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Hey folks, come on out to Pro Wrestling America's next show on February 21st.   WHAT: Pro Wrestling America WHEN: Sunday February 21st          2:00 PM bell time WHERE: Fastlap GoKart,            4288 South Polaris            Las Vegas, NV 89103   Come see me, Jason McConnell take on El Pinche Loco and Shaka....come see Damian Graves take on Johnny Logan for the PWA World title. Come on down and show your support!! DWF SEPTEMBER SABOTAGESEPTEMBER 26th, 20094509 E. Bonanza Rd.Las Vegas, NV 89110 DWF World Heavyweight ChampionshipAsylum vs. "Iron" Mike Steel (c) It's do or die time for Asylum as he faces the World Champ one last time. Mike Steel agreed to this match under one condition: that asylum put his CAREER on the line. It's all or nothing come the 26th. Will Asylum finally succeed where he and others have failed so many times? Or will Mike Steel send Asylum packing into obscurity? DWF Xtreme ChampionshipSolo vs. Felony (c) It's a match for the ages! A clash of t
A Wrestlemania Moment
Wrien By The Rebel Pet Clown Salem Lacroix
I gots love for my homies, members of the Rebels United we stand, squashing all deadly forces Been to hell, could of spent eternity there All the bad shit I've done, I should still be there Rebels can ya feel me, feel me, worldwide, Running with the family straight out the Tap Always got your back till end screaming Rebels! Rebels of C.T. that's the way you go! So many people in CHERRYTAP Are alone, they They knock me in my soul belongs to the Rebels they Keep me going when I'm down and out I pick up the phone drop them a line and here them shout Saying Salem is the shit, and I'm down with the clown Rebels for life until I'm dead in the ground! I give a shout to all my family who keep me started All my Rebels always representing when on Cherrytap! TAZMAN makes me happy! MISS BITCH make me happy! Until eternity! I'll always have REBEL family! LSD'S SHELL makes me happy! HYPNOTIC make me happy! Until eternity! I'll always have REBEL family! AND EVERY OTHER REB
Wrinkles...the Great Nightmare
WRINKLES Some women see them as the bane of their existence, and they actually go through all means they could possibly afford just to get those wrinkles off their faces, the means ranging from expensive creams to Botox to plastic surgery and facelift. Our culture and society is so youth-oriented that wrinkles, especially on women, have become totally undesirable Why do we get wrinkles? Wrinkles are mostly associated with aging. As we age, the cells of our skin become thinner and lose elasticity because of the decreased levels of collagen production in our body. The skin cells also divide more slowly, thus delaying repair and renewal of the skin. Also, as we age, the fat cells just under the outer layer of our skin, which makes the skin look supple, get smaller and lose their ability to fill out whatever gaps created by the damage that occurs in t
Wrinkles In Time
Wow, it seems everyone around me is getting married. People i've gone to school with, worked with, or just have known. I was on that road not to long ago; I was going to settle down and be with someone I love. It's funny how fast life can change in less then a year. By no means do I want that life back, I am just moving forward. I just am the type of person who likes to settle. Its time to say goodbye to my past; that door needs to be shut once and for all. I know I have spoken of this in the past, but the time has finally come that I need to fully let the past rest. I’ve known for quite some time that the only way to move forward is to leave your past behind you; not fully behind, because you should stick to your roots and remember where you came from. Yet, like the saying goes “let the sleeping dog lie”. I know if I am really serious of stuff that I speak of (love, relationships, success, a career, and marriage eventually) I cannot bring the baggage of the past with me. It’
A Wrinkle In Time
Friendships are like wrinkles... the longer they go on... the deeper they become.
Wrinkle Cream
Anti wrinkle creams are now available for use by those people who wish to eliminate these lines under the eyes and wrinkles on the forehead. But as there is a flurry of products it is a Herculean task to select the best one. So we have to do a fair bit of research before going for a product. According to Dr.Oz, The best anti aging products are the ones which have the natural extracts of red wine, Matrixyl 3000 and other essential fatty acids to boost the skin tightening. For More Information Please Visit : Wrinkle Cream Review
Wrinkle In Time
There comes a time in your life you realize you're your own worst enemy.   I am so scared I am going to pull my great Houdini act. Pushing people away before they get to close.   I've built this enormous wall around myself and I just can't escape. Escape myself. I feel like screaming or crying not that either would be mature or helpful. I have barely slept in weeks and its finally taking a toll on me. I keep getting told i'm being bitchy or moody. Maybe I am just overreacting and need to suck it up and deal with it. I am not looking for sympathy and not even expecting anyone to care. I guess I am just not doing my normal reaction to things and bottling it away. For once I have tried venting to people and mostly those that claimed to want to listen; turned around and said I am just moody. I don't hold things back. I say what I am thinking. I've just been taking care of my aunt that is dying. She doesn't sleep through the night so I have to stay up with her, then crash for maybe an
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Wrir Broadcasting
Written For My Lost Love Fiona
You are my one and only . the sight of you keeps me going and makes me want to get up in the morning. your smile lights up any place You are in . You have a kindness to You that would tame even the most wild of beasts . lips like newly bloomed cherry blossoms and eyes that i strugle not to lose my self in . Your alabaster skin is beautifull soft and addictive to the touch i feel i would wither and die without it, Fiona you are the woman i dream of when i sleep and the woman i crave when im awake..... I love you now and will for the rest of my life you are my perfect woman, my fantasy, my eternal lover....
Writers Block
Writing And Poems
"Hello, Sir! I am Merkader." The short child looking man extends his little hand in greeting. "Well met, Merkader. I be Conner Destron, and a pleasure tis indeed to greet you to our little home here." says the huge half-ogre as he extends a finger to your little hand for a returned greeting. Merkader grips the half ogre finger in greeting shaking the ogre vigorously. How on earth is this little man so strong? "Well meet, well meet!" The other patrons here have grabbed their coin purses and leaped out of the way of the tiny halfling. "Is that one of your hard fought baubles?" Merakder now plays with like a toy right in front of Conner Conner chuckles as he offers to trade Merkander a lovely Wand of Wonder with at least three more charges left in it for his other possessions that the kender has apparently borrowed. Quickly grabbing the wand from his hand, a plethora of items the small halfling must have had hidden in his sleeves and other places, pour out at Co
Fear has no taste when we embrace the things we shouldn't. What is it that drives us to make such choices? Perphaps the sun has cooled and the bitter rain of our mistakes is falling on our heads like bullets. Force...its the only way a creature of habit can learn or be measured. Most never see it coming like a frog in a pot of water. Blistered and dying. That is when death is the only lesson learned. Useless is this knowledge. This is what these choices offer the chooser...utter oblivion. Stuck here in the land of boredom Patience cant keep me company Just a sliver of me is still breathing The rest if off in space Im out of carwashes and out of options In the land of boredom my sanity is up for auction Get out of my face just get your gas and leave Do I stutter when I speak whats this up my sleeve A timecard spelling instant relief Was that a sausage polish or was that a hotdog large Excuse me Ma'am are you Polish I am not in charge There is a fine
Writing And Poetry
While traveling along my chosen path in the pursuit of perfection I have become aware that I am a solitary island surrounded by a vast ocean. Through constant erosion the surface has worn where it was lacking strength. Occasionally something or someone will come and alter the island somehow. Something as insignificant as walking can leave a lasting imprint of their visit. The best visits however are when someone comes along who shares my love of this island. They do not fear the isolation and purity that it can bring as everyone else does. I embrace these few and draw them into the heart of it where the greatest secrets of understanding lie in wait. It is at this time that even the visitors that have constructed a home here choose to leave. Once again, I sit on my solitary island to contemplate existence. What makes this island so appealing yet so inhospitable? Could it be that upon finding this well hidden jewel that they finally realize, as I have, what is really wait
Writing And Random Thoughts
As I stand within this world of glass my eyes wide with the horror before me. My thoughts becoming twisted forms of illusions you chose to create. Dreams no longer are comforting but condemning forms of self-abuse. Love no longer bringing pleasure but an endless source of pain. Hope as if a forgotten novel lay tossed aside in a darkened corner. All I know and once found comfort in vanishing without a trace. When all is lost what is it there is left to see? When I no longer can stand inside your twisted version of what should be. Will you still refuse to see within you is me and with in me there is you? Will you cast me out and stand aside laughing while I begin to bleed? Or will you embrace this our reality and allow again your heart to be free. Nixy The end I have meant some very nice people here on cherry tap and a few I care to forget. By tomorrow morning I will be deleting my cherry tap account. Those who truly wish to stay in contact can reach m
Write Out Of My Mind.
IS IT ILLEGAL TO KILL STUPID PEOPLE? I MEAN FOR REAL! WELL IF WE CAN'T KILL 'EM CAN'T WE AT LEAST SLAP THEM SILLY WITH OUT IT BEING CALLES ASSULT? I believe that in a relationship a man should be the man and a woman should be the woman. I believe that you can love and hate the same person. I believe that it takes two GOOD people to raise a family. I believe that single mothers don't get enough thanks for what they do. I believe that good guys do finish last, but so do good girls. I believe that a sensitive man is sexy as hell, but a pansy is not. I believe that to many people judge a book by is cover before looking to see what's inside. I believe that you can love someone long after the relationship is over. I believe that an ex can be one of your best friends. I believe there is one true love out there for everybody. I believe that the pain of a broken heart can still hurt long after it should have healed. I believe that the sound of a rainstorm i
Writings From Other Lc Friends!!
The Eagle and The Bear The eagle's strength to compare that of the bear this is how they fair the bear can rip apart anything standing there yet the eagle can fly through the air the mighty physical strength of the bear must stay on the ground in a limited area around yet the eagle's strength of us do share it's in every heart and on something's we wear it shows the strength of the eagle for all to share the eagle and the bear. David J. Pipkin When I was young and deep in sin my heart received no light within, I found no peace, no joy, no rest, I had no love or true happiness. My sister died, foretold I cried, how could this happen to me,-oh GOD! now I'm left here alone to die without a partner to lye by. My eyes were blind though I could see, I refused to face reality, I had a mind tricked to believe this spiritual life wasn't meant for me. My dayz were long my nights were cold, I knew that I would soon grow old. As I looked at my life I cou
Writing And Poems
Your Arms Wrap Around A Secret Safe and Sound Your Voice Echoes in My Mind Careful A Way to Bind Your Lips Press to Mine Passionate Loves True Sign Your Heart Slowly Beats A Pulse The Same as Mine. I Suffocate Trying to Breathe Eyes Plead A Single Tear Without Fear For What is Wanted Is Finally Here… A Peaceful Death Is So Near A Single Breath And All is Clear. Well if This is Goodbye Then Why that Look In Your Eye? I See Pain Disdain Regretful As You Say My Name Driving me Insane Your Touch So Comforting Now Cold as Ice As You Mouth the Words You Never had To Say… Our Love Ends Today.
Copyright ME assholes! 2006 ---------------- The patience gone, Absence too long. But the charade, The face was held tight. Can't see eyes through, Should have known. Can't hear words true, Silence grown. Spit the lies, I'll be ignorant, You be full of shit. I'd never know, Never allow it to settle. I know how the game goes, I've seen the players change. I've seen the lid blown off, I know what's underneath. Hollowed yourself out. Fill it up with anything, Anything that feels right. For just a few minutes, Just for tonight. Stir the pot, Just one more time. Keep truth transparent. Sleeping rock bottom. Lies breathe easy, Your words are thick, Hard to take in. I might choke, To know it all. A necessary trial, A separation of body from mind. One may kill the other, Leave the split behind. I know how the game goes, I've seen the players change. I've seen the lid blown off, I know what's underneath. Hollowed yourself out. Fill it up with any
You have found what I have thrown away, Finding what unlocks my heart. You slowly begin opening, what has been closed for such a longtime. You see so much love inside that, You realize that you are unable to return this love. You tell me, that you’re heart is not ready and you hand back the key. Taking it back with a tear and placing it on the shelf. I tell you, it is here and it is yours, When you are ready, I Love You!!! I have no umbrella here to shelter me from the pain. I can't handle another downpour, Still, flooded out from the last wave of storms. Keeping all out and everything in, so high and thick, Nothing can penetrate this fortress like walls I have constructed. Enjoying the security and comforts and detesting the loneliness brought with it. A dark knight armed only with love, encircles my castle like walls, Searching for a weakness to liberate his dark angel from her self imprisonment unleashing his arsenal of heart felt loving words, knocking
This site is full of people who are fakes, who create dummy accounts just to get points. Or who ask you to leave them lots of love without having ever once talked to you. Who have 3k "friends" but only talk to like two. Who talk shit about other people and have internet pictures as their main picture. Funny how everyone on this site is "model-esque." Or guys who rip pictures of women and post them all over their site just to get lots of hits. What good does that do you? Do you earn something in life? Does it boost your ego if you're rank number 25? If someone rates your pictures a 9, do you get pissed? Have you paid money just to get "more friends", ala those sticky notes or blasts? I bought a blast one time, but I didn't say one thing about commenting or rating me. And I don't care if you comment or rate my pics, I will still be your friend. Because when it comes down to it, this site shouldn't be about who's the most popular. It should be about who is the most interesting, who
Writings From My Psycotic Mind
we,re all in it for the buzz man life is nothing but a serious of moments is it time u seized yours ? are we doomed to fate, tiny monsters that masterbate and that mad laughing girl with the red eyes maybe one day you will wake up and realize your alive and not just exsisting there,s a diffrence there,s an old house over feild filled with books about boredom 100 looks and then the world shook would u like to go rollerskating ice has a cosmic glow like a orgasmic butterfly anyway i could go on and on but i must tend to my recent cosmic revelations so sayeth the lord so sayeth the stoned believe or decive who knows -stoned- p.s im hotter today than i was yesterday my sexyness is getting greater booooong i feel like writing somthing so here goes... i sence a lack of trust from what u will lust im not sane im in danger for the rest of you today have no idea what to fucking say we,ll call it war and go golfing we,ll call it murder and go off on
Written For Me
THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR ME BY WARWAGON29 ~~ I LOVE IT As Satan's Warrior, with my sword like tounge, penetrating deep into your soul. Turning your insides out, making the rivers of lust flow. Turning black, corrupting you once sweet angel heart with thoughts of physical passions. Punishing you for your sins, Banging my rocks against your burning flesh, stabbing repeatedly with my spear, releasing my demans, You scream out for mercy and forgiveness, Oh God Please!!!
INHALE Your heart is exploding with anger and lust.... Grab hold my hips tightly torn flesh with every thrust... Hurry up find your place on my shelf along with the dust... Because I have no use for an excuse of a girl... Your nose painted red from the white you inhale... Pleasure this guilty is often times wonderful... Cought red handed with you in my arms... Though who was the rogue that stole myself.... Now theres justice that binds us and justice that finds us... Yet neither one comes close to catching the theives... The air in the spring brings new trees to the leaves Fall into love and gently surrender as our bodies and minds writhe they try to remember This is a song of such sudden sarrow a tune I shall sing for every emotion I found thats been begged and barrowed I've been in the same room for every century, not much has changed except the scenery and maybe the entry Though how could one tell the difference between heave
Written For Me
Love ya baby ... thanks so much for this I have no umbrella here to shelter me from pain. can't handle another downpour, still flooded out from the last wave of storms. Keeping all out and everything in, so high and thick, nothing can penitrate this fortress like wall I have constructed. Enjoying the security and comforts and detesting the loneliness brought with it. A dark knight armed only with love, encircles my castle like walls searching for a weakness to liberate his dark angel from her self imprisonment unleashing his arsenal of heart felt loving words, knocking only some dust away determined sending his words aloft, sending with more force than before dismantling blocks of this wall With a smile, he lets loose his largest and most destrutive of all weapons, his heart. Fearful, being alone so long, Don't know how to repel this assault Falling around at my feet, this wall has started coming down through the smoke walking slowly torwards me, this knight in black hands me a
Writing And Poetry
Killed and Sucked Away By Rita Faye Doty I am empty, it has gone away Like a small cold I got over I feel so empty all the time So sad and so cold. The happiness and excitement gone I wish I could have changed it, I should have said no I've got nothing now and it's all my fault Everyone says I'm acting stupid Like I'm supposed to live like it never came, Like it never left? How can I forget The little part of me That was killed and sucked away, Thrown out with the trash from yesterday? How can I forget The feeling I had The happiness I felt The pride in my heart All killed and sucked away? I'm so fuckin sick of everyone telling me I'm so blessed, when inside I'm going crazy from the stress of this mess. its way to fucking much for me to handle too much for a teen, a young woman even I'm in dispair, I need help. no, what I really need is to learn to cope with it I'm fucking overwhelmed from what everyone thinks of me fucking telling me how to run my damn
Writting It Down
Tears of a Candle all these tear and fears that i hold inside i try to hide but i finally realise a place to cope inside and hope to survive is inside a place so dark its like you blind but if you want to be able to shead those tears and you want to be able to confront those fears then you got to be able to walk it blind cuz todays tomorrow is priceless time. so i am a candle that i have now lit i have been throught the pits and through shit but i handle it from the wax to the tear to the ground it hits life is scandless but it still has light in that dark room it can shine real bright and with that light i write and i write it right i can hear what your thinkin all of your doubts and fears like a hart that is sinkin drownin in tears i cant be mistaken it was only yesteryear that my hart was beatin full of joy and cheer so what am i thinkin with this gun right here what am i thinkin you made me laugh some you made cry some too you sent m
Writing And Poetry
this Poem is dedcated to a very cool and awesoe women she knows who she is! __________________________________________________ I never came here looking for a single soul. But now that I found you I want you to know I had forgotten how to smile, how to laugh, how to be me I had forgotten the sweet pleasure of a heart filled with glee. I was intoxicated with life... work and family Never stopping for fun... it just wasn't there you see. Since I have found you... it's been a complete turn around I smile and laugh again... not much gets me down. I get excited when I see you on Yahoo Wondering what it is today we will do... Chatting, laughing and the games we play You make my every day. It seems so silly on just a machine How someone can reach you... become your everything. I thought I'd always be with you, I thought you'd always be there. But I guess I was wrong. It was a love without despair. You gave me what I wanted, And I guess I didn't give it
I brush my hands over my plaid skirt.. as I walk up and knock on the door.. As i look down to my little ankle socks and tennis shoes.. I hear.. him answer.. Yes? I don't answer.. i just look up again.. and run my fingers thru my hair.. I did it this time.. I knew I was in for it... and suddenly the door opens... Come in he says.. I've been waiting for you... I walk in.. I can feel his cold gaze on my back as I sit in one of the chairs in front of his desk.. I watch as he walks around his desk into his large overstuffed leather chair.. He doesn't say a word.. just thumbs thru the file on his desk.. I figure I have to say something... plead my case... please Sir... I can explain... it didn't happen like you heard it.. They ganged up on me... I was just trying to defend myself... All of the other girls don't like me much here... he just held up his hand.. signaling for me to be quiet.. I stopped talking.. feeling the tears start in my eyes... he looks up at me.. and pushes the tissue box
Written For Me By Warwagon29
Knowing not where I’m going. A place not found on any map. I may get lost, but never will I lose my way. Exploring your low land valleys. Climbing your majestic mountain ranges. Crossing your heartland through your prairies. Trekking along to your wetlands. Arriving at Beaver canyon. Taking in by it’s natural beauty, I carefully descend into your canyon below. As I paddle down Pussy River Rapids, slamming against the countless number of rocks ahead.. Mercilessly dragged along the bottom, holding tightly. Bouncing along until reaching the calm waters of Full Kitty Bay. Enjoying the ride, the joy of my journeys climatic end pulsates throughout my entire body. Forever I'll be in Kittyland.
She let herself soak in the wooden tub for a while. A small girl came in just as she was wringing out her newly cleaned black hair and getting ready to stand up. The little redhead smiled timmidly and said "My name's Madilin. I'll be your maid while you're here. M'lady asked that I bring this to you so's you can wear it to dinner." She set a pile of clothes and a pair of shoes on the bed. The clean thief nodded as she reached over the side of the tub for a towel, and Madilin left. Wrapping herself in a towel and shaking out her hair, she walked to the bed. The ground, in a patch of sunlight, was warm under her feet. On the top of the stack was a simple white shirt, but underneath was a beautiful, black skirt. She had kept her eye on it in a shop window for a while, but never thought she'd have one. Next to it was a pair of slim, shiney, black shoes. She smiled to herself and pulled the clothes on. Just as she was slipping her feet into the shoes, Velouria came in. Not a sound was hea
Written By: Erotica
Writing To Survive
You come over. We talk a bit. Stare at each other. Smile often. You look in my soul and it makes you wonder why my heart says no. The connection is undenialable. We don't always agree or get along yet somehow we manage to make each other feel like our love is all we need. Your lips touch mine so softly just once. That one time becomes two and from there our lips lock. You hold me and our energy's mix. There's something more than both of us are willing to openly admit. I'm not sure what I want in life though I'm sure I can't let you go. Why do I try to push you away? Why can't I tell you how I really feel about you? If what we have is real, then why are we playing these games with each other? Can you please tell me with words what you say with your actions? Have I told you how my heart races and how I smile at the thought of being with you? It's you that makes me happy. I love your smell, the way you make me feel inside, the quirky things you say and the silly things you
Written By:submission
Pretending to be your call-girl one night, I come around looking just right, To your front door in spike-healed boots, Anxious to see if the outfit suits. Taking your time as not to tear paper, You lift my skirt then say "wait here." On go the lights of the Christmas tree, Back you come to unwrapping me. Tripping towards the window chair, Cars driving by can catch a stare, You parting thighs wide with your knees, Me arching in a need to please. Down before me then you drop, All hurriedness at a stop, Tracing edges with your nose, Savoring fragrance, eyes sweetly closed. And on my mouth there forms a grin, Petals caressed with bare chin, Sighing resumes, as you lick with leisure, A cone full of your favorite flavor. Not content with petting for long, Like a cat the urge too strong, Purring starts a reverie, Lips dripping out sweet honey. 0ingers used to stir the flow, Knowing you like to watch the show, To your
Pulling him towards her, she finally feels his hard throbbing piece go in her. He slowly pulls out leaving just the head in. She screams wanting more insde of her. He takes his cock out and starts to rubbing her pussy from top to bottom. As she squirms she whispers in his ear "I want it now". After hearing this he slowly puts his dick back in her. Feeling her arms around him he slowly goes in deeper getting a loud moan out of her. He begins to pull out slow feeling the tightness of her makes him moan. Her pussy walls grab his cock as if it wasnt going to let go. This is a great feeling for him. He starts slowly moving in and out of her putting it all the way in her until she can feel his hot sack against her ass. She moans loud and grabs his ass to push him deeper. Knowing in his head that he is not going to last long he starts to grind into her tight pussy trying not to make to much friction to where he explodes before he can feel her cum again. She starts to moan louder
Writing A Poem
Writing And Poetry
Creepying back to sanity The ignorance growing within The misunderstanding of people Segregation, hatred, fear identified The unbearable truth of deceiving dreamers Physical promises, feared by hatred The romantic independences of differences Dark clouds roll over my eyes Self-centered being promises arrogance The thought of being loved The feeling that I fell out of place in this world The feeling of being in pain, flys around in my head Ever lasting love written by the hands of time The feeling that I am loosing something The feeling is unreal, I don't understand it Falling out of my head Crying, dying, innocent of children fading Feelings rush through my body like a flowing river I hate the way people make me believe they love me Questions, promises, hatred, ignorance, confusion Creepying back to sanity The ignorance growing within The misunderstanding of people Segregation, hatred, fear identified The unbearable truth of deceiving dreamers Ph
Writing And Poetry
Writer's Blog
I just got back from a lengthy trip to see the relatives in another state last Monday, so this week has been playing catch-up. I am behind on my blogging, but that isn't as important as catching up on emails. I can't believe that I got 293 emails in my personal email account. It takes me almost 3 hours to read all my emails. Most of it seems to be junk mail. I am currently looking at getting a job or two for some quick Christmas cash...anyone got any ideas. I already have some work at home going on. I might consider writing for a resume service...everyone needs a good resume. Speaking of...I just happened to have a service that is interesting for those of you that are in the market..... I love Thanksgiving. Guess what? It almost is Thanksgiving. It is the day in the year that my entire family stops whatever mischief or work they are doing and converge at one lucky family's house. The toddlers all end up in the floor in the kitchen, tripping the adult ladies fixing the food. The
Writers Block
Blocked, can't go any futher, lost for words, sentences doesn't make sense. Formatt is immature, amature, not as good as it can get or should be for public reading at all. Frustration, impatient, I'm done. Second thoughts, third thoughts, and back to the beginning. Desire for approval leading to anxiety, forgetting your thoughts and mis-spelling words. Errors, typagraphical, puncuation and more. Nothing is working for you nothing at all. Ideas, bright one dull ones and even the irrelavant ones. Free writing, journal writing, diary writing to make it work, yet your stuck right where the cursor blinks. It taunts you, laughs at you all while it waits. Come on it screams at you, frightening you, making you nervous, confusing you. I need a break, maybe some coffee to give me a jolt...but nothing. No jolt, no idea, not any new ones at least. Dam this writers block I'm never going to finish. Does this sound like you, well if so do we have a solution....all you have to do is pay 16 easy pa
Writings In Erotica!
The portions of a woman that appeals to man's depravity, is constructed with considerable care, And what appears to you and me as a simple cavity, is really an elaborate affair. And doctors that have bothered to examine this phenomena on numerous experimental dames, Have searched the lower regions of the feminine abdomina, and given them delightful Latin names! There's the vulva, the vagina, the jolly perineum, and the Hyman which is sometimes found in brides, And lots of other gadgets you would love if you could see'em, the clitoris and god knows what besides! So isn't it a pity, when common people chatter, on these matters to which I have referred, That they use for such a sweet and delicate a matter, Such a short and unattractive word?
Writings And Ramblings
Generally I don't write disclaimers but Ive got a lot of flack oer this piece Just for the record I don't hate cops I don't look down on them I Don't generally have a problem with them. That said tell me what ya think Cops... It's always the cops that give me problems they think they know so much. But they're wrong it's us that know its the government that knows. Not the president and his stuff-shirt aristocratic colleagues. They sit and play with their little papers moving them from plae to place content to remain puppets, as long as it means they don't have to hear about or deal with whats really going on. They don't want to get their hands dirty you the affairs of their country... their country yeah ...right... thats a laugh! They havn't been running this country or any other since at least the 1950's maybe even farther back then that. Oh well. Wonder whats taking that damn cop so long...cops are so stupid! I mean not that it's their fault poor bastards but at least
Writing And Poetry
At my door with flowers And a charm of no one else, You come on in and please me so Your company a must. You grab my waist so gently And caress my tender cheek, You warmly kiss my luscious lips The excitement has to peek. You lead me to the bed With a glimmer in your eye, You slip beneath my silky blouse And the pleasure starts to fly. We kiss with unending passion As you explore my breasts, I gently stroke the creases Of your warm and sculpted chest. I slip off your pants And the boxers right behind, Mine are stripped from my hips As you begin to unwind. The fury of our bodies In the warmth of the small house, The moans and groans that from it stray No longer quiet as a mouse. You begin to lick my neck And move lower still, My legs upon your shoulders Up my spine it sends a chill. You move back up my torso As I feel the presence of something hard, You push it gently into me As I moan from pleasured heart. Harder and harder we fall in syn
Writing On The Wall
This is a good place to write the kind of things you sometimes see writen on bathroom walls. For example, if you want to recommend a hot cherry who has naughty pics that aren't private, this is a good place to post that. As well as the kind of jokes you wouldnt tell your momma. Enjoy the blog!
Writing And Poetry.
My thoughts have burned a whole in my mind and water can't put ou the fire Searching for something I can't find To quench an unspoken desire. So life has let you down, Happiness a memory In chemical reprieves I drown with a love that wasn't supposed to be you can't save me from myself my last wish is to die I take the needle from my shelf and i begin to fly So I've fallen from my pedestal on which i cried in rage and hate was left to rule locked in eternities cage Drugs were my only friend and a forever loved enemy As i waited for the bi tter end which is all a distant memory. This poem was wrote for my father, as well as myself!
He blew in like the wind On a warm October night Carefree and wild With his smile, his charm, And those deep eyes you could swim in He tousled my hair and caressed my skin, Covering every inch of me, Whispering sweet nothings into my ear, And I believed them to be true At once, the sky turned gray and unstable, Forcing me to find refuge away from him, To let go of him for my own safety Just as suddenly, the air was clear and stagnant, For he was gone, swept away by the same wind that blew him in If only I could have made him stay, Held on tighter, been more than I was If only I hadn’t been foolish enough, Foolish enough to believe the stories, the fantasies Foolish enough to believe that he could be caught But like the wind, he slipped through my fingers Note: I wrote this like 5 years ago, so it's kind of depressing, which doesn't really fit as well with me at this point in time. I broke the Mirror what I saw in it I didn't like The face of a gi
iwana scream it feels so empty things been teared away were a part of me every one gone blind why cant they see?! expected me to be that some 1 i will never be it got so complecated so hard to understand why they keep doing dat is it me or they drivin me mad strugleing the life,fact it gone so bad i kept pretending never been wanted was words just pending i been caught up in the spin feels like its some thing that has no end even though i hold stilllll doubting about my dream what if &if,n fullfill dats life&how it goes with u for real sick n tired my dreams all fade things went so bad i cant keep some thing that i never had told ma self it could be it life is crazy thought it would be like dat closest ppl keeps bugin it had me confuse where the love surroundin? got me compared to some 1 i dont like they,r jst blind dont know wots behind ever shimer and each lie wots life all about life is a BITCH its takes still not givin showin other part me i coul
Writing & Poetry
That Day.... It was a steamy August nightWhen you first crossed my pathAt first I hid from sightBut that would never last You were but a strangerIn a place I knew so wellLittle did I know it would beThe beginning of my hell I was such a social butterflyJust flitting around my friendsI had so many of themI thought it would never end But then you took my handAnd in your charming waysYou started down a pathWith the DEAD END sign hidden in a haze By the time I saw the darkness fallMy friends I could not findYou held my hand even harderAnd led the way; I was blind But then one day, I woke upSurrounded by people I never knewAnd when I tried to get awayYour grasp was like super-glue It was then that I noticedThe pure evilness in your eyesI was unable to make an escapeAnd no one could hear my cries Then one day, the sun came outand on me, it began to shineThe law they came to take youAnd, in essence, gave me what was mine And as I stood there lettingThe sun shine rain on
These tears i shed i never expected them to fall still. so close i can almost touch it. yet it's so far from my grasp. taken away by a flick of a pen. he didn't know what he was doing. took the army away from me. poured my heart and soul. all i wanted was to be a soldier. to defend the freedom. to be a guardian of the united states of america. i was willing to give my life. so those stateside could live safely. 9 hard,mentally and physically exausting weeks I devoted of my life to become a soldier. I gave everything i had. before i could jump head first into the next step of my life. the army was taken away from me. i vow to return if it's the last thing i do. but instead of being a follower... i will be a leader. I would trade my life for my soldiers. I want to lead the best. I know im a good leader. the day i left for home i watched 249 soldier cry. "Katz was leaving." I was the only one willing to stay up with the one who missed home, crying-w
Writings, Rantings, And More!
I've been on a major fucking The Crow trip lately. The Crow has always been one of my all time favorite graphic novels and the movie is great too, everynow and then I revisit it and re-read the book and watch the film. Well now it's the time and I've been on a kick lately all though that may seem weird since Christmas time was just over, but what the hell. Anyways I do like to creatively write sometimes and I was inspired to write this short "lost scene" so to speak that could be inserted intot he Crow book so to speak. And it's by no means to step on James O'Barr's great work at all. It's more of a tribute than anything else to The Crow. Normally I don't like to get sappy or poetic in my blogs I joke around on them more than anything and say the stupidest shit I can think of but anyways I'm serious for once today. -------------------------------------------------- Forever: Inspired by The Crow Shelly asked me a question once. "Eric?" she asked. "Do you think it would be
I came upon this topic on an email list a few days ago. I was going through some of my old college books and found Joan Didion's essay, Why I Write and was contemplating using this topic as the basis of a biography I need for another venture. Ah synchronicity! So, why do I write? I write as a hired gun, putting words to other's ideas. For my daily bread I am called upon to clean up the rambling technical verbiage of the overly educated or to put order in the brilliantly disheveled thoughts of executives. My task is to turn somewhat obscure concepts into easily understood documents. Watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat! Why do I write? As a child I was afraid to write anything on paper, afraid of being punished by my mother for having thoughts that didn't match hers. I wrote my forbidden wisdom on frosted windows sending it away with warm breath and a sweep of a hand. My contraband thoughts were painted with water on summer sidewalks, burned onto the night sky with lit pun
Writing & Poetry
One should examine oneself for a very long time before thinking of condemning others. ~Moliere Every man alone is sincere. At the entrance of a second person, hypocrisy begins. We parry and fend the approach of our fellow-man by compliments, by gossip, by amusements, by affairs. We cover up our thought from him under a hundred folds. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Friendship," Essays, 1841 He does not believe who does not live according to his belief. ~Thomas Fuller Whatever you condemn, you have done yourself. ~Georg Groddeck, The Book of the It, 1950 Many of us believe that wrongs aren't wrong if it's done by nice people like ourselves. ~Author Unknown Your religion is what you do when the sermon is over. ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all. ~William Shakespeare, Henry VI As no roads are so rough as those that have just been mended, so no sinners are so intolerant as those that hav
Writer's Delight- Prompted Free-writes
how can we really know anyone is it possible perhaps we can glimpse a spark of who he is and was or who she wants to be but as a whole we are part invisible because we aren't legos you can't build solid transparent color spectrums walking talking rainbows we can't even see ourselves for long constantly changing winding in the wind spiraling until the wind is hushed and our breath held captive and we see us its beautiful scary ugly peaceful and every other good and bad thing but always magnificent The children walked side by side down Mercy Lane. Autumn winked red and orange amid the green canopy of trees that shaded the sidewalk. The sun filtered through the canopy and danced, Mosaic light, on the children's faces. The girl wore a gray pullover dress, gray blouse, and sturdy, black Mary Jane's. Her mousy, brown hair was tied back in a tight ponytail and round spectacles rested on the tip of her nose. A red back pack swung carelessly from her sho
Written By Ted Nugent
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Written by Ted Nugent, rock singer and hunter/naturist. Upon hearing that CA Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein denounced him for being a gun owner and a Rock Star; this was his response after telling the Senators about his past contributions to children’s charities and scholarship foundations totaling more than $13.7 M in the past 5 years. “I’m a bad American? This pretty much sums it up for me. I like big trucks, big boats, big houses, and naturally pretty women. I believe that the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some mid level governmental functionary with a bad comb-over who wants to give it away to crack addicts squirting out babies. I think that playing with toy guns does not make you a killer. I believe that ignoring your kids and giving them Prozac might. I don’t think being a minority makes you noble or victimised. I have the right to not be tolerant
Gryphon@ CherryTAP go visit my hunni n show my pix on his page some love. its been a long day of doing nothing again, but i did find out my sister is going to have another baby like right after me :( pisses me off, yes i am happy for her, but nonetheless pisses me off. But i went shoppin and bought some bottles and some diapers and some other shit, just prepareing.....well i miss my hunni, so i think im going to go n call him and leave him a voice mail or something of that sort! love yall talk to you later! to
Written for a contest I entered three years ago...We had to write a story that was about a picture....everyone had the same picture... I didn't win, but it was pretty cool. The battle was fierce and the casualties tolled heavily on both sides. At times throughout the course of this tedious day I wondered what on earth we were fighting so valiantly for. What was the purpose? Who needed more land? Was it political, or personal....? This was the seventh straight day of fighting and we had carved no bigger foothold from our foe than when we started a week ago. No time to ponder long this day as shots over head kept me constantly ducking. I hurried to follow orders, bringing up the line, and even nursing wounds from time to time. We laid siege to the enemies stronghold for what seemed hours on end. All around me I heard the rage of war from cannon to hoarse voice of men, charging onward with their battle cries. By the middle of the day, or so it seemed, I couldn't see the sky. My visio
Writtings Not By Me
The Day my Jeff Died This is what I wrote about that fateful day. What happened before, during and after.... Really tough to write and tough to read, too! =============================================================================== I keep flashing back to the day that it happened, November 7, 2004. It started like a regular Sunday morning. You getting up and having breakfast (Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and watching cartoons in the living room. Stephen was going to cook a late breakfast of bacon, potatoes, eggs, the whole works. I was putting your new school picture in the picture frame that has every year of school’s pictures in it and you and I were goofing about how this picture came out and some of your pictures and how you had a few “chubby” years, etc... You came over behind me and hugged me and I told ya to watch out cuz I might sneeze boogers on your arm cuz of my cold! I told ya that the internet was taken away again because of the porn sites you had visited and y
I want to be alone, yet the loneliness is what drives me to tears. I want the quiet, yet the silence is more then I can take. Don't look at me, but make me feel young again. Don't touch me, but make me feel special. Don't push me, I am just as confused as you are... just more afraid.
Writings On The Wall
I want a man that every guy wants to be just because he's with me. I want to be that woman that every girl wants to be just because of the man I am with. I want to be apart of the couple that everybody wants to be. I want a man who knows he can't find anybody better. I want a man who's best for me and I can't do any better. I want the man who will treat Bryson like his own child. I want a man that can be a father figure and a good male role model for him. I want a man who wants the whole package, faults and all. By Abigail AkA BlondeAquarius Good personality. Great sense of humor. Loyal to friends and family. Nice to everybody. Caring for the people that are loved. smiling and laughing most of the time on the outside. Crysing on the inside. Happy go lucky on the outside. Depressed on the inside. Out spoken, open and honest. Outgoing. Will talk to almost everybody. Determined but is held back. Knows exactly what wanted and how to get it but can't quite reach it
She can feel the anticipation flow through her veins. It's as if it becoming a life force all it's own. She has had blind dates. She has had friends fix her up. She has gone out with mutual friends. The phone call changed everything. One short, but influencial phone call. She was sensible, though most thought of her as carefree. "It was his voice," she tells herself. His voice was so sincere, so full of passion. It was down right sexy. She told herself not too get carried away. She keeps reminding herself it's just a meeting. She frightens most men after they get to know her anyway, so why would this be any different. Still even with that thought, she cannot 'pretend' to be someone she is not. In her past she had tried that as well. It never worked for too long, and the more, it usually blew up in her face. So she would meet this stranger. The stranger with the incredible voice. She would see where it would lead, perhaps to nothing more than an incredible friendship. But then
The Written Word
Writting ..... Yeah I Suck
AN ACTUAL CRAIG'S LIST PERSONALS AD To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown Savannah night before last. Date: 2010-09-27, 1:43 a.m. E.S.T. I was the guy wearing the black Burberry jacket that you demanded that I hand over, shortly after you pulled the knife on me and my girlfriend, threatening our lives. You also asked for my girlfriend's purse and earrings. I can only hope that you somehow com...e across this rather important message. First, I'd like to apologize for your embarrassment; I didn't expect you to actually crap in your pants when I drew my pistol after you took my jacket.. The evening was not that cold, and I was wearing the jacket for a reason.. my girlfriend was happy that I just returned safely from my 2nd tour as a Combat Marine inAfghanistan .. She had just bought me that Kimber Custom Model 1911 .45 ACP pistol for my birthday, and we had picked up a shoulder holster for it that very evening. Obviously you agree that it is a very intimidating weapon whe
Written By Barricade (tm)
I wish I didn't have to think then I could be just like you I long to be that shallow because you never have to be this deep what is it like no to care to be so blissfully unaware I wish I could run people to ruin then I could be right where you are I long to be on top.... do you remember what it's like down here? what is it like to step on us do we feel good between your toes? I wish that I could take your place then you could feel my disgrace I long to be that lost.... it hurts to know where I am what is it like to wake up everyday and not know [where you are] and not even care to step on us all and laugh as we fall I wish I didn't have to care the greatest burden is a conscience where did you get yours removed? XxBarricadexX October 10, 2005 ------------------------- Notes: More irony. Looks like she wanted to do this to me. I know this poem wasn't written about me. But the wanting to be like this person, definitely ended up working out for her. Addit
Writing This From Jail
Just to let you know...I won the election. Its nothing special...a county position but hey...its my first election! Hey folks, don't forget today is election day! Our soldiers are in Iraq now so that we can have the freedoms we enjoy. Have a great weekend and don't forget to vote! I'll let you know how I did in the election later when I find out! GO SPURS GO!!!! I'll be at the Spurs game tonight...check it out on tv tonight. For those not sports minded...they are my favorite NBA basketball team. Well, everyone knows that its really been raining here in Texas and my yard has some woods out back. Well, yesterday I was out back trying to cut the weeds with the mower and I looked up into a tree and found a cat stuck up there. I heard it crying something awful so felt like I had to get it down. I got my ladder out and set it up under the branch where the cat was and tried to get it down. Well, the poor thing was so scared it didn't know what to think and so it attacked me with
Written By The First....
NAMES OF THE VICTIMS OF VT Body: In Memory of the Following... Now in the arms of the Angels... 1.Ross Abdallah Alameddine, 20 2.Jamie Bishop, 35, 3.Brian Bluhm, 25, 4.Ryan Clark, 22 5.Austin Cloyd, 18, 6.Jocelyne Couture-Nowak, age unknown 7.Daniel Perez Cueva, 21, 8.Kevin Granata, 45 9.Matthew Gwaltney, 24 10.Caitlin Hammaren, 19 11.Jeremy Herbstritt, 27 12.Rachael Hill, 18 13.Emily Jane Hilscher, 19, 14.Matthew La Porte, age unknown 15.Jarrett Lane, 22 16.Henry Lee, age unknown 17.Liviu Librescu, 76 18.G.V. Loganathan, 51 19.Partahi Lombantoruan, 34 20.Lauren McCain, age unknown 21.Daniel O'Neil, 22 22.Juan Ortiz, 26, 23.Minal Panchal, 26 24.Erin Peterson, age unknown 25.Michael Pohle, 23 26.Julia Pryde, age unknown 27.Mary Read, 19 28.Reema Samaha, 18, 29.Leslie Sherman, 20 30.Maxine Turner, age unknown 31.Nicole White, age unknown Devoted and true, Entangled by your love, A willing prisoner Ready for your possession. Eternity can belongs
Writings Of A Submissive...
Writing & Poetry
I am only one, yet I am still one. I cannot do everything, But still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. ***Edward Everett Hale's pledge to the Lend-a-Hand Society*** God Bless all who read this! ~Libby I think it was a nightmare... When I was in highschool my bus was the first in a long line of busses that would drive home in different directions. My locker was on the complete opposite end of the school. I was in rollerskates and I couldn't skate! I was trying hard to get to where my bus was; I couldn't make it! I finally got to the side door and as I opened it... my bus was pulling out of the circle drive towards my town! I wasn't on it! What do you think this means? Tell me what you think! I joined sometime lastweek and I had no idea what I was doing! I soon learned that to change levels you had to earn points. To earn points you can leave someone a comment and v
Writing On Envelope
Loretta Pethick Oakland County Emergency Response & Preparedness 1200 N. Telegraph Rd. - Bldg. 47 West Pontiac, Michigan 48341-0410 248-858-5300 248-858-5550 Fax Subject: Write in on the back of your envelopes WRITE IT ON THE BACK OF YOUR ENVELOPES ! I THINK THIS A GREAT IDEA. I WILL START WRITING THIS ON FRONT OF ALL MY ENVELOPES, TOO! You may have heard in the news that the Post Office ha s been forced to take down small posters that say "IN GOD WE TRUST. " The law, they say, is being violated.< I> Anyway, I heard proposed on a radio station show, that we should all write "IN GOD WE TRUST " on the back of all our mail...after all, that is our national motto, and it's on all the money we use to buy those stamps. I think it is a wonderful idea. We must take back our nation from all the people who think that anything that offends them should be removed. If you like this idea, please pass it on. It has been reported that 86% of Americans beli
The Writings Of Me Or How I Feel
Happiness BY: Aldo Kraas HAPPINESS Happiness uplifts me Happiness fills my heart, my mind, and my soul Happiness gives me the strength I need Happiness is a good feeling that enters my mind each day Happiness takes my sadness away Happiness fills my eyes with joy Happines makes me excited and thrilled Happines warms my heart and soul each day Happiness gives me a sense of relief each day Happiness welcomes me each morning when I get up Happiness can be seen in my eyes Aldo Kraas The sensual touch of his lips with his hand caressing every curve a rush of pleasure surges thur my body. Giving him my all with the gentle brush of his fingertips I fell deep into him. As the room slipped away I felt all that I'd lacked. Feeling the sky move with every thrust sweats trickles down my skin I can't control myself, I exploding in to a whirl of ecstasy. This was a night Of Passion I would never forget.
Writings And Quotes
What a dreamer he is. With no shame too. even when things are all against him,he'll dream and somehow the problems are gone,ofcourse bringing only new problems, but no matter for he worries not I often wonder is that a curse or a blessing,not worrying that is. I wonder does he feel,I know he feels,although he hides it well,he hurts. I can just see it through his dark,marbley eyes,he hurts. Will he tell me though. I ask myself over and over will he ever tell anyone I hope. Author unknown to me...
Writings On The Wall
I'm going to go shower and wash the rest of you off of me. Take your smell off of my chest, and scrub you off the rest. Because everywhere I go I smell your smell, Everybody I talk to, it's your story that I tell. When I wake up in the middle of the night, it's your name that I yell. So maybe I can wash my sins away, and be alone in bed tonight. I'm going to drive, drive so far away I will forget how I feel today. Take your memory off my face, and run away from the rest of you. I asked a preacher and he said if its a sin turn away, I just wished it didn't have to end this way, so in turn while i'm here. I might as well pray, I might as well say, everything that I feel. It hurts when I get no return, even when I kneel. So I wish I could wash the rest of you off of me. Since i'll never get drunk enough to forgive you, Maybe I can drink enough to forget you, The farther I am the less I wish that I can, hold you again. So now I'm so far away, just like the song states
========================= Jersey Girls ==================== A love of an unpretentious good time, and a certain sense of style, Jersey girls are about attitude; eating pizza, drinking beer, going out, great hair, and enjoying it all. She's got a mouth on her and she says what she means shes got a nice cheerful laugh. Bottom line all of them are sexy as hell Pain is something she knows right now, She can't make it stop, she doesn't know how. Right now, her life looks dim. Her biggest fear was losing him. She's in the bedroom cryin. Inside she feels her heart dying. Tomorrow is another day. She's praying he will stay. She turns to God for guidance and light. She prays for goodness in all that is right. In the morning, when she awakes, The new day seems the same. A restless wave, a dreamy glow, an ardent prayer was gushing, give me l
A gothic renaissance Knight in the true sense of the words, he longed to find a damsel to protect, dragons to slay and monsters to destroy for the honor and love of his Lady. He was born to the wrong time, his heart showed he was meant to wear a suit of armor and wield a sword of the truest steel. They watched from afar as he fought internal demons, pillaging and plundering his way through life. Torn asunder by those he loved and chose to give his love to, he shut the world out, built enormous walls around his heart and gave up on his dream. It just wasn't meant to be, what was a dark knight doing in this time? He knew not that his mirror soul lay tormented, lost and alone, a short distance from him. He searched far and wide for his princess, having given up long ago on the common wenches and dark witches surrounding him. Late nights spent teasing and taunting, doing the dance of lust with so many and finding so few worthy of his pledge to honor and love. Blindly fumblin
Writing Career
I wrote the below for someone special i got the expected response but wanted to know how others thought about it. The writing is original and strictly from me, none of it has been copied from anywhere. I would greatly appreciate any feedbeck given. "I want to caress your skin, kiss your lips ever so lightly, our tongues touch as the passion grows, and then we begin to undress each other. Our bodies are touching as we stand naked kissing, I need you; I have to be inside you right at that moment. I sit on the bed and you get on top of me as our bodies become one at that moment. I ask you not to move to just let me stay inside you my love is throbbing inside of you, aching for you to begin our love dance but I just want to be inside of you. We cannot take it any more you begin to massage me with your inner muscles, our hips begins to rock back and forth, rotating and grinding until we reach that point, the point were we want to stop but it feels so good that we have to contin
You should have told me that it would have been the last time That we would purposefully touch. I would have pressed you into the door of your car And bit your mouth, so I could never forget how you tasted and the slippery warmth of Your tongue. Now, It is as if that night was desperate in how you finally kissed me Saying “Just one more” And not stopping for minutes. Bless our love for our hearts beat true, bless our dreams so our destinies we may persue. Our road has been rocky, our path has been dark, but in his/her hands I still place my heart for I know it will never be torn apart. With him/her I am safe, with him/her I am sane, thus I know our future is worth any pain if in his/her arms I am allowed to remain. Goddess hear our plea, let our love be what the world sees, for together is where we wish to be. Marry meet and marry partfrom hear let us have a brand new start. Blessed be and set us free so we may live in harmony. He is the raindrop that lands on my fr
Through all the words I’ve spoken, in a life thats been so true How can I pick the perfect ones to say how I feel for you? I have to think on everyday, Right back to the high school play. Right back to the car rides home. Every moment spent with you alone. The nightly calls and weekend stays, Ceramic pigs and painted trays. The crying beds I held you tight, And told you we would never fight. From senior year with way too many lates. To Glyn going shopping for pots and plates. Through floods and proms and double dates From the Spring of 03 to the heavenly gates I called you my angel, and I’ll never take it back. You save my life daily, and make sure I’m on track. Without you there’s no vision, just colors and a blur. If stricken by this blindness, your love will be my cure. I’ve given you my heart and soul; I didn’t have to wrap them though. You had them stolen from the time I finished writing the first rhyme. And by the time I write the last I hope our so
Please rate/comment me in a sexy eyes contest. U know u want to!! Click the photo below to be taken there! :) Why can't I speak when I have so much to tell? Why can't I write when I have so much in mind? Why can't I sing when there's music in my heart? Why can't I dance when there's rythm in the air? Too many words left unspoken Too many things left undone Why can't it be and why can't I? For all I know this pain deep inside Took the gladness from my heart. Is this the pain of missing you? Is this the reason behind it all? Hear the agony of my heart Longing for you and for your touch Feeling your lips, feeling your face Missing your kisses and warm embrace. When will the waiting ever be over? For as long as were apart I can never be whole Oh! My Dearest Love I just want you to know That my heart is aching because "I'M MISSING YOU!" FREAK APPLICATION 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position: 4. Do you think i'm sexy 5. Would you have sex
Writings By My Daughter
This is something that my daughter wrote. It brought a tear to my eye. I am going to type it just like she wrote it. By the way, she is 10yrs old. Dear Priceless Treasures, I'm writing to remember this memory of happiness. My GiGi has died, but her soul hasn't. I know she watches over me no matter what. When people die, they stay inside you. Their precious memories go into your heart. Just because some people pass away doesn't mean you shouldn't go on with your life. Just remember that they are always right there to catch you when you fall. I've listened to God and have obeyed. I never turn around on my path because if I go forward through my path, I shall find the lights of heaven and that's something worth not giving up on. I have heard throughout my family and God say "Don't worry about the past, just think toward the future." Remember that everybody in this wonderful world is your family. But I want everybody to remember this: Just because someone passes away, doesn't mean you
Writtings Of A Pippie(punk/hippie)
So what is the life of pippie like? Or should I say...what is the life of this Pippie like? Its dangerous sometimes. Try being a person of peace and mindfulness while screaming in the car to Tool or Mindless Self Indulgence. Its like having one foot on each side of the fence, trying hard not to get cracked by the barbed wire along the way. Its street junkie meets Zen Buddhist. Love and harmony and self loathing rage. Like a jeckle and hyde that are both there all the time, in an eternal tango. Who gets to lead? Well that depends entirely on how much mindfulness is present. No mindfulness = total punk chaos, hatred...fear, self loathing and total and complete self destruction. Get a little Buddha in it and all is love and harmony, peace and plenty. I dont know...sometimes I like the chaos better; but the latter is much better for my health! I am powerless; over the things Ive done The choices Ive made in days done gone. Though my mind wants to make me pay... Time and time agai
I really don't know what happened but im single again... one min were talking about getting married next she comes home and says i have to leave because shes gettin back with her baby daddy and moving to georgia. she says she still loves me and misses me but she has to go back to him even though he abuses her both mentally and physically. then she tells me once she moves there she has to cut off all contact with me... is that where i screwed up? do women want to be controled? i could never bring myself to tell the woman i love who she can and cant talk to... maybe just an idiot but i believe a relationship is sopposed to be to equals who love each other not one domminating the other. like i said maybe im an idiot. i dunno you tell me... Everything to me Every time i see you I think of what.... you did to me... lost my heart, lost my soul never going to know what could have been took my life and turned away never looking back no... not once... lost not found torn to
Writing By Moe
While America celebrate the wining of Our New 44th President Elect Obama. We are saddened by the desicion and high vote agains Gays, In 3 States the pride themsleves to be open minded Like Califonia, Florida and Arizona have voted agains the right of gay to marry and love who they want. In the notion that they gays will make all straight people gay with their presence and their freedom to live happy just like any other american. The decleration of independent have mentioned something about " all are created equal" but i guess this statement applies only to those who are practising heterosexualism. It is giving me no Honor to pride myself as American, and enjoy the fruit that the American is giving me, whil so many are denied the same rights. America have moved on past race in it gives me great Honor in that sense that Now we have our first African American President Come January. I hope America will get together soon to fight this unjustice agains gay men and girls and end this dis
Fading love Is compared to Losing your name In your memory All good and bad Times are turned Into distant memories Toughness cant even Over come this feeling to make the fading light brighten back to its full capacity It takes two to brighten the flame of love and nurturing for eachother Cannot light a fire without a spark With one and not the other Times fade out of your memory never to be relinquished again Darkness fades Light appears Over the horizon Bring color to All gods creations Lack of sun Makes all seem black With no light at all This world would be The gloomiest place To wander for eternity
Have you ever wanted to turn back the hands of time? Not much, maybe to five years earlier? What would you do differently? Would you be the person that you are today? Would you make the same mistakes or choose the same paths that have taken you to where you are right now? Five years ago, were you scared of the same things that you are now? Would you be cautious of those things if you were to turn back time? Would you be a better friend, sister, lover, daughter, or mother?
Draw your weapons. Attack me if you must. My blood may spill but I shall not die. My pen has granted me the gift of immortality, and I will continue to manipulate the world around you. I will still be prowling in the darkness, waiting to inject my ink into your veins. Ram your blades into my heart and fire your bullets into my head. My life has been an open book, and my story shall live on forever. Death is inevitable, and Slasher is eternal I remember a time when I could stand on my own. It wasnt the best of times, but I stood as me. I wasnt the perfect person, but I was me. Standing seemed to be so hard and all i wanted was for it to be easier. Then one day I came across this cruthch that was just sitting there not being used. It was made of pure gold and it called out to me. It was just what I seemed to need so I picked it up and started to use it. It was wonderful. It was so easy to stand while leaning all my weight on the golden crutch. I couldnt go anywhere withou
Written In An Odd Mood.
purple butterflies dance on your skin red balloons fly over head sweet music of a stream under your feet how can this moment be so perfect? the blue skies with clouds like pillows deer leading their young to berry bushes you sit and wonder how this little piece of heaven escaped people you breathe in the smell of the dew covered roses deciding to stay here for ever you pick up the knife from your pocket and tell the world to burn in hell cause you found heaven
Sitting here in the lightI feel so exposedEveryone can see itEveryone knowsThey see the darkness That lurks inside meThe pain and the aguishThat longs to be freeIt can’t be containedUnder the thin layer of skinThat is where it allSlowly beginsPressing cold bladesAnd sliding them acrossYou begin to feel betterAll the emotion is lostAll the skin slowly opensYou see droplets formThis is who you’ve becomeThis is the normIt’s much easier hereWhere pain can’t keep holdThe tears and the sadnessHave grown so oldTired of cryingTired of existing on this plainMakes the blood comeAnd start to fall like rainDrenching your soulCovering everything elseMaking it disappearYou get back to being yourself Anger, rage, betrayal.Fear, pain, emptiness.All these things trapped insidePulling me into a dark abyss.The dark is so coldSo enveloping, so vastIt pulls you in closeThese feelings won't pass.Part of you wants To run into the lightGet into the warmthDo what others say is rightBut you like it hereIn th
Writings Of My Warped Mind
You make me so angry most days I Can't stand you more in every way My blood boils at the sight of you I clutch my Fists and count to 2 Just want to beat you till you cant bleed no more You broke my heart and walked out the door But Payback will be sweet for me For you will regret the hurt you did to me.
The Writings Of Aranias
Not really. I'm figuring it out. I came here, to CherryTAP, on a whim. I'm just drinking a few beers and being bored (but saving money) so here I am. I'm not sure anything could've prepared me for my initial login. The "Sensory Overload" is on the money. Getting the hang of it though. So yeah. I guess this is my "Hello World" post. Mostly, I use these things to bounce my writings off unassuming people out in the real world. To see what they might think. You see something you like, let me know. See something you don't, think your unpleasant thoughts then look at my picture to gauge my reaction. Peace. Vlachen of Aranias My first story post. This is one I'm working on. See if you like it, and want more. I'm sure I can squeeze some more out, with the right reactions. Enough drunken babel. I give you "Waking in Iowa" ----- I awake to the sound of someone beating on my window and calling my name. The car is rocking, so he must be hitting pretty hard. Throu
The wonder of love The taste, the sound Belonging to one One that knows Your deepest desires Darkest secrets Hidden meanings Reside in a simple touch A kiss, just a kiss So sweet, so innocent To the outside world Ignites the flame Of the passion Between two souls Becoming one Forever entwined There are days when I can't wait to get to sleep. I spend my days thinking about you, wanting to sleep so I can feel you. You, the one that is only in my dreams. One that I cannot see except when I succumb to my dreams. You know my heart as no other. Your simple caress releases a hunger which must be sated. Only you can give me such a sweet release. My prince, my soul. Come to me in the night. I long for the taste of you mouth as it takes mine. The hardness of you when we are flesh to flesh. The scent of your skin as I breathe is like no other in all the worlds. My dream lover, only you can quench my thirst. Only you set ablaze my soul,
lies and cheats... seems everythings on repeat.. Trusting someones hard after all ive been thro Cant believe i even trusted you You lied to me more than anyone I'm pretty fuckn glad its over and done Thought u were true and sincere Geuss not, but i won't shed a tear Your not worth my time or my effort I'm pretty used to gettn hurt Ran over and fucked over time after time Your nothing to me a bottom-less slime You can only deserve credit where credit is due And the only credit ur getting is that i hate you your a liar and a cheater a low down dirty man But i geuss i was just a "pawn" in your plan A plan so dirty a low That even the devil told ya no Your the reason men have a bad name Thanks for making me a part of your game Sick and twisted no doubt I'm glad I can see what your all about Thanks for telling me before it got too far I hope someone kills your ass with a car But yet that would be too nice I hope they back up and run over you twice I hope you
Writer's Block
In order to fully understand the kind of person I am, or anyone for that matter, is to look at my upbringing. I was born into an unstable household with parents that I truly believe resented each other with a passion. My mother, a hard working woman who busted her butt to try and support her family. Who had a daughter who is her everything. My father an alcoholic drug addict who valued the partying lifestyle over his family and actually being a man and taking care of his wife and child by actually going to work. But this is not the complete root of my story. My mother had her family there to help out and support her and I in any way they possibly could. My grandparents and my Uncle Tom lived not even a 1/4 mile away from us. We could see their house from ours. They were there for everything for us. Through my parent's divorce and so on. My grandfather passed away too soon for me to have alot of memories but I do have some that I cherish. My uncle went to the Air Force and that left
Write Me
Dear Natalie, I ____ you. You have a nice ______. You make me _______. You should _______. Someday I will ______. You + me = ________. If I saw you now I'd __________. I want to ________ you. I would build a _______ just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. We could __________ under the stars. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.) 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think i'm sexy? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during seX? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Three sum
Writen And Screamed
He watches as her body writhes against the sheets Jealous of the one who is consuming her mind His body hardens as her hips raise swirl an fall His breathing matches her as his eyes stay on her body Her sighs sing out in the heated air as her body shivers His throat dry his lips parched his relief lay before him His name comes out as a cry as her body beckons him close With a sigh he goes to her quenching his thirst with her lips He cries out in joy as he sides into her velvet heat Their cries fill the room as their release come fast and hard Her whisper fills his soul as he fills her body Your mine my slave Forever my mistress The flame of the candle dances its life cought on the breeze that passes Life is like that flame fragile and flickering waiting to gutter out... The girl who stands in the bathroom staring at her reflection wondering what is it all for... The little boy who hides from the sting of the belt an
Writings Of Mine.. Obscure Lol
Writen Stuff From Asc
Sometimes i wonder where i went wrong with you sometimes i wonder what and why you did what you did i guess i will never understand why you wasnt just stright with me just pop out the blue and acting like you had nothing better to do then do what you did sometimes when you get close to a person and you push them a way then quit talken to them it makes them wonder every day don't worry i wont call you anymore i wont write to you like i use to i wont lie i will miss you but this is what you wanted so this is what i will do i hope she makes you happy cause i know you went back to her but i will never know why you just didnt tell me the truth.....
Writ By Billy S.
"To be, or not to be, that is the question: whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them." "This above all: To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night day, thou canst not then be false to any man." "They do not love who do not show their love." "In peace there's nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility." "In time we hate that which we often fear." "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind." "We know what we are, but not what we may be." "Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none." "No legacy is so rich as honesty." "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts..." "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." "Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never ta
The Written Word
You talk trash about your 'buddies' that aren't with you.He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. You complain about how hot it is. He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow. You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong. He doesn't get to eat today. Your maid makes your bed and washes your clothes. He wears the same things for weeks, but makes sure his weapons are clean. You go to the mall and get your hair redone. He doesn't have time to brush his teeth today. You're angry because your class ran 5 minutes over. He's told he will be held over an extra 2 months. You hug and kiss your girlfriend, l
Chilled by the moonlight Senses hungrily search for the scent on the wind. A flicker of an image Swift movements in the shadows. Moving by instinct Guided by hunger and vision The moon kept at bay as the fog rolls in Darkness engulfing. Heavy the night moisture cold the earth under foot Searching for the secret things that dwell in the dark. Stopping suddenly for an instant Listening to the silence The sweet sound of breath divided, the calling in the soul Creeping quietly to a place where the moon penetrates the deepest of the dark A glimmering pool shines in the darkness, reflection staring back Gazing steadily into the reflection, seeking the dark mysteries there. An image amongst the stars and all of heavens and earth. Matching hunger and fascination desire and strength A rippling in the icy waters catches the images merging them as one for a distinct instant. Then quickly vanish leaving only the shining darkne
It was rash, impulsive, reckless, thoughtless, or perhaps the best word was just plain stupid. Whatever her friends might have thought the most glaring piece of this whole situation was that it was the most unexpected thing she could have done. Of course she was far from predictable, but who does something like this? Whatever it was that possessed her, those that knew her were not given the chance to figure it out. She quit her job, turned the keys of her apartment over, put her things in storage, and hopped on a plain to Ireland with nothing more than the simple pantsuit she had on and the only book she had ever read twice. She left only a form letter to anyone that needed to know that she would return in a year. Her surroundings were that of any anteroom in any office building. She sat in one of 4 simple chairs a short distance from a magazine rack and a little green plant, and the prevailing colors were brown and white. The receptionist sat to her ri
Writers Block
I hated it when she teased me. Placing her soft lips upon mine. So I could taste the salty ocean water. Her hand tossing my hair about, allowing the wind to take hold of it. The warmth of her hand caressing my cheek. The taste of the ocean upon her skin, as I kiss her palm. Wishing I could wrap my arms around her. But she dances out of my reach, blowing me a kiss. I can always remember the taste of her, upon my lips. Watching as she dances upon the sand, twirling about, the warm ocean air that lifts her glorious hair. The long brown length past her waist, watching as the sun dry it into salty ringlets. Her toes curling in the cold, wet sand. The waves slowly crashing in flowing over her feet. Hearing her laughter fill the air, the twinkling melody. Gripping the wet hem of her dress, splashing the ocean waves. Seeing tiny water droplets fly into the air. Creating tiny rainbows across her skin. As the sun sets behind. How I long to join her. Take her into my arms and danc
Writing Tips
There is a misconception among amateur writers. They think that the first version of a story that they write is the best possible draft of it. They couldn't be more wrong. The first version you write is called the "rough draft" for a reason. It's like the sketch an artist goes by when they paint something new. You don't just sketch out what you think it will look like and then try to sell it. You have to add colors, layering them for best effect, until you can't possibly improve it. Storytelling is the same way. You have to root through the muck of your rough draft, bring out the inner value of it, strengthen the weak sentences, correct spelling errors...editing takes a while if you do it right. In the end, you never have the story perfect. You just release it when you can't figure out how to improve it. True art is never finished; just released. -Kaos and attempt to post pointers for aspiring writers. The first thing you should know is something your English teach
Written Today
If Only You Knew... If only you knew, how my heart overflows with love for you. If only you could see the way you fill my hopes and dreams. You're the owner of my heart, the ruler supreme. Even in the dark of night, I've only to think about you to feel your loving light and from this world I drift feeling as if I'll never touch the ground again... If only you knew. If only you could guess how I hear your voice when others speak; for you hold the key to my happiness, and it's always you my soul seeks. If only you could feel, how your very presence has the power to heal, all the wounds inside me. You've made me abandon the pain of yesterday, and you've shown me that the past can no longer stand in the way of what I hope to achieve... If only you knew. If only you could realize the way you've shown me that it's better to give than to take, and whatever I do, I do for your sake. I'm willing to give you my all and expect nothing in return. But, oh how
((Yeah I felt like this.. once upon a time)) LOL Enjoy. :D ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hi.. I'd like to make a withdrawal from my joint account please. Thank you. Um.. Can you tell me what the balance is now. $0.01 Thank you very much. *goes home* Picks up phone book... thumbs through it... Finds what I looking for... *picks up phone... * Yeah.. Hi.. I need to have some large packages delivered. Umm.. There's probably about 10. To a personal address please. 20 minutes.. That's fine. Thanks. *hangs up.* Begins throwing things into boxes... not caring if it's breakable or not.. Tapes them shut. Grabs a black marker and writes the address onto it... pushes it asides.. Grabs another. 20 minutes or so later.... *hears door bell ring* goes to door.. opens it.. Sees delivery guys*... Hi.. Come on in. They're right there in the hall. Umm.. There's no need for a return address. And I can make it C.O.D. right? That's great! Thanks bunches guys! *closes the door as the la
Writings From My Pet
My Master is the most perceptive person I've ever met. He was able to get inside my soul from the first time we spoke, and has never failed not to notice when something, major or minor, is wrong with me, or bothering me, or making me happy at the other end of the scale. He is, when I speak of emotions, truly omniscient. He can pretty much gauge how serious the problem is almost immediately, though he doesn't always know specifically what it might be. The point is, of course, that he knows at such times my focus isn't 100% and makes me examine myself, because I am sometimes not aware myself that I am not focused totally. He has helped me to realize that when I am totally focused, it is a heavenly connection between two people. There are many times when we are together that He knows exactly what is on my mind… the words I need to hear and how I need to hear them. He is able to read me in every way, while this to some may be scary, to me it is very comforting and often times leaves me a
A Written Tribute.
Drifting through a minefield explosive carnage everywhere.. one touch is all it takes to ignite what's in the air.. shadows drift on by haunting the very road.. the staring of their sightless eyes betraying nothing of the unknown. the charge now held in hand reeks of blood.. sweat and tears.. it holds the essence of those now gone.. those lost throughout the years. hard fought has the battle been as tears now soak the road... for each droplet that now falls.. is for those who have fought for what we know. ~Candyce~
Writing & Poetry
Broken...Wasted...Infantile projectory within the realms of my scattered thoughts. Withering happiness shines like a beacon of hope inside this growing tumor of madness. The core, throbbing with the lifeblood from memories only partially consumed, slows its beating. Incessant prattle from words whispered in my subconscious hum for me a great lullaby. Foretelling omens and good fortune alike, they soothe the calloused edges of this poor excuse for a soul. Promises. Lies. They're all alike. Etching for me an existence few would choose. Opening doors that ought not be made passable. Pitiable are the few who are given this course, for they are the ones who must regenerate and reform themselves on a whim. Emptying their psyches of all reveries from past adventures, seeking nothing but this eluded delirium we dare call happiness. Dreams? ...Never. Fascinated with the very illusion, I stoop to nothing less than a man-made promise. A little white pill. Powdery, bitter pill. Its Prozacean eupho
Writers Challenge!
Ernest Hemingway was once prodded to compose a complete story in six words. His answer, personally felt to be his best prose ever, was "For sale: baby shoes, never used." Some people say it was to settle a bar bet. Others say it was a personal challenge directed at other famous authors. I'd like to challenge you to compose your own Six Word Story. Be as inventive as possible. Have those few words tell the whole tale of you. Really think about it - one complete sentence, subject and verb, to sum yourself up... Everyone has a story. Can you tell yours in six words? Sure you can.... Raggdoll: Pain is a mirror of love. Robyn: The Beauty Lies In The Flaws.... Paintings by CANO: Help is not, repeat, NOT forthcoming. Kevin Daniel: everything will be alright, i think. Shelleyan: Photographs capture a moment in time! Green Shoes: I'll never fall in love again. Thor Thunderhorn: Music: The voice of the gods Mike{ Seldom was a tail left unturned.} Chloe'~ Always looking for the p
Write My Song
“My Lesson” Emotions so fragile any wrong move could shatter it Endless nights wondering what went wrong A million thoughts running rapid with no end insight Consumed by sadness never knowing when it will stop Wounded so deeply numbness is what’s left The scare that remains will be my reminder Of how it was inflicted on my flawless skin A view for all to see hoping to get a kick from it My star once bright has now become dimmed So much for hopes and dreams they are now shattered In its place comes disappointment and reality This what we call “broken hearted” nothing more So I'm a rock fan and I've noticed that some of the music that my bands put out are getting alot of heat cuase they changed there style just a lil bit. I mean don't artist have to grow and try new things why can't these "so called fans" see that all bands will try something new and diff then what we are used too. Just beucuse its not as hardcore does that make them a sellout. It just makes m
Alone I sit Into the darkness I scream Skin crawling clawing at the pain Shadows around me taking over my soul Into the darkness I scream Cowering from the memories Running from the haunting visions Blow after blow I took Not even a whimper Passed my lips Into the Darkness I scream Pushing past the enveloping pain Pulling myself up and away I take my pain Transforming it into motivation Taking my life And Inverting it into something new Into the Darkness I scream Erasing my past I push toward the Future One without the haunting memories That plague my dreams at night
Eroticism Ever had an assaingment to write about getting yourself off. Well, I had a friend 5000 miles away who gave me this task one evening, I was to think of him while doing it and then immediately afterwards write down my experience so he could share in it. This is what I came up - not an easy thing to do. Naked, nude, bare to the eyes, unclad, Lying on black satin sheets, hair spread out, Knees bent and parted wide Nipples erect and quivering with the touch of cool air Fingertips begin their quest. Slowly from wrist, to elbow, to shoulder. Across chest, down, down, tantalizingly towrds the naval. Palm slowly exerts pressure on lower stomache pushing out Air from within jotted with drops of anticipation. One hand spreads the dampened folds The cool air hitting the warmth brings moisture. Other hand, finger slowly traces the folds from hole to nub, slips slightly in and returns to the pleasure point. Pressure slowly applied, friction increases, nipples s
My heart is shattered like broken glass things from present and from the past a love that once was ,will never be thats the emptiness, that is a part of me time has moved on since we grew apart he doesnt even know his place in my heart but now hes moved on for someone else he cares a new woman to love, with his life he will share This woman is lucky to have his love What I would give for just one more hug God I pray for his happiness this day, but please, oh please, take my pain away. The string is broken you left my home I hope your not down and all alone Your brains your beauty, you will be fine I guess I never really could call you mine The pain in my heart is like jagged glass The happy days, have come to pass I guess I wasnt all what was expected of me Cause in your eyes its dissappointment I see No matter what you think today, My love for you is here to stay the day has come that Ive dreaded for years
9-11 (written By Me For Our Troops)
as i look up at our flag, I remember those with the right to brag, the ones who put thier lives in harms way, stepping up to defend us everyday, all gave some, some gave all, never forget, united we stand divded we fall, even when weak they still stand strong, the make right all that is wrong, they travel to lands of the unknown, just so our countrys freedom can be shown, this is to thank you all for your love and dedication, for holding up our right to stand as a nation Dear Troops, I want to thank you all.
Written By A Friend
After The Vows Category: Writing and Poetry She loved him to death, Though never sure why; But he was handsome and strong, One hell of a guy. Her treatment was special, What he thought she deserved; Alone and silent, While she cooked and she served. And it was all she would know, Without hopes of progression; Apart from more beatings, And verbal oppression. But she loved him to death, Still never sure why; Wanting to leave him, With no thoughts to try. She'd just justify the bruises, Her pain didn't matter; Just because she chose love, While he chose to batter. "He just gets mad," she'd say, "I still love him to death;" "And he says he's so sorry," Then "every time" under her breath. 'Every time' was always, The hand or the shout; But with so much love for this man, She had no way to get out. And then, one day, the man she loved, Brought her flowers, in a basket; Not shouting at all, or even hitting ,
Writings, Poems, Thoughts.....
I listen for secrets hidden in whispers..... in the winter time And catch them tickling my whiskers..... colliding with wind chimes The kind that send shivers..... up and down tingling spines Thinking time could stretch if..... We'd spin a design inside our web that would catch drifts The type that blow out birthday candles before we make our death wish I'm waiting for a message in my calling so I'm checking my voice mail, and I'm answering machines with man-made dreams. Man made band-aids to cover up the seams. The cover-up seems to only work if the wound never opens up or bleeds. Beads of sweat form above the eyes of a heathen Emperor Who won't get on his feet and step outside into the freezing temperature He wants to adjust the global thermostat But he's so remote...and you can't control the world like that Come to find these eggs ain't even golden. I see depreciation in the family jewels the Queen is holding. That broken marraige was fixed. It happene
Writing Thougts
I used to think that our paths where concrete. As we walked along and that we just came to forks in the road along the way. This being our decision on which way to go. As I sit here today thinking about the past, present, and what may be in the future; I have come to think that maybe its sand we travel across. I can still see my foot prints behind me a good ways, so I know where I have been and when I look straight down I can see my shadow being cast upon where I am. Then I look out into the horizon in front of me in all directions and ponder the next step and the path I want to make. With this I know that there isn't a wrong way to go, just a decision to take the scenic route or the short cut. All of this leading to what needs to be learned and an exhilarating experience that I can add to my memories. Life is a Canvas you are the Artist and experiences are the colors. So make your mark and add your hand prints and even foot prints all over the world. Our bodies might be broken, to
Written By Me
So today is the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday…I was sitting here and thinking about what I wanted to get myself for my birthday and started thinking about all I had…you guys know I'm not the sentimental or sensitive type…I've been called a heartless bastard on a few occasions… so please bare with me I have a great family…even though we have to celebrate everything separately now…but slowly the family get to getters that I've missed are starting to happen again…My nieces are great, if a bit spoiled…and I'm even starting to get along with the brother… I have awesome friends… Most have been like brothers and sisters…the type that will bail me out of jail and help me bury the bodies…I know that the question has never been if you'd be there but when do you need me? For that I am more grateful then you can imagine. I also know that I haven't been the best person at times…and for that I hope you guys can forgive me. There are times when I've gotten wrapped up with myself and I
Since this is my first blog, I should forewarn you, my writing style is unorganized and rambling. If you need structure, read no further. This one's about an ex I lived with, when we first broke up. Not applicable anymore though, we're friends. :) I was warned, I was told I deserved more than you I yearn just to turn away from the pain Burn the gates to this hell I feel So I might in turn be able to heal And forget about love There's nothing in it for me Nothing more that I need Oh lord I can see It's not in the cards Just ask my scars They tell of the battles Every damn one I faced And they'll tell of the wounds I've been forced to embrace I've become such the fighter That I suppose was my plan But I reject, I refuse I'm too sick to stand This wasteland, this hole It echos my soul Empty and hollow, It cries It dies, the lies, they always come But faith is a bitch, I wish I could end it I wish I were hopeless
Written Art
When I'm with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day. This treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how much I love you... you'll never really know. You bring a joy to my heart, I've never felt before, with each touch of your hand, I love you more and more. Whenever we say goodbye, whenever we part, know I hold you dearly, deep inside my heart. So these seven words, I pray you hold true, "Forever And Always, I Will Love You." IgnoreIgnore my feelingsmy painmy wordsmy heartmy lovedon't pay any attention to mejust let me bejust ignore meHurtPlease Don't hurt meI can't take the painI'm about to go insanelove is a powerful word...with absolutely no meaningit feels like i've been buried aliveit seems to get worse with timenothing ever gets betterthe tears I cry seem to get more wettermore bloodshotmore my heart seems to breakit just seems to hurt more with every breath I takejust hurts everytime I breatheI think it wo
I have my legs I sit down to pee And I can justify Any shopping spree Don't go to a barber But a beauty salon I can get a massage Without a hard-on I can balance a checkbook I can pump my own gas I can talk to my friend About the size of my ass My beauty's a masterpiece And yes it takes long At least I can admit To others when I'm wrong I don't drive in circles At any cost And I don't have a problem Admitting I'm lost I never forget An important date You just gotta deal with it I'm usually late I don't watch movies With lots of gore Don't need instant replay To remember the score I won't lose my hair I don't get jock itch And just cause I'm assertive Don't call me a bitch Got this from a friend lol thought i was cute Don't say to your friends Oh yeah, I can get her In your dreams my dear I can do better Flowers are okay But jewelry’s best Look at me you idiot Not at my chest I don't have a problem With expressing my feelin
Written By A Guy(read This Ladies)
45 things a girl wants but wont ask for 1. Touch her waist. 2. Kiss her neck. 3. Share secrets with her. 4. Give her your jacket. 5. Kiss her slowly. Are you remembering this? 6. Hug her. 7. Hold her. 8. Laugh with her. 9. Invite her somewhere. 10. Hangout with her and your friends together. KEEP READING 11. Smile with her. 12. Take pictures with her. 13. Pull her onto your lap. 14. When she says she loves you more, deny it. Fight back. 15. When her friends say i love her more than you, deny it. fight back and hug her tight so she can't get to her friends. it makes her feel loved. Are you thinking of someone? 16. Always hug her and say I love you whenever you see her. 17. Kiss her unexpectedly. 18. Hug her from behind around the waist. 19. Tell her she's beautiful. 20. Tell her the way you feel about her. One last thing you need to do to show her you actually do mean it. 21. Open doors for her, walk her to her car- it makes her f
Angel and Evelyn, you may not understand me but, I will tell you this anyway. First of all, I'm your father and I will always love you both. I will never love one more than the other. No matter what you do will ever change the love I for you. I can only love you more and never less. I will make this promise to you: I promise that my love for you will always remain true. I will make sure that you always have what you need and try to give you some of the things you want. I will teach you to be strong and independent. I will teach you to be smart, to use your head and to be open-minded. I will teach you have to earn what you want so you can be pride and appreciate what you got. Everything that I know I will teach you. No matter what you do or where you go, you will always have a home here with me. My home will never be close, but always open for you to come and live. Even if you hit rock bottom, just come home to me and I will help you get back to the top. Most im
Written For Me From A Fan! Ty Babe
Why did you leave Why did you go What did I do I really don't know When you left Tore a whole in my heart So full of questions Why did you depart You played the role Of a father to me Life was so good As life's meant to be I need you And miss you so Why did you leave Why did you go Youv'e got me standing in the cold With no pretection from anything forgetting all that I have been told Just trying to escape this numbing feeling You were the one who made my heart sore From trying so hard to fight the tension What it feels is so much more Then anything of your comprhension You did have your moment when I used to sit Waiting, waiting for you to change your ways I guess like a cangle you one had me lit But I had to extinquish your stifeling blaze Because something has changed, I realize After the way you treated me Your once so brilliant, and now blank eyes Looking in
Questions and Answers.....                                                   So where to begin…hummm…ah yes there we go. It’s late I know you’re coming over and though we sit and talk we both knew what is going to happen, why you have come to my house, but we sit ever so polite and talk. Then finally one of us makes a move and we know where it is going to go from there. The way you touch my skin so light so soft it sets my body on fire. You take your time, this is not a quick fuck, this is more. More intense, more erotic, just more. Your kiss starts slow using your tongue you slowly works it in and out of my mouth, making me hungry for more. You run your hands though my hair, over my shoulders, I lean into you, my body so hungry for you that I can’t keep my hands off of you. You shiver…hummm. I slowly run my tongue up the side of your neck nipping along the way. I move to your ear running my tongue along your ear, nipping as I go. S
WHEN OPPROTUNITY KNOCKS BY: LYN LE Jeena, being from New York, is a party girl. And if her roommate ever knew what really went on when she partied- well, they would probably not be roommates much longer. “Sarah? Sarah? What’s wrong?” “I…I…caught…Ben…with Melanie,” she said gasping and crying at the same time. “Oh. Well, why don’t I pour us a glass of wine and you can tell me about it, okay?” As they sipped the Chardonnay, Sarah tells Jeena her story. “I had gotten out of class early and went to Ben’s so we could leave for Spring Break as planned. I used the spare key he had given me. When I walked in-he was on the couch with Melanie underneath him. He was holding her legs up and apart. His…his penis was submerged inside her. I was speechless. All I could do was watch. When I finally got the nerve to leave, he called me. He said I should just deal with it and understand. He still loved me but I am just too frigid. And that maybe we could continue to have a relationship,
Written By A Man
Writing & Poetry
Do you believe in forever? If it existed in the realm of this world Wouldn't a rose bloom always I don't know what made me think that anyone else cared if I was happy But it's not all about me now is it The sky only turns purple at dusk when the dust particles are in the air I want you to be happy and when I ask what color is your moon Tell me that it is pale black like the lifeless mass I call my heart Now I am afraid that my mind is a mess my soul is not whole and my body yearns for your touch I will not die, but I feel dead I will go on but it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel Internal Clock Current mood: calm Category: Writing and Poetry When I felt the familiar beat of the internal clock that is now my friend, I found a glimmer of peace, and my dreams became just that. Breath be not life if life cannot sustain a small but important ingredient that we call hope! Hope will be put t
I couldn't sleep... I spent a half an hour in the bathroom just staring at myself in the mirror... I don't understand what I want in life... I'm unhappy about everything it seems, and the bouts of joy I feel always feels synthetic to me. These past couple of months have confused me greatly. There is a constant flunctuation in my moods, but I've noticed I have grown more depressed than usual. I've been thinking a lot. In the past I usually could think clearly and just dig myself out of any rut, but this time I seem very disorientated. I don't know where to begin or if I want an all is just very confusing. I don't even know what I'm mind's half not here.
Writers On Strike
Sexy Comments Galore! October 2007 Well it took me a while, but im back again. i just moved from harrisburg, to a little town up north called HALIFAX ) just this side of the Schuykill county line. its nice quiet & a great place to start over, which is what i needed after the first half of the year. To all my CHILDREN, i haven't forgotten you, even tho you may have me; but i have been working on some new photo albums (which will be up by the end of the month) and some new writings, (which will also be up by months end). i have also been working on a demo CD as well as an indipendant VIDEO production, so suffice to say i have been a busy little gal since i was last blogging. August 24, 2007 ODE TO MOTHERHOOD (parts 1,2 & 3) ODE TO MOTHERHOOD .. PART I - CHERISH THY MOTHER Last Friday, the 17th of August, my mother would have been 91 years old. Sadly she passed away in November of 1989, when I was 21. I lost a best friend when that happened, but something more
Writing You Poetry
Michelle, Writing you poetry is one thing that I like to do. It’s just one way to show that I love you. I put into words what I think, and how I feel. You read what I write knowing it’s for real. Sometimes it’s crude, simple poetry that I write. Sometimes my poems are really out of sight. No matter what form my poetry might take You always know that it is never fake. It comes from the heart, and it’s full of feeling. Sometimes I hope that it leave’s you reeling. I hope that I can put into words exactly how I feel. So when you read what I write you know that it’s for real. All my love, Michael
Writings In The Work Stage
Writers I Respect
The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched ... they must be felt with the heart. Helen Keller What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared with what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Written By A Marine
Writings..real Blogs
What makes it so damn hard to find a little understanding? Think about it. All of us have been through similar situations. We've all been through love and heartbreak. Through being the one who dumps to being the one who's dumped. We all can point at one another when we hear their tale told, saying "I know exactly what you mean!" And yet, when it comes to our own personal romantic endeavors, we can't admit that the other person has been in the same position that we have. We become completely centrally focused. Why don't they want me? Why don't they obsess over me? Why did they break up with me? Don't they know that I do the breaking up around here? Well, damn. Think about it. Why did you not want that nice guy/girl that chased you around? Why didn't you obsess over the girl/guy who remembered to tell you every day how much you meant to them? Why did you find their behavior stifling, smothering, invasive? Why did that lead you to break up with them? Why did you find it so odd
As blind as justice in a world of black and white washed truth. Shades of gray overcast right from wrong, wrong from right; the difference between day and night. Sifting through moral and ethical standards for the precise fit, in faith that hope still is rewarded. So please won’t someone speak to me, The Prayer of Dawn. Old story told again; boy meets girl. sweet nothings whispered as tender flesh joins. Passion’s fire bridges the gap between loins, and somewhere betwixt sultry looks, flirtatious giggles, and teasing caresses, two hearts open; another love’s born. Time passes as is its wont. Passion’s fire still burns in an exchange of glances, so on bended knee, he asks for her eternity. Please, I adjure her, sing to me the Twilight Serenade. Peaceful reflection on times gone by, before time bent what was straight into creaking old bones and rained snow down on once raven locks. In memories a bit more fuzzy than before; ever
Come into these arms again and lay your body down The rhythm of this trembling heart is beating like a drum It beats for you, it bleeds for you it knows not how it sounds For it is the drum of drums it is the song of songs Once I had the rarest rose that ever deemed to bloom Cruel winter chilled the bud and stole my flower too soon Oh loneliness, Oh hopelessness to search the ends of time For there is in all the world no greater love than mine. .. still falls the rain.. .. still falls the night.. .. damned forever.. Let me be the only one to keep you from the cold Now the floor of heaven is laid the stars are bright as gold They shine for you, they shine for you they burn for all to see Come into these arms again and set this spirit free. There's a problem with reality, that's the fallacy of therapy: it assumes that you will have a series of revelations, or even just one little one, and that these various truths will come to you and will change you
Write It On The Back Of Your Envelopes
I THINK THIS A GREAT IDEA. I WILL START WRITING THIS ON FRONTOF ALL MY ENVELOPES, TOO! You may have heard in the news that the Post Office has been forced to take down small posters that say "IN GOD WE TRUST! . "The law, they say, is being violated. Anyway, I heard proposed on a radio station show, that we should all write "IN GOD WE TRUST " on the back of all our mail...after all, that is our national motto, and it's on all the money we use to buy those stamps. I think it is a wonderful idea. We must take back our nation from all the people who think that anything that offends them should be removed. It has been reported that 86% of Americans believe in God. Therefore, I have a very hard time understanding why there is such a mess about having "In God We Trust"on our money and having God in the pledge of Allegiance. Could it be that WE just need to take action and tell the 14% to sit down and shut up?
Lifelong ponderings; always wondering.... Is there more than what we see? Something or someone more to be? One day, i finally see... Past was just time; quickly gone like a dime.... Creation had came for this nothing; Real life from Him; the "more" that i finally see! God to me. kneeling before Him may all the world see! by: Teresa Williams, 1.28.07 Service my mind won't stop, it constantly thinks, about this; my true nature, my pain, my kinks, It has painted countless pictures of different scenes... You beating me, binding me, bringing tears that clean. The sting of Your hand, Your leather, Your heat, spaces my soul outside my body and makes me complete. Leather covers my eyes, bound in Your ropes, for such is much better than for what i could have hoped. Please accept my submission, to serve as my right, mark my soul, let me drink of You as You guide me through my serving life. As serving You means perfection to me, born submissive a
This is something that i was sent that i think everyone should read. This is happening in homes around the world please read and lets stop this!!! My name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Chariles bar I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work He slaps and hits me And yells at me more, I finally get free And run to
Written By Cowgilrinpink For The Firefighters Hall
----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Joe Date: Jan 7, 2008 1:07 PM Hey there pretty lady. I was just browsing through here and saw your profile pick..........and had to stop and drop you a message. I really like your profile pick, and you look awesome. I'm interested in something that you may not be, but would like to ask anyway. I have a fetish for ladies in lingerie, especially panties, and I like collecting panties from ladies who are cool with it. Like I implied, this may be too far out there for you; but I am straight up and blunt about things. If you're interested, drop me a message. ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: ♪jenniƒer♪ Date: Jan 7, 2008 1:20 PM ur a fucking retard. read my headline then go fuck urself in the ass. ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Joe Date: Jan 7, 2008 1:38 PM NO, not a fucking retard. Just a penis who recognizes a beautiful woman when h
Written By Ff John Owner Of Firefighters Hall
Picture Perfect Water flowing against the sands of the beach, gold and red sky with a burnt orange sun resting on the horizon. The perfect movie romance scene and here we sit with the soothing breeze coming over us and the warm sand under us. Her smooth long auburn hair flowing in the breeze. Her rich blue eyes that make the water look pale are staring right at me. Skin, soft and tan, and voice that can calm me even after an argument. Who is this perfect person? What is she doing here with me? It is at that point in time that I realize what perfection is and do not want to let it go. So I promise to be true to her for eternity with a question and diamond ring. My gut is twisted with anxiousness! What will she say? "It is the soldier, not the reporter, that has given us Freedom of the Press. It is the soldier, not the poet, that has given us Freedm of Speech. It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, that has given us Freedom to Demonstrate. It is the
You think i should be like you, But deep inside your screaming, Hiding all your fears from unseeing eyes, You try to act so perfect and so you walk with a smile, But all that shit don't matter inside your mind, You try to hide try to fight but it's all in your face. Your inperfections are all that you see now you look back and see it's better to be me. Time to open up your fucking eyes and see a Fake life And a fake world thats been pulled over your eyes, Be what you want see what you want and believe what you want,Protected by a false world that tells you do this or do that, Break free, Live life like you want and to the fullest becuase you may die tomarow, becuase the only reason your alive is becuase some one out there decided to let you live, We are so afriad to live or own lives we become meat puppets with our string pulled by a fake sociaty thet tells you everything is ok When in fact its completly wrong while you call yourself a princes and hide in your fairy tale world someone
~~written In Steam~~
Writings & Poetry
There once was a fish, who swam in the sea, A lonely fish, as lonely as can be. One day, this fish did see, Another fish who swam in the sea. “Hi there fish, will you come swim with me? I’m kind of lonely, lonely as can be.” ”Of course,” said the fish “that sounds like fun to me” So the two fish went off to swim in the sea. They swam and they swam and had lots of fun Until they noticed that the day was done. The fish asked “will you come back another day? Meet me here so we can swim and play?” So each day, those two fishes would meet To swim and to play, it was such a treat! “Is this still fun?” asked the fish one day, “Do you still like when we swim and play?” “Of course, silly” she started to say. “I love swimming with you every day!” He splashed and splashed and shouted with glee “I’m the happiest fish in the whole, entire sea!” The sea is big and has lots of fish that can swim, But there was only one fish that was important to him. He’d found
Written For Me From Bruce Romanis
A man and a woman, who had never met before and were both married to other people, found themselves assigned to the same sleeping room on a Trans-continental train. Though initially embarrassed and uneasy over sharing a room, they were both very tired and fell asleep quickly... he in the upper bunk and she in the lower. At 1:00 AM, the man leaned down and gently woke the woman saying, "Ma'am, I'm sorry to bother you, but would you be willing to reach into the closet to get me a second blanket? I'm awfully cold." "I have a better idea," she replied. "Just for tonight, let's pretend that we're married." "Wow! That's a great idea!" he exclaimed. "Good," she replied. "Get your own blanket!" After a moment of silence, he farted. > > You lit the flame that burns so strong within me > You made my body ache in pure unbridled ecstasy. > > You took my lonely and cold heart and made it beat > No longer am I waiting in the shadows resigned to defeat. > > You filled me w
She is wearing a long black silk negligee with black back-seamed thigh highs as she ties you naked to the armchair she set right in front of the bed. She turns the lights off and lights candles about the room. Then she steps in front of you and sits on your lap with her legs off to one side and leans in to kiss you thoroughly. She trails a path of hot open-mouthed kisses along your jaw to you neck, licking and biting from behind your ear down your neck, pausing to bite lightly at the pulse point on you neck. She moves down and licks along your collar bone to your shoulder. She continues to lick, kiss, and bite as she slowly moves off your lap and works her way to first one nipple, tugging lightly with her teeth, and then running her tongue around it before moving to do the same with your other nipple. She begins to kiss and move her mouth along your ribs. Slowly working her way to the outer edge of your stomach, she uses her teeth on one side and one hand on the other, scratching,
In a world where music sleeps a lack of peace a heart where love is caged part of this dying age tears of consequence a world without a consciousness spare me this belief I don’t want it take my hollow mind and haunt it what am I to do loneliness is just a dream staring at the walls it calls to me can you hear me scream a life that seems not worth living I am given one more day for me to try suck it up don’t cry you tell me to be a man I do the best I can tell me what you want cause I don’t know I can’t find the path you won’t show what am I to do loneliness is just a dream staring at the walls it calls to me can you hear me scream break it down the meaning of life take me to the beginning let’s make it right I need your help tonight what am I to do loneliness is just a dream staring at the walls it calls to me can you hear me scream By: Dustain Pritchard 11-28-07 Love is hidden away death approaches slowly Dreams escape me breathing so shallow
Writing From The Soul
Please read dated blogs to follow, with my writings. Feel free to comment with any suggestions, advice etc. Thanx Love, Sherry “Writing from the Soul” As much as I try for’ happy’ childhood memories, my first memory just brings me back to the age of ten. I can still smell the odor of gasoline. Coming to consciousness, seeing my mother lying across the seat, she was alright, just a scratch on her face, across her cheek. What an awful smell of gasoline, (which to this day instantly brings back to these horrible memories). Lights flashing, sirens blearing, the pain was intense. They cut my coat off and put some sort of blow up contraption on my arm. I lay on the stretcher in the ambulance accompanied by two maybe three men. The memory is still not clear on how many of them were in there with me, but they were sitting with no visible injuries, maybe a few cuts and bruises. Then I remember being on a stretcher in a grey cold hallway, so many people coming up to me as
Writing From The Soul
Written By My Son
The Red, The White, and The Blue What is this country we live in, this home of the brave, land of the free, as the stripes of our flag bleed with the truth of our past, we continue to insist on our undying devotion to global Americanization, And as the blood red stripes drip, and the blood of the Native Americans spills out onto every reservation, we denounce injusticem and promote equality, and as the blood stripes of the natives are intersected by the powerful white stripes, It becomes evident that they are not the only victims, and as the bold white stripes infect the formerly enslaved and long oppressed, it is known that the absence of darkness in the flag is no mere coincindence, for this nation had a great phobia of the dark complexion, And while the stars multiply like the smallpox epidemic that siezed so many Indian lives, we continue to advertise ourselves as a just nation, but now that all our past astrocities have become history,
Poems Loved Is Just A Word April 9th, 2002 More and More each day Someone says that they feel loved When they all show me what it is, I'll believe what they say But until then Loved is just a word Loved is just a word Words mean nothing to the world Every time some one utters it I just think it's another word Loved is just a word Explain it all to me Why do we use this word as if it's free? Love comes with a price and a gain Not everyone can win in that game Love doesn't matter, But why does this word matter? Loved is just a word Words mean nothing to the world Every time some one utters it I just think it's another word Loved is just a word Some day I might feel it Some day I just might believe it Some day I might show it But until that day when I die It'll only be a word to me Loved is just a word Words mea
WARRIOR~by me Sometimes there is nothing more that I can do But to sit and wait to be with you Being with you is like no other You are you and are like no other My Protector, My shield, My Gardian, My Angel I'm protected,safe and very much watched over The love that is shared is sacred at most That love full of beauty and joy Makes the face at times become moist Tears of peace, love and joy Precious forever and in all time will stand Much firmer than living by my own hand Jennifer G. Copyright Pending My Love for you is as precious as a baby's first breath... My Love for you is as fierce as a lion fighting to his death... My Love for you shines like a july afternoon... My Love for you is as big as a fall harvest moon... My Love for you soars like an eagle in the sky.... My Love for you I will carry with me even after I die... Jennifer G. 3-11-08 Copy Right Pending What is Love? Love is something special, something irr
Writings From When I Was A Kid!
Separation I woke up this morning To find an empty bed You chose not to come home You found another place to lay your head I vowed to love you In sickness and in health for better or worse and for that promise I now live in hell You love another More than you could ever love me Now we live a lie Pretending that we're happy My soul now suffers From a choice made is haste Any memory of love is gone as hate takes its place You call me from work To say your sorry And some how I don't believe you, when you say you love me. Then you say good bye. You hang up the phone, smug in your deception Little do you know I will be gone by the time you get home. This was written 2-7-96 this is the last poem I ever wrote, lol... I walked with the lightning Fell with the rain ran from the joy stayed for the pain watched the storm come ran into its heart Prayed it wouldn't end that the clouds would never part. I took comfort in the shadows That the clouds t
The Written Word
You are my light At the end of the tunnel You are the moon That lights up the sky In the darkest of the night You are the stars in the sky Twinkling in your happiness Down on me You are the sun Lighting my way Throughout the day You are the sun’s rays peaking over the horizons At the break of day (chorus) You are my best friend, My passion, my love, My soul coming home. You fill me with peace, With you I am whole. You are the bright greens In the spring bringing life To the world and to me You are the tulips blooming In all their glory You are the rose The flower of love Velvety soft shorn of thorns You are the birds Singing their sweet songs In the morning light You are my dreams giving me hope In that now not at all Bleak future (chorus) You are my best friend, My passion, my love, My soul coming home. You fill me with peace, With you I am whole. You are the foam on the waves Crashing around me As I walk into the sea You are the sail
Writing Attempts
closing the door, i immediately feel your hands on my shoulders, turning me to face your eager lips. Feeling the heat of your body is such a rush, I waited so long for this day, needing you to take me. I cannot wait either, as your lips decsend upon mine, my hands grip your shirt, fumbleing with the buttons, desperate to touch your skin. Without breaking the kiss, you grab both of my hands and pull them behind me, pushing my chest into yours, lauging under your kiss as you do so. A momentary chill sweeps through me, a shiver of sorts, knowing i need to touch you, you deny me. I worry for only a second, for as the moment of doubt pulls at me, so do your hands. Lifting my hips to grind into your body, you squeeze and push me toward you, dispelling all doubts with each level of pressure you deliver. Just as i am about to reach orgasm, you stop grinding and start running your hands up my legs. Your rough hands on my smooth thighs have me shaking with anticipation. You smother my sigh wit
Written This Week
All I Wanted All I wanted was for someone I loved to love me back. After loving and loving and loving so many people and having them all tell you that they don't love you back It hurts so bad. It hurts so bad deep down inside All I wanted was to die All I wanted was to go and hide Then I realized you can't hide away forever You can hide away until the pain starts to dull and your heart begins to fix itself. All I wanted was to be happy I thought I deserved that much and I did. All I wanted was someone good for me someone who loved me back and who loved me for me and not what he could get out of it. That's all I wanted. And I thought you were the one I wanted I thought you were all I wanted Well now that I have had you and you know me and I know you. You knew all I wanted was for someone to love me And when you gave that to me I let my guard down and yea I got hurt but you still stuck around and you made the pain you caused in the first place to go away
Written 05-1996 Wow I Was Young
Written 05-1996 Wow I Was Young
Angels around us surround us unaware some look like children others nightmares be warned be afraid fall in awe utter prayers angels walk among us this realm they too share JSDEUEl Copyright 2008 Thought bout calling the devil an old friend of mine still think he owes me a favour and i'm collecting this one last time since you stepped into the spotlight baby things just haven't been the same been being nice to myself and calling others by their name I'd give it all to taste your mouth give it all to touch your cheek Been so long since I felt at all that feelings make me feel so weak take my hand just one time before I'm swept away in the flames make this moment last forever so in hell I can remember your embrace tired of walking though madness one damn day at a time give it all for just one moment just one taste of your sweet wine JSDEUEL Copyight 2008 Does he sing U love songs when he tucks U in at night does he tell u stories whe
A Written Mind
This poem was written by me and dedicated to Dark Prince my fu-husband and real life boyfriend. A life time of fighting, Blood spilling for others. Her flame always igniting, Those that fell were brothers. Upon the crimson field she stands, With a thud her sword lands. She takes a peek, The pain starts to grow. Another bloody pointless week, She hits the ultimate low. Her body shaking... Wishing to crumble, Her heart... Once again troubled. Eyes pressed tight... She slips, Moments pass... Waiting for what won't be. Arms enclosed... Hands upon her hips, Around his neck her hearts key. In confusion she doth glare, Her eyes fix upon his stare. Upon his face a grin doth grow bright, "Fear not, for I shall always catch the light." Standing in the rain, Lost and without hope. She waits for the one, Who will stand by her. Protect her from the dark, Care and love her till the end. With broken wings, And no faith. With pain and despair, Her heart she can't s
"!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!! Your Name: Age: Location: 1.Favorite position: 2.Do you think I'm cute?. 3.Would you have sex with me? 4.lights on or off? 5.Would you have to be drunk? 6. Would you take a shower with me? 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 10.Condom or skin? 11.Have sex on the first date? 12.Would you kiss me during sex 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? 14.Would you use me as a booty call? 15.Can I use you as a booty call? 16.Can we take pictures of the act? 17.How long would we have sex? 18.Would you tell your friends about me? 19.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 20. Will you fill this out & send it back to me?" The Choice By Jonathan Taylor She could scarcely see a thing, As she ran through the deep, dark mist. Deceit, Anger, Hatred, Sorrow, and Pain. All pass through her, as though part of
soft whispers shatter the silence as two hearts rejoin in the quiet of the night one whispers of things missed the other worries of things gone awry One hears the silent call while the other answers with words unspoken to bring forth what was once and what shall be once more...
Anger at the End Anger fills my mind, Rage begins to temper my soul. Darkest emotions swell from within, Taking my calmness away. My joy and happiness gone, I pray I don't go beyond. Let my anger swell, For it is with in my mind. Give me a chance to explain, For my rage is beyond my control. Let my life flow away, As I begin to lose control. Give my life a tribute worthy of me, For with my anger comes my end. My life is gone, Just as my heart is. Ian S. Hopes When I look in your eyes I see hope, When I kiss your lips I feel hope. When we embrace it begins to grow, Surrounding both of us in it's warmth. We live moment to moment, Each one seems an eternity. Allow my hopes to be yours, And make yours mine. Embrace my love, As I embrace yours. Ian S. Tormented Existence Darkest moments with in my life, Giving way to the light in my heart. Alone my life fades away, A state of nothing with in. Where has it begun I wonder, This emptying of
Writings And Fantasy
Let your eyes devour my soul and eat it up whole I will still never let you go My demonic angel in disguise Get ready for a big surprise right before your eyes Watch my wings unfold I never promised anything Wanted for nothing You walk in and the world disappears Walkin down the road we've chosen Not knowing where it shall lead You probably see the dark side of me. But yet you still walk by my side. I never promised anything Wanted for nothing you walk in and the world disappears See you rise from the grave and it makes me insane. Gotta kill all the people that's around me everyday. I'll make them pay for their sin's as I laugh maniacly. Watch the world burn in flames as I see the ghosts around me I feel the rage inside me. Let the powers that bind me burn the world alive. Welcome to my heaven you might call it hell. But a thrive and thrash in my dark oblivion. My heart bleeds black for those not welcome Look deep in my eyes and get hypnotized in a tr
For you I would do anything Just to show you my love Walk through fire to be with you Thinking of you my heart Wants to shrivel up and die You are like a succubus Draining me with every breath you take Grabbing you tight wanting so badly To hold you forever never letting go My angel is what you are Your love so precious to me Looking into your deep eyes All I can do is cry Felling tied to you with biting chains Blisters on my soul a constant reminder No matter how hard I try Words cannot express my devotion Being the center of my world Every emotion I feel revolves around you Laying close at night Smothering you would be so easy How you have suffocated me with lies With you gone, so shall the pain Remembering my trembling hands Reaching towards you for the first time Beauty that could not be compared Your radiance surrounds me always Being with you has feelings of Shame course through my veins Dead I
When I was young, free and living in the country, I would walk slowly along the roadside. My fingers would play with the weeds and reeds that grew along the trail home. Some were thin and tall and had small buds that sprouted three quarters of the way up them. My fingers would pinch the weed and they would slide to the tip and in my hand I would hold the buds. "Hello baby buds." I would whisper. So close that my lips almost touched the tips. I would smile and sometimes laugh and sprinkle them on the winds. These were my favorite. The winds are sweeter there. Innocent. Fresh with hay and newly turned dirt. My feet would tap on the gravel, slide through the grasses and it seemed, to me, as if I had all of the time in the world to walk home. The sun never set before I reached it. Dinner was never served before I sat down in front of it. And TIME, it seemed bowed down before me as if i was the queen of tides. The center of the earth. Now that I am grown. And
Written By Kent
So many emotions, How can I say How you make me feel each and everyday All think I think about, somehow turns to you You take all of my dreams, and make them come true Lost in your love, but your heart shows the way Along is this path of love, I continue to stray Take away my worries, my heart skips a beat How did I love ‘til now, could it ever have been this complete Out of control, My mind is blown away My heart has the power now, and this is how it should stay Shout it out, tell the world how you feel Out into the night, Out to day Now we know this is real “I LOVE YOU,” SHE SCREAMS Listen I hear everything she said Our love will last forever, I swear this on my death bed Vow to me now my love, say you feel the same Express to me how you feel, please don’t refrain You complete every parts of me, from body to heart On the honor of my life, I shall love you Until death do we part.
Writing It All Out
love sick i still dream vividly your eyes, your hair, the sweat i can taste your skin on me each time, endless regret i close my eyes, but i still see my crumbling dreams unmet your weight is still upon me the memory's all i'll get july 200 some lonely winter dawns i dream of teenage abandon lust on carousels well into july sticky, needy, unsatisfied. these restless rainy days i yearn for what i have been rust on lazy wheels, resting on a lie rotten, forgotten, i'm pacified deconstruction there seems to be no sense in this an intense tryst then resistance there's things of you i wouldn't miss my wragged wrists and the distance untitled is this are you can we? fields of dirty flowers turn away in shame too bright, too revealing. every pretty thing has a story and a secret will you am i do they? words make less sense two rows of white stones tapped by a muscle it's merely vibration what could it mean? we have i still you ca
Writings By Jolie Noggle
One famous person that i would like to have breakfast with is Seth Rogen. I just think he is a really cool and funny guy. Sure i have had some really weird "stalking and making out with him" dreams that i cannot eplain! But I just really admire him. As I wrote in a blog before, he kinda reminds me of my husband. And that makes me wonder what he's like in real life. Every character he plays in movies or on TV seem to be an extension of himself, or it seems like he is just playing himself sometimes. But I really don't know since i don't know him. I think he's cool because we are about the same age and over the last few years he seemed to come out of nowhere and take over the media and i love that! Of course i have been a fan since he was on "Freaks and Geeks" and his character "Ken" was my favorite. I even kinda had a crush on him when i started digging chubby boys! It sucks that "Freaks and Geeks" AND "Undeclared" got cancelled so soon because both shows were hilarious. It's great that
Writings From The Fumaster Poet *latenitefantasy8lover Of My Soul*enjoy
AFTERTOUCH this is what an aftertouch is to a symphony barely noticed in the storm of what was this is lingering resonance nine hundred nanoseconds in duration but saying everything that was ever spoken in one final exhale when commotion was cut sharp into the loudest silence ever heard this is your face relaxing after exciting expression exercise to sink back into stillness almost closed eyes skin so unstrained brushing your still parted lips against mine this is your voice a soft moaning sigh in sharp contrast to the hollering high that seconds ago filled the room and my mind that uneloquent chanting exploding tonight this is so much more than my still hammering heart trying to lower the pulse as powerless we exhale and sink softly onto ourselves and welcome the aftertouch of a symphony for now I wrap my arms tightly around you Your eyes are closed Anticipating I lean forward Soft kisses against the
On August 2nd, 2006, I joined the world of "Lost Cherry"*. The girls on there were nice, and sweet as a strawberry. But on July 26th, 2007, I met one that would change my life. Any guy would be lucky to have her, specially as thier wife She's cuddly as a bear, and foxy as a fox. Everything reminds me of her, even a pair of "White Sox" I never met a girl, so kind and pretty. She has a lot of power, like Chicago's Joe Crede. Ever night I log on, I hope to see her on Fubar. We are closer than ever, even though we're both so far. But on April 12th, 2008, she made it a night I'll never forget. It's the night she leaned towards my ear, and whispered "I'll be your pet" Once upon a time, I was walking through the desert (Forrest has been done to death), when he noticed this exotic "PET" diamondback snake. I decided to name it "FRED", and took it home so my family can see. My family seemed a little intimidated by the 7ft snake, and wouldn't get near it. I've
Written Works (poems So Far)
To the end of time, Do I climb, The mountain so tall, Searching for my call. When life comes to pay, Cannot let myself stray, For life is not about grieving, And certainly not about leaving. The pain of a forgotten sorrow, Extends itself till tomorrow, Face the pain of reality, Turn your face with feigned formality. Time is near, Do not fear, Forget not what you hold dear, And forgotten sorrow will not peer. NOTE: Written: 2/19/2003 Natural beauty rest and wait, Cover, care, and do not despair, With the right push, beauty fair, Once again she opens the gate. Your eyes, unsure, lost in debate, Worries shadowed by long dark hair, Wisdom found in an unlikely pair, Do not wander ‘less test your fate. Everything has a unique role, With every beat your heart thunders, Listen to the heart, stories told on face. Hidden deep, you must find your goal, Unsure, your lost mind ponders, Come with me and find your long lost grace. Cherry blossoms bloom Whi
Written By Friends
No matter what happens, No matter what you do, I hope that you will stay the same. I hope you’ll always be you. God made you special, No one can take that away. So when the problems call And the darkness falls, Never forget that someone cares about you. Never forget your dreams; They aren’t as far away, As you might think they seem. Let nothing get you down, And when the times get rough, Simply smile like a circus clown... > Words form beautifully through your fingertips from the mind> > Men envy the gift you have been given, your words easily entrancing a woman> > Never have I thought I could be swayed by someone so kind> > Your spellbinding poetry quickly spews from your mind and enchants me> > How lucky I am to befriend such a poet as you> > For now I see> > Poets like you are so very few subject: 9-11 Inside outside,written by lesli Johnson My best friend missys daughter post date: 2007-06-27 18:53:10 views: 19 comments: 1 ratings: 0 Inside I cry helpl
I have written a few things over the years about people in my life...some sad some about love and some about on. The happy ones...kinda bore me. Loss of love: I feel you I search I cannot see you I feel you My body trembles I feel you My eyes cry I want to see you I feel you I am screaming inside and ripping at my hair My eyes cry drenched I feel you I drop to the floor in the bedroom of your old house I rip the sheets off your bed I cover up my lonely flesh with them I smell your body on them I feel you I feel us together under these sheets Intertwined for eternity I feel you in your death And breathe you in my life My first love: Boots I remember your boots They were torn and tattered Shoestrings hung to the floor I remember staring at them And waiting for you to put them on And walk away from me Wanting someone that I couldn't have: Muscle to nakedness I cry for you Silence and pain Bad girl days Like my dream A rock and rol
I hate myself As I cry into a pillow In the shower On the phone I hate myself As I see what I have done To you To Us To a Memory of things and Ideas that should have been. I hate myself When I look into the mirror and see a broken man With no future With no goals No Aspirations. No Direction. I hate myself This Loathing and self-deprecation should be torture enough But it’s not. It will never be enough because of my actions. My Thoughts My words. You are my everything. And I hate myself. There are so many things That I wish I could say Troubled thoughts and lost insights As words get in the way. Two hearts that are broken The shards turning gray Tears being spilled and voices raised As words get in the way Cold hearts awaken In the light of day Emotions still high Although words get in the way I wish things to be different A love that would stay But how can it happen? When words get in the way. I love you so much more In each and every way
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this is my first ever maybe my only dont know where it came from just kinda how i feel at the moment in well a poem hope you like it feel free to comment. Painful love she asked for my heart i gave her my all she posted my picture high up on the wall she told me i was the man of her dreams but the woman i love don't love me it seems so I've closed it up and wrapped it with a chain as cold as an icebox my heart will remain never again shall i love nor even try cause before go through this id rather die but i thank you my love for showing me just how painful true love can be so I'm going away now to hide in a whole when she broke my heart it shattered my soul it shattered my soul
If I have kissed you once, I have kissed you 1000 times. Each morning as I arise. Each night as I drift to sleep. Each hour of every day. Each moment before it goes away. The kisses shared between you and I, Have many times reached the sky. As your lips part and anxiousness increases, Your heart pounds and breathing ceases. My lips lingure to yours ..hungry for the taste. Sweetness here from you to me,anticipating As desire grows.. my heart will race. Inches apart seem as miles waiting. The miles increase as the distance shortens. Time appears to demandingly stand still. So close .....but yet so far. Touch my lips... please now? Once more, 1001. Make it 2, so many more. Caressing ..forever caressing those Tender lips, each time as the first. If I have kissed you 1000 times, I would give them all away To make the dream ..a reality, And kiss you once in hopes youd stay. © Angel what the hells up wit fubar...why wont it let me rate anyones profile.
Written For Me By My Wifey
We are in the lounge having a great time. The music and drinks are flowing. We are out on the floor dancing. They are playing a great variety tonight. The room is dimly lit. Not too many people there. A slow song comes on, you pull me close to you. I can feel each breath you take. You look into my eyes. I can see the love you have for me as you can see that I have for you. You lean in and kiss me. It's very deep and passionate. As we kiss, we zone out everything and everyone around us. We can hear the music but other than that it's as if the only two people in the room are us. You grab onto me, lifting me up, kissing me even deeper. I react by wrapping my legs around your waist locking my legs around you. You walk us to the back of the room and back me against the wall, moving your hand along my thigh... the thought of you getting closer to my kitty makes me squirm a little. You like this. The way you have me held against the wall, you can reach down to your zipper, you pull out your s
Writings That Hits You In The Heart & Mind
It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one then to have an opportunity and not be prepared for it. I THINK I CAN! Whether you think you can or think you can not... You're Right! People who say it can not be done should no interupt those who are doing it.
As you go on in this world, keep looking forward to the future.. to all you might be. Don’t let old mistakes or misfortunes hold you down: learn from them, forgive yourself -- and others -- and move on. Do not be bothered or discouraged by adversity. Instead, meet it as a challenge. Be empowered by the courage it takes you to overcome obstacles. Learn things. Learn something new every day. Be interested in others and what they might teach you. But do not look for yourself in the faces of others. Do not look for who you are in other people’s approval. As far as who you are and who you will become goes -- the answer is always within yourself. Believe in yourself. Follow your heart and your dreams. You -- like everyone else -- will make mistakes. But as long as you are true to the strength within your own heart.. you can never go wrong! Look at my life. I’m floating like mercury around the earth. My footprints shine with stardust. All because I love you. All because you love me! You ro
a new view a new wish a wonder of lifes dreams one hope a reality a stream of daze coming through a new life a new person intense being crucial living undeniable harmony lasting memory affecting history making curiosity attempting jumps hard to find graceful tears joy of triumphs heart pounds smile endures amazing feelings surrounding music sounds of breath reliving again. ~By Tiny (Me!) one image... one picture one thought.. and i lost it all a simple action a dangerous attempt gambling with a life gambling with a gift a scared mind a tourmented heart a shattered soul all from the start healing is slow recovery hard mending whats left... of all destruction takes so much attention strength and will weak to the bones opened scars and bleeding wounds all so much....all too soon! such disaster leads to terrible things a life is ruined a life is dying! yet...nev
I have always had a vivid imagination so I am trying my hands at writings some stories. Please if you read my stories let me know what you think. Be aware that these stories are erotica. Thank you. My first story can be read here. After getting good comments about my first story I have created a second. Well after some time from the last here is the third story. Hope you enjoy it. Here is number fourth. After a long time here is the fifth. After a wait of forever finally here is the sixth.
Written Seductions
Second to Last Poet by LateNiteFantasy© The day would come – we saw it and now pondering the verse carved into your damp granite I will remember the curse, how we dared color gray rows of the trudging, endless lines marching in near mindless prose with a bit of rhythm, rhyme. We broke their lines, set words free, blued their skies with metaphor though they called us bourgeoisie it was we who searched for more. Suddenly now I’m the last with nothing better to do than spend my day in the past discussing poems with you. A Queston or Two by LateNiteFantasy© How many hands would it take to make The her body, quiver and shake her teeth to clench, her tits to ache with need for sucking, her cunt for fucking, I wonder would it be to crass to slide my penis in her ass another cock her mouth to fill and tits of of softist feelings thrill her all over the knowing mouth the womens touch in her cunt might be to much
Writtings By Sir David (aka "blackwhip)
Dominance vs. Domineering The two particular terms, dominant and domineering, are many times misused and mistakenly considered as interchangeable. First of all, a dominant is essentially part of a lifestyle. A particular subculture in which there exists certain expectations and responsibilities. An important segment of that lifestyle is recognizing the needs of mutual gratification. This is to say that the happiness and well-being of a submissive is equally important as the dominant's. One aspect that discerns a domineering person from a dominant is a lack of this particular recognition. People that tend to be domineering are selfish, and serve their own interests. It is quite sad to think that being overbearing, loud, and demanding might be confused with being dominant, but the fact is that it often is. I guess that does not say much about us dominants and the image we project. Another way that domineering folks differ from dominants would include the an inability to earn
Written In Stone
Numb by Andrew Harris ©2002 Expression from the depths of me, Diseased and broken, can’t you see? Our minds are working harder now. Suggestion force-fed us somehow. Violence and anger haunting, Scattered lies and hatred taunting Cradle doubt and yearn for more Welcome fears you dodged before Drowned by thoughts, so hard to see, The numbness quickly draining me Enough complaining, worship me, I’m someone you would love to be Follow in my footsteps please, Beg forgiveness from your knees. Judge the visions seen by eyes, Contaminating truth with lies Nothing sturdy, nothing sure The stimulating drive, so pure Crush my hopes and throw me out, Is this what all the hype’s about? Fly There Too by Andrew Harris I just wanna fly there too, Not so far away from me. Why do I always run and hide, From fears I cannot see? A vagrant, I fall....fall forever Total darkness, silent despair My eyes slowly open, realizing that I left my hope somewhere. Vulner
Hi, my name is Lydia and I'm a hopeless romantic... As much as I hate to admit it -- I am a hopeless romantic. Deep down in that cavern called my heart is where I hide this part of me. I want that crazy love. I want a man to fight with me and then two minutes later love me more than he did before the fight even began. I want to love someone that way. I want a love that is so damned challenging I want to walk away from it, but is so incredible I absolutely cannot walk away from it. A love with such passion and ferocity--as if the very thought of touching him could leave my skin smoldering, my heart burning and my desires blazing through me. I don't want the 30 minute comedy, the one hour drama, the afternoon of action/adventure.....people, I want the fucking EPIC. I'm not normally one for the chick flicks, but I fell in love with The Lakehouse and The Notebook. Both hit me in a very powerful way. Now, I'm not going out there looking for way...but I think it is okay to a
Written By: Latenitefantasy To Lady Katherine
Hauntingly beautiful Glimmering windows Innocent yet alive Piercing my soul Excited and anxious Drawn to the flame Breath absent Passion returned In a glance A moment of silence Knowing within My love. by LateNiteFantasy© Dreams Night time odysseys Into the Known UnKnown Observe the seen unseen Hear the words unspoken Think the thoughts unthought Conquer the lands unseen The Universe is Yours Till the Morning When Light Sweeps Thought Away. " The bond we share is deep Memories of you haunt my dreams And stalk my days But the price is steep I feel you in everything I do It inspires my heart to fly And the words I write are only for you It’s not something I understand This constant presence in my life And inside my mind But your touch guides my hand I see my hand and yours held tight Where do you end and I begin From where I stand I see no end in sight I live to look into your eyes To feel their warmth
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A Poetic Dance by LateNiteFantasy© a poetic dance, indeed, have we for no one else but us to see the mingling of mutual words far from noisy, milling herds, poems I write to myself thoughts I leave on the shelf I fold them into paper planes flick them through the e-mail lanes, I love life, in all it’s guises small, medium and large sizes I walk both beach and mountain trail check my Box each day for mail, some days there’s a snip from you I hold it close, that’s what I do smile and hope some day we meet with sense to stay on our feet, or maybe not (I smile a bit) never know what parts might fit never say never, we might be wrong enjoy life, and live it long …. Candle Wax Drips by LateNiteFantasy© Candle wax drips, As shadows dance. Midnight chimes desire, When Lovers meld as one. As shadows dance, Whispered nothings purr. When Lovers meld as one, Satin slides across the bed. Whispered nothings purr, As skin meets skin. Satin slid
This is an excerpt from Chapter 13. I hope you enjoy it. Maybe you'd like to read the whole book, which btw is a trilogy, and the second book is almost ready to go to the publisher. During that visit to the falls, she had set herself out on a small perch near the falls themselves. The thunderous rumble deafened her ear as she sat there with eyes closed feeling the shear raw power of it. It was not until she had opened her eyes some time later that she saw the horror unfolding before her. Several Sioux had also visited the falls. They had gotten even closer than Blue, and now one of them was dangling from the steep cliff wall. Holding onto nothing more than a large boulder the woman was too far down the cliff to be reached. Blue hurried down the side of the cliff where she had been sitting, to a ledge that ran as close to the woman as anyone could get. She had no idea at all what she was going to do once she reached that point, but she unthinkingly knew she had to try somethin
Writen Rap
CHORUS No wage could ever define my rage everyday could of done mistakes Passed them on and tag-it Like magnet On a refrigerator like regenerating ma beef when I seek freak to bash when they speak aren’t they naughty and deserve to be beat but nowadays, It’s a mystery CHORUS Seeking to bashing out Smashing ding-a-long doubt While bounding fists to pound Don’t know where to go about Should I kill this fucker right now? High energized about to blow this fucker out Shred to pieced along tined line Sniff it thinking it’s cocaine time But it’s all games in your mind Luckily I haven’t gotten hooked to it Because I’d be shredded to bits And that aint cool shit And nowadays a mystery Feeling query with this sense of knowing secrets Been bash and mash through ma experience But one day bound to glory for now, I have grown through fist and mist with little hope to understanding this stress with ma room thresh to a
Written For Her!
All I want to see All I want to see, Is for you to be Happy, I want to see the twinkle in your Eye's, Happiness in your sigh's, I want to see your smile every day, I want to spend time with you in every way, If it would be for a walk in the park, Cuddling with you near the fire after dark, All I want to see is You, Every morning when I awake, Holding our little one's for heaven's sake, In everything that I do, It is You that I want to see, After a hard day's work, What else do I have to say? Thinking of US being a Family....... written by: Alan Spallinger
I saw it before you were born, I knew it when you were born, Threw years of searching and understanding, I always knew but never interfered, I always believe in you whether you believe me or not, I always knew the possibilities you can achieve, Remember to always follow your heart and believe, Never give up because I never gave up on you, Always remember you can accomplish anything you want, just believe, Whether I am here or not, I will always be with you, And I will always believe in you!! By: Antonio A. Arriola I wrote this a while ago for a friend of mine who lost her father, now i as read this poem again i realize this poem has a lot more meaning to it, please remember your loved ones who has past away, they may be gone but they are alive in our hearts and to my best friend who just lost her bro smile! because he is smiling at you! My eyes gloom with darkness of night, My skin is pale like the whiteness of light, I cannot feel
Writings By Moi
Just keep smiling, as you lie to the faces that love you. Making your stories up as you go; fighting to keep them straight. The light around you is fading, your life is crumbling at your feet. Who will be there to sweep it into the trash? Just keep taking, as you lose all the things that matter. Pretending to give, as you stuff your life with stolen happiness. Stepping on hearts and crushing lives along your journey. Who will be there when it comes crashing down? Just keep wondering, if the paths you cross are real. Giving you a moment of sun, while the rain continues to pour. Hoping it will last but knowing it wont fill the emptiness. Who will look in the mirror and see the truth? YOU BROKE ME TO PIECES WATCHING EACH FALL TO THE FLOOR USING YOUR HANDS, SCATTERING AROUND REBUILDING ME AS YOURS YOU FORGOT THE GLUE AND A FEW SEGMENTS THE ONES THAT BUILT MY HEART NOW I WANDER EMPTY INSIDE READY TO FALL APART YOU WERE MY HOPES AND MY SUN THE ANSWERS I NEEDED,
Write Your Own Story
The tome lays open before me, A vacant canvas pending a plot, It might be a saga of bitter love, A chronicle of incessant action, Maybe a fable full of deception, Each person given a vacant leaf, Gather parchment, ink and quill, To scratch out character plights, Etching the narrative into granite, To endure the weather of an era, As the passage of time is engraved, This is where you inscribe your tale, This is your account to whittle out, No one else's so craft it as your own, The design might appear ambiguous, Characters a nameless cast of faces, The backdrop is eternally changing, In this autobiography of your reality, Or perhaps your memoir of memory, Somewhere in the legend I have been, Though in that parable I have returned, My character has altered considerably, As the element I play has developed, In this aged journal of your existence, Sweet life hangs on the horizon now, Construct a passageway to achieve it, These are your inscriptions to publish,
Writings By: Laugh It Makes The Heart Smile
Sing that song Sing that song And be happy Smile And be happy Laugh And be happy Give And be happy Have fun And be happy Be happy And sing that song Be happy And smile Be happy And give Be happy And have fun Be happy Happiness is the rhyme of that song, it is the smile from that song, it is the gift from that song, it is the fun from that song. Sing that song that brings happiness When you think you know Know to be The person you see The reflection you see Know to see The person you are The reflection you are Know to be the person you see Know to be the reflection you are When you think you know
Write Or Wrong...
Written For Moi
Watch as her glistening eyes take your spirit. She wakes you with "hi's" and "I love you's" in twos,with the most beautiful smile one can witness. With a child in her heart, a princess we confess deserving of it all,deserving of our best. In one drop all is said and done. Three drops she sheds for our repore. Another she bled for the times shared no more. Be known her affection is awesome is endless, a part of our life, a part of which we need. My heart, my head, my eyes, my legs grow weak, grow weary. I would die for her; no more, no less. But to LIVE for her, I can only do my best. For this wonderful woman, for this beautiful girl, for this innocent child brought to this world. I can only hope, I can only pray she'll shoot for the stars be with more than just astray.
Written For Me...
This was written for me today! Its so cute and so sweet!! Thank you AJ Curves more fluid than desert waves with exiting movement to paint her lips The most seductive eyes reciting a story through tides of an ocean and in those eyes That gaze forever is the deepest understanding of a long forgotten Queen in these dreams of mine
Written For Me.....
I stopped at the High Spirits bar last night to have a cocktail and this happily drunken lady approached me and said "your that TP (company I work for) lady that I'm so jealous of." I was kind of taken by surprise! I asked her what she was talking about and she said that her husband had passed away 2 years ago and he talked about me all the time. I had no idea who she was talking about of course, so I asked for a photograph. She pulled one out of her purse and to my surprise, I remembered him! I am trained in my job to know what kind of car my customers drive, what brand of cigarettes they smoke, what they like to drink....... Habits and such. This guy was a NASCAR fan like me. It is just my nature to flip people shit when we have something in common. Kinda like friendly rivalry...... He was a Rusty Wallace fan, I'm a Jimmie Johnson fan...... I was so sad to hear he passed away! I was promoted almost 4 years ago and he was a regular customer at my old store. I had no idea I meant so mu
Words do fail me In the weight of your gaze I stand here seeking Your affections, your praise How my fears do strengthen In the midst of defeat My fortress crumbles So violently - I'm weak Passion sparks, flares In the fire my fears erase My need for you surges The hunger on your face The sweetest kiss upon my lips Hands lifting my face In your eyes - I find my secrets In your arms - I find my place
"Remember the five simple rules to be happy: 1. Free your heart from hatred. 2. Free your mind from worries. 3. Live simply. 4. Give more. 5. Expect less." Let me do my work each day; and if the darkened hours of despair overcome me, may I not forget the strength that comforted me in the desolation of other times. May I still remember the bright hours that found me walking over the silent hills of my childhood, or dreaming on the margin of a quiet river, when a light glowed within me, and I promised my early God to have courage amid the tempests of the changing years. Spare me from bitterness and from the sharp passions of unguarded moments. May I not forget that poverty and riches are of the spirit. Though the world knows me not, may my thoughts and actions be such as shall keep me friendly with myself. Lift up my eyes from the earth, and let me not forget the uses of the stars. Forbid that I should judge others lest I condemn myself. Let me not follow the clamor
Your Favorite Mistake By: Caleb Raley She looks and sees wasted potential, a reflection of self… Just another nobody trying to find himself in this world… He tries his best to be acceptable in her eyes, but will never be… I’ll fight to get approval, and gain my place, But at the end of the day, just a waste, Your Favorite Mistake… Don’t know him, but I see him everyday… We share the same house, glances exchanged, but no communication… He’ll shout an order, tell me to be a man… Life is misery, learn to cope, But daddy doesn’t know, thinks its just a joke... He wants me to be a man, and fit into his grand plan, But it’s all just a waste, I’m his favorite mistake… Friends will look inside, try to see what’s there… All that’s left is a void, an empty shell… They should know, they left me there… Always wanting more, expecting me to be something grand… Have all the answers, and ease their pain… Change me to fit in, make me be like them… They’ll push and push, I’ll
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Fade-in Music “Lost Love” 1st Movement (The precession from earlier arrives at the cemetery, zooms in on a Women (Sarah). The crowd around her begins to fade out of the picture in transition tot he 2nd movement, The Man remains as the crowd fades) Music “Lost love” 2nd Movement (Sarah begins to dance alone and The Man remains in the background) Music “Lost Love” 3rd Movement ( A chorus of dancers enter and dances with Sarah, The Man joins) Music “Lost Love” The Final Movement (The dancers begin to fade away but The Man remains dancing apart from Sarah) Music fades out (As the music fades, the crowd fades back in. When the music ends the crowd begins to walk away leaving Sarah alone with The Man in the background) Music “Alone” (Sarah not seeing nor reacting to The Man) Song “Alone” Sarah- Alone again Waiting to hear a word From someone who cares to say You are not alone (In the minds eye, walking alone at night under the street lig
This is just some piece of junk I threw together one morning out of boredom. I'm bored now so figured I'd start posting some of my old writings..*shrugs* To watch and listen Is letting the Heavens know you are insightful To make Love under the soulful skies Is thanking the Heavens for it's gift of Earthly delights And to kiss under Heaven's tears Is wiping those tears away and letting Her know that you're happy here INSIGHT Ever since I was twenty-one; I've had this odd insight on people. Their motives, their level of honesty, not much was ever truly secret to me. I remember when my first spark of insight crept into my brain as I slept. I dreamt of my then girlfriend; I was mad, very mad, over something she had done. I tried to talk to her about it, but everything I said fell upon uncaring ears. I told her I was going to walk out the door and not come back...she laughed in my face. That dream felt so real, the colors vibrant, as if I was actuall
Writing Poems :p
Writing Of Mine
You entered my life like a gentle sigh, like a quiet breeze blowing softly through the leaves. You were a stranger first, one who laughed freely and easily, who spoke of minor intimacies and common grounds, who made me feel strangely liked and valued. You became my friend, no longer a stranger, trusting me with secrets hidden, confiding what you liked and hated. We talked and laughed and, as time passed by, I grew more and more dependent upon your smile. From strangers to friends was just a baby step, a step a thousand others take every day. Without your trust and trusting ways, without your smiles and encouraging gaze, I would never have taken the step beyond. But the gentle breeze blowing through the leaves is relentless and never ending. We became closer friends, and closer still, until much of my life was centered around the times we spent together. We traveled far along the path of friendship, avoiding the bumps somehow, never stumbling, always in step wi
Okay so me and Tinker decided we're gonna do a writing exercise every week and anyone who is interested can do it, too. We have ten items that we write into a short story. Those will be chosen randomly by other people who aren't participating. We will post by every Sunday night, here in the blog so everyone can check it out. So now all we need is ten items. 1.Broken French horn 2.Tape dispenser 3.Cocaine 4.Blue M&M 5.Hand Sanitizer 6.Pinleaf Oak 7.Polka dot bra with broken strap 8.Banana Bobble Heads 9.Sickle 10.Calculator And bonus word...sock monkey! Alright, the exercise is due by Sunday at midnite. UNTITLED EXERCISE #1 Skye took a gulp from her water bottle, eyed it dismally, then tossed the empty contianer onto the floor. Wth one hand on the steering wheel, she fished around the seat for more refreshment but found only one blue M&M. "Fucking heat!" She stomped on the accelerator but quickly eased up as the temperature gauge
Writings From Behind The Veil
I couldn't save you from the start Love you so it hurts my soul Can you forgive me for trying yet failing Your silence makes me hold my breath Time has passed me by. You gave up the fight You left me behind All that's done is forgiven You'll always be within my heart I know deep inside All that's done is forgiven. I watched the clouds drifting away Still the sun can't warm my face You believed it was destined to go wrong You were looking for your great escape To chase your demons away. You gave up the fight You left me behind All that's done is forgiven You'll always be within my heart I know deep inside All that's done is forgiven. Winter has come for me, can't carry on. The chains to my life are strong but soon they'll be gone. I'll spread my wings one more time. Is it a dream? All the ones I have loved calling out my name. The sun warms my face. All the days of my life, I see them passing me by. In my heart I know I can let go. In the end I w
Written For Him And Only Him
Begging for the touch of her Master Always submissive wanting more, He led her through the bedroom Walking her all fours on the floor. He pulls her collar closer to his firmness He slaps her cheek's with its delight, Attaching her lead to a hook On her breasts he start's to bite. She stands naked amongst the flickering light Of scented candles burning, Surrounded by the smell of sandalwood; To be his pet she is yearning. For total domination she craves Releasing submissive sigh's of pleasure, He caresses her curves smoothly With a shiny whip of leather. Taunting her flesh with his tongue, Biting, pinching with his teeth, He pulls her legs apart Rubbing the whip between her thighs From underneath. Her glistening dampness adorns The shining whip, He runs it up past her naval Around her nipples Stopping at her lip, She begs for the pleasured pain In the master slave game Saying she will obey In the games they want to play. Telling her to become
Writing From A Mind That Never Sleeps
I wake only knowing that you are calling me, The sound of an angel whispering I love you, I miss you, in my ear as I wake each morning. I spend my days lost in thought of you, not knowing how but when I can feel you next to me, me needing you to hold... You are everything that I find wanting if life Joanne, you are my dream, I breath you, live you, seek you out in everything I do. A day with out you is a day, each day that I am lonely, a day that I am lost with out you... you are the sound of life, the beating of my heart and with out you I am nothing, I go through my day not to get to the next, but to find you laying there when I open my eyes. you see, I have counted on many things in my life, but i never thought i would ever find someone so pure, full of love for me as you have... i figured that one day I would know what love is but never thought love would be you, you have givin me something to believe in, you have walked into my life like the wind on my face, like the sun that leav
Writings Of A Horny Madman! Lol
What I plan to be putting in my blogs will be just some short erotica that I used to write with the help and inspiration of one of my friends from the UK with whom I used to speak too a lot over AOL until she one day just up and disappeared on me. So I need me a new model or models as well as subject matter for my new stories. Like I said I won' be making any new ones till I have put up all my old ones and you see waht I can truly do. Input on all of my stories would be nice, but it is by no means something that is mandatory. -Hugs and kisses- Thanks for reading my shpeel. Matt aka. Kamui. Edit: I have recently put up the base stories. So do enjoy. Well I was a fumbly teen that only knew what he could do by the amount of porn that he consumed. it started off slow, soft kisses and heavy petting then changed directions quite quickly as Iu found myself, running my hand uyp her thigh and rubbing her virginal vagina, feeling that it was somewhat moist I started to rub it a bit h
Written For Me
I look into your eyes and I see myself in you I cannot look away for my life begins anew your smile fills me with something that I cannot describe what holds your interest now makes me feel alive every time I hear your voice it trembles in my heart I don't know where to stop I've forgotten how to start to take away the pain would mean the world to me please give me that chance to help you feel free I've forgotten everything that hurt me in the past my only hope for you is happiness that lasts thank you for this moment I will not soon forget you've helped my find myself the candle has been lit
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't 'be friends'. A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is Don't stay because you think 'it will get better' You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he treat you any differently? Always
Tortured, twisted, brokenheart/crawling in a hole staying in the dark/there's no more flame left to make me spark/no room for heartless souls to enter my heart/there's nothing left, not at all/In my tortured, twisted, brokenheart.
Written Not Spoken
This is stupid...I really like everyone on fubar. The poeple that I've gotten to know rock my world. But recently some stupid drama crap has come about. I won't name names cuz that's just not my thing I don't like trash talking really. But I would like to say this:   If you decide you don't want to be My "friend" anymore that's cool that is the beauty about being free you can do what you want and shouldn't be judged or looked down upon for it. But if you do, Don't make a big deal about it and post it on your status about how big of a bitch I am or blah blah blah, cuz I won't be doing that to you. My fu is pretty drama free, I love to love if you don't then we just don't talk or have contact simple as that really NO big deal this site is big enough for you to stay on your side and be an adult cuz after all everyone on here is supposed to be adult, No minors. I don't like fu-whores of men who like my pictures stalking me, I'm REALLY not even that cool to begin with so why bother with m
Written By Me
I lie here tonight, cold and alone in this big empty bed. I recall the days we used to walk hand in hand along the shore. Heads together as we admired the ocean's discarded treasures. Watching the sun rise and set over the ocean. Listening to the waves crash onto the shore, and hearing the cry of distant sea gulls. Oh I miss those days, filled with love and laughter. Can we go back and live them again? Go back to the days when life was simpler and our responsiblities few and far between. A time when we had to only worry about being together and being carefree. Those days are gone now even though it seems like only yesterday. Our children grown with lives of their own and you gone from me forever. All I have left is to sit here alone and dream of those days, so long ago. Perhaps tonight, as I drift off to sleep, I can find my way back to you through my dreams, so that we may once more be together. I turn out the light and let the darkness envelope me. I go back to the day
Seeing the future living in the past I never understood what made you last The dying embers that I see behind your eyes makes me think of all your lies A holding hand is what makes you calm but you let go the hand that holds You seek the dreams of the weak the blood you feel is what makes you peak The midnight screams that wake your sleep is what you feel makes you so deep A holding stare is what you fear while yet a casual glance is your trance A trusting friend never again you fucked it all up I say goodbye it's all been a lie Broken dreams and stealing wings for you that's all it brings Say goodbye don't give it the chance to die hold it back say goodbye.
No, this is not about anyone. I just couldn't sleep and it came to me. Under my skin your vile memory pumping through my veins taste lingering, scorching, tainting my lips Baby, there is no antidote for unrequited love sultry fingers ghostly, tracing enticing, intoxicated by your vampiric-like essence I need an antidote for unrequited love Juliet's dagger penetrating lacerating rupturing my soul star-crossed antidotes- misplaced in time I hate, no matter how far away you go. No matter how hard you try to mask things. Old feelings and thoughts creep out of the darkness and suffocate you. The worst part is when people start trying to blame themselves for how you feel or act like you don't appreciate them trying to cheer you up. Its not even like that! When I get like this I just want to crawl into a dark hole and stay there. Sometimes I feel like such a complicated person. People don't seem to understand why I do and say the things I do. Especially wh
Writings Past And Future
Written Works Of A Druknen Irishman
Why am I here? Grey matter invaded By violent jackhammers Simple query evolves into Consuming question Pulling me through Mind-field of barbwire roses Enigmatic solutions Beyond my comprehension Offering brief glimps Of the answer To uncanny riddle Formed in the spiraling insanity Spiritually induced frameshift Tribulations of self-inquisition Entropy erases rigor mortis Conundrum remains unsolved When Tired and worn Weary soul Hidden behind Leather and scars Broad shoulders Carrying worlds Not my own Nerve of courage Feeding swarms of Parasitic performers in Characterized friendships Angelic heart Forgotten and unnoticed In the treads Of boot heels Thoughts wonder To lingering question When will Ancient hands Guided by love Skin flesh from soul Carry me back To start again? Value Silent contemplation Sitting here in the throng Alone in thought As life counts down And I wonder If anything That I have to say Is worth the cost O
Writing Right Now!
There comes a revolution of knowledge. We see the evidence with each new technological invention's heightened capacity to store and send information. New technologies are on the horizon that will render all we know now obsolete. Our current ability to send information via satellite by microwaves is about to be dwarfed by laser technology. This new innovation will allow us to send and process information one hundred times faster than we do today. Imagine the technological evolution our society will experience as a result within the next fifty years. To the generation I grew up in we measured our computer's memory storage and processing capabilities in Kilobytes, then later in Megabytes. Today's generation measures in Gigabytes. Once Laser technology is implemented humanity will be transferring data in Terabytes and possibly Petabytes. The technological revolution is here and the future holds exciting possibilities. The information highway is about to become more assessable t
Heart is heavy Mind is clouded Wishing for it to make sense again One memory One face appears One voice tantalizes my ears One smile that takes my breath away Hoping to have the memory remain One day One week Hoping to turn to months and beyond
Bad November Disclaimer: This is the first chapter in a story I wrote. None of the characters in this story are real and any relation to anyone dead or living is not intended. I apologize for any wrong use of United Kingdom English because I am not that familiar with United Kingdom slang. Any input would be welcome and any flaming will be ignored. This story is planned to be revised and maybe I can talk the writer to let me post them here if people like them. Please comment and let the writer and me know what you like or don't like. Also if 2 male characters being romantically involved sickens you please don't read. If you're still interested please keep reading. One last note, if anyone wishes to copy my story please get permission first (Not that I think that will happen but who knows). Lyrics from the song Masquerade - This is the masquerade/ What mask will you wear /You make believed you loved me/ But now you choose to go/ Dancing around the truth/ Never letting me in/
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a friend is someone who will always be there for the good and bad times a friend is someone who you can talk too anytime, anywhere, night or day a friend is someone who you can always trust with your secrets and your fantasies a friend is someone who will borrow their shoulder during the pain and misery of life and death a friend is someone who is just like you who i hold dear in my life always and forever **dedicated to my best friend John Kubly who is now diseased** by. shana 98' you have given me life you have given me love you have taught me respect you have taught me courage you have taught me to be myself you have taught me how to love you have taught me to never forget the ones i love for you are always and forever my father ..dedicated to my father.. by shana 98' listen to me for what i have to say might make you cry for now is the time for us to grow up and say hello or goodbye you and i have been at sorts for some time now maybe just may
Thunder On The Mountain   Thunder knocking in the distance, craters holding something on  the moonWhispers in the alleys and a show that is starting at noonClowns on the corner throwing dimes at the cups of passing patronsHot stuff that is different everywhere you look   Crying without that tears, they are long gone and so lostClinging to faith every other time,  while others walk down the lineWondering where those shadows are going to go, but they are long goneClearing in the forest and wondering how time got here   Watch that soul expand from the drops that came from that tin canPieces on a puzzle spread out on a table, a heart coming togetherFirst in line but wanting to run away not knowing what the answer says   Thunder approaching, exposing itself wideGypsies dancing in circles around some camp fire falling dizzyA guide that lies and gets everyone more lost, take a look more insideIt is always both sides not that one that is wanted   The pistols clapping and bodies slap
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I cant tell if the girl in the mirror is me anymore, in this pit of bodies I don’t know that I care—just promise me one thing, promise me you wont forget me. The words seem so carefully careless as I read them to myself but I knew they were not, they were just the ramblings of some random girl that no one would remember. I felt the cold sliver of metal in my hand and watched the light glitter off its razor edge as tears prickled in my eyes but did not fall. They never fall, I hit bottom so fast that they just can’t keep up, and they never fall. Slowly, to prolong the pain of payment, I drag the metal edge up and down my forearm. Slowly the words that flash in my mind like violent rubies form in liquid guilt, filling the tears in my flesh. Now the tears came, one by one—tiny toy soldiers marching to battle back the rage. I leaned over my arm, cradling it painfully and wondering why I do this to myself. The pain clears my head; it makes the voices stop but is it really worth the silenc
Writing Out An Orgasm
If I could give you an orgasm through my poetry I would pen you down in sentences in paragraphs writing with the same impulses as touches centering Left the right fingering the pen to write out the G-spot You would have a multiple before reading the first word first vowel or syllable lips stirred you bite and lick pronouncing the words before you on the page like the nudity before you a big pencil believed to be mechanical Long words see length A big pencil I wish I could write on you let my lead hit your pages you have had enough typing erase all memories of that when you need some tapping of the pen to the pages which are wet and sticky together at times If I could give you an orgasm through my poetry You would always cum full circle to read anything and everything I wrote: Words ejaculated on the page In an orgy of letters That were gangbanged by punctuation The ink dripped in between the lines causing double penetration Arousing
Writen In Blood
Written In Blood Written in blood sealed with a kiss If you love me you'll answer this Do you love me or do you not You told me once but I forgot So tell me now and tell me true And I'll vow to never lie to you I do believe that god above created you for me to love He picked you out of all the rest Cause he new I'd love you the best Once I had a heart just like you But I gave it away now you are left with two So take good care of it as I have done Now you know you are the chosen one Some say its a sine to fall in love But I never asked them why And if its a sine to fall in love with you I'll sine till I die If I get to heaven and your not there I'll site and Waite upon a golden chair If your not there come judgement day I'll know youve gone the other way Id give the angles back there wings golden harps and other things to prove To you my love is true I'd go to hell to be with you
CHAPTER THREE Hushed whispers and giggling echoed around the great hall. Blaise stared at the fiery woman seated in the center of the long table. His reaction to her had been instant and very painful. His breeches had become too tight for him and he longed to remove them, preferably in the vicinity of the beautiful vixen, where she could see what she'd done to him. His gaze traveled over the dark red ringlets framing her lightly tanned face and relaxing into softer curls near her waist. Her skin caught the glow of the torches and accentuated the deep crevice between her large breasts. He could image holding them in his hands, could feel their weight. Even now, he could see her nipples straining against the tight fabric of her bodice. His cock jerked in response. His eyes traveled up her neck to her face. Her light green eyes dared him to speak, never had a woman looked at him in such a manner. Her jaw line was, perhaps, a bit too squa
Writings From The Mind Of A Pimp
As I sit here and contemplate my life, I have one thing I need to say, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to all the women I thought wanted me, but didn't. I'm sorry I mistook your kindness for interest. I'm sorry I thought your flirting meant you liked me. I'm sorry I considered your questions to mean you wanted to know me. I'm sorry our relationship meant more to me than it did you. I'm sorry my feelings got in the way of your fun and games. I'm sorry my crush was just something cute to you. I'm sorry I assumed being there for you meant that you would be there for me. I'm sorry I wanted to be the one to take your pain away. I'm sorry I treated you like a princess compared to the jerk you really wanted. I'm sorry I loved to spend my time with you when you were just passing time with me. I'm sorry I believed you when you said you loved me. Most of all I'm sorry to myself for causing most of my own heartache. The darkness surrounds me, as my candle flickers. Nothingness is all
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From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew you were the one, the one I was ment to be with, the one I was supposed to spend my time with until my time was done. From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew I was yours forever. From the time I looked into your eyes I knew my life was going to change. The change that was needed for me, to set me free. From the moment I looked into your eyes I knew that I would be happy forever, the happiness that I have waited so very long to have, but didn't believe in happily ever after. From the moment that I looked into your eyes, I knew, that I would fall in love with you. Yearning for her affection is what I do, those beautiful brown eyes gazing at me, my soul just can't tell her no. Her words flow from her gorgeous lips and make me tremble and trip. Her mind, so smart and quick. Everything about her is stunning and in my eyes so perfect, does she know how she leaves me so speechless? She's different from the others and I
the walls have eyes when i lay awake and toss and turn theres no peace here the room sinks in andi feel it crushing down on me i reach for u findng nothing no one there cuz u never really were there nothing i can do i lay awake and i find my self in a cold sweat i wait and paces but i cant seem to find the stillness in my mind whats the use at least the darkness holds me victim of my mind its own abuse nightmares i always wake up screaming see it all and it touches me deep cold child shaking panting i would love to run but whats the use admit defeat but this it takes no prisoners scream for mercy but my mind seems to think its all fair game another restless night smiles scrap like sand paper when u look at me pain is in ur ice blue eyes now plain to see tell me whats the point u say u see thru me but u dont know a thing hear no words cold stone touch what the point shield my self and i
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My heart remains on the beaches Trading Sets for Rises and Dawns for dusks My heart still remains a stray Cause girl your so far away Maybe we can meet in the ocean Where our love can finally start to grow Time will stand still as we learn To handle this charm and start to know It’s hard to find a way when you’re far away I fell in love and these feelings refuse to go I’m still trying to find my place Into your heart where the sand replaces what we owe I fell in love and still can go with the flow As the ocean waves fall with grace My mind will just erase All what I thought I know The candles will be romantic As the tide sweeps us in the Atlantic Off this shore where we will float For what seems like eternity I swear it’s our destiny You let me in your life, a life that shouldn’t be for granted You let me come inside, inside an open heart and minded Though I wanted in your arms, but they were crossed I think I lost it all, lost it all bef
I'd wanna wake up next to you, With your arms around my waist, And your eyes, so blue, looking into mine. I would want you to protect me forever, And infinitely be mine, only mine. I would wanna be there where you are, So I can always make you smile. I'd do anything you asked of me, Just to make you happy. Only yours is what I'd be, If you would promise to forever love me.
Writing About Life
My daughters and I are walking in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in August 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri. We have a banner that we have made and are carrying with us to help support those that have been touched with this cancer. I am pinking for myself and my memaw. Who Do You Pink For? Feel free to leave me a name on here and I will add them to my banner for you. I seriously want to do this for all that has been touched by this cancer. Many have won the battle but many have lost the fight. I am walking for all of them. Feel free to comment on who you pink for. Lots of Love, Redeviltease
A sensational serenity of softness to her suppleness, I strive to strike the stone of her heart, She’s sweet, but struggles to second the strife, That sticks and spurs in her spine. Spontaneous combustion to strengthen her situation, That she speaks of on several occasions, Suspended by spears when she’s stuck to the wall, So hurt, she cry’s as her tears slowly fall. With specific scepters that antagonize her sanity, She slips into a state of neurological shock, What’s simple for some, she strains to separate, A struggle that summons me to stop.
Moonlight Suicide December 26th 2005 Moonlight on your faceStars in your eyesMy heart is dying deep insideI wanna let you freeBut I can't seem to seeWhy you make me feel your embrace Moonlight hides our fearsStars cover the sky in a blanket of sneersMoonlight suicide is invisionedMy heart beating, it's imprisoned I wanna see the worldI want to be all that I amNext to nothing, lost with painShivering from the trembles of your touchI wanna be the man who takes your hand Moonlight hides our fearsStars cover the sky in a blanket of sneersMoonlight suicide is invisionedMy heart beating, it's imprisoned Spinning in a cirlce of emptynessWatching time fly as I become heartlessSeeing you smile kills me nowSo leave me be and set yourself freeThe moonlight can't save me Moonlight hides our fearsStars cover the sky in a blanket of sneersMoonlight suicide is invisionedMy heart beating, it's imprisoned       This is the last song I wrote, and I wrote it for someone. Nearly 4 years later,
inspired   Tossing out my innocenceinto the forgotten windto sail throughout the skiesthrough tomorrow and forever.Get lost in Dreamlandsay goodbye to all sorrowsFor there is passion growingwith a strong power of love.Lust is pulsing through my veinsit's growing like a weedin the garden amongst the grassWith tear essenced eyesand sweaty shaky palmswith kind strawberry kissesand the touch of soft rose petals.Lay me down on the cloudsand quietly whisper my nameembrace my innocent love in your armsTake me away from myselfand let our souls entwine. Written by me This is the first time ever posting my work. ........... Extending her heart into his arms, to cradle her lovingly within, bringing her closer to life. Their heated breaths exhale. She kisses him softly, gently placing a finger to his lips, "I've no need to say a word, we can tell it in each other's eyes." Blood flowing rapidly through their veins, their hearts getting weaker with love. An overwhelming fee
Writings, Poetry And Musings
A voice soft as the wind Blows through my mind Bringing thoughts I believed to be extinct Back to life.   Scenes of crimson tears flood my mind Sharp, silver edged saviors flash before my eyes I begin to ache for the release I once craved every day.   These thoughts I must lock up inside my mind To share them would be my demise A mind diseased can never be cured Remission is just a rouse In the end we all die from the pain we must keep inside.   NLJ 9/16/09 Your kisses tender and sweet melting my knees the first time we meet. Your eyes like pools of compassion and a portal to your soul, I look into them and feel the love you hold for me inside. Your arms embrace me and I feel safe and loved, knowing you return the feelings that I have for you making a difference I had never known before. When we make love, that is what it is, this does not mean it is boring as many may thi
March 12th, 2009 My feeilings Why do I have to feel this way? Why do they come in my life again and again? With each one a different story. Tho each story ends the same. Ends with me getting heartbroken, Feeling unwanted or not worthy enough. Each persons story I understand. But why each story do, I get dragged back in, I get mixed signals, I beleave them agian. One story I cant say anything but, I understand and still feel hurt and used. The other story I fall back in his lie, I beleave him when he says he misses me And he loves me. I beleave him when he says he cant wait to have me back. And once again i get hurt, I feel worthless and feel nobody wants me. Nobody wants a single mother. Nobody cares how I feel Otherwise they wouldnt be doing this to me. They'd be honest with me and They wouldnt change anything. They wouldnt make excuses And they wouldnt duck and dodge me. If only they truly knew How I felt. If only thye truly understood. The pain and
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I need someone who can research and come up with new ideas and write small blogs about them. Anything related to the environment, renewable energy, saving money and the environment at the same time, tax incentives for installing solar or wind energy, tax incentives for buying a hybrid car, and green tips on reducing your carbon foot print. Those are the basic ideas. My goal is to help others learn to be more environmentally concerned and friendly while at the same time build a group of blog followers that I can market my new ideas for my company Solar Arise Corp. I'm hoping I can get input from people so that I can get good ideas about what they would want out of an electric company and how I can meet their needs better than anyone else. I'm also hoping it will show others that as a corporation we actually care. The length of the blogs is not important as long as they hold substance. It could be a simple question or statement as long as it conveys or sparks and idea. If anyo
Written By A Good Friend
Everyone Needs SomeonePeople need people and friends need friendsAnd we all need love, for a full life dependsNot on vast riches or great acclaimNot on success or worldly fameBut just in knowing that someone caresAnd holds us close in their thoughts and prayersFor only the knowledge that we're understoodMakes everyday living, feel wonderfully goodAnd we rob ourselves of life's greatest needWhen we "lock up our hearts" and fail to heedThe outstretched hand reaching to findA kindred spirit whose heart and mindAre lonely and longing to somehow shareOur joys and our sorrows and to make us awareThat life's completeness and richness dependsOn the things we share with our loved ones and friends Written by a friend for Me Someone I think is Special   Sweet FriendI have the sweetest friendI like talking to each dayHe's kind and considerateTo me in every way.It's only been a short timeBut laughs we do shareTelling stories of our livesAnd the things of which we care.He has a special place nowDe
Written To Obama By A Us Marine.
Here is a letter I found who was written to Obama by a US Marine... It is a must read LOL. I'm sorry. These are legitimate questions and concerns. Granted they are addressed in a sarcastic and smart ass way in this letter, but still legitimate... Dear President Obama, Congratulations on the Presidency. Please don't treat it like a Prom Queen elected and then we never hear about thing’s getting done. Yes, I know our country is a little down right now. Lots of people blame it on Bush, but funny as it seems Congress is really a majority of Jackasses. (I'm sorry Democrats) Anyway, I just wanted to ask you a few questions before you get to work on building this fabulous country you have in mind. First off, I know you plan to move our troops out of Iraq and relocate them to Al Qaeda and Afghanistan. You say we are spending to much money in Iraq, but wont we be spending just as much in Al Qaeda and Afghanistan? I know your not from a military background, family or serving our coun
Eager anticipation makes a long road longer The flow of time already slow, floats lazily in still waters It seems the world is against my every desire Things from so long ago, they should be gone I want to go home and so fate will tease me The future for whcih I dream is but a whisper I wish my eagle would spread it's wings Making times passage a wind in my face Untill that point, where life at last is whole Eager anticipation makes a long road longer The flow of time already slow, floats lazily in still waters  
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Darkness,Hatred and despair what are these but a vast swamp of waste a self made sheet of black serving no purpose other than dropping ones soul bringing it to the depths of a bottomless pit what is it that brings on such a shade? It eclipses even the brightest lights It cant be the overwhelming loss of a love one that fairer than those of fairy tales no its not the lack of wealth that can break even the strongest into tears its not even a never-ending yearning of that which cannot be obtained this vile sludge that contaminates the soul seeps in from a source so great greater than the eyes can percieve its affect is intoxicating the blackness spirals around and around from the peaks of the mind, racing through the veins it breaks down anything in its path a cancerous vermin gnawing its way crawling down the web of an intricate system corrupting even the most innocent of a beautiful creation its enough to make the sane flip their lids it creates words out of heav
  Shades of grey cover my eye's, as somthing warm and wet streaks my skin. Ignoring the sting in my chest, I continue my stride foreward, no end to my journey in sight. In the distance I can hear your laughter, whirling around as I search in eager circles, looking for the source. As I flail, urges of holding you creep in my chest, as the pain makes a lump fill my throat. I scream at you, I scream at my self, and I scream your name, pleading for you to come back. The grey becomes black, blacker than the midnight on a moonless night. I still yell, yellng till I am hoarse, and my throat pulse's with pain. I scream till my lungs ache so much I can hardly breathe, and all the while I can still hear you laughing at me. My eye's blur as salty rivers start flowing again. Ignoring my tears, I slowly sob and pull my knees to my chest, rocking slowly. Images start to flash now, playing memories of you. You in your cherry bathing suit, and it never staying on. The fire works reflecting of your f
    What terrible irony that he should find himself falling in love with the dark reflection of an old crush. He could see it happening, could tell where it would lead him but was powerless to do anything more than stare at her picture.   Mesmerized, that was the word he’d been thumbing through his mind in search of. Minutes had been screaming past him, minutes he should have been focused on things other than her eyes, her delicate skin and the intricate tattoo on her chest. Some feeble and neglected part of him kept trying to tell him that it was wrong, that he shouldn’t want her, but he wasn’t listening.   They were just images on a screen, at least that’s what he kept telling himself. Doing as he’d always done, try and talk or think his way back to the serenity of what had always been. He wanted more, at times had talked himself out of wanting more, but it wasn’t working. She always seemed to interrupt him with a smile and a gleam in her ey
I sit in my bed watchin tv as another sleepless night slowly passes along. movie after move, show after show; i flip thought channels loosing interest almost immeditly in things i could spend countless hours watchin and enjoying. i just cant concentrate, cant focus on what is making my already cluttered mind race more than usual. to allow myself to think without visual distractions i turn the tv off in the attempt to fall asleep to my music. music that lets my mind wonder, think about things that i have and daringly take for granted along with pains that i pushed deep away as to free myself from their grip. the songs change from sad, slow, pain driven songs to joyful, love filled serenades of deamlands; in each one i find different sides of myself. in the sad sorrowful songs i have but one thing on my mind... Death. death is the most influent asset of my life for the past few years, so in-turn the word death brings rememberance. In this i see my otherside. my caring, big-hearted bein
tick......tick......tick......tick...... the clock seemingly booms as I deeply stare in to the mirror. lookin for the slightest glimour of passion hidden deep in my tear filled eyes. i see nothing but salt-filled tears flowing down pale cheeks like a slow streamin waterfall. each tear building up slowly until it breaks on the brim of my red eye lid. thoughs continuously run around in his cluttered mind, confusion grows and grow. wat did i do?? wat should i do?? where is someone to talk to?? he tries number after number and reaches voicemail after annoying vocemail. so he looks and sees an old dusty note book with an ordinary black pen sitting on it. is that his sign, is that how he was ment to deal with his unrelenting pain and his deep crushing sorrow. ''wat the hell'' he says, ''might as well give it a shot'' so he begins to slowly write, really unsure about wat to put on this faded piece of lined paper. after writing a few words that he feels describes him, pain, anguish, sorrow,
Her eyes, the color of wet pavement, So cold, so empty, so close to death, Still hold one glimmer of life\As they stare from above the nose, Slipknot close to the skin of her neck, Rickety chair unbalanced beneath her toes, Flesh clammy and wet, hair unkempt and filled with sweat Around her throat, she grasps the constricting cord, Her hands shaking with indecision and fear, Yet, the act is so simple, so clear Eyes, once full of shimmering hope, Now glanceing up at the knotted rope, Are only filled with tears, Her lifes a debt she cannot afford With one deep inhaled breath, Placing her hands across her breasts, Eyelids blocking the light from the room, Teeth bared, gaining strength, Nails cutting through her palms, Blood dripping to the floor, Her feet rock the chair until it tumbles.
Writings That Touch My Heart.
Title: Curiousity Kills Cats 2Characters: Marie d'Aquitaine, Virginia MathesonTime: 22 Jan, Near dawn Location: Marie's lair, the docks and streets of Crescent IsleWriter: DanoMarie d'Aquitaine was furious, but it didn't show. Instead her anger wrapped around her like a long, fridgid cloak as it always did. Her 'daughter' had gone missing again, something the little trollip had been doing frequently, and Marie knew deep inside that it was time for mistress and scion to split. The impending split hurt, and Marie always channelled her hurt into anger.Marie channelled anything into anger.She was waiting as her scion of over a century and a half slipped through the door, which clicked softly shut. "And where have we been tonight?" Marie asked with ice dripping off the words.Virginia knew that tone, her mistress was more than a little miffed. She stood stock still as Marie approached and walked around her slowly. "Hunting," she explained."Ah," Marie said, sniffing Virginia's breath, "an alc
This is a little something I wrote one night shortly after my father passed. DARKNESS It's dark outsideThe rain is pounding downI should probably hideThe pain is building insideI wonder why you liedWas it to save your pride I look aroundBut I am all aloneDarkness is all aroundI am the only one homeNo noises to be heardNo motion where you once stood I know you are aroundJust not for me to seeI know you are watching meBut from where I am unsure The pain is buildingFor I need you hereTo comfort me, to hold meTo tell me it will be all right Without you by my sideI have no one to turn toNo one to confide For you were the one I could always turn to Even when it meant that I criedYou always gave me your shoulder Even when we both grew older Now you are not here The pain is becoming extreme I know that where ever you are It is bright and sunny Isn't that funny It's dark outside I am dark and empty inside Without you here Please let me know That you are some where nearFor I can not stan
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She’s a figure of my imagination, or is she real? A devil on earth; masquerading around as a woman on the prowl for a kill. If I tell you that this woman is bad, then she’s more dangerous then a child on a jackhammer drill. This girl is fly, I can’t lie and she really caught my eye like a base runner waiting for a steal. Is this woman here real or is she fake. An angle sent down that stumbled onto her wake. She’s beautiful and delicate with a gentle sway to her gait. Impossible to wonder what it is she wears up under that silky red dress that she displays. Could she be just another pawn in this game? All I want to do is get close to ask her name. But with all the other guys around trying to spend their change. It’s hard for me to take charge and push through the crowd of gents and dames. All in all, I really just want to know the deal. How could she be a person if her face shows she doesn’t feel? Not even a frown when on her dress liquor did someone spill. But wh
Trees enclosed the twisted road, the only light came from the broken branches above were the faint stars tried to shine through. As he walked down the path voices whispered from the trees. “Turn back.” they cried, The voices were childlike, scratchy so full of pain. Deeper along the path the voices got louder This path will surely be your dooms please turn back. Bodies knocking on trees the children who gave him this warning hung from every tree along side of the road. There lips were blue and cracked and eyes were colorless. They swing there little bodies back and forth making the forest around the road blaring with a clock like THUM THUM THUM. Head held high looking in all directions he comes upon a village at the end of the forest. The buildings glow red from the light of fires on the corners of the village blocks. The wind blows the fire gets brighter. A sure sign of dread is in sight. Along a walkway that leads to an office building clowns with blood as face paint th
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“I would also like two orders of fries,” said Skip Bronson, a man who declares he is a relative to a famous director and never will deny it.  Skip, along with his fiancee Missy Burberry, a girl whom her body size equals to her enormous attitude.  “I want extra sauce Skip,” asked Missy in her usual whining voice.  “NO, it costs 20 cents extra for each packet, are you going to pay for it?” answered Skip in a voice as if he lost all his Magic cards in a dare.  “I want extra sauce!  I want extra sauce!” replied Missy jumping up and down.  “Shut the fuck up, Missy,” answered Skip.  Then, in a quick grasp of a sentence, Skip said, “That’ll be all” to the microphone of the drive-thru menu.  The clerk on the other end repeated the whole order to Skip and then he gave the reply, “It’s right”.  Then the total came up and Skip drove to the window without a thank you.      Skip and Missy have been toget
Written Works
Whos this monster i see before me... She stares blankly into my eyes from behind the mirror. Her face shredded with the beatings. She is younger than i a friend from my past. It is cruel she looks like i. Tears fall from her cheeks blood trickling from her finger tips. Her eye is almost shut with swelling. She smiles placing a hand into the glass and says "Im glad one day this will all be gone" Juneflower1986 I stare at long hair brown eyes.The reflection lying to me telling me tales of beautyI said to him “Cruelty tells me otherwise” The reflection only smiled her eyes glittering in the light“You lie to me.. Cruelty points out all the flaws why do you lie!!” I scream hitting her face but she only batted her eyes. “Fat and useless cruelty says he doesn’t lie!”“Invisible !!! He says”Then The reflection ridden with tears looking end endearing beneath the light her beauty never etching then again she lies. “Apparently I am!&r
Writings (fantasies)
1/11/2009 11:40:46 PM I get this text from Josh, my son, that asked me if D was supposed to come by.  I told him no and he said he thought it was D but wasn’t sure.  So I texted Dand asked him if I missed him.  He said “yep” and so I asked him if he could go back and he said yes.  I got home right before he got there.  I was so excited to see him!  My heart was beating so hard in my chest; I could hardly believe he was there.  He was so animated about his night out by himself; I love to just watch him talk.  How he moves his whole body to describe something he has done.  We laughed and then I walked up and hugged him.  Oh how sweet his arms feel when they encircle me and once again I am sucked into him.  The very essence of his maleness, the smell of musk from his sweaty night of dancing mingled with his cologne.  The way he looks at me when he wants me, that look gets my body so excited it trembles at his presence.  To watch him remove his shirt and feel his stoma
  Rules for Life By Anthony Robbins, entreprenueur     1. Give People more than they expect and do it cheerfully. 2. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other. 3.Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want. 4. When you say, "I love you", Mean it.  5. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye. 6. Be engaged at least six months before you get married. 7. Believe in love at first sight. 8. Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have dreams don't have much. 9.Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely. 10. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling. 11.Don't judge people by their relatives. 12.Talk slowly but think quickly. 13. When someone asks a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, " Why do you want to know?" 14. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
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Walk a mile in my path and smell the danger of my wrath , come upon me as i say forever gotten i shall stay/ Once she was young and had a weak heart but now all all grown up and ready to start. come upon me as the wavs clash breath behind me and my wrath... forever gotten i have gone down the path on nowhere beyond... sticks and stones under my feet but really boys you are in for a treat. my heart so cold my feel so warm but underneath i am torn.  Did you ever want something so bad in your life but you don't how to approach it to just let yourself have it. well I am the one the knows this better then anyone . I sit every sit wondering on how I can be who he wants me to be or what I should do just to let him see that it can be real. You don't have to sit back and wonder so much on how you wished life didn't turn out you wanted or how much you longed for someone and never did anything about it. For months I have wondered that and every time I tryed to hard to let that person see there is
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Written For Me.
  she doesn't feel she's beautifultoo many men have hurt herevery greeting whispers dangerand romance stinks of murdershe stays calm, quiet, and collectedher thoughts remain her ownsurrounded by a crowd of peoplebut this girl is all aloneall this cruel world has shownis that she can't trust a wordeverything has the tone of a liefrom businesses to curbsno place is really safefrom the conflicts that she facesa torn soul, screaming outat an evil she can't erase, it's.... . .it's absolute tortureespecially when she knows what she wishesthe stars speak to her of hopebut deep inside, her heart twitchesa nervous reaction to the lightshe's far too used to the darkthe past ending was so brutalshe can't even imagine a fresh start ...damn... and it's a struggle to witnessevery single step of the wayfrom an arms length or a phone calli can't take her troubles awayshe's stuck within a cellfar different from the prison where i was ati still saw sunshine through the fencesbut her, all s
Written For Me
Writing - Old And New
It's the silent sighs and... something in your eyes Sleep eludes when you sleep to dream Dreams become your woken lies When you have the youngest eyes The youngest eyes The boldest face A glimpse of you... just a taste Wants and needs so out of place Your eyes Your eyes My cocaine's lace Not pure but strong, I feel your pull Fuck me righteous and make me full My Darling! Follow me, out of my mind, where the howling of souls and your heartbeat combine. Where the pavement is littered with corpses at dusk, and the jaded night sighs and gives in to my lust, as the moon plays on silent in sorrow. And so it rains.It sweeps over me like a sea.A 5am blanket pulled over me.A kiss so sweet before you leave.Hands so strong and rough.Like petals floating down,to land all over me.You rain like a sea,crashing over me.So sweet, just before you leave.
Writings And Ramblings.
i know that i am strongdont you try to tell me differentive been through hellbut im still standing.these eyes have cried more tearsthan any eyes should ever cry.this heart has felt more painthan any heart should ever feel.but im still here.what does not kill me, makes me stronger.many nights ive lied awakewondering what would have happenedif i had not made my mistakes.But then i rememberthat while i cannot change the pasti have control over what happens now.if it wasnt for my pasti would not be strong.sometimes i have weak moments.sometimes i live in hell.sometimes i want to screamsometimes i break down and crywhile all of these thingsmay be weaknesses,gather them togetherthrow them at me, put them in meand they give me strength.this is me, who i am.i know that i am strong.i know that i will live on.pain i have defeated.tears have run dry.i want to be happy....its all I ever wanted.i deserve it, ive earned it.i am strong, and i will move on if my pillow could talk it would say so many
hold your friends close....the ones you lose and knew the longest is easier to deal with then the ones you just met..My hopes and prayers go out to my brother in arms Jon..Keep fighting....There is something that most people can't understand...When your in the service or getting out..The loyalty you gain is unfanthomable. We walk these streets next to you and you don't realize that if shit hits the fan we will be the first ones to pick up and fight despite what condition we are in and We fight for you because WE choose to. Some people call us washouts or failures. But we don't choose that..It is dealt to us. But it doesn't mean we cant fight. We will. We sworn an OATH to defend our country...At what cost to us it doesn't matter just as long the people we care for are safe. We face uncalculated odds. You can spit and kick us when we are down but we will still will get up and have your back when the time comes. If you want to meet a real soldier look for the ones who have their heads l
Driving down this road tonight,Can't get you out of my sights,Gettin away from all the fright,Going to you before the night.Strolling down the avenue,Wishing all my dreams came true,Just want life to act like glue,and put me right next to you.I'm thinking of you baby,You're driving my mind crazy.My thoughts are never hazy.You're my one and only baby.In your arms and in your eyes,I can see past any lies,Just keep me close by your side,and we can have a wild ride.I crave the feeling of your touch,You have me wrapped up in your clutch,I just want to see this through,Heaven is hell without you. She's my never ending inspiration,Everyday I wake she is my first thought,The first image in my head,The first thing I want to touch,The first person I want to wish a good morning,I want to be there to show her love,I need her next to me in all the rough moments of life,She is perfect,Strike that last word, perfect is jealous of her,Beautiful looks at her in the magazines and dreams,Envy is itself j
Writings And Comments By My Good Friends And Me
A Brand New Startby Jill Lemming God sometimes brings us to a place where answers can't be found...Where we cannot see tomorrow, for confusion all around.Yet deep inside we realize that all things work for good...Even times when we've been wounded and we feel misunderstood.Don't dwell on the injustice and stay focused on God's heart...Find forgiveness and go on, you can make a brand new start. ROUNDIn the center of the circle That you thought would never end'Till the walls began to crumble,The Future started to bendThere beyond the black horizonWas a light long self-deniedAs the Son began his breakthroughShook the walls that were insideAnd the water all around youWas the flow of frozen tearsWhen you thought that they might drown youHis salvation held you near....You were born across the lineAs a circle of declineAs you walk through lonesome doorwaysCan you hear him in the wind?He is calling you from your waysThat have drifted into sinYou're so sure in your convictionThat he cannot
Written By Emanon
Stepping over the bodies of mortals, Overcoming their eternal flaw of mortalityReaching for the hands of the godsGaining their knowledge of perfections in an imperfect mindCrying the tears of a thousand great lies, Reaching out to take back that one sad tale of good byeA scornful leave that emerged so suddenly, Not preparing them for their mortality was the fault of us, An inferior knowledge in not testing their mortality is the fault of theirs, And theirs alone;We are but the knowledge of many yesterdays.Passing forth through the ages, Displayed on the pages of the rattled cages to the age of us, The age of supposed enlightenment, While man still argues over the same tedious argumentsMorality and its links to a definite mortality, Silly little verses of morality, That has brought forth the constant stream of mortality to you.Man created the gods to have sense of being divine, When the eternal flaw of divinity, that which is damned reared its ugly headMan once again needing a scapegoat
Questions go unanswered I think to much they say Feels as if my heart is dead already Like everything was taken away I want to cry But I hold back the tears Cause I never can voice my opinion Even when I do It falls on cold deaf ears I'm the stranger you once fell in love with I'm the stranger that thinks to fucking much A touch, soft and tender. A whisper, full of desire. A gasp of sweet surrender As passion fuels the fire No words spoken between us No promises to be kept
Not many of you know what exactly I have  personally been dealing with. But I will tell you. For the last few months my Dad's health was going down hill, local Dr.s couldn't give him a straight answer. He eventually went to Duke in search of answers. Less than a month ago  My Daddy was diagnosed with ALS. Our whole family is now banding together to now raise money for further studies and to help with taking care of the one who are diagnosed. I don't normally do this or let people know much about my family cause its personal, I'm going to post a like in here that is to a website the page it willt ake you to is for my Dad. it will give you a lil info on ALS if you don't know what it is. There is a walk in Wilmington, NC on April 17th from 9 am - 10 am it will take place at UNCW. I'm asking this of anyone who can help. If you are in the area join the walk, if you aren't please donate, it would help so much.This would mean alot to me. I'll post the link in here but if you have any other qu
Writing: Kink
It was late... a late night in the apartment as she lay there in bed, covered in the smell of wine and smoke, and still wearing her clothes from the earlier evening spent with her friends. As she laid there, her mind buzzing from the alcohol, she could not find sleep. No, her mind wandered upon a man... the one in the next room sleeping on the couch. She often thought of him, when she felt like this. Amanda and Rick always had get-togethers like this, and with their drinking one or more of their friends would end up staying the night. But it was also in these situations that she and Mitch would happen to get a little adventurous. Of course, in Amanda and Ricks' old apartment, it was much more so due to their being no guest room for her... they were on the couch, their hands exploring, lips crushing, even though drunken clumsiness kept making them giggle. Despite that, she still felt aroused at the thought as she turned onto her side with a frown. After all, Mitch was a good looking m
Drinking with Bukowski I had an affair with alcohol and cheated on time Women were fluttering thoughts, as each one has at least one striking feature So desirable at any given moment that I just had to do it It came, oh yeah, it came the current the next the one after that the paying customer they came Succulent, sweetly swollen embodied in the momentary connection and reconnetions inspiring my dark realities spewing forth brutal honesty I wrote because I loved them or at least a piece of them little fragments of their humanity, utterly deniable They howled orgasmically coming forth from my pen needing to take haven briefly in my shadowlands They left, oh yeah, they left their fingerprints, their foot prints, their scent, all there for me to savor as I recreate, retaste through my words. They left... for their husbands, their fulfillment, their righteous anger they left for the next, the next customer, the next craving all of them carnivores in my mind some fair in their de
A blank page looks up at me this nightBut when I look back at itIts you that I see Struggling to find the right wordshere i sit thinking of you Holding you close thats what I wanna doTo smell your hair as you snuggle closeTo feel the warmth of your skin as I pull you to meTo kiss you and hold you close A blank page looks up at me this nightBut when I look back at itIts you that I see A poem I wrote a while ago.  It's called "May the Angels watch over you" May the angels watch over you, and always bless your heart,You will always be protected, no matter what the part!May you know peaceful sleep, as well as beautiful dreams,For I'm always with you, no matter how harsh the world may seem!May you always know that I love you, forever with all my heart,You are the one who fills me up, from you I'll never part!
Writings I Like!
Women have strengths that amaze men.They bear hardships and they carry burdens,but they hold happiness, love and joy.They smile when they want to scream.They sing when they want to cry.They cry when they are happyand laugh when they are nervous.They fight for what they believe in.They stand up to injustice.They don't take "no" for an answerwhen they believe there is a better solution.They go without so their family can have.They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.They love unconditionally.They cry when their children exceland cheer when their friends get awards.They are happy when they hear abouta birth or a wedding.Their hearts break when a friend dies.They grieve at the loss of a family member,yet they are strong when theythink there is no strength left.They know that a hug and a kisscan heal a broken heart.Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail youto show how much they care about you.The heart of a woman is whatmakes the world keep
When I was a young cook working to support my growing beer habit; it never would have occurred to me that there was anything sexy about food……..well other than getting one of the waitresses in the sack(servers for the p.c.) As I’ve gotten older, and some may say wiser I’ve been fortunate to have that view forever altered.Hunger like desire is a primal need we all have. We correlate many of the same sense memory with food and sex. As far back as man dates civilizations have made the connection. It’s recorded that ancient Italian, and Greek cultures enjoyed fresh fruits and dishes that awakened their senses and playfulness with their lover.Food and sex share things like aromatics, texture, taste, and color. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at a ripe peach and gotten aroused. All kidding aside the visual effects of food and that of people finding each other attractive are not that different. There’s a saying “You eat with
Writings & Thoughts...
Why should I remain cornered? Why should I always help others achieve what they're not meant for while I can effortlessly achieve it? Why should I help create the stars and stay aside among the fans? Why should I give up on what is rightfully mine just because I don't fit a definition in their book? Why should I let them throw me into a straitjacket while all I say is the truth? Till when should I take everybody's crap and bullshit? Till when should I just be patient? Till when should I wait and wait and wait? I need a quick solution... I have no more years to waste... My best years have gone by in vain so far... While nothing at all has ever been changed... I am sick of the lies people keep telling... I am sick of the faces people keep wearing... I am sick of the stories... I am sick of the words... I am sick of people!!! I am a name Written on dust… On a moist mirror That hides a nude bust… I am the memory Of a long lost hope… Carved
Sandcastle I stand upon a moonlit beachWith the Atlantic ending at my feetNorth east wind whips at my backFor penance and grace I sorely lackI stand with sadness across my facePlaced on Earth this lonely placeThe tide calls deep as it pulls the sandFrom under my feet where I standI'm in its trance but I won't goBut stand my ground with all I knowWhat life throws me I won't denyMakes me flicker wane laugh and cryBut one day soon my sands of timeWill drag me out with evening tideTill all I am is a memoryAn epitath that stands for all to readBut my heart has caught every grain that fallsThru my hourglass yes, I will catch them allAnd transform this life to infinity  With a place, a castle for you and me
Writings & Lyrics With Stuff
I've dug up miles and miles of sandSearching for something I can't seeAnd I've just got bruised and battered handsAnd a brand new void inside of meComplete with walls I did createFrom all the earth that I've displacedA mess that I have made from whatI've just let pile and pile upI have not been abandoned, no I have not beenDeserted and I have not been forgottenI need youI need you hereI need you nowI need security somehowI need youLike you would not believeYou're the only thing I wantCause you're everything I needExplore the cave that is my chestA torch reveals there's nothing leftYour whispers echo off the wallsAnd you can hear my distant callsThe voice of who I used to beScreaming out "someone, someone please"Please shine a light into the blackWade through the depths and bring me backI have not been abandoned, no I have not beenDeserted and I have not been forgottenI need youI need you hereI need you nowI need security somehowI need youLike you would not believeYou're the only thing
Writings I'm lost and scared feeling so far from you. Not sure of what to do. Are you truly with me or do you fool me? you say it and sometimes show it. But I wonder if I'm blowing it. I don't know what to say or do. Am I dreaming I am with you? I love you want you But don't feel you completely want me. I'm lost and scared your turning back to her. It's not fair I know where I stand I love you I hold you I want you I need you Just be mine and stop my fears!   ~Kinky Tink~          10/17/2010 my heart longs to feel yours beat. my arms long to hold you. my love is far away from me tonight, all i want is him next to me. to hold his hand. to touch his face. to press my lips to kiss for that soft wonderful kiss. i tell him i love him, but my love is unmeassureable. Our love is amazing. its ours no one elses. no would could have it, hold it, or come close to it.
The Writer In Me
TAKEN BY ME My profile says that I'm in a relationship, but it's one of singularity, yes I am in a relationship, but I am taken by me. I may be in a single state, but with myself, I constantly relate, forever growing, taking on experiences a new, ever learning and changing, becoming better through and through. Sometimes people don't take the time to know themselves and end up in a constant search for something never really knowing what it is that they're looking for, exactly what it is that will fill that need, trying to grow something wonderful without laying the proper seed, then facing the frustration of failure that started on un-fertile ground, a recipe for doomed destiny. I guess most of us can say; "been there, done that." As some juncture in our life, making our way trying to deal with another without dealing within,but the ironic thing is that some dealing with others has helped me grow within myself, and it's that inner growth that shines out for all to see.Relationships
I’m locked in thoughts inside my head. Saying things better left unsaid. Without a doubt, I’m undeniably broken.   Trying to find peace for me. I can’t seem to find the truth and light. Or maybe I just can no longer see it.   How do I make the pieces fit, When I made everything go to shit. Maybe it’s best for you if I just walk away.   I’m trying so hard but you can’t see That this isn’t the best of me. It’s time to erase the scars of my heart. Words of wisdom from my friend Leia’s grandmother:   Men and relationships are like buses. There is another one coming around in an hour. Be patient.   If the bus is broken, time to get off the bus If the bus does not take you where you need to go in life find one that does. Never take the bus through Homewood, there isn't anything you want there. If none of the buses are working for you, it’s time to get off your ass and walk yourself and take a different route to
Years spent drowning in sorrow . Emotionally withdrawn from the world around me. Afraid to open up. To reach out. To feel. Suffering in a silent anguish….. an unbearable pain. Tears flowing nightly. Dreaming of what may have been. Hoping for something that may not. Lost in this bleak existence. Cold.  Losing it all. Slowly fading into the background of my misery. Longing for a love so true and deep. Take this pain away from me. Give me light. Give me hope. Love me like no other. Feel me for who I am. Reach deep inside my soul. Remove this darkness. Take me into your arms. Bring me back to life.  Fill my heart with your desires and warmth. Caress my body. Taste my skin. Look into my eyes and find me once again. All I see and I all I know is slowly fading into a distant memory. I feel myself slipping into this dark hole. I can hear nothing now. See nothing. Feel emptiness. I’m clawing my way from a sorrow so deep down, holding on so tight, drowning me. This shallow gr
The Writings Of Fats
It is now that I can see I am a candle.  My hope is represented by the flame.  It’s been lit for a very specific reason, and was left to burn contently, completely unaware of its imminent demise, circling in around it.  The flame dances and skips about the wick, the object of my affection. It’s such a beautiful sight, such poetry in motion, the whole time, feeding its own destruction.  As time passes, the flame dwindles a bit.  It no longer burns with such vigor and playfulness, as it once did, however it has settled down into a slow, strong, steady burn of fire, much hotter and focused than before.  As the wick and flame become one, they are woven together with such intensity that the gods themselves would be envious.  It is only now, that the flame realizes the monster it has created. As it sits, holding onto the wick for dear life, it sees the pool of wax, created by its pure and innocent intentions, swelling in towards to two, with only once purpose in mind…to
I pace around my apartment as I wait for what is to come this night. Tonight is the night  my dream comes true tonight I become the submissive and let my partner  do as they wish with me. As I pace around my place I make sure everything was set for the events to come. As I went to check the time I heard a knock at my door and go and check to see who it was.  I opened the door  and there stood Christen. She was dressed in a black and red corset and a long tight black skirt. “Hello Christen how are you tonight?” I say to her as I open the door and step out of the way so she could come in. As she steps in she looks at me and tells me to go to the bedroom and wait for her. I do as I am told and close the door and go into my bedroom and wait for her to come in.  As Christen enters the bedroom I look at her and smile as she starts to pull bed straps out of her bag and begin to tie them to the bed. When she was done tieing them to the bed she looked at me and told me to take my cl
Writtings & Ramblings
Mothers have been given a gift of love sent from up above, To have & to hold the story begins to unfold, This love is strong a child can do no wrong, In the eyes of a mother there is only beauty she sees, As night falls so does she to her knees, As the morning sun comes in the window, She is by her childs side her face is a glow, Mother & child hip to hip, As she presses a sweet kiss to their lip, The child begins to wiggle & let out a giggle, This love is ever long & true, She gazes upon the beauty in her view, The words she speaks reaches high peaks, Her encouraging words they long to hear, The lessons  learned are very dear.                                           By:Leah I sit upon a bed of pillows, underneath the weeping willows, I stare into the starlit sky, Where clouds cascade the moon up high, I think of things that matter most to me, As the lids upon my eyes begin to grow heavy, I close my eyes and slowly drift to sleep, As I lay in my somber slumber I beg
Don’t you know that I have cared about you,That I fall just for youThat I cried because of youThat I could die for you. Don’t you know that I live just for you,That I dream just for youThat I laugh just for youThat I hope just for you Don’t you feel my great love just for you,My dreams I have offered youMy pain each time you cryMy joy each time you smile. Don’t you see what’s deep inside of me,What’s in the very heart of meDon’t you see, yes you really don’t careBecause you don’t know me after all.   The tender words are spoken Each body and soul bared
Written By Regina Brett, 90 Years Old, Of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland , Ohio .
"To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me. It is the most requested column I've ever written.My odometer rolled over to 90 in August, so here is the column once more:1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good.2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.4. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch.5. Pay off your credit cards every month.6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone.8. It's OK to get angry with God. He can take it.9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck.10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.11. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present.12. It's OK to let your children see you cry.13. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't
when I write aloneI visit a friendI find her sulking, pacing,waiting her turnin her dark secluded cornershe shies awaybut when I write alone I let her playshe makes visiblewhat superficial lenses missshe carries my baggageall my burdens and shamethrough her eyes I’m a slave to expectationbut when I write alone she says “Fuck perfection”throughout the day, no one can hear hershe never fights inside her cella good girl, she sitssilently suppressedbut when I write alone we’re a vessel possessedset free under lamp lightI let her write, write, open her veinssometimes it’s heartfelt, seductive, or lamebut she scribbles and scratches whatever comes outfor several minutes or pages, until nothing remainsand our hearts beat with a sated tonethen I tuck her away for next time, when I write alone
Writers Blog
Theo watched as Soli disappeared back into the jungle then began to unbutton his ragged shirt sliding it off his arms followed by his torn trousers and undergarments. He grabbed his locket and opened it. He looked at it for a moment then closed it and tossed it gently on his pile of clothes before he lowered himself into the pond. While he washed his short angel blonde hair he saw Malinshin in the distance gathering wood. He swam to the pond’s edge. “You’re not here to see me naked are you?” Theo called out to her jokingly. She dropped the wood startled and looked around. He chuckled briefly “Sorry to alarm you” he smiled slowly shaking his head side to side.             She saw him in the pond and came over after regathering the wood she dropped. “You scared me half to death” Malinshin admitted as she placed her hand over her racing heart. “I guess I’m good at that.” He replied. Malinshin picked up his locket and opene
Writing Of Another Sort
I sometimes find my heart lurching in several directions, searching for that one thing that will create a feeling inside me unlike any other.  What will it be today? A song, perhaps? Maybe a piece of writing, or the soft, sensual touch of a lover. I yearn for the sensation to well up inside my soul until it floods my entire form, filling me with the life I so desire to attain. What does it mean to truly live? That life found me today in a song by one of my favorite bands, 30 Seconds to Mars. It reminded me to live my life on the edge, to take risks without giving thought to the consequences that would follow. I have been stuck in a rut for what seems like decades in a state of despondency that has eaten away at my soul like a cancer, slowly feeding off my emotion until eventually I succumb to its relentless harassment. I tried to suppress it, and have been for 3 years now, and told myself that it would just go away with time, yet here it remains in the forefront of my mind. My comica
I wrote this a while back while bored at work one day. I think it's pretty funny, and fairly decent considering the subject matter. Oh, what a wonderful way to waste an hour Counting how many penises a woman can devour You can watch it alone or with a good friend To see how loud people moan while taking it in the end Staring at people move and sway while at the height of their passion And seeing what high heels are the latest triple "x" fashion Picking your favorite star and following their career With lotion in one hand, and in the other a beer Locking the doors, and checking them twice Mastrabating in peace is always nice Timing your orgasms to match with them So you can imagine blowing your load in that hot sexy femme As you sit back exhausted, and wipe away the fruit of your labor You realize that you were being watched all along by your nextdoor neighbor So, this is something that I would like to do something with. What, I am not sure. A novel was my original idea,but I t
Watching you slip awayNothing I can doNothing I can sayIf ever I saw foreverand a dayIt would be with youToo many thingsAnd not enough timeGot their teeth in meCan't run anymoreMouth open with silent screamsNo solace to findNo heartbeat withinBreath gone from the breastWatching it all disintegrateWhy...why can't I stop it? The Key Once upon a time I had a little key It was all mine Little lucky me And with this little key A treasure could be unlocked It was mine to give To whomever I want I then remembered it While lying in your arms I gave it away once And the treasure it was harmed So then I took it back Well over two years ago Put it in my jewelry box And left it there alone Since then very many Have come and they have gone Never once struck me To look for it again Then when I was with you Warm, safe, and loved I saw it in my head And knew where it belonged For he who holds that key Holds the key to my heart Together forever always be And never will we part I can't say how m
Writing Sets Me Free.......
Fingers so soft and gentle pleasing with a light touch ,feeling a body so exquisite, eyes exploring, finding with every movement another delicacy, hunger building, craving, wanting what it seeks, lips caress, tongs touch, breath mingles, senses go wild, flying high, soaring, heart beats, arms squeeze tight, holding on ,warmth seeps in, travels, burns hot, like a volcano erupting out of control, frenzy sets in, mouth explores where hands once touched, tasting with every lick a  mouth watering treat, savoring every moment, making it last, not wanting to reach the ultimate reward, until shaking, shivering time has come, joining of two bodies, opening, entering, allowing yourself to let go, building higher, on top, screaming, exploding, hands grab, nails scratch ,soaring high, flightless, tranquility sets in, hearts pound, breath slows, eyes meet, hands caress ,fingers join, lips kiss, at this moment in time with you, all things are possible, believable, and heaven sent .     CAN I Can
Writing A Book.
For years I have spent time jotting down idea's for my first book. Finally I have got down the first couple of chapters, forgranted the first chapter needs more clarification and extended. But below I have pasted what I have completed so far. I would love "helpful" critisism. So here goes nothing..................           To find our beginning you need to look into our past.         Time is infinite, never stops and never starts. A hundred years from now when all the earths’ resources are used up and the earth’s core starts to cool we will look into why we were put on the earth and where we actually came from. Trying to find the answers to the questions of life before the planet as we now know just disappears loosing its protective layers of the atmosphere and becoming a dried up rock.       John Jackson sat staring out of the classroom window; the physics class seemed particularly boring today, talking about matter and anti-matter, why will I ever need to know
The Writings Written On The Wall
I sit here all alone, holding in all I have to say. Can't someone see me crying here? I cry here everyday. I want to shout out why; why I sit here and I cry. But if someone gets to know the real me they will leave me and just go on by I 'm crying from the pain, the love and the hunger. If you're wondering why I'm feeling this, you'll just have to continue to wonder. To me it seems so clear; I feel it's written on my face. You try to read me, but your guesses are so far out in space. I try to get to the light, but I still can't get out of the hall. Can't you see me dying here? The writing's written on the wall
Standing here wondering does the dragon shed a tear for things that aren't really clear, Or does it keep it inside then explode its' fears into a burst of flame. Maybe it can't even feel the pain, To me it's all the same love and pain. The dragon doesn't cry forever nor does it show emotion...... NEVER.   I know you're here... I can't see you, but I know you're there, I feel your presence 24 seven...right here beside me a gift from heaven, God took you to heaven way before you ever started living, I forgive him...since I'm still living, With courage and strength...I'm surviving, My father alive and striving Within me... I am here you created me a monster you're afraid of, Made from love and hate one in the same to your first love, A serpent with the grace of a dove, You gave her all your love and a daughter to take care of...  
A jungle of concrete grows throughout the thickest parts of the city, where tenants of hip hop find eviction notices attached to their pumas. The rent money is due and we only have drumbeats to sell. The record stops, screeching against the blacktop where a dancer drops to the floor. His black band is strapped around his forearm, cutting the circulation to his wax arteries, as spray paint drips from his wrists, coating the concrete surface. The verbal sedatives spill out the sides of his mouth and fall face-first onto a canvas of ink. Beside him, a poetic flow of footsteps crackle like a strand of hair caught in the wax's needle. Track marks of track shoes swipe across the floor as ciphers echo revolutionary chants of supply and demand, "And Yes Yes Y'all, And Ya Don't Stop!" This heroin of culture is too good to resist. But its scars surface as it seems the beat box martyrs are losing their faith. We found kamikaze pilots bombing windmills on the ground and wrapped their bodi
Written Interview From Tyrants Blood
> 1> *What's the name of your band?  Have you changed the band's > name before?> Bands name is Tyrants Blood, that was the name we came up with january 2006.We started messing around with songs around august 2005 with then original drummer , and founder of the band Kevin Volatile.We had a fellow name Mike K on bass and our original vocalist Shawn Darksoul from That time till about December of 05.Once Mike K left and Vinnie joined in January 06, we came up with that name.At that time Shawn Darksoul left and Andrew Russell joined forces with us to begin working on the first album.To make it sound a bit more aggressive we brought in another Axe man named Tom Lewko. So that ended up being the lineup for the first album and the name stayed from then on till now.  2> *What are the names,  of each band member.> Our lineup is Brian Messiah on vocalsVinnie Borden on Bass and vocalsMatt Blood on drums and myself , Marco, on guitars.3> *What genre of music do you consider your work to be?> Well
Written Words, Thoughts And Poetry. All Copyrights To Just Dave
We sit on our porch sipping iced teas The Sun is sitting high and no breeze Inside the house,  grab my shades & keys As all I need are you and these Lets go and drive   Hop in my car and fire up the beast Hearing it rev is an adrenaline feast Drop in gear and back out of the lot Driving is a love story with no plot Lets just go and drive   One hand on the wheel and one on your leg Romp the gas watching the guages peg Tires scream before they burn Let off enough to make the turn Now we go and drive   Glance your way see your hair blow Scenery is a blur as faster
Writings And Ramblings
Damn I think the only time I hear from anyone is if i delete pictures! Yes I deleted them,...............why BECAUSE I CAN! You want to look at damn naked pictures buy a freaking magazine....if you want an actual living friend then be one! I'm not going around asking to see all the pictures of your cock, nor am I deleting you because you have no NSFW pictures! Grow up this isn't damn high school! Ok it has to be said....whether or not you read this not my problem.I am really getting tired of the petty BS on this dam site! You flag my default pictures due to inappropriate but all of your top girls can post the same kind of picture and NO MATTER how many times they are reported you allow then to keep them up.......1 of 2 things comes to mind either they are bring in so much revenue that you just over look it or........someone is on their knees!This is a ADULT site now I understand no nudes for a default but honestly what is wrong with a bathing suit?!?!?! If thats the case there should b
The Writings
A crowded day at the beach, almost ready to leave, we walk to a shower head to remove the sand from our bodies. As the water pours down your tight body, over your breasts, you realize you have a crowd watching. I move close, letting them know you're taken. You feel my hands on your shoulders washing you down then gently grabbing your shoulder turning you to face me. The water cascades over us, cool against our hot bodies. You move closer, looking up into my eyes as your hands caress my strong arms. I reach down, hands on your waist, pulling you close. I can feel the heat from your chest against mine as you move closer, your arms slipping around my neck. My hands move up and down your back, and you jump lightly as you feel me tugging at your bikini string as my hand moves to your ass. You relax, knowing everything will be alright and reach back pulling the string around your neck lose. Your top falls between us as you reach up again, your hand in my hair and pull me to you. My lips touc
The Writings Of A Demigod apart Quickest way to my heart the bone Pain is like a pheromone in half No better way to make me laugh   Now take your shiny knife!! (if you want to abuse me) You can scar me for life!! (you can never refuse me) by limb Don't hold back just make it grim the lung Now lick the crimson with your tongue the face Maim the parts I can't replace   So take your shiny knife!! (if you want to abuse me) You can scar me for life!! (you can never refuse me) Watch as blood pours out of me your nails Bleed me dry when all else fails a grin Cauterize then start again  
Writtings About Me
02/10/2010 @ 07:02 pm So I finished college in the summer of 09.. Read to tackle the world right? Wrong.. Went right back to complacentcy.. lol Went back to my orginal positions at work to keep my name in the hat until I get what I want sorted out and ready. My future keeps looking up reguardless. I feel like I'm making a difference with every year I work with a student or with each wrestler I groom. I'll have to see what happens in the next few years.. 04/22/2011 @ 05:04 am It's a new year a turn over period one would suppose.. I'm a few weeks into my 26th year on this planet. Surviving the things I've gone through and suffering heartbreak and triumph along the way, I have realized that I have bounced back from alot more than I give myself credit for. Relationships come and go, friend or otherwise. Yeah it's tough at times not having someone or wanting to have someone who's just as busy as you are while running on a whole other schedule.. But it's those little moments like that whi
A Writer's Thoughts
"I Kissed A Vampire" (found on youtube) should have been cheesy; after all, it is a musical about vampires. But as I watched Lucas Grabeel fighting his transformation, I started singing along with the songs. And when it ended, I found myself wishing that the hour and a half long musical was longer.  For me, there are only two dreamy vampires, Grabeel's Dylan in "I Kissed A Vampire" and Brad Pitt's Louis de Pointe du Lac in "Interview With A Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles" and neither is sparkly like the vampires in the Twilight books/movies. Dylan and Louis are fighting an inward battle between their human kindness and their vampire hunger. The only light part of their stories is their human side. In "I Kissed A Vampire", the darkness is represented in rock, well a pop/rock/musical style. The villian, Trey Sylvania played by Drew Seeley, is a goth rocker with several outfits (some crazier than others) one of which is a "Karate Kid" inspired headband and red smoking jacket. But the c
Writers Blog, Feel Free To Post Your Stories Or Comment On Mine
It was the breeze, the tingling of the skin as the words settled in. The eerie sound of the silence, as the heart beat quickens. Time slows, years flash as once was becomes what is. A kaleidoscope of images of laughter, of feelings swims in his mind. Reality, swarms around him, a chance not taken, a conversation not trully considered. Twenty two years he’s fought, fought against his own fears. Fears of breaking two hearts, his and hers.  Stranded in an ocean of regrets, broken promises, and darkened floating wood of bridges burned by his own hand. For every storm that came, for every wave that crashed, for every tear that fell, for every cloud the he feel from the dolphin came. Whether she came in spirit or flesh, it was enough to save him from drowning. She never could stay long nor could he. For he was always restless, always on the run from himself, like the wolf that watches over the pack but often strays off alone sometimes never to return once his work is done.  For she had
should i post some of my writings up? they all differ and there is about 35 of them.
Writings And Ramble
This paper and pen Speak about what a mess I’m in Crumpled edges And blurred outlines Tell of better days When I felt fine But lately I feel so beat up Write my feelings on this pad My emotions left uncut Like a wound without a band aid An infectious scar is all you’ve made The itch and the burn The failed lesson learned You carry on just the same Slander and hate when you say my name Useless feelings Sleepless nights staring at the ceiling Silence is universal Words left unsaid are hurtful Yet the thought of you burns my mind Like a wildfire deep inside Flames singe the remainder of you Every burn Every mark Every lie Every start Every beginning Every end I can’t do this again When the walls of your world crumble down   And the colors of your day start to fade away   And you feel more lost than you feel found   But none of that fucking mattered anyway   When the blood in your veins just flows with rage   You can feel it take ov
Writtings Written By Me
the road of darkness...she walks the road of darkness alone her head filled with lies broken promises that cant come undone a soul that's more wise a heart that calls out to him but never any replies he doesn't exist she knows she has tried a emptiness that fills her cold as the nite air worthless feeble scared alone doesn't care she is nothing without him he completes her makes her whole gives her meaning and life a heart a soul as she walks the journey alone to find this man she learns more about herself her place and where she stands until the day he takes her heart captures her soul and gets into her mind making her body his own she will walk the road of darkness and hope she makes it home   The chilling fears of darkness...Sitting in the dark still night,Staring at a blank wall her mind and heart heavy.In a constant battle.Wondering which will win.Looking down two roads one she has traveled before leading her to places she wishes to never go again. The emptiness, cold, dead end
Writing.... To Breathe
wrote for my Mother on Mother's Day a few years ago.. handwritten on a pretty piece of paper, rolled up like a scroll and tied with a ribbon... she loved it     As deep as true loves intoxifying embrace may be, A mother’s love runs deep in simple purity. As tightly grasped personal pride is, A mothers pride is much more giving in every day.. As tender as your soul mates touch, A mother’s touch will always stay. Year after year, unconditionally gave. Your love, as a mother shall never fade. For it's your comfort I run to and your courage I admire, It's the little things that mean so much, it's the wisdom I adhered. You're the reason I am me inside, you taught that to me, I cannot hide.  You gave me the world and let me fly, with worry and fear in your heart. You know with what you taught me, I'd get by. With your words I learned, your actions I observed. Whether you know it or not.. I take my time, a moment of thought. Of you. My mother, my superwoman, My friend! and ther
Writings And Poems
Writing Out The Feelings
Writings By Me
And I spoketh to GodShall ye Desire wealth and prosperity?Verily I say Shall ye Desire Good health and longevity Verily I say Shall ye desire love that last beyond the ages and again verily I say Then Ye shall live peacfully and in harmony with your fellow manVerily so  I agreeye shall give up all forms of perversionverily so I  agreealso ye shall live a simple ... and clean life and again verily so I agree Go ahead he says with a smile you first .. I insist , I say with a grinhe pulls his gun and I pull my gun and that is where we stand Why am I not good enough for romance ,or love, is  it because im not pretty Enough, is it because im not smart enough ...     Why?? loss what is loss? loss is a monetary absence of something you hold so dearly, something you treasure.  What happens if the thing you lose ,you felt you never had to begin with, and the very fiber that you hold to so dearly, you cling to is the essence of life ? your life, you dont want to see it go, but you know it w
Writings That My Fiance Wrote For Me !!
Write Quality Content For Publishing Your Own Books
An specialist is a who is very knowledgeable about or skillful in a specific area. Think about your favourite hobby. Is there a book written on it? Have you read the book &, if so, what do you think about the who wrote it? Do you think about them to be an specialist in that particular field because they wrote a book? Of coursework you do &, when you write a book, you will instantly be thought about an specialist by your readers. You will be the who is thought to be an authority on your book's topic.It is thing to have an news story appear in a newspaper or journal, but you are on an entirely different playing field when your book is obtainable on the market in your favourite bookstore or is talked about on websites. When you write a book, your name & work will be forever cataloged with the Library of Congress.But, what does all of this mean?In short it means extra funds, more status, & more opportunities. Let's take a glance at each of these in more detail.More Funds.In our society the
Writings And Rants
I cannot sleep, for you are on my mind. I cannot eat for you are the hunger I crave.I cannot function for you being so far is my malfunction. I cannot think for you are occupying my every thought. I cannot talk to you and it's killing me. Ever since I seen you I had to know more.When I see you all thought becomes null.I smile the biggest smile, my heart beats a little faster.I shiver from the adrenaline running through my veins.I often wonder what is behind those soft kind eyes.How your voice would sound and what your real name is.Your beautiful tendrils of curls softly caressing your face.Makes me want to run my hands gently through them.And to exist in your place.You're oceans away, but to feel this way there's no price I wouldn't pay to be forever yours and never stray.I want to make you feel the happiness that I feel inside when being graced by your presence. There is no other pleasure that could ever measure.Who are you my stranger?
Written For Me..
I'd lead you back to bed and gently lay you down on your back and whisper for you to lay there. I would start on first one foot and work my way up to your tummy, kissing your calf and inner thigh all the way up, then repeating this again on your other leg. I would then kiss your tummy all over, working my way up to your neck, being careful to avoid your tempting nipples. I would kiss my way up each arm, starting from your fingers and working my way towards your sensual neck. Finally, I would kiss you on your lips, softly at first, then getting more intense. I would then nibble on your ears and begin my way back down, this time giving your breasts and nipples the attention they crave. I would finally work my way back between your legs, kissing your inner thighs and inhaling your sweet scent. I know you're dying for me to quench your desire and I give your sweet pussy a few gentle licks, pausing to build the anticipation between each slow lick. Soon though, I can't help but ravenously fe
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The Wrod
The Wrong Key
at first i never noticed what i would find in you but now i'm forced to care less i wish i never knew i'm wrapped around your finger i couldn't want to let you go no choice left but to linger as you refuse to let your feelings show i see you from a distance and upon your face a smile closer for an instant to see a tear drop in your eye you have a special beauty that only i can find you think you see right through me i listen to you lie but still your beauty tempts me that i never saw before you have givin me a key but it wont unlock the door
Wrong Ending Of A New Year
I have to say, People who drive should know the rules of the road. On 12/31/2006 at 15:53(3:53), some dee dee dee was parked out in the middle of a parking lot at pizza hut. I was going around him, when as i was just about past him, his girl opened her door and hit my explorer! Ends up ripping my rear fender off and screwing up my truck!! I was PISSED!! I just bought my truck about 3 months ago, I have never been in an accident in my life, and when i end up being involved in one, the bad news just kept flowing!! Turns out the guy that hit me was from out-of-state. The car he was driving, was his girlfriends mothers. The vehicle that struck my truck, DIDN'T HAVE INSURANCE!! Now i find out that its gonna cost about $1,000 dollars to fix!! I have the dudes information but, HIS PHONE IS DISCONNECTED!!!!!!! What the hell! So for all you out there that had a great last year, be glad this didn't happen to you! People, if your gonna drive a vehicle, MAKE SURE ITS INSURED!!! If yo
Wrong Or Right?
Hey all this is my first blog and needed to get somethings off my chest. I have a boyfriend that i really like yet i have a "online" boyfriend that i have known for over 4 years and there are true feelings there because we know it we have met and i hid the meetings behind my boyfriend. we didnt do nething wrong i just knew that my boyfriend would have been really upset with me so i was scared. im torned between two men that i truly have feelings for and the "online" guy i know right now that i cant have unless its just weekends. Ok neways I got drunk the other night with suppose to have been my best friend and i was "passed" out and over heard her talking to my current boyfriend about my "online" friend. Now what i want to know is is she truly my best friend would your best friend do that to you? makes me question a lot of things. Feel free to leave me a message or comment on it Make a slide show, scrapbook or ecard
Wrong'em Boyo
In a strange mood... have been ever since my younger brother passed away. Stupid really. OD. If you've never heard the Clash doin wrong'em boyo,you should. Its great stuff. Anyway, like I said...strange mood. Oh yeah, my lil bro said Uncle Sam is sending him back to the sandbox...Joy!!!
2 Wrongs Don"t Make A Right.
It seems everyone continues to point fingers back and fourth over who started the war. Let's make it simple. WE BOTH DID! . Come on ppl the President meet face to face with Osaham binladin during a summer vacation in the 90's. Doesn't it get you a little curious if this whole thing with the twin towers was not a set up? I feel Bush Sr knew his son was going to be elected and had to find a way to keep him in office. He knew there would be ppl out there that would support his son in any action he would take. I think our not so great president thinks by continuing this war he can stay in office longer.What is sad though is what ppl are coming up for the next voting for president. For example Hillary Clinton.To me it seem her husband is going to be a heavy influence on her. It would be more or less the 3rd coming of Bill Clinton.I think people should be properly informed as of what is going on in the goverment and have a more say in how this country runs. Our for fathers worked very hard t
Wrong Military Game
This article was written by retired Chief Petty Officer and award winning novelist, Jeff Edwards. America's military can win wars. We've done it in the past, and I have absolute confidence that we'll continue to do it in the future. We've won fights in which we possessed overwhelming technological superiority (Desert Storm) as well as conflicts in which we were the technical underdogs (the American Revolution) We've crossed swords with numerically superior foes, and with militaries a fraction of the size of our own. We've battled on our own soil (Civil War) and on the soil of foreign lands(Iwo Jima) On the sea Under the sea And in the skies We've even engaged in a bit of cyber-combat, way out there on the electronic frontier. At one time or another, we've done battle under just about every circumstance imaginable, armed with everything from muskets to cruise missiles. And, somehow, we've managed to do it all with the wrong Army. That's right, America has the wrong Army. I don't kno
Wrong Side Of The Bed
Wrong Side Of The Bed - Cale Johnson ©2005 I used to hold you as I fell asleep Your arms around me Your head on my chest Is what made my day complete Since the day you left me Sleep comes harder every night And every morning when I wake up I know something isn’t right CHORUS I woke up on the wrong side of the bed My arm draped over where you used to lay Holding the pillow where you rested your head My mood ain’t getting any better And won’t in the days ahead This happens every time I wake up On the wrong side of the bed No one ever doubted when they saw us together The looks we exchanged The smiles we shared That our love would last forever Now when my friends see me It’s the same question every day They all wanna’ know what’s wrong The only thing I can say, is CHORUS to fade
Wrong Is Wrong~ Pretty Simple, Isn't It?!~
Do you think it's wrong to illegally download music, videos, and music? I'm NOT asking if you do it; I'm asking if you think it's wrong. Do you believe stealing ANYTHING is wrong? Do you believe that stealing from ANYONE is wrong? Do you believe that right or wrong simply "IS" and that it doesn't matter how many people agree whether a thing is right or wrong, that inside us we KNOW what is right or wrong? Care to read a 'discussion' I just had with someone on this site who will soon be off my friend list and was never on my fan list? I liked this person till he started justifying his wrong-doings with me in this manner. He also would not stop when I asked him to stop...perhaps because he is 26yo but I doubt that. I know many mature 26yo's who understand when someone says they are done with a topic and to stop, they stop. Pushing issues only makes things worse and brings it to the point where you cannot be friends at all. Things change from 'discussion' status to har
Wrong Turn
Wrong Way
What makes you touch? What makes you feel? What makes you stop and smell the roses in an open field? What makes you unclean? Yeah,Yeah What makes you laugh? What makes you cry? What makes our youth run From the thought that we might die? What makes you bleed? Somebody told me the wrong way What if I died? What did I give? I hope it was an answer so you might live I hope I helped you live I hope I helped you Live Somebody told me the wrong way
Wrong Or Right
if i miss rate ur pics for drinkin and ratin should i be rated less than a 9?
Sometimes I feel something is wrong with me All I do is cry I can't stop this pain All I want to do is disappear. Something must be wrong with me I feel so much Emotions run wild Confusion blinds me Makes me feel lost inside Is something wrong with me? All these unwanted an terriable things Deep inside me Always there Never fading away Wrong Wrong, Something must be wrong. I can't stop these thoughts What the pain drives Turns my stomach Hurting Sometimes I think something is truly wrong within me. With only one way out. One way to end the pain. One way to sooth the soul.
Wrong Comments
I am writing this blog because of some stupid comments that were said between two people. I don't know all the details and I no longer care. Anyone who ever wishes a soldier to die while in country is wrong. It pisses me the fuck off that people don't think sometimes that that has already or may actually happen to the individual. Everyday we go outside the wire and place ourselves in harms way for the good of our family, friends and country, most of the time it is a very thankless job but that is ok because we know its for a good cause. I have buried many brothers because they gave their life on behalf of people who will never know their names and more than like give a fuck less who they were. So when I hear or read anyone that wishes the death of a soldier it strikes a cord and I will not be fu-friends with anyone who makes said statements. To everyone else, if you read this and agree hit me up if you give less than a fuck thats fine too, but if anyone wants to say some really
Wrong Place To Rob!!!
Read the article. This is why some species of animals eat their young.
Wrong #!!!
The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time
Wrong Number
Song Of Prison Land of bear and Land of eagle Land that gave us birth and blessing Land that pulled us ever homewards We will go home across the mountains We will go home, we will go home We will go home, across the mountains We will go home, we will go home We will go home, singing our song Hear our singing, Hear our longing We will go home across the mountains We will go home, we will go home We will go home, across the mountains We will go home, we will go home We will go home, we will go - home. Me singing 95 % People met me online or Real Life especially women told am Rude LOL I feel that am ok if am rude i dont have time to tell lie to girl they are cute or blah blah Am perfassional and i want to make my work my Identity what do you think about it Post Your comments
Wrong Impressions
Wrong Email Address
Wrong Email Address This one is priceless! A lesson to be learned from typing the wrong email address!!! A Calgary couple decided to go to Florida to thaw out during a particularly icy winter. They planned to stay at the same hotel where they spent their honeymoon 20 years earlier. Because of hectic schedules, it was difficult to coordinate their travel schedules. So the husband left Calgary and flew to Florida on Thursday, with his wife flying down the following day. The husband checked into the hotel. There was a computer in his room, so he decided to send an email to his wife. However, he accidentally left out one letter in her email address, and without realizing his error, sent the email. Meanwhile, somewhere in Vancouver , a widow had just returned home from her husband's funeral. He was a minister who was called home to glory following a heart attack. The widow decided to check her email expecting messages from relatives and friends. After reading the first message, she scre
Wrong With The Country
The Wrong Side Of Hate
Why is that when we get mad at the one's we love we always say the most hurtful words? Is that the brain shuts down when we get mad or is it more a case of when we hurt we want the one who caused that pain to feel worse than we do? I believe that it is the latter that we wnat to lash out and make that person feel the same pain and more. Is it right to do this? Is it right to hurt someone that much just because we don't like what they said or something they did and we don't agree with it? My it's not right. If we could only just stop and think about what we say before we say it we could love the ones we do for a little while linger.
Wrost Horror Scaryer Movies Ever! Warning Spoiler Alert!
Gran Torino!!! Current mood:  peaceful Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities So far the best movie ever for 2009!  Gran torino kicked ass and was so fucking funny i almost pissed myself !  clint did great job directing it, and good job playing old bitter moody old fart!   Heres some of the Quotes he said: Thug: What you lookin' at old man? Walt Kowalski: Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have messed with? That's me. Walt Kowalski: Oh, I've got one. A Mexican, a Jew, and a colored guy go into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, "Get the fuck out of here." Walt Kowalski: Jesus, Joseph and Mary. These Hmong broads are like badgers. Walt Kowalski: [sneering and aiming his gun] Get off my lawn! Thao Vang Lor: Excuse me Sir, I need a haircut, If you ain't too busy, you old Italian s.o.b. prick barber! Thao Vang Lor: Boy, does my *** hurt from all of the guys at my construction job! Walt Kowals
Wrote For A Friend (carl)
Weather This weather is perfect for sitting in, With a lover, Holding each others hand, Stroking hair, yearning for no other That weather was wonderful for making love in. With a lover, Holding each closely as the pair became one. Glaring intensely into each others eyes. His weather was astounding to walk along side the shore with, Every individual ray of sunlight, Incandescently gleaming upon her sun kissed skin. How she yearned the never ending night. Tonight’s weather was typical of the feelings inside. Though now it was made obvious she could no longer hide, Alast she had fallen a her lovers eyes. fair weather I wait in the eve for his presence As he visits me within mine own dreams He stands in the midst in a garden Above, stars and moon are agleam His hand is outstretched to take me Beyond this garden so fair And I so eager in spirit and heart To follow this gentleman there Though I know not where we are going No fear is there felt wit
Wrote For Friends
I picture you sitting across a room full of people I'm dressed up wearing a corset and fishnet top garter with stockings and a short skirt, doesn't take you long to notice I am not wearing panties as I sit across from you, I make pleasant conversation but I don't play nice for long I move to your lap and sit turning slightly towards you my skirt coming up .. you start moving your hand up my thigh smirking at people as they walk past interrupting me to say hello to anyone you know .. I start detailing to you what I want .. completely dropping any friendly pretext. I tell you where we will meet in a few minutes after you make me cum right here with everyone watching .. then I tell you that the people around us won't care nor do I so get to it.. you slowly start to finger me and kiss me pulling hard on my nipple working my piercing and pulling it slightly.. making me moan and writhe in your lap. you bite my neck and threaten me if I don't cum soon you won't meet me later, and I won't get
Wrote Out Of Lack Of Sex...
"Damn!" I hate tardiness more than anything, and the clock had just struck 10:05. Ooh, that bastard was going to pay. He was one of my favorites too. I heard his knock on the door, but I would let him knock a few more minutes to punish him a bit for being late. I heard him beg long enough, and reluctantly opened the door. "Thank you so much and I'm..." "Shutup, and you're fucking late!" I growled at him, not meeting his eyes. I wanted him to feel like a dog. All part of the session... "What can I do to.." "Lick my shoe. Bitch." I was still growling at him, angry about his insolence, and envisioning sinking the heel in his back. I planned it as I watched him run his tongue over my stilleto. When I felt he had tongue shined my shoe sufficiently, I turned to sink a heel in his back. I ordered him to remove the shoe, take off my stockings, one garter and then the other, and then remove my panties. His eyebrow raised, because I hadn't thought him
Wrote A While Ago
the difference between: Rice Cars with huge spoilers Huge exhaust cans, over sized like more then 3 inches, Huge 18+ (pending) wheels Air bags Body kits Extreme car color :::Note::: Some people don't realize that Stock spoilers are NOT RICE, Like mine STOCK. as far as clear lends and head lights. You can find ero's on new cars. I don't consider that rice. :::Not rice::: Ero's "certain ones" 17- rims.(pending) {every one wants a nice looking wheel/rim} no body kit Clean looking stock appearance. :::::::Rap and crap::::::: {Rap} Remember these are my opinions I believe that rap is a story. Something that explains what they have seen or a story of something that happen, or feelings about something that every one has to deal with "police, government, ect" {crap} This is something i don't like to listen to.Because i find it useless. The n** word being thrown around and talking about how I smoked that blunt and touched her pussy. Come one peopl
Wrote This Last Night But I Guess It Lost Its Meaning
don't look at me this wayor I won't talk to you anymoreAnd I like lonelinessI don't want to see youYou just want to persistwith this bad complexes of yoursAnd you like it and you don't moveYou don't want to see meButAnd you go lost/disorientated, aware, my friendAnd you went over thereAnd you stay fallen there, coveredDestinies which won't give youa dream once again DearMy life/dearYou are needing/missing your batteriesPut them in yourself becausePut them in yourself because nowI want youI love youYou are kidding on mePut them in yourself becausePut them in yourself because now i'm going away don't look at me this wayor I won't love you anymore
Wrote For Her!
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Wrr Lounge
Come hear great music and hang with some great people just click the tag to join us !!! if you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be a part of a great family and have people care about you CLICK THE BANNER if ya ever wanted to be in a place where the tunes kick ass CLICK THE BANNER Come hear great music and hang with some great people just click the tag to join us !!!
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10 W0rst Movie Names
10 WORST NAME FOR MOVIES Worst. Titles. Ever. They say you can't judge a book by its cover. Wrong! In honor of "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium," we reveal the worst movie titles of all time By Sean Nelson Special to MSN Movies Every so often, a film comes along with a title so ridiculous, so embarrassing, so indescribably dumb that the whole world stands up to take notice. Mr. and Ms. Moviegoing Public, I present "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium." Disclosure: I haven't seen this film. Confession: I am mildly intrigued by this film's premise, and the special effects it will no doubt generate, because I have a soft spot for corny movies that bring a tear to the eye. Promise: I will never, ever see this film -- not even on an airplane. Why? Because there comes a time when even the most avid film fan feels the need to take a stand against Hollywood's insulting tendency to equate creativity with marketing. Because, based on the trailer, histrionics major Dustin Hoff
~wØrth RëÅÐïng~
Hot on the heels of his explanation for why he no longer wears a flag pin, presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama was forced to explain why he doesn't follow protocol when the National Anthem is played. According to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171, During rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. "As I've said about the flag pin, I don't want to be perceived as taking sides," Obama said. "There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression. And the anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should be swapped for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song 'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing.' If that were our anthem, then I might salute it." WHAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this c
Wrth The Cost
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Wryns ...this Pasage Has A Lot Of Meaning
Wyrns are not avaricious we do not desire much, Pretty, only what we believe is rightfully ours. We are each part of a shield that protects the enirety of the world, and yet we do not wish to own everything in that world. That which is part of our hoard, our treasure, is not our prisoner; we guard it jealously, but only because we love it with everything that is in us. What humans see as possessiveness, dragons believe to be the purest form of love. This is true whether the treasure is a single coin, a living being, or a whole nation of people
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