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Todays laws are changing in many states on marijuana and for the better, This organization has been around for many years and has grown in size substantially. Its members range from the average everyday citizen like you or I, to politicians in our government believe it or not! If you have ever been charged, convicted or hasseled in any way shape or form because you happen to like to use marijuana or even if you dont use but see no harm in it being used by your fellow citizen, maybe if you support it for its medical purposes or simply like the taste, Please take the time to stop by thier site and see what they are about! You might very well find yourself a little or a lot smarter on this subject and even change your previous opinion about or
Normal Stuff
  im not your normal male......i wont perve ya..ya if i think you are cute etc ill tell ya...i dont want your messager number or too see your nsfw...i might view them at my own time but thats not what i choose too see im not here for points anymore im here for friends ive known alot of people on this site since lost cherry days even tho i took a leave when this became cherrytap(right before fubar for those that dont know)dont get me wrong i love points being rated and blinged etc but thats not my reason for staying...if you have a man (or women) i respect that im not trying too get your your pants im with someone and happy unless you are bi looking for a threesome lol ...ive seen and heard of alot of the men on this site talking dirty too complete strangers etc and it sickens me ...ladies not all men are like that its called manners...and trust me some of the women are just as think because you are online and not in front of the person it gives you the right too talk how ya w
10 Normal Things About Me!
Name Crisis said my odd list would be to long so here goes.... 1. I have a small business selling coffee and paper products to 180 restaurants a few offices and a maid company. 2. I love physical activity, I ride horses, wake board, ski, snowboard... all when im not pregnant. 3. Like most woman I own allot of shoes. 4. I have one son who turned out pretty damn good 5. I am Greek so I love cooking and cant quite wrap my head around cooking for only 3 people. 6. I have one sister. 7. I have one dog and a fish im hoping will die soon... 8. I tend to be rather sensitive and have my feelings hurt allot. Yes its true im a softy 9. I have freckles in the summer 10. I wear underwear.   Please thank the bird for getting all the boring things...   Wicked
Norns Be Praised
“Like the Winter Sky , in azure garbed and golden crowned, the Gods of Valhalla sit enthroned. Within the doorway stands each noble Norn, together bearing date’s rune-written shield. They made laws, and chose life for the Children of Ages and Wyrd for Men…. Now, to our Children’s children and their children, we send our words as messengers, the way we shall not pass along: Kinsfolk! unseen, unborn, unknown! Since we cannot see your face or clasp your hand, we send our Spirits through time and space in Odin’s name to greet you!”
No Rose Without A Thorn
I've came to a conclusion, every rose that lives always comes with sometype of thorn, Everything can be great but eventually it will come crashing down, ur heart 4ever torn, Cuz when u have it good its ok but when u got it bad, u have it the worst, So many things u want to say but can't so you start 2 cry, just ready 2 burst, Everything looks good from the start but as it goes on you think why did I do this, it'll never work, Your thoughts and emotions roll like a rollercoaster so u pray 4 the good 2 stay but the bad stays around, 4 ever 2 lurk, So many reasons you're at the bottom and u just wish u could start over, just hate seeing today, Dont need or want any help cuz the way I feel, I'm going to live half my life and throw the rest away
No Road Signs Here
Was a long night , been an even longer day, no road signs here to show me the way . lost something today . part of me went away .. feel different but as to how i just cant say ... kind of like sitting at a rest stop when you are only part of the way . car and people go , but you just stay .. tired today . tired of getting lost along the way ... no road signs here to point the way ...
The Norse Realm
FA The Rune of the original fire, Rune of the cosmos, of the universe. Symbol of fire that acts creatively in love. will that spares manifestation down to the material levels. FA rules the Salamanders. Symbol of change, symbol of the Phoenix, Spiritual creation, FAS (fatum or fate), Divine Law, Mobility wealth, FREYR, Connection to the Rune KA (#6). Some uses of the Rune FA: To attract and to absorb Solar and Lunar energies, planetary energies, and energies of the fixed stars. Strengthens persona) magnetism and (on the etheric plane) the electric fluid, Strengthens spiritual powers, Useful at the beginning of psychic healings. Rune to transfer energies. Unfolding the original fire. Time of the year: December 22 through January 12 Number: I Tarot correlate: The Magician, Activum, willpower. The first card. Mantras: ffffffffff (visualize fire, or flaming FA symbol.) fffffaaaaa. UR Symbol of original cause of cosmic and planetary events and trends. Original time, original
Norse Mythology
Norse Prayer
Lo, There do I see my Father Lo, There do I see my Mother and My Brothers and my Sisters Lo, There do I see the line of my people back to the begining Lo, They do call to me They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla Where thine enemies have been vanquished Where the brave shall live Forever Nor shall we mourn but rejoice for those that have died the glorious death.
North American Indian Mythology
North East
whats up anyone live near by who would like to give a shout out one and a while trade car pics as I am a car nut nasscar drag ect; or just like cool cars.
Northern Star
And I cry and no one can hear, inhale.. The blinded eyes that see the chaos Bring the pitiful to me Even though I'm wide-awake, I will, And blackes night and I wait for you It's cold in here there's no one left And I wait for you, and nothing stops it happening And I knew, I'd cherish all my misery alone And I wait staring at the Northern Star I'm afraid it won't lead me anywhere, He's so cold, he will ruin the world tonight All the angels kneel into the frozen lights And they paid, I cry and cry for you Ghosts that haunt you with their sorrow I cried cause you were doomed Praying to the wound that swallows All that's cold and cruel Can you see the trees, charity and gratitude, They run to the pines It's black in here blot out the sun and run to the pines Our misery runs wild and free and I knew, the fire and the ashes of his grace... And I wait, staring at the Northern Star I'm afraid it wo
North Carolina Tarheel Basketball
11/29/06 vs. Ohio State Chapel Hill, N.C. NC:98 /OS:89 12/02/06 vs. Kentucky Chapel Hill, N.C. NC:75/KY:63 12/09/06 vs. High Point Chapel Hill, N.C. NC:94/HPU:69 12/16/06 vs. UNC Asheville Chapel Hill, N.C. NC:93/UNCA:62 12/19/06 vs. Florida Atlantic Chapel Hill, N.C. NC:105/FL:52 12/22/06 at Saint Louis St. Louis, Mo. NC:69/ST:48 12/28/06 vs. Rutgers Chapel Hill, N.C. 7:00 p.m. ET 12/31/06 vs. Dayton Chapel Hill, N.C. 3:00 p.m. ET 01/03/07 vs. Penn Chapel Hill, N.C. 8:00 p.m. ET 01/07/07 vs. Florida State Chapel Hill, N.C. 7:00 p.m. ET 01/10/07 vs. Virginia Chapel Hill, N.C. 9:00 p.m. ET 01/13/07 at Virginia Tech Blacksburg, Va. 3:30 p.m. ET 01/17/07 at Clemson Clemson, S.C. 7:00 p.m. ET 01/20/07 vs. Georgia Tech Chapel Hill, N.C. 9:00 p.m. ET 01/24/07 at Wake Forest Winston-Salem, N.C. 7:00 p.m. ET 01/27/07 at Arizona Tucson, Ariz. 1:00 p.m. ET 01/31/07 vs. Miami Chapel Hill, N.C. 7:00 p.m. ET 02/03/07 at NC State Raleigh, N.C. 3:
North Korean Nuclear Program Material?
Do you love despots? Are you looking to please a dictator? If so, make me the Princess of CherryTap (yep, Princess) by commenting the shit out of me in this contest. Thanks! I received the following message in response to my search for potential employees with degrees in nuclear science: --------------------------- From: hatchit: ord of the G spot Subject: neucler degree i cat get over your page... i have o degree but make fantastic pipe bombs and other mild explosives.. and perade around USA blowing up random object that fit my critieria... would much like a carere in any type of demolision youi my have on hand... also nano technoligy ----------------------------- What do you think - is he North Korean material? Available at SEOUL, South Korea (Reuters) -- North Korea was marking the 65th birthday of leader Kim Jong Il on Friday amid progress in ending its nuclear programs and lingering speculation abroad over who will eventually succeed him. Kim'
North Carolina Family Blog
Northern Versus Southern Girls
I'm not there to tuck you in as you go to bed. I'm not there to fluff the pillow underneath your head. I'm not there to set the clock, or turn the lights down low. I'm not there to smooth the sheets, or play the music, so I guess from here so far away I'll send my words, good night. and pray the other who is there will all night hold you tight. Will comfort you, and snuggle you, and kiss your forehead sweet. and give to you a safety zone in which you'll gently sleep. And when the light of dawn should break and you begin to wake. Well, I will save that just for now... here love, coffee and cake. Do you know why sourthern girls are sometimes considered more promiscuous than are northern girls? Because Northern girls say "You may make love with me." Southern girls say "Y'all can make love with me." household insect departs cooking pan extension. A vessel of liquid under constant scrutinity never reaches it's maximized heat activation. Each canine sh
North Carolina Or Bust
Wooooo Hoooo tomorrow morining i am adventuring off to the land of north carolina with one of my best friends Jeannie where the men are just a little hotter than in michigan this should deffinatly be an adventure!!! Camp Lejeune and kill devil hills here we come!!!
North Carolina Family
Northfield, And Local Towns.
NORTHFIELD, N.H. -- Town selectmen in Northfield unanimously passed on ordinance on Tuesday night that restricts where certain registered sex offenders can live. It says that offenders who are required to register for life cannot live within 2,500 feet of a school, day care center or park. The ordinance also says that landlords cannot knowingly rent to known offenders in the restricted areas. Offenders who already live within the boundaries will be grandfathered in and not required to move. While many community members came out in support of the ordinance, some argued that it could make the area less safe by discouraging offenders from registering. "If this type of thing drives them underground, you don't know where they are or what they're doing. That in itself makes it more dangerous," said Pat Clark of Tilton. Northfield is now the fourth New Hampshire community to pass sex offender ordinances of this kind. Dover, Tilton and Franklin have already approved them.
North Ship
The North Ship I saw three ships go sailing by, Over the sea, the lifting sea, And the wind rose in the morning sky, And one was rigged for a long journey. The first ship turned towards the west, Over the sea, the running sea, And by the wind was all possessed And carried to a rich country. The second ship turned towards the east, Over the sea, the quaking sea, And the wind hunted it like a beast To anchor in captivity. The third ship drove towards the north, Over the sea, the darkening sea, But no breath of wind came forth, And the decks shone frostily. The northern sky rose high and black Over the proud unfruitful sea, East and west the ships came back Happily or unhappily: But the third went wide and far Into an unforgiving sea Under a fire-spilling star, And it was rigged for a long journey.
North Carolina Vs. Anyplace Else!!
Ok, CLEARLY I "Ain't frum 'roun'cheer" for MANY reasons, but I was just wondering if someone could tell me something... Does "I Promise" mean something different in every other friggen STATE or is it just in a MALES world that it has a different definition and meaning??? (Don't say something if you don't fuckin mean it - people MIGHT be making friggen PLANS around your "Promise" you know.)
North African Campaign
NORTH AFRICAN CAMPAIGN After two years of desert skirmishes among the British, Italians, and Germans, the North African campaign opened on 8 November 1942, when Anglo-American forces under U.S. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower landed in French Morocco and Algeria near Casablanca and met bitter French resistance. An armistice brought the fighting to an end on 11 November, and the French forces soon joined the Allies. Allied units under British Gen. Kenneth Anderson tried to take Bizerte and Tunis quickly, but Italian and German troops held firm. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Italo-German army, defeated at El Alamein, Egypt, in October, retreated across Libya and at the end of the year took defensive positions around Mareth, Tunisia, to halt the pursuing British under Gen. Bernard L. Montgomery. Bad weather brought operations to a close. While the seasoned Axis forces built up strength, the Allies suffered from an inadequate supply line, faulty command arrangements, and American battle in
North Of Ho Chi Min
Debra Hullette-Travis Receptionist GETRAG Corporation-Newton 1848 Getrag Pkwy. Newton, NC 28658 (828) 428-1158 Member of GETRAG Corporate Group >>> Janie Dixon 2/8/2008 7:30 AM >>> Subject: Fw: : This is very serious & unnerving #AOLMsgPart_2_818cd4b2-1ca1-408f-a25e-ee81ae672d58 P { MARGIN: 0px; COLOR: #660000}#AOLMsgPart_2_818cd4b2-1ca1-408f-a25e-ee81ae672d58 .fall-left { FONT: 75% Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; COLOR: #660000; LETTER-SPACING: 1px} -------------- Forwarded Message: -------------- From: To:,,,,,, Subject: Fw: : This is very serious & unnerving Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 20:32:22 +0000 ----- Forwarded by Brunell Cook/MSNP/05/USCO
Northern Eskimos
THE JOURNEY VI. WINTER TIMES Soon the weather was changing. It was getting cool at night. Then it began to frost up during the night, but when the sun came up the frost melted away. Ekeuhnick and Silamui decided they had to plan to winter somewhere. One of them said: "We must go back to the hot water creek. There is a lot of game around there and it will be warmer." The men turned back toward the hot springs. When they arrived they prepared to stay for the winter. They built an igloo (a shelter place). They took cottonwood poles and bent and tied them to make a frame. Then they took skins of caribou and covered the poles to make a tent. Next they took pieces of sod they cut from the ground and covered the tent. This would keep them warm when the wind blew and it was cold. The men kept experimenting with their ideas on ways to catch the small animals and birds. They brought up ways of making clothes to keep the cold form hurting their bodies. They made their first parkas ou
Northern Girl
North East Arkansas
Anybody over here in the NEA area. Holler back, and let me know. Post every thing and any thing you want here about local shit.
North Face Outlet
Whom says skiing are just for men? Women get pleasure from winter sports to boot - most definitely skiing! It can be a great sports activity for everyone who desires to chase the the winter season blues at bay. For women, it is particularly hard to buy female's ski garment. However, it is critical to get the appropriate Jackets to protect yourself from the cold.Like dressing to get a winter, you want layers plus layers for clothing to remain yourself hot while skiing. Thermal lingerie are usually put into use as the for starters layer connected with clothing. It is followed by a new high-quality turtle neck the top to the protect every aspect of your chest from the North Face Jackets elements. Environments pants are great when it comes to ski, as they deliver maximum proper protection. These important elements, combined with vital accessories just like winter less difficult, goggles, the best ski jumper and safety gloves will make ones own ski wardrobe complete. Might ski f
North Face Jackets
As autumn arrives, so does the new season's Snowboarding and Board Jackets that is getting down to arrive inside the various ski and board shops. As you will see, survive year's Jackets is becoming thin for the most desired sizing's, so begin using them while you could or you will be required to buy a improved model. It's one of the best ways to save money on snowboard and boards. Many times, there's not a design change, only a graphical Belstaff Jacketsshift from one year to a new one. In this case, you'll save a ton of money if you were to purchase previous years model type. Another way to save cash is trend into your nearby ski and even snowboard trades. Catch the man or woman who has to have the recent Jackets and you can become last years boards (we hope with few days with them) for fifty percent price and / or less. There are numerous I used my initially pair of Volkl's (minus bindings) for $50! Hence for skiers, take a person's ski boot styles with you as you may wis
North Face Jackets
You'll find skiing jackets available thatrrrs available all this may grown to be difficult for you to decide on that get you noticed should purchase. It is a good choice for anyone to look online and look at for many ratings with reference to snow materials in addition to which probably branding is a viable. It spyder coat will help you to a great deal jointly with your North Face UK decision having nevertheless also have to take into consideration your allowance in addition to your form.In conjunction with the a variety of makes accessible, Spyder would most likely be the better. For skiing accessories current market, Spyder would be the first wear manufacturer who uniquely bundled attractive design because of ski-specific work. This can be confirmed with the tie-up while using You and me Ski Company, which is a really well-known staff members for private snowboarders worldwide. Canadian Country wide Snow Crew is likewise loaded by Spyder.Most Spyder bags are developed for
If you loathe the start looking of heavy coats and favor to layer in your winter season, then this record of warm styles in thermal jacket will absolutely match your fancy. These practical appears inside a thermal jacket is heading to be most suitable to layer with and will also give your sporty start looking a feminine edge. The North face Sentinel jacket is recognized as a excellent selection for those that reside in windy cities. This jacket provides the complete array of wind protection, drinking water resistance, and breathability. The Windstopper gentle Shell is lined having a gentle higher loft backer for additional warmth. The brushed training collar lining will really feel excellent towards your epidermis as properly as the two hand pockets will retain your extremities cozy from your outdoors elements. The hem cinch cord will retain snow and rainfall out if you are getting energetic and will also adhere for your type to supply a a great face more feminine fit. For a excellent
North Face Jakker
Due to pedaling serves as a continuously growing enthusiasm concerning young children and since a considerably long time it's been people?隆楼s ie bookmarks, it is preferable and a need to use the right Upper Encounter parka. It may be undoubtedly an extraordinarily sexual fun toward spin a bike. Taking along with turning united states of america avenues usually to just have fun with the spin is definitely an quintessential sexual pleasure. Being able to get along with child cyclists and have the fellowship of your team is rewarding.North Have to deal with Jakker are generally not pretty much designed to investigate great nonetheless they've most living protecting carry abilities with built in to these people. It?隆楼s valid at the very least whom textile . which happens to be north face danmarkcreated for recreation bikes include safeguarding incorporates give you. Most of your vintage fabric the fabric are utilized to put on doesn?隆楼
North Vs. South
I've been living in SC for the last 5 years. Here are just some of the differences between SC and NJ, where I'm from...   NJ: You flick a butt out the window and nothing happens SC: You flick a butt out the window and you get fined 1000 bucks and jail time NJ: You can use Mapquest to get directions and they’ll be accurate SC: You use Mapquest and end up asking for directions anyway SC: You say hello to the cashier at the convenience store, they say hello and engage in friendly chit chat. NJ: You say hi to the cashier and they get ready to hit the button that calls the cops NJ: A traffic jam could have you sitting for an hour SC: A traffic jam consists of ten cars at a stop light, and the ninth guy in line actually has the nerve to honk his horn NJ: At 50 degrees people will go out in jeans and a tshirt SC: At 50 degrees people go out in jeans, tshirt, a coat, two pair of socks, a wool cap but still flip flops NJ: In a small town the cops have one job...being a cop SC
Northern Ice
Northern's Blog
One year, a husband decided to buy his mother-in-law a cemetery plot as a Christmas gift ... The next year, he didn't buy her a gift. When she asked him why, he replied, "Well, you still haven't used the gift I bought you last year! And that's how the fight started..... I asked my wife, 'Where do you want to go for our anniversary? It warmed my heart to see her face melt in sweet appreciation. 'Somewhere I haven't been in a long time! ... She said ... So I suggested,  How about the kitchen? 'And that's when the fight started.... My wife and I are watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed.. I turned to her and said,  Do you want to have sex?  ''No,' she answered. I then said,  Is that your final answer?  She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying  Yes. So I said,  Then I'd like to phone a friend.  And that's when the fight started.... I tried to talk my wife into buying a case of Miller Light for $14.95.Instead, she bought a jar of cold cream
Norwalk Virus And Norwalk-like Viruses
What are noroviruses? Noroviruses are members of a group of viruses called caliciviruses also known previously as “Norwalk-like viruses.” Infection with norovirus affects the stomach and intestines, causing an illness called gastroenteritis, or “stomach flu.” This “stomach flu” is not related to the flu (or influenza), which is a respiratory illness caused by influenza virus. In addition, noroviruses are not related to bacteria and parasites that can cause gastrointestinal illnesses. Norovirus is not a “new” virus, but interest in it is growing as more is learned about how frequently noroviruses cause illness in people (see Why is norovirus infection important for food handlers?). What are the symptoms of infection with norovirus? Norovirus infection causes gastroenteritis, which is an inflammation of the stomach and the small and large intestines. The symptoms of gastroenteritis are nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea accompanied by abdominal cramps. Some people also complain
The Norwegian Nordic Rune Poem
1. Wealth is a source of discord among kinsmen; the wolf lives in the forest. 2. Dross comes from bad iron; the reindeer often races over the frozen snow. 3. Giant causes anguish to women; misfortune makes few men cheerful. 4. Estuary is the way of most journeys; but a scabbard is of swords. 5. Riding is said to be the worst thing for horses; Reginn forged the finest sword. 6. Ulcer is fatal to children; death makes a corpse pale. 7. Hail is the coldest of grain; Christ created the world of old. 8. Constraint gives scant choice; a naked man is chilled by the frost. 9. Ice we call the broad bridge; the blind man must be led. 10. Plenty is a boon to men; I say that Frothi was generous. 11. Sun is the light of the world; I bow to the divine decree. 12. Tyr is a one-handed god; often has the smith to blow. 13. Birch has the greenest leaves of any shrub; Loki was fortunate in his deceit. 14. Man is an augmentation of the dust; great is the claw of the
~~norwood Bar~~
Im At: The Norwood Bar 16200 NordHoff St North Hills, CA 91343 Sun, Wed, And Fri's Come And Have A Drink With Me And See Me!!
Norwalk Virus
Norway Revokes American Independence
This is the case: By Anders Kanten in Norgesveldet - America must rejoin The Norwegian Empire   In light of your failure to elect a competent President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the Revocation of Your Independence, effective immediately. His Majesty King Harald V will resume monarchical duties over all states and territories except Kansas, which he does not fancy. Your new prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, will appoint a governor for America without the need for further elections. Congress and the Senate will be disbanded. A questionnaire may be circulated next year to determine whether any of you noticed.   The claim to the American continent origins from the fact that Leiv Erikson declared "Vinland" a part of the Norwegian reign as early as 1000 AD. This has never been revoked. The legal term "occupation" is defined by international law as a right to seed ownership of newly discovered lands. Due to the enormous deficit in your na
"no Salt , No Lime"
No Salutes = Goodbye
Well due to recently finding out that there are people making several accounts just to decieve people this is what im gonna do. If u do not have a salute i will delete you and from here on out if i get requests from anyone without one they will be denied.Thank you
No Salute Profiles
No Satisfaction
Porn has to be the best genere of movie ever made. Plots, to the point or however you want it to be. I could sit back and watch porn all day everyday. They can pretty much match up with all the generes of regular movies... i.e. action, comedy, horror, sci-fi and down right wrong freaky shit :) One of the best parts about watching porn isnt that it gets me really wet or anything its all the new and different things you can learn. I have more porn than most cronic masurbaters.. and its fucking awesome! Pleasure is the best and main part in life. Everything comes down to pleasure and I love learning how subdue my lover(s) in mind blowing pleasure and make sure I feel it too. Waves of warm tingling slippery pleasure............ In the end we are just chalk lines on the concrete. Drawn only to be washed away. For the time that I have been given.. I am what I am. I would rather hate you for everything you are. Than ever love you for something you are not. I would rather you hate me for ever
No Salute ... No Add...
Nosaj's World!!!
My friends we have got to be honest withour selves in regards to the harm that corporations are causing not only our planet but also us as a species!! Please do not listen to and get your info from the traditional media sources as most are owned by those that wish to silence those with truth! Get motivated, and get educated as to what has happened to our once great country!! If you are not familiar with john perkins please get familiar with him. Confessions of an economic hitman is the title of his book! take the time to read for yourself what these corporations have been doing!! Wake up my friends before we have no America to leave to our children and grand children. You may wake up in 1 yr and find we are now called the North American Union!! Think it cant happen, what is Europe now called!!! Oh yeah, the European Union!!Africa......A frican Union!!!Do you really think it is goiing to stop there!Please dont be that naive!! Join the fight to preserve our soverignty!! Stan
No Scammers
No School Desk
Classrooms with no desk!? Back in September of 2005, on the first day of school, Martha Cothren, a Social Studies teacher at Robinson High School in Little Rock , did something not to be forgotten. On the first day of school, with the permission of the school superintendent, the principal and the building supervisor, she removed all of the desks out of her classroom. When the first period kids entered the room they discovered that there were no desks. Looking around, confused, they asked, 'Ms. Cothren, where're our desks?' She replied, 'You can't have a desk until you tell me what you have done to earn the right to sit at a desk.' They thought, 'Well, maybe it's our grades.' 'No,' she said. 'Maybe it's our behavior.' She told them, 'No, it's not even your behavior.' And so, they came and went, the first period, second period, third period, still no desks in the classroom. By early afternoon televisi on news crews had started gathering in Ms. Cothren's c
No Sex Since 1957
A crusty old Marine Sergeant Major found himself at a gala event hosted by a local liberal arts college. There was no shortage of extremely young, idealistic ladies in attendance, one of whom approached the Sergeant Major for conversation. "Excuse me, Sergeant Major, but you seem to be a very serious man. Is something bothering you?" "Negative, ma'am. Just serious by nature." "The young lady looked at his awards and decorations and said, "It looks like you have seen a lot of action." "Yes, ma'am, a lot of action." The young lady, tiring of trying to start up a conversation, said, "You know, you should lighten up a little. Relax and enjoy yourself." The Sergeant Major just stared at her in his serious manner. Finally the young lady said, "You know, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but when is the last time you had sex?" "1957, ma'am." "Well, there you are. You really need to chill out and quit taking everything so seriously! I mean, no sex since 1957
No Sex ....and I Have No Idea How To Acheive It
Dj~ Insomnia~Reppin Tha Underground: hahaha ♥jenjenteases♥ dancer @ wp ♥ SAW Crew ♥: i would say somthing but i aint ♥jenjenteases♥ dancer @ wp ♥ SAW Crew ♥: lol Ω_SHADYJ_Ω: lol Dj~ Insomnia~Reppin Tha Underground: id cry if someone down rated me too...cause cherrytap is so important to the evolution of my life...roflmao..j/k Ω_SHADYJ_Ω: enjoy arron lol arron M: right on..back to rating honestly suga²: only ppl tht can suspend your account are admin or ct staff Ω_SHADYJ_Ω: that wont happen arron arron M: ok cool, just wanted to confirm before i continued, or was threatened with having my account suspended likei was told today Ω_SHADYJ_Ω: hello jenjen suga²: jk dont do that haha thats only instigating ♥jenjenteases♥ dancer @ wp ♥ SAW Crew ♥: hi shady suga²: or go back and rate em lower again for bad attitude arron M: right suga²: ignore em or block them arron M
Nose Piercing
Nose Piercing
Nosey Ppl
Nosey People
most people on here i don't mind looking at profiles but when you are going to be nosey with an ex and his new interest there is a problem. you know who you are. i am sorry you are not together and things could not work out, just like i am sort of sorry my ex and i did not work out, but i do not scope him or ask a zillion questions about who he is talking if anyone. he is moving on if we don't work out so be it, but you can not check everyone he will talk to when you are not together. i hope you can come to terms with your seperation and move on.
Nosey People
I've been on here a little while now and I have found there are some very nosey people on here, they will say they are your friends and want whats best for you but then they turn right around and stab you in the back. One of my friends on here has fell in love and the person that they are involved with has a few ex's I guess you can call them that and now they want to start all kinds of trouble and not leave them alone, I mean I got on this site for adult friendships not childish bullshit but this is getting ridiculous, why can't people just move on I mean if they are not bothering you then why put so much energy into trying to hurt them cause really all they are doing is sitting back and laughing at you behind your back. If you are so happy in your own life then why bother being so into theirs and just walk away and leave them be. I am honestly tired of the drama that goes on this site and I can't see how people lay their heads down at night and sleep knowing they are hell bent on hur
No Secrects ,just Long, Hot,dirty Hard Games.
No Secrets
You've become a good part of me , baby. I found my empathy in the abuse. I'm just a special effect to you lately Am I nothing that's real or true to you! Don't! Go! I thought I'd never tell But it's something that you should know I've got no secrets, I give myself away I've got no secrets, and I give my whole existance to you Get so damaged, watch me slip away I get so damaged, drugged my whole existance, was you Was you! Was you! Now I'm lost in my wonderin' baby Cuz I can't find the hope that's within me And I'm scratchin' my bruises lately My sincerety strands by and waiting Don't! Go! I thought I'd never know But it's something that you should tell I've got no secrets, I give myself away I've got no secrets, and I give my whole existance to you Get so damaged, watch me slip away I get so damaged, drugged my whole existance, was you! I've done it again..... will someone tell me what I can do?! I've got no secrets, I give myself away I've got no s
No Sex Since 1955~~~lmao!!!
A crusty old Army Sergeant Major found himself at a gala event hosted by a local liberal arts college. There was no shortage of extremely young ladies in attendance, one of whom approached the Sergeant Major for conversation. 'Excuse me, Sergeant Major, but you seem to be a very serious man. Is something bothering you?' 'Negative, ma'am. Just serious by nature.' The young lady looked t his awards and decorations and said, 'It looks like you have seen a lot of action.' 'Yes, ma'am, a lot of action.' The young lady, tiring of trying to start up a conversation, said, 'You know, you should lighten up a little. Relax and enjoy yourself.' The Sergeant Major just stared at her in his serious manner. Finally the young lady said, 'You know, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but when is the last time you had sex?' '1955, ma'am.' 'Well, there you are. No wonder you're so serious. You really need to chill out! I mean, no sex since 1955! She took his hand a
Nosey People
No Sex For Months Can Realy Chang A Man
i haven't had sex now for 4 mouths and im starting to think something is rong fith me. im a realy out going guy,i dont get mad that esey and i dont think i look that what am i doing rong?
Nosey Peope
No Shit!
Just in case you ever get these two environments mixed up, this should make things a little bit clearer. @ PRISON you spend the majority of your time in a 10X10 cell @ WORK you spend the majority of your time in an 6X6 cubicle /office @ PRISON you get three meals a day fully paid for @ WORK you get a break for one meal and you have to pay for it @ PRISON you get time off for good behavior @ WORK you get more work for good behavior @ PRISON the guard locks and unlocks all the doors for you @ WORK you must often carry a security card and open all the doors for yourself @ PRISON you can watch TV and play games @ WORK you could get fired for watching TV and playing games @ PRISON you get your own toilet @ WORK you have to share the toilet with some people who pee on the seat @ PRISON they allow your family and friends to visit @ WORK you aren't even supposed to speak to your family @ PRISO
No Shit
No Shit !!
Do you CARE about the U.S. ? if you give a shit at all you will read these files ( note list on the RIGHT SIDEBAR ) and SPREAD THIS INFO internet wide. I call on you CYBERGEEKS to do this! I was banned from FACEBOOK within a minute of posting the link to the Mexican/american flag/school story. i inquired why and was told I was flagged by a couple people ( obviously TROLLS who are using this tactic to get people kicked off facebook who the dis-agree with) who's reason was I was using a fake identity. i wasn't, i signed up under my real name and info. when i appealed i was told the to get re-instated i would have to furnish scans of TWO forms of OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT ID. they probably know most of us won't furnish the ID's needless to say that ain't gonna happen. FACEBOOK can kiss my ass! however I thought I would do my damndest to let everyone know about this so that they can 1) spread the word on facebook about this tactic. 2) start using this tacti
No Shit!
        Man posts letters into a dog poo disposal box for two years     This short-sighted 91-year-old man has been posting his letters into a dog poo disposal box for two years. Only when a passer-by tapped him on the shoulder and pointed at his mistake,  the man realised what he was doing wrong.         The man thought he was posting his letters into a Post Office box.       Admittedly, a dog poo box may look similar to a Post Office box in the eyes of an old short-sighted man.
Get your own Chat Box! Go Large! Music Playlist at
No Sleep For Me
I just cant sleep....I had oral surgery today and have been sleeping on and off all day from the meds. But now I am soooo wide awake I just CANNOT sleep. I am rather sleepy but...grrrr. SO very annoying. I wish I had more pictures to upload. I have been working on some photography. I just love photoshop. I hope I can sleep soon Im going nuts!
No Sleep
LADIES AND GENTELMEN EVILSTIMPY IS A SPERM DONOR. HE HAD CREATED A CHILD WITH ME AND HAS NOT BEEN THERE FOR HER. I HAVE PROOF THAT HE IS HER FATHER. I DON'T CARE IF THIS GETS ME KICKED OFF OF HERE I AM JUST STATING THE FACTS THAT MICHAEL A.K.A EVILSTIMPY IS NOTHING MORE THAN A SPERM DONOR. THAT IS ALL For the last couple of nights now I have not slept. I have a lot of stuff on my mind mostly in the concern of my second daughter Bailey and who she looks like. You see there is a guy in wiscousin that is the father. How do I know this cause she looks so much like him. I have postpartum depression. I guess some of the depression is who Bailey looks like. I don't know what to do anymore I miss him and want to be with him but, I don't want to leave my oldest behind and I can't take her with me cause her father will file parental kidnapping charges. I just really wish I can figure it out but, I can't if anyone has any kind of advice for me please don't be afraid to give it. I will no
No Sleep For The Wicked
I dont sleep for a reason when i sleep im not sleeping im in a state of low awarness because if i was to dream it would only become a nightmare why this happens idk some say its because im always wound up and worried about something if this is true then i dont know what to do to fix the problem i have many worries in my life such as my familys safety my job if one of my boys is sick will 1 of my soldiers or i die today these r the things i live with in my mind at all times the reason this is titled no sleep for the wicked is bcuz any situation can turn even the kindest man violent and these thoughts that brew in my head only cause wicked and violent thoughts for those that cross my path either enemy or a person who tries to break into my house honestly i really dont know y im writing this blog but to get somethings off my chest so thank you for listening
No Sleep
So I just realized I have feelings.  I'm not sure how to feel about this since I don't like feelings.  So many people have too many feelings and I am not a people.  I kind of like being the insensitive one that isn't afraid to speak the truths they see everyday.  Anyway my face leaked and that pissed me off more which made my face leak more.  This having feelings shit sucks.  I don't know what to do about it.  I want to scream.  this blows.                 END RANT           I can't sleep and I have writers block. :( So I'm going to ramble about the things that are bothering me and maybe that will lift the block I hope.  My dad is sick. Like dying sick most who read this didn't know that.  I don't talk about it because no one wants to hear me cry like a bitch all the time.  I hate that he's sick.  I hate that I had to move here to help my mom with him.  I hate that by being here it reminds me that I'm not like the rest of my family.  I hate watching my dad come home from d
No Smile.........
No Speakah De English
NO SPEAKAH DE ENGLISH A bus stops and 2 men get on. They sit down and engage in an animated conversation. The lady sitting next to them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of them say the following: "Emma come first. Den I come. Den two asses come together. I come once-a-more! Two asses, they come together again. I come again and pee twice. Then I come one lasta time."The lady can't take this any more, "You foul-mouthed sex obsessed pig,"she retorted indignantly. "In this country, we don't speak aloud in public places about our sex lives. "Hey, coola down lady," said the man. "Who talkin'abouta sex? I'm a justa tellin' my frienda how to spell " Mississippi'." $5.00 says you're gonna read this again!
Nostalgia Kicks In Before Bed
No Strings Attached
YOU’RE UNIQUE IS THE PERSON INSIDE, A PERSON YOU HIDE? DO YOU ONLY DRESS, JUST TO IMPRESS? DO YOU LET YOUR FEELINGS SHOW? DO YOU; REMAIN QUIET SO KNOW ONE WILL KNOW? IF THINGS SEEM ON THE BRINK, TAKE THE TIME TO THINK. ALL YOU NEED TO BE IS YOURSELF. DON’T KEEP YOUR EMOTIONS ON A SHELF YOU ARE UNIQUE, YOU’RE NOT A MISTAKE. BE WHO YOU ARE YOU’RE NOT A FAKE WHEN, YOU’RE DOWN, FILLED WITH DISPAIR, LET SOMEONE KNOW, PEOPLE DO CARE. BY CHANCE, IF YOU OPEN YOUR MIND; YOU’LL SOON DISCOVER PEOPLE ARE KIND. THRU LIFE’S EXPERIENCE, I’VE FOUND. BEST WAY TO LIFT YOURSELF IS TO HELP OTHER’S WHEN, THEY’RE DOWN. CHRIS In a world that's constantly changing In a life that's always rearranging Some things will always remain true I'll be your friend thru an thru. No strings attached, for a true friend Aquaintences come an go, but a bond never ends. We pick each other up when, times are bad. Cheer each other up when, times are sad. We don't keep score, of who owes who
Disclaimer: I did not write this nor do I have any clue who did. I am hereby officially tendering my resignation as an adult. I have decided I would like to accept the responsibilities of a 8 year old again. I want to go to McDonald's and think that it's a four star restaurant. I want to sail sticks across a fresh mud puddle and make ripples with rocks. I want to think M&Ms are better than money, because you can eat them. I want to play kickball during recess and paint with watercolors in art. I want to lie under a big Oak tree and run a lemonade stand with my friends on a hot summers day. I want to return to a time when life was simple. When all you knew were colors, addition tables and simple nursery rhymes. But that didn't bother you, because you didn't know what you didn't know and you didn't care. When all you knew was to be happy because you didn't know all the things that should make you worried and upset. I want to think that the world is fair. That eve
No Strings
It doesn't matter if you say "No stings attached" There are always strings They are invisible That silent call that brings us together In the first place The signal that beckons us To come into each others vision The sticky web! And we delude ourselves Spray Teflon on it to slide by You don't see the wispy tangle that just caught on the bottom of your Shoe as you were leaving The one that will call you back when you least expect We are all entangled that way Each of us And blindly we go about our business Sometimes never knowing the Mark we leave behind The DNA, the virus, the silent emotional hook Yes, the string, its bondage holds us captive Every time The string you said you didn't have Still pulls like gravity Like the rising of the sun and moon Or invisible circle of the planets Following their cosmic thread And you and I No different from the Bodies of heaven Moving on our path Which was always created By strings Entangled by the way we are. N
Today I found one of the most incredible songs ever performed. You simply HAVE to see this! It's the Dutch band Focus playing "Hocus Pocus". There are no words to describe this... My #1 friend sent me some lionks to old songs she was listening to. Made me look for some myself. The first ones I found are in my stash. It was "This Time" that brought me back. Cause that song meant alot to me back then. I translated the lyrics and gave it as a poem to a girl I loved. It got us together, and we were an item for 2 years, nearly got married. It was 23 years ago, a lifetime ago... I'm really getting old...
No Strings Attatched!
No Strings
This Blog is about No strings attached FUN. Not just sex but hanging with friends and not having to answer for it after the fact. I have checked out some of the online sites that promise you they have what your looking for , thier full of it. Spouses say go on and go have fun with your friends but what happens when you get home, you catch hell. Don't beleive me,call the spouse from work ,ask to go out for a few and spend a couple of hours and watch what happens. All for now but I will return with more.
No Sub
just entered the sexiest female contest please comment and rate THANKS What is your love icon ?romantic loveyour love is very special you and your partner are very romantic and are willing to try anything.guys/girls like you because of the way you make them feel and how you show that you really care about them.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic that was so awsome....thanks everyone much luv muahhhhhhhs!!!!!
No Subject
No Sugar Tonight The New Mother Nature
No Subject
No Support
Here is the deal. I am taking CNA classes. Well it seems that the people that should be supporting me aren't. Infact some of them are saying that I am going to flunk out our drop out.Now mind u have not given any of them any reason what so ever to say things like that. So, I am a little unsure and annoyed about all this. I work hard for everything that I have now and everything that I will have in the future. I suppose the thing for me to do is to do well in the class and graduate and prove to everyone that they are wrong.
No Surrender
Twenty nine years, of blood, sweat, and tears. I've won and I've lost, and I've faced many fears. I walked a lonely road, to get me where I am. No one beside me, no one to hold my hand. I've lived out some dreams, and some fantasies too. I've seen and done things, I thought I'd never do! I've had my heart broken, and I've felt my heart soar. I've loved, and I've laughed, and I've made a mighty roar! I left my mark, on those that I love. A place in their heart, where I fit like a glove. I've been knocked down, oh so many many times. I always get back up, and and give the devil back his dime! It's the fighter held within me, a spirit that just won't die! No matter how you hurt me, I'll look you eye to eye. Call me your names, and spit in my face. Nothing can stop me, no one can take my place! I fight like a champion, a winner indeed. This warrior does'nt follow, instead he take the lead! I hurt like we all do, but I'm different than most. I was made t
No Subject
Eh yeah. The college that I attend had blocked myspace and it sucks since I can't so much go on myspace or unless if it was at a public library or at some other person's home. But whatever and I smell bubble gum. Fruit flavored or rather something pretty sweet. I'm bloody ass bored. But whatever. I'll be out for now. Peace and love, Jennifer
No Subject
Im not even sure why i let him in, When he simply hurt me again, We had things going so well, But I said something I shouldnt have, But it feels good that the secret is out, That its no longer weighing on my shoulders, I really hated what I did to you when it first began, But after awhile, I didnt even care, I knew it would hurt you when you found out, Just exactly what I did, So why did I stop caring? Maybe because you left me not once, but twice, For the two people that hurt you the most. So im left with these questions on my mind, Ones that will never fade, I guess its true what they say about me, That if love were really forever, Im a winner at a losing game.
No Such Thing As Lockdown
No Such Thing As " Deleted" On The Net
  It's always fun to write about research that you can actually try out for yourself.Try this: Take a photo and upload it to Facebook, then after a day or so, note what the URL to the picture is (the actual photo, not the page on which the photo resides), and then delete it. Come back a month later and see if the link works. Chances are: It will.Facebook isn't alone here. Researchers at Cambridge University (so you know this is legit, people!) have found that nearly half of the social networking sites don't immediately delete pictures when a user requests they be removed. In general, photo-centric websites like Flickr were found to be better at quickly removing deleted photos upon request.Why do "deleted" photos stick around so long? The problem relates to the way data is stored on large websites: While your personal computer only keeps one copy of a file, large-scale services like Facebook rely on what are called content delivery networks to manage data and distribution. It's a compl
No Subject
she will do anything on cam . a blingpack or an hh blast will get you 15 minutes of action with her.
No Subject
Things to do at Wal-mart while your spouse/partner is taking their sweet time: 1. Get 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in peoples carts when they are not looking. 2. Go to the service desk and ask to put a bag of m&m's on lay away. 3. Set up a tent in the camping department. 4. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and, "why can't people just leave me alone?" 5. Look right into the security camera and use it as a mirror to pick your nose. 6. While handling guns in the hunting department, ask the clerk if he knows where the antidepressants are located. 7. Dart around the store loudly humming the mission impossible theme song. 8. Hide in a clothing rack when people browse through say PICK ME! 9. When an announcement comes on the loudspeaker, assume the fetal position and scream NO NO! Its those voices again. 10. Go into the fitting room and shut the door and wait a while they yell loudly "THERE IS NO TOILET PAPER IN HERE!"
No Sugarcoating, No Bows, Just Truth.
Dudes, please help me understand. Why is it the sweet girls, with the hearts that are too big for their own good, the girl who wants to be nothing but a great girlfriend to you is the one you always fuck with ? Like, really...why ? What satisfaction comes out of screwing over the sweetest girls, the best one for you, and you chase her off ?Apparently a guy that will be silly with me; love me for who i am, flaws and all, be cheesy to remind me why I liked him in the first place and serious when he needs to be; one who will teach me things and not act like I'm a nuisance or dumb; one who enjoys cuddling but wont be afraid to challenge me to a COD war; will hold me when I'm sad and chase after me when I'm mad is just too much to ask these days. =/What happened to the guys like in Gone with the Wind ? The ones who bent over backwards for a girl who wasn't even interested, just because they care about her soo much they want to woo her and show her how important she is. Where are those guys,
No Sympathy For The Devil
The car is on fire and there's no driver at the wheel, and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides. And a dark wind blows. The government is corrupt, and we're all on so many drugs with the radio on and the curtains drawn. We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine, and the machine is bleeding to death. The sun has fallen down and the billboards are all learing and the flags are all dead at the top of their poles. It went like this: The building toppled in on themselves, mothers clutching babies, pick through the rubble and pulled out their hair. The sky line was beautiful on fire, all twisted metal streching upwards, everything washed in a thin orange haze. I said 'Kiss me, you're beautiful. These are truely the last days.' You grabbed my hand and we fell into it like a daydream or a fever. We woke up one morning and fell a little further down. For sure it's the valley of death. I opened up my wallet and it was full of blood. Godspeed You! Blac
Nosy People
helo to all i just wanted to say thanks for the love you have shown my page
hi guys im happy to say that im not leaving fubar yay for those who read it and commented im not leaving im staying on fubar
Not A Pretty Picture
Many of you may know that I am a single mother with 2 young boys, living with my parents. My mom and I never got along very well as I was growing up and even though everyone said it'll get better when you have children it hasn't. I can not take living here with her much longer. I'm not allowed to see my friends, to drive the van, or to take a minute to myself. I stay home most of the time unless she's off work and I have to go some place. If I do want to go somewhere I have to ask her. I want to work but she will not let me drive the van. So she gets pissed at me for having her drive me places and for me not working. I clean all the time and watch my boys 24/7. I'm trying to lose weight and the doctor for my boys wants my oldest to eat better. He hardly eats as is, so I'm trying but she ruins it by offering him dounuts and candy, just plain junk food. I don't know what else to do. I don't have anyone that I can talk to about what I'm going through as I'm not allowed out of the house. M
Not A Rich Man
Not A College Aggie
Aggie is just a nickname that was given to me by my Dad.
Not Ashamed Of This
This has got to be the greatest bulletin ive ever seen...BOOTY CALL! Please fill out the below application if you want to be a booty call for this person. RE-POST IF U WANNA SEE WHO WANTZ TO BE YUR BOOTY-CALL! Name: ___________________ Age: ____________________ Phone: (____) ____________ Occupation: ____________________ Height______ Weight______ Married(Y/N)__ Single(Y/N)___ Other_________ How often do you have sex?(check appropriate answer) Daily__ Weekly__ Monthly__ As much as possible__ How long can u last (check appropriate answer) 1min ___ 15min__ 30min__ 1hr__ all nite___ Do u like Giving oral sex(Y/N)___ Which do u prefer (check appropriate box) One on one__ Doubles__ Group___ While having sex, what do u do (check all appropriate answers) Faint__ Cry__ Moan__ Wiggle__ Twist__ Jerk about__ Pant__ Sweat___ Scream__ Hum__ Whistle__ Just lie there__ Go to sleep__ Watch tv__ Read__ Think of someone else___ Ball play______ List thr
Not Another Blog
Wow, I love writing stupid funny blogs. But does anyone even read this?? I would hate to type a bunch of crap and nobody read it. Sigh, I better go check my myspace. Visit my blog there.
Not Another Day
I can`t deal with this for another day. The air is thinning, it`s getting harder to breathe. My mind is at war with itself. Do I deserve this? Living a life lived so far from where it wants to be. What have I done? I don`t deserve it. It`s to much of a good thing. I`m nothing of a good person! Running on empty as my demons fly by. What makes me happy, so far away, away from myself, away from a nothing. How long will it last, could it ever last? Tearing at the skin, my patience is wearing thin with myself. I don`t know what to do, placing my heart up on a shelf. Oh my god I can`t bear the fall again. Not from him. I`ll shatter it myself, it`ll be an easier end. I want what I may never have, I have a life not wanting, to an extent. Fucking Hell What Is Wrong With Me?!
Not Aother Blog
I guess it starts with innocence and moves on from there, because my tears always seem to change. They can crash to the floor like in anger, or float into hands like from happiness. And this nght has been full of tears. It has been full of tears, but more recently, the last tears I cried, were of utter suprise and happiness. It's not that I try to care, it just happens, and one of my problems is that I care way to much. I love him so much that it rips me apart, and I know now that he feels the same way, but like most things, it will probably never be becasue he belongs to another. But I know in his heart, I have his love, I have his caring and his wonder, and as long as I know if I fall his hand will be there to catch me, I can make it through the day.
Not Again
So here it is on Monday 5, 2007. At 4:31 a.m. Dreading tomorrow.. I would rather crawl under a rock an die but i sit here contemplating my life. What have i done with myself? Another year has come an gone already, an I'm still sitting here thinking about life. I know everyone is sitting here thinking.. How old is she turning.... I'm gonna be 24 tomorrow. an a year closer to 25..then to 30.. then 40. I try not to think about all the bad things that have happened to me over my years...thinking about writing a book by the way. The only good things that come to mind are... my kids for sure... my man when he gives me attention... brad...well what can i say about brad. He will always be there. Terrence my Jamaican hot. first internet friend an love. Will never forget you. Made those cold lonely nights up here in Canada more bearable. The list could go on an on but i won't. But i want to say thanks to all the people that i have met on CT. your all awesome people, an your a
Not A Day Goes By
All I have are pictures, just visions on a screen, I have no way to hold you, no way to show you, just how much you mean, but in my heart and soul, you are forever apart of me, you ask me if I think of you, if my love is real, you have only to open your heart, and inside you will feel, with my every heartbeat, every breath and every thought, I think of you always, love you more then words can say, when don't you cross my mind, a million times a day? Not A day Goes By... Music Video Codes By Music
Not A Good Day
My 1 year old already figured it out last night before i left for work he asked "Bad Daddy go Bye Bye ?" It broke my heart.How do i tell my 6 year old son his father isn't coming home? He worships his father. He will be as heartbroken as i am. How do i make this as easy on him as possible? My Poor boys. I cant explain yet exactly what happened. All i can say is that any prayers or support right now would be greatly appreciated. I need all the strength i can get. To make it through this. Love Jade Today i let the person i love most in the world go. I dont know if he will come back. I can only pray. After 8 years what can you do?
Not A Good Day For Me
omg what else can go wrong today first i get up my computer didnt want to start i had to fight for 30minutes to get it on them i went to do my comment bombing and it keept telling me i reached the level for the day for my rank which is a bunch of bullcrap.... then my hubby called me he got pulled while in texas and found out his licenses was susspened over a $18 fine so now hes stuck in texas until we get it all straight. he was suppose to be haome tomorrow but now wont be until saturday night or monday morning. so my kids and i get to spend easter by ourselfes... then dinner plans get messed up on my inlaws and i... then i almost got into a accident cause people around here dont know how to drive.. then my friend was suppose to come over and check out my computer but he was not able to cause his day got messed up as well... sorry guys i just had to vent and get it off my chest but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for me
Not An Addict
As I look down at the silver blade My memmories begin to fade Thoughts start to cross my mind My misty eyes are going blind Will anyone remember who I was My mind is slipping into a state of fuzz I start to remember all the times I had the good and expecially the bad My time is drawing near All of the sudden my heart flows with fear I pick up the knife All I can think about is taking my life Blood flows form my wrists like a river My body begins to quiver I realize this is for the best I am now happy in eternal rest
No Tallent To Be Found Here
Possessed of a spirit in the middle of the night That forces me to ponder and sit and write Of things that do own my heart and mind Of things beyond me that are hard to find Maybe I think way too much about life Get lost in the substance hardship and strife Maybe it is a distance that does call Maybe I get lost in the sum of it all To rest and let go would be a sweet dream For so much of life is heart break extreme Longing for innocents touch and sweet smile Longing to close sweet distance of miles For the heart beats and longs for those it lost And would pay any price no matter the cost To hold and feel the love yet again To feel the end of that dull pain To rest and know the world is right This is the dream that makes joy take flight Sweet nothings yet are the stuff of fantasy Sweet dreams held in hope by fools like me Sweet the knowledge that tomorrow is not set And only god knows and we may see yet Release in the joy of love to return I hold on to hope for it
Notable Quotes..
07 Nov 06 If you want to imagine the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever. ~George Orwell -1984 11 Nov 06 The greatest evil is not done in those sordid dens of evil that Dickens loved to paint ... but is conceived and ordered in clear, carpeted, warm, well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices. ~C.S. Lewis - The Screwtape Letters 15 May 07 There is no greater sorrow Than to be mindful of the happy time In misery. ~Dante Alighieri - The Inferno 23 May 07 Aristotle said melancholy men of all others are most witty. ~Robert Burton 31 May 07 Better sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian. ~Herman Melville - Moby Dick 27 Jun 07 Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts. ~Henry Brooks Adams 09 Aug 07 Here we may reign secure; and in my choice To reign is worth ambition
Not Around
i wont be around for the few days got a few thinks to take care of dont know when ill be back
Not A Contest No Time Limit
Hey all im in a gift giveaway its not a contest at all thiers no time limit to it but what i need is 30,000 comments and i get a Months VIC + A Months Blast whoever dose help i will keep track of it and after i get the 30,000 comments ill PIMP out all the ones who helped with the comments ty all heres the link. Remember ITS NOT A CONTEST no time limit at all. Hey all im in a gift giveaway its not a contest at all thiers no time limit to it but what i need is 30,000 comments and i get a Months VIC + A Months Blast whoever dose help i will keep track of it and after i get the 30,000 comments ill PIMP out all the ones who helped with the comments ty all heres the link. Remember ITS NOT A CONTEST no time limit at all. Hey all im in a gift giveaway its not a contest at all thiers no time limit to it but what i need is 30,000 comments and i get a Months VIC + A Months Blast whoever dose help i will keep track of it and after i get the 30,000 comments ill PIMP out a
Not "all" Negative "myths" About Us "men" Are True!
A Good Man A good man is not going to meet every item on your checklist. He is human with frailties and faults mixed in with all of his wonderful, strong attributes. He needs your love and respect. He needs to feel that you don't live to catch him doing something wrong so you can declare, "Aha! I knew you were a dog!" A good man isn't insecure about his woman having great achievements. In fact, he is her number one supporter and becomes disappointed with her when she begins to lose herself, especially for the sake of not hurting his feelings, or only wanting to make him happy. His happiness comes with seeing her excel in her dreams and accomplishing her goals. For as she excels and is exalted, a good woman will bring her good man right along with her. A good man doesn't necessarily give you a huge birthday or Valentine's gift. He shows his love in the ways that are comfortable to him. Don't judge him by TV standards. No one is really living a fairy tale. You'll miss out
Not A Vic Account Anymore
gorilla monster@ CherryTAP
Not Ah Fagg!!!!!!!!
Not A Man
((((((((not A Poem))))))))
True love comes but once in a lifetime, the ones who are lucky are the ones who notice it, so many days go bye when you ask a simple question of why, why only once and not twice, very few if any get a second chance at true love, unconditional and unrelenting, the type of love that god hides with in us all, so many never realize the possibilities, because they go for looks and material things, love should never be measured by looks or gifts, but measured by feelings, emotions, trust, respect, honor to start, by the warmth of ones heart, by the tender touch, by ones own dreams of happiness for the other, true love is rarely achieved, but when it is, nothing can ever break its ties, for true love isnt what anyone feels or thinks, its every thing in the world in unison with one another, as two people combined into one heart and soul. so when it feels right, take the chance to see if its the, ultimate rush, that makes your heart pound out of your chest, makes your thou
Not Again!
Not Allowed To Love My Rl Wife Here
Im in a giveaway for a Happy Hour. I need 50,000 points totaland .. Rates are 10 points and comments are worth 1 point. I already have 14,585 of the total points needed. Can yall come rate the pic.. and sayyyy... 5 or MORE :D comments?? That would be AWESOME ! Id love to have a happy hour and become Godmother! xox I cant believe the lack of proper administration around here. My wife signs on today to go work on her giveaway for a HH that a friend offered her. When she went to leave a comment it wouldnt let her. She also wasnt able to post bulletins or rate profiles you know anything the site is about. She went to support lounge they told her to shut up and stop being selfish for wanting to know why she is blocked great support you VIP's get there lol. She was left with no way to defend herself over whatever? Finally a bouncer gave her a straight answer which explains why support lounge is only allowed to give the same lame answers about everything it's cookies
Not Again
well our pic albums r messing up again does anyone know what is going on with them or is it a computer glitch
No Talk
why do people post pics in private if they don't want any body to see them so if you don't want no one to see them don't post them
Not Around
Hey everyone. I am sorry that I have not been on here in a while. I have been very busy with school and all. I am almost done with school. I have 2 more weeks in class then I am off to do my exturn. I cant wait. So how has everyone been? Once I am done with school I will be on here more. Well at least I should be. I was also out of work for 2 weeks due to hurting my back, but yesterday I was able to go back to work. What a time for me to be out of work. I have to go a month without getting paid and then was out for 2 weeks not getting paid, but oh well. I better run now..I will be back soon.
Not Apologizing For Being Me (new Poem)
I'm not gonna apologizing for being me. I am who I am You can't do a damn thing to change me If I don't feel comfortable doing something, don't get upset that I said no. If I said that I'm about to do something, respect my decision instead of getting upset. If you don't like or respect my decision, deal with it or move on. You don't own me, you can't make the decisions for me, I'm my own man If you respect me, I'll respect you Only God is my boss, not you. If you're a real friend, respect me for who I am. So therefore, I'm not apologizing for being me, so don't take things personal It is what it is, take it or leave it.
Not All Scars Show, Not All Wounds Heal Sometimes You Cant Always See The Pain Someone Feels Its True Im In Depression And My Parrents Have Been Think
Not Allowed
Not All Guys Are Jerk!!!!!!
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: ~LIFE IS F***ING GREAT~ Date: Nov 12, 2007 6:51 AM MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO AT THE END Cause some dont get that chance........... SORRY MOMMY & DADDY.I didn't mean to spill my milk at dinner last night. SORRY MOMMY & DADDY.I didn't mean to play with my dolls that long. SORRY MOMMY & DADDY.I didn't mean to be a mistake.. why can't I eat?SORRY MOMMY & DADDY.i didn't mean to pee in my pants yesterday. SORRY MOMMY & DADDY.I didn't mean to cry when my bath water was too hot.SORRY MOMMY & DADDY.I love you! Why don't you love me back? Why is everything I do wrong?1,504,000 CHILDREN GET ABUSED BY THEIR GUARDIANS. IT'S NOT RIGHT. THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE TO SUFFER. IF YOU THINKCHILD ABUSE IS WRONG YOU CAN HELP BY RE-POSTING.*****YOU HAVE TO PRESS REPLY SO YOU CAN COPY CODE.. if you dont repost you have no heart
Not All Scars Heal
Not all Scars Heal The pain is always welcome It crawls beneath the surface The scars burn and throb Broken promises Lies whispered endearingly Untruths believed Falsehoods made true Not all scars heal Wounds fester Lies grow Happiness disappears Always the same Never to differ Grabbing onto the knife Running it deep Blood red as an apple Never normal Never safe Lie to me dear one I need a new scar
No Takers
How hard is it for people to run Spell Checker before the send something?I've been reading through various items on here and elsewhere. There is a serious problem with the English language. We as a country have become very illiterate. We are in such a hurry to do things. We dont double check our work. Alot of the mistakes and misspelled words are pretty sad. I know its alot to remember. But, doesn't anyone take pride in their things anymore? I know even at work I get some pretty sad emails. Funny thing is. These are supposed to be these highly educated individuals. They talk a good game. But, their command of the english language is pathetic. I was gonna type this all screwed up to really make a point and look like a ss. But, I couldn't do it. :0 I've noticed on some profiles lately that some are rather fake. Either by the pics in them. Some serious photoshopping being done. How they just out of the blue send you a friend request. But have never looked at your profile. I s
Not All Adoption Stories Are Good Ones...
Not all adoptions stories are happy ones. I am soon to be 30 years old and I was adopted. My foster care life was not a pleasant one. My half sister, half brother and I were taken away from our mother early. I was 14 monthes old in the final foster home, that we arrived in. My brother was autistic and was adopted quickly by a family who adopted only mentally retarded children. He was lucky. He lived on a farm and is the only one of us to gradute high school. I am proud of him. My sister and I were kept together. That is good except that most people don't want two kids. We were a packaged deal. My sister was two or three when we landed in the final foster home. It was run by a woman named Edith Voight. Now there was an evil person! But I'll get to that. All wasn't horrible in the home. I did have a few good memories there...very few though. It was in Norfolk, Virginia. I had no idea what was going on. I thought it hard to deal with family members whom always l
Not A Good Day.
I just came home from Iowa with my friend, when I notice my mom's b/f passed out on the couch. She comes home, he wakes up, he's stoned off I don't know what kind of pills, can barely talk. Sure, I smoke pot, and do pills, but I would never bring it into my mothers house. So, he wakes up, starts yelling. One thing you don't do in front of me is yell at my mother. I will not have any dumb son of a bitch say anything foul to my mom. OFCOURSE THOUGH! I gotta fucking keep quiet about it, wtf ever. I got alot of shit on my mind you know? Like so much shit that I don't even want to type it. My sister on the 13th of this month is having a bone marrow transplant done. The doner is a damn near perfect match, but it's still one of the most dangerous precedures. We got the best doctor we could in that field.(She has Luchemia) I just don't know how I'd handle it if my sister died. fuck this blog, im done.
Not Another F'n Blog
Television is officially dead and buried, well it's been dead for a few years now. Great quality shows such as Smallville, Battlestar Galactica and House are overshadowed by the trainwreck shows such as American Idol, Rock of Love and every freaking reality show out there. Now I am a huge fan of the CW show Smallville because being a fan of Superman since I was a small child I love the new spin on the character. It is very well written and they introduce all of the DC Universe characters (with the exception of Batman and Wonder Woman). I love the new spin on all of the DC characters and I understand why they did not put Bruce Wayne (Batman) into the show itself (Character issues because of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies.) Now when I was a kid I didnt watch much sci-fi television shows, the ones I did watch though were Battlestar Galactica (the original), Buck Rogers, Doctor Who (The Tom Baker Years) and old episodes of the classic Star Trek. I am very disappointed that the
Not Around Much
Due to the holiday season i won't be around much Spending time with family and what not. Hope you all had a great Xmas and have a rockin New Year! Take Care Enjoy the holidays!
Not As Some Loves
Sometimes, some loves will merely drop away— indifference will most any love condemn. It's best that some loves die, and then decay. Sometimes, contention sends weak loves astray, and love grows stagnant, dull, before the end. Sometimes some loves will merely drop away, but not a proper love, a love for which we pray, one that is fervent, and never needs amends. It's best that some loves die, and then decay. Our love's not weak. It's firm. Yes, others say that they'll be always joined. But that's pretend. Sometimes some loves will merely drop away. That's not our love. Ours is the only way to make us whole, both as lovers and as friends. It's best that some loves die and then decay. At end our love is sure. Again I say our love is straight, is pure—our love won't bend. Sometimes some loves will merely drop away. It's best that some loves die and then decay. Is this even possible? Can this happen even if we were to fight with all we ha
Not All Men Are Equal !!!
You know it's really very funny , in a conversation with a friend of mine the other day he and I both concluded that 98 % of men today really suck at sex and women in general !!! I talk to all of my friends male and female every day about sex and my adventures that i've had in my life ! That just it I have come to think that I must be in the upper 2% of the world and its a great feeling !!! Now the men who read this of course will disagree due to thier large egos. First ,, through talking to most women you soon find the largest complaint by far is that men always get thiers and get off leaving the woman unsatisfied . HHHMMM Number two has been that men don't last long enough !!! Followed by lack of romance , lack of will to explore new things ,, ect !!! Things that i hear from the women in my life have always confused me , hell the things my friend look at me crazy for fucking scares me !!! What the hell is wrong with men today ,, what a bunch of pussys !!! Guys that dont
Not Around To Much Any More
Not Again
It's amazing what you see when you miss it so much. Today was the first full day I've been without my family. My reception to things has been difficult. I hear children when no children are near. Everything I see everything I do reminds me of my kids. Not knowing how they are or what they are being told is driving me to the brink. I had to go to the store today and get some essentials and everywhere I turned there were families. I never noticed them before when I was with mine. I feel like a stranger. An outsider. I have no real reason to be. Why go home? There is nothing there. Why go to work? There is no reason to have money. I miss my family. I want them back. I heard a kid screaming in discontent at the store, a sound that would normally make one mad, I started to cry. When I have my kids I feel so proud. I have a purpose. They represent all that I am. I dont know how to be Rick. Im not sure I want to be Rick. I love being dad. I love to talk with my kids.
No Talk In The Motel
You meet me at the local motel. When you enter the room, I'm waiting for you right by the door, and I cover your mouth with my hands, motioning you not to say anything. I grab you in my arms, and I kiss you deeply and passionately. You are immediately turned on, for you can't believe how I took control of you. I push you back against the door, and I don’t ask, as I move my hands down you body to your skirt, and I pull it up to your waist. In the same movement, I unbutton your blouse as my hands continue to work up your body while I don’t let you move against the door, locking you lips to mine with a deep exchange of passion. My right hand continues beyond your breasts and moves behind your back between you and the door and with one movement, unhooks your bra. You barely notice when I slip off your blouse and bra in one movement. I don’t even bother to remove my clothes, only taking the time to unbutton my pants and let them fall to my knees as I pull you panties to the side, shoving
Not A Nice Person
Not A Very Good New
hi had a bad new : i try to explain the most clearly than i can what happen : i have been notified by the major of my town that big works will be made in my street they are going to change all phones cables of the town so i'll not have internet from the 8th to the 20 th of this month that piss me off Miz
Not A Love Letter
Not Allowed
Not A Baby Anymore
My baby not a baby any more: Today is the day I that I see my baby growing up. Let me take you back for through the years. Justin has been in special education all of his school age years. Two year ago we moved to Mobile. He has since been in the special games. This year he won first place in all three events that he was in (running long jump, he jumped 5’6”, 400 meter relay, and the 200 meter Dash). About 3 months latter I received a phone call from the Mobile County Special Olympics President, saying that Justin was selected by the board to represent Mobile County in the State Games. She said that they usually do not take middle school kids to the games but seeing how well he did at the county games they would love to have him represent them this year. This was a great honor and I did not want him to be over looked if he want to do it. So he is now on his way to be a part of the games. He is on his was to Troy, Alabama to have a good time running his heart out something he enjoys
Nota '08???
On a different blog, Lady Gaura referred to Obama as an empty eggshell. So... With a tip of a striped hat to Dr. Seuss…inspired by Lady Gaura. I do not like an empty shell. I do not like it very well. I will not vote for Old War Coot. I will not vote for Empty Suit. I will not vote for Darth Nader. I will not vote for Barr Vader. I will not vote for Pastor Chuck. I will not vote for the Green Schmuck. The choices suck for 2008. For four more years, freedom must wait. But can we take four more years, Of war and death and playing on fears? Can we take four more years, Of no jobs, no cash, and lots of tears? Nothing left, no place to go. What I’ll do, I just don’t know. Then I look up and I see The candidate that’s right for me. He promises nothing, and delivers less. No pile of crap dumped on my chest. No funds to raise, no favors to owe. No speeches to make, no places to go. He’s the last place for a discouraged "vota", That place to turn to is called
Not A Goodbye, But .......
Not a goodbye, but see you soon ... because I know that the friendship is able to overcome the distance to physical, hence, my friend, you will always be in my mind! It was very good you know, (although the language barrier sometimes has betrayed me) take you in my heart, promise back one day, when the miss, that cause chest pain, I come back, even to distant, killing the nostalgia that already chewing my soul. Search Videos At He came to me about 10 years or so ago.  I Just won  from a neighbor. with a one month of life he brought Alex to my house. A few weeks later he was the King of the house and did everything (he wanted of course)Alex loved to curl up on the couch or in the bed with me. and watching TV , eating chips , he like drinking coffe after meal eat olives,  cucumber, coffee with milk in the morning with bread and butter.Last time I got in at Alex in my arms he licked my face with a warmth that I had never felt
Not Around
just to all my friends you probably know i am on a course at the moment which takes up a lot of my time. So im not on here much at the moment and if all goes well i should be back around the end of august. speak to you all soon :D
Not An Option
I once read to never make someone an priority, when they make u an option,that statement is so true.Its like u trying to hold on to something that no longer wants to be attached. Once u pull that part off and replace it with something that fits tight, u begin to feel more secure and feel better about movin on, knowing that piece will not fall off for a long time, which makes u feel free. I have learned to follow that phrases and stop trying to care for thoese who don't care about me and Im feeling so much better about self and so much more free to live life to the fullest.
Not A Virgin Anymore
I have no clue how to do this. I have never blogged before. I guess it'll come too me. Had to try something new before I turn 34 on Thursday. This ageing thing sucks. I just hope 34 is better then 33. Knowing my luck it'll be worse. Lets look at the positive. I'll be getting free drinks on Thursday.
Not A Blog.
Not Alone Or Am I?
I am beginning to think I am drifting along with no real purpose in life. There was a time in my life when things were awesome, during the past two years things have gone drastically downhill. No one understands me, the way I do things or the reason I do them. One major event has seemed to have lead the way for many other disasters. It seems like an age old excuse to blame ones bad luck and choices on the loss of a love one, she wasn't just a loved one, she was my best friend and would listen to everything and not judge me. It seems that multiple people seem to want to tell me what to do, a few of them I feel just want to take advantage of my good will and kindness. I spent many wonderful hours a week with this wonderful woman and for the last two years I have begun to feel like a trapped rat with nowhere to go. If anyone reads this and has any idea what I am talking about and any ideas on what to do. Please let me know. But it was a great way to babble for a few minutes.
Well Played, Indeed Fast Food | North Dakota, USA (This is a friend’s experience while working at a popular fast food place on the overnight shift.) Employee: “Thanks for calling, how may I help you?” Customer: “Hi. I came through drive-thru earlier tonight, and there’s something wrong with my food.” Employee: “Um, okay…what’s wrong exactly?” Customer: “Well, I ordered ***, and there was a used condom on the sandwich.” Employee, holding in a laugh: “Sir, that’s impossible. We don’t practice safe sex here.” Customer: “Well played.” *hangs up* A Simple Go To H*ll Would Have Sufficed Tech Support | Stillwater, OK, USA TECH: “Thank you for calling *** Direct Sales. How may I help you?” Caller: “I need a power cord for my product.” TECH: “I would be happy to place your order. I just need you to read me the three numbers from the front of the product.” Caller: “Talk to my wife, I can’t read…” (In the background, I overhear the following…) Caller: “G
Not A Blog It Is A Long Joke
Not A Day Goes By.
Not A day Goes By. All I have are pictures, just visions on a screen, I have no way to hold you, no way to show you, just how much you mean, but in my heart and soul, you are forever apart of me, you ask me if I think of you, if my love is real, you have only to open your heart, and inside you will feel, with my every heartbeat, every breath and every thought, I think of you always, love you more then words can say, when don't you cross my mind, a million times a day? Not A day Goes By...
Not As Advertised.
A good song said, there are three things that are for sure: taxes, death, and trouble. But I would like to expand on that. People are not as advertised. Things are almost never as they seem. And people will almost always, have an angle. Some are painfully obvious, while others, either by practice and design, or by an innate knack for subtlety, can hide it for a while. But the angle is there. There are very few actions made by people, that aren't done with a purpose and reason behind them, no matter how small. Listen to what people say, but don't hang on every word. Merely listen to pick through it to find the truth. Every good lie, has a measure of truth in it. And no matter how well you think you know someone, never pretend to actually know what is in their hearts, minds, or what they are capable of. Some people are good at hiding their intentions... others will change as quickly as the wind does. In short, people... are not as advertised.
No Add!
Not Alone After All
Not All Girls Are Sugar & Spice
There is nothing more enjoyable than bringing home some unsuspecting man who thinks I am interested in what he has in his pants, but little do they know, I only want what's in the wallet. Cold medicine is my choice of poison to get them all cooperative and docile. I love to see the look on their faces when they come around, all naked and tied down, ready for the next phase of my plan. As I sit there with their credit cards and debit cards, I love how sweet it is that they actually think that they can withhold any information from me. Any resistance, and I beckon my well trained black bull into the room. Tyreese is an impressive site, all body of steel and a huge black cock swinging between his legs. A nod of my head and Tyreese walks over to you and straddles your chest, rubbing his cock head on your mouth. The information usually is forthcoming and accurate and my shopping and cash transfers begin. Tyreese keeps you well entertained as I keep myself busy spe
Not Allowed On Fubar
every payweek i delete my fubar and make a new one, and buy another 3 month vip for myself. i never reach level 22, and im tired of people not helping, especially if all i rate is those with auto11s or cherrybombs, im sick of people not returning love. i have tried now six times to go from zero to level 22 in two weeks, nobody cares unless you have auto11s, which i never have, since i cannot afford it.
Not A Two Way Street
i think its funny i have a friend on my friends list i wont give a name becuse iam not like that but anyways   i was asking her what was wrong and she said that she really hate men now and i ask why she said its becuse they treat her like shit and never really talk to her only when they want to pretty much and thats when i told her oh kind of like what you did to me at the time when we use to talk iam not shock thats happens alot to me  anyways what i think is funny alot of people on here men and woman alike say there looking for that special person wether it may be on here or offline if you dont want to be treat like a stuck up bitch like tons of people who act like it on here then start treating others the way you want to try walking in there shoes and no there is more to a person then there looks like there heart and personailty you may not have to like them but atlest respect them people of all races and ages still have  feelings rember that
Not A Bloger..
I have lost loved ones due to breast cancer. Both men and women, Alike. My work is is selling T-shirts, The one I am wearing in the pic. So for every picture rate and bling I get I will donate $100 dollars to this great cause. Help the boobees and neebies out. I have donated $800. so far just in the last week. I want to see more men and women surviving from this. I have kids, and I am sure you do to. They have a cure but it takes a but load of money to get it. So that is why I am donating to this. And if the speeling is bad. I apoloize for the miss spelling. my fubar is messing up on me tonight. had to type fast. Good night. The smacker Ok FuLand.  I'm not big in to the whole Blog thing, So here it goes.   Monday is My Birthday May 18th hint hint,  And I am trying to save up Fubucks For the Spotlight.  I think It would Be cool to have a "SMACKER" Day. I have been on fubar for over three years.  *Note* this was my Profile after I got Deleted off
Not A Rich Fu...but
Not Again...
I woke up this weekend asking myself...were in hell am I... What happened... and who's kid is that...     Yes not again...     "Long Live Drinking!"
Not A Tax Hike, Madame Speaker?
Since when is a tax hike not a tax hike? Apparently when Nancy Pelosi uses political doublespeak to mislead the American people. Watch this video of Pelosi's linguistic contortions as she argues that a $1.4 trillion dollar tax increase -- one of the largest in America history -- on middle class families and small businesses isn't one at all. Any way you put it, the fact of the matter is the Obama and Pelosi Democrats don't believe you should be able to keep more of your hard earned income. They support confiscating more of your money through higher taxes to fund their reckless spending and debt, expand the size and scope of government and redistribute your wealth to their liberal allies. But Pelosi will not stop at $1.4 trillion in new taxes. Under her leadership, the Democrat controlled U.S. House has already passed a national energy Cap and Trade tax that could cost American businesses and families nearly $2 trillion and cause massive job losses. If it walks like a duck, quack
Not Anymore!
Days of devotion wereclouded by your manipulation.   Walking in circles waiting for your appreciation.Alas! I am hollowed by your distortion of truths.   I find myself abandoned in the alley of brutes.My life is no longer about you.
Not Around Much
I have been busy alot lately..and tired. Not sure if somethings wrong with me..physically or just that I dont sleep much.  Anyways.. I have not felt like being on here much.  When I am on here.. I sit and wonder ,,why? I have maybe 3 who really give a damn about me.  Those who I got added to my family..I wonder why? one time they cared..and talked to me..but as of lately.. barely many do. I guess I am burnt out on here.  Why come to a place..where you can be replaced as a friend so easily? I guess I come back..for those very few who do care.. I can only take so much though.. and I am about to that point. Its bad enough..hardly anyone talks much. I barely get rated much..orloved on any.  WTF do you have to do to get attn on here? I have seen humungous cows even get attn. Maybe its the fact I dont freakin talk dirty to you.. or show you what you want. If thats what it takes.. then so be it.. I will just delete .
Not A Blog..just A Collection Of Sweet Things Ive Been Told...
 If you stand in front of a mirror with 11 roses, you'll see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world. I'm sitting here thinking about your beauty, but no words come to mind. Then I realize that no words could ever come close to the beauty I see in you.....By GA Assassin
Not A Blog Really
Ok so I came across this site and for it to be friggen hilarious thought id share a response from the book he wrote... Childhood Classics Posted at: 2011-07-12 06:54:03 | 313 comments | Add Comment Original ad: Wanted - CHILDRENS DVDSMovies wanted for children aged 5 and up - will take all unwanted DVDs! From Me to *********@**********.org:Hey there!I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of movies I've had since I was a kid. The movie stores won't take them, and it would be a shame for me to just throw them out. I'd love to pass them on to people who can enjoy them. Let me know if you are interested.MikeFrom Julia ****** to Me:Mike - Which movies do you have and how much do you want for them?From Me to Julia ******:Julia,Here is the full list:Alvin and the ChipmunksAlladinBackdoor Creampies 2Beauty and the BeastBig Black ThreesomeFantasiaFinally 18 and LegalThe Lion KingMattress Slaves 3The Mighty DucksToy StoryWet Squirters 5Please let me know which ones you want.Thanks,MikeFrom Jul
Not Anymore
Feels like I’m burning from the inside out.In pain from all the misery and doubt.Why, why, do you do this to yourself?After everything else, in your life, you have felt.It’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to smile.Everyone gives in every once in a while.No, I can’t, I won’t, I refuse.This is a game, I won’t lose. They will not win.I can control this fire burning within.No one will ever be able to say,They made me cry once more.Too many take credit,For that before.I live with regret, heartache and fear.But, not anymore.I have dried all my tears.
Not A Blog Just A Thought.
You're the first thing I think of Each morning when I rise You're the last thing I think of When I close my eyes You're in each thought I have And every breath I take My feelings are growing stronger With every move you make You're an angel from above who takes away my pain My love for you is so strong It's always just the same You're the miracle in my life Who can always make me smile Just knowing that you care Makes my life worth-while You've touched my heart and soul Which you have from the start Your warm soft words Will never leave my heart You are everything I want You're so pure and true I love you with everything I have And I love everything that you do.Happy Valentines Day Fubar Did anyone else feel old upon realizing that kids who like Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles nowadays weren't even born when the shows first came on?
Not Acceptable
Delusion is when you are foolish enough to believe something that isn't and never was real...people live in this world every day and I am one of them..I witness others lying..then covering it up with another lie just to lie to someone else..until they become smothered in a world of lies..then wondering why nothing goes the way it should...stating they love them all in the process...confessions and solutions are simple...but excuses and more lies seems to be the only answer...playing the game..and playing with REAL peoples emotions...flying into no-fly zones...breaking the hearts of those they are aupposed to love the most....lying to every single one of them...I have lived that life before and it was NOT worth the cost...ONE person opened my eyes to how the truth really can set you free and I refuse to live that way took me TOO long to build back something I tore down and since that realization hit me...I vowed to be a better person and always be open..honest.
Not A Goodbye But A See You Later
as i sit here in this motel room waiting for court tomorrow and knowing that i'm goin to be doin time for about a year i try not to cry...i have met some amazing wonderful ppl on here that out weigh the superfical just here for the game part of fu.....yes fu is a game but dont forget on the other side of the screen is a real person with real feelings.....we ALL are quick to judge someone and yes even i have...but know that most of the ppl that u so call beg for things are the ones who arent as fortunate as the ones who have bling to constantly run.....i always treat others the way i want to be treated..with respect.....what they say about karma is true..what comes around goes once just once try helping someone who is asking for'll be surprised how good u feel by doing as if tomorrow isnt as you've never loved before and laugh because laughter is the best medicine.....may to you who reads this...its just a bunch of rambling but maybe ju
Not Being On Lately
Just A quick Note to let people who care know I having taking time off of here.There is so much going on in my life.So many changes I want to make,Some of them are going to be trying and very emotional for me. It has come time to worry about me and my daughter.As my daughter gets older I watch what a incredible lady she is becoming. and the one thing I can truly say Is that My children are the one thing in my life I did right.I never had the chance to watch my son grow up.because he died,the worse part is never getting to know the man he would have become.He was taken from me in a daycare drowning.I am not writing this for your pity or sympathy.I am writing this so that those out there thats have children realize that they are a gift NOT a right.How much does it take to tell your child that you love them unconditionally.I need to better my life so that my daughter knows there is nothing she cant do.The REAL friends I have here, I want you to know how much you mean to me.Thank you so m
Not Bad At All
Not Being Perfect
Not~ Blog Worthy
SO what...I miss him. I can't help it. What am I supposed to do, NOT miss him? He has been a big part of my life for so long. I miss him. :( One regret to another. Sick of the way life is. People complain about life being unfair but who said it was going to be. Not everyone wants to be rich and not everyone can be. Not everyone wants a family and not everyone has one. Some care more about themselves, others care about their family, some care about money or partying and having fun. We dont all have the same ideas of the perfect life so could life ever be fair?
Not, But Should Be...
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Not Breathing
She will not hold her breath, which is as well,For he'd not suffocate her with his need;Her eyes wide-open, as she sucks the seedFrom deep within him; she can almost tellWhen she will sense him coming: let him tenseAnd find his heart-beat surging, see she's wrappedHer tongue around the eagerness she's mappedWith her lips and her mind - a recompense;Is this the reward sought by both of them?The taste that washes round - an afterthought,An afterworld, beyond that little death,To which he will succumb, when she won't stemThe flow of his excitement, for he's taughtThat it's as well, she will not hold her breath.
Not Calm, Numb!
Not calm, numb! Ripping, renting, Tearing at space, Corrupting the moment, Distorting the place. Bubbling, seething, Nest of emotions, Struggling for sense, Of conflicting notions. Fear and guilt, Hatred and blame, And yet I sit passive, Calm just the same. Casually, calmly, Not even glum, I've exhausted all senses, I survive now in numb.
Not Connected
Not Cheap.
Hi all feel free to ignore this blog just a small rant.  I've been on Fubar over 5yrs.  I've seen people called cheap because they don't buy credits, bling, or whatever.  Now I have no idea how much money it costs to buy credits, but seems to me that the money can be better served by paying bills, keeping food on the table, or you know just real life in general.  I don't have a great job, but it keeps me from being homeless.  I can't afford to buy excess stuff.  Maybe it's just me.  So anyway before you judge someone as being cheap make sure you know what your talking about.  Thnx, and have a great night.  :-)
Not Depressing Stuff
At times the days seemed so long; I thought I'd never make it through, Then suddenly, out of a dream, I have met someone like you. I had locked up all my feelings and I'd thrown away the key, Until your heart spoke a thousand words I knew were meant to be. When times turned rough and lonely, and despair fell upon my face, You comforted me and kept me safe in that loving special place. You don't realize what you have and what you've done for me, But the way you managed to steal my heart is what has set me free. You've given me a feeling that no one else could ever change, Your love has touched a place in me that I always found so strange. It's as if you were cut right out of a spell cast upon my heart, Because the crazy thing about it is, I've loved you from the start. No one in this wide world could touch the feelings we share; To the seconds I spend with you, nothing can compare. You've opened my eyes and heart just enough and let me live, You've changed my world wi
Not Doing So Good
i just wanted to stop by and tell everybody that im sorry for not being on and i might not be on for awhile i went to the doctor cause of chest pain and pain in my left arm found out i have high blood presure of 183 over 98 so if you care about me at all people please pray for me i need some help to get threw this honestly im scared because i know where high blood presure can lead to so thats why it scars me ill try to be back on later i hope
Not Drunk Yet
hey everyone...i'm not drunk and new to bar so bare with me as i try to figure this out
Not Dead Yet
Smoke another one Burn your life away Something's got to kill me I might as well enjoy it Pills, thrills, crank and meth Dieing as fast as I can Tequilla, scotch, brandy, and beer Slam on the brakes Tighten the noose Wake up and wonder why I'm still alive Something's got to kill me I might as well enjoy it Everything happens for a reason It's not my time to go Why not, I'm tired of being here Fire it, snort it, pop it, smoke it Whatever it takes Just to make it through another day I'm already dead I just don't know it I died as fast as I could My body lived on My mind is blank I'm alone, cold, and empty Something had to kill me It ws one hell of a ride Did I enjoy it I don't remember What? I'm not dead? Everything happend for a reason I'm still alive I might as well stick around and Find out why. Written in rehab 2004: Jeff Hargis 2006 Kaitlynn Rain Hargis was born, my daughter is my life. Please don't rip.
Not Doing So Good
Not Dream But True
A Note On My Photo's
I would like to thank the First Responders throughout the US for their tireless efforts in fighting the California Wildfires. as most of you know, I'm an EMT and was right there with them, so I put up these pictures that were snapped in the midst of chaos.
Not Enough Sleep
just wondering, how many people on here from the usa, please rate blog so i can find you and count you, and leave a comment thanx how many people have a guess xxx repost please xx just wondering, how many people, on here from the uk, rate blog, so i can find you late xx somebody thinks that one of my pic i look like one of the baldwin brothers, c what you think, please leave a comment xx
Notes For Story (maybe)
He turned the corner and spotted (insert name) trailing three of his female victims behind him. (Insert name) spotted (insert name) and smiled, the evil seemed to flow right off him. Unprepared to confront him right now, (insert name) turned around and headed back the way he came. Behind him, he could hear (insert name) laughing at him and say, "Come back when you grow up little witch. I'll be here playing with my toys." The sound of moans from the women followed him down the street for blocks. Story opens a month after character one moves there. He is still getting used to the town and the new enviroment. Character two's ex shows up unexpectedly and trouble follows. Time goes by relatively peacefully when main villain shows back up in town. Shortly thereafter several town businesses get burned down and the crops rot on the stalks and vines in local farms. Talk of witchcraft and satanism start to spread. Mayor starts gathering a following to run the coven out of town or wo
Notes From The Nest
Morning CT People, and elcome to the first edition of Notes from the Nest. I'll try to update this when I can, but with us going on deployment, it might be a bit harder, but in here, you'll get a glimpse into the personal life of Everyone's Favorite Phoenix. Here we go. First off, thank you to all the ppl that have added me as a friend. Lookin for lots more, so keep the ratings and the love showin comin! (cheap plug, I know. lol) Well ladies and gentlemen, it' comin up on that time of year again...time to grab the santa hat, the stocking, and hang lights up in the barracks! Yes, I still live in the barracks here on base, so I'm gonna go out today, and buy me a little fiber optic tree to put in the room. Speaking of which, if anyone lives near Lemoore, CA and wants to help me get off base, leave me a message. lol Im so happy, I finally get to go home next week, courtesy of my uncle, who bought my plane ticket home as my present, so I'm leavin on the 16th for home! *dances aroun
Not Enough !
Not Enough Video - Van Halen lyricsVan Halen Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
Notes To Myself
listening to Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven, familiar with it? Well I just listened to to for the first time and it reminded me of another song (Oingo Boingo's "Nasty Habits", of course.) I'm no expert and it's probably just some convention for that tone/style...but here you go, a link to one of the similar OB bits i'm familiar with: the a7x bit:   There are others such as the rapid chanting but I don't want to ruin the fun for you... Your thoughts? Driving to work I was stopped this morning for a logging operation. A nice patch of forest that I wanted to pick chanterelle mushrooms in last fall but never got around to it. It made me feel sick, first in line at the flagger, stopped for five minutes, watching some glorious lichen-draped douglas fir trees turn into $$$ and stumps. I took some snapshots of them falling but after awhile I lost my cool and yelled at the flagger, "hey, can I go to wor
Dear mr..i hate the world i watch the news today i saw americans dying on cnn next channel i see you happy dont you feel anything i cry myself to sleep what will happen when war breaks down my door where will i feel safe that night? do you even care if i die? i try to keep a clear mind but its hard when i see hurt faces on every street that watch the same channel as me im not proud of this world but i dont have no where to go you dont even care if the world dies when i was a younger girl i never thought much of wars but now since 911 im not blind i see this world is hell cant you make it go away lets us be happy for a day you dont give a fuck what i have to say i hope when you lay your head down to sleep at night i hope you hear the world cries
"stars light the country skies, the peackock feathers to watch you isolate. by your self at night watching the moon play jokes on the ripples of the pond. i looked up to the stars to see something bigger. and the thought of the old pattern danced like the reflected light on a ripple..."-maggie decavele Terrific doped evening with swinging lies, lighted up as a carnival carousel. Dreams strutting through the night as well is the tar in my veins. The noise from her bright lies trumpets an offbeat, flat and rough, percussion, beating in my brain, sending pressure through and through, but no crack to escape from, bouncing. I never miss a note of it. 'Till on and on it fell unspun, away the haunting bright lights of lies, away trumpets and beating presssurized percussion, off with it all, black and still and stale now, almost dusty. My tarred veins once heated, now run cool, then so my whole carcass runs cool too. I spoke not one word from my lips. Yet my aching brai
Not Exactly Mensa Material
The Official Moron Test 1. Is there a 4th of July in England? Yes or no? 2. How many birthdays does the average man have? 3. Some months have 31 days. How many have 28? 4. How many outs are there in an inning? 5. Can a man in California marry his widow's sister? 6. Take the number 30, divide it by 1/2, and then add 10. What do you get? 7. There are 3 apples and you take two away. How many apples are you left with? 8. A doctor gives you three pills and tells you to take one every half an hour. How long will the pills last? 9. A farmer has 17 sheep. All but 9 of them die. How many sheep are left? 10. How many animals of each sex did Moses bring with him on the ark? 11. A butcher in the market is 5'10" tall. What does he weigh? 12. How many 2 cent stamps are there in a dozen? 13. What was the President's name in 1960? Here are the answers: 1. Is there a 4th of July in England? Yes or No? ...Yes. It comes right after the 3rd.
Note To Self
Notes From A Canuck
You Are 76% Evil You are very evil. And you're too evil to care. Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot. How Evil Are You? You have a sexual IQ of 156 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at You Are Rain You can be warm and sexy. Or cold and unwelcoming. Either way, you slowly bring out the beauty around you. You are best known for: your touch Your dominant state: changing What Type of Weather Are You?
Always on my mind are memories shared with you.Your always there for me please know I', forever here for you.Poeple say that love matures over a long long time. From the very start its seems our love was one of a kind.This seems to be the perfect love a love so hard to find. In my heat I will always know our love is one of a kind. I love you Donnie with all I am You are my life Here is a note just to say I'm Missing you more each and everyday.And no matter how far away you may be your love will always be a special part of me.So as you read these words Remember this I Love You and its you that I Miss
Notes On Gardnerian Witchcraft In England
Notes on Gardnerian Witchcraft in England by Frederic Lamond Since time immemorial, family witchcraft traditions in England have been concerned with: • Ensuring the fertility of the land, and • Protecting sacred sites from destruction or interference. Not all family traditions did both. There is no known link between any of these family traditions and Gerald Gardner. From here there are two strands to our history: Gerald Brosseau Gardner (GBG), an Englishman, and one-time rubber planter. • 1920: Gerald became a customs official in the British administration of Malaya. • In the 1920s: Gerald encountered the Sea Dayaks, a head- hunter tribe, and learned their spell-casting techniques. • 1936: Gerald retired to England. Around 1930: The Fellowship of Crotona, a Co-Mason lodge was founded in Christchurch, New Hampshire. Highly experimental, it practised Theosophy and Rosicrucian rituals, and had an inner core that was trying to reconstruct country witchcraft rituals
Not Enough Time
This weekend me and my daughter are going to goint to Canaan Valley for a couple of days. She gets to have some fun and so will I, but there is some training that I will be doing. My daughter has ADHD and I am doing everything in my power to help her through school and everything else. There never seems to be enough time to get everythign do. I work, go to school, have 2 children, and I am married. NO TIME FOR MY SELF. I dont seem to nothing done
Notes From Jade
 I am honored and flattered that you write the stories and share our love. I want to thank Master for taking me Jade a young scared school girl and turning me into a full grown women. I am filled with so much emmotion when I read what you have shared with others. tears soak my cheeks, I bite my lower lip while I read remembering each one of those experinces. We seemed to push my limits way past were I ever wanted to go. Some one looking in from the outside would see you as a cruel man to me, but in the end I knew you would never hurt me. Yes there were things I would have never done on my own and never would do again.. BUT in saying that I want you to know ....I did them becuase I love you and wanted to please you. I love you with every fiber of my body. My heart , my soul, they all belong to you Master.  I loved when you traveled and when you came home I was always waiting by the door to place kisses upon you. I was like a small child waiting for her daddy to return home to her. I wou
The Note
In the bottom of her dresser drawer we found a little note. He wrote it to her years ago the words he'd never spoke. The paper it was yellowed and worn from all the years. But the words he'd written on it had helped to calm her fears. It talked about there life together and the things that they had done. Bout raising up there children, and he was proud of what they'd become. About the place that they had built and the life they had shared. And how sometimes he didn't show it, but his love was always there. How he thanked the Lord above for the life he'd been givin'. And for having her by his side, he knew what it was to be livin'. In the bottom of her dresser drawer, we found a little note. He closed it with " I Love You", and that's what meant the most.
Not Everyone Is Gonna Like You
With immigration, as with other issues, the most important decision is: Who is to make the decision? It should be too obvious for words that decisions about who is to come into the United States and live among Americans should be made in the United States by Americans. In reality, however, for years that decision has been made in Mexico by Mexicans and by others who chose to cross the border from Mexico into the United States with impunity, knowing that even if they were caught, they would at worst be turned back — and could try again. Many would not even have to face that. They would be released within the United States, with instructions to report back to the authorities for legal proceedings. But why should they be expected to obey that legal requirement when they did not obey the law against crossing the border in the first place? None of these facts is news. Nor is it rocket science to figure out what the consequences have been and will be. Both political parti
Notes From The Looni Bin
I feel like I should say quick word about that because of the last blog. Dad and I broke up over 16 years ago. He really has not been a significant part of the kids lives due to his choices. After my youngest was having some emotional problems, boys, teenage stuff, moms the meanest cant do anything...he decided he wanted to be a dad (nevermind that his "kids" were now almost 21, 18 and 15) So I let him in and gave him a safe place to stay if he so chose. I figured I would let the kids make up their own minds about him and share the headache,opps love of having three kids in the house with him. So really he has only been a part of their lives in any significant way for a few months. He is really an ok guy with the mentality of a teenager. Hes in his 40s. So am I upset , disappointed , angry , sad... that he decided to do me and our son a "favor" by picking him up and driving him home on that night they got arrested. HELL YES but if I've learned anything from all this damn shri
Noteworthy News
Got a calendar? Circle this date: Sunday, August 12th, 07 Next to the circle write "all night" and "Meteors!" Attach the above to your refrigerator in plain view so you won't miss the 2007 Perseid meteor shower. "It's going to be a great show," says Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center. "The Moon is new on August 12th--which means no moonlight, dark skies and plenty of meteors." How many? Cooke estimates one or two Perseids per minute at the shower's peak. The source of the shower is Comet Swift-Tuttle. Although the comet is nowhere near Earth, the comet's tail does intersect Earth's orbit. We glide through it every year in August. Tiny bits of comet dust hit Earth's atmosphere traveling 132,000 mph. At that speed, even a smidgen of dust makes a vivid streak of light--a meteor--when it disintegrates. Because Swift-Tuttle's meteors fly out of the constellation Perseus, they are called "Perseids." The show begins between 9:
Notes Scribbled In The Sand...
From out of the shadows, he took me by surprise With devious thoughts and lust in his eyes The attack was swift and without a sound He grabbed me from behind and threw me to the ground With weakness I looked for a way out He covered my mouth before I could shout Teeth met flesh and I tore it away Determined to live as night became day As we struggled, fabric shredded I knew what was coming, the nightmare I dreaded I grabbed the first thing I could find And took out my anger on his sheltered mind Bleeding flesh and broken bone My strength grew with each pain-filled groan I didn't stop when he grew quiet My blood was singing in personal riot My hands were shaking and stained His eyes were lifeless and drained So I ran for all I was worth As his blood soaked into the earth. -= © Phoenix *VMH* 2007 =- Edit: Yes, I wrote this from personal experience. Scary, I know... but there you have it.
Not Everyone Who Shits
1. Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy 2. Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend 3. And when you’re in deep shit, it’s best to keep your mouth shut!
Notes From Me To You
Hi there, I'm Renia. Please bare with me as I learn the ends and outs of Fubar. If I don't reply back to your emails and Shouts. Please don't take it personal. I may be online taking a test or looking something up for class. If there is something you want to know or ask. Please use my comments on here as much as you can. This way if someone else has the same question I'm not repeating myself a bunch. (I mean Blog Comments) I'll post more later when I have more time. I have a few things to finish then off to bed for a class at 9 am. Visit with you all when I can. Renia
No Tears
The pain will eat away at me. But I cannot cry. I hurt so much that I can't be. But I cannot cry. I drown in a sorrowful sea. But I cannot cry. The pain won't leave on this page. I pray for the tears to come to break me free of this cage. I scream. I shout. I kick. I rage. But I cannot cry. Everything inside me has dried, So I cannot cry. I wish the darkness to subside. Yet I cannot cry. Somewhere, a part of me has died. But I cannot cry. Sweet tears that never came. That tells me I care, tells me there's an end to this nightmare. Tells me it won't always be there. Why can't I cry? Emptiness has made me hollow. But I cannot cry. The hate's grown too much to swallow. But I cannot cry. You and I may die tomorrow. But I cannot cry. The world has made me numb to pain. I cannot cry.
Not Enough Room For Family
I am feeling a little bad, because i dont have enough room for family members. Being a family member is the only way to access the lovers album, which means if i want to add someone new, i have to take someone off :-( This does not mean i dont want you as family anymore, I just dont have the room. luv ya's all
Endocrine System is ductless. Its products are hormones. Hormones are transport primarly by the Circulatory system! There are three overlapping functions: 1. Sensory input- Sensory neurons send information( impluses) toward a processing center (usually the brain). 2. intregration- the processing and interpretation of sensory input or the process of deciding what should be done (the brain is the most common intregration center). 3. Motor output (response)- a response (impluse) is sent from the intergration center to the effector organs (usually muscles or other tissues). Central Nervous System (CNS) - Protected by bone (skull and vertebrae) Consists of- Brain and Spinal Cord Perpheral Nervous System (PNS)- line along or away from bone, extends from CNS Consists of- Nerves- Bundles of axons and their sheaths (to and from CNS) Ganglia- groupings of neuron cell bodies outside and CNS
No Tears
Remember him with a smile today He was not one for tears, Reflect instead on memories Of all our happy years Recall to mind the way we spoke Of all the things he said His strength, his jokes, the way he laughed, Remember these instead
Sometimes I feel myself lost in this space I lose faith in myself Giving up What I have always believe Throwing myself Into the madness of this space Sometimes I feel conquered by this space Unknowingly pulled into And lost the way Resisting this strong feeling Has make me weak I can't feel myself Its like every thing Is DONE This space Has silently steal away My sanity The perfect guy He doesn't need to have all the money in the world A cool looking car And a pretty face He just need to brighten up my world With his not so funny jokes Decorate my heart With his sweet kisses Making me blush With his not so romantic attitude Making love to me in the night Till I can barely move The perfect guy He doesn't need a big house with huge garden A wallet full of greens And a huge thing In between his legs He just need to love me Of who I am deep inside Respect me In every way he can Supports me During my weakness moments And be wit
Notes To Myself
so this was some guys about me and i found it very amusing so here you go.... Things I have heard ALL my life, Good God youre Big, Can I touch It?, I wish I had Guns like that, do you have any brothers, is that thing real?, You re fkn huge, is that a sock? and my favorite, Are you gay? You havent hit on me yet. I am Big, I am Tall and I look good. I have Money, Nice Stuff, Nice home, Kickass Friends & Family and I own a business. Not being egotistical, just stating facts. I could care less who you are, I will NOT prove anything to you or anyone. So dont come at me with the normal B.S. Listen, Ive been with A LOT of women, statistically speaking you will be NO different then them. If there are 280 million people in the US, my chances of finding, the One, are 1 in 280,000,000. I would have better odds winning the Lottery. If you ve EVER been married before, listen, you made a promise to someone, you Looked them in the eye and said, Till death due us part. YOU LIED!!! I don’
No Tears To Shed
Note From The Nbsd Family
Notes From Hell
apparently there are some issues that have to be rectified. you see. there is some sad little ugly white boy who is playing the pity party once again and blaming others for his downfall. well.. myself or my kick ass roomie never sent any pictures to and gay adds.. although damn i do wish i thought of it.. i am still offering dinner for whomever did that. also we did not ruin his life.. he did that all by his widdle self. he dated some manly lookin bitch and blames us for his lack in taste. then hooks up with women would would rather sleep with eachother than him.. or some that find more interest in the vibration of their phone than his company. you know.. you really are a useless life form.. you really have a better chance of dressing as a woman and letting some big guy named bubba screw you in the ass. cause your not really good at being a man. stop being such a whiney little bitch and stand up and take responsibility for your own damn actions for a change. thank you management
No-tell Motel...discreet Motel Rendezvous
It was late, my wife had already gone to bed and I snuck downstairs to turn on my computer. Moments after signing online, I received my favorite smiling happy face. You were online too. Immediately my cock stirred in my boxer shorts and I typed back my response, ‘Are you wet?’ Immediately your response in capital letters was and emphatic ‘YES’. My cock grew harder, my hand found its way into my boxers and yanked it out and began stroking it. I met you on MySpace. Just my luck, you lived in MI close enough where I travel to several times a year. You too were sexually exploratory, needing a friend at first. I did not want to play any mind games with you, and I told you exactly what I was looking for from the start. I needed a discreet, no strings attached fuck buddy. This was to be hot sex and nothing else at first. You admitted to me that you too were interested in that kind of a relationship, but I must absolutely love eating pussy. I informed you that you had definitely come to
Not Everyone Is Perfect
TO ALL OUR FAITHFUL LOUNGE MEMBERS, WE ARE GOING TO CLOSE BIG BEAUTIFUL BRUNETTES FOR THE SUMMER AND DO SOME MUCH NEEDED RECONSTRUCTION. WE DO NOT WISH TO LOSE ANY OF OUR MEMBERS WE LUV YOU ALL AND HOPE YOU ALL WILL BE BACK WITH US WHEN WE RE-OPEN, ALOS WE WILL BE LOOKING FOR SOME PEOPLE TO HELP US GET THE MUSIC GOING IN THE LOUNGE. SO PLEASE GIVE US A LINE IN OUR MESSAGE BOX AND WE WILL GET TO YOU AS SOON AS WE CAN, WE REALLY WOULD LIKE TO GET THE FAMILY BACK TOGETHER WHEN WE GET BACK. LUV TO ALL, HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE NEW LOUNGE AND THAT IT WILL BE JUST A BIG AND EVEN BETTER. HUGS TO ALL. I have been a member of fubar for 3 years this fall, have had lots of fun but there is one thing that really bugs me. Why does fu have to be only for people that are looking for the one or dates?I have made some very good friends on here, some have come and gone, but there are some that have stuck with me since i first joined. Yes when i first started out i was looking for dates and maybe the cert
Note To You
The Man RulesI  At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down.Finally, the guys' side of the story (I must admit, it's pretty good).We always hear 'the rules' from the female side ..Now here are the rules from the male side.   These are our rules!Please note.. these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE!1. Men are NOT mind readers.1. Learn to work the toilet seat.You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down.We need it up, you need it down.You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down.1. Sunday is for Sports!It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be.1. Crying is blackmail.1. Ask for what you want.Let us be clear on this one:Subtle hints do not work!Strong hints do not work!Obvious hints do not work!Just say it!1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do.Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in
Not Easy
You say you love me. Tell me you want to be with me. Am I the one? Am I always going to be in your heart and arms? I dream of living my life with you. These things are not easy for me to believe. Just words you whisper and no promises made. I know what it is like to stand in front of you and look into your eyes,see your pain and sorrow. It's not easy trusting someone with your heart again. Not for me and not for you,but without trust we will have nothing. I see you in my dreams and you are in my thoughts,I am never without you even when your not here. I would love nothing more than to be by your side everyday for the rest of my life,but am I really the one? I believe you can love someone more than anything in the world. This is even if they don't and wont ever love you in the same way. They can have no idea how much you love them and you will continue to love them even then. It's not something that is futile,it's a love that you will never give someone else,a love that you will never
The Meaning To love is to share life together to build special plans just for two to work side by side and then smile with pride as one by one, dreams all come true. To love is to help and encourage with smiles and sincere words of praise to take time to share to listen and care in tender, affectionate ways. To love is to have someone special one who you can always depend to be there through the years sharing laughter and tears as a partner, a lover, a friend. To love is to make special memories of moments you love to recall of all the good things that sharing life brings love is the greatest of all. I've learned the full meaning of sharing and caring and having my dreams all come true; I've learned the full meaning of being in love by being and loving with you. Maybe he ore she is out there i hope i some day will find one like that so i can feel all that i put down on this littel paper whit my pen. the one who only wants to be mine
No Tears
I have loved you for nine years now and through it all you have been my support my life and my soul, I have given every bit of me I know I have made many mistakes I have always tried to fix them but solve them I guess I didnt Still I always loved you One of the beauties I saw in you was your honesty Guess I was just a fool I believed what I wanted too and that was you loved me half as much as I loved you there is no rhyme to this bit there is no rhyme in my life anymore I keep trying to give you all my heart soul and life I did that when I made you my wife but I was just a kid a joker a fool no one like you should have ever seen me as anything and I should have known that but the hope and desire was just too stroung I needed your love I needed your hand I needed your eyes to brighten my days so I accepted what shouldnt have been and now I let you go I do this with no tears I've cried all those out days ago there are no tears
Not Ever A Sorry
A Note From The Blue States
Dear Red State​s,​ We'​ve decid​ed we'​re leavi​ng.​ We inten​d to form our own count​ry,​ and we'​re takin​g the other​ Blue State​s with us. In case you aren'​t aware​,​ that inclu​des Hawai​i,​ Calif​ornia​,​ Orego​n,​ Washi​ngton​,​ Minne​sota,​ Wisco​nsin,​ Michi​gan,​ Illin​ois,​ New York,​ and all of the North​easte​rn state​s.​ After​ this elect​ion,​ we'​ll be addin​g Color​ado and New Mexic​o.​ (AND HOPEF​ULLY VA, PA, and FLA)​. We belie​ve this split​ will be benef​icial​ to the natio​n,​ espec​ially​ to the peopl​e of our new count​ry - Nuevo​ Calif​ornia​.​ To sum up brief&
Not Even Close To Comfort
Forget his name, forget his face,Forget his kiss and warm embrace.Forget the time you spent together.Forget it all he is gone forever.Forget the fact that he once cared,Forget the love that he once shared.Forget his love that once was true,Remember now there is someone new.Forget you cried all night long,Forget him when they play your song.Forget how close you once were.Remember how he chose her.Forget you memorized the way he walked.Forget the way that he talked.Forget the times he made you mad.Remember how he made you feel so sad.Forget the thrills when he said, Hi!Forget the times he made you cry.Forget the way he said your name.Remember now he is not the same.Forget you saw him yesterday.Forget his gentle and teasing way.Forget the things you had planned to do.Remember now he is not with you.Forget the times that went so fast.Forget it all it is in the past.Forget he said, I'll leave you never.Remember now he is gone forever.Forget the past that I once knew.Forget it all leave it t
The Note
Would all my problems go away? If I chose to take my life today? Would the pain disappear? Is there anything left to fear? A truth is turned into a lie It hurt so much it I wanted to die I don't cry when I feel pain Can't stop thinking about it until I'm insane I keep seeing all these clues Each beat me down until I'm blue Is it all just inside my head? Or is it the lies she said? My soul is bruised I'm lost and confused. Is the grass greener on the other side Or is this another failed attempt to hide? I have written you many times Alone inside my mind Never knowing what to say Tired of the mental crimes I can't leave it behind This constant thought never going away I will know when the time has come For there will be no more tears It will be the last time I ever apologize This will be hard to understand for some I can no longer hide your fears Some will say it is not wise The hidden message lies in the rhymes Most will neve
Not Everybody Pays
A little old lady was walking down the street dragging two large Plastic garbage bags behind her. One of the bags ripped, and every once in a while, a $20 bill fell out onto the sidewalk. Noticing this, a policeman stopped her, and said, 'Ma'am, there are $20 bills falling out of your bag.' 'Oh, really? Darn it!' said the little old lady. 'I'd better go back and see if I can find them. Thanks for telling me.' 'Well, now, not so fast,' said the cop. 'Where did you get all that money? You didn't steal it, did you?' 'Oh, no, no', said the old lady. 'You see, my back yard is right next to the football stadium parking lot. On game days, a lot of fans come and pee through a knot hole in the fence, right into my flower garden. It used to really tick me off. Kills the flowers, you know. Then I thought, 'why not make the best of it?' So, now, on game days, I stand behind the fence by the knot hole, real quiet, with my garden pruners. Every time some guy sticks his 'thingy' through
Notes To Self
So. I'm home dressed up in layers like a hobo, making a used tissue pyramid and coughing like an aged alcoholic. I had coughing and a runny nose all week, but the fever just hit me today. The lack of sleep the past couple of days,  the smoking and not that many juices might have had a slight part to play. Might. I admit to nothing. As such I'm sipping lemon tea with honey and imagining what kind of kingdom would have used tissue pyramids... Furthermore I have no idea why I'm writing about it. Must be the fever talking. Also to warm my feet the only thing I could find were a pair of slippers (might be the wrong name) shaped like sheep with hearts on them and. yes I kid you not, pierced ears. With silver earings. No. They are not mine. Seriously. I'd rather batter my head repeatedly against the wall and plunge my head in a barrel of napalm than buy such a thing. They do keep my feet warm though. The bastards. I have locked the door in fear of someone seeing me in them or eve
Not Enough Words
Notes About Me
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. Nathan 2. Nate 3. meanie Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. banker 2. teller 3. Loan associate Three Places I have lived 1. chicago 2. Las vegas 3. california Three TV Shows that I watch 1. WWE 2. Drake and Josh 3. Espn Three places I have been 1. Airzona 2. Texas 3. Boston Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. Sherri 2. Jojo 3. my son Three of my favorite foods 1. Snickers 2. Chicken Parm 3. Pizza Three things I would like to do 1. Start a new life 2. Find a job that is me 3. Learn my inner peace Three friends I think will respond 1. Respond 2. To 3. What? Things I am looking forward to 1. Going on Vacation 2. buying a car
I found this quote. Though I believe it goes both ways. It just helps me.. reminds myself, that I dont need to be a fallen apple... "Women are like apples on trees, the best ones are on the top of the tree. The men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and don't want to get hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't so good but easy. So, the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality they are amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top becuase they value quality." Poem I wrote for Cindy on Valentines Day 2/13/09 Here I am lost again in my world. I try to figure out where I am But seems like I haven't gone far. I'm just going round and round In my thoughts and dreams I just can't get it right I'm looking at the wrong places at the wrong time. However, one random day is all I need To change my insane
Not Enough Time For Everything!!
Just wanted to let everyone know that I don't have enough time to do everything, fubar, facebook, drivers alike, etc etc. So I am writing to say, if you want to keep in touch, check me out at: Take care and God Bless.
communication is useless without follow through. the better we follow though with what we talk about the more valid the time spent talkin about it becomes, the headaches spent discussing things are well worth it if we come to a conclusion and follow through, otherwise...wasted headaches.. Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem[Chorus - Brother Ali]I said the good Lord made me what I am and I play this game for keepsGot to use what I have to get what I want, all the dreamer got is his dreamAnd the good Lord made me what I am and I play the hand I'm dealtSaid sometimes the hardest thing to be in this world is just yourself[Verse 1 - Brother Ali]Best believe the Qur'an influenced all of my songsMy fans run and tattoo 'em all on they armsWanna travel, be there every time I performNow look me in my eye and tell me, how am I wrong?And who would of thoughtJust givin 'em the truth from my heart, both the ugly and the beautiful partWould give 'em food from thought, let 'em chew it apartAnd they'd all cr
Note For Guys....
"You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before, she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She's not perfect - you aren't either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being a human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break - her heart. So don't hurt her, don't change her, don't analyze and don't expect more then she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she's not there." - BOB MARLEY
Note To Self!
Note to self: NEVER QUIT!! There is this lady who thought she could take away my fu hubby and my fu lover. In the last few weeks this lady and I have been in a pissing contest. I believe im winning! Needless to say after one upping her on bling and blasts and threats off all sorts, she topped me by buying me a HH. She thought she had me I would bend to her will, she implored me to say Uncle.. I SAY NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO i bought her a HH as well, You will see us tomorrow together. Please so I can win just go hit her like mad.... I will not bend, nor break I will win SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**not Every Day*** : 8-sep-2009
To the strong and mighty won’t you please lend a hand:Some-where out there in this world children are losing their land.When will piece ever happen. Why do countries cease to exhist.Poverty stricken, dying from diseases:Don’t you hear the orphans cry, “won’t you feed me please”.Soldiers bodys here and there pools of blood every-where.It’s something of a crying shame wondering why they even came.To the strong and mighty won’t you please lend a hand:To many children are dying, so many mothers crying.They live with death each and every-day, mourning their loved onesas they carry them away.War has taken their freedom to live in piece.Father please reach out your hand and take the children to thepromised land, keep them safe with-in your heart.The wars are close and men are killed before dark.Why do they fight in a country so small when children are dying and we still hearthem crying:Will you feed us “please”By Miss Pauline Kireto—
Note To The Unknown Soldier
      I don't know you I never met you For laughs I'll call you Sam You were the son Of Mrs. Someone I hope she understands Sam you were all that you had Are you happy or sad I never knew you But I'm told you're the best we had Were you so tall Did you play Basketball Was there a sweetheart at home Did you write her letters Did it make you better face the great unknown Sam did you feel alone You were so far from home I never knew you [ Five For Fighting Lyrics are found on ] But I know you're the best man I know Could you tell it was time See it coming in the back of your mind When it was over, was it over Sam I'm glad you're on my side I don't know you I never met you Can I call you Sam Did you have a son A daughter with a little one I might go and thank Sam you're the best that we have You make me happy and sad If you were here, I'd buy the beers I'd shake your hand and say good man And though the sun would shine about the s
please like karen she needs 5000 likes, thnak you Okay i have like 5 peope thnak  me for gifting them happyhours Vips etc, I have enetered you in the daily fubar lotto draw, - Chances to win these gifts ,So if you get messages from me , it means i have enetered you in a draw     good luck to all of you that have liked me thank you so much , pleaese click my like button, for thiose that have bombed me i will return the love when i level up
A Note
I am going to be gone a few days,not sure how long yet.I am not one to allow people in my private life & I dont plan on starting now.I go on Wednesday so that gives me one more day,Procedure will be done on Thursday. The only thing that will be said is that I have some health issues and I am taking the first step hopefully back to recovery.I say I will be gone a few days because I am not sure if I am able to have my laptop there or not or how long they will keep me afterwards,a day a week I just dont know anything about this. There are only maybe 3 maybe 4 people on here that know what is going on and I prefer to keep that way. So dont forget to love on me.MY RANKING is bad enough since I havent really been here,just been online without much to do with this page.Sorry about that..I know I havent been talking that much lately,but so much has been going on with all this and I am trying to get my ducks in a row Keep it real and God Bless you all.... P.S I get to see my lilman in the
Note To Self
Stop making notes..
Notes From Rkl
Not sure what to say, so I will tell you a story, well the first part of a story I am writing...let me know if you want to read more???   A Simple Tale   Written By   Rebeca Reagan     Chapter 1. Arrival     Deep green grass and fallen leaves tickled his white fur covered paws, as the long eared creature silently moved amongst the living trees of the ancient forest. His foresters highly honed intuition peeked by the sour scent assailing his delicate nostrils,  eliminating from a pair of unusual young humans making an unexpected arrival in his woods.    However, instead of using any normal form of conveyance, that of horse, wing, or fin. The strangely dressed female, accompanied by her male servant had arrived by way of a most unfamiliar mode of transportation.    The females male servant had rode into his world through a tunnel of swirling rainbow of colored light, born on the back of a snorting metal beast that breathed flame and smoke from its twin nostrils. The two y
Not Every Woman On Fubar
Not every woman on FUBAR is on here for sexual encounters!!! They want a friend with understanding and one that will respect them.  Girls who agree repost and to the guys on FUBAR who truly respect women and enjoy their friendship..please repost and show your support. Thanks  support. Thanks!
Not Even Real
I see images, inside my head. There I am, lying there, dead. There is no burial plot, no final resting place. It is just me, wasted space. No headstone spelling out, what an impact I've made. Completely unknown, in an unmarked grave. That's me, it has always been. Alone with my pen. Writing away my pain, day after day. Always being seen, the same way. If I am here great, but not a big deal. To almost everyone, I'm not even real.
Notes From Me
Prayer of a Truck Driver's Wife Dear Lord,Please bless my husband while he's out on the road. Please protect him from the wind and rain and cold. Help him to keep that big rig between the white lines so he can make it to his destination on time. May he find his back-haul quickly and make it home soon. Please light his night on the road with your stars and moon. Let him rest peacefully in his sleeper's bed, and please let there be a good meal and fresh coffee at the truck stop ahead. Help me to keep the home fires burning while he's outh there movin' on. And give me the strength and wisdom to take care of things while he's gone. May the road he travels be clear and dry, and may not temptation catch his eye. Help him rmember when he's all alone that his loving wife and best friend is waiting for him here at home.Amen I am seriously baffled by some things on this site, many people won't add you, or even talk to you if you don't have an approved salute. Hell you can't even get past level
Let me know about new name of new Label.. created @ 12/26/2012 08:18 am mum expired. [FRIENDS] Share this MuMM: Overturn Convictionz.. Beat it don't buy it .. Go get these nggaz Overturn that sht Up the Road Y she gotta Gowell U get the message hopefully on who wrote the sht playin already yo Option B 0% (0 votes) Option A 0% (0 votes)
..:: Note ::..
Notes Of The Madman
Любовь-как сигареты. Чтобы прикурить-надо зажечь. Когда куришь-получаешь удовольствие. А как закончится-растопчешь и забудешь... Останется только пепел-на полу и в душе...&
A Note To A Fallen Friend
The hour of need is here my friends once again.If you are in need of a friend.I am allway's here.Yet not far away.If the weight of the world is bearing down on your shoulders.Look to me.And I'll lift the weight off your shoulders onto my shoulders.If the need is to great to bear.I'm here for you.With kind spoken words.And allso with an open heart and arms to hold.I  do not claim to be a healer.By no means.My heart is heavy as well.So if my words carry any weight at all upon you.I think it will be allright.So look to me in your hour of need....  YOUR HOUR STARTS NOW !!!!!!!! They say death is a funny thing.Yes,we all must face death one day.But,when you get close to some one.Rather be it a family member.Or a close friend.And they pass away.Life get's hard.So here are a few words to my fallen friend..... I miss you greatly my friend.It has been an empty void.With out you here.I can some times feel your presense here.As if your wathching me from heaven.Keeping an eye on me.I know your wat
Not Feeling Well At All
Hey to all of my family, friends, and fans.. Thanks for all the luv you have shown while I have been away.. I got really sick last week and ended up in the hospital.. I came home this morning and am feeling better but still need to rest A LOT.. So I will be periodically logging in to check on all of you so just keep in mind that i fall asleep at the drop of a hat right now so PLEASE don't be offended if I don't get right back to you.. Thanks again to all of you who make my days on a daily basis.. I hope to be better soon and have things get back to normal.. I don't like being sick and hospitals suck when you are the patient!!!! Take care and everyone have a good day.. Trish Hi to all my Cherries, I am so sorry I have not gotten back to all of you, but I am really sick. I went to the doctor and I have strep throat and a mild case of pneumonia. It sucks because I was just starting to feel better from all the chemo treatments I was doing but that is the downside to chemo, y
Not For The Weak Of Heart
Cool Slideshows Hold on baby > > This is a car advertisement from Great Britain. When they finished filming the ad, the film editor noticed something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist. They found out that a person had been killed a year earlier in that exact same spot. > > > > The ad was never put on TV because of the unexplained ghostly phenomenon. > > Watch the front end of the car as it clears the trees in the middle of the screen and you'll see the white mist crossing in front of the car then following it along the road....Spooky! > > > > Is it a ghost, or is it simply mist? You decide. If you listen to the ad you'll even hear the cameraman whispering in the background about it near the end of the commercial. > > > > > > > > > >
Not Fair
Its SO not a good feeling :( I'm already late for work (BIG suprise) and I don't wannna go *insert extrememly whiney voice* Stayed up WAY too late this morning (Thanks Shawn, Phil and Cookie) and everyone gets to sleep in but me...NOT FAIR lol So when you all wake up and feel rested and refreshed...think of me dying at work..drinking cup after cup of coffee just waiting come home and pass the fuck out :D
Not For The Oral Timid
Not For The Oral Timid
Not For The Faint At Heart
Not For Public Use.
People ask me as to who i am.. The only way i can tell you is by the music i lesson to. I Come from a back ground that only those know.. I ran with the wrong crowed when i was younger I'm about to finish up my five yr probation...which if that changes ur mind as to being my friend then Your lost F you.. and I'll find some people who aren't as prejudging... besides that i really never had a good relation with women.. Pretty much the cheated, lied, and left me. If you know me well you know that i was adopted and my biological mother left me and my siblings when i was 3.. So the only woman that really has been there for me was my adopted mother.. I never really hung out with just one crowed I know everyone and who they hung out with but i also know were to get what ever u need... Young Marines only gave me a since of mind as well ROTC.. Wrestling was a way to distress Football was just a sport i was good at as well Basketball.. Base ball was something to do when all the other sports w
Not For The Easily Offended
Touched by her desires, the day begins for her. Jennifer is her name her beauty so wonderous and fair , I Have watched her often wishing to touch and taste her love and fire within. She is far from me and Awaiting my touch as you can see. Her look apon the plain outstertched from her cabin, Green and full with life and sunlight. I wish that she truely knew of my abilities. Look upon her there in her white flowing gauze like gown reminicent of a time when beauty was stiched with love. The goddess shape inviting me to her , the flowing tresses dark and billowed by the breeze. I am mystified at her white pale flesh, her rolling gait that calls pure desire, that loveing voice that cries lightly in the air. "Come to me!" a scream as loud as a whisper. "Touch me!" the words calling in my mind. "Love me!" and now my willingness is strengthend. "Feast of me!" I am bound to her now. "Let me taste you!" and she is to me. Of myself, I am a gentleman, lithe, dark, and som
Not Feelin Good
I just wanted to apologize for not keeping up with comments and ratings much the past couple of days....i have an infected tooth and the left side of my face is swollen up something awful!!! Between 7-midnight last night, i had taken 2 Darvocets & 2 Tylenol 3's and those didn't do a darn thing for the excruciating pain!!! Then a friend of mine had a vicodin which i've never taken and it helped a lil bit, made my nose go numb and i felt pretty loopy, but still the pain was too much! grrr I finally got to where i could lay down about 4 a.m. and got a couple of hours of rest. I am taking an antibiotic for my 2nd day so i pray this all goes away....hell this is more painful than going thru a C-section!!!! My best friend took my girls for me so that i can rest up...thank gawd for that, don't know how i would get thru the day otherwise. Anyway, hope you all are doing well and i will catch up asap! Big Hugz ~GT~aka Kojo
Not Fair
this site is for adults but we cant have adult discussions with out the top ppl on this site getting all tearyed eyed...why make an adult site if we cant talk like adults on here why have the site at dont see the drinks NSFW and that is for adults....whats ur thoughts on this ppl
Not Fealing Well
Not Feeling Good
Not Feeling Good.....
Not Feeling So Well Today
Not Finished Yet
You push me down on the bed and straddle me, pulling my shirt up over my chest and groping my tits hard. I whimper and squirm a bit. You squeeze harder and tell me to hold still. I stop and look up at you, smiling defiantly. You smile back down at me as you unzip your pants and pull out that big cock of yours. I look up at it and lick my lips hungrily. You wave it a bit and ask me if I want it. Smiling, I nod and open my mouth, welcoming your cock. You move forward and rub the head against my tongue teasingly. I stick my tongue out and give your cock a long, slow lick. I look up at you as you move forward a bit, letting your cock go further into my mouth as i close my lips around it and reach down to push my tits together around it. You smile and tell me that I'm bad, making me blush. I lean my head down and spit on your cock, getting it nice and wet so that it slides with ease between my tits. I look up at you and smile as I play with my tits while you rub your cock between them. I se
Not Feeling Much Love Here!
Ok, I hate to whine but I don't feel much love here, I put up a kissing booth and only my girlfriend kissed me which is great but c'mon ladies, I know there are more that want to do that or am I really that bad to look at here? Geez, same thing with the crush thing that I put on my profile, not the crush thing on Fubar either but the crush thing, I put on here, only one woman has said they had a crush on me and it's my girlfriend again, I had anoother one but she's no longer on Fubar here at all thanks to some stupid bull crap from someone who was stalking her! I think I know better than that there is more than just her with a crush on me here! lol I look at it this way, it's supposed to be fun and interesting or I would not put that crap on my profile as it is! Besides, I've done the crush thing when some ladies have had it on there profile or the kissing booth too here.
Not Funny, Obama
Obama dances on Ellen show: I'm a better dancer than John McCain US presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama made a surprise appearance on the Ellen Show yesterday and declared he is a better dancer than rival John McCain. The candidate appeared via satellite from Miami and accepted Ellen DeGeneres's challenge to prove that he can dance just as well as his wife. Ellen said: "Let's talk about dancing. Your wife, Michelle, was on the show and she was talking some smack about your moves." Obama replied: "Michelle may be a better dancer than me, but I'm convinced I'm a better dancer than John McCain." Obama then danced on the spot to James Brown's Get Up Offa That Thing cheered on by fans in Florida and in the studio. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Consider the freaking fact that John McCain had almost everybone in his body broken during his internment in the Vietnam Prison Camp where he spent 5 and half year
Not Fake
Well I just wanna say I am not here to pick up on people, someone invited me. You will not see me show my ass and tits to try to make myself feel better about a good damn pic, and to impress guys or gals. I do not have to impress others to feel good about myself. However, helping others makes me feel really good about myself. So either you like me or not, it makes no difference to me.
Not For Show...
i like fubar, i really like some of the people i have met on here. but what is with the rest of them? i mean, people can't return rates and people can't be fans in return. well i'm done with the bs, i have friends in the real world, and when i see them, i buy them real drinks and try to let them know i appreciate them, so this i will also do on fubar, but please know, just like in the real world, i do not put up with disrespect, disrespect me and i will only believe that karma comes around.
Not For Everyone
Not For The Faint Of Heart!!!
Not Finshed.
Not For All..
Cecilia wasn't sure of her future. Only her past was a present thought. She knew that the end of her marriage wasn't the end of her life, but the cold, dead space inside her begged to differ. Her Ex was a great guy. Good provider, sweet to the point of relationship-diabetes, and a natural father. Problem was, he was vanilla in bed. Not even French vanilla (Oh god Frenchmen know how to use their tongues!)just plain...ol'....vanilla. This was ok in the beginning. Both of them had previous experience and it was a heady time for them both. As time progressed, kids were born, and the sex became stale. Same moves...same times...same everything. She had tried to lure him out from under his sexual "rock" that he was hiding under, but nothing worked it seemed. He resisted all efforts to spice up ANYTHING in the relationship.   Finally, counseling. The counselor saw them both for six weeks, then issued his proclamation. "You two are seperate entities. As such, you've grown in opposite directio
Not Fubar Related
I need some serious distraction. Laughing out loud, anything but crying ... My "date" still has not texted me back letting me know if he's going to show up for our "talk" I told him I had a fire he needed to put out with his magnificent hose! :p ;) If he doesn't show in the next hour or so I guess I will take it as a hint, huh? Which is too bad .. he was a very good "talker"   Talk to me. pwease? Ok, so this vacation thing isn't starting off that great! I was so excited and thought everything as going so smoothly, but something HAD to go wrong. About an hour from Nashville we encountered vehicle trouble. Turns out the catalytic converter went out in our van. So we had my mother come pick us up and she drove us to Nashville. Then she went all the way back home. The van was towed to a shop in Pulaski, TN. We hope it will be fixed by Monday. That will be about an extra $300 we didn't plan to spend! We plan to take a shuttle to the airport in the morning, will be renting a car in Chi
Not For One Goddamn Minute!!!
 Do you REALLY think,I can't let go?I've lost more in my lifetime,than most will ever know.I have fought every step,of the FUCKING way!!!And I am standing tall,VERY PROUD of who I am today!KNOWING that my parents,would rather WATCH ME FUCKING DIE.Than show me the love and affection,I yearned for inside.I was that SICK ASS families play toy,and each had a turn!Feeling the heat from the inside out,a fire that CONSTANTLY burned!Running for my life,thinking my cousin was dead.I ran for NOTHING!Choking on my very own bloodshed!! Hearing my own body,attacking itself!While starving to death,through all the pain that I felt!Having the only person I trusted,almost cost me my life!Staring back at my mother,through blood soaked eyes! Then watching as my grandmother,forgot a little at a time.Trying to hold on to what was left,of her mind.Not knowing the man I loved,most of all.Was sick,he was already gone when I got the call.Going to pay my respects,to the best man that ever lived!KNOWING he alw
Not Finn-ished
Guys and girls alike I'd like to know if you can help with this predicament, every year it seems like it gets harder and harder to get the attention of the opposite sex, so how do you find love if your not seen? What should you do if your not the kind of person who has superstar looks on their side, what if your that geeky kid who doesn't stand out? Men and women of fubar, I ask of you your advice on a very important and real vent issue, how do you get the person you have a crush on to notice you? How do you get them to fall for you? How do you get the opposite sex to really want you? How do you escape the friend zone? And all those other issues that plague is when it comes to romance. If you have good advice then please jot it down here, I wish to create a true guide for the uncertaine and feeling hopeless so that they can find their sole mate, if you have any thing that you'd like to share but feel unsure as to posting then you should simply send me a message instead, and all input i
Not Fucken Gay
Hey all you GAY men out there just leave me the fuck alone. Do not send me drinks or like or even fan's. I am not your type. I really do love the woman body.
Not Good
Since I've been on CT,I've met some really nice people and so I would just like to say HI YA ALL. I just with I could meet someone,though I would more than likely chicken out,but ateast I would have the chance to do so.I guress thats it,tootles Just wanting some suger from that wonderful women out there Why in hell am I on this stupid site,nothing is on time or you just wait n wait for a response,See ya
Not Gonna Be Round For A Bit.
Hey all. I have to leave for the next week and a 1/2 for sum training for the new job. So, I'm not gonna be around for a bit. Don't think I'm ignoring any of ya. I will try to get all caught back up when I get back or maybe while I'm gone if I can get sum internet access. lol. Anyways, I hope ya all have a great day. Be safe, have fun and happy holidays and all that stuff. :D
Not Gonna Give It Up
Not Going As Planned
I am so confused. Not sure what to do anymore. Can't get or do anything right it seems. Oh well. Sorry for the self pity party My life seems to never go as planned. It just doesn't make sense. I have so many things going on and can't seem to keep up. My life is just crazy... I have a son, I have one friend here, the rest of my friends are scattered through the US, (thank goodness for unlimited long distance,lol) and it's just And that is what you need sometimes. I'm lonely, physically, I have friends that fulfill the lonelyness on the people to talk to side. but I've been single for 4 years, and I'm tired of being single. I know that there are things that I could do to change that, but I don't want to commit to anything right now. I love all my friends don't get me wrong, but LOVE in the sense of being in love, scares the shit out of me. I want it so much yet I fear it. I have told my friend(s) that I love them, and even that is hard for me to do...Why is that..
Not Gonna Be Around Much For A While
Not Going To Be On Much!!!
Hey Everyone, Not going to be on this for a couple of weeks. Flying out tomorrow for some medical stuff and going to be gone till mid July. Just wanted to tell all of you so you don't think that I am ignoring you. Bye for now!! Hugs and Kisses, Sarah (Never Said I Was An Angel)
Not Gunna Get Us!!
Not Giving Up
Every time I see your face I see the pain in your eyes Somehow it just pulls me right in I feel you in me I wanna be a part of you The question is just how do I begin? Seems we're so misguided conflicted, undecided I know these days seem black, but I can't do all the work for you Just hold your head up high and be a man I'm not turning back, but I'm not giving up on you I'll wait for you till you come take my hand I wanna take all your tears and cry them for you to maybe see you smile once again Fill me with your fears Replace this emptiness inside and let me be the one that you call 'friend' Don't wanna give up tryin' You broke it, are you buyin'? Maybe if I feel your pain for you I can just deny my own Is that what you want me to do? Am I not allowed to heal? To express just what I feel? Or do I have to be just like you? I know something's hurting you But I am not deserting you I know these days seem black, but I can't do all the work f
Not Going To Be Home Few Days !!!!!
Our Andrew Lee was bought in the world a month early. February 20th at 1:38 pm weighing in at 5 lbs 2.4 ounces 17 & 1/4 inches long. Thanks to all my friends you know who you are that helped with kids dogs and such, when in the crunch of getting to the hospital and not knowing what time we would be getting to go home. My sis and baby are fine baby is a lil small and is on oxygen just to help him out. Sis gets to come home tomorrow. Lil Andrew will get to come home in about 10-14 days, after he is winged from the oxygen and learns to suck on his own.I have in cluded some pics of the baby!!!! I am not going to be home a few days as my sis has started labor and we do not know when they will let her have the baby....they are trying to hold off as she is still early yet .....will keep posted as I can!!!!
Not Gonna Be On
I won't be on from now and the rest of the weekend. my great grandma passed away amongst other stuff goin on. I may pop in for a sec but probably not got to much goin on. Just thought I would let my friends know since they won't see me on. love ya guys me
Not Good Enough
Not Going To Be On Much
I am not going to be on much i will be on yahoo if you need me i am going to have to have surgrey as soon as i can get the money i got a Hernia lifting something i will check in all the time but can not devote myself to it when i am in pain so i am off for now DJPhilburg360
Not Going To Be Here For Awhile
Not Good Enough
Not Giving Up On Life
Yeah so these are always the worst, space filling posts...but I'll use it to give anyone who cares a chance to get to know me a little bit. I'm a 25 year old mom.  My beautiful angel is three now and up until recently I raised him alone.  The times were hard and only got worse when I lost my job a few months ago.  Right now he is in the care of his father, a man I'm currently divorcing.  I must say that we are at least being civil to one another and putting our son first in everything. My husband left me when my son was first born, but he wasn't around much while I was pregnant either.  In fact the last time there was any action in the bedroom with him was the night our son was conceived.  Six months ago, I told him I wanted a divorce and the man had the audacity to claim he still loved me.  Being absent 3 years really proved that I guess.  Enough about him though. I've moved on.  Though I'm still married have actively started dating other men and enjoying life as much as possible. 
Not Good
Not Gettin I The Middle Of Fights Or Arguments
Nothing Special
Why is it that people who always seem to have a grip on life and know exactly where they're going and who they want to be end up turning out to be some of the most childish and petty people that you will ever come across? I have encountered this recently with more than one person I have come across here on the net. It makes me realize just how fake people really can be and how much the internet helps them to get away with it. Why pretend to be something you aren't? What pleasure do people get out of it? Are they so in need of the attention and the drama that they need to dramatize things that don't really happen or even exist? People need to learn to be themselves. There is no point in all the utterly fake bullshit! Though it may make you feel big or important to be something else it really isn't. It only shows how untrustworthy you are. No, I am not claiming by any means to be perfect. As a matter of fact I am far from it. My life for the past 10 years has been filled with
Nothing Special.....
So i decided that Christmas is no longer my favorite time of the cuz im being whiney and shit....i am a hopeless romantic....and i like to have someone around to take me ice skating, walk around down town by the lights, things like that....well this year, like years in the past, i don't have anyone.....kinda sad....yay a lil personal pity party.....jk....that and i am fed up w/ all the bullshit about whether or not you can say Christmas......good hell people....why do we have to go and analyze everything and wonder if its good or bad or politically correct....who cares....its a offense to anyone else but it is the majority holiday.....not saying that others arent as important....but no one cared about whether or not it was ok to say "Merry Christmas" or better to say "Happy Holidays" ten years tired of being politically correct god damn it...... So i was just wondering if maybe i was asking for too much in a guy..... *someone to cuddle
Nothin' But Love
MORNING Y'ALL! MUAHZZZZZ!!! XOXOXOXO I got nothing but love for everyone ... its all good. For all the people I know ... and even the ones I dont. I love to talk to people - feel them out - see what makes em tick - I love that people I meet know they can talk to me - I can take it as good as I dish it out ... just lettting y'all know a little something 'bout me - so come say hey anytime - day or night - will help anyone out any way I can - its all good ... I've got nothing but love for all y'all - so share the love y'all!
Nothing Will Be The Same
As many of U know Me, I'm a very simple guy, that always try to be positive towards life, that enjoy other ppl's happiness, I'm a person that always like to listen, think, analyze research and develop a advice for the questions that tribulates my friends, either informational or personal. Well being that I just noticed something as I was talking to my wife. I know I count with the support unconditional of my family, my wife is a great woman that motivates Me to better myself up, my daugther gives Me courage too, when I see how hard she is trying to make it throug her tough times at school, this I don't doubt at all !!! I enjoy trying to help ppl by transfering positive vibes, but who transfer those positive vibes to Me when I need them, when I'm down, when I feel the need to talk to someone other than my family maybe cuz I need some foreign advice. I just notice that I'm alone......that I have been eating all those sour moments on my own, even when lot of ppl talk to Me an
Not Here...
HEY EVERYONE. THIS IS THE FIRST CHANCE I'VE HAD TO GET ON HERE IN ALMOST A WEEK. MY HUSBAND WAS GOING TO TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL, SO ALL MY SON WANTED TO DO WAS CLING TO ME!! LOL BUT, THAT WASN'T BAD ENOUGH... MY SON HAD TO GO AND FALL AND BUST HIS LIP WIDE OPEN. IT GETS ALITTLE HARD TO DO MUCH OF ANYTHING WHEN YOU HAVE A 2YR OLD EITHER WANTING TO PLAY ON YOU OR SCREAM/CRY IN YOUR EARS!!! ANYWAY, I WANT TO THANK ALL MY FRIENDS THAT POSTED COMMENTS. THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER, SO I WILL BE STOPPING BY!! Just thought I would let you all know that we have been having some computer problems for the past couple weeks... I may not be on here like I was before, sorry!!! I have fallen way behind on comments and things, so please bare with me and I will be with you all as soon as I can. My hubby has been working on fixing our problem and is currently waiting for replys from a few different places that may be able to help us!! Please don't give up on me!! I will be back soon, I hope!! Thanks
"miss you" miss you like crazy miss you in my crazy and lonely world miss you like a lost kitten that I looked so hard for and could not find miss you cuz i really do miss you and your cute ways miss your beauty and intelligence in front of me miss getting hugs from you miss having you around when im alone miss you more than you'll ever know No longer what am I what she put in my head The Ugliness is dead all that is left is a swan beautiful and free all that is left to be there is more to me than what you see and so much more than of what is left to come intelligent and sweet, sweeps you off your feet and as poetic as a modern day romeo . Kind and caring , romantically daring and a spirit that is unique and bold writing this from the heart what a great place to start Blessed by the ones that I love and the Heavens above I swim off into the sunset like a swan I am quiet I am peaceful I a
Nothing But Drama
Well i just joined LC today.. i think i am getting the hang of it, seems pretty cool....just be patient with me, i am learning...
Nothing Really
so dont really have anything to say ever so thats the reason for the title but yeah ok well gonna go now bells about to ring so bye
Nothing Is Ever What It Seems
i feel so lost drifting in the sea no destnation no hope of rescue the ones who would save me are to far away to help i know they care but knowing isnt enouph i need something to hold on to i need to feel real i need to feel hole but i cant im so lost so alone so aparte from those who would have me so for now i survive just barly there floating, drifting numbe to the world are they willing ? will they dive in before im to far to save how is it men can make u feel like u mean the world like u mean so much then they have a way of smashing ur feelings and throwing them back in ur face and makin u feel like shit i dont get it, u try and give them every thing u can ur affection ur love ur heart every thing u can ur willing to do anything for them but they never do the things u ask then or u wish theyed do. or mabe its just me, im not a person who locks away her feelings im to open i guess, and i set my self up for all the pain, lol i dont know im in
Nothin All That Important
haven't been around all that much, been dealin with alot of shit...but i'm home now, so i reckon ya'll just gonna have to put up with my ass again!!!! hugs an smooch's!! james? I REALLY FLIPPIN WANT MY DOUGHNUTS NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!
Nothing Important - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?27-29 2. What is your sexual orientation?Straight 3. Have you ever given somone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?None, I'm a virgin 6. What is your pubic hair style?Landing strip, a little hair still there 7. What is your choice of underwear style?Thong 8. Have you ever had anal sex?No, not for me 9. What is your favorite position?Anything that gets me off 10. How often do you masturbate?Never, that's not for me 11. Have you ever kissed a girl?Yes, for sure 12. Have you ever had sex with a girl?Yes, I sure have 13. Have you ever taken, or been in naked photos?Never done either 14. Have you ever had multiple partners at once?Yes, a threesome 15. Have you watched porn?Yes, of course. Who hasn't? 16. Have you ever been to a nude beach or nudist area?Nope, I am modest 17. Have you ever watched others, or been watched ha
Nothing Like Being Told!
A man and a woman who have never met before find themselves in the same sleeping carriage of a train. After the initial embarrassment they both go to sleep, the woman on the top bunk, the man on the lower. In the middle of the night the woman leans over, wakes the man and says, "I''m sorry to bother you, but I''m awfully cold and I was wondering if you could possibly get me another blanket." The man leans out and, with a glint in his eye, says, "I''ve got a better idea... just for tonight, let''s pretend we''re married." The woman thinks for a moment. "Why not," she giggles. "Great," he replies, "Get your own damn blanket!"
Nothing Like The Holidays
Nothing But The Truth,,,
Nothing But Trouble
sorry guys i kind of forgot i had this account till the other day so please bear with me i trying to figure out how everything works and what it does
the shaun@ CherryTAP
Nothing Is As It Seems
Blood splatters all over the wall, it gets colder then the feeling of hands wrapped around your throat Slammed so hard the breath gets shoved out of the lungs and the bruises last for weeks There is no pain felt for it has all been washed away with the tears mixed in with the blood covering the wall Dark skies fill the room Shadows are not what they seem Reality is just a dream Memories fade away and there is nothing left to forgive
Nothin Left To Do,!
Lyf is 2 short 4 the dumb shit.....laugh, luv n liv lyk u neva hav cawz u neva know where awl dat positiveness will bring u.....don't worry, be happy no matta what!!!!
Not Here Till 30th
Hey cherry fuckers im goin to ft polk till the 30th and im goin to train to kill, yeh like this is new to me lol later ppl! -greg
Nothing To See, Move Along
i watched each paw pad down the snow swept yard heard each pant for pee and danced each dance for thee yes... thee. I longed for kisses wet nosed and lush by fireside long tongue lapping up my salty tears for me yes... me I walked with you each night until then on again each morning this is my love for thee yes... thee. I met Jesus on a park bench in Cleveland he wore a yellow tutu and a monkey hat and I wore my favorite green t-shirt and blue jeans. "S'up," I said to him. "Nada, man. Nada," and he smiled. "Thanks, you know for everything" "Sure thing. You know I love you.: "back at ya." we played for hours under the willow pulling switches and flagellating eachother with smirks and toe-stomps the autumn sun grew orange and low in the sky eventually we sat beneath the crab apple tree begging eachother to stop but there are seldom miracles in New England
Nothing Special
So I'm new here on CT. I have had an account for awhile but i just got busy and forgot about it. :-p But i'm back and i want to meet cool people. People that share interests with me and music stuff i can talk to them about. I'm pretty easy to get along with so don't be afraid to chat with meh!
Not Happy Things.
hot picture of a girl gamer: comment that was so so....wrong: October 14, 2008 @ 9:09 am wow thats alsom as hell your smokeing hot have an xbox360 your hafe naked and playing games now im rely good at a lot of games being a gamer to i mean i go every wares with my psp but if i was thare with you and trying to play any video game with you and your hafe or full naked id lose for shore "alsom"??? are you kidding me right now? so...there's this guy...who i guess was one of my friends on here...i dunno...i never talked to him. anyway...basically once a day he would attempt to talk to me in the shout box...but he didn't have a salute picture...and his photos seemed i didn't even bother... i just...pinpointed him as a faker from the get go. i guess i should have deleted him as well... anyway... i guess that after his 15th try or so to get me to talk to him, he decides to get angry...and get all stupid with me. it made me giggle. and i took screen shots of th
I just need to deal. It's not gonna happen..get over it! i have no idea why I cry about it. I guess its just because I am still lonely. It just sucks when things stop so abruptly...and I was just letting my guard down. Now...well, I don't know what. I just don't want to ruin things like last time. I don't want everything to be awkward. But I didn't really want to start this shit all over again... I hate Valentines day. Year after shitty year, I'm alone. I've gotten someone a gift though, he's becoming my best friend...I wish we were more than that, but not much I can do about that right now. I just don't want to be alone on this day again. I don't know why I hate being alone, I just do. According to my zodiac book, it is just my Libran personality...according to my ex, it is some kind of personality defect. I don't know...I just know it's debilitating. How do you define perfection? It's in the eyes Hypnotized in blue Voices heard that scar everlasting Love favors hope Dreams fa
Nothin Goin On
SO this is my first blog in a looooooong time and I really dont have alot to say. Im still trying to figure out this Cherry Tap thing but I think that im getting the hang of it. I wanna thank everyone who has helped me out to get my points up. So thats the end of that. Im excited to quit my job. I am going back to school to get my teaching degree which is going to totally rock my socks off. Woot! I have 2 1/2 years left then i will be on my own once again. Well thanks for reading.
Nothing Else Matters
Never have I spoke my thoughts, the way I can with you, how did we reach this point. after only shareing hopes and dreams, with someone we can't hold, just letters on a screen... They would say we must be crazy, for loveing eachother this way, just to have you here with me, I'd gladly give it all away, to feel your heart beat upon my chest, as I look deep into your eyes , and find the place I've longed for, the place we both belong, that is all I live for now, that one chance to hold you tight, to treat like a lady, to make all your dreams come true, just to know your safe and happy, thats everything to me, And Nothing Else Matter.... Music Video Codes By Music
Nothing Less Than Everything
Nothing Less Than Everything Come Offer yourself to me Your all I will accept nothing less than everything Open your mind, your body to me Lay bare your deepest fantasies And I will take the task to hand I will urge you beyond the realms of your reality Having you abandon that which you have been told is immoral Seize the moment Revel in the pleasure of your body And as your mind screams for me not to stop You will not know who is inside of whom The pleasure of your giving as strong as my taking I will accept nothing less than everything Your all Offer yourself to me Come
(copied from my myspace blog) ok so everyone keeps asking what exactly happened to my car...and understandably here it goes.... around the end of april it was still vickie's car...there was a problem and it wouldnt come out of park...she took it to shumacker and francy's up on west chester pike b/c her brother in law recommended them...they did something along the lines of a bypass and fuse replacement and said it was she gives me the car...two weeks later the same thing i get on the phone with the guys who fixed it and they tell me that something is shorting and blowing a fuse which stops the brake lights from coming on..and when that happens it trips a safety mechinism that won't let the car come out of they tell me how to trick it out of gear so i can get it back to them without a tow...they were just gonna look at it for free for me...then vickie and her brother in law got in on it and finally got the jerks to agree to fix it for free
Nothing Personal Just Some Words Tha Fell Out Of My Head Today
I stayed where ever he stayed most of the time and a lot of the people he stayed with didn't like that. I stayed with my Jessica at time for awhile and sometimes she stayed with us. One of the first places I remember staying is with momma Rose and Paulie that was really a gross place to stay. Momma Rose was a very over weight older woman who had something wrong with one of her eyes it never moved she rarely bathed and could never seem to make it to the bath room at night she slept on the couch and you could never sit on it because she usually made it there. We would have to cover the couch cushions with garbage bags until we could find a new one that someone was throwing out. The house was full of roaches! There was never any food so we were always looking for a free meal at the mall. We would go to the rocky horror picture show at the movie theater on Friday and Saturdays they always had it running and the theater was right across the parking lot from the mall. It was easy to sn
I'm about to do some serious CT housecleaning, I can't stand people who just add me to look at my pics then I never hear from them again, they don't rate my stuff, say hello or anything... I am hear to make acquaintances and meet new people from all around the globe MALE or FEMALE.. it doesn't matter. I am going to delete those people that have never rated me or even said hello..and I'm going to stop being their fan too.. call me mean, or a bitch.. I don't care.. I'm sick of the games people play on here! If you care.. drop me a line if you don't want to get axed! She finally got a pic up! And hey guys, she is single hehe! :) Show her some fubar lovin! Sweet Stef *1962*dragonfly@ fubar To all my sweet and lovely friends, you know who you are! I'm going out of state tomorrow for a few days so I wont have CT access for a few days.. I should be back by the weekend though. We will see! I will miss chatting to you guys and girls! So if you don't see me.. thats why! Have lots
Nothing But Love
that's exactly what we gonna do make it good, make it good, sugar mmm (nothing but love) You are so beautiful You are so wonderfull And you can make your dreams, make them come true ... ... you can do anything that you want to, yeah You bring the sunshine when it's dark with nothing but love, sweat love You make me smile and say it fine when I haven't got no dime Love, true love and if things go wrong we can fix it with a song I know we can now, really, really can now We gonna do it You don't need expensive ..... You don't need no diamonds and pearls You don't need that witchcraft work To make your dreams come true .. You don't have to be a movestar ... And I know that you can make it true You bring the sunshine when it's dark with nothing but love, sweat love You make me smile and say it fine when I havenot got no dime Love, true love and when things go wrong we can fix it with a song it's alright We gotta keep it that way I know,
Nothing Less Than Everything
Nothing Less Than Everything Come Offer yourself to me Your all I will accept nothing less than everything Open your mind, your body to me Lay bare your deepest fantasies And I will take the task to hand I will urge you beyond the realms of your reality Having you abandon that which you have been told is immoral Seize the moment Revel in the pleasure of your body And as your mind screams for me not to stop You will not know who is inside of whom The pleasure of your giving as strong as my taking I will accept nothing less than everything Your all Offer yourself to me Come
Many times I have traveled, and many times I have stayed. Only the times that I was away could remind me of how I wanted to stay. In thimes of dissaray only will we seek out those that make us so afraid. Oh to stay and look at what we've been left with today! Day by day I pray that you will stay -- Jess Wess
Nothin Much
Hey i just thought i'd write something on here...more people need to comment on my pics...hmmm...well not much is going on tonight...comment me people!!! lata!! :)
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Nothing Like The First Time
So I'm blogging on yet another site..What fun!! Seems pretty cool, but I still prefer Myspace..we'll see how this I've posted happy for me -Kim
Nothing Much
Nothing To Post..hehe
Name: PRINCES P. APARENTADO Birthday: october 30, 1987 Birthplace: lucena city Current Location: lucena city, quezon, ph Eye Color: black Hair Color: black Height: 5'3 Right Handed or Left Handed: left handed Your Heritage: filipino The Shoes You Wore Today: ..... Your Weakness: many Your Fears: frogs, snakes, worms, roaches, losing all the love of my life Your Perfect Pizza: lots of toppings Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: to graduate Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: "hi" Thoughts First Waking Up: noisiness Your Best Physical Feature: ...... Your Bedtime: anytime Your Most Missed Memory: so many Pepsi or Coke: either MacDonalds or Burger King: mcdonalds Single or Group Dates: group dates Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: either Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate Cappuccino or Coffee: coffe Do you Smoke: yes Do you Swear: sometime Do you Sing: yes but it hates me Do you Shower Daily: yes Have you Been in Love: many time Do you want to go t
Nothing Like New News.
well back again for the 4th tour in iraq. If you need to you can get intouch of me here now that i have global satellite internet. I havent been on in a wile. Hit me up let me know ur all doing.
Nothing Else Fills...
I just don't know what to do with myself. I try to shake these feelings but sometimes, mostly at night, it's too much. I feel so empty. I feel like I have nothing going for me right now.. with the only exception being my wonderful family. I never know who my true friends are. I couldn't name a best friend for you right now. No man will give me the time of day unless he wants a quick lay. No one wants to actually give a shit about me. I worked my ass off in school, and yet am still disappointed in my grades. It's like nothing I do is good enough.. And I feel so ugly. So disgusting. I've been dieting for weeks.. and I've noticed progress.. but I want more.. I never know if what I am doing is right.. if it's working...I just want to feel attractive again.. I want to be comfortable in my own skin.. I'm sick of feeling like this. I feel like I've ultimately lost whatever it is that made people like me.. made them want to get to know me.. to love me.. I feel invisible. I feel li
Nothings Sweeter Then The Sound Of Great Country Music
Hi everyone.... I wanted to share some news with everyone. Something my record label has been working on just happened today I found out. As of today, my music is live worldwide on itunes! I am very excited about it. Being on itunes is a very cool thing indeed and it offers a degree of exposure that is phenomenal. So if you have itunes, go get some Peter Britt music. If you don't, go download itunes, then go get some! I've been waiting for over 12 weeks for the record label to get this all in place, and it finally is now. You can get the cd, or a single track on itunes and there will be more there soon. I hope you go and check it out and download some music, but I wanted to share this news with everyone I know. Thanks to all my friends and fans for your support and for putting up with me and my messages. I do appreciate all the friendships I have and I thank you all for your continued support. :) Peter Britt Click anywhere below to visit one of
Nothing Irks Me More..
Why the fuck do we go through 12 years of school? Most of us gain nothing out of it, do we even really remember what the fuck we learneD?? hell no! and when we apply for college, you first have to pay to apply, then pay to take their admissions test, pay for the gas to get there, and then probably get rejected anyways, and then if you don't, you need to pay to learn, pay for a course in which you're probably fully capable of doing all of it just so you can get hired at some career you'll probably only enjoy for 5 years so you can go back and pay everything all over again. And fuck highschool, the greatest years of your life my ass, I fucking hated highschool, and if I actually had a teacher that spoke fucking english I wouldn't be where I am now, Oh yea but we're supposed to know how to teach ourselves, so why the fuck to we attend? I might as well teach myself and probably have a better result. So now, technically, it's all my fault that the education system fucked up my life and i h
Nothin Worse Than Having To Work Nightshift On Saturdays
I've been working nights on Saturdays for the last year and a half now. 6pm to 6am. The worst part is that there is very little work compared to the rest of the week, which is slow at night anyway. Probably suggests why I spend so much time on the internet at work. I don't get online much at home just because I know I'll have plenty of time at work to screw around. Most of my time off is spent sleeping, with my daughter, or school crap anyway. Happy rating... A FAIRTAX TALE I have a little scenario I would like to paint for those of you out there who just insist on finding something wrong with the FairTax. Admittedly, the FairTax isn't perfect. No tax plan is. How, after all, can you come up with a perfect way for a government to take its operating funds from its subjects? If you know an easier and more equitable way to do it, by all means, let me know! I'm going to ask you to crank up your imagination for a moment here ... and by "you," I mean those of you who think that this
Nothing But Tears
if only things would change if only you knew just how i feel if only u could see my pain If only u walked my shoes If only u could know me If only u cared for me If only u loved me If only u didn't lie If only u didn't make me cry If only u knew what it was like for me to see the pain and stop the hate and calling me names. If only u saw me cry and have me as a friend and to trust and see how it is to be happy again is what i want if only u knew what i'm like in life then you wouldn't be saying the bad things u been saying about me that make me cry so if only it would change so i can smile again. If only u cared it would make me smile in life and i would always help u no matter how mad i am at u. by rachell brink Tears have flew out of our eyes. You ask me y i still care. i'll keep telling u that i will always be here for u. tho we dated for a short time i'll always still care for u. tho u don't want friends. I'll help u to the end. just as long as u don'
Nothing Left To Say
Well now I found myself Wish I was someone else My hands are stained with love Wish I could take it away I hid behind the shell In time the pain will melt My heart is stained with love Wish I could fake it I gave my life away There’s nothing left to say I gave my life away You take it in your way My selfish enemy Still has the best of me Empty and feeling numb Wish I could take it away I can’t control the need To weak to not concede Wish I was deaf and dumb Wish I could fake it I can’t pretend we’re the same Oh now I found myself Wish I was someone else My hands are stained with love Wish I could FAKE
Nothing But Love : .
Mash it up now That's exactly what we gonna do Make it good You are so beautiful You are so wonderful And you can make your dreams Make them come true You get through everything And cast a laugh and sing You can do anything That you want to You bring the sunshine when it's dark With nothing but love sweet love And make me smile and say it's fine When I haven't got a dime Love, true love And when things are going wrong We can fix it with a song I know we can now We gonna do it You don't need expensive furs You don't need no diamonds and pearls You don't need that witchcraft world To make your dreams come true You don't need no Cadillac car You don't have to be no movie star Just what you are And I know that you make it through You are the essence of Everything I love Oh baby oh baby It's a positive vibration Going in circulation We gonna give it to the nation Through this evaporation I feel it deep,
Nother Poem
Crimson tears are falling Dark angelic poses Jesus Christ type smiles And a thorny rose tiara Crown my beatific smile A crucifix as my bed I lie in hateful scorn Remembering daydreams Of life yet to unfold My heart bleeding seven fold Of things left undone A remembrance of what I am And the tragedies that lay before I will tread softly And ignore the scorn I am infinite and tremelous Yet and still I will endure The heart that is pure
Not Here
Not Hap-e
Today wasn't a very pleasant day for me,,I found out that last night my best friend was raped by two gang members fucking crypts or some shite, at a party. I am sick to my stomach over this,, people never fail to prove how low down pieces of shite they are. So many fucking people in this society just make me sick,,it's no wonder I feel the way i do about certain things and people,, I don't really know what to say about this other than that I am furious. Thank you to one of my brothers and my sister for being there for me to talk to me about this,,I really appreciate you. This fucking sucks,,I feel sick,I can't do anything about it either. I can't wait until those two pieces of shite get what they have in store for them,,karmas a bitch. Liebe an alle meine guten weissen Brüder und Schwestern
~ Nothing
Struggling every single day of our lives to make it, and to be happy, we slowly wear ourselves down. All of lifes tests and torments, beating us with the smallest of whips, removing only a cell at a time, unnoticed. We need not shed blood, become bruised, or show any other physical signs of lifes abuse to prove that it's happening. In our minds, and our souls, we hide the growing scars of needless emotional wounding and punishment. When they told you that you could do better, be better than you are, dispite the fact that deep down you knew you were doing everything you possibly could, it left a mark, and it grew from there. A small scratch, barely existant, growing over the many years of added bumps and bruises, for lack of having time to heal properly, is now a growing abyss. Abyss. Swallowing and consuming everything good that tries to enter, or even happens upon you by mistake. Beyond the point of being able to reach out and cry for help, you let it fester, let it take over.
Nothing Special
Yeah so umm ... I was suppose to go to a wedding yesterday, bought an outfit and everything, and well needless to say my ride never called me back so i was stuck home all day... no open bar for me... no portugese food for me... If i knew that was going to happen i could have atleast gone to work and got oT.. o well... So its sunday and nothing to do, no where to go...
Not Happy
Not Happy?
REALLY BAD DAY I had a really bad day last week. I inadvertently rear ended a van. When we pulled over and got out, imagine my surprise when I discovered that the other driver was a dwarf. As he approached with a sour look on his face, he looked up at me and said, "I am not happy!" God help me, I couldn't help myself. I asked him, "Well then, which one are you?" That's when the fight started.................................
The world spins, light hears, sound feels. There is something at the edge of my vision, something menacing and ominous..but it is faster than I. No matter how quickly I turn my head, it moves faster, always at the edge of my vision, threatening me. The music surrounds me, caressing my skin and massaging my bones. Time works differently here, I wish I could go back to when things were orderly and made sense. One second follows another, 60 in a row makes a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day. Orderly, sequential...but not here, not in the land of the distorted. I pop a pill at 7 PM, a friendly little blue pill that makes the carpet fuzzy and the walls crawl like myriad ants. I smoke a joint at 6 PM, after the pill, to chill out and relax a little bit. I drink a beer at 9 PM to start my night, take the edge off the day, time works backwards. One minute does not follow the previous, it follows the next or perhaps the one after. People are strange, conversation is difficu
Nothing Left
This world was never worthy But how can I call it unfaithful Every promise was fulfilled As decay crawled from it's throat Like the dead rising from an open grave Lips of splendor and tongue of deceit All dying now as our fragile wrists hold only waste Like those gasping for their last breath We cannot hide there's nothing left If All my sorrow has led me here Then I would cry all of my tears To have this chance again And know there's more than this And know there's more than you Like those gasping for their last breath We cannot hide there's nothing left -As I lay dying
Nothing Important.
Ever try to meet people just by approaching them wherever? kinda hard huh? You don't know how to say what you're going to say. you might be the kind that doesn't want to abruptly startle someone and make a bad first(and last)impression. I try to go out of my way to start a conversation with someone about something we're both looking at and know about like a movie or video game. But I am on the shy side. Not to where I don't talk or anything but I like to try getting to know someone first. So I talk to classmates at school(college of course), I do so with co-workers, but since I'm here I try to find people that actually may want to seek REAL friends. Not sex alone. I mean, hey, I'm not against a 'good' time. But I would enjoy actually finding some new friends. I have but one real friend since I moved here to Eunice, LA. I'm not trying to get into someone's pants. Unless that's what SHE wants but it has to be mutual. But shit..I have all these friends on here and not one person seems to
Nothing At All
(i didn't know what to write so i wrote this) as i was sleeping i awoke to the sensation of finger tips lightly brushing the small of my back. though still somewhat asleep i slide in a tad close to feel more.... finger tips suddenly became a whole hand going from the nap of my neck to the small of my back, gentle yet manly. as i move with the feeling, lips glide along my shoulder, and a light prickly feel soon after. i could tell he had not shaved yet. a warm touch, a hand runs down my inner thigh, my heart races, afraid to open my eyes, because of it is a dream, i do not want to wake up. as those lips i feel at the nap of my neck. soft and moist, as each kiss sends sexual tingles up and down my spine. the other hand appearing from no where, suddenly cupping my breast and fondling my nipple, i can feel my self get moist with excitement and................... i close my eyes and go to sleep you lean over and kiss my cheek dreaming my dreams you know what they all mean sometime
Nothings The Same
Nothing's The Same Lost again and all alone Lost again for I should have known So many storms, so many times I've died Another goodbye Crash and burn, refuse to learn Your only friend inside the scars that never mend This trip inside the dark The neverending rain Kill the past, nothings the same All the faces that I once knew now are all gone Days turn into years, rolling on So many storms, so many times I've died Another goodbye Crash and burn, refuse to learn Your only friend inside the scars that never mend This trip inside the dark The neverending rain Kill the past, nothings the same Crash and burn, refuse to learn Your only friend inside the scars that never mend This trip inside the dark The neverending rain Kill the past, nothings the same
Nothing But Nets
The following are excerpts from the nothing but Nets website that you can find at: "Malaria, from the Medieval Italian words mala aria or “bad air,” infects more than 500 million people a year and kills more than a million— one person dies about every 30 seconds. The disease is particularly devastating in Africa, where it is a leading killer of children. In addition to being home to the deadliest strain of malaria and the mosquito best equipped to transmit the disease, many areas in Africa lack the proper infrastructure and resources to fight back. The disease is a self-perpetuating problem with large-scale impact on societies and economies. Malaria accounts for up to half of all hospital admissions and outpatient visits in Africa. In addition to the burden on the health system, malaria illness and death cost Africa approximately $12 billion a year in lost productivity. The effects permeate almost every sector. Malaria increases scho
Nothing Like An Orgasm
Nothing Like and Orgasm by Jamie Sidwell There is nothing like an orgasm While gasping and panting for air Your heart beating faster and faster As you run your hands through her hair Your body takes on new strength While thrashing and writhing about Your mouth says words you never say But suddenly those words you shout Can't wait til the feeling starts to climb Want to get there...oh...but wait Your mind starts to play tricks on you Take your time...this journey is great Your love spring starts to flow Warm and sacred and pure You can think of nothing else But how long can this endure Suddenly, there's no turning back Passed the point of no return Can't delay or stall any longer Your reward you're about to earn Here it is...there's no control Bucking and arching...oh please Make it more time Don't even think to tease Moans and growns...I say your name over and over while fluttering I'm THERE in all my
Nothing Better To Do
im here and been stressing out over family . my husband has been great and all . just wanted to let ya'll know how i been . hugssssssssss my fufriends! im just depressed and got put on meds yesterday to see if they help . for right now all i can say is im here and thats all .
Nothing Will Ever Change
I remember a type of quote people used to say But I never really understood it 'til today Life will only get harder from here I think about that almost every time I shed a tear I look back on the happy years I once had And I wish for them to come back Oh so bad Pressure is a big part of teenage lives today Temptations of sex, drugs, and violence never seem to go away You never really know which road to choose It seems which ever way you go, your bound to lose Happiness eventually falls on your lap Only to look once more and see it gone in a snap Why does it seem I can't smile like before? As if the joyous part of me walked right out the door I never show my true feelings which is why I'm writing this poem I guess my feelings are personal to me and I'm too embarrassed to show 'em One day I'll find happiness again I just have to live my life until then And while I'm waiting just for that I think I'll give myself a pat on the back 'Cuz I've come thi
Nothing Is Ever Easy!!!!!
Nothin But Fun
Nothin But Fun
Nothing So Original (rewrite)
It flashed for half a second Deep into the night. And I'll never know the reason why it came. This is the story of darkness And how it came to light Nothing so original Nothing so out of sight In darkness there is comfort In light you are alone. One extreme or the other. A combination of both? A tricky combination. Never quite sure where I stand. Darkness and light is quite a mix I go there when I can. When I was in darkness I didn't feel alone. It was only when the light came in That I saw what was my home. It showed me that when darkness came I just couldn't see what was there But what was there was nothing There was nothing anywhere. I've made my peace with darkness I live inside the gray. Just enough darkness for cover Just enough light for day August
Nothing So Original
As I walked through the darkness I was startled by the light. Not scared or uplifted, just surprised. It flashed for half a second Deep into the night. And I'll never know the reason why it came. This is the story of darkness And how it came to light Nothing so original Nothing so out of sight In darkness there is comfort In light you are alone. Does it have to be one or the other? Is there a combination of both? The combination is tricky You're never quite sure where you stand. Darkness and light is quite a mix You go there when you can. When I was in darkness I didn't feel alone. It was only when the light came in That I saw what was my home. It showed me that when darkness came I just couldn't see what was there But what was there was nothing There was nothing anywhere. I've made my peace with darkness I live inside the gray. Just enough darkness for cover Just enough light for day August
Not Happy
I dont understand anymore i try to look the other when certain things happen on here. But sometimes its too hard not too. Aww well i'm just blabbing and you know who knows what i'm talking about. LATER!!
Nothing Compares 2 U
Nother Movie Quote!
Love the quote by Bruce Willis:"Slurp my Anus".........Lmao......Peace out!
Nothing Worse Than..
fake people. people that lie just to try to hook up with you. jerks. people who are so igrorant to think that i wouldnt find out about the lies. guys: go find another girl to play your silly little immature games on...or better yet, Grow Up???? hmmmm yes maybe then you wont have to lie to get some..just a theory :)
Nothings The Same
Nothing Left To Give
Broken Promises Broken Dreams O don't know how to smile anymore Take what you want Leave me in pieces I live in the darkness of your lies I have nothing left to give Still, you want more Shelfish greed Take my life from me Take it all Beat me down Kick me again Leave me broken you will go away Find another Then come back To take some more For all this It is my fault That you are unhappy Because I have nothing left to give 12-09-2006 Jeff Hargis
Nothing Better
There's nothing as nice as someone who shares, your laughter, your secrets, your wishes and cares, someone who's there through your good times and tears, who stays by your side as your friend through the years.
A girl asked a boy if she was pretty. He said no. She asked him if he wanted to be with her forever. He said no. She then asked him if he would cry if she walked away. He again said no. She had heard too much. She needed to leave. As she walked away, he grabbed her arm and told her to stay, he said, "You're not pretty, you're beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. I wouldn't cry if you walked away, I would die." so im in the self pity mode at the moment did some self reflecting or rejecting whatever. i hate being alone. i do have the option not to but once that someone comes along they can be perfect in every way but i pick fights i disagree when i really want to agree i wanna say damn i love u more than you know smile when they walk through the door. but i cant . yet i expect them to be that person for me how selfish i am. i just want that someone say what he means and mean what he says. when he sees me and just smiles i want to be wanted. te
Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes
Change.... Current mood: peaceful Category: Life Yes it's that time again... I'm feeling something!! Well let me begin by saying hello.. I hope all is awesome in your life right now and as a result.. SMILES SMILES SMILES!!! That's my wish for you!! I am once again chillin in my room and having that sudden urge to get some thoughts that are going on in my head out on paper, so to speak, for a my own benefit and also to share a little piece of me with all of you. I kept a journal for many years and no longer do so... I guess you could say that these ideas, thoughts, or whatever of mine have pretty much built up to this point over a long period of time and something, usually a personal situation or experience, triggers a sudden urge in me to spill my thoughts.. the final piece of my mental puzzle is in place! Anywho here we go... Someone once said to me, about 6 years ago, " Keith, If nothing changes nothing changes " and I can remember just like
Nothing Important
Nothing More Nothing Less
These are poems I have written do not rip Please!!! Blah , Blah , Blah I here you say nothing more nothing less Because I stare out into space thinking nothing more nothing less but still I hear your thoughts expressed Caught up in emotions like everyone else I get up and walk away with nothing more nothing less to say Truth in expression with our words we speak to one another , our fears , our hopes , our desires , but are we liars Nothing more Nothing Less These paths we have chosen are they what we really choose or what was given to us by nothing more nothing less
Nothing Is Stronger Than Family
"nothing Seems
"Nothing seems important to anyone until they come close to losing it. They will go on day by day and ignore those around them that make their life worth while. No one ever pays attention to someone like that until they aren't there. At this time, they realize exactly what that person was doing for them and begin to see that they aren't as alone as they think.
Nothing Left
Darkness is my heart. Tears me apart. Swallows me whole. Hell in my soul. These eyes so bright, swallowed up the night. This pain so deep puts hope to sleep. Dreams have run away. Nothing left to say. Never knowing why makes me want to die. Happiness has gone. Where the fuck's my dawn? Trapped in night. Nothing left to fight. Scream in silence with this peaceful violence. Inside broken. Appearance token. Still just running round. Lost and never found. What am I looking for? And where the hell is the door?
Nothing Special
I had knee surgery the day before thanksgiving and will be off work until no earlier than the first week of January. Sitting in this house, raining outside, bored out of my mind. So, I thought to myself, why not write a boring blog for people to read or ignore. And here it is. However, I really have been able to keep up with old episodes of ER. Which it turns out, has become one of the things I really look forward to. From 10am to noon, that is what I do. Anyhow, I hope everyone has a great holiday and remember me, sitting here bored, day after day. I will write more soon, count on it. Boring or not.
Nothing Inportant
Not Here
So I will be out of town for a few days!!! I just wanted to let everyone know not to forget about me. If you see me on it will probably be a friend helping me out while im away. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL! If you dont get an answer then that is why, but if u dont read this u wont know haha... Be safe and I will miss u all!! LUVZ YA, ~SinD
Nothing In General
Looking through the melting glass As time chooses how fast to pass. I wonder why were even here I'm overwhelmed with sudden fear. I try to speak but only mumble The walls around me start to crumble I look down and close my eyes I cant tell the truth from the lies Is this real or just a dream The voice inside me starts to scream The screaming peaks then fades away Tomorrows just another day.
She lies on the bed ..pills by her head.. thinking of the days when he made her smile he left her alone ..never came home no one around to help her now this is her choice .. this is her how this life of pain is almost over now the darkness seeps into her view the world turns gray this is her choice ..this is her day M.A.S
Nothing Important
Not Happy!
Okay, I was at Level 21 and had over 2,000,000 Fubucks and I'm rating pics and all the sudden, it said I'm at Level 2? I went and checked and I had 897 fubucks and points. I worked hard rating pics, adding friends, creating mumms to get up to level 21 and now i have to start over! This is so unfair and I have no idea what I've done wrong. I sent an email to Fubar Support and got a response saying some fraud activity but I did nothing wrong!
Not Holding Back
i try to understand everything that is going on in the world today but some of the things i see just wont go away they wont fade how can people live way they do why is there so much anger in the world today i know just alittle about things i should i dont really want to know about it, even through i should what i really want is for all of it to go away to stop befor it all starts but no there is nothing i can do to change the things i want why is it everything i want is impossible to change the world is full of fighting and war anger and blame are there in the mix but yet there is nothing i can do to stop any of this i support our troops dont get me wrong and i cant wait for the day when they come home atlast but so many have fallen to fight for this cause and that saddens me more then anyone knows i am so tired of turning on the t.v and when i do seeing another gone befor they got to come home so i choose not to watch and i like it that way but still the dea
Nothing Much
mm not much to really say. i mean i'm new on here. so yea... i'm checking out this website so it's neat so far :) i'm glad i'm on here.
trying to do color and size.,dont waste your time.,lol
Not Hating, Just Annoyed
So I am on a rant this morning for lots of reasons, one being the fact that I managed to diffuse a MUMM hater, which for some reason made the MUMMer delete the whole damn MUMM and start again. So I'm just going to stay out of MUMMs entirely, since it just seems to be a private lounge for bunches of people who have nothing better to do than hate or say hi to each other. Most of the MUMMs out there aren't even MUMMs but polls. Read the definition of MUMM people!!!!! Anyway, on to what I wanted to rant about...illiteracy and selfishness. One of MY biggest pet peeves is the rampant lack of knowledge of the English language and the people who butcher it. And the other is the "what have you done for me lately" craze that has everyone so selfish. I understand this is the internet and lots of people just use abbreviations and such to write, I'm talking about the butchering of the English language due to ignorance and laziness. It gets worse and worse everytime I turn around. I see
Not Here
Not Here For A While
hey there to all my FU friends. just letting you all know im not going to be around for a while. work calls and ill be away until June or even till October. will try to stop in and say hello to the ones that ill miss the most during that time. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) hope you all dont miss me too much.
Nothing Like Reason
I do not mind being preached to about sins and morality by others. I am a humanist…. I will respect so much and attempt to find more respect. I’ll smile at another’s quest to understand me and rate me. I would prefer they do this to me in person so they can invite rebuttal. To me it’s all good conversation. I am a humanist my boundaries are my own. But they were built with careful observation and listening. The goal being…… to be unbiased and fair. We can have a preaching party. Turn red hot anger of judge and defendant into something rational. Nothing like reason…don’t you think ?
Cancel your credit card before you die..........(hilarious!) I got this from from my World of Warcraft post site I just loved it so much I had to snag it. Thanks Texasisut! Now some people are really stupid!!!! Be sure and cancel your credit cards before you die. This is so priceless, and so, so easy to see happening, customer service being what it is today. A lady died this past January, and Citibank billed her for February and March for their annual service charges on her credit card, and added late fees and interest on the monthly charge. The balance had been $0.00 when she died, but now somewhere around $60.00. A family member placed a call to Citibank. Here is the exchange: Family Member: "I am calling to tell you she died back in January." Citibank: "The account was never closed and the late fees and charges still apply." Family Member: "Maybe, you should turn it over to collections." Citibank: "Since it is two months past due, it already has been.
You know? i spent maybe 7 to 8 hours on the computer today, i got up to get something to eat, and use the bathroom, my back hurts now and i want to take a nap because i have to work tonight, only problem is is that this is a relatively new shift for me and i suffer from insomnia during the day...some people would say that its my internal clock not wanting to adjust, but in my case, i consider it insomnia, weird, who wants to stay awake during the day anyways? gawd!! lol, just playing, but seriously, this shit sucks and i dont know how much longer ill be able to do this before my body literally collapses because of lack of sleep... wish me luck all...ohh, and DJ Ama is the shit, ciao!
A Nother Auction
Nothing Girl
Maybe I wear baggies and white socks with flip-flops, maybe I don't like listening to rave and I'm not on the social mountaintops, maybe I don't care about the things that make your worlds twirl, maybe you look at me and think: Gee, what a nothing girl. Maybe I like giving smiles which seems to be a sin today, and maybe I allow my imagination to sometimes run away, maybe you don't understand this and that's why you cannot see, if this make me a nothing girl, hey, that's ok with me! The world makes you believe your personality mustn't be detected, your face must be picture perfect and wear cloths just the best, to be accepted. Maybe I look at you and feel sorry that you're blind, robots you have became, yourself you'll never find. God made you, as well as me, this means I am something, the world is a liar and if I must be a nothing for you to see it, then so be it!
Not Having A Good Day
Well I got hit by a truck today and Just got out of the hospital.....Just kidding!!! Got to love Special Effects!!! Enjoy I put alof of work in this. feel free to comment, good , bad or indifferant!! Guy not having a good DayUploaded by bigdawg691

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