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Sporty Daves Dead Head Thought Of The Day
Yummy- my fav. fish Fishing Lessons - What Do Trout Eat? from TexasHuntFish.Com on Vimeo.
Sporadic Musings
As many a wise person has said, "when something is no longer fun it's time to quit." Well, this is no longer fun. I have tried several times and failed miserable to fit in with the culture of this site, but alas, it is not meant to be at the moment. Frankly, I am not interested in spending real money to buy YOU virtual schlock. I am not interested in sitting and rummaging through YOUR same crappy gifs and morphs, and frankly you know where you can stick your Auto 11s. A social networking site (which this classifies as) in my mind should be more about meeting people and interacting with different views and viewpoints from around the nation and world -- NOT to strive for made up titles of self worth and importance, NOT to beg for people to spend REAL money on a picture for you (You know how much "bling" I have just from a simple right click of the mouse??) and surely NOT to prostitute yourself for said items...(read anyone who offers to show me their tits for these things). I
Sports Opinions
The Oakland Raiders have become a parody of themselves. They were once a succesful and revolutionary team in football. Once they were known for their terrifying defense, the vertical offense, and for being in some of the memorable moment in the NFL history. The only problem is that while the rest of the world progressed as time passed, Al Davis got stuck in the days of old. And that is the key problem, he expects who ever is the head coach to do everything that he says, and to win right away. This isn't the 70's and 80's anymore. The last time the Raiders were good, they were built to win a Superbowl right now, not the future. And it showed when the aging verterans finally couldn't play anymore and the team was left with nothing, but inexperienced young players, and mediocre at best veterans. And then the coaching carousel began. Since he departure of Jon Gruden in 2001, the Raiders have gone though 5 head coaches. Those head coaches have combined for 36 wins out of 112 games. L
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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals Stadium Information: Super Bowl XLIII will be held in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. According to, the stadium can seat 65,000 people but can be expanded to fit more than 75,000. It is the six-time winner for the award for best field in the NFL. The stadium is known for Buccaneer Cove, which is located in the north end of the stadium and runs the length of the end zone concourse. In the center, there is a pirate ship that is over 100 feet long, making it one of the most identifiable stadium features in the world. Showdown: Super Bowl Stats The Steelers have played in six Super Bowls total; they won five of them, including four games in the last six years. Check out the Pittsburgh Steelers' official site for a complete recap of these games. This year marks the Arizona Cardinals' first-ever Super Bowl appearance. No matter which team wi
Sports Opinions
Allen Iverson must decide for himself... It is a dark day in Colts football with the release of the all time great receiver Marvin Harrison. It is both a shame and not really a surprise to this pessimistic writer with the ailing economy the way it is. All too often older players sign hefty contracts with a big bonus pay out at the beginning and the remaining signing bonus strung out over the remaining length of the contract. All too often especially in the NFL there is a massive chance taken on both sides with no realistic end to the payout. The team signs in the hopes they will get enough play production out of the player to make up for the initial bonus and the remaining payments. The player hopes that they will see the majority of the contract without being injured severely or be released, cut or waived before the contract ends. Many times these contracts go both ways and way too often with older players are released unconditionally to save money under the salary ca
Sports Fan Community
This is a litte place I come to rant and rave, and moan and groan about whatever is ailing me lately. This typical little excerpt is my feelings on the bitch that played my heart and got away without a scratch: I grew sick of your shit. You have time for the internet but not a short conversation or text message. I'm not buying your bullshit. See it any way you want to but in the end its still shit. I don't care because its been brought to my attention you don't care. You are grown, so maybe its time to start acting like it.All it is for you is the ME game. Immature as fuck. Love is a word i will most likely never use so quickly again unless its my mother or daughter. The women I have come across in life, probably due to my own fault have lured me in and for whatever reason used excuses to do what they want to do in the ME game. Its really trifling to get involved and start playing the ME game. Im not that guy anymore. Let me say this loud and clear, second chances are fo
we won .... 1-0 ..... worked our asses off for it too... the team we played was undefeated like us but had a better record... they normally win the league. We gave them their first defeat of the season
I knew Jack for a number of years both on and off the ice. I can remember going to shinny games early and he and I would sit there against the glass watching the mites practice. Jack would have a gleam in his eye making him look so much younger than his age. We would sit there and tell jokes (most of them dirty) or a group of us would just listen to him talk of past playing days. His stories were always lucid and vivid, and so god damn funny. Jack Molt played hockey in 7 decades. But to hear him talk abut it, you could never tell. Dispite failing health he continued to lace the boots because it was his passion for the game that kept him young at heart. Sitting in those rink lobbies soaking up each story like a sponge was some of the best things about shinny hockey and I dearly miss that. I am not a religious man; but if there is a heaven, then I can see Jack, young and vibrant, sitting with Jesus telling hom story after story of his playing days with our pro team at the time. And Jesus
Sports Stuff
It may not be fashionable to say it, but hell, I'm a massive Schumacher fan, and the news that he's making a comeback to F1 to cover for the injured (but fortunately improving, thoughts-are-with-him) Felipe Massa has me so jazzed for the rest of the season. I can't wait for Valencia now, and I'm desperately keeping my fingers crossed that he comes back and shows his top form.
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Sports Betting System
football picks football betting tips In this sports betting system you double your bet each time to cover each loss. Can mean investing ridiculous large amounts of cash, just to see results. The process is that you make your bet and if you lose - then you double your bet, lose again and you keep doubling the bet total till you win. Then you go back to the original bet price and start the cycle again. Has very small long term success rate in gambling. However it needs to be done on even bets so rarely used in sports except when done for just one team - one team cant lose 10 + times in a row right? This System requires a high bank balance to begin with and will not win you lucrative amounts of money in return unless the odds are phenomenal. It is sometimes used by less-experienced betters as a Sports betting system, however it is a desperate system in which you will never recover your original bet. sports betting system sports betting champ
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Well last night was another game between the OKC Thunder and the Phoenix Suns. This game was a shut out from the start. During the first 3 quarters the Thunder kept the suns from scoring 20 points in each quarter. This was really big for the Thunder, since during a game against the Bobcats where the cats were held to just 69 total points. Sefolosha had a monster night going 5 - 7 beyond the arc for 3's, and he was only 2 points away from tying his career high. Durant and Jackson led the way in rebounds, while Westbrook led the team in assits with 6. As a team the Thunder did an amazing job against the Suns with 44.7% in Field goals, 52.9% in 3 pointers, 74.1% at the line, and only caused 7 fouls. Once the 4th quarter started, none of the starters played again, and the bench was able to hold off the Suns and route them to only 69 points. It could of been 67 and make it a season low for the Thunder to allow if there was not a turn over in the last 31 seconds of the game. Regardless of if
wholesale nba jerseysU.S. media generally believe that the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA (microblogging) Alliance "walks" into the playoffs, because the star appeal and game viewing, the Lakers are far away from the Jazz and Mavericks. However, the "godfather" to take care of, after all, only objective factors, afraid afraid Lakers will regret, can not live. miami heat jerseyAt present, the Lakers to go beyond the the Warriors and rocket very difficult. The same time, they trailed Jazz 0.5 wins, the next will have to face the Warriors, San Antonio and other enemies of the rocket, the slightest mistake, they quickly rejected in the playoffs this season, outside the gate. Yesterday with the Clippers a war, it is essential, the Lakers lose, lock the Pacific Division title for the first time in the history of the Clippers, the Lakers fell out of the top eight, West cut the road depends on others face. nba jerseys"Jazz and the Lakers, who will become the eighth? Five expert
Sports Safety
Sports are a great way to improve fitness and emotional wellbeing, but their very nature puts participants at risk of personal injuries. This has resulted in the creation of huge amounts of sports safety equipment. While some of this equipment might not look especially stylish, it could one day save your life or prevent you from suffering from serious health problems. 1- Helmets Helmets are a vital safety tool in a huge number of different sports, including hockey, American football, baseball, softball, and those that involve racing on vehicles, such as motor racing, skiing, inline skating, snowboarding, biking and skating. You should only ever wear a helmet that was designed with your specific sport in mind - it is no good wearing a skating helmet for a hockey match. Your helmet should be approved by the relevant authorities and should be the right size for your head. It should fit snugly and should not tilt forwards or backwards. 2 - Eye protection Eye protection is also necessa
Active in the team signings , the international Milan cleaning work is also simultaneously running with . Last season winter transfer period came to the team winger Xie Luotuo I have also confirmed that he will sell half ownership way leased to newly promoted Serie A Sassuolo . cheap jerseys According to Sky Sport Italia reported that the transfer fee of 2.5 million euros , physical work will be carried out on Thursday . Xie Luotuo in the winter transfer window last season from Atlanta to join Inter Milan [ microblogging ] , the transfer fee of 3.5 million euros , Inter Milan also sent a teenager Li Waya half ownership ( price of 2.4 million euros ) , in six months time , Xie Luotuo cumulative teams played 12 times, in February 2013 25 Milan derby replaced Cambiasso played in the second half , just over three minutes on the Inter [ microblogging ] tied the score, helping the team to force ping each other,Baltimore Ravens Jersey which is Xie Luotuo came after the team score
Sporty's Passion
First off, I'm NOT a writer, I DO write in the winter when I can't ride(Michigan weather you know). My spelling may be off and grammer is'nt quite right but I hope you will enjoy the story's I post here. This 1is about a dinner date. I havent found the restruant or the woman,yet. It's a rooftop, private and secluded with A candle on the table to reflect the passion in your beautiful eyes,talking of nothing important with our words,letting our hearts communicate for us as we eat a lovly meal,sipping wine,laughing and smiling till the moon comes up. It's a nice warm evening and I would roll out a blanket so that we could lay together, my arm around you,your head on my chest looking at all the stars that have come out to watch our passion blossom and grow! We would make love there,the moon shows through your hair and puts a spell on me,the stars glimmer in your eyes,FIREY and hot with the passion we share over and over as the night turns to morning. We relax after the night, exausted a
so i am new at this cherry stuff. my profile sux and it's ok for now cuz i am new. I am really tired and pretty bored, but can't sleep. my life is stressful, but just like everyone elses...i think. but all will be ok soon...i hope...i just need an arrest and the tension will lift off my shoulders and i will bring my baby back to me!!
Spotlight Drama.....
hahah todays movie listing times hahah yay it starts at 4:20 hahah a must see High film=Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: in Digital Projection (PG-13, 168 min.) 12:40pm | 4:20pm | Ok i don't about anyone else but man that dude that won todays spot light i don't know if to laugh or be scared but is there anyways to hide him .... i'm not diggin lookin at him... WOOHOO 1000 away from leveling up HELP!!!!!!!!!! hope everyone is haveing a good night.. Blessing for a good weeknd...xoxoxox
i just want too wish all the bouncers a happy thanksgiving and for doing a great job and too all of you fubar users have a wonderful thanksgiving
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Ok so ya want to know how you can get into the FU.A.A. weekly spotlight well you came to the right place. There are actually several ways to make it into our spotlight, you can be chosen by 1 or more of the staff for your deeds on fubar. you can be nominated by other members for your deeds on fubar or for simply been a good & caring freind. you can also purchase a spot in our weekly spotlight this is done in two ways: 1. you can make a donation to our fubucks size of donation is not important however if a member is found to be making small donations every week they will way more heavely on our choice as staff then one who makes one large donation. 2. You can bid on a spotlight just like on normal fubar spotlight bids can be sent to us in our e-mail on this account, winning bids will be notified and expected to pay. (failure to pay will cause us to revoke the spotlight) 3. Some one who luves you can also buy you a gift spotlight by making donations to FU.A.A and l
Spotlight the people who are checkin' out my won't be updated too much until I get a good feel for this site and I figure out what I'm doing. So, until then...patience. ~p~
Ok so I now have a little over 900 comments which I pretty much habeen working on alone today so please come help me out in my giveaway and help me bomb my pic for me to get a 7 day blast Please I would love to get this in time for my 28th birthday which is in 13 days Remember it doesn't end until I get the 1500 comments that I need so all help is greatly appreciated and all love will be returned So please come on by and help me bomb my pic just click the link below and bombs away Thank you So my birthday is coming up its on the 25th of march and I would like if my friends would make me a birthday salute or a birthday pic or both if you want and I will post it Send me the pic t and I will put them in my folder that I made titled Birthday Salutes Ok so who is up for it For everyone who donates to me getting spotlight I will make a salute for can either tell me what you want to say on the salute or I can just make it the way I want to But please donate to
Spotlight Anyone?
I am on a quest. I would like to have the SpotLight ONCE ... LOL I see that today's Spotlight went for 12.5 (that's unreal lol) but I would like to try for it anyway. I am doing what I can to gain more fubucks on my own, but I will need help from my friends and family too...Can you help me? Will you help me?.... Here's the deal. I will appreciate help from any and everyone, and if in the case that I don't think that the Spotlight is attainable, I will return fubucks and do a special pimpout for everyone that helped me attempt to get the Spotlight! I am not sure if it is possible, but I would like to try....Thanks to you all in advance for any help that you may extend my way. JeNn Door Girl for CenterfoldsThe Sisterhood@ fubar
Spot Light
So I've been thinking, uh oh!!! Beware!!! I joined Fubar a little over a year ago. In that time I have met a ton of awesome people! Hosted a couple of Happy Hours, and leveled Godfather! That's pretty awesome in my opinion. The only thing I haven't done, is bought a Spot Light. I just recently learned that after level 25 buying the Spot Light is not an option! I really really would like to do this before it's too late. But I need some help. If you can help me make my last wish come true, I would be in debt to you for almost forever!!! Please send me some Fu Bux so that I can buy a Spot Light!!!!! xoxo These people Have already donated 100,000 Fu Bux Each....Aren't they awesome!!!!!! MyZtErY ☆ DirtySouthCrew ☆ Owned by Tim~SouthernOutlawBiker~ ☆ I.B.I.C. ☆@ fubar Tsisquo'ga ♥Native American Queen♥ ~ Club F.A.R. ~@ fubar This Awesome Chic just donated 75,000 Fu Bux!!! ~Mydnyte~Owner of I.B.I.C.~D.S.C.~Manager of D.T.B.~@ fubar
Hi all my wonderful fu friends... Im pretty close to having enough for a spotlight(only need about 3 million more,LOL)...i know , they cost a fortune these days...Im not asking for donations...i entered a give away , which will give me plenty of bucks to have my spotlight...I only need 35k in comments and ill be all set...If you have ant spare time to drop me a few comments on this picture i surley would appreciate it...I totally understand if you can only drop a few and any and all comments will be appreciated 100 percent...Thank you in advance for your help and thank you for being my friends...Have a wonderful night... Just click the pic and comment ...thank you... P.S. If your not allready,you must add Stephanie Lynn as a friend to vote...Shes #1 on this site and i guarantee youll enjoy her as a friend as well...shes very kind and very real... Thank You 8-p
HA!!! MADE YA LOOK!!! I NEED FUBUCKS!!!! SOME OF MY FRIENDS HAVE BEEN DONATING TO ME, SO I WILL GET SPOTLIGHT....IVE NEVER WANTED SPOTLIGHT, BUT NOW, BECAUSE I LIKE TO MAKE MY FRIENDS HAPPY, IM GOING FOR IT....SO ANY AND ALL DONATIONS WILL BE APPRECIATED, AND IF U DONT WANNA DONATE, I UNDERSTAND, AND WILL NOT CALL YOU A SORRY PIECE OF SHIT FOR NOT HELPING ME!!! LMAO!!! CLICK THE LIL PIC DOWN HERE FOR MY PAGE, AND DONATE TO YOUR LIL HEARTS CONSENT!! ☆FTW☆ This is just a simple blog, to post my stats at the time of me winning spotlight. Ill add more and all that later after this day is over!! LOL... Fuberlord --> Henchman 370,012 Points to go! Rating: 10.41 (1716) [?] Profile Views: 2,671 Points: 1,129,988 [?]
Has anyone else noticed there is no spotlight today??? Have they done away with it or does anyone know??? Yes, I'm being nosy, so what lmao...
2-28-08 Spotlight Rigged
Spotlight Fund
Please take a minute to check these people out! They all have donated to me getting the spotlight and they are great friends to have! So please take the time to stop by and F/A/R them. You won't regret it! Emanon~~Forever Fake~~Father of The Fallen Ones@ fubar ~FAT SONNY~@ fubar ~DJ Twiztid~Fu Fiance to SiMpLy AmAzInG~ Dj Mng.@Club Too Sexy@ fubar darkprince75@ fubar nukka@ fubar CrazyPhil@ fubar Lord Garfield * Freedomguy63* Bartender for Unholy Confessions & Space Hotties@ fubar subliminalone76
Spotlight Fund
ThE CoFfEe LaDy*Owner rockrules2001*@ fubar
Spotlight Fund
Do you want see me in the spotlight? Here is your chance I'm getting close but need some help from you to get there! I am not begging here, I am offering to help you out, what do you need? Pic rates, stash rates help to level, or are you in a contest, I will do these things to help you out. I am also offering salutes so take your pick. Let me know what you need help with? 25,000 I will rate 100 stash 30,000 I will rate 100 pics 40,000 I will rate 200 stash 50,000 I will rate 200 pics 75,000 gets you all 100 11's for the day. 100,000 I will sent you a salute, and a sexy one! The higher the amount the more I will do for you so let me know what you need help with! Click the pic below to sent your fu-bucks. Thanks again my friends! OzzyFreak The Goth EMT@ fubar
Spotlight Fund
This is a thank you to the wonderful people that helped support my quest for spotlight. I made it there on May 14th! Stop by and show them all some love! First of all, this wonderful fu did his best to push me over the hump. He sold his rates, did a silent auction, and I have a feeling he gave me every last fubuck he has. LoneWolf {H&L Bombers Founder}}@ fubar Everyone listed here made a contribution, the order is random, no one needs to know how much someone gave, just know that each and every one of them gave from their heart! ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned By Gary & WildCat..@ fubar Passionman71~ Shadow Leveler~ & Fu-Owner Of Lady Kate~&~ Juggalette Angel~&~Say~&~Sweetfox2007~@ fubar ~PURPLESKY~FU-WIFEY TO BASSTRACKER@ fubar ☺KatieBug☺Owned by Gary☺Shadow Leveler☺{{ H&L Bombers }} ☺@ fubar ♥Belladonna♥...Club F.A.R. member... Plz Fan & Rate Profile B4 Add@ fubar robisue(C
Spotlight Was Amazing Ty!
I am going for the SpOtLiGhT!!! **See Comment Offer Below** All I'm asking for is a little help in raising the fu-bucks. Even if it's just rates!! Donations are of course appreciated but anything can help! I will be rating people like crazy to get there myself! If a donation is made in fu-bucks ($100, 000 and up) ...I will make you 1 SFW salute. The salute can say whatever you want! YOUR choice! My way of saying thank you for helping me achieve this goal! Not only that but your profile link and your donation amount will be added to this as well, so you get pimped in the process of giving! Yay!! ***In a contest/giveaway and need comments? Both me and Jason, will help bomb you! $10,000 fu bucks gets you 100 comments and all the way up to $100,000 fu bucks donation gets you 1000 comments to your contest/giveaway! I love all of you! Click on me to donate or rate! Your Ultimate DesireWifey & R/L G/F to Jason & Greeter for FuLuvBombSquad & Owned by ED@ fubar The A
Hey Friends and Fans I have been on this site for awhile and would love some help gettin in to the spotlight.. if there is anyone out there that could help me I would reall appreciatate it, and will do anything to pay you back however I can.. Thanks, Chocolate Bunny
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Flying Jet & Monkey Bling 4 Auction It's 4 Argonutz's Spotlight Fund! Let's See Some Bids 4thjuly Bling Flying Monkey Hugs SunySkyz Babe's Spotlight Auction Results Babe's friends had a spotlight fundraiser to help her get the spotlight. We had salute's up for auction and we had 400 11's up for auction. :) Please send all fubucks to her here Babe Thank You! Here are the results :) TABBY76 has won a salute from HerWorld for 250k please send fubucks to Babe and thank you for helping out!BigDaddy has won a salute from Babe for 400k please send fubucks to Babe and thank you for helping out!
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Hey all if you can be soooooo kind and loving im taking donations for the spotlight to all who donated i will pimp you all out permently in my blogs here is the link to send the fubucks to ty.. ۞Devil - The King @ DDR ۞ Fiesta Tappers ۞@ fubar
just placed a bid on spotlight Next spotlight: Aug 24, 2008 Current high bid: 8,001,500 fuBucks i have 8,203,032 fu-bucks other night i was out bid by 200 friggin dollars.. so come on people help the Condom out pretty plasee please Donate some Fu-Bucks to her so she can bid on spotlight and get to her next level.. rate or Fu-Bucks will help thank you 36dragon flies@ fubar i need 1.3 million more people help the condom out anything helps....
Well, after a bit of consideration, I've decided to go for a spotlight. What that means, partly, is that I won't be able to afford any fu-gifts for a bit. Gotta save all my bux. So please... don't buy me anything... unless you don't mind that I just send you a note thanking you. I don't want to hurt anyones feelings by not returning the fu-love. If you'd like.. I'll gladly accept fu-bux in lue of a gift. hehe..... Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. Wouldn't you like to see me on your page for 24 hours? I'm trying to get a spotlight. All donations are greatly appreciated and I'll return the love somehow... from rating bombs to comment bombs I'D LOVE TO SPOTLIGHT BEFORE I LEVEL UP TO DISCIPLE. I DON'T ASK MY FRIENDS FOR MUCH BUT I'D LOVE THE HELP. THANK YOU TO ALL MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS THAT HAVE HELPED SO FAR. YOU ALL FREAKING ROCK. I'M SO LUCKY TO HAVE SUCH A GREAT GROUP OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY "ChelleBelle" tattoo'd & pierce
The Spotted Train! Hop On Board! (47 Riders Room For More!)
Hop on Board it's The Spotted Train! To join this train all you need to do is F/R/A (that's Fan/Rate/Add) EVERYONE on the train Please be sure to put something in the friend request like "I'm seeing spots!", or "I Love Dalmations!" Well you get the idea! If you already have them on your list be sure to re-rate them if you can and leave a profile comment on their page saying you are "Riding the spotted train!" or something of the sorts! You must F/R/A everyone on this train! Also everyone that joins after you as well! Or you may be removed from the train! Official Spotted Train Tag If you would like an official tag for the train please rate the folder starting with this picture. Leave a comment on the last picture so I know you have rated all 50 of the pictures and that you wish a tag to be made. Once you have finished with the list please send a PM (Private Message) to me ~ Snugglebunny ~ your hostess/engineer that you have finished
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Spot Light
Thank you so very much for those that contributed to my newly adopted whorish ways... I now have enough for spotlight so keep your eye out. I'm trying to make it to SatanMother... Love ya all
I just wanted to thank EVERYONE who helped me get spotlight. There are so many of you that did that I cant name you all, but you should know who you are! So thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Spotlight Fund
SPOTLIGHT The time is finally Here!! I am going for a spotlight!! Thats right your heard me.. I am going for a spotlight! But I need your help! I am looking for donations to my spotlight fund. I am offering SFW saulte pics on all donations more then 100,000 fu-bucks. I am also willing to work for fu-bucks!! So click on my link below. Check me out help me out by making a fu-buck dontaion and If you haven't already Please Fan Rate and Add ME!!
I need YOUR help!! I have recently found out that after level 25 you are not able to bid on the spotlight so I have decided that I want to try to win it before I level. I only have about 1.5 million points to go before leveling so I am asking for the help of my friends because it won't be possible without you. The winning bid has been running between 14 and 24 million fubucks. Anyone that has a few fubucks to spare and wouldn't mind helping out it would be greatly appreciated. I have one friend that has given me a few million fu-bucks already...without expecting anything in return! Hard to believe, I know! Obviously everyone does not have a few million fubucks to give but it all adds up the same and is appreciated no matter how big or small of a donation. My friends are the greatest and I know you can help make this happen for me! Much love to you all, ~That Girl I wanted to leave a little note thanking the people that have donated so far. I will continue adding as I get
So while standing in the parking lot at the hotel I live in, waiting for my ride to work, the fire alarm's go off!! Then the sprinklers start..... at the stairway near my room!! At that moment my ride to work pulls in!!! Well I wasn't about to leave until I knew what was going on!! So the fire truck finally shows up. They firemen run up the stairs, rips open parts of the ceiling on the walk way.... and nothing!! No fire???? So either there never was or the sprinkler system did some good!! But either way I wait nervously until they tell me I can come back up and since Im writing this... My stuff is fine THANK THE LORD!!! *sigh* I can't wait to move into an apartment! Everything I own is squeezed into this hotel room!! If god forbid the sprinklers ever go off in my room I will loose everything! Well, thats all for now I still have to go to work..... dayum lol!! ~Mel So I know your just dying to help me get the spotlight...... but you dont know how!!! Well here is your way.
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Create a playlist at One of my very best friends on fubar really wants to ride the spotlight! She is a great friend and a really cool person to know. I'm glad to have her as a friend. And she is wonderfuly sweet & perfectly cute!! She is trying to level and she needs our help. She is taking donations for her spotlight.
I would love to earn enough fubucks to get a spotlight. Any fubucks that you can spare to help me achieve this would be greatly appreciated. Anyone willing to help...Pretty please with a cherry on top!!! No donation is considered too small!
Spot Light
Goofy Gurl Needs Our Help! This very sweet lady is going for spotlight an needs donations any amount that you can spare to help her reach her goal will be greatly appreciated...she is offering salutes an rates for your donations so if you would like to help her out click the link below an go see what you can work out with one of fulands best hearts... ~DJ GoofyGurl~Manager at Legends Saloon & Member of Rating Revolution This Bulletin Brought to you by: ~Wizard~Owner of Club Tabu~
Oh Oh OH Its A CupCake Suprise Hey Guess Wat She Going For The SpotLight & she very Close 2 Disciple! So lets get her the SpotLight be4 she Disciples! Send This Sweet Yummy CupCake Some Fu-Buck Lovin's She'll Lub U Long Time SHOW ME THE MONEY Plz Donate & Show Her The Way To The SpotLight Now She So Deserves It!! Cupcake Surprise ~ Member of The Spankers & The Shadow Levelers ~@ fubar Money Maker f/ PharrellBy LudacrisBest Video Codes (repost of
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Spotlight Monies For Candi
Candi needs ur monies...... Her bday is Thursday. And she is wanting a birthday spotlight. So here is the thing. she is real close to getting enough monies.... but she still needs some more. We both have auto 11's right now, and if you rate mine, all proceeds will go to her spotlight fund. thank you candi♥ass~probably hates your p3nis~@ fubar
SHOW HER SOME LOVE!!! SHE IS SPOTLIGHT AND MY OWNER!!!! Carolvision63 ~ ‍ owned by Ponyboy0827 ‍ ~ ♥ Head Greeter @ The Ace Cafe ♥ (repost of original by 'shadowlevelershelper~OWNED BY SCARLETT...only accepting friends from levelers' on '2008-11-26 10:21:45') (repost of original by '~GARY~SHADOWLEVELER~SPANKERS~OWNED BY INFARRED & SCARLETT~BOOBOO'S FOREVER~' on '2008-11-26 10:23:01')
> I want to be in the spotlight! Now taking Donations,all Love returned. Thank You! Click my Pic to transport to my page! Ozzfanatic2 Music provided by WYKD Radio Made with much mad Luv by: ★♎★Lucretia★♎★ @ fubar
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? speaker 2. Your significant other? divorced 3. Your hair? multiple 4. Your mother? caring 5. Your father? awesome 6. Your favorite thing? ganja 7. Your dream last night? dunno 8. Your favorite drink? poontang? 9. Your dream/goal? live 10. The room you're in? bedroomroom 11. Music? ska 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here 14. Where were you last night? out 15. What you're not? you 16. Muffins? weed 17. One of your wish list items? ssenippah 18. Where you grew up? starrucca 19. The last thing you did? smoked 20. What are you wearing? nuttin 21. TV? off 22. Your pets? few 23. Your computer? gateway 24. Your life? lost 25. Your mood? st
nothing fancy here...i would like to go for the spotlight...not begging, and not doing it too publicly...but any and all donations would be greatly appreciated....Thanks!! FTW
Spotlight Fund
AMANDA IS NOW TAKING DONATIONS FOR SPOTLIGHT... I always said that pigs would fly before I would beg for anything on this site...Little did I know that Porky and his friends were taking flying lessons as I spoke. Yes, friends, Amanda is begging for fubucks. I am within 4.5 million from leveling to Disciple. I would love to have the opportunity to have the spotlight just once before it's too late. I have had a lot of friends send donations already but I'm still lacking in what I need. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, my friends...{{{huggss}}} This Shameless Solicitation For Your FuBucks Brought To You By: ღAMANDAღ@ fubar
Spotlight Thank You!
HeartInspector wants to thank all her friends/family and fans who helped her get the spotlight!! xoxo Tappinit the most FuLuved Owner who spoils his pets! I thank you my dear...xoxo! Tappinit XmasBaby73 and Pink0828: These amazing sexy FuLadies! Pimped me, spoiled me & made this so fun! xoxo! ♥xmasbaby73♥DEVOTED 2 the MOST HANDSOME and AMAZING man EVER *TAPPINIT*luv him..I Do * Pink0828* ஐ*ღDangerous Curves Memberღ*ஐ PaPrGrl for Paying it forward with FuLuv! xoxo ty! ♦PaPrGrl♦ *Owned by Tappinit* SinfulBrat who shares her FuLuv freely with us all........ SinfulBrat ~NO SALUTE =NO ADD~ The Donations.....WOW..... I was amazed of the FuLuv and Support to Make Spot possible! From the largest donation to the smallest, I DO thank and FuLuv you all! I will be paying this forward I promise you~ Ok, Autos is to 2009! ~xoxo heart~ ~*ǣMخ*~DEMON CREW
Spotlight Blog
Put your hands up, this is a stick up! Give me all your fubucks and no one gets hurt! Please?! That's right, I want your fubucks pretty please. I really want to be an uber dork and try to get the spotlight. I am going for my birthday, March 31st. That may seem a long way away, but I'll need all the help I can get during the next three months. So hand 'em over folks! I promise I'll be very grateful and come up with some way to thank everyone that helps me. Just click the pic to go to my page to help or the fupal link to send monies directly to me. Thank you in advance! ♥Amy Amykins ♥@ fubar I'm going to still try to get spotlight. My goal is to have the monies by my birthday, March 31st. Dee told me something I felt stupid for forgetting. The best thing to do is rate the people who are offering fubucks for rating them while they have auto 11s running. So...if you know anyone offering fubucks for rates then please, please let me know. Each day
Ok so I'm going for a spotlight and I am taking donations. Any little bit would help. Thanks in advance Nelly
Spot Light
Dani~DJ Lush is going for spotlight!! She is offering some cool stuff for a few measly fubux..... For any amount she will rate up to 300 pics :) For 100k or more she will make you a kickass salute!! For 500k or more she will let you be a guest DJ during her show in Dirty Deeds Radio *your choice of songs for an hour*!!!!!! Not interested in that? How about this?? Silentlizard is offering some awesome stuff too for donations: Graphic *tag or animation* of your choice for only 5k *see folders for examples* Salute and 3 free graphics for 100k or more!! Still not interested?? Try this on for size.... Souljagirl is offering stuff as well *wink* For 100k or more she will make you a personalized salute and rate 200 pics :) All fubux should be sent to: ~?ani?~?DJ LUSH?~CO-OWNER @ DiRtY DeEdS RaDiO~Fu-OwNeD by LITTLE PHUCKER~ Don't forget to R/F/A her as well!! Lets get this sexy Biotch spotlight!!!
Spotlight Thanks
THANKS for stopping by my page! If you are reading this blog then YES I finally made spotlight....but it's NOT all about me! Check out my lovely friends VIVI, REEKA, & QUEEN COBRA....we are the true reasons for breast cancer awareness. These ladies are my friends ~ truly loved and admired for their strength and beauty while fighting this horrible disease. They are so beautiful and I am so honored to know them as friends. THANKS again to ALL who donated your fubux to me....I know I probably missed a few but I did try my best to remember all my and old!! You have no idea what this spotlight means to me. It means for ONE day ~ breast cancer survivors ~ can shine ~ stand tall ~ and be proud!! We have been through so much....having a mammogram (OUCH!?), biopsies (huge bruises), endless doctor appointments, countless blood draws for lab work and blood counts, surgery (enough said in that word), chemo that made us sick and loose our hair, radiation that burned our ski
Spotlight Fund!
I am trying to get SpotLight SOON and I Needs your FuBux!! So... Sweet Kandy has decided to Auction Off an Auto 11 and Cherry Bomb bling! Please click on the pictures below to bid! And for those of you who don't like auctions, dont have enough fubucks to bid, feel free to donate to me directly. IF you donate at least 1million fubux to me, then Sweet Kandy will give you a 1 credit bling AND a personalized salute to you from me or her! (or both of us if you want two!!) Happy Bidding! And Also.... She's auctioning me off for FuBux! For one month.... Two Pimpout Bulletins One bulletin Stickied (you pick) A SFW Personalized Salute 500 11's during HH 500 Stash Rated during HH Owned by in my name Added to Family as a top friend #1 Friend Miscellaneous Drinks and Gifts Weekly Profile Comments Weekly Personal Pimpout on my page R/F/A up 10 friends of your choice click My picture above to place your bid on me! All auctions will end on
Spot Donations.
I am still trying to get myself a Spotlight, before I level. I have been keeping a log of all donations thus far. I will be Blinging the person that donates the most to "the cause". lol May not be much, but it's what I can offer. I just really want to Spot. Any and all help is appreciated.
I put in what I know was a winning bid for the Spotlight... Next spotlight: Mar 23, 2009 Current high bid:$41,007,500 fuBucks My bid:$41007750 minimum bid I copied and saved the bid for proof. and at Midnight(Fu-bar Time) the Spotlight went off and a few seconds later someone else pops up with a winning bid that 10 million fu-buks less then My bid. How is this possible? And why was I screwed? Now I went to Fu-bar support and asked what could be done. And sad to tell You people. But I don't see My name up on the Spotlight Marque do You?
Spotlight Contest
Spotlight Fund
I am at a level 25 and would love to get my very first spotlight......I will take donations, rate pics, rate stash or other things depending on what them other things are in order to get spotlight....if you would like to help me out and want me to rate pics or anything like that for fubucks towards the spotlight please message me or leave a message in this blog and I will let you no when i will let you no if I will do it and also notify you when its done. I would appreciate any and all help to get me the spotlight. Just to let you all no..if you do help me out in anyway...i would like to make a picture with everyone that helped me and when i get the spotlight it will be put as my main display to thank you all for helping me will show one person then another and so on and so on. I can't make the pretty bulletins or anything like that but if someone would like to make me one it would be greatly appreciated as well. Please Help Me Towards A Spotlight. Thanks So Much For
This is a list of all of my WONDERFUL doners for my Spotlight! Show them some love please! *anangel1976* *Danorok* *lyght* *pietaster* *Master Tough T* *DJ Ghost (Rider)* *AsianGem* *DJ Kool* *ღ ģW¥Z TE™ღ* *Angel Kitty *AKA* Devil Kitty* *lick4fun* *Phantom_Reve* *™SLDC™* *Giggity* *( o )^( o )bies Make Me Happy* *Miss Hell~Fire* *
Spotlight Donation
Will u help me get spotlight my friends..
I am bidding on tomorrow's Spotlight, I would like to thank you all for helping me become a whore..... I have to tell you that I will be stealing a picture from each of my sponsors. But I also have to confess that I might have misplaced a whole freaking list.. So please if i skipped you or forgot promise you will accept my apology now. Also feel free to tell me if you are one of my sponsors so I can sneak you into my special mention.... love Wicked PS i have had fantasies of all the woman reading this blog
Spotlight Fund!
I have been craving that spotlight since I started on fu.I would loooove so much if I could get it.I can only get it on wednesday's since I am above level 25. Please! Please! If you can spare any fubucks I will be more then appreciative.Anyone who donates over 1 million will recieve one safe for work salute from me.Can I do this? I believe that with the awesome friends I have I'll be able to get spotlight.Help a girl out? If not I will have to cut off all your heads.=) J/k J/k. So I'm still asking my friends If they will help me get the spotlight!I really want it badly!I only have 20 million raised towards the fund and looking at today's spotlight of 180 million well I have a long ways to go.I have helped numereous people with their spotlight fund and only 4 people have helped me in return.That isn't good Karma now is it?Lol.Please find it in your heart to help out a friend and if you ever need help with spotlight I will help you.I try to be a good friend to everyone.I kn
life is good
Spotlight Donations For Salute
That time is here. Needing to raise fubucks for spotlight. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Thanks Wayne
Spotlight Drawing
ƇǾleen *fu wifey to SuL ₳$$ā$$iƝ* & Promotions @ SER@ fubar ♎Ms. BabyLove♎ Princess and fu-wife to theboyneedsavacation aka Mister@ fubar 1 sticky bully 1 million bux to Coleen 7 entries ღummღģz ღ Exotic Angel @ Exotic Dreams Owned By Mr. MoneyShotღ@ fubar 1 million bux to Coleen 5 entries JustineThyme QT - Asst. Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties - DPR@ fubar 4 million to Coleen 20 entries ♆MFKN☠l €s ♆MFKN☠@TwistedPlayground@ fubar 2 million to Coleen 10 entries ♆MFKN❤ JAC ❤ {FU&R/L GIRLY 2 TYPE*R } *[THE MFKN SLUT\'S LEADER]*@ fubar 20 million to Coleen 120 entries ☠MFKN☠DJ Sinner☠MFKN☠{Committed Faithfully 2 Perpetual Bliss}@ fubar 5 million to Coleen 30 entries ~DjSexywolf MFKN.D.P.R.CLUB ,225 Mem,CREW LEADER for CTL", MLMember
Spotlight Glory
So I have been on the Fu for two years (almost three) and I have never attempted to get the spotlight. Well I'm not to far away from Godfather and feel like getting the spotlight would help me reach it or at least get very very close. So I am calling on all my friends, and their friends and their friends to donate fubucks and your whoring out skills to me. ♥ Please and thank you :)
The Spotlight
It seems everywhere i go there r mirrors. Of coarse they r there to show how we look in our performance but then i thought something. Wht if the mirrors one n only job is to show us wht wereally r? If tht is the case then they can see past the lies people put around themselves for their own purposes. When rushing thru the hallways, the mirrors will always catch tht glimps of us as we past by, revealing evry detail n evry truth in our soul. But how do u prove to someone tht u r real when there r no mirrors around to show the truth neverything seems against u? This question has been thru all of us at least once, but has anyone truly found the solution. N how can u trust those around u when the mirrors r not present. Some accuse, some belive, n some would completly surpass it all together. With the power of the mirror, is it possible to use as a weapon? The only thing tht is certain is tht anyones tru self appears on the reflection of the glass. The Mirrors see evrythin. Dancing is my ad
Spotlight Auction
Spotlight Drawing
The idea is to have a daily spotlight drawing. Requirements are that the member must be at level 48. The member must have a minimum of 1 billlion fubucks and everyone that meets those requirements has an equal chance......The cost to the winner is 1billion fubucks
Spouting Poems Lol
Music Video:PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT (by Corbin Bleu)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com The world is fresh and fearless and every leaf is new The world is brimmed in moonlight the lilac brimmed with dew Here in the moving shadows I catch my breath and sing The world is fresh and fearless and over brimmed with Spring... Jesus loves you! (but I am his favorite)! Drink coffee, do stupid things faster with more energy! I would tell you to go to hell, but I work there and I dont want to see you every day...
Spouse Of Choice
Order cheapest Viagra prescriptions BUY NOW AND GET BIGGER DISCOUNT
Spread Smiles
i have tried to make at least one person smile per day for the last year i have been deployed it has kept me happy becouse i have spread smiles through the deployment and helped those around me be happy if only for that moment. just think if everyone tried to get others you do or dont know to smile if only once a day how much happyer the world could be. so go out and help the world be a better and happier place its very rewarding.
Spreading Ct Love
HELLO EVERYONE HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY THANKSGIVIMG this is to everyone ct rocks skins..< you need two windows open for this> rip a skin from someone and use this as a starter, go into your skins scroll until you see "my skin" to the right it says "edit skin", click it this opens a new window with the skin coding inside. right click and hit select all hit the back button hit create a skin at the top and it opens a new skin delete everything in the blank skin paste the skin you copied there name it and save it this is the one you will be using to make changes to instead of changing the original now in a different window open your pic hosting site ( or go to the pic you want to use you need to copy the IMG code then go back to the skin you are working on scroll down about a quarter way down the page should be about the 10th or 15th paragraph it says body background(it is much longer than the rest) that is where you paste the IMG code at jus
Spread The Stupidity
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Amen to This! *Twas the month before Christmas* *When all through our land,* *Not a Christian was praying* *Nor taking a stand.* *See the PC Police had taken away,* *The reason for Christmas - no one could say.* *The children were told by their schools not to sing,* *About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things.* *It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would say* * December 25th is just a "Holiday ".* *Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit* *Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it!* *CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-pod* *Something was changing, something quite odd! * *Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa* *In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda.* *As Targets were hanging their trees upside down* * At Lowe's the word Christmas - was no where to be found.* *At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears* *You won't hear the word Christmas; it won't touch your ears.* *Inclusive, sensitive, Di-
Spread The Infection
~ Spread The Stupidity ~
Spread the Stupidity Only in America drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. Only in America people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke. Only in America banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. Only in America we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. Only in America we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight. Only in America we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'. Only in America they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering. EVER WONDER .... Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin ? Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth cl
Spread The Word Of Human Add Us & Follow Us!!!
Sprerad Love Friends, Not Aids And Hiv.
Hi friends. spread love, Not Aids and HIV. Use condoms and pills before from sex. Avoid drugs. to prevent fom drugs all peoplew avid trheir comapny who use this. Our Genration is spoling by thgese dieases .So pleae save your self and youir family , brotheres and children.
Spread Joy -
Here is a whole new dimension to make your life more cheerful and colorful. There are a lot of things that you can do this Christmas that might seem small, but the sweet memories they will bring are going to be super fun. We are talking about some small ideas that will make this December 25th a great time as you share with family and friends too. Here are some tips for you to make use of 1. There are many of us who have a creative touch to them. How amazing would it be if you can make personalized gifts and cards for your friends and family. You could make anything; you could make Christmas ornaments, useful gifts and even fun goodies for one and all. Don’t forget to click away and share pictures on the web. 2. If you are good at cooking, then make some wonderful treats for your loved ones. This shows them all how much you care about them and how much them mean to you. You could make cookies, fudge, brownies and so many other goodies for them. If you have a blog that shows off
Spread Love
The moment you were brought into this world was the very beginning of a creation that would bring so much happiness, so much enlightenment, so much positive change. There's something special about you - a soul so pure, so blessed, talents so incredible. Please share this with me. Please share it with everyone. You were placed on this earth to do what you love to do. That is your destiny. Do this and share your love with us. I want to see you shine. I want to see you smile when people tell you how incredible you are. I want you to be so proud of the accomplishments from doing what you are so driven to do. Can't you hear me? I'm speaking from inside your heart. I've always spoken to you. I've always supported you. I've always loved you. I love your smile. I love the way you laugh, especially when you're laughing hard to the point of tears. The joy in those moments makes me so happy. I love your kind ways and the fact that you know you're not the only person on this earth. You do nice thi
Spreading My Dad Ashes
Danny Comeaux(DC) aka Whitey Ford My Proposal for Anyone That Would to Sponsor Us is at the end of this paragraph. I am spreading my Dad ashes along the way. I'm not going to beat around the bush, I'm asking for help. I've not been the best of a father & unfortunately got into trouble alittle over a year and half ago for my 1st & only arrest, all of which happened after my father past. I'm not using that as a crutch but it is what it is. I'm trying to change myself for my children & mostly for me. I was a heavy drinker, never violent, & chased the money & mostly completely forgetting that I had 2 amazing boys that look up to me. I want them to have video & pictures of things most never get to see & I want them to be proud of me! And hopefully 1 day they can come together when they are old enough and spread my ashes. I believe this journey is what I was meant to do. Alot of things have happen since my dad's passing, for example: I've gotten hiking books in t
Once you have downloaded the fumaf_evalsheet.xls you will need to fill in your data. There is 3 mobster tabs, one purchases tab to track your purchases and one lvl 100 example spreadsheet. You can right click on the tab at the bottom and do a rename and give it your mobsters name so that you know which is which. Fill in all the properties you own at the top first. Next go down to the Equipment section and fill in total owned for all equipment in column D. Now you want to go section by section and column by column. In the Weapons section you want to work the ATTACK column first, so carry the #'s over into the attack column that have the HIGHEST atk #'s FIRST, then bring other wpns over until the Total Weapons for attack MATCHES the # of mobbies you have at moment for your level. IF YOU ARE NOT MAXED IN MOBBIES STOP ADDING WITH YOUR NUMBER OF MOBBIES and make sure that the # of total wpns matches your mobbies. IF you are OVER mobbies, then stop with how many you take with you. M
Spring Fling @ Niagra...
Niagra Falls April 28th & 29th..arrangements need to be made so let me know if you're interested...hope to see u there
Outdoors - 4 Fun - (^ Some adult content)
Sprites, Graphics, Icons For Your Profile And Comments And More!
From Darkstalkers. Morrigan and Lilith.
Spring Is Almost Here
Spring The sight of the robin, returning in song The smell of fresh air, windows open all night long The sight of crocuses, and daffodils breaking through The feel of warmth, of sixty degrees on you The sound of jubilance, from the children at play The taste of dairy queen, on a warm spring day The sound of comfort and hope, from Ernie Harwells voice The feel of renewal, with cleaning the house by choice The sight of t-shirts and shorts, on the young women The feel of being young, riding a bike again The sound of a laugh, in the playground & park The sight of a flash, lightening in the sky so dark The feel of the soggy ground, beneath your feet The sight of dandelions, in the grass by the street The taste of a beer, at a Tigers baseball game The smell of wet mulch, after a good spring rain The sight of squirrels, seemingly playing without care The sound of finches, their songs filling the air The feel of pleasure, in the lengthening night The sight of tulips,
An hour and a half stuck in traffic on I79 due to traffic accidents due to snow. What a nightmare! Sunday was a balmy 80 degrees. Dear God, it's gotta get better! On a great note, my car was fixed in one day (caliper froze up and ground down the brake on that side) My test is over and I'm inching toward summer break.. it's gotta just get better! Happy Easter! I can hardly believe it.. it's finally warming up here. after the mildest December I can remember, we had the coldest winter in thirty years in this area (NW PA). I've exprerienced every shade of blue, witnessed countless accidents on my hour commute to Erie, and prayed through numerous white outs that I'd make it to work, school and home. The college only cancels class when there are reports of accidents on the interstate. One night while stil at work we received reports that there was a fifty car pile up that started with a tractor trailor which swerving to avoid another trucker outside of his truck which started the awfu
Spring Break!
So Me & My family Are Going Away Next Weekend for spring Break to Maryland and all Over I am soo glad i just wanna run far far away & never look back I have a big hole in my heart right now :(There's three in the Hall from those pictures in the closet Two in the bedroom from that night I lost it And one deep inside me determined to stay They don't get any bigger but they don't go away [Chorus:] Holes in and around me I keep falling back into Holes dig in and surround me God knows what I'm gonna do To fill in these holes left by you Left by you I pour drink after drink but nothing hit bottom I've been on my knees admitted my problems The love that we made still barely an echo I'll try anything in these vacant hollow [Chorus] [Bridge:] There's two through my hands and one through my feet From this cross that I bare to the day that I see Its guilt and its blame its shame and its love Seeking the truth I dug them myself All these holes dig in and surround me
Spring Has Sprung
Otsegolation - Static-xif we gain by severancewe gain most of allannihilate your kindnesstwisting those involvedscenes of revolutionscenes of your destructionwe are desolationwe are isolationfeel it coming againfeel don't care at allfeel it coming againfeelisolation Yes, Spring has Sprung ~ rounded off last weekend by grilin' n chillin' on the patio drinking beer adjacent to McCumber Swamp. What a lovely evening it was. For those of you who are not familiar with McCumber Swamp here is a brief history:McCumber Swamp has been evolving since 1997; diligently created and maintained by the ever annoying Lawnmowerman who is obsessed with looking into my patio doors. Notice the large dirt ditch he has worn by his repeated passes on the riding mower.The lovely part of spring is the appearance of wildlife as the weather breaks, which we enjoyed immensely last Sunday evening while sucking down large amounts of alcohol on my patio.Of course, this not being their natural habitat, these swamp crea
Spring Is In The Air
Just around the corner is a time of flowers blooming, kids mucking in the mud, and a dreaded 4 letter word called..L.O.V.E. (ughhhh!!!)....I for one am happy because, I am so fucking tired of the snow and cold weather.....One of the bright moments for some people during this time of year means a time for LOVE........Is it in the air? Will it happen this time around? No one knows for sure...we all hope for it...I know I certainly do....but at the rate I'm going, it's not looking that good......Spring is also a time for change for myself, time to become more active, and get my ass off this chair every night.....So am I happy that Spring is comming?....sure I am..maybe just not for the same reasons as every one else...regardless it's a time for new beginnings. With the upcoming weekend, I would like to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Easter. Take care YourSweetCanuck....aka Fred
Spring Cleanup 101
I'm usually not one who complains or rants about things but this is something I HAVE to get off my chest. I'm not nor have I ever been a person who asks for help or rate my stuff etc. I have a select few friends on here that are just that "friends" (you know who you are) Alot of people in my list like to ask me to rate their stuff or expect me to vote for them in contests etc. I ask you.......When was the last time you popped by and just said HI to me ?? or even dropped a rate or 2 on my pics etc? Some friends haven't even seen my page let alone rate things. Those days are over as of right now I'm going thru my friends and even family list and cleaning out people who never talk to me or even let me know they exist I have maybe about 10 people I can count on to talk to @ any given time on here. What does that say about your so called friendship with me?? It means you want me to rate you so you can climb the ladder of CT stardom Well guess more free ride Start reciprocating o
Spring Cleaning
im gonna start cleaning my friends list becuz i dont talk to about 95% of you and i try and chat with you but most of you dont reply back so its time to clean up my friends list so if you wanna stay on the list then give me a comment and rate this blog for me. The peole I talk to i still love love you and dont worry ur not going anywhere and i know who you are and the ones i talk to you you guys are AWESOME, I love you guys
Spring Time
SPRING CLEANING.... I have way too many people to keep up gonna leave this up for like a week and check back in every so often to see who wants to stay or who doesnt care if they are on my list or not.... nothing against ya'll but I am just tryin to get things cleaned up... have a great weekend
Spring Of 2007
ok.. to let all of my sexy friends of mine on here.. friday june first.. my appendix burst. and they have to do emergancy surgery on me friday nite.. it took them 3 hrs for the surgery. because they couldnt control my bleeding or my blood pressure.. so they almost lost me twice.. im home now.. recovering.. i got out of the hospital today at 2 pm.. by the grace of god.. my blood pressure went back to normal.. i have over 100 staples in my tummy. they had to reopen my hystroectmony(sp) to find th bleedin.. from havin my surgery. will its been painful but relaxing and not has painful has was before.if that made sense to any of you sexy people.. Today bein the 3rd day... not havin to really worrin about nurses or drs commin in to check up on u. was great.. but again i dont have that choice on gettin the strong meds.. the manly meds.. like i did while in the hosptial.. But that i have to get use to.. right.. will im goin to let u all sexy people go.. (ATTENTION PLEASE) if u all want me
Springfield, Il
Spring Cleaning
Spring CleaningWhat Things would you like to sweep away? As you might have guessed based on what happened to my sister-in-law I'd like to sweep away RACISM, Bigotry, and cowardice! Other things on my list would include: "Son" being used every 3 words by so many people. Any day I expect to see 2 87 year woman calling each other "Son." "Too many reality TV shows" "Artists" too lazy to use "original" samples, but recycling samples from songs that were hits just a few years ago. Pants worn around the knees, nothing is cute about that! The current administration!!!!!! People being traeted as less that human because of who they love. Women being treated like they are "dirty" or "slutty" because they are in command of their sexuality!!!! What do you want to see swept away? What would you like to Sweep Away? G.W Bush? Racism? Sexism? Bigotry based on gender/sexuality roles? Simon Cowell?
Sprites Thoughts
I have done a mumm about this and got some great replies , Thanks to all that answered in a mature manner . When I joined I posted some pics ...... non I felt were offensive . None were changed to NSW until tonite , apparently I am offending others in my manner of posting pics. TBH its now beginning to get a little annoying so have decided to not post any further photos til the 'child like games " stop If Tomorrow Starts Without Me Author believed to be David Romano When tomorrow starts without me, And I'm not there to see, If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me, I wish so much you wouldn't cry The way you did today, While thinking of the many things, We didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, As much as I love you, and each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me too. But when tomorrow starts without me, Please try to understand, That an angel came and called my nam
Spring Cleaning
going to clean up my friends list.there are people i don't talk to on it .peeps i've tried to talk to but got no answerso it's time to clean up please don't request if you just want points as your taking up room for people who want to be friends .thanks luv you all.
Spring Cleaning
This is to let all my friends know... I will be going through my friends & family list today. Some people will be deleted & more than likely all family removed. Please do not freak out if you notice you are not in my family any more. Give me time to clean my friends list and re-add family please. Also, sorry I have not been making my normal comment rounds to you all. I do so love doing that too... but the opacity has made it a lil bit difficult for me even though i do not have a really slow computer or slow graphics card... that & I have been preoccupied too lately & busy. I do apologize for that and hope things get back to normal soon :) I love my friends & those who I feel are truly my friends I really do try to show that. Thank you all, KDM
Spring Equinox
The Significance of the Spring Equinox by Dr. Linda Savage The Vernal Equinox is a universally recognized astronomical event marking the crossing of the sun over the equator. Both the Northern and Southern hemispheres see the sun rise due east and the sunset due west. Night and day are in perfect balance, each lasting 12 hours. It is heralded worldwide as the beginning of spring and a time of new beginnings. Springtime is the season of renewal, where flowers blossom, all green things grow and people feel the renewal of energy within themselves. In agrarian societies, the spring equinox signaled the time to plant a new cycle of crops. Planting is one of the most universal symbols of this season. It is also the beginning of the light half of the year. In the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, it is the time when the beloved daughter is returned to the mother and all of nature rejoices with her, by stimulating growth once again. The Celts celebrated the spring equinox as "Lady
Fresh sweet unmistakable spring breezes calming the earth The blooming new arising from within the depths of darkness Once again inhabiting the soul down deep inside Awakening passions pushed into winters hibernation Stretching over galaxies not yet discovered Burrowing into unknown terrains of earth Climbing the highest of snow topped peaks Running through African rivers with force Within pyramids buried for centuries filled with death Encapsulated in the tombs of unknown mummies Hidden treasures placed by ancient ghosts Walking the land of thousands of past lives Holy burial ground protected by tribes still roaming A chiefs headpiece adorned with the eagles feather A papoose wrapped tight in hand weaved cloth Echoing sounds of horses trampling the ground The underground railroad of dirt paths to freedom Mangled ropes on limbs of blood stained trees Ashes to ashes in the fire of still life Piles of wooden love lay where once was home The panther is black
Sprigg Street Gas Station Robbed
Spring 2008!
HOT TRACK OF THE DAY Small Town Sleeper-"Why" The Video .. Hungry for some NEW Small Town Sleeper? Next best thing...a Troy Brown "leak peak"....LOL The song is called "Desperate Need". You heard it first... Add a myspace jukebox to your profile. Shamrock N' Roll Show Saturday, March 15th Doors at 7:30 PM Show time: 8:00PM till 1PM Presale tickets: $7.00 Door: $10.00 ALL AGES!!! Place: Romers Entertainment Center Address: 118 E. Main St Greenville, OH 45331 MAP IT- Appearing; Goodnight LA- http://ww
HELP ME OUT PLEASE.. I NEED COMMENTS .. THE MORE THE BETTER.. COMMENT UNTIL U CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE TO SAY THEN COMMENT SOME MORE ***CLICK ON MY PIC TO GET U WHERE U NEED TO GO*** (repost of original by 'SweetSuzieQ**CRAZY BITCH** LOUNGE MANAGER @ DIMENSION X' on '2008-02-08 14:31:28') (repost of original by '~DJ~ #1 $TUNN@ FU B/F TO SPRINGSBABE ~CO-OWNER~@ DIMENSION=X' on '2008-02-08 14:51:22') OK freinds and fams i am in a battle of the sexes contest. I need all the comments i can get so get those comments going for me please, I do not want to be owned. Here is the link to get to the page to where i am. then go battle of the sexes and bomb me please. COME HEAR DJ STUNNA SPINNING HIS TUNES ONLY @ DIMENSION=X LET US TAKE U TO ANOTHER DIMENSION **CLICK ON PIC TO GET THERE** (repost of original by 'SweetSuzieQ**CRAZY BITCH** LOUNGE MANAGER @ DIMENSION X' on '2008-02-04 06:13:55') (repost of ori
Spring Break Trip To Geneva With The Band!! Want To Go???
Well I finally got around to posting the blog about our Spring Break trip that everyone has been bothering me about!!!...which we are still looking for interested people to get a hold of us if they want to spend the weekend of April 11, 12, and 13th with my band (Skull'Rz Bane) at Geneva...since we are renting out cottages for us and some of our fans to spend some time together for a Spring Break type gathering....ticket prices for the weekend will be available soon...hopefully under $75 for 3 days and two nights in Geneva....and you get a free ticket to our show that will be featuring 12 bands all day long...this is going to really be a fun filled weekend on the Lake....We are still looking to see how many people are interested before any set ticket prices will be let us know!!!!.....Talk to you soon....Also, we are looking at buying a keg or two to bring with us... *ROX* Skull'Rz Bane
Spring Break
I have been wanting to take my girls somewhere for Spring Break so we can have some bonding time. My oldest is graduating from HS this year and will be going to college and working. She won't have much time for me anymore. Anyway, I found some killer airline tickets. I called their dad to see if he would object because they would wind up missing half a day on Wed and all day Thurs. He said it sounded like a nice plan, however they will miss 3 soccer games which is one third of their soccer season. And the time they will be missing from school will NOT be excused so if they have any tests in that time they WILL NOT be able to make those up. I feel that he is putting soccer before spending time with their mother. What do you think???? They wanted to head to the midwest and do some historical sight seeing and visit some family that they haven't seen in over four years. Guess I'm just going to get stuck working during that time. Mother's Day Comments @
Covered in rosesbuds, lavender, and oils from several other flowers, my cleansing thoughts were interupted by sexual thoughts of you. Because of these sexual thoughts and feelings my bath turned more into a sensual arousing preparation for a lover. With those thoughts in mind and my body aroused , i went to the ceromony anyway. Skin flushed and obviousley aroused I danced around the open fire. Instead of feeling the heat sluff off last years crap, it licked at me with a fever of a hungry lover. As I came into contact with the others hands, if felt hunger instead of soothing acceptance. As they circled my body and laid there hands upon my shoulders, my breasts would swell, making it obvious. thier hands found their way over my entire body, rubbing and probing to see if they were correct. Instead of admonishing my desire they embraced it, letting it wind its way out of my body and onto my skin. Laying me down their tongues found their way all over my body. Licking and sucking , chanting
Spring Cleaning
i am getting really frustrated with people on here! not everyone (my real friends know who they are)!! i think it is time for me to clean out my friends list. people are not reading my blogs or my bulletins and that really pisses me off! time to get rid of the people who are only on my friends list just for the points!!! for the people who actually take the time to read this that are worried that they are not one of my true friends ask me to keep you on my friends list otherwise bye-bye-bye!!!
Spring Break
Classes suck, can't wait for spring break. I keep thinking about life after college but it still seems so far away. So far now, I'll focus on the present and think about spring break and a much needed escape from reality. I'll end with a quote from Juno "It started with a chair, and it ended with a chair." --Simone
ANY DAY NOW I sit and wait for spring to arrive The sunshine and warm air make me feel alive. Seems to take forever but, spring will be here soon. The grass will turn green and flowers will bloom The ground will start to harden from the winters mud All the trees will soon be starting to bud. Wont be long, I can have a picnic at the park to eat. Feel the blades of grass on my bare feet. No longer will the days air be cold. Ill feel young again instead of old. Im counting the days and counting the hours. It wont be long until April showers. The wonder of it all comes from mother Earth. As each spring animals brings new birth. O why o why, cant winter be never? Why o why cant spring last forever? For only a time if only spring did! And only if only, Id always be a kid! CHRIS
Spring, Bleeding Stroke & Life
Spring Clean
You Are A Cedar Tree You are elegant yet unpretentious, modest yet vivacious. Attractive and friendly, you are full of imagination but might lack passion. You abhor vulgar people, and you don't like anything in excess. You have little more ambition than to live a calm life and enjoy nature. You create a content, peaceful atmosphere for others. What's Your Celtic Horoscope? Well I took the liberty to clean out my friend list. Its almost spring and I figuired that most of the people on the list never said hi. So I apologize if I took you off the list and you still wanted on, if this is the case just scream at me and ill add you again. If you dont care see you later, get lost and dont worry as my foot connects to your ass on the way out.
Spring Cleaning
So anyway, I've spent most of the night trying to talk to people who've firmly ignored me. About 85% of those people are on my friends list. I also noticed that even after clearing out the dead links I have nearly 500 people I've fanned, and oddly enough I have less than 200 fans myself. I have 380 friends and I think I actually talk to maybe twenty of them. So here's the deal... I'm taking a good sharp machete to my friends and fan of lists in a week. If you want to be on my friends list, tell me in this blog by next Sunday. After that, I'm doing some spring cleaning. Only two people are exempt from this because they're on hiatus from fubar. Everyone else... I love my friends. My real friends. I say in my profile, which less than half of you have ever bothered to read, that I will always be here for you if you need to talk or just want to talk. I mean that. Apparently for many of you the reverse is not true. PS: I know damned well that sometimes people aren't actually on when
ask you where to go as you watch silently another spring passes through a broken heart slowly. and you are sleep and the birds are asleep and you are dreaming to another spring and another memory not our spring and not our memories But sorrow you and I far from each will live and die. it is not the fear of dying but living without you. in this strange moment i will fly away from this place and I will always carry your memory your sweet memory
Alphabet of Happiness... A--Accept Accept others for who they are and for the choices they've made even if you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives, or actions. B--Break Away Break away from everything that stands in the way of what you hope to accomplish with your life. C--Create Create a family of friends whom you can share your hopes, dreams, sorrows, and happiness with. D--Decide Decide that you'll be successful and happy come what may, and good things will find you. The roadblocks are only minor obstacles along the way. E--Explore Explore and experiment. The world has much to offer, and you have much to give. And every time you try something new, you'll learn more about yourself. F--Forgive Forgive and forget. Grudges only weigh you down and inspire unhappiness and grief. Soar above it, and remember that everyone makes mistakes. G--Grow Leave the childhood monsters behind. They can no longer hurt you or stand in your way.
Spring Time In The Rockies
Awww...Spring time in the Rockies...The mountains turning green..The trees are budding..The birds are chirping in the morning..The flowers are starting to bloom..Nothing more beautiful.. BS...Again...A blanket of snow on the ground...I'm so damn sick of the snow...I could just puke... Two days ago...84 degrees...Today, it's fricken cold again...I suppose I should be grateful that my car isn't buried under 5 ft of snow again like it was last winter..I didn't see it for 3 weeks..But really..I'm so ready for summer..Or even Spring.. I am ready for a change..I'm not sure what that means yet...But..I just know I'm ready...
Spring Break
Spring Research Paper
Changes in the Traditional Funeral Through out history the traditional funeral has changed. Often influenced by religion, culture and popular trends. Currently we have more options than ever, and with new ideas, new technology, and reappearance of older traditions. The traditional funeral will continue to change. Funerals have always been in flux. We no longer do funerals at night by torchlight, nor do we give out monkey spoons or provide clothes for the mourners. Some traditions fall by the wayside, while new ones are always popping up. There are just more options available now than ever before. In fact the term traditional funeral is a bit of a misnomer. What we call a traditional funeral today isn't that old, You really have to define the word traditional. Be it based on religion or culture. There is traditional Catholic, traditional Jewish, traditional Muslim and many more. We might call what we have now a traditional funeral, but that isn't the c
Spring Clean
OK so this is what I think and I so believe in the freedom of speaking your mind that I am going to say what I gotta say and not feel bad about it. As on other social network sites, why is it that when some one finds their whatever it is they find, they ALWAYS ignore and blank the people that they knew before they met their thats it significant other?? Its only cyber ffs. Its happened a few times and I have had several jealous girlfriends (would worry if I had jealous boyfriends) email me to my yahoo or hotmail telling me to lay off their beloved boyfriends. OK SO HERE IS MY MESSAGE TO ANY ONE THINKING OF DOING THAT AGAIN - I AINT AFTER ANYONES BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND OR HUSBAND OR EVEN WIFE - I HAVE MY OWN BOYFRIEND AND THE MEN I TALK TO ON HERE OR YAHOO ARE PURELY FRIENDS END OF ................... so dont even think of mailing me to stay away from your bf/gf/hd/wf and then blocking me cos thats lame a$$ (Right now I have got that off my chest I feel better and I
S2 Princess S2@ Fubar
Springsteen Sells Out
Last night when Bruce,after singing the last song of the set , raised a fist or his guitar in the air and in his biggest voice proclaimed " Im Goin to Disney land" it was the sellout heard around theworld as the supposed jersey shore boy , singing about and for the the blue collared workers in America , and supposedly also made a deal with walmart for the exclusive rights to sell his new record
Spring Auction
Spring Auction
Spring Fever
I have it! Spring fever is the name for a temporary mood typically characterized by a state of low energy and weariness experienced by many people in springtime. It is not in the category of a diagnosed illness, but rather a phenomenon thought to be initiated by a change in the season. [edit] Symptoms In the northern hemisphere the symptoms usually arise from mid-March to mid-April, and depending on the person may be more or less pronounced. Weariness (despite an adequate amount of sleep), sensitivity to changes in the weather, dizziness, irritability, headaches, and sometimes aching joints and a lack of drive are the most common. [edit] Causes Although the causes of spring fever have not yet been fully resolved[1], hormone balance may play a role. According to this theory the bodys reserves of the happiness hormone serotonin, whose production depends on daylight, become exhausted over the winter, making it especially easy for the sleep hormone melatonin to have
Spring Auction
09 Spring Fling Auction
Spring Bling Contest
Hey Fubar, the weathers warming up here so that means its time for a little, !!!Spring Bling!!! Instead of the usual, lets mix it up a little. I have decided to make this a rate only contest. The contest will begin Monday, April 6, 2009 and will run until Monday, April 27, 2009. And on Wednesday,April 29, 2009, I will pimp the winners out on my page and send them their rewards. Interested???? Well now let me tell you about the winnings, The top three people will receive: 1st place - winners choice of an auto-11 or cherry bomb or a 3 month Vip 2nd place - will get the choice of the two remaining prizes Now the rules: each rate is worth - 1 point, at the end on the contest who ever has the most rates wins
Spring Break Bombs & Auto!
Spring Auction On Missy's Page
Spring Is Here
Spring here, and in Michigan, its a new warming trend that brings people out of their houses for so many reasons. Mine, well, that would be golf and what ever my girlfriend seems to think needs doing around the house. Starting today, I went to the driving range for the first time this year. Ok, Im outta shape. My back hurts ( anyone have a back rub for me?), my arms hurt and well, honestly, I guess my own feelings might be hurt about how much I let myself slip. So, with that, I have decided that its a brand new spring where, things must change. Those of you who have decided to be my friends here, if you see me in here before...10:30 am EST, yell at me, tell me to go walk. I may need that push, and Im asking for it. If you have read this, and your bored by it, Im sorry, its my blog. For those of you have read this, well, thanks for taking that time. This isnt a pitty me blog either, I dont see it that way, I see it as a realization of what I let myself become and what I plan
Spring Has Sprung!
Spring Holiday
Going on holiday for a week from Saturday (23rd). Taking the family to stay in a cottage down in the south west of England. Staying not far from Taunton in Somerset. Never been to that part of England before so will be something different. The cottage is part of an old rectory, has a churchyard close by so the neighbours should be quiet Planning on spending a while researching more of my family tree which is why I am staying in Somerset. Will take loads of photos and will upload them when I get back once I have renewed my VIP. I probably won't be on much this week. Taking the kids to a special tour of the new enlarged Great North Museum on Wednesday evening. I am sure that nothing there comes alive at night. On Thursday taking the kids to see Night at the Museum 2 at the local cinema, something that they are getting excited about. They don't know about the museum trip so that will be a surprise for them. Will be packing for the holiday on Friday night. Aiming to leave
Spring Texas Houston home sale
Spring Break!!!
Spring Fever
Spring / Summer
Alright so springs pretty much about to hit and then summer im pretty much happy winter is over well almost over but it wasnt a bad winter here could of been alot worse Oklahoma didnt get hit hard with snow this winter so I cant complain i'm just hoping we dont have lots og bugs and crap now becasue of it but the good news about summer is I can go swimming again skate some pretty much just have fun when I can and not be cold warm night outside and just being able to enjoy the outdoors I miss swimming and tanning I tan pretty well so yeah ill probably get really tan again so yeah im pretty happy. I have a feeling though this year in football is going to be OU's year though Landry Jones is back with some badass WR's and a badass Tight End and with Mike Stoops coaching the defense things couldnt be set up better for OU to run the table be in the NC and win it the sec is going to be weak this year alabama is all freshmens now along with LSU and Florida is still very young to I would have t
Spring Or Not?
Spring Bling
There are 7 things you can say: 1) not attractive 2) decent 3) Cute 4) Handsome 5) Hot 6) Pretty Hot and Tempting (phat) *******7) I'd fuck you in a second!******** PLS PLS PLS REPLY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please post an introduction of yourself and the twins and size u r!!! No one has passed their phone number or anything to me for my last post and no-one ever replies to my posts I might just go and eat worms (sniff)
Sprung Featuring Supa Tc Izlam
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The Spud Zone....
After 50 plus days couped up in this shack out here with less than 4 days off i have an accute case of being severly shack wacked. So tuesday am...the truck will point south and mesa arizona bound i am by way of kingman...then henderson...then back to kingman and over to havasu city....back to 93...and its a straight shot corner pocket to phx az. Tired of this non stop snow out here and i need to be able to walk around in flipflops and shorts once again as appossed to looking like the michelin man tryin to beat the cold in the oil patch. I'll be checkin in here and there from a hotel...where ever i should land in mesa...but it'll be somewhere off the red mountain 202.... Laters back to your regularly scheduled fubarness.... And if any of you are in that area...drop me a line...diner? drinks? Laugh be merry? DW Finally..after bein stuck in bfe wyoming for almost a month i get to escape... Plan to wander around green river wyoming for a bit before turning the
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This is a warning. I am ranting. You know what I've decided I'm sick and tired of? almost everything. In school you're taught you get the job. You get the money. You get the girl. Where's my girl? Maybe I'm too picky. Maybe I'm too stand offish. But somewhere there needs to be at least one person who fits my bill right? I mean, I've always been told what a nice guy I am, outside of bedroom things anyway. I've always been told that I would probably be a good family man. Yet women seem to run right at the point of completion. Now I know this seems to be a whiney post. I realize this. here's a small piece of info. My shortest relationship was three years. I'm tired of games. Yet all of my player friends seem to have no end of women interested in the kind of commitment I'm offering. Am I spiritually disfigured? Is my aura off? Do I not have the correct biorhythm? Or maybe just maybe I'm lucky enough to be one of those cliche nice guys. The ones that finish last. So I can si
I have the most best friends in the whole world! Well that is my first blog! hurray i figured it out! I love my cherry friends to but BANNED is my bud! Good luck to him! wink wink!
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Spy Camera, Wireless Camera And Hidden Camera
The use of hidden spy cameras is becoming ever more common place these days with public uses including airports, shopping centres and banks. They are also being utilised by people for situations in households and offices to look after personal belongings and to prevent workplace misdemeanours. With ever rising instances of thefts, robberies and terrorist attacks, the need for safety and security has reached maximum levels and in this type of scenario hidden cameras are doing a perfect job to make certain security is upheld. Hidden cameras run constantly and send the captured data back to a monitor and recorder that is situated in a security room. A security guard can then observe the activities within the range of the camera and suspicious activities can be easily tracked Hidden cameras can be placed everywhere, even on traffic signals to catch people who are breaking the law. Apart from the high-security areas like airport, shopping malls, banks, etc, hidden cameras are also gaining p
Spyder203@ CherryTAP
Spy Games
You scored as James Bond, Agent 007. James Bond is MI6's best agent, a suave, sophisticated super spy with charm, cunning, and a license's to kill. He doesn't care about rules or regulations and somewhat amoral. He does care about saving humanity though, as well as the beautiful women who fill his world. Bond has expensive tastes, a wide knowledge of many subjects, and his usually armed with a clever gadget and an appropriate one-liner. James Bond, Agent 00792%Neo, the "One"79%Batman, the Dark Knight67%El Zorro58%Captain Jack Sparrow54%The Amazing Spider-Man54%Indiana Jones54%Maximus50%The Terminator46%William Wallace
This whole Spygate thing is really bothering me. It's bad enough that the New England Patriots have been accused of cheating - maybe they did it, maybe they didn't - in the grand scheme of things who cares? If you can get an advantage on an opponent to ensure victory, go for it. If the opponent doesn't take precautions to ensure the secrecy of their "signals" or practices, or plays - they are stupid. It may be wrong - but what really bothers me is the fact that (R) Senator Arlen Specter decides that he has to stick his nose into the whole thing. Please tell ne that a US Senator from Pennsylvania has better things to pursue than the sanctity of the National Football League. To you Arlen, I say - go fix the economy, go stop the war, go get us a working medical coverage plan, go get us alternative fuel vehicles, go stop the poverty in our country. For Christ sakes - go do something that will have an impact in the history of the United States. Football is a GAME!!!! The record or integrit
Hey everyone, in case you are wondering what is up with my status "Stop Spying!!!!" I have it set to that because I had blocked a guy on here, and now he is creating new accounts, not adding anything to them, and coming to my page.. He is also having his friends come to my page trying to add me as their friend.. I know it is him, because he is a VERY immature guy, and is the type of person to do something like this.. He can't understand that I am not looking for immature kids.. I have a child of my own, and do not want a grown ass man to take care of as well.. Almost 31 years old, and acts like he is about 12 years old.. I mean seriously, who makes bogus accounts and goes to someones page because they blocked you and you aren't allowed to view their page or pictures anymore ? Also, who has their friends do that ?? A creepy stalker, thats who!!! So anyways, didn't want any of you thinking that I put my status as that because of you.. Its because of him LOL.. Have a wonderful day!!!
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Square Root Of Three
Square Root of Three I'm sure that I will always be A lonely number like root three The three is all that's good and right, Why must my three keep out of sight Beneath the vicious square root sign, I wish instead I were a nine For nine could thwart this evil trick, with just some quick arithmetic I know I'll never see the sun, as 1.7321 Such is my reality, a sad irrationality When hark! What is this I see, Another square root of a three As quietly co-waltzing by, Together now we multiply To form a number we prefer, Rejoicing as an integer We break free from our mortal bonds With the wave of magic wands Our square root signs become unglued Your love for me has been renewed ---Kumar I’m sure that I will always beA lonely number like root threeThe three is all that’s good and right,Why must my three keep out of sightBeneath the vicious square root sign,I wish instead I were a nineFor nine could thwart this evil trick,with just some quick arithmeticI
Shibari (しばり, Shibari?) is a Japanese word that literally means "to tie" or "to bind". It is used in Japan to describe the artful use of twine to tie objects or packages. Kinbaku (緊縛, Kinbaku?) is the word for "bondage" or Kinbaku-bi which means "beautiful bondage". Kinbaku (also Sokubaku) is a Japanese style of sexual bondage or BDSM which involves tying up the bottom using simple yet visually intricate patterns, usually with several pieces of thin rope usually hemp or jute (generally 6 mm or 8 mm in diameter). The word Shibari came into common use in the west at some point in the 1990s to describe the bondage art Kinbaku. This seems really interesting to me, as seeing as my evil twin shad some new light on it..told me a bit aboot it and now I think I will want to get into it. That is one of the final goals. I'm totally new to this so start from the bottom up so to speak. Learning to do knots correctly would be nice, A start with basic knots, le
Squaddie Talk - Made Me Laugh :)
You know you are/have been a squaddie (marine) when.... You use target indication to point out hot chicks. You use the term 'chicks' You insist on dancing like a dick, whilst your civvie mates insist on trying to dance 'properly'. Your civvie mates don't understand any of the terminology you use such as 'no dramas', 'squared away', 'take a knee' etc. You can't help saying "Roger", "Say again" and other snappy bits of VP You use acronyms thinking your civvie mates will understand what you are talking about You cringe, and mutter under your breath 'haircut', when you see men with long hair. You walk at a ridiculous pace and are physically incapable of walking at the shopping pace of your girlfriend. You refer to personal organisation as "admin" Your girlfriend is stored in your mobile phone address book as 'Zero Alpha' You use patrol hand signals in a night club if people can't hear you You always use the 24 hour clock.... Nothing soldiers do shocks you any more
The Square Root Of 3
I’m sure that I will always be a lonely number like root three. The three is all that’s good and right, why must my three keep out of sight? Beneath the vicious square root sign, I wish instead I were a nine. For nine could thwart this evil trick, with just some quick arithmetic. I know I’ll never see the sun, as 1.7321. Such is my reality, a sad irrationality. But wait! What is this I see? Another square root of a three. As quietly walikng, passing me by, together now we multiply. To form a number we prefer, rejoicing as an integer. We break free from our mortal bonds with the wave of magic wands. Our square root signs become unglued, for my love within has been renewed.
I have 3 kids the oldest one is 3 years old and her name is KRISTI,the middle one is 2 years old name is TRISTA,and my little BOY is 10 months old & his name is CHIPPER. I names him after CHIPPER JONES the ATLANTA BRAVES BASEBALL PLAYER thats my man we all love him.
Squeak's Blog
Well, this is my first blog. Figured it'd get started out here. So far this place really rocks and is totally addicitive. Well that's all I have for now .. will update agian later.
Squeaks The Rat
been working for a convience store for a few weeks now, its not great but it is paying the bills. Well now have had a couple weeks at my new job and it's been unusual working overnight and sleeping in the day. My current days off are Monday night and Tuesday night. And my breaks are scheduled for 12:00 Midnight and 05:00AM. And Lunch at 02:00AM for an hour. Actually I need to set an alarm to remind me about breaks, It's steady work so time seems to fly by, I like that. Glory to God, I Have a job. I have been Hired at the Walmart Supercenter as an overnight stocker. It's a stable income for $7.90 per Hour which is much better than the pay I was recieving from 20/20 Marketing I'm still open to get the job with the city if it comes up, so I am happy and relieved that I at least have some form of employment. On a side note I am also Happy that my 3 girls are lice free for the most part and are in school. 2 of them still have a couple stray nits that have to be pulled, but all
The Squeeze Box Auction
Squeekiemomma's Rantings
OK all, here goes. In my OPPINION, I think people that are child abusers SHOULD be JAILED !!! Reason being, my youngest was recently a victom. It happened on a regular visit to her dads, (you know, the biweeklys). He was to bring her to me and then it happened. I got a call from her stepmom, and had to go get her. When I got there her dad was standing by the cop car, and I didn't see my daughter. I was told she was in the building getting her pants changed. I was talking to the cop, he asked me if I knew there was a bruse on her lower back (left side, on the top of her pants), and did I put it there? "I said NO, she had left my house on Friday with her dad and stepmom only withthe same ones she'd had from playing and that was it! I didn't do anything to her." He then said, I believe you, and wrote on his pad that her dad MUST HAVE DONE THAT TOO !!! He then informed me of why I had to come to get her. It wasn't for that bruse they documented. It was because her dad PUNCHED her in
Squeaky's Muffin
Opening up my dark brown eyes With the scales lifted, I see past your lies All of this time, I that it was true but it was only me loving you I believed in a thing called love It's what angels would sing of but now I don't think you life was for me since it was fake, that's all I could see Nothing makes sense in this world I'm a woman now, not a girl but it still burns when I see you with others and then you come to me like I'm your mother I believed in a thing called love It's what the angels would sing of but now I'm just filled with hate but I guess it's never to late To find it again
First thing this morning I went to the head of education (may or may not be her correct title) at the school and complained that I don't get to play with hair because I am constantly being placed in other rotationtions. She shut me up. She sent me to go do hair for flashes of hope at all children's hospital. Flashes of Hope creates powerful images of kids with cancer or other serious diseases. Tall order for a beauty school student. The kids were sick. The families were tired and oily because they had been sleeping in a hospital for who knows how long. High point of the day doing a side pony tail on a little girl whos hair had been cut off in one spot. Low point-- the massave amounts of dandrufff and scary hair products I found on some of these people. One of the guys in charged asked me to stop curling this woman's hair because it was smoking from all the product. You can only do so much and most people looked better for having the team of 2 students and 3 professionals work on t
Squeekenclean's World Is Crazy We're setting all kinds of records with our heat...and to believe someone could actually have started the wildfires we have experienced this weekend is horendous. Thank goodness for the rain we had last night. Hi there! I'm really looking forward to meet my boyfriend for the first time. We've had our fair share of troubles. Although, I feel closer to him than I ever have before. I'm trying to think of things to do around my area. I want to go see a concert for my birthday that week. Maybe dinner with the family. Hang with some of my friends. Eat some great food, and just enjoy each other. I know I will be so nervous meeting him as he gets off that plane. Giggle city! But I want to show him the best time and thank goodness he's coming before we are in the 100+ days of heat. Going to enjoy some vacation time with a guy I love...can't be more excited. :) This interest
Squeezing Out Cancer
It is Official! Our Squeeze Out Cancer Fun Run/Walk has been Scheduled for February 23, 2013 at WoodLawn High School from 9am - 12 noon. You will be able to pick up shirts Feb 23, 2013 and show your colors as we walk 8 laps around the track to Squeeze Out Can... cer. SQUEEZE OUT CANCER 2013 - FUN RUN / WALK FEBRUARY 23, 2013 – 9:00 AM – 12:00 NOON LOCATION: WOODLAWN HIGH SCHOOL All benefits will go to our Relay for Life team…Eastside Lemonators Each shirt may be purchased for $15.00. Shirt orders must be submitted by February 2, 2013 in order to have shirts at the event. T-shirts will be handed out at event when you check in or you can have t-shirt mailed to you by including an extra $4.00 per shirt. Want to show your colors? There are different color shirts representing different cancers. White = Lung Yellow = Bone Royal Blue = Colon Navy Blue = Prostrate Jade = Liver Purple = Pancreatic Lavender = All Types of Cancer Green = Kidney Gray = Brain Pink = Bre
Today I chaperoned my sons trip to Junior Achievers Enterprise. Its a hands on learning experience that the 5th graders were invited to attend. Each student was given a specific job ranging from McDonalds cashiers to Editors at the Tampa Tribune. My son, who is in the 3rd grade, a select other 3rd graders were also invited. Curtis had the job of an Investment Broker for Raymond James. He really enjoyed his job, and learning about stocks and such. Everyone had a great time, as you can see in the pics. Here is a link if you're interested learning more on the program: And here is the link to the pics I took today: 1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. How have I affected you? 5. What do you think of me? 6. What's the fondest memory you have of me? 7. How long do you think we will be friends? 8. Do you love me? 9. Do
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S Quirrel - Road Kill
After avoiding a dog, three deer on the road to and from work, I couldn't avoid hitting one little squirrel. In the morning I have to face it passing by the little thing.. I feel horrible never hit anything.
Redneck Computer Terms Hard drive - Trying to climb a steep, muddy hill with 3 flat tires and pulling a trailer load of fertilizer.Keyboard - Place to hang your truck keys.Window - Place in the truck to hang your guns.Modem - How you got rid of your dandelions. Usage: "We gonna modem dandelions"ROM - Liquor often mixed with CokeByte - Beginning of an insult, often followed by the word "me" or "this"Cursor - The person doing the cursing. What some guys do when they are mad at their wife and/or girlfriend.Tab - What you owe the bartenderShift - How you get to a different gear.RAM - Great truckEdit - Past tense of "eat" "Wher'd that leftover possum belly go?" " You edit afore you passed out las nite.Internet - Where her fish were when she caught em ( In er net).Fonts - That really cool guy from the show, Happy Days.Laptop - Where the stripper sits.
Squirts Blog
I've experienced this wonderful explosion more than once & hope'n to experience it again. Can someone help?
Squirrels Or Otters?
GOING TO BE MOVING SOON. NOT REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO PACKING EVERYTHING UP AND MOVING IT TO THE NEW HO USE, HOWEVER IT IS VERY CLOSE AND THAT ALLEVIATES THE PAIN JUST ABIT. IF ANYONE LIKES TO PAINT, LET ME KNOW. Along time ago, I was driving on the base, a friend's car you, and out of the blue, a squirrel sped across the street. I did my best to swerve to miss it but alas, it was not to be, I ran completely over the little guy...Much to my amusement, and further appreciation of the squirrel race, a thump...thump...and off he went, scurrying up the nearest tree. You see, this little animal wasn't even bruised and went about his day gathering acorns or whatever was available and certaining taking a well deserved nap. Otters of the world...Try to bounce back from a camaro.....
this reminds me of a cadence i call some times. it goes something like this here we go again same old shit again marching down the ave. god knows when we'll be though becuase off to iraq again hope we come back again off to war we go as we run out the door stryker brigade off again off to kick some ass again to the gates of hell we go and off to the unknown 15 months of hell to pay out the door i'm on my way off to fight and off to die i see angles in the sky so here we go again same old shit again marching down the aveune 15 months and we'll be though if you can't tell my unit is manning up and getting ready to go. so i'll catch you all on the flip side. i hate this feeling that i fell inside. it's this feeling that i'm brushed aside. one day here next day gone. i don't know what to do but stand in the back drop and bide my time. i hate to watch as time goes by and i see the the love of my life take off and fly. i'm rambling tryi
aighty i figured i would edumacate all squirting feens and anyone you reads this... i got bored of explaining this actually so i went searching and found my fav explation... so i would like to thank for there very indepth teaching... all i have to say is have fun reading. if i offened anyone oh well stop bieng prude... History of Squirting If you were to refer to literature over the last 50 years you would be lead to believe that females have only been able to ejaculate since about 1980. Of course this is absurd, and just shows how "the experts" can be wrong for decades on just about anything. Many knew the experts were wrong, but had little success in convincing anyone. Needless to say this lead to many problems, needless surgery (to fix the poor women who would ejaculate), expensive counselling (got to find out what happened when they were children to cause this "problem"), and in some cases divorce. "The G Spot" by Alice Kahn L Can Do It!
Squirting...You Can Do It! In most of my stories I mention how the women cum so hard it shoots out of their pussies. Not unlike a guy shooting ropes. It is all in the technique, and you can get there too. Whether you are a man who wants to see his lady just soak the hell out of the sheets or you're a woman who would like to experience total indescribable bliss. Then you should read on. A long time ago when the wife and I first started dating, almost fourteen years, we were like any other couple just starting a relationship. We would fuck our brains out every chance we got! The kitchen, the bedroom, the living room it didn't really matter what room or what place, if we got a moment we took it. We thought our sex life was spectacular. Heck one night I remember ejaculating more than seven times. I couldn't begin to tell you how many she had. We loved it all; oral, different positions, tie up games, fun with food, and even ventured into the swinging scene. We would read erotic novels
The Squirrel From Hell
I "comment", therefore I am. I’m not going into how I feel or what makes me tick. (Maybe these stories might give you an idea about that, although I hope not) But I will tell the story that people keep bugging me to tell again and again. This way, if someone wants to know about it, they can just check here. So, this is the last time I’m telling it. It happened when I was in college (ok most of the stuff that’s happened to me happened in college.) I’m walking home from class, heading to my dorm on a nice bright fall day. The sidewalk is full of students going to and coming from classes. I notice on the side of the sidewalk a very large squirrel (notice I said large). It’s just sitting there watching everyone pass by. Some look at it, others don’t. Where I’m from, when you take a step towards a squirrel they take off running. Not this one. So now I’m walking right up to this large squirrel and it turns its head towards me. I walk next to it
Squiggs Rambalings
I hate bringing such little money i have about a 500 gallon propane tank for my house and a 300 dollar defficent and it is freaking cold right at the current moment. i have just under 20% left in the tank so I at least can turn heat on when i have company over. Looks like things will start looking up here in the next few weeks my pizza hut is turning into a wing street and i get more hours woot woot till next blog peace out. oh yeah its 54 degress by the way I have been for the past two weeks looking at the possibility of moving. It has been very hard to come to the decision that i have. After not being able to get a hold of my friend for the last three days. I have decided that i am going to stay here at the lake and see what will happen. I should have a roommate moving in sometime this to beginning of next week. Lets hope that all works out. Until next time ttyl
Squirting . . . I Want This!
History of Squirting If you were to refer to literature over the last 50 years you would be lead to believe that females have only been able to ejaculate since about 1980. Of course this is absurd, and just shows how "the experts" can be wrong for decades on just about anything. Many knew the experts were wrong, but had little success in convincing anyone. Needless to say this lead to many problems, needless surgery (to fix the poor women who would ejaculate), expensive counselling (got to find out what happened when they were children to cause this "problem"), and in some cases divorce. "The G Spot" by Alice Kahn Ladas, Beverly Whipple, and John D. Perry, has dozens of letters from women who went though various personal tragedies because they would ejaculate during lovemaking. Doctors, gynaecologists, and psychiatrists invariably told them they were peeing and needed either surgery or psychotherapy. Newsweek published an article entitled "Just How the Sexes Differ" in May of 198
Squirting Orgasm
I lay back and let him do as he pleased. My legs spread wide apart and my hands tied behind my head to the bed. He began by gently stroking my pussy. One finger just touching me running along my pussy. Slowly he pushed it inside me and began to slide it in and out very delicately. The thumb touched my clit as he inserted two fingers into me. I had closed my eyes and begun to really enjoy the pleasures. He let his fingers move around inside me, his thumb gently rubbing against me. The pleasure I felt grew. On the third finger he began to push a little harder and a little deeper. The slippy wet fingers reaching deeper inside and pushing against me more. I felt the rise of pleasure again and the anticipation. I felt teased. I wanted more. I knew it would come but he was going so damn slowly. I knew I couldn't ask for more or he'd stop. Those were the rules. My brain begged but my mouth stayed shut. I could moan and enjoy all that he did but no pleas for something extra. He wanted to t
Squirter Video
Squirrel Vs. Motorcyclist
An old prospector shuffled into the town of El Indio, Texas leading an old tired mule. The old man headed straight for the only saloon in town, to clear his parched throat. He walked up to the saloon and tied his old mule to the hitch rail. As he stood there, brushing some of the dust from his face and clothes, a young gunslinger stepped out of the saloon with a gun in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. The young gunslinger looked at the old man and laughed, saying, "Hey old man, have you ever danced?" The old man looked up at the gunslinger and said, "No, I never did dance... never really wanted to." A crowd had gathered as the gunslinger grinned and said, "Well, you old fool, you're gonna' dance now," and started shooting at the old man's feet. The old prospector, not wanting to get a toe blown off, started hopping around like a flea on a hot skillet. Everybody was laughing, fit to be tied. When his last bullet had been fired, the young gunslinger, still
The Squirrel That Played Pool
Let me introduce to you Jon. Jon is a grey squirrel from the city. He was born somewhere near that big oak you see every day, during your 5-minute walk through the park, as part of your eco-friendly commute to work. His parents provided for him, giving what what he needed, but rarely the unnecessary things that he wanted. So, they never did buy him that cue stick or "Billards: Advanced Technique" book that he always wanted. They would tell him that his hands were too small to play pool. They would tell him that he would never be able to play pool as well as his neighbours - the Cats. Okay, so they didn't actually TELL him that - no decent parent is that heartless - but Ricky Cat was always teasing Jon about his small hands, and Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel didn't want Jon suffering from a lack of self esteem. However, the Squirrels instead taught little Jon how to sew. They taught him how to plant growing things. One year, they even taught their beloved son how to make baskets! All of his fr
Squirting 101
Female Orgasm – Squirting 101 The ability to squirt during orgasm is perhaps one of the more elusive and taboo parts of a woman’s anatomy. Squirting can be a huge turn on for guys and it can intensify an orgasm for a woman ten fold.Many people believe that squirting isn’t something womencan do at all, butin recent years it has been proven that women can indeed squirt.So what is squirting anyways? What Is Squirting? Squirting for women is much like ejaculating is for a man. All women have a functioning prostate gland that starts producing fluid when a girl begins to go through puberty. This fluid is what is ejaculated from the vulva when a woman “squirts.” It does not come from the vagina nor does it come from the urethra, where urine is expelled. It comes from its very own special gland called the Skene’s gland. This gland is present in all women and its sole function is to serve as an exit for a woman’s prostate fluid. Howev
Squirrels In Heat
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Sqweeze The People
Woohooo!! First the Judicial Branch gets it right and OJ is sentenced to prison time and now it almost seems like the Legislative Branch has discovered reality. The U.S. Senate killed the touted "Bail out" bill for Detroit's big three automobile manufacturers yesterday. Already, across the world the financial markets are seeing negative results over the news, I am not afraid, not in the least. We live in a "Free Market Economy" people, and this is what is SUPPOSED to happen. When you mismanage your company, produc e a substandard product, pay exorbitant wages to mediocre workers and go out of business!!! Let's face it folks, American made cars have sucked for years, we have the UAW and poor, greedy management to blame for that. And another fact of the free market system is that a void in the market will be filled, and filled by someone that has, hopefully, learned from the mistakes of the company that LEFT that void there. The "foreign" auto makers have been bui
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Sqyrel's Randomness... Js
User:Hello :D. Cleverbot:How are you? User:I'm good and you? Cleverbot:I'm alright. User:Did you sleep well? Cleverbot:I don't sleep. Do you?User:I wish. Sleeps sounds fun.Cleverbot:V for Vendetta.User:I like that movie.Cleverbot:Which movie?User:V for Vendetta.Cleverbot:I missed it.User:Well then why did you bring it up?Cleverbot:You brought it up.User:No you did.Cleverbot:I did not.User:I said I wish I could sleep. It sounds fun. And you replied 'V for Vendeta.'.Cleverbot:That was a different user that said they were 18.User:So you are not one?Cleverbot:No. Tell me a story.User:What kind of story?Cleverbot:A horror story please.
The woman in the recording studio as they were recording the song was strangled and you can hear her screams("Rollar Coastar"). Most do not believe this, but go back and listen to the original. The song was so well recorded they did not redo it!
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loveing fubar check my play list out
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***sring Into Summer**
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i had a magical journy the other day i was in the spiritworld. i seen everything as it is with out the mask of this world. i seen my face melt off and seen the with it is to be one with my self. i walked in the snow thrue the woods looking for my guide. i seen a crow take form of the devil. i seen a bum with a glow above his head. i felt the tree watching me. i felt mother nature touch me. i seen the evil of cars and what they are doing to the earth mother. i seen the smoke for them hit the trees and seen our brothers the trees frown and ask why. we are here together. i seen my self in the spiritworld i journyed across the land we are conected. the mother told me we are her kids and we are hurting her. and she told me she will be her along after us. i have been to the spirit world
The Sroscope
Words. We all use them. Our communicative currency. And like currency, each country has its denomination and value system. And like currency, we all use it but few of us stop to think about it. What this piece of paper is, how it works, where it comes from. Where it goes. An experience yesterday froze me in the middle of such a transaction, and the sense of displacement caused me to look closer at words... We place them in sentences, paragraphs, blogs and letters. We digg them, copy paste them, put them on christmas cards. words and their meaning, that 100 years ago where owned by the few, which pandered them and clung to them like so much intellectual gold. Now with technology available to all, words synonyms and antonyms readily available on online thesauruses, dissected and pinned. It's curious that language of everyday has not become more eloquent but rather, shorter, words diluted to their common denominator, substituted with signs ( & ) or butchered ver
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Sorry for everything Ive did and said...Iam sorry you dont care anymore and its my fault.Iam sorry that I have screwed up once again and prolly cant fix things this time and I wish I could but iam not gonna try because I know it wont work.....I hate te feeling that I have because you no longer care anymore or want anything to do with me...All I can do is say sorry and hope that u read this and that it will be enough but deep dpwn I know its not and I wish i could change that but I cant but ull never know how sorry i truly am. Love, Mandy The Way I Am Video - Eminem lyricsEminem Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureMyspace Layouts I give up..i want to give up..ur not here to stop me from giving up! Iam sorry...I juss want to fuckin die! No one care..i dont care so y should anyone else? It seems like i lost a part of me and Iam sorry for what I have done everything i have done!
So I just started a new job a few months ago. I do customer service for pay-day loans in America. As we all know as working adults (I hope most of you are working), we do not get paid on stat holidays and banks are closed. You know what chaps my ass...? I hate having to tell people on the phone that it's Remembrance (Or Veterans Day in America) on Friday. It really bothers me that people forget. If it wasn't for all the men and women who died for our freedom, who knows what would have happened? C'mon society, you need a reality check. They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.At the going down of the sun and in the morningWe will remember them. RIP, Grandpa. ♥ Well, where do I begin?! Let's start off with my lovely bus ride home this afternoon... (I take the bus because it's cheaper than paying for parking downtown... Suck a bag of dicks!) So, I'm chilling on the bus and my phone (just so happens!) dies. Great, ju
Srupid Stuff (you Know You Wanna Read)
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Sry E1!
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Sscs- Updated
Famed Catamaran is sinking in the Southern Ocean Six crewmembers Rescued by the Sea Shepherd Ship Bob Barker In an unprovoked attack captured on film, the Japanese security ship Shonan Maru No. 2 deliberately rammed and caused catastrophic damage to the Sea Shepherd catamaran Ady Gil. Six crew crewmembers, four from New Zealand, one from Australia, and one from the Netherlands were immediately rescued by the crew of the Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker. None of the crew Ady Gil crew were injured. The Ady Gil is believed to be sinking and chances of salvage are very grim. According to eyewitness Captain Chuck Swift on the Bob Barker, the attack happened while the vessels were dead in the water. The Shonan Maru No. 2 suddenly started up and deliberately rammed the Ady Gil ripping eight feet of the bow of the vessel completely off. According to Captain Swift, the vessel does not look like it will be saved. “The Japanese whalers have now escalated this conflict very violently,”
Obvi if you're checking out my blog, you are a good friend. So I need some comments. I'd do all 3,400 myself, but thats quite time consuming. SO, if I can get 10 or so from each friend/fan, that would be super!!!!!! And remember, I return the love!!! Click this pic below to go to where I need the comments. It's for a 1 day blast..pretty simple ;) I know theres other that feel me on this. Got my ex breathing down my neck, using my son as a means of getting to me. Hes really starting to get under my skin. And I do love..he gave me the most precious thing I have, my son. But unfortunately he does NOT care about Cristian as much as he should. He always says hes going to get a job. Things fell apart between us after we won a lot of money. Then when he ran out of money I helped him. I never said anything when he stole my bank card and to this day I give him money. Im tired of taking care of two children, ya know?? And sometimes I cant say no. I havent found anyone to make me feel speci
Recently as you may know I've been trying to make new friends. Not much luck. One of the things impeding the progress is people that don't like using modern technology. Phones. If you give me your number and I give you mine..the logical thing to do is use it. Don't give me reasons or excuses for something so simple. if you don't wanna call me? why even ask for it? or give me yours? I can't wait to hear from you..literally. I go to work. I can't just wait for some phantom phone call that'll never happen. And do not ask me where I work. I don't want people calling me there or visiting me there, costing me my job. I don't mean to sound crass, but I have had it with excuses. I'm not a lil boy. I'm a man and I'm looking for a friend. Whether that friend turns into something more is unknown, but that's it. But friends call each other. They don't make excuses why they can't even dial a number. Especially if we're in the same area code. I want my friends to know, that I do appreciate your fri
So if you feel bad and things that make you feel like shit are changable but choose not to change. It leave us with only on alternative to change it our selves, so herin lies my dilemma things that are out of my control are making me feel like shit and i cant change the one aspect that i do not like but i can change some thing to make the pain shorter lived. So here i sit on a precipice of decision, work or life, life or death, love or lonely, all very important decisions. Some thing to think about for me tonight, i hate being here but i love the money, i love things that are bad for me but i like to live,............. the rest is blank awaiting a conclusion
jessica got me my first tattoo today as a birthday present. it's a four leaf clover, about the size of a quarter, right above my left breast. didn't hurt to bad when i got it. not gonna lie, there was some pain, but it was more like a sunburn than anything. nothing i couldn't handle for a few minutes so that i could have something beautiful like that forever. now.. i want more. they're so damn expensive up here in alaska though. something the size of a quarter costing $60? jessica's on her back is bigger than mine and it cost her half of that in kentucky. i'm thinkin one day having little itty bitty shamrock's around it. itty itty bitty. next tattoo, either my pisces or my angel. most likely my angel since my pisces one will be quite large and expensive.
Hey everybody just thought I would post a blog and let everyone know that I am now home back at Fort Stewart. I might not be on much cause I have alot of stuff to get done. But when everything calms down Ill be back. Hope everyone is doing good! Jamie
Tomorrow is my yearly grope and feel at the doctor's. How fun.... Maybe I'll shave my legs for the occasion.
I thought I had it all figured out.............. I was fine with being alone, I had the mindset that it was just going to be De'Vonte and I until he went to college and started his own life. We would do the same things we always did, we would just take everything one day at a time and make the best outta what we have. But now things have changed. Some for the better and some for the worst. I've found a great man who says he loves me and De'Vonte and wants to be with us forever! I have a good job (I don't love it, but it pays the bills). The love of my life (De'Vonte) is still happy, loving life, and driving me crazy (I know, it's his job.). But for some reason I just don't feel like all of this is going to last. I'm trying to live it and love it while it's happening, but something is just telling me to go back to the way things were, before it all comes crashing down. You know that feeling of "It's too good to be true"? It's kind of like that, but it seems like instead of the out
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Just wanted to send a message and say Howdy..... had family issues to deal with...sorry I've not been online... Free Comments & Graphics MySpace Graphics & MySpace Layouts
Ssgt Barry Sadler, Ballad Of The Green Beret
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80's Shows And Cartoons
90's Shows
80's Sinners Paradise
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send your boy some love.need to get my ratings higher to post some pics.
The Southern Sex Symbols are looking for new members... If you are interested and want to be a Sex Symbol... Stop by the Group page and read the blog named "How to Apply" and the information in it... Below is a link to the Group Page... Southern Sex Symbol@ fubar
Hey Yall im kinda new an so i need some cherries if yall wanna add me as a frind go ahead ill be waitin
Sssssorry I Haven't Been Around
My ex wants to move with no job, place to live or anything else because she thinks the grass is greener on the otherside...If I dont let him go he will resent me forever for not giving him the chance... I am so lost.. and there is nothing I can dooo.... Really..what the hell am I doing... I really like some ppl I met on here... I am just lost.. I am sooo alone I will try and get attention any way I can.. and I am on a computer... how sad is that... my god.. just listen to me.. but I will say this .. the feelings I have are real.. and I do want to neet ... but then what.. we live sooo far apart... kids are involved.. speaking of kids I cant get mine to call or write or even get a boo out of him .. I am willing to take alot of responsiblity for this but he has to take some as well.. I miss him sooo much and I am shur I dont even know him any more.. I see the pictuers and he is very broad in the shoulders .. as tall as me by now LOL.. good looking kid.. and I am missing all of it and I c
I want to say thank you to everyone. I hope to find anything here
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Ss Wildside
SS Wildside Website is seeking female models.Please contact me for more information...
Ss Wildside Website !
Just wanted to let all you sexy people know im working on the site and updating today. If youw ould like to join, please email me at: Im still seeking a site model, so if your interested submit your photo to the email address above. Creative Illusions Photography & Modeling Here at Creative Illusions Photography we focus on capturing your inner desires through artistic and creative photography. We specialize in high quality professional photography without the high price. Photography: Portraits, Glamour, Fashion, Artistic, Boudoir, Events We also offer Model "Representation - Promoting - Booking - Portfolio's" Are you an amateur seeking to get into modeling, let us help you get your start. Digital Art: Background Changes Digital Enhancing Fantasy Art Backdrop Changes Custom Screen Savers,Wallpaper Creative Illusions is currently looking for models.If interested please email atleast one photo of you, and y
... wut iz it? style, class, game, wut u kno or wut you can do... 2start me, myself hv no swag nor game. jst keep'n it real an hv'n it da way tht it iz. their iz no other way to do it.. u pay like u way rite? dnt tell it sell it & if u dnt kno wut ur do'n leave tht shyt 2da pro'vetz ,& thtz real lil'1. lol'lmao i hope u undrstnd! ... howeva, u can say itz like pimp'n,, 1st their too kindzof pimp'n da babi powder on da hand trip or tht i get fly, mad G'd-up floss'n wut u hv u or wut not, u kno? lol. thz iz mad funni... da sswwaagg bblloogg !! LOVE TI', LIKE IT', or LEAVE IT', ALONE'
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hei, funny thin this cherrytap?
The 1st
You are The Tower Ambition, fighting, war, courage. Destruction, danger, fall, ruin. The Tower represents war, destruction, but also spiritual renewal. Plans are disrupted. Your views and ideas will change as a result. The Tower is a card about war, a war between the structures of lies and the lightning flash of truth. The Tower stands for "false concepts and institutions that we take for real." You have been shaken up; blinded by a shocking revelation. It sometimes takes that to see a truth that one refuses to see. Or to bring down beliefs that are so well constructed. What's most important to remember is that the tearing down of this structure, however painful, makes room for something new to be built. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out. were's the warm weather i want to finish my bike and get some ridin time in darnit and to all who are freinds i hope you have a safe and blessed day
A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said 'I don't think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat.' 'Is the man of the house home?', they asked. 'No', she replied. 'He's out.' 'Then we cannot come in', they replied. In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened. 'Go tell them I am home and invite them in!' The woman went out and invited the men in' 'We do not go into a House together,' they replied. 'Why is that?' she asked. One of the old men explained: 'His name is Wealth,' he said pointing to one of his friends, and said pointing to another one, 'He is Success, and I am Love.' Then he added, 'Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home.' The woman went in and told her husband what was said. Her husband was overjoyed. 'How nice!!', he said. 'Since that is the case, l
Well....Ive added a few pics..Will be adding more soon. Thanks for every1's support so far..Hit me up sometime...Holla!!...Oh Yeah....Im from Louisiana..Now residing in Maryland. Holla!! When I get back to MY PC I'll be adding more pics of Myself..more of my kids..thanks for da help and rates..adds..etc...
Damn it did things get f'ed tonite. I've been divorced since labor day and have finally gotten to the point that I can live again after all of the expense of the proceedings. Well my ex and I were trying to be friends and not hate each other like others we know and I was fine with that,hell we even had alittle fwb going on which was o.k. for a while. Anyway I've recently,very recently met some one else and we have very strong feelings toward each other. The ex shows about 2 hours ago thinking she'd repay me for building her new computer with a little booty call. Well I was on my cell with my new gf and she heard my conversation,not good for some reason. Were divorced right? Well things get out of hand fast she loses it starts alot of shit and hell raising. She trys to get my phone away to call my gf and start shit with her too. My gf lives about an hour away for now. Would she understand why my ex would be calling her at midnite,I don't think so. So I kept my phone away from the ex an
Free Sex Contest Two Aggies drove to a gas station in Louisiana for a fill-up because they heard about a contest being offered by the station to patrons who purchase a full tank of gas. When they went inside to pay, the men asked the attendant about the contest. "If you win, you're entitled to free sex," said the attendant. "How do we enter?" asked the Aggie. "Well, I'm thinking of a number between 1-10. If you guess right, you win free sex." "O.K. I guess 7," said the Aggie. "Sorry, I was thinking of 8," replied the attendant. The next week, the two Aggies returned to the same station to get gas. When they went inside to pay, the one Aggie asked the attendant if the contest was still going on. "Sure," replied the attendant. "I'm thinking of a number between 1-10. If you guess right, you win free sex." "Two," said the Aggie. "Sorry, I was thinking of 3," replied the attendant. "Come back soon and try again." As they walked back to the ca
Yeah, I know, the Subject heading is a bit boring, but that is mainly because I am feeling bored!...Blah!... For the past month and a half I have been back home, in Northern MI, and to be honest, coming home served its purpose, had been three years since I had been back, but I am so over it! I flew back to get away for a week or so, but it turned into over a Month. My family has been on me about getting my teeth fixed since the accident, but work always seemed more important, besides, beautiful dental work is not a qualification when you're a wrecker driver... steriotypically, those in our profession usually have worse looking teeth than my own. However, it had been a year since the accident, and I actually got tired of hearing about it. So I went to the U of M in Ann Arbor (A2), and have had my initial visit for X Rays and evaluation. Now I am waiting on planning for the dental implants and the reconstruction of my upper gums. OMGawd!, I am bored though!, I have plenty to kee
Our time was as a winters snow. Beautiful to behold, until the warm sun melts it away so that seeds may grow and flower. The sky is alive with fire, As the dying season unfolds. The leaves unmask from there uniform green into an array of flaming beauty. They drop and blow as the winds whispers for them to let go, of the past and float into there future. The sky is alive with fire as cold winds whispers. Loving you gives me the taste of copper and lead. There is but one way to get you out of my head.
The cycle repeated As explosions broke in the sky All that I needed Was the one thing I couldn't find And you were there at the turn Waiting to let me know We're building it up To break it back down We're building it up To burn it down We can't wait To burn it to the ground The colors conflicted As the flames, climbed into the clouds I wanted to fix this But couldn't stop from tearing it down And you were there at the turn Caught in the burning glow And I was there at the turn Waiting to let you know We're building it up To break it back down We're building it up To burn it down We can't wait To burn it to the ground You told me yes You held me high And I believed when you told that lie I played soldier, you played king And struck me down, when I kissed that ring You lost that right, to hold that crown I built you up, but you let me down So when you fall, I'll take my turn And fan the flames As your blazes burn And you were there at the turn Waiting to let me know We're building
ill write a proper one after Scream Con. 5 days left for tickets from screen con site.
stabbed in the heart stabbed in the back who really cares if i come back i dont belong i never will god take me away from this hell life sucks life is draining me take me away i dont want to be here why do u torture me where do i belong somebody tell me what should i do ill wasted away like every other fucking day
Stabbed By My Bestfriend.. Tell Me What You Think....
Heyyy Yall... Well I have had somethings on my mind. Things goin on in my life. THAT TRUELY SUCKS.... I want to know what people think about this. Well I have been friends with this girl for years well about 10 years. She was my best friend. Someone I turned to when I had problems. Like this one. Anyways, I dated this guy 2 years ago now. We dated a few months. We were like bestfriends... Well he was my best guy friend...We broke up but we were more then friends after the fact. It also went on for a year. Now its been a year since. And I cared so much about this guy. I stoped talkin with him so much so I could get over him or at least keep my distance. You know. So We used to talk every night. He used to send me texts every morning and night. Sayin well duhh Good Morning and Good Night. I really liked him. Well lets say I loved him very much. Now my Ex- bestfriend.. Someone who never liked him really. Is datin him. She didn't even have the nerve to tell me. I found out on
Stab And Twist
at least the blade of that dagger was cool against my backside..... not sure why it had to be a two person job... I myself thought the whole plan lacked style and originality.... oh well, another opening of my eyes and another step further away... i will now bring you a war you have already lost ...
Stab And Twist
Deception crawls into my nervous system, tormenting me for days and days, it's so much more than just a message. I see all the lies and fabrications, things have been done for selfish reasons, I can be selfish too, no longer happy with any of this, I'm sorry a friendship has ended.
Stabbing Westward Lyrics
Lost in a world of doubt and insecurity Nothing that you hold sacred, nothing you believe Your life is a contradiction While you thrive on manipulation I fight to just hold on to what I believe I won't become the thing I hate I won't become the thing I hate I won't become the thing I hate I won't become you You've treated me like I'm a worthless piece of shit You think you're in control but you make me sick I want to watch you suffer The way that you've made me suffer I want to fuck up everything you've ever loved I won't become the thing I hate I won't become the thing I hate I won't become the thing I hate I won't become you I won't become the thing I hate I won't become the thing I hate I won't become the thing I hate I won't become the thing I hate I won't become the thing I hate I won't become you There are times when I'm just a shell When I do not feel anything for anyone All I feel is hollow and bruised Used up and misused Forced to be someone I
Stace's Thoughts
Hank and I got some new pics taken at walmart!!! What do you guys think? Love Stace Well it's been awhile sence I've moved to TN. I'm finally able to go back to NC and see my family and friends. The good thing though is that my family got to come out here and spend a weekend with me. We had some issues so the trip was delayed back home for a few weeks but now I get to go. I'll be flying home the 21st and staying til the 23rd YAY!!! I hope you guys are ready for me lol...think it's warm enough for the beach? We're still trying to sell the house that may take a while though. I'm hoping with the people getting taxes back and stuff it'll sell soon. All I really want is to be out in town area. I can't help it I'm total city girl here, unless you count my music taste that is lol. Really though the sooner we get it sold the sooner we can move ahead with some small plans of ours. Like a much needed trip to the dentist for some serious work. Then another sergury that wil
hi my name is stacy,i have a 3yr.old son and i have bh hazle eyes 5"5 200lbs i love to chat as a friendship and i have a b/f i love to go skating bingo visit with my friends and i have a paper route that i do 6days a week
Stacy Rogers: On Fire
Stacie's Blog
Since my tat was marked NSFW, my entry is dropped. I was winning. Now, that pic has been in my folder for MONTHS. All of a sudden it was flagged? Can we say "cheaters"? Oh of course not! Because this is an adult site. 5k comments for a Corvette. No time limit! W00t, come help me out. Show off your pussy and win a mansion! Whoever gets the most comments by Friday, 3 PM EST will win the million dollar Mansion. Every entry will win a prize. A big pimpin prize! You must be in the picture with your cat. Yes, it's a pet cat contest! :) There will be 8 entries maximum, so hurry up and enter. Niah ~Official Fallouts~@ CherryTAP
well to all that must knw i m a mom of 2 boys they r my world n there my everything..... i like fishing camping walks on the beach n watchin the moon light on the water on a warm summer night i like to walk the ocean front when i can i like camp fires just bout any thing i m right into dolphins n im not here for head games im here for friends maybe more if u would like to chat with me u can do so on here well this is all for now have a good night hello i m new to this thing so i dont knw how this works or wat not but i m a single mom of 2 boys ages 12 n 9 there my world no matter wat i m 32 years old live in lewiston so if u would like to chat u can send me a message on yahoo at sweeetlips101042402002
Stacia's Blog
xXx A - Z of a perfect partner ! xXx (A)ccepts you as you are (B)elieves in "you" (C)alls you just to say "HI" (D)oesn't give up on you (E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts) (F)orgives your mistakes (G)ives unconditionally (H)elps you (I)nvites you over (J)ust likes to "be" with you (K)eeps you close at heart (L)oves you for who you are (M)akes a difference in your life (N)ever Judges (O)ffers support (P)icks you up (Q)uiets your fears (R)aises your spirits (S)ays nice things about you (T)ells you the truth when you need to hear it (U)nderstands you (V)alues you (W)alks beside you (X)-plains things you don't understand (Y)ells when you won't listen and (Z)aps you back to reality
Stacy's B-day!! Wahoo!!
Stacy's Blog
How are you about sex? (with pics)created with You scored as Shy/SweetYour shy and sweet. Your kind of shy when it comes to sex but that adds a little somthing special to it. Your always sweet and you like to make sure your partner is having a good time. Please rate and comment and tell me what quiz this is when you do! Soft/slow 80%Shy/Sweet 80%Passionate/wet 60%Awkward/New 45%Hot/hard 40%Exciting/Exotic 30%
I HOPE TODAY FINDS YOU WELL AND FULL OF HAPPINESS!!! My Heart Give this heart to everyone you don't want to lose in '08 (including me if you care). Try to collect 12. It's not easy! Never take someone for granted Hold every person close to your heart Because you might wake up one day And realize that you've lost a diamond While you were too busy collecting stones YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKED! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right
Staci`s Blog
Hello! I am so glad to be here. A little about me: My name is Staci.I`m living in Latvia, Riga.Spoke on Latvian, English and Russian languages.I am a model in my country. I practise music, dances.I like to walk in night`s clubs,travel,sport,boys,animals,flowers...all, that is loved by girls. I want to become actress. Unfortunately, my photos steal.Therefore I want to say that I am on only on this site (1993305) and here http://www.liveinternet. ru/users/staci/blog/.This is all. I ask to inform мe,if you will find my fakes. That is all. I not so well know English, therefore write with errors.Sorry. Buy)
Stacey X
Max International MaxGXL
if u wanna be my friend just send me an invite ill be waiting
Stacymatthews Blog
Eine Fussgelenkbandage stabilisiert das Fussgelenk gegen Umknicken bei Sport, Beruf und Freizeit. Ein Bewegungsmelder erlaubt eine wirkungsvolle Ueberwachung von Privathaus, Wohnung, Gewerberaum und Liegenschaften.
(A little backstory, my new neighbor heard me on my couch masterbating just as i was finishing he was walking by. I had foregotten that I'd left the window open. He was at my other next door neighbors house playing video games at the time and the game was over. Well, he knocks on my door and asked me if i wanted a beer he'd just picked up a 12 pack. I politely said no, but give me a minute and I'll talk to you. I can't drink before work. Stacy(not her real name) drives me to work because it's on her way to her job. Now if you think I'm bad you should meet my twin sister Stacy!) Stacy calls me before work and asks. "So did you tap that ass last night? Did you remember to cup the balls??? " I replied, "What the fuck are you talking about?" She says,"Remember you were telling me about the new solider that moved in downstairs?" I said, " No, I just got piss drunk and had a date with my shower." She said, " You fucking suck, i woulda tap that shit!" I said, " i know I suck that's w
Stacy Cates
Edmonds Commerce specialise in PHP ecommerce web design and development, primarily using open source ecommerce platforms such as Magento. Our clients range from sole traders with a few hundred SKU’s up to high turnover Ltd and PLC organisations. If you are looking for a company that specialises in PHP web development and particularly in the Magento Development e-commerce platform then you have come to the right place. We can help you achieve your business goals using the Magento platform by getting the most out of existing Magento functionality, Magento extensions and of course custom Magento modules to achieve your exact requirements.
Staff Needed
Staffordshire Bull Terriers
STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIERS have somewhat of a bad street rep because of dog fights and attacks on humans.Its not the dogs fault its the owners.They abuse their dogs something rotton .Then when or more like IF they get caught all they get is a poxy fine and banned from keeping animals for 2years.Which dont work they just carry on.But still the dogs get destroyed AS IF ITS THERE FAULT. I have a 10 month old bitch and she is as soft as shit and the most loyal lovable dog your ever likely to meet.Its all in the way u bring them up.... She has her own little page if anyone wants to have a little peek FEEL FREE Then you can make your own minds up about them. Leave your comments and views all are welcome THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO HAVE A READ.... ...FINIGANXTC....
Staff Information
Lounge Rules every staff member is to enforce and respect the rules NO X-Rated talk No drug talk No Cybering No drama or fighting No Spamming or link dropping The following rules have to be enforced.. Do not try and give the person chance after chance. Make your point one time and make it clear. The person dont want to respect the lounge then they are banned. Do not try and spend 1 hour trying to calm the person down. You are wasting time and other ppl start to leave the lounge.. Just ban and move on.. If anyone and I mean anyone comes in the lounge and says they are going to HACK this site or lounge, ANY staff member there no questions asked they are to ask the person to leave and then ban. If they refuse to leave eject and ban. Get that person out of the lounge ASAP!! No questions asked Plain and simple.. This is a must do rule Help any staff or loung member if someone is dissing, cussing or trying to start drama in the lounge.. No sexual, age,
Staff Information
A dear friend of Virgo's lounge is in the hospital in Diabetic Coma, we are praying for a speedy recovery. He is in our Hearts and Prayers. Please repost this to keep the prayers going. Thank you very much. UPDATE: As of 3:30est, Fire has woken up and asked for some of his fu friends. He seems to be going in and out of consciousness, so it's gonna be a long time before he comes completely out of his coma. Please keep him in your hearts and prayers, he needs every bit of help he can get. Thanks, the Virgo's family and friends A message to all Virgo's staff, members, friends and family: This morning I realized that there were members that hadn't come in since subscribing. So this morning, I went thru the member list and unsubscribed some of them that I hadn't seen since they first came in. You will notice that the member count has significantly gone down for that reason. Like I have said before, I don't play the numbers game, and if someone hasn't been in to Virgo's s
Staff Bio's - They're @ Pimpin For Good Reason :)
Name: KevDog aka SalsaKing D.O.B: 10/16/1968 Location: California Marital Status: Fubar Married to LaUrEn Favourite Color: Blue (DALLAS COWBOYS Blue) Favourite Food: Mexican Hobbies: Music, Paintball, Football (DALLAS COWBOYS), singing, Pimpin Radio, Computers, Designing & Creating Stuff... Favourite Movie: YoungGuns, Lethal Weapon (All of them), Clerks, Kevin Smith Movies... Favourite music: Rock, Rap, Metal, Funk - Um Alot of styles!!! Dj Style: I mix all genres of music (depends on my mood) or if it is the middle of the night and my auto dj is playing for you. Haaa Haaa Best Feature: My eyes (I am told), I'll just keep this G-rated. Bwahahahaha Anything else: I would like to Thank all the Staff of PIMPIN for ur support and u all ROCK!!! Check out DJ KevDog : Name: Juggalo J aka Raider69 D.O.B: 11/10/1973 Location: Cali! Marital Status: Married to Cupy Sorry Ladies Favourite Color: Blue Silver and Black Favourite Food: SUbs! Hobbies:
Staff License For Wild Chao
imikimi - Customize Your World imikimi - Customize Your World imikimi - Customize Your World
Staff Guidelines
STAFF GUIDELINES GREETER GUIDELINES Those with the title of Greeter, Host, Hostess, Bartender, Dancer etc. work under the direction of the Head greeter or VP of Hospitality. These are perhaps the most vital positions in terms of keeping the lounge welcoming and fun place to be. Greeters greet people as they enter the room, encourage visitors to subscribe to the lounge, make conversation, basically be polite and make them feel welcome. As has been the tradition in our lounge, it is my hope that ALL staff that are active in the lounge at any given time would greet people as they enter. But those with these positions should make it their primary task. This isnt to say that greeters wont be allowed to promote the lounge, they just need to be sure to be also paying attention to what is going on in the lounge. At times greeters may be forced to take actions that normally fall under the guise of security. Please see the guidelines for using moderator functions in the Secur
Staff Positions Available
COOTER'S BARowned by: Rev./DJ Cooter Cooter's Bar is currently looking for: Experienced DJ's Promoters Greeters (JOB HAS BEEN FILLED AS OF 06/30/08! Enforcers For job descriptions please see below: Experienced DJ: Must be willing to play any genre of music and take requests. ALL SHIFTS AVAILABLE AT THIS POINT IN TIME! Must be willing to allow me to input needed codes into broadcaster, such as SAMS, via TEAMVIEWER. Team Viewer does not need to be installed on your PC. *MAY* be willing to teach inexperienced or wannabe DJ's....MAYBE! Promoters: Must promote lounge at least 3 times a week by invites, status messages, making bulletins...BE CREATIVE! Enforcers: Must be known and a member of Cooter's Bar for some time. Recommendations preferred but not required. Must be willing to enforce the rules of Cooter's Bar. Will be working under not only me but also Mater, Head Enforcer. DJ's, Promoters and Greeters will be on a 2 week trial before mods will be given. This is
Staff Needed
need greeters get ahold of me if u want the job babyboo_2007_920 staff needed tell me what u want to do if u dont kno how i will teach u how to do it send u all the info on yahoo or here whatever is easier for u staff meetings r held just comment and tell me promters needed if u dont kno how ill show u how to do bullies amd everything else
J-Fubar lounge expert(owner) Terra co-owner Amy(queen) a> Clover aka C-lover D-J'sgirl Sarah-j's wife
Staff Auction
Staff Auction
Staff Job Titles And Descriptions
*****ALL staff are required now to have a salute pic, even if Fubar doesn't have to have them for you to be a member, I require them for you to work for Sweetwater's***** ***ALL staff are required to have the lounge invite on your profile and in a blog, ALL staff are required to do all forms of invites, if you don't know what they are , refer to your staff info page.*** DJ'S - 1. We now are once again on a search for dj's. We all need to leave the normal invite to the lounge on ppl's pages , it says hiring dj's on it so hopefully we'll get some responses from that. 2. ALL dj's are now required to do some talking, even if it's just announcing the station name, lounge name , urself and tunes now n there while on ur shift. 3. If you're goin to be or are a dj for Sweetwater's lounge, you will now be required to commit yourself to a scheduled time slot. If you can't make it, call/text or IM me and let me know, if you can't get ahold of me, then it's your responsibility to get
(repost of original by 'J ׇ~R/L fiance'/slave & fu-wife to Master Raven - co-owner of Raven's Dungeon~The Hel' on '2008-10-11 16:14:14') (repost of original by '~*Frogi*~ @ Raven's Dungeon~ *Fu-Owned by DJ Dave Wolf*' on '2008-10-13 10:09:59')

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