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The Taking Of Jayde
The Taking of Jayde It'd been too long. Way too long. Jayde knew this was true when she caught herself seriously considering the far-too-young hot stud at her office. What the hell am I thinking? Jayde mentally smacked herself back to reality. Yes, he was hot--very hot--and young, and virile, and, well...young. Very young. It wasn’t that he was that many years younger then her--only eight years her junior--but he was a lifetime younger when it came to living. She was 34 years old, divorced and a single mother of two. He was a 26-year-old stud. Her life was work and kids, making sure the furnace didn't go out, and wondering if her ex-husband was going to pay his child support this month. His life was working and playing. A lot of playing. According to office rumor he'd romanced nearly every young cutie in the place. Her weekends were kids' sporting events and scout outings. His were clubbing and more clubbing. "And getting laid, no doubt," she sighed to herself, "
Taking Time Of Here
I am taking some time off here for a few days, or a week or whatever. I will let you all know when I return. TTYL Crystal
Taking Life One Day At A Time
I feel down To hard to say My eyes grew tried I was drifting away Getting back up Just to fall again Lossing it To an old friend Things start moving That should never I started swaying Feeling i'm ready to sleep forever I fall again My body to weak Maybe it's the lack of food Or the lack of sleep Trying to get up Trying to breathe My weakness Taking over me I don't get up I just lay there Untill i'm flipped over Untill i can breathe air Eyes are falling As fast as can be When all i can do Is all i can see... I stood out side Watch the ocean blue Hopeing one day it will lead me to you Sparking waters The sun kissed sands I sit on top of Awaiting your hand Eyes watching the sea Ear listening too Praying to God the next ship carries you I know you hear me When i call out I know you know Becaues i hear you shout So i stay on this beach And thinking of what i miss Your smile, eyes, your laught And your kiss Each step i tak
Taking A Much Needed Short Break Due To My Health
Hey Everyone, Just want you all to know I'm cutting down my time online due to my health. I've been in excrusiating pain from my nerve and spinal problems, and it's literally taking all of my energy away. I will try to check in daily for a few minutes or so, but that's as much as I can handle for now. Once I start feeling a little stronger, I will be back for longer periods of time to catch up with you all. I want to thank you all for standing by me, and for being so patient and understanding. Also, thank you sooo much for all the sweet, awesome comments, ratings and gifts you have sent me. I sincerely appreciate it. I am truly blessed to have so many genuine and amazing true friends. I love you all!! Please take care, stay healthy, and safe. My peace, and best wishes to you all. Love, hugs and kisses....Patti {***AngelEyes***} Hey Everyone, I really hope all is going well for you all. Just want to touch base with you on why I haven't been online, and also I'll be off a little whil
Taking A Break
After being hacked and nothing being done about it, I just dont want to get on anymore. Im taking a break and not sure how long it will be. If I decide to leave for good I will be sure to say goodbye to the friends I have left.... If you play WoW, you can find me on the Dreanor server as Mythickah Buried at Buried at Buried at
Taking It Azz It Is
Taking My Pics Down...
My pics are going down if you have a opinion then state it here! the end
Taking All Applicants
Lets see who can complete it first...whoever does gets a Big pimpin gift from Moi :) Women feel free to fill it out too, im an equal oppurtunity women!! hehe x0x0x OK.....GO!! Name: Age: City/State/Country: Birthday ? What is your biggest flaw? What is your hangup with your mother? 3 of your favorite authors 3 of your favorite bands 3 of your favorite movies Favourite quote? Are you religious? What / Whom do you worship? How? Why? Who is your favorite philosopher? Why? For you, what is success in life? Are you, by your own definition: will you be successful? Who is/was your favorite pet? and why? How long do you usually know a girl before you kiss her? Jump her? Dump her? Have you ever been married/lived with someone? Are you now? When was your last relationship over? Are you in sure? Are you in one / or more now? Are you gay? Tried it? Thought about it? Have
Taking Applications
im such a buttkisser, i made my hubby an all out, totally homemade cake for valentines day. hey, what can i say, the way to a mans heart is through the end of his..... no wait. through his stomach, right? ;) well at least now he wont bitch that i dont cook any more LOL happy VD everyone! make sure you tell the ones you love, friends AND family, that you love and appreciate them! and if you see me tomorrow, kiss me, cause i just want kisses. all up and down my neck. and back. and chest. ok let me stop, i DO have to work tonight LOL XOXOXOXOXOX but im not so sure its the healthiest place. let me elaborate. i guess if one needs the stimulation of strangers telling them how sexy they are, to feel sexy, or wants to see pics of people who otherwise wouldnt give them the time of day, then go for it, its all for you. i personally would like to meet someone to friggin TALK TO, who can carry on a conversation that doesnt necessarily include the words, can i see your tits? i chose t
Taking A Leave
Taking A Stroll On The Beach
Taking Care Of Elderly Parents
Taking Care Of Elderly Parents
Taking A Break!
I regret to say that I am stepping away for awhile! There is still too much drama even on here that I just dont want to deal with right now! I have met a lot of great people on this sight! I will eventually be back! I just need some time to figure alot of things out!! I wish ALL of u the best!! HUGZZZ
Taking Votes!
Taking A Break ;)
Taking A Break ;)
Taking A Break ;)
Taking It All Back
I am far from perfect but I can definitely leave an imprint in your heart if you decide to let me in. I am very loyal friend to those that appreciate my friendship. I try my best to look for the good in people. I have a big heart and go out of my way to make others happy before ever trying to make myself happy. I’m easy going, laid back, soft spoken and mostly shy... but once I get comfortable with you I open up a little bit more, that is, if I like you... I’m a firm believer in Karma... you get what you give... that goes for both good and bad... that’s why I like to kill people with kindness when they don’t like me...I love to laugh... and I don’t mind being laughed at... I’m very close to my family... and I love my friends who are basically my family... I have lots of patience... especially when it comes to things I’ve set my heart on... I’m clumsy, forgetful, and I’m very bad in direction, so don’t ask me shit. I'm just being me still trying to find my place in this world. Each
Taking Risks- Words To Live By
* To laugh is to risk appearing the fool. To weep is to risk appearing sentimental. To reach out for another is to risk involvement. To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self. To place your ideas, your dreams, before a crowd is to risk their loss. To love is to risk not being loved in return. To live is to risk dying. To hope is to risk failure. But risks must be taken. Because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. If you risk nothing and do nothing, you dull your spirit. You may avoid suffering and sorrow, but you cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, and live. Chained by your attitude, you are a slave. You have forfeited your freedom. Only if you risk are you free. Leo Buscaglia.
Taking A Break
Takin On A Challenge
In the past couple of weeks i have taken on more than than the average person would care to take over...i coach a squad of 28 girls which is exhausting in itself, but none the less i would not have it any other way...i do love coaching and being able to influence the lives of young ladies in a positive way, not to mention my daughter cheers for the same squad, just an added bonus! not only do i coach, im a mom, now we all know thats a task in of two who is ALL OVER THE PLACE and the other who is DRAMAAAAAATIC!!!!!! now ive taken on another challenge and been training extensively throughout the week...every single day i awaken to more training, LONG training sessions...come home to the kids, take them to the waterpark for some last minute fun before school starts, come back home, more training, more cheerleading, more cleaning...OMG, im just plain exhausted! but its what we do and not sure yet if i will change things, maybe it will get easier, maybe not...wh
Taking A Break
Hey all i'm stepping away frmo the net and fubar for a while don't know when i'll be back just feeling a little overwhelmed between people blowing my phone up at all hours etc. etc. To just work related shit i just need a break. Those that know me know i get this way and need a few fays of just being alone to get over it but it seems i can't get through to others so i will be turning EVERYTHING off phone, myspace, fubar, yahoo, etc. etc. etc. do not message call im me. cause all it'll do is just piss me off talk to you all later!@
Taking Time Off From This Site...
I've realized since I've come to this site that in a way I've become almost predator like over profiles of offense to anyone out there, but w/ my personal pics and a conversation I had w/ someone through I realized that what I'm looking to get out of this site isn't what I'm getting. I'm not getting the realness or non faker crap that I would like to get...there's a lot of my own decision making I have to be responsible for and any finger pointing is only done at me. I realize that I've given a bad impression of myself to some people, which I'm sorry to do, but am taking time off of this and contemplating about whether it's a good idea of just leaving this site altogether. I'm trying not to jump the gun on this but am seriously considering the idea...either delete the profile or take a couple of months of this are 1 of the possibilities I have to consider. Just wanted to keep those that are expressing concern in the loop and would like to thank everyone, truly for ex
Takin A Break
Taking A Break From Fu
Just need to clear some things in my head and in my heart to see where I'm going in life. I hope you understand, I might be popping in from time to time to say hello. I'll be deleting most of my family except those I've become pretty close to outside of here. I wish everyone the best and it's been a pleasure here, I'll remember alot of you. )))))HUGS((((( Nellie Thank to all of you have supported me and never stopped the luv, it was really heartfelt...I'll try to be around more often, I miss you guys tons, stay safe and ttys :) Nellie
Taking Pictures
Taking A Break
Im going to be taking a time out from Fubar for a short while, I will still be checking message but thats it, I wont be around to leave comments etc. If I only had one life I would live it with you If I only had a dollar Id half it with you If I only had one drink I would buy two straws If I had only one meal Id share it with you If I only had a minute left Id spend it with You © Dave Emmerson
~~~taking What Is Mine~~~~~
You expect my Tender Love for you at Night and have felt my Morning Desire for your as Sun's Rising, but you have not seen what the Mid-day brings....It is the Taking of What is Mine. You go about your day blissful in knowing your schedule and all that is required of you. You are satisfied with knowing your routine, but you have not yet seen mine. As you move about in your comfort zone I arrive, unannounced, unexpected, caring not what you are wearing or even if your body has felt the cleansing caress of a morning shower or bath. I am determined in purpose to Take you without words spoken...driven forward by the desire and passion your last kiss left within me like a slow burning ember needing only my complete thoughts of you to manifest it into a Intense Raw Passion that can only be quenched one way.....Taking you...claiming what is mine. I enter without words, intent with the stare that is already undressing you as I approach, you in and instant know what I am think
Taking Some Time
I have pretty much moved out of my house and I am leaving my wife. Therefore, I will not be online as often as I was. I will still try to check in as often as possible. I hope all of my real friends on here will still be here. LUV YOU ALL and there is one in particular that I LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY!! She knows who she is. Till next time... jokerLUVSboobs
Taking A Break From Fubar N The Bs
I've decided that I am gonna take a break from being on Fubar. There are way too many people on here that just want to mess with peoples HEARTS, SOULS N MINDS. A long with being liars, users, players, etc. This is an adult site and if you can't be an adult then ya don't belong on here. If you can't be MAN or WOMAN enough to admit your faults, then WHY are you on an ADULT site? Do you get a KICK out of hurting people? Breaking their hearts? Messing with their hearts? Playing Mind games? GROW THE HELL UP!!!!! My REAL TRUE FRIENDS KNOW HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME. ALL OTHERS CAN JUST KISS MY WITTLE WHITE HINEY!!! I will occasionally come on to rate True Friends stuff and help them where they need help. Otherwise, the rest of you can GET LOST, GROW UP N BE MAN N WOMAN enough to admit your losers.
Taking A Break
I'll be back after i take a little break from here. I just need to re-group, get my head back on straight and make myself realize that this place is fantasy island, a place to get away to not to hang out in all day. If you need to contact me im at I'll check it now and then... The Legend...
Taking A Break
Im thinking Im probably going to be leaving FUBAR for awhile. Saturday will probably be my last day, at least for awhile. When I first joined here, 2 years ago, it was to make some friends. Well, Ive done that and I have some wonderful friends here now. Even a few that Ive fallen in love with (you know who you are). But it seems lately its all been, "Can I see your pics" on here and thats just not why i came here. Dont get me wrong, I love looking at all my beautiful friends bodies and talking dirty but I also like having people that have been there for me in this hard time with my hubby. To all my close friends and family, you all know my yahoo addy and know how to reach me so Ill always be there and I hope you take the time to still be my friend. If you dont have the time for me when Im gone from here... then I guess we werent friends like I thought. I love you all and this may not be forever. But for now... I need a break. MUAH!! In my last blog I said I was going away for a bit. Iv
Taking One Day At A Time
Well for the most part the worst of the Child Custody, visitation ordeal is over. It actually went real well. For the last 3 1/2 yrs. I have taken care of my daughter with no help from her father. Well the Dept. of Child Support Services finally caught up to him and nipped him in the bud. Well of course things got ugly and when my daughters father started demanding time with her well, after 3 years it just wasn't going to happen. SHe went through alot of trauma, behavior and emotional issues which is NOW stablized after my non stop effort with help from get her there. So needless to say...he has agreed to what I presented to the mediation, meaning he will go with what the therapist and Psychologist recommends as in a re-unification program and will stick to it no matter how long it takes. He will have to start with letters first, short supervised phone calls, then if that works out without disrupting my daughter then he may start having supervised visitations. I will rem
Taking A Break
I am going to be taking a break from the online community so miss me while i am gone.... lol i have 3 lil girls as most of you all know Heaven 8 Stormy 2 and Saphyr 6 months and they need to have a good Christmas so i will be taking a break to save money.... Stormy Shes 2 Here is Heaven she is 8 Here is my Saphyr she is 6 months
Taking A Break
Taking A Break
Hey all... I am taking a break from fubar from a while, I am just tired of the damn drama. There are too many children on this site, like the biggest kindergarten I have ever seen. Every time I turn around there is something new. Men in this site need to get over themselves and need to learn to read profiles. Yes it is nice to make friends but not every woman on this site is a whore.. don't get me wrong.. there are plenty of them here. Women on this site need to get some sense, and keep their fucking clothes on. it is kinda pathetic that they feel the only way to get a man is to post NSFW pics. damn makes me wanna vomit. I am tired of having to play the game of lets see which fag decided to hit on me today or which whore is hitting on my man, cause they have no lives and need this to make it through their everyday lives. seriously this site is the worst, it was fun in the beginning leveling and all.. I mean c'mon i am a gamer thats what we do, but geez, people do have lives
Taking Chances
Don’t know much about your life. Don’t know much about your world, but Don’t want to be alone tonight, On this planet they call earth. You don’t know about my past, and I don’t have a future figured out. And maybe this is going too fast. And maybe it’s not meant to last, But what do you say to taking chances, What do you say to jumping off the edge? Never knowing if there’s solid ground below Or hand to hold, or hell to pay, What do you say, What do you say? I just want to start again, And maybe you could show me how to try, And maybe you could take me in, Somewhere underneath your skin? What do you say to taking chances, What do you say to jumping off the edge? Never knowing if there’s solid ground below Or hand to hold, or hell to pay, What do you say, What do you say? And I had my heart beaten down, But I always come back for more, yeah. There’s nothing like love to pull you up, When you’re laying down on the floor there. So talk to me, talk t
"taking Chances"
Love is ...taking chances. Going places you've never gone. Feeling emotions you've never thought real. Making a fool of yourself. Not being able to live without that person. Looking in their eyes and feeling the connection. Walking away and still thinking about them. Your heart skipping a beat every time you're in their arms. Happiness is seeing them smile. Life isn't complete without them whispering 'I love you' in your ear. Thinking how you ever went through life without them. Putting your feelings out there not knowing if they feel the same. Crying and smiling at the same time on your pillow because you love them so much. Surrendering your heart, body, and soul. Let the person you love know how special they are to you. It may be hard to let your feelings show but that's what I mean by saying 'Love is...taking chances'.
Taking A Break.
I think I'm going to take a break from the FU for a while. Too much bullshit going on. People too into themselves and the bullshit drama that goes on. When I first started with this site, it was fun, people were nice, and they didn't act holier than thou. Now it seems like people get their feelings hurt at the drop of a hat. So for my own sanity I think it's best that I take this well deserved break and try to concentrate on getting well and getting back to work. To those who are good and decent and have been around and not changed.. thanks for the good times.
Taking Back Sunday (cute Without The E)
well which would you prefer) My finger on the trigger, or (me face down, down across your floor) Me face down, down across your floor (me face down, down across your floor) Well just so long as this thing's loaded And will you tell all your friends you've got your gun to my head This all was only wishful thinkin, this all was only wishful thinkin And will you tell all your friends you've got your gun to my head This all was only wishful thinkin, this all was only wishful thinkin let's go... Don't bother trying to explain Angel I know exactly what goes on when you're on and How about I'm outside of your window (how about I'm outside of your window) Watchin him keep the details covered You're such a sucker (you're such a sucker) for a sweet talker, yeah And will you tell all your friends you've got your gun to my head This all was only wishful thinkin, this all was only wishful thinkin (the only thing that I regret is that I, I ne
Taking A Break From Fubar
I just think it's about time I left Fubar for awhile. I don't know whether I'll be back, but if I do return I hope to see you all doing well. I want to thank all my friends, especially Tharna, for everything. Good luck to all of you. Jim
Taking Sometime
well im thinking about taking sometime off fubar for alittle bit i need to think about something and reevaluate things and maybe take alittle trip south but i just want you all to now that you all are in my heart and i thank some of you for bein there for me in my time of need
Taking A Break
Taking A Break
Taking A Break
I have been on here awhile now. I think since Nov. of 2006. I have made some wonderful friends, & I have made some just friends...& then some that just added me for the points. Kind of like I have done. Some posts comments everyday, some actually come & rate me, some even ask me every so often how I am doing. I am a nice person. Really I am. I have made some choices in my life, that I am not really proud of, but they helped shape who I am today. I have had to learn the hard way, that no matter how nice you are not always going to have it returned. I have been Married, had children, suffered losses, gotten divorced, had my heart shattered in millions of pieces, & picked them up & put the pieces back together. I got on this site, hoping to find some friends, fun & whatever. I did not, however, expect to meet someone who was going to take my breath away. It has been kind of a whirl wind relationship. We started talking in Aug. 2007, met face to face a couple of wks. later
Takin Over!
Taking The Plunge!
I've finally done it and decided to enter my first giveaway; 14,500 comments for a 7 day blast! I know the pic isn't of me but I can assure you it is me. All help would be greatly appreciated and, as always, repaid in kind. Just follow the link below and help me if you get the chance. Thank you, Wayne
Takin Me Down
Taking Some Time
First of all, let me say that it has been so much fun meeting all my new friends here on Fubar. I joined only 3 months ago but it seems like a year. I've spent a lot of time on here and it was not an issue at first. Now, the baby is walking, my older son needs some help with school work, I have a lot of school work to do myself, and spring is coming and I have a lot of things inside and out to take care of. I am not leaving Fubar, I just won't be on here as often. I will still be in and out to check my mail but I will not be able to leave comments and such as I used to. If you want my Yahoo IM just ask, although I will not be on there as often either. Always feel free to leave me a message and I will always get back to you when I can get time. I just wanted to thank my friends for all the fun we have. I don't get to tell you guys very often how special you are to me. Take care all and I will try my best to keep in touch. When I eventually hit Fuberlord I will come back on
Taking Time Off
Im going to take some time off of Fubar.... I need to spend some time with the Family(Kids and my Man) and on myself....I will get on and check the mail so if you have something go ahead and mail it Ill answer back when I can..I hope you all stay safe and be happy....I do have yahoo but you want my ID you need to send a fumail and ask for mine or give me yours....
Taking It All In
Taking Applications!
Taking A Break
Hi taking a break here, need to do a couple things, thanks to my true friends for being here...see you soon I hope..hugs
Taking A Break
Taking My Own Advice
I ran across this mumm today.. and it really hit home..please read it.. here is what I left for a comment.... So, I will be turning off the computer more and turning my life back on..I think you all need to do that a little more each day.. BY THE WAY.. do you Fubar addicts know where your children are?
Taking The Asvab
Hey guys wish me luck, im taking the asvab tomorrow. Took the pretest today and did okay. So I will let you guys know tomorrow after the test how I did.
Taking Jamie
my friend darcy was dating this guy timothy hutchinson but hated being alone liked her friends close so she asked me go out with them all the time it was awkward lol i liked her bf too much and was a 3rd wheel so he started bringing his cousing he was 15 almost 16 yeah please dont comment lol i was almost 23 he ended up thinking i walked on water followed me to the bars after he climbed out his bedroom window hed wait outside till i got drunk then walk me home always trying to cop a feel lol i didnt know my 14 year old sister had a crush on him or that they were dating until he dunpded her yeah ouch all summer the 4 of us were together always about a week before i was to leave for boston timmy invited us out to his island for the weekend the four of us on a small canadian island getting drunk having a big send off party we get to timmys island small only a house a little bit of land in the middle of the thousand island seaway we unload the boat putting up the supplies in the house dar
Taking A Leap
Ok well tonight I took a giant leap of faith as someone revealed to me today that they love me. I have had feelings for her for a while now and have been friends for around a year with her. She has helped me get through one of the toughest times in my life and has always cared for me unconditionally. Well tonight I told her I want to be with her and I broke up and kicked out my current girlfriend and informed my wife(you thought your life was strange). I feel now like a huge weight has been lifted because I am now exploring something I have wanted to see about for quite some time now. I do not know what the future holds but for the first time in a long time I feel positive.
Taking The First Step...
did you ever have a time in your life when u feel so in control yet so vulnerable... a person can set standards and try to live up to them to be different than everyone else... i want to believe that the one i have dremt of has finally come to me... but in my heart there is a hesitation...i am not like the others...and i strive to prove this point... but still i wait...
Takin Over The (805) So Cali
Takin Even A Day For Granted
Life we know can be each day alone even if one is away for the moment is a waste. Id rather live anticipating the next day 2 gether than wishing I had this person in my life and never taking it. I refuseeeeeeeeeeeeee to ever show gullibility and give the majority to any relationship emotionally or financially. Thank those I have learned the valuable lessons in life from. There is a real person behind your words who keeps faith you are REAL too
Taking My Page Down
Taking A Break
Ok for all of my really good friends, just wanted to let you know that I'm gonna take a break from fubar for a while. I don't know how long but for awhile. This is the best thing for me to do right now since I have already lost a couple of good friends it is best, so I don't lose anymore. I really hate that I have lost them, but I have somethings going on with me right now and this is the best way to handle it so hopefully I don't lose anymore real good friends. I will miss each and everyone of you alot. Hopefully it won't take me to long to fix whats wrong. For those of you that have my messenger ID you can contact me there, if I don't answer you right away it is only cause I haven't turned it on yet as I do have problems with it but if you leave a message anyway I will get back to you. So for now I'm gonna say bye, but only for awhile. I WILL MISS EACH AND EVERYONE OF MY REALLY GOOD FRIENDS ALOT, AND I HOPE EACH OF YOU UNDERSTAND. Luvs ya all, Single Ok to all my friends who
Taking The Place Of Stash....temp~i Hope
Taking People For Granted
Never take someone for granted Hold every person close to your heart Because you might wake up one day And realize that you've lost a diamond While you were too busy collecting stones. This is not just for lovers but friends also .
Taking A Break
I think at somepoint this week i figured out fact from fiction....sad but true...can i state i effin love my C.N.H.F family and altho i havent given you most time ima bout too...I had to look inside me and see whats best for dee. what makes me smile what makes me tick...I gotta get shit together for me this babygirl needs better..deserves more, needs to love thyself above all others...i sit here and cry that twisted godess has always gave good advice she altho is my age is like my big sister motherly figure...knows whats best for me...this is mearly a websight it isnt r/l she tells me over and over...Miss your right..I may dedicate my strength that i have left to you...ty twisted lemme let you know about me I do cry I do laugh sometimes the two melt together i fuck up shit. break shit, swear, loss my temper, make mistakes, have good days, and bad ones... i live to breath and breath to live sometimes that is about all each day i make friends to have friends i keep them and if i ma
Taking My Rock And Roll And Cashew Chicken To Europe
I spent last weekend with my friends from Denmark and have decided that i want to relocate to Europe, where ? Probably Denmark to start. My friend Casper's girlfriend convinced me that I need to go to Denmark, the average weather and dry air, the real women, and the attitudes and ways of thinking have me sold on it. I have another friend from the states who lives in the Netherlands who wants to pimp me out, hopefully to girls hahaha so i know at least i'll one job i could fall back on hahaha I just want change, and i'm tired of the way's of thinking that i see everywhere around me. I really don't think that America is going to revert back from the way's that it has changed in the past 8 years for a very long time, if ever. It's the way of thought that this country was founded on that i have been ashamed of ever since i was old enough to understand what my mother was telling me and what the true history of this country is. Ever country has it's sad story but i want to live in an
Taking Over Comment
Taking Donations For Spotlight!!!
i am tryin to get the spotlight and well as you can see they have been gettin ridiculously high lately so i can use all the help i can get!!! please donate and everyone who donates will get a link to there profile from mine the day of the spotlight if they so choose thanks again !!!!
Taking A Break..........
not sure on where to start. i wanted to let everyone know, especially those who would actually wonder where i was and maybe miss me, i am not going to be on fubar as much anymore for a while.... things in my life as of recently havent been that easy for me to deal with & i am not as sociable and as happy as my usual bubbly self... i think i need some well deserved time away to think about me and my life and what direction it should be going in. Ive been really hurt these past couple of months and i feel that maybe if i start to concentrate more on my life and making myself feel happy so i dont feel as depressed anymore should cure how i am feeling and put a stop to crying myself to sleep most nights and feeling really down. i will miss everyone and ill be on from time to time but i think now is the time to concentrate of making Jade happy. love u all. xxxxxxx
Taking A Vacation
Im going to be leaving fubar for awhile not sure if I will be back or not. This site has caused me trouble once and I left. Well since then I have made a new account and again Im getting myself in trouble. So until I can get my prioities in order I am leaving.... thanks to all my REAL friends
Taking A Break.
Taking Spotlight Donations
OK OK....This lady below is working her tail off to get the lets help her out and make it happen soon....i've helped alot of people out on this so i would love it if you could return the favor...send fubucks directly to her link below...tell her Xmas sent ya Heart Inspector ¢¾ owned by Tappinit~@ fubar Thanks to all those that help....I will do a salute to anyone who helps her out
Taking A Break From Here...
I decided to take a break from here for awhile. I have quite a few things going on currently over the next few weeks and months that require my attention. I'm sure I will stop by my page every so often and just to say hello. Have fun y'all and don't forget to visit the Flirtations Lounge!
Taking A Break
Ok folks, I need to take a fu break to help out my brother, some wierd sh*t happening at the moment so we are gonna try and get it sorted before things get out of control. Thanks and love to my fu family Lo Lo xx Hello fu peeps, just a quick message to let yoo know that i might not be on for a few days. For those who know me well they will understand, been a hectic week and a half so i'm going to just kick back and relax for a few days, well relax as much as a can since the wee one isn't feeling too well. I'll be back before you know it. hugsss Lo Lo x I know i said before i would be back pretty soon, but infortunately i may be longer. My niece (who is 4 months pregnant) is in hospital so it'll probably be a few more days before i'm back. Thanks for all your support and understanding. Luv and huggs Lo Lo x
~taking Care Of You~
~Taking Care Of You~ > Read this and make a copy for your files in case you need to refer to it someday. > > 1. Do not sign the back of your credit cards. Instead, put 'PHOTO ID REQUIRED.' > > 2. When you are writing checks to pay on your credit card accounts, DO NOT put the complete account number on the 'For' line. Instead, just put the last four numbers. The credit card company knows the rest of the number, and anyone who might be handling your check as it passes through all the check processing channels won't have access to it. > > 3. Put your work phone # on your checks instead of your home phone. If you have a PO Box use that instead of your home address. If you do not have a PO Box, use your work address. Never have your SS# printed on your checks. (DUH!) You can add it if it is necessary. But if you have It printed, anyone can get it. > > 4. Place the contents of your wallet on a photocopy machine. Do both sides of each license, credit card, etc. You will
Taking Chance In April 2004, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Strobl, USMC, came across the name of 19-year-old Lance Corporal Chance Phelps, a young Marine who had been killed by hostile fire in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. Strobl, a Desert Storm veteran with 17 years of military service, requested that he be assigned for military escort duty to accompany Chance's remains to his family in Dubois, Wyo. Witnessing the spontaneous outpouring of support and respect for the fallen Marine - from the groundskeepers he passed along the road to the cargo handlers at the airport - Strobl was moved to capture the experience in his personal journal. His first-person account, which began as an official trip report, gives an insight into the military's policy of providing a uniformed escort for all casualties. The story became an Internet phenomenon when it was widely circulated throughout the military community and eventually reached the mainstream media.
Taking Chance Home .. Tribute To A Fallen Soldier
Taking A Break
So I'm gonna take a break from fubar for a bit. I'll be on every now and then, but due to recent incidents with my profile, it's not even fun to be here anymore. To all the people who have been true through this whole deal, I LOVE YOU!!! Twilight, ur my girl, my baby, my heart. (even tho ur fu-married to someone else If any of you want to get ahold of me, you can reach me at To all the people who hate and/or think its cool to write the people on my friends list and tell them I'm a guy, get a fucking life(PS I know who some of you are). You are fucking scum, with nothing better to do than fuck with people. Get over your sorry fucking selves. Simply put, FUCK OFF. To all those on the fence about me, get off the fence. You're either coming or going. One or the other. If you want to believe the bullshit, go ahead, I don't need you anyways. I've got friends who trust me for who I am. For who I say I am. For my words. If you don't, then your loss.
Taking A Fu Break
Taking Chance
If you have ever been in the Forces this is for all that Have Been in or In and to All There Familys. A Must See. Use Version 9
Taking A Break Form The Fu!!!
I have come to the conclusion that this site has taken over the majority of my life, and I hate it. I am taking a break for a while, I will still be on every now and again. I need to reclaim my life. I have a daughter that needs me and she doesn't need to see me sitting at the computer all the time. I'm going to miss the many friends I have made, I will still help when I am on, just going to be limited for the time being. My vip runs out tomorrow and that will start my time away. I will check my messages, so if you need anything just message me. It is with great sadness I made this decision, but real life is more important than this site. I messed up many things because of being on here too much and I won't let it happen again. Thank you for Understanding Bill To my RR family, I will still be doing DOD, just won't be around for many levelups at this time. I will miss you all the most you are the best family on fu. I will be back better than ever, tust me on that. Just need to step
Taking A Breake
Due to my life going crazy, i am going to be taking a little break from Fubar for a while, not too long of a break but one just long enough to get some things taken care of, so if you would like to keep in contact with me while Im gone send me a msg thank you
Takin A Break
Taking A Break From Fu
Taking A Break
Well I'm sure a few friends on here have noticed I haven't been on fubar lately, and I've decided I'm taking a break. There are many things going on in my life I need to sort out, think about what have I done, and accomplished in 19 years and I'm sad knowing that I've spent 19 years stuck in the same spot. I have loved, now I can actually say I have loved madly, thanks to Ian, I can actually say I've loved. I've had amazing friends on this site which I really love and always will for instance all my family members on here they're simply amazing and they'll always have a place in my heart. But what have I done for myself... All I know is I'm a 19 year old without a job, life plan and no goals in particular... sad In order to get everything straight I used to drive 50 miles in every direction and think everything through lol you can say I was running away, but wasn't. Now without a car I'll have to think I'm far away and start from the bottom. So like I said this isn't last thing
Taking A Break
need to concentrate on some school stuff and work.  All my family lists can see a blog on how to reach me...  would still enjoy talking to family but off of here.  Other than that.. ill stop in on occassion...   I tried.... not working.. so this blog is useless... Im back and forth.. i just may not be on as much.. Kenneth
Taking Applications Now
Taking The Militarty Regs On,... And Winning!
PLEASE READ THIS FULL POST... With the buckling down and strict rules and regulations now being emplimented now days causing over 49K soldiers to be released from duty, soldiers are now being released from duty because they fail their tape tests. I can help. I have helped over 200 soldiers thus far make their tape with very good results. IF you FOLLOW my directions on how to use the applicators that I offer, you will have great results too. My applicators will shrink the fat cells, detox your body and firm y our takes 5 minutes to apply it and you keep it on for an hour or you may sleep with it on. What is an Ultimate Body Applicator you ask...well... It is an herbal topical ointment that is infused into a non-woven natural fiber that you wear on the target area for 45 minutes to an hour. How it works is basically it is absorbed into the fat cells where toxins and lipids are stored, they are what make the fat cells plump, and forces the fat cells to release the t
Taking A Break
Taking a break from fubar it's starting to bore me n don't really talk to anyone except top fam. I will check in every once in awhile to c how fam is, if ya got my # text me or my momma is my #1 family so she will know how I'm doing if u c I'm online prolly not me she will b signing on to give herself my points. Goodbye for now fu friends
Okay so one story about Mr. Tal. He drove a Winnebago on every trip I went on with my youth group as a teenager. Being the person I am I adore sleep so given the opportunity to ride in the winnie for 5+ hours or a cramped up van what do you think I chose... He was older (one of the seniors in or church then) but he never showed it he always let us pick the radio station and would sing along when he could. We chose all the stops on the trip and he never once fussed if we wanted to stop 2 minutes after we had just gotten on the road. He gave us complete control over the CB which for us was the bomb. We were aloud to sit or lay where ever we wanted if it was the floor, the bed the table what ever.. He never once corrected anyone out of line no matter who you were or where you came from he would find the common bond to draw you to him and build on it. This man always had a smile on his face would bend over backward for one of "HIS KIDS" and did so many times with out one word to gui
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nourdine1400@ fubar
Tales Of My Actual Life--if You Even Give A Fuck.
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1: In the mornings I eat coffee and donuts. Daily. I balance this out by eating ridiculous health foods for dinner, like tofu and spinach wraps. 2: I struggle to find peace with the status quo, no matter how great things are at any given point. 3: I spent my entire 'middle school' years of life in a residential treatment program. Basically--something between boot camp and a mental institution and Outward Bound. 4: I am addicted to sushi. 5: I work in a musical instrument store, yet I'm barely learning to play guitar. I consider it a blessing, yet I feel like every day at the job could be my last due to my lack of knowledge.
Tale Of A Gothic Princess
Tales From The Holidays
This is inspired by a true story I spent last Christmas in San Diego. On Christmas Eve, I went over to my friend, Donald’s house. He and his wife, Candy, are my two best friends from law school. Donald lives in this townhouse complex and at the top of the hill is a 7-11 convenience store. Donald likes to drive around the complex and up to the 7-11 in this golf car he bought and modified. So, I’m over there having drinks when we ran out of munchies and booze. So, half-drunk already, we jumped in the golf cart and “drove” up to the 7-11. We walked in and there’s this black guy in a Santa suit buying cigarettes and booze. It inspired me to write a story about it. This is done to the rhythm of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.... By the way, before anybody gets bent out of shape about me making fun of a black Santa, it wasn’t so much that as the fact the guy was drunk and buying crap at 7-11. Also, my friend Donald, he’s black. Enjoy: 'Twas the night before Christmas,
Tale Every Day To The Fullest
All rite you all its that time again. the thoughts of the dog "ife is a highway what a wonderful song" wich leads to my thought life is a highway It runs smooth for a while. but when you hit thos back roads thats when life gets bumpy. Thats when you find out how strong your vehicle is(your personality)on how you are going to take that road as long as you meet the rite people along the way and bring them with you along the way it can be a wonderful experience keep your friends close ;) luve you all ct friends and family. The dogg Ok Ct, Yes its that time again i am felling philisophical the ~Devil Dog ~way.Ok food for thought If words hurt more than a two edged sword and it takes more muscles to frown than smile. Why is it so hard for people to be nice to eachother it is actualy easier al the way around. So lets test a theory out if some one comes by and says hi you have a beautiful smile or I am happy to see you Now dont that feel nice. Especialy when a st
Tales Of Misery And Woe.
Well another year has come and go. 2006 has been a mixed bag for me, neither completely good or completely bad. There were extremes on both ends of the spectrum. In 2006 I both loved like never before, and had my heart broken like never before. Physically and financially I'm in better shape now than I was at the begining of the year, I lost alot of weight and paid of some debts. I'm living in a much better house and I have a much more comfortable living arrangement than I did at the begining of the year. Emotionally and romatically, I'm much worse off. I'm still mending the peices of my broken heart, and I've lost someone incredibly special to me. I've learned alot, both good and bad. I've learned that I can do what I need to do most for my health and the betterment of my life, even though it is the things I want to do least. I've learned alot about myself, and the limits of what I have to give, and what I need in return. I've learned that a great circle of friends (mor
Tales Of Life In A G Rated World
Hello folks .. Been away a while , about 3 weeks , and just got home... I went on a long run from Kentucky down to NC then up the full length of the Blue Ridge Parkway , through the Monogahela national Forest , back down through WV,Va,Tenn,NC into Georgia then back to KY.. I have just added some of the photos I took along the way ( I screwed up on transfering one of my data cards to my puter and deleted over 300 photos I took but had some left on other cards) These are not the best of the shots I got but they are the only ones I still have... So I wish they were a bit more professional looking but I hope you all enjoy them.. And please leave me comments with your true thoughts on them ( I'm tough and can take it) So look into my "2 Week Run in May to Smokeys" photp album and let me know what you think.. Have a delightful morning all.. Paul Goose Lake By Paul Mays Its the summer of 1970 and here I stand beside the freeway with my thumb out waiting. I like many others have heard abo
Talez Of O'rly Wizdom
No meh don't have deh friggin swine flu yarly do uzz ??! ^(O_o)^ This will be simple and probably the only recorded entry of the history of this silly owl, known around these parts as simply "Orly." It's pronounced "Oh - really" and a sarcastic parody of the infamous pestering internet meme , the O'rly owl. Originally the property of a well known Fubar member, this profile and owl were actually born in Naples, FL in the summer of 2006. Over the course of time, O'rly the Fubar owl has had many run ins with many cheaters, fakes, and well known drama n00bz over the past 2 + years. The most infamous cheaters to be called out was Kelly Young, aka One Click Vicky, aka SweetSuzy, and now known around these parts as Kiss My Grits or Wild Thang. It led to the deletion of this cheater as well as many humorous moments with Fubar family, friends and old timers as well. Many of you do not know O'rly and really should understand that this owl has traveled more and met many, many more people
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
A Tale From The Dark Side
Tale Of A Gothic Princess
Tale of a Gothic Princess Princess Dominica looked so beautiful All dressed in black With white make-up and dark purple lips She sat on the throne so full of majesty The onlookers were dazzled by her beauty And worshipped the ground she walked upon The King was not well And expected to die soon And the Queen had died long ago So the young princess would soon rule the Kingdom Everyone was impressed with her intelligence and grace She carried out her duties without question or complaint And she would always greet new visitors with a smile Once the audience was over she would return to her rooms In the privacy of her own room she would cut her wrists And let the blood pour into a bowl She would force food down her throat until she could eat no more Then she would go to the lady’s room and be violently sick Underneath all her garments she was painfully thin She felt so much pressure to be beautiful She had many suitors but none that she loved A stranger from abroad ar
The Tale To End All Tales
Dream of Death A time to die When all hope has past And all that lies ahead is misery Is there any point in continuing to fight Time always runs out eventually for the lonely Single meals heated in the microwave Single seats on planes surrounded by happy voices Only half a lifetime But its time to call an end Euthanasia would be a simple solution But they make it harder for human kind No lethal injection to take away the pain Nothing to lose, nothing to gain Just drifting through the days Waiting for something to happen But it never does, it never does, So all I do is wait in vain A dull, nagging, long endured pain The pain of lost opportunities The pain of stupid mistakes Only the foolish wait for their lives to change You have to make it happen So take the knife And end this life And come tomorrow There will be time for sorrow It is easy to die when you write it down Put down the pen and wipe away that frown Go to sleep and dr
Tales Of A Broken Heart And Sword
As the fighting continued sparks flew across the sky lighting the night, both fighters weary with fatigue as their epic battle raged on. "Even if you strike me down my victory is complete." said the White Knight. "And with my last breath, I will kill you and honor will be avenged." said the Black Knight. Both knights fighting for honor with every breath. Swords clash as bone and sinew move like a deadly symphony. Utter hatred kept these two going, hatred that god could not stop. Both began to chant, "Our life for honor, our blood for hatred, our heart for love, we will both die here my brother." As a lone woman watched the battle she wept with the breaking of her heart. That's all I wanted to put up, let me know what you think and I might start doing this on a regular basis.
Tales Of The Lotus Pod
Its been a long weird trip for me . I went from a strung out gutter punk to someone now with a job . One that is legitiamate , and one that I can actually say I am glad to have . Sure it doesent beat the money I used to make , but its worth it . No longer do I have to worry about jail . Getting beat up robbed or killed over a mistake ...I like life for once in a long time So much has happened my Uncle passed away about 2 months ago wich really sucked. In many ways however it did push me to take responsablity's I never wanted to accept . So it has a plus side as well I suppose . Its been a while since I been here,and it seems strange that Id return in many ways -Laughs- Oh well I miss everyone ... So I should be asleep , but alas I am a insomniac. That and my father passed away about 2 weeks ago. I stay at home cause I was taking care of my father. Its hard to come to grips when a member of the faimly dies . Real hard I mean everyone says theyre prepared but how can you
Tales Of The Black Rose
NB: There is a minor continuity error between this and the previous installment, due to me reworking the plot. Archie shook his head in amazement as Mumbles took the dead thug out of the room, the shattered remains of his skull leaving a trail on the floor. “I’ve never seen anything like that. You actually were able to bypass his cortex bomb and get the info we needed.” “”No,” Gustav held his hand up to correct Archie. “As you can see, the cortex bomb still exploded when he betrayed his superior. I simply tricked his brain into thinking he was being loyal. The brain eventually caught up, and…” Gustav trailed off, motioning toward the trail of gore. “but, long enough that we now know the time and place of the shipment.” Archie grinned. “That we do, Doc.” Archie sub-vocalized over the implant transmitter in his jaw. “Hot Rod is bringing the car around. Rags and Saber are gearing up. Shall we go get us some other peoples money?”
A Tale Of Two Brothers
The marauding horde stopped on a hill overlooking the manor house of Lord Godwin. Bruthar reined his horse next to Hector. “I will take my group and ride around to the rear of the estate. Light a time-rope and let it burn through four knots, then rush the front of the manor. If we have not won through to the gate by an hour after that, we shall not. Make your own decision then.” They bade each other well and Bruthar gathered his squad and set a circuitous route to the rear of the manor. They dismounted and tied their horses in a grove of trees behind the built up wall of the estate. They rubbed their faces and weapons with pitch and ashes to reduce the reflection of torchlight, then crept silently to the wall. No sooner had they reached the wall than they heard their brothers engaging the Saxons from the front. They watched as Saxon soldiers scurried to the front of the wall to aid in the defense. Bruthar smiled evilly. “Providential timing. Up, comrades. Let us not
Tales Of Extraordinary Dreams
Twisting hard, It ripped through me, Like a tornado- this Love, Pure and unchecked, It tore my soul from me, Flayed my being to within an inch, Of the end. Wracking my body, Shuddering aches, My heart exploded, Glittering golden rain, Falling, Into us. Knowing it was coming, But unable to see the signs, It batters me with joy, As it stabs me with pains. Nowhere on this earth, In this life, Have I known such emotion, A terrible fact I acknowledge, Is that I have wrought it unto myself. But in my darkened hour, I am reminded of my truth, The only thing which matters, That is the only one for me, This beautiful and sweet yummy. So, in the space of a couple of weeks, I've found out that my ex has been sleeping with my friend, whilst denying it for ages... I quit my job and am upping sticks to head to America, land of golden Yummy and such things, to be with Ivory. Its a huge risk, I know, but I feel it is right. Nothing ever felt so right. *
Tales Of A Broken Heart
Tales From The Ambulance: My Bad Attitude
Tonight's tale is one that is more for explinations of later installments and to give you an idea of what happens when I am mad.We run alot of calls during the day and at night we pray for sleep, sometimes God takes pitty others well... This is the story of a bad night. This is from my early days before I became a medic and was a simple EMT. I was still new to the company and not many people knew how I would do because I still had a nice side, so they thought. We had a busy day and had been up most of the night. By the time we got to lay down it was 3 a.m. and we were beat. My partner, Blue, and I had been in bed long enough to relax and start to dift off into a much needed sleep when the spider line rang. Now the spider is a direct line from dispatch to the stations and the regular ringer doesn't work when you are dead on your feet, so they replaced the ringer with the period buzzer from a basketball scoreboard. That buzzer isn't bad in a gym but when you put it in a 8x10 room
Tales Of The Twilight
So im sitting here looking at some old pictures from back in middle school and high school and realizing how many people iv known that have been murdered.. six people ... so many dieing over petty shit.. example my friend tomi was murdered by her boyfriend casue she was leaving him after and after a fight he shot her in the head ... the dumped the body near a dumpster... i dont get it.. i really dont..
A Tale Of A Lady
Tale of a lady Here’s the story, nothing but the facts The lady was frustrated, she couldn’t relax. She needed to find, a much needed release. Until then, there would be no peace. Every night, she’d stand before a mirror She was waiting for a knight to appear. At night, as she’d start to undress Waiting for a knight to help her from distress When one day, there was a knight heading south Could this be him the words whispered from her mouth. Can this be the man of my dreams? Will he fill my evenings with passion and screams? As their eyes met almost like a spell. Into his arms she fell. As their lips hungrily kissed, She knew, this is what she’s missed. He gently picked her up and laid her upon her bed. An, out of her mouth, these words were said. I love being as one with this gentleman. He explores my body, fills my needs like he understands As their bodies became as one, her head begin to spin. As he slowly but slo
The Tale Of Custard The Dragon
The Tale of Custard the Dragon Belinda lived in a little white house, With a little black kitten and a little gray mouse, And a little yellow dog and a little red wagon, And a realio, trulio, little pet dragon. Now the name of the little black kitten was Ink, And the little gray mouse, she called her Blink, And the little yellow dog was sharp as Mustard, But the dragon was a coward, and she called him Custard. Custard the dragon had big sharp teeth, And spikes on top of him and scales underneath, Mouth like a fireplace, chimney for a nose, And realio, trulio, daggers on his toes. Belinda was as brave as a barrel full of bears, And Ink and Blink chased lions down the stairs, Mustard was as brave as a tiger in a rage, But Custard cried for a nice safe cage. Belinda tickled him, she tickled him unmerciful, Ink, Blink and Mustard, they rudely called him Percival, They all sat laughing in the little red wagon At the realio, trulio, cowardly dragon. Belinda giggled t
He leaned against the wall, feeling its vibrations as a plane either landed or took flight. His nerves calmer then He would have believed when He booked her flight. For a moment He did ponder the possibility of her changing her mind, but He knew better then that. she would not break her loyalty to Him over her nerves, not to mention how ecstatic her words had been when He had informed her of the flight. "Oh m'Lord, finally m'Lord, thank You Sir" He let these words flow through His mind as people started exiting the terminal on which He would find her. It appeared to be a busy flight, but He new she would be the last off. "I wish for you to leave the plain last my dear," He continued by explaining even though He knew she would follow the command regardless of the reason... "This is how I shall know you upon first sight my dear." When He saw the line end He looked back to the terminal, watching a last solitary figure step out, she was clearly as nervous as could be. She wor
Tales From The Hood
What the fuck is up muthafuckas? I know I ain't been doing this as much as I's like to so starting right NOW I will be giving you a little bit of news each and every week. that's right ninjalos and ninjalettes, each week I will update my page with a new blog for your eyes to enjoy like a fat kid addicted to cake. As for right now, I know everybody wants to know what happened with that new tattoo of mine. Well, if you haven't seen it yet then here it is again just for those that haven't seen it. That beauty took a total of 2hours and 45 minutes. 45 Mins over the dealine. Cost me a good $120. On to other news. I currently am employed doing the same stuff I used to do. PORNOS!!! Wait what? No. Night cleaning clubs and bars. As for the pay, it's not bad but the hours I'm gettin are shit. I'm hoping to have a new computer though by the end of this month. That will be awesome. As for now there is no more news except this: The 9th of September I'm
Tales From The Mighty Ballsack!®
One would think that with all the blogging I do that I get tons of hate mail... I really don't. What I do get though are shitty blog comments, blogs written about a subject I covered, or one about how big of an asshole I am. Due to my "fubar celebrity status", I am, of course, totally insecure and they affect me deeply. I got to thinking... What kind of blog would make these +Bauer+ haters like me? Well... for one day, I am going to give it to them. Here is the +Bauer+ that you ladies really should know and love! layout for my page,and blog. The Blog: "Why I am Single" I'm picky. The problem with women today is that they don't know how to be treated. I was shopping with my friend, Cindy, and she was telling me about how her boyfriend doesn't ever go shopping with her. What is wrong with this neanderthal? How could he not want to spend every waking moment with this beautiful creature? Then we got back to my apartment and after we snacked on this wonderful spinac
Tales To Tell
She was out on the town with a few of her girlfriends. They had just left Fredrick’s of Hollywood, and were on their way to the new shoe store across the street, when Elania commented on how cute the girl at Fredrick’s had been. Wearing her little corset top with the mid-length sheath skirt. Well this had caught her eye as well, and she readily agreed that the girl had been completely edible. Her friends giggled and laughed at her choice of words, and made their own little jokes about the girl’s deliciousness. Olivia just sighed at her friends wondering if they even understood how serious she had been. The girl at the shop was edible; Olivia had gotten a small taste when the girl was helping her fasten her own corset in the dressing room. The girl hadn’t been wearing panties under her skirt, and when Olivia had commented on the lack of ‘dress lines’ the girl had pulled up her skirt revealing thigh highs and a shaved pussy. Olivia had stared at the softness of the girl’s labia
Tales From My Ballsack!!!
On average, I would say there are anywhere between, 3 and 10 complaints a week written about me. It’s like there is a portion of the Fubar blogging community that has formed a complaint box in my honor. The hilarious part is how they fail to realize that all they do is continue to keep the buzz of Tales From My Ball Sack alive. There are leisure gentleman and trailer trash in heels type bloggers that would kill for that kind of buzz. (Thanks by the way!) Consensus: Pacey is an asshole Thanks for heads up! The sky is blue and shit smells bad too. In order to write some of the stuff I write, you have to be an asshole. So, I decided that I would dissect some of the things that make me an asshole, and share them directly with the "mindless sheep" (you the readers that bitch) who read this blog in an effort to help you examine why the fuck you guys just refuse to unclick the friendship button. I objectify women- This is my favorite. In case you live in a cave you are
Tales Long Lost
"Christ!" "Shit!" Rubber squealed as the tires locked up. Inertia tugged at their bodies. Hands clenched the wheel and grabbed at the oh-shit bar. Tapes smacked against the window. Bedrolls and potato chips flew through the air. Time slowed down and tires continued to scream. They felt the impact before they heard it, a solid thud followed by lesser bumps as something passed under their wheels. The van came to a stop, slightly canted on the two-lane highway. The only sound that remained was that of cartridges rolling around, searching for someplace to settle. The sound of their breathing came a few seconds later. "What the fuck was that?" "I don't know. It came out of nowhere. I think it was a dog." "Out here?" Dale, still gripping the oh-shit bar, looked out the window at the vast expanse of empty grasslands that spread out in every direction. ***** They planned this trip as a catharsis, as a way of saying good-bye. A week of camping, hikin
Tales Of The Lost...
5:45 am locked in the prison of my mind, I try to stay congenial only fail to realize the ever nothing abysis of hollowness flows through my vains like hard in a junkie. I push and pull these thoughts, before they do me in... Its too late, I yell and scream running from my haunted past. Every which way it reconstructs into a morphable dream. Seeming to be so idealistic, only to close the mouth like a fly on a trap of venus. Why put up, why not leave. I cant leave, Im already too dead inside. Im just a rotting corpse that convulses my flesh to be something more than a zombie. But even in these wee hours of the morn, I can see that we are all zombies. Dead to life, sheltered from pain. We are just robots killing ourself with the house keys... the depression sank in a quarter to 3 felt heavier than any block of my mental anguish. i push and pull but the shell was too coarse. Cut my hands so deep the blood bled blue. h
Tales Long Lost
"Christ!" "Shit!" Rubber squealed as the tires locked up. Inertia tugged at their bodies. Hands clenched the wheel and grabbed at the oh-shit bar. Tapes smacked against the window. Bed rolls and potato chips flew through the air. Time slowed down and tires continued to scream. They felt the impact before they heard it, a solid thud followed by lesser bumps as something passed under their wheels. The van came to a stop, slightly canted on the two lane highway. The only sound that remained was that of cartridges rolling around, searching for someplace to settle. The sound of their breathing came a few seconds later. "What the fuck was that?" "I don't know. It came out of nowhere. I think it was a dog." "Out here?" Dale, still gripping the oh-shit bar, looked out the window at the vast expanse of empty grasslands that spread out in every direction. They planned this trip as a catharsis, as a way of saying good-bye. A week of camping, hik
Tales From The Mundane
Howdy all my FuFriends and FuLuvers. This is going to be a strange semester. I have mostly evening courses, so I will all tied up on Wednesday and Thursdays. So if you need to catch me, try on Monday or Tuesday. Don't worry though, I promise to stalk each of you. WisCon is held every memorial day in Madison Wisconsin. It is the feminist science fiction and fantasy convention. I go because my friends Laura and Kelly are there AND to see the newest in books. This year was fun because not only was there the usual suspects, TG-folks and authors, but someone brought the Stomach Flu. Nothing like seeing disease propagation vectors in action. I was my hands like I had OCD. I got through it okay, but Laura got hit. I plan on going back... This week finds me in beautiful Edmonton for a conference. Lots to do, but I just wanted to say "funny money" to all my Canadian friends.
Tales Of Courage
Seliethia Parker always saw her role as protector for her 7-year-old daughter, Alexis Goggins. But it was Alexis who ended up saving her mother's life by using her little body to shield her mom from a fusillade of bullets. Doctors told Parker that her heroic little daughter, who was shot six times, would never walk or talk again. But Alexis has surprised people with her gritty toughness. She's not only walking and talking, she's expected to have a full recovery! Read here
Tales From The Sex Peddler
Well, here it is- my first blog on FUBAR. I'm gonna try to make sure that I bring my other blog from myspace and blogspot here. ___________________________________________ Last Friday I promised you an embarrassing story which turned out to be the foundation of a very trying day. I was kind of crotchety this morning, but then I got flowers and well, that was the 'kiss on the boo boo' I needed. Sometimes the universe just gives you the friendly elbow in the ribs and says, "cheer up chump, shake off your shooter." Well, my shooter is plenty shaken, so here goes. As some of you know, I've taken a shine to political activism and put in some hours helping out a lobbyist. Last week, we had to attend an endorsement event for a candidtate. (I'm leaving my political commentary about out) Keep in mind that when I got dressed that morning, I put on my power suit, black nylons and sexy new high heels. I looked like a million bucks, not a compliment I pay myself that often. Sometimes
Tales Of An Unknown G33k
I've been playing at a new social networking site. Come check out my new profile!! It's alot like Myspace & Fubar...but YOU GET PAID!! Yeah, I'm making money now keeping in touch with my friends. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!!!! I'd love to see you there. And for those who knew King Daddy...he's got a new profile there too. He deleted his account here weeks ago. Let's keep in touch! Simone - Owner of Freebiez Now
Talented Or Troubled?
Sometimes I wonder if I am talented or troubled, Trying to make something of my art, money lol. This only some of what I do on the daily basis. A friend told me a few months ago that he would not know what to do if he could not work on his art. I know the feeling all to well. I know a lot of artists dream of selling their pieces.. I am, slowly doing that. Its like selling pieces of myself away. Anyway, here are three recent (last week) drawings I have done. Should I sell them? Would you buy them? Do they move you?   omg check him out
Tales From The Dumbass.
I was on the bus, 6:47am. At her stop... She was running late. From the store across the street, she came running. Desperate to catch the bus, she ran, her freshly bought Blowpops™ in hand. A police car comes screaming around the corner... Bam. She flew so far. She flew so hard, her shoes flew off. (Her socks don't match) One shoe landed in the cemetery. Foot in the grave, indeed. It was huge news. All over the school. She was critical. She died. We had councilling... I refused. Why bother? She was one of those many that picked on me. Just desserts. I smiled softly when I heard the news. My mom died from cancer in...2000? 2001? Either way, the doctors gave her 6 months. She managed 3 years. (Funny, her mom died from Cancer too. She always said "If I get it, let me die" yet she fought.) We talked one day: ""Bear, I want you to have Power of Attorney." "Why?" "Because if I get too far along, I want you to pull my plug." "Oka
Tale Of A Dog
Tale of a Dog: Caesar A short story by Brian Reily © 2008 I have met many faces in my journeys through the night. Some good, some bad, most neutral, but of all the characters I have encountered, only one truly stands out in my mind. Unlike the others, he is not of the human race, but rather a great, white beast with shining eyes. Twice now have our paths crossed and twice have we reached an unspoken truce. I could tell you of the terror that filled me the first time I saw his snarling face, but I would have to lie; for never has he bore his fangs, only stood and stared. This monster I have semi-affectionately, semi-begrudgingly, given the name “Caesar”. This creature of the streets has stared me down, and twice now have I stood my ground. He lies in the middle of a cement pad, formerly the foundation of a now long demolished building, surrounded on all sides by his pack. Of the others I can say only a few things. First, they number about ten or twelve, dogs of all sh
Tales From Behind The Table
A Tale Of Two Hearts.
Seeking devotion a faded heart can`t seem to find Scorned by loves fiery flame`s leaving lovers blind Wandering this vast world seeking a hint of hope Who will heal their heartbreak and aid them to cope? Two souls haunted by shadows of shattered dreams Lock longing eyes while cleansing ache with gleam Approaching tentatively but with confident strides Fusion of desires and passion attract then collide Embracing love`s promise; gaining wisdom from sorrow Joyful smiles erupt for beyond there`s a new tomorrow Two hearts forgotten the lyrics to love`s sweet melody Now strut with life in their eyes singing for all to see
Tales From The Dark B*tch Within
Dear Penis Owners Current mood:  angsty Ok, some of this is ripped off from a friend of a friend, and I'm honest enough to give credit where credit is due. However, I had to put my own "flavor" to this, so some of this is actually ME saying these things.DEAR PENIS OWNERS, (and I don't mean lesbians with strap-ons, or women who have their men so pussy-whipped that they are no longer in possession of the their own packages. HOWEVER TO THE WOMEN WITH PENIS' AS BIG AS THEIR MANS, KUDOS SISTERS, KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE.)-Don't send me messages asking for a hook up. I've stated in my profile to get to know me. If I'm not worth your time to do so, then your not worth my time to hook up with, and I DON'T DO HOOK UPS ANYMORE.-Don't ask me to be your MISTRESS (or your sub). If I wanted to do that I would bash you in the head and drag you to my cave like an ahead feminist cave woman.-I am also a cat person/owner. so if you have something against felines "these are not the droids you are looking f
Tales From The Red Side
  Okay, so maybe I am a traitor to my own cause here, but I have never seen anything so true when it comes to this topic! Had myself a good chuckle over this one. And let's be honest here, for all you gals with the bottled red hair, ya look great but this doesn't apply. We're talking the genuine article here! ;) Get pissed if ya want. It is... what it is! Differences between Good Girls and Redheads *Good girls loosen a few buttons when it's hot. *Redheads make it hot by loosening a few buttons. *Good girls wax their floors.*Redheads wax their bikini lines. *Good girls blush during sex scenes in a movie.*Redheads know they could do it better. *Good girls wear white cotton panties. *Redheads don't wear any. *Good girls think they are not fully dressed without a strand of pearls.*Redheads think they're fully dressed with just a strand of pearls. *Good girls only own one credit card and rarely use it. *Redheads only own one bra and rarely use it. *Good girls pack their toothbrush.
Tales From A "bond Girl"
SNOW, where the fuck we gonna put it all? I want... To wake up in his & the scent of Summer!  Valentines Day the most over rated a jar of jelly already
Talent Investment Plans& Collaborations
scout , sponsor since 1997.   attempted show / contest in 2009.       learned to improvise poems, jokes, jokestories, songs, short stories in 2009 - 2010. Long short story is suspense thriller fast & furiously vocalized which takes 35 minutes. Longest jokestory about 30 pages. Longest career assistance research effort 8 years.   late 2009 - 2010 humming bass voice vocals sounding like bass trombone jazz in accompaniment to any tune in any musical genre, done improvisationally.    
Tales Of A Smoker..
Day 2 Cigarettes today: 4 Urge to kill Scale (1-10): 10  - Talk to me and I will kill you..   Another shit day.. Every question that is asked of me is now the stupidest fucking question I have ever heard. I see other smokers and want to punch them.. I think Jen is avoiding me.. (I can't blame her).. I bought some weed from my Uncle to help me chill the fuck out.. God bless him, He gave me the greatest deal ever on a quarter ounce.. I'm expecting tomorrow to be more of the suck.. I can't wait.. /wrists..  Day 1 Cigarettes today: 5 Urge to kill Scale (1-10): 10  - Talk to me and I will kill you..   I started quitting smoking today. I method I am using is the nicotine patch. I smoked on average of 1 &1/2 to 2 packs a day. The largest patch they have is = to 1 pack a day. I already cutting my smoking in half and my body is not happy about it.    Todays Mishaps: I was doing just fine until around 3pm today. A customer had a rush job and wanted me to work overtime, This never happ
Tale Of The Broken Heart
Your indiffernce is a knife that has invaded my heart...  My emotional blood spilling forth..  Leaving my heart empty and filling up with cold..  The beating slows as first frost, then ice forms upon it..  Making me wish I had left my heart locked in it's room.       I gather the pieces to my heart.. trying to put them back in place..  no glue will hold them together..  I put my heart back in it's room, lock the door, throw the bolt..  but my back to the door.. crying...  all I can feel is pain and loss...  I don't think I can do this again..  Poisonous Silence   The poison of your silence courses through my veins...  Making me sick in body as well as spirit...  I feel it raging and burning thru me... Wondering if it will kill me... And almost hoping it does... 
The Tales Of Xcylencex
If you act like a dumbass, i WILL share it with all of Fubar. Just sayin.This guy sends me a message that says "boing". I said thanks but no thanks and then I get blasted with this chat. Enjoy :)   cyberstud11:what fucking whore comes on here if shes married go die cunt me:LOL poor baby never been rejected before? cyberstud11:your ugly as fuck nigger i would rape your ass for power because i can me:and THATS why you tried to hit on me with "boing" really? lol cyberstud11:bring your dude i will beat his ass nope i do that to everyone u fucking fat ass so do us a favopr and fucking die me:roflmao i gotta say, thanks for the amusement. this is quite entertaining. cyberstud11:u arent hot i rated your ass a one me:no, actually i am. you're just pissed off because I turned down your lame attempt at a comeon. Get over yourself, seriously. cyberstud11:look here bitch if you keep talking i will find you and kill you im fucking serious ill kill you and your kids me:suuuuuure you
Tales Of A Tattooed Love Boy
Its so damn irritating to not be able to see the trail of things around you on your homepage. You can't see who likes you or rates you or buys you drinks or jack shit   I get the site went down two days ago!!!! But damn can't we get this working soon. Maybe they should give everyone some Fubucks or some bling to compensate for the inconvience of not being able to see the shit we can always see.  Not that they will do that or hell not that they will even ever see this rant. Fuck its just so damn irritating. You can see mumms and thats it. FUCK THAT> Idon't know if people have noticed or not but I have. I click that LIKE button for every new person that pops up on my screen. IS it really that HARD to click a button and LIKE someone back. It takes less than a second. How the hell can you not like people back. ITs rude uncalled for and Disrespectful.    Yes I realize  that we miss a few here and there. But Ive liked over a 1000 people just today and i have 100 likes. like 10 percent o
Tales Of A Psycho Ex
You say you don't want me anymoreKicked me out and locked the doorPsycho ex is what you've dubbed meBaby, can't you see? I just want to fuck. Y u mad? Most people would be glad.I'll find a way to have you againFind your weakness and then I'm back inI just want to fuck.. Why are we arguing?Respect has nothing to do with it.I need my needs metLess talk let's get to it. You keep calling me namesI'll be that cunt todayTonight you'll fuck meI forgave what you said. You don't like my weightHate how I lookYet you keep fucking me.That's approval in my book I know it's goodYou're trying to find betterThat's a mistakeShe won't even let cha She'll spend all your moneyIgnore all of your callsHer abusive boyfriend will answerNow you got blue balls Might as well come backMakes sense to meWhy chase someone and sit home lonelyYou'll get hot meals and a "wet juicy"I love fucking you. It makes me happy It will work. Keep your mouth shutIt will work. Grab the handcuffsSpank me and call me mommy
Tales Of The Domestically Retarded.
When I joined fubar on Halloween 2011, I really didn’t know what to expect. Fu became an escape for me; something to pass the time. When I joined Fu, I was going through some RL drama with former friends, family and a douchebag. I didn’t join this site to find love.  Which is funny. Someone from this site has caught my interest, my emotions, and my heart. He’s captivated and ensnared me with his charm, his wit, his smile, his nerdiness, and his love for using smilies on Y!M to capture the moment. This person when they first did the like, rate, fan and friend me thing, I looked at their pictures and told myself, “Eh, I’ll pass on that.”I was so fucking stupid but had I taken a chance then, I don’t think we would have been together for long. We would have been like the millions of online couples that don’t work out. We would have been a statistic. I think I would have been a rebound instead.  So in April, when my life was filled with m
Talent In My Eyes.............
The Tale
25 i was burnt once already by love lost 3rd degree decisions that you made where at my cost 26 you where in a hurry to bury the hatchet you tossed its still kinda blurry i worry for whats gone 27 i reminisce on the often back to when i was your John you said we would be closer than we are and i long, 28 to hold you in my arms, like the times after dinner at yer moms or reading from the torah the traditions of so long, 29 laggin on a cigarette till after yer dads gone, laffing with yer sister at whatever Jeff had on 30 lookin at the list of memories its mad long, how'd i let this end, tellin myself my angel wont be mad long. 31 keep it to yer self john, everybodys heard sad songs i've grown away from the immaturities i've owned 32 found somthin in myself nobody else had slammed on brought it directly to my endzone live via microphone. 42 when you used to compress my chest, you said youd always be the
Taliban Stages Brazen Attack On U.s. Base
GHAZNI, Afghanistan (AP) -- A group of 75 Taliban militants tried to overrun a U.S.-led coalition base in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, a rare frontal attack that left more than 20 militants dead, the coalition said in a statement. President Bush greets Afghan President Hamid Karzai at Camp David, Maryland, earlier this week. The insurgents attacked Firebase Anaconda from three sides, using gunfire, grenades and 107 mm rockets, the coalition said. A joint Afghan-U.S. force repelled the attack with mortars, machine guns and air support. "Almost two dozen insurgents were confirmed killed in the attack," the statement said. Two girls and two Afghan soldiers were wounded during the fight in Uruzgan province, it said. A firebase like Anaconda is usually a remote outpost staffed by as few as several dozen soldiers. "The inability of the insurgent forces to inflict any severe damage on Firebase Anaconda, while being simultaneously decimated in the process, should be a cle
why does nobody say anything
Talk To Me
Today my mother would have been 48. Though she is gone I plan to celebrate it anyway. I love my mom and I miss her so much. Please show her some love even if you dont beleive in life after death, it wont hurt. Buried at IN LOVEING MEMORY@ LostCherry Get Your Own Voice PlayerManage I can see the "Most Real Cherr" or "Graveyard Boys" I can see the "Pretty Eye Contests" and the "PS" contests. Tell me though What in the world is the point of something so volgar and degrating as "Pretty Pussy" Conetsts?! Is gross, Its showing a low self respect, and comepletely out of line in my eyes. I personaly would never eneter such a contest. I dont want the world to see my puss. Thats for my husbands eyes only. Come on people GROW UP! If your in highschool, I can see it but grown men and woman. Whats wrong with you. Be ashamed! I am far from a prude trust me. I also have a thing called self respect and BOUNDRIES! Send
Talk To Me Im New
im 18 female from omaha ne
Well im 19 and single.I love to meet new people on and offline.I love dark romance as well as rough sex.I have a really huge foot fetish.I lve pretty feet and toes:)
Talky Talk Talk Bullshit....
So yesterday I skated a demo for Fringe Clothing (, and this morning I feel like a 60 year old man with arthritis. My hip is swelled up two times it's size, my elbow the same, and the rest of my body in general is sore as hell...but it was worth every painfull minute of it. You see a couple years back I realized my goal in Demo and Competetions is not too win or do the best tricks or whatever, my goal is to be the ragdoll. Now I know all you fuckers wanna see someone just totally eat shit, I am the guy who makes that happen. I'm the guy you'll see lauch a ridiculous air, each mad shit, than do it again. I like to think of this as inspiration to the grommits: fall, eat shit, rise from the ground and do it again. Why I am tellin people this I dunno, blogs are just kinda random sometimes. So I'll be throwin some pics up soon, for now, thanks for your attention...
Talk Radio
Talk To Me!!!
Hey yall come on talk to me I am bored!!!
The Talking Heads
Talking Outside Of Cherrytap
Hey all, if any of you want to talk to me outside of CT below is my messenger ID's and some other sites you can find. Yahoo (sindeebabe2) MSN ( AIM (CindyGrizBear) Sites to find me on: MySpace ( hi5 ( TagWorld ( And you can find me on FaceBook too. I know I have a membership everywhere, lol...what can I say? I'm an attention-whore ;-). Hey all I'm going to be moving as of Friday, March 30th. You probably won't catch me online for a few days until I can get my net hooked up at the new place. Unless someone in my building will have wireless and I can connect through that, lol. Hope everyone is well!!! Hey folks Just a heads up to those of you who aren't aware of it yet. I will be moving again, this time back up to BFE in Northern Michigan with my parents. Not thrilled about it, but it's something that's gotta happen right now. I won't be
Talk To Me
Why doesn't anyoneever talk to me? I think everyone should start sending me messages! :) It would greatly be appreciated
Talk Story ? Or Piss Off
Thanks for welcoming me into you little community and may we all prosper and have a big safe dwi free 2007 some say I'm a dreamer but I know I'm not the only one. Cheers to all the Ripe Cherries...Your friend sensistar I just dont get it, every one votes each other tens and then ask for friends request and then aquire them and then hardly speak again. It seem like most people vote profs. as tens as well as piccies. I need schooling on this or I have just lost the plot. So let's talk story What is some good solid advice?I order to see my children I have to leave my cell at home no outside contact no television, no drinking only cartoons on the telie. Then I get the piss taken out of me in order to spend precious moments with my two little children whom are 1/12 boy and 3 year old daughter. I feel that me being there hurts them because they always have to hear the anti-christ shouting orders and upsetting the children. it's like she is trying to punish me but truly it is affecting the
Talk To Me!
Hi Everyone. Just wanted everyone to know that I have yahoo. SN = melancholy_infinite_sadness0 IM me.
Talk About Being Embarrassed...
Ok. So Donnie has been wanting a XBOX 360.. He pulled 5 dbls on the last pay period in order to have the monet to buy 1..We called around today and GAME STOP said that he could trade his Xbox and his Playstation 2 in for credit towards a 360. The only have a couple left in the store and he really wanted one. So he got the xbox, playstation and all of the games together in a bag. I took him to work and went to trade everything in and to buy the 360. Mind you It is saturady and there is a store full of people. While the cashier, who looks to be about 16, is going through teh bag and making sure everything works he Pulled what he thought to be a game out and it turned out to be a prono.. the kid's face started turning red and the woman who is standing next to me, looks up and saw the porn, her eyes get as Big as silver dollars, her jaw drops and she turns gives me this look and said that I should be ashamed of myself.. I am not ashamed that we have porn in the house, however I did tur
Talk To My Body
Talk to my body Oh my god Is me he holds Sliding deep within My secret folds I feel the heat We have set the goal He fills my body My heart My soul Together As our bodies rock We find that place That special spot The moistness Of our love combined The scent is heavenly Our bodies entwined My mind is racing My body taunt Bracing itself Is more i want Now here i am Gasping for breath To end this now I would rather death Hands clenched tight Muscles twitch Here comes the light What an itch As my body spasms With him inside He welcomes himself Along for the ride As he spills his seed With a sudden need I can hear myself That moaning plead As fulfillment and peace Enters body and mind A promise I make Not to leave him behind As I lay with my head Now close to his heart I know that we Wont be far apart For as long as his body Can talk with mine I know that our love Will last for all time
Talking Italian
Talking Italian A bus stops and two Italian men get on. They seat themselves, and engage in animated conversation. The lady sitting behind them ignores their conversation at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of the men say the following: ''Emma come first. I come. Dennis come and Dennis come again. I come again. Two asses, they come together again. I come again and pee twice. Then I come once-a-more.'' ''You foul-mouthed swine,'' retorted the lady indignantly. ''In this country we don't talk about our sex lives in public.'' ''Hey, coola down lady,'' said the man. ''Imma just tella my friend howa to spella Mississippi.''
Talks Like June (one With A Permanent Scar)
Complete and total adoration, My gift to you, my heart was yours, In ten weeks you shaped it, In one night you murdered it. Torn from my chest and laid at your feet, That first step you took was the worst. Since then you've walked a thousand miles in solace and short remark, And I still have these memories, But we'll never see what we could have been. Remember when we talked about where we'd be a year from now? Remember when you held my hand like you'd never let it go? Remember, cause that's all you can do. We'll never make another memory, We'll never make another memory. I wish I'd have died in your arms the last time we were together, So I wouldn't have to wake without you today. This time I thought things were real, You said they were, What happened? You were a priority, Was I an option? I let you see a side of me that I don't share with anyone. Promises are just words unless they are fulfilled. Knew from the beginning all I had to offer you was my heart, I
Talk To My Body
Talk to my body Oh my god Is me he holds Sliding deep within My secret folds I feel the heat We have set the goal He fills my body My heart My soul Together As our bodies rock We find that place That special spot The moistness Of our love combined The scent is heavenly Our bodies entwined My mind is racing My body taunt Bracing itself Is more i want Now here i am Gasping for breath To end this now I would rather death Hands clenched tight Muscles twitch Here comes the light What an itch As my body spasms With him inside He welcomes himself Along for the ride As he spills his seed With a sudden need I can hear myself That moaning plead As fulfillment and peace Enters body and mind A promise I make Not to leave him behind As I lay with my head Now close to his heart I know that we Wont be far apart For as long as his body Can talk with mine I know that our love Will last for all time
Talking Dog
A guy is driving around Tennessee and he sees a sign in front of a house: "Talking Dog For Sale." He rings the bell and the owner tells him the dog is in the backyard. The guy goes into the backyard and sees a Labrador retriever sitting there. "You talk?" he asks. "Yep," the Lab replies. "So, what's your story?" The Lab looks up and says, "Well, I discovered that I could talk when I was pretty young. I wanted to help the government, so I told the CIA about my gift, and in no time at all they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, because no one figured a dog would be eavesdropping. I was one of their most valuable spies for eight years running." "But the jetting around really tired me out, and I knew I wasn't getting any younger so I decided to settle down. I signed up for a job at the airport to do some undercover security wandering near suspicious characters and listening in. I uncovered some incredible dealings and
Talk To Me Baby!
Ok, I had a shitty, pathetic excuse of a day. Missing an old friend on her birthday. Nasty tension headache all day. Coworkers have been bitches. And to top it all off, my ex gave me another load of his bullshit this evening. Soembody give me a laugh... please. :( Ok, so I got one of those neat little voice message boxes on my page. I want some damn messages in there. Please. Thanks, freaks. ;)
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Talk Story
.Cheating is an odd term, when you think about it. What are you cheating them out of? Conversely, what would you be getting cheated out of? Isn't infidelity actually a gift? You're giving the person the opportunity to see you as the chicken-shit that you are. The person who can't be bothered to tell them that you can't be with them anymore. "Cheating" on someone gives them ammunition against you and makes it easy for them to break up with you (or you with them). I've been on all corners of the cheating block. I've been the one to cheat. I've been the one to get cheated on. I've been the "other woman." And I've been the person who held in the information of someone else's indiscretion. No side is a favorable one. They all have their drawbacks. Being cheated on hurts the most. Hell, when you discover that you're not enough for someone and they didn't respect you enough to tell you that before going and entangling their genitals with someone else, that revelation kills. It can feel
Talk About Whatever
Can someone tell me why they changed the name again? I've been on CT almost a year now and it's been a blast. I have so many friends and fans, but sure would like to have more family here. So, if you wanna be in my family, add me to yours, and I'll add you too. Well that's it for now. Back to what I was doing...more goofing off...LOL
Talk About Getting A Gifthorse In The Mouth! Lol
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Talking About Sex
Did I get your attention? Who's blushing? Statistics say that if you live in the United States, you are four times more likely to blush when the topic of sex is brought up than any other country. So, what does that say, America? Why are we blushing? We all have sex don't we? Why is it then such a "hushed" topic even in the year 2007? Maybe we aren't having as much sex as we should be. Statistically, the average person engages in sexual intercourse about 127 times a year,( notcountin t the people that want it all the time ) that is, unless you are American. Statistics in the United States show that number only averages between 97 and 118 times a year and twenty percent of the population didn't have a single sexual encounter at all last year. So, what's the problem? Why have we become such prudes? or Are we? Sex is natural. Sex is healthy and fun. In my opinion, it's not that we American's are turned off by sex, it's that they simply can't trust themselves enough to carry on an intelli
Talk To Me
well ispent the whole weekend w jewell n he told me that he loves me n that he misses me i didnt think i was that easy to get over! lol but i miss him so much he says that he wants to start all over from datin again! thats ok w me we need a fresh start! i love him so much! i just hope it isnt some kinda game today i took my dog to my aunts untill i get my own place n the worst thing happened! she got ran over i loved her so much! i just lost my bf n bb (the dog) was my only companion. the past few weeks have been horriable! but thanx for takin the time to read this! ok life is gettin harder and harder. frist i lost you n then rufus is gone when i get home. then yesterday was BBs last day with us. You may not love me any more but i still love you. i hope the single life treats u well. i cant affored to keep comin to see you. i work at fuckin dairy queen i make shit. i cant take the mind games any more, one time u tell me i can come back if i am good but what is good i have kissed your
Talk About Your Signs
Talkin' To The Wall
In Jerusalem, a female CNN journalist heard about a very old Jewish man who had been going to the Western Wall to pray, twice a day, everyday, for a long, long time. So she went to check it out. She went to the Western Wall and there he was! She watched him pray and after about 45 minutes, when he turned to leave, she approached him for an interview. "I'm Rebecca Smith from CNN. Sir, how long have you been coming to the Western Wall and praying?" "For about 60 years," said the praying man. "60 years! That's amazing! What do you pray for?" says Rebecca. "I pray for peace between the Christians, Jews and the Muslims. I pray for all the hatred to stop and I pray for all our children to grow up in safety and friendship." "How do you feel after doing this for 60 years?" The praying man says, "Like I'm talking to a fuckin' wall,"
A Talk With Granny
I was talking to my granny today.. She told me her neighbor was moving and decided to move some of their stuff out at 230am and it wok her up. The walls in the duplex are thin and if you stand next to the laundry chute you can hear the neighbors arguing about whatever as if you were standing in the same room. Well she goes on to tell me that the daughter in that family is a bit Promiscuous and some nights she can "hear her" moaning and yelling and then the next nite you can hear the boyfriend moaning and yelling.. Ok The last thing I wanted to hear out of my sweet lil granny's mouth is the word moan for one thing. She goes on to say that the girl has kinky sex. OK OK I so didn't expect to hear the word kinky come out of her mouth omigawd. So we continue to talk and something comes up about the sex stuff you see on the tv (she said it in those exact words) I'm on the other end of the phone like Granny just made a reference to porn. OMG, what does this mean? I Told her you never had sex
Talking To Americans
Let me start by saying something I could never say last year. My best friends are American. Now, with that being said I decided I would look for a Canadian TV Special called "Talking to Americans". It was one of the funniest shows I ever saw. In fact, I was talking to a friend about a week after it aired and she said she saw the funniest show that she ever saw. I said, I know what one you mean. It was never intended by the show and definately not by me, to slam or insult any Americans. The humor here may be funnier to Canadians because we know the Canadian inside jokes invoved, but I am sure you will find it funny and laugh right along. The same pranks could have been pulled right on Canadians with the same results. The show is hosted by a guy named Rick Mercer, a popular Canadian comedian. Remember tho when viewing the clips, the comments on the page have nothing to do with the show's producers or by ole Habbbbb. The amazing thing is some of the people they bamboozle, like G W Bush an
Buffalo? Fuck. No one voluntarily goes to Buffalo. I mean, as a general rule. It's the type of place you are born in and don't leave. It's the type of place you go for a meeting when your client buys some shitty company there and then you spend the whole time you're in town feeling like you have the hantavirus and the only possible antidote is getting the fuck out of Buffalo fifteen minutes ago. It's the type of place that's on the national news every once and a while because some guy flipped out and killed someone at Wendy's or it snowed a lot again or they annexed themselves to Canada or what the fuck ever. But you don't get in your car on a sunny Sunday afternoon and drive to fucking Buffalo. It isn't done. Except, apparently, when it is. So anyway, I was having half a pack of jerks come in from out of town. My friend Joe was flying back from Seattle where he lives with his probably illegal immigrant Mexican au pair wife (obviously). Joe was tech
Talk Show
well i was browsing and came across something in mind and i was wondering how many people would be interested in like a fubar talk show and how many people would participate in it
Talk About Obsessed!!!
ok.. i doubt anyone will respond to this. This is more of me just trying to get my feelings out and it's easier to type right now than write. ok so what do you do when you need to be there for someone, but everything they do makes u just wana forget their existance. them not being around would be easier. i'm talking about my sister. maybe i should give ya a lil background so u understand. almost four years ago, my brother in law *best friend of mine* was brutally beat by the cops. he was diabetic and wrecked during a seizure. the individual he hit called the cops and told them she was hit by a drunk driver because my bro was unresponsive. they arrive on the scene and after bout 15 mins *witnesses* they took him out of the vehicle put him on the ground, cuffed and shackled him. this was four police, on top of one man. we didn't know where he was and when we found out what hospital and got on the scene we assumed his broken nose, bruised and scratched face, shoulders and ches
Talk About Real Love!!
I just read an article in this week's People magazine about retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner. She has to been married to her husband for 54 years, and retired a few years ago to take care of her husband who has been disgnosed with Alzheimer's disease 17 years ago. (So you can imagine it is pretty progressed) The article indicates he is at the stage where he has not really recognized her for awhile, and yet she continues to go visit him regularly. The article was about another little old lady in the assisted living facility that he lives in that he has fallen for. It described how when Sandra goes to visit her husband, the other lady sits with them and holds his hand, etc. And that she has accepted that he does not know SHE is his wife and that at least in this dark part of his life, he can have some sort of small piece of happiness. But she continues to visit him!! Imagine what that must be like for her. And yet her love for him is so strong that she just wants him to
Talk To Me.........
I want everyone to know that I have MUCH more to offer in the way of conversations, than just the racial issues. Unfortunately, when I poosted three mumms today (as a sort of "social experiment") the one on race seemed to never die. This leads me to believe that this still carries deep-rooted passions and emotional responces, much more than any other subject I've encountered in here. I think that I have proven myself to be an articulate, and well-versed conversationalist, and I thoroughly enjoy being so. Contraversy breeds debate; debate breeds ideas; ideas breed cooperation; cooperation breeds progress; progress leads to success; success breeds happiness; and then out of mutual happiness comes true freindship between people willing to think openly, and discuss freely!!! For those of you who think that this is really me, or that i really look ANYTHING like this: STOP READING NOW!!!!! For those of you who think that I actually live in this : you could be righ
Talking Cow
In Plato's Republic, Socrates explains to Polymarchus the paradoxes of justice, by examining who has it and why and what its intentions can do when placed in the right or wrong hands. He says, "The boxer who is most skilled in offense will also be most skilled in defense. The doctor who is most capable of protecting us from disease is also the one who is most capable of infecting us. The soldier who guards the fort well will also be good at raiding the enemy's camp." I thought about this as I watched... To finish reading Click here. So everytime I am about to eat a hamburger, I watch the burger turn into a cow, and we have a conversation. COW: Mooo. Don't eat me. I'm a cow. WOLF: (Wipes ketchup off the cow's face, and looks closer). COW: So - "Wolf" - you realize that it is bad to eat me for countless reasons - reasons like saving the rainforests (that require more grazing fields for livestock), health concerns over red meat (that raises your cholesterol), and simply, t
Talkin' World War Iii Blues By Bob Dylan
Some time ago a crazy dream came to me, I dreamt I was walkin' into World War Three, I went to the doctor the very next day To see what kinda words he could say. He said it was a bad dream. I wouldn't worry 'bout it none, though, They were my own dreams and they're only in my head. I said, "Hold it, Doc, a World War passed through my brain." He said, "Nurse, get your pad, this boy's insane," He grabbed my arm, I said "Ouch!" As I landed on the psychiatric couch, He said, "Tell me about it." Well, the whole thing started at 3 o'clock fast, It was all over by quarter past. I was down in the sewer with some little lover When I peeked out from a manhole cover Wondering who turned the lights on. Well, I got up and walked around And up and down the lonesome town. I stood a-wondering which way to go, I lit a cigarette on a parking meter And walked on down the road. It was a normal day. Well, I rung the fallout shelter bell And I leaned my head and I gave a yell
Talk To Biker Trash
Sexy Comments Galore! I hope very one has a wonderful time with their Family's. The one's that are away from their family's you will get to be with them soon.
Talking Southern
Talk All You Want
Talk About A Bad Valentine's Day
well it was around 6:30 when i got the call from my wife to come over to her mother's house.So i went over and her mom and her had her grandma laying on the floor (my mother in law said they had just got done changing wife's grandma was 81 mind you .well she was laying on a blanket so we all decided to pick her up in the blanket and move her to her bed .well i happened to look down and notice that her chest wasn't moving ,so my wife's mother called the squad.about 20 minutes after the squad got there they took her grandma and my wife came over to me sobbing and saying that her grandma was gone .and as if this wasn't bad enough ,the damn finance company we have our van through decides to call ,and i tried to tell the woman on the other end that we were having a family crisis and she was like "this will only take a few seconds" so i hung up on her ass.well about an hour later someone else from the damn finance company called ,i mean i know we owe them money but damn my wife's gra
hay i love talkin to new ppl so add me on yahoo if u want or text me on my phone 15806950929 hope to hear from u
Talking About A Revolution
Talk Sex With Jeanio
Talk To Me.
I'm bored and wanna talk. Need friends to keep me busy with good conversation. Doesn't matter what its about, just talk. I love writing and need to do more, but no one talks back. Hit me up anytime and I promise to make you smile.
Talking Politics
I've been interested in Presidential politics since the 1980 election when I was just a middle school aged kid, and two things I have learned and accepted as fact over the years is that #1 The vice presidential nominee has no influence over which way the election goes, and #2 A sitting Senator has no chance to win the election. Now this year, it seems those things I have accepted as inevitable fact have been turned upside down. Regarding Senators, maybe this has something to do with the fact that no matter how unpopular a President is, Congress always seems to have a lower rating, and amongst lawmakers, the power of Senators to block legislation and act with impugnity makes them seem like little wanna-be Monarchs demanding obedience from their serfs, which leaves most people with a bad taste. Let's face it, Senators are the ultimate "Washington Insiders". But this year, you have a case where the top 3 finishers (McCain, Obama, and Clinton) were ALL sitting Senators. If I am at al
The Talk About How To Be An Friend.
When your somebodys friend.You are suppose to treat who ever they are nice and with respect. Then don't hurt their feeling. So they will feel down all day. Unless u want to lose a friend. And when they go again to be your friend.Then u will know the aswer tooyour question before u ask aboout it. The End
The Talk About How To Be An Friend.
Talkin' Pennsylvanian...
Once a Pennsylvanian, ALWAYS a Pennsylvanian! About Pennsylvanians: You've never referred to Philadelphia as anything but 'Philly' and New Jersey has always been ' Jersey.' We don't go to the beach, we go 'down th e shore.' You refer to Pennsylvania as 'PA' (pronounced Pee-Ay). How many other states do that?? 'Y ou guys' (or even 'youze guys', in some places) is a perfectly acceptable reference to a group of men and women. You know how to respond to the question 'Djeetyet?' (Did you eat yet) You learned to pronounce Bryn Mawr, Wilkes-Barre, Schuylkill, the Pocono's, Tamaqua, Tunkahannock, Bala Cynwyd, Duquesne and Monongahela. And we know Lancaster is pronounced Lank-ister, not Lan-kaster. You know what a 'Mummer' is, and are disappointed if you can't catch at least highlights of the parade. You know what 'Punxsutawney Phil' is, and what it means if he sees his shadow. The first day of buck and the first day of doe season are school hol
Talking To Myself
Talk,talk Talk.
This is for all people that have things on there mind.Open up to me,i"m here for you.
Talking Shit
Welcome to my first (and most likely last) blog on fubar well what can I say not meant people will read this and hell if I did not have to write it nether would I and yes I am sober yeah no really I am anyway time to say something funny stupid or to make ya laugh well try to anyway but I have nothing sorry about that I just wasted ya time but I do that a lot so watch this space and see what other shit I talk if they let me post another one after wasting every ones time so cheer drink up and hell if I see ya my shout !
the driving force behind my desires is the simple act of giving. i desire to give totally. to save nothing for myself. Even in the pain inflicted, i give myself to Him, for His pleasure. Do i feel the pain, yes. But more then the pain is the desire to please Him. i give by accepting the bruises and the pain inflicted. Why is it so hard for people to believe your single when you are lol Have a wonderfull time
Talk Please
Talk Wit Me
"talk About It"
Who ever said "talk about it", seriously who listens or cares, who even answers their phone, or returns messages. They say in psychiatry and psycology, talking about issues is the best way to heal. In regards to children, A parent is overbearing and causes undo stress and emotion on that child by trying to communicate. It accelarates issues, making more drama and pressure where there is already plenty. But what is one to do about the constant worries, racing thoughts..."What can I do?" "How can I fix this?" Yet lack of talking results in an unrelentless imploding feeling when left with no outlet. So hold back or speak?  The tears and fears and worries They fill and fill, to what reservoir are they to be released in a "proper" manner? WHERE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO PUT THESE FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS? When CAN you talk, Where..... Please leave comments, thoughts and ideas, I need help.
" Talk To Me " By Buckcherry
I want everybody to stop what they're doing. Now if you know you're with somebody you're gonna take the hotel room tonight, make some noise... Meet me at the hotel room [x4] [Chorus] Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room, you can bring your girlfriends and meet me at the hotel room. [x2] We at the hotel, motel, holiday inn. [x4] She like that freaky stuff, 2 in the oh! and 1 in the ah!, that kinky stuff, you nasty, but I like your type and like TI its whatever you like. Bring your girls its whatever tonight, your man just left, i'm the plumber tonight, i'll check your pipes, oh, you the healthy type. Well, here goes some egg whites. Now gimme that sweet, that nasty that gushy stuff, let me tell you what we gon do. 2 + 2, i'm gon undress you. Then we're gonna go 3 and 3 you gon' undress me. Then we're gon' go 4 and 4, we gon' freak some more, but first! [Chorus] after party in the hotel lobby, then we off to the room like vroom! put them fingers in your mouth uh
The Talk Betwixt A Father And Daughter...i Need A Drink Now
Thris morning I awoke to the sounds of my teenage daugher russling around outside me bedroom door.  Last night or early this morning she floated in to me house at 4am.  she is 16 and a vary good kid vary honest always upfront wtih me about what is going on.  With that in mind I brought her out to breakfast at the ungodly hour os 7am and we had the pill talk.   after many moments of cold swets and anginic attacks I was pressed to agree that my daugher go on the pill.   My friends have all said how "forward thinking I am."  I me self find it hard not to get in me car and go run over her boy friend many many times in a proticular part of his anatomy  feel free to post your thoughts always looking for a counter answer
I have an Enchanted Forest I made for the occassion of my granddaughter's sixth birthday. I created it right after having surgery on my ankle, but there ain't nothin' a good Chi Chi wouldn't do for her Tate. She loves it. There is a Dragon's Lair within it's verdent depths, and of course a dragon. This dragon is also very special. It came from Tate's mother, my daughter - Fae, on a Mother's Day quite awhile ago. He came from a place that is filled with stone statues, as if Medusa were a frequent visitor or something silly like that. He sits on his Celtic swing and sweetly guards the entrance to his lair with a clawed foot to his wide open mouth shouting to my granddaughter "LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!", and to me he shouts "HEY, LAAAAAADDDDYYYY!". That is some background for why I have the random thoughts that I do. I will share a few with you if you just push the right button below...   And to give credit for inspiration, where credit is due - the fabulous fellow Michi
Talk Nerdy To Me!
                                                              Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!”                                                                      Now Albert Einstein was not a Entomologist, but entomologists today say its causing them and the world a huge problem. Has anyone else ever noticed that bee stings have became less and less? I cant remember the last time a kid got stung but a bee or myself for that matter, but the decline in honeybee populations in the U.S. and elsewhere signals a major environmental imbalance that could have far wrose implications for our agricultural food supply. " in 24 states around the U.S. have bubbled up to the surface, over the last year and a half, but hardly any large-scale media attention has been drawn to this potentially serious problem" Brough
Talking In Code
I felt it, before you were even gone. I knew it was coming, the feeling was too strong. You told me, that you spoke in code. I broke it, I read it, it showed. I took the blame, even though it was clear. What really, was going on here. I wasn't the only one, I feel like a fool. Threw myself out there, broke all of my own rules. It is easier to place the blame, on someone else. I didn't do that, it took it all myself. How could I have been wrong, from the start. I didn't think with my mind, I acted with my heart. Every beat was telling me, it was right. Now my tears, keep me up at night.
Talking Monkeys Commision
Talk To Yourself Much?
Talk to yourself much? Hell, I do it everyday. Only to me, it doesn't seem that way. I see your face, with each and every word. You have me, I'm a goner, I am all yours. Talking to the moon, to make you feel my love. I'd talk to just about anything, you can think of. Maybe I'm crazy, and if that's the case. I can live with that, to see your face. So I'll sit here talking away, to anything I can. Until the day, you hold me in your hands.
Talk To My Bigp
Tall Dark Stranger
Talladega Memories
Tall_josephine 6'6
Hello! so now I'm here on Cherry Tap too... (and MySpace, Facebox, Flixter, + + + ) IF you now would like to see some more photos... (yes, yes, yes!) then come to my yahoo-group! Http:// 52 - yes, fiftytwo albums with photos!! You are very welcome!! *smile* Josephine 6'6 / 197cm - without heels! Hello Friends! I've been online with my photos since 2003, first on a Dutch webpage for Tall Women called Http:// I'm still now and then making a session for them :-) Shortly after that I started my own yahoo-group becuse I wanted to have more contact with the people who came and looked at the photos. Http:// (it's free to join! this is my main photo-place, what you see here are just a few examples of what you will find there! ohyes :-) Then I was chatting for a while through msn but I stopped - it just took too much time. Chatting is just way too much fun! *grin
Talladega Nights
This past week was a riot. I attended my first race. It was nice. I never partied as hard as i did for 3 damn days. I enjoyed it, it was a experience. Boobs, Beads and Beers and Nascar. What more could a girl ask for. Also if your a guy and u bring your wife or girlfriend... Dont get all shitty when somone asks her to see her boobs.. your the dumb ass who put her in that situation. Ok Its all fun.. I mean come on its just tits its not like the pootane!! I have tons of pics i need to up load. If u never have been be sure to check it out one day. Amy
Talladega 2007
made your annual trip to the nascar races at talladega. we had fun as always. my friend kristi's mom went with us for the first time. got dressed up friday night went to dinner. had limo pick us friday and sunday to take us to the race. my friend and her mom were treated like princess the whole weekend. it was alittle sad because our friend randy was not with us. he was and always will be missed. some of my pictures are from this year's trip. we did drink alittle over the weekend. friday night we had a bottle of 1999 dom p.
how tall are you ?
The Tall Woman And A Midget
One day a boy and his father were at the dining room table working on the boy's Social Studies homework, the chapter about government. The boy turns to his father and asks, "Dad, how many people work in the U.S. government?" The father replies without hesitating, "Oh, about ten percent." A tall woman met a midget at a party. The midget was barely three feet tall but they were attracted to each other. After a few drinks they went back to the tall woman's apartment. "I can't imagine what it will be like making love to a midget," said the woman, "especially with the size difference and all." "Just take off your cloths, lie back on the bed, spread your legs apart and close your eyes," said the midget. The woman did as she was told and soon she felt the biggest thing she'd ever experienced inside her. Within a few minutes the woman had climaxed eight times. "If you think that was good," said the midget with a smirk, "Just wait till I get BOTH legs in there!"
The Tallie Monster !
> > > > > > Fat Sonny's got a little challenge for everyone. This gal is about 523k away from leveling. So you know the usual drill...rate her, fan her, add her. Then get to rating her pics and helping her along to level. Every little bit helps. Don't forget to rate the little bit of stash she has. > > tallie monster@ fubar > > > > > >
Okay, here's my take on the race at 'Dega...Keselowski is behind Edward's coming to the line...fakes high then dives low...Carl goes to block high...see's the fake and tries to cut off the low pass...Brad can do three things...1. Go below the yellow line and hope NASCAR rules he was forced down there.  2. Back off and settle for second.  3. Stay where he was and hope Carl doesn't pull down on him.  Carl pulled down and Brad already had a fender inside of Carl spins...his car raises off the ground and begins to settle when Ryan Newman's car hits Carls and sends it further into the air.  All the safety equipment did its will fly off the car or fence when they collide.  The easiest solution to avoid this in the future is for NASCAR to allow passing below the yellow line from the tri-oval to the finish line.  If this rule was in effect maybe Brad pulls low to avoid Carl and they never touch.  Don't change the restrictor plate...don't take away the banking at Dega or Da
Tallest Structures In The World
Shenzhen, China Pinnacle 384m / 1260' Almaty, Kazakhstan Pinnacle 371m / 1217' Berlin, Germany Pinnacle 368m / 1207'
Tallahassee Restaurants
There's a lot have fun with while going up the near Tallahassee Florida. The position is just a hop, skip and a jump from the Altlanta ga advantages, creating a project into another scenario quite possible. If you choose to remain near the Tallahassee city limitations, however, there's a lot to take up your interest. Tallahassee is a well-known holiday website for many factors. Some of the following functions of Tallahassee include: • Florida Situation University - One of the most well-known companies in the scenario, it is also one of the most amazing. Take a day usually walking through the brick-laden school, or choose your trip to go with with your recommended enjoyment action. Florida Situation, or FSU as it's more usually known as, functions an amazing actions system that contains national titles for football, observe and position and more. Encounter one of the upgrades of the college by taking part a performance under the Big Top. Florida Situation University has an amazing
Tama/zildjian Rule!
- Get Your Own
Tamara's Rants
THREE DAYS GRACE LYRICS "Pain" Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all You're sick of feeling numb You're not the only one I'll take you by the hand And I'll show you a world that you can understand This life is filled with hurt When happiness doesn't work Trust me and take my hand When the lights go out you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Anger and agony Are better than misery Trust me I've got a plan When the lights go off you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing
2 tsp cumin 2 tsp coriander 2 tsp black pepper ½ onion, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, finely chopped 2 TBSP olive oil 1 tsp salt 3 ½ pounds pork tenderloins and cut cross-wise into 8 logs 12 dried corn husks, soaked 1 hour in warm water, then drained and patted dry. Preheat oven to 350. Mix cumin-salt until a paste forms. Use as rub on all sides of the pork. Chill overnight, or at least 3 hours. Place pork tenderloins into 8 of the husks. Make three ribbons out of each of the remaining 4 husks. Tie these ribbons around the ends and the center of each tamale. Place on a baking rack and bake until the center of the thermometer reads 150, it will take about 35-45 minutes.
Tamara's Blog
Once again we are apon a new year and I am still alone. hmmm life sucks but a new day comes and goes. Dear Friends, I so believe in what you are doing and I would like to help you create ongoing funding for your organization. The first thing you need to know is that My Power Mall is completely FRE*E. With that in mind – while being brief, let me start at the beginning… Your first thought of course is, who is My Power Mall & Together We Can Change The World, Inc.? In order to answer that question I have to start with a story. In August 2001, our Founder, Ginny Dye, had a vision of utilizing the power of the Internet to change the world. In the almost 6 years since that vision has resulted in Together We Can Change The World, Inc. – the parent company to Shop For Charity Day, Together We Can Change The World Day, Together We Can Change The World Publishing, and now our newest division – My Power Mall! Instead of forming a non-profit organization to vie for already li
Tamer Elemam
Tame02@ Fubar
Tame02@ fubar Tamm is a real woman , one that holds so much specail powers and qualities . She is a mother , hard worker and most of all the best friend any one, in the world could have. She says what she means and is a very honest person (even if to the point it might hurt some),she is an angle and the most awesome person I know. She's my sunshine in the morning and the bright glowing light of the brightest star at night , that helps guide me through the darkest of times. I guess what i am trying to say is ..I LOVE HER. That's all ..
Tamjam Blog!
Hey everyone I had the opportunity to narrate a short Work of Fiction. I have to say that it was tough reading something out loud and into a microphone, but it was lots of fun. If you want to check it out and hear my wonderful, wonderful (scarcasm) voice go to and click on Table #4. If you like that and I know will then check out the other short Work of Fictions and maybe just pony up the mear $5.00 and buy the full Work of Fictions "In The Blood I & II" Tammie
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: ~*Love & Let Go*~ Date: May 8, 2008 4:22 PM I LOVE YOU HONEYA man escapes from a prison where he's been locked up for 15 years.He breaks into a house to look for money and guns.Inside, he finds a young couple in bed.He orders the guy out of bedand ties him to a chair.While tying the homeowner's wife to the bed, the convict gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the bathroom.While he's in there, the husband whispers over to his wife: 'Listen,this guy is an escaped convict.Look at his clothes! He's probably spent a lot of time in jail and hasn't seen a woman in years.I saw how he kissed your neck.If he wants sex, don't resist, don't whatever he tells you.Satisfy him no matter how much he nauseates you. This guy is obviously very dangerous.If he gets angry, he'll kill us both. Be strong, honey.I love you!' His wife responds: 'He wasn't kissing my neck.He was whispering in my ear.He tol
Tamma's Bloogy Blogs
ok here it is , sometimes i will reply to the mumm i vote on , sometimes i wont , depends on the mumm andm y mood,, well since im in super bitch mode thanks to aunt flow im gonna post a remark or two,, well here is the mumm 1st off... dead.walker welfare created @ 2007-06-11 18:34:11 -- expires in: 23 hr Am i the only one thats sick in tiered or supporting people on welfare so they can spend all day on cherrytap? now here is my one andonly reply to it,, should of been left at that... Tamma 2007-06-11 18:38:57 #23 of 38 lol my hubby has a great job , we own our house and have no more kids living at home and they all work so where you get off saying everyone here at CT is on welfare ? now like i said,, should of been left at that and i dont know if the other people who happened to make the same c omments i did or similular where also attacked in their shout box but i was .. dead.walke...: hey dumbass rer
any good looking 40 yr olds out there in the mid michigan area? new to cherrytap and don't get how to build my page
Tammy's Blog
“Tuck and Bug” Tuck sat down on his thinking rock to reflect on his day with his little brother Bug (Tuck called him that because he was always bugging you with his questions). The day was a pretty darn beautiful one considering he had to help his brother Bug, with just about everything. When they got up this morning Bug, started asked the same old tired questions again. The same ones Tuck had answered a bazillion times already. Before they left for school, he’d helped him get his shirt on right instead of backwards. Then, right as the bus came to pick them up for school, he had to punch Woody Benson in the nose for picking on Bug. After they got to school, Tuck had to remind Bug which class he was supposed to be in, because he forgot again today. Then as if that weren’t enough, he had to help Bug get his chores done when they got home from school. Boy, sometimes being an older brother was the pits. From time to time Tuck thought he’d r
Tammie D Hoskins
I like make new friends .Anyone want add me go ahead ! HAPPY EASTER !!!!
@tammy670@want To Chat? To 35777
if i was skinny i would have all the people in the world talk to me. but im not so noone wants to talk to me on.
Tammy"s Blog
Happy hoilday and happy new year i wish i could get some time without having to pay the price for it don't get me wrong what i mean is that my husband has to on my brithday his wanted to get him and half it would not had made a difference because he would had to cut the day short because he would had to come home and go to sleep so he could go to work because he work thrid shift but if was them they would take the whole day off. Should I OR SHOULD I NOT MAKE AN SWEET POTATOE PIE FOR MY HUSBAND BECAUSE WE ARE AGUING RIGHT NOW. PLEASE RATE THANK YOU.
Tammylous Blog
Live your day to the fullest and live every day and find happniess long the way and u will find the love of ur dreams and ur dreams will come true .The  thing is when u think that u might have  a dream  and  some times it  don't come true like u hope it might  be. I hope that evryone has there dreams come true some day and have the man or woman that  they have found in there lives. I know that  my dreams come true for  me and  i am still looking for my dreams come true. There is someone that i have meet on here  and he is  the sweetest person and i can tell him everything he is so special to  me   and he know how  to  make  me feel better. I hope  he  know  how  much i do care for  him. I want  to thank  u  for being threre  for  me when i was so  sick  and made me  feel better when i needed  someone love  u for  that and i always be there for  u no matter what . I have made a good friend on here i really thing that she is the best friend that any one can have. She has stuck by me
Tammy's Way Of Thinking
Someone hurts us or we have a negative experience. Rather than brush away the pain, many of us get stuck emotionally, lick our wounds, allow ourselves to become afraid. Time passes and it becomes harder to move forward. Before we know it, years have passed. To become more fulfilled in the present and more excited about the future, many of us need to learn to let go of the past. Clear your mind of the negative chatter and concentrate on how you can grow from the pain you have survived. Reflect on the positive aspects of moving on, such as how letting go of the past opens up room for better things to come into your life. Body: A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ... enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own, even if she never wants to or needs to... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ... something perfect to wear if the employer, or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE .. a youth she's content to leave behind.... A WO
I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to.Jimi Hendrix
Tammy First Blog
Tampa Erotic Ball
Tampons In Iraq...not What You Think...
TAMPONS IN IRAQ - Please read the story - not what it sounds like Passing it on.......... Please read the story - not what it sounds like Don't let the title throw you....this is a GREAT story and well worth reading - even humorous in parts. This is from a mother of a Marine in Iraq. She writes: My son told me how wonderful the care packages we had sent them were and wanted me to tell everyone thank you. He said that one guy we'll call Marine-X, got a girl care package and everyone was giving him a hard time. My son said, Marine-X got some really nice smelling lotion and everyone really likes it, so every time he goes to sleep they steal it from him. I told my son I was really sorry about the mistake, and if he wanted I would send Marine-X another package. He told me not to worry about Marine-X because every time I send something to him, Marine- X he thinks it's for him too. He said when my husband and I sent the last care package, Marine-X came ov
Tampon Vs Condom
A condom tells a tampon, "You always stop my business for a week!" The tampon says, "Yeah but when you f*ck up I lose my job for 9 months!"
Tampa, Florida
I'm trapped here, jaded, In this world of illusions, Holding so many un-told sorrows, Lost in this confusion. I don't know this world, It just keeps going round, But mine has stopped moving, Like my foot steps on the ground. Something's blocking my way, And I've been here before, I let it all go, Just to get more. And it won't stop, It just keeps going on, I'm so sick of trying, Of pretending to be strong. I go one way, To get pulled in another direction, The path is narrow but not straight, In this tampered line of protection. And it all go lost, All that was to be, I don't know where to look, So I can find me. And all these winding roads, Are knocking me out of place, It seems I just keep running, In this never ending race. And it won't break, So I can just breathe, The carnage I nestle, Just won't leave. I've become so tired, From all I know, I can't cry in the numbness, And my pain won't show. I can't find myself, And hate they
Tampa, Fl Info
A Tampon Story
Please read the whole thing... You'll love it.     I am reminded that "God Works in Mysterious Ways "  Tampons (A TRUE STORY) Tampons to the rescue in Iraq !! Don't worry, it's a good story, and worth reading. It's even humorous in parts. It's from the mother of a Marine in Iraq . My son told me how wonderful the care packages we had sent them from the ladies auxiliary were and wanted me to tell everyone thank you. He said that one guy we'll call Marine X, got a female care package and everyone was giving him a hard time. My son said, 'Marine X got some really nice smelling lotion and everyone really likes it, so every time he goes to sleep they steal it from him.' I told my son I was really sorry about the mistake, and if he wanted I would send Marine X another package. He told me not to worry about Marine X because every time I send something to him, he shares it with Marine X.He said when my husband and I sent the last care package, Marine X came over to his cot picked up the box, s
Tampa Red's Drink Recipe Blog
To make a "Tampa Red" 1 jigger =  1.5 fl oz 1 jig rum 1 jig gin 1 jig tequila 1 jig Triple Sec 1 jig lime juice 1 jig grenadine 4 oz club soda Equipment: Blender, 1 Collins glass w/ 10 ice cubes Put all ingredients into Blender, and Stir (low-speed) for 15 seconds, pour into Collins glass on ice Most Like: Long Island Iced Tea, Color: Red Welcome to Tampa! -Red  
Tampon Tunnel
okay so i got barred from my local pub for shoving a cupcake into a friends face.... stupid i know since i do far worse pretty much every time i go out but the owners wife told me not to and yeah like some ragging cunt is gonna tell me what i can and can't do she thinks i'm supposed to listen to her because she owns the place and forgets her place... i as a parton pay money to go out and enjoy myself among friends(and a bunch of people who probably hate me) she's not my mother and not my employer so i really don't give 2 shits what she has to say... but alas i'm barred  well that convinced me to find something better to do so i went to a party last night which was kinda fun 3 metal bands all the food(and beer and liquor but i'm still not drinking) you want, a firework show and live nude body art(unfortunately it was women who i didn't really have any interest in seeing topless) but well it was interesting anyway okay so anyway in about an hour or so i'm heading down to georgia t
Tamra@ Lostcherry
Come to the Rhema Marx Fashion Benefit... on March 12 in Lake Villa, Lakehouse Restaurant at 7pm. Raffle Proceeds donated to the Home of Sparrow Women's Shelter and Zacharia's Sexual Abuse Center. Hot runway fashions, trendy leather purses, clutches and custom wristbands. Women self defense demonstrations and ... book your appointment at the event for a free haircut and style! R U a business owner in Lake or Mchenry County??? Then donate a raffle item and promote your business as a sponsor. Email me if you have any questions, Community Support... they need our help!! Thank you... let's have fun on March 12. $3 cozmos all night long. Hey Everyone, I finally finished the website for Rhema Marx. Check it out and let me know what you think. They are recycled leather clutches and awesome cuffs. Awesome benefit coming up March 12 in Lake Villa, IL ... to support Home of the Sparrow and Zacharia's Sexual Abuse Center. Thank yo
this the only pic that will upload at this time.... I hope u all enjoy her pic. she's my Mini-schnauzer, my baby girl. Sorry everyone !!! i don't seem to have any pics @ this time that are not over two to three yrs old so they won't downlaods.. just got some done waiting for new down loads..luv 2 peices ..
T And A
Most people think that T & A means Tits and Ass. But for me I mean Titties and Alcohol. Cause I love titties and alcohol. Just check my pics if you can and you will see what I mean and there will be more to come.
Tandem Things
My father passed away on march 15th at 2:44 AM. He battled emphysema, cancer of the brain, lung,liver and spleen. It was horrific to be at his bed side as he took his final breaths. Nothing in life can prepare a person for such an event. In the same breath, it was a blessing to be there during his final moments, holding his hand and loving him. My mom and I administered meds any time he moved. If he woke up, he would literally drown in the phlegm and junk in his lungs. We were so tired, we attempted to rest as he was in his room. I set my alarm on my cell phone for 2:30 AM so I could give his meds. My mother laid on the couch, I sat in his chair. I was gazing or rather day dreaming into the golden light of his room. Peripherally I saw an even brighter golden glowing light move from the corner of the room to around his bed. I got up and walked into his room. He was hunched forward and gasping for air, still in a drug induced coma. I felt in my gut, this was it. I got his meds from
Armoured Thoughts We scarcely have time to live deeply or develop diversity in substance or style. Hard experiences create for each individual a glow of independence and depth; seldom replicated. Select moments; random combinations of countless instants, and the castle of armored thoughts brings forth the unique blueprint of the "self". With hands pushed back deep into your pockets, a gentle confidence registers only slightly. (I'll have to come back to this) IMAGINARY WAVES I Like your eyelid's commotion The fiery flower lies tattered in the garden She sidled up with narrowing eyes And drove the hooligan mad I brought my life this far To the spot that struggles by the sea Endless sunsets watching a seagull vanish into the shadows Whirlwinds of freathers Thank you is also something I should have said Carved with great effort I brought my life this far Scribbling on endless napkins Building the dreams of countless others All the world was emptied in the lig
Tangible Dream
This is a poem I wrote that was published about two years ago. Tangible Dream By: E. Stevens See the man with the sun in his hair, Windswept locks of gold Blown softly by a baby’s breath. Eyes, ablaze with love and fire Touch my very soul; They laugh with my happiness, Cry with my sorrow, melt me with passion. His lips speak their tender words; Sing softly their songs of love And kiss the teardrops from my eyes…gently. Within the circle of his loving arms, Held closely against his breast I find my refuge and my strength. There I hear his beating heart…music. Beneath the hands that touch my body & draw me near I see my destiny. My vision of him…strength and comfort Perfect in imperfection… A tangible dream in my arms. Artist’s Profile Wahiawa, Hawaii, USA My parents taught me to appreciate beauty and creativity at an early age. Whether it be from God’s natural palette, the work of an artist’s hands, the song of a morning dove, or the words from a poet’
Tangles Of My Mind
Come talk with me and lie Sit next to me and die It is contagious, this disease It will leave you begging, on your knees It courses through your blood, your brain It whispers to you, we are insane Save your worry, hold your fear It is going nowhere, for it lives here It ravages the soul, the mind Blazes a ruthless trail, leaves a wasteland behind Come and talk with me and lie Come sit next to me and die You will feel it, it drifts through the air From me, now, to you, a new throat to tear A lifetime ago, they did rip through flesh so tender Your mind will resist, your very being will surrender The bright shining lies a child will believe The undying agony no one can relieve Come talk with me and lie Come sit next to me and die Never alone, it will take us together Both halves of me, now separate forever It is contagious, this disease It will have you pleading, on your knees It burns alive the blood, the brain It begs a whisper, we are insane Hold your worry, s
Tangled Like Grape Vines
Tangled Like Grape Vines In the beginning it seemed so unreal--so distant But now I think about it, Intriguing my mind and fluttering my heart past the ability to comprehend or resist. I want to be with you, I want to wake each morning Tangled like grape vines. Comforted by your assurance, Seduced by the rage we hold in our hearts I want to love you. Shaving you so carefully, Mending your wounds, Caressing you at night Watching you sleep and wondering How many dawns will there be Tangled like grape vines. By: Lucky to be Irish
I am here to say there aint nothing better on every thing ya eat,Chicken Ribs Any kind of Pink meet Ya can find lol.I just want to say in closing try kngsxy's Sauce money back guarantee.
Tangerine Sky
Say goodbye to a tangerine sky say hello say hello to tomorrow- when you say goodbye to a tangerine sky you lose your pain lose your fear lose your sorrow what if you were livin yours instead of hatin mine findin truth and spreadin love and searchin deep inside – see me glidin swiftly to that place I need to be that home grown irie zone harvesting my seeds I’m gonna live my life from day to night with no hesitation Make the best of every situation that I find myself placed in Decidin right from wrong, choosing my final destination Cause when it’s said and done, it’s just yourself that you are facin’ Say goodbye to a tangerine sky say hello say hello to tomorrow- when you say goodbye to a tangerine sky you lose your pain lose your fear lose your sorrow Say Say Say good-bye to tomorrow Wash your sorrow Live and learn Listen up and follow Do what you so let me rock it I be dammed if you think you gonna stop it Popo it drop it D-Loc get up on it Don’t you think y
Tanglad Up In You
past, i try not to reminisce but my mind moves to fast. in my dreams i am lost in your eyes. i'm swallowed by your smile. i'm tortured by not have'in you to hold and your sweet voice in my ear. for it was you that put your hand into my heaped up heart and shoed me how to live. now that you are gone theres nothing but cold and darkness in my life. it must have been fate but with this last mile i will take you in my heart for the rest of my life.
Tangled Up In You
With out a thought to spare. My life seems incomplete, since you left me in despair. I'm tangled up in you, With the thoughts of our past, I try not to reminisce but my mind moves to fast. In my dreams I am lost in your eyes. I'm swallowed by your smile. I'm tortured by your lies. I'm tangled up in you. Whatever you have done? What spell have you cast? What game have you won? I'm tangled up in you. Reminded of your laughter Not to have forgotten your silence My heart broken with your slander. I'm tangled up in you. Warmed by your kisses Missing your skilled touch Casting pennies while making silent wishes. I'm tangled up in you. Longing for your return. Your fingers laces in between mine. When will I ever learn? I'm tangled up in you. But you have since forgotten. My posts never answered. Your heart is not wanting I'm tangled up in you. Dreaming of our future Even though you're just my memory. My heart still tortured...
Tangled And Happy
Just put up my first Mumm. It was actually a poorly disguised plea for attention from attractive women and it worked!!! It cost 5,000 fubucks, but I made a couple of friends and it was well worth it. I'm feeling kind of flirty and frisky today. Honestly I am in a relationship and not looking to hook up with anyone, but I don't mind talking with anyone about almost anything. Again, still really happy to be here. It gives me a way to step away from work for a few minutes at a time and into another, more interesting, world. I am really happy to be here. In my life I have good friends and family and this site is a really cool addition. I have met some really nice and very interesting people here. It takes a long time in the real world to establish a level of intimacy where you can trust enough to share. So many people are looking to share, looking to trust. For me, I think some of my urge is a form of exhibitionism. I loved getting naked in public as a teen. I love r
Tangent Thinking
Often I find my thoughts are not contained and concise. My stream of conciousness is more a raging river, rather than a winding a easy flowing stream. Why must there be so much struggle to simply clarify a thought? Such random behavior certainly fosters a high likely of self doubt. For those of you who think I am some cocky, self righteous, conceited bitch - you could not be farther from the truth. In all reality,  I am flawed beyond belief and fail at every turn. The self loathing could not be more crushing. I am my own defeat, the sole responsible party to my lacking. There is often great disparity between what we present publicly and true self. So when you see me in the mumms, judging harshly, it is merely frustration. There is far more to me than some chick that writes outlandish things for shock value. Uncontrolable and consuming to this I resign my fate, being misunderstood is all too common.
Oh yea.  I just realized I can say and vent all the things on this site that I dare not say when I am at a milonga (a tango dance).  And how delicious that feels inside' .The better you get at this dance, the lonelier it has become, because the tango satisfaction is based on the ability to convey its movement, which is a combination of experience, learning and innate talent.   In order to express it, one must have a partner of learning also, and without a partner, one cannot express it. And for me without a partner I cannot express it. Got to go back to work,  Will continue later. addicted to the tango.  Had a partner for several years and rather excelled at the dance.  Would love to find someone to practice with. To be continued
Tangled Up In You
Tangled Up In You Tangled Up In YouYou're my worldThe shelter from the rainYou're the pillsThat take away my painYou're the lightThat helps me find my wayYou're the wordsWhen I have nothing to sayAnd in this worldWhere nothing else is trueHere I amStill tangled up in youI'm still tangled up in youStill tangled up in youYou're the fireThat warms me when i'm coldYou're the handI have to hold as I grow oldYou're the shoreWhen I am lost at seaYou're the only thingThat I like about meAnd in this worldWhere nothing else is trueHere I amStill tangled up in youI'm still tangled up in youHow long has it beenSince this storyline beganAnd I hope it never endsAnd goes like this foreverIn this worldWhere nothing else is trueHere I amStill tangled up in youTangled up in youI'm still tangled up in youStill tangled up in you
Tangled Up In Me
You wanted to know more,More about me?Then watch the world spin around,To get a clue about what you see.Hey, you wanted to understand,Why I push you around,Why I push you away?Take a closer lookAt what’s right in front of you today.What makes you thinkWhat you see is what you get?You think you know meBut in reality you haven’t realized it yet.Everyday you search for her,The damsel in distress,The perfect girl you’ll one day meet;But what you don’t seem to recognize,Is I’m the girl sweeping you off your feet.You wanted to know more,More about how I dream?Well, I’ll have to admit thenThat’s not as complicated as it seems.All I ever wanted was that sunset escapade,Fireworks and shooting stars,In a secret moonlit rendezvous That’s going to end upBetween me and you.Hey you wanted to find love?Open your eyes then and see-All you need to do to find itIs get tangled up in me. 
Still searching for someone that is emotionally  confident and that is excited about the possibilities for their life.  I think if you are settling for anything  less and you are unhappy about it,  then your life is being wasted.
Don't Say YES, Just NO " Kita akan menyongsong hidup yang lebih adil, makmur dan sejahtera ", kata MEREKA" Kita akan menciptakan lapangan pekerjaan yang besar dan akan mengurangi pengangguran " lagi-lagi itu kata MEREKA" Kita akan memulai kehidupan tanpa perbedaan dan diskriminasi, serta persamaan hak bagi semua warga negara untuk hidup tanpa harus memiliki rasa takut ", itupun juga kata MEREKAtetapi apa yang terjadi,ketika rakyat miskin MARHAEN yang selalu tertindas mengatakan IYA untuk janji itu, kita seperti baru saja terbangun dari mimpi yang sepertinya dan memang seharusnya tidak terjadi. Dan memang selalu itu yang terjadi.JANJI = O  PENIPU !@#$%^^Sepertinya sudah cukup kita mengatakan IYA untuk segala sesuatu yang MEREKA janjikan !!Karena MEREKA tidak lebih baik daripada ANJING yang selalu menggonggong untuk mendapat makan.MEREKA adalah PENIPU BUSUK yang telah dengan sengaja menutup mata melihat saudara-saudara kita menderita KELAPARAN, atau PENGGUSURAN dengan alasan bu
Tank Slapping
Bikers know what this means, its when yer handlebars start doin a dance and slapping against your fuel tank. We were riding along a road at approx 65mph when a car pulled out on us, Dave had to break hard very suddenly, My arse left the seat to go over Daves shoulder, cause what car drivers dont understand is that the pillion will still travel at same speed, but I managed to grab Daves shoulders and pull myself down, at the same time the bike started tank slapping, so Dave let go of the bars, and we used our body weight to keep bike upright and at the same time I was shouting at the driver of the car to F@$k off as he was still in our path, there was a mini bus full of kids screaming cause they though we'd had it! But after tank slapping stopped Dave opened up the throttle to get out of danger. The Moral of this story, if you get tamk slapping, dont try to keep hold of the handle bars cause yer more likely to come off, instead use yer body weight ;) to keep bike upright! Lol that was a
Tanks Thoughts
Tanks Everyone For The Tens I Really Appreciate It
The Tank
Bears Cut Johnson on Latest Legal Mishap By RICK GANO, AP Sports Writer 3 hours ago Chicago Bears defensive lineman Terry "Tank" Johnson enters Cook ... CHICAGO - Tank Johnson was released Monday by the Chicago Bears, who are "embarrassed" by the defensive tackle's legal troubles and say he "compromised the credibility" of the team. Johnson was waived three days after he was pulled over by police in Arizona. He already had been suspended for the first eight games of the 2007 season for violating probation on a gun charge. He spent two months in jail and was released in May. "We are upset and embarrassed by Tank's actions last week," general manager Jerry Angelo said in a statement. "He compromised the credibility of our organization. We made it clear to him that he had no room for error. Our goal was to help someone through a difficult period in his life, but the effort needs to come from both sides. It didn't, and we have decided to move on." Police in the Phoenix s
You scored as Tank Commander, You are the most destructive fool in this quiz, you like power, big guns, cruching cars, and a lot of other things that have to do with mahen and explosionsTank Commander85% Sniper80% Foot Soldier60% What soldier would you be in the iraq war?created with
my friends and i are moving out to a very dangerous area in a few days, i ask all who read this to please pray for our safety, and for all of our troop's safety, it's going to get ugly out there and we need all the prayers and support we can get, thank you in advance....
Tanks Blog
hey hows it going, im new hear and trying to meet some new people. freind me or give me a shout out or something LOL
Tank You Tank You
Cancer You are shy and mysterious. Hotties are always trying to unlock your secrets, and figure out what makes you so cool.You have to have trust in your partner, so you’re not really into randomly hooking up. You really like the intimacy that comes with sex and you won’t take no for an answer when it comes to after sex cuddling.Sex matches: Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces 'What is your Sexual Zodiac?' at
Tanks Are Fun
I have 3 whole days left of being a civilian. Then it's off to start the most exciting and gut wrenching job ever! I'm going to say I welcome this new challenge. I also look forward to meeting my fellow brothers/sisters in arms. So yea, ever have one of those days(and I suppose I'm speaking to all enlisted people here), where you run into something that makes you say fuck this civilian shit. I'm glad I'm in the fucking army(or what ever service you're in)? Either way I'm havin one of those momenets. I could be an army snob and say I'm a 19Kilo and leave the rest of you to guessing, but I'm not that big of a dick at the moment. Big fancy way of saying I run Abrams tanks. *Takes a shot* Here's to the Army kids!
Tanker's Prayer
TANKER TO GOD - OVER... I pray thee Heavenly Father, Please hear this tanker’s prayer, And  send an angel to me, For my tank and crew to care. Be with us when we need you, And lend a helping hand And safely carry my machine Across this barren land. And keep my tank from running dry When the foe is close to me, And place my gunner’s crosshairs On the tanks that we don’t see.
Tannim's Blog
Dear Bill Gates, Recently I purchased and installed DOGS 1.0. I soon noticed that this program appears to have numerous glitches. For instance, every time my computer boots up, I have to run Feed 5.3 and Water 7.1. Many times I've been in the middle of writing an important document and a window will flash telling me to run Take for Walk 2.0. This program also contained applications I did not wish to install, such as Pooper Scooper 8.5, and Drooling dogs 9.4. Applications such as Vacation 2.7 and Free Time 10.1 can no longer run, crashing whenever selected. Possibly the worst is that DOGS 1.0 has attached itself to programs like Finance Manager and MS Money, with folders added such as "Entry Fees" and "Puppy Toys". Periodically, I'll get a reminder telling me to send a check to the manufacturer of DOGS 1.0 for the aforementioned items. I have tried to uninstall DOGS 1.0 numerous times but when I try to run the uninstall program, I get warning messages telling me that a deadly v
click on this link to see my first fuckmachine that doesn't use a motor.
Tanning Pics!
So if you live anywhere on the East Coast you know that since June hit we have been stuck under a HELL of a jet stream! It has brought nothing but rain and BLAHHH weather to the Northeast sea board for the past 3 weeks :( we as of Father's day it BORKE!!! BUT with Monday being my daughter's graduation and subsequent party, Tuesday being my day to catch up on work from taking Monday off, and yesterday being just another mondane Wednsday I haven't been able to truly enjoy the incresingly warmer and sunnier days the way I wanted :(. SOOO... Today I played hookie!!!! And have enjoied myself 100%!!! I decided I would spend my morning wakeboarding at my families lake, which as always prooved to be a TON of fun! Then I came home this afternoon to relax and do some SERIOUS tanning!!!! Enwhich lies the point of this blog. I am for the most part a very flirty female BUT with the position I currently hold and future goals I have for myself the pictures I am posting athough by all intents and purp
Tanqueray And Orange Please.......thanks..........
Tansplant List And What You Have To Do In Order To Get On It
Henceforth will not have traveled to Hong Kong in Dongguan can buy authentic designer tory burch handbags, the price is just 8.5% of the domestic counter. Yesterday, the sinks a city mall two opened where you can buy international brands such as GUCCI, PRADA, BURBERRRY, ARMANI clothing and leather goods, to fill the blank apparel sales of luxury goods in Dongguan. Previously, the local shopping malls also have to upgrade, targeting high-income people. Insiders said that optimistic about the purchasing power of the local luxury consumer groups. The price is 8.5% of domestic counter Department of One City Shopping Centre Phase II the introduction HUGOBOSS, FOLLIFOLLI many international brands. Reporters at the mall, a boutique shop called For Me see shelves stocked with brand new handbags tory burch outlet MIUMIU, BOTTEGAVENETA a wandering child, a BV wallet sells for about 6,600 yuan, while the display outside the shop set of dolce & gabbana men's suits cost around $ 1 million. The ow
Tantra -tantric Sex
SexQuiz SexQuiz What Do You Know About Tantric Sex? Do you believe Tantric yoga is about twisting your body into good positions for sex? That's what pictures of Tantric couples might make you think. But Tantric yoga is really about what's happening in your mind--not your body--when you make love. Take this quiz to see what we mean. Each question is on a separate page and is followed by another page that provides the answer. Take the quiz More Quizzes More Passion Pieces: What's your lovemaking style? Find out now! Go > - Is your love life healthy? Take our quiz. Go > - Discover Kama Sutra sex. Go > The methods below were recommended by experts in tantric sex, accupressure, and Oriental body work. To do the techniques properly, you need to know a few things. First, all the types of touch described below should be slow, soft, and gentle. Change the way you touch her ever
Erotic or sexual tantra is a very ancient spiritual discipline. Tantra, tan – to stretch and tra – to save, is often together translated as extension or uniting body and mind. Tantra is both the name of a certain doctrine and a certain category of texts belonging to the doctrine, the TANTRA-s. The tradition even in India was kept very closed as there were and still are very strict rules for the sexual behavior of the Hindus. Often there would be wild rumors about what happened amongst the sexual Tantrics, as very little accurate information was given. Still today very little accurate information is given by the people performing tantra as this information is usually only given from teacher to student exactly through initiation. Much of the so-called Tantric teaching in the west today is based upon very scarce knowledge of the original Tantra. Basics Tantra has become increasingly more popular in the west mostly though taught as a kind of advanced approach to sex. Tantra
Tantalizing Tongue Twist
confined to a room with no doors no windows, the solitude engulfs left with no more than my estranged thoughts. My shadow dances on the walls and is the only thing that I will let wander. My heart I can suddenly hear with every rythmic beat, so I know I am still alive. I feel myself growing with frustration and anger. I just want to tear down the walls and find myself free. Before I can I must find myself. I have four corners to look in, one corner I found myself bending to those around me. I know no comfort here I did however find a fleeting moment of joy. Now three more corners are left at my disposal. So you ask me to tell you whats wrong well where do I begin I have lost once what I knew to be true to me. As important to me than tides that come in and out. As a hawk she hovers over and reminds me of the mistakes I have made and she doesn't see the change In me yet why should she. Bothered by her own hatred that she can not deal with, but within her last moments will she come face
Tantalizing Pearls
Tantalizing Pearls I’m home alone and it is quiet. I want to call you but decide against it. With you on my mind I go up the stairs to my room close the door. Reminiscing about you, the way you make me feel. How our sexual chemistry is on fire when we are together. My nipples are erect just from the thought of you. Standing in front of the mirror I start to disrobe and enjoy the view of myself in my panties as I didn’t wear a bra today. As I lay on the bed my panties are moist just from thinking about you. Reaching inside my dresser I take out my pearl butterfly. Closing my eyes as the pearl butterfly turns on with a click of a button. The tip of the head is moving around slowly as it reaches my sweetness. I bring it closer so that it can go deeper, it’s swirling as I imagine you on top of me. I’m moving myself with the motion of the pearls in the butterfly. Grinding my hips taking in the pearls completely inside of me, I start to moan. I grab my left breast imagining i
Thoughts... Of hot wet mornings Deep deep moans Sighs of pleasure. Throbbing Pulsing Ecstasy. Thoughts of... Your tongue, Dancing On my tight sex Your hands stroking hard buds Your moans of need Driving me over the edge The smell of morning coffee Mingled with our scents Rumpled sheets And Whispers of desire Turn thoughts Into Passion soft and yearning Hard and aching Thoughts of you... Touching me Bodies melting Souls aching Hearts beating Now Now Now Thoughts of you... Temptation too hard to resist Morning light at the edge of a dream Colors exploding Expanding Drenching My body sighs With content The day begins anew.
Tantra By A Tantric Master
TRUE TANTRA BY A TANTRIC MASTER Welcome to the infinite domain of tantra! I am a well traveled new worldly European tantric master. I am 5'9", 170, 8" cut, and blue eyed, shaved heads, sensual older male who has been teaching tantra for 30 years in North America. I first got interested in Tantra when I was 5 years old, but it took 17 years to figure out how to take that sexual energy that starts between our legs and use it for more than pleasure and procreation. Imagine being able to use that same energy that creates the miracles of new humans and transmuting it as it is written in the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, and being able to use it like the "Force" on Star Wars! That is the version of tantra I teach. It is a full body erotic tantra session using techniques which I have learned over the years to pull that energy out of you and show you what I can do with it. Sessions usually last an hour or more if you wish. Open to teaching men, women,
Plz just rate the one pic. trying to help out a friend. link is below..Thanks so much. A SMILE IS A SIGN OF JOY. A KISS IS A SIGN OF LOVE. A LAUGH IS A SIGN OF HAPPINESS. AND A FRIEND LIKE ME-WELL THATS A SIGN OF GOOD FK'EN TASTE I walk this path As I walk this path each day Though the same path The paving stones face a different way Some days it leads me to a land full of love A land where people are happy Where love and peace is everywhere Other days it leads me to a land I hate This lands full of hurt, pain and tears Here you will see no smiles or love Each day as I awake I pray that maybe just maybe Today I will go to a different place, a place I like, a place where I can love So as I lay my head down tonight I close my eyes and imagine this place This place I love and can stay.
Tantric Dragon
 Tantric Dragon Sexual Health improved naturally through the practices of tantric sex. Besides having a strong body/mind/spirit connection, every loving couple should also enjoy multiple, powerful sexual orgasms, which stimulate and increase the secretion of the pineal and pituitary glands. Tantric Sex Improves Sexual Health Tantric sex has a rejuvenating effect, improving men and women's sexual health. Frequent orgasms, as one of the brain wave stimulations, will alter body chemistry. Depression and stress disappear. Women's sexual health is greatly improved. Headaches, menstrual cramps, urinary-tract problems, weak immune function, incontinence, etc. virtually become outdated. In tantric sex, the brain chemistry is affected by empowering the endocrine glands for more HIGH, serotonin, DHEA, and testosterone. Scientific and medical studies prove that sexual health improves drastically... stimulating blood circulation, detoxifying the body through the brea
Tantra Fantasies
Tantric ~ Ma Sh*t
You seem to have it all  You seem to have control But deep within your soul you’re loosing it You never took the time assume your to blame You think that your insane... spare me   You better check yourself before you check out   ~ Tantric ~ Breakdown
Tant's Ramblings
              So this couple that are originally from my home town, a little town of 4500 people, well they moved back. They hate it here so I'm not sure really all the reasoning behind it but mostly because they are broke and they have family here.  Very loving couple like 2 peas in a pod, or as another friend of their called them 2 nuts in a shell but anyway. He is a type 1 diabetic and he takes pretty good care of himself and they've been back here about 7 months. Anyway on May 4th he had a diabetic incident where his blood sugar bottomed out and his wife did everything possible to get it back up but he died.  Very sad.  And it gets worse and I'm mean I dont take his death lightly he was a very sweet guy. However, his wife and I love her dearly I mean it, but she is the most negative person I know she figures tht everyone is out to screw her over or just be ignorant to her and I mean literally she believes this and now her husband passes away and she tells me...."see I told
Tantric Massage Search Video Codes
Tanya Is Hot!
Tanya's Sexual Nickname:
Tanz On Me
hi all!!! stress what a special gift... my life would be nothing w/out drama. hi all i got to go to a party!!!! my friend from jr. high school had her 30th b-day . wow i feel old!
Tanzie Tag! ;)
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. Eric 2. PIC 3. E Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. Bartender 2. Delivery Driver/Inventory Manager 3. Chef Three Places I have lived 1. Baltimore(7yrs.) 2. Minneapolis(4yrs.) 3. Charlotte, the past year Three TV Shows that I watch 1. No Reservations 2. Heros(religiously) 3. South Park Three places I have been 1. Ireland 2. Costa Rica 3. California Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. Nancy 2. My mom 3. Heidi....(dishbrat, in my fam here, she invited me here!) Three of my favorite foods 1. Raw Tuna 2. Chocolates 3. a really good risotto Three things I would like to do 1. Get married one of these days 2. Do more traveling 3. Continue to learn mo
We part at the crossroads, You leave with your joys and problem, I with mine. Alone, I look down the road. Each one must walk one’s own path. People’s paths come together all too briefly when sharing friendship, but that makes those times no less valuable. We must take advantage of support and sharing in a mutually beneficial way. Whenever we take from another, we should try to give back something. This is fundamental. No one should lean on another person, or expect another to carry them a long distance down the road. Friends should walk side by side for as long as their journey carries them, without becoming dependent on one another. There should be no obligation. If I can help someone do something, then I should do so without any hesitation or expectation of reward or debt. If there is something that I need to learn and my companion can show it to me, then I should accept it in humility. No one “owns” knowledge. It should be freely shared. Parting is inherent in all mee
Taoist Sexual Philosophy And Tantra
Just a heads up that I will be doing a series of blogs on Traditional Chinese Medicine as it relates to sex, sexual function, and depletion of something the Chinese call Essence! I will also be covering some aspects of Taoist spiritual philosophy and how it applies to enhancing ones sexual function. Also going to address some aspects of Tantra. Yeah, I've even got a book list for those who like to read and study as much as I do. None of these are medical texts, so not to worry! Fun reading with very nice pictures, by the way. This is something near and dear to my heart! I treat a fair number of men and women for sexual dysfunction in my acupuncture practice. Some just don't want to use medications like Viagra, et al. Have you seen the list of potential side effects of that stuff - it's enough to scare you!! There are exercises and techniques utilized in these Eastern traditions that really work, if you actually use them! My brief note has become a long one, as usual. I just fe
The Tao Of Who?
Take off that Mask. Take off that mask you wear so well, That cast iron fascade that hides your hell. Nothing in this world could dull your pain the way you wish it would. Take off your Mask and show your face that thing of grace and beauty. A mask but masks the lies you tell, those lies that run as deep as a well and all this time for what? To save a face? to save your place? to fall that much less from grace? The truth will set you free but not for free for freedom has its price to bare and its that price we bare thats so unfair, so unjust. But we pay that price and sometimes thrice, because good things come in 3's, or was it bad things? Well things come in 3's and whether you like it or not it never comes how you draw it up in your mind. A choice is left. One that is placed neatly before you. Do you stand or do you sit? Are you a passenger of life or do you ride with it? Do you put on your mask and mascarade through the great parade of life, or do you lift
The Tao Of Steve: Erotic Adventures Chapter 3
Well dear reader, it seems we find ourselves here again. If you're just joining the Erotic adventures of Steve, then you can catch up by reading the first 2 chapters under my other blog "Sex Story in progress". Enough business, let's get on with chapter 3, shall we? As this is my storyline, I've decided chapter 3 will take a little turn for the romantic. This chapter will feature 2 erotic letters. Although not as graphic as the first 2 chapters, I think quite a few people out there will enjoy these letters as much as I did. Let's consider this: 2 lovers, far apart, but none the less severely attracted to each other. The idea was to write a letter to one another as to what a night would be like with the other. Not to hard, but exciting all the same. Especially when written with the other in mind. So, sit back, relax, and let's enjoy the ride together....... Letter #1 Over dinner you noticed my lusty gaze. The look you have grown to know. Grown to love, because you know what
The Tao Of Steve: Chapter 4, Deborah
The Tao of Steve: Chapter 4: Deborah Deborah wanders around her place, thinking about doing her yearly clean up. She notices a box in the closet. She calls it "the toy box". It has always been is behind everything in the closet. She opens it. In there she has the dildo, vibrators and sexy lingerie. They haven’t seen the light of day for quite a while. Deborah tries on her favorite teddy and wonders when was the last time she had it on. It’s pink, lacey, and she loves the way it feels against her skin, her nipples. She likes the way the seam rides up between her legs, just like her jeans. She first learned about this seam while she was at work chatting online with a certain friend. He always seemed to have a way of getting her hot and bothered. It didn’t help that she wasn’t getting all she needed at home from her husband. She thought of Steve, her online lover and all they had in common, how much she craved what only he seemed to give her. She felt the usual wetness begin to form be
The Tao Of Taoism
My Zen Today We believe in the formless and eternal Tao, and we recognize all personified deities as being mere human constructs. We reject hatred, intolerance, and unnecessary violence, and embrace harmony, love and learning, as we are taught by Nature. We place our trust and our lives in the Tao, that we may live in peace and balance with the Universe, both in this mortal life and beyond." The founder of Taoism is believed by many to be Lao-Tse (604-531 BCE), a contemporary of Confucius. (Alternative spellings: Lao Tze, Lao Tsu, Lao Tzu, Laozi, Laotze, etc.). He was searching for a way that would avoid the constant feudal warfare and other conflicts that disrupted society during his lifetime. The result was his book: Tao-te-Ching (a.k.a. Daodejing). Others believe that he is a mythical character. Taoism started as a combination of psychology and philosophy but evolved into a religious faith in 440 CE when it was adopted as a state religion. At that time Lao-Tse became popular
The Tap
I am not as new as I used to be here but I am still hooked. It seems like a great place to waste some time.
The Tap
well i been waiting for this. i got to admit that cherrytap is alot cooler than what it started out to be ( but i'm glad that people are getting into this site, it's great. i've been a user since before mumms (which i'm not allowed to post btw grr) since before happy hour, blasts, or even gifts for that matter. yup, i'm old school cherrytap. and this day is a crazy day for me. i feel like an elderly fool even though i'm only 25 yrs old, because so much has improved. welcome all you newbies from this point on, and i hope my orig. friends will all be true Just a few random questions for whoever wants to respond: 1 fu points; care or dgaf? 2 money; tight or making ends meet & then some? 3 music; a little of everything or non mainstream? 4 nightlife; clubs or dive bars? 5 sex; 1-2 hole or 2-3 holes? 6 personality; rude with attitude or genuinely fake? 7 politics; kill the white man or god bless our leaders? 8 religion; god bless our leaders or go to hell? 9 reality
Tapalotluv Here 4u
Hey everyone, I am new to CT and it will take me a while to get my stuff right on here. I do have yahoo messenger if you want to chat with me. My screen name is ( tapalotluv )I also have a myspace. ( ) If that is not right sorry lol I will double check it tho. I have lots of pics.
The Tapestry Of Odette
She wasn't sure of the exact moment that she slipped into slumber, but suddenly she found herself standing before a wall of tumbling colour. Reds, metallic hues, deep purples, soft greys, all rushing together in a cacophonous waterfall of brilliance. She stood entranced, just staring at it, as every shade known to man and bees rushed before her eyes, constantly changing and shifting. It put any rainbow she had seen to shame. Nothing was faded here, it was all bold and brilliant, dripping from the canvas of the gods before her enchanted eyes. It all mixed and swirled together, churning and pounding like the rapids of a river. Orange, forest green, bright pink, dun, differing shades of black, colours she couldn't even imagine, all tumbling together. It was awhile before she even noticed the ground beneath her feet, which was some sort of soft sucking mud. The two walls that angled away from the colour wall were both pitch black, made of shiny obsidian. They met together somewhere in the
Tap It Tap It
This just made sense. The consequences of life and love "Maybe God wanted us to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe when the door of happiness closed, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us. maybe the best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had. Maybe it is true that we don't know what we have got until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love is never assurance that they will love you back. Don't expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart: but if it does not, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, and hour to like someon
Tap Into Me
Words such as "I love you", "I miss you so much", "You mean so much to me", "You have become so important in my life", "You gave me my confidence back", "I never want to hurt you", "I don't care about age", "I can't wait to cuddle with you on the couch", "I'll never be able to watch 'The Big Lebowski' the same again", "You are the first person to make me feel like me again" all mean shit. They're not worth the saliva that Irish prick needed in order to say them. They were all lies said by my then boyfriend so that he could feel better about himself. He was in such a messy state in his life, and I came along and somehow helped him through something. He's still a mess, though. Because he has no idea how to act. He's unfeeling and cold. Possibly the most callous guy I've ever been involved with after the fact. Don't believe the hype surrounding this guy...I fell for it too. I fell for it in a huge way. I loved him. Only to be cast aside when he found someone else. No matter w
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Thanks to everyone for your comments, views and friend request. Keep them coming!!! I hope to post more pics soon. Tell me what you would like to see????
it’s really just the title of a poem, i swear. nothing to it. tess, collects it three years after raymond’s wet death. gets an earful. and writes a poem about it, one without any kisses, in a collection devoted to lip lock. it resonates like poetry does, and like poetry, it preempts its future. the future bar fubar, that is. where the men are always young and virile… and always getting busy. that is one of the effects of a bar with 1,257,643 inmates and counting. what need is there to speak to the woman next to you who can only remind you of something you wanted once and can no longer have? look again. there is no bar stool next to you. there is only constant rotation. no trace of lost sweetness? it is grueling work for the imagination, too, which is marred by this constant prolepsis (the clicking sounds). next assignation, next opportunity, if only to witness, hit by a realization of desire, lit by its virulence—what is left of a bar if it bans the second hand smoke that could get so
who the hell do u think u are God this is for all the shortys  
Tapping My Cherry
This is gonna be a lame first blog, but bear with me. I have never even heard about this site before, so it was kind of cool coming across it. It's a lot cooler than most of the other sites. Add me!
Tapping Ct
Well readers this is my first, and probably last (?), blog. I have looked around CherryTap and am trying to understand what it's all about. Seems to me like it's a popularity contest of sorts....person with the most ammount of friends wins. Still don't see why obtaining points is important and to be totaly honest I don't really care. All I hope to get from this site is a few decent people to have an occasional chat with....and due to the fact that I type with two fingers it's probably best I keep my contacts to a minimum anyway. There are SO many people with photos out there ! Totaly amazing. I can't see why some profiles have opted to have 1001 pics up. I myself will keep them to a minimum. I have been contacted by a few random people (mainly girls who wear little) asking me to rate them and add them to my list of friends...but honestly they don't give a hoot about me so why should I return the favour? I am sure there are some absolute gems out there waiting to be discovered..s
Tappin' From The Cell(phone)
I put a Mumm up about useless Mumm comments and it got deleted! It was NOT NSFW in any way, unless someone made a dumb comment. I feel that I should not be banned if there is an unacceptable comment. Now I am sad and could really use some cherry lovin to help make it through today. Someone please help me! I'm stuck here and bored to death :( Just seeing if I can now post to my blogs from my phone. EDIT: I guess I can :)
Tapper's Riffs
Well...Here is something that is a pet peeve of mine on here...It would seem that all the surveys on here for 10,000 Cherry Points are for US residents only and so I can't participate in any...I am limited to in the things I can do on here because of it... That means the amount of gifts I can give people is severely limited by the Cherry Tap policy or whomever's policy it is.... What do you guys think? Well apparently, my profile as well as others out there have been changed in that all your plugins from photobucket, picture trail or other places have been wiped out...You might want to check your profile under " View as others see it" and see if yours look ok..Mine now looks like shit..All the headers are there but no plugins... Apparently, I have to restart and apparently, you can't use the HTML code that we used to use from other places now to fix it either as it won't take.. Thanks Fubar for cheering me up Well...hey..Here is my first blog and it's on Cherry Tap but
Tappinit's First Contest
Tappinit Pimped Me Out Thanks :p
SINFUL PLEASURES She is SERIOUSLY a Doll. Always helping....... She's probably leveled you and you and you and ...... Well ... Now it's YOUR turn. Lets hit her up and get this done so she can have a GREAT weekend !! You can find her here: Sinful Pleasures * Shadow Leveler * - SBC - Pu$$ycat Playmate - Owned By ~Seamushardcore~@ fubar This is her current default ... but I like this one better: Sinful Pleasures * Shadow Leveler * - SBC - Pu$$ycat Playmate - Owned By ~Seamushardcore~@ fubar Spank her HARD !! She could use it !! Did you see that Salute ????? Woof !!!! Tappinit~@ fubar Brickhouse - Rick James
Growing pains Broken chains A sad melody Falling tears Listening ears A friend just for me Reaching out Sharing doubt When life gets me down Hands to clutch Gentle touch Can turn me around Spoken words Softly heard Cognitivity Holding tight Loving light Calm serenity
heh heh... I am posting this site in hopes that you will have a little fun with it. Its just something I have been playing around with. Please don't be offended by it. Its all in good fun. http://TapsWuzHere.Iniquity.Org
Im sorry That I bought you roses to tell you that i like you. I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk. I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants. I'm sorry That I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised. I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy". I'm sorry That I am actually nice, not a jerk. I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things. I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club. I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just screw you like some random guy. I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date. I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy. I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4 am when your new man hit you and dropped you o
If any of you have ever been to a military funeral in which taps were played; this brings out a new meaning of it. Here is something Every American should know. Until I read this, I didn't know, but I checked it out and it's true: We in the United States have all heard the haunting song, "Taps". It's the song that gives us that lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be interested to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison 's Landing in Virginia . The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and
Here is something Every American should know. Until I read this, I didn't know, but I checked it out and it is true: We in the United States have all heard the haunting song, 'Taps'. It's the song that gives us that lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be interested to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia . The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man back for medical attention Crawling on his stomach through the gunfire, the Captain reached the stricken soldier and began pulling him toward his encamp
If any of you have ever been to a military funeral in which taps was played; this brings out a new meaning of it.   Here is something Every American should know. Until I read this, I didn't know, but I checked it out and it's true: We in the United States have all heard the haunting song, 'Taps.' It's the song that gives us the lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes.     But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be interested to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia . The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land.     During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man back for medical attention. Craw
THE HISTORY OF TAPS If any of you have ever been to a military funeral in which taps was played; this brings out a new meaning of it. Here is something Every American should know. Until I read this, I didn't know, but I checked it out and it's true: We in the United States have all heard the haunting song, 'Taps.' It's the song that gives us the lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be interested to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia . The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man bac
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I don't know what the big thing about Cherry Blasts is. I mean, you have pay to have one? And you have people boasting that it's their 4th or 5th blast. How lame it is to pay money to announce yourself to an online community, just to get Cherry Bucks -- which you can't use to pay your rent, mortgage, or bills. The site's free to create and use, CherryTap has their sponsors (the folks that try to get you to fill out requests for Cherry Bucks -- though you have to pay for some of the services), so why should we have to spend our hard earned money? The only way I'll post a blast is if somebody else pays for it. That's right, ladies, I'm a male gold digger. Ha. Take care, and may God have mercy on our souls.
Tap This
OK so i joined the site a few days ago and i seem to like a pretty neat site. So i love the rates, comments, pic comments and more.
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Tap That Cherry!!!
So any way I put together a play list and I added it to my Stash and also put it on my main page in my music section. I think I've over done it because my page loads SLOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! I also think I may have over done things with trying to put in a slide show on my page as well. Can we say overkill. I'll give it some time and figure out where I want all my stuff to go I may take off my play list because one or two of the songs I put on it are messed up. Who knows I may just scrap my slide show as well. Try and keep things simple so I don't make myself crazy and get mad at my computer for all the stuff I keep dumping on to the websites I'm working with. OOOOOOOKKKKKK so I went to take a damn survey and the effin crap got stuck on me so I get no points no nothing for the damn survey... WTF dude... so any way what the hell is up with that....????? Who broke my shit damn it?!?!?!?!?!
Tap Tap Love
Tara Takadžjan - Shitbitch And Pissbitch
Hi, my name is Tara and with Pavel (pervers pig I am living with) we are fucking and living in shit... we are unable to make ourselves without shit and piss and it is exciting... I love my cunt full of shit until the first week with Pavel, when he totally devastated me by wave of orgasms i never felt before with shit and methamphet. inside me... and we both in one second aggreed that in our love the main theme is fucking when we are going deeper and deeper, (sorry for mistakes,i am writtimg this when Pavel is licking old shit from my cunt---) We love to do everything to present to our parents how filthy son and daughter they have. What should be better to thanks them for their love then without constraints and decency share full names... Lets everybody knows how fantastic pig is son of Jitka Stepanek (Pavel licks my cunt now and say that I should write she works like doctor at policlinic in Teplice). My maiden name is Stanek and In our links is link to google maps with addresses whe
Tara And Bella
apron Lead stops radiation, and the traditional X-ray apron contains layers of lead mixed with other prohibitive metals and is separated by layers of sewn nylon and other synthetic fabrics. An apron containing lead must ensure there is no contact between human skin and the lead, because lead exposure itself can be a health hazard. There are many varied styles, but the most common aprons drape the front of the body from the shoulders on down, protecting the abdomen, chest and the reproductive areas from harm. Some aprons are smaller, intended to cover only a specific part of the body. Often for chest X-rays, the patient will be covered by a small apron that shields only the reproductive regions. In addition to the patient, medical professionals should also wear lead aprons when performing radiological procedures. Sometimes patients may require physical support in order to properly place the body part to be X-rayed. X-raying children may also require staff to be near the child to assist
I have my first ummm idiot in shout... I could not resist sharing with you guys. (Don't forget to start from the bottom. Some people actually have to be reminded. GREG) ->!Naturtas: it's quite all right. hi wife! thanx for the invite, but i don't visit W V, nor would i ever attend a ho ball (whatever that is) seeing as how i'm not a ho. have a great one. WVPimpdadd...: darlin we host the's for invited guests and their friends....she's sitting here beside me right now....we were looking at your profile and thought maybe u wuld be interested in receiving an invitation to come and bring ya friends, but if ya not interested we're sry we bothered ya ->!Naturtas: then why wouldn't you invite her? seeing as how you don't know me, never seen me, etc? WVPimpdadd...: wife's job moved us here...she makes too much money to give it up ->!Naturtas: why would you move to W V? No offense, but... WVPimpdadd...: my cousin?? i'm not related to noone over here...we moved here from V
Tardis Files
Larry: And there he is. Sally: The Doctor. Larry: Who's the Doctor? Sally: He's the Doctor. The Doctor: Yep that's me. Sally: OK that was scary. Larry: No it sounds like he's replying but he always says that. The Doctor: Yes I do. Larry: And that. The Doctor: Yup. And this. Sally: He can hear us. Oh my god you can really hear us! Larry: Of course he can't hear us. Look. (reading off his notes) Yup, that's me. Yes I do. Yup. And this. Dr & Larry: (together) Are you gonna read out the whole thing? Larry: Sorry. Sally: Who are you? The Doctor: I'm a time traveler. Or I was. I'm stuck. In 1969. Martha: We're stuck. All of space and time he promised me, now I've got a job in a shop. I've gotta support him! The Doctor: Martha? Martha: Sorry. (exits camera view) Sally: I've seen this bit before. The Doctor: Quite possibly. Sally: 1969, what
A man was in a long line at Target. As he got to the register he realized he had forgotten to get condoms, so he asked the checkout girl if she could have some brought up to the register. She asked, "What size condoms?" The customer replied that he didn't know. She asked him to drop his pants. He did. She reached over the counter, grabbed hold of him and called over the intercom, "One box of large condoms, Register 5." The next man in line thought this was interesting, and like most of us, was up for a cheap thrill. When he got up to the register, he told the checker that he too had forgotten to get condoms, and asked if she could have some brought to the register for him. She asked him what size, and he stated that he didn't know. She asked him to drop his pants. He did. She gave him a quick feel, picked up the intercom and said, "One box of medium-sized condoms, Register 5." A few customers back w
Target Bouncer
Target For Today10/14/2007
Target For 12-20
All Confederate Bombers “SHOULD” be bombing on the target only, which is The Watchers contest. The targets are for who NEEDS to be bombed and is an approved contest. We need ALL family members on this ASAP please. Below you will find the link to the target… Padame~GeeGee~Confederate Bombers Lt.~Fu-Wife to Obiwan~The Watcher Captain Of Confederate Bombers's
Target Focused Training
I've found that people are intensely more interested in the phantom fury surrounding violence rather than the violence itself. And so we'll go there, if only to get over it and get into what truly matters. So what is this 'intervening terror?' This is the not inconsiderable space between where you are when you realize there's mortal trouble and putting everything you've got through a ruptured spleen. Or an avulsed eye. Or a broken neck. It's the space between NOW and INJURY. Those who do not understand violence, how it works, what it means, what's at stake often have no real conception of this space--they tend to be far more interested at looking at the whole affair as a contest or a dance or indeed magic. Those who understand violence are horrified by the idea of making a competition of it, after all, now we're going to play dice for your life? It would be laughable if it weren't so awful. But achieving that understanding, refusing to compete and being resolute in what's r
Target For 7/22/08
I wasn't going to have the family go into this contest, but since Faith stood by this family as faithfully as she has since entering our family, I need ALL GRD's in this contest. She needs 5000 comments. SO GIT R DONE! Thank you for all you hard efforts! Aimee
Target 7/24/08
9/14/08 Target
Smurfs - Smurfs The Smurf Village 1.Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the smurf List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... Something like i love smurfs or joining the smurf village . 2. When new people join the Smurf Village... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... 3.And Have Fun Starting with me Smurfette..Welcome to The Smurf Village ... Hot Lil Mama Rate This Folder And My co host ღHeart¡×OfLoveღ Come to me to be added she will do the tags for u Click the pic 2 Get Urs
  TARGET must be a horrible place to shop at when you are high. You've got 2 color schemes that become disturbingly obvious as you walk through the doors on the way pick up an affordable pair of shoes for work. Upper 50% RED, lower 50% KHAKI. Yes I said KHAKI. What freaks me out mostly about these colors are the busy little bees who work in this store in which I hear many women refer to as tarjay'. Emphasis on the 'Jay'. An oh so wrong pronunciation to make the store appear more French than it is. Allegedly. I despise the French. Regardless, these busy little bees that work in TARJAY, work in there red Polo shirts and there khakis like little elfs on a production line working for Santa Claus. Beautiful yet somehow dirty. My original intended point, before I drifted off on this mindless/drunken rant is please look at these busy little bees next time you go in the Le Tarjay. The red/ khaki color scheme produces a classic visual of a person who's legs move independent of their upper bo
Tar Heels
"The junior big man is averaging over 23 points and 10 rebounds per game. March 4, 2008 CHAPEL HILL - Sports Illustrated has named North Carolina's junior forward Tyler Hansbrough as the 2008 National Men's Collegiate Basketball Player of the Year in a cover story in the magazine's issue that hit the newsstands today. Hansbrough leads the No. 1 ranked Tar Heels (27-2 overall, 12-2 ACC) against Florida State tonight at 8 p.m. in Carolina's final home game of the season. The Poplar Bluff, Mo., native leads the ACC in both scoring (23.4 ppg) and rebounding (10.4 rpg) and is eighth nationally in points per game. Hansbrough has won ACC Player of the Week honors seven times this season, tying the single-season record with UNC's Antawn Jamison (in 1997-98) and Duke's JJ Redick (in 2005-06). Hansbrough is the 10th Tar Heel men's basketball player to earn National Player of the Year honors and the second to earn Sports Illustrated's Player of the Year award (with Jerry Stackhouse
Tarot Card
You Are The Empress You represent the ideal female figure: beauty and nurturing. You bring security and harmony to many. At times, you are also a very sensual person. You are characterized by love, pleasure, and desire. Your fortune: You need to take some time to think about the role of commitment in your life. It's possible you need to commit more to others, or deal with how others have treated you. It is very important for you to support your friends and family right now, difficult as it may be. You may need to look at your relationship with your mother, or your relationships as a mother. What Tarot Card Are You?
Tarot Card
You scored as XIII: Death. Death is probably the most well known Tarot card - and also the most misunderstood. Most Tarot novices would consider Death to be a bad card, especially given its connection with the number thirteen. In fact this card rarely indicates literal death.Without "death" there can be no change, only eventual stagnation. The "death" of the child allows for the "birth" of the adult. This change is not always easy. The appearance of Death in a Tarot reading can indicate pain and short term loss, however it also represents hope for a new future.XIII: Death100%XI: Justice88%II - The High Priestess75%0 - The Fool75%X - Wheel of Fortune75%I - Magician69%VIII - Strength69%XIX: The Sun69%IV - The Emperor69%XVI: The Tower
Tarot Reading
Ok so for the longest time i've been wanting to learn how to do tarot readings. So my friend who is into them bought me a deck and they have manga style art work which makes them double awsome. So i just did a simple lay out called the diamond. you have a specific question in mind and you shuffle the deck cut it and then deal it. you lay down the seventh card and it represents your past then on the left hand side of it you lay down the 14th card and that is the present then the 21st card goes in the top middle and that is the future. then you choose a card at random ( the one that feels right) as the last card which you place at the bottom middle and it is giving you advice. so i lay down the sun and it's reviresed then the emporer and it's reversed then the star and it's reveresed and then the hermit and it's reveresed. very weird that they all happen to be reveresed. that makes the meaning different. the question i had in mind was should i try to patch up my broken relationship or mo
When you open up to the ultimate, immediately it pours into you. You are no longer an ordinary human being - you have transcended. Your insight has become the insight of the whole existence. Now you are no longer separate - you have found your roots. Otherwise, ordinarily, everybody is moving without roots, not knowing from where their heart goes on receiving energy, not knowing who goes on breathing in them, not knowing the life juice that is running inside them. It is not the body, it is not the mind - it is something transcendental to all duality, that is called bhagavat - the bhagavat in the ten directions .... Your inner being, when it opens, first experiences two directions: the height, the depth. And then slowly, slowly, as this becomes your established situation, you start looking around, spreading into all other eight directions. And once you have attained to the point where your height and your depth meet, then you can look around to the very circumference of the univ
Tarot Card
Tarot Card
You scored as The Lovers. The Lovers card is about harmony and most in important love and forgiveness. The Lovers is also about not giving into tempteation and waiting for true love to come your way. It can mean that you had been hurt but have healed yourself and can finally realize love is out there somewhere. You value a good relationship and base it on love not sex. Don't give up on love.The Empress and The Emperor100%The Lovers100%Justice95%The Fool75%The World75%The Magician65%Judgement50%The Devil40%The Hanged Man30%The High Priestess30%The Hier
Tarotscopes! By Luangel
#10's the Wheel of Fortune )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( If your birth number is a 10, then your Tarot card association is The Wheel of Fortune. ***Characteristics: If you are using your energy in a positive manner then you are Lucky by nature. You are Positive, Successful, and Happy. You roll with the punches and you benefit from change. You always seem to land "butter side up" ***Traits associated with the use of negative energy. If you are blocking your positive energy you may experience these traits. You may be Arrogant (arrogance masking fear), Pompous, and Vain. You may feel as if you live on a roller coaster, with pits of despair, followed by peaks of happiness. ***Actions which may block Positive Energy: Fear that something "bad" is about to happen. Over-emphasis on material assets. Being Over-cautious. Feeling that you should be punished for past actions>>>Guilt. ***Symbols: Chance, Luck or Fate ***Angel: The Angel associated w
Tarot Card Reading
Tarot Card
You are The Moon Hope, expectation, Bright promises. The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window. The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition. What Tarot Card are You?Take
Tarot Card
You are The Empress Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation. The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful. The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her. What Tarot Card are You?Take the
You are The Magician Skill, wisdom, adaptation. Craft, cunning, depending on dignity. Eleoquent and charismatic both verbally and in writing, you are clever, witty, inventive and persuasive. The Magician is the male power of creation, creation by willpower and desire. In that ancient sense, it is the ability to make things so just by speaking them aloud. Reflecting this is the fact that the Magician is represented by Mercury. He represents the gift of tongues, a smooth talker, a salesman. Also clever with the slight of hand and a medicine man - either a real doctor or someone trying to sell you snake oil. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
Some may see you as a rebel of sorts, but you know how to be down-to-earth, routine and conventional when it serves you. Your deepest motives may actually be a mystery even to you -- but you don't spend a great deal of time and energy trying to plumb the depths. You're too practical for that. You may have a problem with someone who is asserting his or her authority a little too aggressively today. Avoid a head-on conflict. THIS WEEK'S CARD: THE HANGED MAN They say that going back to someone or something from your past isn’t normally a good idea, as though 'going back' is a 'step backwards'. Although this may sometimes hold true, it ertainly isn't always the case. Finding yourself in such a dilemma can cause a state of impasse or limbo where you really don’t know what to do for the best. This brings me to The Hanged Man card, a card that normally indicates the need to make some kind of self- sacrifice, or indicates a need for you to give someone or something up. We all
You are The Moon Hope, expectation, Bright promises. The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window. The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition. What Tarot Card are You?Take
Tarot Readings
Hi.  Ive just opened my new web site online.  WWW.LIFESMYSTERIESTAROT.COM    If anyone is interrested in having their tarot cards read.  I provide useful and insightful advice and readings.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  So, it seems like my life has been so busy and chaotic (non drama) lately that I have tossed aside my talent (and Hungarian Gypsy roots) of Tarot Card reading. Last year or so I took my online site down and focused more on my love and my work. Now that the wedding will be happening within the next year or so and my job is secure, IM STARTING BACK UP!   Its been a good year since I focused on my card readings but you will read on here from people that I am quite good. Im NOT a fortune teller, I read the cards, with the help of your energy and they will tell you what youre doing right, in life and wrong and where you need to focus your energy. They are awesome and will help to discover the inner you.   As the Gypsy blood runs throu
Tarot Readings By Roxy
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p align="center">">You are The SunHappiness, Content, Joy.The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple and consistent.Young, healthy, new, fresh. The brain is working, things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way.The Sun is ruled by the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon's Diana. A positive card, it promises you your day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully consciousness and wide awake. You have an understanding and enjoyment of science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy.What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
Tarot Personality
p align="center">">You are The HierophantDivine Wisdom. Manifestation. You are The Hierophant (Heavenly Master) Divine Wisdom. Manifestation. Explanation. Teaching. All things relating to education, patience, help from superiors.The Hierophant is often considered to be a Guardian Angel. The Hierophant's purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth. Where the High Priestess between her two pillars deals with realms beyond this Earth, the Hierophant (or High Priest) deals with worldly problems. He is well suited to do this because he strives to create harmony and peace in the midst of a crisis. The Hierophant's only problem is that he can be stubborn and hidebound. At his best, he is wise and soothing, at his worst, he is an unbending traditionalist.
Tarot Card
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very LowLevel 2 (Lustful)Very HighLevel 3 (Gluttonous)Very LowLevel 4&l
Tarot And Knowing!!
Via comment, note, whatever it is.... I will tell you what you are on this earth for. I don't mean exact job position or anything. lol It runs deeper than that. This... that I do, is not really reading the Tarot. It involves your birthdate for me to figure this out, along with my knowledge and sometimes my intuition. I do read Tarot for fun anymore to predict things. When I am able. I stopped charging for now, because I started to hate it. Such is life and Karma, huh? But go for it... and send me your birthdate. I do not need anything else. Do NOT tell me your name, your state, your childhood.... nothing but your birthdate.     LOVE, RJ
Tarpaulins are just some of the things that people need to have at home at all times, since they can be very useful for a lot of different occasions. Every family needs to have a tarp or tarps for them to be ready for an outdoor birthday party, a picnic, for the children who want to have a lemonade stand during summer, and so many other instances. What is great about tarpaulins is that they are very easy to store compared to other kinds of covering, like having a huge umbrella, or a bulky canopy, and other kinds of roof-like shelter. There are no hassles whatever, people could just simply fold the tarpaulin neatly or roll it carefully for future uses and have it stored in one of the cabinets or storages at home. Another thing why people should go and buy a tarpaulin, aside from all its uses, is that it is very affordable and any family could really get one. Tarpaulins come in different sizes, shapes, color, and they could have it customized and fit the family for all kinds of uses or
Tears fall. no one sees. I scream, but there is no one to please. For my sin I must atone. I am alone.  To no one I belong. Unclaimed. Unloved. I raise my eyes, but no one is above. Everything I was is gone. I am alone.                    STACY Whips, Chains & Duct Tape A submissive needs to feel her hope manifested in the presence of her Master. There comes times in life where she lose it all, where she feels she want ti give up on everything, it happens when she face so much pressure and hard times and she will try to shut it off so she doesn't bother her Master or because she don't want to collapses. Your submissive is not just a submissive, she is a woman, a mother, a sister, a daughter and many other things and relationships and it is natural that she will face complicated situations where she may lose all hope and fall down. That is when you have to come in no matter how much she try to stops you, it is your responsibility to listen and help her as much as you can even when

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