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a href="">Check out this video: JACK BOIZ ..Add to My Profile | More Videos ~THIS IS NOT SPAM AT ALL~ What’s up this boi P.C. THA GREAT! Look i don't know what type of music you listen to or what you might be listening to at the moment but i just wanted to tell you that on JULY 15th i'll be releasing my first WORLD WIDE album courtesy SHO NO MERCY RECORDS/TAKE OVA MANAGEMENT.During spring break i sold over 3,000 promo copies of the cd just to see what people think and say about the little time i spent in the studio.Of course i got some bad comments but more good!The bad comments mostly come from people who wanted to hear the same ol stuff and nothin new but all the good comments came from people who wanted to hear something new and not the same ol same ol stuff!The good mostly out weighted the bad,which kinda mad me feel good and gave me confidence besides the confidence i already built u
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Check Your Friends Pages!
I've found that some of my friends pages don't show that I rated them. I rated them again. So far, about 2/3 of them can be re-rated again. Woohoo! :D
Check Yourself
I don't understand how reasonably rationale people are willing to just cut their souls out and hand them over wholesale. Have some respect for yourself. And if you come up begging for me to give you a rating, you damn well better accept what you're given. If the scale is 1-10 then I got news for you people, that makes 5 average. Don't get pissy with an eight like you just got insulted. Don't tell me that you can only rate people 10's and that if you don't people will get mad at you and block you. If being an 8 in a world of 5's and less is insulting or beneath you, then you need to zoom out of your current situation and see yourself on the computer getting pissy that someone you BEGGED to rate you, rated you, but didn't give you the rating you wanted. Why would you ask to be rated? Don't lie, beg to be rated a 10 if that's what you're after. Be the best whore you can be. Check yourself before you look my way. That said, I'm grateful for the people in my life, but I
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I been having alot of pain so tomorrow i will be going to the doctor to get checked out. Why I been busy lately..and not getting back with you on messages. I start hurting, so I been laying down more. I have not forgotten any of you.. xoxo
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I'm gonna clean the house I'm gonna fix the fence In my final hours I'm gonna tie up these loose ends I wont leave a note For anyone to find Tomorrow they'll know What I've done here tonight [Chorus] The drastic steps I've takin' Are just an act of desperation I knew no one would miss me So what the hell I fought and lied I drank too much Hurt every one I ever touched Just how much I hurt you is hard to tell This is not some kind of cry for help Just good bye I wish you well Because I love you I'm gonna kill myself Now who is that In my easy chair Now wait a minute That's the old me sittin' there And I thank God The devil in me died I stand before you now A man changed and alive [Chorus] The drastic steps I've takin' Are just an act of desperation I knew no one would miss me So what the hell I fought and lied I drank too much Hurt every one I ever touched Just how much I hurt you is hard to tell This is not some kind of cry for help Just g
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Hey hey Ya All Lets Hav a lil fun in the Sun! Lil Miss Devilish Desire Is in A Summer HH Contest & SHe is in Need of a lil Bit Help.... Comment Bombing Welcome Or Take A Few Seconds & Slap a Rate On Her There Worth 5.... All Love Will Be Returned! Thank You!! RePostttttttttttt plzzzzzz! Check out this blog!
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Check Your Credit Report
This is a repost from a friend who had this just happen to him. Hopefully this won't happen to you. Just some FYI. It is a good thing I have certain habits. Those habits tend to keep me out of trouble, or allow me to rectify bad situations very quickly. I decided long ago that my habit of reading my credit card statements was quite near the top of the List of Good Things (tm). Until now, identity theft of any kind had completely missed me. Fortunately, the aforementioned habit has allowed me to jump on what I just learned in the past few hours. Whenever I am considering a large purchase that I plan to use my credit card for, I always check my balance online to help decide if I can afford to spend what I am thinking of spending. (What I want to purchase is irrelevant. The point here is caution, people.) This morning, I logged in to my account to check my balance, and saw that it had risen by more than $1300 USD in the past month. Upon checking all recent activity over
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Tired of lounges asking you for salute pics and requiring passwords to see some chick on cam? Well so are we!!!!!! Enter The Pleasure Dome!! That's right Terry decided to get into the club game and his friends and family couldn't be happier!!!! The Pleasure Dome is home to great music, and great people!!! Cams with girls and guys all night!!!! Bling Giveaways and trivia parties too!!!! Our featured Dj's spinning your favorites are DJ Tattoogrl and Aphrodite!!!! Come check us out!!!!!! If you are a DJ then consider The Pleasure Dome your new home. Also looking for girls for the Pleasure Dome Hotties Cam Crew!!! Have you got what it takes? Let us know!!!! Hope to see you there!!!! Just click the pic to gain access!!!!
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Click here for more Showing-Love Graphics! if any of you guys get bore come play a game mobster with me at www.myspace/
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hey come to they are given out prizes and chat in the room with the nets best djs and request your favorite songs...
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I am a new creator and I am so proud of myself. I know I have a long way to go but I think you all can help. Please give me your input on my new websites. Thanks and I love you all!If they are is ok to let me know. I know I am not perfect.
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Check This Guy Out Thats Running For President
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i luv music and videos check out my page what u think.Luv 80s music always have and luv the music now to lol.
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So Yeah... I am in an auction and would like you to own me!! I invite all my friends, fans, or anyone else to place a bid on me! The Link to the auction is: What you get if you win: Rate all pics and stash Fu owned in Name for a Month 2 Salutes one NSFW one SFW Daily Comment and Gift I will throw in 1 or 2 more nsfw salute of YOUR CHOICE for a bling pack (depends on how big the bling pack is) or more depending on what is offered!! The bid should be the the same amount of fubucks plus a bling OR can just be a big bling pack no fubucks. Plz repost this if you would like to help :D I added this update to my about me section.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I AM SO OVER THE DRAMA ON FUBAR. I HATE THAT PEOPLE FEEL THEY NEED TO TEAR SOMEONE ELSE DOWN JUST BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. AS MUCH AS PEOPLE WANNA THINK THAT I CAUSE DRAMA....I AM THE ONE THAT C
Check Out Kolman
Hi Everyone KOLMAN is new to FUBAR and were excited to be a part of such a COOL website we have a new page here and we've just uploaded some live cuts from KOLMANS Concert Things did get a little crazy on stage that night But that's not unusual at a KOLMAN SHOW As you'll soon find out....So what are you waiting for Go Check Out The Rock N Roll Phantom He's Dieing To Meet You!
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rate and comment my new pictures........ you know you want to dont fight it lol plus look at the bright side of doing it your get points =D
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Check out their music. Buy the CD, I already have mine.
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LIfe is at a stand still 4 the wrong reason , i dont want things to keep goin like this , i dont sleep rite i dont eat rite and im tierd of the way things are stress stress stress everybody got it but it takes a bigger person to let there problems go  to help another in need and i need to learn to be that person , My love ones are worry but 4 there reason ,Im worry i will never get back wat i once had hope its still there 4 me hope they still love me life will get only better from here i really do belivie that , i just hope it all  dont go down the drain cuz of me! I guess this is the only way i can say how i feel ,im at a all time low and wat i though it was keeps playin games with me i failed , im not feelin this no more , i dont even want to be on this shyt nomore . im here 4 one reason and thats all hope she even reads this .....          peace ppl Never would think I would find a love and i did , and now that i lost her im not sure wat to do.And no matter wat ppl say ,its wat
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Im lookin for someone to talk to anyone text me at 812 653 9750
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I made this widget at
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Check This Place Out In Sin City
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You all gotta go read that mumm and comment, it is the best!!! lets here how freaky FUBAR land really is!!!
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Check Out My Friend He Is Cool And Can Sing Like No Other
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view the new pics and rate..THANKS Let me know what you think of the friends only album...
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Check This Out if you go to this link it will give you your own but you need to use mine for now just check it for me thanks and lots of love to yall
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MzMic ™ Owner of DJ KIDD ROCK & Owned By Kritter&Tigger, Owner of the HideAway@ fubar check this lady out. shes awesome! thanks Her name id Clover aka Stacey Arnold! This bitch is a dirty, beggin, emo slut of a juffalo. DO NOT add her. she will beg for fubux and bling! I would advise you not to add her what so ever. JUST A WARNING TO ALL MY FRIENDS!   COME BID ON ME! :) IM WORTH IT
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We sell affordable lingerie for all your needs. Surprise the lady in your life she will love our lingerie. Surprise the man in your life and give him something to smile about. Spice up your wedding night with our amazing affordable bridal lingerie. SPEND £10 & GET ANYTHING UNDER £5 FREE Free delivery on all orders over £20.00 £5 Gift voucher when you become an account holder Order direct from website:- Tel:- 02085177567 Mob:- 07729621799 I have just been told about this new Credit Cards Scam so please be careful it is not a JOKE . This one is pretty slick since they provide Y O U with all the information, except the one piece they want. Note, the callers do not ask for your card number; they already have it. This information is worth reading. By understanding how the VISA & MasterCard Telephone Credit Card Scam works, you'll be better prepared to protect yourself. One of our employees was called on Wednesday from "VISA", an
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A new bar come check us out just opened today,streaming BWoR (brats world of rock)24/7,we have yahoo buttons so you can send a request if DJ'S not in the bar,also all new members will get $2500 for joining.SO make sure you stop by and tell your friends
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Hey everyone come and check my new online store I have a couple of things right now but n a couple of weeks i will have everything. But help me out and buy something i have ipods, games, etc. check it out!!
Checking In With Things Thats Been Going On.
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check out my site
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When you drive by large homes, see someone wearing a nice watch or jewelry, or driving expensive cars, what is your first thought? Is it, “Wow, that must be nice.” You might entertain a quick daydream about what it must be like, then you go about your day doing the same things you’ve always done – at least until the next time you encounter some “lucky” person who became wealthy. I used to entertain those daydreams myself, but now I’m actually working towards being that “lucky” person. You know, it’s been said that one of the best ways to become wealthy is to find an unmet need, then find a product or service that fills that need at both an affordable and profitable price. THAT’s the hard part; finding that solution. When deciding on how I wanted to pursue this dream, I was very selective: First, I wanted to offer a product or service I could stand behind, without having to compete with other companies and retailers. In other words, I didn’t want to try to meet a need that had
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hello, new on here and will start my blog soon, but for now you can check my other blog at thank you and will update this one very soon, have 4 kids and not much time :) ciao for now.
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my friend was bought in an auction two days ago and her owner started making his status say rude things then did a mumm cause she did not do all she promised IN TWO DAYS............ I tried to talk to him sine he is / WAS a friend of mine to. he blocked her and I told him to stop being so childish. Then I blocked him and this is what I get in my yahoo Guess I got the last
Check Out What Im Doing!!!!!!!
HELLO :) I am in an auction and would love for you to come check me and my offers out!!! You want more?? Well great let me know and see if we can work out something!!! Happy Valentines Day and let me be your next SWEETHEART click here to bid
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~*BAMBAMMM*~@ fubar
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NEW YORK ( -- Rates on mortgage loans are the lowest in the 37-year history of the Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey, according to a weekly report released Wednesday. The average 30-year, fixed-rate loan issued to borrowers declined to 5.1%, with 0.7 up-front points, for the week ending December 31, according to the survey. The rate dropped from an average of 5.14% last week, which was the previous 37-year low. Freddie Mac (FRE, Fortune 500) began surveying lenders back in 1971. The 30-year fixed was at 6.06% a year ago Source -
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Rectum stretcher For those that haven't read this before While she was 'flying' down the road yesterday, a woman passed over a Bridge only to find a cop with a radar gun on the other side lying in wait. The cop pulled her over, walked up to the car, with that classic Patronizing smirk we all know and love, asked, 'What's your hurry?' To which she replied, 'I'm late for work. ''Oh yeah,' said the cop, 'what do you do?' "I'm a rectum stretcher,' she responded. The cop stammered, 'A what? A rectum Stretcher? And just what does a rectum stretcher do? ''Well,' she said, 'I start by inserting one finger, then work my way up to two fingers, then three, then four, then with my whole hand in. I work from side to side until I can get both hands in, and then I slowly but surely stretch it , until it's about 6 feet wide. ''And just what the hell do you do with a 6 foot asshole?' he asked. 'You give him a radar gun and park him behind a bridge...' Traffic Ticket $95.00 Court Costs $45.00 Loo
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> > > > Slade~Owner of XXtremeFullThrottleRadio&The ScooterBar~ fu-owned by "PANTYSHOTZ & MYSTICAL~ has just sent you 25000 fuBucks! "ty for the rates please repost this bulletin for me"
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†Яåîñ† ~Owner of WYKD~@ fubar
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hi all i'm in a auction plz come check out what i'm offering click the pic below
Check Out This Awesome Man! [pimp Out 1]
He's funny, caring, sincere, giving and such a gentleman! So who is he you're asking? Well it's my new FU owner... He's a fan of Nascar, especially Bobby Labonte! A fan of football... And of course a fan of fubar! Please take a moment and go visit Willie's page. Rate him, fan him, add him, bling him and hey maybe even buy him a drink! Don't forget to tell him GEM sent ya! This bulleten bought to you proudly by: ♊aGEM4life♊ Proudly Owned By Willie
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Just click and's that simple :)
Check My Tattoo Work Out In My Pics Lonn (owner/artist) @ Skinflix Custom Ink & Mobile Studios In Cedar Rapids,iowa 319-241-4012 For Appointments,inf
Hello and Welcome to this site. Feel free to contact me,add me,chat,check out my work! Set up an appointment,meet,mobile event info. (Lonn) Skinflix Custom Ink & mobile studios "Where Art & Imagination Have No Boundaries" Custom Tattooing & Body Piercing Cedar rapids,Iowa 319-241-4012
Check It rate and comment her for me please she is workin against a cheater contest ends march 20th
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I know there are some genuine hotties on this site. I also know there are some genuine Military Fangirls on this site. is looking for some new RangerUp Girls. Check out their page @ Ranger Up Girls Contest Also if you're into military T shirts theirs are the best. It's friday.  That means it's time for my Call of Duty clan's clan nite.  We drink, we act the ass and have a grand old time.  Guess you just have to be there.  Anyways, I run my cam during this.  Could be me in shorts, underwear, robe, nothing at all or perhaps nothing but a cockring.  game position is on the opposite side of the command center, so if you're there I won't really be responding except between matches.  I've been encouraged to give it a tug in the past and I'm sure I can be talked into it again, though that probably won't happen til after 2300CDT.  If your interested in this sort of thing I'll be broadcasting through YIM (flyingashtray230 at yahoo dot com).  Shoot me an add and I'll add y
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Computer Consignment Pittsfield, Maine (207) 487-5777 here's the email address:
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HOW THEY HAVE SEX ACCOUNTANTS are good with figures. ACTORS do it on cue. ADVERTISERS use the "new, improved" method. AMBULANCE DRIVERS come quicker. ANSI does it in the standard way ARCHEOLOGISTS like it old. ARCHITECTS have great plans. ARTISTS are exhibitionists. ASSEMBLY LINE WORKERS do it over and over. ASTRONOMERS do it with Uranus. ATTORNEYS make better motions. AUDITORS like to examine figures. BABYSITTERS charge by the hour. BAILIFFS always come to order. BAKERS knead it daily. BAND MEMBERS play all night. BANKERS do it with interest - penalty for early withdrawal. BARBERS do it with shear pleasure. BARTENDERS do it on the rocks. BASEBALL PLAYERS make it to first base. BASKETBALL PLAYERS score more often. BEEKEEPERS like to eat their honey. BEER BREWERS do it with more hops. BEER DRINKERS get more head. BICYCLISTS do it with 10 speeds. BOOKKEEPERS do it with double entry. BOSSES delegate the task
Chech Out My Bulletin...
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imikimi - Customize Your World! (repost of original by '¢¾Jenny¢¾ Head Greeter@Chevy's Ridaz's*Dark City Radio*' on '2009-03-29 20:59:58') (repost of original by 'DJ-CHEVYMAN69-OWNER OF CHEVY'S RIDAZ'S RADIO- & ASST DJ @ REDNECK HEAVEN' on '2009-03-30 00:07:34')
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Check Out The Batt Kave
Check Out The Batt Kave
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Check Out This Amazing Man
So I am sure that every married lady out there will most likely say the same thing about their husband, and I am also sure that it is true for them. Just like it is true for me.  My husband cj also known as the oh so appropriate name of automatic leg spreada in the wonderful land of fubar.  He had such a rough life, has been through so much and is dealing with so much currently.  You would think that there would come a point in someones life where they just cant handle anymore. Not this amazing man. Yeah of course he is human and at times the stress is to much but he somehow manages to pull it together and be this strong, loving, generous, loyal man.   Not one day goes by no matter what he is dealing with that he does not show in someway or another or a million little ways that he loves me. The kind of love we have is the kind that not very many are lucky enough to find. We both came into this relationship extremely hurt from our past relationships, and it was hard for us to both tru
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meezey skrilla is the shit check him out on that myspace
Check Out Real Underground Sick-hop Att! All Juggalos & Lettes!!
Checkout My Roommate Demonik
sup boys and girls.yep im hottstuff's roomate,going to school for photography and hottstuff is my practice dummy lol jk well sorta anyone looking for photos to be done check me out and drop me a line peace out.
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Check This Out People Give A Discription Of What You Think
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  Come on in and visit us at Tattoo Erotica, where all your tattoo dreams come true. Have a drink request a song and enjoy the ink.
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Here are the links since I can't put the videos on here cause it didn't work :( :  
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I Cannot wait for hockey season to start so i can hear this Man's Voice calling the games for the Buffalo Sabres. And one of the best announcers of all time . The Man , The Myth , The Legendary and sitll going strong . Rick Jeanneret .">"> I went to go see this group Great Big Sea last night . And they were awesome . I'd recommend for anybody who reads this blog to listen to them and go see them live . They put on one hell of a show . I just wish they could come by and play here in buffalo often cause they are one of my favorite bands to go see live and I'll go see them live whenever they come back to town     . The Night The Patty Murphy Died . was amazing .
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Hey just giving an update... I'm LIVE at Wicked Temptations Lounge!!!! You should come check it out....
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Im being auctioned..  Check me out and bid big..go to ΤhΣ ßîg ΜîκΣ ™*Salute Junkie* page and look at folder and make's the link Come bid on me...all offers considered..Auction running from Sunday June 21 at 11pm est till June 28...Auction being held by The Big Mike..Check out his page..
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im new here can someone help me please im looking for some friends.
Check Your Receipts Esp. Wal-mart
Subject: FW: Check your receipts esp. Wal-Mart!   > >           Be> > careful and read your receipts….> >         OMG!  YES!  THIS> > IS> >         TRUE!  It happened to me at Wal-Mart> > (Supercenter Store #1279, 10411> >         N Freeway 45, Houston , TX 77037 ) a month> > ago.  I bought a bunch> >         of stuff, over $150, & I glanced at my receipt> > as the cashier was> >         handing me the bags.  I saw a cash-back of> > $40.  I told her I> >         didn't request a cash back & to delete> > it.  She said I'd> >         have to take the $40 because she couldn't> > delete it.  I told her> >         to call a supervisor.  Supervisor came &> > said I'd have to take> >         it.  I said NO!  Taking the $40 would be> > a cash advance> >         against my Discover & I wasn't paying> > interest on a cash> >         advance!!!!!  If they couldn't delete> > it then they would have> >         to delete the whole order.  So the supervisor> > had the cashier> >         dele
Check It Out">Visit My Page!Add Me!Sign My Guestbook!   check it out its a cool place..
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Come hang out with us for 80s night only at the velvet lounge...  
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check out this website..If you smoke it may change your life for the better.. POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU . Be honest with your answers 0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww!? 1 = Definetly not attractive. 2 = Decent 3 = Cute 4 = Fine as hell! 5 = I'd do you. 6 = Pretty damn sexy! 7 = Lovable, I LOVE YOU!!! 8 = I wanna make you my man/girl. 9 = Just a friend. 10 = Sexiest person I know! 11 = Fuckin amazin 12 = Ya, I've checked you out a few times. 13 = i wanna fuck
Check Out The Newest/hottest House On The Fu-firehouse Lounge
Click Below To Enter The Hottest House On The Fu
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1. Would you fuck me?2. What positions would u fuck me in?3. Would u suck/LICK me ?4. Would u fuck me hard?5. Would u fuck me the first night u met me?6. Would u let me pull your hair while i fucked you?7. Would u fuck me in the shower?8. Would u hancuff me or tie me up to the bed and then fuck me?9. Would u have 3-some, 4-some or more with me?10. What about me makes u want to fuck me?11. Would u talk dirty to me while we fucked?12. Where would you fuck me?13. Would u fuck me in front of people?14. Would u fuck me again?15. Would u fuck me in the rain?16. Would u mind if i fucked like a porn star?17. Would u have phone sex with me?18. Would u cheat on me?19. Would u break my heart?20. If I gave u my heart would you love it or let it go?21. Would you fuck me once and leave me the next day?22. Would u tell me the truth no matter what it is or what you do?23. Would you do kinky things with me even though you haven't tried them before?24. Are u gonna re-post this to see if and how I want t
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  R U open to making more money? then watch this video, you won't believe it. check this out, it'll blow you away!!!     it's goin CRAZY!!!! Message:   Hey Freinds, I don't know about you, but I consider myself one of the "little guys". And I've got to say that there aren't too many opportunities for the little guy to get ahead. That's why the Blastoff Network is surprising so many people - it's the start of something very big. Right now, you can share something that: saves YOU money costs NO money is fun and easy to promote is spreading like wildfire has generated a near unheard of 25% YES response and pays you whenever anyone buys - up to 10 LEVELS deep! Will people really use it? That's easy. Would you rather get cash back when you buy stuff? Or not? friend, people WILL use this. People WILL share this. People WILL get paid. Again and again. The only qu
Check Dis Out
OK I NEED A LIL BIT OF HELP MY MAN BIRTHDAY WAS 2DAY AND I DIDNT GET 2 C HIM PLUS HE WAS IN A BAD MOOD ALL DAY JUS THINKIN. SO I WANT 2 GO C HIM DIS WEEKEND COMIN UP AND IDK WAT I SHOULD DO 2 SHOW HIM DAT I CARE BOUT HIM, DAT I WANNA B WIT HIM AND DAT I LOVE HIM PLEASE GIVE ME SOME IDEAS. I KNOW DAT HE LOVE bRUGAL SO I THOUGHT ID GET HIM A BOTTLE AND TAKE HIM 2 DINNER BUT I WANT IT 2 B MORE THAN JUS DAT. take a listen and support One day a woman's husband died, and on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of their bedroom, the wife was struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't "anymore". No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, no more "just one minute." Sometimes, what we care about the most gets all used up and goes away, never to return before we can say good-bye, say"I love you." So while we have it, it's best we love it, care for it, fix it when it's broken and heal
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Check Him Out;)
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12:38 A.M Well, I just played 5 games of Beer Pong. Just smoked a joint. And i am jammin to some awwsome tunes right now. I'm fuckin Trippin out on this computer! Anyways, Whoa, Breaking Benjamin Just blared int o my headphones. Oh Speaking of them GUYS, if you ever need a good tune to listne to when you're down. Check out Breaking benjamin's album Dear Agony. Anyhoo, So i didnt get to go out tonight (Devil's Night) like i wanted too so i drank some beers, and came home and smoked half a joint by me self.  i then got on my computer and started listening to music and checkin shit out. Havin a blast.   So What the Hell did ya'll do tonight? Hit Me Up!!!!    - D
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Check Out The Hottest Underground Sound Coming From The East Coast!
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Check Out My New Page   check back on the page often as I am updating it daily.    About Dixon Dixon Resale and Repair shop offers much of your electronic needs, we have a little bit of everything from computers, cameras,game systems, games you name it. IF you need some thing hit us up. we also do computer repairs and so forth. You may reach us at our office at 573-759-3574 J.D is the owner and Tech here so please give him a call if you need computer repair. Contact Information Address Dixon, MO 65459-7543 Website Email  Please check our my personal business web site on facebook, I also sell on ebay! so be sure to check me out.   About Dixon Dixon Resale and Repair sh
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nΘwtheβΆChÎsβÀCK♥@ fubar
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At the end of the tax year, the IRS office sent an inspector to audit the books of a local hospital. While the IRS agent was checking the books he turned to the CFO of the hospital and said, "I notice you buy a lot of bandages. What do you do with the end of the roll when there's too little left to be of any use?" "Good question," noted the CFO. "We save them up and send them back to the bandage company and every now and then they send us a free box of bandages." "Oh," replied the auditor, somewhat disappointed that his unusual question had a practical answer. But on he went, in his obnoxious way. "What about all these plaster purchases? What do you do with what's left over after setting a cast on a patient?" "Ah, yes," replied the CFO, realizing that the inspector was trying to trap him with an unanswerable question. "We save it and send it back to the manufacturer, and every now and then they send us a free package of plaster." "I see," replied the auditor, thinking hard a
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hey everyone search the new member and look whos default is in the NUDE!
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Mount Rainier  in Washington State .  Amazing pictures.  14,500 ft.Those of us NOT living in Tacoma or surrounding areas will appreciate these pictures.    It was so amazing people were pulling over on the freeway to take pictures.Mt.  Rainier  puts on a show!Our little dry streak is about to come to an end.  But if you looked at 
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Come check me out!!..  I'm in a FU-AUCTION for the first time!! Come bid on me and show your girl some LOVE!! :)   http://www.f Heres's the link!! Happy bidding and THANKS!!
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check this out.. just do it.. fun fun fun..
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it is worth trying though.. wouldnt cost u any.. not a waste of time.. just a blog.. Don't be afraid to make a mistake, your readers might like it.
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IIP aka JUGGS Owned by BigDaddyMike8in@ fubar RockUrFukinPrincess FuWifey to A Clown@ fubar
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Dear Congress, Last year I mismanaged my funds and this year I cannot decide on a budget. Until I have come to a unified decision that fits all of my needs and interests, I will have to shut down my checkbook and will no longer be able to pay my taxes. I'm sure you'll understand. Thank you very much for setting an example we can all follow. Repost if you agree!!
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Mr. Bojangles 1st blog Thanks for taking the time to read this. I origionally joined this not knowing what it was. Then I saw it as a way to meet girls that lived near by. I was disapointed more by the later. I live in too small a city to have someone on here that stays on here. Probably due to the great Microbrews we have here in Bend, Oregon. and the great outdoor recreational opprotunities.  If you are a fairly attractive female and confident about yourself:n) get ahold of me on facebook Chris Weiser Bend,Or. Hopefully you are running through Bend or can take a trip over the mountain and I will be your slave ;n) what ever you want. I know this area well.. I will be your guide. Well if not then stop at my Fubar profile and like friend and help me on my profile and I will return the favor of the flavor but beware they have naughty subliminal messages ;n) Have fun Be Good or Not But ultimatly HAVE FUN :n)Late;n)
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click come and check out mitchell's lounge were the music is always rocking and the people are friendly and the drinks are on the house hope u enjoy your stay                         
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just like to say thanks for taking the time and going to vote for me!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!! DONT ASK ME TO HELP IN ANYMORE RATINGS COS 'FUCK OFF' MIGHT CAUSE OFFENCE
CHEESE!! yes yes yes cheese is goooood i love cheese do u love cheese as much as i love cheese i hate stink cheese but i love all other cheese YAY GO CHEESE!!!!!!!!!
Cheers To Everyone
My ernie is flying all the way from florida, to come and see me....I am so excited! The adreniline is rushing hardcore.....I dont think I have gone this extream meeting someone off the net I am a little nervous....but we have been talkin for a long its really cool. Anyways I need to get to sleep...I got someone commin in from FL to see me tommarow...Wish me luck y'all....;-) CRY BABY This real sexy guy, that alot of people prolly know of, Fuckaodoodledoo aka Ernie is comming to see me in just 7 days. Next Wednesday to be exsact. The 25th. I am pshyced...I am pretty much bouncing for so I thought I would let everyone know how happy I am! Anyways †INFAMOUS CRY BABY†
Cheery Day
Hope is fine. I am fine. Just hangin out in NC. Not much to say today. Hope to catch ya'll on line later. As those that know me know I drive a truck. I own my truck and now while i was relaxin talk to my peeps on line and playin on LC, somebody backed into my truck. Sorry to those I suddenly left hangin but it was kinda sudden to rouse me out of my sleeper......Ya'll have a good day now ya'hear Well my first blog,Huh.. Just doing my travelin thing..hope everyone is doin ok. On my way to Orlando. Just found out last night my son was sick. My Daughtter is developing a major 3 year old attitude. My fault of course,I told her she was the princess from day one. Other than that it is a cheery day.. Well gotta run this load won't deliver itself.
Cheery Lite On, I'm At Work
Cheery Tap 1, Me 0!
THE POEMI knelt to pray but not for long,I had too much to do.I had to hurry and get to workFor bills would soon be due.So I knelt and said a hurried prayer,And jumped up off my knees.My Christian duty was now doneMy soul could rest at ease.....All day long I had no timeTo spread a word of cheerNo time to speak of Christ to friends,They'd laugh at me I'd fear.No time, no time, too much to do,That was my constant cry,No time to give to souls in needBut at last the time, the time to die.I went before the Lord,I came, I stood with downcast eyes.For in his hands God held a book;It was the book of life.God looked into his book and said"Your name I cannot find.I once was going to write it down...But never found the time" - Bash'em Brandy       from the fender to the bender - Red  Swipe       a splotch of mice on ice - Freeway Frappe'         swirl of squirrel with a turnpike twist - Strawberry Quackery        fermented foal fruit - Slipper Sipper            creme d' windshie
Cheer Me Up!!
hi everyone i seriously need cheering up because i just did a very long week working away from home, my mates are all loved up and im not (hard to belive i know! haha) its cold and wet and to make it worse the heating doesnt work in my house!!! so anything you can do to help me would be great =)
Cheech & Chong A Musical
Cheer Leaders & Sports - Amazing Slide Show Special Effects
Bush seeks $130 billion for U.S. Army 03 Feb 2007 The Army would get a sizable increase under Dictator Bush's 2008 budget that would help ease the strain from the demands of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and 'meet equipment needs' [Halliburton, Blackwater USA]. The $130 billion would include more than $46 billion for personnel, an 8 percent increase, and nearly $24 billion to buy weapons and other equipment, 42 percent more than this year. Please Rate This Blog Cool Slideshows CLICK on The Above Picture To See What Is Good For You CLICK HERE To Check Us Out Today "
hey yall I was sorta wondering if yall could help me become a new Cherry I only need 12 more Cherry pointss to go so if you could that'll be great and i'll buy yall a drink when i get more thatn 69cherry bucks thanks yall CallieJane
Cheerie Bomb Needs You!!! (repost)
She is going for the most seductive look! Go rate her & comment her! Unlimited comments, so BOMBS AWAY!! Thanks & Much Love
Cheers To My Friends Engagement!
The Cheese Grater Effect
yo i need alot of lamp oil to run this ho someone donate some for the amish ways of internetting you may think that we dont have soda but we got faygo ho! and we are all juggalos living forver!but its all cool check me out im at the labary lol be my friend everyone!
Cheech Kid@ Cherrytap
Cheech Kid@ CherryTAP
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Cheers All, My Friends My Ramblings , Di's Place
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Cheers To My Friends On Fubar!!
I want to thank all of my wonderful friends on here for your concern, emails and gifts:) It turns out I don't have cancer, although I will be getting surgery sometime soon (when they call me). All of you very close and dear to me have been great!! I have some running to do today, It's great to be out of bed, and to know what's going on with me:) I'll be back on tonight full force!!! Thank you again so much!!!!!!!!!!! Love to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mina
Cheese And Fu***** Rice!
Well then... Maybe I need to not post or comment MUMMS... that's where the retarded drama starts. I ask a simple question, one a friend says is probably one of the most legit he's seen all day and get ppl being ignorant... I post a comment on MUMM that specifially asks for opinions and the "MILF", as she calls herself, shouts me getting all defensive b/c I am younger and probably understand her kids feelings better than she does.... No wonder it's a problem...she won;t think about her kdis instead of herself. GRRRRR. I care too much to not respond....stupid me.
Cheer Me Up Pls
my rat has just died and i'm gutted pls cheer me up
Folks Hershey's is making some chocolate that is naturally high in fiber and anti-oxidants. Is it perfectly healthy, nothing is if too much is used. But everything in moderation. The Bible says, "Everthing is permissable (read even death by chocolate is suppose) but not everything is good for us." How very true, but into everyone's life a little chocolate cheesecake must fall. Crust: 1 C crushed chocolate wafers 3 Tbsp butter, melted Filling: 1-1/2 pounds cream cheese, softened 3/4 c sugar 3 eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 3 oz white chocolate, melted 3 oz semi-sweet chocolate, melted 2 tbsp raspberry or orange liquer (optional) Glaze: 8 oz semi-sweet chocolate 1/4 cup butter 2 teaspoons vegetable oil To make the crust: Combine the crumbs and butter, and press into the bottom of a 9-inch springform pan. Bake at 350F for 10 min. To make the filling: Blend cream cheese and sugar in
what do you like on your cheeseburger?
Cheech & Chong #2
Cheech & Chong #1
Cheek2cheek Loune
Cheese Or String Cheese ?
cheese or string cheese?
Cheese Pizza
do you like cheese pizza?
Cheer For Blue
Love being a part of my daughters life... She keeps me young at heart..... THought I'd share her video. Some of you may not even care, but I love watching her!!
Hey, Finally made progress today. I'm down to a walking cast. 3 more weeks and my leg should be healed. Then maybe guys will be willing to really put me through so serious pain and fucking. Right now life is pretty boring. Leg isn't hurting anymore :(. No pain for me to enjoy. Life is pretty much me laying here, or getting on crotches and going Christmas shopping. The mall on crotches during Christmas - now that is true pain. I luv u. Tara MMMMMM What do you think of me spread, chained, gagged, and blindefolded?
I just want to get this out of the way now. So before you ask me I'll tell you, yes. And I promise you when I find out who...
You have all heard the opinion that cheerleading is not not a Sport,well... The fact that we don't tackle our opponents to the ground for a ball does NOT mean that we are not athletes. We work just as hard as "real athletes" work. Our practices are just as intense, 2-3 hours of repetitive running, jumping, tumbling, and lifting. Our competitions are even more intense. Cheerleaders have 2 1/2 minutes to show a judge what we have worked on for weeks. We only get one chance! There is no half time, turnovers, timeouts, or officials to give you a second chance. Our defense is against ourselves. Our points are given as a unit and taken away as a unit not as an individual making goal, making a touchdown, or homerun. This is teamwork to another level, a "second level" such as a flyer. She depends on those below her, the bases depend on her balance and mindset and skill. What is it that qualifies an activity to be a sport? Is it the ball? No, wrestling and track are known sports that do n
i love chickin and pasta bake.
if you want me come and get me if you more hot im here for you ifm you like to talk to me chat me in ayhoo messanger...
And yes I know its cheesy but I like it. You got the touch You got the power After all is said and done You've never walked, you've never run, You're a winner You got the moves, you know the streets Break the rules, take the heat You're nobody's fool You're at your best when when the goin' gets rough You've been put to the test, but it's never enough You got the touch You got the power When all hell's breakin' loose You'll be riding the eye of the storm You got the heart You got the motion You know that when things get too tough You got the touch You never bend, you never break You seem to know just what it takes You're a fighter It's in the blood, it's in the will It's in the mighty hands of steel When you're standin' your ground And you never get hit when your back's to the wall Gonna fight to the end and you're takin' it all You got the touch You got the power When all hell's breakin' loose You'll be riding the eye of the storm
Cheers To Gettin Fucked Up
so despite what my points are on here, thats doesnt mean im not gettin wasted right now!!!!!!!!!!! whooo hooo!!!! i love lesbians!!!!!
Cheesy Blog Name.
If ya want to check out my work feel free to go to the following: See ya soon. -Ron
Cheer Me Up
Just recently sent back hubby to Iraq for 6 more months. Send me a drink and cheer me up, please!
dose any1 want a kitten
Cheery Bomb Or Auto 11 Auction
Cheery Bomb Or Auto 11 Auction
Cheery Bomb Or Auto 11 Auction
Cheep Beer And Nyquil
" we like to get fucked up and do some fucked up shit"  Rob Zombie is one lucky bastard to have such a fuck. Lets hear some of the fucked up shit you've done while fucked up. My favorite use to be coke and fucking. Then i started having heart pains. What a way that would have been to die. not that i want to die. but, could you imagine the partner having to explain the situation. 
Kelowna web design firm Cheeky Monkey Media joins the party at fubar!
Cheep Thrill
you stopped by as if just to flawnt your disappointment in me, you held my hand like you cared again you looked into my eyes like every word was the most important thing I had ever said you told the truth because you remember how the lies felt you did not make me mad you did not break my heart you did not blow my mind you didnot disapoint your vision of what my infected life would be so right that it hurts to say I see it comming the walls I built will crumble the world I love to hide in will vanish and the ashes  for memorries will only sting as the wind blows them away I cant remember when the pain you had givin me felt so good I taste your blood, it southe's the beast for a while as the conversation turned our eye's began to regreat the past our lips came close but the sting of love held us both back the fear that we ment that much should mean something Hurt is the word but pain is't the way to describe it I can't come up with one word.. I often times logg right onto a site and ca s
Cheez Whiz Addiction Facts
We've all been there - you show up for a blind date and expect Ashton Kutcher to come running out of a shitty looking van, telling you that "YOU GOT PUNKED!" From the minute I showed up at the restaurant, something just felt weird. Kinda like before an earthquake or tornado strikes. Still, a gentleman does not stand a lady up. I told myself to man up. It was just a date. I took my seat at the table, still trying to remember who she was. Evidently we'd met last night, but after about thirty shots of whiskey, I didn't remember shit. So, she calls this morning - sounded like a hottie on the phone, so when she asked me out, I said sure. I mean - come on - I did give her my number. She had to be a babe. But then she shows up, and as she walks toward my table, I am whispering to myself: "Please God don't let this be her! PLEASE!" It was her. Okay, have you ever ran over a deer in your car? Well, as she sat down, I had that whole deer staring at headlights look going on. A
The Chef (revisited)
the chef (revisited) thought that i would cook tonight a little something quick and lite? lord knows that i'm not a chef, just making something for myself i really won't need fancy pans... exotic spices in a can... picture books with recipies... garden fresh ground parsley leaves... lemon fresh squeezed for that flavor you want steaming on your table. sun tea for a quenching drink? dirty pots piled in the sink? none of that comes with this meal this vaunted feast served so sureal all i need is just some time to figure out on what to dine then just a minute more to think what would be the perfect drink? some salt to add to open wounds fresh loneliness, add several spoons baste liberally this broken heart with pain from being far apart add a cup of truths half told and marinate this entree cold then set aside to be ignored and buttered with generic words seasoned lightly with a touch of fresh ground dreams and broken luck. then garnish with those memories
Chef”s Recipes
Chef’s Chocolaty Peanut butter Rice Krispies Treats 1 large bag of marshmallows 1 bag of rice krispies cereal 1 bag chocolate chips 1 1/2 cups of peanut butter Tsp vanilla 1 can chocolate icing 1 Tbs butter 1. Line a large cookie sheet with wax paper or apply small amount of butter 2. In a large metal pot add butter and vanilla melt over med heat 3. Add marshmallows’ stirring constantly using a wooden spoon is best. Lower heat as marshmallows melt. Be sure to mix all the way to the bottom. Don’t allow burning. 4. Remove from heat 5. Immediately add Rice krispies(it may not take the whole thing add half mix add more until desired thickness), peanut butter and ¾ bag of chocolate chips 6. Mix thoroughly using hands (it’s the best way) 7. Dump into pan and spread evenly pressing down hard 8. Place in freezer for 20 min remove 7. Top with icing and remaining chocolate chips place in fridge for 20 min 9. ENJOY If that is to much chocolate use cream cheese icing it is
Chef Ceric's Candid Corner
1 cup Shrimp 1 Cup of diced chicken 2 cups of steamed broccoli 1 cup of sugar snap peas 1/2 cup of cauliflower 1/2 cup of bok choi 1 tbls sugar 1/3 cup of white wine 1/3 cup of clam juice 1/3 cup of soy sauce 1 cup of jasmine rice Take the shrimp and seer in butter and braise in the clam juice toss in the diced chicken and let simmer on low. Dump the juice from the braising into the wok and steam cook the brocoli and peas and bok choi (ad the cauli later or it will over power the dish) when the brocoli is BRIGHT GREEN and the cauli is tender add in the wine, soy and sugar and mix. Let sit and simmer. (Let the jasmine rice cook till fluffy in a rice cooker) Take some of the juice from the wok and laddle it in to a pan and au sec it (high heat until it becomes a film at the bottom) Than splash more white wine in it and use argo and thicken it lightly .. Add it to the wok. What this does is take place what the MSG would do. A thickener allowing the sa
Chef Love
Chef Boy-r-d
So tonight I wanted Jambalaya after the room mate, Amanda, Suggested it.. I am the chef of the house cuz women cant least in this house.. So instead of buying the premade packet of stuffs by Tony Sacherie, I decided to do the thing big...from scratch...all fresh ingredients. So i go to Emeril Lagasse recipes and write down whats needed and slap it together.. it is simple to make, although some kitchen multi tasking is needed.. and is freakin delicious,,,   this is the recipe I followed:     Ingredients 12 medium shrimp, peeled, deveined and chopped 4 ounces chicken, diced 1 tablespoon Creole seasoning, recipe follows 2 tablespoons olive oil 1/4 cup chopped onion 1/4 cup chopped green bell pepper 1/4 cup chopped celery 2 tablespoons chopped garlic 1/2 cup chopped tomatoes 3 bay leaves 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon hot sauce 3/4 cup rice 3 cups chicken stock 5 ounces Andouille sausage, sliced Salt and pepper Directions In a bowl combin
Chelle's Trials And Tribulations...caution! May Cause Abrupt Laughter!
I was tagged by JOJO Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment them so they will check the blog for details.(6+6+6 ?) Here Goes: (in no particular order) 1.) I'm terrified of clowns, I can't even look at them. 2.) I like chocolate with orange soda....;) 3.) I'm the only girl out of 6 children, the only female out of 22 grandchildren. 4.) When I'm pissed, I like the feeling of little cuts, or pain. 5.) I like peanut butter and Bologna sandwiches. 6.) I use to dream about my grandmother all the time, and she's been dead since before I was born I TAG innocentprinces mommasprincess timmy munchkin owner cat loves2swing You live and what cost? Current mood: contemplative Learning... I'm learning some thing about myself, some I'm not too proud of this point. I think they were things that I had always known, but they have just all the sudden decided to cr
Look Here If you Don't Like What You See Don't Look And Don't Even Thank About Leaving A Comment If You Don't Like What You See Or Hear.............. Am a really nice person wehn you get to know me if you piss me off i'm different....... First time here and trying to find out how to work this thing.. It's hard to find thing's you want to know about CherryTAP
Chelle's Blog
Fallen Castle Your castle has fallen all broken down like the lies your life has become no wonder you're always down refusing to believe u have ever been caught blinded by delusions u can't see what that's all for naught opressed by your own ideas and shamed by your guilt but u yourself have now destroyed the precious castle u built no one can feel bad for the pain u cause yourself such harm because u never listen, and shall never learn i can hardly muster pity and it is for u, alone, I burn Visions of diamond rings Lie broken on the floor Shatterred by your careless heart I tried, but I can't take anymore Foolish heart of mine to love u Believing your words, empty promises Alone, by myself, That is all I have left The vaccuum inside me, empty, and hurt Wishing for what could've been When u told me i was worth it Told me i was wonderful, beautiful, and loved How can it be true? When I am never
I read a friend's blog post today that broke my heart. Please read Chelsea's story & help in any way possible. This family needs help, love & support. Chelsea will surely capture the hearts of anyone. She got mine..let her grab your's.. " Please help my lil angel" read our blog help if u can@ CherryTAP Hi I have a severely disabled daughter she has cp/she's deaf/blind and has epilepsy. She just spent a month in the ICU at riley hospital in Indy and she almost passed away. One of her nurses is a old family friend and offered us her timeshare for free in Florida for a week we have never had a vacation and her brothers suffer so much cause of hospital stays and it being so hard to get out and was wondering if you would like to do a good thing and donate to our lil fund for the trip. Her brothers miss out on so much cause of their sister being ill, that we wanna do something good for them for once that's fun. I have plenty of pics and web sites yo
Chells Thoughts
Chells Thoughts
Im truly sick of downers. I swear the hardest thing to do is finally just let yourself be positive about everything around you. People tend to find negative in everything. I'm just finally happy and even when things start to rain i still find a smile on my face. I'm really happy about life and looking forward to whatever happens. For the first time ever really! and it really feels good. I no longer have the pity me parties either. I also think that depression is a highly overlooked disorder. I truly believe its a mental disorder that people just can't get over and everything just seems to be falling into the same "woe is me" zone. Second, is relationships gone bad. NOBODY has control over there destiny and, it seems that once you fall head over heels for someone your screwed and everything seems to fall in the negative category and then little by little your world starts "crashing down". Just remember you have NO control over your destiny sometimes it needs a little push bu
Chelles Ramblings
Air Jordan Air Force 1 Air Max Basketball Nike SB Collabs Just Released UpcomingAir Jordan Release Dates Air Force 1 Release DatesMess BeijingAug 14 · Nike Air Max LeBron VII - Artist Series - Cynthia Rudzis - Washington D.C. Event RecapNike Air Max LeBron VII Artist Series Cynthia Rudzis Washington D.C. Event RecapA few days ago, when LeBron James visited Chicago on the first stop on his More Than A Game World Tour, we got a look at the Chi-Town installment of the Air Max LeBron VII Artist Series created by Jeff Zimmerman. Yesterday, King James arrived in the nation’s capital, and as expected, attendees of the event were given a look at the Washington D.C. Artist Series version of the Air Max LeBron VII. the shoe was customized by local artist, Cynthia Rudzis, who decided to go with a tattoo-style illustration that sports some patriotic themes like stars, stripes and the American Eagle. After the jump, you can read all about Cynthia’s inspiration and objective with her sho
I was hoping for a drink on this day but I guess not. I am stuck home babysitting!! Oh well... there's always tomorrow!!
Chelle Belle
Chele Girls
Here it is i just meet this guy on the internet we have been seeing each other for like 2 months and i really like him but i dont want to be the first one o say any thing about how i feel, cause i dont want to scare him off which i tend to do a lot in a relationship any way the way i feel now is scared, i just get scared over some one who i like a lot im just afraid that somethng is going to happenen well, i need to get over it and just go on, and not think about it .
Chelsea Love Adam ++chelsea (l) (l)
Chellbaby's Blog
Chelley's Rants And Raves
I was bored and took a quiz on facebook and came with this and I was scared about how eerily this descibes me....People sometimes find you cold and reserved. They don't know you well enough though because in reality you're warm and passionate with a sensitivity to nature and natural beauty. But you hide your feelings. You're a natural worrier and as soon as you fall in love, you're afraid of being deserted. It's this fear that too often prevents you from committing or doing what feels right deep down: for example, leaving a someone you love through fear of theim abandoning you one day. But over time, you gain confidence in yourself and your relationships have a better chance of lasting. Hidden agendas don't exist with you pair, as you both expect honesty and loyalty from one another no matter how brutal it may be. You complete one another, with these people you are able to have an intellectual debate or those deep intellectual conversations which you crave. The sexual chemistry between
Chelle Up For Auction
Heres your chance to own your very own fu-slave for a month. Have you owned Chelle of the Ace Cafe yet? What are you waiting for? Click the picture below and... BID BID BID This auction is an all type bid auction. Bids of tickers, blasts, VIP's, Bling, HH's and of course fu-bucks are all welcome. But, cash gifts outway fubuck offers. The Auction starts February 28, 2009 at 6pm-est and ends March 14, 2009, 6pm-est!! So hurry and get your bid in quick.
Chemo Friday!! Yuck!
So I have Chemo Friday. I am a little worried because last time wasn't so good. I do howoever have yet another anti Nausea med, it is a generic for Zofran, that had I not had insurance would have cost me $705.00 yes that is correct and is not a misprint! But thank the lord above that we DO HAVE insurance and it only cost us $10. You should have seen Perrry's face. He is always so greatful for any size miracle that it is cute! Even the Pharmacist was shocked!! LOL So this med is a heavy duty one and will hopefully take the edge off of the nausea and now that I have two at least that part should be conquered. Now if I could get an energy pill I would be ok, but Chemo really beats our body up! The great news is....This is one less treatment to recovery! YEAH!!! I had my first really bad day the other day. I guess it is from jsut being tired...but I figure HEY, I deserve ONE bad day! LOL So I will not feel bad over it too much. Anyway, that is it for now. My Su
Chemo #2
Hey Everyone! Well with the new meds I definitely had alot less sickeness from the chemo and that was a welcome solution. I had a couple little bouts but nothing major like the last time and the worst side effect I felt this time was exhaustion and loss of appetite. Of course Chemo comes with other side effects, like sensitivity to light, sound and touch, almost like having a migraine without the pain. Perry gave me my first shot yesterday and I was so proud of him! It was after that he got weak! LOL But we were both very nervous. I wasn't nervous in him however, just the needle stick. I told you I was a baby! He said with everything we have been through from Natural childbirth to surgery this was the scariest thing he has ever had to do with me...That is because he had to do it! LOL Fortunatley I have numbness from surgery in the area on my belly that I can give my shots so I didn't feel a thing. Although that doesn't seem to relieve me at all! LOL I am feeling mu
Chemistry And Seduction
You may have heard or read somewhere that people like to talk about themselves and that you should spend most of your time listening and asking questions if you want others to like you. This is true... to a certain extent. People DO like to talk about themselves and they DO like those who listen, ask questions, and seem interested in what they're saying. But... If you're goal is to charm this lady, you've got to do more than that. You've got to tell her something about yourself. Specifically, you've got to "tell her" that YOU TWO ARE VERY MUCH ALIKE. You do this by making "me-too" statements. That is, it is desirable to bring yourself into the conversation when you can relate yourself to something she's talking about or make yourself seem similar to her. A good talk/listen ratio would be around 30/70. That is, you want to spend around 30 or 40 percent of the time talking, and about 60 to 70 percent of the time listening. And you should spend as much of that 30 to 40 percent as
Chemicals, Public Perception And Gray Hairs
More and more often, we are surrounded by news about how our environment is being affected by pollution, chemicals, etc. For many years I wondered what the effects were when we lovely women would either buy hair dye and apply it at home or go to the salon and have it done there. There are SO MANY chemicals in hair dye. Hair dye absorbs into the skin of your scalp. I see children use permanent hair dye and that is SO WRONG! How do these chemicals affect our water when it gets washed down the drain? How much is it filtered out after it goes through the processing plant? Have there been studies made about its toxicity? I usually have my hair cropped short and since I started wearing braces about a year ago I've been growing it out. I used to colour it whenever an inch or so would grow out, but I've been leaving it to grow for a longer period of time for a few reasons. One, it's a lot messier to apply at home and my hubby gets very nervous about the stuff staining anything. Seco
Chemical Plant Disaster
For those of you who keep up with the news, especialy in and around the Houston ,TX. area. There was a major crane accident at my dads work. The worlds 2nd largest crane was being built in front of my dads auto shop, when today he was working on a van and he heard a loud pop and looked up and seen the boom of the crane was crashing down in his direction. He ran for his life trying to get out of harms way, not knowing if he could get out of reach from the 420 foot boom.when it hit another crane and redirected its path away from him and several other co workers. There as of this time are four dead and several injured. For i am 32 and never seen my father cry, when he got home to all his family waiting to hear from him and know he was safe brought tears to his and everyone elses eys to know he was one of the lucky ones who made out alive. So please have a moment of silence for those who dint make it , the injured as well as the lucky ones who are at home with theyre families tonite, thank
Chemo Sux!
If I don't respond, it's 'cuz I'm probably chemo sick. Sorry , but puking takes precedence. I don't wanna f up my keyboard!
The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid term. The answer by one student was so 'profound' that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well : Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Most of these religions state that if you are not a membe
There's nothing as nice as someone who shares, your laughter, your secrets, your wishes and cares,someone who's there through your good times and tears, who stays by your side as your friend through the years.
que pasa amigos
Cherries For You!
Cherries to all my friends and special friends ;-) Hope everyone has a rockin year this year! I spend a lot of time in class so will give you a shout when I can! Please leave me comments and rate my pics! if you want to see my privates give a shout out to me ok? xoxoxoxoox guys!
Cherrys Life Hooray!!
The Cherry Bed
You are on a four poster cherry bed looking very small, tied with silk ties to your wrists and ankles holding your limps taught. Blind folded, yet very calm, an air of anticipation about you, you are naked and feel so vulnerable. I come into the room making only the slightest noise and sit on the bed beside you. I take out a soft feather duster and lightly play it over your body, starting at your neck and soft shoulders. I then I play it downward across your breasts, lightly brushing and stimulating your nipples back and forth and around until I see your hips begin to ever so slightly rotate. Then I continue to lightly play it to your tummy and really clean your navel with it. Then I stop and start at it again at your feet, just lightly playing it over them. After I see a visible affect on you I play it up the inside of your legs, slowly oh so slowly, nearer and nearer to a beginning to quiver mound. The feathers hit your now moistening cunny and you have never felt a feeling lik
Cherry Party
You scored as Dracula. You are the smooth sexy cool Dracula. Patient and lustful. If you were any cooler youd be ice. Great style with a way of seducing those around you. And three brides who wouldn't want to be him. Marius100%DraculaHosted by Sparkle Tagswidth="100" bgcolor="#dddddd">100%Angel100%Spike83%Akasha67%Lestat67%Armand67%Blade67%Deacon Frost33%
Cherbabys' Space
You know the story...You know the Hero, You hate the Villain. And you know the story by heart and you've memorized the script . n Why do films appeal to us so much? Haven't we seen the same common theme time and time again? Maybe it's because they all tell a story that has been written on your heart, tales of a conflict that expands beyond a few actors ona screen. They tell the story of a battle for you .. Are you Ready? Are you equipped? Your role in this story is bigger than you might realize. Classic......... Timeless......... Familiar.......You know the story by Heart......You love the hero, you hate that villain, You know the story by heart, and maybe you've even memorized the script. Why do films appeal to us so much? Haven't we seen the same common themes time and time again? Maybe it's because they tell a story that has been written on our hearts .... tales of a conflict that expands beyond a few actors on a screen.. They tell of a story of a battle for yo
Cherokee Ways Standing on the edge of time I look at all the land that once belonged to me and my kind Gone are the forests and the tall grass Rivers and streams are polluted and dry Even the mighty mountains look down on it and cry The circle was broken so long ago My people still in shackles for what they still don't know A quiet breeze brings a soft mist As gentle and tender as a mother's kiss In the distance I can hear the ancient ones Their faces shaded by the setting sun WIth tears in their eyes they look upon their land Wondering if it will ever be the same again I look down again and see a light A single glow shining bright Somewhere a flicker of hope still lives Somewhere the spirit of our people still lives I wait patiently for the day When once again we will know the Cherokee Ways Spirit In Time I am a spirit in time, As I am in this physical shell here on Earth Mother, There will be many experiences for me to conquer and climb, We a
Cherries Are Delicious
Hello all you Cherrys out there, hope everything is going well with you guys. I'm fine, been on MYSPACE and havent checked in with Lost Cherry in a while, nothings different around here I guess, Its just getting cold!! I really don't like it, but what I do like is younger guys, I mean who doesn't! I know Iam takin, happily I guess, he is real good to me and wev'e been together a long time, but I can't help looking at the younger men lately, like early 20s, is this so bad? I'm 35, and I have had my share of younger guys, but now, I can't stop lusting after them,. I'd never cheat on my man, I do love him, don't get me wrong, but I think everyone feels this way, especially men. LOL. Any way, sorry it took so long to write a new blog, hope everybodys holidays are awesome, and thanks to all the HOtt young things out there, you know who you are. Kisses and Hugs, Susi Q. Hello wild Cherries out there, I love meeting new friends, I love Chocolate covered cherries, so yummy.I also love reading
Cherry Points
Who would have the nerve to rate someones profile anything lower than "10" My alerts are not working. I have no sound. Does anybody else ? Does anybody have sound on there alerts ?
Cheryls Blog
Cherry Lips
Cherry Bomb
LostCherry Images at LostCherry Images at I will love you forever... I am kind of crazy and i live in my own little world. But it's ok they all know me here...
i really need to get to a level 5 cherry so i can post mummmms!!! so plz comment and rate me like crazy,lol,i need it!!! i need some cherry pointz ,i hope a lot of people look at my profile and blog I HATE BROOKE MCMILLION SHES A FATASS WHORE BACKSTABBER. i could go on and on about her but then ild get more pissed off. please leave comments!!!!!!!!!!
A Cherokee Prayer
Oh Great Spirit,whose voice I hear in the winds, And whose breath gives life to everyone, Hear me. I come to you as one of your many children: I am weak...I am small..I need your wisdom and your strength. Let me walk in beauty,and make my eye's ever behold the red and purple sunsets. Make my hands respect the things you have made. And make my ears sharp so I may hear your voice. Make me wise,so that I may understand what you have taught my people and , The lessons you have hidden in each leaf and each rock.. I ask for wisdom and strength. Not to be superior to my brothers,but to be able to fight my greatest enemy,myself. Make me ever ready to come before you with clean hands and a straight eye. So as life fades away as a fading sunset. My Spirit may come to you without shame~ (Chief Lone Eagle of the Cherokees)
Cherry Popping Daddy
pop my cherry and make me a man . tears will flow like the rivers of japan . hey lttle sister just wait and see we will all be thankful once my cherry bleeds . so pop my cherry !!!!
Cherry Poppin Dady
Cherished By Me
Cherry Blog
Hi my name is Tina I'm 34 and Married. I am not looking for anyone so if you think you want to try to hook up other then just being friends? Just keep on moving on I am Not intrested in any sex talk. I'm here to make friends and nothing more. So if your just looking for a friend then let me know. I have no kids I have pets. I am a HUGE fan of Vince Gill. I love to sing write read bake watch tv talk to my friends on line. I collect Dolls,Train Sets,Water Globes,Old Pepis and Mcdonalds glasses,Teddy Bears. I have some groups I help run and I want to one day open my own Cafe/Book store. I live in the country and its very quiet and so far out of the way from the nearest town. I have writen some short little things that I may share soon. well if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Till next time. Tina/Teen/Shorty,......
Cherry Pit Lounge Is Now Open
Just created a new Lounge and wanted to invite any and all to come and hang out, chat, flirt and get cherries! Come on over and take a load off
Cherry Juice
Cherrytap Toolbar
toolbar powered by Conduit i added the new games link and changed the name just added the recent uploaded photos link to the toolbar u can watch new photos pop as people upload new pics its kinda cool if ur bored or just wanna rate new pics click the link to download the toolbar toolbar powered by Conduit just added some new graphic sites links to the toolbar toolbar powered by Conduit
Cherry Picks
Cherry Pointz
Please help get my to points to move up in my status. PLEASE!!!!!
when i first got here you were all great now i'm just invisable so witch are you the people that were nice to me or the ones who are ignoring me//////well here's the new fuckin deal you want somethin from me ask me i will not be reading or repostin shit have a nice fuckin day I'M A LITTLE BROKEN HEARTED BUT JR. SEEMS TO BE MOVING ON I THINK IF WE CAN FORGET ABOUT THE PAIN AND COCENTRATE ON THE DRIVER....WE WILL ALL FEEL BETTER LET JR. USE THE PAIN TO KICK ASSSSSS....GOOO JR. THIS IS FROM HIS PERSONAL BLOG My thoughts on the whole thing Published by DaleJr May 17th, 2007 in Uncategorized. Tags: No Tags. Following my press conference last week, I recorded a short video to post on my Infield Parking page to inform you guys about my decision to leave DEI. I did so with the intention of expanding a little more here on the blog, but it’s been a tougher to get in front of a computer than I thought. The decision to leave DEI was the toughest I’ve ever had to make. I love
Cherry Pie Contest!
Come vote for me! Leave a comment and help me win! MUAH! Come on! Go comment!!
Don't spoil it....just do it Pick a fruit and comment, then pass it on >>> >>>Which fruit will you pick if you were handed these: >>> >>>1. Orange >>> >>>2. Apple >>> >>>3. Banana >>> >>>4. Coconut >>> >>>5. Pineapple >>> >>>6. Papaya >>> >>>7. Mango >>> >>>8. Cherry >>> >>>9. Black Grapes >>> >>>10. Peach >>> >>>11. Custard Apple >>> >>>12. Pear >>> >>>What is your pick??? >>> (Pick before you scroll down ........... Do Not CHEAT!!! >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>>ORANGE - If orange is your favorite fruit, it speaks of a person who has enduring patience and willpower. You like to do things slowly, but very thoroughly and are completely unda unted by hardwork. You tend to be shy, but are reliable and trustworthy friend. You have an aesthetic bent of mind. You select your partner with care and you love with all your heart, and not in for just a fling. You avoid conflict at all costs >>> >>> >>> >>>APPLE - If apple is your favorite fr
Cherry Licker!
There was this guy who always went out drinking with his friends. He would always come home very late. One night, while he was at the bar he told them his secret for being able to sneak in late. "When I walk in the house, before the wife can say anything, I lay her down, take off her panties, and give her the best oral sex she's ever had, until she has such an orgasm that she falls into a deep sleep. Then, I wash up and go to bed. By morning, she is so pleased, she doesn't care what time I came home." One of his friends thinks this is a great idea. So he stays out late, comes home, sneaks into the bedroom, gives his wife the best oral sex she's ever had, and goes to wash up. His wife walks into the bathroom, obviously upset that he's home so late. "Hey, why aren't you sleeping?" he asks. "I was was, but I came in to tell you that we've got to sleep on the couch tonight, 'cause my mother is sleeping in our bedroom." A mother is in the kitchen making dinner for her fami
Cherry Poppers
Cherrytap - Does The Name Change Matter Or Should There Be More Fundamental Changes To Shake Of The Porn Tag - Eg Getting Rid Of The Porno Images Firs
Cherry Tap????????? What The Hell
l know myself n lot of others are pretty pissed about the name change, i mean i have personally added 23k plus ppl to this site since i signed up, n i think it would have been nice if the administration ask everyones opionion on this, instead of just changin it without no one knowin, n by the way i still have not gotten credit for all the referrals that i sent to this site but thats kool, i wanna know yalls opionion on this or am i the only one that doesnt agree with the managment on here?
^_^@ Cherrytap
scars heal pride fades lifes short so live it to the fullest... life is to short to live it in the slow lane.... u have to be young an stupid before u can be old an wise
I rate people honestly. I expect honest ratings back. Not ratings just because I gave you a 3 I get a 3. That's stupid. What's the point of this 1 through 10 rating system if no one is honest and everyone just get's 10s. Or 1s because you get all your friends to rate someone low that rated you low. Stop taking yourself so seriously this is not real life! I've been on 99.99% for the longest time. I did two salutes and they both weren't approved I have no idea why. So I was off this site for the longest time. I just did two new ones and they got approved, and I find out that my points have been counting for me the entire time! I'm so happy lol. But seriously. What's with all the name changes? I liked Lost Cherry. I still have the shirt. Who else is with me? Who was even on this site when it was Lost Cherry? Ah those were the days. I don't understand the point of the lost cherry ratings. I thought it was supposed to be a rating system of 1 through 10, one being the lo
Cherry Stuff
If any of you see my name turn blue here, please smack the ever-loving shit outta me... Almost fifteen bucks a month just to have your name in blue, the ability to rate '11's and 2500 pics? Nah, s'ok... I can find better uses for my cash. Ok, that's all... just wanted to put that out there... Kenny Hey Cherries... I've posted some new pics over the last week or so, so come by and show me some love if you haven't already. Ratings are nice, but I really love your comments. Thanks y'all!
Cherry Tags
Alone again in this empty house, my mind wondering endlessly. My heart torn between the two, one a friend, the other a lover. Both could please me! This friend, handsome, funny, and full of life, but yet why am I so torn? The lover, passionate and deep with eyes so intense, but to which one should my heart open the door? This fear of pain follows me around from years of all the hurt I've seen, but how can my heart open a new door? Can it truely trust anothers love for me? My lover fullfills things I have longed for, emotions and laughter I didn't know I missed. My friend, sweet, kind, easy to talk to and share things with. These boys have me thinking about them constantly. I'm crazy for these guys, why cant I just pick? It all seems so surreal now, both always on my mind, both with pieces of my heart. If I only had some sort of sign! Copyright ©2006 MKH The sweetest kiss upon thy lips, A gentle touch I cant res
This is an awesome site. Its a little overwhelming though when I 1st got in... I love it here though & I think I'll like it more the more I get to know it... But I'm always up for new experiences...
2 Cherrys And A Stem
You Are 46% Evil You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side. Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination. How Evil Are You? You scored as Abs/Stomach. You are attracted to: the abs/stomach. You are a abs/stomach guy/gurl.Abs/Stomach67%Face50%Penis33%Butt17%Boobs0%What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics) ver. 2.0created with You scored as Drown. Your gonna drown and then probably get eaten by sharks.Oh wellDrown33%Stab
Cherry Bomb
Hello to all my cherry friends..This morning I sent out cherry bombs to friends who have been in constant contact with me since i started my profile..these are true cherry friends..So if you recieved a cherry bomb from me, thank you for being a true friend, if you did not recieve one from me it does'nt mean you are not my friend it just means that we have not chatted or been in constant contact. I thank all my friends on my list for adding me and helping me become Wasted. All my Cherry Bomb friends....You Are The Bomb...I love you all..muaw
i was thinking of of getting my first tattoo, wondering if anyone has any good and/or bad experiences trying to make up my mind. I'm thinking of getting a shooting star and my kids names in the sparks flying off but have to find design too, any help on that would be nice also. take care, been awhile i hope i haven't been forgotten intirly *smiles* Create Your Own thank you REDHOTLUSTLIFE Hi friends, damn i finally got what everybody in MN has been talking about i feel horrible i need some of my friends to make me feel better come say Hi to me. :(
I'm sure some of U have noticed I've been MIA for a week. My daughter started labor last week, but it wasnt progressing. Her Doc here in my small town is running for state senate, so my family wasnt at the top of his list. I tried so hard to keep her strong. Its been the most heart wrenching week I've ever had in my life. There's nothing worse in this world than watching ur baby go thru pain and noone will help her. Finally after a week of labor, she dialated. Thank God. Soooo, she was admitted for the 3rd and final time. The "wonderful" Doc came in, gave her an epidural and left. There she laid, dialated to 10 for 5 hrs, while he went home and slept. She of course felt no pain, so it was ok with everyone but me. Finally, he came back and broke her water and told her she could start pushing with contractions whenever she liked. I was like OMG! He went to the room next to hers and slept. Soooo, her labor nurse tells me we'll be doing the work. We were to watch the monitor for the TOCO n
Cherry Rants
Okay, what would a day be like without Daddy Roush getting a couple things off his chest. Today's Cherry Rants... Just two.. Both really good one's too. Many of you have probably thought it, but I'm gonna tell it. Read on, and comment until your hearts content on this bulletin. I don't care. It's the truth, PERIOD!! 1. How is it that a person can have have 100 or 200+ pictures on their profile, and someone with only 10 to 30 pics can take the time to comment AND rate all of their pics, but the person with stock in Kodack ca't return the favor? Will someone please explain that to me? I fail to understand the logic behind such selfish disregsard for others. 2.) I don't wanna single anyone out, so I will just say it in the open to no one in particularly. Highspeed access is a wonderful thing. But here is a little tip for you. Once you have your page all GLORIFIED with all the glitz and glamour that you want on it. Make note of your Cherry address, log out of Cherry, close your web
Cherries Cherries Everywhere
okay this cherry stuff could be massively groovy...IF that damn alert box would go away and i could actually get to driving me bonkers!!!
Cherry Stuff
TY FOR MAKIN MY BIRTHDAY A GOOD ONE LOVE YA ALL Thanks Comments at COME CHECK OUT MY NEW LOUNGE.. Congrats Michael on becoming Cherry Tap's First Godfather!!! LC Man
Cherrytap Facts
What is a crush? A crush is an anonymous infatuation with another CherryTAP member! You may only have a crush on one member at a time, but you can change or remove it whenever you like. If anyone has a crush on you, it'll tell you how many on your homepage and public profile page, but it won't tell you *who* they are! You'll need to find that out on your own... :-) When you have a crush on another member, they'll receive an alert that someone has a crush on them, but it won't say who.... What is considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work)? A photo is deemed NSFW if it is: Explicitly sexual in nature (suggestive) Overtly tasteless Slandering to any person or ethnicity In addition to the above criteria, if a photo is a primary photo, it will be flagged as NSFW if it also contains a suggestive body part without the member’s face in the photo. If you have a borderline photo that is not considered NSFW and it was marked as such, there's a chance someone who has ripped that
The Cherry Master
Have a history teacher explain this----- if they can. Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960. Both were particularly concerned with civil rights. Both wives lost their children while living in the White House. Both Presidents were shot on a Friday. Both Presidents were shot in the head. Now it gets really weird. Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy. Kennedy's Secretary was named Lincoln. Both were assassinated by Southerners. Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson. Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908. John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839. Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939. Both assassins were known by their three names. Both names are composed of fifteen lette
The Cherrytap Tree
hello cherries, i just want to say hi to all of you. i haven t had a chance to write my 1st blog for cherrytap but i am working on it.i do like to thank Belladonna for telling me about Cherrytap on my Myspace bulletin. i am looking forward to meeting all the ladies because i am lesbian as i have mention.cherry smooches to you all from Michelle
Cherry Tap Fun. :d
I hate having insomnia sometimes!! Cherry tap fun hasn't ended yet!! This site is freakin huge!!
and give me some attention? CHERRYLICIOUS RADIO@ CherryTAP PLEASE IF YOUR ON MY FRIENDS LIST COME ON BY AND CHECK TO SEE IF YOU HAVE FANNED ME...IF YOU HAVE NOT PLEASE BE SURE TO :) THANK YOU I Wanna Sit On Santa's Lap & Tell Him My Naughty Thoughts....Who Wants 2 Play Santa With Me?@ CherryTAP I ALSO PUT THIS IN A BULLI :) about sending me christmas gifts please leave me another message here i accidentally deleted them all and didnt get the chance to reply with the address :) CLR
Cherrytap Images At
Cherry Tap
So im looking for someone here on Fubar to have a crush on...i could look at all the pics and pic the hottest but that doesn't do too much. If you're interested send me a message and you just might be the lucky one i pick. Im new to cherry tap so if there is anyone who can help me with this please let me know. The favor will be greatly returned. Thanks
Cherry_tap_myspace_is There Any Point??
Tonight I decided to add my name to cyberspace, why not sure.....maybe to get f#cking clue! Or could it be that I wanted to see some pics of some hot girls...maybe...but why? Hmm....can you imagine the next 10 years.......
Cherry Pop
still trying to figure this out... give me some time :)
Cherry Tap Women
Cherry Points??? Lol Come On
I've noticed this site is full of ego monsters... it cracks me up to see all these people that want Cherry Points and have to beg for 10's on there pictures to be something.. wow Seems like a cool site really but come on folks, being top Cherry? Who really gives a fuck? There are some beautiful peeps on here for sure, so who are you trying to prove it to? Yourself? Me...... I know I'm top dog in my world and thats all that matters to me.. don't need any cherries to prove Ok my first blog........ what the hell does blog stand for anyways?
Cherry Tap Virgin
Ok, I am a cherry tap virgin! I just happened to stumble on this website, was looking around at it and thought it would be fun to join. Now I have to figure out how the hell to do everything! So I might be a little frustrated the next few days. I don't like this computer stuff where you have to cut and paste things. Don't have the patients for it! I guess we will see though!
Cherrytap Christmas List
whats would be the best chrismas list ? please let me know ?
Cherry Tap?
So CherryTap eh? I'm half intrigued and other word'd by it. A MySpace that gives you points. This makes being fake so much more fun cuz you get (cherry) points for it ;) Never has anyone tried so hard to get me to join a site than they did for this and I'm left wondering...was it for the points??? How am I supposed to know if they genuinely wanted my online friendship or just need more cherry points?? Honestly I could give a fuck...I just needed to blog so I could get!
[ Photo: 1621880520 ]
[ Photo: 1621880520 ]
[ Photo: 1071554394 ]
Cherry Love
Hey ya'll thanks for checking out my Blog... I need ya'll to show my girls some MAD CherryTAP Love... Check out thier profiles below! Rate em' Comment em' Help these girls out! JoanneM765~ Sheerlace~
Cherrytap Vs Vidlife
hello everyone!! lets see how many ex vidlife people, have moved to cherrytap! and why cherrytap is soooo much better, rate blog or leave a message, and repost please so everybody, can have ago thanx xxx
Ok I am beginning to think that some of you men on here are blind or stupid. I have my wedding pictures in my photo album for 1 for 2 I am very happy with my husband. I like this site the only reason I come in here now is to make new F R I E N D S!!! and play the games in here and check out the blogs and mums on here other then that I am not looking to cheat on my husband or anything like that. So who ever you were last night get a freakin life and play your own game its awful funny how you new my name and my husbands when you called my friends cell phone. So grow up and get your own life. Leave mine the hell alone. As of 2:00 pm yesterday I got married will be posting pictures this week to show y'all. I am very happy could not ask for a better man... Ok just to let everyone no. My cable modem went down on me on monday, I get back on here and my friends are telling me that there is a certain person saying that I am meeting the last jerk.. That is not happening I met a real man right h
Cherry Red Angel
Cherry Love !!!
To all my Family and Friends, My the Joy of the Season be with each and every one of you. It is the time of the year when we should put all of our anger and transgretions aside and start to focus on those most close to us.I'm really not a big player for alot of words and this really isn't going to be one of those blogs where it goes on and on.I just want each and every one of my Family,Friends and Fans here on Cherry Tap to know that you are in my thoughts 2nite and every nite and that you are kept out of harms way on this Joyous Nite. God Bless You All and HOHOHO !!!!! Iceman Cherry Tap is the Funnist thing going on-line right now. Want to give my thanx out to LinaLove69 and to Tashia_swt69 for getting me here its a BLAST !!!!!
Cherry Pez
Grixie learned to open the CD-RW drive on Topher's computer today. It was so cute. He was trying to burn a CD and everytime it would start to spin she would press her nose to it and it would open. Of course, the first couple of times he thought he just had bad media, but the third time he was watching and saw her do it. Then he had to call me to show me her new trick. I don't know how many CDs we ruined, but it was fun! He had to hold her so he could finish burning the CD. She is so smart! As everyone knows last year was the year without a Christmas for me because my Grandmother died and I couldn't handle it. So, Yesterday I put up the Christmas tree. It's also Grixies first Christmas and I LOVE taking pictures of kittens in Christmas trees. I haven't had a kitten for 9 years, so I was excited. I got my camera out and sat down and waited. And waited. And waited. And, Grixie, the kitten who is into EVERYTHING; the kitten who killed every plant I have in the hous
ok...I sorta understand why they did the nsfw, but at the same time i don't. I mean someone showing their ass covered without their face is a lot better than someone showing their crotch without a face that is uncovered, but now I believe that they have gone overboard with the nsfw in the comment box. You mean to tell me that I now have to sit and wonder if my account is going to get deleted because of some comment that might be mistaken as not safe for someone at work? I understand a lot of people like to look at cherrytap at work because they get bored, but don't punish the rest of us for what they shouldn't be doing at work. I am sorry if i stepped on some toes, but this whole shit is getting out of hand. Are they going to start controlling our blogs and whatnots? this isn't a blog to get people upset, but more of curiosity. I was sending my comments to my friends on my fans list like i do every morning and came across a profile for Trish Stratus. yes, I know who she i
Cherrytap News
This will be updated as we get ideas and submissions! Feel free to add your ideas DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING YOU WANT FEATURED? Everyone is welcome to submit info to the newsletter. DEADLINE: All submissions must be sent in by Saturday evening. Anything after that time will not appear until the following issue. HOW TO SUBMIT: To submit to the newsletter please do the following. Send a private message (not a shout or a comment). The subject line MUST include the topic of your request (for example; "My Contest" or "My Birthday," etc...). Please be clear about what you would like posted, and provide any necessary links to images. You must also include a link back to your CT profile so we can find you. DISCLAIMER: We expect to get many many messages a week. If your information does not make a submission we apologise in advance. Please keep trying until we get the kinks worked out. Thank you!
Cherry New User
THis is a really different site for me, its alot of new stuff and u kno its pretty cool. Thks for all the people that show love and keep on doing it
Cherry Tap Vs Myspace
i found this site about 15 minutes or so ago and i gotta tell you, i'm a myspacer. it's been blocked here in the office. i've been on there since april/may of last year, and since then it seems like its been run over by an infinite gaggle of teenagers. so, naturally, i like the whole "no teeny-boppers allowed" rule. can you customize the profiles here like in myspace? and what exactly does that mean, that it's a "bar?" i kinda like that you can comment anyones page and send pics from cell phone cameras. what else is good bout this site? i'll have to start checkin it out. deuces.
Cherry Tip
Cherry Blast?
Thinking of popping my cherry with my first blast. Thing is, are they worth it? I wouldn't want to purchase a blast, and it doesn't offer the results seen in other's who are on their 3rd or 4th blast. I guess I'll give it more thought.
Hello! Quite a few of you (as well as me) have been wondering why my ceLebrity status got dropped. Here is the response that I got from Ryan, AKA Scrapper: "The URL you are trying to access does not work. It does not exist anymore. As for why your celebrity status was dropped. Celebrities are supposed to help our site and not publicy say that our site is slow and that our sytem has glitches. Our system is fine. Your page redirects people to outside CherryTAP." So basically what he's saying is that the URL I've been using for the past 6 months to access the site doesn't exist - which is why I posted the screen shot to my default album to prove that it does. He's also saying if the CT website has problems, don't make any comment about it publicly. Also, don't promote yourself on the site - promote your page, sure, but don't let people know that you have another website outside CherryTap. Seems strange to me. I've never had these restrictions on ANY social networking websit
Cherry Power
Good Morning all my Cherry friends Courtesy of Enjoy Courtesy of Just one more week of classes for finals and then time so spread the Christmas Joy! Want to thank all the cherries help me become a Cherry. Everyone is Awesome!
well i am new to this cherry tap site, still trying to figure out how it works, if anyone knows how to search for people by location let me know.. but other than that i like the site, its different then most.. i have already met a few new people on here.. and im sure i'll meet a few more... well have fun everyone!
Cherry Points
Please help get me some cherry points!!!
This place is fucking crazy...
hi i'm cherry,i'm 36 years old,i'm a blonde with green eye's as you can tell.i'm 5"7 and weight i can't tell!!!i have two beatiful daughters one is 21 the other is 13.they grow up to fast.i live here in west texas some where.i'm here for friends and to have a good time.sence i have been here on cherrytap i have not been bord at all.would like to say thank you to the one's that have been keeping me busy. This is a tribute to a fallen hero SGT. Conrad Alvarez......Please turn up your volume, there is a special song playingConrad was born Jan. 20, 1986, in Sweetwater. He grew up in Sweetwater and Roscoe. Conrad attended school in both towns and played football for the Roscoe Plowboys. He graduated from high school in 2004 at Hobbs, Texas. Conrad moved to Big Spring in 2004 and enlisted in the Army in 2005. He was on his second tour in Iraq. Conrad married Maira Chavez, Oct. 10, 2007, in Hopkinsville, Ky. He was a Catholic. Conrad is survived by his wife, Maira Alvarez of Oakgrove, Ky., al
Cherry Dumb
Ok, So if this is a online "BAR" Why are themes/ content that are: adult, Not Safe For Work, offensive, and whathave you grounds for Deletion? Has anyone been in a real bar? Because in a real bar no one cares about any of that crap. The rules are: dont throw up, dont pass out, and don't pee on anyone. Nothing like the boundraies underlined here. If this is supposed to be a Bar, are not bars for adults? And as Adults cant we act like adults? Comments anyone?
Cherry Is Sick
I have had cherry for a while and i hadnt really used too much. now i have got some pics on here and tring to spend more time lookin at pics of girls asses
Cherry School
What's up everyone? I just wanted to say hi to everyone...I've been so busy I hardly get on much....but thanks for all the comments on my page and especialy on my pics....I love those the best :) So today was my last day of finals...and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about it! After 5 finals I am completely mentally exhausted. But now I am stressing out about my math final....I went in to take it and I completely went blank! Nothing made sense to me. How can I be getting A's in all 4 of my other classes and not math.....why...because I don't freaking get it! Math sucks!!! But well school is over for at least a few weeks so I am going to enjoy it....and hit up some cherry tappers...cause this thing is addicting...LOL. Oh and I'm going to party it up this weekend...a little dancing...a little....******* and lots of.....*** LUV YA WOW so its been a long time since I've been on here...crazy! I forgot how much I loved this place....thanks for everyone that sent me messages and all I'm goi
Cherry Girl
I really enjoy meeting new people... I get a kick out of some of the people I meet or have met from CherryTap... But the one thing that really bursts my bubble is when somebody sends you a friend request, and when you accept it, the first thing they want to do is know if you have a messenger of some kind. When you tell them NO, they ask a few days later if you have one yet. You finally get one and tell them you have one, and because you won't give it to them right then and there....They stop talking to you! Guess they really didn't want to be your friends then.. I'm sorry, but I'm not givin out my yahoo to every Tom, Dick and Harry just because! Deal with it or leave me alone! Besides the fact that most guys see me on here and see that I have rated some of their pics and think they can talk to me like I'm a 1-900 number or something! I have a man! He is the only one i want to talk dirty to And that's it. I don't want everybody on Cherry Tap knowing how I like things done in the bedr
A Cherrytap Wedding!
Cherry Blasts
One word,RETARDED.To elaborate further on this subject it is mighty sad that people pay real money so that they can try to get people to "visit my page" and "leave some cherry lovin"I mean how lonely do you have to be to pay for friendship?I understand that some people take sites like these and treat it like a popularity contest ,but come on now.You can spend cherry bucks on a crappy graphic of a rose or box of chocolates you should be able to use them to blast,i mean that would make it a little less sad and pathetic.Thats just my opinion of course.Thanks for reading i look forward to reading your comments on the matter.
HELLO you all...Did anybody miss me??? I just got out of the hospital I been there ever since Sunday arpund with Pneumonia , Asaperated Aethema & Sleep Ampnea ok I can not spell them but I had them and I have to still take a shit load of pills and drugs Soooooooooooo my point to this Blog is you tell you how much I missed you all and let you know that you need to go to the doctors when you think somethings wrong because 9 out of 10 times there is and you could DIE like I almost just did from not being able to breathe.I was totaly stubborn and didnt think I was gonna turn a purty shade of BLUE to speak when I got there my lips was getting blue or greay but whatever color I am alive and happy at home now thank GOD now I gotta finish the pills and the treatments to get totaly better:P lucky me I take aloooooot of pills that wiould not be needed if i had just been not stubborn....I love you ALL & hope I didnt miss too much gossip:P CHERRYCHERR
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Cherrytap Holiday Greeting
Cherry Tap Can't Handle The Truth
subject: no more pics for anyone (repost) date: 2007-03-04 01:05:02 I am deleting all of my pics........ Since people want to say that the pictures of me and my brother and my friends are nsfw...... or how aboutthe miley face that says i eat pussy.....whicj is plenty of peoples profile primary pic....... sad. sad that when i asked this person why? and then commented on the nsfw folder.... she sends back an email going on and on about the rest of my pics and how she is gonna delete me...... o yeah they marked the picture of fatt sonny is fat sonny nsfw? Druidmaster's personal response: I say we all band together and remove babyjesus and his BULLIES aka bouncers as well as block them. maybe then they will shut the fuck up and quit CRYIN because they SUCK THE BIG ONE. We are the ones who keep this site running not them if it was not for all of us being here they would all be be out of a job if thats what you wanna call it. Well at least you can say I speak
~cherry Tip~
Hi sweet thang
I know I've gone waaaay uber ass long time, but hey, it's school. I don't want to be like you loser's and live here! Hehehehe. Joking...or am I??? Dum, dum, duuuum! I'll be on CT like the good ol'times. So start talking to me homie's! I miss ya guys! Hey My Lil'Duckies!!! I thought I would grace Cherry Tap with my presence and say hola to all my friends. I've been uber busy with friends, school, and man friends. Hehehe. But I'll be on to visit for alittle while. Damn it! I was so excited when I found out how to use the Blast Comment thing (Since, I'm really not use to this site), I was ready to give props to people and say Happy Christmas and other random junk... When I realized, I have to pay to use the silly thing. Gah, I'm so angry. So, I'll just do all that on my lovely free blog. Happy Early Christmas to my friends and I want to thank FF12 for making my life complete and Manga for being so lovely drawn together and also to tv. Without it, I would be mean as hell
Cherry Tap What Is It?
The Cherry
Leave me some ratin..ill ratin urs.. check it out new pictures...
Have a very Merry Christmas.
Cherry Christmas!!
Take the Drink Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz Wanted to wish everyone a Cherry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Take the What Drink are You Quiz - What Kind of Drink are You? at!Make Your Own Quiz
Cherry Bucks!
wanted to wish all my cherry peeps happy new years...lets have a great nite and an even better year next year... best wishes AGENT 99 thanx again for the cherry bucks guys...this is a really cool site. have a great holiday!
I would like to be in all my friends and fans family album , that is always an honor . May i be in your's Sometimes we get so wrapped up in who we are not , we forget who we are, in which that is all that matters . If i gave to you all that i had would that be enough to keep you glad or if i came to you for just one day would that be enough or would you want me to stay if i told you i love you would that be fine or would you wonder what i had in mind. If i was one man in your world of ten would you chose me to the end. IF I TOLD I WANTED YOU TO THE END WOULD YOU SAY LET OUR LIFE BEGIN.
Cherry Pie
and i'm not sure but i think that i am excited by it... all in all - it was pretty close to being roadkill there for a second... Geesh - glad thats OVER... Oh the pressure!!
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Cherry Pie !
Cherry Pie Video - Warrant lyricsWarrant Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
Cherry Tap Virgin
Hey everybody Please bare with me I've nto got a clue how to use this site lol may take me a while to get back to you but please don't be offended I'm not being rude just a little bit ditsy lol.
Cherrytap Help
Welcome to CherryTAP. I love this site and you should too! Feel free to comment people and start a blog! The more you are here the better the community becomes! Welcome and remember to have fun! If you need help just ask; I do not always know the answer but I will try to help you!
Cherrytap..... new here..and i love it..haha..its weird use to the myspace setup....but...this is set up a lil me up witta me...or whateva..its all your choice tho....peace
Cherrytagz Official Blog
Oh I forgot! I just updated with a all new custom skin generator. I mean u dont pick premade skins. I mean the first and only CUSTOM SKIN GENERATOR! Pick how wide you want your borders, what color, fonts and all sorts of cool stuff. Heres the quick link: Check it and let me know what you all think! More cool stuff coming soon! OH AND TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT! Vlad Ok I had so much fun last friday giving away kegs for comments that I am going to keep it going. So here are the deals. Offer #1: You go to and leave me any comment on my page and I will buy you a "VIC Cherrytap beer keg" It's that simple! Offer #2: You go to and use a picture or graphic to bling out your profile then tell me about it and I will buy you a "VIC Cherrytap beer keg" and a "VIC Cherrytap Trophy"! Offer #3: You go to and use this Graphic Get more @ located a
Cherrytap Happenings
Supposedly I got a strong enough response out of Angel Baby I had some negative things posted about me. I will take responsibility for posting that she was a cheater. I will fish out the Screenshot I have that proves it. We also know Fornicates does this shit, common knowledge on the site. What I was told, from Scrapper, it was a pretty nasty bulletin. He removed hers, and unstuck mine, because it was inciting some very bad words to fly. Violating the TOS. I'm totally for that. I'm just trying to find out what was said about me, and if my email really was posted there. Useless finances I dont need to be spending. Cherry Tap is rolling in retarded Happy Hour cash, they don't need my 28 bucks every month. I'd rather that go to the last of my bills before school this summer. I'll let you guys know when it's gone. Jaha This is to support my homeboys over at FakeBusters. Suzy decided to be a b*tch and harass me, delete me, then sub sequentially block me from contacti
Cherrytap How To's
This is a great bulletin so I wanted to Blog it: ok kids. this is from scrapper himself. DO NOT run to him if you are having a problem with a user. do not run to a bouncer if you are having a problem with another user. Block the person, or put your photos to NSFW if you wish them to not be ripped. Read #7 of your Terms of Service. It cleary states you are responsibly for interactions with other users. not scrapper or bouncers. They are NOT referees. Lets all somehow just learn to block or get along. Number 7 of your TOS is posted below: learn it live it love it. 7. Member Disputes. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Members., Inc. reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other Members. Ok I get asked all the time so here we go: Take a saluet pic as according to the guidelines: Salute Guidelines 1. Go to the top left hand of your screen.Click the photos button. 2.Then clic
Thanks so much to my new cherry loving friends. I have officially become a cherry! It doesn't take long to get a particular status as long as you socialize and that's what I've been doing. It has been a fun ride and I plan to continue dutifully! Hope to see you all around really soon. Remember; cherries are not only a good food source but also some of the greatest people you'll ever eat, I mean meat! Smile!
The Cherry Bank Is Open
Hi everyone, I just want to thank all the people i have got to know on this site i really have had a load of fun getting to know you, but i still find this site quite frustrating at times with the stndards of nsfw pics and trying to force ppl to post salute pics, i have been on 99.9 for over 2 weeks because i wont post a salute so i am leaving in protest to go to another site. So i salute u cherry tap u can stick ur salutes up ur arse.... i am out of here cindy xoxoxoxoxoxox Hi everyone, I AM IN HOTTEST CHERRY COMP MY FIRST ONE GO TO THIS PROFILE AND VOTE FOR ME RATE ME COMMENT ME DONT RATE THE BLOG RATE MY CONTEST PICS, THEY ARE IN A FOLDER ON DIVERDOWNS PAGE XOXOXOXO if u r havin trouble with link go to my page and find diverdown in my family list and go from there, ps dont rate my pics on my page just on diverdowns thank u all ALSO GUYS YOU HAVE TO BE A FRIEND OR FAN OF DIVERDOWNS TO BE ABLE TO VOTE..........I HAVE 763 FRIENDS 260 FANS AND ONLY 5 PPL HAVE VOTED 4 ME SO FAR
The Cherry Crush Poem
It is just another Crush I can only have Just one But who to choose You are all So fun The ones who Writes dirty Or my angel In the bath My sweetie In the sauna Who bounces On my lap There is my Nap buddy Always by my side Or the other few Who want to take Me on a ride The innocent ladies Who offer me A treasure The really cool babes Who just want me For pleasure I want to pick All of you But in following The rules I shall pick one And over the Rest of you I drool I HATE following rulesL
Cherry Huh??!!
Cherry Tap Bank
Why are most of the cherry bank offers only valid in the USA instead of being offered in all parts of the world I am a Canadian and if i want to get some of the offeres i cannot as most are for US citizens only i am not knocking the USA at all jsut the offerese that are not available to other countries as well What do you think about this Eh any Ideas Baby J Looking forward to the Comments i recieve on this one
Cherbear Loves To Share!!
Cherry Erotica...and Mine :-)
Adjusting the water to the right temperature, I am satisfied. Pulling my shirt over my head, my hair falls languidly down my back. My hands slide down my stomach to reach the zipper of my jeans, unzipping them and sliding them over my thighs, down my legs. I step out of them and glance at myself in the mirror. I can't help but wonder what you might think if faced with the same image. My hands caress my breasts softly before reaching behind me and unclasping the bra. Letting it fall unceremoniously to the floor, my breasts swing free. Bending over, I pull down my panties, stepping out of them and letting the underwear join the bra. Looking myself over again in the mirror, I strike a few poses, pretending you're watching. Giggling at how ridiculous I am being, I decide I better get on with my shower. Stepping in, I let out and audible sigh as the warm water envelops me. It washes over my body, caressing every part of me. My fingers follow the trail of water do
Cherry Tap Love!
My CT wife loves me so much! She takes the time to find out how I feel! I want to take her in my arms and hold her fear to let it out! If u only knew how much she hurts u would take one second two love her! She is beautiful, U should take one second to think about her, make her feel the love! She will feel it! She will smile! Yes, Im nuts! I have a heart that is so big! People who really know me LOVE me! CT Loves two Retta! I respect my fav. cherries! Love is not a big enough word for it! Family says it all!
Cherry Points?
So you need points to do things? But what do you do to get points??? Im not quite getting this site and what it has to offer over myspace?
Cherry Tap Virgin
Ever been to a gay bar?!?! Well, i did. First time in my life. And I'll admit I loved it. From the second I got there to the scream of last call, I was having fun, I was having a ball. Never thought I could do it, go through with it. But the ladies (and gentleladies) didn't ruin it. I got on the dance floor and opened my mind. and saw thing I thought I never before would find. My virgin eyes were in for a shock, Because the lady, that lady really does have a cock. I was safe with friends who were having a blast, but that safety would not last. One was feeling tired, the other getting sick, and the third was worried about getting some dick. The thing is, it was a guy. And he said that it was his time. For him to go home and let the time fly. My buddy and me would later agree, that this was a great place to be. I'm comfortable with who i am, and no man is going to get! Ever been to a gay bar, I now say I hav
Cherrytap Support
I have noticed that since I have been a Member of CherryTap I have tried to figure out a lot of this stuff on my own without having to trouble some else about it but I do sometimes have a question that no one can seem to answer so I turn to the Support Team for the Answer(s) However, I also noticed that NONE of my questions are being answered even by them... I dont understand this what so ever...Dont get me wrong, I know they are Busy but dang at least they can send you a return message letting you know that they have received your message and they are looking into the problem.... Right???? So Can someone please send me the DIRECT PHONE NUMBER TO THE SUPPORT TEAM and PLEASE INCLUDE THEIR Ext. as well Thanks Jim
Cherrytap's Harder Than It Looks!
For those who really know me on here you know I have talked about moving. I am leaving midnight tonight to return to Rhode Island where I am now going to be living. I am very excited and nervous as I have been in Colorado all my life. As I take on this journey in life I have a lot of mixed emotions. I no longer will be so physically close to the people I grew up with. However this is for the best a fresh start but no worries I have internet there and will be occasionally.
Cherry Friends
Sorry I havent been on in awhile, but I promise to catch up with everyone. Been outta town working...I hope all is well wtih everyone. And thanx for all the love. Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Cherry Tap License
Cherry Tap Virgin
Hello cherry tappers..My name is Countrythicke and I am new to this site. Lemme start off by saying that I am a lesbian female looking for other females on this site to chit chat with and posssibly become friends. So with that being said, I dont have problems with you guys hittin me up but, know your boundaries and PLEASE dont cross them. Until Then, ~*~KISS KISS~*~
Cherrytap Friends
If someone could send me $40 that would be freaking awesome. I promise to pay you back too:) Please help. 1. Would you have sex with me? Answer: 2. What positions would u want to b in? Answer: 3. Would u suck/lick me ? Answer: 4. Would u sex me hard? Answer: 5. Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? Answer: 6. Would u let me pull your hair while i did you? Answer: 7. Would u do me in the shower? Answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up to the bed and then do me? Answer: 9. Would u have 3-some with me? Answer: 10. What about me makes u want to have sex with me? Answer: 11. Would u talk dirty to me while we sexed? Answer: 12. Where would you do me? Answer: 13. Would u do me in front of people? Answer: 14. Would u do me again and again? Answer: 15. Would u do me in the rain? Answer: 16. Would u mind if we did it like a porn star? Answer: 17. Would u have phone sex with me? Answer: 18. Would u cheat on me?
Well here i am at cherry TAP, like i don't need another blog web page, right? So who am i, what you really want to know? Name: Ken Thomas, Nationality: Australian, Date of Birth: October 7 1965, Martial Status: Engaded To Sharon, Height: 5ft 6inc or 164cm, Weight: 68kg, Shoe Size: 8, Hair Colour: Mixed, Eyes: Hazel, Hobbies: Swimming, Employment: Tabcorp, Favorite DVD: Sin City, New Police Story,Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, A Lot Like Love, Oceans Eleven Favorite Music: Tata Young, U2, Robbie Williams Favorite Actor: Harrison Ford, Favorite Actress: Salma Hayek, Role Model: Jackie Chan, Favorite Video Games: Tomb Raider, NiGHTS, Phantasy Star, Favorite Food: Thai, Japanese, Number of Tattoos I have: Too many, Would you Bungee Jump: Yes, Pepsi or Coke: Dr Pepper , Do you drink alcohol: No not really, Do you Smoke? No, Do you Swear: Fuck Yeah, Do you Sing? Yeah Right Do you like Thunderstorms: Yes Do you play an Instrument: Guitar but it's been years sinc
Cherry Hearts
Omg, well I babysat my cousins kids tonight, and oh man...let me tell you. It was a lot harder then I thought it was going to be. Things were going fine until her daughter with iron lungs started screaming! Thought my ears were going to bleed. But all in all it worked out fine, and everyone lived. :D Dont think I want any for awhile tho lol What is it about me that attracts juggalos? are funny. ha! Im over here laughing the whole time, and they are getting mad at me. its great.
Cherrytap Layouts
You know it is funny how life works. For so long you think you are in love with a man, and all he does it mistreats you and makes you feel so bad you do not think that there is anyone out there that can get it out of your head that you are worth being loved. For almost three years, I was in a relationship and thought I had a good relationship. Little did I know I was being played the whole time, and mentally abused. I sat and would watch women going through basically the same thing, and could see what was going on with them and the abuse, but when it came to my relationship, I could not see past my nose. It took me almost three years to realize that our relationship had been over for a long time, and I thought that all was fine. I was miserable and no matter what anyone said, no one could change my mind. I guess it all started to come out the more that I actually sat and talked to friends about it. I had not loved him in so long that I did not think that I ever had. Have you ev
Cherry Tap!
Did i just tap the cherry?
Cherry Tap Rocks!!!
I'm so fucking bored!!!! What the fuck!!! How can anyone be this fucking bored?? And thers's not one to annoy!!! Damnit this fucking sucks ass!! I want to say thank you to all those who have given me such a warm welcome!!! Thank you all for the profile rating, the photo rating and the cool user comments. I'm starting to get the hang of this so expect some comments from me sayin' thanx!! Much Love To All, ~Dani~
Cherry Rock!!!
Cherry Virgin
That's right I am still a blog virgin. I have never written a blog in my life. Well here we go. If it suck I promise I will get better over time. Well I am currently living in Grand Forks, ND. I am originally from a small town Idaho. I moved here about 3 months ago and I am still hating it. I have no idea where everyone hangs out. I am thinking about going to school in the fall. I am not sure what I am going to major in but I am going to take classes on photography. I love taking pictures and having pictures taken of me. Well I am single and I am not sure if I am looking yet. I want to find some friends in this area so if you are in my area let me know.!
Cherry Bomb Blog
this is my new band...we are gonna hopefully record a new demo next month. There is 16 players total...Yikes.... Oh the band web page is here: GRUPO LA CUMBRE WEB PAGE all photos and everything thing else is done by me. I sure hope you like it..!!!!!!!!!!!! and we are not that good but hey..with some friggin practice and hard work maybe we can be a good band...rite..??? PEACE Victor J7
Cherry Tap Or Tap That Cherry?
Which do you prefer?
Cherry Tap
To those of you who are legends, there is no way you can fan everyone back who has fanned you, so this doesn't apply to you. So this is for everyone else. How annoying is it that your Fan and Fan Of lists don't match up? A few month's ago, Bella came up with the idea that users could have icons indicating who did what for you, so you can return the favor if you so inclined. I thought it was great idea then and still one now. Coming over from that other place whose name shall not be mentioned so long ago, the LC, now the CT used to be a far superior alternative to that other place. People were spreading the word left and right about how great this place is and it was expanding faster and faster every day, and probably still is. While that place most people left was constantly buggy, the CT ran like a swiss watch, and after all that Happy Hour, ViC and Blast money kept rolling in, it seemed to get even better, at first. Then things started to go downhill. People who you thought were c
Cherry Tap Questionz
Ok where the hell is everyone tonight?......did everyone go to sleep or what ? are you all just sitting there comatose at your PC ?.....come on people, rate photos, rate stashes, rate profiles.........upload photos, add to your stashes, something pleaseee CT has been quiet on my end for over 3 hours, thast just not right!!!!!!
13 Cherrtap Rules
13 CherryTap Rules Oct 31st, 2006 ONE If you're ugly, stop acting like you don't know it. Also cover yourself up no one wants to see your shit. The captions under your picture that say "top model pose" "sexy bitch" "aren't i hot" doesn't convince anyone. TWO To the people who have like 25,000 friends, are you serious? Nobody in this universe can keep up with that many friends. You're stupid. Go play in traffic. THREE Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG, I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. You're pathetic, stop begging for attention. FOUR Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics... even if you win, you're still retarded. FIVE Making 20 bulletins a day about how you have new pictures and begging people to comment on them is pathetic. Make the bulletin once if you have to, and those wh
Cherry Tap
Just wondering what has made it so popular all of a sudden. I have had lots of people come to my page lately and rate that pic only. They rate that pic and nothing else. No comment on it, they don't rate my profile or anything. I guess every one thinks my sis is hott or something. LOL!
Cherry Bomb
cherry tap is sweet. i need more points though. and more cash to "buy" all my firends nice "things" so comment me, become a fan, w/e thanx ;)
Cherry Tap: The Home Game
The way Cherry Tap works is very much like the similarly highly addictive PC games the Sims and Sims 2? You start out as a new cherry, quickly accumulating points, gaining new abilities until someday you get to become a Cherry Godfather. Much like the Sims and Sims 2, you can't get anywhere unless you make friends and keep the right ones, who will help you with your Career/Cherry Rank. I'm surprised no one came up with this analogy before.
Cherry Blast This Happened 2me
Today I recieved a message from the cherrytap shop stating someone reported one of my pics as NSW!!!The ironic thing is I dont think it is and I am shocked someone would take the time to report me for it!!So I would like my friends and family to please take a moment to look at my "puff puff give" (funny ass) picture and tell me what you think.The pic is located in my default album and is really funny n I thought cute!If you hae the time please comment on it and let me know what you think.Is t NSW to you, or is someone just being a bit of a prude!!!I wish there was a way I could tell who reported it but I dont think there is.I also would not be so upset if the person who viewed it would have taken the time to write me a message and tell me they were offended.I think I have done a good job of putting my NSW pics in my "naughty" file so no one would be offended.So please friends and family take a look at my pic and leave a comment on it and give me your feedback, thank you. What it do
Cherry Plucker
Ever wander what it's like to voted on or even passed up because of Looks. Well, these pics below (from Cherrytappers) are a whole new breed of Hotties. C for yourself. Hope you enjoy.
How archaic is it to want someone to want you for you? To have someone that can only think of YOU? To know that they cherish you for everything you are not as much as they cherish you for everything that you are? How awful is it to want all of this? These are the things that our fathers and our grandfathers promised us when we were children and settled on their knees, along with the moon and that black or white pony. These are the things that are so elusive to the population of women today. These are the things that we miss the most in the post-liberation of women bull crap that we have accustomed ourselves to. We women like to pretend that we don't need to be reminded of how wonderful or beautiful we are. We like to think that we don't need the attention of our men. But the sad and honest truth is that these are the things we need the most. We NEED to know that you think we are beautiful when we just wake up, or that we are amazing when we do the smallest of things, like
Cherry Tap Stuff
Hey everyone!!! What is going on. I am just hanging out, looking for new friends and people to rate. Lets have some fun. I am sitting here, just hanging out seeing what is happening. Looking for new people to meet. Let me know if you want to be friends. ROCK & ROLL What do people think of a soph. winning the Heisman? I am not sure what I think in this crazy season.
Cherry Blast
Ok.... So im holding my first competition.. ...The winner is the first person to get 5,000 comments. And the winner will get a 1 day Cherry Blast... ... the competition will start when I have enough entries and will end when someone has enough comments... If anyone has any questions send me a message and I'll get back to you. Your more than welcome to comment bomb yourself! When you have reached the 5000 commets please send me a message and I will get your cherry blast. Thank. Klara xxxx Design your free custom bulletin now at!
Cherry Poppers
to thank all of you who are helping me to get emough cherries to fully enjoy this site!! mystica, kavscarpetta, Carla, HatFullaStaz, Linda, MeFinicky,ShreekDaStone,Mr&MrsSchriefer You guys are my first!
I thought that cherrytap sucked ass... then after a cpl minutes.. i put up a cpl some good ratings.. and then i started to find my way around the site.. and it rocks! theres my first blog.! haah :P
The Cherry Ladder Of Fame
Hi everyone I just want to say thanks so much for all the love and the comments lately. I had been feeling pretty bummed out these past few days, so it really put a smile on my face to see all the love. Special hugs and kisses to Beamer, Craig and Andrew who always go that extra mile, love you guys... :) ricki /" target="_blank"> Free Comment" target="_blank"> Free Comment Codes To all my wonderful CT friends, have a safe and wonderful easter, during your celebration please remember to pray and bless the troops overseas who won't be home with their family and loved ones Ricki Get more @ Just passing along my condolences to the family and friends of Ft Lewis who lossed their loved ones in the recent road side bombing...I will be praying for your comfort and closure and and the future days ahead God Bless all of you Ricki aka Cheekyone
Cherry Tap Anonymous
Life is exactly what I thought it would be work eat sleep and do it all fucking over again. Name: Rpg Gamer Mark(Live On Webcam) Gender: Male Occupation: Dishwashing Bitch/Prep Cook Location: WORCESTER COUNTY,MASSACHUSETTS,UNITED STATES, Date of Birth: 13th Jun 1982 Looking For: Friendship,Dating,Serious Relationship,Whatever I can get Interested In: Women Political Views: Who Cares What Rpg Gamer Mark(Live On Webcam)'s Up To:Cherry Tap Current mood: Artistic Where I am:Massachusetts I'm listening to: 107.3Waaf,Metallica,Megadeth,Tool,Eminem I'm watching: Boston Red Sox,New England Patriots I'm playing: Final Fantasy Xll,With myself I'm annoyed at: Fake friendships/bitches online I'm loving: How fun the internet world is I'm looking forward to: New friends on here I'm IMing: Anyone that I want to I'm shopping at: Walmart/Cheap Retail Stores Rpg Gamer Mark(Live On Webcam)'s Favorites: Favorite Musi
Cherrytap Friends And Contests
Cherry Blasts!!!
Why do people put up for a cherry blast to gain points for peeps comming to their page to rate and comment, then when ya get there they have it blocked so you cant give them comments. Is it just me or am I just a newbie cherry that dont know any better?
hurts to much to think it sucks i didn't have much time to think while i was in oklihoma training but i have cryed everyday since i been home break-ups suck i'm not looking for anouther relationship i just need friends and honesty ,and to get my shit togeather shattered heart
Cherry Horoscope
WHAT ARE YOU? LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)-- If you fuck up just once with a Leo...That's IT. Don't be expecting them to take you back. They are not willing victims, after all, they CHOSE screwed up? They can UN-Choose you just the same. They live for Menage a Trois...or Qua...or Cinco....anything in a group is okay as long as they are in the middle. Leos also like bubble baths. Once you start with a not think you can just turn their emotions on or off like a switch...they demand satisfaction. NOW. All the stress in the world ends up in the Leo neck...They need neckrubs...they feel like they have the entire weight of the world on their head. If its kinky, a Leo has probably done it..You know Madonna's a LEO, right? She masters the Madonna/Whore/Goddess thing pretty well, huh? I wonder why? Could it be cause shes a fuckin' LEO? yep. Valmont was probably a Leo. They probably have the movie at home. Get out your furry gloves and faux mink whips for this kitten. they
Cherrytap Blog Entry 1
So my sister got me to sign up for this site and I am unawares of why really.I had a myspace account set up and have neglected it for awhile but she said this site is like myspace for grown-ups. So here I am. I live in Seattle, work for Jack in the Box and live in the hood of Seattle. I like to hang out with my bestfriend Mikey and go out to the local bars here when I get a chance. I work in the heart of gay mecca here in Seattle and I enjoy the exposure to the community and the closeness it provides to being near my closest friends. I have been back in Seattle since November of 2006. I miss my family in Tennessee very much and the horrible aspect of being in Seattle is being so far away from them and their daily lives. I hope to be able to return and visit them soon. Since I am new to this I am going to end this here. If you are like what you see hit me up and when I sporadiccly check this site I will hit you back. Have a good one and take care of yourselfs. Ciao!
Cherry Tap Rules!
I got 905 MySpace friends last time I checked. Visit my page at Cherry Tap kicks some serious butt. I like this place just as much as MySpace. Anybody who loves 80s music like I do give me some shouts out. I've been a fan of 80s music since I was a kid in the 80s and I still love it with me being in my early 30s.
Cherry Tap
You Are a Natural Flirt Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt. And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting. Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt. And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive! What Kind of Flirt Are You?
Cherry Blast
My husband bought me a blast that is suppose to be active now. If you happen to see it, let me know ok. I just want to make sure it is actually out there and that somebody sees it. I may not end up seeing it. Thanks! CherryTAP Levels Levels Cherry Points Unlock... 0 Freshmeat 0 Up to 50 photos 1 New Cherry 250 Being known as Meat =) 2 Cherry 500 Set your own online status 3 Cherry Grunt 1,000 Vote on a MUMM 4 Chill Cherry 2,000 Post HTML comments 5 Psycho Cherry 4,000 Create your own MUMMs 6 Twisted Cherry 6,500 Rip a photo 7 Wasted Cherry 9,000 Up to 70 photos 8 Black Cherry 14,000 Up to 750 profile ratings 9 Magic Cherry 25,000 Up to 6000 friends 10 Friend of CherryTAP 35,000 Create your own lounge 11 Nutty Cherry 50,000 Up to 110 photos 12 Inspired Cherry 75,000 Up to 10,000 friends 13 Ripe Cherry 100,000 Up to 140 photos 14 Epic Cherry 135,000 Up to 25 family members 15 Cherry Idol 170,000 Up to 8 MUMMs a day 16 Cherry Lover 210,0
hey peolpe!! i need cheering up! im v.bored and want someone to play wiv?!?!?! x x x x
Cherry Hoes!!!!
What is with the cherry tap whores on here im sick of seeing girls boobies and girls laying on their backs in pics...... I have no problems with showing alittle skin but, dont go on the world wide web and submit yourself to this for fucking cherry points!!!!!! Is there any self respect in doing this? You girls r quiet impressive but dont do this for points! If they want you or want to look at or fan you then they can use their imagination!! Leave some kind of excitement leave the boobies covered!!!
Cherrytap Magazine
Cherry Tap And Nsfw
You know what i don't understand? NSFW. First of all we are all adults and have the freedom to make choices. To post or not to post something. To view or not to view something. We are all adults there shouldn't be anything we haven't seen as far as sex goes. But it's NSFW? Why not rate it as adult? Wait don't we all have to be 18 years old to gone in the first place? And if stuff on Cherry Tap is NSFW why are you on Cherry Tap at work in the first place? Are you being paid to work and not to check out Cherry Tap? You should be on Cherry Tap at work at your on risk not make it my job to make sure you don't get in trouble. If you want to stay out of trouble at work then maybe you should be working and not rating someone's pics. Just a few thoughts -David Pressure pushing down on me Pressing down on you no man ask for Under pressure - that burns a building down Splits a family in two Puts people on streets It's the terror of knowing What this world is about Watching some good
Cherry Love
sorry........i really luv yall-my fans,my friends,my workn on raten ur pics,stashs & out there tryn 2 have sum'n..........but ill never 4 get ya snowflake(?).....yall send her sum real luv....shes dealn w/........just send ur spirits & angles 2 protect-------thank u:::JUICE untell death do us part we shall not part nor seperate for i have found i's fate as i gaze n 2 ur eyes,my heart beat escalates 2 a rythem much more different than b4 i do beleave that i'v been look'n 4 every thing that i'v been miss'n,it's u & 4 every thing that i'v wish'n;hey,mayb dreams --do cum true but theres 1 thing 4 certian as my life line --unfolds it'l b ur warmth that warms me as i shiver n --that cold & it'l b the taste of ur kiss that i carry n 2 --that heavenly bliss MAY MY HEART ALWAYS & FOREVER B FIL'D W/THE BLIZARD OF UR LUV 333 i truely love yall out there......CT has me & yall have my heart
Cherry On Top
Cherry Questions
why does cherrytap have to have that daily tips page EVERYTIME you log on? daily tips mean it's the tip of the day!!! If we log on several times a day (like most of us do) why do we have to deal with that over and over? If I didn't click it the 1st time I logged on what makes them think I want to click it the 10th time???? At least on MYSPACE they have the link to skip the ads BEFORE they load. I know when I joined cherry it said no ads........ so what are those tips of the day to join blockbusters and all those other sites to get extra points?? just ads for those sites. ok this will be my CHERRY QUESTIONS section. I come across things on here I just don't get. This one is about the new FLUFFY picture on the homepage Now why is it ok for them to use a picture of a gun to the head of a cat but it's not ok to have guns in your own pictures. How is that picture not an NSFW picture but a picture of an ass in jeans fully clothed marked an NSFW....... Things that make y
Cherries A Coming To My Friends!
I just like to thank all my friends here on CT for helping me get to Cherry Warrior. You can be assured i will take these next few days too bomb the hell out of your profiles with tons of cherries! May the cherries be with you! Thanks again I ran out of my daily limit of cherries,,,lol this will be the third time this week it has happened ,,i will be back to my friends who rated me and showed me love.
The Cherry Warrior!!! Thank U My Great Cherry Friends!
Cherry Love
September 11, 2006 I lost my ex in a horrible motorcycle accident! He left his 5 year old Daughter behind, as well as many close friends & family! Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet the wonderful people who were saved through the donation of his organs! It was a bittersweet day, but touching never the less! Take a moment to consider becoming an organ donor! He saved 3 peoples lives, one with only about a week left to survive, she is 13 years old & healthy for the first time in her life! This Is Evan & Our Daughter Destinee! This is our Daughter & The young Lady who recieved his heart! This Is Destinee, Emily & Stef His Sister at the organ donor picnic His Patch on the quilt These are the other two he helped the one in the center recieved his kidney & Pancreas, the Gentelman on the far right recieved his liver! This is his Sister Stefanie Hugging one of the recipients! Thank You for taking the time to read this, sometimes somthing beaut
Cherokee North Carolina
Cherokee Bill The hat he wore resembled that of Indiana Jones So it gave them pause and she dubbed him Missouri Bill But the sound of the name when spoken reminded him of misery and that the "trail of tears" of the Cherokee The trail passed through Missouri where he had paused a year ago and though a white man his family lore tied him to the tribe It was as if all had come full circle and so upon this day "Cherokee Bill" was born another by William 6/12/95 Visit Bill's website SEQUOYAH THIS STATUE HONORING SEQUOYAH, THE CHEROKEE GENIUS WHO INVENTED THE CHEROKEE ALPHABET WAS SCULPTED FROM A SINGLE GIANT CALIFORNIA SEQUOIA (REDWOOD) LOG WHICH WAS DONATED AND SHIPPED BY GEORGIA-PACIFIC. THIS IS SCULPTOR PETER WOLF TOTH'S 63RD STATUE ACROSS THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA COMMEMORATING THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF NA
Cherry Trees
Solely for you. Not for me. Leaving me hungry running up that tree. In seeing the forgotten. lets find the end or at least just pretend. Stop screaming I still find you intriguing. Quit, my ears are bleeding. So these people, they call you friend. Can you see them there, at the end? You are compelling. Reading minds of those who are telling. Underhandedly striking. machinating against a device. My veins you decided to dissect then splice. Genetics tell the fib to the reader's lib. Not strict or literal, Obsolete ergo, noncritical.
has anyone here [besides Pee], actually made it through the beginning of a cherryland survey? i think they are a fucking joke. apparently i never happen to "qualify" to even take one. funny how its not even a real survey if they only accept people who give them the answers they want. therefore, its not even a real "survey" at all. fuck'em! hey y'all. i will be attending a meeting this wednesday [14th] with the cherrytap staff about feedback for the site. so if you have any questions, or concerns, please make a list and i will compile them all and take it to the meeting. feel free to leave your comments and concerns in response to this blog as well. pee ou bishes! if you have any ideas of new gifts you think you might like to give/receive.. let me know! im going to be working with marketman, on the cherry gifts to better your cherryland shopping experience!
Cherries-Chapter 3 The next morning Jaidin woke abruptly. She looked around and noticed that Deavion wasn't there anymore. "Deavion." she said quietly. "Deavion, where are you?" Deavion walked out of the bathroom. "Hey there beautiful, you're awake finally." he smiled at her quickly."How'd you sleep?" he asked her walking to the mirror to make sure that the outfit he picked out looked good. "I slept fine D." she said smiling. "How'd you sleep?" she asked. "Fine, knowing that I was sleeping next to you." he said smiled at her. "Are you gonna get ready for school or are you not going?" he asked her. "I'm going. I promised Dianna I would be there." Jaidin said and got up and walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist and looked at him through the mirror. He smiled at her through the mirror. "Even when you wake up you're the most beautiful person I have ever met. Did you know that Jai?" he asked her. "Really. Am I?" she asked. "Most definitely." he smiled at her. She smiled

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