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Moving Day
Well today is moving day, and i will be off line for a while, I am not sure how long, but I will be back soon. I will try to stay in touch with everyone, for those who have it.. call me if you want I will always be available. Pitch.Black - My love, I will speak with you daily. I love you so much. we will be together very soon... I promise that. I cannot live without you, you are my heart, my soul, my everything. I love you, I love you , I love you * kisses* Chica & Joe - I am so happy for you guys, I wish you a safe trip home and look forward to seeing you soon. we do have a margarita date ya know ;) * huggs* everyone else I'll miss yaz and will return as fast as I can.
Iam sorry if i offended anyone this past weekend. It seems i took my sister out to the bar for her first time. Instead of being a night of fun with my baby sister it turned out to be a joke because someone had to put something in my drink to try to et me to pay attention to them. well poor guy didnt get his way (thank goodness) my sister got me out of there so if i was mean to anyone over the weekend im sorry i just wasnt up to par after that little incident. hey everyone i wont be back on til friday evening. Im moving to tennesse. i have a new phone number the old one i have given to a friend to use so if u had it before you wont reach me at it. I will give you the new one if asked thank you kim
Moving Friday 28 September
Moving Friday 28 September
I'll not like not being here, but I'll be back.
Moving Day
dont u love it new place open country area ..... bullshit im goin to a friends house to help them move down the street from me basically so yeah its all good
Just to let everyone know that I am moving this weekend and wont be back online until Tuesday. So ya'll take it easy an be safe an i'll be in touch when I get back online. Katrina
Movies I Like
Me and Just Shizzle are moving with one of our good friends DjFawn. We are having major problems with money at the moment but hopefully we get everything took care of. As of tomorrow me nor Just shizzle will be able to get on the net or use our phone. My husband left us with no money, no food, or anything. Any way I hope everyone keeps happy and keeps us in you're prayers. I LOVE YOU ALL, Trista We are in Illinos now and doing good. We are hoping to get up on our feet very soon and be self suficante. Any way, we hope everyone is doing good and let me know what's going on. *Hugs* Trista
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Moving Again
I am moving to Colorado on friday. I wont be on-line for a bit after we move, so please show me some love when I'm gone.
Movies That Inspired Me
Well, my move has been postponed for a week because the apartment will not be completed on time. No big deal, I was running behind on my packing anyway. And now I don't have to rearrange everyones' schedules to move me. so, it's all good. I still hate moving, though... So, once again, I must pack up all my shit, load it in trucks and move 10 miles up the road. I'm thrilled that I will be in a bigger, much nicer place. It is just the whole angonizing process of moving that gets me. The move is 2 weeks away and I am just starting to put shit in boxes tonight. Between work, my kids, my bf, and life in general I will be hard pressed to be done in time. And, of course, I am easily sidetracked by things I would rather be doing. I know, quit whining and get it done. Easier said than done. I just can't wait for it to be over.
Movie Reviews
ok number one if your a fanatic animal lover and a parent who gets FREAKED out easily do NOT watch this movie, now for the ones of us who like to watch those movies full of blood guts n gore, by all means go spend the 10 $ @ the movie theater, and make sure to get some popcorn while your at it and unfortunatly its a love story in disguies but i still say go watch it the movie keeps u on your feet for the entire show, never skips a beat, shadows here people getting snatched there, and the muffin muncher, my personal fav, lol im sure some of yall are like WTF is a muffin muncher, well unless you see the movie youll never know thats my opinion gimmie ur comments if you seen it and or if your gonna go see it
Movie Reviews
"The Reaping" I thought this movie was a great pictation of a modern version of the pleags! It was thrilling, full of twists and had a great unexpected ending! If you haven't seen it! You should! SuperCher
Moving Home Yay
ok so i been home sick as hell i was born here in nashvill and raised in michigan i moved here in may and just dont like it here i gave it a shot and it didnt work so now i am packing all my stuff back up and moving home i will be leaving here the 4th i get my house back thank god lol and im so excited i will not be on much i have alot to get done not easy to pack a whole house up so i want to take my time and do it right not leaving my stuff here and so it will be easy for me to unpack when i get home im so excited i love you guys and as soon as i get there i will unpack and hopefully get back to normal i miss everyone and am verry sorry i havnt talked much just been so buisy but i swear ill be back to me soon muah
So tomorrow morning I leave Texas and go back up to Missouri for a whole day. Sunday afternoon I fly out of there to go to Hawaii. Now this is a pretty big move for me and I am looking forward to it. I am going to be there for 3 years at Schofield Barracks. This is a fresh new start for me as I don't know many people over there. Sounds funny that a 29 year old would be worried about making new friends, fitting in and enjoying life right? Well it is not so uncommon. This is my first duty station with the Army and I am a little nervous about it. Who cares right I am being stationed in heaven. Well we shall see how this goes and I will probably post more about it and new pictures once I get there. Until then live life to the fullest and enjoy every second like it was your last on earth.
I keep moving along One day it’s you The next it’s someone new I know I need to stop and plant myself Grow some roots but I can’t deny this restlessness That takes a hold of me I keep searching for the way it used to be When I was in love with you and we were so free You set me on fire with every kiss Your eyes seared me with each breath And your face and touch is the one I miss But what a mess we made And we both went our own way So I keep moving along Waiting for someone to make me feel the way I did with you Someone who will be nothing like you But that is just the way it is But what a mess we made The hurt and pain that cut us deep The words we should have hid away Accusations and resentments Piled up so deep We had to swim our way out Or we would have drowned So who can blame you and me So I keep moving along Wanting someone to make me feel the way I did with you Someone who will be nothing like you But that is the way it is I pr
Movie Reviews!
"Love and Other Disasters" It was fucking brilliant! The film was directed by an unknown, Alek Keshishian, and starred almost all unknowns. The only known main cast member was the female lead, Brittney Murphy, playing Emily 'Jacks' Jackson. There were two superstar cameos, played by Gwyneth Paltrow and Orlando Bloom, but both only brief, and rather amusing as far as the whole plot line. The general plot of the movie is fun. A British born woman (with one English parent and one Spanish parent) who grew up in the US returns to England and gets a job with Vogue UK. She is having an affair with her ex-boyfriend while living with a gay roommate. Much of the joy she finds in life is setting her roommate up on various dates with various men who all turn out to be completely wrong for him. She ultimately tries to set her roommate up on a date with the new photographer's assistant at the office, who turns out not to be gay, and really rather interested in her. The film has consta
I'M BACK IN THE STATES YA'LL! i'm finally home. and i'm so happy about it. hit me with some luv and all will be returned! this week the movers will be here to pick up my stuff and ship it to the states. that means that after wednesday i most likely won't be online till after i get back to the states. if that's the case, then just know that i love ya'll and will be back on as soon as i can be. i will miss ya'll! so as most of you know i'm moving back to the states from germany. i'm leaving wednesday morning. tonight will most likely be the last time i'm online for a while do to meetings tomorrow and then going to bed early tomorrow night due to an early ass flight on wednesday. i love ya'll and i will get online as soon as i can to let you know that i made it alright and that me and the babies are safe. pray that everything goes alright for our flights. dj m.i.a. ~aka~ brandy
Movie Test
Getting ready to move from Dallas, TX to freakin Augusta, GA.. I'm so ready to get the hell outta texas.. born and raised.. within 30 miles or so of my hospital i was born at.. Speaking of which.. i have had a great guy (my fiance) helping me pack and move.. we are sooo ready to be out in GA.. it's where he grew up.. his whole family lives there.. well, there isn't really anything else worthy of saying.. other than.... PACKING SUCKS FREAKIN ASS!!!!!!
Moving Into Healthier Dietary Habits
One of my parishioners asked me a very good question after visiting this page: Why do I include cheese in recipes and call them healthy? So here is my answer to that. It is true that dairy products and especially cheese can be high in both saturated fat and salt. I thought since I was posting a recipe for pesto and some variations today that I would explain some of the benefits of dairy in the diet, for those who are not lactose intolerant. It is recommended that adults have three servings of dairy daily. Non-fat milk is available; non-fat cheese in my experience is not a good option; non-fat yogurt (other than the less healthy, frozen, sugar-laden variety) contains very, very beneficial bacteria cultures that aid the digestive system and some even help the immune system. The key is portion control. A glass of milk for instance is not a serving, an 8 oz cup is. Likewise, 1/2 cup of cheese or yogurt is a serving. The saturated fat in milk, like other types of fat, aids in re
Well I just got my nursing license and I was offered a really cool job with a travel nursing agency... First they got me going to Morgantown, WV for thirteen weeks then FL. So wish me luck I really hope I like this new gig...
Movie Reviews
Kraken- Tentacles of the Deep 2006 Director: Tibor Takács Writers: Nicholas Garland (co-writer) Sean Keller (written by) Actors: Charlie O'Connell ... Ray  Victoria Pratt ... Nicole Kristi Angus ... Jenny  Cory Monteith ... Michael Jack Scalia ... Maxwell Odemus  Aleks Paunovic ... Ike  Nicole McKay ... Kate  Michal Yannai ... Sally  Mike Dopud ... David  Emy Aneke ... Principal  Elias Toufexis ... Keith  Christa Campbell ... Emily Nene rating :5 (on a 1-10 scale) I wasted $4 renting this dumb movie and It totally sucks. The special effects looked cheap and cheesy. The characters were not easily relatable. The basic plot of this movie is this. Ray watched the Kraken kill his parents when he was a boy. When he is grown he wants to seek revenge on the giant squid. He teams up with an archeologist names Nicole to try to find the thing while she searches for the
Moving Day
Moving On
whats up everyone go leave me a voice comment on my page now dayummit quit playing leave me some love that means no more fubar for a while i m really gonna miss yall so leave me love and keep in touch on my myspace/slug30054 well leave love peeps
I saw it last Friday on opening day. I did enjoy up, and thought it lived up to the hype in many ways. What I have been hearing today though, seems to be a bit much. Best movie of all time? Not sure I put it up that far. While a batman movie, the star of the story is the joker. We do get a sub plot involving Harvey 'Two Face' Dent that is interesting, but clearly the story revolves around the joker, and Heath Ledger's performance. This version if by far more darker and intense than the Jack Nicholson version. Nicholson's character was over the top. Ledger's version is more psychotic in its portrayal. He is pushing this morality play, trying to bring out the dark side in everyone. No material needs, its more about creating chaos. And its played well. Unlike the Nicholson version, we don't really get a backstory for the character. He just is. The opening scene has the joker robbing a bank. The visuals are much different than its predecessor, batman begins. The movie definite
The Joys of Moving (Part 1) The only part of moving that is fun is the end result! I am only moving about 6 miles closer to the beach (WHOO HOO!) but it is still pretty intense! Oh, nothing like the move from Michigan here last year....but still stressful! The first hiccup was yesterday-- got a call at work from the leasing mgr saying the apt that they told me was going to be mine, wasn't ready! Yes, a whole day before I am scheduled to move in... They WILL make it right today. Either a bigger apt for the same $$ or a comparable one at the same rate. I am not letting it get me down...this move is going to save what is left of my sanity!! lol Another great realization is how many great friends I have that volunteered to help me move. I didn't even have to ask....that blows me away!! For those of you who know me well, it is very hard for me to ask anyone (even family) for help of any kind....I'm working on that one!! LOL Anyway...stop by my page and show me some luv this w
Moving On
Moving Out Of Michigan
Well what can i say? I am finally moving out of Michigan. In roughly about 6 months I will be heading to Missouri to start my life over. I have to very dear friends down there to which I am thankful that I have them in my life. I will be looking to get back into the bar scene there and hold a day job as well to get my finances set up. I feel this is an opportunity of a lifetime to move on with my life and leave Michigan behind and the declining economy here. I have met some wonderful people there and cant wait to get there. I still have some unfinished business here that i need to tend to but once it is done i will be able to go. Chrissy and Eli you guys are the best. I couldnt have done this without you. Wish me luck!!! Ray Wow where do i start. As you all know i have been trying to find my son for a while now. 2 days ago I got a letter in the mail from Ohio stating that they have custody of my son. Apparently the My Ex and her husband were taking nude photographs of of
Moving To Az.. The Saga Of Our Live Til Sometime In Jan.
well here we are at 4 days shy of 2 full months before we depart... my to do list is over a mile long, and we are beginning to pack, plan the trip, and plan the repairs to the current rental before departure. Yes, we are going to drive from SC to AZ with a 2 yo and a dog and the entire contents of our house that we plan to take with us plus my van and his monster truck... this ought to be fun. I have started sorting thru everything and packing what is currently out of season, surprisingly little considering all that we have.. sorted thru EB's toys and clothes, even started relocating the big furniture that we aren't taking with us.. got all the DVD's packed up for living in a much smaller space.... and found the joys of Space Bags.. TY vacuum. well off to do some more... gotta love moving!
Movie Script
I will probably get some heat for this but I wanted to let everyone know I wrote a Movie and TV Series. I did a Movie Trailer for a contest on MySpace and if you would like to see it I will link it here. I need votes because the winner of this gets a Development contract with Fox. Please check it out and vote Vote here StorytellerAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Movin On Up!
Hey if anyone is bored and can help me level tonite I'd appreciate a cpl rates. Thanks in advance, Me what the heck does it take to get some pic rates on here really, I mean am I that discusting to look @ or what?
Movie Madness
i know you have seen alot of movies w ith the scientists who are trying to save the world from utter disaster or doom lol...but blocking their efforts and way is the ones who sit there and say "oh you are just spouting off to get the recognition you been hounding everyone for!" Take for instance...Magma....on scifi channel t oday the one guy goes into the commission or whatever and the idiot says you're just shootin your mouth off about your messeed up theory. what i love is when the trouble hits close to home lol...the poor idiot who had now up to his ass in lava or magma frying (not in the movie but i just wish) lol. just has to laugh on writers i just got done watching 'The Stand' on scifi and it gave me to thought of something deep and important to what we are this day. And you all should give it some thought, i think what Stephen King was trying to tell us was the fact the tho that movie is fictional, we look at our lives and what we have done in the past a
Moving On
Moving I Hope Next Summer
To all my friends I am finally going to be moving in with my fiance in the next few weeks. I am sorry I wont be on much till I get settled but please still come by and show me some love and I will return the love as soon as I can get back on. I will miss all of you and you are all been such good friends to me. Thanks so much for being there for the few that know everything I been though to get where I am at now. Thanks so much for listening and giving me the advice you did. Thanks to all my friends. Love, Southern Girl AKA Melanie Finally after all this time my husband is finally letting me move. So I hope that I can move next June sometime. I am really hopeing for this time for me to be with my man and our daughter to be with her father. We miss him so much and need this really bad. But if I can I will come check in from time to time to check messages and comments. But if I can't thanks to all my friends and family on here that got to know me and everything. I hope to be godfather by
I'm moving to my new house today (11/24/07) and will be without internet service until Tuesday. Keep showing me the luv I am accustomed to and I will return it all when I get back. For those of you who have my phone number, give me a call sometime. See ya'll soon!! Larry
Movie !!!!!enjoy
Movies And Music
We Are Marshall...True story. Ok, so this could very well have been the most depressing movie I have ever seen. I can be a softie sometimes but this brought me to a whole new level of soft. I actually stopped it twice. Definitely a tear jerker. It was a very very good movie though. I will watch it again. Alone of course. I can be showing that side of me to just
Moving On
I’ve had a lot of thought about the fact recently, maybe its time but it’s hard to do. You spend so much time wishing to go back when you where happy and so much time being depressed about it when maybe if you just moved on you could really be happy again. Lets not get me wrong here I really want to do that but when you are depressed most of the time its pretty hard to really find someone out there in the crowd and make yourself look like someone special instead of the average lowlife out there. When only your close friends out there are the only ones that realize that as fact it makes things really hard. I mean really I spent 8 years with someone just to have them completely destroy me on the inside to all of a sudden ditch me for a so called friend of 22 years and go as far as move in with his fricking parents. That just completely destroyed me on the inside, granted I made mistakes with the relationship that I shouldn’t have but nothing even close to the mistakes she made and yet so
Movie Junkie. I just watched this movie tonight. I'm totally infatuated with Christina Ricci and have been for a long time, so I enjoyed it. Totally different from what I was expecting.. and Justin Timberlake and David Banner as actors? Not huge parts, but interesting nonetheless. Random movie I saw on the listing so I decided to watch it. Kind of dragged on but I enjoyed it. Cuz well, Jude Law is smokin hot.
Moving On Up Week #4
Movie Reviews
Ok, I'm heading out tonight for my road trip from Chicago to Seattle. Hopefully, mother nature will be kind to me and my car will make it without trouble. If any of my fu friends live along the route(I'm following the route recommended by Google maps) and would like to meet me, please let me know. Although I'll be on a tight schedule, I'd be happy to stop for a coffee or something. Of course there's also the chance I may be bedding down in your area(at the cheapest motel I can find), in which case I'd be up for grabbing a drink or something. Once again, let me know. My cell is 312.402.5161(there's a good chance I won't answer since I don't like to talk when I'm driving and typically don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize, but please leave a message and I'll call back as soon as I can. Happy festivus. Well, I can't stomach any more hardship out here in Chicago, so I've decided to make the move back to Seattle. I gave it a try and just couldn't make things work. T
Movie Reviews
Fun and lighthearted. Certainly enjoyable. My favorite scene was when the princesses decided to fight back after burning their bras. Snow White lead the charge by singing her sweet songs to summon the animals then transitioned into Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song for all the animals to attack. That was so sweet! I've just seen August Rush. It was absolutely fabulous! I was bawling like a baby by the time it got to the end. Purely and truly magical! A give it an 11 without any hesitation, five stars or whatever the best possible rating is. If you're not prepared to have your heart touched deeply, don't watch this movie.
Movies I Love.....vol. 1
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourselfAt the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Now for the TEN: 1. I'm a Sucker for a bunny 2.I was the only white baby at the Hospital when I was born....Oakland,Ca 3. By hometown default I an Oakland A's and Raider fan although I never watch sports 4.Movies are my passion 5.I have useless movie trivia in my head 6.I like my butt and my eyes but not my nose 7.I got picked on in Middle School (For my bubble butt) 8.I lost my virginity when I was 18 9.My son just turned 1!! And has beenwalking for 2 months now 10.I was Team Captain in both Swimming and Water Polo The 5 who are now Tagged: 1.sky1high 2.Princess Beakers 3.pahottie 4.RaznCoX 5.sugarpop Hello
I had originally planned on waiting until Springtime, but I decided to move back to North Tonawanda(Buffalo Area) because I am going crazy with being Homesick. I had been here seven months and besides working found no one to enjoy any fun times with. LOL, I think I only went out twice the whole time I was here. If it wasn't for all my Friends and Fans on Fubar...I don't know how bad the cabin fever may have I thank you all for the LUV and Attention.. and I will miss U. I am hoping to be back online by February(I have to MY First Fu_birthDay is coming LOL), unless I am able to share someone's connection where I am moving. Peace, Love, And Frienship! XOX PHIL
So as of today I still hate moving.. I hate packing.. so much shit to pack, especially when you have a 5 yr old running around destroying things... lol trying to decide what to keep and whatnot to keep... oh well such is life... gotta love military moves I guess hahahaha... Anywho thats my day.. packing packing love it......
Moving Away
So, I'm about a month and a half away from my move down to Alabama and I'd really like to meet some kick ass people to make it fun, like break me in to the area, so im posting this just to inform anyone who may read it and is down that way!
well i'm off and don't know when i will be back tc all I will be moving later on today to a differnt state so i probably won't be on that much at all after tonight untile i get dsl again. It has been fun and hope to be back soon.
Moving On...
I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I am better off being alone in life. I know that sounds dramatic but it's true. I'm tired of drama, bullshit, lies, games and the like to want to deal with so called friends and relationships as a whole. That's all I'm going to say on this subject. So, for starting a new year (late as it might be) I will be taking down my fubar page. If you want to keep in touch I'm all for that. So, January 31st after I get home from work I'll be taking it down. If you are wanting to keep in touch, send me a message between now and then and I'll shoot you my number and email address. Katherine...
Moving On
I'll be offline for a few weeks. Moving away from Florida and going to Cali. Lived in the SF area once a few years back, but I'm going to SD, find me a beach bum and sit back and relax on the beach. Things haven't been what I wanted here, the man I want doesn't want me, and I'm just not happy here. Thought about moving to Miami, but...Nahh...Cali sounds better. I'm movin' on. ~Ciao~
Movie Reviews...
This movie is definitely not for the kiddies. However it was a good, funny, boy meets girl comedy. The penguins are hysterical too... Man, I gotta say this was one of the funniest movies I've seen since "Weekend at Bernies"!
Alright here I am writing this to let everyone know that I am moving this month to Vegas...yes Vegas. It's almost time for me to pack and move out of this frozen tundra to a place where I have come to know as my second home. So for a week or so starting on the 31st I will be unavailable and for those that have my number feel free to call me. Going up to CO to visit my sister for a few days and then to Vegas I go. Cant't wait to finaly be in a place I feel at ease in and know (helps I'll only be 6 hours from San Diego)!
Movie Reviews
Well I went and saw the movie based off of my favorite animae show, Death Note. I was put off when I first heard of it because it is live action. But when it comes right down to it, the movie was pretty good. They of course changed a few things, but not that much really. The core basis of the story was in tact. Don't blame them really being the series is very long. I can't wait for the sequel.....Death Note: The Last Name Out of 10 I give this movie a 9!!!!! And as a last note...I WILL be looking for this on DVD! This had to be the dumbest movie I had ever seen. I did have high hopes for it. All of the previews I saw looked funny, unfortunatly those were the only funny parts. By the time I saw the movie I was numb to them. Over all the movie quality was awful, the story line sucked, and even for a so called comedy, it was the worse acting I ever saw. On a personal note, had Kevin Sorbo's acting career really fallen to this point, to do a movie such as this?
Moving On My Own Soon !
I am moving on my own at the end of the month. I am leaving my home that I shared with my EX fiance. He is trying to be nice sometimes...but at others times a complete a$$. He is already looking for other chicks. His pic is my albums. Good luck with him getting laid soon. He looked up at nudist colony in this area and had the name of some chick right here in the country that thinks nudism is cool. He is an idiot. So I found a nice place further into the country so I don't ever have to move back to Dallas. Worried, concerned for my future. I struggled alot alone about money...the struggle will resume. Plan on working two jobs. That's it ....just venting.
February 4th I will be flying to ILL. which means from 1-24-07 until probably the 6th I will have no internet and will be fubarless. I can't wait to move back home though.
Movie Reviews
I just finished watching " Wild Hogs" and I was pleasantly surprised. I had heard mixed reviews.. it started out kind of slow, and I was worried it was going to be a series of bad cliches. This movie was actually a cute little flick, and we all know someone like one of the guys in the story. I give it: 3 & 1/2 stars
The Movies
As we entered the theater your heart started pounding. You were dressed in black Mini skirt and a Loose blouse, I was in loose jeans and a dress shirt. We ordered popcorn and a soda and then looked for seats the theater was busy but we found seats in the back. There was a young couple in front of us the only people in our section. The coming attractions started and so did you, you leaned in for a long sexy kiss letting your lips linger on mine. I slid my arm around you pulling you closer to me kissing passionately. I slid my hands across your exposed legs running my hands upon them you sighed as I ran my nails on the inside of your thighs. Lightly scratching my nails up and down them. Parting your legs I ran my hand up the rest of the way knowing you were pantie less for the date. Lightly running my fingers over your moistening lips you let out a moan and the young woman turned around to shush us then a smile crossed her lips as she looked down noticing for the first time what w
First Snow Guy Pearce gives another raw performance as Jimmy Starks, a guy who goes through a lot of emotions in 101min. He starts out at the beginning of the film cocky, fast and loose, who's conversations always seems to go back to selling someone something to paranoid and looking around corners then resined to his fate, no matter what that may be, by the end! Truely one of the more diverse and best actors around who seems to thrive on the independent movie scene! And lets face it, the big studio's would probably waste him in a horrible movie. Also, J.K. Simmons, from OZ and Spiderman gives a surprisingly touching and emotional performance as Vacaro, the person who sets Jimmy on his path, who is in the movie for maybe 2 scenes but makes the most of his time on screen! Suprisingly and unfortunatly, William Fichtner dosen't give much of a performance and his character is basically a throw away, which is to bad! He's another great character actor. Now, for all those that think this
just wanted to let all my friends know that as of Wednesday i will be moving....finally moving closer to my Master where i want to be..i shouldn't be off line to long but W/we will see
Moving On...
Well this has been my first week with just me and my daughter. I get her from day care on friday and have her til the next friday. I'm trying to keep contact with my wife down to a minumum not for my daughters sake but for mine. Just seeing her kills me. My wife moved out of the house and I've been taking care of my daughter for the past three days at our house. It has been hard at times. Being in the house were we all used to live and things not being the same. But I planned out the meals and went shopping. I even came in under budget. So I'm not the mr mom yet, but I know when I have to take care of my daughter I can. I'm stilling working on the schedualing thing. Getting her up and ready in the morning isn't as easy as my wife used to make it look. But we are getting our routine down. I just wonder if I'm being the great dad I should be? But only time will tell. Money sure is tight right now and that is a thing that is always going to bother me. But when I have my daughter I'm n
Movie Reviews
It takes place in Rome. Its the story of the child cizer. its a very good movie, a good story, and a nice plot. It gets you involved in the story. One of the Constantinople fighters is a HOTT girl, which is totally kick ass. she is a bad bitch. I give this movie 3 stars!!! * * *
I just wanted to say sorry to all my friends on here for not being around much lately. I am in the middle of moving and i havent had the time to get on here, i will be back in the next few weeks like i used to be so stick around if you want. i have been re-rating a few of my friends pics on here when i do get the chance to get on but i dont see anything in return so when i get the chance i will be cleaning out my friends list once again for all those that dont bother coming back to return the rates. hopefully ill see all still around once i get back online take care for now.
Hello All, Finally the phone company has moved there butts and got the lines finished, they\'ll be at the house monday morning to run it from the pole to the house and i\'ll be back in business, boy this has been on night mare not have internet or even a home phone, I\'m at the yard in Birmingham where john works using the computer there....See ya all monday night miss ya all See ya then Cas Hello to all my Fu Family And Friends, sorry I haven't been on to much lately, but been busy packing up the house in Florida and were Moving to Alabama, the end of this month, hopefully once i get settled i can get back on here, I owe so many comments to alot of you, and I miss you all very much. I'll try to get on as much as I can before I cut the internet here. Miss Ya all!!!!!!! Still no internet at my house Im here at the libary and dont have much time, just wanted to say hello to all my friends I miss you all alot and hope i have interenet by friday......You all take care Love Cas((((((((
Moving On
So, here we are again... Yes , it's Valentines Day! All over the world, people are buying supermarket flowers, cheap fizz and artery clogging chocolates to give to their loved one. For some reason, im not really bothered about Valentines day, its never seemed to be that important to me. Even when I was with someone, it just seemed to be another excuse to squeeze a few quid out of you. Why just limit romantic gestures to just one day? Make sure you tell the one you love everyday how much you love them. Spread the love and make someone feel special... ...even if it's only for one day.... its now been 8 days since I crushed my marriage and things are slowly becoming bearable once again. Family and friends are on hand with sympathy and try to take my mind off things, and God bless em for trying. Not much to report as yet, but my solicitor is advising me what to do next. Ill no doubt keep you informed... well, im still here.... Not that i mean im going anywhere, or
Ok any body that knows me knows I love movies...So with so many sequels and remakes now adays I figured I would sugest some .So therefore here a list of movies that I feel should be remade or conclued... . 1.)BAD BOYS not the Martin Lawarence one but the 82 movie staring Sean Penn it would be awsome to see a remake of this futhermore have SEAN PEEN direct it... 2.)MAXIMUMOVERDRIVE THE 1986 MOVIE WITH THE WHO MADE WHO ALBUM BY AC/DC FOR THE SOUNDTRACK IMAGINE HOW AWSOME THAT WOULD BE WITH THE GRAPHICS WE HAVE NOW. 3.) HALF BAKED 2 COME ON YOU KNOW IT WOULD KICK ASS GET DANE COOK OR THE GUY WHO PLAYED HYDE ON THE 70'S SHOW TO STAR IN ..NAME IT ....FULLY BAKED 4.)THE OUTSIDERS I LOVE THE S.E. HINTON NOVEL AND THE 84 MOVIE IT LAUNCHED CAREEAS THEN IT COULD AGAIN... 5.)HOW HIGH 2 SYRUS AND JAMEAL GO TO MEXICO I WOULD SAY AMSTERDAM BUT THE NEW HAROLD AND KUMAR MOVIE THEY GO TERE 6.) FIGHT CLUB 2 THE NEXT GENERATION I LOVE FIGHT
Movie Sites
Check em out, you don't have to Dl movies if you don't want too, you can watch them right on your comp. Every site has its own little quirks, some sites you need to Dl a certain VEOH system but it's worth it. ( my personal fav) **NOTE~~ YOU'LL FIND THESE WORK BEST WITH FIREFOX BROWSER..ENJOY!!**
Moving To Illinois!!!!
Noah: That's what we do, we Fight! You tell me when i'm being an arrogant son of a bitch, and I tell you when you're being a pain in the ass. Which you are, 99% of the time. I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings. You have like a 2 second rebound rate and then you're back doing the next pain in the ass thing. I'm saying it's not gunna be easy....It's gunna be really hard! We're gunna have to work at it EVERYDAY! But I wanna do that cuz I want YOU! I want all of you, You and Me...TOGETHER everyday for the rest. of. my. life! I hate the way you talk to me And the way you cut your hair I hate the way you drive my car I hate it when you stare I hate your big dumb combat boots And the way you read my mind I hate you so much that it makes me sick It even makes me ryhme I hate the way you're always right I hate it when you lie I hate it when you make me laugh Even worse when you make me cry I hate the way you're not around And the fact that you didn't call But mostly I hat
Moving On ...
OK, so I'm going to be off the internet for a while until I move, settle in and get internet again. In the meantime feel free to leave love and I'll get caught back up in a week or two. I will miss everyone. Take care. Jay Ok, I've settled in, sorta, in Delaware, but don't have internet at home yet. Why? Cuz I'm not sure if I'm going to stay where I am (a friends' home that is up for sale and they need someone to stay in it until it does sell) or move closer to my work, in Lewes. In the meantime, if you really want to chat w/ me, drop me a line at and I'll get back to you within a day or so, depending on my schedule. Thanks!!
Just wanted to let everyone know that I will not be on as much...I just moved out of my exes house and into my friends house...Please still leave me some love.... Jennifer My yahoo screenname is jennay21586
well im all moved in though its all still in boxes. kindda hard to find room when yer goin from 2600 sq ft to 860 sq ft lol. i dont have net up yet tryin desperately to find an alternative to dialup so that i can continue djin. any who jade has my phone number fer those who are family. hopefully this finds yall well and in good spirits. i hope yall will bear with me yall i am tryin to get things set up out here in the lil country town i moved to. soon as i can get back on steady i will let yall know but fer now im usin the library puters once or twice a week. dial up just aint an option fer me so its goin to take a few weeks before i can be back on steady. i will be on much as i can and hopefully get to at least say hi to most of yall while i am online. anywho lol HUGZ to all and hope to hear from yall soon.
I guess my comments aren't coming back, so I'm moving over to this profile for good... ~Robin & Stealin' Hearts~@ fubar
Moving ~love Me
Hello fu family and friends! Just wanted to get the word out am moving this weekend to my new place cant wait (my dream place) Anyway the new place isnt wired yet for the cable so it is going to be a week befor am back on.... I will miss ya all and cant wait to get back love me while am gone hope you all have a great week or so Love ya all hugs and kisses Bren~Blu
Movie Trailers
I want to see this movie!!!! In case ya didn't figure it out like me and JoMama press the little play button in the left hand corner, lmao
Moving Time
Ok I am moving tomarrow..... My dsl is up till tomarrow morning might be on for a few not sure. I got my dsl to stay on for another helps working for the company...get to have friends in low places lmao I am supposed to have my uverse on monday at the new leave lots of love this weekend on my page please and I will return the favor when I get back on line....And IF everything goes as planned I should be back on monday nite... love to all....muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I will be in the process of moving this week. So sometime this week my internet will be off. I will be back on when I get Uverse on at the new apartment. YAYYYYYYYYYYY FASTER SPEED LOL. But we also know how slow ISP'S are about turning service on lol (yeah I work for them so I can say that lol) So when I drop off line for a while that is why. I wish everyone that is in the contest best of luck. And hope I can get back on asap. For those of you that are not part of the ~~Git~R~Done Family
I am expanding my life to a new area here next weekend. But for everyone who gets this, you will see that I will no longer be in this area. I am getting internet in the location but probably won't be on here much longer. So if anyone reads this... give me some love
Moving Forward
Big decisions to be made. I have no clue what to do, have no where to go. So, ive been given an ultimatium, to fix it or move forward. I am goin to move forward, because its not what I want or where I want to be. But I have done my wrong. So its time to do something about it, for me, my kids, my life. Time to make ME happy, So ive been told anyway. have been told I can not make any1 else happy unless I am happy. So I guess Its that time. I have not been happy in many years. So much tension in house. So many lies, games, not only to her but to myself. The kids have seen enough, been through enough. It's gonna be a hard and the way it seems very lonely road ahead. I have ached for My one for so long, I do not see it happening. I have made good friends here, have made some enemies. Im close to quite a few but so far away from many. So far away from the one I ache for. She's only a dream, so I move on w/o knowing who or where she is. So, I go back to being the outlaw torn.
Moving And Packing
OK here's the latest crimp in my move. We've had to move the closing date back because lender is being a pain in the rear about reducing fees. Yesterday had to fax in a loss mitigation form with a hardship letter to see about getting the fees reduced. NOW we have to wait another day or 2 to get an answer from them I just can't win for losing. At least this gives me another chance at a moving sale without getting it screwed up with a blizzard. I'm doing it for 4 days so HOPEFULLY I can make a few hundred dollars more. Seems I'm about $400-$500 short maybe less on paying for truck and fuel to get the truck to Oklahoma plus feed DJMunsta Man, his fiancee and myself on the trip down. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please keep fingers crossed I can come up with enough money to make this move work. Love you guys I will barely be online if at all for the next week or two. At the moment I don't even know if the deal is going thru. I barely sold anything in moving sale so am going to need the time to list
Moving To Cali
I probably will not be on for awhile because im moving to California- Sacramento to persue my modeling / porn career. Those of you that are from there, please hit me up and let me know.
Moving Process , Ppfffftttttttttt!!!!!!!
Well, still in the moving process, almost done but dang, it's a big ole pain in the big ole hiney! Havin to move two households, 4 dogs and a total of 4 ppl along with gettin rid of things from one person ( deceased )...... I can't wait till it's all over with, cuz it's been wearing me plum out! Reason it's taking so dang long = only had , yes HAD two regular sized vans to do it with, and then went from two vans down to ONE dang van to do it with, cuz MY van ended up havin to sit cuz of what it needs to have fixed on it. : waaaaa : lol lol. I swear right now I should be in bed but I'm hurtin so much that I can't even sleep! Today is gonna be the last day for us to be able to get the rest of the stuff left at the old house, so it's gonna be another very long ass day for sure, don't know if I can take it! Anyhow, just wanted to let whoever cares lol know what's goin on. Hope all is well with all of ya. xoxox's ........Jade
I just was told today that I am being transfered to another hospital in California!!! I am sooooo excited- good bye Boston, The Italians in the north end, the cold weather and the snow! I move on April 19th!!!! They are paying for all of my stuff to be moved and they pay for my new apartment!!! YAY
Moving Day
Ok so we are supposed to leave for WA tonight i am overwhelmed with emotions lol. i don't know weather to cry smile or whatever..... I'm seriously excited I know that Make a new life with My Future Hubby Wade and it is a new place for me...... by NC i'll be back though. We want to settle in NC near my family which I LOVE the idea. but yeah just had to update everyone really quick lol
Moving To South Carolina
Believe it or not - I am gettin up off my lazy ass, moving to South Carolina, starting a new job, and making a fresh start!!!! I know some people can’t believe I have the nerve and think I’m nuts going somewhere where there is no one to "take care of me". Well, believe it or not, I am a strong, independent woman perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I don’t "need" any man to take care of me. Wanting someone to care for, and to care for me, is much different than needing. I can live without it, but it doesn’t mean I have to WANT to. But that is beside the point. I need to do this - for ME - for my sanity. It is a VERY positive move that I am making. Even if I fail, and end up coming back, I can look back and say at least I was willing to take the risk. I will so much miss my family and friends here. But it is only about 8 hours or less away. It’s not like I can’t come back to visit. And I WILL!!!!
Jet-Li and Jackie Chan in the same movie. Has to be one of the most anticipated movies this year. Opens Friday, Apr 18th. PS: I cannot blog properly tonight. Hence the re-entries. :-S I swear they made a movie about me and has a guy playing it. :o Go figure. Out in theaters April 11th. Although, it's not my cup of tea for a movie, it's another hugely anticipated jump from comic books movie, worth mentioning. My kids loves all the Marvel Hero guys. (has no good technical lingo for this one) *blinks* Opening May 2nd.
So I decided to be a little daring today and try the new Wendy’s Italian Beef Sandwich. $4.99 for just the sandwich, not a good start. I can get a tasty beef sanwich for less at HDE. I decided to go with the combo since it was only like 80 cents more. Also discovered that Wendy’s does wraps now too. Spicy, homestyle, and grilled. I went with the homestyle one. The sandwich was 5 out of 10 at the best. They put it on their foccacio bread like the rest of their sanwiches and too be honest it overpowered the taste of the beef. Had a good level of juice and was not dry at all. It was weird to see the sign for the sandwich on the menu board as its posted as a "hometown Classic" and appeared to be sponsored by the Cubs. The wrap was pretty tasty though. Ranch with lettuce and shredded cheddar cheese. Tastier than a snack wrap from Mc.Douche-nalds. The best part of lunch however was Driving into what is normally a driveway that had a locked gate on it during the winter. It
So,I'll be moving back to Massachusetts finally.We'll be flying out Tuesday morning.I'm so excited to get back to where all my family and friends are and familar surroundings.I won't be on much,between settling in and starting back to work I'll be very busy and tired.I'll talk to ya'll when I get the chance...
Just got back from seeing this movie w/ my niece and nephew. has to be the best movie from Disney/Pixar since Toy Story 2. not a whole lot of talkin in this one. Wall*e's actions do most of the speakin. the CGI graffics have greatly improved over the years. if you have kids, i recomend this movie. even if you dont have kids, you should see this movie. Do not watch this movie. It s a piece of shit. very sloppy. don't even get me started on the ending either. if this had been done as a regular movie instead of home movie, it might have been better.
Moving Forward
Moving forward, left and right, at times peace, at times a fight. Our journey is what we make.... Or is it all a predestined fate? Ponder why and how; How come the wait is forever, when i want it NOW!!! Fuck the words Leaders use to create false hope. Life is now, this is the shit; the real, no fake dope. Swallow the pill of real chill. Fade the numbness of fake. Shake the passiveness; the real dope will make you wake! Depend on YOU! Open your eyes. See reality; Not facades filled with rotting insides. Be true, don't steal, cheat, cause hurt. Cause when its done-YOUR WORD is all you can take to the dirt! By: Teresa Williams 4-17-08
Moving On...
Tis over, the first week - and man, can this be all there is? I'm not one to be prejudiced as you well know, but the class started with about 20 whites and 12 blacks - all the whites are still here, and all of the blacks but two are gone, and those two are fighting for their lives. Really, it's childs play. In order to get a CDL ( Commercial Drivers License) One must first pass the fout permit requirements - I and most of us passed those the secodn day. ( I now temporarily hold an Idiana drivers license - best damned license photo EVER!) Once we pass out road tests, we'll be good to go. In order to get that far, one must do a word for word inspection of the entire vehicle - rote memorization unless you know the parts - I do. Apparently, the brothers in the class are NOT what you'd call the cream - come in late, no home work, yadda yadda yadda - at any rate, it's beginning to look REALLY white in there. For what they pay, I would suggest this career to anyone who is at l
Moving Again
Movie Web Page
My wife and I have been married ten years today would you be kind and check out my wifes page? she is fairly new. faithful (wife of dukie ~last tribe~)@ fubar thanks dukie Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960. Both were particularly concerned with civil rights. Both wives lost their children while living in the White House. Both Presidents were shot on a Friday. Both Presidents were shot in the head Now it gets really weird. Lincoln 's secretary was named Kennedy. Kennedy's Secretary was named Lincoln . Both were assassinated by Southerners. Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson. Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln , was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908. John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln , was born in 1839. Lee Harv
if you want to see something really fucked up put the link in ur browser
Movie Reviews
As everyone knows, I have been working on getting the funding together for my next film.. While that funding has not yet been obtained, my Partner called this evening and tells me funding has come in for a revisit to our first film Red State Road Trip! So, in the next week or so, I will be away from the internet for a while as we get this next installment of that film completed! I'll try to update this blog while on the road letting all know what the progress is like. in the mean time I'll miss everyone on fubar while I'm away.. Shoot I miss you already and I'm still planning travel!! So while I'm gone.. Keep up the point race and maybe I'll be an Oracle when I return!
Moving Sucks
To everyone who I have talked to one here I must apoligize that it is extremely brief. I was supposed to move the last saturday of april and everything was set to go. However life has a funny way of changing when you least expect it and that did not happen. Unfortunately that meant that my net access was gone for two weeks and I had to use public PC's in order to do anything. I have not been ignoring anyone I just had severely limited connectivity, hopefully that issue will be resolved tonight and I will be able to do more on here. Thank you to all that have accepted my friend requests and those who have left comments.
Moving Day
As those who already know,and to those who don't Sandy and I are moving house please dont worry if we dont get back to you as the meyhem will begin,as we are packing and stuff as we go. Many thanks...
Moving To Afganistan
So here I am today, going to fly out when mother nature squashies that idea. A clear day all morning and wham, a sand storm rolls in. So i am grounded for the time being. Its the little charming things about Iraq that make you realize that this part of the world truely sucks ass. Later Fubarians! Well I will be transfering to Afganistan in a few days. I recently recieved a promotion but to take it I had to transfer. It is a good thing, I get to support more of our sailors, soldiers, marines and airmen this way. This will take me into year two. I figured that I may as well chronoicle my experiences and impressions of the area. I will be out of touch for a few days. I cannot say when I will be leaving due to OPSEC concerns but I will let all of you Fubarians know when I arrive. Take care if I dont have a chance to say it.
Moving To Cocoa
moving to new appartment, moving closer to work in cocoa , will be on every now and than when i can get to bcc to use there computer . keep up the partying folks. peace after today . Russ
Movie Reviews
So here's a question for you. Who do you think would win a fight between "Robocop" and "Ironman?" Wouldn't that be a cool movie? Two robots fighting in the streets of some huge American city, knocking down buildings, crashing into mass transportation vehicles! Oh wait, that was "Transformers." There's another screenplay idea down the crapper. Now that Marvel has pretty much run out of the big named super heroes, we're digging down into the second tier titles. Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Hell Boy… honestly, how many people read these titles as a kid? Still, it's a hell of a lot better than what we'll be watching in seven years. Just for giggles I went on the internet to see how many characters are left in the vault. Here are my top ten choices for super hero movies in 2015. "Zzzax" (I think the third "z" is silent) "Rusty Collins" (also a great mixed drink!!) "Major Mapleleaf" (Tie Domi saves Honest Ed's!!) "Wallflower" (ok, maybe this one is a bad choice)
Movies To See
hey everyone I just wanted to let ya know if you are into chick flix then watch Over her dead body and PS I Love You. they were good. Alvin and the chimpmunks is also good.
Moving On
So I will not been on much for about a week. Time has come and will be moving back to Everett on the first of July. If you need to get ahold of me you can email me at or get ahold of me on myspace. I can check that on my phone. use the same email to find me on myspace. So just a heads up on me not being on much for about a week....Have fun in the sun. Angela So hi there. I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be moving here in about a month. If you dont see me on here that much its because I am packing my stuff up and moving. I will tryin and be on here as much as I can. I love talking with everyone and have met some cool new friends. Things just have not worked out for me where I live right now, nor can I find good work. So I have think moving to where the jobs are is good for my kids and I. You can always email me and those who have my yahoo id can talk with me there. My cell phone is always logged on with yahoo. I might not answer you right awa
i will be moving this week and i have been very busy getting ready to move. im sorry i havent been on much but life is really flying around me. im so busy trying to help friends out and move and get kaiden settled into his new school, that it doesnt leave much time for online time... i havent gotten the DSL set up at the new place yet but i should have that settled in next week sometime so ill be w/o internet for a few days. So dont freak if u dont see me for a couple days. i will get established w/ a new phone number and those i choose will get that number. so for all my wonderful friends out there, i hope things are going well for you in fubarland lol.. i hope to talk to you very soon and hopefully this move goes smoothly... talk soon... happy halloween to every1! sarah im moving and wont be around for a couple days so dont think i forgot about any of you... talk soon sarah
Me and my better half just moved to Nebraska and we are very happy to have done so!! But not happy about moving all the stuff and you never know how much you have until you move and NOW i dont want to ever move again!!! That might change in about 60 years! LMAO We have a great house that we are only paying 375 a month for!! Ok you can now pick your jaw off the floor and its not a shack!! lol.. I will be taking pictures on a nice day and will post them Thanks for the advice !! you know who you are!! hugs to you!!
Movie Script
I've just recently started writing my first movie script. Could use some love. Thanks all :)
Movie Reviews
Movie Quotes I Like
George: How many numbers you got? Erin Brockovich: Oh, I got numbers comin' outta my ears. For instance: ten. George: Ten? Erin Brockovich: Yeah. That's how many months old my baby girl is. George: You got a little girl? Erin Brockovich: Yeah. Yeah, sexy, huh? How 'bout this for a number? Six. That's how old my other daughter is, eight is the age of my son, two is how many times I've been married -- and divorced; sixteen is the number of dollars I have in my bank account. 850-3943. That's my phone number, and with all the numbers I gave you, I'm guessing zero is the number of times you're gonna call it. [Dancing at a state dinner.] Sydney: I don't know how you do it. Andy: It's Arthur Murray. Six lessons. Sydney: That's not what I mean. Two hundred pairs of eyes are focused on you with two questions on their minds: who's this girl, and why is the President dancing with her? Andy: Well, first of all, the two hundred pairs of eyes aren't focused on me. They're focused o
Movie Stuffs
There's Been A Few None Believers In My Midst About The New Boondock Saints Movie All Saints Day You Seem To Have Doubted My Words Here's The Official Statement! From Troy Duffy Him Self!
Well today I'm moving into my new place! YAY! The only thing that sucks is I won't have the net for awhile...soooo you won't be seeing me around much...unless you yahoo me :D...if you wanna keep in touch let me know my yahoo is fadedmemories22...don't forget me! Much love to all my friends! ♥ you know who you are and i love you all!!! Keep on rockin! Take it easy and keep it in your sneakers! ♥ Amelia
Well hubbys working in Texas and as of the first of July I'm going down there. Gonna quit my job of almost 6 years and be a stay-at-home wife and mother. I'm x-cited but it means I wont be able to hang here in Fubar as much. But ya know you what ya gotta do right.....just thought i'd let ya'll know...See ya L8tr folks.
The Movies
They are shooting a film in my hometown with Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames. It is due to come out in 2009. You could hear the helicopters and see them with their cameras for overhead shots as Bruce rode his motorcycle. He was also shopping for a robot on one of the city streets. Makes me wonder what the city will look like when the movie comes out.
Very interesting good movie. Makes you think about different cultures and if they can truly co-exist. Profound movie. Really at a loss for words about this one. I had seen the occasional trailer here and there for it when it was at the theater and when it was released on DVD. On a whim I got the soundtrack and started listening to it before watching the movie. What a great soundtrack. Some people have voices that you can just listen to all day long. Two people that I enjoy their voices a lot are Eddie Vedder and Tom Waits (very extreme differences, I know). Something about their voices is soothing to me. A couple of days later I got around to watching the movie. Wow. Just wow. Started looking things up on the internet the next day to find out more information. I really enjoy movies that get you to think about things and can prompt one to look for more answers and form more questions. I wouldn't call it a touching movie as it is more hard hitting, at least for me.
Movies, Tv And Other Entertainmentlike Things
I know none of you watch this show but I'm blogging it anyway. So last night each of the remaining 7 couples had to do two routines. There weren't any particular bad routines so I think we are down to mostly good dancers. There are two males that should go soon (Matt and Thayne) and it's probably getting close to time for Comfort to head home too. Anyway, once again the best routines were the two Mia Michaels one. The first one she choreographed with Katee and Joshua was amazing. Katee danced the best that she has so far on the show and the routine was just amazing. Just when I thought it wouldn't get any better though Twitch and Kherington did a Mia routine that was incredible. It was to a John Mayer song and the music, the dancing and the performance was so well put together it gave me goosebumps. My front runner to win the whole thing is still Will who is the best dancer in the competition but there are some suprising dark horses, mostly from the womens side - Chelsie an
July 1st i am moving and i will be offline cable company told me they can not get to me until july 8th or 9th so that is when i will be back online so i will miss you all and show me some fu love and i will return when i come back..muaaaaaaaaaaaah
Movie Reviews
So I'm gonna be moving soon & i'm really excited. I went to look at the house on Friday. It is a really nice house and is Only 10 years old. It sits on almost 3 acres of land. Quiet rural setting. Offers 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms. the master bedroom has double doors, large bath with garden tub with walk-in shower & walk-in closet. Features a super large kitchen with extra cabinets and large island. Also has a family room with fireplace. I cant wait!
i just saw the movie hancock .......omgggggggggggg great flick go see it
Moving On!!!
Time will only tell what will happen..and finally it is time 2 move on..Move on 2 better things in life..Move on 2 better success in life...Move on in life without drama..Move on with a full commitment to the one I love the most!! Yesterday was a real eye wakening for me while I was in church!! Sum people take others for granted and its really messed...But all i can say is that God is the answer 2 everything!!
my family has decided to move back to my home state of alaska, i am nervous but excited all at the same time. as with the move to springfield i am worried how the kids will be able to adjust to the move, but i know that it will be for the good, as they will final get to meet my family. yes my family has never gotten to really know my kids and they are almost adults now. i have been able to bring them up there a few times but it wasnt for a long enough time for anyone to really get to know them, just meet them see a few sites and that is about it. my whole family is so excited about me moving home that they are planning a hugh party for when i get there. i know that i will not miss all this humid weather, yes i love the heat but i dont like the humidity, i know, i know you cant have one without the other, but hey a girl and dream. we are hoping to be up there before the next school year, or shortly after school starts, and before the snow starts. which for me is a big thing, since i wil
Well, I finally get a chance to leave this miserable state called Florida that I have spent most of my life in. For once in my life I am taking a chance on myself. Reaching for what I want. I may not get it, but at least I can tell myself that for once in my life I took a chance. I will do what I think will make ME happy. All my life I have done everything I could to make people around me happy at the cost to myself. I never thought about me or what I wanted. Only how I could make others happy. A close friend said to me a few days ago "What about what you want? When does that become important?" The more I think about it the more I am looking forward to starting my life in a new place. Will things go the way I want them too? Who knows. But I fully intend to find out. There is nothing keeping me here in Florida except for my business and the sale on that should be finalized by Aug first. I fully intend to start a new business when I get there. I am so looking forward to being back in Tex
Moving My Body
Waves of compassion was over me in soft rythmic beats, Moving my body to the soft tempo of life, Leading me in a dance with time. As I waltz with time, I feel it pulling at my heart, And slowly, Love plays my heart strings. As I listen to the beautiful melody of love, Everynote more piercing than the last, I feel peace lay a cool hand on my mind, And I can finally rest. As I lay with peace, hearing the beauty of life, I feel compassion blanket me, For the worlds suffering cries. As I feel compassion wash over me, Lulling me to sleep, I feel life grace me with a smile. Moving my body to the soft tempo of life.
As most of my friends know I am in the process of moving and will be n and off Fubar for a few weeks. I just don't want any of you to think I am ignoring you. I truly respect all of my friends here and look forward to getting moved asap. Just hope you all will hang in there and don't forget Tiger. lol Luv Ya all.
Last night i saw a midnight showing of The Dark Knight and i would like to say it was probably one of the best action thillers i have seen since well i dont know what. Heth Ledgers Performance in the movie as the Joker was so very very good it was amazing and the emergance of two face in the movie was brilliant it made the entire plot seem more of a horror film. The point of this blog is to give this movie a rating on a scale of one to ten but since the Bad Assery was off the charts with Christian Bales Oscar worthy performance as the Dark Knight Himself i would give this movie a recomendation of a must see SUMMER MOVIE. Anyone who loves batman or loves to watch epic summer movies will be shocked at how good this movie was. Rating ***** (5 stars)
I'm moving & won't be back on 4 maybe 2 weeks. Maybe I can go2 the library or something when I can get the chance. Show some luv.
Movie Reviews
Plot Summary: Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland) is an ex-cop dealing with post-traumatic stress syndrome, who takes a job as a night watchman at an old luxury department store that was burned in a large fire. Soon after he begins his job, Ben is haunted by horrific visions in the large mirrors of the store at night. These entities begin to pursue him and his family, watching them through all reflective surfaces Ben's family is near. In a desperate race to save himself and his estranged family from harm, Ben attempts to unveil the sordid story that these spirits want him to bring to light...before it is too late. My Comments: I read the reviews for this movie and they were decent, so I gave it a try. It moved along well and had a few jumpy moments. Not too bad. Rating: 6/10 Plot Summary: Abel Turner (Samuel L. Jackson) is an LAPD officer and strict single father of a 15 year old daughter and 10 year old son. He is also the self-appointed neighborhood watch patrol in Lakeview Terra
There been some rumors that Tobey not coming back to do Spiderman 4 and 5 It will be hard to see him go but other then that I think Jonathan Tucker from The Black Donnelly and The Ruins should step up for the role. His a cute geek and got a nice tight body. Questions? Who do You think should been the new Spiderman?
Moving Pics
l see ppl with pics that move lm not meaning morphs or pics where multi pics are put together...l mean regular pics that move that can be uploaded and dont need to be sent has a vid an via url...ld like to be able to upload some moving pics please if possible can someone let me know how and give me info on how? k thnx
Moving To Texas
Amidst all the gloom and doom that is normal fodder for news media worldwide, I wonder if perhaps your readers might be interested in some GOOD news of a local nature. I arrived in San Marcos on July 3rd, Independence day from my long-time home of Jackson Mississippi. I have perused the San Marcos paper for the last 2 Sundays, and for any who think things are bad here I have an announcement to make. It’s a LOT worse elsewhere! The police blotter for this last week included a couple of car burglaries, a cat up a tree, and some disorderly conduct in an elevator. The Jackson newspaper doesn’t fool with such minor problems, their blotter usually has several murders (we were approaching 60 for the year thus far when I left) attempted murders, stabbings, shootings, assorted mayhem, and various armed robberies. My home had been broken into 3 times, my family had 2 cars stolen, and one car having much damage done in a botched attempt at stealing it. The wise did not leav
Ok, I dont know how many of you know, but I am moving from Houston to Granbury. Ive decided that I really don't come on Fubar anymore. So I am going to delete my account. If there is anyone on here that wants my email address, that doesn't already have it, let me know. Don't ask me to give you my FuBucks either... because I haven't decided who will get them. I will be deleting my account probably later on tonight, as I am busy with getting ready for my garage sale tomorrow.
Moving Soon
Movies Stuff
Though "The Dark Knight" has been a bona fide cultural event, boasting rave reviews and boffo box office, it hasn't been immune to criticism. Some have quibbled with its political undercurrents, and others have criticized a muddled theme. But here's the critique most widely held: Why does Batman talk like the offspring of Clint Eastwood and a grizzly bear? Donning the costume for the second time, Christian Bale has delved deeper into the lower registers. As Bruce Wayne, his voice is as smooth as his finely pressed suits. But once he puts the cape on, the transformation of his vocal chords is just as dramatic as his costume change. Particularly when his rage boils over, Bale's Batman growls in an almost beastly fashion, reflecting how close he teeters between do-gooder and vengeance-crazed crusader. "The Dark Knight" hauled in $43.8 million to rank as Hollywood's top movie for the third straight weekend, fending off "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" which opened a clos
as many of you know, im moving to wisconsin/minnisota area right on the border, well im going to be staying with my neice for a little bit there while i find a job up there and stuff, and she dont have internet, i will try to find ways to get online in any spare time i have to do that, like librarys or whatever, i will also be on my yahoo from my phone from time to time, but if u dont see me around dont worry, i'll be back as fast as i can love my friends so please dont forget me
Moving Again-no Internet!!!
I will be gone for awhile! Yes, I am moving once again! Dono when I will have internet hooked up at the new place-it may take me a few weeks. I'll let you all know when I'm hooked back up! ~Tracy aka LVBITES
Peeps, I'm in the process of moving most of sunday and monday, the new house isn't set up yet so i'll be off-line for a while. this connection will stay up til about noon, but i'll be off here about 8:30 am. Show as much luv to my page and i'll miss you peeps , so have a great holiday and be safe.
Moving Day
I move into my new apartment today and i am so stressed out. cause i have to pack still and get everything down tonight omg. I hate moving with a passion but at the same time my new apartment is the shit and i am so excited to have my new place..WISH ME LUCK
Allllllo all my lovely fu friends :P Just a quick update as to how things have been goin for me since the move. (For those of you that want to know.) Ive been doin alright. Been here almost a month now. LOVE The weather. Omg its beautiful down here. I was able to pick up my car yesterday and now its sitting in the driveway :D WoOT! Its officiallly mine now, however its not road legal JUST yet :P So soon enough Ill be back on the roads.....anyone driving in wilmington better watch out and wear ya seatbelts haha. Jobwise.....not much really. was waiting on a car for the next step. I have a laundry list of jobs that are hiring though, so as soon as this car thing is situated ill be on my way to applying at more places and hopefully setting up some interviews! Keep your fingers crossed for me :D Ive also been meeting a TON of people from myspace and a few from another social network site i use. Ive made a few really good friends/connections down here so far. Some really nice g
Movies I Like
I just wanted to let everyone know whats going on. Tonight I wont be on that much due to the fact of getting ready to move to NY. I've made alot of good friends here and in a short time found the best leveling family I've ever come to meet. I wanted to inform everyone that I have no idea how often I will be on the computer once I'm in NY so it might be a while before you all hear from me. I wanted to thank all of my true friends on here the very select few that I was able to sit down and talk with for hours on end and really get to know and have been there for me in ways that sometimes my own blood family hasnt. Again this aint goodbye just a I'll see ya when I see ya. Thanks everyone for being there for me
Hey everyone I havent benn on here a lot sorry , keep stoping by leaving message i will still check them as i go . Well i should say we will be Moving and my internet will be shut down in next few weeks. Thanks everyone Hugs the one and only Bouy
Moving.... :) :) ! !
I am making this on just the chase i forgot to tell some of you that i have a new place and am moving this sat almost everything so i got it set up to turn everything off sat nite and HOPEfully recomment by monday but i fig i better let everyone know it might be longer so don't forget about me :P okay luv ya all
Moving To Wichita, Ks
Movie I Cant Wait To See!
If you have read the series twilight you will be exicted to know that they are making a moviE!!!
Hey yall I just wanted to let everyone know that I am in the middle of moving right now and will not have net for a week so when I am not here that's why.. Take care love to you all!!!
Moving On!!
Mmmm...I love that I'm moving into a big house from an apartment and will have double the square footage. I just so don't want to pack. I've got half the house boxed up now. 5 days to go to finish the rest. I guess I just need some motivation to get moving ( know what I mean). Eh, I guess it's time for me to go do a little something or there will be so much left to do the day we move.
Warning there a scene that make u cry believe me i warning who ever watchs part 7 it will make u cry.Put words what guy does to baby to save his own ass. part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6
YAY i get out of the shit hole of biggs and back to live oak and im so happy!!! i get away from my aunt and mother!!
Moving To Florida
This is my first blog on fubar, but I'm not new to blogging. On myspace I write lots of blogs as some of you may know. I'm still relatively new to fubar, so I'm trying to explore and see exactly what the potential of fubar is and how it functions. I do like the fact that it is more interactive than myspace. I just wanted some of you to know that I'm in the middle of moving from Pennsylvannia to Florida. I will be living in the city of New Port Richey. I love my new pad, and I love my new adopted city. It is a clean city with lots of sunshine, and there seems to be a lot of people and action here, so I'm sure I'll have no problem adjusting and fitting in. I drove a rental truck down here and got most of my possesions in my new place, and I'm happy that that went smoothly. The ride down was an adventure, and at times was a bit hairy because I'm not used to driving a truck that was that size. I'm writing this entry from my stepfather's computer. My mother, stepfather,
Moving Services - Blog
Go rate this pic. If you can, drop a few comments on it also. He is a great guy. Some of these can easily be placed into other genres. This is simply my all time 100 greatest horror movies. By no means are they in any particular order. The Exorcist (1973) Phantasm (1979) Halloween (1978) Night of the Living Dead (1968) Psycho (1960) The Shining (1980) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Friday the Thirteenth (1980) An American Werewolf in London (1981) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) The Howling (1981) The Evil Dead (1981) Zombie (1980 Directed by Lucio Fulci) The Thing (1982) Audition (1999) Black Christmas (1974) The Blair Witch Project (1999) The Serpent and The Rainbow (1988) Ginger Snaps (2000) High Tension (2005) Hell Raiser (1987) Saw (2004) The Omen (1976) Amityville Horror (1979) Re-Animator (1985) Poltergeist (1982) Prom Night (1980) Salem's Lot (1979) Don't Look Now (1973) Se7ven (1995) Pet Sematary (1989) It (1990) When a
Movie Quoets!
MirrorMask (2005) Valentine: I'm an important person you see. I have a tower, a wonderful tower it was, tall and grand. Helena: Are you? Valentine: Of course. Helena: Where is your tower then? Valentine: We aren't talking... We had an argument, you see. Sphinx: Hungry. Helena: Riddle? Riddle. So have you thought of an answer yet? Gryphon: You can''t pass. I give up, I think, no wait, wait... Fine. What's the answer? Helena: Okay. It's a herring. Gryphon: But a herring isn't green. Helena: You can paint it green. Gryphon: But a herring doesn't hang on a wall. Helena: You can nail it to a wall. Gryphon: But a herring doesn't whistle! Helena: Oh, come on. I just put that in to stop it from being too obvious. Helena: [Trying to summon Valentine's tower to stop from being consumed by shadow swarm] You know, sometimes it helps to apologize to others, even if it isn't your fault. Valentine: I'M SORRY. [repeated line] Valentine: I am a very important man
Well it appears that I'm heading home after this term, I cant get a student loan to save my life..... and my fafsa covers only around 2000 a term... it was definitely fun while it lasted but alas being poor makes it hard to do anything you wanna do and this was just out of my reach like so many other things I want to do. So much for that dream.. time for me to think up a new one I guess. Wish I could stay up here in Portland but heh wouldn't you know it, no work. Well I guess this is it for now.. Later if any one really reads this.. Well ive been accepted in to the protland art institute there fore i will be moving up to portland some time in late dec. to early jan..... so ill be here in white city for a lil while longer... hope to see ppl around.. Alright ill be leavin at 4 am pst from this lil town in the south of Oregon... will be ariving in Portland prolly around noon wish me luck, send me love and fun stuff and to my fam in the Tiki ill be back on assap
Movie Reviews
So I just got done watching the biggest piece of cinematic shit I have ever encountered. It was called "Merlin and the War of the Dragons". Wow...the entire 90 minutes of it I just kept thinking to myself "Why am I watching this? Why don't I just close the browser window and move on?" The plot was thin where it was not full of holes, the script was lame, and the acting was atrocious. The special effects look like they were done on powerpoint, and the main battle scenes (supposedly thousands of men) were attempted to be choreographed with less than 30. The camera angles were shit, the locations were poor, even the wardrobes were lame. The main villain looked creepy, but not in an evil way...more of an "I'm going to say something REALLY inappropriate, but never do anything bad" aura about him. One of the main "hotties" (one of the ladies of the lake...apparently this Merlin had 2 ladies of the lake) looked...looked..I don't know. Just odd. The best way I can describe what she looks li
Movin To Germany
Moving On
My Boo, my darling, my dear, it’s time to move on, being alone, never did I fear. Believe me when I say this, I never wanted it to happen this way, but for breaking my heart, you have to pay. Let the truth be known, your love for me was never shown. I was foolish to ever think, that the promise we made would be for life, the promise that I would be your husband and you would be my wife. I gave you my mind, I gave you my heart, wishing our love would never part. I’m so sad to say that it has to end, and no, forget it, I don’t even want to be your friend. I’m tired of your excuses, I’m tired of your lies, now even your face I despise. It’s time to move on and get on with my life, to find myself another wife. Someone to love me for who I am you see, not for who they want me to be. Someone to do the things you wouldn’t do, someone else to call my Boo.
Moving 1/6-7/09 Into A Townhouse
Hi All,My brother(Kapalua) and I found a bedroom and bath in a townhouse.$400+electric per month.We move in Jan 6-7/09.Lr/Ba/Kit downstairs and 2Br/1Ba upstairs.Jan 21st new computer connection and Tv go on line.Til then just hold tight,I'll get back to ya.Mr X Uploaded 45 pics that are a delight to the eye.Can't do 420 anymore;a form of lung cancer.OH WELL!!
Moving On In Life
The first time i heard this song it really touched me b/c of all the ppl i have lost in my life. it had me thinking what i have been doing to my body, mind, and everyone else that loves/cares for me. every single yr in the month of December i torture my self, not in the way of the word torture it self. i have never cut my self and shyts like that. i mean i go into a deep depression were i don't feel like eating for like 3 days straight. then when i do eat i eat maybe a sandwich and i go back to the 3 day straight of not eating. but hearing this song it made me really realize that my lost ones r looking down on me and looking after me and they don't want me to do what i'm doing to my self at all. cause they loved me when they were here on earth and they would rather see me happy in my life. i know in time i will be with them all once again, but that time isn't right now and i have to live my life to the fullest. they would want me to be happy and live my life one day at time.
Movies Films And Short Scenes I Love">Jay and silent Bob strike back,t=1,mt=video"/> Nirvana - Heart Shape BoxUploaded by nico2oo6 -   Enjoy Guys ~Broken~
to watch movies for free here two site's to check out now online movies for for free. take a look them for your self,it will save you money at the movie stores to rent one that is.
My cable/internet/phone service will be turned off here tomorrow. My service will be on Monday at my new place. I won't be on at all from tomorrow until Monday evening or night. I am going to be very busy. Very few have my cell number. If you want to give me your number please send me a message or shout me. Don't miss me too much. lol That is all. This is just to let everyone know my plan is to move to my new townhouse next Saturday. To ensure I have no distractions while packing, etc. I am calling my cable/home phone/internet provider at the beginning of the week to have it turned off here. Some of you have my cell number and I have yours. I will be missing the Fu, so be assured I WILL call. :P I am not sure when services will be turned on at my new place, but I will be busy setting up my new home anyway. :) So, in short...Just a few more days of the Fu for me for a bit. That is all. Well, here I am. I got moved and still sett
Movie Quotes
Bridget Jones: I choose Vodka. And Chaka Khan. Bridget Jones: Wait a minute... nice boys don't kiss like that. Mark Darcy: Oh, yes, they fucking do. __________________________________________________ Vincent: We should have shotguns for this Jules: Whoa... whoa... whoa... stop right there. Eatin' a bitch out, and givin' a bitch a foot massage ain't even the same fuckin' thing. Vincent: Not the same thing, the same ballpark. Jules: It ain't no ballpark either. Look maybe your method of massage differs from mine, but touchin' his lady's feet, and stickin' your tongue in her holyiest of holies, ain't the same ballpark, ain't the same league, ain't even the same fuckin' sport. Foot massages don't mean shit. Vincent: Have you ever given a foot massage? Jules: Don't be tellin' me about foot massages - I'm the foot fuckin' master. Vincent: Given a lot of 'em? Jules: Shit yeah. I got my technique down man, I don't tickle or nothin'. Vincent: Have you ever given a guy a foot massage? Ju
Moving Out Of Ny
NEW YORK – Only five metropolitan areas in the U.S. will escape job losses this year, according to a forecast released Saturday by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. New York is expected to take the biggest hit as thousands of jobs are lost on Wall Street. Big financial firms are slashing workers as they cope with bad debt. Other companies have gone under, like Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., which filed for bankruptcy in September. The New York area is expected to lose 181,000 jobs in 2009, the report said. Consulting company IHS Global Insight produced the report for the group. The Los Angeles area is expected to see 164,000 lost jobs, in part because of the huge drop in home prices that has punctured the California economy. After New York and Los Angeles, the Miami area is expected to see the greatest loss, with a decline of 85,000 jobs. Chicago and the surrounding area are next, with losses projected at 80,000. Unemployment is expected to top 10 percent in 70 areas, from
Movin' Up Together!
> > Moving on up together??? Auto 11's will be on through 7pm EST (4pm Futime) Tomorrow, Wed., Jan.28th!!!!! C'mon over and level up!!!! There are more than 140k in points and Fubucks available here..
Funniest Movie I've seen in YEARS!
Well 26 days till the family moves. I am starting to get a little stressed about the move, but I know it will be a good thing. We will be closer to family and that will be a good thing as far as what Kittie needs to get well. My son loves the idea. lol He just knows he will be with Nana and Papa, so it is all good. lol.
Ok Im trying to make arrangements to move to Texas and its not going well. Trying to find a company to move us but thats not going well. Debating on renting uhaul and drive myself or hire someone to move me. Both cost about the same. Thought I would never have to move again but financially there's no choice. On the upside Ill be closer to my granddaughter. Just thinking about stuff.
soooo..... im scared to move to a bigger city...... chicago... and i have never been there in my life soo im really scared.. but it will be soon... that ill be leaveing and ill be 18 hours away from my family and friends!!!!
Movie Quote Fun
New Mafia turf made come and join if you're new or if you just want to star add me if you do not got a turf add Krazy smokey's mafia turf at   di smokey @ fubar     we have 4 plp look for more come have fun
Movie List
Place your order for DVD's and receive them next day, all movies are guaranteed, call or e-mail for prices, Some movies listed may not be in theaters yet.  (Blu Ray also available) call to make request for movies not listed,   (661)331-6970   7 Pounds........ Will Smith - Drama7eventy 5ive...... Rutger Hauer, Brian Hooks   - Horror/Thriller                                             Australia..................... Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman - Adventure/DramaBeverly Hills Chihuahua - Comedy/FamilyBody of Lies......... Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe - Action/DramaBride Wars......... Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Candice Bergen, Kelly Coffield - Comedy/Drama/FamilyBurn After Reading.............. George Clooney, John malkovich, Brad Pit - Action/DramaCadillac Records....... Beyonce, Mos Def, Gabrielle Union,Ced the entertainer - DramaChaos..... Jason Statham - Action/ThrillerChangeling...... Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich            (2009 academy awards nominee for best actress) - Dra
Ok, I'm going to say a line or two from a movie and you see if you know what movie. I won't make it very sense in sitting here forever! enjoy. Please post your comments with the answers. There might be a reward in answering them correctly!! Also all movies are newly released within the last 5 yrs with the exception of 2. Good Luck & Enjoy!! 1. I had my eyes opened. I came to realize that I had more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. And that is why, effective immediately, I am shutting down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark Industries. 2. If I was going to kill you, I'd have done it when you walked to your car this morning and been gone by the time your body hit the sidewalk. But right now all you can this about is your family. And this is making you desperate. Desperate men do stupid things. Without the suppressor, this weapon will sound like a Howitzer going off in here. And... I don't leave witnesses. 3. Do you want to know why
Hi fu-land. I know I've been somewhat A.W.O.L. lately. I have been packing up and getting ready to moove out of my apartment at the end of this week. The room that I will be renting will not have internet access. What this means is that I will have to get my fu time in through internet cafe's or other alternative methods. I expect that from here to graduation I'm not going to be on as often as before, so it may be awhile in between and responding to friends here, etc. Drop me a message if you would like my email contact info. Have a great week everyone, ttyl. J.P.
Moving Soon
Just to let everyone know I won't be on here very much in the next month or so. I have soo much that I have to get done before I can move. I am finally headed back home. And for those of you that don't know where that is its Washington. So I am having to sell most everything that I own and start over once again! But at least this time when I do it I will have friends and family close by to help me out. SO I have alot of work to do in clearing out all that I have other then what I can fit into a suitcase. I guess I just have to laugh and try to think of the end results for this move. If I didn't laugh I think I would cry! I know that the things that I have are all replaceable but it took me soo damn long to acquire the little bit that I do have. So having to part with it all is not very easy. I think I am going to miss my punching bag the most! So for those of you that actually take the time to read this I guess I would pose this question to you. If you could only take with you what cou
Movie Jaiviews
As I watched Guy Ritchie's latest movie, one word came to mind: "Mediocre" I didn't expect much going in, and I got what I expected. I've been a fan of Robert Downey Jr after his role in KISS KISS BANG BANG and especially loved him in IRON MAN. I was hoping to see what he would bring to the role of this classic detective. He did well, but I'm afraid the writer's dropped the ball. It seems as though they didn't let Downey be more creative with his role. Speaking of the writing, they DID do a good job in the actual storyline and kept true to the classic storylines of debunking "supernatural" with "science". And the wardrobe as well as the props and city designs were amazing. Obviously, there will be a sequel and I hope they give Robert Downey more of a chance to make the character his. Bottom line, this is a family-friendly rental. Grade:  B-   Sherlock Holmes on     Well, I was fortunate enough to score passes to a special screening of "ZOMBIELAND" tonight.
Moving Yet Again!
I won't be online as much and only to check in for about a month. For the select few I became friends with enough to exchange numbers the cell will not work when I leave tomorrow once the roaming minutes are used up. I will be activating one of my old phones as soon as I can...... fyi I hate change this sucks
Movie Clips
Create Your Glitter Text Movies of heroism, sacrifice and survival Create Your Glitter Text Create Your Glitter Text Create Your Glitter Text
Moving On
Movies/tv Shows
Movies/tv Shows
Moving Forward!
It is strange to think I have not seen you in monthes. I have seen the sun set and the sun rise, but nothing of your beautiful face. The pieces of my broken heart are so small that they could pass through the eye of a needle. I have missed you like the sun misses the flower in the depths of winter. Instead of beauty to direct its light to, my heart hardens like the frozen world you have bannished me to. Hope guides me, it is what gets me through the days and especially the nights. The hope that now that you are gone from my heart, my sight and my love I will NEVER see you again. As I gaze to the future, you have opened my eyes to what love should be, what you could never give me.
Moving In
Wow sorry i haven't been on here much guys lots has changed i recently moved in with my boyfriend it's going great so far he treats me real good other than that just working and paying bills.
Movie List
Moving Back To Cali
I'm due to be moving from TX to CA in a few days (Sunday, to be exact).  I will not be online between the 25th of April until after I get settled in wherever I end up moving.  LOL  Yes, at this point that's an uncertainty - still doing lots of last-minute apartment hunting.  I'm asking everyone please do not rate until I get back online, since I'll feel awful knowing Fubar deletes the "Bar Tab" feature frequently and I won't see where you rated me; anything else, at least I'll have a notice for that whenever I'm back online.  LOL  I'll return the favor as soon as I do get back online.  Have a wonderful rest of the month and a great May, everyone!
The Movie
The MOVIE... THe movie will begin in 5 moments..the mindless voice announced... THose who are not seated will await the next show.. As we are seated and darkend the voice continued... "The program for this evening is not new, weve seen this entertainment through and through.. Weve seen your birth..your life and might recall of the rest..did you have a good world when you died?.enough to base the movie on?                                       jm               
Moving Account
To all of you on my list please note than am changing my account to another one, plz remove this one and add me with this emaill   Thanks and hope to cu all soon   byee :)  
WEll my best friend Rhonda and I have found a house and are finally moving this holiday weekend. were so excited its a really nice house big and even has a big yard for our kids to run and play in. Sooo if im not on too much and wandering if im still alie this is why. xoxoxoxo to all my friends and famiy. P.S. Have A safe and Happy Fourth Of July
Ok,I've been going to the movies for the past 3 weeks now and I've noticed that the critics suck!  The first movie I seen was night at the museum,and it was good,not as good as the first one though.It was funny but the other actors seemed to steal the show more then Ben Stiller.The next movie was Year One with Jack Black,the critics didn't like it,well it was hilarious! My girlfriend and I laughed from the beggining to the end! Jack Black is still one of the funniest guys in movies today other than Adam Sandler.This week I saw Transformers rise of the fallen and it was awesome! I thought it was better then the first one! It had action right from the very beginning of the movie and had a good deal of comedy,Shia Lebouf was outstanding as usual. I would recomend anyone seeing these I see more I will post more of my reviews.
this is to all my friends out there in FU land. I am in the middle of moving from the north to the southwest so if I don't get back with you its because I didn't have time. once Im settled I'll be back on more frequently.
Movie Reviews
On Thursday 25-6-09 or 6-25-09 i saw in the cinema Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen also known as Transformers 2 this movie is also Directed by Michael Bay the director of the first Transformers Movieand in this one there new AUTOBOTSand new DECEPTICONS and surprises and if you haven't yet seen the first movie i suggest you do because the end of the first movie relates to the 2nd movie this movie is totally awesome i loved it i give it 10 stars for a rating it is certainly worth seeing people from Bruce.
Moving!! :d
Well 3 more weeks left, and down to Delaware I go!! It will be interesting to see how much has changed since I last lived there.. Well It Ought To Be Fun!! ;)
Movie Posters
movie posters were produced for the exclusive use by the theatres exhibiting the film the poster was created for, and the copies of the posters were required to be returned to the distributor after the film left the theatre.
sports memorabiliacelebrity autographs
Movie Posters
healthy Eating  healthy snacks  Diabetic diet
I love to download and Watch free movies online in HD quality using well organized and categorized portal. You can either Watch comedy movies online or Watch horror movies online at any place any time.
X-files,Sex and the city,Gossip girls,Gilmore girls,Golden girls,The king of queen,Queer as folk,Star trek,Deadwood,One tree hill,Xena Warrior Princess,The west wing,The wire,Veronica Mars,Homicide,The War,Civil war,Ken burns,The shield,OC,OZ,NCIS,The sopranos,Nip tuck,Prison break,24,Scrubs,Six feet under,Seinfeld,Tales from the crypt,70's show,Friends,Frasier,Ghost whisperer,Hogan's heroes,Macgyver,Lost,Micheal Jackson,Bones,Alias,Charmes,Buffy and vampire slayer,Charmed,Felicity,Cold case,Everybody loves raymond,Babylon 5,Ally Mcbeal,Battlestar Galatica,James bond
My wife told me to make love to her like in the movies, so i gave it to her in the arse and came on her face. Guess we don't watch the same movies!
Movies And B-day
Well, my father had a stroke about 3 weeks ago, i've been in and out of the hospital to visit him quite frequently, yesterday i went to the hospital to visit my him, and sofar he is able to move his leg pretty good but the newest news is he is actually able to move his arm.. with quite a struggle but still none the less he IS able to move it!!! Well, i just got back to my own treat of 3 movies, Tim burtons 9, district 9, and gamer. I enjoyed all of em and now its time for me to have a large amount of drinks and have fun..hope you all do the same.. Have fun FUBAR!!!
Movies Am Converted And Uploaded
3d pornomation by dream spells *full* converted and uploaded by me.. *will appear as first comment after post being it won't accept embed codes here no-more but it does in comment section* I encoded and converted this in true 3d. Please note: The 3d red/blue 3d glasses require to see the full hologram illusion effect.* so if you have a spare pair grab em and pop em to see ( @ )Y( @ )s pop out the screen at you hehe Enjoy :) ***Video will be in comment section after post. first comment by me.
GI Joe: Sisters Keeper: me know what u think
Moving Forward In Afghanistan
Last Saturday, eight American servicemen and two Afghan policemen werekilled in a terrorist assault in Afghanistan. This blow comes at a critical point in the war, when General Stanley McChrystal, the NATO commander, has reportedly asked President Obama for an additional 40,000 U.S. troops in order to beat the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Despite pledges to improve security in Afghanistan, the President now seems on the fence about fulfilling his commander's request.McChrystal has offered a promising strategy for the war. President Obama would be wise to embrace this long view strategy, writes Conn Carroll in the Morning Bell, "and avoid short-sighted policies that undermine our friends in Afghanistan and Pakistan, while encouraging our enemies." Americans should pay close attention to the path President Obama chooses in Afghanistan, since his decision will prove critical to America's national security interests.There appears to be some wishful thinking within the Obama Administration regard
Moving Slow...
Movie Reviews?!
The Fourth Kind I'm sure will get an array of mixed reviews so, I'll just start off by saying that I did enjoy this movie. It uses some very unique techniques while it shows the 'actual' footage while the film plays out in some instances. The movie does feel like a slow burn at times but I felt this kind of pacing was necessary. It makes the more intense sequences feel well...more inetense.I don't have much more to say about this movie but I do suggest going to check it out. It isn't as effective as Paranoromal Activity but it is very entertaining. Not many people know about this film...and I suppose in good reason. It's a highly controversial film starring Willam Dafoe. Just to quickly graze over the plot: A man and woman (who are not given names...their credited as 'he' and 'she') lose their child in an accident and the woman is stricken by grief. I shouldn't say more but I will say most of the film takes place in a cabin located in a place called Eden. One of the main concept
Movie Reviews
Movie Lines
Without you, I'm as lonely as an abandoned dog on the side of a highway. I have gift anxiety, even through I don't know when your birthday is. We can spend perfect days shopping and cooking together. I swear, I'll never make wisecracks when you scrape your tires against the curb while parallel parking. If you consent to live with me, I'll clean the toilet every week. I'll do it with my tongue if you ask. I will strike the words "hooters" and "love rockets" from my vocabulary. I'll love you. Even if your name is Mimi and you want me to pronounce it "May May". I will only pass gas underneath the covers and only under the direst of circumstances. Hell, I'll go on a low cholesterol diet. And I won't buy one of those red sports cars when I hit my mid-life crisis. Your parents can come visit us every week, even if your mom is a big witch with a capital B. And your folks don't have to go to a retirement home because they can come live with us. I declare, I'll separate the whites from the colo
The Movie "twister"
In "Twister," the movie opening today, stars Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton stand in an Oklahoma cornfield. Wind whips their hair back and debris flies toward them as the husband and wife tornado chasers, eyes keen, look in awe at a monstrous, growling, oncom ing tornado. "My God," they say. In a preview screening Wednesday, two real husband and wife tornado chasers, meteorologists Richard and Daphne Thompson of Kansas City, were saying practically the same thing: My... What a bunch of hooey. It's not that the young chasers thought "Twister" was bad. Not at all. The special effects that created the tornadoes were great. "The effects were better than I thought for the tornadoes," Richard Thompson said. And in terms of excitement, Daphne Thompson, 23, who's an Internet WebMaster for the National Weather Service, and Richard Thompson, 29, who tracks storms for the National Storm Prediction Center, thought it was pretty intense, maybe ranking an F3 on the F0 to F5 torna
Moving Again
Its that time of the years again.  Dad got transfered and I get to say good bye to all my friends and go to a new home, new station, new school, new everything.  After awhile a girl just get tired of it, lol.  Still got to go though, Dad is dad and somebody gots take care of him.  I hate uprooting though, it sucks losing all my friends, but at leasst I get to make new one.  It seems I can do that with ease lol.  Must be that survival instict, hahaha.  Well my first post and my fisrt feelings.
Hello my friends who read this. Well it's been a long time since I have been back on fubar so I do have news. I'm currently living in Las Vegas but I'm moving back to Viriginia Beach, Virginia end of June. If  anyone is in the area or near the area feel free to get ahold of me. Looking to make new friends and hang out when I get back. *smiles*
Movies I Saw In Melbourne August/september 2010
Ok Hey People i am Back  from my Holiday to Victoria Australia and When i  was in Ringwood (Melbourne) I saw 9 MOVIES   and they are  in order 1.The Expendables 2.Salt (saw This on my Birthday 27/8/2010 or 8/27/2010) 3.Scott Pilgrim VS The World 4.Avatar Special Edition with Extra scenes (3D) 5.Beauty And The Beast (3D) 6.Tomorrow When Then War Began (Australian Movie) 7.The Sorcerer's Apprentice 8.Tomorrow When The War Began (Australian Movie) 9.Easy A so  i Saw Tomorrow When The War Began Twice  from Bruce
Moving Forward
I Thought living without him is like an endless day. A day with darkness & sorrow. But now that he's gone. Daymm i cant believe im moving on.   This on & off relationship finally end, Maybe am a lil bit hurt now but i can get this through.   I thanks him for stopping by into my life Glad that even though were over, our friendship didnt end. Goodbye lover & hello friend.   & hello new commer! lol :D
Movie Reviews
When I saw the first 3 installments, they began to get old, however I did watch the rest.  But for a very different reason than whether they were any good or not...  In a tongue-in-cheek kind of way, the biggest reason was to see what kind of new ways they would come up with to mutilate people - i.e. challenge the special FX department to see how good they could pull it off on film...  in some scenes, they did fair, and most it was just all about blood spatter, spray, etc...  eh...  not really scary, wouldn't even call it gore...  just plain morbid...  Morbid should be left to the guys like Rob Zombie...  but anyway...   Saw: The Final Chapter was a bit better than 4, 5, and 6 both in entertainment value, and storyline...  the SFX weren't much to write home about...  the opening scene was rather well played out and a bit shocking, more than scary...  (if you haven't seen the movie, I won't give it away...).  In typical Saw fashion, the movie transgresses to the main characters and th
Everybody has a favorite movie. I have movies that I HAVE to watch when they come on no matter how many times I've seen them. 1. RoadHouse 2. Urban Cowboy 3. Mommie Dearest 4. Face Off 5. Wizard of Oz 6. Gone in 60 Seconds 7. Gone with the Wind
Okay, I'd like to keep this brief. Like movies? I certainly do! I used to write reviews for them all the time but that sort of fizzled out. I'd like to try to get back into it though...with your help! Suggest some movies for me to watch and I'll try to get to them asap and review them. Could be anything. Want me to watch a terrible movie then tear it apart? Fine! Maybe it's just me, but when a damn good song comes on I can't help but feel the energy flow through my body. The guitar kicks in heavy and powerful and sure, when I'm by myself I think, I want to do that. Do I have enough musical talent to play the majority of songs I listen to (Or any of them for that matter?), hell no! With my beautiful clear air guitar (see what I did there? ;) Clever!) I can play anything. I'm not missing a single note... This is where Air Guitar Nation comes into play. Everyone know's about air guitar, but how big and serious can it get when you're playing an imaginary insturment? Pretty serious. The fi
Movies Iv Recently Watched
wicked cool movie esta bien perra follow along another edge of your seat type of movie crazy shit happens in a hospital omg this was a hard movie to watch i had to turn away sometimes a bit to gruesome what a student has to do sometimes to pay bills while going through school its a teeth clencher major good movie i watched the trailer for it and was like blah ill just have it on in the background as i clean boy was i wrong i couldnt look away one bit majorly good edge of your seat! type of movie thumbs up jajaj im not gonna tell u what its about cause ill spoil it haha im wayy too detailed lol
if anyone wants to make a xxx raded movie then hit me back at 4172746549 that is all u ladys and im in west plains mo sdo u have to get with me about it
Movie's And Music Culture
I'M READY FOR SOME FUCKING REALLL VAMPIRE FLICKS THE VAMPS THAT KICK FUCKING ASSS AND TAKE YOUR BLOOOD  TO ME TWILIGHT IS NOT A FUCKING VAMP FLICK ITA ALL A LOVE STORY AND LOOK I'M PALE AND MOODY IS NOT A VAMP FLICK HAHAHAHA I'M READY I HOPE WITH TWILIGHT OVER IN 2012 THAT SOOOON WHERE GOING TO GO  BACK TO THE VAMPS LIKE THE MOVIE 30 DAYS OF NIGHT OR HORROR A DRACULA  KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSSED   QUESTION IN 2012 DO YOU THINK THAT REAL VAMP FLICKS WILL MAKE A COMEBACK ?       hey everyone i was looking at fuse channel  and i saw a new video from patrick stump he is the former lead singer of the band fall out boy . he looks and sounds different i mean he went from a redneck from a yuppie and alot of people are upset with the change so here is the video for me i dont love it nor loathed it what you think     DO YOU LOVE IT OR  LOATHED IT    
Movie Collection
There are a lot of Christmas movies. These are my favorities and I make a point every year to watch them.   "You couldn't hear a dump truck crash into a nitroglycerine plant"   "Look Frank. It's a TOASTER!"   "And they call him Sandy CLAWS"   "Bumbles bounce!"   "Stop eating my cookies!"   "It was... soap poisoning!"
Helping my parents move is hard. First time I won't be able to see them for a long time. Living 45 mins away is rough enough, Now they are moving to Florida. First time my 6 year old son won't be able to visit is grandparents for a long time. They helped me raise my son and they are the only family he has really ever known.
Movie Contest
OMG Amazing ... some of it, if you are a batman fan, very prediticable .. but all in all the movie, special effects were awesome.   Though in one sceen I really need to say this ... REALLY!!!!!!!  You needed to do a 70's style explosion?  that was really corny!!!  now that is out of the way.   Batman, for the most part is ending.  Yes they introduce Robin, but not in how you really think, and they don't call him Dick Garrett either.  It's going to be interesting to see how they bring this around.  YES he did supposedly "blow up" BUT in true BATMAN style, he leaves you guessing!!!   xoxo Hannah Because I said So Love it ... yah Mandy Moore is awesome in it.  Right how it said so much and showed how I feel and different things.  Was nice to watch it again. Yes for those wondering ... it's a chick flick but for me right then I needed it and like I said ... it was pretty good.  I really do enjoy watching movies sometimes I forget about. But watching her deal with family, and her s
Movie Reviews
Wasn't sure what to expect from this movie because all I really got from the previews was that a captain saved a bunch of lives by landing a plane.  Not a huge drama fan but since I am a Denzel Washington fan I watched it anyways.  Basically the film focuses more on the alcoholism of the main character and his struggles, all the while being the captain of a plane that landed a plane in a spectacular way.  A hero that people didn't really know until everything finally comes to head.  Overall the movie is good and interesting but the focus on the alcoholism drove me nuts at times.  3 out of 5, but if you like drama it would probably be a 5 out of 5. Fun Size is one of those teenage comedy / love stories.  The main story is basically about a kid that stopped talking once his father died a year ago, but is totally off the wall with everything else he does.  During holloween somehow he ditches his sister and her bestfriend and has an adventure of his own with a lot of different people along
Moving On With Life
I am tired of my same old day to day life. I needed something new. I want to be something different then the one that is hurt all the time. I just want to be happy and don't no how..someone tell me....
Movie Review
  If you like lots of blood, dismemberments, violence, action, and nearly every 80's action star known to man in one film, then The Expendables 2 is definitely the movie for you. The plot followed the same predictable path of any of the action movies of the 80's and most of the movie was pretty predictable. But if you are going to see this movie it is not for the cinematic themes or the witty dialogue. You are going because you want to see Stallone and friends blow stuff up.   I enjoyed the movie. I have to admit to getting a little thrill in seeing Chuck Norris save Stallone and companies butt. It was cool to see the Muscles from Brussels, Jean Claude Van Dam playing a really evil guy. I even enjoyed the cheesy one liners. There is a scene in which Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis exchange their favorite catch phrases.   This is no cinematic gem by no means, but it is a good testosterone filled shoot 'em up action film. And really, why else would you be going to a Stallone mov
Movie Made Me Cry
Moving Quotes
Indeed, going to a new home can be more traumatic than interesting. This is because you will find loads of issues that you need to think about such as the choice of movers as well as evaluating going quotations. It is important to keep in thoughts, though that with the right moving support, your projects can be much less heavy and less traumatic. In which situation, you have to be sure that you properly choose the moving support you cope with to rest confident for a windy transfer. When you are selecting the going organizations, make sure to consider the comfort of the transportation. With the help of a reliable moving support, you can also rest confident of a secure transportation. Moreover, there are measures that can be provided by an expert moving support such as alternative insurance strategy in situation of harm to belongings during the shift. But this does not mean you have to invest a significant amount for the solutions. The following are some recommendations on how you can ge
Chilly has been a very bad girl starting out in her jeans she strips down to her pink boy short panties. Spanking that ass of hers with a flogger. Taking her panties off to her bare bottom she spanks her ass till it is nice and red.   This is an 9 minute movie for only $5.  I am making my boobies stand up and proud. I am putting on one tiny bra after another. My cleavage just keeps growing more and more. Nice deep chasm waiting for you to come blow a big load right between them.  This is a  8 minute movie for only $5.   Getting in the shower can be so much fun. Diane and I get in the shower and get each other all kinds of wet. We take turns washing each other's hair with a big thing of lather making it all soapy.  It is so nice feeling her fingers running through my hair, feeling the warm water running down my naked body.  And of course, you can't be in the shower with someone without having a little fun.  Watch as we tease each others clits and just really enjoy the warm wate
Moving Yet Again!
I will be moving to Lynnwood WA anywhere from Jan to Feb if some agreements are made if not ill be moving sooner! If I hate it out there and cant make it ill be moving to Florida or where ever the road brings me ;) Hardest part remaining forward not looking back! So hard!  I have to be up at 4 am to leave at 5 am soooo good night all Safe travels…Happy turkey day,count your blessings, and DONT forget while u sit with your friends /family /loved ones…..ALOT of soldiers did not get to do that ,they sat with battle buddy missing what you have! DO NOT FORGET THEM!To the Native American…..I know what this day is I know what it represents I will never forget what ugly holiday this truly is to u….But today…Today it is a day of feast food with loved ones and we honor it as so,The way it should have been..Not the way it was!     uuuuggggggg 3 hrs of sleep only ;/
Movie Blogs
Ok so i got done watching return of the living dead. It was a great movie like all other zombie movies,and this one directly referances George A. Romeros Night of the living dead. Great Geroge getting props for starting the whole zombie phenomenon.It starts off like your avarage zombie 1980's horro flick.Some unsuspecting characters who are your basic dimwits stumble upon a military container filled with a gas and one of the characters decides to tell the real story behind George A. Romeros movie and that the ghouls (as they were called in night of the living dead) we reanimated by the united states army with there chemical they used on marijuana.after a long dialog the character telling the story slaps the container releasing the gas and zombies are born in the movie when the body of a reanimated corpse is cut top piece and burnt in the crematriom across the street and the smoke goes into the clouds and acid rain begins to fall.. You know the rest of the movie if you have seen it..
The Movment Of My Baby
Today at 6:45pm Sunday January 7,2007 was the first movement of the baby with in a few weeks we go for the ultrasound and when that happens i will post the pic of the baby for my cherries to see it was a awesome site for a first time father i bet that if any parent would feel the way i do at the time.
Mowing The Yard
Mowin Down The Roses
I should be hurtin but I'm smiling ear to ear cause I mowin down the roses that you planted last year. I’m pouring out your perfume strait down the toilet bowl. Ripped you face strait off the wall left nothing but some holes. Gather up your clothes smoked em with your popery in a fern pile out back. Your love aint welcome here no more.
Mox On Soundcloud
More Music From MOX Big Up!!
Mozart Jackson draws goddamn flowers on bathroom walls for old women on Dago Hill - he's pimping paint in St. Louis for the rich and famous - French Colonials lined up like wedding cakes on winding roads to nowhere. He was on his way to MOMA when he met Beatrice and a glass pipe - now he doodles on plaster walls and spends his break time rifling jewelry boxes, separating the rhinestones from the diamonds. From his ladder, he can see the river, muddy with silt and sewage, drawing a line he can never cross again. Mozart Jackson was a fucking genius, now he's fucked - father to a fourteen year-old crack whore, and married to a habit with a dry hole and an endless hunger for pharmaceuticals. I still have a watercolor of a locomotive on a tumbleweed track across an eternal desert - his last great work - and sometimes (when I am playing my guitar really loud) I swear to God I can hear the steam whistle and the roar of steel wheels turning. © All right
Mozilla Firefox 3 Browser Tweaks & Plugins
Here is a step by step guide on adding more speed to your firefox web browser     In your location bar, type about:config   Once it Opens You should see similar to the following screen   Tip1 In the filter bar type network.http.pipelining You should see the following screen   Normally it says ” false ” under value field , Double click it so it becomes ” true “. Once you finished this you should see the following screen.   Tip2 In the filter bar again and type network.http.pipelining.maxrequests Once it Opens You should see the following scr
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A recent study found the average American walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of beer a year. That means, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon. Kinda makes you proud to be American, right?
60 Mph
Sights blurred past my window Like kaleidoscope mirages. Yet, each of them were vivid Marking an unforgettable place; piquing me. Red and purple wildflowers, Horses, deer, cornstalks and cows. Things I would have loved to savor Had I only a bit more time. Miles and hours later, I joined Him. Smiling, and relieved, as he folded me into that familiar hug. I wonder if He knew I would have driven one thousand miles more To enjoy His needed reception. Laughter sprinkled onto “nobody but you” talks, like seasoned flavor. Secret comfort-zones, toying with feelings and photographs, Things I would have loved to last longer Had He only a bit more time. Desire, at sixty miles per hour, Leaves its mark, regardless to timing, And, will call upon me in the coming nights Perhaps, revealing why I submit, so readily. Reality, at sixty miles per hour, Leaves its wound, after the nap… With controlled words, He sends me
100 Mph
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Chevy motor vehicles similar to the Not so serious provides a different tuner-theme body system kit, minimized insides, table flame in addition to a purposeful butt spoiler that provides a distinct looks. Bring in the genuine results success to your Chevy with Portions Train's Chevy spoiler or perhaps mentorship towards your Wireless Device car is an effective option to a good sportier together with less hot profile. Body system device as a Chevy spoiler can easily change over the vehicle's over-all glance. It really is universally constructed, tailor-made or simply constructed for a given method of automotive. Simple spoilers in good shape virtually all car variations however , many other units want a special variety of spoiler to accomodate its defined benefits together with measurement. Custom wings will be able to represent the individuality together with personality within the car and also operator seeing that he will consider about what is the special layout, colors
Mp3 Profiles
M0ps Drama. Yay.
I'm done. Had enough of people who would rather spend their time making others miserable like themselves, than anything else. I took a break from Christmas till about April, and was extremely happy. I come back here a few weeks, and have had nothing but stress and drama. I have a life, and I'd rather live it happily, than deal with the childish, petty, spitefulness I've been dealing with on here the past 2 weeks. There are a few on here that I will keep in touch with, of course, and anyone else that wants to keep in touch, feel free to find me on yahoo... my username is a little obvious ;) Thank you to those who stuck by me in these testing times, and I'm not going to say any more about it, but those of you who know me, and were here for me, I truly appreciate it. I will never forget that. Anything else that's said about me, or whatever, idgaf. I'm not talking to any of the people that started all this shit, so whatever they say from now on is strictly their own mindless drivel, due
Mp Sex :)
Ok, to understand this you have to know two things first. 1. In Germany you are only allowed to let your car idle for 1 minute. After that you are supposed to turn it off. 2. This happened in OCT. 2001, when US forces in Germany were still on high alert after 9/11. There was a lot of false sightings and "noises in the woods" calls, so everyone was watching around more than normal. Like all good Army stories, it starts like this: There I was, no scheise (look it up it's German), driving on patrol in an MP vehicle (Chevy Corsica) at night near Frankfurt Germany. As I drove around in circles.....before I got my free doughnuts and nightly nap LOL j/k , I saw a silver in color 2000 Jeep Cherokee running in a parking lot near base with its parking lights on. I didnt notice it much then since it was a US vehicle in a US Housing Area. Later on though, I passed it again and it was still running.. (REFERENCE : 12 hours driving in BIG circles) then I got really curious because now it
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Mr 700,000
Mr. 305
Mr. America Jason Kozma Fitness Blog
Mr. And Mrs. Sexy
Mr. And Mrs Teron Nash
Mr. And Mrs. Roderick Burrell
Mr And Mrs Sinfullyshadow
Mr. 20below Great Music Listen To Him...
Mr. Bill's Musings
Okay, first off, a little warning. If you are squeamish, you might want to stop reading now! I'll give you a minute to navigate away from my blog page. Okay, for the rest of you, I hope that you never have to go through what I have been going through the past few days. Last week, I was taking a piss, and the strangest thing happened. I'll describe it for you so you can get a visual of what I'm talking about. Have you ever gotten a fountain drink, and it has too much carbonation? Kind of squirts out all fizzy all over the place? Well, as I was nearing the end of my pissing, that happened to me, my urine came out of me like the aforementioned over-carbonated beverage. I was freaking out. It happened once again while I was at work, and then I experienced a pain like I'd never felt before in my entire life. After it happened at work, the pain finally subsided, and I put it at the back of my mind. Fast forward to the evening of my birthday. I was sitting at the comp
Mr. Big
I would like to talk to you.. I can't even get on ur page.... My shouts to you don't show up on my screen.... what am i supposed to think? It says i'm in your family, but...... still no access to ur page. this user's permissions don't allow you to do this STILL NO ACCESS TO YOU!! I HAVE A LOT TO TELL YOU, BUT I CAN'T GET THROUGH!
Mr. Big
Mr Blogsda
Mr. Bojangles
"I knew a man Bojangles, And he danced for you." - Jerry Jeff Walker This is a true story. The Acorn Pub, in Monroe, NY, may be the coolest bar that ever existed. It is a small house that has been converted into a pub: the pub is on the ground floor, and the family who runs it lives upstairs. A small fireplace and mantle rest against the back wall; the bar counter is near the front, beside a bay window; and the pool table serves as the tavern’s central area. When I lived in the area, the Acorn Pub was the quintessential semi-dive (the most romantic of all bar types). It boasted warmth and lack of pretention, but was neither scary nor grotesque like a true dive. It catered to truck drivers passing through, quiet old couples who slowly sipped on mugs and rarely spoke, and guys like me who understood the allure of the Acorn -- the promise of a quiet beer shared with good friends. Read on as I whisk you to a blustery night in December, when I met the man who changed my
Mr Brightside (est 1981)
hey new friends im kinda new to all this so bare with me. im scott 25 and from uk. speak soon xx
Mr. Brightside
Mr. C
What is up with this site.Nobody want's to know you if your number starts with a 4.Now I know what the previous generation was talking about.That's ok.The rest of you will reach that number too.
Women complain so much about their not being any nice guys out there? It's not like they don't exist. Nice guys are everywhere. They just aren't the kind of guys that most women care for. Most women want the "bad boy" right? The guy whose gonna treat them horribly and put them down to no end. The guy who goes out with his friends, gets drunk, and fucks some random chick behind their back. Of course, these women tends to forgive the asshole and then wonder why her friends think she's stupid for staying with him. I might be way off here, but I'm only speaking from experience. Most of the girls I've dated would rather I party and get drunk as fuck every weekend. Apparently thats what people my age do. I thought it was a good thing these know, being responsible and having some sort of common sense. I swear, I wonder sometimes whether being a dickhead is the way to go. I wouldn't be able to go that route though. I was raised a little better than that. I guess I'll ju
(sung to the tune of "Mr.Crowley" - by Ozzy Osbourne)   Mr.Charlie, what went on in your head? Oh, Mr.Charlie, don't you know you look dead? Your lifestyle to me seems so classic with the ho's and the blow You talk with your hands always spastic Yeah, you said what we already know   Mr.Charming, did you say you were pure Mr.C.Harper, piss in this and we can be sure When babbling things incongruent your DNA is not of this Earth believed that your brain is so special ...yet smoking up thousands worth...   Mr.Charlie, Please get off your high horse! Mr.Charlie, You've got talent, of course! Your ranting this time is so drastic I hear that 911 call Approaching a time that is tragic CBS has their backs to the wall   Are you polemically bent? We want to know what you meant We want to know... We want to know what you meant, yeah   *originally written 4:09am - 4:28am   3/1/2011 - by Bare77
Mr. Ciscero
My name is Ciscero I'm Black and Italian. If you really wont to get to know me I will leave you my personal info because this emailing back forth is to time consuming. So if your really interested you can write me at ciscero2@gmail .com or you can call me at /2/1/4/ 5/9/8/- 1/0/0/3/ If you have yahoo messenger you can add me there and we can talk there. The address is
Mr.classic@ Cherrytap
Wut I'm trying to find is a real woman that know how to take care of business and here fam, and know how to take care of a real man. Becuse as being a good man, I will take care of a good woman. You know wut I mean. I'm dont wont to play game justing being real. I'm not trying to lose all my dog's becuse wife is mad at me for to much time with the dog's. I like to have a real fam run business. I have one started now. But it's just me running it. I like to get to know you better. Tell me your like and dislike's. I wont to know wut make's you smile. Did you like my picture? Must Love Dogs, Pit Bull Terriers. Must know how to take care of a Real Man. I'm a country boy in heart. I know how to take care of a Real Woman. No Crazy lady's. Don't have time. Save a horse and ride a Cowboy. CUSTOM HOG PART’S FOR SALE $7,200.00 $800.00 Front & Rear Brake Kit $600.00 WWW.REALHYDRAULICS.COM 323-393-9384
Today I placed a call to the Mr.Coffe customer service dept. That did not go well. I also wrote an email to the customer service dept. Perhaps that will get some attention. Below is a copy and paste of that email. I have used Mr.Coffee coffee makers exclusively for years. And have recommended the purchase of Mr. Coffee coffee makers to everyone when the opportunity presented itself. I was given a new Mr Coffee coffee maker for x mas to replace my aging unit which I have had for so many years. My old unit finally brewed its last pot of coffee a few nights past and was time to put to use my new x mas gift. Much to my displeasure, this replacement unit, model istx95, is of horrible design. The coffee itself is not hot for very long, in fact, in the morning it was luke warm, tepid at best. I placed a call to the Mr.Coffee customer service. I told the representative what the machine was doing. I was informed that the machine is working correctly. The lady suggested that I rinse the ves
ok i am looking for someone out there that can help me get a vip for my wife for my fubucks and rates or what ever , you tell me what you want and lets work out something... she is wanting one badly and im trying to do it for her as a suprise .. please help me if you can ... PLEASE PASS THIS AROUND TO ALL ON YOUR LIST , THIS IS OF A BABY IN OHIO THAT WAS MURDERED ... THESE PARENTS NEED ALL THEY CAN GET AS I KNOW MY SELF WHAT ITS LIKE TO LOSE A BABY SO PLEASE PASS THIS ON .....PLEASE READ THIS AND PLAY THE VIDEO ON IT .. THIS IS SAD AND I KNOW HOW IT FEELS AND MY HEART GOES OUT TO THIS FAMILY ... EVERYONE PLEASE PASS THIS BLOG ON AND EVERYONE SIGN IT PLEASE... THANK YOU IN ADVANCE .... i am looking for some movies around and a bout .. if you have any of these let me know please.. WrestleMania 24 (Exclusive) or any wwe dvds WALKER TEXAS RANGER , ANY SEASON...2-9 FOR MY SON AS HE LOVES TO WATCH THEM !! THE COSBY SHOW , ANY SEASON
Im looking for somebody who can keep me up untill i dream of them
Mr.d Gotti
Growing pains Broken chains A sad melody Falling tears Listening ears A friend just for me Reaching out Sharing doubt When life gets me down Hands to clutch Gentle touch Can turn me around Spoken words Softly heard Cognitivity Holding tight Loving light Calm serenity
want to meet people
Mr E Blogs
Choose a word for each number and then fill the words into the paragraph. No changing the words after! Then send it to will be fun!! 1 adjective to describe someone- 2 noun (like car, profile, nose etc…)- 3 adjective to describe someone- 4 noun (like car, profile, nose etc…)- 5 verb of action (like run, sing, read etc…)- 6 noun (like car, profile, nose etc…)- 7 noun (like car, profile, nose etc…)- 8 adjective to describe something- 9 noun describing relationship (like friend, rabbi, teacher etc…)- 10 noun (like car, profile, nose etc…)- 11 noun (like car, profile, nose etc…)- 12 noun describing relationship (like friend, rabbi, teacher etc…)- 13 place- 14 noun (like car, profile, nose etc…)- 15 thing (like car, profile, nose etc…)- 16 noun (like car, profile, nose etc…)- 17 adjective to describe something- 18 verb of action (like run, sing, read etc…)- 19 place- 20 something to do- 21 noun (like car, profile, nose e
M Rego Photography
Mre Marine Dinner Date
Hey y'all trust me I have laughed until I have cried, needed to clear my eyes to continue reading~ so let it be said I warned you BEFORE YOU EVEN STARTED!!!!! LATERS TRACIE MRE dinner date, The following is supposedly a true story....told from the point of view of a U.S. Marine. I had a date the other night at my place. On the phone the day before, the girl asked me to "Cook her something she's never had before" for dinner. After many minutes of scratching my head over what to make, I finally settled on something she has DEFINITELY never eaten. I got out my trusty case of MRE's. Meal, Ready-to-Eat. Field rations that when eaten in their entirety contain 3000+ calories. Here's what I made: I took three of the Ham Slices out of their plastic packets, took out three of the Pork Chops, three packets of Chicken-a-la-King, and eight packets of dehydrated butter noodles and some dehydrated/rehydrated rice. I cooked the Ham Slices and Pork Chops in one pan, sauteed in shaved
Mr Fantastic Halloween Costume
Mr Fantastic Halloween Costume Shop for halloween costumes by clicking here - fulfill all your costume and party decoration needs! Halloween costume parties generally fall on, or around, October 31, often falling on the Friday or Saturday prior to Halloween. This year you can go wearing Mr Fantastic Halloween Costume, Superman halloween costume etc. According to The National Retail Federation's (NRF) 2006 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, the top Halloween costumes for children in the United States are: 1. Princess 2. Pirate 3. Witch 4. Spider-Man 5. Superman // Disney Princess 6. Power Ranger 7. Pumpkin 8. Cat 9. Vampire The top Halloween costumes for adults are: 1. Witch 2. Pirate 3. Vampire 4. Cat 5. Clown 6. Fairy 7. Gypsy 8. Superhero 9. Ghost // Ghoul The success of Fantastic Four should enable Mr Fantastic Halloween Costume to be on top this year. Fantastic four hall
Do people really want to see a Zillion head shots of the sameface? BORING!!!! What's up with that ? Are people so full of them selves that they think one would enjoy looking at the same face a thousand times! Smoking can save your life! Check out a book titled: 'The Health Benifits Of Tobacco' by DR. William C. Douglass "Smoking doesn't cause cancer or heart attacks." You want JOBS ... Buy American  ... simple as that !!!! eg. i bought a hammer (made in China) it broke before i could pound one Nail ....Qantity I Got a Hammer I've had for 20 plus years(made in America) ......Quality Imports =polution /garbage .... Exports =Jobs=Quality We're wasting money on Shit that ends up in landfills and takes jobs away!!!
Mr Fubar Contest
THE LEADER OF THIS CONTEST AND HIS 16 LOUNGES ARE TRYIN TO BUY THIS CONTEST BY OFFERING PLATINUM CHERRIES TO PEOPLE WHO BOMB>>>>>>>GET PEOPLE OUT TO SHoW MONEY CANT BUY EVERYTHING>>>>>HERE IS THE LINK TO FTW GET SOME BOMBERS!!! comment bomb limit for ten days....... OK,....i have over 300 friends....160 fans...and im a fan of over 150.....i have had alot more help from people who ARENT on my lists, than people that in a BOMBING contest and there is ONE PERSON BOMBING....I have a bombing family that isnt helping....but i just joined last night so......oh well....i just think that its sad thats all....later... comment bomb limit for ten days.......
Mr. Fubar Contest
[ photo: 2638141961 ] I know sorry!!! This one has a better title then the last one!
Mr. Fubar
I have entered a bombing contest to win Mr. Fubar. If you can I would appreciate all the help I can get to win.
Mr Fubar
Pleae help me make the GREATEST COMEBACK EVER IN FUBAR HISTORY!!! PLEASE Vote for me in the Mr Fubar Contest!!! COMMENT BOMB AWAY!!!! Please help me by rating and comment bombing!!! PLEASE Vote for me in the Mr Fubar Contest!!! I need major comment bombing and rates!!! PLEASE help me out !! :) PLEASE Vote for me in the Mr Fubar Contest!!!
Mr Fucking Tax Man
Mr G-jo
It is the first week of war(The Light week). There is nothing to do. So you go out and help someone set up a tent or two. After that it is late afternoon. You figure $%^& it. I am on vacation so you fall asleep in your tent. You wake up (it is night!) to the sound of African drums pounding off in the distance. You grab your trusty mug and these days your ID (It didn’t use to be that way. But that is a story for another time.)   You head out into the forest. There you see a camp with two long lines checking for IDs. You get past that noise.   Over to your right you see two more long lines. The first one for some tasty liquor concoction that they made up for the night. It is just as smooth as Kool-Aid. Becareful it will sneak up on you.   The second one is some imported ale. And do you know what you pay for them to fill your mug? Nothing!  You just hand them your empty mug. Is there a limit? If you have a staff you can stand longer. If you fall down, no more. You get water. S
Mr. Gq
Mrguards Words Of Wisdom
A Big Thank You to Everyone for their thoughts and well wishes on my birthday. Well folks I will be traveling to Kentucky and Denver over the next 3 weeks.. Id offer to meet ya guys in the areas, but my time is pretty tied up, not to mention I dont need runing into DJ Dumb Ass or Hop-A-Long Swabbie... Yes I know they couldnt do anything, look at their stupid threats LOL.. And anyways for our Texas Marine, I think we would just put a stick in his wheels or something.. Rule One.. Know always who you are gonna Push, Cause if you don't, you dont know who is going to push back.. Thats what I am.. the Unknown. But anyways, I have the chance to embark on a perfect job in the next 18 months.. This is gonna Rock! Did anyone see the high speed chase in Miami today? They showed it during the noon newscast live here in Detroit. Oh yes.. the high speed vehicle they were chasing was a rented U-Haul Truck. So Ive been reading threats from minor folks today... Our Naval Friend
Mr Happy
Hey Ladies I Got Some New Pics Up Under Mr Happy. So If You Would Go and Comment Them I Would Appreciate it. Thanks
Mr. Hurt
I tried of being hurt in relationship I do every thing i can to make woman happy but i always get hurt i just want a woman I can hold and tack care of and love and be a part of something and not someone
Mr I Dont Know
Mr. I E@ Fubar
Mr. Imfunbutnoteasy
I was feeling pretty good the other day. Then I saw her, she was there looking at me with that look, that look I hadn’t seen in a long, long time. That look of fire in her eyes. I thought to myself “this bitch is hot, I wonder if her pussy is as hot as she is.” So I walked over to her and with all of the things I could say to strike up a conversation going round and round in my head, I came up with the best thing I could think of at the time. “Hi!!” That was all I needed to get the door open, actually it was open already and I just had to walk on in. I grabbed her and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close and tight to me. I kissed her and we sucked on each others tongues with a passion I forgot that existed. Feeling her next to me was more hot than I can ever remember a woman feel. Her breasts pressed against me felt SO good!! I kissed her and licked and nibbled on her neck until she twisted and moaned like we were already naked. I felt my throbbing, aching cock tryin
Mri Results!!!
Mri Results
Mri Tomorrow!!!
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Mr James' Space
Funny how women can be so pretentious.....LOL So this girl ive known for about six months, emails me telling me how good a friend ive been to her in her time of need (i was her shoulder to lean on when she got dumped by another Douchebagg of a guy. And i dont know HOW it came up, but she asked me if i was GAYY. Now as far as im aware, Im straight. So i CALMLY asked her how did she get to that- and she said Cuz i didnt try n F%ck her during her vulernable(sp) state. Shame when a man's sexually gets questioned when you try and do the right thing..LOL I tried to do it nicely, but you know me.. just OUT n told her, her body type doesnt interest me, i prefer AMPLENESS, not BONES. Havent heard from her in a week now... It kills me to read women's profiles that say "THEY ARE NOT LOOKING FOR BOOTY CALLS OR ANYTHING RELATING TO SEX"... BUT they have semi nudes, bent over pics, nipple pics, and who KNOWS wat under those private folders.. LAdies that are TIRED of men only approach
Mr. Jack S.
MENTAL HOSPITAL PHONE MENU Hello and thank you for calling The State Mental Hospital. Please select from the following options menu: If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you. If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want, stay on the line so we can trace your call. If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be forwarded to the Mother Ship. If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press. If you are manic-depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press, nothing will make you happy anyway. If you are dyslexic, press 9696969696969696. If you are bipolar, please leave a message after the beep or before the beep or after the beep.. Please wait for the beep. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you
Mr. Jingles
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Mr Kennedy
World Heavyweight Championship match January 28, 2007 HW Champ Batista vs Mr Kennedy Soon The New Wwe Heavyweight Champ Me Ur Good Friend Mr Kennedy With the start of each new day I find myself thinking of you... In the middle of my busy day, my mind wanders and I think of you... Out of nowhere I see your smile, hear your laugh and I think of you... Life is beautiful now because I fall in love all over again each time I think of you.
Mrknogood's Blog
I was walking around in a store. I saw a ashier hand this little boy his money back saying "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll." Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?'' The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.'' Then she asked him to stay there for 5 minutes while she went to look around. She left quickly.The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand.Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to."It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for this Christmas.She was so sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her." I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus will bring it to her after all, and not to worry. But he replied to me sadly. "No, Santa Claus can't bring it to her where she is now. I have to give the doll to my mommy so that she can give it to my sister when she goes ther
$mr Lickable,get Down$
I cant send any message, for some reason it wont let me. Trust I know that, I come to have fun. Yes, yes I get down, How ever you want it, I say lets go have a drink . I'm here to have fun lets have fun together. Lets kick it!!
Have been looking for the right lady one for life one who knows how to love with your heart and eyes but one who feels in her heart the facts behind a long lasying relationship one who will meet me half way as I;ll wil be to you happy smiling and love is what I offer you are you the one
Mr Lxxx
if there was no tomorrow , what would be the one thing u would wana do at that moment? think as if that moment was now , what r u thinkn this moment. wana know my answer? tell me what u think.
Mrmillionaire's Lair
is only one: To promote my bizzes. I know that most of you come here for other "purposes",but mine is solely to give you an Opportunity to see what is on the other side of the world. Now, some of you may be so young that the only thing you have on your mind is a good time. Well, let me tell you and some of you know this intuitively, it don't feed your face. No matter how "hot,sauve,sexy,fine,cute,sassy" or whatever else you want to call yourself, it does not negate the fact that you need a little more than that to make it in this world. That is why I am here. To give you an Opportunity to look at something else besides a Bod part or suggestive "whatever". If you don't like what I have to offer, my sincerest and deepest apology,but I am still here to Sell,sell, SELL! Want to take a look? http://www.CoffeeT
Mr. Midnight Rider - Fu Luv Bomb Squad Member Needs U
Fu Luv Needed Here!!! MR MIDNIGHT RIDER Just click the Picture!! Please stop by and FAN, RATE and ADD my friend. He also needs help leveling!!! He is a terrific person and always helps me out!!! So come on FUBAR show him some love and he and I will both return the favor!!! Mr Midnight Rider~Fu Pastor and Judge When Needed~Owned By SusieBaby@ fubar PIMPOUT BY Ctgirl™ OWNER OF FU-LUV BOMB SQUAD-R/L Wife of Wills-Owned by BGF55♥Dangerous Curves Member@ fubar
Mr Mista
Mr.mom_dad Needs A Woman.
Mr. Mojo Rising - Jim Morrison Poetry
A clean paper or a pure white wall. One false line, a scratch, a mistake. Unerasable. So obscure by adding million other tracings, blend it, cover over But the original scratch remains, written in gold blood, shining. Desire for a Perfect Life I dropped by to see you late last night But you were out like a light Your head was on the floor & rats played pool w/your eyes Death is a good disguise for late at night Wrapping all games in its calm garden But what happens when the guest return & all unmask & you are asked to leave for want of a smile I'll still take you then But I'm your friend Lament for my cock Sore & crucified I seek to know you acequiring soulful wisdom you can open walls of mystery strip-show How to get death On the morning Show T.V. death which the child absorbs death-well mystery which makes me write Slow train The death of my cock gives life Guitar player Ancient wise satyr Sing your ode to my co
Mr. Nevasaeno@ Cherrytap
Mr 7,000,000 Needs Help To Level!
Mrnick's Variety Mix001
"X sensual X"In bed we talk to tickle and walkour fingertips in darkness brightly fed.We gawk, fickle sought,to linger on our hips.Dispersed tingles reverse singles, doublesthen trickles come when nipples couple numb.Periodical somber rupturesmembers of senescent sensors.What kindles our dwindling effluence spent? The snow falls after the leaves do the same. I get lost in the blizzards and freeze then sweat the pic game. I'm back and ya know my stalls craft a lizard's leap ta beat the sneeze bet. I crave ta remain in ma cave and let the sun set.
Mr. Ninja
If you think you got what it takes then I wnat you 2 be my owner........ -NiNjAnAtIoN88 If you wna send me an invite or just say ello governa, ill accept it!!!!
Mr. Nobody
Mr.november2007@ Fubar
Mr. Nukem's Interwebz
I still laugh when I watch this one I think this is so damn funny
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The Mr.pain Show
I lay in wait trying to dream But the thoughts in my head continue to scream I miss him so much my heart begins to flutter My chest tightens as my lungs start to shutter I begin gasping for air in a panic I toss and turn with this manic Can not control this feeling inside Without you near me my soul has died I stretch my hand and reach for my covers Wishing it was the warm hand of my lover My eye can not help but to escape a tear Such a strong connection between us, I can almost feel you near So close to you but yet so distant However our love always remains persistant I'll be home soon.. I love you baby and miss you so much i miss you i truly do i wish me an u could be together very very soon i never knew how much i loved u until u went away and now i long to see u each and every day i realized that u r my everything and that without u i can not live i kno u only went away for weeks but to me they seem like centuries we havnt talke
Mr.pain At His LIKE THE PIC'S THAT ARE SKETCHED BELOW? IN ORDER TO RECIEVE A SKETCH YOU MUST ADD ME AND FAN ME AND YOU HAVE THE CHOICE OF EITHER RATING ALL PICS AND STASHES OR TO MAKE LIKE EASIER YOU CAN TRANSFER 10,000 FUBUCKS. chris• Jersey DJ Scooby Doo Kizzmecwby197 well iam sitin at home on sunday mornin its 2:34am waitin for my wife to call me but i think she is sleepin and thinkin about alot of things we are not together right now but iam tryin so hard to get to her you see she is in the usa and iam in canada and at this time i cant get to her but she is goin to come see me soon i hope!!!!!!! You see she is the best preson in the world NO joke she is and we will be together soon i hope it is verey hard right now b/c she works all day and i work all night so we get to talk like 5 min a day if that so the only thing we have is myspace to talk so baby (chris
Mr. Philosopher
Mr Pibb
Mr. P. Ness
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: I do physical labor. I work at great depths. I plunge headfirst into everything I do. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. I work in a damp environment. I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation. I work in high temperatures. My work exposes me to contagious diseases. Sincerely, P. Niss Response Dear Penis: After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons: You do not work 8 hours straight. You fall asleep after brief work periods. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. You do not stay in your designated area and are often seen visiting other locations. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of your shift. You don't always observe necessary safety
Mr Pp
href=''>Click Here If You're Bored
Mr. President, You Do Not Speak For Me!
Since 20 January, 2008, I have watched as our President, supposedly the leader of our great country and a representative of Americans everywhere, bow and scrape before the leaders of other countries as he apologized for one transgression after another. I found the pictures (photo ops?) of the president bowing to the Saudis and others offensive. True, they should be treated with respect, but gravel? Never! Surely, he has someone on his staff who knows something of ettiquette, someone who knows the proper way and the meanings of the ways to bow to the Japanese Emperor, for instance. So, either he did the bowing and apologizing by mistake, or he did it intentionally, believing America has a lot for which to apologize. Mr. President, you do not speak for ME! I am an American! I will not apologize for being an American! Yesterday, he made a speech laying out his vision of the Middle East, calling for Israel to go back to the pre-1967 borders which would provide little or no security for th
Mr. Pussy
Mr. PUSSY As he stroked my body, I thought back to the first time we spoke. He was very sure of himself. He greeted me in french. What black man takes out the time to learn french other than in high school because they had to? Yes, yall.....he came at me with some bonjoir shit. It caught me off guard....and I never get caught of guard. He walked right up to me...... in the middle of downtown Atlanta....and tilted his head. “Bonjoir, kdvjnvgfbvhjdnakjkajdd?” That’s what it sounded like to me. “Excuse me? Were you addressing me?” “Wee, fhgvarhsoijfaegnvnfngjn;nsk.” exactly! What the fuck was he saying to me? I felt kinda stupid. I consider myself an intellectual woman, but I couldn’t wrap my mind around what he was saying. So he showed me mercy.... as I stood there with a blank look on my face.....he started to talk in English. “I said....hello an
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Mr. Right
Mr. Right
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Mr. Right
Mr Right...
Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they sometimes take the apples from the ground that aren't as good, but they are easy. The apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right person to come along, the one who is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree. Now Men.... Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it's up to women to stomp the shit out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with. Oh and by the way....I am an apple from the very top of the tree!!!! LOL:p
"mr. Right" For Me And They Don't Need To Be

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