i know exactly what i did.. Or do I? I have fallen into a pit of darkness. Its silent the only person there is me Its like a prison with no light It is no light because i do not look for it I have not found the light yet. I know exactly why i am here. Or do I? I have forgotten I am so l
Well not sure what to write but he i go.... Today Dec 30 2006 one year to the day that god took him from us... Was only 38 years old with 4 kids .... Some time i dont understand why people have to die so young .... It is hard now i have to raise the boys by my self and that is the hardest thing i have ever done but i am doing it.... So today is a very sad day for me and the boys and if you want to show me some love then i would love that to I just want to say thank you to all my real freinds on here they show me love every day Have a great day all Tammy
Death Of The Mind
Death to the mind The Jolly Roger rings through the mind, as would an echo through the calm night. The taunting of his knowledge drives me as crazy as he himself. Although I know that the early dawn may never come, the night seems to comfort the swelling mind as would the pounding of a lovers heart. Even though the mind is calm the night rages with passionate cries to the gods of no reply. Even If the night were to calm itself, the jackals cry would echo with greed over the silence of the racing mind. To die as crazy as him, he himself will reincarnate and hover over the bellowing minds fierce passionate hatred. If he rejoices the mind would perish into deep thought. The mind itself is as all a dark morbid hole. The blood lines the walls as if there a million doctors spouts. Killing the minds internal thoughts a million times over, the jackal himself expects the mind to draw back and to become physical with the environment around it. The mind becom
The Death Penalty
Associated Press Johnathan Moore HUNTSVILLE, Texas — A self-described fascist who adopted the dark punk and goth lifestyle was executed Wednesday for the slaying of a San Antonio police officer 12 years ago. Johnathan Moore repeatedly apologized to the officer's widow. "It was done out of fear, stupidity and immaturity. It wasn't until I got locked up and saw the newspaper; I saw his face and smile and I realized I had killed a good man." Moore told Jennifer Morgan, who stood next to the death chamber window surrounded by comforting friends. He wished her happiness. He then counseled a friend who was a witness to quit using heroin and methadone. He told his father that he loved him. He was pronounced dead at 6:21 p.m., eight minutes after the lethal dose of drugs began. Moore, 32, was the second condemned Texas prisoner executed this year and the second of five scheduled to die this month in the nation's busiest capital punishment state. Moore was convicted
Death In A Motel
What does she want me to be? Does she expect a perfect world? What do you think I am? A Ken Doll? Realize this now. In no way will I ever be a Label Whore. I am not ashamed of who I am. I like my look and my pain is mine not yours. I thrive to be content with the reality of being alone in a world of Gods and semen. Piss ants for Democrats and Confused mothers dying of sorrow born from Marilyn Mansons hate. Face it, we are all born to die. Live to the next extreme. Mine is none of your business. So leave me be. I ask no one for advice on my aches. To understand me is a after thought on abortion. A Catholic priest would not even touch me. Though I have touched a few. I am not your victim and I am not a prey. I am the monkey on your back with the knife to endure the pain you leave behind. I make no sense and than it's perfect sense. So crawl away with pity and the filth you shove down Paris Hiltons mouth. Spit in the face of laughter and real world it to death with MTV. I want no pa
I was just informed that two guys I have known for over half my life committed suicide within 24hours of each other, they were brothers 20 and 24 years old. They have one brother left, hes the oldest. Their mother is a very strong woman but something like this would break her. I feel so bad for her and her family but I can't even think long enough to figure out what to say to them. They were great hockey players and smart boys what would turn them suicidal? My mind is numb, we may never know. I found out a few months ago that my ex-boyfriend Jimmy died from a drug overdose. That makes 3 deaths this year. So I just got home from work and found out that my mothers best friend husband/my fathers best friend died last night in his sleep. This has been a very sad week for me. Two deaths within a week apart! Why is this happening? I dont know what all happened but his 17 year old son found him this morning. He is leaving behind a wife, two daughters and a son. I dont know what else to say a
today Jan25 at 10:00am i died from being bored and horny. it was a sudden death that i could not keep from happening. please pray for me. my funeral will be held oct 15 2008 under the old oak tree. be there or you can kiss my ass. I RATHER BE HATED FOR WHO I AM THEN BE LOVED FOR WHO I AM NOT. in case you don't know already i am a solo musican. that means i do it all myself. i am working on a new album at this time titled "BORN AGAIN" it will have 13 new songs. i write my pwn stuff and play all the requried instraments. this album is the 3 album i have done under the band name FIVE MINS TILL MELTDOWN. i have been in a few full bands in the past however i like doing my solo stuff do to i have total control over how the songs come out. i have been doing solo work since 1992 and i believe i have writin at least 10 great songs that would be in the top 10 charts. i play my guitar mostly in d tune. i will keep you up to date on the prossess of this album.
Death To Being Miserable
I have loved and lost! I would have left him for dead! I left at just the right time, he lost just about everything! But he deserved it! He had held me down, hit me, shoved me, and held me captive! Called me obsene names and down right treated me like shit! I stopped hanging out with my friends and began to feel intrapped! It was great to begin with, then his ex-girlfriend started coming around. Fucking bitch! Elton and I had been together off and on for ten months. And we've been broken up for almost three months now, and she is still trying to get back with him. They have two kids together, but oh well! Well she can have the abusive fuck! I was always so scared! He left me and came back. Then I left him several times and went back. Well shit on me once, shame on you! Shit on me twice (or more), shame on me! I was stupid for going back so many times, but I honestly felt I had ran out of choices. Now I'm free, it feels so good to be able to hang out with my friends again and just
The tunnel is so dark not a single spec of lite My body proceds forward my chest feels so tight The reaper follows me his chill on my spine My life has ended was only a matter of time He Digs his boney fingers deep into my back The lite is now gone the tunnel is pitch black My soul descends into the deep pit of hell Dead souls grab at me as I fight and try to yell All of my sins are ripped out through my eyes My faith in god fades as my love for him dies Deep in my soul I cry and pray to be saved Jesus lifts me up and says through me is the way
Death... Wtf????
In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth and populated the Earth with broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, green and yellow and red vegetables of all kinds, so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives. Then using God's great gifts, Satan created Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and Krispy Creme Donuts. And Satan said, "You want chocolate with that?" And Man said, "Yes!" and Woman said, "and as long as you're at it, add some sprinkles." And they gained 10 pounds. And Satan smiled. And God created the healthful yogurt that Woman might keep the figure that Man found so fair. And Satan brought forth white flour from the wheat, and sugar from the cane and combined them. And Woman went from size 6 to size 14. So God said, "Try my fresh green salad." And Satan presented Thousand-Island Dressing, buttery croutons and garlic toast on the side. And Man and Woman unfastened their belts following the repast. God then said, "I have sent you heart healthy vegetables and o
Death And Rebirth
so yeah my dad died but from it i gained a niece and two brothers which aint too bad at all.. we never got along but hey shit happens Many times i've been told that if a man ever wants to reach his paradise he has to pay the devil first. Over the past two months, my boxing training has been excruiating. Between the diets, blows, and insane workouts I have been pushed to the very brink. I have lost 20 lbs, am a lot faster, and have reached new levels of stamina. Yet its not over... I have realized once you climb the mountain there is yet another to climb. Through mental and physical discipline, I have been reborn. Each slice of pain has been worth it to reach the next stage. It has taught me everyone can change if they want it bad enough... a new stage has begun and i feel so alive They say that time changes things But you actually have to change them yourself And that change must come from within During this time I have taken to look inside myself to see what the ans
Death Of The Constitution
YOU HAVE JUST BEEN FUCKED! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! Keep reading and you will find out that this is not some gay thing. RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Are We Experiencing The Last Days Of Constitutional Rule? By Paul Craig Roberts Th
Deaths Present
Walk in the world of the unforgiven. Pull back upon your life. Stop. Hold. Wait. Find what wasnt given. Continue. Move on. Search and review. Lost. Scared. Dark. Youve just lost which was never given.
Death's Masquerade.
in death's masquerade. lord death he knows no pain. a bloody obsession. with a love he'll never gain. death dreams. his oblivion in sleep. death wakes. this loveless soul he keeps. he watches over mortal souls. he envies their love and hurt. for all eternity he will be... just a lonely spirit. he watches a mortal. with beautiful perception. and in a fortnight. gained a malaised affliction. apathetic death was now overun. by a feeling he was never to feel. death was created for balance. never to be real. and death wept. for the pain was unbound. for they could never be. in sorrow death drowned.
Death Is A Joke
A Chinese man is divorcing his wife after she pretended to hang herself as an April Fool's joke It happened when Mr Lin, of Shanghai, came home on April 1 after a business trip, reports the Shanghai Evening Post. "When I opened the door, I saw a black object swinging in the air. When I turned on the light I was shocked to see my wife had hanged herself," he said. Lin immediately called police and the property office. Office staff helped Lin take down the 'body' while waiting for the police. "Suddenly, she sat up, started to laugh hysterically, and said this was my April Fool's Day present," says Lin angrily. His wife, Han, a 26-year-old actress, is always playing jokes on Lin as a way of keeping the marriage fresh. She says: "I just try to surprise him everyday." But Lin has has had enough: "I feel as if I'm sitting on a bomb everyday. We're getting divorced! "I can't stand the jokes and games anymore. She hides the dishes in the washing machine, or changes the loc
Death Is Peace
Im falling into the darkness, Without any help from you or anyone else, I wonder how long i will fall until i hit the ground, I feel totally weightless and like i lost every pound, Will you catch me? please oh please, But if you catch me then you would be in the darkness as well and unable to see, Let gravity consume me and let me hit the surface, I could never deciphir a reason or just one purpose, For my living and my life wasted to this day, I just want i love you to be the three words you say, When you discover a puzzeling death hung over your head, Where did he go? and since when is he dead?, Do you know where i am? Do you hear my screams?, Do you know why? and what it means?, Just take me home to that comfort zone, Its so cold out here so dark and so alone, Let the blood flow like a drunk purging over a sink, You can look at me all you want but you wont notice not one blink, Because im alive but my heart and soul ar
Death In The Family
well its been 2 weeks since the death of my hubbys grandmother which who raised him all his life.some of u may have noticed that juggalo scrub hasnt been on much thats cause of this and yes he discovered "Zwinky land".i am suprised on how well my hubby is doing coping with his grandmothers death.whats gonna b hard is when he gets her ashes back to scatter all in her favorite places.thanx for hearing me out ~Luci~ TONIGHT I HAVE GOT A CALL FROM MY MOTHER TELLING ME THAT MY SISTERS HUSBAND HAS DIED.WHICH I HAVE KNOWN EVER SINCE I WAS A BABY.MY HUSBAND AND I WILL NOT BE ON CT UNTIL TUESDAY.WE ARE GOING TO MY MOMS AND THEN GO TO MY SISTERS IN GA.I LOVED MY BROTHER IN LAW AS A BROTHER OF MY OWN AND HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR ME WHEN I WAS GROWING UP AS A KID INTO BEING AN ADULT.SO IF ANYONE LEAVES ME OR JUGGALO SCRUB A COMMENT OVER THE WEEKEND WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ANSWER THEM UNTIL TUESDAY. THANX LUCI(Shreeky) R.I.P TOM GLOWACKI April 13th 2007
Death Notes.
'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. "Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Bandersnatch!" He took his vorpal sword in hand: Long time the manxome foe he sought— So rested he by the Tumtum tree, And stood awhile in thought. And as in uffish thought he stood, The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame, Came whiffling through the tulgey wood, And burbled as it came! One, two! One, two! And through and through The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead, and with its head He went galumphing back. "And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms, my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" He chortled in his joy. 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. Perpetual wandering, insane
Death Trap
Death Trap Don't fall too deep Into the death trap There is nothing to gain And everything to lose You get attached To people you don't know Only to get hurt For their stupid show Your mind gets boggled With thoughts that aren't there Your heart gets crushed Just so they can snicker Just like many others Do not fall too deep Into your death trap
Death Comes At Night
It was two months ago, April 19, 2007 that my two Grandsons were killed in Hazleton,PA in a fire. Omar was 7 and Elijah 3. I felt your prayers as my Daughter and her Husband fought for their lives. My youngest grandson survived in good shape. We have lived a lifetime in the last two months; Angel the youngest, turned one the week after the fire. Of course there was the burial; Going back to meet Omar's Teachers; Having Omar's Little League Uniform given to my daughter on what would have been his first game. The league retired his number and the kids all have it embroidered on their hats. Mother's day came, many tears were shed. The ashes of the home were sifted and the wedding rings were found. And now yesterday was Father's day with all those tears returning. Today My Son-in-Law is better, yet faces a long recovery. He says he got to Heaven with the boys and was told they could enter but he had to return. My Daughter is doing well, physically, She was pregnant
Death Will Become You
Listen my children and you shall hear,of a time for you that is soon to be near. When a diabolic hand reaches out of the earth crushing and depriving us of our birth. Forcing us to join the satanic procession, leading us out of our great depression, when our boisterous cries are heard vague, as the disease crumbles over us in a plague. Cold gushes of air sweep through our hair and a tingling feeling rushes over our skin. The color of night fills our eyes and we become paranoid like horses whisking at flies. We fall into a hole, demolishing our souls, and this is the day that for you awaits, beyond tomorrows mystics gates. The day when you slip into the silent land and I can no more hold you by the hand.
Without Love.. Even The Most Beautiful of Roses Will Wither.. and Fade Away Into The Darkness DEATH
Death In Family
A Death Sentence
Well today was the day I got to appear once again before a judge on the order on my dog;Sabatian;to be put to sleep..No good news here...they decided that because he was blind ...that he could not be a trusting animal to matter we said didn't matter...he has 30 days then he will be gone..he is my familiar and we all love him very much..I prefer not to ever talk about this again this is the reason for this blog...we have enough to deal with please don't ask. Wonderful world we live it huh? Only thing they could say to me was 'When are you going to pay some more money'...yes I went off ..good thing my mother was there...don't think I needed to go to jail..but right now I don't really care...there is no justice...and no faith..just a lot of shit to deal with.....knowing he's in a small cage ..knowing he thinks we deserted him....and there is nothing I can do...I have nothing left but the wait now..... As another tear does fall, And hope does nothing at all.. Fear
Death By Love
what is love but another way to get hurt its annoying somtimes that the ones you open up to are the ones that hurt you the most......what do you do sit there and take it or do somthing?
Death becomes her as she sits in the cold... Death becomes her as she sits alone... Lost she will never look again, Once thrown away she will never mend. Death becomes her as she cries... Deathe becomes her from all the lies... Poweful she shall become, Never under estatemate, she IS the one. Death becomes her as forever it will... Death becomes her as her time stands still... Watch her as she grows, Powerful learning & an inner glow. Death becomes her as she gages her rath... Death becomes her to never look back... Touching her power of fire, gaining great strength, going higher. Death becomes her she finds her kill... Death becomes her out of your will... Look at her in all her glory, Do you even know her story? Death becomes her for she lives in the dark... Death becomes her because tis always the start... Her pain riddled with loss, She lays her white wings down in the burnt moss. Death becomes her on this final day... Death becomes
Death Of A Vampiress
I wrote this January 26, 2006 in responce to a writing challenge. Hope you like it. Death of a Vampiress The sun comes through the window illuminating this hotel room Falling gracefully across sheets cold as ice Nothing seems to warm through this dreaded cold No amount of fire seems to break through Heart tangled in a web of lies Long ago lost to the dark Soul searching Trying to find my way Out of this void I sit on the chair across the room Hiding in shadows The sun has yet to touch Watching you as you lay Not moving What brought me to this place I know not I search for answers None to be found here The marks on your neck Dripping crimson in the light Drained, you sleep forever The life I’ve lived Has begun to take it’s toll Having eaten my fill For the last time in hundreds of years I offer the little left of My long ago shattered humanity To the fates As for the first time In five millennium I enter the daylight To kill again No more
Death Before Dishonor
Death In The 3rd Degree
Death Of A Loved One
DON'T READ UNLESS YOU WANT TO CRY!!!!!! The sun is no longer shining over this bed of beauty The night sky has no meaning to the non-dreamer Daylight is filled by night And death is the only thing on your mind 'Cause the death of a loved one is the hardest thing to get through You don't know how much you love them until there time is through Just remember that they will always be by your side And don't cry for them they don't want you to This bed of beauty is showing no beauty anymore All it wants to do is decieve itself more It just wants to wake up from this dreaded dream it's having And hates the sick joke that god decided to pull 'Cause the death of a loved one is the hardest thing to get through You don't know how much you love them until there time is through Just remember that they will always be by your side And don't cry for them they don't want you to So let the beauty rise up with the shining sun Let the
Deaths Of Notable Wrestling Stars
Deaths of notable wrestling stars: BAD NEWS ALLEN, March 6, 2007 -- Former Stampede Wrestling star died of heart failure after being rushed to Calgary's Rockyview hospital. EDDIE GUERRERO, Nov. 13, 2005 -- WWE superstar found dead in a Minneapolis hotel room of heart failure believed to be the result of drug and alcohol abuse. DAVEY BOY SMITH, May 18, 2002 -- Hart family member died of a heart attack while vacationing in B.C. OWEN HART, May 23, 1999 -- Hart brother fell to his death from the rafters of a Kansas City sports arena after a rappelling stunt during a WWF event went awry.
Death For Hair
Boy meets gurl, boy likes gurl u all know the rest of the story and that always ends up the same way, they fall in love and have a relationship bad or good they still love each other soo much and they cant let go or at least she cant. Her love burns and his is no longer there and she knows it and cant stand to think that it could actually be really over this time. What am i supposed to do if i lose the love ive always wanted?
the dead of night. the angel of death comes. his icey cold breath clam's you. takeing you in to the darkness. the black hole of death take's you. untill you find out which way you go. go untill heaven or hell. the sweet touch of god's hand. to the painful kiss of the devil. goinf to the fild's of green gress. or to the hot pits of fire. will in walk in the stressts of gold. for be giveing to the unforgiveing flams. will i got to heaven or hell. we will never know. untill death takes me away.
Death Becomes You!
Those born under this Ascendant have youthful appearance, a generous disposition and fierce eyes. They are fickle-minded and love much excitement. They are inclined to sensual things in reality while they will not hesitate to talk about controlling sensual pleasures. Females born under this sign have more masculine nature. They are good correspondents and have friends from around the world. They are proficient in fine arts like music, dancing and the like. They uphold their views and ideals but they do not clash with others over their views. Their constitution will be hot and they likely to suffer from piles in middle age. They are very silent and dignified. Reputed to be the "most powerful" sign of the zodiac, Scorpios lead fate filled lives and have intense and dramatic personal relationships. Even as children Scorpios are often found to be wise beyond their years. Many astrologers call this the sign of the "oldest souls". Old and wise beyond the average, Scorpios often know all
Death & Darkness
Death Premonitions
Each time someone I know has passed away, somewhere from five years to the day prior to the death of the individual, I have seen their demise. Not only did I see the actual death of the individual, but there were two of them that I actually had conversations with. As I said, this would happen prior to the passing of the individual. I can't predict the time or place, and with the exception of one person all the individuals that I have seen die were relatives. To give you an example: I had a cousin who was killed in a car accident a few years ago. Two years, roughly, before the accident, in a dream, I was standing next to a road, and I saw a car coming toward me, the car locked up the brakes, the driver lost control, hit an embankment, rolled, and landed right side up. I then went over to see if the driver was okay, only to find that a piece of the car was sticking through him and that he was physically mangled. I didn't know who the person was, but we talked for a few minutes about wha
Death In My Family
My older sister died last night from comlications due to a kidney transplant. I'm not going to be here much in the next few days. Much love from you all would be appreciated.
I just want you all to know I'm not here to hear I'm sorry or to get sympathy. I really don't wanna sound like a bitch either and I'm sorry if I'm coming like that but I want you all to know I'm not going to be myself and if I don't respond to comments or anything in that sort or get to any pictures to rate I'm sorry. But today my grandma died and I'm not one that can handle death all to well...I just want people to know and do me a favor tell the people how much you love them even if you don't think anything is going to happen because you will never know. I was glad that I was able to say goodbye and that I loved her right before she passed. Mike And The MechanicsIn The Living YearsMusic Video Codes By Music
is it a good thing or a bad thing to want ur self to die jus to c what wood happen and how peppel wood react to it Find out what type of supernatural creature you would be!!!created with QuizFarm.comYou scored as Ghost You are a ghost. You find your center by keeping to yourself, and thinking. Being so quiet and shy, my only suggestion would be to find what inspirers you, and go for it, and SPEAK UP!!! because you are the type of person to flourish if you are happy, and get your vioce heard. Ghost88% Elemental81% Fariy81% Demon69% Mermaid63% Magic user63% Mortal44% Vampire44% Warewolf44% Elf
The Death Of Me
The Death of Me Everything you could have been Everything you'll be. Everything you dream about And everything you see. All the times you feel so much And times you let them go. Times you thought you wanted love And times you'll never know. Parts of you, you cannot hide Parts I'll never see. Parts that want to be alone And parts you share with me. All these things that make you whole I love like no one could. And this is why I dream of you In ways a lover would. For friends is not enough for me I know that it's been a year. But love has grown to more than this Despite my greatest fears. Take a look behind these eyes And see the death of me. The love I feel for my best friend Though he will never see.
The Death Of Me.
My insides are slowly dying. My wife(who was bipolar and didn't find out till 6yrs ago but that explained alot of things to me) was an extremely jelous person. She wanted all and I do mean all my attention. I gave up trying to have friends because of it. Now the she has died, I find myself with no life and 3 teenagers. I am a land surveyor so I don't work with women very often. I don't go to clubs. Hell I don't really go out at all. I am not a bar person. So all I am is alone typing something no one will read anyway. Fun how things work out. Well hell atleast there is always porn. My kids are 15,14, and 13 so they all hate each other so that's always fun. I think the day the all move out is probably the day I will die. Seems like my luck.
Death, My Friend
*death To All Mankind*
Death Bbg Special Forces … We Support Our Troops
Hey Ya'all "NEW DJ IN DA HOUSE!!!" ~!~ DJ Midnight Rider ~!~ ~Owner Of House Of Dreams~ This lounge is open to everyone. You do not have to be in the military to be part of our family. If you are a spouse, gf/bf , parent, brother, sister, son, daughter or friend of someone who is or was in the service come in and chat. It doesn’t matter what branch or when served. We will welcome you with open arms. This lounge is open to everyone. You do not have to be in the military to be part of our family. If you are a spouse, gf/bf , parent, brother, sister, son, daughter or friend of someone who is or was in the service come in and chat. It doesn’t matter what branch or when served. We will welcome you with open arms. This lounge is open to everyone. You do not have to be in the military to be part of our family. If you are a spouse, gf/bf , parent, brother, sister, son, daughter or friend of someone who is or was in the service come in and
my name is alec im 24. recently i had a stroke b4 xmas it started out as the flu i got so dehydrated that my kidneys shut down right now i have no feeling in my left hand i just got out of hospital this tuesday. ne ways also my daughter has to have heart surgery n shes only a month old please pray 4 us thankyou n god bless Fear of life what to do Everybodys screwing you Fuck the pain, fuck the fear Your pain is shattered in the mirror No passion, no pain, what can you say Being tortured in every way Im done with this game fuck it im out Im not gonna scream just fuckin shout My life sux right now and I dont know what to think anymore honestly. My dad had his sixth heart attack last week and the docs told us theres nothing more they can do for him. Sux balls then recently today the docs confirmed my gurls pregnant so at the same time Im depressed but excited. I dont know what to do right now. I need to go spend somemore time with him before its to late but I want him
i been on here what a few days and ppl are already pissed well get over it and urselves satan out it seems totally bleak in this reality cant wait for someone to really liven up this place we need just a little more power hungry mad men to give us something to do or else daylight is just a brighter darkness time 2 die all of u its my time 2 rule
Death is a word we all have to fear No-one knows until it is near Because if I die before I awake I pray the Lord my soul to take Death is the end for what we know But I don’t believe that this is so I will be here for time on end A feeling I have my old friends do send Death is for certain there is no doubt Where will we go and what’s it about Will I be here to see my mistakes Or was my life good and I have what it takes Death is not permanent for what you believe Not understandable for most to conceive I think we’ll live on and come back here and there Scary stories we all have to share Death is ok I have once been told This I’ll believe and will help me grow old For it’s not what you fear or trouble to come It’s how you live and the good you’ve done Thomas Vern Ellison Jr. 08/28/07
Death Is Only The Beginning....
What gives people the impression that it is OKAY to break a person down so much that they feel like they have no one left in the world? What makes it okay for people to treat persons like vapor.. like they do not exist? WHat gives peeps the RIGHT to hurt others without thinking about what they are doing to others? I am BROKEN... Like an Angel without wings, or a heart without a beat... a whisper without an ear or a sail without wind....I am at the END of a nightmare that I can't wake up from, only because it is my REALITY.... People (on FUBAR) that I thought were my friends turned out to be just an ILLUSION... nothing more... (and boy, that sure is a pun if ever one!!!) But you know, that it not what hurts the most..... what hurts the most is losing the real friends that I have.... the people that I have lost that I knew BEFORE I knew fubar, and the REAL friends that I made here that were friends even away from here. I guess you think you know someone, and it is heartbreaking to fin
Death Of A Hero
Tomorrow I will lay to rest a true hero. My Dad, or in reality my step-Dad was a hero. He served in WWII and was wounded on the beaches of Normandy... He was there. He never really talked about it much, you see he was a DAV, his life after the war wasn't much to call successful in terms that most would consider successful, but he passed on to me and my family more than any amount of money could buy. In a way this is my ode to Him. He didn't have to lie, cheat, or steal to be happy with who and what he was. And He passed that to whoever would listen. I was six when Darrell came into my life. We were very poor and I lived with my Grandma with my brother who was nine at the time. Darrell was a rough man, He became an effictive bouncer where my mom was the bartender, in stockyards Okc. His way was straight forward, beit like him or not you always knew where you stood. This kind of example made me realize I could be myself and I didn't have to do, or be anything I didn't want. His life inst
Death Dragoness
Let her come to you... The end is naught But the real beginning resist and your soul will know Unrest let her find you and you both will soar beyond the deepest nights beyond unconquered depths. She's pain and joy intertwined tears and dreams personified She's never spoken and yet you've known her - who can understand the meaning of her being? Whosoever unlocks the mystery has sealed the fate of forbidden certainty hence proceed and fly away! Your heart's yearnings to be fulfilled; Your spirit's cries to rest in sanctity.
Death Cab To Kill Me
Breathe child, you are free of hate And I envy you I want to bash you to sleep And steal your peace. For I am weak and there is no rest for the wicked. And as a child the life was bludgeoned from my being All that I have left is a shell. Love me not, for I will destroy you. I know this and I hold this fact dear. I enjoy knowing I will be alone at the time of my demise. Singing suicide hymns for no one to hear. It’s alright now. Basking in the glory of defeat… Cause darling, it’s all I have left now. And secretly, subconsciously I think, I wish for nothing more than to grab your hand And pull you into the abyss with me And for you to fill this emptiness that is no longer a part of me. It IS me.
I am not what i seem You’re lying to yourself i dont fear you We all die Nothing justifies you I must be dreaming Bleeding for ignorant minds Sleep my love Tomorrow may never come Steal my mind Its been tried too many times before You will never be my demise I am too strong for you So say goodnight my sweet Your time here is done No one really knows who we are deep inside I cannot dream anymore fading into the background Goodnight.
Death In Family
this was in the thing they hand out at the funeral it had her pic and this typed around and next to the pic After Glow I'd like the memory of me To be a happy one. I'd like to leave an after glow Of smilyes when life is done. Whipsering softly down the ways, Of happy times and laughing times. And bright and sunny days. I'd like the tears of those who grieve To dry before the sun Of happy memories that I leave When life is done. i have a lot of good happy memories of my aunt mary kaye. and i will always remember them and her. and she will alway live in my heart. i had told some a while back that my aunt mary kaye was in and out of the hospital with cancer. dont remember who i had told . i called yesterday and they said he had went home monday with her husband. i called him to see how my aunt mary kaye was doing. he didnt answer and so i left a message. he never returned my call. so today my aunt dee and i
Deathsonlyson In Black
greetings. My name is james i just wanted to intro my self to my freinds Well here goes. im engaged to Leila. im 23(duh) Im a huge music person. i live eat and breath music. my favorite band is korn. I dont capitalize my typing much. Why should i? does it mean i have low self esteem, no. im ok with my self. I love nascar my favorite driver is Dale earhardt jr, and im glad hes with a GOOD team in hendrik motor sports. hmm I live in a town called Ashland, wi theres shit to do here so im on alot. everyday. exept when im relaxing during the weekend. i work at walmart as maitenence. yuck! like other people-- I HATE MY JOB um i like dogs, cats horses and ferrets. I have none. grr.. um thats all i can think of for now.. if you have any questions, ask!
=death By Internet=
Cyberbullying made illegal by new law In Dardenne Prairie, Mo., town officials have passed a measure making online harassment illegal. It’s a different kind of Megan’s Law, made in response to the death of 13-year-old Megan Meier. She hanged herself last year after receiving a malicious message from a friend she met online. Megan became friends with Josh Evans on the social networking site Josh claimed he was 16 years old and being home-schooled in a nearby town. But one day, Josh sent a message to the young girl, saying she was “a bad person” and “everyone hates you.” The cruelty and magnitude of the messages led Megan to hang herself in her bedroom closet on Oct. 16, 2006. Weeks later, her parents learned that Josh was not a real person. He was just an online identity created by a parent of a former friend of Megan’s and her mother who lived down the street in their St. Louis suburb. The two teenagers had argued, and the girl’s mother wanted to find out whether M
Death Deserved
What have you wrought? A smothering indistinctness of misery as Emotions scream. Once we tasted bliss, Untainted and childlike, But your desire vanished. A vengeful morass of agony - Drops of blood follow death, follow bitterness, Love bled dry. In a haze of hatred, I condemn you. -By Me
The Death Of Poetry
Nobody does poetry anymore. All the good metaphors are taken. The coffee houses now serve chai. Guitars rule the stage, Inspired by fuzzy legged women. And I find it sad. I've met the beat poets, And yes, they were jerks. That was their right. I've met the coyboy poets. Out on the range, Coffee you can chew, good stuff. The coffee houses now serve chai. I've been the guerrilla poet. No mic, street theater, raw entertainment. I've been the warrior poet. My body a map of scars, The pathways of my life. Nobody does poetry anymore. Why quote Shakespeare when there's M.T.V.? The coffee houses now serve chai. What's up with that? I'm still a poet. Because I don't know what else to be. The empty page still calls my name, As does the empty stage. I am poet, Read my words. I am poet, Hear my voice. I am poet, Buy my books. (Just kidding.) I am poet, Know this, Even when I drink chai. August
Death In My Fu-family!
The Death Of Life, Gave Life To Death
my life is not too great. my life is not worth nill nor is my life too rough or edges sanded smooth my life IS my own of that much I am sure and all the rest is unknown. and knowledge all but pure should I live my life for you or should I live for me and then again could it be a God that I will live for. witch ever way I choose to live I know my life is mine even if I choose too die in death I know i'll shine life is for the living not ment for death to be but death has a place in life but its only the living who see my life thats mine now stands in time I in death my life can't be By Michael T 2005 AIR I don’t care that you’re five I don’t care that you’re fifty Because I am more than just thrifty To the new I’m a donor To the pro I’m a shark I float them I sink them in the day and in dark I shine in the light Yet also when not And carry this rhythm that one can not stop I come to the mother lying in bed And go with the father wh
Death Of Cops
i find it funny when a cop dies and everyone is all upset about it. i mean the person chose that career and knew that one day they could be killed. there should be no memorial fund for them what so ever
Death Of Dreams
Death Of A Friend
Yesterday my friend was shot mutiple times and died. His name was Micheal Price Jr. 18 years old an he was gunned down on sunday. it hurts i remember just seeing him the other day and us talking about hangin on my bday. damn im hella sad i know me and him werent hella close but he did something only few people rarely do which is make me laugh smile and feel good, now he's gone. no more telling hims ur a mess or hey mike or dude u cool u look like u on. funny thing i i hella liked him. i had a crush on him and now he's gone and to late to say i like u mike. *tear* life is sooo short ill i half to say is mike i wont forget you. you made my day some days . your gonna be missed i got love for you honey. see you when it time for me to go kisses and save me a spot where you are cause we still got somethings to talk about
Death Breath!
I love this band,they have out 2 albums......Let it Stink an Stinking up the Night released in 06 an 07......These dudes fuggin rock!....You should check em out!.....Much love,muahs an thanks!......Peace out dudes an dudettes!
Death Do Us Part.... Heh
FOR A LOVE THAT WAS NEVER THERE - TO A WEDDING NEVER REAL......... FOR A PERSON THAT NEVER EXISTED AND I GUESS HE NEVER WILL You fool... Bracque.... Suzy be nimble, Suzy be quick Suzy jump over the 'Kreator' stick If I must 'fly' before I wake I pray for the next soul that he may take And if I cry another tear... I pray to the Lord that it is someone sincere. If I die before I wake - Kill Kreators soul for the next one he may take... You pulled my hair, you made me cry - You took me for granted & now you must die! I stand in front of you with this knife, Eager & ready to take your life. *mumbling* '& come to find out you don't even consider me your fucking 'fubar' wife' As I walk to you I stare into your eyes - When the first stab comes - you look suprised. I rip off my bloody crown of thorns - That I thought remsembled a marriage I have now come to mourn. I rip off my black dress in a fit of hate - Knowing all too well that it is way too late. I c
Death Metal
Well I have lived in Montana for about a year and a half. I have been in a few bands in my life, all in Florida. Now I'm 35 and going to get some more equipment, as most of my old stuff is gone. I'm gettin ready to do it 1 more time. It's time to make Torturedgrace a band and not just a screename. So are there any death metal musicians close in Montana?
Bremmer, Guy Thomas PV2 Ypsilanti, MI Age 23, passed away Sunday, December 23, 2007 due to an automobile accident. He was born October 1, 1984 in Ypsilanti, the son of Hank Bremmer and Joyce (Andenoro) Cisco. Guy served in the MI Army National Guard. Survivors include- one daughter, Ashley; his mother, Joyce Cisco of Ypsilanti; four brothers, Brian, Shawn, Abraham and Travis; and maternal grandmother, Estella Andenoro. The funeral service will be 11-00 am Saturday, December 29, 2007 at Stark Funeral Service Moore Memorial Chapel with Pastor Gordon Moore officiating. Cremation will follow. The family will receive friends at the funeral home 3-9 pm Friday. Please sign his guest book at Stark Funeral Home Obituaries This is very painful. I knew his mother when she was pregnant. I saw him for the first time within a few days of his mother bringing him home from the hospital. I helped his brother babysit him and his brother Travis on more than one occasion. Its
Death Found A Home
As she lays in bed she opens her eyes Only to mumble two simple little words.. "Oh no." Her life a sham, nothing but lies. She gets up and goes to the bathroom, Only to find all the bottles and jars broken and spilled all down the drain. She doesn't understand how she can still be here. Old scars still remain, new bruises to be found. More grief and headache she will retain. She sits back down in her room, trying not to cry as the day passes her by. She feels so hollow, so lost and alone. There is no place to go, no place hide. It's coming now, with no time to run. Close your eyes and your ears for the raging beast has become unleashed. The blood is rising, the cuts are real... The light is fading, the darkness has come... Death has found a home
Death By System Overload
So, the other day was a friends 21st. The party starts out pretty well. There is just the right mix of male, female and booze. Though if there is anything I have learned in life, it is that that mix always spells trouble. Well, there was a good amount of unpleasantness later in the night for my friend and his roommate (who also happens to be one of my best friends). Through it all, I was mostly pissed that everyone could give up the good party mood for such nonsense (I mean, the night started great so why does it have to be ruined). The outrageous part is, when it was all said and done, the last thought I had for the evening is, "it finally pays to be the not so open and outgoing guy." Then I woke up and wasn't drunk any more. Now that I am thinking straight, I have no clue what I was thinking. Go fig. Recently (ok, for most of my life) I have felt a little overwhelmed. I always want the people around me to be "happy". It's always been my thinking that if I help people they, in turn
i thought i seen it all i guess i was wrong i found someone very stupid that i talk with on here and i have a ? maybe one of you can tell me how can you have a convosation with someone who hates to be questions, i dont see how you can this morning at 2am my lil cat die he or she was in bad health we could hear its lil body begen to cough i was hopeing it be diffrent from the other 3 that did die i was wrong i did everything i could think of the wose part was i was thinking of killing it be crushing its lil head in so it could pass quickly no more suffering but my heart could not do it so i jsut sit there helplys watching waiting i took the lil kitten and put it on my shoulders and just peting it to let it no i do care and love it whats even more wose is i dont have my ex or my roomate to dig the grave i have to be the one and i dont think i can i was up half of the night jsut crying i dont think ill have any more animals ever again
Death Bed
Like a needle in my eye, screaming and kicking whilest the pain enrages me, whilest I become blind. Like a pierce in my skin, like a sharpened dagger,pushing harder, forcing it within. Like the thorn from a beautiful black satin rose, ripping the skin with glistening flesh exposed.. Like a fingernail pushed and torn from its bed, like a daisy uprooted to bury the dead... Like the gripping sting while salts rubbed within your wounds,whilest I ingrave your label within your tomb. Like the fading light we all see when we fade, we all end up in the bed we've made.... as written:~*Twist'a Fate*~
If you want to be a respected gang member you all should join DeathClench. YOU ALL should join send me back if you want to know anything about it or want to join im nthe leader ill let the first 10 in free.
The Death Of A Child
Some random thoughts i found whilst surfing Children are not supposed to die...Parents expect to see their children grow and mature. Ultimately, parents expect to die and leave their children behind...This is the natural course of life events, the life cycle continuing as it should. The loss of a child is the loss of innocence, the death of the most vulnerable and dependent. The death of a child signifies the loss of the future, of hopes and dreams, of new strength, and of perfection. When a parent dies, you lose your past; when a child dies, you lose your future. A wife who loses a husband is called a widow. A husband who loses a wife is called a widower. A child who loses his parents is called an orphan. But...there is no word for a parent who loses a child, that's how awful the loss is! Parental grief is boundless. It touches every aspect of a parent's being...When a child dies, parents grieve for the rest of their lives. Their grief becomes part of them...As time p
Well, my dad passed away on Saturday and it has not been easy. But one thing I have learned is in order for one to heal sometimes we have to lead the path in forgiveness. Never know when our number is up. It is very hard to explain how u can forgive someone who has hurt so many , especially me yet, seeing him in such a state that only God can make it go away is an eye opener to say the least. I would have never expected to see my dad suffer and be in such pain that all I could do was be there for him in the end. Staying at the hospital the last 4 days watching him die praying for his soul really does something to a person. Makes me realize that even the strongest and meanest people cry out to God on their death bed, tears and pain bringing them to their knees. I wrote this and needed to get it out,and figured this is a good place to share without judgement. "Rest in peace Dad".
Death On Holiday
Seriously, Go Away! I'm not gonna give you a 10 or an 11 but will give you a 1, I Will never be your fan, I have NO Interest in your sad little life & have No time for those who believe in a Invisible Sky Wizards or Net SKAGS Who Can't keep their clothes on. In other words (For the terminally stupid ): PiSS oFF Thank you & have a rotten day! (p.s) PiSS oFF Means just that... Don't leave your silly little photo comments/glitter text OR any other sillyness cos, they WILL Be Deleted. What Morons -=EDIT=- Please rate me a 1/one LoL Some of you Seem to "Think" that rating me a 1/one will hurt my feelings... As ANY Adult will tell you... You'd have to care about someone for them to be able to hurt their feelings and as I could care less about you morons... Bwaaaaaaahahhaaaaaaaaaa Oooohh and Hi "1180341" Why hide? Gutless?
Death Ex Mom Inlaw
DEATH WHAT A WONDERFUL WAY TO EXPLAIN IT... A sick man turned to his doctor, as he was preparing to leave the examination room and said, "Doctor, I am afraid to die. Tell me what lies on the other side." Very quietly, the doctor said, "I don't know." "You don't know? said the man... You, a Christian man, do not know what is on the other side?" The doctor was holding the handle of the door; on the other side came a sound of scratching and whining, and as he opened the door, a dog sprang into the room and leaped on him with an eager show of gladness. Turning to the patient, the doctor said, "Did you notice my dog? He's never been in this room before. He didn't know what was inside. He knew nothing except that his master was here, and when the door opened, he sprang in without fear. I know little of what is on the other side of death, but I do know one thing... I know my Master is there and that is enough." Photobucket May today there b
missing in action. I am sorry for those who thought I was around when I wasn't. My grandmother died, she was 89 years old, her late husband was in WWII fought on the beaches. He passed a few years ago. She passed away in her sleep. So I had to go spend time with my family. My grandmother wasn't in my book like other grandparents she was very lade back and cool. Loved to ride on the back of a harley and drink dark beers. she is now in a better place.
Death Note
Death Note Season 1Episode 2 Death Note Season 1Episode 1 Death Note Season 1Episode 7
Death Of A Future
Why is it so difficult to accept people for who they are, and not what they are or might become? Why can't we see that the only true beauty in the world is what is different in each of us, and who we are inside? Its people like "you" who make this world such and ugly brutal place. Beautiful people who make the weak long for acceptance and will do anything to attain it! I must confess I was once a lamb being led to slaughter. Blinded by the desire to fit in and just be like "you". But now Ive broken my chains, and have become the man you all fear! I frighten you because you cannot control or contain me with your idea of "normalcy". I am different and I am not ashamed of it, instead i embrace it! That is why I am an individual, and that is what gives me hope! You spend your time making sure you fit in, and trying no to be ugly. But all the while inside you are rotting, decaying, and ultimately dying! Its ok spend your time condeming me and those like me. Because while you ar
Death Becomes Me
my gamertag on xbox live SICKandFEARLESS DONT BE SCARED TO DIE. LOL As I sit in the corner thinking bout her and what she means to me. She’s my whole life and I can’t see myself wit anyone but her. I don’t want anyone else I can’t be wit anyone else it’s going to be unfair for them to compare to her. I need to stop thing right now and try to wait to see how everything plays out but I cant help but to think to hurt myself I scratch and clawed at myself hard enough to make myself bleed. But it still not enough I want the pain to go away but I can’t make it go away. I cried too much that my eyes a blood shot red and my head hurt so much. I cant sit here anymore I walked to the kitchen and looked around wit this blank stare trying find something to do more damage to myself but I cant but I need this pain to go away. So I grabbed the bottle of pills on top of the fridge. Oh wait I’ve been down that road before. And I could do something else that won’t kill me but just enough to hurt a
Ok, so I have been with my Fiance for 5 yrs in July! I have gotten VERY VERY close to his family.....closer to his then my own! His grandmother died yesterday....and i just feel like total shit. i dont know what to say to him. he was very close to her of course being his grandmother and all. but he was very close they talked about 3 times a wk he went and visited her often......It just hit me harder then i thought it would. She was like my own grandma i mean my grandma died in 97 and i cried yea but not like this..........just had to tell my feeling to someone! thanks for listening!
Death In The Family
I found out this mornin that my husbands grandma passed away and they are gonna have the funeral Thursday so were gonna go up there wed. So im gonna be gone wed till sometime this weekend. If anyones wonderin the contest will still start at the same time on monday even if im not around yet ill have a friend get on and open it for u guys. Abby thanks for listenin to me cry like a lil baby I ♥ ya. Ummm ok my mind is just a lil blank and not sure what else to say to ill be back when i can and ill prob be in and outta here all day today and tomorrow so if i dont answer any shouts back plz dont take it the wrong way just might not be in the mood to talk. xo
Death In Family
well i am sad to say i lost my grandmother this morning i wont be around much today or for the next 5 or so days. So to all my friends take care of yourselves and be safe dont worry about me ill be fine.
Death Is Nothing At All
Been searching for this one for ages and finally found it Death is nothing at all... I have only slipped away to the next room... I am I and you are you... Whatever we were to each, that we are still. Call me by my old familiar name, Speak it to me in the same way you always used. Put no difference into your tone, Wear no false air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me, pray for me. Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without effect, without the ghost of a shadow on it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was. There is absolutely unbroken continuity. What is this death but a negligible accident. I am but waiting for you for an interval Somewhere very near Just around the corner. All is well. Henry Scott Holland 1847 - 1918 Canon of St Paul's, London
Everyone knows that death is coming no matter what. Everyone dies and most are okay with that because they believe that they have a long time before death comes knocking. But what happens when you know when death is coming, or at least have a good idea as to its time of arrival? For many years the only think I have feared when it comes to death, is dieing alone. I have not feared death its self, yet now it seems that that is all changing. It feels as though my life is circling the drain and as far as I can tell, what have I done that can truly define my life. To me, I am an ordinary person living an ordinary life. I have done nothing that has not been done before. I have not invented something that can save lives or fix problems around the world. I have not become some great artist in anyway. I have not redefined the world or anything in it. And now death is coming for me. I can not stop it; only hold it off for a period of time, who knows how long. I will die an ordinary perso
Death And Destruction
DEATH and DESTRUCTION With everyone around Death and Destruction can be found When someone thinks "Where did we go wrong." Another takes a hit from that deadly bong Everytime you turn around you hear a gun shot And u think "I hope that wasnt someone I know" is ur thought Why would we choose a life of destruction Instead of choosing a new one of construction Why does it have to seem That no one wnat to make good on that dream It seems impossible with guns, murder, and illegal possessions Why do we have these obsessions In the '60 there was peace, love, and unity And now there is misery, hatred, and blood from our community America is supposed to be the land of the free Instead we are afraid of the bloody spree
Death In Life
how can some one be dead in life ,,, i will tell u people to lose everything dear to that person that is how he is dead inside of living ,,,,, well lets see it seems like no matter how hard a person trys he will be forever doomed to fail cuz either he cant live up to his own standards or the fact that he cant live up to others standards ,,,so w3he ndoes the policy do what u have to for u go flying out the window ,,, i say poeple it goes out the window when said person falls in love then u see how they all act around others but it is always different then how they act around u so waht is there to do but feel u have lost yet another to some one else ,,, but is that due to ur own insecurities or the actions of a lost day before ,, what have u done to push ssaid person in to the arms of anoither then again does it have to be something u did or saomething u said or jsut promises made by the other party in ? ,,, i know deep down that i am not good enough , but i try to be the best in ever
Death Becomes A Reality
Death becomes a Reality i never thought about it, it never crossed my mind, i got a call the other day, i couldnt imagine what came my way, at first i wasnt sure all she said was, i really need to talk to you, a thousand thoughts ran through my head, we rushed to meet the unwanted news, i saw the look in her eyes, right then i new. she told me to get in the car an she locked the doors, What is it TEll me, sreaming an yelling, the pounding in my head grew louder my heart raced, I really dont want to tell you this, but your grandfathers dead, right then a sadness overwhelmed me, one of such that would turn your heart cold and make your feelings numb, as tears ran down my face, the screaming getting louder, my world started feeling colder, i broke away from her warm embrace, i didnt believe her,
Death Of The White Race
The Death of the White Race U.S. COMMISSIONER CONFIRMS THAT WHITE PEOPLE FACE EXTINCTION. For years Aryan Nations has been warning our White kin that there was a conspiracy to Murder our White Aryan Race and that we were fast approaching the point of no return. Now we have confirmation from U.S. Government sources. On the back of this leaflet you will find a reproduction of an article from the August 4, 1981, Rocky Mountain News. When reading the article, please bear in mind the following things. Considering the lower-than-replacement White birth rate, the high non-white birthrate, the colored immigration and the fact that thousands of our young people (especially our women) desert their Race every day to marry non-whites, you can see that in ten years the child-bearing population of America will be less than ten percent White. All history, as well as common sense, declares that no Race can survive without separation from others so they can promote, propagate and protect
When my Grandfather died, the Shriners played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes as they walked from the tomb, it's probably the only moving thing about any funeral or viewing I'd ever experienced. In fact I don't remember anyone elses funeral, what a shame. Nowadays funerals are boring and don't celebrate the life of the person who has passed. Dead people deserve so much more then to be pumped full of chemicals, made up like a woman and put on display. Then we're unsanctamonously placed in the ground, taking up valuable real estate. Of course we'll have all our rings and jewelry on us...can you even fathom how many millions of dollars in jewelry, rings, watches and necklaces are in any given cemetary...what a waste. When I go, I don't want to be put in a suit and put on display in a coffin. I want all my friends to drag my body to the nearest Irish Pub and sit me up on a stool a la Weekend at Bernies. And then I want someone to take out my credit cards and open a tab
Death, Dogs, Prodigal Son
It was the summer of 1965 and I was a happy boy of nine years old. I learned about death a few years earlier when JFK was shot down in Dallas. It was my first experience with death, and mostly what I remember was how everyone around me was so sad. I seemed to feel more badly for those living with sorrow over this event than the event itself. Possibly I didn't understand the concept of death at that young age, but I definitely understood the gloom of sorrow others had. I just wanted to comfort them and tell them it would be alright. My father and mother had both been married before I was conceived. Each had a son and daughter from their previous marriages. But they found each other and decided to have me. My mother was 39 and my father was 42 when I was born. My parents were older than any of my friends parents, although my mother looked 15 years younger than her true age. I remember telling people how old she was and they were always in shock. In fact, my half sister and my mother
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The Death Of Daddy!
I should be packing my bags for that long drive home... But here I sit on Fubar....writing a blog... Crying tears..of sadness? Joy? relief?....pain? Can I put away the mistress of darkness for good...........or does she continue to reside in me although he is gone for good..... I feel devastated and yet overjoyed is this wrong.... Some day I shall continue this blog....continue the story of the man who is gone ..... Whose life became a rags to riches story.....a story of selfishness to giver............. A man I truly loved A man I will miss....crys....... My heart breaks ....I may be gone awhile but will check in when I can my friends....!?
I pray to God that when I die, someone, somewhere cares enough about me and my life to mourn a little. I know that sounds selfish but if you read the rest of this you will understand what I am saying. This past Wednesday, my sister's brother-in-law passed away at the age of 45 (around that age I think). The coroner said he had a heart attack in his sleep. She called my house that morning very upset; understandably. I wasn't home at the time so she just left a message asking me to call her. Paul, her brother-in-law, rented a room from her and her husband. He had been living with them for the last year and the money he paid helped with the mortgage. When I got home from work, I got the message and called her. She was still upset, but I would say anger was more her mood. She had been arguing with her husband's step-father and sister. Poor Paul has not even been gone 24 hours and all anyone could do was argue over who gets his car, his bank accounts, etc. As I am on the phone
Death And Dishonor!
Death All Strudel
Death Wally
Death Is Not The End
When you're sad and when you're lonely and you haven't got a friend Just remember that death is not the end And all that you've held sacred, falls down and does not mend Just remember that death is not the end Not the end, not the end Just remember that death is not the end When you're standing at the crossroads that you cannot comprehend Just remember that death is not the end And all your dreams have vanished and you don't know what's up the bend Just remember that death is not the end Not the end, not the end Just remember that death is not the end When the storm clouds gather 'round you, and heavy rains descend Just remember that death is not the end And there's no one there to comfort you, with a helpin' hand to lend Just remember that death is not the end Not the end, not the end Just remember that death is not the end Oh, the tree of life is growing Where the spirit never dies And the bright light of salvation shines In dark and em
It has been a week now. A week since I picked up the phone and my sister in law screams your brother. If any of you know my brother screaming about my brother could be a numerous of things. Ex: He hurt someone, he had a wreck, he is in jail, he tore up someone else property. the list goes on and on. But this "your brother" was the hardest of them all. The next voice was I am sorry honey your brother has passed away. I screamed and screamed and scream not my bubba, my fatboy, mikey it cant be. He is suppose to be here to fight with me. Being a pair of siblings means you have noone else to fight with but each other. Then I am feeled with shock and next comes hate. I hated him for leaving me. He cant leave me. Growing up my mom worked 2nd and dad worked out of town. Mikey was my mommy, my provider and most of all my protector. He protected me more than I can say from danger that may come my way. Now I am left to fend on my own. Its hard but I think of him with my granny who passed in 2000
Death To Lite Beers!
I call myself Arrogant bastard, because I am Certified Worthy by the genius brewers of this delicious concoction, and this is the beer that changed the way I drink beer. If you offer me some yellow, fizzy. or Lite brew. some lo-carb disaster, it will be pushed away. I am not a snob, but this is a bar-real or virtual, and i am here to represent the finer quality i exclusively enjoy, so don't take it personal, got it?
Death Of My Grandfather
My grandfather passed away tonight at 11:45pm georgia time. he has been sick for quite sometime now. Mama has been in Kentucky for a week and a half with him in the hospital. she came home tonight after he was relesed then he couldnt breath and went back and when mama got home at 10:30 she got a phone call saying he had to be put on a machine to breath. they put the ventalator in and he died. so shes going back tomarrow in the morning, He didnt want her to leave and now she feels bad. She thinks its her fault. She feels like if she stayed he wouldnt have died or at least she could have been there when he did. Thanks for listening, He will be in a better place now hes in gods hands.
Deaths Door
The Day Thought I was Dead by LateNiteFantasy© I run my fingers over the scar hidden beneath my hairline. A slight pucker A reminder of dangers kiss I still remember the day I thought I was dead. I was swinging higher and higher on the big boys swing. My legs pumping furiously I swear if I'd gone just a little higher my toes could have touched heaven. I let go Just for a moment. I was trying to grab the cotton candy clouds. In that moment I was a bird I was flying Then BAM My reality hit hard as the cement where my head bounced and my neck snapped back I felt the pain an unbearable heat rolling through my body. And before the darkness tears came Big boys weren't supposed to cry, but maybe just this once it would be okay because I could hear angel voices and they were crying too. I didn't know until much later, that the coppery smell in the air, the one that smelled like wet pennies was my blood. Since that day I've always wanted
Today's the day, I feel it in my veins,The icy breath of Death tingles on my neck. I dare not move,I dare not speak. I see a silver object, fly through the air. My spines tingles, my head spins.I hear nothing nor see anything.I move my eyes and see a bloody corpse without a head. Suddenly i realize, He has come for me, He has got me. I am now dead, I see a bright light and a flash. Now im Home,Home where I belong
Death Is Hard
Just posting this as an ode to my cousin who was in a motorcycle accident on Friday July 18,2008 he died instantly.... ************** Shawn A. Burton 1980 - 2008 Shawn A. Burton, 28, of Nampa, passed away Friday, July 18, 2008, in Nampa. A funeral service to honor and celebrate his life will be held at 3 p.m. Friday, July 25, at the Crossroads Community Church, 4170 E. Amity Ave., Nampa. Entombment will follow at the Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Caldwell. The family will greet loved ones and friends at the Alsip & Persons Funeral Chapel, 404 10th Ave. S., Nampa, 466-3545, from 6-8 Thursday evening. Shawn was born on April 28, 1980, in Nampa, the son of James and Judy Burton. He was reared and educated in Nampa, graduating from Nampa High School in 1999. Shawn worked his high school years at Paul's Market in Nampa and spent the last five years at Micron Technology in Boise. He always knew how to t
The following is a list of notable people who have died from drug-related causes. Deaths caused by alcohol and caffeine are included. (person (age/lifespan) - cause and explanation) Herb Abrams (1954–1996) - American professional wrestling promoter, heart complications brought on by drug abuse. Nick Adams (1931-1968) - actor, drug overdose. David Allen Adkisson (1958-1984) - American professional wrestler, death speculated upon as drugs overdose. Kerry Gene Adkisson (1960-1993) - American professional wrestler, suicide, after arrest for cocaine possession and drug problems. Michael Brent Adkisson (1964-1987) - American professional wrestler, suicide, overdosed on tranquilizers. Ryunosuke Akutagawa (1892-1927) - Japanese writer, committed suicide by overdosing on barbiturates. Dennis Allen (1951-1987) - Australian infamous drug dealer, drug induced heart failure. GG Allin (1956-1993) - punk musician, heroin overdose. Bridgette And
Death In Family
My moms second cousin, my third passed away a week ago, he was about 60. We believe that he overdosed on eye medicine and then he went in that same day for eye surgery, he went into a coma and was pronounced brain dead and his organs were shutting down. His wife pulled the plug on him a week ago, and funeral is saturday at 11am in Kansas City. :(
Death Life's Irony
I have recently lost my mother and I miss her very much. Ever since my dad passed away 4 years ago all she has wanted was to be with him. I ask you what happend to that kind of love. Even in death one mate wants to be with the other so bad that death is a willing and small price to pay for there companionship. My father died from cancer and it was very hard to watch this man who was my hero go from being larger than life to a 70 pound shell with haloucinations and unimaginable pain and suffering. I remember sitting in my studio the first fathers day since his passing. I was hating on god and cursing him for making such a honest, hard working and caring man suffer such pain and agony for over a year just to take him away after this fucked up game he played with my hero. Then strangest thing happend to me then. I got this feeling like when your foot falls asleep you know the pins and needles thing? Except it started at my head and then covered my whole body and I heard a voice not a spok
Death Comment
The Death Of Love
Dear Love The only thing I did wrong was show you what do you do but go right for the kill,I do not blame you for I know you have been hurt so much in your life and I know I sould of never broke up with you. hope you find what your looking for, You are and always will be my ture LOVE. ROSES ARE RED CHERRIES ARE TOO MY SAC WILL REMAIN BLUE UNTIL I FEAST UPON YOU Just want all you fu to know that My words on My status is PERSONal thank you. LOVE YOU ALL
Death Note Inuyasha Vampire Knight
Naraku and Kikyo there a lot of couples on inuyasha UC and real so do not feel like putting every couple on this blog ok bye I am not putting up Sessy and Rin because I do not see them as a couple or Rin with Shippo not a fan of this couple but here it is did not make any of these fan art found them on photobucket
Death To Pigs...
I will try to make this as concise as possible.. Quick question: WHO DO I HAVE TO BLOW, TO GET A DECENT NIGHTS SLEEP???????????? If anybody knows.. Could you please share that information with me, so I can get it over with already. The nightmares, the waking up screaming.. CHRIST!
Death Stuff
Only just read this... sad. "Sci-fi screenwriter Dan O'Bannon, whose film credits include Alien and Total Recall, has died aged 63. The Writers Guild of America confirmed he passed away on Thursday in a Californian hospital. He began his career in 1974 with the movie Dark Star, which he co-wrote with director John Carpenter. O'Bannon continued writing sci-fi and horror pictures including Invaders from Mars, Bleeders and The Return Of The Living Dead, which he also directed. " Source :BBC Online "Neal Hefti, composer of the theme from the Batman TV series, has died in Los Angeles at the age of 85. The iconic music, which Hefti described as the "hardest piece I ever wrote", was a Top 40 hit and won a Grammy Award in 1966 for best instrumental theme." Source : BBC online "Two members of British heavy metal band After Death have drowned on tour in Brazil. The body of 21-year-old guitarist Leon Villalba washed ashore shortly after he was seen struggling in heavy waves on
The Death Of Common Sense
Obituary of the late Mr. Common Sense Interesting and sadly rather true.... 'Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: Knowing when to come in out of the rain; why the early bird gets the worm; Life isn't always fair; and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only wo
the night holds me in it's darkness silently whispering death... i pray for the light to come but all i feel is the coldness of it's breath.. it's clawing at my mind, ripping at my soul.... i feel the blood trickle down see it covering my clothes. no use for light to show now i've fallen too far in this dark sea.. i strive only for the pain to end i close my eyse to sleep... i am free...
Death Racers
ok all i just got done waching Death Racers and it ways the ways the shityou can wach it for free at Death Racers click here to wach for free now so check it out i give it a 10 out of 10Four hyped-up teams of contestants compete to win a violent cross-country race in this action-packed sci-fi flick. Living in a grim future world in which life is cheap, the racers will do anything to win. Even killing competitors off while pushing their vehicles to go the distance is not against the rules -- and is probably the only way to prevail. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope of Insane Clown Posse star, along with former WWE star Raven.  
Death Angel's Place
Let me be the one My life is a mess I know I am Nowhere to go, no one to hold I was alone, cold and blue Broken and numb never had a clue Then I saw you walking along my path Wearing that sweet smile merely a laugh I wander and then suddenly froze Am I the one you are looking for? The eyes that full of love The lips that full of smile The heart that seems so untrue In your arms, it is a dream comes true. When you laugh, I feel the world stops When you hold my hand, I cannot breathe a while Your voice brings me some sleepless nights And make me dream even with an open eyes. I know life will never be the same again Because I have you to love and to hold I feel like I am in a bed of roses The pain, the worries, and the fear I learn to let go Please my beloved let me be the one The one that you will hold on for the rest of your life Thank you for the love that you showered for me Let me be, let me be the one my dear. Madison This i
The Death Of A Dragon
The Death of a Dragon Silver is a majestic dragon over a wind swept sea, The glow of the full moon against a pale winter’s night sky, The swing of the Reaper’s blade. Silver tastes of a glistening blade as it slices through innocent flesh, And of the Sphinx’s ancient riddle. It is the scent of a relative’s casket closing for an eternity never to open again, Of twilight on a dreary moor in autumn. Silver is the sound of a dragon’s rushing wings, Bone shattering into millions of pieces, The cry of a dying animal’s last breath. It is the loneliness of anticipation, And the extinguished fire in a dragon’s heart. Silver is the graveyard at twilight, The very depths of my mind, And being condemned to an abysmal stay in an eternally closed crypt. It is riding on the back of a soaring dragon, And running your hand over a coffin you know will be forever shut. Silver is having boldness from a false truth while staring in the face of fear, And knowing the c
Death may be a fact of life yes. And alot of people do believe that it comes in threes. But as far as I am concerned it is one of the worst parts of life there os. No matter how inevitable it maybe. And as for it comes in threes well this is nothing but a bunch of crap. So far in the past 4 months alone. Me and my fiance have lost 4 Family members alone. An uncle, Grandfather(his), but the wors loses of all was both of our fathers have just passed away within months apart. Both of our fathers were the greatest men that anyone could ever have asked to know. And yet both of them were riped away from us unfairly. I know that death is never fair and my dad did leave a rich fuffiling long life. But my father in law did have more time if only the doctors would not have failed him. And so here I am trying to hold it together for my fiances sake. Hoping I dont fall apart trying to hide all of my hurt, anger, frustration, and at the same time hurt and the feeling that I should have done more. I
i will be gone for a few days. my grandfather passed away this morning so i need to be with my mother and help her cope with this. c ya laters.
Deaths Lullaby
I walked silently between the tree's in this dream. In the distance death gleamed at me. Death pointed his hand of fate, your life this day I must take! when you wake and I am gone, hold me in your heart! My soul is gone with Death's enticing song. I know its short..
Death In Family
Just a little note..won't be on to much next 2 to 3 days. My uncle passed away this morning. Wishing all my friends a wonderful weekend..
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Like a thief in the night Without warning he will come Your soul is what he wants If you see him try to run Don't ever look behind Cause he's closer than you think He sees your very eyes And can even see you blink They say to always pray And to do as you are told Cause if you're not prepared He can come to steal your soul So if you feel a chill And it's nice and bright outside It's the harbinger of doom So you better run and hide
Death Of A Champion
Derrick Thomas in Hall of Fame Doug Tucker, Associated Press KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — When Air Force jets roared over Arrowhead Stadium in patriotic pregame ceremonies, it used to mean big trouble for visiting quarterbacks. Derrick Thomas, the son of a pilot lost in Vietnam during Operation Linebacker II, always seemed quicker, bolder and even more punishing on those days. That's when Kansas City's great pass-rushing linebacker would summon every ounce of his talent. Those skills carried Thomas, who died in 2000, into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. "I always think of my dad when I see the military planes," the 6-foot-3, 245-pounder once said. "It makes me feel sad that I had to grow up without him. But I guess it also gets my adrenaline going. I dedicate the game to him, and I want to do my best for him." The first time Chiefs fans witnessed this phenomenon was on Veterans Day 1990. An unstoppable Thomas got his hands on Seattle's Dave Krieg nine times that a
Death Of Coaster Rise Of Nightmist
On July 14, 2008 Coaster was slain by his then vampire bride to be. Coaster was named after his demeaner, happy go lucky coasting thru life, well loved by many. Coaster endured lies treachery and deciet, then was starved to death for 2 weeks by the nurishment that only his vampire bride could of given. Prior to this all coasters protectors were driven from his side by the jealous vampire who didnt trust herself and took it out on coaster. Coasters last act bfore death was to slay his vampire bride as well. As he lay dying all the dogs and cur who were kept at bay by coasters protectors which were no longer there, came in droves to devour coasters flesh. One friend fought them off even using his powers to inflict insanity upon one of the cur, and dragged coasters body to a sacred hiding place. A deal was struck that the restless spirit of coaster could return to the world of man, but not in the same form. Thus Nightmist was born. Like the Crow, Nightmist is not the undead but a
Death Of Doughboy
Please join me in remembering a great icon of the entertainment community. The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast infection and trauma complications from repeated pokes in the belly. He was 71. Doughboy was buried in a lightly greased coffin. Dozens of celebrities turned out to pay their respects, including Mrs. Butterworth, Hungry Jack, the California Raisins, Betty Crocker, the Hostess Twinkies, and Captain Crunch. The grave site was piled high with flours. Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy and lovingly described Doughboy as a man who never knew how much he was kneaded. Doughboy rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with turnovers. He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Despite being a little flaky at times, he still was a crusty old man and was considered a positive roll model for millions. Doughboy is survived by his wife Play Dough, three children: John Dough, Jane Dough and Dosey Dough,
Death On A Dark Day
Cold in my head It's cold in my head I just wish I was Dead The burning flesh, no more cold My eyes pale and my skin blue the after life is perfect because fearing death is just stupid Those who die are the lucky ones No pain, no shit, not even crappy ones The rest we will live here with pain, tears, nightmares and love ones lost The day will come my time will pass no one will care free at last Death on a Dark Day Death comes to us all Be it cold, hot, light or dark We wish we could all go in a good way But some pray not on a cold day. It may be hot warm summers day It may be in the fall when the leaf play It could be in spring when the rain fall's But not when the snow is six feet tall. When it's cold the ground is hard The grave diggers have to work extra hard The grass is gone the flowers too all your friends are cold and blue . I want to die when it's night t
I knew you were hurting although you wouldn’t cry, And could see you were suffering, see the pain in your eye I wanted to comfort you, to hold you, be with you that day, You looked so helpless and frail while in bed you did lay. I watched as you shivered from a new pain, And wondered how I might have handled the same. I wanted to scream, to shout, and to yell, You said you were fine although your skin was so pale. I knew in my heart your time was near end, And wished I could take you, your body to mend. I knew that soon God would be your closest friend, You told me many times that’s how it would end. I stood there watching as each breath came slow, And fought to find courage, my emotions were low. I promised you when the time came that I’d not cry, You never saw my eyes wet, always they were dry. I held your hand as I silently said goodbye, And knew in my heart that soon you would die. I stroked your forehead and said how I loved you, You nodded and smiled an
Death Of A Generation
How many deaths will it take before our generation realizes there is a lot of history fading away to memories? How many generations have gone by with out the wisdom and knowledge of its past? How many more will pass? Questions that only we have the answers to. Answers that are self evident if we get our heads out of our own ass’ long enough to open our eyes. I am not political, “religious” or even motivated by the events of today. But what I am is someone with strong moral and ethical beliefs based on knowledge and wisdom gained based down from generations before. Last night at 0300 I lost that chance when my Great Aunt passed. I am saddened by not only the loss of my Aunt but the fact I never really knew her. I heard Grand Ma talk about her all the time but was always too busy to make the trip out to see her and sit and listen and learn. Not only learn about her but learn where my family came from. To gauge where its going and gain an understanding of why we do the thin
I feel very compelled to tell you that I feel your pain. Not like others say they do but in the same way with different details. Society only grieves with us for about a week. They then give "us" about another week or two maybe. At this point all is expected to return back to normal. They however fail to realize that we didn't just lose our life partner and part of our soul, but who we were died with them. Every plan, goal and dream included went into the ground as they did. We have to start over and find the "me" without the "us" the whole time having no desire to do so. Nobody unless they have been where we are can fully understand it. They think their words of comfort and encouragement will fix it. In reality all we need is to be held and rocked. No resolutions offered just let us pour out our soul and listen. Let use share memories to give our soul confirmation that we have not lost the only thing we have left of them, their memory. You are not gone until forgotten. Our bi
If I Died Who would cry If I died who would cry not one tear do I want shed cry for myself when I'm dead you see I lived my life like I wanted no regrets  no remorse I had my fun and I've rode in the sun lied on the beach with waves rolling over me when I die just put me in the ground cover my face, cross my arms and put the lid on don't cry for me don't shed a tear just roll a joint and have a beer
i need a sex bubby beautiful over wisdom to fit in with their style + your Cinderella story'sfor a price + vanity's a business built to fleece the uniquje + silicon and star collide, the rest will fall in line + just as beautiful as you are, it's so pitfull what you are + you should have seen this coming all along + visually you're stimulating to my eyes + your Cinderella syndrome's full of lies + your insecururities are concealed by your pride + pretty soon your ego will kill what's left inside + just as beautiful as your are,it's so pitful what you are + you should have seen this coming all along + it's so pitful what you are, as beautiful as you are + you should have seen coming all along + you're evertihng that's so typical + maybe you're alone for a reason.      as that rise from the deep of hell the mortal will be no more is the AS DAYLIGHT DIES
Death Cheaters
For all those who may have some concerns....DONT PANIC!!!! I have been told ts perfectly safe!! namaste ;) x
Death Is Hard But Part Of Life
Tell what you guys feel about death.Is it a part of life,do you wish be immortal,or do wish to at least want to cheat death?comment on this?
Death Of A Young Marine!!!
At 2:50am Sunday morning on the bypass at the U.S. 17 South and N.C.24 west split, Jacksonville Police Department reponded to a single vehicle crash according to a deputy. The Vehicle's Driver 19 of 2nd MLG, CLB6 Supply Battalion, Camp Lejeune, was opperating a 97 mercede edan n lost control which had caused the vehicle to runn off he road to the left and travel up the embankment of the overpass of N.C.24,according to press release. The Driver was ejected from the vehicle and came o rest ontop of the overpass in the lanes of N.C.24 east. The vehicle continued to travel until it came to rest at the bottom of the embarnkment.  The driverwas airlifted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where he later died from his injuries.  His passenger  who as well was w/ the same battalion as the driver was treated for minor injuries.. AFTER READING THIS AND KNOWING SOME OF THE MARINES WHO WERE FRIENDS OF THESE 2MARINES... LET OUR PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS COMFORT THE FRIENDS FAMILY AND LOVED 1S OF
Death And I Are At War Once Again...
Death and I are at war once more. This time my mother. I have already battled him and lost my father, grandfather and mother, to him. It is a price I pay for having yanked so many out of his grasp when I was a cardiovascular tech at a local hospital here in Tulsa. Now I am on death watch tonight. She is slipping away slowly, I hope that I can face death once more, before it is my turn, and spit in his eye.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Pop giant Michael Jackson, who took to the stage as a child star and went on to set the world dancing to the thumping rhythms of his music for decades, died Thursday, TMZ website reported. He was 50. "We've just learned Michael Jackson has died," TMZ said. "Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon and paramedics were unable to revive him. We're told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back," the entertainment site said. There was no official confirmation of the reported death and spokespersons for Jackson could not be reached for comment. Earlier, the Los Angeles Times said that the singer had been rushed to a Los Angeles-area hospital by fire department paramedics who found him not breathing when they arrived at the singer's home. The newspaper said paramedics performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the scene before taking him to the UCLA Medical Center hospital. Jackson had been due to start a
Deaths Of 2009
WOW!! who would have guessed 2009 will be the year that alot of major names in entertainment, show biz and sports would just drop like flies like crazy, from David Carradine to Ed McMahon to Farrah Fawcett to Michael Jackson to Billy Mayes to Steve McNair. I mean, in all due respect we spend time to reflect on these people for taking part either giving back to the people, help make people lives alittle bit easier with clean up, making movies, music or hell, passing the pig skin and looking to score that big touch down, or legends dies hard.  Many would think it would be Patrick Swayze be next to embrace the good lords name, but it seems everytime you turned around someones bites the dust. This is just unreally for the past couple of weeks. All I can say, My prayers are with the family and friends of the fallen heros, and may the heroes rest in peace.
One year and three months has passed since I lost my best friend, lover and husband. It seems like yesterday. I really thought I'd share some words of wisdom with y'all but for the life of me I can't find any. Peace out.
Sometimes I really don't understand why life is how it is. Why do bad things happen to good people?   Im sitting here, and I am completely broken.   I lost my grandmother today. I have been awake for two days, and stayed by her bedside and sang to her, and rubbed her feet, and told her how beautiful she truly is.   I can still hear the raspy breathing in my head. It won't stop. The struggling for air, the coughing. It brought back so many memories of losing my mom.   My grandmother was the glue to hold my family together, and now that she is gone, they are fighting already, and saying such hurtful things to eachother. I have had to be SO strong for everyone in my family. Even when I was awake in the middle of the night, wishing things would change, I couldn't break down. I had to be in control for them. I had to make one of the most difficult phone calls in my life today. I had to call and tell my father that his mother died before he had a chance to say goodbye. Hearing my d
Death consumes the living, you can't escape this feeling. We see it coming, we feel it's embrace. When we're children we feel immortal, And our parents lie about death. Why?
Death Poems
Death Before Dishonor Tattoo - The slogan of “Death Before Dishonor”, frequently written in a coiling scroll wrapped around a dagger, is a perennially popular military tattoo -- and for good reason. The saying has been used for military units at least as early as ancient Rome (“morte prima di disonore”). By the time of the famed Roman senator and historian Tacitus (AD 56 to ca. 117), the vow of "death before dishonor" had become 'old-fashioned' and something espoused by the barbari or barbarians such as Caratacus (chief of the British, who revolted against Rome). However, some two centuries earlier it was Catiline (108 to 62 BC), the Roman politician who attempted to overthrow the Roman Republic, who had urged it and Cataline may even have been influenced by Thucydides (the Greek historian of 460 to 395 BC who wrote about the Peloponnesian War). However, the famous concept of death as preferable to dishonor, if not the actual phrase, is not res
Death Of An Innocent
Before I start let me say this this story touched me inside and out as I read it as I could feel her pain and agony and felt a strange feeling inside of tears and so on and even more when I read it out loud to my grandma.... so here it goes I went to a party, Mom. I remembered what you said. You told me not to drink, Mom so I   drank soda instead. I really felt proud inside, Mom, the way you said I would. I didn't drink and drive, Mom, even though the others said I should. I know I did the right thing, Mom. I know you are always right. Now the party is finally ending, Mom, and everyone is driving out of sight. As I got into my car, Mom, I knew I'd get home in one piece, because of the way you raised me - so responsible and sweet. I started to drive away, Mom, but as I pulled out into the road, the other car didn't see me, Mom - and hit me like a load.   As I lie here on the pavement, Mom, I hear the policeman say "The other guy is drunk," Mom, and now I'm the one who will pay. I'm ly
Death By Love
There are many different causes of death, but the one that is most commonly known is love. Love is a very strong emotion, that is a lot of the time under estimated or taken for granted by people. Love is all around you whether you know it or not, it's just like the air we breathe we know it is there whether or not we see it or feel it. Now back to what I was saying and what this is all about, Death by love. If you stop to think about it you know I'm right when you here there has been a suicide 9 times out of 10 it had to do with love that went wrong or love that was going fine and someone wanted to make sure it stayed that way, but this doesn't just go for a suicide this could also be the reason for a murder. Examples are someone gets jealous or just can't take see the one they love with someone else so they flip out. Love will tend to make a person crazy and do and say things they normally wouldn't. I know you all know what I'm saying, because most of you have been in love or still ar
Deaths Near Misses
So I guess one of the things that makes me uniqe si that Ive died atleast three times. The first two were from the same motorcycle wreck, no helmit went off the road and hit a metal pole. Life flight took me to Beaumont blinked out on hele ride, then again in ER, but they kept being able to bring me back. So a week went by and I came out of my coma on my 25th b-day, they let me know what happened, told me I cracked my skull, srushed the bones in my left ear (completely def), broken collar bone, blah, blah, blah. The third was alot less epic I was eating choked by the time someone came by I was blue, but once again I rebound well, cpr and Im back. On the way to the ambulance the EMS droped my strecher crossing the bridge form my house to carpport, good times good times. Well thats it for this one but there will be more stories of dumbfuckerry! 
The Death DealerHe creeps,He crawls,He slithers,He rolls,Who is this man, you ask?He's created in your fires Your deepest desiresHe's what you wantAnd you can have itFor a small price of courseIt's not much, for one such as yourselfThe counjourer of spirits A jack of all tradesWould you care to play his game?It's not that hardBut it requires a wagerNot money, but something more dearSo make your bid But do so wiselyBecause if you lose You'll find that the cost is pricey!  am the slayer, I am the bringer of deathI come to erase the mistakes of this worldMy work shall never be done This world is full disease, filth, and putrignessThese things I must pacify from my worldI am the slayer, I am the bringer of deathI come to erase the mistakes of this worldThis world I speak of is full of fire and brimestoneIt is a world of eternal suffering and blissIt is my world and I shall controll allI am the slayer, I am the bringer of deathI come to erase the mistakes of this worldThis world demands suf
Death Came Knocking!!
Death came knocking at my door, It was half past twelve, I yelled go away What are you knocking for? My mind goes weary, I lose my thoughts, My eyes go blurry, It is not my fault. Again Death came knocking, It was quarter til one, I could not yell out My time has come. No one to lead me into that wayward light, I can not see past it, It is way too bright. Death came knocking, a third time It was almost two, I hurt so much, I don't know what to do, I can't fight anymore. This final time Death didn't knock at my door. No protest from me, I won't hurt anymore. Death ushered me away at half past two... No crying for me because I'm always with you...
My Mother in law passed away this morning! R.I.P. mom (Barb lalone-Wood aka "sapphire"...1/21/62 - 7-11-10...I love you mom!!
Death Of Love
though i waited for u in the dark i still cant seem to find the light. you faked youself out like you were a whole diff human. i dont think i was in love with u.. u were someone that faked urself out. u butt fucked ur game up. i cried a river of blood, hurt,love and pain. i wasted my moments of life on u for way to long but came to find out u were just a fake human tyin to change yourself.but u failed. i could had shot myself and lay in ur arms in die. i wanted to save u from urself. save u from hurt and the pain. but me 'billie jeanette jones" failed at saving u. but do u think the drugs are going to be there when u fall? do u think a hand is going to pop out from a dream and help u up? i felt the pain of love when u said the things u said. even my dreams were screaming at me while i ran from me. i ran while tryin to pick up broken glass.. and failed when i cut my fingers up leaving the bleeding me everywhere. my heart dropped and the old scars re opened leavin my heart open for clots
Death And Responsible Behavior
Six people are dead, including a Federal Judge, a nine year old girl and a 79 year old woman. It has been reported that 19 people were shot, fourteen of them are critically wounded – including Representative Gabrielle Giffords. It happened outside a supermarket in Tucson, Arizona on a crisp, clear Saturday morning. A motive for the shooting has yet to have been determined. The shooter is said to have been a “deranged young man” who acted alone. Everyone on both sides of the aisle is, of course, decrying the senseless violence. Republicans are scrambling to distance themselves from the folks on the fringe while some Democrats are seizing the opportunity to foist them on their own petard.   Yes, there is a direct link between the rhetoric of violence and acts of violence. That point is so obvious to me it boggles my mind to think that there are some – apparently a great number – who actually don’t get it. This quote from this morning’s NY Times editorial clearly summaries the pr
Death And Responsible Behavior
The Death Of Manners
With the elimination of osama bin laden, there is an opening of a myriad options to consider and eventually pursue. It will be weeks before the euphoria and back slapping, and a return to status quo. And with good Statesmanship, President Barrack Obama stands on the precipiece of historical figure. The islamic world is in revolt, is at a crossroads, with the right diplomacy, an opening for Arab democracy is at hand to take the world forward. The Arab world is throwing out it's strongmen. Where they end up can be determined by how this administration deals with the aftermath of Osama's death. Barrack Obama is uniquely qualified to play a positive, constructionist role in how or if a rapproachment is made to the islamic world. there's 2 ways to look at the leveling up proceedures on fu. one way is to accept it naively, following those before you through the maze of accomplishments, with all of it's accompaning fan fare of colors, lights(casinos ring a bell?), andplacement on the board.
My Death...   Unfortunately it won't be anytime soon.. maybe years from now... No one will be there mourning for me.. I will be laying in that cheap $5.00 pine box alone... No flowers... No Tears....   Just me in my little pine box getting ready for the termites!
Deathwish Duck
  You Take What You Need From Your Father Ray is gay. He goes into the doctor's office and has some tests run.   The doctor comes back and says, "Ray, I'm not going to beat around the bush. You have AIDS". Ray is devastated. "Doc, what can I do?"   The doctor says "eat 1 curry sausage, 1 head of cabbage, 20 unpeeled carrots drenched in hot sauce, 10 jalapeno peppers, 40 walnuts and 40 peanuts, 1/2 box of All Bran and top it off with a gallon of prune juice."   Ray asks bewildered, "will that cure me Doc?" Doc says, "No, but it should leave you with a better understanding of what your ass is for"! Dealing with Cyberbullies   Bullies are taking advantage of technology to intimidate and harass their   victims. Dealing with cyberbullying can be difficult, but there are steps   you can take. What is cyberbullying?   Cyberbullying refers to practice of using technology to harass, or bully,   someone else. Bullies
Death Is Never Permanent
Bury yourself cut the ropeBecause this ship is going downWasting so much time on thingsThat don't matter until nowAnd I will cry and I will bleedAnd I will make sure that you've seenYou can leave this all behind(And I want to take back what is mine)Save yourself nowThis ship is going downAs you're drowning in the water(As you're drowning in the water)This ship is going downShe's my treasure to be foundWhile our heavy hearts pull us apart(I'll watch you)Can you feel this extra tension in the airDying's never felt so good beforeYour flesh begins to tearIt gets so dark this wounded heartThat burns as the sky turns blackSo cut these chains to break my legs(And stab me in the back)Save yourself nowThis ship is going downAs you're drowning in the water(As you're drowning in the water)This ship is going downShe's my treasure to be foundWhile our heavy hearts pull us apart(I'll watch you)Save yourself nowThis ship is going downDrowning in the waterNo one will save you nowSave yourself nowThis
Death Will Come ~ Nsfw ~ ( Now Hiring All Staff...inquire Within)
What if i told u that death does exists what would u tell rself? I know death exists i have since death time nd time again.  Before i got with the love of my life i had lost everything nd everyone. But she has help me with things ppl havent to help with. i have thought about killing myself many times but she help me through that time nd time.  I LOVE DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Death Defined
The divine element of the soul mate partnership is what differentiates it from mere friendships based on mutual compatibility, attraction, desires, interests and values. Theorists such as Edgar Cayce assume that a soul mate is one with whom we have shared many physical and emotional experiences during numerous lifetimes over a long period of time.   The soul mate notion is not restricted to nor trivialised by ideas of romantic or physical love and marriage partnerships. A common misconception exists that a soul mate is the ideal one who makes life or a relationship blissful. Rather, the significance of the soul mate connection lies in its capacity to accelerate the path of spiritual learning so that individuals may assist one another mentally and spiritually. Therefore it is likely that a number of soul mates can co-exist in a lifetime. Soul mates influence lives by assisting the individual in soul development and helping them to become better people by setting personal ideals and go
Hi to EVERYONE, Well I must tell you, I have had the most AWESOME 48 hours on this site I have ever had! So I wanted to take the time to tell everyone who came out to my page during my auto 11's and my happy hours on Sunday and Monday, THANK YOU SO MUCH for rating some or all of my pics. My birthday was Jan 5th also and I want to thank everybody for all of the beautiful cards, profiles comments, and all the wonderful gifts and drinks, you all sent me. I just cant say enough how absoutley awesome "everyone" that I have encountered on here is and I mean that from he bottom of my heart. So let me show you all some love...thank again, your friend always Diamond Deb MySpace Graphics & MySpace Layouts Sexy Comments & Profile GraphicsHappy New Year to "Everyone"Well the holidays are now over "but" I'm still celebrating and I am celebrating "BIG" I just wanted you all to know that I am hosting "2" Happy Hours , yes 2 lol, I am will turning a whopping "51" Januarty 5th. So starting Su
Sexpert Extraordinaire! Go on, gloat -- you deserve it! Game to try anything once, gregarious and confident in bed, you've not only got few inhibitions and a high sex drive, but you're as sensitive to your lover's needs as you are to your own (and more than capable of satisfying both). Your huge appetite for hedonistic pleasures attracts swarms of partners. Match up with an equally skilled lover who's as adventurous, imaginative and nonjudgmental as you are and erotic, earth-moving encounters happen daily. You leave your lovers with a sloppy grin on their faces, and your exes not only still find you excruciatingly attractive, they like you heaps because you're as good at relationships as you are at sex. You give as much as you take; you masturbate both with and without your partner; and you aren't afraid to speak up in bed, encouraging your lovers to do the same. Flexible and gloriously liberated, you'll try anything once trust develops. Go straight to the head of the c
The Debacle Of Debauchary
Emrace of the Vampire(Alyssa Milano) Embrace Of The Vampire - video powered by Metacafe Bound(Jennifer Tilly & Gina Gershon) Hottest Scene Ever Jennifer Tilly & Gina Gershon - video powered by Metacafe When I was working On The "LoAnime" video i was goofing around with a SPY Theme thing...This is the result of that...Just for fun. Your comments would be Appreciated. Thanks! Hosted on Flurl Video Search - Watch More Videos
Christians on CT I feel a need to vent... I have seen many of you..."Christians", here on Cherry Tap. I don't have a problem with Christianity, per se, but do have a problem with your bullshit, to put it bluntly. Let me start by saying that I know you…I know what Christianity entails. I went to a Christian high school, my brother-in-law has a PhD in Theology… my mother will, (if you are all correct), be sitting…right next to Christ himself in Heaven…etc. I have studied religion, religious doctrine, and philosophy for many years and feel that I am quite educated on the subject. Your doctrine…I know all about it, so don’t bother trying to debate with me, on what I am about to say, (and if you choose to, be advised that I will make your head swim)…but…on with it. Some, and I emphasize SOME, of you here have posted in your profiles your belief in Christ. You are proud to be Christian…whether you be Protestant, Catholic …whatever. (And you know who you are) I have visited yo
What up fellow Cherry Blasters. Just dropping a few lines to c what is goin' on with every1. Hit me up when u have a chance. The path to b wit me..... Debaytay@ CherryTAP
Debating On Re-locating
I'm so alone. I am so fucking alone. It took me 32 years (to the day) to find somebody to love and I was thrown away like yesterdays trash. I just can't handle being alone again for another 32 years. Am I ever gonna find somebody who cares for me? Who isn't gonna throw me away? All I do is cry everyday because I'm so damn lonely. I wanna lash out. I wanna make others understand my pain, but I can't stand to hurt people. I suppose that makes me a coward. She said that I was a wonderful person and that I'll find somebody else. Where? When? I can't even get women to talk to me or even acknowledge that I exist. 32 years. Thirty-Two years.... I found the perfect woman for me and she dropped me to date her best friend. I need some hope, but I don't know where to find it. Neil "Valkryie01" Hale Gateway Internationa Raceway is NOT in St. Louis. It is located in Madison, Illinois. They need to say the NASCAR Busch series race from Madison, ILLINOIS. Now I do realiz
I am debating on just deleting my profile and not even bothering coming back. I don't know why I even log in. I just watch my bar tab as other people get love, and hop into lounges to hardly get talked to unless I buy a round. On the off chance someone does talk to me... I hardly ever hear from them again. I'm just not a real popular guy. It's the same here as when I go to a bar in person. It's just depressing.
Debate On Fubar??? here's the deal: ~I have seen all these people cry about the mumms, saying things such as "You need to blog this";"We dont wanna discuss politics/religion/anything deeply debatable in the mumms...";etc... ~Well, this is a test. Let's see if I can get some intellectual conversation from a blog. ~For lack of anything else on my mind at this present moment, I'll open this for discussion. Here's my first question: *** DO WE REALLY NEED TO HAVE HOLIDAYS, SPECIFIC MONTHS, ETC... HONORING THE BLACK CULTURE??? *** my position: I feel that in these days of tolerance, equality, equal opportunities, and such, these events (MLK Jr. day, Black History Month, etc..) only perpetuate the thought that there is some sort of difference that remains in our society between "African-Americans" (most of which couldnt name the country of origin that their ancestral roots began from) and Caucasian-Americans. Isnt this counter-productive? Doesnt this undermine the very equality and
Where is Foxy at? Are there any free music sites for Downloading, other than limewire? Thanks! Please read my new bulletin!
I've Been Debating If I Should Leave Fubar And Just Take A Long Break.I Know This Mite Sound Like I Mite Be Whining Or Whatever But I Got To Get This Off My Chest..I've Been Feeling Like A Outsider A Lot As Of Late, Doesn't Matter If I Go Into The Lounges Or Rate Peoples Pix Or Leave A Status Of What Is Really On My Mind It Just Seems That I'm Like A Ghost Nobody Can See Me Or Nobody Really Can Really Give A Rats Ass But I Will Tell You This I Like To Get To Know People I'm Not A Number On Someones Fan List Or Friends List If That's The Case Maybe I Should Delete People... If People Got A Problem With Me Then Step Up And Say Some Thing Or Delete Me Don't Sit There And Act Like You Don't Give Crap About Me And At The Same Time Have Me On You're Friends List And Family's List Makes No Sence At All.
Debbs World
hey everyone i added pics to my photos take a look thanks whats up people new here just trying to figure this out
Debbie's Ramblings
This is an article submitted to a 1999 Louisville Sentinel contest tofind out who had the wildest Christmas dinners. It won first prize.As a joke, my brother Jay used to hang a pair of panty hose over hisfireplace before Christmas. He said all he wanted was for Santa to fillthem.What they say about Santa checking the list twice must be true becauseevery Christmas morning, although Jay's kids' stockings overflowed, hispoor pantyhose hung sadly empty.One year I decided to make his dream come true. I put on sunglasses andwent in search of an inflatable love doll. They don't sell those thingsat Wal-Mart. I had to go to an adult bookstore downtown.If you've never been in an X-rated store, don't go. You'll only confuseyourself. I was there an hour saying things like, 'What does this do?''You're kidding me!' 'Who would buy that?' Finally, I made it to theinflatable doll section.I wanted to buy a standard, uncomplicated doll that could alsosubstitute as a passenger in my truck so I could use
DEBRA ANN BASTON ST. ALBANS - Debra Ann Baston, 42, died Friday, March 23, 2007, at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vt. She was born Dec. 27, 1964, in Claremont, N.H., the daughter of Edwin and Eleanor (Bressette) Baston. She attended school in South Royalton, Vt. and graduated from the Randolph Area Vocational Center in Randolph, Vt. in 1983. Following graduation she lived a short time in South Royalton and a few years in Underhill, Vt. before moving to St. Albans. Debra had participated in the Vermont Winter Special Olympics as a skier. She loved playing bingo, and her many cats. She enjoyed doing family genealogy and listening to country music. She is survived by three brothers: Donald Donoghue of South Royalton, William Clay of Plymouth, N.H. and Jason Johnson of Lebanon, N.H.; three sisters: Jolene Coolidge of Rutland, Vt., Carol Emerson of Bradford, Vt. and Lois Potwin-Thomas of Manchester, N.H.; and several aunts, uncles, nieces and nephe
Debbi 0502
so last thursday i adopted a basset hound, she's a year old; i called her Rhylee. She has YET to go to the bathroom outside for me, instead she enjoys going in my house. The other day she dragged out my bathroom rugs and took a crap on my floor! (at least she didnt want to get my rugs dirty) Then just last night i put her in the bathroom (took all the rugs and litter box out) and shut the door while i ran to the store. Came back and she crapped on my floor and smeared it all over the floor! pulled my towels on the floor and got them covered in it as well... Anyone reading this, did you ever have a basset hound and have this much trouble training one? I learned that I need more practice at playing "quarters" especially when you're facing off against BIGGER people, who can stomache all the alcohol and actually know how to play the game/throw the quarter into the glass....I won maybe 3 times haha...but guess who got loaded first!! :P no more alcohol for me WOOHOO!! I finally go
Debbi Rocks!
~Debbi~@ fubar
Debbie"s Bar
Liquior in the front............ Poker in the rear..........
The Debbie Moulton Backstabber Chronicles
The Debbie Moulton Backstabber Chronicles Isn't it pathetic that this person would let out a sigh most every time her cell phone rang and it was her mother calling? I witnessed this on many occasions. That's quite understandable considering she told me how sad she was that her "favorite" parent recently died first. A classless statement from a classless individual. Then she tells the tale of how her "obsessed with the church and religion" ex husband decided (when she was in CO visiting) to resign her from her job without her knowledge, pack up their home in a U-Haul, put the car on a trailer, drove to pick them up in Denver (arriving at the door with no notice), only to move them to the middle of Nebraska and live in a motel because he saw a church on TV he wanted to join. She went on to say that they lived cheaply for years, only renting places the whole time they were married. Yet the ex was able to buy once he remarried and moved on. She wasn't overly enthusiastic over the
What I am all about: Slapstick serious when I need to be happy (if i've had my coffe) remember that :) I'm easy to get along with unless don't lie to me damn gotta lie. just go be there cause you want to not cause you feel like you need to or don't have any place to go believe you me Things that have bothered me: Do we really need to get into that Naw. I am looking for: I would like to meet a man that just walks into my life one day Personally, I don't think there is any such thing as a soul mate. People who look for the perfect people find themselves up to be disappointed. The reality is you have to make the best of life in a world full of imperfect people and you make it work by putting time and effort into it, that's all. Enjoy me just the way I am, and no desire to remodel. Respect, communication, agree to disagree Someone I can say anything to and won't be judged, or refuse to hear me talk. Just knowing he has your back in a situation, very important to me per
imikimi - Customize Your World grlskikass2 *FU BOMBERS*@ fubar
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You Dont Own Me - Lesley Gore
Christmas Cards Photo Christmas Cards  
Debbullan Announcements Tweets
Debbullan Announcements Special announcements shared with supporters of Debbullan Inc. are shared here with you! To get real time announcements or to show your support email Friday, September 11, 2009 'TWEETS' from the National Summit on Viral Hepatitis of September 11 in Washington, D.C. Find a copy of the itinerary at this url: Director Dawn Webb attended today, Friday September 11, 2009Taking time to remember the victims of 9/11Welcome to Debbullan's live audit of the National Summit on Viral Hepatitis in Washington DC. For live updates...About 300 people are in attendance of National Summit on Viral Hepatitis in Washington DC.First Speaker John G. Bartlett, MD, a man of a passion for bringing positive awareness of Hep C to the mass publicWhat Have We Learned from HIV and how do we apply it to HCV? HCV must become general med
Debbullan Was Recommended...
        Debbullan was recommended by a representative at Texas Health Resources to a North Texas county justice program as a resource or supplier of HCV awareness information to the the effect that we would be able to "provide valuable information to this criminal justice population."We offered the choice of our searching for and supplying a high tech, medical presentation specialist or accepting our low tech direct to individual approach regarding awareness and prevention surrounding Hepatitis C. Debbullan's direct to individual approach was chosen. We will supply a 30 minute, demographically focused, interactively enticing, call to personal action presentation to a momentarily captive audience.We feel it is best to withhold complete details of this non public, health focused event until it is complete in early November. We are proud that an arm of the public health department of Texas felt confident we could well represent them (through specific recommendation) and the cause of
Debbullans Presentation In Cleburne, Texas
Debbullan's 4 Announcements For November 2009
Dear Supporters of Debbullan Inc.:For your good information, please find 4 important announcements listed below: * * * Debbullan Inc. is calling for mass testing for Hepatitis C (HIV and Hepatitis B) if you have ever received a Botox injection from any facility or shared vial at a "Botox Party". There is a lawsuit pending regarding contamination and risk of disease due to the continuous and widespread reuse of "one use" vials. We see no reason to wait upon the outcome the lawsuit due to the following statements regarding the alleged multiple use of the product: [The Botox business model "created an unacceptable and unreasonable risk of serious and debilitating injuries and illnesses, including HIV and Hepatitis B and C," states the lawsuit, filed Sept. 29 in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.]["The possibilities of infection, given what is going on when it comes to injecting Botox by whomever, are terrifying," Garcia said."We're not talking about 40,000 o
Debbullan 'our Mission'
Live life to its fullest as you never know whats around the corner. I do and take things as they come. I own my own business selling Slumber Parties, and never knew just how fullfilling that could be to be able to help women and couples keep that romance alive. Never take relationships for granted, as everything in life takes work and if its worth it give it your all. If you would like info on what I do just let me know. Debi Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly....... Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.
My newest owner and best friend is so close to leveling to Godfather...let's show her the fu love and get her leveled by her birthday she is only 286,640 points away...I know we can do this. Just click on the link below to take you to her page. Debi Cakes owned by Silverpixi@ fubar Hugs, Silverpixi Debi asked me to post a blog letting our friends know that she is alive, however, she is having computer issues as well as personal issues. Her life is just a bit crazy right now and just found out one of her aunts passed away. She misses you all and will try to get back online as soon as she can. Hugs from Debi
De Blog?
Do you remember when we were kids always on da blockk acting hella stupid and shit. Back then we were always checking some hoes and yelling out GDKK till the world blows. back then when we gave no fuck. We would bust out on the streets yelling out ambrose luv. telling each-other one day we'll turn out. that was our dream. I didn't go through on it. You did. Do you remember when we checked that stupid bitch and she started flappin' her gums bout gdn and all that shit. We laughed our asses off so hard. Member when i first started dating the boys and you followed afterwards. Member when i was in love with one of the boys and he broke my heart? Man i wasn't even talking to you and you weren't there to help me fix it. It took me a year to be able to be around people smokin their squares. But when i finally told you about it you were there with my shoulder to cry on. Do you member when drama and me where together and he stalkked yo ass while you were on da bike with Nini? And how you use to
Debora !
Dug a re dug n dug a re dug etc. Oh Debora, always look like a zebra Your sunken face is like a galleon Clawed with mysteries of the Spanish Main, oh Debora... Dug a re dug etc. (Ex tempore) Debora Oh Debora, always dress like a conjuror It's fine to see your young face hiding 'Neath the stallion that I'm riding, Debora... (Ex tempore) Dug a re dug etc. (Ex tempore) Debora Dug a re dug n dug a re dug etc. Oh Debora, you look like a stallion Oh Debora, you look like a stallion Your sunken face is like a galleon Clawed with mysteries of the Spanish Main Oh Debora
I woke up this morning think that happiestness comes from the heart/within.  Only we can make our own life the way we want it to be and if we cannot do for ourselves then who the hell will.  Life is too short to count on others.  If you want someting done right do it yourself.  Is'nt life great.
Can't find you? Where are you and what are your plans? Send me your new address? Love you! Michael What are you up too???? I hope ya'll are well. M.
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I have had problems with CherryTap freezing up; shoutbox malfunctions, messages that seem to repeat themselves. I give people 11's only to find the next day I never rated their profile - ? I know I need more Ram for my puter and that is in the works. This takes money which is marked for vacation. I will take care of my PC more in June. Hopefully friends, family and others here can understand that if I cant reply it isnt them it is probably me, or the site. I will try to add comments to all of my chosen family members. What seems to make my system bog down are skinz. I have been using one the Naughty and Sassy. I really love Jeremy Crows work and yet I crash or freeze every time I use one - pouting at this point. Because damn it if I am going to have my profile look good I want to use the best and well I think his are excellent. I know they are working on various things here and have comments about shoutbox, messages, skinz even and other stuff malfunctioning. If
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Q: Doctor,  I've heard that  cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?A: Your  heart is only good for so many  beats, and that's it...  don't waste them on exercise. Everything wears out  eventually.  Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer; that's like saying you can extend  the life of your car by driving it faster.  Want to live longer?  Take a  nap.  Q: Should  I cut  down on meat and  eat more fruits and  vegetables?A: You  must grasp  logistical efficiencies.  What does a cow eat?   Hay and corn.   And what are these?  Vegetables.  So a steak  is nothing more  than an efficient mechanism of  delivering vegetables to your  system.   Need grain?   Eat  chicken.   Beef is also a good source  of field grass  (green leafy vegetable).   And a pork chop can  give you  100% of your recommended daily allowance of  vegetable  products.Q: Should  I reduce my  alcohol intake?  A:  No,  not at all.  Wine is made from  fruit.  Brandy is  distilled wine,  that means t
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Sometimes times get hard, but you learn to fight for what you need and want. Love isn't always easy, so you gotta stick up for it. I will keep holding on until it all comes through, i'll wait for you. One day things will come and go easier, life will be much simpler, in the morning eyes of you. I know you will keep me safe from harm, hold me and protect me for life. My soulmate and bestfriend, my witness to life. Things will get better soon enough, and until then i'll wait for you my love. I Vaguely hear the cries from my soul, Which is quite a stranger to me these days actually, so I pay little attention to the painful sounds, It makes one last desperate attempt to make me feel guilty, But It's not like It was a bet, or a game played and lost, The trade was fair and in my favor, Staring through wide open eyes at an almost mirror image of myself being drug away, She reaches a hand out as though there were something around she could grab onto, Somethin
Deb's R/l Luvs On Fubar
Deb's R/l Luvs On Fubar
Debt And The Financial Crisis
In this the day and age of the world wide financial crisis, many people are despairing of their financial situation. People need to look rationally and honestly at their situations, and should realise that they CAN get themselves back on the right road. For your FREE step by step plan just go to and get it. There is nothing to join up to, just some sound financial advice. Take control of your finances. No money making ideas, nothing to pay out, nothing to join. Just follow the plan and help yourself our of debt! REMEMBER that you have to negotiate, no bank in this current climate wants to forclose on you, so see what you need to do to help yourself.
Debt Settlement And Loan Modification
I work for we can help you we offer 100% money back guarantee a $300 dollar gas card to you and a 98% success rate of getting your principle and payments down. when you contact us please give my name NICOLETTE we can help you. please check out my other site your future depends on it.. and peace of mind. Nicolette
debt consolidation
Debt Consolidation Tips
If you’re currently struggling on your debts, no doubt you’re getting hammered with creditor phone calls. There are many debt settlement companies eager to help you consolidate your loans to cut your payments in half, lower your interest rates, and help you get out of debt fast. Check this website for more details about debt consolidation loans. A Debt consolidation loan is simply a loan that pays off your other loans. Once you consolidate a loan, you owe that money to the new lender, not to the original creditor. A Debt consolidation loan may lower your monthly payments, either by reducing your interest rate or by extending the length of time for repayment. Check this website for more details about debt consolidation loans. For more information, you can visit
Debt Settlement
Debut Show
Dec 11 2006
Well I just deleted about 30% of my friends list. takes forever with the way it is set up here. but I must have gotten the right ones on this round. Nobody said a thing. I wonder if people will start to bitch when I start unfanning them. Some people are so wrapped up in having lots of friends. Get rid of a lot of them and then see how it goes on the next round of deleting "friends" And if I did delete you and you still want to be a friend. drop me a note and let me know. MySpace Comments Graphics ok now i am starting to delete people from my friends list. if i haven't talked to you, well odds are you are going to get deleted. if i delete you and you want back on or want to avoid being deleted. make sure i am more than a number to you. This way I can be a friend to my friends. I wont treat them like numbers and I don't want to be treated like one either. My fan's list will go after that.
Dec 14, 2006
Hellooooooo everyone! It has been forever in a day since I've been on here. Infact I just realized today that this is no longer called cherry tap. Damn how long have I been hiding under that rock I found? Apparently a little longer than I originally thought. HA HA! Well I've still got alot of shit going on.... so I'm out of here for now. Just wanted to stop by and say hello to muh friends. :D Hope all is well with all of you and yours. Yeah, I'm still breathing.... LOL I know its been awhile since alot of people have heard from me. So I thought I'd drop a few lines and say HELLO to EVERYONE at one time. LOL I've been trying to keep myself busy the last few weeks. And seem to be doing a pretty good job of it. I've kinda taken over mom's garden. And have been working on it, among a few other things. One day last week Meanass and I trimmed back the rose bush, and pulled all the weeds out of it. Boy that was a chore. LOL A few minutes ago someone handed me a very touching poem
21 Dec 2006

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