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Nothing There
The arbitrary begining fading into the endless night. The unlinited dawn turning into the forgotten life. The sound of severed hands clapping over the death of a beloved tyrant. Justice served and a hero lost to the winds. The defeted villian that had a crushing victory over nothing. The ruler of a kingdom long past and destined to rise again. Perseverance over all. Reverance unto nothing. What is done is not to be. What is to be is not done. Unheard are the screams of billions that died long ago. To listen and not hear. To speak and say nothing. Visions of visions. Light blends and bends into the heart of the wandering soul. Taunted by darkness and holding ground. Truthful lies told to no one. A heart held in vain. Love lost before it was ever found. The quiet hold no secrets, yet the secrets are there. Waiting for the one who will never come. More than everything and nothing, and less than you and I. Somewhere in the void is a light and a path to somewhere beautiful and ugly all at o
Nothing Is Real
The other day I swerved to avoid being hit by another car. Then I started to thing that I should have let the car hit me because my car failed emissions and I will not be able to drive it any longer unless I can stop the engine from smoking. If I had let the car hit me I could have collected from his insurance toward a new car. Then I considered why I am so cleaver to think of these things on Fubar but not in real life and I came to realize the reason. You see, cyber world is like the Beatles’ song, Strawberry Fields Forever, where nothing is real. In the real world I would never do the things I do here. The problem is when we start to believe things in cyber world to be real; that’s when we are in trouble.
Not Here?
Nothing (private)
Nothing Special
thought i would place something in here. been here a while and thought i would contribute. it was the lest i could do. seeing as how i have been here longer then a week ill give a little about me. im a geek and an otaku. i like anime and kareoke. i roll play on tue and sundays. like i said geek. i do kareoke on thur and sat at county trail in hanover park ill.i sing stuff like bodies,peace sells,judit and behind blue eyes. the brat prince sings as well on sat nights. once i resize some photos. ill make sure you can see the slow torture we place on people at the bar. bit short but ill do more later...... promise. got questions please ask.
Nothing More Than Feelings
So I have had a couple nights of little to no sleep. With many thoughts clawing at the back of my head. A few shed tears. My feelings...silly damn things...are so easily hurt. I have something to say. It may require a moment of your time to read, but that moment is worth it, I believe. I have never set out to intentionally harm anyone. I have never deliberately stolen the affection of anyone from another. I have not willingly seduced another to my bed, who did not ask to be invited. Or belonged to someone else. I have loved and loved deeply, a total of 4 men in my lifetime. I have lusted more than my share. Not that anyone has a limit you know...but my point is this, I am not after anything that belongs to anyone. I am incorrigible..I am flirtatious...I am impetuous...I am kind, gentle, and caring. I am sensitive and extremely passionate. I have issues, most an OCD type of way...others very personal. I don't betray I fully expect my confidences be kept
Nothing To Do
i am sitting here bored out of my mind thinking about takeing a bath or just watch some tv have or get on cam what should i do
Nothing Yet
Nothing From Nothing Equals Nothing
Simple and easy to understand, take everything for a learning curve.
Nothing Major Lol
Nothing Is As It Seems
Who are you to say If i'm right or wrong and who are you to say If I belong For you don't walk in my shoes Or see life the way I do Who are you to talk behind my back And who are you to say If my morals lack For you don't walk in my shoes or see life the way I do So don't try to make me see your light Or play games with my life For we are all one in the same Even though we all have different names So don't play with me Just let me be I'll live my life The way I see and all I ask of you Is let me be For you don't walk in my shoes Or see life the way I do I must be free To feel the breeze will you understand as I take your hand That I love you now But tomarrows
Nothing Else Matters
Dear Rick, Hi... How are you? I wanted to write you to let you know something you should know already, but I am thinking of you.. I have known of you for about seven or eight years now. It has been about two years since we have actually met eachother face to face. I remember the first night we spent to-gether.. i also remember when you showed me things about who i am, it was scary... your the first one i heard tell me about me being negative.. dont think i forgot that.. i could never forget... i also know how i fell into dispaer.. i also know who put us in hell... ill never forget that felling.... i want you to know i love you... God knows that more then anyone.. i pray to god to help us threw our financal issues right now.... you and i well be fine, you wait and see.... as long as we got eachother.... and stand together to help eachother out well be fine... youare my best friend.. you know me better than anyother soul.....  thank you so much for all your love, for standing up for me
Nothing Is As It Seems
why are ppl always tryin to be someone or something they arent, i am who i am n will never change that, i am what i am n cant change that. i guess some ppl cant see the difference between fake n real people by lettin that person be who they are, they dont even give a full chance just automatically take out on innocent ppl for others...... well, i guess they r the ones that have things to hide, n fake, n lie about eh? well i guess in the long run we find out who n what we all are and who and what others are why is it that ppl never give a fair chance n when they get pissed off at others of the same sex as u.. then u pay as well as the ones that messed them ova...............well wihen U act like this no wonder NO ONE wants u or wants to be round u............ UR A FAKE N A FRAUD............... and full of bs.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seems ppl here still are taking ppl for granted, it isnt nice nor is it polite to put all males or all females into one corner n expect
Five Finger Death Punch- The Bleeding v1 i remember when all the games began remember every little lie and every last goodbye promises you broke, words you choked on and i never walked away its still a mystery to me pre-chorus well i'm so empty im better off without you and youre better off without me well your so unclean im better off without you and youre better off without me chorus the lying the bleeding the screaming was tearing me apart the hatred (deceiving) the beatings its over v2 paint the mirrors black to forget you i still picture your face and the way u used to taste roses in a glass dead and wilted to you this all was nothing everything to you is nothing pc well youre so filthy im better off without you and youre better off without me well im so ugly youre better off without me and im better off alone c. the lying the bleeding the screaming was tearing me apart the hatred the beatings (disaster) its over as wicked a
Nothing About Nothing
I tell people that I don’t need anyone. That is a lie! I am so alone and all I want is for someone to want me. Someone I can hold, who will be there when I need them, even when I don’t. I have just one flaw, just one and no one can accept me for it. My one flaw is words, that’s it words. At time I say things in anger that I don’t mean, mean things, ugly things, but that is it. I know words can hurt as bad as a fist, but its not my fault. I have several mental disorders that cause me to do it. I could see if I beat them or drank all the time and did drugs, and cheated on them. Most of which to me is unforgivable. Most of what I say is! No matter how hard I try no one wants me. Am I that bad? Should I just lock myself up away from everybody? If people only knew the real me, they might think different. If they only knew how I cry myself to sleep because I am so alone, how I look down on myself because I feel I am not good enough, or how I stopped believing in love. How I have given up on
Nothing's All Lies
Hush now dont cry Wipe away the teardrop from your eye Youre lying safe in bed It was all a bad dream Spinning in your head Your mind tricked you to feel the pain Of someone close to you leaving the game of life So here it is, another chance Wide awake you face the day Your dream is over...or has it just begun? Theres a place I like to hide A doorway that I run to in the night Relax child, you were there But only didnt realize it and you were scared Its a place where you will learn To face your fears, retrace the tears And ride the whims of your mind Commanding in another world Suddenly, you hear and see This magic new dimension I will be watching over you I am gonna help you see it through I will protect you in the night I am smiling next to silent lucidity If you open your mind for me You wont rely on open eyes to see The walls you built within Come tumblng down, and a new world will begin Living twice at once you learn You're safe from pa
Thought for the day! I love this - I hope you do to. An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole which she carried across her neck. One of the pots had a crack in it while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water. At the end of the long walks from the stream to the house, the cracked pot arrived only half full. For a full two years this went on daily, with the woman bringing home only one and a half pots of water. Of course, the perfect pot was proud of its accomplishments. But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own imperfection, and miserable that it could only do half of what it had been made to do. After two years of what it perceived to be bitter failure, it spoke to the woman one day by the stream. 'I am ashamed of myself, because this crack in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to your house.' The old woman smiled, 'Did you notice that there are flowers o
Not Here To Be Used
I am not here to be if I am just another point to you..etc..please delete me. I am interested in friends/friendships.. not interested in making you higher on the fubar ladder..not interested in making you popular for the day.
Nothing Special
Nothing Special.. Just Wanted To Share
Nothing To Fear
will you miss me when i am gone away? will you remember how it used to be? noth think of the sickly mass that i turned out to be? not remeber the pain, just all the love in my eyes? even when i am gone it will still be there.... REALIZE... that even in death, i will live on in memories that u have, in our favorite songs. it wont be an end.. but a beginning for you a new chapter on life, so please dont be blue.. i was blessed to have you, so close to me... and you will be in my heart for eternity. please just smile, love, and dont shed a tear.. coz you Angel will be watching over you you have nothing to fear ...
Not Happy
Not Here Much
I am nothing to the world but every thing to me. Some pray for riches I pray only to be free. Free from my pain and more so my past. To realize I will some day be more then last. Being able to achieve a place rather then outcast. From the out side I am looking in. Waiting for my chance to begin. Able to be the man I truly am. Rather then labeled as junk mail or marked as spam.
Nothing But The Truth
Girls, are really that fucked up?? I know I'm not the only one. Why is it when a man treats us like shit, we just can't let him go? I'm not fuckin lyin this is totally true. So there you go guys, you wanna know how to keep a woman, shit all over her. (there are some exceptions) I just don't get it, we wine and cry about what we want, but for the most part I'm starting to believe it's bullshit. I think we just want to bitch about something. It's the same for all of us in this situation, you know, theres always that other man who loves you to death, who worships you, and wants to give you the world, but it's not gonna happen, he's always going to be the back up ,"in case of emergency". As soon as we know we have a man like that is it a turn off ?? Too nice secrelety = pussy. This is the thruth for alot of us! Fucked up isn't it??  Oh don't all you nice considerate men worry we won't ever get rid of you, no, no ,no, we want you to be there" just in case", the inconsiderate asshole that
Nothing But Random Stuff Lol
boring plain and just straight out nuts!! not much else to tell about a military town... lol... savannah tho is where the parties are!!! RIVER ST!!!!! walk and drink and party till the cops finally say dump your drink and get a ride home lol...
Nothing More.....nothing Less....
You are very passionate and quite temperamental. While you can be moody, you always crave comfort.You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you're head is in the clouds.You believe that people see you for how you are, not how you look. But deep down, you know that's not exactly true.Your near future is in a very different place (both physically and mentally) from where you are right now.For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust. Trapped in my world of confusion, my head spinning and spinning, vision blurred, confusion is what I deserve. Trapped in my world of pain, keeping it all inside, hurt is all I feel, pain is what I deserve. Trapped in my world of anger, vessels ready to explode, blood boiling, anger is what I deserve. Trapped in my world of sadness, crying, weeping, not knowing what to do, sadness is what I deserve. Trapped in my own re
No Thank You
Short and sweet is what I am, but not talking about me here. This blog is short, but not so sure about the sweet part. Anyway, to the point... Am not liking the length people go to in order to become popular. The lies and such just irk the hell out of me. But it's your game and all the best to you, however, don't try and feed me your line of bullshit 'nough said
Yeah, I had one. Cops, stolen cars, near fatal bike accidents, tacos y cerveza, sex, drugs, rock and roll. Or something like that. Partying on Sunday night, when one has to work Monday isn't advisable. I also REALLY need to stay away from drugs. They only get me into trouble. Hope everyone's Monday is good I'm smart. However cocky or arrogant that comes out, I am. I always have been. It's something that is a little alienating, at times, solely because I find it hard to relate to people on many levels. I'm also an intense person. There are only a handful of people out there that understand what I mean by this. I'm sorry they have had to experience my over zealous nature. When I find someone I can relate to, I tend to go off the deep end, not in the sense that I should be fitted in a straight-jacket, for a padded room, but I definitely overwhelm people. It's part of my inability to relate. Once I find I can relate to someone, I sort of unleash the inner me
Nothing And Everything
Ever think that You have EVERYTHING and then wake up to find You have NOTHING I did!
Nothing To Hide
I am Sabrina 21 years old , l am very Friendly, Soft, Sexy, Funny, Girl with a Beautiful tight body, lovely skin and long hair. I am currently studying and need to finance my studies so why not try to do that with something l love Sex. I offer the following companion and escort services: *Friendly Escort for Hotel Room Fun. *Dinner Date, and City Tour Guide services. *Erotic and Relaxation style full body and body-to-body oil massage *Trip planning, Travel tips, Organizing hotel, Sight Seeing. *Short term, overnight and longer term services. I only practice safe sex, l love to please, so expect an intimate, Caring, Playful and Sexy Experience. Feel free to email ( to discuss your trip and how i may be of service. LA is wonderful with many great people, amazing food, nightlife, beaches and sights, So whether you contact me or not i wish you a great time! Kisses from Sabrinastar xxx Me? Sexy? Hell, no! I think people who think that Im sexy ar
Nothing As Simple Of A Thing~
I lay and watch you sleep at night Jealous of the shadowed light That bathes your body in a sweet caress No touch from me to spoil your rest Your gentle breath a sweet perfume To challenge the breeze within the room I move up close to hear the sound Of the quiescent, peace you've found Your murmured words of love profound For my ears when no one else is around You drift off back to blissful sleep Holding my hand, a special treat I'll join you in your dreams tonight Maybe search for the rainbows light Together running you and I In fields of dreams, where lovers lie... ~W.H.~ ~2009~
"dont believe every thing you here, because every thing you here is not true.." "Life is to short and misserable,to be unhappy" "don't take things for granted,you just may not have or see that person or thing again" the point is: "live life to the fullest and have no regrets, and look back once just to say i'm done or i have done that.."
What is Love? I'll tell you what it is, it's something for fools. Fools think they are in love, they chase after it like once they have it thier life will mean something. They catch it and they are no better for having it. They hold it to tight and it slipes through their fingers like sand. Then washes away...If they are one of the lucy ones they will not hurt because of it but the mojority of US will. Yes I am one of those fools of which I speak...I was the child that lost the love from her father when he pasted.....the child whose Mother beat and then turned her back on...the child who even though I knew that she could not love me came back to be beat again an again because that was the only form of love I could get. The little sister who was left behind.  The child who everyone said was saved when they came an took me from my hell at home to throw me into a hell much worse. The child that Men used as they pleased and then passed me around like a dirty mag....that was love so I was t
Nothing Last Forever..
Nothing last forever so live it up,drink it down,laugh it off,avoid bullshit,take chances,and never have regrets,because at one point,every thing you did was exactley what u wanted... It breaks your heart when people you know,become people you knew;when you can walk rite past some one as if they were never a huge part of their life.U use to be able to talk for hours and now you can't even look each other in the damn eye.It completly breaks your heart to know that good things change;and there's nothing you can do... 
Nothing Like 20 Fubshop Messenges Thats About Pics Nsfw
This blog is about nothing, thanks for taking the time to browse. ;-)
how birds got their wings A long time ago God had a great many burdens that He wished to have carried from one place to another on Earth. He asked the animals to lend a hand, but all of them had excuses for not helping: the elephant was too dignified; the lion, too proud; and so on . . . Finally the birds came to God and said, "If you will tie the burdens into small bundles, we'll be glad to carry them for you. We are small, but we would like to help." So God fastened upon the back of each bird a small bundle, and they all set out walking across the plain to their destination. They sang as they went, not minding the weight of their burdens at all. Every day the burdens seemed lighter and lighter, until the loads seemed to be lifting the birds, instead of the birds carrying the burdens. When they arrived at their destination, they discovered that when they removed their loads, there were beautiful wings in their place. Wings that enabled them to fly to the tree tops and soar through t
Nothing In Return!!
Everyday I rate all of my friends and I get nothing in return. I will be cleaning out my friends and fans lists over the next couple days. It's time to cut out all the users on this site.
Nothin But The Truth! I had to link it for reasons!! The truth is ALWAYS good.  Keep it real people!!!
HE IS ALWAYS IN MY MIND, WONDERING WHAT HE IS DOING, WONDERING IS HE OK, HE IS ALWAYS IN MY HEART, THERE HELPING IT BEAT A LITTLE FASTER, DOES HE THINK OF ME, AM I ALWAYS IN HIS MIND, AM I IN HIS HEART, THERE HELPING IT BEAT A LITTLE FASTER, WILL I MEET HIM ONEDAY, SEE HIS BEAUTIFUL FAE UP CLOSE, WILL I HOLD HIM ONEDAY, WILL HE TELL ME EVERYTHING WILL BE OK, WILL WE LAUGH AND PLAY TOGETHER, NEVER WANTING IT TO END, HOLDING HANDS IN THE PARK, LOOKING INTO EACH OTHERS EYES, EYES MEETING AS IF IN A DREAM, DOES HE THINK OF ME, AM I IN HIS MIND ALWAYS. Feeling as though I have no where to go, Falling deeper into that lost world of nothingness, Feeling my way around as if I am blind, Not knowing which way to go or what to do, Wondering in the darkness, Feeling useless and unworthy of anything.   Hurting inside, twisted and torn, lonely and scared, Lost in time unable to find my way back, What road should I take,
Nothing At All
everything happens for a reson and if you can't do anything just smile
Nothing Like This
There’s nothing in my life I’d say I regret But there’s something in your eyes that makes me forget the times that I believed That love was good as love could be I had it all but I was wrong Thought I’d been touched Thought I’d been kissed Thought I’d been loved But it was nothing like this You can’t describe the sea unless you’ve been there before It’s just a mystery until you’re standing on the shore And moved by every wave Taking your breath away Like you do to me Thought I’d been touched Thought I’d been kissed Thought I’d been loved But it was nothing like this It’s like another life Like I hadn’t felt a thing Until you Thought I’d been touched Thought I’d been kissed Thought I’d been loved But it was nothing, nothing like this It was nothing like this Nothing like, nothing like this
Nothing To Do With The Fu
On my way to the circus..or back from the circus..or was there a circus..have no idea now. What did happen was during my happy homeless days I got real tired after 3 weeks and no sleep so I pulled the motor off the highway. Then I noticed a closed BBQ place and jumped on a picnic table and started to nod. All of a sudden I have the biggest set of headlights [car type you boobs] in my eyes. Out from behind the lights I see this figure in blue with a baton, not the cheerleader type, and he approaches slowly. I quickly sat up and said "WOW! did I order take out". What kind?? In uniform he couldn't laugh but I heard the jaw crack as he tried to suppress the smile. He asked what was going on and I started to tell him I was a professional photographer taking [star] shots. The cloud cover gave that away so I headed for the truth. He said he would finish the tour and be coming back thru in an hour and I'd better not be on that table. So he left and I put motor under a tree and jumped on the ne
Nothing But Love
Nothin To You
the distance between us,  its killing me,  the words spoken between us,  they are hurting me,  the look in my eyes when you walked away, unforgetable to me,  my brokenheart? meaningless to you, the tears i cried,nothing to you, the look in my eyes when i walked away, forgetable to you, what you mean to me, everything, what i would give to have you back,  everything,  what would it change? nothing,  why would it change nothing? cuz to you i mean nothing,  i am nothing,  and nothing will change that, 
Nothing Left
A single red rose, unopened at first. Then the light shines down, giving it birth. It's open and bright, innocent and pure. The dew drips from the pedals, saturating the sand. A stranger admires it, holds it in his hand. It's fragrance is so sweet, elegant and kind. He has to change it, pulling the pedals off one at a time. Until the rose, can take no more. It is no longer, innocent and pure. It is tainted and dark, there is nothing left. But a pile of broken pedals, where it once slept.
Nothing Better To Do
When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears withtheir tedious diatribes about how hard things werewhen they were growing up; what with walkingtwenty-five miles to school every morning ... uphillBOTH ways .. yadda, yadda, yaddaAnd I remember promising myselfthat when I grew up, there was no way in hell I was goingto lay a bunch of crap like that on kids about howhard I had it and how easy they've got it!But now that I'm pushing the ripe old age of 40, I can't help but look aroundand notice the youth of today. You've got it so easy!I mean, compared to my childhood, you live in a damn Utopia!And I hate to say it but you kids today you don't knowhow good you've got it!I mean, when I was a kid we didn't have The Internet.If we wanted to know something, we had to go to the library and look it up ourselves, in the cardcatalog!There was no email! ! We had to actually write somebodya letter ... with a pen! Then you had to walk all theway across the street and put it in the mailbox and itw
Nothing Could Fix
I'm not trying to lay any pressure, at your feet. I just need you to know realism, behind the words I speak. Because they are not just words, to me. They are emotions, actions, reality. I feel them not just say them, it runs deeply. Don't you understand how much, you mean to me? It's not this site, this screen. There's reality inside, everything. I say to you, it comes from the heart. It doesn't matter, we're miles apart. That's the small stuff, simple to cure. But nothing could fix, not having you anymore.
A heartbeat, in the night. You can silence, with the light. Blood stains, wiped away. Weaker breath, each day. A broken smile, faded tears. A constant pain, agonizing fear. An angel can never fly, with broken wings. Who am I? Nothing.
Nothing Left
Deep in the heart of me,the darkness you can't see.I stand and watch you bleed.It's more than you deserve,for all the lies I've heard.Before I lay you in the dirt,please take this knife from my back.As you lay dying, hope you think of me.And how good it could have been.Well, you had your chance.Now we will never try again.I don't know why I was so lame,falling for your stupid games.I need to leave you behind.You're not worth my time.I've got to let go of this pain,before I go insane.When you take your last breath,I'll be glad there's nothing left.Good-bye, my darling. © R.A.H
Nothing To Say.
Caught this gem in a forum I post in.I'm not, nor have I ever been a Stripper. I prefer being behind a webcam(;But... this just kinda made me go... ''Y'know?...''   Quote of the Day:"Particularly when I was younger, when men I didn’t know would approach me in public -- at a cafe or the gym, for example -- and try and strike up what to me seemed like an innocent conversation, my first instinct was always to be polite. Too often, such “innocent conversations” would end in my turning down a date or simply feeling held hostage, stuck in a conversation I didn’t want to have, feeling as if I had somehow “asked for it” by virtue of my gender. When I started working as a stripper, I learned this was an actual job, not just another chore women are obligated to do. Being sexually available and making men feel good about themselves is work, and I don’t have to do it for free." --Melissa Petro I am pretty tired of the cry of the "Nice Guy"'She says she w
Nothing To See Here
Hello and salutations to you all. You may or may not have heard of Edgar Cayce. His nickname was the "Sleeping Prophet" as he would go into a trance and talk about lots of things such as the apocalypse and Atlantis. He was very popular in the more bohemian circles and is widely read amongst New Agers. He talked about this detox diet (which you'll find lots of information if you google it) that involves eating nothing but apples for the next 48 hours. You can eat as many or as little as you'd like, and drink nothing but water and herbal, and green tea. I decided to try this out this weekend, to see if I can detoxify myself and maybe even lose a kilo.  I can tell you, as of this writing, that I feel weird. I feel happy and, at the same time, detached from this world. I guess "high" would be the right term. I do feel a bit sensitive, like something could easily upset me; yet I feel like I can return to this happy state of mind.  My sense of touch, taste, and smell is more acute. My e
It would be so easy just to shut down right now & just walk away from everything, & not caring one way or another about things. Holding back not telling people off. Keeping the tongue in check not screaming out things that shouldn't be said. Not sitting crying & moaning. Trying to keep the head up. Praying for everybody else, because nothing left to pray for self, for nothing seems to work. Trying to stir up the joy & faith inside. Trying to keep emotions in check & not let the heart wander aimlessly off track. Working on keeping the promises in front as well as the prize at the end of the race. Watching as more & more gets taken & nothing can be done. What more needs to leave, or to be stripped? Is this a joke? Is it funny to dump dung on one? How much more will be dumped? The tunnel is long & never ending. No longer know which is up or down. The light ends up being a tease of another lamp hanging from a wooden beam shining, but still not enough to show if going further into the abyss
Nothing To Fear
i dont fear death.. runnin the streets till my final breath.. brushing up on ya girlfriends breasts.. i aint afraid of a fight.. have u waking up in the hospital starrin at the lights.. many sleepless nights.. twisted corrupted n down rite not given a fuck.. so your guns buck.. better hope i die.. cause im coming back blazing n thats no lie.. you will regret the day you crossed me.. im coming back eventually.. hoses in my chest. ive seen i.c.u. eating through an i.v. tube.. what can you do to me thats not already been done son.. pain is a friend to me.. by my side and in my head constantly.. so come n do your worst.. your momma be following your body in the hurst.. my lifes been cursed since birth.. so think twice .. take ya friends advice.. sit down n STFU.. before you get busted up.. go ahead n call the PoPo.. aint scurred to go.. they gonna have to taze me.. cause pepper spray wont stop me.. i dont need to see.. just to kick a lifeless body.. i just wanna say remember this.. realize
Not Here To Show You My Body Parts
Not here to show you my Tits and stuff... 4:26pmN reply leemast: sup sexy 4:26pm more To leemast: nothing much.. 4:27pm reply leemast: fun 4:28pm more To leemast: some fun on here 4:29pm reply leemast: if u want 4:29pm more To leemast: I always have fun talking to my friends.. 4:31pm reply leemast: wat kinda fun 4:32pm
Not Here Much Anymore!
Nothing Matters Anymore
What is love, life, friends, happiness and all the good things?  Nothing but glorified words to bring false hopes and dreams to people. Love is full of heartache and pain. Life is full of hardship, hard work for nothing, and pain. Friends are just enemies with a different name because they seem to only dring deceit and pain. Happiness what is that? Only seems to be a false hope to me especially lately. Why even speak of such things in life when they seem to not exist?  As I sit here I wonder....does anything really matter anymore? Why am I still struggling to be here? Why do I always help others when no one is here to help me? Screw it. I don't care anymore. Tired of struggling and working everyday and not being able o live myself. No money for food or for a home....not even money to get back and forth to work yet I still go everyday. Tired of being sick daily and miserable and depressed. What is the purpose of even staying alive when I can't even enjoy my life? Would anyone truly miss
Nothing But Just Thinking.
well i am just thinking here. Alot going on and just hoped to be kept in prayers.
Time to trick the tweakers!!
Notice Anything Different?
I am changing my last name back to my dad's last name. Some of you know that i never got along with my mom's husband. I want him completely out of my life. I have been wanting to change my last name for the past year. And now that i have my dad back in my life, I really wanna go back to his last name. Let me know what you think.
Notice: Before yall read the blogs under "stories" please note, if you have read em, read this anyways. 1. I'm not crazy. 2. I did not go through ANY of what is mentioned. 3. Its just stories that I made up, its called entertainment!!! 4. Yes I know they might seem deep, but its what I came up w/. 5. Dont see me any different then yall did before yall read em, I'm still the same person.
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okay my pretty night wedding at the place where my sweetie and i meet has become a VERY cheap ordeal. no, it's not a JP ordeal, but at the moment it might as well be. there'll be no dancing, no really big celebration . . .no pretty dress. . .no being the day's shinning star. i will be just another person, someone who will go basically unnoticed on what SHOULD be my big day. My SISTER will be prettier and better dressed ON MY WEDDING DAY than I will be. because we are SOOO BROKE and the economy sucks so we're having toubles getting new jobs. it feels like i'll be forgotten on my own wedding day because i'll not be special enough or pretty enough. no special dress for me . . .no aisle for me to walk down towards to my love. i know i sound like a drama queen, but it's like getting my dreams flushed down the toilet and fate laughing at me for wanting ONE SINGLE day to be special. hell my future step daughter will look prettier than me thanks to the capabilities of her grandmother.
Not In Her Storm
Not In Her Storm I see the clouds rolling in and oh how it looks like rain And it is always I fight for the welcome change When it rains it pours on this heart of mine So, I take the storms I feel to her each time. But I know she has lived under her own pouring rain Yet under her water her heart still doesn't change She can walk away from what hangs overhead And, not in her storm, are words left unsaid. Not in her storm have I ever felt alone Her storm ends, so I, may find my way home It's for me that she pushes away her own rain So, that I may find comfort in calling her name. She lives in this world for the sake of another's heart God, how she eases the miles when worlds apart And she never wanders when your world falls through Not ever in her storm would she do this to you. She has wings that I know not only I can see Cause only an angel could find strength to carry me It's the way that the eyes can surely view How her heart's written so clearly in wha
No Time To Sing.
What is a "non-binding resolution"? It's a way for politicians to masturbate in public. That's all it amounts to. The "opposition" in Congress is too cowardly to do anything of substance, so it makes up pathetic little "non-binding resolutions", instead. I used to sing all the time. I've got a three and a half-octave range (including falsetto), and women have told me I have a beautiful voice. (Okay, so one guy did, too, but he was a pastor trying to recruit me for the choir.) But I just haven't felt like I had time for years. Right now, I'm having to do 20 hours of overtime a week just to make ends meet, so it looks like I'll not have any time to sing for a while. Listen, folks, it's time to stop sending Bubba to the White House. Suppose you (or you-uns, you all, y'all, or yawl) conquer a country and demolish its government. That country has no history of legitimate law enforcement nor trustworthy courts. Which of your government agencies would you put in charge of creating, i
No Time
So, how much time in a day should be "free time" to do what you want, how you want? How much time is enough? Enough for work? Enough for fun? Enough to be bored? Enough to do this? Where do you decide I control the time that I have? Do you have control? And all in all how the hell do you find the time to do all this? the one thing that doesnt stop...EVER. Closer to death with every breath. Every beautiful morning with sun shining is another day closer to darkness where the only place is that time doesnt exist. Take time to make time so the song says. Where do I start?
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No Title
A slave to your being, a fool for your heart Dreaming and praying this doesn't all fall apart Heart filled with anticipation, stomach full of butterflies Your always there when I need you, listening to my scare, sacred cries Understanding the feelings all bottled up inside my soul Holding me close, pulling me in, letting me know you know In my dreams, awake or asleep,you are always there Look deep into my eyes, if you know me you'll see i care You came into my life when I needed you there with me Your the glow surrounding me, you make me feel so free Thank you for taking my heart and showing it such love and care Like you are for me, if you need me I'll always be there.... My feelings for you grow stronger each and everyday You please my very being in alot more than just one way. Your touch still reaches to me, the deepest part of my soul, My better part, my other half, the piece that make me whole. I'd give my life to protect you, lay everything on the line, Show the w
The day you were born can affect your personality according to the Celts, who likened us to a particular animal according to our birthdays. Date of Birth: December 24 – January 20 Animal: Stag Gaelic Name: Damh (Approximate pronunciation: Dav) Ruling Planet: The Sun Key Words: Independence, Majesty, Integrity, Pride Gift Quality or Ability: Sensitivity to other worlds, shape shifting, initiation, journeying Birthstone: Crystal Compatibility: Harmonious relations with the signs of adder and salmon. Will also relate well to the signs of seal, otter and goose. Difficulties may be expected in relation to all other signs. Date of Birth: January 21 – February 17 Animal: Crane Gaelic Name: Corr (Approximate pronunciation: Corr) Ruling Planet: Uranus Key Words: Secret Knowledge, Eccentric, Patient Gift Quality or Ability: Crane people are unusually clever people with specialized skills and talents, with a progressive outlook on life. Sense of the evolving spirit. Sensi
Notihng Else Matters!!!!!!
love one love two Love one love two its dont matter, love is love no matter what or whom it is. taken by heart taken by soul taken from it all its all love, no matter whatever comes of it love is love and i love you for you and who you have become in my place i call my LIFE Taken with love taken with life im all here and im all there always remember that, i care i love and i always WILL care and LOVE you and i will always trust u for whom u are and what u mean to me MY LOVE Nothing else matter anymore i see life i see things that i havent ever seen before... sitting and thinking and thinking i wont give up on things that i know in my heart are true and mean the world to me and others dont like it then oh well i dont need the lil petty ass bullshit no ways.... My poem above has many meanings and many thoughts into it. When its thought about because love one love two is all parts of life and makeing things work all for the greater good and taken
NOTICE RULES OF KINDESS Hey whats up, if you just joined, WELCOME Ok Some rules of kindness... DOWNRATEING is not nice and is not acceptable. If you dont like a photo don't rate it. people get irritated real fast and upset if you downrate someones page, photo. Or thubms down there stash item. What is down rateing do you ask? That is when you intentionly rate lower then a 10. this is like fliping someone off just ruder. If you don't like the photo or profile DONT rate it. simple as that! please take this in to note when visiting fellow members of the site and have respect for one and other. Im sure if someone came to your page or pictures and rated them all lower then a 10 you would be fliping out right?. Have some respect, treat others as you would like to be treated. What is thumbs down? pretty much exactly that. thumbs down on a stash item, Why is downratein so mean and not nice? It hurts peoples feelings, (yes feelings are real on the internet and
Notification Of Former Members Not In Club Now Please Read To Find Out Who Has Dropped Out Or Been Removed Thank You
Notice To All
Ok everyone, if for some reason, I have accidentally pissed you off, I feel like I should be told about it, so I know what I did wrong because I'm sure if you pissed me off then you would want to be told too by me and get it worked out, so if I end up doing this on accident or whatnot just let me know either by shoutbox or private message, ok? Thanks! :-D
Notice Me!!!
Notice me, take my hand Why are we strangers when Our love is strong Why carry on without me Everytime I try to fly, I fall Without my wings, I feel so small I guess I need you, baby And everytime I see you in my dreams I see your face, it's haunting me I guess I need you, baby I make believe that you are here It's the only way I see clear What have I done You seem to move on easy And everytime I try to fly, I fall Without my wings, I feel so small I guess I need you, baby And everytime I see you in my dreams I see your face, you're haunting me I guess I need you, baby I may have made it rain Please forgive me My weakness caused you pain And this song's my sorry At night I pray That soon your face will fade away And everytime I try to fly, I fall Without my wings, I feel so small I guess I need you, baby And everytime I see you in my dreams I see your face, you're haunting me I guess I need you, baby
Not In The Same Place
Not Incubus
I think you think it is inevitable - that every man must take from you; each of us an incubus busking for the moment when your flesh ripens ready for a little torrid dreaming. I want you wide awake and crying out in harmony with yes yes yes and there it is, now more. And out of breath in my arms, secure warm warmer now boiling with a need to want to have. Later you will sleep and I will watch and wait for the moment you awaken and say: yes yes yes reaching to me, drawing me to you. I want you wide awake and wanting me inside you and the rush of me to fill you and to bring to flesh your dreams. © All rights reserved
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Notice Someone
I smile but no one sees it Inside of me I die bit by bit I cry but no one cares Why must I shed these tears I laugh but no one hears me For all they do is disagree That I have no future in this life So I should end my life with a knife Why not for I have nothing else to do For when I'm down and feeling blue I sit by the fire and think what must be done For what I do I won't have fun So please when someone is smiling or laughing Or if someone is angry or crying Notice them for you might be able to save their lives Hopefully they might be able to survive Because people need a little bit of attention now and then So remember that what goes around come around time and time again
Not In San Fran
why do u womem show your selfs off and then say if u ask you ask u get blocked, don't understand this if you don't want us to check u out why tell everybody . I don't live in San f. not sure how to change it to Savannah Ga. Well since on here there's relatively few things to get one on here for their birthday... if anyone was considering ever getting me a blast (even just a one day) i would so appreciate getting it before friday, i wanna see if i can just blast the hell out of my birthday Tickers also very welcome and if you have REALLY fucking deep pockets i'd love a happy hour lol (i know i'm dreaming but i have to try) so anyone that can spare 7.50 for little old me, please consider doing it this week so i can run my blasts on friday much love ~~Sin (reposting this cause it fell off my page due to excessive blog posts today)
No Time For Drama
Lately, I've found some people, (most of them female) who have left me messages and then I see that they are friends with people I am also a friend of. I don't want to hear your little jealous quips or immature remarks. If you don't like what I've said to someone, well unless it's you, It's not my problem. If you have a problem with me being friends with someone you are friends with too, get over it. There is one person who played a game with me, and there are some women who have been being dramatic with me about him, because it's all my fault, according to him. If you think you are defending him, tell it to him. I don't care. I don't want to waste my time with petty people. If you don't like me, don't connect with me. I don't need, want, or like this crap I went through less of when I was 12 than I do now. Get a clue, get over it, get a life, and keep me out of it.
Notice Me
lmao... my confession to codependency... my greatest obstacle to being who i know i am a strong independent woman capable of anything and everything Its not all on you my love I would never wish that amount of pressure We work so hard just to make it survive one day we'll know happiness what it feels to be truly okay until then don't stop holding on trusting me being you my everything my motivation to be a better woman and i promise we'll make it Artist SiteMore Videos Music Video:RUNNING (by No Doubt)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone I won't let you. know how fragile sensitive I am. I won't tell you my history right away. you don't care yet anyway. You will never see how much i heave in pain. after walking away. from you. with a smile I may not have the answers. what u need
Not Interested
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Thank you for loving me the way that you do~ I hope you know that all I am and all I do~ It's because that I love you~ The day without you~ I'm just acting like a fool~ I don't care if it's day or night I just wanna talk with you because it just feels so right~ But I just can't fight~ Lying on my bed and nothing to do~ Just keep on dreaming of you~ Facing to the wall~ Waiting fo your call~ Please don't hide and come to my side~ We will share our life with love~ I'm not leaving when your sad~ I'm not running away when your mad~ I will wipe your tears when you cry~ And no more fear and never die~ Our soul will stick together~ And I'll be with you forever~
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Thank you for always being there, To listen and understand me. I appreciate all you did for me, And all you still do. Thank you for making me feel whole again, For putting my pieces back together. I appreciate you putting my life back together, You saved my life. You may not understand, Why I do what I do. But you never criticized, You just helped my through. I knew I could come to you when I was down, 'cause I knew you'd always be there to pick me back up and say everything will be ok.
Notice Me?
Notice me… I stand in a mass of people trying to get your attention. Many others are taller than me, they block your view. However, I am here! Notice me… I raise my hand to the heavens, hoping you will spot it. You do not, even though it is a hand full of care. I scream your name. You do not hear me. You see a hand in front of me. It is a more handsome one. You take that instead Notice me… When that hand is not strong enough, you begin to look once more. Hands raise I stretch my hand upwards, using the full strength of my heart. Blood racing, muscles straining. Still not enough. You pass me once more. I weep. Notice me… You are searching the crowd once more. The hand you chose earlier must have let you down. Hands raise. Mine does not. I am too tired to try anymore. I am not perfect, just another human being. I lower my head so that you can pass. Notice me… I wait for the crowd to lower their hands. I look up. Surprised, I find you
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The spark of passion: chemistry The simmering of blood and heart The speed of passion: furious Almost over before it begins The length of passion: timeless Its memory will always live The art of passion: timing Knowing when to accept, to give
Notice To My New Friends
Okay can drama become any bigger than it already is in my life! Holy %$#!@ Doesn't look like he is coming home any time soon, and NOW I my friend is SUDDENLY in love with me! What the hell have I done to cause this??? Any answers please. Happens on a regular basis! not that it bothers me alot just all of the sudden once my husband is gone they appear from no where. I miss you all and If at all I manage to get a computer I will write ya all! hugs! Tinker Bell Hello my sexy friends i have a few things to say to you all and any one who comes by my profile.... It seems some people like to use names on me that no one is permitted to use on me. Dont ever call me trashy names! Your comments will not be returned. Please i am asking that people respect me as i would respect you. Ok, second i am now getting on here through my cell. So its rather difficult to answer comments and such. Please if you like, refer to my myspaced link. Ty my adoring friends. :-* So I suppose you
No Time For Nasty People!!!
Life is good for me. It is what it is. All is not prefect but it’s not suppose to be. I can sit and complain about all the things that are not right with my life, or I can sit and count my blessings for all that is right with my life. Counting my blessings is a lot more fun than counting my trials. With all the struggles and trials I may face in my life, it does not compare with what others face on a daily and hourly base. If you have never seen the movie human trafficking , I encourage you to look at it. Once you have seen this movie, you will never see the world the same again. You will never be the same again and you will hold your tongue before you grumble or complain about your life. Yes, my life is good. I am not a parent that lives in turmoil wondering where is my child. Yes my life is good, I am not held enslaved and beaten and forced to have sex all day long without any protection, while the world look on not caring. And the people that come, don’t care that I
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Love doesn't look at black or white For those are only colors Love doesn't look at 25 or 30 For age is only a number Love doesn't look at rich or poor For money is only paper Love doesn't look at faults only perfections For in the eyes of loved one everything is good When you love someone you love them for what's inside Not because they're black or white, not because they're you age not because they're rich, but because of what's inside Love is blind to everything but what you love them for
If you had one day with me... What would we do? I want creative answers. No answers saying "I'd show you what I'm made of". We have all heard it. I want something creative. The most creative answer will get a personalized SFW salute from me with the salute saying whatever you want it to say. (within reason) Everyone that posts an answer will get a FREE Fubar license. The winner will be informed on Friday, May 2nd. And the personalized salute will be uploaded no later than Saturday, May 3rd. MUCH LOVE! The Fu-Milf Queen™ **Hint: Think if maybe something I might like to do. NO MORE FAKE SPOTLIGHTS! I need your help!!Trying to Spotlight! So, there have been a lot of talk about SpotLights being fake people. I'm as real as we got and I really really really want a spotlight for a day, but as you already know they can cost anywhere from 5,000,000 fubucks. I need your help. All I am asking for directly here is for your personal attention to help me gai
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Notice To All!!
CLICK ON THIS PICTURE & GET YOUR ASSES THERE AND VOTE/COMMENT PLZ!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS LEVEL 22 NEVER HAD A BLAST BEFORE! HELP HELP HELP Hey all,, I just wanted to inform everyone that i will not be on here for a couple days. But PLEASE still luv on me! I will be going to the Kansas City Royals game on Friday as well as Worlds/Oceans of Fun on Saturday! So i will be back on here Sunday at the earliest. Until next time my Beautiful Friends/Family/Fans... Stay Sweet! XOXOXOXO bigsexystacey@ fubar This is my bestest of my bestest.. go show her sum luv. If u do right by her.. u might get to see more of her! Ya heard? Now go, go, go! R/F/A her.
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Det er ikke min skyld at dere oppfører dere som idioter. Jeg sier ikke at dere er idioter. Kun at på utsiden av Bw-land ser man hvor enkel tankegangen til fyren er. Og hvor smalahove han er.
No Time Limit Auction
NO TIME LIMIT AUCTION I've decided to host a No Time Limit Auction. What this means is you decide when it's over for you. When you see a bid you like just accept in the comments. I will be taking entries daily with no limit on how many are entered. There will be a 10K entry fee. Just keep a few things in mind... **All pics entered must be SFW. Send your pic link, what you are offering and your entry fee to me by private message. **I will not repost bulletins for entries. You are responsible for promoting yourself. I do ask that you do repost bulletins promoting the auction as a whole. **I will not be held responsible for any unpaid bids. This will be solely between you and the bidder. **NO DRAMA!!!!!!! Need I say more?!? **Check your bids often. You don't want to miss out on a great bid because you forgot about your entry. **And the main thing to remember is this: HAVE FUN!!! Too many people stressing out lately...let it go and have some fun. Now lets get th
Notice To All Friends & Fans: Moving
Hello my friends, Well today, Kate and I finally got good news, we got approved to move into another mobile home park that'll be a lot quieter than the one we are living in now, so as of tomorrow probably, we won't be online much so if you have our cell phone number, feel free to call us there or text message me otherwise, we'll be back online in at the most two days, so i'll miss you all for those two days and will be thinking of ya too.
Not In Jail.
hey whats up not in jail things went good at court. glo and lil please call me 727-768-6652 leave a mesaage with name and number i will call you back. and anyone else that wants to call.
Not In A Very Good Mood
Not a very good day at all, I found out when my dad stopped over today that my uncle is in ICU at Munson Hospital in Traverse City after my aunt found him unconscious and he had a massive stroke on Monday night so needless to say I am worried about him and my aunt plus worried about my dad who just had outpatient heart catheterization surgery to put a stint for an artery that was 90% percent blocked so it is a very trying time here that's for sure! I swear, after what I just found out, I will no longer be in any fricking contest again here, I was in a MUMM where this person was offering an auto 11 bling for free to be given away to someone that can come up with the reason or somebody nominated someone else to get that free auto-11 bling, in the MUMM it says they wasn't going to give it out till 8pm PST here and come to find out, that person that posted the MUMM which I voted on and gave her my reason for it, well, let's just say that the person already has given the auto 11 bling out
Not In Fubar Much
Not Interested In Woman .
No Tickets To His Funeral
You're a 19 year old kid.You're critically wounded and dying in the jungle in the Ia DrangValley, 11-14-1965, LZ X-ray ,  Vietnam .  Your infantry unit isoutnumbered 8 - 1 and the enemy fire is so intense, from 100 or 200yards away, that your own Infantry Commander has ordered the MediVac helicopters to stop coming in. You're lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns and you know you're not getting out.  Your family is 1/2 way around the world, 12,000 miles away and you'll never see them again.  As the world starts to fade in and out, you know this is the day.Then - over the machine gun noise - you faintly hear that sound of ahelicopter..!!You look up to see an un-armed Huey!!  But.... it doesn't seem realbecause no Medi-Vac markings are on it.Ed Freeman is coming for you..!!He's not Medi-Vac so it's not his job, but he's flying his Huey downinto the machine gun fire anyway.  Even after the Medi-Vacs were ordered not to come.He's coming anyway.And he drops it in and sits there i
Not Interested.
So, I am really getting sick and tired of you people who think you can ask me if you can see my boobs. I realize I have them and they are slightly above normally however I am a lady. I am not here to cator to your sexual needs. I am here for friends. If you can't handle it don't talk to me.   Thanks
Notice To My Friends And Family
first of all i want to thank my friends and family that attempt to keep contact with me, it means alot!   i dont have my own computer hooked up to the internet, i sometimes get a few minutes or hours a week when my roomates are all gone and i am awake and get to sneak on for a bit to check messages and play around on here but nothing regular and nothing extended with time so i do love and appreciate it when you guys copme to my page and send me messages and look at my pics and blogs i think its really awsome and i will get back to you with messages and try to return the love. if you really want me to return love/rates after you rate my stuff please send me a private message to my inbox either by gift or just message telling me you were here and whatever you want to say because sometimes its a few days or weeks before i get on and my bar tab gets cleared by fu so looks like no one has been here...   another thing... i dont have my own internet access but some of you have my yahoo me
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Images of sorcery, Outlandish views of clouds.. Ill concepted meanings, of psychedelic sounds. Bizzare imaginations of sights so obscured, Come face to face with terror, Before the vision blurrs. I've loved you from the start Before you were concieved I built you from my passions And killed you in my dreams Once I stood before,a council of the lords, Their grim eyes gazed upon me, like shiny, deadly swords. There was one there named Michael.. Contempt was in his eyes.... His laughter was eternal when they sentenced me to die. It's a hazy recollection of another time I lived My death was oh so violent tho I know not what I did. Distorted glimpses into, a medieval time I struggled to possess what never could be mine. Viciouse dogs attacked me yet I cut them one by one!!! I bowed down to the laughter, knowing the fight had just begun. Ahhh!!!! the pain is tearing my very soul to shreds, Forever alone in random worlds outside and in my head. How could I ever love you... When you are but a
No Title Necessary
heels click across a busy intersection... it may look like love, but instead reeks of a drunken stupor. don't make eye contact with the homeless man, or you'll quickly be talked out of your paycheck. screams of the pretty drunks across the street echo over the police cruisers, honking horns from impatient cab drivers drown out the bustle of the area. and i came HERE for peace of mind? the buildings have a colonial charm about them, so textured and garish against a tranquil night sky, the view of the stars marred by city haze and blinding orange streetlights. There are trees lining the streets, but planted by men and left for dead. The cracked marble is like home, a tarnished version of perfection, while steam and funk from the sewer systems waft above it into the air. There's art on the walls, some student projects most likely, but they emanate sex and rage like a third-rate pornographic fantasy. But I'm content to sit in the cold, sipping on my long-chilled c
Not Important And You Probably Don't Want To Know Anyway
I'll be there, too. The next spin of the where-Chris-is-working wheel puts me in Phoenix for a few days of wonderful robot repeatability testing. I leave Tuesday and who knows... maybe come home Thursday evening. I was in Michigan this past week, New Orleans the week before... I wonder what the rest of this month has in store for me. Mumm poster has me blocked... soo..... here is my response to her wanting to know what "Love" is.... It's a biological response to external signals processed by your central nervous system and imprinted in your brain over time. There may very well be spiritual aspects to this, but they aren't exactly clear or currently definable in scientific terms. Now, this is very general and non-specific for good reason! There is no defining what it is for any one person or group, or you fall into the trap of religion and people controlling how other people think and feel about a given subject, which, in my opinion, is very wrong.
No Title.....
***I finally see the ending...of this long,strange journey.The end is only as close as,the next decision I make.I see the end as clear as..I see the beginning;The beginning is now..The end is but one second ahead...And when I reach the end I findIt is only another beginning..Here and now, this minute..this a gift from the GodsI may not have another and so..I must be wise!The beginning must be about love....and if so then......the ending will also be about love....***
Not In Mine
Notice this I sit here thinking how sweet life really is How someone can whisper your name a thousand miles away and you hear it in your heart. I sit here thinking how crazy life really is  How someone can come into your life and fill you with so much love and fill your life up and open your heart. I sit here thinking how messed up life really is How someone can say a simple sintence  and make you wonder whats really in your heart. I sit here thinking how great life really is How someone can make you feel alive  and at same time make you want to cut out your heart. I sit here thinking how wonderful life really is How someone came into your life one day  and you cant think of them ever not being there cause they stole your heart. I sit here thinking how amazing life really is How someone can mean so much to you  and how they never know how much love for them is in your heart. I sit here thinking how blind life really is How someone can not see that they mean so much
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I didnt fall for u i wasnt tripped didnt drift didnt slip i didnt accidently feel emotions based on the sensation of your lips the vast oceans in your hips this bliss was written in sanskirt before our first glance first dance our first kiss before we were born and dead and gone no time soon god willing our love will live on a silhouette of your perfect frame whispered my name across time divinely designating your mine your perfect imperfections cherished i live to hear the sweet melodies of your voice my soul is convinced not because you seduced you see love is a choice and as our darks become grays every second of everyday the scent of our love shall remain new through ups ,downs highs ,lows because my heart depends on it love it a choice and ill always choose you    SHATTERED GLASS EVERYWHERE WHERE I LIVE INSIDE MY GLASS HOUSE FROM WHICH I SEE PARTYING TO THE BREAK OF DAWN LIKE THEY DONT CARE YELLING AND SCREAMING PARTY OVER HERE SO IF WE ALL HAPPY WHO BROKE THE GLASS ? NEWSPAPERS T
Not Just Another Canadiangirl Milf
Not Just Man's Bestfriend Anymore!
Not Just Kucinich Has Seen Ufo's
We could have alien origins, say scientists who sent fossilized microscopic life-forms into space and back inside an artificial meteorite. The researchers attached the baseball-size rock to the outside of the European Space Agency's Foton M3 spacecraft to test whether biological material could survive the round-trip journey. Sculpted from stone from the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland, the rock contained fossilized microbes and the molecular signatures of microbes. The unmanned spacecraft was launched by rocket from Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome carrying 43 experiments. The craft landed in Kazakhstan on September 26 after orbiting the planet for 12 days. "In the bit of rock we got back, some biological compounds have survived," said project leader John Parnell from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Preliminary findings suggest that it's possible simple organisms could arrive via meteorites, he said. The research also suggests that living microbes would likely have survi
Not Just A Dream
You make me melt Making my heart explode My eyes are stucked on you Enchanted by your moves Your hair frames you face Hiding your cat-like eyes Glancing quietly to the world Seeing everything as a dream Lips are talking to me Making soft, sweet words Forming music notes inside my ears That make my mind turn over The touch by your body Causing my skin to pimple Shivers cut through my anatomy Blood is stilled, paralyzing me Then you walk away My eyes follow your gliding Seeing you slowly fade away Disappearing in magic smog I follow you, try to find you But no matter where I go Youre gone, left me behind Waking me up in my bed It was a dream, but not just a dream You were here, I know for sure Everything was real, your touch, smell I will find you, I search for love
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I was talking to a friend the other day, who has, and found if a man says their not like the rest of them then 99.9% of the time their worse. I know that line works I've had it used on me more then once, and have fallen for it once or twice Here's the thing just because you don't cheat or play the field doesn't mean your better then the rest. Because you can still be just as bad if not worse, because whether or not you look at something one way the other person might not see it that way. Just because in your head you have justified what you have done or what you're doing. In a lot of ways this might not be so true, but even when you aren't like the rest and are as truthful as it gets that truth can hurt, and you might get us to see it you're way for awhile. For once I'd like to see a man realize that what they say and what they do are two different things I've seen way to many men rationalize a situation to the point that they weren't dating some one when they really were, or saying t
Not Knowing What To Do Please Help
Not Knowing Where To Turn
Today is valentines day, and honestly I have never been a fan. Most of the time I am single but I thought this year would be different, boy was I wrong. I got a text message yesterday from Kortnie, a girl whom I had met through Jerry who was my boyfriend. The text stated that he had been cheating on me, and I felt my heart shatter at the slightest idea of that. He called so I questioned him about it, an immeadiately he got defensive after telling me that it was not true. Then before I knew it he was saying that he would rather end our relationship tghen deal "with this shit" as he put it. And just like that I wasted another year of my life because before I knew it we had hung up and it was over. You see I have not had the best luck with males, there has been only one guy in my past that did not cheat on me, but he abused me verbally and physically. I never really shared this with anyone and now I am sharing this with all of fubar, sheesh what the hell am I thinking?! I guess I just nee
Not Knowing
Not Knowing
When is it right to try, to reach out, to act upon your feelings How long can you want something, and not try to obtain it Sitting, thinking, talking, drinking, how long will that be enough I want to reach out for what’s real, Words unnecessary with a touch, a look, you know how I feel We’ve been given an apple, so far just the peel, it’s left me longing Though it has been no bore, I need the meat of the fruit now Down to the core.
Not Loyal
Not Looking For Love - Just Having Some Fun
I'm not looking for love on the internet. I'm just here cause I'm bored and want to meet some new friends to chat with and maybe play some pool with. Too many wierdos out there and not enough normal people.
Not Leaving Fubar
ok guys .. i need ur help.. go in and rate this pic... dont have to comment .. just rate it for me.. needs our help well for all of u that didnt know.. monday afternoon i had a mild stroke.. i just got home from the hospital this afternonn.. im not 100% i have lost my whole left side.. not sure when i will be back to normal if i will ever.. i will be online but not as much as before cause i have a long road ahead of me now.. plz everyone enjoy lifdont let things get to u.. i did and look at me now... well u all take care and if any of u wanna keep in touch u can contact me on my yahoo.. badd_azz_lil_angel.. love u all and wil be back when i can hahah fuktards.. u didnt run me off that easy... yes all my lovely friends.. i am here and im staying.. love u all and for u fuckers that thought u could get rid of me.. THINK AGAIN!! MSBADDAZZ IS HERE TO STAY!!! AND BADDER THAN EVER!!
Not Looking Forword To Mothers Day
Not Lucky In Love
Not Letting This Friday The 13th Get Me Down
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Not Lookin To Get Stds Sorry
Not Like Most Guys
"YOU SHOWED ME" BY: Keith Smeltzer You showed me that perfect love  a love that never have i felt even before you was mine we was always so cute   You know that my feelings for you can never change You showed me that no other girl has ever come close You took me to a place of that can't be re done   I know that you will forever have my heart, Even if I no longer have yours, I wish that one day that gets returned   You showed me fellings that I never felt before, You showed me a love that not a soul on earth could You showed me more then even I can say   But I wish that I can change how this is now It hurts right now not to be able to really love you It hurts so much but its no ones doing   They showed me that there is a chance They showed me that I need to have faith I know that true love can take anything   I know that what we have is true love, Saying that cause you showed me more of love then  any girls combined can do, no one can replace u   You showed
Not My Fault!!!
took me four tries can you git-r-dunn??? Get the code at u shoulda known better with that title!!! hehe mcl
Not Mine
A white woman, about 51 years old, was seated next to a black man on an airplane. Obviously disturbed by this, she called the air hostess. "Madam, what is the matter," the hostess asked. "You obviously do not see it then?" she responded. "You placed me next to a black man. I do not agree to sit next to someone from such a repugnant group. Give me an alternative seat." "Be calm please," the hostess replied. "Almost all the places on this flight are taken. I will go to see if another place is available." The Hostess went away and then came back a few minutes later. "Madam, just as I thought, there are no other available seats in the economy class. I spoke to the captain and he informed me that there is also no seat in the business class. All the same, we still have one place in the first class." Before the woman could say anything, the hostess continued, "It is not usual for our company to permit someone from the economy class to sit in the first class. However, given the circumstances,
Not My Writings
Subject: Questions that Haunt ME!! 1.Can you cry under water? 2.How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? 3.Why do you have to "put your two cents in".. but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to? 4.Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity? 5.Why does a round pizza come in a square box? 6.What disease did cured ham actually have? 7.How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage? 8.Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours? 9.If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing? 10.Why are you IN a movie, but you're ON TV? 11.Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to
Not My Day, Is It?
My sister has this friend. This friend was my friend before hers. I liked this friend for 4 yrs and SHE TOLD HIM TODAY! GAWD! I cant face him again. Ugh! I feel dumb! Can nething else go wrong? BTW this guy likes her friend and he has for a while... he is like in love with her (which is fine by me). I could have just died!!! I can think he is cute in my head... now he knows!!! UGH! BTW I hope he doesnt read this :x
Not Much To Say!
Say people, I know I don't post to other peoples blogs and I notice them all of the time. Also, I don't say much in general, but that doesn't mean I have nothing to say. To be honest with everyone in site, I hate talking about myself, world events, the weather, and don't ask me to comment about other people. Well, that is all for now, any comments, and I might reply.
Not My Day
I got the 1st hassle done, and I thank you guys who posted words of encouragement, it was a big help. I have no idea, if he's going to accept the way I did it, so I'm probably damned if it' right or damned if it's wrong. Next project I have almost finished, emphasis on almost. This project is a major percentage of my grade, but at least this teacher is my friend. The other one has crated an enemy for life;p This really sucks, I've been working my tail off on these 3 projects for my 1 class, I finish them (or so I thought) only to find out today that Ive done the all wrong! These things were a headache to begin with, because they can only be done in black ink, white out cannot be used, and there is a very specific way that mistakes must be corrected. These projects are about 8 pages a piece. They are due Tuesday, on the same day as my 1 final. My final grade that I need to get to the next class I need for my degree is riding on this project, and the final. Worst of it all this teacher
Not Mine But To All My Male Friends
The Penis Poem My nookie days are over My pilot light is out What used to be my sex appeal Is now my water spout. Time was when, on its own accord From my trousers it would spring But now I've got a full-time job To find the blasted thing. It used to be embarrassing The way it would behave For every single morning It would stand and watch me shave. Now as old age approaches It sure gives me the blues To see it hang its little head And watch me tie my shoes.
Not Much To Say
Not Much Time..!!
I keep telling myself that I don't have very much more time left. Keep repeating it to myself, over and over again. "Not much time left" "Not much time left". Will I be able to hold on untill it's over. Have faith I tell myself and everything will work out right. Sometimes it's so hard. At times I just want it to hurry and be over with. That I can't take it any more. "Not much time left" "Not much time Left". I can hear the clock ticking it's time away. It's coming closer. As the days go by, I know the end is almost near. And I scream to my self. "Not much time left." "Not much time Left. I know it's almost at an end. As I breath a sigh of relief cause summer vacation is almost over and the kids are going back to school......
Not Mine
The hurt. I can't explain this feeling. This aching, and pain. I know why it's happening. I know what has done this. Losing you, my heart is broken. I can't explain the agony my heart has right now. I want to let it out. I want you to know what you meant to me. What a real friend is. And that was you, to me. I have died inside a little more each passing day. trying to take it in, to understand. But nothing eases the pain I have. tears pouring, feelings, memories. All jumbled, all strong. it's this pit of hurt. pit of pain. The hurt. It hurts. You would have been the one to take it away. but now I cry for you. Not in your arms. or on your shoulder. But out loud, to you. In the night, when no ones around. Whispering to the dark. Looking at you, your pictures. So unreal to me that you are gone. But I feel and look in my heart. A little piece of me is gone. But I know where it is. The hurt, will fade. But my love wont. the hurt. this hurt. is love, only
Not My Works, But Worth Sharing
"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail." Best of all make sure the path is paved by God! The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out
Not Made Of Stone
Father will you still take me into your arms when I’m spent and broken, Father will you still take me into your arms when I’m bleeding, Father will you still take me into your arms when I’m covered in these scars, Does it disgust you that I’m killing your child? Does it disgust you that I’m murdering your creation? Will you forgive every scar and cut? Will you hold me and tell me its okay, Or will you send me away and tell me never to return, Will you just walk away and leave me standing, Will you love me or will you hate me, Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust, When I die will you let me go home? Or will I have to stand at the gates, and watch through the bars as Saint Peter tells me to move on, down the stairs, I don't want to end there, I want to be with you, where love is real, where there is no pain, father,father,father! Fine then, Look at me with disgust and hate, It won’t make you stronger, It won’t make me weaker, You try and try and try, But you won’t
Not Mine
Not Much Happening
not much excitment going on Ya all probably been thinking.................Man he hasnt been blogging,e-mailing or nothing he must be doing some exciting things and having fun and being busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Naw not really just havent been having anything really interesting to say,LOL. Have been busy with work and the FD, went to a Lesbian wedding last sunday.......couple weeks before that worked fire and ems for a road race/climb, and spent july 4th 3 day weekend on the coast.....thats about it
Not Much Of A Blogger
What are words "True Love" Said the Poet's heart to his pen. "Lines and shapes" Said the Poet's pen to his page. "letters and words" Said the page to Her eyes. Come closer... Let me whisper in your ear... "True Love" Said the Poet's heart to his mouth. "Motion and vibrations" Said the Poet's mouth to the air. "sounds and words" Said the air to Her ear. Come closer... Let me hold you in my arms... "True Love" Said the Poet's heart to His. And though neither spoke a word... "True Love" Replied His heart to Hers. Hey, so this is my first blog... im really not sure what to put so I just decided to share some of my writing with you all. Darkest places There is a depth of darkest places Untold fears and nameless faces Whispered screams and dried up tears Silent cries that no one hears There is a land where full of pain The smallest learn to make hurt fade And in their state of almo
Not Much Of A Blogger ...
Maik and I went to see a 30 dollar porno - better know as the IFL. It wasn't worth the sweaty drunk guy in front of us taking one dollar bets, on all his "homies". So there you have it. Ohio kicked Kentucky's ass in this one ... bad.
Not Mine (songs That Fit My Mood)
Nothing's so loud As hearing when we lie. The truth is not kind. And you've said neither am I. But the air oustide so soft, is saying everything Everything   All I Want is to feel this way To be this close, to feel the same. All I want is to feel this way The evening speaks I feel it say...   Nothing's so cold as closing the heart when all we need is to free the soul. But We wouldn't be that brave I know And the air outside, so soft is confessing everything. Everything....   All I Want is to feel this way to be this close, to feel the same All I want is to feel this way The evening speaks I can hear it say...   And it won't matter now whatever happens to me though the air speaks of all we'll never be it won't trouble me.   And it feels so close let it take me in let it hold me so I can feel it say....   Toad the Wet-Sprocket Hate is what I feel for you And I want you to know that I want you dead. Your late for the execution If you're not here soon I
Not Much Of A Blogger
let's see i watch tv, movies, & some cartoons(still like some cartoons) i play video games i own a xbox 360(my gamertag is mouseman007) & i also own a NDS & on the NDS i like the yu-gi-oh card games for one reason it's a lot easier than magic:the gathering :) i collect the cards for the passwords on the cards that can be used in the game, i collect comics like the digital comics more need more external hard drives to collect more digital comics :D well that's all i can think of :) & see i did say i'm not much of a blogger :)
Not My Poem But Good
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it. Let no man pull you low enough to hate him."
Not Meant To Be
It's never enough to say I'm sorryIt's never enough to say I careBut I'm caught between what youWanted from me, and knowingIf I give that to yaI might just disappear.Nobody wins when everyone's losingOh, it's likeOne step forward and two steps backNo matter what I do you're always madAnd I can't change your mind, Oh, it's likeTrying to turn around on a one way streetI can't give you what you wantAnd it's killing me and I, I'm starting to seeMaybe we're not meant to beIt's never enough to say I love youNo, it's never enough to say I tryIt's hard to believe that's there'sNo way out for you and meAnd it seems to be, The story of our lifeNobody wins when everyone's losingIt's like one step forward and two steps backNo matter what I do you're always madAnd I can't change your mind, ohIt's like trying to turn around on aOne way street. I can't giveYou what you want and it's killing meAnd I, I'm starting to seeThat maybe we're not meant to beThere's still time to turn this aroundShould we be
Not New
Hello, just a little bit to start off. I am not new to the site.. I was a member for a while, but decided to start fresh since i hadnt logged in for so long.. Wow I'm so lost. If ya wanna get to know me just talk to me, I'm very laid back and talk to anyone. Feel free to request me as a friend/fan me or whatever it is you do, I do return favors, if i catch them, if I havent remind me please.
Not Nsfw!!!!
Not Nice
Ok so I am sitting here tonight confused beyond all belief. So about three weeks ago I started talking to this great woman. We kinda fell into a pretty good click. She was easy to get along with and always made me smile. Problems is that about four days ago she just stopped talking. Whats up with that?     My thing is ... if you dont want to talk to someone anymore just say so. Tell them. That way.. in case they actually have truelly started to care.. they dont keep their hopes up for nothing.
Not Necessarily The News
Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid A new survey of American voters shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources. December 15, 2010  |     Yet another study has been released proving that watching Fox News is detrimental to your intelligence. World Public Opinion, a project managed by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, conducted a survey of American voters that shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources. What’s more, the study shows that greater exposure to Fox News increases misinformation. So the more you watch, the less you know. Or to be precise, the more you think you know that is actually false. This study corroborates a previous PIPA studythat focused on the Iraq war with similar results. And there was an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that demonstrated the break with reality on the part
Not Original - But I Like It...
I like you because of who you are to me.. A true friend. Remember: "A good friend will come bail you out of jail.... But a true friend will be sitting next to you saying WE screwed up, but we had fun! " I am Proud to be your Friend! Things I’ve learned from Friends: I've learned...that life is like a roll of toilet paper. the closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes. I've learned...that we should be glad God doesn't give us everything we ask for. I've learned...that money doesn't buy class. I've learned that it's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular. (IE your kids' laugh!) I've learned...that under everyone's hard shell is someone who wants to be appreciated and loved. ! I've learned...that the Lord didn't do it all in one day. What makes me think I can? Really! I've learned...that to ignore the facts does not change the facts. I've learned.
Not Only Am I Perfect I'm Mexican Too!!
Sorry i do speak english but i just wanted to have people see this just to see if u guys can understand and comment on it!!! Arg me estoy cansando de esto, me llenan el My shoutbox de pura publicidad de gente que ni tengo en mi lista de amigos, que vote por el contest tal que rante que esto que lo otro, y ni que hablar del bullentin cada 5 minutos el mismo pinche bullentin de que vote por ella en tal lado arg como cansa y aburre estar leyendo eso. Y lo que mas cansa y aburre es estar leyendo eso de que quieren subir no se cuantos puntos asi que se vote y se rante su perfil y fotos, pero si ellas ranteando y comentando tambien suben, pero noooooo quieren de la manera mas facil -.- arg ya la verdad cansa. En fin eso era, ahhhh ya me siento mejor, a ver quienes entienden y me comentan si tengo razon o no (hahaha igual solo 3 o 4 personas entraran como siempre hahahahah)
No Toilet Paper
Two women friends had gone for a girl's night out. Both were very faithful and loving wives. However, they had gotten over-enthusiastic on the Bacardi Breezers. Incredibly drunk, and walking home, they needed to pee, so they stopped in the cemetery. One of them had nothing to wipe with, so she thought she would take off her panties and use them. Her friend, however was wearing a rather expensive pair of panties and did not want to ruin them. She was lucky enough to squat down next to a grave that had a wreath with a ribbon on it, so she proceeded to wipe with that. After the girls did their business, they proceeded to go home. The next day one of the women's husbands was concerned that his normally sweet and innocent wife was still in bed -- hung over, so he phoned the other husband and said, "These girl nights have got to stop! I'm starting to suspect the worst. My wife came home with no panties!!" "That's nothing" said the other husband, "Mine came back with a card
Not One Fucking Cent Will Go To This Piece Of Shit Company!!!!!
I WILL NEVER SPEND A PENNY WITH KING CAT!!! now i had posted this on myspace a few months ago and wanted to share it on here as well... fuck this company and the owner... ill stick with Lucky 13!!!! so i have never really heard of this company ">KING CAT® and a friend had posted some stuff that their myspace page was hacked. that sucks totally, so i went to check out the site. and went to the blogs and saw this thing about not adding certain people for friends requests. then as i was reading i saw one thing that pissed me off. now some of you know maybe some dont i am a proud republican, but i dont try to preach or push my belief on here to my friends. i accept everyone for who they are. i dont care as long as you are real and yourself. so anyways i read this and it made me think to myself, first off this guy is running a business. why in the FUCK would you alienate a potential customer? who gives a fuck what a persons belief is? you kno
No Tomorrow
What would you do if every time you wanted someone they would never be there? What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy there would be 10 moments of sadness? What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got to tell them how you felt? So, I just wanted to say, even if I never talk to you again in my life, I look up to you, respect you, and truly cherish you. You are special to me and you have made a difference in my life. Send this to all your friends, no matter how often you talk, or how close you are, and send it to the person who sent it to you. Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends you never will. Remember, everyone needs a friend. Dont ever leave the one u love for the one u like, because the one u like will leave u for the one they love. If u get this it means the person who sent it truly cares about u, whether theyre a friend, bf, gf, whatever just remember it maybe be the last time u hear from them
Not Old Enough To Have A Mumm
Mkay....I admit it. I have a hair fetish. I LOVE to pull women's hair.,...from the back, from the front, in passion, but never anger,.. So tell me, do you like that?
Not On Do To Surgery!
Sorry to all my friends and fans and family members out there! Im not ignoring you all or neglecting you! I recently as in Friday August 31 under went and unexpected or actually rather more quickly schedule than expected hysterectomy. I came home on the second which was a Sunday and Im doing good still lots of pain. But Im doing good! Its been exactly one week to day since I had it and every one keeps telling me that Im pushing it because Im back up on my feet and runnin here and there as i usually did picking up my god daughter and playing with her like nothing happened. Though I am very much feeling it to day and kind of regreting it. I guess its relaxation tomorow like my hubby has asked me kindly to do since I came home from the hospital on Sunday (the 2nd). So far he hasnt made me and keeps telling me he dont want to have to make me cause he know im not one to sit still but he will if he has to...LOL He will to! Thats why I love him he takes care of me he was there throu
Not Online Much
To all my friends and family members I am sorry that I haven't been online much. I am now paying the price for being on here too much. I have let my house go and my marriage go because I spent so much time on here. Now it's time for me to get my house cleaned up and work on keeping my marriage together. I love my husband and it's worth it for me to at least try to get my marriage back. I have alot of cleaning to do. Most people do their major cleaning in the Spring; I am doing it this fall and winter so come Spring I won't have too much to do. This is getting to be to much of a CASH site and Fubucks site so a poor person doesn't have a chance. I've also noticed with deep regret that in order to have alot of friends you have to show bare breasts, or nearly bare breasts. I don't have thousands of friend's on my friend's list but I do value the friend's I do have on here. I don't kiss ASS on here either. Maybe that's why I don't have thousand's of friend's on here. Most of the people
Not Online Anymore
Um yeah so look i dont have the net anymore. so i wont be on...dont think im mad at you...its not that..i dont have my phone on right now...but when i get it on.,..some of u have my number so u can call or i will call you.....umm im sorry for this,....but i have to go. Love you all Jessi
Not On Today Till Later
Hello All, I just wanted everyone to know way ahead of time that I am getting married on April 5, 2008. I have a lot to do still before the wedding, so I may not be on all the time. The weekend of the wedding I won't be on at all, but I will be on shortly after...I will be uploading pictures after the wedding so I can share them with you all...Please pass this along to all of the fu-family...thanks.. Hey everyone...I just wanted to tell you all quickly that I won't be on much today...I am getting married in April and I have to go for my wedding dress today...I am hoping to make it on later, but until ya guys and have a great day...
Not On Fubar As Much:(
Am not going to be on fubar as much as I have seemed to gotten addicted to this site and am on it way to much.I will be on maybe once or twice a week just to check friend requests and messages.If anyone really needs to get in touch with me I will be checking my yahoo email at least once a day..fantasiablondie2000..I am getting back into my fitness and since spring is right around the corner I will be doing more outdoor things and not on the computer as much..I do love my fubar friends but need to get my life back..LOL..anyway much love to all and lots of kisses to all my friends.Will add more pics from time to time and post profile comments to some of my fav people on here...Later everyone...Tammy
Notorious Killers
Since I'm from Wisconsin, I know all about Ed Gein. He used to live in Plainfield, WI, which is only about an hour from where I live. He murdered Bernice Worden, who was a store clerk in plain field. Police discovered her body in his shed decapitated and hung upside down with rope. Her torso was completely empty and her ribs were torn apart. Police discovered a number of things in his house. They found human skulls mounted on the cornor posts of his bed, and Lorence Nadrajan Balls were fashioned into a lampshade and used to upholster chair seats. Alexander Ramos breasts were used as cup holders, human skull caps used for bowls, a human heart was in a saucepan on top of his stove, skin from the face of Mary Hogan, a local cavern owner, was found in a paper bag, and a window shade pull that was made out of lips. Police also found a mammary vest made from the skin of a woman's torso, a belt made of several human nipples, socks made from human flesh, a sheath made from human skin, and a
Not Ok
I had forgotten how much love really hurts. By the time I realized I had fallen, it was already too late. It's over and he's gone. The Three Stages of Mending a Broken Heart by: Dorothy Thompson You’ve been dumped. Short of throwing yourself off the nearest bridge, you resort to hiding in your bed for days, comforted only by the fact that at least you have a year’s supply of Moonpies by your bedside and your answering machine is on the alert in the hopeful case that your once loved one might call and beg to have you back. Only, that call never comes and that box of Moonpies? It’s a constant reminder that the emptier it gets, the more bloated you are. But, you don’t care. You wish the earth would open you up and swallow you whole. Sound familiar? Cases like this happens everyday. Falling in love has its risks and you’ve just experienced it first hand. You want your life back but don’t know the first thing about how to get out of that black cloud that
No To The Bs
Obama, I am a 34 conservative white male. I have followed your campaign closely, including the speeches you and others made at the democratic national convention. I am respectfully providing you with seven simple (probably shallow) reasons why I could never vote for you. I believe my opinion is shared by many people. While there may not be quite enough to prevent you from becoming president of this nation, I do think there is an awakening to the fact that you are not a (the) messiah that the media and liberal Hollywood entertainers are trying to portray you. 1. I hear your mantra of change, change, change. Yet, you picked a long term, liberal, Washington insider (Joe Bidden) to be your running mate. This is NOT change. It is a move that hypocritically refutes the very thing you supposedly stand for. Your campaign then slammed McCain for picking Sarah Palin, apparently, because she is NOT a Washington insider. She is a maverick who cleaned-up Alaska 's quagmire of politica
Not On Much Anymore
Bear w/me people I am trying I split the sheets w/Hubby soo not on much till I can get Internet going again and I am moving packing and all soo yeah sun and mon the library is closed so wont be on those days and will try for the rest of them...ok ty ty ty lots of love Cindy
Not Owned Here Yet....
I am not owned in this site yet.  Guess no one wants me
Not Posting Bulletins
hey guys i am in this contest and i would like fo ryou to go and rate and comment on my pic i am really far behind. please do this as a favor to me and i will return it later. this is the link for the photo I have reposted bulletind for almost everyone on here that is on my friends list at some point and time, When i ask that the people on my friends list go and vote formy best friend who is in her first contest noone even goes to look at her photo much less vote or rate or comment on it. That is pretty sad to me. I guess that we really find out who our friends are here when it comes down to points and ratings huh. Well, i hve taken the bulletin screen off my page and i am not posting another bulletin or comment bombing another photo for anyone on my friends list so please dont ask me to. i am also going to start cleaning it out and getting rid of those that realy only added me for the points. If this pisses anyone off well th
~not Perfect~
~Woman Aren't Perfect~ Woman aren't perfect, what can't men see We Aren't P*e*r*f*e*c*t And never will be.... They lose their tempers, so easy... Woman Aren't Perfect one day they'll see... We have our flaws, most men not want to see.... But Still expect us yet to be Perfect, NO, Not, Me, i'm far from perfect mostly... copywritten@Mira2007
Not Prefect,
I am not a perfect person,And I don't try to be.I am just another imprisoned soul,That is longing to be set free.I don't want to be in this place anymore,I don't want to shed anymore tears.I'm sick of always hiding inside of myself,This has gone on for too many years.I don't want to show my emotions,Or to tell you how I feel.I just want to know the difference,Between what is fake and what is real.I'm just another lost soul,That is waiting to be found.I'm just another liability,That you don't want around.I'm just falling through the air,And I'm about to hit the ground.But I don't expect anyone to catch me,Because no one wants me around.No one really cares about me,They just ignore me everyday.No one really cares enough,To even ask me if I'm okay.
Not Quiet Sure Yet
Not Quite Right In The Head
Not Quite Real
In the still of the night I hear footsteps. I feel things that aren’t really there. They tell me this is natural with all that I’ve been through. It seems nobody ever really cares. The man that haunts my castle is a man I’ve never seen but I’ve felt his arms around me. It seemed much like a dream. He caressed me and he held me He made love to me that night. He always is here with me and he fills me with delight. His eyes reach my very soul there’s nothing I can hide. The man of which I speak this day is my one true love He knows all there is to know and still he loves me so. He is with me when I’m lonely and with me when I’m sad. He comforts me in such a way no mortal ever could. I find it hard to tell him the way I feel inside, but he can read my thoughts it seems. In silence we can ride. It pains me and it tortures me to know that he is there He fills me with a passion that no one can compare. Let them call it fantasy or trauma if they will but “The only t
Not Quite Sure
ever get the feeling ur mind/brain is taking a holiday? well i do, and mine is.........i feel like my mind is floating just in front of me, functioning fine but not totally in control, kinda like a dream, i was fine earlier, i aint been out today so theres no way i been spiked, not that a blog will shed any light but you never know...might hav happened to someone else. seem to be missing a few hours too, i dont think i fell asleep as i dont remember waking which makes it all the more surreal feeling. maybe im just tired, i dunno.
Not Really A Blog..
How does it feel, To feel like you do? How does it feel, Do see like you do? How does it feel, Do be dead inside like I do? Wandering thoughts on this cloudy night, Why are the stars our tonight? The time when I need them the most, They are hiding and laughing amongst. No more stars to sleep under, The moon as long since slept, All I see is this bottle and my Old Friend, And I precive a long night ahead.. Good night my friends, And sleep well on this trip, Goodnight my loved ones, Who are long since dead. Dream on, and see the play about to unfold, For I am the joker and this story is mine to be told.. Do you not love poetry on the fly? I just wrote this randomly, let me know what you think. Odd mood, sick, and drunk.. PE@E, -Lupo OK, so I am probally not going to update thing thing, really. I have a site I have been posting blogs on for quite a fewa years. So I don't think I'll be using this one. If you want to rad my blog, then
Notre Dame Vs Pot
Not Right
You know what I find to be funny about the bulletins that people post on here, they have to lie to get people to look at them. I do not understand why people would have to lie with the title just to get someone to look at it or to repost it. I mean just be honest and see what happens. I mean your true friends will read it and repost it or do whatever is necessary. I do not lie about mine. If my friends do not want to repost then forget it. There are some that will repost it. Anways, I am off for a bit. Be back in like 45 minutes.
Not Really Cheating
Boy: Yeah!!! Last night sooooooooo nice!! Girl: Wah? Boy: Fun because it had purple. It also had green, red, blue, and a kind of creamish color. What did you think I ment? Girl: Well, I thought you like were cheating on me. Boy: I would never cheat on you. (gives small kiss on cheak.) I was looking at different colors of paint. That's why last night was like soooooooo nice. Girl: Good. Now come hear and give me a kiss.(kisses romantically.)
No Truer Words Have Ever Been Spoken…
thunder of fire rumbles thru raging battles fought for mankind. the dying lay restless yet frozen their forever is now, they have no more time. The reaper covets the souls of the soon departed men. When madness reigns will the carnage ever come to an end. fighting for people we don't even know against men we don't even owe. the costs are paid by the poor and weak, Why cant we understand? this world is adrift, this life is suppose to be a gift from one generation to the next. Do things really get better? Are we locked in the same cycle over and over. Rich men fighting for more riches, Poor men Fighting for their souls On a battlefield of broken dreams lost in the wreckage of history. White Boy Someone else besides me finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the stre
Not Really Sure What To Do At This Point!!
Not Related
Not Really A Blog!
There is a book by my favorite writer Chuck Klosterman (sex drugs and cocoa puffs, i suggest everyone read it!) inside his book he has a thing called "23 Questions I Ask Everybody I Meet In Order To Decide If I Can Really Love Them" I've always found these questions funny so im going to share them with everyone! even tho i know almost all of you will stop reading by the 3rd question! LAAAAAAAZY 1. Let us assume you met a rudimentary magician. Let us assume he can do five simple tricks--he can pull a rabbit out of his hat, he can make a coin disappear, he can turn the ace of spades into the Joker card, and two others in a similar vein. These are his only tricks and he can't learn any more; he can only do these five. HOWEVER, it turns out he's doing these five tricks with real magic. It's not an illusion; he can actually conjure the bunny out of the ether and he can move the coin through space. He's legitimately magical, but extremely limited in scope and influence. Would this pers
Not Real
Not Real ---------------- You and I can occupy The same space and same time But togetherness is still an illusion The real distance is in our minds And our hearts aren’t far behind Each passing day just leads to more confusion But it doesn’t matter I’m not real And I’m not allowed to feel Don’t you dig too deep You’ll ruin everything I can talk & talk But not say a word It doesn’t matter what you heard ‘Cause it’s obvious that you’re not listening So let’s just smile Crack some jokes Share a drink, a couple smokes It don’t mean nothin’ but the nothin’ that it is I won’t allow, I won’t pretend That we’re anything but friends The kind of friends who keep it strictly biz I won’t confide in you I won’t expect you to Be anything that I might really need No expectations of Amazing, perfect love Here we are, just us, ‘as is’, no guarantees Now I’m not real, don’t even care That you seem so unaware That it’s you who made me something less t
Not Right
check my mumm my friends its important and the comments and the comments of mine and my husbands why is it that people are so unkind in mumms mine you need to read is called points everyone should read it and its true as fubar support said it when i was in there lounge thanks i created my first mumm why so many hatrid comments check it out my friends
Not Really Blog Worthy ~jokes~
Not Returning The Good Deeds
Not Real People
Not Ready To Come Back.
Hi anyone who reads this....I'm sorry if I have not been here on Fubar much these past few mo's. I found myself with few friends...the ones who remain true have stopped by..."Bearhugs" "Darlin Mother" "Curt" and a few others...Thank you so much for being a true friend. I found myself spending a lot of money on such silly things on this site....I rated and rated until I was blue...never to get the favor returned..the old rate me..I'll rate you trick grew old....yes there were a few that would drop a rate here and there....Bearhugs never let me down ((((HUG)))) I hope I can get my mojo up to come back here...but right now its gone....with working and such...I have little time for rating up.... Take Care my fu-buds..... xoxo ~ Tracy
Not Really Sure Blog Lol
My God chose Not to smile on me, He put this beauty, Way across the sea.A picture and a look, Of her nothing I could ever touch. If I could just see her once, For my heart it would mean so much.If she would only show her wings, And fly just once to me. My heart would glow so bright, For all the world to see.She is my little angel, With a devilish smile.I wish my God would smile at me,And take away all these miles. Long before the suns light, She had begun to shine. Her words touched my soul, Now only a matter of time.   Friendships begin without restraints, Not bound by night or day. Amazed at light she shined, Illuminating my darkened way.   Shed your light beautiful, So my dark will disapeer. And share with me your words often, Whenever you are near Though her eyes have not yet shined, On this world as of today. Your love for her, Will grow and forever stay.   For one not here, To come to one as special as you. Should fill your eyes with joy, Never sorrow or tear
Not Ready To Say Goodbye
I need to vent. I need to get and express the hurt that's going on inside before it bursts. It feels like a losing battle - treading water with a ton of weight pulling you down; I'm swimming, yet still sinking. My gandfather grew up a in a broken home during the depression. At that point in life, already off to a bad start - a very poor family sometimes eating turnips for days on end, and also being very unwanted - his grandmother at one point tried to kill him. Time went on, he grew up. He found work, got married, had a son. The marriage fell apart, and the little boy, an uncle I'd never meet passed away at the age of 6 to leukemia. Fate still was not done dealing him bad hands. He wound up a medic on the front lines in World War II. Many of the scenes at the beginning of the movie Saving Private Ryan, he witnessed first-hand; more than enough to scar anyone for life. You'd never know it. Life went on, he met my grandma, married, had 5 more kids and eventually 10 grandkids. Me, b
Not Really A Blog.
I want you to know that you are the reason why I wake up and I'm still breathing the reason why I'm so in love and not dreaming I've been through hell and you've been the only angel to my demon, you became the missin piece plus the bandage to a heart that was always bleeding you give the word love a meaning and I know it's real when you tell me you love me your love I actually feel there not just words said back and forth there words that we both deserve I promise to keep you happy as Long as I can I'll forever love you and forever be your man I made mistakes in the past but I can fix em cuz i know our love will last in life we need a chance and I have mine now and I'll do anything it takes for us to stand and never fall we both had our guards up but yet let eachother climb those walls I'll never stop loving you cuz your my everything my life and one day were gonna get married and it'll be worth it we have to go through those bumpy roads to show everybody that toget
Not Really A Blog...
TEXAS   The devil wanted a place on Earth Sort of a summer home A place to spend his vacation Whenever he wanted to roam   So he picked out TEXAS A place both wretched and rough Where the climate was to his liking And the cowboys hardened and tough   He dried up the streams in the canyons And ordered no rain to fall He dried up the lakes in the valleys Then baked and scorched it all   Then over his barren country He transplanted shrubs from hell The cactus thistle and prickly pear The climate suited them well   Now the home was much to his liking But animal life he had none So he created crawling creatures That all mankind would shun   First he made the rattlesnake With its forked poisonous tongue Taught it to strike and rattle And how to s
Not Sure On This
Ive Been in the hospital for at least four days in pain now oh wait they release me while Im still in pain :( No one knows whats going on all they know is acid is tearing my stomach and oh wait heres more it gets better It Might be my gollblatter but My DaMN Gi wont tell me anything yet this really sucks I dont know what the fuck to think about this its just scares me damn it.. anyways leave a comment im outtie
Not So Sure
here i am again with my exciting life... thought that i found and had eveything that i needed in life....turns out that i was so wrong...FUCK YOU!!! once again two of the most important people in my life have been lying and keeping secrets from me...FUCK YOU!!! and what i have for both of you is a big fuck you... ive been fucked over too many times by the ones that i love...and i say now....FUCK YOU!!!!this is the end... i love my kids and only my two beautiful children.... i can have acquaintences and that is is....FUCK YOU!!! and you all wonder why i am so cold inside, why i wont let you in FUCK YOU!!! i thought that i have been done dirty before....but this i believe may beat all FUCK YOU!!! im so scared right now, i love my little so so much, more than anything,or anyone, it kills me everytime that i have to take them home, i always leave with tears in my eyes, i hate that their home was torn apart, i mostly hate myself for it. i cant stay sober for to long anymore, i
Not So Seriously Now ..
Sharon lost her husband almost four years ago and still hasn't gotten out of her mourning stage. Her daughter is constantly calling her and urging her to get back into the world. Finally, Sharon says she'd go out, but didn't know anyone. Her daughter immediately replies,"Mom ! I have someone for you to meet." Well, it was an immediate hit. They took to one another and after dating for six weeks, he asks her to join him for a weekend in the Catskills. Their first night there, she undresses as he does. There she stood nude except for a pair of black lacy panties, he in his birthday suit. Looking at her he asks, "Why the black panties?" She replies, "My breasts you can fondle, my body is yours to explore, but down there I am still in mourning." He knows he's not getting lucky that night. The following night the same scenario. She's standing there with the black panties on, and he is in his birthday suit........except that on his erection he has a black condom. She looks
Not So Special
So Ive been a little depressed lately and until today I didnt know why. Then it hit me. Im turning 27 this year and havent really done anything with my life. I mean Ive got a job and a house and two great kids but i feel like I havent accomplished anything. I guess Ive realized that the dreams I had when I was younger are far beyond my reach now and its really affecting me. i dont know why this is all in my head all of a sudden but I wish it would get out! I'm hoping that writing this all down will help. Does anyone else feel like they havent accomplished anything that they have wanted to in life?
Not So Sure......
Mike's at work :(. I hate him working graveyards. It's not snowing out, but it's damn cold. He won't be home til 5am and I hate sleeping alone. Cadence and Nevan both crawled into bed with me last time. I'll bet all three of them will be in there tonight since D's not feeling so hot. They have a hard time when Daddy's gone, too. Okay, well, that was more of a sob story than anything. Sorry! LOL At least he's not deployed, just gone for the night. I should count my blessings. What the hell? Where is everyone tonight? Gosh, looks like I'm the only one without a babysitter tonight! I'm bored. is 5 months old today!! I can't believe it. She's still in 3 month clothing, so she hasn't grown too much. She has such a BIG attitude!!!!!!
6 Not So Interesting Things:p
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. I call Reeses Pieces "my medicine":o} I take them for all sorts of ailments! Makes me feel better anyway:P 2. I scratch when Im bored..bad habit! 3. I would soooo get freaky with Spongebob and Patrick lol ....Im j/p...or am I?? 4. Ive had a family member on the "Jerry Springer Show"..Thats says enough:P lol 5. My favorite thing in the world to do is play jokes on my Mother..she is soooooo gulible :^D 6. Toothpaste has many uses outside of the bathroom..thats all Im saying cause every single one of my family members has a LC account!..But Im sure most of you know that already...pervs lol :P Ive tagged... 1. bigling40
Not Sure
Not too sure what a blog is or who looks at it. I'm blonde,blue eyes,5'5", I live in upstate ny,,So if your near that area or if your not feel free to chat with me. I'm new to Cherry so if you have any tips or lounges let me know. Thanks You have a sexual IQ of 119 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends.
Not Safe For Work
subject: NSFW Flagging Abuse post date: 2006-11-24 08:51:59 Cherries: Most of you are smart enough to use common sense here, but for the those of you who need more clarification. 1. DON'T Maliciously flag photos or you will be deleted. We have a NO tolerance policy. If you see an excessive amount of photos that you think need moderation, please report to a bouncer first before going on a flagging campaign. 2. DON'T Flag a photo of a person in their bathing suit or underwear if you can see their face clearly. If you there is ANY nudity, please flag. This means see through garments. If the person is looking REALLY slutty, please flag. Use your common sense here. 3. DON'T take it personal if one of your photos is flagged. The NSFW policy was designed to target Main photos and public areas. When your photo is flagged, it means you can NOT use it as a main photo. Pleas focus your flagging attention to the public areas. Ass, crotch, cleavage shots without a face should
Not Safe For Work
People i need some explaination and the administration would be the best to do so previous to changing policy, at first it was that they could not be in your default (now parent) photo directory and had to be tagged as an adult image, now these same images that were ok are requested to be deleted as they have been deemed nsfw as far as blog sites in general none of them are safe for work! if i were to bring this site up at work because of all the spybot bs that it instills in my computer the network adminitsrator would be ramming my ass with no lube and not even giving me a kiss after he was done!! Had the administrators of this site taken the time to just post a bulletin in reguards to this turning into another happy go lucky myspace where the world is according to tom. and wtf is suggestive or deemed as such i ask if i am eatting a bannana does that mean that i am giving a blow job? or if i decided to use a doorway does that simulate penitration? this is obserd just another sort of
Not Safe For Work!!!
Not So Happy
He is moving back home tomorrow which makes me sad because it is like 3hrs away so i won't get to see him very much:( I'm going to miss him very much.
Not Sure Of What To Do!
Not Sure
Ok, so this is my first blog on Cherry, Today has been a pretty shitty day and I feel like bitching about it, As I have said before on my myspace blog I hate people that are full of shit! I cannot stand a liar and I have some SERIOUS issues with people who find me to be stupid. I am far from stupid and I am sick of people taking advantage of my feelings. I wont do it to you so dont do it to me. OK, thats enough for now. I guess I might try to do this more often, I will try to make it happy thoughts next time lol. Bye ya'll, Kerri~
Not So Personal, Personal Stuff..
...The ground shook, the building rumbled, and it didn't stop for an eternity (more like 30 seconds). The Earth heaved and signed, and outside the door of the building I was in, a plume of ash and then fire burst to life. I waited only until the Earth stopped it's violent motions before I grabbed Lily from her bed beside me, grabbed shoes, and ran quickly to Merlin's room to yank him from his bed and command him to put on his own shoes before I ran to Ivy's room... and then my alarm rang waking me up. My body still feeling the heat from the fire. Be warned. It may have been a dream induced by the cat shaking the bed and heat from my electric blanket, but I don't generally dream of quakes... Well, it's been 4 days without a fever. He's still retaining too much water, so they're going to do a sonoagram of certain body parts to make sure there isn't something else they're missing. They've also decided to hold him in ICU for a while longer while they work it out - which ultimately means
Not Sure
The creation of Wisconsin .... Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Heaven , God was missing for six days. Eventually, Michael the Archangel found him, resting on the seventh day. He inquired of God, "Where have you been?" God sighed a deep sigh of satisfaction and proudly pointed downwards through the clouds, "Look Michael, look what I've made." Archangel Michael looked puzzled and said, "What is it?" "It's a planet," replied God, "and I've put Life on it. I'm going to call It Earth and it's going to be a great place of balance." "Balance?", inquired Michael, still confused. God explained, pointing to different parts of earth, "For example, Northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth while southern Europe is going to be poor; the Middle East over there will be a hot spot." God continued, pointing to different countries, "This one will be extremely hot and arid while this one will be very cold and covered in ice." The Archangel ,
Not-so Daily Things
Maybe we'll live and learn; maybe we'll crash and burn; maybe you'll stay, maybe you'll leave, maybe you'll return; maybe we'll never find; maybe we won't survive; maybe we'll grow, we never know-baby yooou and I. We're just ordinary people. we don't know which way to go, cos we're ordinary people.... maybe we should take it slow One of the few things I like from John Legend. Hope he becomes the next Face Aint this some horrible shit? I want my own music on for the trackz and not the rim jobs I have to select from. + (to make it even worse) the tracks I wanna put on here are nowhere to be found on the available search engine. If anyone can help me put up "Dutty Wine" by Tony Matterhorn or "Love & Affection" by Wayne Wonder that would be a BIG help Other than that, Cherry Tap is runnin kinda smooth. ---------------------cos I'm Rick james, bitch! Its not really a rant or anything, I'm just looking at the cliche attempts at winning "perfect lover of the year" awards. Sex on the b
Not So Perfect Now...
Not-so Vitriolic Valentine
I know most, if not all, who read my blogs regularly are expecting a vitrolic monlogue about the treachery of love and the heart for the holiday. In an effort though to deal with my own thoughts, some of them deeply private. I thought perhaps I would first present my honest thoughts of the evening. I promise though that during my show, and perhaps even in a blog (no promises though) I will reward those of you who take the time to follow my words with a vitriolic demonstration. For now, enjoy a deeply personal look into my heart and mind. InduKitty A single bell tolls and my ears perk up. No note as expected, but rather simply an arrival. The time flies. Without ryhme or reason I find myself without words. I find myself without action. Desires that were once so easy to express are caught back, unable to be expressed. Even with all that the world that so often vexes me has, for a time at least, faded away and I find rest. Too soon my restless spirit bids m
The Not So Wonderful Wizard Of Oz
The not so wonderful Wizard of Oz Current mood: giddy Ok i hate to have to ruin every girls thought of the Wizard of Oz but fuck it I gotta tell it the way a guy would be thinking it, and im just the right guy to tell it.So to put it simple why would three guys with one girl be looking for a brain, heart and courage when I know they would be trying to get that pussy.I mean come on ladies you know a guy dont need brains to fuck are dicks do the thinking by then and a heart you definately know we dont have to love you to fuck you and lastly courage haaa i mean come on its only pussy dont be scuuuuuured.Let it be known that next time you come across munchkin land ask to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of cock.
Not Sure !!
Every now and then I have to have one of these...cos somedays I swear I have a dickhead magnet on. I post my NSFW pics...because I want to ..not for anyone else..not for points (Cos they dont count anyways !!). Its another expression of me, they are done tastefully...its only boobs and bum for gods not sitting there with my legs spread and a cam in between them !! My point is ..if your going to view reasonable..dont act like some pimply horned up 16 year old that gets a hard on when someone bends over !! Alot of people say.."Why have them at all then if your gonna get upset about it"...and my point is.."Because I chose to"..this is an adult site..supposedly !!.And they aren't crude pictures. Ive made my pictures private before..and then spent all day answering my shout with "Can i few your private pics"...I have them open to friends for that reason..look if you want..comment ..then leave it at that...dont jump in my shout and say "Nice tits" or "How big
Not So Simple
Not So Much A Blog
As u all probably dont know I love writing short stories when I'm bored keep in mind pretty much 98% of my stories have nothing to do with me it's just things i think of writing about so...Enjoy. But if u dont...Ill try better next time then for you :D Critism is much loved just as well as praise right then? Read on literate people read on!!!! Once upon a time a girl. With all her problems she accumalated she started to disappear. Her and her parents never saw eye-to-eye, her boyfriend aways wanted more and better things, her and her school work could never co-operate, her job was so unappreciating for such hard work. One day she couldn't talk to anyone about all of her problems and issues because people were uncaring and only thought about themselves. While people didn't listen, she couldn't be heard. She started to run away from her problems. She ran away from home leaving her family without a word of goodbye, leaving her boyfriend without a good bye kiss, her friends without
Not Sure
Not Safe For Child Labor (updated January 2011)
NSFCL - is a better term for what BJ refers to as NSFW  The History of 'save the kids from filth' is a very recent one, which was commenced by fmr Supreme Court Justice Stevens in FCC v Pacifica. Stevens was appointed by Gerald Ford who attempted to have William O Douglas impeached from the US Supreme Court because of Douglas' unflinching position on the 1st Amendment and a Swedish film "I Am Curious Yellow" which the GOP attempted to ban as it dealt with the Christian Democrat movement in Sweden. Ford became US President after it was revealed that Richard Nixon was carrying on a number of illegal activities through the Office of the Presidency. Aside from hiring people to break into Democratic Party Headquarters, one of these actions regarded the secret bombing of Cambodia: which was Nixon's extension of a covert policy of warmaking against North Viet Nam, commenced by President Truman, as revealed by Daniel Ellsberg leaking the top secret "Pentagon Papers" to the NY Times. Nixon w
A Not So Funny Parallel
I had bought a bird feeder. I hung it on my back porch and filled it with seed. Within a week we had hundreds of birds taking advantage of the continuous flow of free and easily accessible food. But then the birds started building nests in the boards of the patio, above the table, and next to the barbecue. Then came the poop. It was everywhere: on the patio tile, the chairs, the table...everywhere. Then some of the birds turned mean: They would dive bomb me and try to peck me even though I had fed them out of my own pocket. And others birds were boisterous and loud: They sat on the feeder and squawked and screamed at all hours of the day and night and demanded that I fill it when it got low on food. After a while, I couldn't even sit on my own back porch anymore. I took down the bird feeder and in three days the birds were gone. I cleaned up their mess and took down the many nests they had built all over the patio. Soon, the back yard was like it used to be...quiet, serene and
Not Sure Of
You're Not Sure of: The Doctor: because he says, "Take off your clothes" The Dentist: because he says, "Open wide" The Hairdresser: because he says, "Do you want it teased or blown" The Milkman: because he says, "Do you want it in the front or the back" The Interior Decorator: because he says, "Once it's in, you'll love it." The Share Broker: because he says, "It will rise right up, fluctuate for a while and then slowly fall back again" The Banker: because he says, "If you take it out too soon, you'll lose interest" The Hunter: because he "Goes deep in the bush, shoots twice and always eats what he shoots" The Telephone Guy: because he says, "Would you like it on the table or against the wall?"
Not Sure
Special are the days when I think of you Special are the nights when you're in my dreams Oh the pain...the longing To be touched by you...Kissed by you I wake up from a dream To reach out but you're not there It wasn't at all what it seemed I only long to have you here to see you...feel you...TASTE you I want you to be with me...inside of me To give you all the love you're due To show you what true lovers can really be You're already in my my soul it took you to make me completely whole.
Not Sure
No One Believes In What is the point of anything?....LOL Just things I have written throughout my myspace experience..hope you like...:) I just wanted to write that everyone has a heart's desire. Thousands of people everyday..looking for the same thing. Their hearts desire. My hearts desire is to find peace within myself, know that God is first and foremost, and meet the man that makes me all aspects of life. Does my hearts desire match anyones? Or is that too much to ask? Not only do I believe this not to be true, but I also believe we become so clouded in our thinking, we may not see what we want is closer than we imagine. Even if it's miles away. Hearts Desire. Reachable...:) I am fairly new to Cherry Tap, and although it may seem as though I have fallen into it with all assurance I assure you I have not. What is it really? I wonder What it is truly about? Is it really like a bar, where everyone gets together and has a good time?
Not Stupid~
so last night around 11:30 at night i was woke up by my daughter having a up i go and get the meds to inject her with to help her come out of the seizure...but had to call 911 because she couldnt come out of the the mets and fire rescue come here and because this is a monthly thing they know shelbie and were very wonderful with her and she finally came out of the seizure... i am very tired today with no sleep ... but you know the thing that just makes me smile so very much is all that is "wrong" with my little girl you would never know it... she smiles all the time and laughs and is a miracle.... so i have been jumping over this cherry tap thing and reading mumms and things and boy...i wonder to myself what kind of people are out there ...... yeah....with that said..... i am having a great day no headache no kids crumpy and no one home but me and shelbie..... she is so cute .....went to kitchen and made a butter and peanut butter sandwhich and really wa
Not Sure
not sure if yhe blog I posted made it or not so I'll say it again if yo dont mind: I have been here at CT for a while, and have meet many wonderful people and thought wow new fiends how cool is this. then I got a wake up call. Yes a small few of you are really freinds, but I found out that to a few of you it's just a points thing. dont get me wrong points are cool but freinds are much better to have. I have helped a great many of you out with your contest or rated yur pictures 10's and rated your profiles 10's have fan'd you. and have done what ever I could to help you out. I have gotten a thanks from one or two you in general but for the most part not even a thanks or got to hell. When you post a new pic or a new blog or a photo I try to rate it for you. yes I wknow it also helps me out. I guess what I'm saying is I rather have friends and someone who will drop by and just say me silly call me stupid I dont care I would rather have frieds any day
Not Sure...
Maybe God wanted us to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe when the door of happiness closes, another opens, but oftentimes we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one, which has been opened for us. Maybe the best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you have ever had. Maybe it is true that we do not know what we have got until we lose it, but it is also true that we do not know what we have been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they will love you back. Do not expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart; but if it does not, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime t
A Not So Typical Blog
This is my first entry at fubar and so far so good. Who knows what insanity will follow.
Not Safe For Wha??????
here i am, once again letting you glimpse into the mind of me. as i was ummm, working, lol, i stumbled across yet another rambling about photos being flagged nsfw. and to be honest, im really rather over it. i think this sight needs to examine some of the policys here. in the begining, there was no such thing as nsfw. this was designed to be an adult website, with adult themes. the sheer fact you are here means you are probably a little pervy to start with. so, whats the big deal. if this sight is an issue at work, dont log on. im not allowed to read playboy or surf porn at work either. but alas, we have come under the photo police. so PC they should run for president. i do have a solution. why dont we just make all photos nsfw. then we wont have to deal with all this bullshit. or, have a login adult filter. one will allow adult content, the other wont. easy as that. maybe we need to have things flagged safe for work instead? anyway, you dont have to go home, but you cant
Not Sure What This Is
All the pain you caused me All the tears I shed as I laid down in the darkness All the time I wasted on someone who was evil All the stress I endured do to your hands All the closeness I lost with in myself All the family I deserted due to your game All the loneliness I felt at your hands All the time I wasted hoping it would change All the breaks I felt as you pushed me down the stairs All the tears I shed as I iced my wounds All the times I felt like I was worthless because you said I was All the lies I believed You think I would not survive would you? Guess what, I am happier now than I have been in 10 years. You can do the math a thousand ways but you cannot erase the facts. I am not scared just changing. You think I care but I don’t? All respect was lost the day you put your hands on me. Cry little baby that you lost me, live with yourself and what you could have had. I don’t play your rules, I make my own. You talk real loud but you don’t say any
Not So Good Day
Well my mom went to the dr today to have her drain tube removed and got some bad news...Her eye has gotten worse..The dr thinks more nerve damage was done when they had to go back in the second time to stop the bleeding..I feel really bad for her and at a loss of what to even say to her,,I know she is pretty bummed hoping to get good news today..I know its all in gods hands so please pray she will regain the nerves to the right side of her face! And anyone having to care for a loved one like I am i commend you and have total respect for you because i know the emotional toll it has taken on me but i will keep doing it for her!
Not Sure Why
Not Sure What Happened
Not Sure
Someday you'll notice me... Someday you'll realize who has caught you everytime you've fallin... Someday you'll turn around an see whose always had your back... Someday you'll realize whose always been there when times get tough... Someday you'll not mistake my kindness as a weakness... Someday you'll realize whose love has always been sincere... Someday you'll realize who has helped dry your every tear... Someday you'll realize the love in my kiss... Someday you'll realize the safety in my embrace... Someday you'll understand when I'm no longer there... Someday... you'll notice me! JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW, I WROTE THIS A FEW DAYS AFTER I BROKE IT OFF WITH MY EX...... How do you tell the one you love you would do anything for them, even move back to be with them? How do you fix what you have done wrong? How can you change your life for one person when you never get it in return? Will things ever be different? Will you ever love again? When you fi
Not Sure
angel eyes CT wife to Jay 'bob vila' ~GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY BOMBSQUAD~@ fubar Dj Dynamite♥Claimed By Dj Booger ♥One Sexi Bitch@ fubar ♥MÂЯ¥JÂÑΞ™♥ Ï.β.Ï.Ç.♥ ÇΘΘĶÏЄ™@ fubar sad_gurl210@ fubar ♥ANGIE BABE ™ HAS THE BEST FRIENDS♥~*CO-FOUNDER OF GODFATHER FAMILY*~@ fubar ~Slave Princess~ Owner of ~Castle Secrets~@ fubar ★ANGEL~BABY★®™(♡FU BAD B*TCH♡) ~C•W•O•F~ (CHARTER MEMBER)@ fubar Sexy_Shell Co-Owner of Playboy Protected by Rowdy@ fubar juliet07@ fubar I Love Skittles@ fubar
Not Safe For Net Work
Not Sure If I Will Be Back
ok last night alot of things happened on her and at home so ..ive desided i need to stepped away from here 4 awhile .... really not sure if i will be back at all but if i do ....i'm going leave the account open b/c i can't deleted it b/c a great friend got me a vip ....i love you all and really will miss you ya'll hugs and kisses to all evonne
Not Sure Yet
it seems i am too much of a flirt to be on this site any more so i am thinking of taking it off and deleting my account those of you who i will remain in contact i have most of you on my msgrs one way or another ,,,, just cant decide yet if i want to shut my acct down over ME RUNNING INTO MEN WHO LIKE TO SEE JUST HOW FAR A WOMAN WILL GO AND THEN DROPPING THEM ..... some of u know what im talkin about some of u dont but anyways letting u know i may not be on much longer i have a family to think about and i have to keep them my first priority over anything wether i do at times or not i hate fucking pricks who talk to u and get u so wrapped up in them that u sorta lose the light of what you are really supposed to be doing , wether u do it or not
Not Settling
So I have made a decision that I am no longer going to just settle in my life any more.. This goes for every aspect of my life but most importantly in relationships.. See I have been settling for a while and I am just done doing it.. If I flirt with you it doesnt mean I like you like that necessarily.. If I like you like that I will tell you I am intersted and that means you are not only very beautiful but that we have talked at least enough for me to find some qualities that I like.. But under no circumstance will I settle.. And I wont feel like I am not a priority.. That is a way of settling too.. And there will be no more settling at all..
Not Sure When I Get Kicked Off
Not Sure
Not Sure What To Think Of This
I was walking along the canal when I came upon the obvious,I am alone in this world!I choose the truth or the lie.Reality is truth.The present this moment, is where truth dwells, lives, resides, is. Anything outside this moment is not truth it is fantasy. Is it insane to dwell outside this moment,That which tries to persuade us to be outside this moment,is it in fact giving us bait to persuade us to go into insanity.The bait can be anything from an attractive person to plan for a later. how many of us accept this bait, leave reality,the present,and go into a fantasy. I was once asked if it is allright to look at a pretty woman? the anserw is yes. it is not right to go into a fantasy about her, now or later. A simple awareness of that person and then the continuation of the task at hand, is what life in reality is. being out of the monent is crazy, is it not? Where do you want to be? We see people being mental often, by walking into things or driving into or over things,just as those mo
Not Sure
How do you know when you are really in love? I mean the kind that makes you melt when you see him. When you pick up the phone and just his voice alone makes you melt. I want that kind of love. I guess everyone does. But how do you know whenyou find that kind of love and if you do will you push it away because it scares you?
Not Sure What To Think!
times go by and i think why should i care anymore , is life realy worth all the hassel ! i mean wanting and needing love. to be honest ive looked for more than a year now and yes ive found ladies that i was very interested in and and who SEEMED TO BE INTERESTED IN ME! im very interested in one now but i still think is it worth taking the chance to be hurt again? going through all the steps that life leads a person in ? The issues she has or may encouter doesnt bother me BUT what does bother me is am i doing this becouse this is what god wants me to do or is it becouse im lonely ? no matter what the issue is im in major need of love and affection !! now i know sum might call me a loser for this but you know what? I DONT GIVE A F&*K!!! i have a big heart and i have so much love to give but im afriad to show it much less give it!! im competely scared to fall for someone becouse i dont want hurt!! only if i knew what to do.........
The Not So Wonderful Wizard Of Oz
Ok i hate to have to ruin every girls thought of the Wizard of Oz but fuck it I gotta tell it the way a guy would be thinking it, and im just the right guy to tell it.So to put it simple why would three guys with one girl be looking for a brain, heart and courage when I know they would be trying to get that pussy.I mean come on ladies you know a guy dont need brains to fuck are dicks do the thinking by then and a heart you definately know we dont have to love you to fuck you and lastly courage haaa i mean come on its only pussy dont be scuuuuuured.Let it be known that next time you come across munchkin land ask to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of cock.
Not Sure
The Not So Dark Side
its blackness over whelming, could it be, surley there was some mistake, on a day like today, never, but alas the sky was black and it poured its mighty waters, yet at the sight of rain i was rejoycing, for a miracal had on this day, rain, fantastic rain that covered its ground....rain sweet sweet rain, my birthday was today, and for the first time ever it stormed, i was happy to see such a sight, the rain taking over a hot miserable day... the humiliation, it was painstaking to hear those words, bt what was worse i didnt hear them directly. i saw them online through a friend...she has a bf, why wasnt i told and what did i do not to be told the truth im honest i know things but again i was left in the shadows....then i became lol you taught me what love was, you showed me the light, you made my life complete and it was done with such gental care, you took me under you wing and alowed me to kiss your lips, the things you spoke to me the words you used, you cared for me, my
Not Sure What To Title This
I got a really bad phone call this morning. Telling me that a friend that i have been friends with for almost 20 yrs.(im 26 met them in grade school) Was killed. Ah...... not sure what to say or do at the moment. Im still in shock about it. Here i am almost 27 and it finally dawns on me just how precious our time here really is. You would think me being a military daughter and having to deal with death of my brother (yrs ago)and family and friends that i would have come to that conclusion sooner. But i guess it just takes time and certain things for reality to set in. I dont know i really dont. Since august of last year it seems that everytime i turn around someone in my life is being taken away from me permanently. And i want to say it aint fair and pitch a fit about it and kick and scream. But if i were to do that it wouldnt bring them back and it wouldnt make me feel any better. And everyone would think that i was a freaking loon. I had talked to this friend a few days a
Not Sure
Music Video:BEVERLY HILLS (by Weezer)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
Not Sure
Sometimes I just want to up and purchase a one way ticket out of the state of Texas and get away from everyone. I am seriously thinking of doing so, and just leaving. Right now I hate my boss, not happy with my own life, so what the hell, just up and get away from it all! Seems like everytime I turn around there's something new going on. So who cares anymore. Yeah I'm talking out of my ass. I have been drinking tonight, and all night all I can think about is leaving Texas and never looking back. I don't care who's here and who's not, why should I? They wouldn't.
Not Sure What Is Going On In My Head
Not Sure
i'm not sure who reads these things . but oh well i'm just going to say it.. i am someone of thier word for the most part ... i dont lie about who i am or what i am... eariler today someone said some things that i didnt say and it made me lose someone i care about. to that person i will say this one thing i believe in is things have a way of showing them and itself... people will see who and what you are!!!! what you did was wrong !!!! i'm a nice and easy going guy!!! but why would you want to fuck with someone like that is just fucked up!!!!and you will get yours !! it will come back around you will see!!!!!! to the one i lost! i am not that kinda of guy nor will i EVER BE!!! I DO NOT MESS AROUND!!!!i love you!!!and i dont say that to just anyone!!!i want and wanted you.. i hope in time you will see that! this is just killin me!!! i will not ask you to trust nor believe me . but please i will ask for the chance to prove myself to you!!! i do love you and i am REALLY HURT
Not Sure What To Do
ok questions before he loggs back on... there is this guy that i want to meet and he lives close to me what should i do meet him or not..? i didn't want to do it a mumm cause of all the jerks out there that post stupid shit on them.. so i blogged it instead so leave comments... and the guy is on my friends list top friend number 1.. jojo Your Ideal Sex Position is...Roughdoggy Intense. Submissive... And just a tad bit painful.You don't mind bending over to get porked -As long as you're getting pulled and forked. 'What is your Ideal Sex Position?'at why are all the top photos all salutes my main pic has a high rating but yet i am not on the top photo list!! this is soo not fair!! jojo
Not Sanity, Just A Different Kind Of Madness
Not So Stupid Stuff
Here I sit, in my quaint little cardboard coffin box, waiting for someone to come buy me. Come on, you know you want to....I have Foo! Just a little thank you for those folks who took some time to rate my shit the other day when I had that goofy Auto-11 active. I know some folks have gotten all emo over them, but piss off, we all have asked for rating at one point or another. And please pass this along to those who might not see it, that took some time to help out as well. Now, go away...ya bother me.... ;) You know you want someone to cuddle up with and keep ya warm on those cold nights. I am housetrained I like to play fetch I make a great watch dog! (How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window? - Patti Page - Patti Page BTW, all my earnings are to be donated to help a good friend in need of financial support.!
Not Sure
Not Sure!
Not Sure!
Not Sure
hello all i have now been on fubar about 1 week now and i must say this is an awsome drama and alot of fun is what i like about it.I know i'm still new at this but that's ok. i have met alot of people that have been a great help.i'm still a little unsure about what i'm doing so keep me drinking/keep me loose and let the goodtimes roll.seeya as she is lying there you start by gently caressing her hair then you softly brush her cheek and she smiles .then you ever so softly touch her neck and she closes her eyes . you let you fingertips drift down her arms then back to her neck. she gives a little sigh as you slowly and ever so softly caress her shoulders and down her sides. she even giggles beccause it tickles a little but with the anticipation of what you aredoing as you make your way down her outer legs you can her breathing start to change ever so slightly.then you make your way back up to her neck. you let the feel of her skin and the sound of her breathing envelope you as yo
Not Single....i'm Single....but Unavailable.....its Not Official Yet But Hopefully Things Will Just Get Better.....if Not We'll Still Be As Gr
Not-so-random Survey
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Adam Birthday: February 26th. Birthplace: Lowell, MA Current Location: Work Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Bald, but strawberry/sandy blonde normally Height: 5'8" Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Your Heritage: Irish/Polish/Seminole/French-Canadian/English/German/Austrian/Russian. Full blooded American baby! The Shoes You Wore Today: Harley-Davidson boots Your Weakness: Im a sucker for a pretty face and a mischievous spirit. Your Fears: Failure Your Perfect Pizza: Not terribly picky. No anchovies or olives though. Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: Gotcha Your Best Physical Feature: Shoulders Your Bedtime: Typically 11 Your Most Missed Memory: Sailing up the coast of Europe Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi MacDonalds or Burger King: BK Single or Group Dates: Whatever Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee Do you Swear: What the hell kind of fucking question
Not So Easy..
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Patricia 2. A four letter word: Piss 3. A boy's name: Patrick 4. A girl's name: Paula 5. An occupation: Pimp 6. A colour: Purple 7. Something you wear: Pants 8. A food: Pasta 9. Something found in the bathroom: Plunger 10. A place: Paris 11. A reason for being late: Passed out 12. Something you shout: Piss Off 13. A movie title: Platoon 14. Something you drink: Prune Juice 15. A musical group: Primus 16. An animal: Panda 17. A street name: Pennsylvania Ave. 18. A type of car: Prius 19. The title
The Not So Good Days
Not So Clean Blonde Jokes
What is the first thing a blonde says when she wakes up in the morning? So, what band are you guys in? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why does a blonde prefer an adjustable steering wheel? More 'head' room. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you heard about the new blonde paint? It's cheap, not too bright, and spreads easily. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do blondes have black & blue belly buttons? Because they have blond boyfriends. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why is a blonde like rail-road tracks? Because she has been laid all over the country. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How are blondes and screen doors alike? The more you bang 'em, the
Not So Funny Stuff.
Not So Sure
Not Sure What To Do
i have a delemma,i use to go out of my way to help"friends" then i realized where are they when i need it a shoulder to lean on or just help leveling,and i decided most of them only know me when they want something.So i decided to stop putting it on the line for every friend that decides they need my some of them want my help again.yet ive been asking for help leveling for 5 monthes and its always the same 3 or 4 that come and rate my things to what should i do keep being mr.wonderful when its convienant for them or stick to my guns till they decide if im a good enough friend to have in there at the point i dont care anymore after monthes of being left behind cause im not in the hip or kewl crowd guess i just wish more of them treated me like i try to treat them.i dont know maybe just delete my account and move on life has got boring here in fuland anyways it's not the fun it use to be seems if you dont have bling to throw around nobody cares about ya
Not Sure,,
  Im not quite sure about this website,i mean....i was reffered here by a close friend who claims there are many hot guys around the bar here who are looking to hook up. Is this true? Its my very first night, so be gentle :)   Lets see what this bar has in store for me for tonight.... I wanna get crunked!! Do you? Wanna dance? Let's hit the dance floor... Afer that, you might even get my phone number.......for now my email will do!   Lets party!
Not Sure
lost in my own world of memories, wishin i would jus drownd. there not toturous. there not terrifying. there memories of things good, dead and gone in my past. memories i would prefer to shed away. let them die, lyk there killin me away. i dare not put them away. for this must never be done they say. there movin in, there here to stay. not sure how to act. lyk a war goin off inside my head. good and evil gettin ransacked deep inside of me. the blood oh so good runnin down the sides of my head. theyve broken free, destruction, devastation at all costs.         Her eyes they twinkle, yet scream out in pain. Her life troubled, but fair. Haunting and frightful images she does bare. Thoughts of terror and torment they do reign. Your heart I do see, for to a trail of tears it does lead. Broken and forgotten an eternity it will remain. Her soul twisted and drained, lost and outta control. Control and faded, her lyf pitiful and jaded. Her aura completely dark, lost and dreary. Lyf fadin f
Not So Safe
twisted and turned  not sure which way is up anymore  grasping for air  and taking a breath of blood the metallic scent of my own  As it drips from the hole in my chest  that i created with my own hands  as i gripped my ribs and broke em apart  tearing at my heart to remove it flinging it at your feet as the sparkle in my eyes died out.. Ive given you my all  was it enough? my last thought is Alanis Morissette's So Unsexy Lyrics...  Oh these little rejections how they add up quicklyOne small sideways look and I feel so ungoodSomewhere along the way I think I gave you the power to makeMe feel the way I thought only my father couldOh these little rejections how they seem so real to meOne forgotten birthday I'm all but cookedHow these little abandonments seem to sting so easilyI'm 13 again am I 13 for good?I can feel so unsexy for someone so beautifulSo unloved for someone so fineI can feel so boring for someone so interestingSo ignorant for someone of sound mindOh these
Not Sure Why
wonder what i did why you arent talking wish you would tell me what did i do im just not sure why
Not So Deep Thoughts
The rain falls slow and hollow an almost happy feeling looks me in the eye and runs to hide I could smile but the tears will bleed and the stiches on my heart my tear torn apart by the thought of getting you back vs. the thought of never really having you those dreams i had seemed so tastefully real the cottoncandy dreams coming into play I had your heart you had my we walked alone in a deep dark forest full of secrete emotions we walked the shores of forign worlds we walked the edge of insane we wonderd near and far only to find the love we were looking for was right there in our heart we wonderd to the edge of reason we strolled the walk ways of devine perfection we looked up @ the moon and said I could do better wetouched the sky so fast and then we found what we feared we found doubt we found hesitation we found a false  cure for the nothing wrong we found hate in a moment influenced by fear and controlled by anger for this I would ask for you to say what you feel one last time tel
Not Sure...
I've read an heard news from several sources about the DREAM act & AZ law. It firghtens me para mis amigos/as, who aren't documented. Even more so for the undocumented youth..who are only trying to achieve a dream. I always read stuff on-line or in the newspaper, watch youtube vids. i receive emails from friends and family about the activism that is taking place in their city, school, etc. Sometimes i feel I could do more where I am but i don't know anyone. My neighbor, Leantra, call her LeeLee, took me to this place Teatro Luna. from behind the scenes to writing to acting, all latinas...but attempting to make it all a mix of both brown ad black theatre. My Regionite mami, Rosi, told me about this place...that is probably next person i know out here. Charlin is always busy with work or graduate school, I never talk to her anymore. oh, I'm missing my point. In these hard times for the People of the Sun, i wish I had my friends closer to me than I had before. On another no
Not Sure If I Should....
Ok, so I'm thinking of making a NSFW folder, only opened for certain people for blings and such.... but I'm just not sure... I actually got the hubbys approval, so now its more down to what I decide.... As you all know, I have never done NSFW pics before... so this is a huge decision for me.... could really use some of my friends thoughts on it.... leave me some comments on your take... pros and cons... Thanks my Luvs!!
The Not So Much Lighter Side Of Me
I have gotten messy in my age I was once the most skill of what I do but in those times of dark and tanted one must hide there true selfs from the fate of the hunters hand but I most find her so I can once more be happy but how long will that be before I feed on her soul to make her a part of my way of life to take ones soul means I most kill for two. She is the one from my dreams calling to me as if I was a part of her never to know who she is, putting me in a state of endless darkness I must find her to left this veil of  nothingness of meaning to be with her will ease my pain to feel her to touch her is all I want I seen you over there in the dark shadows looking for your next meal but I can tell your eyes were on me looking in to my soul trying to find something I am nothing but a shadow of my old but if its a dance you want them my lady you can have but when im done im going to rip your flash off like your red silk dress, so light and soft I can still feel your blood running what
Not Sure
Well not sure just what to say. Figured I had some things on the brain and here was as good as anyplace to put them. My boss chewed me out because I was thinking of signing up for overtime on Christmas eve and Christmas. He said I hadn't had a Christmas off in over 15 years, maybe he is right. I guess not having a reason to stay home has been the reason, or maybe afraid of having to spend the day alone. Either way I am not sure which way to go on this. I dont need the money, even if it is very good, but I dont really need the time off either. Just not sure how to spend a Christmas home alone and not sure if I want to know. Well I dont know who will read this or if anyone will but maybe if you do you can give me your opinion.
Not Sure What To Call This...
malfunctional encephalon useless grey sludge damaged receptors  cranium crud neurotransmitters misfire at will muddled, befuddled riddled to hell dopamine slow travelling  sick synaptic transmission  brief moments euphoric sharp sudden remission serotonin standby norepinephrine away inane glial matter take it away  lobotomize me
The Not So Funny Fat Chick
Have you ever noticed that some people have this incredible "WOW" factor...?It's like they have this incredible glitz about them that just shines so brightly and draws people inEveryone notices them they are the life of the party and everyone wants to be their friend... To which they have a million friends so what's one more friend right...lolAnd everything always seems to go their way...just incredible luck all the time, and when I say lucky I mean fall in shit and come out smellin like roses lucky...I would love to be that way...Not all the time, but maybe just once in awhile just to know what  it feels like to be special to someone or anyone for that matter.Or to have that feeling like I am importantIt would be nice to not be in last place all the time... I just watched this movie Bridesmaids....It is really funny, but in a way it is also really kind of sad....I found it very easy to relate to the blonde named Annie in the movie...She is awkward and  nothing seems to go her way, and
Not Tonight
How can I turn back time? How can I just forget? You ask me to quit loving you. Am I something you regret? You tell me you don't want to hurt me, That its better if I stopped caring. How can you tell me this, When you know with you there is no forgetting? I cant just tell my bruised heart, Quit loving him that much. I cant just act like I don't care, If I ever again feel your touch. How can I stop loving you? How do I erase what we had? How do I tell my heart not to break, When things start going bad? How do I stop dreaming, About you making love to me? How do I forget your smile? I just cant, don't you see? Explain to me what I must do, To forget this love I feel. For how can I lie to my heart By saying my love isn't real? The way my heart loves you, It has never loved before. The way my body craves you, Right down to my very core. If I ever asked my heart to quit Loving your eyes, lips, and hands, It will break into a million pieces. Why c
Not That Any Of You Give A Shit.
DIO can you hear me? I am lost and so alone, I'm asking for your guidance, would you come down from your throne? I need a tight compadre who will teach me how to rock, My father thinks you're evil, but man he can suck a cock. Rock is not the devils work, It's magical and rad, I'll never rock as long as i am stuck here with my dad! So I was having a long talk with a friend of mine about all the friends that died along the way to where we are at now and started feeling a bit down. I guess thats the price about living a life that's fast and hard. I've had friends stabbed, shot, od, run over, beat to death, you name it my boys have gone in that way. and here I am giving a shout to all the warriors who didn't make it and pushed me onward to keep going no matter what is going down. To all the boys who carried me through jail time od's and worse beatings than I thought I would ever be able to endure. To the boys who always had my back, and never let any thing happen with no repercussi
Not Too Happy
you know i have noticed how i go out of my way to speak to some of my soclled friends and they dong have time to at least say Hey im here how r u amd sorry im busy. personally i feel at least sayhi. is this thing just a game to most people. i dont understand. i mean I am here to really make friends. i love meeting new ppl. some of the ppl i meet are kreeeeepy but i take my chances. even the one legged one armed one fingered half eared bind deaf and mute man needed a friend. i feel like i know i dont say anything to some of the ppl on my friend list but they dont even make the effort to sat hi to me wheni come on line at all. they dont evern seem to notice if anyting is new. i put out some new ictures a long time ago and they havent gotten much rates. but i bet if i put up some racey pictures of myself allnaked and cold and showing everyone what i was born wearing i would get some rates and stuff then huh? well sorry i cant do that. and i try to be friends with everyone but i getso busy
Not To Much Longer
after this blog i will not be on the internet untill i am once and for all out of the navy tomorrow is my last day and then i will be at home in NC this weekend to start a family with my beatiful wife i love her and i miss her and i will see her tomorrow i'm out and i'm on my way home for good i'm so happy just a little disappointed for reasons unknown that no one needs not to askso don't bother but i will soon know where that stands but this will be my last blog entry for this blog i only have 35 days left till i'm able to leave this ship and go home for goodthank god that day is coming
Not To Sure What Will Go Here
I've got the blues. The search for the Goddess is slow. What I have learned so far is that She's Celtic/Druid and Her name, as given to me, is Dilneag. (Anyone who knows of Her or knows of a lead, message me, please? Thanks in advance!) Work has also been the pits. I have to put up with rudeness and disrespect only because this individual will at least show up most of the time and will at least do the bare minimum amount of work required. I had at one time enjoyed teamwork; this one is not a team player. Nor am I able to quit all that easily. I really can't afford to right now. And I've noticed something as of late; I'd be assured about something as being or told something will be and then found it was the opposite, all along. So...... Now, I've got the blues. Well, I don't know what I had expected, but I'm not getting anywhere fast on this contest I'm in. Oh, sure, I'm getting a few comments here and there, but it's been mostly me. Yeah, I know.....I don't leave many a
Not Trying To Tempt Anyone..but...
LAYERED LEMON DESSERT 1 cup flour 1/2 cup soft butter 1/3 cup ground almonds (optional) 2 tbsps sugar 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese 1/2 cup icing sugar 1 tsp. vanilla 1 cup dream whip 7.5 oz. pkg. lemon pie filling 2 egg yolks 1/3 cup water 2 cups boiling water 1/4 cup sliced almonds (optional) (1) Mix flour, butter, almonds and sugar together until mixture forms a ball and is well combined. Press into an 8" glass pan. Bake at 350f for 15-20 minutes until golden. 'COOL' (2) Beat cheese, icing sugar and vanilla together until smooth. Fold in 1/2 the whipped cream. Spread over COOLED crust. Refridgerate. (3) Prepare pie filling according to directions (omitting butter) Cool to luke warm, stirring occasionally. Spread over cheese layer. Refridgerate until cold. (4) Spread remaining whipped cream over lemon layer. Refridgerate. Garnish with sliced almonds, just before serving.
Not Too Bored... Really!
Well... first blog. Yay for me! I'm at work right now, with a nasty little headache, and miserably avoiding all the stuff I have to get done. It's been a rough week, and all I really want is to get some rest. I have a quiz tonight at school, and I didn't even open a book... *yawns* that class is too boring. Well, I wanted to take some time to thank all of you who have welcomed me to cherry tap. Everyone has been great so far... and you're all so cute!!! :-) I'll have to update more later on. See ya! My first blog entry! Yayyyyy!
Not Trying To Cause Trouble
I know that you women think that I am a bitch. I just want you to understand my feelings. I'm only hurting. I love Tom so much. I know that you probably don't really care how I feel but here it goes. It breaks my heart to see Tom on the computer with so many women. He spends almost every waking hour on the computer with women. He has so many women friends and naked pics of so many women it hurts me. He is a wonderful man but I feel that he has lost all respect for my feelings. I would have done anything in the world for him. I'm not really a terrible woman just hurting. I'll tell you right now that being in love with the Tomcat will only cause you pain so be very careful. He is a charmer and a very sexy man. He just really loves women. When I had my first account on here, I couldn't even leave him a comment on his page for fear of jealousy of all of you women. I feel that isn't fair since I'm the one who lives with him. NOW he has a CT wife and it isn't me. It all
Not Too Sure
Well so far today i haven't really done too much...If i'm doing this blog right now i'm obviously pretty BORED...I did some "gardening" this afternoon repotted some plants for my dragon tank and one for my scorpion, Spike. I also put my Hyacinthe flower in a pot so i can keep it inside for awhile!! Smells sooo pretty! oh and i put a humming bird feeder up, hopefully that will take our cats mind off the dragon lol. I've been downing energy driks all day too!! loves it! and getting hella baked too...Some sad news, this morning one of my fish died, his name was Sushi and he was pretty cool...The female i had in the tank killed him, damn her!!! But at least my shark and other fish are good.OMG i found a teacup yorkie today for only $650, i'm trying to work something out to get one!! Anyways this was a long and pointless blog entry, who ever actually reads these damn things anyways lol... peace
Not The Same Old Ct Contest
Ok, I have seen contests on CT I have a new idea. 1st place photo Can Buy me a new Car. I prefer Ford but will take a Chevy. 2nd place Can Pay for all expense 1 week Vacation to Hawaii for me. 3rd place can Pay my House Payment for 6 Months 4th place can pay my bar tab for 1 Month. So Come on everyone lets get this new contest going I sure would love these things. What the heck it would be different. LMAO
Not Too Sure
sometimes in life we find that the right choices in life are not easily made. some of those choices effect ourselves,others,friends,family,etc. When the world is spinning in your direction don\'t you generally feel like your the hampster keeping it going because you don\'t want it to stop. when life rounds the corner and the best and worst collide. doees one just watch the explosion and say \"ooooh pretty lights\",or just simply say \"damn it now what\"!!! when the good is shaping you into the person that you wanna be and makes you the happiest person in the world :D. then you have the bad,that shrouds your life ties you down. holds you back.When do the strong throw up their hands and say \"forget it i\'m done\"..or do they just keep struggling.well in a life how much struggle is supposed to be present. how much hurt can one bear. how much crap can one tollerate. and how far is one willingly gonna allow theirself to sink into the bottomless pit of life\'s existence. life is supposed to
Not That Good For My First Blog
This contest is worth getting excited about..... Im giving away I months VIP & a 3day blast to first place.....But wait,Im also givin away yet another 3 day blast to second place,along with party time gifts of trophies to 1st second and third.....Interested yet??? Send you photo link via private message to me and hurry cause contest begins Friday August 3rd at 700 pm and will end on Saturday,August 11th... Be a VIP for a month & Fubar blast for 3 days..... Rule for contest... 1.All contestants and voters must be a friend and fan,no exceptions(you will not be allowed to vote or enter if not) 2.Rates plus comments = total votes... self commenting is allowed & encouraged 3.Aug.3rd @ 7:00 pm thru Aug.11th @ 1:00 pm is contest duration 4.No downrating or abussive commenting the competition...if caught , you will be disqualified 5.Send your pic via private message,please no nsfw pics,they will not be used 1st Prize: a 1 months VIP & a 3 day Fubar blast 2nd
Not Too Bright
Late 1989, Australia) A rather impressionable student of kung fu listened with rapt attention when his instructor dramatically informed the class, "Now that you have reached this level in your training, you can kill wild animals with your bare hands!" The martial arts trainee took the statement as gospel, and headed to the Melbourne zoo to test his mettle with the wildest animal of all: the lion. In the dead of night, he slipped into the zoo, leapt into the lion enclosure, and engaged a suitable king of the jungle in combat. He would probably have lost a one-on-one fight, but he never got to try. His naive fight plan didn't account for the enthusiasm of the lion's pride for a tender intruder; nor did it give sufficient weight to the possibility that his instructor didn't know what the hell he was talking about. Zoo employees found his remains -- two arms and hands -- the following morning, with shreds of red fur grasped tightly in his fingers.
Not The Same
Well I admit that I have been a little jealous about some things that have been going on up on Fubar for some stupid reason...I wrote a mumm that a lot of people commented, voted on and did some unnecessary investigation. I never mentioned names and i dont know why some people when they saw who i was talking about said the person's name on the mumm in their comment...there was no need 2 do that..I also thank everybody for their input but there was no need 2 say what u said 2 my man by leaving him a comment on his page or whatever..Some people also were putting into context that he was cheating with this woman but i never even said about how i thought he was cheating with her, all i said was that i didnt like that fact of noting underneath my pic.So i dont know why some people try 2 escalade a situation 2 a whole different situation.So right now I am woman enough 2 apologize 2 my man.I know i apologized about it B4 but there is nothing better than a Public Apology>>> Baby I'm sorry for
Not The End
Not The End Drenched in defeat, I just can't win Can you make this rain, rain go away If I just let go-- If I just give in -- Won't have to drown another day Droplets of moments poured into years Each day more trying than the last Burdened by guilt, consumed by fear Shackled by shame and tragic past Tormented by time I see no reason or rhyme For me to stay around Wonder how this world would be Without the likes of me Bringin' it down This is So Hard No one told me this would be So damn hard Such agony I try So Hard This is kiling me But I've come So damn far This is not the end of me The sun will surely rise again It's never let me down The rain is gonna come again But I'm not gonna drown If I keep on marching on my way Into the horizon Every new day starts the same old way The sun is always risin' Every day's a brand new start To live and learn and
Not There Yet
things look a diffent now your not the same as i sit here forgeting about the blunt blunt buring look at u and thinking just maybe i should be around when things go wrong and maybe it best just to go but something holds me the there like a glue unsure of what to happen next looking at u make me so crazy but i cant go and i know everyone see evey little move we make so even a longer run but when i look at you i dont know if that matter and i wonder if u know or dont know? but i cant be the fool theres not talking i grab my shoes and start to walk and u know things will never be the same who the hell made u my boss who the heel told u u can run me they were worng u might get more from me but do u really at the end look at everyhting upside down like i do do u realy want to be in a life that everyone looks at u for everyhting becuz i know i ddont but i cant stop the things ppl want i am here and your just a small part of my game so now u know where i am and maybe u will see me jus
Not Talking...why?
Nott Furr You
i tend to cling like shrink wrapp n most gurls can't handle that they don't want a nice mann like me they want sumone willing to flush'em so eagerly I'm sorry but i can't do that why would i treat love like i do crap they act like they want sumthin so very tru when in turn they want anythin but that from you wanting to be found under my shoe means that I'm nott meant for you i treat my gurl like i do myself as if they compare to no one else either I'm to emotionally deep or they're shallow as this puddle at my feet (or they’re as shallow as this puddle i weep(not surr what fitts best)) i try, i try, n i tried a little harder i dive, i dive, n dove a little farther the more effort i put out the more you want to scream n shout if i treat you like you don't exist you put out in an instance sumthin bout this is so very twist'd looking at me like there's sumthin missing when it wasn't there from the start i can't replace your missing (vacant) heart
Not To Bring Anyone Down..
I just got out of the shower *HUSH PERVS* and it just hit me, my mother is not around anymore. Since passed on 11/02 and I have worked in the medical field forever, it seems, but Every so often it hits me SHE IS REALLY GONE. I took care of her until her last breath but why can't I just move on. Oh well. have a great weekend ALL!
Not Too People Know Me On Here, Cool And Thank God.
Not That Freezer!!!
Not Tonight- A Poem
Once again I sit here and drink missing you, loving you and needing you more than ever. Knowing that the one man I want more than anything I can never have. The distance between us is greater than any distance on Earth. I don't even know the distance between Heaven and Earth. You are the one man who has hurt me most, but loved me more than any ever will. The one man I'll love more than any other. You completed me and I think I completed you. But we broke each other's hearts and you hurt so very much. So many times I wanted to end it all, as you did, but never could, hoping one day that I was wrong with what I've known since the last moment I saw you. Knowing that was the last time I would hold you, touch you, smell you. Knowing that one day you would not be here anymore and I'd be alone, forever. Forever alone, never to love anyone, as I love you. I've tried to love but as always I get rejected. Therefore, noone will have my heart , my love as you. I've lost who I was and who I am, I w
Not The Usual
Not Tonight
The smoke fills the room, I sit on my chair. Across I see him, my eyes shine with glare. He doesn't see me staring at him, he hunts out his prey, He sips his drink and focuses on one, whomever it may. I draw off my cigarette, and the smoke blurs my sight, it's probably best, she's his tonight. Nothing I can do to change this scene, but close my eyes, forget what i've seen. The music takes control of my thoughts, in another situation, I'm suddenly caught. My imagination starts running wild, tearing off clothes, hardly mild. Biting my neck in the sweat filled moment, my body shaking through each movement. He pulls my hair back, and whispers in my ear, I'm going to fill your mind, with more than just fear. My adreniline rushes through my veins, the acts of indulgence totally insane. We take from each other, we give just the same, erotic possessions, name of the game. He takes me to heights I've never touched, didn't know he wa
Not Talking
Not Talking
i donot do nothing right but they are not talking to me. do they want me leave forever and i not who left, i'm not bad person but i think some people think so and thats not fair. i wish people said what they mean and not throw lil but lil in there. u what i donot care what they thing i know the truth and that all that matter. and donot like this then piss off
Not To Happy
first i don't like when people mark my pics nsfw...rude and i think they are jealous cause i don't know...just alittle pissed come back from gettin coffee i and i see a few of pics that don't have to do with me got marked...what the fuck....fuck u haters just this pic i have up is safe cause i know what safe and nsfw is i am going to marked this blog nsfw cause i am cussing like a storm here...i am going off but not at anyone ...just blowing steam...i get pissed very easly...lets just say i take after my dad...just made myself smile but still the point is ...i have been to this site before and know what i am if u think its nsfw then u must be a hater should go back to myspace...where the little kids hang out...this is an adult site...get over it...well why i am on it...i don't give a flying fuck what u rate me...still get points no matter what so...just here for friends and make new ones....if u all don't like it...MOVE ON!!!!!!!!! cause i don't care.
Not To Be Confused
I wanted to write a cool blog, something that people can understand and say yeah, I can feel that or I've been their before. Sadly enough nothing is coming to mind. This happens a lot to me. I wrote a short story awhile back called Black Door Past. If you think the title is cool, the story is better. Its crazy, it has a twist, and you wouldn't expect the friend to be death. Then I tried to write another short story, not to much luck on that one. Its like my brain froze and nothing exciting came to mind. All I had was dumb plots. Having to rewrite what i did have. I finally gave up. Saying to hell with it. Man, I use to paint a lot, write poems, draw, well doodle is more like it but I dont know what happen. Now my thing is, watching Sponge Bob with the kids, drinking herbal tea and relaxing. Spending time with my girl, and just enjoying life. Doesn't sound like a bad deal I know but my love for art and passion is gone. I gotta fixed that problem. I want my mind to wonder. Let it go and
Not This Time
Find more videos like this on Team Sarah
Not That Anyone Cares
"not Tonight Baby, I Got A Headache." Wtf????
Not That Anyone But Me Cares, Lol
Softly for anyone who knows how it feels to cry and so i cry just a littlebegging to end it all oncejust to bleed a littleand let it all come undoneand i pray just a littleto a god i'm not sure i believebecause all i have is a littlehole where i think a heart is supposed to beand it hurts so much sometimesto know that i seem to always failand that noone will ever see me crybecause i hide the real tears so welland i have to wonder sometimeswhy i can't just let it all goand just move on with the lifethat i cannot seem to outgrowand so i let my tears flowsilently as the weight covers meand i just want to die every daythat i cry myself to sleep softly Nijah Redlin Sometimes the hardest part is feeling at allForcing the teeth to seperate and the words to comeAnd sometimes the hardest part is biting back the wordsBefore they can leave the edge of your tongueAnd more often than not, I will fail at bothI will hurt those I wish to help and badly soI will hold back words I should have sai
Not The Same
I never claimed to be perfect in an un perfect world. Ihaven't been happy for sometime. It's been a year since my mom has passed. An people expect you to get over it like it's no big deal..... these people don't know what it's like to have lost someone so close.she's the women who gave birth to me. If not for her I wouldn't be here . So to get what I made this blog, my home life. I'm going to take a vactation from this place aka fubar.. I will miss my friends an people who have really touched my life.. For you that would like to stay in touch please leave a comment here of leave me a private message...                                                 thank you again all                                                   Rae
Not To Play Jus To Be Ril (um Poetic)
So u think u tough n dont kno who u fool WIT, U kno da dil so u mite az well prepare 4 a TRIP. U gon stand a6ove da water so u 6etta not SLIP, I got a few thingz 4 u 6efore u slip like a WIMP. So many ppl azk da ? why i walk like a PIMP, No cane or top hat juz war woundz n a LIMP. Ril understandz ril n a game like DIZ, Since almighty cam wit pistles datz y I got SIX, Um to ril 4 tha fakez they pull their coverz n DIP, Stealin from home cuz a JUNKIE claimed your spot in life SHIT, Itz juz a taste uv yo future 6efore your future gitz RIPPED, So um da reeper put yo life in a cup n juz SIP, I kno it soundz rediculas 6ut its useful for a hataz EARZ i speak cuz um tru not juz cuz um unique; all wordz said are ril no mo hide n seak; peak into tha mind uv tru rilness n fil all else ril cuz i make a seat for people with heat; to fil my wordz u must open a gap for your soal to leak, wit tears and bklxxd and peace. Stanley"Tookie"Williams is my motivator not for tha violence but for
...not Trying To Be A Supa Fu-hero...
not trying or wanting to be a top dude, or a green, or most liked (facebook/fubar),or start an enormous bling collection..just trying to meet new people, stay in touch with the ones i've already know, have fun & keep it ma' fukkN real yo..leveling will eventually happen, but u will not see me post a pathetic status begging for help, or for bling, or bling packages, cause having fu-celebrity status, is definitely not in my interest..just keeping it one hundred, is all ;-)
Not The Beautiful!!
Not This Day
There is a saying, that has proven to be true. If you love someone tell them, before the moment escapes you. Don't brush it off, think they'll be a next time. There may not be, speak with your heart, what's inside. People search for this, their whole life through. And I am proud to say, that I'm in love with YOU. I would gladly shout it from the roof tops, as loud as I could. Because nothing has ever made me, feel this good. Don't think because you hurt, that it's a bad thing. It's great to have a mixture, of feeling. Anyone that can cause you to break, and make you at the same time. Is worth it all, not waisting a dime. Because that is priceless, precious and rare. Knowing wherever you are, they are also there. That is a feeling, you don't want to pass you by. My words are expressing this, my reason why. Because I do love YOU, more than I could ever say. And I'm not letting this moment escape, not this day.
This video should serve to explain a bit about the whole NottaH0 thing, If you join us go ahead and let us know! 
Not This Time!!
Release... Letting yourself go, breaking down the wall... Finding out who you are, in the middle of it all.. Doubt.. Mind works its magic, planting seeds in your head... Infecting your core, with every tear that is shed... Pain... Excruiatingly intense, hurts to the bone... Letting go of the best person, you've ever known... War... The battle begins, a struggle everyday... Biting your tongue, refusing to say... Lost... Floating, not really living at all... Dying inside, through teary eyed withdrawls... Stand-Still.... You can no longer float, suddenly you are still... Moving neither forward nor backward, you're not even real... Acting... You have become someone you don't know... Putting on an act, just for show... Survival... Instincts kick in, survival mode turns on... Broken behind your smile, for you're nothing but a pawn... Games... Playing the game, knowing you can't win... Keeping a firm posture, taking it on the chin... Hope... Seems lost, it's taken
Not Understandin
No Turkey
No Tuning No Nada
Not Usually One For Mushy Stuff But Read This
lost in the eyes of an angel, she takes my heart and breath away when i kiss her i close my eyes and am lifted into seventh heaven cause im lost in the eyes of an angel, i cant sleep one second cause i might miss a breath from you thats the truth but now my heart belongs to you i was once lost completely but now im found in the eyes of an angel held in the arms and flying thru the clouds because of you hearts of gold in a field of bluei fall to pieces when i hear you my heart races across the world because of you
Not Understanding
I don't get it....I'm not one of those guys on here that comes right out talking "dirty" to women thinking it's "cool to do".  I'm not one of the MANY people on here who constantly changing my status begging for something new.  Is that why it's so difficult for me to lvl up on this thing? I want to lvl up just like everyone else on here. So does that mean I have to be like everyone else and beg, beg, beg? I just don't understand. Why can't finding people for semi-intelligent conversation lead to some kin I have never understood why women love cats. Cats are independent, they don't listen, they don't come in when you call, they like to stay out all night, and when they're home they like to be left alone and sleep. In other words, every quality that women hate in a man, they love in a cat.
Not Up My Alley But Exit Left
What some people would do to wreck themselves to ever having a relationship or to get laid. And that's hardly an easy thing to do especially for women on the getting laid part. But what is the point in being with someone who wants to stay lonely and miserable. It's worse than being a fool at heart. Like this woman with her insane demands to win a cruise trip with her.... and with her parents. The horror.
Not Unknown
Do you remember, feeling lost and alone? Leaving the place, you called home. Standing in the cold, unexplained pain. Needing someone, to scream your name. But no one did, so you went on. Behind the wheel, knowing it was wrong. Both feet on the gas, heavy traffic ahead. Just wanting someone, to love you instead. The freezing cold, had no effect. The water did nothing, but reflect. Your pain, your face, nothing inside was shown. The burden you carry around, is not unknown. I feel your pain, and I am blessed each time, I speak YOUR name.
Not Using Stash Anymore!
I really am saddened to learn that with all the changes made on Fubar within the last year, that not only did I lose a "One in a million" profile skin that fit my life forever, but I also lost quite a lot of jokes from my Stash Folder.  Therefore, I will no longer use this Folder to store or share any jokes in the future!  I am very concerned after finding my jokes gone from my profile, that we're going to get on here and find all of our pics gone also!  Won't that just bite?  I think I'll make sure everything I do put in my photo albums will also be kept in my personal files of my pc!   In the 3yrs I've been on this website, I never would have thought that simple changes would just wipe away all the work peeps do for their profiles.  Saddens me greatly!
Not Very Clear.but Rare Van Halen! With David Lee Roth Hang Em' High Om Diver Down Tour! Live Viedo!
Van Halen_LIVE and...Hosted by eSnips
Not What You Think!
Yea, it could be seen as sad that this site is my only outlet. But I see it as a good way to meet people and make a connection. You could be totally alone or reach out a touch someone(even if it is through the internet) at least you not really alone cause someone knows you. I think places like this is a good thing for people that have a hard time connecting with others. Maybe it's a safty thing. Your there but yet no one can touch or really hurt you or you just don't get out much. Think about it ! For the ones who really reads the blogs. To read my frist one is a insight to me. Like everyone, there's two sides. Not all of us accepts it. Feel sorry for them cuz the only way to know ones self in to know both sides. And always find one person that you let in the side that you hide to the whole so you know that that side is known. If you understand this then you are like the pebble that starts the ripples in the pond. Moving in all directions. there are people that you ju
Not Well
Went back to doctors yesterday and I have got mumps :( Been given more pain killers and just been told to rest. My little 2 year old is sick at the moment :( She has got a really bad cough and was sick this morning :( She has got a temp as well so going to call doctor and get him out to see her. I hate it when my kids are ill :( For the past 2 days I have been feeling ill. Still not better today and feel like shit. I feel so hot and dizzy and all I want to do is sleep.
Not Wanted
Not What I Left Behind
i find that thangs are diffrent and im not even home yet. i hate talking to people online or the phone. every day fells the same and i try to better my self but feels as if im falling to do so , over and over agine. I read the news to stay up on shit at home and i find all is in a downward spin. then being here my friends are die for people who dont even care any more. all was great when the war started, but now everyonr is board with the idea. then you guys say you your with the troops but your not into the war, that is the dumbest shit i have ever heard, if theres no wars theres no us. IF you guys really cared about us and for are lives you would be here, putting your ass on the line every day. some of you dont get this its 24/7 here when were up and when where sleepin. well i guess im just going on about shit sorry
Not Working
to those of u out there that have sent me messages, i am not ignoring u, i am not recieving my messages for some reason so if u have sent me a message and i have not responded my apologies. if u can get me another way shout box, etc. ur more than welcome but as i said i dont get my messages at the moment
Not What U Were Expecting
when i'm expecting something to go one way and it goes another i am always unhappy with the results. Even if the result on its own would be considered positive. I reached for a cream soda, someone had switched one of the bottles in the 6 pack, i opened and drank it, not seeing it wasn't cream soda. It tasted terrible. Turned out to be black cherry soda. I love black cherry soda, but not when i'm expecting a cream soda. i am not trying to make a moral statement or some philosophical revelation. but the moral to the story is, live without expectation and you'll be disappointed less often.
Not What I Expected
Just a couple months ago I had everything on track. I had a great job an apartment a great boyfriend. I dont know what the hell happened. I dont have a job anymore I quit because it was just to hard on my body. (that was my doing). I moved in with my boyfriends parents cause I wanted to be close to him and since then I just feel like I took a bunch of steps backwards for him. Which I did. I am in a battle of mixed emotions. I am pregnant now and I know that I could do it on my own I just have to leave. I just dont think that would be the best thing right now. I cant even really explain it but I keep sitting around waiting for him to do something about our living situation and him not having a job. Thats the problem I am waiting. I feel like I should move back to my apartment intil he gets things straightend out cause I like having my own place and I am tired of living the way that I am right now. I just want to think about me and my baby right now and let him either figure it out or no
Not What I Wanted
I want to cry,My life has spun around,My dropping tears,Are the only sound.Killing me in my dreams awake,My life is at stake.To crawl in a corner,And shut myself out,Lately my life,Has been filled with doubt.Ignoring my thoughts,And regretting my past,I hide under the covers,How much longer will this hurt last?Swimming in fears,Forever forgotten,I hate myself,This is not what I wanted. 
Not What You Think
I wish that you could hold me in your arms under a starry night sky, keeping me close to your heart as you keep me warm from the cool air. I wish that as we sit under that starry night sky, while in your arms, that you pull me in close just to whisper into my ear "Sweet heart, you my sunlight, everyday I am blessed to have you in my life, and i just wanted to let you know that at this very moment i love you with all my heart..." Thinking of how much I wanted to be with you forever, but when I opened my eyes and you were gone, I never really realized how much it hurt that you never cared, that you used me to get closer to someone else... How stupid was I to actually care for you, how I stayed up every night thinking you truly loved, how i imagined that when you asked to marry me you really ment it, then just stand by as you stomp upon my heart... but I guess in the end with all that we had been through and all that shared it was not at all what i had truly thought....
Not Your Ordinary Hustler.....
Every day i'm hustlin like Rick Ross/ haterz try to get in my way but get hip-tossed/ im a slick boss who's lookin 4 that thick floss.....i leave people with mixed thoughts.........if you aint feelin me then get lost/ blizzle 06
i need rattings so i can crush here im a real good guy just check me out you wont regret it promise sorry all of those i pissed off dint mean too
Not Yet
Not Yet.. There exists in my heart a greatness that has never been measured A place of untapped wonder and unimaginable treasure This piece of my heart is untouched and has not yet been seen It is a place built of fantasies that I’ve yet to dream. It holds a story of passionate love that has not yet been told about a longing inside of me that has not yet grown cold. Like a diamond that has not yet been pressed from the coal, I have not yet explored the depth of my soul. I have not yet dug deep enough to say I’ve truly delved and the hunger deep inside me has not yet been quelled. I know that one day A far off someday will come and my world will somehow change. I’ll finally meet her and somehow greet her and our hearts will rearrange. She is the dream and I am the dreamer. She holds the key to that deep secret place. She is the word in my soul that I can’t erase. In my core I’ll feel the stirring and give in to mother nature. There will be rebirth an
Not Yet...
Not Yet.. There exists in my heart a greatness that has never been measured A place of untapped wonder and unimaginable treasure This piece of my heart is untouched and has not yet been seen It is a place built of fantasies that I've yet to dream. It holds a story of passionate love that has not yet been told about a longing inside of me that has not yet grown cold. Like a diamond that has not yet been pressed from the coal, I have not yet explored the depth of my soul. I have not yet dug deep enough to say I've truly delved and the hunger deep inside me has not yet been quelled. I know that one day A far off someday will come and my world will somehow change. I'll finally meet her and somehow greet her and our hearts will rearrange. She is the dream and I am the dreamer. She holds the key to that deep secret place. She is the word in my soul that I can't erase. In my core I'll feel the stirring and give in to mother nature. There will be rebirth and exp
Not Yet Forgetable
those of you who didn't can go to HELL!! so difficult to get in. if you read this.... wanna be my friend?
Not Yet....
well, i didnt know what i'd say if u ever came to me asking me if i was doing well... I cant just come out with a smile and say that everything is fine, but i also cant say i'm going through hell... i cant tell you that, somedays are good and somedays are bad... some memories rush through me, some happy some sad.. sometimes i cry and try so hard to forget... it's getting better.. but i'm not over it yet. That i have to stop myself from saying your name and try to push you out of my mind. that i lay in bed sometimes at night and here ur voice from time to time. or that everyday i whisper i love you, or that ur always in my head... tho i am doing much better, I'm not over it yet.
Not Your Normal Dictionary
  ADULT:  A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle. BEAUTY PARLOR: A place where women curl up and dye.CANNIBAL: Someone who is fed up with people.CHICKENS: The only animals you eat before they are born  and after they are dead. COMMITTEE: A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours. DUST: Mud with the juice squeezed out.EGOTIST: Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation.HANDKERCHIEF: Cold Storage. INFLATION: Cutting money in half without damaging the paper. MOSQUITO: An insect that makes you like flies better.RAISIN: Grape with a sunburn. SECRET: Something you tell to one person at a time. SKELETON: A bunch of bones with the person scraped off.TOOTHACHE: The pain that drives you to extraction.   TOMORROW: One of the greatest labor saving devices of today. YAWN: An honest opinion openly expressed. WRINKLES: Something other people have.  I have character lines.      
Not Yet
Remember that saying, "It takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown."? Well, since that is true, would it be safe to say that it takes less thinking to smile and to frown? Sort of this be mad or frown, do younot have to something that caused you to feel that way.therefore it goes to say you must be thinking about it. Now with smiling, do not even have to really think about a smile ...haven't you ever sat, and all of a sudden noticed that you are smiling, even though nobody is around you at the time? Did not take any thought at all, or if it did, it did not take half as much energy and thinking of the frown someone else had caused. And to are the one resonsible for that GREAT SMILE on your face. So, when think of conserving energy.what are ya gonna do....BUT SMILE I have found that when you least look for the things you want, the quicker they come to you... Although, I found out how easily they can pass you by. This is because you are s
No Use Saying Sorry
I am so addicted right now to this place! It's way better than the other places I'm on. Now I just want to make it to the next level! Yep, call a spade a spade...I'm a FuWhore!! Anyone have any suggestions for me???? xo's K What is leveling and why hasn't anyone bought me a drink yet? I'm kinda thirsty.... :) Soup Kitchen Somehow, I think that the guy taking a picture of First Lady Obama with his cell phone is a bit hypocritical, don't you? I mean come on...the guy is standing in line at a soup kitchen, supposedly too poor to find food, but he can afford a cell phone? What's wrong with this picture? Did the nation miss the point? I certainly didn't. Yes she is doing something wonderful, I'll give her that but it really chaps my rear end to see something like that. Is it just me being critical or what?
Nov 27
A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. And she brought forth a man-child, who was to rule all nations with an iron rod: and her son was taken up to god, and to his throne. And there were given to the woman two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the desert unto her place. And the serpent cast out of his mouth after the woman, water as it were a river: that he might cause her to be carried away by the river. And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the river, which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
Nov. 28
Your Birthdate: November 28 You have a Type A personality so big it makes other Type A's shrink away in shame. You never shy away from adversity - and you love to tackle impossible problems. Failure is not an option for you, and more than a few people are put off by your ego. You tend to be controlling, and you hate leaving anything up to chance. Your strength: Your bold approach to life Your weakness: You don't accept help Your power color: Bronze Your power symbol: Pyramid Your power month: OctoberWhat Does Your Birth Date Mean?
Nov 23
Nov.23,2008 Thats a date that will never be forgotten. On that date my mother which was my best friend also passed away. She was meeting me to drop my son back off to me. We was meeting in a town close to her and my job. While i was waiting a cop flew through town (its a small town) I knew something wasnt right so i went in the direction of the cop. I came upon a car accident scene which yeah it was my mom and my youngest son. My mom had a heart attack and wrecked. She didnt make it. I miss her alot and deal with the flash backs to that day. MISS AND LOVE YOU MOM!!! Well another Mothers Day will be here soon I so dread this day. Yes im a mother but this is the 4th Mothers Day without my best friend my mom. God felt the need to take her even though i still needed her here with me call me selfish if u want but no one knows the bond i had with my mom. I miss her all the tiime. Holidays like this suck so bad. Just wish i could have her back. Happy Mothers Day mommy i love u & miss u sooo
Nov 2010
I'm sick of being back burner around here.  I know a lot of people have things going on right now, but it's been going on for more than a few weeks. It's not just me that this is happening with, several friends and acquaintances are noticing and/or becoming part of these stats; leaving, ignoring, overall just not being friends. I should be more vocal about my opinions and feelings on this, but it's just not in my nature There again what does complaining really do? Maybe I'm just irritated that everything in my life seems to be changing but falling apart at the same time, though not to the catastrophic level at least. The situation around this place doesn't help any; I originally came here to have fun and meet people, and while I have met some really great people, there so many crappy ones here now it's getting harder and harder to come back.  I'm down to trying to talk to one or two and then "playing" secret admirer, though that holds no benefits other than killing t
Nov 14, 2010
From the moment I knew for sure That you were on the way My heart stood still, the words were lost I knew not what to say   Was I ready? However would I know? I guess it doesn't matter; I just knew I'd love you so   And as I know you are growing, Little miracle of mine My eyes grow large with wonder Like emerald stars they seem to shine   Dear Lord, please, let me be worthy To receive this treasured soul. This tiny innocent little person That one day will make me whole.   
November Scorpio
NOVEMBER-You are trustworthy and loyal. Very passionate and dangerous. Wild at times. Knows how to have fun. Sexy and mysterious. Everyone is drawn towards your inner and outer beauty and independent personality. Playful, but secretive. Very emotional and temperamental sometimes. Meets new people easily and very social in a group. Fearless and independent. Can hold their own. Stands out in a crowd. Essentially very smart. Usually, the greatest men are born in this month. If you ever begin a relationship with someone from this month, hold on to them because their one of a kind. Your name is... David aka Yah Your kiss is... breath taking Your hugs are... friendly Your eyes... twinkle in the moonlight Your touch is... heart warming Your smell is... refreshing BETCHA BY GOLLY WOW
November 2006
here we are and it's already almost half through december. I haven't written a blog in nearly a month and i feel terrible. I haven't been contacting people and the only things i've had time to reply to are messages here. I'm really sorry for all that, but i've been majorly busy with school and stuff.. and a halfway relationship that doesn't even really exist. it's quite great really. but anyways, I thought I would write this to tell everyone that i am still alive and kicking and I will be back as soon as i can If you would be so kind, please go vote for all these people and me =] > here is the link to the other please vote lots in both thanks > > Have you ever wandered what life would be like if we didnt have to sleep? If we didnt sleep just think of how good our technology would be, how much more time we would have, and how much more fun we could have. Now dont get me wrong i love to sleep but some nights like to night i just cant calm down so i cant sleep.
Man!! so far, it's been kinda crazy, i mean monday was aite, but goin to class and having to liftweights for football and run 100's on the football field which was not dat bad cuz it was cold outside. I feel like walkin outside naked at times but dat's just me aite.. it's supposed to snow here soon plus football has been gud with the record of 6-1 in conference and 6-2 overrall, we have two games here left and if we win both, we go to playoffs while it's snowing outside somewhere up north n montana which is freakin cold u know... otherwise... I had to get a new battery for my car because when the driver side tire popped out, it took along the battery and my crusie control too which pretty much sux for real... but i'm gettin da work done on so it's been lookin real gud in my opinion. I have been gettin over a sore throat sickness that got to my tonsils and made me not be able to eat nothing but just yogurt, wha's up with dat but today i'm finally gettin over it so that's goo
November 27, 2006
Margarita! Your sex life mostly resembles a Margarita – You are passionate and imaginative and you have a very spontaneous sex life. You are likely to do (or have done to you) a lot of things on a whim. Take this quiz at i type this because my emotions are running wild. day started with anticipation, was expecting a phone call for an interview for a job in lincoln, ne, so i couldn't wait till the appointed time (which was 3:30pm)it was a nice day, so i put up some christmas lights, getting ready for the season. Time comes, have the interview. I am thinking the interview went well, i remembered all the interview points from my personal development classes in college, so i kept driving about skill and other bullshit you do at interviews, reinforce skills, experience, yada yada, i think i scored in an unexpected way cause the guy who was interviewing me, was not a lincoln native himself, also, and when asked what i liked about the city, was its outstanding network of
November Whispers
Novel Introduction...untitled
Their parents jaws dropped, and Thomas' mouth clamped shut. He decided that she needed her space in order to calm down. She was the spitting image of him. He was erily silent. He decided that if she needed her space, she would get it, and his wife would not intrude. Just then, Michelle exclaimed, "She's not going anywhere! I love her! Why would she do this to me? Daniel! What did you say to that impatient girl?" She was going into hysterics, and crying, which is what Daniel anticipated. Daniel then stated, "Mother, dear, " "It is your fault you goddamned bitch! If you wouldn't have made her believe that the rape was her fault this never would have happened! You are the reason that she cant stand living in this house! How dare you not believe her and treat her with disdain! She wasn't ready for sex, and you just want her to open up her legs, acting like the common slut you are! If you don't talk to her and calm her down, I will not come home, no matte
Novelty Quizzes
..>..> ..> You Are Ani Difranco! Honest, real, and well liked.You're not limited by any boundaries."And you can call me crazyBut I think you're as lazy as white paint on the wall"..> Who's Your Inner Rock Chick?..>..> ..> Your Five Factor Personality Profile Extroversion:You have low extroversion. You are quiet and reserved in most social situations.A low key, laid back lifestyle is important to you.You tend to bond slowly, over time, with one or two people.Conscientiousness:You have high conscientiousness.Intelligent and reliable, you tend to succeed in life.Most things in your life are organized and planned well.But you borderline on being a total perfectionist.Agreeableness:You have medium agreeableness.You're generally a friendly and trusting person.But you also have a healthy dose of cynicism.You get along well with others, as long as they play fair.Neuroticism:You have medium neuroticism.You're generally cool and collected, but sometimes you do panic.Little
November 19th
On the day of November 19th 2002, was the day I placed my Grandfather to his final resting place here on this world. For those that know me, he was the only one in my family that accepted me for being me. The only one that I could do no wrong to and saw me do no wrong. This day following that day that year has been a terribly sad yet important day to me. I will need all my friends around to help me out please. No matter what I do or say, KEEP ME TALKING PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I will let you know now, I will try to close up into myself, but DO NOT let me please!!!!!!!! You were an Angel And so much more to me When I was but A child You were my Grandfather And a Father to me for a while I loved you so very much And still do to this day Never a day goes by That I do not think of you You held me together years back Before you were taken from me I remember that day so well As if it were but yesterday Instead of five years ago I thought of you like a dad For that
November 4, 2007
November 3
Yesterday would have been my father's 63rd birthday. If you know me from here than you know how hard of a day it was for me. I got extremely drunk. I cried, but in all I loved the man that my father was and who he raised me to be! So if your my friend and you read this show me some love. In the words of my daddy. CHEERS!
November (and December) Rain
Sometimes I get depressed. Alot of people do, esp. during the "Holiday Seasons" Nothing new there. However, November and December just suck for me. I get kinda depressed, I feel out of place, no one understands me, I just want to run away from everyone. I want to start arguements, yet, cannot quite bring myself to do it.(I just lied...I have and do, I'm a rotten person) Nothing feels right. November was always sad for my family. My oldest brother Tim died in November, years ago, but my Parents never got over it. I guess no parent would...I couldn't imagine it. November bothers me though...I think what kind of person my brother would have turned out to be...I still cry for him, although I know he is around me and he is ok. Still November just sucks! Let's jump to December, shall we? OVERRATED!! I don't do Christmas....I did the gift thing and stuff for my kids, however I screamed at the top of my lungs many years ago that I want NO gifts from anyone, actually that ha
November 2007
November 10th, 1775, Happy Birthday Devil Dogs
The Marines Prayer Almighty Father, whose command is over all and whose love never fails, make me aware of Thy presence and obedient to Thy will. Keep me true to my best self, guarding me against dishonesty in purpose in deed and helping me to live so that I can face my fellow Marines, my loved ones and Thee without shame or fear. Protect my family. Give me the will to do the work of a Marine and to accept my share of responsibilities with vigor and enthusiasm. Grant me the courage to be proficient in my daily performance. Keep me loyal and faithful to my superiors and to the duties my country and the Marine Corps have entrusted to me. Make me considerate of those committed to my leadership. Help me to wear my uniform with dignity, and let it remind me daily of the traditions which I must uphold. If I am inclined to doubt; steady my faith; if I am tempted, make me strong to resist; if I should miss the mark, give me courage to try again. Guide me with the light of truth and grant
November 2007
Please say a quick prayer for my son Dante today who is getting surgery done and has to go under for it. Thanks! Today is the day to honor the Veterans who have given their life for Americans. Tho I didn't give my life, I did serve an honorable 8 years in the US Military. I have been around the world and seen many things that many haven't seen. My ship was one of the first to respond to the USS Cole when she was bombed overseas and 17 sailors died. I did a 7 month tour in Kuwait. And of course that fateful day on 9/11/2001, the whole US military responded to the attack on the USA. I just wanted to say a special thank you to all my veteran and active duty military families that are still serving our country proudly. If there's nothing else you do today, please thank a Veteran...and pray for those still overseas and those who have lost their lives so we can still live as freely as we do today A story is told about a soldier who was finally coming home after having fought in Vietnam. He c
November 18, 2007.
I really like seeing a professional athlete, who even through injury cut his career short, took charge of his life outside of football, and accomplished something amazing. Mr. Melvin, I hoist my coffee cup and my fork full of pumpkin pie, and give thanks that unlike many pro athletes who let the public down, you are a shining example of what is RIGHT with athletics. Happy Thanksgiving! It's my first post, sorry if I try getting a little attention. I love talking about news, so here's the first posting of articles I find of interest: The below is not an offical transscript. But in the spirit of South Park, the Simpsons, and other comedies, I will traumatize you with some poor writing while the screenwriter's guild is on strike: Officer: Ma'am, can you please describe the offender to us? Victim: Yes officer, but it's so hard. It was
November 19, 2007
November Tour Blog
November 21, 2007
November 22 2007
While some of you might think that I am new to fubar, I am actually not. I joined early this year in February, became inactive for awhile, and now im back. My account had been deleted, and i made another, it got deleted, and this went on for about another 4 accounts. So now here I am. For those of you who would like me to post ACTUAL pictures of myself & salute, don't worry, once a few days go by & my account is still here, I will do all of those things. Thanks to everyone who is helping me get back up to where I was before the deletion [level 22]. I appreciate you all a WHOLE lot.
November 22, 2007
November 26, 2007
COSMIC PEACE A new production by Derek Gee - Zircon Find more videos like this on We Unite Enjoy this brand new music video inspired by the song "Peace" from my album Celestial. Music, vocals & dance images - Julia - SiriSat Video Edited & Produced by Derek Gee - FeedTheFire for "We Unite" Space visuals from Carl Sagan's Cosmos - Episode 1. A new video remix version of a song from my album "Celestial - Sirisat" SEARCHING - ONG NAMO - "Infinity Wreckmix" Produced by Derek Gee - Feed the Fire Wreckless Beats aka Zircon for "WE UNITE" Find more videos like this on We Unite In love & gratitude to Derek Gee for this beautiful production. Please show him your appreciation.. Thank you friends! ♥ November Birds fly South, The wind blows through my bones November night... Leaves sailing nowhere land, Take me with you out of sight... Whip me with your lash of rain, Howling like the wolf in the dark forest.
Novels - That Will Probably Never Be Finished
Disclaimer: When I write this stuff, I'm just trying to get the important things down. I'm not worrying too terribly much about description or transitions. I'm concentrating on getting the plot and some character development down. Seeing as how I have writing ADD, I only have the very beginning down. I have written out a general idea of how the plot will progress, but that is omitted for now. Any and all feedback, positive or negative, is greatly appreciated. “I know you’re probably against the idea, but at least consider it.” “You’re starting a revolution. I’m not going to destroy my nation.” “It’s not a revolution.” “You’re changing the government.” “No, I’m making a new nation.” “But you’ll still be taking the land.” “Frank, it’s just dirt.” “It’s dirt that people shed their blood for.” “Theirs and the blood of others, but look at how this dirt is being used.” “The ideals of our country are what matters.” “You know those are gone with the wind.” “I refuse to beli
November 11th
The poppy is the recognized symbol of remembrance for war dead in Canada, the countries of the British Commonwealth, and the United States. The flower owes its significance to the poem In Flanders Fields, written by Major (later Lieutenant-Colonel) John McCrae, a doctor with the Canadian Army Medical Corps, in the midst of the Second Battle of Ypres, in Belgium, in May 1915. The poppy references in the first and last stanzas of the most widely read and oft-quoted poem of the war contributed to the flower's status as an emblem of remembrance and a symbol of new growth amidst the devastation of war. This song below is such a touching song for those soldiers that has fallen in war
November 2008 Auctions
We have both been up for auction, but now is your chance to own us both, 2 for the price of 1, ya cant beat that! Have lots to offer, and will add more if the price is right. Fubucks & Cash bid welcomed. Thank you all for your support. Starting bid is 250k. Bulletin Brought To You By: ♥¶HØÊчX ♥R/£ GF & FµWîƒè tº Jè®bèå®♥@ fubar and Jè®bèå®419~R/£ ßF & FµHµ$båñd †º ¶hºèñî× & Greeter of Dirty Deeds Radio@ fubar Place your bids to own me. If I get to expensive, please rate the pic. Person with the most rates gets a Bling Pack. I need your help t
November Auction
November Stuff
November Single
I may be the only guy in the world that likes having someone by their side who inspires them to be better and love them through life's obstacles.  I never was the one to want to sleep alone.  I do like my privacy but I feel like that can be over done when you can't share your life with someone.  Never was much to talk to myself.  I feel like I can vent and listen just as equally.  Finding someone is tougher and tougher the older i get cause most females my age are either married/ have kids/ or just nutso.  I obviously have not had much success with relationships because I haven't had my fair share of experiences.  I've been cheated on, ignored, used for money and never gotten my 50/50 girl.  You may ask yourself what 50/50 girl means..well it means doing things 50/50.  Paying for bills together 50/50.. paying for dinner 50/50.  I never have experienced any of my friends or family have that work.  Maybe my uncle but I don't think he is happy with his wife either.  Its hard to call her m
Novel's Blog
November 2003 Heros
More on January 22 2012( ), Holocaust Remembrance Day: April 19 2012 is for Students an Occasion to Express their Views on Holocaust, Holocaust Remembrance Day and how this Day should be Celebrate.A Special Poster will be Displayed by The UN all around the World to announce the Iniciative.The Next Holocaust Remembrance Day will mark the Seventieth Anniversary of the begining of the Millitary,Social, Historical and Political Process leading to the Creation of the State of Israel and therefore to Our Nowdays Israel: Discribed by the PM Netanyahu during His announcement Speech for the Event: The year 2012(5772) Holocaust Remembrance Day. More in the Sources...Sources: "PMO:".   Read more of those articles on It is a type of Neuron: the Neurons are the cells of the Nervous System, there are two major types of Neurons: The neurons producing the phenomena
"novel Writing Made Easy"
Novel Writing Made Easy-HowTo Plan A Novel That Practically Writes Itself   It’s not difficult to find information on writing novels.  It’s not hard to find novel writing classes and novel writing books.  But it IS difficult to find a full, step-by-step novel writing system that will lead you all the way from idea to completed book.  It IS especially difficult to find an affordable such system. Most novel writing programs either give you only part of what you need to know to write a good novel, or they cost hundreds of dollars or more. Author Andrea Rains Waggener saw this void in the novel writing information arena and decided to put her expertise to use.  She wrote a set of e-books that lays out a complete, step-by-step plan for planning and writing a novel. The Novel Writing Made Easy-How To Plan A Novel That Practically Writes Itself writing system is not just one, but two e-books.  One e-book is a 184-page information packed instruction manual for planning and star
November 2011 Update
So my depression meds were not working and I had an emergency appointment with my psychiatrist and he started me on Abilify. I was on 2mg for a week, then 5mg for a week and finally 7.5mg is what I'm taking now. I can tell a HUGE improvement in my mood, although it was making me more of a bitch then normal but thank goodness that has leveled off and I'm just back to the regular bitch ;)   I also have tickets for the 16th of this month to see Five Finger Death Punch, HateBreed, All That Remains and Rain. I am OVERJOYED to be going to this concert, which is a good thing because I usually hate going anywhere.   Also, I have this really hot chick who I've known for years and she just told me like a week ago she thought I was cute and wanted to hang out. Maybe I'll end up with a hot girlfriend out of the deal.   I also wanna say Thank you to all my friends here who have kept me semi sane and kept me smiling and worried enough about me to help me through this rough patch in my life. I
I can say all the thanks i need to right here hmmmm. Iam thankful for my friends and family couldnt ask for better. Iam thankful for medication that help keep the retards at bay. Iam thankful for my soon to be ex wife for showing me how much of a dirty little fat cunt she really is. Iam thankful for all the assholes and dickheads in the world for ruining all the good girls for the good guys (sarcastic). Iam thankful for all the blind girls hurt by all the previous that they are too afraid or too bitter to realize whats in front of them. iam thankful for being able to Hate people because it drives me to be better then the rest.. Iam thankful for Pain the kind you cant see to help me keep and stay level headed and humble. Iam thankful for knives because they help me protect the ones i love. I am thankful for Guns because everyday they help weed out the idiots in the world that infest this world like rats.. Iam thankful for everything that has been taken from me so i realize what i have i
Novice Questions
Novice Questions Author: TorqueDom © 2000 Novice sub questions. In a message writes: My biggest fear is a novice sub who discovers this lifestyle, especially if it's been a long hidden desire, and acts on it too quickly, especially with someone who hasn't earned her trust. They tend to put themselves into situations and "settle" for Doms that don't have their best interests in mind. Please, if you don't hear anything else I say... SLOW DOWN. Learn more about what it is you're looking for. It's not enough to decide you're submissive. There are different techniques, styles, patterns, beliefs, and thinking on it. The trick isn't finding a Dom, the trick is finding a Dom that has similar interests and expectations. The answer to all these questions is the same ... sometimes. To me, D/s is a sensual act, and most often includes sexual activity. I don't want to sound like Bill Clinton, but it doesn't have to include intercourse, if you choose not to. To
Novice Dominant Advice
There are as many ways to do D/S as there are people, so you really need to know what your partner wants, doesn't want, is comfortable with, is afraid of, and so forth. A lot of submissives will have great trouble telling you what they want. For some of them, this is because they don't really KNOW what they want. Or, perhaps, they know how they want to feel, but they aren't sure what it is that will make them feel that way. Other submissives do have at least some idea of what they want, but they're too embarrassed to be able to tell you directly. And some submissives know what they want but feel as if it spoils things if they have to ask for it -- they want the impetus for the scene to come from you, and if they ask for something, then it's as if _they're_ controlling the scene, when what they want is for _you_ to control it. And of course, more than one of these can occur at once. A person can know only what it is she wants to feel AND be too embarrassed to talk about it AND feel as i
No Vip For Me For 24 To 48 Hrs Or More
Well all, I won't have VIP status for 24 to 48 hours or more because of a mess somebody decided to create thanks to a Shoppers direct discount thing thru here that I had gotten free for 30 days and then after that get charged $10.06 or some crap like that so I had to call them up and raise hell with them, telling them that I didn't want it but anyways, that's why when I renewed or tried to renew my girlfriends VIP and mine, only hers went thru with the Credit card company so until I get the money to renew it again for my girlfriend and I here which may take 24 to 48 hrs to do unless somebody buys me one. Otherwise I have to wait of course. I just wish we could buy VIPs with our fuBucks but I understand though that BabyJ's trying to make money to improve the site of course too.
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Novocaine For The Soul
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