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Promoted 2 Fubar Bartender! Whats Ur Fuel?
As u no i have promoted myself to fubar bartender! I have drink recipes and great shots in my stash, under dunno section! Jus wanted to share one great recipe with all of u I am sure u will luv it! The drink is in my bartenders book and it is really called "FUBAR" Fill a tall glass with ice. 1/2 oz vodka 1/2 oz gin 1/2 oz rum 1/2 oz tequilla Fill with hard cider!!!!!!!!! PRINCESSFUBAR81 "Fubar Bartender"
A Promise Never Broken Pt 1
They travel day and night, On paths side by side. His so low, and hers so high, Between them, no words are spoken. From her, he turns his eyes, For fear of knowing her winter. Her tears would pierce his guise, And his heart would fall into splinters. His path, with hers, aligned, By a book from the other. As they walk side by side, Sometimes unknown of each other. They walk side by side, Between them, no words are spoken. For he hides deep inside, A promise never broken.
A Promise Never Broken Pt 2
In the wind, can be heard the cries, Of his world broken and shattered. So he walks day and night, For his healing was all that mattered. His path, with hers, aligned, His guise deceiving and lying. And deep within his heart, Lays his soul, bleeding and crying. From her, he turns his eyes, For fear of her knowing his winter. Deep within his heart, His courage has frayed and splintered. They walk side by side, Between them, no words are spoken. For he hides deep inside, A promise never broken.
Promise Keeper
"You complete Me" by LEI Your in my heart your in my soul you complete me and make me feel whole Rather your close or far apart, you will always have a piece of my heart I feel like our love was meant to be, we are two hearts that came together like Destiny I was the lonely one til faith brang you along, you are the one who every day makes me strong My heart lost all control, now your all i seem to know when i think of you, i feel my heart beat, its telling me your the one for me your always on my mind and if something is wrong you always try to make it fine. my dreams came true when my heart found you when i look in your eyes i can truley see, your the one i been searching for and together we were meant to be Sometimes i get so confused with this feeling but i know that i want you more and more as my heart is healing At nite i fall asleep thinking about you cause your all i want to do Then when i wake to another lonely day, wishing you were on your way!
Beyond the rawness of this attraction lies an endless hope for laughter, for truth, and for more depth than we can plumb with our bodies. Be my lover, with all that might include - no expectations save the one - that we might meet again and explore each other in the dark and in the brightest light. I promise nothing but to hold you and to listen for your needs breathed softly or shouted out and to give to you what I can and take from you only what you offer. © All rights reserved
Promises Broken
Promises Made Yesterday's goals, dim memories. Dark saddened eyes, blurring with tears. Painful scars borne; Love's history. Futures crumble when doubt appears. No brightly lit hope envisioned, When following after harsh words. Hurt soul splits in twain, partitioned. Swooned by appeal - when numbness lured. Apologies made, never bought. Price paid turned out far too costly. Though never known what would be wrought - Must walk into the night softly. One wish, only to be released. Granted - now receive this token. Words written in rhyme, love's deceased. When promises made . . . were broken.
A Promise For Tommorow
A Promise for Tommorow A promise to a sweet and gentle spirit Who's words greets me daily on line A flash of a face comes before me dispersed by a new written line. The words that you speak are so moving You touch me at depths beyond time. I yearn to reach out across the screen And hold you so close in my arms. If ever we meet on the tomorrow And you hold me close in your arms. I'll hope for a lifetime of tomorrows to love you with all of my might. Hold on til we meet on tomorrow And if we don't meet you will be. Tucked into my heart for forever For now and for eternity.
The Promises
The Promises
Promotions For Friends
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The Promise And The Dream
The Promise And The Dream Come with me on a mystical journey; Where the unicorns sit and play on the Knight's Tourney. Here your wishes come true; As the fairytale comes alive for you. See the little fairy over there, She is combing the lil' elves hair. This magical world you see, It's open to you if you just believe. The Goddess will hand you your key, Intothis enchanting forest fit for a king. Where she will place the royal crown on top your head kneeling down to worship thee. Close your eyes and just imagine; A magical world where it really doesn't matter; Who you are , Or where you have been. Look over there, Just under the rainbow; The leprechaun has his shiny pot of gold ; Willing to share, He doesn't like it when it over flows. All is welcome here in our enchanted home; No one will ever have to be alone. Deep in the forest Robin Hood and his merry men ; Is partying in the cowardly lions den. While the knights protect the merry kingdom ; F
Promiscious Old Man
If you are 50 or older and would date a married man 2-3 days a week, please let me hear from you. Other than my kisses and a long-smoldering passion I have nothing in particular to recommend me. I can play 9-5 only and like very much to tour the canyons near Amarillo, lakes and parks. If you like to hold hands or walk close together you will be most welcome to do so. As a retired photographer I like to keep my skills sharp by taking lots of photos, so dress and act accordingly.
A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept
I love you daddy ~Spanky~
Promoting My Friends
Prom Dresses
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Promo Bulletin
Time and time you hear the story. Poor, sweet girl meets guy who seems really crazy about her. They date for an unspecified period of time before finally she decides to have sex with him. In that moment, everything changes. Sex unleashes a torrent of emotions. She’s vulnerable. She’s smitten. She’s ready to plan their future together, and she wants him to feel exactly the same way. And he’s ready to run like hell. So he does, which labels him a "player." He was only out for sex. What a jerk. He knew how hard it was for her to give that part of herself to him and as soon as it was over, the thrill of the chase was over too. Suddenly, he was ready for the next conquest. He’s a jerk...right? I’m here to say something on behalf of men...because if a man wrote this he’d probably be called a "woman hater." So I’ll be the voice. WOMEN...I ask you ever think that maybe, just maybe, the reason he ran wasn’t because he "conquered" you? Maybe YOU are the one who made him run. Ma
Prom Night
Promises Not Spoken
Darkness touches the sky, Another day gone by. Bottled up inside, all the feelings you choose to hide. Shadowed memories of broken dreams... Shattered love stories ripped at the seams. Unspoken promises led you astray, spoken dreams taken away. Set your heart free and allow it to hurt... If shut off from feeling, than what is life worth? The risk may be great, the sacrifice real, still the unspoken promises carry the seal. And the spoken dreams may be foolish, and still... There's nothing in life greater than the love you can feel.
Promises Of Love
Your skin glows like the starlight, blossoms soft as the rose in the purest hope of spring. My heart follows your gentle voice and leaps at the whisper of your name. This dream floats in the deep night, a crystal light filling my mind. And I am comforted by your song that I carry into the twilight, as the rays of dawn whisper good bye. Whispering in the darkened ebony sky, my soul longs for a love to last, will it ever be mine? Until that day, I wait in the moonlight for your secret song, so that we may love as one, heart to heart, in search of the magnificent and mystical promises of love.
Promises made never to be broken. Alas they are broken nonetheless. I promised I would never let anything hurt you. Yet I hurt you without trying. I promised to always be there for you. I thought I was but I guess I was not. I promised to always take care of you. Yet I became the one needing care. After all the promises were broken. I promise I will never break them again. There is no one there to listen. I now see the only promise we can keep in the end. Is the promise of love unconditionally no matter what happens.
I have a question? My wife and i were to go to a concert today that lasted all day long. My daughter was asked to a Senior prom after we bought tickets to the concert months ago! My wife and oldest daughter went to the concert and i stayed at home with my daughter so as she had one of her parents here to see her off. Now here is the Question.... who do you think should have stayed with our daughter? I say both of us!!! What do you think?
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Hey Sex Symbols... We need to promote the group... So we were thinking about hosting a contest or an auction... But we would like to hear what you think we should do... so give us your input... Crimson & Clover **American Sex Symbol Leaders**
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Promise To My Child!!!
As life begins a promise is made, before you a golden path is laid.One with love and compassion and if lucky with lust and passion.You see my little girl its all in what you see, for it will be love and devotion you see in me.A lifetime of hurt will occur in time, the finer points can be so sublime.I don't want you to ever wonder if I love you so, I love you from the highest high to the lowest low. No matter what you do in life, I will be there for the wonders and the strife. I will stand by you and try not to judge, I will be that protection around you that just won't budge. You can count on me your whole life through, always behind you steady and true.
Promise's Made In The Dark
Black Tears A tear fell from my face Making myself a disgrace Not wanting for it to be seen, My weakness from within My eyes are covered with black Hiding the gloom at the back Blurring my visions, Only seeing illusions Nothing in this world is real, As well as what I feel So tired of shedding these tears Along with my heartaches & fears All the pain & sorrow From yesterday ‘till tomorrow Hoping it would all be over Even though it seems forever My hands shake in anticipation. My mind is thousands of miles away at your side. Dark thoughts do i see satanic scenes teasing me. your wicked way has captured me. I feel your gentle hand touch upon my cheek I relax into you. I feel your heart beat next to my bosoms. Your soul cries out to me in the night. You have captured me. My heart sees only you, but the distance that lies between us. My blood flows through your veins and your blood threw mine. The link that has us bound.
Promotional Spammers W/code
Promises are made promises are broken but why is it when you make the promise to a friend to look out for someone if that friend passes the other person takes advantage. Yes I made a promise to a very dear friend before she passed that i would always be there for her mate but enough already. Maybe it is going bacck on my promise but enough is enough. When someone cant stand on their own two feet and do something that is not good. I am getting the I need the money your ex owes me and can you get it for me. He doesnt get it I guess> Why can't he take him to court and fight his own battle.. because i made a promise and now i have to break that promise. I am doing my best to help but cant anymore. The stress is getting to me, so am i wrong to say enough already......He doesnt understand the ex and I dont talk or get a long at all. I look at it the way.... Grow up and fight your own battles... is that wrong... NO NO at least thats how i feel about it. Please feel free to comment
Promoter @sun Never Shines
The Promise
TROLLING THE SCROLL BAR So you want to try and get more people into the lounge. One of the ways is to leave random comments on new profiles, but that doesn't always work. Maybe the person isn't online. Or they just got swamped with 10 other lounges doing the same thing. Or maybe there are a couple of people in the lounge but you want a couple of more to come in and party with you. I call it "Trolling the Scroll." Basically, if you're on the scroll, then you're online. And if you're online when someone says hi, then odds are that they'll be there to reply. STEP ONE: THE GREET First thing you should do is say hi. It's tacky to just drop a link, and if they are scrolling, they're online. That means you can actually talk to them, and if you're polite with them they're more likely going to reply to a "hi" than to a random link. ->Random Scrolly Person...: hi Random Scrolly Person...: hi STEP TWO: THE REASON Don't be afraid to tell them how you came to their pag
Promise To Never Untie
Promise Never To Untie The tender words are spoken Each body and soul bared Told secrets over endless days Often doing more than dared New world beyond my door With intrigued and intensity Now we have shared our hearts A bond now made it permanently Facing our days made easier Despite any type of weather Each other's heart felt deeply Both happy we stuck together It took us little time and effort The bonding as strong as glue I now promise never to untie The strings I have tied with you The understanding of each other Breaths to take, we breathe the air As the relationship interchanges Knowing our loving hearts are there Now we are never left on the outside Lovingly enter each others domain Smiling. laughing and forever teasing But forever friends we then became
Promoting My Job
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Promo #1
On a secluded highway somewhere in Texas, sits a gleaming silver SUV, and a darker late model coupe. On the hood of the coupe sits a gentleman, and straddling him, is a long haired, beautiful woman. Concentrating on showing each other attention with their lips, they continue getting even more heated. Her face is so beautiful to him, he loves taking her face into his hands, as he is addicted to kissing her lips, feeling her tounge on his. He begins kissing down her cheek, and down her neck, she looks up to the stars and lets out a gasp, and a slight moan. She hysterically proceeds to remove her pen stripped jacket, revealing her white tank top, and her sidearm holster. He smiles big, and slides his hand down the center of her body, forcing her erect nipples to poke through the thin layer that seperates her bare skin, to him. She begins, forcefully trying to work the button and zipper of his slacks, looking into his eyes, letting him know it is imperative that he reveals himself to
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Promotein Gfr Baby
Promised Tomorrow
'Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.'
Promoter Wanted
Promo Pic
Hey everyone! I'm on a street team for a metal band called Suicide Death Grip based out of Texas. They are having all the street team members do a promo pic for the band so please go check out their page. They are my num 1 on my friends list and my pic is in the folder called Aprils contest. Leave a comment if u like the pic(not for the squeamish). Thanx and love u all!
Promise Me
Will you be my warrior Brave strong and true When my world falls down Can I always count on you Will you lend me your wings When I can no longer fly Will you take me to the moon To help stop me cry When I'm locked in the tallest tower With no way out Will you somehow reach me And be rid of my doubts When all the stars in my sky Have all flown away Will you find them all again So their no longer astray Will you hold me in the dark Always show me the light When I'm feeling lonely Can I count on you to hold me tight Through all the bad times That we may go through Can you honestly say I'll always have you There's so much pain That I always feel So just promise me That you're real
A Promise Of Forever
Will You stay by my side, through everything? The good and the bad, whatever life may bring? Will You wipe away, all the sadness and tears? Help me through all, my anxieties and fears? Will You still be there, when things get tough? Picking me up, when I've had enough? Will You be the one, to never stop caring? To love me always, could You be that daring? Will You be the one, to never leave? So over You, I'll not have to grieve? Will You be the one, to not break my heart? Forever and ever, 'til death do us part? Will You be the one, to not cause me pain? To not break my heart, again and again? Will You be the one, to never cheat? even if sometimes, You feel beat? Will You be the one, to not raise a fist? Or put me down, with words that twist? Will You stay with me forever, for our whole lives through? Will You love me unconditionally, as I will You?
The question about promises comes up for me now that I'm thinking of getting hitched. Do I want a promise ring? My bf is thinking of getting me one and a titanium ring for himself.
Promos And Battles
Promo Codes For Gates Of Asgaard
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Promoting...hello Ill B Ur Host
Promotional Special!!
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Promoting Do's And Donts
1. u will go to my blog and find a promo that u like copy it.   2. u will add fan and rate new members.   3. u will put promo copied in newbies comment box.   4. NEVER EVER promote in other lounges.   5. once bouncer comes up and tells u you can no longer use promo go and pick another and keep promoting.
Promo Codes
  bully code -     Carnival Of Sins Come Rock out with us!Good People and live DJ's! You know you want to come play with us!   Come revel in sinful delight! (click here to enter)  
The Promise
The Promise   How time will heal? Make me forget, you promised me. Time will heal, make me forget, you promised me. Love will save us all and time will heal, you promised me. You promised me, You promised me.   How love will save? Make me forget, you promised me. Love will save, make me forget, you promised me. Time will heal us all and love will save, you promised me. I trusted you, I wanted your words. Believed in you, I needed your words. Time will heal, make me forget. And love, love will save us all.   You promised me another wish, another way. You promised me another dream, another day. You promised me another time, you promised me another life. You promised me, you promised me, you promised me.   So I swallowed the shame and I waited, buried the blame and I waited. Choked back years of memories, I pushed down the pain, I waited. Trying to forget, trying to forget, trying to forget. Trying to forget, trying to forget.   You promised me another wish, ano
A promise is aLiethat you wish wasThe TruthNever is a promisedIllusionForever is a promisethat takes far too longto EndureLove is a promise deliveredalreadybrokenWe are defined byHowwe lovenot WhoorWhy? this speaks to my soul its beatiful baby Please to meet you, I've come to realize that my moment with you keeps running outand every time I think of you I begin to think of the stupidity I dealt, the amount of emotions flowing and the amount of rage I keepby the end of the night, I have realized that I want to say you have pushed so many buttons in my system that even my so-called back up doesn't even make come close at allthey broke! they broke! they fuckin broke! that by the time I've come to say those three words they end up just throwing in my mouthso i'm sorry if my mouth is just pure shit but every time I think I've come to realize that you and I have been nothing but just not even one but TWO different ideasand even big bangs or a the big contraction you and I cannot eve
A Promise
All the people Ive been there for and helped and cared about, who never helped me out and could've and didnt, and even to the people who did but made me feel like a hindrance and embarresed .And especially to the ones who said they would help and bailed on the last second. I will return the EXACT treatment to them. I will not forget the ones who WERE truly there for me when they could, and who reminded me that I was important and mattered. I hold close to me those things. All of the little things also. Which tend to mean the most to us all.. I have come to find out that at my weakest times and sickest times with a disease that is trying its best to rule me and defeat me, That I have been virtualy alone. Through alot fo the worst times. Alone is scary enough without being sick too. Yet everyone claims they love me and family claims im family . But it has been proven false over and over again. If you ever need anything line (false) you can come to me line (false). I know cause I've as
The Promise Of Redemption Poems By Jd
I could you give you one reason why and two reasons to think about, But first just let me say that right now im focusing my attention on what matters most. I tend to get all nervous but my words always make the most sense when the words arent easy to speak, I am intending to let you know i want to see inside your world, Constantly reminding everytime our eyes meet. Contrary to what you may believe, Im a shy soul but open to things most are too afraid to see, When i get close to you i feel like i am at my finest, You would never know just how i look forward to see you smile. The days are going fast and the nights humid almost too suffocating to breathe, I miss you and want you here with me, I try my best to hide my infatuation when we're together, Yet something in the way you look at me always penetrates the defensive side of me. I think your truly something special, All it takes it someone to look deep enough to make you feel alive, I want to be able to enjoy the little things
I'm glad that they went back and used some of the concepts in the original Alien script that got cut for budget reasons (The Alien was originally found in a pyramid and the "facehugger" was contained in urns).It does not bother me that the "xenomorph" isnt in the film,the pictogram of it on the wall (seen in the trailer) is enough for me. Ridley always said that the Alien was a small part of a bigger society and he would love to go back to their home planet and explain the mystery of the "Space Jockey" pilot.Giger designed the alien ship as a sort of "bomber" craft that had silos which dropped the eggs on unfortunate planets.I always speculated these beings had created the Xenomorphs as bio-weapons to wipe out entire planetary populations.The original Alien life cycle strongly supports this theory Giger said in one commentary that it's life was extremely short which would have served their creators purpose and the beast completed it's own reproductive cycle by maiming and coccooning on
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Pronounce This...
To My Friends in the field of education, I know you would appreciate this one.A mind is a terrible thing to waste.How would you pronounce this child's name?                    Le-a     Leah??          NO                                   Lee - A??       NO                                    Lay - a??       NOPE                                           Lei??             Guess Again.   This child attends a school in Livingston Parish, LA.  Her mother is irate because everyone is getting her name wrong.It's pronounced "Ledasha". When the Mother was asked about the pronunciation of the name, she said, "the dash don't be silent."   SO, if you see something come across your desk like this please remember to pronounce the dash. If they axe you why, tell them the dash don't be silent :- ).
Pron Question
The Proof
The Proof I cant be alone for just a lil while. For im not sure of all the days that will come. To say that u will always be there is not enough, to tell me how much u care is not even enough. I want proof on these events. I want you to show me how much u care for this feeling is not to rare. it comes it goes but will it stay this time. How will i know if u dont show me so open up and tell me!!!!!
Proof Of Stupidity In The World
Military Pay This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers across America. On Nov. 12, Ms Cindy Williams (from Laverne and Shirley TV show) wrote a piece for the Washington Times, denouncing the pay raise coming service members' way this year -- citing that the stated 13% wage was more than they deserve. A young airman from Hill AFB responds to her article below. He ought to get a bonus for this. "Ms Williams: I just had the pleasure of reading your column, "Our GIs earn enough" and I am a bit confused. Frankly, I'm wondering where this vaunted overpayment is going, because as far as I can tell, it disappears every month between DFAS (The Defense Finance and Accounting Service) and my bank account. Checking my latest earnings statement I see that I make $1,117.80 before taxes. After taxes, I take home $874.20. When I run that through the calculator, I come up with an an
Proof, Im Not Making This Up
So I went to the Show Cause hearing for the Parenting Time in August she failed to show up for. 2nd time in less than a year. She was still attacking me instead of defending herself. She was again found in contempt and this time fined 100.00 payable to me within the next thirty days. I think I will buy the kids x-mas gifts with it. She wanted it directed to the arrearages which I have due to the health issues. The Referee told her that was a separate issue and not going to happen. I am the one who is ill and she brings like 8 people with her. I didn't even have a lawyer due to financial constraints. While she had a lawyer and 8 people. The referee wanted us to negotiate a new deal due to my having to work on Sundays now. But, she of course only wanted things her way. Since I had been running 3 blocks with high blood pressure, a weak heart and arthritis my breathe was pumping and the adrenaline was not helping. I got agitated and the kids are now going to pay fo
Proof Your Work
In MUMMS I often read comments about how the writers don't care about spelling, grammar or syntax when they are on the Internet. All well and good if its just an issue of being willing to look, or actually be, uneducated. However, for those of us with learning disabilities, its no joke. I have dyslexia (not the nonsense claims that many people on here say they have, but the real thing) and that makes it difficult to decipher misplaced commas, poor grammar and bad spelling. I spell check everything I post to make sure I have it right. Could you please proof your writing before you post it. It can be very hard to read. I know its my issue, but Thanks.
Proof Of Human Stupidity
Proof of human stupidity mark as unread 1. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. 2. Only in America......are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink. 3. Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. 4. Only in people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke. 5. Only in banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. 6. Only in we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. 7. Only in we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place. 8. Only in we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight. 9. Only i
Proof I Dont Love Her
Proof Of Us War Crimes Against Iraqi Children--not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God Bless Our troops..they rock.
hey all fu's!!!!this blog is to tell my friends where i've been & to let others know bad luck really does happen in three's..... 2 months ago my puppy knocked my laptop into the floor causing my harddrive to crash,,so i wait to get it fixed,,2 weeks later going outside to work in the garden my shoes being kinda muddy caused me to slip on my kitchen floor landing on my back n landing me in traction,,,,,2weeks later trying to get up n move i start to fall putting my right hand out to catch myself & end up breaking the bone going to my pinkie.... so after u laugh which i hope u do cause i have died laughin over my luck for real just remeber bad luck does come in 3's in I AM proof!! love you guys! xoxox
Proof Im A Free Demon.
  Ryan BarnesWas upNov 4, 2011Badguy TrimurtiWASUP MAN WUS GOODNov 4, 2011Ryan BarnesNothin much man. Ima look up your music for sure. What made you send me an invite? Wanna cigarette lol jkBadguy TrimurtiLOL DONT SMOKE. I TRY TO HIT UP EVRYONECHECK OUR WEBSITE TO WWW.HOLLABLOCK.COMRyan BarnesLet me ask ya this. I talk to god so it's cool but do alotta famous people talk to him?Badguy TrimurtiYEA I THINK MOST FAMOUS PPL TALK TO HIM ALOT AND THANK HIM FOR EVRYTHINGNov 4, 2011Ryan BarnesDo you know about me and the battle between god? It's worldwide top Christians and top satanists know. I'm pretty famous actually   Badguy Trimurti   YEA IT IS. ITS SERIOUS   Nov 4, 2011   Ryan Barnes   What's serious.The battle   Nov 4, 2011   Badguy Trimurti   YEA   Nov 4, 2011
.. so here I am... landed on planet Fubar... well let´s see whats going on here
The Prophet
...You delight in laying down laws, Yet you delight more in breaking them. Like children playing by the ocean who build sand-towers with constancy and then destroy them with laughter. ...But while you build your sand-towers the ocean brings more sand to the shore, And when you destroy them the ocean laughs with you. ...Verily the ocean laughs always with the innocent. But you who walk facing the sun, what images drawn on the earth can hold you? You who travel with the wind, what weather-vane shall direct your course? What man's law shall bind you if you break your yoke but upon no man's prison door? What laws shall you fear if you dance but stumble against no man's iron chains? And who is he that shall bring you to judgement if you tear off your garment yet leave it in no man's path? People of Orphalese, you can muffle the drum, and you can loosen the strings of the lyre, but who shall command the skylark not to sing? Kahlil Gibran
Prophet Soul
You Are A Prophet Soul You Are a Prophet Soul .." height="100" width="100"> You are a gentle soul, with good intentions toward everyone. Selfless and kind, you have great faith in people. Sometimes this faith can lead to disappoinment in the long run. No matter what, you deal with everything in a calm and balanced way. You are a good interpreter, very sensitive, intuitive, caring, and gentle. Concerned about the world, you are good at predicting people's feelings. A seeker of wisdom, you are a life long learner looking for purpose and meaning. You are a great thinker and communicator. Souls you are most compatible with: Bright Star Soul and Dreaming Soul What'>">What Kind of Soul Are You?
Props Go Out
Okay first, Ben Thank you for this player. I am putting it in my blog for all to enjoy. Now everyone if you have not been to Bens page stop by it's off the hook. Big Ben, here, shows love when shown to him, so add him or drop a message saying add me. Just stop in to say Hi, rate his pics profile comment him, he'll do the same for you. Ben is a stand up guy, you know Ser William dont do this for many people, so find out for yourself how awsome Big Ben is. It's all about cherry love here Ben Dover@ CherryTAP
Props To Peeps
As most of you know I am a BBW fan and I had the pleasure to work with a great friend of mine. I posted 3 new pics in the Hoot Stuff folder PLEASE check them out and comment! I adore her and the pics are exactly what I always wanted to shoot with a BBW I was trying to level up last night and I reached out to a few friends who came through for me. I have to thank these great people for their help. Check them out and show some love to these AWESOME ppeps! SEXUALITY NAUGHTYGIRL STYLE@ CherryTAP Luscious¢¾Mami@ CherryTAP abso-fukin-lutely@ CherryTAP Kell@ CherryTAP/" target=_blank>~ JEFF ~@ CherryTAP elusiveKim@ CherryTAP SueZ@ CherryTAP
Proper Way To Measure A Big Cock
Boogie Nights (1997) Jack Horner: We're about to make film history, right here on videotape. I got a feeling that behind those jeans is something wonderful just waiting to get out. Dirk Diggler: [Rollergirl] Aren't you gonna take your skates off? Rollergirl: I never take my skates off. Colonel James: So, Jack tells me you've got a great big cock. Amber Waves: Let me just check on something. [Takes off Dirk's pants.] That is a giant cock. ======================================== Do you have a big cock? Four Steps for Proper Big Cock Measurement 1. Get a flexible tape measure; 2. Make sure you are fully erect, take an extra Viagra if necessary (every centimeter counts as these measurements can have a severe impact on many areas of your life!!!!!); 3. Brush way any pubes; 4. Take a proper measurement : * Place measuring device at the point where your big cock meets your pelvic area (below the belly button); * Stretch measuring device to the
Proper Work Habits
Dress Code: You are advised to come to work dressed according to your salary. If we see you wearing Prada shoes and carrying a Gucci bag, we will assume you are doing well financially and therefore do not need a raise. If you dress poorly, you need to learn to manage your money better, so that you may buy nicer clothes, and therefore you do not need a raise. If you dress just right, you are right where you need to be and therefore you do not need a raise. Sick Days: We will no longer accept a doctor's statement as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor; you are able to come to work. Personal Days: Each employee will receive 104 personal days a year. (They're called Saturdays & Sundays). Bereavement Leave: This is no excuse for missing work. There is nothing you can do for dead friends, relatives or co-workers. Every effort should be made to have non-employees attend the funeral arrangements. In rare cases where employee involvement is necessary;
Property Of Southernbell4hell
finally found a sweet hot slammin sweetheart who has same interest as me xoxoxoxoxoxo
Property Taxes
why do we have to pay taxes on something we own free and clear? this makes no sense to me. is this just government got wild or what? i say if you own it you dont have to pay taxes on it
The Proper Text
Come to me Clouds May you rise as an evil storm Born to rip them open Let the cover of night bear witness who resist so they will harm me not Let the blood of many cleanse me, preserving beauty eternal I pray you
Propel Water Is Good
Man I hate being fucken back hurts, my head hurts, my throat hurts, my nose hurts...the only things that's helping me @ this moment in time of 9:07am is my kiwi-strawberry propel fitness water. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it's so tasty and sexy in it's bottle. it's just taunting me ever so deliciously....naughty propel! i wag my finger at you. Anyways...webbs night last night was a success! Sort of - except for the bitch manager coming in 3rd shift and we all ran outta there like a cockroach when you turn the lights on. I knocked over a glass of soda - graceful...i know - and then we danced to cyclone in the parking lot for a good 15 mins. And because I'm friends with the people I am, we went and climbed mountains of snow and got in a 9-way snowball fight (while still dancing and singing to cyclone!) Then we had a naughty photo shoot...I saw boobs...slapped my ass slapped...went down on some spanked with my own kissed on the cheek (by a girl-l
Proposition 420, The U.s. Hemp Act
Proposition 420 The U.S. H.E.M.P. Act United States Homeland Economic Management Provisions Act A proposition initiative by Kenneth N. Bykerk, Citizen ( Section 1: Medicinal Marijuana PURPOSE: To allow for patient prescribed use, cultivation and possession for personal medicinal use of cannabis products; ---------- The patient should be the one to decide whether or not they need or would like to use cannabis as a medicine of choice for pain management, appetite stimulation or any other ailment which cannabis has been suspected or proven to assist with. PURPOSE: To establish the method of use and the dosage of medicinal cannabis use. ---------- Being that dosage amounts work differently for each individual, even for the same individual at different times or for different reasons or through consumption methods, and that potency is both non-lethal as well as uncontrollably variable depending upon the product acquired or cultivated, it is impos
Proposed Agreement With The 2nd Alarm Hotties
this song reminds me of a certain fruity faggot ass dude i know. you do nothing but disrespect me and make me physically sick. you know who you are you fake ass phoney bitch. go fuck yourself douchebag. your gonna get whats coming to you, remember that. "Godspeed" By Pro-Pain If you're in, I want out. Fuck you all, good bye. Such a shame. It's been real. Hope you all die. Make a break for better days. Watch the world burning below. Vow we're not looking to make amends. Let them eat crow! In search of life on status quo, so Godspeed, go! Our Northern Lights are getting low, so Godspeed, go! Taste the pain. Smell the burn of the first kill. Watched your face enjoy the ride like a pink pill. Never tell, promise? Don't need to know nothing but the best. Civilization, or social unrest. In search of life on status quo, so Godspeed, go! Our Northern Lights are getting low, so Godspeed, go! "the hellion" A monster created, From the devastation, A
Proposition 420
Proposition 420 The U.S. H.E.M.P. Act United States Homeland Economic Management Provisions Act I hope that my friends would read this....whether or not you support 420 or not...if you read it completely you will see how it would benefit everyone! Please comment and let me know what you think! if you agree to this blog email this to everyone you can including your Congress Representatives and Senators. Proposition 420 The U.S. H.E.M.P. Act United States Homeland Economic Management Provisions Act A proposition initiative by Kenneth N. Bykerk, Citizen ( Section 1: Medicinal Marijuana PURPOSE: To allow for patient prescribed use, cultivation and possession for personal medicinal use of cannabis products; ---------- The patient should be the one to decide whether or not they need or would like to use cannabis as a medicine of choice for pain management, appetite stimulation or any other ailment which cannabis has been suspected or pro
Metal Festivals should include Metal Bands. Having seen the line up for Download Festival I wont be going there! Lost Sodding Prophets are a flaming pop band! It's gonna be Bloodstock Festival as always for some True Heavy Fuckin'Metal! Heavy Metal, or no Metal at all, Wimps and Poseurs LEAVE THE HALL!
Proposition 420, The U.s. Hemp Act
General Thoughts on Establishing a Comprehensive Universal Health Program Simply stated, I have a little idea I would like to share concerning using the proceeds generated by the “Hemp Tax” to guarantee full Health Care coverage to every U.S. Citizen. I know, that was a big statement and now that it has been made, I need to back it up. I am prepared to but I must first beg you to remember that 25% of all funds from the “Hemp Tax”, that amount growing each year, will be available to support this. I am of the mind that such a large pool, established and managed properly, has the potential to do just that. By using a system of personal accounts, managed by the Consumers themselves and consisting of credit that may be accessed only for medical procedures, from preventative, necessary to elective, we have a means to solve this issue without loss to any individual. Being that this would be paid for exclusively by “Hemp Tax” funds, a levy on a potentially massive industry that has no
Watched a Lithuanian movie, called Nuodemes Uzkalbejimas, -- "Whisper of Sin" It's an interesting one and I reflected quite a lot. The story is about a nearly-suicidal, young woman visits a psychotherapist. She is in love with a priest, and the diagnosis of her husband's mental illness leaves no hope. The psychotherapist, in her attempts to resolve the amassed difficulties, seemingly begins to duplicate the life stages and behavioral patterns of her patient. By choosing a priest as the main role for a love story, the author broke an existing societal taboo. Faith, Love and Hope form the trilogy by the authors of this screenplay. Love stands as the grandest of the three. If life is about finding the feeling of being wanted, is it something wrong? In this story, it surprised me that it didn't bore me and it's the first Lithuanian movie I've ever seen. Tonight, a relationship ended, a new journey started. Moving forward from a relationship is an important stage in life. I am learning from
Proper Way To Cook Meat
Prophet #1
As you all know the earths temp is reachin record highs.As the good book says"God tried to destroy the earth by water."Now from my understanding God must be thinkin of destroyin the world by fire.In example the wild fires in california.Yeah they might be made by humans.But it's mother nature spreading them.Take this as you will but the facts are there.Just look.
A Proposed Comedy Routine
Comedy routine script (Walks out to Microphone in suit, much cheering from crowd) “Thank you, thank you… I’m different than most comedians. Most come out and tell you their name. I always thought that was strange… here’s a room fulla people that PAID to get in, and they don’t know why? I’ll be here in Vegas all week… might be here a lot longer if they catch me making casino chips in my room… I was almost busted at the craps table yesterday… the croupier scooped my chip off of the table and said HEY this ain’t a $500 chip…. This a Frito! Hey buddy, didn’t you play this number? He’s looking at me… I always wondered how they keep track of who’s chips were on what number… I said “No hable Englais, gringo… Brunos Snowshoes…” (Splice in film of people laughing at a real comedian) “I’m here tonight to ask for your vote. Yes, I’m running for President of these United States of America…” (Splice in film of crowd cheering a football game) “Grimplesnarf for Preside
Prophet Thanks
I had to steal this html too, but it was peer pressure... and its so pretty I made it to PROPHET!!! In the last 30 days I made Prophet mostly because these people were there for me & I want to thank them for their true friendship & support. Thanks to everyone that helped me. If you don't have these people on your friends list, go rate, fan & add them, they are awesome people to know. ~steward~@ fubar bikerweb@ fubar *Thump☆Star*™@ fubar ღMirageღ~ஐPu$$yCat~♫~PlayMateஐAndღC.E.O~TheRealDealFamily®~ϗ@ fubar ***chuckiiboo***@ fubar Ðôçβôñε NYC Nurse's Playtoy@ fubar ~*Liz*~*owned by Carolvision63*Friendship Circle*~*Club Frat*~@ fubar
Prop 8
If you have not done so already, please sign this online petition to re-open Prop. 8. If you voted Yes on 8, at least go and READ the petition. It may just open your eyes. To my fellow Californians and civil rights is just the beginning of the long road ahead. Yes we will. You do not have to be a Californian to sign this petition against hate!!
Prop 8! Plz Help!
If you have not done so already, please sign this online petition to re-open Prop. 8. If you voted Yes on 8, at least go and READ the petition. It may just open your eyes. To my fellow Californians and civil rights is just the beginning of the long road ahead. Yes we will.
Prop H8
See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. 19 Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 20 For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.(matthew 5 18-20) I post this passage because it is to have been a quote from jesus, telling his people that they are not to give up the old laws of the bible just because they were taking up the new if you wa
I just received the following email: -------------------------- SUBJECT: baby Reply back if interested in my proposal of a marital life abroad with me in Paris, in your actual life, only. Roberto (France) -------------------------- I'm packing my bags as we speak...but I'm wondering if the subject of the email is a term of endearment for me or if he wants me to have his baby. My "actual life" is going to ROCK! Please let me know your thoughts so I can plan accordingly! Just thought I'd jot down a sampling of what the 55 year old and over Fu-crew has offered me today.  It is only I can only imagine what the day has in store for me!  Names have been omitted to prevent heart attack and/or stroke on their geriatric azzes! ---OMG what a sexy and attractive woman you are....If you ever come to NJ or NYC will you please tell me 1st.....I would love to eat you...sorry...and if you think I am too old for you I can always be your sugar daddy whi
Properties For Rent
properties for rent rent to own property
Property Buyers
property buyers rent to own
Proper Madness.
Remember, remember the Fifth of November,The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,I know of no reasonWhy the Gunpowder TreasonShould ever be forgot.Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intentTo blow up the King and Parli'ment.Three-score barrels of powder belowTo prove old England's overthrow;By God's providence he was catch'd (or by God's mercy*)With a dark lantern and burning match.Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring. (Holla*)Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!And what should we do with him? Burn him! "Good evening, London. I thought it time we had a little talk. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin... I suppose you're wondering why I've called you here this evening. Well, you see, I'm not entirely satisfied with your performance lately... I'm afraid your work's been slipping and... and well, I'm afraid we've been thinking about letting you go. Oh, I know, I know. You've been with the company a long time now. Almost... let me see. Almost ten thousand years! My word, doe
Proper Fubar Etiquette
Yeah forget my rant I don't care what you rate me.  If you visited my profile that is more then enough to me.  I appreciate that alone.  I'm a little more mature since my last blog.  Forget the ten and eleven bs I don't care.  I looked at that and was like yeeah whatever haha!!!  I have so much going on beyond here this is the least of my worries right now.  Don't be opposed to meeting people over here though.  Best and worst thing that ever happened to me.  YOu know who you are and I miss you very much.  I pray for you every night I hope all is well.  Peace!   I've been a member of this social network for about a year and a half.  IT's been fun.  It's allowed me to talk to people that I would not otherwise get to talk to.  WHen I came onto here, I noticed a scale from one to ten for rating one's pictures.  I may have done this a few times but I notice people will do a thing in the Fubar commnity known as "downrating".  It's an implied rule that if you rate one's profile, you give them
Proposal Of The Priestess Of Fire !
(I Want To Become A Bird Then Soar Away High Into The Sky With Hope Has My Goal Although It Seem's To Lie So FarAway...) (If I'am able To Face What Lie's Ahead And What I See Before Us Now,I Won't Have To Fear What Tomorrow Bring's Or Being Hurt....) (I Want To Fly Away High Atop This Breeze With These Wing's Called Courage,Toward's The Ocean's Of My Dream's...) (I Want To Become A Bird,And Hang On To What I Feel For You,Then When I Look Down And See The Reality Of Our Passing Day's...) (If We Give In To Our Dream's Like Bird's In Cloudless Skies We'll Become One...) (On A Moonlite Starry Night,We'll No Longer Have To Fight,And Our Heart's Will No Longer Be Sore,Then We'll Be In The Light Of Our Love!!Just Like The Bird's Amongst Us in Our Life Our Heart's Will Be Bound So Tight Then We Will Be Able To Take Flight....) (Amongst The Bird's Of Life With A Love So Bright And Pure We'll Never Want For More In Our Lives And Kingdom Of Our Dream's My Love.......)   (Written By:: "XvS
Property Managers
~*prose Of Purg*~
Bridges are both spontaneous and simultaneous. They are simultaneously the most Noble the most Needed the most Used and the most Beautiful architectural undertakings/achievements known to ALL Humanity! They are designed to stand up to the Woes and the Wear & Tear of ALL of Nature's Wanton-Wares. Spread 'em! Bridge-makers are the most Noble Profession known to ALL Humanity, for like Bridges themselves, Bridge-makers are Present in every locale in every Profession and in every Place. Spread 'em! No Bridge is un-breakable, but ONLY the Strong can Stand the test of Time. No Bridge is un-makeable, yet ONLY the weak can fold on a dime. Spread 'em! They either Stand or fall... they're either Has-beens or Never-Weres. Spread 'em! Cicadas trumpet de`guello chants in an all-too-familiar, random drumline. The night blooms black in a star-spotted bruise, no clouds in her sky, save for the thin jet-stream just below... The brightest of August moons
Prose And Other Matters In Life
+Ten Things Losers Do On Cherrytap....... ***ONE To the people who have like 25,000 friends, are you serious? You're stupid. Go play in traffic. ***TWO Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG, I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. And if u do ur a freaking mongoloid. ***THREE Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded. ***FOUR Quit crying b/c you didn't win a contest. who cares? ITS CHERRYTAP!!! ***FIVE People who have whoring contests such as creamy coochie,biggest breasts or whatever other nasty and degrading contests your little brain can conjure up. *to the guys that do these* go find a girlfriend and fuck her b/c apparently you need something to occupy ur time! *the girls that have them and are entered in them* ur just m
Pros And Cons, Or Just My Rants
Isn't it funny how we love the one's that hurt us most? We keep them close and hold them dear. No matter, what they may do, we still want them. WHY????? Please help me to understand. Why it is that I can never find a man that can satisfy me? I mean sure I can always find men that satisfy part of me, and I have to find other people to satisfy the parts of men that a man can't. I can find men that satisfy me in bed, and I can find men that satisfy me mentally, But I can never seem to find a guy that can satisfy me all the way. I always feel like I'm cutting part of myself off to be with someone. I have to keep part of myself hidden, because the person I am with can't or won't accept everything their is to me. I mean I know I am a very strong minded, passionate, intellectual, open minded person. And I also know what I want and who I am. So why can't I find a satisfying relationship? I want to say thanks to all those people who sent me gift's today. And showed me love. Thanks for all the b
Prospect Of Adventure
Prospect of Adventure Introduction It is aboard a ship on the Indian Ocean that that my tale takes place, but, that you might better understand my tale, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Alexander Conrad; I was born on October fifth of in the year of 1765, in Lancaster. I sailed in the king’s navy for years. I have traveled to the Indies and to the orient aboard whalers. I can honestly say that I know the sea, and I respect it. I have sailed on many ships, but of all of them, I truly remember one, the HMS Prospect, the last ship I ever boarded. The captain, an older wealthy gentleman, sailed not for the earnings but for pleasure and was able to pay his crew well. We each were to receive a one hundred and fiftieth portion of the catch, but this king’s ransom, though I was grateful for it, was not what I most cherished receiving from that ship. Our journey was to take us around the cape and into the Indian Ocean then dow
Prose - No Ripping
Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions about my writing. ~ Peering through windows, I could see light, warmth and happiness of others. It was so fascinating. People hanging decorations up, talking laughing singing. It was nice to see people together at Christmas time. Sometimes I would stand for so long; engaged, I hadn’t realised that the people inside; the happy, joyful people were staring at me. There was one time I stared so long, drifting into my own world with their happiness, the owner had come out and shooed me away. * One cold December evening, I had finished my paper round. I was making my way back home. It seemed like forever, trekking home in the rain and wind. By the time I had got to the front door. My whole face, hands and feet felt like a block of ice. They were so cold when warm air hit, it stung. Fumbling for my keys in my pockets; using all my finger muscle I managed to find them and open the door. The rush of warm air hit me as
Pro's & Cons
Prose & Ravings Of Insanity
Well work again today isnt it grand!! Got my biggest paycheck ever with 40hrs plus 9hrs overtime. Only thing is its pretty much gone already isnt that how it goes. So hard to make so easy to spend a little on bills a little on groceries and a little on the squit squat and his training pants. I love my mikey he has to be the sweetest guy on the planet and all his adorable quirks drive me crazy and not in a bad way. He gave me a quickie before work... first time thats ever happened to me and boy did it improve my mood at work. Did i mention he is romantic he was just holding me telling me im the best thing to ever happen to him. Well drama major nothing i want to talk about just disagreements that get out of hand. Wish i could just wave a magic wand and make everyone happy no matter what. Ah if only life was like guild wars i would have all manner of spells like "Time Loop - redo last thing said or done until you dont fuck it up" or "Pacify- immediately remove the attitude from any voice
Crikey i came a cross a comment that was left by a chick on some dudes page with out nameing names here was the content left on the dudes page..... [If I could prostitute myself for Fupoints so you could level, I'd do it.] Are points making ppl go that far i don't have anything against NSFW pics as most of us have them but to stoop this far for points all i can say is fuck me swinging
Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in America, affecting 1 in 6 men. The older you are, the more likely you are to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Although only 1 in 10,000 under age 40 will be diagnosed, the rate shoots up to 1 in 38 for ages 40 to 59, and 1 in 15 for ages 60 to 69. In fact, more than 65% of all prostate cancers are diagnosed in men over the age of 65.But the roles of race and family history are important as well. African American men are 61% more likely to develop prostate cancer compared with Caucasian men and are nearly 2.5 times as likely to die from the disease. Men with a single first-degree relative—father, brother or son—with a history of prostate cancer are twice as likely to develop the disease, while those with two or more relatives are nearly four times as likely to be diagnosed. The risk is even higher if the affected family members were diagnosed at a young age, with the highest risk seen in men whose family members were di
Prospects Blog
    PROSPECTS TERMS 1.All new Prospects must have a verified salute & a minimum " 10 new pics " of yourself 2. Must sign the agreement below as a comment of "I AGREE " in order to be placed into voting procedure. 3. Shout Box & Fu Mail must be open to all Officers for communications . 4. The Homepage should be added to Your Family while being considered a Prospect & remain in your family after admittance. Also your Team Leader should be added to your top friend so that you can find them easily . 5. All new members will be assigned a Team Leader who we ask to be placed in top friends so they can contact you also. Putting your Team Leader into Family would be nice if you have space & can do that . But not a requirement . 6. You may chose to add the name of the group to your name including the word "prospect" while awaiting results of the weekly voting done on the weekends. All results sent by Monday unless something comes up . Upon entry you'll remove "Pro
Prositution On Fubar ? Wtf
Finals are done tomorrow. Pats myself on the back. Ready for Christmas. Now to what I am referring to. I am just going to be as blunt as fuck and I don't give a fuck if it pisses you off or not. If it makes you mad then you must be one of those that do it. I actually took the time to go to a few of my friends page today and look at there photos. I saw albums upon albums basically saying you want in send me credits or this bling or that. I was sickened to my stomach. You can call me whatever the fuck you wish to call me but a fucking whore I am not. I respect myself more than prosituting my pussy or ass or breast out there for all to see. I am a highly sexual person but there is no way I would personally lower my standards. I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend etc: . There is no fucking way I could downgrade myself as some of you have. If I have hit a nerve then the fucking truth hurts. The same goes for men that do this. There are porn sites you can get this shit for free or fuc
Walking through a field of crushed eggshells I find a bruised butterfly in my mouth with both wings torn off. That’s how I feel without you, as if flight is no longer possible without your limbs holding me up to the sky. Missing your mouth and kissing myself isn’t easy because my teeth always clack together when they hit the mirror. I remember when you pressed apologies into my tailbone and pretended that every notch of my spine was holy ground when you walked over it to crack my back.Holding you felt like running through a sea of grain because everything receded too quickly. In the back of my mouth it still tastes like your mouth, as if we’re nested inside each other like Matryoshka dolls. Now I understand the term “muscle memory” because all my muscles can’t forget what they felt like beneath yours. It’s not a case of short-term memory, or even long-term memory; it’s a case of infinitely-always memory.I go to grocery stores just to star
Protect Your Heart
"A heart is a fragile thing, that's why we protect them so figorously, give them away so rarely, and why it means so much when we do. Some hearts are more fragile than others, pure somehow, like crystal in a world of glass. Even the way they shatter is beautiful." ~Unknown This rang very true to me when I heard it, so I wanted to share it.
Protect Yourself!!!
PROTECT YOURSELF IN CASE OF THEFT OF YOUR WALLET, CARDS, ETC. 1. Do not sign the back of your credit cards. Instead, put "PHOTO ID REQUIRED." in the space. 2. When you are writing checks to pay on your credit card accounts, DO NOT put the complete account number on the "For" line. Instead, just put the last four numbers. The credit card company knows the rest of the number, and anyone who might be handling your check as it passes through all the check processing channels won't have access to it. 3. Put your work phone # on your checks instead of your home Phone. If you have a PO Box use that instead of your home address. If you do not have a PO Box, use your work address. Never have your SS# printed on your checks. You can add it if it is necessary. But if you have It printed, anyone can get it. 4. Place the contents of your wallet on a photocopy machine. Do both sides of each license, credit card, etc. You will know what you had in your wallet and all of
Protest Songs
The War Is Over(1968) By Phil Ochs Album: The War Is Over: The Best Of Phil Ochs Born: El Paso, Texas 1940 Phil Ochs committed suicide, at age 35, in the spring of 1976. Like so many young people who came of age in the '60s, Ochs believed that while America embodied the ideals of freedom and compassion, darker forces were at work challenging those concepts. The fantasy world of the '50s was dead; people who were not even of voting age were being forced to fight an unpopular war in Southeast Asia; racism was tearing apart the South. *Ochs' moral standards may have been impossibly high and improbably naive, but as an individual, Ochs' impact on music and activism has been far greater than he would have ever dreamed. The turning point for Ochs came during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where angry students and other antiwar activists were literally beaten down by authorities during demonstrations against the conflict in Vietnam Ochs was severely affec
Protect Your Kids Against Cold...
PROTECT YOUR KIDS AGAINST COMMON COLD.... Keep your kids free from cold...with these simple tips. You know your children catch colds -- lots of them. But do you know why? Here are some tips on what's behind colds and how to keep them away. Don't let them share cups. Avoid letting your children share cups -- they'll also be sharing germs. In addition, use paper cups whenever you or your child has a cold; germs can hang around on drinking glasses. By tossing paper cups out after each use you can prevent the spread of germs. Teach them to use tissues. This may seem obvious, but teach your child to use tissues whenever sneezing or blowing his nose. This will prevent infection from spreading through the air. Enforce hand washing. Soap and water are the best tools for stopping the flow of cold and flu viruses. Show your child how to wash his hands thoroughly and have him do so often throughout the day, especially befor
Protect Our Children!!!
(repost of original by '♥DAWN♥' on '2007-12-08 08:09:22') THERE IS TOO MANY CHILDREN OUT THERE WHO NEED OUR HELP!!!!! SPEAK UP AND DON'T BE AFRAID!!!!! CHANGE STARTS WITH ACTIONS!!!!!!! WildCat April Is Child Abuse Awareness Month I THINK EVERY MONTH SHOULD BE A CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS MONTH Child abuse can be physical or sexual in nature, but it also happens in the form of emotional abuse and neglect. What is child abuse? Child abuse consists of any act, or failure to act, that endangers a child's physical or emotional health and development. Someone is abusive if he or she fails to nurture the child, physically injures the child, or relates sexually to the child. What are the types of child abuse? The four major types of child abuse are: * Physical abuse * Sexual abuse * Emotional abuse * Neglect What is physical child abuse? Physical child abuse is an injury resulting from physical aggression. Even if the in
Protect Seals
HSUS MySpace Page | Get web badges If you're interested in helping out please go to the site and learn more about what you can do to help. You can sign the pledge WARNING Very graphic content. If you're interested in helping out please go to the site and learn more about what you can do to help. You can sign the pledge
Protect Property Rights In Animals
To: U.S.Congress We the people of the United States hereby petition Congress to cause to have drafted, and to enact a Bill for federal legislation, that when enacted will protect ownership property rights, and legal use rights in domestic animals, and ensure that no city, county, or State authority shall prohibit, or restrict the peoples ownership rights, or legal use rights in domestic animals by specific breed, or by species. Animals are humankinds most ancient, and traditional property. The animal industry is the cornerstone of the economy of the United States, and must be preserved. It is not the intent of the petitioners to restrict any local authority in addressing the zoning for, or of the keeping of animals. Sincerely, go to this site and sign a petition
Protect Your Children
Parents need to know about the sick, sick movement known as "pedophile activism". I am not joking. Look up pedophile activism on for more information. They have created these symbols, so that they can identify each other, create a support network, it's sickening: This is the symbol for "boy love" called BLogo This is the symbol for "girl love", called GLogo This is the symbol for "Childlove Online Media Activism, CLOMAL This is the symbol for all-encompassing pedophilia, CLogo This is not a joke!!! If you see these symbols on someone's myspace, they are a pedophile. If you see someone with one of these symbols on their clothing or jewelry, they are a pedophile. (Which, in my opinion, gives you permission to beat the fuckiing shit out of them.) Anyone with children, please please go to (a free online encyclopedia) and search "pedophile activism" and you'll get the whole sick story. Also, please repost this in your bulletins,
Protect Pics
Protecting The Little Ones From Abuse And Exploitaton
THE FINAL INSPECTION The soldier stood and faced God, Which must always come to pass. He hoped his shoes were shining, Just as brightly as his brass. "Step forward now, you soldier, How shall I deal with you ? Have you always turned the other cheek ? To My Church have you been true?" The soldier squared his shoulders and said, "No, Lord, I guess I ain't. Because those of us who carry guns, Can't always be a saint. I've had to work most Sundays, And at times my talk was tough. And sometimes I've been violent, Because the world is awfully rough. But, I never took a penny, That wasn't mine to keep... Though I worked a lot of overtime, When the bills got just too steep. And I never passed a cry for help, Though at times I shook with fear. And sometimes, God, forgive me, I've wept unmanly tears. I know I don't deserve a place, Among the people here. They never wanted me around, Excep
Protect Your Vehicle
Subject: VIN's (Stolen Vehicles) Here is INFO worth the price of your car.... WHAT WILL the car thieves ( or a pissed off ex )THINK OF NEXT? The car thieves peer through the windshield of your car or vehicle, write down the VIN # from the label on the dash, go to the local car dealership and request a duplicate key based on the VIN #. I didn't believe this e-mail, so I called Chrysler-Dodge and pretended I had lost my keys. They told me to just bring in the VIN #, and they would cut me one on the spot, and I could order the keyless device if I wanted. The Car Dealer's Parts Department will make a duplicate key from the VIN #, and collect payment from the thief who will return to your car. He doesn't have to break in, do any damage to the vehicle, or draw attention to himse lf. All he has to do is walk up to your car, inse
In an attempt to protest animal cruelty in factory farms, beginning the fourth of April I will not eat meat for at least an entire month.
Protect Your Vehicle
Protect My Heart
protect my heart one more hug, one more kiss one more chance to get it right id show you how much i love you if only given one more night, but one more night could never change what has already come to past my acceptance feels so strange how could our nights have found thier last and what now? this heart is doomed to carry me from here the shadow of your love, it looms and all my days are filled with fear will this one love me? would that one leave me? could i give again this heart the fear you left me, it never leaves me so how must i protect my heart...
Protect Your Kids
Please pass on even if you do not have kids in school. Parents should know about this killer drug.This is a new drug known as STRAWBERRY QUICK there is a very scary thing going on in the schools right now that we all need to be aware of.There is a type of crystal meth going around that looks like strawberry pop rocks it also smells like strawberry and it is being handed out to kids in school yards. They are calling it strawberry meth or strawberry quick.Kids are injesting this thinking it is candy and being sent to the hosiptal in serious condition. It also comes in chocolate, peanut butter, cola, cherry, grape and orange.Please instruct your children not to accept candy from strangers and not any candy that looks like this not even from a friend. PLEASE KEEP THIS GOING FOR THE SAFETY FOR OUR CHILDREN.......
Protection From Junkemail Elsewhere
Protect Yourself
For all the free people that still protest, you're welcome, we protect you and you are protected by the best. You're voice is strong and loud, but who will fight for you? No one in your croud. We are your fathers, brothers, and sons, wearing the boots and carrying the guns. We are the that leave all we own, to make sure your future is carved in stone. We are the ones who fight and die. We might not be able to save the world, well at least we try. We walked the paths to where we are at and we want no choice other than that. So when you rally your group to complain, take a look in the back of your brain. In order for that flag you love to fly, wars must be fought and young men must die. We came here to fight for the ones we hold dear, If thats not respected, we would rather stay here. So please stop yelling and put down your signs, and pray for those behind enemy lines. When the conflict is over and all is well, be thankful that we chose to go through hell.   SEMPER FIDELIS
Protocols Of The Empire: The Arc Angel Crowe Music Blog
  Immortal Beloved of mine; Thou Gift of God of Almond Gold who is the Jewel crafted by a Cunning Craftsman in which Thy Beauty enthrones all I find entrancing from the day Thou was created; How can I Truly ever capture the comprehension of Thy full knowledge I attempt to embark from the taste of Thy Wine? Beauty such as Yours, My Love, can never be celebrated with a single day; for, God made Our Paradise to last Forever to Cherish His Daughter with Agape Love because that is how long it will take. .... .......ROBERT CHRISLEY "The Cry" Perils of Proximity Starving Artisan 2011 Look out, look outFrom atop the WatchtowerBejeweled not betwitched by the Eve of my SoulAsian eyes mezmorizing meCome now, and you will seeThe  1 Golden Temple from my sideCalling out, as my Spirit is calling outWith a whisper You answered the cryNever say die to the Life that is Love, and IForever carry the cryForever carry the cryPlease beseech as the chaft from the wheat4 this Golden-stemmed Red RoseAs th
The Proto Chronicles: 'endgame Syndrome.'
       Caldwell found an open parking spot when he pulled in just outside of the city. The background view however, was striking and rugedly beautiful he admitted to himself. The Skyline of the town was deceptively larger looking than it actually was, but with the much taller foothills and ridges behind it, marked the end of The Great Plains. He went inside, and checked in. A Quick Phone Call to Lisa, to let her know he made it safely, and then dinner later, he was in The Motel's Bar promptly, at 7:00 PM.      He found an open table with a barstool. Exactly, what he wanted. He walked over to it, expecting to take the seat, when suddenly, an incredibly beautiful woman from out of nowhere slid right onto it. He only relented it gracefully: "Sorry Ma'am." He turned to leave to look for another, but she called out to him: "It's okay. Join Me? I'm new here and don't know anyone." He turned back to her.      She looked to be about 38 to 42 or 23 years old. She had blondish-grey streaks i
Protest By The Black Community
I live in South Florida so I have followed the George Zimmerman trial closely and I live about 10 miles from where Trayvon Martin lived in Miami Gardens...I have noticed that the Black community and it's leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton asking the justice Department to bring civil rights charges on George Zimmerman and plan to lead more protest. Trayvon Martin's death was a tragety that should have never happen but what about all the Black men who were killed by other Black men. Many of them were also youths like Trayvon....I have never seen Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton protest about Black people killing Black people or argue for their civil rights. I live in South Florida and almost every day I see Black people killing other Black people and the Black community doesn't say anything about it. Al Sharpton is going to Orlando to the annual NAACP meeting soon. I think he and the NAACP should address Black on BLack killings. From 1976 to 2011 there were almost 280,000 Black m
The Proto 2.0
Greetings again: This is a new edition of Proto-Chronicles 2.0 and that's just how I named it. Nothing Special really. It's just Me. In any case, it's my hope that I can bring at least a couple of longer stories. I've been working on another short-story book as well. For some reason, I seem to have a lot of ideas for stories...but I just don't put them all together just yet. For me; it all comes down to Inspiration. The Potentiality of The REAL SCIENCE or it's potential realization. Finally, the Human Element within. I have to have one...unless I"m dealing with pure machines...and that's harder to do than it seems...for real. Well. Enough has been said. Look for Story One soon...I'm Outtie for now. One. Here we go: Set for The Party. People feeling Hearty. Ladies looking fine and Tartly. We got folks gettin' down. A few try to Clown. Other folk millin' around. You go to Check it, seein' that your guests behavin'. There ain't no Ragin' No Debasin'. And Every-Thing's goin' on just
The Proto 3.0
Things going on around, that tend to make you shudder. You wonder 'bout The What, The If, And, Or Other?  You take a step back, and you seein' The-Chaotic. You sense, something's... Not Right-In It. You got your own Plan, as to how To Deal:  Gotta Be Right...gotta be The Real. And then you Formulate, your way to Survival. You're Back To The Basics, of The Human Reprisal. You reinvent, you redirect, and so you do. Because The Circumstance had to come, upon you!  You Formulate yet Another Plan, and then you execute-It's a Life Demand. Final Adjustments. Format Set. You-know-What Time-It-Is, and you Made The Bet. I may be back, quoting, yet another Verse. Got a Bird cookin'-and-later-It's-A-Hurtin'. And-Thus I hear I hear The Gong: Got my Grub On. Gon-na be Long. I'm, My Own Throng. 
BEV WYNN -- [noun]:An aphrodisiac made of cucumbers 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at HELP ONLY NEED FOUR POINTS PLEASE HELP ME GET 110 POINTS
Proud Man
Proud To Have Served My Country!
Love This Comeback One of my sons serves in the military. He is still stateside, here in California. He called me yesterday to let me know how warm and welcoming people were to him, and his troops, everywhere he goes, telling me how people shake their hands, and thank them for being willing to serve, and fight, for not only our own freedoms but so that others may have them also. But he also told me about an incident in the grocery store he stopped at yesterday, on his way home from the base. He said that ahead of several people in front of him stood a woman dressed in a burkha. He said when she got to the cashier she loudly remarked about the U.S. flag lapel pin the cashier wore on her smock. The cashier r eached up and touched the pin, and said proudly," Yes, I always wear it and probably always will." The woman in the burkha then asked the cashier when she was going to stop bombing her countrymen, explaining that she was Iraqi. A gentleman standing beh
Pround American!!!
The USMC is over 225 years of romping, stomping, hell, death and destruction. The finest fighting machine the world has ever seen. We were born in a bomb crater, our mother was an M-16 and our father was the devil. Each moment that I live is an additional threat upon your life. I am a rough looking, roving soldier of the sea. I am cocky, self-centered, overbearing, and I do not know the meaning of fear, for I am fear itself. I am a green, amphibious monster made of blood and guts who arose from the sea, festering on anti-Americans throughout the globe. Whenever it may arise, and when my time comes, I will die a glorious death on the battle field, giving my life to Mom, the Corps, and the American flag. We stole the eagle from the Air Force, the anchor from the Navy, and the rope from the Army. On the 7th day, while God rested, we overran his perimeter and stole the globe, and we've been running the show ever since. We live like soldiers and talk like sailors and slap the hell out of
Proud Service Men Contest
Proud Service Men ContestLadies and Gentlemen this is your chance to prove to all the Cherries that you are Proud to be a serviceman and to represent your branch of Service. Taking Nominations now and until 1-12-07 at noon. AT that time the contest will begin. Rules Fully clothed...Sorry!!!. Males or females are welcomed. Show your pride. You may comment bomb yourself This will be based on comments because some people do not know how to play fair. Submit link to your picture in a private Message to me RedMex ~THE Dark CHICANA Queen of The RedMex Family@ CherryTAP 5. This contest will begin 1-12-07 at noon and will end 1-18-07 at 12 midnight...(subject to change).... Check here for pics of the Proud Soldiers Prizes 1st Place 2nd place 3rd place Good Luck to all as always RedMex THE dark Chicana Queen of RedMex Family
Proud Mama
Proud To Be Me
today is my Anniversary, you see 3 yrs ago today, i left my abuser.........with an order of protection, teen age son, custody of my then pre-school grandaughter, and no money.I had no friends, typical of being controlled, my family wouldn't help,("you all ways go back to him").And i stood strong... So I'm glad to say that I am ALIVE today, because somehow I got some courage...I believe that my strength is from all the wonderful friends I've met in these few short years.I would like to thank all the great friends I made here, you're support has been awsome.My love and blessings and allways know that I'm here for you......WEndy
Proud To Be White
Are You Proud To Be White ? Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You Call me "White boy," "Cracker," "Honkey," "Whitey," "Caveman" .. And that's OK. But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ... You call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You Have Yom Hashoah You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi You have the NAACP. You have BET. If we had WET (White Entertainment Television) .. We'd be racists. If we had a White Pride Day .. You
Proud To Be From Wabash
You have to read this it is funny as fuck but i didn't write it.... I love college dorms, don't you? The inventor of dormitories . . . let's find him, make him pay for the travesties he's visited on America's youth, and force him to listen to Matchbox 20. Can't you see him designing these hellish stacks of humanity many years ago? From the sidewalk he raised his hands triumphantly and said, "It shall be like the projects with less violence and more marijuana!" He then took lumber and Elmer's Paste, as it is often called, to create these pet carrier sized rooms that we live in. You wanna know why people from the projects hardly ever go to college? It's because they don't want to leave their lush surroundings. The actual term dormitory is of course derived from the Latin term for sleep, which is appropriate because that is all you have space to do. You have to do it standing up in the bathroom sink but it can be done. The luckier students have space to scratch their asses but the wind
Proud Mom
I have to say that I am a proud MoM of a graduated 5 yr baby is growing up but like I have said IM SO PROUD OF HIM AND HE ONLY HAS 12 MORE YRS TO GO BEFORE HE HAS TO WALK ACROSS THE STAGE ONE LAST TIME TO GET THE MAIN ONE.........No matter how hard times get for him while he is in school he will have me to help him with them all.........
Proud Pop.
Well I get to see my little girl Amber graduate tonight,I am so proud,she has been through a lot of bad stuff the last few years,thought I would share this,because it means so much to me. I love all my ct friends have a safe and blessed weekend.
Proud Mom
It is 2:40am Sunday June 24th. I am just winding down from the last few frantic days. My son got married Saturday the 23rd. He gave me the daughter I never had. Jamie has the patience of a saint and she loves my son. She is a reasonably decent mother to the 3 grand kids. No body is a perfect parent. Not even me. But now I can tell every one I have a daughter-in -law. I now have bragging rites for all 3 boys. Treston is now officially a step grandson. I have been his grandma since he was 2yrs old. And you know that doesn't make me feel old. 3 grandsons. Wow! A girl would have been nice, but I just can't imagine not having Treston and his obsession for his Game Boy. Or what would I do with out Bryce and his leprechaun smile. Or Caleb who has the most wonderful disposition and infectious smile. Nope not old at all. Just very very happy. And looking forward to the next big event. Caleb and Trestons combined birthday party. Good night. I know I will sleep well. I have
Proud To Be...
When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts, or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means that I am free to be the wonderful creature that I am, with all my own intricacies, contradictions, quirks and beauty. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak up against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. I am proud to be a bitch! It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should" be. I am outspoken, opinionated, and determined. I want what I want, and there is nothing wrong with that! So try t
Proud Mary's Thoughts..
This is an old article i wrote for my friends in Iraq..i am reposting it to dedicate it to my new friend Ryan a.k.a. sexytroop69, who just had his Bday...Happy Birthday Ryan! (grin) American warriors in Iraq By: MHG a.k.a. Proud Mary As I was working on an article about men and women, I ventured far enough for my research and came across the American soldiers at war in Iraq. I have had the greatest privilege and nobility to chat and know some of these honorable American soldiers doing battle for their country and there’s just more to their heartrending stories out there than meets the eye... I feel and deem it worthy that these soldiers should be given more veneration and prestige than any star in Hollywood. What they do is real life action, live and true. There is no assurance of their tomorrow….and they are just about ready to die for their cause. These soldiers are the genuine stars of America. Adam Cates a 23
Proud Mary's Aches And Pains
6 months ago I weighed 254. I then decided it was time to lose some weight before it was to late and I had a heart attach.Thanks to my dr. and the plan he set for for me I have lost about 30 lbs. and have gone from 254lbs. to 220 lbs. for this I am proud of myself.I have more energy and my blood pressure has gone down.Hopefully I will keep it down.For this I am proud of myself.
Proud Mary's Losses..
Little Girl By: MHG a.k.a. Proud Mary Little girl, chortles and giggles while she fools around Envisions herself a fairy tale princess, by her prince she was found Garbed up daintily she's high above the ground Blinded from reality that around her abounds But youth expires and laughter withers Abruptly encountered veracity, her young mind cant figure the castle replaced by a cave so dark and bitter her prince suddenly faded and in place a beast she deciphered Gazes at her feigned magic mirror and grunts awhile theres age in her eyes yet youth in her smile the fairy tale story she envisaged has all been a wile she lives a time she never invited and it came in piles there are still times when the little girl would come out and snigger and plays like a gypsy in a foreign land, alone with no other finicky creatures and happy thoughts of great wonder but often she wakes back in the dark cave she has to ponder not the life she visualized when her
Pround Military Wife
Proud Military Wife
I would like to recognize these often underestimated, unseen, and unheard heroes. *This is for the sad military wives, the angry military wives, and the strong military wives. *This is for the young women that are waking up at 6 a.m. every morning, laying out clothes and packing three lunches for those small precious children that they have been left alone to care for. *This is for the pregnant military wife wondering if her husband will make it home in time to watch their miracle happen *This is for the childless military wife, living in a town or on a base alone where she is a complete stranger to her surroundings. *This is for the women that feel like a third leg when they go out with their friends and their husbands. *This is for the military wife that canceled all her plans to wait by the phone, and even though the phone broke up and cut off every time you spoke to him you waited anyway. *This is a pledge to the women that cry themselves to sleep in an empty b
Proud Marys Tales
DEATH By: MHG a.k.a Proud Mary There is something about the unknown that is always a mystery Dare you go? Take a step into the world of animosity? Death and birth, heaven and hell, dark and light Fear and courage, goodness and evilness, blindness and sight Death it is I choose to tackle, for death it is we must face A destiny that each must soon allow to be in a permissible place Ah, the splendor of it all, the tunnel and the light It is a liberty that no one dares to take a bite Is it fear or is it guilt? Is it the superficial world we dare not leave? What hinders and impedes the nippy journey we will all achieve? The enemy of ones self is himself, the conflict is from within You War against yourself, a battle where no one can win in Let me speak of death in luminosity, for in it I see radiance A freedom unimaginable, almost in its brilliance I speak of it with exhilaration no human heart can comprehend Death is living;
Proud Mary's Hopes..
Proud Marys Journey
Story of our life By:MHG a.k.a. Proud Mary At a tender age eyes were unbuttoned The life you led i have envisioned The hurt and sorrow i too have suffered Chronicles of your ventures i considered I mourned a soul I did not meet A being i hardly knew yet i perceive You and i both search for what we seek The story of our life is filled yet bleak If only now you still exist, I'd question you of all your quests To know if only how in this life id subsist The realized darkness that we cant resist The story of my life and so that of yours Dissimilar in ways yet inwardly it pours Identical passions of frustrated discourse Wandering souls, lost and un-endorsed The dissertation of unwanted ache Bottled inside our substance wanting to break I sense a longing not recognized but cannot quake Please show me how from all this i can escape! One thing i know and one thing is certain Your demise i desire for gone is your burden I still endure what you have set free
Proud Of You
Those are the words we all want to hear What ever the game you want your dad near If he is not it removes your drive So you look for other ways to survive Everything you do matters you know Try your best to be good in the show If no-one is there to see what you do You have to step-up and do it for you You do what you can your best for now The best you can for their attention some how All they need to say is I’m proud of you I love you no matter what you do Remember this in the children you raise The one thing they crave it’s your constant praise If they fall be there for them Help them up to start again Without you there they’ll stray for sure You’re here to teach them good to the core They’ll love you for it until the end Keep your love strong and compliment them Thomas Vern Ellison Jr. 09/04/07
Proud To Be An American
Dear Civilians "We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance: 1. The next time you see an adult talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem---kick their a**. 2. When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest---kick their a**. 3. Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their a**. 4. (GUYS) If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing battle dress uniforms
Proud To Be An American..
Bulletin Message -----------------From: LadyInRedDate: Dec 2, 2007 10:17 AMFrom: Roger DRAFTING GUYS OVER 50 (An idea with real merit to it!) I'm over 60 and the Armed Forces say I'm too old to track down terrorists. (You can't be older than 42 to join the military.)They've got the whole thing backwards. Instead of sending 18-year-olds off to fight, they ought to take us old guys. You shouldn't be able to join a military unit until you're at least 35.For starters:Researchers say 18-year-olds think about sex every 10 seconds.Old guys only think about sex a couple of times a day, leaving us more than 28,000 additional seconds per day to concentrate on the enemy.Young guys haven't lived long enough to be cranky, and a cranky soldier is a dangerous soldier. If we can't kill the enemy we'll complain them into submission. "My back hurts! I'm hungry! Where's the remote?"An 18-year-old hasn't had a legal beer yet and you shouldn't go to war until you're at least old enough to drink. The averag
Proud As A Peacock....
Proud Daddy To Be
thats right people found out this week im goig to be a dad again. Danielle is goin on 7 weeks.
If u feel like no one is listening u have to know i got a good ear and i do listen to every need and want!:) :) :)
Proud Navy Dad
About 6,000 sailors and marines will be home within the next two weeks as USS Kearsarge Expeditionary Strike Group and 22 Marine Expeditionary Unit return home from six months of duty. The Norfolk-based guided missile destroyer USS Porter and guided missile cruiser USS Carr (FFG 52), along with the Mayport, FL-based guidedd missile cruiser USS Vicksburg, will arrive home Friday. The amphibious transport dock ship USS Ponce and the dock landing ship USS Gunston Hall will pull into their piers on January 29. The amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge will return February 1. During the deployment, Kearsarge visited Haifa, Israel, a port that has not been visited since before Sept. 11, 2001. Additionally, Ponce became the first Navy warship to visit the port of Ash Shuaybah, Kuwait when it arrived to deliver needed gear and supplies to the Marines of the 22 MEU. Porter visited Mombasa, Kenya, becoming the first U.S. Navy ship to visit the port since 2005. Porter was also
Proud Fu Owner Of Roger Lee
Proud New Grandma
promise denise kaye born feb 28 at 543 pm,weighing 7 lbs 12 oz 21 inches long
Proust's Survey
Proust didn't write this, so I don't know why it's always refered to as "Proust's survey" but here goes. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Constantly feeding my mind, being monetarily content, people around me being happy, and a sense of accomplishment What is your greatest fear? Pushing everyone out of my life. I'm a bit of a misanthrope, but at the same time I need people who enjoy my company around. I haven't figured out if it's a need to feel worth something, or just a want for some sort of stimulation. Which historical figure do you most identify with? Jimmy Carter. I too once had to kill a bird that was attacking me. Which living person do you most admire? Lol, I think John McCain actually. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Inanition—it comes on me from time to time. I also detest it in others. A judge will never forgive a criminal for a crime he is capable of committing himself. What is the trait you most deplore in others? Apathy. T
Proud Wife Of A Soldier .. And These Are Her Thoughts
Well me and my wonderful husband have been married for 4 years and even though we haven't got to spend alot of it together we still remain in love and stronger then ever.. Its the small things he does for me that means the most .. like him calling to tell me he will be home at a certain time or when he comes home and cooks dinner for me to give me a break .. or him watching the kids while I take a bath and read and get rid of the stress of being a SAHM of two toddlers. Even though he's had a long hard day he still does that for me and its those things that means the world to me. Anyways hes wonderful i don't know what my life would be without him. He was truly my knight in shinning armor back 5 years ago when I was not sure what I was going to do or how I was going to escape a very controlling ex husband. But Wes was there for me as my friend and let me cry when my ex would say or do hurtful things to me and he showed me that I didn't have to stay with a man that treated me like that..
I am so proud of me. My ex, that has had this hold over me, ask me if I want to get together and "hangout"! I told her NO!! I am so proud of myself for that, any other time I would have said ok. I must finally be getting over her. Guess she thinks that since the one she throw me aside for used her and got rid of her, she can just waltz right back into my life and pick up right where she left off. Well she needs to know that my heart is not a revoling door! You just can't come and go whenever you want, cause you can't!
Proud To Be White...
PROUD TO BE WHITE........Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this shit? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans,Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You Call me "White boy," "Cracker," "Honkey," "Whitey," "Caveman" . And that's OK. But when I call you, Nigger, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ... You call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month.You have Black Miss America ,You have Museum of Black Art and History, You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Ma uled Al-Nabi. You have the NAACP. You have BET. If we had WET (White Entertainment Television) ... We'd be racists. If we had a White
Proud To Be American
Proud To Be White Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. ..And then there are just - Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You Call me 'White boy,' 'Cracker,' 'Honkey,' 'Whitey,' 'Caveman,' ..And that's OK. But when I call you Nigger, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink, ..You call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Hispanic History Month. You have Martin Luther King Day.
Proudest Monkey
Proudest Monkey Swing in this tree Oh I am bounce around so well Branch to branch, limb to limb you see All in a day's dream I'm stuck Like the other monkeys here I am a humble monkey Sitting up in here again But then came the day I climbed out of these safe limbs Ventured away Walking tall, head high up and singing I went to the city Car horns, corners and the gritty Now I am the proudest monkey you've ever seen Monkey see, monkey do Then comes the day Staring at myself I turn to question me I wonder do I want the simple, simple life that I once lived in well Oh things were quiet then In a way they were the better days But now I am the proudest monkey you've ever seen Monkey see, monkey do Monkey see, monkey do Dave Matthews
Proud Mother
Tonight was a special night for me. One I dreaded actually, as I have been a MOM a long time and was really getting tired of the concerts, plays, dance recitals, etc....but tonight was an eye opener for me. You see, my oldest daughter, is now 19. She started taking dance at about age 7 and by age 9 was performing solos at recitals. She's a natural, an awesome dancer, and I am not being prejudice...the town talks about her. Anyway, last year, she went off to college, wasn't going to dance anymore....her instructor begged her to stay and teach a couple of classes, earn some extra money and still perform as well. It worked out see, tonight I was not only sitting there in awe of my own daughter's talent, I watched the 15-20 other younger girls who my daughter TAUGHT and choreographed for the past 8 months. It was a beautiful program and I am very proud of my is a small portion of what I watched tonight.........enjoy!
BAY AREA SCHOLASTIC CHALLENGE SUPER TOURNAMENT March 14, 2008 Congratulations to GBMarchcholars' Bowl "A" and "B" Teams for an outstanding year! No one would have believed that this year's team was the first team in 7 years that has represented GBMS -- Everyone played like professionals! "A" Team qualified to participate in the Bay Area Scholastic Challenge SUPER TOURNAMENT at the University of South Alabama on Friday, March 14th. Their record for entering the tournament was 9 & 1 against teams such as Phillips Preparatory, Cottage Hill Baptist, St. Pius, Alba, Faith Academy, and more. Of the 9 teams they played and defeated; only 4 were public schools. The SUPER TOURNAMENT consisted to 32 schools from Mobile and the surrounding areas. GBMS "A" Team (Lee Hedgepeth-captain, Dylan Westbrook, Aaron Poiroux, Spencer Lewis, Summer McGriff, & Caitlin Holloman) won 3 of the 4 preliminary rounds they played against Cottage Hill Baptist (private), Escambia Academy (private
Proudest Monkey
Proudest Monkey By: Dave Matthews Band Swing in this tree Oh I am bounce around so well Branch to branch, limb to limb you see All in a day's dream I'm stuck Like the other monkeys here I am a humble monkey Sitting up in here again But then came the day I climbed out of these safe limbs Ventured away Walking tall, head high up and singing I went to the city Car horns, corners and the gritty Now I am the proudest monkey you've ever seen Monkey see, monkey do Then comes the day Staring at myself I turn to question me I wonder do I want the simple, simple life that I once lived in well Oh things were quiet then In a way they were the better days But now I am the proudest monkey you've ever seen Monkey see, monkey do Monkey see, monkey do
The Proud Owners Past And Present
Show my new owner mad love as well here she is The one and only ~Dr3@my3y3d_B@bygir!~*Shadow Leveler*Taken by BIGJON84US*Fu-Owned by Mikey*@ fubar Fan, Rate And Add Her And Send our friends her way as well Show My New Owner Some Mad Love Won Me In DJ Aussie's Auction 6-21-08 Mistress QUEEN Nassy V4mpir3@ fubar
Proud To Be White
Proud To Be White Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. .....And then there are just - Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You Call me 'White boy,' 'Cracker,' 'Honkey,' 'Whitey,' 'Caveman,' .....And that's OK. But when I call you Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink, .....You call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Hispanic History Month. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Asian History Month. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi. You have Yom Hashoah. You have Kawanza. You have the NAACP. And you have BET.
Proud To Be An American
If you had purch​ased $​1,​000 of share​s in Delta​ Airli​nes one year ago- You will have $​49.​00 today​.​ If you had purch​ased $​1,​000 of share​s in AIG one year ago- You will have $​33.​00 today​.​ If you had purch​ased $​1,​000 of share​s in Lehma​n Broth​ers one year ago- You will have $​0.​00 today​.​ But........ If you had purch​ased $​1,​000 worth​ of beer one year ago, drank​ all the beer-​ Then turne​d in the alumi​num cans for a recyc​ling refun​d-​ You will have recei​ved a $​214.​00.​ Based​ on the above​,​ the best curre​nt inves​tment​ plan is to drink​ heavi​ly & recyc​le-​ It is calle​d the 401-​
Proud To Be An American
IN GOD WE TRUST Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table At which he's fed. Tax his tractor, Tax his mule, Teach him taxes Are the rule. Tax his work, Tax his pay, He works for peanuts Anyway! Tax his cow, Tax his goat, Tax his pants, Tax his coat! . Tax his ties, Tax his shirt, Tax his work, Tax his dirt. Tax his tobacco, Tax his drink, Tax him if he Tries to think. Tax his cigars, Tax his beers, If he cries Tax his tears.. Tax his car, Tax his gas, Find other ways To tax his ass. Tax all he has Then let him know That you won't be done Till he has no dough. When he screams and hollers, Then tax him some more, Tax him till He's good and sore. Then tax his coffin, Tax hi
Proud To Be Yours
When you hold me in your arms, I get a sensation, I never thought I could feel, When you look into my eyes, I see the love from within your heart, When you kiss me, I feel the passion burn within, That's what makes me proud to be yours.   When we took those vows oh so long ago, I meant it forever, Every time we make love, I feel like I'm floating on air, When you look at me that special way, I can't help but smile, That's what makes me proud to be yours.   When we talk of having a family, If feel a joy I can't explain, When you first said I love you to me, All I could do is smile, And say I love you too, Whenever I need a shoulder to lean on, You are always there, That's what makes me proud to be yours.   When the world around us seems bleak & afar, You are always strong and reassuring, Whenever I need a listening ear, You are always willing to lend one, Whenever I'm sad and blue, You always find away to make me smile, That's what makes me proud to be yo
Proud To Be A Cracker
So today, this black dude who calls himself pussy muncher (how original)proceeds to send me of all ppl a friend request. Now I'm all up for meeting new ppl, but this asshole took the cake. Checked me out, but obviously didnt read my profile. Whatever. Dude gets all pissy and calls me a deuce, what that means I have no idea. So I think this is reverse racism..told him click and go back to the field. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I jump right back. Maybe I am racist, but thats my right. I did not vote for Obama. Because he was black and more importantly, due to his known affiliation with a suspected terrorist. I was raised redneck and I'm damned proud of it. I think rap music is stupid..RAP= retards attempting poetry or retarded african people. How ever they wanna take it. Dont care. So I'm proud to be white. Damned proud. I'm sick and tired of the brothas and sistas pulling out this oppression bullshit. Grow a set and get a fucking job ppl so I dont have to
Proud To Be An Okie
Proud to be an OKIE! Body: These really sum up Oklahoma it or leave it we are who we are. This is what Jeff Foxworthy has to say about folks from Oklahoma : If someone in a Lowe's store offers you assistance and they don't work there, you may live in Oklahoma If you've worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you may live in Oklahoma If you've had a lengthy telephone conversation with someone who dialed a wrong number, you may live in Oklahoma If 'vacation' mean..s going anywhere south of Dallas for the weekend, you may live in Oklahoma If you measure distance in hours, you may live in Oklahoma If you say Fixin to, a walla go and ya'll because you heard it from the teacher in school you may live in Oklahoma . If you know several people who have hit a deer more than once, you may live in Oklahoma If you install security lights on your house and garage, but leave both unlocked, you may live in Oklahoma If you carry jumper cables in your ca
Proud To Be White?!
WHITE This is great. I have been wondering about why Whites are racists, and no other race is. Proud to be White Michael Richards makes his point... Michael Richards better known as Kramer from TVs Seinfeld does make a good point. This was his defense speech in court after making racial comments in his comedy act. He makes some very interesting points... Someone finally said it... How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You call me 'White boy,' 'Cracker,' 'Honkey,' 'Whitey,' 'Caveman' ... and that's OK. But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ... You call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you... so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro Col
Proud To Be White
This is great. I have been wondering about > why Whites are racists, and no other race is. > > > > > > > > > Proud to be White > > > Michael Richards better known as Kramer > > > from TVs Seinfeld does make a good point. > > > This was his defense speech in court after making racial comments > > > in his comedy act. He makes some very interesting points... > > > Someone finally said it... How many are actually paying attention > > > to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian > > > Americans, Arab Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You call me 'White boy,' 'Cracker,' 'Honkey,' 'Whitey,' 'Caveman' ... and that's OK. > > > But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel > > > Jockey, Beanery, Gook, or Chink ... You call me a racist. You say that > > > whites commit a lot of violence against you... so why are the ghettos > > >
Proud Parent
somthing for all you out there to think about. being a single parent is several jobs in one along with your full time job. here is a list some of the jobs we do. please feel free to add to them. Maid Baby sitter cook Nurse Counsler judge coach teacher
Proud Mom
Proud Mother!
I was so excited today..even after going through all my mail and seeing the bills..because I got one letter that made me overlook them.  It was from knox county education service center..saying that they did testing throughout the school year..and have noticed that my youngest who is going into 3rd gifted in math. It is such a good feeling..after all I been through with my oldest being delayed in school somewhat. I feel like framing this letter! Anyways..they said that there is some programs kids can be eligible for..depending on the district.   I am wondering if they are provided here..should I enter him into some kind of program or just let things go the way they are. I am kinda afraid if I put him in something like will turn out to be to hard for him.  
Proud To Be Canadian
Proud To Be White
This is great.  I have been wondering about why Whites are racists, and no other race is...Proud to be White Michael Richards makes his point...Michael Richards better known as 'Kramer' from TVs Seinfeld does make a good point.This was his defense speech in court after making racial comments in his comedy act. He makes some very interesting points...Someone finally said it.  How many are actually paying attention to this?  There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc.   And then there are just Americans.   You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you... so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day.You have Black History Month.   You have Cesar Chavez Day.You have Yom Hashoah. You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi.You have the NAACP.   You have BET. If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we'd be racists.   If we had a White Prid
Proud American
PROUD AMERICANLooking up to Heaven,where I know you are,I search for my Angelmy shining star.Will you remember mewhen I see you again?,will you remember all the times we sharedway back when.I don't know why I'm crying now'Cause I never never cried beforebut now I'm one of many othermothers who lost a child to a war.A child is not supposed to gobefore their parents, but sometimesthey do, and when God was lookingfor the very best soldier God searchedfor you my Katie then he called for you.I hope in Heaven, time will never end,so for forever I can be with you myDaughter, my best friend.As I look out at the night skyI know what I will seemy Katie is now in Gods Armyand you are watching over me.
happy christmas to all humane.
The Provocative Pixie
Other than nudity, what make a photo especially erotic? What's your opinion? Ok, we all know that the decision as to whether cock size matter is relative, but I have a new question... for the guys mainly. When it comes to what attracts you to a woman, does physical size (i.e. slender vs. fuller figured, etc.) or height-weight proportionality make a greater difference? In other words, does a girl have to be thin to be sexy, or does she simply need to be proportionate? Or, is it all about having a pretty face? I'd love to know what you think.
Proverbs(kind Of }
Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb to agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. If there is light in the soul, There will be beauty in the person. If there is beauty in the person, There will be harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, There will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, There will be peace in the world. If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?
Proverbs, Inc.
Click, click, doubleclick Quick fingers on the latest laptop keyboard Knock, Knock, Knocking on virtual doors Behind which sit and hide, If one is determined, flesh and blood. Pop-ups pop up, i shoot them down, Proud of my immunity An outlaw in the online community. The lists stretch on over the cyber horizon of those who share my simple, specific views A boy on Guam, longing for civilazation. A three-hundred pound EMT in Alabama, whose life is saving lives. In Houston, HungLikeKong@WebTV, longs to serve. Mindy in Tampa, posts her phone number, I hope she’s getting calls. In New York, Chargebythehour invites me to one of his parties. In Santa Monica, QueenBarbarian offers her breasts for adoration. The net is a catalog, selected pieces of people. A panoply of parts. For all the parts displayed, the whole is still elusive. A first grade teacher collected old, well known proverbs. She gave each kid in her class the first half of a proverb, and had them com
Proven Scientific Results
Providing A Service
ladies of all types welcome.does your hectic lifestyle leave you stiff and sore?i am a professional masseuse and i am willing to aide you free of or near the akron area?head to toe rubbdowns and every thing in between.all you have to do is make an appointment.
Proverbs 3.5-7
Proverbs 4:14-17
Proverbs 4:14-17 Category: Religion and Philosophy Do not enter the path of the wicked, And do not walk in the way of EVIL. Avoid it, do not travel on it; Turn away from it and pass on. For they do not sleep unless they have done evil; And their sleep is taken away unless they make someone fall. For they eat the bread of wickedness, And drink the wine of violence.
Prove It To Yourself: Follow Your Dream!
"Don't waste your whole life doing jobs everyone else expects you to do and taking roads already paved... pave your own road and do what you want to do with your life. I'm sure that no one says "I wish I would have worked a little harder" right before they die. No, they would wish they spent more time with friends and loved ones and spent time following their heart and pursuing their dreams. Don't ever let anyone think your dreams are stupid or that you can't make a living doing it. And, don't ever let folks convince you that there is too much competition to make it, or that you should just get a "real" job. Do what you want to do." Richard Foley 2008
Provocative Pic Auction
Provacative Topics
ENOUGH ALREADY! I'm sick to death of all the political attacks disguised as advertizements. I'm oh so very tired of hearing about CHANGE. If I hear someone call themselves a MAVERICK one more time I just might vomit. I despise the MOCKERY we have made of our system of government and the rubbish we must endure every two to four years at this time of year. Let me be clear about something. I am a registered member of the GOP, however I am not a red-state automaton. I vote my conscience as I was raised to. I do not favor one age group, race or gender when it comes to our elected officials. I would be the first to vote for a 35 year old African American woman if I felt she would be the best possible leader for our nation. I do feel that the office of the President requires some proven leadership experience. This is not a place for on the job training. I am not satisfied that either ticket fully appreciates this. While I have no issue with Senator McCain's record in management and leader
Prove It
Provential Hotel
Provential Hotel HAUNTED DWELLING: Provential Hotel ADDRESS: 1024 Chartres St., New Orleans, Louisiana. LOCATION: The Provential Hotel can be found in the heart of New Orleans, near the corner of St. Philip and Chartres Street, 2 blocks east of Bourbon Street, and 1 block west of Decatur, not far from the Mississippi River. DESCRIPTION: This lovely, upscale hotel is made up of five buildings. A variety of "tropical", French Quarter courtyards can be found throughout the property. This hotel has two pools to refresh the visitor after a hard day of sight-seeing! The rooms are described as being spacious, "with 19th Century award-winning architecture."   Buildings 100 & 200, were recreations of the 19th century style New Orleans decor. Buildings 300 and 400 have been restored to their original 1820 and 1825 early 19th century style. The 500 building is a great restoration of its original 1875 structure. HISTORY: The five buildings; (100, 2
Provillus Liquid
Provillus Results
Provillus Results
Provillus Results
Proving My
Proven Ways To Make Serious Bank From Home!!!
What's up, Fubar fam!?! So, I'm a full time mommy who's decided to earn income from the comfort of my 4-walled surroundings so that i can live life to the fullest and not have to work endless hours supporting somebody else's vision for financial success. I've joined an incredible team of folks who all have been amazingly successful, raking in severeal thousands of dollar weekly! If you're serious about making some extra mozzarella and then some, this is the opportunity for you! It's all about internet marketing, and since most of us enjoy being on the web practically all day, why not make some cash while doing so?  Check out my blog at to learn more.   To our success!!!!;-)
Pro Wrestling
Does anyone else think that Orton and Edge went too far tonight (12-18) in the final match against DX?
Pro Wrestler, Family Found Dead In Fayetteville Home
Monday night, the largest wrestling organization in the world grappled with a real-life murder mystery: What led to the apparent murder-suicide of superstar wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife and child inside their expansive Fayetteville home? Chris Benoit • World Wrestling Entertainment Web site Officials have not disclosed how the family died, other than to say the deaths did not involve a gun. "The details, when they come out," said Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard, "are going to prove a little bizarre." Deputies checking on the family at the behest of Benoit's employer discovered the bodies of the 40-year-old wrestler, his wife, Nancy Benoit, 43, and their 7-year-old son, Daniel, on Monday afternoon at their home on Green Meadow Lane. Benoit, a Canada native, maintained a residence in metro Atlanta from the time he wrestled for the now-defunct Ted Turner-owned World Championship Wrestling organization. Most recently, Benoit performed as par
Pro White Teeth Whitening
pro white teeth whitening pro teeth whitening risks teeth whitening
Prstallions Word
The ACLU are only for the money now again they are out to destroy MORE American ways of living and I for one AM Against ANY AND ALL ATHIESTS read this an pass it around IF YOU BELIEVE.... (First off did some checking ahh research ya know?? and looks like 100% fact here ) Budweiser Story (not a joke) This is TRUE! How Budweiser handled those who laughed at those who died on the 11th of September, 2001...Thought you might like to know what happened in a little town north of Bakersfield, California. After you finish reading this, please forward this story on to others so that our nation and people around the world will know about those who laughed when they found out about the tragic events in New York, Pennsylvania , and the Pentagon. On September 11th, a Budweiser employee was making a delivery to a convenience store in a California town named McFarlan
P.r. Tags
LOUNGE RULES ASOLUTELY NO DRAMA STAFF ~WILL~ WARN BEFORE BANNING NO RACISM *ZERO TOLERANCE* MEMBERS WILL BE REMOVED IF THEY HAVE STAFF BLOCKED! if they refuse to lift the block after they have been asked to lift block ASK BEFORE LINK DROPPING ~must be approved~ RESPECT STAFF, MEMBERS, AND VISITORS CAM RULES CAMMERS DO AS THEY PLEASE ~DO NOT DIRECT CAMS~ ZERO SEX ACTS WHILE ON CAM *PER TOS* NO CHILDREN ON CAM AT ANYTIME *PER TOS* MUTE YOUR CAM IN RESPECT FOR THE DJ ON AIR PLEASE DON’T POINT YOUR CAM AT YOUR TV OR VIDEO GAMES ~YES YOU CAN SMOKE ON CAM AND DRINK  PLEASE CUT AND PASTE THE CODES BELOW IN ORDER TO PROMOTE THE C.R. LOUNGE! There are example pictures for each of the tags directly under each code... PLEASE REMEMBER not all fubar users are loungers so be respectful when making posts to people's pages. The codes below can be COPIED & PASTED to user statuses and page comment areas on fubar user
Pryers Needed Plz Show Her Sum Prayer
if u are on my friends list i hope u will join me in keep this wonderful woman in prayer she was just rush to the Hospital about 20 minutes ago so please join me in praying for her and her family and that God will put his Healing Hands upon her ty so very much and God Bless ▲►Ĵådəd Ôņə◄▼~Promoter @ Your Naughty Fantasy@ fubar
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Psalms 144
Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands for war, my fingers for battle
Psalm 55:22
Psalm 55:22 --- you really need to read this. 'Friends are God's way of taking care of us.' This was written by a Metro Denver Hospice Physician: I was driving home from a meeting this evening about 5, stuck in traffic on Colorado Blvd., and the car started to choke and splutter and die - I barely managed to coast, cursing, into a gas station, glad only that I would not be blocking traffic and would have a somewhat warm spot to wait for the tow truck. It wouldn't eve n turn over. Before I could make the call, I saw a woman walking out of the 'quickie mart ' building, and it looked like she slipped on some ice and fell into a Gas pump, so I got out to see if she was okay When I got there, it looked more like she had been overcome by sobs than that she had fallen; she was a young woman who looked really haggard with dark circles under her eyes. She dropped something as I helped her up, and I picked it up to give it to her. It was a nickel. At that
Psalm 23 (for Work)
The Lord is my real boss, and I shall not want. He/She gives me peace, when chaos is all around me. She/He gently reminds me to pray and do all things without murmuring and complaining. He/She reminds me that She/He is my source and not my job. She/He restores me to sanity everyday and guides my decisions that I might honor Him/Her in all that I do. Even though I face budget cutbacks, gossiping co-workers, discriminating supervisors, challenging, sometimes violent patients, difficult, often arrogant doctors, and an aging yet fit body that doesn’t cooperate every morning, I still will not stop --- for She/He is with me! Her/His presence, Her/His peace, and Her/His power will see me through. He/She raises me up, even when they fail to appreciate me. He/She claims me as Her/His own, even WHEN the healthcare system breaks down and threatens everyone. Her/His faithfulness and love is better than any bonus check. His/Her retirement plan beats every 401k there is! When it’s all
Psalm 23
1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.  2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,        he leads me beside quiet waters,  3 he restores my soul.        He guides me in paths of righteousness        for his name's sake.  4 Even though I walk        through the valley of the shadow of death, [a]        I will fear no evil,        for you are with me;        your rod and your staff,        they comfort me.  5 You prepare a table before me        in the presence of my enemies.        You anoint my head with oil;        my cup overflows.  6 Surely goodness and love will follow me        all the days of my life,        and I will dwell in the house of the LORD        forever.   Tuesday 3rd of Easter Gospel text (Jn 6:30-35): The people said to Jesus, «Show us miraculous signs, that we may see and believe you. What sign do you perform? Our ancestors ate manna in the desert; as Scripture says: ‘They were given bread from heaven to eat’». Jesus then said to th
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Ps3 Come Add Me Name Inside
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Psh. People
Soo Yes after 2 years I'm back. Your all going to have to bare with me on getting back to computer is really slow, so I wont be able to get back to people right away. If anybody would like any other way to keep in touch with me, then just ask. Well Take care y'all. Love Always, Stephanie
___ Ps3 ___ (intro)
___ PS3 ___ To the readers: I am a gamer. Growing up, it was always a dream of mine to be writer for GamePro or EGM or a magazine of that calibur. I've played games since 1986 - when i was 3 and picked up the controller of a Nintendo Entertainment System (which i still have). Fast forward about 20 years, and the rules of gaming have changed. In the good ol' days, there was never a need to spend a night (or more) waiting outside for a console to play games on. Generally, I've had good luck getting my systems before anyone else really did - or without trouble anyways. The exception came on the wednesday before the launch of the PS3. When it was reported that people were lining up since 12 am Wednesday Morning for the launch of the PS3, I felt compelled to take my place in one of the lines come Wednesday Evening - although all I really expected to wait was just Thursday Night. Best Buy had 40 systems, Wal-Mart had 6, and GameStop/EB/Babbages was sold out before shipments e
Subconscious Magic http://www.psitek. net/subconscious magicdownload. html This Mystical Life Of Ours http://www.psitek. net/pages/ PsiTekTMLOOConte nts.html Powerful Ways To Sharpen Your Memory http://www.psitek. net/pages/ PsiTekPWTSYMCont ents.html The Message of A Master http://www.psitek. net/pages/ PsiTekTMOAMConte nts.html The Amazing Super Powers of Blue Water http://www.psitek. net/bluewaterdow nload.html The Law of Psychic Phenomena http://www.psitek. net/pages/ PsiTekTLOPPConte nts.html How To Put The Subconscious Mind To Work http://www.psitek. net/pages/ PsiTekHTPTSMTWCo ntents.html How To Stay Well http://www.psitek. net/pages/ PsiTekHTSWConten ts.html The Power Of Thought http://www.psitek. net/pages/ PsiTekTPOTConten ts.html Your Invisible Power http://www.psitek. net/pages/ PsiTekYIPContent s.html In Tune With The Infinite http://www.psitek. net/pages/ PsiTekITWTIConte nts.html Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion h
Påskeeventyr... He He
 PåskeeventyrDet var en gang i en påske for lenge, leenge siden ….I Påskelandet som ligger langt bortenfor der vi er i dag.  Det het ikke Påskeøya, men Påskelandet.Der bodde det en konge og en dronning i sitt Soria Moria slott. Slottet hadde kongen bygd med sin sjel, til sin dronning og sin prinsesse, som var hans edelsten i livet. Slottet var plassert oppå verdens største båt, hvor de hadde egne gullgrønne skoger, grønne enger, grønt solskinn, grønne påskekyllinger, en grønn påskehare og eget tivoli. De var lykkelige og skulle leve under den evige solen og de sov de vakreste drømmer i den stupmørke stjerneløse natten. Men intet varer evig, og en dag blåste det opp til storm på havet. Et piratskip med påskehaner kom å røvet den vakre dronningen i sin gullgule ballkjole. Kongen sendte prinsessen i trygghet med sin hvite hest med hvite vinger som tok henne med til lekeland.Solen skinte bak skyene og påskeregnet, mens påskestormen økte og kongens skip med Soria Moria slott buldret
Psoraisis Scalp Remedy
Psoraisis Scalp Remedy
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Psp Tutorials
       Paint Shop Pro x2  “How to glitter text” Tutorial By: April Sherrill    You must have PSP and Animation Shop To use this Tutorial   Step 1: You need to go to a site and save some glitter tiles to you hard drive.   A site I use a lot is:  Bring on the Glitter : Designs By Alana   After you have
P!ssers And Bs
Here's a story that caught my eye. See what you think. WWII vet fights homeowners group over Va. flagpole By ZINIE CHEN SAMPSON (AP) – 15 hours ago RICHMOND, Va. — One of the nation's oldest Medal of Honor winners was back in the fight Thursday, this time against a neighborhood association that wants him to take down a front-yard flagpole. Supporters, including a U.S. senator, have been falling in behind 90-year-old retired Army Col. Van T. Barfoot, a World War II veteran awarded the lofty Congressional honor for actions including standing up to three German tanks with a bazooka and stopping their advance. Barfoot put up the 21-foot flagpole in September in front of his suburban Richmond home. He raises the American flag daily at sunrise and retires it at sunset. "It's really ridiculous to want to keep the flag from being flown," he said in a telephone interview. "I've heard some terrible excuses out there." The Sussex Square homeowners' association says the flagpol
So I'm sitting here and I get this add request on yahoo from a person I don't know who it is .. making a lewd comment in the request.. so I just deny it right.. then the add request comes again and the guy says "wow sounds like someone is racist, guess you wanna stick with the vienna sausages" blah blah blah.. now THAT pissed me off.. I never even replied anything when I denied it, so how can someone determine you are racist just because you deny a request and hell its not like I could see what the person looked like GRRRRRRRRRRr so then I told him hmmmm first I never even SAID anything.. 2nd I don't even know what you look like.. but now I wouldn't add you just because you are somneone that would MAKE a comment like that! Dammit I'm steamin :/
Pssss Over Here'
You can’t take back What you didn’t do What you didn’t say My mind is screwed You took innocence With so much disdain You took my child hood Created endless pain Held my heart with Your Violent Rage Stole my soul and Christened your blade You needed to own What was precious to me The disgusting you that I should have never seen What should have Been sacred To a child like me Is forever gone And its haunting my dreams Now I am left searching For Something I can Never find It seems that the scar Is what’s left behind My heart is autographed Signed by the fiend That is your Wickedness I’m left here to bleed And I hide from the one Who tries to get close I can’t let them see The evil I hold.
Psssst Guess What
Psst... Pass It On :)
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P-ssy Vs. Beer
pussy vs. beer PUSSY VS. BEER 1. Beer is always wet. Pussy needs a little work. - One point to BEER 2. Warm beer tastes awful. - One point to Pussy 3. A really cold beer is satisfying. - One point to BEER 4. If after taking a swig of your favorite beer you find a hair between your teeth, you may vomit. - One point to Pussy 5. Ten beers in one night and you can't drive home. Ten Pussies in one night and you don't want to drive anywhere. - One point to Pussy 6. If you have a lot of beer in a public place, your reputation may suffer. If you eat any Pussy in public, you become a legend. - One point to Pussy 7. If a cop stops you and you smell of beer you may get arrested. If you smell of Pussy he may buy you a beer. - One point to Pussy 8. You normally don't find old beer. - One point to BEER 9. Too much beer and you'll think you see flying saucers. Too much Pussy and you'll think you've seen God. - One point to PUSSY 10. In most countries there's a ta
Ps::this Is Junk
Newspaper Headline Typos One must acknowledge a supreme being before being able to hold public office. It is illegal to sell one's eye. A program has been created in the state that attempts to control the weather. When two trains meet each other at a railroadcrossing, each shall come to a full stop, and neither shall proceed until the other has gone. It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time while standing. Up to a felony charge can be levied for promoting the use of, or owning more than six dildos. It is illegal for one to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel. It is illegal to milk another person’s cow. The entire Encyclopedia Britannica is banned in Texas because it contains a formula for making beer at home.   Dumb Criminals of the Day Monday, September 9th, 2002 •  In Augusta
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I'm a full time personal support worker in canada. We're basically nurses with a different designation. I attended my pswcourse in hamilton ontario. Its not the most glamorous job in the world but it helps to pay the bills and give something back to the community at the same time. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, that my degree is only good for being a PSW Ontario based employ. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing and visiting casinos, which is odd as I don't like to gamble. Fubar looks pretty cool. Off to add some friends, go for some prizes and whatever else I can find.
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Wow, OK. There are alot of annoying things about this site in general. One of them is that this site makes way too much noise for it's own good. Secondly, I just got logged out of my blog and lost all my initial data. These are things I feel need to be fixed. However, overall, this site is pretty OK. Anyway, I'm going to write in my real blog now. That's located at Check it out YO.
Dearest Psyche88, I have been hit by an arrow shot by Cupid, but the arrow didn't hit you. I've been bitten by what they call the "LOVE BUG" but the bug didn't bite us both. This, darling won't do. I'm blaming nobody, and it's no fun complaining. Your driving me mad and you know it, and now I've been robbed of the heart I own. If the arrow had hit you and the "LOVE BUG" had bitten you, I could steal your heart away from you,too.Remember that. With Love, Mr.Spiderman Ingredients: 1 - 184g can -->Century Tuna Chunks in Vegetable Oil, drained 1/3 cup --> carrots, finely chopped 1/3 cup--> spring onions 2 tablespoons --> breadcrumbs 1 pc. --> egg, lightly beaten 1 tablespoon --> soy sauce 1/4 teaspoon --> ground black pepper 10 to 12 sheets --> lumpia wrapper cooking oil for cooking** Procedure: 1.) Combine in a bowl, tuna, carrots, spring onons, breadcrumbs, and egg. 2.) Season with soy sauce and pepper, Mix well. 3.) Spoon ab
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You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, "I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along." You must do the thing you think you cannot do. --Eleanor Roosevelt
Psychotik Clinik
if you want to remain on my friends list, you must send me a message, a comment or something by Feb. 7th. the first 1 to respond gets a gift with whatever cherry bucks I can afford. let the games begin!! this world this world no longer makes any sense to me. I have people who are trying to ruin my fun. people who are confused about what to do with their own lives, people who have no idea what they are going to do about their personal lives, and the like. I am normally a peaceful person, but this shit must end. I'm tired of people trying to bring me down because they feel down. I'm sick and tired of people bringing to me problems they have with the way I do things after the fact. I'm tired of people thinking I should have to do things their way in order to make them happy, when I am simply going to do things the most convienient way for me. I am damn sure tired of people trying to throw names to make me jealous, when all you are going to get is a brush off for. If you think bringi
The Psychological Togetherness Of Chatters In A Chatroom
Over the past few years since I began chatting online in Yahoo,I have come across some real winners but not as bad as these eejits in Catholic Chatroom 1 who even have a blog where they attack and demean certain chatters for random mistakes,mental illness or whatever. I recently returned to chat to visit old friends and later found myself mentioned on the blog attacking the fact I'm bi-polar. As if these people don't have their own issues.Don't they have anything better to do? This is just one reason why I prefer Cherrytap,SANE PEOPLE. I have met some kick ass people on here. So if you get the chance,check out Rayne's and Morrigan's pages. You won't be sorry so show the love.
Psychogeographical Review
Psychotic But Sweet
Today hasn't been the best day.. Physically I'm drained.. This past weekend though was awesome! My parents come into town. I haven't seen my parents for a little over 19 months. It was great to see them again.. I got trashed with my Mom and sister. Monday they went back Home :( A friend of mine came into town that morning so i had a pretty busy day.. Trying to spend time with just about everyone..Not counting the fact I have 3 children to run after.. 'Which is my I'm drained" So yeah im pretty much rambling at the moment.. Its what Tuesday. Mark went home this morning.. I had gone out and done a little bit of shopping. "Nothing for my self of course" Then came home cleaned the house and made supper.. Then i get a phone call from my husband. Blah Blah.. Lets just say our conversations don't last longer then 4-5 min! Every 4 days or so.. So he pretty much did his normal ramble. How things are with him. Not the slightest though of asking how I'm doing.. So of course I bust out how stresse
You Belong in San Francisco You crave an eclectic, urban environment. You're half California, half NYC. You're open minded, tolerant, and secretly think you're the best. People may dismiss you as a hippie, but you're also progressive, interesting, and rich! Where Does Your Inner Californian Belong? You Are 100% Psychic You are so very psychic. But you already predicted that, didn't you? You have "the gift" - and you use it daily to connect with others. You're very tapped into the world around you... Just make sure to use your powers for good! Are You Psychic?
Psycho Babble
I was going to post one of the annoying survey things to tell everyone about me but then I decided rambling on about myself would be much better so this is my autobiographical ramblings.... I was born on a cold snowy day in January the 22 day of January to be exact but we really don't need to go back just that far. Instead of odd paragraphs I think I might just do a list of things I like and dislike and odd little facts and I suppose if you want to know anything else you will just need to ask! -I love to cook -I like almost any kind of music -I have had the same 5 favorite bands since junior high: Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20, Savage Garden and Marcy Playground if you don't like them thats fine but I do not SUCK because I do like them I SUCK because I am SO DAMN GOOD! -I am obsessed with Grey's Anatomy -I have 2 cats, 2 rats and a ferret -My favorite color is Pink -I am a certified sex education trainer -I am married -I have 10 piercings and 1 tattoo -I ha
What Is Psychosis? We've probably all heard of the word psychotic. In everyday language it's generally used to mean something like "really mad". Psychosis, in psychological language, is a condition in which a person isn't in contact with reality like most people. Psychosis can take many forms, it can include: *Sensing things that aren't really there (called Hallucinations) *Having beliefs that aren't based on reality (called Delusions) *Problems in thinking clearly (e.g. thought insertion, withdrawal, block, broadcasting) *Not realising that there is anything wrong with themselves (called lack of insight) In Psychiatry there are a number of disorders that come under the general title of the psychoses. They all differ in symptoms, but all are joined in the fact that the person is in someway not experiencing reality like most people. These are: *Schizophrenia *Schizoaffective Disorder *Manic-Depression (Bipolar Disorder) Mania *Delusional (Paranoi
Psychobabble Bullshit
The other day my place of employment had Spiderman at our store with a local radio station and Spiderman was giving free tickets out to see the midnight opening tonight. My roommate and I went. Hey it was a free movie...why not? I saw the first one and didn't care for it much, but I enjoyed the 3rd one. It was awesome. There were a lot of funny parts. I won't go into detail for those of you that want to go see it, but I highly recommend that you do!
Psycho's On Ebay
You know... I thought there were enough Psycho's on here and myspace and other similar sites to fill a football stadium... but it would seem that the psycho's have nmow bred and hit Ebay!!!! Noooo not my beloved Ebay I am quite used to people asking stupid questions about my items when I am selling on Ebay, and to be honest, I find them extremerly funny.... but this.... well this just takes the biscuit! I am currently starting my own business and bought a lot of material on Ebay. I bought 9 lots from 1 seller, sent a cheque, and a week later got an unpaid item strike. I contacted the seller to ask why she hadn't emailed me, and that I had sent a cheque, but she rudely said she hadn't recieved it, so I sent another. On 17th May, BOTH cheques were cashed, obviously with one failing, and one CLEARED as in the money went into her account on 21st May. Yet, she denies this. I opened up a dispute and she has been rude calling me every name under the sun. But.... last night.... she g
Hi ladies (and gentlemen) I am starting this blog to post about predators on here. This one is a about a situtation that I am currently dealing with. ###########BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE########## Just A Tx Ranch Cowboy &%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%&%& He is an unstable individual. He is a stalker and a liar. We met on ONE occassion and he has made my life pretty much a living hell, up to and including harassing those on here i talk to. He has harassed and slandered people in the most vile way. He sends fraudulent messages and pretends they are from others. He is VERY controlling and in my opinion exhibits the chacteristics of an abuser. Feel free to check with others on his "friends" list and you will get much of the same information. Proceed with caution. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
The Psychiatrist And The Proctologist
Two doctors opened an office in a small town and put up a sign >>reading: >> >> "Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones, "Hysterias and Posteriors" >> >> The town council was not happy with the sign, so the doctors >>changed it to read, "Schizoids and Hemorrhoids" >> >> This was not acceptable either so, in an effort to satisfy the >>council, they changed the sign to, "Catatonics and High Colonics" >> >> No go. >> >> Next, they tried, "Manic Depressives and Anal Retentives" >> >> Thumbs down again. >> >> Then came, "Minds and Behinds" >> >> Still no good. >> >> Another attempt resulted in, "Lost Souls and Butt Holes" >> >> U naccep table again. >> >> So they tried, "Analysis and Anal Cysts" >> >> No way. >> >> "Nuts and Butts"? >> >> No way. >> >> "Freaks and Cheeks"? >> >> Still no go. >> >> "Loons and Moons"? >> >> Forget it. >> >> Almost at their wit's end, the doctors finally came up with: >> >> "Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones, Odds and Ends" >> >> Everyone l
Psycho Kitty
trout gang@ fubar I had asked michael for help, after being downrated today and he has done alot to get my ratings back up. If you would stop by his page show him some luv it will be returned just let me know when you do!
Psychopathic Juggalos
Wow.. I just opened up this page and I am surprised I havent posted a blog for 7 months. I guess life has kept me going.. But hmmm lets sum up the rest of 07 in 100 words of less... Do you think I can do it? Count em and see. Regained then lost a 'friend.' School was my life. Kid is growing and sprouting and I'm a little nervous about that. Had fun at a anime convention well two actually and then a concert. School consumed my life again and I lost touch with a lot of friends for a while. The holidays sucked a little cause mom was in Paris, but I met a guy and she got engaged. Wedding will be sometime this year and then the New Year dropped in my lap with me in Miami enjoying my time with a friend. Whew! Did I make it. Did I? hehe count and let me know cause I refuse to make sure I did. Besides I have to tell you guys about my first two months of 2008. Well first of all this is my last semester of Community College and I will be graduating in May with an ASN aka as an Registere
You Are 80% Psychic You are so very psychic. But you already predicted that, didn't you? You have "the gift" - and you use it daily to connect with others. You're very tapped into the world around you... Just make sure to use your powers for good!Are You Psychic?
Psychology Of Love
Don't be too good I will miss you. Don't be too caring, I might like you. Don't be too sweet, I might fall for you. It's hard for me to love you when you won't love me after all... Bottomline : A person who makes me love him/her is actually a person who loves me more than I love him/her. If someone comes in your life and becomes a part of you but for some reasons he couldn't stay, don't cry too much... Just be glad that your paths crossed and somehow he made you happy even for a while. Bottomline : Time will tell, If he's yours he will come back Two tear drops were floating down the river. One teardrop said to the other, "I'm the teardrop of a girl who loved a man and lost him. Who are you?" "I'm the teardrop of the man who regret letting a girl go..." Bottomline : Nobody will sympathise a person who constantly let chances passes by without making any efforts to salvage We normally don't realise how important our loved and closed ones are until they have le
Psychoanalyze This
ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other. THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want. FOUR. When you say, 'I love you,' mean it. FIVE. When you say, 'I'm sorry,' look the person in the eye. SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married. SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight. EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much. NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely. TEN.. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling. ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives. TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly. THIRTEEN! .. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, 'Why do you want to know?' FOURTEEN. Remember that great love and grea
Psycho Chicks
Okay, long story but funny....try and keep up! 1.) One night I am out and about. A buddy of mine is like, "hey, call this girl, she won't answer when I call her." I am like, "ok." She doesn't answer. Didn't call back, didn't push the issue just told him she didn't answer. 2.) The next week, like 5 days later, I get a phone call from some wierd 360 number. Washington huh? I usually have people's names entered in my phone from Washington. "Hello," I say. "Who is this," says a female voice. Instantly, I am like, "Who the hell are you? You called me!" She says her name and I totally draw a blank. Then it hits me. It's that girl my buddy asked me to call like almost a week ago! I tell her who I am and that my buddy, whom she knows, wanted me to call her for him. She's gets it and that is the end of that conversation. I barely remember her but from what I did remember, she was extremely rude, hence I didn't stick around to listen to her anymore. I hung up. 3.) L
watch out for a guy that goes my chubby chaser! i chatted with him a little bit and now he thinks i'm his girlfriend and he won't leave me alone. i had to block him because he wouldn't stop leaving comments for guys to leave me alone because i'm his girl! he's scary and gross so be careful!
Psycho Ass People!
Ok, so there are people on here that need some serious psychological help! True Story.... So, this random guy rates me and leaves me some photo comments. Cool. Right? WRONG! Then like a week later, he sends me this message telling me how I'm too good to rate back and I must be conceited and whoop-tee-woo. I wrote him back telling him that I was at work when he rated me and I didn't even realize, rated him, La-ta-da and smoothed his feathers. (1st incidence of Capt Psycho) So Then.... He messaged me one day telling me that I should advise my best friend that just joined her to return luv.... My response... "Why do you care? It's a website! Seriously! Don't take it so personal." So, I didn't hear from him for a few days. (2nd instance of Capt Psycho) Then he messages me and tells me that I was right and he was a jerk. (DUH?!?!) Moving on.... Then I wasn't online for like a week because I've been studying for finals.... And the first night I am on (tonight) and he shouted
Psycho~chick@ Fubar
"psychiatric Help 5 Cents"
i'd like to thank you all for coming to witness my life fade away through my failed attempts of drug induced,suicide i have no regrets iv'e seen better days an'then they go away iv'e seen the ones i love choose to stay away -"AN IT ALL WENT BLACK"- "What happens when the voices in your head start answering back?"Would you reply with a hearty/i did'nt wake up knowing someone's gonna get that twitch(Life is difficult-yes it is)an' stab me or the next one in the back>fantastic< Did'nt know 2 bad/we did,always knew,that's right -just cause we're wrong-does'nt mean it's not happening!!?!! "WANNA BURN ME ?? FIND A BETTER F**KING LIGHTER"!!!
i miss the ocean and the tide i miss the realness in my life i miss having someone around to talk to, laugh 'n play with i miss being truly happy i miss being true to my self i miss being strong enough to walk alone in this cold, cruel world i miss kisses i miss having a protector i miss living life i miss my friends i miss talking alot most of all i miss being missed.... mi amor para usted es más profundo que el fondo del océano, mis pensamientos para usted va encendido más allá de la galaxia, mi corazón es el tuyo mientras usted es el mío If anyone can tell me what this says ill buy u a drink or 2......i might even talk to you after that.....hehehe
Psychomedic's Blog
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency now confirms that 31 people were killed after a series of severe storms rushed through parts of Tennessee Tuesday night. Devastation could be seen from Memphis all the way through Middle Tennessee. Tornadoes developed in several locations, causing severe damage to buildings and flipping vehicles. The storm first hit West Tennessee in Shelby County where three people died. It then traveled east taking one life in Fayette County and two lives in Madison County. Several Union University students were taken to the hospital after storms ravaged the campus. Fifty people at Jackson Oaks Retirement Center were rescued and moved to a shelter, according to the Associated Press. A Fayette County man died when the storm flipped his truck. Two dozen tractor trailer trucks overturned on Interstate 40. As the severe weather moved closer to Middle Tennessee, it claimed three lives in Hardin County. Traveling through Hic
Psycho's Asylum
I spent all day yesterday with my in-laws.we went there for my 2 yr old to have fun and spend easter with his family. well at this family get together there was like 16 adults, 2 2yr olds, and a newborn. well i got to watch everyone treat my 2 yr old like he wasn't good enough for them. they sat there all day and praised the other child and almost totally ignored my son. he sat and said his ABC's in front of them and all they did was ignore him and talk about the other child. during the easter egg hunt the other child had 10 ppl helping him search for eggs but when me and my husband tried to help our lil one look we were told to let him do it on his own. they let the lil boy push and hit my son but if my son fights back they yell at him. and it makes me so pissed that "family" treated my son this way. I just can't understand why they feel the urge to treat my baby that way.
Psycho Junkie Rockstar
so yea not alotta me saying shit about PJR! well album's been done, shit 2 albums! just got home from touring with it and my other band at the same time! kinda fun playing twice a night! i miss germany right now cause that country is crazy and fun plus just flew home from there! only 3 weeks til PJR hits the road again and i can't wait!!! being home is strange, nothing to do except play on the computer!! wrote a new song but don't know where to use it? i h8 being on the wrong time schudule! too use to being up right now!! if i was in NYC i could catch a film or go out shopping but being in the plain old midwest sucks cause everything closes at like 10pm!!! grrr wish i was on the road again!! well guess its time to find something on t.v. to catch my attenion!! the girlfriend is asleep and probly gunna wake me up to do normal ppl crap at 9am so humm should go to bed, just gotta remember where i put the sleeping pills at? where did i put them when i unpacked? time for the hunt!!!!
so it all happens to everyone at one time or another well we can all get together throw a big fuckin party and say fuck you to who ever has screwed us over in life so lets all just kick back open up that case of beer and raise a middle finger to all those stupid fucks in our lives, oh yes and then just smile and enjoy the rest of this ride called life
Psychos Go Away!
Ok so I friended a person on here. And chatted once n a while as a friend and this guy went psycho! Always messaging me and bugging me. I finally tell him off cuz I'm sick of his psychoticness and the fact he's trying to find where I live and such...stalking me...and it's getting kind of scary! I hope he gets the point and leaves me alone...but yeah before I block him he re-rates me a '1' and then makes remarks about me being a fat cow, ugly, a bitch, no wonder I'm single, etc...Um yeah maybe because of assholes and psychos like you make me stay away from committments! Regardless... Watch out for this guy ladies...he has some serious head issues! When I told him I was sick and used a sick day to stay home and rest he gave me shit about what I use MY EARNED VACATION TIME AND SICK DAYS FOR! Hello buddy you are a truck driver and supposed to be out on the road but for some reason you haven't worked in weeks?!?! Get a life! And not to mention t
.... the clang of metal , the rush of blood and the stench of broken dreams......fragments of bone , chalk white against the sticky ragged flesh......lost in the corridors of a nightmare enshrouded by visions of overwhelming pleasure.....atrocity stared back from the depths - beastial , voracious and foul . the world is always ending for someone ! This is the hour when the mysteries emerge . A strangeness so hard to reflect , a moment so moving goes straight to your heart. a condition thats never been met. The attraction thats held like a wake , deep inside something i will never forget. Pattern set , the reaction will start ; complete but rejected too soon . Looking ahead in the grip of each others impulse that blinds every move. Shadow that stood by the side of the road always reminds me of you. How can i find the right way to control all of the conflicts inside, all of the problems beside. as the questions are right and the answe
so my landlord came over today and was pretty much bashing my boyfriend because he heard one of our big fights and he thinks he has the right to asume that he doesnt do anything to contribute well he does he's great with my kids and he loves me. so we fight big fucking deal who doesnt fight  i mean ours would get physical but nothin i cant handle. im a very tough chica. i dont  want my boyfriend working if he doesnt have too cause it means i dont have to put the kids in daycare and i get to see him when im not working. the guy just assumes he has the right to tel me he wont change i realy could care less if he did i love him the way he is where waiting to find out for sure but we may be pregnant again and if so then after this one is born mikes getting fixed so no more kiddies update: test today POSITIVE LIARS people who don't know how to tell the truth all need to die of shut there fucking mouths i can't stand BACKSTABBERS there just wannabes and all they do is give me a godd
Psycho Stalkers...
Recent Locations Location Time Lexington, KY, United States Tue, 15 Apr 2008 12:36:11 -0500 South Bend, IN, United States Tue, 15 Apr 2008 11:46:38 -0500 Waterloo, IA, United States Tue, 15 Apr 2008 08:11:17 -0500 Denver, CO, United States Tue, 15 Apr 2008 01:53:06 -0500 Louisville, KY, United States Tue, 15 Apr 2008 00:45:45 -0500 Santa Fe, NM, United States Mon, 14 Apr 2008 23:18:56 -0500 Denver, CO, United States Mon, 14 Apr 2008 22:10:28 -0500 Park Forest, IL, United States Mon, 14 Apr 2008 22:01:39 -0500 Waterloo, IA, United States Mon, 14 Apr 2008 20:41:09 -0500 Lisle, IL, United States Mon, 14 Apr 2008 13:53:50 -0500 I keep my page open so my haters can get an eye full. I know the psychos can't help it. It's a bonus I'm a cutie. LMAO
Psychosis Denied
That my name implies that I am dirty. No, you pussy hound men. Let me break it down for you! I am from St. Petersburg Florida. St. Pete is in the Dirty South. So therefore Dirty (Dirty South) Saint (St. Petersburg) Girl (No explanation necesary!) Im sick of you motherfuckers messaging me thinking your gonna get some easy pussy. Get bent. Getting in my pants isn't easy it takes A LOT more finesse then, "Hey wanna have some fun? No strings attached?" Fuck no! I am HIV negative and plan to stay that way thank you very much. Any man who would meet a chick off line and screw her just like that gives me the willies and you never know whats going on with that dick. I want NO part of that. And some of you are sincerely not on my level to be outright asking me to fuck. What drugs you been smoking? There may be many girls on here with those intentions but I'm not the one so please don't insult me by asking off the fly or better yet, asking at all. That you can post a blog on fubar. All this ti
Psychotic People
This goes out to a certain psycho b*tch who needs to grow up and get a clue!! THIS IS ALL YOU GIRL! "...a woman could fool herself about her relationship with a man only as long as he was around. The moment he had left, she would drop all pretense, and no wonder; at that moment her heart would break and that awful, awful sickness begin: the agony, the hopeless yearning with every fiber of her body, every nerve, for his presence his touch; her every waking thought, her every dream would be centered on him in unbearable, self-inflicted torture. She pursues you relentlessly. The woman will not let you alone. She embarrasses you in public places by inappropriate displays of affection. She calls at inopportune times and turns up at your door without warning. She interrupts your work and intrudes into your private business. Her professed "love" for you complicates your life. Your devoted admirer has become an annoyance, a damned nuisance, a scourge. Having a woman completely enthral
Psychology And Human Stupidity
Okay for my first blog in this folder, I've chosen a topic that I can't quite wrap my head around; and that is atheism. Atheists all I can do is stare wide eyed and confused when I say..."Ummmm...Whaat?" your whole philosophy is that religion is bull shit and science is responsible for the creation of all life on eath. Which up to this point; yeah, okay gott'cha... Then why is it, my dear anti-faithfuls; Wether I'm watching a george carlin clip, or just bull-shitting with one of you, at the mere mention of god; every single one of you has the exact same shit to say? Science this, and Darwin that, blah, blah, blah. And on top of that you get offended and pissed off at someone you may hardly know. WHY? Because SOME ONE DOES NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU DO.Sound familiar? I mean yeah, you could say, "Yeah,but it's not the same we don't try to force our beliefs on people." Oh no?...Maybe not in the same way but for a group who doesn't believe in religion, you sure adopted some religious like
Psycho Losers........
Psycho Biitch
Dreaming Verse 1: Why does everybody stare & call me weird Just cuz I got crusty shit hangin out of my beard & I enjoy seeing gore & blood splatter Tryna take notes in midst of all the chatter Just kiddin im not paying attention I let my mind wander into a new dimension One where everyone is accepted for who they are And even the poor folks can afford new cars Then some fagit slapped my in the back of the head I was droolin and shit already half dead If I was a ninja id kick his teeth in But im not so I put my gun up to his chin He pissed on himself & I called him a bitch Said this is only the start of your punishment So I cut off his balls put em in the oven & bake up Then the fuckin bell rings so I wake up Hook:seems so real but its only a dream I could be a ninja or a fuckin dope phene When I travel to this world nothing can touch me And I get any fuckin thing I want for free Verse 2: Sometimes my dreams aren’t so fresh I see people walkin around with gashed
Psycho Women
My best friend’s cousin is getting married in like two weeks, and they have been planning the wedding forever. I’ve known my girlfriend’s cousin for several years now, not as friends but we always hang out when we are both in town together. I always got weird vibes she didn’t like me and the other year I confronted her on it and she denied everything. Well the wedding is almost here and I haven’t received any formal or informal invitation and my feelings are hurt. I don’t really want to stir up any drama around her wedding so I haven’t asked about it, and just assumed like a good girl that I wasn’t invited but my best friend keeps chatting about it and insist I help get ready for everything like shopping for bra’s, makeup, what type of up-do and quite frankly I don’t want to help because I mad at her b*tch of a cousin who is too jealous of me to invite me to her wedding. Since I tend to think methodically *sometimes* I am thinking if I should get her a wedding a gift to rub it
Psycho Girls
Psycho Woman
Psychic Vampires...
Nine Things a Psychic Vampire Would Say By Jeffry Palmer Platinum Quality Author A psychic vampire is anyone that drains the life energy or spiritual vitality from another human being. Psychic vampires take on all manner of shapes and descriptions; they are co-workers, lovers, strangers, emotional abusers, anyone who saps your vitality can be a psychic vampire. It is important to be aware of the psychic vampire mind set as this can provide clues as to whether you are a victim of their influence and lowering of spiritual energy. In many ways psychic vampirism is a personality type and the following list details nine attitudes or thought processes which a psychic vampire might feel toward another human being. My happiness is more important than your happiness. You are responsible for my happiness. My needs are the most important needs; your emotions exist to serve mine. I will take from you until there is nothing left to take, and then I will grow angry when I cannot recei
Psych Ramblings.
2 Psycho's 1 Blog
American Psycho - D-12 Yea i know this is drama, and YEA i know that MOST of you already know these two fucks, and all about their bullshit...but fuck it, im FTW, and i do what i want, (until ADMIN decides to boot me again!! LOL) DJ AZRIEL Is this a face you want for the FUBAR SPOTLIGHT? I would CERTAINLY hope not...This douche is a stalker, a psychopath, and has been known to threaten both women, and YES, EVEN THEIR CHILDREN... PLEASE DO NOT DONATE TO THIS DUDES SPOTLIGHT FUND, AND IF YOU'RE A WOMAN, YOU WOULD BE SMART TO AVOID HIM. IF YOU'RE A MAN THAT HAS RESPECT FOR WOMEN, THEN U SHOULD HATE THIS DUDE JUST AS MUCH AS ANYONE ELSE WHO KNOWS HIM ON THIS SITE....Sorry for the DRAMA bully, but im just sick and tired of seeing him beg for fubucks, KNOWING that some unsuspecting woman that doesnt know his past will fall for his shit...I do have screen shots of his behavior, along with some other WORTHLESS HOODY WEARING Click the pic to go to his page, blo
I just heard from Psyche and she's out of recovery and resting in her room. They just gave her some meds to rest.. she sends hugs and kisses.
Psycho Babble Bullshit
I came...finally. It's interesting. Now to thank Chad somehow. ;) It's days like these that make me wanna give that notice of resignation. I hate staying over and not being asked just being expected to. I don't give a shit about my title or my rate of pay anymore....I just wanna get out of that dungeon ontime for once. :( So I guess the curiosity is killed. God how I hate that fucking cat.
Psychopath Test
Psychopath Test Read this question, come up with an answer and then scroll down to the bottom for the result. This is not a trick question. It is as it reads. Not to many people I know have gotten it right. While at the funeral of her own mother, a woman met a man who she did not know. She thought he was 'amazing'. She believed him to be her dream partner so much that she fell in love with him right there, but never asked for his number and could not find him. A few days later she killed her sister. Question: What was her motive for killing her sister? Give this some thought before you look at the answer below. She was hoping the guy would appear again at her sister's funeral. If you answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath. This was a test developed by a famous American psychologist, used to test if one has the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correct
Psycho City
Psycho Analysis
Ok folks i got something i learned today how to really find out someones persons personality without asking personal questions..take this test called the cube for me.. and find out what really are like in person.. Invision yourself in a white room and you find a cube in this room 1. What size is this cube what does it look like? 2 you find a ladder in this room aswell what size is this ladder.. 3. You find flowers in this room where are your flowers placed and what kind of flowers are they.. 4.You find a Horse in this room how does this make you feel? 5. Its rainning outside of your white room what kind of rain are you hearing..ex.. storming tornado misty blah blah you know what i mean.. answer these questions in my comment box and ill tell you what it all means and what kinda person you really are..
Psycho Asylum
Welcome, all patients, to the ward. Your medication will be given out shortly. In the mean time feel free to commit yourself and join us, one free straight jacket with every admitance and a hot nurse to medicate you. As a patient here you have the option of being heavily medicated, and are under the supervision of the hospital staff. Be yourself and go Wild, the walls are padded for a reason. Psycho Asylum
Psycho Asylum
I am a psychic who is willing to help anyone with the will to change there life for the better please contack me if you wish to talk about anything you may need gidance in
Psychiatry San Francisco
psychiatrist san francisco psychiatry san francisco
The Psycho Is Loose
Out and loose, finally freed,Now to finish what I started.Pain and anguish fills these streets.Go ahead, cry for help, no one hears you.Your sniveling attitude makes me wanna puke,Your happy little life makes me want to die.You are someone I just can't respect,So take it hard, your someone I reject.Look over there at the baby in the ditch,screaming for mercy, lying in a pool of blood.Come close to me, I'll tear you to shreds,I'll rampage upon your helpless little soul.Ripping your guts out is what I long for,hearing your cries of pain is priceless.I'll line you all up in a row, don't think I won't,BAM! They go flying out to sea. Reload.DAMN! You got blood on my new shoes,You bastards, Where you at?Don't hide, I can hear your whining,Better pray, your better off dead.You made the mistake, no second chances,Pay your dues for getting in my way.Go to sleep bitch, you won't wake up,You don't want to stay.Quit looking over your shoulder you  paranoid little bitch,I'm coming at ya right betwe
Psychotic, Possibly Deranged.
I'm only writing this in hopes that there are a few people out there like me, people who actually give a fuck about another person besides themselves. I'd say that 99.9% of you have already judged me, put me in a nice, neat li'l box with a name. That's fine, but please don't think for a second that you're correct. I understand that some peoples minds are so simple that they must do this in order to survive. The truth is, I'm so simple that it makes me complicated. I'm a chameleon, truth be told. Able to adapt to pretty much any circumstance. I'm a mess, I probably will be until the day I die. My emotions get the best of me way too often. I'm working on not letting them have such a negative impact on me. I'm my own worst critic, and when I hear negativity, it just makes it that much worse. I know, grow some thicker skin right? Well, I've tried. Everytime I think my skin is thick enough, something cuts right through. I've made so many mistakes in my life, some are unforg
Psycho Rambles
It's amazing to me. I fall into the same trap as everyone else. Oh 2009 was total dog shit, so 2010 will be fuckin great. Well if the first 8 days are any indication, I totally deluded myself. Yeah, I have already had ups, but the downs are what get ya. My kids are still my kids. My mom is more psycho than ever, or maybe I am getting more delusional and psycho and just think its everyone else. Maybe my hatred of the world and the trust I've had from friends and lovers alike that ALWAYS gets betrayed is all my fault. Maybe my rage and anger is not justified. Maybe my marriage and my relationship with Erin would have worked if I was sane. Maybe H and R block loosing my taxes from last year is a delusion in my own head. Maybe getting fired for NO damn reason is still my fault somehow. Maybe ,my mom is right. Maybe I do walk in the house and start yelling and bringing everybody down with out me knowin I'm doin it. Maybe I lost it a loooooooong time ago. Who knows, maybe I'm sittin in a pad
Psycho For Bbws
Psychology Talk About
1. Should someone accused of a crime be able to plead not guilty on the grounds of brain dysfunction or hormone imbalance? Would this be similar to a defendant pleading not guilty because he or she was under the influence of drugs? When making your statement keep in mind of the Pro's vs con's of the topic also the issues such as moral ,legal and ethical this should be a good debate lets all have fun i enjoy my phys class and would love to share this topic makes you think
Psych O' Fu
Psych Of Fu
 you show a member of the male species a picture of a pussy your gonna get 1 of 3 response, Mmmm baby, Can i eat you, can i feel your pussy? or nothing at all. usually on this site your gonna get a pigish comment of the first to. Tonight a subject demonstrated not only the piggish side of the male mind, but the fact of his desperation for getting laid as well. Apparently after thought and analysis of this individual it's been a long time since he had seen the vaginal area aka pussy of a real female. The desperation of this person made me realize that he was stuck doing 1 of 2 actions. 1. porn and a bottle of lube or baby oil, or 2. a blow up doll. Tis sad but true, that most of the men on this site think with the 2nd head and I am not refering to the one on their shoulders. Individuals like this prove the fact that 90% of males consently think about sex in some way, shape or form. For some it maybe  pounding a womans pussy, some may prefer oral but then some may prefer a animal which i
Psychic Tarot Reading
Psychaotic Pyro
it friday who wants to party.
Greetings Ebildoers! This will come out of nowhere for pretty much everyone. . . but I got an "intimate" piercing back in July. . . We took out the piercing on the 3rd of this month. We meant to size it, so we could possibly get a CBR or maybe a curved barbell, being that it's fully healed. Anyway, we discovered it was 10 gauge. We came back home, and after some "experimenting" without it, we couldn't get it back in. After a solid hour plus (with all kinds of weird ideas to help get it in), we finally gave up. We temporarily replaced it with a smaller gauge barbell, worried that the hole would close up. After work yesterday I went by the piercing parlor to get the tapered guide I'd need to put it back in. Padric tells me straight up that this will hurt more than the actual piercing. He was not kidding. He also said he'd take it much slower than the piercing took, as the skin there is meant to stretch & retract quickly. Well of course, look at what skin we're talking about.
Psy Trance People Unite
Now really, if you are one of those dinosaurs that belong to old school...please WELCOME finally it is your turn to explore SPYTRANCE culture
Pt 109
USS PT-109, an 80-foot ELCO type motor torpedo boat, was placed in service in July 1942 as a unit of Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron FIVE. She was shipped to the Pacific shortly thereafter and in September 1942 was transferred to Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron TWO for service in the Solomon Islands during the ongoing Guadalcanal Campaign. During the last months of 1942 and the first part of 1943, PT-109 was employed on patrols in the waters adjacent to Guadalcanal, as part of an effort to prevent the Japanese from reinforcing their troops on the island. After the Japanese evacuated Guadalcanal in February 1943, PT-109 remained in the Solomons. Following the seizure of Rendova Island, near New Georgia, she was based there with other PT boats, charged with interdicting enemy shipping during the fight to capture New Georgia. While patrolling in Blackett Strait, on the southern side of Kolombangara Island, during the early hours of 2 August 1943, PT-109 was rammed by the Japanese destroyer
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So im really sick adn it sucks but ym friend got me soem flowers so it made me feel a bit better :D but beign sick totaly sucks lot ! 73 days till panic at the disco cant wait gunna be the best !
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P03try C@f3
I Want You to Know That Miles Away Someone Is Sending Smiles Your Way... These Smiles They Are Not Just For Today But For Every Morning When You Awake... They Are Specially Sent From Me to You For All Of Your Kindness And laughter Too... Just Want You To Know Your Smiles Shine Through And To Know Each Day I Will Be Thinking Of You...
Ptsd Wonder Drug
Army to fund research on memory pill that may help PTSD victims By Jeff Schogol, Stars and Stripes ARLINGTON, Va. — The Army has agreed to fund research to see if a drug used to treat high blood pressure might be able to lessen the emotional impact of memories associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. CBS’ “60 Minutes” first reported Nov. 26 that the Army was looking at whether the drug Propranolol could be used to treat PTSD. Researchers hope to recruit several dozen veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan from the greater Boston area for the study, said psychologist Dr. Scott P. Orr, who will help conduct the research. The study will look at whether Propranolol can reduce veterans’ emotional responses to certain memories by cutting down on the accompanying surge of adrenaline, said Orr, who works at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Manchester, N.H. In initial tests, people given the drug were observed to have reduced physiological r
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My parents have lived in an area for almost 10 years, I now live in the area, and have been so for nearly 2 years... throughout the past 10 years I have frequented the local pub... for you Americans... a local british pub/bar is where local people go to socialise theres always a mandatory old man in the corner who is always there but never says anything, a resident alcoholic whos constantly making a fool of himself, and about half a dozen kids playing around... ...anypoo... my local used to be lovely, you could go there to see your mates, have a cheap meal and have fun... but my god has it gone down hill... Since this new manageress has started they've gone to pot... they bought in a no hat rule and told an elderly gentleman who wore a TRILBY that he wasn't allowed to wear it anymore, so this poor old man who had been going there for years, left the pub having felt unwelcomed, and never returned... (big awwww plz) They then changed the menu... not different food..
Pub Crawl
THIS SATURDAY... NOVEMBER 15 starting at 7 pm in SALEM, MA The Pub Crawl Schedule: Finz - 7 - 7:45 CAPTS (Pickering Wharf) - 8 - 8:45 Dodge Street Bar & Grill - 9 - 9:45 Lobster Shanty 9:45 - 10 (guzzle and go) O'Neill's - 10 - 11 Rockafella's - 11 - Close We hope to see you all there. Get the word out. Repost this to your friends that you would like to join the crawl! If you have questions, send me a PM. Maybe I'll see you out! Jeff SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15 starting at 7 pm in SALEM, MA The Pub Crawl Schedule: Finz - 7 - 7:45 CAPTS (Pickering Wharf) - 8 - 8:45 Dodge Street Bar & Grill - 9 - 9:45 Lobster Shanty 9:45 - 10 (guzzle and go) O'Neill's - 10 - 11 Rockafella's - 11 - Close We hope to see you all there. Get the word out. Repost this to your friends that you would like to join the crawl! If you have questions, send me a PM. Maybe I'll see you out! SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15 starting at 7 pm in SALEM, MA The Pub Crawl Schedule: Finz - 7 - 7:45
Puberty heck this site out
Public Blogs
You ever go through Blockbuster with kids? You walk slowly around looking at the New Releases, while your kids run amock raking videos off the shelves like dominoes. Some bulgy woman who works for the store chasing after them, while trying hail me with "Sir? Sir? Are these your boys?" To which I always say, "No." This allows me time to find a movie that I'll like. Because I know that about 40 videos are coming from 4 little hands that I won't like. Kids don't know how to pick a good movie. They don't read any reviews. They easily believe what they see on TV ads. And, the only "word of mouth" they get is from other kids...who know as much as your kids do about movies. So, as I'm looking at The Last King of Scotland, here comes both boys with some movies for me to approve or deny, based on what I think would be appropriate for them to watch AND what I could stomach watching. Spenser's Choices (he's 9) 1. Leprechaun 2: A midget killing people...Vote: Denied. Why?
Public Toilets Funny But True
My mother was a fanatic about public restrooms. When I was a little girl, shed take me into the stall, show me how to wad up toilet paper and wipe the seat. Then she'd carefully lay strips of toilet paper to cover the seat. Finally, she'd instruct, "Never, NEVER sit on a public toilet seat. Then she'd demonstrate "The Stance," which consisted of balancing over the toilet in a sitting position without actually letting any of your flesh make contact with the toilet seat. That was a long time ago. Now, in my "mature" years, "The Stance" is excruciatingly difficult to maintain. When you have to visit a public bathroom, you usually find a line of women, so you smile politely and take your place. Once it's your turn, you check for feet under the stall doors. Every stall is occupied. Finally, a door opens and you dash in, nearly knocking down the woman leaving the stall. You get in to find the door won't latch. It doesn't matter. The dispenser for the modern "seat covers"
Public Blogs
Yea I just realized that there was even a "blogging" area on the lc. uh-duh. Yea I dont have much to say I just thought I would write something so everyone still knows I am an actual person..ha. talk at me...plz I like to talk I like to answer questions and I am usually bored so I need someone to entertain me ;-)
Public Service Announcement
R.I.P. I have been on this site for about a year. I was here before MuMMs exsisted. I was here before MuMMs could get you points. I'm in the MuMMs all the time now. I don't consider myself a mummer or mummfolk. I am not a newbie to the mumms nor am I n00b. I have noticed that a lot of people who create MuMMs and a lot of people who comment on MuMMs (including "mummers") are very sensitive people. First off let's talk about the MuMM posters. Most of these people don't know what a MuMM really is. The MuMMs are a place for user to post questions that would help them make up their mind about a particular sibject, item, etc. It is not a place to post opinion polls or open ended questions. So questions such as What do you like better? Pepsi or Coke, are not MuMMs. These type of questions are opinion polls. Now a lot of these people get upset when someone tells them that this type of MuMM is dumb. Who cares? Its just the internet. Next I would like to talk about the mummers o
Published Poems.
Little Xi'an   Little Xi'an so fast asleep, I wonder what your dreams do keep, So little now, so very young, Your precious life just has begun. You are so small, with a soul so pure, You're my heart's only cure. Your little smile, lights up my day, Without you there is no other way. Your little fingers wrapped around mine, Sleeping so sweetly and snuggling fine, Your favorite place upon my chest, Snoring softly, in sleep getting rest. One of the best of only two, I could never ask for better nephews than you. My promise is this, if you ever need me, Just call out my name and you will see, Whatever you need, I'm your becking call, I will never leave you, not ever at all.   Copyright ©2008 Kodi Loe Razor's Breath   This razor's breath Breaths on my skin Whispering "Come closer" Wanting to cut me again I'm trying to stop hurting An this pain makes it go away But I can't continue this way I want so much to stop Its tearing me away Why can't you just be her
Public Family, Friends & Homies Annoucement
Public Service Annoucement
Insanity is Hereditary and Contagious. Those of you with Disfunctional Family and Friends will understand. Those of you who "Think" you dont might wanna read the first line a few times. I got the Martinis, somebody Bring the Readi-Whip. Tomorrow is NATIONAL GOTOPLESS PROTEST DAY. Women everywhere should show their support for the Decriminalization of Women been Topless in Public. Women should have the right to Bare their chest in Public just as Men do. I have attached a link to the site please visit and sign the petition
Things I Have Learned and Have Often Forgotten (by my own personal experience and by watching others around me). Feel free to agree or disagree, I just thought I'd share some of my views. I'm always up to learning something new even if it counterdicts what I think I already know. An ignorant person thinks he/she knows it all, a truely wise individual knows he/she has much yet to learn. I always would rather chose to be wise, so my mind is always open. I thought this would be an interesting learning experience! And remember if you want someone to respect your point of view, you must first respect theirs! I truly believe in "agreeing to disagree". About Friends: 1. True friends are hard to come by, when you find them never let them go. 2. If your friend likes talking "smack" about others' (especially his/her other friends) behind their backs, it's a guarantee they are talking smack about you behind your back as well. You don't need a gossip for a friend!
Public View
Seems that Misty has her family threatening me now so I had to set my blog to friends only so they can't come back and delete the evidence. I kind of feel bad for the people who post these mums, because we just sort of take over their alert box.
Published Poems By Me
Its been three years since you've past, My memories of you will always last. You wore diamonds sometimes jade, My love for you will never fade. Its so hard not to cry, Then I remember your among the stars in the sky. God needed a special angel, So he picked you to finish his triangle. There still are times I don't unerstand, Thats why mom your still holding my hand. With these last few words mom I must say so true, They will never be another mom like you. In memory of the love that we shared, Mom I want you to know I really cared. Shelby Jean Bowyer Copyright ©2007 Shelby Jean Bowyer I wrote this in remembrance of My sister-in-law for her children.. God sent me an Angel He's sweet with a kind loving voice, So god made a very good choice. His thoughts about me shows he really cares, I know god sent him to always be there. The feelings he has for me is like no other, Thats why god told me to look no farther. For he sent me his best from up above, And ye
Published Work
If anyone wonders why I am Eastern Orthodox, it's because it is the only faith that honors the memory of my friends. Shenley and Joni are gone now, and I am left to tack the sail, lay in the stores for the winter, and generally keep things running. In their absence I try hard to : do all things well, and thoroughly and to be the type of person we had all dreamed of being. We used to sit around and philosophize over many a Rum or whiskey, and Shenley would be the only one left standing. She could always out-drink me. Now it is only me who is left and I am always asking myself if I am : a) in trouble b) in the right c)the one with my head screwed on straight. In case you're wondering, yeah, I really DO believe. I believe in: The resurrection of the Dead and the Life of the Age to Come. Amen. Sleep well my friends. You've earned it. Love, Suzanne Published by the Comstock Chronicle/Territorial Enterprise/ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Published originally in 2000 and

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