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Love Always
A Love Poem
My Love is like an ocean It goes down so deep My Love is like a rose Sweet beauty I want you to keep My love is like a wild river So raging and so true My love is like a spring bird It's feathers soft and new My love is like an echo That goes on and on forever My love is like a prisoner It's to you that I surrender
Love Hurts Like Hell
what is love? well love is making yourself happy for the one u love as well as making the one you love happy? how do u know if someone loves you? well first off u never get enough of that person, everything they do can put a smile on your face. even when they make u angry they still know how to make u smile. if that person loves you back, they would do anything to make u happy right? i dont know but for the one i love i know i would do everything in my power to make them happy, i know i am not rich wealthy or anything like that but if i have love, thats better then anything i can go buy at the store right? so would it be wrong to expect the same thing in return? what ever happened to the GOLDEN RULE? whats wrong with the world today, why does it have to be a dog eat dog world? why cant we all jus get along converse and have a good time like they used to do back in the day when u could go to a house party and not worried about getting shot cause u were dancin with someone or talkin to s
Love Is Like An Investment
The closest analogy to being in love to me is like INVESTING MONEY. Most people invest money for the long haul.....they dont throw $1000 into the stock market on Monday and move it on Tuesday just cuz the stock went down. Most people leave the money in for TIME and see what the market does and even with the UPS and DOWNS usually if the investment was a smart one in the beginning they come out on top. To me LOVE is the same way. It changes daily....sometimes up, sometimes down, but the good smart investor IN LOVE, his profit and goal comes to fruition when YEARS down the road his goal was met with a LIFE, LOVE and a FAMILY. To me the HEART and LOVE is the GREATEST THING ONE PERSON CAN INVEST IN ANOTHER...and just like the stock market it comes with all depends on WHAT AND HOW MUCH YOU ARE WILLING TO RISK TO GET WHAT YOU TRULY WANT MY GOAL IS HAPPINESS AND WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO COME BY AND WHY ARE PEOPLE NOT WILLING TO WORK THESE DAYS FOR LOVE!
Subject: Fw: starbucks denies coffee to troops > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Recently, Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let >them know how much they liked their coffees and > > > to request that they send some of it to the troops there. > > > Starbucks replied, telling the Marines- thank you for your support of >their business, but that Starbucks does not support the war, nor anyone in >it, and that they would not send the troops their brand of coffee. > > > So, as not to offend Starbucks, maybe we should not support them by not >buying any of their products! > > > As a war vet writing to fellow patriots, I feel we should get this out. >I know this war might not be very popular with some folks, but that doesn't >mean we don't support the troops on the ground fighting street-to-street >and house-to-house for what they believe is right. If you feel the same as >I do then pass this along. Thanks very much for your support. I know you'll >all be t
I Have Only Come On Here To Get Points And To Help My Wife Out With Her Points, And People Come On Here And Hit Up On Us As We Are Unhappy. We Had Told These People We Are Very Happy And Very Much In Love With One Another. I Love Shauna, I Always Have And Always Will, I Don't Care If Someone Thinks They Can Make Me Happier They Can Just Keep Thinkin' They Are The Best Person In The World, 'Cause I Know Better I Have Her And I Have No Intentions On Leavin' The Love Of My Life For Some Game, A Flink Or A Toy. At This Here Point I Don't Care What She Does I Know Who She Is With, Where She Is At, Where She Wants To Be, And Who She Wants To Be With, That There Is What Makes Me Happy, And Love Her All The More. Thanks Your CherryTap Pal/ Friend, George It's Almost Here The Time Is Near. We Will Be Gettin Married July 27, 2007, I Can See It Now The Most Beautiful Woman And I Gettin Hitched, Can't Wait. I'm Still Countin. Will You All Please Help My Wife With Getting Her Comments She Has
-Kiss on the stomach; I'm ready. -Kiss on the Forehead; I hope we're together forever. -Kiss on the Ear; You're my everything. -Kiss on the Cheek; We're friends. -Kiss on the Hand; I adore you. -Kiss on the Neck; We belong together. -Kiss on the Shoulder; I want you. -Kiss on the Lips; I love you. ____________________________________________________ What the gesture means... -Holding Hands; We definitely like each other. -Slap on the Butt; That's mine. -Holding on tight; I don't want to let go. -Looking into each other's Eyes; I just plain like you. -Playing with Hair; Tell me you love me. -Arms around the Waist; I like you too much to let go. -Laughing while Kissing; I am completely comfortable with you. ____________________________________________________ Advice; Don't ask for a kiss, take one. If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love. ____________________________________________________ Requirements; Post this again aft
Love Hurts
****************************************************************************** Ok, my question is... What would you do for love. Seriously. If it was make it or break it time, what would you do to keep the love of your life. What would you do to show the person you love that you are the one. Anyone can respond!! Are you a romantic, a mushy mushy, or just plain skeptical. What would you do...
‘Love’ Love is a emotion Seldom freely given Love is a beauty Felt from deep within Love is a image Of peace and happiness Love is only felt When one gives kindness A special thing, to some people… That’s what love is. But, to me… LOVE IS YOU! J.R.A.F 12-09-93
I honestly belive I have found the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with. She's the sweetest kindest most awesome woman I know. I love her more then words can describe. I love you so much Rachael and I can't wait to be with you. Well on the bright side of things rachael has been the greatest persone to me and I love her so much I can't even begin how to describe it. We've been together for just over a month and no matter how many times she say I love you to me I still get this big goofy ass grin on my face. I find myself wanting to be with her more and more every day, I eagerly wait for her phone calls and am sad that I have to sleep alone cuse I would much rather be with her holding her in my arms. So yeah I think that's all I have right now. The one fantasy I have that keeps poping in my head goes like this. My girlfriend is sleeping nake in our bed, but I'm not in it yet. Instead I'm out preparing for the sneak in. I creap in like a vampire with my fangs in there's so
LOVE Love is something I can't explain, It's soft, gentle, and causes no pain. It makes your heart skip a beat, It makes you feel so complete. Love is something words can't express, It's an emotion that rises above the rest. It leaves you always wanting more, It stays with you down to the core. Love is something I found with you, Trust and honesty are part of it too. I love you so much, I won't let you go, How I feel about you, I want you to know. Love is something special we share, It's tenderness, sincerity, and care. Living my life with you so near, I'll love you forever My Dear! By: Angela
Love Of A Woman
The Love of a WomanThe love of a womanIsn't the way she dresses,The way she walks,Or the way she wears her hair.The love of a womanIs what you see within her eyesThe deepness of her soul.What she holds within her heart.The love of a womanIs not the outter beauty.It's the beauty she holds within,The personality that shows.It's her unconditional love,
Love Sux!
I dont know what to do anymore, I try and I try...Just when I think I found love it turns around and smacks me in the face... Love drives you crazy and mad, Love makes you do stupid things for stupid reasons...all in the name of love, know what FUCK YOU LOVE! If I could Id beat your ass down for all the pain and shit you have caused me I would...and what do I have to prove for what you've done to me? Absolutely Fucking Nothing! dont get me wrong I dont blame you for all my problems I am also to blame...I have many imperfections, Jealousy is my big one....and Trust...I trust too damn much! I give up on love once again.... Music Video:LONELY DAY (by System Of A Down)LOVE SUX
Love Songs
Once in a lifetime You'll open up your heart Maybe once in your lifetime You'll swear to never be apart You think your love's on solid ground Then out of the blue, it all comes tumblin' down Who's gonna hold me tonight When I'm feeling lonely Who's gonna show me the light 'Cause I need to know With all the things we've go How can love just stop Tell Me Somebody help me understand And my picture in your locket What will you do with it now All our friends and all our memories Tell me how we sort them out What's yours is yours What's mine is mine Is that all that's left After all this time Who's gonna hold me tonight When I'm feeling lonely Who's gonna show me the light 'Cause I need to know With all the things we've go How can love just stop Tell Me Somebody help me understand Help me understand Why I'm not part of our plan And you don't need me anymore Help me understand Why I still wanna be where you are Even
Love It When I Have A Good Time.
Hello everyone i just thought i would share alittle about the great time i had last weekend! i don't get a chance to get out much but this past weekend was the best yet. I went down to Beloit, Wisconsin cause i currently live in Janesville, Wis. and met up with some really good friends that i haven't seen in forever! Anyways we went to the gay bar and if you hadent already gathered yet i am Bisexual so anyways we went and seen a drag show! my very first it was sooo awsome! I was so wasted by the end of the show and totally made out with my ex-girlfriend but it was hott! and then we left there and went to this bar called the 88 and i met up with a few other of my friends and you would think being wasted already i would stop drinking well, no i dident't and had some fun there we had to break up a fight and then totally went over to some chicks house that i dident even know with my friends and then i proceeded to get sick all over the street! i dont drink much either but i think if you dr
Love As It Is
My daddy’s girl Some things aren’t meant to last Some dreams they go too fast Then I think of you And that just won’t do I love the sweetness of your smile Watching you play all the while I already knew I was loosing you The child you are is slipping away And this is just natures way Of setting you free So you can be who you’ll be This old man can help but feel Time is cruel but wounds heal And in time pain goes That’s what this heart knows A daddy’s girl you’ll always be At least it’s what I’ll always see When I look at you My baby girl forever new The child you are is slipping away And this is just natures way Of setting you free So you can be who you’ll be Daddy loves you oh so much And he loves to feel the touch Of your little hand Nothings better to this man I won’t worry about what comes It would be oh so dumb And waste the time And that truly is a crime The child you are is slipping away But we won’t worry about that tod
Love Song
A Love Song If I could sing you a love song Would you cherish every note Knowing each word filled with love As they escape my throat If I were there with you Would you rest your head Leaning it against me As we sit in your bed Could you feel the love With every guitar string Could you feel the love In every note I sing I would sing the chorus As our lives write the verse Making new beginnings As we arrive there first So know this truth as you hear my voice In each and every song When I’m singing understand It’s for you I long
Love Fortune Cookie
Love Fortune CookieMy love fortune cookie says "A stranger will cross your path who later becomes your friend"Click here to get your love fortune cookie from
Love Sonnet Xvii
This is my favorite poem by Pablo. I read this in Mr. Knuth's class waaayyyyyy back and it has been my favorite ever since..... Love Sonnet XVII by Pablo Neruda I don't love you as if you were the salt-rose, topaz or arrow of carnations that propagate fire: I love you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadow and the soul. I love you as the plant that doesn't bloom and carries hidden within itself the light of those flowers, and thanks to your love, darkly in my body lives the dense fragrance that rises from the earth. I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where, I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I don't know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep it is your eyes that close.
some times things can be so good and yet inside your soo alone. but what hurts the most is when you try your best to get with someone and they play you for the fool you a fool should have just stayed away form her....but yet its not really my fault if she doesnt want me... just shows that im a fool for leting her got soo close to me... she doent even kno....but i think its all over now because im just so tired of getting hurt///feeling this way...i just wish something would change....mayb i shoudnt try to be with anyone because it might be best for me....well i dunno what i want just to be happy an have some one i guess.....mayb that day will come some time.... Love, its great at first and then when its gone your long to be with that specail someone....your sadden and hurt some times when your on your own or thinking about the past loves that you hade and how great they was and the things that messed them up.... Things that Change you for the better....Its
Love's Crazy
Real Love is out there we just have to keep on searching Love enhances beauty it makes one glow and all the emotions and satisfaction is shown on the outside. LOVE CAN HURT BUT ITS WORTH THE CHANCE CAUSE IF YOU FIND THE RIGHT LOVE THEN ITS LIKE GOLD OR SOME PRECIOUS TREASURE
So I have been thinking A LOT lately, for no paricular reason just thinking... about LOVE usually. But, what does love really mean? To me love is--hard to explain for sure, but at the same time I'm not sure it is something you can explain it really. I'm sure you've been in a situation where someone you care about a lot asks "Why do you like me so much?" and they get all pissed off because you can't explain in words as to why you like this person, or atleast the words do no justice about like how much you really like the person... and like I said I've been thinking a lot and I think I figured a lot out. About 2 years ago I was with someone, I thought the world of him. We seemed so picture perfect, I was a high school cheerleader, amazing grades, and no worries--except of course, "What will I wear tomorrow?". John, he was fresh out of high school, graduated 12th in his class, and all the time in the world for me. We did things couples did.. went to dinner, kissed, watched
Love Quotes
You will never know true happiness until you have truly loved, and you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost it. -------------------------------------------------- You will never know true happiness until you have truly loved, and you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost it. -------------------------------------------------- Your voice makes me tremble inside And your smile is an invitation For my imagination to go wild. -------------------------------------------------- I have learned not to worry about love; But to honor its coming with all my heart. -------------------------------------------------- To love a person is to learn the song That is in their heart, And to sing it to them When they have forgotten. -------------------------------------------------- The most precious possession that ever comes To a man in this world Is a woman's heart. ----------------------------------
Today I seat in front of my pc, thinking what it will happen with me, what is it that I want to be who is it that I want to see and ask my self why me? just feeling the sorrow of missing you what would I do. you are now with god is so true just thinking without you what am I to do you tell me in my dreams, that is all up to me but my darling don't you see, that the sorrow I feel is to deep so I pray God and asked him how long it will be how long my lord will I feel sorrow sadness and emptiness from missing you please come in my dreams again and tell me what am I to do, and take away the sorrow of missing you!!! Love in your heart, wasn't put there to stay because love is not love until you give it away start loving yourself, in oder to love others by giving love the only thing you may get back in return is love..... our lives is a loving gift from God, and what we do with this life is out loving gift to God love one another and share this wonderful gift thi
"why do boys fall in love with girls?" (This was written by a guy) Don't break this; it's so sweet! :) 1. They will always smell good even if it's just shampoo. 2. The way their heads always find the right spot on our shoulder. 3. How cute they look when they sleep. 4. The ease in which they fit into our arms. 5. The way they kiss you and all of a sudden everything is right in the world. 6. How cute they are when they eat. 7. The way they take hours to get dressed but in the end it makes it all worth while. 8. Because they are always warm even when its minus 30 outside. 9. The way they look good no matter what they wear. 10. The way they fish for compliments even though you both know that you think she's the most beautiful girl on this earth. 11. How cute they are when they argue. 12. The way her hand always finds yours. 13. The way they smile. 14. The way you feel when you see their name on the your cell after
This was sent to my bulletins on myspace and I thought I would share it here because it is so damn true. Have you ever experienced getting out of a romantic relationship where you felt as though you were already at the end of your rope, but you were still determined to go on? Sadly, many people unconsciously give a negative answer to this question by denying themselves the right to be happy. While some people see finding someone to love as a "dream come true," others view it as their "worst nightmare." For the latter, falling in love is a constant dilemma that puts them in an emotional roller coaster. People who have loved and lost often become emotionally scarred. They may be haunted by disillusionment because of unrequited love, or they could be traumatized by pain from previous relationships. Their hearts pound with joy when they feel that new love has come along. They consider the possibility of loving and being loved again. Still, they are afraid to welcome the love that k
Loves Fortune Cookie
Okay, so somehow I gave my entire company a virus on all of the networks and servers. they think it either came from my CherryTap, or MySpace account. Therefore I have not been using either one of them at work. And in turn they let me keep my job. LOL Anyway, I am moving and will have a computer at home I can let get virus's and hopefully you will all still be my friends then. Until then, I miss you all. Talk to ya soon. Your Slanguage Profile Prison Slang: 50% Aussie Slang: 25% British Slang: 25% Southern Slang: 25% Victorian Slang: 25% Canadian Slang: 0% What Slanguage Do You Speak? According to experts, I am : 93% KinkyTake the Kinky Quiz at
Love And Heart Ache
That boy took my love away, He'll regret it someday, But this boy wants you back again. That boy isn't good for you, Tho' he may want you too, This boy wants you back again. Oh, and this boy would be happy, Just to love you, buy oh my-yi-yi, That boy won't be happy, Till he's seen you cry-hi-hi. This boy wouldn't mind the pain, Would always feel the same, If this boy gets you back again. This boy. This boy. Close your eyes, make a wish And blow out the candlelight For tonight is just your night We're gonna celebrate, all thru the night Pour the wine, light the fire Girl your wish is my command I submit to your demands I'll do anything, girl you need only ask Chorus: I'll make love to you Like you want me to And I'll hold you tight Baby all through the night I'll make love to you When you want me to And I will not let go Till you tell me to Girl relax, let's go slow I ain't got nowhere to go I'm just gonna concentrate on you Girl are you ready,
Love You Vickie - R.i.p.
Life is so harsh as we have seen today and throughout Anna's life. The only good thing that happened was her being in Playboy Magazine. May she now rest in peace from all of the camera and everyone else that wanted a piece or a part of her. Take care Vickie, look down and watxh your daughter grow and hopefully become as beautiful and loving as you were in life. RIP Love David XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX L
Love Hurts
Love Is A Gift I Give To You
The night sky twinkles above The stars mirror the light in your eyes They fill with the look of love And with the bond that ties The eyes are the window to the soul Open to expose the heart's real need What is the payment of the toll? A spark that is planted like a seed This spark is a fire burning within A desire to expand the glow To some, it's simply a sin To others, the heart will know The eyes show the love you feel The heart is open wide My soul has to close the deal Then you walk with me by my side Love is a gift I give to you My heart for you to hold If you feel the love I feel too Our hearts will warm and block out the cold
Love Or Hate
Hate loves &Love hates: My heart is torn and cannot be mended My thoughts that roam my mind are no longer splendid To love is to hate and to hate is to love To that special four letter word I will push and shove My breathing is weak and I cannot see Your face is there when I drop to my knee Let God have me now... ..Blood drips from my brow Taste the hate and feel how it is warm It welcomes well in its form My heart is torn and cold inside It rips open and lets forth a dark blooded tide It is "love" that has caused all this trouble And it is"love" that has made hate in my heart double If this word causes so much pain For this word why do others seek and try to gain? IN TIME I WANT TO KNOW OF TRUE LOVE IN LIFE I HAVE NOT HAD IT BUT I REAL TRUE KNOW HOW IT FEEL WELL LIFE GIVE IT TO ME I WELL NEVER KNOW I'M LOST
Love Is.....
Love is trusting another person with all of your tomorrows. Love is giveing everything you have and expecting nothing in return. Love is opening your heart to someone, trusting them to care enough to never hurt you. Love is standing beside someone, nomatter the outcome. Love is believeing in a dream, but accepting the truth. Love is understanding, without judgement. Love is allowing yourself to be hurt, while hopeing you never will... I Love You ...
_____xxxxxxxxxx______xxxxxxxxxx___xxx pass xxxxxx___xxxxxxxxxxxxx___xxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx___xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx____xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_____xxxxxxxxx heart xxxxxxxxxxx ______xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_________xxxx to xxxxxxxxxxx ___________xxxxxxxxxxxxx_____________xxxxx all x______________xxxxxx _______________the x_______________xx_______friends__xx_____________x_you_______x_________xx ___care_xx _____xxxx__x about x___xxxxxxx____xx the xx______xxxxxx_most!!_xxxxxxx_________xxxxx_________xxxxx________xxxx_____xxxx LOVE starts with a SMILE, grows with a KISS, and ends with a TEAR. DON'T cry over anyone who won't cry over you. Good FRIENDS are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. You can only go as far as you push. ACTIONS speak louder than words. The HARDEST thing to do is watch the one you love, love somebody else. DON'T let the past hold you back, you're missing the good stuff. LIFE'S SHORT. If you don't look
has anyone ever had that 1 kiss the 1 hat lets you know there is no other the 1 kiss that tells you that you have completed your life there will be nothing better a kiss that lets you know you have found the 1 there is no more no less the universe is perfect everything is good but the kiss is only 1 sided i wish i had oscar meyers weiner then all the girls would bein love with me oh i wish i had oscar meyers weiner then all the girls i could please i don't want to grow up i'm a girls-r-us kids a million miles of girls are there for us to play with there red ones, blonde ones, brunette ones too oh boy, what joy i want to be a girls-r-us boy
Love the person next to you as you would ask them to love you.
Love's Moments
There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real! When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us. Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile. May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to make you happy. The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear. The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past, you can't go on well in life until you let go of your past failur
Love Him Or Hate Him, He's Got A Point!!!
By Rush Limbaugh: I think the vast differences in compensation between victims of the September 11 casualty and those who die serving our country in Uniform are profound. No one is really talking about it either, because you just don't criticize anything having to do with September 11. Well, I can't let the numbers pass by because it says something really disturbing about the entitlement mentality of this country. If you lost a family member in the September 11 attack, you're going to get an average of $1,185,000. The range is a minimum guarantee of $250,000, all the way up to $4.7 million. If you are a surviving family member of an American soldier killed in action, the first check you get is a $6,000 direct death benefit, half of which is taxable. Next, you get $1,750 for burial costs. If you are the surviving spouse, you get $833 a month until you remarry. And there's a payment of $211 per month for each child under 18. When the child hits 18, those payments come to
Love is just like Magic... ...Magic, is just an illusion
Love How Do You Know When You Are In Love ? Tell Me What You Think!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Or Infatuation
You've never seen my face, but you know me better than anyone. I've never felt your touch, but I know you're gentle. Your voice rings in my ear like an echo, but when I shout back you rarely reply. Even though you've never seen me, I'm always there. You may not know but I am. No. I'm not a stalker, and no I'm not hiding. I just can't be seen. I'm not physically there, but my soul was there. My very spirit. You made me happy, and you, happy as well. When you felt bad I felt ten times worse. My heart skipped a beat. My heart ached. My heart sank, and then faded away. My heart has disappeared just to find you, not giving up hope. Then when it finds you, and sees that. I have some slopey-hill days that go up and down, but that dark day was a mountain. At first I was confused. Why me? Why us? But now I'm..... Happy....I've learned that my love with this stranger will never end. I will love her eternally, I loved her enough to say "It's okay". As long as someone loves her,
Love 2 Meet New People
Love is not bothering what you are inside or what your physical deficiencies are. It's acceptance. Love is sending him flowers to tell him that you are lucky to have him. Its appreciation. Love is knowing that it will be the most tender goodnight kiss. It's anticipation. Love is not bothering about work and kids and just giving time to one another. Its adjustment. Love is knowing that you are made for each other and you will be there for each other for ever. Its bonding. Love is telling a person if you have to leave, you will want her to sleep and would not disturb her, and in reply being told that she would rather be woken. It's compassion. Love is making love at the most outrageous place without the fear of getting caught. Its craziness. Love is lying in each other's arms the whole night. It's closeness. Love is thinking about him the whole day and longing to be with him. It's desire. Love is the screaming out in joy when you have reached the climax. It's ecstasy. Love is giving one
Love And Life
I don't want anyone to think i am writting this about anyone in particular, but i am and he knows who. i just know that love and life is not fair to everyone. i am in love with a wonderful man and i know that he loves me with all of his heart so why am i so afraid of hurting him and losing him or him doing the same to me and walking away. i know i was once told that if you love something set it free if it comes back it was meant to be and yes i once reworded it to fit how i feel if you love something set it free if it comes back love it more fiercely then you love yourself. well i have done that and i have loved more fiercely then i ever have before and i see that i am the one that suffers more and more each day because of this, i turned love away so many times and i have been hurt so many times that i sometimes don't see what i have till it is too late and i have a problem trusting when i know that i am the one that is in his heart and that he wants to be a family with me and my s
Love Storie
There was this man who only had an illness lets say.He only had a few months to live.He liked a girl who worked in a CD store very much.So much that he use to go to the CD store to bye a CD just to take to her,but he wouldent let her no how he felt.Aftre a few days the girl noticed that the guy hadn't been in.So she went to his hause to ask of him.His mother told her that he had died a few days ago,and took her to his room.there the girl saw all the CD's still in there wrapper,the girl started to cry.Why?..Because in every CD case is were the girl had left a note of her LOVE for him...To let him know that she LOVED him back.
Love Hurts
...Is there such thing as a good honest man? One who's not taken.Someone who wont play games!...I dont think there is!!! How can you tell if you're really in Love with someone,Or if they love you?!?! I really like this guy,But we live in different states.We talk on the phone alot,& sent each other pictures & letters & such.Hes working 2 jobs & we dont get to talk much! I wish I could visit him or he could come visit me! I cant really tell if our relationship is going anywhere! ...I dont know! Sometimes I wonder,"What is love,really?"...
My mood right now Happy lyrics In this hole That is me The dead are rolling over In this hole Thickening Dirt shoveled over shoulders I feel it in me So overwhelmed All this pressure centerizing My life over turned But there than despare All these scars keep ripping open Peel me from the skin Tear me from the rhine Does it make you happy now? Tear me from the bone Tear me from myself Are you feeling happy now? In this hole That is me A life that is growing feeble In this hole So limiting The sun has set all darkness Buried underneath Hands slip off the wheel Internal path until contention Peel me from the skin Tear me from the rhine Does it make you happy now? Tear me from the bone Tear me from myself Are you feeling happy now? Are you HAPPY Are you HAPPY Are you feeling happy? In this hole That is me Left with a heart exhausted Was that real hate? What tense be free? Do you pull me up just to push me out again? P
Love You More Than Cookies
how much do you love me? "more than cookies" he replies... that tiny upturned face... those devilish sparkling eyes... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ innocence and honesty... is all this young heart knows... holding nothing back... letting his love show... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ love unconditional... his love has no "price"... he means what he says... he isnt being "nice"... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ do u love me too he asks? "more than cookies" i reply... i smile knowing this "love"... will never say "goodbye"... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Why does it feel like no matter what I say it seems to me to get turned around? Why do my faults have to come to the surface? I know what they are I don't need them thrown in my face. I know that I spend to much time on the computer and I know that I don't spend enough time with my son, but I don't need to be reminded every time I turn around. I am crying inside cause I know what I need to do and I don't know how to do it. I am screaming inside cause I want so much more in life. I don't understand why things have to be the why they are? I don't understand why I am the way I am. Maybe there are things in my past that I let control me and I don't want to admit it. I want to be loved, not feel like I am being controled, but maybe that is the way it is suppose to be. I don't know and maybe I will never know. Maybe I am to be alone for the rest of my life, because maybe that is how long it will take for me to find myself. Maybe me being alone isn't such a bad thing in the end. I really don'
Love Hurts
love hurts when u think u have found the right one that u want to spend the rest of your life with and then u find out they are not the one and that hurts so much u don't know if u want to love again
Love You /read Dis
One morning you will never wake up, do all your friends know you love them? I was thinking...I could die today, tomorrow or next week, and I wondered if I had any wounds needing to be healed, friendships that needed rekindling or three words needing to be said. Let every one of your friends know you love them. Even if you think they don't love you back, you would be amazed at what those three little words and a smile can do. And just in case GOD calls me home before I see you again....... I LOVE YOU
as time slips by lovers await a day filled with hope love and devotion destiny is calling like birds in the sky they float along with the breeze no worries no cares love overpowers all wasted days and wasted nights memories are dying loves you lost loves you still long for finally the day arrives i do is all we say forever we shall be lovers
Love Me Like A Bomb
Im a very sexual person and friendly I love to talk. After all i am italian. Im trying to figure this stuff out its my first time so sorry if it's silly lol.
Love Poems
I have no never-again, I have no always. In the sand victory abandoned its footprints. I am a poor man willing to love. I don't know who you are. I love you. I don't give away thorns and I don't sell them. Maybe someone will know that I didn't weave crowns to draw blood; that I fought against mockery; that I did fill the high tide of my soul with the truth. I repaid vileness with doves. I have no never, because I was different- was, am, will be. And in the name of my ever-changing love I proclaim purity. Death is only the stone of oblivion. I love you, on your lips I kiss happiness itself. To Whom it may concern, Im not sure if you realize how obvious you are when you hide under your anonymity. It's actually a sad state to think that humans could be so simple. Perhaps, we should be pets to I've never thought I was better than anyone else, but in the last few weeks I've been proven wrong over and over again. I am better than the common unde
Love Without Reason
love without reason i want to know your thoughts
JAMES For the man in my life... For only god could have given you to me... He gave you to me with you being soooo far away... For not even meeting you I knew you were the one...... Your the one in my dreams that I never see your face..... But I know down deep you are him..... The ONE, the SOULMATE...the ONE I've been longing for..... For I pray every night God watches over you and keeps you safe...... I pray he brings you to me safely home...... For if I lose you now I will lose it all.... the love you soooooo carefree,and endlessly give to me... For the man in my life,I LOVE YOU with all my heart and I give it to you.....
Love Hurts
Love is such a simple word, to often it comes so free, no thought of how it makes us feel, or how much we believe, there is so many forms of love, there's family,friends and lovers, but all come with a price we pay, only one love is painless, the same love everyday, that is a mothers love, it never fades away I've tryed every sort of love, I geuss I've gave it too, one thing I have found, I'll share it now with you, LOVE HURTS... Nazareth - Love HurtsMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com
Wanna know what I really hate? I hate liars. I hate fakes. I hate people who hurt other people intentionally. I hate not seeing the truth. I hate not forgetting. I hate dreaming about the pain I felt. I hate her more than anything. I hate that I hate her more than I used to love her. I hate that I write songs about the pain she caused me. I hate that it happened 4 and a half years ago and that it hurts to think about it. I hate that even though I found the love of my life, she still manages to hurt me. I hate that I can't forget what happened. I hate that I can't forget what we had. I hate that she didn't really leave. I hate hating her.. But most of all.. I hate not being able to write this without tears in my eyes. I love you............ Yes.... You........ I promise you my love I promise you my heart I promise you my life I promise we'll never be apart I promise not to hurt you I promise to never make you cr
You know what, I’m going to break it down. Life, it’s crazy. Love, it’s even crazier. When it’s thick, it subsumes you, and sometimes you become powerless to it. When you find yourself at that state, you live to love, you breathe to love, and sometimes you even hate that you love. The worst part is how suddenly it hits you. You wake up on day, and you realize that you’ve lost your heart to that person, you’ve lost yourself to that person, and most importantly, you’ve lost your soul to that person. If that person is deserving of it all, it’s beautiful, and swallows you both whole; but, unfortunately, sometimes that person shouldn’t have ever been trusted with any of it from the start. I once read that love is not a conscious choice of the mind, but an unconscious occurrence of the heart. Bullshit. Love is a choice. Everything you do in your life is in one way or another a result of a choice you consciously and intentionally made at some point. The brain is a powerful tool, and it can be
Love Bites
I broke my left big toe twice while sk8boarding,1st trick was an aciddrop from the wall's ledge. 2nd trick I nollied down 15 set's of stair's land it both time's so yea I'm a cool ass bad muther-fuker of rock'n'roll u can say so rock on beo-tchie's cuz I'm still sk8ing w/ it brokeing now who's the man ? if u'r a swinnger u'r love by manny,but if u'r a lover u maybe love by manny ,or, a few ,I guess it's all depend's on u'r true love's hart on how they want to view u'r deepest of u'r soul. whitch may neither be good ,or, bad 4 u...... I guess time ,or, Q-pit would be able 2 tell u that .food 4 thought don't let what other's think of u bringe u down cuz u'r u not them.
Love What You Have And Fight For What You Want
Love Poems
To those who have seen these poems before, I took them down because I was mad. Then I realized they were my writing and I wanted them up. So I posted them again. :) Enveloped by your embrace Entranced by your scent, your taste My desire has no mercy. Arching beneath you The hands fisted in my hair are my tether to this world The emotions in your eyes are the anchor to my soul As I am being driven screaming towards oblivion's edge Exploding around you Scattering us like seeds in the Wind To which we have thrown all caution and thoughts of Fate. The right words elude me I only see sunlight and green grass I smell cotton candy And hear babies laughing And feel the warmth of your palm in mine The words evaporate from my mind I only see starlight Smell the sweet ocean breeze Hear the waves crash and the birds cry And feel your breath on my cheek The words melt from the tip of my tongue But I see the ecstasy in your eyes I smell the sweat on your skin And he
The Love Application.... Please Read
.) How many times a day would you kiss me? 2.) Would you hold me? 3.) Would you let me take you places? 4.) Would you love me? 6.) Would you lie to me? 7.) If I was sick what would you do? 9.) Would you leave me for one of my friends? 10.) Want to have a future with me? 11.) Would you listen to all my problems and help me solve them? 12.) Would you introduce me to your mom/dad? 13.) Would you care about what I wore when we go out? 14.) Would you hang out with me AND my friends? 15.) If your friend tried to get with me what would you do? 16.) If me and one of your friends argued, whos side would you be on? 17.) Would you give me your myspace password? 18.) If I gave you mine would you read all my mail? 19.) If I said I loved you would you say it back? 20.) How good do i look from 1-10? 21.) How do you feel about me? 22.) Have i ever made you smile? 23.) Want to spend the n
Love In An Elevator!!!!
The lobby in the building where I work is covered in a green mottled marble tile. It was imported from Genoa, so say the owners of the project. However, at five in the morning, under the fluorescent "diffuse" lighting that imported stuff looks just like the linoleum in my grade school the end of the year. My stomach heaved a bit at the thought as I passed the female security officer at her kiosk on my way to the elevators. "My early day for somebody. I thought you white collar types were late risers." She looked up from her magazine to reveal a beautiful face. She had always sort of turned me on because of her shape and size. She was no more than 5'2" and had to weigh 180 lbs. Her ass was wide and swayed when she walked and her tits were gigantic. She was confident and I supposed very nasty. "OH great, a hard on now?" I looked back at her and said, "important to go." Why was I here so early? Well at nine o’clock there were the most important men I have ev
The Love Of My Daughter
not sure if this is a blog or not but had to get it off my chest this morning about 3:15 i woke up to get ready for work my daughter is at the puter after her work (she works nights, i work days) a friend left her a message about something and i put it on paper and left it in front of the puter where she could see it when she came in.. first thing she does is jump on me about it, so we had this big fight and now i am the worst mother that ever lived, i was called a bitch, a internet whore, an idiot,stupid asshole, and told i don't want any better for her... she said she did not want to be here and i told her that if she did not feel good here than to go where she did.. i have always wanted better for my kids her husband and her broke up about 5 months ago and i told her to come here, i just guess here is not good enough for her...i have done all i could for her and she says i don't encourage her but i have always told her that is she wanted to go back to school to do so.... but
The Love A Life Can Show (poem)
THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS LYRICS "Your Guardian Angel" When I see your smile Tears run down my face I can't replace And now that I'm strong I have figured out How this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul And I know I'll find deep inside me I can be the one I will never let you fall I'll stand up with you forever I'll be there for you through it all Even if saving you sends me to heaven It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Seasons are changing And waves are crashing And stars are falling all for us Days grow longer and nights grow shorter I can show you I'll be the one I will never let you fall (let you fall) I'll stand up with you forever I'll be there for you through it all (through it all) Even if saving you sends me to heaven Cuz you're my, you're my, my, my true love, my whole heart Please don't throw that away Cuz I'm here for you Please don't walk away and Please tell me you'll stay, stay Use me as you will Pull my strings just fo
My best friend Chelle wrote this and I just love it. She's so full of love and passion, it takes my breath away sometimes. Soft, supple lips entwined passionate yet tender Feelings so amazing love surely will render Lustful touch brings her arousal so intense Mind swimming in pleasure that nothing makes sense Stiffening pressure from deep within passion Moisture that glistens is passions reaction They join and become one so slow and controlled Orgasmic delights soon taking it's hold Release turns to longing more ultimate pleasure Lust turns to love then something to treasure by Michelle
y does love hurt? huh? does any body really no y love hurts us like it does? does any no what would could really be going through that person head at this very moment in time? no i don't think anybody would no exactly how im feeling about my x girl friend! i loved her with all of my heart! we had been dating 8 months! 8 freaking months! and she dumps my ass the day before valentines day after giving me a dozen red roses!!!!! people its fucked up how a girl like her and a girl like me even meet or even date. i wasn't a lesbian! i was straight!!! i wasn't what a lesbian would even consider dating! they would say that i was straighter then straight line! well guess what im not that lil girl any more! i love my pussy!!!! i do! i love women! yea i want to get married and have kids some day but i aint giving up dating girls just because im married. but when the kids come then she and i will tell the kids that she is a friend of mommy's. but the older they are going to get the smarter they ar
Love Me By Love
Love Poems
short circuits in nervous symmetry a quick sniff of your scent i breathe it seems a century since i've seen you last i fast, contrast and compare and cast a line out to tease you to the surface to see if i'm worth this, to find the mirth and mayhem in my head, to dread the words i've said and written will be no more to you than empty vowels, drifting vessels consonants in constant chaos fighting what I'm writing, what i'm biting at the chomp to say but can't say plainly enough and mainly what is clearly overwhelming me i depend on your visits entirely too much i think, my veins beginning to itch my nerves twitch and i rock back and forth, checking resetting reshaping the page waiting to catch your eyes to breathe my sighs, to find which flies work where and when, and what philosophies are most at ease to find their way about your knees to curl up and purr to sit at your feet to admire, inquire never tire of your company my blood is rushing, is thumping and pu
What is it that makes you fall in love that that special person? When you wake up in the morning and the first thing you think about is them. They are on your ming all day and night. You can't wait to hold them, feel there arms holding you tightly. You think about there soft and gentle lips kissing yours. You think about everymoment you have spent together and can't wait till the next moment you are together. You have day dreams about them all day long. You wonder if they are thinking about you as much as you are thinking about them. You want to spend every waking moment with them. You want to hold them and embrace them. You want to feel there soft touch against your body. You want to kiss them and tell them how pretty they are or how wonderful they are. Tell them how much they mean to you. When you are with that with that special person, nothing or no one in the world matters. You dont' care what others tell you or what they think about them. You are with the one that you have
My love, Are you still mine? 'Cause there are many... Fantasy thoughts going through my head, As all I do is think of you... As I've hungered, For your loving burning touch, As I need your love so badly, Now till the end of time, I am waiting for you with open arms To embrace you with wings of love, To hold you deep within my soul, To kiss you without control. Just being near you, And be able to behold your touch, Takes me to another dimension, But, time just moving so slowly, To feel the heat of your passions. I do want you to know... I will always love you, That you are all I have ever long for, And crave, and yearn... That you are the man of my dreams, The one I have searched all my life, That every day, more and more, I'm falling deeply in love with you! One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife, "Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!!" His wife was not
The Photo of you Here I am Sitting all alone Staring at you In these photos I have Your Radiant smile your soft tender lips The happiness glows From deep within I wish it was real The photo of you I wish you where near So I could touch your soft skin I want to hold you close And be able to call you my own Give you a kiss And say I love you so You are the light That shines down on me When I am sad And when I'm not You are my life, You mean the world I love you darling And can't wait Till the day we meet
Love For Ya All
hey everyone, thank you all for the ratings and comments and all,i just wanted to tell you all that im trying to return the favor and i will but its really busy in here and i want to get to all of you dont leave me i;ll be there soon hi everyone this is my first blog ,come talk to me thank-you all for the ratings and comments and a special shout out to my family,you all know how to make a girl feel good
Love Life
I just wanted to share that today i relized I am lucky to have what i do and life could be much worse. There is always someone out there with a harder situition. Agree
Lovers Appilcation
My heart beats for you, my mind dreams of you. The woman in me craves your touch, I was born for you as you were born for me. In the space of a heartbeat, I felt you in the deepest part of me. My heart beats faster,pulses leap with excitement, palms get sweaty,butterflys take flight. Your voice moves me in a way nothing ever has, Your touch is like fire on my skin branding me for all time. When you are near the world is warm and giving, Take me futher and deeper than I have ever been, as only you can. take off your wings and halo,hang up your pretty gown tonight I desire an angel,so darling do lie down your skin is so milky,star dust sprinkles in your hair these days I'm in to someone pure and your essence takes me there that lightly sented fragrance that lingers in the air comes only after the final point when we no longer care come take off your halo,and place it by my bed slip into something lacey,in black or flaming red I will take you back to heaven,one
Love & Romance
Every Rose Has Its Thorn....yeah it does Five years ago I was engaged to a wonderful man that I had loved since I was eighteen years old. We had been lovers when I was eighteen, but it didn't work out. Neither he nor I ever ever forgot our love for each other. We became involved again six years ago. That is when he asked me to marry him. Because of certain circumstances and our situation at the time, I didn't follow through with the marriage. Instead I returned to my previous ex-boyfriend at the time. I won't say that it has been all peaches and cream, but we have gotten along pretty well. But ever since, I have never been able to get my ex-fiance out of my mind, nor has he ever 'forgot' about me. Because he proposed to me on Valentine's Day, it has become a day that I haven't looked forward to since 2002. I have never been able to get the promise I made out of my mind and the fact that I broke another person's heart. I also have put myself down for breaking a promis
I love you more than all the stars in the sky. I love you more as each moment passes us by. I love you more with every breath I take. I love you more with each promise we make. I need you like a flower needs the rain. I need you for you can wash away my pain. I need you more each day I need you for you are so wonderful, in every single way. I miss you more than ever now. I miss you because I really need you somehow. I miss you and your touch. I miss you for to me, you mean so much. I want you to caress my lips the way you always do. I want you to look into my eyes and see my love for you. I want you to hold me close to your heart. I want you to know that I love you, need you, miss you, and want you And I have for every single moment, right from the start. .. REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND OR HUSBAND OR WIFE - R
Love Is...please Read
Love is: No obligations No expectations Respect Ruthless Completely Responsible Always kind Unconditional Justice Communication I believe that love ONLY exists to those who are willing and ready to live the rest of their lives with the one they love. Love is a very strong word and those who do not mean it, should NOT say it. A person should not change for another, should not fear the other, and should be faithful and truthful at all times. In a loving relationship, there are two separate people. No matter how much the other is in “love” they should always be separate. In a relationship between two people, one persons happiness is theirs and only theirs. They should not give their happiness away to the other and expect them to make them happy. Once we hand our happiness and our lives to another, it would be their choice to choose who you are and what you do. This is not correct. As humans we have to take responsibility of ourselves and love ourselves before we form a b
Love For The Family
just wanted to send out some love to the family for all the warm greetings and friends that added us when we joined them. thank you to all the family members. i know there are some that i have yet been able to add on cuz the family is growing at a quick rate.So to the family, we love you guys and hope to become friends with the rest of the family. take care all and blessed be!!
from the day we met I just knew u were the one. the way you laughed and talked to me the fisrt time we spoke on the phone. You explained how you were talking to someone else you had met at the time, but we could still b friends just drop me a line. as days turned to weeks and our conversations grew few i start to wonder what happened to you. tried many time to get in touch to see how life was treating you and to say whats up. time went by and no word our message so i figure that tis was for my life destined. then i saw you one day for the first time i said hi and smile as i past you by. intrigued by that smile and those pretty brown eyes your mind started to wonder who was that guy.the next day you found out it was me and within three short days the other guy was history. now the time we spent together was heavanly bliss the way you look when we would kiss. so now you tell me you love me and i love you the same cause i found a down ass bitch thats tired of the games. but taday you seem
Just want to say Thanks for being so loyal to your Mistress call and help out increasing my CT level!!... Now I'm going to be able to create a lounge and add some more pictures... isn't that fun??? *Kisses, whips and spanks* your Mistress M Registration Certificate for 785-857-636 This is to certify that the registrant with number 785-857-636, with email address, is registered in The Slave Register as an owned slave; and that the registrant's owner is declared to be Mistress M; and that the registrant has been collared by Mistress M since the 24th day of March 2007. The registration number 785-857-636 was issued on the 4th day of November 2006. The current registration details may be inspected at On the night of Saturday, March 24, 2007... I presented My Collar to My princess snippy, she gracefully, smiling and with her cheecks blushing, offer her neck to her Mistress in acceptance....
I jus wish i could c her one last time! Samara was my best friend! Everyone will miss here so much! I hope she is looking over us rite now. KUSA – The parents of the victim confirmed to 9NEWS that 17-year-old Samara Stricklen died Tuesday night after an SUV crashed head-on into the car she was traveling in. Michelle and Bill Stricklen are trying to cope with the loss of their daughter after the accident. Police say alcohol may have been a factor in the crash that took Stricklen's life and injured five other people. Authorities say an SUV driven by 16-year-old girl crashed head-on into a Honda which Stricklen was a passenger in. According to police, four people were in the SUV at the time of the crash and Sticklen and a male driver were the only two occupants in the Honda. Authorities say the driver of the SUV may face charges of vehicular homicide, as well as additional charges which may result from the ongoing investigation. Her name was not immediately released.
Love ...
What does your birth month say about you? (With Pretty Pictures too!)January: Your Birthstone: Garnet¢¾ JANUARY = CRAZYFun to be with. Loves to try new things. Boy/girls LOVE you.You are very hott. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and tobe understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed.Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easilyconsoled. Honest. Concerned about people'sfeelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable.Emotional temperamental and unpredictable.Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly.spazzy at times.Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets.dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things.Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitiveand forms impressions carefully. Caring andloving. Treats others equally. Strong sense ofsympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges peoplethrough observations. Hardworking. No difficultiesin studying. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressiveunless provoked. Loves to be loved. Easily hurtbut tak
Love Sucks
I sit here this morning, and I find myself single once again. I broke up with my girlfriend last nite, have slept much since. What else was I to do. She stopped calling coming around. I try to call her but her phone is always busy, she said its her daughter online or on the phone. She was on myspace lastnite so I know thats not true. Oh well what are you going to do. Im alittle heart brokein. I really loved her. But when someone doesnt love you back, there no sense in going on with the realionship.
Love You My Angels
Just got back from the docs and hospital, thought I'd let ya all know whats going on for the ones that care, got some pretty extencive liver probs here and my pancreas is swollen pretty much, so they put me on some more meds and doing some more test, they run the light down my throat again,and all this shit, I go back monday to find out whats going on, they wanted ta keep me this time but I'd rather be here at the house, I'm hurting pretty bad so if you try reaching me and I don't respond right away don't trip out, gonna take some meds and go ta bed, ya'll keep good thought, everything gonna be alright, love ya my angels remember that talk later David
Love Is
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Love And Beauty
does he say that he love's me all the time? doe's he say he'll always be there when i fall? doe's he make me feel good when i have nothing at all? doe's he show me that even with a tear i can still smile? doe's he make me feel like im QUEEN? is he right besise me when i feel alone? is he my world and my man that i love and wont ever be gone? of course he is thats why im with him my love my soul my heart my tool we may be fools but we have something to work on!
Love Your Wife
Men do yourself a favor and love your wife
Love Is For Everybody Who Isnt Me
Why the fuck do I even bother with people? Every time I start to care for someone I should listen to my instincts and RUN!!!!! I'm tired of bein the "back up plan", "the guy who will always be there" and so forth. I'm tired of putting time and effort into people who care more for themselves than anyone else.WHY do I always get the women with the mental problems? I'm sooo sick of bein the lover AND the psyciatrist. I don't want to keep telling people that things will be ok for them when my life is a complete fucking disaster...and I see NO light at the end of my tunnel...everyday for me is the same soul crushing blackness and despair I've been feeling since I was 17 or so. I try to reassure,support,and guide the people in my life and be "the rock they can set thier back upon".. but I really think that I can't do this anymore...... I am the key to the lock in your house That keeps your toys in the basement And if you get too far inside You'll only see my reflection It's always
Love Word Bites
Many people are touched bye love every day times are hard and you may fight but deep down inside they care.It may work it may not.All you do is have to look in your heart to find the answer love is not based on sex even though everybody seems to think it is. Its based on the fact that the person is there for you and shows they love you.Anyone can have sex it takes more then that to show you love someone and want to be with them when times are hard look at your self and say im a strong beutiful person and i deserve to be happy this person really cares about me. Never let a spouse get you down or think bad about your self cause you are you and that is what makes you special. Yes love is hard and it hurts when its gone. So cheerish it cause you may never be able to get the person you love back. Love can be a good thing with lots of hugs and kisses and meaning full words but we all get scared when we get to close it causes us to be afraid that we will get hurt if we have already b
Love Me The Way I'm
Love Me
The best kind of love is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had! Love me for who I am. Not for what I look like Love me for being me. With allmy assets and dislikes. Love me the way I am Not the way you want me to be. Because if im not good enough for you now. I will never be.
Loveland@ Cherrytap
Loveland@ CherryTAP
Love N Fear N Whatnot
If you are a human being who lives on Earth, you have probably been exposed to other human beings who are not your exact clones. If this sounds like you, then you have probably also been told once or twice that what you believe is wrong and (coincidentally) the person who told you this just so happens to have the correct set of beliefs that you should promptly integrate into your life. The first time I heard this, I was excited at this easy replacement for years of personal discipline, study and introspection. Imagine my shock and amazement when I found that that the reasons they offered as to why they were right didn't quite stand up to the feeble light of early dawn. To save you from suffering the same disappointment that I endured, I have listed some of these reasons that failed to provide me the "easy out" and forced me to do actual real work in finding my own personal spirituality. 1) My Religion is Right, so Yours Must be Wrong! Let's all start and agree with the pre
* Love *
********************************************************************************************* * ALL AS ONE ! * *********************************************************************************************
* Love *
LOVE ********************************************************************************************* * .. from your heart, soul and mind as one ! ... * *********************************************************************************************
An Angel On My Screen by CD I met an angel on my screen So friendly, kind and sweet... She makes me feel so special I long for when we’ll meet... We’ve talked for hours here online And many on the phone... She’s brought such joy into my life When once I was alone. The love I feel within my heart Was but a dream to me... A dream that once was out of reach Has become reality... Ever present in my thoughts Always in my heart... Forever shall I love her And never shall we part. I met an angel on my screen So full of life and love... An angel that was sent to me From Heaven up above... Always with a kind word Her laughter fills the air... Her love is neverending A love that’s always there. So if you ever meet someone My wish for you is this... I wish you all the love I’ve found For it’s the sweetest gift... The feeling that you are so loved No other can compare... To have this kind of special love And someone with whom to share. Have I Ever
Love Is
" Love is being happy for the other person they are happy being sad for the person when they are sad being together in good times and being togetherin bad times and never pretending Love is the sourse of reality Love is an understanding that is so complete that you feel as if you are a part of the other person accepting the person just the way they are and not trying to change them to be something else Love is the source of utity Love is the freedom to pursue your own desires while sharing your experinces with the other person the growth of the one individual alongside of and together with the growth of another individual Love is the sourse of success Love is the excitement of planning things together the excitement of doing things together Love is the source of the future Love is the fury of the storm the calm in the rainbow Love is the source of passion Love is giving and taking in a daily situation being patient with each other's needs
when your in love the whole world is beautiful
Love Life
Love Or Not
Guys are always complaining that nice guys finish last....but heyyyy so do nice girls. I Know...I've been a "nice girl" all my life....even us nice girls have a naughty but we have a heart of gold which gets trampled on alot. We always do the "right thing" the honorable thing. Guys turn to the "nice girls" for love and support when times are hard....we are great at mending broken hearts. We are their "best friend" their "buddy"...I wish i had a nickle for every time a man friend has moaned "why cant i find a decent loving woman".......i sooooo want to hit them in the head and say look right in front of you!! lol I've threatened for years to turn into a "bitch"...since those are the women men love it friends laugh at me...knowing i just dont have it in me to be that way. So men and time youre looking for someone loyal and loving.....give your best friend another just might be surprised. :) We were all raised with the idea 2 is the per
Love Poem
* Love Dragon *
* Love * Mon, March 5, 2007 - 12:12 PM ********************************************************************************************* Love - a presence in the cosmos ********************************************************************************************* If love had a name, it should be "light". If love had color, it would be a phantasmal spectrum like a rainbow with reflections of mythology in. If love had shape or motion, it would be a Mandala-like circle which dignifies and embraces all matter ---encompassing everything in harmony and balance (=equilibrium). It might also be likened to ripples on the tranquil surface of a lake in the light of a full moon. If love had a sound, it would be the resonating echoes of all beautiful, good, truthful wills and wishes. If love had a house or seat, it would surely be the great cosmos itself. Mandalas ---with their spiritual connotations linked to color, shape, motion and sound --- have come to be drawn, paint
Love ???
love? to me love is the hearts desire to portect and serve to someone who is precious to u and means more to you then life itself. and to my sweet,and sexy i love you even when you get mad. and you kno i do. p.s. sry i make u mad :P but u better have a smile on that lovly face i care about
Love And Prayers For An Angel!!!
One look in your eyes, One taste of your lips, And I knew where I belonged, Baby, I’ve waited for so long, Now I found you, One touch of your hand, The feel of your skin, Everything else just went away, Yes everything else went way, My angel, I want to make love to you, Just like lovers do, Kiss you and hold you through the night, I want to make love to you, Forever run through you, Lets make love tonight, The sound of your voice, I see heaven in you, I know where I belong, Now I found you, Let me take your hand, Feel you against me, Let the world fade away, Yes, let the world fade away, My angel I want to make love to you, Just like lovers do, Kiss you and hold you through the night, I want to make love to you, Forever run through you, Lets make love tonight, I love you God has blessed me with many things, And most importantly the most amazing family anyone could dream of. My wife is Sick, and needs support, love, prayers...And when you
Love And Relationships
Well I have found that someone that I have been looking for and I am happier than I have ever been. I couldn't ask for anything better. I love him with all my heart and even though there are people who don't understand well I could care less. We know what we have and what it will take to make it. Its just all new and something to work for even better. I have never felt like I do now about anyone and I love the feeling. He makes me happy and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him. What can I say besides he makes me happy. I have loved,hurt,hurt someone, and felt out of place. There has been just too much going on and more than anything I have just wanted to feel that unconditional love. Yes I know that is asking alot but hey you can dream can't you. Life is full of hurt and love. Too many mistakes are made that can lead someone down a path that will put them in love with the wrong person. You know that someone that you believe that beyond a shadow of a doubt that they love
The Love Of Strangers
Reality Chick is Married@ CherryTAP thanks chick for making my day alot better i love the blanket baby john does to
I just wanted to see who pays attention to any of the blogs i send out ,im gonna use this as a scale,see how how many people hit it up
The old saying goes "It's better to have loved and lost...than never to have loved at all," but I can't help but wonder if this is the right philosophy to live by. When you allow someone into your heart, you're trusting them with something so fragile. I don't think there are too many other feelings that can compare to that of a broken heart. The moment you give someone that "key" you become vulnerable, and you run the risk of having your heart shattered. Is it really worth it?? Building a wall around your heart can protect you from emotional hurt, but on the other hand I guess it can be harmful to close that door. Completely shutting oneself off from strong emotional connections may end up hurting more in the long run. I wish I had the answers when it comes to affairs of the heart, but I find myself feeling constantly conflicted about what to do. There's a part of me that has been hurt so many times...I am scared to let it happen again. How many tears do I have to shed before I
Love Sucks
looking into the eyes of love he is gone from home doing what he chose to do my soldier, my protector, my i see the happiness i have longed for but i reach for it, something pulls it from me lost again in a maze of a broken heart i wander aimlessly, alone and scared looking for the man who takes my breath away I open my heart U enter tenderly Yet u tear it apert U say U love me U make me cry I should have let u be Deep is my love for u I don't think u know my feelings are true Tears fall from my eyes with every thought of you It broke my heart broke When we said our goodbyes wanting, needing the touch of his muscular hands to embrace her wanting. needing his tender lips touch her wanting, needing the length of his body on hers wanting,needing to hear the words i love you whispered in her ear wanting, needing his reassurance that he will always be there wanting,needing his friendship for eternity wanting,needin
Love And Respect
Do u know what it is like to be in love? I have always dreamed of being in love with the perfect girl. I have always believe in the power of love I have also thought of things in a different light. I believe that if u are in love u should cherish every moment of it and hold on to what it is that u got. Life is too short to fight over little things so chreish the person u with. Pimp C siging off
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Love To All My Friends
thanks so much for everyone who wished me a happy birthday love u guys kisses
love can be said in different ways love is so wonderful in all types of ways love sometimes can be a waterful of tears love can be scary just like being in love tears are real and so is my heart beating for you you make me feel so wonderful inside and out i can't help but think of your lips on mine your lips are so senual and so sinful i think your just so beautiful when i cry you wipe my tears from my cheek you say i love you and we walk along the waterfront and make love is spent with somone you love by candlelight you hold her close to your heart so she can feel your heart beat next to hers she is so intrigued so she asks to feel the warmth of your body and you both share body heat for hours on end love is so senual and beautiful and is supposed to be shared by two loving people that love each other. you share and love and your cry that is the romance in a relationship. your supposed to be made special and beautiful your not supposed to be called ugly stick your
Love Doctor Q & A
Q: Is there such a thing as love at first sight and, if so, what are the odds of its lasting? A: Because love is such a complex matter, it is not likely that it occurs at first sight, although there is attraction at first sight, which may subsequently lead to love. Q: Do opposites attract A: Mostly on magnets. Homogamy, the word used to describe human attraction of people with similar interests, is the name of the game for humans. The more homogamy there is, the more likely humans will stay together and experience a successful relationship. Only one study supports the "complementary-needs theory," and it is regarded with suspicion in the academic community. Q: Does living together before marriage help or hurt the marriage? A: It depends on the motivation for the cohabitation. If cohabitation is to "try it before you buy it," there may be more commitment anxiety, which would therefore be more likely to hurt a subsequent marriage. If cohabitation is done for economic reasons, i
Lovers In The Night
I WILL STAY Turn around shut the door walk the other way Don't you Know here for you I will stay CLose you heart hide your soul keep all those feelings deep inside Yet here I will stay for you confide day by day life spins out of control deeper and deeper into your blackhole Don't you see I see into your soul Not seeking not looking wanting to be all alone Yet when am with you i feel like I am home fate brought us together Not playing its usual crule game Why won't you see it is for the better Your life will never be the same. Turn around shut the door walk the other way Don't you Know here for you I will stay You won't be so lonley now I know you have seen dreams turn into nighmares I know your hearts been ripped and torn apart But now I will be here to chase away the fears I know the hurt and pain that is on your eyes back to the day when the inocence died Turn around Shut the door walk the other way Don't you know here for you I will stay
Love And Lucifer
With a fevered body and a molten heart, I inhabit my own elemental boudoir. I see it: a strange vision. The landscape is scorched and entirely carpeted with ash and soot from the constant forest fires and the rivers of lava which never cool enough to set. There’s no sun, no daylight, just the deep blood-red glow of a rich observing moon. The sky is heavy and brooding. It’s heavy with passion. My heart has become a world of its own and I’m crawling naked through its earth. I want to be covered in it. But I don’t want to be the only one writhing around on this carpet of soot. I’m on my hands and knees, burning. I’m looking into the woods in the distance - a colossal black forest of smouldering bare trees. I’m hoping to see something moving in the shadows - a wild creature with penetrating eyes that’s going to come and ravage my body and consume my soul. He’s going to murder me with his eyes and fuck me back to life. If I don’t see him, lurking in the blackness, I’m going
Love Me
bam bitch im on here now and the smurfs will rule the world cuz im sexy and i like hell and holy shit i just fucked phishy twice with a dog dildo
once i was lost... a lost soul... thought left to wander in sadness pain and despair then a light was shone unto me a hope..a love... unconditional...unabiddening unrentless..driving the light became stronger within each passing day.. that light is You Master.. for You have shown me a new way and brought me back to life.. resurrected the living dead... You have raised me up and let my freedom soar... deep within my submission in Your Ownership and Love... i have renewed hope...unfound trust untold lusts..reawakened desires.. a bliss within me .. i feel that You allow me to have.. a true sense of being... unconditional Love... such overwhelming feelings.. such a blessing from above.. Your Ownership my blessing i grow in this everyday.. i will strive my serve and please you in everyway...
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Love Hurts
LOVE HURTS My stomach turns when I think of you And it makes me so sick It hurts to get over someone you love so much Sometimes it just makes you want to cry Its when you love someone but they dont love you And you love them so much it hurts When someone makes you wait for an answer and you never get it Or when they aren’t ready yet but you thought they were That’s when love hurts Its when you want them to notice you love them And they ignore all the signs But most of all when your with the one person you love for what seems like forever And they just leave without looking back or saying good-bye That’s when love really hurts So I take this knife and stab it through your heart And hope you never love again Only because love hurts
well all is going well with rick and I had a good week hung out at traci's a couple nights spent the night together wednesday was good we went shopping for pants for me that was cool and what not he got a place wednesday in lavista which is cool better then iowa so yeah um lets see what else is happening i work tonight he is moving in to his place kinda today beyond that not to much going on tomrrow i work in the morning and then tomorrow night we have forrest's and brandons bday dinner then they are having a party after um saturday i dont know what we are doing maybe just spend time together i am thinking maybe we should go bowling we will see what he thinks anyway. beyond that monday we went to my aunts house for dinner my dad did not come cuz the drain over flowed so yeah but rick really wants to get my dads apporoval he wants to ask my dad if he can date me in a couple weeks and i told him that my dad is stuck in his ways but he can try we will see what happeneds well anyway i am o
Love Application!
A Lover's Hands
A Lover's Hands A lover's hands, caring and warm, Like the morning's first rays, Molding flesh, cupping gently… caressing softly, A tender kiss, a tease upon naked skin, Rising desire… fulfilling need, Pleasure unbound, as bodies entwine, Hearts beat in sync, cries of ecstasy rise, A lover's hands, seeking and yearning, Until the flames of content, Burn forevermore…
Love Sucks
I am William Wallace. And I see a whole army of my country men, here, in defiance of tyranny. You've come to fight as free men, and free men you are. What will you do with that freedom. Will you fight? Aye, fight and you may die, run, and you'll live... at least for a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM! Ghosts are mistakes that we have made they come not from within the plague, but rise up in the greatest doubts about ourselves each ill considered thing that we have done is a ghost that haunts us if we let it
MySpace Backgrounds at hi, im aiza may, am 29 yers old, live in philippines. i hope i can find a good frnd in this net and talk all about things that soround us,,,
when u are dating someone and u think you love them and you don't kno if they love you how do you tell? i honestly have thought once that i was in love and then found out that he cheated on me with my best see he told me he loved me so how do you test him to find out if he is faithful,honest,and willing to stand by your side? is there even a way you can test them or even check to see if they are going to stick by your side? i am a person that is afraid of getting into a relationship because of my past and all that...i don't want to be hurt again by a guy...not only that but i don't even kno when to tell if i love the guy or if the guy loves me...anyone got any suggestions? Family are people that are suppose to be there for you! Family are people that talk to you when u need to talk,they are there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on,they are there for you when u just need to release some anger...Family doesn't always mean they have to be blood related to you...i have
Love Of Darkness
Love Thoughts
it is so easy to forget this is the only moment we will ever have ... that the ones we love may never see us again ... that at a moment we could have our lives turn upside down and nothing will ever be the same .... I have no answers for life and what happens ... I only know that now is what matters and love is precious ... never forget to show that you love. Ron Hold close the ones we love Remember that they are a gift from above Never forget to show you care For you never know how long they will be there Moments wasted will never return Lost opportunities will leave us to yearn Life and love a treasured above all The saddest thing is to loose them so fast We need to keep them first in our thoughts and not last For none of us know on what day we will see them never again Our days light should shine bright not be shrouded in pain This is your chance to begin the moment new Show all who you love that they mean the world to you By R. Thomas Dinsmore NO ANSWERS
Well Not Sure What To Write Here Rite Now But I Will Say Love Sucks Ass I Am In Love Wit SumOne But Not Sure How Serious They Are Wit Me When She Does Say She Loves Me But Her Situation Isnt No Easier I guess She Has Been Wit This Other Dude For A while I guess And Has Him Moving In and that was before we startred our little thing and falling for each other as i hope she did and loves me to but im just not sure what to do anymore cuz i dont wanna wait around for ever to find out she is just gonna stick wit him or what not plus also one my exs desides to try and take my van witch i bought and paid for but we had the title and stuff stuck under her name sense i couldnt drive at the time but yea 2 times now she ticked me off and returns it to me wit no gas and i get pissed snap and shit and hten she comes and takes it cuz she has the name on title . so i dont even know wut to do bout that all i know is im loosing all i have had and cared bout most the girl i love and wanna be wit and my
who ever said its better to love and lost then to never have loved at all was a jackass who never loved and lost. i swear i will never open myself and my heart up to anyone else cause when i do they either move or die. Maybe i should wear a sign stay away if i love you then youll either leave and move way far away or youll die lol.i want the ones who stole my heart to know that ill always love them forever and im here if you wanna come home as this is home here with me!!!!
Love And Sex
If there's something I have noticed as of late, though I don't have enough energy in general, my sex drive has been far off the charts lately. I've found myself compelled to masturbate more than usual lately. I'm not complaining because one should be proud to have such a sex drive. I'm 25 years old and I keep wondering if I'll ever meet someone. But anyway, just another observation. Not the first one I've made either. I know that some of my NSFW photos drive certain people nuts and I happen to be open-minded enough that I would post that. I was a very shy person just a few years ago. I guess I've grown into who I really am over time. I decided to post this blog because there's someone I have grown to like over the past few months. Actually, there are two women. I really don't know if I have much of a chance with either but I have been interacting much more with both. Went to a concert with one last Monday and it was a great time. We saw Poison The Well. It's one of
Love And Romance
Well hello all. I just wanted to update my blog. Things are pretty good in my life. Me and the special someone in my life talk quite a bit...I really care soooooooooo much about him...... I think about him all the time. He puts the biggest smile on my face, and I know that I am the reason for the smile on his face.......I can't wait til we get to spend some time together, now that will be awesome....I can't wait.Well just letting everyone know that all is well.....Talk to you all soon I have had soooooooooo much shit happen to me in the past 4 months! I just keep wondering, when will it stop, when???? I keep asking myself. I recently thought I had found the best guy in the world, well I still think he is, but we can't be together. It just really pisses me off. I keep wondering, when is it my turn to be happy. I sometimes think that I dont get that chance. I know that it really isnt like that, but it sure as hell feels that way. I want the chance to make him happy to. He deserves to b
Lovely [ Lesbian]
yup. probation. fucking sucks. [ cunt!! ]
Love Is Blind
so is love blind ? Picture cupid with a red tip cane Is that picture too insane I searched for love and lost it all I settled for less and took the fall Wait for love I have been told they say It will find you one lucky day And yet they also say that love is blind So how is love this man to find One day when I am old and gray A blind cupid may pass my way And bump into me and find me at last And leave me in love that comes on fast And during love making I clutch my heart And then I die and from my love part After having waited for that fat blind cherub to come I wonder if waiting on love is just dumb ! By R. Thomas Dinsmore What do ya think Kassidy ? LOL it was good inspiration at least . Picture cupid with a red tip cane Is that picture too insane I searched for love and lost it all I settled for less and took the fall Wait for love I have been told they say It will find you one lucky day And yet they also say that love is blind So how is lov
What is love? what i think love means is that when a girl and a boy really like each other so much that they would do anything for each other. I also think that love is such a strong word. Love can mean anything between a girl and a boy. Love can mean i want to be with you, i want to comfort you, and can even mean i want to be with you forever and i want to spend the rest of my life with you... When you love someone you know that is the right person to be with, to hold hands with, to hug, to kiss that person with a gentle feeling. Then all of a sudden you will feel a spark inside of you just wanting more and more of your partner. Putting your body against your partners body and feel that soft and tender touch. There is so much going on you cannot stop thinking about it. Just thinking about it makes you want to just go up in cloud 9..... your legs and feet touching each other with your partner in bed makes you feel good and warm about yourself. feeling the taste you
Love A Romantic Man
For all those times you stood by me For all the truth that you made me see For all the joy you brought to my life For all the wrong that you made right For every dream you made come true For all the love I found in you I'll be forever thankful baby You're the one who held me up Never let me fall You're the one who saw me through it all You were my strength when I was weak You were my voice when I couldn't speak You were my eyes when I couldn't see You saw the best there was in me Lifted me up when I couldn't reach You gave me faith 'cuz you believed I'm everything I am Because you loved me You gave me wings and made me fly You touched my hand I could touch the sky I lost my faith you gave it back to me You said no star was out of reach You stood by me and I stood tall I had your love I had it all I'm grateful for each day you gave me Maybe I don't know that much But I know this much is true I was blessed because I was loved by you
Love U Cherry Tappers.
heres my idea of love.when you love some one what loves you back your heart skips when they are near.there touch makes you want more.there smile can make the darkest day better.when you come to your house its only home if they are give them your heart and hold theres to you spend your life making your love happy in all are there when they cry to kisses away there tears and hold them close.when you see them all you want to do is hold them cloes and tell them you love them always . §Xavier-(taken)-Vampire Knight§@ CherryTAP hey just to give you guys a head up if you come to my page and your not on my freinds list,soory but i am here for real freinds not a contest to see who has more of them or who can hit on who so it seems some of you have a issue with me or what i have done or said,if you dont like me stay off my page or find another person to bug or belittle i am done
* Love *
********************************************************************************************* * Love * ********************************************************************************************* The feeling of Love is the result of the condition of vibrational harmonization, or the co-resonance of consciousness, between the lover and the Beloved. Through the condition of At-One-Ment with Source, through selflessness and humility, genuine Love can be known. In terms of "felt experience", At-One-Ment creates the feeling of absolute love, Unconditional Love, the quality of love the our Source Mind experiences toward all it's manifestations (with whom It eternally remains in a state of vibrational co-resonance of consciousness). Absolute love IS the eternal vibrational resonance of consciousness that holds the structure of the Cosmos together. Absolute love creates the experience of absolute joy and ecstatic fulfillment - and - in human terms generates the a
~love*less~'s Problem
Love And Her Mind
Love And Her Mind by The old abby She sat with her toes in the sea, While her poor mind drowned helplessly In thoughts of love, in thoughts of loss, In thoughts of wretched poetry. Across the water he had flown Confused, to a far land alone, She thought it right, she thought it best For her mind to be all her own. Here, the tide slowly receded, And her wearied mind conceded Defeat to hurt, defeat to thirst- After all, love had succeeded. Her mind, which once was free to blaze Through remote worlds and sparkling rays, Was now so vague, was now a slave, And forced to think in meek cliches: His touch was in the gentle breeze, His soft voice rustled though the trees, He was in this, he was in that, Her mind grappled with the disease. As the sun slipped beyond her sight, She thought he would now see its light, In his lone land, in his lone world, His day would always be her night. With this thought, she now arose, She washed the cold sand from her
L O V E L is for the sweet LOVE that you have given me O is for the ONLY ONE that there will ever be V is for your sweet VOICE that i long to hear E is EVER i long to have you near......I LOVE YOU! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Love Quote 1
Love is the emblem of eternity; it confounds all notions of time; effaces all memory of beginning, all fear of an end.
Love Quote 2
A bell is not a bell until someone rings it, a song is not a song until someone sings it. Love wasn't put in the heart to stay, for love isn't love 'til you give it away.
Love Quote 3
Love is like a piece of art work, even the smallest bit can be so beautiful.
hi friends and fans. rate me, fan me, commenent on my pics!! looking for some luv, who will give me some?
to some one special We are in a battle of what is wrong and right Neither understanding the other or trying to seek compromise we are two parts of one side our hearts so different from each other We are both losing a neverending battle We fight and fight forever I wait until the day comes when the fight does stop and no one wins but we live in a world of peace I'd really like to see you then and until that very day our hearts shall be kept lock away we shall only see each other in battles as we take the lives of the others team memebers and watch our family and friends fall even if we don't mean too I want that day to come to come and stay forever but I guess till then.. We Are secert lovers A feeling so deep,a feeling so pure A feeling of comfort,feeling secure Feeling special,a feeling of goodness A feeling of care,a feeling of trueness So close so near so much love we share A feeling of emptiness if you weren't here Do not ever want to let this feeling
why do females say they love a guy but when it comes down to it there just full of shit . for me i'm tired of hearing this shit.they need to really learn the diff of love for those who wanna know it's love is a hot injection in the middle section with no objections! to all those who are offened well fuck u
A Love Story: Ernest And Kally
I have said many times that love is not a game to is life to me. I stand by that. Kally and I have been together online since February 17. We have had our ups and downs. Some of the downs came courtesy of people hating on what we have together. But like a couple of fighters, we got through it. Here it is May 31. I traded ring images back and forth to each other. I picked enough guts to ask Kally to be my wife...for real. OK. I know you're thinking "Isn't 4 months a little too soon?" I thought so, but I love this woman. I would anything for her. I can't see me without her. A little secret: She did the very same thing. I guess she wanted to know if I was in it for real or was I just playing a game with her and her heart. Ladies and gentlemen you have to understand, I had my broken more times than I care to count. Kally had hers broken after 4 years. We know what it's like and it was hard to trust each other. But we put this relationship in God's hands.
Love isnt just something that everyone can get love is something that one has to earn from one an other i am so happy that i got mine from someone very specail and that he has his from me. I wouldnt know were id be some times if it wasnt for him. He stands at my side as i stand at his and it makes the world spin with each moment liveable. If someone were to see us together they would see that we do mean the world to each other and that we push all the haters and the drama people out of our way and make it all work and to that i couldnt be happier. I want to say thanks to a great man and he knows who he is, SO thank u Hunnie from the bottom of my heart I love u more and more each day Im closeing now thanks all for reading my blogs please feel free to comment and tell me what u think of some of them ~*Mandie*~ His heart is mine and my heart is his and we carrie our love for each other
Love Letters To Each Other
My Jsin The man whose saved my life many times over, and saved me from myself more times than I care to admit. He sees me better than I've ever seen myself. When I'm at my worst, or when I'm at my best, he's been there. His soulful eyes have always had the ability to see me for who and what I am, and everything I'm not. All the while; convincing every piece of his shattered heart to love the damaged broken me. He is resilient. No matter what he finds himself faced with, he digs deep within the depths of his wounded soul forever clawing his way back from the abyss stronger and more passionate than ever. More than I care to admit I have crossed the line. They say love has limits, but, his heart knows no boundaries. His love is unconditional. I still have the beer can to prove it, and to remind me of how close I came to losing him. I can never forget the look on his face, the pain in his eyes that night. Some things just arent meant to be forgotten and even if I wish it away, I am comf
If u all havnt heard, i am now married to the most amazing woman, not only on ct but in the world, and i cant think of a better way to tell her that i am madly in love with her... i dont know how it is possible to fall in love with someone u never met face to face, but i have. there is nothing i wouldnt do for her and i miss her every second that i am not talking to her, and i want her and everyone else to know that i will never hurt her, and i want to spend the rest of my life with her. ♥♥♥I LOVE YOU KAT ♥♥♥
Love Blows
"Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)" Whoa oh oh Ooh hooh No No No [Verse 1:] See, I dont know why I liked you so much I gave you all, of my trust I told you, I loved you, now thats all down the drain Ya put me through pain, I wanna let u know how I feel [Chorus:] Fuck what I said it dont mean shit now Fuck the presents might as well throw em out Fuck all those kisses, they didn't mean jack Fuck you, you hoe, I dont want you back Fuck what I said it dont mean shit now Fuck the presents might as well throw em out Fuck all those kisses they didn't mean jack Fuck you, you hoe, I dont want you back [Verse 2:] You thought, you could Keep this shit from me, yeah Ya burnt bitch, I heard the story Ya played me, ya even gave him head Now ya askin for me back Ya just another act, look elsewhere Cuz ya done with me Fuck what I said it dont mean shit now Fuck the presents might as well throw em out Fuck all those kisses they didn't mean jack Fuck you, you hoe,
my thoughts Current mood: calm Category: Life As the days go by and new pages turn, some things never change. You may feel that you have gotten past something, but then one day that feeling arises again. You may feel that you are ready to change, but then want to find that "old you" again. You may feel that you are ready to move on, and then wish that you could never leave the moment you are or were in. You may feel you are ready to grow up, then wish you were a child. What do you do in these instances? Do you stay or do you go, do you change, or stay the same, do you put up with the stuff you hate, or do you move on, do you turn the page, or stay stuck....... I sit back and watch people that I care about all the time saying how misserable they are and how they want a new life, but do nothing to change the one they are in, and if for some reason they decide to, they still end up with the same situation either in a different place, or with a different person. Why do
Loves Lost ((poem))
In the darkness I see her in the distances, Yet no matter how fast I run she never gets closer, I cry tears of blood for my lost love! My heart it burns with all the shadows of her life, Yet in this darkness she has gifted me I weep, Weep for her pain witch keeps me so far from her warmth, From her tenderness and love. I fear I am reaching the end of my time And yet I am no closer to her, She looks so radiant in the moon light! Yet as I look upon her beauty I weep tears of blood. I do not cry because she is so beautiful although I should! I do not cry because I can not love her because I can! I cry tears of blood because I can never have her for my own, Never shear the love she has or the pain she bears, Never hold her soft body or smell her sweet hair, Never taste her sweetness or bed with her! I stop running now and turn! I do not give up! But I do know when I can not win! Alone I start to walk, And I shall never stop walking until my love returns to me! I am T
Love And Marriage
Hello there blog, It all has started since she started working, I knew it...She was working so much, and would work all her days off. I never questioned her, may be now I should've. I don't know who it is that she is having thoughts of being with, I really would like to know, just for shits and giggles. I don't want to keep her here against her will. I can let her go tomorrow, if need be. I am very much in love with my wife, I don't know where I went so wrong....she is young. I've written so much about this it's draining me. She started to go to partied with the people from work, and I was invited at first, but then she started wanting to go alone. I mean, I used to trust her, now I must check myself. We had a talk around the 18th of February, she said she wasn't happy and wasn't sure she wanted to keep trying, I never knew she wasn't happy. I tried to tell her, it takes two, and it takes time. We aren't in love at all times. Then, later, around March 16th, she had a party, and I thou
The Love
Each time W/we meet the love grows leaps and bounds To fill You in my arms warms me inside When You take my face between Your hands i feel like never before Your lips only touch mine in body and soul When O/our bodies become one everything else in the world melts away You cleanse my body and soul With You i reach new heights i have never known before When it ends after each encounter i feel a sorrow that i have never felt in my life i long and hurt deep down inside myself Until the time W/we can be together again.
Love's Eulogy
Love's Eulogy Time, the passing of words Whispers of silent breath Lips touch, sweet icy kisses Life, warmth, fading from flesh Senses numb, die As Death, my lover takes me She lifts me into awaiting arms Arms like dead wooden limbs Thorn bushes for hair Oh how her kisses cut me Softly she raises me into nights dark air Silent and calm the air stirs not against us Gone, I am lost in her eyes Empty, black eyes that tell a story Of the history of man and life lost I am drunk, drunk on the wine of her breath An ancient mixture of old musty frangrances Rotting wood and wilted rose petals There is sweet bliss, here In the unknown, uncaring, unconsicousness of my new world I feel myself floating now On the dark, narrow evening tide River she moans to us a joyous song Her Melancholy chorus of life drifting past The song rises strong withing me As my love lies me on the dark, black bow of her vessel Our vessel moves silently through the waters Vessel and Riv
okay.....I have officially broken down... I like you I like you alot I think of you when I wake up to the point I fall asleep...there are days like tonight I can't fall asleep....what have you done to me...I miss you...I need you....I need you so bad that it hurts hell I even changed my phone to display "yes Mistryss13" if thats bad enough...what have you done to me my love
I've been thinking a lot about the concept of love lately...What does it mean? Does it mean different things to different people? Why is it easier for some people to feel and to express it than it is for others? Love, for me, has always been a relatively easy emotion to come by, recognize and express. Granted, at times in relationships I may have confused lust or infatuation for love, or I may have given myself to someone undeserving of such heartfelt affection, but I don't consider my willingness to love a weakness. It just means that I've had my heart broken a couple of times, without regret. I always grew up knowing that I was loved. It was an emotion that was freely expressed in my home. Goodnight hugs were punctuated with an "I love you." Phone conversations ended the same way. I lived every day knowing that my mother loved me, and I her, even if we were apart or if we'd had a fight. I know that many adults did not grow up this way, and that saddens me. I can't imagi
Love Poems
I Have A Locked Heart, Someone Is Holding The Key. I Will Know Who He Is When He Stands In Front Of Me. I Will Deep Look Into His Eyes, Will See That The Love is Not A Disguise. He'll Place A Sweet Passionate Kiss Upon My Lips That Will Make My Heart Do Flips. He'll Touch Me In A Way That I Can Not Describe. He'll Take The Key, Open My Heart. From That Day On, We Will Never Apart. For The One I Love With All My Heart!! Please Do Not Copy!! I Think Of You Each Morning And Dream About You Each Night. I Think Of Your Arms Being Around Me And Cannot Express My Delight. We Have So Much More Than I Ever Thought We Would, I Love You More Than I Ever Thought I Could. All I Ever Wanted Was To Be Part Of Your Heart And For Us To Be Together, To Never Be Apart. I Dream Of Your Touch While You Are Away, I Dream Of Your Smile All Through The Day. I Remember The Day You Can Into My Life. I Dream Of The Day That I Will Be Your Wife. I Dream Of The Day That I Can Fall Asleep
Love Lost
Love Me With Out Fear
Love Hurts
I guess I thought you'd be here forever Another illusion I chose to create Don't know what you've got until its gone And I found out a little too late. The tears they fall The sleep wont come My eyes are red My heart is sore and My strengths undone I tried so hard to keep control and make you proud......
Love And Lust: A Bit Racy
She was looking into her own eyes. Those big brown eyes. Looking into her own soul, possibly, and of all the things she could be thinking about, her school, her job, her fiancée, the only thing on her mind at this time was the warm hand beginning to wrap around her waist. Normally she would have pushed it aside, but the person who was trying to hold her closer was someone she had dealt with in the past. Their past was clouded with confusion, hurt feelings, beautiful moments, and the unfinished business that would never be quite resolved, and the “what ifs” that fate would hopefully let them try. She wondered what her fiancée would say about the situation she was letting herself into? Her fiancée would probably want to know why she would risk their union over this man. Knowing her fiancée’s obvious reaction she could only feel a slight guilt by this. She knew why though, this man had made her life more interesting at times, and was same man that had guided her through
What is love? Is it making sacrifices your whole life for everyone else, or is that just the way we are raised as woman to be? Is it that feeling of excitement we feel just thinking about someone or is that just a fantasy? Is it breaking someones heart because you love them enough to tell them your not "in" love with them. Is it loving yourself enough to make a change to make "your" life better or is that selfish. Is it telling someone there wrong even if it hurts their feelings or is that mean? Is it wanting to spend every waking hour with him because you can't get him out of your head or is that a fairy tale? Is it wanting to find the one person who completes you or is that unrealistic? Love is all of these and more and its up to us to make the most of it. It can be finding the "ONE" that completes you, the one that makes your heart go pitter patter, the one that you can't fall asleep without thinking about. There is also the love that drives us to make huge sacrifices in o
The Greatest Irony of Love Loving the right person at the wrong time, having the wrong person when the time is right and finding out you love someone right after that person walks out of your life... And sometimes, you think you're already over a person, but when you see them smile at you, you'll suddenly realize that you're just pretending to be over them just to ease the pain of knowing that they will never be yours again... For some, they think that letting go is one way of expressing how much they love that person... in my opinion, some are afraid to see the one they love being held by someone else... Most relationships tend to fail not because the absence of love. Love is always present. It's just that one was being loved too much and the other was being loved too little... As we all know that the heart is the center of the body but it beats on the left. maybe that's the reason why the heart is not always right... Most often we fall in love with th
Ever felt that once u fall in love u cant get out of it... i know that feeling my heart was broken twice... i still love them both but its never gonna work... i wish one of them would work out but its not going to i know it... so in other words what im trying to say is that LOVE FUCKIN HURTS LIKE HELL... well hit me back if ya'll want...
Love Me Or Hate Me
it's funny, they say guys love s hard as women(not as fast but just as hard). I think it's bull shit cuz if they do then why r we usually tha ones getting hurt? I think love is sooo overrated cuz its just way to painful go thru more than once and if you ever find ur true love don't let them know how much you love them cuz they will take total and complete advantage of that, and you ll be the one paying for it for tha rest of ur life. Check out my stash it's hot if u don't like my taste in music just show me sum love i added new music on my player check it out tha best song on there is the first one and oh yea im officially single for tha momen lol and well thats it 4 now
Ya know i'm goin to tell ya u all something. I had the bright idea of sending a couple of flowers to this girl i'm madly in love with ok fine thats cool right? HAHAHA the day before they were to be delivered she told me something. Something that broke every square inch of my body, mind and soul. She told me this a few months ago. I thought well she is pissed she is just telling me something. Now she tells me again. And i can't help but feel its the truth. And if it ain't y should i ever believe her ever again? You know i'm a dumb shit i'll admit it. But i wanna say something espically to "her" i would NEVER do that to u and i never did and i never will. NEVER!!! It hurt me. But hey guess what?? We are done. We are done for good. I never thought in a million years something like that would have been said or even done for that matter. My heart hurts!!!!!!! If i could only tell her how i feel about her. Maybe it would make things right. But would it hurt things even worse than they are
Love Is
Love is Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play. Love is what I feel for you, Each and every day. Love is a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion That keeps us going strong. I love you with all of my heart, my body and my soul, I love the way I keep loving, Like a love I can't control. So remember when your eyes meet mine, I love you with all of my heart.
Love's Benefit
love's benefit my favorite pain was dominant before i extended my thoughts toward you .....then it disappeared for a moment i gripped you tightly and then loosened my hold .....until i felt the perfect rhythm of your soul my favorite pain returned as we moved firmly toward a place that ....required you to carry me as we reached that new place together i lost touch with the pain and ....... surrendered myself into your beauty John Hancock
Love And Loss.
This is about true love and of course loss, as we all know true love and trust is hard to find . alot of men treat women bad and its realy hard if there are kids envoled too. To many men judge a woman hy her looks or kids and even worse these days her body and thats not fare at all because its ok for him to get big and drink and party. no woman should be treated bad by a man no matter what she has done or her children have done a man should not control and threaten and scare a woman. everyone yes has there momments and things happen and are said too but still it dont mean that the man needs to beat or even kill a woman to get his point across. there is alot of drama these days in relastionships and no one should ever go threw that at all. we all need true love and trust in our lives .
Love Stinks
i am seriously beginning to think that relationships are overrated in my life. I am talking about having an emotional attachment to someone of the opposite sex. I have tried....i have forgiven, forgiven again, given second chances and third chances only to be continually walked on. I used to have these dreams of being the little league dad, with a wife and family. right now i dont care if i stay single the rest of my life. i have a luxury however of having sisters that one day will no doubt have children. i can be a little league uncle. when i get tired of the little rug rats i can send them back home. i think my new focus will be to securing my own future and beginning to enjoy MY life. this will include doing things i want to do and spending time with my family. i am exasperated with the bullshit of trying to rebuild a one sided relationship with no kind of joy or satisfaction for myself. call it selfish but there comes a time when you gotta say "whats in it for me?" so far
First Of All I want to send love to my main man on Fubar, Everyone knows him but he has been my support beam. ~FAT SONNY and DEVILGIRL~@ fubar and of course his beautiful woman has been here to back me up and let me know what is going on when I was left in the dark. DevilGirl~Fat Sonny's Wifey~@ fubar the top 2 I feel have been like my family they have done nothing to hurt me or cause me heart ship. The fallowing people have been close to me as friends and I will always have their backs! This one I am pretty sure all of the ladies know! He is a good looking man with big heart. But back off ladies he is taken. DJ LOONEY JUGGALO Club F.A.R~nWo~ Juggalo Mafia -Fan Me@ fubar This next one is the craziest chick I have ever met but she is totally awesome because without her random thoughts of craziness life would be boring. ‡WiKiÐ OnĔ‡ Rawks Ur Sawks Bitcheŝ Thing 1((((ZOMBIE NECROTIC BOMBERS))))@ fubar This guy is very shy but he is very out going,
Love This Place
WOW!!!!! You people are AWESOME , so many wonderful people so little time. I promise to return the love to each of you as time permits. I work 2 jobs , so time is in short supply sometimes for me. Just wanted everyone to know that I LUV YA !!
Love Is...
Love is when ..... when you miss him before your apart when you could listen to him talk all night and you would never get tired of hearing his vioce when the sound of his name will send chills down your spine and you see his smile the second you close your eyes © cherrie
Being in love is one complicated thing it blinds you to so much it makes you happy but sad needy but spacey i fell in love with a guy at work just from the smile on his face and ive loved and i will love him till the day that i die but from him i dont know so im moving out of town away from him before he comes home from work and i guess ill start my life a new
Isn't it funny how when you are just about to give up on finding your right match whack, you are slabbed in the face with this wonderful man that was always there and you didn't even realize you loved him until he said something to you about dating. Yep that's what happened to me. Smacked me right dab in the middle of my heart and keeps on doing it everyday. Did I ever expect to have one guy be so caring, and trusting with my heart. The heart thats been puled this way and that by asshole men all my life. Have I ever felt this way about anyone before? Not like this, Yes I have been engaged to be married and yes I was married but my reasons for them were all the wrong reasons. I married because I got pregnant, stupid reason I learn that the hard way when he started hitting me and our child. Did I want to marry Barry? Not really, I just was settling because I thought he loved me which I was wrong. Did I love him, yes I did at one time, but that love was pushed right out the door when he m
Why do we fall in love? All were going to do is get hert Why do we say "i love you"? We dont mean it even though we may think it Why are we so danm gullibly?
If I could walk on water to come see you, I would... If I could rob a bank just to have money to come see you, I would.... If I could grow wings to fly to you, I would... There's nothing I wouldn't do, just to spend time with you... I'd do everything to be with you, but do you know? Can you see how much I truly care about you? does it matter? if you know...why don't you tell me? Why do I find it so hard to tell you exactly HOW much I care about you? why can't I find the words to be tell you my feelings? I find that there isn't enough words in the world, to tell you how strong I care... But if I somehow could find all the right words... would you listen? would you care? or.... would you break my heart into a million pieces? I guess this is the trust I must put into you, to be honest with me. I must learn to have faith in the things I say and the things that I do... But there's so much mending to do on my heart... Not sure if it worth it to tell you exactly how I feel just yet... But is
You sign on to yet another one of these sites and expect the same old stuff but, then you find someone that you never would have expected!!! I found the man I should be with!!! He loves me and adores me and I love that! How often do you think that this happens? I know that this doesn't happen a lot! I'm so happy with him, he makes me laugh, smile, and feel so good that I never thought would happen!!! I hope everyone finds the person that they should be with like i have! To the man I love, you know who you are, you mean everything to me and I love you so much, you make me melt and feel like I've never felt before, I'm so happy to be with you and that you found me!
A Love Poem To My Wife..
My Passion You're my greatest passion, I can't stop thinking about you every sun set and every song reminds me of the last time we made love. You're in my heart like an eternal flame, and I am a starved soul, always hungry for your precious love. There's never a time when I don't want to be with you. You make me feel alive, life would be meaningless without you, and I would be lost to sorrow, and heartache. Say you'll wrap me in your loving arms of yours, and prove that you love me as much as I love you. I want to share a night of sensual passion with you that could inspire poetry. After wards, I just want to hold you in my arms and savor being with you.
Love Is
Love You
Let me not say I love you Although you know that it is true That phrase has been so much abused. Misunderstood and over-used. Let me say rather " I think you, breathe you, taste you, feel you, dream you." That you help make each day complete. And life has never been so sweet.
Stand by me, don’t let me be. Love me every day, even if you don’t want to say. Please walk next to me as I lead just be there for me, that is all I need. I’ll be careless if I must, trip stumble and fall, But all I ask is that you help me get to my feet as I crawl. Just love me for me, and how I am today, not the way that you think I should be. and don’t hate me for the things I say. Beautiful Soul Why can’t you like me for me? not for my body but for the beautiful soul I keep waiting for a moment to speak so beautiful it takes your breathe away for a brief moment in time you can’t escape it, it’s stuck in your mind. Why can't you like me for me? behind the mask shows my real personality all you have to do is get to know me. then you'll see yourself in a dream of beautiful butterflies and ice cream. see I’m not so bad.....why do you always have to make me sad?
The Love
The lover sleeps and amid his dreams His angel comes on sunlit beams. To waken him with kisses sweet, For her love for him is oh so deep. She wakes him with her careses light Upon his skin and smiles so bright. And in her eyes, he sees the love She feels for him neath stars above. He comes to her to gently place, Kisses upon her neck and face. To caress her body and touch her soul. For together two become a whole. The love they make is deep and true And in this embrace their love renew. When all is done and all's been said, Upon her breast he rests his head. And hears her heart beat for him alone. A greater love, he's never known.
Love Letters To Slayer
I want to start off by telling you how madly, truly and deeply I am in love with you. I love you so very much, with all my heart and soul, always, forever and ever! Having you in my life is truly a blessing. You bring so much happiness into my life and so much love into my heart! I do not know if I tell you this enough but I want you to know it each and every day. And with every moment, my love for you grows stronger and deeper. Honey, I never knew I would be this happy. But you know what... it is the greatest feeling in the world to be content and might I say, I am very, very content with you and only you. No one else can make me feel the way you make me feel. Your caress, your kiss, your touch, your words, your understanding ways, your everything means the world to me and it can not and will not be replaced. Sometimes I truly feel like I get on your last nerve but despite it all, we are still together. And that is what is most important. And we will always be together because w
Love Is A Joke
Love Is A Four Letter Word!
THIS BLOG IS DEDICATED TO SCMALE101! Everyone knows there is no fairy tale romance's, for woman it is just a lot of pretty words so men can get satisfaction, and u know who you are! I like the open approach, honest come rite out and ask stop saying you are beautiful, sexy, hot, pretty,gorgous or even cute (btw,cute is borderline ugly)We are all lonely for some reason or another and we all have issues but that does not give people the rite to take advantage of those issues, and it is wrong for them to exploit someones loneliness...... Please be honest at least!because on the internet LOVE is just a four letter word.!!!! Best Graphics Poems Comments Images Top new Graphics Codes Click to Get Some Better Sexi Graphics Myspace Layouts Graphics Tweaks I WROTE YOUR NAME IN THE SKY BUT THE WIND BLEW IT AWAY, I WROTE YOUR NAME ON A PIECE OF PAPER AND THE WIND BLEW IT IN A PUDDLE, I WROTE YOUR NAME IN THE SAND BUT THE WATER WASHED IT AWAY, I WROTE YOUR NAME IN MY HEAD
Love @ First Sight
When we met, I never meant to fall in love.... But you took me by storm and its true... There is such a thing as I Loved you from the first moment we met. Im in love with you as you are with me,,,how lucky can 2 people be. I feel blessed to have you in my life , even though we cant be together the way we want now. The future holds alot for us, I hold onto that. I know you dont want me to wait for you the rest of my life... But out of all the things you asked me not to do, thats one thing I have to do We have a special kinda love, a once in a lifetime love...the truest love ever I think about you every moment when we are apart and even when we are together.. I know in my heart, you love me the same. And it's because of that, I will not let go..I know in my heart you wont let go. There are things in life that cant be changed at the moment... I want you to know I love you with every breath I take , I know you love me the same. In time things will change for both of us ,
Love Survey
Love Survey¢¾ You must answer every question TRUTHFULLY! [01] Do you still have feelings for your ex? [02] Have you ever been given roses? [03] What is your all-time favorite romance movie? [04] How many times have you honestly been in love? [05] Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate? [07] Have you ever had your heart broken? [8] Your thoughts on online or long distance relationships? [9] Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend? [10] Do you believe the statement, "Once a cheater always a cheater" [11] How many kids do you want to have? [12] What is your favorite color(s)? [13] What are your views on gay marriage? [14] Do you believe you truly only love once? [15] Imagine you're 79 & your spouse just died, would you re-marry? [16] At what age did you start noticing the opposite sex? [17] What song do you want to hear at your wedding? [18] Do you know someone who likes you? [19] Do yo
Love Survey
Love Survey¢¾ You must answer every question TRUTHFULLY! [01] Do you still have feelings for your ex? Hell No [02] Have you ever been given roses?Nope [03] What is your all-time favorite romance movie? Umm i guess the lake house not big into those movies [04] How many times have you honestly been in love? 3 times [05] Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?Yes [07] Have you ever had your heart broken?Yeah Who Hasnt [8] Your thoughts on online or long distance relationships? B***S*** [9] Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend? Yes [10] Do you believe the statement, "Once a cheater always a cheater"Yes [11] How many kids do you want to have? 3 or 4 [12] What is your favorite color(s)? Blue [13] What are your views on gay marriage? To Each Their Own [14] Do you believe you truly only love once? No It Can Happen More Than Once [15] Imagine you're 79 & your spouse just died, would you re-marry?No [16]
What I really need, I just can't plant a seed. It does me so good, That i want it like you should. Everyone needs it, Even just a little bit. Love is what we all want, If only it could be bought. You have to find it on your own, Like in the movies he's on the other end of the phone. Now listen closely, Thats what I need, Is a little love, Love indeed!!!By Daisy
Love Poem
Sexygirlblond, A tender kiss upon your heart, a endearing place for us to start, expanding our horizons for all to see, as our friendship blossoms perfectly, sharing laughter as time goes by, destine to last for you and I, memorable moments as time comes close, a relation that lasts more than most
How do I express my love even more than I have. I don't know what to say to get you to understand that I will not betray you like everyone else has in your life. I love everything about you and all I can do is be there for you and hope that day by day you see that I am not out for anything other than your love. I would never do anything that would not please you. I could care less about anyone on this site or any of the other sites that I am on. YOu are the one and only for me and I really wish that you would open your heart and know that no matter what I am always going to be here for you my love. You are my best friend, my lover, and my soul mate. There is nothing I would love more than for you to know that no matter what I am here and you can lean on me for anything. THE AGE OLD QUESTION.... WHAT IS LOVE??? LOVE IS WHEN HE/SHE IS THE ONLY THING THAT YOU CAN THINK OF... LOVE IS WHEN HE/SHE IS THE FIRST THOUGHT THAT CROSSES YOUR MIND IN THE MORNING AND THE LAST THOUGHT THAT E
to me love is what happens when friendship is set on fire... its that one breathless kiss mixed with a true heart and a friendship that will last a lifetime... it doesnt come with a pricetag nor does it come only in one package... some are slightly dented from being abused , others are dusty from neglect... none of us are perfect we all come with our on little flaws... the key it to see past all those and into the heart.. simply amazing is what it is... the sound of love can not be heard nor can the beauty of ones heart be seen with just a glance.. its discovered , cherished and nurished until our hearts give into it in helpless desire... true that frist impression can be amazing with the beauty of a smile or the feel of a warm lingering embrace , but sooner or later we get use to it... father time and mother nature takes there toll on us all and when everything is all said and done we go back to what maters the most..... ONES HEART...
Love & Understanding
It’s not what you say that makes the difference in my life, But your caring thoughts in everything that you do, and the quality person that you are. You have been so kind to be there for my troubles, and to share in my life’s happiness. My respect and admiration for our friendship is magnified by your generosity and wonderful abundance of laughter, support, patience, and love. These are the things you do and how you feel when you sincerely want the best for someone dear to your heart. We have become good forgivers and loving friends and I’m thankful for that every day. The friendship we share is a cornerstone of my life, and if our past experiences have any bearing on the future, then we are truly fortunate because we have a loving friendship that is Timeless.
Love Is Patient With A Life
How do I remove a crush I am told the trash can above the crush however I don't see one :( Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Your Pimp Name Is... Foxxy Pump What's Your Pimp Name?
Lover Contest
My wonderful friend just started in a contest and needs to get a big jump on this. If all my friends could come and leave just 20 comments that would be so wonderful and I would appreciate it so very much. Bites and Kisses, Dark Enigma.
They say love is for the fools, love is for the dreamers, love, maybe, is for those who trust in each other or in themselves I am not a fool; I am scared to dream and I cannot trust I just wish I'd believe in love I always thought I was afraid of nothing . I'm not afraid to die . I'm not afraid to kill . But then I realised I'm afraid for showing my deepest feeling to her . Her : that one special girl . That girl I now for so long . That girl I already love for so long . The girl who's perfection to me . There sow many things I wanna tell her . There sow many things I wanna do with her . But then when I see her . I can't say a word . I can't do a thing . Love isn’t something to hide Love is a thing to show with pride Love isn’t a boy kissing his mother Love needs to be given to one another Love isn’t a mother giving birth to a child Love is something very wild Love isn’t a thing you can touch Love is needed very
Love !
I am guessing everyone on my friend list has done it lol Since they are on my friend list.... But why do we do it? does it help forget that one you can't forget? And MEN----tisk tisk, would you be upset if the girl is crying during the act? but you knew she was on the rebound? Hmmmm I'd like to know---seriously I am happy to say, I have made a connection with someone that has been my friend for along time. I hope it will work out, for the long haul. But I know, as a person, I deserve this wonderful man and for me that was half the battle.
Love Is...
Love Me Love me in the Springtime, when all is green and new, Love me in the Summer, when the sky is oh so blue, Love me in the Autumn, when the leaves are turning brown, Love me in the Winter, when the snow is falling down. Love me when I'm happy, and even when I'm sad, Love me when I'm good, or when I'm oh so bad, Love me when I'm pretty, or if my face is plain, Love me when I'm feeling good, or when I'm feeling pain. Love me always darlin', in the rain or shining sun, Love me always darlin', after all is said and done, Love me always darlin', until all our life is through, Love me always darlin', for I'll be lovin' you! Love Is ... Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play, Love is what I feel for you, Each and every day, Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, That keeps us going strong, I love you with my heart, My body and my soul, I love the way I keep loving, Like a love I can't control, So remember when you
A Love Story
A Love Story I will seek and find you . . .. I shall take you to bed and have my way with you . I will make you ache, shake & sweat until you moan & groan. I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop. I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm finished with you. And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days. All my love, The Flu Now, get your mind out of the gutter and go get your flu shot (BETTER LATE THAN NEVER) "YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR EYES TO THINGS YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE, BUT YOU CAN'T CLOSE YOUR HEART, TO THE THINGS YOU DON'T WANT TO FEEL"
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. Bible ~I Corinthians 13:4-8~ "Perfect love is rare indeed - for to be a lover will require that you continually have the subtlety of the very wise, the flexibility of the child, the sensitivity of the artist, the understanding of the philosopher, the acceptance of the saint, the tolerance of the scholar and the fortitude of the certain." ~Leo Buscaglia~ There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; no disease that enough love will not heal; no door that enough love will not open; no gulf that enough love will not bridge; no wall that enough love will not throw down; no sin that enough love will not redee
Love Comes From The Heart
~ Waves Of Love ~ Our bodies trembled intensely so full of passion on that first kiss with the anxiety of a deep love we began to share on a bright warm moonlit night. Our bodies molded together upon the beach like a beautiful sand castle as we made love to the sound of ocean waves splashing upon the sandy shore. Our intense love created sounds from our breath louder than the roaring waves that pounded hard along the shoreline creeping upon us. The Ocean Waters flowed all around us in the instance of our love gone wild touching all of our very souls with a clean purity only true love knows. As I laid upon my back looking into the heavens of your eyes sparkling like the universal stars ever so bright you illuminated my very spirit and filled my heart with joy. A silence came upon us as the waves flowed smoothly on the beach with a moment of calm hearing only sounds of peace within our spirits fill
Love Sexy Diva Work
Love Meter
Created by
I want to be loved. I want to be adored. I want to feel needed. I want to feel wanted. I need to know I'm worth it..... I have been through the ringer a few times in my life. I have been beat down emotionally and physically. It has taken so much time to pick myself back up from the devestating blows that I have suffered. I have met guys...some nice, some not so nice..but that feeling was just never completely there. You know...the one that says, "This is it". I am so afraid of getting hurt. I am so afraid of being thrown away. I am so afraid of games. How do you know when it's worth risking the only thing you have left in your heart? Or do you just close your eyes take a deep breath and jump. I want to be loved free from pain. I want to be adored and I want to adore. I want to feel needed and be able to fulfill needs. I want to feel wanted and I want to be able to return the same.I want to know I am worth it.... I want real love....... You know....I have met a
1. Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue. 2. Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them. 3. Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. 4. Drive carefully. It's not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker. 5. If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague. 6. If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it. 7. It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others. 8. Never buy a car you can't push. 9. Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won't have a leg to stand on. 10. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. 11. Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late. 12. The second mouse gets the cheese. 13. When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane. 14. Birthdays
LOVE is not easy but try to love with all you can. "If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were."I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you."
Love On Cherry Tap
I've been talking to my girlfriend and we've been discussing the way you get sucked into CT... how you meet people and think you care for them... What I want to know is 1) Have any of you 'fallen in love' on CT 2) Part two of that - have you ever met face to face that person? I'm really interested in hearing peoples stories... Has anyone out there really married someone they met? etc... Either comment on this blog... or send me an email to THX! Think carefully what you say and do... To my gf's there's a few here... that you should read and take to heart... “Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.” (god Pen and I knew this one LOL) “Love comes to those who still hope even though they've been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they've been betrayed, to those who still love even though they've been hurt before.” “I've learned that no matter how good a friend someone i
Love & Life In This Messed Up World We Live In
God looked upon his Garden And saw a empty place Then he looked upon the earth And saw your tired face He put his arms around you And lifted you to rest Gods garden must be beautiful He always takes the best He knew you were suffering He knew you were in pain He knew you would never get well on earth again He saw the road was getting rough And the hills were hard to climb So he closed your weary eyelids And whispered "Peace be Thine" It broke my heart to lose you But you didnt go alone For part of me went with you,The day he called you Home This is for my daddy who passed away and wont be with me on Fathers Day!!! Fathers day is a day to remember Dad All the love and good times we had We remember today,All that we shared The years you made happy by showing you cared You gave so much encouragement along the way Listened to our problems and know just what to say We remember all the all good things you've done The memories we made ,The laughter and fun
Love Affair Of The Mind
Love Affair of the Mind The time, it seems like a million years since I've seen you. Only I wonder if you really remember me. And if not, do you want to know me? Your voice commanding and your words tender yet demanding. What will you command of me? Am I too short, am I too fat, are my hips to big or my breasts to small? Or is it the fact that I'm a brunette? Will you demand me out of your life or will it be an adventure of discovery and play. Each of us finding in the other our missing pieces? Wouldn't that be a wonderful addition to our long distance love affair in our minds? Can you allow me to show you who I am as I'm willing to allow you to show me? Love is not the creature in play as of now only being a comfort for each other. Time will tell as to where this leads, no expectations no heartbreaks only satisfaction in each others passions. To a special someone and you should know who you are!
Love It
Love Stinks!
Love This Song
I destroy homes, I tear families apart, Take your children, and that's just the start. I'm more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold, The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. If you need me, remember I'm easily found, I live all around you - in schools and in town I live with the rich; I live with the poor, I live down the street, and maybe next door. I'm made in a lab, but not like you think, I can be made under the kitchen sink. In your child's closet, and even in the woods, If this scares you to death, well it certainly should. I have many names, but there's one you know best, I'm sure you've heard of me, my name is crystal meth. My power is awesome; try me you'll see, But if you do, you may never break free. Just try me once and I might let you go, But try me twice, and I'll own your soul. When I possess you, you'll steal and you'll lie, You do what you have to -- just to get high. The crimes you'll commit for my narcotic charms Will be worth the pleas
From Friends To Lovers by Joe Vieira Sometimes I feel sad and sometimes I feel blue but whenever I see you, I'm as happy as can be for you bring a smile upon my face and a feeling of joy within my heart you're like my sunshine in the morning and my stars that glow at night you're like the waves in the ocean the cool breeze in the wind like the call of the birds in the morning dew like the sounds of beauty in the night you see all of these things are of beauty and love that's how I feel whenever you are near for it was the passion and desire from both of us that opened up the world for our eyes to see for our love of each other will grow and grow and our needs and desires will be more everyday for a friend you once were and will always be has turned into love as it should have been so I want you to know as a friend and lover that in my heart and arms you'll always stay for our love for each other will never fade.
Love Turned To Hatred - Sir John Suckling
LOVE TURNED TO HATRED Sir John Suckling I WILL not love one minute more, I swear, No, not a minute ; not a sigh or tear Thou get'st from me, or one kind look again, Though thou shouldst court me to 't and wouldst begin. I will not think of thee but as men do Of debts and sins, and then I'll curse thee too : For thy sake woman shall be now to me Less welcome, than at midnight ghosts shall be : I'll hate so perfectly, that it shall be Treason to love that man that loves a she ; Nay, I will hate the very good, I swear, That's in thy sex, because it doth lie there ; Their very virtue, grace, discourse, and wit, And all for thee ; what, wilt thou love me yet ?
If I told you I loved you, it's cause I do... If I said that I missed you, it must be true... If I try too hard, it's cause I like you... If I seem upset, it's cause I don't wanna lose you... If I'm quiet, it's cause I think you might be mad.. If I hurt you, I really didn't mean too... My feelings are my own, but I am trying to share... just know i always want you to be there... If I seem somewhat distant,I might need to talk... But if I seem fed up, I probably tried enough... But when it comes down to you and me, Just know that I say what I mean and mean what I say... But I would never do anything to hurt you in  anyway... My love is strong and I know it's deep... So please be gentle, never cruel, and if you don't want me ...just let me i can turn around and go....always remember You are forever in my heart, there will always be a place for you,in my life..... Anytime,anywhere ,whenever you need me i'll be there... So remember no matter what'll be my best friend... T
Love Poem
Today, she sent Me this this email while I was at the office... that surely put a smile on My face, she is so sweet! During the day and during the night, when i'm unable to have You by my side... You are the star that guides me through time. Every move and decision i make is done with You in mind. Though there are good times and bad times, my objective will always be to maintain Your happiness. To do and give You everything i can. From the day i set my eyes on You i have become a better person. i love You so much!
HE CHOSE ME! the love of my life chose me to be his wife! my love life is so confusing right now, i am dating someone who just told me last night that he is dating someone on the side and i am not mad just confused because i want him to love just me, and he says he doesn't know where things will go between the two of them.
Love..... Ouch!
So it's the most scariest thing n the world. it involves 2 things that r just 2 scarred 2 even recognize..... my heart and my trust both as fragile and delicate as the wings of a butterfly. i am in love or at least believe i am.... i keep fighting myself.... my mind is telling me "it's all a joke and none of it was real" on the other hand my heart is telling me "u know better and u could see it in his eyes, feel it in his touch, and hear it in his heart" but i was selfish back then.... oh lets not forget immature and ignorant. i can stand and breathe on my own. he wouldn't have 2 do it 4 me. i do need him 2 save me from my loneliness though.... it's a challenge, believe me. but i'm thankful that he knows how i feel about him. i did at least put fear aside on that one. but if he gave me one more last chance.... i'd show him a world he's only dreamed about and would do everything my heart and soul could not 2 hurt him n*e more than he already has been hurt.
i am writting this blog in a very depressed andgry state of mind.any one that can talk to me or help me to understand is greatly appreciated.. ok,i have been the type of person to always believe in love and want love in my life.i have always wanted to have a family and get married.thank the good god above all my wishes and prayers came true.i met the most wondrful woman in the world and my life was great.just when i thought it could not get any better she had my only child a beautiful little girl named jasmine.for 2 more years my life was great and my heart was full of happiness.on march 27,2006 my beautifull wife died in wal-mart from a heart attact at the age of 24.from that point until now my life has been shit,the only light that comforts my heart is my little girl.that is love and made from love.. i hate being single and i hate the dating hear a woman say they want a good man really pisses me hear people that are not happy in there relationship pisses me off.peo
When one is surrounded by love, the feeling of excitement fades away, and one tends to ignore the true love that lies in between the peace and dullness. Love shows up in all forms, even very small and cheeky forms, it has never been a model, it could be the most dull and boring, and romantic moments are only used and appear on the surface of the relationship. Under all this, the pillar of true love stands......and that's our life. Love, not words win arguments... Sometimes we expect far too much of the people around us, and because no one can ever live up to those expectations, we are almost always disappointed. Wouldn't it be better if we just let go, and let people be who they are? Then we'd be able to see them as they are -- with all their beauty and goodness in which we take joy, and with all their faults which we can also see in ourselves. When we have put someone up on a pedestal, sculpturing them to fit our needs and desires by smoothing out the rough
Love Sucks
Love It, Almost Peed My Pants
this guy almost made me pee my pants this morning...thanks for doing this for me, you made my day..."
If you love to live and live to love....What one takes precedence? Just a question.
1 Love
I've got a crush on you You turn me on It's hitting home again, what I left behind I don't want to sleep alone I don't want to go home I don't want to walk the streets I want to satisfy your needs Cos, that's what life's about Cos, that's what love's about She says "no, no, no, no, no, never again" She says "no ,no, no, no, no never again" You've got nothing to loose So just hear me out again I don't understand why people say I just don't give a damn I don't want to make the same mistake I don't want to waste another day I don't want to play another game I want to make it up this way Cos, that's what life's about Cos, that's what love's about She says "no, no, no, no, no, never again" I say "no, no, no, no, no never again" Take me out of the rain Take me out of the rain Some say, I stepped out of line Some say, just leave it all behind It's never too late, to turn it around It's never too late, to turn it around All I want is you tonight All I wan
We have all heard about a Prince and his Lady falling in love and living happily ever after. Where do we hear this? In fairy tales! I want to know if love is ever forever? Besides the obvious, kids, family, etc. does long time love exist? I have had 3 long term relationships, and in all of them, the love left long before the involvement did. I am truly beginning to believe that "true" love is a fantasy and does not exist. I believe people fall into lust and if they keep it exciting they stay together, if the lust dies, so does the relationship. If your views are different or if you have a "happily ever after" story, please share.
Love Brings Peace To The Soul
so there is this guy! his name is mike! and he is absolutely amazing! i love him more than anything in this world! but at the moment i have no idea where he is at or what he is doing and it driving me crazy! he better call soon or he's gonna see one pissed off girlfiend! lol. but i till love him n always will! no one could EVER take his place!
Love: It Regaurds Youth Nor Youth's Ambitions
they're so god damn confusing! ok, so theres this guy right? (and you know who you are) he sits there, makes me fall for him, and then he goes ahead and puts a pic of him and this girl kissing on not only his myspace but every other god damn website he has! then expects me to feel exactly the same as i did before!!! sometimes when he says if you love me you'll do this, i just feel like saying "well i'm not your girlfriend now am i?" or when he tells me to do something i just wanna be like "i'm not your girlfriend" something like that! HE ANNOYS ME, and plus, i like this other guy, and like we were really close, and he just got a girlfriend...and its really hard to cope with this, and like my ex keeps on running through my head, and right after i told him i still loved him , then he told me he did too, and then he kinda sorta asked me out, then i told him i needed to think, then the next message was OH I ALREADY ASKED SOMEONE OUT...WTF IS THAT... i hate guys, i hate relationships...i ha
Love Hurts
I'll let another tear drop fall to wash away the pain I'll let another tear drop fall to wash away my shame Another little tear drop will wash away your touch One more little tear drop for memories that hurt so much I'll let another tear drop fall to wash away the years And one more little tear drop to wash away my fears If I sit down and cry hard enough and let the tear drops fall, Maybe I will forget and won't remember you at all. Words, words brought our first encounter, the look into her glowing eyes, the caress of our bodies together, the kiss of her sweet lips to mine, the first I love you, the memories that will last to infinity, misspoken words took her away in a heated moment, and the only feelings left are from the memories of our love, and always remembering the words, the words not spoken He's walking away from me. His back is tense, and I know he's angry with me. I suppose he's got a right to be angry. He's looking back at me now with that look in h
I'm sorry... that i am in love with you I'm sorry.. if I'm not skinny enough for you to see my ribs. I'm sorry.. if I'm not pretty enough to be "your girl". I'm sorry.. if I'm not tan enough for you. I'm sorry.. if I'm not a playboy model so I don't act like a porn star for you. I'm sorry.. If i don't have a dream body that turns you on. I'm sorry.. if im too tall for you. I'm sorry.. if Im to short for you. I'm sorry.. if i won't drop down to my knees to get you to like me I'm sorry.. if my hair is not long enough. I'm sorry.. if my hair is not short enough. I'm sorry.. if im not the "hottest" girl you have ever seen. I'm sorry.. if I have a pimple or two I'm sorry.. if im too good in school for you. I'm sorry.. if im not good enough in school I'm sorry.. if im not god enough for you. I'm sorry.. if i've only had sex with a few guys or none I'm sorry.. if i dont put out en
Love Is Pain
I pray that this pain will leave soon Its like salt in an open wound He put a knife right through my heart And tore my soul apart, When a heart has no love left to give Does it really continue to live Its beating sings a song of pain, Just as loud as the thunder and rain I feel it in my every breath Pain is something worse than death When will it end, Will I make it through I'm not sure but I owe this all to you. I pray that this pain will leave soon Its like salt in an open wound He put a knife right through my heart And tore my soul apart, When a heart has no love left to give Does it really continue to live Its beating sings a song of pain, Just as loud as the thunder and rain I feel it in my every breath Pain is something worse than death When will it end, Will I make it through I'm not sure but I owe this all to you. I am so lonely without you here I think of you and my eyes start to tear I would rather have you for a best friend Then to be all alone in
What Does Love Mean? A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, "What does love mean?" The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love." Rebecca- age 8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." Billy - age 4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other." Karl - age 5 -----------------------------------
Love All My Friends
To all my cherry tap friends... I just wanted to say I love all my friends on cherry tap and to say I am sorry for not being able to send comments every day like I use to but I have had alot going on in my life right now (going to be grandma) my 16 year old got impregnated and I have just been real busy with all that is going on....But I have not forgotten my friends....I LOVE YOU ALL YOU MUST KNOW *77 I knew about the red light on cars, but not the *77. It was about 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and Lauren was driving to visit a friend. An UNMARKED police car pulled up behind her and put his lights on. Lauren's parents have always told her never to pull over for an unmarked car on the side of the road, but rather to wait until they get to a gas station, etc Lauren had actually listened to her parents advice, and promptly called *77 on her cell phone to tell the police dispatcher that she would not pull over right away. She proceeded to tell the dispatcher that there was an
Love Songs
Can i touch you? I can't believe that you are real How did i ever find you? You are the dream that saved my life You are the reason i survived Baby... I never thought that i could love Someone as much as i love you I know it's crazy but it's true I never thought that i could need Someone as much as i need you I love you... Can i hold you? Girl your smile lights up the sky You are too beautiful for the human eye You are the dream that never dies You are the fire that burns inside Baby... I never thought that i could love Someone as much as i love you I know it's crazy but it's true I never thought that i could need Someone as much as i need you I love you... You are the sinshine in the sky You are the sparkle in my eyes I never thought that i could love Someone as much as i need you I know it's crazy but it's true I never thought that i could need Someone as much as i need you I love you.
CT, like many other sites on the internet ask, Who are you? First off, who are you to ask who am I? Do you even know who you are? When you do, then you can ask me. But for those who really wish to know who I am: I am High School football on a chilly Friday night. Rooting on my nephew who has grown into a fine young man, Nice job sis! I am College football on a brisk fall afternoon, cheering on my oldest nephew, also a fine young man. I am the doting Uncle sitting in the hospital room with my niece looking at the beautiful bundle joy her and her husband has brought into this world. I am Ohio Valley strong. I have the backbone of steel forged in the furnaces that my father tended. The same steel that built the battleships that saved the world in World War II. The same steel that has forged the great country we have now. I have the strong bones of coal that my Grandfather, and so many other men mined, at great risk to themselves. My Grandfather has told m
Lovestone Hotel Ministry
  The passover is also a fetival time and I have included dating in my observation and ministry, after much prayers and meditiations : Socializing and entertaining in hotels and motels, I think are acceptable in our society today, if you can find reasonable accomodations. I will meet you there.
The day the ring slid on my finger, I was scared of what the future would hold. But yet 10 years later, here you still stand, By my side, vowing to never let go. The twists and turns our lives have wound. The bumps and hills that we found. The evils we fought. The gifts we won. All made made us stronger now. Made us one. You and I Our lives so wound. My Life. My Love I am so glad i found.
Love Spoken Extemporaneously
The plethora of conniving women and distrustful men Made the proposition of acquiring true love an unfathomable notion At the hands of infidelity we’ve sustained emotional wounds Adulterous companions were afforded every opportunity to Renounce their philandering ways Still we tried forcing square pegs into rounded holes Until we completely exasperated our souls She was a good girl who just grew weary of Constantly being misled by a bad boy’s love And my weakening frame Began to deteriorate under the strain Of manipulative minds games I no longer had the desire to play Candidly we discussed the differences between needs, desires and wants For the first time in our lives we were going to Put ourselves above all others Forgoing the monotony Of feigning monogamy She and I brokered an alliance based upon sexual reciprocity We established a relationship of self indulgence That would be devoid of any emotional attachment Yet it becomes so easy to grow accustom to Merel
Love vs Lust An article about the differences between love and lust hardly seems necessary. When we look at the issues dispassionately, it is easy to see that one is almost the opposite of the other. But the key word is "dispassionately". Passions, or emotions, can blind us to the most obvious truths. Jesus spoke of an "evil and adulterous generation", and nothing could more aptly describe the world of the Twenty-First Century. Birth control and extensive media propaganda have made sexual promiscuity the norm. We have more than once been approached by unmarried couples from otherwise conservative religious backgrounds, who refrained from joining our community merely because they would have to stop sleeping together. What is happening in the churches today, that such behaviour is tolerated and passively encouraged? At the moment, there is worldwide scandal about the fact that clergymen in several denominations have for many years been engaging in sexual activities w
Love Less
Love Less Life is hard and cold You know in your heart and pray it gettes better Being hope less and cold gettes you no where it get you pain and hurt Love iz the great thing in this cold hard world No matter what ppl say Be who you are Not what they want you to be Who you are is all that matters in this world Be that no natter what And you will always have a friend to love and care about Trust me when I say this I know what I am talking about on this part Love Less Life is hard and cold You know in your heart and pray it gettes better Being hope less and cold gettes you no where it get you pain and hurt Love iz the great thing in this cold hard world No matter what ppl say Be who you are Not what they want you to be Who you are is all that matters in this world Be that no natter what And you will always have a friend to love and care about Trust me when I say this I know what I am talking a
Love To All My Teaxs Friends
All my love and prayers to all my TX friends and fans. Please send all your prayers to TX.
i wish i understood men more they drive me crazy with this shit about thinking a woman should be able to read their mind and then they get mad when we cant god i dont know what to do i want to choke them sometimes...
Love Can Change Things
All is not always as it appears to be. You say you see beauty when you look at me. Inside someone is where the beauty lies and sometimes hides. Waiting for the right word or feeling to bring it out. Like an unscreamed shout. All have pain and darkness inside some are better at learning to hide. Hateful words and stares of disdain all these things cause the pain. Dirty indian go away. Where do I go this home this is where I must stay. You say you see beauty when you look at me; all do not see what you see. Stare at eyes when they spit at you waiting for them to turn away first. Walk always with my head held high while inside my heart hurts. Never let them see you cry never let them know the pain. Stare at eyes full disdain until they turn away. Cheayla
Love Like No Other
I have had an extremely emotional day today dealing with my little girl being gone. She is with her "doner" shall I call him. His weekend. I love this little human being God blessed me with more than anything. A love that no matter how I try to muster up the words to desribe it I just can not. I am alone in silence. No rukus, no laughter just me. I know I am supposed to be privy to this time as a mom, but I just do not enjoy it. No matter what I try to to do to make the time pass, the clock drags. I suppose it boils down to the fact that when I became a mom by the grace of God, I realized that was on call 24/7, 365 days per year. I have grown so attached to being needed, Taylors laughter, her tears in need of my comfort and every wonderful thing that comes from being a mom. I am now going to climb on my couch, try to relax and know that she will be home soon enough. Then I get to hear the stories of her fathers house and the BS that they put her through by being so foolish to not real
Love Pixie First Blog!
Ok ppls I`m way confused and figuring this site out..sry have no clue howe this one works iet patients lol huggles Love
Love Action Super Hero. Batteries Not Included!
Trey's Interview by Tyra BanksTYRA: Good afternoon Trey, Can I start my asking what brings you here to Cherry Tap?TREY:Sure Tyra...A friend of mine, (Jules ) invited me here, we met on another space place ;-) So I took her up on it and thought it would be cool to make some new friends.... TYRA: I see ..... so what is your status... you know as far as having a wife and kids? TREY: I was married for ten years. As far as a family goes, my ex and I never had children, and is one of the reasons for my divorce. I always wanted children perhaps it's not too late, either way I think kids are great. In place of kids I did settle for an English Springer Spaniel and a Labrador Retriever (mixed with sneaky neighbors dog) I'm a real sucker for a fuzzy face. TYRA:
Love To My Best Friend
Love And Friendship
You know it really amazes me how clueless people are to bikers. how careless people are on the road as if bikers are invisable. it really pisses me off that people can not take the time to watch where they are going and to watch out for biker out on the 1996 harley got damaged today thanks to a freaking asshole who wasnt paying attention and cut right in from of my bike laid it down and slid about 50 yards. then the damn driver didnt even stop took off at a high speed just so he wouldnt get caught. they have an APB out on the son of a bitch and i hope they catch is ass. just thought i would share this with fellow bikers and fellow friends and fans of mine ....people are so stupid these days and to busy being in a hurry and not watching waht they are doing Saffire AKA Lynn Love and Friendship instead of trying so hard to do the bigger things try doing the smaller things to most the lil things is what counts the most is more meaningful and can bring a smile to an
Love Doesn't Live Here
i fucking hate cheaters, someone looks yu in the face tells you they love then as soon as your back is turned cheats on you, then when you find out they stil swear they love you bullshit once a slut always a slut thats my opinion i'm not sure when it happened,but after years of being hurt an in pain love no longer exist in my heart anymore. i feel no remorse, no pain, i no longer care, just waiting, an letting all the rage build when i exsplode i'm going to release it all
Loved One
"another day older and deeper in debt. Saint Peter dont call me cause i cant go I oweee my soul to the company store" Here i sit a day shy of 28 and wounder where to go. So much to do and so little time to do it cause like the song goes.. another day older...So much to do that i dont know where to stop.. "another day older and deeper in debt. Saint Peter dont call me cause i cant go I owe my sout to the company store" Time will ease all pain... Or so they say.. Some 8 months later.. I loved you enough to let you go... I loved you enough to let you walk to her. I love you to this very day and that seems to be my weakness of times gone by. You hold my heart so close and carefull like i dont think you even know you that you hold it still... You are the holder of my heart and i want it back in one peice... you hold it unknowly i do belive but hold it you do. How much longer will it for the pain to go away? i still and will always love you TEB Her hair was up in a pony
Love Him Or Hate Him, He Sure Hits The Nail On The Head With This! To Anyone With Kids Of Any Age, Here's Some Advice.
Love him or hate him, he sure hits the nail on the head with this! To anyone with kids of any age, here's some advice. Bill Gates recently gave a speech at a High School about 11 things they did not and will not learn in school. He talks about how feel-good, politically correct teachings created a generation of kids with no concept of reality and how this concept set them up for failure in the real world. Rule 1 : Life is ! not fair - get used to it! Rule 2 : The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself. Rule 3 : You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both. Rule 4 : If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss. Rule 5 : Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping: they called it opportunity. Rule 6: If you me
Love Writing Poems
when i look into your eyes, i see a love that is only for me when i'm wrapped in your arms i always feel safe from harm when you hold me tight i sleep all through the night when i feel your lips close to mine i get lost in time when our bodies lock tight together i know our love will last forever when you say those three little words "i love you" my heart melts everytime, it's true with everything i am you are my heart and soul with each passing day my love for you only grows written by: angel
Love Is Great!!
i just wanta tell people how happy iam and how much i'm in love with hellraiser.. he is on this sit.. and we both love each other and plan on moving in togther... and gettting married... he is the best thing to happen to me in a long im so happy now... i have never been this happy... i love u hellraiser im your babygirl 4 life.... i can't wait to be u wife soon...
Love Sucks
Today is the fourth of july.. and i love the fireworks (that i didn't get to see because of my bubby).... but, like everyother holiday it makes me sad.. because it makes remember how much it sucks to have so much love in your heart to give away yet no one to love you back
Love Me?
every get that thought about how can someone say 'i love you'? well im wondering that right now. i was recently bitten by a brown recluse. i told the man that claims he loves me thru a instant msg a few days ago when it happened (thats the only means bc he's in iraq) and i can understand him not saying anything about it or getting back with me bc he's been busy. well tonight while talking to him and agrueing about somethin else i mention it again. saying you know i expected to you show some concern about me telling you that i got bitten by a brown recluse but no nothing. and he's like sorry ive been treating gsw. ok i understand that, and i let it go. just waiting to see if it crosses his mind to ask about it, i wait and wait and wait, nope still nothing. so as im getting off to go take a shower im like oh btw i mentioned it again and you still show no concern so nvm forget about it. still he says nothing which this time is fine means he's listening, good for him. but i cant help but w
As I look into your eyes I can see what makes me love you. Your soul, your smile, the way you look at me and the very essence of what makes you you. You are the one that makes me whole, the one that makes me know I am alive. Without you nothing makes sense, without you the world is cold and unfriendly. Your caress is angelic, your love is enlightning, my heart is yours forever. Ef
It has been a very strange and emotional week. This is probably one of the worst weeks of my life for many different reasons. I don’t exactly know where to begin, I guess I will just start venting and go where it may take me. My week started off badly on Monday. That day started off my bad luck. I got sick on Monday and have been sick ever since. I have been very ill. I have been vomiting blood and the whole nine yards. I started doing that Monday and I did it until today when I went to see the doctor and they finally gave me something to make me stop. I will say that my health has improved since then. I am still incredibly weak though. The doctors say that I will be weak for a while and to take things as easy as possible for the next week. I have the stomach flu you see and also a very weak immune system. They don’t want me to have an upset. I don’t want that either. I also have not had a great week with my boyfriend. I love him so much and he’s my everything, but
Love Me
im in a contest and i need your comments lots of them smooches!!! The blood drips from my eyes, with every tear from your lies. The pain you can't see, makes me nobody but me. The deep cut from your knife, has trapped everything in my life. Stab me to death, cuz you have took everything that was left. My soul is now dead, not for the things you have said. You gave me part of your life, then turned around and stabbed me with that knife. My life starts to faid, now you have it made. I live in fear, you made me shed too many tears. Please let my soul go, you've hurt me more than you know. You have waited too long, my soul is long gone. Say a prayer for me, because there is nothing more to see. Too many times you have made me cry, don't look my way for I just died. wrote this for my husband The pain I have inside me, awakins every sad moment I had. Nothing for me to see, but everything that made me mad. Darkest hour of the day, when I draw closer to hurt an
why is it we always develope feelings for someone and then you lose half those feels do to something that was so stupid and then a few months later you see that person again and all those feelings come back and hit you hard and you so want to tell that person what you are feeling but it hurts to come out and your drowning your self in tears because you know you'll never get to have that one moment with them again but you wish from the bottom of your heart for it to happen .... WHAT EACH KISS MEANS -Kiss on the stomach; I'm ready. -Kiss on the Forehead; I hope we're together forever. -Kiss on the Ear; You're my everything. -Kiss on the Cheek; We're friends. -Kiss on the Hand; I adore you. -Kiss on the Neck; We belong together. -Kiss on the Shoulder; I want you. -Kiss on the Lips; I love you. ____________________________________________________ What the gesture means... -Holding Hands; We definitely like each other. -Slap on the Butt; That's mine. -Holding on tigh
Should love feel like your heart is going to burst??? I clove my husband more then anything in the world and yet I do not see him very much!!! I would give up the world for him!!! He always tells me Im beautiful, im the best thing that ever happened to him, and he would die for me!!! He give me everything I could ask for.... It jus hurts cuz he is gone alot not beacuse he is in the army or wit hiz homeboyz its cuz he is locked up!!! I jus wish I could see him all the time cuz i miss him so much and its hard to sleep at night...Everyone tells me it is goin to be fine but I get so upset cuz I never get to see him...Like i said before I would do anything for him!!!
Love Poems
You were as if the sun came up Upon my bitter night And bade the blackness rustle up Some joyful morning light. And inexplicably my heart Rose up and twirled me round, So sudden in its expert art I scarcely touched the ground. With you I am still filled with light And all my feelings dance. You are my song, my wings, my flight, My truth and my romance. My love for you is simple, deep, and strong. I feel it flowing towards you from my heart, A tide of unsophisticated song, Sung with much desire and little art. I cannot tell my love, but it will show In ways that even I cannot foresee; A love as full as mine must overflow Into everything that makes me, me. Just as the sun must shine to be the sun And trees burst forth in blossom every year, So I must love in ways that everyone Can see or sense or reason out or hear. Still, I'll tell you of my love in this: For fear, despite all, you might my love miss. I Want to Make You Smile as Yo
The Love Of My Life
Babycakes I know you hurt as I do I love you more then life its self Love Always, Sugardaddy
If I don't get this back, I understand. But I have a game for you. Once you read this letter, you must send it to 15 people that you really care about, including the person that sent it to you. If you receive at least 7 back, then you are loved. Nobody knows what they have until they loose it. You never leave the person whom you love for the one you like, because that person who you like will leave you for the person whom they love. Tonight, right at 12:00am, your true love is going to realize that they LOVE you! Then something is going to happen to you between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. Tomorrow, be ready for the greatest shock of your life. If you break this chain, you are going to have bad luck in love for the next years of your life. Send this to 15 people in 15 minutes. Do it if you wanna know who your real love is ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii LOVE YOU, ii L
Ok when did it become such a crime to be in love with one person and love someone else very deeply?? I have a friend on here that I care very deeply for, even though I screwed up, so in order for me to prove to him that I truely care, I put his link on my page with a message saying how I love him.... Its funny because I had shut people out for so long and refused to allow myslef to get close to anyone, when I do, it becomes a big problem... I am a manic bipolar and manic depressive person, who has been thru more than one person could handle in life, it has left me with a very good understanding on differences between concepts of love.. be it may that Im "in love" with a person or the fact I may love one deeply... So in short I think people have a very misconception about the power of love and what it can do and how it can affect someone.... My love for my friends and whomever falls on different levels.....
Love Is It Possible
Why do we cry when it's over? Did we truly care about that person, or were we just in love with the idea of being in love? Why do we lie to ourselves? Or worse yet, to other people? When I get up in the morning, do you embrace the day...? Or do you just hit the snooze button trying to forget what you did or what happened the night before? Do you wish for the day to be over already? Why do we try soo hard to impress others and so hard to be what we think they want us to be only to change later on? Why is it so hard to be yourself...? The person you are with your family and your friends? Do you strive to be the best person you can be or do you strive to be what someone else wants you to be? Do you think that your life would be so much better, If only you had someone to love? Do you love yourself? Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? Do you wish that you looked like someone else? Do you think that you can make someone love you? The answer to these question
Love Life
I wish you all a HAPPY and Prosperous NEW YEAR! Hi All! I now have another page on FUBAR! WITCHES WAY PROMOTING INC Please add! Thanks! I am still alone- I am not so sure that it is by choice anymore! For awhile I liked being alone and for the most part I still do- But I just want that one person that can make me smile, and who wants to be with me- Who wants to hold me in the middle of the night- And who wants to hold my hand through the good and the bad- Maybe I am just down today- Or maybe there is someone in my life now that i should just give in too- Its true there is no gold at the end of the rainbow- No prince charming after you kiss the frog! BUT isnt there someone out there that can sweep me off my feet- That can come and blow me away and show me that not all guys are the same??!!??
Love And Lucifer
With a fevered body and a molten heart, I inhabit my own elemental boudoir. I see it: a strange vision. The landscape is scorched and entirely carpeted with ash and soot from the constant forest fires and the rivers of lava which never cool enough to set. There’s no sun, no daylight, just the deep blood-red glow of a rich observing moon. The sky is heavy and brooding. It’s heavy with passion. My heart has become a world of its own and I’m crawling naked through its earth. I want to be covered in it. But I don’t want to be the only one writhing around on this carpet of soot. I’m on my hands and knees, burning. I’m looking into the woods in the distance - a colossal black forest of smouldering bare trees. I’m hoping to see something moving in the shadows - a wild creature with penetrating eyes that’s going to come and ravage my body and consume my soul. He’s going to murder me with his eyes and fuck me back to life. If I don’t see him, lurking in the blackness, I’m going
Love what can i say but it pierces your heart and and soul. Leaving you empty and dark with no place to go. It can be thick but also thin. What i wouldn't do to feel that again. What have i done for it to leave me so blind. Why does it rush ahead leaving me behind. You would figure i would have no harm. Finding love but doesn't alarm. It is rough to love when it hurts the most. It seems like i walk through life as if i was a ghost. This is me left on the lonely road of faith that i walk. The world is cold and empty and love that we stalk. Could be too good to be true. But when you find the real thing what do we do. We embrace it with everything that we got. Our hearts give in at the feeling on the spot. Like i said why is love so blind. Makes it hard on all of us makes it hard to find. Why does it always like to stay hidden. It's like the fruit of eden always forbidden. But those of you that have found your true love you have my repsect. Makes me want another path
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What does love feel like? When we reach that stage in our lives where we are at peace with our sins and in acceptance of our past do we feel a calmness in our souls or a roaring in our hearts? Do you love someone enough to give all of your mind body & soul ... Does love give you that person that walks beside you in life never in front or in back of you? How do we know when we find that person? Is it a look, touch, taste, smell, laugh, smile....does it hurt... does it consume you so much that you lose your breath? Does your heart bleed when you are apart?
We need to ask ourselves ... Are we building bridges from our hearts to one another or building blocks between us? Are we finding the things we have in common with one another or are we focusing on our differences? Every person on Mother Earth wants to be Loved and wants to give Love. Every person wants to be accepted and acknowledged. Open to the Love that you are, beautiful one. There is so much of life to be lived no matter what circumstances surround us. Understand how and what to change so all of life becomes a celebration. Learn how to find the good and feel the good in all things ... including yourself. Living life to its fullest and having happiness always was never meant to be hidden. It all awaits our wanting to discover it. Do we really understand the profound difference we could make in another's life if we would express the beautiful Love that lives inside each one of us? Become the Divine Love that You Truly Are ... because you hold the Love
Love Gone Wrong Poems
ever since i‘ve loved you you‘ve been puttin‘ me down and treatin‘ me like a clown but i won‘t take it no more no, i won‘t take it for sure you‘ve acted like i‘m your cart a special one just for your heart you take me when you need me and you put me back when your done but i won‘t take it no more no i won‘t take it for sure so here‘s the key that i‘ve cherished for so longthe one that made me break out in song whenever i thought you were near it‘s the key to your heart cause i won‘t be needin‘ it no more no i won‘t be needin‘ it for sure I could fill a thousand pages telling you how I felt and still you would not understand. So now I leave you without a sound except my heart shattering as it hits the ground.
Love Quotes
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return Love isn't blind, it just only sees what matters. Love is a moment that lasts forever... You will know the real meaning of love when you fall in love. If a tear fell from my eyes, everytime i wished you were with me I would have a puddle of fallen wishes at my feet Through the wind I hear your voice, in the clouds I see your name. Living life without you just wouldnt be the same If you love someone more than anything, Then distance only matters to the mind, not to the heart If i had a single flower for everytime i thought of you i could walk forever in my garden. The worst way of missing someone is sitting right beside them, knowing that you can't have them.
The Lover
Love Is Beautiful
Love (my View)
Ima start out wit a quote " Love can sumtimes be magic...but magic is sumtimes jus an illusion." Love is a very difficult thing 4 me. I honestly don't think that people care bout me as much as they say they do. If I die tomorrow would you care? Everyone always told me that the love between a mother and a child is the strongest love...but is it? I don't know my mother she left us (my dad, my 2 brothers, and myself) when i was about 5 years old. My dad told me that it was because she met sumone new and she was doing drugs but as far as im concerned thats jus 1 side of the story there are always 2 sides but I often think to myself that if she really did love me n my brothers wouldn't you think that she would try ta keep in touch? I love my son more than anything in this world and couldn't imagine him not being here wit me! But wat i'm tryin ta get at is there is a different kinda love that I have never been too lucky at and thats the love between a man and a woman. I don't thi
Love can be an amazing thing. When your in love you never want to let it go. When your not in love you look and look to try and find it. People spend years trying to find love. People spend years trying to find out what love means. When they do find love they don't know what to do. But when you lose the one that you love is when you realize what love is. You also realize that you don't know how you have lived that long without love. Most people give up on love when they lose that special person. But you will soon realize that you can not live without Love
Love Poem:
Once I looked into his eyes In the face of wear and tear Past the deepness of his eyes Through the clear, far-reaching stare Beyond laughter touched with tears To the warm inner glow To the strength that few can know To an angel hiding there In the tiny person fair Past toil, past care Peace was waiting there
Watching Looking Waiting Searching When will it happen? I miss it I want it I need it I long for it When will it happen? Is it even out there for me anymore? I haven't seen it in so long. I haven't felt it in so long. Wil it ever happen again?
Love And Marriage
Love Hurts
Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived: Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all of the others including Love. One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink, so all repaired their boats and left. Love was the only one who stayed. Love wanted to persevere until the last possible moment. When the island was almost sinking, Love decided to ask for help. Richness was passing by Love in a grand boat. Love said, "Richness, can you take me with you?" Richness answered, "No, I can't. There is a lot of gold and silver in my boat. There is no place here for you." Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by in a beautiful vessel, "Vanity, please help me!" "I can't help you Love. You are all wet and might damage my boat," Vanity answered. Sadness was close by so Love asked for help, "Sadness, let me go with you." "Oh...Love, I am so sad that I need to be by myself!" Happiness passed by Love too, but she was so happy that she
Love Ya@ Cherrytap
Send me a VoiceComment. It's FREE! Just call 1(641)715-0101 and enter *4794619. And, if you have a VoicePlayer too, I'll reply.
Love Never Dies
She walks through the grocery aisle picking up the items she thinks she'll need for the week. A half gallon of milk, some fruit, fresh vegetables maybe a couple of steaks. Most of it would probably go to waste seeings her appetite isn't what it used to be but she makes a valient effort. Going through the motions of everyday life was what Emma was used to. on Thursdays...home...sleep... She still catches herself walking in the door at night half expecting to find him sitting there, newspaper in hand, and she still feels her heart drop after realizing he'll never be there again. Whoever said 'time heals all wounds' is partially right, but the scars that are left behind still pain at times. It's been a year tonight. She still dreams of the events. Waking up in a horror of cold sweat. Just like it was yesterday, talking to him on the phone, planning the 'special dinner' that he was going to ask her something important, the overwhelming joy filling her and remembering
Love On The Internet
Love Comes In All Sizes
Love comes in all sizes Your friends will support you... And respect your creativity For thinking outside the box... They'll be there when you need a Shoulder to lean on... Or a great big hug... A true friend takes interest in Understanding what you're all about... They see beyond the black and white To discover your true colors... And accept you just the way you are... Even when you just wake up in the morning So make your own kind of music... Follow your heart wherever it takes you... And when someone reaches out to you, Don't be afraid to love them back... They may just be a friend for life... Practice patience and tolerance... Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave... And impossible to forget!!! Share this with all your unforgettable friends today...
Why is that we love what we can't have? Is it normal human behavior or what is it? Why do we feel that we need to have someone love us to survive in a world that is so shallow? I have just been pondering and can't really answer these questions that I have right know so maybe some fellow FUBAR insight may help me!!!!! If your going to be rude don't waste your time im not in the mood for ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!
sir_horus@ fubar Dakkon Loving Gothic Always@ fubar
Alright everyone.....I really need your help. I need to get 15,000 comments in a month. That's it, if I do that, I get a 1 month VIP....and believe me - I will certainly be visiting all of you with it because I know there are lots of pics and stuff I have not rated.....I answer the calls for help when sent out, and now I am asking all of you - my friends, family, and DSC Crew to visit the link below and comment - even a few help! A BIG lovin thank you to all who have visited so far and left comments....YOU ROCK! A DAD'S STORY - A good story (please take the time to read) On July 22nd I was in route to Washington , DC , for a business trip. It was all so very ordinary, until we landed in Denver for a plane change. As I collected my belongings from the overhead bin, an announcement was made for Mr. Lloyd Glenn to see the United Customer Service Representative immediately. I thought nothing of it until I reached the door to leave the plane and I heard a gentleman ask
Love... .or Lack There Of....
low is the moon as alone I seek this place drawn here as time stands still for my troubles I seek to erase. mother earth now cradles her heavenly child with love as I find my place in shadows... for I find comfort in the night above. this place is my domain that which eases my weary soul lost now in the division of what it needs..what it wants hold- my arms reach out as I call to the shadows in the night help me- my kindred friends... guide me in my plight... I need your comfort and wisdom now in this time of want am I to go on forever alone.. will these feelings forever haunt...? I'm torn.. feel drawn apart inside- I want the pleasure of the flesh.. but must my soul fade out and die.....? my heart grows tired... for I've sought my peace in thought I've tried to find my comfort in the words that others brought.... yet something remains just out of reach for alone I feel inside... am I to go on as two for my one.. I can not
Love Sucks For Some People
Love Lost Before Its Found
to ask a question and never get an answer, hurts more then a bad reply, so my question is why, to feel the way you do, never to have you, not even having a clue, do you or dont you, could you, or cant you, at least give me a clue, never knowing, never showing, but always thinking of you, this makes my heart ache, i wish god my soul to take, before tomarrow when i wake, you meant so much, but i cant even feel your touch, now i wonder why, as i sit here and cry, to you im just a guy, but to love you would never be a lie, so now i go, my hopes and dreams, never again to show..........
Love Is By Charlene In Brazil
Love is Being happy for the other person When they are happy Being sad for the other person When they are sad Being together in good times And being together in bad times Love is the source of strength Love is Being honest with yourself at all times Being honest with the other person at all times Telling, listening, respecting the truth And never pretending Love is the source of reality Love is An understanding that is so complete that You feel as if you are a part of the other person Accepting the other person just the way they are And not trying to change them to be something else Love is the source of unity Love is The freedom to pursue your own desires While sharing your experiences with the other person The growth of one individual alongside of And together with the growth of another individual Love is the source of success Love is The excitement of planning things together The excitement of doing things together Love is the source of the future Love
Love You Daddy
I love you waheed (Rana) You own my heart ~~Spanky~~
Lovers Night
The Love Inside Me
the love from your heart to mine, makes my heart feel truely fine, its like a summers breeze, softly blowing through the trees, seems like it could bring me to one knee, and offer this plee, will you marry me, and set my heart free, to love you as i can, to hold you close to me, walking at each others side, never for either of us too hide, i would never cheat, i would never lie, cause that would make you cry, to hold you close, to never let go, is how i can show my love, like it came from above, when i see your face, you make my heart feel as if it was in a race, as i feel your tender touch, it makes me want you soo much, to kiss your lips, makes my soul do flips, the desire i have inside, makes my arms open wide, waiting for you to say, baby i want you here to stay, for what life has instore, would never make me feel sore, to have you as you are, i would travel very far, to know your heart, would want us to never part, so this i must say, with my he
Why is it so hard to find true love? to find someone who wont play you are lie to you so hard now days to find true love, why cant i find a women of my own to open the car doors for to spoil to hold her hand on long walks :( i had women tell me that most women now days dont like men who spoil then thay like the bad boy image well seems more truth in that i thought what ever happend to old fashion romance? so confused :(
Love Stinks
MyHotComments Well many of utold me yesterday i should move on. But i didn't i talk to the person and we worked everything out we re now back together and i am so happy. MyHotComments
Falling in love with you is one of the hardest things I've ever done. Some people find that strange, but then, they haven't been fighting their heart for years, relabling every feeling as "misguided" or worse. When I speak to you, I'm still waiting for the numbness that refuses to come. The other day when you left, my heart screamed a protest. Was it fake? I ask myself the question again, the same question I've been asking for all this time. The difficulty of the situation is made harder by the fact you want me too. How do I know? The smiles you give me, the phrases you choose, your eyes. I stare into your eyes and my heart jumps. I stare into your eyes and my head reels. We're best friends, but I think I'm in love with you, I'm convinced you're in love with me, but I can't be sure. I can't tell you my feelings, I can't hear you tell me yours. You're the girl I want, but it cannot be. Can we ever be together? The answer to that is what really
I really love you So please see what I see Of all people in this world You mean the most to me If my words were just enough You would know what I feel is real But words cannot measure How you truly make me feel I don’t want no body else For you’re my only desire My soul an body only aches for you Your love can only bring me higher For you my love, I’d die Just to prove that I am true I’d pick out all of the stars And give them all to you….
Lover's Dance
Lover's Dance... Glistening bodies entwined in an ageless erotic dance, seeking pleasures from each other, seeking wonder and romance. She touches his face with tenderness. He draws her body near. Aching, needing hunger will make their destiny clear. Their lips meet in soft kisses, their tongues begin passion's war. Forgotten now, the outside world. All is here, behind this door. He strokes her body tenderly, she arches up for his caress. He finds her silken portal and her womanly wetness. She moans in fiery desire and pulls his hand away, wishing to end this exquisite torture and get on with passion's play. She straddles his waiting body, eases him into her feminine hollow. She leads him on a rhythmic dance, his thrusting hips must follow. She rides him faster, even then, to hear his wondrous sighs. She shows him all the delights she has between her womanly thighs. They stare into each other's eyes and gasp as ecstasy unreels, and tan
To renounce your individuality, to see with another's eyes, to hear with another's ears To be two and yet one, to so melt and mingle that you no longer know you are you or another, To constantly absorb and constantly radiate, To reduce earth, sea and sky and all that in them is to a single being so wholly that nothing whatever is withheld, To be prepared at any moment for sacrifice, To double your personality in bestowing it- that is love.
Love Of My Life!
Walk With Me by Felony Sinn Walk with me down winding roads Tree lined paths and trails unknown Walk with me and hold my hand Walk with me in sea soaked sand Hear my whisper in your ear A hushed breath, a gentle tear Hear the song of mourning doves Hear my cries of whispered love Tell me of your wildest dreams All the things you’ve never seen Tell me of our life to come Tell me of our unborn son Name the things you hold most dear The wants, desires that you hold near Name a place you want to go Name to me your deepest woe Write to me of love so sweet From your heart – dig down deep Write to me a song I know Write to me in sweetest prose Hold me close and don’t let go Your love is what I want to know Hold my heart within yours dear Hold me now, pull me near Feel me now our bodies twined Two become one, a single mind Feel my body, taste my soul Feel the love that makes us whole It occurred to me a little while ago that I met my boyfriend onlin
Love Of A Life Time!!!!
IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!!!!!!!!! Just about the time you think it cant get any better, there comes a whole new feeling that you never knew before. I have never met any one in my life that can drive me crazy like my Baby does. I have never been one to sigh about anything, but i find myself doing that all the time and cant and dont want to controll it. I love her with all my heart and soul, and tell her every chance i get. Just being around her puts mE on an all time high that i love. I have never experience anything like it in my life. I know, i know, yall are just thinking that im just making this up, because it cant be all that. But that is not so. Everything that you will be reading in my blogs will probably sound like something out of a fairy tale, but i assure you that it is all true. You all know that i have been married twice, and all the crap that i went thru with both of them. But this is something that is all together different. I have done alot o
Lovers And Friends
Its hard to find love in one you have been friends with for so long. Cause you know that person inside out and you know what they have done and have been through. But most of all the pain of falling in love with a friend is the even more hurtful pain of losing a lover and your best friend all in one shot. If you do confid in that person for everything they also have more to use against you when it does fall apart. I'm not saying it always goes this way im saying when it does it will kill you and hurt you more then youll ever know.
Love...appreciation...& Hugs...
My dear family & friends...I don't even know where to say how much you have all touched my heart with your love, concern & caring...& how much it means to me. A few weeks ago...I got myself so down...& over things I know I have no control over...but just couldn't help myself or pull my self back up. My Mom in law....who is my Mom in every fighting lung cancer...& my brother Jason...struggles with his alcoholism & has for years. My Mom is so brave & so optimistic....I truly admire her...& wish I could be more like her. And I became terrified of losing her. But I know now I can't dwell on that. Instead I am going to enjoy every moment with her I possibly can...& celebrate each & every day of her she does. And my brother Jason...I'll just keep reminding myself that not being his enabler & coming to his rescue everytime he gets in trouble because of his drinking...does not mean I am abandoning him...does not mean I don't love him...because I do. And
some people are a poet and just don't know it.. the corniest thing i ever heard like people wishing they were a plane or a bird just so they could fly away just be happy with what you are today life will be easier that way.. you wouldn't go throught everyday of your life wishing you were this of wishing you were that.. be who you are and be happy with that..or it will drive you crazy believe i know i once wished i was a famous actor or someone you know.. i learned just to be myself no longer is my life on a shelve..well i gotta go do what i do just remember to be you... love isn't just a four letter word that someones says to make someone happy its a feeling sharing a moment that you could only share with that person it's a feeling that person gives you when if someone else did the same thing you'd probably puke its always being there for them when things are love its not giving up when things get rough and always enjoying the good times and sharing every moment like it could be your l
they say love is not supposed to hurt-so why does it they tell you they love you but they move on they tell you they wont hurt you but they hurt your heart they take in all your secrets,all your dreams and tell you they want to be the one to fulfill them but still they leave, so with all the hurt why is it called love, love is kind,love is laughter,love is two people that give their heart,their mind,their body, and their soul
Ok I know this is a stupid question but why the hell does it take hair so damn long to grow back??? Is it so much to ask that after having to chop it all off cause of stupid chemo treatment that it would grow back fast?? I hate it short... ok i'm done I just needed to gripe!
Love And Life
I said I would love you forever... well ... forever is a very long time.. and now-a-days... 'forevers' are tossed out to others like candy... to satisfy them... love me in my time.... in our time..... a time where no one else can touch us. because our time..... will make forever seem like a grain of sand on a beach. ~from the heart of Candyce~ (written.... once upon a time ago) to have your love no questions asked to know the way you feel and hear it in your laugh.. to see the twinkle you have in your eyes and know its there... without the what's and why's. I'm not a perfect person of my flaws.. I've soooo lost count.. But one thing that makes me feel complete... Is the love in you.. I've found. ~Candyce~ the light within shadow a fragile thing indeed - one that will show itself when in life - there is a need. it's there within the dark hidden just from sight - but know it is always seen when the time is right. take care though
Love And Romance
You know...I have been down a hard road in life, and I have been hurt badly more than once. I tell you makes it really hard to give your heart away again. As I start to meet people on this sight, I slowly start to open myself up to the possibilities of happiness after pain. There is one thing that I have noticed after being here. There are some really nice people and then there are some others who just act like nice people but deep down inside they play games, and manipulate, and feed the same lines to everybody they meet on here. What is even more amazing is that those people whole-heartedly believe that all the rest of us are too stupid and uneducated to figure their games out. the rest of you know what i mean..."I know it said I was on but I wasn't",even though there are comments on other peoples pages at the time that they weren't on or "You are the only one who knows that about me", even though there are other peoples comments saying the same things. Not only that....we
Love's Sweetness
Love This Guy
I know now why Shakespeare could not compare his love to a summer's day. It would be a crime to denounce the beauty of such a creature as you, to simply cast away the precision God had placed in forging you. the mold was truely broken the day you were made and i am glad i found you. love helps us but our hearts get us there if you love someone, let your heart not you dreams be the one to guide you to your goals your heart always knows the real truth even if it feels wrong to you love finds a way to show us the past, but life gives you the chance to decide if it lasts. you tell all your fears to people you love, and know they cant tell that inside you the pain continues to shove i may often sit and compare love the the beauty of a rose, but to me the rose is like love delicate precious and always needs your love before it can fully grow. you stay up late and allyou do is cry, then lay awake wondering Why you hope that in the end, y
To melt a girl’s heart, it is known that love poetry will do the trick. When you find the girl/guy of your dreams, you need to make sure that you know how to kiss her/him properly. Here are 16 ways to kiss your love. - 1 - ICE KISS Celebrate the first day of winter with an ice kiss. Put an ice cube in your mouth until your mouth becomes cold. Remove the cube, track down your love and plant a kiss that will send chills! - 2 - ELECTRIC SHOCK KISS The two of you shuffle your feet furiously on carpet. When you both have an electric charge, lean over and slowly aim for each other's lips. With your lips about one-half inch apart, move in even slower until a spark jumps between the two of you. Instantly after this happens, kiss one another...the please us the kiss right after the shock! - 3 - CAMPING KISS On a beautiful cool night, you and your love crawl into a sleeping bag outside. Cuddle and kiss. - 4 - REWARD KISS Next time your love performs some disliked home cho
Lovely Lovely Rose
Painted smiling face that plucks the lovely rose Do you not also invite revenge to your banquet To carelessly disregard the symbol of such beauty When the dinner guests are gone and the flower has faded Grasping,cutting yourself cruelly,upon the blossom's innocent thorns Bleeding,you leave yourself to watch morbidly in Betrayal As the cat completes the ritual,in perpetual silence Guardedly carrying to the window sill in honor The image of your apparent spite And letting fall,this bitter memory,to the garden below
Love Is Sweet
to love you is sweet, turning out to be quite a feat, here i sit on this seat, on fubar i play, hoping to find someone some day, to be here to stay, but games are played, emotions to evade, try to sit and wait, but its too late, life passes bye, and i no longer ask why, used to being alone, time to atone, you are wonderful and im true, i know im not for you, you look for the ones, the model type, and all that hype, but hearts to be black as ice, you think thats nice, its your choice, choose at will, like its a thrill, but my heart is real, i honestly feel, love so true, you will never feel blue, you made your choice, im backing off, take one last look, at the one you could have took, im not mad, in fact im kind of glad, happiness is what i hope you find, but its hard to find my kind, romantic and true, this good bye is to you, hugs and a kiss, with this warm wish, may you be happy and true, as i hope he is to you, thanks for the try, i will ne
When you love,you thought you would never get tired. You thought it would never end. But sometimes you need to be tired to realise that love too can end..especially if its not meant.. GOOD BLESS!!!
Love That Two Hearts Share
Love Sucks!!!
love is like a rose very beautifull i suppose so full of promise as it flows it comes and goes like how a river flows it brings both promise and woes like a rose it is beautiful its beauty is masked with thorns love is great but containes woes the thorns are the woes because love is like a rose
I guess everyone has something they get emotional about... that makes them smile or feel invincible even if only for a short time...that drives/ motivates them... I can remember the first time I felt hip hop. I can remeber the first time I felt REAL hip hop. It made me wanna hold my head up and walk a certain way... it changed something inside me. It made me proud to be black at a time in my life where I felt that it only seemed like a hinderance...where the authority figures around me were only telling how wrong I was and what I couldn't do and not about opportunity and pride. I can remeber sitting on the floor of my room with this busted ass black cd fuckin' amazement!! some soulful jazz horns in the backround, the beat and then came: " ...Yo, I was a piano player in my last lifetime Now I write rhymes, sip white wine and let my light shine Out the dark space, with the world on my mind like Scarface though my sex drive like a car chase More than a uhh, it's the
Love Poems & Story's Some I Worte Some I Copyed
one nite the moon asked a boy if you love her then why do you not tell her the boy repiled i love her to much to scare her and she is already with someone the moon replied if you love her then tell her and see how she feels towards you then you love can be the next the boy went to the one he loves to tell her and found her beaten on the floor crying he picked her up and took her home he layed her down and cleaned her wounds and as he did he looked her in the eyes and said i love you so much but i have been so scard to tell you the girl replied for all this time i have loved you as well but was to scared to till you then last nite the moon told me of a boy that would come and save me and when i told the moon i was with a boy and he did this to me and then you came and saved me are you the boy the moon told me about he cryed and said yes i am for the moon told me last nite that i should come to you and tell you i loved you over time their love grew and flurished they where unseperatable
love is toruter when u want it its not there. if u call it, it wont come to u . u have to find that someone. when there is someone there for u thats when love is there. when u are all alone it disappears from u like ur soul is leaving ur body. u die from being alone and not wanted. all u want to do is disappear from this harsh world.because there is nobody o love u like u want to be loved
Love is a strange and beautiful thing, It spans time and space, distance is no object to love. You will wait forever for the one you love, Travel wherever you need to be with them. When you are in the arms of the one you love, That love can make a moment last a lifetime, Yet make a lifetime seem no more than a moment. When love is distant it grows strong, When it returns it flowers. People crave it, strive for it, fight for it, and die for it, And when they find it, they know they are complete. For in the arms of the one we love is wholeness, Belief, completeness, passion, and security. The one we love is someone for whom we would do anything, And never ask for anything in return. It produces a love of all that person is and will ever be, Regardless of what that may mean to me. Love knows that when you are away, That you are still loved, cherished, thought after, and missed By the one you love, And they know that you love them back. That is Love.
Love Is A Beautiful Thing
Love is a beautiful thing, its never just a fling, its the emotion and grace, that makes someones heart race, and brings you both to a special place, to hold each others hand, when you are walking through the sand, under the lights of the moon, your hearts feel in tune, to hold each other tight, would truely feel right, to others its a beautiful sight, but to me its my delight, for getting to know you, having you in my life, wondering how you would feel being my wife, to love and hold, to always be told, you are special and unique, no im not a freak, i have a heart of gold, too much i have been told, i'll take care of you when you have a cold, i will always be here for you to hold, i want you as the beat in my heart, i never want us to part, you are very special to me, this much i hope you can see, what our love can truely be, with you standing next to me, as our hearts soar free........................
Love Is Like A Soft Summers Breeze
love is like a soft summers breeze, softly blowing through the leaves on a tree, leaving you and coming to me, with style and grace, you make my heart race, sending my soul to a special place, tender and true, that is definitely you, you opened my eyes to see, i hope you dont flee, when i get down on one knee, to ask if you would marry me, two hearts ti intertwine, like a fine wine, knowing you will be mine, everything will be fine, to have and to hold, i love you is what you will be told, to the end of time, you as my wife, would fullfill my life, to know you are there, to hear me call you dear, our lives to share, you are for me, now you must see, the love i can give, for as long as we both shall live.........
Lover Denied
You're the one I dream about when I close my eyes at night. I realize now I love you and need you. No one before you and no one since you have made my body feel the way you did. It stills longs for your touch. Your hands, your mouth, your body played mine like a fine instrument,Awaking me to pleasures I've never known, Full filling my every desire and taking me to heights of ecstasy I can only dream about now. I wish you were here now to fill this void in my heart and ease the aching desires of my body. Come back to me my love, I should have never denied you.Come back to me now and drink from me, make me yours for all eternity.I can no longer deny you, my creature of the night. You aren't really a creature at all ,But my life's blood and my hearts desire. I need you as much as you need the blood you drinkto live. Come back to me my love, drink your fill of me and never again will I deny you. I want you and only you for eternity.
Love, Peace, And French Fires
it's one of those days where a bottle of soco and a sexy militia man will make is all better.
Love's Moment
Love And Compassion
LOVE AND COMPASSION you say that you love me you say that you care you say that in my life you would like to share however in my time of need you are never there what of this love what of this do we share if when i want or need you you can't be there It seems my love is invaine it hurts so bad sometimes i think i will go insane Im truely crazy for you extremely inlove with you there is nothing more i want to share with you my lifes affections my horrible afflictions nothing to hide as long as your by my side but where are you my dear one your not here nor will you be for you see the true love you have is not for me i know you can love compassion ive seen you share you have the ablility to show you care but for me this is not for me you do not love because its her that your love just will not stop her love is all you know it should not be forgotten i cannot take her place nor would i try so i have let
True Love by Jennifer S. Boney When I think of my love for you the wonder of its beauty takes my breath away. I cannot recall the moment in time it began, but only the overwhelming feeling of ecstasy it brought to me. For at that moment I knew happiness. A happiness I had never known before. For just the thought of you gave me joy beyond belief. The thought of being with you and being held by you was my one desire I knew once we first met none other would ever do, for I knew love. I knew love as I had never thought possible in this life time. It is a love of passion and desire. It is a never-ending need to you, for you, only you. When I think of my love for you I realize I now know the true meaning of love. I will love you as long as this life endures and beyond, for you are my dreams, my realities. You are my heart You are my meaning of true love.
The Greatest Irony of Love Loving the right person at the wrong time, having the wrong person when the time is right and finding out you love someone right after that person walks out of your life... And sometimes, you think you're already over a person, but when you see them smile at you, you'll suddenly realize that you're just pretending to be over them just to ease the pain of knowing that they will never be yours again... For some, they think that letting go is one way of expressing how much they love that person... in my opinion, some are afraid to see the one they love being held by someone else... Most relationships tend to fail not because the absence of love. Love is always present. It's just that one was being loved too much and the other was being loved too little... As we all know that the heart is the center of the body but it beats on the left. maybe that's the reason why the heart is not always right... Most often we fall in love
Love Or Not But I'm Coming Back!
ok i'm tire of mother fucker who you to buy them shit all the mother fucking time just to see some shit, and the ones that don't even talk to your ass only when they want something. why you hlep to little guys like me that trying to get up and well talk to you. i try talk to the level 20s and up the they act like ass hoe that have their heads up their ass or something. but then you have ladies that don't know what the hell they want out of a guy, some guys act like little girls when you make the the girl they trying to get at your fubar wifey lol. yeah! some dudes started to cry when i made one my wife. but now she have a new one and mother fuckers are cry at her about it. about me, i'm having problems at work and can't get that shit out of my head so i try to get on line and talk to people for help and people of my friends act like hoes and not real friends.........i talk to everyone and want to be known as someone to talk to. so i hope that everyone well do the same for me.........i
I need some music so i can listen to.. Hook me up with the name and artist.... Anything i don't care what it is... Omg i feel so love. Then again i feel so lost. I dont know what to feeel. So im gonna cry
Love , Life , Love
I really miss them now :( , stacy , Rachel , and Tory Fuck , im alone at michigan now .. stacy went to Canada . Rachel busy with her work and Tory ( idk , because we werent too close). also i miss being in love , i do have some crush . but i dont know if they like me too or not .. Thats all :] . anyway thank for add my fubar . thanks alot people :)
Love Quote
"There is nothing more that a man wants than something he knows he can't have." "Love is a dance that can only be performed by two hearts that share the same beat." "Loving someone is like caring for a garden, love it too much or too little and it dies, but love it just right and it will live forever."
Love Poems
Desire flickering within my eyes, As I stop and stare at you, Realization settling in upon me, Knowing this longing I have is true As I stop and stare on back, I see off your eyes shines a light, And you know I've been longing, To show my love to you tonight Entwining my arms around you Head resting lightly on your chest Never in my wildest dreams Did I imagine being so blessed Having the woman of my dreams, Rest her head on top of me, Lightly I kiss her neck and show, This love I want for her to see Letting my lips gently graze his Fingers running through his hair Hands moving downwards Want to show just how much I care Her body on top of mine, Carressing her skin with my fingertips, Softly kissing her all over the place, Then moving down onto her hips Ecstasy flowing through my soul Knowing that this love is pure Wrapped up in his embrace Is where I feel secure Thrusting my body into hers, Deeper and deeper is where I get, The sound of love
Love Life???
Here is my horoscope for the day... "How's your love life? It picks up somewhat today, even if you think it's as hot as it could be. See if you can find a new way to express your feelings -- or a new way to meet possible mates." I have no love life!! How could it be hotter than it was? lol Grrrrrr!! Just reminds me that I'm lonely, sigh.
Love At First Sight?
Love at first sight? Is there such a thing as love at first sight? That's the question I used to ask Until I laid eyes on you. How is it possible to feel so much for a stranger, a passerby? Love has no limits, no color, no time. That's when I realized I had fallen in love - Love at first sight.
Love Poem
I Love You © By Courtney N. Zachow When you are sad I will dry your tears When you are scared I will comfort your fears When you need love, my heart I will share When you are sick, I will be there and care You will feel my love when ever we are apart Knowing that nothing can change my heart When you are worried, I will give you hope When you are confused or tense, I will help you cope When you are lost, and can't see the light My love will be the star, shining so bright This is for you, one that I keep till the end For you are my life and friend These words which express my feelings, speak of my love for you From my lips these words spoken, will always be true I have been blessed, with your hand in mine Both of our hearts will never unwind Rainy days and cold nights, These are days I need you to hold me tight in your arms, Hold me close and keep me warm, Tell me I'm your good luck charm, Look me in my eyes and tell me I'm the one for you , Tell me I'm
Life is limited,but love is immortal.Because love is sent by God. Ten thousand years is too long,seize the day,seize the hour.
Love Meant NothingHave you seen reflections, emotions in the others eyes? Have you stared love in the face, seen it in the eyes? Have you seen love die in those same eyes? Seen all that hope, how it is gone, how it just dies? Have you felt what it feels when love dies? To be left alone? Have you felt when world falls around you? How you are there alone? Is there life after that? Is there anything after that pain, anything after you seen that? After your life has gone in the drain... I see nothing, all is just gone, drown in my pain, gone for vain... I have no reason to live, I have felt my soul to die, my soul to be slain... My life is so useless, worthless, meant nothing to the other, like a love, it was just there to die and be gone, my love meant nothing, just gone... Tonight, You call me. Tonight, you love me, Tonight, you hurt me..... Tonight, Tomorrow, and the next day I love you. Today I could have lost someone very close to me, I could not imagine my
Love(poem I Wrote)
Full force, Whole heart, No tears, No fears, Hearts overtaken, Stand by me. Pure soul, One wish, Solid vowls, Always there, One touch, Never let go. One dream, Passion's explode, Three words, One kiss, One life, Never hold back.
The Love Of My Life
As some of you know and some may not I am slowly deleting my account on here!! I am concentrating on my relationship nwith my soon to be wife ! Life has had some ups and downs for awhile on here and I have said before that I was deleting my account and never did this time it is for real I will be slowly removing all from my friends list!!! I have enjoyed my time spent on here and have met some great people and some of you I will not lose touch with ! But to make things go smoothly and to not have anything in the background to cause any type of problem I am slowly gonna disappear from here!!!! My life is to be spent more with the woman I am with then on a computer playing on some site! So with that said please enjoy yourselves and hopfully yall find everything you are looking for and more !!! Luv Yall ........ Kelly AKA Sweetdaddy_K

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