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How To Have A Boy
how to have a boy how to conceive a baby boyhow to conceive a boy gender selection
I hate it when I come on here and I've messaged someone and I get no reply. That's rude if someone takes the time to write to you you should reply to them. I also hate people asking me to shoutbox them when they are on and when I do I don't get a reply.Another thing that's pissing me off is when people ask for help to level up and I help them out but never get it back in return.I'm on fubar to make friends and have people to talk to. I'm not here for leveling up I only do that to add pics. I'm not here to play games or to deal with drama queens and players and liars. I'm am down right honest person and very blunt and as nice as I can be and I will tell you how it is and I'm telling you now I'm not playing with no one you wanna start you'll see how much of a b*tch I can be. Mp3's Galore is a site I created mainly cause of the people who DJ in the lounges here on fubar. A wide variety of different types of genres are on the site including some hard to find albums and songs and so on. A l
Wanna Own Me For A Month (my 1st Auction)
WooHoo...My 1st Auction! Help Me Make It A Good One Plz! Who Wants To Own Sum Ch3rrY Pie? Pls Make A Bid For Me...I Promise It Will Be Worth It! ;) PS. Sorry its not lettin me add the direct link here to the auction but the link is on my status! Thanx, Ch3rrY ~XOXOX~
Im Too Messed Up For Fu
this is lol letter to one person sorry what the fuck kind of shit is that. stupid, u dont want me say so. if u do and u chicken then stop being such a chicken. do u really think its going to help a friendship for one party to reject the other come on. u lose that person no matter what once one person falls in love with other friendship is gone. it hurts to much for that person to be friend. u called it ultimatum but its only way it can work. lol the song my way or the highway is playing. yeah its my way or the highway it has to be cause i love me. u would tell me to step up and do this with any other man as my best friend. why cant u see that now that its u. well u eiher will hate me or not. i will lose u probably lol most likly but i will stop hurting eventually and maybe i will be able to move on. u care about me i know so i know u want that. i ruined friendship by falling in love. sorry about that its stupid. ok let me tell u who i am, its not all good but i still th
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My Blog
So I had a cute boyfriend for exactly one day. I don't understand why someone would just ask me to be their girlfriend after meeting me and one day. But unfortunatley, I'm the clingy type. I like to be called daily if not at least seen daily. He couldn't do either so I ditched him. Sorry but I'm not about thisbullshit don't waste my time. I want a serious relationship but it seems that either a.I appear as too much of a sex object or b. everyone i seem to meet who says they want a relationship, honestly dont and just like, much like nikolai, he's complete bogus. He dated me for about a month or so but all the wihle still trying to get back with his ex even tho she is with some abusive boyfriend. so after awhile i started to realize from him not calling me unless he wanted me to come over and go out, that i was being used, i was being a replacement, or almost a rebound. but whatev it is what it is. at least i have to of his video games i will sell or keep and never give back lol. anywa
B.b.wolf And Lil Red's Forrest.
B.b.wolf And Lil Red's Forrest.
There was a time so long ago when heaven seeemed so far away.All I could do was watch from afar shedding crimson tears.Heaven is where my angel was, so close yet so far.In her pressence I couldnt speak my name, yet she loved me all the same.One touch of her finger tips brought fire to my lips. *Chours* Heaven's just a stones throw away, you can use a coin toss to pay.Heads or tails, right or wrong, my own personal angel inspired this song.She told me "lay your heavy heart to rest on my silken soft lips, and wait for Heaven like the rest." I was trapt in a land of rising suns, each day feeling more undone.This place is always strife, and seemingly darker everystep I take.Dim street lights lighting a sad path further into life.Light comes in and fades out, im was giving into my pain and plight.Im silently slipping into "That good night." *Chours* Love is anything but forgiving, even when it causes my singing.Old wounds still stinging, her voice in my ears still ringing.For blades
Naughty Application
NAUGHTY APPLICATIONYour Name:Your age:Favorite position:1. Do you think I'm cute?.2. Would you have sex with me?3. Lights on or off?4. Would you have to be drunk?5. Would you take a shower with me?6. Have you ever thought about having sex with me?7. Would you leave after or stay the night?8. Do you like cuddling afterwards?9. Condom or skin?10. Have sex on the first date?11. Would you kiss me during sex?12. Do you think I would be good in bed?13. Would you use me as a booty call?14. Can I use you as a booty call?15. Can we take pictures of the act?16. How long would we have sex?17. Would you tell your friends about me?18.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog
Need Your Vote!
Want My Points For 12 Hours?
I have an offer if anyone is interested.I am a level 31 so I can give away my points for 12 hours to someone.I have alreadly done this for 2 people and I'm making them quite a few points.If you are interested I'm only charging a 65 credit blingpack.Most people here are asking for 135 cred blingpack plus blasts.I think I'm giving a good deal.No one has been disappointed yet.Out of the 65 credit blingpack I will buy a 35 credit auto 11 and use 12 hours of my auto during the time I give you my points.If you are interested please shoutbox me or message me.I am also willing to listen to bids if you can't afford the 65 credit blingpack.I'll consider other offers.I'm easy to work with.It's worth a try right?=)
Dressed to fulfill your fantasy Cheerleader, nurse, school girl, and more Whoever you'd like me to be I'll surprise you at the door Eyes that shimmer Smile filled with delight Together we quiver At each other's sight You hold me first Embrace so tight I feel your thirst It's a perfect night Your heart beats with mine Our lips lock The clock stops in time Hard as a rock I'm taken away We dare not part As we move united I feel your dart Piercing through me Depths unknown Together we travel Together we moan All our energy consumed We collapse in each other's arms Sweet contentions Our bodies soar Nestled in your arms Peaceful and sound Dreaming of you Until our next round Written by Dj Sexy Doc MSD
When I Think Of You
When I think of you, I think only of how lucky I am to have you in my life. So many times our paths had come so close, yet never crossed When they finally did, I knew I belonged in your arms. The way you smile when I make you laugh The tender way you hold me near The look in your eyes when you tell me how much you want me All fill me with wonder I thank heaven every day for the gift of you and your love, and I hope and dream of our future together I fell for you more than I thought possible Yet my heart keeps growing as each day passes. I belong with you and you with me and with the love between us we'll be together for eternity. Written by Dj Sexy Doc MSD
For Nicole I am doing the Walk For Nicole! Double click on video to see full view
Dad..So many images come to mind whenever I speak your name; It seems without you in my life things have never been the same What happened to those lazy days when I was just a child When my life was consumed in you in your love and in your smile What happened to all those times when I always looked to you No matter what happened in my life you could make my gray sky blue Dad, some days I hear your voice and turn to see your face Yet in my seems the sound has been erased. Dad, who will I turn to for answers when life does not make sense Who will be there to hold me close
Colon Cleanse
Colon Cleanse
Josh's Kicks Are In Forex
forex robotforex robotsforex robot reviewsforex robots review
I am in an Auction!! The link to the Auction is as follows: Show the Aution Hostess some love!! She is my Sis an a wonderful friend too!! :):D
California Contractors Insurance
california contractors insurance
What Is Wrong With People!!
Funniest Videos Reporter Gone Ghetto
I am not much of a blogger but I love to conversate and seeing how this is a way to do it on here, here goes! Why me ask yourself why did you accept and or pick me as a friend.Did you read the about me section or just on looks alone was your choice made, for the record im okay with either but I find the latter a tad more ego boosting lol hey im Italian how people percive my looks is important:). Moving on if you read what little I have put in and then decided than thank you as well, its not that im lazy or dont want you to know but this is my like 4 th go around in this place, and its just gets old having to put everything in again. However for the record on why I picked you I always read the profile if there is one but I wont lie as im scanning looks do get my attention. So if you want to know more about Why me and there is a lot to know I assure you then please start a conversation and what easier way is there than to have somthing to ask:). see ya!
Wicked And Witchie?
Wicked and Witchie, really who would have thought we would end up being so close... The first time I saw her was in one of my Blogs she was funny and I figured Name likes her she must be sweet.... She then proceeded to buy Name Crisis off me... I sent her some sort of quirky reply to state that I was trying to pimp him out cheap.... and she was driving the price up... She responded like this: HES WORTH IT TO ME!!!! (insert snotty attitude) From that day on I loved her with all my heart.. she is my twin... I swear its crazy how alike we are... I belive that theres something about everyone i meet that I love and with Witchie there are so many things that i love its hard to say in one blog. She reminds me of me so much sometimes its scary... I wish one day I could meet her.. I think you should all perv her like i do.. i lust her breasts... Drools... I have to leave now im off to fap to her naked pictures... Wicked
Dead Foxx
There is one really annoying thing that some assholes do, which I HATE HATE HATE Annoying losers that message me, sayin that they will be in Chicago for _________*insert stupid reason here. And then asking, what places I recommend, and what should they do. This REEKS of hinting that I should hook up with them/be their guide in Chicago and eventually in my pants. Fuckin YELLOW PAGES, use them! I"m not a guide book, nor do I know every fuckin location for every stupid skank infested bar. This is happenin so often, its ridiculous. ANd, ofcourse, another thing is... Oh, I wish I lived closer to you! Not coming from a friend, but an annoying stranger that believs for some reason living in my zipcode would give him a key to the city. Seriously...and its always some fat old perverted asshole with crusty pants. Ughh. I am bored, hungry, and being hated by some people. blah! so I should probably move away from my window;
Dream Girl
Who is my Dream Girl? Who is made just for me, Who is only such girl made by Thee, Who is no less than an angel, She is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.Themoon and the starBow down in honour, Seeing thebeauty marvelShe is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.The 'Goddess of Beauty'Who is titled In the bible, She is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.Not only for her gorgeous nature, But also for her beautful heart like a shinig mirrorWho is worshipped in templeShe is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.Who is as purifiedAs the innocence of a childFrom mind nad body, heart and soul, She is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.Who is innocent of angerWhose sweet voice can never be heard louder, In front of everyone who is always humble, She is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.Whose eyes so resplendentExpress every feeling hidden, Who is so much adorableShe is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.For whom I am the only one, Who makes me feel like Heaven, For whom I am so spe
Vampyre Bible
This Girl I Want
He destroyed your confidence, girl, He’s the cause of yourpain girlYou got to be stronger than that, girlInnocent girl you once were.He stole your innocence, girl, He took your love, girlHe buried it with others, girl, Loving girl you once were.He tore apart your faith, girl.He turned everyone against you, girl.He made your parents not trust you, girl.Worthy girl you once were.He took your life, girl.Gave it a new name, girl, He drew your blood, girl, Living girl you once were.
Pretty Girl
Pretty girl, who is to blameFrightened girl, they don’t know her nameSaddened girl, who cries at nightDistant girl, who’s out of sightPsycho girl, with scars on her wristsFairytale girl, who don’t existSilent girl, without a nameIgnored girl, who’s filled with shameFaking girl, with plastic smilesFreakish girl, from a thousand milesEmotionless girl, cant feel much Pain Darkened girl, who brings the rainCrying girl, tears start to floodPsychotic girl, who drains her bloodHated girl, who no one loves Such a weak girl, who’s no longer thoughAngry girl, there is no cureHappy girl, she is no moreHidden girl, she covers her scarsPrisoned girl, lived behind her life’s barsCrazy girl, who bleeds so muchLonely girl, who’s out of touchStupid girl, who no one likesBeaten girl, who always fightsPretty girl, don’t give up nowSuicide girl, there’s someway, somehowScared girl, don’t be afraidDistant girl, don’t go awayMorbid girl, don
Better Pictures 101
Not much time today. The last tip for looking thinner on camera is lighting. Lighting from the side leaves a shadow on the oposite side. Your main light should be about 45 deg to one side. Indirect sunlidht through a window works great for this kind of shot. The shadowed side becomes less noticible so put the things you dont want to see in the shadows. Have a great day, and happy shooting. Photo tip of the day. Make you look thinner.Wow, take a picture and look 10 pounds thinner. Here are the secrets. Many of you have allready noticed that shooting from above with your chest out covers up the not so thin parts. It also makes you look up so your eyes look bigger. There are more ways to slim down in front of the camera. Women never face your body direct to the camera. Turn your body about 45deg angle away form the camera head tilted (either way for women (better to the camera for women) away from the camera for men) and chin down facing the camera. Turning your body away form the camera
Btn Marts
martial arts brighton brighton martial arts
Wally's Blog
Wally's Blog
Just a hi to yall and to say Here I am. Been here a few months an getting a bit bored any nurses out, could use some anatomy practice ! let me know!
Its The Land Of The Free!
Something happened to me yesterday (Oct 3 2009) that I just have to write down and share with someone. I am a Navy reservist who has been deployed in southwest Asia. I have just spent over 300 days in Muslim countries or at sea. I have just recently arrived back in the states and am currently staying on a Navy base here in Norfolk, VA. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and there was a nice breeze. I was setting outside, behind the barracks, smoking a cigarette, and drinking a cold beer. I was just enjoying the day, when this man comes up to me. He’s a large older man, with long gray hair, and was wearing a suit. I don’t know him, but I have seen him around and have pegged him as the building manager. He points to my beer, and in an angry voice says, “Is that alcohol?” “Yes it is,” I say, and feeling very friendly I continue “and I was just reading the label, and I’m surprised to find that its 6.5% alcohol per vo
If . . . .
If we woke up together naked, using only 3 words, what would u say to me? Pass it on and see how many crazy responses you get (leave response in status comment) shit is fun
Just Bull Shit
i like my body when it is with your body. It is so quite new a thing. Muscles better and nerves more. i like your body. i like what it does, i like its hows. i like to feel the spine of your body and its bones, and the trembling -firm-smooth ness and which i will again and again and again kiss, i like kissing this and that of you, i like, slowly stroking the, shocking fuzz of your electric fur, and what-is-it comes over parting flesh ... And eyes big love-crumbs, and possibly i like the thrill of under me you so quite new So ur the Bitch whotold the Bitch that Im a Bitchwell listen Bitch it takes a Bitch to know a Bitch to call a Bitch a Bitch. BITCH So my birthday is on Friday the 13th. I know I know. But I love it. I am having a birthday on here on the 13th in the VELVET LOUNGE and Having a day out with my friends on saturday. Would love 4 all my friends to stop by and wish me a happy bday. I havent had a good 1 in a while. So come on in to the velvet lounge and party with me o
It has now been over 30 days since I've had a cigerrette. After smoking for 20 years I finally decided to quit. I used chantex, which was fine but I think coming off of of the chantix was harder than quiting smoking. I'm dying for a smoke right now so I figured I would list the things I liked having a cigerette while doing or after words. I don't smoke inside so some of these things are because I smoke outside. Mowing the lawn Working on my car (doing this today) After eating Really badly after eating a good meal STepping out the door driving drinking Just a nice day Walking the dog BBQing There are many many more but I can't think of them now. Chewing sunflower seeds helps but it does not completly fix the craving.
I'm a senior at Cal State Northridge, I'm a health and sciences major. I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I worked at a rubber manufacturing plant. I now volunteer at the Health Services Center here on campus, where I am very active spearheading a safe sex initiative among college students. We distribute condoms for 10 cents apiece out of the Health Center to encourage safe sex and condom use by the students here. My personal favorites are Trojan condoms and Beyond Seven condoms, though usually the ones we distribute are provided to us by Planned Parenthood or another local nonprofit. I think a lot of people our age seem to have forgotten about HIV and the risk it poses, which is why I feel so strongly about the subject.
Imprese Artigiane
My name is Leon, my friends call me kuoth for short. i have been modeling for about a year now and I hoping to do it for a while. imprese artigiane mexico import export chile import export turkey import export indian stamps
Test Blog
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Bedroom Times
Printing Harrow
Printing Harrow
Health Issues
Prostate Problemsconstipation treatmentswater cooler dispenser
Things Dear To Me
Broken promisesScattered dreamsTears flow like rainEach day it seems.Will things never changeThe lies, the deceitWith every new oneIt's only been a repeat. So go forward todayAnd not think of the pastFor there is someoneWith a love that will last."
first off let me just say this iam not on here looking for sex and iam not on here looking for a one night stand i don't need to be on a dating site to get laid also i don't pretend to be someone iam not iam what iam and if you don't like that then please just leave me alone how many people on here men or woman alike that can be this upfront about them self's with no secrets after all if there one thing i learn is don't let there be any shocks later down the line to walk into later on you know also i take people for everything that they have even there flaws because no one is perfect i have no type when it come to a woman really what you see is what you get my name is Keith iam looking for one woman to prove to me not all of them are the same iam Italian dutch Irish and Shoshone and Cherokee iam 26 years old stand about 5ft8 black hair hazel green eyes use to work in porn when i was 18 stop at the age of 20 got tire of it the money is good but that's not really me been single for 6 yea
Date List
1. would you date a guy who is good looking ugly or just decent2. would it matter if he can cook or would you not date him because he cant3. would you be with someone who has a car or does it not matter to you4. would you be with who is nice and sweet or someone who well treat you like shit and you still go back with him5. does it matter if he was just decent imported is it if they like pets and you don't7.does it matter to you if they like your parents or not 8. do you care about religion enough that you wont be with the person because they don't care or would you rather be with someone who love it as much as you do even if he was mr right9. if you new he had a hard life and everything he has been Thu would you give him a chance even if you new some of his past you would not like10. would it matter to you if he likes to stay in at times or go out all the time11. does it matter if the person has a strong and high sex drive and wants it all the time or does it ma
Older Or Younger
people make excuse's alot of the time when it come to either gender or age you can't help who you are attracted too they either think there family will disown them or there friends well turn there back i see it like this if your family or friends cant understand then they dont need to be in your life if they make alot of issues about the matter at hand specially when it come to age range just because your either younger at the age of 18 or older does not make them any less of a person or for you not to be attracted to them i see no problem in age at all its all about how they treat you and if they know when it is ok to be immature and to be mature about the matters at hand and there personality not there looks but whats in there heart
My Case
ok so i went to court and found out that they still don't no whats going to go onstill no word of the suppose victim so my next court date is oct 6 but i don't have to go only my lawyer however i do have to go on the 16 my lawyer said this if they don't have any word from the victim then they are going to dismiss the case and i wont have a felony on my record and if they do not dismiss it then my lawyer is going to try and see about getting a class 6 witch is misconduct witch means ill get probation if not ill be doing 5 years of prison time so not looking forward to that looks like my past finally catch up to meso today i got a hold of my lawyer turns out she called me yesterday but i did not have any notice and i hardly check my voice mail i really need to start doing that more oftenanywaysas i said i use to be a very violent person when i was youngeri did alot of things i was not to pround of starting with animal crueltyarsonistrobberybeating the shit out of a lot of people famil
Long Distance Relationships
i was reading someone blog asking this subjectDo long distance relationships ever work? I mean really do they?------------------------------------------and this is what i saidyes they do but they are something you have to really dedicate you and the other person to really make sure there is something there try and make time for them either by talking on here or on the phone or some other way of communication and be honesty with one another and be understanding with one another even if they have kids you have to rember they come first before anything else like i have always said before it can work but so many people don't want to put up any kind of effort into things at all
My Story
encase of someone of are asking why i re posted this it was because i change a few things and really took the time to really re do everything that has happen to me in my past to let it go also giving you a little insight to me as a person.let me start this out by saying iam not looking for someone to pity me or feel sorry for me i don't need my ego stroke come to think of it i don't got one but anyways.iam use to rejection after all my mother rejected me and i feel my father did too and the worst thing is i don't no way nor do i care any moremy father grew up with his dad but his dad never show him affection and me and him act way to much a like if you put us together in a room alone we would more then likely kill one another in fact i took my sword to him once before and mind you the man is 6ft6 iam not really sure on how much he weights tho and he is buff just go to show you i don't back down from no for my mother like i said she rejected me when i was born she was 16 when she
First 60 Days
So here we go, my fourth deployment. It all started out fairly decent, but then along came peoples true colors. There's soo much corruption, and buddy buddy here its not funny. But i've been bustin my tail workin 10-14 hour days, which is fine and dandy, but its the same people who dont do shit, who get away with shit. I never really had that prob before on my other 3 deployments. I just hope it gets better. And just hope friends are there when I need to talk or just wanna talk, to get my mind off things. But i'm sure i'll get some haters who comment on this, but i dont care, freedom of speech right? The whole reason why we're over here to begin with? To make sure America stays free? So Bring your self critisism, im' down. But Hope everyone has a good day and keep in touch!
Wii Games
where to download wii games
Vegas Hotel
Vegas Hotel Prices
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THINGS THAT ARE DIFFICULT TO SAY WHEN DRUNK:1. Innovative2. Preliminary3. ProliferationTHINGS THAT ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO SAY WHEN DRUNK:1. Specificity2. Anti-constitutionalist3. TransubstantiateTHINGS THAT ARE DOWNRIGHT IMPOSSIBLE TO SAY WHEN DRUNK:1. Thanks, but I don't want to have sex.2. Nope, no more booze for me.3. Sorry, but you're not really my type.4. Taco Bell ? No thanks, I'm not hungry.5. Oh, I couldn't. No one wants to hear me sing karaoke.6. I'm not interested in fighting you.7. I must be going home now as I have work in the morning. Ahusband and wife werehaving dinner at a very fine restaurantwhenthis absolutely stunningyoung woman comes over to theirtable, gives the husband abig open mouthed kiss, then says she'llseehim later and walks away. Thewife glares at her husband and says, "Who the hell was that?" "Oh," replies the husband,"she's my mistress." "Well, that's the last straw," says the wife. "I've had enough,
My Dream Man...
Just in case you missed it on my profile because you did not look at it. A little about myself...I am 5'8" and about 175 pounds. I have hazel eyes, fire engine red hair. I am a mom of three beautiful children. Below is a short list that I have developed after suffering many broken hearts. Hit me up if you think you can fill this imaginary man's shoes. I am looking for a good man. "Definition of a good man?" you may me the PERFECT man would be the following: 1. Faithful; meaning that he will not play games with my head or screw another woman behind my back. 2. Strong; (not in a physical sense, well...ok in a physical sense as well, but I digress)...he would be emotionally strong...mentally strong, someone that won't let me run them over "all the time". Now, male common sense will tell you that there is a certain amount of B.S that you have to put up with, but not all of it. I want a man that will be by my side with pride and loyalty. A man that stands with his head held hig
How To Get Your Ex Back
How to get your ex backBacterial vaginosisMens sheepskin slippersInfrared sauna
I'm Still Here
Single In The Springs
so ive lived here infountain, coloradofor a year now and i have been single the hole time. not by choice but because i still dont know my way around if there are any women in my area on here that are single message me and we can see where things take us. jwah.
The City
Change direction one more time. Change your looks and change your mind. I don't believe a single word. You're not a part of what I love. We would be better off if you just leave. Watch them fade like you know it had to be. I'll still be doing the same old shit that I was yesterday. Fade away cause we knew you couldn't stay. We see it all the time so we'll sit back and watch you fade away. I've taken my bumps, I've taken my falls. I've been knocked down and through it all this one thing always stayed the same. I've seen them come, I've watched them go so I'm just trying to let you know this is for the ones that still remain. Where are you gonna be tomorrow? Where did you lose yourself today? Watch them fade like you know it had to be. I'll still be doing the same old shit that I was yesterday. Fade away cause we knew you couldn't stay. We see it all the time so we'll sit back and watch you fade away This world was built for people like you, but it was built by people li
Stupid People On Fubar
For The Boys
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Tis The Night Of Full Moon And Fire
'Tis the night of full moon and fireThe Dragons are circling now by our fire.The youngest one of red and gold,His heart is young but his soul is old.The newest one, green of the wood.Still shy and untrusting, but his heart is good.The one who carries our hearts is BlueAll our emotion runs through you.Serpentine black, is my Lord AlastorCarries darkness and light, music and more.And the one who is older than old.Purest white and goldest gold.The Healer of all until the endHe is my teacher, and my friend.Welcome the dragons both large and small.As they protect and watch over us all. Firewalker6668.............................................
For Her
The first cut is the deepest.The first blow the sneakiest.Take the pain in moderation . Remember you deal with the devious.Can't trust for longer than i hold my breath.Waiting patiently for muh death.People always leaving me empty , taking with them all that was goodBitterness arising leaving me numb.can't think of anything quite like it.Hatred. Despair. Loosely tugging my hair.Can't please everyone, anyone , or myself.
Sweetest Person In Alabama
hey girls im bigg poppa im 29yrs old im from alabama hit me up on here
Top Selected Songs
Okay guys I am doing a survey on the 20 most liked songs. It can be from any type of music (rap rock country metal...) wed i will be counting up the songs and on Thursday I will be playing the top 20 picked songs on hellsgate radio .Come in on thursday at 4pm and see if the song you picked gets played (Please put the name of the song and the band/singer)
Opening My Heart
I just talked with him for a lil bit today....cuz he said he was not ok and was going to hospital...but he is so confused that he said the nurse said to him that he could have a stroke or something........n now i have no idea whats going on with the cowboy :-(...damn it...hope he gets well soon.
this site is too much to handle it's kindof a headache. If you curious about anything find me on peace
Awareness Of The Month
"For my future I have no concern, and as a true philosopher, I never would have any, for I know not what it may be: as a Christian, on the other hand, faith must believe without discussion, and the stronger it is, the more it keeps silent." Giacomo Casanova Understand that I love all that god has created but sometimes the Jesus heads over do it a bit. "God forgive them for they know not what they do" God ceases to be God only for those who can admit the possibility of His non-existence, and that conception is in itself the most severe punishment they can suffer. Giacomo Casanova I find that this quote works well for the pagans who hate that I am Christan. "God help them to forgive the followers that harmed them so. And help them to see that not all christans are the same" It is sad to say this most often I have found those who have turned away from God did not turn away from him because of god but because of their dealings with the church goers. One should remember
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What grade is the last person you texted in?Not in schoolDo you miss the way things used to be?I miss peopleHave you ever had a really big fight with a best friend?In like 4th grade lolYou have to get a piercing, what do you get?AnythingWhat was the most memorable thing that happened this summer?RollinnnnnDo you think your last ex will eventually want to be with you again?Who knows.Have you ever walked on the beach?YesHas someone ever called you at midnight on your birthday?YepDo you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months without cheating?I dont want a relationshipHave you ever slept in the same bed as your friend?YesAre any of your friends virgins?NoDo you like to make the first move?SureWhat is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had?WaterHas anyone said you have changed lately?NoDo you think you will ever be married?Hope so.Have you ever tried your hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?AlwaysHave you ever liked someone you didn't expect to?YesIs it possible to b
My Love Tab
ok so this is how it goes. girl meets girl at the park. girl had boyfriend but still dates other girl. they break up. girl goes to work. girl meets boy. boy had girlfriend. girlfriend dumped boy. boy asked girl for phone number. girl found out boys ex was other girl. other girl had baby. girl fell for boy. boy dumps girl and goes back to other girl. now, i know its totally lame but thats the short version and yes its true. i loved josh very very much and the bitch took him from me. im not the only one with a dollar general love affair tho! theres an older lady say mid 40s who fell for a mid 50s guy and she was married. she left her husband for him and they fell in love well she took care of his kids and he took care of her bills. that didnt last cause she took her low life husband back! so now me and 50s guy is best friends becuz we went thru the same shit! its horrible! stay tuned for an update of this and of my love tab!
Life And Death Info
Food For Thought
An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience. - Mitch Hedberg (RIP)
Ah Yeah
Hi! Just learned about this place from a friend and thought it sounded pretty interesting! Anyways, I work in real estate, despite the current conditions (I know…). While I am not a realtor, I work with helping others improve their real estate marketing through real estate video tours and more interactive techniques. It’s not for everyone, but I like it! Looking forward to learning more about this place!
Type O Negative Concert
Friday, October 16th / Doors 7:00PM Friday, October 16th! Type O Negative With Seventh Void, Destrophy, Core Device and Beyond Visible. An all-ages to enter, 21 to drink event. $23 advance, $25 day of show + applicable surcharges.
Nuevajess Poems
The Last Smile I would die happy if... Many thoughts rush to be first in line to finish that sentence. Like kids clamoring around the ice cream truck, or racing to the next amusement park ride. Hell bent on just getting there and damning the consequences. Sound familiar? How many sweet visions do you miss by keeping your eye on the prize? First place ribbons and trophies gather dust as do your memories of what made those victories worthwhile. When was your last smile? No, not that one. Just being polite doesn't count. The smile I'm talking about is not just lips open wide chock full of teeth. The smile that sends your blood rushing like river rapids toward the edge of a waterfall where sensations are too numerous to name. The one where everything stands still just to enjoy the deluge of happiness. Climbing my favorite tree to find my special spot; Walking into any library or bookstore; Every time I step onto a plane heading anywhere, everyw
Always In Heart
My Best Buddies
Bacterial Vaginosis Help
HTML clipboard If you have a fishy vaginal odor which is accompanied by a gray or white watery discharge and severe irritation around the delicate tissues of the vaginal area, it is likely that you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis. This is an extremely common condition which can effect 1 in 3 women over the course of their lives, although some experts reckon that almost every woman will have had a least one mild attack. Fortunately, natural treatment for bacterial vaginosis can be highly effective and, due to the very nature of the condition, can work much more effectively than expensive antibiotics and over the counter remedies. Bacterial vaginosis is caused by an imbalance of the naturally occurring bacteria within the vagina. Under normal circumstances, the beneficial bacteria within the vagina keeps the harmful bacteria under control by ensuring that the pH balance is maintained at a slightly acidic level. When something happens to cause an imbalance, the harmful bacteria
Wanna Help One Of My Beautiful Friends here and help a lady out IS HER LINK IF YOU WANT TO HELP HER OUT....
Sooo...I have a very good friend on here and we had these nicknames. Emphasis on the HAD. She calls me hoeface :) which turns out isn't so bad, its a term of endearment (mind u a lil twisted but eh, thats me). I USED to call her hoebag...until...I looked up the meaning for that and nearly pee'd my pants laughing so hard.... The definition... Hoebag- A person {preferrably a woman} who "gets around." Some one who is such a hoe that their vagina has been stretched to such an extent that it can be used as a bag to carry things such as: mail, yoga balls, ipods, crayons, ect. ect... So, yea...I love my friend and will never get the image of her keeping crayons in her vagina outta my matter how hard I try ♥
Help Those In Need...
Support The Movement! Check this out! Stop... Think... Give!!! About Our Childern Of America... How Can we just sit there and Let this Happen??? PLEASE PUT A STOP TO THIS!!! If You have any kind of a heart... or you have Children... PLEASE TAKE TIME TO WATCH THIS! Grab a Box of Tissues... and Prepare YOURSELF! PSA-HUMAN TRAFFICAING
It's a little bit funny this feeling inside I'm not one of those who can easily hide I don't have much money but boy if I did I'd buy a big house where we both could live If I was a sculptor, but then again, no Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show I know it's not much but it's the best I can do My gift is my song and this one's for you And you can tell everybody this is your song It may be quite simple but now that it's done I hope you don't mind I hope you don't mind that I put down in words How wonderful life is while you're in the world I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss Well a few of the verses well they've got me quite cross But the sun's been quite kind while I wrote this song It's for people like you that keep it turned on So excuse me forgetting but these things I do You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue Anyway the thing is what I really mean Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen Lucky you were born that far away soWe could both make fu
Thinning Shears And Scissors
thinning shearstexturizing shearsthinning scissors
Bg Wilson
41 year old SEO trial and error expert from the UK Free Gifts Free iPod Free DSi PS3 Free PS3 Slim
The World According To Dr Puffkin
Gentlemen Whilst partaking of a brisk walk along the promenade I happened across an unfortunate young lady who was valiantly attempting to convey her child up a considerable incline. I took a moment to consider her circumstance and decided there and then that we should find a way to assist. On returning to my place of residence I withdrew to my study and immediately set about finding a solution and I am pleased to inform you that I have indeed come up with a solution so striking in its simplicity that I am astounded that nobody had thought to employ its use at an earlier juncture. Gentlemen, I propose we manufacture and supply, at a reasonable cost, the 'Dr Nathaniel Swingbin Puffkin, patented, steam powered hovering perambulator'. I have taken the liberty to design and build a working prototype of which I have attached a photograph. Yours, Dr Nathaniel Swingbin Puffkin. Sir, one must speculate to accumulate. If I might offer a proposal? Some colleagues and
Art Stuff
Decided on a whim to take my parents to the Sainsbury Centre this weekend, which they'd never been to, at the University here in Norwich, as they had on an exhibition of photographs that Norfolk Photographer Justin Partyka has taken over eight yearsof Rural and Farming life in East Anglia. Absolutely stunning. Seeing your own natural environment interpreted in an artistic context really makes you see the familiar in a new way. I'm no farm boy, but I spent a few summers working in a farm shop, and my parents grew up in this kind of environment, although again, they aren't strictly farm folk. Really opened my eyes to the inherent beauty of the Norfolk landscape, and the cultural context of the regionwithin which I was born. Totally inspiring, and my parents loved it. Also took in the other major exhibition the Centre has on at the moment, which was very much 'Modern Art', so the usual heady blend of fascination and nonsense. Not sure what my parents made of the chair we
how to get a bigger penis
My Writtings
Stronger Then the Grave Love is stronger then death It is like a seal over ones heart Love is stronger then death it is as unyielding As the grave. No jealousy can turn it away. Love burns like a blazing fire Just like a mighty flame No water can quench it Not even a river can wash it away No floods can drowned it. But I grow weary for my lover to see Every night I flood my bed with tears I drench it so with my longing My eyes waste away because of my grief I grow weak because my lover is not near When will this loneliness end I ask myself For I know love is stronger then the grave. Waiting Waiting for the storm to pass; As it blows threw my heart. It tosses and turns hurting my very soul; Never ending always churning. Ripping at my being; Crashing into my heart. I wait for it to stop; When will the winds die and I find my soul at peace.
In your quest to get the most out of your workout, you have most likely tried many supplements in the hopes to maximize your potential for strength and definition. Some of these products will work and some will not. Force Factor Supplements Unfortunately, some of them are also dangerous. You know how destructive steroids can be, and anyone that is serious about their health will stay away from them at all costs. Are there any supplements that are side effect free? Max
Bra Salute
Sports Cars Sports Car Sport Car Sport Car
This Is A Fake Profile!!!!!!
Thank you all for stoping by. This is a fake profile so I ask you not to waste your money on bling. I do not want you to waste real money on a page that is here for entertainment and my break from my other page that is often filled with drama. eek! MY LOCATION IS NOT REAL EITHER. So if someone say, "This profile is fake" well I said it was. Thank you DON NOT BUY ME BLING, VIP, MARRIAGE, OR WHAT EVER COST REAL MONEY
Country Music!!
My Snap
I'm Lewis Smile, and I'm a writer on the internet. I build websites online, and spend most of my time online! My latest website is about Automatic Twitter Updates software, and I have a couple of Twitter blogs too. Lewis :o)
Hey all....Im having a salute contest. If you want to enter just SB me or send me a PM...It will start Mon..Dec 14th. Whoever can make me the coolest and most original salute will win a VIP or choice. Contest will be judged on points....each pic rate is worth 1 point and comment worth 5. The contest will run for 1 month til Jan 14th. The top 3 salutes with the most points will be judged by me personally.....whichever I like the best will win the VIP/Blast. If you are interested let me know via SB or PM...Salutes can be SFW or NSFW....I will create a private NSFW folder to place entries in. Good luck, be creative, and have fun.
Used Japanese Vehicles
Used Cars from Japan
As Christmas brings together family and friends, it is one of the most remarkable holidays. While many individuals practice the tradition of picking out a gift for their loved ones, Christmas is also a moment that is filled with carols and joy. Certainly the greatest gift of all is being able to enjoy that holiday with the people you care about, but to really top it off, Christmas parties will definitely leave an unforgettable memory. Toronto Christmas cruises are fabulous; it's jam-packed with activities, offering you excitement all around the clock. The bar and wine service is phenomenal and your children will definitely enjoy the arts and crafts and sports activities. In addition there is a great variety for a luscious meal. Offering you different types of cuisines and atmosphere, such as Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern and such; you'll definitely find the right combination that matches your expectations. Furthermore, if you forgot to buy a gift for your other half, no worries! Sh
Contest I'm In
I'm in a tattoo contest, come help me out by rating this pic: would really like to win against some of the more elaborate tats that are in this contest!
Oklahoma Juggalos And Juggalettes
under the covers where the boogie man creeps we all come out to walk the streets we never knew this day would come where all the juggalos and juggalettes all come out to play with our hatchets and are faygo drinks we hear all the shit say they dontlike us so fuck them anyway we just care if they like us or not just because are faces are painted and we wear all black doesnt mean shit to us on what u say motherfuckers theres more juggalos and juagglettes everyday ......................THEY KNOW THAT WE ARE THE TRUE FAMILY
She smells of Champaign and roses. Combined together, they mark the touch of loves passionate kisses mixed with the satin warm skin that has become the map of my exploration of her pleasure. Her lips invite my kisses. Her moans encourage my desire. Her heart sets the rhythm that my body moves to. She is my symphony, playing to my hopes and dreams. Sweeping them up into her arms as we dance upon the blankets of her bed. Great seductress of my heart. Angel of blessed passion. Healer of my heart. My giver of everlasting, I name you all of everything that is me, for everything of you has woven the threads of us into one. We are forever inseparable. We are all that is love and all that love could ever be. This time, this moment, cannot be compared to anything that has passed. For nothing that has been transcribed or thought could come close to the wonder of this stroke, this kiss, this taste or the very moment of your eyes looking into mine. To perfect for perfection
My Sun
+My Sun+Last nightI dreamedOf how I wishedThings were different then Tears fell like hailFor the times I failedAnd all I've missed out inYou areMy lightIn theDarkest dawnThe thing in my life that Makes meWant to go onLatelyI've been feeling likeSomething's very wrongThe days pass slowWithout youThey all Seem very longI can't forgetThe yesterdaysWe never got to haveHow did it come to be This way?Why did I getSo mad?All I can say is, your my SunAnd I will always beYour DadI hope that when you think of meThat you forget the badAnd when I'm gone away from you You never get too sadUnderstandingComes in timeBut when does forgiveness come?At the end of the lineI sayWhen all isSaid and done+Brown Recluse+ -2009-
Without This Woman
+Without This Woman+ @ Eternity converged Triangular stars upon my heartParallel universes closing in on meLove starved soulSpiraling the voices in my headGalloping horse rhythmEchoing reflections in my memoryMoonlight/SunlightCollide in black whole of infancyLeaving a rippleIn the water of my lifeSlamming convulsionsFading blue moonSunset glow When I think about The reasons whyI LOVE YOUThats why I cryIn the sanityGiving me a reasonTo try As I take timeFrom yesterdayI realizeI onlyStopTimeFor you Thoughts ofSunshine fireIn yourEyesSweltering heatInRain stormComforting transitionsLikeDarknessFrom dawnPulsars Beat of my heartHollowBlackLonelinessOf myUniverseInterruptedByExploding stars Turning back the time To where I used to beI seeIt's no longer meAbsorbing your voiceIn a wordHearing your thoughtsIn my heartWalking among the remnantsOf discarded leavesOn a quest for eternitys visionWith the roar of hells doorAt my back Cold receding daysLongMistyBrightNovemberNightWords fromM
+Today+I know we've been through hard timesI know we've been through goodWe had to go through all of themTo know the life we wouldIf I could make you feelHow muchI LOVE YOUTodayJust take the stars from foreverPut them in your dreams to stayMultiply them by infinityIn hopes that you would sayI LOVE YOUAnd I never wantThat LOVE to go away. +Brown Recluse+ -2009-
Time Incurred
+Time Incurred+So it seemsI can't go onLiving my lifeLike I don't belongGave all I hadTill there wasNothing leftMoved onWrote these words asTime incurredIn burden of wrongsAnd failure withinI know my sunWill rise againTruth todayGone tomorrowHappiness is cleansedWith sorrowExausted lonlinessIn love and spiritBecause someones soulsAre too coldTo hear itRacing timeTo beat the patternLost withinLike nothing matters+Brown Recluse+-2009-
Lonely Thoughts
+Lonely Thoughts+Transgressions of lonelinessFleeting thoughts of desireCost of soul measuredIn heart fires Sometimes My tears get tiredSoul callingMy mind a liar In angerWords spoken upon the earthExist in infinity Never wanting allot of thingsDiamonds, clothesCars, goldAll seem so coldMy mind feels so oldKickin' back On the porchWith my soul I supposeLife is what we make itAlthoughOur lives are what makes usWe can't let it break us Lost memories of timesI can't make upSo now I'm straightLaced upFor the court of life I wake upDressed in blackRunning from the waist upLet me make my caseI appeal to the judge I lived my lifeAlways knowing You can't bring backWhat once was Is it no wonder whyI bust In traces of dustAn remnants of lessonsSpiderwebs of confessionsHad me stressin'Never second guessingThe questionOr the lesson.+Brown Recluse+-2009-
Really Love
+Really Love+ Sometimes I wonderWhat we could of beenIf only we would ofKnown where to begin Let those who judge usFirst judge their own sinsWish I could go backTo the timeWhen You seemed
It Begins
It BeginsLost within spent momentsWhen happpiness seamedSo close HelloGoodbyeIn the blink of an eye Our love fellTo the championTime Tear streaked lonlinessImplodingPieces of mind Shallow meanings of loveSlayThe sacred shrine Narcotic memoriesSmoke signalsLeft behind resonance Through the swelter and the stormClouds drift pastThe moments we had Since the time I was bornDistant voice pointingTo destined futures Traces of loveResidual differencesShadows of what once was Not good enough to beTouched againSo It begins+Brown Recluse+-2009-
Aflickering Light, Just Out Of Reach
+A Flickering Light, Just Out Of Reach+A flickering lightPathway to my heartBlocked by youEven I thought it wasn't possibleCold fusionMy heart tells my mindDream of youSomething I can't controlNight sky in my headSeeing your face in the starsCought in the circle of me and youLaying upon the earthRememberingAll the words you saidFeeling from the placeI try not to let people inListening to the languageOf my heartThunder claps of LoveEarth/SkyYou/MeCrystal clearHow muchI LOVE YOUSee me smilingLike the morning sunUpon dew kissed grassAll the time I was thinkingI didn't have the heartTo Love you withAs this crazy world would have itYou got itWhat would be truly crazyIf I didn't Love youShattering ImagesOf what I thoughtA woman wasIn sorrow shaped lonelinessForgetting aboutPassing daysIn my eyesAlwaysI come back toTwisted thoughtsOf me and youSet adrift intoThe colors of the earthMaking the cloudsStand stillTouching the clayDigging deepFeeling your warmthThere is no such thingAs timeWhen I w
Wanna Play ????
Have you ever beenin a bar or a nightclub and heard that all but dreaded voice over the loud-speakersaying..."Last call for alcohol ", or been in a department store picking up those "must-have" items that you put off going after ALL DAY and heard that little juvenile twitt say..."we will be closing in 5 minutes...please bring your purchases to the front at this time." Does that not just chap your bum?? What if I wasn't through ??? What if I said..." NO, I think I'm gonna hang out here just a little while longer. At least until I'm done with what I need to do." What would happen?? Would theycall the police and force youto leave. Leave you there in the dark all alone, or by some strange act of God would you find yourself doing shots with that little juvenile twitt and wandering why you ever came there in the first place.....?? Life can be soooo confusing.....sometimes you don't know whether to stay or go. Hang out with twitts or just be alone. No-one has the right to tell you it'
YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKED!(don't be offended, keep reading until the end)Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends andFUCK THEM!RULES:1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course.2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon,ENDURANCE)! Be creative!*3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy!4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty!5- Random sex is perfectly okay!6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it'sHOT.7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away!This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT TO FUCK! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!F.U.C.K. Stands For:Friends U Can Keep.So promise me we'll F.U.C.K. forever! Send this to 10 people & 1 back to me. To know who your true F. U. C.Ks are. 9,675,000,000 people in th
i've been taught to work or u don't eat..... been taught to do the job the best it can be done..... been taught to have honor and honor those before me..... been taught to respect those that have earned it..... been taught to be truthful to myself and others..... been taught to be loyal to thosewho have earned itbecause it's truely priceless..... been taught the "golden rule"......... these things made me to the man i am yet still cannot seem to fit into the social structure of life........... has it gone that far that it's just a myth or now must it be one of many facades u must maintain in order to survive the work place because it seems that that's how companies run instead of doing it right and getting the job done...... yet then again i've been told to cow tow,eat it,bite my tongue and do some thing stupid which i know not to be right why why why whyWHY does being a man change when i have to kids then how can i teach without been a role model ami to be come which is
An Awakening
An Awakening - When in the midst of all your fears and insanity you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cried out- ENOUGH! Enough of the fighting and crying or struggling to hold on, and like a child quieting down after a blind tantrum, your sobs begin to subside, you shudder once or twice, you blink back your tears and through a mantle of wet lashes you begin to look at the world through new eyes. This is your awakening. You realize that its time to stop hoping and waiting for something to change or for happiness, safety and security to come galloping over the next horizon. You come to terms with the fact that he is not Prince Charming and you are not Cinderella and that in the real world there aren’t always fairy tale endings (or beginnings for that matter) and the guarantee of “happily ever after” must begin with you and in the process of a sense of serenity is born acceptance. You awaken to the fact that you are not perfect and tha
She Is Everything
being with her every weekend is the greats thing in the wold next to my lil girl who she love's to death and i hate saying good bye to her when she or i leave i love her very deeply with every once of my heart and soul cant wait to see her a gian she makes me feel like a new man when i'm with her and she is amazeing in every way she is perficet in every way for me. she is smart funny beautiful fun love her personality i love every thing about her next to my lil girl i cant stop thinking about her.
Dear God
Pain Tribe/house Of Shock 2009
not gonna be around alot goin back to work for a few weeks gonna be long days if ya send me a message or sumthin get back to u when i can :) miss me lots
Hi all, I am in a contest. The first one to get 3000 pic rates wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help me if you can and send you friends too =D
UPDATE: contest holder Tornadic Action has opened the photos up to all, you no longer need to be a friend of hers to rate me for the contest. However it is still appriciated by her if you r/f/a first. Okay....I normaly don't get into these sorts of things, and I hate asking ppl for favors. But if you have a minute where you are not doing anything else I would like you to vote on my picture. First person to 3000 rates wins an Auto 11 or cherry bomb, 3 day blast and a 12 credit bling pack! The photos are private so you may have to r/f/a the contest holder to gain access. this is where you need to go: Here are the additional rules added after the start of the contest: points awarded as follows 1 rate = 1 rate 20 comments = 1 rate 1 bling credit = 15 rates 17 contest rates + 1 comment when your done = 10 rates and now 1 ticker = 25 rates I appreciate it...winning is not as impo
hold your friends close....the ones you lose and knew the longest is easier to deal with then the ones you just met..My hopes and prayers go out to my brother in arms Jon..Keep fighting....There is something that most people can't understand...When your in the service or getting out..The loyalty you gain is unfanthomable. We walk these streets next to you and you don't realize that if shit hits the fan we will be the first ones to pick up and fight despite what condition we are in and We fight for you because WE choose to. Some people call us washouts or failures. But we don't choose that..It is dealt to us. But it doesn't mean we cant fight. We will. We sworn an OATH to defend our country...At what cost to us it doesn't matter just as long the people we care for are safe. We face uncalculated odds. You can spit and kick us when we are down but we will still will get up and have your back when the time comes. If you want to meet a real soldier look for the ones who have their heads l
The Henry Rollins Files
You like that girl with the wild garden mind. She threw herself off a mountain and landed with flowers in her hair. She has a nomadic heart. She doesn't care what's going on if you say it's going on. Because there's something somewhere else that's really going on and she's gone. You'd like to follow her for awhile. To show her where the end is and to ask if she'd like to hold hands. She'd just smile, wave and leave you there. And she's so beautiful. If she'd just sit still... But then you see your world's too small to keep a girl who keeps nothing. Now if she'd just sit still... But she already knows you just put things on shelves in rows and in dark closets stacked with boxes. And there's not enough room in your world for forests, caves, and foxes. And you call it chaos in her eyes. It's just the freedom you can't handle. And her unconcern for what you keep near makes you see it's just cowardice you hold dear. She's the pet bird who flew out the window. What do you call a pet that j
Jessica Parker
Prepagos Cali Masajistas Paisas
GGustave Houston, British Columbia, Canada increase vertical how to jump higher vertical jump
Heart For One
I am: contentedly child free, self-made, self-aware, unpretentious, intellectual, analytical as well as intuitive, a pragmatic romantic learning to live more mindfully. Attempted balance of right-brain and left-brain thinking. A serious soul with a sometimes playful disposition. Contemplative night owl, valuing thoughtful conversation and nonfiction, perceiving in the mundane the spark of the divine. INTJ personality type in the Myers-Briggs/Jungian personality typology; the thinker type on the enneagram. Tolerant, progressive, a little artsy, with a strong sense of justice. Best known for my M*A*S*H-like (dry and contextual) sense of humor. Often turn to nature for inspiration, rejuvenation, and peace; canceled my television service years ago. Have the usual range of urban interests but also like to investigate the hidden out-of-the-way places. Earn my admiration and be prepared for more affection, respect, loyalty, and passion than mere mortal deserves. :-) Love is the shortest dista
Wtf Is This Fubar
i do not get this fubar business. it doesn't make much sense to me. and im hungry so i give up.
Dont Read This, Its Just A Waste Of Time, Ill Point And Laugh At You
told ya, no secrets of life here fools *points and laughs at you
Just A Hello
Hello all i'm pistol and i'm looking for friends.
Earth For Energy
There is an obvious need to reduce our dependence on foreign and domestic oil and develop, improve, and use alternative energy sources. Solar energy is one viable option, but there are many myths out there about it. Here are some valuable facts about solar power. Click here to read more - Photovoltaic Device and Photovoltaic Systems We now have the ability to use solar power to run small appliances, heat water, produce light, operate vehicles, light your garden path, heat swimming pools, and dry your clothes. In order to harness and store solar energy, there is a need for a large number of solar photovoltaic cells, and it is not inexpensive to have solar panels installed. The initial costs of installing solar equipment can be prohibitive. Even though we can harness and store sunlight for energy, some places are better for this method than others. Alaska is dark half the time; Seattle has a lot of rain; Arizona would be an awesome place to utilize this kind of energy. If there is a
Remember yesterday.Dont worry about tomorrow the future will still be there but you may never get yesterday back....
Send Me An Angel
Send me an angel to dry my crimson tears Send me an angel to kiss away my fears, to make everything all right Send me an angel to take away these pills To make the pain stop, and replace the way it feels Send me an angel to take the gun from my bed Just in case Im not afraid next time I put it to my head Send me an angel to stop these shaking hands An angel who will help me when I fall, to stand Send an angel to love me for better or for worse To make the pain disappear, even when everything hurts Send me an angel to put the smile back on my face The one which the frown long ago replaced Send me an angel on whose shoulders I can cry An angel who makes me want to live, even when all I want is to die
Hightimes Battle
If You Dare
I never bought in to the lies that you sold The story you tell really gets old How can you justify where you stand The master of deception who had it all planed You took it all and left nothing behind How can you say we are out of our minds It was you that led us to this place Let it be you that falls on your face I did what I could but I no longer care This is one person you should of never of dared Come to me tell me what did you find So out of your head so out of your mind Left yourself in a World of distress Oh look haven't we made a beautiful mess The lies you live I can't understand To take me down was that your plan
So Cold
It's cold yet I make deal It hurts but I can't feel I lay here in my new found fate Was lured by the evil and fell for the bait The toture that goes on inside The days go by and I just want to hide Isolated behind a World of walls Life definetly has me by the balls I guess there is no reason to pretend This tourmented life will see no end I can not die nor can I feel Nothing I do ever seems real So when will it end I'd like to know Take me there now it's past time to go
Look To The Sky
Look to the sky what do you see Is it how it is ment to be The lightning flashs then it all goes black The moment is gone can't get it back There is nothing out there but empty space No clues no answers not even a trace If you chose to wish upon a open sky It makes no differenc when you die You can't take with you what doesn't exist So why does my love fo you still persist Like hollowed out eyes upon a empty face The Visions are gone without a trace
Kristin's Place
It's Getting Hot Up In Here!!
FARENHEIGHT LOUNGE! J ǮX HǮ WηǮя ƒ ƒrhgh† Sex Goddess Captain owned by KoNeko @ fubar ♥L~H룣$†RMM♥W R/ ߥ K~$$†~MGR@FRHGH†♥ @ fubar ɘɘǰαȳṭὦʂṭα™ЯL wŋđ @ fubar This Bulletin Is Brought to you by **Tabb
Whacca Think?
Whacca think about Letterman's confession? Me, I am impressed so far -- but I am waiting for more details to come out.
Fallen Pittsburgh Officers 4-4-09 (rip Eric, My Friend)
Dark Musings
Heat and moisture gather between her thighs as her fingers now tace along the curvature of her hips. She moistens her parched lips with her tongue as her fingers trial down to the waistband of her skirt. A sudden noise echoes in the empty alleyway bringing her out of her daze. Before stepping out of the alley she smoothes out her clothes. She is reminded of the sand that abrasively rubs her thighs and decides it is probably time to head home. A hot soak in the tub is in order and perphaps her release. The beast stirs within , she glances up with a darkned smile and blackened eyes. The cool night air carreses her heated skin. All around her a variety of music plays as she walks down the busy streets tuning out the world around her. She licks her parched lips and lights a cigarette in vain, hoping to calm the hunger that grows within. She feels the eyes upon her as her heartbeat accelerates and her breathe quickens. The smell of the ocean permeates her senses , the sound of crashin
Will You Survive?
ok, i am not an overly religious person. yet figure this...if there is a god, and i say if for the skeptics among us, and judgement day falls upon the people, i ask you this...will you survive? neext point...almost 18 year ago i read these statistics in a brisbane newspaper. 1/3 of the female populous have been raped, molested, and/or sexually harrassed...reported cases. not trying to be offensive, that really sucks on two counts. for the girls, what are you doing taking so much shit, and for the boys, you all look like shit. seriously the girls are worthy of so much better than a stinking rapist, and rapist dont deserve to get their cocks wet. also taking into account the child rape statistics, the adult populous seem worthless. maybe the judgement day has become a battle of the sexes, girls vs boys, yet the children are stuck without even their family to rely on. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! do something good, and sleep and dream for a change, and stop worrying about getting laid. and if
On My Mind
Hi! This is my first blog for Fubar. In my blogs I am going to express my feelings, and what is on my mind (hince " On My Mind" blog title). Currently on my mind is my heart. I am a female, what else do we think about other than our heart. My love just broke up with me about a month ago and I am still hurting from that. My family is going through some hard times, so I am being the support of the family. Umm... Um... Uh... Sorry ADD kick in lol. I am starting to realize what I want out of my life, which isnt very much. I guess all I want to be when I grow up is happy. Currently the economy sucks, no one can really survive, and this is causing families to fall apart (just like mine), I guess these are the times in which you need to look up towards God and get down on your knees as pray for help. I currently have no job, I am living with my dad, and I have no life. Now, come talk to me before Mike broke up with me and I had a job, car, my own place, a life, and happiness. Dont you find it
Former dental practicioner I converted to Art practice almost Naturaly during a journey of one year in New Caledonia, where i was invited to go in a creative hermitage in the bush at Tao to prepare an Exposition of my work with Drifted Wood's .I produced about 30 opera's , mainly with a method that i called 'pigmentary impregnation' where the colors penetrates the wood. Pleased with the result's but not satisfied as far as the creative standard's ,I thought it would be nice to work with metal on these object's ,of course my first idea was to use Bronz.Since i am pretendet to have a creative mind i started creating, in the bush and during my journey there intellectualy my specific alloy:Aenors a quartenary composition of some gold,some more silver,much cuper to create mass and as much iron molecules as gold to ad a specific electromagnetic resonance to the alloy, wich turned out to be also the signature of my work's!( if it react's to a magnet i'ts aenors)The trademark Aenors is the alp
Friendz Or Fakez
I have an issue that i have got to get off my chest...I will have been on the fu for a year on the 9th and am finally at my wits end. Ive been in the # 1 spot a few times and still have managed to not be stuck up like a few fu's (not mentioning any names). I have helped people and seen people go from nothing to top ranked I have even donated my hard earned bux to help people buy autoz and get spotlight. But in the end the only people that stay by my side are the newbies or people without the ability to buy their way thru levels.( MUCH THANKS TO THOSE FEW U KNOW WHO YOU ARE).Things have been changing lately i have 17k+ friends and alot of those are upper level people that have been my frind since the begining since they were lower level nobodies like alot of ohters on here, but now they think they are too special to even talk to me , i rate & re-rate but never get one back , i send b day gifts and messages when they get down and get no response..The only time these fu's come around is w
The Guy I Am!
To The Illiterate Men Of Fubar..
I'm sorry but I have to once again complain about some of the men here.I am not here to sexually stimulate you,get you off,talk dirty to you! I am not interested sexually in one man on this site.I have a few close friends and I show them respect as I do most people here unless otherwise given a reason not to give it to them.I am sick of people assuming they know me or assuming Im here to show you my naked pics.I am not.I would not.My pics are there because I LIKE them and I find photography to be an art and Im not ashamed I take nice photos.If you can't respect me enough not to put stupid and disgusting comments on my photos then kindly fuck off.I have tolerated enough.I have tolerated enough people saying it is an adult site.I'm fully aware this is a adult site hence why I show some damn cleavage.But..being an adult site does not exclude the men here from being respectful to a women and not assuming we are all the same and just want to make you fun.Honestly..most men here are gross.Th
Jost Ones Point Of View
How Do I Get Someone To Cherry Bomb Me?
Ex And Life
idk why i went throw it we wasnt happy i was happyer wen she was away i just couldnt wait intil she went 2 work but idk im better off with outher cuz no more stress i do miss her sometimes but idkwhy yes i did tlkto gurls but i didnt want them i thought we lasted 4ever i guess anything dosent lasted 4ever i know im n a wheelchair and i really wasnt trying my best 2 get outi realize i have 2 do something and try my best i cant really trusted no1 but myself so it just helps me 2 think i have onlymyself i just want 2 wlk andfind my 1 i hope it works out :) just hoping 2 find some1 i can trusted dat wont cheat on me and tell me how they really feel only thing i can do is hope i do like some1 and wanna c something happen with us but idk ifit is so.... just hope and be happy!!!!:)
Stamps Collecting
I am kind, honest, understanding, generous, down to earth, open-minded, simple. I like to do anything with someone special. I understand that making a relationship always takes time and it usually starts from a friend relationship. stamps collecting sports memorabilia topical postcards old currency thematic stamps
Need To Fine What Its All About
1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? - Closed so that cat cant get in! 2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel? - No 3. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? - I Dont sleep with a sheet 4. Have you ever stolen a street sign before? - No 5. Do you like to use post-it notes? - Yes 6. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them? - haha yea 7. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees? - Neither.. 8. Do you have freckles? - A few 9. Do you always smile for pictures? - Not always 10. What is your biggest pet peeve? - People who dont use their blinkers 11. Do you ever count your steps when you walk? - No 12. Have you ever peed in the woods? - No 13. What about pooped in the woods? - No 14. Do you ever dance even if theres no music playing? - Yes :) 15. Do you chew your pens and pencils? - Sometimes 16. How many people have you slept with this week? - 1
You know your Mexican when....... You have ever been hit by a chancla. You can play any sport wearing chanclas. You grew up scared by something called "El Cucuy." Others tell you to stop screaming when you are really just talking, You use your lips to point something out. You constantly refer to cereal as "con fleis." Your mother yells at the top of her lungs to call you to dinner even if it's a one bedroom apartment. You can dance ranchera, cumbia, or salsa without music. You call your sneakers "tenees." You have at least thirty cousins. You can't imagine anyone NOT liking spicy food. There is more alcohol than punch at little Juanito's birthday party. There is at least one member in your family named Maria, , Juan, Jose, or Jesus. You swear "Choco Mil" is the same as Slim Fast and try to lose weight by drinking it. You have a drunk uncle/aunt. You not only know who Don Francisco from Sabado Gigante is, but you tell people he's your tio. You have ever had to tell you
Feelings Beware!!!
Penis Pump
I had a customer today as me a question about the penis pump... well How can I answer that question... I know I will take a survey and find out How many men out there use a penis pump and what kind? and what do you think of it? does it prolong your abitlity to cum? does it make your cock bigger.. What is really the out come of the use of the penis pump... PLease dont be shy and share with me. Hell tell me all about it so I can have the exprience to tell others... and share please
Whats Up
whats up people i just joined acouple days ago look at my pics leave some comments hit me up i got a cell so if u girls want my # just ask fore it
Come check Uz out!! oct 12th!!! i dj in the morninz m w f 9-1 est

Houston Tx Mortgage
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Oh dark my day,To be alive,I write this poem,As my heart is to thrive,There once was a man,So happy he be,With his lovely wife,So young you see,But one day,He left for awhile,Traveled for his job,Much more than a mile,She was sad,He had to leave,And hoped for the best,Hoped not to greave,His job pained her,But knew he was right,He was in the army,He had to go fight,Letters shed receive,From him every week,At times happy,Good news always to seek,She sent him a letter,Pregnant shed be,With their loving daughter,Aura lee,And he was astound,Couldnt wait to come see,When his loving wife,Gave birth to thee,But he never made it,They wouldnt let him go,So he hoped she wouldnt be sad,Oh say it isnt so,But she was so grateful,That safe hed be,She always prayed for him,Aura lee to see,But on the day,Baby turned six,Such sad news,A heart not to fix,Daddy had died,While coming back,They found some things,Hidden in his backpack,Aura lee so young,Just couldnt see,why had daddy,Left me?But on the fune
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hey add my myspace
For My Love....
The War And The Girls...
Mini Me....">">">">> As the girlfriend of one of our hero that is over there fighting to protect us and for our freedom. I can personally say that it is hard. The times when you don't hear from them have to be the worst. Never knowing when and if you will hear from them again. Keeping them in your heart and praying is all that we can do. Having faith is the biggest part of it but it is hard. We have to have faith in God and believe in him that he will keep our love ones safe and bring them home to us soon. Please keep all of the men and women in the war in your prayers. Pray for there safety and their return, but also please remember to keep their family in your prayers. Staying strong and keeping faith can be hard at times like these. Thank you!!!
My Fu-friends
My Fu-Friends My husband has finally gone to workMy child has finishedhis playhe`sgone to bedhis stories readNow it's my time of day.I've had one of those daysyou know what I meanso I sit back and relaxand turn on my screen.I'll talk to all my friendswho know just what to sayto make my stresses goand my troubles fade away.My friends you're always there for mewhenever I feel blueand though we've never met beforeI know our friendships true.And although we haven't been friends for longin this short time it seemswe shared so many things alreadyour hopes, our fears, our dreams.We come from different walks of lifebut we share a common bondand it's time to say that of all of youI've grown so very fond.So thank you friends for being therewhenever I've needed youI know you're always there for meand you know I'm there for you.
King Of Pop-a Living Legend!
A king is born! A child begins to sing! Two parents are proud of him! His voice amazes all ears! His steps reveals dizziness all around! The stage is alive when he steps on! Thriller song gives him more strength and confidence! The success comes day by day! His videos please the sight ! He is the greatest entertainer and performer! A king is dead................................. A king is not really dead, he is just resting in peace!
Becky, If you are reading this, I am Stacey, Steve's gf....I HAVE IMPORTANT INFO about your boyfriend GEARY(misspelled?) PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP!!! You can do it through here and then I'll give you my personal phone number.....PLEASE...
*~*simply Me*~*
Aries Love, Sex and Relationships: What it's like to date an Aries Woman: Dating an Aries never lacks excitement. She is hot-blooded, and forceful, so you had better be able to handle the heat! The Aries woman is for the person who likes an independent self-driven woman who can fend for herself and is not clingy and needy. An Aries woman requires freedom. For the Aries woman, the best part of the relationship is the beginning, then the spark is there and she is trying to catch you to be hers. She will find happiness in a long-term relationship because she enjoys sharing everything with her partner. She will not only have a romantic partner but a best friend too. She has a great need for love and passion but she will never let a man become the master, she considers her partner to be equal. Aries women are not for domineering men. She will be faithful but she expects the same in return. She can be jealous because she wants a man to give her all of his attention, "all o
Stupid Haircut
last night I was reading in bed about 2 am. I heard the upstairs neighbors coming in from the bar. i have never met them but i am pretty sure there are about 20 of them. And they all weigh about 300 pounds. And they are part of a clog dance crew. And they also bowl in their living room. Also they like alternative rock and saying "wooooooooooooo" i guess one of the dance crew got left behind and he came stomping up the stairs a few minutes after the rest. Then i heard someone try and open my door. Of course it was locked so i just continued reading figuring he was to drunk to know where he was and would soon see his mistake. But he was too drunk to realize. So i sent baxter to the door to give ssome warning barks. But this guys was still too drunk so he started knocking. I got up and double checked the lock and put my eye to the peep hole. "may I help you?" i asked. "you can let me in!" he said swaying back in forth. "no" I laughed. "why not" he said a little annoyed. "Beca
im single 65 looking for respectable dates, love western stuff and much more, but need to learn how to do all this stuff??????????? help???????????????
Ribbons For Cancer Victims
Black Ribbons: Melanoma Dark Blue Ribbons: Colon Cancers Gold Ribbons: Childhood Cancer Gray Ribbons: Diabetes & Brain Cancer Green Ribbons: Kidney Cancer Green/Blue Ribbons: Mental Heath Awareness Jade Ribbons: Liver Cancer & Hepatitis Jigsaw Puzzle Ribbons: Autism Lace Ribbons: Osteoporosis Lime Green Ribbons: Lyme Disease Orange Ribbons: Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis Periwinkle Ribbons: Hypertension & Stomach Cancer Pearl Ribbons: Lung Cancer Pink Ribbons: Breast Cancer Pink, Purple & Teal: Thyroid Cancer Purple Ribbons: Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Eating Disorders Red Ribbons:AIDS/HIV & Heart Disease Silver Ribbons: Parkinson's Disease Sky Blue Ribbons: Prostate Cancer Teal Ribbons: Ovarian Cancer White Ribbons: Bone Cancer I hope these explanations will help you design your own awareness quilt.

Business Long Distance
Just like to introduce myself to the community here, I am a happily married man with 2 beautiful children. By day, I am a telecom broker where I help businesses with their telecommunication services. Some of the services we offer range from DS3 line to DS3 circuit, I also love soccer and going to look to start to play golf in the near future. Check back as I will be discussing many types of business related topics. (you can also make comment about sites topic here) VanT3 lines
About Me
Ok I am not good at this so i will just make it short and sweet. I am a truck driver and spend alot of time away from home, I don't have any set hours I drive. on some days i drive from morning till night and others i drive all night and sleep during the day. if i am on here then i have some down time and able to rate and socialize. weekends are hit and miss on if i am here or not. I love rating pics and have been known to rate up to 500 plus pics in an hour if my wireless connection is good. so if you see me on your page and its not happy hour don't panic because chances are its the only time i have to rate and i try and rate alot and often. i am an easy going guy. I will however put this out there now, I do not have the means to buy cash gifts at this time. Since both my mom and dad have died from cancer i donate $10,000 a year to cancer research. But if i do get a bling pack i do bling my friends when i can. I am not a the hottie type of guy but i think i do have a heart of gold. I
Behind These Eyes
Shards Of Glass
poem i wrote about me ... A heart is a fragile thing A piece of glass Break it once The shards cut deepBreak it twice The scars are manyBreak it thrice The heart is hardened But I...Ihave been broken A thousand timesI have died A thousand deathsThe shards a many I do not heal They torment me Night and dayThey are all around me The pieces of my heart My broken glassI cannot count them Everything i touch I feel themEverything i feel is painOnce I felt them Cut me deeplyWhen the glass Was freshly brokencut me deep And killed me deeperTore my flesh And rent my soulTrod and trod upon again My glass heart shatteredits pieces Thrown aglittering Upon the groundThe shards surroud me I cannot see them They are to smallBut a Glass
The Biker*
THE BIKER* I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday.I saw you, pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk.But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall.I saw you, change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief.I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But, you didn't see me, riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children. But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless.I saw you, stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me, and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you, roll your eyes at our leather jackets and gloves.But, you didn't see me, and my brothers donate our old ones to those that had none. I
Tribal Tattoos
Depending on the garment or for women a skirt you can do retributory some anything you essential with a leg tattoo. The dragon is again a symbol for land and magnitude and because of the healthiness of a dragon's body existence lifelong and skinny it can easily be integrated into a wonderful whole sleeve tattoo organisation that twists around the arm with the coil reaching up at the top of the should area. See author on Star And Idle Tattoo Designs. Judgement the perfect modify tribal tattoos can be a chore if you let it but if you don't position for cookie-cutter styles you testament be retributory fine. You pauperism to burst swing a bit author labor into forums. Having a superfluity of these tattoos situated in a movement same ornament can be plant on umteen peoples' torsos support horizontally across their petty rear and many modify somebody it finished the size of their sticker. Judgment unspoiled tattoos gets harder and harder as the cyberspace is full by generic transform.Object
Ok , So I Got A Got Girlfriend` Read More.....
I have been with here for now 2 1/2 yrs. and I just cant handle it anymore with her. She is just so jealous of me ,and etc.... Long story but will tell ya if ya wanna know? yes I do love her and she loves me , but I did experience with other men and she experienced with other men alsowhile we were together and still are till day ,but she is so jealous of me on the computer, I think she needs to grow up and grow a back bone , What do you say? I am coming so close to leaving this woman , What ya say? Please tell me your thoughts. Thanks , Sincerely, David Michalski aka Coldwaters Finest
Please come check me out on Youtube at I look forward to seeing you there, and hearing what you have to say about my channel and my videos. Thank you in advance.
All The Skit
People prefer self-delusion. Belief in God and spirits is an expression of powerlessness. Belief in morality is an expression of self-hatred. The world is random and chaotic. Magic is only tricks. Tricks are always done in the simplest way, but the eye is misdirected because people love to be fooled. I have no control over anything. I am alone. Death is nothing. Then we rot and fall apart. I like it this way. I could be wrong about any of these things.
Reason,season Or Lifetime
People come into your life for a REASON, a SEASON or a LIFETIME. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person.When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experienc
Where Are You God?
Where Are You God?Where are you GodHe asked feeling alone,Why did you allow this to happenHe wailed in tragedies phone.I am here, God repliesI am right here with you,As far as you can seeA magical sky of blue.Where are you GodHe asked in agony,Why do you allow sufferingIn the name of making money?I am only allowingGod says from above,For my children to decideThe priority of their love.Where are you GodI can't see you,I am filled with such rageThere’s no way you are true.God looks down patientlyShowing the afflicted, armed with a smile,See how it would feelTo walk in THEIR shoes for a mile.God continued with understandingIn explaining the feeling of sad,You are enveloped in my loveIt's your decision to feel good or bad.But God, he argued his pointThere is so much evil around,How can you love usIf you don't stomp it in the ground?My child, God respondsEvil is conquered with love,It's your decision whether or not you followThe devil below or the angels above.My love is no mysteryTo
GI Joe: Sisters Keeper: me know what u think
Are You Going To Heaven When You Die?
ARE YOU GOING TO HEAVEN WHEN YOU DIE?1 John 5:13These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may KNOW that ye have eternal life...YOU MUST REALIZE:1.You are a sinner.Romans 3:23For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;2.The Penalty for Sin is Death and Hell.Romans 6:23For the wages of sin is death;...Revelation 20:15And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.3.Jesus Paid Our Sin Debt.Romans 5:8But Ggod commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.Romans 6:23...but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.4.You Must Receive Jesus Christ as Your Saviour.Romans 10:9That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.Romans 10:13For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.THE FIRST STEP OF OBEDIENCE AFTER SAL
Curtisb1990@ Fubar
When you hear the word, "Cancer" a million thoughts and emotions run through you..fear, uncertainty of what the future may hold, sorrow, shock, loneliness, will you and your family deal with this situation.. Those are some of the emotions and thoughts that I had when i was told in 2003 that I had cysts in my ovaries and that I may have ovarian cancer. I had multiple cysts on each side the size of a softball.. I had to have surgery a few weeks after finding out all of this information. Luckily, I did not have cancer .. but that was just the beginning to what would happen in the next following years. One of my relatives that I hold very close to my heart she was one of the kindest, most caring, loving person I have ever known and she was also a strong woman and I am glad to have had her for as long as I had she is my grandmother..she had cancer three times in her life..yet she fought each time she was faced with this. In December of 2007 we found out she had termi
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A New Chapter
Heart-Broken-Damn Where To Start On This?Shattered Hearts,And Painful Words.Those Words Can Get To You Tho.Them Break Up Words After A Year Or Soo.And Its Funny How A Guy Finds That One Special Girl And Just Lets Her Get Away Like Nothing Happen But Then Comes Running Back.And Then Tha Guy Keeps Doing Tha Same Routine Over And Over Like It Was A Script To Learn In A Movie.But Tha Real Shit He Gotta Learn Is He Had A Special Girl But Didn't Treat Her Well.Too Many Chances For Guys And Also Girls.Tha Girl Way Is Very Similar To Tha Guy Way.But At Tha Same Time Tha Guy Is More Funnier To Make Fun Of XD.ADVICE- Don't Give Your Significant Other Too Many Chances!Or You'll Regret It.They'll Move On And You'll Be Stuck Thinking That You Fell In Love To Early.And Well Im Usually Saying Falling In Love Too Early's Bad But Now That Someone Told Me,It's Really That You Can Fall In Love At Any Age.No Matter How Old you Are 12,18,26,77 XD Never Give Up On Love.Never Fall In Love TOO Early.Never Li
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please fan and rate me and my pics ill rtf and also ill do anythang for a vip:P
Love Like A RoseCategory: Writing and PoetryLike the thorns prick, sometimes you wound my heartLike the red bulb, so is the blood from my heartLike the leaves on the stem, I hope you never leave meLike the green of the stem, your love for me I so envyLike the rose blossoms, each day my love blossoms for youLike the sweet smell of a rose, so are you just as sweetLike the red of the bulb, so is my passion for youBut like every rose, roses eventually wilt and dieJeremy
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Silent Civilian "live Again"
This is a band from California who is AMAZING. Not only do they put on one hell of a show they are all stand up guys who love their fans. If you ever get the chance you should check out a show.
Virginia Web Design Company
Virginia web design company Virginia web design service
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The Shadowman
There once was a greedy man named John. He lived in a small village. To be truthful though, he didn't care much about what happened around him, nor to anyone. He was cursed because of it, so he felt. Inside him, he knew it was just carma though. One day, one of John's neighbor's trampled on his lawn, and he was furiously calling his name. "What do you think you're doing?!" John barked. His neighbor complained that he was being too noisy by nighttime, throwing some of his trash in his (the neighbor's) yard, and was just a snooty grump. John became so angry with his neighbor, that he grabbed him by his neck, and choked him to death. After that, though, a large deity appeared from thin air. "JOHN! YOU HAVE BEEN VERY HEINOUS IN YOUR LIFE! AS PUNISHMENT, I SHALL CURSE YOU, BY TURNING YOU INTO A SHADOWMWN, AND YOU WILL REMAIN IN THAT STATE UNTIL YOU CHANGE YOUR WAYS!!!" The deity bellowed. Just then, John went, in a sense, invisible. All that remained was just
You say I never believe you But Baby you know I'll always love you Darlin' You know I'd never leave you You are mine I would cover your body in kisses And this is true Oh I love you You ask me why I do this for you And I tell you time and time again I do, Oh I love you I'll give you my trust and honesty and you know this is true How I love you I love you The rushing waters crashing upon the rocks Amazing how everything seems to stop Stopping in that moment of truth Stopping in that moment of honesty One or two no matter how many Either or you may not have any Within thy own heart Within thy own soul Only one could ever really be told With the heart pounding With how the waters are sounding So much of this could be astounding Much is life Much is strife But thine own love Could it fly out like a dove The waters we feel The emotions we steal The life we love The life we know of Much is like water Much is like air But how can one even dare Love is water
I know this sound silly but I have to admit that I miss my wife very much. I wish she's here right now. She's probably on the bed and playing with her Sex Toys right now. LOL. Jane is so far away right now. I have to leave her because of an important task. Hope I can get it done asap and go back sooner than what we have scheduled.
K. Just what the title says.... Answers will be limited to what I think needs to personally be known on any matter. shattered_delusions on myspace shannon woodson on facebook
That 0ne Blog Spot
confirms that drinkinggives you the same benefits yoga does !!! Savasana Position of total relaxation. Balasana Position that bringsthe sensation of peace and calm.Setu Bandha Sarvangasana This positioncalms the brain and heals tired legs. Marjayasana Position stimulates the midirift area and the spinal comumn.
Random Thoughts
A whisper in my ear, thoughts only spoken to the mindm with a slight touch of sanity, my dreams become my reality.... never wanting to wake from this slumber, to spend the rest of my life in this state, its a place where noone can enter,,, only be brought.... This is my realm, my solitude, my dreams, hopes and fears. My Mind unravels with thoughts of life, death, love, memories and questions in which no answer can be given; one can spend the rest of their lifes looking for a way to understand, and never find the path to the answer, only to the possible futures. Thoughts flood your head, feelings of guild, pain, loss, heartache, confussion.... When does it all stop? Your mind spins round, not knowing where to run..... the anxiety keeps digging till there is nothing left to dig. Things you thought you were so sure about suddenly become so uncertain, a lose of trust creates a wall of mis-guided thoughts, all understanding swept away as the anxiety takes control, your left asking your
I found him when I wasnt looking He stole my heart and made it his own (from what ive gathered and he has not denied) he stole my heart with lies Dreams were made and plans put in place then the fog rolled in and he disappeared no answers to no questions, no trail except formy trail of tears My heart? he still has it... Laying on my chest is proof of my honesty... on his chest is barren and cold, nothing resembling theses feelings I will always have the pain hes caused, in a few weeks his new princess will be in place... His heart? It was never mine to keep... Cant get it back, he refuses... what I want is honesty... No games, just the truth I wont be mad or pissed off... We can go our seperate ways afterwards thats fine but I need the truth from you Nick...
Email Lists
My name is Chuck Pearson. I am in my 30's and I trade penny stocks. I enjoy dealing with my clients in the stock markets, I make sure I keep everyone in my email lists posted of the changes in the stock exchange market everyday.
No Subject
she will do anything on cam . a blingpack or an hh blast will get you 15 minutes of action with her.
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As my time being single grows by the day I continue to feel conflicted in my emotions towards the opposite sex. I haven't been in a relationship for almost 2 years now.I admit my life has been... unstable to say the least. I can't say I don't have regrets. I have made many foolish choices and they have ultimately led me to my current situation. After all I've been through one thing still weighs on my mind.I've had numerous relationships which, obviously, have all failed one way or another. Even after all I have experienced I still want more. Why? I really wish I could just swear off all humanity and go live on an island with the lifestyle of my choosing but of course that will not happen. I almost feel obligated to find someone like it's been imprinted in to my DNA. Of course it has been written inside my mind, that's human nature, but what I'm saying is I feel the pull. I feel it more everyday.At the same time I've put a wall. It's a bigger, stronger, psychologically impenetrable defe
Chinese Astrology
i hope this works......this is why i hate this new blog format......blah
Word From The Chief
I Wazz A Crutch I Feel Handycappd
to this female i was a krutch, some one she can use, to forget about that fuckin dude she just broke up with this dude who beat tha shit out ovv her and dats coward, her face wazz cut and bruised, when i looked at her i seen no cuts bruses nothing jus a female who i was relating to, and wanted to take car3e ov no matter what, she wazz sexy to me, but she used me like a krutch, and at moments later at da tyme i was with her, she left for 3 day with out no phone call or no contact, i sat in my house, and waited for her callin her phone to say good night i love u baby, always giot da answer machine. but her personality seemed nice and fuckin awsome, but tha fact i wazz a crutch izz beacuz she wanted to use me to forget about he ex man, and goo out wit me to avoid, i neva disrespected her, i treated dat female like a queen, but thats lyfe. i am single still, i feel like doin dat hugh hefner shit again but i can let a female like that mess up my lyfe yaaa it hurt but thats lyfe and thing
Get Off Your Ass And Show Some Support!
This was given to me today by my fu-friend Sgthubbard..please read and comment..and all soldiers, add him as a friend..Much love to every one of you!!! HOOAH! VFW's are closing around the country, why? Because the powers that be have decided that veteran services are not that important to the common good. The VFW is a place where vets can go to be around other vets and help each other. One of the greatest things that the VFW does is to have a liaison to the VA to help with the paperwork needed to cut through the red tape. This is how I got my disability. A vet helped me and I have helped other vets. But now they are closing all around the country. "Budget cuts" are the culprit, and do you know where those funds come from? The same budget that gives to schools and to prisons. They are giving more to inmates and taking away from vets! I say fuck that! After someone goes off to fight for their country the US should bend over backward to make sure they have everything the vet needs to be
Something New
I hurt myself today,sending the blade deep,only to watch it bleed,sick and twisted is my mind,when everything I had,is gone,and I feel like I am running blind,surrounded by darkness,aimlessly wandering,looking for a sign,hoping for the light,but still all I feel,is this pain deep inside,violence and anger,begin to swell,don't fucking act like you know me,you don't know my hell,the wrath I harbor,will only bring you ruin,it's my curse,my demon inside,that drives me to this place,the edge of insanity,and back again,it's all black and white,no gray area to sit,day by day i suffer through this shit,all alone,when no one understands,the pain inside this man. Heeeeeeeyyyyyy yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh yeeeeeaaaahhhh There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel darkness surounds me the voices getting louder drug induced confussion is setting in........ the termites and spiders are eating me from within...god help me when you look into my eyes what do you see?... can youfeel my pain an
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Grandma In Law
Has been a rough couple of days.. my hubbys grandma died monday. We just had the funeral today. I been doing pretty well.. up until today. I have been wondering about my boys though. I told them about her death monday but it didn't seem to have any affect on them. I was thinking.. they are of age now where they should start understanding some..and start crying or something. But there was nothing..clear up til last night. Then today during the funeral.. Brandon just started bawling. He was so loud..sobbing.. I thought he was gonna hyperventilate. He kinda collapsed off hubbys lap and was sitting on the floor. Somethings in life just break your heart..and I have to say that was one of the worst moments for me. I just lost it then. Then he was carrying on about wanting to buy a vcr tape of her. His one older cousin told him he would get him one. Anyways.. was a horrible day but its over. I am sorry for not being on here much this week.. due to all this. I have not been avoidin
Paying For Rates!
Okay all here it is, just like everyone else that does this, I will pay you 15k per 100 rates. These rates need to be done during a happy hour and you need to send me a private message with how many you did after you are done so I can send payment. Also when you are done with each folder type folder rated in the comments so that I know you did them. Thank you all very much and happy rating!!!!
To You
When your sad, i will dry your tears,When your scared, i will confort your fears,When you need love, my heart i will share,When your sick, for you i will care,When you are worried, i will give you hope,When your confused, i will help you cope,You will feel my love when we are apart,Knowing that nothing will change my heart.When you are lost and cant see the light,My love will be a beacon, shining through the night,This is my promise, my vow til the end,For you, above all, are my world, my girlfriend,These words on paper, show my care for you,From my lips, these words are spoken, will always be true,God has blessed me, with your hand in mine,Both our hearts, will constantly intertwine.Everyone lives through pains and sorrows,I promise together we will face all tomorrows,Happy with you, swallowed in love,Bless God for giving me you and everything above.
So Today..10/01/09
So Today...This is just a note,just a simple thank youfor keeping me afloatjust a note,telling you how it is,the colors im afflicted byfrom just a simple kiss, how it is,and how much greater it can getnot afraid to try the water,im enjoying being this wet.and it gets, so much better with each daythe layers under the layersseem to pull themselves awayso today,i offer you my heart,i trust you know how to treat it,some say its my best're my heart."so as the waves of each day, crash against their evenings, you fascinate and amaze me, thank you for believing..." ;) Happy Birthday Kara. LARKLB's
Missing The Past
So, today is a very important day in my life. My mother's birthday. I bought her 2 dozen roses (all diffy colors) that I'm sure she'd love. Sunday will mark 10 months since she' left our lives. Everyday has been hard especially when I get good news in my life, and she was the only one that I would share it with. This week I found out 3 great things, but after I heard them was at lost who to turn to. I called the 7 people most important to me, and just got their voicemails, and just sat there crying. Then, I just started to think she's with me in my heart and she knows the great things that I am accomplishing. It' was hard to even turn in my graduation papers in because I know she wanted to see my graduate, but she will see me from heaven, and be with me along the whole way. So, I've been just trying to keep positive through this fall/winter months. The holidays are coming, mid-terms, trips, and just life overall is happening so fast for me. I guess I'm writing this for two reasons to
Maximm Blog
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No Need
I am going to say something, If you have been erased from my friends list, its because you weren't communicating with me. I am not trying ot be mean but I think that if you are going to add me you should want to keep in touch, so the ppl that were erased I felt there was no need for you on my friends list, if you werent going to keep in touch. So if you are going to add me at least keep in touch ~peace out ~Jasmine I was thinking about changing my hair color. I have been a black haired girl all my life and it has seemed to be working for me. So tell me a honest answer and comment on whether I should dye my hair red or keep it black. If you can tell my why.
Please Read And Comment
FIRST OFF I WANNA LET EVERYONE KNOW THIS IS FROM MY VFW POST COMMANDER. I SERVED 4 YRS IN THE ARMY TO BE TOLD I AM A SECOND RATE CITIZEN. I SAY FUCK THAT BULLSHIT!!!VFW's are closing around the country, why? Because the powers that be have decided that veteran services are not that important to the common good. The VFW is a place where vets can go to be around other vets and help each other. One of the greatest things that the VFW does is to have a liaison to the VA to help with the paperwork needed to cut through the red tape. This is how I got my disability. A vet helped me and I have helped other vets. But now they are closing all around the country. "Budget cuts" are the culprit, and do you know where those funds come from? The same budget that gives to schools and to prisons. They are giving more to inmates and taking away from vets! I say fuck that! After someone goes off to fight for their country the US should bend over backward to make sure they have everything the vet needs t
My Poetry
please someone tell me what it is i should do because as of right now my heart is thru i tried so hard to cope really gave it a try and yet all i hear is nothing but lies dont tell me you love me or even that you care just because you speak the words doesnt put the feelings there you look into my eyes yet never really see everything that could have been everything that was me Outlaw Angel i will be that darkness you cant escape i will become the lonliness you want to hate you cant break free no longer seeing light now like me you will haunt the night you will shed the tears of a heart in shame and you will have no one else to blame Outlaw Angel
Sycy Syc
Debbullan Was Recommended...
Debbullan was recommended by a representative at Texas Health Resources to a North Texas county justice program as a resource or supplier of HCV awareness information to the the effect that we would be able to "provide valuable information to this criminal justice population."We offered the choice of our searching for and supplying a high tech, medical presentation specialist or accepting our low tech direct to individual approach regarding awareness and prevention surrounding Hepatitis C. Debbullan's direct to individual approach was chosen. We will supply a 30 minute, demographically focused, interactively enticing, call to personal action presentation to a momentarily captive audience.We feel it is best to withhold complete details of this non public, health focused event until it is complete in early November. We are proud that an arm of the public health department of Texas felt confident we could well represent them (through specific recommendation) and the cause of
My Final Thoughts
Ramblings About My Job (funny)
I work at the mall in a very popular lingerie store. And to those of you who have never worked retail before here are a few pointers for you. 1. If you come in the store you are going to be asked by numerous people if you are looking for anything. It is our JOB to sell you stuff. If you tell us you are just looking your going to be asked repeatedly. 2. Please do not be rude to us. Even if you are having a bad day taking it out on sales people will only get you talked about once you leave the store. It makes us feel bad if you are nasty when we are only trying to do our job. Just smile and say "No thank you" if you do not need assistance. Also ask us nicely for help and don't bark at us, we're not servants. 3. If we do not have something in stock don't scream. You only make an ass out of yourself. There is nothing we can do if we are out of stock except call another store. Or (if the store has the ability) order it for you on-line. 4. When waiting in line don't get pissy if you have
Dpr Members
Music History
So following the full fubar series of events I have leveled up, been bought and posted a mumm. I guess now is the time to post a blog. So when I was younger like before school I used to watch Hee Haw( I don't know) and hated all 'City Music' . My mother allowed this for some horrible reason. At 5 or 6 years old I walked up to my mum and told her that I had found an awesome new band that I absolutely loved. When asked what band it was I said the Beatles. This was in 82-83, Lennon had been dead for a couple of years. So decades later and I have a kid and he never really shows an interest in music besides listening to whatever is on. So we walk into a thrift store or something one day and he's looking at hats and tells me he has to have this hat because its his favorite band. I bought my son a Beatles hat at the age of 7. Present day, me and the son are watching a little TV and see that they are releasing all of the Beatles albums again in original tracks but digitally remaste
Sad And Heart Broken
well i went to court today and lost all rights to my daughter this fucking sucks! now all i can do is sit here and cry! i dont wanna go to work but i know i need to i just wanna drink myself to death!
Think Pink In Oct.
If you have been seeing pink ribbons everywhere in the past two weeks it because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is designed to raise the public consciousness about breast cancer, the importance of early detection, and to encourage women to do self examinations and get mammograms. No doubt, this is an important and worthy undertaking. Companies have joined in to help raise money for various breast cancer organizations typically by promising to donate X cents or X dollars for every product sold bearing a pink ribbon. A maximum donation is often stated in the advertising. So many companies have joined in doing these promotions dubbed “cause marketing”, that store shelves and ads are filled with pink ribbon items. Some women with breast cancer are now speaking out about the commercialization of their disease. They don’t like the fact that some companies appear to be profiting from their pain. “Many breast cancer survivors like Zieli
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Why is it that when people say that they are your friend and you do things for them but when you stop they either forget you ever existed or they block you.And then blame you for getting blocked. What is it with some people on here?!?!?!?!
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The Reason You Won't Be Able To Sell Your House In A Year
Wow! home owners take note & tell your friends and relatives who are home owners!!! Beginning 1 year after enactment of the Act, you won't be able to sell your home unless you retrofit it to comply with the energy and water efficiency standards of this Act. More change you can believe in.....The Cap and Trade bill passed in the House and now is in the Senate. A lot has been said about the enormous tax hit and energy price hikes to every tax payer that will follow this bill, but not much has been leaked about the impact on your ability to sell and maintain your home. Ha, read on..... H.R. 2454, the "Cap & Trade" bill passed last week by the House of Representatives,ifalso passed by the Senate, will be the largest tax increase any of us has ever experienced. The Congressional Budget Office (supposedly non-partisan) estimates that in just a few years the
Touch Of Class
This group is about smart, classy women. We know how to be sexxi without letting it all hang out. These days women should not have to brib a man for things and for thier approval. Women should not have to degrade themselves for others approvel. A woman can still be sexxi without have to do all those things. Today's society is based on sexual orientation and how thin a person can be.So I started a group with who I thought is beautiful; not only on the outside but in. This group is amazing and these girls have touched me in their own way. I set out a blog to what ppl thought about it and it went good. So I am now opening it to the public. RULES: yea I know noone likes them.. 1. Must have a approved Fubar salute. 2. Must FAR all members before after you are voted in. 3. No drama or bitching or you will be out of the group. 4. All voted in members will make a touch of class salute to show that they are a member. 5. Repost all touch of class bullies and keep up on blogs. (Myself. and
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The Journey
My Likes
x ၏ခ်ည္းကပ္တန္ဖိုး x'တြင္ f(x) ၏စည္းသတ္တန္ဖိုးဆိုသည္မွာခ်ည္းကပ္တန္ဖိုး(x')၏မီွခ်က္တန္ဖိုး f(x') ပင္ျဖစ္သည္။ သေကၤတအားျဖင့္ lim f(x) = f(x') x→x' Example.1 lim 3x x->2 Let f(x)=3x x=4,f(4)=12 x=3,f(3)=9 x=2.5,f(2.5)=7.5 x=2.25,f(2.25)=6.75 x=2.01,f(2.01)=6.03 x=2.001,f(2.001)=6.003 :
The Foreskin

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Rate This Shit For Dude.
hit me up my screen name is tradabaugh_1987
As I sit here, I laugh quietly to myself as everyone else sleeps in peaceful slumber. I can't sleep because so many things stumble thru my minds slate. I have things that have to do with school all the way to them being in band, soccer, football or some other sport. Sometime I wonder if being a mom is all that I can give. I feel like a complete and total failure and I wish that I had a way to erase time. I am only getting heavier and looking worse as time goes by, a lot has to do with how I feel about myself but I can not seem to find my motivation in life. Does anyone have a TRUE motivation?? If so I would like to hear about it because the pen is close to paper/ razor close to wrist.... Within my head are thoughts that are racing around like rats, trying to find their way out of a maze. I laid my head to rest this evening but my mind was so busy that it sounded like a million people all chattering at the same time. I tried quieting my thoughts, searched for that inner silence but
♣s♣e♣x Thru These Eyes
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My Poetry And Yes I Wrote Them All
My life is useless and I'm no longer needed. I should have heeded the call when death came to chat. In constant pain for many years. Physically, mentally, and emotionally distressed. Tears through the years, many never veiled. Living in constant fear of what he may do. I sleep very little and very light. The only comfort I find in life is the sweet darkness of night. Tired of the pain, lonliness and despair. I now say goodbye for I now know. No one ever really cared. M.A.S. 9/28/09
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Sitting Here Waiting On You Ladies To Accepte
im one of the handy man for you sexy ladies sometimes when you think all thing are going bad good things happen i got my baby back
You Don't Like It
Okay for all who know me from my last webpage you all saw that I was married right we guess what. I am no longer married that is right gentlemen but before you guysstart bombing me with single IM and everything like that note this. One this website there is just only one love for me and I am not saying who it is cause he wouldn't want to be revealed. I love him and I have a child by him. Even know it was an affair with my husband I was willing to do anything for him. I love now if I was to shout it out to the tallest tower to the highest mountain. I want to wake up to him every morning and go to sleep with me in his arms. I hope he does read this cause then he knows that this is for him. I love es and I always will. I am using intials here. Okay lately my roommates's mother has been coming over and been dictating on how I live and raise my kids I don't like that it pisses me off and she went over the deep end tonight. Let me explain something and tell me if this wrong. Okay My eldest
Would love to see all my friends join my lounge! It's in support of breast cancer awareness! Please give us support! I need to find web sites to find out information on criminal back ground checks that are free to do! If you know of any please let me know this is very important! This is not a joke, and should be treated as such!
There Is A Time...
There is a time for love and laughterThe days will pass like summer stormsThe winter wind will follow afterBut there is love,and love is warm There is a time for us to wonderWhen time is young and so are weThe woods are greener over yonderThe path is new,The world is freeThere is a time when leaves are fallingThe woods are grey,The paths are oldThe snow will come when geese are callingWe need a fire against the coldThere is a time for us to wonderWhen time is young and so are weThe woods are greener over yonderThe path is new,The world is freeThe path is new,The world is free
BlastOff begins October 12, 2009 at 11:59 pm. Please join us in this historical event. You can test drive BlastOff right now at: Videos About BlastOff:
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I am in prison, but this prison not steel or rock, This prison, the one that was given to me on the day of my birth, The weak flesh and bone tell not who I am the many scars I carry both Outside and in build the backbone of the book that is my life. Though they Do not tell who I am, As It ages the walls of this prison crumble and crack And turn to dust. The Warden of the prison is a cold and tattered thing That for its pleaser would put you in a hole and dangle the one thing, the Apex of your desire just out of reach, and if by some chance you were to Get ever so close to it would yank back and belt out in glee HA. For Life without Love is... is a more painful sentence than death, so here In my prison I wait for you, the one who holds the key.
Our Loved Pets
hello all, as you know i have many pets that i love dearly. Recently I had to sell my dear cockatoo due to new rules by landlord.but i am allowed to have a dog and have gotten my self a baby puppy he is a shitzu 3 mths old and god such a sweetheart i need your help with votes to win prize money to go towards trike as i took it out one day and the engine went my luck. well here is the link you can vote once a day i need votes before sunday then they start a new week and we start over lol. i will post a new pic for next week thank you for reading and voting Vote for Oreo in the Cutest Dog Competition - Cute dogs photos
A Special Offer For You And Some News On Me!
Wow I have not blogged in 2 months.I had been working alot and having some health issues so it's been awhile.I wanted to make an offer to someone.I am now a level 31 and I can give all my points to someone for 12 hours to help them.Now I notice most people to give away points for 12 hours want like a 135 credit blingpack and a 30 day blast or something.I just want a 65 credit blingpack for this.Now if you have been having trouble leveling or getting points and really want to leve I can assist you.When I have auto's I usually get around 7,000 to 10,000 photo rates.Yes it's true.Usually when I have autos and get trade my pimps 3 days it's not uncommon and usually rank about 15 to 20 for the day out of the millions of people here so if you are interested the first person to say i want that deal it's yours.I am not a rip-off.Ill even give you fubar refs of my character if you would like lol.Ok anyways..What I've been up too.I've been very sick for about a month.First I had a biopsy a few w
Disturbing Trend
I am sure I am not the only one who is aggravated by this. I may be the only one who will say something about it. There is a new game going on among some of the Fubar bombers. They have decided that they are deserving of bling, or Fu-bucks for bombing our folders. Now as you know, you get up to 29,375 points (with Aouto 11' on) for a boming. I'm sorry, but that's the reward. I get points, you get points. Why should I waste my bling credits on you just because you bombed me? You got what you were looking for. You got you 29,375. I got mine. If I see someone who is close to leveling, I would bling them if I had the credits available. This is not going to be the rule; it is the exception. You, by bombing, haven't done anything spectacular that deserves any extra treatment. I am amazed that some people think they are so cool, so awesome. So pathetic. I tell my students, if you walk around thinking you are cool, you have a fan club of one. Same rule apples here. I run bombs. I bom
Historical Truths You Didnt Know!
In a former life, I kept a diary while sowingmy wild oats in the Indian Subcontinent.I was sauve, but cheap. My only gift to each girlfriend was a red dot. The dot became a status symbol. It was the 'gucchi bag' of yesteryear & became a fashion trend.My diary was later published as the Kama Sutra. Now You know.
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The Nun At Hooters
A nun, badly needing to use the restroom, walked into a local Hooters. The place was hopping with music and loud conversation and every once in a while ‘the lights would turn off.’ Each time the lights would go out, the place would erupt into cheers. However, when the revelers saw the nun, the room went dead silent. She walked up to the bartender, and asked, ‘May I please use the restroom? The bartender replied, ‘OK, but I should warn you that there is a statue of a naked man in there wearing only a fig leaf.’ ‘Well, in that case, I’ll just look the other way,’ said the nun. So the bartender showed the nun to the back of the restaurant. After a few minutes, she came back out, and the whole place stopped just long enough to give the nun a loud round of applause. ! She went to the bartender and said, ‘Sir, I don’t understand. Why did they applaud for me just because I went to the restroom?&rs
What I Wanna Do To U
WHAT I WANT TO DO TO YOU I wanna fuck you 'til your pussy aches I wanna fuck you 'til the bed breaksI wanna fuck you on the couchOn the kitchen table or on the floorGirl I'm gonna make your pussy soreDon't close your eyes girl I want you to watchDon't tell me nobody wants to fuck youCuz I know it ain't trueAnd even if it was what do you think your fingers are made for?You'll feel so good that you'll beg for moreI'll make you yell so loud that the next day you'll have the fluAnd what hit you girl believe me you won't have a clueWork it for me girl'Til your pussy creamIt'll feel so good that you'
Best Wishes
storage Warwickshire
Shit Happens
whats up to all of you out there. very busy lately
Come Party At The Velvet Lounge
Things That Seem To Bug Me These
ummm where do i start oh yes im in a bad mood for some reason and i feel like ranting so if you disagree or if i Offend you...Oh well life a bitch and people move on.1. im sick of these skinny bitchez running around in ugg boots and shorts or skirts with sweaters or hoodies dumb bitches are tards and prob. road the short bus..its 30 damn degrees outside put some freakin clothes on and go play in traffic...hookers2.someone i know recently made a comment that guys who are out with there girlfriends tip better cuz they want them....bullshit...first of all if im with a guy he better tip well regardless if the server is a man or a woman...second bitch you stink and that attitude stinks even worse,not everyone wants ur balls so quit being fool of urself... and why we are on this topic lets discuss....3. when couples go out to eat and dont say a thing to each other the whole time they are eating...what kinda date is this ... i will never not have something to say...and if im pissed
Kitchen Heat !!
LizzieKitty *fu...18 hrs agoHey asshole, next time if you don't like what you see, don't fucken rate it. Rate either a 10 or higher asshole. This person is an ass hole !! Just through your shit at me then run like a BITCH And Block Me ! WHAT THE FUCK !! SORRY I DID NOT RATE YOU A 10 , I'm Damn Sure Not Going to NOW !!! AT LEAST I WAS RESPECTFULL TO YOU !!! So Piss OFF LizieKitty !! LOVE AND RESPECT ( Big Daddy Thumper )
Clear As Mud
You are everything that I despise You are everything that slowly dies You say you slit your wrists at night Because your parents got into a fight Razors roses and a black tomorrow As you just fill yourself again with sorrow As you part the skin you say the blades hit blood Now everything in life is as clear as mud No matter if you say goodbye Everyone around you is left wondering why You never felt any affection to anything but their ego So you thought to myself why don't I just go They are everything you dreamed would die So you figure that you will commit suicide You tell me of blades on skin And then the blood flow will start to begin It comes in ebbs and waves at first Next thing she knows she's facedown in the dirt The next day all the fighting has come to a halt The parents finally realize it was all their fault Before you went you heard the last serenade Then you went off to go join the Black Parade Now you're gone so it just doesn't matter anymore But you
Rantings By Me
Before I start I figure Ill let people know that I use blogs as a place to get my feelings out, I normally tend to delete some rants a little while later once Ive calmed down. Oh and Im a terrible speller, and i suck at grammer and puncuation and paragrahs, ect. Anyway...... K well he appoligized and the doctor gave him some valums lol so hopefully alls good now. *crosses fingers* So I was at work yesterday (well last night) and a girl I work with came up to ask how old I was. When I told her she was shocked. I was like yeah I know Im old, but she couldnt get over that I looked so much younger then I was, in her opinion atleast. I think it might have to do with my voice as well though, Im constantly getting mistaken for my step daughter on the phone and even my husbands old work used to ask to speak to my "dad" when they called and i answered. Just felt like sharing that, now off to get ready for the day.
Say Hi....and Sign!!!
HEy!!! its Amzz here...You should stop by my page and leave a msg. or sign my guestbook!!...Or evn better both...I love to make new come on over and show some love I promise it will be returned. Hope to see or hear from you!! x0x0x0x~~~AmY~~~
My Thoughts Of Life
Life, it is so difficult but then, it can be so simple. Difficult in as much as there is pain and disappointment in any life, but simple in how even the bleakest life can capture some rays of beauty and pleasure. No matter how disappointing or painful life is, I have always been able to find something uplifting in the midst of it all. I can remember times in my past, of being depressed because I'd lost some of the most inspiring people in my life that I never dreamed of having move on and grow out of my life;my father,my grandparents,my dignity,my self respect,life can throw you many things some good some bad,but waking up each day, not knowing what I was getting myself into when I set my foot out the door, I took another step towards the future. But above all this, I sometimes cry inside, selfishly wanting something new and something different to happen, or something to go just the way I had planned. But I know that I can't hold back on the rest of my life forever. I have
dont know wut i feel, dont know wut i should feel, dont got any right feelin like i do, shit just hate the way i feel idk im lost lost in thoughts lost in feelings idk wut u want from me idk wut i want myself im so lost lost in my own world lost in ur world idk i just... idk amazing its amazing how u can smile at mewhen u really just wanna push me off a clip if u couldits amazing how u can whipe my tears, but behind my back ur the one causing it its amazing how u can say the sweetes thing to mebut then turn around n say most hurtfull things u canbut wuts the most amazing wit all off this, is thatu think i dont know*smirks* seriously how stuiped do u think i am?Bitch just fuckin speake up n cut the damn crap,why bother bein fake? i already know why waste ur time bein fake?aint gonna do u no good, just gonna piss u off more actuallyI LOVE MAKIN HATERS HATE ME EVEN MORE *smirks*
Colshes Bits
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Hey everyong i'm in an auction. Go stop by and rate and bid on me.
Ways To Tell You Spend To Much Time On Fubar.
1. Instead of actually "laughing out loud" you say LOL 2. You see an attractive guy/girl you think "I wonder if they have and NSFW's. 3. You have told someone you were rating them a one and blocking them. 4. You've ever told your s/o "I'll show you my NSFW if you buy me a VIP/bling pack." 5. If you have ever faked a horrible illness to gain attention, make people like you more or buy you things. 6. If you have ever faked your death to get away from someone.
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Vickyfilth Blogstyle
Thought it would be a good Idea to start over fresh and new... Deleted most of my pictures even my salute by accident..Lmao ( i re posted ) I just want a fresh start
A Poem
I recently wrote this poem and thought it was the kind of thing my fu friends might like to see... So lemme know what you think, eh? Good or bad, I just like to get feedback... Svengali Identity,I gave over.No questions,No regards.You, reins in hand,Randy drover(bent me over)(made me over)Down and down and thenKicksand kissesLies in your truthBut I seeI see it all the same(shame)Bonds loosed each by eachSelf to self again.
Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmm
I just HAVE to say this: Is there a freakin shortage of mirrors? Now look, I know I'm not top model material but I am shocked and seriously grossed out by the number of women that consider themselves to be a M.I.L.F. or a "Cougar". Have all the mirrors in the world been smashed or something? It's sweet that they consider themselves to be glamour dolls, but when they start posting their half naked *GAGS* pics on Fubar in Blasts or HH you can't HELP but see it! I don't know, maybe I'm too old school. I just feel if you have a big ass jelly roll, or your dog is better looking than you, that maybe...just might want to reconsider what you wear or show! These are my opinions only and I'm sure someone will get pissed...but DAMN!!! Ok, I feel better now...just needed to get that off my chest ;)
Hey This Is Me
Hey I am a mother of 3 boys and 2 fu daughters. I love my kids more then anything. I am a stay at home mom. I love being home with the kids. I am the most down to earth person you will meet. I hate being played by men. If you cant handle the truth leave me alone. I will be honest and up front and tell you the way I see if you dont like that leave me alone.
My Sons First Toon
View than VOTE,Please Toon Creator: Chowder/Friends by wick3d Like it? Create your own at Toon Creator. It's free and fun! Toon Creator: Chowder/Friends by wick3d
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Our Colors Never Run by Courtney Leigh Spruiell We march under this flagDefending the home we loveProtecting people we never metDying for our loved onesWe'll never tuck our tails and runCowards we'll never beWe wear these colors with prideProud to be who we are todayBeing brave and fearlessOur colors will never run or stainBut we still stand strongFamilies and friends pray For us to come home safelyDoing our job with prideWith heart and respectNever once did we fold under pressureIn heart, mind, or spiritThe blood we lose strengthens our bondYou blame us for death and destructionBut you won't fight We are bound to youWe fight for youWe'll never quit until we are finishedWe wear this uniform with dignitySee what we see through our eyesMarching on because you careNever falling and never crawlingWe march beside our brothers and sistersNever to our death but to our livesProtecting our loved onesProud to be who we areOur hearts beat strongOur souls lives on Death Remebrance Ballad
Lake Of Lovers
Lake of Lovers by Courtney Leigh Spruiell Join me on my flight to the starsHold my hand and never let me goRelease my soul from behind my barsLove me forever like you promised to\Lets hold the moon in our arms togetherCan you see our reflections on the water?Once again, lets not worry about the weatherLets go somewhere where we aren't a bother\Take a ride with me to spaceWhere no one can find usSomewhere where we can escape for daysDrink from that sweet nector until you're ready to bust\Lets take it nice and slowWithout a care in the worldTake a wild ride with me where we can watch the sun glowTake me away to where we can soar\To a magicial place where our love can growA special place where we'll stay foreverWhere we can watch the water flowSomewhere where we'll never say never
A Must Read!!! Something To Think About...
DUI -CajunStyleRecently a routine police patrol was parked outside a bar inLafayetteLouisiana. After last call, the officer noticedBoudreaux wasleaving thebarso apparently intoxicated that he could barely walk.He stumbledaroundthe parking lot for a few minutes, with the officer quietly observing. After what seemed an eternity, in which he tried his keys onfivedifferent vehicles,Boudreaux managed to find his car and fall into it. Hesatthere for a few minutes as a number of other patrons left the bar anddroveoff. Finally he started the car, switched the wipers on and off (itwas afine, dry summer night), flicked the blinkers on and off a couple oftimes,honked the horn and then switched on the lights. He moved the vehicleforward a few inches, reversed a little and then remained still for afewmore minutes as some more of the other patrons' vehicles left. At last, when his was the only car left in the parking lot, hepulled out and dr
Missing ......
If god could give me wings, I'de fly up to heaven and bring you back to us ... Miss you babe.. Mask Sitting smiling or laughing in which is just a "mask" What lies beneath the mask is sorrow, hurt, regrets, pain and lots of anger. As I sit here empty inside, with a shattered soul and a broken heart. Each and every day I place this mask to cover up so no one sees what and how i feel.......if tears could build a stairway,& memories a lane. I would climb straight up to heaven & bring you home again A million words would not bring you back, I know, because I've tried... Neither would a million tears. I know, because I've cried.. How I feel ... It has been a little over 7 months since Robert's death ... As the morning I found out the news.. My heart and soul aches the same.. I miss him so very much more and more each and every day..They say it gets easier .. But when ?.. It isn't.!... As each and every day I put on a "mask" a mask that covers the hurt and pain that is under
Why do i feel the way i do?Why is it that every moment i have is filled with t
So, as some of you know, I read a lot. And when I say a lot, I'm talking about 4 or more books a week. Most are books that I have already read, in some cases several times over. I enjoy them and its like revisiting friends from the past. The only people who don't judge. But thats neither here nor there. In the past week, I read a book that was just absolutely stupendous. I would urge readers to pick it up. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Yes, this is the guy who wrote The DeVinci Code, and Angels and Demons. (Which by the way, I would highly recommend to anyone as well) Dan Brown has a way of telling a story that is almost un-parralled. He gives you all the clues you need, but puts them in a way that you still have no clue what is going on till the very end. It's a fast paced book, and I read it within a day. It is in no way a short novel... The premise of the story is Robert Langdon, a Symbilogist of no small means (currently played by Tom Hanks in the movies) And
Ladies Flip These Words On The Men Lol..
NWA I AINT THE ONE LMFAOOOOOOOO ROTFF.. do you think you could give me some money to get my CAR done?] How short's your MONEY right now? [Well you know I get it done every week, and I need my TIRES done too] Look, I'ma tell you like this Verse One: I ain't the one, the one to get played like a pooh butt See I'm from the street, so I know what's up On these silly games that's played by the MEN I'm only happy when THEN GOIN UP IN ME But you know, I'm a menace to society But MEN in LEATHER are so fly to me So I step to em, with aggression Listen to the kid, and learn a lesson today See they think we WOMEN ARE narrow minded Cause WE got a cute face, and big-behinded So I walk over and say "How ya doin?" See I'm only down for screwin, but you know ya gotta play it off cool Cause if they catch you slippin, you'll get schooled And they'll get you for your money, Hon GET YA hair and they nails done Fool, and they'll let you show em off But when it comes to sex, they got a bad co
BEER VS. VAGINA1.Beer is always wet. Vagina needs a little work.One point to BEER2.Warm beer tastes awful.One point to VAGINA3.A really cold beer is satisfying.One point to BEER4.If after taking a swig of your favorite beer you find a hairbetween your teeth, you may vomit.One point to VAGINA5. If you get home reeking of beer your wife may get mad, make a scene, kick you out, etc. If you get home reeking of vagina your wife may get mad, kick you out, even leave you. There's definitely a point to be had here, depending on your point of view and personal circumstances. I'll just call it a DRAW for the time being.6. Ten beers in one night and you can't drive home. Ten vaginas in one night and you don't want to drive anywhere.One point to VAGINA7. If you have a lot of beer in a public place, your reputation maysuffer. If you eat any vagina in public, you become a legend.One point to VAGINA8. If a cop stops you and you smell of beer you may get arrested. If you smell of vagina he may buy you
Who Am I?
Who am I to tell you that I love you one day and hate you the next? Who am I to not believe every word you say? Who am I to feel good about myself when all you ever do is bring me down? Who am I to tell you that I care when I really don't? Who am I to believe you when you say you love me? Who am I to know whether or not you really need space when you lie about everything else? Who am I to actually have the balls to call it quits? Who am I to tell you that you are no longer anyone to me? Who am I to tell you that I no longer love you? Who am I to say how you're supposed to feel about me? Who am I to tell you how you should treat me? Who am I to tell you that I need my space? Who am I to be okay with you not trusting me? Who am I to listen to you tell me that I am just like every other girl? Who am I to treat you like I want everything you have? Who am I to tell you to get that dick outta your ass before you come and sass at me? Who am I to tell you that I know who you really are? Who am
As The Rain Falls At My Feet.
It is raining again The rain runs down my cheeks and over my lips. I can hear the sounds of the drops... as the rain falls at my feet. I feel the lightning crackle... as the back of my neck feels the charge. Are You mocking me! Have you not taken enough... He was only three...Oh he was so free... but is there with Thee. And still the rain falls at my feet. I raise my head and yell to the heavens above... Was he not enough... Did you have to take Alex from me! You should have left her be... You took her before she was born! I wish she was here with me. But still...the rain falls at my feet. I raise up my fist and argue with Thee... This...even
Free Baby Coupons
Hi. I am Prabhakar. I have few friends. One of my friends came up with a question regarding free baby coupons. I said, I have my own experience on using them. I came to know about them and its features through internet. I explained my friends that more information about free baby coupons is available on the internet.
The Greatest Irony Of Love
~The greatest irony of love~ "Loving the right person at the wrong time, having the wrong person when the time is right and finding out you love someone right after that person walks out of your life... And sometimes, you think you're already over a person, but when you see them smile at you, you'll suddenly realize that you're just pretending to be over them just to ease the pain of knowing that they will never be yours again... For some, they think that letting go is one way of expressing how much they love that person... in my opinion, some are afraid to see the one they love being held by someone else... Most relationships tend to fail not because the absence of love. Love is always present. It's just that one was being loved too much and the other was being loved too little...As we all know that the heart is the center of the body but it beats on the left. maybe that's the reason why the heart is not always right...Most often we fall in love with the person we think we love but
Isn't This Music Bad Azz!!!!!
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Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
So Sue Me
The process of a personal injury claim starts when you hire a Lawyer. The personal injury claim will be satisfied when you and your attorney reach the conclusion to your case. When your case will be concluded with the arrival of one of a few outcomes. There will be an out of court resolution for you, or there will be a judgment handed down by the court. Consulting with An Attorney When you consult with a personal injury Lawyer they will ask you questions about the accident and take a number of details from you, including asking you for a medical authority so that your Attorney can request your medical records. Your personal injury Attorney will act and believe as though your case is headed to the court room and for trial. This is to ensure that everything that could be needed or used in court is ready to go. Of course this is so your personal injury Attorney is in the highest position of advantage, for your sake, as your attorney is on your side. This is all set, because at time
Lookin for the Opinion of those out there.... THE QUESTION IS... using the scale below, what do you think of me?!0 = ewww!?! 1 = Definetly not attractive... 2 = Decent... 3 = Cute... 4 = Fine as hell!!! 5 = I'd do you... 6 = Pretty damn sexy!!! 7 = Lovable,I LOVE YOU!!! 8 = I wanna make you mine
Just Some Rambling
Sitting here all alone. Thinking and wondering. Wishing and hoping that one day I will finally know what real happiness is. I paint a pretty smile, but hide behind my social mask. My face is dry, yet the tears continue to stroll down, deep inside. Why must I feel this way? Is anyone really happy or is it just something that is said because it's what they think we want to hear? Why is being truthful to ones self so hard to do? Are we really happy when we say we do things to keep others happy? Can they not see the blade tearing us up inside? Are they really that blind? Why do we push aside the people that really care for us, for the people who could care less about us? Why must I always be the responsible one? When can I just run wild and free? When is it my turn to not feel the pain? When people say you're a great person, what are they really telling you? Are they feeding you bullshit lies? Can you really trust those that you think you can? How is it possible to have s
The Shit That People Do!
We have a lot of female families out there and ya know..just dont see a bond between them. They either dont talk to each other and or drama starts...soooooo I was thinking about starting a womens group that we can all share a closeness, and have good friendships with. Help each other out and or others. I would like to call it the "Glamour Ladies" NOW...I know why 75% of the women on here have NSFW's but honestly I just cant do it. I am who I am take it or leave it. I hold nothing against the women that do, but this group is about sexxiness, pride, and leaving something to the imagination. Yea I know I am old fashion, a women can be sexxi without showing her stuff to the world. LIKE I SAID, saying nothing bad to the women who do. That is their choice. We as a family could help each other out with anything on her...even if it is just to talk and vent and so on. We will help each other out level if at all possible..I will have contest..auctions...random drawings like the trai
i really think i need to post something about this to see what i should do if anyone would be to read this and give me advice. well i've been with this guy for a little more than a year and a half and he never lets me go out and do my own thing, yet when i do he gets really pissed and worrys about me when he knows he doesn't have to. well the other day he said to me that he doesn't like me talking to all these guys. well most of them i have known for way longer than i have known my b/f. so i turned the tables on him 'cause he did me wrong and i stayed with him for it. he went and flirted and talked dirty to all these chicks in the past, yet it's alright for him to talk to chicks and me not be able to talk to friends i have known for years. it's fukked up shit. well my big issue right now is that i want to leave him, but i have nowhere to go. i asked my parents but my dad told me to resolve the issues we have. so it's like wtf. is there no one out there that really wants to help me when
if i'm loved, why am i so horribly deppressed? i want this played at my funeral. whenever that is. "Hallelujah" Now I've heard there was a secret chord That David played, and it pleased the Lord But you don't really care for music, do you? It goes like this The fourth, the fifth The minor fall, the major lift The baffled king composing Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Your faith was strong but you needed proof You saw her bathing on the roof Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you She tied you To a kitchen chair She broke your throne, and she cut your hair And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah Baby I have been here before I know this room, I've walked this floor I used to live alone before I knew you. I've seen your flag on the marble arch Love is not a victory march It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah There was a time you let me know What's really g
Fu Marriage
Ok, I am not getting any younger. Who is game?
My Awesome New Owner
Go say hi to one of the sweetest guys on new owner Mr.S...heres his link: Mr. S@ fubar
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Today we talk about haters...hmm seems like theres a lot of them in this world huh but dont hang ur had when a hater makes itself known that means ur doin somethin right, so u know wut to do welcome them. U might be askin urself how do i deal with a hater. Just two simple rules 1.Like i said welcome them into ur life(hate to say this but they keep the world moving sort of like motivators, use them like tackling fuel) 2.NEVER EVER sink to their lvl, because they will usually try to make u join the team by throwing out idiot phrases(then ur a hater too we dont want that now do we) That concludes today's mini session till next time make urself feel good by any means and if that means hating on some1 feel free to hate on me i can always use the fuel
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My Dirty Mind.
Writings And Ramblings.
i know that i am strongdont you try to tell me differentive been through hellbut im still standing.these eyes have cried more tearsthan any eyes should ever cry.this heart has felt more painthan any heart should ever feel.but im still here.what does not kill me, makes me stronger.many nights ive lied awakewondering what would have happenedif i had not made my mistakes.But then i rememberthat while i cannot change the pasti have control over what happens now.if it wasnt for my pasti would not be strong.sometimes i have weak moments.sometimes i live in hell.sometimes i want to screamsometimes i break down and crywhile all of these thingsmay be weaknesses,gather them togetherthrow them at me, put them in meand they give me strength.this is me, who i am.i know that i am strong.i know that i will live on.pain i have defeated.tears have run dry.i want to be happy....its all I ever wanted.i deserve it, ive earned it.i am strong, and i will move on if my pillow could talk it would say so many
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The Peeps that have added me. I don't go on here much now that i have a few friends on here (sexy ones too) i'm going to be coming here more often ;)

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